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2 3 THE REFLECTOR 1970 15 J 24 25 26 28 31 32 33 39 41 42 52 What ' s so great about Joe Namath? " A Sign of the Times " Spring 1970 A Young Mans Heart Turns To 73 Four years ago we stepped into a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and sensations that we had never before experi- enced. We were called " frosh " and those above us looked down at us as children. And we were; we were children compared to what we are today — four years later. As we step across the stage to receive our sheepskin we can look back and smile and maybe with time even laugh again at the fun and crazy things we did . . . and the few hurts will not even be remembered. " That ' s one small step for man . . . " The words culminated a decade of the most accelerated technical progress that America or the world has ever seen, a decade spurred by the words of a young president: " that before this decade is over ... " It started in 1903, when two bicycle repairmen struggled to get a strange looking contraption airborne on a windy North Carolina coast. And 66 years later, less than an average life- time, Neil Armstrong ' s one small step fulfilled one of man ' s oldest dreams. It was a moment of instant notoriety, quite unlike many of history ' s other great events. There were no cheering crowds when Columbus first stepped ashore into a new world. No television coverage of a few patriots risking their " lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. " No banner headlines to acclaim the Wright brothers ' achievement . . . just a few words buried on the inside page of a dis- interested newspaper. But Neil Armstrong ' s step was wit- nessed by the largest audience in the history of the world. Individuals, fami- lies, towns and nations stopped every- thing to watch. Georgia Southern, like most of the world, collectively watched a television screen intently as Armstrong inched down the ladder to the moon ' s surface. Classes were called off the following day, giving students and faculty a chance to digest the event. Then Geor- gia Southern returned to its day-to-day activities, with the rest of the world en- lightened, perhaps, from participating in some small way in mankind ' s great- est hour. But what was the value in it all? Was it really worth the risk and the countless billions of dollars to plant a flag and a few instruments on a barren landscape a quarter-million miles away? Could the money have been better spent on the domestic problems of poverty, pollu- tion, and world peace? In addition to the technical and scientif- ic data gleaned from the mission, there was a strange and unique sociological phenomenon. For a single brief mo- ment, the world was united in a com- mon objective, with its hopes and pray- ers focused on the courage of three men in a clumsy, ugly-looking device that wouldn ' t even be able to fly in the earth ' s atmosphere. Perhaps it was best expressed some months before, when Astronaut Frank Borman told the United Nations of his observations of the earth from 240,000 miles away: " It looked like one single, united planet. " So the benefits were two-fold, both technological and psychological, as all the world watched, waited, and prayed while Neil Armstrong took " ... one giant leap for mankind. " 34 VIETNAM V I NEIGHBORING OVMRIES In the clearing sta nds a boxer, And a fighter is his trade And he carries the reminder Of ev ' ry glove that laid him down And cut him till he cried out In his anger and his shame, " I am leaving, I am leaving. " But the fighter still remains Lie-la-lie . . . " The Boxer " P. Simon ' Civilization is the victory of persuasion over force. " — Plato On April 30, 1970, President Richard Nixon, in a nationwide broadcast, told America that he had ordered U. S. ground troops into combat action inside Cambodia. Shortly after noon, four days later, Ohio National Guard troops fired into a crowd of students at Kent State Uni- versity. In less than 10 seconds, 35 rounds were fired and four students lay dead. The country held its breath in shock and grief; then violence erupted on its college campuses. Fire bombs were set, windows were broken, stu- dents fought the " pigs " and firemen, and classes were disrupted as activities in many universities turned from aca- demics to dissent. On May 7, the Geor- gia Board of Regents ordered classes in the state ' s 27 colleges cancelled for the remainder of the week. 84,000 students were given a long weekend. In all, 441 colleges and universities across the na- tion were affected, with many closing for the remainder of the year. The Pres- ident was now well into the most trying week of his administration. Informed of the four deaths at Kent State he said, " When dissent turns to violence, it in- vites tragedy. " On May 9 and 10, approximately 100,000 students gathered on the El- lipse just south of the White House to protest the war. Early Saturday morn- ing the President, surrounded by Secret Service men, walked among the demon- strators. He appeared either unable or unwilling to communicate with them, and left saying, " Have a good time in Washington, and don ' t go away bitter. " And now the students, at least many of them, have learned that outright revolt will accomplish little but further misun- derstanding and violence. Or perhaps they realized that they, the students, are the ones who would be killed. Out of that peaceful Washington confronta- tion some have found that there is a means to effect change that is likely to show results faster than revolution. Hundreds of students with fresh hair cuts, coats, ties, and a ready smile have started to roam Capitol Hill and lobby against the war. Petitions and letters by the thousands are pouring into the of- fices of representatives and senators. Hopefully these efforts will get results. The pinch will come in the fall with the congressional elections. " How many deaths will it take ' til we know that too many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowin ' in the wind. The answer is blowin ' in the wind. " B. Dylan 88 SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE MURDERERS IN HANOI PARTICIPATE IN THE VIETNAM MORATORIUM DAY ACTIVITIES OCTOBER 15th " MAN HAS LOST HIS CAPACI- TY TO FORESEE AND FORE- STALL. HE WILL END BY DE- STROYING THE EARTH " 9 ALBERT SCHWEITZER a4 ' t- ' .t. i " ... Man, proud man, Drest in a little brief authority, Most ignorant of what he ' s most assured, His glassy essence, like an angry ape, Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven As make the angels weep ... " ( Measure for Measure) The old established statement is that one who writes, or speaks, with authority must possess the qualifications wherewith to do so. Now, I must confess, the only thing that qualifies me to present a pagelet on pollution is the sad fact that I am a member of that most egotisti- cal of egotistical species, homo sapiens (or as I am pleased to call him, homey sappy), that monarch of all he surveys, that naked ape, proudly determined to destroy, not only his God-given nature and her inhabitants, but himself, as well, this vain epi-terranean mole, this twice-blind ornament of the universe, hell-bent upon his own destruction. What I am trying to say is that man is his own worst pollutant. Not only is he born in corruption, but he lives in a corruption of which he is the sole creator. He dwells in an intellectual miasma, through which he stum- bles with his myopic vision, ever looking for more means with which to terminate his existence. I am no scientist. I wouldn ' t be able to distin- guish a microbe from a bacterium if I were to see them walking across campus hand in hand. But I know this — I and my fellow man are vile pollutants. Why, should I return to that old white mud spring, where in my youth I and an old crawfish were joint users of its unpolluted waters, that old crawfish would rise to the surface and spit a vitriolic indictment right in my eye. Go to the ant thou sluggard — and learn how to keep house, (proverbs and F. Russell) There is another type of pollution, perhaps not as physically harmful as the smog, oil slicks, and slime, but detrimental, nonethe- less, to a society which extols the beauty of its environment. Visual pollution — that aspect of " civilized " development which replaces grass with pave- ment, trees with apartment complexes, and scenic landscapes with brick walls. Once it was enough for a house to look like a house and an office building to look like an office building. Now gas stations must look like homes, motels like medieval castles, and office buildings like parlours of seduction. Why? Society demands it, the architects and designers tell us. And what society wants, society gets. The social critic might add, " What society gets, society deserves. " " A thing of beauty is a joy forever, " the old adage has it. But a thing of ugliness is a self- perpetuating nightmare. So it ' s a question of priorities . . . whether society will compla- cently suffocate on the scum and visual mon- strosities, or whether it will awaken to the urgent demands which require immediate steps to stop the erosion. So for society, as for Frost ' s traveller, two roads diverge in a wood . . . and there ' s a choice of one . . . " GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. WELCOME TO GEORGIA SOUTHERN BASKETBALL. " " FOR GEORGIA SOUTHERN, PLAYING CENTER, NUMBER 25, ROGER MOORE . . STEVE BUCKLER JOHN NORMAN PHILSISK GENE BROWN. • 1 1 1 1 r 98 This was a year of firsts for basketball, Georgia Southern style. It marked the school ' s first asso- ciation with the prestige-laden National Colle- giate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA. Quite an important catalyst for nation- al recognition, both for the " Big Blue " and the institution. Next, the Eagles ' birdhouse. Pretty neat, huh? You watched the Eagles cavort in a $1.5 million fieldhouse. The floor is unique and the view from any seat is good. Fans have a choice of 6,000 seats and from the playing floor to the training room, the press box to the restrooms, it ' s first rate. Except for the lack of air conditioning. If you watched the Eagles perform, you no doubt left pleased. Frank Radovich, who has ended his third year at the helm and his asso- ciation with the college, guided the birds to a 17-6 season. Included was a 14 game victory march that sent them from a dismal 3-5 rec- ord to a 17-5 mark including the first game of the NCAA South Atlantic Regional Tourna- ment which was played here. Old Dominion fell to Southern in the first round but we lost to old rival Stetson in the championship game. A little disappointed but we were proud as hell. The spirit shown dur- ing the tournament was tremendous. 103 Radovich, an awesome 6-9 former pro, is gone. His record goes into the books as 48-24 for three sea- sons. He ' ll be missed. The big coach has gone back north to work toward his doctorate. We wish him the best. He gave us the best. Ill J . Id srATESBORO AS OH ROBARDS STELLA STEVE t tu balla: of HOGUE " ' T » M!,7 S ? RATED R O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheeks of night As a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear — Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows As yonder lady O ' er her fellows shows. " Romeo and Juliet " MISS REFLECTOR VICKI BLACKBURN 120 124 ACADEMICS JOHNO. EIDSON President To the Graduates of 1970: In the past decade, Georgia Southern has more than quadru- pled in enrollment, has almost quadrupled in its number of faculty, and has doubled its number of b uildings. One look at the figures will show how rapidly we are growing: we began this year with a student enrollment of 5,100 and a faculty of 273; we will begin next year with about 5,500 students and 300 faculty. But along with this quantity, we are striving for quality. Just as man cannot live by bread alone, so a college cannot thrive if all it has is numbers — no matter how many numbers. It must have quality, it must have heart as well as head, and it must have ideals which are not just listed in its publications but which mean something to its students, its faculty, and its alumni. All of this, Georgia Southern is striving for. We are proud that half of our faculty have the doctor ' s degree and are doing re- search and scholarly work. We are proud that our students are winning state and regionwide honors and are making good records both as students and as men and women. Along with knowledge, we want wisdom. The one comes, but the other lingers. And we want understanding — to see the truth, to combat prejudice, to help others, and to face the com- plexities of the 1970 ' s, which are likely to become even more complex. You, our graduates of 1970, have been a part of our striving to these ends. You have contributed valuably to our efforts. We only hope that we have made a valuable contribution to your life. Particularly, we hope that along with knowledge and wis- dom you have gained a stability of moral character that will give you the strength to cope with all eventualities: a resource- fulness to seek, to find, to ask questions, not just answer them. As you leave Georgia Southern, we hope that you carry these traits with you, and our interest and concern will go with you wherever you go, no matter how far. Our success will be mea- sured by your success. Our best wishes to you for the future. We will not forget you, and we hope that your life here has become so much a part of you that you will not forget us . Sincerely, John O. Eidson 131 POPE A. DUNCAN Vice-President " Georgia Southern College is many things, but it is nothing at all if it is not an academic and intellectual center. All of its activities and functions must be measured in relationship to their contri- butions to the intellectual growth of its students. " Quality in the College is assured by admission standards which mean that only students who are capable of suc- cessfully pursuing an academic pro- gram are permitted to enroll, by an in- creasingly able faculty, and by expand- ed facilities. Within this year the Board of Regents has approved a new four- million dollar library, and the College is making every effort to bring its collection to a high standard of quality and size. Faculty have teaching as their primary responsibility but are aware that they must continue their own re- search and writing in their disciplines to be able to bring to students the excite- ment of intellectual growth and the pur- suit of knowledge. " 132 ZACH S.HENDERSON President Emeritus Dr. Zach S. Henderson, President Emeritus of. the College, is himself an institution here. Joining the administra- tion as Dean in 1927, Henderson has been associated with the College for 43 years. From 1948 to 1968, Henderson served as president. To put this into perspec- tive, he held that position for more years than many of us have been alive. Yet he thoroughly enjoyed associating and talking with students. Indeed, he continued to teach classes occasionally until his retirement. Henderson served the college, the coun- try, and education well during his ten- ure, leading the college during impres- sive years of growth. When he came to Georgia Normal School, as it was then named, there were six buildings and 303 students. When he became president, there were 12 buildings and 724 stu- dents. At the time of his retirement, the College had over 30 buildings and well over 4,000 students. Through his dedi- cation and leadership, the quality of the College improved concomitantly with the physical growth. JACK AVERITT Graduate School A program of graduate degrees was ini- tiated in 1958 with authorization by the State Board of Regents to offer a teach- er education program. Graduate study has had phenomenal growth. In .1961, 49 degrees were awarded in one field. In 1969, 122 de- grees were awarded in six programs. The purpose of graduate study is the promotion of scholarship that is thor- ough, creative, and independent in char- acter. The program finds its province in training the student to become an inves- tigator in special fields of learning, broadening his professional and cultur- al background, and fostering research and the application of research methods in improving his professional skills and competence. NICHOLAS W. QUICK School of Arts Sciences The Schooi of Arts and Sciences en- compasses five academic divisions: fine arts (with departments of art and mu- sic), home economics, languages (with departments of English, modern for- eign la nguage, and speech), science and mathematics (with departments of biol- ogy, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics), and social science (with departments of history, political sci- ence, psychology, and sociology). The School teaches principles of analyt- ical thought, introduces a specialized bloc of subject matter, and inter-relates contents of various fields. The faculty ' s major objective is development of an atmosphere that is creative, current, and challenging. Its graduates respect, above all, the free exchange of ideas under the rules of intellectual integrity. STARR MILLER School of Education tive positions, it also creates a center for the study of education and dissemina- tion of educational development. It fur- thermore provides an opportunity for school personnel preparation courses to be academically strong, distinctively creative, effective with students, and influential in the geographic area. The College, through the School of Education, offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for the prepara- tion of teachers and administrative personnel. The purpose of the School of Education is many-fold. Not only does it prepare students for teaching and administra- HILTON T. BONNIWELL School of Continuing Education One purpose of an educational institu- tion is the ability to fill the needs of per- sons wishing to acquire, or augment, new interests and skills. To accomplish this, the Division of Continuing Educa- tion and Public Services attempts to provide such activities at times and places where adults may take advan- tage of them. In addition, the division formulates programs for adults to enable them to continue their intellectual and cultural interests on the college level. Courses are designed to contribute to the devel- opment of an informed and responsible citizenry. WILLIAM DEWBERRY Comptroller LLOYD JOYNER Registrar RALPH K.TYSON Dean of Students RICHARD MANDES Director of College Relations HAROLD O. MAGUIRE Dean of Men VIRGINIA BOGER Dean of Women ACADEMIC DIVISIONS ■H) - 1 1 2- IslnAi, 1+0 m J? ID -20 10 26- 0 5 2.0 10 M is- DIVISION 01 ft 60 Dr. Paul LaGrone, Chairman Dr. John Beegle, I .ho. fro ., Accounting Mr. Lloyd Billard, Is.? . Prof., Accounting Mr. William Bolen, Isir. Pro -, Marketing Mr. James L. Bush, n.s7.. Accounting Mr. Lon Carries, Pro . Finance Mr. Robert Colvard, Issf. Pro . Business Mrs. Sara Comer, ns ., Business Mr. Emit Deal, 4« . Pro .. Economics Mr. Lloyd Dozier, Ijsr. Pro !. Management Dr. Henry Durham, (wo. Pro , Economics Mr. Charles Edmonds, )si . Pro . Finance Mr. Josiah Ezell, 1.W7. Pro , Marketing Dr. Luis Gonzalez. I .wo. Pro . Economics B US I NESS Mr. Douglas Grider, Asst. Prof., Management Dr. Max Holland, Asst. Prof.. Mgt. Miss Martha Holmes, Asst. Prof. Business Dr. Cecil Howard, Asso. Prof. Marketing Dr. Howard Jackson, Asso. Prof. Business Mr. Origon James, Asst. Prof. . Accounting Mr. Lawrence Kelly, Asst. Prof. Mgt. Dr. Austin Montgomery, Asso. Prof. Business Dr. Larry Price, Asso. Prof.. Finance Mr. George W. Rimler, Asst. Prof.. Management Mr. Paul Sidler, Asst. Prof. Accounting Mrs. Carey Strickland, Inst., Business Mr. Shih Chang Tseng, Asst. Prof, Economics Miss Jane White, Asst. Prof, Business 2 6 fay. ft o a9 c J1Ca!a UuxA — 4f? 1 1 ' 1 ' r to 2 ? 