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That annoying little girl on the front row got a gold star a whole month before you did. And it hurt. All she had done was to keep her desk clean. But the teacher smelled something funny around your desk. (It was last weeks lunch the day you forgot.) It always seemed that she was able to get away with everything. Such as kicking you when the teacher wasn ' t looking, but if you kicked back . . . Feeling like a condemned criminal, you were sentenced to a form of psychological warfare peculiar to grammar schools . . . THE HALL. There you stood, terrified, your most earnest de- sire was to become part of the wall. You just knew that the Principal would catch you, and then the jig would be up. But then, like a gift from God, the door open- ed and you heard your pardon. " You can come in now. " You shared everything. You went everywhere together. You traded him your pet turtle for his baseball cards, but the turtle died and you had to give the cards back. You never fought . . . Well, almost never; there was that time he said that you liked Sally. Just because you threw spit- balls at her and then she sent you that icky note didn ' t mean that you liked her . . . 4 5 Your most treasured (and well guarded) pos- session was a dog-eared copy of Playboy stolen from your older brother. You weren ' t old enough to drive a car, but that didn ' t stop you from thinking about them. You knew the model, make, and horsepower of almost everyone of Detroit ' s efforts. You put cardboard in the spokes of your bicycle so it would sound like a motorcycle. You didn ' t think much about girls. And if you did, you wondered what they saw in things like stuffed animals, and the Beatles. But if you were a girl, you understood it per- fectly. You loved stuffed animals because they were so furry and cute. And as for the Beatles, well Paul had the dreamiest eyes. You couldn ' t begin to understand what guys saw in those loud, greasy cars. What you were going to wear tomorrow, and more important, what your best friend was going to wear were much more interesting. 6 7 You finally made it! You ' ve thought about it. Dreamed about it. Prayed about it. And now here you are. With girl. A real live, flesh and blood girl. MtSft v. when decided to 1 wS-v? U aj And you ' re watching the movie; scared to death. You ' re in high school, and it ' s your first date. You ' re won- dering why you i ever got yourself! into this mess, J she, having take matters into her own hands, says " it sure is a dull movie, can ' t we do something else? " So you did. You took her home. 8 9 Mom and Dad pulled away in the car and there you were, on your own. As you and the stranger that you discovered was your roomie contemplated each other across the confines of your 2x4 room, you were suddenly acutely aware of the feeling that you were a very small fish in a very large pond. And you came to Southern because it was a small school. Soon, however, you began to feel more at home as you were introduced to some of South- erns institutions. Your education was beginning. 10 11 Your first lesson begins with the all terrifying, mind rattling experience of registration. This lesson includes late time cards, standing in line for 30 or 40 minutes to be told the class you want to take is closed out, and saying good-by to a close friend — namely money. 12 As you wearily trudged back to the dorm sadly thinking of your de- parted " friend " , you begin to look at the world around you — the one you just bought. All of sudden you realize that you ' ve gotten a very nice looking campus for your investment. Your education continues . . . " Which one? " " What is it? " Broccoli casserol or Southern Surprise Southern Surprise? What ' s that? " . ' That ' s the surprise " 16 17 Having been " surprised " at the cafeteria, you no doubt went in search of a quiet spot in whic h to contem- plate the condition of your stomach. You were sitting under a tree removing sand spurs from your feet when your head was almost removed by a low-flying Frisbee. Welcome to Sweetheart Circle. 18 Seeking a safer refuge, you wandered to- ward G.S.C. ' s version of the Great Lakes. " Surely " , you thought, " I will find rest here. But your reverie was suddenly shattered by a loud, distinct, " Quack " . " Quack? " , you thought, " But the Health Cottage is up the road. " Presently, a large group of individuals stormed the bank of the lake where they promptly sacrificed one of their number to the murky waters below. Fearing that you might be next, you furtively headed for your suddenly friendly dorm room, and . . . 25 michael manning STUDENT LIF X SOUTH GA.TEACHEPS COLLEGE r. School Gets New Bus (1917) Georgia Southern College, like all other institutions, is changed by time. First called First District A M School, it was founded sixty-nine years ago. During that interval of time the school has been transformed from a class enrollment of-fourty-eight students to five thousand four hundred fourty-eight students in 1975. For the next ten pages we will glimpse at various aspects of our school ' s past, and in this way we will hopefully be able to better identify ourselves with the ast in order to change with the future. 31 Junior Privileges 1. Girls may n to town in groups of two. 2. Hoys may he away from dormitory nights each week, not counting Saturday and Sunday provided tiny return to campus by 11:00 P, M. i . Juniors usher lor commencement sermon and graduation exercises. 4. Girls may walk to the big road in groups of two before sundown, 5. (tirls not required to wear uniform. ( ' ). Juniors sit at head of table. 7. Girls may go to show in town in afternoon in groups of two oneday a week, not counting day all go. S. Girls may have dates everv Sunday night. Senior Privileges All of the junior privileges and: 1. Hoys may be out any night provided they return to campus by 11 P. M. 2, He exempt from last term examinations pro- vided their daily class average is C or above. Stu- dents completing work in summer will count sum- mer term as last term. Girls may play tennis with boys any after- noon. 1. Girls in groups of two may go to town any .afternoon except Sunda . Not only the appearance of the campus itself, but also the whole system of rules and regulations within the school has changed. There was a time when classes ere held six days a week, and students were not allowed to leave campus at all. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine mandatory mass calisthenics at dawn every morning, the required uniforms for men and women, and attending college for the phenomenal yearly fee of $172. Throughout its history, GSC has been infamous for regulating the social life of its students. Women ere allowed male callers " no oftener than twice a onth, " only with the permission of the Dean of course, nd only on Sunday afternoons. The regulations were oosened with time as the school grew. Students were given more privileges; groups of two or three girls were actually allowed to walk to town on afternoons (with roper escorts, of course!), and soon dates were allowed n any weekend. Curfew hours continued to be extend- d through the years until this year when the curfews ere abolished forever (effective next year, 1975-76). 36 In reflecting upon all of the evident changes on campus, it is important that we realize some things remain the same. Having already mentioned the present usage of the school ' s original buildings, it should be known that GSC ' s students have other links with the past. The long lines in the cafeteria are not new. GSC ' s students have been complaining about that problem for many years. Another common point of woe has been registration, and the frustrations it usually brings. Since the early years of Georgia Southern students have been enjoying the publications of the " George- Anne " and the Reflector. The Masquers have been active for many years in providing entertainment for the students. To this day we follow many traditions such as the selection of the beauty queen and the lighting of the Christmas tree. While it is good to reflect upon our school ' s past, we must continue to look to the future and act in the present. In so doing we can continue the tradition of progress at GSC. In conclusion we would like to express our ap- preciation for the generous cooperation given to us by Dr. Zach S. Henderson, President Emeritus, and Mr. Leodel Coleman. Dark Corridors and Bright Lights Broke Up Fall Monotony October ' 74 brought with it, as always, the dreaded midterm exams and Statesboro blues. Two events combined, however, to give bleary eyed students a brief, but gratefully received respite. The Ogeechee Fair arrived, with its usual complement of rides, games and hoochie-coochie shows, and GSC students promptly stormed the fair- grounds, gleefully divesting them- selves of the pizza and beer money so carefully hoarded all quarter. Less expensive " entertainment " awaited the stout hearted at the GSC Recreation Department ' s Haunted House. Ghosts and Goblins lu rked in dark corridors, as super- natural hosts guided the unwary to premature heart failure. 3a 42 ■ One Good Band Deserves Another When students remember Fall ' 74 they will remember not the con- certs, but rather THE concert. The CUB, plagued as always by cancell- ing groups, gained a reputation for quality, but not quantity when it presented The Atlanta Rhythm Sec- tion and R.E.O. Speedwagon in con- cert at the Hanner Fieldhouse. A packed house greeted the two bands as they came on stage to perform the Southern blues which had made them nationally known. 