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Digitized by the in 2014 Internet Archive https: details reflector1972na the emphasis at southern has been on growth and change, new buildings have been added, the function of others has changed, more students, larger faculty, program and degree alter- ations and, perhaps, soon we will have university status, to the left is pictured dr. pope duncan, serving his first term as presi- dent of georgia southern college, replacing dr. john o. eidson. the notions of growth and change here at southern have been so enthusiastic, we even decided to change the date of our found- ing! GEORGIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE NIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA FOUNDED 1906 one four six seven eight nine twelve seventeen eighteen twenty twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six • •,.• " .• fey- ' »SA ySjHfflKiS W -f« ' i- -w-owy .-5 £ I ' the pageantry ; indecision; and ecstacy oil sorority rush fall quarter registration brings record enrollment thirty-eight thirty-nine the increased enrollment was reflected by longer lines, closed classes, and a scarcity of space for completing those endless forms. AUTOS HERE students are herded, like sheep to their slaughter, through the last stages of registration forty-four 1 :lassroom routine follows the hassle of vgi strati on forty-five learning: how many different forms it assumes! forty-seven I , 1 forty-eight teaching methods vary with the subjects. TfiL J • Ik iff 1 i v fifty far left: dr. kemp mabry combines audio visual and discussion techniques in teaching education 351. left: dr. keith hickman explains an intricacy of drafting. knowledge I cannot be dictated, its discovery must come through exploration, guidance, and quiet study. fifty-three " to know is not to spout forth knowledge; instead, to know is to apply knowledge. " tools of education: sophisticated, efficient, and sometimes infuriating! fifty-seven fifty-eight bikes were nice on sunny days, but when it rained . . . fifty-nine physical training: a worthwhile supplement to the mental gymnastics of academic subjects. sixty-one the lingering warmth of summer made lazy days at the lake even more enjoyable sixty-four far right: unfortunately, the floating tire is not an island for the ducks: instead, it is rubbish thoughtlessly thrown to marr the scenery, top right: even though a beautiful day is no excuse for putting off assignments, the warm outdoors can make reading more of a pleasure. iA sixty-six student service projects help gsc far left: the skyline of the gsc campus was freshened by a newly painted water tower, thanks to delta chi fraternity, above: students in design brightened the williams center with splashes of paint, left: the bloodmobile, a familiar campus sight, received many unselfish donations. sixty-seven intermuralfootball:a combination of strong loyalties sixty-eight and hard work j i i phi delta theta wins trophy intermural football was undeniably one of the most importanl aspects of fall quarter, 1971. as shown below, the field became not only the scene of game action, but also, it was the center ol sideline social gatherings and gossip sessions. seventy . seventy-one the williams center housed student governing councils and publication staffs. top left: andy moscrip, editor of the reflector, works on a yearbook revision, left: a portrait of two presidents: torn mackleheny, president of sgc; and dr. pope duncan, president of gsc. below: thursday night was work night for the george anne staff. J visitors to gsc provide stimulation and entertainment ttttCO M E fop r ghf: torn wicker, editor of the new york times, was a key speaker in the gsc lecture series. He is shown standing with rick mandes, director of college relations. seventy-five Christmas 1971: the end of a quarter, and the m tau kappa epsilon fraternity again sponsered the annual Christmas tree lighting, a rainy night did not deter the crowds from joining the celebration. seventy-six • • • • • •••••• • ••••• • •••••• •• • • seventy-seven governor carter ' s visit to georgia southern . . . enhanced winter quarter ' s highlight — homecoming 1 winter quarter " i do, i do " the musical comedy, " do, i do, " featuring jack and sally jer kins, was presented on march 2, 1972 in mccroan auditorium, ' i do, i do " portrayed the talented and distinguished singing tear i as an affectionate husband and wife acting and singing out thfi first fifty years of a successful marriage, sponsored by the carm pus life enrichment committee, the play drew wide attention from both town and campus enthusiasts. I eighty eighty one gsc — ever expanding eighty three andre kole: mystery, magic and a forecast o future 1 eighty four left: andre kole, world famous magi- cian, uses five " magic rings " to sym- bolize prophecies in the bible of the second coming of christ. mr. kole was sponsored by campus cru- sade for christ. eighty five three ring circus one of largest world right: princess tajana and he trained leopards were a main attrac tion in the hanneford three ring cir cus which visited the hanner field j house in march, below: an attractiv( j member of the george hanneforc i family bareback riding act salute: gsc audience. eighty seven eighty eight eighty nine action in fraternity intramurals left: kappa sigma receives trophy for first place in basketball, earlier in the year, phi delta theta, beating kappa sigma in the playoff, captured the first place in football. ninety one ninety two co-captains pam musselwhite and vicki carlson, execute one of many military drills during halftime. below: golden eagle majorettes, led by captain gail smith and co-captain louise drummond, dance to the melody of " one " in a special tambourine routine. ninety three spirit is excitement; faces, crowds and charged emotions ninety five what has happened to concerned students — protests, demonstrations of the late ' 60 ' s — what happened to earth day. this page has been left empty to point out the mportance of student interest, what has happened to spring swing ninety eight the masquers ' winter production was " ten nights in a bar room. " The three-act play was staged in the era of the women ' s temperance league and melodramatically portrayed the evils of liquor, the dress rehearsal was attended by the senior citizens club, part of the masquers ' community involve- ment program, " ten nights in a bar room " drew community, as well as college, support and enthusi- asm, attended by young and old, enjoyed by all. Webbs Varsity D ip Ice Cream Par 43 Flavors ninety nine one hundred one hundred one r J one hundred four one hundred seven one hundred eight right: governor jimmy carter ad- dresses students and faculty at gsc. below: governor and mrs. carter par- ticipate in the gsc homecoming pa- rade. one hundred nine color, imagination, festivity have strange but comical results one hundred ten one hundred eleven homecoming: parades, crowns and victory one hundred twelve left: forrest hopkins, gsc cheerleader and sister of a d pi sorority, was crowned 1972 homecoming queen by retiring queen, lynn scurry. one hundred thirteen leigh griffin — miss reflector 1972 below, left: miss judy keene, first runner up. right: miss joan lumpkin, second runner up. orte hundred fifteen gail peters crowned miss georgia southern college one hundred nineteen poise, talent, beauty: a form of pageantry one hundred twenty ! one hundred twenty-two one hundred twenty-three one hundred twenty four one hundred twenty five one hundred twenty-six ■a miss america 1972 — miss laurie schaffer ' s visit to " southern " highlighted beauty pageant eagles capture 11th straight winning season coach j. e. rowe ' s offensive minded eagles tied the school record for " most times scoring 100 points in season. " the previous