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Georgia Southern College Library 5EOROIA 4ERS COLLEGE LIBRARY Georgia Southern College Zach S. Henderson Library 0 sorgk Southern University sen S. Henderson Library Digitized by the Internet Arch ive in 2014 https: details reflector1941na Copyright CATHERINE GAINEY GESMON NEVILLE . YEARBOOK OF GEORGIA TEflC u Published by THE SENIOR CLASS FOREWORD DlillinT!0 Foremost in the acquirements at college are friends. During the days spent on the college campus students meet and acquaint themselves with people that otherwise they would never have met. The school yearbook is a symbol of this spirit of college friendship. It is herein that this campus spirit is portrayed in a form that is thoroughly representative and truly permanent. Years afterward, when college days are but a dim memory, a mere casual glance at the pages of the REFLECTOR can recall in all vividness the happy and cher- ished days of college life. Such is the purpose of the college yearbook; such, it is hoped, will be the function of this annual of Georgia Teachers College. Scattered from east to west, from north to south, all over the state of Georgia and neighboring states, are former stu- dents of Georgia Teachers College. Out in the field of life they are disseminating ideals and attitudes which they formu- lated and developed while students at T. C. Dedicated to the task of forwarding the principles of progressive education and of democratic living, they are dispersing the name of Georgia Teachers College among thousands of American citizens. From them too, will be drawn a great portion of the student body of the T. C. of the future; it will be their chil- dren and grandchildren that will be the standard-bearers of this school in the years to come. To these products of Geor- gia Teachers College, and for these meritous reasons, we, the staff of the 1941 REFLECTOR, dedicate this issue of REFLECTOR— BE IT YOURS T. C. ALUMNI! IIS Little did the people of Statesboro realize that when, in 1908 they gave 300 acres, free lights and water for ten years, and $25,000 in cash for a District A. M. School that they were forming the nucleus of one of the four Senior Colleges in the University System. The school continued to offer courses in Home-making, Farming, and Mechanics until 1924. jam CONTEITS BOOK ONE COLLEGE BOOK TWO ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES BOOK THREE FEATURES BOOK FOUR ATHLETICS BOOK FIVE ADVERTISEMENTS COLLEGE FACULTY " Krai 6 nSs te fe niSTRflT ion m p u s s c e n e s I I) M I P R £ S I D £ II T OF GEORGIA TEACHERS COLLEGE MARVIN SUMMERS PITTMAN A.B., Millsaps, 1905; M.A., University of Oregon, 1917; Ph.D., Columbia, 1921. I I S T R A T I 0 I FIELDING D. RUSSELL A.B., University of Georgia, 1929; M.A., University of Georgia, 1930. THE DEAR illTll liliS OF THE JOSEPH E. CARRUTH Director of Senior Division A.B., Millsaps, 1905; M.A., Peabody, 1924; Ph.D., Peabody, 1934. CHESTER McARTHUR DESTLER Director of Junior Division A.B., Wooster College, 1925; A.M., Univer- sity of Chicago, 1928; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1932. WALTER L. DOWNS Director of Laboratory Schools A.B., University of Georgia, 1909; M.A., University of Georgia, 1931. CYNTHIA DAVIS Director of Dining Hall A.B., B.S.H.E. ROY RABUN Assistant to the Bursar B.S., South Georgia Teachers College, 1938 ROBERT LEE WINBURN Bursar MARVIN SUMMERS PITTMAN President A.B., Millsaps, 1905; M.A., University of Oregon, 1917; Ph.D., Columbia, 1921. iiiiinisTiimin HELEN BRUCE House Director ALLENE C. MOORE House Director B.S. SOPHIE JOHNSON Dean of Men B.S. MAMIE VEAZEY Dean of Women A.B. VIOLA PERRY Registrar B.S., Peabody, 1927; M.A., Peabody, 1929. MAE MICHAEL Secretary to the President WENDELL WAYNE SMILEY Librarian A.B., University of North Carolina, 1928; A.B.L.S., University of North Carolina, 1933; M.A., University of Illinois, 1939. ZACH SUDDATH HENDERSON Dean B.S., Piedmont, 1922; M.A., Columbia, 1928. On Leave 1940-41 I5 ESTHER WILBURN BARNES Music Diploma, Wesleyan, 1929; B.S., S. G. T. C, 1934 PIANO J. KNAPP BODDIFORD B.S., S. G. T. C, 1938; M.A., Ohio State Univers.ty, 1939 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS RUTH BOLTON B.S., Peabody, 1930; M.A., Peabody, 1931 HOME ECONOMICS GENARIO HONEYCUTT BOWEN B.S., Peabody, 1927 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Q. ELIZABETH COLLINS B.S. SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF LABORATORY SCHOOLS J. WILLARD CARTEE B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1938 BUSINESS EDUCATION ELIZABETH DONOVAN B.S., Mercer, 1930; M.A., Columbia, 1935. LABORATORY SCHOOLS— FIELD SERVICE MARY EDNA GUNTER B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1940 LABORATORY SCHOOLS L T 1 A.B. A.B., A.B. A.B. B.S., A.B., R. JOHN H. DeLOACH University of Georgia, 1898; M.S., University of Georgia, 1906 SOCIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS ROBERT F. DONALDSON University of Georgia, 1927; M.A., Columbia, 1934 ENGLISH GLADYS MARIE ESTES Henderson State Teachers College, 1939; M.A., Pea- body, 1940 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS SADIE E. FITZGERALD B.S., Columbia, 1922; M.A., Columbia, 1923 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS JANE FRANSETH Western State Teachers College, 1930; M.A., Uni- versity o f Michigan, 1936 LABORATORY SCHOOLS— FIELD SERVICE BERTHA FREEMAN Georgia Teachers College, 1937; M.A., Columbia, 1939 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS MARION GROOVER George Washington University, 1929; M.A., Colum- bia, 1937 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS MARJORIE THOMAS GUARDIA B.S., Peabody, 1928; M.A., Peabody, 1930 ENGLISH F A C U WILLIAM S. HANNER A.B., Union University, 1925; M.A., Peabody, 1930 CHEMISTRY ERNEST E. HARRIS A.B., Catawba College, 1936; M.A., Columbia, 1940 MUSIC HARRIS E. HARVILL B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1939 LABORATORY SCHOOLS FAYE HILL B.S., Western Kentucky Teachers College, 1931; M.S., Louisiana State University, 1938 PHYSICAL EDUCATION IVAN HOSTETLER A. B., Bluffton College, 1926; M.A., Ohio State University, 1931 INDUSTRIAL ARTS LESLIE W. JOHNSON B. E., Winona State Teachers College, 1928; M.A., Colum- bia, 1934 EDUCATION MAMIE JOSEPHINE JONES B.L.I., Emerson, 1927; B.A., Huntingdon, 1936; M.A., Northwestern, 1937 SPEECH G. E. KITCHENS B.S., University of Alabama, 1936; M.S., University of Alabama, 1939 PHYSICAL EDUCATION L T ZULIEME LANE B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1929 ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN LORRAN LATHAM B.M., Eastman School of Music, 1939 VIOLIN EVERETT G. LIVINGSTON B.S., Kansas State Teachers College, 1926; M.S., Iowa State College, 1930 INDUSTRIAL ARTS HASSIE MAUDE McELVEEN B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1935; B.L.S., Pea body, 1940 ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN JOHN JULIA McMAHON B.S., East Texas Teachers College, 1933; M.A., Peabody, 1938 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS WILLIAM BURTON MOYE A.B., Piedmont, 1916; M.S., Mercer, 1930 MATHEMATICS RONALD J. NEIL A.B., B.Mus., Kansas Wesleyan, 1925; M.Mus., Syracuse University, 1931; M.A., University of Iowa, 1936. MUSIC HESTER NEWTON A.B., Brenau, 1903; B.S., Peabody, 1927; M.A., Peabody, 1928 HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE F A C! LI MARVIN A. OWINGS A. B., Wofford, 1931; M.A., Vanderbilt, 1932 ENGLISH J. MALCOLM PARKER B.M., Oberlin, 1934; M.M., University of Michigan, 1939 PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC EWELL GLEN PIGG B.S., Central Missouri State Teachers College, 1932; M.A., Peabody, 1936 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS R. D. PULLIAM B.S.A., University of Georgia, 1930; M.S., University of Georgia, 1940 AGRICULTURE ELEANOR RAY A.B., Western Kentucky Teachers, 1930; B.L.S., Peabody, 1933 ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN JANE REID ROBSON B. S., Columbia, 1909; M.A., Columbia, 1928 HOME ECONOMICS RUBY N. CROUSE ASSISTANT— REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE BYRON L. SMITH B.Sc, Mercer University, 1925; M.A., Michigan, 1937 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION L LEON PAUL SMITH A.B., East Central State Teachers College, Oklahoma, 1934; M.A., Columbia, 1938 ART ISA STANCIL A. B., University of Georgia, 1926; M.A., University of Georgia, 1935 ENGLISH PAUL E. THOMPSON B. S., Georgia Teachers College, 1931; M.Ed., Duke, 1935; M.S., Georgia, 1938 EXACT SCIENCES MALVINA TRUSSELL B.S., Georgia State College for Women, 1925; M.S., Cor- nell University, 1931 BIOLOGY E. DAYMOND TURNER, JR. A.B., Davidson, 1937; M.A., University of North Carolina, 1939 ROMANCE LANGUAGES MARY WILL WAKEFORD A.B., Wesleyan College, 1918; M.A., University of Geor- gia, 1935 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS HERBERT WEAVER A.B., Birmingham-Southern, 1926; M.A., Birmingham- Southern, 1935; Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1940 SOCIAL SCIENCES MARIE WOOD A.B., Georgia State College for Women, 1930; M.A., Co- lumbia, 1932 INSTRUCTOR— LABORATORY SCHOOLS n the c a m p u s And they are probably still there . . . and so we knew it was Spring . . . So! this is T. C! Well, well, well . . . posed picture ... re- venge is sweet . . . the campus after classes. OFFICERS JONES DESTLER OFFICERS CHARLES STANFIELD President DORIS TONEY Vice-President FRANCES DEAL Secretary CHESS FAIRCLOTH Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES OLIVE REPPARD HOMER BLITCH T. A. BACON SPONSORS MISS MAMIE JONES DR. C. M. DESTLER ? ■■ 26 ERNEST AGUIRRE Cienfucsos, Cuba SOCIAL STUDIES FAy ALDERMAN Americus, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Cabinet, 4; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; " X " Club, 3, Pres- ident, 4; Band, 3; College Cho rus, 4; President Lewis Hall House Council, 4. JOHN BEN AYERS Canon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Business Manager, George-Anne, 3, 4; Photography Club, I; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. TROY ALVIN BACON, JR. Manassas, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Delta Sigma; Treasurer, Freshman Class; Symphony Or- chestra, I; y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Cabinet, 3, 4; George-Anne Staff, 2, 4; Bachelors Club, 3, 4; Boxing Team, 3; Bird Club, Secretary, 4; Mu Sigma, 4; Student Council, 4; President, Sanford Hall House Council, 4. CARROLL BEASLEY Statesboro, Ga. MUSIC and, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3. ROBERT LYNN BELL Trion, Ga. HISTORY Football, 2, 3, 4. CLASS » ELLIOTT BOSWELL Crawfordville, Ga. ENGLISH College Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2; Board of Directors, 4; Music Club, I, 2; Mu Sigma, 3, 4; Vice- President, 3, President, 4; Vesper Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Engl-ish Club, 3, 4, President, 4; V . M.