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Copyright 1937 Lillian Simmons Editor Wayne McKneely Business Manager THE REFLECTOR 1937 ' Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF THE SOUTH GEORGIA TEACHERS COLLEGE COLLEGEBORO, GEORGIA THEME From harmony, from heavenly harmony, This universal frame began; When Nature underneath a heap of jarring atoms lay, And could not heave her head, The tuneful voice was heard from high; ' Arise, ye more than dead ' . " Thus, Dryden has lastingly expressed the theme of music and its part in all creative things. We ought ever to be mindful of music but chiefly this year has there been a concerted effort to develop the musical talent found on the campus. E D I C A T I O The furthering of musical appreciation on the campus has been made possible through the untiring efforts of the various musical organizations, their directors and their per- sonnel. To these organizations and their directors, then, we dedicate this book and make it a memorial to their worthy aims and high endeavors. O N T E N T I. THE COLLEGE Faculty II. CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen III. ACTIVITIES Organizations Social Clubs IV. ATHLETICS V. FEATURES VI. ADVERTISEMENTS Book I. zAd ministration ' Building Cast Hall West Hall ■■■■ Sanford Hall Campus Scene Marvin Summers Pittman, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. President A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The years pass by with an ever quickening pace. Today becomes yesterday and yester- day quickly becomes " long, long ago. " While the future lures us onward, there are occasions when we wish to turn back the hands of the clock and live again in the days of " once upon a time. " On such occasions, there is nothing quite so suggestive or quite so full of sweet memories as the college annual. It is there we see once again the faces of our friends as they were when we knew them and loved them. There are our teachers whom we feared, disliked perhaps, or revered. There are our rivals — for honors, for leadership, and mayhap for someone ' s affection. There are our roommates, our club- mates, our classmates. Every page of the book provokes mirth hilarious, memories sweet, and comment heterogeneous. An evening by the winter fire or an afternoon in the summer ' s shade with a friend and the college annual, makes possible an occasion of rare delight. May I congratulate the staff of this college annual, The Reflector. May I, also, express my official thanks for the good work done and the service rendered in making this volume a reality. - 17 - I BHgHeHb BH IRi-)) |Q) ' 37 Joseph E. Carruth . . . A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of Education Department Viola Perry B.S., M.A. Registrar and Mat hematics Chester McArthur Destler . A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of Social Science Department Mary Small A.B., M.A. Art Mae Michael Commercial Secretary to President Leonard Kent B.S. Commercial Subjects Alvin A. Singley A.B., M.A. Education James V. Melton Ph.D. Education Walter L. Downs A.B., M.A. Director of the Training School Nell Bracey A.B., M.A. Critic Teacher Marion Groover A.B. Critic Teacher Iris Roberts B.S. Critic Teacher Marie Wood B.S., M.A. Critic Teacher H. J. McCormack M.A. Critic Teacher - 18- . . M.A. Critic Teacher . . . B.S. Critic Teacher . . M.A. Education . B.S., M.A. G. E. B. Supervisor Jane Franseth A.B. G. E. B. Supervisor Thomas B. Stroup .... A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of English Department Robert F. Donaldson .... A.B., M.A. English Fielding D. Russell A.B., M.A. English Ruth Bolton B.S., M.A. lome Economics Charles W. Smith A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Hoyt H. London .... B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Industrial Arts Ivan Hosteti i r Eleanor Ray Industrial Arts Lib M.A. A.B., B.L.S. Zulieme Lane B.S., M.A. Assistant Librarian Mrs. Esther W. Barnes Music B.S. William Deal A.B. Director of Baud and Orchestra - St i ms m 1 - 19- [ggsEBEEEj Egps la ' 37 " 3 lit f pi " fit Byron L. Smith B.S., M.A. Coach and Physical Education Mrs. Generia Honeycutt Bowen . . . B.S. Physical Education Louise McGii.very A.B., M.A. Physical Education James Wrinkle B.S. Physical Education William S. Hanner A.B., M.A. Chemistry and Physics Blondel H. Carlton . . . A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Physical Science Malvina Trussell B.S., M.A. Biolog y Hester Newton B.S., A.B., M.A. History and Social Science R. J. H. DeLoach . . ... B.S., M.A. Sociology and Economics W. H. Bennett M.A. Social Science M. C. Garr M.A. Agriculture Robert L. Winburn Commercial Bookkeeping Lillian Cumbee R.N. Nurse and Health Mrs. P. D. Landrum Dietitian Director of Dining Hall Alton Settle B.S. Little Store John Bridges B.S. Business Office -20- Book ' 37 Eugene Bell President SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Science Delta Sigma; Bachelors Club, 3, 4; President Junior Class; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Student Council, 3, 4; Secretary Delta Sigma, 2; Vice-President Delta Sigma, 3; President Delta Sigma, Expired Term, 3; Oglethorpe Literary Society; Reflector Staff; " T " Club, 2. Grace Cromley Vice-President BROOKLET, GEORGIA English L. T. C; President L. T. C, 2, 4; President Y. W. C. A., 3; President Glee Club, 3; President Music Club, 4; President Girls ' Chorus, 4; President Stephens So- ciety, 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Honor Day Student, 3; Dramatic Club; French Club, 2; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; Band, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Senior Class; Su- perlative Contest, 2, 3; May Court, 3; Reflector Staff. Elizabeth Watkins Secretary ami Treasurer EDISON, GEORGIA English Transfer, South Georgia State College, 1, 2; W. A. A. Council, 3; President W. A. A. Council, 4; Oglethorpe Literary Society Debater, 3; Freshman Commission; Y. W. C. A., 4; Reflector Staff, 4; Tennis Team, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4. - 26- Kenneth England Student Council Representatii e ADl EY, GEORGIA History Bachelors Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1,2; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 4; International Rela- tions Club, 4. Verna Lassetter Student Council Representative ATLANTA, GEORGIA Social Science L. T. C; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4; Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 4; Secretary and Treasurer Home Economics Club, 4; Treasurer Dramatic Club, 3; May Court, 3; Vice-President L. T. C, 4; Assistant Art Editor Re- flector, 3; Assistant Art Editor Rei lector, 4; Treas- urer Student Council, 4. Robert Pound Student Council Representative SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA Social Science Iota Pi Nu; President Iota Pi Nu, 4; Treasurer Iota Pi Nu, 3; Vice-President Freshman Class; Freshman Com- mission; Band, 1; Glee Club, 1; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Administrative Council, 3, 4; President Day Students, 3, 4; Honor Day Student, 