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Georgia Southern College Library r 996 I K 7%m I mam mi 38? n 1 ■ ■ ii wn ' w i . . . you freshmen will be introduced to a very essential part of your life here at T.C. — rat caps. The little blue cap with the white T is to be worn until rat day is over. . . . then came the day the " rats became college freshmen, with an entire day spent in their honor. ZACK L. STRANGE, SR. DEDICATION In this lovely place we have found a sprite of goodwill. He writes us notes about our " husbands " and lie calls us " brides ' ; he is a punster and always writes us billets-doux. After four years he has become Our Hero. He lias inspired us to greater endeavor; he has encour- aged us to have more zeal; and he has (nearly) al- ways filled those dusty vacant boxes that have meant so much in our lives for these four years. For this, and because of our love and devotion to him, WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1 9 5 4 , DEDICATE THIS, OUR 1954 REFLECTOR TO S, range, Postmaster IN MEMORY In memory of Dr. Marvin S. Pittman, who was devoted to Georgia Teachers College and a better education for the entire realm of humanity. Born April 12, 1882, Embry, Mississippi, he excelled in many phases of education with special interest being in the fields of social science and rural education. Dr. Pittman came to T.C. in 1934 as its president and maintained constant affiliation with this institution until his death on February 27, 1954. Recognized as a prominent national educator he made extensive studies in Europe, Mexico, and Cuba, and contributed much of his information to the oncoming generations permanently through numerous books. 10 Where we recuperate. Wkete We Wcrk . . HEALTH COTTAGE Here we practice what they preached. CLOSE UP LABORATORY SCHOOL find tie . . . The Dignified Dorm The House of Many Skills SI II U I ill . i. a- 1 • ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING The Professor ' s Paradise. LEWIS HALL A Home Away from Home 2£ GYMNASIUM E Vs I H ALL Practice Makes Perfect???? MUSIC-BUSIN ESS BUILDING The men live here!!! SANFORD HALL LIBRARY Books galore!! 18 A D M I V I S I It A I I O THOMAS C. LITTLE Education Head IDA LONG ROGERS Dean of Women JULIAN A. PAFFORD Principal, Laboratory School HASSIE McELVEEN Librarian GEORGIA WATSON Guidance and Alumni Director ROY F. POWELL English, Public Relations SOPHIE JOHNSON Dean of Men MRS. FLORINE MYERS House Director A D M I N I S T It A T I O V V - MRS. ARCHIE JACKSON House Director MRS. J. B. JOHNSON House Director MRS. LUCIAN FRANKLIN House Director MRS. ANNIE MELTON Dietician MRS. FRANCES ROCQUEMORE Nurse B. E. TAYLOR Supt. of Buildings and Grounds MISS QUEEN COLLINS Laboratory School Secretary TOMMIE JEAN CORBETT Secretary to President A » M I I S T II A T I O LIZZIE NORMAN Secretary to Dean and Registrar MRS. PAT DARLEY Secretary to Dean of Women anil Guidance Director MARY JANE MOORE Business Office Assistant BETTY SUE ROUNTREE Business Office Assistant Z. L. STRANGE, SR. Postmaster Z. L. STRANGE, JR. Postmaster MARGIE JONES Manager, Blue Tide JOHN HUDSON Film Librarian H E F U JOHN ERICKSON Industrial Arts DOROTHY FEW English, Speech BERTHA FREEMAN Education FRIEDA GERNANT Fine Arts EDGAR GODFREY Industrial Arts MARJORIE T. GUARDIA English DONALD HACKETT Industrial Arts H ead W. S. HANNER Exact Science Head Film Librarian GRACE COOPER, Assistant Librarian MARY McCAIN, Assistant Librarian LABORATORY SCHOOL FACULTY ««■ it- First Row: Mrs. Ruth Knowlton, Miss Rebecca Parks, Miss Leona Newton, Miss Marjorie Crouch, Miss Marie O ' Neal, Mrs. Edna Mae Joiner, Miss Constance Cone, Mrs. Mary Bruce, Mrs. S. C. Carter. Second Row: Mrs. Gladys DeLoach, Miss JoAnn Surrency, Miss Marie Wood, Miss Gladys Waller, Miss Cleo Edenfield, Miss Betty Lane. Third Row: Roger Parsons, Daniel Hooley, Mr. Pafford, Jordan P. Folds, James Hart, Rudy Mills, Harold Steele, and John Pelts. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Don Thomas, Secretary; Larry Cook, Vice President; Jack Gay, Treasurer. Seated: Mike Genevrino, President. Who tricked our President into this???? Oh! You beautiful dolls. SARALENE AKRIDGE — Sale City, Ga. Ele in entu ry Education Masquers I, 2; SCA 1,2; Wesley Foundation I: BSTJ 3; House Coun- cil :!; Elementary Club 3, 4. REYNOLDS ALLEN — Eastman, Ga. Physical Education MARY HELEN ALTMAN — Waycross, Ga. English — Speech George-Anne I. 2, 3, 4; Editor , ' f; Associate Editor 2; " T " Book Editoi 2; K .i j | ;i Delta Pi .3.4; Secretary Junior ( hiss; Wesley Foun- dation Council I, 2. 3, I; Masquers 3, I; English Club . ' !. I; S( I. 2; Cave Club I; Who ' s Who 4. FRANCES AMMONS — Brunswick, Ga. English — History English Club; Masquers; ETA; House Council I. 2, . " . ROSE MARY AMMONS — Brunswick, Ga. Exact Science Secretary Freshman Class; E l A .3. I. Pres. I, .State Ties. 4; Science Club I. !_ ' , 3, I. Sec. 1- ' . Pres. 3; Masquers I, 2. 3, 4. Vice- Pies. 1. 2; WRA I. 1; George-Anne Stafl I. 2; Reflectoi :!. I ; Who ' s Who 4. PATSY WOLFE ANDERSON — Uvalda, Ga. Physical Ed n cat ion — English WRA . ' !, 1; Iniraminal Coordinator .3; Women ' s Official Club 3; English Club .3. rransfer Brewton Parkei [unior College. BARBARA BARINEAU — Cairo, Ga. Elementary Education Transfer VSC, Valdosta, Ga. it Club 4; Elementary Education Club I; Wesley Foundation I; Masquers I; FTA 4. HORACE BELFLOWER — Cochran, Ga. Physical Education Basketball 1 . 3, 4. SARALENE AKRIDGE REYNOLDS ALLEN MARY HELEN ALTMAN FRANCES AMMONS ROSIE AMMONS PATSY ANDERSON BARBARA BARINEAU HORACE BELFLOWER i: I O II CLASS OF ' 54 VIVIEN COWART EUGENE CRAIG AL CRUMPLER HUGH DARLEY MORRIS DAVIS VIRGINIA DAVIS DELANO DEEN HAROLD DeLOACH DIKE C T DRY JO SHARON BLACK — Cochran, Ga. El cm ait it ry Ed ucation rransfei Middle Georgia College. Choi) 3, 4; Elemen- lai Education ( .lnl . ' . I; Wi Clul . ' i, I; Vcsle foun- dation 1 : 1 1( iuse Council 3. DOROTHY BROWN — Twin City, Ga. Home Economics 1 1 c Ec. Club I . I. ' . 3, I. Reportci 2, Vice-Pies. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, I. Sec. I; Honors Da) 2; Wesley Foundal ion 3, I OTIS EARL BOYER — Rockledge, Ga. Industrial Arts — English I ' ranslci Middle Ccoigia College. Industrial . 1 1 s Club 4. SUE BRANNEN — Statcsboro, Ga. Elementar y Eil u cut ion ELEANOR BROOKS — Milieu, Ga. Elementary Education rransfei Bessie I Mi College. House Council 3; Wt ( lull ' . ' : M .i s( j l ui s " ., I; I I 1; I ' IcllKIII.II I ' ,( 1 IK .11 ion Club 4. C. TRUMAN BROWN — Guyton, Ga. Special Major in Business rransfei Emot) University. VIVIEN GOULD COWART — Savannah, Ga. Special Major in Social Sciences We.slo I ound. i! ion Council 3; SCA Council 2; IRC I. 2. Vice-Pres. 2; Masquers I. 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3: English Club 2, 3; George-Anne Mall 2. 3. EUGENE CRAIG — Columbus, Ga. Special Major in Exact Scient c Science Club 2, ' . ' : Mascpicts 2, 3. AL R. CRUMPLER — Hagan, Ga. Social Science Kappa I elta Pi 4. HUGH EDISON DARLEY — Statesboro, Ga. Industrial Education tndusl rial i is Club 3, 4. BOBBY DAVIS — Cordele, Ga. Physical Education JULIUS BYERS— Savannah, Ga. Special Major in Social Science JANICE CHASTAIN — Albany, Ga. Etc m e nt a ry Ed ii cation Elemental) Education Club I; F TA 1: Wesle) Founda- tion I. 2. 3, I: SCA I. 2; Social Council 3, 4; Student Council 3, I. I ie.iv l; Sophomore Class Freas.; Junior Class Pres.; House Council I; Rellectoi Staff, Associate Editoi I; Philh; onii Choi) 2, 3; Who ' s Who I. ERNEST LAWRENCE COOK — Newington, Ga. Exact Science Si u nci Club 3, I; Vice-Pres. Senioi (lass. TOMMIE JEAN CORBETT— Vidalia, Ga. English — S pcech list 1,2,3, I, Vice-Pres. 3, Council 1.2.3. I; Masquers I. 2. . ' !. I. Vice-Pres. I, 2, Pres 3, I; Vlpha Psi Omega 3, I. Pres. I: English Club 3, I. Pus. I; I- I A I; Rellec- toi Si. ill I; Mouse Council, Vice-Pres. 2; Soi homore Class Sec; Who ' s Who I; Kappa Delia Pi 4. MORRIS DAVIS — Tifton, Ga. Exact Science VIRGINIA DAVIS — Rome, Ga. Business Ed ucation I ransfei Atlanta Division U. ol Ga. FBI 3; F I 4. DELANO DEEN— Alma, Ga. Exact Science HAROLD DcLOACH — Statesboro, Ga. Industrial Arts Industrial Wis Club 2. 3, Sec. 3; Veterans Club 2. 3, Vice-Pres. 2. Pus 3; rransfei I ol Ga. JOHNNY DENITTO — Brooklet, Ga. Music Philharmonif Choir 2. . " . I. C - hah man 1; Concert Band 3, I. Phi Mu Upha 3, I. Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Organ Guild I. Sec. lie. is. I; Music Education Club 3, 4, Pres. I: Mu Sigma 2. 3; Dame Band t; Who ' s W ho 4. SENIOR CLASS OF ' 54 BILL DENNY JOAN DIX ROBERT DIXON JU ANITA DOWDY LOTHAIR EASTERLING JANE EDGY MAX ESTES BETTY H. FABRIS MARY FLANDERS GERALD FLETCHER DORIS FORD DOROTHY FORD CAROLYN FULMER JACK GAY MICK GENEVRINO BETTY GORDY DIRECT O K Y BILL DENNY — Louisville, Ga. Business Education I ransfei Emory-at-Oxford. Veterans Club I, 2, 3; House ( lounc il 2, ' ■ ■ 4. JOAN DIX — Abbeville, Ga. English — Home Economics I ransfei Middle Georgia College. English Club 3, Sec- I reas. 3; BSU 2, 3; SCA 2, 3; Home Ec. Club 2. 