- C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C, 4; George-Anne Staff, 4. •No Picture. 27 JOY BOWDEN Columbus, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Sigma Gamma; College Chorus, 3, 4; Band, 4; George- Anne Staff, 4; Bugger Dagger Sponsor, 4; V . W. C. A., 3, 4; Fine Arts Club, 4; Transfer, Georgia Southwest- ern College. JOHN PIERCE BLANCHARD Appling, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Delta Sigma, Chaplain, 4; Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4; Bird Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Science Seminar, 2, 3, 4; Cheer Leader, 3, 4, Chairman, 4. BILLIE DURDEN BLAND " Statesboro, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transfer, Georgia State College for Women. VIRGINIA COURTENAY BRADLEY Hagan, Ga. ENGLISH Music Club, I ; Transfer, Wesleyan College. FRANCES BREEN Jesup, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS Epicurean, Treasurer, 3, 4; May Court, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. Council, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, Junior Class; House Council, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Cheer Leader, I, 2, 4; Beauty Section, 2, 3. S. NEWTON BROCK, JR. Carrollton, Ga. HISTORY Y. M. C. A.; Industrial Arts Club, 4; Fine Arts Club, 4; English Club, 4; Transfer, Piedmont College. MIRIAM BRINSON Millen, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Epicurean; The Masquers, 4; George-Anne Staff, 4; House Council, 4; May Court, 4; Transfer, Georgia State College for Women. HELEN BRUCE Blackshear, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ' No Picture. S E I) 28 DANA A. BUTLER Fort Valley, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE Bugger Dagger. EARL BY RD Patterson, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE Secretary, Freshman Class; Y . M. C. A., I, 2, 3; I. R. C, 3, 4; House Council, 2, 3, 4; English Club, 3; Vesper Choir, 2, 3, 4. ARLAND COOPER Myrtle Beach, S. C. ENGLISH English Club, 4. WILLIAM REID COX Dawson, Ga. HISTORY achelors Club; Football, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A., Transfer, Middle Georgia College. 3, 4; EDITH DAVIS Patterson, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 4; V esper Choir, 2, 3; House Council, I, 4, President, West Hall, 4; I. R. C, 3, 4; The M asquers, 4; Bird Club, 3; Home Economics Club, 4. o r s FRANCES DEAL Statcsboro, Ga. ENGLISH Epicurean; May Court, I, 2; Band, 2, 4; George-Anne Staff, 2, 3, 4; Council, 3, 4; English Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Vice- President, Junior Class; Secretary, Senior Class. I ; College Chorus, . R. C, 2; House 29 T. C. DENMARK, JR. Claxton, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE BELVA DICKSON Hcphzibah, Ga. ENGLISH The Masquers 3. ALTON ELLIS Griffin, Ga. ENGLISH Bachelors Club, President 4; George-Anne Staff 2, 3, Editor 3; Vice-President Y. M. C. A. 3. REESE ELLISON Americus, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Delta Sigma; Football 3, 4,; Basketball 3; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. LAWRENCE ENLOW Atlanta, Ga. HISTORY Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. CHESS B. FAIRCLOTH Statesboro, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Band I, 2, 3, 4; Bird Club, Vice-President 2, 4; Treas- urer Senior Class; George-Anne Staff 4. MILTON ALTON FINDLEY Lyons, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE Bugger-Dagger, Secretary 3, President 4; I. R. C. 2, 3; Honored in Dramatics. CATHERINE MARGARET GAINEY Birmingham, Ala. PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Dux Domina, Treasurer 2, President 3, 4; College Chorus Pianist I, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 3, 4, Chairman 4; W. A. A. Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Honors ' Day 2, 3; Secretary Sophomore Class; Music Club 2; Mu Sigma 3, 4; Dance Club 2, 3; House Council 3, 4, Sec- retary -Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Delta Sigma Fraternity Sponsor 3, 4; REFLECTOR Staff 3, 4, Editor, 4; Fine Arts Club 4; Secretary Student Council 4; Maid of Honor, May Court 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. S E l) I 30 IRMA CARLTON GLISSON Vidalia, Ga. ELEM ENTARY EDUCATION y. W. C. A., 3, 4; The Masquers, 4; House Council, 4; Transfer, Bessie Tift College. JULIA EMILY GOFF Statcsboro, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE I. R. C, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 4; English Club, 4; y. W. C. A., 3, 4; College Chorus, 4; Vesper Choir, 4. D. B. GOULD Statcsboro, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Honors ' Day, 3. GLyNNIE GRIFFIN Newton, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MARIE MARZELLE HAMRICK Canton, Ga. ENGLISH The Masquers, 4: English Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; y. W. C. A., 3, 4; Transfer, Rcinhardt Junior College. BURDELLE HARRISON Halcyondale, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION College Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 4; Ves- per Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Director 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4; Mu Sigma 4; " X " Club, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; House Council, I, Student Council, 3. 0 R S ROGER JOSEPH HOLLAND Statcsboro, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE lota Pi Nu; Mu Sigma, 4; Band, Chorus, I, 4; Symphony Orchestra, I I, 2. No Picture. 2, 3, 4; College Dance Orchestra, 31 FRANCES LOUISE HUGHES Brooklet, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Epicurean, President 4; Freshman Commission, 2; Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3; W. A. A. Council, 3, 4, President, 4; Vesper Choir, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, Collese Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 3, 4; Dance Club, 2, 3, President, 3; Home Economics Club, 2, 3; George-Anne Staff, 2; Music Club, I, 2; My Sigma, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Band, I; Pan- Hellenic Council, 4; Fine Arts Club, 4, Treasurer, 4; May Court, 4. JOHN EVERETT KING Hazlehurst, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE lota Pi Nu, President 4; REFLECTOR Staff, 4; Trans- fer, Brewton Parker. HORACE McDOUGALD Statesboro, Ga. ENGLISH Band, I; Music Club, I, 2; English Club, 3. CORDELIA ELIZABETH McLEMORE Statesboro, Ga. MUSIC College Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 3; Lambda Thcta Chi, Vice-President, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Scribe, 4; Music Club, I, 2; Mu Sigma, 3, 4; Fine Arts Club, 4; REFLECTOR Staff, 4. ELIZABETH McNALLY Chickamauga, Ga. ENGLISH English Club, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4; W. A. A. Council, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; House Council, 4, Vice-President, 4; Transfer, Young Harris College. NINA MOORE Statesboro, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 2, 3; Mathematics Club, I, 2; The Masquers, 4. s i n 32 RUTH EVANS MURPHY Hcphzibah, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Sigma Gamma; " X " Club; Y. W. C. A. gusta Junior College. Transfer, Au- EDDIE NAJJAR Cedartown, Ga. ENGLISH The Masquers, President, 2, 3, 4; Key in Dramatics, 2; English Club, Vice-President, 3, Treasurer 4; Bache- lors Club; Associate Editor, REFLECTOR, 4; Honors ' Day, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities, 4. ELLA COOK NEASE Lumber City, Ga. MUSIC Mu Sigma, 4; English Club, 4; College Chorus, 4; Band, 4; Transfer, Young Harris College. GESMON NEVILLE Statesboro, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, I; George-Anne Staff, 2, 3,; REFLECTOR Staff, 3, 4, Business Manager, 4; Art Edi- tor, 3; Industrial Arts Club, 4, Publicity Chairman; C. A. A., 3; Art Club, 4; Symphony Orchestra, I, 2, President; Dance Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Manager; G. T. C. Reporter, Savannah Evening Press, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council, Secretary, 4; Y. M. C. A.; First Award, Library Bookplate Design, 2; Bachelor, Bugger-Dagger. GEORGE GIBBS PAFFORD Homerville, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial Arts Club, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; House Council, 4; Ves- per Choir; Transfer, North Georgia College. 