high was set with a mark of 7 by the 1964-65 ea- gles. one hundred twenty eight team spirit emanates through crowd the georgia southern eagles had a very impressive " first " year in university competition finishing 17-9. highlighted by their first place finish in the " hatter classic " in orlando, florida, and the play of the two most talented sopho- mores, johnny mills and rich- ard Wallace, ever to wear the blue and white, the " run and gun " eagles entertained fans throughout the country. with their exciting fast break, the 100 mark was bro- ken 7 times in a season that saw the eagles have 7 heart- breaking losses, they lost by two points four times and by three on three occasions. a break here or there and the eagles could have been in post-season play in the mid east regionals or in the na- tional invitational tournament. things look bright again next year because the eagles had three sophomores in the line up who will be experi- enced juniors in 1972-73. — coach j. e. rowe eagles enter first year in university competition one hundred thirty two one hundred thirty five big blue captures 2nd in mercer invitational johnny mills, left, holds two high marks this season by leading the team in rebounds and points in a single game, mills scored 37 points in a game against old do- minion and brought down 18 rebounds in a battle with georgia state, he posted a total of 631 points and aver- aged 24.3 per game. one hundred thirty seven Wallace sets new field goal percent record richard Wallace, right, broke the eagles long standing individual sea- son record for " best shooting per- centage " with a hot 55.4 from the floor. Wallace hit 215 for 388 to top the previous record set by jim see- ley in 1965. one hundred thirty eight one hundred thirty nine one hundred forty one gymnastics team finished season with only one loss judo enthusiasts met twice a week in banner gym spring quarter A})! pajpunq auo , auji ipund,, p Aueiu sdoL) juaAa ai|i ' asjiiuns p|nco auo se ' uouejnS -npui s,upaunp jp $o )aa v aip Suunp spm aaueiujojjad s,adoij •jjSjA s,adoi| p a§jeip ui spm aaijjo suoup|8j ajiqnd ai|i uouepunoj ai|i oi §uio8 spaaDOjd ||E qjjM ' juaAa aqj pajosuods uojjepunoj juujn|e ai|} pMOJD Ajppdea e ljijm asnoi) piay jauueq aqj pa||!j pup uoiiuanp apiM ajejs Majp sndiuea ujaqjnos PiSjoaS ai|j oj jjSiA s doq qoq auo Ajjjj pajpunq auo JSjqSnej L jiM sndiuej gl j y p9J3Moqs — jjsiA i jcIp s doq qoq omj A]jij pajpunq auo hi S UOjJFU uj sdsndmej U9} }o duo — ujoyjnos sjisjA ddoq aajqi Ajjjj pajpunij ouo jnoj Ajjij pojpunq auo •uoaipun| |pjn§neu| Suunp sauejiuSjp oj a )ods uPDunp p adod juapjsajd pajpjnSnpui A| v au Mou joj punojS d ojq fy jmb pue uejunp ' sjp j U8A9S Ajjij psjpunq 9uo •saiiiAijsa;) 8uunp sajp§a|ap passajppe — pmb m -seioipm jp — juapisajd 8DiA pajinodde A|M8U :dAoqe sajjjAjjDB lejnSnein u| ajedpijjed 6} sndwea ds§ pajjSjA xoppew jajsa| joujaAoS }| }U9piS3jd WZL spsS se pQjejnSneui uejunp ' e 9dod ' jp A jj pajpunq auo Z161 juapisojd ' SJj IS j39J§ ' SUOISSBDOjd aum Ajjjj pajpunq auo uojjejnSnBU! jo 3A8 uo s |aaj8 sndtUBD oj a |ods UBDunp jp :jqSu jb; jLjSm uojjBjnSnBUj joj yys s,nu BtuSjs :jqSu uojssaDOJd u; pajBdpjjjBd sjaqwaw Aj|nDBj puB ' pBa| aqj ui pjbajbl) qjjM ' sajB§a|ap SinjjsiA :dAoqe auo Ajxis pajpunq auo OAM-Ajxjs pgjpunq auo jnqdp 8uuep„ ssjnjdej uiy duuni upof jnoj Ajxis pajpunq auo Ajxjs pajpunq auo Aep Aqjdp ssiuu — QdqpoS uued i r - 2d f f jpaA ;paj§ p jo uojiaidwoD aqj jp uojipjqaiaa jo ajaqdsoiujp |pjaua§ p pup ' Ajopja jo asoqj LjijM paxjiu juawjuioddpsjp jo spunos ' jo|od uo jo|od jo a ua nbas p ' uoupjpdajd jo a|jsnq aqj Aq pazuappjpq:) spm jaaM ajuua aqi iuA§ jauupq aqj jp uoijejdqif am Suunjpaj a3upp pajjPMP Suo| p pup ' jupa -§pd Ajnpaq asjaAaj p ' sawpS )aaj§ jo AjauPA p ' jpm-jo -§nj ' 8uis |aaj§ aqj ajaM pajpdpujpd sauuojos pup sau -mjajpjj ||P qDiqM u; sajjiAjpp )aaM jaaj§ aqj Suowp jauaq uaaq aApq A|pjpq p|noD uojipziupSjo juapnjs jsa§jp| sjooqDS aqj joj jpaA aq} jo jqSjiqSjq aqi jpqi pjps aq p|no3 ]j ||P ui ||P uoupjjsmiujpp aqi wojj pjp pup aDUppmS paujaDuoD pup ' s jaaj§ aqi Aq uou -pdpijjpd |pjoj ' aauiujujOD |aaM |aaj§ Dmaiiaqupdoji aqi jo |jom pajPDipap aqj jo j|nsaj pua aqj spm } uad -dp ' q jsnf jou pjp ssaDDns sjqi jnq ZL61 ' |aaM jaaj§ aq oj aApq p|no v ;j ' ssaDDns |P}oi pup ap|diuoD p pawjai aq upd jpaA siqj sndwPD ds§ aq; uo juaAa Aup jj Aju8A9S pajpunq auo auo Aju9A8s pajpunq auo omi Aiu9Aas pajpunij auo xjs AjuaAas pajpunq auo U9A9S AJU3A8S pajpuni| 9UO auiu A}U9A8s pajpunq auo 99jlh Ajq§ja pajpunq auo jnoj Aji|8i3 pajpunq auo SdwvB ijmd swotf 9pfi w ywwnw dA j AjqSja pajpunq auo Mm iq§|a AiL)§ia pajpunq auo auiu AjL)§jo pajpunn auo qrwroys $vn wry Mdcj ' wrw qpptwp Wfi w omi Ajauiu pajpunij auo www ma «,• • t « I • «_» ■ MM • • • vwv% » « _ • a ■ ' I « • ■ ■ • i • ■ • • • . ... f wdft spy} jo wow [9W aajij} Ajum pajpunq auo jno A}9um pajpunq auo dA l Aiauiu pajpuni) auo I 99%rWW$ TpWVj) wfirp wo} vpS aum Ajum pajpuni) auo sdjqsuojdiueiiD ' e ' S ' n sjsoq ujaqjnos p SjosS jsbuluAS — Ajnesq pue dsjod IOjjuod jo jje at 7 :sDjiseuujA8 aAi.| pajpunq om] xjs pajpunq omj uaAas pajpunq omj S9IUOUUSJ9D Aep SJOUOL ainu p8jpuni| omj , Aep sjouoq,, uo pajnqujsip spjp v e juawjjedap ,uew jo auo , pjeme A8o|OipAsd„ pajuasajd |U!| jp luunp y jV9A ai j jo Joss9}Ojd„ psuueu JdAeuu ua] pajpunq omj uojjejjsj§aj js}o: uaA9|a pajpunq omj |enuB]sqns sbm suoj)D8|8 |euoj]Eu puB |Bao| qjoq in uojiejjsjSaj jo± jnoujnj aqj ' A|iuanbasuoD uoijdaDxa ou ajB ajaq siuaprqs ' pua.q iBuojjBu e uaaq seq sjjBjje juawiuaAoS |b: 0| ui uonedpiued jo ajisap juaprqs ujaqjnos ib ajaq papnpuoD sbm aAup uojiBJjsjSaj jajOA p ' jajjenb Suuds jo pua aqi JBau qjnos p o s t 2: uaaiJii)} psjpuni) omj djopq si ap i d dqj passdjppe uBDunp -jp uaajjnoj pajpunq omj ' S9De d y Ap v e jd8„ sjuoap; ■ uaajuaAas pajpunq omj jeSnoj LUOJ} Ul JBJS m ueuussneq uaqdsjs UOJUJOLjJ L P P uospjvqju jQjeSjeui auo-AjuaMj pajpunq omi — ajueuuoj §ui y pnq f ' spiuuejAd pnq ' spns iddji ' y jnp p OD ' ssdpj Sui iius ' squoj Mo jaui ' doj pjzi jno AjuaMj pajpunq omj l eqijos oje d js 9jnjdez aAjj A}U8Mj pajpunq om] U9A8S AjuaMj pajpunq om] 1 mm qnp Ajjunoj ojoqssjejs W P 9LI IPUOjJBJjAUj juduueujnoj Aue ui sjojdf; juejjoduuj a p auiu AjuaMj pajpunq omj juajjed e puis y pueq Apedjs e ' sAs poo§ e AjJiqi pajpunq omj auo Ajjiqi pajpuni) omj sauof srojew ?ja8eupiu ' sa|Moq Appnq ' Aqjep ajad ' jajsqaM uop ' pun| Sipjd uiejdeD ' pjcxpawiuns Apof . 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From 1961 until 1966, one person directed the basic areas of public relations, alumni, news and publications. in 1966, a second full time person came into the program to work with alumni; in 1969, a publica- tions editor and a director of fund raising; and in 1971, a news editor, the director of college rela- tions coordinates the program and handles public relations and special events. the one main purpose of the college relations program is to report the many and varied activities taking place on the college campus and to reflect on her present day growth and her future tense potential and dreams, this reporting and this reflecting is produced for the many publics available to georgia southern: alumni, friends, and the general populace of the coastal empire, the state and the region. all this is done through the gsc alumni association; institutional publications, which are used as informational and recruiting devices; news: both state and hometown (radio, t.v., and newspaper); through different public relations benefits which bring the public to the campus; and through the solicitation for contributions of support and monies from the many publics by the fund raising office. additionally, the college relations staff prepares many professional articles about georgia southern for various monographs and publications throughout the u.s. — ric mandes two hundred fifty seven j v7i c -J v 7 c n :. • 3 _ . ' 7 - 3 Q J t . PLEA AND END o» h — S -7 -3h3 . 