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P , All the world s a stage, and all the men and women merely playersg they have their exits and their entran- cesg and one man in his time plays many parts . . . 11.1-' 5 1 1 1 , 1 111 "-A111111 " 1' ' ' 11 1 ' 1 ' 11 j1,:1111111, " 1 11 -' 'v'-1', ' ..,.1'1'1',1' - 1 ' 1 1f1 1 11 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 V12 ' 1 'H' l 1 1l ' ' ' ' 1 ",.1 -'1 . Q ' r 'I' , ,., ,,..,, ., .Q 4,J,y, . . -:Ai usableI55:f"11,g4a..:9iv'7f-,zgr'qw-1Pg"3'-.,','1.Q'ff '5gs14g-u:- rv ' iwaa'iff" F' 1 I l " ml w - , t L 1ms:ew1f'1fs:ffii. ,, -FSS 3ffP,fmzaf4fxfszggewfzffw-5,:-mwlsfg..f-wb'z1.1Jf5f3:vm.,,pw 4 S S ,l,. Lf he-buf Q-.5111-6 ff mf ' ,W ,MQ 5532fQf2,'lM5Xf5tiQsslv-Liwf4'q,.3.a-anim f ' haw-a,ff5,m'1EQ'r.t:n35i51:rLsr252Er41'P'1k,3'o,a1,w.' " " I ' -M511 Y .U,.p..M., .n,f.,,.4, ,. ,,,..:-V, , 1. .U 4 VwS3'avg,F:' myf'f,4gmsi1FfPfQi:gp-1121593LMsfii'ge51f.,Q,e51pizgfilrz H, " 1 f P' i - 5,-signs jfkyifwl za f.4!'!':4'hfE , Qlpflflv, lmlq 1 g 2,11 15553259 ' f.Sik?ESYi?!9'!?5?i?Ffi55iQift2?f',:uxpff'5'?2 LSKIF asa ':,w',,,--,,m,,- 'tgfl-sat-fzgfvuqwe 5f.,,,n, W, 'VJ.QlL3i2iK'fLggfffiii1'flqQ':l Life'-':G1'iS' v R, Jffi iw' if H E A-tw '11fl'fa9253?F5542Uf?E'1':if5iei5v':i3 ff g':,:-FY " f' 2:11 .- ''fN .f':f1'?f513.1gggfgdu,,121'y5E:f'5fMgpE-f wwf, fr,..., 1,1 ' ssi:M5Qfl'QEWh.3 iff" ,611-ff' ,J +V' :f'f1Qi225S5ii?f2!?!i?5Ef23?2'I'1iEQEW1 iiflf ' 4:mS511 f-f,':'g,ZC,5',! ?:",.,':-1-.rp '- -, gg , ,- Q i 1 if i 1 i u , - it 5 ' f fflvff 55Vf'j?ff'fp'-' Q 51:1 I " 52211133 ' ' if 'ff?-J:1QQR2Q571351,,jpg 23 ' Q, ' , ' -. i t hi i i ' ' ' 'f3kff:",I'. Q 1 3-if-:X o fuf q X h I 7 v School of arsiftg Georgia Baptist Hospital Atlanta, Georgia i nrsgx f Qi, w u Am X S iff NH: gs 5 ,, r El 1 V 1 3 1 3 2 - f 2 4 , Xi -.w- L' ff' 5 ff v H ,ig c'Loolc to this Day! 5 Q For it is Life, the very Life of Life. . ' In its brief course lie all the .ff ' i', 53 Verities and Realities of your Existeneeg The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action, MWA 'AAA The Splendor of Beautyg For Yesterday is but a Dream, And Tomorrow is only a Visiong , P Dat Today well lived' makes every D b yt.. .'lx j Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and every l 'll A Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well therefore to this Day!" A A A From the SANSKRIT MX I We as students of Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing make our entrance upon the stage on which three years of our lives are played. The scenery and props are in placeg the curtain has risen. However, the role We play-the casting of our characters-is left to us. Ours is the power to make that role great or small-reward ing or empty. Within our hands is placed the molding of a life-our life. The climax of our first scene comes when we receive our cap. Then We are on our Way to star- dom When, as full-fledged students, We begin our leading role. X ., W u,.,,y. A.. ,mar him- " '42f:1f,Ai',fwi? 1wf3' ':mYf ggglflf a x ,g inlay." '9l'H!-'M fjfgLm'Jfe,: , J2'f55,w 1' IS E! FW! 4 . ,, -",. D'11Lj ',. -Evil' Y S 1 5 . '1 ,Iv 1 L X, XX, l f 1 , I- 4g,2 ,f Af 1 Lf f if 1 , f M XV , x V - ',,,,:"f' ,N ff' ,LM ' 1' V"' N fJf'ffA4 L jjglff 2 5 vi J1 f ,-ff-ff' ' .-l . l'mv' S225 nh- "N"-'P' 'fhvfsy-,TS--'N - '63 Fuwgg mfr, , ' " EWLl1'm"5 ff' ff" N ' ' ' Ji' "'EA"i'lfLi:' fx, ,,i."' 5,3570 FW-y ' ' 1 'M- , The first part we played was that of a carefree Hprobiev, agog with the wonders of nursing and of being on our own With dozens of candi- dates for new friends. We unpacked our bags and began the rigorous but intriguing task of becoming an integral part of Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. WKYZ:-s'g- .. WW'-wA.o,, 5: 'Q l H X I E ., l Q -mv -.MW stin- ,gr 1. X --uw And then there's May Day . V. Nurses shed their white cocoons and take on the splendor that transforms a beautiful but complacent patio into a fairyland, and there's sure to be a leprechaun peeking around the corner as our queen makes her grand entrance. Amid laughter and festivities we prove that student nurses, while efficient, scientific and professional, are really young at heart. HA!! S s fx 'S M a L . ' I . ' in :. ' W ,, . ,ld-, -'gg 1 N... . A 3 1833 09701 Qocm Then the big moment comes . . . We settle down and really begin our work of becoming nurses. There are classes, classes, and more classes. We attend wide awake, We attend half asleepg and in between times we study. We study for that moment when We, as nurses, attain our highest goal-that of being prepared to sewe and to act when needed. While waiting for the curtain to rise on another act of our lives, we gaze out at the bright lights of Atlanta and the soft back drop of the sunset. As we review the day we have just lived, we reconsider the goals on the horizons of our lives. With complete humility and sincerity, we whisper, "God lead us past the setting of the sun To wizard islands, of august surprise, Coal make our blunders wise." Vachel Lindsay 4'Columhus" n.nn L .- Y-.' . W , H As the curtain falls, our act as student nurses is over, and we find moments to relax and indulge in that wonderful process of being unique individuals. There's Cupid and his bow on the job and Alexander Bell's marvelous in- vention brings messages of ecstasy as tired feet and half-written term papers are for- gotten. With songs in our hearts, we welcome the magic of moonlight and roses and the joy of being young and in love. 21' 9 51 S 4. 3: i fl l AXE Q -, HES QS KN... Y I5 With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the scenes at our campus. Old buildings come down and new ones go up. As we were awaiting the completion of the new dormitory just a year ago, we are now anticipating the com- pletion of our new activities build- ing. We watched closely as the foundations were laid and the walls were begun. Before our eyes we saw a gawky structure take form and grow until it became a build- ing--simple, but with a grace all its own. We realized that here was an analogy-as the building grew, we grew. Our personalities became more complete and our outlook broadened. ,WM- fmwiw -cafwvffijj-1125-T5 PW--,5 Q fEO3M1I,fX PT ISI? N LJ R 5 E 5 'H ON 1 ki :T Si E T K D if 'P O X, Vi, 1 EYE ES M L UNC-. U P i 7 lf 31.55 M Lf L' O DQML 1 T315 ' M1 NTO:I,G.'X. N TA, GA . . I 0, G A G A Q , 1,343-8 ., 1. .x.S.5:ix, , u,:,.,, , I :M-ww f ,, , ,.,., xg x N ,mx 0.25 X ' Nxxs Xxx: , Q XE I- 'Q l'?'?3E' if , 3 ff-si ' BJP , ' 5 X ' I,.l','N'b':9 X.i':'1P'-gg, ', x' .QI :, .. 1:ix-sir:-1-::..51qsx:5SXI:f:".--wrsr. "- ,QS N -' 'z z we ,, ,. ,x.X.,.Y ,. X , W N wwvu , 32-s,ff:':es gm:-ummrxsmwmmw Q f 4 vi' -rv esxiiiv ,..,:,.R,fa,g g 'S 'Q 'IN 3? L3 9 ya wi- F4 5' MMM, . ,wx A 0 S X J: A ...Mew-ef M .,-K? Q5 f W, "' K I ' 1 X ii, - Yam A gi' fi W ':..,.-A-ff' alll!!! ' '12 v R lui L -g,g,,..,...... .5., fi., V 5 Qi, fgxqfs '-"'A . nw. 4 J .V x A i d . M i J. 'i -..,...,.,..,mw.,,.,. I E 4 Az r: w ' ,- aw.:-,mf -,-, 44-X 0 ' 1-waz-'f:f-fm, A f N x,,:, Q12 ,.,-.wh . NN .ms- Ad LS ra Lon MR. EDWIN B. PEEL, Administrator MR. ROBERT L. ZWALD, Assistant Administrator Administration Eight o'clock in the morning un- til . . . These are the working hours of our administrative staff who so aptly run the machinery that keeps our hospital in perpetual motion. Yet, these people find time to turn their full attention to the problems we encounter-from staffing a 4-75 bed hospital to returning a dime lost in a vending machine to a very worried ten year old. MR. CHARLES R. SIKES, Assistant Administrator SECRETARIES: standing I-r, Mrs. Joyce Norris, Mrs. Muriel Morgan, Miss Pearl Taylor, seated: Mrs. Marie Wysong. MRS. LOIS GROSS, Administrative Assistant A genuine smile, a hearty laugh A listening ear, always quick to share Another's thoughts, another's,care . . . That oft' repeated phrase to everyone "Everything will he all right." These are the memories which live on I n Memoriam Robert E. Fore Our Governing Board ls Progressive These men compose the Hospital Commission and originate the policies that form the framework for the existence of Georgia Baptist Hospital and School of Nursing. Elected by and responsible to the Georgia Baptist Convention, commission members give freely of their wisdom and judment to make the hospital and school unique institutions of healing and learning. Chairman Louie D. Newton twith rulerj is telling lVlr. Warren P. Sewell that the "water hits the studenti' in the pool of the Activities Building as indicated on the blueprints. Dr. Searcy S. Garrison frightl and other members look on approvingly. Back row fl-rj: Mr. Lamar Plunkett, lVlr. B. C. Smith, Mr. Charles D. Hudson and Attorney John J. Poole. Second row: Administrator Edwin B. Peel, Mr. C. B. Williams, Dr. James W. Merritt, Mr. I. lVl. Sheffield. Jr., and Mr. Guy W. Rutland, Sr. Not Pictured: Dr. Robert W. Jackson, Vice-Chairman. '21 MRS. VIRGINIA HOWARD, R.N. Director of Nursing 3 3 PM-11 PM: I-r: Miss Cratia Cone, R.N., Mrs. Mary Underwood, R.N.. Mrs. Evelyn Swan- son, R.N., and Mrs. Frances Hale. RN. 26 , ,rr,rr A4 ursmg Service . 