0 R S GEORGE PARKER Woodcliff, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Science Seminar, 3, 4, Co-Chairman, 4; Y. M. C. A.; Bird Club, 3, 4, Program Chairman, 4; Transfer, Emory University. 33 MARY PAULK Fitzgerald, Ga. MUSIC College Chorus, 3, 4; Bird Club, 4; Mu Sigma, 3, 4; Vesper Choir, 3, 4, Pianist, 4; Y. W. C. A., 3; Trans- fer, Georgia State Woman ' s College. SARA PERKINS Stonewcll, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION I. R. C; Home Economics Club; Fine Arts Club; Y . W. C. A.; Transfer, University of Georgia Evening School. EMOLYN RAINEY Columbus, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS Lamba Theta Chi, Chaplain, 3, 4; House Council, I, 2, 4, Secretary, 2, President, East Hall, 4; W. A. A. Council, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Publicity, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class; The Masquers, I, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Honors ' Day, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 4. BILL TOM REEVES Newton, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE OLIVE LOUISE REPPARD Fitzgerald, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE College Chorus, 2; Sigma Gamma, President, 4; Pan- Hellenic Council, 4; President, East Hall House Coun- cil, 3; I. R. C, 3, 4; The Masquers, 3; Student Council, College Chorus, 4; English Club, ANNA ROGERS Peidsville, Ga. ENGLISH , 2, 3; Alpha Beta Chi, Treasurer, , 4; Transfer, Georgia State College for Women. s e n i 34 ELBERT C. SANDERS Pembroke, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE Associate Editor, George-Anne, 3, Editor, 4; I. R. C, 2, 3, 4; Honors ' Day, 3; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges, 4. FRANCES SEWARD Savannah, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transfer, Wcslcyan. CHARLES M. STANFIELD, JR. Glcnnville, Ga. HISTORY Bachelors Club Vice-President, 4; Y. M. C. A.. 1,2, 3, 4, President, 4; I. R. C, 3, 4, President, 4; President Senior Class; Bugger-Dagger, President, 3; Student Council, 4; Science Seminar, I, 2; George-Anne Staff, 4; " T " Book Committee, 4; Sanford Hall House Coun- cil, 3, 4; Honors ' Day, 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges, 4. DORIS TONEy Amcricus, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE I. R. C, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; College Chorus, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 4; Mu Sigma, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma; " X " Club; Vice-Piesident, Senior Class; Transfer, Geor- gia Southwestern College. BEN TILLMAN Glennville, Ga. HISTORY Boxing, 3. 4. THOMAS EDWARD VANDIVER Summit, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Delta Sigma, President, 4; Bachelors Club, President, 4; Student Council, I, 2, 3; Freshman Commission; Football, I. 2, 3, 4; Honored in Dramatics, I; RE- FLECTOR Staff, 4. JEANETTE WILLIAMS Eatonton, Ga. ENGLISH Alpha Beta Chi; English Club, 4; Transfer, South Georgia College. HERMAN WRINKLE Dalton, Ga. lota Pi Nu, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; Bachelors Club, Secretary, 3; Y. M. C. A., 3, 4, Cabinet, 3; Eng- lish Club, 3; Student Council, 3; Dining Hall Commis- sion, I, 2, 3. 35 Front Row: Jones, Hartley, Bowman. . . . Back Row: Dunn, Morgan. OFFICERS OFFICERS 36 First Row: Akins, Anglin, Blitch, Bowen, Bowman, Brannen. . . . Second Row: Brewton, Brinson, I. Bu nce, J. Bunce, Butler. W. B. AKINS Register, Ga. MORGAN LEE BRANNEN Register, Ga. THERON ANGLIN Wadley, Ga. Bugger-Dagger BETTY BAIRD Statesboro, Ga. DORSEY BLALOCK Waycross, Ga. HOMER BLITCH Statesboro, Ga. lota Pi Nu SARA REID BOWEN Register, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi DAVID BOWMAN Bronwood, Ga. lota Pi Nu LOIS BREWTON .... . . Groveland, Ga. LUCY BRINSON Woodcliff, Ga. ISAAC BUNCE Statesboro, G ; JIMMIE BUNCE Statesboro, Ga. MRS. DANA A. BUTLER Fort Valley, Ga. 37 llUk Hi ' . 1 4 .J p ft J " i ■till 11 First Row: Byington, Cato, Cave, B. Christie, R. Christie, Cobb. . . . Second Row: Cone, Cook, Dial, Dorminy, Dunn, Eason. WILLIAM BYINGTON Augusta, Ga. MAR I ETA COOK Savannah, Ga. ELIZABETH CATO Ellabell, Ga. NELLIE KATE DAVIS Cuthbert, Ge O ' NEAL CAVE Aususta, Ga. lota Pi Nu SARA ELIZABETH DIAL Walnut Grove, Ga. BEN CHRISTIE Parrott, Ga. Delta Sigma REN CHRISTIE Parrott, Ga. Delta Sigma MARJORIE COBB Bainbridge, Ga. OPHELIA DORMINY Fitzgerald, Ga. JOHN DUNN Devereaux, Ga. Bugger-Dagger RUTH CONE Brooklet, Ga. " X ' VIRGINIA EASON Reidsville, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi 33 First Row: English, Everett, Finley, Floyd, Forehand, L. Gay MERLE ENGLISH Augusta, Ga GRACE EVERETT Oliver, G MADELYN FINLEY Hazlehurst, Ga MARY ISABELLE FLOYD . . . Willacoochee, Ga SARA FOREHAND Sylvester, Ga DOY GAY Statesboro, Ga LETA GAY Statesboro, Ga f. i 4 1 flk mBP First Row: Hartley, Hatton, Heidt, Henderson, Hicks, Hulbert. . . . Second Row: Hurst, Ingram, Jenkins, Jones, Kammerer, Keefe. AZILE HARTLEY M iami, Fla. Si3ma Gamma; " X ' . JOE HURST Egypt, Ga. Bugger-Dagger MILDRED HATTON Odum, Ga. JOE INGRAM Nelson, Ga. lota Pi Nu LORENE HEIDT Ma rlow, Ga. Sigma Gamma; " X " . TOM JENKINS Edison, Ga. lota Pi Nu; Bugger-Dagger. W. C. HENDERSON Thomasvillc, Ga. EULA BETH JONES Marshallville, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi REBECCA HICKS Decatur, Ga. Sigma Gamma RUTH KAMMERER Brunswick, Ga. Sigma Gamma; " X " . EDWARD HULBERT Savannah, Ga. GERALDINE KEEFE Jamestown, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta First Row: Kennon, Kemp, Kicklighter, Kneece, Lane, Martin. . . . Second Row: Matthews, Mathis, McCarty, McCollum, McDaniel, McGchec. WARNER L. KENNON Statesboro, Ga. MARGUERITE MATTHEWS . . Epicurean Statesboro, Ga. I L HEF I St ib i i Ga. JANE MATHIS Asburn, Ga. DEALVA KICKLIGHTER Glennville, Ga. MARY McCARTY Attapul g us, Ga. CHARLEY KNEECE Athens, Ga. Bugger-Dagger NELLORENE McCOLLUM Broxton, Ga. ALICE JO LANE Statesboro, Ga. Sigma Gamma GENEVA McDANIEL . Duluth, Ga. WILLIAM MARTIN Edison, Ga. DORIS McGEHEE Waverly Hall, Ga. i wS S sl5 S § " rTl First Row: McKinnon, Mtncey, Mixon, Morgan, Muirhead, Olliff. . . . Second Row: Olmstead, Perry, Powell, Reynolds, Robinson, Rooks. RAMON JUDSON McklNNON .... Adel, Ga. JOHN OLMSTEAD Hinesville, Ga. Icta Pi Nu CLARE MINCEY Ogeechce, Ga. MARY LILLIAN PERRY Nashville, Ga. HAZEL MIXON Patterson, Ga. MARY POWELL Swamsboro, Ga. Dux Domina JACK MORGAN Abbev.lle, Ga. DEWEY REYNOLDS Arabia, Ga. lota Pi Nu MARY MUIRHEAD Columbus, Ga. AUGUSTUS RIEDEL Savannah, Ga. SUSIE BELLE NeSMITH Oliver, Ga. THOMAS ROBINSON Sardis, Ga. FRANK OLLIFF Statesboro, Ga. REGINALD ROOKS Arlington, Ga. Delta Sigma 42 First Row: Sheffield, Shivers, Simpson, Smith, B. Sneed, F. Sneed. . . . Second Row: Strange, Taylor, Tillman, Traynham, Upchurch, Vincent. RACHEL SHEFFIELD Colquitt, Ga. Z. L. STRANGE Statesboro, Ge MERVIN SHIVERS Americus, Ga. EUNICE TAYLOR Lyons, Ga. JANE SIMPSON Millen, Ga. Epicurean HAROLD TILLMAN Glennville, Ge ELECTRA SMITH Sycamore, Ga ELLA SUE TRAYNHAM Broxton, Ga. Lambda Thcta Chi WILLIAM O. SNEED Statesboro, Ga. SARA HELEN UPCHURCH Stilson, Ge FRUSANNA SNEED Statesboro, Ga. ANNIE RAY VINCENT Whigham, Ga. First Row: Warren, Waters, Weathcrford, Williams. Second Row: Wilson, Wingate, Zetterower. CLAY WALLER Tennille, Ga BETTIE WILLIAMS Waycross, Ga. PATON WARREN Stillmore, Ga. RUFUS WILSON Statesboro, Ga. NELL WATERS Hilltonia, Ga. BILLY WINGATE Pelhc EUGENE WEATHERFORD .... Graymont, Ga. J. W. ZETTEROWER Dublin, Ga. lota Pi Nu Delta Sigma PEOPLE The Sweetheart of Sanford Hall. . . . The people ' s favorite drum majorette. . . . That ' s Coach be- hind the bay window; the little boy is Dean Russell. . . . Pledges revert back . . . Local girl makes good: Miriam Bnnson is Queen of the Savannah Paper Festival. . . . Totem pole, 1941 style. . . . Ooops! there ' s that man again. . . . De in characteristic pose. . . . She ' s afraid to go on in; she hates strange places. . . . That Mamie should stoop to this. . . . Just be- cause you like to look at her. Front Row: Watson, McMillan, Robertson. . . , Back Row: Curry, 0 1 1 iff - OFFICERS OFFICERS HARRY ROBERTSON President DIGHT OLLIFF Vice-President ROGER McMILLAN Secretary THOMAS CURRY Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE DAVID WATSON SPONSORS MISS SOPHIE JOHNSON MR. " BOB " WINBURN -16 First Row: Adams, Ahl, Alderman, Alford, Altman, A. Anderson, D. Anderson. . . . Second Row: E. Anderson, Aycock, Arnette, Bacon, Baskin, G. Beasley, Beaty. . . . Third Row: Boatwright, Booth, Borders, Boyd, B. Brinson, E. Brinson, Browder. CLAUDE ADAMS Race Pond, Ga. Delta Sigma CALTON AHL Alma, Ga. ALLIE JEAN ALDERMAN Portal, Ga. CHARLES ALFORD Fort Valley, Ga. Bugger-Dagger ANGIE ALTMAN Sylvania, Ga. ALICE ANDERSON Register, Ga. DOROTHY ANDERSON Stillmore, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi EMERSON ANDERSON Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma MILBURNE AYCOCK Miller,, Ga. MAGGIE ARNETTE Sylvania, Ga. RALPH BACON Pembroke, Ga. Delta Sigma HELEN BASKIN Ray City, Ga. FRED BEASLEY Statesboro, Ga. GERALDINE BEASLEY Claxton, Ga. Alpha Beta Ch, LOUISE BEATY Willie, Ga. MAURICE BOATWRIGHT Swamsboro, Ga. STANLEY BOOTH Madison, Ga. Bugger-Dagger MARY BORDERS Thompson, Ga. JULIA BOYD Stapleton, Ga. BOBBY BRINSON Brooklet, Ga. EDITH BRINSON Woodcliff, Ga. JEANE BROWDER Odum, Ga. 4 First Row: Burch, Burpitt, Cannon, Cha mbless, Chisolm, Clifton, C. Coleman. . . . Second Row: G. Coleman, Colson, N. Corbin, S. Corbin, Creech, Cromley, Culbreth. . . . Third Row: Culpepper, Cummings, T. Curry, Darley, Davis, Durrence, Edenfield. MARY EVA BURCH Alma, Ga. JAMES BURPITT . . . Ellabell, Ga. LOUISE CANNON . . Walnut Grove, Ga. DAN CHAMBLESS . . • Dawson, Ga. ROBERT CHISOLM . . . . Barnwell, S. C. LUNIE MAE CLIFTON . . Statesboro, Ga. CHRISTINE COLEMAN . . Claxton, Ga. G. C. COLEMAN Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma CATHERINE COLSON Hinesville, Ga. NORMA CORBIN Oak Park, Ga. SHIRLEY CORBIN . Oak Park, Ga. IDA CREECH Claxton, Ga. EMILY CROMLEY Brooklet, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi WAYNE CULBRETH Edison, Ga. lota Pi Nu LEON CULPEPPER Cordele, Ga. lota Pi Nu BETTIE LOU CUMMINGS Guyton, Ga. KATE CURRY Swainsboro, Ga. THOMAS CURRY Dublin, Ga. Delta Sigma EVELYN DARLEY Statesboro, Ga. INMAN DAVIS Swainsboro, Ga. MARY ADELE DRENON Jesup, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta MARILYN DURRENCE Glcnnville, Ga. PALMER EDENFIELD Wadley, Ga. 48 First Row: Elmore, Farmer, Flanders, Foster, Foy, Freeman, Fries . . . Second Row: Gay, A. Griffin, M. Griffin, Groover, Gunby, Hall, Hardwick. . . . Third Row: Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Hatcher, Hendricks, Herrington, Hinely. MIRIAM ELMORE JOE FARMER Augusta, Ga. NELLE FLANDERS Rocklcdgc, Ga. CAROLYN FOSTER Edison, Ga. Delta L arnbda Delta MAXANN FOY Statcsboro, Ga. Dux Domina EMMIE FREEMAN Syl vania, Ga. MARY FRIES Millcn,Ga. Delta Lambda Delta WUDIE GAY Rocky Ford, Ga. ABBIE GRIFFIN Lcary, Ga. MAURICE GRIFFIN Dearing.Ga. EDWIN GROOVER Statcsboro, Ga. Delta Sigma KARIS GUNBY Hortcnsc, Ga. JAMES HALL Norman Park, Ga. Delta Sigma HELEN HARDWICK Covington, Ga. WINIFRED HARRELL White Oak, Ga. ALICE HARRIS Pclham, Ga. Sigma Gamma JOSEPH HARRISON Brooklet, Ga. DANIEL HART Statcsboro, Ga. JACK HATCHER Harlem, Ga. KATHLEEN HENDRICKS Statcsboro, Ga. HAROLD HERRINGTON . . . . Swainsboro, Ga . WILLIE HUGH HINELY Springfield, Ga. 49 " if First Row: Hodges, Howell, Hutch ins, Jackson, J. Jones, J. Jones, Jory. . . . Second Row: Joyner, Key, Knowles, Lake, Lamb, Lanier, Lawrence. . . . Third Row: Mallard, Mann, McDaniel, McMillan, Miller, Minchcw, Mize. ALICE HODGES Statesboro, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi SARA HOWELL Statesboro, Ga. jigma Gamma CARL HUTCHINS Sparta, Ga. Bugger-Dagger EDNA JACKSON Stapleton, Ga. JAMES ALLEN JONES Statesboro, Ga. JOYCE JONES Louisville, Ga. MARY ELIZABETH JORY Brunswick, Ga. LAMBUTH KEY Statesboro, Ga. KATHRYN JOYNER Screven, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta BETTY KNOWLES Asbum, Ga. MARY GRACE LAKE Dublin, Ga. MADELYN LAMB Jesup, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta DENVER LANIER Rocky Ford, Ga. BERNICE LAWRENCE Molena,Ga. ROBBIE LEE MALLARD Cobbtown, Ga. ABBIE MANN Thomasville, Ga. " X " Club NELLIE McDANIEL Albany,Ga. VERNON McKEE Portal, Ga. ROGER McMILLAN Fitzgerald, Ga. Sigma Gamma LOTTIE MILLER Statesboro, Ga. LUCILE MINCHEW Waycross, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi RALPH MIZE Cave Spring, Ga. First Row: Mobley, Morris, Mulling, Neal, Newton, Odom, Olliff. . . . Second Row: Oliver, Olmstead, D. Parrish, E. Parnsh, J. Parrish, W, Parrish, Patterson. . . . Third Row: Pearson, Perry, Ph 1 1 pot, Rackley, Ramsey, Redmond, Reiser. MARGARET MOBLEY . EDWENA PARRISH . . . . Portal, Ga. CAROLYN MORRIS . L i m b d i Thcta Chi Swainsboro, Ga. JACK PARRISH . . . GEORGE MULLING . . lota Pi Nu WALTER J. PARRISH . . . Add, Ga. THOMAS NEAL . . • . Thompson, Ga. HIRAM PATTERSON , . Delta Sigma ETHELYN NEWTON . . MARIE PEARSON . . Lambda Theta Chi Savannah, Ga. JULIA ODOM . . . Delta La mbda Delta MARY THOMAS PERRY Dux Domina DIGHT OLLIFF . . . Deltc Sigma . Statesboro, Ga. HELEN PHILPOT . . . Aibany, Ga. CLINTON OLIVER . . . Glennville, Ga. FRANCES RACKLE Waynesboro, Ga. CECIL OLMSTEAD . . lota Pi Nu Hmesville, Ga. BILL THOMAS RAMSEY . Delta Sigma • Statesboro, Ga. LOUISE O ' NEAL . . . Vidalia, Ga. SARA LOU REDMOND DORIS PARRISH . . . JOHN REISER . . . . . Clyo, Ga. 51 First Row; Robertson, Rogers, T. Rountree, Stephens, Strickland, Swinson R. Rountree, Rumph, . . . Third Row: Th Salley, Simmons. . . . Second Row: C. Smith, F. Sm gpen, M. Thomas, O. Thomas, Tootle, Turk, Turner, ith, R. Smith, Sowell, Usher. HARRY ROBERTSON Waycross, Ga. ANNIE TOM SOWELL . . . Hilltonia, Ga Delta Sigma SUE NELL ROGERS . Manassas, Ga. CARLTON STEPHENS .... THERA DELL ROUNTREE . . . . Canoochee, Ga. WYLENE STRICKLAND . . . New Smyrna Beach, Fla Delta Lambda Delta ROSS ROUNTREE MYRTICE SWINSON .... Statesboro, Ga lota Pi Nu SAM RUMPH Marshallville, Ga. DONNA THIGPEN lota Pi Nu Sigma Gamma NANCY JIM SALLEY Ccdartown, Ga. MARY KATHERINE THOMAS . . . Waycross, Ga Dux Domina Sigma Gamma MARTHA WILMA SIMMONS . . Statesboro, Ga. OLIVER THOMAS . Register, Ga Epicurean CHARLES SMITH MARY ELIZABETH TOOTLE . . Glennville, Ga Delta Sigma FRED SMITH Statesboro, Ga FLOYD TURK Bugger-Dagger ROY LEE SMITH . Swainsboro, Ga BILLIE TURNER . Millen, Ga Delta Sigma Epicurean SID SMITH . Statesboro, Ga. OLAN USHER 5; i v r I First Row: Vause, Word, Wardlow, H. Waters, W. Waters, Watson, Weitman. . . . Second Row: L. Williams, O. Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wingate, Woodard, Wyatt, Yandle. WILLIE VAUSE Garfield, Ga. HILDA WARD Blackshear, Ga. " X " Club FLOYD WARDLOW Ashb U m, Ga. HAROLD WATERS Statesboro, Ga. lota Pi Nu WILLIAM WATERS Savannah, Ga. Delta Sigma DAVID WATSON Fitz g erald, Ga. NANCY ETHELDA WEITMAN Alamo, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi WILLIAM W. WILKIN Colquitt Ga. LOUISE WILLIAMS Wrightsville, Ga. OSBORN LEE WILLIAMS ... . Register, Ga. MARCIA WILLIAMSON ... . Oak Park, Ga. DOROTHY WILSON Statesboro, Ga. JAMES WINGATE Pelham, Ga. Bugger-Dagger MINNIE LOU WOODARD Chauncey, Ga. OUIDA WYATT Brooklet, Ga. Epicurean LYNETTE YANDLE Lyons, Ga. Lambda Thets Chi 53 FRESHMAN CLASS Pcrryman, Oglrtsby, DcLoach, Gunter, Bruner. OFFICERS OFFICERS First Row: Alford, Allen, Bacon, Banks, Barber, H. Bargeron, S. Bargeron, Baron. . . . Second Row: Blackburn, Braddy, Bradley, Bragg, Branncn, Brantley, Brewton, Brown. . . . Third Row: M. Brown, R. Brown, Brunner, Bryant, Bunce, Butler. . . . Fourth Row: Candler, Carter, Cheshire, Claxton, Cliett, Cobb, Cooksey, Corbin. ANNELLE ALFORD Fort Valley, Ga. FRANCIS ALLEN Statcsboro, Ga. LOUISE BACON Pembroke, Ga. CHARLES BALLENGER Waycross, Ga. MARY ETHEL BANKS Sylvester, Ga. INEZ BARBER Bainbridge, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi HELEN BARGERON Waycross, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi SYLVIA BARGERON Sardis, Ga. Dux Domina MARGARET MARy BARON Savannah, Ga. ROY BAYNHAM Statesboro, Ga. FRANCES BLACKBURN Statesboro, Ga. JAMES BODDI FORD Sylvania, Ga. LOUISE BOOTH Homerville, Ga. ROBBIE BRADDY Adrian, Ga. SARA ALICE BRADLEy Statesboro, Ga. Epicurean ELIZABETH BRAGG Springfield, Ga. DOROTHY BRANNEN Portal, Ga. WALDO EMERSON BRANTLEY Hiltonia, Ga. AUDREY BREWTON Groveland, Ga. NELLIE MAE BROOKS Sopcrton, Ga. BETTy BROWN Stilson, Ga. GERALD BROWN Stilson, Ga. JESSE ROBERT BROWN Hapevillc, Ga. MARGARET BROWN Statesboro, Ga. RUBIE BROWN Millcn, Ga. MARCUS BRUNER Edison, Ga. lota Pi Nu JAMES BRYAN Brooklet, Ga. Delta Sigma MIRIAM BRYANT Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Gamma PAUL BUNCE Statesboro. Ga. ADDIS BURCH Rentz, Ga. BETTY BURNS Glcnnvillc, Ga. MONTESE BUTLER Fort Valley, Ga. ORVILLE CANDLER Lincolnton, Ga. HAZEL CARTER Baxlcy, Ga. WALTON CHESHIRE Fort Gaines, Ga. HENRIETTA CLAXTON Kite, Ga. FRANCES MARION CLIETT Waynesboro, Ga. HAZEL COBB Bainbridge, Ga. Sigma Gamma KATHRYN COOKSEY Waycross, Ga. Sigma Gamma DORIS CORBIN Oak Park, Ga. 55 First Row: Cullens, Culpepper, Daniel, Davis, DeLoach, Denny, Donaldson, Drury. . . . Second Row: Duncan, Edenfield, Edwards, Elder, Ellison, Fernandez, Fields, Flanders. . . . Third Row: Forehand, Garner, Gatewood, Geiger, Gilder, Gillis, Godbee, R. Green. . . . Fourth Row: W. Greene, Gresham, Griffin, Groover, Gruver, Gunter, Hagan, Hall. CAREY COX Dawson, Ga. ANN CULLENS Waycross, Ga. Sigma Gamma GLADINE CULPEPPER Cordcle, Ga. Epicurean CAROLYN DANIEL Bellville, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi EVELYN SALLY DAVIS Offerman, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi BILLY DeLOACH Savannah, Ga. lota Pi Nu PHILIPPA DENNY Louisville, Ga. GRADY DONALDSON Pulaski, Ga. ARLENE DRURY Brunswick, Ga. ROY DUNCAN Millhaven, Ga. FRANCES EDENFIELD Wadlcy, Ga. VERNON R. EDWARDS Springfield, Ga. HELEN ELDER Cedartown, Ga. Dux Domina KATHRYN ANN ELLISON Girard, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta ANAIS FERNANDEZ CENTURION Havana, Cuba Special MARY EVELYN FIELDS Swainsboro, Ga. RUBY DELL FLANDERS Kite, Ga. L. C. FLEMING Baconton, Ga. ANNCILE FOREHAND White Oak, Ga. NOEL FOWLER Adrian, Ga. DOROTHY GARNER Waynesboro, Ga. DUDLEY GATEWOOD Americus, Ga. Delta Sigma MAI DA GEIGER Pembroke, Ga. Epicurean VIRGINIA GILDER Adrian, Ga. MADELYN GILLIS Adrian, Ga. LEO R. GLOVER Waycross, Ga. FRANKLIN GODBEE Millen, Ga. RUSSELL GREEN Arlington, Va. WORTH GREENE Waycross, Ga. WILMOTINE GRESHAM Union Point, Ga. Sigma Gamma JOSEPHINE GRIFFIN Girard, Ga. GEORGE GROOVER Statesboro, Ga. MARY FRANCES GROOVER Statesboro, Ga. Dux Domina ANN GRUVER Statesboro, Ga. CHARLES GUILLEBEAU Lincolnton, Ga. JAMES GUNTER Louisvi I le, Ga. lota Pi Nu FLORRIE WILDRED HAGAN Statesboro, Ga. SAMOLENE HALL Meeks, Ga. First Row: Hardwick, E. Harrell, M. Harrell, Harrison, Hendnx, Hester, Hinely, M. Holland. . . . Second Row: Holloway, Home, Hunt, J. Irvin, J. Irvin, Ivey, Jensen, Jeremias. . . . Third Row: Johnson, D. Jones, F. Jones, J. Jones, Jordan, Kellam, Kenan, Knight. . . . Fourth Row: B. Lanier, F. Lanier, M. Lanier, Layton, Leaphart, Marsh, D. Martin, F. Martin. KATHRYN HARDWICK Savannah, Ga. EVANGELINE HARRELL Collins, Ga. Lambda Thcta Chi MONROE