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H I... Academics 24 Student Life 72 Athletics I36 Senior Mugs 200 Other Mugs 223 Club Index 278 General Directory 294 l SOUTHWESTERN JAYCEES , A T E GR E 5972 VQE6 33 Georgia Southwestern Colle Georgia Southwestern College is an unique institution. She has uniqueness around and in her. She is like no other. Her uniqueness stems from her location and from her location's history. It buds from her history. But of greater importance, GSC's uniqueness flowers in the people who make her. Her people could hardly imagine GSC without imagining her city - Americus. To some, ,Americus is a vacuum to pass through in entering or leaving GSC. To others, Ameri- cus is life and home. Some curse Americus with contempt while oth- ers praise it. Somewhere in be- tween, a majority of GSC people search for education and accept Americus in whatever way they have learned to view it. 2 . g -1 E 1 R ,P G 1- G MN C L Q K Y C 4 I , K QHOSPIQL' wi! -.f r LW '?M""lf5"' .,,1.,,. ,-.NF ,1 l fu . .ir T i vu. V - O vb: . 5 -I ' sq, -1 Q -. X A.. Mi, g V1- - ,IW 1. I 'sl .V .4 'QW rw-f-I-mga Q3 Fl .' 'T 3 S1 we- f 1 ,ff 3.1, .,, , ,.-A--vs . v- -.-nu, , .M ,- nf.. .sw , 31,,,,,q.f,-- W v . . 1 - 1 0 W.. oo I a , "f "1.,J'I ', .9 2 U v r,,l I . , fi x F .I ' . A . 'Q-J. ' 5 i 5 f - , I' ' . 2 s Q 5 1 , If 1 5 ' -4 , f. , ' I' :Ag-vary' L :fs'e5f-r?rZw2- f .7 -j'E'4'v rg 55 A ff. 4522. ?f r3Q73'?3'L45 f ' fii':'f1e'ff3r5w'f1F3 ., ' 4-so V, .w . :vsp f "5-'g-xiii'-i:,',: " auf' 455.55 '. . -2:-fiii ff 1 . .gfvffa .,g."fjLn:-f a ' '-1, 5 ,wifi m.A--5F3z.4rq?6 . , ..... ,.:,Qfigis. Ki . - A. . ,.r.1.3',9'!4, ' T'1"'i7:".Jv'? V 'J me 'jg J . 4 1 ..,h il 'H-'4'?'m1AWb,.v-. A .,, - .,-, 5 , , L 5 -1--ug---.4-',,,. ' -A - . . X V f "!j'f4'dfv--uv-.,. . , I K A 1 , 1 I ,,,.m,,-,icy ,4.,..., , . W1 iw,-ay.-va-,novi" """""""'f , X , P Q -1 ' I 4 1 'Q 4544, r ' S' U A I 1. 1 . N 4 1 I R Wg' 4 5, 4.- if I 1 ww x ., 4 O .f', ,-1,31 as ,I -I bi' . I M, , rf" 1 85" 'Q 5 ff t "+- : F' ' . t A ,. . gig X 1 ., W 1: X A Short Outline Q' the History of Americus, Georgia compiled Au- gust 1869 by"'The Compiler" gives the following: "Sometimes about the middle of July, in the year of 1832, Messrs. Green M. Wheeler, James W. Bai- ley, Stephen Buran and, in three or four days after them, Mr. Wright Brady, encamped on what is now the cotton yard of the Southwestern Railroad Depot, with the intention of settling in and building up the town of Americus. Not long before this, a part of Lee had been cut off 6 from that county, by the Legislature of Georgia, formed into a separate county, and named Sumter, and a committee appointed by them to survey a suitable lot of land, on which to build a county seat, this they had just completed and named it Americus. The original size of the town was one lot of land, No. 156, in the 27th District. Here there was a town, "casa vel populos ine civ- ities," neither house nor inhabitant, save these four campers, with the sound of whose axes the woods were now ringing, the trees falling and their logs assuming rapidly the shape of the first house in Ameri- cus, and if all tales we hear be true, a set of "merry cusses" they were, but fearless, honest, hard working man - men who worked with a vim unknown to the clerky, carpet knights of the present generation, in whose nostrils honest toil "stinks," whose faces were never made to sweat with tillage, and whose highest aspirations are to be "a noble police" or a clerk in a "shebang." . . . "ln 1834 Americus began to as- sume more the semblance of a town, the county as well as the town was being settled up, and it became necessary, in order that the ends of justice might be met, to build a court house . . . It was not a very elegant building, but ful- ly answered the purpose for which it was built." . . . "At this present writing, August 1869, there are more stores than there were families, and more shops and other places of busi- ness, than there were souls in June 1846, . . . . . . "I wore the grey, and am nei- ther afraid not ashamed to own itg I still wear it - it's my favorite color, and I will wear it till my grey "cloes" are exchanged for my shroud." . . . "Americus continued to improve rapidly, so much so, that in 1854 a council for the govern- ment of the city was elected ,... The October 5, 1854 Sumter Republican edited by Mr. C. W. Hancock reported: "lt affords us pleasure to inform our readers that the railroad to Americus is com- pleted . . . Southwestern railroad. "Though many, many envy, she has a large scope of rich country, settled by wealthy planters, to sus- tain her, and her prospects for the future are brilliant indeed . . . We have good churches and schools, good society, good health, and good water." In an article entitled "Americus', in Ih-el Georgia Review fVol. IV, Summer, 1950 No. 21 by Daisy O. Mallard and Virginia M. Culpepper is extracted the following: "When the new county of Sumter was laid out from a portion of Lee in 1831, Americus became the 7 Qilhurch of C11l11'i5f county seat. The county was in honor of General Thomas Sumter, distinguished commander of South Carolina troops in the Revolution . . . At that time he was the last living general of the Revolutionary War." ". . . There were many private schools in Americus prior to the establishment of the public school system in 1872 . . . ln 1859 . . . The Furlow Masonic Female Col- lege KFMFCJ was incorporated. ". . . The Masonic Lodge made provision for many girls to attend the school IFMFCJ who were not 8 financially able to do so. ln order to save these girls embarrassment, all girls attending the college were required to wear sunbonnets and to tie their hair with shoestrings in- stead of ribbons. All the girls who finished the school were not per- mitted to graduate - a number of fathers did not think it fitting for a young lady to appear on stage." ". . . Churches were established in Americus soon after the public square was laid out 1 about 1 854 J. Q Georgia Review continues with information about small towns established in Americus vicinity. "These towns, the story goes, were "wide open," with their saloons, gambling halls, and prostitutes. The men were described as "gun- totin," straight shooters, who drank hard liquor and voted the Demo- cratic ticket." "The advent of the railroads ended these towns." "With a record of fighting achieved in the various Indian Campaigns, Sumter County was alert to give both men and means to the Confederacy. Before the end 'X Mft? 75.1 of this great war, Americus and its vicinity had furnished two regi- ments . . "As a result of that war, our country came into possession of another city, an eternal monument of a grim sort, the now famous An- dersonville Prison Park and Ceme- tery. At that prison, between Feb- ruary 1864, and October, 1865, over 13,000 Northern soldiers died, to be buried there. During this time, 52,345 prisoners incarcerated there, as many as 33,000 at one time. The food and medicine blockade imposed upon the South, the cutting of railway lines, and the demoralized condition of the farms caused great deprivation even to the Southern soldier and civilians, and they naturally brought intense suffering to prisoners of war. "ln 1884 an Americus gas plant was built." "ln 1889 an electric light system was added . . ." "The first electrically driven street cars in the state were intro- duced I1 8891, but since most of the residents kept horse-drawn vehi- cles, the city was forced to discon- tinue the electric cars, and tracks were removed." ln 1891, the Windsor Hotel was completed forthe sum of "S150,000." "The hotel was the scene of the most elaborate social functions and many distinguished visitors enjoyed its hospitality and lavish entertainment in the 1890's. "Americus has been slow to ac- cept the doubtful advantages of change . . . They fdiehardsl liked their easy way of life, their exclu- sive society, and the didn't care 9 5, !X'fXf! ' .i sn in at fy' about new-comers moving in." "We hardly know whether ours is a city or a town: but we think we are enjoying the advantages of both. Our tree-lined streets are, most of them, paved. We have good shops where the best of food and clothing may be found. . "There is little poverty here, and the very rich and those not so for- tunate mingle on equal footing. Our garden clubs work constantly for more beauty, and most of us live in comfort and peace. Besides all 10 that, we are so located geographi- cally that we can drive easily to one of our larger cities if we need something we cannot get at home. Altogether, most people who live in Americus love it." The February 12, 1971 issue of -lie magazine describes a 1963 demonstration in Americus where five civil rights leaders were ar- rested and charged with insurrec- tion. The possible maximum penal- ty was that of death. Also in the QQ article is the description of a 1965 racial incident. The article states that a Negro woman, candidate for Justice of the Peace, was arrested for standing in a white only voting line. The incident set off mass marches and jailings which later ended in the shooting to death of a white youth. The November 12, 1971 issue of the Q Street Journal reports that a black youth charged with simple battery ffighting in schooll was jailed under 83,000 bond. By com- parison, a man, one year previous- ly, accused of stabbing his wife with an ice pick was placed under a bond of S500 and later fined 350. The 1970 census shows the population of the Americus division at 16,133 fa 17.5'k increase over the 1960 figures! and sets the medium age at 24.6 years. Americus, county seat of Sumter County, has its own modern day home-boy-makes-good story, and in late 1970 honored that person by blocking Jackson Street and at- tending a "welcome address" by the hundreds. Jimmy Carter, a Sumter County resident and alum- nus of GSC in her junior college days, was elected Governor of the State of Georgia in November of 1970 and presently serves in that capacity. Visibly, GSC is a college of patched and repatched asphalt streets. It is progress rebuilding an antiquated sewer system. It is one way streets and circle around two way streets. It is a concrete and block sign on Glessner which introduces and reminds. It is ca- mellias in winter and azaleas in spring with evergreen shrubbery and pecan trees. lt is worn paths and cigarette butts. GSC is a Stu- dent Center with distinct segments and clashing radios with juke box. Building names of "Sanford" and "Wheatley" preserve GSC history and "Academic Building" denies a past. Also, GSC sparkles in its modern buildings and continues in its crumbling ones. lt bogs in its unfil- 11 led lake and slips on its polished floors. lt is dungarees and Carson suits. lt is short weekend library hours and 24 hours a day postal service. lt is three-story buildings and an unused chapel. lt is red- necks and freaks and beer and dope and independents and Greeks and men and women and shoes and barefeet. lt is a seiso- mograph and a greenhouse. lt is a fenced-in maintenance department and hardly used barbeque grills. lt is "for faculty only" restrooms and parking lot with yellow curbs and a ticket book. lt is a snack bar and isolated soft drink and snack food machines. lt is an indoor swimming pool and uncovered "walks" be- tween class buildings. It is an in- firmary and the Dean's office. It is deserted weekends and crowded street between Comlex ll and Ill. Not so visable is the GSC that off the record agrees and on the record doesn't remember. lt is at- tendance mandatory for learning and change takes time attitudes. It is computerized registration and no wait counseling. It is dated speeches with thanks for choosing GSC endings. lt is liberal minds and the Peter Principal. lt is help if we can give it and it is Southern hospitality. It is popularity elections with enviable purposed charters. lt is we've "come a long way" and we've the history to prove it. The following historical account is given mainly, by use of liberal extractions, from Through E Years - A -gg Informal Record of Georgia Southwestern Colley 1908-1957 by Macy Bishop Gray. "The Third District Agricultural and Mechanical School fcalled af- fectionately in its early years "Ag- gie"j which was the forerunner of Georgia Southwestern College came into being by a bill intro- duced by H. H. Perry of Hall County, passed by the General Assembly of Georgia and signed by Governor Joseph M. Terrell on August 18, 1906. This act provided for the founding of a school of agriculture and mechanical arts in each of the eleven congressional districts of Georgia, the school to be located in the community of each district offering to give the most land and the most money for 12 its equipment. Two hundred and seventy acres of land lying along the Seaboard Airline Railroad ISCL todayj and 830,000 in cash offered by Sumter County was the in- ducement for the State to locate "our school" just outside the city limits of Americus. "A distinctive purpose was to offer general and technical training to boys and girls wishing to improve their efficiency and usefulness in the agriculture and industrial pursuits common to the various sections of the state." The act provided that money from the sale of fertilizer tags and fees from the inspection of oil be used for the maintenance of the school. "Georgia Southwestern College has come a long way, to use a trite expression. On campus today can be seen a sharp contrast between the old foundations and the modern day structures - a contrast that shows the progress of many years. "ln 1907, buildings which in- cluded an academic building, a dining hall, a dormitory for boys named in honor of Governor Jo- seph M. Terrell and a machine shop were constructed. Girls were housed in a rented building on Felder Street near the campus. "A committee of leading educa- tors outlined a course of study and classes began at Third District Agricultural and Mechanical School - the first of district schools in the state - on January 4, 1908. The catalog of the year stated that girls must be thirteen years old and boys fourteen years old in order to enter school and all enter upon probation for a reason- able length of time. "ln September 1908 military training was instituted and the de- partment was made responsible for the discipline of the school. A band was organized and basketball, baseball, and football teams played excellent games. Later in 1911- 1912, Wheatley Hall was built at the cost of 517,500 and was named for Crawford Wheatley, a member of the Board of Trustees and the treasurer of the institution, who gave unsparingly of his time and money for the progress of the school. "On April 6, 1915, 'A disastrous fire swept away the beautiful ivy- 4,1 13 covered academic building' and nearly all of its equipment. The cost of this building and the equipment it contained was nearly S28,000. The old academic building con- sisted of eight classrooms, a mili- tary department, a laboratory, a room for mechanical drawing and an auditorium that would seat 800 people. "The building that has been known for many years as the Pres- ident's Home fthis, one student exalted to President's Mansionj was built in 1915. fPresently the Early Childhood Developmental Building.j "As the school grew, so did its reputation. ln fact, in 1910 forty- nine applications had to be refused because of lack of room in the dormitories. That same year stu- dents from twenty-nine Georgia counties and from Alabama, Flor- ida, and South Carolina were reg- istered at the school. Prior to this time two hundred and thirty stu- dents had been admitted. "During the 1910-11 school year there was an eight-student orches- tra and a military band composed of thirteen members. A YMCA was organized and a prayer service was held each evening. ln the cat- alog was printed in bold, black type: 'Every student must attend some religious service every Sun- day.' At that time the total fees which included board, room and incidentals for nine months was S65.00. "Much has changed in school policy as well as basic structure since the beginning years of this school. For instance, the 1912 catalog stated: "Pupils will not be allowed to go to their homes at any time during the school term except upon a written request of their parents or guardians! There was a school bank where students could open accounts and check on them. All male students were required to wear the regulation olive drab uni- form that cost 37.50. Day students were admitted but were not urged to enter, the school was primarily for boarding students. 14 "ln 1913 girls were required to wear a uniform that cost S14.00. Students were not allowed to leave campus without permission. At any time vacancies occurred students were permitted to enroll. Taboos were put on card playing, strong drink, and cigarettes. "ln 1916, the total expenses for entrance into the college was raised. For a nine-month year, in- cluding books, matriculation fee, literary fee, board, laundry, and uniform was S118.75. ln order to be admitted to the school, students who were unknown to the faculty must present two letters of recommendation as to their moral character from prominent citizens of their community. Students would be suspended from school for in- ability or unwillingness to master their studies, irregularity in class attendance or failure to comply with the regulations of the school. "The 1916-1917 school year of- fered, for the first time, a course in teacher training to juniors and seniors. Laboratory teaching was done in an elementary school on the campus, built in 1916 at the cost of S4,500. "Religious emphasis was intro- duced in the 1918-1919 school year when prayer meetings were held in the dormitory lobbies just after supper. On Sunday nights there was an assembly sponsored by the Young People's Christian Associa- tion in which all students had an opportunity to participate. Literary society meetings were scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings. "The dining hall was operated on a co-operative plan. All students contributed a reasonable amount of profitable service to the school each week. The girls set tables, cleared tables and cared for the silverware. "By 1920, students were no longer required to wear uniforms since the plants that manufactured them charged from thirty to fifty dollars for each of them. 'Bring along your clothing from home, it will be all right' the catalog stated. Textbooks during that period cost ""':z WUSUN .Wie i- f: L, ilk 'i rs' 'J ,' A 1 ?-ff QF: if is 3 Ga. , 5 My W we.Ji414.3-as + t- Q . X Q N.. , " 'T Y K lifsm ' A about 58.00 per term and board and room were priced at 816.00 per month. No deduction for board and room would be made for absences of less time than two weeks. "The school was in 1921 a stan- dard vocational school of agricul- ture. All agricultural courses were under direct supervision of the U .S. Department of Agriculture. Four members of the faculty were pro- vided by the government. At that same time, J. E. Owens, supervisor of the boys' dormitory made the following rules to regu- late the conduct of those in his charge. 'Our main law is to do right. We believe in law and order and such must be maintained. It is our purpose to teach these, that our pupils shall be prompted by im- pulse to become law abiding citi- zens of such a noble government as is our privilege to serve.' Hazing, drinking intoxicants, keeping of firearms, use of tobacco in any form resulted in expulsion from school. Dormitories were in- spected daily. "While those in charge of the school believed in athletics, they realized that devoting too much time to sports impaired classroom work, and limited the time spent in baseball, football, track and other athletic games. Those whose chief object was to play ball were ad- vised to go elsewhere. Games for girls included tennis, croquet, cap- tain ball, volleyball, and basketball. "ln 1924, in response to a pro- posal of G. C. Webb to the Ameri- cus City Council, normal school work was substituted for some of the agricultural and mechanical work and one year of college work was authorized by the Board of Trustees. The curriculum was or- ganized by the State Department of Education which offered certifica- tion on work completed in the school. The General Assembly on April 15, 1926 passed an act creat- ing a teacher's college to be locat- ed at Americus, naming this insti- tution, State Agricultural and ,Nor- mal College lbut more generally known as Americus Normal Col- 16 legej and making it a branch ofthe University of Georgia. "The first school yearbook - I-IE Resume was published in 1927. "After June 1930 no high school work was offered by the college. Students who were graduated from the junior college received with their diplomas a provisional junior college certificate from the State Department of Education, if their course of study included ten hours in education. In 1929-1930 two hundred and forty two students from 42 Georgia counties were taught at a cost of less than S200 to students and per capita cost to the State of 3165. "One fine feature introduced during this period was a tre- mendous incentive to good grades and class attendance. lt was the Blue List. If during the month a student had attended class regu- larly without being tardy and main- tained a C average, his name was placed on the Blue List and he was given a holiday on the last Friday of the month. Believe it or not, some students were so interested in their class work that they valued class attendance highly, and re- fused their merited holiday. "The first issue of a literary magazine, the ANC Quarterly, produced by the members of the Sophomore Class, made up of well- written essays, short stories, book reviews, poems, and humor was published in 1931. "ln 1931 the school year was divided into four quarters of twelve weeks each. More than fifty college courses were offered. Physical Education was stressed, but there was no participation in intercol- legiate athletics. "lt was required that young ladies board in the dormitories, but since dormitory accommodations for young men were inadequate, most of the male students had to find living quarters in town, but they were permitted to take their meals in the dining hall where meals cost 819.00 per month. Thirty-seven counties and four J' F pl vs 1- l 'FJ5' w ww .V M ,y.,...4-ww .511 ,4 ....- xl- X X X fha-L 1 an il J. ..,. F "1 w-au :inf ...all Ir - ' ff 2 .A. 1-4- ,,x. ...- ai states were represented by the 276 students who were enrolled. "During the five year period 11 926-1931 1 of operation as a junior college, the Americus Normal Col- lege enrolled more than fifteen hundred students and graduated two hundred and forty students. "Under student welfare in the 1931-32 catalog is found the fol- lowing information concerning discipline. 'Conduct becoming a teacher is expected of you. Young people who cannot conform to reasonable self-control need not expect to be tolerated in the insti- tution. A form of student govern- ment is maintained with satisfac- tion to the organized student body and faculty? "At that time the school day began with assembly at 8:30 A.M. and continued without interruption until 2:00 P.M. when classes were over for the day. "Along with grades received for courses completed were honor points - 3 for "A" grade, 2 for "B" grade, and 1 for "CH grade. For graduation 109 honor points were required. An unexcused absence deducted one-third of an honor point, an excused absence one- sixth of an honor point. "Out-of-state students were charged a fee of 836.00 per year. The entire expenses for Georgia students were S162.00. Eight stu- dents each quarter could earn half of their board by working in the dining hall. "The State supported institutions of higher learning in Georgia were integrated into the University Sys- tem of Georgia by legislative en- actment in 1931. Under the articles of the Act all existing boards of trustees were abolished and con- trol of the University System of Georgia was vested in a Board of Regents which had all the powers and the rights of the former gov- erning boards of the several insti- tutions. Control of the University System of Georgia by the new governing body was effective Jan- uary 1, 1932. Under the Reorgani- zation Act of the Board of Regents 18 continued the type of curriculum in practice here, limited the work to two years and changed the name of the institution to Georgia Southwestern College. The institu- tion was accredited by the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents, the American Association of Junior Colleges, the Georgia Association of Colleges and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools., "The Alma Mater was written and sung for the first time in 1933. "The PWA allotted 369,300 for the construction of a dormitory for men. This dormitory was named to honor S. H. Morgan, a member of the Board of Regents. "ln the fall of 1934, survey courses were inaugurated that necessitated full utilization of the resources of the library. "Students whose average grade was "B" or better were placed on the Dean's List and were not sub- ject to the regulation limiting class absences. "The first issue of the Sou'Wester student news publica- tions, appeared June 4, 1934. "ln 1933-1934 the quarter system replaced the term or semester sys- tem and the quality points replaced honor points. "The daily schedule in 1935-1936 was from 7:50-3:30. Grace Sanford Hall was dedicated December 1, 1936. Board, room, and incidentals in 1937 were 8183.00 for the year. "The Iota Frappa Theta fraternity was organized and student government was inaugurated in the girls dormitories. "ln 1939 the yearbook was re- vised by the Journalism Club under the name of I-if Gale. "The gymnasium-auditorium completed in 1939 had a seating capacity of nearly one thousand, and in the basement was a swim- ming pool and a recreation room. Grace Sanford Hall was also con- structed during that year. Drive- ways encircling the college was completed. In 1939 for the first time in the history of the school, Mar- shals, who were young women J 1 5' vf I I ,f I,-f selected for their outstanding qual- ities, officiated at the graduation ceremony. "ln 1940 a varied athletic pro- gram offered to the students op- portunity to participate in football, speedball, softball, archery, swimming, folk games, and tumb- ling. The physical education de- partment sponsored a play hour each Friday evening in the gym- nasium and the track meet, which was a project of that department, was an outstanding feature of the annual May Day program. "The Jackson Loan Fund was made available to students in the Spring of 1949. Mrs. P. A. Jackson of Americus named Georgia Southwestern College as residual beneficiary of S100,000 in her will. Mrs. Jackson had aided deserving Georgia Southwestern College students for many years prior to her death. Jackson Hall is named in her honor. "Phi Theta Kappa, national hon- orary scholastic society, was or- ganized in 1949. The commence- ment address that year was de- livered by Governor Herman Tal- madge. "The ground breaking ceremony for the Mildred Lowery Memorial Chapel was a part of the Home- coming program on February 4, 1950. "A Carnegie Hero Fund Medal was awarded to Howard Devane, a Sophomore, who rescued a fellow student from drowning in the Col- lege Lake. "A ground breaking program for the men's dormitory, Collum Hall 20 lCollum li named for John M. Col- lum, head of the school from 1908 to 1921, was an event of October 4, 1950. Collum Hall was dedicated in an impressive program in which Governor Herman Talmadge was the principal speaker on October 5, 1952. "The Student Activity Board which scheduled campus events and apportioned student activity fees was organized in 1951. ln February the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia authorized Georgia Southwestern College to offer curricula in tech- nical fields in collaboration with the South Georgia Trade and Voca- tional School and to establish a curriculum in nursing education in collaboration with the Americus and Sumter County Hospital. "ln December and again in Jan- uary f1951i sixty-two per cent of the students participated in the mass immunization against polio. "The annual report of the Uni- versity System of Georgia in 1956 revealed that the Wade Lott Memorial Library of Georgia Southwestern College excelled all other libraries of the same category in the System in volumes added, total number of volumes, student circulation, circulation per student and faculty circulation. The Institutional Self Study Re- gt, January 1972 reports that "ln 1964, the Board of Regents of the University System authorized Georgia Southwestern College to begin transition toward a four-year degree-granting institution . . . The initial graduation of students en- .21- Q- - 9' . ' 'H-:R wi +- b...,,,lg, :,v4 . 'C Y ' 'Riu-Qin-5 - ' ' 11 "'5?E'J' E51 :riff v5-9 sawn? ERI ,ue ' K '-1 I ff ', 1 K4 1-5, l.. ,, P ' .' ' " --K ?',,iQf? 4, ' 'ilf .fi-'Q A '-fn"-15g .'.' F. , I r - " ' x V . . 5, - , ,, 1 wr: -- "'.,. . .I has-,An LL: , -U' : I ' 4 " " b 'Q L U PG-7 "1Af"E 1 i3y333,fS M 3'-fra.:--1? l X W.. . , In .Q vp" '-Q' 9 'S ' +3 1 Ufaifidfzxx, 'ff' -. "ily 3' ff? V , up F Q if :I , 1 , , i S fi' ' Y. I X. I , V M -5 -. -4 I 4 - U. U W' if A l A 1 ' il' ' ' H W, . ,QQ L u AWP' '. -' 'f K ' " ' W. ,AM is Li' 1 ' 51 H 9 rolled in the baccalaureate pro- grams was held in June, 1968." History revolved to Winter Quarter 1972 when the Regents authorized GSC to begin a Gradu- ate program with initial curriculum in the Division of Education. Course work for Masters of Education Degree is expected to begin during the 1972-73 school term. GSC has "come a long way." She has a long way to go. 1972 is both past and future. J -31 47" 1- 14 mul 14 1 Q N L, S... N 1' pa Y . 4 in nm . ., . ' 410.3 . .. 2 M "f,.,1r-- ,, .y-Pk - a df' ' 4 ,'Af'-'. , Il a,,..'.fv . , 4 ' 3 1 ., .ri gn,- ONE WAY DO NOT ENTER 'M I ,J V Mr ., -f . L1 , AL F-,,, - x V .Q 5 U . , L ' - 1 J 4 " D I. Q I .r A " ' . -i .1 1 ,' ' 1 1 lm ' ! ' .fb . -. 'bl ""-3.-,,,1.T:1f W. - 12. K:-.fl 4' .' ,-f.5miQ',,'V'gi- --"-F' .- L 4, 'id ' 4' ' L - W Trl' " .Ti ,BZ '. .Q'3,-A J gr' :ld , , A Q53 I 1131... '. "Muni 4 " A 'v v H H in.: v , - 4... .' 'w 5'5" l 'm qw. , , AV 'V' Ni' ,,.yg',E H YE , .. vp A K . . L If-5 fo .3 A , Y .kin IE?,,,,:x.l... V, NH A Y xddtjzf. bl - 1 , , P 4 Q , , .Q- 4 , 9 f - '-ff, "1 . "iff ' r 'g'Ql 5 . ., . 7' L -. . Q 1 1. , . 6? , I vl' ' . V.. N n , . 5 Q-,--.. " +4.,-A,, ,,, W -if 'Y-1 HBHBHV A ," ' 'sr--7 rjdsdgif Daniel, Thomas B. f Comptroller Johnson, Harold T. Dean of the College King, William B. President Roark, William F. Dean of Student Services 26 l President King "The academic year 1971-1972 - a time to pause - to realize that these are times when important events are taking place at Georgia Southwestern - the faculty and students successfully completed a self- study for the South- ern Association of' Colleges and! Schools - a second self-study for the National Association for Accreditation o Teacher Education also completed both studies hel keep our goals clea 1 ITIOVG US DFOQYSS sively toward thes goals - reflect ou accomplishments. Another significan milestone achieve - Georgia South western authorized t begin offering grad uate work in 1973 our role continues t expand placing be fore us new demand - new challenges new opportunities." Dr. William B. King, Presiden Georgia Southwestern Colleg 7'-. Q . l it N Far Left: Dr. William B. King, President Georgia Southwestern College. High Above: Dr. William F. Roark, Dean of Stu- dent Services, and Bill McKee, Director of Student Activities, wait by "Hello way" for photo session. Left: June H. Shumake, secretary to Dean of the College, Dr. Har- old T. Johnson. Above: Exclaiming "don't take my picture" and threatening with IBM card is presidents' secretary, Lillian G. Brown. Administrahve Personnel l 27 Administrative personnel and staff members pulled campus through year "O.K. - l'll explain once more." "You do that!" 5 "l'm a make believe voice and you're a make believe voice. Our only purpose is to help explain what's going on." J' "O.K., explain!" "Explain what?" a "What's going on. Explain what's 5 going on." l "Where?" V .1 li' "Here! Why are staff officers and . E l ' staff members mixed together with administrative personnel?" "I don't know." "But you said you would explain. The 1971-73 Bulletin lists them dif- ferently you know." "I know that. Everybody knows that." "Oh! Now I see. This isn't the Bulletin." "Voices can't see, silly!" Jackson, Brenda J. Counselor Dalton, Donald Registrar Finklea, Leewynn J. Chairman of Public Relations ,Q vw.- Goodman, Alan S. Director of Public Relations Hall, William D. Supervisor Men's Complex E., Jenkins, J. Barry Counselor 28 I Administrative Personnel if fi ',-055 .KK i , .L alll 51-any dr iq .fl ..f... .14 1- , ,AF 50 J 2' 1 HER u Z 51. ' , gas.. l N mf, Af wiggle . , lim .7 few ills rf wr ff - gg ' 552 firm V fi? 5 H H is wt. ...!"" N. ' lf weft, Kemp. William M. Dean of Men McKee, C. William Group Counselor Moore, Gary D. Group Counselor Patterson, Larry Financial Aid Counselor Rathel, Cecil D. Assistant to the Dean Schild, Vivian V. Dean of Women Seth, William A. Guidance Counselor Shellnutt, Chester Y Q vs Q, ass'-' 'N ,l . as Mg Director of Community Services Smith, Walter H. Director of Admissions 30 I Administrative Personnel Far Left: Mrs. Lavaine Hayes, accounts payable clerk. Center Left: Sarah Vogel, payroll clerk. Left: Jesse Brasswell, direc- tor of Auxiliary Enterprises. Below: Doris Goodin, accounting clerk. 31 Aiding by helping students move into business world was division aim Helping students to "move out and become a part of the business world" was the primary objective of the Division of Business Adminis- tration according to Division Chairman, J. Hubert Greene. Arthur DeThomas took leave of absence to work on his doctorate at the University of Mississippi and Ernest Bagley left the division to go into private business. Grady Allen and Harry Hosey were added to the Division Staff. An IBM 1130 computer was employed to assist students in volume of assigned business prob- lems as well as to aid in Data Processing Laboratories. Also, two "Major interest ori- ented" organizations for Account- ing and Marketing Majors were chartered. Allen, Grady DeThomas, Arthur Fl. Faircloth, James E. 32 l Business 4? 'cf '1-L"5,i3 Above: Are business majors out for money only? Division Chairman Greene says, "No, You can't go into any profession for just money and be successful and happy." Far Above: Harry Hosey grabs quick look in Art Gallery before next class. Right: Dr. Greene observes student printing business materials. Far Right: Ass't. Professor of Business Ed., Ora Jane Sawyer, seems perplexed with advising perplexed student. Upper Far Right: Ranny Adams, marketing major, puts know how to work with Band director, Neal Edwards and wife. i 4. V ,is- 3. ,sl 5 at We A .ff 'fue ai"""" ..-:L-1 1-49: mf.. E ig iiii Fisch, William H. Gaston, Otis L. Greene, J. Hubert Hosey, Harry A., Jr i ll J i 1 , 1 ii 1 aff-1 I Q . -,mi . , .aim Z A -, ' 2423?- W , ..,,.. wg V 33 Progress in Business division resulted from out-of-class work, concerned instructors a n d d ri ve Maloy, Jasper I., Jr. is G, McCall, Mary W. . Q? McKinney, Jacqueline A. f ' P1 McNeil, Jackson M. 2- 1 34 I Business Administrat on QW! i .wqsifygc "gn S . ,'. ii X' 45" G, , . ,wh A i N0 '-c:7 Z 'Q--J cs- -rx 'gl F Y 1 tw, X mt f .JI -53141. Far Lett: Cross-legged student ponders computer print-out as instructor J. Vaugn Westaway looks semi-amused. Above Left: Business students utilize laboratory facili- ties to complete assigned work. Lett: Jerry Rowland heads for afternoon class. Above: Mrs. Gwen Kitchens, Business Ad secre- tary, finds humor in answering student question. Dr. Hoyt W.Pope, Chairman division of Education, said the "outstanding event" and "mile- stone" for his division was the self- study program for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education QNCATEJ com- piled by instructors ofthe division. Acceptance by NCATE "establishes our quality," Dr. Pope continued. Another accomplishment of the division was Regent approval of a graduate program for the MA in Education to begin in 1973. Dr. Pope, Chairman of Regents Committee on Teacher Education 71-72, said the graduate program would "help in recruitment" for the entire college community. A third activity of the division was the beginning of the Early Childhood Development Program. Instructors added to the division included: Dr. Charles Buhlerg Dr. Joe Casong Dr. Oneal Hendricksg Dr. Carl Knottsg and Mrs. Barbara Bartlet, director of Early Childhood Development Center. Division of Education gained NCATE certification and graduate program approval ut-v.-.n -A --4 -- wx I Boardman, Charles C. Boska, Fred H. Buhler, Charles AL Cason, Joe D. Ewing, June B. Frisbie, Lynn H. 36 I Education NA Hendricks, B. O'NeaI Higginbotham, Florrie W. Knotts, Carl R. Bartley, Barbara Ann Above Left: Division Chairman, Dr. Hoyt Popeg Chester Shelnutt, Director of Com- munity Servicesg and Dr. Marinus Kregel, Chairman of P.E. Division find humor during Fall Quarter registration. Above: Associate Professor Dr. Richard Reese, Director of Teacher Placement Service stands and reads student's final. Left: Dr. Carl Knotts and Josephine Stevens talk shop during Fall registration. Peterson, Edgar F. ' Pope, Hoyt W. Reese, Richard P. ' Stevens, Josephine V. 38 I Education Well rounded performance stressed by Ed. Div i i '1-1 GSC strove toward a bit of institutionalized humanity. Throughout time man has ex- pressed himself in many ways. His various arts are the purest records of his intellectual movement. The arts have been and shall continue to be the synthesis of existence. ln 1972, the division of English and Humanities maintained an atmosphere in which creativity was strengthened and sensitivity was heightened. The division was not stagnated. New instructors were added during 1972. These included: lVlr. Winter lArtJ, Miss Carmichael QSpeechl, and Dr. Larraz fLanguagel. Also the equipment was increased by the addition of a harpsichord and two pianos. According to division chairman Iris Argo, the thing that most exemplified the growth of the department was the expansion of the Fine Arts Festival in 1972. leak' if ta 1-9 hd Agerton, Agnes E. .,-A Argo, Iris S. A 1 i 13 1 -argl 'lift A v l W Couillard, Theophane V. X t Q 1 P Vi' '5 'R i L, ll l - H 'Tm 'Z' Davis, Keith E. Lewis, Donald A. Litwhiler, Shirley J. QWQWMW Left Page: Dr. Edgar Peterson, Education Division, leans on podium during lecture, student Bill Allen reverses role and helps with area school children. Center Left: Assistant Professor, English Department, Dr. Carl Niles, rests between lectures in snack bar. Left: English major Sam Hagins reads literature assignments while enjoy- ing Spring sun. Above: Judy Kregel, foreign language secretary, substitutes for English secretary, Wilma Jones, English I 39 IFS1 Niles, Carl E. Norton, Jack rs 40 I English Power, J. Fred Ravan, Ondee G ,W Intellectual achievement was a smile, a pause, and a walk away ff fi 'wah C7 X. ' ' l"'-'.'. ."' ' ','. '. .- ' '.','1, . '-' , - . . .. . 1 ,sw- Towery, Allen D. Weatherspoon, Emily 'Q L- il Whitt, Mary Alice Forrest, Rosalind B. f up Above Far Left: Allen Towery, instructor, returns to classes after lunch break. Above Center Left: Instructor Mary Whitt pauses before stressing grammatical rule. Above Lelt: Division Secretary, Wilma Jones, administers teacher evaluation. Above: Dr. Ted Couillard faces the mood of the day. Far Left: Fred Power, Department of Eng- lish, and Winona Sisk, division of Business Ad., exit with the day. Center Left: Mrs. Rosalind Forrest strolls down Academic Building corridor. 41 Eli if gas 44? 'Q x W J. is xemplified through lessons in speech and music 4 .tx iw wager ' 'V' ' Far Upper Lett: Music instructors Duke Jackson and Donald Forrester perform Jackson Hall concert. Upper Left Center: Music major Don Powers reaches for high note during Southwestern Winds Spring concert tour. Far Left: Band member ab- sorbed in French Horn. Left: Dr. Jack Gore, Speech, takes morning mail and sad ex- pression to class. Above: Margaret Car- michael, Speech, hurries through parking lot on way to early morning class. Speech I 43 Foreign Languages caused headaches or satisfaction Above Right: Student language lab assis- tant, John Caldwell, works with controls. Above: Sheila Norton, French, recalls one of her many moments spent abroad. Right: Regie Comer, French, watches crowd during Foreign Language Day activities. Brooks, J. Carroil Comer, Reginald Larraz, Jose Norton, D. Sheila 44 I French 84 Spanish in ul law Bright, Harold C. McCaffrey, Carter L. Ulmer, Robert P. Winter, Clyde Art department used various methods and medias for expression Center Left: Sculpture is example of what conscious Black families should display on lawn. Below Left: Faculty and students pa- tronizing one of Art Department sponsored print sales. Lett: Art goes mobile. Right: See Page 120 for Art Department feature. Artf45 Progress made in Ilbrary with reclassification to Library Crane Julla M. . ,. Creswell Gwendolyn S. -w xw 'K ::' Z ll' - , R i VI' a--by fi -'UN ' 4-1 ff r-47 , 'E - R 'gg ,- ' JZ' '9 gag is 5: .um-:fav :Q 'lvl Freeman Janet J I Lovell Dale VT' Xft u.J l Above: Virginia Smith carries on endless task of cataloging. Above Right: Betty Steele and friend utilize quiet for studying. Right: Telephoto lens creates strange ef- fect with library entrance, Center Right: Student struggles to get research materials into depository. Far Right: Working while waiting for work, Terri Fenn underscores in periodicals. Congress system Building-bricks outside books of worlds as everyone looked down the treeless slope. It was a library and all agreed that it was quite a nice one. According to Mrs. Mil- dred C. Tietjen, Director of Library Services, progress was made not only in the edifice itself but also within the organization. The stan- dard services were implemented by a new Xerox machine and the reclassification of books under the Library of Congress System. All was not new. Through the pro- verbial grapevine came news that the 24 hour study room was not opened because of certain dis- trustful words from the hierarchy. NWX-Sf -as ' L' W .. ,e 0, up viii? 3,95 s -A les 1,3564 w gi -5. . J CU. I ,. .1 'Q 5 'Yi -' ,i lv' -. - ' w .ff A ns ggi. -fx, ,.l E, ,sc 5155 irzav ibm, v " ftsveiw Slaughter, Helen D Smith, S. Virginia Tietjen, Mildred C. E-, -... ,, , -.., QQ . .Ms H , ' Q! v , ra-ww' fig W . Q ii .L , f ,X . , . J.. , 1' r' .J-. lb!! :', 1-:eff tl. . we ' "fp Tk-fire' , v., 53, r, . Eg if 72153-1- nj.,-f :iff 55 5, , A ' "4 F4 2 TH- -'...-, .' -. . 1 A Q ,fl I . - . - .:?5E5Z5Q ,ylfyef mf' M 1 ,M 'h, e Nursing division employed experienced experience, theory and instruction to change student to nurse. . fp.-gg 1 at 7. ETH- - -fr? ful 'it .' tif rf.. . - l ' i Aw. si L A ,.. if .4 ,ell . E , .v-1. 3 ., . . W pf-f' ',. -2. .png . W A ,pa H5344 l i , ..1 l . .Y .I ll in t --elif" E . INA- . W? . l - 'Qu-A if l 5 .l, wi , ' ' 4' ,,,:-,X :we ,,,.. g. 'sl Ui l F2 ' l -" K il. sg ' 1 . V " l E C v .13 "-I? 1 . Education, practice and patient care were the three major pur- poses of the Department of Nur- sing. Working carefully, the super- vised student nurses were shown that there are social and psycho- logical as well as physical intrica- cies of medical care. Employing team teaching, the faculty programmed students to function at staff nurse levels in hospitals and health agencies. Mrs. Martha Buhler was added to the faculty staff. The largest group of freshmen in the history of the Nursing depart- ment entered Fall Quarter. The use of 8mm film loops and strips aided in students' independent study. Actual patient care was experi- enced by the aspiring healers at Sumter County Hospital, at Mag- nolia Manor in Americus, and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany. C7 ,FD D. McNelley, Emily K. W V Starck, Patricia L. . - I .. A Stewart, Joyce M. Ulmer, Sarah A. 49 Physical Ed. division was objective, objected The foremost objective of the Physical Education division was that of physical fitness and recrea- tional awareness for the student body. The primary objection to the department was - six mandatory classes if one was healthy, single, and not a veteran. A diversification of courses in- cluded aquatics, gymnastics, rhyth- mics tdancej, combatives, team and individual sports. The course work and the athletic participation were designed to evolve physical education majors, adequate for teaching positions, within the Georgia public schools. Dr. Nemour Delaneuville and Mrs. Patsy Jackson were added to the staff and Dirk Mosig, Psy. in- structor, guided students through the history and techniques of Ka- rate. YJ rrtgw 'I ,Smit , J Q-x 3-'K , ', Q I - f ty ' . 4. Clark, Bob C DeLaneuville, Nemour B Jackson, Patsy W Kregel, Marinus J 'T' Knight, Godfrey T. Litwhiler, Richard N Robinson, Jack G Shepheard, Sharon A. 50 I Physical Education W- -., ., ,r T. N ' r . if K 4. 4, I-46 rg I-,.,r. 1, Li.---4 ','J1Q,5ji4 l-A L .,,u .l .Y , 4 ,,Y -.LW Ql- - -1 Ref . ,, 'EET' I- sm ' ' K, sf HU'?Qg f -g X -,Q s'- 1, K ' 1 gr J, " .- HY, W m 1 H, 4.!.1s- Y 41 Q.. J I 'llll,q , -3:71 1.4 I 1 'iff' T335 . I U!-Y-' fd: L ' ,Q E Carter, Jack C. Ewing, Charles K. Powders, Vernon N. ' McNeill, Rebecca L. llehmg 52 I Biology sq 'fl Biology department saw new equipment arrive and some innovations fail l, may l. all es" .1 11 l ll, it it 1 Dr. James Russell, head of the department of Biology stated that the main departmental purpose was to teach and make one aware of himself as a biological organism. 1972 brought about a strong emphasis in the para-medical field. Also the year saw the department provided with new microscopes, 2 autoclaves, a microtome, 3 herbar- ium cases, and a new greenhouse. lt was rumored that the team teaching of Biology, an innovation that had fallen short of its desired aims, could be cancelled in the near future. The reasons seemed to stem from the poor chance for teacher-student relations and the possible negation of small class advantages. Upper Left: Pineapple plant growing in planter by new Science Building. High Above: Dept. Chairman, Dr. James Russell examines Boa Constrictor specimen. Above: "Prof" Chick Ewing assists student in Microbiology lab. Above Right: Dr. Ver- non Powders turns from work in Zoology lab. .N N yyyy M l. i , ...... " ' Russell, James W. Tietjen, William L. i V A Q, Westra, Raymond N. Ps f, 5 A' I I ' l A 53 Chemistry and Geology co-existed l a ' N lu lk y , Agerton, Millard E. Arden, Daniel D., Jr. Cofer, Harland E., Jr. Counts, Wayne B. 54 l Chemistry lei thai' 1 . - . . f gk ,.,. 5 f,1- x' . i 'K5NE33S, 15 '.44-fww-Rx: easily Above Left: Display case model of molecu- lar structure of chemical structure of mar- ijuana. Above Center Left: Dr. Millard Agerton instructs in chemistry lab. Far Lett: Dr. Walter Mathews caught in reflec- tive pose as he prepares for class. Left: instructing grammar school children on geological science is Dr. H. E. Cofer, Chairman of division of Science and Mathematics. Dr. Cofer, as well as other members of his staff, often used spare time for instruction of various aspects to grade school children. 56 I Physics Physics department kept students working hard Above Left: Dr. David Ewing poses with big smile during late afternoon class. Above: Science display ol man drifting high in space. Above Right: Preparing physics lab apparatus keeps Gary Jones and Paul Webb busy. Right: Four of many contacts in Physics department. mv H ii 'iQf'S'5.H 1 .1 ff 9' 55: W, ,ggi wfww , ,A , 5 fzszggesf . N-ff vw ' Q 1 -30' E, fm-1 QQ, w?'?"f r J' x :F HP" X Hail' ffm " WE? , x. , nl Wu 5AF'i"i 1' L . A A S I , if SES zgsgfgefzf. T354 , gw 1 1 ,Av gm., , 3335 vm. 1 1 3 I A ' Q 1 . if 2 . M' ,J 1 ' .1 v F' - 1 ,Q if-' 130-4- I 3 .- , I G 'M 'WSJ 1. mmgff ' , W U, U 'FEQQQEFH -1. 4 3 TENS' ,Y Ak Q, ff- ,g 5 ,, .L ,K , . giiigw w.g,g,E,4 , , fy' Lg, . ' Q ma. 3 v .seg L ,fx 4 as Qs , 53 , j:53g?f2Ml + 25125552 'v kia H W SQ 'iilixfz mm mm Qi QW :wr ,MM : TLYTEA Y3:55:2ZQi5E aan ff ,mi zifiggk f Q, X - ' Q ,xwgmw-,Q W-mm: fsgiimiam :wieifzaavw 1' wwf-if ifvimxxizg IW XXUSQSW ,ffwiizfwwgg msgzb W, 'V 2 va' " W ew an 3 , fig, . A- 5'!Xw:5Ef. ,, sa' W J I . -Y .S 'f f I ffifl-R '. 1-1, .IA . .rg .. .z .A .4-'- .. ,.,. 5 'if-.v 71..'x M... 4 Q55 k E- ' I r ,V In j- v rf V A11-4 v . J - ff' if 4 Q i Above Left: Math student day dreams be- fore next class. High Above: Math instruc- tor Terrell Turner and Dr. Jack Carter, Biol- OQY. walk through student center on way to lunch. Above: Posing is Dr. James Rus- sell, Biologyg walking around is Mr. William Kipp, Mathematics department. Above Right: Dr. Jay Cliett, Math., hurries across campus to lunch. Mathematics department figured strong in division 3. , :zf . fre. . V H 9 W it fEi'Sii?xU.f Butler, Frank L., Jr Cliett, O. Jay Ill Everett, Joseph P. Howell, Kenneth B Kipp, William E. McKinney, Max T. Turner, J. Terrell Williams, Jerry F. 59 Man turned his faculties toward an objective look at himself New blood was the by-word for the Social Science division. In- cluded in this was Harry Foster CPSYJ, Donald Grigsby lPSY.J, Dirk Mosig lPSY.J, Sue F. Winston lECO.J, Charles Powell lPSY.J, and Dr. Clarence Yonce CPSYJ. Through the joint endeavor of fac- ulty and students the infinite figure of man was socialized, psycho- analyzed, economized, institution- alized, and chronicled. Dr. Palam- iotis, division chairman, stated that there were no radical differences between the past year and 1971- 1972. He also said that education was taking place and that some "dedicated professionals" were being formed. That was what it was all about: wasn't it? Above: Dr. Frank Lowrey grades final exams. Far Right: Margaret Carmichael, Speech, and Miss Dorothy Lord exchange gazes at Business division's secretary social. Below:"Colonel" Parker laughs to himself while walking to Student Center. Below Right: Heading for class in "Aca- demic" building, Dr. Harold Isaacs reflects upon history. 'i -- li 'lim Bagwell, James E. 'R' Baringer, Richard L. Blount, John B. Farmer, Harry F., Jr. Gurr, C. Stephen 60 I History 1: V Q ...........aai Isaacs, Harold Kitdhens, Joseph H., Jr. Lord, Dorothy L. Lowrey, Frank M. Palamiotis, Alexander A Parker, Joseph P. 61 Psychology department utilized testing which allowed students to progress at rate suitable to individual character F ter, Harry K. G g by Donald P. M t H L M g D k 62 l Psychology Far Lett: Father Haye, instructor, opens mail while smiling benevolently. Above Far Lett: With hands in pockets to ward off rare cold is instructor Donald Grigsby. High Above: Dr. Clarence Yonce, right, checks registration "score board" in new gym. Above: Dr. Harry Foster clutches probability curve papers as he steps to an evening class. Lett: Miss Jo Maxye McKenzie, right, watches as students re- view exam paper. Powell CharIesV Yonce CIarenceW Jr e Political Science, Economics, and Sociology 5 dealt with man s past and present problems lf li Z. fir i- 't 23: Chambless, Nancy W. iii ' x Allen, T. Eugene Ill 'l K Q. f Huddleston, Kenneth M. f Roland, Ruth A. - ,h -V A ,Q- I Sole, Kent M. - Williams ThomasJ Winston Sue ,. . ':2 v ' ' --if , - 1. fl I f' l E, 'I . 64 I Political Science, Economics P "I really don't understand." "What's wrong now? "Well, I personally feel that nice pictures of instructors walking to class, or in the student center, or just anywhere would be better than these." "Why?" I "Well, I just do. I mean, well, you knowg we just shouldn't concern ourselves with real things. Every- body knows that registration, and religion, and marijuana are issues that shouIdn't be openly dis- cussedf' "They're like sex. Flight?" "Yeah! You've got it. You agree too don't you?" "Would it matter?" Sociology I 65 Security Department kept the campus in chec ABOVE: Ralph Millwood, Capt. John M. Moore, William L. McClun , Oris Tison, Claude - Q Speer lClerkl, Chief William U. Bowen, Gary Mclnvale. BELOW: Capt. Arthur O. Cheek, Spriggs. . .I .1 .. . J.. - , Y V ' fl-wg ,ga 'Y' , r 'l...,1' ,Q emu.. -- . ig- ': I?" ,' " - 3 ' 'fffi?:i,-.FHS af . t Z, . .1 ,W ,V .2 .hi gg: fy.. . , -rw fc.. tickets for illegally parked cars and -, . V I- .47 3-Siem - -.fmt F 'prism-1 Mrs. Tison issued controversial .- staff officers kept check on the - L security of the physical plant ' " 'i '4 ' 2 aspect of campus. , - y g 7' C' yf-.- ' ,y 1 ,3 '.'Q5Ajj'rgfffvf :P B ' A Student anger over fines of 35.00 . .kk' tlkk W WAA b g for illegal parking filtered through 2 Q ,I .fr . ' the year without any reduction in ' Z " ll'i 1 g- - 'ff1Q-.-- ut.. , cost. Students were told the deci- T' - 1 'A '. , L-ay , -1 A ' sion to charge 35.00 was not from 66 I Campus Police the Security Department but "from somewhere higher up." Physical Plant Department held buildings and grounds together it NV I K vit... YL- Ara Mae Colbert Supervisor Curtis Ftazal Warehouseman Wallace Supervisor George Brown Supervisor Margaret Rush Supervisor Plant Superlntendentg Charles Derlso, Central Stores Manager. Grounds Maintenance: Walter Manson, Golden Stewart, Sammy Elijah Cody, Otis Dowdell, Joe Glenn, John Ross, William Lockheart. 2-21' 'iff ' 45 ' '. - 'r j"i11l' V Q fi- Q. " r- '. ., , x ,.-- V ,. -' -, I ' . '-. , "- ' , 73512 ti . 1 - .I V s ,. Y, . 4 . X . , . I .-f ,. 1 . - ,. .lg .- r, 1 3. g. in A f l ,rp f l J RL X n I . R l Q f X Q , X , 7 , ll an ' ' v li' 1 r , - . ,uf ,ings N V L - o s E R' S' 'SWZT5 ' tg - Q j 4 If 3 1221- H5 5 t - - , , ' lg. I? 2 l- 3 ' l 5.56 i-, , Ying l' ' X .W W 4 xr- , a. Y- fa'!?Z ,i'l:Z' f .,,- OVE: Building Maintenance: Slim McDonald, Robert Buchanan, General Hampton, Auburn Bar- ld, Bobby Barry, Buddy Floyd, Smokie Kitchens, Houston Stephenson, Gene Wicker. ABOVE GHT: Sammy Stone, Grounds Maintenance, rests before continuing mowing job in front of d Gym. Physical Plant I 67 Hard working department maintained campus r- MAIDS: Louise Mathis, Mattie Hamilton, Lula Harris, Mary Alice Perry, Juanita Olivia Barnes, Annie Rose Bridges, Ethel Hamilton, Annie Lou Towns. ' 2.4, ABOVE: Buddy Floyd, carpenter, repairs Ad building door. RIGHT: MAIDS 8t JANITORS: Virginia Thomas, Edgar Warren, Cheryl Jones, Homer Spear, Rosa Bell Thomas, Rothman Lewis, Dorcas Flowers, Marion Rhodes, Jack Goodman, Clarence Perkins, Will Perry, Eugene Westberry, Addis Jones, Lewis Perry, Jr. 68 I Physical Plant MAIDS 8 JANITORS: Kneeling: Frank Patterson, Melvin Chambliss, Standing: Betty Anna Bell Hill, Thelma Harris, Rosella McDonald, Leona Davis, Agnes Towns, Lena Rena Walker, Back Row: Willie Golden, Carl Jackson, Woodrow Williams. 'JJ W. Cafeteria continued daily performances ABOVE: Faye Phillips, Kathryn Davis, Mil- dred Wilson, Dealva Howard, Marie Mathews, Ruth George, Doris Daniel, manager. RIGHT: Rosa Jones, Dora Carter, Flora Reese, Homer Rutherford, Laura Howard, Mary Maddox, Laura Tyson, Azella Johnson, Rosa Jackson, Rubin Harvey. BELOW: Mary Tyson, Mary Alice Bateman, Nanette Mills, Pearl Hightower, Charlie Belle Hill, Mattie Pearl Bell, Theresia Spears, Carrie Ross, Alice Harvey, Azzie Floyd, Katie Floyd, I. C. Childers, Charles Cherry, Johnnie Mae Tyner, Kathy Porter. vi 1 ' l f Q ii , af. . ia .2 H F? N L .'-,z , .,-mf : . ' ,I ' 'EES F D ul It is Cafeteria l'69 E N l i Bookstore--snackbar, postal employees supplied and mailed 70 l Bookstore 81 Post Oltice Raymond Kimbrough, Don Senecal, and George Brown, Maintenance Dept., remove price sign that was long time standard in snack bar. Modern lighted sign is visible in left background. Mitzi Belcher, daugher of postal employee, Mrs. Frank Belcher, strikes up pose while watching for college life to come. l 1 qs- f W 41 fm" ia. . 7 -,, ffl ik' K n li 4" if f. ,,,, ..