3; Student Coun- cil, 4. -27- ' 37 Sudie Lee Akins statesboro, georgia English Delta Lambda Delta; Dramatic Club, 3; International Relations Club, 3, 4; May Court, 3; Secretary Delta Lambda Delta, 4; Reflector Staff, 4. James Edwin Beasley statesboro, georgia Science Band, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 3, 4. Louis Becton BLOOMING DALE, GEORGIA Social Science Delta Sigma; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3; Student Council Representative, 3; Vice-President Sanford Hall, 4; Baseball Manager, 2. Carolyn Blitch statesboro, georgia English French Club, 1; International Relations Club, 3, 4; President International Relations Club, 3; Reflector Staff. -28- Cecile Brannen statesboro, georgia Social Science University of Georgia, 1; May Court, 2; May Court, 3. Joe Buxton WAYNESBORO, GEORGIA English Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Stephens Literary So- ciety, 2; Society Debater, 1; Secretary Dramatic Club, 4; President Men ' s Glee Club, 4; President Vesper Choir, 4; Stephens Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vesper Choir, 3, 4; Band, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4. Christine Carruthers statesboro, georgia English International Relations Club, 4. George Carter CUSSETA, GEORGIA English Iota Pi Nu; Bachelors Club; Vice-President Freshman Commission, 1; President Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2; President French Club, 2; George-Anne Staff, 1, 2; President Science Club, 1 ; Y. M. C. A. President, 3; Deputation Team, 2; President Gymnasium, 3; Inter- Collegiate Debating, 2; Basketball, 3, 4; President Stu- dent Council, 4; Most Popular Boy, 3. n - 29 - Lillian Eason reidsville, georgia English Freshman Commission; French Club; Y. W. C. President East Hall, 4; Reflector Staff. A.; - 30- Irene Enecks ROC KY I ORl , GEORGIA English L. T. C; Secretary L. T. C, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; V ice- President Glee Club, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Dramatic Club, 3; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Oglethorpe Literary Society, 2, 3; Reader, 1; Y. V. C. A. Bill Garrison MIAMI, FLORIDA Science Delta Sigma; Treasurer Delta Sigma, 3, 4; Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class; Science Club, 1; Vice-President Stu- dent Council, 4; George-Anne Staff, 3, 4; Reflector Staff; Football, 1,2; Boxing, 1,2; " T " Club, 2. Bob Harris VIDAl [A, GEORGIA English Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Aubrey Hires odum, georgia Social Science Delta Sigma; Transfer, M. G. C, 3. - 31 - 3gF EHFHb S- ER HB IB) ' 37 Julius Hodges guyton, georgia History Mathematics Club, 1, 2; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Bachelors Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 1, 2, 3. Sammye Hogan dexter, georgia History Transfer, B. P. I.; Y. W. C. A., 3, 4. Dessie Holton homerville. georgia Soc ial Science Stephens Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; I. O. U. Secretary, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 3, 4; House Council, 1, 2; Matron Brown Cot- tage, 4; " X " Club. Virginia Hughes Gl.ENN V1LLE, GEORGIA History L. T. C; Transfer, G. S. W. C, 4; Glee Club, 4; In- ternational Relations Club; Y. W. C. A.; Stephens- Oglethorpe Literary Society, 4. -32- - 33 - ' 37 Hemans Oliver savannah. georgia History President Freshman Class; Dramatic Club, 2, 3; Foot- ball, 1,2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; George-Anne Staff, 1, 2, 3; Sports Editor George-Anne, 2; " T " Club, 1. Zelma Raley i ouisville, georgia History Transfer, G. S. C. W. Earl Riggs statesboro, georgia Social Science Delta Sigma; President Delta Sigma, 3; 3,4; Boxing, 1,2; Basketball Manager, 3 Club, 2. Football, 1, 2, President " T " Mar.jorie Rivers A VERA, GEORGIA Social Science Secretary Stephens Literary Society, 4 Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; House Council, 1, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 2; Basketball Team, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. Home Economics Science Club, 2; -34- Mary Rogers reidsviu.e, georgia English Home Economics Club, 3, 4; President Home Eco- nomics Club, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 3; Vice-President Y. W. C. A., 4; W. A. A. Council, 3, 4; Monitor, 2, 4; Stephens Literary Society; French Club; Mathematics Club. Frank Rushing statesboro, georgia History Iota Pi Nu; Piano Recital; Orchestra; Band. Alton Settle roc k y mount, north carolina History Iota Pi Nu; President Bachelors Club, 4; Treasurer Bachelors Club, 3; Treasurer Iota Pi Nu, 2; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Baseball, 2; Tennis, 2, 3, 4. Tliomas Shearouse guyton, georgia English President Y. M. C. A., 4. - 35- ' 37 Lillian Simmons metter, georgia English L. T. C; President Sophomore Class; Vice-President Student Council, 3; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Treasurer Student Council, 2; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Council, 2, 3, 4; May Court, 3; Honor Day Student, 2, 3; Science Club, 1, 2; Stephens Literary Society; Editor Reflector; Administrative Council, 3. Mary Simmons statesboro. georgia Social Sc ience Transfer, Andrew College; May Court, 3; Reflector Staff. Derrel Sirmons dahlonega, georgia Social Science Iota Pi Nu; Transfer, Emory University. Mary Katharine Sneed statesboro, georgia Home Economics Home Economics Club; Science Club. - 36- Cecil Stanley east point, georgia Physical Scienc e Vice-President Men ' s Glee Club; Vesper Choir; Y. M. C. A.; Transfer, West Georgia College. Doris Stephenson mount vernon, georgia Home Economics Transfer, Brewton-Parker Junior College, 1; Anderson Hall House Council, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Home Economics Club, 3; Y. W. C. A.; Representative Southern Student Con- ference, Blue Ridge, North Carolina, 3. Forrest Townsend toomsboro, georgia English Iota Pi Nu; Band. James Townsend toomsboro. georgia Social Science Iota Pi Nu; Bachelors Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3; Band, 1, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Math- ematics Club, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Freshman Com- -37- 37 Mary Townsend toomsboro, georgia English Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Oglethorpe Literary Society, 1. 