HARRELL College Park, Ga. Delta Sigma BILLY HARRIS Brunswick, Ga. ANNIE LOIS HARRISON Brooklet, Ga. JAMES HARVEY Glennvillc, Ga. JOYCE HENDRIX Brunswick, Ga. Sigma Gamma EVELYN HESTER Soperton, Ga. LEWIS HINELY Springfield, Ga. MARY LOUISE HOLLAND Pulaski, Ga. BILL HOLLOWAY Register, Ga. FRANK HORNE Docrun, Ga. ELOISE HUNT Ccdartown, Ga. Dux Domina JANE IRVIN Concord, Ga. " X " Club JUNE IRVIN Concord, Ga. " X " Club MARIE IVEY Jakm,Ga. BRYAN JAMERSON Cuthbcrt, Ga. ORA LOU JENSEN Attapulgus, Ga. DOROTHEA JEREMIAS Thompson, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi VIVIAN RUNNELL JOHNSON Garfield, Ga. DOROTHY SUE JONES Register, Ga. FAY JONES Mettcr, Ga. JOE ALLEN JONES Waycross, Ga. ATHLEY JORDAN Waycross, Ga. lota Pi Nu JULIA ELIZABETH JORDAN Wrens, Ga. MELVIN JOYNER Brunswick, Ga. ELIZABETH KELLAM Waycross, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi ELISE KENAN Statcsboro, Ga. ALBERT KEY ... Statcsboro, Ga. Delta Sigma RAY KICKLITER Lyons, Ga. KATHLEEN KNIGHT Soperton, Ga. BYRON LANIER Mctter, Ga. FAYE LANIER Pembroke, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta MARIE LANIER Metter, Ga. WILLIAM LAYTON Statcsboro, Ga. DAISY MAE LEAPHART Union Point, Ga. Sigma Gamma MARJORIE ELAINE LEWIS Millcn, Ga. W. R. LOVETT Statesboro, Ga. HUSMITH MARSH Statesboro, Ga . Delta Sigma DELLA MAE MARTIN Hagan, Ga. FAIN MARTIN Edison, Ga. lota Pi Nu First Row: Martin. May, Mavnard, McKinley, McLeod, Meeks, Miller, Mrxon. . . . Second Row: Morgan, Morrison, Mosley, Murchison, NeSmith, J. Newton, M. Newton, Nichols. . . . Third Row: Norman, Oglesby, C. Parker, J. Parker, Parks, H. Parrish, M. Parrish, Paschal. . . . Fourth Row: Penn, Pennington, Perry, Perryman, Pike, Poole, Powell, Price. VIRGINA LEE MARTIN . . . Patterson, Ga . ELL 1 E NORMAN . Hartwcll, Ga. AUBREY MAY . . . Mitchell, Ga. JOE OGLESBY . . . lota Pi Nu EMILIE ANNETTE MAYNARD Newton, Ga. CHARLES PARKER Waycross, Ga. CHARLES McK 1 N LEY . . . JAMES H. PARKER DAVID McLEOD .... Brooklet, Ga. FRANCES PARKS Millen, Ga. IMOGENE MEEKS . Statesboro, Ga. HUBERT PARRISH . Pulaski, Ga. LEWIS MILLER . Rocky Ford, Ga. MAX PARRISH . . . MILBA MIXON . Statesboro, Ga. HILL PASCHAL . . . BETTy ANN MORGAN Dux Nomina FITZHUGH PENN ROBERT FRANKLIN MORRIS Delta Sigma Statesboro, Ga. IVEY L. PENNINGTON Sugger-Dagger Og lethorpe, Ga. FRANK G. MORRISON . . . Waycross, Ga . LOUISE PERRY Delta Lambda Delta IDA LEE MOSLEY . . . . VIRGINIA PERRYMAN Dux Domina RUTH OLA MURCHISON HARRY PIKE . . . . LUILENE NeSMITH . . . . DOROTHY POOLE Matthews, Ga. JIMMIE FRANCES NEWTON ELOISE POWELL MYRA NEWTON .... " X ' Club Leary, Ga. WILLIE EUGENE PRICE THEOLUS NICHOLS . . . 58 First Row: Proctor, Rabun, Raburn, Rachels, Richardson, Ritch, Robinson, Rogers. . . . Second Row: Rowse, Saunders, Scarboro, Scruggs, Sheffield, Short, Shuman, Sims. . . . Third Row: E. Smith, H. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith, M. Smith, Sowell, Sparks, Stanfield. . . . Fourth Row: Stapelton, Stevenson, Swetman, Thigpen, J. Thomas, M. Thomas, D. Thompson, L. Thompson. CAROLYN PROCTOR HELEN VIRGINIA SMITH . Staplcton, Ga. BERN ICE RABUN HENRIGENE SMITH HILDA ONEITA RABURN JACQUELINE SMITH . Lyons, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi JEAN RACHELS . Dublin, Ga. JOHN SMITH . . . Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma FRANK RAY MAE SMITH . . . . . Douglas, Ga. Alpha Beta Chi RACHAEL REBECCA RICHARDSON . . . RUTH SMITH . . . . . . Bidettc, Ga. JIMMIE RITCH Patterson, Ga. LENA SOWELL . . . Hilltonia, Ga. THEONE ROBINSON GRACE SPARKS . . . MARY NELL ROGERS BOBBY STANFIELD . Glcnnvillc, Ga. RUNETTE ROUNTREE . Statesboro, Ga. SARA STAPLETON Stapleton, Ga . SARA HELEN ROWSE Statesboro, Ga. MARY STEVENSON Dux Domina Alpha Beta Chi JEAN SAUNDERS . Savannah, Ga. MAGGIE SWETMAN JIMMY SCARBORO JAMES DANIEL TARVER . Wadley, Ga. Delta Sigma . Garfield, Ga. RUTH ELIZABETH SCRUGGS MARY HELEN THIGPEN MARIE SHEFFIELD JULIAN L. THOMAS Offciman, Ga. LOUTRELLE SHORT Swamsboro, Ga. MARGARET CLYDE THOMAS . Wrentz, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi GEORGE SHUMAN DALE THOMPSON HAROLD SIMS ... LOUIE THOMPSON . . . Willie, Ga. ELIZABETH SMITH . . Ellabcll, Ga. Sigma Gamma 59 REGINALD THOMPSON Glennville, Ga. RUBYE THOMPSON Reidsville, Ga. MARY LOUISE TOWNSEND Climax, Ga. Sigma Gamma FRANCES TURNER Jesup, Ga. MARY FRANCES TYSON Oak Park, Ga. SIBYL UNDERWOOD Statesboro, Ga. OZEALIA USHER Brooklet, Ga. LONZA USHER Lyons, Ga. LILLIAN WARNER Hapeville, Ga. Sigma Gamma EFFIELYN WATERS Statesboro, Ga. Dux Domina KERMIT W. WATERS Statesboro, Ga. JAMES WATSON Fitzgerald, Ga. EVELYN WEATHERLY Cedartown, Ga. GEORGIA WEBB Doerun, Ga. LOCKE WEEMS Augusta, Ga. lota Pi Nu EVA JEAN WELLS Harlem, Ga. GEORGE WHALEY Statesboro, Ga . HARRIET WHELCHEL Lyons, Ga. RICHARD WHIDBY Adel, Ga. NATHANIEL WHITE Americus, Ga. JEWELL WILLIAMS Sardis, Ga. WYNELLE WILLIAMS Screven,Ga. Delta Lambda Delta JERALDINE WILLIAMS Register, Ga JEWELL WILLIE Louisville, Ga. DORIS LOUISE WITHROW Odum, Ga. HELEN WOOD Macon, Ga. Dux Domina GRACE WOODRUM Millen, Ga. ELOUISE WYATT Savannah, Ga. Epicurean LEILA WYATT Cedartown, Ga. Dux Domina ROSEMARY WYNN Glennwood, Ga. UHLMA WYNN ZITTROUER Newington, Ga. s n r p s A lasting affair . . Giving advice, Tom? . . . Swing high, swing low Wynelle and Louise . . . Lady by the Hedge— must be Virginia . . . Cold, tired, and happy . . . Charlie and Louise . . Beauty and T. C. . . Maybe it is noise, but we like it . Football practice, or . . .? Whatcha know, Joe? 61 A bill was passed in 1924 converting the First District A. M. School into the Geor- gia Normal School. Girls took Calisthenics in middy blouses and gym bloomers and went to town in well-chaperoned hordes, four abreast. The Institution became pre- dominantly a girls ' school. The boys contin- ued to study Farming and Mechanics with added courses in the rudiments of Peda- Mil: ■ " ■ ' •v.. Oil i S T U D c n T councu The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the whole student interest; to afford a suitable and convenient medium of communication between the students and the school author- ities; to direct the social activities of the students; and, in gen- eral, to create and preserve the customs and traditions of the school. JOE INGRAM Our Town Car Seated: Watson, Jones, Dunn, Bowman, Gainey, Reppard, Stanfield, Gunter, Bacon. Robertson. Standing: Neville, Oglesby, Ingram, Blitch, MEMBERS CHARLES STANFIELD President Senior Class OLIVER REPPARD Senior Representative HOMER BLITCH ... . ... Senior Representative DAVID S. BOWMAN . . . . President Junior Class EULA BETH JONES . .... Junior Representative JOHN H. DUNN ... ... . Junior Representative HARRY ROBERTSON . . President Sophomore Class DAVID E. WATSON . . .... Sophomore Representative JOE OGLESBY President Freshman Class JIMMY GUNTER Freshman Representative 67 LEWIS HALL FAY ALDERMAN President ELIZABETH McNALLY Vice-President EDWINA PARRISH Secretary-Treasurer MARY ETHEL BANKS LOIS BREWTON IRMA GLISSON AZILE HARTLEY MERVIN SHIVERS HOUSE EAST HALL EMOLYN RAINEY President CATHERINE GAINEY Vice-President FRANCES BREEN Secretary-Treasurer SARA REID BOWEN LUCY BRINSON MIRIAM BRINSON CHRISTINE COLEMAN IDA CREECH FRANCES DEAL FRANCES HARRISON KATHRYN JOINER BETTY ANN MORGAN NANCY SALLEY BOBBY STAN Fl ELD o u n c i l s WEST HALL EDITH DAVIS President VIRGINIA EASON Vice-President NELLIE McDANIEL Secretary-Treasurer marilyn durrence carolyn foster winifred harrell lorene heidt jane irvin june irvin dorothea jeremias nellorene mccollum roger McMillan hazel mixon susie belle nesmith helen philpot rachel sheffield jacqueline smith SANFORD HALL T. A. BACON President CHARLES ALFORD RALPH BACON DAVID BOWMAN EARLE BYRD O ' NEAL CAVE JOHN DUNN EDDIE NAJJAR GEORGE PAFFORD HARRY ROBERTSON ROSS ROUNTREE CHARLES STAN Fl ELD CARLTON STEVENS HAROLD TILLMAN JAMES WINGATE J. W.ZETTEROWER 69 yandle, Davis, Gainey, Alderman, Rainey, Harrison, McNally, Turner, Hughes, Wyatt. The purpose of the Young Women ' s Christian Association of Georgia Teachers College is that we, the members, unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow him. To fulfill this purpose we sponsor regular religious services — morning watch is our brief daily devotion service to give us a good start in the day s work. The regular meeting on Wednesday night gives us a chance to pause in the middle of the week and think over our life and get suggestions and strength to carry on the rest of the week. On Sunday night we join with the Y. M. C. A. for campus-wide vesper services. OFFICERS EMOLYN RAINEY President BURDELLE HARRISON Vice-President FRANCES HUGHES Secretary CATHERINE GAINEY Treasurer MRS. MARJORIE GUARDIA . ... Faculty Advisor CABINET OUIDA WYATT EDITH DAVIS ROGER McMILLAN SARA REID BOWEN AZILE HARTLEY BILLIE TURNER LYNETTE YANDLE ELIZABETH McNALLY FAY ALDERMAN 70 y. m. c. r. Standing: Pafford, Watson, Mr. Thompson, Bacon, Boatwnght. . Robertson, Stanficld, Alford, Guntcr, Thomas, . . Seated: Stephens, Ayres, Bowman. The Y. M. C. A. stands for all that is good and clean and true. It renders much service and aid in the solution of any problems that may arise. Through intramural athletics, social welfare, and religious work, varied opportunities are provided for student participation. OFFICERS CHARLES STAN Fl ELD President JOHN BEN AYRES V.ce-President CHARLES ALFORD Secretary DAVIS S. BOWMAN Treasurer MR. PAUL THOMPSON Faculty Adviser CABINET HARRY ROBERTSON Vespers CARL HUTCHINS Social JIMMY GUNTER Vespers WARNER KEN NON Athletics JAMES C. STEPHENS Evening Watch OLIVER THOMAS Chorister GEORGE G. PAFFORD Evening Watch DAVID E. WATSON Membership MARCUS BRUNER Pianist 1941 REFLECTOR STAFF CATHERINE GAINEY EDITORIAL STAFF CATHERINE GAINEY EDDIE NAJJAR . BETTIE McLEMORE JOHN KING . . EMOLYN RAINEY . HOMER BLITCH . T. A. BACON . . JIMMY SCARBORO . ... Ed Associate Ed . . . Club Ed . . . Club Ed . . . Art Ed Sports Ed Photographic Ed Photographic Ed toi tO! toi tor toi tor tor tor The staff of the 1941 REFLECTOR finds itself where all annual staffs finds themselves at one time or another — Behind the Eight Ball. GESMON NEVILLE BUSINESS G ESMON NEVILLE JOHN BEN AYERS . GEORGE PAFFORD . JOY BOWDEN CHARLES STANFIELD STAFF Business Manager . Advertising Manager . Advertising Manager . Advertising Manager Circulation Manager For a change, the Business Staff ponders over some numerical fig- ures. 73 THE G E 0 R G E - R 11 II E Established 1927 Member Gcor3ia Collegiate Press As sociation Published by-weekly by the students of Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, Ga. Published bi-weekly from September till June except during holidays Subscri ption rate: 10c per copy; $1.00 per year. Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Collegeboro, Ga., un der temporary permit. ELBERT SANDERS Editor JOHN BEN AYERS ■ Business Mana ger EDITORIAL STAFF HARRY ROBERTSON Associate Editor DAVID WATSON Assistant Business Manager FRANCES DEAL .Society Editor HOMER BLITCH Sports Editor FRED SMITH Staff Cartoonist JIMMY SCARBORO Staff Photographer REPORTERS Frances Harrison, Oliver Thomas, Nancy Salley, David Watson, Joy Bowden, Edwin Groover, Becky Hicks, Russell Green, Eula Beth Jones, Leon Culpepper, Thomas Curry, David Bowman, Roy Lee Smith, Charles Stanfield, Carlton Ahl, Elliott Boswell, Wynelle Williams, Miriam Brmson, Chess Faircloth, Roger McMillen, Clinton Oliver, Thera Dell Rountree, Charles Parker, Dig ht Olliff, Evangeline Har- r. II, Madeline Gillis, Skeet Kennon, and Joe Allen Jones. Editor Reporters i n t e r n r t i o n r l RELRTIORS CLUBS « k ■ jr First Row: Alford, Bunce, Byrd, Cato, Davis, Destlcr, English. . . . Second Row: Forehand, Goff, Greene, Kemp, McCollum, Perkins, Reeves. . . . Third Row: Reppard, Sanders, Stanfield, Toney, Turner, Watson. OFFICERS CHARLES STAN FIELD President DORIS TONEY Vice-President EMILY GOFF Secretary-Treasurer DR. C. M. DESTLER Sponsor With the hope of bettering our lives and the relations between men everywhere the International Relations Club seeks to pro- mote an intelligent interest in world affairs. This is the only sound approach toward realizing our hopes. MEMBERS CHARLES ALFORD ISAAC BUNCE EARL BYRD ELIZABETH CATO EDITH DAVIS MERLE ENGLISH SARA FOREHAND EMILY GOFF RUSSELL GREENE PILCHER KEMP NELLORENE McCOLLUM SARA PERKINS BILL TOM REEVES OLIVE REPPARD ELBERT SANDERS CHARLES STAN FIELD DORIS TONEY FRANCES TURNER DAVID WATSON GOFF, STANFIELD, TONEY. THE MASQUERS OFFICERS EDDIE NAJJAR President EULA BETH JONES Vice-President JOYCE JONES Secretary DOT ANDERSON Treasurer MISS MAMIE JO JONES Sponsor LOUISE BACON AUDREY BREWTON LOIS BREWTON MIRIAM BRINSON EDITH DAVIS BILLY DeLOACH MEMBERS LOTTIE MILLER CAROLYN MORRIS ETHELYN NEWTON ELLIE NORMAN JULIA NORMAN MARY THOMAS PERRY KATHERINE ELLISON JEAN SAUNDERS ANAIS FERNANDEZ ELIZABETH SM ITH MAXANN FOY MARY FIELDS LETA GAY maida geiger madelyn gillis james gunter marie hamrick fran harrison jack hatcher kathryn joyner madelyn lamb roger McMillan JACQUELYN SMITH MARY KATHERINE THOMAS HELEN THIGPEN PATE WARREN DAVID WATSON NANCY WEITMAN BETTIE WILLIAMS WYNELLE WILLIAMS HELEN WOOD UHLMA WYNN ZITTEROWER MARY POWELL JOE FARMER Hi T MISS MAMIE JONES m u s i g m r OFFICERS ELLIOTT BOSWELL President BILLY WINGATE Vice-President DORIS TON EY Secretary PILCHER KEMP Treasurer MRS. E. L. BARNES . Sponsor MR. R. J. NEIL Sponsor Kemp, Toney, Boswell, Wingatc. NATIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY Alpha Chapter Founded at Culver-Stockton Col- lege, Canton, Mo., 1931. Delta Chapter Founded at Georgia Teachers College, 1939. Motto: Music Exalts Life. Colors: Blue and Gold. Song: " Hail to Thee Mu Sigma. " MEMBERS PILCHER KEMP FAY LANIER BETTIE McLEMORE MARY MUIRHEAD ELLA COOKE NEASE MARY PAULK VIRGINIA PERRYMAN DONNA THIGPEN DORIS TONEY BILLIE TURNER JEWEL WILLIE OUIDA WYATT BiLLY WINGATE LYNETTE YANDLE T. A. BACON CARROLL BEASLEY ELLIOTT BOSWELL RUTH CONE LEON CULPEPPER BILLY DcLOACH MAXANN FOY MARY FRIES CATHERINE GAINEY BURDELLE HARRISON ALICE HODGES FRANCES HUGHES EULA BETH JONES JAMES JONES HONORARY MEMBERS MR. ERNEST HARRIS MR. LORRAN LATHAM MR. J. MALCOLM PARKER 78 CHORUS RONALD J. NEIL Director CATHERINE GAINEY Accompanist BOARD OF DIRECTORS CATHERINE GAINEY, Chairman LEON CU LPEPPER DORIS TON EY ELLIOT BOSWELL BURDELLE HARRISON FRANCIS TRAPN ELL FRANCES HUGHES MEMBERS FAY ALDERMAN JANE IRVIN EUNICE TAYLOR SYLVIA BARGERON JUNE IRVIN DONNA THIGPEN MARGARET BARON DOROTHEA JEREMIAS RUBYE THOMPSON JOY BOWDEN IVIAN JOHNSON DORIS TONEY LOUISE BEATY GERALDINE KEEFE ELIZABETH TOOTLE HENRIETTA CLAXTON FAY E LANIER LOUISE TOWNSEND FRANCES CLIETT BERN 1 CE LAWRENCE ELLA SUE TRAYNHAM RUTH CONE DAISY MAY LEAPHART HARRIET WHELCHEL EMILY C ROM LEY JANE MATHIS ELOUISE WYATT MAR 1 ETA COOK ANNETTE MAYNARD LEILA WYATT KITTY COOKSEY JUDSON McKINNEY OUIDA WYATT SLADINE CULPEPPER BETTIE McLEMORE LYNETTE YANDLE FRANCES DEAL MARY MUIRHEAD CATHERINE GAINEY GRACE EVERETT ELLA COOK NEASE ANN GRUVER ANCILE FOREHAND PAULINE NEIL EVANGELINE HARRELL MARY FRIES JIMMIE FRANCES NEWTON EVELYN WEATHERLY ABB 1 E GRIFFIN EDWENA PARRISH ELLIOTT BOSWELL JOSEPHINE GRIFFIN MARY PAULK LEON CULPEPPER WILMOTINE GRESHAM LOUISE PERRY JOHN GRAHL EMILY GOFF VIRGINIA PERRYMAN FRANCIS GROOVER SAMOLENE HALL BERN i C E RABUN ROGER HOLLAND ALICE HARRIS THEONE ROBINSON PILCHER KEMP BURDELLE HARRISON THERA DELL ROUNTREE THOMAS JENKINS REBECCA HICKS NANCY JIM SALLEY CHARLES McKINLEY SARA HOWELL MARIE SHEFFIELD CHARLES PARKER FRANCES HUGHES JANE SIMPSON FRANCIS TRAPNELL ELOISE HUNT GRACE SPARKS HAROLD WATERS 7V B r n D CLAUDE ADAMS CHARLES ALFORD T. A. BACON ChKRLES BALLENGE.1 CARROLL BEASLEY JOY BOWDEN DAVID BOWMAN BOBBY BRINSON MARGARET BROWN DAN CHAMBLESS RUTH CONE GLADINE CULPEPPER LEON CULPEPPER THOMAS CURRY CHESS FAIRCLOTH MEMBERS LEO GLOVER FRANCIS GROOVER MARY FRANCES GROOVER JAMES HARVEY REBECCA HICKS ROGER HOLLAND BILL HOLLOWAY BRYAN JAMERSON DOROTHEA JEREMIAS JAMES JONES KATHRYN JOYNER PILCHER KEMP ALBERT KEY LAMBUTH KEY MADELYN LAMB MARY FRIES W. R. LOVETT NELLIE McKANIEL ELLA COOKE NEASE GESMON NEVILLE FRANCES NEWTON ELLIE NORMAN MARY PAULK CHARLES PARKER FITZHUGH PENN CAROLYN PROCTOR DELL ROUNTREE BILL SNEED DONNA THIGPEN FLOYD TURK HAROLD WATERS OFFICERS LEON CULPEPPER President DAVID BOWMAN Vice-President DELL ROUNTREE Secretary HAROLD WATERS Treasu rer GLADINE CULPEPPER Drum Major MARGARET BROWN KATHRYN JOYNER Majorettes 80 VESPER C H 0 I R OFFICERS DORIS TONEY President LYNETTE YANDLE Vice-President JUNE IRVIN Secretary JANE IRVIN Treasurer BURDELLE HARRISON Director MR. AND MRS. IVAN HOSTETLER Sponsors MEMBERS FAY ALDERMAN BURDELLE HARRISON MYRA NEWTON DOT ANDERSON JOYCE HENDRIX BERNICE RABUN GERALDINE BEASLEY JANE IRVIN BUDDY ROOKS HENRIETTA CLAXTON JUNE IRVIN RUTH SCRUGGS FRANKIE CLIETT MARIE IVEY LOUISE TOWNSEND CAROLYN DANIEL EDNA JACKSON DORIS TONEY EMILY GOFF VIVIAN JOHNSON HILDA WARD WILMOTINE GRESHAM PILCHER KEMP LYNETTE YANDLE DAISY MAE LEAPHART 81 ' TBI V 1 -J First Row: Boswell, Brewton, Brinson, Cox, Deal, Ellis. . . . Second Row: Goff, Guardian, Harrison, Hamrick, McCollum, McNally. Third Row: Mathis, Morgan, Najjar, Nease, Rogers, Simpson, Williams. £ n G L I S H CLUB OFFICERS ELLIOTT BOSWELL President FRANCES DEAL Vice-President ARLAND COOPER Secretary EDDIE NAJJAR Treasurer MRS. MARJORIE GUARDIA Sponsor Najjar, Deal, Boswell. ELLIOTT BOSWELL LOIS BREWTON LUCY BRINSON BILLY COX ARLAND COOPER FRANCES DEAL ALTON ELLIE MEMBERS EMILY GOFF FRANCES HARRISON MARIE HAMRICK NELLORENE McCOLLUM ELIZABETH McNALLY JANE MATHIS CLAIRE MINCEY JACK MORGAN EDDIE NAJJAR ELLA COOKE NEASE ANNA ROGERS JANE SIMPSON JEANNETTE WILLIAMS OFFICERS GESMON NEVILLE JOHN BEN AYERS WILLIE HUGH HINELY GRADY DONALDSON GEORGE PAFPORD JOE HURST INMAN DAVIS FRANK OLLIFF SPONSORS MR. IVAN HOSTETLER MR. E. G. LIVINGSTON MEMBERS JOHN BEN AYERS W. B. AKINS S. N. BROCK JAMES BURPITT ORVILLE CANDLER INMAN DAVIS GRADY DONALDSON VERNON EDWARDS FRANCIS GROOVER LEWIS J. HINELY WILLIE HUGH HINELY JOE HURST JOE INGRAM GESMON NEVILLE FRANK OLLIFF GEORGE PAFFORD HUBERT PARR ISH MAX PARR ISH LINDSEY PENNINGTON CHARLES SMITH SID SMITH CLAY WALLER PATE WARREN LEE WILLIAMS First Row: Hostetler, Neville, Ayers, Livingston. . . . Back Row: Hinely, Donalchon, Pafford, Hurs!, Davis, Olliff. HIDUSTRIRL ARTS CLUB H f I MB yjfl n ft n n - n Li First Row: Anderson, Barber, Baron, Beasley, Bolton, Brinson, L. Brinson, Claxton, Cook, Davis, Edenfield. . . . Second Row: Eng- lish, R. Flanders, N. Flanders, Fields, Gay, W. Gay, Gilder, Ivey, Jackson, Johnson, Jones. . . . Third Row: Lanier, Lawrence, McCollum, McGehee, Moore, Morgan, Newton, Perkins, Poole, Powell. . . . Fourth Row: Robinson, Robson, Smith, Swetman, Usher, Whelchel, Williams, Wynn, Aycock, Brown. Home Economics club DOROTHy ANDERSON MILBURNE AyCOCK MARJORIE BACON INEZ BARBER MARGARET BARON GERALDINE BEASLEY EDITH BRINSON LUCY BRINSON RUBY BROWN HENRIETTA CLAXTON MAR I ETA COOK EDITH DAVIS FRANCES EDENFIELD MERLE ENGLISH MEMBERS HAZEL MIXON NINA MOORE BETTY ANN MORGAN JIMMY FRANCES NEWTON SARA PERKINS DOROTHY POOLE ELOISE POWELL THEONE ROBINSON HENRIGENE SMITH MAGGIE SWETMAN OZELIA USHER HARRIET WELCHEL LOUISE WILLIAMS ROSEMARY WYNN RUBY DELL FLANDERS OFFICERS ALICE JO LANE President DOT POOLE Vice-President DOT ANDERSON Secretary MISS RUTH BOLTON Sponsor NELL FLANDERS MARY FIELDS LETA GAY