- Il- Bookstore and Snack Bar personnel. Front: Steve Millerg Griner. Seated: Martha Crawford, Lunelle Henderson. Back: Senecal, manager, Jerry Bennettg Ida Mae Wrightg Mary Raymond Kimbrough. "Q Barbara Chanceg Mrs. Margaret Harris, clerk in chargeq Mrs. Belcher, clerkg Sally Childres. Secretarial staff aided office flow Members: Janet Ammons, Marcia Bagwell, Grace Bell, Janis Beverly, Sue Brooks, Lillian G. Brown, Sharon Carney, Danny Coxwell, Crozier. Anne Dorman, Joy Driver, Sandra Evans, Lorene Felts, Terri Finn, Edna Gardner, Doris Goodwin, Baby Ruth Gradick, Marie Griner, Jane Harris, Mariflyn Hatfield, Lavaine Hayes, Brenda Herbst, Mildred Holliday, Carol C. Howard, Wilma W. Betty S. Jordan, Gwen B. Kitchens, Judy Kregal, Esther Mann, Jim Martin, Gayle Moore, Lottie Morris, Pat Morgan, Peggy Mildred Osborn, Ginger Perry, Angelyn Floss, Sadie P. Rush, June H. Shumake, Judy Smith, Flose E. Smith, Susan Strickland, Topmiller, Brenda S. Touchton, Sarah W. Turpin, Martha E. VanVlack, Sara Vogel, Linda Walker, Helen Werth. f- . .rs ' ' if it-l 7, ,E iiiljim' 1.4 v Va H i ig Y .3 L K 2:1-3 TL' 11" -' . l? is W l "' gs I I "a gas s Nr 'F""'l s I Y , ff ' V J Secretaries 1 71 ' 1 OIF' 1 K. I f E A I ,,, , W H. , I. :fix , . H 4 M' fl ?9 . 45, V H ,, w ' , 0 2. Q 1--y..,.--.1 nw pl! -Q -.-A , TUDE T LIFE , as p- an . fa if ez- P ez Q- .v 4,t M, f 'L '- . , Q . 'ml 'S ' v ., ' 'gg AQ' b Q 11 -,.. FL, I . .Q 'E . 5'1" i 1 , 4 f fp:-, , - 1 X ' " 5 'w.:, ,'-71.1.11 e N 1' . W"1'3: . M N M." ,,- .mf wx 1 , 5:1 ,Img , -1 11 '. 'f-'W'-sq.-'M 1. ' '. i' 5 5114 V ' ' 1.1.11 -. Y -gl f' ,i.T i V' f' X 57 YY 1 , ' . . ., . V ' 1 Vi '1 ,QQ w w www -, A , I A J . , , "3" ' ,,, 1.3 'I . -l.',,:f 4 . -.4 . 1 L , 'X' I' if , ' -'pb P av' nv., A ' ls ' .1 1' ' ' ' QR v , . , ' 'F 73 I.. 1 fp u 'L "liz .. 1 4 1 -1 4 4 1 w 4 L nf N T-L i .U HH. ,ds 1 I k. .hx 5337 ii T ii "My sincere greetings to each of you as you begin the academic year 1971 - 1972," said President William King. "Welcome, welcome, welcome echoed throughout the campus as 468 students converged here and began their four year journey to graduation. Half smoked cigarettes and "staying up all night talking" strengthened the theory that many of the new freshmen were "trying out their wings" while away from parental authority. Administrative personnel and student helpers joined forces to help launch the frosh in "the right direction" at the onset of their college career. The right direction usually took the form of pointing out which buildings were which, what the core-curriculum required, and from the student aides, which instructors were crip and which were not. Dormitories opened Sunday, September, 19, 1971, and unusual as to previous orientations the rain stayed away. The sun beamed and faces smiled throughout the three day orientation-registration period. Freshmen were treated to a Monday night Coffee House, a Tuesday night President's Recep- tion, and on Wednesday night, to their first college dance. Wednesday afternoon ushered the first Georgia Southwestern College Involvement Fair, Involve- ment '71 sponsored by the Student Union Board. Extra-curricular or- ganizations manned booths in Student Center and explained the various aspects of the organiza- tions for interested freshmen and returning students. T? lj ' i iii? ' it-if 'A Mai awww ! Orientation exercises launch 468 frosh on four year journey. . 1' A-I V .vzi Q fa' if ,K4r5i',. .-4 ' '4 uf N -V -... ' 5 j at 'Mft ' " Fri ' f fiigg, i fr' -1 ., .. , it ag ii: ,qs 2- I .. N wr 55 fi Y W JW ? S3955 " I x i' + -r ,N . 1 l A, QL f 1 .' ' . 4 sky ' I .. ' --If t, 1- .. 'V ' Vee Q2 . astiffha x L" 7 J w, ,, , , , ,C is X U ' ., lid H 'ii 'N Y C ? - f 'ef 5 ' V -'T l , "lie L ' . ea xx ' .il 1:1 ' L' L' " ' ' ' i ' :VA ' if Agia 'Q S. ' ' .o 5h,,g.-r- 1- '-'fi Far Left: Martha Peele is caught checking her watch while she mans Cheerleaders booth at Involvement '71. Above Center: GSC cafeteria used this fifty-six pound roasted pig complete with apple, as cen- terpiece at an evening meal during Fresh- men Orientation Week. Above: Students check section numbers during fall registra- tion as ifar leftj Shirley Collier, Mike Col- lier, and Joann Carothers laugh while waiting in line. Lett: Moving into Girls Complex Three lasted Sunday afternoon and nearly until dark for some of GSC's entering co-eds. 75 GSC's annual Job-O Rama signed many Ed. students "Many students were offered contracts on the spot," said Dr. Richard Reese, Director of Teacher Placement, "and also, a majority of graduates had signed contracts before the end of Spring Quarter." The annual Job-O-Rama, spon- sored by the GSC Teacher Place- ment Service, was deemed by Dr. Reese as "one of the most suc- cessful ever." Job-O-Rama's purpose was to help GSC graduates in Eudcation to locate teaching positions available and to schedule interviews with representatives of participating systems. Approximately 300 stu- dents participated in the 1972 program. Dr. Hoyt Pope, Chairman Divi- sion of Education, said "over forty" school systems from throughout Georgia participated. According to Dr. Reese, GSC graduates in Education "are in high demand. Our reputation of gradu- ates is that we graduate well pre- pared teachers." 76 .Qu it iifaiif ' "'ff'iTiQ-,fg. ' 5? ' -F . ., . .,-an ll J. l-new 1-mis.. 'l is .i1' 'gf'-'I-,R :fis"s"'f as ls ir-: -1-4. :Snr .?i..v:-r'5'r.iiig.!r' sf Him A -1 -'x2Lif.?i:.- ing n'.-.'g,,-ag,ng',,:re ' x' 15-a "'l '.7fTL.'5K L. 4 x.Cf'x...2'l-.1-134' 1 r 'J' ' J.- 'i. -uni ., w - 1.2. 4 v . is - T 34 ms ' r , , - Au . .4 it 4. i ,- 1 l l with state systems before graduation Student Council's Ferrante and Teicher Concert helped fill void between GSC and area citizens. Returning to GSC after a twd year lapse Ferrante and Teicher played to a nearly full field house of campus and area citizens. Rated "a cultural concert" by the i 78 l Ferrante 81 Teicher sponsoring Student Council, Fer- rante and Teicher held eleven hundred in silence with selections as Cleopatra, A Man and a Woman, the Bible, and with their famous rendition of Exodus. l The October 20, 1971 concert was an unsurpassed highlight ot Fall Quarter entertainment. Ferrante and Teicher added substance to the near void existin between GSC and the surroundin area of non-college citizens. ' 'if' u if ,li 1 ll xii SUB's Fall Festival gives GSC students hours of fun, prizes, and patio dancing. "Step right up and be a winner ev- ery time" was the repeated cry at GSC's first annual Fall Fest. Sponsored by the Student Union Board the combined Halloween Carnival-Dance offered hours of entertainment for students and faculty and their children. Prizes of stuffed animals, tennis rackets, peace pipes and junk were the spoils of the surest arms and the lucky. The event filled the Student Center patio and music of Aval- anohe kept things moving until the 10:00 p.m. closing hour. .1-'57 :ti Above Left: Connie Coleman seems baffled at unidentified player while Sally Williams, in rear next to stuffed animals, awaits throw of Bob Evans. Left: Martha Brinson tries to lure another player to her booth. Above: With rear pocket filled with previous spoils, Gary Dorough aims for another. Halloween Carnival I 79 Eight vacant offices filled during fall student body elections. Eight vacant student offices were filled with the October 28, 1971 campus-wide student elections. With an estimated voter turn out of seven hundred Steve Culver- house and Alan Nlaloy gained seats on the Student Council as mem- bers-at-large. Also grabbing Council positions were Geep Bailey, Sophomore V.P.g and Carol Clegg, Frosh V.P. Tony Abel took the Freshmen Class Presidency. Lyn Patterson was named Fresh- man Representative to the Student Union Board. T- n Above Left: Student Council Advisor Bill McKee and Elections Committee Chairman Sybil Baxter discuss voter turn out. Left: GSC student Ben Floyd and accompanist perform at Sou'wester Candi-Forum. Above: Resident Advisor Council sign gives order at previous, Oct. 5, 1977, election for RAC members. Top Right: Student punches IBM card without benefit of privacy offered by voting booths. Above Right: Atrocious turn out by both candidates and students at Candidate Forum indicates apathetic at- mosphere of elections. 81 "Come Blow Your Horn" attracted visitors for three performances. Right: Fred Causey widens generation gap with comical clarity. Below: Virginia Gay points out inconsistency in Dennis Griffin's ideas on sex. Below Left: Jose Larraz's drink boils as Tina Perrine hands him her desire to enter movies. GSC's theater group opened the 1971-72 season with Neil Simon's "Come Blow Your Horn". The popular Broadway comic hit was directed by Mr. John Crane of the Speech and Drama Department. The cast performed with practiced ease before large audiences. CAST Character Alan Baker .. Peggy Evans . Buddy Baker . Mr. Baker . . . Connie Dayton Actor Dennis Griffin . . . . . . .Tina Perrine . . . . . . .Jose Larraz . . . . . . .Fred Causey . . . . . .Virginia Gay Mrs. Baker ..... . . .Pat Dubose A Visitor ..... 82 I Fall Play . ...Lyndia Dale - ip .-:Y ifui 'f' n i f 2- ff 4 ., TI 3 .L- a I 1 I -- M,-1, . -- 3'1" -LQ? -. ,A - -jv ' ,C '.-,.1.'. 1' ' gs 1 , ' fb . t . - .V . pf: 'infix an ' '. '- .,'s. all P if 1 'L VQ mf' .. J I Uh.- 'Q-fs? Q i . I' -' J .I , , K -155 B D 1 K fs 'I 'I ,, . I 1 . . - ., ,A .22 ,: . ' N ?L'4j'u 1-aft, 11. t 5 . ,P fig, , gf -ma B-fi, 1:15 3 - n ., .1 "W " -' ' gift ' L. Z' 'mfifwi-Q - vw-' g , i Q ,P J QQ., 0' I -sl Q .3 I 'fl' l972 Southeastern Regional College Bowl Champions Dr. Jay Cliett, Coach a v 5' James Feagin John Ferris Alan Fort Lynn Jackson Brent Reynolds Charlene College Bowl Pi Kapps won local and All Stars took Southeastern Championship WSL Ii mf' 1' L . ' ' ' ' 1 ilfJuwamgcm',..,. Pl M , ' " 1 ' .4 in an 'FHM ..l ,.-A - ' .1 .. . "'f' 1' ' "ff . 1' FN' il-, '- T e-,a::q.::,::fl:1. e ,. , . . .. ' -if - . , " gs". ' " ' 1 '- E. 5... 3' .4 L:-'rj V' 177. 3 - F ' , .-'BLSTETQQ-f'.li7"E'S":.:1l - 'ir .A- -I slug' igzf. fl gf . - , V rms-2 f' '-,f- .zmseig gg., Le . gg Jiri" Qg.,:?,1 h . L. 1 Pi Kappa Phi edged out RAC in the final round of GSC's Second Annual College Bowl Tournament and claimed the title 1971-72 Col- lege Bowl Champions. The November 30th match was the seventh in College Bowl action held periodically throughout No- vember. With more than twenty teams participating, Dean William Kemp was judge, Larry Patterson, score- keeper and Gary Moore, modera- tor. The tournament was patterned after the TV quiz show. An all star team selected by the contest officials represented GSC at Berry College and returned home the 1972 Southeastern Re- gional College Bowl Champions. GSC will host the 1973 regional contest. Above Left: Winning Pi Kappa team mem- bers Tryon Reynolds, Alan Fort, Bill Youngblood, and Ernie Reece. Left: Run- ners-up, RAC lforegroundl in match with Student Council. G, Bailey, C. Clegg, S. Culverhouse, R. Davis, J. Clegg, J. Ferris, and E. Davis. Above: Dean Kemp gives judgment. 85 Christmas spirit slipped by suitcase college. Colo Water Army and Santa Claus both made GSC appear- ances as part of Christmas 1971 ac- tivities. A decorated Student Cen- ter complete with murals painted on the Student Center windows and a well decorated tree aided in tak- ing the "Ba-Humbug" out of a South Georgia Christmas. Friday, December 3, 1971 boasted a poorly attended dance- concert featuring Cold Water Army. The Christmas dance-concert was the Student Council's first attempt at providing weekend entertain- ment. The College Chorus held a Sun- day afternoon performance of Saint Saens "Christmas Oratoriof' The event solicited off campus citizens mostly composed of relatives of the choristers. Short sleeve weather landed a fairy tale atmosphere to the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Sing located in the Student Center. Above: GSC Chorus sings out at Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Right: Donna Gibbs portrays Snoopy in SUB's Christmas skit. Far Right: Joel Kitchens of the SUB dons his suit and turns his tongue for Santa. 86 I Christman Activities W it 'Q 'fa ! E Ax f N. s w ggi' 3 , X in 1 Si , . .A - 3 Fun, Travel, and Adventure awaited for those " '-. ,W . - --.1 - . 90 l Recruitment good enough to get in The Navy, Air Force, and Marines landed on campus several times during 1972. They bustled about campus in their motley green military cars and finally came to rest within the perimeter of the Student Center. Their reception was one of an organ grinder minus his monkey. But it could well be assumed that they would show one the monkey if and when he enlisted. Some campus regulars sought out the recruiters and their tables of in- formation with actual interest inecessity is the mother of deten- tionj, some came with curiosity and some came for the joke. Doubtless, their product was not an easy one to sell. But when placed in a bind the Armed Forces seemed, on the literal level at least, to be willing to bend some tradi- tions. With the promise of ex- panded travel, higher pay and the lax regulations on troops, the var- ious branches of the service made the subtle yet desperate attempt to bring back a large catch for the new volunteer Armed Forces Pro- gram. It was of some satisfaction to know that the interested ones who came weren't out for the long hair anyway. One of the main concerns of any American male has been service to his country. Since the first conscription, the draft has played a major role in shaping the future of many a soul. The premise that "it will make a man of you" has been the deciding factor for someg for others adver- sity to jungle trails and 21 gun sa- lutes has been reason enough for enlistment. Programs such as the new "Ac- tion Army," a general relaxation of petty regulations in almost all armed forces, more pay and better living conditions have enticed many to leave the insecurity of ci- vilian life for the comfortable regimentation of a service career. Recruiters were a familiar sight at GSC. Whether inside the Student Center, or on the porch, the pro- grams offered by all services were basically the same. The Army, secure in the knowledge that "we'll get ours anyway," was absent from the GSC scene. For the most part, the recruiters were ignored by most students as though they were something not to be thought about until the time rose. An occasional vet in civilian disguise, would pass and smirk, or inquire into one of the trivial as- pects ofthe military. The major question was still two years or three, service or servitude. Fifty-Gne freshmen nurses capped at ceremony. "The Capping is an important event for the student nurses," said Mrs. Rosella Deriso. "After this ceremony they will always wear the cap of their nursing school when 'on duty' in hospitals - even after they become Registered Nurses." The nursing students were capped at a public ceremony Jan- uary 21. The freshmen chose as their speaker Miss Kathryn Suggs, president of the Georgia State Nurses Association. During the ceremony a cap was placed upon the head of each stu- dent. Each was given a Florence Nightengale lamp and Nurse's Bible. 'X A "il l l t Above Left: Student Nurses await turn at Americus' First Baptist Church. Above Right: Mrs. Deriso looks on as Dean Harold Johnson is caught smiling. Above: Dr. Stewart discusses ceremony over punch. Nurses' Capping I 91 Order Albritton, Judy M. Arden, Nancy H. Ashworth, Preston R. Bateman, Mickie H. Bradley, Patricia K. Burks, Mary l-ynn Bussey, K. Louise Calhoun, Ronald S. Callis, William, Jr. Cleveland, Alan L. Cox, Wayne T. Daniell, James R. Davis, Charles H. Dixon, Deborah B. Drennan, Sandra S. Gibson, Arlene H. Gooding, David S. Gray, Laurence R. Greene, Elizabeth A. Helton, Cheryl H. Hodge, Richard L. Hunter, Samuel R., Jr, Jackson, Margaret B. of the Gown Jarvis, Rosella M. Johnson, Anita C. Jones, Betty J. Jones, Claire S. Jones, Gary E. Kahn, Janet Lacy, Sandra P. McGowan, E. Lynn W. Medlin, James E. Myer, Ruth A. Miller, Anne B. Miller, Naamah L. Morgan, Dianne H. Pate, John, Jr. Quinn, Melinda S. Rogers, Margaret M. Saville, Augustus H., Slevin, Sharon S. Thaxton, Gail G. Walls, James W. Warlick, Vivian S. Wells, L. Frances Worthy, Brenda M. Younce, Mary K. Georgia Southwestern College's Order of the Gown was established Spring quarter for the purpose of recognizing scholastic achieve- ment , and academic excellence. The forty-seven were selected from the upper SCA, of the junior class, the upper 100!0 of the senior class and the upper 3"!o of nursing stu- dents in their final quarter. Silver Key Society Baxter, Sybil Anne Burks, Mary Lynn Dixon, Deborah Boone Funck, Valerie Olga Gibbs, Donna Marie McDuffie, Mary Helen Miley, Mary'Carmen King Miller, Naamah Lee Smith, Shirley Irene Threadcraft, Johnese Fanette Williams, Susan Elizabeth Gold Key Society Bailey, George Pierce Coleman, Randall Bruce Faircloth, Raymond Tommy Kitchens, Joel Clinton, Jr Maloy, Jasper Alan Muench, James Charles Wadsworth, James William Wynn, Russell Alford Youngblood, William Marion Silver Key and Gold Key, similar to the National Mortar Board Soci- ety and Blue 'Key Society respec- tively, were formed Spring quarter. Selection was based on scholar- ship and participation in the fol- lowing areas: Athleticsg Student Government, Social and Religious Affairs, Student Publications, and Speech, Music and Drama. 94 I Homecoming Remaining in traditional tracks, Homecoming 1972 was pushed into motion by an afternoon bonfire and pep rally. Ftain spoiled plans for a cafeteria picnic lunch but spirits were fresh as the college band played and basketball players whizzed around the fire on Pi Kapp backs. Earlier in the day, Thursday, February 17, Miss Cheryl Penning- ton was elected Homecoming Queen. Friday night and a packed gym- nasium felt the GSC Hurricanes blow over Piedmont College 81-66. Black and Blue played at the Friday night victory dance. A windy Saturday held strong for an Alumni reception and dinner. The Lenchmen entertained at a poorly attended Saturday night dance, Sigma Chi was judged winner for best Homecoming dis- play. Bread rocked Monday night with one of the largest crowds to as- semble in 1972. Zeta Tau Alpha was awarded the Homecoming Spirit trophy. Homecoming highlighted with three bands as rain and wind spoiled little I r I4- L' . .-. L . ' ' maui W1 V . Yu me won Left Above Center: Black and Blue sings out at Victory Dance. Left: Bread rocks at Homecoming concert. Above Right: Kappa Sigs urged 'Canes on. Right: Win- ning display constructed by Sigma Chi. A qu vi it ,, ggi n it - Q S' if ' QW Qu N :S it vt it .tx -1 n wut it i QE- W ,, m 41 is -V C nz. it in in 12.5 i fee C - , 'Ei . Zi ' J 4 96 I Homecoming Above: Fred Bridges, No. 54, waits in air as No. 42, Willie Mathis, appears to sit on shoulder of Piedmont player. Looking on is GSC player Richard Maddox. Center Right: Internal movement of gymnasium. Far Right: Rudy Hancock is left holding the roses as Cheryl Pennington displays sur- prise. -5 X N wg-W ' ., '--- ' 7 " T?-. r-1' 324' -1.,FgI"'- " .-f - " -nf '-. if ,ieifffflzi , :Wi VH if f? saw fs ... s "What's Homecoming?" "Ohhh, come on. You know." "l don't- really." O.K. Homecoming V is fun' and winning. lt is for the most part booze and weed. lt's when a per- son sees again all the people he couldn't stand when he was here but he makes out like they were missed and he is glad to see them." llohll! rr "Yeah, and, if you can believe this, it is the only time some people come back to Americus! A lot of people don't come to Homecoming mainly because it's not organized too well, but that'll be over in the future and then everyone will come back and have a helluva time." "Makes me want to cry." , "What's crying?" Cheryl Pennington, Miss Homecoming Miss Homecoming I 97 98 I Southwestern Winds Tour Southwestern Winds' tour was sand and music . . and if you get sunburned you gonna play anyway!" Luckily, only the concert at Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, remained after a Saturday of roaming around Clearwater Beach. lt was hot, and it was good. Two nights and the mentioned day at Clearwater Beach, Florida, was incentive enough for the Southwestern Winds, GSC's multi- purpose concert band, to play their best. Play their best they did for each of the concerts ended'with grade school kids, and at the Lake- land concert older folks too, coming to their feet and applauding for more. Wednesday evening, April 12th began the first of seven perform- ances with an on campus concert in Jackson Hall. Thursday was a long day with concerts at high schools in both Americus and Leesburg. Actual on-the-road touring orig- inated early Friday morning. Two engagements at grade schools in Hawkinsville chased the day quickly forward and an exhausted yet ironically spirited group reached Clearwater Beach late Friday night. Few members went to sleep without first testing the tempera- ture of the gulf water. Many players slipped into swim suits and, much to the dismay of at least one Yan- kee vacationer, splashed around in the hotel pool. Skin reddened as Saturday swam by. The hotel area quietened somewhat Saturday night as two A.M. came forward and director H. Neil Edwards found knocking on doors required for the group to get to Lakeland in time for the after- noon concert. The Winds were down when three A.M. Monday morning rode in. " . . . and don't forget classes today. Band practice at four P.lVl." A-----H - ' Q-'f s-.Y - ,Lf iff T1 4 I U1 5 fe R 1 am' 55 3.15 I ' ' xlgjxv ff 4 t at Far Left: Pausing before getting into drum solo, Mike Gray glances at Hawkinsville audience. Left: Pied piper, Don Powers, has private fan club at Hawkinsville ele- mentary school, lQuick fingered Don used disappearing-reappearing cigarette trickj. Far Above: Regaining composure after spilling sheet music during Lakeland con- cert, director H. Neil Edwards strikes pose. lNote tie removed in left photol. Above: Sunburned and sleepy, Kathy Floyd, Brent Reynolds lin far backj, Joe Blanton, and David Hill wait for ride to Lakeland then home. fra, .. !--4L.,, 2 p . 1 4 i I . h yt lj . gg -' I. Q, ' .rf Y A , I 1 , fr- -- 1 '. 5 .4 'T-' .1 .I A .1 ' ti BSU sponsored first Religious Emphasis Week 100 I Religious Emphasis an - 'wo Cynthia Cook, Miss Georgia 1971, is shown giving her part of the program during the Baptist Student Union sponsored Religious Emphasis Week. Ford Wilson good hearteningly plays "dummy" for Cynthia's ventriloquist act. Religious Emphasis Week ran three consecutive evenings, March 28-30, and speakers included the Reverend James L. Garrett and the Reverend Jerry Buckner. Winter drama staged Robert Bolt's "A Man For All Seasons" was the campus theatre group's second presentation of the year. The February 23rd opening night was attended by an "ex- pected number" of theatre goers. The play, a chronicle of the era when Henry Vlll was setting up the Church of England in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church with Henry's Chancellor, Sir Thomas More, refusing to give assent to Henry's assumption of papal power, was termed "a drama of honor and principle." Directed by Professor John Crane, and assisted by Nancy O'Neal, the Jackson Hall held pro- duction ran three successive nights. lvirs. Rosalind Forrest was costume designer. "A Man For All Seasons," origi- nally scheduled as the second of three separate and different stage productions lsee page 82 for cov- erage of "Come Blow Your Horn"J closed the year for the theatre stu- dents. The third play, "How To Succeed ln Business Without Really Trying," was rescheduled until 1973. - "A Man For All Seasons" cast included: Chase Bailey, Sir Thomas MoregDebbieAdkins, Margaret MoregNancy Horn,Alice MoregJohn George, William Roperg Alan Goodman, King Henryg Rob Roda- tusg George Hayesg Rick Davis, Mike Richardsong Ursula Drewg Larry Nicholsg and Dr. Jery Wil- iams. "A Nlan For All Seasons" 1101 Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta commanded Greek week Kappa Sigma took the overall men's Greek games award with first place in both the shot and discus. Kappa Delta out-ran the other women in the three-legged and wheelbarrow races. The KD's also had the softest touch in the water balloon throw. Greek Week, May 1-5, struck out Monday with the KD's downing Zeta Tau Alpha in girls' softball action. Tuesday night welcomed the crowning of Tina Perrine, Miss Greek Week 1972. Wednesday afternoon applauded Greek games. Sigma Chi took first place in the annual chariot race and Pi Kappa Phi out-threw the others with the softball. Zetas also gained a first with the softball. Greek men met together Wed- nesday evening at Holiday Inn to hear Atlanta Falcon Grady Allen speak and show a film about the Falcons. Former Miss Georgia, Nancy Carr, spoke on Thursday night to the assembled Greek women also at the Holiday Inn. Mary Lynn Burks was named Out- standing Greek Woman and the KD's accepted the Greek Scholar- ship Award. . V-yr t e- J A: '-., v ' af 'lll ll ' .'.Q?5i i , 4 l l . it in rj 173 'lfifstf' .r - if Mau ' -J ' YA . A"4' l 7' 1 ,r . Lu A., ts. 1 x ..l KW? T. . ' ' ' v' . -+ .ffm-f" it i qt -- , 119- UPC? P 'gf' jx i - awk.. tv .tx . -.M . ' . .V ,, .. ,Q --'-J . .- ,,-- ,Q 5 . 102 I Greek Week t W A f , ,Zigi RA g ?'1'p., hh 'lifflf -Q 'Q.s,:'ut we f T 'S HK: ai 1 5 :L x ' Ji f' '59 . QJ 0 A fl 3 N I ' ytfie? . ' -1 ' . .Q u. , lm I it K l B C il 1. ag- 7 I , ' , 4 L . A . , 3' I if 4. ' 4- t ' ." N5 U ,rw H wi -R-,Jr - , f.,- Pi Kapp Doug Lauderdale and members of the South Georgia Parachute Assoc., Fitzgerald, Georgia, added extra finesse to Wednesday Greek game with a free fall jump from 7,200 feet and pin point landings in front of Terrell Hall, Below Left: Pi Kapps Alf Tuggle and Courtney Houston watch as "speaks" become visible. Left: With both feet firm on the ground, Doug said he was ready to go again. lNote "smoke grenade" canister on right boot.i Below: Zetas, Marvlyn Corbin and Anne Foucheg Alpha Chis, Anne Lewis and Deb- bie Wilsong and KD Peggy Lee eye the finish Iine before the wheelbarrow race begins. Alpha Chis, Anne Lewis and Vikki Moore eye KD's Myra Shiver and Mikki Saliba as they struggle to win the race. 104 I Greek Week 35 mm contact sheet of Greek games X TUDKEWI 5 7 it A A High Above: Kappa Delta Betty Ann Scifres is pure poetry in motion at softball throw. Center Left: Greek games judge Willie Mathis is shown pausing before making non-partisan decision. Center Right: Alpha Chi Omega members pose for photogra- pher. Above: Phillip "Tookey" Lee views from the sidelines. ,r lu- Tina Perrine, Miss Greek Week Miss Greek Week l 105 S. if U .3 i H535 A W R. gif? wins -3 . -nf, 'ms L ..,,. ,Q 'S 2,1 -7.3 Q wg! t xg, -I :fists 'L-'liiz .sf F V V 'Y . L L 4 me Q M, X we : - fig S , fliiin 'mariah .. 1 L2 'V . ? X gif. wg? 1 4 v . Af.-X .W .. g.,:!T'4ag'e A-. gif" ' S32 Q QEQQV' ' ,.f. I -,271 ,M .v.a."-- -Jig I ,, NL, 1 x 1 faq, - 157' " gif 8.32 :Z 1 L "5155Fv'-fl , - . , . V f 'nf Y ., agzvggi j. Q, ,411 , 1 5533? if "Flu" epidemic battled by infirmary, but stayed three weeks. "During Winter Quarter when the 'flu' epidemic hit the campus, 60 to 68 students were treated each day," said Mrs. Marquerite Dun- man, LPN, in the infirmary. The high number continued for "about three weeks." The sick center was staffed with three nurses including Mrs. Dun- mang director Mrs. Gwen Ellen- berge, RN, and Mrs. Gladys Phil- lips, LPN, who resided in the infir- mary complex. Dr. W. Ft. Anderson, local pedia- trician and college physician, was in the center each weekday morn- ing at 8:30 for examinations of students and staff. Also, Dr. Anderson was on twenty-four hour call while school was in session. Mrs. Dunman also said, "visitors from other colleges have told us how nice they think our health cen- ter is." "We do work with the students to keep down absenteeism from classes," she concluded. 'P i ' il, FE -G.: -, 5. ,S N, .. 1 "' ' High Above Right: Campus physician W. R. Anderson in process of recording symptoms of students. Above: Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Ellenberge discuss problems of the day. Above Right: Mrs. Phillips adjusts control on infirmary whirlpool bath. -3,19 ,- . 5. xv - E55-:' Y 'N Q9 ,, it t ,. Inlirmary!107 Man is destroying the living organisms upon which his species' survival depends Homo Sapien, the scientific name of man and literally meaning "wise man," implies man is the most intelligent of all creatures. However, man and all his awesome wisdom is destroying the living organisms and photosynthetic producers upon which his species' survival and every other species depends. Economic success, industrial expansion, along with improved transportation and more production are desirable goals, but the fact is that life, as we know it, cannot withstand the pressures of man's attempts at well-being. Can a complex industrial society learn to co-exist peacefully with a large animal and plant population or must man's hands, outstretched for wealth and power, prevent him from practicing his professed humanitarian concern? Perhaps the "Golden Rule" might serve as a practical reminder that man should respect the rights of his fellow inhabitants, those that offer no threat to his survival. One should realize that each of nature's 108 I Pollution creatures, though he appears unim- portant, has a specialized and vital role in a food chain that may indi- rectly end up with man as the prime consumer. lf one inconspicuous species should be completely destroyed by raw indiscriminant use of insecti- cides, for example, the net result might leave man without a source of food. Perhaps man's herblvorous tendencies would salvage him, but at the rate in which he is destroying forests and converting rich soil into pavement he could be without plants also. ln the community man is con- fronted with the problems of pol- luted ponds, streams, and air from factory exhalation of noxious chemicals and gasses. One may console himself by believing that the relatively small amount of industrial activity in Americus cannot be compared with the problems of metropolitan areas, but with the pollution of many small municipalities the world's pollution problem is com- . f pounded. As Paul Ehrlich so aptly put it, "to pretend that these prob- lems are not ours is like telling a fellow passenger that his end of the boat is sinking." Eventually man may again wit- ness tragic results as he has else- where. Examples include the mass killing of shore birds of the coast of California caused by oil spills, and the threat that DDT poses to the preservation of both the pelican and the bald eagle. y Organizations such as The Sier- ra Club and The Georgia Conserv- ancy are achieving success in the environmental battle. They are inching their cause forward by proposing legislation in support of increased environmental protec- tion, however, it should not be necessary for concerned citizens to belong to an organization in order to cultivate the future of this world. One cannot wait for the "other fel- low" to take action. Pollution must be curbed, or Homo Sapien, in all his wisdom, may accomplish not only the extinction of his neighbors, but his own species as well. Article by: Lynn Jackson, Edd Slappey GSC Biology Club ,QQETZ :ggi - wma . , KP- -' 110 l Foreign Language Day Q t , ., new-' wllwfu 1. , 62.9 Above: High School Spanish student turns left as fellow student attempts to break the "pinata." Above Right: French folk- singer Sonia Malkine, with eyes closed and veins swelled, finds right note. Right: French dancers perform to the beat of "Shaft." Area high school students found faith in foreign language on April 20th f"T "r'L - .-... xr' F , .I i... W. "i"""'-'l Georgia Southwestern College really "took up the serpent" for the area high school students. The third annual Foreign Language Day entertained a record 1208 students. Through the united effort of Dr. Larraz, lVlr. Brooks, lVlr. Comer and lVlrs. Norton, and the good per- centage of their class rolls, the event was a spontaneous success. The College hoped that the sing- ing, dancing and all around holiday atmosphere would fill up some of the empty dorms. In any case the merry troup enjoyed viewing the action and also getting into it themselves. One of the major highlights of the expanded program was an appearance by the well-known French folksinger Sonia Malkine. The general smile on the stu- dents faces gave rise to the idea that there might be some new people speaking in tongues on campus in the coming quarters. Foreign Language Day I 111 Rusty Wynn grabbed the 1972-73 Student Council presidency in what Nas termed the largest voter turn out ever in GSC's history. Danny Lee took over the Vice-President's office. The April 27th election was in climax to the day previous Candi- date's Forum sponsored by the Sou-wester. The Forum served as a sounding board for candidate platforms and student-candidate question and answer periodg how- ever, platforms were weak at best and no questions were asked. Approximately 150 students attended. Posters that in past elections were junior high content quality at best were little improved but were lacking in quantity. The Student Union Board helped draw voters to the general polling area by selling large scoops of ice cream for a nickel a scoop. Student Council members for 1972-73, elected by an estimated 800 voters, included: David Bales, Ann Easterlin, Lynn Ellis, Robert Flowers, Valerie Funck, Alan lVlaloy, Anne Rathel, Robert Vick, Donna Vickery, Nlarvyln Corbin, Sybil Baxter, Pat lVliller, Geep Bai- ley, Woody Roberts and Kemp Smith. Student Union Board Repre- sentatives included: Rebecca Cro- mer, Eugene Dews, Donna Gibbs, and Billy Harper. Associated Women Students: Cheryl Taylor, President, Pat lVliller, First V.P.g Nancy Kitchens, Second V.P.g Susan Taylor, Treasurer, Rena Canady, Corresponding Sec- retary, Martha Birdsong, Recording Secretaryg and Ann Easterlin, Day Student Representative. High Above: Rusty Wynn, 1972-73 Student Council President, speaks during Candi- date's Forum. Above: Tommy Whitman scoops up ice cream at SUB booth. Right: Pollworker Anne Parker registers Charlene Loring. 112 I Spring Election Voters selected Wynn, Lee in spring elections STUDENT , 1 ELECTIONS TODAY! 9c1.m.-5p.m. Student 'Center "Rainy season" resembled monsoon To see the sky falling was not an odd occurrence at GSC in 1972. Even the most seasoned of South- westerrrs Chicken Littles raised their naked palms to ward off a drenching barrage. The past year, at some points, resembled a monsoon with ruined hairdos, muddy jeans, tracks through storms from cars parked a half mile away, as muddy mud, and more mud can attest to. There was even some heated babble about erecting precipitation preventers or walk-ways to protect students and faculty from the ele- ments. Nothing was mentioned of an astrodome. Rain Feature l 113 GSC women I972 represented the year with fashions moods and actions "I wouldn't have chosen her if she was the last woman on earth!" "Me either!" t Such dialogue was heard around campus after every "Beauty Con- test", whether the contest was lo- cal, reginal or national. Talk of the above kind added fuel to the thought line that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". GSC officially recognized four female students as beauties during 1972. Winners of GSC's contests were indeed representatives of GSC women and obviously, to some, they were the epitome of whatever qualifications were needed for the contests. t. Parents, relatives, friends, and the four women themselves had and still have today reasons to take pride in the 1972 selections. But, it would be impossible to represent GSC's female body with only four women. So, for the second year, the GSC GALE records GSC wom- en. 114 I GSC Women ,.,se' ,-. Gaim 1 3 'MIA' ' .MY -1. xp.:-1 9: ' -- 633' E A L ,if .vii 4, ,Q 116 I GSC Women K. . fm . ,Ti .. 118 l GSC Women .wif mr mf 1 PX XE 1 X , X w , , ,, ,, :WH , WW m K qs- if 11 mu M K ,H K, , YH fm ,Q I umm w m ,J J 'eg u. sxl . ,Q il mln i N 1 -wwf ZW? 'E 'v I SJ'- , H , 22 lzya af Tx. , .FE E . E -5 m- . grin A I vw 4 .,l. :.-,Q am' Qi., f -. ni a 1 - J. r . 7 ' df, .' 1,5 51, f ji f, f 'X LP ,. f 4. 'I f' Q7 V i fa ' il .Q ah' W l "iii Q- ., X M . NC, L . V - I wa an L Q N ' ' "5 ' R y Q ia' Qfl x J V2 'Y 1 W 1' ' L"-.1 . ,my ' Ln af- ,X v 1' 1 I' digg 'IP lu, -4 . X Q ggi, we I Jk- .ax as X -'x '91 ---,l 1 ' isii igifz Q-Tl? " Sflgguq .-.., 4 , C 2' H, ww ' H mm 119 A --fi E1 9 Q..-'if 'F .524 WE? Above Left: One student at least was heard to remark that the sculpture and its posi- tion was the "stairway to witchwoods." Far Above: Art major Dan Lomax tries his lungs at glassblowing at one of two department sponsored exhibitions. Jerry Chappelle, University of Georgia, watches bubble grow. Above: Part of proof sheet for pho- tography class shows photographer Mari- lyn Cobbs' persistence to get thatjust right photo. Right: Nimble fingers weave and mold. Wheatley Hall based Art Department functioned with exhibitions displays festivals and work Within the acquisition of gallery space in the Media Center and a nucleus of serious art majors, the Art department functioned through one of its best years. Lamar Dodd, Jack Schralder, and Jerry Chappelle, exhibited works on campus through departmental cooperationg also, a four college faculty show, a Fall quarter student show, and participation in GSC's Fine Arts Festival exhibited efforts to ,improve art quality on campus. Off campus shows in Callaway Gardens, Atlanta Fine Arts Festival, and sidewalk shows in Thomasville and Albany illustrated efforts to broaden the departments contact area. Three workshops including two in glassblowing and one in Ftaku were held by the Wheatley Hall based department. Glassblowing, weaving, and lithography, print-making from stone plates, were added to the curriculum. Another interesting aspect was display of student works in local businesses on a permanent, rotating basis. 121 Eleven students listed in National Who's Who so I-OU BUSSGY Alan Cleveland We , W, Carol Collins Deborah Dixon Tommy Faircloth John Goodrum - Helen McDuffie Lynn McGowan Nan Miller Carol Sasser Johnese Threadcraft Twenty-seven pinned in June Nursing Ceremony Mrs. Patricia Starck presented the keynote 'addressg and Mrs. Rosella Deriso and Miss Emily McNeIley presented the pins at the Nursing division "graduation" ex- ercises held in the First Baptist Church in Americus. The June 3rd ceremony included a welcome address by President Nancy Holman Arden Everlene Holmes Baker Audrey Welch Burnam Linda Bellew Callaway Beverly Weaver Chapman Juanita Baker Childers Karlyn Watson Fiveash Mary Annette Hale Mary Alice Wade Hosely Anita Craddock Johnson Geralding Johnson Janet Gayle Kahn Sandra Kaye Kilgore JoAnn Pope Miller King and the song "Do You Really Care" ffBill Catesl sung by the graduates. Mrs. J. D. Braswell, organist: Dr. Richard Stewartg Marshall and Melba Welchg Mrs. Carol C. Duffy Mrs. Ann Ulmerg and Dr. Schley Gatewood were also in- cluded inthe program. Marianne Myers Wayne Thomas Nutt Bess Hines Perry Nancy Jeanne Racz Janet LaVerne Ratliff Clarence Hay Smith Myra Ann Teele Linda Seal Testors Janice Diane Ward Marshall Clinton Welch Nancy Melba Welch Brenda Kay Wilcox Irene Wimberly aw ,. Above: Two views of ceremony held at the First Baptist Church in Americus. Left: Kaye Kilgore smiles during reception held in the Church social hall and Dianne Ward wipes tears from eyes. Nurses' Pinning I 123 Kaleidoscope selection featured GSC democracy in height of its void ,?..-:LE l - P 1: , l , Q it ai i " lgix 1 . UM s- , "I is sa 3 f i at rf'-.W 1 'X .ll -Y liz!!-gl?-r1l,.. t Jsqif I ' 'Pr' - 7 W :E-:Q , AY ' 'Fi' Lt - , 4 ,ja .idk fs? L Horace Clark, Robert Flowers, Alan Maloy, Eddie Owens, "Woody" Roberts, Jim Wadsworth, "Geep" Bailey, Rusy Wynn, Randy Coleman, Bill Youngblood. 124 I Kaleidoscope ,Q il 1 JQ Iwrf. iii T fx Kaleidoscope, recognition of those students who had given un- selfishly of both their time and tal- ents for service to GSC, had been a yearbook feature since 1969. lt had become a tradition. Not really surprising to just the "average" student, the feature contained many of the same stu- dents featured in other "award" spreads in the books. Some stu- dents questioned the validity of the term service as applicable to the feature and others did not appre- ciate the method of selection. CA faculty-student committee selected forty candidates and student voters narrowed the number to twentyl. Naturally some students could have cared less and others enjoyed the status that they felt was a part of the feature. Who knows? 'HW gn-an Cyndy Mills, Martha McNeill, Hellen King, Beth Williams, Donna Vickery, Nan Miller, Cheryl Pennington, Sybil Baxter, Mary Lynn Burks, Valerie Funck. 125 Sixty students massed at graduation dance f'PH5'?5F'.7:"5!'I'? VC' 4 7' 'iii ' 'V ' s "iw ,WV S ' ' "l think the cause may be the Student Council's tive dances this quarter iSpringi. lt was just old hat," said one college employee. "Oh Lord," replied a student. "Why isn't anyone here," was the question. About the best description of the May 26th graduation dance . . .? "lt started off on a slow foot and 126 I Graduation Dance ll 1 5 W 5 trickled off two by two." Few people came and obviously few people cared. Dr. William Roark, Dean of Stu- dent Services, said he "counted 60 istudentsj, at one time." At 11 :10 P.M., approximately ten minutes after the crowning of Miss GSC 1972, sixty five were present, however, this number included four l l l l l staff members, three janitors, six band members, one mongrel dog and a leather winged bat. Were students concerned with activity fees in 1972? Who could say? The "sixty" students present received their compensations from the S850 "Men of Distinction" band. Who cared? , , QP? Fi 7iY24j"V 'i g .14 if 9, I, . in '-'nfl 4 M i 7 x i iQ 1""' H .E f 1 'i '1 . r-ff . ?' Nt- "T l . 3 E 1 : 5.1 ,L ' B" -'fr A ' ' f' Ag fr' F ' ,' , ' U , ,"'V-"1 2.--f-it , , - , E, in " 4 - af- 1 - " .- . ., ' ..--"" ig. 1 7 . . - - --LJ-' -li 1' 'Q w 'N fe., I ms Standing is Peggy Derisog Miss GSC 1971. Miss Georgia Southwestern College Miss GSC I 127 r 4 - -. ,Q J A ' f WN, --ga Terminal Program Business Ad. students completed requirements in I-2 years GSC, "An Equal Educational Opportunity Institution," gave out awards for "leadership" and "scholarship" in the same direc- tions for so long that one some- times wondered how the student body would have managed without the award winners. Possibly, it could not have. During the week of April 23-29, a group of Business Ad stu- dents enrolled in that divisions' Terminal Programs honored cam- pus and area secretaries with Sec- retary's Week in conjunction with National Secretary's Week. Little notice was taken except by the secretaries being honored and even they had no unusual enthusi- asm. On Wednesday of Secretary's Week the Terminal Program stu- dents helda reception for secre- taries. Funds for the week includ- ing those for the special reception came from the students' work at district business competition meets held for area high schools. Terminal Program students completed requirements for their particular areas in one to two years. Even though some of these students continued to receive a four year B.S. degree in Secretarial Science many ended their college career with their acquisition of ei- ther the one or two year certificate. This certificate was not an award as such but a diploma for com- pleting the requirements of a spe- cific Terminal Program. Terminal Program students do not participate in the conventional June or August graduation cere- monies but receive their certificate at an awards program held in the Continuing Education Building. Recipients of the Terminal Pro- gram certificates for 1972 included: One-Year Clerical Elena Gail Childs Nancy Elaine Edwards Marcia Anne Fleming Sharon Ruth Fowler Marijane Johnson Freida L. Garvin Linnie H. Gilliam Marcia Lynn Holland Deborah Allison Mills Two-Year Clerical Jeanette M. Brady S. Jan Cheney Kaye M. Clinkscales Anna Harmon Moore One-Year Secretarial Karen Elizabeth Burke Mona Ellison Sharon Moore Dixie Jane Ransom Deborah M. Roland Kathryn West Tarrer Lynda Grace White Two-Year Secretarial Cecelia Harris Connie Ruth Coleman Joy Lynne Collins Doris Holder Carol G. Matthews Barbara Ann Miller Elizabeth Mims Linda C. Mims Cynthia Ivey Touchtone Susan Flamey Two-Year Accounting Wanda Usry Secretaries-Terminal Program I 129 , , ', . . "5-efilfl if wf' IWW 1 Y T- , .a l ,QQ-5-,351 A F. lf.: - . ,J ,ggi ,r . .-, I , , . as , g, . .t-W mt - - i' " H11 livin: ' is .agua - Eg? Yi . V,.. be ,A Women who lived in Complex lll gained feeling dorm life was not i ' ' fb ' fi L ssl. --, . , Dorm life was something. Music going nearly 24 hours a day. Phones ringing, if one happened to be on the floor, and someone yel- ling for someone who wouldn't answer because they knew it was that person no one else would talk to. Notes on doors which opened up private lives that really weren't private because everyone was busy watching everyone else any- how. Sleeping until fifteen minutes before class and then discovering your "roomle" had set the clock back instead of forward and that the class was over. Paying for caf- eteria meals whether one meal or 21 meals were eaten a week. Maids in halls and maintenance men. Wishing to be home. Air-conditioning that wasn't quiet. People to study with and to borrow from, Friends made. Stay- ing out later than at home unless living in Women's Complex ill and then learning how a library book 130 l Dorm Life 2 2 ,Si l feels being checked in and out. All in all it wasn't bad. lt was a life within itself. Wonder that any dorm students made classes at all. Some didn't. Commuters found notes under coffee pots and schedules with 8:00 A. M. and 3:00 P. M. classes Commuting was really something. The only music was your parents' or little brothers'. The only phone calls were wrong numbers. Notes were under the coffee pot telling not to forget to brush teeth and by all means take out the garbage. Sleeping until just time to jump into a car and make that 8:00 A.lVl. class and then discovering some- one set the clock up so a flat tire wouldn't be a tardy excuse. Having 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.lVl. classes f . . , 4 H " 4' J' ' 1 l- . -tgps 4 i I ul and leaving your money at home and no credit in the snack bar. Someone at home reminding to straighten up the house and to fix the squeaky door. Wishing to be anywhere where people were around. Being able to stay out late and wanting a curfew for that one date at least. It wasn't too bad. College life with a homely touch. How green that campus grass seemed to be. f""""x il '-4,-,.., Ii- , ,- iz , .,.'.. .. . it ,.-525. , , ' ' ' 's , ,.- f,.gg..--an-fflil-'U -'- - l l A55,,1't?1- ""7' ' - ,, fr ',, rs' 1 s . . ,:ar :Je '-as . ' l I ' . K- '- ' 'EQEL ' . , , .l . . 1 . H - - :,,..- ' ,Q . " - Y " ' S, -w....- , .. ' . .mga-'fT'v .H-W 1- . 1 - - '--2 . "1" ' , 1 . -Liv-ogg f FT 7- '-:i'l"?fjR4' 'r' W ' N., , H ,-. V ,.,, , - . - . .. .bg - rs: .l if, i - ' ,A ,Q , A ', . ' -fa-' ,w ' frsf- -" ..' ' 141522-1-,, -rf., " - Commutersl131 i Festival of Fine Arts '72 called the best planned and best held on campus GSC's Festival of Arts '72, spon- sored by the Division of English and Humanities, ran six consecu- tive days and was hailed by Presi- dent King as "the best planned and best that has ever been held on campus." The April 17-22 Festival included: The Carl Radcliff Dance Theatre, The Atlanta Symphony, Robert Shaw, conductor fsee page 12813 Recital with Duke Jackson, Natalie Kruger, Marsha Riley and Janet Freemang French folksinger Sonia Nlalkineg Movie: "Juliet of the Spir- its" directed by Ferderico Fellini, FSU's Studio Opera Theatre pro- duction of "ll Tabarro" iThe Cloakig and Language Day fsee page111J. Week long exhibitions included fashions with original fashion sketches by Emileo Pucci, photo- graphs by Ken Duncang original graphics by Barcky Gallery of Atlanta, antique art glassy student art show, and found art show. Glassblowing, Raku, and metal casting demonstrations were given at the Art Building. Reading of an original poem, "King Nestor's Palace," by Poet Marion Montgomery and a creative writing workshop were of special interest to GSC English majors. 1321 Fine Arts Festival .sp - I .Y K. f Student Government Association got as far as written constitution Most students and college per- sonnel probably remember Fall Quarter and some may remember the talk about forming a Student Government Association iSGAl. A SGA committee was formed by the Student Council. Steve Culver- house headed the committee and throughout Winter Quarter Steve and the committee members worked and framed a new consti- tution. Actually, Spring Quarter had started before the SGA constitution was ready to be presented to the Student Council. The consitution was read to the Council and minor changes were made. The Council approved the SGA constitution by a majority vote. Somehow, little more progress was made. The SGA constitution was ap- proved in another vote by the Council and Steve discussed var- ious aspects ofthe constitution with various administration members. Dr. King, in an interview with the Gale, said the proposed constitu- tion contained "glaring gaps" and that it would "leave it up to a small group to govern all the students." 134 I Student Government Also he said the constitution was "similar to ithose ofl other schools." He concluded by saying it "needs to be looked at." Steve quoted Dr. King as telling him, "Powers had to be spelled out more specifically." After a meeting with Dr. Roark, Dean of Student Services, Steve said, "Dr. Roark felt we should have an SGA. He asked me if I thought students were ready for oneg did l think the students would do anything after they got the new constitution. Dr. Roark said he was 'willing to work with it,' but he wanted it to conform more with the Students' Rights and Responsi- bilities handbook." Steve continued, "Chances ffor passagei are very thin. I don't feel the Administration is that open to student power. . . l don't think they are willing to let students have an active voice in policy making, ad- ministration, and discipline. "With a new committee iSteve graduated in Junej l'm sure some- thing will come out, but l don't be- lieve it will differ greatly from the present Council. I may be wrong, I hope l am." Steve Culverhouse, Chairman of Student Council SGA Committee. Comparison of opening sections of official and proposed constitutions STUDENT COUNCIL CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE We, the students of Georgia Southwestern College, in order to deal effectively with matters of student affairs and social activities, to co-ordinate campus organizations for the best interests of the Student Body, to perpetuate the best traditions and ideals of Georgia Southwestern College, to promote harmonious relations throughout the college, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Stu- dent Council of Georgia Southwestern College. ARTICLE I- NAME Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Student Council of Georgia Southwestern Col- lege, Americus. Georgia. ARTICLE ll - Purposes Section 1. The purposes and objectives of the Student Council shall be: 1. To develop and promote good citizenship among the students. 2. To promote co-operation between faculty and students. 3. To promote student affairs, both social and cultural. 4. To co-ordinate student organizations. 5. To establish election procedures and supervise campus-wide elections. 6. To provide for health and safety needs of the campus. 7, To promote good scholarship. 8. To foster school morale, spirit, and interest and to perpetuate the best ideals, standards, and traditions of Georgia Southwestern College. PROPOSED CONSTITUTION OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PREAMBLE We, the students of Georgia Southwestern Col- lege, in order to effect an organization for the purpose of democratic self-government, to assume the fullest responsibilities and powers of democra- tic self-government, and to establish a clearly-de- fined and effective role for students in decision- making, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Student Government Association of Georgia Southwestern College. ARTICLE I. MANDATE OF STUDENT RIGHTS Section 1. The student shall have the right to learn. Section 2. In his course of study at Georgia South- western College the student shall have the right to be governed by educationally justifiable academic regulations and the right to inquire about and recommend improvements and changes in courses, systems of grading, methods of instruction and other academic areas. Section 3. ln his course of study at Georgia South- western College, the student shall be entitled to the following: a. The right to a course grade that represents his instructors good-faith judgment of the student's per- formances in the course. b. The right to take reasoned exception to infor- mation and views offered in the classroom and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion without fear of penalty. Section 4. At the beginning of and during his course of study at Georgia Southwestern College, the student shall have the right to accurate and clearly stated information which enables him to determine a. The general requirements for establishing and maintaining an acceptable academic standing. b. His own academic relationship with the College and any special conditions which apply, c. The graduation requirements for his particular curriculum and major-minor. Section 5. In his course of study at Georgia South- western College, the student shall have the right to inquire to any person about the competency of his instruction without fear of penalty. Section 6, In all actions before the adjudicatory bodies at Georgia Southwestern College, the student shall be entitled to a fair and expeditious hearing, to the right of legal counsel, to be informed of the nature and basis of the complaint, to have only legally seized evidence used against him, to cross-examine and to call witnesses in his behalf. No student shall be compelled to be a witness against himself or have his silence taken as an inference of guilt, nor shall he be sanctioned or punished without due process of law and unless his guilt is beyond a reasonable doubt. Section 7.Il1 all actions before the adjudicatory bodies at Georgia Southwestern College, the student shall have the right to appeal upon the grounds that the decision was not supported by the facts, embodied and incommensurate or inappropriate penalty, violated an overriding College regulation, or that the procedure followed did not respect certain rights guaranteed. Section 8. ln all actions before the adjudicatory bodies at Georgia Southwestern College, there shall be no retroactive application of any adverse regulation. governing student conduct. No student shall be disciplined for off-campus conduct. except at College sponsored or operated activities. Section 9. In the governance of student affairs and conduct at Georgia Southwestern College, there shall be no regulation established unless there is a demonstrable need for it which is reasonably re- lated to the basic purposes and necessities of the College. To the maximum extent feasible, students shall be entitled to participate in recommending, formulating, revising, and implementing regulations governing students. Section 10. In the governance of student affairs and conduct at Georgia Southwestern College, every regulation shall be as brief, clear, and specific as possible. Every regulation shall specify to whom it applies and whether responsibility for compliance lies with individuals, with groups, or with both. Section 11. ln the governance of student affairs and conduct at Georgia Southwestern College, regula- tions relating to the communications of ideas shall encourage the competition of ideas. Section 12. In the governance of student affairs and conduct at Georgia Southwestern College, pro- cedures and penalties for the violation of regulations shall be designed for guidance or correction of behavior rather than for retribution and shall be commensurate with the violation. Section 13. A student detected in or arrested for alleged violation of College or Student Government Association regulations shall be informed of his right to due process of law at the time of attest or detection. No form of harrassment shall be used by the College representatives to coerce admissions of guilt or information about conduct of other sus- pected persons. Section 14. ln the investigation of student conduct, premises occupied by students and controlled by the College shall not be searched unless appropriate authorization has been obtained from the Dean of Men or Women of Georgia Southwestern College. The authorization shall designate to whom the search applies, the reasons for the search, and the objects or information sought. The student should be present, if reasonably possible, during the search. For the premises not controlled by the College, the United States Constitutional requirements for lawful search should be followed. Section 15. In the practice related to student records at Georgia Southwestern College, no record shall be made or retained unless there is demonstrable need for it reasonably related to the basic purposes and necessities of the College. No records of a student's religious or political beliefs or a stu- dent's sexual habits shall be made or retained without his knowledge and permission. Academic records shall contain only information about aca- demic status. Section 16. ln the practices related to student rec- ords at Georgia Southwestern College, evaluations. Of students shall be made only by persons who are qualified to make such evaluation. Section 17. The acquisition and handling of infor- mation for records shall be in regard for the stu- dent's privacy. Section 18. No one outside the College may have access to the records of a students social status without the written permission of the student. A student may deny access to records of his aca- demic status to anyone outside the College. Section 19. A student shall have the right to inspect the official transcript of his own academic and social records, or reports, and of elvaluations of his conduct, excepting letters of recommendation and similar confidential evaluations. All policies govern- ing the maintenance and the release of records andl or of parts of records shall be made public in an appropriate manner. Section 20. The student press shall be free of censorship and advance approval of copy, and its editors and managers shall be free to develop their own editorial policies and news coverage. Section 21. The rights to free inquiry, expression, assembly and petition for redress of grievances are guaranteed to all students. Section 22. The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by students in their capacity as members of the student body. ARTICLE Il. GENERAL ORGANIZATION Section 1. The membership of the Student Govern- ment Association shall include all the students of Georgia Southwestern College. Section 2. The Student Government Association shall consist of three branches: the Student Senate, the Judicial, and the Student Union Board, The meeting of these branches shall be held on the campus of Georgia Southwestern College. 