25 -20-2n6 26fc-t 5-O730, 256-7 -wfci3 ILL 2 h-72-lC 2a24- 7 v-3 036 2h -2 V-2109. 25 - -1 27. 25h-aa-i398 2h9-30-L3aSl D7.3 6 35 06 : £ 7-32-0178: ■ 25 -72-6 53 26G-22-1323, Zh !fL " 5.2 27 2b3-S8 " 7 76 die 57.-2 »fl85Q t 4L 2 5 5 253- " K - 4 -30 g a-96-%830 1 ? g-7 - fc 3. p -SK-3210, Mi ■ SF Dl TA( H QST A T P QUARTER C.O( R h v, MB! « GRADE 7 • I STUDENT NO. 255-c?£-392 L Hs7»8»gQ871 .351- - J3 S. ? .2 9-92-3073. 2? 2b -. -- 39, 25 7-92- IS 5 3. X r t 1 A 23S-86»3933 Hh2-7a-ls 7 Jh c 3-8R-931A O-8g.»9073 25l7 - 8 2 - M t 4- 252 70 QA2 J 2b6-c -i: 77. 251-7 -2C39. 25A-7 -682 ...25 - - f , 1 I 257.-86- • ; • i PI I ASI D E T A ( II AND P s l AT i ND OF ( )UA RTEFI C STUDENT NO. ?59-78»0120 - « : : .i 7 - 8 ? 2 1 7 2 ?53 »86-8552 i-ia. J?60-90-7334 39-48-2286 L . j-og57 9 - 00 5 6 Nl Ml 250 GRADI B CL. -3 ? 6 o-88-7957 23 I mm Adamcak, Tina Adams, Melody Aldridge, Elaine Alexander, Mary Ellen Alford, Brenda Amaral, Devona Anderson, Deborah Anderson, Hugh Anderson, Juanita Anderson, Nancy Ansley, Pamela Austin, Wanda Axt, Rick Bahlow, Karen Bailey, Sandra Baldwin, Kaye Banks, Becky Barbre, Deborah Barrett, Margaret Barry, Rosemary Batterson, Debby Bazemore, Bonnie Beard, Barbara Beard, Barry Bearden, Timothy Beavers, Judy Bell, Dee Dee Bennett, Patricia Bennett, Sheila Bernsed, Marelyn Biel, Mark Blackmon, John Boggs, Karen Bohler, Johnny Bolton, Doug Bonner, Ruth Bowdren, Rene Boyd, Sally Bradley, Martha Branch, Charier, Branch, Dealva Branch, Joy Brannen, Nora Brannen, Susan Brewton, Karen Bridges, Carol Brim, Ann Brinson, Angela Brinson, Marcena Britt, Angela Broadhurst, Beth Broder, Charlie Brooks, Carol Brown, Debbie Brown, Judy Brown, Marilyn Brownlet, Charlene Bruners, Franz-Josef Bryant, Kathy Burgess, Jennifer Burkett, Linda Burnsed, Anne Butler, Catherine Byrd, Jeanene Byrne, Anne Byrnes, Kathy Cadenhead, Neva Cain, Steve Campbell, Gail Campbell, Gary Campbell, Linda Carter, John Carswell, Kathy Carter, Teresa Cash, Jamie Ceamal, Deborah Cecchini, Charles Chadnicki, Mary Chaney, Jane Chapman, Betty Jo two hundred eighty two Chasteen, Brenda Christopher, )enny Church, Gail Clark, Brenda Claxton |r., William Cleveland, Tavie Clifton, Clenda Coats, Julie Cole, Bonnie Coleman, Mirk Coleman, Pat Collins, Chris Colston, Sammy Connell, Vickie Cook, lennifer Cooper, Diane Cox, Susan Crawford, Ellen Crews, Diane Cromer, Barbara Cronin, lane Cronin, lean Daley, Wayne Dalziel, Patsy Dameron, Elaine Davis, Carol Davis, Dawn Day, Darrell Deal, Danny Deal, Deborah Deas, Gale Denton, Beth Dorsey, Audrey Doverspike, Ruth Dow, Susan Dowdy, Kathy Durrence, LaMyra Durrence, Teresa Edenfield, Vikki Egger, Diane Ellington, Cilda Elrod, Deborah Elton, Connie Erb, Susan Evans, Mary lane Eales, Deborah Farmer, Carolyn Farmer, Susan Faulk, Merrie Fielder, Dale Fischer, Kay Foisy, Debbie Fordham, Wanda Fowler, Merrimeth Frazier, Kay Frost, Pamela Fulton, Gwendolyn Gainey, Teresa Ganem, Evelyn Gardner Jr., Paul Garrett, Toby Gattis, Lynn Gibbs, Evlin Gladdin, Betty Goffrey, Morgan Goldin, Katherine Goolsby, Laurie Gornto, Sherry Gory, loan Granger, Pam Gravitt, Scott Greene, Elaine Gr eene, Rick Grey, Patsy Griffin |r., |ohn Gross, Ellen Grundeis, Sharon Hall, Kenny Hall, Kirk Hannaford, Donna two hundred eighty three Hanahan, Bridget Harrell, Diane Hart, Edith Hart, Sherry Hatcher, Annette Hatcher, Clair Hatcher, Faye Hatcher, Rebecca Hawk III, Willard Hearn, Tina Henderson, Fay Henderson, Karen Henning, Marie Hensley, Bettina Hester, Rita Heuberger, Debra Hill, Carolyn Hill, Karen Hodges, Olivia Holland, Teresa Holley Jr., David Holt, Debra Howard, Cynthia Hughes, Patricia Hunter, Frankie Hutcheson, Joyce Hutchins, Becky Jackson, Kish Jackson, Van Jakes, Susan Jenkins, Jan Johnson, Johnnie Johnson Jr., Terry Jones, Patricia Jones, Ray Jones, Ray N Jones, Rhonda Jones, William Junot, Pat Her, Janice Infinger, Susan Kennington, Mary Sue Kicklighter, Donna Kicklighter, Jana King, Dave Knauff, Susan Knight, Cathy LaBlanc, Donna Lamb, Patricia Lambert, Cynthia Landheer, Hugo Langhorne, Jim Lanier, Debra Lariscy, Linda Leach, Cindy Lloyd, Debra Lemacks, Margo Leonard, John Lewis, Barbara Linton, Janice Lord, Dianne Lowe, Suzanne Loyd, Elaine Lyle, Steven Lynn, Debbie Macomber, Lisa Manning, Mike Marshall, Ann Marshall, Laurie Martin, Thomas Mathis, Maryanne Maughon, Becky May, Nancy Mason, Peggy MacMillan, Fran McBride, Ricky McClair, Jean McConnell, Kim McCord, Fay McCraw, Robin two hundred eighty four McCurley, Greg McDaniel, Malinda McElveen, Jan McCahee, Marikay McCalliard, Ruth McCralha, Lynn McCraw, Eileen McKinney, Sue McLoon, Max Meadows, Melanie Miller, Debbie Miller, Caye Miller, Mary Mitchell , Elaine Moore, Alice Moore, lane Moore, Jimmy Moore, Pam Moore, Zelda Morton, Patricia Mullis, Trenice Murrah, Kay Musselwhite, Pam Nalley, Douglas Nelms, Judy Nickle, James Nixon, Bruce Nolen, Mimi Norris, Deborah Oakes, Ralph Odom, Louise Oglesby, Debbie Oglesby, Michael O ' Neill, Kathleen Orr, Michael Osry Jr., William Owen, Alice Owens, Debra Owens, Ellen Owens, Phillip Ozburn, Cathy Palmer, Susan Pannell, Cynthia Paris, Shan Parker, Vicky Pass, Karen Patterson, Beth Perkins, Marsha Perry, Ian Perry, Joanie Perryman, Huck Phelps, Susan Phillips, Caroline Phillips, Patricia Pitts, Pamela Pollock, Cathy Poorbaugh, Sue Posey, Robert Pruitt, lohn Purcell, Brenda Purcell, Peggy Purvis, Carla Purvis, Susan Ragan, Mary Rahn, Sheila Ramey, (oanne Raines, Sallie Raley, |immy Ratcliff, Lynn Raulerson, Cindy Ray, Dennis Reeves, George Register, Chris Reiniger, Marilynn Rhodes, Rachel Rice, Patti Richardson, Sandra Richbourg, Frances Robinson, Glenn Robison, Candi two hundred eighty five - Rogers, Cheryl Rogers, Melanie Sanders, Vickie Sammet, Eileen Sapp, Gloria Sapp, Rebecca Sayer, Bonnie Sehmidt, Linda Sengstock, Mary Shifflett, Soams Shook, Rita Sims, Stephen Small Jr., Tom Smith, Janice Smith, Lawahna Smith, Linda Smith, Lucy Smith, Peggy Smith, Terry Snipes, John Spines, Susan Spring, Betty Stansfield, Richard Stavro, Harriet Stein, Brent Steiner, Elizabeth Stewart, Debbie Strickland, Robert Strickland, Sue Struletz, Allan Sumner, Sharon Sweeney, John Swinson, Shirley Talkington, James Taylor, Lynn Thomas, Brenda Thomas, Kay Thomas, Margaret Thompson, Reba Thomson, Diane Tickle, Linda Toler, Julie Toney, Teresa Trayner, Dan Trotter, Carolyn Tucker, Charlotte Usina, Karen Van Fleit, Susan Vann, Cathy Van Tassell, Jerry Varnell, Benjy Vassy, Robert Wages, Cheryl Walker, Linda Warren, Kathy Warren, Mike Watkins, Michael Watkins, Robert Weatherford, Jo Ann Webb, Susan Webster, Donald Weeks, Shellie Welling, Bradley Welsh, Kathleen Wendel, Michael West, Pandora Westberry, Deborah Weston, Martha Wheat, Andrew Whiting, Kathy Wilde, Julie Wilson, Beverly Williams, Ann Williams, Lynn Williams, Stephanie Williamson, Linda Williamson, Sara Williamson, Susan Willis, Patricia Wilson, Patricia Wofford, Brian Wolfe, Kathy Woodard, John Wright, Angelika Wright, Gary Yarbrough, Willene Young, Gary Zeigler, Karl Aiken, Janice Akins, Kay Akridge, Charlotte Anderson, Nancy Ayers, Nancy Bacon, Judy Bailey, Donna Bailey, lulia Balkcom, Ben Barrow, lane Barwick, Carol Bates, )ean Bearden, Kathi Bell, Archer Bennett, Barbara Bethune, Carl Bowen, Joe Bracket!, Cwen Bragg, Lavaughn Bray, Beverly Bray, Nancy Brooks, Roger Brooks, Susan Broome, Sharon Brown, Linda Buford, Paula Bullington, Betty lean Cagle, (eannie Campbell, Tricia Cannon, Clenda Carr, Chris Carter, Danny Chance, Marsha Christie, Martha Cleland, Kathryn Coffield Jr., Richard Connor, Carol Cook, Pam Cope, Abner Cox, Linda Culverhouse, Debbie Danese, Dena Daniel, Flora Dasher, Bill Davis, Becki Davis, Blenda Deaton, Nancy Dennis, Jacque Dennis, Tanney Dickerson, Carol Dillard, Anita Dittmer, Leslie