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I I BOB THE REF LECTOR 9D PORTRAYING THE HOME OF GEORGIA ' S TEACHERS AT COLLEGEBORO, GA. 1 T G I A TEACHERS COLLEGE To present an outline of the school year 1939-1940 at Georgia Teachers College as an aid to each student ' s memory in keeping accurate and making permanent the events and the activities of the year is the aim of the Reflector. Believing that our college, our faculty, our classes, our ac- tivities, and our recreation are the most perfect reflections of the college year, we have presented these in an attempt to make the yearbook true to its name. The 1940 Reflector portrays college life as the life of a family. Georgia Teachers College is represented as " The Home of Georgia Teachers " ; on the pages of the family album, we have attempted to picture our " big, happy family " of students and teachers. We present this Reflec- tor through the combined efforts of the Editorial and Business Staffs under the direction of a faculty supervisor. We have enjoyed the work. If you like it, we consider the Reflector a success. Between classes at " The Blue Tide ' " j-be it it ut i $ it 1. THE HOME The Appearance The Parents The Cm i dri n 2. THINGS THE CHILDREN DO Participation in Organizations 3. CHILDREN ' S SOCIAL LIFE 4. THINGS THE CHILDREN PLAY s. TEN PRETTY GIRLS 6. ADVERTISEMENTS To the oni to whom T. C. has been home long enough for her to have watched and participated in its transi- tion from an A. M. through Georgia Normal and South Georgia Teachers College to Georgia Teachers College ... to Miss Malvina Trussell, who has taught at least one course in every division with one exception, who has held-tripped us and fed us, loved us and scolded us, and who has inspired us to be content with nothing less than the best, we, the Reflector Staff of 1940, dedicate this issue of the Reflector. Miss Trussell ' s lovely home At home 3 th e From Dr. Pittman to Dean Nations the heads of the family and their assistants are faithful in their duties of looking after and providing for the interests and needs of the children, the guardians and the home itself. Tolerating only that which is best and condoning nothing that should be better, the efforts and accomplishments of the heads of the family are recognized and appreciated by all the members of the family. DR. MARVIN S. PITTMAN Dr. Pittman, ably aided by the invaluable advice of Mrs. Pittman, lends all his efforts toward promoting that which will be most beneficial to T. C, its students and its alumni. The Pittmans ' home, Marcanne, deserving of its name- sakes, is only a step, a hop and a skip away and both the parents and the children are more than welcome at any time. Our Godfather 1L- PRESIDENT " Home " — a sacred word, full of mean- ings created by the experiences of him who comprehends those meanings- Mother, father, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends are all factors which compose " home. " Joys and sorrows, sad and gladsome oc- casions, sacrifices for the family ' s name — all these and more are the things which create for us our concept of home. What " home " is to each of us as mem- bers of a family, Georgia Teachers Col- lege is to those members of the teaching profession who have done and are doing their professional study here. Teachers, classmates, clubmates, subjects studied, classroom experiences, assembly programs, dining hall incidents, parties, ball games, excursions, educational vocabulary, peda- gogical concepts, professional purposes, ideals of service, and numerous other items are the component elements which create that something which former stu- dents affectionately call " dear old T. C. " Buildings and grounds are a part of it, but only the physical structure about which a thousand memories cluster to create an emotional and a professional soul — " T. C " — " home " — to students and alumni of Georgia Teachers College. - X - 1 Our Guardians iL deans Understanding and sympathetic at .ill times, no problem too big for the children is too little to be solved by the Dean. He, with Mrs. Henderson and Gene and Mary, exemplify almost perfectly the ideal of family life T. C. is striving to achieve. DEAN Z. S. HENDERSON MISS SOPHIE JOHNSON MISS MAMIE VEAZy Miss Mae Michael, Secretary to the President, c an inveigle us into doing what she wants, whether it is running an errand or standing up straight. Mr. R. L. Winburn B i rsar Mr. Bob, with his assist- ant, Roy Rabun, keeps us straight with the busi - ness office. The " Ad " Building Division of Education Mr. Walu k Downs Chairman Director of Laboratory School LABORATORY SCHOOL Where we do our practice teaching MR. DOWNS KNAI ' P Boddiford Instructor, Laboratory School Joseph E. Carruth Professor Elizabeth Donovan Supervisor of Ogeechee Laboratory School Sadie Fitzgerald Instructor, Laboratory School Jane Franseth Supervisor of Bulloch Comity Schools Marion Groover Instructor, Laboratory School Harris Harvili. Instructor, Laboratory School Leslie W. Johnson Associate Professor John Julia MacMahan Instructor, Laboratory School Hassie Maude McElveen Assistant Librarian E well Glen Pigg Instructor, Laboratory School Mrs. Jane Reid Robson Instructor, Laboratory School Mary Will Wakeford Instructor, Laboratory School Marie Wood Instructor, Laboratory School Division of Fine and Practical Arts Mrs. Esther W. Barms Instructor, Piano Wil lard Car Ti i nstructor, Commerce Mrs. Ida R. Cozart Music Ernest Harris Instructor, Bund and Orchestral Music Lillian Hogarth Instructor, Arts Ruth Bolton Associate Professor, Home Economics Robert H. London Assistant Professor, Industrial Arts Mrs. Cynthia D. Davis Dietitian Mrs. Jane Run Rouson Instructor, Home Economic Ivan Hostetler Associate Professor, Industrial Arts Ronald J. Neil Associate Professor, Music - 13 - Division of Health and Physical Education Byron L. Smith, Chairman Associate Professor Mrs. Genario Honeycutt Bowen Instructor Susn Hammack Assistant Professor Eva Parnell College Nurse James Wrinkle Instructor Dr. J. H. Whiteside College Physician mm i Division of Languages Fielding D. Russell Associate Professor, English COACH SMITH Robert F. Donaldson, Jr. Assistant Professor, English Mrs. Marjorie Guardia Assistant Professor, English Mamie Jo Jones Associate Professor, Speech Marvin A. Owings Assistant Professor, English Damon Turner Assistant Professor, Languages MR. RUSSELL Department of Library Science Wendell Wayne Smiley Librarian Zuliene Lane Hassie Maude McElveen Eleanor Ray- Mrs. Mildred Wheatley Assistant Librarians R. D. PULLIAM Assistant Professor Paul Thompson nstructor Mai vina Trussell Associate Professor Z. S. Henderson Viola Perry When Our Family Gets Together our welfare. They have brought us victoriously through many dreary days of academic drudgery. And we ' ll not forget T. C. — a place where faculty members meet students on a basis of cordiality and genuine friendship. If we succeed in any way, we know they will be proud of us. - 17 - .•us! vl ;JI1 It ' s time for classes! Coming from all over our beloved Peach State and other states as well, the children in our home are exceptional in many ways. First, they are exceptional in looks — just take a look at them! Next, in ability. Usually about fifty of them make the Dean ' s List, though the fifty varies from quarter to quarter. This is an index to the amount of time spent in studying as well as ability. Then, in personality. There are so many vivid and interesting personalities in the home that the children want to spend all of their time in the company of others. And then, in friendliness, in loving-kindness, un- selfish service and countless other things, they are exceptional. Each child is helped by as- sociation with the other children and each child is thankful at having Georgia Teachers College as his home. OFFICERS Billy Talbert Nicholas Dunbar Ira Lois Brown . Dorothy Cromley Bill Chambless Lorraine Brockett Edward Carruth Miss Sue Hammack V resident Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representatives Sponsor Top row: Dunbar, Cromley, Taibert, Brown. . . . Bottom row: Chambless, Hammack, Carruth, Brockett. CLASS SONG True and loyal Seniors, we Bid farewell to old T. C., While our hearts with her remain ' Til some day we meet again. Nineteen- forty bids its go From our school and friends we know, G. T. C. shall linger high In our hearts and never die. chorus: Sing farewell, farewell to thee, As we pledge our loyalty. Peace and friendship ever be. G. T. C. forever! Words and music by Winona ami Marion Carpenter Here are the " young ladies " and " young men " of the family — those sons and daughters who are ready to leave the comforts of home and the family fireside to go out into the world to ' seek their fortunes. ' Perhaps sometimes they have wondered where they will be next year but they have no cause for fear because they go out well-prepared and well-trained to carry the torch of progressive education a little higher, a little further. However, they have not been too busy wondering along this line to play a most important role in trying to improve the life and the activities of all the children in the home. The major responsibilities of the family and running its activities have been in their hands and they have triumphed over obstacles and difficulties in carrying these out to the best of their abilities. Each son and each daughter who leaves the home has the sincere and heartfelt wishes of the entire family for success. - 20 - EDWARD AGUIRRE Cienfuegos, Cuba SOCIAL STUDIES JAMES W. ALDRED Statesboro, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Iota Pi Nu, Historian, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4; Band, 1, 2. THOMAS HENDRY BAGLEY, JR. Hinesville, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Bugger-Dagger; Bachelors, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Intramural Softball Champs, 2; Intramural Football Champs, 4; Sports Editor George-Anne, 4; House Council, 4. ASA BARNARD Glennville, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE Bugger-Dagger; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Fresh- man Commission, 1; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council, 3; Vesper Choir, 3; Industrial Arts Club, Secretary, 4; C. P. T. Aviation, 4. GEORGE EDWARD BODDIFORD Sylvania, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial Arts Club, Secretary; Y. M. C. A. MARGARET E. BODDIFORD Sylvania, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Seminar; Y. W. C. A.; Transfer, University of Georgia. AGUIRRE TED WILSON BOOKER Macon, Ga. MUSIC Iota Pi Nu, Treasurer, 4; Mu Sigma, 4, President, 4; Trans- fer, Middle Georgia College; Glee Club, 2, 5, 4; Soloist, 2, J, 4; Band, 2, 3, 4; Vesper Choir, 2, 3, 4; Student Direc- tor, 3; Program Chairman Vespers, 4; Symphony Orchestra, 2, 3; I. R. C, 3; Dramatic Club, 4; Forensic Council, Presi- dent, 3; Music C lub, 3, 4, President, 3, 4; Director " The Teachers Dance Orchestra " ; Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 3; Editor-in-Chief " T " Book, 2. ELIZABETH HELEN BO WEN Register, Ga. ELEMEN 1 AKY 1 UUCATION Transfer, G. S. W. C. ELIZABETH ANN BREEN Jesup, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS Epicurean, Chaplain, 2, 3, President, 4; Freshman Commis- sion; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2, President, 3, 4; President East Hall, 3; May Court, 5; Honors Day, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4; Rum TOR Staff, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. EDNA LORRAINE BROCKETT Bainbridge, Ga. I NGLISH Lambda Theta Chi, Secretary, 2, Treasurer, 4; Freshman Commission; E R. C., 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 4; Eng- lish Club, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; George-Anne Staff, 4; Reflector Staff, 4; Student Council Representative, Senior Class, 4; Honors Day, 2, 3. I. W. BRAGG, JR. ' .m , Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Iota l ' i Nu; Band, I, 2, 3; Boxing Team, 2. IRA LOIS BROWN Leslie, Ga. " X " Club; Transfer, G. S. W. C; Class Secretary, 4; Lewis Hall f louse Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4; English Club, 3, 4; I. R. C, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4. ll ROBERT JUDSON BROWN Statesboro, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Delta Sigma; Science Club; President Bird Club, 4; Day Student; Reflector Staff. WINONA ALDRED CARPENTER Statesboro, Ga. ENGLISH Delta Lambda Delta, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, Presi- dent, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Mu Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4; Program Chairman, 4; Band, 1, 2; Sym- phony Orchestra, 1, 2; English Club, 3, 4; College Dance Orchestra, 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1; Piano Certificate Recital. 