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SGASOYJ OP DNZKYJGSS 5l9 :sm hope wmrnenz QP bespmg ZZ H . 'M wg? Q 4, . -1 ,Y i Ss W NR iii - QB ll , F mi is r f Q , f . S f' f fi '-'-M-.f...,,,,,,a., fi vf-W b ijajazm ian My ' real world R Nqfww-. EVE 019 mfnwq 36130739 lfi 86570125 U5 f W wif., ,J-W-,i -5, f - .f ,,-- , I , i 1 CUZECT' TO TUE GEGRGETUVVN DENTAL iw ofa 'Y , ,,1, , Ni ,,., 4, , J v W" I bf? fA-' ' ,,,, fm M ww CHKAJDLLAHUES 1979 bfi S Q ? W ff-sip I, i sf ' 1 1 A ' A A 1 1 1 2 X- l i S , A , ..A.iJ'F ' .:, -E W.LQ-K 5-'U 3 911-A wmv W pmenbs... 14 A W I 11 fa ff ,,i-W, ,.,, ,Z .,,,, I , ,, W ,..,,, ,- , ,,,,., , ., W,,, .Q ', Q Rf: ,25,.:2v22'711,if aSw"Sia".iv 'HW'- Q Q' ur .fl .,., ,... , L if ax 16? mfwfvfwfwew s j 61 Y "'ff ffl iff' ae r l L 'll ix. 1 ia. 959 ,mx Yam Q ,I:, r 15 n av' ff-M 4-1, ff' ' . x , - -.. A . -X X , ,S X X x X ,a ,xi X JF' I , . If" XX ' . 1 i L, ' :QF X X L M X If . x 1, 'l X X ,! XX K s fi xx , X X xxx K XXX Xin i 'T Xxx Y JK xx .1 L , X , JP X as f" S ' fr will 'X gg' Q X Q 1,1 f X x if -K " I X 41 XS lx -, Q ,Wm CQ X 1 .nk Q Ja X f f f!f'y W .X X f ff X I f if f- 1 . F ,V , ' 5 ff ' 1, -.X ' fff .Q 'f-"es: '- 'fi-Zi: X X I K C y -:L I un 1 .1ulWtIu1lmlaGExiiffQ,Q rg. h p N fn 5 5' M, " W Y Q ' x . "lf, A . ' -3 , 'I """' S-3' x' In I ' 'mf N . S7 Q53 -W W KY I' I W ' . nw -330' I5 i'-xr uv ' X S, E 1 Y X 5 gi- wfggxa A Q, H5 A .1-. i s 5 W x Lg 'T-9' 17' kr I -4 ' . qi -ki- x Q. X CSD in Q V .F--1 0 NK' E-fb-1 i s '7 : X NX ww K T X' A . .A if is K - fl 3 m.uMXxd U- , "' - Az G, O F ' VT , QD 4,0 1 J 5 V' f Af I Nlli fi X 16 ,ff-Q f' in 1? We sbs K ,Q ni- ., V ,X is 'hex swf Qrhev It was the best of There was Patients c ed for f arose n preventive dentistry for Laetrile and denturism. bowed out' the iight for the right k ta, sw t 'x x X , p at sf ar 'Q , A if . W' ' J K' fs 1 ft , , i S 41? A it f 5,4 S 4 r ta '- S N' 4'N gm i f e i at . ii it Q , K . X. K, '42 ,, t i f N r x K Q V it j l a e, e.,e 5 e is fl k e'-vggslllkw - 'b-' if : ',:,- , .A-Egfr ' 'Wraith sssle t t . gin a Q i I ' 55 fp P ' t 'fl 1 i , ' sv h ,L i I ,wp .i KRS ,J 5 , i i 'Esta so i worst o 1 s, ' there . moil in the ' Mideast a 1 AQ? ' S it couied ener Elvis, Groucho and professions, there was after 65 was on. the cause of crib deaths and cancer, Lasey rect diabetic blindnesstand testicles qt there were murdersfand assassinati attempts. that a population of maggpts in a bag of po ptoes its byproductsof disintegration and a s ay own existence' f U ' t . b . y is ' A s capablesof ishaet ' o. i t 'af 5 fd lj-QI Q K - 5. K M sg J Q PV . Q . Q A A 'F as to live, g , . Ieffrey E. Almo, D.D.S. Ieff 'fRobert Hall" Almo is remembered by most of us as the man with the old tests on the day before the new test. A native of southern Maryland fwaldorfl, Ieff was a dental technician in the Coast Guard before graduating in Zoology from the Universityof Maryland. Ieff enjoys tennis, sailing, guitar-playing, and bar-hopping. A member of Psi Omega and the Oral Cancer Society, he also picked up his ball and bat every spring to bring the 'SSoft-ballers" to another championship season. Ieff looks forward to a one-year residency followed by a private practice in a "livable" area. Thanks go to his parents whose love, support, and encouragement Hgave me strength to overcomef, and to Ieanne who "makes it more meaningful." Paul Arfanis, D.D.S. Graduation! I can't believe it! And to think just two years ago, I was taking my first patient. I was a little nervous then, but Dr. Sheldon was very reassuring. lust two hours later, after my nice safe choice of a class II MO amalgam on number 28 deferred to a fractured-tooth-MODBL onlay on number 14 out of necessity, I knew that dentistry was MY profession. In spite of the constant flow of saliva, the blood, the lack of visibility, and the patient's screams, Dr. Mazzuca prevailed and cemented that onlay just nine weeks later. To this day that patient has never come back to Georgetown. No complaints, I guess! My favorite part of dental school? I guess that's a three-way tie between making temporaries, taking phone calls for broken appointments, and paying tuition. Hey! Who said sophomore lab isn't fun??! On a more serious note I would like to thank my mother, whose unwavering love and support I will always appreciate. And I would like to wonder about myself for putting up with the whole thing. And I'd like to thank all those people who had to listen to me complain all these years. Without them I surely would've gone crazy long ago. flnstead, they did!j JF 'i 1 2 S , t V 'E I ., gl-.ff H ig A ,M W 4. is , 11' 'ff Y Steven V. Aveni, D.D.S. Steve, affectionately known as 'LAveens," comes to Georgetown from Holbrook, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Stonehill College in northeastern Massachusetts where he majored in Biology. Surpri- singly, Steve could often be found after hours at DeVol Funeral Home where he worked for the past two years. His less morbid interests included Psi Omega Fraternity, and he was a avid member of the "Underwood Boys." Immediate practice plans include a part-time associateship and a part-time private practice in Massachusetts developing into a suc- cessful full-time private practice in the near future. Aveens dedicates this page to his parents and family for their love, understanding, and constant support, and especially to Iudy, "who has given me love, encouragement, and perseverance." A favorite quote: 'SHappy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." - L.I. Cardinal Suenens Richard A. Baratta,D.D.S. Rich departed from Damascus, Maryland to attend Washington College on Marylands eastern shore. After receiving his B.S. in Chemistry, he eagerly turned up at Georgetowns front step anxious to embark upon his dental education. Rich most enjoyed pharmacol- ogy which he found entrancing. He makes no claim to contributing towards the sea on bobbing heads in morning lectures. Rich found the clinic a generally rewarding experience with the exception of junior prosthodontics. He readily admits, however, that the ship has a bright future. His interests include electronics, camping, shooting, waterskiing, loud music, and maintaining the beast. He found P.VV.'s a rather friendly establishment conductive to escaping the daily tribulations of dental school. The bizarre occurrences at Military Road also contributed to a general state of euphoria. Rich's future is undecided at this point, but further education seems enticing. Rich dedicated this page to his parents for their encouragement and support but, more importantly, for being his best friends for as long as he can remember. He also thanks Aileen, Denise, and Tish for perpetuating his smile. Needless to say, he appreciates that all- important contribution by all his friends tespecially Tom, Mick, and The Chiefl so essential to survival through school, specifically, hu- mor. Et .a kbs S 4 1 Ns... 143'-f W , , . L, ' ' Q . '71 t "7 'XVI' ' Nl' V., 'Q 4 v ,M . " ..wbmm A vw ff' . M,,.:.,..,wimfm,w'mf wt""" 'A .1"f". ndrew Baron, D.D.S. Andy, another native New Yorker whose hometown is Freeport, arrived at Georgetown via Wilkes College in Pennsylvania where he majored in Biology. A tennis player, par excellence, Andy also enjoys bird-watching and reading. His favorite quote is: "To be young means to be original, to have remained nearer to the sources of lifeg it means to be able to stand up and shake off the fitters of an outlived civilization, to dare where others lack the courage - to plunge again into the elemental. Youthful courage, that is the spirit of dying and becoming, the knowledge of death and rebirth." - Dr. Foustus, Thomas Mann. Andy's immediate plans include a hospital residency. In the future, he plans a general practice in northeastern Pennsylvania. Bonnie Leigh Bateman, D.D.S. Bonnie came to Georgetown from Long Beach, California. She graduated from U.C.L.A. where she majored in Psycho-biology. Among her activities were serving as President of the Georgetown chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists and assum- ing membership in the Delta Sigma Delta fraternity. Bonnie wishes that Operative Dentistry was never invented, but enjoyed working with the senior citizens in Prosthodontics. Bons enjoys playing tennis and volleyball as well as deep-sea fishing. She plans to return to southern California and pursue her hobbies year 'round. She also enjoys traveling. Bonnie wishes to dedicate her page to her parents for their psy- chological and financial support and to her husband, Gerry, for "being there when l needed him." 1 .xii 'ts j by NH sa-sf 2 1 Iohn Beall, D.D.S. Having to make the choice between Georgetown and Temple dental schools, Iohn opted for "you know wheref' Three reasons were involved: good location within the city, far better facilities, and the students here to whom he talked recommended not to come to Georgetown. Therefore, leaving his home in Wilmington, Delaware, he ventured down I-95 back in 1975 eagerly desiring to make "a go" at persevering at this oft despised institution. Fortunately, he came equipped with a BA. degree in Biological Sciences from the Univer- sity of Delaware and a strong Christian faith by the grace of God. From the very beginning Iohn established himself as a dependable f?j notetaker. During the pre-clinical years Gross Anatomy and Pharmacology were particularly enjoyed. Memories include long hours in the lab and library, Mark's singing, and worsening eyesight. The clinical years were another story altogether. Most is best left untold, but appreciation does go to those instructors who challenged him, and those patients who invariably had more patience than he did. Ultimate thanks go to his parents whose love and support are ever constant. "Thanks, Mom and Dad, with all my heart." Special thanks, of course, go to "my brothers and sisters in Christ" at the community house in Rosslyn. 'tWithout a doubt l'll miss all the good times together, the warm fellowship, and the excellent mealsf' "To the only wise God be glory for evermore through Iesus Christf, Mark Ioel Bernstein, D.D.S. Mark "Stein" calls Flushing, New York home and comes to George- town by way of New York University where he graduated in Biology. An avid frat man, when Stein was not busy as the secretary of Alpha Omega Fraternity, he devoted his free time to golf, softball, and, of course, sleeping. Mark's ultimate practice plans include a private office in the northeast area. In retrospect Mark found the senior surgery tour the most enjoyable and the numerous scalings in the Iunior periodontics tour the most forgettable. Mark thanks his par- ents for their unending support and encouragement. ' ' ' I V Nil lk ' If nnvvs- 'X ,.f.,m,.a, V T f "'4f9f-ima 1 fm VIQQQMQNQ- may Bruce . Blandy, D.D.S. Bruce, another of our exiled Californians, comes to Georgetown with the somewhat dubious distinction of being among the older "gentlemen" of his class. Graduating from high school in 1965, Bruce found himself to be among the lucky ones especially selected for war games in Viet Nam. After serving four years overseas in the U.S. Navy, Bruce had his "DD214" in hand and was blessedly and gloriously civilian again. Enrolling at California State University at Northbridge, he majored in biology and judy this favorite anatomic subjectj. Bruce received his degree in both. Coming to the Washington area was slightly traumatic for the Blandys. The weather was a major adaptation for both of them to adjust to. With their inexhaustible passion for adventure in the outdoors, Bruce and judy have adapted well to the change and experienced the great diversity of fun the East has to offer .. . . .. .. . From hiking in the Smokies, skiing in Pennsylvania, ice skating along the C8rO canal, canoeing on the Potomac, bicycling, and beaching at Assateaque, to surfing those outrageous rights at Cape Hatteras, N.C. The Blandy's have thoroughly enjoyed their stay here, but still are to return to the good ole' West coast where Bruce plans on setting up his practice after a short stint in the Navy. Bruce dedicates this page to his wife, judy, whose love and affection is his moral sustenance. Alan Blondman, D.D.S. ln honor of our favorite pasttime at Georgetown, Alan has re- quested that the class take one last quiz .. ....... take out a piece of paper. 1. Born: ajYes, bjtest tube, cJTel Aviv, djBronx 2. Lived most of Life: ajasleep during lecture, bjCamp Echo Lake, cjtrying to get out of Georgetown, djGreat Neck, N.Y. 3. Undergraduate education: alquestionable, blbeer, bagels, and broads, cjsnowball fights, dJB.A. in biology at the University of Rochester, N.Y. 4. Favorite clinical experiences: ajOperative, bjamalgam restorations, cjlittle 'SMacke', room, dlProsthodontics and Pedodontics 5. Favorite non-academic pursuits: alskiing and tennis, bjsailing, cjl.M. sports, dlall of the above 6. Dental fraternity affiliation: aJDelta Sigma Delta, bjPsi Omega, cJDelt's of Animal I-louse, dJAlpha Omega Answer Key: all answers are D Extra Credit: Alan would like to dedicate this page to his parents for their unending compassion, understanding, and love, which made all this possible. He would also like to thank his brother and sister- in-law, Mark and lean, for their support and encouragement over the past four years. Q , :vl- I A a si CQEB .Q thx 'WV at wi-W Douglas Bohne, D.D.S. Another California transplant, Doug comes to us from Huntington Beach where he received his B.S. in Zoology from California State University at Long Beach. ln Dental school, Doug was an active member of Delta Sigma Delta and also found time to serve as Vice President of the American Society of Dentistry for Children. His favorite pasttimes are cooking, skiing, and scuba diving, when the opportunity exists. Doug's immediate plans are unsure at this time, but a return to California is definitly a long range goal. While in the clinic, Dougls favorite tours were Operative and Crown and Bridge, while Iunior Prosthodontics was definitely the pits. Doug would like to dedicate this page to his parents for their help and understanding and especially to Cindy who made the last two years of school bearable. Kirkland R. Brace, D.D.S. Kirk, a native of the Washington Metropolitan area, makes his home in Bethesda, Maryland. He attended Georgetown as an under- graduate and received a B.S. in Chemistry. He is one of the few students who resides in the distant Maryland suburbs but insists the long ride to school helps to "preserve my sanity." You'll find him most weekends working in West Virginia except in the fall when Dr. Neff's "great white hunter" is stalking waterfowl on the Eastern shore. Besides dentistry, Kirk's other hobbies include antiques, canoeing, magic, photography, fishing, and dirt biking. He is also an active member of the lzaak Walton League of America and a range officer of their shooting range. Kirk enjoyed Pedodontics the most, but Removable and Fixed Prosthodontics were close seconds in the clinic. Upon graduation, he plans to enter a postgraduate program or a general practice residency followed by a future practice in Maryland. Kirk would like to dedicate this page to Umy mother and father for their never ending reassurance, trust, and financial support which is only surpassed by their love. And to my beautiful wife, Diane, for her encouragement and sharing of the pleasures and hardships of school." He would also like to thank Dr. Peter Ferrigno for his patience, advice and understanding. ' ,!.",14?ilge' ' we If few! ' V .. ,,.. M49-ww X Randall Craig Bretzing, D.D.S. Randy is from Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated with a B.A. in chemistry and German from Arizona State University. He was a commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Air Force through his college R.O.T.C. program. Randy has been actively involved in the youth programs of the Mormon church. He enjoys his family, football, the out-of-doors, and even assisting Dr. Dryden after school. A one-year residency in general practice with the Air Force is followed by a seven-year committment for Randy, his wife, Claudia, and daughter, Iulie. HI would like to dedicate this page to the three women in my life: Claudia, for the never-ending support. encouragement, and love she has given meg Iulie, for making a home a little bit more specialg and my mother for the principles and values she gave me." Mark S. Briskin, D.D.S. Mark 'iBig Apple" Briskin is from the Bronx. He received a BA. in biology from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1975. Mark was a member of the Oral Cancer Society while at Georgetown. He also served his fraternity, Alpha Omega, as treasurer in his junior year and as president during the senior year. Mark hopes to stay in the D.C. area as an associate. He dedicates this page Hto my mother and father for their support and encouragement. Without them my hopes and dreams would never have been fulfilled." .. .gs W1 Sift B. I. Stephan Brousseau, D.D.S. Steve, or "Bro" to many of his friends, is the class token "Southern Man." Coming from the deep south, Biloxi, Miss., Steve spent four years at the "well known" College of Spring Hill, majoring in biology. and hanging out as much as possible on the Gulf Coast beaches. Georgetown, he says, has been a great experience and he has enjoyed all four years here, especially Operative dentistry and Senior Prosthetics. "Dental school can be fun if you just drop the books and have a few beers, a few laughs, a few tunes, and a few chics, and not necessarily in that order." Upon graduation Steve will enter the United States Army as a captain, planning to make a career of the military and specializing in Prosthetics within a few years. Steve would like to dedicate this page to his family, Bob, Cath- erine, Andrea, and especially Mom and Dad. He gives the credit to his success to the motivation instilled by his parents to always have a goal and try your hardest to obtain it, and to the motivation instilled by the educational and spiritual successes experienced by his broth- ers and sisters. David M. Bugden, D.D.s. "Bugs" is, amazingly, a native of this area, and he likes it. Even- tually, he intends to take over his father's practive in Silver Spring, Maryland. He attended college in College Park, graduating with a B.S, in Psychology. "Studley" is another of the infamous "Under- wood Boys," and is also a member of Psi Omega. He enjoys the outdoors, camping, shooting, cruisin' on his motorcycle, and guns and knives. His dedication is 'sto my mom and dad who have not only given me an immeasurable amount of love, support, and under- standing, but most of all, have been my best friends. Special thanks to Mehrdad and Aveens who without, I wouldn't have the fond memories of: B.B.Q.'s, partying, Iiz, 'death' tea, baby boofs, and last but not least, our trusty little lab." -QL W? 41 5' , , , ,,.,, ,Q il Donald ndrew Burgo ne, D.D.S. Don's home port is Duxbury, Massachusetts. He received his Bach- elor of Science degree in Marine Transportation at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. After three years sailing in the merchant marine, he attended Stonehill College to prepare for the field of dentistry. Don will serve in the U.S. Air Force upon graduation. Don dedicates this page "to my wife Eileen for her love and encouragement, to my son, Christopher, who has brought us such joy, and to my parents and brother for always believing l could do it. Ioel Burnham, D.D.S. I would like to dedicate this page to my loving wife Teri. The motivation and determination which permeates her whole lifestyle has been an inspiration to me many times in the last four years. Without her influence in my life I would not have come as far as I have. Although I have told her many times, I would like again to let her know how much I love and appreciate her. Wigs: ,gf EJ I r. 