2, 3, 4; Pianist for Glee Club, 3; Orchestra Pianist, 3; Y. W. C. A. John Varnedoe claxton, georgia Science Delta Sigma; Transfer, Mercer, 3. Winnie Zittrouer savannah, georgia Social Science Transfer, Virginia Intermont College, Bristol, Virginia, 3; Home Economics Club, 4. -38- 37 CI Ned Warren Pulaski, Ga. President Iota Pi Nu Harvin Mulkey .... Pompano, Fla. Vice-President Fay Foy Statesboro, Ga. Secretary-Treasurer Dux Domina Roy Rabun Warrenton, Ga. Student Council Representative Iota Pi Nu Willard Cartee .... Metter, Ga. Student Council Representative Iota Pi Nu William Henry Adams . . . Avera, Ga. Sara Barrow Matthews, Ga. Norma Bishop . . . Summertown, Ga. Knapp Boddii ord .... Sylvania, Ga. Elliott Booth Adel, Ga. Iota Pi Nu -40- A. J. Bowen Portal, Ga. Virginia Courtney Bradely . Hogan, Ga. Lawrence Burke .... Millen, Ga. Thomas Winston Byrd . . Broxton, Ga. Ruth Clark Statesboro, Ga. Audrey Clifton .... Stilson, Ga. Carl Collins .... Statesboro, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Frances Cone .... Savannah, Ga. Epicurean James Cowart Garfield, Ga. Mary Cromley .... Brooklet, Ga. L. T. c. IS k wMA m 1 ft AAA -41 - 37 |l , Walton Crouch .... Dawson, G 4 At Raymond Cutchens . . . Climax, G Saralu Darby Vidalia, G L. T. C. Eunice Davis Ludowici, G Hester Dixon Gibson, G Tom Edwards Claxton, G Charles A. Estes Gay, G Win Miii I ' n ids Montezuma, G Byron Gnann Rincon, G J. C. Golden Collins, G -42- -43- 37 f J jppBI | AM Elizabeth Hollingsworth . Collins, Ga. J. H. Jordan Reidsville, Ga. Johnnie Maud Kelly . . . Avera, Ga. L. T. C. George Kinzy .... Cedartown, Ga. Frances Knowlton . . . Americus, Ga. Len Brooks Lastinger . . . Sparks, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Mar.jorie Maddox . . . Alapaha, Ga. Zella Mikell .... Statesboro, Ga. Julia Miller Maysville, Ga. Astor Minchew .... Waycross, Ga. Ardelia Mobley .... Millcn, Ga. Nina Moore Statesboro, Ga. -44- Mildred Murrow . . . Rocky Ford, Ga. Frances Neal . . Montezuma, Ga. Joyce Nicholson .... Eastman, Ga. Lealon Purcell Jesup, Ga. Julia Reese Tomson, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Paul Robertson .... Brooklet, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Marion Robinson . . Early Branch, S. C. Leroy Roughton .... Atlanta, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Alvis Rushton Charles Sheppard Rocky Ford, Ga. . Belleville, Ga. Marion Smith .... Ludowici, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Isabellf. Sorrier Statesboro, Ga. La r V ¥ ' J 1 - -45- 37 Glenn Sowell Stilson, Ga. Jmi Stewart .... Covington, Ga. Mary Thayer .... Statesboro, Ga. Clifton Thrash .... Blakely, Ga. Delta Sigma Eliza Tippens Claxton, Ga. Evelyn Underwood . . Statesboro, Ga. William H. Warren . . . Sylvester, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Howard Waters .... Hilltonia, Ga. Louise Watkins .... Reidsville, Ga. Jeannette Willets . . . Vidalia, Ga. Iff Edward Zachert . . . Bainbridge, Ga. -46- ■V f • fltf! fa 44 no David Proctor, President . . Woodbine, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Sam Rouse, Vice-President . Sylvester, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Ruth Pound, Sec.-Treas. . Swainsboro, Ga. L. T. C. John Daniel Deal . . . Statesboro, Ga. Student Council Representatn e Delta Sigma George Abelson .... Savannah, Ga. Fred Adams Halcyondale, Ga. Ernest Aguirre .... Cienfueges, Cuba Emily Akins Statesboro, Ga. Epicurean Jamie Aldred Statesboro, Ga. " X " Margaret Alexander . . . Reidsville, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Emory Allen Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Irene Anderson Register, Ga. Mary Anderson Claxton, Ga. Winona Anderson .... Vidalia, Ga. Gerald Bacon Pembroke, Ga. Vernice Bacon Manassas, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Joe Baird Augusta, Ga. Delta Sigma Hilda Bowen Lyons, Ga. " X " John Edwin Bowen .... Claxton, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Susan Braswell Stilson, Ga. Clara Brewton .... Groveland, Ga. Dora Brinson Woodcliff, Ga. Robert Brinson Millen, Ga. Dorothy Brock Odum, Ga. Betty Browder Jesup, Ga. Lucy Bunce Statesboro, Ga. " X " Dorothy Bunn .... Waresboro, Ga. Magdaline Calhoun . . . Soperton, Ga. 48 - Marion Carpenter . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Iota Pi Nu G. R. Carter Scott, Ga. Marie Chance Perkins, Ga. Minnie Chance .... Waynesboro, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Mary Chavous Dublin, Ga. Willard Clanton .... Fllabelle, Ga. Mary Clark Sylvania, Ga. Leroy Cowart Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Mary Culbreth Waycross, Ga. Florence Daley .... Statesboro, Ga. Delta lambda Delta Ben Daniel Claxton, Ga. Alice Pearl Davis Howell, Ga. Susan Denson .... Dry Branch, Ga. Paul Dixon Millen, Ga. Earnest Downing . . . Newington, Ga. James Do ' zier Montezuma, Ga. Maudie Drake Claxton, Ga. Charles T. Estes .... Union City, Ga. Ann Felton Ideal, Ga. L. T. C. Martha Frazier .... Statesboro, Ga. Marianne French .... St. Marys, Ga. Dux Domina Alma Fussell Nicholas, Ga. Oliver Fussell Dawson, Ga. Bill Fugua Unadilla, Ga. Thomas T. Grady .... Augusta, Ga. Delta Sigma Hershel Hamili Arlington, Ga. Martha Hardin Appling, Ga. Dux Domina Jack Harley Baxley, Ga. % aJL M p y ( s f % -49- — 37 0 AM k Jb ,1 V HA , k | , ' He ' J A JgkJk M Sally Harper Wray, Ga. Thelma Harrison . . . Halcyondale, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Lorine Hatcher Kite, Ga. Thos. Leonard Hawes . . Waynesboro, Ga. Ouida Herrington .... Screven, Ga. Eli Hill Dawson, Ga. Laura Hill Hilltonia, Ga. Hazel Hinely Springfield, Ga. Margaret Hodges .... Statesboro, Ga. L. T. C. Elizabeth Hollingsworth . . Fairfax, Ga. Lonnie Holloway .... Graymont, Ga. Frank Hook Statesboro, Ga. lota Pi Nu R. M. Horton Jesup, Ga. Delta Sigma Amanda Hughes .... Glennville, Ga. James Hussey Statesboro, Ga. Vilna Hutcheson Adrian, Ga. Vivie Johnson Wadley, Ga. L. T. C. Winifred Johnson . . . Statesboro, Ga. Ben Jones Washington, Ga. Windelle Keene .... Abbeville, Ga. Ralph Kemp Statesboro, Ga. Vera Kessler Marlow, Ga. Matilda Lang Waverly, Ga. Martha Sue McElveen . . Brooklet, Ga. William L. McElveen . . . Brooklet, Ga. Owen McKenzie .... Montezuma, Ga. Louise McKinley Siloam, Ga. Barnell Martin Alamo, Ga. - 50- Jessie Mae Mathis Wrens, Ga. Eloise Mercer Donovan, Ga. Mayme Merritte Jakin, Ga. Bartow Mileer Cusseta, Ga. Eloise Mincy Ogeechee, Ga. Epicurean Woodrow Mixon Vidalia, Ga. Mary Mobley Gough, Ga. Dux Domina Helen Moseley Statesboro, Ga. Frank Mulling Baxley, Ga. Iota Pi Nu CloTEEN Music Waresboro, Ga. Estelle Nail Collins, Ga. NX ' . G. Neville Statesboro, Ga. Jewel Newton Millen, Ga. Copeland Ozier .... Montezuma, Ga. Iotj Pi Nu Cora Page Lyons, Ga. Catherine Parrish Portal, Ga. Graydon Pierce .... Rocky Ford, Ga. Priscilla Prather . . . Washington, Ga. Epicurean James Ratcliff .... Waynesboro, Ga. Lillian Reddick .... Bainbridge, Ga. Dux Domina Frank Reddish Jesup, Ga. Martha Kate Rhodes .... Dexter, Ga. Alice Rhodes Estill, S. C. Ha rold Rigsby Bowdon, Ga. A. H. Rocker Metter, Ga. Eula Maude Royal Egypt, Ga. Virginia Sands Claxton, Ga. Dux Domina Mildred Scott Collins, Ga. 0m ■a «- 1,! V " I .51 . ' 37 C. D. Sheley Halcyondale, Ga. ( " " ■ » ' ' ) p ™ ' -v Everett Smiley Blackshear, Ga. " 7 . Anna Carrol Smith . . . Bainbridge, Ga. V _ J5T X. Du Domina B. E. Smith Daisy, Ga. A. A A ft ! ( (|f pl % o Jean Smith Statesboro, Ga. Epicurean Mary Brent Smith .... Roberta, Ga. " X " Keith Smith Manassas, Ga. Charles Stanfield . . . Glennville, Ga. Sibyl Strickland Sylvania, Ga. Dux Domina Richard Stone .... Sandersville, Ga. Irene Swann Wrens, Ga. Cecillene Swinson . . . Statesboro, Ga. John Swint Gibson, Ga. Thomas Swift Woodbine, Ga. Gladys Thayer Statesboro, Ga. John Thayer Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Charlie Thigpen DifTee, Ga. Juanita