5 Nursing Service employs tactics that would make a general envious as they recruit and direct the nursing personnel to the areas of greatest need and make our hospital secure. Theirs is a twenty-four hour daily vigil and they keep it well. A ,- au- """"t .Fc :,- V ,F 'Q 7 AM-3 PM: Mrs. Frances Auth, R.N., Mrs. Howard, R.N., Mrs. Arm Halley, R.N. MRS. ATTA HUDSON Director, Nurse Aide Program I ,rru if t - .f . 5 . ,, vying. . .V QM, v:i., .cub Q R 0 L iiil is :. REQ- ..'r- . - .seven 3 11 PM-7 AM: Mrs. Audie Braswell, R.N., Mrs. Violet Jones, R.N., Mrs. Jan Fisher, R.N., Not pictured-Miss Harriette Walton, R.N. S ...nn "N-....,MhMs...-Q 2 ill Medical Education Sealed left to right: Thomas VanSant Clnternl, Ann Utley flnternl, Ray Bowen flnternl, Dan Byrd flnternl, John Cochran flnteml Eugene Harrison Clnternl, John Rosser flnternl. Standing left to right: Clarence Donald, J. Gordon Barrow, Dir. Medical Education Joyce Gann, Alvin Blumenfeld, Anne Patterson, Fredrick Fuerst, Charles Rogers, William B. Mulherin, Joseph Leyva, Kamal Mansour Charles Hancock, Roger Swingle, Arthur Mauterer, Walter Smith, Edward Stephens, Pascual Herrera. Student nurses find kindred souls among the residents and interns of our hospital, for they, like we, are students of medicine. Their area of healing often extends beyond the patientls room as they offer sympathetic ears and lengthy explanations to us. 28 Personnel Department Post Office Mrs. Helen Long lrightl and Mrs. Mamie Jackson are true to the old tradition-the mails must go through. Sometimes, the Post Office De- partment doesr1't cooperate to get the mail delivered to the Hospital on time-then, therc are those questions-"ls the mail ready? Do I have a letter?" Mrs. .lo P. Watson, Personnel Director, dis- cusses an applicant's qualifications with Secretary Mrs. Pat Martin. Aclmitting These ladies provide around-the-clock coverage to receive requests for patient accommodations from the doctor and assign patients according to their medical needs and available space. 29 Miss .ludy Woods and Mrs. Martha Warren are typical of the Laboratory's registered medical technologists. Their skills are vital aids to the doctor and his patient. Laboratory 1 1 1 Dr. Robert Farrell, Pathologist, and Sur- Mrs. Donna Hall is using her skill and expensive labora- tory equipment to answer a doctor's question about his patient. geon John P. Wilson discuss a biopsy which was highly suspicious of cancer. Mrs. Bernice Jones and the Blood Bank offer ex- tensive blood therapy. Pharmacy Director of Pharmacy Services Harry W. Urban, Jr. demonstrates the I I . sterile '4click" of a bottle of solution manufactured by his department. XRa Drs. Long, Edenfield and Taylor, Radiol ogists, are seldom this relaxed. :"' Pharmacists must serve inpatients as well as written prescriptions for clinic patients. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Chandler Smith confer on a film. The laboratory, pharmacy, and X-ray depart- ments are beehives of industry at GBH. Their workers seek to find the answers to the multitude of riddles sent to them each day and issue corrective measures in the form of diagnosis, suggestions, and drugs. 4LeftJ Dr. C. Lester Forbes, Jr., Chief Pathologist and Director, Clinical Labs. Mrs. Ovcll McDonald rcucls off a Hospital Purchase order nunlhcr us Miss Johnson records. Picking up charts from the nursing units as well as com- pleting insurance claim forms are never ending tasks of this department. Purchasing MR. BUFORD O. MERCER Purchasing Agent Medical Records A large medical records staff 15 required to maintain the records of 28 000 patlents a year. Mrs. Selena Dunn, RRL, IS de partmental director. Q , l5,,,. 'Y e . 5 ,,,., c hir. if ., at L5 SX Chief Dietitian Peggy Pilkenton, ADA, reviews dietary goals, together with Mr. McMillan, with the staff. Dtetary Three of the departments upon which we make many requests for service are Pur- chasing, Medical Record Library and Die- tary . . . A great big thanks for your support! ff. Y' Ummmm . . . another good meal today! I'm glad I didn't have to plan the meal, buy the food, prepare the meal and wash the dishes. MR. CECIL McMILLAN, Director of Food Services 33 Scaled: O. L. DeL0zier, Jr., Associate Chaplaing E. A. Verdery, Chaplain. Standing: Everett Tumlin, Claude L Campbell James M. Pilgrim, Jr., and Carter Hudson, who are Chaplain Interns. Department of Pastoral Care mln my distress l cried unto the Lord and he heard mef, Psalms l20:1 The Chaplains are on call twenty-four hours a day. They complement the services of the medical staff with those of our Lord, there- fore making WHOLE the ministry of Georgia Baptist Hospital. Mrs. White, Scretaryg Mrs. Barton, Librarian Business Office PBX and Patient Account Auditors Insurance Personnel We often forget that the busi- ness office must carry out all the complex financial arrangements that patients use to provide their care. Mr. Gerald Brock, far right, directs the office. Information Those ever important PBX Operators Laundry Mr. R. M. Boyd, Laundry Mgr., Mrs. Mary Chaffin and Mrs. Mary Carusos check row after row of freshly laundered stu- dent uniforms. MR. R. M. BOYD, Laundry Manager. 36 Mrs. Foster is forever fixing our uniforms especially the belts. Sewing Room 1 1 L., , MR. L. M. GARRETT, Storeroom Mgr. Now we know why you have that sign, UNO Admittance Storeroom QM , gsm- ' Q 1 'Nm-rlglv' 'K Mr. James Wagner and his efficient Housekeepers! MR. W. O. BROWN, Chief Engineer MR. JAMES SMITH, Foreman H ousekeeping Honest to Goodness, SIRS: We didn't mean any real harm by chang- ing the filters . . . we were just trying to be helpful! Maintenance H ousemothers land Receptionists When a need of ours arises, they are al- ways ready and willing to do their best to fulfill it. We appreciate their interest and concern. MRS. PAULINE JONES, Head Housemother HOUSEMOTHERS: standing, l-r: Mrs. Marian Akin, Mrs. Inez Trammell, Mrs. J. A. Mauldin, Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, Mrs. Katherine Carrington, Iseatedl. MTS: Loudermilk, receptionist, 51131135 joke with Pam Receptionists Mrs. Sarah Kerns, Mrs. Lillian Bedell, and Mrs. Smith Davies. 38 admire trophy. 9 -E Our faculty endeavors to provide us with a program of education that will equip us to use our abilities to the greatest potential as we grow and mature into adulthood. Thus the educational program which is accredited by the National League of Nursing is designed not only to prepare us to be competent nurses, but also to prepare us to lead a rewarding life through the various roles we will assume as adults. MRS. SARAH HELEN KILGORE, R.N., M.N,, Assistant Director ..,. . . MRS. KATHRYN RANSBOTHAM, R.N., M.N., Director MRS. IMOGENE RAINEY, R.N. Assistant to the Director, Rotations and Records MRS. SARAH CAVIN, Secretary 40 MRS. HENRIETTA HORSLEY, Secretary MRS. HARRILOU WILLIAMS, Registrar w-uuqulnvx-A MR, ERNEST HILL, A.B., M.A., Assoc. Professor of Social Scienceg Assistant to the Dean in Extension MRS. VERNA VOGEL, B.S., M.A. Asst. Professor of Sciencesg Instructor, Fundamentals IV The words English, biology, psychology, and chemistry are very much a part of our vocabulary during our first nine months here, for these are representative of the courses that are taught to us by members of the Tift College Faculty. A co- operative arrangement exists between the School of Nursing and Tift which allows student nurses to enroll in the Tift extension courses for three quarters to earn approximately thirty to forty-five quarter hours of college credit. Our study of these subjects helps in the building of a firmer founda- tion for our growth as young women and as stu- dent nurses. MRS. DONNA LEE HILL, M.A. Asst. Professor of English MISS MARJORIE MASSEE, B.S.H.E, Instructor, Nutrition and Diet Therapy MISS MARY KATE TRIBBLE, A.B., M.A. MISS BURMA THERESSA 'I'UCKER, AB- Assth Professor of Biology Asst. Professor of Sciences To coordinate means to bring into being a state of harmonious functioning. Mrs. Bridges, our coordinator, endeavors to carry out this challenging task here on our campus as 'she works to coordinate the ac- tivities of students in such a manner that we will grow into well-rounded individuals. Coordinator MRS. DELPHA BRIDGES When the going gets rough-whether with work, fellow students, grades, or onels present heart throb-we always find a sympathetic ear, a word of encouragement and some sound advice as We frequent the little office tucked away in a nook of the stair well on second floor. Mrs. Lovell is learned in the art of listening as she very effi- ciently counsels us on subjects ranging from dress for informal par- ties to protocol for that most important event-for seniors only! Counselor MRS. JEAN LOVELL Two students