'bw I , . :- ' I it iii i T I g r , if 53 , Y .sift 1' x 1 it 2 41152 Q' wwWh i,!5iQ1j at in J MPV' 42- x 'Wav' N5 if ar , 5 ' , Q7 A vs. A 0 R f A1 A K - W Qr' ,Q K , E f lm--f""""'A, Dennis Max Burrell, Sr. D.D.S. Born in Arizona, raised in Farmington, New Mexico, Denny left his beautiful west for the busy noisy east and preparation for a military career in the Army. Four days after graduation in 1968 from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, he mar- ried Dorinda Cass. They had the experience of traveling from post to post and Vietnam then finally came to D.C. in 1971. Here Denny pursued some night studies in preparation for dental school. Denny enjoys special family activities involving the four children: Dorinda, Dennis Ir., Cass, and Kristina. fMany of you may have had them in your chairj. He is also very active in church and community activities and is an avid fan of participation sports. For the present it looks like Denny will acquire lots of practice in the military for a few years. Hopefully someday, dentistry will bring the Burrell's back home to somewhere west of here. Although gradu- ation from Georgetown is a welcomed milestone, the entire ex- perience has been part of a dream come true. Many thanks are overdue to his wife Dorinda for her support and love through these years and to his children for their love and understanding. He dedicates this page to them. john james Caravolas, D.D.S. A native of Peabody, Mass., john came to Georgetown by way of UMass where he majored in psychology. While at Georgetown john was very fortunate to make some great friends and would like to thank them all for making these past four years so enjoyable. Upon graduation john hopes to do post-graduate training in pedo- dontics. He would like to settle "Up nawth" where he can enjoy the ocean, Bosox, and family. ln the clinic john particularly enjoyed pedodontics and operative. john would like to dedicate this page to Ann, his wife and best buddy, for all her love and encouragement and to his parents for all their love and guidance. 'Sits , LA W4 X xi'-ls awww' Qt Iohn Carvill, D.D.S. It is now generally accepted that dental school is not the fatal affliction that we believed it to be as freshmen and sophomores. However, it is a serious condition and shouldn't be taken too lightly. To alleviate the symptoms one should practice supportive care in the form of: 11 never work past 5:00 pm in the labs, 21 spend more days on the ski slopes, 31 make an air conditioner part of your freshman kit, 41 attend plenty of parties, 51 spend numerous afternoons shoot- ing with Bugs falias Dirty Harry1 and riding on his cycle, 61 buy stock in the Yellow Plastic Tooth Company fsophomore students will make you rich1, 71 live by my Golden Rule of sophomore lab - "Don't worry about it, boys. They've got to send somebody upstairs to take care of those patients," and 81 have a fiancee like Ann to keep you psyched. Extra special thanks go to my mother and father for all their support and concern. That's all folks. Steven Chase, D.D.S. Steve of Syosset, New York, attended Fairleigh Dickinson Univer- sity on the Teaneck campus. His interests while at Georgetown consisted of Alfa Omega Fraternity, and, more importantly, fishing and golf. Ultimately, Steve would like a private practice on northern Long Island, New York. He has special thank you's for his brother, Barry, a graduate of GU Dental 76, Barry's wife Feme, and sister Rona, and all his friends. A special dedication of this page is made to his parents whose guidance and faith have given meaning to his life and to his wife, Yvette, for her understanding and confidence, making his last four years enjoyable. f ,,,! 1 f t' E at x 8 A ,g '04 f ' sm . sf, ,f ,cl '- Robert Eng Chin, D.D.S. Robert arrived on November 12, 1953, in the year of the snake, in good old New York City. He comes by way of New Rochelle, N.Y., where he grew up and learned about "the facts of lifef' He soon moved on to nearby Teaneck, N.l. to earn a B.S. degree in biochemistry while attending Fairleigh Dickinson University. After four years of easy living, Bob came to CUSD to struggle for his life- long goal - D.D.S. At CUSD when not studying or doing clinic work he could be found doing extra training in denies at W.A.M. Labs, Inc. Bob spent many hours on dance floors of many of the local D.C. area discos, his favorite place being the Plum, where he could be found many a night dancing to the early morning hours. Also an active member of Delta Sigma Delta, Bob could often be seen with his camera taking a picture of something or someoneg many classmates owe the pictures of their SDS and TPC patients to his efforts. Upon graduation Bob plans on getting married and hopes to acquire a residency in General Dentistry in California. He would like to thank "my parents for their constant encour- agement, and support in helping me to achieve my goalg and to Mona for all her understanding, caring, and just for being there to make life bearable through the last four years. Maureen Patricia Cleary, D.D.S. Maureen, better known as "Mo", is now in her eighth year at Georgetown where she attended as an undergraduate to receive a BS. in biology. Although a native New Yorker, Bethesda, Maryland has been home for the last ten years. Maureen's immediate plans after graduation are undecided, but because of her love for swimming, jogging, tennis, and skiing she will be found somewhere in the Northeast, hopefully fitting dentistry into her schedule. Maureen's favorite tour - Pedo, of course. 'AI want to dedicate this page to my mom and dad for their endless encouragement and constant love not only during dental school, but throughout my life. I also want to thank my brothers, Tim and Richard, and sisters, Eileen, Gail, Therese, and MaryE1len, and neph- ew, Timmy, for their sense of humor and friendship which provided needed support. Finally, to my friends who helped me through the rough times." if Paul D. Cohen, D.D.S Robert Conley, D.D.S. Bob is one of few local students to attend GU. His undergrad years were spent at Maryland U where he received a B.S. in Zoology. He is a member of Delta Sigma Delta and the Friday Afternoon Club. Somehow, a Ucouplea' of beers on Friday always made the week seem a little better. He would eventually like to associate in the Washington area after a general practice residency. The only thing better than graduation is being married to Mary- Anne who has always been of tremendous help and encouragement through these four years. Special thanks to Mom and Dad, and all those who helped along this long road. 'gl' ' 1' f ff .Ni- Vance S. Cox, D.D.S. Vance attended Weber State College in his hometown of Ogden, Utah, with his skis on. He was a member of Delta Sigma Delta, and enjoys all sports in general, and the great outdoors which is com- plimented well with his excellent skiing prowess. His existence in D.C. was made a bit more palatable through his employment at the G.U. Medical library, and at the 1789 Restaurant parking cars. Also, the philosophy "million dollar shine, nickel margin - go with it" helped. Eventually, Vance would like to practice in the west, preferably by a ski resort with powder snow. He is very thankful for the support from his parents, his wife Sherry, and the many friends he has made. Craig Douglas Crispin, D.D.S. Craig of Santa Barbara received a masters degree in biology at San Francisco State. A member of Delta Sigma Delta Craig has enjoyed touring the East Coast's scenic spots. For diversion he is a jogger Camper, fisherman, and cross-country skier. His immediate plans are a residency program or becoming an employee of the Public Health Service. Craig extends appreciation to "my parents for their generous moral and financial support, love, and guidance. Special thanks to Iohn and Chris, the best friends and housemates I ever had." ,fa we ax fm-. 'iw I 4 V4-QX Iohn A. Cross, D.D.S. Iohn attended Assumption College in his hometown of Worcester, Mass., for a bachelors degree. During his four years he has enjoyed bicycling and music. He desires a private practice in New England and wants to "thank his parents and family for their support through the whole thingf, Karen E. Crowley, D.D.S. Karen, of Center Harbor, New Hampshire, received her A.B. from Mount Holyoke College and later her MS. in anatomy from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. She was a member of the Student Faculty Liason Committee - "we've changed the face of the schoolli' Karen ultimately may spe- cialize after a few years of general practice in the military or a New Hampshire associateshipg wherever, it should be far from the D.C. area. She thanks Betty, Dad, Dennis and Lin, Kevin and Dianne for their various kinds of support. Also, Karen thanks her godson Matthew, an inspiration, because of innocence and naturalness, and Pedo, for making her smile. i ..,..X K. 7 li Margaret Mar Culotta, D.D.S. Margot, a native of Bethesda fyou didn't know they eXist?!j re- ceived her B.A. in biology from Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts. She's been a very active member of Delta Sigma Delta for three years Uunior year she held office of Worthy Master and Senior year she was Grand Masterj She is also a member of the American Society of Dentistry for Childreng works part-time assisting Drs. Ferrigno and Mazzella and is avid lover of snow and water skiing, camping, piano, partying, FAC and playing cards fespecially in the Radiology tour., Margot is looking forward to 3 years of sailing with the Navy before returning to land to practice with her Dad. She would like to dedicate this page to her parents for it was their unending devotion, encouragement, sacrifice and love that has made it all possible. Special thanks also goes to her brothers and sistersg Iohn, P.A., Nancy, Kathy and Paul for their loyal supportg and to her cousin Anthony whose memory has constantly inspired her to do the best she can in all she does. be Dancil, D.D.S. A Washington, D.C. area resident, Abe plans to remain in the area after completion of his dental education at Georgetown. After spend- ing three years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Abe attended Bowie State College where he majored in and received his BA degree in Biology. While attending Bowie State he was a member of the science and veterans clubs. Getting through dental school has been tough and without the support and encouragement of my wife and prayers of my parents, it may not have been possible. I dedicate this page to my wife, Opal my son, Mark, and my daughter, Sonya. ....N.-W. .. ---i. '- ,, F - M...., ,-- -, . 2 , .. - ffffl Mgtlif ws?-.W 5 Steven Dank, D.D.S Ioyce M. Davis, D.D.S. 'Y , JFXQJA. 3 X in F .Vx .vt f"w,,l: 'X 'Qing . fu., 3M ff , in -:,:.s,!'1 David D. DeBenedetto, D.D.S. 'fDeBenz" is a native of Auburn, N.Y. and an alumnus from Niagara University where he received his B.S. in biology and from SUNY at Buffalo where he received his M.S. in Pathology. When DeBenzerino isn't "zuffin" you can usually find him jogging, playing tennis, tinkering with his camera or "zuffin". Dave works part time as a dental assistant for Dr. Allen Schneider in Arlington, Va. and is a member of the American Society of Dentistry for Children. He hopes to get an associateship or a General Practice Residency in the Washington area, but mostly he'd like to hold off having his first coronary before the age of fifty. Special thanks go to his parents for their support and encour- agement and to his wife Cathy for her support and love. Peter Louis DeMizio, D.D.S. The "Shmeez" went from Elizaheth. New Iersey to Fairfield University for his BS. in hiology. During his years at Georgetown he spent extracurricular time playing tennis, sailing, ship modeling, and doing drug studies. After a three-year stint in the US. Army Pete hopes to practice in a partnership on the New England coast. Pete wishes to dedicate this page to his wife, Deidre, whose love and understanding has made these four years a joy. "Semper uhi sub ubif' ii. Robert DeWitt, D.D.S. Bob plans to practice general dentistry in the Maryland suburbs after a GP residency. He would like to retire early and devote more time to growing orchids. He would like to thank his wife, Donna, his father and his mother for their love and support. Mehrdad Ebrahimian, D.D.S. "Max" majored in biology for his bachelors degree at Santa Clara University. His ultimate plans include a private practice on the central coast of California, which will allow him to pursue the ecstasy of surfing, the sweet sound of a guitar, and the soft touch of women . . . or is it the soft touch of a guitar, the ecstasy of women . .. or . . . He wishes to dedicate this page to his family for their love, kindness, and encouragement through all the years. Also, thank you's should go to the Underwood family and friends for making the past years worthwhile. "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your under- standing." HN .1 Fr "' fi if wtf. 3.1 5 A'A--- . 'Q I .": if .. " ,'Q .asm We ,,. N' Af' Y-anus 0- "" ,m 'fl--. ':.1. ,l,, y T M-....Mm...,fm. ,,,N,y..,, ,,.,, M, ,,,, M, I L Gary Ellenhogen, D.D.S. Gary of New Rochell, New York, went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. At Georgetown he was a member of Psi Omega and enjoyed tennis, and watching the Boston Red Sox win ballgames. He is planning for general family dentistry somewhere in the southeast. Gary offers recognition to his parents for their love and Support. Iames B. Evans IH,D.D.S Y' .fwg-7195 C13 ' M W I wwf , ,, lkkv fz,A',,'k:r tj,,,:,,,.,,, M, Q M, - 'm at M ' af" . kd? , i ' , 9 Y 1' ., ' , M ffm- R , A ,ik A T33 TX la' -ff LN ., 5 Qi Q5 I ye as-f -:gf , a vb " .Q 1 S . V E QT? . pi Y SVT" ' W, FT' Q o E-' EHYW ...---v ,........k wr lx' I :E Harrison E. Ferris, D.D.S. Harry, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, spent three years in the U.S. Army prior to coming to Georgetown. While president of Psi Omega he found time for basketball, water skiing, volleyball, as well as assisting in his father's Oral Surgery practice. Harry plans to either continue training in an Oral Surgery resi- dency or open a general practice in northern Virginia. Special recognition is given to his Hwife, Peggy, and family, espe- cially his father for convincing me I could go back, and to his daughter, Marianna, for making it worthwhile." Iohn I. Ferry, D.D.S. Kings College in Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania gave jack a BS. in biology before he left his hometown to come to Georgetown. lack, though humble in nature, has an inquisitive mind and massive retentive capabilities that so often sorely brought our individual ignorances to a conscious level. l-le was a member of Psi Omega and enjoyed backpacking, fishing, and horseback-riding. After paying his dues to the U.S. Army he hopes to practice in rural Pennsylvania and provide sustenance for his wife jennifer, and sons Robbie and Michael whom he recognizes with much thankful- ness. 2 -5 if ff vs il' it 3 at vi' V ef' . 1 3' fi' - ft if .:ill""" a . ,,, Aykr if if .V A 1 ,,Wi K Michael Fiorenza, D.D.S. Mike. originally from Brookyln, N.Y., was a biology major at Fordham University in the Bronx. Although wondering why he had to leave Club 802 and that carefree college lifestyle, Mike embarked enthusiastically and optimistically on his Georgetown career. To his disappointment Georgetown couldn't cut it when it came to the joys of New York life - pizza, Italian bread, bagels, Broadway plays, and Angela Pelosi fnot necessarily in that orderj. To remedy at least part of this situation Mike and Ang were married after his first year at Georgetown. Mike has spent whatever little free time he has had trying to keep up with all the N.Y. sports teams as well as any and all other sports news. Mike's favorite quote, Hlf you can't say something good, don't say anything at allf' He has tried to follow this practice throughout his career. Mike seeks a return to the N.Y. Gity area as an associate or resident with ultimate plans of joining a group practice or going the solo office route. Mike would like to dedicate this page to Ang just for being herself. Howard Fleischer, D.D.S I dedicate this page to my family for providing love, kindness and understandingg to my wife Lydia for more of the same and the encouragement and confidence to make the career changeg to my son Alexanderg and to the many good friends over the last four years. 