WUDIE GAY VIRGINIA GILDER MARIE IVEY EDNA JACKSON BETTY JORDAN VIVIAN JOHNSON FAY JONES MARIE LANIER GERTRUDE LAWRENCE NELLORENE McCOLLUM DORIS McGEHEE BIRD CLUB OFFICERS JOHN BLANCHARD .... President CHESS FAIRCLOTH . . . Vice-President T. A. BACON Secretary CARL HUTCHINS Pro g ram GEORGE PARKER .... Co-Chairman MARIE PEARSON Chaplain MEMBERS DAN CHAMBLESS DORIS CORBIN NORMA CORBIN SHIRLEY CORBIN OPHELIA DORMINY JAMES JONES PILCHER KEMP GENEVA McDANIEL MARY PAULK THOMAS ROBINSON THERA DELL ROUNTREE OZELIA USHER PATE WARREN LOUISE WILLIAMS S C I e n C E s e m i n r r OFFICERS DAVID BOWMAN Chairman GEORGE PARKER .... Co-Chairman NANCY SALLEY . . . Secretary-Treasurer MR. W. S. HANNER Sponsor MR. PAUL THOMPSON .... Sponsor MEMBERS T. A. BACON STANLEY BOOTH ROBERT CHISOLM WAYNE CULBRETH RUSSELL GREEN PILCHER KEMP MARIE PEARSON J. W. ZETTEROWER I? n m Nr n m t w ' W f f I n E ARTS CLUB BETTY BAIRD GERALDINE BEASLE ' STANLEY BOOTH SARA ALICE BRADLEY S. N. BROCK MARCUS BRUNER MEMBERS MARY EVA BURCH RUTH CONE EMILY CROMLEY MERLE ENGLISH SARA FOREHAND CATHERINE GAINEY JOYCE JONES KATHRYN JOYNER PILCHER KEMP JANE MATHIS BETTY McLEMORE OFFICERS FRED SMITH President EMOLYN RAINEY Vice-President FRANCES HUGHES Secretary MARY POWELL Treasurer ROGER McMILLAN Sponsor MR. LEON SMITH Sponsor MR. LORRAN LATHAM Sponsor BACHELORS CLUB OFFICERS ALTON ELLIS President CHARLES STAN Fl ELD Vice-President DAVID WATSON Secretary THERON ANGLIN Treasurer MISS RUTH BOLTON, MISS MARIE WOOD Sponsors History: Founded in 1928. Colors: Green and White. Motto: Beware of Women. Flower: Bachelor Button. Song: " My Buddy. " Purpose: The promotion of ideas, ideals, and a comradeship of high integrity. First Row: Anglin, Wood, Stanfield. . . . Second Row: Cox, Ellis, Bolton, Wrinkle, Watson, Ingram, Hutchins, Nauar, CarUe, Rountree, Hurst, Bacon, Neville. MEMBERS THERON ANGLIN T. A. BACON DAVID BOWMAN J. WILLARD CARTEE BILLY COX ALTON ELLIS JOE HURST CARL HUTCHINS ELLIOT BOSWELL O ' NEAL CAVE WAYNE CULBRETH LEON CULPEPPER BILLY DeLOACH JIMMY GUNTER PLEDGES 1940-41 JOE INGRAM EDDIE NAJJAR GESMON NEVILLE ROSS ROUNTREE CHARLES STAN FIELD DAVID WATSON HERMAN WRINKLE TOM VAN DIVER CHARLES McKI N LEY CLINTON OLIVER JACK MORGAN GEORGE MULLING FITZHUGH PENN GEORGE PAFFORD Anglin, Bowman, Ellis, Stanfield, Watson. BUDDY WINGATE First Row: Stanfield, Kneece, Jenkins, Anglin, Alford, Hurst, Findley, Neville. . . . Second Row: Turk, Pennington, Booth, Hinely, Dunn, Hutchins, Wingate. OFFICERS JOHN DUNN President CARL HUTCHINS Vice-President MILTON FINDLEY Secretary Colors: Red and Black. BUGGER DAGGERS MEMBERS CHARLES ALFORD THERON ANGLIN STANLEY BOOTH JOHN DUNN MILTON FINDLEY WILLIE HUGH HINELY JOE HURST CARL HUTCHINS THOMAS JENKINS CHARLES KNEECE GESMON NEVILLE JAMES PARKER LINSEY PENNINGTON CHARLES STANFIELD FLOYD TURK BUDDY WINGATE Left to right: Dunn, Finley, Parker, Hutchins. r Kin CI El 4 • ¥ Ol First Row: Adams, Anderson, R. Bacon, T. Bacon, B. Christie, R. Christie, Coleman. . . . Second Row: Curry, DeLoach, Gainey, Gate- wood, Grahl, Groover, Hall. . . . Third Row: Harrell, Marsh, D. Olliff, F. Olliff, Patterson, Ramsey, Robertson. . . . Fourth Row: Scar- boro, Smith, Turner, Vandiver, Waters, Zetterower. Front Row: Waters, Gainey, Zetterower. . . . Second Row: Blanchard. Coleman, Robertson Ol- liff. DELTA SIGfTlfl History: Founded G. S. M. C, 1929. Song: " Auld Lang Syne. " Colors: Blue and Gold. Flower: Red Rose. OFFICERS J. W. ZETTEROWER President WILLIAM WATERS Vice-President G. C. COLEMAN Secretary HARRY ROBERTSON Treasurer JOHN BLANCHARD Chaplain DIGHT OLLIFF Scribe MR. DAMON TURNER Sponsor DR. R. J. H. DeLOACH Sponsor CATHERINE GAINEY Student Sponsor MEMBERS CLAUDE ADAMS MONROE HARRELL EMERSON ANDERSON ALBERT KEy RALPH BACON HUSMITH MARSH T. A. BACON ROBERT MORRIS JOHN BLANCHARD DIGHT OLLIFF JAMES BRYAN FRANK OLLIFF BEN CHRISTIE HIRAM PATTERSON REN CHRISTIE BILL THOMAS RAMSEY G. C. COLEMAN HARRY ROBERTSON THOMAS CURRY JIMMY SCARBORO REESE ELLISON CHARLES SMITH DUDLEY GATEWOOD ROY LEE SMITH JOHN GRAHL TOM VANDIVER EDWIN GROOVER WILLIAM WATERS JAMES HALL J. W. ZETTEROWER IOTA pi n u OFFICERS JOHN KING President HERMAN WRINKLE Vice-President DAVID BOWMAN ... Secretary ROSS ROUNTREE . Treasurer LEON CULPEPPER . ... ... . Chaplain CECIL OLMSTEAD Historian WAYNE CULBRETH Sergcant-at-Arms MR. GLYNN KITCHENS Sponsor MARY THOMAS PERRY Student Sponsor FRATRES IN FACULTATE WILLARD CARTEE ROY RABUN Founded in 1931. Colors: Scarlet and Emerald. Flower: Poinscttia. Song: " My Dear. " First Row: Bowman, Perry, King. . . . Second Row: Culbreth, Culpeper, Olmstead, Rountree. DAVID EOWMAN HOMER BUTCH MARCUS BRUNER O ' NEAL CAVE LEON CULPEPPER BILLY DcLOACH JAMES GUN ' TER ROGER HOLLAND WAYNE CULBRETH JOE INGRAM MEMBERS TOM JENKINS ATHLEY JORDAN JOHN KING FAIN MARTIN JACK MORGAN GEORGE MULLING ROSS ROUNTREE JOE OGIESBY CECIL OLMSTEAD JOHN OLMS1EAD GEORGE PAFFORD SAM RUMPH HAROLD WATERS GENE WEATH ERFORD HERMAN WRINKLE First Row: Bowman, Blitch, Bruner, Cartee, Cave, Culbreth, Culpep- per. . . . Second Row: DeLoach, Gunter, Hol- land, Ingram, Jenkins, Jordan, King. . . . Third Row: Kitchens, Martin, Morgan, Mulling, Oglesby, Olmstead, Pafford. . . . Fourth Row: Perry Rabun, Rountree, Rumph, Wa- ters, Weatherford. Seated: Gainey, Fries, Reppard, Foster, Matthews, Powell, Hughes, McLemore. Standing: McMillan, Rountree. pan • HELLEnic council. OFFICERS CATHERINE GAINEY President FRANCES HARRISON Vice-President MARGERITE MATTHEWS Secretary MARY POWELL Treasurer BETTIE McLEMORE Scribe Song: " Memories. " Colors: Pink and Blue. Purpose: To promote closer cooperation among the sororities on the campus with the hope of providing a more comprehensive social program. MEMBERS CAROLYN FOSTER MARY FRIES CATHERINE GAINEY FRANCES HARRISON FRANCES HUGHES MARGUERITE MATTHEWS BETTIE McLEMORE roger McMillan MARY POWELL OLIVE REPPARD DELL ROUNTREE Rountree, Fries, Foster, Lamb. DELTA LflmBDR DELTA History: Founded 1927. Colors: Crimson and Royal Blue. Flower: Rose. Song: " Always. " Motto: A Good Time in a Good Way. OFFICERS CAROLYN FOSTER President THERA DELL ROUNTREE Vice-President MARY FRIES Secretary-Treasurer MADELYN LAMB Chaplain MR. AND MRS. R. J. NEIL Sponsors MR. AND MRS. MARION CARPENTER . Honorary Sponsors " HONEY " CARPENTER Mascot GERALDINE KEEFE MARY DRENON KATHRYN ELLISON KATHRYN JOYNER MEMBERS PLEDGES LOUISE PERRY JULIA ODOM FAY E LANIER WYNELLE WILLIAMS First Ro» 3argeron, Elder, Foy, Gainey, Groover. . . . Second Row: Hanner, Hunt, Morgan, Perry, Perryman. . . . Third Row: Powell, Rowse, Salley, Waters, Wyatt. dux d o m i n r OFFICERS CATHERINE GAINEY President MARY POWELL Vice-President MARY THOMAS PERRY Treasurer VIRGINIA PERRYMAN Secretary MR. AND MRS. W. S. HANNER Sponsors Motto: " To lead rather than to be led. " Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Chrysanthemum. Song: ' Gettin ' Sentimental. " PLEDGES We Won! SYLVIA BARGERON HELEN ELDER MAXANN FOY ELOISE HUNT BETTY ANNE MORGAN HELEN ROWSE NANCY JIM SALLEY EFFI ELY N WATERS Bradley, Bowen, Breen, Brinson, Culpepper, Deal, Geiger, Gunter, Hughes, Matthews, Simpson, Simmons, Turner, E. Wyatt, O. Wyatt. Q O O O o O o O o EPICURERI1 S 0 R 0 R I t y OFFICERS FRANCES HUGHES President MARGUERITE MATTHEWS Vice-President FRANCES DEAL Secretary FRANCES BREEN Treasurer OUIDA WYATT Chaplain MR. AND MRS. BILL BOWEN Sponsor MISS " MEG " GUNTER Sponsor Motto: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die. Colors: Red and White. Sons: " Stardust. " Flower: Carnation. MEMBERS MARTHA WILMA SIMMONS MIRIAM BRINSON BILLIE TURNER PLEDGES SARA ALICE BRADLEY MAI DA GEIGER GLADINE CULPEPPER JANE SIMPSON ELOUISE WYATT o o o o 94 L R (Tl B 0 R T H £ T fl CHI OFFICERS FRANCES HARRISON .... President BETTIE McLEMORE . . . Vice-President EULA BETH JONES Secretary SARA REID BOWEN . . . . Treasurer EMOLYN RAINEY Chaplain Motto: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Colors: Green and Gold. Song: " I ' ll Be Faithful. " Flower: Sweetheart Roses. MEMBERS DOROTHY ANDERSON ALICE HODGES CAROLYN MORRIS MARIE PEARSON ELLA SUE TRAYNHAM ETHELDA WEITMAN LYNETTE YANDLE PLEDGES INEZ BARBER EMILY CROMLEY EVANGELINE HARRELL LUTRELLE SHORT Anderson, Barber, Bowen, Cromley, Harrell, Harrison, Hodges, Jones, McLe- more, Morris, Pearson, Rainey, Short, Traynham, Weitman, Yandle. 