stop by for a friendly chat and pick up some pointers on etiquette. Books are yours, Within whose silent chambers treasure lies Preserved from age to age, more precious far Than that accumulated store of gold And orient gems which, for a day of need, The Sultan hides deep in ancestral tombs. These hoards of truth you can unlock at will. WORDSWORTH MISS NENA PERRY, Librarian Library MISS HAZEL PHILBRICK Professional Library Consultant Susan Moon makes use of the library resources as she delves into some detailed research It is here that we begin our study of the principles and procedures of nursing that soon become 'gsecond naturen to us. We meet the individual and the patient for the first time, and we soon come to realize that they are one and the same-that each patient for whom we care is an individual with physical, mental, social and spiritual needs-needs which we as student nurses will attempt to meet. It is here that we be- gin the education that will take us from our first hesitant days as a uprohationeri' to the days of assurance as a "SENIOR". MISS DORIS STRICKLAND, R.N., M.N Instructor MRS. NOLA JEAN GOWER, R.N., B.S. Clinical Instructor MRS. MABEL POETTER, R.N. Clinical Instructor ursing Fundamentals 59? S - ,mf X .zxw-13233-Q35 MISS HELEN BLOODWORTH, R.N., M.A., M.N., Instructor Medical ursing The words myocardial infarction, diabetes, em- physema-all have a familiar sound to those study- ing medical nursing! Here the student often meets the patient with a long-term illness. Here she fre- quently comes face to face with the reality of death. However, it is in medical that she learns anew the value and preciousness of every single day of health and life to those she serves. She comes to realize that though days cannot often be added to life, life can be added to each day that we live. E.K.G.'s are very much a part of Medical. MRS. SYLVIA RAYFIELD, R.N. Clinical Instructor 46 MRS. LINDA BELLE CARTER R N Clinical Instructor 4-WEST: standing Il-rl Mrs. Betty Conley, R.N. Head Nurse, Mrs. Gladys Alexander Cronquist, R.N., Clinical Instructor, seated: fl-rj Miss Linda Holcombe, R.N., Mrs. Barabara Cwik, R.N. x W MRS. FLOYCE PETERS, B.S. Instructor of Clinical Dietetics and Diet Therapy 4-NORTH: Miss Melba Whidden, R.N., Head Nurse, Mrs. Mary Griffin, R.N., Mrs. Martha McNabb, R.N. Kseatedl. 4-EAST: Mrs. Margaret Wise, R.N., Head Nurse, Mrs. Twilla Haynes, R.N., Miss Pat Rice, R.N., Clinical Instructor fstandingl. 47 MRS. ROSE McCEE, R.N., M.N. Instructor Surgical ursin g Surgical nursing presents many joys to the stu- dent as she sees many of her patients admitted, treated surgically, and dismissed in a state of im- proved health. There is presented to her the chal- lenge to do her best in the advancement of the patient's recovery and to encourage the patient to do his best also. Here as in all phases of nursing, there is sadness and grief at times, but the joy of' sharing the victory of recovery makes surgical nursing a valuable and meaningful experience. MRS. BETTY GODFREY, R.N. Clinical Instructor Mrs. Godfrey demonstrates one of many procedures needed in surgical nursing. -5 , V 1'f-' .1 '-:- f5' , zv. 3. K-N . Ili .,,, , ' ss.. Flz VV ., . , 'Q ,.,. ""' r, U 1 NORTH: Mrs. Joan Whiteside, RN, Head Nurse, Dr. 2 EAST: Mrs. J. Budden, RN, Mrs. Frances Fowler, RN, A. H. Letton, Mrs. A. Creynolds, RN. Head Nurse, Mrs. C. Henderson, RN. H .K . 'wx , . 5 3 NORTH: Mrs. Jeannette Budden, RN CPRNJ, Mrs. Annette Perry Robertson, RN, Mrs. Linda Cason Threlkeld, RN. urgical Clinical Areas 3 EAST: Mrs. C. Gibson, RN, Mrs. H. Nicholls, RN, Mrs. Nina Humphrey, RN, Head Nurse, Mrs. P. Krueger, RN, Mrs. G. Donnelly, RN. 3 WEST: Mrs. Mary Watson Anderson, RN, Mrs Elton Sharp Hudson, RN. 49 'W Orthopedic and Neurolo ical ursing Orthopedics is a time of much work and 'MW study for the student nurse. However, the challenges presented to her to give compre- MRS. DORIS MUSICK, t, hensive nursing care to patients with ill- R'N., B.S.N. nesses of an orthopedic nature help to de- Instructor, Orthopedics velop her abilities to give depth and mean- ing to the care rendered. MRS. MARCUERITE MCKENZIE, RN Clinical Instructor i t I I l s J J P if Wag I 3Qr55,. .. t 3 gk I-r: Mrs. Gene Harris, Head Nurse, Miss Priscilla Israel, R.N., Mary Crowder Darby, R.N., Mrs. Phoebe Johnson Langfor, Miss Linda Hahn, R.N., Miss Nellie Sarkissi, R.N., Mrs. Karlene I Dodson, Technician. ' K v .. W ,Q . 1 N i 3' , I xx X in A y lf. i" 35 X v . t ,.,,: A Q, , :Q I ' A ni' " , .. i W 5 -V it I., E--F , ., uw-pg.-is -N .,.,. -v..!,. A XXX L' ' Qi 4512 if j - 4 SS 1 - A " Q: jr:- Iii h z i if z -arg "' ' 'g flgfi ? : IQ . ..,. - ' ' . e "ie" its T - t :g if ' X ..... . ,.,.,,, . 4 - -fi s"' I 2,-asf ? ' ' i f -QT Mrs. Musick demonstrates the tuming of the foster frame to three students l-rg Miss Emily Tyson, R.N., Miss while one hapless student gets firsthand experience. Linda Former, R,N,, Miss Martha Fra- zier, Technician. Emergency Room and Disaster ursing l-r: Mrs. Grace Sears, Nurse's Aide, Mrs. Edith Fox, R.N., Mrs. Annette Curie, R.N., Mrs. Nellie Cole, Nurse's Aide. t et ' 1 . : 1 in Miss Avazy Bales, R.N., checks the blood pressure of a patient during the 11-7 shift. EET Cataracts, tonsils, and wisdom teeth -what a mixture! The three weeks students spend in Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat is a valuable and often unfor- gettable experience. One never ceases to be amazed at the many excuses and avenues of escape that our young pa- tients present to us when it is time for that pre-operative injection! Nor does one ever forget the happiness in the face of the patient who after a cataract operation has improved vision. The blessings of the special organs of sense that God has given to man become more apparent during this phase of our nursing experience. MRS. SARAH MILLER, R.N., B.S.N.E. Instructor The rare moments of quietness in the emer- gency room are frequently shattered by the sound of approaching footsteps and a stretcher -another person is in need of immediate medical attention. We student nurses feel some measure of gratification when we know that in some way we are able to meet that need. The value of accuracy in moments of tension and quick decision is impressed upon the student as she administers nursing care in the emergency room and as she learns how to function in a disaster setting. w - ,1- ', 1' 'r::' ' ' M 23- .s. V ' ' ' Y yi? t 5, ' Q r I-r: Mrs. Carolyn Brooks, Head Nurse, Miss Judith Jackson, R.N., Mrs. Barbara Bache, R.N., Mrs. Juanita Green, R.N., Instructor. I .lj .fi This is a familiar scene on 6 East as there is steady traffic between the floor and surgery. MISS MARTHA DAVIS, R.N. Supervisor, Central Service Central ervice No hospital could function without a cen- tral supply, for it is the task of this de- partment to furnish the patient with those items needed in his care and treatment. The busy fingers of the nurse's There are smiles o aides ready supplies for use all over the hospital. Kneeling: Bill Howard, Standing l-r: .lim Smith, Tommy Allen, 52 John Ridley. f pleasure as the aides in CS survey their handiwork. xygen and Inhalation Therap "Extension 259? Please send an oxygen tent to room 459 stat!" Similar statements are made many times each day in our hospital. Oxygen has and always will be a substance that man will need in or- der to live. Indeed oxygen therapy plays a vital role in the medical treatment of disease today! mtxo: skim ill., 1 Renew- R I-r: Mrs. Conley, R.N., Mrs. Forgay, R.N., Mrs. Mitchell, Ass't. Supervisor, Mrs. Stallings, Super- visor, Mrs. Henry, R.N., Mr. Johnson, R.N. Recover Room It is in the recovery room that a post-operative patient receives immediate intensive care before he is returned to the surgical unit. Here students become more conscious of the importance of the accurate observation of a patientis condition. Miss Joan Smith, R.N., Miss Kathy Drawdy, R.N., Miss Rosa Asencios, R.N., compose the 3-11 pm shift. tf:':'I"-'EH--- '-'-3'2"'1':-f"'.- -- v - cg-: 'I-:fI'.f2.j-.U ' g .1 fQ.,2:-:ZE1f5.f4.,.-. pf:-"1 -We-f2Fg-e-11 f , 515.551-ag:,gsg-age -V fry:-f..,,:.A-M-.. K -f-'- f -1- Q: --.- v:::f- w -rizts'-'fj: '-Q -A? ' :51g..1,,,.,,::.. 'T .. , fee, ,.,, ,. . . 4.9 . . :q:gg:,:-f::.-:v:4c- ' ' 'Z mv ' 2 li 5 1 P r-'f""'2 3' is is '5'fZ,? wiv 4- We ELM-,:::1:-112: .4.1.,f-w--'-12:3-E, 5:I?f5-I..- -. .W -, :flgztiaiisieieigitzeic 5 Z t Lf. ,. 4 ,o3iZk,,V,, , w N 5 6 .w 35,-x J rf 92 S5524 g V M Q , 1 4 Q mg x li '5 5 5 1, 89- g t t t p 'A ,' .,. I .V. Therapy Intravenous fluids often means the dif- ference between life and death for a pa- tient. Learning the proper administration of these fluids is not an easy task for the student nurse, but it is an aspect of her education that is essential and one that must be learned with great accuracy and skill. Tx v3"i'TffZZT?'374i75'75?'f"?Z,L2,1l.' 'iii' K j:L:....e6 , I- " 'ruff viii? 