135 -4st A U :UW V gh 'nf Cixi, 'q' , W , , , 1 1 W. 'fl S Y, M 19 A. "--wi , W F I E1 fx, wi ffl .- E , Q 5 E is wmrnv ' ' 2 X , 'V Amex ,gf 11,11-2413, -S-V A 9 1, 1 J 2? K J, ,Q all 1 ' H-E v. k , ' 'Ji gi- .1-S gf? ff ' MX.-:.,N-.Lf . ' HQ . Ir 1 .Q x ' 3 . I. , 1'.I"' : - -U R "St 'g I '.'."'7 . fx, "fix: 4 -H - , , - "M .' -g2'?ff,gf.5 ' 'Mi X, , ,-fb. wh.: ' 1 ' we r .iii Ki F lr. afifxzggimsz H' iw, ff., x my - 'ff 'ifdl' , " . 553.5 ' ,' 4 ,xr x ,P ' 1 --67 - . " , . ., .v"'W, "V" I Xl .I-, , 'X . Y" rv? 'J ,- "sl -A!-,' A ,. mf 14.4, j 4' Qi,-, "'?f , - 'Q' y 1 1' I w. f ,,1 ,I I L 1.1 r "-QF? .ff - ,A ,,,. .. , 3 .Q F a 4 ...f. - ,, f fix 1 A-2, 1.4 if J 135 .Ewf 5 , 1 I K . vw,-up , Q g Nga 5.61: ' '- gf QQQQAQ? ' ' , ' '. . 1 . S! ' V . J. if :.:.:.:..A A ' X '4- ff' ,Y 521.152-" ' - . qv vp 'Q' T ' ' Y ,ji 1-v, ,ff-, ' , f' ' MT I ' ' H N Um W . ' ' Y -' -W... un-Q' fy H- QW -141 ' 'fs f.X ...a,a- - ,LH 'UNI .J4 . v 'vs , A f . :rw 1' "JMC fl' '-ici", 'ff' kv-' 14.4. nw qly Q-.. ,nj'Nr'x, ' H X A-' 1. J - , ,rg 1-s,'k-. ff- , .fl-.sf Lx - 7 1 'LS f Hi "1'5?Y U -""'f'w1 x '- 4 gt .1 '51-"Jw, X24 Ffa, r' ,7f'-25" . x 1 Air ' iw-fy-Q:f'. f 'x JZ-' ' 'N , f '- f.'..,'fv.r:QL,'- ' ,Ji V , M "rd D IA, N x . I, iv, ,gc - X1- ww ii 'Bm ww 54:3 ci,-Si, A ' fgzflf-?!"4 3 nl, mf . 1 w L I Wm' Q .G I-mg s, ..,-iq 1: L N ,:a.wi. . ...W- ' 1 'CI- -5... W1 MN i qJ,,,E.-- :.' ,gil E ,s 138 I Basketball S55 m nf ss Height kept 'canes down Entering their sixth season of four year varsity competition, the GSC Hurricanes found that lack of height vvas the determining factor in their bid for a winning season. The 'Canes played six states and five tournaments during the sea- son. After winning the consolation round of the Windy City Classic, Chicago, Illinois, the Hurricanes were presented the coveted Sportsmanship avvard. Predicted to finish last in the Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, the 'Canes finished fourth behind Valdosta State Col- lege, West Georgia, and La Grange. Another loss the Hurricanes will incur for the coming year will be the services of graduating seniors William Mathis and Mike Oglesbee. William was one of the leading scorers and rebounders and Mike a team leader and play maker. Games lVla11'1iS, Wm. 30 Maddox,Rmhard 32 Bridges, Fred 32 Hutto, Cliff 27 Oglesbee, Mike 32 Evans, Bob 29 Jackson, Mike 26 Kirksey, Tim 23 Clark, Horace 19 Brinson, John 2 Baird, Don 16 Watts, Ronnie TEAM TOTAL 32 OPPONENTS 32 FG 153 114 169 54 70 3 29 8 11 1 8 797 1028 FGA 407 255 326 126 175 18 53 26 22 2 28 1796 2108 Team Statistics 'Za 37.6 44.7 51.8 42.9 40.0 16.7 54.7 30.8 50.0 50.0 28.5 44.4 48.8 FT 114 60 85 72 29 6 16 4 14 3 7 491 409 FTA 166 83 150 109 55 16 22 12 22 4 12 747 623 Z 68.7 72.3 56.7 66.1 52.7 50,0 72.7 33.3 63.6 75.0 58.3 65.7 65.7 REG AUG 231 7.7 92 2.9 188 5.9 84 3.1 85 2.7 16 0.0 99 1.1 16 0.0 17 0.0 O0 0.0 11 .6 815 25.4 1117 34.9 Total 450 287 423 180 169 23 74 20 36 3 25 2118 2187 AUG 15.0 9.0 13.2 6.7 5.3 .79 2.9 .87 1.9 1.5 1.56 66.1 68.3 ' SEASON'S RESULTS ' GSC 68 Troy State 76 GSC 50 West Georgia 90 GSC 47 Armstrong 68 GSC 58 Shorter 57 GSC 46 Palm Beach 59 GSC 84 Piedmont 81 GSC 67 Georgia College 58 GSC 67 Palm Beach Atlantic 61 GSC 71 West Georgia 83 GSC 73 Valdosta 81 GSC 70 Edward Waters 90 GSC 63 Berry 83 GSC 80 Paine College 51 GSC 49 Shorter 59 GSC 77 Lakeland College 70 GSC 65 LaGrange 90 GSC 60 Upper Iowa Univ. 81 GSC 56 West Georgia 90 GSC 75 St. Xavier 82 GSC 58 Florida Southern 100 GSC 92 Carleton College 75 GSC 66 Georgia College 64 GSC 83 Purdue of Calumet 53 GSC 81 Piedmont 66 GSC 67 Beloit 73 GSC 68 Valdosta 76 GSC 64 Monmouth 82 GSC 65 Augusta 85 GSC 72 Berry 54 GSC 67 Troy State 92 GSC 49 LaGrange 84 1 GSC 63 Augusta 87 TOTALS FOR 32 GAMES Won 11 Lost 21 L, --. X I l , , Ot? A Q' 11 lc- T Xl'rsw'1 1 NN Q is 3- Q,-,Q-1-,. . -gf , J l I 510 , . W , 'af sap- Aka A 'N-v N-f ek , l, A .1 vp, , . 7 8-'f l R, . I 'S 1 ' 1 .ll l L- - l 1.- 140 I Basketball Bottom Row: Randy Gourdoze, Mike Og- lesbee, Ronnie Watts, Horace Clark, Marion Shaw, Mike Jackson, Don Baird. Top Row: Dr. M. J. Kregel lCoachl, Cliff Hutto, John Brinson, Richard Maddox, Wil- liam Mathis, Fred Bridges, Robert Evans. Tim Kirksey, Steve McCoy, Mr. Richard Litwhiler lAssistant Coachl. ' .L A "J-W' 1559.4 -. E53 . - g: 1' f'e"65f"3f 15" ,, b -'fa nr. swf, "" 5 141 W 142 I Bakkemall ,-ni TW f- 2-'ff '- - , 13 jf 5 PA NW f 1 I , -.. - ' ' , .-1' -1 Y - ,1 4 'F -5' I , :Z V' Q t , V4 ' 'Q ,,,w1111wfg?g:3,5 ,pai H nd' 15, "QQ wi gg-U -N 'Fil-Lug, JA-42.1-FT' ..-W ,K , ,m . .W I . m ww' ' H ,uw u 1, w m"w"H-- , 'h:, . 'N Y s- nvfo ' , ' ' w .- w .1 . W ,V X aisif 11 QB nn. I D V 14 1 44 I Basketball -ww-di?iwiI:"Fx fx f-5... rf, . 'LL .fuk , 3 . ....-,ww . .. ..Y,g,.,-n V , 1.-'fu lj -fa Y, , -Nw" ' nr rfswfl-1-iff 231 fm fs 1 ...ev A-9 5 , 2: ,055 ..-.-u 'N v.. , ,ff ,Z .K P 1 X ,.,, 3 :. , K: .-F0 , N, Q z ' f " " ' W ,L ' Q. 'iq' s -ri: Em . ..,. x ,J 1, v A i A A . K ,-4 , v- -. ., - ,- 4 -, . M., Y , . ,, 2 - L 'K L "' 7 L ur Z . ,x V 1, .4 J. 33,2 si? " ' ' 3' 2 - A -'K ' .Qi fgav L - w ., 4' new . ,, -f M. M3515-.'9' "EA M x flji 'Q 'E' . , Q 1- vm 1.x --1-. "' K .P w 'y li - - , 951' , 1 M: , - aff Q ,Z ,,, L, Lg L - M vi 1 --W ....s-:r! .V fkfi. ' 1 Va. W- - , 'xx -V . ' " fgx-,425 -' F ' V " ' Q15- ,.,,.Y U, k N Y v ,. - - - f , 5,529 4- R .4H.-.ggi 2 f , f'..wsr hii, I V ,W ."n 1 ' - af : 1-' i, ' JY! Y w ff ' 'Q' , " if N gg.-4, 3, ---A j"'9w 4531, V '31,.qq,, S 5 1 l V Zi, fi! f .1 ,- . Au. -v ,V M lg ,, ,.,,,1. 2 x, , 'L we ' :Wiz A M ..! I F ' . r-1 il K .. ug ry 'Wk' f tg " -E ' - -F-2' -' 'QW ' in . M if S f. gl - Q -W . . 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If LQ 5 YQ 4 ' Q. N. ,:,,.-,Ja w 5 'Sn ,Q -Q W-,ff . V , . , .., . Y 5 F ,, . . V-.M-4f.W.A.N..g.f - , - , r sg - up ' - 'vb : N1- lfgiw - . X - - ' .h Eff., its ,mgfq . - . ,fy .A , ,' Q My . 4' "', -f., ' , .bij 5' A 5- '. " f -gif' - ' W- ' '-A1 f A . ,C 51 , ," g' 'I' ' ,i 1 fu 4' , ' 2 1 f n . . , jk-': 1 L. . ' ' ' - .. , ' ' ' ,H B7 fy j N ' f :V J ' EQ 14 , xx ,, .V . I., , -,fiaxaaf ri A. . .ig V A ' A -,".- Q - ,, V " - , - -L! F .I iv u 2?-.5 A ' 1 . x. Q 4fTf' 1. 5- M ' ' - , - '-L? . ' -K 1. Via. V 5 . ,..X E .L ,:"f4 , F - - 'X 3 I - i 1211 7 3 f ,gf L, L '- ' - 9. 3.4 .- L, . .ff 'Mui-.x , 'I 3"-v "Jf"- zu. 1 H 'Y'-V. "31""' " ' ' xg:-5: ' , xLHf.:,' ' - 1.11 Z'-' 2. " x ' I- X25 'wx x,. .,5' , Lv .I x ..,5.,4h,?.1 , 1 ' ,' 'ww Q Z - .F .- -'Q , V -' 'ik . , , , -. 1 - ' ' ' J .. T V . 1, 'Q I 4 Ji! "1','1..:-pug 1 Y W- 'M ' If 5 TA ' ., 1' 5 ,, - ,V v.,. 7 , Q. Av, JM , . 1, , , . ' Y, - -1 71' I " fir I 4,25 ' ' ,':1'U x x A K' N ' - -..' "' . V Y Y, , H, ., Vpllr-g' uw 1 l . ,Q 5' -..-,L, . , . ' . X W 'V""' , ""' 'J K X '.f17',fA , ' 1 1 - '- , ' .-I ,I ,' , A I A , -VX , N U Q! .4 f' "Y if I, - X x , 1.-I 4 ,'r, ,M .. -1. 74' -N. HM. 4 ,'.1'w :M . 'A v .gk .., ,,?. df: . 54,2 ..-ffxx fl X . fx.-I' 'f Track! 147 I ff- 1 .. 4.. if Aa ' " :wi Su :- ...g, , 4 "W ' 4125: ' ' 1 ,,,efj33:1-' 1 MQP- ' . " w ,L W 1 A xr. - -4 ' 1: ' --5,16 'Y f. ' ,L',f':'P! -wi ...4.1..xa-55:4 fmlyl Xml-I, 5 22 I ,ifggrg Qnfk... 1 rv- Q- - H -- .Sv xr- is rn' ... .k.4-14 .ezizsvv dal - L..-.-" f v " 2 '5f: ,.'f' 'ZQEHE -ff ,, . xv f V , 1 ' ' I ' 1 .Qfsff 'r- ,fl ' I , ,qt ' A Z". .X I Q 5 X1 's I X 4, 4 A 1 ,.. A W - ' ' L , I ,fig PT? V A. I ,. I, 1 -, W . Q, L ,, - -'WQf?"f. ' ' , lg 5 15: Ki 4 'W'f.i" JP" '3 ' " f- ' Jai '-. f I.-"' V ' -' ri' .AQE A " L g 1: MY - W He x we M J W ' " - 'J' - -' J '-f ' 3 4 'f L" "- Suu-u5 5 . 1 F , . N' , 'af We Av K' K ,ig - P i 'FLT - ig? . L E., ir", kk,,7 . A Y MF. 1- " A f .1315 ,.,, M- . Q , .J 441' ' ig? 1 Sf1,Q4i?""'5 ,r-' w "I'm sick." "Yeah, me too." "RealIy? What's wrong?" "Rotten hotdogf' "Oh, I haven't eaten. I've been watching the game." waai-nw. wife W 1. w K H wswsgefg w . -flaw gg A V1 2 A 1 14? , ' 111 , ,'..:,1-'Af-V-tl 1, Y- ' -Q Q nd. 97" sk, rw '51 'fy-' - A if -Sq, xx f L. f., w no 1' 5 1- W 02: init? ' ' 329' 'Edie -we v 'Q w , D' ,, fr - , "" 13 740 ' , , -T.-. 1-f'-In--. - 1-, wx 6 r HV ' f6Q'Vff .'.,2f -'f Y A qkifr A , 1.- WH ,MLN li jg: Sw.-...:, 'znzgv-' ,' ...l..t L:,,' " .':j..:: -gg. .- ,:, 43.4-.Q ", : f -. 1 y.. W ' T' ,,Q113?QwEf'f'if'fL,, a " ' --2 f 'T-1 " L ' .' 2+ '-xx 1 , . ,..,1:g5'5ff4wf5 +13f'e- . , J, : "', "'r:- U 'I F'.i":'e ff " :H-'-f1,T5.' f- ' ,411 Y , . W, . , 'f . 1 V .. f.. -:. 1- I 1., -:fi JV Q A Sn. " LH",,-af: f""7f".'? -, ,1. 1 'G Q' if CALM Q.. wk g. 12 W' R -. . L 4. Q ' 'L u " ' 9 .L Q Q L 5 ,- A .1-S4 f.+4f.v,G iQ,+f QQi PLAYER BALES, DAVE BATEMAN, JOEY BROWN, ROBERT HAGERSON, BOYD HARRELL, MIKE LEROY, TONY MCPHERSON, CHRIS OWENS, EDDIE SELLARS, MARTY WARREN, CHARLES WELDEN, GEORGE WILLIAMS, JIMMY WEIGHT, KENNY WYNN, RUSTY POS BATS THROWS HEIGHT WEIGHT STATUS CLASS OF R R 6-1 178 1 VL JR C-IF R R 6-1 190 SR P R R 6' 175 2 VL SR P R R 6-5 185 SO IF L L 5-10 195 JrCOITr JR IF-OF R R 6' 170 FR IF R R 5-9 165 FR OF L R 5-10 150 1 VL SR P 2 L 5-10 165 1 VL SO C R R 6' 195 FR P R R 6-2 180 2 VL JR OF : R 5-11 165 FR IF R R 6-3 197 JrCoITr SO IF R R 5-9 160 1 VL JR GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN HURRICANES BASEBALL ROSTER 1972 GODFREY T. KNIGHT, HEAD COACH RICHARD W. LITWHILER, ASSISTANT COACH HOMETOWN Alpharetta Albany Ft. Gaines Americus Warner Robins Ft. Gaines Americus Albany Americus Americus Norcross Plains Orlando, Fla. Macon 153 1 -Ski- sf 11 1 K we 1,2 4 r 11 11 1 11 11 11H111 W 1 11 M '11 1 W 1 11' 11 ftp S-. WM, , vajjax -ff' I' ,.. 61?-4, fi-H " xml I. - uh4 ik -H. 1 113 ' 1' 11 I ?'1i1,..1,-15 if V '515:g,,,11, -iii. "Sai-1' x 'L ' 4 1fal1?1w?4."1' Ei ,' 1 v- j g 1, A .1 5 wi L A s . if .," , ' ,J 7 ' -.V U , U, -V ' f . -: 4- W 1 f A i 'gsi5a2::s 35'--'A " I f v 96-gs, S .:.5E: i --7 ' wx! I . f 'iv - y 1 - yy X f 9? 5 sg! . - 5, ,1 CL ' XY, wwf , , if 9, V f 1+- 'M .M www if H. ,, EMS. - Q Gai H, Hfffgff E fs: mi: a fx ,, "H, N' A u N' - Q:-f - wi. H :Mini , A59 W -1,5 Hi, W we www WWE, KL fiiiilli 'Y .M E . A J. Fri ,xg , 1-fag., Ll- I, e'..4,4. ' 5-.0 -fax I , ' 'ma F: 1 iwlx. " ' -1 . - V ' 1 m....,.. 74,57 3-21,- x.. ' N, ,v+5:,Q,, 4- .. - ':, . , ,, if :W , M X , W M w 1 1, . fu-A N A M L W A H W X .- .Qi ., - 2- ,yr ,U Q, , , , a S -L1 V . -- - ,E S fw Zig -.' 5 , Hg M , ' lj - -"' 'asf ' 4 ll .. mia., j cf' Intramural Basketball Won by Sigma Chi :1 l la.. ,ll -A 156 I Intramurals 'Pius ii!" "ll .J-aa., .mg x f-f ,m,.a,,1,p-r69l",.r vs..- WA, , ' my if-,7'M 1 2 . 33:5-1-",T5??f ,:',"""n lv 'f"f1.Ag, 1 i., ,, r .:F, , L , 4'f":'xc.:w ', v lf "1 -, 3 gr ,,. .L - E 1" '- fl-Hga1,...l , ."'.:?, - F:9ilYfl,?::!-QQ? 1 . 5 :N 2:-'qw -1. , ' 'f' ' ' , j . il-" 7 .dw nv ' ' , ,.'..,f, . ...4 -f-rf 158 I Intramural Sofiball M: ' A .Q Q .uf-'- L' v F, . 3 , .,, . 5, ,. , 's ,.,...,,,--v .,-.-1 , ," . Q, l .. -,iiffkf 4 -,Q WI ,--v ' ia! ..-4 1 .-,.,4. 1. In. . 4 ,Hz ,.,-Y. V 4 fi --4".'.1' ,li 1 , .,4. . ' 1 -Jw. 'Q Q." , ...H JL 11 5 , ,M U .5 .H Q.. '-5' .ww ", "". .- .," gaze' w. ' Q , . -- '-'- :VT '11':.5',H',jS.fJf'3Q-5"'HGf':'f., ..2'f'fiM- '-'fn ff-.-rv, -...FSA A ' I sift? " ' 34 A' ' 'Efi'TwtaSv4Q4EY: .V 54 -'-H 1-12--.a MES- ci ' 75 "7 'f""fi'?f7'+?w'x-S5f.i.1H'-5753 5'9H7iL'1'1-"' 145-:4..3,v "' " '.."'J-L"' 'g.g,,g' , wif 'v .,z'h'- LJ' ' -'1f':an. .nad " 'J -. -, 'f'- p S..1l"f 'll Q" 31, -,. as sw Ts- V ,.,m,5,.w4.,,,,, . , -- H .m -"JL 3,111-....'....4 ..,... L' "' I W gk' as .. .. . .4 - -.',vf-, 7 5 - - , -'.1A-,.L.1w .z -'4 .i-.' -, " f"P"' 'kwa , .4 Pi Kappa Phi Takes Softball Crown 159 K ,N ,,, , ' :"'-'uf ,'w..z,'f- ., -.. ,, w ' , W A su--"g,'d9' J A' im - was fr ' ' 4 5 ,.. f -H V -.V Au av ,Q 4 rs, 4 I ,, 5 V Vi' " ' E Y M ' 4? --. ,1 W , -Q :L J, V- 41' ' ,J .4,':,m. , J- -. .ql,-.,, ' A-. ff' '-'fl --fr -uw:-4 U n ' " i 4,',' ua-4, . 1 , A .- ' - 2 ' 'L 5-"lif,5z,"f-'3v',,:-il' , f . ' ,. - ,, -1 ' - 3- . .g..,g-,- .- I . 'E' " .J" '-1 - . ' P. 14 .. -. " If 1- rw.. 1 wk -T ,, , 'ffm - 1' L'."Fl5f '. ' "'.1..:5 fi- ' y' n- P -1, - - 1,- , i ' .gg -, . f.-"H, if -f "-a.-X .9 '7 ' f' -. -,A - W' 'Y - , . 0244 - ,,'w,gA:' V 'bygf -' in . If ., 4-ul. 1 I A. ll -. , . -. 1 ' - Ig,--1... X- ,Ju gg: 5313-!,' ' + ', --, Y --'A ., 'vas -. "M - ' Lf . l, A 'vw' -'- -. A 7, f rn , YL .-,4 "' - f ,, ..:,1 , - 4 'Q'-A.-J-, X H , KW, xx ff -S Knads Win Touch Football .uf ' L':3g74,:'.T:-34' W .H A if T A up A . C- V rl -- .,- " , ,r '- x 162 I Fboiball x la., , - 1L mln.- up-. fir, 4526 ' . .aj . wif' A- 18 N - 4,4 -3 -- ..4,,,-,- , . . .' ui ' s ,. , "' ...gil ix., ,... vu-, , H M Q 1 1 164 I Fooiball Parker and Slappey Claim Intramural Tennis Championships After four days of keen competition John Parker and Jane Slappey won the Men's and Women's Intramural Tennis Championships at Georgia Southwestern College. The single elimination tournament drew twenty- five highly competitive players. The tournament was organized and administered by students in the Intra- mural and interscholastic Athletic class which is offered by the Depart- ment of Health and Physical Educa- tion. The class was structured to pro- vide the students with an opportunity to gain actual experience in the ad- ministration of Intramural and Inter- scholastic Athletics. ln the semi-finals of the men's tour- nament, L. H. Dill squeaked by Donald Funderburke 111-91 and John Parker edged by Jerry Miller C9-71. ln the finals John Parker defeated L. H. Dill Q8-6, 6-21 for the championship. ln the women's semi-finals Jane Slappey beat Judy Davis Q6-3, 6-11 and Debra Jones defeated her twin sister, Donna Q8-6, 6-21. Jane Slappey then won the championship by defeat- ing Debra Jones in the finals 17-5, 6-31. The very successful tennis tourna- ment provided excellent competition for the participants and excitement for the spectators. in . .Q f v 1 I ' n 4' : Sf 5' .V Q 1' u 55' 1 N 5.1 I , T 1 i VI 3 f l A 1 2 4 .M 166 I Tennis R4 -, ..f,ia....,, N ' mf-1 1. ' sn. ', u-- x.,7 I. F Q I Q-- I , i ,, ' as O 1 rch 1 O . ' 1 ' we A N, B H Q? A s' ' f . ' I 1 '. .V . " Organizational activities were weak.Somethingwasmissing.Some said the weakness was from apathy and others didn't bother to analyze. Some denied a weakness present. Overall, the second year Student Union Board, under the direction of faculty advisor Barry Jenkins, seemed the most active. Yet even with the many movies, coffeehouses Cetc. etc.7 that the SUB sponsored, an important element was missing. Student participation was poor. GSC had a quarterly enrollment of better than two thousand and the usual attendance at SUB events was in the neighborhood of three hun- dred. Not counting special events such as concerts, given by the Stu- dent Council, the three hundred figure was about the maximum num- ber gathered for extracurricular ac- tivities which involved the expendi- ture of student activity fees. Organizations not involved with student activity monies seemed to have had some problems in gaining student interest. One such organi- zation had a special speaker for the program part of the meeting and not only didn't a majority of members attend tin most cases a majority never attendedb, but neither could the members present bribe, beg, or force students that happened to be in the Student Center to occupy a seat during the program. iThe usual "we have refreshments" didn't even workj. 171 xx 2 ' ,ax was H if YU w K xt In . 1 4' - , ,. Ji' 5 1 5 ,' gg . f., .L . X. 'E -in Y 4-E' .EQ U ., , " if , 4' Aix tm' fe, 'F 1.1 4. . , m , - , Q k 11 3 .t 5. Engng, it 4 li- Q- .u W HF. f, 5 U. 1 ' V155 . V B, , Y, V. fu Lx -4 .' 'il' ? .ax up A QT ,ff 15- 17 'il A ' Alpha Chi Omega Newly formed campus organiza- tion. No activities out of scope of colonization. 174 I AWS AWS Associated Women Students aided in Orientation. They sponsored a hot dog supper and open house in Complex III. Also, AWS produced an annual fashion show. BSU The Baptist Student Union held donut sales, car washes, baby- sitting jobs, a spaghetti supper as well as other odd jobs to raise money for summer missions. BSU sponsored the ln Five, a folk music group, for student entertainment. Some members attended the BSU State Convention and the BSU In- ternational Student Conference. During Orientation, BSU operated a refreshment booth. Throughout the year, programs and films were presented at their regu- lar meetings. "GLORY IN TH AND ON PEA E, .OWARD T0 BSU f 175 Biology Club 1761 Biology Club ,------ - we-4 "i"l"FT'T" 'fw' ' 1 f .-f.' V "fl , -- 555219 ...Alix . . f' 11-J "- .l f '.,y-- 1-f - ' Q -i'1.ii1,' -Q, l r? A' .f N , 135,63-' "' Q. rl .: il' 7"' fl ff' - -,FEM -,',, Yfxfjn - -ml ' we af.: .. - 6 q.1,fx rf:fg - . -.'.-, 7' , l'-'--,-, 'Q f1'7:r."' N753 '1:."'1 wir' J:f'?"jdJ?'g'Yf14:!l ' ,,C""W"'-""E'f- 'Jr'-Q '-.'-"--' -vm--f.. V ' N,-.-e.1fa3 - 'Fq:,fg,,'1Q,1J ,,'L'Zf?rl:!.' ,I - ' . 13.51-1iw1122.2-U. -- .. ' '-L, Hx -1122 , ' ,,,. 2 " , ,.,1" f -' E' X, -' ' -,- 'a .1-.'-Y--'-fr Tx. - A .- 1- J , . 'A ,' 1f'j1U1i .I'. .' . '.,f,w.. ' , , 'cal llLa:u:1.f,,gL .Qg A , fTi1iwizTwgQff,'l'2l:'5i -717.22 Gamma Beta Phi No known activities. a Bela Phi 1177 --n iv? F L 'li' 1-. S , T E E w TE Q. X m f S Q an ff 1 5 az .4 924- . 4 5-' z": w f . E I ' M w 1 1 54 e is 3 F' f- V. , qi.1..,-,E..,. , . MZ-P-S 1- I J i Broadcasters Broadcasters held weekly shows over WDEC as well as "head shop" sales and small scale con- certs. '-H. Collegiate Civitans Collegiate Civitans participated in road blocks and broadcasting mar- athons in collecting for the Timothy Griffin Fund. 180 I Collegiate Civitans Kappa Delta No known activities out of scope of general sorority participation. Kappa Delta I 181 182 I Kappa Sigma Ha jj i Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma collected for Timo- thy Griffin Fund. sm LeCercIe Francais Le Cercle Francais sponsored Le Diner Francais as well as working in conjunction with the Language Department to produce Foreign Language Day. XA Le Cercle Francais I 183 184 I Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi The Little Sisters helped with Pi Kapp Winter Rush. Newman Club Most time was spent trying to im- prove communication with Catholic students. Newman Club I 185 186 I Student Nurses Association E+1lf ESHl'2f A 'i SNA The SNA sponsored a shoeshine 188 K Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council Fostering inter-sorority relations, the Panhellenic Council oversaw Formal Rush and, along with IFC, Greek Week. Pi Kappa Phi .txt Pi Kappa Phi collected for Timothy Griffin, boxed diddy bags for Viet Nam, and sold coupon booklets. They sponsored two rush parties for freshman and collected in Albany for the mentally retarded. 190 I RAC RAC RAC held concession booths for SUB movies and sponsored a ping pong tournament, horse shoe pitch, and, in conjunction with AWS, GSC's first Street Dance. Sigma Chi No known activities out of scope of usual fraternity matters. Sigma Chi 1191 192 I Sou' Wester Sou'wester The Sou'wester, GSC's student newspaper, gained both support and criticism from the campus community. It broadened its scope by holding Candidates Forums for both Fall and Spring student elec- tions. Wesley Foundation Wesley Foundation sponsored a discussion of "War and Religion." Also, the group held discussions on other matters of interest. Wesley Foundation 1193 194 I Student Union Board Student Union Board lf organizational activities had any saving graces they were probably the output of the Student Union Board. Most organizations that con- tributed at all to campus activities were inconsistent excepting SUB and possibly Student Council. Working with a core of elected members and a body of volunteers, the SUB was usually successful in contributing to campus life. Events sponsored by the organization in- cluded: Freshman Orientation activ- ities, many movies, Fall Festival, College Bowl, a Ping Pong tourna- ment, coffee houses and other ac- tivities of general interest. ' 1 x'tg6i"'5 Eqifgflla' -41 - V, , ' env?-'L' fu ' fi. - 'Nz 5 1 1? 3? .A xr. wi ,, ' f 2, , -, Ei? 533: , 14? Q M4 9 A 5 QE mth- S849 3 Q1 gs--4, K-ei' - G FIE :FO U T Student Council The Student Council continued its primary function of providing social activities for the campus communi- tyg however, some progress was made in political areas by the draft- ing of a Student Government Con- stitution. Concerts, dances, and a Spring quarter blood drive were the major actions of the Council. 197 198 I Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Activities included usual sorority social functions as well as Thanks- giving visit to Magnolia Manor and a Christmas party for underprivi- leged children. "I'Il be honest. I don't under- stand." "You never have." "That's a fine thing to say. I guess you know everything." "No. That's my main problem. I dontknow anything . . "You can say that again!" 'tWait a second and listen. Let me explain." "O. K. - Explain." "O.K. I see the contrast and I know its purpose. I see the purpose but l'm not sure ofthe contrast." "What?" . t'Oh, just forget it." "Forget what?" "Forget everything that offends you. And everything you don't un- derstand. React out of vested in- terests. And let others be your guide. "WeIIg you've finally flipped out. I knew it was coming." "You're right. l've flipped out and you don't understand. Just re- member that more is often shown when the symbol is actually the object." "You really need help. l'm leav- ing." 2 wx x 5 '94 '73 , .1 5 J? E x .j imH?.-H ENTER 1 AETEI WINGS!!! 3108 Q95 Mues GSC students communicated through class discussions, organizational activities and silent contemplations. Adams, C. Dwayne Adams, Camilla A. Adams, James H. Adams, Robert W. Adams, Vaughn G. Akin, Robert M. Albritton, Faye A. Albritton, Judy M. Alday, Edwin D. Allgire, Richard H. Anglin, Shirley N. Ansley, R. Bruce Arn, Bobby Arnold, Ronda Y. Ashworth, Preston R. Austin, Stephen Autry, J. Russell Baggs, William Baker, W. Gene Barfield, Jane S. Barfield, Paul H. Barr, Marcus H. Barrett, Charles E. Barron, Cheryl E. 202 I Senior Mugs 4 ' Li' -'xi by K' Wal. 4 v 1 x X we W., X . "xt lol Que . mr - me 4,-px 'ev' , - - Q 'wi ,-5 IFN' 4 4 li ? f l may ,u- aus! .GUN AAA Far Left: Communication came from tele phone, books, trashcans, and fLefU groups. Frankie Pruett at phone and um dentified students in library. Brown Brown Brooks, Danny L. Brown, Brown, Barthlett, Edwin Barthlett, Sherma Bateman, Nell L. Beatty, Pelham R. Bell, Thomas Bennett, Robert L. Berryhill, G. Jean Birchmore, C. Elaine Blalock, W. Dale Blanks, Louise S. Bledsoe, Michael L. Bolin, Corinne C. Bounds, Janice K. Branam, L. Steven Branch, Leila L. Brewton, Shirley L. Bridges, Donna Broadwell, James H. Broadwell, John W. Brooks, Beverly A. Donald E. Donald W. John A. Julian A. Jr. Brown, Mary Brown, Robert T. Brumbelow, Linda Bryan, Hugh T. Bryson, H. Eugene Buchanan, Hope Burks, Mary L. Bush, Paul L. Bussey, Katherine L. Butler, Constance I. Butler, Teresa G. Bynum, Gary A. Byrd, Jack D. Carrall, James A. Carter, Janice Carter, Katherine Carter, Wayne C. Cason, Michael E. Cates, Charles O. Causey, E. Keith 204 I Senior Mugs Lower Left: Grasshopper view of new classroom building from eastern corner of Student Center reveals disinfected land- scape. Lower Right: On dreary Fall Quarter days, some students drove 'and others walked- some didn't bother to get up. li Causey, Fred Chambless, Glenda Chappell, Murray A. Chappell, Murray A. Christian, Wendell R Clack, Donnie G. Cleaver, Linda M. Clements, Richard D Cleveland, Alan Cleveland, Gregory Cobb, Guy T. Cole, William T. Coley, Howard G. Collins, Carol W. Collins, Constance L Collins, Jay Bee Collins, Teddy C. Compton, Janis F. Connell, Winston C. Coody, Jerry Lance Cook, Dale H. Cooke, Charles E. Copeland, Celeste ' Covington, Wayne D. 205 Tests helped students to structure their minds their palms, and to laugh at the structure Cox, Wayne T. Crawford, Melanie V. Crayton, Joseph C. Crochet, Richard L. Croft, Jerry W. Crooke, Cassandra K. Crowdis, Richard C. Crowe, Ralph E. Jr. Crozier, Joy A. Culverhouse, Stephen A. Curtis, Franklin J. Dalton, Joyce H. Daniel, John E. Daniel, Peggy F. Darrah, H. Marshall Darter, Mary J. Dasher, Donald A. Davenport, Walter L. 206 l Senior Mugs A., , .sh tr' . Qisfdk' X , I 14 , HQ.,-sfl i L, -,S ff-..17 E ' : - mf '. -"' 'L' . 'ix ' . Q' Y ,l 1 L.. uf, Davidson, C. Terry Davis, Arthur E. Davis, Brenda T. Davis, Thomas L. I' if ,ub- fgifxi Q-.5 V W . ' N f, 'tx ' l ...iii t X ttf! L 4 av . fi ii til , fem-A 11, . t .' ,U X , . 1 . ,t. ,qv fm 14,-lj? ' K L 'FI A 5?fLti' f " s ' iff 3' . f .:fi i,,"'9, .1., 5 X N ,qi il? Denham, Sanders A. rv Dickerson, Dewey W. Dickinson, Richard F. Dill, C. Jerome Ytttm , Dixon, Deborah B. Dobbs, Patricia Donnahoo, Jane C. 3 Donnan, O. Helen W uf Q: A Q9 .1 Doster, Grady C. Douglas, Stewart W. Duchworth, Tommy L. Duke, Larry T. Left: Student demonstrates established cheating method. Far Left: Dennis Crews gets in extra studying before test. Above Left: Doug Lauderdale smiles as he flips through notes. 207 Student Center used for congregating sleeping and thinking Duke, Linda D. Dunahoo, Henry Duncan, Richard A. Dupree, John Durden, Steven G. Durham, Toni Dyer, James M. Easom, Frederick East, Jimmy Fl. Eldridge, Henry C. Elliott, Michael J. Ellis, Doyce F. Ellis, James C. lEvans, Elizabeth S. Evans, John O. Everett, Patricia C. Ewing, Arthur W. Faye, Jo Ann Ferguson, John W. Fisk, Julie L. Flake, David L. Floyd, Connie Ford, Kenneth D. Foster, Shirlee A. Fox, C. Jane 208 I Senior Mugs Funderburke, B. Karen Funderburke, Donald J Gallops, Donald G. Garner, John R. lil Garrett, Allen J. Gur, T. Zeke Gerbert, Robert F. Gibbs, William A. Gibson, William A. Gibson, Wilton L. Gill, Calvin C. Gleaton, E. Thomas Gleaton, Jerry J. Goldstein, Kathy B. Goodrum, Carolyn Goodrum, John L. Gordy, Edith W. Grace, Charles B. Grace, Kathy Granger, John M. Gray, Lawrence R. Green, Patricia M. Greer, William F. Gregory, Benjamin Gregory, Ronald D. A student pauses before class Center: Sleeping in Student Center IS an answer for studying all night. Left Students break from classes for cards and Griffin, Delores Griffin, Elie S. Jr. Griffis, Richard Guest, Marilyn Hardwick, Beth Harmon, Joseph J. Harrell, Bonnie Harrell, Franklin T. Haugahook, William S. Hayes, James Foreman Hayes, William F. Jr. Hayes, Sidney W. Hays, William T. Helton, Cheryl H. Hendry, William L. Jr. Herring, Marva J. Hester, Russell H. Hill, S. Fludolph Hill, Thomas O. Hines, Hazel O. Hobbs, Patricia E. Hoffman, Phyllis Holbrook, Dennis Holland, Catherine Holman, William S. 210 I Senior Mugs ,IV eff 4:N2'fPe3irEr Students concentrated planned their futures, and relaxed during '72 Lower Left: Nothing like concentrating on neighbors during Ferrante and Teicher break. Center: Student plots out future courses. Left: Jerry Iverson relaxes on a sunny afternoon. Holt, Georgia S. Hood, Wilton C. Hooper, William K. Hopkins, Charles B. Horne, Joel W. Houck, Phillip Housend, Donald W. Howard, Bonnie S. Howell, John E. Hoyd, D. Flandall Hudson, Arthur W. Humphries, Jimie J. Hutts, Ronald A. Hutwagner, Judy L. Ingram, Oneida W. Israel, Renza P. -Q , Jackson, David A gg . Jackson, Elizabeth ...-- . Jackson, H. Morris ff' , Jackson, James M. Jackson, Laura B. Jackson, Margaret B. Jackson, Michael E. ' 3 Jenkins, Phillip M. Johnson, Bruce 211 Johnson, Mary O. Johnston, Claude G. Johnston, Deborah E. Johnston, Jane E. Jones, Betty Jones, Claire Jones, Robert E. Jones, Terri L. Jordon, David W. Joyner, Dale A. Julian, Steve Michael Kelly, Kevin W. Kendrick, Donald W. Kidd, S. Frances King, Ronnie D. King, William D. Kinnebrew, E. Hulme Kirsch, John Lacy, Sandra P. Lancaster, Rufus B. Jr. Laye, Don W. Layfield, Melvin Ledbetter, Peggy L. Lee, Judy H. Lee, Keith E. Lee, Olivia J. Leeson, Gretchen B. Little Hugh Jr. Little, Richard W. Locke, C. Faye Lockerman, James C. 212 I Senior Mugs 40, , ai . lf? -W4 ' 'Y' fu' A v " ' . ,- 5-it . . ,, i ,I JJ. I , fi NF F, 1 my V ,g gg.,f1.iQ. , "-pe-1-,gi Y .L - ti U si- it , V . is A1 4-X P E 1 , , . . ... nfl' . .. . fa. 5 Q. . ., 'J lm' X i Kim. Xe 6 .F l fi 13 J., l A K ei "' gil - I - Tr .'-X il jf Q ! l '1- A ii . I 2 :-2 7 1: I 'ii' 4 ' W i jig- V. V -, 4-1 '-rfff 1:::,::r . ,, - ,, .Q -,.-, -2 ,ed igsg it - ff -4, as '- ,HQ:4"'--,,g,...xj,,- f.- ....' .g , ' ?-:- N 'rx 41' 1 un..- dell Lohmeier, Helen P. Lomax, Dan W. Looney, Ronald H. Lovejoy, Brenda E. Mackey, L. Alan Maddox, Robert A. Manley, Princilla Mann, Walter J. Marshall, Robert C. Martin, Michael J. Martin, Stanley O. Mathews, John Maxwell, Lester G. Maxwell, Steve R. McCrary, Nelson McDaniel, Jon R. McDuffie, Helen McGIamry, Michael H. McGlaun, Michael A. Mclnvale, Gary Mclnvale, Peggy McLaughlin, V. Diane McLeod, Jesse R. McSwain, Reathn Melton, Donnie S. Daily campus activity tended to begin slow and to peak around 3 pm Far Left: "HelIo Way" crowded as after- noon classes break. Left: Early mornings during Fall Quarter found few people on campus. 213 Miller, Barbara A. Miller, James W. Minkoff, Stanley Moore, Danny J. M. .4 , Q ' will T. .iw V' ' N '.f,'lL"Ui ,V -R5 w'fi??:'.'J v ark?-Ji' X 1 Moore, Lucille ,5 F F , Qi ,Avi Moore, Regina E. , T , 45 J. Morgan, David E. Morgan, Dianne H. Morgan, Mary Ann Morgan, Thomas R. Morton, Suzanne S. Moye, Myra J. Muench, James Mulligan, Joseph M. Murray, Charles T. Neel, Frank H. Jr. Neilson, Sue E. NeSmith, Thomas J. Newcomb, Richard A. Nix, Ronald R. 2141 Senior Mugs 'K' 1 wil EX ii .i le, . , AJ a-s CRW' ff fffi , . QF? ' fe-P' X.. fs? 4-:7""' GSC men and GSC wo Far left: Pausing by Jackson Hall a few moments to talk. Left: New Classroom Building retaining wall provides friends a place to wait. Below: Tim Mustin and Vikki Moore stand in student center. men met in variety of places .agr- was Sins , - V .Tb J, Wi -11" '1 fm N 1,- ., 'N am' fb as 'er-1 J 1 l , , .V 'Quail ' an as -.5 ii , " W es- ' . ,ix 'lk 2 f 13731 . , el lsr 1'lrxe 7 f pil! N. '45 1 'W Noles, Paul B. Odom, G. Terry O'Driscoll, Catherine H Oglesbee, William M. Oliver, David E. O'Neal, Nancy M. Overstreet, C. Lynn Pappas, Joyce O. Pariani, Sharon R. Parker, Susan Parks, Don F. Pate, John A. Jr. Patterson, Darla M. Paulk, David Peacock, John M. Pearson, William E. Pelle, Martha G. Pendley, Larry F. 215 Transportation played an important role in keeping campus together Perryman, William T. Phillips, Carol D. Phillips, Lucile E. Phillips, S. Nan Pierce, W. Grady Pityer, Richard M. Pollock, Joann L. Pond, James Poole, Malcolm A. Potter, D. Earl Pounds, Betty L. ' gif" Powell, Judy C. il it f Powell, william P. A ' Powers, Tommy C. Price, Dorothy E. Quinn, Melinda S Flaburn, Denise A Hagan, Ann C Flagan, Larry T. Rainey, Clive M Right: Geep Bally and Billy Weldon offer little help in servicing campus vending machines. Center: Carrying furniture to Student Center strains John George and helper. Far Right: Family helps freshman move into Collum ll, 216 l Senior Mugs Reece, Ernest L. Jr. Reilly, Joseph M. Rexroat, Norris A. Reynolds, Newton T. Rice, Ralph Richards, T. Brent River, Bertie E. Rizer, C. Franklin Robbins, James N. Robinette, David J. Robinson, Kenneth W. Robinson, Mary Rodgers, Henry B. Rogers, Randall E. Rollins, Brenda C. Roquemore, George Ross, Alan S. Ross, Angelyn F. Ross, Linda D. Rowbotham, Steven J. Rowe, Charles E. Jr. Rox, Frank T. Saxon, S. Lee Schwartz, Peter R. Scanyers, Julian H. 217 Seago, Michael E. Seeley, William E. Sellars, Russell L. Sellers, Susan D. Sendelbach, G. Andrew Sharpe, Andrew L. Shaw, Susan R. Shell, Robert J. Shellcutt, Samuel D. Sheninger, Albert C. Shippey, Louick M. Silcox, David R. Simons, C. Franklin Sims, Maurice M. Singer, Johnny M. Slappey, Edwin Slevin, Sharon Sloop, John B. Smith, Cynthia A. Smith, Deanna Y. Smith, Jacky E. Smith, Jennifer S. Smith, John A. Smith, Larry B. Smith, Robert G. Smith, Shirley l. Smith, Suzanne R. Smith, Zachary L. Snelling, Kathern Snider, Tommy J. Sparrow, John F. Spurlock, Linda F. Stapleton, Claire S. Starlin, Virginia Starr, Gary 218 I Senior Mugs Q' ,I ,, -' N Q by so 1 Q M x . .-N, Warm afternoons brought dorm students outside for physical activities Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Sisters get it to- gether with afternoon football sessions. gt. ,, ,fly J i ,ff Nt- , 0 41-Q . . ..,.. . 4 A . i JS, fi ' -ff' K :'ix:-f1 J 'Zi '2".."3 l-1: ,.f" Q? ,L ! .lf 7'- .. il , -Kgs? - j. ,,-4 N-1' j Sudduth, Sandra B. Sutton, Ronald E. Taylor, Frank B. Taylor, James L. Jr. Taylor, Judith M. Templeton, Robert Thaxton, Gail G. Thomas, Bernice E. Thomas, John T. Jr. Thomas, Ted R. Thomas, Trille P. Thompson, John A. lll Thompson, Sallie A. Tillman, Robert D. Todd, Terry C. Torbert, Daniel L. Trawick, Roger G. Treadaway, Michael K Wade, Judy K. Wadsworth, James W. Walker, William Wallace, James H. Walls, James W. Walters, Carey W. Ward, James H. 219 Watson, Donald W. Watson, Robert L. Watts, Michael D. Watts, Terry R. Weaver, Jo E. Wellons, Paul T. Wells, Perry B. West, David Westaway, Constance G. Westbrook, Ronald C. Whatley, Charles A. White, Lynda G. White, William W. Whitehead, Claudis Whitehurst, James A. Wilkin, Felix E. Jr. Will, Deborah E. Wilcox, L. Ronald Williams, Merritt G. ,am 'Pi rea-ii AND' Q A61 'Qs Williams, Samuel K. Q 5 .. 1 Wilson, Carmen C. pf-.l im .9 Wilson, Henry F. ' tfgi ,lf Williams, Susan E. I - e l 5 J Q I , :L ' it , vlv, I is l it "On campus" parking called problem by many drivers ls who paid five dollar fines for parking illegally. 220 i Senior Mugs Right: Bill Terry found parking space in dirt lot adjacent to Collum Il. Upper Right: Sleeping in parked car helps student pass time between classes. ,Q ,481 Wm Xl 1, Xb J if 7. ' C s 1- , is v Q me l 'E 'li g 2, . J u. ,pr M-Q M' H he-:E l lil l 5 J A 1' Y l 82:53-Q HR V 1 l 4 T lm , JW ir' - . V ak HS li' , Wilson, James T. Wilson, Jerry Fl. Wilson, Kenneth P. Wilson, Shelby J. Wilson, William G. Womack, B. Jane Womack, Howard L. Wood, Donald L. Worthy, Brenda M. Wright, Linda A. Yarborough, John W Yaughn, Hugh Yeager, Barbara F. Younce, Mary K. Young, Daniel S. Yow, J. Russell CIassOfficers Freshmen Tony Abel, President Carol Clegg, Vice-President 222 I Class Officers . Special Students, underclassmen and terminals comprived substantial bulk of campus community. "What the hell was a "special student"'? , "That's a person taking courses and not working for a four year degree as such." "Huh?" "You know, special students were students who weren't like regular students in that they had either already received the pigskin and were working for enrichment, or they were working on a two year degree, or they were just coming tolbe coming." "Oh, now l see." "Really?" "Yeah. Special students were students who knew what they wanted and didn't worry with four year degrees. They got only what they wanted and then got out. Beat- ing the system by staying out of the system's system." i1Huh?1i Abbott, Robert F. Abernathy, Freddie T. Abel, James A. Abelson, George W. Jr 2 Ep? l .f xl 'ffii ,ff iw . fa, fa a c' , fa ... ,,,, It .3 ,. al , "' v' ul . v3 "r . , ' '71 . F Adams Benjamin C Adams Deborah A. Adams, John E. Adams, Margaret A. Adams, Michael E. Adams, Ranny D. Adams, Rebecca A. Adams, Rebecca L. Adcock, Phyllip B. Addy, C. Beth Adkins, Deborah G. Ahl, Lauris H. Albritton, Dale L. Albritton, Luther L. Albritton, M. Gay Aldridge, Robert S. Alison, Margaret K. Allen, Jeff F. Allen, John D. Allen, William D. Jr Alligood, Mary J. Allmon, Albott R. Alston, Mary E. Alston, Ronald A. Altman, Frank C. Jr. Altman, Joyce C. Ammons, Herbert J. Ammons, Ronald A. Anderson, Linda A. Anderson, Steven C. Angellillo, Pamela M. Angelillo, Stephen P. Anthony, Eddie Arden, Nancy H. Arenz, Allen E. Arnold, Bruce H. Arnold, Bunny G. Arnold, Eddie E. Jr. Other Mugs I 223 Arnold, Edward L. Arnold, Larry H. Arnold, William M. Jr. Arrington, Sandra G. Arthur, Hudson R. Askew, Alton J. Askew, Glenda T. Attaway, Roger S. Ill Austin, Myrtice Avery, Bernard C. Avery, Mary L. Aycock, Edward L. Aycock, Roy F. Jr. Ayers, Laura E. Ayres, William C. Babb, James P. Bagley, George W. IV Bailey, George P. Bailey, Walter P. Bair, John B. Baird, Floyd D. Baird, R. Kathleen Baker, Deborah Baker, Everlene H. Baldwin, Charles T. Baldwin, Robert E. Bales, Dwight D. Ballew, M. Keith Bankston, James H. Barber, Forrest B. Barfield, Berry R. Barfield, Roger C. Barfield, William B. Jr. Barlow, Frederick E. Jr. Barnes, Bobby L. Barnes, Claudia Barnes, Connie E. Barnes, George B. lll Barnes, Homer W. Jr. Barnes, James H. Barnhart, Mary Jo W. 224 l Other Mugs la? 1 ., 'Pi ad' 1":v fi- ,--v. SZ? 9 ,fix -3,- pf? 'K an..- 'U-9 muy I Welcoming and welcoming was beginning of year. Classes and classes was beginning of day. Below Left: Welcome sign stayed in stu- dent center "living room" weeks after Fall Quarter began. Left: ln class time and waiting for classes is majority of student day. 41" Barnhart, Michael D. Barrow, William L. Barry, Dawn P. 'Hai Bartell, Mark J. Barton, Russell J. Bass, James T. Jr. Bass, Karen Bass, Mary E. Bassett, Olan R. Bateman, Charles A. Bateman, Joseph R. 'N F, 1, iii' ,gt ' l 2229- Bateman, Mickie H. Battle, Janie S. Baughman, Jackie Bays, William L. Baxter, Sybil A. Beach, Rodney E. Beard, Judy G. Beavers, Deborah Belchers, Alex T. Bell G. Sue Bell, Charles C. Bell, Cornelius L. Jr. - Bell, G. Ann Bell, George R. Jr. Bell, Mamie Bell, Oscar L. Bennett, Drew L. Bennett, Jerry P. Berry, Mattie J. 22 Right It s easier to sharpen one's reflexes than it is to put one's mind in order. Best, John G. Jr. Best, Mary W. Bethea, Rebecca Beverly, Forest S. Bickley, James A. Bickley, J. Randy Bickley, Lullene A. Billings, Thomas B. Binion, Janice Binion, Ralph E. Binneveld, William J. Birchman, Reginald Bird, John R. Birdsong, M. Elaine Birdsong, Martha A. Bishop, Dorothy W. Bishop, Richard S. Bishop, T. Lee Bivins, Betty J. Black, Littleton B. Blackwell, Sandra G. Blake, Michelle M. Blakely, Anthony T. Blanton, Joseph J. Bloodsworth, George D. Boatman, Larry A. Bogie, Alice C. Bohn, Donald L. Boice, Edward S. Bolt, John B. Bonner, James L. Boor, Michele D. Booth, William M. Bowden, Arthur H. Bowens, Annie R. Bowen, Jenny D. 226 l Other Mugs wi 1 if 2 'Vi yi E!! X J - n . A--af-si "l Q1 -, .. ,An 'rl- . 3 . ' . QI' qv 1 , . K , sg' 'Tv-5' cg V 7- 'Q I Q t . tix 'l Studying or finding pleasure was out-of-class activity. Qds 5--4 f ' W 'wk ,. kr? Q ' .Kit 5 ' t l I . l '5 5 W . ,xv 4?-' 1 CS' Ts. l Nl' A k , its QT Bowen, Lee A. Bowen, Shirley A. Bowen, Vernon C. Bowers, Frederick Bowers, James W. Bowers, Ricky E. Bozeman, Walter O. Brabson, Mary K. Bradley, Patricia A. Brady, Betsy Brady, Charles M. Brady, Jeannett M. Brady, Linda G. Bragg, Helen B. Brake, William E. la-In .f-5 .V ,X Y. ' ' rn,-,pi 1 qi :gg i ,a.... K l - , s 4-Q 1'-3 ri-v-'N Bramble, Robert L. Branam, Frederick T. Brandenberg, Margote E Brantley, Martha J. Brannen, John T. Brannen, Phillip H. Braswell, Alan J. Braswell, Jesse B. Brazier, Jimmy B. Breed, Patrick E. Bretch, John S. Brewer, Donna S. Bridges, Donald Ft. Bridges, Fred A. Bridges, Louis S. Bridges, Monty E. Brim, Jerry W. Brinson, John W. Brinson, Martha A. Britt, Charles A. Brocato, Stephen M. Brock, Betty J. Broner, Lester A. Jr. 1- Ky ,au 2-9 Brooks, Deborah A. Brooks, Nancy J. Broughton, Paul S. Brown, Carolyn Brown, Charles M. Brown, Cynthia G. Brown, Kate Brown, Kenneth M. Brown Kenneth M. Brown Larry G. Brown Marcus L. Brown, S. Flalls Brumbaugh, David L. Brumbelow, Charles B. Bruner, Teresa J. Bryan, Carson D. Bryant, Becky A. Bryant, Donna J. 227 "Nameless" buildings adorned landscaped campus, but students continued forward progress as usual. Buchanan, Fred M. Buckley, John T. Buland, Brenda D. Bullington, Barbara J. Bunting, Brenda L. 1' Burgess, Fred Fl. Burgess, Kenneth E. Burke, Edward N. Burke, Karen E. Burke, Tommy Fi. , 'N' Burnam, Audrey W. A Burnett, George E. CZ? 'E'f'? 1 441 Burnette, Ellis R. .9 '54 fr f Burns, Ann R. Burns, Annette Burt, Betty Sue X3 rv. ' Burton, Mary E. Bush, Felix I. Bush, Gloria L. Bush, William R. Life X4 N Busbee, Jackie L. Butts, Patricia A. Butts, Keith W. Butler, William E. 'C-E? Bryant, Walter R. Byers, Susan C. Byrd, Fred T. Byrd, J. Phillip 228 I Other Mugs Below: "Hello way" treaded by lone stu- dent on way to "New Library" as "Aca- demic Building" is swarmed during class change. I rbi Byrd, Palsy Cagle, Timothy H. Cain, William P. Caldwell, John L. Calhoun, Danny R. Calhoun, John T. Calhoun, Reginald Calhoun, Ronald S. Callis, William G. Jr. Calloway, Linda B. Calloway, Christine Calloway, Otis Campbell, Stanley R. Canady, Rena D. Cannon, Carolyn Cannon, Dewey W. Cannon, Richard Carbine, Baxter K. Carbine, Victor C. Carlan, Arthur Jr. Carlson, Sally A. Carnes, Bonnie P. Carney, James L. Carney, John W. Jr. Carothers, Joann S. Carpenter, Bernard D Carpenter, G. David Carn, Deloris B. Carr, James W. Carter, Charles R. Carter, George T. Carter, Harold Floyd Carter, J. Ronald Carter, John D. Carter, William P. Cason, Elizabeth l. Cason, Frances Cason, M. Elaine Castellow, Kay D. Castellow, Terry R. Castleberry, Georgia Cato, Paul T. Students encountered problems Cauble, Ralph S. Chambless, Kathy T. Chambliss, William Champion, William E. Chance, Barbara J. Chandler, Catherine Chapman, Beverly W. Chapman, Gordon L. Chapman, Michael D. Chappell, Faye Chappell, Joel H. Chasteen, Janice M. Cheney, Jan Cherry, James C. Cherry, James T. Jr. Childers, Juanita Childers, Winifred Childie, William A. Childree, John M. Childres, S. Luanne Childs, Elena G. Childs, George T. Chong, Kin B. Christian, Elizabeth A. Christmas, Donna J. Chuhran, Patrick J. Clark, Abram D. Clark, Ann A. Clark, Charles L. Clark, David Jr. Clark, Elizabeth E. Clark, Gail Clark, Horace G. Clark, James E. Clark, Kevin W. Claxton, John Fi. Clanton, Shirley E. Clegg, Carol L. Clegg, James S. Click, Austin A. Clingenpeel, William K. Clinkscales, Gary L. Clinkscales, Lora M. Cloer, Jacqueline Cloud, Brenda G. Cobb, Jefferson F. Cobb, Marilyn Cobb, William D. 230 I Other Mugs on campus much like those on outside if , A M K s ' is i 'X Z ' X X, K f . ' x " ' ff- 'Q' f . - 'f"! Y --1 ' ,. , l f:-1 "wx 4,1 W. if :ef fl.. . i is - i , f I1 5.3. ' 1 , ,-., , ai , ig. Q, f- 1 . x . "'-.'. i.. , . thi kv. i'L'L!'11.: I7 , it 4 1 Us 1 ,... f r I fi q l.. us .,, -Mi 5.4 ' . . ,ff .N -,I ,E . 3' .-elsnlfxk . U .J -,L fy I , 4 1.5 Y 0 . ,aa-gf .Lui f,1'Qpq- . 'sg Far Left: "Jumping off" car presents prob- lem for two male students. Left: Four hands, a straightened clotheshanger, and a little mental power are as good as keys. Cochran, W. David Cofer, Elizabeth A. Cofer, Phyllis C. Coffey, David L. Coleman, Connie R. Coleman, Henry R. gl f I , ,H Conner, Jerry Thomas li lg l ,fl li L . . Coleman, JoAnne Coleman, Randall B ., Coley, David M. . ff-7 Coley, Kathryn E. -f Coley, Valerie O. Collier, Michael Fl Collier, Shirley A. Coley, Gayle M. Collins, Joy L. Colquitt, Margie Colwell, Beulah M Combs, Cynthis Y. Compton, G. Louise Connell, Byron L. Connell, Tommy L. f: A f -1' Connington, Veronica Cook Cook Cook - Cook, Cook, Belinda G. Catherine L. , Gerald A. , Linda C. , Michal A. Cooke, Shirlene Cooke, William F. Cooley, James L. ,F Cooling, John A. ' l :ay sg , i 'As 1 35 V I " . ,I ' . I, Cooper, Alonzo C. Cooper, Susan E. Q Corbin, Marvlyn 231 fails Qc, Cornwell, Marjorie A. Cosby, Julian F. Coyle, Kevin K. Cowart, Charles W. Cowart, Wilburn A. Coxwell, William T. . - Craig, Rachel C. Crawford, Annett M. Crawley, Herman L. Crenshaw, Harold Fl. Crews, Dennis B. Cromer, George W. Cromer, Jimmy W. Cromer, Rebecca A. -l Crosby, Polly V. Cross, Hugh G. Crowder, Michael L. Crowdis, David T. Crowdis, John A. Crum, Nancy A. Crutchfield, Barbara G. Culpepper, Gary S. Culpepper, Linda F. Curry, William S. Cyrus, Fluth G. Dacus, Wynona Y Dahl, Arlene M Dale, Lyndia S Daniel, Carlos W. Daniell, James Fl 232 I Other Mugs ,- L Fu - l ' 1. ...iw- 5424! l 32:1-.'aW?.5.r-.ff 3..- 'U-Q Y'3V .S ff 'iii 44" GE -vs-if E In 1 f 4, A ig 53 ge -I 5 5, A an l , . -. , all if 5 G? 'D ll l .J I H-we J l Q if ff' sa - 63' A., , ' . ' ' 5? l .fo ,raft 'e.f-P'-'1-'Tag e,-as-2-if l 4-2 if mr -'S' Liberal dress codes allowed women freedom necessary to be themselves N9 Daniels, Alfonza Dorough, Edsel G. Davenport, Beverly G. Davenport, George Ill David, Jerry R. Davidson, Henry E. Jr. Davidson, Thomas D. Davidson, Tommie L. Davis, Barbara R. Davis, Deborah J. Davis, Ernest L I A V Davis, Charles H. :K Davis, Ernestine Davis, John H. Davis, Julia A. Davis, Keith B. Davis, Laurie B. Davis, Meryl L. Davis, Patti S. Davis, Paul A. Davis, Richard L. Davis, Steven M. Davis, Thomas C. Dawkins, Betty G. A . Dean, Jack O. Jr. V, af . - - Deavours, Richard W. ' ' f 'I Debary, Larry B. E' . I, I Delay, Carol T. . f Dell, Curtis F. - ' Denney, Linda K. . , s ,I ,u xx ,XX Dennis, Patricia F. Dennis, Phyllis A. Dent, Lydia A. Deriso, David C. Desselle, James H. Detamore, Charles R. Above Far Left: Scurrying across lawn in front of Ad Building is long and short of it. Above Left: Jeans, pantsuits, and hot pants give three views of old subject. Left: Shorts and body shirts las well as sitting on a curbl give Donna Vickery and Sally Williams a settled atmosphere. 233 Detamore, Robert C. DeVane, William F. Dewitt, John G. Dews, Eugene K. Dickey, Chris Dickinson, John M. Dill, Lott H. Dillard, Cary Dillard, Donna A. Dillard, Rebecca J. Dix, Glenda K. Dixon, Daphne E. Dixon, Nancy C. Dixon, Susan P. Dixon, W. Brooke Dorminey, Ronnie W. Dorough, Gary G. Dorsey, Larry Dowdell, Shirley Downs, Anne E. Drennan, Bruce C. Drew, John A. Drew, Ursula A. Driggars, Duane E. Driggers, Ronnie L. Driver, Stephen G. Dubose, Patricia G. Ducati, Debra K. Duck, Patti A. Dudley, William C. Duff, Gordon M. Duke, James B. Duke, Lonnie H. Duncan, Rebecca M. Ducan, Teresa G. Duncan, Wayne L. Dunn, Andrew W. Dupree, Clabe V. Jr. Durham, Joseph P. Durham, Thomas H. Dyal, Ernest G. Jr. Eades, Martha L. Earl, Susan C. Easom, Bobby M. Easom, Donald L. Easom, Leon L. Eason, Judith A. Easterlin, Clara A. Easterlin, Debra Edge, Anthony Q. Edge, June D. Edgemon, Thomas G. Edmonson, Billy W. Edmunds, G. Frederick Edwards, Edwin L. 234 I Other Mugs . i - """? ' , '1 'in ' wi W nt as 1. L ,. - A' 1... ,- . ' Ah- Q91 we-7 fl.- Cow, along with beetle and friend, depicted human nature. .f fri ia 45 ' ga, is ww, it iw ..', W. 'li 'vs .1- ff! 1.1, K, ,x fl! 'ul Ya! - 57 M A S '- if V W I ' . " "wi -4 U ' , - 5, f . nv- , - rv 'va . , 6 QL i F h Q Qgl-' ft. - ' SJ U A i fa- . J . ,f' We l' H :Z-UHF. : U -,lk H "-FL V 'i - fred? ',:if'im-,,.v .rn - -' - l 5 .,, I -.- -. ' ' i i' W Q ,z 71-s, "i? T . 2 5 Q X' QI .. -,.: ,- - AJC.-' ' , " 1 rt '-1' "-fr- QL- .i i , of -- .612 ii? More , -14.-I wr-,-pf K . 1 at P ,. . ,ad W 'I-If' l is s ,N . avafas f-'ZH rj, Y? K QA .1 vi 'I 1 'PW' " yr , xv -5 If I Sumter County cow poses long and faith- fully without a friend in sight while beetle and friend solve problems that people can't. 'fl-Qs A , IM 9 is Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Ivy F. James M. Malcolm D. Walter W. Eldridge, Griffith M. Ellerbee, Tim G. Ellis, Harriett Ellis, John B. Jr. Ellis, Mike C. Ellis, Nancy A. Ellis, Nancy L. Ellison, Mona E. Elliston, A. Claire Elmore, Anthony W. Elton, Marta Eminger, Ronald E. Enfinger, Johnny M. English, Cecile P. English, Steven B. Ennis, Sheryl J. Ernest, Agnes D. Etheridge, William D. Evans, Robert L. Everson, Cheryl G. Everson, Timothy J. Ewing, Beth G. Faircloth, Dennis H. Faircloth, Raymond T Faircloth, Sara L. Farmer, Joseph M. Farmer, Roda K. Faye, Mary J. Feagin, James A. Ferguson, John E. lll Ferguson, William T. Ferris, John E. Fetner, Donna M. Findlay, Lydia S. Finley, Janice K. Finleyson, Martha J. Fish, John N. Fisher, Jan F. Fitzgibbons, Lea J. Fiveash, Ella J. Fiveash, Karlyn W. Fleming, Marcia A. Fletcher, Joe Florence, Stella L. Flowers, Henry J. Flowers, Robert K. Flowers, Thomas A. Floyd, Ben F. Ill Floyd, J. Benjamin Foister, Pamela J. Ford, Cheryl J. Fordham, Geneva B. Forehand, Dwayne D. Forester, Mary H. Forrest, William T. Forrester, Joel M. Forsling, Karen E. Fort, Allen B. Forth, Mary L. Foster, D. Suzette Foster, Veronica D. Fouche, Deborah H. Fouche, Elizabeth A. Fountain, Donald E. Fountain, Terri J. Fowler, Sharon Fl. Fox, Julie A. Foxworth, J. Randall 236 1 other Mugs ,Hu-'E 'li it null 'nf ' 4 V -. cs - J- 4 s f" ,- A .N xml' U --'I ' AJ' ' Wir TQLJL .': r M, F it .fi days drew students outside for kite and the varsity Hurricanes drew inside for winning at Homecoming. Wind played important role in symbolizing GSC ,film X lf: L Q 33 -,... . L elf 'F av' , ' as' 9 .5 . A V l,-1' Us 1 .- 'af 4. L? fi? .rx il a W 4"""? lb!" " I ! "l "R v . , Eg-"xr bk, 8 ik ce L , . il X 3- ,fb f 1' ..,, .!. 0 W. V 1 ki? 1 4 r , 1 ,5 l A. , l .a.. 'ls-any ' Z , 3 1 it M 'fe li ' 33 . L Q We I X ,V " Fx ,, A ' G., -42' l 5 . 4:5 a. rf, 'T h,Q - J ,,-4' 1' J l ia 5 f - ,gf-'jf Az A , "' ,y A 'P' ' , 4-.l,., fi -3 ' ' I' ' 1 ' 'ra . 3 I VR L' 5 is? l 'Q' ' A - 1 i I. A H I ' 12 ' I tl 'fa .. Ml? l L, .QQ 1 1- A ' KZ! W1 in I Franklin, Jerry M. Franklin, Larry W. Franklin, Pamela V. Fraser, Ricky J. Frederick, Ann E. Freeman, Janice H. French, Phillip E. Frost, Otis M. Fulford, Allen S. Fuller, Leslie A. Fuller, Nancy A. Funck, Valerie O. Funderburke, Lana J. Futch, Beverly A. Futch, Deborah L. Gainous, Don D. Gamadanis, Dennis Gamble, Samuel E. Garner, Robert F. Garrett, W. Carl Garwin, Freida L. Gary, Sylvia T. Gaskin, John B. Jr. Gaston, Fl. Jackson Gay, Barbara L. Gay, Thomas S. Gay, Virginia C. George, John T. Gibbs, Daniel T. Gibbs, Donna M. Gibson, Albert M. Gibson, Arlene R. 237 Mandatory cafeteria policy for on campus students remained in Gibson, Dereth V. Gibson, Gary D. Gibson, Sara E. Gibson, Steven T. Giddens, Andy B. Gieseking, Kathleen D. Gignilliat, Robert D. Gilbert, Howard F. Gilbert, Percy M. Giles, Brenda S. Gill, Herbert L. Gilliam, E. Randall Gilliam, James W. Gilmore, Emory G. Jr. Gilreath, Charles L. Giowing, Salvador Gladden, John M. Gleaton, Lucia A. I Glover, Paula P. Goldstein, Louis F. Gooding, David S. Goodman, James T. Goodson, Patricia C. Gore, Timothy F. 'A ' 'I' as fi- - i I , I X 1 ' f A 'ffk C"? if Ti T A :ii rg?- -ta be , f if Ag G d R ld dt our oze, ona - Granger, E. Denise ,'-2: Q ' -'f 'S .,,, ,F E y U 2 , T Gray, D. Suzanne F -- 5. 5--, ly., ,, -' , T .1 I Gray, Gregory E. -. -F' y 1 ' 1 -55' H 5 'ff M Gray, Lisa Fl. 1 Q ,ii ii . ,, A -Q' . , .-, - - 'ff . at 33.3. ' I P 5, i Students grumbled while standing in line and grumbled while sitting and eating. The cafeteria remained full and the counter continued to click. 238 l Other Mugs " .5 K5 X ll 'fi las l A 15 , I H, 5- X xx , ' M ' X f ' X I il -,yxii K . if itil Q., f .- 1' S l . '-v X .1 A .l 5 . L A 'Q ii N wh. In CT? Gray, Randy C. Greathouse, Judy S. Green, Johnny L. Green, L. Charlene Green, Elizabeth A. Green, Joe A. Greene, Pamella Gregorie, Kathy G. Gregory, Barbara J. Griffin,,Carol Griffin, Debbie R. Griffin, Dennis C. Griffin, Joyce M. Griffin, Kay Griffin, Mikie H. Griffin, Shelia J. Griffin, Tommy L. Griffin, William D. Griffin, William H. Ill Griffith, Kathy A. Griggs, William A. Grimes, Sheila E. Grinstead, Thomas R Grist, Stephen B. Grubbs, Clarence B. Guenther, Carol M. Gurr, Earl E. Hagerson, Boyd M. Hagins, ERA S. Hagins, Thomas W. Hair, Lovelace E. Halcome, Patricia A. Hale, Mary A. Hales, Lanny M. Hall, Marcus Hall, Emma R. Hall, Janet M. Hall Michael W. Hall Shirley A. Hall Thomas P. Ham, William L. Hamilton, Bettye J. Hamilton, Theresa G. Hamlin, Bernice G. Hamlin, Robert W. Hammock, Everette D Jr Hammock, Kenneth L Hammond, Kathy S. Old library building put on new appearance with Media Center, Nurses and Art displays. " , i WhMgllllllllllllll,lll1:, 2Alll,.llllllll.lii5,.,,.,. r is . 4 -lfle"i'f ieis 'nw H " " ,l 'll"rlf',f1'.'i if Al J l li iig.lii'llBmlltrl-illlllllllmm Hamrick, Benjamin H. Harbuck, Bonnie J. Harbuck, Catherine L. Harbuck, C. Buck Hardester, Walter E. Hardin, Robert L. Hardy, Marlin G. Harmon, Anna M. Harmon, Lucinda L. Harper, James S. Harper, William M. IV Harrell, Brenda C. Harrell, Deanne E. Harrell, Deborah C. Harrell, Frances W. Harrell, Jacqueline Harrell, Laverne Harrell, Linnie L Harrell, Mary L. Harrell, Mary W. Harrell, Michael Harris, Betty Harris, Cecelia J. Harris, Doris P. Harris, John M. Harris, Karen Harris, Margaret B. Harris, Marie E. Harris, Stephen Y. Harris, Thomas E. 240 I Olher Mugs a K Arif!! .l '7 "r 'Fi F- AN vm ...vt wld! S be . "x ' ',-x , ,lr- I x ' QE' ' ll All 565635 I 9535129143 BHK Y QB 65.5 3292929.25 29? 6.5555569657 SWR 2929292925 292 KWH " " sgaigfg ,- .ffm .,, ' 1 l ' , ill ,' , l f X I .43 . bei c he . -sn.-5 0 X .kj . V n. L . . vs ig-L " as 'x . . -l.- .L . , .,- Q 'see ease" A --- -... . 5 - f -. .2 I' 1 . . 1. ., . , Jenna5292Q-4u9swu9une2u9evevG5GD 3 " A aggyqgnanmnavwnananannnanShShShszggzgg Jxzszenmuxmususzuvuveuuuuuu new Q .aaaaxaaaaaaaanaa- - --- J 1 V3 newevevevevuvuveggaggsaggggsggagsgsgg .aaaaaaaamenanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanahszs 'vevunuvevevuvevmveveuuuuveuuumueweusv .szsnsnsnszsnansnsnananansnsnansnsasnp 'ususasummsnmemususasnunsusuuuuumuevsr Q: o 1, s . int. ' iffy , ,. s'x's ' l 5 I . . :PERBNQSKNBFKNZSZNZSZSZSZSZSTY?j?i?i?J . . . p 1 H ' 11. A: xv until 9 , 3 9 -n 4 v aa 4. 1 - 1 . . ' N ailiH5656555H5656NZHHNHSBSHNHNHNHNZNH. it ucv., it I ,gl X., X' GA Y . 