3; Violin Certificate Recital, 4; Dance Club, 2; String Quartet, 1,2; W. A. A. Council, 3, Vice-President, 3; Booth- Pittman Award, 1; Honored in Dramatics, 1; String En- semble, 4. MARION LEE CARPENTER Statesboro, Ga. MUSIC Iota Pi Nu; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Band Director, 1, 2, President, .3; Symphony Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Director, 2; Mu Sigma Fraternity, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3; Dance Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, leader. 4. ROBERT C. CARROLL Sparta, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Freshman Commission; Bachelors Club, Secretary, 3, Presi- dent, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Science Seminar, 3, 4; House Council, 2, 3, 4; Royal Order of Bush- whackers; Honors Day, 2, 3; Archery Club, 4; Sports Editor Reflector, 3; Assistant Sports Editor George- Anne, 4; President Student Council, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, 4. EDWARD HAMPTON CARRUTH Statesboro, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Bugger-Dagger; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Chorus, 3, 4, President, 4; I. R. C, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Freshman Commission; Student Council Representative, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 4; Y. M. ( . A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football Champs, 2, 3, 4; Business Manager Reflector Staff, 4; College Quartet, 3, 4; Deputation Team, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, 4. WADE CARLTON CARRUTH Statesboro, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Bugger-Dagger; (.and, I, J, 1, 4, Vice-President, 4; ( horns, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 4; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football Champions, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Student Council, 4; Business Manager Reflector, 4; College Quartet, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Deputation Team, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, 4. BROWN CARPENTER, W. CARPENTER, M. CARROLL CARRUTH, E. H. CARRUTH, W. C. . » If u i no u CH A M BLESS CONN COWART COX CROMLEY DAVENPORT WILLIAM GEORGE CHAMBLESS Dawson, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Bachelors Club; Band, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Commission; Treas- urer Student Council, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 5, 4, Vice- President, 4; President Band, 3; George-Anne Staff, 3, 1; Circulation Manager, 4; Bird Club, 3, 4; Science Seminar, 3, 4; Archery Club, 4. DOROTHY ALLENE CONN M7. Vernon, Ga. I I I Ml N I AK1 I DUCATION Transfer, Brewton-Parker junior College; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Y. W. C. A., 3. LEROY COWART, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Delta Sigma, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 4; Student Pilot Training, 4; Reflec- tor Staff; Freshman Commission. THOMAS O. COX Attapulgus, Ga. SOCIAL STUDIES [. R, C, 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY CROMLEY Brooklet, Ga. ELEMENTARY education Lambda Theta Chi, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Home Economics Club, I, 2; I. R. C, 1, 2; House Council East Hall, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. JOUETT DAVENPORT, JR. Augusta, Ga. ENGLISH 1 nglish Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; George- Anne Staff, 3; Music Club, 3. -24- JIM Mil Di I OA( I I NICHOLAS LINES DUNBAR Pembroke, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Delta Sigma; Industrial Arts C lub; House Couik ' i., 4. ADOLPH MILLS DRURY Brunswick, Ga. ENGl Islt R. C, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A.. 3, 4; English Club, 3, 4; Transfer, South Georgia College. KATHRYN DUBBERLY Glennville, Ga. HOME ECONOMICS " X " Club, President, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; House Council, 1, 3, 4; President, West Hall, 3, 4; Science Seminar, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 3, 4; Bird Club, 3, 4, Secre- tary and Treasurer, 4; Vesper Choir, 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 3; [. R. C, 3; Honors Day, 3; English Club, 3; Administrative Council, 3, 4; Junior Class Treasurer. Millhaven, Ga. SOCIA] s ll N( 1 Bugger-Dagger, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Vice-President Senior Class; George-Anne Staff, Associate Editor, 3, Editor, 4; Bachelors Club, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; I. R . C, 3, 4; English Club, 4; Science Seminar, 1; Y. M. C. A.; Intra- mural Football Champs. LAURA ELIZABETH FORD Sylvester, Ga. House Council, 4; English Club, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. MARJORIE FOREHAND Vinehtirst, Ga. 1IOMI 1 t ONO.MK S Delta Lambda Delta, Secretary, 4; House Council, 4; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Transfer, Middle Georgia College. GARDNER GIRARDEAU GRIFFIN GUN BY GUNTER HAMILL KATHRYN ELIZABETH GARDNER Ellabelle, Ga. ENGLISH George-Anne Staff, 3, 4; Dance Club, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. Council, 1, 2, 3, 4; English Club, 4; Y. W. C. A. THETA GUNBY Statesboro, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Day Student, MIRIAM LOYD GIRARDEAU Claxton, Ga. ENGLISI ( Dux Domina, Secretary, 2; President Freshman Commission; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; [. R. C, 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 3, 4; Class Secretary, 2, 3; House Council, 1, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; W. A. A. Council, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3; May Court, 3; Student Council, Secretary, 3, 4; George-Anne Staff, 3, 4; Literary Editor, Refle i ok; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges, 4. GLYNNIE GRIFFIN Newton, Ga. ELEMENTARY TDUCATION Day Student. MARY EDNA GUNTER Louisville, Ga. ENGLISH Epicurean, Secretary, 4; Freshman Commission; May Court, 1, 3; Honors Day, 2, 3; English Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; W. A. A. Council, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Vesper Choir, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4 HERCHEL ALWYN HAMILL Arlington, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Iota Pi Nu, Vice-President, 4; Track, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Football, 2, 3, 4; Y. M, C. A. -26- HUGH HODGES Guyton, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Iota Pi Nu; Bird Club, 3, 4; Science Seminar, 5, 4, Chair- man, 4; Bachelors; House Council, 4. JULIAN CURTIS LANE Statesboro, Ga. HISTORY Delta Sigma; Glee Club, J, 4; Transfer, Georgia Military ( ill lege. LAURA HODGES Guy ton, Ga. I Ml Fnglish Club, 3, 4; Bird Club, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A ; Vesper Choir, 3. JOE R. JOYNER Screven, Ga. Cl Nl K A I Sl_ IENCE Delta Sigma, Vice-President, 4; Bachelors Club, 3, 4; I. R. C, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Representative Freshman Class; President Sophomore Class; President Santord Mall, 4. ROSE LOCKHART Statesboro, Ga. SOCIAL SI II NCE Dux Domina, Vice-President, 4; Assistant Business Manager George-Anne, I; May Court, 1; Y. W. C. A., 3, 4; Beauty Section 3, 4; Secretary Dramatic Club, 4; I. R. C, 4; Pan- Hellenic Council, 4; Social Fditor George-Anne, 4; Iota Pi Nu Sponsor, 4; May Queen, 4. HUGH CLYDE MAXWELL, JR. Climax, Ga. SOCl A I. STUDIES Iota Pi Nu, Chaplain, 4; Band, 3, 4, President, 4; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. HODGES, H. HODGES, L. LANE LOCKHART JOyNER MAXWELL 27 JANE ELIZABETH MILLER Savannah, Ga. I X(,l ISM English Club, 3, 4; House Council, 3, 4, Vice-President West Hall, 4; Transfer, Armstrong Junior College. MATTIE LEE PAGETT Gordon, Ga. Sigma Gamma, President, 4; Band, 4; Science Seminar, 4; Bird Club, 4; English Club, 4; George- Anne Staff, 4; Y. W. C. A., 4; Bugger -Dagger Sponsor, 4; Transfer, Andrew College. Band, 1, GESMON NEVILLE Statesboro, Ga. 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council, 3, Secretary, 3. MILDRED ANNETTE PITTMAN Savannah, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Glee Club, 3; I. R. C, 3, 4. CORA OLIVER PAGE Fairmont, N. C. ELI Ml NTARY EDUCATION Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Club, 2, 3, 4; Reporter George-Amir Staff; Treasurer Orchestra, 3; Home Economics Club, 2, 3; House Council, 1, 2, 3; Y. VC . C. A., 2, 3, 4. NELL PITTMAN Americus, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ' X " Club; Chorus, 3; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. -28 JANE AUGUSTA POOL Guy fon, Ga. ENGL ISH Lewis Hall House Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; English Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Beauty Section, 3; Asso- ciate Editor REFLECTOR, 4; Transfer, Bessie Tift College. MERLE ANNE POWELL Swainsboro, Ga. ENGLISH Dux Domina; Glee Club, 3; Home Economics, 3, 4; English Club, 3, 4; Transfer, University of Georgia. BERTON HUGH RAMSEY Sfafcsboro, Ga. CHEMISTRY Delta Sigma, President, 3, Secretary, 2, 4; Bachelors Club; Student Council Representative, 1, 3; Freshman Commission, 1; President Sophomore Class; Science Seminar, 3, 4, Chair- man, 4; Y. M. C. A., Deputation Team, 4. JOHN S. ROBERTS, JR. Matthews, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Archery Club, 4; Y. M. C. A., 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Men ' s Chorus, 4; The College Quartet, 3, 4; Transfer, Emory Junior College. GENE STRATTON RUSHING Statesboro, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCE " X " Club; Freshman Commission; Business Certificate, 1; Day Student. SARAH DORIS SANDS Daisy, Ga. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Dux Domina, Treasurer, 2, Chaplain, 3, 4; East Hall House Council, 4. POOL POWELL RAMSEY ROBERTS RUSHING SANDS ! ' II U u I! 0 u SLAyOEN SMITH STRICKLAND TALBERT TANNER THAYER HERBERT LEE SLAYDEN Lyons, Ga. GEN I RAL SI II N t I Transfer, Gordon Junior College. SALLIE SMITH Stafcsboro, Ga. I N(.l ISH " X " Club, Vice-President, 4; I. R. C, 1, 2, 3; Home Eco- nomics Club, 2; Honor Student, 1; Vice-President Junior ( lass; Vice-President Lewis Hall House Council, 3, President, 4; English Club, 3, 4, President, 4. WILLIAM G. TALBERT Colquitt, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Iota Pi Nu, President, 4; President Senior Class; Science Seminar, 3, 4; House Council, 4; Basketball, 3; Student Coun cil, 1,4; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. JORDYE TANNER Macon, Ga. I I 1 Ml NTAKS. I 1IL A I ION Glee Club, 4; Pianist Vesper Choir; Transfer, Bessie Tift College. SYBIL STRICKLAND Sylvania, Ga. I ISH Dux Domina, Vice-President, Treasurer, 4; NX . A. A. Council, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 3; Dramatic Club, 3; English Club, 4; Beauty Sec- tion, 4; Transfer, University of Georgia. GLADYS THAYER Statesboro, Ga. MUSIC Delta Lambda Delta; Mu Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Student. -30 ■ i ERNEST LAMAR TROWELL Oliver, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Y. M. C. A.; Industrial Arts Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; I. R. C, 3; House Council, 4. MRS. ALMA WADSWORTH Millen, Ga. SOCIAL STUDIES Day Student. JEWELL VANDIVER Sit in mi f, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Lambda Theta Chi; Vice-President Freshman Commission; Vice-President L. T. C, 2, President, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, President, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2, Treasurer, 4; House Council, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Lewis Hall, 4; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Student Council Representative, 3; Honor Economics Club, 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 2; I. R. C, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 2; Science Seminar, 3, 4; Presi- dent Bird Club. 3; Dance Club, 2, 3; Editor Ri elector, 4; Archery Club, 4. CLIFFORD E. WELLS Climax, Ga. SO( I A I. Sl II Nl I Bugger-Dagger, President, 4; Y. M. C. A.; Intramural Football Champs; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College. WADSWORTH WELLS TROWELL VANDIVER - 31 - u OFFICERS D. R. Barber President Frances Deal Vice-President Emolyn Rainey Secretary Frances Breen Treasurer Burdelle Harrison . . . Student Council Representative Herman Wrinkle .... Student Council Representative Miss Lillian Hogarth Sponsor The children who comprise the mainspring of the family are the Juniors. They have belonged in the home long enough to have a part in all activities. Much of the responsibility in running the affairs of the home is theirs and they can always be depended on to run them well. By the time the children reach this stage, they begin to realize how little they know, but along with this realization is a self-assurance unequaled by any of the other children. Unlike their elders, the seniors, they know they will be back next year if possible and they have acquired a humility and a sincerity and depth of purpose that their younger brothers and sisters lack as yet. All the members of the family regret exceedingly that D. R., one of the biggest of the B. M. O. C. ' s, will not be back next year. May he and all the juniors go forward always, progressing according to their deserts, which are to say the least, great. A -32- Fay Alderman Emma Jane Autry John Ben Ayers . " X " Americus, Ga. Guyton, Ga. . Canon, Ga. T. A. Bacon . ■ . D. R. Barber, Jr. . Del a Sig m a . Manassas, Ga. Bainbridge, Ga. Carroll Beasley . . . Statesboro, Ga. Margaret Bennett Dorothy Berry Sigma Gam ma Homer Blitcei Jesup, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Marjorie Boatright . . Claxton, Ga. Elliott Boswell . . Crawfordville, Ga. Joy Bowden .... Columbus, Ga. Sterna Gamma -33- Jennie Brannen . . Hazlehurst, Ga. Albert Braswell . . Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Herman Bray . . . Oglethorpe, Ga. Frances Breen .... Jesup, Ga. Epic 11 rem i Marjorie Brewer . . . Patterson, Ga. " X " Miriam Brinson .... Miller, Ga. Epicurean Earl Byrd Patterson, Ga. Janetta Caldwell .... Gay, Ga. A. W. Cooper Myrtle Beach, S. C. Wi nifred Corbett . . . Pearson, Ga. Del fa La mini a Delta William Cox .... Dawson, Ga. Curtis Crook .... Thomson, Ga. Delta Sigma -34- i 1 u ■ vl l .N 0 Edith Davis Frances Deal . Patterson, Ga. St.uesboro, Ga. E picurean T. C. Denmark, Jr. . . Claxton, Ga. Agnes Dennard . . . Pineview, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Belva Dickson . . . Hephzibah, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Ernestine Driggers Statesboro, Ga. Dorothy Durden Dorothy Elkins Louise Elkins Statesboro, Ga. Sandersville, Ga. Sandersville, Ga. Reese Ellison . Julian Eubanks Chess Faircloth Americus, Ga. Augusta, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. -35- Milton Findlly .... Lyons, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Mervin Futral .... Bartow, Ga. Catherine Gainey . Bainbridge, Ga. Dux Donihia J. A. Gardner, Jr. Irma Glisson Emily Gofi- Pulaski, Ga. . Vidalia, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Dorothy Goode D. B. Gould, Jr. . Tommie Gray Epic h reel n Bronwood, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Waynesboro, Ga. Gerald Groover . . . Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Eula Gwines .... Sylvester, Ga. Burdelle Harrison . Halcyondale, Ga. " X " V 1 - £l -36- i. Calvin Harrison . . . Brooklet, Ga. Robert Herman Hartley . Tennille, Ga. Virginia Hill .... Hilltonia, Ga. Kranson Holloway . Swainsboro, Ga. Delta Si xiii a Elizabeth Horn . . . Bainbridge, Ga. Du Domina Frances Hughes . . . Brooklet, Ga. Epicurean John E. King . . . Hazlehurst, Ga. lota Pi Nil Matilda Lang . Myrtle Lariscy . Du Domina Waverly, Ga. . Sylvania, Ga. Mildred Mangham . . Americus, Ga. Horace McDougald . . Statesboro, Ga. Bettie McLemore . . Statesboro, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Cleo McLf.od .... Pineview, Ga. Dwa Domina Matilda E. McNally . Chickamauga, Ga. Julia Meadows .... Vidalia, Ga. Lambda Thcta Chi James A. Moore Robert C. Moss Collegeboro, Ga. . Doerun, Ga. Ruth Evans Murphey . Hephzibah, Ga. Sigma Gam ma Eddie Najjar Katrena Nesmith Lila Mae Nesmith Cedartown, Ga. Groveland, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Jessie S. Neville . Marguerite Neville George Paeford . Statesboro, Ga. Statesboro, Ga. Homerville, Ga. George E. Parki r f [owed Ferryman . lota Pi Nit Coi ni rt Purvis Woodcliff, Ga. Cedartown, Ga. Odum, Ga. Louise Roberts . A. H. Rocker Elbert C. Sanders Frances Seward Emolyn Rainey . . . Columbus, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Bill Tom Reeves Olive Reppard Six in a Gamma Newton, Ga. Fitzgerald, Ga. . Sandersville, Ga. Metter, Ga. Pembroke, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Mrs. Betty Josey Smith . Statesboro, Ga. Lambda The fa Chi Charles Stanfield . . Glennville, Ga. Bugger-Dagger James Jelks Taylor . . Savannah, Ga. James E. Thayer . . . Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Doris Louise Toney . . Americus, Ga. Sigma Gamma; " X " Tom Vandiver .... Summit, Ga Delta Sigma Jeanette Williams . Herman Wrinkle lota Pi Nil Eatonton, Ga. Dalton, Ga. -39 1L 5 IIP OFFICERS Joe Ingram President Roy Payton Warren .... Vice-President Azile Hartley .... Secretary-Treasurer David Bowman . Student Council Representative Mr. E. D. Turner Sponsor Our sophomores correspond to those children who have passed from the stage of helpless babyhood and are so conscious of this fact that they consider themselves quite " grown-up. " Long since have they undergone those stages of unawareness and ignorance so characteristic of the younger children. They have become sophisticated to the nth degree; in fact, they think they know it all. These children, ' wise fools ' though they may be, begin to assume a definite re- sponsibility in college activities and to formulate personal goals they wish to achieve, thus making it evident that they are not incurable sophomores. They look backward with both thankfulness and re- gret that their freshman year is over and they look forward with a joyful hope to all their junior year may have in store for them. Sheldon Chapman, Student Council Representative of the class, was not in school the w inter quarter and his picture is not presented here. However, none of the children will have difficulty in recall- ing the pleasant countenance which re- flected such a worthy character and lik- able personality. Standing: Turner, Hartley, Warren. . . . Seated: Bowman, Ingram. -40- HE CiflSS W. B. Akins Register, Ga. David S. Bowman .... Bronwood, Ga. „ _ lota Pi Nn T. Edward Allen .... Eastman, Ga. Ona Dell Altman Alma, Ga. Morgan L. Brannen .... Register, Ga. Theron Anglin Wadley, Ga. Lois Brewton ... . Groveland, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Lutie Brewton Daisy, Ga. Maggie Arnette Sylvania, Ga. LucY Brinson Woodcliff, Ga. Marjorie Bacon Willie, Ga. I s a a c Bunce Statesboro, Ga. Kenneth R. Bandy .... Ringgold, Ga. Jimmie Bunce Statesboro, Ga. William E. Bari ield . . . Perry, Ga. Rachel Burnette . . Lumber City, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Harry S. Burney .... Bainbridge, Ga. John P. Blanchard .... Appling, Ga. Elizabeth Cato Ellabelle, Ga. Sarah Reid Bowen .... Register, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Mrs. A. L. Clark .... Statesboro, Ga. -41 - Lynnie Paul Claxton .... Kite, Ga. Sigma Gamma Marjorie E. Cobb .... Bainbridge, Ga. Dux Domina Josephine Coleman . . . Cobbtown, Ga. John Henry Cone .... Statesboro, Ga. Ruth Cone Brooklet, Ga. " X " James C. Conoly .... Waycross, Ga. Delta Sigma Evelyn C. Darley .... Statesboro, Ga. Sara Will Darsey .... Hinesville, Ga. Ferai.yn M. Davidson .... Rentz, Ga. Ci DeNitto .... Brooklet, Ga. Sara Elizabeth Dial . . Walnut Grove, Ga. Myrtle Ophelia Dorminy . Fitzgerald, Ga. Barclay L. Douglas, Jr. . . Savannah, Ga. Del Ui Sigma John H. Dunn Devereux, Ga. Btigger-Dagger Elva Wynette Durrence . . Mendes, Ga. Alice Monteen Eason . . . Surrency, Ga. Yikoini 1 w Reidsville, ( la. Wynelle Eason Surrency, Ga. Lawrence E. Enlowe . . . Atlanta, Ga. Grace Everett Oliver, Ga. Joseph E. Feaster Bath, S. C. 42 Dorothy Fisher Reidsville, Ga. Sigma Gam ma Marjorie Flynt Metter, Ga. Sara E. Forehand .... Sylvester, Ga. Ann Fulcher .... Waynesboro, Ga. Epicurean Melba Funderburke . . . Cobbtown, Ga. Leta Gay Garfield, Ga. Sara Elizabeth Godbee . . . Sardis, Ga. Dux Domina Carolyn Gooden Willie, Ga. Mary Graham McRae, Ga. Delta Lambda Delia Bernice Griffin Sylvania, Ga. Robert L. Griner .... Sylvania, Ga. Bessie Groover Statesboro, Ga. Fred Elmer Groover . . . Statesboro, Ga. Francis Groover Stilson, Ga. M. Kathleen Groover . . Ochlochnee, Ga. Sigma Gam ma Ruthie Lee Groover . . . Statesboro, Ga. James D. Hall .... Norman Park, Ga. Wylliss E. Hallman . . . Valdosta, Ga. Frances E. Harrison . . . West Point, Ga. Lambda Theta Cbi Mrs. Martha Harrison . . Sandersville, Ga. Daniel R. Hart .... Statesboro, Ga. -43- tJ) - — Jv lP9| life ) s AM If a 1 in - Eft First row: Hart, R.; Hartley, Heath, Heidt, Hendnx, Hill, Holland. . . . Second row: Holloway, A.; Holloway, E.; Humphrey, Hursey, Hurst, Ingram, Jackson. . . . Third row: Jenkins, T.; Jenkins, V.; Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kammerer. • THE S O P H ( Ruth Hart Statesboro, Ga. Azile Hartley Miami, I- la. Sigma Gamma; " X " Coy L. Heath Bainbridge, Ga. Lore n i J. Hi im Marlow, Ga. Sigma Gamma Gordon Hendrix .... Statesboro, Ga. Jane Isaisi i I In i .... Washington, Ga. Roger J. Holland .... Statesboro, Ga. Annii Win Holloway . . . Register, Ga. E u la Mal Holloway . . . Graymont, Ga. 1 i oyd I [umphrey .... Sycamore, Ga. Mary Anna Hursey . . . Statesboro, Ga. Joi C. Hurst Egypt, Ga. Joseph Ingram Nelson, Ga. Iota Pi Nn Travis V. Jackson Dublin, Ga. Thomas G. Jenkins .... Edison, Ga. Iota Pi N i; Bugger-Dagger Virginia L. Jenkins Alma, Ga. Horace G. Johnson, Jr. . . Swainsboro, Ga. lota Pi Nu Margarlt Ann Jolinston . Statesboro, Ga. Epicurean Eui a Beth Jones . . . Marshallville, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Frank