3. ROBERT NICHOLAS DIXON — Kite, Ga. Exact Science — Math Science Club 3, I; BSU; SC 1. JUANITA DOWDY — Baxley, Ga. Elementary Education [ " ransfei South Georgia College. Vrt Club 3, 4; USI 3, I; WR 3, I. House Council 3; I ' .Sl Council 4; Ele- mentan Education Club I; I- I I; Masquers 4; SCA 3, 4. PAUL MALOY DOWDY— Milan, Ga. Business Education FBLA 3, 4; BSU 4; SCA 4. MARY FLANDERS — Rockledge, Ga. Home Economics House Council I. 2, 3, I. Vice-Pres. 4; Wesle) Founda- tion I. 2, 3, I. Pres. 3, I: Home Ec. ( lub [, 2. 3, 4, Sec. 2 Parliamentarian 3, Pres. I; I I 3, 4, GFTA Member-at-large 4: SCA I, 2, 3, Council I. 2; Student Council I; Junior Class lieas.; WRA I, 2; Reflectoi Stan 4; Who ' s Who I . OLLIS GERALD FLETCHER — Tifton, Ga. Social Science DORIS FORD — Sylvester, Ga. El c m e ntary Ed u catio n Masquers 2. 3, 1. Sec. 3, 4; Wesle) Foundation I. 2. 3, 4; SCA I. 2; Student Council 4; House Council, Sec. 4; May Court 3; FTA I; Reflector Stall 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 2. 3, Co-editor 4; 1 1, 2, 3, 4; Elementary Education Club 3, I: Upha Psi Omega . ' i. 4. DOROTHY FORD — Sylvester, Ga. Elementary Education Masquers 2, 3, I. I i eas. 3, I; Wesle) Foundation I. 2. :;. I. I teas. 3; SCA I; WRA I. 2. 3, I. Sec.-Treas. 3; Elementary Education Club 3, 4; May Court 3; FTA I; Student Council I; House Council, I teas. I; Reflectoi Stan 2. :!. 4, Co-editoi 1; Upha Psi Omega 3, I. BARBARA FOSSETT — Chickamauga, Ga. Elementary Education BSU I. 2. 3, CouiKil 2, Sec. :!; SCA 2; WR I ; Masquers 1. 2. :!. Co-historian 2. Vi e-Pres. " ; l-.lemenlai l.duca- tion ( lub 2. 3, I reas. 2; House Council I. 2. :i. Sec. 2: Assistant 3. LOTHAIR EASTERLING— Glennville, Ga. Element a ry Ed nation Elemental " ) Education (lub 2, 3, 4; Masquers 2. . ' (; WR 1.2; PBYF I. 2. 3, Pres. I JANE EDGY — Nahunta, Ga. Physical Ed u cat ion — Biology WRA I; Masquers 4. MAX C. ESTES — Gay, Ga. Social Science — Speech Masquers 4; English ( lub I. [RC 1; House Council -1. BETTY HENDRIX FABIS — Metier, Ga. English — Speech Cheerleadei I. Co-captain 2, :i; Reflectoi stall I; PBYF I. 2. Vice-Pres. ;!; English Club I. 2. . " . I; Masquers I. Beauty Revue I. " Miss I . C. " 2; Sophomore Class Sec; May Court 2; Student Council . " . OPHELIA FIELDS — Grovetown, Ga. Elementary Education lianslei iigusia |unioi College. SCA 4; Elementar) l.dmatiou ( ' hd. I; WRA 4. CAROLYN FULMER— Mt. Vernon, Ga. English lianslei Brewton Parkei [unioi College. English Club 3, I; n ( lub I; Masquers 4. JACK NORMAN GAY — Sylvester, Ga. Business Education FBI 2. 3, I. Reportei :i. Vice-Pres. I; I I 4; BSU I. 2. 3. 4, Council 4; Senioi Class rreas.; Reflectoi Stall. Business Manage] I MICHAEL ANGELO GENEVRINO — Newark, N. J. Physical Education lianslei Georgia Southwestern College; House Council 1.2. I. Sec. 4; " T " Club 3, 4: Senior Class Pres. BETTY GORDY — Midville, Ga. English — Physical Ed neat ion Reflectoi Stall I; English Club I, 2. SCA I: Wesle) Foundation I: WRA I; PEMM 2; VR 4. JOE ED GREEN — Pulaski, Ga. Physical Ed mat ion — Math " T " (lub I. 2. :;. I. Vice-Pres. 2, I reas. :i, Pres. 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4. S i: I O IE CLASS O F ' 54 SYLVIA GRINER EUGENE HARPER GEORGIA HARPER DAVID HARRIS ROBERT HURST GENEVIEVE HUNTER SARA JOHNSON YVONNE JONES DEVON KELHEAR JACK KERR CORDELIA KIDD HARRY KING JEAN LAMBERT WILLIAM LAMBERT TOMMY LANIER MARY LIDDELL DIRECTORY SYLVIA VIRGINIA GRINER — Fitzgerald, Ga. English rransfei U. ul Ga. Vrl Club I: Masquers I. Philhar Choir 4; I I I FRANKLIN EUGENE HARPER — Crosland, Ga. Industrial Arts — Art Industrial Vrts Club 2, 3, I. Sgt. al Vims 3, Pres. 4; SCA 2, 3; BSU I . ROBERT LATIMER HURST — Waycross, Ga. English — Art n ( liih 2, 3, I. Sec. 3, Freas. I: English Club 3, 4; Masquers I; Philharmonic Choii 1. 2, 4; George- Vnne Stall I, 2 3, I ; USE I, 2, 3, 1, Phi Mu Vlpha 3, I. GENEVIEVE HUNTER — Collins, Ga. Elementary Ed neat ion HSU I. 2, I; SUA 1. 2, 4; Mouse Council 2; Elemen i. ii Education Club 2. 4. GEORGIA FLORENCE HARPER — Savannah, Ga. Music Education Transfei Wesleyan Conservatory. I I 2; Band 3, 4; Philharmonic Choii 2, 3, I ; Mu Sigma 2, 3; En Melodie 1; Music Education Club I; BSU 2, 3, 4. DAVID HARRIS — Ballground, Ga. Physical Education — History rransfei Brewton Parkei [unioi College; " T " Club 3, l. Vice-Pres. 1; Basketball 3, I. Captain 4; Base- ball 3, I. FAYE HODGES — Statesboro, Ga. Business FBLA 1. 2. 3, 4; An Club 3, I; George-Anne Si. ill 3. DEVON L. KELHEAR — Vidalia, Ga. Exact Science Science Club 2, 3, I. Reportei 3, 4; George-Anne Staff 2. 3. PAUL JACK KERR — Glennville, Ga. nd list rial Arts — History rransfei Gordon Militan College. CORDELIA KIDD — Camilla, Ga. Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 1; House Council 1; SCA 3; Wesley Foundation I. 2, 3, I; Win I, 2, 3, 4. HENRY LEE KING — Columbus, Ga. Exact Science rransfei Emory University. Science Club 3, 4; Vets Club, lie. is. 3; I louse Council 3, I BOBBY GENE KINGERY — Pulaski, Ga. . act Science Science Club I, 2, 3, I. Pres. I; Band I. 2, 3 ,4, March- ing Kami I, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic Choii 2, 3, 4; BSU I, 2, . ' i; Science Radio Station I; Kappa Delta 1 ' i 4. SARA JOHNSON — McBean, Ga. Exact Science I ransfei [unior College, Uigusta. Sc ieiu e Club 3, I. I ibrarian I : BSU I L ' , I reas. 2; " ,. I , II isioi ian 4. YVONNE JONES — Jesup, Ga. Home Economics Student Council 1, 2, 3, I. Sec. 2, I; Home Ec. Club 2, 3, I, Vice-Pres. 3, Sec. I. Delegate to Province 111; S : V I. 2, 3, I. Sec . 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Dorm. Rep. 4; BSU I. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Corresp. Sec. 4; Hand I, 2; WRA I: M is Court 2; I I I: Beaut) Revue I. 2, 3, " Miss I : 3; Soc ial ( lounc il l; Who ' s W ho 4. PEGGY JONES — Jesup, Ga. Elementary Education House Council I; Elemental Education Club I. 2, 3. I; Masquers 2, 3, 1; FT A I. MRS. JEAN B. LAMBERT — Hilltonia, Ga. Elementary Education Fransfei Bern College. Vrl Club 3; Elementary Edu- cation ( I ii 1 1 3, I . WILLIAM EDWARD LAMBERT — Hilltonia, Ga. Industrial Arts ils Club I. 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4. TOMMY LANIER — Metter, Ga. Business Education FBLA I. 2, 3, 4. MARY FRANCES LIDDELL — Atlanta, Ga. Social Science Lransfei Atlanta Division U. ol Ga. IRC 2, 3, Sec. 3. FAYE LUNSFQRD — Richland, Ga. Music Education Hand I. 2, 3, I; Philharmonic Choii 1. 2, 3, 4, Accom panist 2, 3, I, Board ol Directors I; House Council 2, 4: Organ Guild ;i. I. Sec.-Treas. 3, Dean I; En Melodie Pres. I; Mus Sigma I, 2, 3. FAYE HODGES PEGGY JONES BOBBY GENE KINGERY FAYE LUNSFORD i: IOII CLASS OF ' 54 MARTHA JANE MANNING CHRISTINE MARTIN PAT MEEKS SUE MILLER MARILU MILLS RUDY MILLS BARRY OWENS J. L. PADGETT EARL PARKER NAN PARRISH MELVIN PEACOCK BOBBY PHILLIPS FRANCES RACKLEY ANN RAMSEY MARZEE RICHARDS BOBBY RICHARDSON DIRE C TORY MARTHA JANE MANNING — Ellaville, Ga. English — Physical Education [ " ransfei Georgia Southwestern College. English Club I: Weslex Foundation . ' !. 4. MRS. CHRISTINE MARTIN — Swainsboro, Ga. Elementary Ed n cut ion W ( I ; I louse ( .nunc ll 2 PATRICIA ALICE MEEKS — Nichols, Ga. English — Speech Masquers I. 2, . " ; Mus Sigma I. 2; l hilharmoni Choii 2. House Council I. Set. 2; English Club 2. Iplia Psi ( )mega . ' !, 4. SUE MILLER — Toomsboro, Ga. Business — Home Economics I ' .si 1 . 2, 3, Pianist 3; SCA 1 . 2, 3; FBL 2, 3, Public it) ( In. . ' I; Home I Club I; I I R I. MRS. GLADYS FOWLER MURPHY — Augusta, Ga. Elementary Ed u cat ion Elementary Education Club I: FT A I; Philharmonic Choir I . EARL STANLEY PARKER — Plains, Ga. Exact Science rransfei Georgia Southwestern College. Science Club 3, 4; SC. 3, 4; HSU 4; George-Anne Stall 4; Cave ( bib 4. LAURA NAN PARRISH — Cordele, Ga. Elementary Ed u cation SCA 1. 2, 3; VVeslev foundation Council I. 2. . " ; I lc mentar) Education Club 2, 3; Masquers I; I I , ' f. MELVIN C. PEACOCK — Savannah, Ga. English — History rransfei Armstrong [unioi College; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, 1 leas. 4. ROBERT B. PHILLIPS— Albany, Ga. Industrial Arts — Math Basketball I. 2, 3, I. Captain 3; ( lass Vice-Pres. 1; " T " Club 2, 3, I. Sec. 3; ns Club 2. 3, 4, Sec. I; I louse ( ouncil . ' !. JOHN FRED PIERCE— Savannah, Ga. Physical Education — Math Pres. Student Council I; Class Pies. I; House Council I: " T " Club I. 2, 3, I. Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Reflectoi Staff, Spoils Eclitoi . " , 4; George-Anne Staff, Sports Editor 2; rrainer Basketball ream I, 2, 3, 4; Trainei Baseball ream I, 3; Philharmonic ( bob 2; Who ' s W ho 4. MRS. MARILU H. MILLS — Avondale Estates, Ga. History — Business W-l Club I. 2; Reflectoi Staff I. 2, 3, it Editoi 2, 3; SC. Council I. kappa Delia Pi 2, 3, Vice Pics. 3; lpli.i Psi Omega 2, Vice-Pres. 3; W ho ' s Who . ' !. RUDOLPH W. MILLS — Macon, Ga. Music Class Pies. 2; Hand I. 2, 3, 4, Pies. 2; Dance Hand I, 2, ' !. 4, Managei I; Philharmonic Choii I, 2. . ' !. 