'U Q' wx ix Y' C' -... ,er an is A 5 i nfl i . . ' -ig:,gis-'ima :II Y,'1 ' ' V .: ' A . ' Y d Richard H. Ford, D.D.S. Rick came to Georgetown from scenic Kent, Washington, home of the White Spot Tavern. He majored in Zoology at WSU while trying to learn to hit the curve hall. When Rick is not enjoying his days in Operative and Crown 81 Bridge he can usually be found evaluating the current state of video broadcast activity, trying to play shortstop for the Good Guys soft- ball team or participating in yet another road trip. Rick plans to forsake his former career at Pearson's and enter private practice in Seattle after graduation. He would like to dedicate this page to his parents, relatives, and friends. Paul Forte, D.D.S. When some members of the class were asked to describe Paul in a word or two, the responses fell along these lines - President for three years Eccentric Sensitive Always laughing Unselfish Viola Intense Weird Organized Short Most of us will probably remember Paul as a three-term president of our class. Some will remember him as the excellent notetaker who introduced us to a wealth of one-liners and a fictitious sister named Viola. Members of his clinic tour will recall he was the tour leader. The early risers will remember seeing him walking across Key Bridge at seven in the morning while the night people will recall him walking the other way late in the evening. Someone said he was a hard driving man who walked everywhere. Some people said he was short, and he is, but he was long on service to the class. Some say he wasn't the best of students but some qualities can't be recorded on a transcript. A few people didn't like him, many more did. What can you say about a person who contributed so unselfishly to his class? No one person said it, but most were thinking thank you, a job well done. Robert led Fox, D.D.S. Dewar's Profiles tPronounced Do-ers White Labelj Name: Robert led Fox Home: Oceanside, New York Profession: General Practice Residency Program Hobbies: Tennis, Cooking, Gardening Most Memorable Book: Phillip's Dental Materials Latest Accomplishments: 25 units C8zB3 3 mock foil boards: mainte- nance of sanity 1975-1979 Quote: lllegitimi non Carborundum Profile: Highly motivated towards his hobby of quickly adapting the skills necessary in underwater jewelry construction while working in the dark. Also interested in the fields of Physical Diagnosis, Oral Surgery, and Prosthodontics His Scotch: FAC's best Steven Frank, D.D.S. Steve cruised into D.C. from HCod's Country" fCaliforniaJ with his out-offs and tank top on and tried to figure out why it was raining in the middle of August. By clever deduction he figured out that an umbrella would be the first item on his dental instrument kit. Steve's hometown is San lose and he emerged from the University of California, Berkeley, with a B.A. in neurobiology. As class president and a member of the Dental School Student Council freshman year, he tried to bring organization to a havoc- stricken first year class, which Steve says was a 'tlearning ex- periencef' Steve likes anything to do with water, including swimming, water skiing and fishing. I-le also kept busy at Georgetown with Delta Sigma Delta, American Society of Dentistry for Children, and the D.C. Dental Society. Other interests include racquetball, tennis, soft- ball and hustling with the ladies in the local discos. He best liked cutting teeth for CSB and abhorred the senile patients during junior prosto fbang bang??j. After leaving the 'Sbig CU Steve plans to do post-graduate work in orthodontics and eventually plans to return to sun and fun in the golden state. Steve would like to dedicate this page to his family for their love and to thank his twin brother, Stan, for the encouragement to wait for Hthe cookies." He would like to follow this quote in his professional career: HVValk placidly among the haste and confusion in the worldfi L.. .41 , 1. 3147 W us. ' NW g 5 Ieffre Charles Caal, D.D.S. Ieff, from Hasbrouck Heights, New jersey, went to Fairleigh Dick- inson University in Teaneck and majored in biology. A member of Delta Sigma Delta, "Hey, Chief" was also co-social chairman, with Killer Karlinsky, of the Sophomore class. He expects to obtain an associateship on graduation and wishes to thank Ellyne and parents Charles and Dorothy Caal for contributing to that gradu- ation honor. Gerald W. Canz, D.D.S. Gerry, who hails from Wayne, New jersey, plans to make his home in southern California. From Wayne it was on to Villanova Univer- sity near Philadelphia where he majored in "Party" and biology. Best known to the Class of '79 as one half of the 'Bonnie and Gerry" team, they were married in july of '78, the first but not the last of the couples in our class. Gerry enjoys sports in general and has the distinction of being one of the original members of the two-time intra-mural football cham- pion, Thunderohickens. Best-liked tour was definitely Crown and Bridge fexcept working modelsj, and least enjoyable - Oral Surgery fespeoially the barbarios at D.C. Ceneralj. Gerry would like to dedicate this page to his parents and brother, Russel for their unending financial and emotional support, and to his loving wife Bonnie for going through it all with him. xg M Iames Michael Gergely, D.D.S. lim comes to Georgetown after attending Bucknell University in central Pennsylvania. While at Georgetown lim could often be found reading the sports page or playing softball and tennis. His immediate plans are to fulfill his obligation to the US Army and then possibly returning to Pennsylvania to set up a private practice. lim would like to use this page to express special thanks to Fr. Leo P. Monahan for his friendship and hours of counseling, to his family for their endless support and to the rest of the class of 1979 for maintaining some semblance of sanity over the past few years. lfred Giuffrida, D.D.S. Al grew up in Selden Hlawn-guy-land." Defined in Webster's as 'fthe area east of New York City and the subculture thereof." After graduation from Newfield High School he headed for Cornell Univer- sity to delve into life's mysteries - like "is life really one big potato field?H Al majored in Biochemistry and minored in lacrosse and hockey games and Grateful Dead concerts. But life wasn't always so sweet. Little did he know that in two short years after graduation he would start dental school. Rather stiff repentance for one's past sins. But with an alternate career in tennis ever-ready Al spatulated and Duco-cemented his way through. Al wants to dedicate this page to his family. I W ai' 'Q U Peter D. Gold, D.D.S. Peter left Schenectady, New York for Hartwick College in One- onta, New York where he spent "the most enjoyable years of his life." He was a member of the Oral Cancer Society and was a willing participant in sports of all kinds as well as activities in the great outdoors. His future plans include a private general practice in a small town setting in upstate New York. He thanks his entire family for their support and encouragement, and his friendships, both in D.C. and at home, for their advice and consolation. jeffrey Goldman, D.D.S. 'SGoldy', comes to Georgetown from Needham, Mass., Qwhere else with that accenttj. jeff went to undergraduate school at the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania where he majored in natural science. At George- town when not telling patients that "gold lasts forever," jeff enjoyed Grown and Bridge and Prosthodontics the most. His worst experience was sophomore year where if anything could go wrong, it would. As most Bostonians jeff is a Red Sox fanatic and is never at a loss for words to explain their ups and downs. Besides "The Sox" getting away from the clinic to live a normal existence is of a high priority. When not working as a hematology technician at GU Hospital jeff enjoys tennis, trips to the Maryland shore, and frequent excursions to the night-life downtown. jeff would like to dedicate this page to his parents whose love, understanding and support he could not do without. 1 -,iffy 'Y , V ,,, Q i,,i".i we K . . nh ig, T Iohn Good, D.D.S. lt was one of the first afternoons of freshman year - anatomy lab, formaldehyde fumes, four years of uncertainty ahead, where will l get the money, one hundred and fifty strange faces - it was raining and things looked cadaverous. "Hit l'm Tom Long. Want to share a bone bag?l' The first of many new friends. The tests are finished, the papers written, the requirements met, the strange faces old friends, the sun is shining, it's May 1979. Now we begin again and where we go from here no one can say, only dream. We have our memories and time will preserve the best of them. Those strange faces that became good friends, the unquestioned support of parents and relatives, and for many a special person who never doubted, never asked why, always gave encouragement, and always smiled. Thanks, Ieanine. 1 Stephen Crady, D.D.S. lt has been a long, long trip for Steve since leaving the land of Knute Rockne. The journey has aged and scarred '6Disco" so much that he is contemplating a residency at a rest home in south central Pennsylvania. Steve would be remiss by not acknowledging that there were lighter moments that made school bearable. ln fact the "Commander" did tip the canoe in Rock Creek after the rest stop. Steveis favorite tour was junior Prosto, especially the last day during which he learned the intricacies of handling a two-chair dental practice. After being indoctrinated into the ways of the world by the "Commander", Steve feels confident to undertake the challenges of the future. To be serious for just a minute Steve wants to dedicate his page to the two greatest ladies living, his grandmother and mother. Without the assistance, financial and emotional, of Martha and Frank, this journey could not have been undertaken. Also, recognition must be given to his brothers, Mike and Dave, and sisters, Sue and Midge, and of course who could forget the real source of Steve's inspiration, Bridie Murphy. Ioseph A. Graziano, D.D.S. Carrol N. Grier, D.D.S 0 Q My 1 QQ . - ,ww 4 If ,Z3.,,.,,,, ,Q F jizz' 'A' 'W ffwfwff W Q, Q, N QW sv qw f , QL 70 ,gg 0 f f g:,Qq2.f-My "W Q-gf' I G Xxx ' i"f1'75'f?:' nanny 54" Ont FR f Egg 'Q' - . if-?'::'f':: fm .Qing-fra- O 'DW QS 'M"'6'fZ7" ..j"ffl2':1- 9241 ' ff?-'f'2":" Cr ' C5 qw ' 'Q A fxggiw xgmbalf C34 V00 Mlm f XX w 1-..-1,1-'wri ww YB X X W "f-uZ,,t",Lg1n' ' ' 'MQ f aww 'S Gm 0355? Eli? ' J-' " ' 59 V W W , 'vu ' WH Egg mv: ""L12gg1 5 f sh 5 ffm A 9 J w.'ggffa I Q! smafvrayc my . 5 ilf0w15 'V M MP , W X X 1 Y M W X m, fx f KN 9 ' ' sl ' A z, Y fel f ef W 1 , f rabggfpgac - We 4 V , "7I.4?Tf9v - J avi vc 9 I dew? kde' L, ZS? nwlfm fn,7,'4.5,:,g jf? M nwsmg sJ1..L4.4+, 5 M,J.gk-fdhdqh :H -WS. ylcasenf- jd-Pfmrlrvj - Yu- '10 . MHA-J9'i1Hf139 .M 9W"f A ew. A 'M Y f' , " ,oi uw ' lv , P L fW7'f.+a.,.4ff1fM.S f J -ual! 3061 'lf Q 'iii' 2112? Jn Yuri W! Mn: SWT? zrw -, -1 m 41-u.+ 43,10 Tnlvruf ffl., Y .ff 'T 'V' Mi' x FZ f 'N N 'K Y r4 wg' I li f ' X J f Y . 1 X ,- . 1 Hiwsf lx W pf pol' 6, f -mr hm 1 X IV" :f1Qvf""""6 fi! f 5 P' znggyif ,, 'f ,M I' K nv "' gm f 6,,,f,4fn: ef f ,war ,...,f-fu.-'V M3 U -' Qgfii , ' Q. 4 x 'i f ' ' S' Q' 1 S3 .N 35,44 pr" ll 'K ,gf I ff? ' ,fgyvgjfg 'P F. A R "UfRg1"Av W. GMP QN 1...dQnM , gi J 1 Kg Y vis- pf Gag 9 I v, 7 fy f 9 fum, V , A meg! a v? l fq fd f ww W ...f:3,f,f,WN qiijpggf ugfbfx' x-" .-.. 'K-1Km?:13"I .ix"f :tx LV ' .9 - gf,-5 ' X, Mi- in j f . U MJ ,. QQ 0 f 0 , --2.0 X 23" B274 '- Q , V U 15525-in :Quia O I xx 5+ d f - zu up D O ' x f X x l 4, b 6 M669 pe-1? 132 1532553 77? XX 0 U s bf ' , . x - N hy? I : "v2f'55 .-5. 5 Oo Q 5 ' It X, A' wi u,-,,-,,swn.- 145341, - Q f awk? ffjgfggv ', -D, V ,7f,, QQ 4f'Sf'f'f f 'O GL. 6' ' j ' ,XJR ig 5 Dm 7114 .Q A ,Q d x 'x B Mia. A A X' J gi- Q ' W ., -f fi' X 'O X Jil. 111815 lib f '- f. V 1 O - 'Kg lu ll. lg fl rbi nu- AM. N Q 6 ia., 5 'W A ' 4 w '39 -E , V :gal F 2117 A M--if .' ..! 7 'Wu Philip T. Griffin, D.D.S. Tim hails from out "West" - California to be specific. After graduation from college he came out "East', - Washington, D.C. again for specification and matriculated into Georgetown, to he exact. In reflecting back over the 'fdental years" Tim feels the good times truly Houtweighedu the bad. Friends Qwest and eastj made the differ- ence in helping him through the 'glean times". He would like to thank those friends now, without mention of their names. Besides, to quote Pete Rose, f'Why give them the ink." The 6'East" friends have their own page anyway. Well this personal history seems to meet all the "basic" require- ments. Geographic locations - Hwest and east"g quote from contem- porary philosopher - Pete Rose: "supporting characters" S' - friendsg and a major character - the photos reveal his identity and it's not the beagle sleeping on the lounge chair Ford. He dedicates this page to the people in the photos. His sister, Kathy: his grandmothers and especially his parents whose wisdom and deep love enabled him to keep the last four years in the right perspective. Bryan Louis Crimmer, D.D.S. Bryan, originally from Idaho and California, spent his under- graduate career in microbiology, Zoology, psychology, at Brigham Young University. Bryan attributes his nickname "Bubba" to Steve Grady in the freshman year - even his wife now calls him Bubba. Throughout the four years Bryan has enjoyed various sports and outdoor activities including soccer coach and Weblos scout leader. He plans to set up a practice and part-time associateship in the northern Virginia area. Why not southern California? Bubba says California is going to dry up and blow away and he likes the beautiful green rolling hills of Virginia upon which to place his wife and four children: Helle, Anna, Erik, Fredrik, and ?? 'fOne thing Mormons and Catholics have in common are large families." He thanks his wife Kerstin for her love, friendship, and support, and his parents for their love and faith in him. I' , ' 4 :www K ff Musa., p M dwoomg a , 1 5 David Lawrence Grochmal, D.D.S. Dave is a native of Chicopee, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1975. Dave carried a double major in college taking Accounting as well as Pre-dentistry. While he was at UMass he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and was nominated for a Rhoadis scholarship. All of which Dave will tell you did absolutely nothing for his golf game. In fact, having mastered the ability to shoot 71-80 convinced Dave to leave profes- sional golf to other members of his family and turn to a less frustrating career, such as dentistry. Known in some cubicles as 'iSquid", Dave's immediate practice plans will be determined by, you guessed it, the U.S. Navy and he is considering making the Navy a career. One of the few people who enjoyed all of the clinic tours Dave especially enjoyed the punch at Oral Cancer Society meetings. Dave would like to thank Smith 81 Wesson for many vivid recollec- tions of factory life, his mother and father for their support, and especially the U.S. Navy for paying the tuition. Dave also wishes to thank all the wonderful patients he was privileged to treat over the last four years and Doctors Moore and Wohlfarth for their advice and extraordinary example. William Gross, D.D.S. This page is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Esther, who gave her love and time to her grandchildren to help make our dreams come true. I want to thank my parents and in-laws for their help and support to my daughters, jessica, for humoring me with her goofiness, and Rebecca, whose birth afforded me the opportunity of Watching one of the true miracles and feelings of elation offered to man. Most of all, to my wife, Shery, who through constant love, help, and understanding, has shown me that a relationship between a man and a woman can be very special indeed. "Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed: for love is sufficient unto love." - Kahlil Gilbran 1 Lawn Blav- 2'-Q, 6 X W iw Wir: K y fv . K it V, f it I ., 'ag 79 7 Ji .AW ,an 4 ills. at E ' f 1 Allan Harris, D.D.S. Al comes to us from northern California. The "Truck" took an illegal turn somewhere along Highway 101, headed toward George- town, and has been parked here ever since. He left behind four great years at U.S.F., but did take with him a BS in Biology. Al's years at Georgetown have been divided between fun and no fun. Freshman year he enjoyed his stint as research assistant under Dr. Tylenda. Inevitably, destiny led him to his favorite tour, Pedo, where he was able to pass himself off as Hjust one of the kids." Besides being a member of Delta Sigma Delta Al could also be found in his off hours behind the cash register at Pearson's Pharmacy or shooting hoops at the gym. Plans for the future include an associateship and eventually a west coast practice. Al dedicates his page to his family for all their love and support. And of course, to Brownie, with love. Additional encouragement came from Sid and Vera - "Whatever we vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon . .. must inevitably come to pass!" Charles E. Harris, D.D.S. Charlie - Hwith just a pinch between my cheek and gum" - has been brought to you for four years by NTS. When not masquerading as "The Wild Rider of Key Bridgef' he may be found with wife Zelie on safer hike paths, or scuba diving, swimming, hiking, camping, battlefield-hopping, gravestone rubbing, playing a friendly game of tennis, or waiting for a bus at 19th and K. A native of Washington, DC, and then Alexandria, VA, Charlie went south for his BS in Biology at Newberry College, SC, where he met Zelma, born and bred in Roanoke, VA. Before GU he did a year's grad work in Chemistry at VA Tech. Charlie will fondly remember trivia quizzes with Dr. Bonneau, sophomore third bridge deadline - "lust relax!,' - sharing kitchen delights with ID., junior C8zB and senior Prostho. After graduation Charlie will do a tour with the US Public Health Service or pursue an associateship followed by a private practice in the VA mountains. Charlie dedicates this page to Zelie for her love and encour- agement, and to our special friends and families without whose love and support this production would not have been possible. H: . 