'wif Q v i ,k.. -..,.v . V -Nw, ,,.,, . Q3 ,. ,. , N,-1,g,.,Q: 'I ' A .' 3 viii ' ,fx 'YM' . ' ' f"'m,1 ,1,.1,.f gif EI cf .Q W t , X-, ,Hg I X A, tl r- .C V ji . ji -2,-..-...---,. 5" '! . 3' . 15 ag if Q 5 t 4. V., , .-ee 4,. A 4 V V -. ,', , K , ,1 ' 53 MRS. M. SHERMAN, R.N., B.S. Instructor .53 MRS. BETTY GAFNEA, R.N. Clinical Instructor Pediatrics Changing diapers, counting l.V. drops, and tak- ing pulse and respirations every hour are a part of the busy scene of 6 North. It can be said truth- fully that there is never a dull moment! Though this is a time of very exacting work both on the clinical unit and in the classroom, it is a time of challenge as we as student nurses work with our small patients. Most of the time We seem to frighten them, but we soon realize that their anxiety stems mainly from their being in a strange environment. It is our responsibility to meet their medical needs as well as to he aware of this anxiety and in some way attempt to lessen it. Long after we have com- pleted this rotation, the memories of many of these children remain in our hearts. Dr. Ellzey listens to the heart of one of her small patients. l-r: Mrs. Patsy Efird, R.N., Miss Evelyn Hardeman, R.N., Miss Barbara Edge, R.N., Mrs. Betty Mailey, R.N. Pediatrics teaches students how to make friends among the younger generation as shown by Linda Hook's smile as she looks at Suzanne Shelton. , . 4 Miss Edge makes friends with her patient while she takes his temperature. 55 ff 'F' For three months at Milledgeville State Hospital we live and work with people whose mental and emotional problems have altered their entire Way of living. Many times the most meaningful thing we can do is simply to sit quietly beside them without making any attempts at verbal communica- tion. For once we are not busy giving injections, taking blood pressures, or mak- ing beds. We find that our greatest thera- peutic tool is ourself. Perhaps one of the greatest joys of our nursing experience is to see a patient at Milledgeville who has been apart from this world find again his place within it. G.B.H. instructors bring news of happenings in Atlanta while students are on affiliation. In the Chapel of All Faiths the patient has an opportlmity to worship Cod. Walker 26 is one of the memories that every girl shares. Mrs. Delilah Allsbrook, RN, MN fsecond from flvhll serves as Public Health Coord1nator Virginia McPherson, Sara Pattison Jane Conner Lucia Whitaker and Marcia Lewis are part of the group that visited DeKalb Convalescent Center Decatur Ca durm their Orthopedic and Neurological Nursing rotation. Out Patient Clinics Sheffield Clinic is a familiar sight on our campus. For many years it served primarily as a cancer clinic. However, now it contains medical, surgical, obstetrical and pediatric outpatient clinics in addition. We receive clinical experiences here in various rotations. Selected home visits are made with the Public Health Coordinator, Mrs. Allsbrook, for follow-up patient care. frightl Mrs. Evelyn Claypool, R.N., is Supervisor of Sheffield Clinic. Last year, approximately 11,000 visits were made by patients qualified to attend. Surgery No student nurse ever forgets the first time she "scrubbed" in on a surgical procedure! It is a time of fear and anticipation as the miracles of modern surgery become a reality to her. ln surgery one gains the knowledge of accuracy and sterile technique that become a lasting part of ber nursing education. Also, it is in surgery that the student becomes more aware of the correlation between a patientis experience in surgery nd his behavior and condition on the floor. A few of time instruments one meets in surgery. MRS. EOLA SCOTT, R.N Instructor 58 "Scrubbing" seems perpetual in surgery. Dr. Sololongo, Chief of Anesthesiology, exchanges greetings with Miss Amason. sw we-mu.. .,,,,, -Nqw N. Tension mounts! For graduates in surgery, the work is hard and accuracy and speed are musts Witnessing the first glance of a mother at her baby makes all the work of OB worthwhile. Q MRS. MARTHA HANCOCK, B.S. Instructor Not pictured: Mrs. Kathy Lange Miss Evelyn Cartee Obstetrical ursing .rQ MISS SHELBA McDOWELL Clinical Instructor The newness of life-the small- ness of a baby-the miracle of birth-all of these are over- whelming to the student nurse in obstetrics. Here she witnesses many beginnings which boost her faith in the meaning of life. Here again as in all phases of her nursing experience, she is called upon to function with the utmost skill and accuracy as she works with the mother and the newborn. Mrs. Gazaway, R.N., and Mrs. Boyd, R.N., look on as a new mother receives congratulations in the form of roses. ,,. Doctors Cann, Cochran, Galloway, and Fuerst review the "hoard" and their work for the night. Dr. Rogers stops for a word with Mrs. Malone, R.N., as Miss Jefferson, R.N., looks on. 'Sk I N E., , V: .Fx Eb: .W-989 Classes Freshmen Mickey Seidel, TREASURER Pat Sexton fstandingj, VICE PRESIDENT Melba Whigham, PRESIDENT Fran Wishart, SECRETARY Carolyn Shifflett, CHAPLAIN J une Officers Sharing the bumper crop of our Nationls eighteen year olds, our School admitted the largest freshman classes in its history. Fresh- men come to us with the hopes and dreams of what they want to contribute to professional nursing. They are filled with anticipation of the satisfaction nursing will bring to their lives. One hundred twenty-one of these uprobiesi' began these dreams on JUNE 15, 1964. Freshmen Penny Ayres Mablelon, Ga. Gail Bartlett Eatonton, Ga. LaCail Beaty Pellzam, Ga. Paulette Beckham Thonzaston, Ga. Phyllis Bennett Jacksonville, Fla. Carol Bowman Marietta, Ga. Lynn Boyt Tlwmaslan, Ca. Elizabeth Ann Brady Smyrna, Ca. Alice Braswell Moultrie, Ga. Barbara Bush Dublin, Ga. Julie Campbell Decatur, Ga. Linda Campbell Columbus, Ga. Edith'Cash T occoa, Ga. Linda Chambliss Newnan, Ga. Lyndell Chastain Thomasville, Ga. Ellen Christian Covington, Ga. Pat Christian College Park, Ga. Lyn Collins Camilla, Ga. Diane Culverhouse Columbus, Ga. Sandra Dalton Lawrenceville, Ga. Sue Daniel Forest Park, Ga. Pegg Daniel Doraville, Ga. Elaine Davis Atlanta, Ga. Brenda Drake Gainesville, Ga. Brenda Durham Atlanta, Ga. Elaine Edwards Hazulfinsville, Ca. Pat Evans Brunswick, Ca. Carol Feagan Titusville, Fla. Sandra Franklin Tlzomaston, Ga. Susan Freeman Decatur, Ga. Marsha Caskins Alapaha, Ga. Gwen Gossett Fayetteville, Ga. Dale Hammon Decatur, Ca. Barbara Heil Elberta, Ala. Barbara Hendley Nashrille, Ga. Patsy Higgs Hapezfille, Ga. Judy Hightower Atlanta, Ca. Donna Holbrook East Paint, Ga. Linda Hurley Macon, Ga. Linda ,laremko Atlanta, Ga. Cathy Johansen V aldosta, Ga. Mary Johnson Eastman, Ga. Virginia Johnson Quitman, Ga. Aleta Kerr Toccoa Falls, Ga. Judy Kidd Atlanta, Ga, Jean Kilgore New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Doris Lamson Avondale Estates, Ga. Karen Lazar Augusta, Ca. Donna Lewis Atlanta, Ga. Kaye Luke Statham, Ga. Margaret Lunsford Americas, Ga. Janice Maddox Haperille, Ga. Connie Malone Dexter, Ca. Ginny Mariotti LaGrange, Ca. Cherry Martin Roclfmart, Ga. bb Freshmen Anne Maybee Dublin, Ga. Sandra Meeks Macon, Ga. Drusilla Nagle Claxton, Ca. Diana Owen Decatur, Ga. Margaret Padgett Conyers, Ca. Lessie Parker Atlanta, Ga. Vance Parkerson Eastman, Ga. Glenda Patrick Monroe, Ca. Leigh Peeler Milledgeville, Ca. Patsy Peterman Crawford, Ga. Claire Phillips Atlanta, Ga. Nancy Pierce Atlanta, Ga. Linda Porter Marietta, Ca. Leese Pullen Pelham, Ca. Jane Reaves Tallahassee, Fla. Rosemary Reinhardt Dudley, Ga. Nina Rhoton Hahira, Ga. Cheryl Richards Perry, Ca. Charlene Riefsnyder Atlanta, Ga. Mary Roberts Atlanta, Ca. Nancy Rosser Hogansville, Ga. Linda Sanders Warner Robins, Ga. Mary Sapp Brunswick, Ga. Lynne Scott Lexington, Ky. Yolanda Scott Lexington, Ky. Mickey Seidel Atlanta, Ga. Patricia Sexton Austell, Ca. Delores Ann Sherrod Register, Ga. Carolyn Shifflett Hagerstown, Md. Oti Shynkarek Port Royal, S.C. Freshmen Dianne Smith Decatur, Ga. Mary Smith Neuman, Ga. Rosalyn Smith Newnan, Ca. .lune Spooner Cottondale, Fla. Nancy Stamey Eastanollee, Ca. Martha Ann Stancil Toccoa, Ga. Janet Stapleton Dublin, Ga. Susan Stripling LaGrange, Ca. Jackie Suddath Thomasville, Ga. Carol Surrency Claxton, Ca. Marjorie Swain Waycross, Ca. Phyllis Tatum Gainesville, Ga. Susan Tatum Atlanta, Ca. Pat Thompson Hapeville, Ga. Jacklyn Travis Waycross, Ga. Wanda Vincent Decatur, Ga. Eugenia Waldron Brunswick, Ga. Patricia Westmoreland Tyndall AFB, Fla. Melba Whigham Macon, Ga. Lucia Whitaker Kindley AFB, Bermuda Nancy Wilson Hapeville, Ca. Frances Wishart Tampa, Fla. .ludye Youngblood Toomsboro, Ca. 68 Freshmen Freshmen PRESIDENT: Sharon Burns VICE PRESIDENT: Carol King SECRETARY: Gladys Wilkes September Officers September 14, 1964, welcomed an additional one hundred twelve new freshmen to our campus. They, too, came inspired, hopeful and anticipating their future as nurses. As time passes their ideals and concepts