30 Dr. Starr Miller, Dean oj the School of Education Mrs. Evelyn Anderson, Inst. Mrs. Marjorie Belt,vTvv . Prof. Dr. Guy Briggs. Asst. Prof-.S.T. Dr, Lee Cain, AssorPtof., $e($fidt % jk Dr. Bradon Chissom, Asst. Prof.. Ed. Re$: Mrs. Alice Christmas. Temp. Inst. Mr. John OeNitto, Inst; : ' ' , ; ; Rt ,1 Dr. Andrew Edwards. Assn. Prof, Ed. Psy. Dr. Mahoud EILaissi. Prof. Sec. Ed. Dr. Fred Ellenburg, Asst. Prof. Mrs. Sandra Franklin, Jnst.. Sec. Ed. Dr. X.L. Garrison. A sat. Prof.. Adm. Sypv. Dr. George Gaston, Asst. Prof. Jr. High Dr. Ronald Gauthier. Asst. Prof. Elem. Ed. Mrs. Jane Gray. Inst, •Sjftii. ' jf Dr. Elizabeth Hardin, Asso- Prof.. Elem. Ed. Dr. Donald Hawk, Prof. Dr. Lance Hemberger. Asst. Prof . Ed. Psv. Dr. William L, Hitchcock.. Vt : Mr. James Hood, Inst.. Ed. Psy. • Mrs. Betty Klein. Inst. Mrs. Dorothy LaGrone,7«.s . Mrs. Grace Lambie, Inst., Elein. Ed. ■■. } Dr. Leland LeMaster, Asso. Prof. Dr. Robert Lewis, Asso. Prof.. Reading Dr. Ralph Ltghtsey, Asso. Prof. Dr. John Lindsey. Asso. Prof. Dr. Paul McKinnis, Asso. Prof.. Adm. Supv. Dr. Kemp Mabry, Asso. Prof.. Guid. Sec. Ed. Dr. Walter B. Mathews, Prof Dr. John Morris. Asst. Prof Dr. Howard Moseley, Asso. Prof Dr. Mary Murphy, Asso.. ProJ. Dr. James Parker. Asso. Prof, Ed. Psy. ? Dr. Tom Paul, Asso. Prof Dr. Walter Peach. Asso. ProJ. Dr. Sara Riggs, Asst. Prof. Dr. Donald Sida, Asst. Prof. Dr. Arthur Strickland, Asst. Prof. Dr. Harold Tyer, A sso. ProJ. Dr. John Van Deusen, Asso. Prof Miss Gladys Waller. ' Asst. Prof. ' ' J-C Mrs. Betty Walton. Inst. f Hji Dr. Bill Weaver, Vo , T " : Mrs. Rosalyn Wells, «.?f. Mr. Edwin Wynn, Inst? DIVISION OF Miss Beverly Bauer. Prof. Mr. Harold Carrin, Asst. Prof. Mrs. Gay Crannell, Inst. Mr. Fred Fagnant,,4.w. Pro]. Mr. Robert G. Johnson, Asst. Pro] Miss Carla Davis, Inst, Mr. Joseph Olson, Asso. Pro]. Miss Roxie Remley, Asso. Prof. Dr. Sterling Adams, Asso. Prof. FINE A R Dr. Jack Broucek. Proj. Dr. Robert Gerken, Asst. Prof. Dr. Frieda Gernant, Prof. Dr. John P. Graham, Prof. Mr. Kenneth Jones, Asst. Prof. Dr. Robert Mayer. Asso. Proj. Mr. Don Northrip, Ask, Proj. Mr. William Sandlin, Asst. Prof Mr. Thomas Stidham, Asst. Proj Mrs. Dorothy Wallace. Inst. Dr. Dean C. Wilson. Asst. Prof. TECHNOLOGY Dr. Donald R. Hackett. Chairman Dr. Earl Andrews, Asst. Prof. Mr. Haden Carmichael. Asst. Prof. Mr. Edgar Godfrey, Asst. Prof. Dr. Keith F. Hickman. Asst. Prof. Dr. William Huss, Pro Mr. John S. Martin, Asm. Prof. Dr. Rex Nelson. A sso. Prof Mr. Lewis Selvidge, Asst. Prof. Dr. Thomas Singletary, A sso. Prof. Mr. Arv Vogel, Asst. Prof. Mr. Donald Whaley, Aw . Prof. DIVISION OF HOME ECONOMICS Dr. Betty Lane, Chairman Mrs. Myra Burkhalter. Inst. Rfiss Lucille Golightly, Asst. Pro). Dr. Dorothy Harvey. Asso. Prof. Miss Susan Jones, Asst. Pro;. Miss Carolyn Lucas. Inst Mrs. Jeannine Maness. Inst. Mrs. Jerriane Meadows, 7 Miss Mary Ann Pace, Inst Dr. Doris Pearce, A sso. Prof. Mrs. Frances Seymour. Asst. Prof. Miss Sarah Talley. Asst. Prof. Miss Sarah Tucker. Inst. Miss Elizabeth Williams. Inst. Table c DIVISION OF ENGLISH Upper and Lower Case Dr. Fielding Russell, Chairman Mr. David Atkinson, Inst., German Miss Angela Balducci. Inst.. English Mrs. Nancy Barrett, Inst., Spanish Miss Jane Barrow, Asst. Prof.. Mod. Lang. Mrs. Barbara Bitter, Inst.. English Mrs. Elvena Bolick, Inst.. English Dr. Claude Britt, Asso. Prof.. Spanish Mrs. Jane Brown, Inst:, English Dr. HollisCate, Pro .. English Mrs. Charlotte Crittenden, Inst.. English Mrs. Bobbi Ruth Ellaissi, Inst.. Speech Dr. Zolton Farkas, Prof.. Mod. Lang. Dr. Charles Forton, Asst. Prof. French Miss Hazel Hall, Inst . Speech Drama Mrs. Cladys Hicks, Inst., English Mr. Clayton Hoff, Asst. Prof. English Mrs. Adele Hooley, Inst.. English Dr. Lawrence Huff, Prof. English Dr. John B. Humma, sj . Prof. English Dr. Carlton Humphrey. Asst. Prof . English Mr. Richard Keithley, Inst.. English Mrs. Dorothy Lee, Asst. Prof. Speech Mr. Edward Little, Asst. Prof. English French A a B b G c J d £ e F f G g H h I i J j K k L 1 M m N n O o P P O q R r S s T t U u V v W w X x Y y Z z 152 The sounds of the letters in Arabic, Hebrew, ARABIC HEBREW t 1 Alif Aleph 3 • • » Be (b) 2 Beth (b) Te (t) Veth (v) Se (th) J Gimel (g) Jim 0 ' ) 2 -J Daleth (d) c TT„ He (n) 2 Hen (h) i is. he (kn) 1 Vav (v) Dal (d) | Zayin (z) 3 Zal ( A) p| Kheth (kh) J Re (r) ft Teth (t) 3 Ze (z) » Yod (y) Sin (s) 2 )TJ Kaph (k) j Shin (sh) 2 Khaph (kh) ' Sad (s) 2 Lamedh(l) Dad ( A) 2 7jQ Mem (m) t Ta (t) 2| Nun (n) j t. J Za (z) Q Samekh(s) Ain 7 Ayin 3 C i j- Ghain (kh) 2 rjCj Peh (p) i i i O Fe (£) 2 £rj Feh (f) 4 Qaf (ka) 2 Tsadi (ts) . f el Kef (k) 2 j? Koph (k) 1 3 1 J Lam (1) 2 Resh (r) r Mim (m) 2 $ Sin (s) Nun (n) 2 2? Shin (sh) ■ 0 He (h) Tav (t) Waw (w) J) Thav (th, s) Ye (y)|5 Diacritical Marks - (6, 6) (a) " (a) (e) (i, e) : (silent) V (6o) phabets Russian, and German are shown in parentheses. LA NG UA GES GREEK Print and Script a Alpha (a) |8 Beta (b) y Gamma (g) 6 Delta (d) € Epsilon (e) £ Zeta (z) 7) Eta (a) 6 Theta (th) I Iota (e) K Kappa (k) X Lambda (1) fJL Mu (m) V Nu (n) £ Xi (ks) O Omicron (o) 1T Pi (p) P Rho (r) (J $ Sigma (s) 5 T Tau (t) V Upsilon (u,6o) 0 Phi (f) X Chi (H) yp Psi (ps) CO Omega (5) RUSSIAN Upper and Lower Case A a fi B 6 b B b v r r « E e ye 3K 3K w» 3 3 w H H e) ft H (6) K K JI JI CD M M (m) H H ( " ) O O ». II n (p) P p « C c fe T T (t) ' y y (50) X X h) m (ts) q H (ch) III III (sh) m m (shch) LI M (e) h h 8 3 3 (e) K) K) (Q) H a (ya) GERMAN Upper and Lower Case 91 a (a) t d (e) S3 ft (b) (£ C Ms,s) 6) (H,kh) 2) b (d) (£ e (e, a) ft f | © g ( 4 w 5 t fc« 3 i g £ f w s I a) 9ft m (m) %l n (n) D o (o.S) 6 B (o) y$ p (p D(u)q(u) v) r w ©fS (s, z) 5 ©rf) ftff h) £ t (t) U U (50) U n (u) S to tf) as h v) £ £ (ks) B (6 ' U) !53 3 5 (ts) Mrs. Monika Lynch, Inst.. English Dr. Clarence McCord, Ass ' o. Prof., Speech Mr. John McDuffie, Inst., English Mrs. Mary Mikell, A sst. Prof.. Speech Mr. Vincent MiUzi, Inst . Spanish Mr. Robert Overstreet, Asst. Prof. Speech Mr. Roy F. Powell, Asst. Prof. English Dr. Woodrow Powell, Prof. English Dr. Delma Presley, 4js . Prof. English Mrs. Sandra Rabitsch, Inst.. English Dr. Frank Rainwater, Prof. English Mr. Fred Richter, Asst. ProJ.. English Dr. David Ruffin, Prof. English Mr. Frederick Sanders, Asst. Prof. English Dr. Luther Scales, Asst. Prof. English Dr. Patrick Spurgeon, Prof. English Mr. Roger Tackett. Inst., Russian Dr. Kenneth Taylor, A sso. Prof, Philosophy Mr. Aurelien Theriault, last;, French Mr. Jerry Turner, Asst. Prof. German Mr. Jimmy Voyles, Asst. Prof. English Miss Linda Welden, Inst., English Miss Virginia Williams, Inst., English Mr. John Wills, Asso. Prof. English Dr. Maryland Wilson, Prof. .Speech DI VISION OF HE A L TH Dr. Douglas Leavilt. ( wts. ReblTJarnes, Assi. ProJ. Mrs. Jean Bell,. Asst. ProJ. Mrs. Helen Brogdon, Asst. ProJ. Mr. Paul Carr, Asst. Prof. Mr. J. I. Clements, Asst. Prof. Mr. Mickey Cobb. Inst. Mrs. Delores Collins. Inst. -: Dr. Doyice Cotten, Asso. ProJ. Dr. Albert Elliott, Asst. Prof. Mr. Gordon Floyd, Asst. Prof Miss Ruth Green, Assi, Prof. MM A ND PHYSICAL EDUCA TIO ■K ' TVlrs. Lila Hall, Inst. PjjP . Mr. Tom Martin, ' rf tflDMpS ' V Mr. Danny Murray, Insi. j£ Mr. Ron Oertley, Asst. Prof. S5feMi David Patton, Inst. ' Dr. Tom Paul, Asso. Pro). Mr. Frank Rado ' vich, Asst. Prof. Dr. Frank Ramsey, Asso. Prof , jg . Mrs. Marilyn Richards, wr. Mr. J. E. Rowe. «.s?. M r . J . B . Scearce. A sso. Prof. WHU£ Mr. VVillium-Spieth,ip|(po Mrs. -Laura Walson, lust. DIVISION OF SCI EN CI b K A B RT •0 i. , V? IiimIm iliiiiliiua I i I i 11 1 I Vn 1 Mill! Ill ym 1 1 1 i t i 1 1 6 1 1 til tit 111 ■Boole, Chairm in .4 Jr. .. Irs J. ssotProl., Chemistry olug) Mrs. §bH fcrinett, Inst. . B olog Mr. Eugene Bergquist, Ass . Pn Dr. Herbert Bice, Asso Mr. Thomas Bishop, Dr. tt «ias Bond, A Dr.feotAt Boxer, AssotProf MrLohjfcozeman, Prof., Bi«m ll Bryant. Prof. Physics Mr. Alva Burk halter, Ahl. Prof.. Biology Dr. Martha Cain, ProjW hemistry Dr. Charles Christmas, Asso. Prof. Math Dr. Frank Clark, Asst £r. Clair Colvin, Prof. . Jilian P. Deal, In Ai. Dinald Drapalik, A st. Prof . Robert Fitzwater. l-wo. Prof, Chemistry Dr. Frank French, Asst.fProf. Biology Mr. Michael Graham , .fas t. Prof. Math Dr. Hiram Hanson. Asso. Prof. Geology Miss Elizabeth Hardy, Asst. Prof.. Myth Mr. Vassilios Hassapk, In. Dr. fflfcl Homsher, Atst. Hoj Dr. C (India Hyde, A%st. Prof., Biology s is, Asso. Prof, Math ,A%st. Prof. Biology » 1 1 tso. Prof , Chemistry 3 rof, Biology ;st. Prof. Math Prof. Geology sst. Pro .. Math nh.pfricA f AoJ..Wiolo§y I I I f f 4ND MA THEM A TICS t i t i i ♦! i i i t t t i tl ..tJ i nit tiiittitlititttiitliiiilfttili i tiiii ifitiitfititiriifiiiiffiiiliitilM inn (in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 » 1 1 1 ti 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 mi Bit iiiiitiitlifiiiu iliml i n if %1 7 ill I ill t I t t I I I I I I 1 I I I ! I I i i 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .8 fit I 1 1 1 ! I 1 1 ! 1 1 1 i i ! 1 1 1 h 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1j$ tltitliMI 9 hhlthlih KVfs, | Kellogg, ! . ProJL Cheirkstry : v Klissiigel lihi . fi ofcevl 1 I Dr. Nikos Dt.C ■a . Elri: r. Mll ' Iiveja r. Nf alt« Lylch,l4.v.vl Prif. o. Pro , Math I I 1 it i rt ill if ' i » r Maur, A«7. rro .. Biology Dr. Sturgil McKeever. Pro . Biology Mr. Cleon|N orjey, n.v .. Physics Dr. William Jlrcal. Isjr. Pro .. Geology Mrs. Sue Nirattlg, Math Dr. Donald Olewine, 4.wo. Vo .. Biology Dr. Jamis Oliver, Prof.. Biology riTill jPeiniigtAi. VroL. tro, r| F f ' ■oblrt| ».v;| rl r. JojlrfKdfcrs, .4 ;. W.fJ r. A. Sfinnasi, R rs. Ma[ry Sidler, Inst.; ' Math{ Dr. Malcolm Smith, Imo. Pn Dr. Arthjur Sparks, Ass t. Prof) Dr. Davijd Stone, Asst. Prof. Math Dr. NoiJia Drf M Dr. Arttijr Woodrum, Asst. Prof. Ml i I 111 MH , |Htel!$ IMH , l , | , l l MMMMMMMM mi 15 VP f Dr. Georgia Watson, Chairman _ Dr. Robert Barrow, Asst. Prof:?HisU ry Mr. Frederick Brogdon, Asst. $wj ' ., History Mrs. BethCarrin, Inst., Psychology Dr. Perry Cochran. Pro .. History Mr, Mark Dougherty. Asst. Prbjf.,- HUlory Mr. Vassilib tconomopoulos. W.wr. Prof . Sociolog) Mrs. Chaflotte Ford. Asst. ' Prpf., History ■ ' j Dr. William Gardner, Asm. Pro].. Psychology t jT ' jidr. Daniel Good. Asst. Profi. GeagrmjUhg M£ ?Mr Ha$rf if3£ fa4(: PoliiicaJSj00K j Mrs. Jeanette Herrmann. lnsi..S jjij0tgy . Mr. Richard Herrmann. AsstJPro).. History Mr. George Joiner, -l.w iWfif . His ' tdry J " )t lames D WRm, A sir), ProJ., History Mr. Jafjes W. Jordan. .45.vr. ' Prof . Sociology Mrs. Claire Krissingec , jtf? .. Sociology Dr. Kathryn Lovett, rlf.u. Pro , Psychology VJfcfwdustine S. Mann.Av.w. Prof .. Political Science 1 I SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr " Dr. Dr. Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr X Mr Dr. T r. Hubert McAllister. Asst. Prbf: History Sears McGee, Asst. Prof.. History . Harris Mob%(|f; Asso. Prof., Sociology " v k- Charlton Moseley. Asso. Prof.. History " S Grover Richards, Asso: Prof..PsxgkfUo V 1 James Robinson, A sso fifVJ ! rPsvchologv. , . L George Kossm fof, H istvry ftrdak Saunders, Asst. Pro .. History Hon Schafer, Inst.. Sociology JgJ. - Taylor Scott. Asso. Proj., So aiogy Julia Smith. Asso. Prof. Histori Ronald Snow, hist.. Geography Mario S. Spal atin, Asst. Prof. . Political Science Kenneth Taylor. Asso. Pr o) ..philosophy ■ Georgelle Thomas, Asst. Pro . . Psychology Willie G ' . Todd, Asso. Prof. History . William WaJker, Asst. ProJ.. Psychology AlvfrfWarnock. Asst. Prof. . Political Science Robert D. Ward. Prof. ' History Matt Williamson, Asst. Prof.. Political Science Security: Harold Howell. Chief Security Officer Cardell Cowart, Captain . I. Tidwell, Lieutenant Sidney D. Deal, Sergeant Walter E. McGlamery, Sergeant James Ray Akins J. P. Waters Darwin G. Williams J. H. Rushing John W. Lanier John P. Ivey William S. Donaldson Health cottage: Dr. A. B. Daniel, Physician Diane Wadley, ?. V. Donna Hensley. R.N. Beth Bembry. G.N. Eva Bryant. L.P.N. Muriel Bryant, L.P.N. Lillian Freeman, L.P.N. Dorothy Wiggins, L.P.N. C. R. Pound, Director. Student Centers Hassie McElveen, Librarian ALMA MATER Down among the murmuring pine Where old nature smiles, G. S. C. holds up a standard Known for miles and miles. Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Ne ' er her standard fail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, G. S. C. , all hail. From the blue and broad A t lan tic Balmy breezes blow, Wafting far G. S. C. ' s spirit May she ever grow. Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Ne ' er her standard fail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, G. S. C, all hail. 161 ORGANIZATIONS 164 Michael D. Ayres — Editor Richard A. Pfund — Copy Editor Melissa Lyon — Classes Editor Suzie Ostuni — Academics Editor Walker Harber — Sports Editor Debrah Blalock — Organizations Editor Photographic Services: Jim C a hi 1 1 Conrad Vogel David Lewis Clayt Sanders David Caine Staff: Jean MacElhannon Ginger Perry Mary Guy Pat Kathy Lee Sp ecial A ssis tan t: Ron May hew Darryl Year wood — Managing Editor Bill Beecher — Managing Editor ( Winter) " Dean " Tice — News Editor Hugh de Lacy -— News Editor ( Fall and Winter) Carolyn Tinker Copy Editor A I Godfrey — Production Manager Jackie Perkins Sports Editor n i m ■ H ' ' •V:..-. H| Conrad Vogel — «z of Photographic Services Jimmy Bennett — Sports Editor ( Fall) Ronnie Parrish — Assistant Sports Editor Curtis Scott — Assistant Sports Editor ( Fall) Steve Arnold — Business Manager Susan Arnold — Assistant Business Manager Billy R. F err ell — National Advertising Manager Larry Anderson — Circulation Manager WINBURN HALL 1. Beth Holland 2. Marty Anderson 3. LesueBillman 4. Sharon Santmyer 5. Rhonda Waller 6. Jane Carpenter 7. Nancy Mulherin 8. Susan Gottfried 9. Meg Salter 10. Ellen Payne 11. Carol Woodall 12. Kathy Willard 13. Carolyn Brown 168 YORK HALL 169 17C HENDRIX HALL 10 12 1. Mary Massey 2. Reda Sports 3. Vivian Sasser 4. Connie George 14 ) 5. unidentified 6. Lee Womack 7. Karen Miller 8. Elaine Ash 9. Lucy Brannen 10. Barbara Thompkins 11. Dana Goodman 12. Camella Davis 13. unidentified 14. unidentified 171 WUDIE HALL 1. Angela Stovall 2. Frankie Lynn Houston 3. JoAnnNanney 4. Judy Richardson 5. Frankie Buckalew 6. Kay Long 7. Cathy Cannon 8. Melba Davis YORK HALL 1. Ann Slade 2. Barbara Wisdom 3. Mrs. Strickland 4. Amanda Bruner 5. Kay Lovett 6. Linda Nix 7. Carol Wilson DEAL HALL I. Nancv Craskin 2. Susan Poitevint 3. Susan Bassett 4. Janeen Salter 5. Jan Foster 6. Stephanie Stowell 7. Antoinette McRae 8. Lynn Slade 9. Mrs. Marian Beacham 10. Ginger Perry ANDERSON HALL 174 STRATFORD HALL 1. Starr Eberhart 2. Mickie Malone 3. Jan McQuaig 4. Patricia Sammons 5. unidentified 6. Beth Watson 7. unidentified 8. Lorraine Pratt 9. MarySetzer 10. Chris Pratt 175 CONE HALL Cone: L-R: sitting: 1. Paul Reviere 2. Joe Shuford 3. Mrs. Maude Davis 4. Ralph Pack 5. Larry Brantley Standing: 6. Randy Gay 7. Claude Dryden 8. Tommy Godbee 9. Bob Wilson 10. Daryl Lewis 11. Mike Whitner 1 7. John Schneck 18. Geoff Bennett Not pictured: Dan Coxwell BRANNEN HALL Brannen: L-R: 1. John Mallory 2. Donnie Wilson 3. Mrs. McKinney 4. BenAbbitt 5. Ward Truelock DORMAN HALL 177 ! DEBATE CLUB I. L-R: Larry Lewis, Paul Glass, Diane Hawkins, Tommy Smith, unidentified, Betsy Hollowell, Peggy Godbee, Dr. McCord, Margaret Fox. II. L-R: Andrew Farkas, Mr. Ford Bailey, Melinda Edmunds, Marie Mitchell, unidentified, Yvonne Gilbert, Nina Payne, Jimmy Williams, Renee Dubberly. III. L-R, seated: Omelia Donahoo, Betty Trotter, Susan Beck, Kathy Reynolds. Standing: Dr. Robert Mayer, Joe Hooks, Johnny Shumans, Marcia Cvetan, Linda Chapman, Lowell Keene, Deena Loper, Ann Womack, Gaye Lynn Blackwell, Her- bert Cooler, Robert Quick, Donnie Davis, Louis Foster. 178 RECOGNITION COUNCIL MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S NATIONAL CONFERENCE 179 1. Judy Richardson 2. Lindsey Opfer 3. Susan Barton 4. Joan Johnston 5. Lynn Scurry 6. Joan Jordan 7. Jan Davis 8. Mary Eastwood 9. unidentified 10. Harriet Combs 11. Linda Whitaker 12. Betty Foster 13. Ann Slade WSGA JUDICIAL COUNCIL R 180 181 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 12. Philip Marsa 13. Buddy Pipkins Dog: Sailor Boy 182 MEN ' S GOVERNING COUNCIL 1. Art James 2. Danny Plunkett 3. Dale Warren 4. Bob Moon 5. unidentified 6. David Lentz 9. 