43 44 Concerts: Guess Whos Coming for Wi If at first you don ' t succeed — try try again was the C.U.B. ' s motto winter quarter. First, a rumor was circulated that Seals and Crofts were scheduled, but it was denied by the C.U.B. Then the C.U.B. actually did sign the J. Geils Band, but they cancelled 2 days prior to the concert because of the flu. A somewhat panicky C.U.B. finally secured the Marshall Tucker Band and Grinderswitch. The perserverence of the C.U.B. paid off when a capacity crowd showed up to enjoy the southern blues and rock sound of the bands. Greek Week Spring brought with it a trad- itional activity for the Greeks at G.S.C. The annual " Greek Week " pitted fraternity against fraternity and sorority against sorority. Such activities as tug of war and a chariot race tested the Greeks in skills, endurance, and agility. Trophies were awarded to the victorious Greeks. The week was highlighted with the crowning of a greek god- dess — Vickie Post. The week long activities were concluded with Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Sigma as overall winners. 46 1 1 47 Changes GSC had an unusually large number of changes this year and student sentiment seemed to be supportive of the progress. Of course we will all remember the rotunda and creaky chairs in Rosen- wald Library, but hopefully we will not grieve too long. Likewise, some students were apprehensive when the landscapers tampered with mother nature around the lake. Fortunately she still reigns, except in a more structured and lucious manner. There were other ad- ditions, such as new tennis courts, handball courts, four new home management houses and our own radio station, WVGS. Also, a student center sponsored by the Methodist Church was constructed. Overall, 1974-75 has been a year of progress for GSC with the improvement of its physical facilities and beautifica- tion of the campus. 49 50 51 Musical Staged by Masquers " Three Penny Opera, " a musical with a cast comprised of twenty- one students was staged as the Masquers ' Fall production. Dr. Robert Johnson directed the Mas- quers ' rendition of Bertolt Brecht ' s " Three Penny Opera, " an adaption from the " Begger Opera, " an 18th century English musical. Mammoth Cast Presents Macbeth f One of Shakespeare ' s most dramatic historical plays, " Mac- beth, " was staged by Masquers during Winter quarter. The talents of many GSC student and faculty were concerted in the preparation and presentation of the production. The play was viewed by many neighboring high school students, local re- sidents, as well as GSC students and faculty. The play lasted approximately three and one-half hours and was thought too long by many. How- ever, considering the extreme difficulty in staging such a de- manding drama, the Masquers are to be commended for their presentation of " Macbeth. " The powerful drama of Macbeth ' s un- scrupulous rise to power and his inevitable ruin as enacted by the performers will be a memorable experience for those who saw the performance. 55 56 In Spring Quarter this year, the Masquers out did themselves when they presented the exciting and en- joyable production of Dracula. After writing their own production and " improvising " a script, they were able to capture completely the drama and the mood of Bram Stoker ' s novel. The play was a fantastically blood curdling event, one that will not be soon forgotten. 57 Student Involvement It Still Lives Marring the almost unbroken apathy of G.S.C. students was a small, radical group of " doers " . These people formed the staffs of the " George Anne, " the " CCC, " the " CUB, " the " Reflector " and other left-wing groups. The seeds of concern, despite heavy attack from almost every cor- ner, survived, and in some cases flourished. A blood drive drew a large number of student donors, while other students gave up their free time to work with children and visit nursing homes. Because of this group ' s exis- tence, the perfect, complete state of uninterest was eluded for at least one more year. The spectators ' twisted faces, smiles, and frowns are reflections of the actions of the athletes. Whether it be baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, or gym- nastics the spectator is an integral part of the event. Their mere presence boosts the moral of the individual players and the team as a whole. Their support often makes the difference between a win and a loss. 61 62 Coffehouses were a welcome diversion of GSC students through- out the year. CUB sponsored a wide variety of entertainment — ranging from country, folk, and bluegrass to hard rock. Weekly performances by both local and professional artists were seen by many in the newly remodeled Williams Center. 64 " Sing and dance together and be joyous but let each one of you be Alone ... " — Kahil Gibran — As spring quarter ended, another long time Southern institution drew nearer its own end. The new library perched on the edge of the lake was almost finished and the Rosenwald Library, (that building with the odd front porch on Sweetheart Circle), with its echo- ing halls and crowded stacks, pre- pared to close its doors. Countless G.S.C. students have spent hours on top of hours sweat- ing out term papers, cramming for exams, or just reading the news- paper (or bathroom walls) under Rosenwald ' s roof. While attending college orienta- tion you were probably told that the average student spends about three to four hours in class daily, and should devote approximately two hours of studying for every hour spent in class. Now those adept at math will immediately realize this leaves at least twelve hours of free time, and most everyone knows the typical student manages a few more than that. What did we do with all those hours? The answers are as numerous as the students. 68 71 Miss GSC Crowned The annual Miss GSC Beauty Pageant was held on March 8. Seventeen contestants from var- ious campus organizations com- peted for the crown and the chance to enter the Miss Georgia Beauty Pageant. The winner for 1975 was Memory Denise Watson of Phi Mu, the first runner-up was Tina Bonnel, and Joan Williams was selected as friendliest. Miss Watson received a $300 scholarship and will serve as GSC ' s official hostess for 1975-76. 73 74 Something unusual happened at GSC during Spring quarter. CUB sponsored a free dance and every- one came. Well, perhaps not every- one, but it was a great success. Choice, a popular touring band, performed in Williams Center while students boogied, bumped and rocked themselves to exhaustion. 77 Globetrotters Net Funds A special activity rescued Georgia Southern students from the mo- notony of winter quarter. As a fund- raising activity for the proposed J.I. Clements Memorial stadium, the Harlem Globetrotters came to the Hanner Fieldhouse. The show featured the ' Trotters performing basketball ' s most famous tricks. Also appearing with the ' Trotters were the National Frisbee Cham- pions and a family of acrobats. A crowd of over 5000 thrilled spectators watched in fascination as the ' Trotters " defeated " the Washington Generals. A sum of over four thousand dollars was raised for the J.I. Clements Memor- ial fund by the event. 79 Artisans Creating — that ' s what its all about. You must be ready to work, able to overcome frustrations and above all willing to experiment. There is something fundamentally elemental about working with your hands and creating. It is part of you . . it is rewarding. 80 82 Lecturers Dean Rusk and Sam Ervin headed a group of prominent Americans who were guest lecturers on the G.S.C. campus. Joining Rusk and Ervin were Paul Ehrlich and Erich Segal. Segal visited the campus fall quarter and gave a talk on the " History of the Olympics. " Dean Rusk presented his lecture Winter Quarter on the topic: The Effects of a Future Nuclear Con- frontation. Paul Ehrlich spoke dur- ing Spring Quarter on his book — The End of Affluence. Within the week, Sam Ervin gave the keynote address at Dr. Fielding Russell ' s retirement banquet. 83 The wonders of nature unfold endlessly, and each moment is a miracle . . Homecoming, a time to renew old memories and a time to make new ones. A time for tradi- tion, or maybe not. With the 1974-75 Homecoming, G.S.C. students and alumni saw old traditions broken and new ones established. The first departure from past practices was the moving of the festivities from Winter to Spring Quarter. The next casualty to the annual events occurred when the parade was dropped in favor of a carnival. The carnival, held in Sweetheart Circle on a sunny afternoon, fea- tured a bicycle race, a huge cake, and kisses for a nickel. The after- noon proved a tremendous success as students turned out in large numbers to savor the lighthearted atmosphere and Bluegrass music. 