of the meaning of nursing will be altered somewhat by learning and experience. May they continue to hope and to dream within the realm of mature reality. Freshmen Donna Sue Adcock Madison, Ga. Elaine Ballew Chatsworth, Ga. Betty Becker Decatur, Ga. Linda Blackmon Atlanta, Ga. Ruby Bond Columbus, Ga. Betty Bowers Hartwell, Ga. Pam Bragan East Point, Ga. Marsha Brandon Decatur, Ga. Jane Bright Chattanooga, Tenn Kathryn Brother Decatur, Ga. Sharon Burns Pooler, Ga. Carol Coffee Ellenwootl, Ca. , Marie Condurelis Fort Myers, Fla. Susan Cowart Atlanta, Ca. Jan Culbreth Coralele, Ca. Paula Curenton Cedartown, Ga. Diane Darsey Rome, Ca. Linda Davis Bainbridge, Ga. Lois Deckman Ft. Walton Beach, Fla Ivie Dendy Columbus, Ga. Susan Dickson Sylvania, Ohio Sharon Donaldson Atlanta, Ga. Judy Elder Watkinsville, Ga. Virginia Fore Decatur, Ca. Edna Forrester Forsyth, Ga. Rose Frazier Columbus, Ga. Loretta Gamble Decatur, Ga. Linda Garrett Marietta, Ga. Sue Geyer Sarasota, Fla. Janis Green Atlanta, Ga. Rebecca Joan Green Lindale, Ga. Lynette Hair Dalton, Ga. Gaye Hammond Atlanta, Ga. Joyce Hanson Carrollton, Ga. Cassandra Harris Jacksonville Beach, Fl Vickie Harrison Hapeville, Ga. Kathy Haskell Atlanta, Ga. Jere Head Monroe, Ga. Marie Hodges Carden City, Ga. Janice Holbrook Mableton, Ga. Mary Holland Brunswick, Ga. Mary Howe Albany, Ga. Betty Hulsey Chicopee, Ga. Carole Job Jonesboro, Ga. Peggy Johnston Decatur, Ga. Ann Kearson Homerville, Ga. Sharon Key Atlanta, Ga. Carol Ann King Dalton, Ga. Betty Knight Topeka, Kansas Sandra LaFond Jacksonville, Fla. Gail Lamb Waycross, Ga. Marilyn Lambom Decatur, Ga. Jody Langston Gainesville, Ga. Joan Lasseter Milledgeville, Ca. Katie Leverett Sparta, Ga. G. Freshmen Freshmen Cheryl Lindsey Atlanta, Ga. Patsy Lowery LaFayette, Ga. Barbara McDonald Jacksonville, Fla. Pam McDougle Hialeah, Fla. Beth McHenry Atlanta, Ga. Sharon McQuaig Waycross, Ga. Peggy Mabrey College Park, Ga. Linda Manion Stone Mountain, Ca Neoka Marple St. Petersburg, Fla. Cathy Manin Asheville, N.C. Beverly Milner Griffin, Ga. Virginia Newman Atlantic Beach, Fla. Paula Oakley McLean, Va. Judith Odom Lyons, Ga. Hetty Oortman Atlanta, Ga. Mary .lo Peavy Warner Robins, Ga. Delores Phillips Rossville, Ga. Cheryl Reimaml Decatur, Ca. Martha Resseau Milledgeville, Ca. Madonna Richards Bradenton, Fla. Linda Rittenhouse Marietta, Ga. Cay Roberson Macon, Ga. Dianne Robinson Nashville, Ga. Carol Sattenspiel Decatur, Ga. Daisy Shepherd Douglas, Ga. Shirley Simmons Albany, Ga. Kathryn Smarsh Forest Park, Ga. Barbara Smith Greer, S.C. Marlene Smith Waycross, Ga. Helen Sowell Decatur, Ga. Charlene Stone Springfield, Ga. Gail Striplin Tampa, Fla. Kathy Sullivan Clearwater, Fla. Kathy Suppes Warwick, Ga. Connie Temple Abbeville, S.C. Elaine Trawick Macon, Ga. Phyllis Tumer Thomasville, Ga. Wynelle Tumer Columbus, Ga. Irene Wade Cordele, Ga. Carol Waggle Atlrmfa, Ga. Madeline Jean Wallis Lakeland, Fla. Jamie Ward Decatur, Ga. Glenda Weaver Roclcmart, Ga. Loretta Wells Griffin, Ga. Suzette Wheeler Hinesville, Ga. Janice White Warner Robins, Ga. Charlotte Wilkerson Langdale, Ala. Gladys Wilkes Morrow, Ga. Melanie Williams Eatonton, Ga. Doris Willis Albany, Ga. Janet Young Smyrna, Ca. Freshmen MRS. DAISY C. TURNER, Accountant. Get to know Mrs. Turner, girls, as she is the person that signs our paycheck when we work extra for pay. 1 Juniors June Officers PRESIDENT: Marcia Lewis fseatedj VICE PRESIDENT: Mae Burgess TREASURER: Pat Palmer fstandingj SECRETARY: Patsy Hildebrand -was The time between the donning of the blue stripe and the senior year is filled with long hours of study and work. Discouragement and disillusionment mark these days for the junior, but it is a vital time of growth for her as a student and as an individual. l KATHLEEN ANGLIN Roswell, Georgia IRIS BARROW Coolidge. Georgia MAE BURGESS Dalton, Georgia NANCY CARROLL Atlanta, Georgia BECKY CHAFIN Hogansville, Georgia SUE CLEMONS Arcadia, Florida -sq, MYRTLE COOPER A Fayetteville, Georgia me W ANN DOSS Cedartown, Georgia MARLENE FERGUSON Thomaston, Georgia SHARON FISHER Waycross, Georgia MARY FRAZIER Bolivia, South America BEVERLY FUNCHESS College Park, Georgia SANDRA GAY Moultrie, Georgia PATSY HANCOCK 4, Nashville, Georgia PATSY HILDEBRAND Atlanta, Georgia DONNA JOHNSON Arlington Heights, Illinois funiors VIRGINIA MCPHERSON Ellijay, Georgia DELI. MAINE Valdosta, Georgia LINDA MATTHEWS Marietta, Georgia CAROL MOCK Jacksonville, Florida NAN MURPHY Albany, Georgia TERESA NEWMAN Savannah, Georgia JUDY NIXON Atlanta, Georgia PAT PALMER Douglas, Georgia CHARLOTTE REELE Lithonia, Georgia CATY REID Decatur, Georgia FRANCES RUARK Madison, Georgia VIRGINIA SHEETZ Argentina, South America MARY SIMS Dunellon, Florida MARTHA SPAIN Rome, Georgia ANGIE STERLING Barnesville, Georgia BRENDA STEWART Atlanta, Georgia BARBARA TAYLOR Dublin, Georgia PATSY THOMAS Atlanta, Georgia KAY TREADWELL Warner Robins, Georgia DIANNE WEAVER Trion, Georgia Juniors .:1C5"' ix .Wk ,av"""" V a, mffgh. , up . ., 1, ,. V-P' 04 - IF?- x A L V z , , 11 ., ,,-,,...-1. u f... V ' ' A Q ,yy 5 5 ' ! ,gg . ,, V- ' .J B 4, A .W 2, .W '51, I ri , 1 , ' 1 wf 1 . qv p Q A- . Ni 1, ff"""- 25:-f ,. V L51 ' 1- 1 9 ff fb il NH. V V ' V' fp ' A ' 5 . ' 3 1 'w I 45 , . 1 X 5 we .nm A x Av , ,. ,,.,, r ,,,,f.,M ,K 5 , H , g hw fu: "", F ' , - , '- . G+- , - .14 ' ' 'Xml V ., I Q ' 1 A af im 3, x - -,mf sgifrffg n 3 A - x " 1 F7 , ' J f A . . . A if N f a ' 4 X- ' ,fx ii "" QNMSWWUY' ' - .w """" ' , ' I ' f , T? fi , "T2.f5:.. ,Vg if V ' Q V? . . . Q W MW 'awww Wm I , ,A.. , ,. ll' "Wm 9 JZ? ,, ' , .,,g,.:f:,f2 ' - if ami avg , V Q I m. V? -I Vlvb, A- N11 P C. x,. f Y 5 -wr ,.,.. . '- V- 1, Mi, ,, :K ,.., :""' ' ' " " . ,.V,: fu xg. :,,. VV,' i IHIA :,V 1 5, :,.VV .,V. j'1f'.V555igA:kV K .gil B V 411,- uk 'A E Q ' ,.,rj:1Qg1:3v A A , A 1 ',A,'A , 'A A,.' A"1 A.V- ' ' f 3 ,,,,, 3 S E V V,A , AJ A - ' A1A, z. ., ... .,,,1: '47 2":f:'-3'-, ,,.,, ,:.,,. ,,,, ,.,.,,,, 5 ,,', We Juniors PRESIDENT: Brenda Cheek VICE PRESIDENT: Kathy Proctor SECRETARY: Star Merritt September Officers It is during these days as a junior that the student is acquiring the discipline and the patience to remain at a task that is exacting but that can be so very rewarding. It is during this time that the young girl begins to assume the role of a woman. The days pass quickly as she anticipates the wearing of the black band and the pearl huttonsthe senioris crowning glory. CONNIE ALDRIDCE Decatur, Ca. BRENDA ARMSTRONI Cartersville, Ca. DONNA BEARD lal7ayettc, Ca. ANNE BLAYLOCK Rome-, Ca. LIZ BLEDSOE Boneville, Ca. LINDA BROOKS Cordon, Ca. LINDA BROWNLEE Stone Mountain, Ga. .IOYCE CAUSEY Blakely, Cu. BARBARA CHAPMAN Ft. Myers, Fla. BRENDA CHEEK Pineview, Ga. SALLY CHRISTOPHER Gainesville, Ga. JUDI CORVIN W Bristol, Tenn. LINDA DAVIS Columbus, Ca. MERCLA DELL Jacksonville, Fla. C-WEN DORMINEY Douglas, Ca. .IENNIE FINCHER Conyers, Ca. Juniors PEGGY FOWLER East Point, Georgia FAYE GRIFFIN Thomasville, Georgia ALLENE GUNTER Savannah, Georgia DOT HALL Dublin, Georgia SHARYN HAMMOND Calhoun, Georgia SANDRA HAYS Decatur, Georgia JUANITA HOLCOMBE Gainesville, Georgia DONNA HOLLAND Decatur, Georgia BRENDA HUDSON Atlanta, Georgia SHARON HULON Decatur, Georgia ELAINE JACKSON Marietta, Georgia GRACE JONES Bolingbroke, Georgia BRENDA KIRK Dalton, Georgia SANDRA KIRK Atlanta, Georgia DIANE KOTZIAN Portland, Oregon MARLENA LaFAVERS Atlanta, Ga. LORETTA LINDAMOOD Palestine, Texas FAYE MCGLAIN Alpharetta, Georgia LAURIE McELROY Quitman, Georgia JOAN McFARLAND Alpharetta, Georgia 80 fu,ni0r3 juniors OLIVIA MCLEROY Baltimore, Maryland GAYLE McMILLAN Hardwick, Georgia MARIE MATTHEWS West Palm Beach, Florida JANET MATTSON Forest-Park, Georgia STAR MERRITT Decatur, Georgia CAROLE A. MILLER Atlanta, Georgia MARILYN MILLER Thomasville, Georgia IRENE MOODY Decatur, Georgia GLORIA MORRIS Dalton, Georgia MARILYN NIGHBERT Atlanta, Georgia MEGUMI OHTANI Tokyo, Japan GRACE PEARCE Dawson, Georgia SIBBIE PEEPLES Sanford, Fla. SANDRA PERROW Tucker, Georgia GAYLE PETERS Jacksonville, Florida KATHY PROCTOR Atlanta, Georgia SANDRA RAY Fruithurst, Alabama JEAN SAILORS Gainesville. Georgia ANNE SANDERS Atlanta, Georgia LUCY SIMONTON Decatur, Ga. SARA SIBLEY Moreland, Ga. CHERYL SMITH Spartanburg, S.C. SANDRA STEPHENS Woodville, Ga. RACHEL STYLES Waco, Georgia JAN TAYLOR Ocala, Florida MARCIA TERWILLIGER Jacksonville, Fla. ALLA TRABER Madison, Ga. LYSTA WATKINS Colfax, Louisiana NANCY WILLIAMSON Dublin, Georgia VICKI WHITNEY Brunswick, Ga. NANCY WHITTEN Decatur, Georgia JUDY WOMACK Twin City, Ga. 82 SEPTEMBER, 1966, STUDENTS NOT PICTURED SUSAN CARTER MARY CHESTNUT JOY DYKES MARGARET FINNEY JOYCE HAWKINS JANE KOHR JOANNE PERKINS Juniors College Park, Georgia Newnan, Georgia Newnan, Georgia Jesup, Georgia Forest Park, Georgia Pensacola, Florida Stillmore, Georgia CAROL BLANCHARD ALLA TRABER J une, '66 September, '66 Class Fafuontes CAROL FEACAN BETTY BECKER June, '67 