0. vw, ti? 'flu ply? X Three views of the campus Media Center illustrates that even concrete walls have personality changes. The building present- ly houses the Nurses Division, some Psy- chology classes, an art display area as the Media Center. The structure well as u was the home of the campus library until was made to a more spacious a move building in Summer of 1971. Harrison, O. Mike Hart, Charles J. Hart, John D. Hart, Robert L. Jr. Harter, Patricia A. Hartley, D. Michael Hartman, Neal L. Hartsfield, David C. Harvill, Donald L. Hatcher, Larla Hatfield, Steve M. Hathaway, Cynthia ll Hattaway, Sammie K. Hayer, George D. Hayes, Sybil D. Hayes, Thomas E. Haynes, Charles W. Hays, George R. Head, William J. 45 Heard, Sharon , , Heath, Sandra - N 'H' " A 5 Helms, Clarice ' . C' Henderson, Robert E. l Hendon, Theresa M. l Elly Hendon, James R. .1 xl 1 Hendricks, Glenn R. , Q Hendrix, Curtis A. . ., Henry, Beverly W. -- - . Henry, Hugh D. ,l gi Henry, Sally M. H l Q I Henson, Julie N. av- 'W Henson, Patricia A. , A.. A, Herlist, Robert M. 1 Herlong, James H. Jr. Y-9,4 ' Hernandez, Hilda R. ' ' Herndon, Robin D. Herndon, Wendell B. Herring, Julie H. Hester, Charles C. Hickox, Velma J. Hicks, Joseph R. Hicks, Susan R. . ,J 241 Hicks, Wilma J. Higgenbottom, George S. Hill, David W. Hill, Donald C. Hilliard, Wayne D. Hines, Charlotte E. Hinson, Gail E. Hinton, Cynthia A. Hinton, Mary E. Hinton, Richard G. Hobbs, Ralph B. Hobby, T. Maurice Hobgood, Karen Hobgood, Marlene Hodge, Richard L. Hodges, Robby E. Hoffman, C. Emerson Holder, Doris K. Holdren, Michael F. Holland, John S. Holland, Linda L. Holland, Marcia L. Hollis, Danny Hollis, Sherra F. Hollis, Steven P. Holloway, Horace Jr. Holloway, Leon B. 242 I Other Mugs C? Lg-as gg-'21 ' WPG .56- 34' wwf' 112327 CI' 'i gilt l Lfs Rs I-h ,.,,, c.? Jr, N X J ' J, -1.1 ,. ' 'ff 'N 6 ' :K A - X I : i' 1 , L , .5 Y ., fvof 5 f 6 M. Symbolism found in daily sights around campus commun ,I 4 -s...f' vu ,E an K - at G ,ef - Hs . lf 5 2:11, 1 .-y Y I K 3 .fee 9' l as "' V 1: ,- W , l l ,-f , ku 1 - l,:::,' : - A. 'JJJ5 ,J . 712.11-if "-1 A .-tfmxx f' .Ip ,IR f ,' AQ N ' 1:4 T X "Me and that cat surely do have a lot in common." , "Yeah, l've felt'that way a few , , times myself. Usually though l'm l, more like ole Daisy the beagle." l "Huh ?" "You know, happy but still chained." "Next thing you're gonna say is that GSC is for the ". . . What do you think?" Holloway, Lyanne Holloway, Stephanie Holman, Lottie G. Holmes, Edward J. Holmes, James C. Holmes, Lynwood Holton, William P. Hooks, Glynn M. Horan, Gene M. Horne, Nancy S. Hornsby, Delores A. Horsley, Linda L. Hortman, Wanda House, Charles H. House, Melinda J. House, Penny R. Houston, Mack H. Houston, Stephen E. Howard, Asa W. Howard, Pryor E. Howard, Stephen R. Howell, Barbara H. Howell, Kathy E. Howell, George S. Howell, Ronnie O. 243 Howington, Wanda L. Huddleston, Dorothy A. , . Hudson, John R. Tl A Hudson, Ronald E. Hudson, Terry H. f r Hughes, Grady F. Hull, Donald T. '- Hulsey, Jerome B. Human, Michael E. Hungerford, Deborah F. Hunt, Gary R. Hunt, Lindon E. Hunt, Rita R. Hutto, Clifton E. Hunter, Samuel R. Jr. Hutcheson, M. Louise Hutchings, William A. Hutchinson, Janice L. Hutchinson, Sheron Hunter, Clifton M. Hutwagner, John R. Icard, Gregory B. lngle, Catherine l. Ingram, Malcolm D. Ingram, Stephen J. , Ingram, Thelma N. 1 of Irwin, John D. -ft Israel, Beverly R. l l 5 l Iverson, Jerry W. Ivey, David L. Ivey, G. Phillip Ivey, James W. Ivey, Kay Dee Ivey, Ralph M. Jr. Jackson, Brenda B. Jackson, Cynthia A. Jackson, Gladys Jackson, Lauris W. Jackson, Michael S. Jackson, Wanda F. Jackson, William M. Jaros, George D. Man vs. nature in continued battle for use of air space and land area. New sewer lines were installed and a multi-million dollar three story building soared toward completion. Flexible nature slipped around and used any space available. 244 l Other Mugs Jarrell, Jerry J. Jarrett, Vicki A. Jarvis, Rosella Jenkins, Betty J. Jernigan, Seleta Jester, Mary A. Jett, Kathy L. Johansen, Carol B. Johansen, Laural A. Johnson, Anita C. Johnson, Carla S. Johnson, Deborah A. Johnson Gary W. Johnson Geraldine Johnson, Horace A. Johnson, J. Wayne Johnson, Jackie R. Johnson, James R. Johnson, Janelle Johnson, Jesse L. Johnson Joseph M. Johnson, Marijane Johnson, Michael W. Johnson Olin C. Johnson, Johnson, Robert B. William W. Johnston, Grayson Johnston, William J. 245 Q... 246 I Other Mugs Joiner, Deborah F. Jones, Debra E. Jones, Donna A. Jones, Donna L. Jones, Harry L. Jones, Herbert W. Jones, Horace L. Jones, Jill C. Jones, Jon M. Jones, Linda S. Jones, Mary T. Jones, Milton D. Jr. Jones, Marie A. Jones, Robert L. Jones, Sandra L. Jones, Tommie Jones, Wanda G. Jones, William B. Jr. Jones, William J. Jordan, Archie W. Jordan, Jewel D. Jordan, Martha A. Jordan, Ronald E. Joter, Robert M. .Q ,su ..-,W AV .. . Y Xfi l , This Building ls Closed KEEP our! I -1 is 17 l xx N nw.. ni' ii op. Jw. ig ev-QW V K .L Ll, ,' ll Y. ' I Z , i n , N ,lvi . 'jr gg , 51 A I if f f'h 1 . ln.. . Q! "A 4, -Q 23" . 1, 3- X ig 1 . 1 Q l l ilk' 6 , 2 x F -A , if , 4 rf 1 l if , .N I-,X . ,I I y , re, a.:- 1 r Far Left: Unidentified student worker mitres , , cement during construction of small build- Saw Campus COnStI'uCtIQn gettlng underway ing that houses seismagraph. Left: Sign on back door of Terrell Hall hints at future h d I f h demolitionofcampuslandmark. and ear P ans or t e end of Terrell ,emu ff-'V KJ ,ar 9? gn., nn 1' C-:,'1 i ,A , P 4-xt inf.. l x. A f .5 :tl fi, I g ii 1 GS pix mil , 'mf' 1 S0 si ' 1 A! M iifff 'tm is . Mt. - W wt ff. it fs: , 1 ', xy J :T 2,5 " rf Y K- I fx. . gig? g , so 'if-. S.. A Q i 6 R. ' ,vi 'Q "VE f--Q . Joyner, Ervin L. Jr. Kahn, Janet Kaine, Michael C. Katz, Mark J. Kegans, Johnny S. Kelly, David P. Kelley, Kerry A. Kelly, Berry D. Kelly Jack P. Kelly, Marianan Kemp, Susan M. Kennedy, Linda F. Kennedy, Milton W. Kennon, Danny W. Kent, Deborah L. Kilgore, Sandra K. Kimball, T. Clark Kinder, Randolph King, Debra C. King, Helen B. King, Helen P. King, Kathy A. King, Kay L. King, M. Claire King, Randy B. King, W. Curtis Kingery, John D. Kirkley, Karen E. Kirksey, James T. Kitchen, Harry E. Kitchens, Nancy M. Knight, Andrew E. Knight, Richard L. Knowles, Linda K. Knowles, Nancy L. Knowles, Robert D. Knowlton, George E Knowlton, Hiram W. Knowlton, John C. Kobs, Billy Krinsky, Jerry P. Kruger, Julie B. Mailboxes, building forms and chairs united with man if--'.,..'T: rt n,.,,- . -Jy, s" .4 '-, .1 -M, -4- - T:f-is-e'2f1"-Ki?-if1'f3l1Lheg" QR fl ,' , '-' we , i if wx- , My 1.4:-I? ,1?,,."',1-.gaij 'iri7g'i:l'5gl:'t.iaiit -, f- 5. . AQ. irf..m....4'f .f f, Kruger,,WilIiam F. Lackey, Janet S, Lacy, William T. LaGanas, George J. Lamb, Donnie R. Lancaster, Claudia S. Lane, Franky Lane, Garland W. Jr. Lane, Linda J. Lane, Nora K. Lane, Robert M. Langer, Roy W. Lanier, Karala E. Larraz, Jose J. Laster, Willie J. Law, Neal F. Jr. Law, Norma Ft. Law, Richard C. Lawhorn, Robert E. Lawless, Christopher J. Lawrence, Judy E. Laye, Cynthia Ledbetter, Fredrick D. Ledger, Charles C. Ledger, Lewis J. 248 I Other Mugs . i .5 1.-' :ig , - xy if ' it .. . Q. M ,QF X -W .. W' dvi A'3fx X +-- -1 'J' , -1 X we s '51 'ar 55, 'Nl---2' . . ,, W 1 ' E W. 1"i.5i 3: 6 A ' ' fir'-3i'1ifFr5 A- HH' L1 T . w g1.,..q59,53a .. ,xx 1, TQ, if siii ' ' fi 1-.QQ-L. W, . . ivf'-if "What?" "lt's true. The mailboxes remind me of ople in that they help man communicate. bviously, the chairs are used for people sit in and the building forms show man's ogressf' "You're weird." "What?" vi JR., 'IL ,X nv' r fl., l I 2. Y: I.: ,.. 1 1 V. 7' i bi 'vs his . Q, R i H A 'I fi . i L' fx i if Xi 'SC ' .vm . . ii '-P 1' Lee, Ben R. Lee, Cleotis Lee, Danny C. Lee, Marie M. Lee, Peggy Lee, Phillip A. Lee, Tommy C. Lees, Carol A. Leggate, Jay H. Lengel, David W. Leroy, Tony D. LeSuer, James N. Lewis Anne B. Lewis, Deborah A. Lewis, Deborah J. Lewis, Dennis M. Lewis, Eleanor D. Lewis, Eva Lewis, Mona G. Lewis, Robert F. 249 Below: Ad Building dome and boom of crane helping in construction of Business Ad Building are seen amidst trees and birds from vantage point near Murphy's Mill. Right: Postal clerk view of a campus mailbox. Lewis, William S. Leyland, Jeffery F. Lightner,'Hansel L. Lindsey, Jennifer A. Lique, Donna R. Lisenky, Evelyn E. Little, Anna M. Little, Earlean Little, Kathy A. Lockhart, Cornice Lochman, Joan K. Long, Alan A. Long, Brenda Long, Victoria F. Loring, Charlene J. Lott, lra Lee Jr. Louette, Terry L. Loylers, Rena T. Luckie, Susan L. Lunsford, Dianne Lyle, Patricia C. Mabry, Glin D. Mackery, Janice E. Macon, Charles Fl. 1' 1 fl L tba,- el I if 5 ix l 'XIX x. l BSY . ma. 5' 3 an " -r'..:Y' E? ' A X N V .97 V .xl . , .fri A.. x "JP - ' 'N l 4 i J S -.2 rd 'sa-ar .b i f-ftii Bw- 4 f ,mfr-1 ' Q ith: ' V .wa V . .:,' V lj l '-l f . I 5 -1 Q1 . 1 . pf' nag. --fr l."Tf- 1 ...,., .t -1 1.,+-L ,.,'F: L Varying views contrasted the freedoms and confinements of education K is? M mg? bg. 'S Aol dd A I A, ,N iq' -.Q . - ml-va ,-it -c., I '1":.9 Madding, Marilyn Maddox, Richard E. Maddox, Fl. Jane Maguire, Stephen D. Malcom, Harry J. Jr. Malcom, Nesbit A. Malone, William A. Maloy, J. Alan Marmatey, Charlotte M Mangham, Paula F. Mangram, Mary Elaine Manly, Walter Jr. Manning, William A. Markert, Sharon L. Marks, Timothy Martin, James D. Martin, Kathryn E. Martin, William J. Martinez, Armando G. Mask, Evanne Massey, Edward L. Ill Mathews, Tim L. Mathis, C. William Mathis, Edna Mathis, Sallie J. Mathis, Walter D. Jr. Matthews, Tem B. Mazeika, Adolph T. McBee, Blake F. McBee, Charlie E. McBride, David R. McClelland, Linda C. McClendon, Debra McConnell, Hazel McCorkle, William T. McCoy, Betty A. McCoy, Steve McCrainie, Ottie J. McCurry, Wilbur P. McDaniel, Charlotte McDaniel, Frank M. McDonald, Pamela Ride down Glessner Street exposed paradoxical position of signs McGarrah, Jeanette McGiboney, Carolyn E. McGlaun, Mable McGowan, Daniel P. McGowan, Lynn McGowan, William H. Mclntyre, James D. McKenzie, Joseph C. McKenzie, Thomas A. McKinney, Willie McKinnon, Kenneth W. McKinnon, Walla J. McLendon, Beverly McLeod, Benjamin McLeod, William F. McMath, William H. Jr. McMillon, Virginia McNeill, E. Ann McNeill, John A. McNeill, Martha L. McNeilIy, Robert T. McNitt, Neil B. McPherson, Glennis C. McRae, Jack H. McRae, James H. Jr. McFlainey, Malcolm A. Ill McSwain, Eleanor H. McUmber, John K. Melton, John C. 252 I Other Mugs , 0 I. P, 6-I I l -er-5 .- X Af Pm xx ' . -v "EQ tri '79 l" f Q n' X 1 K , l I lx ' h l , ' l 'S r' , P F at--f Q-T 4 ,lr f I.-': A Y Q 4... .. I mr Nuff If Q T Mercer, Malcolm R. Merritt, Anna M. Merritt, Katherine E. Merritt, Mark S. Messer, Gerald F. Messer, Deborah Messner, Kathryn D. Meyer, Ruth A. Middlebrooks, Kenny E Mifflin, Harold M. Mildner, Russell E. Jr. Miley, Ronald E. Milford, Joy Miller Miller Miller, Miller Miner. Miller, Miller, , Anne B. Carroll F. Deborah A. George S. JoAnn P. Myron B. Naamah L. Miller, Patricia D. Miller, Thornton M. Mills, Cynthia T. Mills, Deborah A. Mims, Elizabeth A. Mims, Linda C. Mims, Pamela L. Mingledorff, Claire W. Mingledorff, Joseph D. Minick, Wyley G. Pictorial essay of possible public opinions contrasts local and state views. Both signs appear on Glessner Street approaching campus. Minshew, Connie H. Minshew, Harry Mitchell, Donna K. Mitchell, Myra J. Mitchell, Todd F. Mock, Candace E. Mock, William T. Montfort, Noel Ill Montgomery, Richard R. Montgomery, Stephen A. Mooney, Richard G. Moore, Berry A. Moore, Gayle B. Moore, Robbie L. Moore, Sharon Moore, Susan G. Moore, Thomas D. Moore, Victoria L. Morey, Gary D. Morgan, Carl M. Morgan, L. Michael Morgan, Milton T. Morgan, Robert L. Morris, James T. Il Morris Lillie E Morris NancyT Morrison MikeT Morton James M Mosgovoy Charles M Mote Jerry 254 I Other Mugs 'if' ll ai X 1 ,gil , . 5 Q ' Aff, T if wx ' LL :wav ' :: Q- Students revamped through institutionalized processes fa- . .f., . . x 0 I l N' it ...- 4-si 7: -'Hun QA 'far fi? Q X' wif .rl QR 'Q 1? " si if ,X If I l if-w L l.. le 'Y' ,R all ll, "What the hell has this got to do with college?" "Man, if you have to ask you wouIdn't understand." ! W f lr, F if -S i J' l fa g. X Nm . Y' K 'He l I .mu-g.-, , -"' ew... .3., 'N-v...,...Q.,f" f-. ""? xl YB I x , . T"-HR T. ,I :V ,, .. vi - j Ji- al- as., .K ,. gi 5 5 , . swf .,-5. M5 5- - ,... ...QL . T 1, ..L ,fv- r 1 S.- ' L , .2 5:::' ,12:t"L ' ,L-1 ,N al- t"' , ,. y.. f ev , ,ll 25' am lx ., I r l sl x fl 3 ,gy X fi. " , ,.1.- a . , ny., 1.-,, i, , . tw A ... J , ' 1-41' 'i or l 1 Q, ELI? 5 fill . l l'l l n m y is A X- iff - 1 Avg, x Munn, T. Edward Murphy, Judy A. Murphy, Myra Mustin, Timothy S. Myers, Marianne Nadelhotfer, Cheryl L. Nagg, Brian L. Naramore, Rhonda Nelson, Darrell D. Jr. Nelson, Jimmy W. Nelson, Mary E. Nelson, Randy B. Nesbit, James O. Nesbit, Betty R. Nessamar, Lawrence A Newberry, Leslie K. Newcomb, Sandra J. Newell, Ann W. Newman, Donna L. Newman, Terry F. Newsome, Barbara L. Newsome, Ronald D. Nichols, Horace E. Nichols, Larry C. Nobles, Carolyn E. Nolan, Stephen R. Norman, James H. Norris, Jean L. Norris, Jerry H. Norton, Jerry W. Nugent, Kathleen R. Nusabaum, Melvin H. Nutt, Wayne T. Oates, Patti G. Oder, Gary L. Oder, Randall O. Oesterreicher, David L. Oglesby, Terry M. O'Hearn, Debra L. Oliver, Thomas W. Oliver, Charles M. O'Neal, Marilyn G. O'Neal, Marion L. Ortiz, Angel L. Osborne, Dana S. Quinette, Jerry E. Owens, Clyde E. Jr. Owens, Sylvia D. Oxford, Winston A. Pace, Bobby T. Padgett, Farrell E. Palmer, Alton L. Palmer, William A. Parker, Anne E. Parker, Deborah S. Parker, John M. 255 - 'rssavi Ti f- ,... f V1 J 1 sm . L' " '- aff. '- -, .M " . -. .- ,.... L 'si . , w -4 fifth . it sr Some people pressed together to watch the action , Qi . . . , ' J' MQ- A and others viewed the action from a safer distance. f ' W . ' ' V ec"'ef Parks, Karen D. J K P 'n,N . P' ' aggftaini-ilrjyzhnje ' '- ' 1 Passmore, Julie J. . ' I if ' Pate,Jackie Pate,JudyC. Patterson, Angie L. Patterson, Dennis C. Patton, Cliff E. ,,., Paul, Susan Peacock, Linda R. A YJ 'x . iff A I Peavy, Debra L. J A " "' A Peavy, Mary J. ,f -. ,,' ,, 1 Peck, Mary J. gl? 'I' 'A' Peek, Charles T. Peele, Jimmy E. A P Penn, Donna L. . . JL ' ' Pennington, Cheryl A. 'F' cj' L Perdue, Sandra J. l qi I 3 ' . is' ' , , gs- X ....n!!'I l A W4 Perdue, William D. . 7-1 4-A Perkins, Nancy J. .Z- Perlis, Leon B. Permison, Paul B. Perrine, Tina L. A - , fl ' Perry, Bessie H. jx -' 4: .V .-- V , v f Perry, Brenda K. - Q ' " Perry, Katherine E. ,A --nf ' A , -. , I 'f'1 256 I Other Mugs jr 'Ham l X l ,eg pf, ,..4 'CS f'f"N 'M 'ZS UA Fha .J .age M T U ,,. r . ..-fi, l f G' . I' Y 'Yu V it i 4 5 4 1: l Perry, Kristen S. Perryman, Eager F. Petrich, Edward M. Phillips, Betty J. Phillips, Bruce A. Phillips, Charles K. Phillips, Karon G. Phillips, Mark S. Philmon, Terrell W. Phillips, T. Wesley Pickering, James W Pierce, Carlton C. Pike, Brenda S. Pike, Clinton W. Pinson, Cathy S. Pittman, Donna L. Pitts, Charles W. Pitts, Marcia J. Plair, Robin B. Plant, Jerry S. Pollock, Teresa Pope, Larry D. Pope, Sharon E. Posey, Harold Jr. Posey, James R. Post, Raymond A. ll Potts, Cathy A. Powell, Alan T. Powell, Caroline M. Powell, Deana K. Powell, Wesley M. Powers, Donald M. Pratt, Tommy G. - Price, Barry R. Price, James M. Price, Maple K. Above Left: Student watches campus drama from Student Center steps Left Crowd of students witness Hurricanes " 'Prince, Kathryn D. Pritchett, Barbara L. Privette, James W. Pruett, Jesse F. Pryor, Robert S. Jr. Purser, Frances R. Pursley, Catherine L. Purvis, John D. Quick, William W. Rabon, Henrietta Racz, Nancy J. Radcliffe, Kenneth S. Raffield, Frankie J. Ragan, Ronald G. Raines, Ronald B. Ramey, Susan W. Ramey, William F. Randall, Austin Ransom, David W. Ransom, Dixie J. Rast, Lucia L. Rathel, E. Anne Ratliff, Janet L. Reason, Clifford J. Reaves, Harold D. Reddick, David R. Reddick, Harry C. Reddick, James A. Jr. Redding, Jo Del 258 I Other Mugs - l .fs or S1 Q., il It . -ur1?.,5s , l l ,1. Sexual perversion expounded through campus posters. 5 YJ. . V 'F' .gi . .1 "-.Q 'e 'fl' 'f 7, Reed, Rachell A. ' Reese, Earl J. Jr. Reeves, Allene C. Reeves, Sharon W. .. Register, Tony E. 'W l ' if '.-, A' . L Rehberg, William H. Reid, Norma J. U .W if ' 2 33 hu xwf Y? Reynolds, Brenda K. Reynolds, James B. Reynolds, John M. Reynolds, Otis Reynolds, Patty S. Reynolds, Richard N. Reynolds, Roy R. Reynolds, Sandra G. Rhodes, Cathy S. Rhodes, W. Richard Rice, Herbert K. Richardson, Deborah P Richardson, Michael G. Richardson, Nanci E. Richmond, Paul A. Rickert, Merrilyn A. Riddles, Sarah A. Rigsby, Tony G. Rilief, David C. Rivers, Joel C. Roan, Laura C. Robbins, Dale W. Roberson, John H. "Wait a minute. Just-wait-one minute "O. K.! - What's your problem "My problem! With all this perversion around you want to know my problem." "Yeah." "WelI, gee, I don't know." "Hey man, how long have you hated your mother?" "Wait a minute. Just-wait-one-minute." 259 Construction of new, new classroom building had humble beginnings for '73 completion date. K R -Wee. Roberts, C. Sue Roberts, Forrest D. Roberts, Gordon L. Roberts, Lana K. Robinson, Arthur R. Robinson, Bruce E. Robinson, Dorothy C. Robinson, Martha S. Robinson, Martin D. Robinson, Nancy D. Robinson, Robert W. Robards, Barbara J. Rockwell, Vera M. Rodatus, Robert V. Rodgers, Linda D. Rogers, Mary H. Rogers, William W. Jr. Roland, Deborah M. Roland, Donald R. Roland, Douglas G. Roland, Randy E. Roland, Wyndell E. Roquemore, Nancy G. Ross, Hanley R. Ross, R. Thomas Rosser, Michael L. Rouse, Joe S. Rowe, Elizabeth C. Royal, Wayne E. Russell, Rosemary 260 I Other Mugs lf! SJ' ...ff 3 'IR an 67-95. x ,M gy Q-1 L I C? GSC's most recent major construction project, a three story classroom building lBusiness Ad?1 had humble beginnings in Fall Quarter. Construction crews, ham- pered somewhat by Sumter County wea- ther, worked throughout the year and aimed for a 1973 completion date. Flyle, Laura J. Sadler, Stephen H. Saliba, Mikki Sandefur, Waverlyn C. Sanders, Eleanor L. Sanders, Genie E. '-..-" 'af ,, Sanders, Jack l. Sasser, Sara C. Satterfield, D. Kay Sauer, Mark A. Saunders, Carole Sanders, Shanler 1""7 M216 Saunders, Charles Fl. Saunders, Joseph Fl. Saunders, Laura F. Savelle, Augustus H. Sawyer, William W. Jr. Scarborough, John W. Scarborough, Claude G. Schofil, Sandra K. Schramm, Calvin A. Schramm, Michael W. vu, Scott, Bonnie Scott, Francis X. Scott, Gerry L. Scott, Mary E. F NF Scott, McArthur 1175 yn:-7 Seale, Leslie G. Seibert, William E. Seigler, William T. 261 Sell, Ernest W. Jr. Sellars, Martin Sellars, Nancy J. Selman, William T. Sercer, Patricia R. Sessions, Fred L. Seymour, K. Lynn Shadrick, Charles H. Shaw, Marlon A. Shaw, P. Jill Sheffield, Bill Sheffield, Ernie M. Sheffield, Kathy E. Shelton, Bettye J. Shenfeld, Evan B. Shepard, J. Michael Shephard, Mary B. Shephard, Ralph K. Sheppard, Dianne G. Sheppard, Howard C. Sheppard, Jane C. Shipp, John E. IV Shipp, Michael E. Shiver, Gail E. Shiver, Myra S. Shivers, Flene Short, Frances E. Short, James C. 262 I Other Mugs L11 in 11- 111 11 U ,.... liz ii'E'micf BH 90. 's as lk E 7. at i,' pt hu X I - . VE '-b . x. . I ' 9 Qfff . 1 95 1 , .Je ' I if? , I Q f' 17 ..N 1, t .. -ff 'yi L , ... M. S, , , - 1 ,I 'I ,ff l M CJ ki l I- , 5 af- . 17711 1 f"2 F r . '12 l, RX Simberg Steven M. Simon CarolJ. Simmons John M. Simpson Blair Sikes, Patrece C. Simpson, Sandra - Simpson, Terry R. 4 S - Sims, Frederick E. 1 Sims, Gladys . J , Singer, WandaW. . I O 49 ' - . Slade, Marilyn . A Slade, Sandra G. ,, , Slappey, Jane Slappey, Irma J. . Slater, Kenneth N. PT-" 1 'ws ea N. . M-.1 ,-. Sligar, Mark A. Sligar, Susan Slocumb, Johnny Fl. Smallwood, Joe L. Smith, Charles L. Smith, Clarence R. Smith, Dan P. Smith, Dinah C. Smith, H. Crew Smith, Jack K. Smith, James A. Smith John S. Smith, Karen L. Smith, Merle E. Smith, Sandra K. Problems which caused depressions which caused apathy or apathy which caused depressions which caused problems was felt throughout 1972 both in and out of class. Whatever the reason or reasons many campus citizens experienced the standing in the shadows feeling. 263 Smith, Steven D. Smith, Teresa A. Smith, Tony B. Snead, Carrie L. Snead, Melanie A. Snipes, Charles H. Snow, Michael Solomon, Colellia Sosebee, Jane A. Sosebee, Ralph E. Speer, Rhonda H. Speer, William M. Spence, Lucious Spence, Naven D. Spence, William W. Spikes, Joseph C. Spillers, Charles L. Spillers, Debra A. Spires, Dan R. Jr. Stade, Jerry E. Standley, Lynn Standley, Sands A. V Standridge, Amy J. Stanford, Glynise Stanford, James H. Jr. Stanford, William B. Stanley, James L. Stapleton, John L. Starling, Michael E. Statham, Terri Steadham, Donna L. Steele, Betty L. Stein, Deena A. Stephens, Judy R. Stephens, Pattie Stephens, Ray M. Three scenes from "structurally modern end of campus include areas in front of Academic building, "hello way" in front of library and sidewalks by Student Center 264 l Other Mugs Campus growth included landscaping as well as modern building. Stevens, Donald R. Stevenson, George D Stevenson, Mary L. Stewart, Cary S. Stewart, Dean R. Stewart, John S. Stewart, William D. Stewart, William E. Stinson, Virginia L. Stokes, Gwen L. Stokes, Randy T. Stone, John C. Storey, Suzann K. Stover, Blaine E. Jr. Strickland, James R. Strickland, James S. Strickland, William S. Stripling, Barbara M. Stripling, C. Hobby Stubbs, Robert Studstill, Richard M, Suddath, J. Michael Suggs, Glenn A. Sutton, Nancy A. Sumner, Rebecca L. Swanner, Michael A. Swearinger, Karen H. Swilley, William H. Psychology instructor's pet was unusual to most. fl. l 1: ,- M A gxf Szares, John W. Jr Tabb, Ronald H "' Tallant, Aaron H Tallent, John E. Tamblyn, Donna E Tanner, John P Tapley, Bernard K Taunton, William S ,314 Taylor, Cheryl E. Taylor, Janice Taylor, Marion T. Jr. Taylor, Marshall A. TT' Q 'N ll u K .. "" I ', L f ll' Taylor, Patrlcla G. 1 D P ' K 1.5 T - FS T Taylor, Sharon K. A 1 5 - 9 Taylor, Susan A. Y.: 'S' J Teal,Terry E. ew ' ,lf U Teate, Thomas L. ,-I l 'W' Teele, Myra A. ' 4. ,. , Q, - Tell, Mary ' Templeton, Betty D. 4' ll 266 l Other Mugs rr fs ...L.QQ if-:tl 1- I , 1 ,P l 1- i 3 2 tarantula Terry, Emma B. Terry, James T. Terry, Michael T. Terry, Reba Terry, William F. Teston, Linda K. Thomas, Janet B. Thomas, Mildred F. Thomas, Minnie J. Thomas, Peter R. Thomas, Rufus G. Thompkins, Stephanie R Thompson, Deborah J. Thompson, James L. Thompson, Ray Below: Men tracking the moon had no ill effects on its romantic beauty. Right: Sun- set through jungle like foliage suggests South Georgia past and present. Thompson, Ronald E. Thompson, Ronnie Thompson, Timothy S. Thompson, Tommy Thrasher, Phyllis J. Th readcraft, Johnese Th readcraft, Tommy R. Tillman, Max T. Timms, Walter W. Tiner, Kathy D. Tinsley, Jacqueline D. Tomberlin, Martha V. Touchton, Cynthia T. Train, Gerald J. Trofemuk, Joan Fl. Tucker, Daryl Tuggle, Robert A. Turk, Janet R. Turnell, Clara A. Turner, Fred S. Turner, Nell W. Turner, Paula E. Turner, Roan J. lll Turner, Rose E. 268 I Other Mugs VK' lib-4. l it iii Lk K '-- I. l , l l- T T "?'1? Y? atudents slipped through hazy year as moon and sun stayed bright Q. 4 , lv Tye, Larry R. Tyler, David M. Tyler, Terry J. Tyre, William C. Tyson, Alonzo L. Tyson, Margaret K. Underwood, Gloria L. Usry, Belle G. Usry, Erianne C. Usry, Sylvia S. Usry, Wanda Y. Valentino, William M. Varner, Fields W. Varner, Thelma C. Vaughn, Evelyn R. Vaughn, Rola E. Vegard, James D. Vick, Lois W. Vick, Robert D. Vickery, Donna L. Vining, Richard D. Vissage, Gail Wade, Charles H. Wade, Joseph C. Wade, Mary A. Wade, Peggy S. Wadsworth, Carol Wadsworth, Danny L. Wadsworth, Robert R Wagnon, Lyndon Wagner, Rodger L. Wainwright, Joel Walker, Carson S. Walker, David S. Jr. Walker, Jacqueline Wall, Charlene E. Wall, Charles B. Wall James W. Wall Michael B. Wall Norman W Wall Sherry L. Wallace, John A Seaboard Coastline Railroad continued to block traffic on Glessner. Waller, Mary D. Walters, Deborah Walters, Donald E. Walters, Emma J. Walters, John F. Walters, Sharon G. Walton, Clayton L. Walton, Mattie Fl. Ward, Debra Ward, Edward S. Ward, Janice D. Ward, Jolene S. Ward, Leonard M. Ward, Marianne Ward, Richard C. Warren, Charles P. Warren, Diana L. Warren, Pamela J. Washington, Bruce E. Waters, Bertha L. Watkins, Michael B. Watson, Barry S. Watson, Debra J. Way, Jerry Ashley Webb, Clifford C. Weems, John S. Wehitz, John R. Weidel, Mary W. Weigle, John H. Welch, John W. Welch, Marshall C. Welch, Nancy M. Welch, Sherry J. Weldon, George L. Weldon, William E. Wellons, Sandra P. Wells, Gary F. Wells, John D. Wells, L. Frances Wells, Norma J. Wells Sharyn W. Wells, William L. Jr. Wesson, Benjamin L. West, Al E. West, Kathryn E. West, Kenny L. West, Richard L. West, Susan P. West, William J. Westbrook, Shelley L. Wester, Brenda K. Westmoreland, Debbie Whatley, Faye P. Wheeler, Janice M. Whitacre, Lanny M. Whitaker, J. David 270 I Other Mugs ,.., lo ' x I '49 Z. I -Cf, 44 V -"li" ul t in . ,A X l f K g 'B ' l 'ji 'L lf .1-1 ' .L 1. ll We rd 3 f-. P P ., 1 I II l W 2 rt Lt X I 2 F,-' 'sas fn - -J' ff? X , Tl 'Viv .A Y 5. ll . 4 K -Y ,-'. E 1 in .5 I Q2 --. . l 1 I 1. . I 1 I 3,15 , 43 l f , . sta ll . N-1 , l l V I a .2 ,fi .' . Qi- 1 1. l gh- ,..f V ,aa 'OI Jie rr' ...Na ' .fi F lull 'E - . Sees' V l g E R N. Y 1 'gym f. , . L-, 'x--sv 1'4- I . SCL RR with crossing on Glessner was student pet peeve after trains continued to block street for long periods of time Whitaker, James W. White, David White, Deborah A. White, Jacqueline White, Lester V. White, Patricia A. Whitehead, Frances L Whitehead, James A. Whitehead, Rosalyn Whitfield, Cathy Whitman, Thomas E. Whittle, David L. Whittle, Dennis A. Wideman, Tommy J. Widener, Waller B. Wiggins, John H. Wiggins, Glenn S. Wilcox, Brenda K. Wilcox, Linda G. Wilder, Thomas M. Wiley, Joel Fl. Wilkerson, Henry Wilkinson, Larry R. Williams, Carolyn G. Williams , Debra S. Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams 7 Williams, Donna M. Douglas Fran E. Gordon F. James B. Ill Williams, John T. Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Kern E. Leslie O. Jr. Maureen , Oscar A. lll , Sally Understanding was product of developing hidden talents Wille, Vicki L. Williams, Phyllis A. Willis, David F. Wills, George T. Wills, Sherri B. Wills, Fleva M. Wills, William M. Wilson, Andrew B. Wilson, Cynthia Wilson, David Wilson, Debra A. Wilson, Frank A. IV Wilson, Gloria E. Wilson, James T. Wilson, Sandra L. Wilson, Tricia S. Wilson, W. Patterson Wimberly, Irene Winborne, Royce T. Winston, Phoebe A. Winter, William K. Wise, Edward J. Wisham, Hershel E. Wishum, Douglas E. Witherington, Donald I give up." Huh?" Weird, weird, weird." I don't understand you." You don't understand me. understand these pictures." I certainly do." Well, you're weird too." Hell, I give up." 272 I Other Mugs Wood, Debra L. Woodall, Carol L. Woodall, Linda D. Woodham, Jesse C. Ill Woodard, Stephen C. Wooten, Mary E. Wooten, Sharon C. Wright, Aimee L. Wright, Jones T. Jr. Wright, M. Charlene Wright, Mary J. Wright, Mattie R. Wright, Melvenia Wright, Shirley Wynn, Deborah C. Wynn, Russell A. York, Joyce E. Youmans, James A. Youmans, Joy Youmans, Susan M. Young, Janet L. Youngblood, William M Ziegenhain, Robert Zotti, Mary G. 273 wf' fx- . .xj i '5 1 S2 Es E 0 1' 1 W , ,qi 274 I GSC Men .f,1 , ,,,..-2-v- ..n1 GSC men participated in wonted activities --- ...Q 414' ' ' ' K' " i i ,' , .G . 44, 'uf "' I ,..'.r"' 'JM'-Q Chg, 44 ., 34 21- J 'ff 'M' i' T .Lim 1' f ,."'31a-rl 1,554 V " X nv, 4 .4-,Q .M -9.4. "What's a GSC man?" "Just exactly what the name im- plies." "Such as?" "Such as we are." "But we aren't. We're voices. Remember?" 5 ul! 3, 4 12 Q 275 GSC men out-numbered women by 60-40 ratio C.J 9,131 276 I GSC Men ia? 4 Q N Rx E 277 Accounting First Row: Perry Cain, John Thomp- son, Janice Freeman, Richard Cro- chet, Fred Easom. Second Row: Miss Rebecca Parks, advisor, Maven Spence, Stewart Douglas, Robert Smith, Rudy Hill, John Simmons, James E. Faircloth, advisor. Alpha Chi Omega Elaine Birchmore, Gayle Coley, Helen Donnan, Gaye Hardy, Patricia Hart- er, Patricia Henson, Cathy Holland, Liz Jackson, Martha Jordon, Joan Lockman, Rena Loyless, Printy Man- ley, Sharon Markert, Vikki Moore, Lillie Morris, Henry Rabon, Liz Rowe, Patrece Sikes, Susan Sligar, Janet Turk, Lynne Underwood, Gayle Vissage, Frances Wells, Tricia Wil- son, Linda Wilcox, Charlene Wright, Mary Wright, Janet Young. AWS Pat Miller, Connie Coleman, Anne Rathel, Johnese Threadcraft, Martha McNeil, Cheryl Taylor, Martha Bird- song. Baptist Student Union First Row: Lynn Ellis, Carole Saund- ers, Kathy Martin, Forrest Roberts, Second Row: Lynne Harrell, Cecelia Harris, Brenda Chambliss, Glenda Chambliss, Donna Steadham, Lau- rene Harrell. Third Flow: Dennis Grif- fin, Randall Coleman, Alan Cleve- land, Mr. Jerry Greene, advisor, John Bolt, Joe Blanton. 278 I Organizational Index PF 7 Biology Lynn Jackson, Steve Culpepper, Jim- my Feagin, Ed Slappey, Frank Wil- son, Gene Baker. Broadcasters Dr. Jackson Davis, advisor, Norman Waits, Flandy Burgess, Brent Fley- nolds, John Caldwell, Tony Preva- tero, Evin Shenfeld. Cheerleaders First Row: Nan Miller, Lea Fitzgib- bons, Ann Fredericks, Martha Peele, Leslie Forth. Second Row: Eddie Sosebee, Bill Youngblood, Gene Bry- son, David Reason, Alan Fort. Hosts and Marshals First Flow: Nan Miller, Sally Wil- liams, Valerie Funck, Martha Mc- Neill, Helen McDuffie. Second Flow: Bill Binneveld, Mike Hall, Jim Muench, Alan Maloy, Cliff Hutto, Tommy Faircloth. 280 I Organizational Index l 281 L , Choir Steve Anderson, Anita Barnett, Mi- chael Barnhart, Flena Canady, Gail Clark, Jacqueline Cloer, Gail Crutch- field, Thomas Davis, Jr., Rebecca Duncan, Susan Earl, Judith Eason, Lynn Ellis, Ben Floyd, John George, Laurene Harrell, James Hayes, San- dra Heath, David Hill, Donald Hou- send, Jerry lverson, Rosella Jarvis, Joan Lockman, Charlene Loring, Susan Luckie, Beverly McLendon, Patricia Miller, Mary Nelson, Carolyn Nobles, David Oesterreiche, Debra Ohearn, Henrietta Rabon, Brent Ftey- nolds, Linda Rodgers, Verena Saun- ders, William Selman, Gladys Sims, Charles Snipes, Debra Ann Stein, Cheryl Taylor, Donna Williams, An- drew Wilson, Nelvenia Wright, Pa- tricia Vost. Civitans Chuck Cates, Harry Weigle, Joel Forrester, Virginia Gay, Wesley Powell, Alan Maloy, Vi Crawford, Barbara Yeager, Susan Sligar, Ursu- la Drew, Ann Fredericks, Gene Bry- son, Larry Patterson, advisor, Ford Wilson, William Baggs, Terri Jones, Lee Saxon, Brenda Lovejoy, Janet Taylor. El Circulo Espanol Chad Bailey, Margo Bradenburg, Jimmy Clegg, Fl. Crabbe, Claire EI- liston, Sam Gamble, Sharon Hales, Theresa Hamilton, W. Johnson, Dan Lomax, Linda Peacock, Fl. Reed, P. Sercer, J. Smith, Janet Turk, P. Ash- worth, A. Davis, K. Grace, Hilda Hernandez, Debra Jones, Donna Jones, Jose Larraz, Kris Perry, Bar- bara Yeager, K. Baird, Jane Fox, Hellen King, Andy Sendelbach. Delta Sigma Theta Geraldine Johnson, Nelvenia Wright, Eloise McCray, Lanette Sims, Shir- lene Cooke, Emma Walters. 282 l Organizational Index J A QW i Gamma Beta Phi Judy Albritton, Jerry Barthlett, Sher- ma Barthlett, Sybil Baxter, Alan Cleveland, Helen Donnan, Anne Greene, Jackie Harrell, Mike Hart- ley, Patricia Harter, Dot Huddleston, Mary O. Johnson, Claire Jones, Nan Miller, Pat Miller, Carol Sasser, Johnese Threadcraft, Frances Wells, Beth Williams, Janet Young, Jamie Johnson, Becky Adams, Bill King, Bill Mock, Bertie O. Fiiner, Jane C. Donnahoo, Dorothy Price, Sally Ann Thompson, Laura B. Jackson. Health, P. E., and Recreation First Row: Dr. Delaneuville, advisor, Sharon Heard, Donna Gibbs, Jane Slappey, Eddie Owens. Second Row: George Weldon, Neal Hartman, Rob- ert Ftaffield, Gene Dews, George Ableson, Dan Gibbs, Ronnie Thomp- son, Rick Byrd, Butch Brown, Don Gallops, Luther Hurst, Craig Tyre, Third Row: Terry Peak, Ftobert Herbst, Math Johnson, Jan Good- win, Fred Bridges, John Carter. Hericanes First Row: Debbie Kent, Debra Peavy, Gail Crutchfield, Nancy Brooks, Carolyn Nobles. Second Row: Donna Gibbs, Claudia Barnes, Mary Lynn Burks, Kathy Penson, Vikki IFC First Row: John McUmber, Bill Binne- Veld, Jody Wade, David Whitacre, Eddie Ward, Bill Sheffield. Second Row: Steve Branam, Danny Hollis, Randy Gilliam, Buddy Reddick. Moore. Kappa Delta First Row: Becky Sumner, Mary Lynn Stevenson, Suzette Foster, Betsy Cofer, Valerie Funck. Second Row: Helen McDuffie, Julia Davis, Kathy O'Driscoll, Pat Miller, Cheryl Nadel- hoffer, Sharon Pariana, Carol Johan- sen, Martha McNeill, Donna Viokery, Linda James, Joy Youmans, Sharon Heard, Peggy Lee, Myra Shiver, Linda Woodall, Anne Fiathel, Stella Florence, Mary Lynn Burks, Donna Fetner, Janis Compton, Martha Pelle, Lea Fitzgibbons, Angie Sheffield, Cheryl Taylor, Carmen Miley, Carol Delay, Cheryl Pennington, Blair Simpson. ' if . X 45,3 tak L L ff- x ' 'Milf N -H4 my wwf 1 .gui 4, fsmyf-W M W -112 ,W ,WM ,HQMESE 5552 ' ' mm wx J . YV- .wr . ,H ff.: LL 5,-.,. ' ' f .'. . , u, w Y? 5 Y Q, 1 7- N' AQ, 5 . ..-'Y xi, l N -E- Qfgz' ' X tif ' vgg -1 'ad K '- w Higgs ' 2-:lu ' U 'Hi-411 5.31. M :I -- -g aw' 5, , ,X , wil : Ecard! an fm -M, mfs . X wg, w 9 F. .wo 4 , gr l n, Pl MQW 15 sf I 3 , I. Q 1- I 1 Y ,1 af 'S , X ,I , A . H , R , ??. zi M ' f f 'r 'Q 1' W' 1 A b. L L l f .I I 'V 5 4 Pg 1 I N 1 ! , l 1 , n - a , 1 f My mia 1, 1 4 - RQ, X A1 'Y fi 1 ff. . 319 4? 2' 1 "fm,-. ,f ' 4 -fs," 1 ,,- - ,ff I 1 AFV -:D f-, ..-..-Q . Y M -A .7 " x V 1 I-,Eva-Ili! 4354- nl- ' L bi-IJ Q I I S A Q ' 54. A 41- '61 ! 2 me fx EQ Q! 51,2 n-:var--.A. ,tiff ,T we A, 1? 1 as 'ima . 5 4. ' i Kappa Sigma First Row: Geep Bailey, Eddie Owens, Tommy Gleaton, George Weldon, Rusty Wynn, David Cochran, Woody Roberts. Second Row: Richard Law, Rusty Barton, Gene Dews, Tim Cagle, Robert Flowers, Scooter Grubbs, Ralph Crowe, Stacy Smith. Third Row: Andy Nessemar, Math Johnson, John Peacock, Keith Shep- herd, Steve English, Butch Brown. MENC Seated: Linda Rodgers, Jim Hayes, Standing: Mike Barnhart, Ralph Rice, Mike Gray, Carole Saunders, Don Powers, Jill Shaw, Rosella Jarvis, Deena Stein, Gail Clark, Pat Yost, Tommy Whitman. Newman First Row: Janet Ratliff, Hilda Her- nandez, Patricia Gerbert, Edward Holmes. Second Row: Javier Hernan- dez, Ernest Davis, Father Peter Sheridan, advisor, Bruce Washington. Pi Kappa Phi Rusty Autry, Charles Bateman, Fred- die Bowers, Jerry Bramble, Gene Bryson, Charlie Carter, Chuck Otis Cates, Jimmy Cherry, Jimmy Clegg, Joel Forrester, Allen Fort, Al Gibson, Randy Gilliam, Mike Hall, Ben Ham- rick, Tommy Hayes, Randy Hoyd, George Irvin, Phillip Lee, Tom Lind- sey, Ricky Little, Alan Maloy, Tim Marks, Robert Marshall, Mike McGlaun, Bobby McNeilly, Mike Mor- gan, Joe Mulligan, Jimmy Pond, Wesley Powell, David Reason, Ernest Reece, Tryon Reynolds, Rodney Saunders, Bill Sheffield, AI Sheniger, Frank Simons, Mark Sligar, Eddie Sosebee, Brent Stanford, Dick Rob- bins, Frank Taylor, Bill Terry, Alf Tuggle, Ricky Vining, Eddie Ward, Ford Wilson, Greg Wilson, Hugh Yaughn, Bill Youngblood, Bobby Brown, Floyd Childre, Larry DeBary, Ronnie Dorminey, Duane Driggers, Mo Foster, Tommy Griffin, Kenny Hammock, Mark Katz, Doug Lauder- dale, John Parker Frankie Pruett, Ricky Reynolds, Mike Rosser, Rich- ard Studstill, Ronnie Thompson, Gus Youmans. 2861 Organizational Index 7 3 r ,I a 287 Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi First Row: Donna Fetner, Terri Jones, Allene Reeves, Ursula Drew, Sandra Simpson, Nan Miller. Second Row: Angie Sheffield, Suzette Foster, Mary Lynn Burks, Lea Fitzgibbons, Cheryl Nadelhoffer, Cynthia Hathaway, Lin- nie Gilliam, Kathy Hayes. Third Row: Claudia Barnes, Sybil Baxter, Doro- thy Lord, advisor, Donna Vickery, Jan Cheney, Donna Gibbs, Leslie Newberry, Bill Youngblood, brother advisor. Political Science Robert Gerbert, Angel Ortiz, Richard Dickinson, David Paulk, Bill Rhberg, Agnes McKinney, Dale Robbinson, Bruce Washington, John Bolton, Al- len Powell, Leslie Seale, Frank Rizer, Walt Hardester, Earl Davis, Earl Reese, John Sloop, Mac Chappel, Troy Holder, Jeff Smith, Charles Cooke. RAC First Row: Ernest Davis, Ernie Reece, Rick Davis, Geep Bailey. Second Row: John Parker, Keith Butts, Dan Hall, advisor, Ronnie Thompson. Third Row: Randy Coleman, Jimmy Clegg, John Ferris. Sigma Chi Tim Everson, Boyd Hagerson, Don Gallops, David Purvis, Jimmy Peele, George Roquemore, David Harts- field, Danny Hollis, Winston Oxford, L. H. Dill, Charles Cowart, Mike Col- lier, Larry Ragan, Jody Wade, Dewey Cannon, Spencer Pryor, Frank Whitaker, Wayne Robinson, Cliff Sheppard, George Bagley, Ben Mc- Leod, Ed Anthony, Terry Bankston, Johnny Gladden, Mike Williams, Ricky Deavours. Southwestern Winds First Row: Bobby Murrey, Ben Floyd, Charles Gilreath, Ralph Rice, David Reddick, Bill Selman, John George, Donna Lique, Jill Shaw, Don Powers. Second Row: H. Neil Edwards, Gene Stover, Linda Rodgers, Judy Step- hens, Paul Broughton. Third Row: Joe Blanton, Ronnie Gordon, Tony Edge, Neil Dixon, David Hill, Tommy Whitman, Ernie Davis, Jim Hayes, Dinah Smith, Marley McLaughlin, Mike Gray, Brent Reynolds. Fourth Row: Sheila Jackson, Kay Hattaway, Lillie Morris, Kathy Floyd, Erin O'Neal. 288 l Organizational Index Sou'Wester Marsha Pitts, Jose Larraz, editor, Pat Dubose, Elaine Vaughn, Rick Davis, Tina Perrine. Student Awareness Rena Canady, Mr. H. Neil Edwards, ad- visor, Mary Nelson, Cynthia Combs, Janet Thomas, McArthur Scott, Steve Culverhouse, Frankie Lane, Clive Rainey, Ralph Binion, Greg Cleveland, Jim LeSeur, David Reddick. Student Council Front Row: Carol Clegg, Johnese Threadcraft, Anne Rathel, Sally Wil- liams, Valerie Funck, Sybil Baxter, Beth Williams, Nan Miller, Donna Vickery, Tommy Faircloth, "Geep" Bailey, Alan Maloy, Steve Culverhouse, Mike Hall, Bill Sheffield, Bill Youngblood, Jimbo Wadsworth, president. Student Education Association Liz Rowe, Sharon Market, Karon Phil- lips, Kathy Holland, Gail Coley, Deborah Baker, Dr. Lynn Frisbee, advisor, Conway Gregory, Carolyn Cannon, Carolyn McGiboney, Alan Cleveland. 290 I Organizational Index W 51. . --I 1 fs yi 3 pa l Xfgt Pwr-F. .mal lr 'i cf QQ MZ v t dr if Q . A ,,,4 A A ., Lf 1.13 " 3- 13 n 'Z "4" , H an "' ' - Lf, 5155. 1 'A' A-,R 2.1: 1 'l rf 2 1 5 V " , gh Lg, ,Z , , 21 -'W 2 +f1wv i 3. L' Q ' . ff M rf" ?! A , Q ,z- wiv adv. nz? ' 4 ' , ff ' ' 5312 - ' ' - .xr Af, . A., ,: -',4 ,. -,, .sv W, n zr A :arf ,rf ' ! aff' ' ' J rf , W ' A r wg,--4 , - Magi. . jg V V. my ,w 1 . t, , . ,I I 'zu . ' . W , A 1, I MN gl x , , . MYQQQQA . ... ,gf uv-'3 K " ., . Y 9 , L-S, :' 'F :H-r ns, kv A 1 ,Y Y, Y 13-Q Q 'Q H, 1- 'EQ-V ' ' s, , il, . x A , 'nf' .B ,AJR ' 4W. 5 'W Zi:fJ55:I:I:I:I:f'!'w ,. 55555555555 sf J 2 ,E n italy! ax- 4 x 293 W, ,H A Academics 24-25 Accounting Club Administrative Personnel 28-31 Alpha Chi Omega "A Man For All Seasons" 101 Armed Forces Recruitment 90 Art 45 Art Department Feature 120-121 Associated Women Students Athletics 136-167 Atlanta Symphony 128 Baptist Student Union Baseball 148-153 Basketball 138-144 Biology 52-53 Biology Club Broadcasters Club Business Administration 32-35 C Campus Bookstore 70 Campus Host 8 Marshalls Campus Police 66 Cheerleaders Chemistry 54-55 Christmas Activites 54-55 Chorus Class Offices 222 College Bowl 84-85 Collegiate Civitans "Come Blow Your Horn" 82 Commuters 131 Comptroller 27 Conclusion 314-319 D Dean of Student Services 27 Dean ofthe College 27 Cafeteria 69 A Agerton, Agnes - A.B., University of Georgia: M.Ed., Mercer Uni- versity: Ed. S., University of Georgia - Assistant Professor, English Agerton, Millard E. - A.B., Mercer University: M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Georgia - Assistant Pro- fessor, Chemistry Allen, Grady R. - B.B.A., M.B.A., Georgia Southern College - ln- structor, Business Administra- tion Allen, I ll, T. Eugene- B.A., George- town College: M.A., University of South Carolina: Ph.D., Emory University - Assistant Professor, Political Science Andrews, Rossie L. - A.B., Wes- leyan College: M.M., University of Michigan T - Associate Pro- fessor, Music Arden, Jr., Daniel D. - A.B., M.S., Emory University: Ph.D., Uni- versity of California - Professor, Geology Argo, Iris S. - A.B., Georgia College at Milledgeville: M.Ed., Mercer University: Ph.D., University of Georgia - Professor, English Bagwell, James E. - B.S., Univer- sity of Georgia: M.A., Georgia Southern College: University of Southern Mississippi 121' - As- sistant Professor, History Baringer, Richard L. - B.S., Loyola University: M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College for Teachers Associate Professor, History Bartley, Barbara M. - B.A., South- ern Methodist University: M.S., 'The number in parenthesis indicates beyond the highest degree earned. General Delta Sigma Theta Dorm Life 130 Drug Feature 87 E Economics 64 Education 36-38 Educational Feature 76-77 El Circulo Espanol English 39-41 F Faculty index 294-295 Fall Elections 80-81 Ferrante and Teicher 78 Fine Arts Festival 132-133 Foreign Language Day 110-111 French 44 Freshmen Orientation 74-75 G GALE Staff 320 Gamma Beta Phi 283 General index 296-309 Geology 54-56 Girls intramural Basketball 163 Girls intramural Softball 104 Gold Key 93 Graduation 310-313 Graduation Dance 126 Greek Week 102-105 GSC men 284-277 GSC women 114-119 H Halloween Carnival 79 Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds 83 Health, Physical Education. and Rec- reation Club Hericanes History 60-61 Homecoming 94-97 Faculty Di University of Georgia- Instruc- tor, Education Blount, John B. - B.S., Georgia Southern College: M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College for Teachers 111' - Assistant Pro- fessor, History Boardman, Charles C. - B.S., Rich- mond Professional lnstitute of the College of William and Mary: Ed.M., Rutgers University: Ed. D., University of Arkansas- As- sistant Professor, Education Boska, Fred H. - B.M.E., M.M.E., Ph.D., Florida State University Assistant Professor, Education Bright, Harold C. - B.F.A., M.A., University of Alabama - In- structor, Art Brooks, J. Carroll - B.A., lVl.Ed., University of Georgia 121+ - Assistant Professor, French Buhler, Charles A. - B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute: M.S., Ed. D. University of Arkansas - Associate Professor, Education Buhler, Martha S. - B.S.N., North- western State College: M.S.N., University of Florida - Assistant Professor, Nursing Butler, Frank L. - B.S.E.E., Geor- gia Institute of Technology: M. Ed., Au burn University - Assist- ant Professor, Mathematics C Carmichael, Margaret - B.A., Bob Jones University: M.Ed., Univer- sity of Georgia: University 121' - fessor, Speech Carter, Jack C. - College: M.Ed., Florida State ASSlSfal1t Pro- ,B.S., Davidson Ed.D., Univer- sity of Georgia - Associate Pro- fessor, Biology the number of years of graduate study tPart-time Index I Infirmary Feature 107 lnterfraternity Council intramural Basketball 154-157 intramural Football 160-162 Intramural Softball 158-159 Intramural Tennis 165 introduction 2-23 K Kaleidoscope 124-125 Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma L Library 46-47 Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi Miss GALE Pageant 88-89 Miss GSC 127 Music 42 Music Educators National Conference Nurses' Capping 91 Nurses' Pinnirig 123 Nursing 48-49 Math 58-59 Newman Club O Order of the Gown 92 Other Mugs 223-273 P Physical Education 50-51 Physical Plant Employees 67-68 Physics 8- Lab 56-57 rectory Cason, Joe D. - B.A., Western Ken- tucky University: M.A., Austin Peay University: Ed.D., Univer- sity of Alabama - Assistant Professor, Education Chambless, Nancy W.- A.B., Drake University, M.S.Ed., University of Georgia 121' - Assistant Pro- fessor,SOCi0l09V Clark, Bob C. - B.S.E., M.S.E., State College of Arkansas: Ed.D. University of Arkansas - Assist- ant Professor, Physical Educa- tion Cliett, Otis J. Ill - B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Cofer, H. E. Jr. - A.B., M.S., Emory University: Ph.D., Uni- versity of illinois - Professor, Geology Comer, Reginald L. - B.S., M.Ed., University of Georgia - instruc- tor, French Couillard, Ted V. - B.A., M.A., Western State College: Ph.D., University of Colorado - As- sociate Professor, English Counts, Wayne B. - B.S., Furman University: Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Associate Pro- fessor, Chemistry Crane, John C. - B.A., Howard Payne College: M.F.A., Univer- sity of Georgia - instructor Speech Crane, Julia Merle - B.S., Carson Newman College: M.Ed., Univer- sity of Georgia - Assistant Li- brarian Creswell, Gwendolyn Sue - B.S., East Tennessee State University: M.L.N., Emory University - As- sistant Librarian Pi Kappa Phi 287 Political Science 64 Political Science Club Pollution 108-109 Post Ollice 70 Psychology 62-63 Rain Feature 113 Religious Emphasis Week 100 Resident Advisory Council 287 S Secretary Feature 129 Seniors 202-221 Sigma Chi Silver Key 93 Sociology 65 Southwestern Winds Southwestern Winds Tour 98-99 Sou'Wester Spanish 44 Speech 43 Spring Election 112 Student Awareness Association Student Council Student Education Association Student Government 134-135 Student Nurses Association Student Union Secretaries 71 T Track 145-147 W Who's Who 123 Z Zeta Tau Alpha D Dalton, Donald H. - B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Georgia- Registra Daniel, Thomas B. - B.B.A., Uni versity of Georgia - Comptrotle Davis, Jackson M. - B.A., Central YMCA College: M.F.A., Yal University: M.A., DePaul Uni versity: Ph.D., Louisiana Stat University -Associate Professor Speech and Drama Davis, Keith E. - B.A., M.A., Eas Tennessee State University: Ed D., University of Kentucky Associate Professor, English DeLaneuville, Nemour B. - B.S. University of Southwestern Lou isiana: M.S., Northwestern Stat University: Ed. D., Louisian State University - Assistant Pro fessor, Physical Education Deriso, Rosella - B.S.N., Medica College of Georgia: lVl.N., Emor University - Associate Professor Nursing DeThomas, Arthur R. - B.S., l diana University: M.B.A., Un versity of Arizona: Mississipp State University 121" - lnstru tor, Business Administration Duff, Carol Callier - B.S., Unive sity of Alabama: M.S., Unive sity of Maryland - Assists Professor, Nursing E Easterlin, Paul C. - B.S., M.E University of Georgia 121t Assistant Professor, Chemistry Edwards, H. Neil - B.S.Ed.: M. Ed., University of Georgia: Fl ida State University 121' - sistant Professor, Music Everett, Joseph Price - B.S., M. University of Southern Miss sippi: Florida State Universi 421 it - Assistant Professor, Math- mathics Ewing, Charles K. - B.S., Univer- sity of Georgia: M.S., University of Massachusetts - Professor, Biology Ewing, David L. - A.B., Mercer University: M.Ed., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Georgia - Associate Professor, Physics Ewing, June UYOOKS - B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia - Assistant Professor, Education F Faircloth, James E. - B.S., M.S., Florida State University: C.P.A., Georgia - Assistant Professor, Business Administration Farmer, Harry Frank Jr. - B.A., Stetson University: M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia - Assist- ant Professor, History Finklea, Leewynn J. - B.A., Judson College: M.Ed., Mercer Univer- sity - Associate Professor, Eng- lish Forrest, Rosalind L. - B.A., Uni- versity of Georgia: M.A., Au- burn University 411' - Instruc- tor, English Forrester, Donald W.- A.B., Mercer University: M.C.M., New Orleans Baptist Seminary: Ed.D., Uni- versity of Georgia - Assistant Professor, Music Foster, Harry K. - B.S., Bates College: M.A., University of Maine: Ph.D., State University of Iowa - Professor, Education and Psychology Freeman, Janet - B.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro: M.L.S., George Peabody College for Teachers - Assistant Li- brarian Frisbie, Lynn H. - B.S., M.S., Kansas State College: Ed.D., Uni- versity of Arkansas - Associate Professor, Education G Gaston, Otis L. - B.S.C., Georgia Tech: M. B. A., University of Georgia 121' - Assistant Pro- fessor, Business Administration Goodman, Alan S. - A.B.J., Uni- versity of Georgia - Director of Public Relations Gore, John H. - A.B., Wayne State University: M.A., Univey. sity of Denver: Ph.D., Wayne State University - Associate Professor, Speech and Drama Greene, J. Hubert - B.S., Berry College: M.S., Ed.D., New York University - Professor, Business Administration Grigsby, Donald P. - B.A., Hastings State College: M.S., Ft. Hays Kansas State College - Instruc- tor, Psychology Gurr, Charles S. - B.A., M.A., George Peabody College: Uni- versity of Georgia 421' - As- sistant Professor, History H Henderson, Arnold R. - B.S., Mis- sissippi Southern College: M.S., University of Tennessee: Ed.D., Mississippi State University - Assistant Professor, Geology Hendricks, Bradley O'Neal - B.S. Troy State College: M.A., Co- lumbia University: Ed.D., Uni- VeI'Sify Of Georgia - Assistant Professor, Education Higginbotham, Florrie W. - B.A., Florida State University: M.S., Ed.D., University of Georgia - Assistant Professor, Education Hosey, Harry A. Jr. - B.S., M.B.A., Xavier University - Instructor, Business Administration Howell, Kenneth B. - B.S., M.S., Troy State College: Auburn Uni- versity 421' - Assistant Pro- fessor, Mathematics Huddleston, Kenneth M. - B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology: M.B.A., Georgia State University 421"' - Assistant Professor, Eco- nomics I Isaacs, Harold - B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama - Asso sociate Professor, History J Jackson, Brenda B. - B.A., Agnes Scott College: M.Ed., University of Georgia - Counselor Jackson, Duke W. - B.M., M.M., Florida State University 421' - Assistant Professor, Music Jackson, Patsy W. - B.S., Fort Valley State College: M. Ed., University of Georgia - Instruc- tor, Physical Education Jenksin, John B. - B.A., University of Chattanooga: M.Ed., North- western State University of Lou- isiana - Group Counselor Johnson, Harold T. - B.A., Troy State: M. Ed., Ed. D., Auburn University - Dean of the College Jones, Frank B. - B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Georgia 421'lf - As- sistant Professor, Physics K Kemp, William M. - A.B., M.Ed., University of Georgia - Dean of Men King, William B. - B.S., Georgia Southern College: M.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia: Ph.D., New York University - President Kipp, William Edward - B.l.E., G6OI'Qia ll'lStitUt8 of TeChl'IOl09y: M.Ed., University of Georgia: Florida State University 421' - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Kitchens, Joseph H. Jr. - A.B., West Georgia College: M.A., Ph. D., University of Georgia - As- sistant Professor, History Knight, Godfrey T. - B.S.E., M.S. E., Florida State University - Assistant Professor, Physical Ed- ucation Knotts, Carl R. - B.S., University of Southern Mississippi: M.Ed., Auburn University - Assistant Professor, Education Kregel, Marinus John - B.A., Cen- tral University: M.S., University of Colorado: P. E. D., Indiana University - Professor, Physical Education L Lamb, Dowe P. - B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia - Associate Professor, Chemistry Larraz, Jose J. - B.S., Institute of Havana: M.A., University of Mi- ami: Dr. of Law, University of Havana - Assistant Professor, Spanish Lewis, Donald A. - B.A., Vander- bilt University: M.A., University of Florida: Auburn University 421' - Assistant Professor, Eng- lish Litwhiler, Richard W. - B.S., M.A., Michigan State University - ln- structor, Physical Education Litwhiler, Shirley D. - B.A., Mis- sissippi State College for Wom- en: M.A., University of South- ern Mississippi: Auburn Univer- sity 421' - Assistant Professor, English Lord, Dorothy L. - B.S., M.S., Florida State University - As- sistant Professor, History Lowrey, Frank M. -A.B., Birming- ham-Southern College: M. A., University of Alabama 421+ - Assistant Professor, History Maloy, Jasper l. Jr. - B.A., Hen- derson State Teachers College: lVI.B.A., University of Georgia 411' - Assistant Professor, Bus- iness Administration Mathews, Walter K. - B.S., M.S., University of Georgia: Ph.D., University of Louisville - As- sistant Professor, Chemistry McCaffrey, Carter L. - B.A., Flor- ida Southern College: M.A., East Tennessee State University - Instructor, Art McCall, Mary W. - A.B., Carson- Newman College: M.S., Universi sity of Tennessee - Assistant Professor, Business Education McKee, Charles W. - B.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee - Group Counselor McKinney Jacqueline A. - B.S., Troy State College: M.S., Au- burn University - Assistant Pro- fessor, Business Education McKinney, Max T. - B.S., Troy State College: M.Ed., Ed.D., Au- burn University - Associate Pro- fessor, Mathematics McNeil, Jackson M. - B.S., Troy University: M.B.W., University of Mississippi: Ed.D., Auburn University -Associate Professor, Business Education McNeill Rebecca L. - B.S., M.Ed., University of Georgia - Instruc- tor, Biology McNelley, Emily K. - B.S., Emory University - Instructor, Nursing M0-37165. H. Lamon - B.A., Furman University: B.D., Southern Sem- inary: M.Ed., Furman Univer- sity: Ed.D., Auburn University - Assistant Professor, Psychology Mosig, Dirk W. - B.A., Eastern New Mexico University: M.A., University of Florida 421' - Assistant Professor, Psychology N Niles, Carl E. - A.B., M.A., Ed.D., University of Tennessee - As- sistant Professor, English Norman, Donald - B.S., Berry Col- lege: M.S., University of Georgia 421t- Assistant Professor, Phys- ics Norton, Jack - B.S., M.A., Appa- lachian State University: Univer- sity of Georgia 421' - Assistant Professor, English Norton, Sheila Dale - B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University - Instructor, French P Palamiotis, Alexander A. - S.A., M. A., G.C.l.R., Ph.D., University of Utah - Professor, Political Science Parker, Joseph P. - B.S., Clemson College: M. A., University of Rhode Island 411t - Assistant Professor, History Parks, Rebecca W. - B.S., Univer- sity of Georgia: M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers: 421'f: Professional Degree, Co- IUTTIDIB Ul1lV6I'SIty - ASSiStBI1t Pl'OfeSSOI', BUSii'IeSS AdYT1Il'1iStTB- tion Patterson, Larry M. - B.S., Georgia Southwestern College:Nl.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee - Financial Air Counselor Peterson, Edgar F. - B.S., M.Ed., Auburn University: Ed.D., Uni- versity of Alabama - Assistant Professor, Education Pope, Hoyt W. - B.A., M.A., Ed.D., George Peabody College for Teachers- Professor. Education Powders, Vernon N. - B.S., North- western State College: M.S., Ok- lahoma State University Ph.D., University of Tennessee - As- sistant Professor, Biology Powell, Charles V. - B.S., M.S., University of Georgia 421"' - Assistant Professor, Psychology Power, J. Fred - B.S.Ed., Univer- University of Georgia M.Ed., Assistant Professor, Psychology Purdy, Joseph N. - B.B.A., Uni- versity of Cincinnati: M.B.A., Xavier University - Instructor, Business Administration Rathel, Cecil D. - B.A., Stetson University: lVl.R.E., Southwest- ern Baptist Seminary: M.Ed., West Georgia College - Assis- tant to the Dean Ravari, Ondee - A.B., Brenau Col- lege: M.A., University of Georgia 421i - Assistant Professor, Eng- IiSh Reese, Richard P. - B.S., Auburn University: M.Ed., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi - Associate Professor, Educat- ion Roark, William F., Jr. - B.S., Union University: M.A., George Pea- body College: Ed.D., University of Georgia - Dean of Student Services Robison, Jack G. - B.S.E., Uni- versity of Arkansas: M. A., George Peabody College - Pro- fessor, Physical Education Roland, Ruth - B.A., Northeastern University: M.A., Ph.D., New York University - Assistant Pro- fessor, Political Science Rowland, Jerry M. - B.B.A., M.B. A., University of Georgia 421" - Assistant Professor, Business Ad- ministration Russell, James W. - B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Georgia - Associate Professor, Biology S Sawyer, Ora Jane - B.S., Georgia College at Milledgeville: M.S., University of Tennessee - As- sistant Professor, Business Edu- cation Schild, Vivian Vincent- A.B., Val- dosta State College: M.