J. Jordan Brooklet, Ga. Delta Sigma Ruth Kammerer .... Brunswick, Ga. Si g m it Gamma; " X " - 44 - it ; At ft life ■ If V I . F ill aBL • I 4 £ ' First row: Keefe, Kemp, Kennon, Kent, Kicklighter, Lane, Lever. . . . Second row: Lichenstein, Martin, Mason, Matthews, McCarty, McCollum, McDaniel. . . . Third row: McElveen, McGowan, Miller, Mincey, Mixon, Mizell, Morgan. O R E C L A S Geraldine Keefe .... Waycross, Ga. Pilcher Kemp Statesboro, Ga. Warner Kennon .... Statesboro, Ga. Edna Hall Kent Millen, Ga. DeAlva Kicklighter . . Glennville, Ga. Alice Jo Lane Statesboro, Ga. Sigma Gamma Joseph E. Lever Metter, Ga. Delta Sigma Joyce Lichtenstein .... Tennille, Ga. William J. Martin Edison, Ga. Sara Vera Mason . . . Mt. Vernon, Ga. Edna Marguerite Matiii s Epicurean Mary McCarty N " ] 1 1 orene McCollum . Fleming McDaniel . Grace McElveen James Delmar McGow an Joseph Edward Miller . Barbara Clare Mincey . Hazel Lee Nixon Byron Mizell .... Jack Morgan .... Statesboro, Ga. Attapult;us, Ga. . Broxton, Ga. . Waycross, Ga. Brooklet, Ga. Graymont, Ga. . Iron City, Ga. . Ogeecliee, Ga. Patterson, Ga. Climax, Ga. Abbeville, Ga. 45 I Kathryn Morgan .... Guyton, Ga. Thomas Patat Cuthbert, Ga. J. Haygood Morrison . . . Thomson, Ga. u S8 e) a 88 e1 Delta Sigma Mary Anne Paulk .... Fitzgerald, Ga. Robert J. Move Adrian, Ga. Jean Peagler Manor, Ga. lota Pi Nu S " ' Gamma Roy Elmer Neely . . . Manchester, Ga. Florine Poole Matthews, Ga. Merrill Nelson .... Reidsville, Ga. Cleonelle Powell Kite, Ga. Sigma Gam ma; " X " Susie Belle Nessmith .... Oliver, Ga. Linnie Virginia Powell . Wrightsville, Ga. Edna D. Neville .... Statesboro, Ga. „. Mary Powell Swainsboro, Ga. Sigma Kia it una D i uon niti John Olmstead .... Hinesville, Ga. „ _ _ , „ Mary Frances Robinson . . . Vidette, Oa. Nancy Belle Parker . . . Fitzgerald, Ga. _, _ „ Thomas Robinson bardis, Ga. Wilmer Parker Ludowici, Ga. T _ . . Josi im i I . Rom r i son Americ us, ( r a. William Newton Parker . . LaGrange, Ga. Delta Sigma -46- First row: Rooks, Shepard, Sherman, Shivers, Smith, B.; Smith, L.; Sneed. . . . Second row: Sperry Stanford, Strozzo, Strickland, Sullivan, Sumner, Taylor. . . . Third row: Thigpen, Thomas, Thompson, Tillman, B.; T llman, H.; Tippens, Trussed. RE C L ASS Reginald Rooks . Arlington, Ga. Nancy R. Strickland . Waycross, Ga. Sybil T. Shepard .... Claude H. Sullivan Perkins, Ga. Wesley Sherman Roy Marion Sumner Ashburn, Ga. Sue Elizabeth Shivers Vidette, Ga. Annie Mae Taylor . . Miller, Ga. " X " Delta Lambda Delta Betty Smith Statesboro, Ga. Louise Thigpen Epicurean Oliver Benjamin Thomas . Georgetown, Ky. Louella Smith .... Daphne Thompson Adrian, Ga. Frusanne Sneed . Statesboro, Ga. Norman V. Sperry . . Reidsville, Ga. James Harold Tillman Glennville, Ga. Joe Pat Stanford . Cuthbert, Ga. Myra Tippens .... . Claxton, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Isabel Trussell Talbotton, Ga. Genevieve Strozzo . Brooklet, Ga. Lambda The fa Chi 47 AM til v y o ! Li, .ft First row: Turner, Upchurch, Wallace, Waller, Ward, Warren, Waters. . . . Second row: Watson, Whitley, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wingate, Young, Zetterower. THE O M O R " E C L A S John Render Turner .... Gay, Ga. Delia Sigma Sara Helen Upchurch . . . Stilson, Ga. Wilmer W. Wallace . . Louisville, Ga. Clay Waller Tennille, Ga. Hilda Jean Ward .... Blackshear, Ga. " X " Roy P. Warren Stillmore, Ga. Nell Waters Hilltonia, Ga. Katherine Watson .... Metter, Ga. Hal C. Whitley Osiefield, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Lee Williams Register, Ga. A. Elizabeth Willis . . . Middleton, Ga. Rufus C. Wilson .... Statesboro, Ga. Bill R. Wingate Pelham, Ga. Madolyn Young Tennille, Ga. ]. R. Zetterower Dublin, Ga. Delta S i ' J m a -48- Of course, as in all families, the young- est children are the ones who receive the most attention. They are the ones who need the most care since they are not en- tirely capable of taking care of them- selves. They receive all this attention and care not only because they need it, but because they deserve it as well. They are the children who " say and do the cutest things. " Theirs is a happy, care-free life. The other members of the family do most of the work. They play and enjoy life, sometimes to the exclusion of their studies which almost gives some of their parents a headache. At times their older brothers and sisters and even parents may not treat them with what they deem to be the proper respect; at times their life does seem hard — they are unable to cope with the problems that arise — but usually their life is the happy- go-lucky, not-too-studious, one of young children — and of college freshmen. OFFICERS Bob Bidgood President Sam Rumph Vice-President David Watson Secretary Nancy Sal i.i. y Treasurer Mr. J. C. Ward Sponsor -49 - Frank Aguirre Cienfuegos, Cuba Cari ton Am Alma, Ga. Bon i lle Aim ns Statesboro, Ga. Ai i n Jean Alderman Portal, Ga. Charm s Ai i oru Ft. Valley, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Dorothy Andirson Summit, Ga. Lambda Tbcfii Chi R ai ph Bacon Pembroke, Ga. Gi raldine Beasley Claxton, Ga. Louise Beatty Willie, Ga. Martha Sue Bennett .... Statesboro, Ga. Ei i abi tii Bi vn i i Oliver, Ga. Robert Bidgood Dublin, Ga. Del fa Sigma M AURI i Boatright .... Swainsboro, Ga. Stanley Booth Madison, Ga. Myrtice Brannen Statesboro, Ga. Bobbii Brinson Brooklet, Ga. I nn ii Brinson Brooklet, Ga. J. V. Brinson Wrightsville, Ga. Jean Browder Odum, Ga. Margaret Brown Statesboro, Ga. Dux Domina Doyli Burch Rentz, Ga. Mary Eva Burch Alma, Ga. William Burpitt Ellabelle, Ga. Louise Cannon W a l nut Grove, Ga. Martha Cartfr Scott Ga. " X " Ci inton Cason Anderson, S. C. Daniel Chambli ss Dawson, Ga. Emma Chavous Dublin, Ga. Robi hi Chisoi m . . . . . Varnville, S. C. Hll DA Clark Statesboro, Ga. Louisi Clifton Statesboro, Ga. H. Jackson Cobb Eastman, Ga. F R E Christine Coleman Claxton, Ga. Margari t Collins Swainsboro, Ga. Helen Connor Sylvester, Ga. Sigma Gamma Jackie Cowan Richland, Ga. Sigma Gamma James Cowart Statesboro, Ga. Ida Creech Claxton, Ga. I mm i Cromley Brooklet, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Marian Crouch Quincy, Fla. Rachall Crouch ... • . Dawson, Ga. Sigma Gam i)i a Ernest Culbreth Edison, Ga. Iota Pi h ' n Anne Cullins Waycross, Ga. Sigma Gamma Leon Culpi ppi R Cordcle, Ga. lota Pi Nu Bettie Lou Cummings .... Guyton, Ga. Thomas Curry Dublin, Ga. Delta Sigma Anni Darby Vidalia, Ga. Inman Davis Blun, Ga. Mary Ann Davis Waycross, Ga. Thomas Davis Brunswick, Ga. Dorothy Dekle Register, Ga. Jerald Dekle Register, Ga. Dudley Di Loach Claxton, Ga. Grace Dotson Savannah, Ga. Marilyn Durri nce Glennville, Ga. Hugh Edenfield Statesboro, Ga. Charles Elliott Greenwood, Del. Bion Enlow Atlanta, Ga. Jewell Evans Oliver, Ga. Joi Farmer Augusta, Ga. Mary Isabi l Farmer .... Fitzgerald, Ga. Sigma Gamma Eva Nelle Flanders .... Rockledge, Ga. Frances Floyd Statesboro, Ga. Wilma Floyd Ludowici, Ga. IN MEMORI AM Marian Crouch Juanita FoRDham Statesboro, Ga. Carolyn Foster Edison, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Maxanni Fov Statesboro, Ga. Du v Domina Emmie Fri eman Sylvania, Ga. Sigma Gamma Marv Fries Millen, Ga. Dt l .i Lambda Delta Elsa Gomez Cienfuegos, Cuba Li i Goolsby Eastman, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Li wis Henson Grini r .... Claxton, Ga. Edwin Groover Statesboro, Ga. Del tit Sigma Gi orge T. Groover .... Statesboro, Ga. Dcl ii Sigma Karis E. Gunby Statesboro, Ga. Sarah Agnes Hagan .... Statesboro, Ga. Helen M. Hardwk k .... Covington, Ga. Delta Lambda Del , Margari i Ann Hardwick • . Covington, Ga Delta Lambda Delta Winifred G. Harrell .... White Oak, Ga. Emily Alice Harris Pelham, Ga. Sigma Gamma EDNA Fay Hasty Georgetown, Ga. Ja k Hatcher Harlem, Ga. Annelle Hfndrix Lake Park, Ga. Maky Kathleen Hendrick . Statesboro, Ga. Willie Hugh Hinely .... Springfield, Ga. Calvin Holliday .... Langley Field, Va. Charles F. Horni Doerun, Ga. Sara K. Howell Statesboro, Ga. Si ina Gamma John Robert Huggins Oliver, Ga. ( a k l J. Hutchins Sparta, Ga. BitXKci-Duxxcr Hn ly Hugh Ingram Nelson, Ga. Kathryn Eunice Irwin . . Louisville, Ga. Edna Elizabeth Jackson . . Stapleton, Ga. Roselyn Johnson Jefferson, Ga. James Alli n Jones .... Statesboro, Ga. Joyce Jones Louisville. Ga. Dux Domina UIM FRESHMAN CLASS Mary Elizabeth Jory .... Brunswick, Ga. Emily Kathryn Joyner .... Screven, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta William L. Key Statesboro, Ga. Lucile Kirkland ... . Mctter, Ga. Bi i i i I k i n i Knowles .... Ashburn, Ga. Mary Grace Lake Dublin, Ga. Emmie Lang St. Marys, Ga. James D. Langley Cedartown, Ga. Denver Lanier . . . Rocky Ford, Ga. Charles E. Layton .... Statesboro, Ga. lota i ' l Nit Mary Agnes Lee Oliver, Ga. John Lewis Vidalia, Ga. Grace Lord Tcnnille, Ga. Lavada Martin Nevil, Ga. Robbie Lee Mallard .... Cobbtown, Ga. Virginia Lee Martin .... Patterson, Ga. William Aubrey May .... Mitchell, Ga. Herbert S. McCutcheon . . . Greenwood, Del. Nellie Elizabeth McDaniel . . . Albany, Ga. Omilu McElveen Brooklet, Ga. Roger Frances McMillan . . Fitzgerald, Ga. Six in a Gam ma Lois Mae Meeks Nichols, Ga. Lottie Miller . . ... Statesboro, Ga. Ralph Mize . ... Cave Springs, Ga. Sara Mobley Millen, Ga. Maggie Rachael Moore . . Swainsboro, Ga. Miriam Elizabeth Morgan . . . Dearing, Ga. " X " Carolyn Morris Swainsboro, Ga. Lambda Theta Chi Virginia D. Morris Tampa, Fla. Lambda Theta Chi Margaret Moseley Soperton, Ga. Josh T. Nessmith, Jr Statesboro, Ga. Ethelyn Newton Garfield, Ga. ASHMAN ASS Clinton Oliver Glennville, Ga. Die h t Olliff Statesboro, Ga. Del a Sigma Ruth Myrtle Olliff .... Statesboro, Ga. C i i ii J. Olmstead Hinesville, Ga. lota Pi Nn John Robert Overman . • . Hinesville, Ga. Doris Parrish Brooklet, Ga. [ACK PARRISH Pembroke, Ga. Myrli Edwena Parrish Portal, Ga. " X " Thomas Hill Paschal .... Albany, Ga. Mu dred Marie Pearson ■ • • Savannah, Ga. Lambda The ta Chi Mary Thomas Pi rry Dover, Ga. Dn Domina Helen Ruth Philpot Albany, Ga. Giorgi B. Preston .... Statesboro, Ga. Frances Rackley .... Waynesboro, Ga. Myrtle E. Rawlings McRae, Ga. Sara Lou Ri DMOND Milford, Ga. ]ohn W. Ri isi r Clyo, Ga. lola Pi Nn; Bugger-Dagger Marjorii Roberts Gainesville, Fla. " X " Harri L. Robertson .... Waycross, Ga. Delia Sigma Beulah Edna Rogers .... Reidsville, Ga. Dux Domina Sue Nell Rogers Manassas, Ga. Ross Lee Rountri e Summit, Ga. lota Pi Nu Tin ha Dell Rountree . . . Canoochee, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Samuei C. Rumph, Jr. • ■ . Marshallville, Ga. lata Pi Nil Nancy Jim Salli y Cedartown, Ga. Dux Domina Kenniiii J. Scott Sylvania, Ga. Bugger-Dagger Mar i ha V 1 1 ma Simmons • . Statesboro, Ga. pit un tin Charles Smith Chula, Ga. Fred H. Smith Statesboro, Ga. Roy Li e Smith Swainsboro, Ga. Sara Mae Smith .... Coronado Beach, Fla. Sin R. Smith Statesboro, Ga. FRESHMAN CLASS Annie Tom Sowlll Hilltonia, Ga. Frances Sperry Reidsville, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Jean Elizabeth Stafford • Ludowici, Ga. Mary Helen Stanfield • • • Rcidsville, Ga. James C. Stephi ns Sycamore, Ga. Annette Strickland Millen, Ga. Dorothy Strickland ■ ■ New Smyrna, Fla. Martha E. Strickland .... Iron City, Ga. Ortez Strickland Vidalia, Ga. Sara Anne Suddath .... Statesboro, Ga. Mvktis Nell Swinson .... Statesboro, Ga. Donna Sue Thicpen Dublin, Ga. Sigma Gainnm Ari hie Lei Thomas Offerman, Ga. Mary Kathryn Thomas • • Waycross, Ga. Sigma Gamma Mary Elizabeth Tootle . . Glennville, Ga. Floyd Turk Ocilla, Ga. Bn lie Turner Millen, Ga. ; ) » i t an Olan Usher Brooklet, Ga. HisriR Lee Ward Bainbridge, Ga. Martha C. Ware Fitzgerald, Ga. Harold L. Waters Statesboro, Ga. William