Dixon, Bernestine Dixon, Elaine Donkar, Despy Doster, Letsa Downing, Carolyn Dukes, Carlyle Durrence, Wanda Dyal, Janice Eaton, Nancy Ellis, Brenda Emerson, Mikie English, Nona Evans, Jamie Evans, Laura Fain, Myra Fischer, Marty Florence, Charlene Ford, Terry Fosmire, Kathy Friedman, Marty Garrard, Regina Cartelmann, Louise Cay, Gennie Gibson, Don Giddens, Shirley Gooding, Elizabeth Graham, Patricia Grant, ludy two hundred eighty seven j Criner, Robbie Cunn, Debra Haggard, Billy Hagood, Ann Hairston, Diane Hall, Margaret Hall, Helen Hancock, Don Harper, )ane Harper, Patty Harrison, Emily Heffernan, Nancy Henderson, Laleah Hilson, Earl Hitt, Patricia Hinson, Candy Hodges, Cwen Hodgson, Alex Holloman, Vernon Holmes, Ellen Holmes, Susan Hood, lames Houghton, David Huckeba, Kathryn Hurst, Greta Ann Hutchinson, Sharon Inglesby, Cornelia larrell, )an lohnson, Barbara Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Gary Jones, Catherine Jones, Gary Jones, Kathy Jordan, Kay Jordan, 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Poole, Barbara Portis, Vicky Posey, Nan Powell, Pat Price, Cinny Puckett, Tony Push, Daniel Ragan, Terry Ramsey, Leslie Ray, Jo Ann Reid, Mary Ricks, Bennie Riddle, Randy Riley, Sandra Riser, Kathy Russell, lanet Saul, Barbara Scroggs, Carol Shaw, Debbie Sheffield, Charlene Shields, Cynthia Shuford, Wynn Simmons, Nancy Simpson, Carey Skinner, Michael Smith, Anne Smith, Carol Smith, Medra Smith, Sharon Smith, William Snider, Barbara Spain, |ana Spires, Christy Spruill, Patricia Stanaland, Julie Stimpson, Laura Stokes, James Stubbs, Daniel Stuckey, Mary Sweat, Betty Lee Swindell, Joan Taylor, Debra Thigpen, Mark Thomas Jr., Garrett Thomlinson, Tim Tillery, William Tice, Pam Timmerman, Shan Toro, Madeline Totten, Louise Ussery, Karen Vandercook, Jan Van Deusen, Rusty Wachowiak, Pat Walker, Joan Ward, Grace Watson, Don Watson, Mary Lu Wayne, Jan Wells, Beverly two hundred eighty nine Wells, Kay Wells, Ray West, Dwight West, )ames White, Julie Whittle, Debbie Willard, Karin Williams, 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K. Brooks, Betty Broome, Joy Brown Jr., James Brown, Ralph Browning, Bonnie Bryant, Rita Burns, Suzanne Byrd, Linda Byrnes, Patrick Caithaml, Sylvia Canady, Melissa Carson, Eben Caswell, Duane Childs, Janice Clark, Lynn Clark, Tim Collins, Billy Conner, Gayle Corley, Teresa Cross, Amber Crump, Garland Cullars, Richard Currie, Jo Ann Daniel, Doris Daniels, Wilma Davis, Kent Davis, Harry Day, Ophelia Deas, Lynn Di I lard, Nancy Drake, Charles Driggers, Nancy Durrence, Paulette Duvall, Terry Ebersole, Carol Fann, Mike Farmer, Faye Ferguson, Marsha Fleming, Jane Fleming, Julie Freeman, Eve Freeman, Gilda Fredericks, Wayne Gabrielson, Susan Garvey, Mary Anne Gaston, Wayne George, Connie Gibson, Kathy Glass, Allison Godfrey, John Goldman, Sonny Goolsby, Cindy Grace, Mary Gross, Marie Hadden, Beth Hall, Charles Halsel, Gary Hammons, Jan Hannah, Jessica Henderson, Marcia Herring, Chuck Hester, Suzanne two hundred ninety one Hipp, Michele Hobbs, Bylhe Hodnett, Pat Holsenbeck, Linda Huff, Celia Hughes, Thomas Humphrey, Margaret Hunter Jr., Edward Jackson, Melody Jacobson, Karen James, Terry Johnson, Judith Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Terry Johnston, Juleen Jones, Elaine Josey, Anne Keever, Don King, Constance King, Kathryn LaBlanc, Susan Lampkin, Donna Lester, Darrell Lewis, David Lewis, Pam Lewis, Tommy Lewis, William Lively, John Lord, Connie Lovett, Kathie MacDonald, Deborah Mann, Marcia Mathis Jr., I. 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Mathews, Diane Matthiessen, Jake Maye, Gail McDaniel, Claudia McDonald, Nancy McDougald, Doris McFeature, Taunja McKie, Karen Meeks Jr., Marvin Meier II, Hans Melchers, Julie Meyer, Charlie Miller, Mike Millican, Debbie Morton, Patricia Nabers, Susan Neidlinger, Jerry Newman, Bama Newton, Karen Nichols, Mary Nolan, Thomas O ' Hearn, Sondra Pack, Ralph Passmore, Kathy Pate, Andrea Peacock, Linda Peacock, Sharon Perry, Sally Petersen, Bonnie Powell, Wanda Primm, Pat Proctor, R B Pruitt, Wayne Puckett, Nancy Rabun, Elaine Ramsey, William Ray, Gail Ray, Lelia Ray, Ricky Reese, Jamie Rentz, Sharon Richardson, Margaret Rollins, Ellen Rountree, Emmalene Rozier, John Russell, Linda Sanda, Eleanor two hundred ninety two Sanders, Mary Sapp, Marsha Schneck, John I Schoch, Norman ScotI, Judy Seiju, Tadesse Sellers, William Sellers, Wendy Sharber, Eddie Shay, Barry Shearouse, Patsy Short, Donna Shuford, Katherine Smith, Gary Smith, Marsha Stanford, Kay Stapleton, Annette Stapleton, Rachel Stapleton, Ruby Stewart, William Still, Betty Strickland, Charlie Strickland, Vicki Stokes, Yvonne Sweat, Leonard Taber, Pam Taylor, Harold Thompkins, Barbara Thompson, Bryan Tolbert, Frank Tnbble, Bill Tucker, Barbara Tucker, Paggy Wachniak, Lana Ward, Peggy Warren, Debra Waters, Dee Ann Watts, lohnny Wear, Lane West )r., Charles White, Emory Whitener, Michael Wickstrom, Kaye Wilkins, Mike Williams, Carol Williams, Melanie Wilson, Alan Wingo, Tommy Woods, Mell Yaughn, Larry Yeoman, Shirley Youmans, Barbara Youmans, P. 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Caldwell, Susan Lundquist Canady, Donald L. Canady, )an Carlton, Patricia Murphy Carmichael, Linda Gail Carmichael, Marilyn Blair Carney, laqueline Elaine Carr jr., Leonard Roy Carroci, Francis W. 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Lipscomb, Sally Luann Lott, Carolyn Gail Lott, luanita Yvonne Love, Sandra Phillips MacDonald, |ohn R Maddox, Catherine Anne Marsh, Chris Elliot Massey, Mary Amanda Maybin, William Gregory Mays, Frances Dianne McDaniel, Richard Stephen McElheny, Nancy Eloise McGahee, Charles William McKinney, Carzie Warren McTeer, Evelyn Celeste Melton, Faye Neisler Melton, Stephen Arthur Merr iman, Maria Kay Metzger, Trellene Carrigg Mims, Teresa Arlette Mixon Jr., George Edward Mobley, lerry lohnny Moon, Martha A. Moore, Sandra Gayle Moore, Susan Elaine Morgan, Rhonda leanne Morris, Mary Katherine Mosely |r., |ohn Coleman Mullis, lames Thaxton Musselwhite, Marian Kay Myette, Kevin Milton Nelson, Deborah Ann NeSmith, Hilda Linda Neville III, William G Nielsen, Allen Kurt Novotni, Sandra Madeline Nyy, Linda Kathleen Odom, Judith Ellen Olbon, Philip T. Oxford, Shiryl Ann Pack, Ruth Watkins Parker, Linda Louise Parks, Patricia lean Parrish, Wilford, )ohn Parrish, Patricia Ann Patrick, Latrelle Pearce, Christina Mary Peck, Carlton Earl Perkins |r., James A. Pierce )r., Joel Lavert Pope, Danielle two hundred ninety seven Porter, Toy Annette Portivent, Tony Michael Posey, Joseph Allen Powell, Amelia Gail Pruitt, Linda Joyce Purcell, Linda McCullough Raines, Judy Kay Ray, Deborah Carol Rawl, Debra P. Reed, Ralph Edward Reese, Stephen Michael Ritch, Nancy Fain Roadcap, Nancy Roberts, Barbara Ann Robertson, Barbara Bernice Robinson, Nancy Parker Roddenberry, Donna Marie Rogers, Charles Glenn Rogers, Susan Katherine Royer, Teresa Mayhew Rushton, Deborah Kay Russell, Marlene Dodd Sammons Jr., David Irvin Santmeyer, Sharon S. Sarrett, Kay Salter, Lucille Janeen Sessions, Marion Jane Sewell, Nanci Helen Sholtis, Dennis George Shuford, Dexter Joseph Shiver, Alfred McKay Shiver, Susan Shuford Shugrue, Paul Clarke Silvey, Richard Walter Sirmons, Paula Maria Smith, Gloria Helen Smith, Larry Ray Smith, Larry Thomas Smith, Mary Sue Smith, Peggy Wanda Smith, Sue Cason Stabler, James Lemuel Stephens, Fred Devon Stewart, Ralph B Stiles, Phillip Bascom Strickland, Eleanor Valeri Strickland, June Fordham Stripling, Willa Lenora Stone, Robert Allen Stone, Susan Frances Stroud, Virginia Kathleen Tankersley, Pauline I. Taylor Jr., Clarance Wilmott Taylor, Lala Latrell Thomas, Andrew Van Thomas III, Benjamin Franklin Thompson, Becky Joyce Threatte, Sandra Elaine Tinker, Carolyn Rose Tison, Norma Jane two hundred ninety eight Titshaw, Rosemary Todd, John Lewis