91 92 On Saturday afternoon, the Eagles shut out Western Carolina 5 to 0 after Miss Dale Weinkauf was crowned as the 1975 Homecoming Queen. Honors Day Honors Day ' 75 saw Dr. George Shriver named Professor of the Year. A capacity crowd gathered in Mc- Croan auditorium to hear Dr. Wil- liam Word, last year ' s Professor of the Year, deliver an address on the state of the economy. Over 400 students were honored for outstanding scholarship and constructive leadership at the cere- mony. ' V 100 f Campus Wildlife Along with the several thousand students on campus during the year, we have several other special residents. From time to time we have a variety of dogs and cats, tur- tles and hamsters to keep lonely students company. It certainly is a refreshing sight to look out of a classroom window and see afriendly dog in the lake " romping " with the ducks. They may not be the most practical aspect of GSC — but they do bring at least a little bit of joy to most of the students. Students Drown Sorrows One of the most popular pas- times at GSC is participating in the traditional beer bust. Some enjoy this soothing drink to relieve the tensions and frustrations of cam- pus living, some to forget a particu- lar person ' s face, and others merely to enjoy. In any case, beer is a steadfast tradition at this school. GSC is truly becoming an institution of " higher " education. Women ' s Swim Team Captures Fifth in Southern Championships Finishing fifth in the Southern Championships is quite an ac- complishment for the lady swim- mers after only a two year pro- gram! Two school records were set: Lola Campbell with a :37 in the breaststroke and a :29 time by Donna Orford in the butterfly. Team Photo: 1st Row — Coach Helen House, Lucinda Durham, Donna Orford, Julie Con- nor, Lola Campbell, Jeanne Zwallen, Wid- gett Bennett, Manager — Patty Carter. 2nd Row — Pam Martin, Debbie Kyker, Temi Davis, Shiela Beal, Bonnie Young. Don Welchco Leads Season Coach Buddy Floyd ' s swim team, in the process of establishing itself as a Southern power in water sports, claimed a 6-4 posting for the 1974-1975 season. The young Eagle swimmers, who did not lose any seniors to graduation, were led by Don Welchco. Welchco, who contin- ued to set records, climaxed the season at the National Independent with a 21.15 time in the fifty yard free style. 1974-1975 Swim Team Sitting (L-R): Dave Carver, Tom Pecht Kneel- ing (L-R):Lee Burnup, Bill Gresham. Stand- ing (L-R): Coach Bud Floyd, Scott Fowler, asst.. Coach John Bosbyshell, Don Welchco, Mark Reed, — captain, Bobby Dann, Bruce Powloski, Cal Taylor, Burt Peake, Andy Cow- art, Mike Ginn, Herb Brown, asst., Coach Jody Summerford. 112 i j I Waterpolo Team Ends Season With 8-1 Record In its ' second year of NCAA Com- petition, Georgia Southern ' s Water- polo Team ended its ' season with an impressive 8-1 record. Next year ' s team should be promising with all starting players returning, including members such as Mike Doan, who w as selected as a mem- ber of the Ail-American Tourna- ment this season. Team Photo: 1st Row — Mike Crooks, Tom Pecht, Bruce Powloski. 2nd Row — David Vander like, Jeff Pach, Mike Doan, Burt Peake, Larry Peake, Bob Dann. 3rd Row — Jeff Burton, Bill Gresham, Scott Towler, Don Welcho. Gymnasts Finish 6-1 Season An outstanding team effort pro- duced a 6-1 record for Coach Ron Oertley ' s Eagles. The highlight of the season came when Southern took second place in the Peach State Invitationals. Prospects for next year were bright due to the expected return of Steve Norman, sidelined with a wrist injury this year. 1st Row (L-R): Dick Hancock, Dave Collins, Gary Barkalow. 2nd Row: Roger Biedenbach, Burr Bachler, Ron Oertley, Coach, Bea Toma, Alan Harden. 121 Eagles Win Alumni Game The First Annual Alumni Baseball Game was held on November 2, 1974, at Eagle Field. The Eagles de- feated the alumni 14-4. Even that early in the season the potential pitching power of Pete Manos, Bob Geredes, Barry Beck, and Jack Van- dersluys was readily apparent. Among the returning alumni were: Vic Correll — Atlanta Braves, Keathel Chauncey — Texas Rangers Organization, and Ken Szotkiewicz — Cub Organization. 122 ' l 125 " AO 11 1BJ£J Lady Eagles Upset 1 Berry Improvement and optimism for the future marked the 1975 season of basketball for the Lady Eagles, as they posted a 10-11 mark, an otherwise good year despite several narrow defeats. The eventful sea- son was highlighted by an early season win over Shorter College 65-61, and a thrilling 89-87 victory over the number one ranked Berry College in the post-season GAIAW Tournament held at Georgia South- ern College. 129 The Eagles had a difficult time finding themselves early in the sea- son with a 1-5 record going into the New Year. Their problem lay in working out their starting five and once a definite working unit was devised, they came on to win three games straight. Team Photo: 1st Row — Chris White, Bobby Shields. 2nd Row — Pat Blenke, Dick Beuke. Coach (Dave) Corless, John Vail, Rex Gregg, Mike Barger, John Baker, Jim Clark, Coach (Charlie) Gibbons, Bob Crouch, Maurice Stoutermire. 3rd Row — B.J. Brandimarte, Rick Jones, Jim O ' Conner, Coach (Larry) Chapman, Ed McArthur, Tom Smith — Head Athletic Trainer, Van Cowart — Asst. Trainer. Eagles Have Problems Early in Season 132 135 Womens Tennis A young and inexperienced Lady Eagles tennis team finished the 1974-1975 season with a 6-9 rec- ord. A difficult schedule took its toll on the G.S.C. netters as they dropped their last five matches. Providing steady performances all season was junior Beth Warren who played at the number one position. 1st Row (L-R): Ann Seifert, Beth Warren, 2nd Row: Lynn Overton, Phyllis Shuford, 3rd Row: Pam Long, Nancy Boon, Lou Fendix, Norah McGraw. Eagle Netters Finish Second in State Georgia Southern, winners of 13 of 17 matches during its spring season, continued its tradition as a prominent Southeastern power. A mid-season triumph over an outstanding Wake Forest team proved to be one of the top achieve- ments of the year. The Eagles also made a fine showing at the Georgia Intercollegiate Championships as they placed second in the state. 1st Row (L-R) Chuck Chichise, Oliver Scott 2nd Row: David Marsh, Danny Gladman, Bunner Smith, Bill Charles, Peter Hoi I, Kerry Myrick, Jerry Riggins 138 lr Golf Team Ranks Ninth For the fourth consecutive year, Georgia Southern ' s outstanding linksmen team gained the right to participate in the NCAA champion- ships by taking an impressive win over a thirteen team field in the Southern Independent Intercol- legiate Championship. Coach Ron Robert ' s team, led by Buddy Alex- ander, Bill Mitchell, Ken Krieger, Gary Duren, Gregg Wolff, and Bill Benton, also captured the Palmet- to Classic and finished fourth in the Chris Schenkel Invitational. TEAM MEMBERS: L-R; Bill Benton, Buddy Alexander, Joey Kaney, Al Fortney, Pat Gould, Gary Duren, Steve Waugh, Ken Kreig- er, Bill Mitchell, Gary Oliver, David Nelson, Gregg Wolff, Dr. Ron Roberts, Coach 140 _ v 142 146 This season ' s flag football championships saw ATO defeating the Renegades, 14-6. The overall best offense and defense went to the Raiders. Kappa Sigma finished second in offense with Sigma Chi placing third. Alpha Tau Omega re- ceived second in defense with Kappa Sigma ending third. ATO- Flag Football Champs 150 mary rogers ORGANIZATI GROUP SHOT: 1st ROW — Jill Van Dresser, Helen McMa- hon, Larry Abbott, Myra Carey. 2nd Row — Darryl Ott, Dave Cook, Craig Ricketts, Jody A. Hunter, Mary Step hens. 160 163 164 WVGS Above — 1st Row — Michael Oreste, Gary Robertson, Billy Johnson, Bill Grove, Tom Glenn. 2nd Row — Fred Hoffman, Eddie McKorkle, Lawrence Mashburn, Hu Par- tin, Hymie Dalton, Jeanne Potter, Frank Mulherin, Alan Watts, Kenny Fehner, Tom Sullivan, Henning Sunde, Charlie Robeson. Far Left — Missy Rice, Carole Kirkland, Johnny Pride, Susan Simpson, Gloria Cahoon, Larry Mitchell, Chan Harward, Lloyd Dozier. 165 Top to Bottom: Left Page — Margo Lemacks, Editor; Sally Cotten, Managing Editor; Cathy Herron, Typist; Sandra Aaron, Staff Writer; Rachel Rhodes, Copy Editor. Right Page — Dayna Jones, Business Manager; Michael Thompson, Features Editor; Diane Capped i, News Editor; Don Wood, Assistant News Editor; Frank Maddox, Sports Editor; Tom Easterly, Photographer. Reflector Upper Left: 1st Row — Joey Darsey, Michael Manning, Joey Hoffman. 2nd Row — Nancy Kraft, Gibbs Flanders, Mike Hotchkiss, Linda Tuthill, Anne LeVert, Brenda Har- kins. 3rd Row — Kelvin Tyson, Darlo Mock, Suzanne Taylor, Carla Copeland. Above: Joey Darsey, Associate Editor; Michael Manning, Editor. Right: Linda Tuthill, Photographer. Top Right: Student Life — Gibbs Flanders, Editor; Nancy Kraft, Mike Hotchkiss. Far Right: Joey Hoffman, Business Manager. Center: Sports — Kelvin Tyson. Far Center: Faculty — Anne LeVert, Editor; Brenda Harkins. Lower Right: Organizations — Darlo Mock, Editor; Classes Organizations — Carla Copeland, Suzanne Taylor, Editor. Not pictured — Gene Baxter, Sports; Wan- da Fitzpatrick, Classes; Joy Blount, Student Life. 168 Swinging Belles Above: GROUP SHOT — Regina Yandle, Kathy Howell, Captain; Lisa Torbett, Carla Copeland, Robin Hinton, Anne Kelley, Gayle Johnson, Sue Mitchell, Jayne Starr. Far Right: GROUP SHOT — Susan Rushing, Van Jack- son, Marhta Lou Dockery, Randy Poole, Connie Ballew, Janice Ricks, Sammy Austin, Karen Vickers, David John- son, David Paulk, Anita Murray, Cheri Gentry, Eagle. 170 Above: 1st Row — Terry Spivey. 2nd Row — Connie Brown, Captain; Sue McGauflin, Beth Candler. Upper Right: 1st Row — Debbie Halligan, Stephen Foster, Bill Gilleland, Thomas Harrel, Suzanne Greenlees, Kim Screws. 2nd Row — Donna McCarthy, Vanessa Walker, Joe Babcock, Ken Kirkland, Walter Williams, Terry Ne- smith, Beth Candler. 3rd Row — Pam Crenshaw, Kerry Jacobs, Jeff Vanderweele, Henry Martin, Judy Taylor, Bob Procter, Brad Bettis. 