95 Reppard, Hartley, Heidt, McMillan. s i g m r g fl m m h OFFICERS OLIVE REPPARD President ROGER McMILLAN Vice-President LORENE HEIDT Secretary AZILE HARTLEY Treasurer MR. AND MRS. L. W. JOHNSON Sponsors Motto: To live for others rather than ourselves. Colors: Green and White. Flower: Gardenia. MEMBERS LORENE HEIDT JOY BOWDEN SARA HOWELL ANN CULLENS RUTH KAMMERER ALICE HARRIS ALICE JO LANE AZILE HARTLEY MARY KATHRYN THOMAS MIRIAM BRYANT HAZEL COBB KATHRYN COOKSIE TEENA GRESHAM PLEDGES JOYCE HENDRIX REBECCA HICKS DAISY MAE LEAPHART ELIZABETH SMITH Song: " Night and Day. ' roger McMillan ruth murphy olive reppard donna thigpen doris toney MARY STEPHENSON LOUISE TOWNSEND LILLIAN WARNER Cobb, Thomas, Murphy, Smith, Cullens, Hartley, Bryant, Warner, Gresham, . Back Row: Heidt, Bowden, Leaphart, Reppard, Toney, Thispen, Harris, Townsend, McMillan, . -. _ jiu X CLUB OFFICERS FAY ALDERMAN President BURDELLE HARRISON Vice-President EDWENA PARRISH Secretary MISS MARION GROOVER Sponsor MISS BERTHA FREEMAN Sponsor Motto: Happiness is not perfected until it is shared. Colors: Yellow and Green. Flower: Daffodil. Front Row: Ward, Parrish, Cone, Alder- man. . . . Back Row: Toney, Heidt, Mur- phy, Hartley. MEMBERS FAY ALDERMAN RUTH CONE BURDELLE HARRISON AZILE HARTLEY LORENE HEIDT JANE IRVIN JUNE IRVIN PLEDGES RUTH KAMMERER RUTH MURPHY EDWENA PARRISH DORIS TONEY HILDA WARD DOROTHY GARNER ABBIE MANN 97 In the summer of 1929 the name was changed by the legislature to South Geor- gia Teachers College. In 1931 Mechanics became Industrial Arts, and Home-making became Home Economics. It was also dur- ing this period that the curriculum was en- larged to permit a four-year course embrac- ing music, English, science, mathematics, commerce, and social science. Among the many buildings added were the Laboratory School, the Health Cottage, and the Little Store. mm % F E 2 52 B £ R U T y S £ C T I o n From photographs and snapshots Editor Edwin E. Kintner of the Log of the United States Naval Academy and his staff chose the ten most beautiful girls on the Georgia Teach- ers College campus. Fifteen girls were chosen by a student poll and Mr. Kintner and his staff eliminated five. In a letter which accompanied this picture of the judging, he said: " Number 7 (Carolyn Morris) was chosen winner because she seems to have to a marked the characteristics which midshipmen like about a girl — vivacity, sin- cerity, intelligence, charm and poise. In short, she is the kind of girl one likes to spend an Academy weekend with, because a weekend with a girl like that never gets dull. " The staff selected Number 13 (Frances Hughes) runner-up because of her poise. The snapshot shows that she has perfect posture, something every midshipman admires in a woman, and something which bespeaks self-possession and character. One expects her to be a leader in campus activities — the kind of girl who is always doing something and doing it efficiently. " The other eight " Beauties " are given in alphabetical order. FRANCES HUGHES MAIDA GEIGER EULA BETH JONES VIRGINIA PERRY MAN AT TEACHERS COLLEGE The girl ' s Break, the girls ' break . . . the din- ing hall supplement . . . senior studying . . . freshman studying or Still Life . . . East Hall at midnight . . . What the Well-dressed T. C. Girls Wear for Evening . . . The South American Way (the North American way). m n y MAY COURT OLIVE REPPARD Q u een CATHERINE GAINEY .... Main of H onor FRANCES BREEN Senior Attendant MIRIAM BRINSON . . FRANCES HUGHES . . EULA BETH JONES . . MARGUERITE MATTHEWS ELLA SUE TRAY N HAM . MARY ADELE DRENON . CAROLYN MORRIS . . SARA ALICE BRADLEY . VIRGINIA PERRYMAN . WAYNE SMILEY . . . . Senior Attendant . Senior Attendant . Junior Attendant . Junior Attendant . Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant Sophomore Attendant . Freshman Attendant Freshman Attendant . Crown Bearer FLOWER GIRLS SEABORN COOPER SMITH GENEVIEVE GUARDIA HONEY JO HARVILL MARY RUTH PULLIAM SEABORN COOPER SMITH MARION ASHBY SMITH OLIVE REPPARD Queen CATHERINE GAINEY Maid of Honor 0 I) R T " OF THEE I SING " I. Prologue — Music by Concert Band Miniature as a cross section of America, the melting pot of the world, gathers in the park to attend the crowning of the May Queen. II. Processional — Court and Queen. II. The College Chorus presents " Ballad for Amer- icans. " V. The crowd, representing different nationalities but true Americans all enter into the spirit of the occasion and entertain the May Queen with a varied program. Singing Games Irish Dances a. Rye Waltz b. Kerry Dance Dances of Finland a. Skvallcr Ulla b. Finnish Schottische American Country Dance a. Oh, Susanna b. Hinky Dinky Parle Voo c. The Virginia Reel Dances from Holland a. Bleking b. Dutch Couples Hungarian Dances a. Csebogar b. Csardas American Folk Dances a. Little Brown Jug b. Put Your Little Foot c. Paw Paw Patch In Mood with the Gypsies 9. Tin Soldiers at Play— Drill 10. Winding the May Poles Recessional. C R 01 E R R STUDIES Any luck, Leila? . . . Homecoming parade . . . The Three Stooges, Larry, Curly, and Moe . . . Just before the bat- tle, Mamie . . . Evidently we missed that book, but we like it . . . Mr. Harris called this a Band Trip . . . Stomping at the Savoy???? . . . Boiled eggs, cue balls, or just freshmen???? With the increase in size and range of the ffi;, school, the name was changed in 1939 to Georgia Teachers College. With the new name came Speech, Aeronautics, and Vio- lin, the Laboratory High School, Lewis Hall, and the Library. Today, Georgia Teachers College is recognized as one of the foremost teacher-training institutions in the South. Time Marches On! Georgia Teachers College hit a new high this year by expanding their sports pro- gram. This was visibly aided by the new lighted field and new intramural activities. 1 T H L E T I C S COACH B. L. SMITH Due to the work of the staff of the Health and Physical Education Department at Georgia Teachers College, the program has advanced far toward an all-school partici- pation. Head of the division is Mr. B. L. Smith; under him are Miss Fay Hill, Mr. Glenn Kitchens, Mrs. Bill Bowen and Miss " Meg " Gunter. OFFICERS FRANCES HUGHES President CATHERINE GAINEY Vice-President ELIZABETH McNALLY Secretary-Treasurer EMOLyN RAINEY Publicity FAY E HILL Sponsor " MEG " GUNTER Sponsor " HONEY " BOWEN Sponsor FRANCES BREEN Basketball mm First Row: T. B., Gainey, McNalley, Emolyn. . . . Second Row: Honey, Meg, Miss Hill, Froggie. a. a. council. ELIZABETH CATO Baseball MARY FRIES Swimming AZILE HARTLEY Spccdball EULA BETH JONES Dancing JOYCE JONES Dancing VIRGINIA LEE MARTIN Volley Ball MARGUERITE MATTHEWS Tennis NELLIE McDANIAL Individual Sports First Row: Cato, Mary, Azile, Beth. . . . Second Row: Joyce, Virginia Lee, Mug, Nellie. i $S» FOOTBALL JtHI o f k Top Row: Morgan, Mizc, Pafford, Dunn, Paschal. . . . Bottom Row: Home, Rountree, Hall, Cave, Ellison. FIRST TEAM PASCHAL End HORNE End PAFFORD Tackle MIZE Tackle DUNN Guard DUNN Guard MORGAN .... Center ROUNTREE Back CAVE . • ■ • ■ ■ .... Back ELLISON Back HALL ■ Back SCHEDULE Opponent Date We They " Wl Erskine September 20 0 19 South Georgia . . . October 5 7 19 Fort Benning .... October 12 . " 17 13 Alabama Teachers . . October 19 0 14 Tampa October 25 14 66 Middle Georgia . . . November 9 14 6 U. S. Navy .... November 16 .... 6 46 Armstrong .... November 28 43 0 Top Row: Hall, Enlowe, Paschal, Brown, Pafford, Ramsey, Anderson, Cave. . . . Bottom Row: B. Christie, R. Christie, Culbreth, Warren, Ahl, Pennington. BASKETBALL With very few of last year ' s squad back on the floor Coach Smith turned the new boys into a team that belied its experience. Out of a total of thirteen games the Tide won seven. Throughout the season the team showed a spirit that helped win many of the games. Wingate . Celtics Cochran . House of David Newberry THE SCHEDULE 41 — Teachers 57 — Teachers 44 — Teachers 46 — Teachers 40 — Teachers Augusta Jr. College 25 — Teachers J. E. A. . . . 46 — Teachers Cochran . . . 60 — Teachers Coll. of Charleston 51 — Teachers Erskine . . . 32 — Teachers Marines . . . 30 — Teachers J. E. A. . . . 32— Teachers Mercer . . . 51 — Teachers 50 51 •17 49 46 23 44 3; -i 33 37 53 43 9 V uuinmnc t e h m s The Delta Sigma fraternity won the touch football intramural. Members of the team were Groover, Zet- terower, Marsh, Coleman, Bryant, Smith, Olliff, Waters, and Blanch- ard. In a close basketball tournament the Rough House team won the pennant. Members are, Cheshire, Williams, Fleming, Bell, and Groover. New in the intramural program this year was boxing. Pictured win- ners are Bryant, DeLoach, Morris, and Harrison. Not pictured are Hall, King, and Scarboro. Track was another innovation in the intramural program. I n T R A URALS CIVIL AERONAUTICS F l y I n G SQUAD MEMBERS BILL ALDERMAN KNAPP BODDIFORD BOB BRYAN JONES LANE BYRON LANIER PETE PARRISH DAYMOND TURNER FLOYD WARDLAW WILLIAM WATERS CAPT. W. S. ENSLOW Instructor MR. E. G. PIGG Co-ordinator Left to Right: Wardlaw, Enslow, Waters, Lanier, Lane. 129 PLEDGE D 0 I n G S HERE- ' fl-THERE The winner in the Homecoming Parade . . . The Freshmen get together . . . Hi-yo, Stinky — away! Down the field for G. T. C Quick-action delayed bombs . . . P. S. They didn ' t get it . . Fraternizing on the campus . . . Maybe the wind was blowing . . . The winner again — from a different angle. A D V E R T I! Congratulations Ae " JFZwe Nature Smiles mid Progress Has the Rtgbt-of-Way " STATE SBORO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE : ; , , , 134 LL PORTRAITS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY CASPAR-WARE tu!io£ .10-»2 HI III STREET, . W. TI.A TA GEORGIA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR jeorgia ' ' eackers C ollege S ALL REFLECTOR nesatives are held in our files for several years and portraits can be obtained at any time. Write us for information and special price list. 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" We have a complete graduation service " for Colleges and High Schools MEDALS — CUPS — TROPHIES Invitations — Cards Diplomas Caps and Gowns PRTROMZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1941 1961 Will your station in life in 1961 reflect the proper prepara- tion in your earlier years? Will your financial position in 1961 reflect your strict adherence to the principles of thrift and economy in 1941 and subsequent years? Consider these questions while you are young. ESEN ISlfllD BBHK= SAFETY — COURTESY — SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 138 Meet Your Friends at the COLLEGE EEAEMACy F h o n e 4 1 4 " Where the Crowds Go " PROMPT - COURTEOUS SERVICE F h o n e 4 1 6 ORANGEADE • CHOCOLATE MILK SUPERIOR ANITARY ATISFACTORY WEST-SIDE DAIRY CREAM-LINED PRODUCTS GEORGIA MOTOR FINANCE COMPANY and STATESBORO INSURANCE AGENCY PRTRODIZE OUR ADVERTISERS LUMBER THAT ' S SAWED RIGHT DRIED RIGHT DRESSED RIGHT F. W. DARBY LUMBER COMPANY PHONE 380 I3 ? DON ' T SAY BREAD . . . 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