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At Georgia Southern a myriad of op- portunities present themselves to the Student. There is chemistry, industry, language, mathematics, reflections, studying or even a little socializing with the-opposite sex. All seriousness aside, a student should have no valid excuse for saying, " I just can ' t find anything to do! " Baloney! This book intends to prove, inconclusively, that, with a little ingenuity and very little effort, one can always find something constructive or fun to do. One need only look through these opening pages and judge for him- self. 3 Some people try to lose themselves in their music (which may last for hours on end or maybe only a few minutes, de- pending on the mood or intentions of the musician), others spend some class time and a lot of spare time working on personal or class projects for an education course. If one is only interested in killing time then this is their " cup of tea " , and if satisfaction of accomplishing something is the aim, then this also is their " cup of tea. " 4 Whether it be eating or entertaining, or even both, that one is looking for, Georgia Southern has places for both. The Edge (pictured at left), a privately owned establishment, provides jazz music with an atmosphere; the dining hall, a school operated establishment, provides food with an atmosphere (?). Statesboro is endowed with the usual endowments for eating and entertainment; restaurants, theaters, the line, etc. 7 For those who cannot find a di- version in any of the other places mentioned there is always the mental stress and strain of registration (which has to be done three times a year) to take one ' s mind off his trials and tribulations. The teacher does not take his mind off his trials and tribulations at registration; registration is his headache as well. But then, without registration, there would not be the other joys incum- bent in each quarter. Would there? As to entertainment which has a popular ring there are fraternities, sororities, the Campus Life Enrichment Com- mittee and the Student Congress who provide the college with entertainers such as B. J. Thomas, Simon and Gar- funkel, and many other popular entertainers. The Campus Life Enrichment Committee, however, is mainly concerned with entertainment which is more on the cultural side. They have provided the college with The American Folk Ballet, The Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Es- pinosa (flamenco guitarist), and the Production Managers Company with their production of the play " Luv " . 10 MS ' ' i SIMON AND GARPUNKE ii la Of course there will always be those people at a college who spend all of their time studying. However, this is not to say that one can get by at Georgia Southern without studying. Well, maybe if one has an I.Q. rating of 180 he might be able to squeeze by. Even so, no matter how studious a person may be, there is always some spare time to be taken care of. Some people spend a lot of their daytime spare time talking to girls (or boys) or running out to the post office to see if that much wanted letter is there, or standing around reading their mail, or standing around wishing that they had a letter to read. Oh! The trials one faces when he does not write letters which require an answer. 16 The Masquers have presented the play " The Madwoman of Chaillot " (above), Pantagleize, and three one- act plays " The Jewish Wife " , " The Eavesdropper " , and " Step Right Up " . The Masquers is the dramatics club of Georgia Southern. The Music Department of Georgia Southern also puts on musical plays each year. They have pre- sented " West Side Story " and " South Pacific " (right) this year. 20 There is a group of people at Georgia Southern who spend their weekdays going to class, Physical Education (if they haven ' t finished their requirements), or sitting around thinking about home. The weekends are an entirely different story. Masses of people stream from the dormitories on Friday in a frantic effort to get home as soon as possible. Why ? Only they know. t Now we come to those who remain here on he weekends. Once a year there comes the abulous (?) Ogeeche Fair to entertain those rave enough to venture forth, but for those )ther unfortunate souls who do not have a late for the dance or big event of the weekend ' or no money) there is always bridge, art, talk- ng, or maybe even insanity? iiiimimiiriiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiin! ■PJIB ' _ • • • v. • Georgia Southern has been growing rapidly in the past few years, both in enrollment and in physical size. The most im- mediate examples of expansion are the Blanch Landrum Center (not pictured) and the Foy Fine Arts Center ( below and left). •mm The Senior Class of _ ✓ Georgia Southern College Hereby Presents: The 1967 Reflector Leland Rogers — Editor Dedication To a man always ready to answer a question, whether it be about fishing or history, with a serious answer or a witty one, or even both. To a man who claims that, " the only stupid question is one which I can ' t answer. " To a man that wants you to learn. We, the Senior Class, hereby dedicate this 1967 Reflector to a professor of outstanding abil- ity nd wit who has one of the quickest smiles on campus; Dr. John Perry Cochran. In Memoriam MR. FRED WALLACE To him who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms, she speaks A various language: for his gayer hours She has a voice of gladness, and a smile And eloquence of beauty, and she glides Into his darker musings with a mild And healing sympathy that steals away Their sharpness ere he is aware. When thoughts Of the last bitter hour come like a blight Over thy. spirit, and sad images Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall, And breathless darkness, and the narrow house, Make thee to shudder and grow sick at heart, Go forth under the open sky and list To Nature ' s teachings, while from all around— Earth and°her waters and the depths of air — Comes a still voice: Thanatopsis " am Cullen Bryant Zach 9. Henderson President Dr. Henderson, who first came to Georgia Southern in 1927, has watched this campus grow from a small two-year college, called Georgia Normal School, with an enrollment of 303, to the fifth largest 4-year college in the state, now called Georgia Southern College, with an en- rollment of over 4,000. He believes in the value of education and loves to work closely with young people. He con- siders it thrilling to watch a person grow from a college freshman to a master teacher, skill- ful surgeon, devoted parent, or a courageous citizen. " Georgia Southern College has been my chal- lenge for most of my adult life. Out of the 45 years of my teaching experience, 40 have been spent at this college. " 48 Administration The administrative per- sonnel work closely with the students to bring order out of chaos. 49 Visual Arts Department The Arts Department offers a major in Art Education in the B.S. in Education Degree program which prepares one to teach and supervise art programs in the public schools. A major in art in the B.A. Degree pro- gram is also offered. Courses in the Visual Arts in- clude the areas of appreciation and history, visual arts educa- tion, design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and print making. There are opportuni- ties for independent research. LOUIS F. McCOY, B.S. DR. FRIEDA GERNANT, lion Chairman A.B., Ed.D., DM- ROXIE REMLEY, A.B. M.A., M.F.A. FRED FAGNANT. M.S. 50 JUDITH R. MEYER, M.F.A. RICHARD H. VAIL. B.S.. M.A. Industrial Arts Department Industrial Arts is a study of our technology; its tools, materials, pro- cesses, products, and opportunities; its origins and development; and its social and cultural nature. It involves the student in creating, experiment- ing, investing, designing, construct- ing and operating with individual materials, processes, and products. Graduates are prepared to teach this subject in secondary school and col- lege. A B.S. Degree in Education and a B.S. Degree with a major in In- dusty are offered as well as a Master of Science for Teachers. ?] l n D n X, J?-- HACmTT . B S - M.Ed. td.U., Division Chairman HAYDEN M. CARMICHAEL B.S.. M.S. DON WHALEY, B.S.. M.S. JOHN BUTALA, JR.. B.M.E., B.S.E., M.A. 51 52 FRANK L. EVANS. B.A., M.A. AM DR. ROBERT G. MITCHELL B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. DR. JOHN PERRY COCHRAN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. DR. OTIS H. STEPHRENS, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. DR. ELLSWORTH WU, Ph.D. Division of Social Science The Division of Social Science includes the Department of His- tory and the academic fields of Eco- nomics, Geography, Philosophy, political Science, Psychology, Soci- ology, and Anthropology. Majors in three degree programs are of- fered in the social Sciences. Students pursuing a program in the Bachelor of Arts Degree may major in Eco- nomics, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology. Students who select a teaching field major in the social sciences work toward the Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion. DR. JACK N. AVERITT, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. DR. HARRIS MOBLEY, Ph.D DR. CARL A. ROSS, A. B., M.A., Ph.D.. B. S. DR. ROBERT D. WARD. M.S.. Ph.D. Division of Education The preparation of person- nel to work in the field of edu- catin is the single and central purpose of the Division of Ed- ucation. While this purpose is shared by other divisions of the college, the faculty of the Division devote their total en- ergies to providing prospective teachers, with the study, guid- ance and experiences needed for their tasks. A laboratory school and se- lected student teaching centers provide prospective teachers with opportunities for observ- ing and analyzing the skills needed by the successful teach- er. This is the only college of the state with laboratory schools from nursery school through the twelfth grade on campus. DR. N. KEMP MABRY, B.E.E. A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. MARY F. WALSH, A.B., M.Ed. DR. HAROLD L. TYER, A.B. B.D., M.A., Ed.D. AUBREY PAFFORD, B.S., M.Ed. DR. RALPH LIGHTSEY, A.B B.D., Th.M., Ed.D. DR. ARTHUR STRICKLAND, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. DR. ANDREW EDWARDS, A.B. M.Ed., Ed.D. DR. DONALD HAWK, B.S. M.Ed., Ed.D. WILLIAM NORTON, A.B., M.Ed. DR. ROBERT LEWIS, Ed.D., B.S., M.S., M.Ed. C T ADYS X ALLER B S Ivl A DR. ARTHUR TUSTICE SR DR - ELIZABETH HARDIN, A.B., DR. HAROLD JOHNSON, B.A., 55 B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. ' " M.Ed.. Ed.D. M.S., Ed.D. FRANCES SEYMOUR, B.S.H.E., M.Ed. MARY M. PRUETT, B.S., M.S. SHERON L. SMITH, B.S., M.S DOROTHY M. ALEXANDER, B.S.H.E.. M.S., Chairman Division of Home Economics The primary purpose of the Division is to teach basic principles of effective home and family management in light of ever-changing demands within a dem- ocratic society. Georgia Southern College is one of the three senior colleges of the University System offering Home Economics. EDNA EARLE PAGE, B.S., M.S. DR. DORIS P. PEARCE, B.A.. M.S. Ph.D. GWENDOLYN R. KINSEY, B.S M.S. )R. RONALD J. NEIL, Chairman, AB, BM, AM, MA, PhD DR. JOHN P. GRAHAM, MM, PhD MB. DR. JACK W. BROUCEK, BSM, MM, PhD WARREN C. FIELDS. BME, MM Division of Music The Division of Music offers three undergraduate degrees: the AB with a major or minor in applied music or church music; the B. Mus. with a major in piano, organ and church music, voice, orchestral instrument or theory and composition; and the B.S. in Education with a major in music education. A Master of Education and a Master of Science for Teachers are also offered as well as private lessons. 57 Division of Science and Mathematics The Division of Science and Mathematics offers programs in chemistry, biology, phys- ics, and mathematics as well as the pre-pro- fessional programs in medicine, forestry, dentistry, pharmacy, and medical technology. The objectives of the Division of Science and Mathematics are: 1. To train students in useful methods of reasoning and to encourage original and pro- ductive thinking and activities. 2. To prepare teachers of mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physical science to be useful instructors in elementary and sec- ondary schools. 3. To give pre-professional students a background for advanced studies in special- ized areas. 4. To provide students with important theories and principles of the sciences and mathematics that are applicable to everyday life. Hi JOHN ALLEN BOOLE, JR., A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Di- vision Chairman DR. K. N. MEHRA, M.Sc, M.S.. PhD. DR. ROBERT BOXER. B.S. PhD. CRAIG K. KELLOGG, B.S., PhD. TULLY S. PENNINGTON, B.S. Ed., M.S. Ed. D. MARTHA TOOTLE CAIN, B.S., M.A., PhD. LEO WEEKS, PhD., M.A., B.S. 58 SARA NEVILLE BENNETT, B.S. B.S.Ed., M.S. IVOR RHZI JONES, B.A., B.Sc. M.A. DR. CARROLL W. BRYANT, A.B.. PhD. EUGENE F. BEROUIST, A.B., M.A. 0 JANE BARROW, A.B. MA. JOHN S. McDUFFIE, B.A., M.A., B.D. CLAYTON HOFF, B.A. M.A. MARY H. MIKELL, A.B.J. M.Ed. WALTER H. SMITH. A.B., BILLY B. THOMPSON, A.B. M.A. M.A. DR. MARYLAND WIL- SON, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Z. J. FARKAS, Professor CLARA FARKAS, B.S. CHARLOTTE B.S., M.Ed. CRITTENDEN, DR. FIELDING RUSSELL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Chair- JANE LIGHTCAP, A.B., M.A. Division of uages Lang The Division of Languages includes the disciplines of English, th foreign languages, and speech. Undergraduate majors leading to botl the Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Bachelor of Science Degree ii Education are offered in English, French, German (the A.B. Degre only), and Speech. On the graduate level are offered the Master oi Arts in English, the Master of Education with a major in English ROBERT OVERSTREET, A.B. M.A. AUBREY KLINE, B.S., M.A. DR. WOODROW POWELL, B.S. M.A., Ph.D. MARTHA COOK, B.A. M.A. BOB BARRIER, B.A., M.A. DONALD DAVIS, A.B., M.A. DR. CLAUDE BRITT, A.B. M.A., Ph.D. le Master of Science for Teachers, and the Six- Year Program with a concentration i English. The Division offers each year a number of graduate assistantships to those ho meet the required scholastic standards, who have had one or more years experience i teaching, and who plan to take the Master of Arts in English. EDWARD LITTLE, A.B.. M.A. BARBARA BITTER, B.A. M.A. J DOROTHY LEE, B.A. M.A. DR. DAVID RUFFIN, B.A. M.A., Ph.D. DR. ROBERT BRAND, A.D., M.A., Ph.D. Division of Health Physical Education and Recreation The Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation has three functions at Georgia Southern College. First, it is responsible for the health and physical education courses that are taken by all students. Second, it is responsible for the professional training programs, both in Health and Physical Education and in Recreation. Third, it is responsible for the competitive sports pro- grams, both intramural and inter-collegiate. JAMES B. SCEARCE, JR., B.S., M.A., Division Chairman RONALD OERTLEY, B.E., MA. DELORES COLLINS, B.S., M.Ed. if ' ' JEAN S. BELL, B.S., M.S. 62 JACK MILAM, B.S., M.S. SUE C. OERTLEY, B.S., M.S.T. DR. FRANK H. RAMSEY, B.S. M.S., Ph.D. CHARLES M. EXLEY, JR., B.S, M.Ed. •MM CARL HANKINS, AB, MA. DR. CECIL HOWARD, BA, MBA, PhD CAREY STRICKLAND, BS. MA. EdS Division of Business Georgia Southern College ' s Division of Business is a complete educational training center where young men and women may prepare to fill key roles in the business world. Here students learn sound business practices and develop inquiring, alert, and analytical minds. The Division ' s program, covering virtually all types of skilled positions in business, is devoted to satisfying the requirements of business, industry, and the Youth of Georgia. Students are able to major in Accounting, Business Education, Finance, General Business, Management, Marketing, and Secretarial Administration. 65 The Library at Georgia Southern College is provid- ed for the use of GSC stu- dents and faculty only. Aside from the usual serv- ices of books and reference books are the conference rooms, audio visual room, individual study desks, and nany others. SALLIE SMITH LYNDA ANNE BOSWEIX LOUISE CONE CLAIRE OLLIE BENNETT B S FRANKLIN, A.B. JERNIGAN, B.S.. M.L.S. Cheryl Calhoun Vada Brannen Marjorie Jones Bonnie Heath Mary Farr Nora Stone Sarah Sava C. R. POUND Director Frank I. Williams Student Center ' The Frank I. Williams Center, usually called the Student Center, is . virtually the center of the cam- pus. It houses the offices of the Reflector, the George-Anne, the Student Congress, and the Di- rector of Student Activities. There are also numerous meeting rooms, the cafeteria, a snack bar, the state film library, a film projection room, a student lounge, and a student rec-room. All of this is under the super- vision and control of Mr. C. R. Pound and his staff. 67 Dorothy Wiggins Head Nurse Infirmary The Nurses at Georgia Southern College are constant- ly on duty at the Health Cot- tage to take care of any emer- gency, large or small, at any time of the day or night. The nurses are equipped to handle anything short of an epidemic with ease and expertness. 68 Marvin Pittman Laboratory 9chool The Marvin Pittman Laboratory School provides a place where pro- spective teachers may observe and analyze the skills and techniques needed by the successful teacher. Georgia Southern is the only state college with laboratory schools from nursery school through t he twelfth grade on campus. Mrs. Cleo Mallard Miss Constance Cone Miss Marie O ' Neal Miss Dorris Lindsey Mrs. Aline Powell Mrs. Margaret Prosser Miss Frances Rackley Mrs. Mary Cannon Mr. Ed Brown Mr. John Brown Mrs. Rosalind Ragans Miss Mary McGregor Mrs. Martha Haun Mrs. Eunice Powell Miss Virginia Parker Mrs. Sara Gougler Mrs. Gladys DeLoach Julian Aubrey Pafford Principal MISS REFLECTOR 1967 Cheryl Culpepper, Miss Reflector, 1967. Young and radiant, she represents the ideal of beauty which these pages reflect. A slender blonde, Cheryl has a lithe and graceful charm and an open smile which gives her an arresting appeal. The mischievous sparkle in her blue eyes and the tilt of her chin suggest a lifting, defiant spirit, a spirit of ebullient enjoyment of life. This is not the first time that her vibrant beauty has been recognized. Cheryl was elected homecoming queen at Lanier Senior High School in Macon in 1965, and was named Sweetheart of Sigma Epsilon Chi here at Georgia Southern last year. Miss Reflector was selected from numerous entries of various campus organizations by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle, popular singing duo who appeared on campus last spring. 1% 1 Cynthia Hilliard, a Savannah girl and Sweetheart of Dorman Hall, who sponsored her, was chosen by the judges as First Runner-up in the Miss Reflector contest. In the serenity of a lakeside setting, stark tree trunks receding in the distance, Cynthia pauses ... an air of quiet contemplation, a querulous expression, a mystical smile . . . this is the moody and misty beauty reflected in her face. Selected as Second Runner-up in the contest was Julie Rozier, sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega. She is the APO Sweetheart for 1966-67. Dark, languid eyes, soft brown hair, and a warm smile give Julie a special charm. 77 Miss Starlight Ball With, long chestnut hair blowing gently in the breeze, Mary Johnston, Miss Starlight Ball 1967, surveys the campus from her lakeside vantage point. Mary is a slender, brown-eyed lass with long, flowing dark hair and a graceful figure which combine to give her the beauty that won her the starlit crown at the annual Starlight Ball. Mary is a junior and is sweetheart of Delta Pi Alpha fraternity. 79 Miss Georgia Southern College A panel of bewildered judges selected pretty Miss Jean Strickland as Miss Georgia Southern College in the annual contest among the prettiest girls on campus. Jean is a petite brunette with lively dark brown eyes and a smile that could win any beauty contest. Jean, the sweetheart of Kappa Delta Chi fraternity, and a junior from Waycross, is pictured here perched precariously in a tree. Jean is attended by a court of two other lovelies — first runner-up, blue-eyed, blonde-haired Miss Beverly Carlson of Dawson, and second runner-up Miss Nancy Carter, a striking brunette from Alma. 82 -» e ■ . »i ■ fe «j « «» » «..-■ ' . » ' v. s « , 0 Gordon Turner — Section Am 19 Gweetheart of Alpha Phi Omega. Miss Julie Rozier Alpha Phi Omega Brothers Randy Garrett Ronnie Braziel Dent Temples Bill Mitchell Ferrell Penland — Rec. Sec. Randy Reese — 2nd V. Pres. Dick Steele — Pres. Eddie Bateman Mel Middlebrooks — Hist. Rick Runyan — Corres. Sec. Dennis Raith Speedy Willis Ron Tiller — Alumni Sec. Robert Williams — Chaplain Frank Gaudry Larry Roberts Mike Boling— 1st V. Pres. David English Jimmy Davis Guy Clements Tommy Thorpe Tom Copeland Mike Daniel Dale Chaney Thomas Morris — Ureas. Bob Gifford Butch Robinson Steve Gay — Sgt.-at-Arms Frank Parlser Terry Scott Louis Mertins Advisors Dr. John Beegle Bill Nash Ken Bennett Alpha Phi Omega is an international service fraternity for college men. The Nu Epsilon Chapter was established at Georgia Southern College on May 25, I960. Since then the brothers have expanded their membership and participated in numerous service projects. There are four major fields or service as set up by the national Constitution: service to the chapter, the campus, the community, and the country. Alpha Phi Omega brothers ushered at ballgames, Honors Day, Graduation exercises, and served as caddies for the Annual Fourball Tournament at Forest Heights Country Club. The brothers returned at their own expense this past September to serve as orientation leaders for new freshmen. ' They assisted with the annual Freshman reception banquet and also set up and sponsored Freshman Talent Night. While service is the fraternity ' s principal objective, some social events are also included to raise funds for future service projects. Since summer quarter of 1966, the brothers have sponsored dances featuring such groups at the James Gang and The Classics. Alpha Phi Omega has won the Outstanding Organization Award six out of seven years. Sweetheart of Delta Pi Alpha Miss Mary Johnston 94 Delta Pi Alpha The Alpha Chapter of Delta Pi Alpha was founded at Georgia Southern College March 21, 1963, to form a fraternity that would encompass the outstanding points of the three major types of fraternal organizations, honorary, service, and social. Some of the outstanding projects which Delta Pi Alpha has carried out are their March of Dimes to Sweetheart Circle, the GSC display booth at the Ogeechee Fair, dances featuring The Sons of Bach and the Apolloes, and their academic trophy which is pre- sented to the fraternity on campus which has the highest grade point average. This year, Delta Pi Alpha will have its Founder ' s Day Banquet. Also, every pledge class presents its Outstanding Brother Award. The Fraternity Sweetheart is Miss Mary Johnston, currently Miss Starlight Ball. Richard McBride — President Al Bostick — Vice President Kent Dykes — Rec. Secretary Bob Smith — Corres. Secretary Bill Dekle — Treasurer Carl Lockwood — Chaplain Leonard Collins — Sgt. at arms Bill Nelson Tim Thomas Max Kennedy Charlie Brown Perry Mitchell Ronnie Turner Bob Herrington Jim Branch Larry Demby Cecil Waters Larry Duncan Raymond Faulk Richard Braun Gary Stough Bill Ramsey Chester Swan Ronnie White Rodney Walker Glenn Lovelace Charlie Williams Bobby Lowden Terry Owen Guerry Reece Ray Pondtle Gerald Guest Larry Spier Joe Jetton Dr. Earl Lavender- - Ad visor " Be a victim of his dinners ... " i Que Pasa ? Phi Mu Alpha Pres. — Wayne Mosely Vice Pres. — Vernon Burnsed Sec. — Don Youmans Treas. — Gary Dawson Alumni Sec. — Ellis Cannon Warden — Jerry Walker Advisor — Dr. Sterling Adams Brothers Trice Burger Shelly Boyd Wayne Braswell Rhody Edwards Tommy Harris Sonny Johnson Paul Luiz Paul Merritt Johnny Shumans H. E. Wright Winter Pledges Don Carmichael Jack Donkar Dennis Rogers Ronnie Stewart James Williams Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary professional music fraternity. The four purposes of the organization are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and common brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its brothers, and to encourage loyalty to the alma mater. In persuing these goals, Phi Mu has become a very active fraternity on campus and has added to the scope of GSC. The Liquidators art of Phi Mu Alpha er jM Louis Arms-wrong Iota Alpha Tau Iota Alpha Tau is composed of students who are majoring in Industrial Arts, In- dustrial Management, or Industrial Technology, and who are interested in the industrial phases of our technological world. Its purpose is to promote a closer affiliation between the industrial world and the students of industry, and to fulfill our purpose by sponsoring and participating in many of the on-campus activities. Highlighting this year ' s activities, the brothers conducted a week end tour of the campus for students interested in the industrial phases of education, sponsored The Newbeats in show and dance, won the trophy for the highest percentages of blood given to the Red Cross, and fully participated in the Homecoming activities. Sweetheart of lota Alpha Tau Miss Mary Suber Harry Amerson — Vice President Bubba Barrier James Bollinger Larry Bowen Jeff Brannen Mr. Hugh Darley — Advisor Denny Davis Danny Dykes " Doc " Elliott Tim " Yank " Hamilton Charles Haley — Sgt. at Arms Eldon Hawkins — President Tim Herrington Jason Jarrard Gary Lamb Randall Lawson — Photographer Larry Loggins Charlie Parker John Roach — Secretary John Roberson David Sharp Phillip Sullivan — Treasurer Rodney Townsend Hall Walls — Alumni Secretary Benny Whisenant — Social Chairman Charlie Woods — Public Relations and Historian Charlie Woods — Public Relations and Historian Bob Holcomb KAX Kappa Delta Chi Kappa Delta Chi is the newest service fraternity on the Georgia Southern campus. It was chartered on January 2, 1967, and that winter quarter, it played an integral part in the Homecoming activities by sponsoring the Annual Homecoming Parade. The fra- ternity ' s aims and objectives are to serve the college and the student body by achieving its cardinal principles, education, service, and co-operation. Brothers Roger Alderman Tommy Anderson Ray Beckett Allen Brown Charles Brown — Sergeant at Arms Al Cox Carolus Daniel — President James Deal David Dunn John Eden Harold Hadden Danny Hagan Jerry Jenkins Charles Lie-Nielson Tony Magnon Bill Nasworthy — Secretary Ricky Parrish Butch Thornton — Treasurer Gordon Turner — Vice Pres. Wilson Woodard Sweetheart of Kappa Delta Chi Miss Jean Strickland " I make a motion to adjourn — it ' s 5 A.M. " Phi Epsilon Kappa Steve Cheshire David Oglesby — Historian David Hampton — Public Relations Robert Willis — President Jim King — Vice President Jimmy Anderson — Secretary-Treasurer Jackie Mullis David Keith Tommy Dial Joe Merser Mack Poss Phil Hodges Don Nesmith Wayne Wiggens Billy Yawn Andy Davis John Ard Don Turknett Jim Dooley Jim Kirkland Ronnie Holbert Bill Bryant John Connel Gerald Jones James Stapleton Charles Smith Charles Reid Phi Epsilon Kappa is a national professional fraternity for individuals in the field of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. The organiza- tion was founded April 12, 1913 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Beta Sigma Chapter at Georgia Southern College was established on February 19, 1966. The pillars for which the fraternity stands are " Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love. " Mr. William Speith- Mr. Charles Exley Mr. Ron Oertly -Advisor Cross-Country Cake Race Winner Graduating Qeniors of Phi Epsilon Kappa. Charles Smith Don Turknett James Stapleton Robert Willis Wayne Wiggens Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of Business and Economics in Universities; to encourage scholarship, social activities, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. 1 v 1 Delta Sig Display Ben E. King, sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi for 1967 Homecoming Dance. Robert Armertio — Vice President Michael Barr Mike Brundage Dave Christiansen Bruce Commors Sonny Deavours Joe Fincher Charles Fuller Kelly Hard wick Buzz Hankinson Ed Heard Cleve Hyers Jack Jones Bill Kingery Len Latimer— •■President Joe McCarthy Jimmy McMasters Lee McMillan Joe Nowicki Pete Papadam Donald Peeples Jerry Poppel Bobby Richardson Stan Rockett — Sr. Vice President Bill Satterfield Darrell Stephens — Chancellor Charles Timmons Ralph Simmons Tommy Washburn Lewis Williams Charles Wing Tommy Whitten Richard Zittrower Dan Daly Advisors Gerald Halpern Jack Billiard Bill Bowen II Buddy Stribling does his " turtle " routine at a Delta Sig party. Miss Maudie Walker (currently Miss Georgia) is pinned as the 1967 " Rose of Delta Sigma Pi. " " Blowing it out " at a Delta Sig Party. Robley Rigdon Stan Rockett Ralph Simmons G. Darrell Stephens 1967 Graduates of Delta Sigma Pi Lewis Williams Charles Winge 115 Gamma 8igma Upsilon Gamma Sigma Upsilon is a general service sorority comprised of girls who show a strong potential in leadership and scholarship. The love, respect, and cooperation of the sisters make them one of the most active groups on campus. Gamma Sig ' s annual Junior-Senior Day and their clothes for Gracewood project highlight their Fall quarter activities. The Greek letters GSU represent their functions of giving, sisterhood, and understanding to all with whom they come in contact. Mary Anne Anderson — Secretary Lynn Barfield Pat Bell Barbara Bevilacqua Bebe Blount — President Susie Blount Sylvia Booker Ann Campbell Miriam Carruth Nancy Carter Gail Coleman Brenda Collins Connie Dodgen — Historian Ann Gregory Lyn Gregory Sandra Henderson Mary Ann Hodges Janice James Judith Hohnson — Treasurer Carol Moore Elaine Morgan Glorea Nail Sandy Palmer Pat Pape — Parliamentarian Lydia Phillips Virginia Pittman Florence Ann Robertson Pat Scott Carol Stewart Mary Beth Strickland Diana Thornton Terri Tillman Elaine Tyre — Vice President Kay Yarborough Carol Arsenauet — Sgt. at Arms Beverly Carlson Cathy Carmichael — Pres. Cheryle Culpepper Lynn Dairs Miles Durant Diane Ellis Sheila Farr Alice Gautier Ginger Ginn Helen Ginn — Treas. Janice Gracer — Historian Pat Henderson Rossi Hendry Carolyn Hillock Claire Hodges — Rec. Sec. Julie Johnston Linda Lane Jody Melton — Corres. Sec. Beth Seeley Karen Smith Ann Still June Tengon Kay Thbmas Darlene Underwood Theta Pi Omega was officially accepted as a Georgia Southern College sorority in 1965. The sorority was founded for the purpose of continuing leadership, fellowship, stewardship, and scholarship among its sisters. Highlighting the year ' s activities, the sorority took part in the Campus Life Enrichment Program, acted as publicity chairman for the gymnastic team, sponsored the Swimming Medallions in a dance, and acted as foster parents for an Indian child in Oklahoma. Fame was brought to Theta Pi Omega when two of their sisters, Maudie Walker and Beverly Carlson, received the titles of Miss Georgia and Miss See Georgia First, 1966-67. The desire of Theta Pi Omega sorority is that each sister be loyal, trustworthy, dependable, and congenial with all sisters. Alpha Rho Tau Carol Russell Ernest Ewing Brenda Houston Karol Hoyt Leonard Robertson Robbie Thomson Joe Elkins Dianne NeSmith Sonny Bartlett Jimmy Maine Elaine Carter Terry NeSmith Mr. Fred Fagmant — Advisor Sigma Alpha lota nan Gail Coleman — President Glenda Johnson — Vice President Sara Jo Lane — Secretary John Brown — Treasurer Jenny Franklen Jane Hollar Lynda Holloway Beverly Berthelot Elaine Bullingron Kay Collins Dottie Garvin Lynn Allman Mrs Elizabeth Hunter — Acting Sponsor Miss Jane F. White— Sponsor-on-leave Carol Arsenault Charla Bargainnier Vickie Becher Mary Bidez Linda Boatwright Susan Rockett Ginny Byrant Brenda Butler Nancy Carter Joanne Cousey Lu Clyatt Marilyn Craft Carol Duckworth Joy Dyson Krystal English Janice Fulcher Dale Geer Phyllis Grimes Janet Henriksen Janelle Herring Sharon Hewell Iris Hill Joan Hilverink Harriet Hill Charlene Home Joyce Hovanic Sheila Kay Hudson Judy Hunnicutt Annie Ruth Hohns Judith Johnson Sally Knowelton June Kopp Anne Logan Carol Lunger Annette Mainland LaVern McDonald Brenda McPhail Carol Monfort Jane Nixon Sharon Peebles Mary Gail Peterson Sandra Ray Vickie Ray Pat Ann Reed Peggy Rhodes Mary Rozar Peggy Rucher Nancy Seekins Mary Beth Seeley Souise Smith Marsha Smith Martha Sue Smith Ida Smithson Janice Stewart Evelyn Strickland Ginny Sutton Charlotte Taylor Annette Teasley Hannah Teague Cheryl Theus Pat Tretiah Mary Ellen Tucker Mary Vanson Margie Ward Claudia Whaley Gail Williams Marcia White Donna Wood Frances Worden Donna Wynems Elaine Tyre Susan Hobbs Frances Fluher Mary Johnson Brenda Smith Gail Junot Marie Driggers Jane Dorman Brenda Power Joyce Clifton Sherry Brinson Jerri Hodges Harriet Combs Officers Sandra Ray — Pres. Mary Fucha — 1st V. Pres. Janet Hendrikson — 2nd V- Claudia Whaley — Sec. Sally Knowlton — Treas. Joanne Causey — Reporter Pres. Pern Club. 134. . 4629 O; », Joan Adams— Pre sid. Hazel Smith lsrV; Ed Jamf-find Vtf Ginney Sarver — S . -Sondra lMwfefs Vee -Nelson — Histo Pat Groover — Pub Kenneth Johnson Dot Bennett Danny Hagan , Dr. Johri Lindsey David D Sylvia Janet T .Fran Allison jean Mayer Jine Gunnel ElaSieLewis LynrrOavidaviteh Brannei Mu Eric Br | Judy Mi i » Cheryl De Gail DillsJ [{Leonard HbbertsC Pat Catesf „£dwin L«d IRambna Harrisorj Jeri Whitney Sandra _Menders£ erry Tfllln%an Houston irazell Cheryl Hunter KarerlBirge Henry} Yarbrojj | PauletfeWiU ijven l.loyd Circle K Club 4 Jerry Wilcher — District Lt. Governor Ken Griffin — President Pete Brannan — F re President Mike Parker — Secretary Richard Pfund — Treasurer John Bartlett Mike Godwin Ed Lord Jim Fryer Ed James Autrey Moore Association for Childhood Education Sandra Dawson Kathy Fowler Kay Holland — Sec. Lillian Martin Karen Lowe Linda Jenkins Shirley Bassett Susan Hensley — Pres. Pat Cates Marjorie Davis Bill Nasworthy Suellen Poole — Projects Connie Joiner Rita Reiss Evelyn Lorenz Helen Ginn Paula Langford Barbara Hunter Paula Goggins Sue Tootle Louise Verdery Elizabeth Bowers Mary Lou Tiedner Jean Mayer Betty Ann Willis Julie Hortman Carol Turner — Ureas. Jane Thomas Barbara Bishop Jane Dukes Dale King Deborah L. Davis Carolyn Cassels Alice Frith Vivian Smith Frances Duggan Ginger Higgins Amelia Robson Judy Brantley Tina Brabham Cindy Shearouse Jean Jarrett Gay Claser — Publicity Lois Jones Gail Murphy Mary Jo Hall Janet Clark Kathy Langley Barbara King Janice Neder Patricia Fries Mildred Stringer Dianne Branch Mary Ann Anderson Carol Stewart Joanne Simpson Bernice Olson — Programs Linda Moore Susan Magee Sandy Patterson Dot Brown — V. Pres. Sandra Putman Catherine Ward Pat Bolton Kathy Robson Jerry Wilcher Montez Wilkerson Marsha Ballance Mary Herring Barbara McDaniel Faye Arnett Angela Carr Brenda Fanning Sandra Burke Wesley Ward Karen Jackson Judv Camp Berdie Barnes Lydia Phillips Darlene Underwood Phyllis Pitts Joanne Philpott Beverly Slater Joanne Womble Elaine Carter Judy L. Murphy Bette Donaldson Kathy Roberts Sharon Kelly Linda Watson Betty Sue Schild Tandree Watts Donna Orvold Faye Kirschner Juanita Powell Lewana Sherman Carol Anderson Lynn Reid Elaine Roberson Pat Henderson Faye Ashmore Susan Lanier — Historian Mrs. Miriam Hall Karen Smith Beverly Fountain Eunnice Bennett Mrs. Carolyn Lewis Norma Jean Lane Carol Ann Carlton Emily Dean Barbara McEachin Shirley Underwood Paulette Horton Janett Morris Advisors Patricia Sayer Bicki Hendry Elaine Sessions Miss Gladys Waller Nancy Willcoxen Waylene Fordham Linda Tinsley Mrs. Frances Walsh Vickie Harrelson Jayne Lamunda Brenda Toole Dr. Hardin Dennile Baumgardner Orita Resseau Donna McMillan — Social Mr. John Nunnally Sally Ann Oglesby 137 Science Club Joe Skinner — Pres. Margie Boyles — V. Pres. Charles Riner — Treas. Charlene Warren — Sec. Dr. Leo Weeks — Advisor Ralph Fudge Janet Scarboro Ben Blanchard Robert Barrett L. A. Williams Lamar Stephenson Barry Martin Frankie Snow Johnny Wilkinson Becky Swindell Annette Nash Walley Welsh Suzanne Thomas Sherlie Miller Scott Simmons Cynthia Hudgins Tom Brady Diane Rowan Woodrow Palmer Chris Morgan Eric Brannen Edwin Brantly Tommy Holbrook Harry Gibson Dr. Cain Dr. Hanson Mrs. Hanson Dr. Boxer Mrs. Bennett Dr. McKeever Dr. Boole Dr. Whitehead Dr. Colvin Dr. Pennington Dr. Olewine 138 The Science Club is a departmental organization open to all Science Majors and any other interested persons. Their aims are to increase their knowledge of science, to learn to perfect their skills in science, to give service to the college, community, and nation, to help carry out the program of Science Club in America, to understand the importance of science in our lives, and to give us a greater understanding of the place of Science in our education. Each quarter the club presents three to four programs, giv- ing an insight into the various sciences. These programs come from the areas of genetics, oceanography, chemistry, physics, medicine, health, biology, and careers in the fields of science. Home Economics Club 139 German Club jane Rogers Charlene Warren John SaJvares Carter Crawford Menzana Mathis Charles Snyder Richard Murphey Charles Altman Ann Bargeron Silva Fuerniss Ray Hodges Priscilla Lovejoy Carol Hodges Jay Hodges Larry Pri chard Mary Jo McCormack Garth Webb Rod Garland Rhea Brown John Boggan John Wilkinson Earnest Yearwood Cheryl Sorrow Brenda Ogletree Mandy Sanders Roy McWilliams Kay Reeves James Strickland Eve Strickland Mary Mercer Ambros Tisdel Walter Graham Woody Palmer Sam Lowder Nancy Jackson Matt Prickett Kenny Griffin 140 Joe Knox Sherry Bradner Libby Brannon Lynn Bassford Sidney Jackson Mike Martsolf Tommy Kinchen Rachel Henry Parker Cook Zebe Chesnut Bill Darsey Ralph Jones Donnie Evans Jan Smith Mary Johnston Alan Milton Jim Schuyler Rae Burnsed Masquers Allen Brown Lynn McGahee Susan Simms Rosalyn Perkins Marian Colson Anne Ferguson Riki Davidson Harold Wright Peggy Holland Kay Baxter Linda Lorrick David Stelts Bill Bishop Mat Pound Lynn Willey Mr. Overstreet — Advisor Wesley Foundation Wesley Foundation, a Unit of the Methodist Student Movement, is the Methodist Church at work on a State or Private College or University Campus. All Methodist Students are related to Wesley, yet not all participants in Wesley are Methodist. Wesley is a part of the recently formed United Christian Ministry at Georgia Southern and participates fully in its areas of action. Wesley seeks to be the vehicle through which the Gospel is communicated. It relates to the Campus through programs of Worship, Study and Involvement. Wesley makes no attempt to proselyte for the Methodist Church, nor to acquire the trappings of a local Congregation. It simply seeks to serve Georgia Southern at its areas of need, and if through this labor life opens up for a person, then it has served that person. 