Tucker, lames David Underwood, Vivian Ann Vause, lean Marilyn Vause, jenny Lynn Vickers, Phyllis Walker, Paul Brewton Waller, Rhonda Walters, Furman Wayne Walters, )erry Allen Walworth, Billy Gerald Warren, Bertha Mae Warren, Dale T. Waters, Pamela Claire Watson, Lyn Watson, Millie Watts, Fozie Lee Weaver, Fred William Wester, Freiya Elizabeth Westberry, Gloria Ann Webb, Donna Marie Whitaker, Eva Gail White, Sharron Elizabeth Wideman, Wilma Anne Wilkinson, Helen )ane Willard, Cloyce Lamar Williams, Leonard Alan Williams, Deborah Darlene Williams, lames Richard Williams, lane Lynn Williams, Sherry Williard, Mary Kat herine Willis, Louise Adele Wilson, Robert Joseph Winters, E. Gayle Woodall, Carole leanne Worley, |udy Delores Yearwood, lames Darryl Yiampanichpak, Luckana Yielding, Lynn Tuna Youngblood, Samuel Evans the reflector congratulates all graduating seniors! two hundred ninety nine graduates floyd, elvin I. goff, jr., foster s. hill, margie hawthorne, gary lott, paul wayne lowe, Stephen r. mcalum, harry g. nakamura, tomoko newman, joel piras, christian sisk, phillip takei, yoshiaki thompson, jane three hundred senior directory abraham, nancy louise; augusta, ga., bs in ed. physical ed., sec. of recognition council, II gamma phi epsilon. alien, patricia ann; lagrange, ga., b.s. in early ele. ed. 91 alien, Stephen scott; albany, ga., b.s. in indus- try, sigma phi epsilon, treas. cone hall, social chair, dorman hall, jv cheerleader, sec. vp of society of man. engineers. allison, michael bryon; atlanta, ga., industrial mang., sigma phi epsilon, sen. of society of j man. engineers. almand, carol ruth; atlanta, ga., bs in home ec, phi upsilon omicron, vp and treas. of gamma beta phi, honors day rec. (3 yrs), rep. of rec. council, student advisory council, home ec, ga. home ec. as., american home ec. as., ga. southern student home ec. as., ass ' t. projects chairman, dean ' s list for 7 qts. anderson, gregory d.; sarasota, f la., bs in ind. mgt., sigma phi epsilon, charter mem. of sm e, dean ' s list. anthony, robert s.; statesboro, ga., ab in hist. ash, zandra elaine; savannah, ga., criminal justice lamda alpha epsilon, treas. of hen- dricks hall, majorette, pres. of lamda alpha epsilon. ashton, david; thomasville, ga., bb a acct., tau kappa epsilon-sec. and pig. trainer. alejandro, a. avila; Chilian, chile, bba in acct.; ga. rotary student; pres., ga. southern interna- tional club; ga. southern accounting as.; chairman ga. southern delegation to the na- tional model united nation, 1972. baisden, frederick haugh; gordon ga., bs in ind. mang. barton, jan; avondale estates, ga., bs in home ec. bates, leanna; cochran, ga., bsed in math. beale, charles hugh iii; augusta, ga., bs in rec- reation, ga. southern rec. and parks soc, sen- ior class rep., ex. comm. beasley, connie r.; vidalia, ga., bsed eng. beckemeyer, elizabeth frances; atlanta, ga., bs in bio., olliff house council, wsga rep., bio- science club. benford, peggy lynne; albany, ga., bs in elem. phys. ed., sec. of gamma phi epsilon. bennett, sara carolyn; statesboro, ga., bs in bio, bio-science, pres., interest and dept. council del., johnson hall house council, gsc student member, sec. of the american home ec. as., chairman, gsc concert band. berry, roland martin; thomson, ga., bba acct., pi kappa phi-sec, house council-sec. berry, paul keith; ridgeland, ga., bba mgt., soc. for advancement of mangt. bibee, hr h. r. iii; bristol, tenn., bs in biology. I bishop, samuel Stephen; twin city, ga., bs in bio., pi kappa phi, sec and chaplain, soph. ! class vp, ifc rep, ifc judicial court, sage blackburn, arleta dale; blakely, ga., bs in ed. early childhood. i blount, barbara ann; savannah, ga., gs in ed., ele. ed. I boatright, john wilson; swainsboro, ga., bs in- i dustrial mgt., pi kappa phi, dean ' s list. bodron, barbara ann; atlanta, ga., bs ed., delt little sister, house council, pi lamda alpha, campus crusade, span. club. bond, iris renee; madison, ga., bs in ed. home ec, bsu devotional chairman, phi upsilon omicron-corr. sec, student home ec. as- treas., gamma beta phi. bonnette, harold thomas; savannah, ga., ab pol. science, vp pol. science club. booker, janice lynn; macon, ga., bs ed. and health and pe. boyce, nancy anne; macon, ga., bsed in math. boyd, claudia; ft. lauderdale f la., bm in music, piano; sigma alpha iota. brannen, susan rebecca; statesboro, ga., bs in early ed. brannen, vilda stone; statesboro, ga., bs in home ec, phi upsilon omicron. brent, mary carol; macon, ga., bs criminal jus- tice; wsga rep.; house council; campus cru- sade for christ. brown, carole elizabeth; aiken, sc, bsed ele. ed. , dean ' s list, wing monitor. brown, margitta; brunswick, ga., bs in ele. ed. bryant, joan elizabeth; Chester, ga., bs ed. ex. child emr buffington, perry wayne; zebulon, ga., ab in hist., pi kappa phi, sec-treas. of fresh, class, sanford hall adv., sec. of student as. of gov. councils, sec. of men ' s gov. council, director of miss gsc pag., student personnel ad. comm., who ' s who in american colleges and universities. burkett, george wilson; decatur, ga., bsed in- dustrial arts, kappa sigma, epsilon pi tau. burnett, joseph lawrence; ft. valley, ga., in- dustrial mangt.; sigma nu; sme burns, sally; savannah, ga., bs elem. ed. buchan, freida; Camilla, ga., bs ed. buechler, patricia lynn; decatur, ga., bs in criminal justice, phi mu, vp of phi mu, house council jr. and sr., dean ' s list. burgess, teresa ann; dalton, ga., bs ed. delta zeta, treas. of gamma phi epsilon, kappa delta epsilon, beta sigma mu, ' 71 honors day. burnett, joseph I.; ft. valley, ga., bs industry, sigma nu, society of man. engineers. burton, brenda jane; marietta, ga., bs ed. eng- lish, delta zeta, majorette, swinging belle, re- cording sec, social chairman and house pres. of delta zeta, delt little sister. butler, nancy davis; decatur, ga., bsed in ed., gamma phi epsilon. cain, sh irley n.; baxley, ga., ab in eng. caldwell, susan lundquist; Jacksonville, ga., bs in ed. canady, donald leon; swainsboro, ga., bs in jr. high studies, student ed. as., phi alpha theta, dean ' s list. canady, jan; millen, ga., bs in home ec, zeta tau alpha. carlton, patricia murphy; andalusia, ala., ele. ed. carmichael, linda gail; statesboro, ga., bsed home ec, alpha delta pi, american home ec. as., ga. home ec. as., gsc home ec. as. carmichael, marilyn blair; statesboro, ga., bsed in music, sec. student advisory board music dept. carney, jacqueline elaine; atlanta, ga., bs home ec, phi upsilon omicron-treas., ameri- can home ec. as., dean ' s list. carr, leonard leroy, jr.; ocala, ga., bs in crimi- nal justice, lamda alpha epsilon. carroci, francis w.; forest park, ill., math. carroll, carolyn pamela; bartow, f la., ab in eng. carruthers, ellen davis; pembroke, ga., bs in ele. ed. carter, carolyn mae; brunswick, ga., alpha zi delta, rec. sec. of panhellenic, phi theta kappa, kappa delta epsilon, who ' s who among students in american jr. colleges. carter, janice; gainesville, ga., bsed health and pe, delta zeta, tennis club, gamma phi epsi- lon, house council, sigma pi little sister. carter, Steven dewitt; dublin, ga., bs in chem- istry. cason, james wright; pembroke, ga., bba gen. buss. castleberry, jesse raymond; albany, ga., bs ed., sigma chi, ifc rep., sigma chi hist. Castillo, aristides enrique; bs in economics and finance. catterton, rodney wayne; ridgeland, sc., bba mangt., soc for adv. of mangt. chaffin, romie lee; advance, nc, ab psy., sigma nu, cheerleader, treas. of sigma nu, sec. and treas. of psy. club, social chairman of ox- ford hall. chapman, linda; athens, ga., bs ed. in music. chapman, william price; ludowici, ga., ab so- ciology. cha tman, douglas w.; albany, ga., bs social science. dark, anna laura; reidsville, ga., bs in ele. ed. claxton, meelen s; ailey, ga., bs in ele. ed. cobb, harriette