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia - Dean of Women A Assistant Professor, English Seth, William A. - B.A., University of Mississippi: M.Ed., University of Georgia - Counselor Shelnutt, Chester - B.S., M.S., Troy State University - Direc- tor of Community Services Shepherd, Sharon Ann - B.S., Lin- field College: M.S., Ohio Uni- versity - Assistant Professor, Physical Education Sisk, Winona L. - B.B.A., M.Ed., University of Georgia - Assis- tant Professor, Business Educa- tion Slaughter, Helen H. - B.S., Jack- sonville State College: M.Ed., Auburn University - Assistant Librarian Smith, James W. - A.B., Nl-5-. Emory University: Ph.D., Uni- versity of Tennessee - Associ- ate Professor, Geology Smith, Sara Virginia - B.S., The Woman's College of Georgia: M.S., George Peabody College for Teachers - Assistant Libra- rian Smith, W. H. - A.B., West Georgia College: M.S., University of Ten- nessee - Director of Admissions Sole, Kent M. - B.A., M.A., West Virginia University - Assistant Professor, Political Science Starck, Patricia L. - B.S., M.N., Emory University - Assistant Professor, Nursing Stevens, Josephine V. - B.S., Geor- gia College at Milledgeville: M. A., Ohio State University 411" - Assistant Professor, Education Stewart, Joyce M. - B.S.N., M.N., Emory University - Assistant Professor, Nursing T Tietjen, Mildred C. - A.B., Berry College: M.A.L.S., George Pea- body College for Teachers - Director of Library Services Tietjen, William L. - B.S., Univer- sity of Georgia: Ph.D., Univer- sity of Tennessee - Associate Professor, Biology Towery, Allen D. - B.A., Delta State College: M.A., University of Mississippi 421'f - Assistant Professor, English Turner, J. Terrell - B.S., Troy University: M.Ed., University of Georgia 411'.- Instructor, Math- ematics 295 U Ulmer, Robert P. - B.S., Kutz- town State College: M.Ed., D. Ed., Pennsylvania State Univer- sity - Professor, Art Ulmer, Sarah Anne - B.S., East Tennessee State University - lnstructor, Nursing W Wallace, Chester A. - B.A., Antioch College: University of California t3l" - Assistant Professor, Ge- ology. A Abbott, Robert F.: Route 2, Barnesville, Ga. 30204: Sophomore Abel, James A.: 300 Pinecrest Rd.: Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Abelson, Jr., George W.: 1431 E. 39th Sl., Savannah, Ga. 31404: Junior Abernathy, Freddie T,: Route 3, Box 168, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Sophomore Adams, Jr.: Albert C.: 279 Clisley Rd., Macon, Ga. 31201: Sophomore Adams, Benjamin C.: 1186 Wesleyan Dr., Macon. Ga. 31204: Sophomore Adams, Betty H.: Rt. 2, Box 1283, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Adams, Beverly J.: Route 3, Box 120. Madison, Ga. 30650: Freshman Adams,'C. Dwayne: 301 Garden Terr., Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Senior Adams, Camilla A., Route 3, Box 582, Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Adams, Deborah A.: Route 2, Pitts. Ga. 31072: Junior Adams, James M.: 131 E. College St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Adams, John E.: 407 S. Smith St., Sandersville, Ga. 31082: Sophomore Adams, Margaret A.: 507 9th St., Vienna, Ga. 31092: Freshman Adams, Michael E.: Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Adams, Ranny D.: Route 1, Bowers- ville, Ga. 30516: Sophomore Adams, Rebecca A.: Rt. 7, Box 176, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Adams, Rebecca L.: Route 2, Danville, Ga. 31017: Freshman Adams, Robert W.: Route 1, Harrison, Ga. 31035: Senior Adams, Vaughn G.: 210 Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Adcock, Phillip B.: 1112 S. Green, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Junior Adcox, M. Tyler: Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Junior Addy, C. Beth: 140 Taylor St., Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Adkins, Deborah G.: 704 Harold Ave.. Americus Ga. 31709: Freshman Aenchbacher, Alan P.: 205 Wildwood Cir., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Ahl, Lauris H. 304 N. Dixon St., Alma, Ga. 31510: Freshman Akin, Robert M. 107 A Tara Apts., Perry. Ga. 31069: Senior Albritton, Dale L., 207 Peggy Anne Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Albritton, Faye A., 10302 MOQ MCSC, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Albritton, Judy M.: Route 3, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Senior Albritton, Jr., Luther L., 207 Peggy Anne Dr., Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Albritton, M. Gay: Route 3, Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Alday. Edwin D.: 1807 Greenvale Rd.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Aldridge. Robert S., Rt. 2, Box 108A. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Alexander, Josephine F., 622 11th St. NW, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Alfonso. Nicky T.: Rt. 1, Adrian, Ga. 31002: Sophomore Alford, Eunice S.: 415 E. 25th Ave.. Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Alison, Margeret K.: Route 3, Box 303B, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Sophomore Allen, Herbert E.: P.O. Box 99, Amer- icus. Ga. 31709 Allen, Jeff F.: 617 22nd Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore McArthur 296 Weatherspoon, Emily - A.B., Coker College: M.A., Duke University: M.A., Yale University: L.I..D., Mercer University - Assistant Professor, English Webb, Paul Allen - B.S., Georgia Southwestern College - Labora- tory lnstructor, Science Westaway, J. Vaughan - B.A., East- ern New Mexico University: M. B.A., Denver University - ln- structor, Business Administra- tion Westra, Raymond - B.A., Calvin College: M. A., University of North Carolina: Ph.D., Univer- Student Allen, John D.: 909 S. Lee Sl., Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Allen, William D.: 1114 Eager Avenue, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Allen, Jr., William D.: Route 1, Box 86, Meansville, Ga. 30256: Junior Allgire, Richard H.: 1320 Hartley Ave., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Alligood, Mary J.: 516 E. Jefferson St., Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Allmon, Abbott R.: Rt. 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Alston, Mary E.: P.O. Box 184, Parrott, Ga. 31777: Freshman Alston, Ronald A.: Parrott, Ga. 31777: Freshman Altman, Jr., Frank C.: 203 Brown Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Altman, Joyce C.: 203 Brown St., Apt. 4. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Ammons, Herbert J.: 807 Bethel Road, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Ammons, Ronald A.: Route 1, Parrott, Ga. 31777: Junior Anderson, Linda A.: Southside Drive, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Anderson, Steven C.: 3089 San Jose Dr., Decatur, Ga. 30032: Sophomore Angelillo, Pamela M.: L90 Briarpatch, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Angelillo, Stephen P.: L90 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- ITIOYG Anglin, Shirley N.: Route 5, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Ansley, R. Bruce: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Anthony, Edd L.: 2102 40th Street, Columbus, Ga. 31900: Sophomore Anthony, Eddie: Rt. 1, Box 303, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Anthony, Edna M.: Route 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Arden, Daniel D.: 454B Reese St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Arden, Nancy H.: 108 Lynnview Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Arenz, Allen E.: Lamar Sl.. Apt. 63C, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Arenz, Barbara W.: 63C East Lamar St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Arn, Robert S.: 100 S. Shadowlawn, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Arnold, Bruce H.: 18 Exeter Road, Avondale, Ga. 30002: Junior Arnold, Bunny G.: 904 Hancock Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Arnold, Jr., Eddie E.: Benevolence, Ga. 31721: Sophomore Arnold, Edward L.: Box 701, Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Arnold, Larry H.: Rt. 7, Hartley Bridge Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206: Sophomore Arnold, Margaret B.: Box 326, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Arnold, Rhonda Y.: 100 Bel Aire, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Arnold, Jr., William M.: 630 Corder R., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sophomore Arrington, Danny J.: 3276 Ridgeland Ave., Macon, Ga. 31204: Sophomore Arrington, Sandra G.: 3276 Ridgeland Ave., Macon. Ga. 31204: Freshman Arthur, Hudson R.: Route 3, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Ashour, Arsalan A.: 4 Bahar S Zen- dedel, Tehran, lran: Junior Ashworth, Preston R.: 304 Third Avenue, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Askew, Alton J.: 3895 Tyler Dr., Macon, Ga. 31206: Freshman Askew, Glenda l.: RFD 1, Box 260, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman sity of Georgia - Assistant Pro- fessor, Biology Whitt, Mary Alice - B.S., M.S., Jacksonville State University: University of Alabama 12V - Assistant Professor, English Williams, .terry F. - B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University - As- sistant Professor, Mathematics Williams, Thomas J. - B.S.Ed., University of Georgia l2l" - Assistant Professor, Political Science Winston, Sue E. - B.S., M.S., Pur- due University: University of Florida 121' - instructor, Eco- Directory Attaway lll, Roger S.: Grier Circle, Thomson, Ga. 30824: Freshman Austin, H. Stephen: 1710 Armory Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Austin, Myrtice: 230 McCoy St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Autry, Edward O.: Route 2, Box 144. Andersonville, Ga. 31711: Freshman Autry, J. Russell: 2013 Rose Avenue, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Avery, Bernard C.: 519 Scotts Way, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Sophomore Avery, Mary L.: 510 3rd Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Aycock, Edward L.: B01 Adderton St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Aycock, Jr., Roy F.: Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Ayers, Laura E.: 9 Lee Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263: Freshman Babb, James P.: P.O. Box 265, Lump- kin, Ga. 31815: Freshman Bacon, Kathleen W.: 2319 Gail. AI- bany, Ga. 31705: Junior Baggs, William E.: 403 College St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Senior Bagley IV, George W.: 905 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bailey. Charles B.: 89A Fleming Rd., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Bailey, Evelyn H.: 522 S. Lee Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Bailey, George P.: Route 2, Box 299A, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Sophomore Bailey, Walter P.: 522 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Bair, John B.: 200 Wilder St., Pelham, Ga. 31779: Sophomore Baird, Floyd D.: 147A Cherokee St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Baird, R. Kathleen: 514 Brook Circle, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Junior Baker, Everlene H.: 209 Brooksdale Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Baker, W. Gene: Route 2, Cochran, Ga. 31014: Senior Baldwin, Charles L.: Rt. 1 A, Box 5. Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Freshman Baldwin, Robert E.: 515 N. Main St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Bates, Dwight D.: 61B East Lamar St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Bates, Sheryl E.: 61B East Lamar St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Ballew, M. Keith: 411 Endicott Lane, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Bankston, Jr., James H.: Route 1, Pres- ton, Ga. 31824: Sophomore Bankslon, Terrill R.: 398 Atlanta St., Barnesville, Ga. 30204: Junior Banovatz, Eugene P.: 102 Chris Drive. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sopho- more Barber, Forrest B.: L6 Reese Trl. Pk., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Barfield, Berry R.: Church Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Barfield, Jane S.: 112 W. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Barfield, P. Harrell: 406 E. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Barfield, Roger C.: 432 Pecan St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Barfield, Jr.. William B.: 430 E, Lee Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Fresh- man Barlow, Jr., Frederick E.: 112 Lake Laurel Dr., Smyrna, Ga. 30080: Freshman Barnes, Bobby L.: Route 2, Box 23, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Freshman Barnes, Claudia: 1690 Wesleyan Dr., nomics Winter, Clyde, Jr. - B.A., Birming- ham Southern Collegeg M.A., East Tennessee State University University of New Mexico illi- Assistant Professor, Art. Y Yonce, Clarence W., Jr. - B.S., Newberry College: M.A., Ph.D., University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor, Psychology Macon, Ga, 31204: Sophomore Barnes, Connie E.: 603 E. Main St., Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Freshman Barnes Ill, George B.: 1833 McDowell St., Augusta Ga. 30904: Sophomore Barnes, Jr. Homer W.: P.O. Box 67. Jackson, Ga. 30233: Sophomore Barnes, James H.: 1833 McDowell, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Freshman Barnett, Anita O.: 1021 Greenridge Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32207: Sophomore Barnhart, Mary Jo W.: 200 Taylor Street, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Barnhart, Michael D.: 200 Taylor Street, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Barr, Jr., Marcus H.: 503 W. 16th Street, Tifton, Ga. 31794: Senior Barrett, Charles E.: Route 2, Monte- zuma, Ga. 31063: Senior Barrett ll, William A.: 306 Wildwood Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Barron, Cheryl E.: 207 Walter Street, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Senior Barrow, William L.: Route 1, Butler. Ga. 31006: Sophomore Barry,DawnP.: 525 Pecan St., Dawso- 4 n, Ga. 31742: Freshman Bartell, Mark J.: Route 2, Box 20K, Savannah, Ga. 31400: Junior Barthlett, Edwin J.: P.O. Box 363, Perry, Ga. 31069: Senior Barthlett, Sherma M.: P.O. Box 363, Perry, Ga. 31069: Senior Bartlett, Martha H.: 2312 Tuxedo Lane, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Barton, Russell J.: 1518 C 8 S Drive, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Sophomore Bass, Bernice W.: Clubview, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Bass, Jr., J, Thomas: 507 Barlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bass, Karen: Box 214, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Bass, Mary E.: P.O. Box 164, Leslie. Ga. 31764: Freshman Bassett, Olan R.: 407 Johnson Rd., Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Bateman, Charles A.: RFD 4, Box 476, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Bateman, Joseph R.: Route 3, Box 504, Albany, Ga. 31701 : Junior Bateman, Mickie H.: Route 3, Box 504, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Bateman, Nell L.: 304 E. Willingham, Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Senior Battle, Janie S.: 523 N. Lee St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Junior Baugh, Barbara M.: Grey Street, Daw- son, Ga. 31742 Baughman, Jackie: 955 NW 4th St., Belle Glade, Fla. 33430: Sophomore Baughman, Peggy A.: 955 NW 4th Street. Belle Glade. Fla. 33430: Freshman Baxter, Sybil A.: 555 E. Lee Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Bays, Emma R.: 2303 Trowbridge Rd., Albany, Ga. 31701 Bays. William L.: 2303 Trowbridge Rd., Albany, Ga. 31701: Sophomore Beach, Rodney E.: Route 1, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Freshman fa Beard, Judy G.: RFD 1. Shellman, Ga. 31786: Freshman Beasley, Cleo, M.: P.O. Box 376, Lenox, Ga. 31637 Beaty, Pelham R.: 1929 Edgerly Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Beavers, Deborah A.: 3130 Robin Road, Decatur, Ga. 30032: Soptho- more Beeland, Brenda D.: 415 E. 20th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Belcher, Alex T.: P.O. Box 223, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bell, B. Sue: P.O. Box 133, Preston, Ga.31824:Junior Bell, Charles C.: Route 5, Box 237K, Albany, Ga. 31701: Freshman . Bell. Jr., Cornelius L.: Route 2, Shell- man, Ga. 31786: Sophomore Bell, G. Ann: P.O. Box 133. Preston, Ga. 31824: Junior Bell, Jr., George R.: Elko, Ga. 31025: Freshman Bell, Johnnie L.: 228 McCoy Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bell, Mamie: Route 1, Box 347, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bell, E. Marie H.: 402 W. Glessner Sl., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bell, Oscar L.: Route 1, Box 347, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bell. Thomas: Route 1, Box 347, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Bennett, Drew L.: Route 2, Wanfvick, Ga. 31796: Sophomore Bennett, Jerry P.: 204 S. Jackson St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bennett, Robert L.: Route 1, Pitts, Ga. 31072: Senior Berry, Mattie J.: 53 B. Brinson Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Berryhill, G. Joan: 101 Sherwood Drive, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Senior Bertschi, Hans R.: 805 N. Van Buren, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Best, Jr., John G.: L84 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Best, Mary W.: Box 143, Ft. Gaines. Ga. 31751: Sophomore Bethea, Rebecca: Box 93, Shellman, Ga. 31786: Junior Beverly, Forest S.: 205 Thomas St., Waycross, Ga. 31501: Freshman Bice, Aubrey V.: 2126 Colquitt Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Bickley, James A.: Main Street, Marshallville, Ga. 31057: Freshman Bickley, J. Randy: Route 2, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Junior Btckley, Lullene A.: 506 College St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Billings, Thomas B.: 811 B. Kings Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Binion, Janice: P.O. Box 201, Rutledge, Ga. 30663: Freshman Binion, Ralph E.: P.O. Box 201, Rut- ledge, Ga. 30663: Sophomore Binneveld, William J.: 1116 W. Main Street, Leesburg, Fla. 32748: Junior Birchman, Reginald: Rozar Tr. Pk., Lot 46, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Sophomore Birchmore, C. Elaine: 507 Georgia nue, Commerce, Ga. 30629: Senior Bird, John R.: P.O. Box 120, Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Junior Bird. O. John: P.O. Box 129. Ashburn, Ga. 31714 Birdsong, Don E.: 104 E. Burke St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Birdsong, Jr., James H.: Route 1, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Sophomore Birdsong, M. Elaine: Route 2, Box 140, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Sophomore Birdsong, Martha A.: 401 E. Jefferson St., Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman Bishop, Dorothy W.: L32 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bishop, Richard S.: Route 1, Box 164, Manchester, Ga. 31216: Sophomore Bishop, IT. Lee: L32 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bivins, Betty J.: 300 Howard St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Black, Littleton B.: 112 Dixie Ave., Sylvania, Ga. 30467: Sophomore Blackshear, Mary E.: 618 Cherry Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Freshman Blackstock, June E.: 616 E. Lee Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Blackwell, Jr., Charles F.: 1414 Wad- dell Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Blackwell, Sandra G.: Route 2, War- wick, Ga. 31796: Sophomore Blake, Michelle M.: 229 Spruce St.. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Blakley, Anthony T.: 4210 Ivanhoe St., Kingsport, Tenn. 37660: Junior Blalock, W. Dale: Route 1, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Senior Blankenship, Paula J.: P.O. Box 105, Preston, Ga. 31824: Freshman Blanks, Louise S.: P.O. Box 311. Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Senior Blanton, Joseph J.: 82 Perry Street. Camilla, Ga., 31730' Sophomore Bledsoe, Michael L.: 7837 Glen Echo Rd.:, Jacksonville, Fla. 32211: Sen- ior Blizzard, Richard L.: Col. Court, Lot 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bloodsworth. George D.: Riverside Dr.. Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Junior Boatman, Larry A.: Wheatley Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bogie, Alice C.: 1749 Dyson Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 30307: Junior Bohn, Donald L.: 1602 Armory Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Boice, Edmund S.: 220 55th st., Vir- ginia Beach, Va. 23451: Freshman Bolin, Corinne C.: 899 Wall Street, Richland, Ga. 31825: Senior Bollinger, Darryl J.: 3935 Tyler Dr.. Macon, Ga, 31206: Junior Bolt, John B.: 1305 Joseph Ave., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Bolton, Jr., Robert I.: 915A Rosedale Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Bonner, Jr., Gordon: Box 117, DeSoto, Ga. 31743: Freshman Bonner. James L.: 26 Perry St., Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Boor, Michele D.: 111 Tanglewood Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Booth, Helen C.: 2803 Sterling Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. 32303: Senior Booth, William M.: 372 N. Dooly St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Bounds, Janice K.: 107 Sun Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Bowden, Arthur H.: Box 335, Warm Springs, Ga. 31830: Freshman Bowen, Jenny D.: 1207 2nd Ave., La Grange, Ga. 30240: Freshman Bowen, Lee A.: 1527 Wellswood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 30315: Freshman Bowen, Shirley A.: Route 3, Vienna. Ga. 31092: Freshman Bowen, Vernon C.: 85B Dixon Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bowens, Annie R.: Route 2, Box 51. Plains. Ga. 31780: Sophomore Bowers, Frederick, 204 Dodson St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Bowers, James W.: 1525 Ontario Ave., Morrow, Ga. 30260: Freshman Bowers, Kimberly A.: 209 Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709 Bowers, Rickey E.: 1608 N. Park Ave., Tifton, Ga. 31794: Sophomore Boynton, Jr., Willie J.: 310 Tabby Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Bozeman, Walter O.: 204 Waverly Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Brabson, M. Kathrine: 3016 General Lee, Macon, Ga. 31204: Sophomore Bradley, E. Diane L.: 714 E. Jefferson, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Bradley, Patricia K.: 1106 Felder Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Brady, Betsy: First Ave., Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Freshman Brady, Charles M.: P.O. Box 188, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Brady. Jr., Gordon J.: 612 Nottingham St., Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Junior Brady, Jeanette M.: 2721 Ben Hill Rd., East Point, Ga. 30344: Junior Brady, Linda G.: Route 2, Cordele, Ga. 31015:Junior Bragg, Helen B.: 535 E. 54 St., Sa- vannah, Ga. 31405: Freshman Brake, Wallace T.: 505 25th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Brake, Jr., William E.: Lot 70 Briar- cliff, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Bramble, Robert L.: Millington, Md. 21651: Sophomore Branam, Fredrick T.: Box B3 Briarcliff, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Branam, L. Steven: Lot 83 Briarcliff, Americus, Ga. 31709 Senior Branch, Lelia L.: P.O. Box 386, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Brandenburg, Margot E.: P.O. Box 4183, Macon, Ga. 31208: Sophomore Brannen, John T.: P.O. Box 316, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Junior Brantley, Martha J.: Box 173, Adrian, Ga. 31002: Sophomore Brannen, Phillip H.: P.O. Box 316, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Freshman Braswell, Alan J.: 1739 Lancaster Pl., Macon. Ga. 31206: Freshman Braswell. Jesse B.: 84A Dixon Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Brazier, Jimmy B.: Richland, Ga. 31825: Sophomore Breed, Patrick E.: 5211 Lawnwood Dr., Temple Terrace, Fla. 33617: Soph- omore Bretch, John S.: 2320 DeLowe Dr., East Point, Ga. 30344: Junior Brewer, Donna S.: Rupert, Ga. 31081: Freshman Brewer, , M. Leon: 1303 Ridge St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Brewton, Shirley L.: Burkhalter Street, Pembroke, Ga. 31321: Senior Bridges, Donald R.: 433 Springdale Dr., Monroe, Ga. 30655: Freshman Bridges, Fred A.: Route 1, Box 17, Georgetown. Ind. 47122: Junior Bridges, Louis S.: 705 Stewart Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Bridges, Monty E.: 2011 Youngs Mill, La Grange, Ga. 30240: Sophomore Brim, Jerry W.: P.O. Box 66, Sasser, Ga. 31785: Freshman Brinson, J. Edison: 504 Sumter Street, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Junior Brinson, Jr., John W.: 102 Dewey St., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Brinson, Martha A.: P.O. Box 155, Whigham, Ga. 31797: Freshman Britt. Charles A.: Route 2, Pitts, Ga. 31072: Sophomore Broadhurst, Karen H.: P.O. Box 1367, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Broadhurst, Roland S.: P.O. Box 1367, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Broadwell, James H.: 436 S. Audubon Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Broadwell, John W.: Route 3, Hartwell, Ga. 30643: Senior Brocato, Stephen M.: 3310 Burton Dr., Augusta, Ga, 30906: Freshman Brock, Betty J.: 204 Cox Street, Cor- nelia, Ga. 30531: Sophomore Broner, Jr., Lester A.: 303 E. Lester St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Brookins, Shirley A.: 905 Pine Street, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Brooks, Beverly A.: Route 2, Arlington, Ga. 31713: Senior Brooks, Danny L.: Route 2, Box 574, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Senior Brooks, Deborah A.: 1107 Virginia Pl., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Brooks, Doris J.: 612 26th Street, Tif- ton, Ga. 31794 Brooks, Nancy J.: 36 E. Newnan Rd., Newnan, Ga. 30263: Freshman Broughton, Paul S.: Rt. 1, Box 7A, Ideal, Ga. 31041: Freshman Brown, Carolyn: P.O. Box 242, Plains, Ga. 31780: Freshman Brown, Charles M.: Route 3, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Freshman Brown, Cynthia G.: Route 4, Box 113, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Junior Brown, Donald E.: 2759 Ben Hill Rd., East Point, Ga. 30344: Senior Brown, Donald W.: 107 Woodland Ct., Warner Robins, Ga. 31903: Senior Brown, Dorothy E.: 902 S. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Brown, Eddie R.: 509 Cordele Rd., Albany, Ga. 31702: Sophomore Brown, John A.: 1007 Border St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Brown, Jr., Julian A.: RFD 4, Box 113, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Senior Brown, Kate: P.O. Box 276, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Freshman Brown, K. Michael: 107 Woodland Ct., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Brown, Kenneth M.: L62 Greer Trl. Pk., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Brown, Lawrence G.: 902 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Brown, Marcus L.: Route 1, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Sophomore Brown, Mary S.: Nebula Road, Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Senior Brown, Robert T.: Route 1, Coleman, Ga. 31736: Senior Brown, S. Rails: 605 Jenkins St., La- grange, Ga. 30240: Junior Brown, Stephen B.: Route 1, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Freshman Broxton, Regina: 6548 Vinson Road. Macon, Ga. 31206 Brumbaugh, David L.: Route 2, Perry, Ga. 31069: Freshman Brumbelow, Charles B.: 915 Crystal Dr., Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Freshman Brumbelow, Linda P.: Route 4, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Senior Bruner, Teresa J.: P.O. Box 705. Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Bryan, Carson D.: 1215 Glenwood Dr., Augusts, Ga. 30904: Freshman Bryan, Jr., Hugh T.: 1113 Baker Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Bryant, Becky A.: 1906 Gillespie Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Bryant, Donna J.: 464 Reese st., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bryant, Walter R.: Rt. 1, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Freshman Bryson, H. Eugene: P.O. Box 503, Hapeville, Ga. 30054: Senior Buchanan, l-iope R.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Senior Buchanan, Jennifer S.: Route 3, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Buckley, John T.: 202B Highland Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Bullinglon, Jr., Alton: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Bullington, Barbara J.: 617 25th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Bulloch, Steve A.: 509 Pineview Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Bunn, Robert Y.: 611 N. College, Ce- dartown, Ga. 30125: Senior Bunting, Brenda L.: Route 1, Mauk, Ga. 31058: Freshman Burgess, Fred R.: 906 18th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Burgess, Keith E.: P.O. Box 84, Coo- lidge, Ga. 31738, Junior Burgess, Kenneth E.: P.O. Box 84, Coolidge. Ga. 31738: Junior Burgess, Thomas D.: 117 Dilly Hill, LaGrange, Ga. 30240: Junior Burke, Edward N.: 117 Briardale Ave., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Burke, Karen E.: Box 604, Donalson- ville, Ga. 31745: Freshman Burke, Tommy R.: 117 Briardale Ave., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sopho- more Burks, Donice M.: Box 43, Weston, Ga. 31832: Freshman Burks, Mary Lynn: Preston, Ga. 31824: Senior Burnam, Audrey W.: P.O. Box 101, Byromville, Ga. 31007: Sophomore Burnam, Mildred J.: P.O. Box 144, Marshallville, Ga. 31057: Freshman Burnett, George E.: 516 13th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Burnette, Ellis R., P.O. Box 27, Seville, Ga. 31084: Freshman Burnette, Jr., James E.: 806 E. 13th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Burns, Ann R.: 321 Collier St., Bain- bridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Burns, Annette: 501 Poplar Street, E. Dublin. Ga. 31021: Sophomore Burt, Betty S.: P.O. Box 36, Warm Springs, Ga. 31830: Freshman Burton. .Mary E.: P.O. Box 652, San- ford, Fla. 32771: Freshman Busbee, Jackie L.: P.O. Box 63, Byromville, Ga. 31007: Freshman Busbee, Jr. Wyatt L.: 521 10th Avenue, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Bush. Elaine O.: Route 1, Shellman, Ga. 31786 Bush, Felix I.: 504 N. First Street, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Bush, Gloria L.: 504 N. First Street, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Sophomore , Bush, Paul T.: 1313 Edgewood Dr., Dublin, Ga. 31021: Senior Bush, William R.: 104 R Street, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Freshman Bussey, K. Louise: Route 1, Talbotton, Ga. 31827: Senior Butler, Constance l.: 2958 S. Atlanta Rd., Smyrna, Ga. 30080: Senior Butler, Cynthia B.: 2958 S. Atlanta Rd., Smyrna, Ga. 30080: Sophomore Butler. Teresa G.: P.O. Box 65, East- man, Ga. 31023: Senior Butler, William E.: Route 3, Cairo, Ga. 31728: Junior Butts, Keith W.: Chestnut St., Lump- kin, Ga. 31815: Freshman Butts, Patricia A.: 111 W. Peppermint, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Byers, Susan C.: P.O. Box 295, Georgetown, Ga. 31754: Freshman Bynum, Gary A.: 1404 6th Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Senior Byrd, Fred L.: 102 Tucwal Street, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Byrd, Jr., Garland T.: Box 158. Reynolds, Ga. 31076: Junior Byrd, J. Phillip: 5101 River Road, Columbus, Ga. 31904: Junior Byrd, Patsy N.: Route 1, Gabbettville, Ga. 31809: Freshman Byrd, Sarah J.: 5101 River Rd.. Columbus, Ga. 31904: Senior 297 C Cagle, Timothy H., 1 Holcomb Bridge, Norcross, Ga. 30071, Junior Cain, Jr., William P., Box 68, Route 1, Girard, Ga. 30426, Junior Caldwell, John L., 37 Church Street, Hogansville, Ga. 30230, Sophomore Calhoun, Danny A., Route 1, Vienna, Ga. 31092, Sophomore Calhoun, John T., 546 E. Main, Dan- ville, Ky. 40422, Freshman Calhoun, Reginald L., 302 22 Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Junior Calhoun, Ronald S., 2000 Beattie Rd., Albany, Ga. 31701, Junior Callaway, Charles A., Box 436, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806, Freshman Callaway, Linda B., Box 104, Byrom- ville, Ga. 31007, Sophomore Callis, Jr., William G., Box 55, Sasser, Ga. 31785, Junior Calloway, Christine, 110 Brookdale Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Calloway, Otis, 110 Brookdale, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Camp, Carol B., 2212 Thornhill Rd., Tifton, Ga. 31794 Campbell, Barton R., Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Sophomore Campbell, Gewanna E., Route 1, Box 230, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Fresh- man Campbell, Stanley R., 700 Custer Road, Dallas Tex. 75216, Freshman Campbell, Susan H., 2107 Nottingham Way 1, Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Canady, Rena D., 1860 Jeff. Davis St., Macon, Ga. 31201, Freshman Cannington, Veronia, 207 12th Ave., Eastman, Ga. 31023, Junior Cannon, Carol L., 802 B Parkview Apts., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Cannon, Carolyn, Route 2, Box 124, Abbeville. Ga. 31001, Junior Cannon, Dewey W., Route 5. Blakely, Ga. 31723, Sophomore Cannon, George R., 810 McGarrah St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Cannon, R. Atwood: Route 1, Leslie. Ga. 31764, Junior Cannon, Richard A., 602 So. Maple, Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Cannon, Ronnie E.: 114 Peacock Ave.. Eastman, Ga. 31023, Freshman Cannon, Susan, Route 2, Box 124, Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Freshman Cantrell, Robert L., 911 4th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Carbine Il. Baxter K., 2645 Midway Rd., Decatur, Ga. 30030, Freshman Carbine, Victor C., 2645 Midway Rd., Decatur, Ga. 30030, Freshman Carlan. Jr., Arthur B.: P.O. Box 72. De Soto, Ga. 31743: Sophomore Carlson, Sally A., 321 E. Pennsylvania. Deland, Fla. 32720, Freshman Carnes, Bonnie P., Route 1, Box 165. De Soto, Ga. 31743, Sophomore Carney. James L., 81B Dixon Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Carney, Jr.. John W., 1309 Georgia Ave., Perry, Ga. 31069, Freshman Carney, Sharon H., 81B Dixon Dr., Americus. Ga. 31709, Freshman Carothers. Joann S., 1308 35th St.. Co- lumbus, Ga. 31904, Freshman Carpenter, Bernard D., 314 Ward Street, Warner Robins Ga. 31093, Sophomore Carpenter, G. David, 314 Ward Street, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Sopho- more Carr. Deloris B., 315 West Drive, Dublin, Ga. 31021, Freshman Carr, James W., Box 51, Byromville. Ga. 31007: Freshman Carroll, James A., 178 Johnson Rd.. Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Carter. Arthur L., 203B Clara Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Carter. Cary M.: 117 E. Artesian. Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Carter, Charles R., 6300 Riverside Dr.. Atlanta, Ga. 30328: Sophomore Carter. Edward C., Route 2, Box 35. Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Carter. Erskine L.: P.O. Box 1112. Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Carter, George T., 20th Avenue East. Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Carter. Harold L., 719 20th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015 Carter. Janice M., 110 Hanson Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Carter, J. Ronald, 703 Adderton St., Americus. Ga. 31709, Sophomore 298 Carter, John D., 4633 Twin Oaks Dr., Macon, Ga. 31204, Junior Carter, Katherine E., 340 Dixon Dr., Gainesville, Ga. 30501, Senior Carter, Wayne C., 703 Adderton St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Carter, William P., 803 S. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Case, Kay W., 826 Alabama Dr., Tif- ton, Ga. 31794 Cason, Frances, Box 8253, Seville, Ga. 31084, Sophomore Cason, M. Elaine, Route 3, Vienna, Ga. 31092, Junior Cason, Michael E., South 5th Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092, Senior Castellow, Kay D., 1810 Marilon Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31906, Freshman Castellow, Terry R., 1810 Marilon Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31906, Sophomore Castleberry, Georgia A., Harmony Rd., Pelham, Ga. 31779, Freshman Cates, Charles O., 6642 Cherry Tree, Atlanta, Ga. 30328, Senior Cato, Paul T., L31 Lee Estates, Lees- burg, Ga. 31763, Junior Cauble, Ralph S., 350 Lake Shore Dr., Duluth, Ga. 30136, Freshman Causey, E. Keith, 1470 Alberta PI., Macon, Ga. 31206, Senior Causey, Frederick D., 700 3rd Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092, Senior Chambless, Brenda A., 650 Forest Drive, Smyrna, Ga. 30080, Senior Chambless, Glenda E., 650 Forest Drive, Smyrna, Ga. 30080, Senior Chambless, Kathy L., Route 2, Box 155, Bronwood, Ga. 31726, Freshman Chambliss, William F., 709 Jackson Ave., Americus. Ga. 31709, Junior Champion. Jr., William E., 2931 Redwood Sl., Brunswick, Ga. 31520, Junior Chance, Barbara J., RFD 2, Swains- boro, Ga. 30401, Junior Chandler, Catherine A., Route 1, Blakely, Ga. 31723, Sophomore Chapman, Alma C., P.O. Box 116, Plains, Ga. 31780, Junior Chapman, Beverly W., Route 4, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803, Sophomore Chapman, Gordon L., Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Chapman, Michael D., Route 1, Box 434. Lizella, Ga. 310521 Junior Chappell, A. Faye G., Route 1, Smith- ville, Ga. 31787, Sophomore Chappell, Joel H., Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780, Junior Chappell, Jr., Murray A., 410 Robert- son St., Dublin, Ga. 31021, Senior Chasteen, Janice M., P.O. Box 535, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Cheney, S. Jan, P.O. Box 63. Arlington. Ga. 31713, Sophomore Cherry, James C., Box 176, Pearson, Ga. 31642, Junior Cherry. Jr., James T.: 806 Colquitt Cir.. Albany. Ga. 31705, Junior Childers. 'Juanita B., P.O. Box 94, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Sophomore Childers, Winifred E., Route 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Sophomore Childre, William F., 524 Rogers Drive. Macon, Ga. 31200, Freshman Childree, John M., 412 26th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Childres S. Luanne: Box 1121, Thom- asville, Ga. 31792, Sophomore Childs, Elena G., Route 2, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068, Freshman Childs. George T., P.O. Box 40, Statesboro, Ga. 30458: Freshman Chong. Kin B.: 702 Felder Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Christian, Elizabeth A., Route 4, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803, Junior Christian, Wendell R., 2334 Notting- ham Cr. 7, Albany, Ga. 31705, Sen- lor Christmas, Donna J., East Union St., Vienna, Ga. 31092: Freshman Chuhran, Patrick J., 1031 Summit Drive. Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Clack, Donnie G.: Route 1, Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Senior Clark, Abram D., Daniel St., Hawk- insville, Ga. 31036, Sophomore Clark, Ann A., 21 Pine Level Dr., Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036, Sophomore Clark, Charles L., 1403 Waddell, AI- bany, Ga. 31701: Sophomore Clark, Jr., David, 351 Commerce St.. Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036, Junior Clark, Elizabeth E., 351 Commerce St., Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036, Sophomore Clark, Elizabeth F., Randolph Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742, Junior Clark, Gail, Route 4. Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Clark, Horace G., Route 2, Box 48, Boston, Ga. 31626, Junior Clark, James E., P.O. Box 302. Monte- zuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Clark, Kevin W., 210 Main, Cobb, Ga. 31735, Junior Claxton. John R., Route 4, Box 51. Swainsboro, Ga. 30401, Freshman Claxton, Shirley E., Route 4, Swains- boro, Ga. 30401, Junior Cleaver, Linda M., Colonial Manor 4A, Chestertown, Md. 21620, Senior Clegg, Carol L., P.O. Box 112, Chats- worth, Ga. 30705, Freshman Clegg, James S., Box 112, Chatsworth, Ga. 30705, Junior Clements, Richard D., P.O. Box 57, Ray City, Ga. 31645, Senior Clenny, Bennie J., Box 313, Donalson- ville, Ga. 31745, Freshman Cleveland. Alan L., Route 1, Bain- bridge, Ga. 31717, Senior Cleveland, Clydie R.: 514 Academy St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Cleveland, Gregory C., 514 Academy St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Click, Austin A., 316 Julianne St., Perry. Ga. 31069, Junior Clingenpeel, William K., Route 2, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Clinkscales, Gary L., 2 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Clinkscales, L. Kaye M., Lot 2, Briar- cliff, Americus, Gal 31709, Sopho- more Cloer, Jacqueline V., 1417 Nottingham Dr., Macon, Ga. 31208, Freshman Cloud, Brenda G., Box 388, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740, Freshman Cloud, Kenneth M., 804 Elko Rd., Perry, Ga. 31069, Sophomore Coarsey, Othel H., Box 111, Brookfield, Ga. 31727 Cobb, Guy T., 705 23rd Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Senior Cobb, Jefferson F., 705 23rd Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Cobb, Marilyn H., Route 1. Box 174. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Cobb, William D., Box 66, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Cochran, W. David, 107 Woodland Ave.. Americus, Ga. 31709, Sopho- more Cofer. Elizabeth A., 124 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Cofer, Phyllis C., 708 Peavy Sl., Vienna, Ga. 31092, Freshman Coffey, David L., Box 466, Lithonia, Ga. 30048, Freshman Coffey, Kathryn C., 102 Harris St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Cole, Annette Y., P.O. Box 662, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Cole, Wade M., Route 4, Box 362A, Savannah, Ga. 31405, Freshman Cole, William T., P.O. Box 103, Lees- burg, Ga. 31763, Senior Coleman, Connie R., 1000 S. Buford Hwy., Norcross, Ga. 30071, Sopho- more Coleman, Henry R., Lot 93 Briarpatch, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Coleman, Jo Anne, P.O. Box 297, Plains, Ga. 31780, Sophomore Coleman, Randall B., Route 2, Doerun. Ga. 31744, Junior Coley, David M., 697 10th St. NE, Cairo, Ga. 31728, Junior Coley, Gayle M., Lakeview Rd., Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036, Sophomore Coley, Howard G., Lakeview Road, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036, Senior Coley, Valerie O.: 697 10th St. NE, Cairo, Ga. 31728, Sophomore Collier, Michael R., 609 Oklahoma Hts., Blakely, Ga. 31723, Freshman Collier, Shirley A., 304 S. Lumpkin Rd., Columbus, Ga. 31903, Fresh- man Collins, Carol W., P.O. Box 107, De Soto. Ga. 31743, Senior Collins, Constance L., Route 1, Box 103, Newton, Ga. 31770, Senior Collins, Gerald, Route 2, Colquitt, Ga. 31737, Freshman Collins, Jay B., 906 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Collins, Jo C., 1002 Douglas Cir., Americus. Ga. 31709, Freshman Collins, Joy L., Route 1, Pelham, Ga. 31779, Freshman Collins lll, Robert A., 212 Reese St., Americus. Ga. 31709, Senior Collins, Sandra S., 906 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Collins, Teddy C., Route 1, Unadilla, Ga. 31091, Senior Colquitt, Margie A., Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Freshman Colwell, Beulah M., 233 W. Lester St., Americus. Ga. 31709, Sophomore Combs. Cynthia Y., 231 W. Lester St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Compton, G. Louise, Route 1, Rose Avenue, Barnesville, Ga. 30204, Sophomore Compton, Janis F.: 2900 Old Carriage. Marietta, Ga. 30060, Senior Connell, Byron L., Route 3, Cairo, Ga. 31728, Sophomore Connell, Kathleen N., Route 2, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806, Junior Connell, Tommy L., Orange St., Vida- lia, Ga. 30474, Freshman Connell, Winston C., 704 Palmer Street, Pelham, Ga. 31779, Senior Conner, Jerry T., Lot 18, Briarcliff. Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Coody, Jerry L., 218 N. 14th St., Grif- fin, Ga. 30223, Senior Coody, Steve H., Route 3, Vienna, Ga. 31092 Cook, Belinda G., Route 1, Sharpsburg, Ga. 30277, Freshman Cook, Catherine L., Route 1, Meigs, Ga. 31765, Junior Cook. Dole H., Route 4, Colquitt, Ga. 31737, Senior Cook, Gerald A., 214 Taylor Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Cook, Jr., Jack H., Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Freshman Cook, Linda C., Route 1, De Soto, Ga. 31743, Freshman Cook, Michal A., 3389 Brookfield Ln.. Decatur, Ga. 30032, Freshman Cook, Shannon G., Bay Street, Edison, Ga. 31746, Junior Cook, Thomas S., 541 E. Furlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Cooke, Charles E., 528 S. Hampton St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Cooke, Shirlene, 528 S. Hampton St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Cooke, Jr., William T., 1040 E. College St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717, Fresh- man Cooley, Alton D., Big Springs Rd., LaGrange. Ga. 30240, Sophomore Cooley, James L., 111 Reid Street, Manchester, Ga. 31816, Freshman Cooling, John A., 919 First Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31701, Junior Cooper, Alonzo C., L57 Briarcliff, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Cooper, Ethel G., Route 1, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Cooper, Susan E., 204 N. Harris, Ft. Rucker, Ala. 30360, Sophomore Copeland, Celeste, 305 Zeta Street, Tennile, Ga. 31089, Senior Corbin, Marvlyn E., 408 Rogers Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Cortez, Alfred T., 522 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Cosby, Julian F., Route 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Junior Covington, Wayne D., 376 Azalea Drive, Camilla, Ga. 31730, Senior Cowart, Charles W., Leary, Ga. 31762, Sophomore Cowart, Wilburn A., R.R. 2, Bronwood, Ga. 31726, Junior Cox, Danny R., 1330 Alma Ave., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Junior Cox, Wayne T., Box 943, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Coxwell, Charles D., 36 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709, Fresh- man Coxwell, William T., L7 Briarcliff Est.. Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Coyle, Kevin K., Route 7, Highland Cir., Douglasville, Ga. 30134, Freshman Crabbe, Jr., Ronald L., 806 A. McGar- rah St., Americus. Ga. 31709 Craft, John K., Armory Drive, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Craig, Joann B., 705 19th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015 Craig, Rachel C.: 434 Pine Street. Bainbridge, Ga. 31747: Freshman Cravey. Jr., Bryant J., 405 E. Price Street, Sylvester, Ga. 31791, Soph- omore Crawford, Annette M., 661 N. Church St., Blakely, Ga. 31745, Freshman Crawford, Melanie V., Route 2, Thom- aston Rd., Macon, Ga. 31204: Senior Crawley, Herman L., 605 Walter Way, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Crayton, Joseph C., Box 352, Zebulon, Ga. 30295: Senior Crenshaw. Harold R.: Route 1, Box 351: Pitts, Ga. 31072: Sophomore Crews. Dennis B.: P.O. Box 398: Pine Mtn., Ga, 31822: Freshman Cribb. Mildred S.: 1209 E. 12th, Tif- ton, Ga. 31794 Cripe, Joseph R.: Route 1, Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Crochet, Richard L.: 35B Tripp Street. Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Crockett. Larry A.: 1002 11th Ave., Albany. Ga. 31705 Croft, Jerry W.: 916 3rd Ave. SW, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Senior Cromer, George W.: 805 4th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Cromer, Jimmy W.: Route 4. Vienna Hwy., Americus, Ga. 31709. Freshman Cromer, Larry J., Edgewood Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Cromer, Rebecca A., Route 1. Macon Road: Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Crook, Martha A.: Maine Street, Marshallville. Ga. 31057: Freshman Crooke, Cassandra K.: 1904 Queens Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Crosby, Polly V.: 2725 Alandale Drive, Mason. Ga. 31201: Freshman Cross, Hugh G.: Route 1, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore Crowder, Michael L.: 629 N. Express- way, Griffin. Ga. 30223: Junior Crowdis, David L.: Box 547, Blakely. Ga. 31723: Junior Crowdis, John A.: Box 547. Blakely. Ga. 31723: Sophomore Crowdis, Richard C.: Lucille Road, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Crowe, Jr.. Ralph E.: 207 Winthrope Ave., Millen, Ga. 30442: Senior Crozier, Joy A.: Route 2, Box 110, Ft. Gaines. Ga. 31751: Senior Crozier, Marcine G.: Andrews Street, Vienna, Ga, 31092: Freshman Crumpton, Frances B.: Route 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Junior Crum, Nancy A.: 5300 18th Street N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 33714: Freshman Crutchfield, Barbara G.: 409 Earl Ave.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Culpepper, Gary S.: 109 Hancock Street. Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Junior Culpepper. James A.: 522 N. Dooly Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Jun- ior Culpepper, Linda F.: Route 1, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Culverhouse, Stephen A.: Route 3, Thomasville, Ga. 31706: Senior Cundilf, Michael O.: 506B Endicott Lane. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Curry, W. Shannon: Box 38. Shellman. Ga. 31786: Junior Curtis, D. Jean: 1202 Hancock Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Curtis. F. James: 628 Felder Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior D Dacus, Wynoha J.: Route 2, Preston. Ga. 31824: Sophomore Dahl, Arlene M.: Box 85. Summitville. N. Y. 12781: Junior Dale, Lyndia S.: 705 Mary Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Dalton. Joyce H.: Route 1, De Soto. Ga. 31743: Senior Daniel, Carlos W.: 46 Crossroads Trl. Pk., Perry, Ga. 31069: Sophomore Daniel. C. Thomas: 2001 Lullwater Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Daniel, Henry A.: P.O. Box 218, Rich- land, Ga. 31825 Daniel, Jimmie Y.: P.O. Box 218. Richland, Ga. 31825: Junior Daniel, John E.: 2 Ridge Drive, Hampton. Ga. 30228: Senior Daniell, James R.: 2501 Nottingham Way 2, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Daniell, Peggy F.: Route 2, Leary, Ga. 31762: Senior Daniels, Alfonza: Route 2, Norman Park. Ga. 31771. Freshman Darrah, H. Marshall: Route 1, Box 141A, Cobb, Ga. 31735: Senior Darter, Mary J.: 708 Shady Drive. Chattanooga. Tenn. 37412: Senior Dasher, Donald A.: 716 McLendon Street. Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Senior Davenport, Beverly G.: Route 3. Box 78: Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Davenport lll, George M.: 615 Barlow Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Davenport. Walter L.: Route 3, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior David, Jerry R.: 311 16th Avenue E.. Cordele. Ga. 31015: Sophomore Davidson, C. Terry: Box 96, Bonaire, Ga. 31005: Senior Davidson, Earle M.: 107 Stafford Road, Savannah, Ga. 31404: Freshman Davidson. Jr., Henry E.: Tucker Road. Perry, Ga. 31069: Freshman Davidson. Phillip L.: Box 129, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Davidson, Thomas D.: Route 1. Halley Road, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Sopho- more Davidson. Tommie L.: Box 26, The Rock. Ga. 30285: Freshman Davis. Arthur E. Route 1. Box 13B, Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Davis. Barbara R.: Macon Road, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Davis, Brenda T.: 6th Avenue, Dawson. Ga. 31742: Senior Davis, Charles H.: 406 Wildwood Circle. Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Davis, Deborah J.: 715 E. Forsyth Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Davis, E. Denise G.: 610 Valley Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Davis, Ernest: 705 Oglethorpe, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Davis, Ernestine: Route 1, Box 192: Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Davis. John E.: 3137 Brownell Ave., Macon. Ga. 31206: Sophomore Davis. John H.:-1112 N. Mitchel Street, Thomasville, Ga. 31773: Junior Davis, Judy G.: 704 Main Street, Rich- land, Ga. 31825: Freshman Davis, Julia A.: 1815 Pineknoll, Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Junior Davis, Keith B.: 1505 Forest Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31907: Freshman Davis, Laurie V.: Route 1, Box 3A, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Davis, Margaret D.: Route 2, Box 4. Tifton, Ga. 31794 Davis, Meryl L.: Route 3. Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Sophomore Davis, Paul A.: 1314 Smoak Avenue. Perry. Ga. 31069: Junior Davis, Richard L.: 2418 Whispering Pines, Albany. Ga. 31701: Junior Davis. Jr., Roger H.: 119 S. 3rd Street, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Davis, Steven M.: 416 20th Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Davis, Thomas C.: 2713 Dan Street. Augusta, Ga. 30904: Freshman Davis, Jr.. Thomas J.: Albany Road, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Davis, Thomas L.: Box 5236, Colum- bus, Ga. 31906: Senior Davis, Jr. Thomas R.: 515 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Davis, William W.: Route 5. Cochran, Ga. 31014: Junior Dawkins, Betty G.: 114 Shumate Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Dawkins, Imogene S.: 1717 Circle Drive. Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Dawson. Gary A.: South Jackson Street, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Junior Dean, Jr., Jack O.: Route 1, N. Main Street, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Fresh- man Deas, Patricia L.: 1007 22nd Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Deavours, Richard W.: 614 19th Avenue E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Debary, Larry B.: Route 2, Box 145, Leary, Ga. 31762: Freshman Dees, Peggy J.: RFD 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Dekle, Donna T.: Route 1. Box 27A, Iron City, Ga. 31759 Dell. Curtis F.: 1404'3rd Avenue NE, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Sophomore Denham, Sanders A.: Route 1. Box 72: Marshville. Ga. 31057: Senior Denney. Linda K.: 402 Pinecrest Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Dennis, Patricia F.: Route 5. Eastman, Ga. 31023: Freshman Dennis, Phyllis A.: 805 4th Avenue, Eastman, Ga. 31023: Freshman Dent. Lydia A.: Route 3, Omar Hgts., Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Deriso, Charles M.: Route 2. Box 175. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Deriso, David C.: P.O. Box 355, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Deriso, Richard B.: 812 Copperhill Cr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Deriso, Tony L.: Route 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Freshman Desselle. James H.: 208 7th Ave. SW, Moultrie. Ga. 31768: Junior Detamore, Charles R.: Shumate Street, Montezuma. Ga. 31063: Freshman Detamore, Robert C.: Route 3, Rey- nolds, Ga. 31076: Freshman 5 Devane, William F.: 202A Clara Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Devaughn. Phoebe B.: 525 Engram Street, Montezuma. Ga. 31063: Freshman Dew. Shirley G.: Route 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Dewitt. John G.: 5203 Lakeside Drive, Virginia Beach. Va. 23451: Fresh- man Dews, Eugene K.: 403 E. Jefferson St., Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Sophomore Dickerson. Dewey W.: Greer Trailer Park, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Dickey. Chris E.: P.O. Box 554. Daw- son, Ga. 31742: Freshman Dickinson. John M.: 124 Saynor Cr., LaGrange, Ga. 30240: Junior Dickinson, Richard F.: 506 Meadow- lark Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Sen- ior Dickson, Harold S.: Box 402, Abbe- ville, Ga. 31001 Dickson, Joy S.: Highway 280, Abbe- ville, Ga. 31001: Junior Dill. C. Jerome: 465 Reese, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Dill, Lott H.: 201 Almond Street, Ocilla. Ga. 31774: Sophomore Dillard, Donna A.: 1012 Beck St., Apt. H., Griffin, Ga. 30223: Freshman Dillard, George C.: Cinderella Lane. Dawson, Ga. 31742: Junior Dillard, Rebecca I.: Route 1, Box 140, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Dismuke, William M.: 500 Meadowlark Drive. Albany. Ga. 31705: Senior Dix, Glenda K.: Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Junior Dixon, Daphne E.: 108 Fletcher Drive, Statesboro, Ga. 30458: Freshman Dixon, Deborah B.: 107 Joyce Ct., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Dixon. Jr., Henry M.: 116 W. Church Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Dixon, Marthalyn W.: 116 W. Church Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Dixon, Nancy C.: 2615 De Lowe Drive, East Point, Ga. 30344: Sophomore Dixon, S. Page: 107 Joyce Ct., Ameri- cus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Dobbins, Sandra S.: 202 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Dobbs, S. Patricia: 10558 Lakeview Road, Jacksonville, Fla. 32211: Senior Dodson, David E.: P.O. Box 73, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Dodson, Linda K.: 1108 Byron Street, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Donnahoo, Jane C.: 2205 Chatham R., Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Donnan, O. Helen: Route 1, Sumner. Ga. 31789: Senior Donner, Helmuth W.: 210 Columbia Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Jun- ior Dorminey. Ronnie W.: Route 5, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Dorough, Edsel G.: 113 Juniper Road, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sopho- more Dorough, Gary G.: 141 Edgewood Drive, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Fresh- man Dorough, James T.: 311 24th Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Dorsey Ill, John B.: 222 Taylor Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Dorsey, Larry R.: Route 1, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Sophomore Doster, Grady C.: 131 E. Hill Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Douglas, Armentha C.: 248 W. Lester Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Douglas, Stewart W.: Route 2, Creigh- ton, Eastman. Ga. 31023: Senior Dover, Jr., Ben H.: Route 2. Jackson, Ga. 30233: Junior Dowdell, Shirley A.: 611 E. Forsyth Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Dowdell, Utha D.: 2004 11th Street S., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Downs, Anne E.: P.O. Box 83, Talbot- ton, Ga. 31827: Junior Dozier, Mary E.: 104 Crawford, Don- alsonville, Ga. 31745 Drennan, Bruce C.: 308 14th Avenue. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Drennan, Sandra S.: 308 14th Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Drew, John A.: 1320 Hancock Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Drew, Ursula A.: Drawer 328, Center- ville, Ga. 30125: Junior Driggars, Duane E.: 4254 Mikado Avenue. Macon. Ga. 31206: Fresh- man Driggers, Ronny L.: 392 Macon Street, Jesup, Ga. 31545: Freshman Driver, Stephen G.: 252 R. Street, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Sophomore Dubose, Patricia G.: P.O. Box 517, Lumpkin. Ga. 31815: Sophomore Ducati. Debra K.: 509 Bay Street. Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Ducatte, Beverly D.: Lot 28. Lee Es- tates, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior Duck, Patti A.: 7th Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Duckworth, Tommy L.: Route 3, Cordele. Ga. 31015: Senior Dudley, Mary F.: Macon Road, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709 Dudley, William C.: 118 E. College Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Duff, Gordon M.: 119 Highland Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Duke, Benjamin L.: 1303 Maryland Drive, Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Duke, Imogene P.: P.O. Box 115. Plains. Ga. 31780: Junior Duke, James B.: Box 718, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Sophomore Larry T.: 101 N. Ingleside Dr.. Duke, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Duke, Linda D.: Box 718, Ft. Valley. Ga. 31030: Senior Duke, Lonnie H.: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Dunahoo. Henry G.: 2508 Whispering Pine Road, Albany, Ga. 31702: Sen- ior Duncan, Minnie M.: 168 South Lee Street. Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Freshman Duncan, Rebecca M.: 210 Sun Valley Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Duncan. Richard A.: L59 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Duncan, Teresa G.: 97 Glendale Road, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Freshman Duncan. Wayne L.: Route 1, Box 109A, Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Dunn. Andrew W.: Route 5. Colquitt, Ga. 31737. Sophomore Dupree, Jr., Clabe V.: Lot 2A Worth- more Tr., Sylvester. Ga. 31791: Jun- ior Dupree, John C.: 802 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Dupree, Linda M.: Lot 5, Rozar Tr. Pk., Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Senior Dupree, Rose A.: 1804 Armory Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709 Durant, Kathy E.: 1414 Love Avenue, Titton, Ga. 31794 Durden, Steven G.: 957 Ponce De Leon, Macon, Ga. 31206: Senior Duren, Marvin A.: 1485 S. Indian Ck., Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083: Freshman Durham, Joseph P.: 452 7th Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Durham, Richard E.: 1025 Alice Ave- nue, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Durham, Thomas H.: 1776 Lynn Lane. Decatur, Ga, 30032: Freshman Durham. Toni M.: 1025 Alice Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Durr, Kenneth C.: P.O. Box 207, Daw- son, Ga. 31742: Freshman Duvall. Carolann M.: 302 S. Lumpkin Street, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Sophomore Duvall. Robert A.: 302 S. Lumpkin Street. Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Sophomore Dyal, Jr., Ernest G.: 1100 William Street. McRae, Ga. 31055: Sopho- more Dyer, James M.: 237 Second Street, Manchester. Ga. 31816: Senior Eades, Martha L.: Richland, Ga. 31825: Freshman Earl, Susan C.: 910 Warwick Drive, Macon, Ga. 31204: Freshman Earn. Jr., Ernest U.: Route 1, Byron, Ga. 31008: Junior 299 Easom, Bobby M.: 123 Pine Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Freshman Easom, Donald L.: 123 Pine Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Junior Easom, Fredrick L.: 708 Stewart Ave- nue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Eason, Judith A,: Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Easom, Leon l..: Route 1, Box 162, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore East, Jimmy R.: 216 Brown Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Easterlin, C. Ann: 307 Pecan Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Easterlin, Debra A.: Route 1, Ander- sonville, Ga. 31711: Freshman Easterlin, Jr., William M.: 819 N. Dooley Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31063:Junior Eberhardt. Jean E.: 1842 Homestead Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 30306: Freshman Edalgo, Michael A.: Porter Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Edge, Anthony Q.: 1011 N. Dooly, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore Edge, Jr., Jesse C.: 102 Kingsway. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sopho- fTl0l'e Edge, June D.: P.O. Box 251. Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Edgemon, Thomas G.: Fairlane Drive, Sweetwater, Tenn. 37874: Freshman Edmonson. Billy W.: 106 3rd Street, Manchester. Ga. 31816: Freshman Edmunds, G. Frederck: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Edwards Ill, Edwin L.: Route 1, Georgetown, Ga. 31754: Freshman Edwards, Ivy, F.: 110 Corinth Street, Warner Robins, Ga 31093: Senior Edwards, James M.: Shellman, Ga. 31786: Junior Edwards, Malcolm D.: P.O. Box 26: Georgetown, Ga. 31754: Sophomore Edwards, Nancy E.: 202 Laurel Drive, Sylvania, Ga, 30467: Freshman Edwards, Walter W.: Route 2, Newton, Ga. 31770: Junior Eldridge, Griffith M.: 202 W. College Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Eldridge, Henry C.: Box 31, Warwick, Ga. 31796: Senior Ellerbee, Tim G.: 703 Park Avenue, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Freshman Elliott, Michael J.: 606 Hancock Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Ellis, Doyce F.: Randolph, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31063: Senior Ellis, Harriett: RFD 1, Monticello, Ga. 31064: Freshman Ellis, J. Cleve: 911 Post Way, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Senior Ellis, Jr., John B.: 3092 Verdun Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30305: Sophomore Ellis, Michael R.: Route 4, Box 264, Fitzgerald, Ga. 31750: Junior Ellis, Mike C.: Route 5, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Ellis. Nancy A.: 1002 Felder Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Ellis, N. Lynn: Route 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Ellison, Mona E.: 123 Allen Street, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Elliston, A. Claire: Box 445, Butler, Ga. 31006: Junior Elmore, Anthony W.: 124 Briarcliff Road. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Elton, Marta: Box 1473, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Eminger, Ronald E.: Rozar Tr. Park, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior Emory, Lynda K.: Belair Road, Evans, Ga. 30809: Junior Enfinger, Johnny M.: Route 1, Bluffton. Ga. 31724: Freshman English, Cecile P.: 907 Rose Lane, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore English, Steven B.: Main Street, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Ernest, Agnes D.: 433 S. Riverview Cr., Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Erwin, John C.: Route 3, Cochran, Ga. 31014:Junior Etheredge, Jr., William D.: Route 5, Box 95, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Evans, Elizabeth S.: 821 Douglas Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Evans. J. Oscar, Route 4, Blakely. Ga, 31723: Senior Evans lil, Leonard N.: 1703 Armory Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Evans, Mary J.: 531 4th Street, Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Evans, Robert B.: Box 17, Leslie. Ga. 300 31764: Sophomore Evans, Robert L.: Box 818, Drayton Road, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Evans, Sarah B.: 1703 Armory Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Everett, Patricia C.: Box 116, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Senior Everson, Cheryl G.: P.O. Box 354, Edison, Ga. 31746: Freshman Everson, Timothy J.: Route 4, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Ewing, Arthur W.: Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Ewing, Ernest C.: 607 15th Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Ewing. Jr.. George W.: 2556 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Junior Ewing, M. Beth G.: Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Ezekiel, Mable P.: 404 17th Street, Tifton, Ga. 31794 F Faircloth, Dennis H.: B02 6th Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Faircloth, Raymond F.: Box 1A, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Sophomore Faircloth, Raymond T.: 1115 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Faircloth, Ruth E,: Box 81. De Soto, Ga. 31743: Junior Faircloth, Sandra A.: Route 1, Camilla, Ga, 31730: Freshman Faircloth, Sara L.: Route 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Farmer, Jr., Harry F.: P.O. Box 222, Americus, Ga. 31709 Farmer, Joseph M.: Route 7, Hightower Hills, Conyers, Ga. 30207: Junior Farmer, Rada W.: L91 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Farrow, Pamela B,: 811 27th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Fay, Mary J.: 309 Evans Street, Ash- burn, Ga. 31714: Freshman Faye, Jo Ann: 309 Evans Street, Ash- burn, Ga. 31714: Senior Feagin, James A.: 726 Oglethorpe Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Fenn, Christophe R.: 520 Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Fenn, Theresa A.: 520 Harrold Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709 Ferguson lll, John E.: Route 1, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Sophomore Ferguson, John W.: De Soto, Ga. 31743: Senior Ferguson, William T.: P.O. Box 476, Cairo, Ga. 31728: Freshman Ferris, John E.: 120 Williams Terrace, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Fetner, Donna M.: Route 4, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Junior Fincher, Melvin A.: Route 3. Box 219, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Finkle, Miriam P.: Buena Vista, Ga. 31803 - Finley, Janice K.: 233 Springside Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30354: Freshman Finlayson, Martha J.: P.O. Box 145, Pineview, Ga. 31071: Junior Fish, John N.: Route 1, Box 116, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Freshman Fisher, Jay F.: 907 24th Ave.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Fisk, Julie L.: Clear Lake Road, New- ton, Ga. 31770: Senior Fitzgibbons, Lea J,: 720 14th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Fiveash, Ella J,: E. Johnson Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Fiveash, Karlyn W.: East Johnson Street. Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sopho- more Flake, David L.: 618 North Street, Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Senior Fleming, Marcia A.: Route 2. Shellman. Ga.. 31786: Freshman Fletcher, Ernest J.: Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Florence. Stella L.: 2940 Peyton Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31903: Sophomore Flowers, Henry J.: Route 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Flowers, Robert K.: Route 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Flowers. Thomas A.: 1905 Queens Road. Albany. Ga. 31705: Sophomore Floyd Ill, Ben 'F.: 308 16th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Floyd, Catherine A.: Route 3, Box 878, Cochran, Ga. 31014: Sophomore Floyd, Connie M.: 608 2nd Street S., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Floyd. David T.: Route 5. Cochran, Ga. 31014: Junior Floyd, Flavia K.: Lot 48, Briarpatch, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Floyd, J. Benjamin: Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Foister, Pamela J.: Route 2, Camilla, Ga. 31730: Freshman Folland, Joanne W.: Route 4, Box 377T, Albany, Ga. 31701 Folsom, Susan P.: 103A Bush Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Folsom, William R.: 103A Bush Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Ford, Alan D.: P.O. Box 226. Cobb, Ga. 31735: Junior Ford, Brad N.: Box 226, Cobb, Ga. 31735: Freshman Ford, Cheryl B.: Cobb, Ga. 31735: Junior Ford, George W.: 914 N. Madison, Apt. D, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Ford, Kenneth D.: 514 Shadowlawn Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Fordham, Geneva B.: Route 3, Twin City, Ga. 30471: Freshman Forehand, Dwayne D.: 600 6th Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Forester, Mary H.: P.O. Box 94, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Sophomore Forrest, William T.: Route 1, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Forrester, Joel M.: 145 Taylor Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Forsling, Karen E.: Reynolds, Ga. 31076: Freshman Fort, Allen B.: 621 Garden Lane, Cedartown, Ga. 30125: Sophomore Forth, Frances N.: 903 Azalea Circle, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Forth, Mary L.: 903 Azalea Circle. Cordele, Ga, 31015: Freshman Foster, D. Suzette: Route 5, Box 67, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Junior Foster, Dennis M,: 680 Heards Ferry, Atlanta, Ga. 30328: Sophomore Foster, Shirlee A.: 1360 Lochlomond Tr., Atlanta, Ga. 30331: Senior Foster, Veronica D.: 129 E. Pepper- mint, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- FDHFI Foster, Willie M.: 636 6th Ave., Apt. 19, Columbus, Ga. 31901 Fouche, Deborah H.: Route 4, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Sophomore Fouche, Elizabeth A.: 540 Church Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Fresh- man Fountain, Donald E.: Route 1, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Fountain, Terri J.: 2862 Roswell Lane, Columbus, Ga. 31906: Freshman Fowler, Sharon R.: Route 5, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Fox, C. Jane: Route 5, Dawson, Ga, 31742:Senior Fox, Julie A.: Route 5, Box 248. Daw- son, Ga. 31742: Freshman Foxworth, J, Randall: Route 2, Nash- ville, Ga, 31639: Junior Franklin, Jerry M.: P.O. Box 99, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Franklin, Larry W.: 1302 Seventh Street, Albany, Ga. 31705: Freshman Franklin, Pamela U.: 1813 Valley Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Fraser, Ricky J.: 613 N. Bay Street, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Frederick, Ann E.: 103 Corbin Street, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Freeman, A. Frederick: Cobb, Ga. 31735: Senior Freeman, Janice H.: 48 Reese Tr. Park. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior French, Philip E.: Route 1, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Junior French, Theo G.: 510 Harris, Richland, Ga. 31825 Frost, Otis M.: 701 Varsity Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Fryer. Cathryne P.: Box 141, Perry, Ga, 31069: Junior Fulford, Allen S.: Box 248, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Fuller, Leslie A.: P.O. Box 504. Co- lumbus, Ga. 31901: Sophomore Fuller, Nancy A.: 501 Southern Pines Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31903: Sopho- H1079 Funck, Valerie O., Route 7, Jones Road, Macon, Ga. 31206: Junior Funderburke, B. Karen: 4131 Mayfield Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31907: Senior Funderburke, Donald J.: 715 West Street, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Sen- lor Funderburke, Lana J.: 440 S. Rountree Street, Metter, Ga. 30439: Sopho- more Funk, David R.: 505 Myers Street, Richland, Ga. 31825: Freshman Fussell, Larry W.: 215 Lakewood Dr.. Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Fussell, Linda M.: 908 Hancock Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Futch, Beverly A.: Route 2, Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Freshman Futch, Deborah L.: Route 2, Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Freshman G Gainous, Don D.: Route 1, Cairo, Ga. 31728: Junior Gallops, Donald G.: 2955 Britt David, Columbus, Ga. 31904: Senior Gamadanis, Dennis W.: 1267 Shore- ham Drive, College Park, Ga. 30337: Freshman Gamble, Samuel E.: 2622 Creekview Drive, Marietta, Ga. 30060: Soph- omore Garner Ill, John R.: 214 Taylor St., Apt. 5, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Garner, Robert F.: 132 Taylor, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Garrett, James P.: Route 1. Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Sophomore Garrett, Jefferson, 614 Nicholson Tr., Columbus, Ga. 31907: Senior Garrett, Lynda J.: P.O. Box 623, Tren- ton, Ga. 30752: Senior Garrett, Jr., Welborn C.: 20 College Court, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Garvin, Freida L.: P.O. Box 69, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Sophomore Gary, Sylvia T.: 804 Ridge Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Gaskin, Jr., John B,: 3069 General Lee Rd., Macon, Ga. 31204: Sophomore Gaston, R. Jackson: 225 Sun Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Gatlin, James M.: 201 Doty Drive, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Sophomore Gay, Barbara L,: P.O. Box 44, Sasser, Ga. 31785: Freshman Gay, Ronald B.: P.O. Box 2, Warwick, Ga. 31796: Junior Gay, Thomas S.: 430 6th Ave. SE, Cairo, Ga. 31728: Freshman Gay, Virginia C.: Route 4, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Junior Geer, P. Zeke: 256 Pine Street, Col- quitt, Ga. 31737: Senior Geiger, Teresa C.: Route 3, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Senior George, Joan E.: P.O. Box 1493. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior George, John l,: 316 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Gerbert, Robert F.: L89 Briarcliff Est.: Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Gibbs. Daniel T.: 937 Japonica Drive, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Gibbs, Donna M.: P.O. Box 234, Whigham, Ga, 31797: Sophomore Gibbs, Jeff D.: 106 24th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Gibbs, Teresa P.: Leesburg. Ga. 31763: Freshman Gibbs, William A.: 207 Phila. Ave., Ocean City, Md. 21842: Senior Gibson, Albert M.: '1550 Wells Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31906: Freshman Gibson, Arlene R.: P.O. Box 1221, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Gibson, Dereth V.: 1803B Armory Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Gibson, Gary D.: Route 1, Box 39B, Monticello, Ga. 31064: Sophomore Gibson, Sarah E.: Route 2, Box 138, Folkston, Ga. 31537: Junior Gibson, Steven T.: 1803B Armory Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Gibson, William A.: P.O. Box 605, Butler, Ga. 31006: Senior Gibson, Wilton L.: P.O. Box 1221. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Giddens, Andy B.: 500 S. Oak Street, Eastman, Ga. 31023: Sophomore Giddens, Faye L.: Route 1, Helena, Ga. 31037: Senior Giddings, Rhett El.: 47 N. Howard Street, Inman, S. C. 29349: Sopho- more Gieseking. Kathleen D.: Route 1, Box 117 BB, Appling, Ga. 30802: Freshman Gignilliat, Robert D.: 1206 E. 49th Street, Savannah, Ga. 31404: Junior Gilbert, Howard F.: 210 Peggy Anne Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Gilbert, P. Mickey: Route 1, Vienna. Ga. 31092: Freshman Giles, Brenda S.: Route 1, Box 2, Och- lochnee, Ga. 31773: Sophomore Gill, Calvin C.: 1700D Shoreham Apt., Albany. Ga. 31701: Senior Gill. Herbert L.: 1420 Whitney, Alba- ny, Ga. 31701: Junior Gilliam, E. Randall: 116 College lnn, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Gilliam, James W.: 6600 Waterford Road, Columbus. Ga. 31904: Freshman Gilliam, Linnie H.: Route 2, Box 214. Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Sophomore Gilmore. Jr., Emory G.: Route 1, Pel- ham, Ga. 31779: Freshman Gilreath, Charles L.: 2417 Manning Ave., Columbus. Ga. 31903: Freshman Givens, Laura D.: 5 Glendale Estates, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Gladden, John M.: Cobb, Ga. 31735: Freshman Gleaton, E. Thomas: 1912 Highland Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Gleaton, Jerry 'J.: 19C Bowen Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Gleaton, Lucia W.: 19C Bowen Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Glisson. William L.: Lot 42, Pine Park, Manchester, Ga. 31816: Junior Glover. Paula P.: Lot 25. Reese Tr. Pk.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Godfrey. Lola Kf: Route 3, Colquitt, Ga. 31737 Goldstein, Kathy B.: 1358 Oakdale Drive, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Senior Goldstein, Louis F.: 507 Brookwood Tr., Griffin, Ga. 30223: Sophomore Gooding, David S.: P.O. Box 263. Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Junior Goodman, Jr.. James T.: 103 Lorraine Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Goodroe. Karen E.: 1326 Kennedy Dr., Griffin, Ga. 30223: Freshman Goodrum, Carolyn M.: 604 Barlow. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Goodrum, John L.: 604 Barlow Street. Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Goodson. Patricia C.: Route 1, Frank- lin, Ga. 30217: Freshman Goodwin, Stephanie J.: Route 3, Tilton, Ga. 31794: Junior Gordon. Marvin D.: 836 Goodrich Ave., Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Soph- omore ordon. Ronald H.: East College St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Gordy, Edith W.: 208 Pineview Dr., Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior ore, Timothy F.: 104B Frieda Lane, Americus. Ga. 31709 ourdouze, Randall A.: Southern UN. Jr. Col., Wadley, Ala. 36276: Junior race. Charles B.: 722 Felder Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior race, Kathleen, 734 Wheatley Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior race, Russell L.: 400 Pinecrest Drive, Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior raham, M. Dixie H.: P.O. Box 411. Reynolds, Ga. 31076: Junior ranger, John M.: 171 Fulford Dr., Hapeville. Ga. 30054: Senior rant, Kenneth W.: Route 1. Americus, -Ga. 31709: Freshman ray, Charles A.: 625 29th Ave. E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman ray. D. Suzanne: 3830 Glen Eagles Ct., Tucker, Ga. 30084: Junior ray, Gregory E.: 4123 Calhoun Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31903: Freshman ray, Laurence R.: 418"!2 Society Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior ray, Lisa R.: 3830 Glen Eagles Ct., Tucker, Ga. 30084: Freshman ray, Michael R.: 311 Stewart Rd., Swainsboro. Ga. 30401: Junior ray, Randy C.: 1606 Radium Springs Rd.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior reathouse, Judy G.: Route 1. Jefferson Davis Rd., Thornaslon. Ga. 30286: Freshman reen, Charles W.: Lot 4, Reese Trl. Pk.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman reen, Johnny L.: 5A Masonic Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman reen, L. Charlene: Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Sophomore reen, Patricia M.: Box 35, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Senior eene, Elizabeth A.: Box 326, Lump- kin, Ga. 31815: Junior eene, Joe A.: Route 3, Box 37, Rey- nolds, Ga. 31076: Freshman eene, Pamela: 2549 Allen Way, Macon, Ga. 31206: Freshman Greer, William F.: Box 32. Pinehurst. Ga. 31070: Senior Gregorie. Kathy G.: 2235 Wildwood Drive. Macon, Ga. 31204: Junior Ygregory. Barbara J.: Route 1, Pitts. Ga. 31072: Junior Gregory, Benjamin 145, Crandall, Ga. 30711: Senior Gregory, Ronald D.: Route 11, Box 471. Gainesville. Ga. 30501: Senior C.: Route 1, Box Griffin. Debbie R.: 4675 Lattimore Drive, Macon, Ga. 31204: Sopho- more Griffin, Dennis C.: Tilton Highway, Ocilla, Ga. 31774: Freshman Griffin, Donna K., 112 Montgomery Street. Tennille. Ga. 31089: Fresh- man Griffin, Elizabeth B.: 508 Poplar Street. Albany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Griffin, Jr., Elie S.: 347 N. Jefferson St., Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Senior Griffin, E. Dannis: 508 Poplar Street, Albany, Ga. 31750: Senior Griffin, Joyce M.: 905 Post Way, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Griffin, M. Delores: 3720 Napier Ave.. Macon, Ga. 31200: Senior Gregory, Barbara J.: Route 1, Pitts, Ga. 31072: Junior Griffin. Shelia J.: 614B Central Ave., Waycross, Ga. 31501: Junior Griffin, Jr., Tommy L.: 3720 Napier Ave., Macon, Ga. 31204: Freshman Griffin. William D.: 110 Evergreen Street, Warner Robins. Ga. 31093: Freshman Griffin lll, William H.: 710 Hickory Street. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Griffis, Richard D.: 1520A Fourth Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Griffin, Mikie A.: 2010 West Broad. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Griggs, William A.: L25 College Court, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Grigsby. Judith J.: 407 Rogers Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Grimes. Sheila E.: 5632 Luna Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31907: Freshman Griner, Jamie C.: Box 281. N. Davis St.. Nashville, Ga. 31639: Sopho- more Grinstead, Jr.. Thomas R.: 1223 LaFay- ette St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Junior Grist. Steve B.: 2804 Old Norcross. Tucker, Ga. 30084: Freshman Groover, Donald G.: 308 Park Ave.. Statesboro. Ga. 30458: Junior Grubbs. Clarence B.: 315 Myrtle Drive, Thomasville. Ga. 31792: Freshman Guenther. Carol M.: 1450 Ocean Blvd., St. Simons. Ga. 31520: Sophomore Guest. Marilyn R.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Senior Gurr, Earl E.: P.O. Box 67. Chula, Ga. 31733: Junior Guy, Russell G.: 120 Parkway Drive, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Sophomore H Hagerson. Boyd M.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Freshman Hagins. Ezra S.: 620 Harrold Ave.. Americus. Ga. 31705: Junior Hagins. Thomas W.: 620 Harrold Ave., Americus. Ga. 31705: Junior Hair. Lovelace E.: Baker St., Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Freshman Hale, Mary A.: 13 Le Conte Street, Smithville, Ga, 31787: Junior Hales. Larry M.: Housing Proj. 22A Plains. Ga. 31780: Junior Hales, Sherrie W.: Housing Proj. 22A. Plains. Ga. 31780: Sophomore Hall. C. Marcus: 1305 Canary Street, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Hall, Emma R.: Route 1, Box 197, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803: Sophomore Hall, Ethel F.: Route 1, Box 27B, Bainbridge. Ga. 31717: Junior Hall, Janet M.: GA. Southwestern, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Hall, Michael W.: P.O. Box 361: Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Hall, Shirley A.: 316 E. Forsyth St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Hall, Thomas P.: Route 1, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Junior Hall, William Americus. Ga. 31709 Halstead, Clara D.: Route 2, Box 184. Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior L.: 1208 Brighfwood D.: Ga. Southwestern, Ham, William Dr., Savannah, Ga. 31406: Junior Hamby, David R.: Route 2, Smith Street, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Sophomore Hamilton, Bettye J.: Route 1, Box 12. De Solo. Ga. 31743: Junior Hamilton, Theresa G.: Route 1. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Hamlin. Bernice G.: 327 Lemon Street, Dawson, Ga, 31742: Freshman Hamlin, Robert W.: 110 Elm Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Hammett. Karen F.: 3794 Arlington Rd., East Point, Ga. 30344: Junior Hammock, Jr., E. Dudley: Box 506, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Senior Hammock, Kenneth L.: 307 1St Street. Moultrie. Ga. 31768: Freshman Hammond, Kathy S.: Depot Street, Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Junior Hamrick, Benjamin H.: 605 Pinecrest Drive, Albany, Ga. 31705: Sopho- more Hamrick, Joseph L.: 308 E. 25th Ave., Cordele. Ga. 31015: Sophomore Haney, Andrew D.: L18 Hillside Tr. Pk., Americus, Ga. 31709 Haney, Martha E.: 18 Hillside Tr. Pk.. Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Harbuck, Bonnie J.: Main Street. Marshallville, Ga. 31057: Sophomore Harbuck, Catherine L.: 1130 N. Bed- dingfield, Macon. Ga. 31206: Soph- omore Harbuck, C. Buck: 704 McGarrah Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Harbuck, Timothy M.: 505 Oak Ave- nue. Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Hardegree. James O: Greer Trailer Park, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Harden, Monty M.: Shady Lane, Route 2, Fitzgerald, Ga. 31750: Freshman Hardester lll, Walter E.: Box 253. Vi- enna, Ga. 31092: Freshman Hardy, Marlin G.: 105 Cherokee Dr., Barnesville, Ga. 30204: Sophomore Hargrove. Charlotte R.: 1438 E. Lamar Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Harkness. William R.: Route 3, Box 98, Jackson. Ga. 30233: Freshman Harmon, Jr.. Joseph J.: Route 4, Reyn- olds, Ga. 31076: Senior Harmon, Lucinda L.: 3612 Caspian Drive. Columbus, Ga. 31907: Soph- omore Harper, James S.: P.O. Box 205, Plains. Ga. 31780: Sophomore Harper, Mary J.: 305, Brookdale. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Harper IV, William M.: P.O. Box 641, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Harrell, Bonnie E.: Route 1, Reynolds. Ga. 31076: Senior Harrell, Brenda E.: 302 Garden Ter- race. Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Soph- omore Harrell. Deanne E.: P.O. Box 94, Bainbridge. Ga. 31717: Freshman Harrell. Deborah C.: 635 7th Avenue. Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Harrell, Frances W.: Route 1, Reyn- olds, Ga. 31076: Sophomore Harrell. Franklin T.: L67 Briarpatch, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Harrell, Jacqueline, Route 1, Whigham, Ga. 31797: Junior Harrell, Laurene: Route 2. Shellman. Ga. 31786: Freshman Harrell. Mary L.: Route 2. Box 124, Shellman, Ga. 31786: Junior Harrell, Mary W.: Route 1, Reynolds, Ga. 31076: Freshman Harrell, Michael A.: 316 Terrell Street. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Harrington, Hetty Q.: 113 Springdale Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Harris, Betty J.: Route 1. Box 33A, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Junior Harris. Cecelia J.: 998 Homewood Ct., Decatur, Ga. 30033: Junior Harris. Constance A.: Route 1, Box 33T, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Harris, Deotis. 1028 E. Jefferson. Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Harris, Doris P.: P.O. Box 136, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Sophomore Harris, George R.: Route 1, Box 108. Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Freshman Harris, Janice M.: Route 1, Box 3270, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Harris, John M.: Route 1, Butler, Ga. 31006: Freshman Harris, Karen: Route 3, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Harris, M. Carol B.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Harris, Margaret J.: 307 Varsity Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Harris, Marie E.: 415 W. Furlow Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Harris, M. Elizabeth B.: 305 Ridgeway Drive. Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Harris, Stephen Y.: 6420 Jones Road, College Pk., Ga. 30022: Junior Harris, Thomas E.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Harrison. O. Mike: 1131 Highland Ave.. Augusta. Ga. 30904: Junior Harrison. Walter A.: 128 Pine Circle, Cairo. Ga. 31728: Junior Hart, Charles J.: P.O. Box 221. Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Hart lll, Henry A.: Brady Road, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709 Hart. John D.: 447 Grand Avenue, Glenwood, Fla. 32722: Freshman Hart. Jr., Robert L.: 2429 Gillionville Road, Albany. Ga. 31705: Sopho- more Harte. William G.: 102 Pine Drive, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Harter. Patricia A.: 1502 Evelyn Ave- nue, Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Hartley. D, Michael: 200 Spruce Street. Louisville, Ga. 30434: Junior Hartman, Eric S.: 25 Fernwood Acres. Riverdale, N. J. 07457 Hartman. Neal L.: 25 Fernwood Cres.. Riverdale. N. J. 07457: Sophomore Hartsfield. David C.: Route 4, Ameri- cus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Harvey, Thomas G.: Lakewood Drive. Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Harvill. Donald L.: 104 Dudley Drive, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Hatcher. Larla: Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman G.: Route 2, Box 62: Route 2. Box 62. Hatcher. Leola Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Hatcher, Michael E.: 3733 Greenbriar Ct., Macon. Ga. 31204: Senior Hatfield, Steve M.: 1011 Pembrook Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31907: Freshman Hathaway. Cynthia A.: 7127 Oakblufl Drive, Dallas. Tex. 75240: Sopho- more Hattaway, S. Kay: Route 5, Dawson. Ga. 31742: Freshman Haugabook, Charles B.: 425 Engram Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Jun- tor Haugabook, W. Steven: P.O. Box 463, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Senior Hayes. George D.: Route 1, Pelham, Ga. 31779: Junior Hayes. James F.: 317 Flint Ave., Al bany, Ga. 31705: Senior Hayes, Andy N.: P.O. Box 21. Sasser, Ga. 31785: Freshman Hayes. Catherine I.: College Inn Apts.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Hayes. Sybil D.: 2351 E. Main, Paho- kee, Fla. 33476: Freshman Hay. William D.: Route 6. Covington, Ga. 30209: Junior Hayes, Thomas E.: 215 College Inn, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Hayes. Jr., William F.: 3167 Edlay Place. Macon, Ga, 31206: Senior Haynes, Charles W.: Box 51, Moreland, Ga. 30259: Freshman Haynes. Sidney W.: 2003 Juniper Drive, Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Hays, George R.: Route 3, Box 59A. Franklin, Tex. 77856: Junior Hays. William T.: Route 1, Baconton, Ga. 31716: Senior Head, William J.: L7, Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Heard, Sharon D.: Route 1, Box 145, Newton, Ga. 31770: Sophomore Health, Sandra P.: P.O. Box 396, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Helms. Clarice: Route 2, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Helton, Cheryl H.: 527 Barlow Street 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Henderson, David L.: 371 Vanderbilt Drive, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Henderson, Mary N.: 206 Lorraine Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Henderson, Robert E.: 1406 Oak Drive, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Hendon. Theresa M.: 1948 Northside Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30318: Junior Hendon. James R.: 330 Mary Lane, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Hendon. Sherry W.: P.O. Box 244, Richland, Ga. 31825: Junior 301 Hendricks, Glenn R.: 33 Park Place, Red Bank, N. J. 07701: Junior Hendrix, C. Anthony: 407 Pineview Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Hendry. Jr., William L.: 13 Pine Val- ley, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Senior Henry, Beverly W.: 149 Strife Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Henry, Hugh D.: 149 Strife Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Henry, Sally M.: 3 Elm Garden Acres, Hinesville, Ga. 31313: Freshman Henson. George J.: Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Freshman Henson, Julie N.: 208 Jefferson, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31731: Freshman Henson, Patricia A.: First Avenue, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803: Sophomore Herbst, Robert M.: Apt. 20D, Bond Street, Plains, Ga. 31780: Junior Herlong, Jr., James H.: 6526 Silver Lake, Leesburg, Fla. 32748: -Soph- omore , Hernandez, Hilda R.: Box 183, Sherah, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Hernandez, Javier Q.: P.O. Box 183, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Herndon, Robin D.: P.O. Box 205, Pavo, Ga. 31778: Freshman Herndon, Wendell B.: Church Street, Vienna. Ga. 31092: Junior Herring, Julia H.: Broad Street, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803: Freshman Herring, Marva J.: 313 22nd Avenue, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Hester, Brenda K.: 400 Wilson Lane. Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Junior Hester, Charles C.: Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Sophomore Hester, Joyce P.: Box 446, Lumpkin, Ga. 31815 Hester, Russell H.: Flamingo Street, Hilton Head Island, S. C. 29928: Senior Hester, Theresa D.: Route 1, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Heys, Evelyn P.: 418 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Hickox, Velma J.: 743 Central Avenue, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Hicks, Janice L.: P.O. Box 384, Daw- son, Ga. 31742 Hicks, Joseph R.: 113 Brookwood Drive, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Junior Hicks. Susan R.: 303 Sunvalley Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Hicks, Wilma J.: 1004 22nd Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Higginbottom, George S.: 913 Julia Place, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Higgs. Phillip M.: B12 Rosedale Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Hill, Cheryl A.: Hillside Cl., Lot 15. Americus, Ga. 31709 Hill, David W.: Box 71, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Hill, Donald C.: General Delivery, Cobb, Ga. 31735: Sophomore Hill, Kenneth L.: 101 Willett Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Hill, Strozer R.: Route 1. Box 59. Doerun, Ga. 31744: Senior Hill, Thomas O.: 403 Davis Avenue, Toccoa, Ga. 30577: Senior Hill, Virginia M.: Ellaville, Ga. 318061 Freshman Hilliard, Wayne D.: RFD 1, Rhine, Ga. 31077: Junior Hines, Charlotte E.: Box 212, Donal- sonville, Ga. 31745: Freshman Hines, Hazel O.: 202 Ashby St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Hinson, Gail E.: Brooksville Rd., Daw- son. Ga. 31742: Freshman Hinton. Cynthia A.: 1639 Sheba Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31904: Freshman Hinton, Mary E.: 713 S, Green St.. Thomaston. Ga. 30286: Sophomore Hinton, Richard G.: 2484 Elm Dr., Columbus. Ga. 31907: Freshman Hitson, Herbert L.: 1900 Robin Hood Rd., Albany. Ga, 31705: Senior Hixon. W. Brooke: 303 North Street, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Sophomore Hobbs, Brenda B.: Pine Level Road. Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Freshman Hobbs. Patricia E.: 702 19th Ave. E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Hobbs. Ralph B.: 310 Westward Ave.. Blakely, Ga. 31732: Sophomore Hobbs, Willene W.: Route 1, Box 36A. Tifton, Ga. 31794 Hobby, T. Maurice: Reese Trailer Park. Plains. Ga. 31780: Junior 302 Hobgood. Marlene: Route 2, Americus, Ga, 31709: Sophomore Hodge, Richard L.: 2604A Doncaster Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Hodges, Jr., Robby E.: 321 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Hoffman, C. Emerson: 316 20th Ave- nue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Soph- omore Hoffman, Phyllis E.: P.O. Box 507, Apalchola, Fl. 32320: Senior Holbrook, Dennis L.: Box 202, Wheel- wright, Ky. 41669: Senior Holcomb. Patricia C.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Holder, Jr., Belton T.: 105 Sun Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Holder, Bettye Jo H.: Rt. 4, Box 120, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Holder, Doris K.: P. O. Box 155, Lump- kin, Ga. 31815: Sophomore Holdren, Michael F.: 2902 Catalina Dr., Decatur, Ga. 30032: Freshman Holland, Catherine: Route 2, Eastman. Ga. 31023: Senior Holland, John S.: 505 Turner Street, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Junior Holland, Linda L.: 200 Sundale Rd., Albany, Ga. 31705: Freshman Holland, Marcia L.: P.O. Box 186, Put- ney, Ga. 31782: Freshman Hollis, M. Danny: 908 Park Avenue, La Grange, Ga. 30240: Junior Hotlis, Sherra F.: 808 N. Jackson St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Hollis, Steven P.: Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Holloway, Andrew L.: P.O. Box 128, De Soto, Ga, 31743: Freshman Holloway, Jr., Horace: P.O. Box 128, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Freshman Holloway. Jr., Leon B.: Andersonville, Ga. 31711: Junior Holloway. Lyanne: 131 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Holloway, Stephanie S.: Rt. 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Junior Holman, L Gail: Rt. 1. Box 103, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Holman, William S.: Route 1, Box 103, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Senior Holmes, Edward J.: 2515 Wrightsboro, Augusta, Ga. 30904: Sophomore Holmes, James C.: L90 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Holmes, Lynwood: Rt. 1, Box 139, Les- lie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Holton, William P.: Rt. 2, Box 99, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior Hood, Wilton C.: P.O. Box 112, Com- merce. Ga. 30529: Senior Hooks, Beth H.: Univ. Apts., Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Hooks, Glynn M.: 126 Peacock St., Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior Hooks. Thomas B.: 402 Valley Dr.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Hooper, William K.: Box 625, Rt. 2, Stockridge, Ga. 30281: Senior Hooten, Wanda H.: Rt. 2, Norwood Road, Hogansville, Ga. 30230: Fresh- man Hopkins, Carla J.: Box 218, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Hopkins, Charles B.: 923 Spring St.. Washington, Ga. 30673: Senior Hopkins. Gladys G.: 308 Harvey Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Horan, Gene M.: 1611 Foxhall Rd., Savannah, Ga. 31406: Freshman Horkan lll, George A.: P.O. Box 682, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Horne. Joel W.: 414 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Horne. Nancy S.: 1721 S. Lee, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Hornsby. Delores A.: Route 4, Franklin, Ga. 30217: Freshman Horsley, Linda L.: Rt. 2. Box 60, Pres- ton. Ga. 31824: Freshman Hortman, Wanda N.: Box 47. Roberta. Ga. 31078: Junior Hosley, Mary Alice W.: Rt. 2, Box 123. Andersonville. Ga, 31711: Sopho- more Houck, Phillip P.: 236 C. Wanda Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior House, Charles H.: Rt. 1, Calhoun, Ga. 30701: Junior House, Melinda J.: 309 Sharon Dr.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman House, Penny R.: 113 Pecan Street. Dawson, Ga, 31742: Sophomore House, Thomas L.: Rt. 1, Calhoun, Ga. 30701: Junior Housend. Donald W.: Box 627. Haw- kinsville, Ga. 31036: Senior Houston, G. Courtney: 145 Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Houston, Mack H.: 505 Wallace Street, Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Junior Houston, Stephen E.: 301 E. Gordon St., Douglas, Ga, 31533: Junior Houston, Van B.: 912 7th Street N., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Howard, Asa W.: 401 Pine Crest Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Howard, Catherine B.: P.O. Box 201, Cobb, Ga. 31735: Freshman Howard, Bonnie S.: 401 Pine Crest Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Howard, Pryor L.: 803 8th Ave., East- man, Ga. 31023: Freshman Howard, Stephen R.: 3 Cedar St., Ex- periment, Ga. 30212: Freshman Howell, Barbara H.: 224 Frieda Lane. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Howell, Cathy E.: Route 1, Pineview, Ga. 31071: Freshman Howell, George S.: 619 W. Third Street, Jackson, Ga. 30233: Sopho- more Howell, John E.: 224 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Howell, Ronnie O.: Box 18, Bronwood, Ga. 31726: Junior Hoyd, D. Randall: 120 E. Washington, Stewartsville, N.J. 08886: Senior Huddleston, Dorothy A.: Peach Street, Richland. Ga. 31825: Junior Hudson, Arthur W.: L92 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior l-ludson, John R.: 60 Aumond Vil. A., Augusta, Ga. 30904: Freshman Hudson, Richard D.: 1809 South St., Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Hudson, Ronald E.: Box 20A, Rt. 1, Pelham, Ga. 31779: Freshman Hudson, Terry H.: Glendale Est., Box 92, Americus, Ga. 317: Junior Hughes, Grady F.: Route 2, Preston, Ga. 31824: Freshman Hughes, Michael G.: 1010 18th Ave. E.: Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Hull, Donald T.: Box 533, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Hulsey, Jerome B.: 3296 Wynn Drive, Avon Est., Ga. 30003: Sophomore Human, Michael E.: 2485 Tyler Way. Decatur, Ga. 30032: Sophomore Humphries, Jimie J.: Rt, 2, Pitts, Ga, 31072: Senior Hunnicutt, Jr., George K.: Rt. 1, Mar- shallville. Ga. 31057: Junior Hunt, Gary R.: Damascus, Ga. 31741: Sophomore Hunt, Jr., James R.: Rt. 1, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Sophomore Hunt, Lindon E.: Route 1, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Freshman Hunt, Margaret W.: Eufaula Rd.. Cuthbert, Ga, 31740: Junior Hunt, Reta R.: 614 1st Ave., McRae, Ga. 31055: Junior Hunter, Clifton M.: 201 Clairmont Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Hunter, Jr., Samuel R.: 214 Glenwood Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Hunter, S. Louise D.: 214 Glenwood Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Hurst, Luther B.: P.O. Box 89, Rich- mond Hill, Ga. 31324: Junior Huskey, Jr. Roy H., Rt. 2, Box 180. Warwick, Ga. 31796: Senior Hutchenson. Margery L.: P.O. Box 238, Wrightsville, Ga. 31096: Sophomore Hutchings, William A.: Route 2. Box 86, Sandersville, Ga, 31082: Soph- omore Hutchinson, Janice L.: Route 7, Box 264, Plant City, Fi. 33566: sopho- more Hutchinson, Sheron: Route 1, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Hutto, Clifton E.: 305 Arnold Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Junior Hutto, Ronald A.: 305 Arnold Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Hutwagner. John R.: 138 E. College St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Hutwagner, Judy L.: Box 325, Lump- kin, Ga. 31815: Senior lcard, Gregory B.: Fourth Avenue, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Sophomore Ingram, Ira C.: 416 14th Ave. E., Cor- dele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Ingram, Malcolm D.: 425 Lee Street, Dawson, Ga, 31742: Freshman Ingram, Oneida W.: 57B Brinson Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Ingram, Stephen J.: P.O. Box 417, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Ingram, Thelma N.: 305 6th Ave., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman lnlow, Royce B.: 2312 Tompkins Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Freshman Irving, Jr., George C.: Apt. 110, Col. Inn, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Irwin, John D.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Israel, Beverly R.: Route 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Freshman Israel, David T.: 509 Stonewall St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Junior Israel, Renza P.: Rt. 2, Box 53. Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Iverson, Jerry W.: 912 N. Jackson St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore lvey, David L.: Route 1, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore lvey, G. Phillip: Route 2, Box 229. Lincolnton, Ga. 30817: Sophomore lvey, James W.: Route 2, Bartow, Ga. 30413: Sophomore lvey, Kay Dee S.: 14 Briarpatch Est.. Americus, Ga, 31709: Junior lvey, Jr., Ralph M.: Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman J Jackson, Brenda B.: Rt. 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Jackson, Beverly J.: 2381 Danbury Dr., Macon, Ga. 31201: Sophomore Jackson, Cynthia A.: 1409 Cobb Branch Dr., Decatur. Ga, 30032: Freshman Jackson, David: Route 2, Box 575, Leesburg. Ga. 31763: Senior Jackson, Elizabeth: 1410 4th Avenue, West Point, Ga. 31833: Senior Jackson. Gladys: Rt. 2. Box 154 1B, Plains, Ga. 31780: Junior Jackson, H. Morris: 301 Virginia Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Jackson, James M.: Route 1, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Senior Jackson, Laura B.: 1905 Edgewood Lane, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Jackson, Lauris W.: 400 Elizabeth Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Jackson, Margaret B.: 1409 Florence Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Jackson, Michael E.: 616 Hill Street, La Grange, Ga. 30240: Senior Jackson. Michael S.: 110 Frances St., Warner Robins. Ga. 31093: Sopho- more Jackson, Sheila B.: 417 W. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jackson, Wanda F.: Route 2, Vienna, Ga, 31092: Sophomore Jackson. William M.: 3905 Savannah Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31907: Sopho- FTIOFE James, Linda D.: 2558 Shetland Dr., Decatur, Ga. 30032: Senior Jaros, George D.: Rt. 1. Box 64, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Freshman Jarrett, Jerry J.: 206 Smith Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Jarrett, Vickie N.: 701 River, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Jarvis, Rosetta M.: 3 Hargrove St.. Vi- enna, Ga. 31092: Junior Jenkins, Betty Jo T.: Route 2, Baxley, Ga. 31513: Junior Jenkins, Naomi M.: P.O. Box 128. Newington, Ga. 30446: Junior Jenkins, Phillip M.: 500 E. Parker St., Baxley, Ga. 31513: Senior Jenkins, Tracie M.: 117 Highland Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709 Jennings, Robert W.: 1106 N. Wash- ington, Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Junior Jernigan, Seleta R.: Rt. 1, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Junior Jester, Mary A.: Route 1, Arlington, Ga. 31713: Sophomore Jeter, Robert M.: 615 15th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Jett, Kathy L.: Pitts, Ga. 31072: Fresh- man Joanos, Nicholas G.: 127 Robin Hood Rd., Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Junior Johansen, Carol A.: L1 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Johansen, Laural A.: 1803 Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Johnson, A. Bruce: Box 56, Preston, Ga. 31824: Senior Johnson, Anita C.: P.O. Box 1473, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Johnson, Deborah A.: 3520 N.E, 28th Ave., Pompano Beach, Fl, 33064: Sophomore ' Johnson, Gary W.: Route 3, Moultrie, Ga, 31768: Freshman Johnson, Geraldine: Route 1, Box 116, Waverly Hill, Ga. 31831: Sophomore Johnson, Jr., Horace A.: Route 3. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Johnson, J. Wayne: Route 4, Americus. Ga, 31709: Junior Johnson, Jackie R.: Route 1, Byrom- ville, Ga. 31007: Junior Johnson, James R.: 550 East Furlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Johnson, Janelle: Rt. 4, Angus Dr.. Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Johnson, Jesse L.: Route 1, Preston. Ga. 31824: Sophomore Johnson, Joseph M.: Box 114, Herndon, Ga. 30430: Junior Johnson, Marian D.: Rt. 1, Box 45. Helena. Ga. 31037: Sophomore Johnson, Mariiane: Box 56, Preston, Ga. 31824: Sophomore Johnson, Mary O.: Route 1, Box 324, Albany, Ga, 31701: Senior Johnson, Michael W.: 509 Villa Nova St., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Freshman Johnson, Olin C.: 4 Briarpatch Est.. Americus, Ga. 317: Sophomore Johnson, Perry M.: R.F.D. 2, Garfield. Ga. 30425: Sophomore Johnson, Robert B.: Route 1, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Sophomore Johnson, William W.: L46 Briarcliff Est., Americus. Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Johnston. Claude G,: 906 Charlevoix St., Richland, Ga. 31825: Senior Johnston, Deborah E.: 160616lh Street. Columbus, Ga. 31901: Senior Johnston, Grayson E.: P.O. Box 851: Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Sopho- more Johnston, Jane E.: 4005 Grantland Dr., Tucker, Ga. 30084: Senior Johnston, William J.: 520 Locke Street, Palmetto, Ga. 30268: Freshman Joiner, Deborah F.: P.O, Box 274, Tennille, Ga. 31089: Sophomore Joiner. John C,: Fit. 4, Millen, Ga. 30442: Junior Jones, Annie L.: 512 East Forsyth, Americus. Ga. 31709 Jones, Betty J.: 226 Minor Avenue. Montezuma. Ga. 31063: Senior Jones, Claire S.: 139 Taylor St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Jones, Dale J.: Rt. 3, Cochran, Ga. 31014: Sophomore Jones, Debra E.: 544 Oak Ave., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jones, Denise N.: 710 Beale Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jones. Donna A.: 544 Oak Ave., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jones, Donna L.: Route 3, Dawson Ga. 31742: Freshman Jones, Evelyn L.: Route 3, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Jones. Gary E.: 223 Frieda Lane Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Jones. Harry L.: Route 1. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Jones. H. Wayne: Rt. 1, Alapaha, Ga. 31622: Sophomore Jones, Horace L.: P,O. Box 244, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Jones, Janice W.: P,O. Box 23, Weston, Ga. 31832: Junior Jones. Jill C.: 311 North Street, Cuth- bert, Ga. 31740 Jones. John W.: Rt. 2, Eastman, Ga. 31023: Sophomore Jones, Jon M.: 189 Cedar St., Jesup Ga. 31545: Freshman Jones, Linda S.: Box 17, Marshallville, Ga, 31057: Sophomore ones. Maw T.: 201 John St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jones, Jr., Milton D.: 211 Grace St., Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior ones, Marie A.: 139 Taylor St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman ones, Robert E.: 544 Oak Ave., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior ones, Robert L.: Route 3, Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman ones. Sandra L.: Rt. 2, Box 73, Plains. Ga. 31780: Freshman ones. Terri L.: 670 Lakewood Dr,: La Grange, Ga. 30240: Senior ones. Tommie: 515 Winn, Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman ones, Wanda G.: 4813 Shenandoah Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31907: Sopho- more ones. Jr,, William B.: Rt. 4, Box 210. Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior Jones, William T.: 108 Highland Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jones. Jr., William T.: 509 Park Ave., Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Sophomore Jones, Zelma G.: 130 Apt.. Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Jordan. Archie W.: 321 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Jordan, Daniel B.: P.O. Box 1471, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Jordan, David W.: Lt. 32 Briarpatch, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Jordan, J, Dyanne: 301 Ft. Gaines, Blakely. Ga. 31723: Freshman Jordan, Martha A.: Route 1. Fallin St,, Thomaston, Ga. 30286: Sophomore Jordan, Michael C.: 808A Parkview Apts., Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Jordan, Ronald E.: Route 3. Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Jordan, Sharon W.: 502 Montgomery Rd.. Savannah, Ga. 31406: Fresh- man Jordan, William P.: 197 E. Walnut St., Jesup, Ga. 31545: Senior Joyner, Dale A.: Route 2, Box 58, Ft. Valley. Ga. 31030: Senior Joyner. Jr,, Earvin L.: 114 Church Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- omore Julian, Steve M.: Lee Estates, Lot 9, Leesburg. Ga. 31763: Senior K Kahn, Janet: P.O. Box 347. Pelham, Ga. 31779: Junior Kaine, Michael C.: 1714 Whitney Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Katz, Mark J.: 6164 Riverside Dr.. At- lanta, Ga. 30328: Freshman Keigans, Delma W.: P.O. Box 1475, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Keigans. Johnny S.: L47 Briarcliff Est.. Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Kelley, David P.: Box 163. Greenville, Ga. 30222: Junior Kelley, Kerry A.: Rt. 1, Box 245 I. Perry, Ga. 31069: Freshman Kelly. Berry D.: P.O. Box 193, Chaun- cey, Ga. 31011: Junior Kelly, Kevin W.: 1216 Sixth Ave,, Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Senior Kelly, Jack P.: 1422 Nancelon St.. Perry, Ga. 31069: Junior Kelly, Marianan: P.O. Box 2, Ashburn. Ga. 31714: Freshman Kemp, Susan M.: 110 Brookwood Dr., Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Kempa, Paul J.: 1745 Hawthorne Rd., Macon. Ga. 31201: Sophomore Kendrick, Donald W.: Route 2, Box 130, Butler, Ga. 31006: Senior Kennedy. Carolyn S.: P. O. Box 37, Parrott, Ga. 31777: Freshman Kennedy. Jelfrey C.: 321 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga, 31709: Freshman Kennedy, Lealan L.: 13 Glendale Est.. Americus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Kennedy, Linda F.: Preston, Ga. 318 Sophomore Kennedy, Milton W.: Ideal, Ga. 31041: Freshman Kennon, Danny W.: Butler. Ga. 31006: Freshman Kent, Deborah L.: 533 Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Kerr, Jeff B.: 2862 Sommers Dr.. Ma- con. Ga. 31206: Sophomore Khoshhanjar, Hossein: 138 Taraghi, Tehran, Iran, Junior Kidd Jr., Albert L.: Rt. 1, Box 40, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Kidd. S. Frances, Elmodel, Ga. 31748: Senior Kilgore. Sandra K,: Route 1. Social Cr., Ga. 30279: Sophomore Kimbell, T. Clark: 124 College St., Mc- : Donough, Ga. 30253: Junior Kinder, Randolph: 132 Heads Alley, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore King, Catherine A.: 1014 Randolph Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705 King. Catherine C.: 1306 B. Maryland Dr.. Albany. Gal 31705: Junior King, Debra C.: Route 5. Coiquitt. Ga. 31737: Freshman King, Freda B.: 1408 Dogwood Pl., Cordele. Ga. 31015: Junior King, Hellen B.: Wheatley St., Ameri- cus. Ga. 31709: Junior King, Helen P,: 2721 Camille Dr., Co- lumbus. Ga. 31906: Freshman King. Kathy A.: 2317 Green Valley, College Park, Ga. 30337: Freshman King, Kay : 333 S. Washington St,, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman King, M. Claire: Box 656, Brinson, Ga. 31725: Sophomore King Ill, Price J.: 504 V2 Reese Park, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior King, Randy B,: 227 S. Wiley Ave., Donalsonville, Ga. 31745: Junior King, Ronnie D.: 120 Burnett Road, Brunswick, Ga. 31520: Senior King. W. Curtis: 610 Lawson Drive, Americus, Ga, 31709: Junior King, William D.: 6th Street, Vienna, Ga. 310: Senior Kingery, John D.: 99 Chestnut Rd.. Warner Robins. Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Kinnebrew, Easton H.: Woodvalley Road, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Kinnebrew, Janet M.: Woodvalley Road, Americus. Ga. 31709 Kirkley, Karen E.: 2182 Mountclair Ct.. Stone Mtn., Ga. 30083: Freshman Kirksey, James T.: Route 1, Butler, Ga. 31006: Freshman Kirsch, John L.: 2642 Hillcrest Ave., Augusta, Ga. 30904: Senior Kitchen, Harry E.: 2337 Delowe Drive. East Point, Ga. 30044: Sophomore Kitchens. Gwen: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Kitchens, Jessie T.: Rt. 1, Anderson- ville, Ga. 31711: Senior Kitchens, Jr., Joel C.: 6301 Woodrow Road, Lithonia, Ga. 30058: Senior Kitchens, Nancy M.: 902 17th Avenue E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Kitchens, Mary S.: 518 E. Furlow St,, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Knight. Andrew E.: Route 2, Coolidge, Ga. 31738: Junior Kleski, Jr., John A.: Box 154, Mt. Ver- non. Ga. 30445: Junior Knight, Richard L.: P.O. Box 276, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Junior Knowles, Linda K.: Rt. 1, Box 57, El- lerslie, Ga. 31807 Knowles, Nancy L.: S. Lee St. Rt. 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Knowles, Robert D,: Route 2 Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Knowlton, George E.: Rt. 1, Dacula, Ga. 30211: Sophomore Knowlon, Hiram W.: 724 S. Lee St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Kobs, William L.: 708 E. Church St., Americus. Ga. 31709. Freshman Kregel, Judith E.: 107 Daniel. Ameri- cus, ga. 31709 Krinsky, Jerry P.: 1215 S. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Kruger, Julie B.: 62 Briarpatch Est., Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Kruger, William F.: 62 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Kuhlman, Margaret D.: Box 186, Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Senior L Lackey, Janet S.: Route 1, Bradshaw Rd., Thomaston, Ga. 302: Junior Lacy, Sandra P,: 22 Rozar Trl. Park, Leesburg, Ga, 31763: Senior Lacy, William T.: Rt. 2, Box 22, Rozar Tr., Leesburg, Ga, 31763: Junior Laganas, George J.: 57 Pentucket Ave., Lowell, Ma. 01852: Junior Lamb, Donnie R.: Route 1. Plains, Ga. 31780: Junior Lancaster, Claudia S.: 1020 Woodall Way. Doraville, Ga. 30340: Fresh- man Lancaster, Judy W.: Rt. 2, Pineview, Ga. 31071, Senior Lancaster. Jr., Rufus B.: Route 2, Pine- view, Ga. 31070: Senior Lane, Franky: 224 Mitchell St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Lane, Jr.. Garland W.: Box 244, Donal- sonville, Ga. 31745: Sophomore Lane, Jerdine M.: 244 Mitchell St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Lane, Linda J.: 639 Evans St., Bain- bridge, Ga, 31717: Freshman Lane. Nora K.: 926 Cameron Drive, Bainbridge, Ga. 317: Sophomore Lane. Robert M,: 900 Knoxville, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Sophomore Langer, Roy W.: 1674-1 Goshen Rt. 1. Augusta, Ga. 30906: Sophomore Lanier. Jr.. Inman L.: Lanier Dr.. Statesboro, Ga. 30458: Junior Lanier, Karala E.: P.O. Box 62, Amer- icus. Ga. 31709: Freshman Larraz. Jose J.: 502 Valley Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Laster, Willie J.: 1135 Spring St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Lasseter, V. Lee: 1409 Main Street. Perry. Ga. 31069: Junior Lauderdale, Douglas C.: Rt. 2. Box 205. McDonough, Ga. 30253: Junior Law, Jr., Neal F., Marshall, Monte- zuma, Ga. 31063: Junior Law, Norma R.: P.O. Box 305, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Law, Richard C.: 1322 Lafayette St., Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Lawhorn, Robert E.: Rt. 1, Butler, Ga. 31006: Freshman Lawless, Christophe J.: 2314 Whitehall Lane. Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Lawrence. Judy E.: 504 Sharon Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Laye. Cynthia: Shellman, Ga. 31786: Sophomore Laye, Don W.: Route 1, Box 54, Par- rott. Ga. 31777: Senior Layfield, Melvin: Route 1, Ideal, Ga. 31014: Senior Ledbetter, Frederick D.: 1305 Pinecrest Dr., Albany. Ga. 31705: Sophomore Ledbetter, Peggy L.: 2212 Gail Ave,. Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Ledger. Jr.. Charles C.: P.O, Box 132, Leslie, Ga, 31764: Sophomore Ledger, Lewis J.: Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Ledwitch. Grace E.: 821B 7th Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Lee, Ben R.: Route 2, Box 84, Edison, Ga, 31746: Junior Lee, Cleotis: 521C East Furlow, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Junior Lee, Danny C.: P.O. Box 306, Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior Lee, James L.: Rt. 6, Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior Lee, Judy. H,: 120 Highland Dr., War- ner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Lee, Keith E.: 408 Church Street, Vi- enna, Ga. 31092: Senior Lee, Marie M.: Rt. 2, Boz 210, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Lee, Maureen W.: 109 S. Mayo Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Lee, Olivia J.: 1313 Colquitt Ave., Al- bany. Ga. 31705: Senior Lee, Peggy: Route 2. Arlington, Ga. 31713: Junior Lee, Philip A.: 408 Church St., Vienna. Ga. 31092: Freshman Lee, Tommy C.: 127 S. Dudley St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Lees, Carol A.: 4785 Brinkley Lane, Atlanta, Ga. 30342: Sophomore Leeson. Gretchen B.: E. 11th Ave,, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Leggate, Jay H.: 801 Brookley Ave., Warner Robins. Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Lengel. David W.: 3284 Houston Aveg, Macon. Ga. 31206: Freshman Leroy, Tony D.: Box 408, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman Lesueur, Claudia S.: 204 Willett Way, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Lesueur, James N.: 2101 Vermont Ave., Savannah. Ga. 31404: Freshman Letts, Joanne G.: 2775 Ramsgate N.W. Atlanta, Ga. 30305: Freshman Lewis, Anne B.: Rt. 3, Box 87, Thom- asville. Ga. 31792: Sophomore gllewis, Deborah A.: 702 s. church si.. Alma. Ga. 31510: Freshman Lewis, Deborah J.: 2019 Lullwater Rd.. Albany. Ga. 31705: Freshman Lewis, D, Michael: 112 Cohen Court, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Lewis, Eva: 313 25th Ave. W,, Cor- dele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Lewis. Mona C.: 800 E. Johnson St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Lewis, Robert F.: Rt. 1, Appling, Ga. 30802: Freshman Lewis, William S.: Route 4. Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Sophomore Leyland, Jeffrey F.: 885 Stratford Rd,. Avondale, Ga. 30002: Junior Lightner, Hansel L.: Box 143, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Sophomore Lilly, Penelope S.: Rt. 1, Vienna, Ga, 31092: Freshman Lindsey, Jennifer A.: Rt. 1 1, Briley Rd.. La Grange. Ga. 30240: Freshman Lindsey. Thomas A.: 721 Pine Street, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Linn, Jr., Albert H.: Cuthbert Hwy., Georgetown. Ga. 31754: Junior Lique, Donna R.: 602 18th Avenue E.. Cordele. Ga. 31015: Sophomore Lisenby, Evelyn E.: 600 South Main, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman 303 Little, Anna M.: Rt. 1, Box 68, Smith- ville, Ga. 31787: Sophomore I Little, Eilean: Route 1, Box 68, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Sophomore Little, Jr., Hugh M.: 74 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Little, Kathy A.: 1202 Schley Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Little, Linda: 231 Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Little, Richard W.: 317 E. 7th Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Lively, Jr., W. Doyal: 2890 Clearwater Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30331: Junior Livingston, Karen C.: 617 Andrew St., Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Livingston, Peggy E.: 502 Elm St., Louisville, Ga. 30434 Livingston, Ralph W.: Highway 41 N., Vienna, Ga. 31092: Junior Locke, Ronald D.: P.O. Box 263, But- ler, Ga. 310106: Junior Lockerman, James C.: Box 142, By- romville, Ga. 31007: Senior Lockhart, Cornice: P.O. Box 274, Edi- son, Ga. 31746: Freshman Lockman, Joan K.: 6640 Akrs. Mill Rd. 33. Atlanta. Ga. 30339: Junior Loewen, Linda S.: Box 53, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740 Lohmeier, Helen P.: 304 Magnolia Blvd., Albany, Ga. 31702: Senior Lomax, Dan W.: 7370 Hunters Branch, Atlanta, Ga. 30328: Senior Q Long. Alan A.: Main Street, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior Long, Brenda S.: 123 Russ Street, Bainbridge. Ga. 31717: Junior Long, Roger W.: Highway 55, Rich- land, Ga. 31825: Freshman Long. Victoria F.: 203 Sonia Drive, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Looney, Ronald H.: 105 Ivey Street, Rossville, Ga. 30741: Senior Loring, Charlene J.: Box 321. Bearfort, S.C. 29902, Freshman ' Lott, Jr., Ira L.: 2480 Walker St., Co- lumbus, Ga. 31903: Freshman Lovejoy, Brenda E.: 613 Moreland Ave.. Macon, Ga. 312062 Senior Lovette, Terry L.: 1009 S. Hickory, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Lowrey, Robin B.: 2016 Rose Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709 Loyless, Rena T.: iron City, Ga, 31759: Sophomore Lucas, Jr., Donald K.: Rt. 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Lucas, Robert W.: Rt. 3, Avondale Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206: Junior Lcikie, Susan L.: 198 W. Main, Mar- shallville, Ga, 31057: Junior Lunsford, M. Dianne, P.O. Box 68, Preston, Ga. 31824: Junior Luther, Virginia A.: 2006 N. Harding ast., Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Lyle, Patricia C.: General Del., Spring- vale, Ga. 31788: Freshman Mabry. Glin D.: Route 3, Ft. Valley. Ga, 31030: Freshman Macfarland, Jerauld C.: 308 N. Pecan St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Junior Mackey, Jan E.: 1815 Green Valley, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Mackey, L. Alan: Rl. 4, Dixie Hills, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mackey, Marjorie D.: 546 Sixth Ave- nue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Macon, Charles R.: Box 127, Greens- boro. Fl.. 32330: Sophomore Macquirter. Lawrence C.: Brady Road, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Lrvraaaing, Marilyn: 1328 Cloverdale Rd.. COIumbuS, Ga. 31904: Sopho- more Maddox, Richard E.: 701 Hardeman Ave., fir. valley. ea. 31030: Soph- omore Maddox, R. Jane: 308 19th Avenue E.: Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Maddox, Robert A.: 308 19th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Maggard, Gary. Rt. 1. Box 79, Ft. Val- ley, Ga. 31030: Sophomore Maguire, Stephen D.: 602 Peachtree Dr., Thomaston. Ga. 30286: Freshman Mainor. Howard E.: 612 Oak Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mainor, Mary C.: 703 Ghram Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Malcom. Jr.. Harry J.: 320 Northview Dr., Monroe. Ga. 30655: Junior 304 Malcom, N. Anderson: 514 Northview Dr., Monroe, Ga. 30655: Junior Mallory. Sallie B.: 3104 Hale Street, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Malone, William T.: 1105 Jewel Drive, Perry, Ga. 31069: Sophomore Maloy, J. Alan: 105 Lakewood St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Mamatey, Charlotte M: P.O. Box 253, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Mangham. Paula W.: P.O. Box 1427, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Mangram, Mary E.: Rt. 3, Terrace Dr.. La Grange. Ga. 30240: Freshman Manley, Princella: Route 1, Pavo, Ga. 31778: Senior Manly, Jr., Walter L.: 2710 Rosewood Ct., Augusta, Ga. 30904: Freshman Mann, Walter J.: 1214F Whitney Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Manning, William A.: 402 Sumter St.. Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Freshman Maples, Hewlett H.: Route 3, Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Junior Marchand, Ove-da C.: P.O. Box 11, Omega, Ga. 31775 Markert, Sharon L.: P.O.Box 175, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Sophomore Marks, Timothy D.: YMCA Bridge- town, Barbados, W. Indes: Sopho- more Marshall, Mary O.: P.O, Box 783, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Marshall, Robert C.: 708 Richmond St., Macon, Ga. 31206: Senior Martin, Gilbert M.: Route 1, Box 189, Americus, Ga. 31709 Martin, James D.: 214 Taylor St. Apt. 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Martin, Kathryn E.: 2333 Holiday Dr., Macon, Ga. 31201: Junior Martin, Linda J.: 412 W. College St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Martin, Michael J.: L63 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Martin, Rodger B.: Sumter Street, Ogle- thorpe, Ga, 31068: Sophomore Martin. Stanley O.: P.O. Box 631, Cumming, Ga. 30130: Senior Martin Ill, William J.: Cinderella Lane, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sopho- more Martinez, Armando Q.: P.O. Box 38, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Junior Mask, Evianne: 706 Sunset Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Mason, Thomas L.: 625 Cooper St., Perry, Ga. 31069: Freshman Massey Ill, Edward L.: Bronwood. Ga. 31726: Freshman Massey, Jerry A.: Rt, 2, Ochlochnee, Ga. 31773: Freshman Mathews, Tim L.: Route 3, Ft. Valley. Ga. 31030: Freshman Mathis, Jr., C. William: Route 3, Cor- dele, Ga. 31015: Junior Mathis, Edna F.: 203 S. Mayo Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Mathis, Jessie R.: 817 Texas Drive, Til- ton. Ga. 31794 Mathis, Mitchell L.: P.O. Box 506, Sasser, Ga. 31785: Junior Mathis, Sallie J.: 521 Main St., Daw- son, Ga. 31742: Junior Mathis, Jr., Walter D.: N. Main St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Junior Matthews, Clara M.: P.O. Box 203, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Freshman Matthews, Ella G.: Route 1, Box 22B, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Matthews, John T.: Route 1, Box 228, Plains, Ga. 31780: Senior Matthews, Raymond H.: 107 Sharon Dr.. Americus, Ga. 31709 Matthews, Tem B.: 1078 Tanglewood Rd,, Jonesboro, Ga. 30236: Sopho- more Mauk, Carleen I.: 423 E. Hill Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mauldin, Judy W.: Rt. 3, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Mauldin, Mary R.: 604 Davidson Dr., Norcross, Ga. 30071: Freshman Maxwell. Lester G.: 1450 5th St. N.W. Cairo, Ga, 31728: Senior Maxwell. Steve R.: 113 Pine Circle, Cairo. Ga. 31728: Senior Mazeika, Jr.. Adolph F.: 2950 Avon- dale Rd., Columbus, Ga. 31903: Freshman McBee, Blake F,: 111 Palmer St., Pel- ham, Ga. 31779: Freshman McBee, Charlie E.: 111 Palmer St., Pelham, Ga. 31779: Junior McBride, David R.: 2105 Schley Ave., Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior McCaffrey, Linda C.: 324 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709 McCall, Brenda S.: 1308 Lincoln Ave., Albany Ga. 31705: Senior McCall, Cheryl M.: Route 1, Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Senior McCard, James D.: 1107 9th Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Senior McClelland, Linda C.: P.O. Box 73. Morgan, Ga. 31766: Freshman McClendon, Debra: 220 White Line St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Soph- omore McConnell, Hazel E.: Route 2, Boz 16, Cumming, Ga. 30130: Freshman McCook, Donnie: Route 1, Sale City, Ga. 31784: Freshman McCorkle, William T.: Route 3, Box 130, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Junior McCoy, Betty, A.: 656 Shi Place, Ma- con, Ga. 31206: Freshman McCoy, Steve, Box 51, Adrian, Ga. 31002: Junior McCranie, Ottie J.: Route 3. Box 107-3, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore McCrary, C. Nelson: 112 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior McCray, Eloise: 510 15th Ave., West. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman McCurry, Wilbur P.: 4324 Landing Rd., Alexandria, Va. 22039: Freshman McDaniel, Charlotte A.: Route City, Ga. 31759: Freshman McDaniel, Cheryl E.: 6661 Starling Dr., Mableton, Ga. 30059: Freshman McDaniel, Frank M.: Rt. 2, Box 546, Jesup, Ga. 31545: Freshman McDaniel. Jon R.: Route 1, Box 100A, Doerun, Ga. 31744: Senior McDonald, Pamela J.: Rt. 3. Box 38, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Freshman McDuffie, M. Helen: Preston, Ga. 31824: Senior McGarrah, Jeanette: 602 Eastview Apt. C., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McGiboney, Carolyn E.: Route 2, Box 242, Oxford, Ga. 30267: Freshman McGinnis, J. Ronny: P.O, Box 8264, Seville, Ga. 31084: Senior McGlamry, Michael H.: P.O. Box 2, Ferry 1. ll'Ol'1 Pineview, Ga. 31071: Senior McGlaun, George R.: Box 177, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803: Sophomore McGlaun, Mabel F.: Box 177, Buena Vista, Ga, 31803: Freshman McGlaun, Michael A.: Box 275, Court St., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Senior McGowan, Daniel P.: 230 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior McGowan, Lynn W.: 230 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior McGowan, William H.: 102 A. Burke St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McGruder, Leotis: P.O. Box 32, De So- to, Ga. 31743: Freshman Mclntyre, Jr., James D.: 421 Riley St., Perry, Ga. 31069: Sophomore Mclnvale, Gary: 701 Douglas Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mclnvale, Peggy J.: 200 Griffin Ave., Thomaston. Ga. 30286: Senior McKenzie, Joseph, C.: P.O. Box 304, Perry, Ga. 31069: Junior McKenzie. Thomas A.: 601 Engram Street, Montezuma. Ga. 31063: Sopho- more McKinney, Willie A.: Route 2, Abbe- ville. Ga, 31001: Junior McKinnon, Kenneth W.: 537 Jackson Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Jun- ior McKinnon, Sherrell B.: 537 Jackson Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho mVLaod, Benjamin S.: Box 146, Pine- view, Ga. 31071: Sophomore land, Ga. 31825: Sophomore McLaughlin, Marley T.: 957 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore McLaughlin, V. Diane: 422 6th Ave- nue, Dawson Ga. 31742: Senior McLendon, Beverly A.: Rt. 1, Box 152, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745: Freshman MoLendon, Deborah D.: L. 23 Greer Trl. Park, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior McLeod, Benjamin S.: Box 146. Pine- view, Ga. 31071: Sophomore McLeod, Jesse R.: Route 2, Donalson- ville, Ga. 31745: Senior McLeod, Jr., William F.: 415 E. Hill Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Soph- more McMath. Jr., William H.: Seventh Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Soph- omore McMillan, Ronald FL: 1613 Maryland Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705 Mcllllillbn, Virginia A.: 623 Hancock Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McNair, Donna B.: P.O. Box 83, Ed- ison, Ga. 31746: Senior McNease, Ronnie V.: Rt. 2, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior McNeill, Deborah C.: 709 Sunset Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McNeill, John A.: Route 1, Americus, Ga.31709:Junior McNeill, John A.: Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior McNeill. Martha L.: Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore McNeill, IV, Robert D.: 709 Sunset Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McNeilIy, Karen D.: 217 Glenwood Rds., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man McNeilly, Robert T.: Wanda Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior McNitt, Neil B.: 2498 Bryan Circle, East Point, Ga. 30344: Freshman McPherson, Christopher, A.: 1113 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman McPherson, Glennis C.: Route 1, Box 149, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more McPherson, Terry D.: Rl. 1, Box 149, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophmore McRae, Jack H.: 107 Heather St., War- ner Robins, Ga. 31093: Freshman McRae, Jr., James H.: 646 17th Ave. N.E., St. Peterburg, Fl. 33704: Jun- ior McRainey Ill, Malcom Al: 714 Jefferson St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior McSwain, Eleanor H,: Route 1, Chula, Ga, 31733: Freshman McSwain, Reatha S.: Route 1, Pitts, Ga. 31072: Senior McUmber, John K,: 208 Bowers Drive, Horseheads, N.Y. 14845: Junior Meadows, Daniel P.: 1270 W. Garmon Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30327: Freshman Meadows, Elizabeth B,: Rt. 2, Cochran, Ga, 31014: Junior Medlin, James E.: June Drive, Monte- zuma. Ga. 31063: Junior Melton. Donnie S.: 121F Route 1, Les- lie, Ga. 31764: Senior Melton, Ella A.: 1006 Peachtree St., Tilton, Ga. 31794 Melton, John C.: Route 1. Shellman, Ga. 31786: Sophomore Mercer, Malcolm R.: Rt. 1 Crabapple Hills, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Jun- ior Merrill, Rebecca L.: 1821 Lakeridge Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Merritt, Anna M.: L53 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga, 31709: Sophomore E.: 2834 Clearwater Merritt, Katherine Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30331: Freshman Merritt, Mark S.: 106 East 6th St., Donalsonville. Ga. 31745: Freshman Messer, Gerald F.: 808 N. Greenwood St., La Grange, more Messer, Deborah L.: Route 2, Box A. Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Sophomore Messner. Kathryn D.: 228 Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Meyer, Ruth A.: R.R. 1, Box 153, Redfield, S.D. 57469: Junior Middlebrooks, Kenny E.: Spring Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore Micldlebrooks, Martha G.: Ft.F.D. 1. Ga. 30240: Sopho- Box 207, Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Middleton, James L.: Rt. 2, Albany Hwy., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Mifflin, Harold M.: 106 B. Freida Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Mildner, Jr., Russell E.: 36 Meloy Drive, Columbus, Ga. 31903: Soph- omore Miley, M. Carmen K.: 121 Arlington Ave., Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Miley, Ronald E.: 1113 18th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Milford, Joy: Route 3, Hartwell. Ga. 30643: Freshman Miller, Anne B.: 803B Cordele Rd., Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Senior Miller Barbara A.: 1201 2nd Ave,, Albany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Miller, Caren H.: 101 E. Pope St., Syl- vester. Ga. 31791: Freshman Miller,CarrolF.:803CordeleRd.Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Freshman Miller, Deborah A.: 1508 Pearl Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Miller. G. Steven, Box 215, Whigham, Ga. 31797: Junior Miller, James W.: Greer Trailer Park, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Miller, Jerome C.: 1385 York Ave., Apt. 26B, New York, N.Y. 10013: Junior Miller, Joann P.: Route 2, Box 88, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Sophomore Miller, Linda S.: 1508 Pearl Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31705 Miller, Marie A.: Hwy. 41 N. Box 608, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Miller, Myron B.: 3859 Mathis St., Macon. Ga. 31206: Freshman Miller, Naamah L.: 2419 Briarwood Dr.. Valdosta, Ga. 31601: Junior Miller, Patricia D.: Route 2, Box 73B. Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Sophomore Miller, Thornton Dr., Stone Mt., more Mills, Cynthia T.: boro, Ga. 30830: Sophomore 1494 Montrose Dr.. M.: 1098 Sharonton Ga. 30083: Sopho- Route 3, Waynes- Mills, Deborah A.: Gainesville, Ga. 30501: Freshman 1807 Waverland Dr.. Mills, Phineas E.: Macon. Ga. 31201: Sophomore Milton, Janella H.: Route 3 Quitman, Ga. 31643 Mims, Elizabeth A.: Route 1, Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Sophomore Mims. Linda C.: Edwin Street, Monte- zuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore Mims. Pamela L.: 101 Springfield Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Mingledorlf, Claire W.: 210 Horne St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Mingledorft Joseph D: 210 Horne St., Norton Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Minick, Wyley G.: L. 28 Joes Trl. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Minkofi, Stanley J.: 111 B. Bush Cr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Minor, James L.: P.O. Box 234, Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Minshew. Connie H.: Rt. 2, Box 83, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Minshew, Harry: Route 2, Box 83, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Minshew, Kathryn R.: 9034 Hawkins- ville Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206: Freshman Mishoe, Fred C.: 616 4th St. S., Cor- dele, Ga. 31015: Senior Mitchell, Bernice P.: Route 1, Box 90, Smithville. Ga. 31787 Mitchell, Donna K.: P,O. Box 545, Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Freshman Mitchell, Myra J.: Route 1, Box 90, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Sophomore Mitchell, Todd F.: 4245 Loveless Pl., Ellenwood. Ga. 30049: Sophomore Mixon, Wyman L.: 34 Knchafne Tr. Park, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Freshman Moates, Jean W.: 303 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Mock, Candace E.: 1207 Glenridge Dr., Leesburg, Fl. 32748: Freshman Mock, Melanie M.: Lot 70 Briar Patch, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Mock, William T.: Route 5, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Montfort lll, Noel: Box 329, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Sophomore Montgomery, Richard R.: 896 Meadow Rock Way, Stone Mtn., Ga. 30083: Freshman Montgomery, Stephen A.: 550 6th Ave., Cairo, Ga. 31728: Freshman Mooney, Richard G.: 620 21st Avenue E.: Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Moore, Anna H.: Box 5, Weston, Ga. 31832: Sophomore Moore, Berry A.: 104 Lynn Ave., War- ner Rbs., Ga. 31093: Junior Moore, Danny J.: 716 N. Church, Dub- lin, Ga. 31021: Senior Moore, Ernestine V.: 1010 E. Furlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Moore, Gayle B.: 119 W. Glessner St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Moore, Harry L.: P.O. Box 513. Roberta, Ga. 31078: Junior Moore, Larry W.: 945 Sylvian Dr., Macon. Ga. 31206: Junior Moore, Lucille G.: Box 147, Byrom- i7Tlle, Ga. 31007: Senior Moore, Regina E.: 995 Hill Place, Ma- con, Ga. 31204: Senior Moore. Robbie L.: Rt. 1. Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Freshman Moore, Sharon: Rt. 1, Box 134, Brinson. Ga. 31725: Freshman 1 . Moore, Susan G.: P.O. Box 461, Ro- chelle, Ga. 31079: Freshman Moore, Thomas D.: Box 124, Richland, Ga. 31825: Sophomore Moore, Victoria L.: P.O. Box 151, Buena Vista. Ga. 31803: Junior Moores. Jenny L.: McVay Heights, Cochran. Ga. 31014: Junior Morey, Gary D.: 28 Woodland Trailer Park, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Junior Morey, Grady C.: Route 1, Box 119X, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Morgan, Carl M.: 3043 Manchester Dr., Macon. Ga. 31206: Freshman Morgan, David E.: No. 3, Massee Cir- cle, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Senior Morgan, Dianne H.: 1531 C. Dawson Rd., Albany, Ga, 31705: Senior Morgan, L. Michael: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Morgan, Mary A.: 310 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Morgan, Milton T.: Rt. 1, Box 116, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Freshman Morgan, Robert L.: Route 1, De Soto, Ga. 31743: Freshman Morgan, Thomas R.: 1827 Burton Ave., Macon, Ga. 31204: Senior Morris ll, James T.: P.O. Box 91, Wlachoochee, Ga. 31650: Junior ' Morris. Lillie E.: 125 Briarcliff Rd., Warner Rbs.. Ga. 31093: Sophomore Morris, Nancy T.: 910 Post Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Morrison, Mike T.: Route 1A, Lumpkin. Ga. 31815: Sophomore Morton, Jerry H.: 1010A Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Morton, Suzanne S.: 1010 Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mosgovoy, Charles M.: 4206 Lake Laurel, Smyrna, Ga. 30080: Fresh- man Mote, Jerry: L 87 Briarcliff, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Mott, William M.: 1100 N. Dawson St., Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Soph- omore Moye, Myra J.: Box 13. Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Senior Muench, James C.: Apt. 11, Thiers Apts.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Mulligan. Joseph M.: 1605 Pendleton Rd.. Augusta, Ga. 309: Senior Mullis, Elizabeth A.: 400 5th Ave., Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior Munn. Jr., T. Edward: 1703 South Lee St., Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Murphy, Jimmy M.: 411B 7th Avenue S.E., Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Senior Murphy, Judy A.: 704 Piney Woods Dr., LaGrange, Ga. 302: Freshman Murphy, Myra: Route 4, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Murr, Virginia H.: 406 W. College St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Murray, Charles T.: 2385 Shamrock Dr., Decatur, Ga. 30032: Senior Murray, Jr., Harold S.: 2902 Walker St., Columbus, Ga. 31903: Junior Musgrove, Phyllis M.: 2304 W. Gordon Rd., Ibany, Ga. 31705: Senior Musselwhite. Nancy M.: George Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Senior Mustin, Timothy S.: 1801B Armory Drive, Americus. Ga. 31709: Fresh man Myers, Marianne: Rhodes Street, Smithville. Ga. 31787: Sophomore Myers, Mary J.: 1425 South Lee St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Nadelhotfer, Cheryl L.: 2200 Connally Dr.. East Point, Ga. 30344: Sopho- more Nagy. Brian L.: B Clarendon Rd., Sa- vannah. Ga. 31404: Freshman Naramore, Rhonda: Route 1, Box 153, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman Neel, Jr., Frank H.: 1009 Lake Circle. Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Senior Neilson, Sue E.: Route 1, Damascus. Ga. 31741: Senior Nelson. Jr., Darrell D.: 321 11th Ave., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Nelson, Jimmy W.: P.O. Box 115. Les- lie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Nelson, Mary E.: P.O. Box 141, ideal, Ga. 31041: Freshman Nelson, Randy B,: Rt. 1, Box 9., Mon- tezuma. Ga. 31063: Freshman Nelson, Ralph B.: Sagamore Lodge, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Nesbit, James O.: 302 Thrasher St.. Norcross, Ga. 30071: Freshman Nesbitt, Betty R.: Rt. 2, Box 230. Lees- burg, Ga. 31763: Freshman Nesmith, Thomas J.: 175 Bussey Road, Sycamore, Ga. 31790: Senior Nessamar, Lawrence A.: 610 Hancock Dr,, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Nessamar, Mary Ann: 610 Hancock Dr., Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Newberry, Leslie K.: Powersville, Ga. 31074: Sophomore Newcomb, Richard A.: Box 101. Smith- ville, Ga. 31787: Senior Newcomb, Sandra J.: P.O. Box 101, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Freshman Newell. Ann W.: Lakeview Road, Powersville, Ga. 31074: Sophomore Newman, Donna L.: Route 2, Abbe- ville. Ga. 31001: Freshman Newman, Terry F.: Route 2, Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Sophomore Newsome, Barbara L.: 602 4th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Newsome, Ronald D.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Nichols, Horace E.: 13 Virginia Cr., Rome. Ga. 30161: Junior Nichols, Larry C.: 1500 West Street, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Sophomore Nix, Ronald R.: 2287 Headland Ter., East Point, Ga. 30344: Senior Nobles, Carolyn E.: Route 1, Pitts., Ga. 31072: Freshman Nolan, Stephen R.: 604 Harrold Ave- nue, Americus. Ga, 31709: Junior Notes, Paul B.: Route 1, Box 957, War- ner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Norman, James H.: 1001 S. Main St., Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Norris, Jr., Donald A.: Lot 7. Perry Tr. Park, Perry, Ga. 31069: Senior Norris, Jean L.: P.O. Box 1008. Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Norris, Jerre H.: P.O. Box 1008, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman James M.: Route 1. Preston, Ga. 318: Junior ' Norton, Jerry W.: 604 20th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Nussbaum, Melvin H.: 1604 Douglas Dr., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Fresh- man Nutt, Lawrence H.: Route 2, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Senior Nutt, Wayne T.: Route 2, Box 200, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore 0 Oakes, Jr., William C.: 2105 Notting- ham, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Oates. Patti G.: Rt. 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Oder, Deborah H.: Brady Road. Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Oder, Gary L.: Brady Road, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Oder, Randall O.: Rt. Box 25 N., Ogle- thorpe, Ga. 31068: Freshman Odom. G. Terry: Route 1, Warwick, Ga. 31796: Senior Odom, Ronald H.: 507 12th Ave E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Odriscoll, Catherine H.: l09 12 110th St., Richmond Hill N,Y. 11420: Senior Oesterreicher, David L.: 2900 Britt David, Columbus, Ga. 31904: Freshman Oglesbee, William M.: Rt. 1, Jimmer- son Rd., Thomaston. Ga. 30286: Senior Oglesby, Terry M.: Route 2, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Ogletree, Hal S.: Box 49, Crawfordville. Ga. 30631: Sophomore Ohearn, Debra L.: Rt. 1, Box 63, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745: Freshman Olivent, Jr., Herbert A.: 727 Rose Cir- cle, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Fresh- man Olive, Thomas W.: 1004 Culbreth St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Oliver Ill. CHarles M.: Rt. 3, Ellaville, Ga. 31041: Sophomore Oliver, David E.: 1119 Elm Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Oneal, Erin A.: 410 S. Henderson, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745: Junior Oneal, Marilyn G.: 10 Franklin St,, Manchester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Oneal, Marion L.: 904 Springfield Dr., Warner Robins.. Ga. 31093: Junior Oneal, Nancy M.: 101B Bush Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Oneil, Elizabeth S.: 325 Old Omega Rd., Tifton, Ga. 31794 Ortiz, Angel L.: 710 E. Jefferson. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Osborne, Dana S.: Leslie Road, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Ostean, Kathleen B.: Randolph Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Freshman Ouimette, Jerry E.: 314 A. N. Valencia, Albany. Ga. 31707: Junior Outlaw, Minnie G.: Route 1, Box 137, Ty Ty. Ga. 31795 Overstreet, C. Lynn: Route 1, Box 74, Bristol, Ga. 31518: Senior Owens, Jr., Clyde E.: 1312 Edgerly Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Owens, Douglas L.: N. Tennel Street, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745: Freshman Owens, Sylvia D.: 1020 B. 9th St., Robins A.F.B. Ga. 31093: Freshman Oxford. Charles F.: 2331 Greenleaf Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Oxford, June P.: Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Oxford, Winston A.: Route 3, Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore Freshman P Pace, Bobby T.: Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Padgett, Farrell E.: P.O. Box 25, Kings- land. Ga. 31548: Freshman Palamiotis, Anna Maria: 140 Columbia Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709 Palmer, Alton L.: Route 2, Adrian, Ga. 31002: Freshman Palmer, Andrew J.: Tallahassee Hwy., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Palmer, William A.: 202 Woodridge Rd., Dublin. Ga. 31021: Sophomore Panis, Mildred R.: 155 Stafford Ave., Brunswick, Ga. 31520: Junior Pappas, Joyce O.: 220 High Street, Tar- pon Spring, Fl. 33589: Senior Parker, Anne E.: 1960 Sandgate Circle, College Park, Ga. 30349: Junior Parker, C. Susan: Route 3, Swainsboro, Ga. 30401: Senior Parker, Deborah S.: P.O. Box 4, Wil- liamson, Ga. 30292: Freshman Parker, Jerry L.: 414 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Parker, John N.: 1525 Normandy Way, Leesburg, Fla., 32748: Freshman Parker. Peggy H.: 414 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Parks, Burl E.: 34 Knchafne Tr. Park, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Freshman Parks, Don F.: 404 Shadowlawn Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Parks, Karen D.: Route 1, Junction City, Ga. 318122 Junior Parks lll. Richard H.: Box 398, Reyn- olds, Ga. 31076: Freshman Parks, Thelma C.: 700 Henson Drive. Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Parrish, Nancy J.: P.O. Box 111, Pavo, Ga. 31778: Junior Partain, Lynne: Route 2, Butler, Ga. 31006: Junior Passmore, Julie J.: 3647 Gurley Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31904: Freshman Pate, Gloria: 310 E. Jefferson, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Junior Pate. Jackie: 310 E. Jefferson, Ft, Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman Pate, Jr., John A.: Louvale, Ga. 31814: Senior Pate, Judy C.: Route 1, Edison, Ga. 31746: Freshman Patterson, Angie L.: 550 Crescent Road, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Freshman Patterson, Darla M.: Ga. Southwestern, Americus. Ga. 31709: Senior Patterson, Dennis C.: Route 2. Byron, Ga. 31008: Freshman Patton, Cliff E.: 2643 Stanislaus Cr., Macon, Ga. 31204: Junior Paul. Susan: P.O. Box 102, Edison, Ga. 31746: Sophomore Paulk, David A.: 913 Wisteria Dr., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Senior Payne, Larry E.: 401 6th Ave E., Cor- dele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Peacock, John M.: Route 2, Eastman. Ga. 31023: Senior Peacock, Linda R.: 906 Creighton St.. Eastman, Ga. 31023: Junior. Peacock. Nora L.: 103 Sun Valley Dr., Americus. Ga. 31709 Peacock. Marilyn: 906 Creighton St., Eastman, Ga. 31023: Sophomore Pearson, William E.: Apt. 83A Dixon Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior 30 5 Peaster, Virginia S., 105 Edwin St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Peavy, Debra L., Pinehurst, Ga. 31070, Freshman Peavey, Mary J., Route 1, Pineview, Ga. 31071, Junior Peck, Mary J., Route 2, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740, Freshman Peede, Jeanette H., Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Senior Peek, Charles T., 410 Fourth Ave., Thomaston, Ga. 30286, Sophomore Peel, Jimmy E., Vienna Road, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Peeples, Jr., Orion H., 1004 N. Van Buren, Albany, Ga. 31701, Senior Pelle, Martha G., 1602 Lowell Lane, Albany. Ga. 31705, Senior Pendley, Larry F., L37 Rozar Trl. Park, Leesburg, Ga. 31763, Senior Penn, Donna L., 124 Salbar St.. Thomaston, Ga. 30286, Freshman Pennington, Cheryl A., 2952 Lickie St., Columbus, Ga. 31903, Junior Peppers, Jr., Jack H., Box 294, Logan- ville, Ga. 30249, Freshman Perdue, Sandra J., Box 431, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751, Sophomore Perdue, William D., 521 Hancock Dr., Americus Ga. 31709, Freshman Perkins, Nancy J., 109 Sharon Cr., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Perkins, Patricia G.: 103 Eddie Lane, Mableton, Ga. 30059, Freshman Perlis, Leon B., P.O. Box 667, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Permison, Paul B., 963 Rosedale Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30306, Freshman Perrine, Tina L., 14A Country Club Ap., Columbus, Ga. 31906, Sopho- more Perry, Bessie H., P.O. Box 66, Leslie, Ga. 31764, Sophomore Perry, Brenda K., 1025 Anderson St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Perry, Green L.: Ann Street, Cochran, Ga. 31014 Perry, Katherine E., 231 Clay Street, Monticello Ga. 31064, Junior Perry, Kristen S., 2385 Robin Hood Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206, Junior Perryman, Eager F., Route l, Boz 155, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Junior Perryman, William T., Route 2, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751, Senior Peterson, Donald A., 744 Wheatley St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Petrich, Edward M., 216 Rusty Rd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Fresh- man Phail, Sara A., 413 Jones Drive, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Phelps, Edward M., P.O. Box 166, Syc- amore, Ga. 31790, Sophomore Phillips, Betty R., Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Freshman Phillips, Bruce A.: 514 Reese Park, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Phillips, Carol D., 141A Cherokee St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Phillips, Charles K., 109 Kingsway Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Junior Phillips, Jo Anne S.: 1436 N. Central Ave., Tilton, Ga. 31794 Phillips, Karon G., 210 E. Richardson, Oxford, Ga. 30267, Freshman Phillips, Licile E., Box 536, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Senior Phillips, Mark S., R.F.D. 3, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Freshman Phillips, S. Nan, 303 17th Avenue E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015, Senior Phillips, T. Wesley, 2326 Riverhill Dr.. Valdosta, Ga, 31601, Sophomore Philmon, Terrell W,, 53A Harris Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Pickering, James W., 2460 Northside Parkway, Atlanta, Ga. 30327, Junior Pierce, Carlton C., 1103 Duncan Ave., Perry, Ga. 31069, Freshman Pierce, W. Grady, 206 Park Street, Griffin, Ga, 30223: Senior Pike, Brenda S., Route 2, Box 198, Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Sophomore Pike, Clinton W., Route 1, Montezuma, Ga. 310, Sophomore Pinson, Cathy S., 2332 Wheeless Rd., Augusta, Ga. 30906, Freshman Pinson, Raymond E., 2332 Wheeless Rd., Augusta, Ga. 30900, Freshman Pittman, Donna L., Rt. 1, Box 46, Mauk, Ga. 31058: Junior Pitts, CHarles W.: 4431 Perry Ave., Macon, Ga, 31206, Freshman Pitts, Douglas S., 744 Bon Air St., Lakeland, Fl. 33801, Junior 306 Pitts, Marcia J., Box 301, Smithville, Ga. 31787 Pitts, Ronald R., 611 Juniper St., Cor- dele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Pityer. Richard M., 547 Oak Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Plant, Jerry G.: 1109 Felder St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Pless, Andrew J., Rt. 3, Box 179 B1, . Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Pollock, Joann L., 1642 N. Valen- cia Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Pond, James B., 1122 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Poole, Cynthia C., 26 Lee Leesburg, Ga. 31763, Junior Poole, Malcolm A., Route 3, Box 92, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Senior Poole, Mary B.: Route 1, Box 39, Syl- vester, Ga. 31791 Pope, Larry D., 1809 Rose Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Pope, Robert I., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Sophomore Pope, Sharon E., 106 Collins St., Al- bany, Ga. 31705, Junior Posey, Jr., Harold 109 Belmont Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Junior Posey, Jr., James R., Route 2, Box 104, Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Junior Poss, Sara L., P.O. Box 61. Good Hope, Ga. 30641, Freshman Post ll, Raymond A., 1214B Whitney, Albany, Ga. 31701, Junior Potter, D. Earl, 104 Peggyann Dr,, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Potts, Cathy A., Route 4, Conyers, Ga, 30207, Junior Pounds, Betty L., Route 2, Box 26, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Senior Powell, Alan T., 515 E. Johnson St., Hartwell, Ga. 306: Junior Powell, Carl W., 790 Pierce Ave., Ma- con. Ga. 31204, Senior Powell, Deana K., Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068, Freshman Powell, Judy C., Box 274, Leesburg, Ga. 31763, Senior Powell, Wesley M., 1007 Hall Street, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717, Sophomore Powell, William P., 1700 Gail Avenue, Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Powers, Donald M., 1601 Lafayette St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Powers, Tommy C., 506 Sharon, Nash- ville, Ga. 31639, Senior Pratt, Tommy G., 1503 Kenny Dr., Americus, Ga, 31709, Sophomore Price, Barry R., P.O. Box 157, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Price, Brenda E., 713 Oak Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Price, James M., 121 Highland Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Price, M. Kathleen, P.O. Box 6, Jack- son, Ga. 30233, Sophomore Prince, Katherine D., Rt. 1, Unadilla, Ga. 31091, Freshman Pritchett, Barbara L., Main St., Mar- shalville, Ga. 31057, Freshman Privette, James W., Route 1, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Privitera, Anthony S., 3421 Covington Dr., Augusta, Ga. 30904, Freshman Pruett, Jesse F., 112 Dilly Hill, La Grange, Ga. 30240, Freshman Pruett, Richard A., 4429 Roman Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31907, Junior Pryor, Jr., Robert S., R.F.D., De Soto, Ga, 31743, Freshman Purdy, Martha W., 315 Wildwood Circle, Americus, Ga, 31709, Senior Purser, Frances R.: P.O. Box 36, Hines- ville, Ga. 31313: Freshman Pursley, Catherine L., 3427 Savannah Rd., Augusta, Ga. 30906, Freshman Purvis, John D., Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Q Queener, Jr., Sam H., 616 Engram St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Quick, William W., 117 Cherry Lane, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Junior Quinn, Melinda S., L50 Woodland Mb. Hm., Leesburg, Ga. 31763, Senior Rabon, Henrietta, Route 1, Box 89, Shiloh, Ga. 31826, Junior Rabun, Leslie C., Box 491 Mason Dr., Au usta Ga 30906' Freshman Estates, g . . . Raburn, Alvin O., Kenne Avenue, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068, Sophomore Raburn, Denise A., Kenne Avenue, Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068, Senior Racz, Nancy J., 1901 Robin Hood Rd., Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Radcliffe, Kenneth S., 710 Stewart Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sopho- more Raffield, Frankie J., 103 Flanders Dr., Warner Rbs., Ga. 31093 Ragan, Ann C., 111 Taylor St., Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709, Senior Ragan, Barbara A., 1117 Whitney Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705 Ragan, Larry T., 160 Porter St., Pel- ham, Ga. 31779, Senior Ragan, Ronald G., Route 1, Pelham Ga. 31779, Junior Raines, Ronald B., 1208 Camellia Dr., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Rainey. Clive M., 1522 Second Ave., Albany, Ga. 317, Senior Rainge, Carlton, Box 78, Nahunla, Ga. 31553, Sophomore Ramey, Susan W.: 917 S. Broad, Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Freshman Ramey, Jr., William M., 203A Clara Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Ramirez, Jeffrey Q., 2527 Brookshire, Augusta, Ga. 30906, Freshman Ramsey, Cheryl M., 3827 Armor Ave. Apt. 24, Columbus, Ga. 31709, Sen- tor Randall, Austin, 3517 Redd Dr., Au- gusta, Ga. 30906, Freshman Rankin, Elise C., P.O, Box 176, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803, Freshman Ransom, David W., Box 295, Unadilla, Ga. 31091, Freshman Ransom, Dixie J., Rt. 1, Unadilla, Ga. 31091, Freshman Rasbury, Robert M., 905B Parker St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Rast, Lucia L., Rt. 1, Highway Stockbridge, Ga. 30281, Freshman Rathel. E. Anne: 405 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Ratliff, Janet L., Route 2, Box 60, Plains, Ga. 31780, Junior Ray, Sandra S., Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Raybon, Paul M., Route 1, Smithville Ga. 31787, Freshman Reason, Clifford J., 154 Pine Circle, La Grange, Ga. 30240, Junior Reason, David M., 154 Pine Circle, La Grange, Ga. 30240, Junior Reaves, Harold D., 1329 E. Broad, AI- bany Ga, 31705, Sophomore Reddick, David R., Route 2, Box 40, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Reddick, Jr., Harry C., 507 Westview, Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030, Junior Reddick, Jr., James A., Benevolence, Ga. 31721, Freshman Redding, Jo Del, Route 2, Bluffton, Ga. 31724, Freshman Reece, Jr., Ernest L., R.F.D. 1, Talking Rk., Ga, 30175, Senior Reed, Rachelle A., P.O. Box 33, Ro- chelle, Ga. 31079, Junior Reed, Rebecca, R., 1529 McGarrah St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Reese, Jr., Earl J., 105 Freeman Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Fresh- man Reeves, Donald W., 93 Briarcliff Est.. Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Reeves, G. Lamar, P.O. Box 1445, Americus, Ga. 31709 Reeves, P. Allene C., P.O. Box 1445, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Reeves, Sharon W., P.O. Box 56, Plains, Ga. 31780, Junior Register, Tony E., Route 1, Chester, Ga. 31012: Junior Rehberg, William H., 115 Seward Street, Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Junior Reid, Linda A., P.O. Box 11, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Reid, Norma J., 228 McCoy St., Amer- icus, Ga, 31709, Sophomore Reilly, Dorothy P., 1600 Buena Vista Rd., Columbus, Ga. 31907: Senior Reilly, J, Michael, 1204 Dunbar Ave., Columbus, Ga. 31906, Senior Renew, Suellen M., Rt. 1, Rhine, Ga. 31077, Freshman Rexroat. Norris A., P.O. Box 582, Al- bany, Ga. 31702: Senior Reynolds, Brenda K., Route 1, Syca- more, Ga. 31790, Freshman Reynolds, J, Brent, 603 McLendon St., Ashburn, Ga. 31714, Freshman Reynolds, John M., 4440 Covington 138. Hwy., Decatur, Ga. 30032, Sopho- more Reynolds, Newton T., Route 1, Millen, Ga. 30442: Senior Reynolds, Otis Rt. 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787, Freshman Reynolds. Patty S.: R.F.D. 1, Charing, Ga. 31010, Freshman Reynolds, Richard N., 903 Rose Lane, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Reynolds, Roy R., 936 Japonica Dr., Bainbridge, Ga, 31717, Sophomore Reynolds, Sandra G., Box 85, Warwick, Ga. 31796, Freshman Rhodes, W. Richard, 1006 19th Ave- nue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Fresh- man Rials, Randy L., 312 S. Jackson St.. Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Rice, Hervert K. Box 826. Cordele, Ga, 31015, Sophomore Rice, Ralph H., 131 College St., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709, Senior Rich, Florine, 111 New Project St.. Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Junior Richards T. Brent, 2712 Fleming Dr.. Augusta, Ga. 30906, Senior Richardson, Deborah P., 3034 Avon- dale Rd., Columbus, Ga. 31903, Freshman Richardson, Michael G., Box 213, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745, Junior Richardson, Nanci E., P.O. Box 127. Lumpkin, Ga. 31815, Freshman Richmond, Paul A., 85A Dixon Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Rickerson, Valerie L.: 2823 Deans- bridge Rd., Augusta. Ga. 30906, Freshman Rickert, Merrilyn A., 212 Forest Road, Sylvania, Ga. 30467, Sophomore Ricks, Deborah B., Tara Apts, 102A, Perry, Ga, 31069, Junior Riddles, Sarah A., 824 S. Candler, Decatur, Ga. 30030, Freshman Rigsby, Jr., Judson L.: 714 E, Jefferson St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Rigsby, Tony G., Route 2, Box 84A. Dawson, Ga. 31742, Freshman Riley, David C., Flovilla, Ga. 30216, Freshman Riley, Jean S., 2955 Glenrock Dr., Macon, Ga. 31204: Freshman Riner, Bertie E,, Route 2, Perry, Ga, 31069, Senior Rivers, Jr., Joel C., 99 N. Scott Street, Camilla, Ga. 31730, Freshman Rizer, C. Franklin, Box 354, Denmark, S.C. 29042, Senior Roan, Laura C., 1810 Loch Lomond, Atlanta, Ga. 30331, Sophomore Robards, Barbara J.: P.O. Box 76. Andersonville, Ga. 31711, Freshman Robbins, Dale W., 735 Kathrine St., Warner Robins. Ga. 31093, Fresh- man Robbins, James N., College Inn Apts., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Roberson, John H., 126 Forrest Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Roberts, C. Sue, Route 1, Box 136C, Ocilla, Ga. 31774, Freshman Roberts, Forrest D., 419 Myrtle Dr., Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Freshman Roberts, G. Lynwood, Route 2, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Junior Roberts, Lana K., Rt. 1. Smithville, Ga, 31787, Freshman Roberts, Virginia J., 2401 Pheasant Dr., Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Robertson, James E., 701 Sumter St., Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Junior Robertson. Roy W., Byron, Ga. 31008: Freshman Robinette, David J., 307 Thomas Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093, Senior Robinson, Jr.. Arthur R., 'Box 132, Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Sophomore Robinson, Bruce E,: P.O. Box 462, Butler, Ga. 31006, Sophomore Robinson, Dorothy C.: 402 Columbia Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709, Fresh- man Robinson, Kenneth W., 403 Holmes St.. Barnesville. Ga. 30204, Senior Robinson, Martha S., 408 N. Dooly St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Robinson, Martin D., Route 2, Butler, Ga. 31006, Freshman Robinson, Mary, 1316 Madison St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Robinson, Nancy D., Route 2, Plains Rd., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Robinson, Robert W., Rt. 2, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Robinson, Ruth C.: Box 462, Butler. Ga. 31006: Sophomore Robinson, Walton R.: 202 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Rockhill, John E.: R.R. 3, Winchester, ln. 47394: Senior Rivers, Jr., Joel C.: 99 N.Scott Street. Camilla, Ga. 31730: Freshman Rizer, C. Franklin: Box 354, Denmark, SC. 29042: Senior Roan, Laura C,: 1810 Loch Lomond, Atlanta, Ga, 30331: Sophomore Robards, Barbara J.: P.O. Box 76, Andersonville, Ga. 31711: Freshman Robbins, Dale W.: 735 Kathrine St., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Fresh- man Robbins, James N.: College lnn Apts.