8 Club David Christiansen (basketball), President Jimmy Dobson (baseball). Vice President Bjorn Kjerfve (tennis), Secretary-Treasurer Denny Davis (gymnastics) Jimmy Kirkland (gymnastics) Joe Lumpkin (gymnastics) Joe Mercer (gymnastics) David Oglesby (gymnastics) Mack Poss (tennis) Jimmy Rose (basketball) Eddie Russell (tennis) Jim Seely (basketball) Allan Simmons (baseball) Dan Stiles (tennis) Coach Ron Oertley Music Educators National Conferem Winburn Hall House Council Donnie Evens — Pres. Linda Hiers — Vice Pres. Suzanne Thomas — Sec. Genny Sutton — Treas. Mrs. Lane — House Director Bebe Blount Delores Mitchell Hackie Mosley Lynn Gregory Lyn O ' Hara Beverly Carlson Elain Thomas Donna Hawkins Shela Hambert Cathy Richardson Beth Blanton Nancy Carter Judy Clark Cone Hall House Council Mrs. Goudelock — House Director Eddie Nix — Pres. Jimmy Toole — Vice Pres. James Vavenzio — Sec. Don Canny — Ureas. Dennis MacLean — Social Chairman Hal Lanford James Crump Connie Stafford Wayme Samders Dan Tanner Alan Milton Bill Wilson Cooper Hal! House Council Barbara Bloch — Pres. Pat Knowles — Vice Pres. Delia Hargraves — Sec. Diane Davis — Treas. Jane Jane DeVianing — Soc. Chairman Ester Cone — Safety Chairman Gail GiUtspy—fuMls irmmi nilman — Hall Monitor Sally Harvard — Wing Monitor Shirley Goode — Wing Monitor Amelia Bryant — Wing Monitor Silva Permess — Wing Monitor Mrs. Quarterman — House Director Deal Bren Bonner — Pres. Jane Edwards — Vice Pres. Pam Paxton — Sec. Mildred Stringer — Ureas. Rick Dividson — Social Chairman Wing Monitors Shirley Ball Tris Hill Betty Bond Betsy Mitchell Dathy Wiley Brenda Hunnicut Mary Ann White Hall House Council. Hendrix Hall House Council Sally Booth — President Nancy Douglas — Vice President Cathy Batchelor — Secretary Donna Boone — Treasurer Jackie Dobbins — Social Chairman Carol Black — Safety Chairman Jana Temples — Floor Monitor Kathy Strickland — Wing Monitor Mary Jo Hall — Wing Monitor Marcie Bentley — Floor Monitor Brenda Thompson — Wing Monitor Harriet Combs — Wing Monitor Linda Exley — Floor Monitor Carol Purdom — Wing Monitor Sheryl Glawson — Wing Monitor I i 154 1 I V ■pi I - Lynne Hall House Council Linda Willis — President Flora Anderson — Vice President Jeannie McLendon — Social Chairman Kay Tullis — Secretary Peggy Rhodes — Treasurer Evelyn Lorenz — Safety Chairman Mrs. Rigdon — House Director Dorman Hall House Council Garth Webb — President Ronnie Tiller — Vice President Mike Daniel — Secretary Ronnie Mauldin — Treasurer Frankie Fowlkes — Historian Bill Nasworthy — Social Chairman Larry Roberts — House Assistant Andy Hall — House Assistant William Walker — House Assistant Tom Copeland — Hall Monitor Stephen Myers — Hall Monitor Ruskin Powell — Hall Monitor Mrs. Maude Davis — House Director Buford Hall House Council Mrs. Crittenden — House Director Vicke Toibert— Pres. Judy Bedgood — Vice Pres. June Tengan — Sec. Mary Beth Gauntner — Treas. Nancy Jackson— Soc. Chairman Juan Saye Christmas — Fire Marshall Monitors Mary Francis Long Sheila Farr Phyllis Taylor Margaret Neal Ann Davis Sandy James Gayle Cloud Joy Dyson 161 Student Congress. Student Congress is the coordinating body for all stu- dent activities at Georgia Southern. The purpose of this organization is to render maximum service in promoting the well-being of the college community. The major functions include: Determination of the collective will of the Student Body, making constructive recommendations on issues related to student welfare, coordinating college activities and student organizations, and creating better understanding between students, facul- ty, and administration. Tommy Adams Harry Amerson Gloria Bridges Connie Dodgen — Sec. Larry Duncan — 1st Vice Pres. Kent Dykes John Eckenroth Barbara King Andy Hall Jay Hodges Patsy Johnson Bjorn Kjerfve — Treas. Jim King Tom King — Parliament Randall Lawson Ron Mayhew Robin Olmstead — 2nd Vice Pres. Richard Pfund Peggy Pold Terry Rye Jake Rawl James Stapleton — Pres. Evelyn Strickland Carol Skinner Joe Mercer Joe Mundy Jane Dukes Paula Goggins — President Nell Alfriend— Vice-President Vicki Haislip — Secretary Barbara Dorman — Treasurer Kathy Hooper — Social Chairman Anderson Hall House Council all House Council Anne Logan — President Helen Bauer — Vice-President Patricia Canady — Secretary Betty Swjton — Treasurer Alison Griffeth — Safety Chairman Hannah Johnston — Social Chairman Sherry McGhee— General Monitor Gaye Lynn Blackwell — Monitor Linda Jordan — Monitor Millie Bounds — Wing Monitor Jill Williams — Wing Monitor Judy Hutcheson — Wing Monitor Susan Howard — Wing Monitor Jan Hoderman — Wing Monitor Peggie Fargason — Monitor House Director Mrs. Mary Kate Evans The George-Anne, the college ' s newspaper, is published weekly during all four academic quarters. It is headed by an edi- torial board with separate staffs for advertising and circulation. The paper ' s purpose is to provide an accurate, timely, truthful account of pertinent events on campus. In addition, it provides editorial opinion, regular features, and an open forum for student opinion. Each issue is born on Wednesday, ten days previous to publication day. Ideas are exchanged at a staff meeting, after which the news editor assigns stories to other editorial board members and staff writers. The following Tuesday all stories are edited, marked for type size and sent to the Bulloch Herald Publishing Co. for printing. Last minute copy and pictures are taken down early Thursday morning and the pages are " pasted up " late that afternoon. The presses run on Friday, usually delivering the paper shortly after lunch. By the time one issue hits the campus however, the next one is already three days into the planning stage. The George-Anne is the largest weekly college newspaper in the state, drawing its chief competition from the eight-page bi- weekly newspaper of the University of Georgia. The George-Anne ' s 16 page weekly pages are departmentalized, giving separate billing to general news, features, editorials, and a student forum, society news, entertainment news, organizations news, sports, and faculty news. Among the paper ' s more popular features is the complete editorial freedom of the staff. No administrative check or censure of any kind restricts free expression of opinion by the editorial board and guests columnists. The paper ' s major first this year was the publication of a special 44-page homecoming edition. Unofficially it is to date the largest college newspaper in the history of the Georgia collegiate press. Ron Mayhew — editor Ann Vaughn — editor — fall 1966 Cindy Carson — managing editor Elaine Thomas — news editor Pat Groover — news editor — fall 1966 Robert Sessions — organizations editor Karen Flesch — feature editor Bjorn Kjerfve — sports editor Dan Stiles — assistant sports editor Ric Mandes — faculty advisor I Larry England — business editor 1 Kent Bykes — assistant business editor Terry Owen — national advertising director Greg Durrence — circulation manager Staff Writers: Sandra Hartness, Richard Hartness, Judy Wade, Allen Kelly, Tom King, Libby Brannon, Janet Hanriksen, Faye McLeod, Betsy Bean Audrey Larrimor, Richard Silvey, Sandra Witherington, Brenda Bonner, John Eden, Ann Badger, Becky Swindell, Nancy Jenkins, Joe Crine, Hubert Norton Cartoonist — Jim Graves Photographer — Mike Ayres 169 Winter Gports Winter sports at Georgia Southern, basketball and gymnastics, provide something to fill the dreary long months of cold and rain which winter brings to the campus. From the opening whistle of the first game ' till the buzzer sounds the end of the final game of the season, Friday and Saturday night basketball games are the center of social activities as well as the main ath- letic endeavor of the school. Gymnastics meets are becoming more and more popular as a spectator sport, as the comparatively young sport builds strength in this section of the country and on the GSC campus. The following pages contain something of the excite- ment and the spirit of Winter Sports, GSC. 176 Basketball 1966-67 1966-67 EAGLES SCHEDULE Name Pos. No. Ken Szotkiewicz G 3 Ray. Gregory G 4 Jimmy Rose G 5 Bob Bohman F 11 Darrell Wise F 13 Scott Waters F 21 Robert Jordan F 24 Jim Seeley F 25 Elden Carmichael F 31 Larry Prichard C 32 Dave Christianen C 33 John Helm G 34 Barry Miller C 43 Tim O ' Leary G 44 Frank Radovich Coach J. B. Scearce Head Coach Lehman Stanley Trainer Don Adler Manager Winston Whitlock WJBS technician Lincoln Memorial University Cumberland College Murray State College Northwestern La. State Samford University Stetson University Lenior Rhyne College Campbell College Atlantic Christian College Georgetown College Lenior Rhyne College The Citadel Valdosta State College Wilmington College Guilford College Oglethorpe College Mercer University Carson-Newman College Valdosta State College Tenn. Wesleyan College Cumberland College Tenn. Wesleyan College Carson-Newman College Wilmington College Phillips 66 Oilers Stetson University Atlantic Christian College Mercer University Oglethorpe 62—6l| 85— 83 I 65—12 : 70— 95 1 1 68—65 67— 65 60— 69 [! 68— 63 52— 61 73— 58 49—65 79—78 61— 68 91—76 ' 75—74 65— 62 109—96 97—76 66— 69 53— 68 69— 54 75—86 75—74 88—70 66—89 I 74— 72 127—92 1 74—93 62— 85 178 One of the most dramatic experiences of the season was during the Citadel game, (above) With only 3 seconds left in the overtime Jim Seeley (25) went in for the layup. He made the 2 points that tied the game, but was fouled in the process. He made the foul shot to win the game. 180 182 The 1966-67 sports season brought the use of a new method of recording game events. WJBS is the new videotape system set up by Coach Charles Exley. The games are taped on video tape and are immediately ready for showing to the team during half time. Pictured among the complicated video tape apparatus is Winston Whitlock, operator of the video tape system during all basketball games. The video tape system has been helpful to the players in showing them how they played during the first half of a game and allowing them to improve their playing by seeing their mistakes. 184 Varsity Cheerleaders Ruthie Hendrix, captain Sandy Palmer Sandy Richardson Gail Brazell Judy Hunnicutt Sandra Henderson Al Bostick Tommy Anderson Jerry Garrard Perry Mitchel, ra-captain ■ Freshmen Team Cheerleaders Kim Cibulski, captain Pam Paxton, co-captain Barbara Bloch Mary Ellen Coleman Jennifer Dukes Amy Gundlack § |j ' ... Gymnastics 1967 Gymnastics is a sport which has been held in high esteem since the days of the early Greek Olympic games. It has a classic beauty of form and motion un- equalled by anything else in the athletic field. The gymnast is an athlete in the truest sense of the word. He must develop sheer strength and stamina, and above all, a rigid physical discipline, to achieve this graceful and effortless-appearing beauty. The taut silence which falls over the crowd when a gymnast begins to work . . . the graceful movement of free calisthenics . . . the breathtaking excitement of a diffi- cult stunt on the horizontal bar . . . the genuinely ap- preciative burst of applause at the end of a well performed routine ... all are thrills experienced only in a gymnastics meet. i 8PRIIMG 8P0RT8 Spring quarter GSC sports, along with GSC students, move outside in the sun after a dreary, sun-less winter. The baseball diamond, the tennis court, and the golf course replace the action of the basketball court and grace of the gym- nastic floor. Cutting late afternoon classes to catch the last game of a double- header, following a tennis match in the hot sun from the hill, the grimly calm atmosphere on the 18th green — this is spring sports at Georgia Southern. Baseball 1966 GSC 8 Kentucky 0 J- I. Clements— Coach GSC 4 Tennessee 6 Ed Thompson— Coach GSC 6 Tennessee 1 Jimmy Dobson GSC 10 Amherst 8 Rick Ward— 8 GSC 8 Amherst 4 Tim O ' leary— 3 GSC 3 Amherst 4 Don Lawrence— 6 GSC 16 Hampden -Sydney 6 Jerry Stevens— 2 GSC 7 Hampden-Syndey 1 Tommy Baker— 18 GSC 4 Erskine 0 Butch Davis— 12 GSC 18 Pembroke 0 Jim Nevin— 24 GSC 2 Pembroke 3 Ken Szotkiewicz— 5 GSC 6 Carson-Newman 8 Max Braun— 9 GSC 6 Carson-Newman 3 Blair Funderburk— 22 GSC 15 E. Kentucky 6 Ral P h Lynch— 25 GSC 3 E. Kentucky 0 Bf ent Wells— 1 GSC 6 Davidson 2 Ronnie McElmore— 13 GSC 4 Florida State 9 A,len Simmons— 1 5 GSC 3 Jacksonville 2 Larry Groce— 18 GSC 1 Florida State 9 Robert Jordan— 14 GSC 7 S. Carolina 5 Leahman Stanley— 7 GSC 1 S. Carolina 1 1 J ackie Hammond— 4 GSC 0 Florida State 10 GSC 9 Florida State 10 GSC 4 Mercer 1 195 Baseball ' 66 was the crack of a bat and Robbie ' s " foul ball " . . . it was tension in the ninth and Coach Clements brooding . . . it was girls in shorts again and boys sunning in the stands . . . it was Ken Szotkiewicz ' homers and Jim Nevin ' s pitching . . . it was an even year for the Eagles, with a 19-12 record and no berth in the area tourney for the first time since 1958. 197 Golf 1966 In its relaxed and refreshing setting among green grass, pine trees and calm lakes, the intense concentration of the golfer is difficult to convey to the spectator . . The agony of a ball slicing toward the rough, the disappointing plop into the sand trap, the exhiliration of a fine drive, the satisfaction of a 15 -foot putt . . . Golf is a growing sport a GSC, and the ' 66 team, led by Flanders, Lehwald and North, played through tough competition with ease, but recorded a disappointing season of 6-7-1. 199 Tennis 1967 Tennis too is on the upswing at GSC. The ' 66 team was the best yet, sweating out hard matches against top teams for an 8-9 record, one game up on the ' 65 record. Of the five lettermen of last year, four are returning to the ' 67 team, as well as two other strong players and a group of newcomers. George Wickham Bjorn Kjerfve Eddie Russel Dan Stiles Johnny Roundtree Mack Poss James Jackson, aternate Jake Paulk, manager David Hall, coach Joe Mercer Carol Skinner Mack Poss Senior Class 206 Class of 1967 1967 .. . This is your year. You are the senior class. Most of you have spent four years on the campus of Georgia Southern. You have come a long way since you first stepped out of your car and became a freshman on the Sweetheart Campus. How much of that first year do you remember? ... As a freshman rat you fought the sophomores in a raging battle of cowboys and Indians. With painted faces and flying feathers, you elected the only rat queen in the college ' s history . . . How did the campus look that year when you got your first taste of campus life? Not much different from the way it looks now, only a little smaller. Remember when you got your mail from the post office downstairs in the student center? And when Brannen and Hendricks Halls were the newest buildings on campus? You lived in Sanford, Deal, and Anderson Halls ... In the way of entertainment your freshman year saw the Masquers present " The Father " , " The Taming of the Shrew " , and " Master Pierre Patelin. " The Lettermen, The Chad Mitchell Trio, The Four Preps, and James Brown and the Mighty Sensations provided you with fun and moods and music to do the dog by . . . November of 1963 brought a touch of sadness to the campus as you held a memorial service for John Fitzgerald Kennedy . . . Remember GSC sports in ' 63-64? That was the year that the Eagles downed the Italian Olympic basketball team by one point when Don Adler sailed the ball through the air for a basket just as the final buzzer sounded. Fran Florian, the Man with Golden Arm, scored an all-time GSC record of 60 points in one game to give GSC the NAIA District Championship. In gymnastics, Coach Pat Yeager led the Eagles to second place in the NAIA championship and Coach Egelston painted the eagle on the gym floor. Bill Aldrich ' s 3.6 brought him the all-time record in rope climbing and the gymnastics team and modern dance class presented a Salute to Olympia in gold paint .... Spring brought the APO Tennis Court Dance, the Phi Mu Alpha Minstrel, and the final athletic event of the year when DPA pushed the world ' s fastest tub to Savannah in a race against Armstrong College. The year ended with teary farewells and promises for another year of fun and hard work . . . 207 Seniors " What the hell is a Gross National Product CHARLES A. ABNER Math and Physics Jesup, Georgia JAMES B. ABNEY History Enigma, Georgia JOAN ELAINE ADAMS B.S. Ed. Forest Park, Georgia ROGER H. ALDERMAN Political Science and Economics Moultrie, Georgia MARIE ALEXANDER French Reidsville, Georgia GAIL ALFORD Education Lithonia, Georgia BETTY ALLEN Home Economics Clyo, Georgia JULIAN ALLEN Physical Education Irwinton, Georgia THOMAS ALLGOOD Political Science Oxford, Georgia RALEIGH ALLIGOOD Business Gainesville, Florida MYRA ANN AKIN Education Martin, Georgia DONALD DURDEN AKINS Education Reidsville, Georgia CAROL ANDERSON Education Swainsboro, Georgia JIMMY ANDERSON Business Savannah, Georgia LARRY S. ANDERSON Social Science Claxton, Georgia Qeniors MARY ANNE ANDERSON Education McRae, Georgia RITA CAROLYN ANDERSON Business Education LaFayette, Georgia SUE ANDERSON Social Science Claxton, Georgia BENNETTE WILLIAM ANDREWS, JR. History Roberta, Georgia FA YE ARNETT Education Baxley, Georgia FA YE FREEMAN ASHMORE Education Statesboro, Georgia JAMES A. AULD Industry Savannah, Georgia BUDDY AULTMAN English Poulan, Georgia LYNN AULTMAN Education Great Falls, South Carolina ROBERT F. AVRA Brunswick, Georgia SUSAN KATHERYN BAILEY Fernandina Beach, Florida VIRGINIA BAILEY Education Statesboro, Georgia HENRY ALLEN BAKER Education Covington, Georgia 209 Seniors LATRELLE V. BANKS BBa in General Business Savannah, Georgia CARY E. BANKSTON Industry Meansville, Georgia RONNIE A. BARNHILL BBa in Accounting Glennville, Georgia RUBY JO BARWICK English Soperton, Georgia FAYE BATCHELOR Business Education McRae, Georgia KENILLE BAUMGARDNER Elementary Education Gainesville, Georgia SHERYL KAY BAXTER BS in Elementary Education Ludowici, Georgia LARRY BEATY Business Administration Barwick, Georgia What happened to the sawdust? ' 210 Qeniors Other times we calculate! JULIE BELL Statesboro, Georgia JOANN VAUGHN BELLURY English Baxley, Georgia EUNICE BENNETT Elementary Education Sylvester, Georgia BARBARA G. BISHOP Elementary Education BEN BLANCHARD Chemistry Statesboro, Georgia JOHN RICHARD BOJE History and Political Science Winter Park, Florida JAMES H. BOLIN Accounting Macon, Georgia SYLVIA GAYLE BOOKER English Savannah, Georgia LARRY BOWEN Industry Statesboro, Georgia PAT BOYD Savannah, Georgia MARY BRADLEY Elementary Education Douglas, Georgia DIANNE BRANCH Statesboro, Georgia WINTON T. BRANNEN Ludowici, Georgia JUDY GRAY BRANTLEY Elementary Education Wrightsville, Georgia RONNIE BRAZIEL Industrial Technology Suwanee, Georgia GLORIA ELAINE BRIDGES Music Moultrie, Georgia 211 Seniors BARBARA ANN BROWN Elementary Education Carnesville, Georgia CHARLES E. BROWN B.S. In Education Doerun, Georgia DOROTHY JANE BROWN Elementary Education Brunswick, Georgia HOKE S. BRUNSON, JR. BBA in Accounting Statesboro, Georgia WILLIAM P. BRYAN N. Augusta, S.C. JACKIE BULLINGTON BS in Education Cordele, Georgia ROSEMARY BURGAMY AB in French Macon, Georgia MARILY JOYCE BURKE History Savannah, Georgia SANDRA FAYE BURKE Elementary Education Millen, Georgia HEDY BURRELL Elementary Education Lithonia, Georgia LEWIS WOODROW BUSH, JR. Math Bellville, Georgia BRENDA BUTLER Health P.E. Jennings, Florida G. ROGERS BUTLER BS health PE Griffin, Georgia CHARLES W. CALVER Marketing Macon, Georgia GEORGE ELLIS CANNON Fitzgerald, Georgia CAROL CAIN Home Economics Sylvania, Georgia MARY ANGELA CARR Elementary Education Arcadia, Florida CYNTHIS GAIL CARSON A.B. Psychology Savannah, Georgia LANNY E. CAUTHEN BS in English Newnan, Georgia CHARLES C. CHANDLER BBA in General Business Statesboro, Ga. " Don ' t look now, but I ' m not the girl you came to the dance with. STEPHEN L. CHESHIRE Physical Education Thomasville, Georgia RONALD F. CHRISTIAN Porterdale, Georgia LYNETTE CLAXTON Elementary Education Tarrytown, Georgia IRBY COCHRAN Management Stateboro, Georgia LAURA COKER Sycamore, Georgia MIRIAM ANNE COLLIER Home Economics Grantville, Georgia HAZEL COLLINS Business Education Metter, Georgia JUDITH ANN COLLINS Statesboro, Georgia SARAH NELL COLLINS Abbeville, Georgia SUE COLLINS Elementary Education Collins, Georgia GAIL COLEMAN Business Education Edison, Georgia ROBE RT CONE Business Finance Douglas, Georgia GLENDA CONLEY Home Economics Education Waycross, Georgia JOHN CONNELL Physical Education Cairo, Georgia NANCY LEE CONNELL Recreation Fort Valley, Georgia W. BRUCE CONNORS Management Jacksonville, Florida BOBBY JARRELL COOK Sociology Atlanta, Georgia THOMAS WHITE COPELAND General Business Clinton, South Carolina BEVERLY CORLEY Elementary Education Lyons, Georgia T. FRANK CORLEY Industrial Technology Augusta, Georgia Seniors BRUCE L. COX General Business Millen, Georgia PAUL L. COUEY General Science Trilby, Florida DIANE COWAN Elementary Education Albany, Georgia LINDA COW ART Hazlehurst, Georgia JANEEN CURL Business Education Riverdale, Georgia JOHN DANIEL Accounting Bellville, Georgia ROSLYN VIRGINIA DANIEL Psychology Augusta, Georgia OTIS MAXION DAVES Elementary Education Davisboro, Georgia ANDY DAVIS Physical Education Douglas, Georgia JEANIE CAROL DAVIS Home Economics Tifton, Georgia MARJORIE FAYE DAVIS Elementary Education Cochran, Georgia SANDRA DAWSON Elementary Education Lumber City, Georgia JAMES W. DEAL Accounting Portal, Georgia EMILY DEAN Elementary Education Ashburn, Georgia WILLIAM T. DEKLE History Metter, Georgia JANE DeLOACH Elementary Education Waynesboro, Georgia AMELIA JEANETTE DENNIS Elementary Education Cochran, Georgia OLLIE SUE DIXON Statesboro, Georgia JACK DONKAR FRANCES DRAWDY Elementary Education Brunswick, Georgia 214 Pretty good for a one-armed man. Seniors Will you please get off my foot! ' SHARON DUKES Business Education Odum, Georgia JUDY L. DUNN Business Savannah, Georgia ROBERT E. DuPREE Economics Gordon, Georgia WILLIAM C. DURDEN Industrial Technology East Point, Georgia DONALD SWINTON DURRENCE, JR. Physical Education Reidsville, Georgia DANNY C. DYKES Industrial Arts Cochran, Georgia JOHN G. ECKENROTH Political Science Hershey, Pennsylvania FERREBEE EDWARDS Education Savannah, Georgia GAIL LOUISE ELKINS Home Economics Byron, Georgia LEON ELLERBEE Business Ashburn, Georgia ROSA KAY ELLIS Home Economics Denton, Georgia PATRICIA A. EVANS Recreation Leslie, Georgia 215 Seniors Fearful Ascent Triumphant Descent ' May I have your I.D. card MARIE L. EWING Spanish Americus, Georgia CHARLES HARVEY FERRELLE, IH Chemistry Savannah, Georgia CARLOS LINDSAY FLOWERS Psychology Surrency, Georgia JULIA ANN FLYNT English Atlanta, Georgia SYDNEY FLYNT Elementary Education Decatur, Georgia MICHELE FOGLE French Hephzibah, Georgia WAYLENE FORDHAM Elementary Education Rentz, Georgia KATHY ELIZABETH FOWLER Elementary Education Brunswick, Georgia JENNY FRANKLIN Business Education Metter, Georgia CAROL FAY FRANKUM Home Economics Augusta, Georgia PATRICIA FRIES Elementary Education Millen, Georgia BLAIR FUNDERBURK Recreation Chamblee, Georgia WILLIAM S. GAINOUS Industrial Tech. Cairo, Georgia JAMES R. GARDNER Marketing Dublin, Georgia THOMAS EMORY GARNER, JR. BBA Dublin, Georgia LUMLEY POWELL GREENE Business Administration Metter, Georgia 216 Seniors BARBARA JEAN GIBSON Elementary Education Fort Valley, Georgia JOHN WILLIAM GILBERT General Business Macon, Georgia GAY GLASER Early Elementary Education Savannah, Georgia JAKE GODDARD Way cross, Georgia GEORGE McCAY GODFREY General Business Savannah, Georgia DIANE LYNN GOODSON Wadley, Georgia JOHN T. GORDON Mathematics Macon, Georgia SELMAR GOUDELOCK Statesboro, Georgia MAX GRIFFIN Education Bainbridge, Georgia WILLIAM HAROLD GUINN, JR. Physics and Mathematics Statesboro, Georgia SANDRA LEE HAGNE History Jacksonville, Florida BETTY JEAN HALL Elementary Education Swainsboro, Georgia BETTY JEAN HAMM Home Economics Education Savannah, Georgia DAVE TILLMAN HAMPTON Physical Education Statesboro, Georgia FLETA HARDIE Gordon, Georgia 217 Seniors Seniors " We don ' t seem to be getting a whole lot of response. " " Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow ELDON D. HAWKINS Industrial Arts Warner Robins, Georgia CHERYL ANN HAYNES Gainesville, Georgia BETTY JO HEAD Baxley, Georgia ELIZABETH ASHTON HELMLY Home Economics Clyo, Georgia GLENDA HELMLY Home Economics Clyo, Georgia NEAL ARNOLD HELMLY Sociology Savannah, Georgia WAYNE F. HENDERSON Management Savannah, Georgia ARCHIE CAREY HENDRIX Chemistry Claxton, Georgia MARY HENDRIX English Ludowici, Georgia RUTHIE HENDRIX Recreation Port Wentworth, Georgia ROSSIE HENDRY Business Education Waycross, Georgia SUSAN HENSLEY Education Metter, Georgia GARY M. HENTHORN Business Warner Robins, Georgia JEANELLE HERRING Physical Education Columbus, Georgia JOHN GORDON HERRINGTON, III Psychology Millen, Georgia 219 Qeniors VIRGINIA LEE HIGGINS Elementary Education Jacksonville, Florida LINDA HILLIARD Elementary Education Rhine, Georgia JESSE HOBBS B.S. in Education Dexter, Georgia MARY ANN HODGES English Brunswick, Georgia RONNIE HOLBERT Health and P.E. Woodstock, Georgia BOB HOLCOMBE, JR. Industrial Arts Cochran, Georgia CORETTA HOLCOMB English Fort Valley, Georgia VIRGINIA KAY HOLLAND Elementary Education Dublin, Georgia LUCY HOLLEMAN Home-Economics Statesboro, Georgia BUBBA HOLT B.S. in Marketing Rochelle, Georgia HARVILL HOLSENBECK A.B. Psychology Milledgeville, Georgia MONICA HOOVER BS in Education Barnesville, Georgia MARGARET PAULETTE HORTON BS in Elementary Education Rhine, Georgia WILLIS MANN (BILLY) HOWARD, JR. BBA in Accounting Glennville, Georgia WARRINGTON B. HOWDEN General Business Savannah, Georgia JANICE EARLENE HUDSON Home Economics Ocilla, Georgia DERRICK HULSEY BS Social Science Eatonton, Georgia ROBBY HUMPHREY BS in Education Montezuma, Georgia CLEVELAND CECIL HYERS General Business Patterson, Georgia CASSANDRA IVEY Elementary Education Macon, Georgia ' Don ' t be obvious, but. see that girl on the fourth row, third from the end? " Seniors CHARLES JAMES Business Finance Americus, Ga. JANICE CORDELL JAMES Sociology Waycross, Ga. JASON B. JARRARD Industrial Arts Eastman, Ga. GLENDA JHONSON Business Education Statesboro, Ga. JUDITH JOHNSON Health physical Education Waycross, Ga. PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON Home Economics Warrenton, Ga. WILLIAM FRANCIS JOHNSON Music Savannah, Ga. K. PHYDAN JOHNSTON Sociology Macon, Ga. JONATHAN JOINER Finance Vienna, Ga. CHUCK JONES Art Atlanta, Ga. JACK P. JONES Business Administration Marketing Waycross, Ga. RALPH LANIER JONES Griffin, Ga. CHARLES RAY JOSEY, JR. General Business Davisboro, Ga. JANE JOWERS Social Science Ambrose, Ga. FRANCES RUNETTE KEEN Home Economics Hawkinsville, Ga. RUTH KESSLER Elementary Education Rincon, Ga. SANDRA KICKLIGHTER Home Economics Claxton, Ga. DALE KING Education Weesburg, Fla. JAMES M. KING Preston, Ga. DOROTHY KIRKLAND English Thomasville, Ga. 22 Qeniors FAYE RUTH KIRSCHNOR Elementary Education Savannah, Ga. CAROL SUE KITCHENS Business Education Adrian, Ga. BJORN KJERFVE Math Skovde, Sweden LEONARD WAYNE KNIGHT Social Science Albany, Ga. BARBARA ROSE LAING Sociology Macon, Ga. ROBERT L. LAMB, JR. Industrial Technology Jesup, Ga. JAYNE LAMUNDA Hopwille, Ga. ROBERT EDWARD LANE General Business Waycross, Ga. SARA JO LANE Business Education Sylvania, Ga. SARA DIANNE LANG Secretarial Administration Tifton, Ga. ROLAND EVERETT LANGFORD Chemistry Physics Savannah, Ga. LA PAULA LANGFORD Waycross, Ga. BOBBY DALE LANIER Management Ludowici, Ga. LYDIA SUSAN LANIER Elementary Education Columbus, Ga. LEN LATIMER BBA Marketing Macon, Ga. JAMES RANDALL LAWSON Industrial Arts Garden City, Ga. NANCY LYNNE LAYTON Elementary Education Swainsboro, Ga. CAROLYN MADDEN LEE Junior High Education Elberton, Ga. JOHN P. LEE Math Talbotton, Ga. JOHNNIE E. LEE BBA Accounting Rincon, Georgia EARL F. LEWIS, JR. General Business Perry, Ga. 3 7 Is that really what they call me? " Keep pulling girls, they ' re getting tired. Seniors EARL F. LEWIS, JR. Business Perry, Georgia LARRY LOGGINS Industrial Arts Hoschton, Georgia OTTIS KERMIT LORD, JR. Psychology Hazlehurst, Georgia CHARLES HENRY LOSKA Psychology Waycross, Georgia WALTA LUCY Marketing Memphis, Tennessee JOSEPH HENRY LUMPKIN, JR. Physical Education Warner Robins, Georgia RICHARD H. McBRIDE Political Science Brunswick, Georgia Joseph james McCarthy, jr. Business Savannah, Georgia DIANE McLEOD Chester, Georgia SAMUEL BOYCE McCLUNG Macon, Georgia JOHN DUNCAN McLEOD, III Math Swainsboro, Georgia 223 Qeniors ' Don ' t give up now girls, we ' ve got them in the water. ' " The things you can see from under a tree. " WALLACE E. McLEOD BBA in Accounting Statesboro, Georgia CHERYL McLEOD English Alma, Georgia donna sue McMillan Elementary Education Fitzgerald, Georgia SANDRA McWHORTER Secretarial Administration Washington, Georgia LOUIS TONY MAGNON History San Antonio, Texas MICHAEL H. MAGUIRE Jr. High Education Statesboro, Georgia J. KENYON MALPAS Social Science Jasper, Florida LINDA SUE MANN BS in Elementary Education Pineview, Georgia NANCY MANSFIELD BS in Education Albany, Georgia PANAGIOTIS MICHAEL MANUEL AB in Sociology Albany, Georgia CHARLIE G. MARSHALL, JR. Business Administration Moultrie, Georgia KEN MARTIN Physical Education St. Louis, Missouri LEE MASSENGALE Business Administration Gordon, Georgia W. RONNIE MAULDEN BS in Business Education Brunswick, Georgia MARY ANNE MAYS Business Administration Midville, Georgia CAROL MEADERS Elementary Education Smyrna, Georgia 224 Seniors PATSY MEEKS Elementary Education Soperton, Georgia SHARON KAYE MELVIN Business Education Fitzgerald, Georgia JOE IRWIN MERCER Physical Education Jefferson, Georgia BRUCE MILLER Accounting Statesboro, Georgia JOAN ELIZABETH MILLER Spanish St. Simons Island, Georgia PATRICIA ANN MILLER General Science Albany, Georgia PEGGY MILLER Home Economics Statesboro, Georgia SHEILA MARIE MILLER Mathematics Savannah, Georgia PERRY L. MITCHELL Business Millen, Georgia CAROLE MANFORT Physical Education DeSoto, Georgia CAROLYN MOONEY History Cartersville, Georgia ELAINE MORGAN Music Newington, Georgia MIKE MORGAN Economics Wrens, Georgia LINDA LOU MULKEY Home Economics Ocilla, Georgia CHARLOTTE ANN MURDOCK English Columbus, Georgia JANE MURPHY Social Science Jaxonville, Florida 225 Qeniors SHARON GAIL MURPHY Elementary Education Moultrie, Georgia LARRY W. MURRAY BBA Finance Ludowici, Georgia MILDRED PHILLIPS MURRAY Mathematics Macon, Georgia DENOWD CHRIS MUSGROVE II Pelham, Georgia JANICE AMELIA NEDER Elementary Education Savannah, Georgia DONALD NeSMITH Recreation Statesboro, Georgia JAMES N. NEVIN Cincinnati, Ohio CLAIRE NEWELL Home Economics Byron, Georgia ■Rr i pPP PHI Yeah, we created fourteen more cases of hepatitis today, a new record. 226 Seniors LYDIA PHILLIPS Elementary Education Savannah, Georgia FRANCES MARIAN PILCHER Sociology Louisville, Georgia GARRY C. PITTMAN BBA Accounting Gainesville, Georgia JAMES VAN PLYMEL Moultrie, Georgia VAN POOL English Winder, Georgia SUELLEN POOLE Brunswick, Georgia WILLIAM J. POPE, JR. General Business Columbus, Georgia BOB PORTEL Waycross, Georgia MACK POSS Physical Education Lincolnton, Georgia JAY B. POTTER Business Pinopolis, South Carolina CHARLES ROBERT POUND, JR. Physics Statesboro, Georgia ANN POWELL Social Science Swainsboro, Georgia DENNIS LEE POWELL Physical Education Hawkinsville, Georgia LILLIE JU ANITA POWELL Education Soperton, Georgia RUSKIN KING POWELL English Savannah, Georgia MRS. CLARA PRATT Social Science Hinesville, Georgia JEFF PRICKETT Commerce, Georgia PAULINE PURCELL Mathematics and Science Glennville, Georgia BILLY L. PURSER Mathematics Cochran, Georgia TERRY GARSON PYE Odum, Georgia " Man! What a dive! Hey! What ' s that floating on top of the water? " • " -,. ' •,1 Seniors JANICE SUE RACH Home Economics Orange, Texas KATHRYN RAINWATER Elementary Education Ashburn, Ga. FRANK DENNIS RAITH Statesboro, Ga. WILLIAM HARDY RANEY Albany, Ga. HENRY J RAWL III Statesboro, Ga. ROLF ORESTUS RAWL Business Administration Kingsland, Ga. ELIZABETH M. RAY Macon, Ga. PAMELA ELLEN REDMOND English Savannah, Ga. MIRIAM LYNN REID Elementary Education Parris Island, South Carolina RUBY JACQUELINE RICHARDS Home Economics Education Augusta, Ga. JEANETTE RICKERSON Home Economics Education Danville, Ga. CHARLES ROBERT RINER, JR. General Science Sylvester, Ga. RICHARD M. ROBBINS Math Statesboro, Ga. STANLEY R. ROCKETT Business Administration Vidalia, Ga. LEONARD ROBERTSON Art Social Circle, Ga. ELAINE ROBERSON Elementary Education Brunswick, Ga. ALBERT J. ROESEL JR. Sociology Statesboro, Ga. JANE ROUNDTREE Twin City, Ga. WILLIAM ROBERT RUSHING Marketing Statesboro, Ga. TOMMY RUSK Statesboro, Ga. 228 Seniors NANCY CAROLYN RUSSELL Art Education Baxley, Ga. GINNY SARVER English East Point, Ga. JOHN SALVARUS Athens, Greece BETTY SUE SCHILD Elementary Education Americus, Ga. SISTER MARY PAUL SCHWEITZER Sociology Statesboro, Ga. TERRY SCOTT Accounting Statesboro, Ga. BETH SELLEY Rock Island, Illinois JAMES RUSSELL SEELEY Moline, Illinois ELAINE SESSIONS Elementary Education Statesboro, Ga. ROBERT LUTHER SETTLES Accounting Shellman, Ga. WILLIAM D. SETTLES Industry Shellman, Ga. ELIZABETH H. SHEFFIELD Elementary Education Glennville, Ga. LILLIE CLAIRE SHINES Elementary Education Macon, Ga. DIANE SIKES Secretarial Administration Cobbtown, Ga. SUZANNE B. SIKES Elementary Education Claxton, Ga. JOANN SIMPSON Elementary Education Hapeville, Ga. TINA BALLEK SINGLETON English Darien, Ga. KATHRYN SISTRUNK Social Science Brunswick, Ga. CAROL SKINNER Statesboro, Ga. JOE SKINNER Biology Columbus, Ga. One-handed football BEVERLY SLATER Elementary Education Stillmore, Georgia WILLIAM G. SLOAN, JR. Gainesville, Georgia FRANCE S SMITH Accounting Statesboro, Georgia GERALD SMITH Education Cochran, Georgia LATRELLE SMITH Sociology Statesboro, Georgia LAURA (LACY) SMITH Business Education Brunswick, Georgia SAMMY L. SMITH Sociology Gainesville, Georgia SUZAN FRANCES SMITH Recreation Thomasville, Georgia TERRY SMITH Home Economics Reynolds, Georgia WAYNE SMITH Andrews, South Carolina FRANKIE H. SNOW Biology Douglas, Georgia CHERYL SORROW Education Warner Robins, Georgia 230 Seniors LARRY SPEIR Industrial Arts Forsyth, Georgia SANDRA ELAINE SPEIR Elementary Education Pembroke, Georgia LINDA SPENCER Sociology Cartersville, Georgia STANLEY DAVID SHARP Albany, Georgia LEAHMAN B. STANLEY Physical Education Durham, North Carolina JAMES STAPLETON Physical Education Wrightsville, Georgia GARY K. STEELE Statesboro, Georgia G. DARRELL STEPHENS BBA Management Brunswick, Georgia JOAN STEPHENS Mathematics Jacksonville, Florida TOMMY LEON STEPHENS Chemistry Thomasville, Georgia VIRGIL STEWART History Augusta, Georgia PHILLIP R. SULLIVAN Industrial Arts Rincon, Georgia JAMES W. SWANNER Political Science Griffin, Georgia DIXIE SYKES Moore Haven, Florida CAROL ANN TALTON Elementary Education Savannah, Georgia NORMAN F. TAYLOR, JR. English and Spanish Sandersville, Georgia 231 Qeniors " Will somebody please get my boat for me? TERRY AUSTIN NORMAN Political Science Winston-Salem, North Carolina ANNE WHITE NORTON Social Science Macon, Georgia JOSEPH NOWICKI BBA Marketing Jacksonville, Florida JAMES DAVID OGLESBY Alexander, Georgia BRENDA KATHRYN OGLETREE Education Statesboro, Georgia CAIL OLLIFF Statesboro, Georgia CLAIRE KATHLEEN O QUINN History Atlanta, Georgia BERNICE OLSEN Elementary Education Albany, Georgia ROBERT GARY OTTS Mathematics Dalton, Georgia CHARLES ALVIN PARKER Industrial Arts Statesboro, Georgia CHARLES M. PARKER III Business Baxley, Georgia RICHARD FERRELL PARROTT Mathematics Senoia, Georgia HILDA PAULK Music Ambrose, Georgia TYLER W. PAYNE BBA Accounting Rome, Georgia JOAN PEACE Home Economics Leary, Georgia ANN PERRY Home Economics Decatur, Georgia 232 Seniors DENT L. TEMPLE, JR. Accounting Vidalia, Ga. JUNE TENGAN Elementary Education Wailukie, Maui, Hawaii BECERLY ALLIENE THOMAS Business Administration Climax, Ga. LOUISE THOMPSON B.S. Education — Spanish Gainesville, Ga. MARTHA ANN TIDWELL Sociology Macon, Ga. MARY LOUISE TIEDER Elementary Education Daytona Beach JAMES R. TILLER Marketing Clinton, South Carolina CHARLES C. TIMMONS Business Administration Warner Robins, Ga. LINDA J. TINSLEY Elementary Education Augusta, Ga. MARY TOOLE Home Economics Augusta, Ga. DONDRA MARKS TRAWICK Home Economics Education Carrollton, Ga. KAY TRUITT Sociology Warner Robins, Gr . MARY ELLEN TUCKER Health Physical Education Tifton, Ga. DONALD MITCHELL TURKNETT Bainbridge, Ga. BRENDA GAIL TURNER Home Economics Gillsville, Ga. DEANNA GAY TURNER Elementary Education Savannah, Ga. 233 Seniors JOY J. TURNER Alma, Georgia MARY CAROL TURNER Elementary Education Statesboro, Georgia STACY H. TURNER Business Thomson, Georgia GENE TWIGGS Education Baxley, Georgia RONALD TYRE Management Waycross, Georgia JEWEL UNDERWOOD English Moultrie, Georgia GAYLE URSREY Elementary Education Hazlehurst, Georgia ANN VAUGHON Home Economics Tifton, Georgia JOSEPH F. VAUGHN, JR. Biology Forsyth, Georgia LOUISE VERDERY Elementary Education Harlem, Georgia CATHERINE WARD Elementary Education West Green, Georgia JOHN WESLEY WARD Education Gordon, Georgia LARRY C. TUTCHER Mathematics Bainbridge, Georgia JUDITH ANNE WARE Sociology Barnesville, Georgia BRENDA GAIL WASDEN Social Science Louisville, Georgia GEORGIA LORRAINE WEEKS Savannah, Georgia " Hey, isn ' t that Dr. Cochran dancing over there? " ' Tell me son, why don ' t you laugh at my jokes more often? ' 234 Qeniors " Wipe that smile off your face sonny. " WALTER A. WELSH General Science Fort Myers Beach, Florida ALECIA LOUISE WEST Elementary Education Camilla, Georgia MICHAEL H. WHITE Psychology Gainesville, Georgia CLAUDIS WHITEHEAD Elementary Education Hazlehurst, Georgia PHIL WHITLOW Carnesville, Georgia WANDA WIDNER Home Economics Jacksonville, Florida WAYNE WIGGINS Health and Physical Education Statesboro, Georgia JULIA E. WILDES English Manassas, Georgia LURLINE MONTEZ WILKERSON Elementary Education Willacoochee, Georgia MARY ELLENE WILKINSON English Savannah, Georgia MERLYN (LYNN) WILLEY Psychology Savannah, Georgia BROADUS T. WILLIAMS Business Macon, Georgia JERRIE WILLIAMS Home Economics Statesboro, Georgia LARRY K. WILLIAMS BBA Accounting Twin City, Georgia LEWIS A. WILLIAMS Management Miami, Florida PAMELA WILLIAMS Art Statesboro, Georgia 235 Qeniors LINDA WILLIS History Tifton, Georgia LINDA GAYLE WILLIS Home Economics Sycamore, Georgia ROBERT FORD WILLIS Health and Physical Education Columbus, Georgia ALLEN WILSON BBA Marketing Warner Robins, Georgia JANICE WILSON English Hawkinsville, Georgia PHYLLIS WIMBERLY Elementary Education Cairo, Georgia CARLYN WINGE Home Economics Reidsville, Georgia CHARLES E. WINGE BBA Marketing Glennville, Georgia BRENDA JANE WOLFE Elementary Education Statesboro, Georgia ROBERT W. WOMMOCK, JR. Political Science Tennille, Georgia BOBBIE WOOD English Pineview, Georgia MARTHA JANE WOOD Hazlehurst, Georgia 236 Seniors ' Why don ' t we start our diet tomorrow? " TONITA WOOD Elementary Education Moultrie, Georgia JANICE PRISCELLA WOODARD Elementary Education Dexter, Georgia WILSON EARL WOODARD Social Science Eastman, Georgia CHARLIE WOODS Industrial Arts Newington, Georgia RANDY WOODS BBA Accounting Statesboro, Georgia GEORGE WOTHERSPOON BS Education Statesboro, Georgia HAROLD LEMAR WRIGHT General Science Ashburn, Georgia BILLY YAWN BS Recreation Statesboro, Georgia JEANIE CAROL YAWN French Milan, Georgia CLIFFORD EARNEST YEARWOOD Sociology Milledgeville, Georgia FA YE YOUMANS Sociology Twin City, Georgia DIANE ZEIGLER Psychology Bloomingdale, Georgia 237 Kent Dykes, President; Susie Blount, Secretary; Tom King, Vice-President Junior Class The junior year is a fulfillment of many goals that seemed unreachable two short years ago ... no more P. E. courses, no mor health courses . . . three LP ' s a week. New and loftier goals have taken their place, and the student views college life in a new perspective. A student who has made it througl to the junior year has adjusted to college, has learned to succeed in the everyday things. He becomes concerned with the more serious aspect . . . graduation now seems a realizable goal and not quite so far away as it once did ... he feels himself a part of the academic world . . learning has more important implications than just passing courses . . . In this year, too, many of the old ideas, the old standards that the student brought with him to co llege from home and high schoo begin to change ... In their place come new ideas, bold original ideas, born in the minds of individuals who have learned to think fo themselves . . . The old ties are not quite so strong ... in their place are the visions and goals of a life which lies ahead . . . 