4th Row — Richard Hudson, Norman Jones, Jimmy Hollingsworth, Debbie Thomas, Ted Lashley, Cindy Brannen, Russell Cason, Don Lowe. 5th Row — Frank Ray, Clarence Conner, John Jackson, Wayne King. 172 173 174 Dr. David W. Mathew, Ted Lashley, Charley Ann Stewart, Ellen Gross, Felisha Gwyn, Estelle Roth, Paula Cauthen, Teresa Perkins, Susan Kiser, Janis Lane, Sherry Powell, Linda Kea, Sharon Peebles, Susan Wood, Becky Rearden, Cindy Brannen, Kim Miner, Joan Crews, Teresa Thomas, Julia Whiting, Vanessa Walker, Angie Arnsdorf, Kay Wim- berly, Anda Heath, Cheryl Josey, Shelagh Barker, Deanna Hartley, Charlene Jones, Betty Prince, Earl Usry, John Gore, Ed Roberts, Wemberly Ponder, Kerry Jacobs, Sonny Walden, Mike Harper, Sam Traylor, Jim Hollingsworth, Brad Krantz, Steve Jacobs, Mike Elliot, Eric Wold, Bob Fulton, Ed Lovett, Ken Lott, Mack Butler, Rod Garing, Toney Norton, Warren Stuckey, Clarence Conner, Frank Dixon, Wayne King, Henry Martin, Rusty McClure, Ray McQueen, Russ Cason, Don Lowe, Carla Cartledge, Debby Halligan, Cheryl Hinely, Gail Fussell, Dedra Dukes, Jane Wickham, Dewye Clark, Melanie Parker, Judy Little, Laura Rice, Sharon Blue, Sunny Lester, Cheryl DeLance, Claire McCallum, Liz Conner, Janet Thomas, Toppy Hicks, Kathy Spivey, Kathy Kight, Rene Weitman, Cathy McLain, Eve Stumpf. 175 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Kim Fjetland, MacArthur, Tom Nolan, Trenice Mullis, Jim Osterman, Mary Claire Meade, Allen Greene, Bob Hadley, Mike Harper. 2nd Row — Don Gaughf, Freddy Thompson, David Little, Wendy Eastman, Elaine Gowen, Tilden Warren, Shelia Smith, Carlyle Dukes, Dr. Richard Johnson, Adivsor; Bob West, Advisor. 3rd Row — Teresa Fletcher, Mike Mikus, Cary Jackson, Andy Walton, Phil Gaines, Suzanne Little, Lynn Scrivener, Linda Legare. 4th Row — Connie Dyson, Lisa Simmons, David Johnson, Michael Locklair, Lane Loyd, Kathy Anderson, Virginia McCrary. 5th Row — Sherwood Carter, Barbie O ' Leary, Greg Stukee, Marilyn McKinney, Sammy Austin, Freddie Keen. Masquers 176 Afro-American Veterans Above: Harry Holliday, Ellis Foster, Jimmy Smith, Ronald Moorman, Dr. Lane Van Tassell. Upper Right: 1st Row — Jim Atkinson, Dave Edwards. 2nd Row — Leroy Sim- mons, Cranston Collins, Ron King, David Hartley. Far Right: Debbie Hudson, Martha Leas, Karen Cline, Karyn Riedell, Andrea Re, Rene Cleveland. Lower Right: 1st Row — Yuk Wai Cheung, John Mallard, Beth Baggett, Teresa Bridgewater, Kalle Jamsen, Christine Blanc, Susan Palmer, Joseph Onaghise, Yoshio Ohkawa, Steve Mobley, Wilfred Wong. 2nd Row — Toru Kotake, Robert Klein, Frank Hansen, Annette Johansson, Henning Sunde, Has- san Barandoh, Nader Rahimi-Shirazi, Trenice Mullis, Simeon Sithole, Jim Forssell, Lydia Barrow, Henry Wong. 178 International 179 181 Circle K; Student Association of Educators Above: Mickey Wendel, Sunny Lester, Melanie Parker, Connie Sprayberry, Russell Cason, Becky Rearden, Vanes- sa Walker, Laura Rice, Don Lowe. Lower Left: Mark Smith, Slaton Toler Jr., Mary Christopher, LuAnne Neal, Debbie Barnes, -Lynn Newton, Lin Reed, Brenda Wall, Julie Smith, Dr. John Lindsey, Advisor. Music Educators National Conference 183 Above — 1st Row — Kurt Suchier, Don Irvy, Linda Car- ter, Donna Hannaford, Linda Wilson, Wanda Fordham, Joy Collins, Mr. Horace Harrell, Advisor; Diane Harrell, Don Maxwell, Steve Bragg, Jason Shelnutt, Jim Henley, William Harris, Charlie Thompson, Darryl Ott, Bill Eden- field. 2nd Row — Bill Morris, Van Ziegler, Steve Lar- son, Benny Livingston, Michael Thigpen, Clay Jordan, Larry Prosser, Danny Johnston, Ben Balkcom, Bill Bald- win, Ted Loper. Far Right — 1st Row — Martha Hutch- inson, Greg Brown, Maryland Henning, Anne Lanigan, Darlo Mock. 2nd Row — Harry Ambrose, Don Young, Dr. Anthony Faria, Advisor; Larry Nobrega , Cathy But- ler, Gary Young, Vicki Young, Joe Evans, Cindy McKin- ley, Micky Waagner. 184 Accounting; Marketing 185 186 Geology Club Upper Left: 1st Row — Hugh Durrence, Brian Lukow- ski, Don Wood, Sephalee Hunter, Marian Marshman, Sarah Alice Bloodworth. 2nd Row — Stephen Hall, Trent Tadsen, Elton Strickland, Jeffrey King, Dr. Robert Fitz- weiter, George Blossom, Frank Boschelli. Below: Dale Lanier, John Michelet, Tom Roberts, Sally Harris, Mer- relyn Spinks, Elaine Manning, Paul McElveen, Joe Sum- merour, Tom Lambie. B9 no Student Home Economics Association Above: 1st Row — Joan Williams, Jo Ann Weatherford, Margaret Barnett, Karen Henderson, Claudia Clark, Debra Moore. 2nd Row — Miss Susan Jones, Advisor; Brenda Clark, Sharon O ' Hearn, Marie Curry, Joy McCallum, Anita Thomas, Kathy Spivey, Jean Johnson, Donna Kirkpatrick, Beverly Banks, Kathy Whiting, Pat Alderman, Laurie Cox- en, Debra Sprouse, Jackie Embler. Upper Right: 1st Row — Miss Bonnie Ford, Advisor; Nancy Crosby, Donna Kirk- patrick, Beverly Ford, Carol Hoke, Sharon O ' Hearn, Kathy Pate, Dr. Jerriane Meadows, Advisor. Lower Right: Susan Pigge, Debbie Franklin, Wanda Haywood, Linda Lewis, Susan Sheppard, Jan Jackson, Rita Shook, Martha Kelly, Mr. Evans, Jane Yawn, Miss Evelyn Wilsford, Advisor; Kathy Story, Debbie Barker, Pam Cheney, Wanda Payton, Debra Peavy, Jo Ann Weatherford, Lisa Taylor, Lisa Plexico, Sylvia Wallis. 188 American Institute of Interior Design 189 Society of Manufact uring Engineers Industrial Arts J 190 Recreation Park Society Above: 1st Row — Miss Pam Thomason, Advisor; Nancy Taylor, Marlene Rozelle, Pat Wind, Judy Scarbourgh, Candy Belger, Debbie Brown. 2nd Row — Scott Spirakas, Danny Beavers, Bill Gilliland, Jean Cooley, Mike Ingram. 3rd Row — Leon Gordon, David Carter, Mike Brodhecker, Walter Jones. Upper Left: 1st Row — Todd Krabbe, Lee Taylor, Richard Hilbun, Skip Ledbetter. 2nd Row — Dr. Cecil Huey, Advisor; Billy Hendrix, Jack Rogers, Richard Johns, Daryl Waldon, Henry Blackburn, Doug Epps, Dr. Donald F. Hackett, Advisor. Lower Left: 1st Row — Larry Walrath, John Howard, Tim Butzon, Jim Stewart, David Drexel. 2nd Row — Dr. Rex Nelson, Advisor; Doug Epps, Tony Pennington, Gary Wisham, Jimmy Raymond, Cleo Hammond. GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Theresa Wilson, Ann Belle, Claire McCallum, Linda McDowell, Susan Webb, Thomas Woodard, Kathy Carswell. 2nd Row — Ann Vaughn, Susan Maxwell, Wendy Miles, Karen Evans, Cathy Spivey, Cindy Freeman, Dedra Dukes, Teresa Bridgewater. 3rd Row — Joy McCallum, Lynn Bozeman, Harriet Woodward, Rodney Milligan, Stan Webb, Arlen Crawford, Hugh Hem- ley. 4th Row — Lydia Barrow, Melanie Day, Joette Pear- son, Tom Harrison, Guy Price. 5th Row — Rev. Nathan Byrd, Campus Minister, Mrs. Nathan Byrd, Nathan Byrd Jr., Phil Gaines, Brian Sowers, Mike Oxford, Ellen Howell, Horace Lariscy, Cleve Greer, Randy Warbington. 192 193 Upper Left: Chuck Cruze, Pegi Hart, Leslie Douglas, Jim Harper, Shelagh Barker, Gene Baxter, Vicki Hartley. Lower Left: 1st Row — Joy Henderson, Marsha Bachtell, Gena Henderson, Valerie Peterson, Alan Dryden. 2nd Row — Debbie Durrence, Steve Glazier, Cathy McClain, Fritz Rathman, 3rd Row — Susan Fate, Wanda Heywood, Chuck Huff, Sheila Davis. Upper Right: 1st Row — Mary Martin, Margie Currier, Norma Powell, Sandra Oswalt, Brad Krantz, Lisa Ghetti, Gwen Conway. 2nd Row — Sheila Davis, Nancy Cvetan, Debbie Durrence, Susan Pate, Cherl Harrel 1 , Janis Lane, Cecil Walters. 3rd Row — Marsha Bachtell, Joy Henderson, Kerry Jacobs, Polly Hay, Carlton Allen. 4th Row — Chuck Huff, Ed Martin, Sheila Smith, Gale Deas, Richard Morriss, Terry Leonard, Above: 1st Row — Terry Leonard, Pam Crenshaw, Mike Miller, Sharon Blue, Ed Martin. 2nd Row — Virginia Jackson-Adams, Valley Sharpe, Brenda McClreath, Mike Crace, Steve Jacobs, Carol Josey, Cecil Walters, Bill Jackson-Adams, Kerry Jacobs, Janis Lane, Gale Deas Mary Martin. 195 198 Phi Kappa Phi Upper Left: 1st Row — Trent Tadsen, Dr. Norman Wells, E.C. Strickland, Frank Atkins, Robert Beckum, Asbury Stembridge, Gibbs Flanders. 2nd Row — Carolyn John- son, Bedell Johns, Rosemary Gee, Joy, Kurt Suchier, Debbie Moore, Suzie Tedford, Nancy Hornsby, Diane Stad- nick, Donna McCreary, Robin Rowe, Charlie Troncalli, Cheri Smith, Gary Mikell. 3rd Row — Unknown, Judy Beavers, Melinda Grassi, Debbie Prien, Maryland Henning, Sally Harris, Terri Jenkins, Unknown, Pat Schmitt, Susan Akins, Marsha Bachtell, Unknown, Lindy Mulligan, Un- known, Pat Schmitt, Susan Akins, Marsha Bachtell, Un- known, Lindy Mulligan, Unknown, Susan Babcock. Left: Roosevelt Smith, Treasurer; Carolyn Johnson, Secretary; E.C. Strickland, President; Gibbs Flanders, Vice-president. Below: 1st Row — Dr. Edward B. Little, President; Dr. Lawrence Kelly, President — elect; Dr. Fred Richter, Sec- retary-treasurer; Dr. Roger Branch, Journal corres- pondent. 2nd Row — Dr. Clair Colvin, Dr. Malcolm Smith, Dr. Emit Deal, Dr. Patricia LeCerva, Mrs. Charlotte Ford. Phi Upsilon Omicron GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Michelle Bentley, Historian, Kay Wimberly, Chaplain, Margaret Barrett, Treasurer, Lydia Woodard, Secretary, Ann Anderson, Vice-president, Kathy Whiting, President. 2nd Row — Kathy Pate, Sandra Prescott, Julie Meyer, Beverly Banks, JoAnn Weatherford, Debra Moore. 3rd Row — Sandy Stuart, Marsha Simms, Suzanne McRae, Rhonda Raulerson. 200 201 202 Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Upper Left: 1st Row — Debi Van, Candy Lopez, Debbie Dowdy, Susan Knauff, Dale Reddick, Beth Morris, Nancy Kirby. 2nd Row — Jan Fields, Sharon Hudgens, Didier Waldrop, Beth Clark, Pat Leslie, Nancy Taylor, Pam Long, Kathy Bryant, Anne Tallant, Jennifer Burgess, Mary Beth Solan. Lower Left: Sonny Walden, Russell Cason, Judy Little, Vanessa Walker, Janet Thomas, Laura Rice, Sunny Lester, Connie Sprayberry, Charley Ann Stewart, Melanie Parker, Kathy Liddle, Wayne King. Above: 1st Row — Mike Ingram, Steve McDaniel, Mike Berry, Ladson, Helms, Jerry Edwards. 2nd Row — Leon Gordon, Bill Gilliland, Nicky Williams, Matt Boyak, Jerry Ridley. Left: Wayne King, Russell Cason, Toney Norton, Mickey Wendel, Ed- win Lovett, Trent Tadsen, Debbie Prier, Connie Spray- berry. 203 Delta Sigma Pi Phi Alpha Theta Above: 1st Row — Jim Henley, Steve Bragg, Greg Sor- row, Randy Poole, Mike Lovvorn, Wayne Daley, Bill Pop- pineau. 