4, Board ol Directors I. MENC :i. I. Pres. Mu Sigma I. 2. :i. I leas. . ' !; Phi Mu Upha . " . I. Pies. 3, I; I louse Colin Ml 3. BARRY OWENS — Brunswick, Ga. Engl is h — History rransfer Brewton Parket |unioi College. Masquers . ' i: Kappa Delia I ' l 1. JAMES LUTHER PADGETT — Baxley, Ga. Physical Ed u cat ion — English rransfei Middle Georgia College. BILLY JOE PARKER— Ludowici, Ga. Industrial Arts Industrial Vrts Club 2. :!. I; Vets Club 2. SCA I, 2. FRANCES RACKLEY — Statesboro, Ga. Social Science Philhai monic ( Ihoii I ; IRC 3, 4. ANN RAMSEY — Covington, Ga. Element a ry Ed neat ion rransfei West Georgia College. FTA I. 2. . ' !. 4, Vice- Pies. 4; House Council I. 2. I. Pies. 4; Ait Club 3, I. I leas. ;!; Elemental - ) Education Club :!. I. MARZEE RICHARDS — Augusta, Ga. Science — Math BOBBY RICHARDSON — LaFayette, Ga. Exact Science Masquers I. 2. Pres. 2; Philharmonic Choii 2; Science ( bib I . 2. Vice-Pres. 2: Wesle) Foundation 2; SCA 2 BERNARD EUGENE ROBERTS, JR.— Wadley, Ga. Music — English Student Council 3; Philharmonic Choii I. 2. 4, Board ol Directors . ' !. I; Phi Mu Upha I; Masquers I, 2. . ' i. I; W ' esle foundation I, 2. :i, I; House Council I Has. 1; | | 4; English Club I; Band 3, I; MEM I. Vice-Pres. I: Who ' s Who I. SENIOR CLASS OF ' 54 JOSEPH L. ROBERTSON HELEN ROBERTSON TALMADGE RUSHING PEGGY SATURDAY SATOSHI SHIMABUKURO SARA DOT SIMPSON BETTY RUTH SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH WINIFRED STUBBS JO ANNE SURRENCY EARL SWICORD CLYDE TANNER DON THOMAS ERNESTINE THOMPSON JOYCE THOMPSON BILL THORTON EDWARD A. SCHROEDER SHIRLEY ANNE SMITH ROBERT TAYLOR ARCHIE O ' HARA TOLER DIRE JOSEPH L. ROBERTSON — Americus, Ga. Engl is b — Physica I Education Football ' . ' is. ' 39; English Club ' 40; Masquers ' 40; Delta Sigma Fraternity. HELEN ROBERTSON — Lyons, Ga. Elementary Education BS1 I. 3, 4; SCA 2, I: House Council 2; WRA 2, 4; Reflectoi St. ill 2, I; Elemental) Education Club 4. TALMADGE RUSHING — Statesboro, Ga. Industrial Arts PEGGY SATURDAY — Collins, Ga. Elementary Education BSC [, 2, . ' {. 4, Council 2, 3, Pres. i. State Vice-Pres. 4; SCA I, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3; House Council I, 2, Pres. 2; Elementar) Education Club 2, 3, I. Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Philharmonic Choii I. EDWARD AUGUST SCHROEDER Port Wentworth, Ga. rransfei Armstrong [unioi College. Industrial Arts ( lull. Vets Club. MRS. WINIFRED SMITH STUBBS — Claxton, Ga. JO ANN SURRENCY — Glenn ville, Ga. Elementary Education il (:lul :!; Inclination (;lul . " . I. EARL SWICORD — Statesboro, Ga. History — Physical Education Basketball I. 3. CLYDE TANNER — Douglas, Ga. Esact Science I i ansfer South ( leoi i.i ( lollege. Science Club, rreas. I BSU 3, 4; FT A 3, rreas. 3. ' ROBERT A. TAYLOR — Sparta, Ga. Industrial Arts [ndustrial Vrl Club 2, 3, I. Sec.-Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Rep. I; FT A I; Wesley Foundation I; George-Anne Stan 3. T O R Y SATOSHI SHIMABUKURO — Shuri, Okinawa Element a ry Ed u cat ion SARAH DOT SIMPSON— Kingsland, Ga. Home Economics Home Ec. Club I. 2, 3; WRA I, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3; Wesle) Foundation 1 . 2; S( 1 , 2, 3; F I 3. BETTY RUTH SMITH— Cedartown, Ga. Element a ry Ed tic at ion rransfei Mercei 1 niversity. Elementary Education Club 3, I; BSU 3, I; Masquers 3, I; n Club t; FI ' A 4 PHYLLIS MtLENDON SMITH — Arlington, Ga. English — History Fransfei Berry College. English Club 1. Vice-Pres. 4. SHIRLEY ANNE SMITH — Glennville, Ga. Elemental y Ed u cat ion ii ( lull 2, 3; Masquers !_ ' , 3; Elemental) Education i lub ' _ ' . 3; George nnr Stafl I, 2; K 2. DONALD THOMAS — Dalton, Ga. Exact Science rransfei Bern College. Science Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Class Sei I ERNESTINE THOMPSON — Attapulgus, Ga. El erne nt a ry Ed neat ion rransfei Berry College. I- 1ciih hi.ii l . 1 1 u at ion ' . I ■ 1 1 I; I Iiiiisc !oun il 3, 4. REBA JOYCE THOMPSON— Toomsboro, Ga. Element a ry Ed u cat ion SCA 1. 2, . ' !. Count il , " ; Vcslc Foundation I, . ' . ' . Council ' !; Elementary Education Club . " ; Mouse Coun- cil I. 2. WILLIAM H. THORTON— Cordele, Ga. ARCHIE O ' HARA TOLER — Sopcrton, Ga. Business Ed mat inn FBI 3, I: Masquers 3, 4. SENIOR CLASS OF ' 54 CHRISTY TROWELL JULIAN TUCKER BARBARA J. VOIGT WATSON WEATHERS DOYLE WEBB HUGH WELLS, JR. LAMAR WYNN, JR. DAN YOUNG DAN WILSON, JR. 42 DIRECTOR Y CHRISTY TUTTLE TROWELL — Oliver, Ga. Social Science Masquers I, 2; i i Club 2, Treas. 2; Vssociate Editoi •• I H..ok ! ; IRC 2. . " . I ' u v : ; (.come nne Staff, Asso- ciate Editoi 3; Cave Club, Vice-Pres. JULIAN TUCKER — Fitzgerald, Ga. Social Science Philharmonii Choii I; Masquers I. Weslej I 2; Ministei Club I lal ion DANIEL H. YOUNG — Statesboro, Ga. Physical Education DAN FRANK WILSON, JR. — Waynesboro, Ga. Exact Science Science Club I, 2; BSU I. 2, 3, I; IRC 2, 3, I. Pres. 3; Kappa Deli. i Pi 3, I. Historian I: Philharmonic Choii 4; Band 2. NANCY WARNOCK BARBARA WOODS BARBARA JACOBS VOIGT — Savannah Beach, Ga. El e m euta ry Ed n cat ion Transfei Armstrong [unioi College. Elemental lduca lion Club I. 2, 3; IRC 1; SCA I. 3, I: v Club 4; Masquers I JEAN WARNOCK — Pel ham, Ga. Home Economics Home Ec. Club I, 2. 3; SCA I; I I 3; BSU I. 2, 3; 1 louse Council 2. NANCY WARNOCK — Tarrytown, Ga. Elementary Education Lransfer Brewton Parker [unioi College. House Coun- cil . " : Vlpha Rou ran 3, I. Sec I; Elementary Educa- tion Club 3, 4, Sec . I . ELLIS LAMAR WYNN, JR. — Fitzgerald, Ga. Physical Education — English rransfei South Georgia College. House Council I; Eng- lish Club 4. EDGAR WATSON WEATHERS, JR.— Dearing, Ga. Business Education Stiuienl Council I; Masquers I; FBLA 3, I: FT A I: I i .i n si ei University Ga. THOMAS DOYLE WEBB — Boston, Ga. History — Math HUGH G. WELLS, JR. — Guyton, Ga. Business Education Wesle) Foundation Council; SC I, 2, 3, I. l ie. is. 2; Class Vice-Pres. 2; FBLA 3, 4, Pres. 4; State FBLA Vice-Pres. I . I I I ; House Council 2, 3, Freas. 3. NOBLE AUDLEY WOFFORD, JR.— Remerton, Ga. Industrial Art BARBARA JEAN WOODS — Marlow, Ga. Business Ed neat ion Left to right: Jane Seabolt, Secretary; Annegene Culbreth, President; Don King, Vice-President; and Jean Cannon, Treasurer Junior ClaAA 0$cerA The veep takes a night out. Let ' s dance. Hi or high? 44 Nancy Armstrong Decatur, Ga, Midge Bcntlcy Tallapoosa, Ga. Wendell Bowen .... Thomasville, Ga. Ernest Branncn Statesboro, Ga. Emma-Jean Brock Climax, Ga. William Brown .... Wrigbtsville, Ga. Jean Cannon Col ' juitt , Ga. Mary L. Cartec Wrens, Ga. Fey Carter Surrency, Ga. Ma lone Childs Chnla, Ga. Mrs. Betty P. Clary .... Savannah, Ga. James Allen Clary .... Savannah, Ga. 1 1 li ■t ' • •« ..... hi— ift- u o R 1 i Mary Frances Cox . . . Bainbridge, Ga. Anngene Culbrcth Edison, Ga. Jean R. DeLoach Claxton, Ga. Mallic Denmark Savannah, Ga. Warnell Denmark ... Brooklet, Ga. Annelle Dent Douglas, Ga. Charles Dill W aycross, Ga. Mary Dilworth Camcsi ille , Ga. Marguerite Dye Elbcrton, Ga. Vaughn Dyer Statesboro, Ga. Shirley Dykes Savannah, Ga. Jeanine English Gordon, Ga. Sara Fletcher Chula, Ga. Betty Ruth Folsom . . . Nashville, Ga. Eugene Frazier Atlanta, Ga. Kenneth Gale Darien, Ga. Joyce Ginn Ludowici, Ga. Ronald Ginn Edison, Ga. Mrs. Jolynn Griggers . . . Stonewall, Ga. William M. Griggers . . . Stonewall, Ga. Charles Grovenstein .... Savannah, Ga. Shirley Hanson . . Avondale Estates, Ga. Jim Harley Perry, Ga. Rita Harper Savannah, Ga. u o It s Bobbie Jean Hooks .... Savannah, Ga. Rubye Houston Blakcly, Ga. Mary Joe Jackson .... Attapulgus, Ga. Carolyn Johnson Quitman, Ga. George Kemp Boivdon, Ga. Jerry Kicklighter .... Glennvillc, Ga. Don King Wrens, Ga. Clyde Little Canton, Ga. Peggy Ann Marriott .... Augusta, Ga. Joyce Mason Smyrna, Ga. Voncile Moody Alma, Ga. Phil Norton Griffin, Ga. Roy Tanner Collegeboro, Git. Beeler Thompson Gordon, Gn. Ann Thrash Gay Ga. Carl Tyson Lenox, Gu. Betty Vardenian . . . Waverly Hall, Ga. Jeanette Wallace Pooler, Ga. Daphen Watson Rcidsi illc , (iit. Chcrrell Williams Perry, Ga. Eloise Wingate Lndowici, Ga. Mary Lula Peagler . . Homerville, Ga. ctf nineteen hundred and tif- cuf 1 % : % dm life Ray Parker Gainesville, Ga. Rachel Powe Camilla, Ga. Melba Prosscr Statcsboro, Ga. Martha Quick Statesboro, Ga. Virginia Ragsdale Holly Springs, Ga. Mary Jack Ramsey Doertin, Ga. Albert Rogers Claxton, Ga. Mary Frances Sapp .... Manassas, Ga. Jane Seabolt Acnorth, Ga. Gene Stallards Brunswick, Ga. Kirbylene Stephens .... W aycross, Ga. Joe Sullivan Atlanta, Ga. Etta Ann Akins Stutesboro, Ga. Fay Akins Statesboro, Ga. Betty Altman Waycross, Ga. Rebecca Anglin Wadley, Ga. Betty Barnard Waycross, Ga. Billie Zean Bazemore Statesboro, Ga. Jimmy Becton Pooler, Ga. Lottie Faye Bentley Cairo, Ga. Patricia Blake Midway, Ga. Kathleen Boyd Statesboro, Ga. Shirley Bragg Sylvania, Ga. Carolyn Branch Baxley, Ga. Tommy Blitch Statesboro, Ga. James Brinson Lyons, Ga. Mary Annette Brock Folkston, Ga. S i V II O M ORES George Carr Hinesville, Ga. Eulita Carter Baxley, Ga. Ivey Chance Augusta, Ga. Betty Claxton