10. 11. 12. John Ford unidentified Allen Blair Rick Ellis Russ Fordham John Rivers 183 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES 16 1. LindyWebb 2. Mike Pack 3. Rodney Dantzler 4. Bill Erkes 5. Buddy Davis 6. John Malatack 7. Joe Williams 8. Lee Price 9. Byron Pearce 10. PhilSisk 11. Mickey Cobb 12. Douglas Purcell 184 13. Danny Plunkett 14. Rolen Heath 15. Lewis Owens 16. Ken Szotkiewicz Not pictured: Dennis Simpson Dan Winter Ralph Peck Warren Baxter Don Tyre Allen Simmons AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB 185 1. Edward Hunter 2. W. Faye Crawford 3. Barbara Bush 4. Edward Harris 5. Wimberly Ponder 6. Jack E. Cummings 7. Charlie Gibbons 8. Kermit Frink 9. Emily Moorman 10. Rhunnette McKenzie 11. Julia Ward 12. Canstance Shoemake 13. Gloria Morgan 14. Antionette McCrae 15. Benjamin I. Watts 16. Gloria Riley 17. Eugene Brown 18. Tadesse Seifu 19. Faye C. Bowdery 20. Fozie Outler HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 12. Kathy Bennett 13. Jay Broome 14. Rhonda Waller 15. Anita Jones 16. Pat Walters 17. JudyOdom 18. Kay Stroud 19. G wen Poole 186 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 8. Shuang-Chao Chang — Taiwan 9. Visutdhi Busaya — Thailand 187 MASQUERS 1. unidentified 2. Barbara Wisdom 3. Elliot Griggers 4. Gail Munz 5. unidentified 6. Bill Bishop 7. Janie Prayier 8. Margaret Grimes 9. unidentified 10. Joy Moody 11. Debby Redding 12. Cyndre Farr 13. Ginny Valentine 14. Susan Beck 1 5. Renee Duberly 16. Peggy Campbell 17. Ben Pate 18. Eric Brannen 19. Al Jones 20. unidentified 21. David Hughes 22. Brad Hoyt 23. Mark Hoyt 24. unidentified 25. unidentified 26. unidentified 27. Jimmy Scoggins 28. Dell Payne 29. Marylynne McKinney 30. Hazel Hall 31. Kaye Black w 188 1 " » " TThiiMr aflr mi rrumn INTEREST AND DEPARTMENTAL COUNCIL L-R: Tadesse Seifu, unidentified, Nancy Rifenburg, Pat Davis, unidentified, Tom Davis, Harry McAlum, unidentified, uni- dentified, Richard G. Banks, David Stewart, Jim Argrures, Thomas Brown, Elaine Smartt, Peter Pappas, Carol Jean Link, unidentified, unidentified, Carol Cates, Gail Munz, Brad Hoyt. PARK AND RECREATION SOCIETY FRENCH CLUB L R; Mr. Theriault, Virginia Taylor — treasurer, Dr. Forton — faculty advisor, Ora Beth Manning — publicity, Nixon M. McWilliams — president, Maryette Hanson — secretary, Martha Lampp — vice president, Joyce Cornett — social chairman. RECOGNITION COUNCIL L-R: Sister Michelle, Frank Padgett, Justine Mann, Bill Lovejoy, Walter Peach, Lewis R. Selvidge, Mickey Cobb, Jerry Turner, Robert W. Clark. 191 rPEEKZ 193 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 194 OFFICERS Hi I L-R: Donna Duesenbert, Son- dra O ' Hearn, Laura Mains, Bev- erl y Streiff, Susan Reddick, Mary Batton, Sally Perry, Susan Beckham. II L-R, sitting: Carol Davis, Tru- dy Counts, Linda Jackson. Stand- ing: Cathy Hodges, Babs Boring, Sally Booth, Jill Bryson, Liz Dawson, Dianne Hamm. III L-R: Cindy James, Kay Jones, Forrest Hopkins, Cissy Hen- dricks, Anna Reeves, Debbie Knight, Carol Herndon, Diane Hilliard. AAn IV L-R: Donna Stack, Sally Davidson, Jane Waters, Toni Newby, Brenda Wagamen, Peggy Hartsfield ' Betty West. V L-R: Linda Nix, Susan Smith, Betty Brunson, Linda Lee Smith, Barbara Reeves, Cheryl Mills, Elaine Parker. VI L-R: Ginger Meadows, Patricia DeGrandis, Lin- da Davidson, Camille Howard, Janice Griffin, Ka- thy Lovett, Gail Beavers, Sandra Coppage, Ronda Monroe, Jo Linda Harper, Linda Lord, Gina Boger, Deborah Barfield. 197 L. Mary Henderson 2. Virginia Hendrix 3. Ruth Weinmann 4. Stephanie Cooper 5. Margaret Pipkin 6. Lynn Clemens 7. Pat Cash 8. Toy Porter 9. JudyOdom 10. Millie Watson 1 1. Jeani Merek 12. Donna Langdon Officers: 1. Lynn Clemons 2. Virginia Hendrix 3. Becky Sorrow 4. Jean Brinson 5. Millie Watson 6. Elaine Smartt 7. Donna Langdon 8. Cynthia Hall 9. Stephanie Cooper 10. Patricia Walters 11. Claire Chancellor 12. Judy Odom 13. Toy Porter 14. Patricia Cash 199 1. Peggy Anderson 2. Mrs. C. B. McAllister 3. Becky Sorrow 4. Cynthia Hall 5. Linda Ellison 6. Judy Jones 7. Elaine Smartt 8. Claire Chancellor 9. Jean Brinson 10. Paula Wilber 11. Dahlia Stacy 12. Mary Alice Matthews 13. Debbie Visscher a9 1. Cole Bibee 20. Bert James 2. Steve Coin 21. Bill Nelson 3. David Powell 22. Pat Keenan 4. Larry Ward 23. Ronnie Westor 5. Leigh Griffen — sweetheart 24. Phil Rhodes 6. David Handcock 25. Tim Terry 7. Bob Jones 26. Eddie Nix 8. Wayne DeLoach 27. Sam Nisbet 9. Billy Ferrill 28. Russell Brannen 10. Glynn Brucker 29. Billy George 11. Eddie Reeves 30. Jim Bailey 12. Gene Turner 31. Larry Wells 13. Tom Lawrence 32. Tony Jones 14. Lee Girardeau 33. Barry Richardson 15. Rob Pate 34. Lloyd Dozier — advisor 16. David Carter 35. Bill Sudderth 17. Steve Arnold 36. Brad 18. Jimmy Rawlins 37. Wiley Slaughter 19. Ricky Smith 38. Doug Padgett 202 1. Martha Lampp 2. JudyConnell 3. Carol Jean Link 4. Jan Davis 5. Teddie Dorminy 6. Wayne Buffington 7. Judy Hollingsworth 8. Belinda Crawford 9. Kathy King 10. Annette Osborn 11. unidentified 12. unidentifed 13. unidentified 14. Toy Porter 15. Kay Butt 16. Susa n Moore 17. Carol Almand 1 8. Mary Lou Collum 19. Rhonda Waller 20. Jan Baker 203 204 1 . Sonny Thorpe 2. Robert Eubank 3. Drennon Strickland 4. Benji Hodges 5. Darrell Bargaineer 6. Larry Anderson 7. Sam Reeves 8. Carrol Anderson 9. Wayne Williamson 10. Rusty Black Not pictured: Wendy Hagens Charles Hill Bobby Hinton Bo Miles Paul Miller Harry Rogers Frank Wade Phil Wysong AZ 1. Debbie Cook 2. Paula Teal 3. Nancy McDonald 4. Judy Moye 5. KathyHill 6. Peggy Barnett 7. Jackie Crump 8. Paulette Verner 9. Hilda Barfield 10. Janet Henley 11. Lynne Bryan 12. Brenda Shirley 13. Marilyn Loyd 14. Su Broadaway 15. Mary Ann Lawlor 16. Mary Sue Fowler 17. Marion Breedlove 18. Carol Kelly 19. Pam Anderson 20. Kay Wilson 21 . Debbie Millican 22. Melody Jackson 23. Jan Greer 24. Belinda Crawford 25. Patsy Goza 26. Sheila Blanchette 27. Marsie Bentley 28. Gloria Mooney 29. Susan Majors 30. Linda Dixon 31. Wanda Cadwell 32. Jill Smith 33. Elaine Wiley 34. Ann Wornack 35. Gaye Blackwell 36. Fran Mitchell 37. Nancy Beasley 38. Brenda Burton 39. Joy Evans 40. Bonnie Adams 41. PatCanady 42. Wanda Whitaker 43. Beth Stone 44. Michelle Phillips 45. Gayle Grosvenor 46. Sue Hodges 47. Diane Reid 48. Cherie Trescot 49. Diane Manget 50. Tina Schmeill 51. Sherry Walker 52. Becky Johnson 206 ATA 1. Jim Loach 2. Tom Lightfoot 3. Bruce Crosby 4. RickStolz 5. Jerry Mobley 6. Ebbie Thigpen 7. Rick Lynes 8. Ron Kirkland 9. Andy Hall 10. George Haynes 11. Woody Braddock 12. Jack Culpepper JX Jl 1. Tom Lightfoot 16. Joe Bridges 2. L. G. Warr 17. Ebbie Thigpen 3. Bob Grant 18. George Haynes 4. Rick Stolz 19. Johnie Lynes 5. Ken Carson 20. Jim Loach 6. Rick Freeman 21. Rick Lynes 7. Woody Braddock 22. Pride Sheahan 8. Jack Culpepper 23. Jerry Mobley 9. David Plaisted 24. Jim Duff 10. Johnny Johnson 25. Andy Hall 11. Rick Shuman 26. Bob Leonard 12. Buddy Harmon 27. Ron Kirkland 13. Alan Bond 28. Buddy Bloodworth 14. Bruce Crosby 29. Rusty Brown 15. Tommy Wilbanks 209 Carol Culpepper — secretary Diane McConnell — rush chairman Barbara Woodall — treasurer Carolyn Craig — vice president Barbara Hammett — panhellenic Becky B lack m on — president Lynn Barnett — panhellenic Sharon Rowland — historian I. Monica Jacobs 2. Betty Ann McKinney 3. Patricia Godbey 4. Kathy Bazemore 5. Carol Cooper 6. Ginger Aldreg 7. Debbie Freeman 8. Carolyn Cougle 9. Gayle Peoples 10. Cindy Peterson 11. Hilda McDaniel 12. Jenny Smith 13. Vicky Evans 14. Celeste Coleman Not pictured: Gayle Carter Pamela Godbey Kay Mussellwhite Linda Pruitt 1. Sheila Garvin 21. Pam Dingwald 2. Chris Hull 22. Martha Lampp 3. Becky Blackmon 23. Marilyn Brown 4. Terry Stocks 24. Carolyn Craig 5. Ellen Payne 25. Jan Canady 6. Ann Godfrey 26. Paula Sirmons 7. Donna Jackson 27. Joanne Sanders 8. Becky Brannen 28. Sharon Rowland 9. Nan Edenfield Not pictured: 10. Connie Young Bettye Sanders 11. Patsy Sedlmayr Kathy Branch 12. Virginia Farley Barbara Widner 13. Amanda Bruner Nancy Taylor 14. Lynn Barnett Barbara Wisdom 15. Susan Peters Barbara Hammitt 16. Carol Burgamy Virginia Bracewell 17. Carol Woodall Sue Sikes 18. Carol Culpepper Kay Stroud 19. Diana Stone Linda Whitaker 20. Carolyn Brown 211 L. Dana Gaudry 24. Charles Stewart 2. Paul Parker 25. Jimmy Wheeler 3. Tony Harrison 26. Dean Kirkland 4. Phil Sisk 27. Camp Patterson 5. Larry Cook 28. Larry Thompson 6. Ronnie Mills 29. Alex Greene 7. Rex Childs 30. Bryan Vance 8. Ted Fagler 31. Steve Short 9. Anthony Kirkland 32. Tim Oliver 10. Joe Knight 33. Theron Almond 11. Fred Gilbert 34. John Donaldson 12. Dan Smith 35. Buddy Thomas 13. Jimmy Herman 36. David Trawick 14. Leon Watson Not pictured: 15. Jerry Brown Butch Gordon 16. Wally Clark Dusty Ross 17. Dobby Dobbs Steve Buckler 18. Mike Courtney Jim Goodwin 19. Ike Hubbard David Vance 20. Wayne Jarrell Bill Godwin 21. Greg Brewer Terry Webb 22. Rick Marlin Scotty McGregor 23. Chuck Brooks Jim Atwood KA 213 214 KA 1 1 . Susan Bush L. ividry r ucn Loicnidn 3. Patsy Vann 4. Jill Williams 5. Nan Hopkins 6. Evita Cobo 7. Marjorie McElreath 8. Donna Brown 9. Ann Floyd 10. Mary Ann Rogers 11. Pat McKorkle 12. Susan McCall 13. Dianne Culver 14. Starr Eberhart 15. Leigh Griffin 16. Amelia Powell 17. Paula Goggins 18. Nancy Curlee 19. Wendy Townsend 20. Sherry Smith 21. Jo Ann Nanney 22. Gail Barker 23. Sarah Munch 24. Ginny Taylor 25. Pat McKelvey 26. Kathy Magee 27. Laura Duncan 28. Gail Hall 29. Kathy Hooper 215 KL Front: 1. Gene Sullivan 2. Greg Leonard 3. John Hoyt Back: 4. Richard Stewart 5. Carlton Bessinger 6. Richard Milford 7. Buddy Andrew Not pictured: Bob Peck Tom Leonard Glen Stiegman 1. Wes Johnson 28. Richie Stanford 55. George Dillard 2. Mickey Pass 29. Gene Whitaker 56. Steve Melton 3. Pat Lane 30. Greg Leonard 57. John Fountain 4. M. H.Allen 31. Richard Milford 58. Carlton Bessinger 5. Roy Meadows 32. Buddy Andrew 59. Jimmy Kirkland 6. Buck Bragg 33. Greg Colson 60. Kenny Rowe 7. Rick Beene 34. Pat Kohanyi 61. Danny Gordon 8. George Burkett 35. Rhett Mouchet 62. Bob Wilson 9. Rick Armstrong 36. David Blum 63. Barry Adams 10. Robert Bostock 37. Gary Horn 64. Robert Carithers 11. Dan Coxwell 38. Jimmy Thomas 65. Preston Partain 12. Ken Mathews 39. Johnnie Luckie 66. Don Griffith 13. Allyn Robb 40. Warren Almand 67. Bob Injaychock 14. David Carper 41. Ken Austin 68. Brooks Simmons 15. Henry Whitfield 42. Bob Peck 69. Allen Compton 16. Herry Jackson 43. Cary Cook 70. Mack Singleton 17. Bill Brent 44. Martin Shine 71. Richard Stewart 18. Larry Horn 45. Tom Graves 72. John Hoyt 19. John Zetterower 46. Tommy Bond Not pictured: 20. Alvin Dickson 47. Wayne Collins Charlie McCann 21. Tom Leonard 48. Bob Risi Fred Kennedy 22. Rod McCalley 49. Jimmy Medlin Rod Meadows 23. Bruce Bazemore 50. Robert Boyle Jim Bailey 24. Gene Sullivan 51. Dorsey Hutchins Buddy Pinkston 25. David Luckie 52. Roger Bennett Dan Zurpardo 26. Johnny McCarty 53. JohnMallory 217 27. Glen Stiegman 54. Paul Massey 1. Michael Roberts 2. William Johnson 3. Joe Hooks 4. James Fincher 5. Jimmy Shumans 6. Lowell Keene 7. Herbie Cooler 8. Ron Daniels 9. Ralph Old 10. David Allman 11. Tom Davis 12. Jim Mclnnis 219 1. Ronnie Duncan 2. Steve Joiner 3. Tony Fair 4. Ronnie Norris 5. Ray Meredith 6. Tommy Howard 7. Richard Rogers 8. BillChafin 9. Reed Harrington 10. Lloyd Michaels 1. Hubert Akins 2. Larry Wood 3. Jack Stegall 4. Frank Garriga 5. Jim Conwell 6. Larry Brady 7. Bobby Diamond 8. Penny Drew — sweetheart 9. Joe Thomas 10. Andrew Farkas 1 1 . Greg Dominey 12. Gerald Jowers 13. Charlie Wallace 14. Ken Oliver 15. Mason Sanders 16. Brooks Poulk 17. Russ Fordam 18. Ronnie Pelt 19. ' •BuH " Chaffin 20. Mike Whitledge 21. Dickie Youn 22. Larry Richardson 23. Bill Griffin 24. Bob Brown 25. Dwayne Nunnally 26. Jim McBrayer 27. Mike Brady 28. Joe Lariscy 29. Bob Cresswell 30. Jerry Sellers 1. Stan Ross 2. David Rainwater 3. Rusty Rice 4. Mike Whalan 5. Richard McDaniel 6. Robert Hentz 7. Charles Ciary 8 John McDaniel 9. James Williams 10. Jim Beasly 11. Emory Lutes 12. Eddy Young 13. Ed Dunnavant 14. Bill Krenson J) 15. Johnny Holland 16. George Stallings 17. RickParrish 18. Allen Glaser 19. Mike Latham 20. Ev Eyre 21. Jones Nichols 22. Wayne Edwards 23. Phil Cobb 24. Steve Hardin 25. Al Shiver 26. Bobby Butts 27. Jim Lambert 28. Glen Gibson 223 29. Larry Anderson 30. Jimmy Tucker 31. PaulMathis 32. Proctor Carr 33. George Remeta 34. Billy Richardson 35. David Sherrill 36. David Dempsey 37. Don Dutton Not pictured: Thomas Lane Jim Wilson David Turner L 1 13. Tony McCrary 14. Robert Eubank 15. Mike Bush 16. Greg Anderson 17. WallySmartt 18. BuckOrr 19. sweetheart 20. Dave Beck 21. Robert Fishburne 22. Mark Forward 23. Wilbur Johnson 24. David Lentz 25. Ron Hansen 26. Bob Megirrowitz 27. Ken Quattlebaum 28. Jerry Robertson 29. Lonnie McNorrill 30. Bill Burke 31. Mike Adams 32. Russell Winter 33. Carter Crawford 34. Steve Allen 35. Glen Pierce 36. Glenn Langford 225 1. Dwight Bowling 2. Jim Seamon 3. Dicky Riggs 4. Danny Boatright 5. Jake Haimovitz 6. Bill Cliett 7. Jay Woodard 8. Glenn Atkinson — sgt at arms 9. Tom Warren — vice chanchelor 10. Andy MacMillen 11. Randy Ursery — chanchelor 12. Don Wienger — scribe 13. Ron Stewart — chaplain 14. Taylor Deviese 15. Don Hill 16. Danny Johnson — pledge warden 17. Bob Gentile 18. Mark Black 19. Mike Ritchie 20. Mike Angarone 21. John Malatak 227 24 1. Ed Bailey 2. Ken Crumpler 3. Bob Gilstrap 4. Joe Cumbee 5. David Ashton 6. Clay Strickland 7. Conrad Vogel 8. Charles Boyd 9. Becky Powell — sweetheart 10. Tim Morris 11. John Branch 12. Patrice Eskew — sweetheart 13. Bobby Bass 14. James Hartwig 15. Rickey Ellis 16. Michael Stewart 17. Sonny Thomas 18. Billy Hawkins 19. Stan Blow 20. Larry Lewis 21. Tommy Gibbs 22. Alton Dye 23. Rich Keene 24. Paul Glass 25. Pat Haymer 228 TK t i 1. Dr. O.J.James 2. Dale Warren 3. Lee Davis 4. Wayne Buffington 5. Pat Rising 6. Ronnie McMahon 7. Bill Larkey 8. Jimmy Mullis 9. Jimmy Boatwright 10. Mary NeSmith 11. Mike Ellington 12. Larry Smith 13. Alan Cody 14. Johnny Boatwright 15. BobPickrell 16. David Dillard 17. Kenny Brock 18. E.B.Price 19. Tommy Rogers 20. Howard Neal Not pictured: Steve Bishop Jerome Butler Pete Hires Terry Holt Johnny Riggs Joe Watkins Mike Carpenter Craig Frasier Mr. G. C. Coleman Dr. Robert Clark Benjie Clark 230 231 i 1. Robert Jones 13. Tim Peabody 2. Scot Waters 14. Joe Warren 3. Sammy Orr 15. John Reeves 4. John Jordan 16. Doug Williams 5. Roy Ammann 17. Sammy Smith 6. William Weil 18. Rick Mossman 7. Don Wiggins 19. Bubba Renfrow 8. Pat Stamps 20. Card Smith 9. Steve Gill 21. Terry McGahee 0. Don Ware 22. Brad Campbell 1. Richard Burton 23. Walter Weil 2. Jimmy Rainey 24. Bill Sherrod 233 pf f f A A f JX 1. Martha Cloud 15. Linda Threlkeld 2. Donna Johnson 16. June Moore 3. Donna Munson 17. Susan Stuart 4. Midge McLean 18. Betty Robins 5. Carol Wilson 19. Betty Sutton 6. Jean Stewart 20. Jackie Buffington 7. Peggy Mathews 21. Kathy Pool 8. Julie Rivers 22. Kay Kozojed 9. Mary Johnston 23. Brenda Mabry 10. Kay Lovett 24. Peggy George 11. Martha Ellen Howell 25. Gail Stewart 12. Nancy Sewell 26. Annette Harrison 13. Cathy Edenfield 27. Lynda Reeves 14. Nobie Haynie 4 M 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. f $ ft R A Anne Williamson Nancy Seekins Cathy Carr Debbie Llewallyn Betty Olive Peggy Harper Daphne Stevens Pat Kaplan Kathrine Gibson Jolie Cannon Georgia Garrett Nancy Hilly Lynn Slade 14. Shari Bowles 15. Karen Lowry 16. Ann Slade 17. Donna Camuso 18. Marcia Kaney 19. Carol Bryan 20. Marguerite Van Sickler 21. Nancy Mulherin 22. Chris Melton 23. Jeannine Metevier 24. Faye Neisler 25. Monnie Agnew 235 t MA 236 t 1. Gloria Swann 2. Alice Parker 3. Diana Henderson 4. Claudia Almeida 5. Claudia Stanford 6. Omelia Donahoo 7. Mary Sue Hodge 8. Jan McPherson 9. Susan Beck 237 t YQ 1. Elizabeth Williams — advisor 2. Dr. Betty Lane 3. Carol Culp 4. Rosemary Lee 5. Mary Alice Matthews 6. Deanne Bush 7. Judy Rahn 8. Micki Johnson 9. Lynda Renfroe 10. Carol Tucker 1 1 . Brenda Shirley Turner 12. Susan Galloway 13. Clarice Clements Waage 14. AllysonCook 15. Margaret Pipkin 16. Lynda Nix Not pictured: Marie Cox Baxter Carol Bryan Jean Robertson Mary White 238 239 1. Raymond Castleberry 11. Dallas Tindall 21. James Preston 31. Al Braswell 2. Bill Tollefson 12. Tommy Padgett 22. Terry McKay 32. Gene Camp 3. Don Minton 13. Bob Deller 23. Dennis Treado 33. Phil Hodges 4. Mike Hall 14. Pratt Hill 24. Dick Greene 34. Charles Altman 5. Al Blizzard 15. Frank Rogers 25. Bill Elliott 35. Frank Hook 6. Phil Lindsey 16. Jimmy Aldred 26. Phil Massa Not pictured: 7. Claude Erps 17. Bobby McGregor 27. Gary Nesbitt Donnie Alderman 8. Gary Boyd 18. Clyde Redding 28. Dean Hillegass Demery Bishop 9. Lance Foldes 19. Danny Plunkett 29. Joe Whisenant Ricky Duffy 10. Steve Simmons 20. Tommy Ficquette 30. Tony O ' Neal Jim Meeks 240 SPORTS j The Eagles finished their first season as a full-fledged member of the NCAA with a 17-6 record, including hosting the South Atlantic Regional Tournament in March. Averaging 87 points per game while allowing but 77, the Eagles were led by Roger Moore with a 19.4 aver- age per game. He was followed by Steve Buckler who popped in 17.8, John Norman 17.0, and Phil Sisk 13.3. Playmaker and the man who controlled the gears, Gene Brown, had a 9.5 average and many assists. The bench was always there . . . and reliable. 