2nd Row — Dr. Carnes, Advisor; Don Shurley, William Harris, Debbie Sears, Debora Owens, Vickie Young, Kathy Woodard, Don Maxwell, Jim Leewe, Mack Campbell, Gary Young. Right — 1st Row — Jerry New- some, Fred Brogden, Pat Bradley, Dr. James D. Jordan. 2nd Row — Dr. Charlton Moseley, Dr. George Shriver, Lynda Dempsey, Christy Spires, Dr. Willie G. Todd, Jamie Patterson. Upper Right: 1st Row — Lynn Newton, Janet Guzman, Brenda Wall, Karen Chambers, Melanie Hall. 2nd Row — Candi Robison, Carol McDowell, Jane Hagin, Cathy Galphin, Patricia Junot, Charlene Branch. Lower Right: 1st Row — Kathy Anderson, Lane Loyd, Allen Greene, Bob West, Advisor. 2nd Row — Vivian Whatley, Mike Warren, Richard Johnson, Advisor. 3rd Row — Sher- wood Carter, Trenice Mullis, Michael Locklair, Becki Bailey, Jan Johnson. 204 Kappa Delta Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega 205 Above: Mr. Ed Cornbleet, Advisor; Jan Greene, Kay Smith, Jorge Novoa. Right: Jean Hoban, Pam Moore, Debbie Lyst- lund, Cathy Owens, Laura Parker, Susan Palmer. Upper Right: 1st Row — Richard Waugh, Gary Campbell, Charles Carroll, Joey Barkley, L.B. James, Audrey Buzzell, Jan Coursey, Debra Wilson, Lisa Gross, Phyllis Brooks, Paul Herrick, William Archer, Jr. 2nd Row — William Stevens, James D. Carnes, Fred Blitch, Tom Childs, Charles W. Jones, Glen Rivers, Mike Hattan, Guddy Satcher. Lower Right: 1st Row — Dr. H.J. Weatherford, Advisor; Mary Martin, Pam Moore, Cathy Owens, Phil Warren, Alfred Schneebeli. 2nd Row — Don McCarty, Kathy Anderson, Ellen Howell, Chuck Reddick, Ted Brown, Eddie Bibisi. Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi Delta Phi Alpha Lambda Alpha Epsilon Interfraternity; Panhellenic Right: Ed Newsome, Vice-President; Pat Barmore, Trea- surer; Keith Mitchell, President; Dale Hughes, Secretary; Dr. James Orr, Advisor. Below: 1st Row — John Temple- ton, Woody Johnson, Sam Bunn, Peter Camuso, Dale Hughes, Donn Larmee, Keith Mitchell. 2nd Row — Charles Robeson, David Cleveland, Steve Welton, Wesley Collier, Charles Broome, Gary Palmer. 3rd Row — Ed Newsome, Dr. James Orr, Pat Barmore. 211 I Upper Left: 1st Row — Susan Pickel, Kay Russ, Laura Gregory, Scholarship; Mary Ellen Langgood, Donna Per- due, Marsha Montgomery, Standards; Bonnie Marsh, Jan Jenkins, Chantel Beasley, Recording Secretary; Ann Cal- houn, Betsy Harstfield. 2nd Row: Cindy Kirkland, Skye Lockwood, Jan Goldstein, Spirit; Janet Peters, Diane Bohnstengel, Terri Jenkins, Reporter-Historian. 3rd Row: Jan Smith, Gayle Graham, Tippi Naples, Cindy Hayes, Rec. Chairman; Kathy DeLoach, Julie Lindsey. 4th Row — Mary LeCount, Jan Stutts, President; Beth Courson, Corresponding Secretary; Nancy Crew, Martha Anne Gar- butt, 1st Vice-President; Jami e Philpott, Beth Overton, Vickie Bowman, Anne Tuten, Tommie Allen, Treasurer; Cindy Smith, Activities-Honors; Fredda Kopp, Chaplain; Starr Calloway, Pam Darley, Susan Swicord, Rush Chair- man; Kathy Paul. Not pictured: Elizabeth Owens, 2nd Vice-President, Susan Garner, Margaret Mann, Judy Cole- man, Piper Meadows, Linda Luke, Karen Paul, Dayle Weinkauf, Kay Bowers. Below: PLEDGES — Gwen Miller, Lynn Overton, Nancy Gammel, Becky Parks, Susan Wender, Debbie Creel, Diane Kennedy, Terri Morris. Not pictured — Beth Blough, Tina Bonnell. Alpha Xi Delta GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Candy Waugh, Carole Hovei • dick, Deborah Newsome, Suzanne Payne, Candi Robisoi , Jean McClain, Debbie Torelli, Vickie Karp, Debbie Hoi I i , Beverly Chesnut, Cindy Hostetter, Susan Cleveland, Ba, ' bara Lewis, Sandy Elms, Carol Newton. 2nd Row — Debbi Sabbag, Denise Roberts, Debbie Ballard, Karen Barker Ann Marshall, Beverly Mosley, Joanne Everett. 3rd Roof — Ann Marie Beck, Ann Spalding, Laura Barber, Wand i Youngblood, Beverly Champion. 4th Row — Monicu Burke, Jan Wells, Sandy Stuart, Luanne Neal, Brendoi Quinn. 5th Row — Ann Belle, Tina Adamcak, Becky Hu. chins, Kathy Spivey, Millie Reeves. 6th Row — John Wyso ski, Jerry Mock, Bob Hadley, John Yelvington, Rand 1 Hughes, Jerry Buchar, David Carter. Delta Zeta GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Debbie Moddelmog, Mary Sue Kennington, Luanne Bruce, Pam Johnson, Susan Rush- ing, Elaine Wilson, Janie Herring, Shirley Branan, Cathy Stapleton, Susan Wheatley, Betsy Bowers, Patti Finleyson, Pam Bennett, Hala Gaines. 2nd Row — Dana Walker, Betsy Holladay, Sydney Learning, Kathie Foster, Lynne Miller, Janis Thompson, Jennifer McElhaney, Dedra Cole- man, Merrilee Christie, Diane Cooper, Gail Toulson, Lu Ginter, Debbie Sanders, Debra Adams. 3rd Row — Greg Marshall, Judy Maloof, Helen Gibson, Widget Bennett, Mar- lene Rozell, Kathy Rogers, Sally Harris, June Greenway, Rita Shook, Vicky Carlson, Carla Berry, Peggy Thurmond, Leslie Burrell-Sahl, Cathy Thielke, Susan Pleasants, Me- lissa Lee, Lynn Williams, Sally Collins, Carol Upchurch, Cathy Loyd, Joni Banks, Nancy Hansen, Cliff Murphey, Lindsey Sims. 217 Kappa Delta GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Ed Newsome, Joe Wade, Steve Bostock, Lee Dupree, Ken Brown, Buddy Alexander, Tommy Childs, Jackie Hartley, Victor Lee. 2nd Row — Alice Lee Johnson, Sindi Smith, Debbie Norris, Kay Kay Suttles, Susan Wehunt, Diane Courtenay, Cindi Fraase, JoDelle Davidson, Laura Parker, JeRie Wilson, Wendy Wingfield, Becky Cromley, Jane Frost, Cynthia Cannon, Charlotte McRanie, Debra Peavy, Pam Bluestein, Susan McElreath, Candy Kipp, Linda Knight, Lisa Wiley, Pam Miller, Sherri Smith. 3rd Row — Cathy Butler, Margaret Cravey, Donna Whittle, Candy Jones. 4th Row — Laura Miller, Gail Foy, Paula Giddish, MiMi Hazen, Renee Fowler, Terry Gunby, Kathy Rosser, Donna Gordan, Susan Pross- er, Jill Van Dresser, Dede Dyrenforth, Marcia Schorendorf, Donna Wiggins, Ruth Peck, Paula Paul, Patty McCall, Susie Van Fleit, Mary Ann Ness, Lynn Gentry, Deborah Hagin, Jan Jackson, Wanda Guy, Susan Owen, Carol Darby, Peggy Benson, Amy Wilson. II 218 219 I GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Betty McNulty, Katrina Robin- son, Marilyn Greene, Peggy Adams, Sue Poorbaugh, Leslie Pearson, Mary Griffiths, Karen Lee, Dottie Hautman, Angela Hartman, Denise Watson, Linda Turner. 2nd Row — Kathy Clark, Debbie Kyker, Cyndee Wallace, Lynn Stephenson, Saralyn Maison, Susan Simms, Bonnie Little- ton, Jean Hamilton, Lisa Cook, Joanie Smithwick, Kay Kaney, Janet Smith, Miss C Doyle, Teri Stump, Georgia Ormand, Susan Gainey, Pam Stephenson. 3rd Row — Joni Lawson, Pam Murray, Kim Harris, Deborah Durant, Connie Coley, Tina Strength, Susan Anderson, Barbara Logan, Liz Cheatham, Lokey Lytjen, Cindy Kenney, Cheryl Beatenbough, Brentsie Bobo, LeeLee King, Pam Stewart, Peggy Dowis, Ginny Shannon, Carol Hendersork Sharen Lee, Jan Bray, Cristol Ward, Sally Hall. 220 221 222 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Melanie Broome, Lisa Brown- ing, June Troup, Nancy LaMotte, Jan Harmon, Libby Rey- nolds, Debi Odom, Susan Simpson, Kathy Moore, Debbie Dodd, Judy Imig, Cathy Coogle. Cathy Rentschler, Billye Winn. 2nd Row — Shirley Koch, Diane Woeltjen, Trish Fenton, Annette Seagraves, Susan Shaw, Kim Everett, Pam Quinn, Necy Mathews, Cindy Porter, Nancy Wood- ruff, Chan Harward, Kay Smith, Janet Forrest, Ruth Marie Forrester, Judy Luton. 3rd Row — Mike Warren, Chip Howard, Leonard Littlejohn, Brad Robmette, Salley Hes- ter, Lynne Malloy, Leigh Malloy, Chris Smith, Leigh Emery, Leah Raran, Mary Roche, Lisa Plexico, Cindy Cook, Elaine Smith, Kristy Faircloth, Kathy Pollock, Nancy Nolan, Jenny Rice, Denise Britt, Angela McNeely, Ellen Crawford, Angie Smith, Lanny Bittinger, Don Webster, Jack Roche. 223 224 Alpha Tau Omega GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Lee Penland, Bebo Gray, Tim White, Charles McConnell, Chuck Smith, Pud Avery, John Johnson, Dave Caswell, Bill Goldstein, Old Man, Dave Lewis, Bobby Goodman, Jody Fincher, Tom Hall, Paul Zechman, Jack Gary, Charlie Davis, Tony Head, David Ball. 2np Row — David Carter, Ken Sutton, Lloyd N. Dosier, Bruce Gonzalez, Ed McKenzie, Mark Martin, Jimmy Childre, Mike Quarles, Bullet Bentley, Burt Reed, Clay Henry Jordan, Alice Lee Johnson, Julie Lindsey, Brentsie Bobo, Connie Crouch, Debbie Dodd, Melanie Broome, Linda Knight, Carol Darby, Kay Bowers, Nancy Fincher, Anita Murry, Gail Dickerson, Leonard Littlejohn, Dean Alexander, John Kennedy, Alan Tyson, Keith Hol- land, Ricky Poppell, Mike Kimball, Phil Cason. 225 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Tom McMillen, Keith Winslette, Ann Rogers, Saralynn Mason, Leslie Burrell-Sahl, Susan Rushing, Debbie Hollis, Debbie Moddelmog, Vickie Sand- ers, Judy Maloof, Karen Swanson, Shelly Bohannon, Lee Simpkins. 2nd Row — Kenny Griffith, Pete Camuso, Mark Edwards, Kenny Rogers, Stan Cochran, Vice-President; Rick Barr, Treasurer; Billy Hendrix, Ed Wolf, Keith Legette, Sam Bunn, Rick Hodges, Karry Myrick. 3rd Row — Ross Langford, David Hallman, Steve Lynn, Steve Woodel, Greg Swanson, Bobby Escoe, Steve Godfrey, Cliff Murphy, Mit- chell Bohannon, President; Andy Blalock, Carl Brantly, Andy Corley, Tim Thompson, Dennis Ray, Secretary; Rick Clark, Henry McFarlin. 227 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Don Towns, John Cox, Trea- surer; Don Dobbins, Kent Wilson, Walter Bell, Bill George, Jake Grant, Jim Rowland, Jerry Maloof, Mike Carter, Mike Turner, Vice-president; Mark Jones, Gary Jones. 2nd Row — Dee Hunt, Joette Williams, Jimmy Bishop, Vicki Post, Angela Chodnicki, Joe Wade, Tim Parker, Gail Deal, Ar- mando Rodriquez, Cindi Fraase, Annette Seagraves, An- gela McNeeley, Harry Hooten, Karon Smith, Evelyn Sau- sey, Mike Estep. 