Thomas Scott, Ga. " X " Robert Thompson . . . Gallatin, Tenn. Mary Thrift Cobbtown, Ga. Catherine Tod Reidsville, Ga. » |KTW ?r- V ' f% Z ffc i - ' Ben Waller Tennille, Ga. _ ' „ 4 - ik Bill Ware Benevolence, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Roland Warnock .... Statesboro, Ga. PftA Frances Watson .... Graymont, Ga. m ■ L - T - c - Mary Winham Glenwood, Ga. Oris Wood Dalton, Ga - 52 - ' 37 r a Tom Vandivlr, President Summit, Ga. C. Wallace Tinley, Vice-President . Waynesboro, Ga John H. Allen, Secretary .... Hazlehurst, Ga. Frank Aldred, Treasurer Statesboro, Ga. Student Council Representative Delta Sigma Ira Aaron Millen, Ga. Wilma Agnes Adair Rutlcdge, Ga. Lorraine Arnsdorff Amsterdam, Ga. L T C Lillian Baldwin Marshallville, Ga. L. T. C. M Elba Baxter Glennville, Ga. Dorothy Bennett Danville, Va. o O Harry Bowen Claxton, Ga. Delta Sigma -54- Daisy Brannen Statesboro, Ga. Olga Vivian Branni-n .... Portal, G.i. Rosetta Bran nin Statesboro, Ga. Thos. B. Brantley Hilltonia, Ga. Margaret Brasington Waycross, Ga. Epicurean Ann Breen Jesup, Ga. Epicurean Marjorie Brewer Patterson, Ga. Kay Brice Gainesville, Fla. Mary Brigman Baxley, Ga. Delta L.imbd.1 Delta Parri Lee Brinson Woodcliff, Ga. Lorraine Brockett Bainbridge, Ga. Robert Judson Brown Statesboro, Ga. Robert Brown Summit, Ga. Olney Brown Savannali, Ga. Cora Thelma Bryant Summit, Ga. Mary Buie Pulaski, Ga. Evelyn Burke Rocky Ford, Ga. Loree Gladys Butler Willie, Ga. James Byrd Bainbridge, Ga. Carlton Carruth Collcgeboro, Ga. Edward Carruth Collegeboro, Ga. Virgil Carter Rockingham, Ga. William Chambless Dawson, Ga. Edith Chanbless Rentz, Ga. Francisco Cifuentes Havana, Cuba. Betty Clanton Ellabelle, Ga. William T. Cobb Eastman, Ga. Ju anita Collins Cobbtown, Ga. Marjorie Collins Baxley, Ga. Delta I .imbd.i Delta Polly Connor Herion, Ga. Dorothy Cromi i y Brooklet, Ga. L. T. C. Marie Crosby Bristol, Ga. Ralph Crowe Gainesville, Ga. Delta Sigma Hilda Culbreth Edison, Ga. Ruben Dal Cienfaeqos, Cuba Frances Daughtry Rocky Ford, Ga. O " " (P c ■ n Aft p ft p -55- ' 37 V £ f : kl ' 4 Mi P- 4 £ P © © n © Janet Dekle Canoochee, Ga. C. C. DeLoach Pembroke, Ga. Ellis DeLoach Claxton, Ga. Fate DeLoach Register, Ga. Jimmie DeLoach Pembroke, Ga. Charles Dominy Dublin, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Charles Downs Decatur, Ga. Katherine Dubberly Glennville, Ga. Louise Dubberly Glennville, Ga. Roy Dukes Sandersville, Ga. Nicholas Dunbar Milhaven, Ga. James Dunn Morgan, Ga. Jimmye Durden Graymont, Ga. Imogene Dyess Claxton, Ga. Betty Esterling Ludowici, Ga. Cleo Edenfield Statesboro, Ga. Grace Edwards Claxton, Ga. Katherine Edwards Claxton, Ga. Juanita Everett Register, Ga. " X " Milton Findley Lyons, Ga. William Donaldson Franklin . . . Statesboro, Ga. Virginia Frazier Claxton, Ga. Katherine Gardner Ellabelle, Ga. Frances Garrett Musella, Ga. William Gerken Savannah, Ga. Miriam Girardeau Claxton, Ga. Dux Domina Fulton Glisson Cobbtown, Ga. Emma Louise Gofe Pulaski, Ga. Kate Goodman Dexter, Ga. Maggie Green Rochelle, Ga. Roberta Griffin New Smyrna, Fla. Gerald Groover Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Mary Edna Gunter Louisville, Ga. Ralph Hall Statesboro, Ga. Mary Linnie Hardin Statesboro, Ga. Isabelle Hardy Statesboro, Ga. - 56- Calvin Harrison Brooklet, Ga. Robert Harrison Sandersville, Ga. Jewell Hart Social Circle, Ga. Rix Hari Statesboro, Ga. Glynn Heath Augusta, Ga. Vita Hendrix Summit, Ga. Perry Herrington Munnerlyn, Ga. Virginia Hill Hilltonia, Ga. T. J. Hillis Hilltonia, Ga. James Lee Hinis Griffin, Ga. Delta Sigma Robert Hinson Claxton, Ga. Rebecca Hobbs Dublin, Ga. Agnls Hodges Brinson, Ga. L. T. C. Alice Hodges Brinson, Ga. L. T. C. Tom Hodgls Cobbtown, Ga. Lanora Holloway Cobbtown, Ga. Maurice Hoover Wrightsville, Ga. Reppard Howard Blackshear, Ga. Delta Sigma M. C. Hursey Statesboro, Ga. Oliver Inman Augusta, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Ruth Jackson Stapleton, Ga. Mary Evelyn Johnson Pembroke, Ga. Mary Jo Johnson Mooresvillc, Ala. Annie Merle Jones Atlanta, Ga. Delta lambda Delia Carol Jones Griffin, Ga. Margaret Jones Matthews, Ga. Mary Elizabeth Jones Statesboro, Ga. Jewell Kennedy Manassas, Ga. Virginia King Cusseta, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Mildred Lamar Bainbridge, Ga. Annie Mae Lee Statesboro, Ga. John Davis Lee Patterson, Ga. Joe T. Lei: Hoboken, Ga. L. C. Lee Sylvania, Ga. Mary Love Lewis Patterson, Ga. Samuel Liederman New York City O (P A ft- rid Ait d ft o o 0 O A ft ft ( % O -57- 37 ilk es ' J P. Li 44 Rose Lockhart Valdosta, Ga. Dux Domina Armanda Lopez Crenfuegas, Cuba George Lopez Crenfuegas, Cuba Elizabeth Ludlam Brooklet, Ga. James Lynn Graham, Ga. Willie McCollum Bainbridge, Ga. Dorothy McCrinnon Mt. Vernon, Ga. Margaret McCroan Hilltonia, Ga. John McDouga ld Statesboro, Ga. Ida Ray McDowell Talbotton, Ga. James Delma McGowan Graymont, Ga. ( .i ok . i Mc I i -i k i Ailey, Ga. William Edward McLeod Cuthbert, Ga. Pauline Mallard Statesboro, Ga. Ruby Mallard Cobbtown, Ga. Lee Malone Dexter, Ga. Clarice Mapp Dublin, Ga. Flossie Martin Hilton, Ga. Walfredo Masuoques Havana, Cuba Helen Meadows Graymont, Ga. Floyd Meeks Statesboro, Ga. Marion Miller Portal, Ga. Robert Miller New Smyrna, Fla. Pauline Mills Sylvania, Ga. Rubye Mixon Metter, Ga. Jesse Wade Mock Statesboro, Ga. Ernestine Monsees Savannah, Ga. Violet Moody Ludowici, Ga. Ellen Moony Statesboro, Ga. Mary Lou Moore Statesboro, Ga. Angie Mulkey Pompano, Fla. Gladys Murray Hilltonia, Ga. Susie Bell NeSmith Oliver, Ga. Theadora New Patterson, Ga. Gordon Oliver Glennville, Ga. Frank Olliff Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma -58- Malissa Padgett Coffee, Ga. Frances Page Trenton, Ga. Gordan Parker Statesboro, Ga. Marion Parrish Portal, Ga. Hiram Patterson Alamo, Ga. Delta Sigma Annie B. Pennington Hazlehurst, Ga. Dorothy Perkins Stillmore, Ga. Sarah Plemmons St. Simons, Ga. A. Q. Poppell Glennviile, Ga. Carolyn Powell Bainbridge, Ga. Dux Domina Annie Lou Price Donovan, Ga. Woodrow Price Lyons, Ga. Robert Priester Blackshear, Ga. Marjory Purvis Statesboro, Ga. Martha Ramsey Evans, Ga. L. T. C. Rubye Ratcliff Waynesboro, Ga. Edward Rigdon Bristol, Ga. Grace Riggs Register, Ga. Almand Roach Dublin, Ga. Mildred Robbins Halcyondale, Ga. It i ii [ 1 i i Rom i is I hih, ,111.1, ( ,.i May Nell Roberts Sandersville, Ga. Virgil Robinson Statesboro, Ga. Anna Rogers Reidsville, Ga. Melba Rogers Glennviile, Ga. T. W. Rousey Elberton, Ga. A. J. Rucker Statesboro, Ga. Gene Rushing Statesboro, Ga. Inez Rushton Rocky Ford, Ga. Elbert Sanders Pembroke, Ga. Doris Sands Daisy, Ga. Jack Sands Claxton, Ga. Guynelle Scarborough Dublin, Ga. James Sconyers Valdosta, Ga. B. W. Shellnut Statesboro, Ga. Jurelle Shuptrine Statesboro, Ga. — _ W f ©ft A -59- 37 f f A A ft 31 Benito Sieg Savannah, Ga. Ruth Sikes Claxton, Ga. Bobbie Smith Statesboro, Ga. Kathkyn Smith Statesboro, Ga. Mineola Smith Douglas, Ga. Sallie Smith Statesboro, Ga. " X " William Sneed Statesboro, Ga. Mary Sowell Hilltonia, Ga. " X " Wilbur Stanley Wrightsville, Ga. Nell Starkey Thunderbolt, Ga. Christine Strange Cobbtown, Ga. Grace Strange Statesboro, Ga. Juanita Strange Oak Park, Ga. Marvin Thigpen DifFee, Ga. Rossie Thigpen Soperton, Ga. Clarice Thornton Pembroke, Ga. Elizabeth Tompkins Adrian, Ga. Margaret Tootle Gknnville, Ga. Ernest Trowell Oliver, Ga. Jewell Vandiver Summit, Ga. L. T. C. Harry Lee Vanse Garfield, Ga. Robert Walker Jesup, Ga. Delta Si K mj Doris Wallace Statesboro, Ga. Delta Lambda Delta Agnes Walsh Summit, Ga. Ernest Ward Washington, Ga. Cecil Waters Statesboro, Ga. Delta Sigma Lillie Bell Waters Glennville, Ga. Inez White Manor, Ga. James L. Williams Macon, Ga. J. O. Wingard Garfield, Ga. William Winn Harlem, Ga. Iota Pi Nu Annie Mae Wright Metter, Ga. Martha Faye Yeomans Statesboro, Ga. John Zakutny Bainbridge, Ga. Minnie Sue Zetterower Statesboro, Ga. - 60- Book Hi. -65- n la U r 5 r | First Row: Carter, Garrison, Fields, Lassetter, Bell, England, Pound. Second Row: Warren, Rabun, Cartee, Proctor, Deal, Vandiver, Ramsey. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Junior Representative President of Sophomore Class . Sophomore Representative President of Freshman Class . Freshman Representative OFFICERS President Treasurer -66- First Rout Dean Henderson, Dr. Destler, Carter, Garrison, Fields, Eason. Second Ron: Lambright, Barrow, Pound, Veazey, Johnson, Dr. Carruth. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS George Carter President of Student Council Bill Garrison Vice-President of Student Council Will Hill Fields Secretary of Student Council Lillian Eason President of East Hall Joe Lambright President of Sanford Hall Sara Barrow President of Anderson Hall Robert Pound President of Town Students Miss Mamie Veazey Dean of Women Miss Sophie Johnson Dean of Men Dean Henderson Dean of Faculty Dr. Carruth Dean of Senior College Dr. Destler Dean of Junior College OFFICERS Dean Henderson Chairman Dr. Destler Secretary -67- y. w. c. a. Helen McGarrah President PURPOSE The Young Women ' s Christian Association of South Georgia Teachers College pledges itself to promote growth in Christian character and service through physical, social, mental and spiritual training and to become a social force for the extension of the kingdom of God. Its members unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, and determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. The aim is to establish a closer contact with all types of girls on the campus, and through this contact to attempt to give a girl a finer understanding of herself and the world about her. Mary Rogers Virginia Sands Verna Lassetter Vice-President Secretary Treasurer - 68 - CABINET Grace Cromley Vespei Fay Foy Pianist Ruth Pound { Betty Browder Morning Watch Martha Hardin Social Alice Pearl Davis Social Service Elizabeth Watkins . . Freshman Commission Vernice Bacon World Fellowship Frances Cone Vublicit 1 Mrs. Alvin A. Singley ] Mrs. Zach S. Henderson J- Mrs. Fielding D. Russell J Sponsors - 69- ' 37 V. M. C. A. Tom Shearouse President Will Hill Fields Vice-President James Dozier Sec ' y and Treas. Miss Sophie Johnson Sponsor The Young Men ' s Christian Association of South Georgia Teachers College, since its or- ganization in 1929, has sought to help students preserve and ap- ply whatever religious and moral values they may have developed before coming to college, and to make possible a spiritual growth in the lives of all these students. These things are accomplished by offering each a chance for re- ligious thought and study; by providing opportunity for experi- ence where ideals and principles may be lived in life situations; and by creating a consciousness of new trends and values in con- nection with our fellowman. The " Y " also concerns itself with the social training of the students. It endeavors to make this part of their education as rounded as possible by providing a social environment equal to and worthy of their mental de- velopment. Members are also given valuable training in learn- ing to express themselves clearly before an audience. During its existence here, the Y. M. C. A. has established for itself a fine reputation and strong support for its influence in bettering campus life. -70- STANDING COMMITTEES Dixon Social Committe James Dixon Social Welfare Hugh Hill Membership David Proctor " Y " Mass Joe Buxton Chorister Paul Robertson Program Frank Mulling Sponsors Mr. Robert L. Winburn Mr. Fielding Russell sr. » i in i Proctor Buxton Robertson Mulling Winburn Russell -71 - STEPHENS-OGLETHORPE LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Fall 19} 6 Winter 19} 7 Frank Mulling .... President Kenneth England . . . President Minnie Chance . . Vice-President Hemans Oliver . . Vice-President Marjorie Rivers . Scry, and Treas. Jewel Vandiver . . Secy, and Treas. MEMBERS Dorothy Berry JlMMYE DURDEN Marjorie Maddox Hilda Bowen Kenneth England Clarice Mapp Marjorie Brewer Fay Foy Frank Mulling Clara Brewton Vivian Griffin Hemans Oliver Thelma Bryant Martha Hardin Ruth Pound Bill Chambless Margaret Hodges Annie Lou Price Minnie Chance Virginia Hughes Lillian Rfddick Mary Clark Vivie Johnson Julia Reese Frances Cone Ben Jones Marjorie Rivers Grace Cromley Vera Kessler LeRoy Roughton Mary Cromley Mary Love Lewis Doris Sands Saralu Darby Eloise Mincey Jean Smith Louise Dubberly Helen Meadows Jewel Vandiver Katherine Dubberly Bill Winn -72- HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Mary Rogers Verna Lassetter Margaret Hodges . Cecillene Swinson Miss Bolton ) Miss Small Jamie Aldri n Irene Anderson Vernice Bacon Clara Brewton Lucy Bunce Ruth Clark Mary Culbreth Alice Pearl Davis Martha Frazier Barbara Gray Thelma Hakrison MEMBERS Margaret Hodges VlLNA HUTCHENSON Amanda Hughes Vera Kessler Verna Lassetter Helen McGarrah Julia Miller Nina Moore Mildred Murrow Estelle Nail Jewel Newton Marjorii Rivers President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Mary Rogers Virginia Sands Anna Carol Smith Jean Smith Cecillene Swinson Doris Stephenson Mary Katharine Sneed Mary Thrift Catherine Tod Frances Watson Winnie Zittrouer First Ron: Rogers, Lassetter, Hodges, Swinson, Bolton, Small, A Id red, Anderson, Bacon. Second Ron: Brewton, Bunce, Clark, Culbreth, Davis, Frazier, Gray, Harrison, Hutchenson. Third Ran : Hughes, Kessler, McGarrah, Miller, Moore, Murrow, Nail, Newton, Rivers. Fourth Row: Sands, A. C. Smith, J. Smith, Stephenson, Sneed, Thrift, Tod, Watson, Zittrouer. AA £k o AA n o mA f r e e o f) n n PS a » - 73 - ' d7 DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Florence Daley President Ruth Pound Vice-President Joe Buxton Secretary Thelma Harrison Treasurer Benjamin Jones Property Manager Jewel Vandiver Costumes Dr. Stroup Director PLAYS PRESENTED " Ghosts " " He Ain ' t Done Right By Nell " " Bread " " Little Shepherdess " " Kempy " MEMBERS Winona Aldred Irene Enecks Ernestine Monsees Dorothy Bennett Kenneth England Frank Mulling Joe Buxton Fay Foy Ruth Pound Magdalene Calhoun Bob Harris Julia Reese George Carter James Hussey LeRoy Roughton Frances Cone Vivie Johnson Derbel Sirmons Florence Daley Ben Jones Jewel Vandiver Charles Downs Joe Lambright Doris Wallace William McLeod First Roii: Daley, Pound, Buxton, Harrison, Jones, Vandiver, Dr. Stroup, Aldred, Bennett, Calhoun. Second Row: Carter, Clanton, Cone, Downs, Enecks, England, Foy, Harris, Hussey, Johnson. Third Row: Lambright, McLeod, Monsees, Mulling, Reese, Roughton, Sirmons, Wallace. P » r- -74- THE GEORGE-ANNE .75- ' 37 REFLECTOR STAFF 1937 Lillian Simmons Editor That this yearbook prove a store-house of fond memories, is the heart-felt wish for every student from each member of the staff. EDITORIAL STAFF Lillian Eason Associate Editor Sudie Lee Akins Literary Editor Grace Cromley Club Editor Joe Lambright Art Editor Verna Lasseter Associate Art Editor Louis Becton Sports Editor Bill Garrison Photographic Editor Miss Mary Small Faculty Advisor Eason I XSSI IIK Akins Cromley Lambright Becton Garrison -76- REFLECTOR STAFF 1937 Wayni McKnkely Business Manager We, the Business Staff, wish to express our appreciation for the kindness and co- operation of those with whom we have been associated. It is our wish and desire to instill in the hearts of fellow-students an appreciation of the fond memories which we hope this publication will recall. Eugene Bell Assistant Business Manager Elizabeth Watkins Advertising Manager Helen McGarrah Assistant Advertising Manager Elizabeth Deal Assistant Advertising Manager Carolyn Blitch Assistant Advertising Manager Mary Simmons Assistant Advertising Manager Robert Pound Circulation Manager Mary Rogers Assistant Circulation Manager Hi i i Watkins McGarrah Deal Blitch Simmons Pound Rogers - 77 - GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Grace Cromley President Girls ' Chorus Joe Buxton President Men ' s Chorus MEMBERS Men ' s Chorus Joe Buxton Ralph Kemp Cecil Stanley James Dickson Henry Knight Tom Swift Byron Gnann David Proctor Barrington Ward Tom Hodges Paul Robertson Bill Winn Bill Sneed Girls ' Chorus Kay Brice Virginia King Marjorie Rivers Grace Cromley Julia Miller Anna Rogers Florence Daley Ernestine Monsees Nell Starry Irene Enecks Mildred Murrow Gladys Thayer Thelma Harrison Frances Neal Mary Thayer Virginia Hughes Sue Zetterower - 78 - VESPER CHOIR OFFICERS Joe H. Buxton President Julia Miller Vice-President Jeanette Willets Secretary Thelma Harrison Treasurer PIANISTS Grace Cromley Alice Rhodes Mrs. Z. S. Henderson . . Director James Dickson . Assistant Director Margaret Alexander John Allen Joe Baird Mrs. A. R. Bennett Marjorie Brewer Kay Brice Betty Browder Joe H. Buxton Betty Clanton Polly Connor Grace Cromley James Dickson Irene Enecks Emma Louisl Goff MEMBERS Robert Harrison Thelma Harrison Tom Hodges Wilbur Hoover Sophie Johnson Virginia King L. C. Lee Eloise Mercer Julia Miller Robert Miller Ernestine Monsees Mildred Murrow Frances Neal Annie Lou Price Martha Ramsey Rubye Ratlifi Julia Reese Iris Roberts Alice Rhodes Thomas Shearouse Cecil Stanley Wilbur Stanley Tom Swift Barrington Ward Louise Watkins Inez White Jeanette Willets Bill Winn -79- BAND 1 Marion Carpenter, Lvli Williams, Winona Aldred, Ralph Klmp, Edward Carruth, Priscilla Prathi-r, W. H. Warren, Thelma Harrison, Margaret Alexander Alio Horn Robert Brinson, Jamie Aldred, Horace McDougald, Vivian Griffin Saxophone B. E. Smith, [. W. Bragg, John D. Deal, John Allen, Cora Page Baritone William Sneed Cornet Len Lastinger, Carlton Carruth, Edwin Beasley, Barrington Ward Trombone V. G. Ni vii.i.l, Giorci McIntyre, Joe Buxton, Frank Rushing Bass Mi ll Booth, Paul Robertson Drums .... Carl Collins, Grace Cromley, Virginia King Brum Major Robert Priester flute Marvin Pittman, Jr. COLLEGE DANCE ORCHESTRA Saxophone Marion Carpenter, Lyle Williams, B. E. Smith Trumpet Len Lastinger, Barrington Ward Trombone Gesman Neville Violin Winona Aldred, Ralph Kemp Bass Mell Booth Piano Frank Rushing Drums Carl Collins - 80 - LITTLE SYMPHONY W inon a Ai mu d, Gracl Cromley, Ralph Kemp, " !S | Vivian Chim in, Paul Robertson, Cora Pace Cello Mrs. Walter L. Downs Clarinet Marion Carpi nter, Lyll Williams Saxophone B. F.. Smith, John Daniel Deal Trumpet Len Lastingfr, Barrington Ward Trombone Gesman Neville Bass Mell Booth Alto Horn William Sneld Viola Mrs. T. B. Stroup Piano Frank Rushing CARL COLLINS ORCHESTRA Saxophone Marion Carpenter, Lyi.i Williams, James Townsend Trumpet Lfn Lastinglr, Josh Laniir Trombone John Austin Bass Mlll Booth Piano Frank Rushing Drums Cari. Collins Vocalist Roy Dukis featured Vocalist Cliff Garfield -81 - ' 37 MUSIC CLUB Grace Cromi i v OFFICERS President Fay Foy Jui.ia Reese . Secretary and Treasurer Vice-President MOTTO " Time wrecks the proudest piles we raise — - The towers, the domes, the temples fall. The fortress crumbles and decays. One breath of song outlives them all. " MEMBERS Grace Cromi i v Fay Foy Julia Reese Winona Aldred Courtney Bradley Joe Buxton Marion Carpenter Florence Daley Mrs. Esther W. Barnes James Dickson Rosa Barrow Irini I. nicks Kenneth England E R«.. R I I I 1 1)1)1, 1 S Margaret McCroan Horace McDougald Robert Miller I K M I s I I Cora Page Frank Mulling jurelle shuptrine Derrel Sirmons Irene Swann Gladys Thayer - 82 - ' 37 OFFICERS Roy Rabun Will Hill Fields Paul Robertson . Wayne McKneely President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Miss Ruth Bolton, Faculty Sponsor Miss Marie Wood . Faculty Sponsor BACHELORS CLUB MEMBERS Roy Rabun Will Hii l Fii i i s Paul Robertson Wayne McKneei y Eugene Beei George Carte r James Dozier Tom Edwards Kenneth England Oliver Fussell Bn i Ware Leonard Kent Jul ius Hodges Joe Lambright David Proctor LeRoy Roughton Alton Settle James Townsend Ned Warren Jim Wrinkle Willard Cartee HISTORY : Founded 1928 COLORS: Green and White flower: Bachelor ' s Button MOTTO: " Beware of women ' Ci $£ ! . i s - H 1T f l irst Row: Rabun, Fields, Robertson, McKneely, Bell, Carter, Dozier, Edwards. Second Rou: England, Fussell, Kent, Bolton, Wood, Hodges, Lambright, Proctor. Third Role: Roughton, Settle, Townsend, Warren, Wrinkle, Cartee, Ware. - 04- OFFICERS Eari Riggs .... President Eugene Bell . . Vice-President Joe Lambright . . . Secretary John Daniel Deal . . Treasurer Joe Bairu Cba plain Menza Cumming . . . Sponsor Dr. R. J. H. DeLoach . Advisor Mr. H. I. McCcrmack . Advisor en HISTORY: Founded G. S. M. C, T if ton, Ga., 1929; S. G. T. C, 1932 colors: Gold and Blue flower: Red Rose DELTA SIGMA MEMBERS Earl Riggs Eugene Bell Joe Lambright John Daniel Deal Joe Baird Emory Allen Lewis Becton Harry Bowen Leroy Cowart Ralph Crowe Gerald Groover Albert Green Bill Garrison Thomas T. Grady Aubrey Hires James L. Hines R. M. Horton Reppard Howard Wayne McKnei i • Frank Olliff Hiram Patterson B. H. Ramsey John Thayer Clifton Thrash John Varnedoe Robert Walker Cecil Waters Jack Walker f 7 • Ck p. o id ti 0 0 id !