September, '67 Seniors PRESIDENT: Pat Daly VICE PRESIDENT: Peggy Brackett SECRETARY: Glenda Cranford TREASURER: Brenda Taylor J une Officers Throughout our three years SANDRA ROSE BATES Griffin, Georgia VIRGINIA SUE BISHOP Marietta, Georgia 54 PEGGY .IO BRACKETT Atlanta, Georgia l we are BUILDERS CLARICE YVONNE BROCK Bowdon, Georgia JOAN MELYNDA BUCHANAN Griffin, Georgia LAURA ELAINE BROWN Spartanburg, South Carolina Y GERRY DEAN COPELAND Decatur, Georgia JOANNE ELIZABETH CAREY Jacksonville, Florida DELORAS COULTER Bowling Green, Florida of a, sturdy foundation GLENDA CRANFORD Austell, Georgia PATRICIA ANN DALY Elizabethton, Tennessee H igh Honor 5 FRANCES DELORES CYREE Estill Springs, Tennessee NORMA JOAN FOWLER Canton, Georgia of knowledge . . EVELYN LOIS DUBOISE Naples, Florida SUZIE CLYDENE FREEMAN Atlanta, Georgia UPHELD by the soundness BOBBIE RUTH GLEATON Corclele, Georgia MARY ANN HENSGN Louisville, Georgia Honor REBECCA ANN HENDERSON Roswell, Georgia S- BONNIE PATRICIA KIDD Coleman, Georgia of lIll9gl'lfy . . IVIAIDA FRANCES JOINER Moultrie, Georgia DOROTHY MARY LOWRY Atlanta, Georgia and the clarity ANITA LOUISE MCELROY Chattanooga, Tennessee 'Nw BARBARA LEE NORTH Newnan, Georgia SANDRA ANNE MURDOCK Byron, Georgia RUTH ELLEN RENICH Savannah, Georgia of wise discernment HELEN EILEEN PRESLEY Gainesville Ceorffia DENA REBECCA SAULS Knightdale, North Carolina BRENDA JOYCE SCARBOROUGH Lexington, Georgia LENWOOD ELAINE SURRENCY Jesup, Georgia LINDA GAIL STRICKLAND Hortense, Georgia BRENDA KATHRYN TAYLOR Perry, Georgia JEAN ELISE WILBURN West Palm Beach, Florida Seniors PRESIDENT: Wylene Fortson VICE PRESIDENT: Judy Krause SECRETARY: Judy Williamson TREASURER: Jeanie Smith September Officers CHALLENGED BARBARA ANN ABEE Dahlonega, Georgia SUSAN ELIZABETH ALLEN Decatur, Georgia BRENDA LA-WAYNE ALEXANDER Winder, Georgia A by the creativity SHARON JOY ALVAREZ South Daytona, Florida MARTHA ANN BARRON Sandersville, Georgia MU' JUDITH ANNE BAILEY Anderson, South Carolina MARY ALlCE BRAMLETT Woodville, Georgia of imagination . MARTHA THOMAS BOLIN Rock Hill, South Carolina DONNA LEA CARUWELI, Atlanta, Georgia gl" .RS -so and the fortitude BRENDA DIANNE CLACK Decatur, Georgia JANE CONNER Finleyson, Georgia SHARON CLEVELAND Atlanta, Georgia .ww-wk l FATHIE CRUMBLEY Osierfield, Georgia of enduring courage SARA PAULINE COPPACE Jacksonville, Florida TOMYE SUSAN DALTON East Point, Georgia A A GUIDED . . PAIVIELA ELLEN DAVIES Macon, Georgia JO ANN DURDEN Twin City, Georgia MARTHA DEAN DAY Fairburn, Georgia MARILYN RUTH FORTNER South Miami, Florida pm by the wisdom . . DIANA CHRISTINE FERLAZZO Arlington, Virginia ELEANOR WYLEENE FORTSON Decatur, Georgia that tolerance LEONA JANE FRASER St. Augustine, Florida ...x RAE HARPER Ocilla, Georgia 4 ALICE ELAINE HAMILTON Alamo, Georgia Honor LINDA JOYCE HOOK Jonesboro, Georgia of the ideals . . PATRICIA HENRIETTA HARRISON Brunswick, Georgia fn' IW! CLENNA HOUK Toledo, Ohio and attitudes CAROLYN REBECCA HULSEY Chicopee, Georgia Honor NANCY DIANE KENNEDY Ellaville, Georgia High Honor JANE ROBEHTA JOHNSON Atlanta, Georgia JUDY ELLYNE KRAUSE Daytona Beach, Florida of other people . BARBARA ANN KESLER Gainesville, Georgia RUTH SHARON LEHMANN Louisville, Kentucky is essential ESTHER LOUISE LITTLETON Atlanta, Georgia Honor MIRIAM KAY MADDOX Elberton, Georgia SYBIL GREY MCCONNELL Atlanta, Georgia PATRICIA ELLEN MONCRIEF Macon, Georgia the giving BOBBIE MILAM Franklin, Georgia SUSAN JANE MOON Savannah, Georgia of ourselves BONNIE SUE NIX Blairsville, Georgia .IANE OLIVIA PERRY Rock Hill, South Carolina SARA MARIE PATTISON Albany, Georgia SANDRA KAY RAYBURN Savannah, Georgia H igh Honor to Nursing . . HARRIETT ANNE PILGRIM Marietta, Georgia MARY JEANNE REAM Kalamazoo, Michigan STRENGTHENED ANGELA GAY ROBERTS Anamosa, Iowa GAIL SHUMAN Charlotte, North Carolina ELEANOR ELIZABETH SANDERS Spartanburg, South Carolina -siv- MELVA JEAN SMITH LaGrange, Georgia L BARBARA MAE SMITH Atlanta, Georgia BILLIE SUE SPRATLIIY Crawford, Georgia by a, continuing faith CATHERINE ELIZABETH STEELE Toccoa, Georgia DOROTHY DIANNE THOMAS Marietta. Georgia LAUREL EDITH SYDA Tequesta, Florida JANYE AUDREE TOMLINSON Fort Valley, Georgia in our God . LEE THORNTON Albany, Georgia Highest Honor JP" 44 WILMA JOYCE TURNER Rome, Georgia and our fellow man SANDRA LEE WAGES Decatur, Georgia BARBARA LOVE WESTBERRY Albany, Georgia GLENDA SUE WALKER Sarasota, Florida both of whom we serve BRENDA WHITE Columbus, Georgia MARIAN ELIZABETH WILDEBOER Atlanta, Georgia JUDY WILLIAMSON College Park, Georgia fi 54 .-wi ai ' Y ' Q S a W' i Through the Mater of Georgia Will His Spirit liveg All our service for our Master We'll forever give. Always faithful, never failin Nurses we Going 'Til Through All the All the G.B.I-I. S, n'eFS?rX5 and the honor I CI' is .::,.,., . 2 1 F' -ge rQf' i fi- ! ' 1 1 P Ax . 2 - 2 3 5,5 .-,Q-1, I - r:iJigf21:'1 43 3 . ' ,J X, -1515335 .W YM? ,rue fl 5 ' 3 Cixi-:Z7:-'Q , 54 .-J f .1 A 1 1 -s . 1 ,xl . . +:::y::.-p . . ,,..-, ,..- 1, .I t N-:mlm lligm , ' -P vu I'inl ., -, - , .Z tv T fr y - V :'x:..,,nANlrl. 'K Q. 5 ' 4 f'Ij x " V1,f.,,'. N i I . 1 K, F J ' . , 'I - Q J xxx v Hhghts V I Y 5'x xg .n I-,Nix au. . Q - n ' 1 M fff , Z, v-'L I.'L :Q c ' V E 1:7 , . ., S, ? , mf " , W .. .., H . ,Av-,.Y ' " C. Us X Iilfx "rf lifnlapliziziwwthgx b , 11351-'ali' 1 ,, 'Nnr1'W'r3-G x 'mu fgfci I, ' - Y ,iwliilg .VAYV V V ?35iEvLgl5:H' -W V ig ...,A , ,,:, ,., ,,,3,,,, V, . ... - .5f5?5?5',9Q?f'2', ' 589 , 5' . v .VAN CLIBURN. N ERI 'l'Z ISE-I N E " f"'f:E?5:5 ' N , STU N7-A G0 L H M RHP :L-:s.z2.M-1 f' , . - 'L ' 2 ' 4 - , 1 ' 1 1js., .' ,..,g-3gf:zIffg2f:'gf1.F , ' - ' 2' ' Y ' - - . ,NWN . ,r f x ' "::a":1:5,: -,-f,.:,:::, .,- , ..-vi,-35:-1-i1::'f','s2 " fr., ,' ' . X ' ' '- "v' V ffigff -' ' - 3:94 ' '?1E!?t2,:-q? , ,. 'f'g r H+ , ' " ' H fff ffrfff' 1? ' ' Semor uperlatwes II9 M 1:53 GBH Janye Tomlinson MiSS H 0 Glenda Cr Joan Buchanan Pam, Davies f ,Q-.1 M- -firm. , rgg-1f:1:,.f- 4 ,,: :M-.4 -iff 2 B as I -:wr ' 1? " -S 's X4 7 9.59, x, x . uf f - V- 1 515 ,I " , 522535fsgaifsz5252512-sg-E:-g:f:gff:,..f.3g15f:5s' ,e "?1'ieiE5355525555?3g,5E:5:1E5::5if:E,:5:I2E2:Z 1 f E51 f P on 4 , ff? .Q -'Mi c-kifsrfff 1 f ., WL." ,--.f 4.-, 1951 A- "' ' 4. -., v---... .33 MRP, ,,., . Q-Q, 'X . H in Brenda Taylor Harriett Pilgrim 1 .1 hu m- an ' 4 AQSJZQ. ,...,.. .. .. f- N IGHTINGALE PLEDGE I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly: Q To pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my ' and will hold in all personal matters to my keeping and all coming to my ln the practice of my endeavor to aid work, and welfare of care. VN ff. N. NOV 2' 7 EV .1-A, 'T R: ' 7 ,S-'us ra K AM 591359 MBQGN-+R? ,ENQEQ H032 55-34622 .W-N"""""M"mwwwMf . ,f---A My ,- ,,.-wwf-' 'M V Y gvM""" f ,,av"""'a N wwf My This is a familiar expression of Mrs. Clyde Wilson, Director of Stu- dent Activities, as she meets with officers of the various student organizations in planning our many social, religious and recreational opportunities. Actifvit Directors Miss Carolyn Joyner, Assistant Director of Student Activities, "passes" on a program layout being prepared by Ann Kcarson. Edna Forrester, Charlene Stone, Alice Braswell and Lyn Collins presented the music at the Flint River Associati0n's Hospital Day meeting at First Baptist Church, McDonough, Ca. Mr. George Alexander was host for the delightful dinner. I34 These two ladies spend countless hours in planning and directing activities that add to our growth and de- velopment. Their office door always stands open to the stu- dent who may be in need of a friendly ear. lVlrs. Wilson also functions as a contact person for de- putation groups to various church and association meet- ings. This is an especially important task during the an- nual lVlother's Day Charity Offering appeal for Georgia Baptist Hospital. Student Council 1, 'F i OFFICERS: Jayne Tomlinson, President, Barbara Westberry, First Vioe President, Pam Davies, Secretary-Treasurerg Frances Joiner, Second Vice President. 21:21 S: 1 , .W 2 . Q f COUNCIL MEMBERS: seated, Pam Davies, Barbara Kesler, Barbara North, Marie Mathews, Mrs. Imogene Rainey, Advisor. Standing Brenda Stewart, Claire Phillips, Nancy Kennedy, Susan Carter, Jayne Tomlinson, and Frances Joiner. I35 2 . 5 1 5 Z 5 3 i 42 President Sue Walker Cwith notebookl challenges BSU Council officers KZ-r2 Harriett Pilgrim, Laurie McElroy, Gwen Dorminey, Pat Sexton, Nancy Kennedy, Alice Hamilton fStandingl Carolyn Hulsey, Mary Ream, Mrs. Wilson and Diana Ferlazzo. , A Off to the B.S.U. Convention! I36 Baptist Student PRESIDENT-Sue Walker VICE PRESIDENT-Linda Hook SECRETARY-Nancy Kennedy Students close Vespers by singing to the patients on the patio. .AG-If ,,,. ., Summer Missionaries tell of their experiences on their various fields of service, experiences that they will long cherish. fi ' 63' Jayne Tomlinson-S. Dakota Linda Hook fcenterl Arizona SUE Walker frigf1UiNew Mexico Not Pictured : Dean Copeland-Texas nion Cooks with hidden talents turn out to raise money for summer missions! Sara Pattison, Dianne Kotzlan, Pam Davies, Miss Tribble and Susan Dalton. 