Girard, Ga. Doy Collins Rocky Ford, Ga. Sue Marie Collins Americas, Ga. Howell Dawson Ludoivici, Ga. James Denny Canton, Ga. Jeanctte Dobbs Atlanta, Ga. Eugene Drury W a ynes ville, Ga. Josh Durden Metter, Ga. Don Flanders Statesboro, Ga. Bertie Franklin Towns end, Ga. Warren Gailbreath Waycross, Ga. James Glasgow Dublin, Ga. IflJIi, ■ill ■■■■Afli •p 1 b» Hey ward Gnann Waynesboro, Ga. Jeanette Gnann Clyo, Ga. Hilda Grogan Sale City, Ga. Betty Harden Stilson, Ga. Mary Jayne Hardison Tifton, Ga. Jewell Hart Statesboro, Ga. Peggy Henderson Fitzgerald , Ga. Cathy Holt Albany, Ga. James Hood Statesboro, Ga. Ed Hotchkiss Statesboro, Ga. Carlton Humphrey Milled geville, Ga. Dan Hutchins Sander sville, Ga. Margene Jenkins H illtonia, Ga. Leon Johnson Boneville, Ga. Gene Jones Jesitp, Ga. s o O M O R E S Mary Alice Jones Hazlehurst, Ga. Nina Jones Matthews, Ga. June Kennedy Statesboro, Ga. Peggy Kilpatrick Fitzgerald , Ga. Betty Knight Stilson, Ga. Clyde Lane Sylvester, Ga. Gwen Lanier Metter, Ga. Joan Letson Winder, Ga. Janice McGoogan Brunswick, Ga. Anna McHugh Allendale, S. C. Marie McKcndree St. Simons, Ga. Nancy Mcintosh Waycross, Ga. George McLcod Reidsville, Ga. June Miller Brooklet, Ga. John Mitchell Statesboro, Ga. iB f-r " Jm M ? Bettc Mooney Glenn i ille, Ga. Edna Morgan St. Marys, Ga. Leon a Newman Stilson, Ga. Kelly Powell Kite, Ga. Mary Louise Rimes Statesboro, Ga. Loretta Roach Statesboro, Ga. Betty Roan Fitzgerald, Ga. Myrna Robson Townsend, Ga. Mary Salter Sop er ton, Ga. Faye Sanders Stilson, Ga. Frank Saunders Rocky Ford, Ga. Lauricn Seanor Fitzgerald, Ga. Joyce Sercer Roc belle, Ga. R. L. Smith W aycross, Ga. Tab Smith Daisy, Ga. do : ■Hi V nineteen hundred and fi ty-fa? Ferrcll Sparks Canton, Ga. James Snooks Springfield, Ga. Fayrene Sturgis Statesboro, Ga. Parries Taylor Nashville, Ga. Betty Thigpen Soperton, Ga. ( Thomas Waycross, Ga. Marie Thomas Milstead, Ga. Glenn Thomas Jesup, Ga. Mrs. Frances Groover Tillman Statesboro, Ga. Lawanna Tillman Glenn i ille, Ga. Reiner Tyson Statesboro, Ga. Patricia Underwood Fitzgerald, Ga. Jack Upchurch Statesboro, Ga. Weita Wall Damson, Ga. Doris Warnock Soperton, Ga. 52 Mickey Addison Avondale Estates, Ga. Jo Ann Akins Statcsboro, Ga. Betty Joyce Akins Portal, Ga. Judy Allen Louisville, Ga. Joe Anderson Brunswick, Ga. Don Avery Ballgroiind , Ga. Betty Jean Beasley Register, Ga. Charles Beddingfield Tennille, Ga. Marianne Bevan Waynesboro, Ga. Louise Bird Metter, Ga. Mary Ellen Blizzard Tennille, Ga. Jimmy Blocker Kite, Ga. Hayward Boyd Statcsboro, Ga. Edwin Brannen Statesboro, Ga. Robert Brewster W aycross, Ga. F R E H M E Lou Nell Brockington St. Simons, Ga. William Brookerd Cordclc, Ga. Linda Brown St. Simons, Ga. Jan Brown Statcsboro, Ga. Roger Brown Sycamore, Ga. Lorene Brown Eldorcndo, Ga. Joyce Byrd Pooler, Ga. Lila Ann Canuette Statcsboro, Ga. Gay Canuette Statcsboro, Ga. Joyce Carr Glennville, Ga. Clare Cason Blacltshear, Ga. George Chapman Collins, Ga. Royce Childs Tifton, Ga. Harry Clark Statcsboro, Ga. Elwyn Coleman Swainsboro, Ga. Joan Coleman Rocky Forti, Ga. Ann Colley Blacksbear, Ga. Julia Corry Robinson, Ga. Douglas Corry Union Point, Ga. Glenn Coston Metter, Ga. Wanda Coulson St. Marys, Ga. Barbara Sue Cowart Rocky Ford, Ga. Sara Cunnard Conyers, Ga. Eleanor Curry Oconee, Ga. Ann Davis Odom, Ga. Ann Deloach Glennville, Ga. Claudette Deloach Glennville, Ga. Charlie Denham Sycamore, Ga. Sara Frances Driggers Stilson, Ga. Edmund Dukes Sandersiillc, Ga. F R E S II M I IV Mary Sue Durrance Reidsville, Ga. Marion Dwelle Millen, Ga. June Edenfield Statesboro, Ga. Patsy Edenfield Portal, Ga. Juanette Ellington Montrose, Ga. June Eunice Hinesville, Ga. Herschel Evans Ogeecbee, Ga. Larry Evans Crawford ville, Ga. Janel Fields Garfield , Ga. Jimmy Ford Augusta, Ga. Ruth Fordham Pooler, Ga. Bill Freeman Reidsi ' ille, Ga. Sandra Glasgow Dublin, Ga. Marvin Griffin Dublin, Ga. Raymond Hagin Statesboro, Ga. Roger Hagin Statesboro, Ga. Vondall Hall Mel i in, Ky. Dot Hamilton Brunswick, Gn. Lois Hammond Augusta, Ga. Carlos Hand Hazlehurst, Ga. Fred Harrell Baxley, Ga. Owen Harris Blackshear, Ga. Ann Harrison Kite, Ga. Jo Anne Hartley Alamo, Ga. Robert Harvey Lanier, Ga. Joy Hatcher Jesup, Ga. Mary Henderson Collegeboro, Ga. Eubie Lee Hendrix Statesboro, Ga. Sampson Herndon Surrency, Ga. Billy Hobbs Dexter, Ga. ojf nineteen hundred and p ty-foui Kate Hodges Glenn rille, Ga. Eugene Humphrey Millen, Ga. Charlie Iddins Reidsi ille, Ga. Annie Ruth Jones Lumber City, Ga. Henrietta Jones Savannah, Ga. Ina Jones Matthews, Ga. Patricia Ann Jones Sander sville, Ga. Sara Ann Jordan Bartow, Ga. Betty Kemp Jonesboro, Ga. Mary Ann Kemp Sylvania, Ga. Marilyn Kent Glenn u ood , Ga. Billy Kinchen Hazlehurst , Ga. Sally Kingman Dublin, Ga. Martha Lacey Hazlehurst, Ga. Joan Lane Sylvania, Ga. Bobby Lassetter Neivnan, Ga. Gene Lewis Hazlehurst, Ga. Charles Litvaney Pittsburgh, Pa. Betty Lott Atlanta, Ga. Alice McCord Sylvester, Ga. Patricia Ann McCorkle White Plains, Ga. Betty Jo McDonald Scotland, Ga. Frances Belle McGirt Poulan, Ga. Peggy McNair Sylvania, Ga. Lena Sue McNeal Neiiton, Ga. Libby Ann Martin Brunswick, Ga. Clarke Maxwell Cairo, Ga. Allie Jean Meadows Baxley, Ga. Eugene Meadows Register, Ga. Jackie Mikell Statesboro, Ga. I R E II M E Joyce Mitchell Garden City, Ga. Shirley Morgan Waycross, Ga. Marilyn Moxley Cobbtown, Ga. Van Murray Bunnell, Fla. Mary Nell Nichols Baxley, Ga. Gerald Nobles Glenn t itle, Ga. Beverly O ' Connor Lumpkin, Ga. Kenneth Parker Statesboro, Ga. Geraldine Phillips El model, Ga. Lucille Phillips Statesboro, Ga. Wynelle Pirkle Douglas, Ga. Jimmy Prentice St. Simons Island, Ga. Bobby Presley Toccoa, Ga. Julia Pryor Fitzgerald , Ga. Shirley Rabun Thomson, Ga. Arthus Richards Daytona Bench, Ha. Edward Robbins Dover, Ga. June Roberts Hinesville, Ga. Shirley Rountree Tuin City, Ga. Betty Ann Rowell StatesborOy Ga. Althea Rutland Macon, Ga. Shirley Scott Reidsiille, Ga. Carolyn Sears Alamo, Ga. Melvin Seidel Vidalia, Ga. Rebecca Sheffield Newton, Ga. Jeanne Shine Sea Island, Ga. Charles Simmons Statesboro, Ga. Maggie Simpson Kingsland , Ga. Ann Sims Pembroke, Ga. Daniel Smith Glennville , Ga. ctf nineteen hundred and fiftif-frui Henry Smith Statesboro, Ga. Larry Smith Portal, Ga. Leila Smith Dublin, Ga. Phyllis Smith St. Simons Island, Ga. Walter Stephens Swainsboro, Ga, Ann Strickland Statesboro, Ga. Wanda Strickler Statesboro, Ga. Joyce Tanner Collegeboro, Ga. Lee Ellen Tebeau Springfield, Ga. Julia Thigpen Lyons, Ga. Nancy Thomas Jesiip, Ga. Mary Tippins Belh ille, Ga. Jean Tremon Gordon, Ga. Loretta Tucker Pulaski, Ga. Don Wallen Wheelwright, Ky. Bobbie Jean Warren Stillmore, Ga. Quincy Waters Sttitesboro, Ga. Rabun Waters Sylvania, Ga. Rose Watkins Hinesville, Ga. Maralon Westbrook Union, S. C. Don Whaley Statesboro, Ga. Ann Whiddon McRae, Ga. Joan Whitley Baxley, Ga. Ida Whittle Statesboro, Ga. Ethelyne Williamson Cobbtown, Ga. Barbara Wilkins St. Simons Island, Ga. Marcia Wilkins St. Simons Island, Ga. Barbara Wisenbaker Savannah, Ga. Joan Wood W a ycross, Ga. Bonnie Wren Louisville, Ga. F It E S II I I Shirley Wynn Rockledge, Ga. Robert Young Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Hilda Vaughan Savannah, Ga. Juanette Ellington Montrose, Ga. Franklin Hagin Statesboro, Ga. So! This is life at T. C! Wonder who they are fooling? WINTER QUARTER STUDENTS BOB CARDELL Junior Lumber City, Ga. JIMMY FULFORD Junior Cuthbert, Ga. JACK HARRIS Junior Harlan, Ky. LANNY HEATH Junior Junction City, Ga. SAMMIE LAMB Junior Louisville, Ga. DONA JO LIVINGSTON Freshman St. Simon, Ga. L. C. MOCK Senior Statesboro, Ga. HUGH NOBLES Junior Ludowici, Ga. TOM PERRY Junior Savannah, Ga. MURRY SMITH Junior Plains, Ga. RALPH SPURLOCK Junior Harlan, Ky. JEAN WALL Junior Atlanta, Ga. 1 1 61 st Ron : Rosie Amnions, Dorothy Ford, Doris Ford, Janice Chastain, Marilu Mills. Second Row: Tommie Jean Corbett, Fred Pierce, Anngene Cul- th, Charles Grovenstein, Cherrell Williams, Robert Hurst, Jack Gay, and Kirbylene Stephens. HE REFLECTOR STAFF JACK GAY Business Manager ANNGENE CULBRETH Associate Editor MARILU MILLS Art Editor FRED PIERCE Sports Editor K1RBYLENE STEPHENS Assistant Editor TOMMIE JEAN CORBETT Feature Editor C HARLES GROVENSTEIN Assistant Editor v 3 ak m»- am 1 w Wm ROSIE AMMONS Assistant Editor JANICE CHASTAIN Assistant Editor CHERRELL WILLIAMS Assistant Editor ROBERT HURST Assistant Editor 65 the 4. i: o it 4. i: a i; CARL TYSON CATHY HOLT Circulation Manager Society Editor EARL PARKER PHIL NORTON RITA HARPER MARY ALICE JONES Sports Editor Reporter Reporter Reporter LOU NELL BROCKINGTON MARY HELEN ALTMAN GWEN LANIER MARZEE RICHARDS Reporter Reporter Typist Typist 67 THE S T IT D E N T COUNCIL 68 SOCIAL COMMITTED Janice McGoogan, Miss Rogers, Fred Pierce, Chairman; Cathy Holt, Cherrell Williams, Janice Chastain, Phil Norton. INTER-DORMITORY COUNCIL Seated: Nina Jones, Jean Cannon, Secretary; Jeanette Wallace, Peggy Henderson, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Rogers, Chair- man; Beverly O ' Conner, Mrs. Jackson, Barbara Wilkins, Mickey Addison, Lois Hammond. Standing: Mrs. Franklin, Ivey Chance, John Kennedy, Carlton Humphery, Aunt Sophie, Gene Roberts, Fred Pierce, Mrs. Myers, Doris Ford. 69 WEST HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Seated: Lou Nell Brockington, Mrs. Jackson, Lois Hammond, Secretary; Beverly O ' Conner, President; Barbara Wil- Uins, Vice-President; Jean Shine, Lila Ann Canuett. Standing: Shirley Rountree, Kate Hodges, Betty Lott, Ann Whiddon, Ann Davis, Jane Roberts, Joan Wood, Leila Smith, Mickey Addison, Treasurer. Seated: Pat Blake, Betty Barnard, Carolyn Tally, Jewell Hart, Betty Harden. Standing: Jeanette Wallace, Presi- dent; Ann McHugh, Jean Cannon, Pat Underwood, Joyce Sercer, Vice-President; Peggy Henderson, Secretary-Treas- urer; Fey Carter. L K W I S HALL I O f S E C O II C I L Seated: Anngene Culbreth, Nancy Armstrong, Ann Ramsey, President; Mary Flanders, Vice-President; Ernestine Thompson. Standing: Dorothy Ford, Treasurer; Fay Lunsford, Doris Ford, Secretary; Janice Chastain, Mrs. Myers. COKE HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right: Charles Grovenstein, Doyle Webb, Secretary; Warren Gailbreath, Fred Pierce, President; Aunt Sophie, Gene Roberts, Treasurer; Lamar Wynn, Max Estes, Royce Mock, Vice-President. 