238 Juniors John Abernathy, Jr. Carol Ackerman John David Adams Thomas Adams Carol Gaye Adamson William A. Akins Hubert A. Aldridge Frederick Lamar Allen Bonita Andersen Lynn Anderson Tommy Anderson John Roy Ard Carol Arsenault Angela AuClaire Vivian Kay Baker Gwen Banks Pamela Elezabeth Barber Berdie M. Barnes Lynne Barfield M. Allison Batts Lynn Batten Arthur Gene Baxley Dean Baxley Nbrris Sutton Bazemore Jr. Susan Beall 239 Juniors " Things go better with Coke " Dana Beaschler Sharon Beasley Linda Beckworth Helen Belcher Pat Bell Danny Bellamy Judy Benton Larry Berens Beverly Berthelot Barbara Bevilacqua Jo Anne Biles Karen Birge Frank Alton Black Reginald E. Blakewood Ginny Blanks Karen R. Boatright John Ira Boggan James Dalton Bollinger Bernice Bottoms Christina Brabham Jesse E. Bradley, Jr. Lynn L. Bradley Inman Thomas Bragg Donald N. Brannen Olivia Brannon Babs Brown Barry Brown Michail James Brundage Shelia Bryan Virginia Bryant Jerry Burch Charles O. Butts, Jr. Frank Byrd Jennifer Byrd Jennifer Cameron Judy Ann Camp Claudette Campbell Ann Campbell William R. Canady, Jr. H. Elden Carmichael, Jr. 241 Juniors Linda Lee Carmichael Patrice Carrigg Gayle Laverne Carroll Miriam Carruth Bobby J. Carson Dianne Carter Elaine Carter Mary Carter Hazel Carver Carolyn Cassels Donna Certain Cecille Chambless Linda Chester John Christmas, Jr. Carlene Clark Rayford D. Cole, Jr. Brenda Collins Leonard E. Collins Carol W. Connell Donnie Cooper Rosemary Cooper Stephen E. Cope K. Holley Cowan Al Cox Cynthia Cox Marilyn Craft Nancy Crumpler Patti Culpepper Gayle Currey Bobby Daley Juniors Tommy Danforth Carolus Wood Daniel Nancy Daniel Bill Darsey Carol Davidson Earl Davidson Dennis C. Davis Jacqueline G. Davis Jimmy Davis Kathryn Davis Lola Ann Davis Morris B. Davis Roger Davis Gary Dawson Cheryl Dean Loomis E. Deavours Jimmy L. Dobson Bette Donaldson Elaine Nick Donkar Jim Dooley Dorothy Nell Doss John Dotson Charles L. Downs, Jr. Patti Downs Carolyn Driggers I 243 Carol Duckworth David Dunbar L. Baxter Dunn, Jr. David Dunn Mary Lynn Durham Carolyn A. Dykes Kent Dykes Tom Eaddy Barbara Edge Judy Gayle Everette Beth Exley Brenda Fanning Raymond E. Faulk Jamie Felt Joe L. Fincher Juniors Juniors Wayne Lamar Gay Brenda Giddens Marjorie Helen Ginn Michael Gleaton Sonny Godwin Marian J. Gray Martha Graydon Chris Greenway Herschel H. Greer, Jr. Eddie Griffin Jerry Glisson Walter Graham Jim Grier Kenny Griffin Jane Gunnels Danny V. Hagan David M. Hagins Charles Haley Andy Hall Tish Haller 246 " Is that really what they call me? " 1 i Am Larry B. Haney Whitner W. Hankinson Jerry W. Harper Jean Hare Kaye Harper Sarah F. Harrison Jerry L. Hartsell Margaret S. Hatcher Sharyn Hatcher Ronnie Haynes Juniors ' Student Centers are great! ' " You can eat here, study here, work here, laugh here, cry here, sleep here, how about students? " Ronnie A. Hayslip David Heller Terry Helms James M. Henderson Sandra Henderson Mary Hendrix Thomas W. Hendrix Vicki Lynn Hendry Jerry L. Henry Robert W. Henry 247 Juniors Lynn Herrin Mary Herring Nancy Herrington Carolyn Hillock Cheryl L. Hinson Claire Hodges Jerri Lana Hodges James W. Holland, Jr. Jane M. Hollar Jane Pitts Holland Peggy C. Holland Paula Holston Alex Hood Jere Lee Hook Joanne M. Hooks Wesley Home Larry W. Haskins Brenda Houston Dennis Houston Jo Ann Humphries Juniors 3m At ir Judy Hunnicut Cheryl Elaine Hunter Lee Hunter Ruth Ann Hunter Bea M. Isaf Karen Lea Jackson Sidney D. Jackson Sandie James Cheryl Jenkins Nancy Jenkins Annie Ruth Johns Daniel P. Johnson Dickie W. Johnson Don Johnson Dorothy Pearct Johnson Kenneth W. Johnson Mary Jean Johnson Patricia Ann Johnson G. M. Joiner, Jr. Judy Jones 249 Juniors Kelly Jones Nancy Carole Jones Patricia Ann Jones Joan A. Jordan David Keith Robert E. Kelly Bobbie Kemp Max Kennedy Sybil Lynn Kesler Sarah Kessler George Killgo Tom King William W. Kingery Norma Jean Lane Sherry Lanier Beth Lavender Lillian Agnes Lawson Sybil R. Lee Mary E. Linz Marilyn Leverett Elaine Lewis Judy Lewis Gwen Lloyd Diane Loft Julius Edwin Lord, Jr. Evelyn Anne Lorenz David L. Love Robert S. Lovein Mary Low 250 Robert Dean Lowman Tricia Lowrie Elaine Lucas Peggy Joyce Lucas Ronald A. Lundstrom Ralph Lynch Jerry McClintock Glenda McConnell Joe McDaniel Judy McDonald Sam McDuffie John B. McGraw Susan McKinnon Amelia McLain James McLaughlin Judy Maddox Paige Magee Earl Marsh John Martin, Jr. Barbara M. Martin Mike Martsolf Virginia Anne Marwitz Jean Mayer Ronald K. Mayhew Gayle Medders Juniors Freddy Meeks Ruth Birch Meeks Kathy Mendenhall Marsha Mills Clayton Mims Bill Mitchell Walker Phelps Montgomery, III Anne Moore Sandy Moore Carol Mordecai Clarence E. Morgan Marcheta Morris Thomas Earl Morris Wayne Moseley Kenneth LeRoy Moulder mtr ' li 4 l p ■Efts % ttp 4 kit But Ait ■Ik i Juniors Some people will do anything to show off 252 fv ' Boy ! They ought to give us more time between classes or move the buildings closer. ' Juniors Mia Judith Lynn Murphy Gloria Nail William Nasworthy Margaret Neal Bill Nelson Polly Nelson Veatrice C. Nelson Billy Nicholson J. Alexis Norman Pamella Jane Norman " Here, take this and . ' Dear Mom: There ' s something I ' ve been meaning to tell you 253 Juniors Marion Ogier Kathleen Francis O ' Hara Tim O ' Leary Robin Charles Olmstead Sandra Page Bobby Ray Parker David Caynor Parker Jane Patton Mary Ann Peacock Donald R. Peeples Carolyn Perry Ronald Barry Pevey Richard A. Pfund Joseph E. Phillips Joanne Philpott Decia Pierce Peggy Polk Cheryl Poore Jerry Poppell Beverly Gail Potter 254 ' Oh % $4@ another birdie in the rafters. Juniors Juniors Stephen W. Shearhouse Bill Shinn Johnny Shumans Buford G. Shurling Donna Lee Smith Gail Smith Helen Smith Jarrell M. Smith Martha Sue Smith Phil Smith Prissy Smith Robert L. Smith Sheron Smith Charles W. Snyder, Jr. David Robert Stelts Barbara Anne Steward Dan Allen Stiles Donald Wayne Stone Douglas Story Emily Strange 257 Juniors Jean Strickland Woody Stroud William E. Suggs June Summerlin Chester D. Swan Becky Swindell Rosemary Taylor Troy Taylor Frank Thomas Harold Thomas Lucy Kay Thomas Cheryl Thompson Diana Thornton Eric M. Tieger Faye Tillman Seena Tillman Vicky Tolbert Sue Tootle Meredith Lee Treude Mary Ann Trotter Kaye Tucker Kay T. Tullis Gordon Turner, Jr. Ronnie Turner Elaine Tyre Kennon L. Tyre, Jr. Kay Tyson Nancy Waldrop Susan Walker 258 Gayle Waters Marsha Waters Linda Watson Ronny Watts Garth Webb, Jr. Marcia Delores White Ronnie White Charlotte Whitley Jerry Wilcher Janie Ruth Williams Kris Williams Paul E. Williamson, Jr. June Willis James P. Wilson Rusty Wimberly James S. Winn Peggy Womack Jo Ann Womble Larry S. Wood Richard C. Wooddy Carlos R. Woodward Geraldine Wu Kay Yarbrough William Earl Yielding Sylvia Youngblood Juniors ' You think it ' s fun to stand in line 3 hours to pay out $300? " 259 Hanna Teague — Sec.-Treas. Jay Hodges — Pres. Terry Tillman — V. Pres. Sophomore Class Those who survive the trials and tests of the first year become sophomores. They realize soon enough that success in this new fiek comes through persistence in the everyday things. They learn to live . . . and to go on living. The sophomore year has its own challenges to a student. Courses are more difficult; lines are longer than last year, and registratior is a bigger mess. The student must begin to make decisions about the direction of his academic life. It is in the sophomore year, for most that the student is faced for the first time with the realization that he must think . . . 260 Sophomores W dm 4mt i -it p gtffr ,§ II Mm oJl - fe Davis Abner Mary Ackerman John W. Adams, Jr. H. Ray Aldridge Maxie Anne Aldridge James Allen Frances Allison Charles B. Altman Carol Ansley Cathy Arnold William D. Austin Ann Badger Brenda Jane Bagley Francis Barclay Hugh R. Barnes Judye Barr Robbie Barrett Brenda Barry Ernest Bartlett Brenda G. Bazemore Betsy Bean Mary Gayle Beggs Dot Bennett Kathy Blakeney Sherry Blanchette Beth Blanton Mary Blessing Cecilia Bloodworth Bebe Blount Sandy Boatright 261 Qophomores Nothing like a good rain dance to make your alpaca look great. Sharon Bohler Michael J. Boling Albert E. Bostick John Wesley Bowen Ellen Diane Boyd Margie Boyles Sherry Lee Bradner Jane Bragg Joy Bragg P. Eric Brannen, Jr. Jemmebeth Brannen Joe Brannen Nancy Brannen Edwin Brantley Wayne Brantley Jeseph Wayne Braswell Gail Brezell Virginia Bridges Donna Bright Clavelia L. Brinson Qophomores 263 Sophomores Dale Chaney Karyl Chastain Linda Olivers Juan Saye Christmas Jack S. Clancy, Jr. Judy Clark Carol Ann Clay Martha Clement Jerald Clifton Gayle Cloud Carol Cofield Penny Cohn Margaret Ann Collier Shirley Collings Esther Cone Judith Conoly Betty Jane Cook Felton C. Corbett, Jr. Kathy Coley Linda Cosmah Cyndi Corr Dick Cross Ray Crozier Donald Cumming E. Gordon Dai ley, Jr. Jimmy Dasher Peggy E. Davenport Angela Davis Janice Davis Delores Davis Aft TP i V W MT PL? si 264 Faye Davis Glen Thomas Davis Jane DeVlaming Sharon E. Dewberry Judy Dishong Cherry Marcia Dodd Deanna Dowdy Anna Draffin Susan Druhl Pansy Dubberly Frances Duggan Linda Dumford Sandra Dunlap Margaret Miles Durant Gregory J. Durrence Julia Elaine Durrence Sandra Dyar Sandra Lakay Dyches Terry Elder Frances Delorios Elliott Marianne Ennis Jennifer Jean Eno Donnie Evans Karen Falkenstrom Durwood T. Fincher Qophomores Linda Findley Jane Flenniken Margaret Flowers Nancy Flynt Leon O. Fogle, Jr. Janie Frances Ford Beverly Fountain Sara Fountain Nancy Fries Silva Fuerniss Mary Ann Futch Jerry Michael Gable Karen Gamadanis Rod Garland Christine Gatto Qophomores ' You ' ve got to WHAT? " 266 The Fake Foy Fine Arts Fire Fiasco You know what this school needs? — More Restrooms! 267 9ophomores Kaye Grimsley Donald Griner Anne Groover Diana Gulley Frances Gunther-Mohr Connie Hadden Harold Franklin Hadden Judy Ann Hadley Clara Hagins Timothy C. Hamilton Ann Hardy Horrace Harrell Johnnie Faye Harrell Pat Harrell Jimmy Harris Ramona Harrison Pam Hastings Donnal Hawkins Lee Anna Haynes Pat Haynes Our secretaries have free run of their cells. Sophomores Brunic Hendrix Judson Hendry Pat Henley Roger Herndon Tim Herrington Steve Hess Betty Hester Linda Hester Linda Hiers Cynthia Hilliard s 1 I ' 1 Sooner or later you ' re going to have to grow up, Dad. Alright, Who ' s the Guy that yelled " Swing " ? I Joan Hilverink Howard Hinesley Carol Hodges Jay Hodges Larry M. Hodges Donna Hodges Sara Hodges Terry Holton Brenda Holton Harriet Hopkins 269 Qophomores Hey you! Let go of my pole! Hey George! You forgot something. Patricia House Cathy Howorth Susan Howard Janice Hudson Celia Huff Clifford R. Hughes, Jr. Roger M. Hudson Roger Hux Judy Jackson Karen Lea Jackson Nancy Jackson Jean Jamerson Edward Lee James Vicki Jeanes Dan Jenkins Alexis Jepeway Charles D. Johnson Billy Ned Jones Judith Ann Jones Robert W. Jones 1 V ' Mm Ml it Qophomores Ralph B. Jordan Clara Helen Keefer Elaine Kelly Wayne Kesler Tommy Kinchen Ray Knight Sherry Kaye Knight Mark R. Komich Joan Laney Judy Lanier Lou Ann Lanier Gary W. Lanneay Audry Larrimore Judy Laseter Miriam Lennox Charles C. Lie-Nielsen Diane Elizabeth Long David M. Lotti Priscilla Lovejoy E. Glenn Lovelace Qophomores Terry Lovelace Carol Ann Luedtke Jimmy S. Maine Becky Manry Kathy Mansfield Beverly Markham Barry Martin Joanna Martin Linda Martin David M. Massey Gennie Raye Matthews Jo Anne Mayo Jerry McClaia Sara Beth McLaughlin Frances McMahon Mary Olivia McMillan John McNeely Ann Meeks Deana Meinders Charles R. Melton Donna Melton Louis E. Mertins Anita Mesnick Jane Miller Deloris Mitchell Laurence R. Moody Carol Ann Moore Nancy Moore Robert Morgan Ira Morris Jackie Mosley Ulysee Mosley Jaye Mulholland Alice A. Musick Annette Nash Terry Ann NeSmith Vickie Norman Elaine O ' Brien Linda Dianne O ' Hara Jerry O ' Neal Linda Pace Nancy Kay Palmer Tim Palmer Cherry Parker Nancy G.. Parrish Richard M. Parrish Anne Pedigo Donna Perkins Phyllis Jane Pitts Sheila Pitts Jesse Wilton Pomeroy Marlene Pope Marinell Potts Sondra D. Powers Dee Printup Qophomores 273 Melvin S. Puckett ' Lyn Purdie Jonnie Faye Purvis Jan Pyron Diane Ratcliffe Randall Garvin Reese Eddie Register Margie Repine Linda Richardson Sandy Richardson Linda Carol Ricketson Gail Risher Valda Marie Roberts Florence Ann Robertson Diane Drego Robinson " No. Actually, it ' s a sword. " Sophomores Bobby Sammons Murphey Sconyers Janice Marie Scuggins Patricia Seymour David L. Sharpe Mary Colleen Shearhouse Michael Shivers Ernest B. Shuman Carolyn Shurling Margaret Sieber Catherine Suzanne Silengo Mike Simpson Susan Sims Wallace E. Smartt Carrol Yvonne Smith Hazel Smith Mary Kate Smith Nancy Elizabeth Smith Linda Sorrells Joan Spain 276 Work it out Baby! Qophomores j Chery Teston Carol Marie Thain Betty Thomas Elaine Thomas Patricia Thompson Robert Curtis Thompson Laura Thornton Ernest Creig Thrift Terry Tillman Norma Tippins Laura Tucker Pat Tyler Cleve Tyre Mary Cornelia Vanson Kathy Vaughn 277 Sophomores James Loyd Vickers Gary J. Walden Jimmy Waldrep Randy Walker Steve Walker Linda Gail Waller Hal Walls John Walters Margie Ward Charlene Warren Richard Rodney Warren Suzy Washburn G. Helen Waters Beverly Watson Claudia Whaley y M fl Lyda Sue Wheeler Judy Whisnant Donald White Frances Anne White Linda White 278 " Gee, I sure wish you ' d let go of my hand, you ' re crushing it. " Kay Wotherspoon Margaret Dale Wright Lynn Yates 9ophomores Martha Ann Youmans Jessie Ziegler Pamela Zipperer 279 Joe Mundy — V. Pres. Karen Flesch — Sec.-Treas. David Ennis — Pres. Freshman Class The freshman year of college life is a unique experience in learning. It is learning to adjust to new situations and new people; learning to meet the everyday tests of maturity; learning about registration, rat day, and routine classes; learning to enjoy meals in the dining hall — Friday night fish and Sunday night snack; learning to study in the doim and sleep in the library; learning to enjoy life in a college com- munity . . . learning to live . . . 280 Freshmen Don Abel Larry Adams Shirley Jean Akins James E. Aldred Lee Ann Alford Nell Alfriend Jenny Lynn Andrews Karen Andrews Royce Arnold Stephen Kemp Arnold Beverly Askew Kasey Askins Jeannie Autry Carl Bailey Shirley Ball Carol Baker Marsha Bal lance Shirley Barfield Emily Bargeron Carlyn Barnes Danny Barnett Wendy Barrett John Palmer Bartlett Susan Barton Cathy Batchelor Helen Bauer Hal E. Bell Connie Bennett Kay Bennett Alice Benton 281 Freshmen Freshmen Elizabeth Bowers Cheryl Brackin John Steiner Branch Diane Brann Yvonne Brannan Glenn Bray Marion Breedlove Anne Brent Kay Brewer Joe Bridges Wendell S. Broadwell, Jr. Newton T. Brock Jemmy Lynne Brooks Janet Brooms Allen Brown Donna Brown Elizabeth Brown Janet Brown Jennifer Brown Keith Brown 283 Freshmen Amelza Bryant Jayne Bussey Daune Butler Bobby Butts Charles Bryant Claudia Byrd Myra Ann Caldwell Margaret Calhoun Lucy Callaway Becky Calvert Ray Cameron Loretta Canady Pat Canady Diane Cantrell Anita Carlyle Don. A. Carmichael Kenneth Carson Candy Champion Jacquelyn Tullis Chappel Kimberly Cirelski Cissy Clark Linda Dianne Clark Edward W. Clay, Jr. Vicki Cleveland Linda Clifton Patricia Clifton Janice Cofield Candy Cohn Marsha Gail Coleman Mary Ellen Coleman 284 Freshmen Nancy Collier Carolyn Collins Remer Joe Collins Wayne Collins Marian Colson Edwin Cary Cook Harvey L. Causey, J John S. Craig Dathy Creager Cindy Crowe Kenneth Crumpler Ciane Culver Mary Joe Culpepper Nancy Cummings Louise Daniel John Vance Darden Pamela A. Dasher Lou David Riki Davidson Deborah Lee Davis Diane Davis Marilyn V. Davis Beth Dawson Janis Ellen Dean Linda Dean Wayne Dees Marteal Dial Brenda Dietz Linda Dixon Jackie Dobbins Cheryl Dooley Barbara Dorman Nancy Lee Douglas Marie Driggers Jane Dukes Jennifer Dukes Rose Dutton Linda Eady Gayle Eason Jane Edwards You gotta be putting me on. Freshmen 286 Leigh Essex Sue Carole Etters Tommy Eubanks Gayle Evens Joy Evens Linda Exley Myra Exley Peggy Fargason Judy Felder Nita Fendley Elaine Fincher Miriam Findley Sally Flye Dennis A. Folker John Barry Ford Steven Edward Fortune Linda Foster Thomas P. Fox, Jr. Nita Franklin Janice Fulcher Sheryl Fuller Sandi Funderburke Lynda Gardner Bonnie Sue Garrett Mildred Janelle Garrett James Ed Gay Cherry Gibbs Jerry Gibson Robert L. Gibson, III Delaine Gillespie Freshmen 287 • jjlr— •SMS " - _ «g T : .. Freshmen " When he swings the bat, you throw the ball to first. " ' No you idiot, he said FIRST Janice Gilmer Robert Franklin Gilstrap Lee M. Girardeau Angela Elaine Glosson Paula Goggins Ralph Goldstein Clyde Leonard Goodrich Margaret Gossett Linda Gottfried Patsy Goza Bob Grant Jim Graves Jill Grier Alison Elaine Griffeth Amy Gundlanch 288 n-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-p-p-p-p-p Loretta Ann Harlow Marcia Harper Emily Harrell Claudia Harris Marilyn B. Harris Judy Haskins Jimmie Hatch Susan Healy Bobbi Heismann James T. Henry, Jr. Freshmen Gee, these professors are kinda cute. m Martha Cheryl Henson Cheryl Herndon Cecila Ann Hill Don C. Hill Iris Hill Ann Hinton Jane Hinton Patricia Ann Hodges David M. Holloway Marsha Holt Kathy Hooper Charlene Home 289 Freshmen Ellen Home Julie Hortman Sandra Horton Steve Horiston Joyce Housance Brad Hoyt Sheila Hudson Ann Hughes Paula Hunter Gail Hursey Judith Hutcheson Evelyn Diana Hyman Judith Lynne Igo Patricia Ann Ireland Pamela Irvin Ethel Elizabeth James Linda James Jacqueline Lawan Johnson Linda Diane Jenkins Lem Johnson Mary Johnston Bob Evans Jones Eddy Jones Glenda Faye Jones Glenda M. Jones Kay Jones Linda Lance Jones Lois Jones Gail Elizabeth Junot June Carlyne Kapp 290 Karen Kelley A. Wayne Kendrick Gayle Kersey Shirley Kilday Dianne Kirksey Faye Klepsig Allan Klug Billie Sue Knight Patricia Diane Knowles Sally Knowlton Cathy Koger Douglas A. Kozlik Cindy Krablean Mary Carol Kuczynski Mary Elizabeth Lokey Freshmen Kathleen Langley Dorothy Lanier Judith Anne Larrick Gayle Lawhorne John H. Lawrence David Leitch Anthony Alvin Lewis Kathy Lewis Sybil Lister Sheila Littleton Virginia Looney Marilyn Loyd Patty McCarthy Karen McCarty Linda Cheryl McQxrkle Mary Jo McCormack Carroll McCormick Janet McCrary Vannie McCray Barbara McDaniel Linda McDonald Wayne Roberts McElroy Joyce Marie McGahee Sherry McGhee Mike McGowan Patricia McKenzie Faye McLeod Corry Gwen McPherson Billie Clyde Magoon Annette Mainland The real Garfunkle Freshmen 292 Burn the midnight oil! Jan Moody Judy Lynn Moore June Moore Linda Moore Melanie Moore Tommy Moore Chris Morgan Phyllis Morgan Lynn Mullis Sara Munch Joseph W. Mundy Judy Musick Sidney Franklin Myers Jane Nasworthy Gayle C. Nixon Judy Gail Norton Mary E. Newsom Brenda Newton Franklin C. Odom Ramar Olliff Mary Frances Olsen Donna Orvold Kay Ozanich Donna Fowler Parker Linda Parker Cheryl Pence Diane Patrick Gale Paulk Pam Paxton Marsha Lynn Peavey ft diWyBi 41 Bm iff Cs M " r » ' m m ' Jr- J z ' ' St r J i J .if ■ mm% r» Freshmen 294 Freshmen Barbara Fay Phillips Brenda Phillips Elizabeth Boone Pilcher Margaret Pipkin Jimmy Leon Pitts Sue Marie Pitts Dorothy Plummer Gwen Poole Bunnie Porter Susan Powell Ann Price Carol Purdom Sandra Putman Ginger Pyron Elizabeth Rawls Mary Pleaslyn Ray Susan Shea Reckhow Mike Redwine Linda Reeves Randy Register Jackie Reiser Lynda Renfroe Rod Rentz Judy Richardson Nora Ricks John Rivers Carol A. Robbins Jane Rodgers LaDonna Rogers Kathy Rogers 295 Mary Alice Roush Dee Rozier Julie Rozier Ronald E. Ruff Susan Elizabeth Russell John Stafford Ryals Patricia Sayer Howard Ronald Schemer Karen Scott Brenda Scurry Billy Wayne Sellers Debbie Sevier Brenda Shirley Marilyn Shiver Jan Shoemaker " Now, where is Station E? " Butch Sikes Carole Sue Simpson Sandra Simson Cheryl Smith Cheryl M. Smith Connie Ruth Smith Frank L. Smith, Jr. Gail Smith Gean B. Smith Janice Smith Jo Ann Smith Judy Ellen Smith Kathie Smith Kathy M. Smith Raymond Smith Susanne Smith Teresa Smith Vivian Smith Freshmen Linda Souter Connell C. Stafford, Jr. Kenneth Standley Judy Stephens Judy Stevens Cheryl Stevenson Ronnie Stewart Susan Still 297 Freshmen Vilda Stone Clay Strickland Emily Strickland Kathy Strickland Mildred Stringer Gretchen A. Studier Kathleen Sutherland Cindy Taylor Connie Taylor Nancy Taylor Jana Temples Libby Terry Barbara Thomas Mary Jane Thomas Sonny Thomas It won ' t come down! Freshmen Brenda Thompson Wanda Thompson Janie Sue Tillman Dallas Tindall Pat Tomblin Laura Tomlinson Mary Gail Tootle Josephine Turner Shirley Underwood James Vivenzio Cheryl Walker Patti Walker Daphne Wall Jane Waters Connie Ward Judi Ward Gail West Reginald Wheeler Wanda Whitaker Winston Whitlock Barbara Widner Emily Sue Wilder Kathy Wiley Pamela Wilkerson Wanda Wilcor Nancy Willcoxon Nancy Wilder Carol Faye Williams Frances Annette Williams Jill Williams Linda Williams Betty Ann Willis William Wilson, Jr. Peggy L. Wimberley Karla K. Winecoff Freshmen You can ' t win ' em all 300 Carolyn Yarbrough Elizabeth Yancey Joan Youmans Mary Nell Youmans 301 306 J WE CIVE STATESBORO ' S LARGEST FINEST P ■ a " DEPARTMENT STORE lf™ E p£ Serving Southeast Georgia for over 55 Years With Nationally Famous Brands of Merchandise SEA ISLAND BANK DOWNTOWN SOUTHSIDE BRANCH STATESBORO, GEORGIA 307 H. W. SMITH BELK ' S DEPT STORE JEWELERS Home of Better Values Watchmaker STATESBORO, GEORGIA Engraver Stone Setter South Main Street STATESBORO, GEORGIA W. C. AKINS AND SON PARKWOOD Hardware Sporting Goods MOTEL AND RESTAURANT 30-32 East Main Street For Complete Relaxation, STATESBORO, GEORGIA Pleasant and Humble Service 10 per cent Discount to Students ln?ur n o »nrl Da l C«i»i A injui ance ana rvOal CSTaTe v ompiimenTS CURRY of INSURANCE AGENCY PIGGLY WIGGLY 15 Courtland Street Phone 764-2855 STATESBORO, GEORGIA LUMr LIIVltIN 1 O CURTIS VOLKSWAGEN, INC. OF Hiahwav 301 Nor+h PFARCE YOUNG ANGEL COMPANY CT A TCX Rf D O CC D 1 A " Jft (CO wnoiesaie tooos uistriDUTors Butinacc Phnno Fresh — Frozen — Canned — Dried Residence Phone 764-3928 3895 Meeting Street Road CURTIS YOUNGBLOOD, President CHARLESTON HEIGHTS, S.C. Phone 744-6221 308 W. H. CHANDLER TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS Peanut Butter Sandwiches Candies, Potato Chips Phone 764-2021 STATESBORO, GEORGIA LANIER BOOK STORE Eagle Shopping Center Chandler Read at Georgia Avenue Southeast Georgia ' s Finest Specialty Store Featuring America ' s Finest Brands of Ladies ' and Children ' s Fashions Reach For TILLI ' S " For Your Shopping Pleasure " Statesboro ' s First Choice! STATESBORO, GEORGIA 309 GRIMES JEWELRY CO. PRODUCER ' S COOPERATIVE Established in 1892 ASSOCIATION Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, and Farm Supplies Silver — China — Crystal South Walnut St. Box 955 Gifts STATESBORO, GEORGIA 23 South Main Statesboro, Georgia POplar 4-5645 STATESBORO MEN BOYS STORE BUGGY AND WAGON CO. 22 East Main Street General Hardware, DuPont Paints, Bardstown Suits and Sport Coats Electrical Equipment and Gift Items Van Heusen Creighton Shirts Phone PO 4-3214 " Outfitters For Men of Tradition " STATESBORO, GEORGIA IDEAL It pays to Trade at: SHOE REPAIR SHOP ELLIS DRUG CO., INC. Simmons Shopping Center " Your Drug Store " Statesboro, Georgia Phone 764-5444 Statesboro, Georgia Owner: A. W. STOCKDALE NIC NAC GRILL MOCK ' S BAKERY " It costs less to Eat Out " Specializing in Specialties 63 E. Main 41 S. Main Statesboro, Georgia STATESBORO, GEORGIA R. C. WEBB— Owner 314 Compliments of CLAUSSEN ' S BAKERY DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER University Plaza Shopping Center COMPLIMENTS OF " Q " STIK " Come by soon for Recreation and Relaxation East Main Street STATESBORO, GEORGIA RAMSEY CANDY CO. Wholesale Distributors candies — notions — tobaccos cigarettes Hav-A-Tampa King Edward Cigars Fountain-Supplies Paper-Books Phone BE 7-7271 SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA 315 HENRY ' S " THE STUDENT ' S PREFERRED SHOP " FRANKLIN CHEVROLET COMPANY INC. CHEVROLET AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Your One-Stop Center for New Chevrolets, Used Cars, and Parts ' We Wish You the Best of Everything including . . . A New Chevrolet STATESBORO MOTOR LODGE SKATE R BOWL . . . Just off campus Take her Bowling, SHE ' LL LOVE YOU FOR IT! RUBEN ROSENBURG DEPARTMENT STORE Wearing Apparel and Shoes for the Entire Family 17 South Main Phone 4-2113 GEORGIA THEATER FAMILY DRIVE-IN The Finest in Movie Entertainment GEORGIA THEATER: 764-2515 DRIVE-IN: 764-5044 (Box Office) 764-5045 (Snack Bar) FRANKLIN LIGGETT REXALL DRUGS Statesboro ' s Super Rexall Drugstore Fountain Service — Luncheonette " Remember you can find it at FRANKLIN ' S " Dial 764-5676 or 764-5675 BOWEN FURNITURE COMPANY Quality — Comfort — Enonomy Serta — Carson — Basic- Witz Samsonite — White — Continental Empire Joanna Western Shades — RCA Phone 764-3414 16 South Main Street STATESBORO, GEORGIA BEN FRANKLIN 16 East Main " School Supplies, Stationery, Gifts " SOUTHERN DISCOUNT CO. " for all your financial needs " 1 East Main St. STATESBORO, GEORGIA SEARS CATALOGUE SALES OFFICE " if it ' s listed in our catalogue, we can get it for you. " Choose from more than 100,000 items Simmons Shopping Center STATESBORO, GEORGIA WOOD ' S BARBER SHOP University Plaza Shopping Center " HAROLD " , " TED " , " DOYLE " 317 THE EAGLE The Eagle Coin Laundry The Topiary Coffee Shop Le Chateau Restaurant " Something Unique for Georgia Southern Students " BULLOCH COUNTY BANK member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation While in Statesboro, We invite you to use our modern banking facilities North Main Street Phone 764-5491 ROCKWELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY STATESBORO DIVISION Meter and Valve Distributors STATESBORO, GEORGIA UNION CAMP CORPORATION Georgia has come a long way during the past century. From the ashes of the past a new state has emerged, with industry setting the pace in a continuing program of growth. Our four Georgia Plants evidence the faith we have in a state whose potential is unlimited and whose future is as bright as its brilliant past. SAVANNAH DIVISION CONTAINER DIVISION Savannah Plant Atlanta Plant WRITE-RIGHT DIVISION Chamblee Plant FOLDING CARTON AND LABEL DIVISION Stone Mountain Plant 319 KNIGHT HOUSING CO. Off-Campus Housing for Georgia Southern Students Located on Georgia Avenue Just Off College Campus For Information and Applications Contact: Knight Housing Co., Box 128 Statesboro, Georgia Phone 764-5146 (Above) Lynne Hall THE STUDIO Development Service Film Photographic Supplies CLYDE and SUZANNE CURRIE Statesboro, Georgia HICKS OFFICE MACHINES Agency for OLIVETTI — UNDERWOOD Sales — Service 764-5914 Simmons Shopping Center Portable Typewriters Statesboro, Georgia Secretarial Services FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 113-115 North Main Street STATESBORO, GEORGIA Compliments Compliments of of GOODYEAR BARN ' S FUNERAL HOME SALES— SERVICE Simmons Shopping Center STATESBORO, GEORGIA 322 for downtown Shopping in Statesboro • Franklin Rexall-Ligget Drug Store • The Children ' s Shop • McConnell 5c and 10c Store • Dr. Ed Smart — Optometrist • Robson Home Bakery • Ideal Shoe Shop • Central Ga. Gas Corporation • Sears Catalog Sales Office • Winn Dixie Food Store • Sherwin-Williams Home Paint Store • Goodyear Service Store • Quincy Waters — All State Insurance Agent • Fifth Wheel Gift and Jewlery Shop • Hicks Business Machines • B C Barbershop • Harold ' s Variety Store • Curtis Youngblood Furniture and Appliance all in the Convenient SIMMONS SHOPPING CENTER Statesboro, Georgia Compliments of SHERIFF NEVILS and STAFF FRANKLIN ' S RESTAURANT At Intersection of U.S. Routes 301— 25— -80 STATESBORO, GEORGIA Compliments of CITY DAIRY COMPANY " Home of Molly Moo " Compliments of J AND J FABRICS University Plaza I HOUR MARTINIZING ' The Most in Dry Cleaning ' University Plaza Compliments of SMITH-TILLMAN FUNERAL Compliments of BURTON ' S SHOE STORE 324 STATESBORO TELEPHONE COMPANY " Serving Southern " Qtudent Enrollment Aaron, Don Gay, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Aaron, Patricia Anne, Fresh, Millen, Georgia; Aaron, Rupert i-arry, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Abel, D onald DeWayne, Fresh, East Peoria, 111.; Abernathy. John Arthur. Jr, Forsyth. Ga; Abner, Charles Allan, Sr. Jesup, Ga.; Abner, Davis Anthony, Soph, Jesup, Ga.; Abney, James Beville, Sr., Enigma, Ga.; Abrams, Elaine Strickland, Jr., Hortense, Ga.; Ackerman, Carol Elaine, Jr., Hyde Park, N.Y.; Ackerman, Mary Christine, Fresh. Hyde Park, N.Y.; Acree. Ernest Marshall, Soph, Forest Park, Ga.; Adams, Charles Richard, Jr., Lancaster, S.C.; Adams. Charles Larry, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Adams. Claude Morton. Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Adams, Elizabeth A., UNCL, Statesboro, Ga.; Adams, Joan Elaine. Sr., Forest Park, Ga.; Adams, John David, Jr., Delray Beach, Fla.; Adams, John William Jr., Soph., Morrow, Ga.; Adams. Tommy Elmer, Soph., Augusta, Ga.; Adamson, Carol Faye. Soph.. Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Adams. Thomas Franklin, Jr.. Lithia Springs, Ga. Adler, Donald Frederick, Sr., Statesboro. Ga.; Ahern, Jacquelyn, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Akin, Myra Ann, Jr., Martin, Ga.; Akin, Mitzi, Fresh, Ashburn, Ga.; Akins, Billy Lee, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Akins. Donald Durden, Sr., Collins, Ga.; Akins, Harold. Deane, Grad, Savannah. Ga.; Akins, John Donald, In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Akins, John Parrish, UNCL, Nashville, Ga.; Akins, Shirley Jean, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Akins, Rufus Lee, In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Akins, William Aubrey, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Alaimo, Phillip Lewis, Soph, St. Simons Is., Ga.; Albers, James Clarence, Fresh, Rincon, Ga.; Aldred. James Edward, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Alderman. Roger Hilton. Sr., Moultrie, Ga.; Aldridge, Claude Alvin, Fresh. Covington. Ga.; Aldridge, Hubert Ailey, Soph, St. Marys, Ga.; Aldridge, Horace Raymond, Soph, Blackshear, Ga.; Alexander, Claudia Marie, Sr., Reidsville, Ga.; Alexander, Jimmv Scott. Soph, Woodbury, Ga.; Alford. Lee Ann, Fresh, Macon, Ga. Alford, Mary Gail, Sr., Redan, Ga.; Alfriend, Elizabeth Nell, Fresh, Sparta, Ga.; All, Rose Marie, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Allegood, Wendell Lavaughn, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga., Allen, Betty Jane, Sr., Clyo, Ga.; Allen, Frederick Lamar, Jr., Clyo. Ga.; Allen, James Delano, Soph. Nahunta, Ga.; Allen. Roy Leon, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Allen, Rufus Julian, Sr., Ir- ton, Ga.; Allen, Sandra Gayle, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Allen, Willie B., In-Ser, Savannah Beach, Ga.; Allgood, Gecil Thomas Jr.. Sr., Oxford, Ga.; Alligood. L. M., In-Ser, Douglas, Ga.; Alligood, Raleigh Kinion, Sr., Gainesville, Fla.; Allison, Donald Leroy, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Allison, Frances Elaine, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Allison. Thomas Howard, In-Ser, Macon, Ga.; Alpert, Diane Kay, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Alsobrook, Claire Annette, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Altman, Charles Buren, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Altman, Dorothy Faye, Soph, Way- cross, Ga.; Altman, John J., Fresh, Alma, Ga.; Altman, Sylvia Ann, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Amerson, Harry Cleon, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Anderson, Benjamin Ralph, Fresh, East Point, Ga., Anderson. Bonita Sue, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Anderson. Brenda Joyce. Fresh. Statesboro. Ga.; Anderson, Carolyn Sue, Jr., Claxton. Ga.; Anderson. Carroll Franklin. Soph. Claxton, Ga.; Anderson, Charles Edison, In-ser, Stone Mt., Ga.; Anderson, Cynthia J., Grad., Statesboro, Ga.; Anderson, Edgar Franklin, Fresh, Gray. Ga.; Anderson, Embree Claudius. In-ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Anderson, Flora Elaine, Jr., Registar, Ga.; Anderson, James Roscoe, Sr., Statesboro. Ga.; Anderson, Jimmy Lee, Sr., Cairo, Ga.; Anderson, Joel Manning, Jr., Fun- ston, Ga.; Anderson, John Thomas, Jr, Registar Ga.; Anderson, Lacretia Carol, Jr.; Swainsboro, Ga.; Anderson, Larry Smith, Sr., Claxton, Ga.; Anderson, Lee Britton, Fresh, Tampa, Fla.; Anderson, Lynn Stewart, Jr., Twin City, Ga.; Anderson, Mary Anne, Sr., McRae, Ga.; Anderson, Mary Patricia, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Anderson, Rita Carolyn, Sr., St. Marys. Ga.; Anderson, William Morris, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Anderson, William Roy, Jr., Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Andrew, Walker Collins, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Andrews. Bennette William, Sr., Roberta, Ga.; Anglin, Martha Jean, Jr., Jefferson, Ga.; Andrews, Henry Gene, Jr., Collins, Ga.; Andrews, Karyn Everett, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Ansley, Carol Diane, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Andrews, Norman Elliott, Fresh, Marietta, Ga. Andrews, Virginia Lynn, Fresh. Atlanta, Ga.; Archibald, Alex, III, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Archer, Ronald Stanley, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Ansley, Bobby James, Fresh, Cairo, Ga.; Ard, John Roy, Sr., Okeechobee, Fla.; Argroves. Janet Willis. In-ser, Savannah. Ga.; Armenio, Robert William. Sr.. Cambria Hts., N.Y.; Armstrong. Robert Lewis, Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; Arnett, Cheryl Faye, Sr., Baxley, Ga.; Arnold. Catherine Rae, Soph, Perry, Ga. ; Arnold, Howard Hardin, In-ser, Walterboro, S.C.; Arnold, Royce, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Arnold. Stephen Kemp, Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Arnsdorff. Keith Felton, Grad., Springfield. Ga.; Arsenault, Carol Ann. Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Ashurst, Judith Louise, Fresh, Eatopton, Ga.; Askew, Beverly Antha- lene. Fresh, Columbus, Ga.; Ashmore, Faye Freemen, Sr.. Sylvania. Ga.; Askins. Mary Katherine, Fresh. Fernandina Beach, Fla.; Aspinwall. David Lealand, Jr.. Hinesville. Ga.; At- kins, Judy Anne, Jr., Monticello, Ga.; Atkinson, Sanford Jo, Soph, Sarasota, Fla.; Attaway, Susan Rebecca. Fresh, Hoschton, Ga.; Attaway, Pearl McArthur, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Auld. James Arthur. Sr., Savannah, Ga., Auclaire, Angela Harriet, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Aultman, Linda Anne Jordan. Sr., Statesboro, Ga. Aultman, William Julius, Jr., Poulan, Ga.; Austin, Robert Henry, In-ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Austin, William David, Soph, Winder, Ga.; Autry, Claudia Jean, Fresh, Tucker, Ga.; Avera, Vaughn Hickson, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; A vra, Robert Freeman, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Avret, B. Dianne Fallen, Jr.. Lyons, Ga.; Ayres, Michael Dennis, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Babb. Kenneth Wayne, Fresh, Mountain View, Ga.; Bachman, Russell Heywood, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bacon, Sheryl Elizabeth, Fresh, Glennville, Ga.; Badger, Ann Belle, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Baggs, Thomas Gerald. Sr., Blackshear, Ga.; Bagley, Brenda Jane, Soph, Hinesville, Ga.; Bagwell, James Emmette, Grad, Plains, Ga.; Bailey, Carl Irvin. Freshman, Madison, Ga.; Bailey, Eloise Smith, In-ser, Midville, Ga.; Bailey, Margaret Ann, Fresh, Athens, Ga.; Bailey, Mattie Jones, Sr., Lyons, Ga.; Bailey, Ronald Gene, Soph, Shelbyville, Ky.; Bailey, Shirley Ann, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bailey, Susan Kathryn, Sr., Fernandina, Fla.; Baker, Carol Inez, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga., Baker, Henry Allen, Soph, Covington, Ga.; Baker, Howard Raymond. Sr.. Statesboro, Ga.; Baker, Marie Elizabeth, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Baker, Thomas Randolph, Sr.. Perry. Ga. Baker, Vivian Kay, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Baldwin, Robert Lide, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Bales, Allen Frank, Jr., Columbus, Ga. ; Ball, Linda Elizabeth, Fresh. Decatur, Ga.; Ball. Shirley Madeline, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Ballance, Marsha Anne, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Banes, Howard Bardin, Sr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Banks, Eunice Julie, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Banks, Janis Kathryn, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Banks, Latrelle Vandelia, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Banks, Mary Gwendolyn, Jr.. Statesboro, Ga.; Banks, Steeny Chester, Jr., Vidalia, Ga.; Banks, Willa Daniel, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bankston, Cary Edward, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bannister, Linda Jane, Jr., Moultrie, Ga.; Barber, Pamela Elizabeth, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Barclay. Francis Mylan, Soph, Monroe, Ga.; Barefoot, Joseph William, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Barfield, Elizabeth Lynn, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Barfield. Shirley Yvonne, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Barfield, Patsy Diane, Fresh, Hapeville, Ga.; Bargainnier, Charla Renee, Fresh, Lindale, Ga.; Bargeron, Emily Carole. Fresh, Sardis, Ga.; Bargeron, Elizabeth Ann, Jr., Mcintosh, Ga.; Barker, Shirlee Lynda. Sr.. Pineview. Ga.; Barner, James Watson, Soph. Garden City. Ga. Barnes, Berdie Mae, Jr., Ehrhardt, S.C.; Barnes, Elsie Ruth, Soph, Metter, Ga.; Barnes, Hugh Robert, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Barns, Larue Carlyn, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Barnes. Linda Faye, Sr., Augusta, Ga.; Barnes, Marcia Joan, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Barnes, Michael Dane, Fresh, Brooklet, Ga.; Barnett, Joe Carswell, Fresh, Washington, Ga.; Barnett, Francis Daniel, Fresh, Washington, Ga.; Barnett, Gary Millege, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Barrett, Floyd Anthony, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Barnhill, Ronnie Archie, Sr.. Glennville, Ga.; Barr, Judye Marie. Soph, Marshallville, Ga.; Barr, Michael Harold, Sr., Flushing, N.Y.; Barrett. Robert Eugene. Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Barrett, Wendy Leigh, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Barnnger, John Henry III, Sr., Salisburg, N.C.; Barrow, Doris Alford, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Barry, Brenda Lavada, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Bartlett, Ernest Wardner, Soph, Waynesboro, Ga.; Bartlett. John Plamer, Fresh, Waynesboro, Ga.; Barton, Susan Elizabeth, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Barft ' ick, Ruby Jo, Sr.. Soperton, Ga.; Bass, Bertie Louise, Jr., Fayetteville, Ga.; Bass, James Sinclair III. Soph, Georgetown, S.C.; Bass, Robert Neal, Fresh, Alamo, Ga.; Bassett, Sherry Ann, Fresh, Albanv. Ga.; Bassett. Tommy Lee. Soph, Columbus, Ga. Batchelor, Faye Sherrell, Jr., McRae, Ga.; Batchelor, Martha Catherin, Fresh, McRae, Ga.; Bateman, Edwin Neal, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Bateman, Larry Franklin, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Bates, Barbara Jean, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Batten, Gloria Ann, Fresh, Douglas, Ga.; Batten, James Lynn, Jr., Nahunta, Ga.; Baits, Millard Allison, Jr., Moultrie, Ga.; Baumgarden, Mary Kenille, Sr., Gainesville, Ga.; Bauer. Helen Louise. Fresh, St. Marys, Ga.; Baxley, Arthur Gene, Jr., Barnwell, Ga.; Baxley, Mella Dean, Jr., Waynesboro, Ga.; Bazemore, Alfred Tuggle, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Baxter, Sheryl Kay, Jr., Ludowici, Ga.; Bazemore, Bruce Kelly, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Baygents, Gerald E., Grad, Warner Robins, Ga.; Bazemore. Brenda Celathia. Soph, Pembroke, Ga.; Bazemore, Hazel Arrington, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Bazemore, Hubert L.. In-Ser, Sylvania, Ga.; Bazemore, Joseph Rodney, Fresh. Savannah, Ga.; Bazemore. Norris Sutton, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Bazemore, Phyllis B., Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Beall. Susan Ann, Jr.. Dublin. Ga.; Beaschler, Dana, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Bean, Sara Elizabeth, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Bearden, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Bonaire. Ga.; Beasley, Kenneth Ray. Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Beasley, Phoebe Sarah. Fresh, Statesboro, Ga. Beasley, Sharon, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Besley, Wallace McDonald, In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Barbara Jean, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Beaty. James Larry, Jr., Pavo, Ga.; Beaty. Sandra Lee. Soph, Dixie. Ga.; Beaver, Mary Ann, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Becher, Victoria Elizabeth, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Beck, John Kendall, Soph, Hazlehurst. Ga.; Beckett. Raymond Earl, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Beckum, Deborah Yvonne, Fresh, Griffin, Ga.; Beckworth, Linda Alana, Soph, Baxley, Ga.; Becton. Louis Edward, Jr., Savannah. Ga.; Bedgood. Judy Louise, Jr.. Macon, Ga.; Belgood, Richard Coe, Fresh, Athens, Ga.; Bedsole, Jimmy Owens, Jr., Barnesville Ga.; Beegle Marion L., Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Beggs, Mary Gayle, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Beglev. Wiley Thomas, Jr., Greenwood, S.C.; Behl, Arlene Ruth, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Belcher, Helen Nancy, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Belcher. Sue Marion, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bell, Clifford Hammond Jr., Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bell, Hal Estes, Fresh, Macon, Ga. ; Bell, Patricia Lee, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Bell, Julie Marjorie. Jr.. Statesboro, Ga.; Bellamy, Danny Gordon, Jr., Canon, Ga. Bellury, Joann Vaughn, Sr., Baxley, Ga.; Bennett, Beryl Kay, Fresh, Appling, Ga.; Bennett, Connie Verlee, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Bennett, Donna Ann, Soph, Jesup, Ga.; Bennett Dorothy Ann, Soph. Douglasville, Ga.; Bennett. Eunice, Jr., Sylvester, Ga.; Bennett, James Daniel, Fresh, Millen, Ga.; Bennett, Judy Elaine, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Bennett, Randy Brent, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Bennett, Samuel Randolph, Sr., Culloden, Ga.; Bentley, Huby Spencer, In-Ser, Brunswick, Ga.; Bentley, Martha Elizabeth, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Benton. Judy Faye, Soph, Forest Park, Ga.; Benton, Alice, Fresh, Comer, Ga.; Benton, Linda Ann, Sr., Columbia, S.C.; Berg, Robert Clifford, Jr., St. Simons, Ga.; Berens, Robert Lawrence, Fresh, Marietta, Ga.; Bergbom, Robert Stanley, Fresh, Barrington, 111.; Berthelot, Beverly Sue. Soph, Dawson, Ga.; Bessinger, Raymond Carlton, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Bethea, Charles Vance. In- Ser, Twin Lakes, Ga.; Bevilacqua, Barbara Jean, Soph, Columbus, Ga.; Bidez, Mary Gray, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Bice, William Herbert, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Biffle, Ronald Edwin. Fresh, College Park. Ga.; Biggers, Renna Marcia, Fresh, Cordele. Ga. Biggerstaff, Deborah Elaine. Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Biles. Jo Ann, Jr., Griffin, Ga.; Birce, Willie Tullis, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Bird, Graham Dekle, Soph, Register, Ga.; Bird, Janice Sue, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Bird. Mary Nell. Soph, Metter, Ga.; Bird, William Jennings, Soph, Metter, Ga.: Birge. Karen Elizabeth, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Bishop. Aubrey Carl, Soph. Sardis, Ga.; Bishop, Cheryl Ann, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Bishop, Barbara Gayle, Sr.. Tifton, Ga.; Bishop, William Rainey, Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Black, Carol Le Wayne, Fresh, Carters- ville. Ga.; Black, Dianne Elizabeth, SoDh, Millen, Ga.; Black, Frank Alton, Sr. Millen, Ga.: Blackburn. Jerry B., Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Blackburn, Linda Kate. Jr.; Statesboro, Ga.; Black- well, Gaye Lynn, Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Blakeney, Kathy Inetbe, Soph, Smyrna, Ga.; Blakey, Mark, Anthony, Fresh, Winder, Ga., Blakewood Reginald Eugene, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Blanchard. Benjamin Barri, Sr.. Georetown. S.C; Blanchard, B ' Mie !une. Soph. Evans, Ga.; Blanchard, Joseph Easnest, Sr., Evans, Ga.; Blanchard, Rosemary, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Blanchette, Sherry, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Bland, Harriet Hays, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Bland, Cherry Ann, Fresh, Metter, Ga. Blanks. Jerry Philip, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Blanks, Virginia Lamar, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Blanton, Edna Beth, Fresh. Brunswick, Ga.; Blanton, Sondra Ann, Soph, Jesup, Ga.; Blessing. Mary Elizabeth, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Bledsoe, Charles David, Jr., McDonough, Ga.; Blitch, Winona Dianna. Fresh, Stilson, Ga.; Block, Barbara Louise, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Blood- worth. Cecilia Dianne, Soph, Peachtree, Ga.; Bloodworth, Forrest Hiram. Fre ' h, St. Simmons. Ga.; Blount, Ada Davey. Soph, Waynesboro, Ga.; Blount, Sandra Suzanne, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Boatright, Karen Retta, Soph, Mention, Ga.; Boatright, Linda Gail, Fresh, Newport News, Va.; Boatright, Sandra Jean, Soph, Newport News, Va.; Bobo. Rebecca Ann, Soph, Moultrie. Ga.; Bobe, Charles Walter, Fresh, Vincennes, Ind.; Boggan, John Ira, Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; Bohler, Sharon Carol. Soph, Butler, Ga.; Bohman, Robert Alan. Fresh, Covington, Ky.; Boje, John Richard, Sr., Winter Park, Ga.; Bolin, James Herman, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Bolton, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Marietta, Ga.; Bollinger, James Dalton. Jr.. Cochran, Ga.; Bond, Douglas Burke, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Boling, Michael Jackson. Fresh, Fitzgerald, Ga. Bond, Michael Alan, Fresh. Augusta, Ga.; Bonds, James William, Jr., Boys Estate, Ga.; Bond, Reba Elizabeth, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Booney, John Michael, Fresh, Macon, Ga;. Book- er, Sylvia Gayle, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Bonner, Brenda Walker, Fresh, Covington, Ga.; Boone. Donna Louise, Fresh, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Booth, Penny Lynn, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Booth, Carolyn Gray, Fresh, Madison, Ga.; Booth, Sally Frances, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Bostick, Albert, Evins, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Bostick, Joy Elizabeth, Jr., Tifton, Ga.; Boswell. Frankie Ann, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Bottoms , Bernice Ann, Jr., Cumming, Ga.; Bounds, Millicent Ann, Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Boulineau, William Frank, In-Ser, Hephzibah, Ga.; Bowen, John Wesley, Soph, Garfield, Ga.; Bowen, Madge Durden, In-Ser, Swainsboro, Ga.; Bowen, Larry, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Bowers, Howard M., Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Bowers, Elizabeth Anne, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Boyd, Charles Lamar, Fresh, Lincolnton, Ga.; Boyd. Diane Patricia. Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Boyd, Ellen Diane, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Boyd, Nathanial Shelton, Soph, Tifton, Ga.; Boyd, Sidonne Jo, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Boyles, Margie Elaine, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Brabham, Christina, Jr.. Allendale, S.C. Brackin, Cheryl Ann, Fresh, Odum, Ga.; Bradberry, William Loyd, Jr., Fresh, Dacula, Ga.; Bradford, Jacquejyn Louise, Soph, Pensacola, Fla.; Bradley, Dudley, Unci. Statesboro. Ga.; Bradley. Jesse Enoch, Jr., Manassas, Ga.; Bradley, John Dorise. In-Ser, Millen, Ga.; Bradley, Lynn Latham, Soph, Palmetto, Ga ; Bradley. Mary Loworn, Sr., Douglas, Ga ; Bradner, Sherry Lee, Fresh, Drathens, Ga.; Brady, Martha Caroline, Soph, Reynolds, Ga.; Brady, Thomas Wagner, Jr., Smyrna, Ga.; Bragg, Gloria Jane, Soph, Douglasville, Ga.; Bragg, Inman Thomas, Jr., Pulaski, Ga.; Bragg, Jimmy Ray, Jr., Register, Ga.; Bragg, Joy, Soph. Springfield, Ga.; Bragg. Sandra LaFaye, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Branch, Clennie. In-Ser, Baxley. Ga.; Branch, Dianne, Sr., Glennville, Ga.; Branch, Jimmy Ray, Grad, Lyons, Ga.; Branch, John Steiner, Fresh, Grovetown. Ga.; Brand. Betty Ann. Soph, Atlanta. Ga.; Brand, Miriam M., Unci, Statesboro, Ga.; Brandon, Jane Powell. Sr., Athens, Tenn.; Brandon, Judy Frances, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Brandon, Peter Bernard, Sr., Albany, Ga.; Brannan, William LaFayette. Soph, Doraville, Ga.; Brann, Diane Sue, Fresh, Streetfort Valley, Ga. Brannen, Diane Marie, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Brannen, Donald Neal, Jr., Ludowici, Ga.; Brannen, Floyd Wendell, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Brannen, Jemmebeth, Soph, Portal, Ga.; Brannen, John Joseph, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Brannen. Lehman Mike, Soph, Register, Ga.; Brannen, Nancy, Soph, Newington, Ga.; Brannen, Purvis Eric, Jr.. Soph. Pembroke. Ga.; Brannen, Winton. Sr., Ludowici, Ga.; Brannon, Carol Yvonne, Fresh, Doraville, Ga.; Brannon, Oliva Daughn, Jr., Griffin, Ga.; Brannon. Patricia Sue, Fresh. Alpharetta. Ga.; Brantley, Cecil Edwin, Soph, Tarrytown, Ga.; Brantley, Judy Gray. Sr., Wrightsville,- Ga.; Brantley, Marearet H., Sr., Swainsboro. Ga : Brantlev. Wavne, Soph. Wriehtsville. Ga.; Braswell, Joseph Wayne, Soph, Ridgeland, S.C; Braun, Harry Max. Sr., Ft. Myers, Fla.; Braun, Richard Eugene, Soph, Midway, Ga.; Bray, Barbara Deloach, Sr., Folkston, Ga.; Bray, Glen Martin, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Brazell, Barbara Gail. Soph. Warner Robins, Ga.; Brazed. Delores Anne, Soph, Bloomingdale, Ga.; Brazed, Dwight Wayne, Soph. Reidsville, Ga.; Braziel, Ronnie Doyle, Jr., Suwanee, Ga.; Brent, Marguerite Anne, Fresh, Glouscesteast Point, Ga.; Breedlove, Marion Louise, Fresh. Macon, Ga. Brett, Bonnie Ann. Soph, Hinesville, Ga.; Brewer, Herbert Delone, UNCL, Hazelhunt, Ga.; Brewer, Jimirae, Jr., Reynolds, Ga.; Brewer, Sandra Kay. Fresh, Gordon, Ga.; Brewer, Laurel Virginia, Soph, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Brewton, Bessie Mae, Soph, Pembroke, Ga.; Brice, Michael Chistopher, Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Bridges, Gloria Elaine, Sr.. Moultrie, Ga.; Bridges. John Oscar, Soph, Blakely, Ga.; Bridges, Joe Sim, Jr., Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Bridges, Larry Jewell, Fresh, Davisboro, Ga.; Bridges, William Howard, Grad, Valdosta, Gi., Bridges. Vir- ginia Ann. Soph, Blakiely, Ga.; Bright, Donna Gail, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Brinkley, Donald Charles, Sr.. Moultrie, Ga.; Brinson. Clavelia Love. Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Brinson, Geralene Stephens .Jr., Statesboro. Ga.; Broadwell, Wendell Souther, Fresh, Conyen, Ga.; Brock, Judy Louise, Sr., Carrollton, Ga.; Brock, Newton, Thompson, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Brooks, Carl Edward. Jr.. Sr., Elberton, Ga.; Brooks. Jemmy Lynne, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Brooks, John Robert, Fresh, Millen, Ga.; Brookerd, William H.. Sr., Screven, Ga.; Brooks. Pattie Elaine, Soph. Gordon, Ga.; Brooks, Walter Austin. Soph, Alapaha, Ga. Broome. Janet Dolores. Fresh. Mableton. Ga.; Brown. Barbara Ann, Sr., Carnesville, Ga.; Brown, Barbara Jean, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Brown. Barry Lee, Soph, Twin City. Ga.; Brown, Charles Allen, Fresh, Vidalia, Ga.; Brown, Charles Edwin, Jr., Doe run, Ga.; Brown, Charles Steven, Soph, Stilson, Ga.; Brown. Daniel Mathaney, Jr., Miami, Fla.; Brown, Donna Elaine, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Brown, Dorothy Jane, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Brown, Edward Leander, Soph, Richmond Hill, Ga.; Brown. Elizabeth, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Brown. Eleanor Rhea Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Brown, Evelyn Marie. Jr., Gordon. Ga.; Brown, Frances Faye, Soph. Allentown, Ga.; Brown. Henry Cook Sr.. Tampa Hills, Fla.; Brown, James Barry, Soph, Garden City, Ga.; Brown, Janet. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Brown, Jennifer, Fresh, Athens, Ga.; Brown, John Aubrey. In-Ser, Stilson, Ga.; Brown, Leslee Suz- anne, Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Brown. Keith Wayne, Fresh, Forest Park Ga.; Brown. Margaret Susan. Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Brown. Mary Harrison, Fresh, Kite, Ga.; Brown. Robert Edward Soph Statesboro, Ga.; Brown, Thomas Henry, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Brown, Thomas Russell, Jr., Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Brown, Warren Wesley. Fresh, Ludowici, Ga. Browning, Elizabeth Ann, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Browning, Howard Monroe, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Browning, Susan Juanita, Sr., Douglas, Ga.; Brubaker, Donna Lynne, Soph, Sav- annah Ga.; Brundage Patricia Anne, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Brundage, Michael James. Jr., Albany, Ga.; Brumfield, Bruce Carlton, Soph. Jesup. Ga.; Branson, Hoke Smith, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Branson, Michael M Soph, Reynolds. Ga.; Bryan, Donald Roscoe. Fresh, Bainbridge, Ga.; Bryan, Shelia Ida, Jr.. Dexter. Ga.; Bryan, William Prontaut, Jr., North Augusta, S.C; Bryant. Anna Holloman. Jr.. Moultrie, Ga.; Bryant, Charles Preston, Fresh, Monroe. Ga.; Bryant, Catherine Amelia, Fresh. Jackson, Ga.; Bryant, Larry Raymond. Sr., Moultrie, Ga.; 326 r? an R Virginia Howard In-Ser Douglas. Ga.; Bryant Virginia Carol, Jr. East Point, Ga.; Bryant. William Wayne. Fresh. Macon. Ga.; Bryson. Nona Hodges, UNCL. Statesboro. Ga.i Bull.ngton. M. q r?7« i. S Sr:. le?Gk. ' " ' 0rland0, " " Ethd LeWelly " ' Fr " h ' Cami " a - B " llin « ton - Stanley Robert. Jr.; Fitzgerald. ' r 3 ; | USh P f U ' a R » g8S i S 0ph p W ' G A Bu$ n h ' , Ruth n A " " " S 1 °P h ' ' Warn " Roi; ' ns ' Ga.; Bush. Susan La J nena; Fresh Dublm G Bussed T Hen fnman Jr ' Soph Wayi on Ga butfef Georg7Rog r W s a r n State?bo ' ro (!,? " ' " ' ' HinC5V ' " e ' Ga ' ; But1 " ' Brenda Irene ' J r - J ' " " .ngs, Fla.; Butler. E s telle D. Ir ,-Ser, ' Claxt . - . — . ■ ■ — , v- ' ■ ' ■ , — . » j ' v.di3uu, uuuuy juc, jr., nanwcu, a.; parson, v.yntnia uan, 5r.. a Carson Kenneth Lee, Fresh, Dan.elsville, Ga.; Carswell, Elaine Alice, Soph, Perry, Ga.; Carter, Carolyn Ann, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Carter, Dianne, Jr. Jasper Fla. Gail, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla. ' • r ' Carter. Janet Joyce, Soph. Newingtoru Ga.; Carter, Mary Geneva, Sr. .Hinesville, Ga.; Carter. Mary Kathleen, Jr.. Alma, Ga.; Carter, Melville Gray. Sr.. Brunswick, Ga.; Carter. JsI iSl ' jf 0 m !l Ga ; ; t 3 ™ " :. fc:.P. ent ° n . , - G .? ; w9: a . r . w ' 1 , e _- J _ An So 5. n ast P ri nt - Ga - : Cash.JToby Mack. Sr., Wrightsville. Ga.; Cason. Sue Ella. Soph, Statesboro. J " ' " ° ' t . " ' v a cs 6r j " 7, - " csnm, ivarnryn wan, sr., 1 nomasviiie, Oa.; Chesnut. Zebe Frances, Sr., States- boro, Ga.; Chester, Bonnie Linda, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Chester, Steve Floyd, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Chism, James Neal, Soph. Pelham, Ga.; Chivers Linda Ruth Soph Atlanta Ga.; Christian, Ronald Fred, Sr., Statesboro. Ga.; Christian. Patricia Lee, Fresh, Jesup, Ga. Christiansen. DavM B Sr Louisville, Kv : Christmas. Jack William. Jr., Soph, Metier Ga.; Christmas. John Wayland. Jr.. Jr.. N. Augusta. S.C.; Christmas. Juan Saye. Soph. Warner Robins, Ga.; Clack, Luther Harold, Sr Milledgeville Ga; Obulski Kimberly Ann. Fresh Girard, Ga.; Clark, Jane.t Louise. Fresh, Savannah. Ga.; Cioban. Donald Wayne, Fresh. Macon Ga.; Clancy, Jack Stacy, J .. Soph. Macon, Ga.; Clark, Carlene, Jr., Milledgeville, Ga.; Clark. Eric Delmas, Fresh; Clark, D.C.; Clark John Clifford Jr Lyons Ga • Clark Earle Patrick. Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Clark, Judith Anabel, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Clark, Linda Dianne, Fresh. Statesboro, Ga.; Clark, Mark Kelly Soph Albany Ga ■ Clark Martha Bass Fresh, Milledgeville. Ga.; Clark. Richard E., In-Ser, McRae, Ga.; Clark, Ronald Osborne, Sr.. Brunswick, Ga.; Clark, Walter Thomas, Jr., Fresh, Statesboro, Ga. ■ Clarke Robert Ritchie " Soph Warner Robins, Ga.; Clarke, Louise Watkins, In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Claxton. Fannie Lynette, Sr.. Tarrytown, Ga.; Clay, Carol Ann, Soph, Savannah Ga ; Clement Martha Lo- rice. Sonh. Sp.irta. Ga.; Clements. Guy D., Soph. Lamar, S C.; Clay, Edward William, Jr., Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Cleveland. Diana Lynn, Fresh. Elberton Ga Cleveland, Vicki Mae, Fresh, Hartwell, Georgia; Clements, Reba McClure, In-service, Statesboro, Georgia; Clements, Peggy, Fresh, Rincon, Georgia- Clifton • Jan Elaine Soph Reids- ville, Ga.; Clifton, Jerald, Soph, Millen. Ga.; Clifton, Linda Kay. Fresh, Brooklet. Ga.; Clifton, Patricia Jean, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Cloud, Nita Gayle, Soph. Macon ' Ga. ' dyatt, Lorena, Senior, Hahira. Ga.; Cobo. Evita. Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; Cochran, Richard Irby, Senior, Waynesboro, Ga.; Cochran, Cecilia Anne, Fresh, Gainesville, Ga.; Cochran Wiiilam La- mar. Jr.. Soph. Blackshear, Ga.; Cofield, Janice Marilyn. Fresh, Eastman, Ga.; Coffee, Patricia Elaine, Fresh. Austell, Ga.; Cohan. Dorthy Evelyn, Grad. Hinesville. Ga.; Cofield Carol Sue. Soph, Eastman, Ga.; Cohen, Irene Janice, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Cohn. Penelope Ann. Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Cohn. Caren Lee, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Coker. Aubrey Gary Senior, Monroe, Ga.; Coker, Laura Mae, Junior, Sycamore. Ga.; Cole. Johnnie Davis. Senior. Brunswick, Ga.; Cole, Rayford Dennington, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Cole, Robert E. Sr. " Soph. Statesboro, Ga.; Cole, William Mathews, Junior, Winterpark. Fla.; Coleman, Denese Ruth, Soph, Baxley, Ga.; Coleman, Marsha Gail, Fresh, Swainsboro Ga Coleman, Mary Ellen, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Coleman. Sandra Gail, Senior, Edison, Ga.; Coleman, Walter Mershon, Junior, Brunswick, Ga. ' ; Coley. Julie Kathryn, Soph, Claxton Ga.; Collier. David Meriwether, Fresh. Atlanta. Ga.; Collier, Lawrence Adrian, Fresh, Oglethorpe, Ga.; Collier, Miriam Anne, Senioi, Grantville. Ga.; Collier. Margaret Ann. Soph, ' Meigs, Ga.; Collier, Ruth Elizabeth, Senior, Wrightsville, Ga.; Collier. Nancy Celeste, Fresh, Warner Rob ' ns, Ga.; Collins, Brenda Jane, Soph, Hinesville, Ga.; Collins. Carlis Wayne! Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Collins, Hazel Evelyn, Junior, Metter, Ga.; Collins, Judith Ann, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Collins, Kay, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Collins, Lark Charlene, Fresh, Bax- ley. Ga.; Collins, Leonard Elton, Junior, Cobbtown, Ga.; Collins, Linda Carolyn, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Collins, Linda Joyce, Fresh. Statesboro, Ga.; Collins, Remer Joe, Fresh, Cobbtown. Ga.; Collins, Millie Sue, Junior, Collins, Ga.; Collins, Sarah Nell, Senior, Abbeville, Ga.; Colson, Marian Evelyn, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Collins, Shirley, Soph, Cobbtown, Ga.; Collins. William Powell, In-ser, Lyons. Ga.; Colson, Gordon Gregory, Fresh, Winder, Ga. Colston. Nolan L., Soph, Wrightsville, Ga.; Colson, Hugh Dorsey, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Colvin. Charlotte Diane, Senior. Hoboken, Ga.; Colvin, Jack Durham. Fresh, Locust Grove, Ga.; Colter, Jackie, Senior, Cadwell, Ga.; Colston, David Tyrone, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Cone, Frances Ether, Soph, Estill, S.C.; Cone, Ethel Harriett, Soph, Cairo, Ga.; Combs. Harriet, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Cone, George Edward, Senior, Estill, S.C.; Cone, Hyacinth Mae, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Cone, Robert Wayne, Junior, Douglas, Ga.; Cone. William G. Jr., Soph, Hinesville, Ga.; Conley, Glenda Sue, Senior, Waycross, Ga.; Conley, Myranell, Senior, Tifton, Ga.; Connell, Carol Waller, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Connell, John Carl, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Connell, Nancy Lee, Junior, Fort Valley, Ga.; Connors, Walter Bruce, Senior. Statesboro, Ga.; Conner, Sharon Suzette, Fresh, Folkston, Ga.; Conoly, Judith Evangeline, Soph. Waycross, Ga;. Conway, Mark Jones, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Cook, Betty Jane, Soph, Adrian, Ga.; Cook, Bobby Jarrell, Senior, Atlanta, Ga.; Cook, Edward Eu- gene, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Cook, Edwin Cary, Fresh, Wookland, Ga.; Cook, Elisha Jo, Soph, Riverdale, Ga. Cook, Rodney Franklin, Junior, Savannah, Ga.; Cook, Patricia Frances, Fresh, Hogansville, Ga.; Cook, Sara Ann, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Cook, Sue Winham, Senior, Statesboro. Ga.; Cook, Thomas Theodore, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Cook, William Ernest, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Cooper, Donnie Kay, Senior, Dawson, Ga.; Cooper, Jacquelyn Taylor, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Cooper, Rosemary, Junior, Ailey. Ga.; Cope, Stephen Earl, Junior, Atlanta, Ga.; Copeland, Thomas White, Senior, Clinton, S.C.; Corbell, Charles Maxwell, Senior, Savannah. Ga.; Cor- bett, Felton Conrad, Jr., Soph, Washington, Ga.; Corbett, Gloria Jean, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Corley, Beverly Kay, Senior, Lyons, Ga.; Cormican, Robert James, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Corley, Terrell Franklin. Senior, Augusta, Ga.; Cornelison, Paula Sue, Fresh, Tucker, Ga.; Corr, Cynthia Diane, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Correll, Victor Crosby, Soph, Florence, S.C.; Cos- mah, Linda Lee. Soph, Columbus, Ga.; Cottles, Thomas Melvin, Soph, Bainbridge, Ga.; Costley, Joan Elizabeth, Fresh, Conyers, Ga.; Couey, Paul Leverette, Senior, Trilby, Fla.; Co- wan, Donald Robert, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Cowan, Kingman Holley, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Cowan, Marsha Diane, Senior, Albany, Ga. Cowart, Benjamin Thomas, Soph, Manassas, Ga.; Cowart, Katrina Anne, Soph, Collins, Ga.; Cowart, Linda Kay, Senior, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Cowart, Paula Alyce, Fresh, Linwood, N.J.; Cox. Bruce Lavern, Junior, Millen, Ga.; Cox, Carol Erquette, Junior, Edison, Ga.; Cox, Eleanor Joy, Fresh, Alamo, Ga.; Cox, Cynthia Marian, Junior, Quincy, Fla.; Cox, George Alvin, Soph, Lincolnton, Ga.; Cox, Gerald Barry, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Cox, Marie Antoinette, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Craig, John Smith, Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; Craft, Marilyn, Junior, Waycross, Ga.; Crank, Marylyn Scott, Fresh, Dec atur, Ga.; Crawford, Edwin Dekle, Soph. Metter, Ga.; Crawford. Harley Carter, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Creager, Katherine Alice, Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Creamer, Benjamin Lee, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Creamer, David Edward, Fresh, Philadelphia, Penn.; Crenshaw, Carol Lynn. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Cribbs, Lila Rebecca, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Crine, Mark Joseph, Senior, Cairo, Ga.; Crittendon, Charlotte, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Cronk. Barbara Anne, Fresh, Ft. Benning, Ga.; Crook, Judith Elizabeth, Junior, St. George, S.C.; Crook, Samuel Lee, Fresh, Garden City, Ga.; Crooms, Dorothy Avlette, Fresh, Macon, Ga. Cross, E. Alvin, Junior, Midville, Ga.; Cross, Gloria Faye, Junior, Camilla, Ga.; Cross, Max Richard, Fresh, Hephzibah, Ga.; Crowe, Cynthia Jean, Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Crozier, James Ray, Soph, Baxley, Ga.; Crumbley, John Jasper, Jr., Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Crump, James Allen, Fresh, Blackshear, Ga.; Crumpler, Nancy Ray, Junior, Savannah, Ga.; Crump- ler, Kenneth Sparks, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Cudcmur, Alberto Marquez, Soph, Caracas. Ven.; Culbertson, Virginia Hayes, Fresh, Newberry, S.C.; Culbertson. Russell Oneal, Junior, Newberry, S.C.; Cullens, Emerald Van, Junior, Sandersville, Ga.; Cullens, John William, Jr.. Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; Cullens,. Peggy Jo, Junior, Vidalia, Ga.; Culpepper, Cheryl Woods, Soph. Waycross, Ga.; Culpepper, Mary Joe, Fresh, Hawkinsville, Ga.; Culpepper, Nan Olivia. Senior, Macon, Ga.; Culpepper, Wallace Paul. Soph, Columbus, Ga.; Cul- pepper. Patricia Elaine, Junior, Grovetown, Ga.; Culver, Carol Diane, Fresh, St. Simons, Ga.; Cumming, Donald William, Soph, Madison, Ga.; Cummings. Andrew Carmichael. Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Cummings. Dawn Anne, Fresh, Washington, Ga.; Cummings, Nancy Ruth, Fresh, Macon, Georgia, Cunningham, Susan Delia, Junior, Jacksonville, Ga.; Cunard, Raney Charles, Fresh, McBean, Ga. Cunningham. Clifford Lee. Fresh, Macon, Georgia; Curl, Alora Janeen, Senior, Riverdale, Ga.; Currie, Clyde Elliott, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Cypert, James Gary, Junior, Columbus, Ga.; Dailey, Elmo Gordon, Jr., Soph, Millen, Ga.; Daley, Robert Foy, Junior, Dublin, Ga.; Daly, Daniel Scott, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Damour, George Brown, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Danforth, Charles Thomas, Junior, Atlanta, Ga.; Daniel, Carolus Wood, Junior, Bellville, Ga.; Daniel, Ernest Wayne, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Daniell, Harper Carson, Junior, Bainbridge, Ga.; Daniell, John Darwin, Senior, Bellville, Ga.; Daniel, Martha Louise. Fresh, Bellville, Ga.; Daniel, Michael Connell, Junior, LaG range, Ga.; Daniel, Nanry Elizabeth, Junior, Bellville, Ga.; Daviel, Roslyn V., Senior, Augusta, Ga.; Daniel, Susie Holland, Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Daniell, Diane Carol. Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.: Daniels, Harold Thomas. Soph, Macon. Ga.; Darity, Donald Ray, Junior, Danville, Ga.; Darsey, William Pittman, Soph, Lakeland, Ga.; Darden, John Vance, Fresh, Cedartown, Ga.; Dasher, Jimmy Bazil, Fresh, Baxley. Ga.; Dasher, Pamela Ann, Fresh, Hardeeville. S.C.; Dasher, Sara Lois, Grad. Hinesville. Ga.; Daubert, Yvonne Kay, Senior, Albany, Ga.; Daughtry. Arlene Marie. Fresh, Portal, Ga. Daughtry, Clarence Lee Jr., Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Davenport, Margaret Edith, Soph, Tucker, Ga.; Daves, Otis Maxion, Senior, Twin City, Ga.; David. Louise Darden. Fresh, Lin- colnton, Ga.; Davidson, Carol Eliza beth, Junior, East Point. Ga.; Davidovitch, Lynda Jan, Junior, Fortson, Ga.; Davidson. Joanne Fulcher, In-ser. Waynesboro, Ga.; Davidson, lames Andrew, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Davidson, Patricka Alfreda, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Davidson, Earl Ronald, Soph, Doe run. Ga.; Davis, Angela Rita, Soph, Clayton, Ga.; Davis, Bar- bara Lynn. Soph, Macon, Ga.: Davis, Cameron Seward, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Davis, Catherine. Junior, Statesboro. Ga.: Davis, Charles E. Jr., Senior, Americus, Ga.; Davis. Cleve Edward. Junior, Sandersville, Ga.; Davis, Deborah Lee, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.: Davis. Delores, Soph, Soperton, Ga.; Davis, Dennis Cuyler, Junior, Orlando. Fla.; Davis, Diane Elizabeth Fresh, Hoboken. Ga.; Davis, Faye Elizabeth, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Davis, Glen Thomas, Fresh. Sylvania, Ga.; Davis, Hillie Sue, Soph, Valdosta, Ga.; Davis, Helen Godbee, In-ser, Savannah, Ga.; Davis. Jacqueline Gay. Soph, Atlanta. Ga.; Davis. James Felder. Junior, Jacksonville. Fla. Davis. James Huggins, Soph., Decatur. Georgia; Davis, James Roy, Soph., Macon, Ga.; Davis. Janice Elder, Soph., East Point, Ga.: Davis, Jeanie Carol, Senior, Tifton, Ga.; Davis, Jerry William, Senior, Oakwood, Ga.: Davis. John Melvin, Junior, Tifton, Ga.; Davis, Lola Ann. Junior, Swainsboro, Ga.; Davis, Marilyn Virginia. Fresh., East Point, Ga.; Davis. Marjorie Faye Senior. Chester, Ga.; Davis, Mary Ann, Senior, Soperton, Ga.; Davis, Morris B., Junior, Springfield, Ga.; Davis, Oscar Buddy, Fresh., Thomasville, Ga.; Dnvis. Nancy Ann, Junior. Miller, Ga.; Davis. Richard Arlan, Fresh, Gainesville, Ga.; Davis, Robert Franklin. Sopn., Cairo, Ga.; Davis, Ronald Alton, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Davis, Roger, L.. Soph., Waycross, Ga.; Davis, Thomas Ralph, Jr., Junior, Camilla, Ga.; Davis, Van Andrew, Jr., Senior. Douglas, Ga.; Davis, Walker Brown. Fresh., Warrenton, Ga.; Dawson. Elizabeth Ann, Fresh., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Dawson. Gary Meaders, Soph., Washington, Ga.; Dawson, Sandra Lee, Junior, Lumber City, Ga.; Day. Sarah Easterling, In- service, Waynesboro, Ga.; Day, Walter Gray, Fresh., Smithsburg, Ma., Deacon, Scott Lee, Fresh., Atlanta. Ga. Dazzo, Joseph Timothy, Junior, Miami Fla.; Deal, Ethelyn Jo, Fresh., Statesboro. Ga.; Deal, James Wendell, Senior, Statesboro. Ga.; Deal. Barbara Gray. Fresh.. Statesboro. Ga.; Deal, Judith Ann, Senior. Savannah, Ga.; Deal. Julian Pearson, Grad., Statesboro, Ga.; Deal, Lathia Patricia. Fresh. Statesboro. Ga.; Deal, Robert Daniel, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Dean, Janis Ellen, Fresh., Bowersville. Ga.; Dean, Emily Lee. Junior, Ashburn, Ga.; Dean, Cheryl Kay, Junior, Climax, Ga.; Deas. Richard King, Fresh., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Dean, Larue Ellen, Ftesh., Clarksville. Ga.; Deaton, Charles Peele-, Jr., Junior, Macon. Ga.; Dean, Linda June, Fresh., Warner Robins, Ga.; Deavours, Loomis E., Jr.. Senior, Leslie. Ga.; Debarry, lohn Arnold, Soph., Albany Ga.- Dedge, Peggy Ann Hagin, Senior, Savannah. Ga.; Dees, Wayne, Fresh.. Lyons, Ga.; Deer. Carl Stratton. Fresh., Augusta. Ga.: Dekle. William Thomas, Junior, Metter, Ga.; DeLamater, Edward Rossiter, In-Serv., Savannah, Ga.; Delay, Jere Dial, Soph.. East Point. Ga.; Delk. Mary Claudena. Junior. Ludowici, Ga.; Deloach, Jane Y„ Senior. Waynesboro. Ga.; Deloach. Ronald Doyle, Fresh., Brooklet, Ga.; .Deloach, Wayne Allen. Fresh., Millen. Ga.; Del Jerry Clyde, Fresh., Waycross, Ga. Demby. William Larry. Senior, Statesboro. Ga.; Demmond. Mary Marguerite. Fresh., Statesboro. Ga.; Denmark, Joan Frances, Senior, Savannah Beach, Ga ; Dennis, Amelia Jean- ette, Jr., Cochran. Ga.; Dennis, Sharon Louise, Junior. Jacksonville. Fla.; Devlaming. Jane Ellen. Soph.. Columbus, Ga.; DeVoe. Barbara Maines. Senior, Statesboro. Ga.; DeVoe. Ric- hard Jay. Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Dewberry Sharon Elizabeth, Fresh., Statesboro. Ga.; DeWitt. Gerald Allen, Soph, Jesup, Ga.: Dial. Rubye Marteal, Fresh., Covington. Ga.; Dial. Tommy Grady, Senior Waycross Ga.- Dias Nellie Sue. Senior, Homasassa. Fla.: Dick, Alan William. Soph.. Augusta, Ga.; Dickerson, Arthur Norwood. Junior. Greenville. S.C: Dickerson, James Douglas In-Ser., Claxton, Ga.; Dickey. Rex Worth, Fresh Waynesboro, Ga.; Diestel. William Herman, Fresh., Brunswick, Ga.; Dietz, Brenda Faye. Fresh., Ringgold, Ga.; Digby. Danny Mac, Fresh., Covington, Ga.,- Dillard. Robert Frederick, Fresh., Macon, Ga.: Dills. Sandra Gail, Junior, Brunswick, Ga.; Dinkins. Taska, Fresh, Folks- ton. Ga.; Dishong. Judith Virginia, Soph., Arcadia, Fla., Dixon, Annie Mae, Fresh., Alamo, Ga.; Dixon, John Conley, Soph, Lyons, Ga. ...... _ _ t Dixon, Linda Cheryl, Fresh, Hagan, Ga.; Dixon, Ronald Mereall, Senior, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Dixon. Ollie Sue, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Doak, Perry Joe, In-Ser., Irwinton, Ga.; Dob- bins. Jacqueline Elizabeth, Fresh. Marietta Ga.; Dobbins, William Mayes, In-Ser., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Dobson. Jimmy Lee. Soph. Warner Robins. Ga.: Dodd. Cherry Marcia, Fresh. Gar- den City, Ga.; Dodgen. Connie Rae. Junior, Albany Ga.: Donaldson. Bette Ruth, Junior, Twin City, Ga.; Donkar, Elaine Nick, Junior. Savannah, Ga.; Donkar, Eli Jack Senior. Sa- vannah. Ga.; Dooley, James Wilbur. Junior Clarkston Ga.; Dooley. Ethel Cheryl, Fresh, Hartwell, Ga.; Dorman. Barbara Jean, Fresh. Chamblee, Ga.; Doss. Dorothy Nell. Soph., Doeiun, Ga.; Dotson, John Anthony. Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Douglas, Myron Edwin, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Douglas, Nancy Lee, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Dowdy, Deanna Elaine, Soph, Manassas, Ga.; Dowling, Jane Louise, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Downs, Arthur Byron, Jr., Grad, Claxton, Ga.; Downs, Charles Lynton, Jr., Soph, Sandersville, Ga.; Doyle, William Leigh, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Downs, Patricia Jean, Soph, Elverson, Penn.; Doyle, Luther Walter, In-ser, Jekyll Island, Ga.; Draffin, Patricia Anne, Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Drake, Nancy Ann, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga. Drawdy, James Daniel, Jr., Blackshear, Ga.; Drawdy, Margaret Frances, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Drew, Herbert Thomas Jr., Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Drew, Lawton Lamar, In-Ser, Douglas, Ga.; Driggers, Eula Marie. Fresh, Hagan, Ga.; Driggers, Carolyn Faye, Jr., Waycross. Ga.; Drost, Winnie Anne, Sr., N. Augusta, Ga.; Druhl, Susan Carol, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Drury, Adolph Mills, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Drury, Judith Ann, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Dubberly, Pansy Latrelle. Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Dubberly, Betty Holland, Unci, Glennville, Ga.; Duck- worth, Carol Ann, Soph, Smyrna, Ga.; Duckworth, Patricia Ann, Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Duffey, Gary George, Sr., Dublin, Ga.; Duffy, Paul Anderson, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Dugg an, Francis Whitfield, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Dukes, John Ashley, Soph, Odom, Ga.; Dukes. Jennifer Elaine, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Dukes, Jane Elizabeth, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Dukes, Sharon Paulette, Sr., Odom, Ga.; Dukes, Nancy Rose, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Dukes, William Gaston, Jr., Sandersville, Ga.; Dumford, Linda Ann, Fresh, Winter Park, Fla.; Dunbar, David Marion, Jr., Hephzibah, Ga.; Duncan, David Steven, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Duncan, Larry Thomas, Soph, Macon, Ga. Dunlap, Sandra Faye, Soph, Ashburn, Ga.; Dunn, James David, Soph, Pine Mountain, Ga.; Dunn, Judy Louise, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Dunn, Lake Baxter Jr., Jr., Eatonton, Ga.; Dupree, David Jackson, Soph, Athens, Ga.; Dupree, Robert Edward, Jr., Gordon, Ga.; Durant, Margaret Miles, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Durham, Bobbie Jean, Sr., Cairo, Ga.; Duren, William Claud, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Durham, Lynn Richardson, Jr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Durrence, Donald Swinton, Sr., Reidsville, Ga. Durrence, Gregory Jerome, Soph, Glennville, Ga.; Durrence, Julia Elaine, Soph, Claxton, Ga.; Dutton, Rose Lucille, Fresh, Donaldsonville, Ga.; button, Alvin Donald, Fresh, Lookout Mt., Tenn.; Dwelle, Sandra, Sr., Millen, Ga.; Dyar, Sandra Kay, Soph, Washington, Ga.; Dyches, Sandra Lakay, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Dye, George Garrett Jr., Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Dyer, James David, Soph, Sparta, Ga.; Dykes, Carolyn Ann, Jr., Gordon. Ga.; Dykes, Danny Carlton, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Dykes, Kent Elliott, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Dykes, Wilmer Williams, Sr., Cochran, Ga.; Dykes, Wynonna Maureen, Soph, Garden City, Ga.; Dyson, Joy Estelle, Jr., Austell, Ga.; Eaddy, Thomas Elliot, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. Eady, Samuel Alex, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Eady, Linda Jean, Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Easier, James Ronald, Fresh, Grovetown, Ga.; Eason, Lisa Godwin, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Eason, Virginia Gayle, Fresh, Manassas, Ga.; Eastling, Sharyn Wingate, Sr., Decatur, Ga.; Eckienrotli, Joiin George, Sr., Hershey, Pa.; Eckert, Cheryl Ellen, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Eden, John Fred, Jr., Claxton, Ga.; Edge, Barbara Frances, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Edwards, Evelyn H., In-Ser, Tifton, Ga.; Edwards, Dorothy Feerebee, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Edwards, Leroy Bond, Soph, Thomasville, Ga.; Edwards, Rhody Laverne, Soph, Tifton, Ga.; Edwards, Harry Stevens, Fresh, Springfield, Ga.; Edwards, Melanie Jane, Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; Edwards, Susan Carol, Fresh, Andrews, S.C.; Elder, Terry, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Elkins, Abnier Joseph, Fresh, Byron, Ga.; Elkins, Emily Raines, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Elkins, Gail Louise, Sr., Byron, Ga.; Ellerbee, Emmet Leon, Sr., Chula, Ga.; Ellerbee, Fonda Elaine, Soph, Chula, Ga.; Ellington, Anthony Van, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Ellington, Louise Beaty, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; El- lington, Joseph Phillip, Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Ellington, Thomas Cecil, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga. Elliott, Dovan Gaylan, Fresh, Carl, Ga.; Elliott, Frances Delores, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Elliott, Jack Sheram, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Elliott, James Nelson, Sr., Carl, Ga.; Ellis, Diane Lynn, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Ellis, Rosa Kay, Jr., Denton, Ga.; Ellis, Thomas Edward, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Ellis, Susan Rachel, Jr., Dublin, Ga.; Ellis, William Clifton, Sr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Engelhardt, Ross, Soph, Jacksonville, Ga.; England, Larry Clayton, Soph, Dalton, Ga.; English, Harry David, Soph, Hawkinsville, Ga.; English, Krystal, Sr., Stapleton, Ga.; Engram, Franklin Tye, Grad, Douglas, Ga.; Ennis. Bonnbe Louise, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Ennis, James David, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Ennis, Marianne, Soph, Milledgeville, Ga.; Ennis, Virginia Anne, Soph. Macon, Ga.; Eno, Jennifer Jean, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Eno, Gregory Peter, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Ervin, Jo Ann, Fresh, Rossville, Ga.; Erlandson, June Evelyn, Soph, Sagamore Bch., Mass.; Essex, Leigh, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Estes, Ellen Eugenia, Fresh, Avondale, Ga.; Etters, Sue Carole. Fresh. Waycross, Ga.; Eubanks, Tommy Lynn, Fresh, Manchester, Ga.; Evans. Ellen Elizabeth, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga. Evans, Jack William, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Evans, James Shelton, Grad., Newington, Ga.; Evans, Joy Ann, Fresh., Newington, Ga.; Evans, Lamar Eugene, Jr., Gray, Ga.; Evans, Mary Zelle, Senior, Soperton, Ga.; Evans, Patricia Ann, Senior, Leslie, Ga.; Evans, Reginald Etheldred, Jr., Soperton, Ga.; Evans Rhonda Gayle, Fresh., Madison, Ga.; Evans, Wil- helmina Donovan Soph., Wadley. Ga.; Ewing, Marie Louise, Senior, Americus, Ga.; Everette, Robert Heyden, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Exley, Linda, Fresh., Springfield, Ga.; Everette, Judy Gayle, Jr., Dublin, Ga.; Ezell, Werdna Ann Franklin, Senior, Bristol, Ga.; Everson, Donald Alan, Senior, Albany, Ga.; Exley, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Brunswick, Ga ; Exley. Linda Lang, Grad, Atlanta, Ga.; Exley, Myra Elizabeth, Fresh., Garden City, Ga.; Fain, Idale Saliba, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Faglier, Harvey Larry, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Faircloth, James Stanley, Junior, Cordele, Ga.; Fairey, John Christopher, Soph., Ft. Gordon, Ga.; Falkenstrom, Karen Melea, Soph, Columbus, Ga.; Fanning, Brenda Faye, Jr., Thomson, Ga.; Fargason, Margaret Anne, Fresh., Dry Branch, Ga.; Farkas, Zoltan Andrew, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Farlow, Jimmy Douglas, Fresh., East Point, Ga. Farnell, Ronald Edward, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Farr, Betty Sheila, Soph., Macon, Ga.; Farr, Margaret Ann, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Farrell, Donald Lewis, Fresh., McDonough, Ga.; Farrell, Charles Patrick, Fresh., Marietta, Ga.; Faulk, Raymond Esties, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Faus, Edwin Randall, Soph., Piedmont, S.C.; Faulkner, Joseph Lamar, In-Ser, Macon, Ga.; Faust, Carol Ann, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Felder, Julia Anne, Fresh., Atlanta, Ga.; Felts, James Carroll. Jr., Soph., Lakeland, Ga.; Fendley, Juanita, Fresh., Bluffton, Ga.; Fennell, Robert William, Soph., Glennville, Ga.; Ference, Patricia Jean, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Ferguson, Annette Clair, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Ferrelle, William Middleton, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Fer- relle, Harvey, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Ferris, Elizabeth Ann, Soph., Warner Robins, Ga.; Fette, Thomas Gale, Fresh., Pembroke, Ga.; Fields, James Sidney. Fresh, Punier, Ga.; Fields, James Clark, Jr., ' Claxton, Ga.; Fields, Norma Ellen, Fresh., Millen, Ga.; Fields, Robert Coleman, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Fincannon, Julius Carl, Jr., Clinton, S C.; Fincher, Douglas Brice, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Fincher. Durwood Tomlinson, Soph, Macon, Ga. Fincber, Joe Leroy, Junior, Culloden, Ga.; Findley, Linda Kay, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Findley, Mary Janette, Soph,, Lyons, Ga.; Findley, Miriam Cecelia, Fresh., Richmond Hill, Ga.; Finley, Lee Harold. Junior, Greer, SC.; Finney, Larry Wayne, Junior, Macon, Ga.; Finn, Mary Burnadette, Junior, Ocala, Fla.; Finucan, William Talmadge, Junior, Union, S.C.; Fishburne. Carol Jean, Junior, Jacksonville, Fla.; Fitzpatrick, Colleen Suzan, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Flanders, Jack Benson, Soph., Swainsboro, Ga.; Flanders, Kathleen Heath, In-ser, Scotland, Ga.; Fleetwood, Helen Catherine, Soph., Savannah. Ga.; Fincher, Elaine. Fresh.; Thomaston, Ga.; Fleming, James Dewitt, Fresh., Millen, Ga.; Flesch. Karen Elizabeth, Fresh., Waycross, Ga.; Flenniken, Jane Christina, Soph., St. Marys, Ga.; Flemister, Edgar Jefferson, Senior, Sandersville, Ga.; Flowers, Carolyn Gooden, In-ser, Reidsville, Ga.; Flowers, Dana Faye, Soph., Hephzibah, Ga.; Flowers, Carlos Lindsay, Junior, Surency, Ga.; Floweis, James Wesley, In-ser, Edison, Ga.; Flowers, Margaret Gordy, Soph., Augusta, Ga.; Floyd, Barbara Ann, In-ser., Savannah, Ga.; Floyd, Patricia Ann, Senior, Cochran, Ga.; Flye, Sarah Jean, Fresh., Jacksonville, Fla. Flynt, Julia Ann, Senior, Atlanta, Ga.; Flynt, Nancy Beth, Soph., Griffin, Ga.; Flynt, Sydney Anne, Junior, Decatur, Ga.; Fogle, Leon Otis, Jr., Soph, Springfield, S.C.; Fogle, Michele Elizabeth, Senior, Hephzibah, Ga.; Folker, Dennis Alan, Fresh., Garden City, Ga.; Folger, Ann Marie, Junior, Avondale Estates. Ga.; Foran, Juanita E., In-ser, Savannah, Ga.; Forbes, Robert Elliott, Soph., St. Simons Island, Ga.; Ford, John Barry, Fresh., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Ford, Janie Francis, Soph., Macon, Ga.; Fordham, Burney Foy, Junior, Brook- let, Ga.; Fordham, Waylene, Senior Rentz, Ga.; Fore, Benjamin Baker, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Fore, Conni O ' Connell, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Forehand, David Arthur, In-ser., Vien- na, Ga.; Forlaw, David Thomas, Junior, Wadesboro, N.C.; Forney, Robert Ellis, In-Ser., Savannah Beach, Ga.; Forrester, Daniel Marshall, Soph., Toccoa, Ga.; Forth, Sandra Patricia, Senior, Dublin, Ga.; Fortune, Steven Edward, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Foskey, Joey Dees, Junior, Vidalia, Ga.; Foster, Donald Virgil, Fresh., Dublin, Ga.; Foster, Vicky Lynn, Fresh., Carrollton, Ga.; Foster, Linda Jean, Fresh., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Fountain, Beverly Elaine, Soph., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Fountain, James William, Junior, Macon, Ga.; Fountain, John William, Fresh., Bedford, Ind. Fountain, Sara Anne, Soph, Reynolds, Ga.; Fowler, Cecil Erwin, Senior, Albany, Ga.; Fowler. Kathv Elizabeth. Senior, Brunswick, Ga.; Fowlkes, William Franklin, Junior, Camden, S.C.; Fox, Thomas Patrick, Jr., Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Fox, Margaret Wynne, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Fox, William B., Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Foxworth, Peggy Sharon, Senior, Brunswick, Ga.; Franklin, Jenny Lynn, Junior, Mettier, Ga.; Franklin, Olin Grady, Soph, Metter, Ga.; Franklin, Caroline Coppage, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Franklin, Catherine Juanita, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Frankum. Carol Fay, Senior, Augusta, Ga.; Franklin, Patsy Carlene, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Fraw ' ley, Mitchell Oneal, Fresh, Hardeeville, S.C.; Freeman, Mari Nel- son, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Freeman, Richard Albert, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Freeman, Robbie Lamont, Soph, Shellman, Ga.; Freudenstein, Paul Alan, Junior, Ridgewood, N.J.; Freyer- muth, Jerry George, Junior, Springfield, Ga.; Frier, Jacquelyn Fellows, Grad, Douglas, Ga.. Fries, Nancy Jane, Fresh. Swainsboro, Ga.; Friies, Marian Jill, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Fries, Patricia, Senior. Millen, Ga.; Frith, Alice Lindsey, Fresh, Avondale Est., Ga.; Frost, Charles Robert, Jr., Junior, Dublin, Ga. Fudge, Ralph Franklin, Senior, Blakely, Ga.; Fuentes, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Fuerniss, Silva, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Fulcher, Janice Alycia, Fresh, Augusta. Ga.; Fulford, Donna Gail, Soph, Dawson, Ga.; Fulford, Johnny Thomas, Senior, Alamo, Ga.; Fuller, Charles Sidney, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Fuller, Elizabeth Ann, Junior, Dublin, Ga.; Fullerton, Peggy Jean. Junior, Jacksonville, Fla.; Fuller, Sheryl Ann, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Fuller, Warren Earle, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Fuller, Robert McLean, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Ful- lington, Laura Elizabeth, Senior, Macon, Ga.; Funderburke, Patti Lynne, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Funderburk, Ronnie Carl, Senior, Cobbtown, Ga.; Funderburk, Walter Blair, Senior, Cham- blee, Ga.; Funderburke, Sandera Leigh, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Futch, Mary Ann, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Gable, Jerry Michael, Fresh, Fairburn, Ga.; Gahagen, Francis Edward, In-ser, Brunswick, Ga.; Gaines, James Wesly, Junior, Elberton, Ga.; Gainous, William Shelby, Senior, Cairo, Ga.; Gamadanis, Karen Melanie, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Galloway, Netia Lillian, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Gantner, Mary Elizabeth, Junior, Riverdale, Ga.; Gardner, Carol Kay, Fresh, Ellabell, Ga.; Gardner, Lynda Diane, Fresh, Doraville, Ga.; Gardner, James Thomas, Senior, Dublin, Ga. Garland. Rodney Paul, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Gardner, Wanda Leigh, Fresh, Marietta, Ga.; Garner, Thomas Emory Jr., Senior, Dublin, Ga.; Garrard, Jerry Bruce. Soph. Augusta, Ga.; Garrett, Bonnie Sue, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Garrett, George Randall, Soph, Monroe, Ga.; Garrett, Mildred Janelle, Fresh, Sandersville, Ga.; Garrett, Rieena Sue, Fresh, Eatonton Ga.; Garrett, Robin Yvonne, Junior, Sandersville, Ga.; Garrison, Joseph Marcus, Junior, McRae, Ga.; Garrison, Warren Baker, Unci, Atlanta, Ga.; Garrison, Margaret Lee, Junior, Tifton, Ga.; Garvin, Dorothy Donaldson, Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Gaskins, Clayton Harley, Soph, Charleston, S.C.; Gassett, Belinda June, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Gastley, Robert Hugh, Senior, Clarksville, Ga.; Gaston, Brenda Joyce, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Gatto, Christine Patricia, Fresh, Passaic, N.J.; Gaudry, Frank Lee, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Gautier, Alice Grace, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Gay, Deborah, Soph, Millen, Ga.; Gay, James Ed, Fresh, II, Ga.; Gay, Joan, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Gay, Cynthia Frances, Fresh, Garfield, Ga.; Gay, Lawrence Jr., Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Gay, Mary Gayle, Fresh, Garfield, Ga.; Gay, Stephen Floyd, Soph, Statesboro, Ga. Gay. Susan Olivia, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Gay, Wayne Lamar, Junior, Millen, Ga.; Gayle, Currey Hubbard, Soph, Perry, Ga.; Greer, Mirian Dale, Senior, Valdosta, Ga.; Geiger, Pat- ricia Ann, Fresh, Miami, Fla.; George, Charles Elliott, Senior, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Gerrald, Dale Bernard, Soph, Rincon. Ga.; Gibbs. Cherry, Fresh, Gordon, Ga.; Gibbs, Frankie Edward, junior, Gordon, Ga.; Gibbs, Marie Olliff, In-ser, Lyons, Ga.; Gibbs, Michael Lane. Senior, Abbeville, Ga.; Gibbs, Thomas Lloyd, Junior, Gordon, Ga.; Gibson, Barbara Jean, Junior Ft. Valley, Ga.; Gibson, Harry Jackson, Soph, Folkston, Ga.; Gibson, Robert Lillie, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Gibson, Jerry Dewayne, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Gibson, William Hall, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Giddens, Brenda Lois, Junior, Cairo, Ga.; Gifford, Robert Sheldon, Fresh, Marietta, Ga.; Gilbert, John William, Senior. Macon, Ga.; Gilbert, Timot Allen, Fresh, Madison, Ga.; Gilbert, Wayne Wynne, Soph, Hawkinsville, Ga.; Gilchrist, Jane AUyson, Fresh, St. Augustine, Fla.; Giles, Edward Jackson, Jr., Senior, Fort Gaines, Ga.; Giles, James Robert, Junior, Fort Gaines, Ga.; Giles, Joanna Hamilton, Junior, Fort Gaines, Ga.; Giles, Mary Elizabeth, Junior, Fort Gaines, Ga. Gill. Larry McDuffie, Fresh., Warner Robins, Ga.; Gillespie, Gail Frierson. Fresh., Jacksonville, Fla.; Gillespie, Margaret Delain, Fresh., Albany, Ga.; Gilliam. Joseph Bryan, Senior, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; Gillis, Charles Hamilton, Fresh., Hoboken, Ga.; Gilmer, Janice Ray, Fresh., Boston, Ga.; Gillis, Glenda Sue, Soph., Soperton, Ga.; Gilstrap, Robert Franklin, Fresh., Greenville. S.C.; Ginter, Fave Starr, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Ginn, Marjorie Helen, Junior, Sasser, Ga.; Gissendanner, Candice Ann, Fresh., Brooklet, Ga.; Girardeau, Lee Meadows, Fresh., Claxton, Ga.; Gladden, Mary Anne, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Gladson, Mack Edward, Fresh., Indianapolis, Ind., Glaser, Nella Gay, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Gleaton, Michael Wayne, Junior, Springfield, S.C.; Glass. Paul Hampton, Fresh., Greensboro, Ga.; Glawson, S heryl Kate, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Glick, Mary Irene, Soph., Bloomingdale, Ga.; Glisson, Avis Elaine, Senior, Claxton, Ga.; Glisson, Janice, Soph.; Claxton, Ga.; Glisson, Robert Gerald, Junior, Manassas, Ga.; Glosson. Angela Elaine, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Gnann, Katherine Margaret, Junior, St. Simons Island, Ga.; Godbee, Larry Joe, Junior, Savannah, Ga.; Goddard. Juiius White, Jr., Senior, Waycross, Ga.; Goddard, Thomas Berry, Junior, Decatur, Ga.; Godfrey, George McCay, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Godfrey, Lee Belton, Fresh., Warner Robins, Ga.; Godfrey, Margaret Ann, Fresh., Hollywood, Fla. Godfrey. William Danny. Junior. McRae, Ga.; Godfrey, Jack E., In-ser, Baxley, Ga.; Godwin, Michael Clark, Fresh., Cairo, Ga.; Godwin, Steve Augusta, Jr., Junior, Pelham, Ga.; Goethe, Patricia Anne, Soph., Tillman, S.C.; Goen, Verlon Darlene, Soph., Griffin, Ga.; Goggins, Paula Marie, Fresh., Thomasville, Ga.; Goldstein. Ralph, Fresh., Caracas. Ven.; Gold- man, JoAnn, Fresh., Lincolnton, Ga.; Golladay, Julia Ann, Fresh., Warner Robins, Ga.; Goode, Shirley Jane, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Goodrich, Clyde Leonard, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Goodrum, Marian Carol, Soph., Warner Robins, Ga.; Goodson, Diane Lynn, Junior, Wadley, Ga.; Goodwin, Harry Leland. Senior, Aiken, S.C ; Goodwin. Patricia Ann, Fresh.; Morgan, Ga.; Gordon, Henry Newton, Fresh., Lyons, Ga.; Gordon, John Thomas, Jr., Senior, Macon, Ga.; Gordon, Linda Cain, Junior, Sylvania, Ga.; Gordon, Thomas David, Fresh., Winter Park, Fla.; Gossett, Margaret Etta, Fresh., Americus, Ga.; Goudelock, Selmar Elizabeth, Senior, Gainesville, Ga.; Gottfried, Linda Anne, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Gould, David Hamilton, Jr., Soph., Brunswick, Ga. Gowen, Walter Ray, Junior, Folston, Ga.; Goza. Patricia Lynniette, Fresh., Tucker, Ga.; Grace, Boyd Wayne, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Gracen, Janice, Soph., Statesboro. Ga.; Gracen, Robert Watson, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Gracen, Ronald Alonzo, Soph., Pooler, Ga.; Graham, Alton Wayne, Fresh., Alma, Ga.; Graham, Brian Timothy, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Graham, Cecil Donnie, Junior, Douglas, Ga.; Graham, Walter Eugene, Junior, Marietta, Ga.; Graves, James Guerrard, Soph.. Savannah, Ga.; Graves, James Simmons, Soph., Dublin, Ga.; Grant, Robert Wilson, Fresh., Comer, Ga.; Graves, James Harold, Jr., Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Gray, Betty Connell, In-Ser, Perry, Ga.; Gray, Marian Jennell, Junior, Waycross, Ga.; Gary, Robert Lee, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Graydon, Martha Jewell, Junior, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Green, Albert Buie. Jr., Senior. Savannah, Ga.; Greene, Lumley Powell, Senior, Metter, Georgia; Green, Malcolm Lawrence, Jr., Junior, Macon, Ga.; Green, Richard Norwin, Soph., Waycross, Ga.; Greene, Randall Lee, Senior, Pembroke, Ga.; Greenway, Maxie Anne, Soph., Swainsboro, Ga.; Greenway, Jerry Watis, Senior, Wadley, Ga.; Greenway, Dianna, Senior, Elberton, Ga.; Greenway, Stanley Chris, Junior, Forest Park, Ga.; Greer, Herschel Henderson, Junior, Moultrie, Ga. Gregory, Barbara Ann. Soph., Eatonton Ga.; Gregory, Charles Lambert, Soph., Atlanta, Ga.; Gregory, Ellen Louise, Fresh., Paducah, Ky.; Gregory, Roger Van. Soph.. St. Marys, Ga.; Gregory, Tommy Lyn, Soph., Atlanta, Ga.; Gregory, Walter Ray, Soph.; Paducah, Ky.; Gresham, Helen Battiste, In-ser, Savannah, Ga.; Gregory, William Hulbert, Senior; Vien- na, Ga.; Grier, Georgia Jill, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Grier, Jimmy Hall, Junior, Augusta, Ga.; Grier, Mary Anne. Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Griffin, Brenda Gail, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Griffin, Eddie, Junior, Kathleen, Ga.; Griffin, Elizabeth Lynn, Soph., Alamo, Ga.; Griffin, Harriet, Soph. Brooklet, Ga.; Griffin. Edward. Fresh.. Windermere, Fla.; Griffin, Kenneth Lamar, Junior, Macon, Ga.; Griffin, Larry Gean, Fresh., Glennville, Ga.; Griffin, Mercer Max, Senior, Bainbridge, Ga.; Griffis, William Inman, Junior, Waycross, Ga.; Griffeth, Alison, Elaine, Fresh., Winder, Ga.; Griffith, Susan Marie, Fresh., Duluth, Ga.; Grimes, Carl Ronald, Soph., Twin City, Ga.; Grimes, Mary Phyllis, Soph., States- boro, Ga.; Grimsley, Marilyn Kaye. Soph., Colquitt, Ga. Griner, James Thomas, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Griner, Donald Hubert, Soph, Nahunta, Ga.; Groom, Joseph Allenby, Fresh, Tampa, Fla.: Grooms, James Richard, Junior, Cartersville, Ga.; Groover, Billie Lee, In-ser, Jesup, Ga.; Groover, Anne, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Groover, Patricia May, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Gross, Merrilyn Victoria, Fresh, Alamo. Ga.; Guest, Alicia Elaine, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Guest, Gerald Derwood, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Guest, Judy Elaine, Junior, Dearing, Ga.; Guinn, William Harold, Jr., Senior, Statesboro, Ga.; Gulley, Norman .Lynn, Junior, Columbus, Ga.; Gulley, Diana Claire, Soph, Stone Mountain. Ga.; Gundlach, Amy Lane, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Gundlach, Dean Clyde. Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Gunn, Barbara Cheryl, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Gunrvelle, Jane Elizabeth, Junior, Olar. S.C.; Gunter, Greg Stanley, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Gunther-Mohr, Paula Frances, Soph, States- boro, Ga.; Gunther-Mohr, Ruth Lindsay, Fresh, Minhs Guais, Bra.; Gurley, David Wills, Fresh, Jefferson, Ga.; Gupton, Richard Jack, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Guterman, Edgar Mosley, Junior, D,onaldsonville. Ga.; Gutherie, William Michael Grad, Atlanta, Ga.; Guy, Hansel Ivey, Senior, Norman Park, Ga. Hadden, Connie Glenda, Soph, Stapleton, Ga.; Hadden, Harold Franklin, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Hadley, Judy Ann, Soph, LaGrange, Ga.; Hagan, Daniel Varry, Junior, Newington, Ga.; Hagins, Clara Elizabeth, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Haislip, Victoria Ann, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Hagins, David Meinert. Junior. Savannah, Ga.; Hagins, Wendell Wayne, Soph, States- boro, Ga.; Hagler, Susan Elizabeth. Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Hague. Sandra Lee, Senior, Jacksonville, Fla.; Haimovitz, Charles, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Haley, Charles Edwin, Junior, Lum- ber City, Ga.: Hall, Betty lean, Senior. Swainsboro, Ga.; Hall. Carol Sue, Senior, Wrightsville, Ga.; Haley, William Harris, Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; Hall, Charles Jr., In-ser, Savannah, Ga.; Hall, David W., Grad. Augusta, Ga.; Hall, Robert David, Junior, Bradenton, Fla.; Hall, James Anderson, Junior, Stone Mtn., Ga.; Hall, Mary Jo, Fresh, St. Simons, Isl, Ga.; Hall. Miriam Thoarnton, Grad, Augusta, Ga.; Hall, Miriam Frances, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Hall William Clay, junior, Mclntyre. Ga.; Haller, Patricia Ann, Soph. Statesboro. Ga.; Hall- igan, Susan Faye, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Halpern, Claire, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Halpern, Paul Victor, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Halstead, George Loiver Jr., Soph, Charleston, S C. Hambrick, Sherry Gay, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Hamel, Reed Thomas, jr., Wawtagh, N.Y.; Hames, Curtis Gordon, Sr., Claxton, Ga.; Hamilton, James Carl, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Ham- 328 ilton. Marsha, Fresh, Vidalia, Ga.; Hamilton, Timothy Charles, Fresh. Stony Pt., N.Y.: Hamilton Steven Snence Fresh Criffio r, • u, n i c c l 5?? ' A n ? e ' Fresh, Savannah. Ga.;HammonJ. hn Byron, Sr.. Warner Robins, Ga.; Hampton Dale uS Sr StJEt 8 £ I ' frtl. i — da Joan, Sr., Americus, Ga. Harrell, Lott Jessie, Sr., Douglas. Ga.; Harrell, Patricia Francis, Soph. Bainbridge, Ga.- Harrell Phvllis Theresa Sr Snnerton d H,rr,M n„,„. n r u i ri " ' 7 iC Lee F Sr h Ga . Harrell, Wynde.l Roddrick. Fresh, Worn, da ' .; Harrington. ' Ke C U ' SS iiS r - Ga ' Harri " Shn P F r " h ' Statesboro Ga.. Hams Charles Everett. In-Scr, McRae, Ga.; Hams. Douglas Eugene. [n-Ser. Macon, Ga!; Harris. Henry Grady I Fresh Ft VaHey Ga ' Ha " ! ' John Parker. Fresh Decatur. Ga.. Hams, James Homer, Soph, Bradley, Ga.; Hams. Marilyn Bachman, Fresh, Sparta, Ga.; Hams. Melba Anne Sr Musella Ga • Hams ' Susan EhS Ir P r?; S - : - c Harr, i Th S m i S Cl ,on - n Sr " Ga.; Harrison. Daniel Vernon. Fresh. Atlanta. Ga.; Harrison. Freeman. Lamar, jr. DuXy. Ga.? Harrison G-o«ia i Lee Safesboro Ga Hamson, Mary Barbara, Jr.. Brunswick. Ga.; Harrison, Ramona Ann, Soph, Thomson, Ga.; Harrison. Sara Frances, Jr., Manassas. Ga ; Hart Je?ry Ray 8 Soph! Hart Patricia Yvonne, In-Ser Savannah Ga.; Hartley Alice Deanna, Sr., Sylvania, Ga.; Hartley, William Marion, Sr., Wrightsville, Ga.; Hartness Sandra Jean Soph Macon Ga • Harle, EuT y Dle nn ir Jr pemhr V W " " " T John, H ' S ' atesboro, Ga.; Harvard Lin a Catherine. Fresh, Montezuma. Ga.; Harvard. Sally Teresa. Soph, Sa ' vfnnah Ga ; ' Harvey, Etta Dale. Jr. Pembroke Ga., Harvey. Jacqueline Louise. Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Harville, Jackie Jet, Soph, Statesboro. Ga.; Haselden, William Tupper Jr Garfield Ga : Has Kins, juciy sue rresn, Warner Kobins. Oa.; Hastings, Pamela Annie, Soph. Macon. Ga .; Hastings, Paul Geoffrey. Soph. Augusta. Ga ■ Hastinps Petpr l,m„ Wb A..., Morris, Sr., Waycross, Ga. Hays Mary Nell. In-Ser. Hazlehurst Ga.. Hayslip. Ronnie Albert, Jr Wadley Ga.; Hayworth, Sandra Sue, Fresh, Decatur. Ga.; Healey. Glenda Susan, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Head. Jerry Wayne. Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Head Betty Jo Sr. Baxley, Ga. . Head ley. Elizabeth Lucille, Grad, Svannah. Ga.; Heard. Edwin Lamar. Sr.. Statesboro. Ga.; Hearn. Charles Payne Soph Macon, Ga ; Heath Glenda Ann. Sr.. Girard. Ga Heath Miller Lee, Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Heath. Wayne Buns. Fresh. Augusta, Ga.; Heaton, Sally Lea. Fresh Atlantic Beach, Fla ; Heller, David Harry, Jr. Massapequa. N. Y. ; Hejl, Gwendolyn Theresa. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Heismann, Barbara Lynn. Fresh. Winter Park, Fla.; Helm, John Final cis. Soph, Washington, Ind.; Helms, Theresa Marie. Soph, Hollywood, Fla.; Helmly, Elizabeth Ashton. Sr.. Clyo, Ga.; Helmly. Glenda Kay, Jr., Clyo Ga ; Helmly Neal Arnold Sr Savannah Ga.; Helms Cecil Graton Rev. Soph, Hiltonia, Ga.; Helmuth. Teresa Fae, Soph. Statesboro, Ga.; Helton. Ruth Eveon, Jr., Statesboro Ga.- Henderson James Mic ' haei ' Jr., Blackshear, Ga.; Henderson. Patricia Elaine. Jr., Clinton, S.C.; Henderson, Sandra Ann, Jr., St. Marys. Ga.; Henderson. Wayne Fetzer Sr. Statesboro Ga Hendren Larry Robert, Fresh, Daytona, Fla.; Hendrix. Archie Carey. Sr.. Manassas, Ga.; Hendrix. Gordon Crawford, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Hendrix Lynda ' Imogene Fresh Portal Ga.; Hendrix, Mary Bowen, Jr., Metter, Ga.; Hendrix, Mary Elizabeth, Sr.. Ludowici. Ga.; Hendrix. Ruth Ellen, Sr., Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Hendrix Sara Brunelle Soph Brunswick ' Ga.; Hendrix, Thomas Warren. Soph, Savannah. Ga.; Hendry, Judson Lamar Jr., Soph.Savannah, Ga.; Hendry, Rosalind Callaway, Sr., Waycross Ga ; Hendry Vick ' i Lynn Jr ' Moultrie, Ga., Henley Patricia Rose Soph, Buford, Ga.; Henriksen, Janet Cheryl, Jr Albany.Ga.; Henry. Brenda Dale, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Henry, James Thomas ' Fresh Stockridge ' Ga.; Henry Jerry Luther, Jr.. Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Henry, Rachel Margaret, Sr., Stockbridge, Ga.; Henry, Randall Wayne, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Henry, Richard Stephen Fresh States- boro, Ga.; Henry, Robert Walter, Jr., Stockbridge, Ga.; Hensley, Susan Kay, Sr., Metter, Ga.; Henthorn, Gary Max, Sr., Warner Robins Ga.- Henson Martha Cheryl Fresh Ft Gaines, Ga.; Hereford, Mary Dabbs, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Hereford, Warren Lott. Sr., Waycross. Ga. Herman, James Edward, Fresh, Augusta. Ga.; Herndonld, Roger, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Herndon. Cheryl. Fresh, Clayton, Ga.; Herrin, Beatrice Lynn Jr. Nahunta Ga ■ Herrin Will Doty Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Herring, Martha Jeanelle, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Herring, Mary Belle, Jr., Calvary, Ga.; Herrington, Janet Louise Fresh! Claxton Ga ' .; He ' rringtoni John Gordon, Sr., Millen, Ga.; Herrington, Robert Earl, Fresh, Waynesboro, Ga.; Herrington, Timothy Leo, Soph, Waynesboro, Ga.; Hess Douglas Stephen Fresh Cuyahoga Falls Oh.; Hester, Betty Gail. Soph, Ft. Gaines. Ga.; Hester, Linda Kay, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Hester, Thomas Clay, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Hewell. Frances Sharon, ' jr., Macon Ga.- Hewitt Catherine Anne. Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Heyman, Warren Williams, Sr., Savannah. Ga.; Hickox, Linda Sue, Soph, Blackshear, Ga.; Hicks, Harry Porter, In-Ser, Savannah Ga ' .; Hiersj Dan Louis, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Hirs, Linda Jean, Soph, St. Marys, Ga.; Higginbotham, Robert H., Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Higgins Virginia Lee Sr Jacksonville ' Fla ' • High- smith. James Larry, In-Ser, Dublin, Ga.; Hill, Charles Denton Jr., Fresh, Rossville, Ga. Hill, Cecilia Ann, Fresh, Donalsonville, Ga.; Hill, Edmund Reed, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Hill, Freddy Wayne, Fresh, Kite, Ga.; Hill, Herman Randy, Soph, Trion, Ga.; Hill Howard John, Fresh, Pembroke, Ga.; Hill, Ins Dorando. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Hill, Marjorie Virginia, Grad, Americus, Ga.; Hill, Ladon C, Fresh, Donalsonville, Ga.; Hill. Selyne Elizabeth. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Hillegass, Dean Ward, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Hilliard, James Loran Jr., Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Hilliard, Cynthia Gail, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Hilliard, Barbara Jean, F resh, Jesup, Ga.; Hilliard, Linda Lee, Sr., Rhine, Ga.; Hillock, Carolyn Jean, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Hilverink, Joan Ella. Fresh, Rex, Ga.; Hinely. Harris Calvin Jr.. Sr., Springfield, Ga.; Hinely. James Hardy, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Hinely. Virginia Bridgers, Fresh. Springfield. Ga.; Hinesly, Julian Howard. Soph. Warrenton. Ga.; Hinson. Cheryl Lynn. Jr., Hazle- hurst, Ga.; Hinson, Lee Michael, Jr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Hinton. Elizabeth Jane, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Hinton, Sharon Lynn, Fresh, Forest Park, Ga.; Hinton Ann Parrish Fresh Thom- son, Ga.; Hiorns, Mary Ella, Jr., Jacksonville. Fla.; Hitt, Harriet, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Hladik, Theodore, Jr., St. Simons. Ga. Hobart, Judith Ann, Jr., Medina, N.Y.; Hobbs, Jesse Franklin, Jr., Dudley, Ga.; Hodge. Sandra Ann, Fresh, Jesup, Ga.; Hodges, Carol Louise. Soph. Springfield. Ga.; Hodges, Claire, Jr.. Bainbridge. Ga.; Hodges. Donna, Soph, Oconee, Ga.; Hodges, Dwight Richard, Jr., McDonough, Ga.; Hodges, Edwin Mottweiler, Soph, Claxton. Ga.; Hodges. Holmes Edward, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Hodges, Jerrie Lana, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Hodges, Judson Bennett Jr., Soph, East Point, Ga.; Hodges, Larry Mark, Soph, Louisville, Ga.; Hodge, Larry Frederick, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Hodges, Mary Ann, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Hodges, Murray Lee, Fresh, Tucker, Ga.; Hodges, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Hodges. Phillip Madison, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Hodges. Ray Lanier, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Hodges, Sara Elizabeth, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Hodges, Sidney Allen, Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Hoenick, Dorothy Lorado, In-Ser, Lyons, Ga.; Hogan. Katherine Ann, Jr., Eastman, Ga.; Hogan, Martha Jane, Soph, Lincolnton, Ga.; Hogan, Walter Suddath, Fresh. Jefferson. Ga.; Holbert, Ronnie James. Sr., Woodstock, Ga.; Holbrook, Thomas Walton, Sr., Waynesboro, Ga. Holcomb. Clara Coretta. Jr., Ft. Valley, Ga.; Holcomb. Judy Dianne, Fresh, Hartwell, Ga.; Holcomb. Nancy Anderson, Sr., Sylvania, Ga.; Holcombe. Alfred Robert. Sr.. Cochran, Ga.; Holderman, Janiae, Fresh, Avondale, Ga.; Holland, John Talmage, Sr.. Brunswick, Ga.; Holland, Johnny Lamar, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Holland, James Wilbur Jr., Jr., Charleston, S.C.; Holland, Peggy Cornelia, Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Holland, Peggy June, Fresh, Hilliard, Fla.; Virginia Key, Sr., Dublin, Ga.; Hollard, Jane Margaret. Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Holleman, Mary Lucille, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Holleman, Nathaniel, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Holiday, Melanie Ann, Soph, Danville, Ga.; Holloway, David Michael, Fresh, Odum, Ga.; Holloway, Lynda, Jr., Cobbtown, Ga.; Hollon, Terry Walt. Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Hollowell, Istalena Pace, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Holsenbeck, Harvill S.. Sr., Milledgeville, Ga.; Holston, Paula Jean, Soph, Roberta, Ga.; Holt, Carla Elizabeth, Soph, Cadwell, Ga.; Holt, Hilliard Lanier, Jr., Rochelle, Ga.; Holt, Marsha Rebecca, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Holton, Billy Pierce, Soph, Soperton, Ga.; Holton, Brenda Leigh, Soph, Alma, Ga.; Holton, Larry Erwin, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Holton. Linda Harolyn, Sr., Manassas, Ga. Holton, Lynda Jean, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Holton, Sharon White, Jr., Millen, Ga.; Hood, Faye Alexander, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Hooks, Joanne Mercer, Jr., Metter, Ga.; Hook, Jere Loe, Soph, Alapharetta, Ga.; Hooley, Adel M., Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Hooper, Joan Catherine, Jr.. Statesboro. Ga.; Hooper. Kethryn Jurelle. Fresh. Savannah. Ga.; Hoover, Monica, Jr., Barnesville, Ga.; Hope, Jessie Norman, In-Ser, Pembroke, Ga.; Hopkins, Harriet Fay. Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Hopper, Diane Marie, Jr., Cedartown, Ga.; Home, Elizabeth Charlene, Fresh, Blakely, Ga.; Home, Margaret Ellen, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; Home, Theron Wesley Jr.. Jr.. Americus, Ga.; Home, Henry Douglas, Jr., Jr., Metter, Ga.; Hornsby, David Hugo, Jr., Townsend, Ga.; Horton, Sandra Faye, Fresh, Rhine, Ga.; Horton, Floyd Kendall Jr., Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Horton, Margaret Paulette, Sr., Rhine, Ga.; Hoskins, Lar- ry Wayne, Jr., Danville, Va.; Hortman, Mary Julia, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; House, Patricia, Soph, Albany, Ga.; House, Una Elizabeth, Soph, Buford, Ga.; Houston, Brenda Lois, Soph, Sylvester, Ga.; Houston, David Steve, Fresh, Colquitt, Ga. Houston, Dennis Melvin, Soph, Franklin, N.C.; Houston, Richard C. Jr., Blakely, Ga.; Hovanec, Carol Joyce, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Howard. John Paul, Jr., Metter, Ga.; Howard. Donna Marie, Fresh, Cordele, Ga.; Howard, Mary Susan, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Howard, Rebecca Murphy, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Howard, Richard Hovey, Jr., Statesboro, Ga ' .; Ho- ward, Samuel Clinton, In-Ser, Glennville. Ga.; Howard, Susan, Soph, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Howard, Thomas Heyward, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Howard, Vernon Eugene, Fresh, Brook- let, Ga.; Howard, Wiilis Mann, Sr., Reidsville, Ga.; Howe, Frederick Gilbert, Jr., Dry Branch, Ga.; Howell. Margaret J., In-Ser, Waycross, Ga.; Howell, Desma Dianne, Fresh, Miami Shores, Fla.; Howden, Warrington Baldwin, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Howorth, Cathy Lynn, Fresh, Columbia, Miss.; Hubbard, Ike Brinson, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Hubbard, Barbara Gail. Fresh, St. Simons, Ga.; Hudgins. Adyle P., Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Hudgins, Cynthia Ann, Fresh, Ft. Benning, Ga.; Hoyt, Karol Lynn, Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Hoyt, Bradley Marshall, Fresh, East Point, Ga.; Hudson, Janiae Earlene, Sr., Ocilla, Ga.; Hudson, Janice Gayle, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Hudson, Mary Janelle, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Hudson, Roger Martin, Soph, Macon, Ga. Hudson, Shelia, Kay, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Hudson, Ronny Earl, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Hudson, Toni Loclin, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Huff, Celia Anne, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.;Huggins, Annie Mae, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Huff, John Stephen. Jr.. San Antonio, Tex.; Huff, Jer ome Joseph Jr., Unci, San Antonio. Tex.; Hughes. Clifford Roland, Fresh, Summemlle, Ga.; Hughes, Glenda Collins, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Hughes. Margaret Ann. Fresh, Rentz, Ga.; Huhn, Walter Frederick, Soph, Charleston, W.Va.; Huling, Sidney Hughes. Soph. Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Huling, Joseph Wilson, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Hulsey, Roger Derrick, Jr., Eatonton, Ga.; Hulst, John Phillip, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Humphrey, Robert Curtis, Sr., Montezuma, Ga.; Humphries, Joann, Jr., Conyers, Ga.; Humphries, Susan Gail, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.: Hunnicutt. Ann Marie. Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Hunnicut, Brenda Gail, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Hunnicutt, Judy Carol, Jr.. Forsyth, Ga.; Hunter, Barbara Smith, Fresh, Sarasota, Fla.; Hunt, Wyman Harvey, Sr., Augusta, Ga.; Hunter, Elton Linwood, Fresh, Oliver, Ga.; Hunter, Cheryl Elaine, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Hunter, Ruth Ann, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Hunter, Lee Moore, Jr., Decatur, Ga.; Hunter, Paula Frances, Fresh, Fritzgerald, Ga. Hurst, David Bing, Grad, Sylvania, Ga.; Hursey, Teresa Gail, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Hurst, William Tillman, Fresh, Richmond Hill, Ga.; Hutcheson, Judith Marie, Fresh, Aus- tell, Ga.; Hutcheson, Sybil June, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Hutchins, Jasper Dorsey, Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Hutchins, Vivian Josephine, Soph, Buford, Ga.; Hutchins, Dwight Samuel, Jr., Gainesville, Ga.; Hutchinson, Melody C Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Hutchinson. Van Quincey, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Hux, Roger Kent, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Hyatt. Bobby Dan, Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Hyers, Cleveland Cecil, Jr., Patterson, Ga.; Hyman, Evelyn Diane, Fresh, Sparta, Ga.; Igo, Judith Lynne. Fresh, Dunwoody, Ga.; Ingram, Jane C. In-Ser, Adel, Ga.; Ingram, Martha Johnson, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Ingram, William McDonald, Fresh, Adel, Ga.; Irwin. Christopher Findlay, Jr.. Sandersville. Ga.; Ireland. Patricia Ann, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Irvin, Pamela, Fresh, Columbus, Ga.; Israel, Marion Wayne, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Isaf, Beatrioe Mayfield. Jr., Macon, Ga.; " Ivey, Evelyn Eugenia. Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Ivey, Kendrick Lamar, Sr., Wrightsville, Ga.; Ivey, Marsha Cassandra, Sr., Macon, Ga. Jackson, Sidney Dwight, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Jackson. Linda Francine, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Jackson, Judy Edith, Soph, Alamo, Ga.; Jackson, James Robert. Fresh, Clarkston, Ga.; Jackson. John Colquitt, Soph, Winder, Ga.; Jackson, Joanne Bea, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Jackson, Karen Lea, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Jackson, Nancy Faye, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Jackson, Rohald Terry, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; James, Charles Adair, Sr., Americus, Ga.; James, Elton Floyd, Soph, Reidsville, Ga.; James, Ethel Elizabeth, Fresh, Commerce, Ga.; James, Edward Lae, Soph, Hephzibah, Ga.; James, Janice Cardell, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; James, Joe Costner Jr., Soph, Decatur, Ga.; James, Joe Walter, Fresh. Commerce. Ga.; James Sandra Evelyn, Jr.. Decatur, Ga.; James, Linda Thelma, Fresh, Homerville, Ga.; Jamerson. Donna Jean, Fresh, Abbeville, Ga.; Jandrew, Renee Louise. Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Jarrard, Jason, Bond, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Jarrett. Carol Jean. Jr., Toccoa, Ga.; Jarriel, Todd Lamar, Jr., Lyons, Ga.; Jeanes, Charles William, Sr., Ft. Valley. Ga.; Jeanes. Vicki Lynn, Soph, Sylvester, Ga.; Jeffords, Ellen Dunham, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Jenkins, Bonnie Louise, Jr., Sylvester, Ga.; Jenkins, Cheryl Elizabeth, Soph, Sardis, Ga.; Jenkins, Linda Diane, Fresh, Bonnaire, Ga.; Jenkins, John Jackson, Sr.. Swainsboro, Ga. Jenkins, Marshall Daniel, Soph, Charleston, S.C.; Jenkins, Nancy Rita, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Jenkins. Tommy Ellis, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Jennings, John Phillips, Jr., Vero Beach, Fla.; Jennings, Sandra Kaye, Soph, Dawson, Ga.; Jepeway, Alexis Sarah, Soph, Miami, Fla.; Jessup, Janet S., In-Ser, Lyons, Ga.; Jessup, Roger Wynne Jr., Sr., Richmond Hill, Ga.; Joes- bury, Michael Allen, Soph, Thomson, Ga.; Johns, Annie Ruth, Jr., Nahunta, Ga.; Johnson, Alicia Vivienne, Sr., Dry Branch, Ga.: Johnson, Ann Patricia, Jr., Garfield, Ga.; John- son, Arthur Jack, Jr., Baxley, Ga.; Johnson, Carolyn Ruth, Fresh, Millen, Ga.; Johnson, Charles Danny, Soph, Jesup, Ga.; Johnson, Charles Alan, Fresh, Tennille, Ga.; Johnson, Clara Bruce, In-Ser, Jacksonville, Fla.; Johnson, Dan Parkier, Jr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Johnson, Cynthia, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Johnson. Dickie Wayne, Jr.. Glenwood. Ga.; Johnson, Donald Wayne, Soph, Roswell, Ga.; Johnson, Drew Jerry, Fresh, Midville. Ga.; Johnson. Dorothy Loa, Sr., Cochran, Ga.; Johnson, Dorthy Pearce, Jr., Statesboro, Ga. Johnson, Glenda Elaine, Sr., Broxton, Ga.; Johnson, Glenda, Fresh. Garfield, Ga.; Johnson, H. F. Jr., In-Ser, Baxley, Ga.; Johnson. Herbert Lee. Soph. Newton. Ga.; Johnson Jac- queline Lawan, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Johnson, James Polk, Soph, Bainbridge, Ga.; Johnson, Jeanette, Senior, Thompson, Ga.; Johnson, Jarrell Denvard. Fresh. Auburn. Ga.; John- son, Jessie Thomas, Soph, Saluda, N.C.; Johnson, Judith, Senior, Waycross, Ga.; Johnson. Kenneth James. Soph. Swainsboro. Ga. Johnson, Kenneth Wavne. Soph, Waynesboro. Ga.; Johnson. Kenneth Joe, Jr., Mulberry. Ga.; Joynson, Lemuel Morris, Fresh, Waycross. Ga.; Johnson, Lewis Veazy Jr.. Jr.. Millen, Ga.; Johnson, Linda Elai ne, Soph, College Park, Ga.; Johnson, Lindsey Demstress. Fresh, Lizella, Ga.; Johnson, Mary Jean, Ir., Uvalda, Ga.; John, Mary Alice. Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Johnson, Patricia Ann, Jr., Warrenton. Ga.; Johnson, Patricia Mary, Fresh, Atlanta. Ga.; Johnson. Ray Earl, In-ser, Jacksonville, Fla.; Johnson, Robert Eugene III, Soph, Indianapolis, Ind.; Johnson. Stephen Neal. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Johnson, Syble, Sr., Millen, Ga.; Johnson, William Francis, Sr.. Savannah. Ga.; Johnston. Hannah Coulson. Fresh. Tampa. Fla. Johnston, Julia Anne, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Johnston. Kathleen Phydan, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Johnston, Mary Laverne, Jr., Reevesville, S.C.; Johnston, Mary Eloise, Fresh, Meridian, Ga.; Johnston, Robert Lee, Soph, Hinesville, Ga.; Johnston, Wendell Lee, Grad, Hinesville, Ga.; Joiner, Connie Mack, Fresn, Glenwood. Ga.; Joiner, Jonathan Paul, Sr., Vienna, Ga.; Joiner, James Edward, Jr.. Soperton, Ga.; Joiner, Larmar Wayne, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Joiner. Robert Michael, Jr., Millen, Ga.; Jones, Billy Ned, Soph, Reidsvelle. Ga.; Jones. Bob Evans. Fresh. Dawson, Ga.; Jones, Bobby Ray, Soph, Claton, Ga.; Jones, Charles Bernard Jr., Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; Jones, Clara Theresa. Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Jones, David Nelson, Fresh, Pembroke, Ga.; Jones, Glenda Faye, Fresh, Dawson, Ga.; Jones. Glenda Magdalene, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Jones, Harriett Elaine, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Jones, James William, Fresh, Nor-, wood Ga.; Jones, Jack PI, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Jones, Janet Elizabeth, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Jones, John Edward, Fresh, Metter. Ga.; Jones, John Robert, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Jones, Judith Ann. Soph, Alma, Ga. . Jones. Judy Patricia. Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Jones, Karen Jean, Fresh, Homestead, Fla.; Jones, Kathryn Faye. Fresh. Elberton, Ga.; Jones, Glenn Oliver, Soph., Sylvania, Ga.; Jones, Kelly Wilbur, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Jones, Kenneth Edward, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Jones, Kenneth Edwin, Unci., Warner Robins, Ga.; Jones, Lois, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Jones. Linda Lance, Fresh., Jesup, Ga.; Jones, Marlin Grady, Sr., Sparks, Ga.; Jones, Marie Pinkston, Sr.. Louisville, Ga.; Jones, Martha Angelia, Fresh., Stockton, Ga.; Jones. Mary Frances, Fresh., Jacksonville, Fla.; Jones, Mary Kathryn, Fresh., Atlanta, Ga.; Jones, Nancy Carole, Soph., Gibson, Ga.; Jones, Patricia Ann, Jr., Twin City, Ga.; Jones, Ralph Lanier, Sr., Griffin, Ga.; Jones, Robert Watson, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Jones, Roderick Hal, Sr., Soperton, Ga.: Jones, Sandra Ruth, Sr., Louisville, Ga.; Jones, Sara Gwendolyn, Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; Jones, Shorron Ann, Soph., Atlanta, Ga.; Jones, Thomas Osley, Fresh., Decatur, Ga.; Jones, William Randall, Fresh., Cairo, Ga.; Jordan, Benjamin Stewart, In-ser., Macon, Ga.; Jordan, Edith Gail, Fresn., Jesup, Ga.; Jordan, John Wesley, In-ser., Savannah, Ga. 329 Jordan, Joan Alice, Jr., Waycross, Ga.; Jordan, Linda Jo, Fresh., Atlanta, Ga.; Jordan, Robert Lee, Sr., Ball Ground, Ga.; Jordan, Ralph Bernard, Soph., Macon, Ga.; Jordan, William Lovott, Jr., Girard, Ga.; Joseph, Henry Edward, Fresh., Brunswick, Ga.; Josey, Charles Ray, Jr., Sr., Davisboro, Ga.; Jowers, Helen Geneva, Jr., Ambrose, Ga.; Jowers, Jane Ella, Jr., Ambrose, Ga.; Joyce, Lucien, In-ser., Glenwood, Ga.; Junot, Gail Elizabeth, Fresh., Doraville, Ga.; Kaney, Teresa Jeanne, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Kay, William Daniel, Fresh., Rock- mart, Ga.; Kea, Frances Pilcher, Sr., Louisville, Ga.; Keebler, Glenn, Grad., Odum, Ga.; Keefer, Clara Helen, Soph., Greenville, Ga.; Keen, Frances Runette, Jr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Keenan, Patrick David, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Keith, David Drew, Jr., Omega, Ga.; Kell, Thomas Paul, III, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Kelley, Karen Elizabeth Fresh Vidalia ' Ga • Kelley, Robert Emmett, Jr., Bainbridge, Ga.; Kelly, Allan William, Fresh., Milledgeville, Ga.; Kelly, Elaine Karen, Soph., College Park, Ga.; Kelly, Gary Earl, Fresh., Jacksonville Ga.; Kelly, Patricia Ann. Sr., Sylvania, Ga.; Kelly, Sharon Lynette, Jr., Metter, Ga. Kemp, Bobbie Ann, Soph., Camilla, Ga.; Kendrick, Aubrey Wayne, Fresh., Barnesvillie, Ga.; Kennedy, Linda Schenebeck, Fresh., Statesboro, Ga.; Kennedy, Maxwell Byron, Soph., Sardis, Ga.; Kennedy, Nancy Elaine, Jr., Claxton, Ga.; Kennickell, Ida Smith, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Kent, Helen Marie, Soph., Garfield, Ga.; Kent, John Rountree, Jr., Statesboro, Ga. ' ; Kent, Sharyn Ann, Fresh., Orange Park, Fla.; Kern, Kenan James, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Kesler, Kenneth Wayne, Soph., Toccoa, Ga.; Kesler, Sybil Lynn, Jr., Hartwell, Ga.; Kersey, ' Bessie Gayle, Fresh., Byron, Ga.; Kessler, Annie Ruth, Jr., Rincon, Ga.; Kessler, Sarah Hazel, Jr., Guyton, Ga.; Key, Manuel Vincent, Soph., Caracas, Ven.; Kicklighter, Delia M. " In-ser., Claxton, Ga.; Kicklighter, James Elliot. Soph., Screven, Ga.; Kicklighter, Sandra Jane, Jr., Claxton, Ga.; Kieffer, Nancy Evelyn, Fresh., Savannah, Ga.; Kight, Carolyn, Fresh. Alamo, Ga.; Kilday, Shirley Ann, Fresh., Claxton, Ga.; Killgo, George Marvin, Jr., Metter, Ga.; Kilgore, John Madison, Fresh., Plant City, Fla.; Kimball, Charles Howard, Jr., Soph., Perry, Ga.; Kimberly, Olin Morris, Sr., Dalton, Ga.; Kinchen, Thomas Alexander, Soph., Thomasville, Ga.; King, Carole Jane, Soph., Savannah, Ga. King, Charles Kendall, Sr., Denton, Ga.; King, Dale Franklin, Sr., Leesberg, Fla.; King, James Milton, Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; King, Jesse Thomas, Jr., Jr., Macon, Ga.; King, Marion A., Jr., Soph.. Royston, Ga.; Kingery, William Ward, Jr., Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Kirkendohl, Pauline, Jr.. Sylvania. Ga.; Kirkland. Dorothy Faye, Sr., Thomasville, Ga.; Kirkland, Jerry Orman, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Kirkland, Jimmy George, Jr., GLennville, Ga.; Kirkland, Thomas Ellijay, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Kirkland, Viva Lynn, Soph., Savannah, Ga.; Kirkpatrick, Rosa Lee, Fresh., Augusta, Ga.; Kirksey, Ruth Dianne, Fresh., Butler, Ga.; Kirschner, Faye Ruth, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Kissam, Robert Lewis, Fresh., Homestead, Fla.; Kitchens, Carol Sue, Sr., Adrian, Ga.; Kitchens, Sylvia Jean, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Kjerfve. Bjorn Ake, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Klein, Betty Crothers, In-ser., Savannah, Ga.; Klepsig, Dorothy Faye, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Klug, Allan Rudolph, Fresh., Whippany, N.J.; Knight, Billie Sue, Fresh., Swainsboro, Ga.; Knight, Darryl Lamar, Fresh., Albany, Ga.; Knight, Dianne Gwen- dolyn, Sr., Albany, Ga.; Knight, Jack Ray, Soph., Eastman, Ga. Knight, John Cantery, Unci., Atlanta, Ga.; Knight, Leonard Wayne, Junior, Albany, Ga.; Knight, Sherry Kaye. Soph., Manasas, Ga.; Knowlton, Sally Lucille, Fresh., Waycross, Ga.; Knott, Kenneth Merrell, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Knox. Joe B., Jr.. Senior, Brunswick, Ga.; Knowles, Patricia Diane, Fresh., Jacksonville, Fla.; Koger, Shirley Catherine, Fresh., Jacksonville, Fla.; Komich, Mark Richard, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Komich, Mary Louise, Unci., Statesboro, Ga.; Konkle, Mary Rebecca, Fresh., Newington, Ga.; Kozlik, Douglas Alvin, Fresh., Smithtown, N.Y.; Koopmann, Diane Dean, Fresh., Doenin, Ga.; Kopp, June Carlyn, Fresh.. Haines City. Fla.; Krakehl, Robert William, Soph., Rochester, N.Y.; Krablean, Cynthia Lee, Fresh.. ChambLee, Ga.; Kraus, Wylie Nicholas, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Krick, Roger Lenwood, Grad., Augusta, Ga.; Kuczynski, Mary Carol. Fresh., Blakely, Ga.; Laing, Barbara Rose, Junior, Macon, Ga.; Lairsey, James Gray, Fresh., Albany, Ga.; Lake, Linda Jane, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Laloe, Larry Wayne, Soph., Dublin, Ga.; Lamb. Robert Lee, Jr.; Junior, Jesup, Ga.; Lamunda. Jayne Marie, Senior, Hapeville, Ga.; Lance, Suzanne, Fresh., Atlanta, Ga.; Landis, Bonita Florie, Junior, Augusta, Ga. Landrum, Frances Jean, Fresh., Leesburg, Ga.; Lane, Duke John David, Fresh., Ft. Valley, Ga.; Lane, Carolyn Sue, Fresh., Tow-nsend, Ga.; Lane, Lana Cheryl, Fresh., Millen, Ga.; Lane, Lauren Leigh, Junior, Macon, Ga.; Lane, Linda Ruth, Fresh., Albany, Ga.; Lane, Norma Jean, Junior, Waycross, Ga.; Lane, Robert Edward, Senior, Waycross, Ga.; Lane, Sara Jo, Senior, Sylvania, Ga.; Lane, William Waters, Fresh., Sylvania, Ga.; Laney, Joan Elizabeth, Soph., Augusta, Ga.; Langford, Lapaula, Senior, Waycross, Ga.; Langford. Roland Everett, Senior, Savannah, Ga.; Lang, Sara Dianne, Senior, Tifton, Ga.; Langlev, Kathleen, Fresh., Macon, Ga.; Langston. Dante Oliver, Fresh., Cranbury, N.J.; Lanier, Bobby Dale, Senior, Ludowici, Ga.; Lanier, Dicky Nye, In-Ser, Lyons, Ga.; Lanier, Doris Nadine, Junior, Statesboro, Ga.; Lanier, Dorothy Frances, Fresh., Portal, Ga.; Lanier, James Leo, Junior, Fellsmere. Fla.,; Lanier, Judy Rebecca, Soph.. Metter, Ga.; Lanier, Lillie Joiner. Fresh., Brooklet, Ga.; Lanier, Lydia Susan, Junior, Columbus, Ga.; Lanier, Lou Ann, Soph., Lyons, Ga.; Lanier, Marcia Ann, Soph., Statesboro, Ga.; Lanier, Margaret Ann, Fresh., Macon, Ga. Lanier, Sherry Anne, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Lanier, Steve Rayford, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Lanier, William Bobby. Sr.. Metter, Ga.; Lanneau, Gary Wayne, Jr., Ashburn, Ga.; Lankford, Henry Austin, Fresh., Pearson, Ga.; Lansford, Diane Marie, Sr., Americus, Ga.; Larrick, Judith Anne, Fresh, Robins AFB, Ga.; Larrimore, Audrey, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Laseter, Michael Allen, Fresh, Madison, Ga.; Laseter, Judith Ann, Soph, Covington, Ga.; Latimer, Charles Howell, Jr., Cartersville, Ga.; Latimer, Emma Rose, Sr., Rayle, Ga.; Latimer, Morgan Len, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Lawrence, John Henry, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Lavender, Arthur James, Soph, Gordon, Ga.; Lavender, Bonnie Beth, Soph, Jefferson, Ga.; Lavender, Byron Francis, Fresh, Gordon, Ga.; Law, David Allison, Soph, Thomasville, Ga.; Lawrence. Paulette Rose, Fresh, Gainesville, Ga.; Lawhorne, Gayle, Fresh, Dawson, Ga.; Lawson, James Randall, Sr., Garden City, Ga.; Lawson, Lillian Agnes, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Layson, Henry Dolford, Jr., Milledgeville, Ga.; Layton, Nancy Lynne, Sr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Leavelle, Marilyn Frances, Fresh, Tocker, Ga.; Leclair, Sherill Marie, Fresh, East Point, Ga. Ledford, Boneta Meeks, Jr., Hephzibah, Ga.; Ledford, Larry Garnett, Grad, Hepzibah, Ga.; Lee, Bertie Frances, Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; Lee, Betty Rebecca, Jr.. Macon, Ga.; Lee, Charles Claudell, Fresh, Ft. Gordon, Ga.; Lee, Carolyn Madden, Sr., Elberton, Ga.; Lee, Harold Fred, Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Lee, Helen Linda, Jr., Nahunta. Ga.; Lee, John Paul, Sr., Talbottom, Ga.; Lee, Johnnie Eugene, Sr., Rincon, Ga.; Lee, Lennie Ellen, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Lee, Linda, In-Ser, Metter, Ga.; Lee, Marshall Emory, Fresh, Grantville, Ga.; Lee, Martha Royall, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Lee, Roy, Fresh, Guyton, Ga.; Lee, Sybil Raulerson, Jr., Hinesville, Ga.; Lehardy, Jeanne G., Grad. Statesboro. Ga.; Leitch. David Kirkwood, Fresh, Toccoa, Ga.; Lenz. Mary Elizabeth, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Lennox, Miriam Elaine, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Leonard, Gregory James, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Leonard, Pierce Dorrsent, Jr.. Swainsboro, Ga.; Leonard, Thomas Frank, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Leverett, Marilyn, Soph, Lincolnton, Ga.; Lewis, Charles Lee, Soph, Greenville, S.C.; Lewis, Carolyn Smith, Sr., Nahunta, Ga.; Lewis, Deborah Edith, Fresh, Griffin. Ga.; Lewis. Earl Frederick. Sr., Perry, Ga. Lewis. Essie Elaine, Jr., Moultrie, Ga.; Lewis, Jack M., Unci, Statesboro, Ga.; Lewis, James Alvin, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Lewis, Janice Deal. Grad. Statesboro, Ga.; Lewis, Johnny S., Grad, Glennville, Ga.; Lewis, Kathy Elizabeth, Fresh, Fernandina, Fla.; Lewis, Mary Ann. Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Lewis, Robert Walker, Soph, Monticello, Ga.; Lewis, Sarah Judith, Jr., Eatonton, Ga.; Lewis, Virginia Lansdell, In-Ser, Waynesboro, Ga.; Lie-Nielson, Charles, Soph, Wray, Ga.; Lifsey, Jerry Leon, Sr., Griffin, Ga.; Lightsey, Helen, Soph, Surrency, Ga.; Lindsey, Arlene Elizabeth, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Lindberg, Mark Leland, Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; Lindsey, John Wayne, Fresh, Reidsville, Ga.; Lindsey, Janice Addie. Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Lindsey, Michael Willis. Sr., Danburg, Ga.; Link, Regina, Sr., Stadesboro, Ga.; Lister, Sybil Rose, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Littlefi Id, James Lynn, In-Ser, Macon, Ga.; Little- ton, Sheila Venice, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Lively, Herbert Lamarr, Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Lively, Janice Irene, Sr., Waynesboro, Ga.; Lk d, Gwendolyn Dale, Soph, Cobbtown, Ga.; Lockwood, Carl Joseph, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Logan, Eleanor Anne, Fresh, Mearisville, Ga. Loggins, Larry Arnold, Sr., Hoschton, Ga.; Lokey, Mary Elizabeth, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Long, Dianne Elizabeth, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Long, Jerry Cleveland, Sr., Sardis, Ga.; Long. Mary Frances, Jr., Ludowici, Ga.; Long, Michael Joseph, Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Lopresti, Jack Vincent, Jr., Millen, Ga.; Looney, Virginia Elizabeth, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Lord, Julius Edwin, Jr., Monroe, Ga.; Lord, Dennis Gary, Fresh, Union Point, Ga.; Lord, Ottis Kermit, Jr., Hazelhurst, Ga.; Lord, T. J., Grad Dudley, Ga.; Lord, Tonie Loriene, Jr., Dudley, Ga.; Lorenz, Evelyn Anne, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Lorick, Linda Kay, Unci, Savannah, Ga.; Loska, Charles Henry, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Lott, Frances Diane, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Lotti, Dave Michael, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Love. David Lamar, Jr., Mor ;anton, Ga.; Love, Susan Elizabeth, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Lovejoy. Priscilla Ethel, Soph. Spirta, Ga.; Lovelace, Everette Glenn, Soph, Kings Mtn., N.C.; Lovelace, Harriette Terry, Soph, Thomson, Ga.; Lovein, Rob ert Short, Jr., Nashville, Ga.; Lovins, Carolyn Devenne, Grad, Hinesville, Ga.; Low, Mary, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Lowder, Archie Samuel, Sr., Brunswick, Ga. Lowe, Thomas Bowling, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Lowery, Pate Colquitt, In-Ser, Lumber City, Ga.; Lowery, Karen Laura, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Lowe, Patricia Karen. Fresh. Macon. Ga.; Lowrie, Patricia Neel, Soph, Tallahassee, Fla.; Lowman, Robert Dean, Jr., Juno, Ga.; Loyd, Marilyn, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Lucas, Celia Elaine, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Lucas, George Latimore, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Lucas, Peggy Joyce, Jr.; Cochran, Ga.; Lucy, Walta Corric, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Luedtke, Carol Ann, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Luiz, Paul Stephen, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; Luke, Roger Dale, Fresh, Pelham, Ga.; Lumpkin, Joseph Henry, Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Lundstrom, Ronald Arthur, Soph, Jonesboro, Ga.; Lunger, Carol Amamda, Fresh, Mendham, N.J.; Lynch, Monika F., Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Lynch, Ralph James, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Lynn, Donna Rae, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Lynn. David Robert, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.: Lynn, Wendell Durwood, Jr., Collins, Ga.; Macon, Bernice Graves, In-Ser, Claxton, Ga.; Maddox, Beverly Jean, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Maddox, Julia Brown, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Maddox, Lila Joan, Fresh, Eatonton, Ga.; Maddox, Selmon Thurman, Fresh, Decatur, Ga. Magee, Paige F., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Magee, Susan Elizabeth, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Maglioli, Louise Marie, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Magnon, Louis Anthony, Jr., San Antonio, Tex.; Magoon, Billie Clyde, Fresh, Hartwell, Ga.; Maguire. Michael Harold, Sr., Warrenton, Ga.; Maine, Jimmy Sylvester, Soph, Bonaire, Ga.; Mainland, Marie Annette, Fresh, Jonesboro, Ga.; Majors, Raymond Alexander, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Majors, Susan Louise, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Mallard, Lawrence Lowell. Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Mallard, Robert Ralph, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Maleszewski, Thomas C, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Malone, Eleanor Weeks, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Maloy. Bonnelle Suber. Sr.. Alma, Ga.; Malpas, J. Kenyon, Sr., Jasper, Fla.; Maner, Harvey Lee, Jr., Stockbridge, Ga.; Manchee, David Kenneth, Fresh, Sandy Springs, Ga.; Manke, Linda Susan, Fresh, Stone Mountain, Ga.; Manley, James Albert, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Mann, Angeline Sue, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Mannn, Linda Sue, Sr., Pineview, Ga.; Manning, Jon Allen, Fresh, Aurora, 111.; Manry, Rebecca Pearl, Soph, Edison, Ga.; Manry, Thelma Delores, Jr., Smithville, Ga.; Mansfield, Laura Kathleen, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Mansfield, Nancy Pauline, Sr., Albany, Ga. Manuel, Panagiotis, Michael, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Marchant, Margie Maureen, In-Ser, Omega, Ga.; Marion, Emily Anne, Soph, Scotland, Ga.; Markham, Beverly Elaine, Soph, War- ner Robins, Ga.; Marsh, Barbara Ann, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Marsh, Edwin Earl, Jr., Greenville, Ga.; Marsh, Louise Smith. In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Marsh, Susan Myra, Fresh, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Marshall, Ann Elizabeth, Fresh, Chamblee, Ga.; Marshall, Charlie George, Sr., Moultrie, Ga.; Martin, Barbara Martin, Jr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Martin, Barry Edward, Soph, Washington, Ga.; Martin, Bobby Dennis, Soph, Reynolds, Ga.; Martin, Donna Sue, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Martin, Gary Charles, Soph, Pembroke, Ga.; Martin, Edsel Dew- eese, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Martin, Ja mes William, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Martin, Joanna Bearden, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Martin, John L., Soph, Kite, Ga.; artin, Kenneth Charles, Sr., St. Louis, Mo.; Martin, Lawrence Parker, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Martin, Lillian Juanita, Sr., Thomasville, Ga.; Martin, Linda Allene, Soph, Uvalda, Ga.; Martin, Patricia Dianne, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Martin, Robbie Ann. Fresh, Madison, Ga.; Martin, Richard Allen, Fresh, Stone. Mountain, Ga.; Martsolf, Michael Paul, Jr., Augusta, Ga. Marxsen, Craig Sutcliffe, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Marwitz, Virginia Anne, Jr., College Park, Ga.; Mason, Danny Steve, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Mason, Eugene Leroy, Sr., Lyons. Ga.; Mason, George Robert, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Mason, Harry Gerard, Jr., Valley Stream, N.Y.; Mason, Scott Lee. Fresh, Swainsboro. Ga.; Massa, Phillip Joseph, Fresh. Staten Island, N.Y.; Massee, Robert Cater, Sr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Massee, Stella Lenora, Jr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Massey, Curt Wayne, Fresh, Commerce, Ga.; Massengale, Edgar Lee, Sr., Gor- don, Ga.; Massey, David McDonald, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Massey, Hubert Ray, Soph, Toccoa, Ga.; Massey, Jeffry Duane, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Massey, William Gerald. Soph, Ho- gansville, Ga.; Masters. Claire Lucas, Jr., Beaufort, S.C.; Matheny, Cynthia Kaye, Soph, Doraville, Ga.; Mathews, Bettye Lynn, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Mathews, Sonja Marie, Soph, St. Simons, Ga.; Mathis, Menzanna, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Mathis, Sandra Anne, Fresh, Ft. Gaines, Ga.; Matthews, Gennie Raye, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mattox, Bonnie Jane, Soph, Ft. Benning, Ga.; Maulden, Wilton Ronnie, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Mauldin, Susan Rebecca, Fresh, Marietta, Ga.; Mayer, Jean Marie, Jr., Columbus, Ga. May, Favne H.. Grad, Hinesville, Ga.; May, Gail Catherine, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Mays, Philip Roland. Fresh. Jacksonville, Fla.; Mayhew. Ronald Knowlton, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Maynor, Wilbert, In-Ser, Sylvania, Ga.; Mayo, Carolyn Stacks, Jr., Lancaster, S.C.; Mayo, Joanne, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mayo. Marvin Durham, Grad, Rome, Ga.; Mayo, Susan Ouido, Fresh, Sandersville, Ga.; Mays, Don Pinkney. Sr.. Yamassee. S.C.; Mays. Jo Ann, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Mays. Mary Anne. Sr.. Statesboro, Ga.; McAlister. Donald Walker, Soph. Columbia, S.C.; McAlum, Harry Gene, Fresh, Alamo, Ga.; McAnally, Carolyn Mizell, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; McAnally, Julius Moye, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; McArthur, David Charles, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; McBrayer, James Harmon. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; McBride, ' Larry Edward, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; McBride, Richard Hampton, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; McCaffrey. Edward Joseph, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; McCall, Leland Marcus, Jr., Reidsville, Ga.; McCall, Lamar Holmes, Jr., Soph, Reidsville, Ga.; McCarthy, Patricia Claire, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; McCarthy, Joseph James, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; McCarty, Karen Ann, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; McClain, Dennis Douglas, Fresh, St. Simons, Ga. McClain, Jerry Michael, Soph, Estanollee, Ga.; McClelland, James Wesley, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; McClintock, Jerry Gilmore, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; McClung, Samuel Boyce, Soph, Ma- con, Ga ; McCollum, Russell Ward, Jr., Commerce, Ga.; McConnell, Glenda Murl, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; McCorkel, Charlotte Hazel, Fresh. Statesboro, Ga.; McCorkle, John Kenneth, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; McCorkle, Linda Cheryl, Fresh. Statesboro. Ga.; McCormack, Maty Jo, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; McCormick, Gemmell Julian, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; McCranie. Glenn Herbert, Soph, Lyons, Ga.; McCormick, Carroll King, Fresh, Hinesville, Ga.; McCrary, Janet Lee. Fresh. Macon. Ga.; McCrary, Linda Jean, Fresh, Doerun, Ga.; McCrav, Vannie Lois, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; McCullough. Jerry Dean, Fresh, Odum, Ga.; McDaniel, Barbara Anne, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; McDaniel, Charles Wayne, Soph, Perkins, Ga.; McDaniel, Elmer Fred, Sr., LaGrange, Ga.; McDaniel, Joseph Stephen, Jr., Macon, Ga.; McDaniel, Preston Jesse, Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; McDonald, Julia Barrie, Jr., Jesup, Ga.; McDonald, Linda Dawn, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; McDonald, Laverne Hermine, Sr., Tifton. Ga.; McDonald, Ronny Paul, Fresh, Commerce, Ga.; McDuffie, J. Michael, Fresh, Sarasota, Fla. McDuffie, Samuel Antony, Jr., Macon, Ga.; McDuffie, William Edward. Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; McEachin, Barbara Jacquely, Sr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; McElroy, Eugenia Paige, Fresh, Atlanta. Ga.; McElroy, Wayne Roberts, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; McGahee, Joyce Marie, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; McGahee, Margaret Carolyn, Fresh, Camilla, Ga.; McGee, Mary Jo, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; McGee, Ronald Charles, Soph, Gastonia, N.C.; McGhee, Sherry Beth, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; McGinnis, Mary Bernard, Fresh, Rome, Ga.; McGoogan, Beverly Gail, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; McGowan, Michael Lewis, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; McGoogan, John Calvin, Fresh, Quitman, Ga.; McGraw, John Barry, Jr., Shelby, N.C.; McGregor, Robert Lamar, Fresh Reidsville, Ga.; Mclnvale, Billy Jack, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; McKenzie, Gerald Rosby, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; McKenzie. Patricia Alletta. Fresh, Neptune, N.J.; McKinney, Edwin Mercer, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; McKinley, Janice Irene, Sr., Pitts, Ga.; McKinnor. Susan Lynne. Jr., Douglas. Ga.; McKinney, Leslie Barber, Sr.. Statesboro, Ga.; McLanahan Myra Estelle, Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; McLain, Amelia, Jr., Lyons, Ga.; McLanahan, Zack William. Soph, Elbertson, Ga.; McLauehin, Sara Elizabeth, Soph, Manchester, Ga. McLaughlin, James Bruce, Jr., Albany, Ga.; McLean, Dorothy Olmstead, Grad, Hinesville, Ga.; McLean. Cheryl Lynn, Sr.. Alma, Ga.; McLemore. Ronald Wilson, Soph, Columbus, Ga.; McLendon, Charlotte Jewell, Soph, Blakely, Ga.; McLendon, Jeannie, Soph, Edison, Ga.;McLendon, Robert George, Fresh, Forest Park, Ga.; McLeod, Brenda Faye, Fresh. Hawkins- ville. Ga.; McLeod, John Duncan, Sr., Swainsboro, Ga.; McLeod, Rebecca Diane, Sr., Chester, Ga.; McLeod, Wallace Edward, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; McMahon, Francis Gene, Soph, Valdosta Ga.; McMaster, William Chandler, Sr., Tennille, Ga.; McMasters, James Arthur, Sr., Charleston, S C.; McMillan, Donna Sue, Sr., Osierfield, Ga.; McMillan, William Lee. Sr Jekyll Isl., Ga.; McMillan, Mary Olivia, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; McNally, Donald Joseph, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; McNair, Fowler Nickson, Sr., Leary, Ga.; McNeely, Donnie Wil- ton, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; McSeely. John Lewis, Fresh, Warner Robins. Ga.; McNeill, Constance T.. In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; McPhail. Brenda Ladonna, Soph. Macon. Ga.; McPherson, wWl " " 1- Fresh - De «tur, Ga.; McPherson, Sharon Lynn. Soph, Maitland. Fla.; McRae, John Daniel. Sonh. Swainsboro. Ga.; McWhorter. Jeannie Lynn. Fresh. Warner Rob ' ns. Ga. McWhorter Sandra Deaborn. Jr.. Washineton, Ga.; McWilliams, Charles Leroy. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Meaders, Carol Lillie. Sr.. Smyrna, Ga.; Mealor. David James, Soph, Hapeville, Ga.; Mealor. Mary Kathenne, Fresh, Hapeville, Ga.; Medders, Gayle Elaine, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Meeks. Freddy Ladon, Soph. Waycross, Ga.; Meeks. Forrest Colon, Jr.. Perrv, Ga.; Meeks. Nellie Ann. Soph, Wrightsville, Ga.; Meeks, Patsy, Sr., Soperton. Ga.; Meeks, Ruth Burch, Jr., Pulaski, Ga.; Megdal, William Howard. Soph, Beaver Falls, Pa.; Meinders, Dea na Jo. Soph. Camilla, Ga.; Melton, Charles Robert, Soph, Bolingbroke, Ga.; Melton. Donna Faye, Soph, Atlanta Ga.; Melton Mary Jo. Jr. Woodbury. Ga.; Melvin. Sharon Kay, Sr.. Fitzgerald. Ga.; Mendenhall, Mary Kathlyn. Jr.. Columbus, Ga.; Mengel, William Leon, Jr., Lakeland. Fla.; Mertins. Louis Edebohls, Soph. Augusta. Ga.; Mercer. Joe Irwin, Sr.. Jeff- ersonviMe Ga.: Mercer, Marv Kay. Fresh. Elberton. Ga.; Mercer, Mary Lou. Sr.. Metter, Ga.; Merritt, Byron Oliver, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Merritt, Paul Anthony, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Merritt, Richard Lenard, Soph, Griffin, Ga.; Merritt, Thomas Larry, Sr., Fitzgerald, Ga. »» ?5f " i! c ' t, i Anita Carol, So P n - Jacksonville, Fla.; Meybohm, Robert Lawrence, Fresh. Harlem. Ga.; Michaels, Jerry S., Soph, Savannah. Ga.; Michele. Roddy Lee, Soph, Groveland, Fla.; Middlebrooks, Calvin Andre. Jr., Perry. Ga.; Middlebrooks, Christine. Fresh, Griffin, Ga.; Middlebrooks. Meldrim Fran, Soph. Macon, Ga.; Middleton. Emogene Stroman. In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Middleton, Marion Latrelle, Sr., Ludowici, Ga.; Mikell, Helen Jacquelyn, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Milberg, Joseph Bruce. Jr.. New York. N.Y.: Miles, Constance Ann, Fresh, Surrency, Ga.; Miles. Mary Virginia. Sr.. Waycross. Ga.; Miller. Andrew Wayne, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Miller, Carroll Bruce, Sr., Statesboro. Ga.; Miller, Joan Elizabeth, Sr., St. Simons, Ga.; Miller. Glenn Edward, Soph, Savannah. Ga.; Miller, Patricia Ann, Sr., Albany. Ga.; Miller, Paula Jane. Soph. Martinez, Ga.; Miller, Peggy Joyce, Sr.. Statesboro. M ' ller - Shel ' a Mane, Jr.. Savannah, Ga.: Miller, Tim Alfred, Fresh, Commerce. Ga.; Miller. Virginia Clark. Fresh. Warner Robins, Ga.; Milligan, George, Jr., Callahan, Fla.; Mills Gerald Ralph, Sr.. Irwinton, Ga.; Mills, Marsha Lee, Jr., Darien. Ga.; Mills, William Carlos, Fresh, Augusta. Ga. Milner Eugenia Lee, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Milton. Alan Joseph. Fresh. Claxton. Ga.; Milton, Carolyn. Fresh. Oliver. Ga.; Milwee. Rayburn Thomas, Soph. Longwood, Fla.; Mimbs. William Harry, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Mims, Harry Clayton, Soph, Pavo, Ga.; Mingledorff, Carl Mathews, Jr., Douglas, Ga.; Mitchell, Deloris, Soph, Claxton, Ga.; Mitchell, Edward 330 Sfatflffi fe!Sf. fiS-S!h.«-.i HS..JU-. Ha Sooh. W lm , Robins. G, Mif J J??ZJ5£ : I V Ife » J :.S ue ? a l: G ::. Morgan, Christopher Louis. Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Mordecai. Carol Ann. jr.. Sav- is, Oa.; Morgan, Mary Elaine, Sr., Sylvania, 5a.; Morgan, Thomas Ashley, Soph, Claxton, ce Marcheta, Jr., Fitzgerald, Ga.; Morris, rad, Statesboro, Ga.; Morris, Olivia Lynn, Warner Robins, Ga.; Morrow, Laurel Mosely, Lewis Wayne Jr., Tif ton Ga.; Mosely, Andrea Carlene, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Mosely, Suzanne, Fresh, Lizella. Ga.; Moses, William Frank In-Ser Sandersville Ga ■ Mosley fcT IUr; M " L?™, ° A ' E,, " be - p J r - S S,m ° n 5[ Ga i Moulder Kenneth Lerov, Jr.. Clarksville. Ga.: Moxley. Danny Brown, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.! Mu key , Linda Lo£ M r h M.H? vh FH a " i G £r ; , Mull " , C a ud ' a Burkett Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Mulhollanci, Jaye Elizabeth, Soph, Eustis. Fla.; Mul ing. Emory Wade, Fresh Ga Lm; ' wi Im Pa,1 Irfh ?V " fcln 3r G " V 1 ck c De " n ' s - l . Sr T ' , Hawk ' . " svll l e - G ? ; : Mundy, Joseph Winfield. Fresh. Macon. Ga.; Mullins. Rosalynn. Fresh, Statesboro a, ' Mnrnh ' v I iHi ™ i™ l! fw h r • C T• ;M . Un ?