R. Waters Savannah, Ga. Delta Simula I ) in 1 . i si i l-itzgerald, Ga Mar jorie F. Wheatley . . . Collegeboro, Ga. Sigma Gamma William Lee Wilkinson • • Bainbridge, Ga. Doli.ii Louise Williams .... Adrian, Ga. Dorothy L, Wilson .... Statesboro, Ga. Virginia Wilson Savannah, Ga. Helen Windham .... Jeft ' ersonville, Ga. James C. Wingate Pelham, Ga. Ouida Elizabeth Wyatt .... Brooklet, Ga. Epicu rean Betty Wynn Bainbridge, Ga. Dn Doiuiihi Ora Lynette Yandle Lyons, Ga. Lambda Theta ( hi John R. Yarbrough Sparta, Ga. ds this D Marching along, together. Extra-c urricular activities arc an outstanding and colorful phase of life in our home. Participation in various organizations gives the chil- dren an opportunity to develop well-rounded lives and personalities, and to express themselves in many fields. Play night . . group meetings . . sports . . dances . . picnics . . fraternities . . sororities . . public initiations . . dramatics . . music . . all of these supplement classes, studies, and exams in contributing to the development of our lives at the Home of Georgia Teachers. ■ OFFICERS Bobby Carroll President Carlton Carruth Vice-President Miriam Girardeau Secretary Bill Chambless Treasurer Carlton Carruth, Miriam Girardeau, Bobby Carroll, Bill Chambless. The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the whole student body in matters affecting student interest; to afford a suitable and convenient medium of communica- tion between the students and the school authorities; to direct the social activities of the students; and, in general, to create and preserve the customs and traditions of the school. The council is composed of fourteen members; a president, vice-president, and secre- tary, elected by the student body as a whole; three representatives from the senior class, two from the junior class, one from the sophomore class, and one from the freshman class; and the four class presidents. The council, except the freshman representative, is elected at the close of each school year and serves during the following year. The council elects a treasurer from its own membership at the first meeting in September. - 58- MEMBERS Billy Talbert President Senior Class Lorraine Brockett Senior Representative Edward Carruth Senior Representative D. R. Barber President Junior Class Burdelle Harrison junior Representative Herman Wrinkle junior Representative Joe Ingram President Sophomore Class David Bowman Sophomore Representative Robert Bidgood President Freshman Class Cecil Olmstead Freshman Representative - 59- EAST HALL C ouncil OFFICERS Olive Rippard President Miriam Girardeau Vice-President Catherine Gaini Secretary - Treasurer Miss Vf.azey House Mother Front row: Rountree, Pagctt, Reppard, Strick- land. . . . Second row: Harrison, Deal, Morns, Denard, Girardeau. . . . Third row: Breen, Cromley, Godbee, Gainey, Sands, Kirkland. MONITORS Frances Breen Dorothy Cromley Frances Deal Agnes Dennard Sara Godbee Frances Harrison Lucile Kirkland Carolyn Morris Pat Pagett Thera Dell Rountree Doris Sands Nancy Strickland [ LEWIS HALL ■J-rouze C ouhclL OFFICERS Sallie Smith President Jewell Vandiver Vice-President Ira Lois Brown Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Cazort House Mother Janetta Caldwell Elizabeth Ford Edwena Parrish Jane Pool Florine Poole Standing: Pool, Ford, Cazort, Caldwell, Poole. . . . Seated: Smith, Brown, Vandiver. " BPjm rwiin ■■ i m m I BhSBHHIHHHhHHIII SANFORD HALL A Council OFFICERS Joe Joyner President Charles Staneield Vice-President David Bowman .... Secretary-Treasurer Aunt Sophie House Mother ahJMHWMMMMH ERE WE LIVE MONITORS Hendry Bagley Earl Byrd Jim n I )i I.o.u 1 1 John Dunn Hugh Hodges Eddii Najjar Joe Stan i ord Ernest Trowell Bobby Carroll J. R. Turner Standing: Trowell, Bagley, Bowman, Stanford, Dunn, Najjar. . . . Seated: Deloach, Turner, Stanfield, Joyner, Carroll, Hodg. 62- MONITORS Virginia Eason Dorothy Berry Carolyn Gooden Sara Elizabeth Dial Marjorie Cobb Marjorie Forehand Sue Nell Rogers Roger McMillan Miriam Morgan Martha Harrison Sue Shivers -63- The Y. M. C. A.-Y. W. C. A. are a part of the regular extra-curricular life of the college campus. Theii task day by day is to seek to make the Christian way operative in college life. Membership in both groups is open to any student or faculty member who is in sympathy with the purpose. Recognizing their task, the local Y. M. C. A.-Y. W. C. A. have many activities which arc designed to contact every student in the college community. Regular meetings of the Y. W. C. A. are held every week and regular meetings of the Y. M. C. A. are held every two weeks. In addition to these regular meet- ings the Y. W. C. A. has Morning Watch services each morning in the girls ' dormitories and the Y. M. C. A. conducts an evening worship service for the boys. A Sunday evening Vesper service is held in the college auditorium each week under the joint auspices of the Y. M.-Y. W. C. A. These programs are built around the Vesper Choir, a group devoted to choral and spiritual singing. An effort is made to have these programs planned and executed entirely by students. Both the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. are governed by cabinets which are at the same time the spiritual and executive center of the Associations. Cabinet meetings arc held regularly and it is their re- sponsibility to find the needs of the campus, to understand the resources of the Christian religion and to execute a strategic campus program. For the men the Y. M. C. A. sponsors Deputation Teams which offer splendid opportunities for train- ing in religious speaking and program-planning. These teams take charge of church programs in near-by towns and conduct the services. The two groups also act as a social force on the campus. On Saturday evenings when the college gym- nasium is not in use the Y. M.-Y. W. jointly sponsor " Play Night. " Every student on the campus is invited to come and participate in some form of individual sports and recreational games. The Y. M. C. A. also enters athletic teams in the intramural programs sponsored by the college. - 65 - Standing: Mr. Thompson, Fcaster. . . . Seated: Whitley, Booker, Jenkins, Chambless, Barber, Roberts, Bowman, Wrinkle, Hodges. y. M. C. A. PURPOSE To lead students to faith in God through Jesus Christ; To lead them into membership and service in the Christian Church; To promote their growth in Christian faith and character, especially through the study of the Bible and prayer; To influence them to devote themselves in united effort with all Christians to make the will of Christ effective in human society, and to extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world. OFFICERS D. R. Barber President Bill Chambless Vice-President John Roberts Secretary Bobby Carroll Treasurer Mr. Paul Thompson ¥ acuity Advisor CABINET Ted Booker Vespers Herman Wrinkle . . . Membership Chesley Whitley . . Morning Watch David Bowman Social Hugh Hodges . . . Morning Watch Joe Feaster Athletic Leon Culpepper Pianist Tom Jenkins Chorister Wilmer Wallace Publicity -66- Il y. The Y. W. C. A. is a member of the National Y. W. C. A. and a participant in the World ' s Student Christian Federation. The purpose is as follows: We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task, we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. Singing at V. W. meeting Standing: Harrison, Brewer, Dubberly, Brown. . . . Seated: Gainey, Bowen, Vandiver, Hughes, Cromley, Gunter, Hartley, Rainey. OFFICERS AND CABINET Dorothy Cromley .... President Frances Hughes . Vice-President Miriam Girardeau .... Secretary Jew ill Vandiver Treasurer Burdelle Harrison .... Worship Kitty Dubberly V es pcrs Sara Reid Bowen, Ira Lois Brown, Marjorie Brewer Emolyn Rainey Publicity Meg Gunter Recreation Catherine Gainey .... Music Azile Hartley Membership Mrs. Henderson Sponsor ' ■■MMWMHMMMMI 1 H Hull Nil IIIIM—— -67 EDWARD and CARLTON CARRUTH BUSINESS STAFF Carlton Carruth Edward Carruth Business Managers Ann Breen B. L. Douglas Advertising Managers Catherine Gainey Circulation Manager Ifflf The business staff at work Our wish is that the 1940 Reelector will enable you to remember your friends, these brothers and sisters, guides, guardians and mentors, to recall all they have meant to you and to hold the happiness ,md joy that this year with its many associations and contacts has brought you, close to your heart for- ever. - 68 - 1L GEORGE-ANNE Established 1927 Member Georgia Collegiate Press Association Published bi-weekly by the students of Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, Ga. Published bi-weekly from September till June except during holidays. Subscription rate: 10c per copy; $1.00 per year Filtered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Collegeboro, Ga., under temporary permit. Ni holas Dunbar John Ben A i its . . . Editor Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Elbe rt Sanders . ■ . Associate Edito Essie Langford • Assistant Business Manage R.osi I ockhart .... Society Editor Bii l Chambless • • Circulation Mauagt Hendry Ba lev .... Sports Editor Bobby Carroll . . Assistant Sports Editor Left to • i g ht : B. Chambless, Lockhart, Bagley, Carroll, Sanders, Ayers. Left to right: Girardeau, D. Chambless, Dunbar, Barber, Fisher, Brockett, Pagett REPORTERS Dorothy Fisher Mattie Lee Pagett Frances Deal Ed Ai i i n Miriam Girdardeau D. R. Barber Lorraine Brockett Dan Chambless Loy Scott Tom Cox Harry Robertson NICHOLAS DUNBAR, Editor Tm International Relations Club has as its main objective the promotion of intelligent in- terest in world affairs. The meetings are in the form of open forum discussions on questions of interna- tional concern. The Club is affiliated with the Car- negie Endowment for International Peace, and this year sent a delegation to the Southeastern Conference at Chapel Hill. Membership is open to all students who manifest an interest in international affairs. Girardeau, E. Carruth, Dr. Destler, Sherman. OFFICERS Edward Carruth President Wesley Sherman Vice-President Miriam Girardeau Secretary-Treasurer Dr. C. M. Destler Advisor o a 2 4Jk o Lift Of, C ft ; MEMBERS Charles Alford Lorraine Brockett Earl Byrd Carlton Carruth Edward Carruth Edith Davis Agnes Dennard Milton Findley Sara Forehand Miriam Girardeau Emily Goff Ruth Kammerer Pilcher Kemp Matilda Lang Rose Lockhart Mildred Pittman Colbert Purvis Elbert Sanders Wesley Sherman Doris Toney 71 - MEMBERS Tl D Book i k Matilda Lang Jennie Branni n Essie Langford Lorraine Brockli r Myrtle Lariscy Martha Carter Rose Lockhart Bi i v a Dickson Omilu McElveen Wynette Durrencu Roger McMillan Grace Everett Carolyn Morris Mary Isabel Farmir MaRGARI 1 MOSELY Carolyn Foster Eddii Najjar Maxanne Foy Marie Pearson Sara Godbee Mary Thomas Perrv Lee Goolsby Lin nil Powell Mary Graham Emolyn Rainey Bernice Griffin Jody Robertson Elmer Groovi k I ' m r a Dell Rountree Meg Gunter Wesley Sherman Helen Hardwick Martha Strickland Alice Harris Sybil Strickland Frances Harrison Annie Mae Taylor Elizabeth Horn David Watson Margaret Johnston Hilda Ward Eula Beth Jones Virginia Wilson Joyce Jones Louise Williams I OFFICERS Eddh Najjar President Rose Lockhart Secretary Emolyn Rainey Treasurer Miss Mamie Jo Jones .... Director ft asauets n THREE CORNERED MOON by Gertrude Tonkonogy CAST Jelks Taylor B. L. Douglas Marie Pearson Hilda Ward Iim Moore Sybil Strickland Bill Brigham Homer Blitch Rose Lockhakt DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY by Alberto Casello CAST Frank Jordan Eula Betei Jones Sara Godbee Ross Rot nu i Willie Waters Jody Robertson Mary Isabel Farmer Lee Gooesby Belva Dickson 1 National Music Fraternity Alpha