3rd Row — Jack Morris, Glen Rivers, Alex Bidex, Secretary, Marty Meaders, Dave Brunson, Steve Jones, Mike Trexler, President; Terry Coyle, Jimmy Armstrong, Rex Turner, Advisor; David Cleveland, Mike McCullum, Larry Shaw, Ray Riner, David Jones. Not pic- tured; Pat Adams, Bill Bedingfield, Lem Deal, Wendell Dixon, Glen Durden, Glenn Goreski, Al Hammock, Danny Jones, Chucky Murphy, Charles Wyatt, Tony Waters, Linda Strickland, Susie Pyron, Celeste Byington. 228 Kappa Alpha 229 Kappa Sigma GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Randy Hitz, David Adams, Robby Kiser, Monte Davis, Kevin Connell, Jerry Roberts, Grand Treasurer; Steve Bostock, Grand Master, George Stagmeier, Grand Procurator; Hal Girardeau, Guard; Keithen Tucker, Pledge Master, Roy Akins, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Jim Nimmo, Guard; Ronnie Beers, Edward Harden, Bo Deal, Marshall Spivey, Jackie Hartley, Tom Hemby. 2nd Row — Butch Akers, Bill Brickell, Wayne Strickland, Jeff Dailey, Lonnie Mott, Johnny Pride, Allyn Robb, Philip McLain, Jack Lauder, Asbury Stembridge, Frank Ludwig, Mike Classens, Woody Johnson, Chip Howard, Scott Stinchcomb, Mike Willyoung, David Purser. 3rd Row — Little Sisters — Shirley Koch, Lisa Plexico, Debra Peavy, Renee Fowler, Susan Wehunt, Jane Frost, Sweetheart; Kay Russ, Cindy Smith, Fredda Kopp, Kay Kay Suttles. 4th Row — David Holley, Jr., Grand Scribe; Paul Martin, Don Byttner, Past Grand Treasurer, Richard Bush, Benny Livingston, Kris Fulkerson, Robert Beers, Hicks Milner, Dale Stoddard, Chuck Berry, Brad Robin- ette, Craig Ricketts, David Blair, Joe Luke, Jeff Joyner, Carter Edwards, Krist Petrich, B.W. Gaston, Alan Smith, Jack Roche. 230 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Tommy Mosely, Joe Clark, James Mosteller, Harry Busbee, Ben Carmichael, Jim Hopkins, Mike Walburn, Kelly Kirby, Keith Rosebush, Scott Bayliss, Tommy Simpson, Mitch Kaplin, Greg Crews. 2nd Row — Bunner Smith, Bruce Olliff, Mary Simmons, Michelle Morris, Patsy Templeton, Julie White, Hudson Powell, Treasurer; David Howard, President; Billy Jones, Vice-President; Danny Williams, Secretary; Jan Jackson, Merle Sparkman, Deborah Hagin, Pam Bluestein, Pat Barnes, Bill Olliff, Charles Marra. 3rd Row — Steve Car- son, Dave Lewis, Rolando de Armes, Ray Felkel, Donn Laramee. Chip Culbreth, Charlie Goodrow, Mike Boykin, J Craig Winningham, John Templeton, Mike Hatten, Dale I Hughes, Dr. Fred Obenchain, Advisor; John Hutts, Andy Garrison, Gary Anderson, Kurt Bilstein, Joe Matthews, Chris Jernigan Bob Biggs, David Land, Gene Jernigan, Bill Masters, Pratt Lockwood, Roy Robinson. 232 Pi Kappa Phi GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Charles Broome, Bobby Bone, Marshall Smith, Steve Smith, Jimmy Talkington, David Graziano, Rick Axt, Russell Gilliam, Wendell Lee, Cecil Siegrist, Jay Staines, Mike Dreggors. 2nd Row — Neal Little, Pat Barmore, Jimmy Moore, Dean Morgan, Ronnie Ergle, Cindy Findley, Cheryl Garnto, Peggy Thurmond, Teresa Gorka, Cindy Lamb, Barbara Whitlock, Ellen Blank, Kevin Stowell, Lee Culpepper, Perry Garman, Henry Po- well, Jim Wheeler, Clifford Waldrep, Bill Siegrist, Robbie Gates. V ; Sir V - - i •W i I vS pp. 235 Upper Left: 1st Row — Mark Howard, Ed Newsome, Sammy Young, Gary West, Van Jackson, Mike Henderson, Terri Jenkins, Debra Adams, Cathy Foster, Judy Coleman, Jan Jenkins, Cathy Stapleton, Betsy Hartsfield, Mike Simpson, Quin Bryan, Benjie Cowart, Alfred Schneebeli, Jerry Howell. 2nd Row — Wayne Deloach, Phill Polhill, Micky Wagner, Mac Weitman, Gary Sanders, Eddie McCur- ley, Mike Dollar, John Renshaw, Gary Palmer, Tommy Childs, B.J. Tillman, Mike Walker, Ken Brown, Jack Webb, Danny Johnston, Ken Daniel, Greg Sarentino, Phil Still, Gary Louge, Bob Hook, Bryan Rountree, Bruce Jones, Donnie Rogers. Lower Right: 1st Row — John Northing- ton, Jim VanEpps, Mike Harrison, Lee Clark, Greg Wood, Greg Marshall, Sally Hall, Cathy Rentschler, Bonnie Little- ton, Dale Weinkauf, Jan Smith, Terry Stump, Pat Mc- Shane, Greg Bowles, David Duffie, Larry Mosley, Craig Childs, Ed Roberts. 2nd Row — Kieth Bardes, Pat Utley, Roy Godbee, Victor Lee, George Fischer, Skip Smith, Randy Anderson, Lee Dupree, Wain Yarber, Robert Ruffo, Hank Williams, Dennis Hobbs, Larry Prosser, John Pilch- er, Bo Rankin, Greg Hodges, Fred Blitch, Tonny Penning- ton, Tim Medford, Buck Petry, Danny Daniel, Buzz Cope- land, Pierson Flowers. 236 238 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Mark Taylor, Steve Elrod, Jeff Spatz, Marty Williams, Charles McElhaney, Steve Welton, Brent Stein, Steve Garner, Doug Ivey, Paul Leahy, Eddie Herrin. 2nd Row — Melanie Moss, Mary Joe Nations, Mary Dell Sheppard, Susan Busby, Cathy Deloach, Silvia Wal- burn, Gail Webb, Judy Imig, Lee Steel, Pam Patterson, Pattsy Edwards. 3rd Row — Frank Parker, Mike Beavers, Doug Bush, Bruce Hall, Andy Hundley, Mike Campbell, Jon Lott, Ken Ergle, Rod Freemen, George Umberger, Arn Medlock, Bob Rayser, Jim Hill, Don Turner, Sammy Hen- derson, John Thompson. 239 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Allyn Kennedy, Don Bullard, Mike Austin, Stan Ross, Jeff Hinman, Reed Hamilton, Al Newton, Herschel Wynn, Tommy Stephens, Kenny Bryant, Doug Wolfe, Mickey Dees, Tom Easterly, Jerry Mock, John Farley, Charlie Robeson, Wayne King. 2nd Row — Mr. George Chaby, Rick Van Atta, Paul Haynes, Rich Richards, Ann Motes, Karin Heminger, Richard Gibson, Flora Wil- hite, Helen Morgan, Gwen Miller, Lynn Snipes, Patty Floyd, Debra Brown, Lynn Lunsford, Beth Clifton, LeRuth Cock- rell, Ann LeVert, Frank Mulherin, Patty George, Nancy McGoldrick, Wanda Youngblood, Denise Hesling, Clayton Yawn, Rodney Gibson, Larry Snipes, Wayne Jackson, Russ Chaby, Dr. Shriver. - 240 GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Stephanie Speir, Linda Burkett, Debra Burke, Gail Dozier, Suzanne Payne, Linda Skolfield, Tina Brooks, Debbie Sebag, Cindy Cook, Jamice Dumas, Cristol Ward, Debra Watson, Robyn Mann, Katrina Robin- son, Pam Stevenson, Cindy Parker, Julie Riley, Kathy Dow. 2nd Row — Van Zeigler, Larry Kelly, Aubrey Burn- ette, Billy Harkins, Mike Thompson. 3rd Row — Louie Powell, Ken Feagin, Larry King, Dave Oakes, Joe Madden. 4th Row — Donald Brooks, Lannie Bittinger, Randy Brown, Michael Watkins, Wesley Collier, Hal Ward, Ronald Hutchins, Bobby Neal. 5th Row — Bill Morris, Rip Clay, Bill Billard, Myles Crabb, Mike Bowen, Mark Kight, Carter Williams, Ron Fuller, Glenn Robinson, Brad Roberts, Dave Christie, Dave Baker, Gary Campbell, Jerry Sharber, Johnny Cannon, Rick Faulk, John C olbert, Dan McLarty, Earl Butler, Scott Morris. Not pictured: Bill Elder, Charles Watson, Greg Connor, Otis Brantley, Pierce Bedingfield, Brooks Eddins, Allen Wright, Anita Mulloy, Janet Mon- talto. 242 Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon GROUP SHOT: 1st Row — Cullin Meredith, David Beall, Rick Hogquist, John Bounds, Tommy Tillman, David Paulk, Tom Ulmer, Billy Folk, Rick Jones, Clay Strickland, Chip Parker. 2nd Row — Sammy Foster, Terry Lynn, Dr. Arthur Woodrum, advisor, Larry Starr. 3rd Row — Brad Kilpatrick, Jim Atkinson, Kenny Knight, Bill Wood- rum, Bobby Patterson, Randy Poston, Charles Kerr, Keith Mitchelk Frank Sartor. Not pictured are: George Evans, Roger Johnson, Joe Morgan, Steve Crews, Mark Sibley. 245 Archer, Joanna BS, Speech Aspinwall, Patricia BS, Off. Adm. Austin, Michael Banks, Becky BSEd, Exc. Child Baxter, Gene BS, Ind, Tch. Bearden, Timothy BSEd, Socl. Sci. Beavers, Judy AB, Soc. Bens, Sonja BSEd, Ecx. Child Bishop, Nancie AB, Eng. Bootle, Doyle BSEd, Socl. Sci Boulineau, Loretta BSEd, Exc. Child Branch, Charlene BSEd, Early Elem. Brannen, Terri BS, Soc. Brinson, Mildred BSEd, Elem. Brooks, Phyllis BS, Crim. Just. Brown, Debbie BS, Rec. Seniors Brown, Gregory BBA, Mkt. Burns, Barbara BS, HEC Butler, Catherine BBA, Mkt. Byrd, Jeanene BS, HEC Byrnes, Kathaleen BS, Math Cahoon, Gloria AB, Psy. Calhoun, Lisa BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. Carson, Iva BSEd, Elem. Carswell, Katherine AB, Eng. Carter, Sherwood AB, Soc. Chappell, Olivayon BSEd, Elem. Clark, Brenda BSEd, HEC Clark, Claudia BS, HEC Clark, David BSEd, Math Clifton, Susan BSEd, Early Elem. Coleman, Thomas AB, Psy. Cook, Vada BSEd., Elem. Crews, Jesse BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. 249 Crews, Joan BSEd, Early Elem. Crummey, Vickie Daley, Wayne BBA, Mgt. Dalziel, Patsy BSEd, Early Elem. Darwin, Jay Pre-Law Dasher, Ruth BSEd, Elem. Davis, Sheila BSEd, Eng. Deas, Eugenia BSEd, Early Elem. DeObaldia, Alida BBA, Mgt. Data Proc. Dickerson, Marilyn Dillon, Donna BSEd, Elem. Donahue, Daniel AB, His. Dorsey, Audrey BS, HEC Dow, Susan BS, Crim. Just. Duffield, William BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. 250 Seniors Duke, Julie BS, Crim. Just. Dukes, Carlyle BS Speech Dye, Susan BSEd, Elem. Edenfield, William BBA, Acct. Edwards, Shelly BS Speech Embler, Jacquelyn BSEd, HEC Evans, Joseph BBA, Finance Farmer, Jay Farmer, Susan BS, Bio. Finkel, Leah BS, HEC Flexer, Winebert BS, Psy. Galphin, Catherine BSEd, Early Elem. Giddens, Kathy BSEd, Speech Greer, Charles BBA, Fash. Mchd. Griffin, Mary BSEd, Elem. Hannaford, Donna BBA, Acct. Harrell, Diane Hart, Edith AB, Eng. Henderson, Karen BS. HEC Henning. Maryland BBA, Mkt. Hill, James BBA, Acct. Holt, Debra BSEd, Elem. Hunter, Vara Hutchins. Rebecca BS, Math 251 Hyde, Alisa BSEd, Art Johns, Bedell BS, Off. Adm. Johnson, Bertha Jones, Judy BSEd, Elem. Jones, William, Jr. BSTch. Print. Mgt. Josey, Judy BSEd. Elem. Kennington, Mary BS, HEC Kinchen, Mary BSEd, Elem. Knauff, Susan BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. Kotake, Toru Lanigan. Velma BBA, Fash. Mchd Laramee, Donald AB, Psy. Lariscy, Horace, III BS, Psy. Lindsey, David BS, Crim. Just. Livingston, Kevin BBA, Gen. Bus Lord, Teresa BSEd, Math 252 Seniors Lott, Jon BBA, Finance Lucas, Brenda BSEd, Ecx. Child Malone, Dianne BSEd, Elem. Manning, Michael BSTch, Print. Mgt. Marchant, Emily BSEd, Elem. Martin, Jorhee BSEd, Early Elem. Martin, Mary AB, German McCarty, Donald BS, Bio. McKinley. Cynthia BBA, Fash. Mchd. McKinney, Linda BS, Speech McRae, Suzanne BS, HEC Medlock, Lisa BSEd, Exc. Child Meeler, Patricia BSEd, Elem. Meredith, Cullin BS Tch. Print, Mgt. Mitchell, Larry AB, Pol. Sci. Moore, Alice BSEd, Bus. Moore, Pamela AB, French Morgan, James BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. 