• L,n a Sue Fresh Thomasville. Ga.; Munch. Sara Martha . Fresh. Jensen Beach, Fla.; Murdock, Charlotte Ann. Sr . Columbus r !r h :M J acon h G ' Murph Mu " ay - S h - Larry Winn, Sr.. Macon, Ga, Murray. Mildred Musgrove Demond Chris Sr., Meigs Ga.; Musick, Alioe Ann, Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Musick, Mary Jewel, Fresh, East Point Ga • Musselwhite loe Davis In-Ser Warner Robins William Jasper, Amelia, Sr., Sava Sr., Warner Robi Macon, Ga.; Nesmii Nessmith Martin Walton Fresh Pembroke, Ga.; Nesmith, ' Terry Ann .Soph, Moultrie! VaTTNessmith " ' Charles Ricky, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Nevil, Tony Marlin, In-Ser, Register. Ga.; Neville, Natalie Parrish, Sr., Statesboro, Ga ; Nevin, James Nelson. Sr., Cincinnati, Ohio, New, Diane Lae, Sr., Harrison, Ga.; New, Zackie. Sr., Uvalda, Ga.; Newberry. John Marcus Fresh, Lizella Ga.; Newberry, Frances Rebecca, Soph, Colquitt, Ga.; Newbold. Daniel McPhail, Jr., Crescent City, Fla.; Newell, Cheryl Ann, Jr.. Winder, Ga.; Newell. Margaret Clair. Sr., Byron, Ga.; Newsom, Mary Eugenia Fresh Davisboro, Ga.; Newton. Brenda Kay, Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Newton, Grace Williams. In-Ser. Forest Park. Ga.; Newton. Ralph Palmer, Sr.. Savannah Ga. ; Nicholson, Billy Marsha 1, Jr., Cairo, Ga.; Nicholson. Jane Kelly. Jr., Jacksonville. Fla.; Nisbet, Samuel Edward. Fresh, Darien. Ga.; Nix. Ray Edward. Fresh, Gainesville, Ga ; Nixon, Nancy Jane, Sr., Carrollton, Ga.; Nixon, Gayle Carole, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Nobles. Joseph Edward, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Noggle Fred Taylor, Jr., Louisville. Ga.; Nordman, Robert William, Sr., Patterson, Ga.; Norman, Jeffrey Melvin, Soph, Statesboro Ga. Norman, Judy Alexis, Soph Savannah Ga ; Norman, Pamelle Jane, Jr., Dover, Ga; Norman, Terry Austin, Sr., Winston-Salem, N.C.; Norman, Vickie Dianne, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.: Norns, Cecil Calvin .Fresh. Davisboro Ga.; Norns. Mary Elizabeth, Sr., Columbus. Ga.; Norris, Jimmie Franklin. Sr., Warrenton. Ga.; Norton, Hubert Melvin. Soph. Statesboro, Oa.; Norton Judy Gail Fresh, Roswell, Ga.; Norton, William Arnold, Grad. Fairburn, Ga.; North. John Wright, Sr., Wayn esboro. Ga.; Norwood, Martha Francis, Soph. Thomasville. Ga.; Norwicki Joseph Marvin, Sr., Jacksonville. Fla.; Nunnally, John Robert. Grad. Statesboro, Ga.; Nystrom, John H., Jr., Eustis, Fla.; Oakley, Gilbert Sidney Fresh Milledgeville Ga.; Obnen Elaine Frances, Soph, Surrency Ga.; Odom, Franklin Currie, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Odom, John Duncan, Soph. Brunswick, Ga.; Odom, Sandra Kaye, Fresh. Warner Ro- bins Ga.; Odum, Robert Harold. Fresh, Reidsville, Ga.; Ogier, Marion Ollys, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Oglesby, James David, Sr., Alexander. Ga.; Oglesby, Sally Ann. Fresh, Port Went- worth, Oa, Ogletree, Brenda Kathryn, Jr., Sparta, Ga.; Ohara, Linda Dianne, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Ohora, Kathleen Francis, Soph, Brunswick, Ga. Oleary Timothy James, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Osteen, Robert W., In-Ser, West Green, Ga.; Oliver, Linda Young, Sr., Wrens. Ga.; Oliver. John Preston. Soph, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Oliver, Julie Ann, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Olliff, James Lamar, Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Olliff, William Cail, Jr.. Statesboro, Ga.; Olmstead, Robin Charles, Jr., Pensacola, Fla.; Olse n. Bernice Anne, Sr. Albany. Ga.; Olsen, Lawrence George, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Olsen, Mary Grances, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Oneal, Jerry. Soph, Eastman, Ga.; Oneal, Joe Anthony. Fresh, Decatur, Ga; Opnsnheim Kathryn Leigh, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Orvold, Donna Marie, Fresh. Decatur. Ga.; O Quinn, Claire Kathleen, Sr., Atlanta, Ga.; Ostrom, Jollis James, Soph, Rich- mond Hill, Ga.; Otts, Robert Gray, Sr., Dalton, Ga.; Outz, Lamar Nolan, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Overstreet, Carson Gibson, Sr., Odum, Ga.; Owen. Terry Lynn, Soph, Blackshear, Ga.; Ozan- icn, Elsie Kay, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Pace, Linda Louise, Soph, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Pack, Dennis Michael, Fresh. Thomasville, Ga.; Pack, Mary Lynn, Sr., Savannah. Ga.; Pack Ossie Soph. Darien, Ga.; Pafford. Larry Mills, Sr., Brunswick, Ga. Padgett, Raymond Brown, Soph, Glennville, Ga.; Page, Nancy Pierce, Jr., Ellabell, Ga.; Page, James Timothy, Jr., Lyons, Ga.; Page, Hazel Dean Fresh Jesup, Ga.; Page Peggy Sandra, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Page, John Vick, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Page, Sammy Ray, Soph. Swainsboro, Ga.; Page, William Jimmy, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Paige, Peter Gerald, In- ■ w, " f usU V u ' J almer Nancy Kay, Soph, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; Palmer, Sandra Elizabeth, Soph, Jonesboro, Ga.; Palmer, Timothy Jackson. Fresh, Lyons, Ga.; Palmer. Wood- row Wilson, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Pandtle, Ray Jean, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Papadam, Pythagoras, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Pape, Patricia Anne, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Pappas, Peter James, Fresh. Augusta, Ga.; Parker, Benjamin Rhodes, Fresh, Hampton, S.C.; Parker, Charles Henry, Jr., Baxley. Ga.; Parker, Charles Alvin, Sr., Lyons. Ga.; Park, Ray Lamar, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Parker, Cherry Olivia, Soph, Twin City Ga.; Parker, David, Jr., Millen, Ga.; Parker, Donna Fowler, Fresh, Climax, Ga.; Parker, Jane, SXR., Millen, Ga.; Parker. Linda Elizabeth Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Parker, Martha Jacquelynn, Soph, Reynolds, Ga. Parker, Patricia Gayle, Jr., Wadley, Ga.; Parker, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Marietta. Ga.; Parker, Paul Eston, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Parker, Robert Ray. Soph, Ludowici, Ga.; Parker. Sally Edwards, Sr., Claxton, Ga.; Parnell, Letha Faye, In-Ser, Waycross, Ga.; Parrish, Nancy Gail, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Parrish, Richard Macon, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Parrott, David, Soph, Sendia. Ga.; Parrott, Kenneth Dewitt, Fresh, Forest Park, Ga.; Parrott, Gregory Randall, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Parrott, Richard Ferrell, Sr., Senoia, Ga.; Parsons, Emmett Houston, Jr.. Dalton. Ga.; Partridge. Douglas Carl, Sr., Evans, Ga.; Pass, Carol Ann, Jr., Winder, Ga.; Passink, Leonard Mark, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Pate, Joan Elizabeth, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Pat- rick, Micheal Austin Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Patrick, Elizabeth Diane, Fresh, Bloomingdale, Ga.; Pate, William MacDonald, Jr., Palm Beach, Fla.; Patten, David Neil Fresh, Quitman, Ga.; Patterson, Sandra Kay, Fresh, Hinesville, Ga.; Patton, Jouida Ann, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Patton, Jane Lee, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Paul, Alice Joanna, Soph. Statesboro, Ga.; Paul. Toni Ray, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Paulk, Hilda, Sr., Ambrose, Ga. Paulk, Lila Gale, Fresh, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Paulk, Jacob Du Bignon, Fresh, Stone Mt., Ga.; Paulk. Mary Evelyn, Fresh, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Pavatt, Johnny Mark. Fresh, Mt. View, Ga.; Paxton, Pamela Mariana, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Payne, Connie Rae, Fresh, Jeffersonville Ga.; Payne. Charles Parker, Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; Payne, Henry James, Fresh. Reynolds, Ga.; Payne, Julian Allen, Sr., Venice, Fla.; Payne, Tyler William, Jr., Rome, Ga.; Peace, Emily Joan, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Peabody, Timothy Alan Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Peacock, Mary Ann. Soph, Blackshear, Ga.; Peake, Suzanne, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Pearce, Mickey Edward, Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Peavy, Calvin Coolidge, Fresh, Milledgeville, Ga.; Peavey. Marsha Lynn, Fresh, Pineview, Ga.; Peavy, William Sheppard, Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Peebles, Sharon Jean, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Pedigb, Nell Annette, Soph, Stone Mt., Ga.; Peel, William Dempsey, Soph, Edison, Ga.; Peeples, Donald Ray, Jr., Kingsland, Ga.; Peisher, Stephen Samuel, Sr., Clifton Springs, N.Y.; Pelham, William Thomas, Sr., Albany, Ga.; Pelt, Ronald Stanley, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Pendelton, Charles Runnett, Jr., Valdosta, Ga.; Pence, Cheryl Joan, Fresh, McDonough, Ga. Penland, Ferrell Lovett, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Pennington, George Donald, Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Pennington, John Monroe, Soph, Register, Ga.; Pennington, Penny, Jr., Lincolnton, Ga.; Penny, Joseph Edward, In-Ser, Augusta, Ga.; Peppers, Peggy Ann, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Percilla, Del, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Perkins, Donna Jean, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Perkins, Rosalyn, Soph, Stillmore, Ga.; Perry. Carolyn Elaine, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Perry, Hattie Ann, Sr., Decatur, Ga.; Peterson, John A., Jr., Ailey, Ga.; Peterson, Mary Gail, Sr., Douglas, Ga.; Peter- son, Paul Douglas, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Pevey, Ronald Barry, Soph, Springfield, Ga.; Pfund, Richard Allen, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Phillips, Barbara Faye, Fresh, Vidalia, Ga.; Phillips. Brenda, Fresh, Savannah Ga.; Phillips, Diane Louise, Jr., Ellaviile, Ga.; Phillips, Joseph Edward, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Phillips. Joseph Newton, Sr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Phillips, Lydia Ann, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Phillips, Ruby Diane, Fresh, Ashburn, Ga.; Philpott, Joanne, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Phillips, William Russell, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Philpott, Michaiel Duane, Fresh, Forest Park, Ga.; Pickron, Jeffrey Norman, Soph, St. Simons, Ga. Pierce, Anita Lynn, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Pierce, Adecia Darlene, Jr., Stone Mt., Ga.; Pierce, Mack Tharpe, Fresh, Pooler, Ga.; Pierce, Bobby Gene, Sr., Griffin, Ga.; Pike, Wil- liam Charles, Sr., Ont., Canada; Pilcher, Elizabeth Boone, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Pinner, Frank Luther, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Pinner, Sandra Helen, Fresh, St. Marys, Ga.; Pipkin, Mar- garet Lavern, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Pittman, Garry Claud, Sr., Gainesville, Ga.; Pittman, Julian Veazz, Jr., Edison, Ga.; Pittman, Virginia Kathleen, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Pitts, Jimmy Leon, Fresh, Cadwell, Ga.; Pitts, Patricia Jane, Jr., Ashburn, Ga.; Pitts, Phyllis Jane, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Pitts, Shelia Jean, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Pitts, Sue Marie, Fresh, Ashburn, Ga.; Plaisted, Alynn Jay, Jr., Decatur, Ga.; Plaisted, David Vernon, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Plummer, Dorothy Amanda, Fresh, Arabi, Ga.; Plymel, James Van, Sr., Moultrie, Ga.; Polk, Peggy Ann. Jr., Monticello, Ga.; Pollard, Barbara Ann, Grad, Augusta, Ga.; Pollett, Mary Dell, Fresh, Wrightsville, Ga.; Pomeroy, Jesse Wilton, Fresh, Lovett, Ga.; Poole, Gwendolyn Elizabeth, Fresh, Eatonton, Ga.; Poole, Jim Paul, Jr., Statesboro, Ga. Poole, Madeline Suellen, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Pool, Vanderver Raymond, Sr., Winder, Ga.; Poore, Helen Cheryl, Jr., McRae, Ga.; Pope, Gracie Marlene, Soph, Jeffersonville, Ga.; Pope, Phillip Ralph, Sr., Dallas, Ga.; Pope, William Talmedge, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Poppell, Helen Irene, Grad, Hinesville, Ga.; Poppell. Jerry Dan, Jr.. Patterson, Ga.; Porter, Bunnie Elizabeth, Fresh, Ga.; Porter, Robert Lee, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Porter, Robert William, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Poss, Roy Mack, Sr., Lincolnton, Ga.; Potter, Beverly Gail. Jr.. Col- umbus, Ga.; Potter, Jay Burton, Sr., Pinopolis, S.C.; Potts, Mary Nell, Soph, Blue Ridge, Ga.; Pound, Charles Robert, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Pound, Joe Mathews. Soph. Statesboro, Ga.; Powell, Ann Ola, Sr., Swainsboro. Ga.; Powell, Charlotte Gail, Soph, Sumner. Ga.; Powell, Dennis Lee, Sr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Powell, Joe David, Fresh, Elberton, Ga.; Powell, Lillie Juanita, Sr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Powell, Kathleen Louise, Soph, Belleville, III.; Powell, Leann, Soph, Omega, Ga.; Powell, Linda, Soph, Manassas, Ga.; Powell, Patricia, Fresh, Omega, Ga.; Powell, Rex Lamar, Sr., Statesboro, Ga. Powell, Ruskin King, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Powell, Susan Lynn, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Powell, Teasie Anita, Soph, Coquitt, Ga.; Powell, Terrell Kent, Jr., Pelham, Ga.; Powers, Joyce Eileen, Sr., Pineview, Ga.; Powers, Aurie Gaile, Fresh, Midville, Ga.; Powers, Judson Harris, Jr., Sarasota, Fla.; Powers, Sondra Dorsey, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Prance, James Clyde, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Prather, John William, Jr., Milledgeville, Ga.; Pratt, Clara Webster, Sr., Hinesville, Ga.; Preble, Clayton H., Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Prentice, John Marvin, Sr., St. Simons, Ga.; Preston, James Lane, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Preston, Thomas Watson, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Price, David Wayne, Fresh, Lyons, Ga.; Price, Elsie Ann, Fresh. Savannah, Ga.; Price, James Ezra, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Price, Sammy David, Jr., Wrightsville, Ga.; Price, Williams, Gladys, Jr., Guyton, Ga.; Prichard, Larry Wayne, Sjph, Decatur, Ga.; Prickette, Guilford, Claybo, Sr., Perkins, Ga.; Prickett, Jefferson Bolton, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Prichett, Madison Park, Jr., Hayesville, N.C.; Priest, Sydney Lee, Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Print- up, Dee, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Printup, Jan, Jr., Albany, Ga. Pritchard, William Arthur, Jr., Kingsland, Ga.: Proctor, James Jay, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Pruitt, Margaret Broyles, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Pryor, Carol Diane, Jr., Meansville, Ga.; Pryor, Charles, Soph, Zebulon, Ga.; Prysock, Mary Doralyn, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Puckett, Melvin Stanley, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Puckett, Constance Rae, Fresh, Dawson, Ga.; Puck- ett, Deborah Kathleen, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Pulliam, Ralph Jones, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Punaro, Mary Angela. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Purcell, Pauline, Sr., Glennville, Ga.; Purdie, Ethelyn Hazel, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Purdom, Carol Ann, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Purdom, Nancy Kay, Jr., Baxley, Ga.; Purdy, Ronald Hughes, In-Ser, Hinesville, Ga.; Purser, Billy Lee, Sr., Coch- ran, Ga.; Purser. Ralph Harvey, Grad., Cochran, Ga.; Purvis, Gladys Rose, Sr. Baxley, Ga.; Purvis, Johnnie Faye, Soph., Ambrose, Ga.; Purvis, Mary C, Grad, Waycross, Ga.; Pur- vis, Tommv Carol, Sr., Morven, Ga.; Putman, Sandra Lee, Fresh., Abbeville, Ga.; Pye, Terry Garson, Sr., Odum, Ga.; Pyron, Jan Maxine, Soph., Griffin, Ga.; Pyron, Mary Virginia, Fresh, Griffin, Ga.; Rabin, Ronald Stuart, Soph, Brunswick, Ga. Rabun, Carrie Lorane, In-Ser, Warner Robins, Ga.; Rabun, Shelia Florence, Jr., Lousville, Ga.; Rabun, William Henry, Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Rach, Janice Sue, Jr., Prattsville, Ala.; Rahn, Daniel Page, Soph, Rocky Ford, Ga.: Rahn, Eva Harriet, Sr., Springfield, Ga.; Raines, Ruth Wells, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Raith, Frank Dennis, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Ramsey, Sally Bourne, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Rainwater, Addie Kathryn, Jr., Ashburn, Ga.; Raley, Kennedy Lewis, Soph, Portal, Ga.; Ramage, Jayce Theron, Sr.. Savannah, Ga.; Rampey, James William, Jr., Ray City, Ga.; Ramsey, George William, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Ramsey, Frances Smith, Unci, Statesboro, Ga.; Ramsey, Talmadge Holmes. Soph, Statesboro, Ga.: Raney, Will- iam Hardy, Jr.. Albany, Ga.; Ratcliffe, Frances Diane, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Raulerson, Laura Sue, Sr., Alma, Ga.; Rawl, Henry Jacob, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Rawl, Rolf Orestus, Jr., Kingsland, Ga.; Rawls, Elizabeth, Fresh, Brooklet, Ga.; Ray, Byron Ward, Jr., Alma, Ga.; Ray, Elizabeth Massey, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Ray, Elizabeth Victoria, Fresh, Gray, Ga.; Ray, Garnett Emory, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; Ray, George McCord, Jr., Norwood, Ga. Ray, Mary Pleaslyn, Fresh, Cordele, Ga.; Ray, Sandra Nell, Jr., Rockmart, Ga.; Ray, Vicki Anne, Fresh, Cordele, Ga.; Read, Curry, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Reagan, David Harper, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Reagan, Louisa Ruth, Jr., Cairo, Ga.; Ream, Robert Bruce, Sr., Sea Island, Ga.: Reckhow, Robert Whittemore, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Reckhow, Susan Shea, Fresh, States- boro, Ga.; Reddick, Sharyn, Fresh, Cordele, Ga.; Reddick, Terrell Troy, Fresh. Portal. Ga.; Redding, James Pomery, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Reddock, Joe Carmichael, Jr.. Ea stman, Ga.; Redmond, Pamela Ellen, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Redwine, William Michael, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Reed, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Vienna, Ga.; Reems, Michael Edward, Fresh, Alto, Ga.; Reese, Guerry Lamar, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Reese, Vivian Joan, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Reese, Randall Garvin, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Reeves, Kay Ann, Soph, Winder, Ga.; Reeves, James Samuel, Fresh, Avondale Estate, Ga.; Reeves, Linda Gail, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Reeves, Carolyn Ann, Fresh, Gainesville, Ga.; Reeves, Michael Willard, Fresh, Dearing, Ga.; Register, Carlton Eddie, Soph, Adel, Ga.; Register. Paul Randolph, Fresh, Lake City, Fla. Reid, Charles Ivy, Sr., Vidalia, Ga.; Reid, Miriam Lynn, Sr., Parris Isl, S.C.; Reid, Maynard Lloyd, In-Ser, Swainsboro, Ga.; Reiley, Janet Mildred, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Reisss, Rita Lorraine, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Reiser, Jacqueline Iris, Fresh, Garden City, Ga.; Renfroe, Lynda Faye, Fresh, Wrightsville, Ga.; Renfrow. Judy Lee, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Renshaw, Alva Clayton, Soph, St. George, Ga.; Rentz, Roderick Lawrence, Fresh, Savannah Ga.; Repine, Marjorie Ann, Soph, Macon, Ga.: Rewis, Ranford, Jr., Avon Park, Fla.; Resseau, Orita Claire, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Rewis, Jacquelyn Strickland, In-Ser, Collins, Ga.; Reynolds, Earle McCurdy, In-Ser, Claxton, Ga.; Revnolds, Newton Tryon. Fresh, Millen, Ga.; Reynolds, Joyce Sellers, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Reynolds, Mary Kathryn, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Reynolds, Carroll Van, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Reynolds, Schuyler Eustace, Sr., Millen Ga.; Rhodes, Margaret Ruby, Jr., Vidalia, Ga.; Rice, Walter Daniel, Fresh, Clarkston, Ga.; Richards, Ruby Jacquelyn, Jr., Augusta. Ga.; Richards, William Legro, Jr., Winter Park, Fla.; Richardson, Judith Kay. Fresh, Tucker, Ga.; Richardson, Kathleen Jean, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Richardson, Larry Lewis, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga. Richardson, Linda Jeanne, Soph, Garfield, Ga.; Richardson, Olin Barry, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Richardson, Robert Lamar, Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Richardson, Sandra Lee, Soph, Marietta, Ga.; Ricketson, Linda Carol, Soph, Broxton, Ga.; Rickerson, Vera Jeanette, Sr., Danville, Ga.; Rickman, Stephen Jerome, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Ricks, Nora Melissa. Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Riddle. Martha Faye, Fresh, Montezuma, Ga.; Rieck, Linda Carol, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Rigdon, Betty Jean, Jr., Ocilla, Ga.; Rigson, Robley Smith, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Riggs, Jeannette Lee, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rigsby, Sara Ann, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Rimes, Susan Elizabeth, Jr., Savannah. Ga.; Riner, Charles Robert, Sr., Sylvester, Ga.; Riner. Helen 331 Mane, Jr., Springfield, Ga.; Risber, Frances Gail, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Ritchie, Brenda H., Sr., Griffin, Ga.; Rivers, John Philip, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Ritter Robin Haug Fresh Midland, Mich.; Roach, Charles Jefferson, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Roach, John Emmett, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Roach, Hal, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Roach Jacquelyn Knight In-Ser Savannah ' Ga.; Roach, Rita Joyce, Fresh, Pooler, Ga.; Rodeheaver, Patrick D., Fresh, Julliette, Ga. ' • Roane. Alice Irene, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Robbins, Carol Ann, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Robbins, Richard Myron, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Robbins, Leonard Noel, Sr., Warner Robins Ga • Roberson, William Minor, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Roberson, Julia Elaine, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Roberts, Carol Ann, Jr., Montezuma, Ga.; Roberts, Cathy L., Jr., Statesboro Ga ■ Roberts ' Donald Lee, Fresh, Glencoc, Kentucky; Roberts, Gary Leland, Grad, Tifton, Ga.; Roberts, James Larry, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Roberts, John Lawton, Soph, Statesboro Ga • ' Roberts ' Thomas Wayne, Soph, Gray, Ga.; Roberts, Valda Marie, Soph, Norman Park, Ga.; Robertson, Danford Marshall, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Robertson, Florence Ann, Soph, Statesboro Ga • Robertson, James Freserick, Fresh, Toccoa, Ga.; Robertson, Janis Evelyn, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Robertson, Joseph Layfield, Jr., Athens, Ga.; Robertson, Robert Leonard, Sr. Social Circle ' Ga.; Robinson, Diane Deye, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Robinson, Julia Kathleen, Fresh, Jesup, Ga.; Robinson, Lowell Douglas, Sr., Albany, Ga.; Robinson, Lilly Ann, Fresh, ' Thomasville ' Ga.; Robinson, Ruth Woodard, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Robinson, Anne Sparks, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; Robson, Amelia Grace, Jr., Brunswick, Ga. Robson, John Wesley, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Robson, Katherine Ann, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rockett, Stanley Richard, Sr., Vidalia, Ga.; Rodgers, Betty Jane, Fresh, Fitzgerald Ga.- Rodgers, James Curtis, Soph, Thomson, Ga.; Roesel, Albert Julius, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rogers, Alice Louise, Fresh, Wrens, Ga.; Rogers, David Wendell, Sr., Wrightsville, Ga.- Rogers ' Dennis Michael, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Rogers, Eugenia Gale, Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Rogers, Flora Gradine, Soph, Buena Vista, Ga.; Rogers, Jan McCall, Fresh, Reidsville, ' Ga.; ' Rogers, " Jerry Ward, Jr., Collins, Ga.; Rogers, Katherine Elizabeth, Fresh, Lithonia, Ga.; Rogers, Larry Mitchell, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rogers, Lolita James, Soph, Homerville, Ga. ' ; Rogers Mal- colm Leland Jr., Sr., Macon, Ga.; Rogers, Marion Collins, Grad, Cobbtown, Ga.; Rogers, Michael Wayne, Fresh, Manassas, Ga.; Rogers, Ronald Radford, Jr., Dawson, Ga.- Flogers Samuel Thomas, In-Ser, Waynesboro, Ga.; Rogers, Sharon Clyde, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Rogers, Victor Wayne, Sr., Wrightsville, Ga.; Roland, Carl Edward, Sr., Augusta, Ga.; Rooks ' James Edmond, Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Rose, Jimmy Lewis, Jr., Hihat, Kentucky ' • •• . Ross, Charlotte Tanksley. Grad, Chatsworth, Ga.; Ross, Johnny Hansford, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rosser, Janet Evelyn, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Rountree, Joh nny Elton, Jr., Orlando, Fla.; Rountree, Mary Jane, Jr., Twin City, Ga.; Rountree, Rachel Ann, Soph, Wadley, Ga.; Rountree, Sophie Janette, Soph, Springfield, Ga.; Roundtree, Stephen Harper, Fresh, Toc- coa, Ga.; Rouse, Benjamin Jonathan, Jr., Brunswick. Ga.; Rouse, Leonard Meric, Jr., Eastman. Ga.; Roush, Mary Alice. Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Routh, Mary Cornelia, Soph Helena Ga.; Routh, Robert William, Jr., McRae, Ga.; Rowan, Carol Elaine, Soph, Hashville, Ga.; Rowan, Diane Sue, Jr., Nashville, Ga.; Rowland, Patricia, Fresh, Adrian, Ga ' .; Rozar, Mary Sarilda, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Rozier, Julie Renae, Fresh, Brooklet, Ga.; Rozier, Marilyn Dee, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Rucker, Peggy Bond, Soph, Elberton, Ga.; Rud ' ikoff, ' Stuart ' Grad Savannah, Ga.; Ruff, Ronald Eugene, Fresh, Charleston, S.C.; Ruff, Carol Lee, Soph, Athens, Ga.; Runyan, Ricky Lee, Fresh, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Runte, David Eugene, In-Ser, Savannah ' Ga.; Rushing, Kenneth Roger, Soph, Baxley, Ga.; Rushing, Paula Elizabeth, Soph, Savannah, Ga. Rushing, Sally Whitten, Grad, Claxton, Ga.; Rushing, William Robert, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Rusk, Thomas Robert, Sr., Woodstock, Ga.; Russell, Edwin Joseph, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Russell, Nancy Carolyn, Jr., Baxley, Ga.; Russell, Roy Franklin, Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; Russell, Susan Elizabeth, Fresh, Waynesboro, Ga.; Rutti, Jo Ellen, Soph, Augusta, ' Ga. ; Ryalsi John Stafford, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Ryon, Linda Jane, Jr., Hinesville, Ga.; Sallette, Janet Faye, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Salter, Anne Irwin, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Salter, Mar- garet Priscilla, Soph, Alma, Ga.; Salvaras, John, Fresh, Athens, Greece; Sanford, Pamela Jean, Fresh, Avondale Estate, Ga.; Sammons, Bobby Gene, Soph, Gibson, Ga.; Sampey, Anna Marie, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Sanders, Jo Ruth, Fresh, Colquitt, Ga.; Sanders, Hoyt Morgan, Jr., Danville, Ga.; Sanders, Grady Wayne, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Sanders, Natalie Amanda, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Sanders, Paul, Unci, Statesboro, Ga.; Sanders, William Terrence, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Sands, David Geiger, Sr., Daisy, Ga.; Sanner, Linda Joy, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Sapp, Edith Randall. Soph. Cochran, Ga.; Sarver, Virginia Lee. Jr., East Point. Ga. Sasser, Grace Thompson, Grad, Mcintosh, Ga.; Satterfield, William, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Sayer, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Augusta, Ga.;Sayre, Reid Lynch, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Scarley, Anthony Joseph, Soph, Miami, Fla.; Scarboro, Janet Maire, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Scarborough, Ostell, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Scearce, Carol Ann, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Scearce, James Boyd, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Schemer, Howard. Fresh. Jacksonville, Fla.; Schneider, Mary Amelia, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Schild, Betty Sue, Sr., Americus, Ga.; Schrader, Patricia Lynne, Jr., Lees- burg, Fla.; Schronce, Bryant Nelson, Soph, Maiden, N.C.; Schuyler, John James, Soph, Milledgeville, Ga.; Schwall, Faith Cecilia, Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Schweitzer, Mary Pary, Sr.; Statesboro. Ga.; Scoggins, Janice Marie, Fresh. Greensboro. Ga.; Sconyers, Murphy R., Soph, Oak Hill, Fla.; Scott, Emmett H., Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Scott, Gladys Marth3, In-Ser, Savannah, Ga.; Scott, Joe Terry, Sr., Collins. Ga.; Scott, Karen, Fresh, Americus, Ga.; Scott, Patricia Ann, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Scott, Walter Harmon, In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Scott, Walter Larry, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Scurry, Brenda Jane, Fresh, McRae, Ga. Seavey, Amelia Frances, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sebba, John Gregory, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Seekins, Nancy Lee, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Seekins, Victoria Jean, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Seldom- ridge, Patricia, Jr., Hilliard, Fla.; Seeley, James Russell, Jr., Unci; Seeley, Mary Beth, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Sellers, Billy Wayne, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Sellers, Pamela Jean, Fresh, Ma- con, Ga.; Sellers, Patricia Kay, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Sellers, Susan Rebecca, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Semmes, James Lardner, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Sessions, Elaine, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Ses- sions, Herschel Allison, Soph, Odel, Ga.; Sessions, Robert Medicus, Fresh, Milledgeville, Ga.; Settles, Robert Luther, Sr., Shellman, Ga.; Settles, William David, Sr., Shellman, Ga.; Setzer, Linda Sue. Fresh, Barnesville. Ga.; Sevier, Deborah Frances, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Sexton, Leon Manning, Sr., Ocala, Fla.; Seymour, Margaret Jane, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Sey- mour, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Bowman, Ga.; Sharpe, David Leonard, Soph. Lyons, Ga.; Sharpe, Stanley David, Sr., Albany, Ga.; Shaw, Arta Dawne, Fresh, Winter Park, Fla.; Shaw, Michael Collins, Fresh, He phzibah, Ga.; Shaw, Raynard Andrew, Fresh, Winder, Ga. Sheahan, John Pride, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Shealy, Andrew Wilmot, Sr., Clinton, S.C.; Shearin, William Harrison, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Shearouse, Cynthia Elaine, Fresh, St. Sim- ons, Ga.; Shearouse, Harry Hughes. Jr., Springfield, Ga.; Shearouse, Mary Colleen, Soph, Springfield, Ga.; Shearouse, Stephen Willard, Jr., Springfield. Ga.; Sheffield, Elizabeth Hodge, Soph, Glennville, Ga.; Shelnutt, David Lamar, Soph, Charleston, S.C.; Shelton, Danny Winston, Soph, Royston, Ga.; Sherman, Patricia Lewana, Jr., Boston, Ga.; Shines, Lillie Claire, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Shinholster, Irvin, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Shinholster, Melvin R., Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Shinn, William Lee, Jr., Newberry, S.C.; Shinskie, Louis Thomas, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Shipes, Franklin Miles, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Shirley, Brenda, Fresh, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Shivers, Frances Lee, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Shiver, Marilyn Elaine, Fresh, Cairo, Ga.; Shiv- ers, James Michael, Soph, Williamson, Ga.; Sholar, Sylvia Elaine, Soph, Pavo, Ga.; Showmaker, Janice Elaine, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Showket, Khalil Ibrahon, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Shu- man, Ernest Byrd, Fresh, Boston, Ga.; Shuman, Lee Edward, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Shumans, John Paul, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth, Ga. Shumans, James Nathan, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Shurling, Buford Grover, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Shurling, Miriam Carolyn. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Shurling, William McWhorte, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Sieber, Margaret Dianne, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Sikes, Diane, Jr., Cobbtown, Ga.; Sikes, Judson Vann, Grad, Doerun, Ga.; Sikes, Manny Rele, Fresh. Cobbtown, Ga.; Sikes, Robert Clay, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Sikes, Suzanne Beasley, Jr., Claxton, Ga.; Silengo, Catherine Suzanne, Fresh, Hamilton, Ohio; Simmons, Eva Patricia, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Sim- mons, John Robert, Jr., Trion, Ga.; Simmons, Judith Katherine, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Simmons, Karen Leigh, Fresh, Warner Robin, Ga.; Simmons, Lester Allen, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Sim- mons, Ralph Elliott, Sr., Brooklet, Ga.; Simmons, Scott McCullers, Sr., St. Simons, Ga.; Simmons, Sharon Collins, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Simons, Charles Brantley, Jr., Soperton, Ga.; Simons. Danny Richard, Jr., Port Wentworth, Ga.; Simpson, Joann Green, Jr., Hapeville, Ga.; Simpson, Carole Sue, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Simpson, Michael Thomas, Soph, Chicopee, Ga.; Sims, Anita Carol, Soph, Alpharetta, Ga.; Sims, Carol Dee, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Sims, Donald Edward, Jr., Marietta, Ga. Sims, Janice Faye, Jr., Pearson, Ga.; Sims, Maurice Matthew, Fresh, Winder, Ga.; Sims, Susan Dale, Soph, Albany. Ga.; Singleton, Tina Theresa, Sr., Darien. Ga.; Sisson. Sandra Lee, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Sistrunk, Mary Kathryn, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Sitcer, Richard Devon, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Skelton, Thomas Asa, Jr., Griffin, Ga.; Skinner. Carol Ann, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Skinner. Joseph Douglas, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Slater, Beverly, Sr., Stillmore, Ga.; Slater, Judith, Fresh, Stillmore, Ga.; Slaton, Lawrence Merrill, Fresh, College Park, Ga.; Slaton, Stanley Eugene, Sr., Reynolds, Ga.; Sloan, William Guy, Jr., Gainesville, Ga.; Sloan, William McKay, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Slocumb, James Richard, Jr., Douglas, Ga.; Slocumb, Ronald Wayne, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Smart, Sherry Olivia, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Smart . Wallace Eugene, Soph, Milledgeville, Ga.; Smith, Alice Victoria, Sr., Lafayette, Ga.; Smith, Barbara Sue, Fresh. Portal. Ga.; Smith, Carolyn Gail, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Smith, Carrol Yvonne, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Smith, Cheryl, Fresh, Roswell, Ga.; Smith, Cheryl Myrl. Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Smith, Connie Ruth, Fresh, Tennille, Ga. Smith, David Lee, Soph, Kelly, Ga.; Smith, Donna Lee, Soph, Coolidge, Ga.; Smith, Diane David, Soph, Lakeland, Fla.; Smith, Elinor Jewel, In-Ser. Hinesville. Ga.; Smith, Frances Gates, Sr., Statesboro. Ga.; Smitn, Frank Lafayette, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth. Ga.; Smith. Gean B., Fresh, Metter, Ga.; Smith, Gerald, Sr., Cochran, Ga.; Smith, Hazel Abbette, Soph, Wrightsville, Ga.; Smith, Henri Louise, Fresh, Gainesville, Ga.; Smith, Irene Priscilla, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Smith, James Darrell, In-Ser, Sylvania, Ga.; Smith, Jan Trapnell, Soph, States- boro, Ga.; Smith, Jarrell McRae, Jr., Cordele, Ga.; Smith Janice, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Smith, Jesse Dan, Jr., Pembroke, Ga.; Smith, John Henry, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Smith. John Robert. Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Smith, Joseph, Soph, Wadley, Ga.; Smith, Judy Ellen, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Smith, Jo Ann, Fresh, Springfield, Ga.; Smith. Kathy Morris. Fresh, Gainesville. Ga.; Smith, Karen Louise, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; Smith, Katherine Jane, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Smith, Kay Frances, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Smith, Kenneth Thomas, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Smith, Kenneth Ashley, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla. Smith, Laura Lacy Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Smith, Lena Latrelle, Sr., Sylvania, Ga.; Smith, Linda Helen, Jr., Cochran, Ga.; Smith, Linda Sue, Fresh, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Smith, Luther Harrison, Soph, Greensboro, N.C.; Smith, Lois Helen, Jr., Statesboro. Ga.; Smith, Marian Gail, Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Smith, Marilyn Joan, Fresh. Macon, Ga.; Smith. Martha Sue, Jr., Quitman, Ga.; Smith, Marsha Elaine, Fresh, Loganville, Ga.; Smith, Mary Kate. Fresh, Manila, Philippines; Smith, Nancy Elizabeth, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Smith, Pamela Waldean, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Smith, Paul Edward, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Smith, Raymond Carroll, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Smith, Rhonda B eth, Soph, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Smith, Robert Allen, Jr., Metter, Ga.; Smith, Robert Charles, Fresh, Homestead, Fla.; Smith, Robert Franklin, Jr., Bainbridge, Ga.; Smith, Robert Gerald, Jr., Oakland, Fla.; Smith. Robert Lee, Jr., Waycross. Ga.; Smith. Robert Wayne, Sr., Andrews, S.C.; Smith, Ronald Reid, Sr., Hardwick, Ga.; Smith, Ronald Philip, Jr., Albany, Ga.; Smith, Ronnie Dale, Jr., Sandersville, Ga.; Smith. Ronny Coleman, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Smith, Roy Bradwell, Jr., Ludowici, Ga. Smith, Sammy Leslie, Sr., Gainesville, Ga.; Smith, Sheron Ann, Jr., Tennille, Ga.; Smith, Stephen Zachariah, Soph, Cedartown, Ga.; Smith, Susan Frances, Sr., Thomasville, Ga.; Smith, Susanne. Fresh, Louisville, Ga.; Smith, Teresa Beatrice, Fresh, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Smith, Terry Jo, Jr., Reynolds, Ga.; Smith, W. Allen. In-Ser, Dublin, Ga.; Smith. Vivian Ruth, Fresh, Cordele, Ga.; Smithson, Ida Faye, Soph, Moultrie, Ga.; Snider, Martha, Soph, Millen, Ga.; Snow, Doris Elaine, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Snow, Francis Howard, Sr., Douglas, Ga.; Snyder, Charles William, Soph, Greenville, S.C.; Snyder, Herbert Eugene. Soph. Brunswick. Ga.; Solomon, Macum Theodore, Soph, Alma, Ga.; Sorrells. Linda Ann. Soph. Macon, Ga.; Souter, Linda Louise, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Sowell, Mary, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Sorrow, Cheryl Joy. Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Spain, Joan Elaine, Soph, Stone Mountain, Ga.; Sparrow, John Cleveland, Sr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Spaulding, Luther James, Soph, Brunswick, Ga.; Speir, M. Olivia, In-Ser, Pembroke, Ga.; Speir, Sandra Elaine, Sr., Pembroke, Ga.; Speir, Wallace Larry. Jr., Forsyth. Ga.; Spell, Glynn. Fresh. Hazlehurst, Ga. Spence, Jane Elizabeth, Fresh, Alpharetta, Ga.; Spenae, James Ralph, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Spencer, Linda Carol, Jr., Cartersville, Ga.; Spencer, Scott Lee. Jr., Atlanta. Ga ; Spries. William Archie. Sr., Martinez, Ga.; Spivey, Harvey Jesse, Jr., Soperton, Ga.; Spivey, Madelyn Carol, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Spivey, Marsha Jane, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Spradlm, James Elton, In-Ser, Americus, Ga.; Stafford, Walter Larry, In-Ser, Pensacola, Fla.; Stafford, Connell Cline, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Standard, Samuel Bruce. Soph, Winder, Ga.; Standard, Wyndell, Jr., Reidsville, Ga.; Stanley, Kenneth, Fresh, Ft. Gaines, Ga.; Stanley, Leahman Bradley, Sr., Durham, N.C.: Stanton. Cynthia Bertha, Soph, Macon. Ga.; Stapleton. Jen Prince, Grad. Statesboro. Ga.; Stapleton. Robert James. Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Starr, Ellen Bray. Jr., Jackson, Ga.; Staton. Susan Elizabeth, Fresh. Tucker, Ga.; Steed, Lynda Cora, Soph, Louisville, Ga.; Steele, Gary Kenneth, Sr.. Toccoa. Ga.; Steele, Richard Davis, Fresh, Toccoa, Ga.; Stefani, Linda Sue, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Stegall, Paula Jean, Fresh, Tavares, Fla.; Stein, Robert Stanley, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Stein, Fred Harvey, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. Stelk, Randy Edward, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Stelts. David Robert, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Stembridge, Buddy, Soph, Ft. Valley, Ga.; Stephens. Diane Fresh, Register, Ga.; Stephens, Charles Hill. Jr., Vidalia, Ga.; Stephens, Grable Darrell, Sr., Brunswick, Ga.; Stephens, James Carlton, Jr., Atlanta Ga.; Stephens, Jeanne Gaile, Fresh, Experiment, Ga.; Stephens, Jerry Tyre, Sr., Brunswick. Ga.; Stephens, Judy Sue, Fresh, Alphanetta, Ga.; Stephens, Mary Joan, Sr., Dinsmore, Fla.; Stephens, Phyllis Ann, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Stephens, Thomas Leon, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Stephenson, Lawrence Lamar, Fresh, Thomasville. Ga.; Sterling. Mary Ellen, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Stevens, Charles Anthony Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Stevens, Judy Edna, Fresh, Brooklet, Ga.; Stevens, John Kent, Fresh, Lakeland. Fla.; Stewart, Barbara Carol. Soph, Camilla, Ga.; Steward, Barbara Ann, Jr., Jackson- ville, Fla.; Stewart, Beverly Janice, Fresh, Camilla, Ga.; Stevenson, Cheryl Lee, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Stewart, Charlotte Wesleig, Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Stewart, Cynthia Ann, Jr., Jack- sonville, Fla.; Stewart, Mary Emily, Sohh, Winder, Ga.; Stewart, Robert Charles, Fresh, Ramsey, N.J.; Stewart, Ronnie Otis, Fresh. Vidalia, Ga. Stewart, Tommy Nolan. Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Stewart, Virgil Lannis, Sr., Augusta, Ga.; Steigman, Glenn Anthony, Fresh. Glennville. Ga.; Stickle. Sherry Dee. Fresh. Albany. Ga.; Stiles, Dan Allen. Soph. Thomzston, Ga.; Stiles. Fred Douglas, Sr.. Cartersville, Ga.; Still. Catherine, Soph, Blakely, Ga.; Still, Lucy Ann, Soph, Blakely, Ga.; Still, Susan Virginia, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Stinson, Irma Smith. Fresh. Metter, Ga.; Stoddard, Robert Home, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Stoddard, Margaretta Town, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Stokes, Jerry Edward, Soph, Harlem, Ga.; Stokham, Penny Ann, Soph, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Stone, Donald Wayne, Jr., Fayetteville, Ga.: Stone, Ellen Lee, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Stone, Lena Anderson Jr., Grovetown, Ga.; Stone, Vernon Leroy, Jr., Baxley. Ga.; Stone, William Harley, Jr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Stone, Vilda Faye. Fresh. Statesboro. Ga.; Stoiy, Andrew Douglas. Soph. Apr ling, Ga.; Story, Janis Fountain, Sr.. Mount Vernon. Ga.; Stough. Gary Edward. Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Stover, David Wallace, Fresh, Ellijay, Ga.; Strange, Emily Anne, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Strange, Suellen, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Strickland, Carolyn Bourne, Grad, Hinesville, Ga. Strickland, Charles Ronald, Soph, Dublin, Ga.; Strickland, Emily Sue, Fresh, Odum. Ga.; Strickland, Gloria Jean, Jr., Waycross, Ga.; Strickland, James David, Jr., Wildwood, Fla.; Strickland, Kathryn Dale. Fresh. Dublin. Ga.; Strickland. Mary Beth. Jr., Waycross, Ga., Strickland, Mary Diane, Soph Dawson, Ga.; Strickland, Mary Evelyn, Jr., Macon. Ga.; Strickland, Sara Eva. Jr., Glennville, Ga.; Strickland, Robin Clayton, Fresh, Dawson, Ga.; Stringer, Mildred Fave, Fresh, Jefferson, Ga.; Stripling. Nedra Jane, Soph, Cordele, Ga.; Stroud, Sherwood, C, Jr., Jr., Greenville. S.C.; Stuckey, Ted Milton, Jr., Cadwell. Ga.; Studstill. Lawrence Miles, Fresh, Eastman, Ga.; Studier, Gretchen Amelia, Fresh, Guyton, Ga.; Suber, Mary Margaret, Sr., Thomasville, Ga.; Suggs, Olivia Louise, Soph, Butler Ga.; Suggs, William Edward, Jr., Belmont, N.C.: Suggs, William Jefferson, Sr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Sullens, Patricia Elaine, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Sullivan, Phillip Ray, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Summerlin June Carol, Jr., Waycross, Ga.; Sumner, Jennifer Kay, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Surrency, Robert, Grad, Glennville, Ga.; Sutton, Clifford Arnold, Sr., Rochelle, Ga.; Sutton, Elizabeth Jane, Fresh, Ocilfa, Ga. Sutherland, Kathleen Eliza, Fresh, Augusta. Ga.; Sutton, Virginia Margaret, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Swain, Wallace Daniel, Soph, Claxton, Ga.; Swain, Chester Durham, Jr., Winston Salem. N.C.: Swanner. Tames William, Sr., Griffin. Ga.; Swindell, Rebecca Gail, Jr.. Glennville, Ga.; Swindell, Herbert Marion, Soph, Allenhurst, Ga.; Swindell. Janet Lamond, Soph, Glennville Ga.; Swindell, William Keith, Fresh, Glennville, Ga.; Swinson, Kenya Karol. Fresh. Miami, Fla.; Swint, Sally Ann, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Sykes, Dixie Lea. Sr., Moore Haven, Fla.; Szotkiewicz, Kenneth John, Fresh, Wilmington, Del.; Tagi, Samir M., Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Tart, Jacqueline Corene, Fresh, Decatur. Ga.; Talmage, Nancy Friend. Fresh, Seustis, Fla.; Talton, Carol Ann, Sr., Savannah, " Ga.; Talton, Edna Toye, Fresh, Kathleen, Ga.; Tankersley, Brenda, Fresh, Lincolnton. Ga.; Tankersley, Glenda, Fresh, Lincolnton, Ga.; Tanner, Barbara Sherry, Sr.. Twin City, Ga.; Tanner, Frederick Karl, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Tanner, Robert Beverlv, Unci, Statesboro, Ga.; Tanner, Wendell Ray, In-Ser, Alma, Ga.; Tatum, Eddie Dennis, Soph, Reidsville, Ga.; Tatum. Mary Nelson, Soph, idsville, Ga.; Tatum, Gregory Gene, Fresh, Marietta, Ga. Taylor, Barbara Sue. Fresh. Hazlehurst. Ga.; Taylor, Anita Colette. Fresh, Tuh ' ette, Ga.; Taylor, Brenda. In-Ser. Sylvania, Ga.; Taylor, Carl Henry, Soph, Midville, Ga.; Taylor, Charlotte Alice, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Taylor, Janet Faye, Soph, Thomasville, Ga.; Taylor, Hannie Loraine, Fresh, Roswell, Ga.; Taylor, Glenn Kelly, Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Taylor, Martha Jean, Fresh. Tucker. Ga.; Taylor. Janet Faye, Soph, Thomasville, Ga.; Taylor, Harry Lamar, Jr., Dudlev. Ga.; Taylor, John William, Jr., Savannah. Ga.: Taylor, Phyllis Anne, Soph. Perry. Ga.; Tavlor, Nancy Diane. Fresh. Atlanta, Ga.: Tavlor, Norman Fred, Sr., Sandersville, Ga.; Taylor, Rosemafy Ethelle, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Taylor, Troy Lee, Jr., Nicholls, Ga.; Taylor, Roger Dale, Fresh ' , Kita. Ga.; Taylor, William James, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Teague, Hannah Lola, Soph, Milledgeville, Ga.; Teasley, Annette Lanham. Jr., Evans, Ga.: Teasley, Donna, Jr., Washington, Ga.: Temples, Dent Larkin, Jr., Vidalia, Ga.: Temples, Jana Marie, Fresh, Camilla, Ga.; Tengan, June Junko, Sr., Wailuka, Hawaii, Terry, Donald E., Sr., Swainsboro. Ga.; Terry, Margaret Elizabeth, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga. Teston, Myra Cheryl. Soph, Alma, Ga.; Thain, Carol Marie, Soph, Metter, Ga.; Tharpe, Thomas Lee. Soph. Varnville. S.C.; Theus. Ardis Pamela. Sr., Ludowici, Ga.; Theus, Cheryl Dawn, Soph, Ludowici, Ga.; Thomas, Barbara K., Fresh, Augusta, Ga.; Thomas, Betty Jean, Soph, Doraville, Ga.: Thomas. Beverlv Alliene. Sr.. Climax. Ga.; Thomas, Francine Farrer, Sr., Louisville. Ga.; Thomas, James Elizah, Jr.. Nahunta, Ga.; Thomas, Harold Manley, Jr., Toccoa, Ga.; Thomas, Harry Millard, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Thomas, L. M., Fresh, Roswell, Ga.; Thomas, Lucy Kay, Jr., Dalton, Ga.; Thomas, Mary Jane, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Thomas. Paul Lamar, Jr., Hazlehurst. Ga.: Thomas, Rosalyn Applegate. Grad, Statesboro. Ga.; Thomas, Sandra Elaine, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Thomas, Suzanne. Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Thomas. Teresa, Soph, Louisville, Ga.; Thomas, Tim Clayton, Jr., Dalton, Ga.; Thomas, Tommy Joseph, In-Ser, Valdosta, Ga.; Thomas, Wayne Franklin, Jr., Daytona Beach, Fla.; Thompson, Brenda Helen, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Thompson. Cheryl, Soph, Warner Robins, Ga.; Thompson, Donald Louis, Soph, Claxton, Ga.; Thompson, Frankie Mazie, In-Ser, Vidalia, Ga. 332 Thompson, Grade Pughsley, In-Ser, Lyons, Ga.; Thompson, James Randall, Sr., Lyons, Ga.; Thompson, Henry Clay, Fresh, Harlem, Ga.; Thompson, Juan Delane, Sr., Glennville, Ga.; Thompson, Linda M.. Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Thompson, Muriel Jean, Fresh, Gretna, Fla.; Thompson, Patricia Luretha, Soph, Louisville, Ga.; Thompson, Rena Poppell, In-Ser, Darien. Ga.; Thompson, Richard Lewis, Fresh, Roswell. Ga.; Thompson, Robert Curtis, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Thompson, Robert David. Fresh, States- boro, Ga.; Thompson. Roy Gene, Soph, Statesboro. Ga.; Thompson, Virginia Carol, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Thompson. Vivian Louise. Sr.. Gainesville, Ga.; Thompson. Wanda Faye, Sr., Eastman, Ga.; Thompson, Wanda Louise, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Thompson. Willa Gay. Jr.. Macon, Ga.; Thornton, Diane Ruth, Jr.. Reynolds, Ga.; Thornton, John Robert, Soph, Reynolds, Ga.; Thornton. Laura Frances, Soph, Luodowici, Ga.; Thorpe, Herbert Granville, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Thrift. Ernest Creig, Fresh, Waycross. Ga.; Tidwell, Martha Ann, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Tieder. Mary Louise, Jr., Daytona Beach, Fla.; Tieger, Eric Marshall. Soph, Silver Springs, Md.; Tiller, James Ronald, Sr., Clinton, S.C.; Tillman, Alvin Mitchell, Fresh, Folkston, Ga. Tillman. Kathryn Faye, Jr.; Glenwood, Ga.; Tillman. Glenda Shayne, Fresh, Surrency, Ga.; Tillman, Janie Sue, Fresh, Surrency, Ga.; Tillman. Joyce Muirhead. Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Tillman, Seena Joy, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Tillman. Theresa Faye, Soph, Coolidge, Ga.; Tilton, Donna Sue. Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Tilton. Marion Frank. Sr.. Savannah, Ga.; Timmons. Charles Cooper, Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Tindall. Joseph Dallas, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Tinsley. Linda Jean. Sr., Augusta. Ga.; Tinsley, Pamela Arlene, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Tippins, Bascom Glenn, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Tippins, Norma Nancy, Soph, Claxton, Ga.; Tipton, Dennis Paul. Jr.. Dublin, Ga.; Tipton. John Thomas, Soph, Glenwood, Ga.; Tisdell. William Ambos. Jr., Thunderbolt, Ga.; Tison, Patricia Ann, Jr., Jacksonville, Ga.; Todd, James Robert, Fresh. Bristol. Ga.; Todd. Joyce L., Soph, Mitchell, Ga.; Tolbert. Vicki Ann. Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Tomblin, Patricia Sue, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Tomlinson, Anna Laura. Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Tomlinson. Herbert Marvin, Sr., Homerville, Ga.; Toney, William Roger, Jr.. Stone Mt., Ga.; Toole, Brenda Carol, Sr., Garfield, Ga.; Toole. Henry Danny, Jr., Millen, Ga. Toole, Jimmy Ladon, Fresh. Colquitt, Ga.; Toole, Mary Viola, Sr., Augusta, Ga.; Tootle, Mary Gail, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Tootle, Sue, Jr., Manassas, Ga.; Tos. Irene Gillio. Grad. Claxton, Ga.; Towler, Janice Karen. Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Townsend, Ann Holloway, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Townsend, John Rodney, Jr., Statesboro. Ga.; Towson, Huelyn, Jr., Ocilla, Ga.; Trapani, Vincent Ernest, Jr., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Trawick. Dondra Marks, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Trawick, Harry Wayne, In-Ser. Macon, Ga.; Trawick, John Holder, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Tretiak, Patricia Ellen, Soph, Garden City, Ga.; Treude, Meredith Lee, Jr.. Columbus, Ga.; Tribble, Charles Hulon, Soph, Roberta, Ga.; Trimble. Earnest Andrew. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Trotter, Mary Ann. Jr., Demorest, Ga.; Truitt, Nancy Kay. Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Tucker, Barbara Ann, Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Tucker. Gwendolyn Anne. Fresh, Centerville, Ga.; Tucker, John Warren, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Tucker, Joe Robert, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Tucker, Laura Eva, Soph, Decatur, Ga.; Tucker, Mary Ellen, Sr., Tifton, Ga.; Tucker, Martha Kay, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Tucker, Paula Ann, Jr.. Vidalia, Ga. Tullis, Kay Trowell, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Tunison, Lynda Sue, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Turknett, Robert Lavale, In-Ser, Jacksonville, Fla.; Turner, Brenda Gail. Jr.. Gillsville, Ga.; Turner. Carol Josephine, Fresh, Morgan, Ga.; Turner, Deanna Gay, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Turner, Gordon Cromwell. Jr., Augusta, Ga.; Turner, Helen Elizabeth, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Turner. Henry Ronald, Jr. Union, S.C.; Turner, John Roberts, Fresh, Portal, Ga.; Turner, Joy Jonas, Sr., Alma Ga.; Turner. Mary Carol, Jr., States- boro, Ga.; Turner, Paula Marie, Fresh, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Turner, Peggy Carol, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Turner, Stacy Harvey, Jr., Thomson, Ga.; Turner, William Leonard. Jr., Epworth, Ga.; Turknett, Donald Mitchell, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Turnkett, Verlie Ann, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Tutcher, Larry Clifford, Sr., Bainbridge, Ga., Tuttle, Hubert Estees, Jr.. Summerville, S.C.; Twiggs, Robert Eugene, Sr.. Baxley, Ga.; Tyler, Kenneth Redell, Fresh. Garden City, Ga.; Tyler, Evelyn Patricia, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Tyler, Jacqueline Patricia, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Tyre. Bradley Cleveland, Soph, Mershon, Ga.; Tyre. Johnny Philip, Fresh, Mershon, Ga.; Tyre, Kennon Latrell. Soph, Mershon, Ga. Tyre, Margaret Elaine. Jr., Alma, Ga.; Tyre, Ronald Wade, Sr., Waycross, Ga.; Tyson, Lavinia Kay, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Tyson, Marjorie L., In-Ser, Statesboro, Ga.; Underwood, Darlene Elizabeth, Sr., MacRae, Ga.; Underwood, Frances Jewel, -Jr., Hartsfield, Ga.; Underwood, Shirley Jay, Fresh, Bainbridge, Ga.; Ursrey, Beverly Gayle. Jr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Usry. Douglas Sherrill, Sr., Gibson, Ga.; Usry, Helen Louise, Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Usry, Irene LaFavor, In-Ser, Gibson, Ga.; Valente, Louis Anthony, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; VanAllen, Lance Anthony, Fresh, Melbourne, Fla.; Van Horn, Stephen Nelson, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Vanson, Mary Cornelia, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Varnell. James Cleveland. Soph, Statesboro, Ga.: Vaughan, Betty Louise, Fresh, Alpharetta, Ga.; Vaughan, D. Ann, Sr., Tifton, Ga.; Vaughan. Dennis Gene, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Vaughan, Joseph Franklin, Jr., Forsyth, Ga.; Vaughan, Kathryn Beatrice, Fresh, Jacksonville, Ga.; Vaughn, Leon, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; Veal. Julia Ann, Fresh, Toccoa, Ga.; Veraguas, Matilde Christin, Unci, Chile, S. Amer.; Veal, Anne Andrews, Fresh, Sandersville, Ga.; Verdery, Louise Felicia, Sr., Harlem, Ga.; Ver- million, Bonnie Jean, Jr., Statesboro, Ga. Vestal, Donald Edward, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Veteto. Ronald David, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Vial, Ernest Vincent, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Vicker, Martha Willcne. In- Ser, Nichols, Ga.; Vickers, James Loyd, Soph, Broxton, Ga.; Vickery, Judy Jewel, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Vickery, Henry Grady, Jr., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Vivenzio, James Franklin, Fresh, Brunswick, Ga.; Vivenzio, Peter Fredrick. Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Voellinger, Bi 1 lie Kay, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wade, Gerald Wayne, Grad. Statesboro, Ga.; Wade, Marjorie Joy, Sr., Danville, Ga.; Wagaman, Brenda Ann, Fresh, Dunwoody, Ga.; Wainwright, Thomas Edison, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Walden, Gary Jerome, Soph, Soperton, Ga.; Walden. Jerry Ennis, Fresh, Madison, Ga.;. Walden, Margaret Ann, Jr., Douglas, Ga.; Waldrep, Jimmy Walker, Soph. Forsyth, Ga.; Waldrep, Dennis Murray. Jr., Dexter, Ga.; Waldrop, Nancy Faye, Jr., Griffin, Ga.; Waldrop, Jack Dennis, Fresh, Tifton, Ga.; Walea, Sondra Gale, Sr., Garden City, Ga.; Walker. Cheryl Ann, Fresh, Cairo, Ga.; Walker, George Rees, Soph, Preston, Ga.; Walker, Foy Meredith, Jr., Preston, Ga.; Walker, James Tillman, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Walker, Patsy Merlene. Fresh, Eastman, Ga. Walker, Rebecca, Jr., Cairo. Ga.; Walker, Roland Andrew, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Walker, Rodney Parker, Jr., Forsyth, Ga.; Walker, Susan Norma, Jr., Conyers, Ga.; Walker. Steve Reagan, Soph, Cairo, Ga.; Walker, Verda, Jr.. Rochelle, Ga.; Walker, William, Jr., Fort Valley, Ga.; Walker, William Gerrald, Jr., Cairo. Ga.; Wall. Carolyn Daphne, Fresh, Dawson, Ga.; Wall, Herbert Anderson, Soph, Pt. Wentworth, Ga.; Wallace, Margaret Fitzgerald, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wallace. Charles Thomas, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Wallace. Susan, Fresh, Statesboro. Ga.; Waller, Linda Gail, Soph, Vidalia, Ga.; Waller, Linda Joyce, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Waller, Patricia Roberts. Jr., Blake Wales, Fla.; Walls, Hal Michael. Soph, Powder Springs, Ga.; Walls, James Michael, Jr., Flowery Branch, Ga.; Walsh. Mary Frances, Grad, Statesboro, Ga.; Walter. Ronald Lane. Jr.. Cadwell. Ga.; Walters, John Lawrence, Soph, Barnesville, Ga.; Walters. Jimmie Ray, Soph, Sarasota, Fla.; Walton, Linda Carol, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; Walton. Melba Janet, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Ward, Calvin Evans, Sr., Waynesboro, Ga.; Ward, Connie Dean, Fresh, Adrian, Ga.; Ward, John Wesley, Sr., Gordon, Ga. Ward, Judith Ann, Fresh, West Point, Ga.; Ward, Margie Belle, Soph, Bowdon, Ga.; Ward, Mary Catherine, Sr., West Green, Ga.; Ward, Richard Terrell, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Ware, Judith Anne, Jr., Barnesville, Ga.; Warnock, Charles Mitchell, In-Ser, Louisville, Ga.; Warren, Charlene, Soph, Metter, Ga.; Warren, Fred Dixon, Jr., Reids- ville, Ga.; Warren, Jimmy, Jr., Vidalia, Ga.; Warren, Robert Haskell, Jr., Mt. Vernon, Ga.; Warren, Richard Rodney, Soph, Tennille, Ga.; Wasden, Brenda Gail, Sr., Louisville, Ga.; Washburn, Mary Sue, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Washburn, Thomas James, Soph, Gray, Ga.; Wasilewski, Stanley Richard, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Waters, Annelle, Fresh, Thomasville, Ga.; Waters, Celeste A., Jr., Sylvania, Ga.; Waters, Delores Diane. Soph, Augusta, Ga.; Waters, Cecil Williamson, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Waters, Elwood Lavelle, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Waters, Deborah Margot, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Waters, Gladys, Helen, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Waters, Gayle, Jr., College Park, Ga.; Waters, Jamey Catherine, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Waters, Lillian Jane, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Waters, Marcus Loy, Soph, Hapeville, Ga.; Waters, Margaret Leslie, Sr., Jacksonville, Fla. Waters, Marsha Lynn, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Waters. Milton Larry, Fresh, Sylvania, Ga.; Waters, Ronald Allan, Fresh, Tucker. Ga.; Waters, Simon Jackson, Sr., Claxton, Ga.; Waters, Scott Edmond, Fresh, LaGrange, Ga.; Waters, Ted Clayton, Soph, Sylvania, Ga.; Watkins, Patricia Jean, Fresh. Marietta, Ga.; Watson, Demerritt Eugene. Jr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Watson, Gladys Katrina, Fresh, Rentz, Ga.; Watson, Leon Colquitt, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Watson, Linda Beverly, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Watson. Linda Faye, Jr., Dawson, Ga.; Watson, Terrell Draper, Soph, Perry, Ga.; Watts, Tandree, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Wells, Syeria Davis, In-Ser, Hinesville, Ga.; Watts. Ronald Louis, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Weaver, Charles Arthur, Sr., Ellijay, Ga.; Weaver, Hoyt, Jr., Ellijay, Ga.; Webb, Charles Richard, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Webb, Garth L.. Jr., Nashville, Ga.; Webb. Jane Lois, Fresh, Clayton, Ga.; Webb, Susan Claire, Fresh, Montezuma, Ga.; Weeks. Georgia Lorraine, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Welch, Charles Arthur, Jr., States- boro. Ga.; Wells, Jo Laine Morris, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Welsh, Walter Andrew, Sr.. Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. Wenzel, Priscilla Kathryn, Fresh, Monroe, Ga.; Wermuth, Gilbert Joseph, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Wertz, Patricia Ann, Fresh, Springfield, Ga.; West, Alecia Louise. Sr., Camilla, Ga.; West, Dora Susan, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; West, Silvia Gail, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; West, Mary Charlotte, Soph, Gainesville, Ga.; Westberry, Linda Grace, Fresh, Jacksonville, Ga.; Westerfield, Ava Elizabeth, Sr., Savannah, G a.; Westmoreland, James Ray, Fresh, Cedartown, Ga.; Whaley, Claudia Elizabeth, Soph, Jones- boro, Ga.; Wheeler, Johnny Alton, Jr., Alma. Ga.; Wheeler, Lyda Sue, Soph, Sandersville, Ga.; .Wheeler, Sally Strickland, Fresh. Cordele, Ga.; Wheeler, Reginald Thomas, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wheless, Kay Elizabeth, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Whetsell, Ruby Loraine, Jr., Twin City, Ga.; Whetsell, Ruth Elaine, Sr., Twin City, Ga.; Whisnant, Judy Gail, Fresh, Norman Park, Ga.; Whisenant, Ben Ramey, Jr., Johnston, S.C.; Whitaker, Beverly Anne, Jr., Clarkesville, Ga.; Whitaker, Wanda, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Whitaker, Benjamin A., Jr., Ellijay, Ga.; White, Benny M., Jr., Bloomingdale, Ga.; White, Donald Wayne, Soph, Pelham, Ga.; White, Francis Anne, Soph, Jacksonville, Fla.; White, Grace Sybil, Fresh, Millen, Ga. White, John Ronald, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; White, Jeannette Faith, Jr., St. Simons, Ga.; White, Linda Dale, Fresh, Baxley, Ga.; White, Linda Gail, Soph, Lumber City, Ga.; White, Marcia Delores, Jr., Columbus, Ga.; White, Michael Carey, Fresh, Alamo, Ga.; White, Michael Henry, Jr., Gainesville, Ga.; White, Robert William, Soph, Statesboro. Ga.; Whitehead, Brenda Joyce, Fresh, Athens, Ga.; Whtiehead, Claudis, Sr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Whitehead, Conny Ray, Fresh, Hazlehurst. Ga.; Whitehead. Joyce Belaine. Soph, Myrna, Ga.; Whitfield, Harold, Fresh, Hazlehurst, Ga.; Whitfield, Farrell Esco, Soph, Aiken. S.C.; Whitley. Charlotte Faye, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Whitlock, Ralph Winston, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Whitlow, Phil Winston, Jr., Carnesville, Ga.; Whitmire, Betty Jean, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Whitton, Jerry Allen, Soph, Cedartown, Ga.; Whitten. Jesse Thomas, Jr., Fitzgerald, Ga.; Widner, Wanda Ruth, Sr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Wiggins, Anita Turk, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Wiggins, Aries Wayne, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Wickham, George William, Jr., Orlando, Fla.; Widner, Kaye Davis, Fresh, Blakely, Ga.; Widner, Barbara June, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Wilbanks, Calvin Ritchie, Sr., Clarkesville, Ga. Wilbanks, Thomas Warren, Fresh, Claxton, Ga.; Wilcher, Jerry Joseph, Jr., Gibson, Ga.; Wilcox. John David, Fresh, Macon. Ga.; Wilcox, Wanda Sharon, Fresh, Cairo, Ga.; Wilder, Diane Irene. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wilder, Elizabeth Harris, Sr., Alma, Ga.; Wilder, Emily Sue, Fresh, Moultrie, Ga.; Wilder, Nancy Faye, Fresh, Waycross, Ga.; Wilder, Norwood E., Jr., Macon, Ga.; Wilder, Stella Jev ' 1. Soph, Dewy Rose. Ga.; Wildes, Julia, Sr., Ma nassas, Ga.; Wildes, Martha Jane, Sr., Alma Ga.; Wiley, Betty Ruth, Jr.. Thomson, Ga.; Wiley, Hugh Terrell. Soph, Wildt.. Ga.; Wiley, Kathryn Virginia. Fresh. Thomson, Ga.; Wiley, Neil Pate, Sr., Claxton, Ga.; Wilkerson. Lurline Montez, Sr., Willacoochee, Ga.; Wilkerson, Pamela F. ices. Fresh, Athens, Ga.; Wilkes, Kerry Cleveland, Sr., Jacksonville, Ga.; Wilkes, William Roderick, Soph, Lyons, Ga.; Wilkins, Joe Travis, Sr., West Palm Be£ ' h, tli.; Wilkinson, Dorothy Claxton, Sr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Wilkinson. John Carswell, Sr., McBean, Ga.; Wilkin- son, Mary Ellene, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Willcoxon, Nan- . .velace. Fresh, Chamblee, Ga.; Willey, Merlyn Nell, Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Williams, Bobbie Kay, Sr.. Statesboro, Ga. Williams. Alice Vivian, In-Ser. Statesboro, Ga.; Win,. .5, Broadus Thomas, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Williams, Carol Elaine, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Williams, Carol Faye, Fresh, Donalsonville, Ga.; Williams, Donna Jill, Fresh, Chamblee, Ga.; Williams, Frances Annette, Fresh, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Williams, Gale, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Williams, Helen Vivian, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Williams, Herman Talmadge, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Williams, James Michael, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Williams, James Kemp, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Williams, Janie Ruth, Jr., Brooklet, Ga.; Williams, Jennifer L., Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Williams, Jerrie Dewayne, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Williams, Johnnie Ruth, Fresh, Ring- gold, Ga.; Williams, Judy Carol, Soph, Sylvester, Ga.; Williams, Kristina, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Williams. Larry Kendall. Sr., Twin City, Ga.; Williams, Lewis Aiken, Sr., Miami, Fla.; Williams, Lorane Atwell, Grad, Naylor, Ga.; Williams, Linda Ruth, Fresh, McRae, Ga.; Williams, Michaelyn Denise, Jr., Mt. View, Ga.; Williams, Nancy, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Williams, Pamela Jane, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Williams, Paulette. Soph, Kite, Ga.; Williams, Robert George, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Williams, Roger Lee, Fresh, Waycross, Ga. Williams, Sandra, Jr., Millen. Ga.; Williams, Timothy Rowland, Soph, Chamblee, Ga.; Williams. Tom Watson, Sr.. Statesboro. Ga.; Williams. Judy Lee. Soph.. Newing- ton, Ga.; Williamson, Clyde Wayne, Jr., Vidalia, Ga.; Williamson, Paul Evon, Jr., Ludowici, Ga.; Williamson, Olivia, Fresh. Lyons, Ga.; Williford. Buford Dale. Sr., Rebecca, Ga.; Willis, Carolyn Jane. Soph, Thomasville, Ga.; Willis. Betty Ann, Fresh, Sycamore, Ga.; Willis, Eloise Clark, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Willis, Jimmy Doyle, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Willis, June Cecilia, Soph, Macon, Ga.; Willis, Linda Dianne, Jr., Tifton, Ga.; Willis, Linda Gayle, Sr., Sycamore, Ga.; Willis, Linda Marie, Sr., Tifton, Ga.; Willis, Lillian Ann, Fresh, Commerce, Ga.; Willis, Robert Ford, Sr., Columbus, Ga.; Willis, Winston Jackson, Grad, Savannah, Ga.; Wilson, Billie Louise, Fresh, Tiger, Ga.; Wilson. Allen Thomas, Sr., Warner Robins, Ga.; Wilson. Charles Edward, Fresh, Millen, Ga.; Wilson, James Edgar, Fresh, Thomson, Ga.; Wilson, James Paul, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Wilson, Janice Elizabeth, Jr., Hawkinsville, Ga.; Wilson, William Trumie, Fresh, Milner, Ga.; Wimberley, Peggy Louise, Fresh, Macon. Ga. Wimberly, Phyllis I., Sr., Cairo, Ga.; Wimberly, Russell Reid, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Winburn. James Randall, Fresh, Savannah, Ga.; Windham, Hugh Howard, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Winecoff, Karla Kay, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Wingate, Mary Ramona, Fresh, Pelham, Ga.; Winge, Elaine, Soph, Glennville, Ga.; Winge, Charles Edwin, Jr.. Statesboro, Ga.; Winge, Lillie Bland, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Winham, Tommy Wilton, Jr., Glenwood, Ga.; Winn, James Stuart. Soph, Macon, Ga.; Wise, Darrell Gordon, Fresh, Stamping Ground. Ky.; Witmer, David Lee, Jr., Lancaster, Pa.; Witherington, Sandra Sue, Fresb, Macon, Ga.; Witsell, Ralph Barclay, Jr., Irwinton, Ga.. Wittfeld. Shirley Dianne, Fresh, Savannah. Ga.; Wolfe, Brenda Jane, Sr., Swainsboro, Ga.; Wohlgemuth, Elaine, Jr., Atlanta. Ga.; Womack, Peggy, Jr., Milledgeville. Ga.; Womble, Jo Ann, Soph, Cairo, Ga.; Wommack, Robert Wilburn, Sr.. Tennille, Ga.; Wood, Bobi Ruth, Sr., Fineview, Ga.; Wood, Donna Kay, Sr., Toomsboro, Ga.; Wood, Larry Samuel, Jr., Wilmington, Del.; Wood, Martha Jane, Sr., Hazlehurst, Ga.; Wood, Nancy Ella, Fresh, Manassas, Ga.; Wood, Richard Wayne, Jr., Dry Branch, Ga. Wood, Robert Earl, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wood, Tonita Caryol, Sr., Moultrie, Ga.; Woodall. Shirley Ann, Fresh, Albany, Ga.; Woodard, Aurelia Arlene, Fresh, East- man, Ga.; Woodard, Brenda Faye, Soph, Rebecca, Ga.; Woodard, Janice Priscilla, Sr., Dexter, Ga.; Woodard, Joyce Irene, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Woodard, Ola Jeanette, Fresh, Jacksonville, Fla.; Woodard, Wilson Earl, Sr., Eastman, Ga.; Woodruff, Shirley Elaine, Fresh, Perry, Ga.; Woods, Carmen Dean, Sr., Macon, Ga.; Woods, Charles Reginald, Sr., Newington, Ga.; Woods, Joseph Harris, Fresh, Glennville, Ga.; Woods. Randall Douglas, Sr., Statesbofc, Ga.; Woodard. Carlos Rutland, Jr.. Douglas. Ga.; Wood- ard, Earl Wayne, Jr., Cordele, Ga.; Wooddy, Richard Carlton, Soph, Mechanicsville, Ga.; Wooley, Patricia Joyce, Fresh, Warner Robins, Ga.; Woolford, William Rees, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wooten, Ferrell C, Fresh, McRae, Ga.; Worden, Frances Stuart, Fresh, Decatur, Ga.; Worley. Mary Thelma, Sr., Cordele, Ga.; Worrell, Linda Elaine, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Worsham. Sandra Earle, Soph, Milledgeville, Ga.; Worthy, Ann Elizabeth, Fresh, Tucker, Ga.; Worthy, Steve Thomas, Jr., Gordon, Ga.; Wother- spoon, George N., Sr., Statesboro, Ga. Wotherspoon, Mary Kay, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Wren, Dahlia Allen, In-Ser, Waynesboro, Ga.; Wrenn, Clinton Ray, Sr., Cobbtown, Ga.; Wright, Britt Stanford, Jr., Jones- boro. Ga.; Wright, Clinton Allen, Sr., St. Marys, Ga.; Wright. Dorothy Love, Jr., Adrian, Ga.; Wright, Harold Lemar, Sr., Ashburn, Ga.; Wright, Howard Eugene, Sr.. Guy- ton, Ga.; Wright, Margaret Dale, Soph, Portal, Ga.; Wright, Thomas Calhoun, Sr., Ridge Spring, S.C.; Wright, Wallace Howell, Sr.. West Point, Ga.; Wright, Sunny Gail, Sr., Cochran, Ga.; Wu, Geraldine, Jr., Statesboro. Ga.; Wu. Briand, Fresh, Statesboro, Ga.; Wynn, James Aubrey, Sr., Unci, Brooklet, Ga.; Wynn, Mary Alderman, Unci, Brooklet, Ga.; Wynn, James Aubrey. Jr., Fresh, Brooklet, Ga.; Xydias, Linda Rose, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Wynens. Donna Lynn. Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Wyrick, Jane Ellen, Fresh, Lilburn, Ga.; Yancey, Elizabeth Jane, Fresh, Covington, Ga.; Yarborough, Henry Elliott, Soph, Waycross, Ga.; Yarbrough, Carolyn, Fresh, Sparta. Ga.; Yar- brough, John William, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Yarbrough, Mary Kay. Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Yates. Sharon Wynn, Soph. Homerville, Ga.; Yawn. Marlin William, Jr., Alma, Ga. Yawn, Jeanie Carol, Jr., Milan, Ga.; Yawn, William Jack, Sr., Statesboro, Ga.; Yearwood, Clifford Earnest, Sr., Milledgeville, Ga.; Yeomans, Thomas Gary. Sr., Savannah, Ga.; Yielding, William Earl, Soph, Albany, Ga.; Yonce, Ronald Lee, Soph, Johnston, S.C.; Youmans, Barbara Faye, Sr., Twin City, Ga.; Youmans, Joan Elaine, Fresh, Twin City, Ga.; Youmans, Donald Ray, Jr., Statesboro, Ga.; Youmans, James George, Sr.. Macon. Ga.; Youmans. Kenneth Byron, Fresh, Macon, Ga.; Youmans, Mary Nell, Fresh, Swainsboro, Ga.; Youmans, Martha Ann, Soph, Swainsboro, Ga.; Young, Beverly, Fresh, Dublin, Ga.; Young, Joyce, Fresh. Carrolton, Ga.; Young, Virginia Kay, Fresh, Atlanta, Ga.; Youngblood, Frank A., Jr., Adrian, Ga.; Youngblood, Sylvia Elaine, Soph, Atlanta, Ga.; Zeigler, Gracie Diane, Jr., Bloomingdale, Ga.; Zeigler, Jessie Mae, Soph, Statesboro, Ga.; Zipperer, Pamela Eloise, Soph, Savannah, Ga.; Zipperer, Patricia Anita, Jr., Rincon, Ga.; Zittrouer, Richard Fetzer, Jr., Savannah, Ga. 333 Administration and Faculty ADMINISTRATION Dr. Zach S. Henderson, President — Mr. Paul F. Carroll, Dean — Mr. Lloyd Joyner, Registrar — Mr. Don Coleman, Asst. Director of Admissions — Mr. Kenneth Simons, Assistant Registrar — Mr. Jack M. Lewis, Assistant registrar — Dr. Ralph K. Tyson, Dean of Students — Mr. Ben G. Waller, Director of Placement and Student Aid — Mrs. Virginea Boger, Dean of Women — Mr. Harold Maguire, Dean of Men — Mr. Larry E. Davis, Assistant to Dean of Students — Mrs. Adyle Hudgins, Director of Student Activities — Mr. Walton Gibbs, Assistant Dean of Men — Mr. William M. Dewberry, Comptroller — Mr. Harold Howell, Chief Security Officer — Mr. Ric Mandes, Dir- ector, Public Relations — Mr. Billy Dean, Director, Alumni Affairs — Mr. C. R. Pound, Director, Frank I. Williams Center — Mr. C. R. Johnson, Director, Plant Operations — Dr. A. B. Daniel, Director, Health Service. FACULTY DIVISION OF ARTS— Dr. Donald Hackett, Prof., Chairman— Mr. John Butala, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Hayden M. Carmichael, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Hugh Darley, Inst — Mr. Fred H. Fagnant, Inst. — Dr. Frieda Gernant, Prof. — Mr. Edgar C. Godfrey, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Louis Frank McCoy, Inst. — Mr. John S. Martin, Asst. Prof. — Miss Judith Rebecca Meyer, Inst. — Miss Roxie Remley, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Tho- mas A. Singletary, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Richard H. Vail, Inst.— Mr. Donald C. Whaley, Inst.— DIVISION OF BUSINESS— Dr. Paul La- Grone, Prof., Chairman — Mr. John A. Beegle, Asst. Prof. — Mrs. Marjorie Bell, Asst. Prof. — Mr. L. Jack Billard, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Bill Bolen, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Josiah S. Ezell, Asst. Prof. — Mr. Robert P. Fishburn, Asst. Prof. — Mr. James C. Goodwin, Jr., Asst. Prof. — Mr. Gerard Halpern, Asst. Prof. — Dr. Carl F. Hankins, Prof. — Dr. Cecil Howard, Asso. Prof. — Mrs. Harold Hunter, Inst.— Mr. Bill Pollak, Inst.— Dr. Larry E. Price, Asst. Prof.— Mrs. Arthur Strickland, Inst.— Mr. Marcus C. Strickland, Asst. Prof.— DIVISION OF EDUCATION— Dr. Starr Miller, Prof. Chairman— Dr. Lee C. Cain, Asso. Prof.— Mrs. Wynona Dilly, Inst.— Dr. Thomas L. Har- ris, Asso. Prof.— Dr. James D. Hawk, Prof.— Dr. William L. Hitchcock, Prof.— Dr. Harold T. Johnson, Prof.— Dr. Arthur Justice, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Robert F. Lewis, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Ralph Lightsey, Asst. Prof.— Dr. John R. Lindsey, Asst. Prof.— Dr. William A. McKenney, Prof.— Mr. Kemp Mabry, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Walter B. Mathews, Prof. — Dr. Shelby Hardy Monroe, Prof. — Dr. Howard F. Moseley, Asst. Prof.— Mr. William A. Norton, Inst.— Mr. John R. Nunnally, Sr., Inst.— Dr. Arthus Strickland, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Harold L. Tyer, Asst. Prof.— Mrs. Jewel Wade, Inst. Mrs. Mary Frances Walsh, Inst.— Miss Gladys Waller, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Bill Weaver, Prof.— DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHY- SICAL EDUCATION— Mr. J. B. Scearce, Jr., Asso. Prof., Chairman— Mrs. Reba Barns, Inst.— Mrs. Jean Bell, Asst. Prof.— Mrs. Helen Brogdon, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Paul Carr, Inst.— Mr. J. I. Clements, Asst. Prof.— Mrs. Lillian Cochran, Ins.t— Mrs. Delores Collins, Inst.— Dr. Doyice Cotten, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Charles Exley, Inst.— Dr. Douglas Leavitt, Asso. Prof.— Mr. Jack Milan, Inst.— Mr. Ron Oertley, Inst.— Mrs. Sue Oertley, Inst.— Mr. Frank Radovich, Inst.— Dr. Frank Ransey, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Bill Spieth, Asst. Prof.— DIVISION OF HOME ECONOMICS— Dr. Betty Lane, Prof., Chairman— Miss Jane Barrow, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Bobby G. Barrier, Inst.— Mrs. Barbara Bitter, Inst.— Dr. Robert F. Brand, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Claude Britt, Asst. Prof.— Miss Martha Cook, Inst.— Mrs. Charlotte Crit- tenden, Inst.— Mr. Donald Davis, Inst.— Dr. Zolton Farkas, Prof.— Mrs. Clara Farkas, Inst.— Mr. Philip Folsom Inst.— Miss Victoria Haro-Lopez, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Clayton Hoff, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Lawrence Huff, Prof.— Mr. Carlton Humphrey, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Aubrey Kline, Inst.— Mrs. Dorothy Lee, Asst. Prof.— Miss Jane Lightcap, Inst.— Mr. Edward Little, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Jack McDuffie, Inst.— Miss Llewellyn McKinnie, Inst.— Mrs. Mary Mikell, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Robert Overstreet, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Oscar Patton, Inst.— Mr. Roy Powell, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Woodrow Powell, Prof.— Dr. David Ruffin, Prof.— Mr. W. H. Smith, Inst.— Dr. Patrick Spurgeon, Prof.— Miss Marjorie Thomas, Inst.— Mr. Billy Thompson, Inst.— Dr. Maryland Wilson, Prof.— DIVISION OF MUSIC— Dr. Ronald J. Neil, Prof., Chairman— Dr. Sterling Adams, Asst. Prof. Dr. Jack Broucek, Prof.— Mr. Warren C. Fields, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Robert Gerken, Asst. Prof.— Dr. John Graham, Prof.— Mrs. Mabel McKenney, Inst.— Mr. Don Northrip, Asst. Prof.— Mr. W. P. Sandlin, Asst. Prof.— DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS— Dr. John Boole, Prof. Chairman — Mrs. Sara Bennett, Inst.— Mr. Eugene T. Bergquist, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Herbert Bice, Asso. Prof — Dr. Thomas A. Bond, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Robert Boxer, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Carroll Bryant, Prof.— Dr. Martha Cain, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Claire Colvin, Asso. Prof.— Mrs. Mary Cotten, Inst.— Mr. Julian Deal, Inst.— Dr. Gordon DeWolf, Prof.— Dr. Hiram S. Hanson, Asst. Prof. —Miss Sara E. Hardy, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Harold Hinds, Inst.— Mrs. Suryakanthama Howard, Inst.— Dr. Rhys Jones, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Craig Kellogg, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Ashfag Khan, Asst. Prof— Mr. Wayne Krissinger, Inst.— Dr. Ear. Lavender, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Walter Lynch, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Sturgis McKeever, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Krishna Mehra, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Donald Olewine, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Karl Peace, Inst.— Dr. Tully Pennington, Prof.— Dr. John Rogers, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Malcolm Smith, Asst. Prof.; Dr. Basudeo Varma, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Fred Wallace, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Leo Weeks, Prof.— Dr. Marvin Whitehead, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Joe Wilber, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Raymond Wilson, Asst. Prof.— DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE— Dr. Jack N. Averitt, Prof. Chairman— Mr. Westley F. Busbee, Asst. Prof.— Dr. J. Perry Cochran, Asso., Prof.— Mr. Glen H. Coston, Inst.— Mr. Frank L. Evans, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Harold R. Hunter, Asso. Prof.— Mr. Walter L. Kautzky, Inst.— Dr. S. S. Kwak, Asst. Prof.— Mrs. Ruby C. Lewis, Inst.— Dr. Pierce Link, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Kathryn S. Lovett, Asst. Prof.— Mr. H. E. McAllister, Asst. Prof.— Mr. Bernard Mathews, Asst. Prof.— Mr. G. Ray Mathis, Asst. Prof. —Mr. H. S. Maur, Inst.— Mr. Eloy R. Mestre, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Robert G. Mitchell. Asso. Prof.— Dr. Harris W. Mobley, Asso. Prof.— Mr. Frederick B. Payne, Inst.— Mr. Chun Wang Ro, Asst. Prof.— Mr. James V. Robinson, Asst. Prof.— Dr. George A. Rogers, Prof.— Dr. Carl A. Ross, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Nath E. Shechter, Asso. Prof.— Dr. Julia H. Smith, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Otis H. Stephens, Prof.— Dr. Robert D. Ward, Prof.— Dr. Georgia B. Watson, Prof.— Mr. Matt .W Williamson, Asst. Prof.— Dr. Ellsworth T. W. Wu, Asso. Prof. 334 .1 Organization Index ORGANIZATION PAGE Alpha Gamma Omicron 125 Alpha Gamma Pi 128 Alpha Phi Omega 88 Alpha Rho Tau 122 American Home Economics Assoc 1 39 Association for Childhood Education 137 Baptist Student Union 132 Buford Hall 159 College Young Democrats 147 College Young Republicans 147 Cone Hall 150 Cooper Hall 151 Deal Hall 152 Delta Pi Alpha 92 Dorman Hall 158 Gamma Sigma Upsilon 116 George- Anne 166 German Club 140 Hendricks Hall 154 Iota Alpha Tau 101 Kappa Delta Chi 104 Kappa Delta Epsilon 124 Kappa Mu Alpha 129 Lewis Hall 156 Lynne Hall 157 Masquers 141 Morgan Hall 160 Music Educ. Nat ' l Conference 145 Newman Club 144 Phi Beta Lambda 128 PEM Club 130 Phi Epsilon Kappa 107 Phi Mu Alpha 98 Pi Omega Pi 127 Political Science Club 146 Reflector 170 S Club 14 3 Sanford Hall 15 5 Science Club 138 Sigma Alpha Iota 12( Sigma Epsilon Chi 96 Society for the Advancement of Management l4 Student Congress 2 Students of Ga. Ed. Association 13 Theta Pi Omega 120 Weightlifting Club 145 Wesley Foundation 142 Westminster Fellowship 144 Winburn Hall 148 Wudie Hall 153 335 Editor ' s Epitaph This space, in most yearbooks, is usually filled with a pile of rubbish which tells everybody and his brother " thank you " . My intentions run in an entirely different direction, but obviously, I didn ' t do the entire job myself, so, to all ... THANKS! Most people think that the editor of an annual just sits back and directs his staff without himself getting directly involved in the work. Well, I can tell you that it " just ain ' t so. " The editor usually winds up doing one or more sections completely on his own (and large parts of other sections) because a sec- tion editor or staff member had a date or a test to study for just at deadline time. The section editors this year have all done their jobs well and I really have no grounds for complaint. I may have stayed up all night a few nights, but at least I had the company of the editor of the section in question. There are some remunerations for the editor (aside from his salary) which make the job worthwhile. I have learned much about my hobby, photography; I have gained many friends, both in the student body and in the faculty and administration, and I have had a goal to work towards for two quarters. I ' ve even lost weight. I ' ve tried to give an accurate picture of Georgia Southern College in the preceding pages with copy as well as pictures. I like to think that I succeeded in this endeavor, and I only hope that you, the reader, can agree with me. Aufwiedersehen !

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