|4 r ii Ml ft ft e ft ft ft ft ft ft o First Row: Riggs, Bell, Lambright, Deal, Baird, Allen, Becton, Bowen, Cowart, Crowe. Second Row: Groover, Cumming, DeLoach, McCormack, Green, Garrison, Grady, Hires, Hines, Horton. Third Row: Howard, iMcKneely, Olliff, Patterson, Ramsey, Thayer, Thrash, Varnedoe, Walker, Waters. - 85- OFFICERS Robert Pound . . . President Roy Rabun . . . Vice-President Willard Cartee . . . Secretary W. H. Warren . . . Treasurer Bill Ware .... Chaplain Jean Smith .... Sponsor Mrs. Bill Bowen . Faculty Advisor IOTA PI NU MEMBERS Mell Booth Robert Pound John Edwin Bowen Roy Rabun Carl Collins Paul Robertson Willard Cart i i LeRoy Roughton Marion Carpenter Sam Rouse Charles Dominy Frank Rushing Tom Edwards Alton Settle Frank Hook Derrel Sirmons Oliver Inman Forrest Townsend Leonard Kent James Townsend Len Lastinger William Ware Frank Mulling Ned Warren COPELAND O ' ZIER W. H. Warren David Proctor William Winn Jim Wrinkle HISTORY: Founded 19} 1 colors: Scarlet and Emerald flower: Poinsettia a c , o. f r a, o. o a a o f ot o r% o, p I PO P ?!V First Row: Pound, Rabun, Cartee, Warren, Ware, Booth, Bowen, Collins, Carter, Carpenter, Dom- iny. Second Row: Smith, Bowen, Edwards, Hook, Inman, Kent, Lastinger, Mulling, Ozier, Proctor, Robertson. Third Row: Roughton, Rouse, Rushing, Settle, Sirmons, F. Townsend, J. Townsend, Warren, Winn, Wrinkle. - 86 - First Row: Cromlcy, Lassetter, McGarrah, Pound, Arnsdorff, Baldwin, D. Cromley, M. Cromley. Second Ron: Darby, Enecks, Felton, Remington, Agnes Hodges, Alice Hodges, M. Hodges. Third Ron: Hughes., Johnson, Kelly, Ramsey, Simmons, Trussell, Vandiver, Watson. L. T. C. MOTTO: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " MEMBERS Margaret Hodges Virginia Hughes Vivie Johnson Johnny Maude Kelly Verna Lassetter Helen McGarrah Martha Ramsey Lillian Simmons Jewel Vandiver Frances Watson Lorraine Arnsdorfi Lillian Baldwin Dorothy Cromley Grace Cromley Mary Cromley Saralu Darby Irene Enecks Ann Felton Agnes Hodges Alice Hodges OFFICERS Grace Cromley President Verna Lassetter Vice-President Helen McGarrah Secretary Ruth Pound Treasurer Miss Trussell Faculty Sponsor Dr. Destler Honorary Advisor Ann Remington Mascot - 87 - ' d7 EPICUREANS OFFICERS Priscilla Prather President Eloise Mincey Vice-President Jean Smith Secretary and Treasurer Frances Cone Chaplain Mr. and Mrs. William Deal Sponsors motto: " Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. " MEMBERS Priscilla Prather Jean Smith Frances Cone Eloise Mincey Barbara Gray colors: Red and White PLEDGE Margaret Bell Eloise Warren Emily Akins Laura Hickey Margaret Brasington Anne Breen history: Founded 1929 - 88 - f rs Row: Foy, Smith, Rockhart, Strickland. Second Row. Sands, Russell, Rcddick, F. Russell, Powell, Russell, D. Sands. Third Row: French, Hardin, Mobley, Girardeau. DUX DOMINA OFFICERS Fay Foy President Virginia Sands Vice-President Marianne French Secretary Anna Carroll Smith Treasurer Mr. Fielding D. Russell Sponsor Mrs. Fielding Russell Sponsor Fielding Russell, Junior Mascot MEMBERS Fay Foy Virginia Sands Marianne French Anna Carroll Smith Lillian Reddick Martha Hardin Rose Lockhart Carolyn Powell Mary Mobley Sibyl Strickland Doris Sands Miriam Girardeau motto: To lead rather than to be lead. colors: Yellow and White FLOWER: Dais y - 89 - lUKI-fH ([XC ' ii ' e Lq) ' 37 DELTA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS Florence Daley President Julia Reese Vice-President Sudie Lee Akins Secretary Thelma Harrison Treasurer W. H. Bennett Sponsor MEMBERS Florence Daley Julia Reese Sudie Lee Akins Thelma Harrison Vernice Bacon Minnie Chance Margaret Alexander Marjorie Collins Marion Smitei Annie Merle Jones Doris Wallace Virginia King Mary Brigman motto: A good time in a good way. flower: Old Maid history: Pounded 1927 4 Inst Ron: Chance, Daley, Smith, Bennett, Kin;;. Second Ron: Reese, Akins, Harrison. Third Row. Bacon, Alexander, Collins, Jones, Wallace, Brigman. -90- Upper Left, Across: Aid red, Bowen, Bunce, Everett, Griffin, Holton. Lower Left, Acrors: Thomas, Thayer, Swinson, Sowell, Smith, M. B. Smith. " X " CLUB OFFICERS Jamil Alored President Mary Brent Smith Vice-President Lucy Bunce Secretary Juanita Thomas Treasurer Dr. J. E. Carruth Advisor Mrs. J. E. Carruth Advisor Miss Iris Roberts Sponsor MEMBERS Jamie Aedred Mary Brent Smith Hilda Bow en Sallie Smith Lu cy Bunce Mary Sowell Juanita Everett Cecillene Swinson Vivian Griffin Mary Thayer Bessie Holton Juanita Thomas motto: Happiness is not perfected until it is shared. colors: flower: Yellow and Green Daffodils -91 - " Music is love in search of a word. " -SIDNEY LANIER. Book IV. ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Byron L. Smith Director of Men ' s Physical Education Jim Wrinkle Instructor ui Physical Education Fielding Russell Boxing Coach William S. Hanner Tennis Coach Louise McGilvery Director of Women ' s Physical Education Generia H. Bowen Instructor in Physical Education The Athletic Directors of South Georgia Teachers College are not interested pri- marily in sponsoring an athletic program to develop widely recognized athletes. Their aims are to sponsor a program suited to the needs of a proficient teacher. For this reason they have endeavored to give each individual an opportunity to participate in a program designed for growth in leadership, sportsmanship, group participation, moral advancement, and physical fitness. Through the efforts of Coach Smith, Miss McGilvery, Mrs. Bowen, Mr. Wrinkle, Mr. Russell, and Mr. Hanner, these aims have been realized more fully this year than in preceding years. -97 - TEA K s J) Heath Golden Abelson Teachers 0- — Mercer University . 40 Teachers 0- — Miami University 44 Teachers 0- — Alabama Teachers 14 Teachers 0- — Stetson University 20 Teachers 0- — Tampa University 27 HERS 3 6 Hill Grady Crowe Lambright jjjj Vandiver 0 — Appalachian Teachers 27 14— Middle Ga. College . 7 7 — Gordon . . . . 12 14 — Brewton-Parker . . 7 10 — Newberry ... 13 Adams Estls Rom RTSON TlNLLY THE BLUE TIDE The 1936 edition of the Blue Tide, although not very successful as far as the record is concerned, exemplified all that should be expected of an amateur college team, who played the game only because of the love for it. A keen spirit of sportsmanship was shown by the Professors at all times, and never was their gridiron conduct such as to bring discredit to them- selves or the school they represented. They played hard and fair, and were good winners, but better still, good losers. This season saw two Professors wear the Blue and White on the football field for the last time for the Pro- fessors. Earl " Coonie " Riggs, veteran center and main cog in the machinery for the past several seasons, concluded a spectacular career. Joe " Dodie " Lambright, quarterback, also hung up his togs at the conclusion of the sea- son. Coach Smith should be able to de- velop a better team next year with such men coming along as Glenn Heath, Treutland Grady, Tom Van- diver, Jeff Stewart, Cope Ozier, J. C. Golden, Charles Dominy, Charles Estes, Eli Hill, Douglas Strickland, Ralph Crowe, O. B. Inman, Tom Brantley, Parker Adams, Hemans Oliver, and others who saw consider- able service and acquitted themselves well during the past season. BOXING 1937 Boxing has been a recognized sport on the T. C. campus for only a few years. Coach Russell has taken inexperienced fighters and has given us teams which have defeated some of the outstanding colleges in this State and colleges outside of the State. Won Holy Name Society 5 Teachers 1 Citadel 7 Teachers 0 Armstrong 2 Teachers ) Armstrong 3 Teachers 3 Lost 1 5 0 7 5 2 3 3 Drew 2 2 - 101 - BASKETBALL 1937 The 193 7 cage team of the Teachers possessed one of the best records on the local court of any team ever to represent this institution. B. P. I., Middle Georgia College, University of Tampa, Mercer University, University of Florida, Armstrong Junior College, and Stetson University fell before the Profs in this order on the local court. Oddly enough, the Teachers lost the opening game to Armstrong, with one week ' s practice behind them, and lost the closing game to Mercer University. Undoubtedly, the ' 3 7 Cagers were one of the best clicking basketball teams Coach Smith has ever produced. Teachers 29 — Armstrong . . . 