4 gl, .ij-,,f4L:f5?::v 14 Bonnie K. Hillman, D.D.S Bonnie, of West Covina, California, attended the University of California at Santa Barbara for her bachelor degree in Zoology. At Georgetown she was a member of Delta Sigma Delta and the Ameri- can Society of Dentistry for Children. Bonnie plans to live in north- ern California and possibly enter a general practice residency pro- gram. She thanks her mother for her continual support and, especially, her husband, lim Darcy, for his love and understanding through the years. This page is dedicated to her son, Ryan, for the immeasurable joy which he has brought into their lives. Richard Alan Hinkle, D.D.S. Alan Hinkle, better known as Hink, hails from just around GUDS's corner, McLean, VA. He graduated from Villanova University fPseudo cum laudel in 1975 with a B.S. fl'm not sure what that stands for in his casej in Biology. Throughout the years at GU he has been that loud spot in everyone's ears. Continually cheerful, to the point of making some sick, he always had a good word for the day. Hink wishes to establish a private practice in his home town of McLean. He says if that fails he can always sell hardware. Another major goal of Dr. Hinkle is to close that four lane highway that exists between numbers eight and nine. Alan would like to thank his parents for their absolute confidence and love, his friends of D79 for making life a little easier and especially his wife, Rosie, for her unending encouragement, love, and support. '7 '1"'lliv"1l , . :Hit i . . 1 . A X x Q , I , .L In-is tt e I 'Q Scott Hoffman, D.D.S. With a smile forever etched on his face, the "Wax Man" wandered into the summer dog days of Georgetown from the temperate fog of the Golden Gate. Unlike many of his classmates, Scottis college years were not spent dreaming of a life in the oral caverns, or chipping away at enamel. Actually it was not until his final semester of grad work in English literature, that the reality of a job made dentistry seem the Wright choicef' As one might guess the "Wax Man's" favorite times were in junior and senior Grown and Bridge where the million dollar shine became his goal, and the back room breakfasts his sustenance. When he is not waxing up teeth or spending time with his wonderful wife, Linda, Scott can be found trying to groove his tennis game into shape for those Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays that all dentists seem to have off. After leaving Georgetown this spring Scott and Linda, along with their dogs and expected child, are planning to return to the San Francisco Bay area, where Scott will find some way to continue waxing up teeth. In dedication of this page Scott would like to thank his family for their financial and moral support, his friends in the class with whom he has shared many a precious moment, and his wife, Linda, who has given him courage, stamina, and most of all, her understanding love. Ioseph R. Iackson, Ir., D.D.S. H., from Mobile, Alabama, received his bachelor degree from Howard University. During his years at Georgetown Ioe has been associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, and also was an Explorers coordinator. He thanks his family for their constant support. "When you get right down to it, life is a crazy game. The rules are not defined, the referees are poorly trained, the players are in- experienced, and the goals not clearly marked. Isn't it funny, though, that everyone wants to play?" - Camille ,., 4 .. 1. i sf t was -wr E 2 2 1 12 5' 1 l ,L -sr: I A! 4 , I , A I William E. D. jantzen, jr. D.D.S. "VVild Bill" of Hingham, Massachusetts, attended Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania for a B.A. in biology. He was a member of Delta Sigma Delta fraternity here at Georgetown. On weekends Bill enjoyed an occasional beer or two as well as rooting for various Boston sport teams. When time permitted he'd play just about any sport that got him off his butt, like tennis, golf, and racquet ball. He also enjoyed hiking, sailing, and swimming for relaxation and solitude. After graduation he plans hopefully to enter an associate position in the New England area, as long as it is near the oceang ultimate aims are in a private office. Bill wishes to thank "my family, especially my parents, for their continuous love and support in helping me reach my goal. A special thanks to Pam for her never-ending love, understanding, and friend- ship during the last four years. Also l'd like to thank my friends at home and at school for keeping these years in perspective, and a final farewell thanks to my '61 Rambler, "Little Angelu, for carrying me faithfully for the last four years." "Harry! . .. Harry! ... Harry! . . . You turkey!" Arthur R. Ienkins, D.D.S. The developmental process is a comprehensive reflection of a myriad of experiences, lending themselves to a formulation of a base from which a framework of our lives is constructed. The ups downs, the winning losing, the laughter crying, the passing failing, the loving . . . the loose love, becomes one, an integrated part of our consciousness that totally effects our every thought, word, or deed. My major influence began in a small suburb at Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania in 1947. Here developed such lasting and profound friendships that the tone of my life was set and seeded through our interactions - I thank all of you. As I traveled and toured, turning 100 times in the road hoping to find purpose and direction, moving through secondary schooling, to two major universities QPSU and U of MJ, to the US Air Force, and finally Georgetown Dental School, I have had my share of passing and failing, winning and losing, laughter and crying, joy and sadness, but thank God I have had more ups than downs. My need to say thank you to all those who have supported me and believed with and in me will never wain. Thank you: Mom and Dad, whose personal sacrifices will never be forgotten: Skip, Louie, Bill, Paul, and a multitude of others whose influence gave me the drive to accomplish all of this: Mom and Dad Sinai for Irene and your devotion, Monica for your love and confidenceg Aunt Peg for a calming ear, Irene for all the years you've sacrificed, supported and lovedg and of course, thank God for Lindsay. T A nthon L. Iohnson, D.D.S. Arch, as he is known to his classmates, hails from Baltimore, Maryland, where he did his undergraduate Work at Morgan State College. His least favorite tour was junior prosthodontics while his favorites were senior pedo and oral surgery. Arch dedicates this page to his family, especially his mother and father for their undying support, confidence and love. From his bag of famous quotes comes an original Set your goals high, Aim for the stars so you only make it to the moong despair not, For look around you and see how many others have made it as far. Mark R. johnson, D.D.S. -guess itts 'bout time to move on. Movin' on to new places and new friends. Looking and sensing back to good times - Ol' Yeller leaving the Santa Barbara homestead with lots of junk, josi, and my familyts love carefully packed away. Holy dung, is that the monu- ment on the horizon? Sure is, can't you smell the pre-KC treat - cream puffs permeating the Watergate environs? Good company, food and times were always in abundance at 4000 Tunlaw. Mrs. Shepherd with her dog-eared tennies and great love of children. Did everyone get an omelet? Thirty-five is the limit! Hey buddy, how 'bout rowing on the sun-drenched Atlantic - now that's living. 'SO Captain! My Captain! our trip tthrough the grand ol' Smokiesj is done." Hot damn, H. Caulfieldls home town gas station jons are fully carpeted. Swatting mosquits down Savannah way with the Germ - BS ain't all bad! ls the sky falling or is it just my ceiling? No B, King Kong's jungle gym is to the north and Liberty's statue more southerly. Enchiladas away from home thanks to Senor 81 Senora F. Yiall come to the 2409 Club's First Annual Lobster Bash. The ol' blue canoe tbaby blue?!irgj proved seaworthy or was it her mates? Drinkin', raking', and marryin' in Ridgewood with good folks. Come on up for a few brews and fling a few with the Nudge, Sling, Whitey, and LA. ls anybody hungry? -Thank you Mom, Dad, Heidi, Bill, and Andrew, I love you - Richard Burton Kahn, D.D.S. It was written in the stars for all to see That one day I'd have my dental degree Everyone knew without hesitation That with me it would make the third generation My mom and dad and their dad's too, Were duly licensed to fix a tooth So off I went at age 22 To do what I could at old GU The freshman year I found it tough With basic science and all that stuff As a soph I learned the awful truth That it was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth By year number three C31 I wasn't quite sure If I finish my work by the end of the tour In year number four Q41 it was hard to find A class III foil of the labial kind, But here I am on the verge of success And ready to get my DDS My thanks to my parents who gave me life And to Toni my wonderful wife Rand Kay, D.D.S. Randy, a native New Yorker, comes to Georgetown by' way of Fairleigh Dickinson University where he earned a degree in heavy partying. When not rooting for the Yankees, he can be found biking around the greater Washington area, playing tennis, or trying to break 200 in golf. Through his membership in the Oral Cancer Society, he partici- pated in an exciting two week tour of New York City's Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center. After graduation he plans on finding a general practice residency leading to private practice in the east. Randy wishes to dedicate this page "to my parents for their loving kindness and constant support through the darkest moments." Ronald M. Kerrick, D.D.S. Ron, from Horseheads, New York, attended Niagara University for a BA. in chemistry. While at Georgetown his activities included lacrosse, scuba diving, camping, and drinking. "Iron Man" hopes for a residency, and ultimately a general prac- tice in upstate New York. I-le wishes to thank hoth his parents and his friends for their support and for helping to keep him sane. Iohn F. Kerwin, D.D.S. Iohn, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, attended Boston College. He was another outspoken member of the famed contingency speaking for the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, while not imbib- ing the profits at Eagle Wine and Liquor. Iohn hopes for a residency in New'England in preparation for a general practice on Cape Cod with his wife, Debbie, and son, lack. He thanks his mother and father and, in particular, Debbie, for all their love and support. IX QV. 1 Us x 15 Paul Kirk, D.D.S When I walked into Freshman Orientation in the fall of '75 I really did not know that I wanted to be a dentist. I only knew that it was the "logical" choice for me. I sensed that dentistry would provide me the independence, challenge, and life-style I desired, but I could not draw on any personal experiences to chase away my feelings of ambivalence toward the profession. During these past four years I have grown to appreciate, respect, land even envyj the abilities and efforts of my classmates and instructors. I feel happy to say that since these years have not been without hostility toward some of my classmates, instructors, and the institution of dental education fstill the most archaic and stifling form of education I've ever experiencedj. Be that as it may, I leave Georgetown excited about dentistry and my participation in its future and that feeling is a real tribute to the spirit of this profession. Undergraduate Academics: St. Vincent College fPhilosphyj QI think, therefore I amj U of Miami fSciencesj fl memorize, therefore I amj Dental school activities: aj Waiting tables bl Waiting for instructors Immediate and ultimate practice plans: Find a job and repay my loans so the government will finally be able to balance its budget. Favorite quote: Everything I have ever said Kudos: to Mom and Dad for their love and acceptance of a 30-year old student to Florence . . . I will be thanking you for the rest of my life to Cyril, an atomic powered delight to Mark I, who showed me there is value in California to Paul K, whose smile helped "NUDCE" me along to Howard, the "Pretty Boy" of them all to Rex, who knew nothing but "Right On" Paul Steven Koppelman, D.D.S. Paul's home lies in Kew Garden Hills, New York. I-le attended SUNY at Stonybrook for a B.S. in biology and psychology. Any sport that either kept him outdoors, sunning, or just working up a good sweat was his love. Paul also found fun in training dogs as a part- time job. I-le plans a residency in New York or New England with a possible associateship or group practice. Paul was able to generalize the tours of notable significance as those in which the instructors could be spoken to. Thanks are never-ending to his parents for their love, confidence, and support, and his brothers, Mitch and Ken, whom, along with Shelly, and so many good friends, helped him to appreciate his good times during dental school, as well as those he will have in the future. Also, recognition is given to the memory of Shayne for sharing so much time through some of the best and some of the hardest times. 5. W! 1 L. ...I .gifmgfgm U Reed Kuratomi, D.D.S. At last! The end is a little blurry but it is starting to come into focus. It is a dream come true The chance to get my life story foption B 250 words or lessj published in hard cover and distributed nationwide. It all started a long time ago in a far-away place where the air is a little drier, the smog is a little thicker, and the sun sets into the ocean. l see a little boy sporting a crew cut, a dashing pair of overalls, and a snot-covered flannel shirt. Yes he's sitting in an alley and eating a rather large carrot, clutching a box of precious junk, and dreaming of being part of the establishment and owning his own junk store. Where did this dream get screwed up? What happened to the crew cut and snot-covered flannel shirt? What happened to all of this boy's savings and that of his family? And why did he not spend 250 words dedicating his page to Mom for all her love, inspiration, and Support? Sounds like enough for a sequel. Iohn Frederick Lake, D.D.S. Well to end four years of our lives, together at Georgetown. I'd like to wish my fellow classmates the best in their future endeavors whether they be dentally oriented or not. I'd like to dedicate this page to my grandparents, Hilary and Gertrude McGrath of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Floyd and Francis Lake of Gaylord, Michigan. Special thanks go to my parents, Iim and Mary Loug lim, my brother: and sisters, Mary Carol, and Linda, for providing unselfish spiritual, emotional, and financial help when needed throughout the years. And last but not least my wife Deborah who as a Starr provides a special light in my life and makes the future much brighter. y l .9 xl ,.,., is V tis' . .Jain-1 Iohn Roger Lake Ir., D.D.S. From Scituate Massachusetts Iohn entered on the Georgetown scene via the University of Vermont, Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. Working hard, but playing harder, never seemed to shed the fat in f'Fat Iohn". Two years Thunderchicken won the football intramurals, while the softballers kept up the spirit. Tennis, golf, surfing, skiing, white water canoeing and ice hockey had their times, but fishing is an addiction. Anyone want to ily to Hatteras? He led the spaceship into the clinic where good times were had everywhere. Dentures, however, will be referred. A branch of the clinic was established under his auspices at the Barley Mow restaurant where his consultations are served with prime rib and fine wine. Rumor has it that dull purple lettering, "USDA PRIME" can be seen on his stomach. Presently in search of a general practice residency, Iohn plans to settle in northern New England where the trout are rising, the snow fall is deep and it will be cozy with Mary by the fireplace. Iohn would like to dedicate this page to his parents who plan to burn their cancelled checks in a private ceremony and to Mary for her understanding, patience and love. George L. Landress, D.D.S. George is from Franklin Square, New York. After receiving his B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University, he worked for four years as an accountant, three of those years with the Internal Revenue Service, before coming to Dental School. Shortly after graduation, he plans, for his own satisfaction, to take and pass the remaining part of the licensing exam, which would qualify him as a Certified Public Accountant. During his time in dental school George has been a member of Alpha Omega Fraternity and the Oral Cancer Society and has had a part-time job at the Medical Center Library. Upon graduation, George plans to enter into an associateship with two other already-established dentists. George dedicates this page to his parents for their love, support, and encouragement, and to his two brothers for their friendship. 