'flesus loves the little child, All the children of the world." 555 395 Q F lf lm I rf?- TW4 , ,r . 'U Eager faces and eager hearts! '37 Ch ' Our choir lifts their volces in praise as they endeavor to "Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord rv Westminster Fellowship PRESIDENT-Mary Ream VICE PRESIDENT-Marie Matthews. SECRETARY-TREASURER-Laurie McElroy PRESIDENT Jody Langston VICE PRESIDENT Sara Sibley SECRETARY-TREASURER Susan Freeman Linda Rittenhouse, Alla Traber, Jayne Tomlinson, Judy Hightower, Cheryl Smith and Barbara North review the objec- tives of their association. The '4Nurse's Notes" keeps us informed of the latest news on campus and the hottest gossip! chool Paper THE '4NURSE'S NOTESN EDITOR-Esther Littleton ASSISTANT EDITOR-Carol Blanchard ART EDITOR-Hariett Pilgrim REPORTERS-Each class represented. Reviewing plans with Editor Littleton are Jackie Travis fleftl of June, 1967, Class and Marsha Brandon of the Sep- tember, 1967 Class. Literary Society The monthly meetings of the Literary Society stimulate our minds as we discuss the book that is a current "Best Sellern. This is another activity that helps us to develop into well rounded young adults. Miss Katherine Brim, Assistant Director, Department of Diploma and Associate Degree Program National League for Nursing, New York, N.Y., conducted a consultation visit to our School January 18, 19, 1965. The school year of 1964-65 was a hig one for us. There Was a visit from an NLN consultant, the usual rush to and from work, and We all looked on With interest as Mrs. Musick became Very deft at demonstrating crutch-walking to her orthopedic classes. She em- ployed the Udo-it-yourselfi' method. Q- 53- -WW Christmas brought the hustle and hustle of busy fingers flying to make gifts worthy of the recipient. And there were moments, too, when we paused to hecome better acquainted as did the Y.W.A. girls at the tea. ,W-lv 1 9 -WP? W 3 'f-my -,.,. A4 Nancy Stamey serves Katie Levcrett as Pat Sexton and Betty Knight stand by. I43 Leisure brought a "Hootenanny" by some Tech fellows and Monday nights were spent at Vespers. Meanwhile, we watched with ex- pectation as the building on the parking lot took the form of an Activities Building. 1 S Q R s f K iz-gi-' - ' - x z Then one day the doors were opened and we entered our own private world of sport. Bowling brought exercise as well as humor as the uweaker sex" displayed great form in their ability. And the water looked inviting even on a cold winter day when one realized it's heated. ,.,. X B4 ,l vb eg, iw 'gsgvw Q I? H , " V t 1 , 2 tv ' .. Ifxri - N - ::::-:4g,if:-'Im .-jxfsqarifim-g::g,.g7,gg:fg fy " , ' 'K A V 2X ' x Vw , 0. -'-"' -'-' -WJ ::f.fav,w --w-'1 . 2 . 95 we f Y -'fa 4 X f.TeeEJ.' " " '12 . .. ' A V WX -, Q ff a 15, ' ' ,,:!',:qg,.1g,:. nf, , .1 5 Q wg-t, If. . And Coach Godfrey has visions of even more trophies next year with a court of our own on which to practice: but then, she always adds it will take some doing since this year four trophies found their way to CBHSN through the skill of our team. A, 5 , Judy Krause models the graduate uniform selected by the senior class. 3 , There was the excitement of selecting a graduate uni- form. And, in a more serious moment, the feeling of pride in honoring a distinguished GBHSN graduate. Miss Dana Hudson, R.N., Director of Nursing at Georgia Baptist Hospital for more than twenty years, presented the plaque Miss Teal's pastor, Rev. Don Hazel, Villa Rica, Ca. and Mrs. Ransbotham participated in the ceremony. When our minds are overtaxed from study-or worry-we retire to the cafeteria where we find a congenial atmosphere and hear the latest gossip. Refreshed, we may even consider a bout in the snow or a trek up ten flights of stairs. Yes, it really did snow! January 16, 1965, was the dale. We dearly loved it g 5 , ., 1, 2 4,l.Q . i l ' A V - 1.1'1' 1 :-- ziv' "-'- 1 A """' -'1 ' 'l'.f. - AV.1 I l.' U .,'E'V.i:,.1.151'I2EE'EfE1.Z 11' """"1'1" 1 "': Z f:1':11,"5'.: " i z ' ,A d -:"'l 1:1l 2. Li s l ,. muy However, there still remains a time in the life of each student nurse when she must face surgery. Not all of us are as brave as the blaze Miss Kennedy, but if we felt we would be as warmly received as Miss Henson and Miss Joiner, we would willingly go. 'Wink .f""""a""'A' I53 uiiiiii o---,.,um--.--.-..4, , pw-n-n-15"-W...--q.-1 pn----qu ',-.,.....,.......,.,,..,.,,,..,,...,., me-'wang pw-f,....,...,... .....-.nn-q, yu--.,,....,,4 vs-uuanunn,-m.......,.,k :V ' 'founnqnn-:Luna-vw'-pn-A " .,. 5 V: W Z :gs r S I X .i'g! X ...f ...,..-..0.....,...p,,... , M , :S 5 . g pa fp-mann--sq,-.m....,..... ,pfj X- :9 , .,.. " ' ' -'L 'TT51ZZf.'TZ kZ,l7""' H ,. w W1 V'-'M' -' ' - .f . '- 1" Q ' ' 5".,A .....,,...f..h , ' - Q ,.:,Qg:,gg,' " , , fi. -f' ' . ' . '-aw, " ' "G" P ' , "V M, w?""' N , in 'xzm aww. ini. .. . ,. QW: -11.5 .rrQ:11,,,k.,.:5,.:g:5'- . .. ':1::r'-- -..f.1.:::.::,.::A:-- -rg A A . , . 2 1,-.:,-M':xf1.:,,f::: . . -, 41.1 - , :s- jg: 'g5,gs,, af:1-1:2-'I-L-2-5:5:s:2:2:wg1555515151:-512:11 My ,A V, b 5....xif5.j'aj-:'Lfi4t 2,1 Qfiftf "" ++:::-:?-E:E- U . 'f"'I'."-A-.1 T1.'2f:'1a.iQ.:...,::?:-ff ' -, ,x.' ,IN .S t -'f-1-i551512-'::iS:2iSsE1I1E'W "EF . xo ,-X' f' ,fx If ,f,--is ,ff ,ff ,f - , "nf f l54 1 VQV' X -as-it Highlight of the wx: mf K X' '. W, x N . I X MA Y DA Y May 8, 1965 Q . s 6 3 S Z . E Social Calendar V M Q w 'W ueen Barbara Westberry and Court During the May Day Festival, the Queen of May and her court were entertained with a musical production which was written by the students. Wyleene F ortson directed the "Around The World" adventure. Maid of Honor Sandra Wages Attendants Eve DuBoise SENIORS Carolyn Hulsey Patsy Thomas JUNIORS Kathy Proctor Lessie Parker F RESHMEN Delores Phillips tudent urse Week This is a time set aside during the year for students to verbalize and to place upon paper what nursing means to each of us. Every clinical rotation student is encouraged to write a theme entitled "What Nursing Means to Me." The themes are read on Friday night and the author of the theme judged to be the most outstanding is chosen as "Miss Student Nursef, lt is a time when the bond between student and faculty is strengthened. Most of all it is a time for remember- ing and for planning as we forge ahead toward our goal of becoming professional nurses. 2' 7 iimrat2le liacullt te Um liumlsle ww iw W Eg 4 1 , S X if 58 Mrs. Pauline Jones, Head Housemothcr, cautiously reads her "fortune" from the fortune cookies served by Sandra Wages. Chosen 1 965 Nurse 'GAII of my life I have been taught that the only way to reach a set goal is to work diligently without faltering, toward it. I came to Georgia Baptist Hos- pital School of Nursing two and one-half years ago with one goal in mind-that goal was to he- come a good nurse. HA good nurse is a multi-faceted persihnality who may be called upon at any time to be a counselor, minister, confidante, mother, teacher and friend. To be all these things adequately is to have reached a height of maturity that most people cannot attain within a lifetime. "Nursing has given me my finest hour thus far in my short life because I have come to realize that life is very precious and that its preservation is a spiritual as well as a physical task if one is to live it to the fullest . . . Perhaps one day I can be to nursing what nursing is to me." Brenda Clock 3:6 Miss Student 'C NN., t ' we xx ,X . M , I ' Q53 Countless hours are re- quired to create a year- book. These were familiar scenes in Mr. Zwald's of- fice as Editor Crumbley assigned page lay-outs to Harriett Pilgrim and body copy to Miss Pearl Taylor. Lee Thomton fright! worked diligently to prepare descriptive a.nd essential copy. The entire staff combined their best efforts to give you this original publica- tion. Sara Coppage . . . Starr Merritt. . . . . Judy Krause . Brenda Taylor . . . Diane Kotzian .... R. L. Zwald ..... Nancy Kennedy . . . Harriett Pilgrim .... Glenda Cranford ..... Miss Mary Kate Tribble Sherri Alvarez ....... Frances Joiner ..... Mary Ann Henson .... Ruth Renich ..,... Pat Daly ....... Kay Treadwell .... Judi Corvin ..... Alla Traber ..... Fathie Crumbley ..... Lee Thornton . . . Annual Staff Typist Assit Advertising Manager . . Advertising Manager Class Editor Ass't Photography Editor . . ........... Adviser . . . Photography Editor ...... Art Editor . . . . . Typist .. Adviser . . . . Business Manager . . . . Circulation Manager . . . . Organizations Editor . . . . Activities Editor . . . Assistant Editor . . . ...... Class Editor Class Editor Ass,t Circulation Manager Editor . . . Literary Editor Compiles Largest Book Ever l6l Black Band Banquets A bright spot on the horizon of each student is "Black Band." This is the symbol that signifies to all that this student has entered her last phase in the process to make her a graduate nurse. At a banquet fit for any queen, each girl receives that narrow strip of black velvet ribbon that will set her apart and with much pride she adds it to her cap. . .1 ,, if Z Davison-Newton-McKie Bowl Awarded to Miss Nancy Kennedy ,. i .1.