Chapter Founded at Culver-Stockton College, Canton, Mo., 1931. Delta Chapter Founded at Georgia Teachers College, 1939. Song: " Hail to Thee Mu Sigma " Motto: Music Exalts Life Colors : Dim- and Gold OFFICERS Ted Booker President Elliot Boswell Vice-President 1 rances Hughes Secretary Frances Harrison Treasurer Mrs. W. Carpenter Program Chairman Mr. E. G. Harris, Mrs. G. A. Barnes, Mr. Ronald Neil . . . faculty Advisors MEMBERS Ted Booker Elliot Boswell Winona Carpenter. Leon Culpepper Maxanne Foy Mary Fries Frances Harrison Frances Hughes Margaret Johnston Eula Beth Jones James Jones Pilcher Kemp Betty McLemore Mary Paulk Betty Smith Donna Thigpen Billie Turner Gladys Thayer Doris Toney Isabel Trussell Bill Wingate Ouida Wyatt Standing: Neil, Kemp, Johnston, Turner, Fries, Thigpen, Jones, Booker, Boswell, Culpepper, Wingate, Harris. Seated: ' Harrison, Hughes, Foy, Gainey, McLemore, Wyatt, Toney, Trussell, Jones, Carpenter, Smith. U [ ! Ron aid J. Neil, Director GUEST ARTISTS Minna Hecker Soprano Marie Wood Contralto Stuart West • .... Bass Dwight Bruce Organist PRESENTATION OF HANDEL ' S MESSIAH, DECEMBER 12. Back row: Sheldon Chapman, Roy Sumner, Billie Martin, Frank Jordan, Frank Aguirre, Frances Groover, Bob Bid- good, John Overman, Wayne Cuibreth, Leon Culpepper, Carlton Carruth, Joe Stanford, Ted Booker, Tom Jenkins, Harold Waters; Lambeth Key, D. P. Lanier, Pilcher Kemp, John Roberts, Ivan Hostetler. . . . Second row: Edward Carruth, Elliot Boswell, Joy Bowden, Rachael Crouch, Elvina Parrish, Miriam Morgan, Mary Paulk, Donna Thigpen, Martha Bennet, Marjone Wheatley, Martha Ware, Sybil Shephard, Virginia Eason, Marian Crouch, Lottie Miller, Kathenne Morgan, Francis Trapneff. . . . Third row: Mrs. Neil, Elizabeth Ford, Burdell Harrison, Mary Busch, Emmie Freeman, Jordye Tanner, Beulah Rogers, Helen Stanfield, Geraldine Keefe, Mary Fries, Alice Joe Lane, Lynette Yardle. , . . Fourth row: Mr. Neil, Dons Toney, Emmie Lang, Kathleen Groover, Margaret Johnston, Bettie McLemore, Emily Cromley, Ouida Wyatt, Frances Hughes, Jackie Cowart, Sara Howell. . . . Seated: Miss Marie Wood, Mr. Stuart West, Miss Minna Hecker. . . . Organ: Mrs. Barnes, Mr. Dwight Bruce. . . . Piano: Catherine Gainey. . . . Members not in picture: Dorothy Anderson, Doiothy Fisher, Curtis Lane, Julia Meadows, Cleo McLeod, Edna Neville, Mildred Pittman, George Preston. Leaving for Savannah t Mr. Ernest E. Harris, Director OFFICERS Hugh Maxwell . Carrol Beasley . David Bowman . Carlton Carruth Robert Moye Margaret Brown . Catherine Joyner . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Drum Major . Majorette Majorette MEMBERS Tru mpefs : Hugh Maxwell Carrol Beasley Nillil McDanii L Carlton Carruth Bobby Brinson Joshua Nessmith Thomas Curry I situ k It i Barni s Trombones: Gesmon Neville Rogir Holland Chesley Whitley Harry Robertson Francis Groover Pa r Pagett Bass: Leon Culpepper Harold Smith Clarinets: Edward Carruth David Bowman Floyd Humphries ( MISS Faircloth Joe Stanford M. L. Bran m n Jimmy Jones Fay Alderman Billy Turner Oboe: Ruth Cone Flute: Haygood Morrison Horn: Edward Preetorius Percussion . I [aroi li Wati rs Dan Chamhi i ss Wesley Sherman Calvin Harrison Bill Chambless Saxophone: Lambeth Key Frank Jordan Cora Page Marimba: Martha Daniels Baritone Horn: Ted Booker -78- , u„ E Dav.s, W- Crouch, „ Culpepper, Hughes b. Booker, B°sw e " Paulk. Back row Goode , Mrs Hender.o„ M AMerman , Front row: Ton«y, " « " " ' T .nnet. Altman, Anderson. I VESP OFFICERS Elliot Boswell President Frances Hughes Vkc-Pi csidcnt Burdelle Harrison Secretary Bob Bidgood Treasurer Mrs. Z. S. Henderson Pianist and Director MEMBERS Frank Aguirre Fay Alderman Ona Dfll Altman Dorothy Anderson D. R. Barber, Jr. Margaret Bennett Bob Bidgood Ted Booker Elliot Boswell Marjorie Brewer Jean Browder Elizabeth Cato Leon Culm pim r Sheldon Chapman Allene Conn Emily Cromley Marian Crouch Edith Davis Inman Davis Mary Ann Davis Ki i 1 1 Dubbi iti i 1 m mii Freeman Dorothy Goode Mary Edna Gunti r Burdelle Harrison Frances Hughes Eula Beth Joni s Joyce Lichtenstein Omilu McElveen Roger McMillan Virginia Morris I dwin a Pakrish Mary Ann Paulk John Roberts Roy Summers JORDYl TaNNI R Doris Toney Jewell Vandiver Hilda Ward Ly n i in Yandle -79- U WW Left to right: Pool, Najjar, Smith, Gunter OFFICERS Sai i ii Smi i 11 President Eddie Najjar .... Vice-President Jane Pool Secretary Meg Gunter Treasurer Mrs. Guaruia Sponsor Genevieve Guaruia Mascot MEMBERS Dorothy Berry Elliot Boswell Marjorie Brewer Lorraine Brockett Ira Lois Brown Earl Byru Winona Carpenter Ari ond Coop i r Jouett Davenport Frances Deal Agnes Denard Adolph Drury Nicholas Dunbar Elizabeth Ford J. A. Gardner, Jr. Kitty Gardner Miriam Girardeau Meg Gunter Laura Hodges Horace McDougald Ci to McLeod Elizabeth McNally Eddie Najjar Pat Pagett Jane Pool Anne Powell Jody Robertson Sallie Smith Sybil Strickland Herman Wrinkle Top row: Berry, Boswell, Brewer, Brockett, Brown, Byrd, Carpenter. . . . Drury, Dunbar, Ford, Gardner. . . . Third row: Gardner, Girardeau, Gunter, . . . Fourth row: Najjar, Padgett, Pool, Powell, Smith, Second row: Cooper, Davenport, Deal, Hodges, McDougald, McLeod, McNally, Strickland, Wrinkle. it iJk jMfe Ji P n OFFICERS Hugh Hodges Kathryn Dubberly " SCIENCE MOVES THE WORLD " Chairman Secretary Mr. William S. Hannlr Miss Malvina Trusslll FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Viola Perry Mr. Paul Thompson Mr. W. B. Move Mr. R. 1). Pulliam Theron Anglin Emma Jane Autry Jennie Brannen Robert Brow n Isaac Bunce Jimmie Bunce Bobby Carroll Bill Chambless Henry Cone MEMBERS Kathryn Dubberly Marjorie Flynt Ann Fulcher Denver Lanier Joe Lever Sara Mason Robert Moyl Pat Pagett George Parker Marie Pearson Colbert Purvis Harry Robertson Nancy Salley Herbert S; ayim n Billy Talber r J. 11. Turner Jewell Vandiver Bn L Wingate J. W. Zi in row i k Top row: Anglin, Autry, Brannen, I. Bunce, J. Bunce, Carroll, Chambless, Cone. . . . Second row: Dubberly, Flynt, Fulcher, Hodges, Lever, Mason, Pagett, Pearson. . . . Third row: Purvis, Salley, Slayden, Talbert, Turner, Vandiver, Wingate, Zcttcrower. f S f 8 f ft C to f % O ft 4 81 HOME ECilNCMICS OFFICERS Ann Breen Alice Jo Lam Kitty Dubberi .v Edna Neville Miss Ruth Bolton Mrs. Robson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Sponsor MEMBERS Dorothy Anderson Emma Jane Autry Ji nny Brannen Lorraine Brockett Martha Carter Mary Ann Davis Emmie Freeman Melba Funderburke Leta Gay WlNIFRED HARRELL Martha Harrison Frances Hughes Edna Jackson Sara Mason Nellorene McCollum Omilu McElveen Claire Mincey Hazel Mixon Kathryn Morgan Katrena NeSmith Doris Parrish Lynnie Powell Merle Anne Powell Louise Thigpen Sara Helen Upchurch Nell Waters Louise Williams Madolyn Young NDUSTRI AL ARTS Standing: Barnard, K. Boddiford, London, G. Boddiford, Hartley, Neville. . . . Seated: DeLoach, Carroll, E. Carruth, Trowell, C. Carruth, Aldred, Hostetler. 1 1 ■■■■ Hi OFFICERS Ernest Trowell . . P ' raid ' cut James Aldred . Vice-President Asa Barnard . . . Secretary George Boddiford . Treasurer MEMBERS James Aldred Asa Barnard George Boddiford Bobby Carroll Carlton Carruth Edward Carruth Jimmie DeLoach Herman Hartley Gesmon Neville Ernest Trowell SPONSORS Mr. Ivan Hostetler Mr. R. H. London Mr. Knapp Boddiford At T. C. the fraternities and sorori- ties, though local, exist as a major force. They help each member to derive the benefits of a social life and intelligent group living. The fine spirit of fellowship and sym- pathetic interest that exists among the members tends to create an at- mosphere of real home life. By bring- ing together those who have inter- ests in common, the fraternities and sororities are helping to lay the foundations of friendship that will enrich life, long after college days are over. Though primarily social in purpose and existing for the benefit r Charter members of Delta Sigma and lota Pi Nu talk over old times of the members, the fraternities and sororities are also a real aid to good college government, since each member feels a personal responsi- bility for the good name of his or her fraternity or sorority and is anxious that it should have a good reputation with faculty and stu- dents. They also do much to keep alive the traditions cf the college and to create loyal alumni. 3 o n ih Seated: Carroll, Bolton, Wood, Bagley. . . . Second row: Anglm, Bowman, Stanford, Chambless, Stanfield, Wrinkle, Joyner, Vandlver, Hodges, Cartee. . . . Third row: Dunbar, Clanton, Barber, Rabun, Ingram. i I J U L i History: founded in 1928. Colors: (hccn and While Motto: Beware of Women Flower: Bachelor Button Song: " My Buddy " Purpose: The promotion of ideas, ideals, and a comradeship of high integrity. OFFICERS Bobby Carroll President Hendry Baglly Vice-President Herman Wrinklf. Secretary Joe Ingram Treasurer Miss Marie Wood, Miss Ruth Bolton Sponsors MEMBERS Theron Anglin Hendry Bagi i D. R. Barber David Bowman Bobby Carroll Willard Car i i i Bill Chambless Willard Clan ion Nicholas Dunbar Hugh Hodges Joe Ingram Horace Johnson Joe Joyner Roy Rabun B. H. Ramsey Charles Stanfield Joe Pat Stanford Herman Wrinkle Jim Wrinkle Tom Vandiver First row: Stanfield, Dunn, Reiser, C. Carruth, Bagley, Wells. . . . Second row: E. Carruth, Patat, Dunbar, Jenkins, Anglin, Whitley. 0 6 6 E R Colors: Red and Black Pat Pagett Sponsor Tom Patat John Dunn Asa Barnard Jack Reiser Tom Jenkins Carl Hutchins Hendry Bagley Theron Anglin MEMBERS Charles Alford Edward Carruth Clifford Wells Milton Findley Carlton Carruth Nicholas Dunbar Chesley Whitley Charles Stanfield ALFORD BARNARD PAGETT HUTCHINS WELLS -87- II Jt a JH » •» »! 1 »» . i Aft — v. i% a ... mi M .ft, a a a c$ a a at a a a First row: Barber, Bidgocd, Braswell, Brown, Conoly, Cowart, Crook. . . . Second row; Curry, DeLoach, Douglas, E. Groover, G. Groover, Gerald Groover, Holloway. . . . Third .row: Jordan, Joyner, Lane, Lever, Morrison, D. Olliff, Ramsey. . . . Fourth row: H. Robertson, J. Robertson, Thayer, D. Turner, R. Turner, Vandiver, Waters, Zet- terower. DELTA SIGMA History: founded G. S. M. C, Tifton, Ga., 1929; G. T. C, 7932. Song: " Auld Lang Syne " Flower: Red Rose Colors: Gold and Blue OFFICERS Joe Joyner .... . Vice-President D. R. Barbaer, Jr. Mr. Damon Turner Dr. R. J. H. DeLoac h MEMBERS Albert Brasw i i i Frank Jordan James Thayer Robert Brown Curtis Lane Tom Vandiver Curtis Crook B. H. Ramsey, Jr. William Waters Timmie DeLoa 1 1 Harry Robertson J. W. Zetterower B. L. Douglas PLEDGES Bob Bidgood George Groover Frank Olliff G. C. Coleman Kranson Hollow ay Tiny Ramsey James Conoi i Joe Lever Jody Robertson Thomas Curry [)l(,l II Ol 1 ill J. R. Turner Edwin Groover CATHERINE GAINEy Student Sponsor Pounded in 1931 Colors: Scarlet ami Emerald I i i k : Pminettia OFFICERS Billy Talbert President Hlrchel Hamill Vice-President Herman Wrinkle Secretary Ted Booker Treasurer ft ft -3 ft ffll James A Id red, Horace John- ston, Hugh Hodges, John King, Ross Rountree. Billy Talbert, Rose Lock hart, Herchel Hamill, I. W. Bragg, Herman Wrinkle, Ted Booker, Joe Ingram, Hugh Maxwell, David Bowman. Leon Culpepper, Cecil Olmstead, Wayne Cul- breth, Sam Rumph, Tom Jenkins, Jack Reiser, Charles Layton. Standing: Maxwell, Aldred, Wrinkle, Booker. . Talbert, Hogarth, Lockhart, Hamil Seated : FRATRES IN FACULTATE Will a r o Cartel WlLLARD CLANTON Roy Rabun Jim Wrinkle SPONSORS Rose Lockhart Miss Lillian Hogarth Front row: Pagett, Gainey, Taylor, Cromley, Lockhart, Carpenter Breen, Smith. -HELLENIC Cl MCL it Purpose: To promote closer cooperation among the sororities on the campus with the hope of providing a more comprehensive social program. Song: " Memories " Colors: Pink and Blue OFFICERS Jewell Vandiver President Winona Carpenter Vice-President Betty Smith Secretary Catherine Gainey Treasurer MEMBERS Ann Breen Rose Lockhart Winona Carpenter Pat Pagett Helen Conner Betty Smith Dorothy Cromley Sybil Strickland Catherine Gainey Annie Mae Tayior Jewell Vandiver 90 - o:-r-ic:R5 Winona Carpenter . .... President Mary Fries .... ... Vice-President Marjorie Forehand . . Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Ronald Neil Sponsor Mrs. Ronald Neil Sponsor MEMBERS Winona Carpenter Mary Fries Peggy Corbett Mary Graham Agnes Dennard Helen Hardwick Marjorie Forehand Peggy Hardwick Carolyn Foster Francis Sperry Annie Mae Taylor DUX DOMI ft Top row: Brown, Copp, Foy, Gaincy, Girardeau, Godbee. . . . Second row: Horn, Lariscy, Lockhart, McLeoc A. Powell, M. Powell. . . . Third row: Perry, Rogers, Strickland, Sands, Salley, Wynn. Motto: To lead rather than to be led Colors: Gold and White Flower: Chrysanthemum ft OFFICERS Catherine: Gainey President Rose Lockhart MEMBERS Miriam Girardeau Mr. Mrs. W. S. Hanner Standing: Sands, Girardeau, Horn, Strickland. Seated: Gainey, Hanner, Lockhart. ■President Marjorie Cobb Mary Thomas Perry Secretary Catherine Gainey Mary Powell Treasurer Chaplain Miriam Girardeau Merle Anne Powell Scribe Sara Godbee Doris Sands Sponsors Elizabeth Horn Sybil Strickland Rosi Loc K 1 1 AR T Betty Wynn PLEDGES Virginia Blitch Margaret Brown Maxanne Foy Joyce Jones Myrtle Lariscy Cleo McLeod Beulah Rogers Nancy Jim Salley EPICUREAN O o o o o O o O o o o o o Motto: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die Flower: Poinsettia Song: " Stardust " OFFICERS Ann Breen President Betty Smith ...... Vice-President Mary Edna Gunter Secretary Frances Breen Treasurer Margaret Anne Johnston . . . Chaplain Miss Sue Hammack. Sponsor Standing: Meg, Margaret Ann, Frances. Miss Hammack, Ann Miriam Brinson Frances Deal Anne Fulcher Tommie Gray Seated: Betty, :k, Ann. MEMBERS Frances Hughes Marguerite Mathews Billie Turner Ouida Wyatt PLEDGE Martha Wilma Simmons First row: Frances D., Frances H., Frances B., Betty, Martha Wilma, Ouida. . . . Second row: Marguerite, Anne F., Margaret Anne, Meg, Ann B., Miss Hammack, Tommie, Miriam, Billie. MISS TRUSSELL ' -. ,. ■ Front row: Beth, Lody, Mrs. Dull, Emily, Fran, Lee, Sar Reid, Marie, Julie, Jenny. Jewell Pearl, liiy, Dot A., Betty Mc. HHBHamHHHHHI . Back row: Carolyn, Dottie, Frances, Lorraine, Jewell, Dorothy and Emolyn. OFFICERS Jewell Vandiver President Dorothy Cromley V ice-Presid ' en t Frances Harrison Secretary Lorraine Brockett Treasurer Emolyn Rainey Chaplain Miss Malvina Trussell Sponsor MEMBERS Doroteiy Anderson Sara Reid Bowen Lorraine Brockett Dorothy Cromley Lee Goolsby Frances Harrison Eula Beth Jones Julie Meadows Carolyn Morris Virginia Morris Bettie McLemore Marie Pearson Emolyn Rainey Isabel Trussell Jewell Vandiver PLEDGES Emily Cromley Lynette Yandle Song: " I ' ll Be Faithful " Flower: Sweetheart Rose Colors: Green and Gold Motto: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield -94- SIGMA li IIIHIII Motto: To live for others rather than ourselves Flower: Gardenia Song: " Night and Day " OFFICERS Pat Pagett President ' . • Helen Connor Vice-President W Mary Kathryn Thomas Secretary Roger McMillan Treasurer Doris Toney Chaplain Miss Eva Parnell Sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Sponsors MEMBERS Dorothy Berry Emmie Freeman Ruth Kammerer Jean Peageer Joy Bowden Dorothy Fisher Alice Jo Lane Pat Pagett Lynne Paul Claxton Ka thleen Groover Essie Langford Olive Reppard Helen Connor Alice Harris Roger McMillan Mary Katherine Thomas Jackie Cowan Lorene Heidt Ruth Murphy Donna Thigpen Rachael Crouch Azile Hartley Edna Neville Doris Toney Ann Cullens Sarah How ell Cleonelle Powell Marjorie Wheatley Mary Isabel Farmer -95- 1 J Motto: Happiness is not perfected until it is shared Colors: Yellow and Green Flower: Daffodil OFFICERS Kathryn Dubberly President Sallie Smith Vice-President Cleonelle Powell Secretary and Treasurer Dr. and Mrs. Carruth Sponsors Miss Marian Groover Sponsor MEMBERS Fay Alderman Ruth Kammerer Marjorie Boatright Miriam Morgan Marjorie Brewer Ruth Murphy Ira Lois Brown Edwina Parrish Janetta Caldwell Marjorie Roberts Ruth Cone Gene Rushing Dorothy Goode Sue Shivers Burdelle Harrison Doris Toney Azile Hartley Hilda Ward Lorene Heidt -96- I] 0 OCTOBER 7. The Student Council opens the Social Se.ison with .t dance for the new students and faculty members. Good music and jitterbugs are in evidence. Competition begins among the boys over the cute freshman girls, and, prelude to leap Year, vice versa. ( K | i 1 1 ; | [ 14. I ' an-Hcllcnn. stages a football gam and J uki at tin Woman ' s ( lub. ouncil leads out through the goal posts. OCTOBER 21. Delta lambda Deltas have a scavenger hunt and guests get lost in a clever maze. OCTOBER 28. Manless Dance is sponsored by W. A. A. It was fun without you boys, and were those prizes grand! NOVE ' MBER 4. Musical notes and names drip from the walls of the W oman ' s ( lub at the Pi Nu formal to the tune of " My Dear. " NOVEMBER 11. The Delta Sigs really swing out — pledges, active s and alumni — to music by Car- penter after a tea-dance, banquet, and intermission party given by Mr. Turner at Dr. Pittman ' s home. NOVEMBER 11. Bugger-Daggers ' picnic at Lot ' s Creek — description of memorable moments, un- printable. NOVEMBER 18. a Holiday! " NOVEMBER 23. everybody Eppie!!?? NOVE ' MBER 23. Student Council welcomes old grads back with a gala affair. Banquet, complete with dessert and speeches, was followed with a dance. NOVEMBER 25. " X " Club has a picnic at Jones ' Pond, and weren ' t those hamburgers good! DECF ' MBER 2. Bachelors quicken the social pace with their first affair ot the year. A banquet with p. very softly lighted gym, and a very, very good dance afterwards. DECEMBER 9. DECEMBER le- nt the children. JANUARY 2 0. permitted. JANUARY 27. JANUARY 27. " Hell apoppin " when the Lambda Theta Chis led into inferno with " Satan Takes Whistle blows at 8:3(1, beginning Epicurean ' s breakfast dance at Jaekcl. Was Candlelight Christmas formal is given by Dun Dominas. Spirits run high, freshmen postpone that long-planned-for, twice-announced dance, to the sorrow Flash! Bang!! Boom! Warplanes zoom — and the Dux Black-out. lew lights, if any, " X " Club has a theatre party. Show was very good. Extra! Delta Sigma Fraternity gives dance without decorations! " Inter " or " Miss " at West Hall. Dance continues ' til — guess what time — 11:30! JANUARY 3d. President ' s Ball. All hands turn out to help with the expenses of the President ' s Campaign for health. FEBRUARY 3. The crystal ball turns and signs of the zodiac appear to tell fair fortunes ot the future to the Lambda Theta Chis at their formal dinner-dance at the Rushing. FEBRUARY 10. The Epicureans have a red and white HEART, a tea dance, and formal at the Woman ' s Club. All Hearts were shattered and " Stardust " fell following Susie and Jake ' s leading out. FEBRUARY 17. A glorified prison with glamorous D. L. D. convicts make up their winter formal. FEBRUARY 24. Martha and George and the Colonial Dames dine and dance, and the Pi Nus do (almost) the minuet at their Winter Ball. MARCH 2. Sigma Gammas " Go with the Wind " while Scarlett and Rhett and the Tarleton twins dance in Tara ' s shadow. MARCEI 9. Leap Year! Leap Year! Student Council has girls go to Sanford for dates and do those boys have feet!! Grand fun, eh, gentlemen? MARCH 30. Great success for Y. W. and Y. M. at play night, as usual. APRIL 6. Highlight of the social year is at Pan-Hellenic tea-dance and Spring formal. Dancing in a garden to Carpenter ' s music and oh, those memories resulting from " Memories " ! APRIL 13. Supper-dance at Club " X " by the " X " Club. APRIL 13. Unlucky? Not for the D. L. D ' s. A grand time was had, as " Always. " APRIL 20. Bachelors at their formal Spring Banquet and Dance have the customary delicious fried chicken and the strains of " My Buddy, " afterwards. APRIL 27. Tea at 5:00. dinner at 8:00 and dancing ' til — with the Eppics as hostesses. Balloons, silver leaves, adorn grape arbor. MAY 4. Sigma Gammas have wonderful time, " Night and Day, " at their Spring dance. MAY II. I he Dux get " sentimental " — well, over different ones, but not too much to have a lot of fun. MAY 18. L. T. C. alumni and actives reunite at their " Green and Gold Ball " to dance under a golden sky on a green, green lawn; the memory of " I ' ll be Faithful " will always lineer on. MAY 25. Delta Sigs top-hat, white tie, and tail ii to their grand climax — tea-dance, banquet, instal- lation of officers, verbal bouquets to friends, favors to dates, tokens of appreciation to sponsors, welcome to old fratres, and. capping the climax of the formal card dance, they sing out on the words of the song so fraught with meaning to them — " Auld Lang Syne. " MAY 25. Bugger-Daggers have a gay and glorious time while dining and dancing. JUNE 1. Gershwin ' s " Summertime " and Dvorak ' s " Going Home " were featured at the Pi Nus June Home-Coming Banquet and Dance to welcome old brothers back into the fold. -97- The program of play in our home is varied and comprehensive. Intercol- legiate teams in football, basketball, boxing, tennis and track are sponsored by the college. A program in intra- mural sports is planned for all the children. This includes softball, swim- ming, tennis, volleyball, archery, bas- ketball, dancing, speedball and individ- ual sports such as badminton, shuffle- board, table tennis, horseshoes, ten- pins, etc. Every child in the home is encour- aged to participate in some kind of recreational activities and all of those who do receive immeasurable benefit thereby. The athletic T is about the most prized award on the campus and any child can make an effort to win. u Miss Sue Hammack " Meg " Gunter . Mrs. G. H. Bowen Sponsor President Sponsor MISS SUSIE MEG HONEY Janetta Caldwell . . Vice-President Emolyn Rainey . . Secretary-Treasurer Miriam Girardeau . Publicity Chairman JANETTA EMOLYN MIRIAM DOT FROGGY AZILE MARGUERITE FRANCES CATHERINE Lila Mae NeSmith Kathryn Gardner Edna Neville . Individual Sports Tumbling . . Volley ball LILA KITTY EDNA Greeting Moving in opposing circles OFFICERS Frances Hughes President Marguerite Mathews Vice-President Frances Harrison Secretary-Treasurer Miss Sue Hammack Sponsor NTRHHURH1 SPBR1S Basketball Champs The stands from the field With the best season in several years before it, the Blue Tide opened the 193 9 football season with a loss to Stetson in De Land. In working up to the climaxing game with the Uni- versity of Havana, in Havana, backed strongly by an enthusiastic stu- dent body and supported by a fifty- piece band, the Tide came back with a spirit that smothered five out of the nine remaining opponents. These vic- tories included the twice repeated de- feat of the University of Havana. Seated: Hall, Ellison, Cox, Joyner, Anglin, Rountree, Reiser, Waller. . . . Standing: Moss, Coach London, Home, Hammill, Langley, Paschal, McGowan, Paffo ' d, Smith, Coach Smith. . . . Kneeling: Morrison, Cason, Morgan, Dunn, Barnes, Davis, Mize, Robertson. B. L. " Crook " Smith . . Head Coach Assistants Jim Wrinkle R. L. London W. S. Hanner PLAYERS Name Position Jack Reiser Left Halfback Robert Moss Left Halfback J. D. Langley Center Haygood Morrison Center Frank Horne . Guard Jody Robertson Guard Ralph Mize Guard Theron Anglin Guard Charles Smith Tackle George Pafford Tackle Sully Davis Tackle Delmar McGowan Tackle Newton Parker : ( Herchel Hamill End Hill Paschal End Name Position Jack Morgan End Ross Rountref. Quarterback Joe Joyner Quarterback Davis Barnes Fullback Clinton Cason Fullback James Hall Right Halfback Bu i y Cox R : bt Halfback Norman Splrry .... Right Halfback Reese Ellison Right Halfback - 103- B. L. Smith, Head Coach Player Position Hendry Bagley Guard Jimmie DeLoach Forward Reese Ellison . . ... Forward Byron Enlowe Guard Lawrence Enlowe .... . Forward James Hall Forward Hi rchel Hamill Guard Georce Pai lord Center Hill Paschai . . Forward Ceiarles Smith Center Lee Williams Forward r f ' afford jumps for the t!p RlliKETRILl The schedule can tell more of the success of the basketball season than any words. With only four old players to fall back on, T. C. played fourteen games and won ten of that number. Twice T. C. ' s de- feat was at the hands of professional players. All in all, it was a very good season. sc; ;edul: T. C. . . 