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Roberson, John H.: 126 Forrest Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Roberts, C. Sue, Route 1, Box 136C, Ocilla, Ga. 31774: Freshman Roberts, Forrest D.: 419 Myrtle Dr,, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Roberts, G. Lynwood: Route 2, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Junior Roberts, Lana K.: Rt. 1, Smithville, Ga. 31787: Freshman Roberts, Virginia J.: 2401 Pheasant Dr.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Robertson, James E.: 701 Sumter St., Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068: Junior Robertson, Roy W.: Byron, Ga. 31008: Freshman Robinelte, David J.: 307 Thomas Blvd.. Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Senior Robinson, Jr. Arthur R.: Box 132, Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Sophomore Robinson, Bruce E,: P.O. Box 462, Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Robinson, Dorothy C.: 402 Columbia Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Robinson, Kenneth W.: 403 Holmes St., Barnesville, Ga. 30204: Senior Robinson, Martha S.: 408 N. Dooly St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Freshman Robinson, Martin D.: Route 2, Butler, Ga. 31006: Freshman Robinson, Mary: 1316 Madison St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Robinson, Nancy D.: Route 2, Plains Rd., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Robinson, Robert W.: Rt. 2, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Robinson, Ruth C.: Box 462, Butler. Ga. 31006: Sophomore Robinson, Walton R.: 202 Frieda Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Rockhill, John E. R.R. 3, Winchester, ln. 47394: Senior Rockwell, Vera. M.: Rt. 2, Box 105. Warwick, Ga. 31796: Freshman Rodatus, Robert V.: 3831 White Haven, Smyrna. Ga. 30080: Sophomore Rodgers, Earnest O.: Rt. 4, Reese Tr. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Rodgers, H. Ben: 111A Bush Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Rodgers, Linda D.: 1425 Tucker Ave., Perry, Ga. 31069: Sophomore Rogers, Jr., George H.: 202 Roland Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Rogers, Joel S,: 422 W. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Rogers, Margaret M.: 314 Fulton Street, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Rogers, Mary H.: Route 2, Box 155, Ochlochnee, Ga, 31773: Sophomore Rogers, Randall E.: Route 3, Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Senior Rogers, Jr., William W.: P.O. Box 68, South Bay, Fl. 33493: Junior Roland, Alton E.: 37 Reese Tr. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Roland, Deborah M.: L71 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Roland, Donald R.: Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Roland. D. Glen: 734 Felder Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior A.: 690 Pine Ave., Roland, Norris Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore E.: 112 Florida Sl.. Roland, Randy Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Roland, Wyndell E.: P.O. Box 243, Cochran, Ga. 31014: Junior Rollins, Brenda C.: Route 1, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Roquemore, George H.: 1212 Ogle- thorpe Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Roqumore. Nancy G.: 842 Pine Valley Dr., Forest Park, Ga. 30050: Junior Rosencrantz. Jr., Clifford E.: 1322 4th Street S.W,, Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Junior Ross, Alan S.: 3332 Brenton Court, At- lanta, Ga. 30314: Senior Ross, Angelyn F.: Wall Street, Rich- land, Ga. 31825: Senior Ross, Harvey R.: 105 Sidney St., War- ner Robins, Ga. 31093: Freshman Ross, Linda D.: Route 3. Eastman, Ga. 31023: Senior Ross. R. Thomas: Johnson Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Rosser, Michael L.: P.O. Box 110, Moreland, Ga. 30259: Sophomore Rouse, Joe S.: P.O. Box 494. Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Freshman Rcwbotham, Steven J.: 407 Pionciana, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Rowe, Jr., Charles E.: Box 648, Moul- trie. Ga. 31768: Senior Rowe, Elizabeth C.: Luthersville, Ga. Ga. 30251: Junior Rox, Frank T.: 440 Scotts Way, Au- gusta, Ga. 30904: Senior Royal, Anna W.: P.O. Box 195, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Royal, Wayne E.: 306 Pineview Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Rushing, Herschel L.: IIO1 Stapleton St.: Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Russell, Rosemary: 106 Springfield, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Rutland, Mattie B.: 130 Oliver St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Ryle, Laura J.: 3410 Van Zandt Dr., Macon Ga. 31206: Freshman S Sadler, Stephen R.: 617 10th Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31705: Sophomore Saliba, Mikki K.: 1316 Crawford St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Samples, Kathy J.: Thornhill Rd., Tif- ton, Ga. 31794: Sophomore Sandelur, Waverlyn C.: 4471 Capitol Ave., Macon. Ga. 31206: Junior Sanders, Eleanor L.: Rt, 1, Box 88, Edison, Ga, 31746: Junior Sanders, Elizabeth P.: Route 2, Box 225, Boston. Ga. 31626 Sanders, Genie E.: 2769 Dalewood Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31907: Freshman Sanders, Jack l.: Route 3, Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sophomore Sanders, Shanler: 3352 N. Brook Dr., Doraville, Ga. 30340: Freshman Sanders, W.H.: Rt. 1, Box 84, Newton, Ga. 31702: Sophomore Sasser. Sara C.: Route 2. Arlington. Ga. 31713: Junior Satterfield, Donna K.: Macon Road, Americus, Ga, 31709: Freshman Sauer. Mark A.: 8309 Tresco Rd., Rich- mond, Va., 23229: Freshman Saunders, B. Joyce: 112 Lynnview Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Saunders, Charles R.: Route 3, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Saunders. Joseph R.: 1021 Oglethorpe Ave.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Saunders, Laura F.: 1515 4th Avenue. Columbus, Ga. 31901: Junior Saunders, V. Carole: Route 1. Moultrie, Ga. 31768: Freshman Saville, Jr., Augustus H.: Middle Street, Georgetown, Ga. 31754: Junior Sawyer, Donna C.: 1719 S. Lee Street. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Sawyer. Jr., William W.: 1719 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Saxon, S. Lee: Route 1, Box 34, Daw- son. Ga. 317: Senior Scarborough, John W.: 109 Underwood Ave., Blakely, Ga. 31723: Sopho- more Scarborough, John W.: 109 Under- wood Ave,, Blakely Ga. 31723: Sophomore Scarbrough, Claude G.: B28 Overlook Ave., Columbus, Ga. 31906: Soph- omore Schild, Betty S.: G.S.C., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Scholill, Sandra K.: 1202 2nd St., Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Schramm, Calvin A.: L11 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Schramm, John R.: Rt. 5, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Schramm, Michael E.: 1419 B. Parker St., Americus: Ga. 31709: Freshman Schwartz, Peter R.: 100 Laurens. Beaufort, S.C. 29902: Senior Scifres, Betty A.: 4289 Alexandria Way, College Park. Ga. 30337: Sophomore Scoggins, Virginia B.: Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780: Freshman Sconyers, Jeannette D.: Lee Est. Lot 15, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Senior Sconyers, Julian H.: 324 Moring Street, Swainsboro, Ga. 30401: Senior Scott, Bonnie: Dogwood Hills, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Scott, Francis X.: 1214 Second Avenue, Albany, Ga. 31701: Sophomore Scott, Gerry L.: Oak Ave., Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Freshman Scott, Karen: Route 1, Americus, Ga. 31709 Scott, Mary E.: Dogwood Hill, Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Scott, McArthur: 1303 Norris C., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Seago, Michael E.: 823 Moreland Ave., Perry, Ga. 31069: Senior Seale, Leslie G.: 1008 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Seeley, William E.: 614B 8th Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Segler. Hope F.: P.O. Box 6, Bronwood, Ga. 31726: Freshman Seibert, William E.: 102 Ridgedale Dr., Warner Robins, Ga. 31093: Freshman Seigler, Jr., William T.: 1410 Haber- sham Dr., Augusta Ga. 30904: Freshman Self, Michael A.: 540 W. Main St., Manchester, Ga. 31816: Junior Sell, Jr., Ernest W.: 214 Ga. Mobile Ests., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Sellars, Martin R.: 704 Sunnydale Cr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Sellars, Russell L.: Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Senior Sellers, Nancy J.: Route 1, Box 195. Leslie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Sellers, Susan O.: Box 9, Crawford St., Dawson, Ga, 31742: Senior Selman, William L.: Box 2466, Bain- bridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Sendelbach, G. Andrew: 2941 Florence Dr., Columbus. Ga. 31907: Senior Senn. Glenda J.: 421 Church St., Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Senn, Myron A.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Sercer. Patricia R.: Box 134, Rochelle, Ga. 31079: Junior Sessions, Fred L.: 106 Johnson Ave. Blakely, Ga, 31723: Sophomore Sewell, J. Brennon: 706 Barlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Seymour, K. Lynn: 1905 Whispering Pines, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Shadrick, Charles H.: 101A Lorraine Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Sharpe, Andrew L.: 224 S. Edgewood Dr., Statesboro, Ga. 30458: Senior Shaw, Marion A.: Rt. 1, Ellabell. Ga. 31308: Freshman Shaw, P. Jill: 1205 Lake Douglas, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Shaw, Susan R.: 304 Judy Lane, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Senior Sheffield, Angela D.: 702 Felder SL. Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Sheffield, Bill: 702 Felder Sl., Ameri- cus, Ga. 31709: Junior Sheffield, Ernie M.: South Cuthbert St., Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Shehee, Herbert D.: Rt. 1, Butler, Ga. 31006: Freshman Shell, Robert J.: Route 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Senior Shell, Sarah S.: 308 Wildwood Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Shelton, Bettye J.: 103 Burton Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Shenleld, Evan B.: 2030 S. Ocean Dr.. Halandale, Fl. 33160: Junior Sheninger, Albert C.: 934 Pursel Street, Alpha, N.J. 08002: Senior Shepard, J. Michael: Box 307, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Shepard, Mary B.: P.O. Box 304, Ro- berta, Ga. 31078: Freshman Shepherd, Ralph K.: P.O. Box 197, Chauncey, Ga. 31011: Junior Sheppard. Diane G.: 108 Springfield Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- iT'lBI'l Sheppard, Howard C.: Kenny St.: San- dersville, Ga. 31082: Junior Sheppard, Jane C.: 308 14th Ave. E.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Sheppard, John C.: P.O. Box 347. Camilla, Ga. 31730: Senior Sheppard, Lydia S.: Route 3, Drayton Rd., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Junior Shih, Vivian W.: 1103 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Shillcutt. Samuel D.: 1619 Lynwood. Albany. Ga. 31705: Senior Shipp IV, John E.: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Shipp, Michael E.: 665 Azalea Drive, La Grange, Ga. 30240: Sophomore Shippey, Lovick M.: 104 Memorial Dr., Hlnesville. Ga. 31313: Senior Shiver, Gail E.: Route 1, Box 77B, Sale City. Ga. 31784: Freshman Shiver, Myra S.: Rt. 1, Newton, Ga. 31770: Sophomore Shivers, M. lrene: 333 Daniel St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Shockley, Steve B.: 1350 Oakdale Dr., Griffin, Ga. 30223: Junior Short, Frances E.: Box 222, Shellman, Ga. 31786: Sophomore Short, James C.: 2326 Meadowbrook Lane, Albany Ga. 31701: Junior Sikes, Patrece C.: 119 Lovers Lane, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Silcox, David R.: 2319 Winchester Dr., Columbus. Ga. 31904: Senior Simberg. Steven M.: 75 Pnc. D. Lane A, 1005, Atlanta, Ga. 30383: Fresh- man Simmons, Jr., John H.: 905A Parker St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Simon, Carol J.: 2214 Edgewood Dr., Augusta, Ga, 30904: Sophomore Simons, C. Franklin: 4505 Buena Vista, Columbus, Ga. 31907: Senior Simpson, Dane A.: Reese Tr. Park L35, Americus Ga. 31709: Sophomore Simpson, F. Blair: P.O. Box 846, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Simpson, Jr., James M.: 307 Rucker St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Simpson, Sandra, 110 Forest Ave., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Sophomore Simpson. Terry R.: 110 Forest Ave., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Junior Sims, Fredrick E.: 500 Ardmore Lane, Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Sims, Gladys: 426 Forest St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Sims, L. Lavette F.: 302 S. Hampton St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Sims, Maurice M.: 82B Dixon Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Sinclair, Jr., John P.: 120 Register, Montezuma, Ga. 31063 Singer, Johnny M.: P.O. Box 541. Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Senior Singer, Wanda W.: Box 541, Lumpkin, Ga. 31815: Sophomore Singletary, Gerald W.: P.O. Box 189, Americus, Ga, 31709: Sophomore Slade, Bethanee S.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Slade. Douglas D.: Rl. 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Slade, Jerry E.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Slade, Marilyn H.: Rt. 1, Vienna, Ga. 31092: Freshman Slappey, Edwin D.: 531 Harrold Ave- nue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Slappey, E. Jane: 531 Harrold Avenue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Slappey, Irma J.: PO, Box. Plains, Ga. 31780: Freshman Slater. Kenneth N.: Route 3, Thomas- ville, Ga. 31792: Junior Slevin, Sharon S.: 405 Johnson Road, Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Sligar, Mark A.: 2865 Townley Cr., Doraville, Ga. 30340: Freshman Sligar, Susan A.: 2865 Townley Circle, Doraville, Ga. 30340: Sophomore Slocumb. Johnny R.: Hartsfield, Ga. 31756: Sophomore Sloop, John B.: Box 412, Woodbine. Ga. 31569: Senior Smallwood, Joe L.: Route 1, Box 150, Attapulgus, Ga, 31715: Junior Smith, Alexander W.: 511 N. Main St., Tennille, Ga. 31089: Sophomore Smith, Barbara P.: 407 19th Ave. E., Cordele. Ga. 31015: Freshman Smith, Betsy L.: 313 Sapp Ave., Pel- ham, Ga. 31779: Freshman Smith, Charles L.: P.O. Box 288, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Smith, Clarence R.: 1205 5th Avenue, 37 Albany, Ga. 31705, Sophomore Smith. Cynthia S.: 307 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Smith, Dan P., Route 1, Plains, Ga. 31780, Junior Smith, Deanna Y., Route 1, Camilla, Ga. 31730, Senior Smith, Dinah C., 607 Jackson Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Smith, Donald L., 130 East Hill St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Smith, E. Jane, 606 Reese Park. Amer- icus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Smith, Elva S., 120 Sharon Cr., Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Junior Smith, Fred E.: 105 Highland Dr.. Americus, Ga, 31709, Senior Smith, H. Crew: 2326 Whispering Pines, Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Smith. Jacky E., 308 W. Hill Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Smith, James A., Box 546, Butler, Ga. 31006, Freshman . Smith, James H., Rt. 3, Box 372, Cor- dele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Smith, James W.: 120 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709 Smith, Jay L., 1715 Gillespie Ave., Al- bany, Ga. 31705, Junior Smith, Jeffrey J.: 3534 Chamble Tucker, Doraville, Ga 30400, Junior Smith, John A., P.O. Box 97, Sycamore, Ga. 31790: Senior Smith, Jr., John M., 530 Hancock Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Smith, John S., Route 1. Camilla, Ga. 31730, Sophomore Smith, Johnny L., Rt. 3, Thomson. Ga. 30824, Senior Smith. Karen L,, Route 1, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Smith lll, Kemper D.: 3916 Tyler Dr., Macon, Ga. 31206, Sophomore Smith. Larry B., 604 West Dykes. Cochran, Ga. 31014: Senior Smith, Larry W., L 21 Joes Trl. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Smith, Mary J.: 1723B Georgia Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31701, Freshman Smith, Merle E.: Route 1, Plains Ga. 31780: Sophomore Smith, Michael B.: 219 11th Ave. S,W., Moultrie, Ga. 31768, Junior Smith, Nancy E.: Rt. 2. Cuthbert, Ga. 31740, Freshman Smith. Peggy F.: 524 Harrold Americus Ga. 31709 Smith, Richard P., P.O. Box 551. Reyn- olds, Ga. 31076, Sophomore Ave.. Smith, Robert G.: 307 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Smith, Sandra K., Rt. 3, Box 160A, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Freshman Smith, Sarah H., 840 Ridge Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Smith, Shirley I., Route 1, Butler, Ga. 31006: Senior Smith, Stephen H., 117 Lynnview, Americus, Ga. 31709 Smith. Steven D.: 712 4 Street S., Cor- dele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Smith, Susan H.: 615 Barlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Smith, Suzanne R., 1502 Rose Avenue. Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Smith, Teresa A.: Rt. 3, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Sophomore Smith, Tony B., Route 1, Tennille, Ga. 31089: Freshman Smith, W. Clinton, Adams St., Ten- nille. Ga. 31089: Junior Smith, Jr., Young A., 840 Ridge Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Smith, Zachary L., 612 Woodland Dr., Perry. Ga. 31069: Senior Snead. Carrie L., Rt. 1, ox 191A, Les- lie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Snead. Elma B.: 307 Forrest Street. Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Snead. Melanie A.: 3730 Las Olas Dr., College Park, Ga. 30349, Freshman Snelling, Katherine B.: 1549 Forsyth Road Savannah. Ga. 31406: Senior Snider, Tommy J., 1225 W. Broad St.. Griffin. Ga. 30223: Senior Snipes, Jr., Charles H., Route 1, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Snipes, Robert E., 111 W. Church Sl.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Snow, Michael M.: Route 2, Chka- mauga, Ga. 30707, Junior Solomon, Cotellia D., 210 E. Lester, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Sosebee, Jane A., 120 Pine Valley Rd., Mableton. Ga. 30059, Sophomore Sosebee, Jr., R. Edwin, 120 Pine Valley Rd., Mableton, Ga. 30059: Junior 308 Southerland, Mary W., Rt. 1, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Junior Sparrow, Jr., John F., Route 2, Haw- kinsville, Ga. 31036: Senior Speer, Rhonda H., 522 S. Lee St. Apt. 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Speer, William M.: 522 S. Lee St. Apt. 3, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Spence Jr., Lucious, Rt. 1, Gatlin Ck. Rd., Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Fresh- man Spence. Naven D., 824 Douglas Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Spence, William W., 1940 New Castle Dr., Macon, Ga. 31200: Sophomore Spikes, Joseph C.: 541 Furlow Street, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Spikes, Robert F.: 11B Univ. Apts. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Spillers, Charles L., Butler. Ga. 31006: Freshman Spillers, Debra A.: Route 1, Musella, Ga. 31066, Freshman Spires, Jr.. Dan R., Greer Trailer Park, Cordele, Ga. 31015, Sophomore Spurlock, Earle P., 710 Georgia Ave., Dawson, Ga. 31742 Spurlock, Linda Fain M., Georgia Ave- nue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Senior Stanford, William B.: P.O. Box 369, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Standley, Lynn: 508 Wickersham, Ft. Benning, Ga. 31905: Freshman Standley V, Sands A.: 2215 Sharon Ave., Albany Ga. 31705, Junior Standridge, Amy J., Box 111, Byrom- ville, Ga. 31007, Freshman Stanford, Glunise A.: P.O. Box 106. Leslie, Ga. 31764, Freshman Stanford, Jr.. James H., P.O. Box 106, Leslie, Ga. 31764, Freshman Stanley, James L., Box 234, Leesburg, Ga. 31763, Junior Stapleton, Claire S.: Box 95, Leslie, Ga. 31764, Senior Stapleton, John L.: 2846 College Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31906, Sophomore Starlin, Calvin E., 606 Valley Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Starlin, Virginia H.: 606 Valley Drive. Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Starling, Michael E.: 407 Catherine Circle, Savannah, Ga. 31406: Fresh- man Starr, Gary T.: 416 Tift Ave., Apt. 7. Albany, Ga. 31705, Senior Statham, Harold C., 302, Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Sophomore Statham, Terri L., Rt. 5, Pamona Tr, Park Griffin, Ga. 30223: Freshman Steadham, Donna L., R.F.D. 3, Box 24. Dawson, Ga. 31742, Freshman Steele, Betty L.: 1595 Winston Dr., Macon, Ga. 31206, Freshman Stein. Deena Ann S.: P.O. Box 167, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Sophomore Stephens, Brenda C.: 604 Barlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Stephens, Charles, 147 Force Drive, Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Stephens, Judy K., 511 School Dr., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30354, Sophomore Stephens, Larry L.: 604 Barlow St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Stephens, Pattie: P.O. Box 204. Daw- son, Ga. 31742, Sophomore Stephens, Ray M., 4 Bay Tree Circle, Ormond Beach, Fl. 32074, Sopho- more Stevens, Donald R.: 3627 Orchard Cr., Decatur, Ga. 30032, Sophomore Stevenson G. Drew, Box 144, Ander- sonville, Ga, 31711, Sophomore Stevenson, Mary L., 203 Willett Way, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Stewart, Carey S., 544 Church St., Dawson. Ga. 31742: Sophomore Steward, Donna E., 119 Brannan Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Stewart, Dean R., 564 Cumberland Rd., Columbus, Ga. 31904, Freshman Stewart. Elizabeth S., P.O. Box 63, Richland, Ga. 31825 Stewart, John S.: 508 Ponder Street, Richland, Ga. 31825, Freshman Stewart, William D.: 1004 Nursery Lane, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Soph- omore Stewart. William E.: 202 Lorraine Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709, Sopho- more Stewart, William H., 119 Brannen Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Stewart, William R., 1217 Maryland Dr.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Stokes, Gwen L.: Rt. 1. Box 251, Liz- 1 ella, Ga. 31052, Freshman Stokes, Randy L., P.O. Box 401, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 31751: Freshman Stone, John C., Pineview, Ga. 31071, Sophomore Storey, Suzann K., 706 Randolph Ave., Warner Rbs., Ga. 31093: Freshman Story, Lelia H., 505 Washington St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063, Freshman Stover, Jr., Blaine E., P.O. Box 1009. Albany, Ga. 31702: Sophomore Stribling, William B., Lot 10. Briarcliff. Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Strickland, James R., 1547 Williamson Rd., Macon, Ga. 31206, Sophomore Strickland, James S., Box 15, Climax, Ga. 31734, Sophomore Strickland, William S., 109 Royal Ave., Thomasville, Ga. 31792, Freshman Stripling. Barbara M.: N. 5th Street, Vienna, Ga. 31092, Junior Stripling C. Hobby, North 5th Street, Vienna Ga. 31092, Junior Stubbs, Robert L., Route 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Stubbs, Roger T.: P.O. Box 3, Seville, Ga. 31064: Junior Studstill, Richard M.: 273 Oak Dr., Ga. 31545, Freshman Sudduth, Sandra B.: 17 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709, Senior Sudduth, J. Michael, 17 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Suggs, Glenn A., 711 26th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Sullivan. Ronald C., 2476 Apt. A Mc- Dowel, Augusta, Ga. 30904, Fresh- man Sutton, Nancy A.: 1071 Macon Ave.. Macon, Ga. 31204, Freshman Sumner, L. Rebecca, 302 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Sunday, James H., 506 College St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Freshman Sutton, Ronald E., 214 La Grange St., Newnan, Ga. 30263, Senior Swanner, Michael A.: 1356 Oakdale Dr., Griffin, Ga. 30223: Freshman Swearingen, Karen H.: P.O. Box 512. Reynolds, Ga. 31076, Sophomore Swilley, Jr. James W., Box 404, Pel- ham, Ga. 31779, Junior Swilley, William H., P.O. Box 404, Pel- ham, Ga. 31779, Junior Swinney, Sue H.: 905 18th Avenue E., Cordele, Ga. 31015, Senior Szares, Jr., John W.: L80 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709, Fresh- man Villa A T Tabb. Ronald H., 1713 Lincoln Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Tallant, Aaron H., Cumming. Ga. 30130, Junior Tallent, Jr., John E.: Route 1. Monte- zuma, Ga. 31063, Sophomore Tallent, Steven W., 1729 Ellaville Rd., Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Tamblyn, Donna E., 2584 Old Holton Rd., Macon, Ga. 31204, Sophomore Tanner, James R.: 719 Barlow Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Tanner, John P.: Route 2, Plains, Ga. 31780: Junior Tanner, Patricia D., Route 2, Box 132, Plains, Ga. 31780, Freshman Tapley, Bernard K., 3655 Flamingo Dr., Macon, Ga. 31206: Freshman Taunton, W. Stephen, P.O. Box 314, Butler, Ga. 31006: Sophomore Taylor, Cheryl E., P.O. Box 186, Mar- shallville. Ga. 31057: Sophomore Taylor, Frank B., N. Mitchell, Haw- kinsville, Ga. 31036, Senior Taylor, Jr., James L.: 1811 Avalon Ave.. Albany Ga. 31705, Senior Taylor, Janice: 205 W. Lake Drive. Cuthbert, Ga. 31740, Sophomore Taylor, Jr., Jimmy S.: Box 187, Daw- son, Ga. 31742: Junior Taylor, Judith M., 2446 Meadowbrook, Valdosta. Ga. 31601, Senior Taylor, Jr., Marion L.: Blakely Street, Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Sophomore Taylor, Mark E., 404 Magnolia Ave., Thomaston, Ga. 30286, Junior Taylor, Marshall A., Route 5, Box 697, Augusta, Ga. 30907: Junior Taylor. Patricia G., 404 Randolph St., Oglethorpe, Ga. 31068, Sophomore Taylor, Sharon K., Route 1, Byromville, Ga., 31007: Junior Taylor, Susan A.: Dawson Road, Rich- land, Ga, 318: Junior Taylor, Thomas M., Rt. 1, Box 38A Millen Ga. 30442, Senior Terry E.: Box 331, Ft. Gaines, Teal, Ga. 31751: Freshman Thomas L., Route 1, Vienna, Teate, Ga. 31092: Sophomore Teele. Myra A., Route 2, Box 124, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Sophomore Templeton, Betty W., 2726 River Road, Ellenwood, Ga. 30049, Sophomore Templeton, Robert J., 481 South Ave- nue, Elmira, N.Y. 14904, Senior Templeton. William J.: 481 South Ave- nue, Elmira, N.Y. 14904, Junior Terry, Emma B., P.O. Box 161. Leslie, Ga. 31764, Freshman Terry, James T., 711 Muse Street, Al- bany, Ga. 31701, Sophomore Terry, Michael L., 1419 Elizabeth St., Perry, Ga. 31069, Junior Terry, Reba S.: 3213 Briarcliff Dr., Augusta, Ga. 30904, Junior Terry, William F.: 4915 Wesleyan Woods, Macon, Ga. 31204, Freshman Teston, Linda S., P.O. Box 494, St. Marys, Ga. 31558, Sophomore Thaxton, Gail G.: Route 3, Dawson. Ga. 31742, Senior Thiem, Brenda E.: 898 Angus Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Thomas, Bernice E., P.O. Box 74, Climax, Ga, 31734, Senior Thomas, Charles B., 512 Orange St., Dawson, Ga. 31742, Sophomore Thomas, Janet B., 723 N. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Thomas. Jr., John T.: P.O. Box 247. Donalsonville, Ga. 31745, Senior Thomas, Mildred F., P.O. Box Rutledge. Ga. 30663: Sophomore Thomas, Minnie J., 524 Railroad St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Thomas, Peter R., 709B Mary Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore G.: 610 S. Hampton 201, Thomas, Rufus St., Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Thomas, Ted R.: 102B State Street, Pelham, Ga. 31779, Senior Trelle P.: Leesburg Road, Thomas. Dawson, Ga. 31742, Senior Thompson, Deborah J., Route 1, Mar- shaville, Ga. 31057, Freshman James L., Route 1, Pine- Thompson, hurst, Ga. 31070, Sophomore Thompson Ill, John A., P.O. Box 114, Byromville, Ga. 31007, Senior Thompson. Kay E., 501 Court St., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740, Sophomore Thompson, Ray: Box 245, Unadilla, Ga. 31091: Sophomore Thompson, Robert E., Blakely St., Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Junior Thompson, Ronald E., 1210 Pine Needle Dr., Perry, Ga. 31069, Fresh- man Thompson, Ronnie, Route 1, Moultrie, Ga. 31768, Junior Thompson, Sallie A.: Warren Street, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036: Senior Thompson, Timothy S., Pecan St., Shellman, Ga. 31786: Freshman Thompson, Tommy F., 4 North St., Manchester, Ga. 31916, Freshman Thompson, Tommy O., 1932 Mural Circle, Morrow. Ga, 30260, Freshman Thornton, David G.: 1138 Mary St., Albany, Ga. 31705, Junior Thrash, Peggy S., Reese Trlr. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709, Sophomore Thrasher, Phyllis J.: Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806, Freshman Threadcratt, Johnese F,, Route 2, Box 91, Bluffton, Ga. 31724: Junior Threadcratt, Tommy R.: Rt. 2, Box 91, Bluffton, Ga, 31724, Freshman Tillman, Max L., Box 24, Climax, Ga. 31734, Freshman Tillman, Robert D.: 319 Evans, Ash- burn. Ga. 31714: Senior Timms, Walter W.: Alston Street, Rich- land, Ga. 31825, Sophomore Tlner, Kathy D., Route 3, Blakely, Ga. 31723, Sophomore Ting, Frank V C., 1103 Felder St,. Americus, Ga. 31709, Freshman Tinsley, Jacqueline: Route 1, Box 214. Pelham, Ga. 31779, Freshman Todd, Terry C., 644 Pine Ridge, Perry, Ga. 31069, Senior Tomberlin, Martha V., 3330 E. Lindsey Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31907, Fresh- man Tompkins, Stephanie R., Box 23, Plains, Ga. 31780: Sophomore Topmiller, Sharon H.: 327 Lemon Street, Dawson, Ga. 31742, Sopho- ITIOYB Torbert, Daniel L.3 915 Parker St., Americus. Ga. 317093 Senior Touchtone, Cynthia l.3 Route 2, Box 20, Newton, Ga. 317702 Sophomore Train, Gerald, J.3 1209 Jackson Rd., Macon, Ga. 312013 Junior Trawick, Roger G.3 120 Avenue E., Thomaston, Ga. 302863 Senior Treadaway, Carol D.3 Cobb, Ga. 317353 Junior Treadaway, Michael K.3 Route 1, Cobb, Ga. 317351 Senior Tripp, Angelyn 0.3 1203 Rose Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709 Trolemuk, Joan R.3 Briarpatch Est., L41, Americus. Ga. 317093 Junior Tucker, Cortez H.3 Rt. 2, Brighton Rd., Tifton, Ga. 31794 E.: 115 Highland Dr., Tucker, Daryl Americus, Ga. 317093 Freshman Tucker, Eva K.3 Box 187, Omega. Ga. 31775 Tuggle. Robert A.3 P.O. Box 22, Mon- ticello, Ga. 31064: Freshman M.3 542 E. Jefferson, Tullls, Evelyn Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Turk, Janet R,3 Box 144, Butler, Ga. 310063 Junior Turnell, Clara A.3 550 Talmadge Dr., Athens, Ga. 306013 Sophomore Turner, Carol A.3 Lot 19, Reese Park, Americus, Ga. 31709 Turner, Jerry M.3 Mauk, Ga. 310583 Junior Turner, Kay F.: Route 4, Box 359, Tif- ton, Ga. 31794 Turner, Nell E.3 2005 Wimbleton Dr., Thomasville. Ga. 317921 Sophomore Turner, Paula E.3 3485 Beachhill Dr., Doraville, Ga. 303401 Freshman Turner Ill, Roan J.3 L12 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Turner, Rose E.3 Box 403 Cotton Rd., Pelham, Ga. 317793 Junior Turpin, Fred S.3 1223 Lee St.. Ameri- cus. Ga. 317093 Freshman Turpin, Sarah W.3 1223 South Lee St.. Americus. Ga. 31709 Tuttle, Anthony D.3 7 Spruce St., Man- chester, Ga. 318163 Junior Tuttle, Lisa H.3 602 Bray Way, Man- chester, Ga, 318163 Senior Tye. Larry R.3 806 S. Lee Street, Amer- icus, Ga, 317093 Sophomore Tyler, David M.3 Route 3, Americus. Ga. 317092 Junior Tyler, Terry J.3 802 Ridge Street, Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior Tyre, William C.3 101 Sylvan Terrace. Sylvania, Ga. 302671 Sophomore Tyson, Alonzo L.3 1013 Border St., Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Tyson, Linda R.3 1455 Davis Avenue, Tiflon, Ga. 31794 Tyson, Margaret K.3 Harrison, Ga, 310351 Junior U Underwood, Gloria L.3 R.F.D 3, Reyn- olds, Ga. 310762 Freshman Usry, 'Belle G.: R.F.D., Smithville, Ga. 317872 Freshman Usry, Charlene, Route 1, Smithville, Ga. 317871 Junior Usry, Erianne C.3 Rt. 1. Smithville, Ga. 317871 Freshman Usry, Sylvia S.3 412 Peggy Anne Dr., Americus, Ga. 317093 Freshman Usry, Wanda Y.3 211 Wanda Way, Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior V Valentino, William M.3 518 4th Street S.W., Moultrie, Ga. 317683 Sopho- more Vance. Jean L.3 712 15th Ave, E. Apt. 4, Cordele, Ga. 310153 Junior Varner, Fields W.3 905 E. Shotwell St., Bainbridge. Ga. 31717 Varner, Thelma C.3 1334 2D Mont- gomery, Americus, Ga. 31 7091 Junior Vaughn, Evelyn R.3 2957 Cravenridge, Atlanta, Ga. 30319: Freshman Vaughan, Rola E.3 Rt. 5, Elox 71, Cumming, Ga. 31030: Freshman Veal, Louise E.3 Route 2, Cordele, Ga. 31015 Vegard, James D.3 527 Barlow St. Apt. 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Vick, Lois W.3 Rt. 2, Box 75, Plains, Ga. 317803 Freshman Vick, Robert D.3 Route 2, Plains, Ga. 317802 Sophomore Vickers, V. Faye H.3 216 Wanda Way, Vickery. Donna L.3 2582 Arrowwood Dr., East Point, Ga. 303443 Sopho- more Victor, Patricia H.3 102 W. 15th St.. Tifton, Ga. 31794 Vining, Richard D.3 304 Magnolia St., Ft. Valley. Ga. 310303 Freshman Visage, Jr., Carlton L.3 1203 Hancock Dr., Americus, Ga. 317092 Freshman 213 W. College St., Vissage, Gayle: Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior W H.3 218 College Inn, Wade. Charles Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior Wade, Joseph C.3 242 Horne St., Amer- icus, Ga. 317093 Junior Wade, Peggy S.3 218 College Inn, Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior Wadsworth, Carol E.3 Route. Ogle- thorpe, Ga. 31068Q Sophomore Wadsworth, Danny L.3 505 Pine Road, Warm Springs, Ga. 318302 Junior Wadsworth, James W.3 948 Anthony Drive. Americus, Ga. 317093 Senior Wadsworth, Robert R.3 505 Pine Road, Warm Springs, Ga. 318302 Freshman Wagnon, Lyndon L.: 702 E. 23rd Ave- nue,Cordele, G3.310151 Freshman Wagoner, Rodger L.3 425 Cannon Cir- cle, Albany, Ga. 317053 Sophomore Wainwright, Joel S.3 Route 2, Box 29, Butler, Ga. 310062 Sophomore Waits, Norman D.3 L16 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 317092 Junior Walker, Carson S.3 720 S. Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Walker, Jr., David S.3 841 Dooly St.. Montezuma, Ga. 310632 Freshman Walker, Gloria D. Route 2, Milan, Ga, 310603 Junior Walker, Jacquelineg D420 Poplar St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Walker, Mary R.3 80 B, Dixon Dr., Americus, Ga., 317091 Junior Walker, William3 628 Felder St..Apt. 2, Americus, Ga. 317093 Senior Walker lll, Sanders B.3 R,F.D. 1, Mc- Rae, Ga. 310551 Junior Wall. Charlene E.3 222 Shirley Road, Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior Wall, Charles B.: 1608 Winter St., Au- gusta, Ga. 309043 Sophomore Wall, James W.3 206 Virginia Ave., Warner Rbs., Ga. 310933 Junior Wall, Michael B.3 Route 3, Dawson, Ga. 317421 Sophomore Wall, Norma W.3 Rt. 4, Box 30, Amer- icus, Ga. 317093 Freshman Wall, Sheryl L.3 Box 168, Ellaville, Ga. 318061 Sophomore Wallace, James I-4.3 Route 4, Box 111, Griffin, Ga. 30223: Senior Wallace. John A.3 3373 Milledgeville Rd., Augusta, Ga. 309042 Freshman Waller, Mary D.3 Box 44, Mauk, Ga. 310581 Sophomore Waller, Stanley N.3 1 Truitt Sl., Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Waller, Brenda M.3 47 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Walls, James W,3 Box 26C, Route 1, Montezuma, Ga. 310633 Senior Walters, Cary W.3 1200 Whispering Pines, Albany, Ga. 317053 Senior Deborahg 1010 Duncan Ave.. Walters, Perry, Ga. 310691 Junior Walters, Jr.. Donald E.3 2690 Suwanee Ave., Macon, Ga. 312043 Sophomore Walters, Emma J.3 129 E. Peppermint, Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Walters, John P.3 502 Montgomery Crd., Savannah, Ga. 314063 Junior Walton, Carlton D.3 703 Bell St., Ft. Valley, Ga. 310303 Senior Walton, Clayton L.3 Unadilla, Ga. 310913 Freshman Walton, Dora B.3 630 Armour Rd., Tif- ton, Ga. 31794 Walton. Mattie P.3 Route 2, Box 245A, Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Ward, Jr., Aubrey E.3 2 Hilton Woods Ct., Columbus, Ga. 31901: Freshman Ward, Debra R.3 Route 2, Cordele, Ga. 310153 Freshman Ward, Edward S.3 2230 Knighton Dr,, College Park, Ga. 303371 Sophomore Ward, James H.3 1115 Palmyra Rd.. Albany, Ga. 317053 Senior Ward, Janice D.3 Box 101, Dexter, Ga, 310192 Sophomore Ward, Jolene S.3 Route 1, Buena Vista, Ga. 318032 Junior Ward, Leonard M.3 344 Kensington Dr., Savannah. Ga. 314053 Freshman Ward, Marianne3 1017 22nd Ave., Cor- Ward, Richard C.3 Box 336, Arlington, Ga. 317133 Sophomore Ware, F. McDaniel3 Benevolence, Ga. 317213 Senior Warlick. Vivian S.3 Rt. 1, Mbl, Manor Est., Ft. Valley, Ga. 310302 Senior Warren, Charles P.3 814 Lawson Dr., Americus, G8.317U91 Freshman Warren, Diana L.3 144 Hwy, 30-A, Panama City, Fl. 324013 Freshman Warren, Pamela J,3 4989 Vernon Oaks. Dunwodody, Ga. 303381 Freshman Washington, Bruce E.3 228 Academy St., Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior Waters, Bertha L.3 Arabi, Ga. 317121 Freshman Waters, John L.3 3405 Sasanqua Dr., Augusta, Ga, 309042 Junior Watkins, Michael B,3 403 Etten Dr., Monroe. Ga. 306553 Freshman Watson, Barry S.3 1311 Azalea Cr.. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Sophomore Watson, Brenda M.3 612 Crawford St., Dawson, Ga. 31742 Watson. Debra J.3 Route 4, Box 594, Leesburg, Fl. 327482 Freshman ' Watson. Donald W.3 Rt. 1, Warwick, Ga. 317963 Senior Watson, Jean E.3 2660 Cale St., Bruns- wick. Ga. 315203 Sophomore Watson, Karen F.3 Box 201, Bonaire, Ga. 31005 Watson. Robert L.3 P.O. Box 58, Bruns- wick, Ga. 315203 Senior Watson, Stephanie M.3 610 12th Ave.. Cordele, Ga. 310153 Freshman Watts, Michael D.3 405 Allen Street. Tnomaston, Ga. 30286: Senior Watts, Terry R.3 403 G. Street, Thom- aston, Ga. 302863 Senior Way, Jerry A.3 P.O. Box 625, Swains- boro, Ga. 304013 Junior Weaver, Jo E.3 374 Harney St.3 Ca- milla, Ga, 317303 Senior Webb, Cliflord C.3 Rt. 1, Bronwood, Ga. 317261 Junior Webb, Donice A.3 Route 1. Smithville. Ga. 317873 Senior Webb, Gilda C.3 1311 24th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 31015 . Webb, Marjorie C.3 Route 1 Smithsville, Ga. 317873 Junior Webb, Paul A.3 205 Pineview Drive, Americus, Ga. 31709 Weems, John S.: 431 G. Street, Thom- aston, Ga. 302863 Junior Wehlitz, John R.3 1014 28th Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015: Freshman Weidel, Mary W.3 Route 1, Box 332E., Perry Ga. 310692 Junior Weigle, John H.3 Apt. 73. Amound Villa, Augusta, Ga. 309042 Freshman Welch, John W.3 20 Cato Street, Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Welch, Marshall C.3 Box 913 Byrom- ville, Ga. 31007: Sophomore Welch, Mickey R.3 Box 186, Buena Vista, Ga. 318032 Freshman Welch, Nancy M.3 Byromville, Ga. 310073 Sophomore Welden, George L.3 801 S. Peachtree St.. Norcross. Ga. 300713 Sophomore Weldon, William E.3 808 Ridge Street, Americus, Ga, 317093 Sophomore Wellons, L. Claire3 Rt. 4, Hillside L4, Americus, Ga. 31709 Wellons, Paul T.3 Hillside Tr. Ct., Americus, Ga. 317093 Senior Wellons, Sandra P.3 304 Ridgeway Dr., Americus, Ga. 317093 Junior I' Wellons, Wesley G.3 Brady Road, Americus, Ga, 317093 Freshman Wells, Gary L.3 Route 1, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803: Junior Wells. John D.3 226 Brown Street, Americus, Ga. 317093 Freshman Wells, L. FFZRCBSI Route 4, Buena Vista, Ga. 313033 Junior Wells, Jr., Marvin F.3 315 15th Ave. E., Cordele, Ga. 310153 Sophomore Wells, Mary E.3 4269 Norwich St., Brunswick, Ga. 315203 Junior Wells, Norma J.3 Box 23, Pineview, Ga. 31071: Junior Wells, Perry B.3 412 Jackson Street, Americus. Ga. 317093 Senior Wells, Sharyn W.3 412 Jackson Street, Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Wells, Jr., William L.3 Rt. 1, Cordele, G8.310151 Sophomore Werth. Larry S.: 813 Parker, Americus, Ga, 31709: Freshman Wesson, Benjamin L.3 Route 1, Morgan Valley, Rockmart, Ga. 31053: Fresh- YTIHH West, Al E.3 P.O. Box 43, Bronwood, West, David M.3 137 Edgewood Drive, Cordele, Ga. 310151 Senior West, Frederick H.3 Rt. 2, Ellaville, Ga. 31806 West, Kathryn E.3 P.O. Box 68, Pine- hurst, Ga. 31070: Freshman West, Kenny L.3 Route 1. Parrott, Ga. 317773 Sophomore West, Richard L.3 3417 Bloomfield Dr., Macon, Ga. 312063 Sophomore West, Susan P.3 Box 85, Lilly, Ga. 310511 Freshman West, Thelma B.3 Box 105, Byromville, Ga. 31007: Junior West, Wayne J,3 Byromville, Ga. 310073 Junior West, Jr., William l.3 214 Powell St., Cuthbert, Ga. 317403 Sophomore Westaway, Constance G.3 103 Sharon Circle, Americus, Ga. 317093 Senior Westbrook, Ronald C.3 Route 7, Box 180, Albany, Ga. 31701, Senior Westbrook, Shelley L.3 910 Azalea Cir- cle. Cordele, Ga. 310152 Junior Westmoreland, Deborah E.3 203 Draper St., Warner Robins, Ga. 310933 Junior Whatley, Charles A.3 827 Ridge Circle, Americus, Ga. 317091 Senior Whatley, Faye P.3 827 Ridge Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Wheeler, Janice M.3 Route 1, Box 262, Dawson, Ga. 317422 Junior Whitacre, Lanny M.3 Route 1, War- wick, Ga. 317963 Freshman Whitaker, Arthur F.3 116 Freida Lane, Americus, Ga. 317092 Freshman Whitaker, J. David3 116 Freida Lane, Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior Whitaker. James W.3 Lee St., Dawson, Ga. 317422 Freshman White, David3 Route 3, Blakely, Ga. 317232 Freshman White, Deborah A,3 211 S. Jackson St.. Americus. Ga. 31709: Junior White, Jacquelineg 1712 E. Shotwell St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717Q Fresh- man ' White, June L.3 P.O. Box 65, Omega, Ga. 31775 White, Lester V.3 Rt., Box 105, Ro- berta, Ga. 310782 Freshman White. Lynda G.3 207 Powell St., Cuth- bert, Ga. 317403 Senior White, Patricia A.3 3307 Rushing Rd., Augusta, Ga. 309061 Freshman While, William W.3 2835 Lombardy Ct., Augusta, Ga. 309041 Senior Whitehead, Claudis3 Burketts Ferry Rd., Hazlehurst, Ga.3 Senior Whitehead, Francine L.3 Route 1, l-lephzibah, Ga. 308152 Freshman Whitehead, James A,3 455 Old Evans Rd., Martinez, Ga. 309072 Freshman Whitehead, Rosalyng 1A North Lee T., Americus, Ga. 317093 Sophomore Whitehurst, James A.3 3623 Rockbridge Rd.. Stone Mt., Ga. 30083, Senior Whitfield, Cathy: P.O. Box 163, War- wick, Ga, 317961 Freshman Whitman, Thomas E.3 901 Elmo St,, Americus, Ga, 317093 Sophomore Whitson, Edwin H.3 1406 E. Lincoln, Albany, Ga. 317053 Senior Whittle, David L.: 119 Hillside Pl., Belvedere. S.C.298413 Sophomore Whittle, Gary B.3 119 Hillside Place, Belvedere, S.C. 298413 Sophomore Whittle, Dennis A. Route 2, Rochelle, Ga. 310791 Freshman Whittle lll, Joseph D.3 4480 Tech Dr., Macon, Ga. 312003 Freshman Wideman, Tommy J.3 Box 172, Rebecca, Ga. 31783: Junior Widener, Waller B.3 Route 3, Blakely, Ga. 317233 Sophomore Wiggins, John R.3 P.O. Box 52, Smith- ville, Ga. 317873 Freshman Wiggins, Marvin D.3 2204 Pearce Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705 Wiggins, Glenn S.3 53 Reese Trlr. Park, Americus, Ga. 31709, Junior Wiggins, Patti D.3 209A Stonewall St., Dawson, Ga, 317423 Sophomore Wiggins, Thomas R.3 Stonewall St., Rt. 1, Dawson, Ga. 317422 Sophomore Wilcox, Brenda K.3 P.O. Box 96, Jack- sonville, Ga. 31544: Sophomore Wilcox, Linda G.3 3716 Berkley Drive, Macon, Ga. 312043 Junior Wilder, Thomas M.3 916 McGarrah St., Americus, Ga, 317093 Junior Wiley, Joel R.3 P.O. Box 835, Cordele, Ga. 310153 Sophomore Wiley, Robin P.3 515 N. Lee St.. Americus, Ga. 317093 Freshman Wilkerson, Henry M.3 2314 Temple Circle. Americus. Ga. 31709: Sophomore dele, Ga. 310151 Junior Ga. 317261 Junior Ave, Albany, Ga, 317053 Junior 309 Wilkin, F. Edwin: R.F.D. 4, Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Senior Wilkin, Ronald A.: Rt. 4. Colquitt, Ga. 31737: Junior Wilkin, Sharon P.: 1735 A. Georgia Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Senior Wilkinson, Larry R.: 421 E. College St., Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Wilkowski, Theresa D.: 4123 Central Dr., Stone Mtn.. Ga. 30083: Fresh- man Will, Deborah E.: 1131 N.E. Krome Tr., Homestead, Fl. 33030: Senior Willcox L. Ronald: Route 1, Abbeville, Ga. 31001: Senior Willcox, Rebecca A.: 2027 N. Harding, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Willie, Vicki L.: P.O. Box 394, Ella- ville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Willham, Gary L.: 704 Allison Lane, Jeffersonville. In. 47130: Freshman Williams, Carolyn G.: 602 Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Williams, Debra S.: 816 River St., Blakely, Ga. 31723: Freshman Williams, Donna M.: 204 Smith St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Williams. Douglas M.: Route 5, Col- quitt, Ga. 31737: Sophomore Williams, Fran E.: 414 Pineview Dr., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Williams, Gordon F.: Route 3, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Williams Ill, James B.: Rt. 3. Box 56, Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Williams, John T.: Route 1, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Freshman Williams, Kern E.: 4731 Pate Dr., Co- lumbus, Ga. 31907: Freshman Williams, Jr., Leslie O.: 355 N. Dooly St., Montezuma, Ga. 31063: Soph- omore Williams. Martha K.: Rt. 1, Box 72. Andersonville, Ga. 31711: Sopho- more Williams, Maureen E.: 228 Taylor St.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Williams, Merritt G.: Route 3, Cordele, Ga. 31015: Senior Williams lll. Oscar A.: Church St.: Plains, Ga. 31780: Junior Williams, Rosie L.: 417 Golden Road, Titton, Ga. 31794 Williams, Sally: 20 Pine Valley Dr., Athens, Ga. 30601: Sophomore Williams, Samuel K.: 536 North Main St., Blakely, Ga. 31723: Senior Williams, Susan E.: Rt, 2. Box 404, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Senior Williams, Tyra S.: 206 E. 11th Avenue, Cordele, Ga, 31015: Freshman Williams, William D.: 206 E. 11th Avenue. Cordele, Ga. 31015: Fresh- man Williams. William K.: Marshall Street, Montezuma, Ga. 31083: Freshman Willis, Anne R.: 800 B.: Mclntosh Rd., Albany. Ga. 31705: Sophomore Willis, David F.: Rt. 4, Box 584E, Al- bany, Ga. 31701: Junior Wills, George T.: 303 11th Avenue, Dawson, Ga. 31742: Sophomore Wills, Judy W.: Route 4, Box 174, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Wills, Reva M.: Route 2, Preston, Ga. 31824: Sophomore Wills, William M.: Route 4, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Wilson. Andrew B.: 1582 Boat Rock Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30331: Sophomore Wilson, Carmen C.: Flt. 3, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Wilson, Cynthia: 955 Felder St., Amer- icus Ga. 31709: Freshman Wilson, David F.: Rt. 1, Box 178, Man- chester, Ga. 31816: Freshman Wilson, Debra A.: P.O. Box 123, Pres- ton, Ga. 31824: Freshman Wilson IV, Frank A.: P.O. Box 247, Leslie, Ga. 31764 Wilson, Gloria E.: Route 1, Ellaville, Ga. 31806: Freshman Wilson, Gwendolyn K.: 323 E. Forsyth St., Americus, Ga. 31709 Wilson, Henry F.: Route 3, Hawkins- ville, Ga. 31036: Senior Wilson, James T.: L25 Briarcliff Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Wilson, James T.: 2353 Cornell Ave., Columbus, Ga. 31903: Freshman Wilson. Jerry R.: 40 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Wilson, Kenneth P.: 906 Postway, Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Wilson, Mary P.: 1302 Schley Ave., Cordele, Ga. 31015 Wilson, Sandra L.: 815 Parker St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sophomore Wilson. Shelby J.: Rt. 3, Box 238, Donalsonville, Ga. 31745 Wilson Tricia S.: 1913 Whitney Ave.. Albany. Ga. 31705: Sophomore Wilson, W. Patterson: R.F.D. 3, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709: Junior Wilson, William G.: 268 R.: Street, Thomaston. Ga. 30286: Senior Wimberly, Irene: Route 1. Box 172, Baconton, Ga. 31716: Sophomore Wimberley, Peggy A.: P.X. Ranch Route 1, Ctuitman, Ga, 31643 Winborne. Royce T.: Rt. 1, Box 278. Leesburg, Ga. 31763: Sophomore Winston, Phoebe A.: 104D Freida Lane, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Winter, William K.: 521 Jackson Ave- nue, Americus, Ga. 31709: Junior Wise, Jr.. Edward J.: 325 Wildwood Circle, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Wisharn, Herschel E.: 527 Harrold Ave., Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- man Wishum, Douglas E.: Rt., 90 A, Syl- vester, Ga. 31791: Junior Witherington, Donald A.: 958 Felder St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Freshman Womack, B. Jane: 550 Collier Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318: Senior Womack, Howard L.: 206 Kirkland: Albany, Ga. 31705: Senior Wood, Alicia A.: 5941 St. Leonard Ct., Columbus, Ga. 31904 Wood, Barbara J.: 514 Park Ave.. Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030: Freshman Wood. Debra L.: 3650 Jessica Drive, Macon, Ga. 31201: Sophomore Wood, Donald L.: 309 Mimosa Drive, Warner Rbs., Ga. 31093: Senior Wood, Kenneth G.: 517 Johnson Rd., Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Woodall, Carol L.: 2316 Meadowbrook, Albany, Ga. 31705: Freshman Woodall, Linda D.: 2316 Meadow- brook Lane, Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Woodham, Donna K.: P.O. Box 145, Iron City, Ga. 31759: Freshman Woodham Ill, Jesse C.: Box 1044. Thomasville, Ga. 31792: Freshman Woolard, Stephen C.: 1410 Lincoln Ave., Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Wooten, Mary E.: 711 Washington St., Sylvester, Ga. 31791: Freshman Wooten, Sharon A.: Route 4. Cuthbert, Ga. 31740: Freshman Worley, Marie S.: 221 Chestnut, Box 410, Tifton, Ga. 31794 Worthy, Brenda M.: Route 1. Smith- ville, Ga. 31787: Senior Wright. Aimee L.: 27 East Victory Dr.. Savannah. Ga. 31405: Freshman Wright, Alfred: 506 A. Cedar Ave.. Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Wright, Jr., George K.: 5921 Avery Street, Orlando, FI. 32800: Fresh- man Wright, Jr., Jones T.: 615 E. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709: Sopho- more Wright, Larry A.: Route 1, Box 97. Ashburn, Ga. 31714: Senior Wright, Linda A.: Route 1, Gray, Ga. 31032: Senior Wright, M. Charlene: P.O. Box 606, Butler, Ga. 31006: Junior Wright, Mary J.: 808 Boulevard. Ma- con. Ga. 31201: Sophomore Wright, Mattie M.: 306B South Mon- roe, Albany, Ga. 31701: Junior Wright, Nelvenia: Route 1, Box 181, Byromville. Ga. 31007: Sophomore Wright, Shirley D.: Route 1, Ocilla, Ga. 31774: Freshman Wu. Jason Y.: 304 College Inn, Amer- icus, Ga. 31709 Wynn, Deborah C.: Rt. 1, Mt. Olive Rd., Pelham, Ga. 31779: Freshman Wynn, Esther R.: 501 East Madison, Ashburn, Ga. 31714 Wynn, Raymond S.: 910 Residence Ave., Albany, Ga. 31701: Sophomore Wynn. Russell A.: 430 Overlood Road. Macon, Ga. 31204: Junior Y Yardbrough, John W.: 161 Euclid Ave- nue, Macon. Ga. 31204: Senior Yaughn, Hugh: L9 Briarpatch Est.. Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Yeager, Barbara F.: 310 Nebula Road, Manchester, Ga. 31816: Senior York, Joyce E.: Route 2, Hogansville, Ga. 30230: Freshman Yost, Patricia A.: 500 Vintage Road. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Youmans, James A.: Route 1. Iron City. Ga. 31759: Sophomore Youmans, Joy: 1808 Lake Douglas. Bainbridge, Ga. 31717: Junior Youmans, Susan M.: Rt. 1, Box 164, Iron City, Ga. 31759: Freshman Younce, Mary K.: 1803 Ben Hill Ave.. Waycross. Ga, 31501: Senior Young, Daniel S.: L94 Briarpatch Est., Americus, Ga. 31709: Senior Young, Dicy A.: Box 75, Leslie, Ga. 31764: Sophomore Young, Janet L.: Box 806, Warner Rob., Ga. 31093: Junior Young. Joel B.: 1106 Peachtree Tr.. Albany, Ga. 31705: Junior Youngblood, William M.: 1210 Tucker Road, Perry, Ga. 31069: Junior Yow, J. Russell: 204 Sixth Street, Vi- enna, Ga. 31092: Senior Z Zell, Mary N.: Columbus Road, Haw- kinsville, Ga. 31036 Zeigler. Patricia M.: 511B Florence Dr., Albany. Ga. 31705: Junior Ziegenhain, Robert L.: 307 Burke Street, Americus, Ga. 31709: Fresh- fT'l8Fl Zorn, Jr., William A.: 612 Harper St.. Jesup, Ga. 31545: Freshman Zotti, Mary G.: 7625 Riefield Dr., At- lanta, Ga. 30338: Freshman 7.4 - .f , z , ii. f' ' .f l as If . -1 - --':....- 1 n ' fl' x. , -fe-1 2 ir., AV Graduation self-contained Graduation day June 4, 1972 was one of oppressive heat as a mob of suited and Sunday dressed par- ents along with 240 cap and gowned graduates followed fingers to be positioned correctly. The packed fieldhouse was thick with sentiment and expectation. For the fulfillment of a major step in academic progression, the col- lege conducted the ceremonies as a self contained unit. The body of the event was modified in the hands and words of President King as he delivered the commencement address and conferred the de- grees. Understandably, the spiri- tual aspects were carried out by Rev. Jimmy Greene, Baptist Campus Minister. The organ music was supplied by Miss Rossie Andrews. The primary difference in this year's program was that each graduating student received two tickets to supply himself with an audience. I QW' ' -af, " ' , "1 , 1 , -'-:- ,K ,J I . ii. .. ' f , .Eid-L 13- . r fl bf Muni HJ Q2 ."2..1" Lia- - 'f-1 . Lf. fzL".'., a.-. fvkl .,,. . -9,13 Us ' x pu.. x f . AW. ,, 4 - . , , is-'fx ga- av- lv x - " "" -we ,Z ' 1 f5 . gg, -gag: ...f A . Q X Ji-L-.r:" -my mf. 'A ' , A -J: dvi'-" - , 1, , , X 1 ' W . .. 5-mar-hfltresizz' I N ' ' ' ig " ' -' , Mfg f fu" - 1 1'-I LL .' .M .. .. f'f " f W 'E - lg '15, 'W . ? .m- Ei .iii 2" ' - lt: -if, I f m 'Lis ,, ' sr, 4 . r . A J, ' -.4 .-J, . 7 A H gf.. M. .1 '.-'-f-' z.. ,gl .. 313 fxigi X 'X X x 3 Zu 314 I Conclusion 5 4 315 1 1 1 1 . v ' ' '1 L ' , , 1 1 - 1 1 '1 1 1 A ' 1 ' '1 U1 ' 1 1 1 1' 1 1 11 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'FR' VI- g 1 .1 I' . ,, .1-"7. ',l 121 1 1 - Y . M! .1 1 1 ' 1- 'V I. U 1 - ,1, 111' ,A 1:.1': .1 K h .11 . 4 1 1. ,- A '1 . , 1 1 1 1111 X JL! , Y 1 QLZJWL. - 4-51,1 1 11 11 fjlh., Y ., 1 ' ' - -1 ,fx 1: f 1z"'1 . f K . ,QNX A F 1- A' 1' " 1 , 11 ' ' I1 1 '. , ,- 1 . 1 1.. - . "g" f . L ' ,, - A '1 I' '15, ' - 1 '1 . - - 1 -11 , . I I:-L 1. . I 1 1 1 Y l W X1 .1 . 1. 1 ,f 1 1 , -1 1 X . 1 fr ' L' 1 4 '1'1 1 . 1 1 11 -1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 4 1 , 11 1 'N' 1 1 ,1 , 1 -11 1 1 910,0 alll!! SIU ffl 5: .. o T. U! 5. .. Z EI E 2 5 5 UI o :- o o r- 'D N Q ID 'B 2 D' S 0. E na ca : o -. S. 11 : as - 5 3 3 5 5 m I ll! 3' fb N ll - x Q ,L 5 AM sw. - 14 NIM , 3 i - Auf. Aix Q ' 4 'V , :V a - . Wi 1 1 M, 5 H. fi Q il k as Nxt W nu 56 f 1 K M WN!!! 1 , ' E 9 wr H 11 P .H mf" ' NK M w 1 1 f E , wb 1' nv K W W 4? f 3 I' L if !,4-f-'f"?"" , 1 . X F4 i .. Q s I' . 1 nh' J EW 5 , - l , n I A ll . I . X! Q a - x n I 4 -1 W , S e W A Q ,K ! If 5 ' A ff ' T x .V ,S, X I Alma Mater Hail to thee, Our Foster Mother Praise to thee we bring, Of thy teachings altruistic Loving we sing. For thy spirit through the ages Ever shall prevail, Hail to thee, Our Own Southwestern Alma Mater Hail! Fires are kindled at thy altar Fires that never die Bright they burn in hearts eternal 'Neath the Southern Sky Burning for divine approval Ever shall prevail Hail to thee, Our Own Southwestern Alma Mater Hail! Macy Bishop Gray 320 l Gale Staff Lu Bussey Kitty Smith Walt Hardester Mickey Petrich Rena Canady Donna Gibbs Ernie Davis Annette Crawford Donna Newman Kerry Kelley Gladys Sims Bruce Washington Tommy Faircloth, editor Bill Allen G. D. Hayes Dirk lvlosig Bill lVlcKee, advisor Russ lvlildner Lynn Ellis The 1972 edition of the Gale was composed b lhe Gale staff of Georgia Southwestern College and published by the college. The book was printe by offset lithography by Keys Printing Co., Green ville, South Carolina. The cover was designed b the Gale stall and manufactured by the S. K. Smit Co., Chicago, Illinois. The book was printed o Hopper Smoolhopaque natural, 80 pound weigh Body copy was set in 70 pl. Helvetica, caption outlines and identifications in 8 pl. Helvetica an headlines in Lydian. Endsheets 651: Tuscan la Press run was 2500 copies, Keys Printing C representative, Earl McDermott, Jr. ,- .9 l

Suggestions in the Georgia Southwestern State University - Gale Yearbook (Americus, GA) collection:

Georgia Southwestern State University - Gale Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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Georgia Southwestern State University - Gale Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 51

1972, pg 51

Georgia Southwestern State University - Gale Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 137

1972, pg 137

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