248 Front row: Claudia Milligan, Sharon Rowland, Leigh Griffin, Cheryl Mills, Sandy Wilson, Judy Waddell. Back row: David Fowler, Jack Renfroe, Mike Norton, Michael Holloway, Romie " Bull " Chaffin, Smith Mayo. Captains: Cheryl Mills, Mi- chael Holloway. GYMNASTICS The 1970 gymnastics team finished a " me- diocre " season (by Eagle standards) with a 6-3 record. This was due largely to the de- pletion of the team, mostly through inju- ries. The five remaining competitors did an excellent job when one considers this. Two members of the team, Danny War- button and David Zirnzak, competed in the NCAA National Tourney in April at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Finishing high in their specialties, these two carried the Ea- gles to 1 1th place in the nation on a team basis. Front: Danny Warbutton, Tony Blasko, Back: Bill Tollefson, David Zurnask, John Peacock. GYMNASTS 256 CROSS COUNTRY HARRIERS 257 I t Spring at Georgia Southern is baseball. Win- ning is the baseball tradition at Eagle Field. This season wasn ' t exceptional, but nor was it an exception. The record was 16-10 and that included a whipping of Florida State Univer- sity, the nation ' s number one collegiate team on the diamond. Bill Speith is a master at baseball. Talent abounded at Eagle Field this spring and the talent produced. Speith knows how to recruit and any coach can tell you that ' s 50 percent of the job. Baseball was played under the lights here this season — and under the sun. The pitching staff was better than average and, as always, Georgia Southern had the sticks. The defense was adequate and the caliber of play was excellent. Typical Georgia Southern Baseball. A national championship came to Statesboro in 1962 and Speith is well on his way towards another national title. Herbie Hutson and Jimmy Fields were two of the many keys to the Eagles ' success. Speith is looking to 1971 as a banner year for Southern. GSC BASEBALL TEAM 1970 L-R — (front), Terry Webb, Benjie Clark, Robert Jones, Dan Zuppardo, Roy Ammann, Jim Wilkes, Alton Griffin, Harold Grubbs; (2nd row), Coach Bill Spieth, Mike Angarone, Bruce Babb, Richard Hester, Gary Laney, Tom McMurrian, Carey Shea, Richard Cahrd, Ken Matthews; (3rd row), Straton Karatassos (trainer), Kyle Young, Tommy Arden, Sam Hendrix, Jimmy Fields, Wayne Sirmons, Pat Winchester, Joe Hemberger. 262 263 BASEBALL 1969 Row I: John Warlick, Ron Cawthon, Jimmy Fields, Howdy Griffin, Pete Whitfield, Roy Ammann, Robert Jones, Sam Hen- drix. Row 2: Coach Spieth, Mike Antarone, Tom Brown, Don Wiggins, Terry Webb, Roddy Michele, Jimmy Wilkes, John Lynch, Eddie Thigpen. Row 3: Assistant Coach Murray, Assistant Coach All Limmons, Cap Breedem, John Jordan, Luther Smith, Herbir Hustom, Richard Chard, Tommy Arden, Eddie Harden, Monty Tillman. 264 A new sport was initiated this year with the for- mation of a tennis club for women which compet- ed informally. The women, playing such teams as West Georgia, Florida State, and Waycross High School, did so well there is a possibility a formal team will be established next year. 267 268 The 1970 golf team capped a successful season by being invited to the NCAA National Tourney in Youngstown, Ohio in June. The team finished the regular season with a 13-5-2 record. This was achieved by the addition of four top linksmen to go with the three lettermen from last year, Brooks Simmons, Eddie Register, and Stan Czerno. The new men were Jimmy Ellis (Virginia State junior champion and low medalist this year), Pat Lane (Chris Schenkel Award winner), Ricky Armstrong, and Mickie Pass. Eddie Register, Brooks Simmons, Pat Lane, Mickey Pass, Ricky Armstrong, Coach Paul Carr. 269 271 272 KL — 1 FOOTBALL AT Q — 1 SOFTBALL Intramural sports were again an important aspect of 1969-70 as both Independent and Greek teams competed for championships in football, basketball, and soft ball. Afternoons throughout the year provided the opportunity to participate in, or support, the various sports. 273 275 I BASKETBALL TENNIS: 1970 GOLF: 1970 Won 17 Lost 6 Won 10 Lost 12 Won 13 Lost 5, Tit 1 Eagles 77 Louisiana Tech 80 Eagles 1 Florida State 8 Eagles 290 Valdosta State 3 1 Eagles 88 Valdosta State 80 Eagles 4 The Citadel 5 Eagles 293 Tampa Univ. 21 Eagles 91 High Point 93 Eagles 1 Univ. of Kentucky 8 Eagles 298 Florida Southern 3 ' Eagles 79 Eastern Kentucky 97 Eagles 9 Tampa Univ. 0 Eagles 284 Stetson Univ. 2 Eagles 73 Carson-Newman 72 Eagles 8 Florida Presby. 1 Eagles 294 Jacksonville Univ. 2 1 i Eagles 83 Roanoke 72 Eagles 9 Stetson Univ. 0 Eagles 478 Armstrong State Eagles 71 East Carolina 88 Eagles 3 Jacksonville Univ. 6 Eagles 270 Malone College Eagles 95 Old Dominion 99 Eagles 4 Virginia Tech 5 Eagles 292 Malone College 3 I Eagles 73 Oglethorpe 57 Eagles 2 Columbus College 7 Eagles 297 Malone College 2 t Eagles 84 Fort Valley 74 Eagles 7 Carson-Newman 2 Eagles 445 Armstrong State 4 : Eagles 95 Georgetown 93 Eagles 5 Appalachian Univ. 4 Augusta College 4 i Eagles 103 Armstrong 68 Eagles 6 Eastern Michigan 3 Eagles 2 Univ. of Georgia Eagles 72 Mercer 64 Eagles 7 Malone College 0 Eagles Univ. of S. C. Eagles 85 Oglethorpe 51 Eagles 7 Malone College 0 Eagles 281 Mercer Univ. 3 Eagles 112 Columbus 83 Eagles 4 Eastern Michigan 3 Eagles 290 Mercer Univ. 3« Eagles 81 St. Leo 69 Eagles 9 Cumberland College 0 Eagles 462 Augusta College 4 : Eagles 98 Mercer 60 Eagles 3 Jacksonville Univ. 6 Eagles 287 Valdosta State 3 % Eagles 85 Oglethorpe 67 Eagles 2 Emory Univ. 7 Eagles 378 Columbus College 3 K Eagles 115 Wilmington 73 Eagles 0 Georgia Tech 9 Florida State 3 ( Eagles 90 Samford 88 Eagles 1 The Citadel 8 Jacksonville Univ. 3 : Eagles 96 Valdosta State 86 Eagles Eagles 1 2 Emory Univ. Columbus College 8 7 NCAA South Atlantic Regional Tournament Eagles 86 Old Dominion 79 Eagles 86 Stetson 93 276 GYMNASTICS: 1970 BASEBALL: 1969 BASEBALL: 1970 Won 6 Lost 3 Eagles 142.8 Georgia Tech 118.7 Eagles 136.91 Univ. of Georgia 118.89 Eagles 138.55 Univ. of Florida 78.80 Eagles 139.20 Ohio St. Univ. 145.20 Eagles 124.95 Slippery Rock St. 119.15 Eagles 119.45 Louisiana St. Univ. 114.60 Eagles 119.10 NE Louisiana St. 109.50 Eagles 117.25 Louisiana St. Univ. 119.00 Won 19 Lost 15 Won 16 Eagles 3 Virginia Tech 4 Eagles 1 Clemson Eagles 7 Univ. of Kentucky 3 Eagles 1 Virginia Tech Eagles 0 Virginia Tech 3 Eagles 4 Virginia Tech Eagles 1 Univ. of Kentucky 2 Eagles 2 Clemson Eagles 5 Rutgers Univ. 8 Eagles 3 West Liberty Eagles 7 Univ. of Kentucky 4 Eagles 6 West Liberty Eagles 15 Univ. of Kentucky 1 Eagles 10 West Liberty Eagles 5 Rutgers Univ. 2 Eagles 7 Western Carolina Eagles 8 Spring Field 7 Eagles 3 Western Carolina Eagles 2 Pembroke State 6 Eagles 2 Lehigh Eagles 3 Pembroke State 6 Eagles 3 Carson-Newman Eagles 9 Wake Forest 8 Eagles 6 Pembroke State Eagles 5 High Point 2 Eagles 4 Lewis College Eagles 8 Erskine College 15 Eagles 3 Eastern Michigan Eagles 9 Lewis College 6 Eagles 4 Eastern Kentucky Eagles 4 West Liberty St. 5 Eagles 6 Eastern Kentucky Eagles 12 Lewis College 7 Eagles 4 Eastern Kentucky Eagles 8 West Liberty St. 0 Eagles 5 Valdosta State Eagles 3 Univ. of S. C. 5 Eagles 1 N. Carolina U. Eagles 5 Carson-Newman 1 Eagles 6 Wake Forest Eagles 5 Carson-Newman 1 Eagles 0 High Point Eagles 5 Univ. of S. C. 0 Eagles 5 Floridr St. U. Eagles 0 Erskine College 6 Eagles 4 Florida St. U. Eagles 5 Furman Univ. 2 Eagles 4 Valdosta State Eagles 7 Furman Univ. 0 Eagles 3 Florida St. U. Eagles 5 E. Kentucky 6 Eagles 2 Florida St. U. Eagles 2 E. Kentucky 1 Eagles 7 Valdosta St. 6 Eagles 3 Univ. of S. C. 4 Eagles 3 Florida St. U. 2 Eagles 5 Florida St. U. 9 Eagles 4 Valdosta St. 5 Eagles 1 Florida St. U. 8 Eagles 4 Florida St. U. 3 Lost 10 5 2 0 6 0 0 2 2 2 3 2 2 3 9 1 1 3 3 2 2 2 12 277 CLASSES FRESHMEN " ... the freshman looked at himself and did not understand what he saw. He saw a partly formed mold, chiseled and etched by the same codes of life as those of his parents. He did not know of the major issues of today and if he did, he could not comprehend them. He tended to take a back seat to the seri- ousness of life and to look only for the fun and laughs. But also he saw that these rough edges were ready to be shaped and smoothed. In another year he was to see that there was more to life than a cold beer, a dirty joke, and a loud laugh. He was to find Shakespeare and Dante, acids and bases, unknowns and integrals. He would begin to take a stand on issues that interested and af- fected him. He would slowly come alive and find that he is what life is about . . . and that tomorrow would bring a new dimension. " ! Adams, Carol Ann Adams, Cindy Adams, Julia Adams, Russell Alexander, Jerry Allen, Adele Allen, Jeannette Allen, Kay Allen, Lester Allen. Pat Almand, Judy Amis, Judy Anderson, Yvonne Anderson, Nathaniel Anderson, Pam Ash, Elaine Baggett, Coletta Bailey, Cathy Bailey, Ellen Baker, Ginger Baker, Margaret Ball, Karen Ballew, Jim Barfield, JoAnn Bassett, Susan Batastini, Bill Batchelor, Brenda Bedgood, Joy Belcher, Aaron Bennett, Geoffrey Bennett, Mary Biggs, James Billingsley, Pearl Bird, Ginny Bishop, Wayne Blackburn, Pat Blackburn, Viki Blackmon, Carolyn Blackmon, Fred Blount, Mikey Boatright. Janet Boatright. Leo Bobo, Patsy Bond, Iris Booker, Lynn Boop, Robert Boyd, Ed Bragg, Michael Brantley, Jerry Bridges III. Irwin Bright, Paul Brimer, Susan Broadnax, Glenn Brooks, Betty Broome, Joy Brown. Nancy Brown. Susan Brusie. Debbie Bryant, Joan Bryant. Laurie Buck, Joyce Bundy, Chris Burns, Suzanne Burnsed. Linn Burson. Barbara Burt. Karen Byrd, Carol Byrd, Herbie Caithaml, Sylvia Caldwell, Mary Anne Campbell, Linda Canady, Melissa Capers, Clark Carlan, Ellen Cam, Michael Carter, Sunnye Carver, Karen Chapman, Lynn Chapman. Marcia Childress, Pam Childs, Kay Clack, Melinda Clark, Kay Clark, Tim Claxton, Beth Cline, Joan Cobb, Ronnie Cochran, Donald Cochran, Fonda Cole, Cathy Coleman, Celeste Collier, Robert Collins, Judy Cone, Phyllis Conner, Nancy Conner, Tommy Coogle, Carolyn Cook, Brenda Cook, Janet Cook, Janice Cook, Kerry Copeland, Lesley Corbett, Patti Cosgrove, Karen Cottle, Sherry Cox, Theresa Coxwell, Dan Crain, Debbie Cranmer, Scott Crapps, Margaret Crawford, James Crawford, Belinda Crawford, Walter Crawford, Winifred Faye Creasy, Ardythe Crosby, Paula Crowder. Sara Crumbley. Pamela Crumley, Christine Cullars, Richard Culpepper. Sylvia Currie, JoAnn Cvetan, Marcia Daniel, Louise Daughtry, Russell Davies, Cindy Davis, Donnie Davis, Gayla Davis, George Davis, Harry Day, Ophelia Deal, Sharon Dean, Gloria DeLoach, Juanita Dempsey, David Dennis, Neil Dillard, Nancy Dixon. Virginia Dooley, Margaret Downey, Terry Drake, Charles Drew, Penny Dnggers, Nancy Drury, Ann Dukes, Ellen Dukes, Rebecca Durrence. Paulette Duvall, Terry Glenn Earley, Johnette Ebersole. Carol Edenfield, Ida Elmore, Lynda Elrod, William Embry, Phil Epting, Debbie Erwin. Robert Estes, Lynn Fann, Michael Farley, Randy Farmer, Elizabe th Farrow. Jerry Ferguson, Marsha Ferrell, Patsy Fields, Larry Fisher, Arlene Fitch, Sandra Gail Flanders, Emily Fleming, Julie Flythe, Diane Foster, Janet Fouts, Ruth Fow Icr, David Fox, Tommy Freeman, Deborah Freeman, Gilda Freeman, Karen Friel, Carolyn Frost, Jane Fulghum, Michael Fuller, Robert Gabrielson, Susan Garrison, Frankie Gaskin, Nancy Gay, Jr., Randall L. Gaylor, Jean George, Connie Gibbs, Jeff Gibson, Kathrine Gill, Dianne Glass, Allison Godbee, Pamela Gobee, Patricia Godbee, Thomas Goldberg, Sherry Goodman, Dana Goolsby, Cindy Goolsby, Marilyn Graham, Cheri Greene, Jimmy Gregory, Leopoldo Griffin, David Groen, Jo Gross, Marie Grove, Harley C. Gurley, Becky Gust, Susan Guy, Mary Louise Haley, Graeme Hall, Charles Hall, Tim Hammock, Larinda Hamrick, Susie Hand, Alic ia Handley, Jeffrey Hanes, Patricia Hannon, Benny Hansford, Tim Hardie, Vicki Harper, Gary Harper, Jane Harrell, Janice Harris, Betty Harvey, Tricia Harwell, Nat " How ' s this for Publicity? " Hawkins, William Richard Hay, Brenda Haynie, Carol Hencely, Diane Henderson, Bill Henry, Martha Herring, Randy Hester, Dianne Higgins, Loutrell Hilliard, Diane Hinely, Frances Hobbs, Biff Hodges, Cheryl Hodges, Ginger Hodges, Kenny Holbrook, Lynn t ' W r v ■11 MM if 1 Holman, Karen Houchins, Anna Houghton, Charlene Howard, Glenn Howard, Jeannie Howe, Cynthia Hoyt, Bill Huckaby, Cathy Huff, Catherine Huff, Celia Huff, Gloria Huff, Roger Hufstetler, Mike Hughes, Carol Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Tom Hunter, Lucy Hutchin s. Jane Ivey, Phil Jackson, Emily Jackson, Jerry- Jackson, Melody Jackson, Rita Jackson. Sammy Jackson, Walker Jacobson, Karen Jenkins, Melonie Jessen, Dottie Jett, Pamela Johnson, Becky Johnson. Brenda Johnson. Jimrm Johnson, Judith Johnson. Kenneth Wynne Johnson. Wes I Johnston, Jennifer Jones, Terry Joyner, Gale Kennedy, Fred Kent, Jimmy King. Faye King, Kathy King, Mary Beth King, Rufus T. Kingery, Bonnie Kinsman, Robert E. Jr. Kirkland, David Dean Knight. Karen Knorr. Laura Kurz, Toni Kyzer, Linda LaBlanc, Susan Lair, Diane Laird, Gene Lance, Sara Lanier, Tracy Larson. Phil Lassetter, Debbie Law, Beverly Lawhorn, Maxine Lawrence, James E. Lawson, Janena Leggett, Denise Leggett, Polly Lester, Morris Leverette, Glenn Lewis, David Lewis, Rochelle Lewis, Tom Lindsey, Connie Lindsey. Malcolm Link, Carol Jean Lippman, Teri Lipscomb, Kerry Lively, John Llewallyn, Debbie Lockwood, Elaine Loper, Deena Lord, Pamela Loverchio, Kathy Lovett, Kathie Manget, Diane Mann, Marcia Marsh, Phyllis Marshall. Daun Martindale, Gay Mason, Cindy Massey, Mary Mathews, Diane Mathews. Ken Mathey, Nancy Matthews, Curtis McCammack, Diana McDowell, Cheryl MacElhannon, Jean McElreath, Majorie McFeature, Taunja McGee, Johnny McGinnis, Bruce McGregor, Patricia Mclntyre, John McKenzie, Rhunetto McLean, Lynn McMichael, Teresa McNair, Valerie McRae, Antoinette Meaders, Janna Meador. Patti Meadows. Ginger Meadow. Janis Meeks, Marvin C. Melton, Chris Meredith, Ray Metts, Cathy Miller, Karen Miller, Martha Miller, Mike Millican, Debbie Mims, Teresa Monk, Jennifer Monroe, Ronda Moore, Jimmy Moore, Mark Moore, Michael Moorman, Emily Morgan, Carol Morgan, Gloria Lee Morris, Carleen Morris, Debbie Morris, Kathy Morris, Tana Murray, Betty Murray, Linda Joy Murray, Nelle Music, Becky Nabers, Susan Neisler, Faye Neville, Gail Newman, Bama Nolan, Kellv Norman, Gwen Norton, Sheila O ' Kelley, Karen Oliver, Dale Oliver, Debbie Oliver, Tim Olson, Shery Palmer, Alton Palmer, Debra Palmer, Sue Parks, Patti Parrish, Pat Partain, Cynthia Pearson, Elizabeth Peeples, Gayle Perkins, Peggy Perry, Sally Perret, Nora Perry, Virginia Petersen, Bonnie Peterson, Cindy Phillips, Kathy Phillips, Susan Pickett, Emily Pippinger, Vivica Pittard, John Poitevint, Susan Polak, Helen Pool, Anne Poston, Heide Primm, Pat Proctor, R.B. Pruett, Donna Pruitt, Linda Puckett, Nancy Rabun, Elaine Rathbone, Deborah Raulerson, Jean Rawl, Debbie Ray, Gail Reddick, Susan Reeve, Peggy Reid, Mary Jo Reviere. Paul Reynolds, Donna Reynolds, Judy Rice, Wayne Richardson, Margaret Riley, Gloria Rimes Jr., Joseph Rivenbark, Bob Robb, Allyn Rogers, Gail Rogers, Mary Anne Rolader, Sally Rollins, Ellen Ross, Debbie Rountree, Emmalene Rowland, Sandra Royal, Dale Ruark, Karen Salter, Janeen Sawyer, Gail Schenck, Kathy Schmeelk, Reed Schmehl, Tina Scroggs, Carol Seginack, Charles Seifu, Tadesse Sellers, William Settles. Sherry Setzer, Mary Sharber, Eddie Shearouse. Patsy Shine, Marilyn Short, Donna Short, Steve Shuford, Katherine Shuman, Sally Simmons, Eddie Simpson. Kathy Skinner, Joy Skinner. Lynda Slade, Lynn Smith, Bill Smith, Brenda Smith, Cheryl Smith, Gary Smith, Ginny Smith, Joanna Smith, Joanne Smith. Johnell Smith. Lynne Smith. Peggy Smitherman, Ph His Southard, Jim Spivey, Glynn Sports. Reda Stallings, George Stallworth, Tom Stanfield, Brenda Stanford. June Stanford. Kay Stephens. Kathi Stewart. Bill Stewart, Tom Still, Betty Stoddard, Scott Stogner, Sina Streetman, Ellen Sturdivant, Donna Swain, Anne Swindell, Kathy Taylor, Harold Taylor, Jan Taylor, Lala Thomas, Lynn Tompkins, Barbara Thompson, Bebe Thompson. Becky Thompson, Judith Tillman, Holly Tillman, Selma Toler, Pamala Tomlinson, Ric Towns, Vicky Train, Comer Troughton, Donna Tuck, Jane Tucker, Harris Tucker, Peggy Tufts. Becky Vanzant, Frances Varnedoe. Martin Veteto, Reggie Vickers, Sharon Vickery, Donna Sue Waddell, Sally Walden, Collins Walker, Murray m n B " « " ' aB Wall, Diane Wallis, Tim Ward, Julia Warren. Bertha Warren, Debra Warren, Jill Warthen, Evelyn Waters, Pamela Watkins, Victor Watson, Kathie Watson, Marilyn Weatherford, Vickie Weaver, Gerry Webb, Charlotte Webb, Lindy Whatley. Nancy Wheeler, Linda Whiggum, Tricia White, Maurice Whitfield, Henry Whittington, Pam Wickstrom, Kay Wilder, Ellen Willett, Mark Williams, Carol Williams, Cathy Williams, Carnell Williams, Deborah Williams, Jane Williams, Lillian Williams, Mary Williamson, Anne Williamson, Ava Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Kay Winarski, Shellie Womack, Lee Wombie, Karen Wren, William Wynn. Donna Yarbrough, Ginger Yeomans, Shirley Young, Sara Youmans, Barbara Youmans, P.O. Zeigler, Ann Zuppardo, Dan 298 FRESHMEN GAMES 1970 299 SOPHOMORES Sophomores are supposed to think they know everything. They are over the in- security they encountered as freshmen and now begin to do things they think college students do. They go Greek, get drunk at the Line, go to the beach every weekend, and generally raise Hell. All of us must go through this before begin- ning to think things througn for our- selves. Certainly during the sophomore year thinking is a anathema to most students. This too will pass. The frivo- lous sophomore will become the con- cerned, conscientious junior who will begin to assume leadership. Hopefully they will begin to care — about them- selves, their country, and the world. Thankfully, most do. Akins, Denise Almand, Carol Anderson. Marty Arthur, Nancy Ashton, David Bailey, Deborah Bailey, Jim Baker, Jan Bedell, Brenda Bedingfield, Melinda Bennett, Sara Carolyn Billman, Leslie Billone. Karen Blalock, Debrah Bonnell, Nanci Bonnette, Hal Bordon, Babs Bottoms, Barbara Boyce, Nancy Bradley, Stephen Breeden. Karen Breen, Anna Bright, Janet Brinson, Jean Broucek, Bill Brown. Carole Brown, Carolyn Brown. Donald Wayne Brown, Laura Patricia Brown, Marilyn 14 SB 1 - iMfe 302 Brunson, Betty Bryan, Lynne Buechler, Trisha Buffington, Wayne Burgess, Teresa Bunkett. Patricia Burnelte, Linda Burns, Sally Burton, Brenda Cain, David