29- — South Georgia College 42 T. C. . . 36- — Jewish Alliance . 31 T. C. . . 3 5- — Middle Georgia . 23 T. C. . . 34- — Celtics 4 T. C. . . 25- — Ershine 28 T. C. . . 5 1- — College of Charleston . 29 T. C. . . 3 5- — North Georgia College . 32 T. C. . . 39- — Brewton-Parker . 2 3 T. C. . . 30- — Jewish Alliance . 2 3 T. C. . . 5 6- — Armstrong .... 27 T. C. . . 3 1- — Whiskered Wizards . 3 6 T. C. . . 34- — Armstrong .... 24 T. C. . . 40- —Norman Park .... 33 T. C. . . 34- —Mexico " Y " .... 23 T. C. against the Whiskered Wizards - 105- f Left to right: Lever, Strickland, Bidgood, McCutcheon, Bandy, Bacon, Scott, Russell MEMBERS T. A. Bacon Kenneth Bandy Bob Bidgood Herbert McCutcheon Kenneth Scott Ortez Strickland Joe Lever, Manager Mr. Fielding D. Russell Coach McCutcheon and Bidgood in a friendly bout Tin Boxing Team, though sm.ill in size and number, has had an extraordinarily good season. Matched with teams both in and out of this state. T. C. ' s team has shown up to a good advantage and the sextet of boxers of which it was composed had fun as well as experience in participat- ing in this intercollegiate sport. MR. RUSSELL, Coach - 106 - A || these om whom to choose The children had a difficult time in nominating possible winners in the beauty contest from all the beautiful girls in school and a much more difficult time in choosing the ten most beautiful from the group of thirty beauties nominated. Each student ' s having the privilege of voting for the ten girls he thought the prettiest made the final choice quite representative. Three representatives were selected from the Sopho- more and Junior Classes and two were selected from the Senior and Freshman Classes. Five hundred chil- dren could not be wrong in choosing ten such pretty girls! More than ten pretty girls were in the May Day pageant. In fact, almost all of the children took some part on the program. The queen and maid of honor were elected by all the children from the Senior Class. Each class chose their attendants to represent them in the court. The May Court ' Went With The Wind ' and the dancers ' performances portrayed the history of America from the time of Washington to 1940 swing and jitterbugs. L I - 115 - JUNIORS Meg Gunter crowns Rose Lockhart Queen of the Moy Franci s Breen Julia Meadows SOPHOMORES Eu la Beth Jones Betty Smith FRESHMEN Jewel Evans Kathryn Joyner A. Breen, F. Breen, Jones, Meadows, Pagett, Gunter, Lockhart, Joyner, Smith, Evans, McLeod, Strickland. Episode I. Colonial Scene. Dances: 1. Quadrille No. 1 2. Badger Gavotte 3. Minuet Episode II. Pioneer Scene Dances: 1 . Virginia Reel 2. Arkansas Travelers 3. Old Dan Tucker 4. Indian Dance Episode III. Slavery Scene Dances: 1 . Negro Spiritual 2. Pickin ' Cotton 3. Pickaninny Antics Episode IV. Southern Scene Dances: 1. The Velta Waltz 2. Heel and Toe Polka 3. Rye Waltz. Episode V. The Gay Nineties Dances: 1. Pantomime - " Bicycle built for Two. " 2. The Floradora Girls 3. Can-Can Dance - Dance Club Episode VI. The Emerging 20th century Dances: 1. The Big Apple 2. Jitterbugs Jitterbugs Swing Out Bobby and Sara Reid settle the peace terms . . . How about substituting for you, Billy? . . . Evolution? . . . Walking on water — frozen . . . Something ' s missing, don ' t we think, boys? . . . Waiting on fried chicken, of course . . . Peg . . . Faithful forever (they hope!) . . . Just posin ' . . . Don ' t let her walk over you, B. L. . . . kitchen co-eds. - 118- - 120- THE AMERICAN OIL COMPANY FRANKLIN DRUG COMPANY Offici-: Drive-In Service Station Opposite Jaeckel Hotel " Watch the College Grow With Amoco ' A. B. McDOUGALD, Agent Kill up with Amoco at College Pump Compliments of JOHN EVERETT COMPANY STATESBORO, GEORGIA REX ALL QUALITY DRUGS Professional Pharmacists PHONE 2 STATESBORO i McLELLAN ' S A I ariety of 5c and 10c Items To Fit Your Needs Com pliments of WALTER ALDRED COMPANY EVERYTHING IN BUILDING SUPPLIES STATESBORO » ♦ GEORGIA I t i 4 H. W. SMITH Statesboro ' s Leading Jeweler Headquarters for Sorority cm A Fraternity Jewelry Teacht rs and Students Always Welcome 20 South Main Street STATESBORO GEORGIA j ♦ .---------.4 H. MINKOVITZ SONS E. A. SMITH GRAIN COMPANY D E P A R T M E N T S T O R E Everything in BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES and FERTILIZERS STATESBORO GEORGIA [ STATESBORO GEORGIA Phone 171 i L ...DRINK IN BOTTLES It ' s the Refreshing Thing to Do - 123 - DONALDSON - SMITH CLOTHING COMPANY i I ♦ " Outfitters for Men and Boys ' I STATESBORO GEORGIA BULLOCH DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions A Specialty Whitman Candies 5 S. Mam Street Phone 94-J STATESBORO DRY CLEANERS Our Personal Care Is Your Guarantee of EXPERT CLEANING Office 265 Plant 281 HARRY BRUNSON, Prop. STATESBORO GEORGIA Meet Your Friends At... THE COLLEGE PHARMACY • " WHERE THE CROWDS GO ' Prompt, Courteous Service Phone 414 19 S. Mam St. LANNIE F. SIMMONS Automobiles - Fertilizers STATESBORO, GEORGIA i OLLIFF SMITH I FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Seeds For The Garden and Fields Poultry Feed and Supplies Hay and Grain PHONES I 6 124 GULF Compliments of BRADLEY CONE SEED AND FEED CO. ' it ' s seed, if it ' s feed, ive have it. ' Good Germinating Seed Fresh Manufactured Feed 34 West Mam Street Phone 377 H. P. JONES, Distributor Gulf Oil Products Statesboro, Georgia PHONE I 17 PHONE 164 Compliments of IDEAL SHOE SERVICE Our Standard is Quality STATESBORO, GEORGIA " Independence is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. " WILL YOU BE PREPARED? Round out your preparation by acquiring the habit of practicing thrift and economy. SEA ISLAND BANK Safety — Courtesy — Service MEMBER F . D. I. C - 125- Quality First . . . Service Second . . . Satisfaction Always ALDRED BROTHERS GROCERIES . . . MEATS Phone 472 STATESBORO GEORGIA BRADY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Featuring . . . Ready to Wear Shoes and Hosiery Dry Goods and Notions 17 N. Mam Street STATESBORO GEORGIA Compliments of BLITCH RADIO SERVICE R. C. A. Radios Victor Records Sound Devices STATESBORO GEORGIA L THE FASHION SHOP " So reasonable is what they all say! Complete Ladies ' Wear and Accessories Phone 350 STATESBORO GEORGIA CITY DRUG COMPANY S. L. LANIER GEO. K. LANIER Pharmacists e Phones 37 and 38 STATESBORO GEORGIA UNITED 5c TO $5.00 STORES Headquarters for Students i . Com plimcnts of GROOVER AND JOHNSTON Insurance Agency Phone 310 STATESBORO GEORGIA Complim cuts of BULLOCH STOCK YARD O. L. McLEMORE, Manager Phone 324 STATESBORO GEORGIA l_ ' f, 19 2 0 19 4 0 THE MOST OF OUR NEW BUSINESS COMES FROM RECOMMENDATION OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS . . . . Alfred Dorman Company STATESBORO SYLVANIA J E S U P WE DELIVER PROMPTLY AND COLLECT PROMPTLY 19 2 0 19 4 0 127 i S. W. LEWIS, INC STATESBORO, GEORGIA BRANNEN - THAYER MONUMENT COMPANY t ♦ t BANNER STATES PRINTING COMPANY " A Reliable Institution " 27 W. Main Phone 42 STATESBORO, GEORGIA i r 1 J i W. C. AKINS SON Hardware and Groc ery " Monuments of Quality " STATESBORO, GEORGIA Co m pli in nils of t THACKSTON ' S DRY CLEANERS HOBSON Du BOSE Proprietor 41 E. Main Street Phone 18 » t i i t Service ' Is Our Motto SEE US BEEORE YOU BUY i When in Savannah Visit the Store Beautiful . . . SHOES FOR ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY GLOBE SHOE COMPANY I 7 E. Broughton Street SAVANNAH GEORGIA 128 1 BULLOCH TIMES ! Your Nome Newspaper STATESBORO, GEORGIA LOGAN HAGAN TAXI and TRUCKING Agents for FIVE TRANSPORTATION CO. Overnight Service from Atlanta - Macon Savannah Jacksonville Day 172 . . . Phones . . . Night 381-M r t » Com pi intents of J STATESBORO GROCERY CO. STATESBORO, GEORGIA - S t !• i x w a Pianos Kimball Pianos Hammond Organs ALNUTT MUSIC COMPANY 216 Broughton Street, West SAVANNAH GEORGIA STATESBORO PROVISION COMPANY Manufacturers and Dealers I Pure Crystal Ice Cold Storage { STATESBORO GEORGIA When You Are In Savannah . . . Visit Our Exhibit Rooms . . . See Our Display of . . . CRANE PLUMBING FIXTURES CRANE COMPANY ALONZO P. KEISKER, Manager 14 Broad Street Savannah Com pli moils of HINTON BOOTH It ' s Smart to He THRIFTY . . . That ' s Why Students of America Look to PENNEY ' S J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Savannah Georgia L 129- COMPLIMENTS O F Statesboro Chamber of C ommerce - 130 - STATESBORO WOMAN ' S CLUB Orkin Exterminator Co., Inc. Pest Control Service Termite Control Phone 6444 28 E. Bryan Savannah, Georgia | Compliments of JAECKEL HOTEL Your Comfort .... Our Pleasure STATESBORO GEORGIA Howard Lumber Company BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES STATESBORO GEORGIA Ph one 353 - 131 - CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS! for Better Quality, Style and Fit in Shoes or Hosiery Hi cry bo J y Knows It ' s THE FAVORITE SHOE STORE 14 E. Main Street STATESBORO ROY GREEN WILLIAM SMITH LANIER ' S MORTUARY Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Lady Assistant i Day 340 .. . Phones . . . Night 415 STATESBORO GEORGIA J L » L Gifts That Last . . . GRIMES JEWELRY CO. Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Glassware - China, Etc. STATESBORO GEORGIA Pace-makers for Smart A merica . . . VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES Exclusive at Terrell T. Tu ten— Carl J. Kraft SAVANNAH GEORGIA J L Com plitnents oj Sancken s Ice Cream Company Compliments of H . M . T I P P I N S Agent for ROYAL TYPEWRITERS SAVANNAH 16 W. Bryan GEORGIA The Best Dressed Men ll ' e, AUGUSTA GEORGIA CIO TH E S ngpi] HfC t, S PAl Off THE SCHWOB COMPANY " All Over The South " I 132 r t K. J. Kennedy President J. L. Matthews Vice-President W. L. deJarnette Cashier Conservative Management Courteous Service Bulloch County Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STATESBORO, GEORGIA Statesboro Buggy and Wagon Company Hardware - Farm Implements Glass Mi les - Harness Wire - Pipe - Pipe Fittings r Co m pliments of ! ! w State and Georgia Theatres | STATESBORO » GEORGIA M 133 " WE ARE HERE TO SERVE " BOOKS CONFECTIONS ICE CREAM HOT DOGS " LET US SERVE YOU " Com pi i incuts of H. S. CANFIELD representing HERFF-JONES COMPANY All portraits in this book made by 30-. ' l2 Fifth Street. . W. ATLANTA GEORGIA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR { ZeUect or ALL REFLECTOR negatives are held in our files for several years and personal photographs can be obtained at any time. Write for information and special price list. - 134- SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating • planning layout and design ' typesetting printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing ... Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment modern and complete... Prices representing m aximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PIWNTINi; • LITHUIill AI ' HIINIl • EINIiHAVlNU ATLANTA 1 Q 2001 OMflfl fifi

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