71 SANFORD HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Seated (left to right): Earl Rodenbough, Carlton Humphrey, Kelly Powell, President; Jimmy Becton, Thomas Mock. Standing: Bobby Lassetter, Mrs. Franklin, House Director; Harry Clark. PRIMITIVE BAPTIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Seated (from left): Sara Frances Driggers, President; Lothair Easterling, Etta Ann Akin, Patsy Edenfield, Betty Harden, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Leona Newman, Vice-President; Jean- nette Dobbs, June Miller, Miss McElveen, Kelly Powell, J. A. Durden, Louise Bird. WESLEY FOUNDATION M E M B E R S First Row: Cathy Holt, Chcrrell Williams, Annelle Dent, Doris Ford, Charles Mobley, Dorothy Ford, Nan Parrish, Jeanine English, Joyce Thompson. Second Row: Sara Fletcher, Barbara Barineau, Barbara Voigt, Cordelia Kidd, Emma Jean Brock, Mary Frances Cox, Bertie Franklin, Betty Altman, Betty Vardeman, Shirley Morgan, Sarah Ann Jordan, Vivien Cowart, Saralene Akridge, Kenneth Gale. 73 B A P T I ST ST i DENT UNIOTV () F F I C E R S PEGGY SATURDAY President ANNGENE CULBRETH First Vice-President TOMMIE JEAN CORBETT Second Vice-President JEAN CANNON Third Vice-President BARBARA FOSSETT Secretary RONALD GINN Treasu rer MEMBERS First Roic: Bo Ginn, Anngenc Culbreth, Jean Cannon, Peggy Saturday, Tommie J. Corbett. Second Ron : Lauwanna Tillman, Betty Ruth Smith, Genevieve Hunter, Mary Frances Sapp, Georgia Harper, Wynell Pirkle, Carol Thomas, Hilda Grogan, Jane Seabolt, Lorene Brown. Third Row: Ann McHugh, Gene Meadows, Juanita Dowdy, Beverly O ' Connor, Ruby Houston, Ophelia Fields, Shirley Dykes, Jeanette Wallace. Fourth Row: Kirbylene Stephens, Sara Johnson, Helen Robertson, Carolyn Branch, Joyce Mason, James Becton. Fifth Ron 1 : Dan Wilson, Bobby Gene Kingery, Robert Hurst, Van Murray. 7 I WESTMINSTER F E L L © W S II I l» JIM HARLEY JOAN LETSON CHARLES LITVANEY JANICE McGOOGAN President Secretary , Treasurer Program Chairman This is the organization oi Presbyterian students n the campus in connec- tion with the Presbyterian Church in Statesboro. Tin ' s active group enjoys a year Tilled with various activities. M E M B E R S Seated: Joan Letson, Jean Watson, Ann Strickland, Betty Barnard, Jane Hardison, Frances Belle McGirt, Libby Ann Martin. Standing: Artie Rich- ards, Don Wallen, Charles Litvaney, Morris Davis, Douglas Corry, Jim Harley, Miss Gernant, Peggy Kilpatrick, Janice McGoogan. 75 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Seated (from left): Anngene Culbreth, Gene Meadows, Melba Prosser, Jeannine English, Joyce Thompson, Cathy Holt, Treasurer; Jimmy Becton, Second Vice-President; Kirbylene Stephens, First Vice-President; Jean Cannon, Secretary; Jeanette Wallace, Genevieve Hunter. Standing (from left): Peggy Saturday, Marzee Richards, Emma Jean Brock, Margene Jenkins, Ann McHugh, Lois Hammond, Ruby Hous- ton, Mary Frances Sapp, Helen Robertson, Fayrene Sturgis, Barbara Voigt. Second Rote, Standing: Vivien Cowan, Dr. Russell, Gene Rob- erts, Roger Brown, Kelly Powell, Mary Frances Cox, Julius Byers. (Not Shown: Don Welch, President.) ENGLISH CLUB Seated (from left): Anngene Culbreth, Reporter; Jane Seabolt, Treasurer; Kirbylene Stephens, Secretary; Tommie Jean Corbett, President; Mrs. Guardia, Dr. Russell. Standing (from left): Marzee Richards, Jo Griggers, Vivien Cowart, Frances Ammons, Joyce Sercer, Larmar Wynn, Max Estes, Carl Tyson, Melvin Peacock, Mary J. Ramsey, Sylvia Griner. 76 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Dr. Rogers, Vivien Cowart, Vice-President; Christy Trowell, President; Heywood Gnann, Treasurer; Frances An- thony. Standing: Betty Altman, Gene Meadows, Julius Byers, Mr. Knowleton, Charles Dill, Dan Wilson, Satoshi Shimabukuro, Barbara Voigt. ALPHA l»SI OMEGA Seated: Miss Gernant, Tommie Jean Corbett, Director. Standing: Jane Seabolt, Dorothy Ford, Phil Norton, Doris Ford. Not pictured: Marilu Mills, Business Manager. 77 ROSIE AMMONS ANNE RAMSEY MARY FLANDERS NANCY ARMSTRONG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The main purpose of ihis organization is to acquaint students with the prob- lems thai will arise in their chosen profession. Field nips to high schools, with programs originated and produced by members of this and other campus organi- zations, are designed to encourage high school students to become teachers. First Row: Mary Flanders, Rosie Amnions, Ann Ramsey, Nancy Armstrong Dr. Watson, Nan Parrish, Pat McCorkle, Clara Cason, Lorene Brown. Second Row: Barbara Bareneau, Jeannette Gnann, Sue Miller, Marzee Richards, Virginia Ragsdale, Bertie Franklin, Farries Taylor, Georgia Har- per, Ann Colley. Third Row: Ann Barry, Shirley Rountrce, Frances Anthony, Betty Ruth Smith, Joyce Mason, Ann Thrash, Mrs. Gladys Murphy, Juanita Dowdy, Mary Lou Cartee, Joan Letson. Fourth Roic: Gene Meadows, Watson Weathers, Peggy Jones, Shirley Hanson, Anngene Culbreth, Fayrene Sturgis, Joyce Serccr, Kirbylene Stephens, Frances Amnions, Tommy Jean Corbett, Doris Ford, Dorothy Ford. Fifth Ron .- Charles Dill, Hugh Wells, Janice Chastain, Eloise Wingate, Joyce Ginn, Betty Lott, Robert Taylor, Jack Gay, Bobby Gene Kingery. 78 PEGGY SATURDAY President NAN PARRISH V ice-President NANCY WARNOCK Secretary FAYRENE STURGIS Treasu rer DORIS FORD Reporter DOROTHY FOR Report c r The local Chaptei ol this club, the lull name for which is the Association for Childhood Education International, is the largest organization on campus. It is made up of students majoring in Elementary education. Its purpose is to give students an insighl into elementary school work, including opportunities to st i ve and to see problems which will confront them as teachers. ELEMEVTAR1 EDUCATION I L I B O ft A First Rotv: Christine Shuman, Joanette Gnann, Frances B. McGirt, Lorene Brown, Eubie L. Hendris, Sally Kingman, Nancy Warnock, Peggy Sat- urday, Nan Parrish, Fayrene Sturgis, Shirley Rabun, Leona Newman, Malone Childs, Jeanene English, Clara Cason, Joyce Thompson. Second Roic: Althea Ruthland, Joan Womble, Lothair Easterling, Libby Ann Martin, Juannette Ellington, Ernestine Thompson, Betty Akins, Shirley Scott, Lo- ris Hammond, Ophelia Fields, Pat McCorkle, Betty Harden, Ann Colley, Barbara Akins, Betty R. Smith, Satoshj Shimabukuro. Third Roic: Gene Roberts, Jeanette Wilson, Cherrell Williams, Annelle Dent, Shirley Dykes, Genevieve Hunter, Joyce Ginn, Nancy Armstrong, Ann Ramsey, Gladys Murphy, Beverly O ' Connor, Henriatta Jones, Doris Warnock, Sue Cowart, June Edenfield, Betty R. Folsom, Betty Roan, Farries Taylor, Shirley Smith, Miss Freeman. Fourth Rou : Shirley Bragg, Pat Underwood, Jean Lambert, Eloise Wingate, Shirley Hanson, Janice Chastain, Peggy Jones, Helen Robertson, Juanita Dowdy, Jan Brown, Dorothy Ford, Doris Ford, Ruby Houston, Eultia Carter, Emma Jean Brock, Jean Cannon, Sara- lene Akridge, Nancy Mcintosh, Marguerite Dye, Barbara Barineau. 