Cain, Shirley Callahan, Margie Callaway, Brian Canady, Jan Carlton, Louie Carmichael, Linda G. Carpenter, Jane Carswell, Martha Carter, Janice Cash. Patricia Chandler, Mary Ann Chapman, Linda Clark, Trisha Clary, Charles Clayton, Vicki Cleghorn. Louise Clemons, Lynn Cloud, Martha Cole, Sally Coleman, David 303 Collum, Mary Lou Colter, Nancy Connell, Judy Cook, Debbie Cook, Ronnie Cooler, Herbert Warren Cooper, Julia Ann Cooper, Stephanie Cornelius, Mike Cowart, Lynne Cramer, Joanne Damron, Vernola Daughtry, Leah Davis, Cathy Davis, Jan Davis, John Clemon Davis, John Davis, Mary Evelyn Dale, Jody Deal, Clinton De Lacy. Hugh Donahoo, Omelia Dorminy, Teddie Downie, Joy Dozier, Sue Dutton, Catherine Dutton, Sandra Edenfield, Nan Ellerbee, Elaine Ellington, Mike 304 English, Albert Ergle, Cath) Eskew, Patrice Folk, Carolyn Foster, Betty Fowler, Mary Sue France, Debby Gettle, Eric Gheen, Susan Glidewell, Joe Glover, Ruth-Anne Gordon. Sharon Gottfried, Susan Granberry, Doris Grier, Jane Griggers. Elliott Griffin, Janice Hadley, Leonarda Hager, Jeanne H. Hall, Bobby Hammock. Joyce Hargrave. Patsy Harper, June Harvey, Hubert Hastings, Pam Henderson, Diana Hendrix, Virginia Hernandez, Debbie Herndon, Carol Heule, Mae 305 Higdon. Scolt Hill. Pam Hobbs, Surah Hodges, Aris Hodges, Vada M. Hodgson, Tommy Hoffman, Elise Holland, Kathy Holland, Wanda Holliday, Mary Hollingsworth, Judy Holton, Diane Holton, Judy Hooks, Joe Hopkins, Forrest Howell, Wallace James, Art James, Bert Jansen, Jan Johnson, Vickie Jones, Alyce Jones, Anita Jones, Tim Kelly, Emaline Kersey, Darlene King, Jane Kinser, Karen Kirz. Cheryl Knauff, Nancy Knight, Debbie 306 Knight. Durrell W. Ill Lampp, Martha Lane, Martha Lanier, Joyce Lassiter, Lois Latham, Becky Lester, Barbara Lewis, Keith Lincks, Carol Lord, Gail Maddox, Cathy Maloney, Micki Martin, Martha C. Marwitz, Mary Mazursky, Beryl McCarty, John M. McCleskey, Patsy McCorkle, Nancy McCrary, Tony McCullough, Linda McElheny, John T. Jr. McElheny, Nancy McKinney, Carl McKinney, Marilyn McLean, Midge McLeod, Mary Ann McQuaig, Jan Mills, Barbara J. Mills, David Milton, Barbara 307 Mincey, Diana Mitchell, Fran Mobley, Jerry J. Mock, Alvina Mooney, Gloria Moore, Gayle Morgan, Faye Boddiford Morgan, Sherry Moss, Nancy Mullis, Julie Musselwhite, Kay Musselwhite, Sharon Myers, James NeSmith. Hilda Norton, Michael Novotni, Sandy Odom, Judith Osborn, Annette Outler, Fozie Lee Page. Sandra Palmer, Rick Parker, Ronda Parks, Patricia Parrish, Johnny Payne, Ellen Pennington, Fred Pennington, Pamela Perryman, Andy Phelps, Herbert Marion Phillips, Sandra 308 Phillips, Sheila Pierson, Fred Porter, Toy Poss, Ray Potter, Peggy Powell, Amelia Gail Powell, Susan Pruitt, Clara Jean Pursley, Janice Raines, Dianne Reeves, Lynda Reynolds, Terry Rhodes, Ken Risi, Robert A. Roberts, Ginny Roberson, Judy Roddenberry, Donna Rogers. Howell Rogers, Susan Russell, Marlene Rutter, Gaye Santmyer, Sharon Saunders, Sandra Saxon, Eve Scarboro, Janet Scoggins, Jimmy Scott, Gail Sessions, Jane Sewell, Nanci Shuford, Joe 309 Shuford, Susan Silvey, Saralyn Simmons, Renee Singleton. Diane Sirmons, Paula Slinkard, Doug Smith, Angela Smith, Randy Smith, Gloria Smith, Janet Speir, Barbara Stone, Lee Strickland, Valeri Stroud, Kay Sutton, Belinda Sutton, Jeff Sutton, Minnette Szotkiewicz, Chris Taylor, Becky Taylor, Ginnie Taylor, Jeanie Thompson, James Threatte, Elaine Tillman, Brenda Tinker. Carolyn Turner, Connie Tuten, Cathy Varner, Ronnie Vaughn, Tommy Verner, Paulette 310 Wainwright, Sharon Waller. Lynda Waller. Rhonda Walters, Patricia Ward. Carol Washington, Sylvia Waters, Suzanne Wear. Archie Weaver, Fred Whidby. Karen White, Judy Wilkerson, Lynn Wilkes, Jimmy Wilkes, Susan Williams, Rosemary Willard, Mary Katherine Willis, John Wilson, Donald Wilson, Robert J. Winchecter, Pat Wood. Caren Yaughn. Chester Yawn, Ann Yearwood. Johnny Zetterower. John 311 JUNIORS " The junior year is a time of realiza- tion. For the first time, juniors realize that soon they will be out of school - on their own. With this revelation comes the idea that we are in school to learn, not to see what little we can get by with. Some of our subjects are inter- esting for the first time. This year ju- niors have been more aware than be- fore. We have participated in Earth Day, discussed the war in Cambodia and Vietnam, and taken part in campus activities. Perhaps we as seniors will continue to become more involved and take constructive action through the system to attain our goals, preparing ourselves to encounter the life ahead. " Abel, Joanne Adams, Robert Wayne Allen, LynnAnn Allen, Patricia Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Mary Anglin, Adrian Arnold, Betty Austin, Ken Autry, Steve Bailey, David Bailey, Jim Barfield, Hilda Barfield, Dale Barnett, Lynn Barrow, Mary Carter Bassett, Jan Bazemore, Greg Beasley, Pamela Gail Bedgood, Judy Bedingfield, Roy Bennett, Robert Reppard Billingsley, Ray Bishop, Dale Fralklin Blaskowitz, Dick Blow, Stanley Herbert Bowdrey, Faye Cheryl Bowen, Mike Boyce, Bonnie Boyette, Brenda 314 f i - y «c — Bracewell. Virginia Braddock, Lawson Brinson, Bcnnie Broadaway, Su Brooks, Marcia Brown, Eudene Bryan, Judy Bryan, Sharon Bryant, David L. Bryant, Jo Bryson, Jill Buckler, Steve Burgamy, Carole Burnette, Heyward Burnev, Jackie Busby, Nan Bush, Deanne Bush, Mike Butter, Carl Byrne, Charlie Cadwell, Wanda Kay Cahill, J. F. Cain. Kay Cannon, Cathy Carlson, Jan Cam. Rika Carper, Gerald N. Carr, Proctor Carter. Cherry- Carter, Margaret 315 » Castleberry, J. Raymond Chaffin, Romie " Bull " Chambers, Linda Chestnutt, Bob Christian, Idget Christy, Kathy Clark, Larry Clements, Clarice Clews, Marcia Cobb, Philip Wayne Coker. John Coley, Deborah Ellen Collett, David Collins, Susan Elizabeth Conkle, Brenda Conner. Jimmie Cook. Allyson Corell, Gail Cox, Joy Creswell, Judy Crump, Jacqueline Culp, Carol Culpepper, Carol Culpepper. Susan Cumbee, Joe Cummings, Jacques E. Davies, Beth Davis, Donna Davis, Tom Dawson, Liz 316 ... Dawson. Michael Deal. Mike Dease. Linda Denham, DeAlva Diekerson, Cherry Dickerson, Jan Dixon, Sue Ann Dixon. Kenny Doster. Martha Eastwood, Mary Eaves, Linda Edmunds, Malinda Ellis, Dianne Entrekin, Larry Eskew, Debbie Eubank, Robert Evans, Elliott Evans, Frances Fay Evans, Jean Eyre. Everett Fain. Marcia A. Farley, Virginia Farmer. Betsy Farmer, James Field III. Charles D. Fleming. Penny Floyd. Lynn Fogle. Cathy Foster, Thereshia Francis. Barbara 317 Franks, Sherry Frye, Deborah Fuller, Jan Fullerton, Gladys Fussell, Brenda Fussell, Janice F. Gainey, Janet Galloway, Susan Taylor Gardner, Elizabeth Gay, Emma Kate Gay, Gene Gibbs, Peggy Giddings, Tom Gilbert, Vvonne Gilreath, John Glaser, Allen M. Jr. Griffin, Debra Griffin, LuEllen Grimsley, Gwen Hamlin, Gail Harris, Cindy Harris, Don Harrison, Priscilla Harrison, Sandra Hasty, Stan Haynes, Lynda Henderson, Jerry Henderson, Lydia Hendrix, Kathy Hendrix Jr. R. Sam 318 Hendrix, Steven Henley, Janet Hennessee, Karen Henson, Sue Hicks, David Hinson, John Hodges, Johnny Hodges, Cathy Hogan, Dawn Holland, Dewey Hollowell, Betsy Hook, Frank Houston, Frankie Lynn Howell, Martha Ellen Hull, Chris Humphrey, Pam Hunter, Elton L. Hurst, Mike James, Joyce Jennings, Karen Johnson, Charles Allen Johnson, Donna Johnson, Micki Johnson, Deborah Susan Johnson, Wilbur Johnston, Andrea Johnston, Shirley Jones, Algie Jones, Lynn Jones, Robert E. 319 Jopling, Bobbie Jean Jett, Elizabeth Ann Keene, Richard H. Keifer, Carol Kelly, Martha Carol Kimball, Lewis King, James Kirschner, Erik Knox, Betty Lane, Krista Lassiter, Charles L. Lawlor, Mary Ann Lee, Beth Lee, Rita Lee, Tommy Lemon, Ronald Lentz III, John David Leopard, Petite Lewis, Tom Long, Stacia Mabry, David Mainor, David Marlin, Rick Martin, Jan Martin, Roger Lane Martindale, Bart Mathews, Jackie May, Rosanne McCall, Ann McCorkel, Larre 320 McCrary, Judy McFarland, Patsy Gail McKay, Terry McKenney, Betty Ann McLaughlin, Kay McNair, Sue Meadows, Rod Milford, Richard L. Miller, Becky Miller, Howard Miller, Paul Mitchell, Marie Mock, Kathy Moody, Joy Morgan, Beverly Morgan, Roy Morris, William Swain Morton, Randall Moseley, Elizabeth Marie Mossman, Richard Moye, Judy Mull, Suzie Munson, Donna Murphy, Marge Murray, Dan Murray, Sharon Neal. Howard Nelson, Vicki Newberry, Joseph M. Nix, Lynda 321 Nix, Nancy Odom, Beth O ' Hern, Jay O ' Neal, Melanie Ostuni, Suzie Padgett, Tommy Palmer, William P. Pate, Betty Paul, George Payne, Nina Peavy, Larry Pearce, Byron C. Pefinis, Connie Pennington, Deborah Peters, Susan Pethel, Jean Phillips, Jacki Phillips, Marsha Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Sue Ann Posey, Dale Pound, Julie Powell, Becky Powell, Teresina Poythress, Warren Price, Emanuel B. Price, Lee Purcell, Douglas Rahn, Judy Renfroe, Jack 322 s: j Reeves, Barbara Reynolds, Kathy Rifenburg, Nancy Riley, Molly Rivers, Julie Roberts, Mary Robertson, Jean Robertson, Ted Rochester, Don Ross, Jerry Rowe, Kenny Rountree, Irene Ruth, Wendy Sanford, David Sawyer, Barbara Sawyer, Barbara Rozier Scott, Curtis Scott, Margie Sears, Lora Seay, Marsha Seitz, Beverly Sherrill, Beth Sikes, Sue Sims, Susan Sisk, Phillip Skipper, M. Sharon Slade, Ann Smartt, Elaine Smiley, Ray Smith, Deborah 323 Smith, Donna Smith, Judy Smith, Jill Smith, Larry Smith, Marsha Gail Smith, Mary E. Smith, Sheryl Smith, Gary Snell, Jay Sorrow, Becky Spurgeon, Joyce E. Stallworth, Annette Stephens, Diane Stewart, David R. Stewart, Jean Stone, Beth Stone, Diana Strickland, Drennon Strickland, James M. Strickland, Kay Summerlin, Lynda Swann, Gloria Talley, Lyndal Dianne Thomas, Jimmy Thomas, Sam Thompson, Jane Thompson, Linda Sue Thompson, Mary Rose Thurston, Don Thurston, Sally 324 Tippins, Nancy Tipton, Keith Tollison, Ken Tomberlin, Gene Towner, Eileen Treado, Dennis Trotter, Betty Tucker, Carol Tucker, Linda Vaughn, Georgietta Vickers, Don Waddell, Glenda Wade, Frank Walker, Martha Jean Ward, Shirley Nadine Walden, Larry W Waters, Jimmy Waters, Tom Watts, Benjamin Weinmann, Ruth Welch, Sohnnie Mae Welden, Charles M. Wells, Jim Wessel, Ernest West, Betty Whitaker, Linda Lou White, Melinda Williams, Alan Williams, Connie Williams, Jane 325 Williams, Jane Williams, Jimmy Williams, Joey Williams, Ronny Willingham, Bonnie Wilson, David Charles Wimberly, Ferris Winters, Gayle Wirt, Charles Wisdom, Barbara Witt, Melanie Wohlgemuth, Charlotte Womack, Ann E. Wong, Bonnie Wood, Chifford Woodruff, Joe Woods, Owen Works, Rosetta Wright, Larry Wysong, Phil Yawn, Jackie Zetterower, Linda Kennon, June 326 SENIORS " . . . the senior looked at himself and tried to understand what he saw. His attitudes about today ' s controversial issues have changed completely, or at least to some degree, from what they were three years ago. He began to care about the world around him. Why should he sit back letting things rot and decay, when he can speak his feelings and try to do his part in making a better world. " As the Senior of ' 70 steps into society, its members don ' t want to destroy ev- erything. They want instead to help make society better in some small way. They feel this way because they care a little more than they did last year. " Aaron, Don G. B.B.A.; States- boro, Ga. Adams, Bonnie B.S. Education; Warner Robins, Ga. Aldred, James E. B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Alexander, Karen Kelly B.S. Education; Vidalia. Ga. Allen, Grady B.B.A.; Wrens, Ga. Allgood, Mike B.S. Recreation; Temple, Ga. Allman, David William B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Altman, Charles Buren A.B. Psychology; Statesboro, Ga. Anderson, David A.B. Sociolo- gy; Garden City, Ga. Arnold, Steve B.B.A.; States- boro, Ga. Arnold, Susan Powell B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Ashmore, Randan A.B. Sociol- ogy; Savannah, Ga. Attaway, Susan Rebecca A.B. Sociology; Hoschton, Ga. Biddy, Miss Georgia Banks, Gary B.B.A.; Glenn- ville, Ga. Bankston, Dee B.S. Education; Barnesville, Ga. Barner, Jim B.S. Industrial Arts; Garden City, Ga. Barrett, Larry B.S. Recreation; Perry, Ga. Barnett, Susan B.S. Education; Decatur. Ga. Bartlett, John B.S. Industrial Arts; Waynesboro. Ga. Barton, Susan B.S. Educa- tion; Macon, Ga. Bass, R. N. B.S. Math; Alamo, Ga. Baxter, Warren B.S. Industrial Arts; Glennville, Ga. Beasley, Nancy B.S. Education; C lax ton, Ga. Beecher, William H. A.B. Eng- lish; Douglas, Ga. Belford, Danny A.B. Psycholo- gy; Statesboro, Ga. Bell, Hal B.S. Industrial Tech; Macon, Ga. Bell, Larry B.B.A.; Martinez, Ga. Bergbom, Robert Stanley B.B.A.; Barrington. III. Biggerstaff, Debbie B.S. Edu- cation; Selma. Ala. 330 13 ' - - it i ■ri ill ft Bird. William Carl B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Bishop, Cheryl B.S. Home Economics; Decatur, Ga. Bishop, Demery B.S. Educa- tion; J esup, Ga. Black, Kaye B.S. Industrial Arts. Black, Weldon W. B.B.A.; Syl- vania, Ga. Blackwell, Gaye B.S. Music; Winder, Ga. Blalock, Patsy B.S. Education; J esup. Ga. Blanchard, Phil B.B.A.; Augus- ta. Ga. Bloodworth, Forrest H., Jr. B.S. Industrial Tech; St. Simons, Ga. Boatwright, Brenda B.S. Busi- ness; Augusta, Ga. Bobe, Barbara Bloch B.S. Rec- reation; Statesboro, Ga. Bobe, Charles Walter B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Booth, Sally B.S. Home Eco- nomics; A tlanta, Ga. Borchardt, Donna B.S. Educa- tion: Brunswick, Ga. Bonapart, Nap Borders, Michael B.S. Educa- tion; Eayetteville, Ga. Boyd, Charles B.S. Education; Lincolnton, Ga. Brace, Gary E. B.S. Recrea- tion; T if ton, Ga. Bradberry, Bill B.S. Physical Education; Statesboro, Ga. Branch, John B.B.A.; Grove- town, Ga. Brannen, Russell H. B.B.A.; Portal. Ga. Brantley, Edwin B.S. Educa- tion; Tarry town, Ga. Bray, Caroline B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Bray, Glenn B.S. Biology; Statesboro, Ga. Breedlove, Marion B.S. Social Science; Macon, Ga. Bridges, Joe B.S. Biology; Macon, Ga. Brinson, Clavelia B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro. Ga. Brooks, James Joe Jr. B.B.A.; Gordon, Ga. Brooks, John Robert B.S. Eco- nomics; Millen. Ga. Broome. Jean B.S. Art; Waynesboro, Ga. 331 Brown, Bobby A.B. Sociology; Savannah, Ga. Brown, Donna B.S. Home Economics; Gainesville, Ga. Brown, Janet B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Brown. Thomas Russell B.S. Math; Macon, Ga. Brown. William B.B.A.; Savan- nah, Ga. Browning, Fred B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro, Ga. Brumfield, Patricia A.B. Art; Albany, Ga. Bryan, James B.S. Education; Decatur, Ga. Bullington, Martha B.S. Edu- cation; Daytona Beach. Fla. Burch, Willington A.B. Geolo- gy; Lincolnton, Ga. Burkhalter, Don B.S. Educa- tion; Glennville, Ga. Bush, Susan L. A.B. Political Science; Dublin, Ga. Butler, Theresa Daune A.B. Psychology; Pelham, Ga. Calhoun, Linda B.S. Social Science; Savannah. Ga. Calvert, Sara Rebecca B.S. Education; Eatonton, Ga. Cameron, Jr., Edward M. B.B.A.; Waycross, Ga. Canady, Patricia Anne A.B. History; Decatur, Ga. Cantrell, Dianne B.S. English; Hartwell, Ga. Carlisle, Brenda B.S. Social Science; Gainesville, Ga. Carlson, Sharon Elaine B.S. Education; Savannah, Ga. Carpenter, Patti Ann B.S. Rec- reation; Statesboro. Ga. Carson, Ken B.S. Industrial Tech; Danielsville. Ga. Cates, Carol Brent A.B. Psy- chology; Statesboro, Ga. Cavette, Neil M. B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Causey, Nanci B.S. Education; Savannah, Ga. Chalker, Curl B.S. Biology; Gibson, Ga. Champion, Candy B.S. Educa- tion; Hawkinsville, Ga. Chastine, Ronald B.S. Art; Statesboro. Ga. Cheek, Janice Elaine A.B. Soci- ology; Lumber City, Ga. Chester, Steve B.B.A.: States- boro. Ga. 332 Clark, Tom B.S. Education: Adrian. Ga. Clarke, Jimmy B.S. Education. McRae. Ga. Cleveland. Vicki B.S. English. Hurl well. Ga. Clough, Jay B.S. Industrial Arts; Springfield. Pa. Collier, Nancy A.B. Sociology; Warner Robins. Ga. Collins, Mellie Sue B.S. Educa- tion; Collins, Ga. Combs, Harriet B.S. Educa- tion; Dublin. Ga. Cook, Patricia Frances A.B. Sociology; Warner Robins. Ga. Cooke, Ronald B.B.A.; Dublin. Ga. Cooper, Fulton A.B. Psycholo- gy; Americas. Ga. Copeland. Beverly B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro, Ga. Couey, Melvin B.S. Physical Education; Dublin. Ga. Couer, Wayne B.S. Industrial Tech; Toomsboro. Ga. Covert, Paula B.S. Business; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Cowne, Deidre B.S. Education; Thomasville. Ga. Cox, Marie B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Glennville, Ga. Creager, Kathy B.S. Home Economics; East Point, Ga. Cronk, Nina B.S. Education; Carlisle. Pa. Crump, Doris B.S. Education; Mershon. Ga. Crumpler, Ken B.S. Social Sci- ence; Savannah. Ga. Culver, Carol Diane B.S. Home Economics; Savannah, Ga. Cummings, Nancy B.S. Biolo- gy; Macon, Ga. Daniels, Ron B.M. Theory; Macon. Ga. Darden, Jack A.B. Industrial Management; Cedartown. Ga. Davis, Marilyn V. B.S. Educa- tion; East Point, Ga. Deacon, Scott B.S. Industrial Arts; A tlanta, Ga. Deal. Jim D. A.B. Political Sci- ence; Macon. Ga. DeLoach, Wayne Allen B.B.A.; Millen, Ga. Denmark, Lucinda Nell B.S. Home Economics; Vero Beach, Fla. Dixon, Linda B.S. Education; Hagan, Ga. 333 Dominey, Tommy B.S. Recrea- tion; Vienna, Ga. Dominy, Greg Howard B.S. Industrial Management; Macon, Ga. Douglas, Nancy Lee B.S. Edu- cation; Jacksonville, Fla. Dover, Dwight B.S. Math; Slatesboro, Ga. Doyle, William Leigh B.B.A.; Jacksonville. Fla. Drury, Derwin B.B.A.; Jesup, Ga. Durrence, Barbara B.S. Educa- tion; Brooklet, Ga. Dutton, Don B.S. Industry; Lookout Mm., Term. Edgy, David B.S. Education; Brunswick, Ga. Edmondson, Charles A. B.S. Industrial Management; Elli- jay, Ga. Edwards, Brenda Lee A.B. So- ciology: Slatesboro, Ga. Edwards, Melanie Jane B.S. Education; St. Simons Is- land. Ga. Edwards, Susan C. B.S. Art; Andrews, S.C. Elliott, Bill A.B. Psychology- Rome, Ga. Ellis, Ricky A.B. Political Science; Fitzgerald, Ga. Erps, Claude B. B.S. Educa- tion; Richmond, Va. Etters, Sue Carole B.S. Educa- tion; Way cross, Ga. Evans, Joy Ann B.S. Educa- tion; Newington, Ga. Farkas, Z. Andrew A.B. Ger- man; Slatesboro, Ga. Fette, Thomas A.B. Physics; Pembroke, Ga. " Dear Mom Fleming, James B.B.A.; Evans. Ga. Floyd, Virginia Ann B.S. Edu- cation; Brunswick. Ga. Fordham, Euyene Russell B.S. Industrial Tech; Orlando. Fla. Fountain, Gordon A. B.S. Eng- lish; Swainsboro. Ga. Fountain, John B.S. Industrial A rts; Bedford. Ind. Fox, Jr., Thomas P. A.B. Polit- ical Science; Macon, Ga. Freeman, Richard B.S. Math: Syivania. Ga. Funderburke, Sandi B.S. Edu- cation; Albany, Ga. Garland, Humphrey G. B.S. Industrial Management . 