'AVY 9, in ' Bruce Lau, D.D.S. Bruce comes to Georgetown from that beautiful city by the Golden Gate, San Francisco. He did his undergrad work at U.C. Davis fyea, Aggieslj where he earned his B.S. degree in physiology. A fellow with energy to burn, Bruce can often be found in the clinic at the crack of dawn. Here, he especially enjoyed the Longitu- dinal program in Periodontics as well as the Pedodontics tour. In his spare time, Bruce can be seen on the B-ball or tennis courts, zipping around town on his trusty ten-speed or assisting Dr. Leresche in the Gorman Clinic. Upon graduation, Bruce hopes to return to "God's Country", Cali- fornia, for a residency or associateship followed by private practice. Bruce would like to dedicate this page "to Iesus for giving meaning to my life and to my parents for their love, support, sacrifice and encouragement." I. Richard Lesch, D.D.S. Rick, of Auburn, New York, was a business major at Boston College. He completed his pre-dent requirements while working full- time for Eastman Kodak Co. While at Georgetown he worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Biden of Delaware. Rick took time for tennis, golf, and swimming whenever the opportunity arose. He plans to practice with his father in Auburn. Thanks go to his wife, Ieannette, and his two sons, Iason and jonathan, for their love, patience, and understandingg also, to his parents, brothers, and sister and his wife's family for help and encouragement. X,f my t David Lew, D.D.S. They tried to sell him the Brooklyn Bridge from the day he was born. They tried to make him play the bass drum in first grade. They even tried to make him give up his bus pass and lunch ticket - they never got 'em fGod rest their soulsj. They tried to make him a gang member and wear a denim jacket - well he wears a denim jacket . . . They tried to . . . oops - they did, they did mug him. But he loves ,em - he loves all of 'em - he loves New York. What a crazy kid, what a schmuck! He let 'em put him into engineering high school, then he let 'em try to put him into art college - but did he go? No-o-o! He went to engineering college fin the bowels of Brooklynj. So, he became an engineer, huh? Nope! He went to Dental School. So, one evening he left his Lower East Side abode saying "Bye folks, I'm off to make s'thing of myself." Four years later he came back from his pilgrimage to Georgetown - back to that Mecca of culture, NYC, fthe greatest experience in diversity! and said to his folks, "Hi, folks! Guess what? I'm a dentist!" To which they replied, "Hey - where've you been?" Groups, fraternities, clubs? Heck, this kid didn't need any. He's a true New Yorker - of sound stock, granite character with twenty-six years of hard, tuff life chiseled in him fpersonally: he'd like to think he didn't need anyone, but they probably didn't even want himj. Well, special thanks to his folks, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and "new,' nephew for their support fthey musta known he was some- where for four years!! So, where's number uno fthat's a little bit of neighborhood lingoj son going to practice? . . . give you one guess! B ron W. Lindsay, D.D.S. Byron, a graduate of Brigham Young University, comes from Rex- burg, Idaho. While at Georgetown "Kite Manw won several awards for his expertise as a kite engineer and also earned spending money selling his creations, numbering fellow students, faculty, and patients among his patrons. Byron was well respected for his concerned nature and sincerity toward the needs of those about him. This sensitive man was also a jazz pianist and composer who enjoyed camping, fishing, hunting, and gardening. After three years with the Army he wants to return to Idaho to enjoy the "country-style living" with his wife, Robin, and their two sons, Will and Alan. Thanks go to his wife and their parents for their support and continual encouragement, also to Will and Alan for a few laughs. t 1 ,S , 1 0 3 'WM Q x... ,Q 5 Rodne D. Littlejohn, D.D.S. lnterestingg four years at Georgetown is truly an interesting ex- perience. As a young naive freshman facing the perils of Bioche- mistry and Histology, and the glorious revelations that a cadaver has to offer. All interesting experiences with a multitude of new faces and places. Then an odyssey. Through the infamous manikin room and a ride on the highspeed. Soon thereafter, a metamorphosis - a lowly caterpillar to a gracious white butterfly - with real patients, real blood, and more realistic dentistry. Then at last, a glimmer at the end of the tunnel - but barriers yet to overcome! Then there are the more jovial moments - FAC, softball, jogging, and good times with the boys. It's the names and the faces that will surely be missed. The memories of the good times, of which there were many. And alas - graduation, a step into the future, yet another metamorphosis. A further step into reality. Yes - Georgetown has been an interesting experience, but there is still much knowledge to be gained and experiences to experience. As for the future - a northbound trek, for my roots in Upstate New York are much too deep, the beautiful Finger Lakes, a beeline soon after graduation day, and possibly a residency. As final words of wisdom I would like to offer this, for all to "take a walk on the wild side," at least once in a while, for life is too short not to. I would like to dedicate this page to Mom and Dad and Barney and Sisser for their love, support, and understanding, and to Mimi for everything. Thomas E. Long, D.D.S. Tom is a native of Potsdam, New York where men are men and cold is really cold. After four years of prepping at Dartmouth, Tom joined the Navy and then an oil company. Deciding that halling through dental school was more to his taste, Tom entered GUDS and found there were many tasties around the bridges of Georgetown. Fond memories of Nicky's, half-price pizza, G.G.'s on Friday after- noons, softball, the porch, Winnebago's to Florida, and halling the bars of Washington made the past four years worthwhile. Tom plans to enter the U.S. Air Force and then possibly a subur- ban practice. He would like to especially thank Dot, Russ, Ian and Eric who believed it could be done. Tom's favorite quote is "lf you are ever lost, there is always a , to make a decision in." A p -1. ax , . ps 5, 1' E, 3+ rs f H w ,A Pa E 1 gg, M m w. S X ,.-- 7 +5 L, 'gl Stephen P. Lukase, D.D.S. Steve, of Lalolla, California, graduated from the University of San Diego with a B.S. in Biology. During school he earned his rent as a grounds keeper for a large home in Georgetown. His extracurricular activites included surfing, hunting, backpacking, swimming, running, and tennis. Steve ultimately desires a residency in Pedodontics. He wishes to dedicate this page "to my mother and father, for their unending encouragement, support, and finance, which can only be outweighed by their love." Robert B. Lytle, Ir., D.D.S. Bob dedicates this page to "the folks back homey' and also to Ruth Ann and the kids, Amy, Paul, and Dennis. Thanks also to lack for his level headed sanity in times of crisis and to lane for insane crises at times of sanity. .Il C r1l H. Mansperger, Mom thank you for giving love and having faith. Dad you left too soon to see me achieveg I always believed in you as in truth. Mary what you are will always be part of me, thank you for giving so much. Kate would that you will understand what drives me and accept my love. friends you gave, I now know what friendship can provideg would that the strength be there when the occasion arises for me to give. I now have simply a craftg perhaps more deduction needed at times to sort through alternatives and a bit more esoteric, but basically a craft as the bookmaker, the baker and the Candlestick maker. W Z Y4 ,7 orman A. Maxfield, D.D.S. Norm, a native of Salt Lake City, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah. He hopes to return to Utah with his wife Wendy and daughter Marissa to practice as an orthodontist or a general practitioner. It was probably Norm's clean living which enabled him to Work in the clinic for an entire week despite a ruptured appendix. Norm is a member of Delta Sigma Delta, an avid and talented Sportsman and works part-time as an elevator operator at the Senate Office building. He dedicates his page to Wendy, his parents and his in-laws. ...XR 33,1 iii?- 04" 'G' 8 o I sq Thomas F. McCarth . III, D.D.S. Tom comes from Middlebury, Connecticut. Having received his B.S. from Georgetown, he considers himself almost a native of Washington. When Tom thinks of Georgetown, he will remember UR" Street, the weekends, P.W.'s, late nights, early morning break- fasts, and doing the dishes. He will try to forget getting up in the morning, cleaning up after Horatio, and junior year prosthodontics. Tom is known for should we say unknownj for his nearly perfect class attendance record both freshman and sophomore years. During morning lectures junior year, nobody was able to disrupt his concen- tration. Tom's immediate plans after graduation include returning to Con- necticut to a general practice residency at either Waterbury or Saint Mary's Hospital. Ultimately he intends to practice privately in New England. Tom would like to thank Rich, Mick, Kyle, Iill and Horatio for sharing with him. He especially thanks his parents, Tom and Marie, and his sister Lisa for their love, emotional and financial support, and their continuous faith in him. These people have helped him grow, but most important have been his friends. lane F. Mclillduff, D.D.S. Is craziness a vehicle of escape? Or is it a sign of insanity? Maybe itis reality and only the crazies know it! To be or not to be crazy! What makes more sense? Life is often too serious: yet I'm crazy. But I believe I know how to live. I intend to do my part in this world. I intend to be the best dentist I can be. I intend to enjoy life and enjoy people. But I do intend to remain crazy. I am happy being crazy! Thank you Georgetown, Bob, "the boysu, Ioey and "crazy man" for your encouragement and advancement of this endeavor. Sincere thanks are due my parents and family for their sane and insane attempts to balance my sanity. Thanks! I love you all! 99 5 A ,,,,v-4'4" Ieffrey Allan edeiros, D.D.S. On the rainy night of Nov. 24th, 1953 in Taunton, Mass. a son was born to Ioan and Francis Medeiros named Ieffrey Allan. His earliest memories are of the outdoors and his love of hunting and fishing was deeply instilled by the time he entered high school at Bridgewater- Raynham Regional. At this time, his interests switched to motor- cycles, "underground newspapers", V.W.'s, and girls. Surviving this period, he went to Stonehill College as a pre-dental major and graduated in 1975 with Honors. Much has happened to Ieff since coming to G.U. During the spring of freshman year his father died from cancer. In Fall ,76 Ieff met his match in the form of a freshman dental student named Patricia. Finally, he became Dr. Neff's student assistant and lab tech, which has kept him busy ever since. Presently, Ieff is still an avid sport fisherman and waterfowl hunter. His plans for the future: marriage in Iuly '79 and ultimately a private practice with Tricia in northern New England. ln dedication, "I've truly had a lucky life due to the love and encouragement given me by my parents, family and friends and the motivation I've received from teachers. Almost everyone I've come into contact with has left some mark on me and I hope I have left something with them. My special appreciation and gratitude is ex- tended to Dr. Neff. To Tricia, I can only say thank you for being you and being there, along with I love you." Iohn D. Meola, D.D.S. I want to thank my Italian family and my Irish sweetheart, Deirdre aarr r ' Wes NJN Steven M. Miller, D.D.S. Steve hails from Brooklyn, New York, where majoring in Biology, he graduated from Brooklyn College. After Georgetown Steve plans an associateship in New York. Eventually he hopes to practice on the West Coast. When not involved in dentistry Steve enjoys traveling and sight- seeing, dining out, and all kinds of sports. His desire to get the best out of life will carry him well. Steve's years at Georgetown Dental School will never be forgotten. I-le would like to dedicate this page to his parents for their unending love and support when no one else was there. Malcolm Bert Munk, D.D.S. "Mal,' arrived at Georgetown after spending four years at Brigham Young University where he obtained his B.S. in microbiology and minored in chemistry. Born and raised in California, Mal plans on returning to the San lose area to set up a practice after spending a couple of years in the Army. His most enjoyable tour was pedodontics with the least being junior prosthodontics. When not occupied with studying or doing lab work, he spent many hours at Georgetown Hospital where he worked in the medical records department. After graduation Mal looks forward to spending more time with his wife, Rexine, two sons, Matthew and Adam, and daughter, Denise, who have provided the much needed support to help him make it through these last four years and to whom he'd like to dedicate this page. ,XX Michael G. Nagle, D.D.S Paul A. Nardi, D.D.S. Paul is one of the Massachusetts contingency, coming to George- town from Springfield. He is a graduate of American International College, where he majored in Biology. Paul, more commonly known as the Commander, enjoys skiing, golf, tennis, and home-tapped beer. He has been known to say, "I'll drink to that," especially at his favorite clinical tour: F.A.C. Paul's favorite memories were weekends, where everyone could regain sanity. Paul would like to dedicate this page "to my parents, grandparents, and family for all their encouragement, love, and understanding that enabled me to finish." X 117 Z ' gf . Tom R. eihart, D.D.S. Home: Los Angeles, California Age: 31 Profession: Dentist Most memorable book: '5Burnishing Amalgams to Decrease Margin- al Breakdown." Latest accomplishment: Getting his wife, Natasha, to work on time Quote: "The problem of survival for tribal groups and their cultures is a serious moral challenge to us all. We must do what we can to avoid being absorbed by more progressive societies." Profile: Intelligent and determined. Shows a concern for denture sore spots. His beer: Brew 102 fpronounced: Bru wun oh tool Richard H. ellson, D.D.S. Four years away from Maine have been four years too long. lt's hard for a Country person to survive the life in a City. Deep appreciation goes to family and friends whose love and support have made the road a little easier to travel. 9477 F anc 0'Donoghue, D.D.S. Nancy grew up in a Navy family and has traveled extensively. Now that she's married, Bethesda, Maryland is her permanent home. When not in school, she is home with her two children, Adrienne, who would like to become a ballerina and a dentist, and Morgan, who is fascinated with magic. Her husband, Morgan, is a physician practicing in D.C.. Nancy plans to associate here in the area. The periofendo and pedo tours were her favorite. Ioseph O'Rei11y, D.D. . "There are three things which are real: God, human folly, and laughter. The first two are beyond our Comprehension, so we must do what we can with the third." - Irish proverb 1 fi? NN Ed Urmond, D.D.S. I want to dedicate this page to my wife, Angela, who for the past fourteen years has laughed, cried, tolerated, cajoled, counseled, con- ceded, and consoled me through many experiences. It's been a long time coming - thanks, Babe. Patrick William Pepek, t D.D.S. Pat, another one of the "New England" boys, hails from Westfield, Massachusetts and came to us via Boston College where he received his degree in Biology. Since coming to Georgetown he has enjoyed many favorite activities such as playing softball for the Goodguys, tossing frisbees, jogging, hiking, and going out for an occasional night on the town. He also enjoys playing guitar and is an avid water skier. When not taking it easy he could be found working for Drs. Ferrigno and Mazzella in their private office making up Endo points for senior year. Pat remembers most favorably the Pedo and Surgery tours but feels he'll enjoy all the disciplines once away from the block system. After graduation, Pat will vacation at least for sometime and will hopefully work in an associateship for a few years. Ultimate plans are to return to New England to work in either a private or a group practice and to have season's tickets to the Red Sox games. Pat dedicates this page to his entire family who were never short on encouragement but must especially thank his father joe and his brother Mike who knowing the pitfalls of a dental education were always available for advice and moral support. Jw ia. M Q A K 56? ... . k my an 51 i an . :A - t ll' I' if in - vrlgv :kt ,,,, is .. ww Stephen Phillips, D.D.S. Steve, of Syosset, Long Island, spent one year at Alfred University and two years at Adelphi University for a B.A. in biology. He was a member of the Oral Cancer Society, and also a yearbook photog- rapher. His favorite activity at Georgetown was going to the beachg also, he enjoyed bicycling, swimming, jogging, and tennis. Steve plans to purchase a practice in New York City, hire an associate, and become a beachcomber. ln the clinic his most liked tours were the Big Three. At the other end of the spectrum stood junior perio. He wishes to dedicate this page to "my parents and sister for their love, confidence, and continuing encouragement which helped me make it through these past four years." , 2777777 Y WW Robert Glenn Plage, D.D.S. Though a native of Clark, New jersey, Bob claims North Carolina as his adopted state. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University where he majored in Biology. At Georgetown Bob enjoyed operative and crown and bridge most. Bob's favorite activities are running, racquetball, and softball. He was also a member of the two time campus championship "Thun- derchickensn intramural football team. While not in D.C. Bob and his wife Anne frequently travel and especially enjoy camping on the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Bob's future plans include setting up a private practice in North Carolina. I-Ie would like to dedicate his page to "My wife Anne for her constant love and understanding, to her parents for their contin- uous moral support, and to my parents for the love and encour- agement that they have always given me." A fb. Q49 1 jgpjtj i,5jap Q YQ 226, tsjtjjatrj fi! ,fi Q W nthon S. Podrow, D.D.S. Tony was shipped direct to Georgetown from the West Los Ange- les Area where he had been a successful and well-to-do lifeguard. He received an Associate in Arts degree in psychology from Los Angeles Valley College and proceeded to famong othersj California State University at Northbridge where he was a pre-dental GJ major. He enjoys skiing, water sports, volleyball, and all activities that are social. His special love is for extraordinary automobiles and happily has begun his "Collection", His dislikes include humidity, snow fother than for the purpose of skiing or sleddingj, musty basements and the E.A.C.g however he expects these to be rendered insignificant shortly. Tony plans to start out with a general practice associateship "somewhere on the West Coast" and possibly in Canada, Tony dedicates this page to his loving family and excellent friends, for "without their care and unfaltering support my success here might not have been possible!" Gregory Deems Prieston, D.D.S. Born in the "wilds" of Long Island, N.Y., Greg was always ready with a friendly, early-morning "grunt," Alias "Dr. D.',, Gregorious Demostenes Papadoupoulos or just 'Santman", he earned a BA. degree Gumme Laude in Biology from Hofstra University. In his spare time Greg enjoys skiing, tennis, cooking, and soaking up the U.V.'s. Recently Disco dancing has occupied part of his time. When this was written, junior G8zB was his favorite tour, but as he puts itg "any tour finished without I.O.U.'s is a good tour." After Georgetown he will look for a residency or associateship in N.Y. Greg dedicates this page to his parentsg "whose moral support, confidence in my abilities, and monthly checks made completion of dental school possible." He would also like to thank his friends for Hloosening up many a tense moment." 4l Terry C. Ramse , D.D.S. Home: Buschwhack, Colorado: see enclosed photo-copy sent to financial aid office. Age: 27 Profession: Dentist Hobbies: Suicidal missions, i.e., class III foil specialist Latest accomplishment: Construct a free end saddle partial denture from California to Iapan with a mesial rest and I-bar clasp on Hawaii Quote: Work like a dog, eat like a horse, think like a fox, play like a rabbit, and see your veterinarian twice a year Profile: Energetic, warm, penetrating: driven by a thirst for new knowledge that may lead to new truths Beer: Coor's, Breakfast of Champions urelio . Roca, D.D.S. Aurelio, a resident of Alexandria, Virginia, is originally from Santiago, Cuba. He received a BA. in biology from Catholic Univer- sity in Washington, D.C. During his stay at Georgetown he was a member of Delta Sigma Delta, and also played third base for the softhallers, but was more infamously known for his labors as note-taking service coordinator. Aurelio played classical guitar and when it was not seasonal for sailing the big ones he was building wooden models of sailing ships. He will join his father in a general practice in Arlington, Virginia, and hopes to devote some time to the dental clinic of the Spanish Catholic Center in the District. He wishes to dedicate this page to his entire family for their undying support, especially to the "best wife a man could ask for, Beverly, whose selfless sacrifice and inspiration have made the last four years possible." "Next to a woman, the most invincible thing in this world is a sailing ship." - William Iones I A1 wid 129 Ken Rothschild, D.D.S. I think I'm ready now for the looney bin. Perhaps my critics were right. Being the only Midwesterner in our class launched me into this unique identity crisis back in freshman year which I have yet to recover from. Lord knows I tried to cope with it. My bluegrass records came across in sophomore lab about as well as my cowboy hat did in the clinic tthis cowboy doesn't wear whitej. They even made me wear shoes during hours. But I persevered. Through histology. By microbiology. Around rush hour traffic and, yes, even through the glorious long summer nights in my non-air-conditioned attic bedroom. I guess I'm supposed to say now that I would do it all over again if I had to. That it was all worth it and even though the work was difficult, the money tight and my patience thin, it was a good learning experience academically, culturally and socially. Iust hold it right there. I've waited for four years to blow off steam and tell everything that moves how tough these years have been and how thankful I am that they're over. Four long years of counting the months until graduation and then exploding. But I can't. A severe anti-climax. So I guess I am crazy. Or perhaps just pleasantly dissuaded. But what the hell - it feels good. For all those interested my crystal ball reveals two years in the Public Health Service followed by either twenty-eight more years in the Public I-Iealth Service, a private practice lost somewhere in the Rocky Mountains or becoming a trapper in Alaska. Getting back to reality, obligations and all that stuff I would like to take time to dedicate this page as well as my four years here to my family, banjo, strong coffee, my faithful Cutlass and motorcycle, Colombia, my softballers, Great Falls Park, and Mary for without their help I would have withered long ago. Mark Rubenstein, D.D.S. Mark Rubenstein, who is a native New Yorker came to us from Brooklyn College, where he majored in chemistry. Before coming to Georgetown, Mark worked as an analytical chemist for a dental pharmaceutical company. While studying dentistry Mark has kept his sanity by playing racquetball every chance he gets. Mark also enjoys photography, traveling and camping. His favorite tour was Radiology while all the rest were tied for second place. His immediate practice plans are to complete a residency out west and then set up a private general practice there. Mark wishes to thank his wife, Michele for staying with him through the hardest years of his life and making them more bearable. He also wishes to thank his parents for their constant support of every kind and making it possible for him to reach his goal. Z 9 at sl ww!! . fn, i "AH f M A W Lx ,. f A EJ W if ! fy' im Q 6 I iit,, i L, ,,,, ' y Ap, if i 6 'is 0 it f 1 ,L -u- Wwlnig, Vincent T. Saracco, D.D.S. When just a tot Vince lived in the Bronx and then one day made the great trek from suburbia to the town of New City, N.Y. Even- tually, Vince attended the State University of New York at Albany and is quick to point out that those were the worst four years of his life fso farj. Vince has found his stay at Georgetown immeasurably more enjoyable. In his spare time at Georgetown, Vince might have been found playing basketball at the Hardy School or down at the school gym, working at the medical library, drinking at the George- town Pub, or just checking out the city of Washington. Vince's plans upon graduation are uncertain, but he is leaning toward doing a general practice residency in New York Gity. Vince dedicates this page to no one. He feels that too little time and thought went into this page to be worthy of dedication to anyone he loves. Instead, Vince dedicates his future dental practice to his ever-loving parents, sisters Felice and Nancy, brother john and all his relatives and friends. i - 'I Iames Saunders, D.D.SL lim hails from California, where he was employed as a real estate and part-time avocado salesman. Realizing that his lifestyle was not fulfilling tafter his entire yearly income for 1974 amounted to S64.17j, he decided to enter dental school. Liquidating his vast fortune, he bought a cherry 1957 Chevy with chrome wheels, tassels around the windshield, and genuine Tijuana tuck-and-roll, and traveled across the country. Immediately establishing himself as an intellectual and spiritual leader of the class, as well as a lush, lim has successfully combined his work, play, and lethargy. Here are some more impor- tant facts: Occupational goal: 'iDentist to the Stars" Last book read: "Fifty Great Opening Lines to Pick Up Single Women: A Guide for the Traveling Avocado Salesmanu Most memorable quote: "Excuse me for being human" Most charitable deed: Selling worthless desert land to retired wid- ows ' Drink: Anything alcoholic: he's not choosey. Iim would like to thank the entire Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino Valley for making his stay at Georgetown possible. Lastly, he'd like to say goodbye to friends he hopes he will see again, so happy trails to you. -L ii S255 X M . M H i 3 . ' k tg Mfg' j -S , as ' f A- l 9 l me fa f L M . A Q .. K 4,.. 1, cgi as at at .W 1 X , ax :J if s . , v ,I .. ff 04' ...Q MU", .gif .Q if evf f 5 if A' 4 J xg 2.3159 R fr :gg f pq..-.4 we f 'Q-fate W 9.9.2 . - . Q, ' A.v To' , . 1' .- ogy 99' X 0 'Ou Y .7 Peter Scelfo, D.D.S. Graduation time is a time to rejoice and celebrate. The arduous curriculum requirements have been overcome and my thoughts now turn to the seductive expectations of the future. Presently, my only thoughts are to dedicate this page to my wife, Carole. lt is a small reward indeed. She has always inspired as well as counseled. Her contributions are too numerous to catalogue but in short, her relent- less devotion has made our graduation possible. To not mention the unmitigated support of my loving parents would indeed be criminal. To them as well, I am forever indebted. Lastly, I would like our children to read this in years to come so that they too can realize how much they have meant to me during these past years. Their presence has been, simply, unifying. To these people I owe my love and gratitude. 134 l illiam C. Schmorr, D.D.S. A native New Yorker, Bill came to Georgetown after receiving a B.S. in Biology from Iona College. After graduation, he and his wife Ioann plan to return to the New England area, where Bill will either go into private practice, or an associateship. VVhen notiwaxing up, Bdlinay he found pkqung golf soHhaH. tennis, and basketball. A sports enthusiast, he was an active member of the i'Softballers" summer softball team. .An avulYankeefan,Bdlcan beseenzuound duzchnuzanmwenng basehalltrhda quesUons,as mmdlzw harassuugthe Boston Redsocks fans VVhik2 at Cleorgetovvn BiH's favorne Hiurs wvere Clral Surgery, PedodonUcs,and Cromuiand Bmdge.Bdlwvdlherennnnheredforthe inipossible feat of constructnig a set of cornplete dentures in only three days. BiH vvould hke to dedicate dns page HTYJrny vvde,Ioann,for her love,unwvavering conhdence uirny'ahihty,her never ending panence and for helping me keep my perspective through these trying years of dental school. Also, I would like to thank both our mothers for their love, support and encouragement, to my Aunt Kay and Uncle Ice for their unselhsh love, nurnerous sacrnices and generosuy.iA special thanks goesto Dr.CHayton h4cCkan Hn having fanh and conhdence inine it 'Z a B 5 5' .W i IEE t Z f rw ,b . M 5 ,. 55. ' if , , M 1. "g X if 'Q 'f n . tv, A ,, 4, , 20, 4,, was M M5 me I U" W5 if is 'gf C A 9 :fs Frederick W. Schneider Ir., D.D.S. One of the few natives of the District of Columbia, Fred, also known as the Keebler Elf, went to St. Iohn's military high school and then onto Georgetown University where he obtained his B.S. in pre- med Biology and completed course requirements towards a Masters in Anatomy and Physiology. His activities always include one sort of job or another whether it be with Smithsonian or Peoples Drug, the dental representative for the parking and traffic committee, a G.U. emergency unit worker or active in parish affairs. Fred's practice plans are to build a successful and lucrative solo home-office practice in nearby Rockville, Maryland. He plans to wed Miss Phyllis M. Quinn of Georgetown's library shortly after graduation. His hobbies include jewelry making, wood- carving, carpentry, hunting and many other interests. This page is dedicated "To the best family in the world without whom I could have never made it, and to the newest member of the family, Phyllis. Thanks for everything!" David C. Seccombe, D.D.S. Dave came to Georgetown from southern California with a suitcase of Hawaiian shirts. lt didn't take long to find out that only a luau is an acceptable excuse for wearing one on the east coast. Kept busier than he'd like Dave was Senior Page for Delta Sigma Delta this year as well as a member of the yearbook staff, ln past years he was involved in dental research, the American Society of Dentistry for Children, and Project TEACH. On those free weekends we all searched desperately for, Dave and his wife, june, enjoyed racquetball, bicycle riding, camping at Assa- teague Island, Skiing, touring the east coast, and hitting the Washing- ton discos and other night spots. Dave is a life-member of the F.A.C. and enjoys working out his dental frustrations over his Chinese wok. Upon graduation Dave and june will be heading back to California. Immediate plans are still pending, but Dave will open a general practice eventually. Dave would like to say to june. "Thanks for being by my side through it all. Your love and understanding made all the difference." 1 Stephen Bruce Seidler, D.D.S. Steve, a resident of Miami, Florida, came to Georgetown via the University of Florida where he majored in chemistry. While at Georgetown he has greatly enjoyed doing dental research in his spare time for Dr. Gabriel, and in his leisure time racquetball, golf, and music. Steve ranks Endodontics as his favorite rotation while least liked could be none other than the entire Sophomore year. After graduation he plans to become a Navy man and looks forward to seeing the world with his wife, Dianne. As yet he is open to suggestions as to the ultimate location of his practice. Steve would like to give special thanks to Dr. Gabriel for being a friend as well as an employer and for helping him to keep things in proper perspective while at Georgetown. Steve dedicates this page to Dianne for all her help and patience through four years and to his parents whose guidance before and encouragement during dental school made it all possible. Greg Philip Seinfeld, D.D.S. Anyone really interested in reading this already knows Greg's hometown and from where he got his BS in biology, so there will be no mention of Dobbs Ferry or Albany. An avid indoorsman and movie buff, Greg's free time ranged from enjoying DC nightlife to staying home in the company of a favorite author. Future plans include a trip abroad, then back to NYC, and finally get paid for doing dentistry. Greg's favorite tours were the ones that started Iuly 5. Greg dedicates his page "without hesitation to my parents David and Lea who have done more for me than I could ask, and my brother Rick for his encouragement and generosityfl gi gre, w M N . 1 nv- Y ' 3 f f t im ,, V ? if , , i, ' ,, V A' .1 7 7 W ' .. 4 .-Qjzfs nk - fy- 3-U I, , ,,,, .,.. L ef- 'f ",, . ' .f ' .,,. L f ' V . 4 ,V Iames Fullmer Selander, D.D.S. "The older the violin, the sweeter the music." If this is true then Iim's music is sweeter than ever. Coming to Washington from Salt Lake City, Utah, Dad plans to learn as much as he can in dental school and head back to practice the art and science of dentistry. As an undergraduate Iim attended the University of Utah Where he majored in business. Dr. Selander is the proud father of four chil- dren: Alan, presently serving on a mormon mission, Ann, attending NVCCg David, a junior in high school, and Alison, our baby. lim and his wife, Iudy, now live in Vienna, Virginia, where they can "get away from it all." lim dedicates this page to his wife, Iudy, whose love and support have made these four years possible. llen P. Seltzer, D.D.S. HOME: South Orange, New Iersey AGE: 28 PROFESSION: Student HOBBIES: Sailing, photography, golf MOST MEMORABLE BOOK: 'Tm OK, You're So So" LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Getting this far in dental school while maintaining a moderate level of sanity QUOTE: "I would like to dedicate this page to my parents, family, and friends who have helped me through their encouragement, advice, and sense of humor' PROFILE: An avid sports fan, he intends eventually to practice general dentistry within a reasonable distance of the Palestra, Veter- ans Stadium and the Spectrum HIS BEER: Schmidt's of Philadelphia N Xe, Q fit was -.1 tffiifff I , Will? Q M 4 PQ! ,M mi M 1, IJ 2 A Q., sf .:,f,,s,1 41... if gaps cmgamwic- mes 142 ' ,,,: Salvatore Selvaggio, D.D.S. Sal was born in the wiles of Brooklyn as a post-war baby boom afterthought. He later migrated with his family to eastern Long Island, where he spent his formative years in the bucolic splendor of the scrub pine. He received his BS and MA in biology at SUNY at New Paltz, and sought his fortune in Boston as a research assistant in an Immunology lab at Mass. General Hospital. After several years of chasing guinea pigs, he decided upon a career in dentistry. Leaving the bucolic splendor of the baked bean, Sal may now be seen as the shadowy figure in the projection booth. Besides his audio-visual activities Sal worked as a part-time Micro-biologist at the NIH where he and his co-workers are attempting to discover the link between diabetes and double-knit slacks. Sal would like to thank the following people: Father Monahan for aiding him in his dental school applicationg Peter Scelfo and Rick Nellson for their friendship, Dan and Margaret Weitekamp for their kindness, his parents, Phil and Lilly, for their constant love and supportg and his wife, Andrea, for making it all worthwhile. Iames . Smith, Ir. D.D.S jim came to Georgetown after receiving his BA in biology from Rutgers University. Born and raised in "THE BRONX", Iim enjoys skiing, sailing, and tennis. Some of the highlights of his four year ordeal were a clerkship at Sloan-Kettering hospital, Operative dentistry fexcept for a few in- structors and you all know who they arej, and Pedo. Some of the "lowlights" were junior Prostho, scalings, and all of sophomore year. Future plans include a general practice residency and then private practice in NY-NI area. lim dedicates his page to his parents and especially to Ieannie, his wife. for her endless support, laughter, and love. "Get ready lean, the couch, remote control TV and bon-hons are on orderf, 1 'ff V t it Irv... X ' f S . WI 'it e a . 