253 Morris, Christopher Morriss, Richard BSEd, Socl. Sci. Mullis, Marilyn BS, Speech Nations, Mary BS, HEC Norman, Steven Norwood, Jan BSEd, Elem. Odajima, Takamasa O ' Hearn, Sharon BS, HEC Pabst, LaVern. Jr. BS, Rec. Palmer, Susan Pearman, Susan Poorbaugh, Susan BS, HEC Porterfield, Cecilia BSEd, Elem. Powell, Norma BSEd, Exc. Child Pullen, Michael BBA, Mgt. Pullin, Peggy BSEd, Socl. Sci. Rahimi-Shirazi, Amir-Nader BET, Engr. Raulerson, Rhonda BS, HEC 254 Seniors Rearden, Rebecca BM, Music Reed, Barbara BSEd, Exc, Child Register, Christine BS, Math Reiniger, Marilynn BSEd, Early Elem. Rhodes, Rachel BS, Journalism Roberts, Sondra BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. Robinson, Candi BSEd, Elem. Sams, James Jr. AB, Pol. Sci. Sharpe, Andrew BS, Crim. Just. Shuford, Phyllis Sims, Stephen BS Tch, Print. Mgt. Smith, Cates BS, Soc. Smith, George BS, Rec. Smith, LaWahna BSEd, Art. Smith, Shelia AB, Speech Snider, Steve BSEd, Ind. Arts 255 Snipes, John BBA, Mgt. Spires, Susan BS, Off. Adm. Sprayberry, Connie BM, Music Staley, Kathy Stansbury, Faye BSEd, Eng. Stewart, Charley BM, Music Stewart, Martha BSEd, Exc. Child Still, Philip, Jr. BS. Rec. Stutsman, Peter BET, Civ. Engr. Tallant, Julianne BSEd, Health Phys. Ed. Taylor, Judith BM, Music Taylor, Walter BSTch, Mfg. Mgt. Thompson, Charlie BBA, Acct. Thomson, Diane BS, Pol. Sci. Townsend, Deborah BS, Soc. Vestal, Robert BS, Soc. Waits, Mike Walker, Terris BS, Bio. 256 Seniors Wf 4 Waters, Glen BS, Econ. Waters, Hugh Jr. Whatley, Vivian BS, Speech Whiting, Kathryn BS, HEC Williamson, Sara AB, Eng. Womack, Carol BBA, Acct. Woodward, Harriet Wynne, Michael BSEd, Socl. Soc. York, Andrea BSEd, Art Young, Gary BBA, Finance Young, Samuel BS, Rec. Young, Vicki BBA, Fash. Mchd. 257 Adams, John 1 Akers, Ray F. Jr. 2 Akhlaghi, Karim 2 Alderman, Patricia 3 Alexander, Dennis 3 Amidon, Timothy 1 Anderson, Edward 1 Anderson, John 1 Ansley, Kathy M. 1 Anthony, Joseph W. 3 Arnsdorff, Angela 3 Atigh, Nasrin 3 Ayers, Ellen 1 Babcock, Susan L. 3 Bachtell, Marsha 2 Bailey, Donna 2 Bailey, Theresa 1 Baker, Levone 3 Baker, Sharon 3 Baker, Tina 2 Ballard, Debra 1 Ballard, Diane 1 Banks, Beverly 3 258 Underclassmen Barber, J.E. 3 Barker, Debbie 3 Barker, Karen 3 Barker, Shelagh 1 Barnes, Debbie 3 Barnett, Brenda 1 Barnwell, Laurie 1 Barratta, O.L. 2 Bateman, Nancy 2 Bates, Janet 1 Beard, Shirley 1 Beasley, Carole 3 Beaver, Stephen 1 Beavers, Alfred 3 Beavers, Dan 3 Beck, Ann Marie 2 Beecher, Rhonda 1 Belle, Ann 3 Bennett, Evelyn 1 Bennett, Paul 2 Benton, William 2 Berry, Robert 3 Bethel, Brenda 3 Beveridge, Alice 1 Bevill, James 1 Bland, C.Y. 2 Blanko, Ellen 1 259 Blanko, Karen 1 Blanks, Lynn 1 Bloodworth, Sarah 3 Blough, Beth 1 Blount, Becky 1 Blount, Judson B. 2 Blount, Kelly 1 Blue, Sharon 1 Bonnett, Ruthie 3 Bone, Robert 1 Born, Mary 1 Bowen, David 1 Bozman, Carol 1 Branch, Jonnilee 1 Brannon, Stephen 1 Brantley, Michael 1 Brooks, Ollie 3 Brown, Clifford 3 Brown, Mitchell 2 Brown, Patsy 2 Brown, Paula 2 Bruce, Janna 2 Brungard, Cindy 1 Buchanan, David 1 Burns, Diane 1 Burton, Lisa 1 Burnup, Lee 1 Butler, Linda 1 Callaway, Starr 1 Cantrell, Sylvia 2 Carey, Mary Patricia 2 260 Underclassmen Carson, Steven 3 Carter, Mary Jane 3 Carter, Sharon 3 Cason, Russell 2 Chambers, Tim 3 Champion, Beverly 3 Chaney, Doe 2 Childers, Vera 2 Christopher, Mary 3 Clark, Dewye 2 Clark, Gerard 2 Clark, Jennifer 1 Clark, John 3 Cleckley, Laura 2 Cleveland, Debra 2 Clifton, Beth 1 Clifton, Rosemary 2 Clifton, William D. Jr. 3 Clyatt, Beverly 1 Cockrell, LeRuth 1 Collier, Wesley 1 Collins, Delores 1 Collins, Joy 3 Collins, Meemie W. 1 Conner, Brenda 3 Cope, Susan 2 Copeland, Carla 1 Copeland, Cindy 1 Courson. Leon 1 261 Coyle, Roger 1 Coyle, Terence 2 Crace, Michael 1 Creasy, Jackie 3 Crenshaw, Pam 2 Crooms, Sherry 2 Crute, William 2 Culpepper, Lee 2 Currier, Margie 2 Curry, Frances 3 Daniel, Dorothy 1 Daniel, Neal 2 Dannacher, Debbie 1 Darsey, Joseph 3 David, Diane 1 Davis, Dianne 2 Davis, Donna 3 Day, Melanie 2 Deal, Gail 1 Dean, Billiard 1 Deloach, Kathy 1 Deloch, Jeanette 3 Dewitt, Lori 1 262 Underclassmen Dickerson, Joan 1 Dixon, Anne 3 Dixon, Jennifer 1 Dixon, Willie 3 Dollar, Harold 3 Donaldson, John 1 Dotson, Cynthia 1 Druhl, Kathy 3 Dudley, Nancy 2 Durrence, Hugh 3 Dyal, Debbie 1 Dyess, Pamela 1 Eastmoore, Elizabeth 3 Edwards, Christine 3 Edwards, David 2 Edwards, Rebecca 3 Edwards, Susan 2 Ellett, Shelley 3 Elliott, Michael 1 Ellis, Micki 2 Entrekin, Deborah 2 Everette, Michelle 2 Fenton, Patricia 1 Finch, Alice 1 Flowers, Janet 3 Floyd, Patricia 3 Floyd, Sarah 2 Fortney, Al 1 Foster, Rosa 2 263 Fraser, Sherry 2 Freeman, Cynthia 2 Frost, Randy 2 Frost, Ronald 1 Gains, Phillip 1 Garland, Jeffery 3 Garrison, Ruth 1 Gates, Denise 2 Gehle, Donna 1 Gentry, Cheri Ann 1 Gibbs, Maple 1 Gilbert, Anne 2 Glass, Leslie 3 Glover, Arietta 1 Gobler, Ellen 3 Gorka, Teresa 2 Graham, Pamela 1 Greenway, June 2 Griffies, Rita 2 Griffin, Nancy 1 Groce, Tim 3 Groover, Linda 2 Gwyn, Felisha 2 Hadden, Sandra 2 Hall, Stephen 1 Halligan, Debby 3 Halstead, Cheryl 1 Hamilton, Dotty 1 Hamilton, Kenneth 3 Hammond, Mike 1 Hammonds, Richard 1 264 Underclassmen Hammonds, Risa 2 Hamp, Laura 2 Harden, Bruce W. 3 Hardie, Mary 1 Hardy, Barbara 1 Harkins, Brenda 1 Harmon, Jan 1 Harrell, Charles 3 Harris, Sally 2 Hay, Polly 2 Haywood, Wanda 3 Health, Anda 2 Henderson, Joy 3 Henderson, Samuel 1 Hickman. Cathyl Hightower, Margaret 3 Hill, Carolyn 1 Hilliard, William 1 Hinchberger, H.E. 265 Hinton, Robin 1 Hodges, Paul 2 Hodges, Sherri 1 Hoffmann, Joel 3 Holley, Robert 1 Holmes, Debbie 3 Hooten, Rebecca 3 Hoover, Kimberly 1 Hornsby, Nancy 2 Hostetter, Cindy 2 Hotchkiss, Mike 1 Howard, Robin 3 Howcii, Kathy 3 Hudson, Rick 1 Hughes, Janet 2 Hughs, Randy 3 Hulsey, Jacquelynn 1 Hunt, Dee 2 Hutchinson, Pam 1 Jackson, Nancy 3 Jackson, Paula 2 Jackson, Tom 3 Jacobs, Kerry 3 Johns, Nita 2 Johnson, Carolyn 2 Johnson, David 3 Johnson, Jean 3 266 Underclassmen Johnson, Susan 1 Johnston, Kay 1 Johnston, William 3 Jones, Adam 2 Jones, Greer 1 Jones, Melanie 1 Kaney, Joe 2 Keene, Lark 2 Kelly, Anne 1 Kelly, Dee 3 Kelly, Martha 3 Kennedy, Karen 1 Kennedy, Patricia 1 Kessler, Marilyn i King, Leelee 2 Kirkland, Cindy 1 Kirland, Kenneth 1 Kitchens, Beth 1 Klein, Bob 3 Knight, Ellen 1 Knox, Paula 3 Kozee, John 2 Kramer, Jay 3 267 Kyzer, Ruth 1 Lacy, Winton 3 Lane, Janis 3 Lane, John 2 Langford, Deborah 3 Langgood, Mary 1 Lashely, Ted 3 Lee, Deborah 2 Lee, Judith 2 Lee, Mary 3 Lester, Jessie 2 Lester, Sunny 3 Levert, Anne 1 Liddle, Kathy 3 Lindholm, Brian 1 Linton, Priscilla 2 Ludwig, Frank 2 Luke, Linda 1 Lynn, Thomas 1 Lyon, Lee Anne 1 Maddox, Debbie 1 Maddox, Frank 1 Malekmadani, Jahra 3 Maloof, Jerry 3 Maloof, Mary 1 Marinos, Sandra 2 Marshman, Marian 3 Martel, Nancy 1 Martin, Betsy 1 268 Underclassmen Martin, Edward 3 Martin, Susan 3 Mason, Shelby 3 Maxwell, Susan 1 McCallum, Claire 1 McCallum, Joy 3 McDowell, Linda 2 McGlauflin, Sue 1 McGuire, Susan 3 McLemore, Robert 3 McLeud, Carl 3 McMillan, Kenneth 3 McPhatter, Linda 1 Merritt, Terri 3 Meyer, Julie 3 Miles, Wendy 1 Miller, Janie 1 Miller, Marie 3 Miller, Paula 1 Milligan, Rodney 3 269 Mitchell, Sue 1 Montaluo, Emily 1 Montford, Amanda 3 Moore, Janet 2 Morelli, Daryl 1 Morgan, Patricia 1 Morre, Debra 3 Morris, Nancy 2 Morrison, Sherry 1 Morrissett, Terri 1 Mosley, Sharon 3 Moss, Cheryl 3 Moss, Donna 1 Mueller, Lee 1 Mulligan, Lindy 2 Murrell, Bonny 1 Murick, Kerry 1 Napier, Janice 1 Maples, Patricia 1 Nelson, Theresa 3 Nixon, Sibyl 3 Odom, Joseph 1 Odom, Martha 2 O ' Neal, Melanie 2 O ' Neal, Thomas Oswalt, Sandra 2 Overton, Beth 1 Oxford, Michael 3 Paradice, Mike 3 270 Underclassmen Park, Robin 1 Parker, Teresa 1 Parks, Kathy 1 Parks, Rebecca 1 Patterson, Karen 1 Patton, Patricia 2 Payton, Wanda 3 Perdue, Donna 1 Petersen, Anne 1 Peterson, Valerie 3 Phillips, Neal 1 Pickel, Susan 1 Pierce, Jo Nan 2 Pirkle, Regina 3 Pitman, Richard 1 Pittman, Drew 1 Poole, Robert 3 Pope. Bobby 1 Powell, Gertrude 1 271 Powell, Henry 1 Powers, Darlene 1 Price, Liesa 2 Priddy, Russell 2 Pridgen, Leslie 2 Prien, Deborah 2 Prince, Betty 3 Purcell, David 2 Quinn, Brenda 2 Quinn, Pamela 1 Rahn, Mary 2 Raney, Janice 3 Reeder, Phillip 1 Reeres, Millie 3 Rhodes, Patricia 2 Rice, Laura 2 Richards, Susan 3 Richardson, James 1 Riley, Mary 2 Rising, Patricia 1 Roberson, Marcia 3 Roberts, Genie 1 Robinson, Hollis 3 Robinson, Kenneth 1 Rodgers, Susan 1 Rogers, Ann 1 Rogers, Patricia 1 Ross, Beverly 1 Roth, Estelle 1 Underclassmen Rowe, Robin 3 Ruark, Hal 1 Ruedenbusch, Jane 2 Russell, Scott 2 Rutledge, Janice 2 Sabbag, Debra 2 Salter, Robert 3 Sanders, Kathryn 1 Sasnett, Brenda 3 Sasser, Wendell 2 Saturday, James 3 Sauls, David 1 Schirmer, Karen 3 Schmitt, Patricia 2 Scott, Rebecca 1 Screws, Sarah 1 Scroggs, Annette 1 Seay, Randy 1 Segars, Robert 1 Sercer, Ruby 3 Scrivener, Lynn 2 Sharpe, Vally 2 Shedd, Don 3 Shelnutt, Jason 3 Shelnutt. Patricia 3 Shockley, Karen 3 Shuman, Linda 3 Shumans, Edward 3 Siegrist, Cecil 1 Sikes, Donna 1 Simon, Debra 1 273 Simmons, Lisa 2 