334 " CT ; Garner, Edward Allen B.B.A.; Sondersville, Ga. Garner, Nancy B.S. Physical Education; Woodbury, Ga. Garrell, Cecil Hamilton A.B. German; Daisy, Ga. Garrison, W. Greg B.S. Indus- try; Marietta, Ga. Gibbs, Thomas H. B.S. Social Science; Fitzgerald, Ga. Gilbert, Dean B.S. Education; Tennille, Ga. Gilbert, Gail B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Gilbert, Timothy Allen B.S. Social Science; Statesboro, Ga. Gilstrop, Robert B.S. Educa- tion; Greenville, S.C. Ginn, Bill B.B.A.; Macon, Ga. Girardeau, Lee M. A.B. Politi- cal Science; Claxton, Ga. Glass, Paul Hampton A.B. English; Greensboro, Ga. Glenn, Donna Knorzer B.S. Education; Statesboro. Ga. Godfrey, Margaret Ann A.B. Psychology; Hollywood, Fla. Goggins, Paula B.S. Education; Thomasville, Ga. Goodwin, Cheryl Diane B.S. Education; Augusta, Ga. Gottfried, Linda Anne A.B. History; Decatur, Ga. Goza, Patsy B.S. Business; Tucker, Ga. Grant. Bob B.S. Biology; Com- er, Ga. Greene, Gerald A.B. History; Cuthbert, Ga. Grier, Mary Anne B.S. Educa- tion; Macon, Ga. Griffin, David L. B.B.A.; Syl- van ia, Ga. Guest, Gerald B.S. Social Sci- ence; Statesboro, Ga. Gunn, Nina B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Vienna, Ga. Hadden, John B.S. Industrial Management; Vidalia, Ga. Hall, Arthur A.B. Economics; Statesboro, Ga. Hamby, David B.S. Industry; Marietta, Ga. Hardin, Allen B.S. Physical Education; Lincolnton, Ga. Hargrave, Wesley C. B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Harper, Marcia B.S. Educa- tion; Savannah, Ga. 335 Harris, Karen Screven. Ga. Harrison, Larry Edward B.B.A.; Dublin. Ga. Haskins, Judy A.B. Sociology; Warner Robins. Ga. Hayes, Betty Anne B.S. Educa- tion; Willacoochee, Ga. Hays, John James B.S. Indus- trial Tech; Milner. Ga. Heath, Rolen Starr B.S. Biolo- gy; Statesboro. Ga. Hendrix. Cecilia Cochran A.B. Psychology; Gainesville. Ga. Herman, James B.B.A.; Augus- ta. Ga. Hill, Ann B.S. Education; Donalsonville, Ga. Hill. Charles B.B.A.; Jefferson- ville. Ga. Hill, Howard A.B. History; Pembroke, Ga. Hillegass, Dean W. A.B. Psy- chology; Atlanta. Ga. Hockenberry, Vern B.S. Indus- trial Management; Savan- nah. Ga. Hodges, Larry A.B. Sociology; Statesboro, Ga. Holton, Teddy B.B.A.; Soper- ton. Ga. Hooper, Kathryn Jurelle B.B.A.; Savannah. Ga. Howell, Barbara Jean B.S. Education; Waycross, Ga. Hubbard, Barbara A.B. Sociol- ogy; St. Simons Isl. , Ga. Hudson, Mary Janelle A.B. Sociology; Port Valley, Ga. Hughes, Peter Dewey B.B.A.; Quechee. Vt. Hughes, III. William Howard B.S. Chemistry; Atlanta, Ga. Humphrey, Karol A.B. Sociol- ogy; Statesboro, Ga. Hunter, Barbara B.S. Educa- tion; Sarasota. Fla. Hursey, Teresa Gail B.S. Edu- cation; Statesboro, Ga. Irvin, Pamela B.S. Education; Columbus, Ga. Jackson, J.B. B.S. Industrial Arts; Statesboro, Ga. Jackson, James B.S. Social Sci- ence; Clarkston, Ga. Jacobs, Doreen B.S. Education; A llama. Ga. Jenkins. Tommy B.S. Industri- al Tech; Macon, Ga. Johnson, Edwin Eugene B.S. Education; Alamo, Ga. 336 Harrell, Willodean B.S. Social Science; Omega. Ga. Johnson, Jerry A.B. English, Brunswick, Ga. Johnson, (Mrs.) Johnnie R. B.S. Education; Ringgold, Ga. Johnson, William F. B.S. Mu- sic; Savannah, Ga. Jones, Kenneth E. B.S. Indus- trial Arts; Statesboro, Ga. Jones, Karen B.S. Education; Homestead, Fla. Jones, Tony B.S. Industrial Management; Sylvania, Ga. Smokey Jordan, Gail B.S. Education; Jesup, Ga. Jordan. John W. B.S. Educa- tion; Macon, Ga. Joyner, Jimmy B.S. Social Sci- ence; Jesup, Ga. Kariatoglou, Vassilis H.; Ath- ens, Greece. Keen, Roy Edward B.S. Histo- ry; Savannah, Ga. Keenan, Patrick David B.B.A.; Macon, Ga. King, Evelyn B.B.A.; Lyons. Ga. Knight, Billie Sue B.S. Home Economics; Swainsboro, Ga. Knowles, Patricia A.B. English; Jacksonville, Fla. Knowlton, Sally B.S. Recrea- tion; Waycross, Ga. Koger, Cathy A.B. Psychology; Jacksonville, Fla. Krablean, Cindy B.S. Business; Chamhlee, Ga. Lake, Linda Jane A.B. Sociolo- gy; Dublin, Ga. Land, David B.S. Social Sci- ence; Rochelle, Ga. Lavender, Jimmy B.S. Educa- tion; Gordon, Ga. Lawrence, John B.B.A.; Swainsboro, Ga. Layton, Gayle B.S. Education; Swainsboro. Ga. Lee, Charles B.S. Physical Education; Harlem. Ga. Lee, Marshall B.B.A.; Grant- ville, Ga. Leonard, Greg A.B. Political Science; Perry, Ga. Lester, Brenda B.S. English; Lawrenceville, Ga. Levine, Irvin Jay A.B. Econom- ics; Savannah. Ga. 337 Lewis, Bonnie B.S. Education, Hinesville, Ga. Lindsey, Phil B.S. Physical Education; Hinesville, Ga. Link, Jean B.S. Social Science; Statesboro, Ga. Littleton, Sheila V. B.S. Educa- tion; Moultrie. Ga. Loach, Jim B.S. Education; Si. Augustine, Fla. Long, Sylvia B.S. Education; Woodbury, Ga. Lovett, Ellis H.; Blackshear. Ga. Loyd, Marilyn A.B. English; Macon, Ga. Luckie, David B.B.A.; Fort Valley, Ga. Lukat, Ronald W. B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Lynch, Jan B.S. Education; East Point, Ga. Lynch, Johnny B.S. Social Sci- ence; A tlanta, Ga. Magoon, Billie Clyde B.S. Rec- reation; Hart well, Ga. Majors, Susan B.S. Education; C lax ton, Ga. Malatak, John Micheal B.S. Education; Hollywood, Fla. Manke, Linda Susan B.S. Edu- cation; Stone Mountain, Ga. Martin, Neysa B.S. Home Economics; Brooklet, Ga. Martin, Patricia Dianne A.B. Psychology; Moultrie, Ga. Martin, Robbie B.S. Educa- tion; Madison. Ga. McAlum, Harry B.B.A.; Ala- mo. Ga. McBrayer. Jim A.B. History; Macon, Ga. McCarty, Karen Ann B.S. Education; Warner Robins, Ga. McCrary, Janet B.S. Educa- tion; Macon, Ga. McCullough, Wallace Pope, Jr. B.S. Social Science; Jackson- ville, Fla. McDougald III, Malcolm John B.S. Math; Savannah, Ga. McGinnis, Bunnie A.B. Psy- chology; Greenville, S.C. McMichen, Larry M. B.S. In- dustrial Science; Atlanta. Ga. McWilliams, Nixon A.B. His- tory; A tlanta, Ga. Middlebrooks, Criss A.B. His- tory; Griffin. Ga. Milam, Larry Frank B.S. In- dustrial Management; Cart- ers vi He, Ga. ' Mmm a. 338 Milans, Linda Catherine B.S. Education: Stalesboro, Ga. Miller, Barry B.B.A.; Galva, III. Miller, Skip B.S. Industry; Smyrna, Ga. Milligan, Claudia B.S. Recrea- tion; Callahan. Flu. Mills, Cheryl B.S. Education; Stalesboro, Ga. Milton, Carolyn B.S. French; Savannah, Ga. Minter, Robert B.S. Social Sci- ence; St. Simons Is., Ga. Minton, Don L. B.S. Recrea- tion; Emporia, Va. Moore, John Athens, Ga. Moore, June A.B. Sociology; Twin City. Ga. Moore, Melanie B.S. Educa- tion; A tlanta, Ga. Mulholland, Jaye E. B.S. Rec- reation; Stalesboro, Ga. Munch, Sara B.S. Education; Jensen Beach, Fla. Nelson, William Jay B.S. Math; Stalesboro, Ga. NeSmith, Martin B.B.A.; Pembroke, Ga. Newsom, Mary B.S. Educa- tion; Davisboro, Ga. Newsom, Patty A.B. Sociolo- gy; Barnesville, Ga. Ng, Patsy Lon B.S. Education; Savannah. Ga. Nix, Eddie B.S. Industrial Management; Gainesville, Ga. Norris, Charles H. B.S. Indus- trial Management; Lamar, SC. Norris, Libby B.S. Education; Cochran, Ga. Odom, Franklin Currie A.B. Political Science; Brunswick, Ga. Odum, Judy B.S. Education; Baxley, Ga. Old, Ralph B.S. Music; Augus- ta, Ga. Olive, Betty B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Bainbridge. Ga. O ' Neal, Jamie S. A.B. Psychol- ogy; Decatur, Ga. O ' Neal, Joe Anthony B.B.A.; Decatur, Ga. Pacetti, Deborah B.S. Educa- tion; Savannah, Ga. Pack, D. Michael B.S. Physical Education; Thomasville, Ga. Padgett, Doug B.B.A.; Macon. Ga. 339 Parker, Linda B.S. Education; Savannah, Ga. Parker, Robert Orlando, Fla. Parker, Teddy B.S. Education; Statham, Ga. Parrish, Richard B.B.A.; Ma- con, Ga. Pate, Robert A. B.S. Econom- ics; A tlanta, Ga. Patrick, Diane B.S. Education; Blomingdale, Ga. Patrick, Dorinda B.S. Home Economics; Jacksonville, Fla. Patrick, Mike B.S. Social Sci- ence; Winder, Ga. Paxton. Pamela Mariana B.S. Social Science; Brunswick, Ga. Peabody, Tim A.B. Biology; Decatur, Ga. Peace, Linda B.S. Biology; Newton, Ga. Peavy, Calvin, Jr. B.S. Biology; Milledgeville, Ga. Peavy, Judy B.S. Education; Sylvania, Ga. Peavy, Linda Ruth B.S. Eng- lish; Bloomingdale, Ga. Peck, Bob A.B. Political Sci- ence; Atlanta, Ga. Peck, Lin B.S. English; Tampa, Fla. Peebles, Sharon B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro, Ga. Pence, Cheryl A.B. Political Science; McDonough, Ga. Perkins, Johnny B.S. Educa- tion; Swainsboro, Ga. Pieper, Harry Pie Pen A.B. Psychology; Dun woody, Ga. Pierce, Frank B.S. Education; Kings tree, S.C. Pierce, Glen Wesley B.S. Eco- nomics; Fairfield. N.J. Pitts, Jimmy A.B. History; Cad well, Ga. Plaisted, David A.B. Political Science; Decatur, Ga. Plu mmer, Dorothy B.S. Physi- cal Education; Arabi, Ga. Poole, Gwen B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Eaton ton, Ga. Powell, James O. B.S. English; Brunswick, Ga. Powell, Joe David A.B. Politi- cal Science; Elberton, Ga. Powell, Twila B.S. Education; Wrightsville, Ga. Purdom, Carol Ann B.S. Home Economics; Baxley, Ga. 340 Purser, Dwayne B.S. Biology; Cochran, Ga. Quetti, Anne B.S. Education; Orangeburg, SC. Rache, Lyle B.S. Education; Jacksonville, Fla. Ragan, Bobby B.S. Industry; Elko, Ga. Rahn, Dahlia B.S. Education; Statesboro. Ga. Rahn, William R. A.B. Geolo- gy; Statesboro, Ga. Rebel, Ben B.S. Education; Eustis, Fla. Reid, Barbara B.S. Education; Vidalia, Ga. Reiser, Jacqueline Iris B.S. Education; Garden City, Ga. Renfroe, Lynda B.S. Home Economics; Wrightsville, Ga. Rentz, Rod B.B.A.; Savannah, Ga. Rewis, Calvin B.B.A.; Savan- nah, Ga. Rice, Danny A.B. Political Sci- ence; Clarkslon, Ga. Richardson, Judy A.B. Psy- chology; Tucker, Ga. Rickman, Arnold A.B. Sociolo- gy; Br y son City, N.C. Ricks, Earnest Elton B.B.A.; Brunswick, Ga. Rivers, John A.B. Political Sci- ence; Brunswick, Ga. Robson, John W. B.S. Indus- try; Statesboro, Ga. Rodgers, Betty Jane B.S. Eng- lish; Fitzgerald. Ga. Rogers, Dwight B.S. Educa- tion; Chester, Ga. Rogers, Sherry B.S. Education; Brunswick, Ga. Rosser, Jan A.B. Sociology; Jacksonville, Fla. Roush, Mary Alice B.S. Home Economics; Swainsboro, Ga. Rowland, Patty B.S. Educa- tion; Adrian, Ga. Russell, Sudie B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Wavnesboro, Ga. Ryals, Johnny B.B.A.; Warner Robins, Ga. Sanders, Mason B.S. Educa- tion; A tlanta. Ga. Sapp, Phil B.B.A.; Brunswick. Ga. Scurry, Brenda B.S. Education; McRae, Ga. Seekins, Nancy B.S. Recrea- tion; Macon. Ga. 341 Senn, Myron A. Dawson, Ga. Shaffer, Vance A. B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro, Ga. Shelnutt, Jenny B.S. Educa- tion; Statesboro. Ga. Shirley, Brenda B.S. Home Economics; Hazlehursl, Ga. Shuman, Ned Leland B.S. Education; Vidalia, Ga. Shumans, John B.S. Music; Statesboro, Ga. Silvey, Richard B.S. Education; Jacksonville, Fla. Sinclair, III, Lawrence Wade B.B.A; Savannah, Ga. Singleton, Jr., Joe B.S. Social Science; Collins. Ga. Slack, Carol B.S. Education; Jacksonville. Fla. Slaton, Lawrence, A.B. Psy- chology; Tyrone, Ga. Slaughter, Wiley A.B. Sociolo- gy; Macon, Ga. Smart, Sherry B.S. Education; Statesboro, Ga. Smith, Alton C. R. B.S. Social Science; Savannah. Ga. Smith, Frank L. B.S. Educa- tion; Savannah, Ga. Smith, J.E. B.B.A.; Statesboro, Ga. Smith, Lee A.B. History; Odes- sa, Fla. Smith, Janet B.S. Education; McRae, Ga. Smith, Kathy B.B.A. ; Gains- ville, Ga. Smith, Melinda B.S. Math; Statesboro. Ga. Smith, Ricky B.B.A.; Macon. Ga. Smith, Sylvia B.S. Education; Douglas, Ga. Smith, Teresa B. B.S. Math; Part Wentworth, Ga. Sorrells, Linda Ann B.S. Edu- cation; Macon, Ga. Spaulding, Ann B.S. Educa- tion; Buffalo Grove, III. Spires, Susan B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Waycross, Ga. Spradlin, Bonita B.S. Educa- tion; Baxley. Ga. Stacy, Dahlia Ann B.S. Educa- tion; Hinesville, Ga. Stafford, Connell A.B. Psy- chology; Macon, Ga. Steverson, Millie A.B. Sociolo- gy; McRae, Ga. 342 Still. Susan B.S. Education; Macon, Ga. Stroud, Pat B.S. Education: Waynesboro. Ga. Studier, Gretcher B.S. Music, Guyton, Ga. Sudderth, Jr., Bill B.S. Art; Marietta. Ga. Sutton, Betty B.S. Education; O cilia, Ga. Sutton, Daniel J. B.S. Social Science; Stalesboro. Ga. Tanner, Sandra B.B.A.; Nich- olls. Ga. Taylor, Al B.B.A.; Douglas. Ga. Taylor, Minnie B.S. Social Sci- ence; J esup, Ga. Taylor, Nancy B.S. Education; A tlanta. Ga. Teal, Paula B.S. Education; Bowdon. Ga. Temples, Jaa Marie B.S. Edu- cation; Camilla. Ga. Terry, Libby B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Thomasville. Ga. Thomas, Jane B.S. Education; Macon, Ga. Thompson, Sandra B.S. Educa- tion; Stalesboro, Ga. Tippins, Bascom G. B.S. Indus- trial Arts; Claxton, Ga. Tolbert, Marsha B.S. English; Riverdale. Ga. Tomlinson, Laura B.S. Home Economics; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Tootle, Gail B.S. Math; Bax- ter, Ga. Tucker, James Ray B.B.A.; Savannah. Ga. Tucker. Johnny Swinton B.S. Education; A thens, Ga. Tucker, LaDonna B.S. Social Science; Claxton, Ga. Turner, Janis B.S. Physical Education; Fitzgerald, Ga. Tyler, Kenneth B.B.A.; Garden City, Ga. Tyre, Donald Sylvania. Ga. Underwood, Shirley Jay B.S. Home Economics; Bain- bridge. Ga. Vaughan, Betty A.B. Sociolo- gy; Alpharetta, Ga. Veal, Anne Andrews, A.B. Psy- chology; Sandersville. Ga Vivenzio, James F. B.B.A.; Brunswick. Ga. Wagaman, Brenda B.S. Educa- tion; Dunwoody. Ga. 343 Walker, Nancy B.S. Education; Tifton. Ga. Wallace, Susan B.S. Art; Siatesboro, Ga. Ward, Larry B.B.A. Millen, Ga. Waters, Jane B.S. Education; Albany, Ga. Watson, Katrina B.S. Education; Rentz. Ga. Webb, Charles R. B.S. Recreation; Siatesboro. Ga. Wells, Larry B.S. Education; Climax. Ga. Wester, Ronny B.S. Education; Dry Branch. Ga. Whigam, Dale Romona B.S. Education; Eastman, Ga. Whitaker, Wanda B.S. Education: Dublin. Ga. White, Anne B.S. Education; Savannah, Ga. White, Linda C. B.S. English; Jacksonville, Fla. Whitledge, Michael J. B.S. Economics; Vidalia, Ga. Widner, Barbara B.S. Education; Jacksonville. Fla. Widner, Kaye B.S. Education; Colquitt, Ga. Willcoxon, Nancy B.S. Education; Chamblee, Ga. Williams, James P. A.B. Math; Dacula, Ga. Williams, Jill B.S. Education; Chamblee, Ga. Williams, Teresa B.S. Education; Garfield. Ga. Williams, Verne B.S. Industrial Arts; Eastman. Ga. Willis, Judi B.S. Recreation: Griffin. Ga. Wilson, Bill B.S. Industry; Milner, Ga. Wilson, Sara B.S. Education; Copperhill, Tenn. Wilson, Sherryl B.S. Recreation; Tiger, Ga. Wright, Marcia B.S. Physical Education; Damascus, Ga. Wood, Larry B.S. Industrial Management; Smyrna, Ga. Wood, William Franklin B.B.A. Sandersville. Ga. Woodard, Aurelia B.S. Education; Eastman, Ga. Woodard, Jeanette B.S. Education; Jacksonville, Fla. Worden, Frances Stuart B.S. Physical Education; Decatur, Ga. 344 GRADUATE STUDENTS 345 Adams, Sterling B.M., M.M., Ph.D. Bauer, Beverly A. B., M.S. Bell, Jean B. S.N., M.S. Bell, Marjorie B.S., M A. Bergquist, Eugene A.B., M A. Bishop, Parker B.S., M.S., PhD. Bitter, Barbara B.A., M A. Bond, Thomas A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Boole, John A. B., M.S., Ph.D. Bozeman, John B. S., M A. Britt, Claude A. B., M.A., Ph.D. Broucek, Jack B. S.M., M.M., Ed.D Burkhalter, Myra Cain, Lee B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Carmichael, H. M. B.S., M.S. Carr, Paul Jr. B.S., M.Ed. Carrin, Harold B.M.E., M.S. Cate, Hollis A. B., M.Ed., Ph.D. Comer, Sara B. S., M.S. Christmas, Alice Christmas, Charles Chissom, Brad Collins, Delores B.S., M.Ed. Cotten, Doyice B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Crittenden, Charlotte B.S., M.Ed. Deal, Emit DeNitta, John Drapalik, Donald B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Elliott, Albert Farkas, Z. J. Professor ' s Diploma 346 Floyd, Bud Ford, Charlotte A. B., M A. Garrison, X.L. B. S.Ed., M.Ed, Ed.D. Gauthier, Ronald Gernant, Frieda A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Godfrey, Edgar B.S.Ed., M.S. Golightly, Lucille B.S., M.S. Good, Daniel Hackett, Donald B.S.. M.E., Ed.D. Hardin, Elizabeth A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. Harvey, Dorothy Hawk, Donald B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. Hickman, Keith B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Hicks, Gladys B.A., M A. Hoff, Clayton B.A., M A. Holland, Max B.B.A., J.D. Homsher, Paul Hood, James B.S., M.Ed. Huff. Lawrence A. B., M.A., Ph.D. Humphrey. Carlton B. S.. M.A. Huss, William Johnson, Robert Johnson, W. F. Jones, Susan B.S., M.Ed. Jordan. James Kelly, Lawrence A. B., LL.B.. LL.M. Klein, Betty B. A., M.Ed. Lambie, Grace B.S., M.Ed. Lane, Betty B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. Lavender, Earl B.S., M.A., Ph.D. 347 Leavitt, H. Douglas B.S., M.S., H.S.D. Lee, Dorothy B.A., M A. LeMasiers, Lelan B.S.. M.S., Ed.D. Lovejoy, Bill B.S., M.S. Lucas, Carolyn Maness, Jeannine B.S. Mann, Justine B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Martin, John B.S., M.Ed. Martin, William B.S., M.S. Mathews. Walter B. B.S.Ed.. M.Ed., Ed.D. Maur, Kishwar B.Sc, B.