'fi S 7' F 1 'ff , 5 ' ILI rw 4,3 P J fx . if 'T 3 7. - , P, . P? H i. Q 0 Deborah Starr, D.D.S. Debbie Sue, a native Texan and avid Cowboys fan, came to Georgetown after graduating from Colorado University. At C.U. she majored in Animal Behavior which she found to be valuable under- graduate training for the rigors of dentistry. A champion badminton player, she also enjoys tennis, swimming, and relaxin' at "Fun and Fitness", as well as reading a good book which has "no pictures of teeth in it." Debbie found the senior Oral Surgery tour to be the most enjoyable tour. After a slow rookie season, senior Operative dentistry became the most challenging tour. Immediate plans include an asso- ciate practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, leading to a private practice in general dentistry, and also many happy tomorrows with husband, john. Special thanks to Mom and Dad Starr, the Lakes, Marilyn, Melissa, tour friends, Tony, Van, Charlotte, Al, Nancy O., jeff, Pat, Paul, Harry S., Ursa Dog, and "my sweetheart" who transformed four lean years into a rewarding experience. Thomas Stern, D.D.S. Tom is a native of Queens, New York, where he attended St. john's University and earned a BS in biology. After a year of microbiology at Seton Hall, Tom arrived at Georgetown where he came to be known to some as "Gabby" for his discreet use of the English language. During his clinical years Tom found the Pedo and Oral Surgery tours to be the most enjoyable, but would rather forget about junior year Crown and Bridge. In his "spare time" Tom indulges in photog- raphy, jogging, and enjoys going to the movies with his wife, Kathy. He was also active in the production of this yearbook. After graduation Tom will practice dentistry in the Army for three years before settling eventually in the New York City area. He would like to dedicate this page to his parents, and especially to Kathy, his "wonderful wife and best friend - the one who knew how to encourage me onward when it all seemed impossiblef, ,pda . - 'Tri j. LL,- 4 f A r a g, 4 . r , 'NF V LE A A ,.. . , 1 it 1' ho' My lg r lb' 'S My K fi rs R- ' f K 'ffm I 'X ' 1, SIA. x. M -.asf ' ,,E,,ymK 1 ' of gg ' Q' fi I .Wg , fr W , 'K V ,, 1.5" - qw .., "-rf' f liege- v' V in 'V G nf, 5 Li? vu. Q' 9 t f?.f"' ,,,, L. t Steven Dale Stre1eh, D.D.S. Ich danke denjenigen, die mir in den letzten Iahren so treu und lieb geblieben sind. illiam Ra Stringham, D.D.S. Bill was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains fhome of the Hgreatest snow on earth"j. He attended the University of Utah where he studied for a degree in psychology on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and spent his Tuesdays and Thursdays studying the deep powder at Alta and Snowbird. Bill came to Georgetown expecting to return to the Rockies with his D.D.S. degree, but no sooner had he arrived in D.C. than a local Arlington girl began to change his plans. Bill and Karen were married at the end of Freshman year and their first child, Ashby Marie, was born at the beginning of Senior year. A private practice in northern Virginia is the new game plan with frequent visits to Utah to refresh acquaintances with family and the mountains. Spare time activities have included part-time jobs, church activities, golfing at East Poto- mac Park, and waiting for Randy Bretzing to clean his instuments. 6'This page is dedicated to Karen, for her patience, love, and encouragement, to Mom and Dad, for their supportg to Karen's parents, for making me feel welcome in their homeg and to Ashby, who has made it all worthwhile." '05 ,J- W x. Fifa, 14 Richard M. Sturr, D.D.S. Rick came to Georgetown after graduation from Alfred University where he earned a BA in chemistry. A native of Syracuse, NY, "the cloudiest city in North America," he found the relative blue sky and pace of Washington very enjoyable. A long time athletic buff and science fiction enthusiast, Rick found that maintenance of a sense of humor was necessary for a safe and sure passage along Georgetownls whimsical academic ladder. Hitting a long ball for a soft ball team, having a "cold onei' after part-time work in the library, and an imitation or two helped put the occassionally absurd life in GUDS in perspective. Rick plans to practice in the northeast and ultimately participate in dental education. He would like to thank his parents, relatives, and friends for their support through a difficult four years. Lawrence Steven Tesser, D.D.S. Larry came to Georgetown via Brandeis University where he majored in biology and sociology. Originally from North Woodmere, Long Island, Larry eventually plans to return to the New York area where he will either pursue a career in periodontics or spend some time in a hospital doing a general dentistry residency. 'While not in the clinic Larry's activities included a four year membership in Alpha Omega, intramural athletics, and working as a maitre d' at one of the more Well established restaurants in George- town. While in the clinic, although not overly excited about any of the tours, Larryis favorites were pedodontics and operative tfor its organizationj, with C8zB and junior prosthodontics a close last. Larry's page is dedicated to his parents and grandmother for their unselfish support and guidance, and his brother, Ted, for helping him keep a proper perspective on life. ' a L 3 6 r if 'Ya .. ,slv 2 4' L " Q ! a , Q I z C? ,, 5 hong 1? mm 7 Edwin Michael Thomas, Ir. D.D.S. Mike originates from Westwood, Massachusetts. He is an alumnus of Notre Dame from which he earned his BS degree. One of the most dedicated members of the class, Mike was seen running the cash register at Pearsor1's Drugstore on weekends. Skiing, jogging, and sailing also occupied Mike's time, but only when all his studies were in order. Mike's immediate plans call for a return trip to Massachusetts and participation in his father's dental practice in the Boston area. Ultimate plans involve his own private practice. "I would like to dedicate this page to my parents for their support and devotion, and to my brother, Gary, whom we all miss." Russell Iames Tibbetts, D.D.S. Dewar's Prophies fpronounced "pro-feezuj Home: Swarthmore,PA Age: 24 Profession: Provider of quality dental care fat a reasonable pricej Hobbies: A few beers, 'few laughs, 'few tunes, 'few chicks, and a little pinball Most Memorable Books: Mojofs Physical Diagnosis Kazooty and Rudy ond the Yunkopups Latest Accomplishment: My first shave Prophy: Professional cleaning of teeth with flavored pumice utili- zing conventional speed dental engine and handpiece Quote: But seriously, folks, I've just got to thank my close friends, my brothers and sister, Bernie, and especially my Mom and Dad for all their support and love. Scotch: Yes, but mostly Irish i M----N.-..-.. br :....., 9 VY x as i, Z Leonard Tom D.D.S. Lenny, a native of Sacramento, California, earned his bachelors degree in physiology at the University of California at Berkeley. He then attended pharmacy school a year at the University of California at San Francisco beofore coming to Gerogetown. His first impression of the East was one of an impersonal and confusing nature. However, Lenny admits that after having grown accustomed to it, and having seen more of it, there are some good points. Outside of school he enjoys playing tennis and working on cars. Although he would ultimately like to return to the West to practice, he will serve in the Public Health Service for two years. Lenny would like to dedicate this page to his parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives for their constant love, encouragement, and support. Also, special thanks are given to those who have provided unselfishly their comfort through these four years. Iames M. Tracy, D.D.S. 5 Iames 'fspiaceyu Tracy, also known by close friends as "Mr, Moder- ation", comes to Georgetown from San lose State College with a BA. in molecular biology. Upon graduation he plans to return to the San Francisco Bay area to associate in a group practice, with eventual plans of entering a private practice. Iim would like to dedicate this page to his family for all their help and support during these difficult years. He would like to give special thanks to Lobster, Commander and Dr. Gonzo. Ieffrey Michael Tulman, D.D.S. Ieffrey f"Ieff" to his friendsj hails from Woodmere, N.Y. and reigns as senior member of the Garfield Estate. After obtaining a BS in biology at Brooklyn College, Ieff entered this high pressure system, but never allowed it to dampen his sunny disposition. While junior Perio left Ieff cold the Big Three were smooth sailing. As would be expected any course given by the Oral Surgery depart- ment could only be described as a snowjob. Among the scattered highs at Georgetown Ieff would rate lunchtime in Oral Surgery tops. After graduation Ieff will drift up to New York where he will weather a general practice residency. After that he is sure he will be flooded with offers for an associateship somewhere in the New York Metropolitan area. Ieff asked that we print his favorite verseg however, due to space limitations we are only able to print the first line which is as follows: E'There once was a man from Nantucket . . . " Ieff would like to dedicate this page to "my family and especially my parents whose constant support, love, and devotion made it all possible and worthwhile." Iohn Vetovick, D.D.S. Bordentown, New Iersey brought us Iohn who earned a BA in sociology from Seton Hall University. While school work was number one priority in Iohn's mind, he also managed to find time to work in Dr. Oeschger's lab. This respected member of the class has been known also to occasionally let his hair down and take out his model railroad inthe big kid that never grew up"j. He proudly proclaims himself to be the first mate and beer drinker on "Noah's Ark." Chuckles and his wife, Cheryl, plan a trip to Florida after gradu- ation to participate in an associateship. Ultimate plans involve a private practice, enjoying life and good times. "I dedicate this page to my loving wife, Cheryl, for her support and undying belief in me, and to my father and Cheryl's parents for their love and encouragementf, V... , , '11 L...- 156 "ve -1 Harvey Weener, D.D.S. Harvey arrived at Gerogetown via Tufts University and Century Cab Company. A true Bostonian, Harvey could often be found arguing with Yankee fans or teaching the natives how to pronounce their "R"is. Harvey's activities, besides lending equipment, include hang glid- ing, tennis, cycling and developing his jeweler's skills. While in the Washington area, Harvey has enjoyed taking advantage of the many museums, restaurants, and the E.P.A. After graduation, Harvey plans to donate his whites to the Acad- emy of Professional Barbers and ultimately return to New England with his gifted wife Valerie and cat Teakoa. Harvey donates this page to Valerie and to his parents for their continuing love and support. Edward Glen Wolsieffer, D.D.S. Glen, a native Pennsylvanian, came to Georgetown by way of the University of Scranton after receiving a BS in biology, baseball, and cruisin'. While at Georgetown Glen enjoyed most tours, but values most of all the experience, knowledge, and friendship gained from his patients, instructors, and friends. Spare times were spent on the courts, fields, courses, and slopes in the area as well as in the W.A.M. laboratory making dentures. Glen would like his dedication to read: "To my parents and family for their unending support and respect and especially to my wife and best friend, Betty, for her enduring confidence and constant smile which helped keep everything under control." Good luck to the Class of '79. WE IMI!! , i M-Qs! 1 Q Q 1 fi ,K kg .. -.J x he if J .5 ' . . Q V 'W1: i ':'-f t 'I I 1' . t -X ' - -.,, I, ,E K 4 I , , .s klszmf H x - . . ., , , . . . it W 1 i,1 X - ' . ' fi - 5 - X . f It gqqkx I E ,z " 1 K . ' , . ff' ' R.. . . , ' XX, gf 14 , 4, - 1 . ff W ' . QQ ' A. f V J I ' f' ' ' ' - I. I J' ,I . - fin I nl Rouben A. Yedigarian D.D.S. With no regrets, my life as a professional student is finally coming to an endg unless of course I get a law degree - which is about all that is left. With this background plus my BS in Mechanical Engi- neering from Ohio University and my MS in Engineering from GWU, I can defend myself in malpractice suits if I mistakenly reproduce a miniature of the Golden Gate Bridge in a patient's mouth. I hope someday to advertise nationwide my new business - Speedy's Chrome and Gold Emporium. Our motto: Never fret if your car bites the dust, our re-enforced dentures will help you bite steel. We fix your dents and outfit you with skid-proof dentures while you wait. If your tooth is giving you a pain in the neck and your car is directing the pain somewhat lower, we can do extractions guaranteed to help. We also do fill-ups and fillings in five minutes fself service somewhat fasterj. Remember, with a fill-up of twelve gallons or more, we provide one free one-surface restoration. But seriously, it has been an experience which I would not want to go through againg for if indeed "war is hell", it is a step above dental school. I do believe Georgetown gave me a pretty good experience and education - too bad it cost me an arm and a leg, not to mention my mind. My sincere thanks to my wife, Myrna, for her patience and everlasting support. Philip I. Zinser D.D.S. A native New Yorker, Phil attended York College of the City University of New York and majored in biology before coming to Georgetown. He was fortunate in being accepted to dental school after just three years of college. After arriving at Georgetown Phil mustered the incredible fortitude to survive the influence of two rather bizarre lab partners his first two years, and thus made it onto the clinic floor mentally unscathed. When not in the clinic Phil enjoys tennis, scuba-diving, photogra- phy, and tipping a few beers. He will fondly remember his vacation trips to the Bahamas, Mexico, and especially the one to Florida Keys with "The Boys." Phil enjoyed his senior Periodontics tour the most and hopes to pursue the field in a residency after graduation. Following that, his plans include four years with the Air Force and an eventual return to the New York-Long Island area. Phil dedicates this page Hto Dr. Clem Rault, who made my dream possible, and to my mother, to whom I owe all that I am." 3 5 , .ws P t ,,,,,.,.,, l i 1 l 'L N , ,,,t ' ij E, 54 IQ ' 1 e'i,, I .,., 'J - Vzivav T Y , 1 . X I, wi 159 I U IORS , g 5 ' 6 ' 7:3 .1 , Q' -5 V I 5 1 is .,, sf .. A A ' gf' 1 N, 4 Q I. xi' " ' A. 5 Ex- T Q? ,dvi N X V tb ' Xu ' . N W s t U 3 1 N , H E U M g X ,Wh X L Q . 'P 1. , , x Q i M14 A if .. Q M t Q- - X X , ' X, in AX- LY. i V A 4' 't Did you say . . . Void? auf tep e ff- L ' t ,M n N ' W - t , Q a 2 X , Q. I , M, V A. ,Iii 'J W f W: V it fxig i A! ii ' V mt X KX : xii, X i s ' -+1 i 'i e f t 2 t V xr X xx "Lv, 1 V2 it 2 ,W K, ,.Q1. , ' . it - P W tx 'O i ,J ,, p 3 N: ,X f' Q vm. 3 N451 F , to ? ' h , A , No, you didn't step in 1t. g Q p X 1, 1? as ' I X x 4. , e e p , e me Qffl Q N v Y 1 V x . it N A H . V 1 A g f .1 I 'ti ' L -, t.t-,,- 'VV 4, . 5 ,Qi . 9 .,, . ,.. , The operatories were designed to gi of private practice. X A ve the students a feeling .,,A,, ,fL,5:, M. .k.. W 18 Q 'W Doctor, I think the wig is going to live. 'A i, r G n ' A "" f i . 4 U x , ' .A X . K a -in 5 ,f W5 1' " oii Q :V ,, fi, :,, . ,- Q ' I , I QW' ' r g 2 i,,iiiz: . X ,Ov i 9 ii, 7 r on oioo o,i., Mg 1 or 1 in n A S T 1-f ff In I iw-,1 V "GT kg! ! V T" L,, ' 3 5 So when I came back to take the pressure, the blouse was gone . . . ! A I "1 - 1 as 1 , or g , e r -f in -e - AX il N x X , I X A , K1 0 I , R 'Q- 1 I ffw i r ' I r , , , . 4 -Q A L E . , ., n 1 4 Yeah, gimme 10 on 2 to show. K A rf ' ' N ' ' 5.5 5 sr Sl 161 gn---W f 1 I' x I I nr' f 1 Aalr ffl. ' 4 ' ,if tiii 2 i Q l ,. i I - Y fi ,fx . i if 7 X ' U i ul 1 K W I GG W kk,, , I www' Need a little trim off the sides. ? ,, y t , I ik- I-: 1, .. ' it x r-ffm .X . . M 4, L VVVV , I Q 4 " if -7 .1 , , MIM - ,,,- X 2 C' t i if w 7 'L x E, . " 4 . ' W ' K - tii i V f i K y if S 1 fa' A ' I . 1 i.i, , ,f ,A 1 6 'Q ei S. ' t , ,A z ,. , E- K . - V i n ,K W V k at Q g 5 itii 2 ",- ig i Q 'V - ' L - ",, . 5 ' 9 i , I I 3 ,1i.T,,' ,f,..ti.7S i It takes two to Tango. . . is J -v . , ,tt Rai , ,F ' 9 r i , iijiiig' 'f . 4' 5, ' A zxri.. X' - W -7 ' , Iii -fi , ,f it W'-i x iei i i ' f ' i in it i i...,,...,i i i i Oh yeah? Come over here and say that! 162 been 'f s 1' i -l i -gt,-, J. , "H-an-a-I .vm r fl! I 1. 'Q xi I've got my own lab man. ,J QL, A-uf' Oh . . . that quiz! qs, to 'WE ' xi 1? ,X b U Q x wi I :wx by x Q t 2 . d,X , bvxf' 1 X-SX" 5 b f A , f' i W A - Y A A ,. 'L' AX - " 9 fl' Q, , f f ' I J X ""' A I ' 4 5 1 Q ,, ! . , . I ?-KN "I 1, X Ng 19.1 Vp.. 7.1 f , ' k V ,,,. XEIAP Q if SM 51 ,X w - fs, If m y 1 ' ' VVVV -H ?1 ,M , . J. I .1 ' 3 , f hw. , 'L ,. f 9 f 1 if 51555 f H M. W L up 9 f I Q W, ii ' . Wa F , ff' W 2 w K- Q? ' fx 1 3 ff, X..-...S Q I 4 M 5 V 9 x , ,A xii .rg 165 S' 4 J j ' " ' ffw fv ALPHA OMEGA DELTA SIGMA Q C . ' .99 1 v-' 4' A 'J 1' ' - Ov I T 3-1 if 'fx 50' f If f J PSI UMEGA qlOI'3ICtOLLH'l denial uJwz5 dub 'W MK ..,,. ,u.. ., .,:.V n.., ,D .Q ,.,ln., ... . ,,,, 1,5 .. f Y 'X ri ,,,.,f ' 1 F f 1'Mf Ji ' if ' Lp ' +R Q fz QQM ...fffwv an-Q, wry n10Q'5l-L' DHA-.L waves CU+Io.5v-'-4-Jktn 11517 'lg an gf-14risze..'han -for STGUJCS u-F dqwk-J.. s-11.