ann; eastman, ga., bsed. collum, mary lou; decatur, ga., bsed math, ap- pelate court, judicial council, house council hendricks hall, vp johnson hall, gamma beta phi honor society, wga, sea, gae, miss gsc candidate, dean ' s list for 4 qts. colquitt, richard Williams; thomaston, ga., bs bio., men ' s gov. council, 71-72. cook, carolyn anne; augusta, ga., bs ed ex. child, zeta tau alpha, council for ex. child, house council, student ed. as. Conner, nancy elaine; brooklet, ga., bs ele. ed. cook, robert dennis; greensboro, ga., ab psy., german club. cook, janice lynda; buchanan, ga., bs social science. crane, cheryl susan; gainesville, ga., bs ed. health and pe. crumbley, dennis rickey; marietta, ga., bs in ed., bsu-ex. council. cubbage, john thomas, jr; dalzell, sc, bba, business mgt., kappa alpha. cun, brenda faye; greenville, sc., bs in ed. jr. high. three hundred one damron, vernola; marietta, ga., ab sociology; german club; young republicans. darity, donna teresa; macon, ga., ab sociol- ogy, kappa delta. darracott, rebecca jean; alpharetta, ga., bs home ec. dean, harriett I.; gainesville, ga., bba fashion merchandising, alpha delta pi. davis, john corrado; clayton, ga., bs pol. sci- ence. davis, patricia carolyn; swainsboro, ga., ab eng., wsga, gamma beta phi, wesley founda- tion, philharmonic choir, interest and dept. council. denmark, wade franklin; brooklet, ga., bba acct., sec. of acct. as. devivo, paula; savannah, ga., bsed ele., kde, dean ' s list. dickey, deborah anne; macon, ga., ab eng. and french. dillard, david richard; collins, ga., bba acct., pi kappa phi, pres. and treas. of pi kappa phi. dixon, Virginia; macon, ga., bs ed. home ec, gamma beta phi, ahea, phi upsilon omicron. dorminy, teddie sue; fitzgerald, ga., bs ed. eng., pi kappa phi little sister, gamma beta phi, dean ' s list, u. of ga. study abroad pro- gram. dozier, cora sue; decatur, ga., bs home ec, phi upsilon omicron. drake, sandra dutton; glennville, ga., ab eng. dreher, linda susan; columbra, sc., bs in home ec. drury, anna ruth; vidalia, ga., ab psy. ellison, lerishea; waycross, ga., bs ed. eng., treas. afro-american club, masquers ass ' t. bus- iness manager. english, albert Oliver; greensboro, ga., ab eco- nomics, dean ' s list, dorm advisor, honored on honor ' s day. enter, jack edward; Charleston, sc., bs crimi- nal justice. eskew, patrice; augusta, ga., bsed social sci- ence, kappa delta, usherette, wsga, tke sweet- heart, Warwick hall house council. everett, Clarissa kay; abbeville, ga., bs in soci- ology and social work. fain, marcia louise; decatur, ga., bsed early childhood. ferrier, joseph homer; savannah, ga., ab psy, dean ' s list. ferrier teresa carol; brunswick, ele. ed., dean ' s list. field, judy patricia; atlanta, ga., bsed math. fields, steven dwain; estill, sc., bs criminal justice, lamda alpha epsilon, pistol team. findley, susan lynn; statesboro, ga. fisher, charles gary; statesboro, ga., bba acct., acct. as. fitzner, jr., john; sylvania, ga., bs ed. social sciences. floyd, carolyn; cochran, ga., bs in ed and jr. high. floyd, charles lynn; savannah, ga., bs in ed. floyd, franklin neal; jacksonville, f la., bs crimi- nal justice. foskey, libby; lumber city, ga., bs ele. ed. fox, robert michael; atlanta, ga., ab sociology. frye, caren; savannah, ga. fuller, joseph; augusta, ga., bba management. gaudry, john r. iii; savannah, ga., bs pol. sci- ence. george, peggy; macon, ga., bs ele. ed. gettle, eric david; . warner robins, ga., bba general business, sigma pi. godwin, bill; tucker, ga., bs eng., gym, diving. gordon, sharon earlene; ludowici, ga., bs-ed. home ec. graham, cheri ann; statesboro, ga., bs rec, vp student body, rec. and parks society. graydon, wasdon jr.; tifton, ga., bsed. social science, tau kappa epsilon, interest and dept. council-chairman, afro-american club-vp. greene, jeanette lou; vero beach, f la., bs ele. ed. gregory, christy louise; gainesville, ga., bs math. grier, jane; swainsboro, ga., bs early child- hood ed., tau kappa epsilon little sister. griffin, bobby nelson; ocilla, ga., bs social sci- ence, pres. of dorman hall house council. griggers, elliott gordon; thomaston, ga., ba speech. groover, estine lynette; brunswick, ga., bsed social science. guin, ralph; mcrae, ga., bs ed. social science. hall, angela; hinesville, ga., bs ed.-ex. child, sec. of scec, jr. and sr. traineeship in ex. child ed., newsletter ed. for state scec. hammons, gary wayne; albany, ga., bs geol- ogy, pres. of geo. club, idc club. harper, richard; waycross, ga. harrell, janice lorraine; soperton, ga., bs math ed. harrison, annette; macon, ga., ele. e., pres. of phi mu, treas. of phi mu, winburn hall coun- cil, ace. harrison, deborah; tifton, ga., bs ed. hasty, dennis waylon; atlanta, ga., bs in bio. head, joe f.; cartersville, ga., bsed social sci- ence, gov ' s internship prog. henderson, jerry wyndell; waycross, ga., ab psy., psi chi. henderson, timothy hughes; midville, ga., bba bus. mgt., pres. for society for advancement of mgt., photo, for reflector. henry, martha jane; statesboro, ga., bsed-eng., sae, bsu. higginbotham, ava; bsed jr. high math; lees- burg, fla. hill, randy; statesboro, ga., bs rec, rec. and parks society, golf. hillard, marsha diane; savannah, ga., bsed math, alpha delta pi, house council, treas. of alpha delta pi. hodges, aris; statesboro, ga., bba-acct., acct. as.-vp., wsga, judicial council, excellent schol- arship award, vp of wudie hall. hodgson, marty m.; savannah, ga., bs ex. child ed., sec. gsc chapter scec. hodgson, thomas harold; savannah, ga., ab psy., dean ' s list. holland, robert marvin; Charleston, sc., bs pol. science. holliday, mary Catherine; irwinton, ga., ab so- ciology. holt, melanie; dexter, ga., ab sociology. hopkins, forrest ann; st. augustine, fla., bs rec, alpha delta pi pres. and activities chair- man, freshman and varsity cheerleader, con- cert dancers, phi delta theta sweetheart, al- pha tau omega little sister, who ' s who in american colleges, homecoming queen. home, larry w.; iron city, ga., ab psy., kappa sigma. howell, david walace; bainbridge, ga., pres.- student ga. as. of ed., who ' s who in american colleges. howser, curtis bradley; monrovia, md., bs ed. industrial arts. huff, Catherine louise; statesboro, ga., bs ed.- eng. hunt, edward thomas; lumber city, ga., bs math. hunter, elton linwood; Oliver, ga., bba-acct. hurst, michael david; atlanta, ga., bsu, fellow- ship of christian athletes, interest and dept. council, men ' s gov. council, house council. jackson, donna elizabeth; monroe, ga., bba marketing, zeta tau alpha sec. jenkins, gary martin; glenwood, ga., bsed in- dustrial arts. johnson, brenda sue; garfield, ga., bs ele. ed. johnson, joan; swainsboro, ga., bba fashion merchandising. johnson, mable; uvalda, ga., bsed ele. ed. johnson, vickie ree; warner robins, ga., bs ele. ed., delt little sister, freshman ad., officer at wudie hall, dean ' s list. kelly, emaline; statesboro, ga., bsed-spanish, finalist in miss gsc pageant, miss congeniality. kelly, linda demons; dudley, ga., bsed eng., alpha zi delta-pres., panhellenic, sigma epsi- lon little sister, et barwick scholarship. kelly, michael collin; st. Petersburg, fla., ba pol. science. kemp, ann garrett; swainsboro, ga., bs ele. ed. kemp, nancy knauff; Cairo, ga., bs-ed indus- trial arts ed. kent, cecilia monk; reidsville, ga., bs in ed music, menc, gae, nea. kight, robert glenn, jr; eastman, ga., ab in psy. kight, sylvia jean; vidalia, ga., ele. ed.