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. McAllister, Hubert A. B., M A. McDuffie, John B. A., B.D., M A. McGee, James Meadows, Jerriane Mikell, Mary A.B.J., M.Ed. Mobley, Harris A. B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Morris, John Moseley, Howard B. S., M.A., Ed.D. Neal, William B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Neil, Ronald A. B., B.M., M M., M.A., Ph.D. Nutting, Sue B. S., M.Ed. Oliver, James Pace, Mary Anne Paul, Tom Pearce, Doris B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Pennington, Tully B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Pollak, James B.S., M B A. Presley, Delmar Rainwater, Frank A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 348 W . w 1 V 1 i Hemley, Roxie A.B., M.A., M.F.A. Ruffin, David A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Saunders, Richard Scales, Luther Scott, Taylor A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Seymour, Frances B.S., M.Ed. Spalatin, Mario Spieth, William B.S., M.S. Stidham, Thomas B.F.A., M.Ed. Strickland, Arthur B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Strickland. Carey B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Talley, Sarah B.S., M.S. Todd, Willie A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Tucker, Sarah Turner, Jerry Tyler, Harold A.B., B.D., M.A., Ed Van Deusen, John Vogel, Arvard A. B.S., B.A., M A. Wallace, Dorothy B. M. Waller, Gladys B.S., M.Ed. Watson, Georgia B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Weaver, Bill A. B., M.A., Ed.D. Wells, J. Norman B. E.E., M.S., Ph.D. Wells, Rosalyn White, Jane B.S., M.B.A. 349 ' This book cost $12.95 new. Ah, we ' ll give you $2.94 for it. " But it ' s only one quarter old. " ' $2. 95. Take it or leave it. " SOUTHERN KSjgkE I-HOUR MARTINIZING " THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING " SHIRT LAUNDRY FLUFFY DRY LAUNDRY University Plaza Shopping Center Statesboro, Georgia 764-4542 ALTMAN PONTIAC-BUICK CO., INC. PO 4-2624 37 N. Main St. Statesboro, Ga. 30458 GRIMES JEWELRY CO. 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Linda 305 Adams Carol Ann 284 Billman, Leslie 304 Brown, Thomas 334 Chapman, Lynn 286 Adams, Cindy 284 Billone, Karen 304 Browning, Fred 334 Chapman, Marcia 286 Adams, Julia 284 Bird, Ginny 284 Brumfield, Patricia 334 Chastine, Ronald 334 Adams, Robert W. 316 Bird, William 333 Brunson, Betty 305 Cheek, Janice E. 334 Adams, Russell 284 Bishop, Dale 316 Brusie, Debbie 285 Chester, Steve 334 Akins, Denise 304 Bisop, Cheryl 333 Bryan, James 334 Chestnutt, Bob 318 Aldred, James E. 332 Bishop, Demery 333 Bryan, Judy 317 Childress, Pam 286 Alexander, Jerry 284 Bishop, Wayne 284 Bryan, Lynne 305 Childs, Kay 286 Alexander, Karen 332 Black, Kaye 333 Bryan, Sharon 317 Christian, Idget 318 Allen, Adele 284 Black, Weldon 333 Bryant, David 317 Christy, Kathy 318 Allen, Grady 332 Blackburn, Pat 285 Bryant, Jo 317 Clack, Melinda 286 Allen, Jeannette 284 Backburn, Viki 285 Bryant, Joan 285 Clark, Kay 286 Allen, Kay 284 Blackmon, Carolyn 285 Bryant, Laurie 285 Clark, Larry 318 Allen, Lester 284 Blackmon, Fred 285 Bryson, Jill 317 Clark, Tim 286 Allen, Lynn Ann 316 Black well, Gaye 333 Buck, Joyce 285 Clark, Tom 335 Allen, Pat 284 Blalock, Debrah 304 Buckler, Steve 317 Clark, Trisha 305 Allen, Patricia 316 Blalock, Patsy 333 Buechler, Trisha 305 Clarke, Jimmy 335 Allgood, Mike 332 Blanchard, Phil 333 Buffington, Wayne 305 Clary, Charles 305 Allman, David 332 Blaskowitz, Dick 316 Bullington, Martha 334 Claxton, Beth 286 Almand, Carol 304 Bloodworth, Forrest 333 Bundy, Chris 285 Clayton, Vicki 305 Almand, Judy 284 Blount, Mikey 285 Burch, Wellington 334 C leghorn, Louise 305 Altman, Charles 332 Blow, Stanley 316 Burgamy, Carole 317 Clements, Clarice 318 Amis, Judy 284 Boatwright, Brenda 333 Burgess, Teresa 305 Clemons, Lynn 305 Anderson, David 332 Boatright, Janet 285 Burkett, Patricia 305 Clews, Marcia 318 Anderson, Elizabeth 316 Boatright, Leo 285 Burkhalter, Don 334 Cleveland, Micki 335 Anderson, Marty 304 Bobe, Barbara 333 Burnette, Heyward 317 Cline, Joan E. 286 Anderson, Mary 316 Bobe, Charles 333 Burnette, Linda 305 Cloud, Martha 305 Anderson, Nathaniel 284 Bobo, Patsy 285 Burney, Jackie 317 Clough, Jay 335 Anderson, Pam 284 Bond, Iris 285 Burns, Sally 305 Cobb, Philip W. 318 Anderson, Yvonne 284 Booker, Lynn 285 Burns, Suzanne 285 Cobb, Ronnie 286 Auglin, Adrian L. 316 Boop, Robert 285 Burnsed, Linn 285 Cochran, Donald 286 Arnold, Betty 316 Booth, Sally 333 Burson, Barbara 285 Cochran, Fonda 286 Arnold, Steve 332 Bonnell, Nanci 304 Burt, Karen 285 Coker, John 318 Arnold, Susan 332 Bonnette, Hal 304 Burton, Brenda 305 Cole, Cathy 286 Arthur, Nancy 304 Borchardt, Donna 333 Busby, Nan 317 Cole, Sally 305 Ash, Elaine 284 Borders, Michael 333 Bush, Deanne 317 Coleman, Celeste 286 Ashmore, Randan 332 Bottoms, Barbara 304 Bush, Mike 317 Coleman, David 305 Ashton, David 304 Boudrey, Faye 316 Bush, Susan 334 Coley, Deborah E. 318 Attaway, Susan 332 Bowen, Mike 316 Butler, Daune 334 Collett, David 318 Austin, Ken 316 Boyce, Bonnie 316 Byrd, Carol 286 Collier, Nancy 335 Autry, Steve 316 Boyce, Nancy 304 Byrd, Herbie 286 Collier, Robert 286 Baggett, Coletta 284 Boyd, Charles 333 Byrne, Charlie 317 Collins, Judith E. 286 Bailey, David 316 Boyd, Ed 285 Cadwell, Wanda Kay 317 Collins, Mellie S. 335 Bailey, Cathy 284 Boyette, Brenda 316 Cahill II, Jones 317 Collins, Susan E. 318 Bailey, Deborah 304 Bracewell, Gary 333 Cain, David 305 Collum, Mary Lou 306 Bailey, Diane 332 Bracewell, Virginia 317 Cain, Kay 317 Colter, Nancy 306 Bailey, Ellen 284 Bradberry, Bill 333 Cain, Shirley 305 Combs, Harriet 335 Bailey, Jim 304 Braddock, Lawson 317 Caithaml, Sylvia 286 Cone, Phyllis 286 Bailey, Jim G. 316 Bradley, Stephen 304 Caldwell, Mary Anne 286 Conkle, Brenda 318 Baker, Ginger 284 Bragg, Michael 285 Calhoun, Linda 334 Connell, Judy 306 Baker, Jan 304 Branch, John 333 Callahan, Margie 305 Conner, Jimmie 318 Baker, Margaret 284 Brannen, Russell 333 Callaway, Brian 305 Conner, Nancy 286 Ball, Karen 284 Brantley, Edwin 333 Calvert, Sara 334 Conner, Tommy 286 Ballew, Jim 284 Brantley, Jerry 285 Cameron, Edward 334 Coogle, Carolyn 286 Banks, Gary 332 Bray, Caroline 333 Campbell, Linda 286 Cook, Allyson 318 Barfield, Dale 316 Bray, Glenn 333 Canady, Patricia 334 Cook, Brenda 286 Barfield, JoAnn 284 Breeden, Karah 304 Canady, Jan 305 Cook, Debbie 306 Barner, Jim 332 Breedlove, Marion 333 Canady, Melissa 286 Cook, Janet 286 Barnett, Lynn 316 Breen, Anna 304 Cannon, Cathy 317 Cook, Janice 286 Barnett, Susan 332 Bridges III, Irwin 285 Cantrell, Dianne 334 Cook, Kerry 286 Barrett, Larry 332 Bridges, Joe 333 Capers. Clark 286 Cook, Patricia 335 Barrow, Mary 316 Bright, Janet 304 Carlan, Ellen 286 Cook, Ronnie 306 Bartlett, John 332 Bright, Paul 285 Carlisle, Brenda 334 Cooke, Ronald 335 Barton, Susan 332 Brimer, Susan 285 Carlson, Jan 317 Cooler, Herbert W. 306 Bass, R.N. 332 Brinson, Bennie 317 Carlson, Sharon 334 Cooper, Fulton 335 Bassett, Jan 316 Brinson, Clavelia 333 Carlton, Louie 305 Cooper, Julia Ann 306 Bassett, Susan 284 Brinson, Jean 304 Carmichael, Linda 305 Cooper, Stephanie 306 Batastini, Bill 284 Broadaway, Sue 317 Carn, Michael 286 Copeland. Beverly 335 Batchelor, Brenda 284 Broadnax, Glenn 285 Cam, Rika 317 Copeland, Lesley 287 Baxter, Warren 332 Brooks, Betty 285 Carpenter, Jane 305 Corbett, Patti 287 Bazemore, Greg 316 Brooks, James 333 Carpenter, Patti 334 Corell, Gail 318 Beasley, Nancy 332 Brooks, John 333 Carper, Gerald 317 Cornelius, Mike 306 Beasley, Pamela 316 Brooks, Marcia 317 Carr, Proctor 317 Cosgrove, Karen 287 Bedgood, Judy 316 Broome, Jean 333 Carson, Ken 334 Cottle, Sherry 287 Bedgood, Joy 284 Broome, Joy 285 Carswell, Martha 305 Couey, Melvin 335 Bedingfield, Melinda 304 Broucek, Bill 304 Carter, Cherry 317 Couey, Wayne 335 Bedingfield, Roy 316 Brown, Bobby 334 Carter, Janice 305 Covert, Paula 335 Beecher, William 332 Brown, Carole 304 Carter, Margaret 317 Cowart, Lynne 306 Belcher, Aaron 284 Brown, Carolyn 304 Carter, Sunnye 286 Cowne, Deldre 335 Belford, Danny 332 Brown, Daniel 285 Carver, Karen 286 Cox, Joy 318 Bell, Hal 332 Brown, Deena 285 Cash, Patricia 305 Cox, Marie 335 Bell, Larry 332 Brown, Donald 304 Castleberry, J. Raymond 318 Cox, Theresa 287 Bennett, Geoffrey 284 Brown, Donna 334 Cates, Carol 334 Coxwell, Dan 287 Bennett, Mary 284 Brown, Eudene 317 Cavette, Neil M. 334 Crain, Debbie 287 Bennett, Robert 316 Brown, Georgia 285 Causey, Nanci 334 Cramer, Joanne 306 363 Cranmer, Scott 287 Crapps, Margaret 287 Crawford, Belinda 287 Crawford, James 287 Crawford, Walter 287 Crawford, Winifred 287 Creager, Kathy 335 Creasy, Ardyihe 287 Creswell, Judy 318 Cronk, Nina 335 Crosby, Paula 287 Crowder, Sara 287 Crumbley, Pamela 287 Crumley, Christine 287 Crump, Doris 335 Crump, Jacqueline 318 Crumpler, Ken 335 Cullans, Richard 287 Culp, Carol 318 Culpepper, Carol 318 Culpepper, Susan 318 Culpepper, Sylvia 287 Culver, Carol Diane 335 Cumbee, Joe 318 Cummings, Jacques E. 318 Cummings, Nancy 335 Currie, JoAnn 287 Cvetan, Marcia 287 Dale, Jody 306 Damron, Vernola 306 Daniel, Louise 287 Daniels, Ron 335 Darden, Jack 335 Daughtry, Leah 306 Daughtry, Russell 287 Davies, Beth 318 Davies, Cindy J. 287 Davis, Cathy 306 Davis, Donna 318 Davis, Donnie 287 Davis, Gayla 287 Davis, George 287 Davis, Harry 287 Davis, Jan 306 Davis, John Clemon 306 Davis, John 306 Davis, Mary Evelyn 306 Davis, Marilyn V. 335 Davis, Tom 318 Dawson, Liz 318 Dawson, Michael 319 Day, Ophelia 287 Deacon, Scott 335 Deal, Clinton 306 Deal, Jim D. 335 Deal, Mike 319 Deal, Sharon Jean 287 Dean, Gloria 287 Dease, Linda 319 de Lacy, Hugh 306 DeLoach, Juanita 287 DeLoach, Wayne Allen 335 Dempsey, David 287 Denham, DeAlva 319 Denmark, Lucinda Nell 335 Dennis, Neil 287 Dickerson, Cherry 319 Dickerson, Jan 319 Dillard, Nancy 288 Dixon, Kenny 319 Dixon, Linda 335 Dixon, Sue Ann 319 Dixon, Virginia 288 Dominey, Tommy 336 Dominy, Greg Howard 336 Donahoo, Omelia 306 Dooley, Margaret 288 Dorminy, Teddie 306 Doster, Martha 319 Douglas, Nancy Lee 336 Dover, Dwight 336 Downey, Terry 288 Downie, Joy 306 Doyle, William Leigh 336 Dozier, Sue 306 Drake, Charles 288 Drew, Penny 288 Driggers, Nancy 288 Drury, Ann 288 Drury, Derwin 336 Dukes, Ellen 288 Dukes, Rebecca 288 Durrence, Barbara 336 Durrence, Paulette 288 Dutton, Catherine 306 Dutton, Don 336 Dutton, Sandra 306 Duvall, Terry Glenn 288 Earley, Johnette 288 Eastwood, Mary 319 Eaves, Linda 319 Ebersole, Carol 288 Edenfield, Ida 288 Edenfield, Nan 306 Edgy, David 336 Edmondson, Charles A. 336 Edmunds, Malinda 319 Edwards, Brenda Lee 336 Edwards, Melanie Jane 336 Edwards, Susan C. 336 Ellerbee, Elaine 306 Ellington, Mike 306 Elliott, Bill 336 Ellis, Dianne 319 Ellis, Ricky 336 Elmore, Lynda L. 288 Elrod, William F. 288 Embry, Phil 288 English, Albert 307 Entrekin, Larry 319 Epting, Debbie 288 Ergle, Cathy 307 Erps, Claude B. 336 Erwin, Robert 288 Eskew, Debbie 319 Eskew, Patrice 307 Estes, Cheryl Lynn 288 Etters, Sue Carole 336 Eubank, Robert 319 Evans, Elliott 319 Evans, Frances Fay 319 Evans, Jean 319 Evans, Joy Ann 336 Eyre, Everett 319 Fain, Marcia A, 3 19 Fann, Michael 288 Farkas, Z. Andrew 336 Farley, Randy 288 Farley, Virginia 319 Farmer, Betsy 319 Farmer, Elizabeth 288 Farmer, James 319 Farrow, Jerry Dean 288 Ferguson, Marsha 288 Ferrell, Patsy 288 Fette, Thomas 336 Field, Charles D. 319 Fields, Larry 288 Fisher, Ariene 288 Fitch, Sandra Gail 288 Flanders, Emily 288 Fleming, James 336 Fleming, Julie 288 Fleming, Penney 319 Floyd, Lynn 319 Floyd, Virginia Ann 336 Flythe, Dianne 288 Fogle, Cathy 319 Folk, Carolyn 307 Fordhan, Evyene Russell 336 Foster, Betty 307 Foster, Janet 288 Foster, Thereshia 319 Fountain, Gordon A. 336 Fountain, John 336 Fouts, Ruth 288 Fowler, David 289 Fox, Jr., Thomas P. 336 Fowler, Mary Sue 307 Fox, Tommy 289 France, Debby 307 Francis, Barbara 319 Franks, Sherry 320 Freeman, Deborah 289 Freeman, Gilda 289 Freeman, Karen 289 Freeman, Richard 336 Friel, Carolyn 289 Frost, Jane 289 Frye, Deborah 320 Fulghum, Michael 289 Fuller, Jan 320 Fuller, Robert 289 Fullerton, Gladys 320 Funderburke, Sandi 336 Fussell, Brenda 320 Fussell, Janice F. 320 Gabrielson, Susan 289 Gainey, Janet 320 Galloway, Susan Taylor 320 Gardner, Elizabeth 320 Garland, Humphrey 336 Garner, Edward Allen 337 Garner, Nancy 337 Garrell, Cecil Hamilton 337 Garrison, Frankie 289 Garrison, W. Greg 337 Gaskin, Nancy 289 Gay, Emma Kate 320 Gay, Gene 320 Gay Jr., Randall L. 289 Gaylor, Jean 289 George, Connie 289 Gettle, Eric 307 Gheen, Susan 307 Gibbs, Jeff 289 Gibbs, Peggy 320 Gibbs, Thomas H. 337 Gibson, Kathrine 289 Giddings, Tom 320 Gilbert, Dean 337 Gilbert, Gail 337 Gilbert, Timothy Allen 337 Gilbert, Yvonne 320 Gill, Dianne 289 Gilreath, John 320 Gilstrop, Robert 337 Ginn, Bill 337 Girardeau, Lee M. 337 Glaser, Allen M, Jr. 320 Glass, Allison 289 Glass, Paul Hamptom 337 Glenn, Donna Knorzer 337 Glidewell, Joe 307 Glover, Ruth-Anne 307 Godbee, Pamela 289 Godbee, Patricia 289 Godbee, Thomas 289 Godfrey, Margaret Ann 337 Goggins, Paula 337 Goldberg, Sherry 289 Goodman, Dana 289 Goodwin, Cheryl Diane 337 Goolsby, Cindy 289 Goolsby, Marilyn 289 Gordon, Sharon 307 Gottfried, Linda Anne 337 Gottfried, Susan 307 Goza, Patsy 337 Graham, Cheri 289 Granberry, Doris 307 Grant, Bob 337 Greene, Gerald 337 Greene, Jimmy 289 Gregory, Leopoldo 289 Grier, Jane 307 Grier, Mary Anne 337 Griffin, David 289 Griffin, David L. 337 Griffin, Debra 320 Griffin, Janice 307 Griffin, LuEllen 320 Griggers, Elliott 307 Grimsley, Gwen 320 Groen, Jo 289 Gross, Marie 289 Grove, Harley C. 289 Guest, Gerald 337 Gunn, Nina 337 Gurley, Becky 289 Gust, Susan 289 Guy, Mary Louise 290 Hadden, John 337 Hadley, Leonarda 307 Hager, Jeanne H. 307 Haley, Graeme 290 Hall, Arthur 337 Hall, Bobby 307 Hall, Charles 290 Hall, Tim 290 Hamby, David 337 Hamlin, Gail 320 Hammock, Joyce 307 Hammock, Larinda 29 0 Hamrick, Susie 290 Hand, Alicia 290 Handley, Jeffrey 290 Hanes, Patricia 290 Hannon, Benny 290 Hansford, Tim 290 Hardie, Vicki 290 Hardin, Allen 337 Hargrave, Patsy 307 Hargrave, Wesley C. 337 Harper, Gary 290 Harper, Jane 290 Harper, June 307 Harper, Marcia 337 Harrell, Janice 290 Harrell, Willodean 339 Harris, Betty 290 Harris, Cindy 320 Harris, Don 320 Harris, Karen 338 Harrison, Larry Edward 338 Harrison, Priscilla 320 Harrison, Sandra 320 Harvey, Hubert 307 Harvey, Tricia 290 Harwell, Nat 290 Haskins, Judy 338 Hastings, Pam 307 Hasty, Stan 320 Hawkins, Barbara 290 Hawkins, William Richard 290 Hay, Brenda 290 Hayes, Betty Anne 338 Haynes, Lynda 320 Haynie, Carol 290 Hays, John James 338 Heath, Rolen Starr 338 Hencely, Diane 290 Henderson, Bill 290 Henderson, Diana 307 Henderson, Jerry 320 Henderson, Lydia 320 Hendrix, Cecilia Cochran 338 Hendrix, Kathy 320 Hendrix, Jr. R. Sam 320 Hendrix, Steven 321 Hendrix, Virginia 307 Hemley, Janet 321 Hennessee, Karen 321 Henry, Martha 290 Henson, Sue 321 Herman, James 338 Hernandez. Debbie 307 Herndon, Carol 307 Herring, Randy 290 Hester, Dianne 290 Heule, Mae 307 Hicks, David 321 Higdon, Scott 308 Higgins, Loutrell 290 Hill, Ann 338 Hill, Charles 338 Hill, Howard 338 Hill, Pam 308 Hillegass, Dean W. 338 Hilliard, Diane 290 Hinely, Frances 290 Hinson, John 321 Hobbs, Bythe(Biff) 290 Hobbs, Sarah 308 Hockenberry, Vern 338 Hodges, Aris 308 Hodges, Cathy 321 Hodges, Cheryl 290 Hodges, Ginger 290 Hodger, Johnny 321 Hodges, Kenny 290 Hodges, Larry 338 Hodges, Vada M. 308 Hodgson, Tommy 308 Hoffman, Elise 308 Hogan, Dawn 321 Holbrook, Lynn 290 Holland, Dewey 321 Holland, Kathy 308 Holland, Wanda 308 Holliday, Mary 308 Hollingsworth, Judy 308 Hollowell. Betsy 321 Holman, Karen 291 364 Holton, Diane 308 Holton, Judy 308 Holton, Teddy 338 Hook, Frank 321 Hooks, Joe 308 Hooper, Kathryn Jurelle 338 Hopkins, Forrest 308 Houehins, Anna 291 Houghton, Charlene 291 Houston, Frankie Lynn 321 Howard, Glenn 291 Howard, Jeannh 291 Howe, Cynthia ' 291 Howell, Barbara lean 338 Howell, Martha L lien 321 Howell, Wallace 308 Hoyt, Bill 291 Hubbard, Barbara 338 Huckaby, Cathy 291 Hudson, Mary Janelle 338 Huff, Catherine 291 Huff, Celia 291 Huff, Gloria 291 Huff, Roger 291 Hufstetler, Mike 291 Hughes, Carol 291 Hughes. Jerry 291 Hughes, Peter Dewey 338 Hughes, Tom 291 Hughes III, William Howard 338 Hull, Chris 321 Humphrey, Karol 338 Humphrey, Pam 321 Hunter, Barbara 338 Hunter, Elton L. 321 Hunter, Lucy 291 Hursey, Teresa Gail 338 Hurst, Mike 321 Hutchins, Jane 291 Irvin, Pamela 338 Ivey, Phil 291 Jackson, Emily 291 Jackson, J. B. 338 Jackson, James 338 Jackson, Jerry 291 Jackson, Meldoy 291 Jackson, Rita ' 291 Jackson, Sammy 291 Jackson, Walker 291 Jacobs, Doreen 338 Jacobson, Karen 291 James, Art 308 James, Bert 308 Kersey, Darlene 308 Kimball, Lewis 322 King, Evelyn 339 King, Faye 392 King, James 322 King, Jane 308 King, Kathy 292 King, Mary Beth 292 King, RufusT. 