79 I I I I It I ItlMM SS LEADERS OF AMERICA First Roil 1 : Phyllis Smith, Joan Wood, Lou Nell Brockington, Carolyn Thompson, Betty Kemp, Joyce Mason, Miss Keaton. Second Row: Rose Wat- kins, Daffin Watson, Hilda Grogan, Sue Miller, Jack Gay, Ida Whittle, Hugh Wells, Ann Berry, Kirbylene Stephens, June Roberts, Lucille Phil- lips. Third Row: O ' Hara Toler, Sampson Herndon, Wendell Bowen, Watson Weathers, Jerry Kicklighter, Bobby Gene Spivey, Paul Dowdy. All business majors and minors arc eligible for membership in the Future Business Leaders ol American organization. This organization is affiliated with the Georgia Federation of College Business Students. The FBLA operates the book exchange on the campus. OFFICERS Not Pictured: ANN BERRY Secretary HUGH WELLS JACK GAY MALLIE DENMARK SUE MtLLER President Vice-President Treasurer Publicity 80 r- INDUSTRIAL ARTS C L IT H First Row. Dr. Erickson, Harold DeLoach, Robert Taylor, Gene Harper, Leon Johnson, Mr. Godfrey. Second Ron : J. A. Durden, Thomas Godbee, Clyde Lane, Charles Bedingfield, Bobby Phillips, Billy Jo Parker, Ed Hotchkiss, Bobby Lassctter, William Lambert. Third Ron ' : Joe Anderson, Ed Wise, Don King, Don Whaley. " Fellowship, Scholarship and Service " is the motto ol the Industrial Arts Club. They strive to promote professional interest, fellowship, and growth among the students ol industrial arts on the campus. These fellows are always ready to put things togethei lor those who need their talents. FUN NIGHT FOR THE IAC Seated: Devon Keeler, Sara Fletcher, Mary Tippins, Rosie Amnions, Ina Jones, Marzee Richards, Sara Johnson, Mary Lou Cartee, Don Thomas. Standing: Mr. Hanncr, Bobby Gene Kingery, Mr. Caplenor, Earl Parker, Morris Davis, Clyde Tanner, Jimmy Becton, Lawrence Cook, Dr. Wilson. Exact science majors and minors, and other students who arc interested in the science fields, make up the Science Club. During the yeai they enjoy various activities including field trips and outdoor parties. () F F 1 C E R S BOBBY GENE KINGERY President DON THOMAS Vice-President LAURIEN SEANOR Secretary CLYDE TANNER Treasurer SARA JOHNSON Librarian DEVON KELHEAR Reporter S 1 O N S () R S MR. CAPLENOR MR. STEELE MR. HANNER DR. WILSON " 1 I Seated: Tanner, Thomas. Standing: Kelhear, Kingery, Johnson. SCIENCE CLUB 82 Seated: Betty Smith, Jean Watson, Marzee Richards, Nancy Warnock, Frances Anthony, Carol Thomas, Ann Ramsey, Juanita Dowdy, Betty Ruth Folsom, Jeanette Dobbs. Standing: Marie McKendree, Shirley Smith, Jeannette Wallace, Ina Jones, Don King, Janice McGoogan, Jimmy Printice, Miss Remlcy, Miss Gernant. The members oi Alpha Rho Tan are those persons who are especially interested in, or have a special talent Eoi ail. The general purpose l the clnl is to further the appreciation oi art on our campus. Outstanding events sponsored by this organization are the annual Beaut) Revue and the Starlight Club dame. OFFICERS DON KING President MARIE McKENDREE Vice-President NANCY WARNOCK Secretary ROBERT HURST Treasurer ANN RAMSEY Reporter Left to right: Ramsey, King, McKendree, Warnock. THE ART CLUB 83 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION First Row: Sara Fletcher, Beverly O ' Connor, Miss Stanion, Weita Wall, Carolyn Talley. Second Roit : Phyllis Smith, Julia Thigpen, Jean Tremon, Annette Brock, Doris Warnock, Betty Hardin, Allie Jean Meadows, Babs Wisenbaker, Leona Newman. Third Ron ' : Mary Lou Cartee, Jane Edgy, Ophelia Fields, Helen Robertson, Juanita Dowdy, Patsy Edenfield, Janice McGoogan, Rebecca Anglin, Marie Thomas, Daphne Watson, fourth Ron ' : Joan Letson, Pat McCorkle, Lois Hammond, Joan Hartley, Ann DeLoach, Rose Watkins, Carolyn Sears, Kate Hodges, June Roberts, Carol Thomas. Fifth Row: Shirley Rabon, Ina Jones, Lucille Phillips, Sara Ann Jordon, Lorene Brown. " T " € L U II First Row: Jim Harley, David Harris, Joe Ed Greene, Clyde Little. Second Row: Buddy Ward, Mike Genevrino, Chester Webb, Bobby Phillips, Ferrell Sparks, Kelly Powell. Third Ron : Joe Sullivan, Horace Belflower, Fred Pierce, Royce Mock, Jerry Silverman, Williard Martin. OFFICERS JOE ED GREENE President JIM HARLEY Secretary DAVID HARRIS Vice-President CLYDE LITTLE Treasurer 84 E X l I I O It I I Seated: Betty Claxton, Cathy Holt, Treasurer; Harriet Woodard, Mary Alice Jones, Vice-President; Faye Lunsford, President; Nancy Mcintosh, Martha Lacey, Maralon Westbrook, Mary Tippins, Jane Hardison, Shirley Morgan, Billie Kitchen, Nell Pirkle, Sara Cunnard, Georgia Harper. En Melodie is the girl ' s music club open i all women majors and minors and those inter- ested in music The club is working to become affiliated with a national music sorority. PHI M U ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha— Sinfonia was organized on the campus during the past year, and is the Zeta Omicron Chapter oi the National Music fraternity. A student is eligible tor membership " who shall show a love tor music either by adopting music as a profession ot l working to ad- vance the cause of music in America. " Membership is b imitation. Seated: Don Flanders, Johnny DeNitto, Vice-President; Rudy Mills, President; Heyward Gnann, Secretary; Frank Willis, Treasurer; Tab Smith. Standing: Bobby Brewster, Gene Roberts, Reporter; Clark Maxwell, Jimmy Snooks. Second Ron, standing: Melvin Seidel, Robert Hurst, James Glasgow, Jimmy Prentice. 85 E E R A i S V II CHARLES GROVENSTEIN President WENDELL BOWEN V ice-President BILL FREEMAN Secretary WARREN GAILBRETH Treasurer CHARLES DILL Minter-itt-Arms Any person who has served a period oi ninety days in the Armed Forces of the U.S.A. and attending college here is eligible for membership in this organization. The purpose of this organization is to promote the rapid social and educational readjustment ol all veterans attend- ing college. We propose to do this by encouraging and stimulating interest in all forms of cam- pus life by actively engaging in social and educational projects which will better the college and the members. 86 KAPPA DELTA I I L MORRIS DAVIS Preside nt MARILU MILLS Vice-President DOT BROWN Secret a ry MELVIN PEACOCK reasnre r DAN WILSON Reporter Kappa Delta I ' i is a National Educational Honorary Soc iety whose members are selected from outstanding students and faculty members. They are selected on the basis oi high sc holastic average and leadership qualities. Students are eligible in their junior and senior years of college. First Row: Bobby Gene Kingery, Betty Clary, Dan Wilson. Second Ron : Ruth Knowleton, Betty H. Fabris, Faye Lunsford, Dr. Watson, Dot Brown, Morris Davis, Mary Helen Altman, Marilu H. Mills, President Henderson, Mr. Lenfestey. Third Ron : AI Crumpler, Melvin Peacock, Miss Gernant, Miss Rogers, Vivian Coward, Miss Bolton, Tommie Jean Corbett, Mrs. Guardia. 87 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Roiv: Jean Shine, Lee Ellen Tebeau, Betty Jean Beasley, Patsy Edenfield. Second Row: Mary Jo Jackson, Marilyn Kent, Ann Harrison, Ann Davis, Yvonne Jones, Lila Anne Canuette, Linda Brown, Sara Fletcher, Bertie Franklin, Rachel Powe, Etta Ann Akins, Mary Flanders. OFFICERS MARY FLANDERS President Students majoring or minoring in home economics hold membership in this organization. The organization is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association, Province III College Club Section, and Georgia Home Economics Association. They sponsor interesting home making acti- vities, and this year a nursery school is providing learning and working op- portunities in the study ol child development. DOROTHY BROWN Vice-President JUNE MILLER Treasurer ETTA ANN AKINS Reporter BETTY JEAN BEASLEY Historian Not pictured: YVONNE JONES Secretary BERTIE FRANKLIN Pa rl ' m me nta ria n MASQUERS TOMMIE JEAN CORBETT President BARBARA FOSSETT Vice-President DORIS FORD Secretary DOROTHY FORD Treasurer CHARLIE GROVENSTEIN Reporter Acting, building sets, applying make-up, designing c lothes, selling tickets, and becoming an electrician are some of the various interests ol the members oi Masquers, the dramati organi- zation on campus. This group is working to make it one ol its most successful years. Already, they have produced " Ladies of the Jury " ; three one-act plays, " Overtones, " " Mindset, " and " Hello, Out There. " And sponsored the Bai ter Theatre of Virginia. After completing a required amount ol work, members max apply for membership in Alpha Psi Omega, the national honor- ary dramatic fraternity. First Rom: Shirley Morgan, Hilda Grogan, Cathy Holt, Miss Few, Phil Norton, Bo Ginn, Max Estes, Carl Tyson, Ida Whittle, Libby A. Martin, Eulita Carter, Babs Wisenbaker, Lorene Brown. Second Roiv: Luwana Tillman, Barbara Voigt, Virginia Ragsdale, Emma Jean Brock, Rebecca Anglin, Fey Carter, Pat McCorkle, Barbara Wilkins, Marcia Wilkins, Pat Becton, Jane Seabolt, Barbara Fossett, Gwen Lanier. Third Ron : Shir- ley Rountree, Midge Bentley, Alyce McCord, Anngene Culbreth, Cherrell Williams, Patsy Edenfield, Juanita Dowdy, Beverly O ' Connor, Betty Ruth Smith, Sara Ann Jordon, Shirley Smith, Lothair Easterling. Fourth Ron : Rosie Ammons, Tommie Jean Corbett, Betty Jean Lott, Dorothy Ford, Kirbylene Stephens, Doris Ford, O ' Hara Toler, Joyce Sercer, Ann Berry, Carolyn Branch, Frances Ammons, Barbara Barineau. fifth Ron : Janice Chastain, Shirley Hanson, Nancy Armstrong, Peggy Jones, Charles Grovenstein, Van Murray, Carlton Humphrey, Kenneth Gale, Robert Hurst, Remer Tyson, Gene Roberts. 