Smith, Bonnie 1 Smith, Brenda 1 Smith, Cheri 2 Smith, Cindy 2 Smith, Darrell 1 Smith, Eloise 3 Smith, Enola 1 Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Julie 3 Smith, Patricia 2 Smith. Steven 2 Snipes, Cheryl 1 Sparks, Maureen 1 Spinks, Merrelyn 3 Spivey, Kathleen 2 Spivey, Sarah 2 Sprouse, Debra 3 Stadnick, Diane 2 Stanley, Merlene 2 Stapleton, Catherine 2 Starr, Jayne 1 Steed, Jeanette 1 274 Underclassmen Stembridge, Asbury 2 Stevenson, Foy 3 Stone, Linda 1 Stoutermire, Maurice 3 Summerour, Ginny 1 Svien, Debbie 1 Swanson, Patricia 3 Tadsen, Trent 2 Tadson, Dennece 1 Tapley, Debora 1 Tayl or, Glenn 2 Taylor, Kenneth 1 Taylor, Lisa 3 Taylor, Suzanne 2 Tedford, Donna 3 Terry, Alison 1 Theus, Nancy 3 Thomas, Deborah 1 Thomas, Evelyn 1 Thomas, Nora 3 Thompson, Janis 1 Toler, Slaton 3 Tootle, Donna 1 Torbett, Lisa 1 Torelli, Deobrah 2 Trammel, Bobby 3 275 Tremble, Bernice 1 Troup, June 3 Tuck, Lisa 2 Turner, Emerson 2 Ulmer, George 3 Ulmer, Herbert 3 Vaughna, Ann 1 Vaughters, Linda 3 Veno, Jacqueline 3 Vreeland, Ken 3 Walburn, Michael 3 Walden, Columbus 2 Walker, Donna 2 Walker, William 2 Warren, Beth 3 Wasdin, Donna 3 Watters, Cecil 1 Waters, Marilyn 3 Watson, Debra 3 Waugh, Candy 1 Waugh, Donald 2 Weitman, Reta 2 Wells, Janet 3 276 Underclassmen Wells, Marny 2 Welsh, Judith 1 Welton, Steven 2 West, Dorothy 2 West, Karen 1 Westbrook, Vicki 3 Wheatley, Susan 2 Wheeler, Sheri 3 White, Prudence 1 Whitfield, Glinda 2 Whiting, Julia 1 Wight, Tom 1 Wilkerson, Patricia 3 William, Roger 3 Williams Barbara 3 Williams, Brenda 3 Williams, Daisy 3 Williams, Dale 3 Williams, James 1 Williams, Linda 2 Williams, Mary 3 Williamson, Andy 1 Williford, Lloyd 1 Wilson, Johnnye 3 Wilson, Sandra 1 Wilson, Sherry 2 Wingate, Leesa 2 Winge, Terresa 1 Wood, Susan 2 Woodruff, Nancy 1 Woods, Holly 1 Wooster, Karen 1 Wright, Vicki 1 Wynn, Brenda 2 Yandle, Regina 1 Yates, Peggy 2 Young, Bonnie 1 Young, Jean Marie 2 Zechman, Paul 3 Zwallen, Jeanne 1 278 Graduate Students Allen, T. Carlton Baxter, David Branch, Dealva Davis, John DeVan, Karen Dowling, William Ferrelle, Mary Griffin, Roma Howell, Teresa Hughes, Robert Kirkland, Randall Knight, Cathy Lewis, Laura Mercer, Debra Mercer, William Musselwhite, Pamela Onouye, Hitoshi Robertson, Julie Smith, Celia Stewart, Jill Younger, Bradley 279 Administration Right: Dr. Lloyd L. Joyner, Registrar and Dir. of Adm. Below Right: Dr. Richard Harwell, Dir. of Libraries. Below: Student George Lynch, Assoc. Dean of Students for Special Services; Ford Bailey, Dir. of Counseling; Ben G. Waller, Dean of Stu- dents. 2nd Row — Iris Brannen, Adm. Asst. for Financial Aid.; Gordon Alston, Administrative Asst.; Louise Screws, Housing Coor.; Jane Thompson, Coun- celor. 3rd Row — Larry Davis, Dir. of Housing; Charlene Bishop, Asst. Dir. of Housing; Dr. James Orr, Assoc. Dean of Students; Macelyn Anders, M.D., Dir. of Health Services. 4th Row — Shelton Evans, Dir. of Judicial Affairs; Dr. Jack REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE. Left, Top to Bottom — Art Bostock, Ruth Corsey, Bernice Barns, Jean Mikell. Pam Wingate, Kate Pate, Jackie Cooper, Laurine Mikell, Jimmie Lou Hagan, Diane Hopkins, Sherry Mikell. Below, Top to Bottom — Don Cole- man, Matda Elder, Larry Bowen, Anne Hook, Joe Head, June Williams, Joe Flowers, Regina Seymour, Deans and Division Chairman Right: Dr. Warren F. Jones, Jr., School of Arts and Sci- ences; Middle: L to R. Dr. Donald Hackett; Div. of Ind. Tech; Dr. Betty Lane. Div. of Home Ec: Bottom: L to R. Dr. Jack N. Averitt. Graduate School; Dr. Origen James. School of Business; Below, Top to Bottom: Dr. Douglas Leavitt. Div. of Health. Physical Ed. and Recreation: Dr. Starr Miller, School of Education ue.pdrimeru nedub Right- Dr. W.H. Bolen, Marketing and Of- fice Administration; Far Right: Dr. Clar- ence McCord, Speech Drama; Far Lower Right: Dr. John A. Hulsey, Secondary Education Instruction; Middle Right: Dr. Walter B. Mathews. Elementary Edu- cation; Lower Right: Dr. Hiram Hanson, Geology; Below: Dr. Georgia B. Watson, Psychology Faculty mmmm mmmimm Adams, Dr. SterlingC. Music Anderson. Mrs. Evelyn Prof. Lab. Exp. Andrews, Dr. Earl Ind. Tech Archer, Mr. William H. Political Science •Ankney. D. Paul H. Biology Barrow, Dr. Robert M. History Geog. Barry, Dr. Don H. History Geog. Bell, Dr. Majorie Prof. Lab Exp. Bitter, Mrs. Barbara W. Eng., Jour. Phil. Bennett. Mrs. Sara N. Biology Blanks, Mrs. Judy S. Foreign Languages Boliek, Miss Elvena Eng.. Jour, Phil Bonds, Mr. Charles Educ. Psych. Guidance Borowsky, Mr. Jane M. Foreign Languages Branch, Dr. Roger Socio. Anthro. Brannen, Annie S. Marketing, Off. Adm. Brogdon, Mrs. Helen Health, Phys Ed. Rcr. Brown, Mrs. Frieda Home Ec Brown, Dr. Walter L. Secondary Education Burkitt, Mr. David Mathematics Carmichael. Mr. Hayde Ind. Tech. Carnes, Dr. Lon M. Finance Cate. Dr. Hollis L Eng.. Jour. Phil. 297 Faculty J Dr. BradS Se Christison. M Secondary Educatior Christmas. Jack School Services Cochran. Dr. John P History Geog Collins. Deiore: Health, Phys. Ed Rc Colvard. Robert G Health. Phys. Ed Rc Cornbleet. Dr. Edward Languages Cotter Health. Phy Crawfo Dahir, D Foreign Languages Darrell. Dr. James H Geolog; I 15 298 Faculty Faria. Anthony J. Marketing Off. Adm. Fitzwater. Dr. Robert N. Chemistry Floyd. Gorfon Earl Health. Phys. Ed.. Rcr. Ford. Bonnie Jean Home Ec Franklin. Sandra T. Secondary Education Fraser. David K. Eng.. Journ. Phil. French. Dr. Frank E. Biology Garrison. Dr. X.L. Adm. Supervision Gerken, Dr. Robert E. Music Gernant Dr. Frieda Art Gillis. Dr. Patricia I. Eng.. Jour. Phil. Godfrey, Edgar C. Ind. Tech. ♦ Hoff. Mr. Clayton H. Eng.. Jour. Phil. Hooley. Mrs. Adele Eng., Jour. Phil. Huey, Dr. Cecil Ind. Tech. Huff, Mr. W.N. Economics Jackson. Mrs. Meianie H. Secondary Education Jones, Miss Susan Home Ec Kader, Mr. Gary Mathematics Keighley, Mr. Richard Eng.. Jour. Phil. Kellogg, Dr. Craig K. Chemistry Kelley, Dr. Lawrence B. Finance Kettler, Miss Mary C. Home Ec. • Kleinginna, Ms. Anne Psych. 302 Kleinginna, Dr. Paul Psych. La Cerva. Dr. Patricia Eng.. Jour. Phil. Lanier. Mrs. Nancy J. Prof. Lab Exp. Lee. Mrs. Dorothy F. Speech. Drama Little. Dr. Edward G. Eng.. Jour. Phil. Mabry, Dr. N. Kemp Edu. Psych, Guidance Marshall. Dr. Rosemarie Biology Martin, Mr. John S. Ind. Tech. Martin. Dr. Robert A. Edu. Psych. Guidance Mathew, Dr. David W. Music Maur, Dr. Kishwar • Biology Mayfield. Dr. Gordon Chemistry Osgood, Ms Shirley Psych. Overstreet, Mrs. Karen Home Ec. Parcels, Mr. John L. Eng.. Jour. Phil. Parrish. Dr. LeoG.. Jr. Management Paul, Dr. Tom L. Health, Phys. Ed.. Rcr. Peach, Dr. Walter J. Instruction Pearce, Dr. Dorie P. Family LifeCtr. Petkewich, Dr. Richard M. Geology Piatt, Dr. Larry A. Socio. Anthro. Presnell. Miss Anne Mathematics Pound. Mrs. Dorothy W. Music Quinn. Dr. Carolyn Speech Drama 305 Rabitsch, Mrs. Sandra Eng., Jour. Phil. Rabitsch, Mr. William Business Services Rogers, Dr. John T. Physics Russell, Dr. Fielding D. Eng., Jour. Phil. Saunders, Dr. Frank History Geog. Scearce. Mr. Jimmy B. Health. PhysE.. — Rcr. Scott, Dr. Taylor C. Socio. Anthro. Selvidge, Mr. Lewis R. Ind.Tech. Seymour. Mrs. Frances Home Ec. Sherrell. Dr. Dan Marketing Off. Adm. Shriver. Dr. George H. History — Geog. Shurbutt. Dr. T. Ray History Geog. 306 Sida. Dr. Donald Prof. Lab Exp. Sidler, Dr. Paul D. Accounting Singletary, Dr. Tom A. Ind. Tech. Smith. Mr. Tom 0. Health, Phys Ed., — Rcr. Sparks, Dr. Arthur Mathematics Speith. Dr. William R. Health, Phys Ed., — Rcr. Spurgeon, Dr. Patrick 0. Eng., Jour. Phil. Stapleton. Dr. Richard C. Management Stewart. Mr. William F. Voc. Ed. Task Force Stone, Dr. David Mathematics Todd. Dr. Willie G. History Geog. Turner, Mr. Daniel S. Ind. Tech. 307 309 z 4 - X Sr 4 : s " I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety. M H psalms 4:9 5t In Memory of: J.I. Clements William Dewberry Warren Whitside MS d avid lewis CONCLUSION And then you put on a black robe, square hat, and walked across a stage to receive a piece of paper — the fruit of four years of labor. Then you packed your bags and prepared to leave, eager to show the world your hard won knowledge. Yet even as you pack- ed, a small thought lin- gered; was this really the end of your educa- tion, or were you right back at the beginning? 314 315 317 There is a time-worn, hackneyed custom among year- book people that the Editor takes the last page of the book for his own, at which time he launches into a long boring essay thanking anyone and everyone for any- thing and everything. So with that background information I ' ll get started. Choosing those who deserve special recognition in the making of this book is rather difficult- — everyone worked hard. Yet, looking back over the missed dead- lines, lost pictures, and injured feelings, several people stand out. Dr. Keith Hickman, our advisor, friend, and co-con- spirator, he ran marvelous interference through moun- tains of administration red tape. Mr. Danny Scott and Mr. Tim Arrington of American Yearbook Company, who helped us in every way possible. Darlo Mock and Suzzanne Taylor, who finally got the Organization sec- tion together. My special thanks go to Hunter Publish- ing Company, who unknowingly provided the idea for the opening section. And last, but in no way least, my heartfelt gratitude to Brenda Harkins, who slaved all summer to finish this book, even though her own section was finished. Without her it would never have been completed. I hope you think the time, effort, and money spent on the book you are holding was worth it; I do. Good luck Joey. Editor, 1975 Reflector I

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