-2,.i-ff: s '?Laet'- - The School of Nursing Faculty and the Hospital Head Nurses elect the graduating senior whose scholastic achievement and clinical performance is deemed to have been the most outstanding. The annual award is presented at the graduation exercises I64 il . .M ,:,Q, .W Mmm 3: pg .,Cxva'-W . M8 ,Q '-N ...Y..,,. ,,,,, , N I 0 Nu Q 1-,B l 'c 'Ha sian For Real Bread Flavor 15425114 AMERICAN BAKERIES CCMPANY , A "1 l il A A luv 1 mm ,J . ,ll 'will' xi N'--...i--1" lwqjil " ,, lf .- m . ,,,,, im J I" flff w lllwulvviuauml Luhnwnum w' M'-,M r M wunlfww ,,Ll,,,N,?flf,s5-Jig,-X.: awww h W WM ' . '1f3lc1?"'WMf, my, mf ' W will l in l l "ip H ,'.fffllMii1 'wan f i '- l 5. ', wi HEMI' A Wwe ' 'f www ' Ll" A l Drs. Swingle, Hancock and Mulherin are really involved with the aspects of that diagnosis . . . uf? OW' C2 0 DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST ANMAR PHARMACY, INC. 353 Boulevard. N. E. Aflanfa, Georgia 303I2 874-8494 I67 FULTON PAPER COMPANY Dis'I'ribul'ors of Modess Sanifary Napkins and Modess Vending Machines Nibroc Paper Towels and Tissue Phone JAcIcson 2-90l2 ATLANTA 3. GEORGIA THE LOVAB LE COMPANY New York Office: 200 Madison Avenue MUrray Hill 6-7788 Piedmonl' Rd. al' Garson Dr. Aflanfa, Georgia 30324 Phone: CEdar 7-I67I Cable: Lovable Aflanfa COMPLIMENTS OF A HOSPITAL SUPPLIER JOE MILAM BODY SHOP Aufomobiles Rebuill'-Painied T. N. WATKINS 484 FORREST RD., N. E Res: 284-5908 A+Ian'l'a, Ga. G X X iw SQ Jo 'MIN 12 5 ff 41 C55 06 fande 4, g III9 HEMPHIIL AVE., N.W. f ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30318 f PHONE ANESTHESIA AND OXYGEN THERAPY EQUIPMENT our only business- We have no sidelines- We have I'l1e mos+ comple'I'e line of ANESTHESIA AND OXYGEN THERAPY EQUIPMENT in 'I'l1e Soufheasf. BOB STANSELL'S INC., is noi' af'FiliaI'ed Wl'l'l'l any oI'her company regardless of name BAB'S UNIFORM 81 GIFT SHOP 'For Uniforms of Dis+incI'ive Siyling and Qualify Personally Selecied by ILA FICHTER BAB'S FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Bapfisi' Professional Building Forres'I' and Boulevard, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Mr. McMillan likes the vending 4 Ifwxf . 9 EK-new slum NICE 27II Piedmonf Road, N. E. ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA TELEPHONE: CE 3-943l I70 CongraI'uIa+ions and 'Besi' Wishes Io Ihe GraduaI'ing Seniors! GUY W. RUTLAND ENTERPRISES 2I5 Church S+reeI' DECATUR. GEORGIA DR. JOSEPH YAIVIPOLSKY. Chief PPKIIHIFIP 5l'I'Y'l4'E DR. W. S. UOROUGH. Cilie-fufStz1If TWO CHIEFS WE COULD NOT GET ALONG WITHOUT Bes+ Wishes LULLABY DIAPER SERVICE and TIDY-DI-DEE DIAPER SERVICE 582 Piedmont Avenue, N. E. A'IIanIa, Georgia TR 4-5778 TR 6-4329 I7I THE GIFT THAT ONLY you CAN GIVE your photograph Come +o Your Official Senior Class Pho+ographer When You Neecl Disfinguished PorI'raiI's fo Give on Memorable Occasions SENIOR AND SUPERLATIVE PICTURES MADE BY DAVISON'S PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO fUflSON'S A D.v.,.0,. OF 92 MLA? sf fd., JIM, Welcome I 965 Graduaies JoIN YOUR ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION of GEORGIA BAPTIST HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING THIS LABEL LABELS YOU . . . 'g' W Riff X 5 CANADA Q 'Sf.Z'..,1Z m 'SSIS DRY Ph 1 ees eviw, AN 5 gmli' AS A PERSON OF GOOD TASTE SUPPORT 'Ihe Organizafion Dedicared Io 'Ihe Improvemen'I of Nursing Care and Educa+ion - THE GEORGIA STATE LEAGUE FOR NURSING, INC. 56 BuIIer SI'reeI', S. E., Room II8 ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA 524-7073 ? My ' .g 5 I - ...-wi X'- D , CANADA DRY CORPORATION NURSING I9I0 Murphy Avenue, S. W. PL 3-ZI82 A'I'Ian'Ia, Georgia Past-Present-Futu re I73 Congratulations OVEN QUEEN BAKERIES I40 Pine Slreef, Norfheasl 874-5757 ATLANTA, GEORGIA MORELAND AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH Moreland .rl Glenwood, S. E. A'IIanI'a Worship Services: 8:20 and II AM 7:30 PM MA 7-I37I JAMES E. BYLER, Paslor DOUGLAS BOWERS, Minisler of Music I74 Wishing You a Life of Sincere Service DRUID HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH DR. LOUIE D. NEWTON, Paslor I085 Ponce de Leon, N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA I SURE AM GLAD THE LAUNDRY DOES OUR UNIFORMS INSTEAD OF US May God's Richesi' Blessings AH'end Your Service in CI1risI"s Name FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH A+ PeacI'1I'ree and Fourih S+ree'rs DR. ROY O. McCLAIN Pasfor qw 5 . 'P Wg I x I - R. , ' - , I in is ' K. '2- X . 4 .. N .LA ' s IX , .ff f MIX, X JACKSON HILL BAPTIST CHURCH l585 Ponce De Leon Avenue, N. E. ATLANTA 7, GEORGIA 378-3 I87 PAUL J. CRAVEN, PasI'or HORACE ENGLISH, Minisfer of Music SINCE I9OI l4R Q98 GFS? nssr coN1noL y URKIN EXTERMINATINII IIIJ., INC CONSULT THE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY FOR THE ORKIN OFFICE NEAREST YOU Serving Georgia Hospitals . . . Syracuse China ' Glass ' Silver ' Dietary Equipment ' Complete Kitchens ' Food Carts ' BROWN-WRIGHT HOTEL SUPPLY CORP. 640 I0tI1 Street, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA 303I8 873-I825 Monutoctu rers Distributors Westinghouse ELECTRIC CORPORATION X-RAY DIVISION I299 Northside Drive, N. W. Atlanta 2, Georgia TR 4-I64I "COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND" JOHN B. DANIEL, INC. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS I 824 NorH1eas'r Freeway A'l'lan1'a, Georgia 634-734I sg. the most m DRY CIEANINBH gh:Ime:':.:::::55E:3ggE:?:E w:m:1mmgg:::,::::g:-1::e::e:::.::x.:cr:cf,..-. 355 Boulevard, N. E. A'l'lan+a, Georgia 872-43l3 HERBERT D. WALDRIP, Owner DID YOU SAY TWINS, DR. FISH FLOORS, INC. 840 DeKaIb Avenue, N. E. ' A+Ian'I'a 7, Georgia ' Phone JAcI:son 3-509I AFFILIATES ELooRs, INC., OF FLORIDA ELooRs, INC., OF TEXAS BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICE, INC. LARRY MARTIN PresicIen+ Visii' . . . Our New Locafion 4I0 WEST PEACHTREE ST., N. W. ESTES SURGICAL .SUPPLY CO. JAcIcson I-l700 Serving Ihe Sou'rII for Over Half Cenfury SOUTH EASTERN MEAT CO. Purveyors fo Hospifals, Ho'reIs, Res'l'auran'Is and Insfifuiions Dis+ribu'rors of ReeIfoo'I Hams, Bacon and Sausage . . . and +I1e Famous Talmadge Coun'l'ry Hams We Cover Ihe Soufheasf 914 Howell Mill Road, N. w. - 873-5761 - Allanla la, Ga. 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Some doctors collect coins but Dr. Adams collects automobiles-just for a few days at the time, that is. 1- Dr. and Mrs. James M. Carson were honor guests at the June, '65, Black Band Party. DF- B31'Ih010meW Slill aPPf9Cial9S S0013 Dr. Ernest W. Beasley, Jr.-always Dr. Dorough, Chief of Staff, may be records. cheerful. seen on all floors. DF- Fernandez Checks Patients. Dr. A. L. Joseph on Pediatrics, Dr. Peel H"s Been Fun Assisting You WiI'I1 ' Activity Photographs, Division --- x L If' - 1 men's Pictures 'For the HYPO. . x. Y " - I SEQ X Nw, n Pages and Taking the Underclass- 4 A V - E I KERR STUDIOS, INC. Decatur Federal Building 250 East Ponce De Leon Avenue DECATUR, GEORGIA 378-9422 'We Photograph Anything, Anywhere, Anytime' we b V:-mf.. t U 21 ii A xc f: f, . .wx.a.- ,,., -v.. Q - x Mr pow' -3238858052 .."'a ,,,..,madl"" A ff"'NiSfh mi, , m.-A ' V V , 'M A 1 W , .-I - .'f,gf..f- : 1-: .IQ M-',f.,r1""f5-mf-,zczfz 2 : gr: 35. A 5 , ., 5' .- -. :,-:Q-33:5 G ' I ig? 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DECATUR CK if-eww FE DE YQX V SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION u ' ,lil , ,Q ' 250 Easi' Ponce DeLeon Avenue PO Box E DECATUR, GEORGIA Savings by Mail DR 8-882l 4 4, ,fix 9 1 ,' ly-- P I-"W ' 1 '- fi jf: l A21 4 -4 I O N 1 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" Ih P , All the world s a stage, and all the men and women merely playersg they have their exits and their entran- cesg and one man in his time plays many parts . . . 11.1-' 5 1 1 1 , 1 111 "-A111111 " 1' ' ' 11 1 ' 1 ' 11 j1,:1111111, " 1 11 -' 'v'-1', ' ..,.1'1'1',1' - 1 ' 1 1f1 1 11 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 V12 ' 1 'H' l 1 1l ' ' ' ' 1 ",.1

Suggestions in the Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 55

1965, pg 55

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 178

1965, pg 178

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 118

1965, pg 118

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 43

1965, pg 43

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 59

1965, pg 59

Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - Hypo Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 98

1965, pg 98

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