89 THE T. C. MARCHING BAND DURING ONE OF THEIR PERFORMANCES AT BASKETBALL GAME. | (forming top of T are) Warren Gailbreth; Hey ward Gnann; Gene Roberts; Morris Davis; Jim Brinson; Don Flanders. (Vertical) Bobby G. Kingery; Frank Willis; Carlos Hand; Gene Frazier; Rudy Mills; Bobby Presley; Mel Seidel. ' leavily Favored PI 88-76 BASKETBALL IN ' 54 THE CAPTAIN DAVID HARRIS THE TEAM 93 DAVID HARRIS CHESTER WEBB BOBBY PHILLIPS HORACE BELFLOWER BO WARREN JAMES DENNY Date Dec. 4 Dec. 5 Dec. 9 Dec. 1 1 Dec. 14 Dec. 19 Jan. 8 Jan. 9 Jan. 16 Jan. 20 Jan. 22 Jan. 23 Jan. 28 Jan. 30 Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb. 6 Feb. 1 1 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 20 BASKETBALL RESULTS 1953-54 GTC Opponent Score Opponent Score 78 North Georgia College 5 7 88 Piedmont College 69 63 Stetson University 73 58 Florida State University 66 8 5 Newberry College 5 5 108 Rollins College 88 Gator Bowl Basketball Tournament December 28, 29, 3 0 99 University of Florida 86 101 Georgia Institute of Technology 8 1 69 University of Georgia 80 8 5 Newberry College 5 5 68 Erskine College 83 90 Jacksonville Alabama State 68 81 Mercer University 67 60 Stetson University 82 83 Rollins College 63 48 Mercer University 63 97 ... . (overtime) .... Piedmont College 94 62 Troy Teachers College 76 85 Mississippi Southern College 103 64 Spring Hill College 76 74 Erskine College 87 7 8 North Georgia College 5 9 85 Florida State University 89 81 Troy Teachers College 63 ARTIE RICHARDS DON WALLEN KEN EVERETT DOUG CORRY DON AVERY The ' (jatcr Sml TcurHeif, JackAcHtilte, d JUri4a I II E T E A M THE ACTION Horace gets two against Bulldogs. Boney and Jim rebound, David hopes. Boney shoots two as Georgia s E A m THE COACH J. I. CLEMENTS THE CAPTAIN JOE ED GREEN T H E T E A M Kneeling (from left): Jim Prentice, Manager; Ace Little, Buddy Ward, Ferrel Sparks, Herschel Evans, Don Wallen, Ansel Callo- way, Tom Perry, Ed Potts, Bob Cordell. Standing: Coach Clements, Kelly Powell, Kenneth Gale, Joe Ed Greene, David Harris, Ken Everett, Vondall Hall, Jim Ford, Bo Warren, Larry Evans, Trainer. 100 RETURNING LETTERMEN FOR 1954 Kneeling: Ace Little, Buddy Ward, Ferrel Sparks. Standing: David Harris, Kelly Powell, Joe Ed Greene. FERREL SPARKS KELLY POWELL COACH CLEMENTS Catcher Left Field THE INFIELD DON WALLEN Third Base JIM FORD First Base T Left to right: Joe Ed Greene, Vondall H.ill, Ace Little, Ken Everett, Kenneth Gale. II E MOUND O R BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 26 Erskine Collegeboro 27 Erskine Collegeboro April 2 Piedmont Collegeboro 3 Piedmont Collegeboro 6 Camp Gordon Collegeboro 9 North Georgia Collegeboro May 10 North Georgia Collegeboro 1 4 Mercer Macon 1 5 Florida State Tallahassee 16 Florida State Tallahassee 22 Newberry Newberry, S. C. 2 3 Erskine Due West, S. C. 24 Erskine Due West, S. C. 29 P. I Collegeboro 30 Parris Island Collegeboro 6 Piedmont Demorest 7 Piedmont Demorest 8 North Georgia Dahlonega 1 2 Mercer Collegeboro 14 Newberry Collegeboro 1 5 Newberry Collegeboro BO WARREN Center Field DAVID HARRIS Right Field EIGHTH ANNUAL Seautif £ei ue Shirley Hanson, junior of Avon- dale Estates, was crowned " Miss T. C. of 1954, " and queen of the sec- ond annual Homecoming festivi- ties. Sponsored by the English Club and escorted by Charles Beding- field, Shirley was crowned in a set- ting of Winter Wonderland. Each of the five finalists appeared from behind three dimentional snow- flakes, with the largest displaying the " Snow Queen, " " Miss T. C. of 1954. " Shirley is crowned by Yvonne Jones, Miss T. C. of 1 953. When she was told £kitleif Hansen MISS T . C . OF ' 54 " Sponsored by The English Club Kscorli ' d li (diaries Ucdinglicld S E C O N 1) PLACE Sponsored by Philharmonic Choir Ixoiicd l Carlos Hand Janet JieltU THIRD PL A C E Sponsored by George-Ann Escorted by Henr) Smith Sillie Jean Sa emte FOURTH P L A C F Sponsored by " T " Club Escorted bj George McLcod FIFTH PLACE Sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega Escorted by Fred Pierce " MISS T. C. GATOR MAID " QUEEN OF THE MAY 1954 JO STARR Queen HOMECOMING FOR FORMER " MISS T. C. QUEENS " From left: Dean Howard Robinson, ' 47; Jo Starr, ' 51; Betty Hendrix Fabris, ' 52; Shirley Hanson, ' 54; Yvonne Jones, ' 53; Lonadine Morgan Webb, ' 50; Jean Hodges, ' 48. Flic second annual If. n litis College Homecoming, unde r die direction ol Dr. Georgia Watson, was a hum ' siutcss. variety of festivities filled the week-end loi die returning Alumni. The eighth annual Beauty Revue, Parade ol student-made floats; dedication of Howall Cone Hall; a show of fireworks as a salute to Collegeboro from Statesboro Civic Clubs, Basketball game with North Georgia College followed by a dance were many ol the Highlights ol Homecoming in 1954. Taking part in ground-breaking ceremony for the new physical education building were (from left) ' . J. B. Scearce, Coach; Horace Bel- flower, Dr. Zack Henderson, President; David Harris, Captain; Dr. Harmon Caldwell, Chancellor of University System; Jim Harley, Bobby Phillips, Mr. Evans, Contractor. . . . " (jewgiaA Heritage " was the theme of the floats and dormitory decorations for Homecoming. FIRST PLACE — FBLA Winning first place in the parade of floats was the Future Business Leaders l America, with their version of a river boat carrying a typical Georgia cargo. Second place went to Masquers with their " Scenic Georgia, " a scene from Okeefenokee Swamp. —FLOAT H H O MARY HELEN ALTMAN e MARY ELIZABETH FLANDERS S WHO ROSE MARY AMMONS JANICE ELEANOR CHASTAIN HATTIE YVONNE JONES MARILU HURT MILLS llti I 5 I and the students, these seniors have been selected to ap- pear in the publication— Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The selection was made by the campus organizations, the faculty and the W ho ' s Who committee, on the basis ol scholarship, lead- ership, citizenship, service ami promise ol future useful- ness to society. CHRISTY TUTTLE TROWELL JOHN FRED PIERCE BERNARD EUGENE ROBERTS 117 Juanita Dowdy, Barbara Barineau, Carol Thomas Meet Your Friends at the College The College Grill Milk Shakes Sundaes Pharmacy Ice Cream ' Where the Crowds Go ' Prompt, Courteous Service Good Foods " PHONE 414 PHONE 416 Phone 640-L U. S. Routes 301 25 STATESBORO, GEORGIA THE BEST IN COLLEGE CLOTHES for STUDENTS AND FACULTY H ENRY ' S HOKE S. BRUNSON BUICK AUTOMOBILES ALUS-CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT Statesboro, Georgia Phone 237 Statesboro, Georgia 120 CENTRAL GA. GAS CO., INC. BUTANE— PROPANE BOTTLED GAS SERVICE LANNiE F. SIMMONS DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge " Job-Rated " Trucks Sales and Service STATESBORO MILLEN SWAINSBORO CLAXTON Best Wishes to the Senior Class Alfred Dorman Co. Wholesale Grocers 29 N. Main Street Phone 20 STATESBORO, GA. Best Wishes to the Senior Class Statesboro Grocery Co. h o I e sale Grocer Statesboro - Sylvania - Jesup - Eastman STATESBORO, GA. 121 Compliments of . . . THE ALDRED HOTEL -COURT I STATESBORO GEORGIA j BULLOCH TRACTOR CO. j j JOHN DEERE • i • i Far m Implements I I Tractors Phone 378 STATESBORO 36 W. Main Street GEORGIA Standard Tractor and Equipment Co., Inc. FORD TRACTOR DEALERS L. E. Tyson, Owner 11 Statesboro l.eorjiia Diamonds — Watches Jewelry — Gifts Watch Repairing LANIER JEWELERS Home of Hallmark Cards SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Congratulations to the Seniors HARRY W. SMITH JEWELER 20 South Main Street Established 1919 i THREE REASONS FOR SAVING AT THIS j FRIENDLY ASSOCIATION: • ? 1 . Your savings are insured up to $ 1 0,000 by the « Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. ■ • 2. We offer a liberal return on your savings. • 3. Convenient location. Stop in for information. ! MIST FEDERAL SAVINGS AMI LOAN ASSOCIATION I STATESBORO GEORGIA Your Friendly Store HOME FURNISHING COMPANY, INC. Stores SAVANNAH - CLAXTON - STATESBORO D. Clark Abbott, Mgr. 37 W. Main Street STATESBORO GEORGIA 122 " Service With a Smile ' BULLOCH COUNTY BANK NEW ACCOUNTS WELCOMED MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE FINEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT AT THE Georgia Theater State Theater Family Auto Theater HAL MACON, JR., Mgr. STATESBORO GEORGIA 123 THAYER MONUMENT COMPANY 45 WEST MAIN Phone 439 i STATESBORO GEORGIA Favorite Shoe Store Inc. Shoes Fitted by X-Ray WEATHERBIRD VELVETSTEP CITY CLUB SHOES EAST MAIN STATESBORO Statesboro ' s only exclusive shoe store MEN ' S AND BOYS ' STORE j ■ EVERYTHING FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS j DRESS ;... ! SPORTSWEAR East Main Street Statesboro Compliments . . . of . . . Collins Frozen Foods, Inc. DISTRIBUTOR OF DULAJNY FROZEN FOODS Statesboro, Georgia RADIO CAB WHITE TOP CAB and BUS STATION CABS 313 PHONES 303 PROMPT SERVICE COURTEOUS SERVICE Bus Service Station STATESBORO SKATE K BOWL and MATH ' S T. I SALES SERVICE Phone 519-M1 U. S. 301 — 1V Miles South STATESBORO GEORGIA GLOBE SHOE CO. Distinctive Footwear ami Hosiery 17 Broughton Street, East SAVANNAH GEORGIA 124 Compliments of . . . S. W. LEWIS, INC. : ELLIS FURNITURE CO., Inc. j | COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ! • • • ? • ♦ f Get The Best For Less STATESBORO, GEORGIA 39 West Main Street Statesboro Georgia Franklin Rexall Drugs Statesboro Owned — Statesboro Operated P. G. FRANKLIN, SR. P. G. FRANKLIN, JR. Est. 1908 " YOU CAN DEPEND ON ANY DRUG THAT BEARS THE NAME REXALL " Compliments . . . of . . . FRANKLIN CHEVROLET COMPANY, INC. STATESBORO GEORGIA ! STATESBORO