-bs. kirkland, anthony; hapeville, ga., bs crim. jus- tice, kappa alpha. kirkland, margaret lynn; marietta, ga., bs eng., kappa delta, french club-sec, ifc sweetheart. kirschner, erik richard peter; fredericksburg, va., bs ed., gamma delta epsilon. kleckley, clay robin; west Columbia, sc., ab pol. science, lutheran student as., pol. science club. knight, debbie lynn; glennville, ga., bs ed., sae vp programs. knight, durrell warthan III; dexter, ga., bba fi- nances, sigma chi, delta zeta big brother. krause, william a., jacksonville, fla., bs in rec. lane, janis Chester; claxton, ga., bs ele. ed., al- pha delta pi. three hundred two lane, martha ann; sylvania, ga., bs in ex. childhood, gamma beta phi, gsc sr. trainee- ship, dean ' s list, who ' s who nominee. langford, carol; jefferson, ga., ele. ed. lanier, joyce; lyons, ga., bsed. leapard, david wilton; Columbia, sc., bs eco- nomics. lewis, james gregory; douglas, ga., bs rec. lewis, richard; frederick, md., bs sociology. lipscomb, luann; doraville, ga., ab hist. lett, carolyn; metter, ga., bs ed, early ele. ed. lott, juanita yvonne; brunswick, ga., bs in bio., dean ' s list, regents ' s scholarship recipi- ent, bio-science club, newman club, honored on bio. honor ' s day. love, sandra; soperton, ga., ab criminal jus- tice. macdonald, john r.; Virginia beach, va., bs ed science, sigma pi, tennis team. maddox, Catherine ann; columbus, ga., ab eng. marsh, chris elliott; statesboro, ga., bs eco- nomics. massey, mary amanda; waycross, ga., bs ed., pres. of hendricks hall, treas. of johnson hall, wsga, offiff hall house council, ace prog. maybin, william gregory; mt. vernon, ga., bs ed. mays, frances dianne; fiar play, ga., bs in home ed., aheh, sigma chi little sigma. mcdaniel, richard Stephen; thomaston, ga., ab pol. science, sigma pi, gamma beta phi-vp, german club, dean ' s list, pol. science club. mcelheny, nancy e.; marshallville, ga., bs early childhood ed., little sister sigma pi. mcgahee, charles w.; augusta, ga., bs criminal justice. mckie, karen grace; abbeville, ga., ele. ed. mckinney, carzie warren; pineview, ga., bsed social science. mcteer, evelyn celeste; ridgeland, sc., bs ele. ed. melton, faye neisler; forsyth, ga., ab eng., phi mu, sec. of phi mu, honor ' s awards for schol- arship, dean ' s list. melton, Stephen arthur; forsyth, ga., bs in in- dustry, kappa sigma-vp., pres. of soph, class, dean ' s list, first vc of the society of manufac- turing engineers. merriman, maria kay; atlanta, ga., bs in eng., dean ' s list. metzger, trellene carrigg; rincon, ga., bsed early childhood, honor ' s day award for excel- lent scholarship. mims, teresa arlette; moultrie, ga., bs in ele. ed., phi mu, jr. panhellenic, kappa alpha pledge sweetheart, semi-finalist in miss gsc pageant, treas. of olliff hall, best dressed coed contest. mixon, george edward jr; ocilla, ga., bs ed., german club. mobley, jerry johnny; savannah, ga., bba mgt., delta tau delta, vp and pres., circle organi- zational chairman, oxford hall vp, society for the advancement of mgt., interfraternity council, const, revision comm., phi beta lambda. moon, martha a.; augusta, ga., bs ed. Spanish. moore, sandra gayle; ludowici, ga., bs home ec, phi upsilon omicron, home ec. club, de- an ' s list, honor ' s day. moore, susan elaine; arabi, ga., ab math, sec. gamma beta phi, rec. council, v. chairman of rec. council, sage. morgan, rhonda jeanne; brunswick, ga., ab psy., phi delta pi, national french honor soci- ety, pres. -Warwick hall. morris, mary katherine; wadley, ga., bsed ele. ed. moscrip, andrew; miami, f la., bs political sci- ence, pres. sigma nu; editor-reflector; publi- cations board; ifc; lambda alpha epsilon; vp house council of oxford hall. mosely, john coleman jr.; waycross, ga., bs social science. mullis, james thaxton; statesboro, ga., bs in- dustrial mgt., pi kappa phi. musselwhite, marian kay; macon, ga., ab soci- ology, zeta tau alpha, vp freshman dorm, vp wsga, v. chairman of woman ' s div. of south- ern universities, student goj,. as., jr. rep. homecoming court, delt little sister, standards chairman of zeta, second vp of zeta, sage honor ' s comm., student ' s rights comm. myette, kevin milton; Jacksonville, f la., bs in- dustry. nelson, deborah ann; jackson, ga., bs ed., freshman advisor, house council, dean ' s list. nesmith, hilda linda; thomasville, ga., bs ed., kappa delta epsilon, honor ' s day. neville, william g. Mi; statesboro, ga., ab eng., alpha gamma pi, staff writer, cartoonist, edi- torial board, editor, as. editor, managing edi- tor for the george-anne, district director, vp and pres. of the georgia college press as., at- lanta journal, impact award for excellence as an editorial cartoonist, bulloch herald jour- nalism award, masquers, cast member of mir- acle worker, pub. comm., college union board, who ' s who in american colleges, re- flector; special consultant. nielsen, alien kurt; clarkston, ga., bs in rec, treas. of grps. novotni, sandra madeline; mechanicsburg, pa., bs ed. social science, band, sigma alpha chi, house council, safety chairman and treas. of dorm, german club. nyy, linda kathleen; atlanta, ga., bs ed., dean ' s list. odom, judith ellen; statesboro, ga., ab pol. science, alpha zi delta, student ' s ad. council, reading for honor ' s, women ' s info, service, pres. of pol. science club. olbon, philip t.; east point, ga., bs criminal justice, lambda alpha epsilon. oxford, shiryl ann; douglas, ga., bs ed. math. pack, ruth; columbus, ga., bs ed. home ec. parker, linda louise; monroe, ga., bsed, gamma phi epsilon. parks, patricia jean; norcross, ga., bsed early childhood, dean ' s list. parrish, wilford john; metter, ga., bs in indus- try. parrish, patricia ann; rincon, ga., bs ed. speech. Patrick, latrelle; bloomingdale, ga., bs jr. high ed., dean ' s list. pearce, Christina mary; Wilmington, del., bs early ele. ed., wsga, ace, student as., sae. peck, carlton earl; governeur, ny, bs in rec, miss gsc board member, parks and rec. soci- ety board of dir., sport ' s info, dir., dean ' s list, jefferson-as math and science, who ' s who in american jr. coll., pres. of senior class, dean ' s list. perkins, james a.; greensboro, ga., bs in pol. science, sport ' s ed. for george anne. pierce, joel lavert jr.; savannah, ga., bba acct., dean ' s list, superior scholarship on honor ' s day, regent ' s scholarship and Solomon ' s lodge no. 1, idc rep. -international club, american acct. ass. pope, daneille; dexter, ga., bs ed and in home ec, phi upsilon omicron, ga. south, home ec. ass. porter, joy annette; macon, ga., bs ed., alpha zi delta. portivent, tony michael; abbeville, ga., bs in ed. social science. posey, joe; talbotton, ga., bs ed. in pe, treas. of pe club, delta zeta big brother. powell, amelia gail; lumber city, ga., bba acct. pruitt, linda joyce; swainsboro, ga., bs in ele. ed., zeta tau alpha, outstanding scholarship. purcell, linda mccullough; savannah, ga., bs ed. home ec, phi upsilon omicron, american home ec. as., rec. council, dean ' s list. raines, judy kay; wadley, ga., bs ed., kappa delta epsilon. ray, deborah carol; west green, ga., bs in ed. rawl, debra p.; kingsland, ga., bs ed. ex. child- hood., student council for ex. children, vp and pres., student ed. as., as. for childhood ed., rep. to steps, dean ' s list. reed, edward; blairsville, ga., ab hist.; trea- surer dorman hall house council. reese, Stephen michael; millen, ga., ab sociol- ogy. ritch, nancy fain; jesup ga., bs ele. ed. roadcap, nancy; douglas, ga., bsed., pres. -war- wick hall, sec-warwick. roberts, barbara ann; douglas, ga., bs ed. robertson, barbara bernice; Columbia, sc., bs home ec. robinson, nancy partu; hinesville, ga., ab soci- ology. roddenberry, donna marie; folkston, ga., bs in early childhood. rogers, charles glenn; thomson, ga., bba-gen. business. rogers, susan katherine; jesup, ga., bs early childhood ed. royer, mayhew teresa; savannah, ga., bs home economics, emphasis-interior design, phi mu, phi upsilon omicron. rushton, deborah kay; albany, ga., bba fash- ion merchandising. russell, marlene dodd; mcdonough, ga., bsed, Spanish, alpha delta pi sorority, pres. of house council (sophomore jr.), campus crusade