292 Kingery, Bonnie 292 Kinser, Karen 308 Kinsman, Robert E. Jr. 292 Kirkland, David Dean 292 Kirschner, Erik 322 Kirz, Cheryl 308 Knauff, Nancy 308 Knight, Billie Sue 339 Knight, Debbie 308 Knight III. Durrell Warthan 309 Knight, Karen 292 Knorr, Laura 292 Knowles, Patricia 339 Knowlton, Sally 339 Knox, Betty 332 Koger, Cathy 339 Krablean, Cindy 339 Kurz, Toni 292 Kyzer, Linda 292 LaBlanc, Susan 292 Lair, Diane 292 Laird, Gene 292 Lake, Linda Jane 339 Lampp, Martha 309 Lance, Sara 292 Land, David 339 Lane, Krista 322 Lane, Martha 309 Lanier, Joyce 309 Lanier, Tracy 292 Larson, Phil 292 Lassetter. Debbie 292 Lassiter, Charles L. 322 Lassiter, Lois 309 Latham, Becky 309 Lavender, Jimmy 339 Law, Beverly 292 Lawhorn, Maxine 292 Lawlor, Mary Ann 322 Lawrence, James E. 292 Lawrence, John 339 Lawson, Janena 292 Layton, Gayle 339 Lee, Beth ' 322 James, Joyce 321 Jansen, Jan 308 Jenkins, Melonie 291 Jenkins, Tommy 338 Jennings, Karen 321 Jessen, Dottie 291 Jett, Elizabeth Ann 322 Jett, Pamela 291 Johnson, Becky 291 Johnson. Brenda 291 Johnson, Charles Allen 321 Johnson, Donna 321 Johnson, Edwin Eugene 338 Johnson, Jerry 339 Johnson, Jimmy 291 Johnson, Johnnie R. 339 Johnson, Judith 291 Johnson, Kenneth Wynne 291 Johnson, Micki 321 Johnson, Susan 321 Johnson, Vickie 308 Johnson, Wes 291 Johnson, Wilbur 321 Johnson, William F. 339 Johnston. Andrea 321 Johnston, Jennifer 292 Johnston, Shirley 321 Jones, Algie 321 Jones, Alyce 308 Jones, Anita 308 Jones, Donna 308 Jones, Kenneth E. 339 Jones, Karen 339 Jones, Lynn 321 Jones, Robert E. 321 Jones, Terry 292 Jones, Tony 339 Jopling, Bobbie Jean 322 Jordan, Gail 339 Jordan, John W. 339 Joyner, Gale 292 Joyner, Jimmy 339 Kariatoglou, Vassilis 339 Keen, Roy Edward 339 Keenan, Patrick David III 339 Keene, Richard H. 332 Keifer, Carol 322 Kelly, Emaline 308 Kelly, Martha Carol 322 Kennedy, Fred 292 Kennon, June 322 Kent, Jimmy 292 Lee, Charles 339 Lee, Marshall 339 Lee, Rita 332 Lee. Tommy 322 Leggett, Denise 292 Leggett, Polly 292 Lemon, Ronald 322 Lentz III, John David 322 Leonard, Greg 339 Leopard, Petite 332 Lester, Barbara 309 Lester, Brenda 339 Lester, Morris 292 Leverett, Glenn 292 Levine, Irvin Jay 339 Lewis, Bonnie 340 Lewis, David 292 Lewis, Keith 309 Lewis, Rochelle 292 Lewis, Tom 322 Lewis, Tommy 292 Lincks, Carol 309 Lindsey, Connie 292 Lindsey, Malcolm 293 Lindsey, Phil 340 Link, Carol Jean 293 Link, Jean 340 Lippman, Teri 293 Lipscomb, Kerry 293 Littleton, Sheila V. 340 Lively, John 293 Llewallyn, Debbie 293 Loach, Jim 340 Lockwood, Elaine 293 Long, Stacia 322 Long, Sylvia 340 Loper, Deena 293 Lord, Gail 309 Lord, Pamela 293 Loverchio, Kathy 293 Lovett, Ellis H. 340 Lovett, Kathie 293 Loyd, Marilyn 340 Luckie, David 340 Lukat, Ronald W. 340 Lynch, Jan 340 Lynch, Johnny 340 Mabry, David 322 Maddox, Cathy 309 Magoon, Billie Clyde 340 Mainor, David 322 Majors, Susan 340 Malatak, John Michael 340 Maloney, Micki 309 Manget, Diane 293 Manke, Linda Susan 340 Mann, Marcia 293 Marlin, Rick 322 Martin, Jan 322 Marsh, Phyllis 293 Marshal. Daun 293 Martin, Martha C. 309 Martin. Neysa 340 Martin. Patricia 340 Martin, Robbie 340 Martin, Roger Lane 322 Martindale, Bart 322 Martindale, Gay 293 Marwitz, Ma ry 309 Mason, Cindy 293 Massey, Mary 293 Matthews, Curtis 293 Mathews, Diane 293 Mathews, Jackie 322 Mathews, Ken 293 Mathey, Nancy 293 May. Rosanne 322 Mazursky, Beryl 309 McAlum, Harry 340 McBrayer, Jim 340 McCall. Ann 322 McCammack, Diana 293 McCarty, John M. 309 McCarty, Karen Ann 340 McCleskey, Patsy 309 McCorkel, Larre 322 McCorkle, Nancy 309 McCrary, Janet 340 McCrary, Judy 323 McCrary, Tony 309 McCullough, Linda 309 McCullough, Wallace Pope Jr. 340 McDougald, M. J. 340 McDowell, Cheryl 293 MacElhannon, Jean 293 McElheny, John 309 McElheny, Nancy 309 McElreath, Marjorie 293 McFarland, Patsy Gail 323 McFeature, Taunja 293 McGee, Johnny 293 McGinnis. Bruce 293 McGinnis, Bunnie 340 McGregor, Patricia 293 Mclntyre, John 293 McKay, Terry 323 McKinney. Betty Ann 323 McKenzie, Rhunetto 293 McKinney, Carl 309 McKinney, Marilyn 309 McLaughlin, Kay 323 McLean, Lynn 293 McLean, Midge 309 McLeod. Mary Ann 309 McMichael, Teresa 293 McMichen, Larry M. 340 McNair, Sue 323 McNair, Valerie 293 McQuaig. Jan 309 McRae, Antoinette 294 McWilliams, Nixon 240 Meaders, Janna 294 Meador. Patti 294 Meadows, Ginger 294 Meadow, Janis 294 Meadows, Rod 323 Meeks, M.C. 294 Melton, Chris 294 Meredith, Ray 294 Metts, Cathy 294 Middlebrooks, Criss 340 Milam, Larry Frank 340 Milans, Linda Catharine 341 Milford, Richard L. 323 Miller, Barry 341 Miller, Becky 323 Miller, Howard 323 Miller, Karen 294 Miller, Martha 294 Miller, Mike 294 Miller, Paul 323 Miller, Skip 341 Millican, Debbie 294 Milligan, Claudia 341 Mills, Barbara J. 309 Mills. Cheryl 341 Mills. David 309 Milton, Barbara 309 Milton, Carolyn 341 Mims, Teresa 294 Mincey, Diana 310 M inter, Robert 341 Minton, Don L. 341 Mitchell, Fran 310 Mitchell, Marie 323 Mobley, Jerry J. 310 Mock, Alvina 310 Mock, Kathy 323 Monk, Jennifer 294 Monroe, Ronda 294 Moody, Joy 323 Mooney, Gloria 310 Moore, Gayle 310 Moore, Jimmy 294 Moore, John 341 Moore, June 341 Moore, Mark 294 Moore, Melanie 341 Moore, Michael 294 Moorman, Emily 294 Morgan, Beverly 323 Morgan, Carol 294 Morgan, Faye Boddiford 310 Morgan, Gloria Lee 294 Morgan, Roy 323 Morgan. Sherry 310 Morris, Carleen 294 Morris, Debbie 294 Morris. Kathy 294 Morris, Tana 294 Morris, William Swain 323 Morton, Randall 323 Moseley, Elizabeth Marie 323 Moss, Nancy 310 Mossman. Richard C. 323 Moye, Judy 323 Mulholland, Jaye E. 341 Mull, Suzie 323 Mullis, Julie 310 Munch, Sara 341 Munson, Donna 323 Murphy, Marge 323 Murray, Betty 294 Murray, Dan 323 Murray, Linda Joy 294 Murray, Nelle 294 Murray, Sharon 323 Music, Becky 294 Musselwhite. Kay 310 Mussel white, Sharon 310 Myers, James 310 Nabers, Susan 294 Neal. Howard 323 Neisler, Fave 294 Nelson, Vic ' ki 323 Nelson, William Jay 341 365 NeSmith, Hilda 310 NeSmith. Martin 341 Neville. Gail 294 Newberry, Joseph M. 323 Newman, Bama 294 Newsom, Mary 341 Newsome, Pattv 341 Ng, Patsy Lon 341 Nix, Eddie 341 Nix, Lynda 323 Nix, Nancy 324 Nolan, Kelly 294 Norman, Gwen 295 Norris, Charles H. 341 Norris, Libby 341 Norton, Michael 310 Norton, Sheila 295 Novotni, Sandy 310 Odom, Beth 324 Odom, Franklin Currie 341 Odom, Judy 310 Odum.Judy 341 O ' Hern, Jay 324 O ' Kelley, Karen 295 Old. Ralph 341 Olive. Betty 341 Oliver, Dale 295 Oliver, Debbie 295 Oliver, Tim 295 Olson, Shery 295 O ' Neal, Jamie 341 O ' Neal, Joe 341 O ' Neal, Melanie 324 Osborn, Annette 310 Ostuni, Suzie 324 Outher, Fozie Lee 310 Pacetti, Deborah 341 Pack, D. Michael 341 Padgett, Doug 341 Padgett, Tommy 324 Page, Sandra 310 Palmer, Rick 310 Palmer, Alton 295 Palmer. Debra 295 Palmer, Sue 295 Palmer, William P. 324 Parker, Linda 342 Parker, Ronda 310 Parker, Teddy 342 Parks, Patricia 310 Parks, Pattie 295 Parrish, Pat 295 Parrish, Johnny 310 Parrish, Richard 342 Partain, Cynthia 295 Pate, Betty 324 Pate, Robert A. 342 Patrick, Dorinda 342 Patrick, Mike 342 Paul, George 324 Paxton, Pamela Mariana 342 Payne, Ellen 310 Payne, Nina 324 Peabody, Tim 342 Peace, Linda 342 Pearce, Byron C. 324 Pearson, Elizabeth Ann 295 Peavy, Calvin, Jr. 342 Peavy, Judy 342 Peavy, Larry 324 Peavy, Linda Ruth 342 Peck, Bob 342 Peck, Lin 342 Peebles, Sharon 342 Peeples, Gayles 295 Pefinis, Connie 324 Pence, Cheryl 342 Pennington, Deborah 324 Pennington. Fred 310 Pennington, Pamela 310 Perkins, Johnny 342 Perkins. Peggy 295 Perret, Nora Anne 295 Perry, Sally 295 Perry, Virginia 295 Perryman, Andy 210 Peters, Susan 324 Petersen, Bonnie 295 Peterson, Cindy 295 Pethel, Jean 324 Phelps III, Herbert Marion 310 Philips, Marsha 324 Phillips, Jacki 324 Phillips, Kathy 295 Phillips, Michelle 324 Phillips, Sandra 310 Phillips, Sheila 311 Phillips, Sue Ann 324 Phillips, Susan Lynn 295 Pickett, Emily 295 P ierson, Fred 3 1 1 Pieper, Harry 342 Pierce, Frank 342 Pierce, Glen Wesley 342 Pippinger, Vivica 295 Pittard, John H. 295 Pitts, Jimmy 342 Plaisted, David 342 Plummer, Dorothy 342 Poilevint, Susan 295 Polak, Helen 295 Pool. Anne 295 Poole, Gwen 342 Porter, Toy 311 Posey, Dale 324 Poss, Ray 311 Poston, Heide 295 Potter, Peggy 3 1 1 Pound, Julie 324 Powell, Amelia Gail 311 Powell, Becky 324 Powell, James Otis 342 Powell, Joe David 342 Powell. Su 311 Powell, Teresina 324 Powell, Twila 342 Poythress, Warren 324 Price, Emanuel B. 324 Price, Lee 324 Primm, Pat 295 Proctor. R. B. 295 Pruett, Donna 295 Pruitt, Clara Jean 311 Pruitt, Linda 295 Puckett, Nancy 295 Purcell, Douglas 324 Purdom, Carol Ann 342 Purser, Dwayne 343 Pursley, Janice 311 Quetti, Anne 343 Rabun, Elaine 296 Rache, Lyle 343 Ragan, Bobby 343 Rahn, Dahlia 343 Rahn, Judy 324 Rahn, William R. 343 Raines, Dianne 311 Rathbone, Deborah 296 Raulerson, Jean 296 Rawl, Debbie 296 Ray, Gail 296 Reddick, Susan 296 Rebel, Ben 343 Reeve, Peggy 296 Reeves, Barbara 325 Reeves, Lynda 31 1 Reid, Barbara 343 Reid, Mary Jo 296 Reiser, Jacqueline Iris 343 Renfroe, Jack 324 Renfroe, Lynda 343 Rentz, Rod 343 Reviere, Paul 296 Rewis, Calvin 343 Reynolds, Donna 296 Reynolds, Judy 296 Reynolds, Kathy 325 Reynolds. Terry 31 1 Rhodes. Ken 311 Rice, Danny 343 Rice, Wayne 296 Richardson, Judy 343 Richardson. Margaret 296 Rickman, Arnold 343 Ricks, Ernest Elton 343 Rifenburg, Nancy 325 Riley, Gloria Jean 296 Riley, Molly 325 Rimes Jr., Joseph Edward 296 Risi, Robert A. 311 Rivenbark, Bob 296 Rivers, John 343 Rivers, Julie 325 Robb, Allyn 296 Roberson, Judy 3] 1 Roberts, Ginny 31 1 Roberts, Mary 325 Robertson, Jean 325 Robertson, Ted 325 Robson, John W. 343 Rochester, Don 325 Roddenberry, Donna 311 Rodgers, Betty Jane 343 Rogers, Dwight 343 Rogers, Gail 296 Rogers, Howell 3 1 1 Rogers, Mary Anne 296 Rogers, Sherry 343 Rogers, Susan 3 1 1 Rolader, Sally 296 Rollins, Ellen M. 296 Ross, Debbie 296 Ross, Jerry 325 Rosser, Jan 343 Rountree, Emmalene 296 Roush, Mary Alice 343 Rowe, Kenny 325 Rowland, Patty 343 Rowland, Sandra 296 Royal, Dale 296 Ruark, Karen 296 Russell, Marlene 3 1 1 Russell, Sudie 343 Ruth, Wendy 325 Rutter, Gaye 311 Ryals, Johnny 343 Salter, Janeen 296 Sanders, Mason 343 Sanford, David 325 Santmyer, Sharon 311 Sapp, Phil 343 Saunders, Sandra 31 1 Sawyer, Barbara 325 Sawyer, Barbara Rozier 325 Sawyer, Gail 296 Saxon, Eve 3 1 1 Scarboro, Janet 3 1 1 Schenck, Kathy 296 Schmeelk. Reed 296 Schmehl, Tina 296 Scoggins, Jimmy 311 Scott, Curtis 325 Scott, Gail 311 Scott, Margie 325 Scroggs, Carol 296 Scurry, Brenda 343 Sears, Lora 325 Seag, Marsha 325 Seekins, Nancy 343 Senn, Myron A. 344 Seginack, Charles M. 296 Seifu, Tadesse 296 Seitz, Beverly 325 Sellers, William H. 296 Sessions, Jane 31 1 Settles, Sherry 297 Setzer, Mary 297 Sewell, Nanci 311 Shaffer, Jr. Vance A. 344 Sharber, Eddie 297 Shearouse, Patsy 297 Shelnutt, Jenny 344 Sherrill, Beth 325 Shine, Marilyn 297 Shirley, Brenda 344 Short, Donna 297 Short, Steve 297 Shuford, Joe 31 1 Shuford, Katherine 297 Shuford, Susan 312 Shuman, Ned Leland 344 Shuman, Sally 397 Shumans, John 344 Sikes, Sue 325 Silvey, Richard W. 344 Silvey, Saralyn 312 Simmons, Eddie 297 Simmons, Renee 312 Simpson, Kathy 297 Sims, Susan 325 Sinclair III, Lawrence Wade 344 Singleton, Diane 312 Singleton Jr.. Joe E. 344 Sirmons, Paula 312 Sisk, Phillip 325 Skinner. Joy 297 Skinner, Lynda 297 Skipper, M. Sharon 325 Slade, Ann 325 Slade, Lynn 297 Slack, Carol 344 Slaton, L. 344 Slaughter, Wiley 344 Slinkard, Doug 312 Smart, Sharry 344 Smartt, Elaine 325 Smiley, Ray 325 Smith, Alton C. R. 344 Smith, Angela 312 Smith, Bill 297 Smith, Brenda 297 Smith, Cheryl 297 Smith, Deborah 325 Smith. Donna 326 Smith Jr., Frank L. 344 Smith, Gary 297 Smith, Gary 326 Smith, Ginny 297 Smith, Gloria 312 Smith, J. 344 Smith, Janet 312 Smith, J. E. 344 Smith, Jill 326 Smith, Joanna 297 Smith, Joanne 297 Smith, Johnell 297 Smith, Judy 326 Smith, Kathy 344 Smith, Larry 326 Smith, Lee 344 Smith, Lynne 297 Smith, Marsha Gail 326 Smith, Mary E. 326 Smith, Melinda 344 Smith, Peggy 297 Smith, Randy 312 Smith, Ricky 344 Smith, Sheryl 326 Smith, Sylvia 344 Smith, Teresa B. 344 Smitherman, Phyllis Lee 297 Snell, Jay 326 Sorrells, Linda Ann 344 Sorrow, Becky 326 Southard, Jim 297 Spaulding, Ann 344 Speir, Barbara Kay 312 Spires, Susan 344 Spivey, Glynn 297 Sports, Reda 297 Spradlin, Bonita 344 Spurgeon, Joyce E. 326 Stacy, Dahlia Ann 344 Stafford, Connell Jr. 344 Stallings, George 297 Stallworth, Annette 326 Stallworth, Tom 297 Stanfield, Brenda Sue 297 Stanford, June 297 Stanford, Kay 297 Stephens, Diane 326 Stephens. Kathi 297 Steverson, Millie 344 Stewart, Bill 297 Stewart, David R. 326 Stewart, Jean 326 Stewart, Tom 298 Still, Betty 298 Still, Susan 345 Stoddard, Scott 298 Stogner, Sina 298 Stone, Beth 326 Stone, Diana 326 Stone, Lee 312 Streetman, Ellen 298 Strickland, Drennon 326 Strickland, James M. 326 Strickland, Kay 326 Strickland, Valeri 312 Stroud, Kay 312 Stroud, Pat 345 Studier, Gretchen 345 Sturdivant, Donna 298 Sudderth Jr., Bill 345 366 Summerlin, Lynda 326 Trotter, Betty 327 Watkins, Victor E. 299 Williams, Ronny 328 Sutton, Belinda 312 Troughton, Donna 298 Watson, Kathie 299 Williams, Rosemary 313 Sutton, Betty 345 Tuck, Jane 298 Watson, Katrina 346 Williams, Teresa 346 Sutton, Daniel J. 345 Tucker, Carol 327 Watson, Marilyn 299 Williams, Verne 346 Sutton, Jeff 312 Tucker, Harris 298 Watts, Benjamin 327 Williamson, Anne 299 Sutton, Minnette 312 Tucker, James Ray 345 Wear, Archie 313 Williamson, Ava 299 Swain, Anne 298 Tucker, Johnny Swinton 345 Weatherford, Vickie 299 Williard, Mary Katherine 313 Swann, Gloria 326 Tucker, LaDonna 345 Weaver, Fred 313 Willingham, Bonnie 328 Swindell, Kathy 298 Tucker, Linda 327 Weaver, Gerry 299 Willis, John 313 Szotkiewiez, Chris 312 Tucker, Peggy 298 Webb, Charles R. 346 Willis, Judi 346 Talley, Lyndal Dianne 326 Tufts, Becky 298 Webb, Charlotte 299 Wilson, Bill 346 Tanner, Sandra 345 Turner, Connie 312 Webb, Lindy 299 Wilson, David Charles 328 Taylor, Al 345 Turner, Janis 345 Weinmann, Ruth 327 Wilson, Donald 313 Taylor, Harold 298 Tyler, Kenneth 345 Welch, Johnnie Mae 327 Wilson, Kathy 299 Taylor, Becky 312 Tyre, Donald 345 Welden, Charles M. 327 Wilson, Kay 299 Taylor, Ginnie 312 Underwood, Shirley Jay 345 Wells, Jim 327 Wilson, Robert J. 313 Taylor, Jan 298 Vanzant, Frances 298 Wells, Larry 346 Wilson, Sara 346 Taylor, Jeanie 312 Varr.edoe, Martin 298 Wessel, Ernest 327 Wilson, Sherryl 346 Taylor, Lala 298 Varner, Ronnie 312 West, Betty 327 Wimberly, Ferris 328 Taylor, Minnie 345 Vaughan, Betty 345 Wester, Ronny 346 Winarski, Shellie 300 Taylor, Nancy 345 Vaughn, Georgietta 327 Whatley, Nancy 299 Winchester, Pat 313 Teal, Paula 345 Vaughn, Tommy 312 Wheeler, Linda 299 Winters, Gayle 328 Temples, Jana Marie 345 Veal, Anne Andrews 345 Whidby, Kay 299 Wirt, Charles 328 Terry, Libby 345 Veaner, Paulette 312 Whigam, Dale Romona 346 Wisdom, Barbara 328 Thomas, Jane 345 Veteto, Reggie 298 Whiggum, Tricia 299 Witt, Melanie 328 Thomas, Jimmy 326 Vickers, Don 327 Whitaker, Linda Lou 327 Wohlgemuth, Charlotte 328 Thomas, Lynn 298 Vickers, Sharon 298 Whitaker, Wanda 346 Womack, Ann E. 328 Thomas, Sam 326 Vickery, Donna Sue 298 White, Anne 346 Womack, Lee 300 Thompkins, Barbara 298 Vivenzio, James F. 345 White, Judy 313 Womble, Karen 300 Thompson, Bebe 298 Waddell, Glenda 327 White, Linda C. 346 Wong, Bonnie 328 Thompson, Becky 298 Waddell, Sally 298 White, Maurice Emory Jr. 299 Wood, Caren 313 Thompson, James 312 Wade, Frank 327 White, Melinda 327 Wood, Clifford 328 Thompson, Jane 326 Wagaman, Brenda 345 Whitfield, Henry 299 Wood, Larry 346 Thompson, Judith 298 Wainwright, Sharon 313 Whitledge, Michael J. 346 Wood, William Franklin 346 Thompson, Linda Sue 326 Walden, Collins 298 Whittington, Pam 299 Woodard, Aurelia 346 Thompson, Mary Rose 326 Walden, Larry W. 327 Wickstrom, Kay 299 Woodard, Jeanette 346 Thompson, Sandra 345 Walker, Martha Jean 327 Widner, Barbara 346 Woodruff, Joe 328 Threatte, Elaine 312 Walker, Murray 298 Widner, Kaye 346 Woods, Owen 328 Thurston, Don 326 Walker, Nancy 346 Wilder, Ellen 299 Worden. Frances Stuart 346 Thurston, Sally 326 Wall, Diane 299 Wilkes, Jimmy 313 Works, Rosetta 328 Tillman, Brenda 312 Wallace, Susan 345 Wilkes, Susan 313 Wren, William 300 Tillmar, Holly 298 Waller, Lynda 313 Wilkerson, Lynn 313 Wright, Larry 328 Tillman, Selma 298 Waller, Rhonda 313 Willcoxon, Nancy 346 Wright, Marcia 346 Tinker, Carolyn 312 Wallis,Tim 299 Willett, Mark Edwin 299 Wynn, Donna 300 Tippins, Bascom G. 345 Walters, Patricia 313 Williams, Alan 327 Wysong, Phil 328 Tippins, Nancy 327 Ward, Carol 313 Williams, Carol Ann 299 Yarbrough, Ginger 300 Tipton, Keith 327 Ward, Julia 299 Williams, Cathy 299 Yaughn, Chester 313 Tolbert, Marsha 345 Ward, Larry 346 Williams, Carnell 299 Yawn, Ann 313 Toler, Pamala 298 Ward, Shirley Nadine 327 Williams, Connie 327 Yawn, Jackie 328 Tollison, Ken 327 Warren, Bertha 299 Williams, Deborah 299 Yearwood, Johnny 313 Tomberlin, Gene 327 Warren, Debra 299 Williams, James P. 346 Yeomans, Shirley 300 Tomlinson, Laura 345 Warren, Jill 299 Williams, Jane 327 Young, Sara 300 Tomlinson, Ric 298 Warthen, Evelyn 299 Williams, Jane 328 Youmans, Barbara Ann 300 Tootle, Gail 345 Washington, Sylvia 313 Williams, Jane Lynn 299 Youmans Jr., P. O. 300 Tuten, Cathy 312 Waters, Jane 346 Williams, Jill 346 Zeigler, Ann 300 Townet, Eileen 327 Waters, Jimmy 327 Williams, Jimmy 328 Zetterower, John 313 Towns, Vicky 298 Waters, Pamela 299 Williams, Joey 328 Zetterower, Linda 328 Train, Comer Waters, Suzanne 313 Williams, Lillian Elaine zyy Zipperer, Douglas J 1 J Treado, Dennis 327 Waters, Tom 327 Williams, Mary 299 Zuppardo, Dan J. 300 FACULTY INDEX Adams, Sterling 349 Farkas, Z. J. 349 Lavender, Earl 350 Pennington, Tully S. 351 Bauer, Beverly 349 Ford, Charlotte A. 350 Leavitt, H. Douglas 351 Presley, Delma Eugene 351 Bell, Jean 349 Garrison, X. L. 350 Lee, Dorothy Few 351 Pollak, Jim 351 Bell, Mrs. Marjorie B. 349 Gernant, Frieda (Dr.) 350 LeMaster, Lelan K. Dr. 351 Rainwater, Dr. Frank Palmer 351 Berquist, Eugene T. 349 Godfrey, Edgar C. 350 Lovejoy, Bill 351 Remley, Roxie 352 Bishop, T. Parker 349 Golightly, Lucille 350 Lucas, Carolyn 351 Ruffin, David A. 352 Bitter, Barbara (Mrs.) 349 Good, Daniel B. 350 Maness, Jeannine 351 Saunders, R. Frank Jr. 352 Bond, Thomas A. 349 Hackett, Donald F. 350 Mann, Justine 351 Scotts, Taylor C. 352 Boole, John A. 349 Hardin, Elizabeth Hall 350 Martin, John 351 Seymour, Frances 352 Bozeman, John R. 349 Harvey, Dorothy M. (Ph.D.) 350 Martin, Dr. W. Tom 351 Scales, Luther L. Jr. 352 Britt, Claude H. 349 Hawk, J. Donald 350 Mathews, Dr. Walter B. 351 Spalatin, Mario S. 352 Broucek, Jack 349 Hickman, Dr. Keith F. 350 Maur, Kishwar 351 Spieth, William 352 Burkhalter, Myra 349 Hoff, Clayton 350 McAllister, Hubert 351 Stidham, Thomas M. 352 Cain, Lee C. 349 Holland, Dr. Max K. 350 McDuffie, Jack 351 Strickland, Arthur 352 Carmichael, H. M. 349 Homsher, Paul J. 350 McGee, Searss 351 Strickland, Carey H. 352 Carr, Paul Jr. 349 Hood, James M. 350 Meadows, Jerriane 351 Talley, Sarah 352 Carrin, Harold 349 Huff, Lawrence 350 Mikell, Mary H. 351 Todd, Willie Grier 352 Cate, Rollis 349 Humphrey, Carlton 350 Mobley, Harris 351 Tucker, Sarah May 352 Christmas, Alice 349 Huss, William 350 Morris, John E. 351 Turner, Jerry M. 352 Christmas, Charles 349 Johnson, Bob 350 Mose ley, Howard F. 351 Tyer, Harold 352 Chissom, Brad 349 Johnson, William Francis 350 Neal, Dr. William J. 351 Van Deusen, John P. 352 Collins, Delores 349 Jones, Susan 350 Neil, Ronald J. 351 Vogel, Arv 352 Comer, Sara M. 349 Jordan, James William 350 Nutting, Sue 351 Wallace, Dorothy 352 Cotten, Doyice 349 Kelly, Lawrence B. 350 Oliver, James H. 351 Waller, Gladys 352 Crittenden, Charlotte C. 349 Klein, Mrs. Betty 350 Pace, Mary Anne 351 Watson, Georgia 352 DeNitta, John F. 349 Lambie, Grace 350 Paul, Tom 351 Drapalik, Donald J. 349 Lane, Betty 350 Pearce, Dr. Duris 351 367 368 ZACH S. HENDERSON LIBRARY D 2001 OMfl O?

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Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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