31 Teachers . . . 34— B. P. I. . . . . . . 9 Teachers . . . 45— M. G. C. . . . . . . 3 1 Teachers 42 — Tampa . . . 25 Teachers 3 6 — Mercer . . . 31 Teachers . . . 3 9— Florida . . . . . . 3 5 Teachers 48 — Armstrong . . . 17 Teachers 3 3 — Stetson . . . 28 Teachers 29 — Mercer . . . 34 - 102 - - 103 - TRACK 1937 The track team coached by Mr. Westcott in 193 6 has as its director this year Jim Wrinkle. Under his direction a successful season is anticipated. TRACK 193 6 Those men who were out for the 193 6 track team were: 100-Yard Dash .... Thornton, Oliver, Rushton, Gilbert, McKneely 220-Yard Dash Oliver, Thornton, Gilbert, Rushton 440-Yard Dash Adams, Rushton Pole Vault Rhodes, Carter Broad Jump McKneely, Golden, Oliver High Jump McKneely, Golden Discus Warren, Watson, Rocker, Cherry Hurdles ... McKneely, Gilb ert, Hamil Relay Thornton, Oliver, Rushton, Gilbert, McKneely -104- TENNIS 1936 Mr. Hanner has been influential in making tennis the outstanding minor sport on the campus. The 193 6 team, composed of Ed Carroll, George Carter, Alton Settle, Hugh Hodges, Bob Espy and J. R. Bowen, staged several very interesting matches with other intercollegiate teams. Prospects for the 1937 season seem to be very encouraging. South Georgia State College iTl ■ 1 Teachers 2} Mercer University r ( e Teachers 5 South Georgia State College 4 , Teachers (They) Mercer University X(Tied) Teachers 3 - 105 - ' 37 W. A. A. Elizabeth Watkins President Saralu Darby Vice-President Priscilla Prathf.r Secretary and Treasurer Lillian Simmons Publicity Chairman Dorothy Bunn Basketball Dora Brinson Baseball Marianne French Volleyball The Women ' s Athletic As- sociation of Teachers College attempts to help every girl realize the part athletics should play in a well-rounded educa- tional program. The W. A. A. is designed to develop sports- manship and group participation in the promotion of the moral, physical, and social welfare of the individual. Jean Smith Swim ming Elizabeth Deal Training School Margarit Alexander Dancing Mary Rogers Individual Activities Margarft Brasington Tennis Cloteen Music Soccer Miss McGilvery Sponsor Mrs. Bowen Sponsor - 106- There ' s music in the sighing of a reed; There ' s music in the gushing of a rill; There ' s music in all tilings, if men had ears: Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. " -BYRON Book V. VERNA LASSETTER J)tost ' Beautiful GRACE CROMLEY ±J)iIost Outstanding Qirl ELIZABETH W ATKINS Jttost ' Popular Qirl GEORGE CARTER zTblost Outstanding ' Boy EARL RIGGS £Most ' Popular ' Boy ROBERT POUND tMost Handsome ' Boy ADVERTISEMENTS Compliments of Statesboro Chamber of Commerce - 126- 1920 1937 " Sensible Service " Alfred Dorman Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS STATESBORO SYLVANIA JESUP SWAINSBORO 1920 1937 - 127 - Sanders Studio " Sanders for N a turalness " St at esboro, Georgia - 128- ( Meet Your Friends at . . . I The | COLLEGE I PHARMACY I ! j " Where the Crowds Go " i j PROMPT, COURTEOUS | SERVICE Phone 414 19 S. MAIN STREET Compliments of DERSrS HOLSUM BREAD and CAKE S. W. Lewis FORD V-8 STATESBORO GEORGIA Compliments of " The Little Store " We Appreciate Your Patronage " - 129- VISIT . . . CECIL KENNEDY ' S NEW PLACE Sandwiches of All Kinds Short Orders Sea Foods Private Dances OLLIFF AND SMITH Good Things to Eat Since 1893 • SCHOOL BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES SEEDS for the GARDEN POULTRY FEEDS P )ULTRY SUPPLIES STATESBORO GEORGIA j j It ' s Smart to be THRIFTY ... That ' s Why Students of America Look to P E N N E y 1 S to Outfit Them for College and All the Activities of College Life In Savannah " It ' s Penney ' s " . . . three floors filled with outstanding tested values to outfit you in the newest fashion trends. When in Savannah we will be happy to have you feel at home in our store. Compliments of SEA ISLAND BANK 130- W. C. Akins Son HARDWARE and GROCERY • Service is C ) ur Motto SEE US BEFORE V ' OU BUY Compliments of . . . Thackston Dry Cleaners Hobson DuBose, Proprietor 41 E. Main St. Phone 418 Compliments of t i Statesboro Grocery Co. BULLOCH TIMES ' Your Home Newspaper ' H. W. SMITH Statesboro ' s Leading Jeweler BULLOCH DRUG CO. Prescriptions a Specialty WHITMAN CANDIES 5 S. Main St. Phone 94-J Statesboro Undertaking Co. Funeral Directors Ambulance Service - Lady- Assistant Day Phone 340— Night Phone 415 STATESBORO GEORGIA DONALDSON-SMITH C LOTHING CO. STATESBORO GEORGIA | " Outfitters for Men and Boys " L_. 1 131 McLELLAN ' S ' Anythin3 You Need We Have " 4 Western Auto Associate Store " Everything for the Automobile " H. R. Christian 39 E. Main St. STATESBORO GEORGIA H. Minkovitz Son DEPARTMENT STORE Brannen-Thayer Monument Company " Monuments of Quality " i j STATESBORO ! GEORGIA STATESBORO GEORGIA 4 r Franklin Drug Co. Rexall Quality Drugs Professional Pharmacists Rx Phone 10 Drugs Soda Phone 2 i r The one big and important thought we want to get over is this: that VARSITy - TOWN CLOTHES give you those things it ' s useless to look for in other clothes . . . modern, daring, but thoroughly correct style ideas . . . color innovations . . . fabric originality . . . fashion details that show the spark of genius . . . the work of master stylists. Exclusive, but not expensive ! $25 to $35 TALON TAILORED TROUSERS Terrell T Tuten Carl J Kraft QUALITY WEARING APPAREL FOR MEN AND BOYS 1 IS Kast Broughton St. Savannah, CJ ... Meet and Eat at . . . Tea Pot Grille Statesboro ' s Most Exclusive Dining Room DINNERS— SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Stanley and Company Jc welers 21 East Broughton Street Savannah i Georgia ... ❖ -132- COMPLIMENTS OF STATES and NEW THEATRES i I W. H. ELLIS CO., INC. I 1 " Your Drug Store " j I Always Visit Our Store i f ! • ! We Serve I Southern Dairies Ice Cream When in Savannah Visit THE STORE BEAUTIFUL Shoes for the Young Men and Young Ladies GLOBE SHOE CO. 17 E. Broughton St. Savannah Georgia - 133 - • THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES CO. HAVE THESE SERVICES . . . a,J tkz me t iitc Aa%y components o all teally lne tro- ' oks in-ciudnt. A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS - ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE • PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE ATLANTA GEORGIA H ±±4 I ZACH S. HENDERSON LIBRARY ] 2001 QMflfilfl? q DEMCO

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