for christ, delta tau delta little sister, social chairman (soph.), intramurals, dean ' s list. sammons, jr., david irvin, fort valley, ga., ab art, executive committee (sigma nu), g-a staff writer. three hundred three santmyer, sharon s.; mclean, va., bs educa- tion, auxiliary services, ga. environmental co- alition, trench club, george-anne, women ' s information services, house council, earth week committee. sarrett, kay; smyra, ga., ab psychology, george-anne staff, wsga representative. Salter, lucille janeen; pt. wentworth, ga., bs ed., dean ' s list, treas. deal dorm. sessions, marion jane; adel, ga., bs ele. ed., fresh, student ad., house council officer, wsga officer, sage representative, dean ' s list. sewell, nanci helen; savannah, ga., bs home economics, phi mu, rush chairman panhel- lenic council, member ace, frat. sweetheart, 1st runner-up greek goddess, ' 69. sholtis, dennis george; morrisville, pa., bba marketing. shuford, dexter joseph; lagrange, ga., bs rec- reation. shiver, alfred mckay; stockbridge, ga., bba ac- counting. shiver, susan diane; lagrange, ga., bs recrea- tion, ga. recreation and park society. shugrue, paul clarke; Washington, d.c, ba speech, pi kappa delta, gsc masquers. silvey, richard waiter; Jacksonville, fla. bs edu- cation. sirmons, paula maria; dalton, ga., bs home ec, zeta tau alpha treas. 69-71, gsc usherette, ' 69-71, sweetheart of sigma nu 71- 72. smith, gloria helen; davisboro, ga., bs home ec. ed. smith, larry ray; savannah, ga., bs bio., pi kappa phi, sec. hist, of pi kappa phi, pres. ga. southern amateur radio club, member of al- pha gamma pi academic frat., recipient of student lamp and key award. smith, larry thomas; fairburn, ga., bs econom- ics, vp, pres, of ec. club, treas. of idc. smith, mary sue; portal, ga., bs ed. home ec. smith, peggy wanda; statesboro, ga., bs biol- ogy. smith, sue c; statesboro, ga. bs ed. early ele. ed. stabler, james lemuel; bainbridge, ga. bs ind. arts, alpha tau omega. Stephens, fred devon; bethuen, sc, bs physi- cal ed., pres. as. 3-4, dorman hall. Stewart, randolph b.; alexandria, va., bba ac- counting, bus. man. ga publications comm., editorial board. stiles, phillip b.; greenville, sc., bs chemistry, math award. Strickland, eleanor valeri; statesboro, ga., bs biology, earth day comm., ' 69., german club, vp, pres., bio science club, edc rep., vp idc v. chairman, delta phi alpha honorary frat., sec, who ' s who in am. colleges and universities, bio. dept. soph, scholastic achievement award 1970-1971, 1971-1972 bio. dept senior achievement award, dean ' s list, pres. comm., on drug abuse and sex ed. Strickland, june fordham; dry branc h, ga., mu- sic. stripling, willa lenora; cordele, ga., bs bio. stone, alien robert; atlanta, ga., ab sociology, stone, susan frances; monroe, ga., bba gen. bus. stroud, Virginia kathleen; albany, ga., bba ac- counting, zeta tau alpha and officer, wsga, wudie hall honors dorm, house council. tankersley, pauline L; appling, taylor, clarance wilmott jr.; east hartford, conn., bba account- ing, accounting as., phi beta lambda. taylor, lala latrell; alma, ga., bsed social sci- ence, little sister sigma pi. thomas, andrew van; douglas, ga., bs eco- nomics. thomas, benjamin franklin III; fairfax, sc., bs criminal justice, sigma nu and lambda alpha epsilon. thompson, becky joyce; millen, ga., bs bus. ed., phi beta lambda, publicity chairman. threatte, sandra elaine; claxton, ga., bsed-so- cial science, german club, social chairman and acting sec, dean ' s list, intermurals. tinker, carolyn rose; statesboro, ga., sociology ab, college union board (1 yr ), george-an ne copy editor (2 yrs.). tilson, norma jane; ashburn, ga., bsed-home ec. titshaw, rosemary; lizella, ga., bba gen. bus. todd, lewis; mitchell, ga., bs bio., sigma phi epsilon, bio science club. tucker, james david; sylvania, ga., bs ed., sigma delta kappa, pres. ministerial associa- tion. underwood, vivian ann; decatur, ga., bs crim- inal justice. vause, jean marilyn; statesboro, ga., bs office ad. vause, jenny lynn; statesboro, ga., bs in office ad. vickers, phyllis; douglas, ga., acct. walker, paul brewton; blacksheer, ga., acct., sigma pi. waller, rhonda; blakely, ga., bsed home ec, who ' s who in american colleges, chairman rec. council, student as. of gov. council, fac- ulty award in home ec, student advisory council for home ec, american home ec. as., ga. student home ec, treas., gsc student home ec. as., v chairman, projects chairman, phi upsilon omicron, dean ' s list. waiters, furmon wayne; savannah, ga., ab math. waiters, jerry alien; warner robins, ga., chem- istry-bs, sigma pi. walworth, billy gerald; augusta, ga., bs in in- dustry, industrial mgt., society of manufactur- ing engineers. warren, bertha mae; dexter, ga., bs ele. ed. warren, dale t.; dublin, ga., bba mgt., pi kappa phi, pres. of jr. class, men ' s gov. coun- cil, college union board, hist., warden, rush chairman, best pledge (1968) of pi kappa phi, dorm asst., who ' s who among american col- leges and universities. waters, pamela claire; glennville, ga., gsc acct. as., excellent scholarship award at honor ' s day. watson, lyn; baxley, ga., bsed ele., as. of childhood ed.-sec, bsu. watson, millie; Columbia, sc., bs ed., alpha zi delta, tau epsilon phi little sister, panhellenic officer. watts, fozie lee; swainsboro, ga., bsed emr council for ex. children, afro-american club. weaver, fred william; hinesville, ga., bs indus trial tech. wester, freiya elizabeth; dry branch, ga., b ed., zeta tau alpha, as. for childhood ed., stu dent ed. as. westberry, gloria ann; odum, ga., bs in busi ness ed., phi beta lambda, academic achieve ment on honor ' s day. webb, donna marie; richard, ga., bs in home ec, v chairman and chairman of studen home ec. as. whitaker, eva gail; warner robins, ga., bs ec jr. high. white, sharon elizabeth; savannah, ga., b home ec, ahea, phi upsilon chaplain, honor ' day. wideman, wilma anne; atlanta, ga., bs elei ed. , phi mu, publ. chairman for phi mu. Wilkinson, helen jane; austell, ga., bs crimina justice, lambda alpha epsilon-sec, vp pic. willard, cloyce lamar; cumming, ga., bs in in dustrial tech., dean ' s list. Williams, leonard alan; waynesboro, ga., bs ir bio., tau kappa epsilon, phi kappa delta-sec and treas., gsc debate team. Williams, deborah darlene; statesbo ro, ga., b{ ed. home ec, american home ec. williams, james richard; brooklet, ga., bba gen. business, dean ' s list, honor ' s day. williams, jane lynn; savannah, ga., bs ed. so cial science, delta chi little sister, sweethear court for delta chi. williams, sheery; bellville, ga., bsed business phi beta lambda-vp. willard, kathy; atlanta, ga., bs ele. e., house council, judicial court for wsga, student per sonnel fellowship winner, acei. willis, louise adele; ocala, fla., bsed ele., kde ed. sorority, dean ' s list. wilson, robert joseph; atlanta, ga., bba mangt., men ' s gov. council, vp-society for the advancement of mgt., pres. cone hall, who ' ; who in american colleges. winters, e. gayle; statesboro, ga., bs in eng. ed. woodall, carole jeanne; blackshear, ga., b; ed., zeta tau alpha, as. for childhood ed., zeta, tau alpha pres., who ' s who in american col- leges. worley, judy delores; kennesaw, ga., bs of business ad. yearwood, james darryl, union pt., ga., ab eng., magna cum laude, who ' s who in ameri- can colleges. yiampanichpak, luckana; bangkok, thailand, bs bio. yielding, lynn tuna; albany, ga., bs in rec, al- pha delta pi, women ' s student gov. as , -treas., ga. south, rec. and park as. youngblood, samuel evans; millen, ga., bsed social science. three hundred four ZACH S. HENDERSON LIBRARY

Suggestions in the Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) collection:

Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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