PROVISION COMPANY I Manufacturers and Dealers 1 ICE— COAL— COLD STORAGE t I Phone 292 I STATESBORO, GA. j j United 5tf to $5.00 Store • | j " Your Small Dime Store I I With the Big Bargains " I f Phone 52 19 North Main St. • I ! STATESBORO, GA. { Grimes Jewelry Company j • ! : ? Jewelry and Silverware f 1 : ' I I Diamonds and atehes i Glassware and China f • • ! Fountain Pens f I t I i i 23 South Main Street • j ! I Statesboro Georgia I f Compliments of SORRIER INSURANCE AGENCY Established 1888 STATESBORO Phone 58 GEORGIA 125 Compliments of THE JAECKEL HOTEL " Statesboro ' s Largest and Best ' i • Johnston and Donaldson INSURANCE SERVICE Bulloch County Bank Building Phone 310 STATESBORO GEORGIA STATESBORO GEORGIA Clothes For the Family ROSENBERG ' S " Statesboro ' s Busy Department Store " 17 South Main St. Phone 555 STATESBORO, GEORGIA Compliments of . . . W. E. HELMLY LIFE INSURANCE ★ Statesboro Georgia The Whitney Hotel ir-(]ondilionvd Facing Johnson Square Home of the humous — Town House Buffet I. Fincher Williams, Manager Savannah Georgia THE STORE OF FASHION AUTHORITY Bull and Perry SAVANNAH GEORGIA ill Forms of Insurance Curry Insurance Agency f 15 otirl I .mii Street t STATESBORO Phone 798 GEORGIA Compliments of WILDES MOTEL Statesboro Georgia ■ ■• ••■ 120 DONALDSON-SMITH CLOTHING CO. 7 South Main Street STATESBORO GEORGIA BROOKLET LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING I SERYICE • T Owned and Operated by Jack Watts i 1 Phone 51 Brooklet, Georgia The Best in Town for . . . PROMPT SERVICE ELLIS DRUG CO. Fountain Service DeLuxe and Prescriptions Filled Quickly and Correctly By Professional Pharmacists SMITH-TILLMAN MORTUARY AMBULANCE SERVICE Day Phone 340 Night Phone 344 STATESBORO, GEORGIA THE BEAUTY CENTER ' Make Ours Your Beauty Shoppe " Phone 428 STATESBORO GEORGIA CITY DAIRY COMPANY GRADE " A " DAIRY PRODUCTS Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk — Ice Cream — Phone 269 STATESBORO GEORGIA THE BULLOCH HERALD BULLOCH COUNTY ' S LEADING NEWSPAPER Holder of Twenty Georgia Press Association Awards and one National Editorial Association Award for Newspaper Proficiency. COMPLIMENTS THE FAIR STORE " Your Style Headquarters in Stateshoro For Ladies ' — Men — Children ' s Wear " 127 Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity The Friendly SEA ISLAND BANK Safety — Courtesy — Service MEMBER F.D.I.C. FROM THE TREE TO THE FINISHED PRODUCTS As operators of the " World ' s Largest Integrated Kraft Container Plant " we are advocates of better forestry — because a major portion of the 35 million bags and 1,350 tons of paper we produce each day are made from pine trees grown in Bulloch and other Georgia Counties. UNION BAG PAPER CORPORATION SAVANNAH GEORGIA 128 Statesboro and Bulloch County CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 31 North Main Telephone 694 STATESBORO, GEORGIA Your Total Food Bill is Less When You Shop at Your Friendly Colonial Store STATESBORO GEORGIA Compliments of PARKWOOD COURT Routes 301 and 25 STATESBOR GEORGIA Compliment " , of Tobacco Trail Court Statesboro Georgia BRADY FURNITURE CO. " YOUR HOME FURNISHER " —EASY TERMS — 48 East Main Sr. Phone 779 STATESBORO, GA. Compliments . . . of . . . HINES DRY CLEANERS Phone 375 27 West Vine St. STATESBORO, GEORGIA W. C. AKINS SON urd ware — 5 porting Goods Fertilizer Farm Implements ¥ 30 East Main St reet STATESBORO GEORGIA 129 When.., HUNGRY, THIRSTY AND TIRED ...Visit... THE BLUE TIDE WHERE BOY MEETS GIRL FOR Books — Refreshments — Fun GEORGIA TEACHERS COLLEGE COLLEGEBORO GEORGIA 130 Producers Cooperation Association FEED — SEED — FERTILIZER Farm Supplies and Insurance Telephone 449 Statesboro Georgia Compliments of JONES THE FLORIST Statesboro Georgia Howard Lumber Company LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLIES 31 Mulberry Street Statesboro, Georgia G.T.C. SENIOR RINGS Designed and Manufactured by HERFF-JONES CO. H. S. CANFIELD, Representative 468 Blackland Road Atlanta Invitations . . . Cards . . . Medals . . . Trophies Diplomas . . . Caps and Gowns . . . . . . School Annuals . . . Compliments of . . STILES MOTEL STATESBORO, GEORGIA Southern Auto Stores ' Stores Covering the South ' Phone 394 38 E. Main Street STATESBORO, GEORGIA EVERETT MOTOR CO. DE SO T O — P LY MOU T H Phone 194 45 N. Main Street Statesboro, Georgia E. A. Smith Grain Company Owners and Operators of SMITH FERTILIZER COMPANY High Grade Fertilizer WHOLESALE and RETAIL BUILDERS SUPPLIES Phone 171 Statesboro Georgia 131 Covering Southeast Georgia With Nationally Advertised Brands for the Entire Family H. MINKOVITZ SONS DEPARTMENT STORE SYLVANIA STATESBORO DOUGLAS THE LINOLEUM SHOP Floor Covering Experts Manufacturers of VENETIAN BLINDS STATESBORO GEORGIA B. B. MORRIS CO. FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES Quality Meats Barbecue Phones 132 and 131 STATESBORO GEORGIA Bowen Furniture Co. j QUALITY COMFORT ECONOMY STATESBORO, GEORGIA | MOHAWK — KELVINATOR [ BEAUTYREST— KROEHLER I SAMSON— RCA— WHITE— -EMPIRE I CONTINENTAL— WARE Compliments of Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc. World ' s Largest Pest Control Co. Call 2-6444 2 50 5 Skidoway Road SAVANNAH GEORGIA Macon Grocery Company Institutional Wholesale Crock s Catering to SCHOOLS - HOSPITALS - RESTAURANTS - CLUBS HOTELS - BAKERS - INSTITUTIONS C40-6 Oglethorpe St. Phone 2-7116 MACON GEORGIA C. R, POUND Supplier of Sinclair Products and Goodyear Ftres 2 East Cherry Street Office Phone 145 Home Phone 144 STATESBORO GEORGIA 132 WHEN YOU WANT BETTER ICE CREAM SANCKEN ' S ICE CREAM COMPANY Automobile, Life, and Fire Insurance State Farm Insurance Companies BLOOMING, ILLINOIS C. C. Slater, Agent Phone: 790 Bulloch County Bank Bldg. STATESBORO GEORGIA GEORGIA-CAROLINA DAIRIES AUGUSTA GEORGIA SAVANNAH HOTEL R. A. BOVELL, Manager " In the Heart of Historic Savannah " SAVANNAH GEORGIA FARMERS TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT CO. 49 East Main St. STATESBORO Phone: 733 GEORGIA The drink everybody knows STATESBORO GEORGIA Bradley and Cone Seed and Feed Company Baby Chicks Fairway Seed Good Germinated Co. Hardware Poultry Supplies STATESBORO GEORGIA Fine Pianos Sheet Music Alnut Music Company 240 W. Broughton Street SAVANNAH, GEORGIA PHONOGRAPHS MUSICAL RECORDS MERCHANDISE 133 Compliments of DARBY LUMBER COMPANY Suppliers of ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Phone 380 Statesboro, Georgia DuBose Dry Cleaners ■ a ! " Cleaning Is Our Business " • a I Oilier Phone 538 Plant Phone 368-J STATESBORO GEORGIA Phone 722 S I ATESBORO S. Main Street GEORGIA J. L. HODGES -Popular Priced Better Clothing — LADIES ' — MEN ' S and CHILDREN ' S WEAR 134 Sears. Roebuck and Co. ORDER HOUSE " Sliof) at Sears and Save " Telephone 510 STATESBORO l ) West Main GA. For 88 years the graduates of G.T.C. have looked to us for the finest in HOME FURNISHINGS. Your charge account is welcomed. Free interior decorator service. Lindsay and Morgan Co. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA CHARLES BRYANT FRUITS and VEGETABLES Wholesale Only STATESBORO GEORGIA HODGES MOTEL Home cooked food in ultra-modern AIR CONDITIONED RESTAURANT 4 mi. N. on U. S. 301 Phone 3213 MR. MRS. LOYD HODGES, Owners-Mgrs. Statesboro, Georgia Consult Us for Custom Mixing BULLOCH MILLING CO. USE YOUR HOME GROWN GRAINS — Feeds for Every Need — DINE AT . . . Franklin ' s Drive-In Restaurant " Enjoy Our Dining Room, Fountain Service " Phone 747 U. S. 301-25-30 STATESBORO, GA. MORRIS LEVY ' S SAVANNAH ' S FINEST Store for Men and Shop for Women Statesboro Truck Tractor Co. Farmall Tractors and Machines International Trucks International Freezers and Refrigerators Phone 362 Vine St. Statesboro, Georgia 135 Womacks Food Store Groceries Fresh Meats . Produce Phone 698-L 460 South Main STATESBORO, GEORGIA Dixie Pig Drive Inn " We Take Orders By Phone " SHORT ORDERS SANDWICHES I PIT BAR-B-Q S ■ Phone 4L 2 mi. South on 301 t " Red " Thrasher, Miir. i STATESBORO GEORGIA t Compliments of . . . The Store that CONFIDENCE is building . . . Men ' s Quality Shop JOE LESSER Home of KUPPENHEIMER — Good Clothes SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Best Wishes to the Seniors Darley ' s Billiards Compliments of Woodcock Motor Company Authorized Dealer OLDSMOBILE— CADILLAC— G.M. TRUCKS Statesboro, Georgia Bringing Statesboro the Finest in Radio Programs The Statesboro Broadcasting System W W N S 1490 on your dial STATESBORO STATESBORO, GEORGIA Denmark Candy Company j WHOLESALE MERCHANDISE | C A N DY a n d N OTIC) N S N. Zetterower Ave. Statesboro Phone 760 Georgia 18G THE SOUTH ' S FINEST Annual Photographers c L I F T O N PHOTO SERVICE STATESBORO GEORGIA 137 o Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. 1 1 0 TRINITY PLACE DECATUR, GEORGIA f km mi '

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Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Georgia Southern University - Reflector Yearbook (Statesboro, GA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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