-.cizm-K-s , 11'-'U'-3'-ML wives an + '.+ -Q. .. .4 -, 3 ...A :Brute :oc'4:,L sgnstwc.-L'a:l:S . S " yu-nero yu-na V711 XL 1 al,mgLj,4gk,1u-,gi 'auteur' ami '-Sake Salas: qprqwidg quad 'klffltf Lv 1-rsemlbfrt sal 940-Alvb+5 . -Pracfefeli are Aa1w..icA 6nv.voan.L-L4.LA"k'l qv Lth0AI"L'L'C-LOL!-.-'?'4. 94' g,7'alln'l.h + aohsnxu-'ch-L I " -nw mafdrkl--t kseuehdq -W. I--mm .2 QA-'un and mf. NJ-g Sung 3 wk? uzzrg, Lkrgtz nan ' ms DbnnW,cAllJrgA5 wserx I 1 gk qi- +A Kanv-c,eLf..i ex.:-xl Sus'-rfu 4:2-Nr v-'CC-L FD3'-N:-f. h .1 DENTAL WIVES CLUB 167 Rule 411, never drool on your patient. np? D ji xt. Qi I fuk S' ' , , Q. Q l ' errr K O.K., Now first we reposition the nose . . . I ... 'TL x :ira- ...4,.1? The Yankees did what? What, you want ME to go for egg rolls? Gadfry, I can't find the buccal cusp! I fY'! J Two handed - two footed den- tistry. Q 5 . V "-f "-' 1 - an 'f Where's the shovel? Alright, l'll talk, I'll talk! i ' i 1:2 wa a , , , and you do the I-lokey Pokey . . . Sig: Pull 1 or 2 tabs q1!2h until gone. A. Q 0 ip. 5 0 L What do you mean I don't look Italian? .--..-.. W . ,ms M. -1- nw n Eg fi 4' I Y' I t i , , Aww ,, , 2, , if Alright you monster, I tried Who's been in the Dark Room all day? being nice . .. o l, Astute clinical observation reveals this patient is dead, let's ask him. ' fs You call this four-handed dentistry? LN- 'A-Q... t x All they had todo is read the old ls it 15 gms of stone to 100co of water or is it . . . ? exams. "9" Never overload your tray. Let 'em wait, I'm down two bucks. 1 Nm get i . t ,kkk 7 ,,,, f Q- LV . I K L Y' -If It. kkflh. L it :L . t t ,ttt R Margo, my lips are sealed. O'Reily, use a hankey. .Q rf ,fi .nf ' t I, Eni, Meni, Mini, M0 . .. Alright, when do we glind the cusp tip and when do we glind the fossa . . . ? Vx if What, Me Worry? Diagnosis - Frigid 'QW' vans! Father, you got an hour to hear confession? . V KMK-UANIEL ff N L- -- L , Q Q W Jfij Q O h :X IZQMIX' ' N f I 4 X , , I x 5- , wzwff ' . 7 V Q JN K H" . A-N - Q Q69 ' 5 Agl jiri rlf f Q. If -5 - 1 TQ .. M "iff, . , s vf f If gpg 4 ,NBTA Ll-rfLe ' 4' ' og MUCH on 'THE 'ggi , ' A xx ' 'Y nusrnsmu! Kffsqffiv , x-qw 'fi gVP. 7 ff .Axxh ,,, ,w L varllvf WO'-KY, ' iq-X mv x E you LL GFT lf.,.. 0 A x 'W 4 X : Q Wy N . Z Q 1 Q O R Hungover Wi' Ill!! ff Y ,, v , l'k.w'iHL ' h Oh - we DO NOT wear pantyhose! BMOC y 1 ADMI ISTRATIO ,I n . Mira. F...-4... .4f"'w 'r ' avid E. Beaudreau, D.D.S. Gustav O. Kruger, D.D.S. D Associate Dean, Chairman Dean, Scho of the Dept of Oral Surgery -Xa., 1. , S P A 3 pn ., I ,i,. f' 4 ,I 'in Z in xfx Robert I. Taylor, D.D.S. Associate Dean, Director of Clinics Leo Patrick Monohan, S.I. Chaplain of the School of Dentistry FACULTY CRD an BRID CE d A s ol of Dentistry A Fi! ' 5. ' n XL., ,K Y as ap, X-+R 1 ' N- A ... 3 Wade B. Irwin, D.D.S. Administrative Assistant to the Dean for Preclinical Dental Education 4 X' Chairman: Anthony Tylenda, D.D.S., Peter A. Neff, D.D.S., F. Paul Crosse, D.D.S., Iohn A. O'Keefe, D.D.S., Karen Adams, D.D.S., Armand Bonneau, D.D.S., Roy H. Iones, D.D.S., Edward S. Plekavich, D.D.S., William D. Sulik, D.D.S., M.S., Iames S. Dryden Ir., D.D.S. 174 .-, . i x CDMMU ITY DE TISTRY Chairman: Andrew Christopher, D.D.S., M.H.A., William E. Vaughan, D.D.S., Martha L. Liggett, B.S., M.S., Elliott C. Flick, D.D.S. Y RADICLCCY Thomas O. Daniel, Ir. R.T., Donald F. Wilkens, R.T. 175 . .l,i.f,,,.,,.- ,V . , .. .. ., .K Chairman: William K. Bottomley, D.D.S., M.S., Iohn G. Mather, D.D.S., Paul A. Moore, D.D.S., A. Ritchie 1 Smith, D.D.S. it f ORAL PATHOLCCY Chairman: Henry H. Scofield, D.D.S., Monika Plat- kajis, D.D.S., M.S., B. McCaskill 176 , N, . K f L T f.,, 1 , I I xx ' . K 'Q' lg .. Q CRAL SURGERY Chairman: Gustov O. Kruger, M.A., D.D.S., Donald C. Reynolds, D.D.S., M.S., Carl M. Ruderman, D.D.S., Thomas Gallegos, D.D.S. L...J ,-nv ww PEDUDC TICS Chairman: Charles L. Broring, D.D.S., Louis P. Le- resche, D.D.S., Irma M. Frank, D.D.S., Wilfred Dud- ley, D.D.S., Robert Morgenstein, D.M.D., Douglas G. Pincock, D.M.D., Michael I. Ternisky, D.D.S., Mi chael Roberts, D.D.S., Ira L. Scott, D.D.S. 1. ,pit f J l- K ORTHODO TICS Chairman: Ashur G. Chavoor, D.D.S., Armand L. Dumas, D.D.S., M.S., Daniel B. Farber, D.D.S., M.S., Nahid M. Homayoun, D.D.S. ll t. Y W Q W , PERIGDCJ TICS Chairman: Peter Ferrigno, D.D.S., M.S., Walter Mazzella, D.D.S., M.S., Walter Hillis, D.D.S., Law- rence Freilich, D.D.S., M.S., Clara Rodriguez D.D.S., Steven Schorr, D.M.D., Helen Schaefer R.D.H., M.Ed. 177 PROSTHUDC TICS Chairman: Robert B. Lytle, D.D.S., Walter I. Demer, D.D.S., Hratch A. Abrahamian, D.D.S., Herbert I. Towle, D.M.D., Thomas D. Wise, D.D.S., William C. Wohlfarth Ir., D.D.S., Robert Elliott Ir., D.D.S., Iohn H. Flynn, D.D.S. N TX'-frf' QLo6E DUNN 5LouLY SH b KN TH V N I ow vom -mn Situ 'FQNGLEDESE IEW "" ELECTRM. COFFEE If' smaeeas f ki VI Q X C Q? A , 1 I 1237 Sf X O- .F C X - - . I T X 27 I UMDVH. We Q f ' NJ f' n M... - I X Q fo 0 I .. .J I K ' h' ff ' my X ' ,, i eee' Tl ,e ' I ii Q ' XR A ,po F91 v 'Q F Y 4 Got ' N, 63' 7' . I, , . '54 it k If I 4 55? f . I , milf' -w. . I x I " ' Misa 5? he ff? A OPERATIVE Chairman: Harry B. Sheldon, D.D.S., Everett N. Cobb, D.D.S., Clement A. Farrell, D.D.S., Lica H. Catsakis, D.D.S., Leon R. Discavage, D.D.S., Iohn I. Ioncas, D.D.S., Louis I. LaVecChia, D.D.S., Ralph T. Mazzuca, D.D.S., Raymond Sebor, D.D.S., Everett I. Wolfe, D.D.S. 178 A x M W 7'-If t ' .. F 'I ',.,,... iw FWF Q Q' Q E A 2-5 ,V 915 X . Eff i f .xk I 'YJ-5 . v 1 X,-ff - , , Q Je. ' ' 1 I , 1, 'J . x. Q I 'x Q r xf f1' 1 wi' x , I v i Q fm-W R 1 , Afwi 5,5 1 1 is Y x 'I' Q35 CLD KX 5, V, 'V is l Apollonian Staff Contributors: A. Blondman, K. Brace, D. Burrell, R. C M. Culotta, R. Foeldi, P. Forte, I. Good, A. Hinkle, P. Kirk, D. Lew, I. McElduff, E. Ormond, S. Phillips, R. Plage, Seccombe, D. Starr, T. Stern, I. Tulman. SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Bob Chin, Paul Forte, Dave Lew, Iane McElduff, Dave Seccombe, and Ieff Tulman for going beyond . . . and supporting me throughout . . . Also, Thank you to those who composed their Writeups. You created variety by showing us your imaginatio quality often undiscovered and unshared by your peers throughout the four years. Cyril Mansperger hin, D. H,a Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph A. Gergely, Ir Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stern Sr. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Iames W. Beall Mr. and Mrs. Al Masculo Drs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Stuart and Doris Kahn . Iack Blondman Richard Bastiano Mr. and Mrs. Russel E. Long Mr. and Mrs. Foley White Harris Mr. and Mrs. A. Rosenman, Ir. and Mrs. C. Francis Werts, '40 Gilbert E. Haworth Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Tulley and Mrs. Bernard Roth and Mrs. Raymond Iohnson Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Barotz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Tibbetts Stanley Tulman and Mrs. Anthony P. Culotta and Mrs. Gordon Fisher and Mrs. C. V. Powell Dr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Armond Franco Mrs. Nicholas Arfanis Mr. 81 Mrs. Eugene Wohl 180 PTROS Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Arthus Serxner Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Canterino Mrs. Alfred Pazienski Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Dr. Mr. and Mrs Gerald A. Panec Arnold Anderson Ernest Wodiske William Singer Thomas C. Chianese A. Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Hy Briskin Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Seltzer Mr. Pat Dr. and Mrs. Dawes D. Lee and Rose Young and Mrs. Gerard Lesch Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boynton and Mrs. Ioseph T. Scelfo Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Cavanaugh Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Andrews and Mrs. Paul I. Kreutz and Mrs. E. Koreza and Mrs. Nicholas Angelini Audrey and David E. Liebskind Steven Woycizchowski Mr. Earl A. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Ernest I. Schrot Col. and Mrs. Iames R. Hinkle Dr. and Mrs. Walter Neal Gal Dr. Walter Neal Gallagher, Ir. Dr. Kathleen G. Gallagher Mrs. Henriette Hollender Morgan and Nancy O'Donoghue Helene and Leslie Foeldi Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Ryan Cynthia and Frank Koppelman Earl A. Horton Howard Nadler Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mazurkiewicz Howard C. Froehlich Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gorfien Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Gardiner Mrs. Geraldine P. Hinton Crispiw M. Proto and Mrs. C. I. Milliken and Mrs. Carlo Gnenimi and Mrs. Samuel I. Facella and Mrs. and Mrs. Louis A. Cianca and Mrs. Ioseph E. Sireci Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Valancius Mr. Mr. Mr. lagher, Sr THE MEMBERS OF THE 1978-79 SPECIAL THANKS TO: DENTAL Mr. and Mrs. Harland Hoffman Mrs. Frederick Mansperger EXTEND MP- and MPS- Stanley Szymflzak CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES. fEspecia1ly h sbands!j WISHING THE CLASS OF 1979 SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS DELTA SICMA DELTA FRATERNITY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1979 ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE CLASS OF 1979 PSI OMEGA F RATERNITY BEST Of LUCK MUCH SUCCESS To The CRADUATINC CLASS Of 1979 FOXHALL BEVERAGE 4418 MacArthur Blvd., N.W. 333-3444 BEST WISHES FROIVI COLUMBIA DENTOFORIVI CORPORATION SERVING DENTISTRY AND DENTAL EDUCATION SINCE 1917 COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION 49 EAST 21st ST., N.Y., N.Y. 10010 IASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE? THANK YOU I W for using ,iasv MACKE Q EXTRAordinary food and vending services Congratulations to the Class of 1979 from Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hinkle Since 1948 MCLEAN HARDWARE CO. INC household supplies electrical supplies seed -- fertilizer garden tools 6811 Old Dominion Drive Mclean, Virginia 22101 Phone: 356-5496 THE GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY DE TAL ALUM I ASSOCIATIO extends hearty congratulations and a warm welcome to THE CLASS of 1979 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY tfilqwon PORCELAIN SPECIAL MULTI-FIRED ANTERIOR TEETH MYERSON TOOTH CORPORATION 90 HAMILTON srneer I Crtmantotze MASSACHUSETTS 02139 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW ---ELECTRO - BALLET 744 c' 'S 1 EIN! -, . -g gal' v Contact I- .- Q , za , Solid State Circuit - 3. Simplified Controls I QL Modem, Compact Case Stop or Go Handpiece I Self Cleaning Contacu The New Electsfmhlxllet is better than ever. The Solid State Circuit is stable for malletlng low or high frequenoes No warm up No adjusung Controls are simplified, FOIL' The stop or go handpieceis a big improvement for placing foul. Finger pressure on any stop button keeps the handplr.-ce from being activated Pttlt up the gold and place it as desired before condensing. AMALGAM Adapt amalgam with the mallet stopped and con- dense mechamfally when indicated, - SEATING' Seat lnlays, crowns or bridges with our wooden in- sert points. Pressure with vibrauon causes the cement to flow evenly. To order or obtain further information, write or call lcSltirley Products, Inc. 6535 Su: Fenundo Rand Glendale, Cnlifofnia 9l20l 42135 243-8991 Congratulations From Georgetown Medical And Dental Bookstore rg, CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ON A SUCCESSFUL CAREER CODES CO DENTAL SUPPLY 12266 Wilkens Avenue Washington Area 881-2191 Rockville, Md. 20852 Baltimore Area 792-4014 'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k May We Offer Our Assistance To Help You To Attain Your Goals We Are a Full Service Supplier Offering Expertise In Office Planning And Opening The Staff Of The W.A. Lockwood Dental Co., Inc. Extends Heartiest Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of The Dental School Of Georgetown University 3527 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 966-5754 PRO-TECTO SPLASH GUARDS FOR LABORATORY FOR DENTAL OFFICE , --'fa' p PROTECTS PROFITS , PROTECTS THE LABORATORY I - T ' PROTECTS THE TECHNICIANS is ' ' W PROTECTS THE DENTAL ASSISTANTS fe 5 .1 ' . r sbs . 2 ALL MEETO.S,H.f is " VISIT US AT BOOTH 71- LAB CONGRESS We take pleasure in announcing our newest pro- duct - the Pro-tecto Splash Guards for Grind- ing, Polishing, Detail Work and Air Brush. o Splatter Free 0 Resilient, Durable, Shock Resistant Plastic 0 Less Breakage or Deformation of Dental Prosthesis 0 May be connected to existing suction sys- tems, if desired 0 Available in right or left hand side lonly difference is placement of Iightl 0 May be used wfhandpiece for detail work o Supplied vv!3 wire ground plug " All units available with Suction Motor, and DHS! and Gold Collector at an additional cost of 565. l EXtra Glass with Magnification Bubble 33.50. STYLE SG1 Splash Guard, large ...,.,.........,. left right 65.00 SGM Splash Guard, mini ,...,..........., left right 54.50 ABl Air Brush Splash Guard .....,.... left right 69.00 ABM Air Brush Splash Guard, mini. left right 60.00 BRING TO BOOTH Tl FOR FREE LAB CARBIDE WITH ORDER PREMIER TRADEMARKS Means Quality Since 1913 Premier" - For all products Premierliten - Operative Instruments Flouridentu - Liquid or Gel - Acidulated Phosphate Flouride R-C Prep" - A Chemo-Mechanical Preparation ofthe Root Canal DurelOn" - the Adhesive Cement Carbidizedn - Scalers - Excavators - Chisels Hemodentn - Hemostatic Solution - Gingival Retraction Cord Red Dot" - Diamond Instruments SCutan" - for Temporary Crowns and Bridges Elan - Carbide and Steel Burs Striptitiew - Matrix Retainer Cavit" - Ready Mixed Cavity Seal Beutelrocku - Plastic Handled Endodontic Instruments TopiCale" - Topical Anesthetic Strip-Aids" - for Self Adhering Bands Stanide" - Stannous Fluoride Retra-Rings" - for Gingival Restraction Wedges and Wedge POsitioner" Never-Clog" - Delrin Analgam Guns Temple Composite Instruments" - for Placement Of Composite Materials lmpregumn - Polyether Rubber Impression Material Cavilax" - Cleainig, Drying and De-Oiling Solution Ziroxideu - Prophy Paste Ramitec" - Bite Registration Material Ask Your Supplier for Premier Products PREMIER DE TAL PRODUCTS COMPA Y Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401 CONGRATULATIONS GEORGETOWN GRADSII We would like you to buy prod- ucts from us and feel the best way to get your business is to help you get started the right way-with quality dental materials at gradua- tion discount prices and financing you can afford. We hope you will take advantage of this excellent program-it will save you time and money right now and for years to come, To our graduate assistance program from the Unitek representative who serves your school contact: UNITEK S SOUTHEASTERN REGIONAL OFFICE Unitek Executive Square Suite H .,, 4291 Memorial Drive Decatur Georgia 30032 l404l 294-7180 I I YOUR LOCAL UNITEK REPRESENTATIVE IS: advanced . dental produftr T A professional salesman operat- ing as a direct channel of com- munication between you and Unitek ready to provide the most up-to-date information on the newest products and services. Scheduled to visit routinely he is always available to help your case study and technique presen- tations for study groups upon request. UNITEK People atYour Service ll I , X t 3 f receive a personal explanation of ' staff and offers a broad range of f I 1 00 O , I B'oblencI. A little extra insurance that your denture patients will like the way they look. A denture patient's attractive natural smile speaks vol- umes about the dentist-his care, his skill, his total con- cern for the patient's physical and psychological well being. And that same smile says something important about the teeth, too. Trubyte Bioblend Anteriors. Available in porcelain and plastic. 'I' RKUABKY 'I' E 3,1975 emspiylmemanona nc All vigm c L 4 fa Y . 189 HEALTHCO HELPS YOU SUCCEED IN THE BUSINESS OF DENTISTRY. The many Healthco dental dealers throughout the United States and Canada provide much more than just merchandise and equipment. Listed below are but a few of the areas in which Healthco can be of assistance to you: 0 Counsel you in Associateship, Partnership, Group Practice and Institutional Employment 0 Help you pick a location and type of building 0 Help you secure financing with Healthco Professional Senfices Corp lHPSCl 0 Help evaluate your Personal Financial Analysis 0 Help you hire dental hygienist and other office personnel and establish an office policy 0 Set up an Inventory Control System , 0 Help you buy merchandise economically - ' - Customized Acquisition Program lCAPl at 0 Furnish fast, reliable senfice technicians .1-""""'Vi HEALTHCO INTRODUCES THE "PAY AS YOU GROW" PROGRAM. Healthco Professional Services, a subsidiary of which increase as your cash flow increases - Healthco - can arrange a IOOCXJ tax deductible financing program for your dental equipment. Our New Dentist in Practice plan will allow you to acquire your equipment, mer- chandise, leasehold improvements and work- ing capital - everything you will need to open your new office. You start with low monthly payments with terms up to 92 months. This plan also allows you to add additional equipment as your practice grows without creating a large debt - - and all payments are fully tax deductible. ealthcot For information about our PAY AS YOU GROW Dental program, please contact your Healthco representative . I or can Joe sands or Bob wyner toll-free an The practical way to run your practice 800-225-2488. 6308 Blair Hill Lane 2924 Telestar Court Baltimore, Maryland 21209 Falls Church, Virginia 22042 13011828-0300 or from l703l573-B400 Washington, D.C. 683-4300 You plan it carefully. . .because the key to your successful future is planning. Begin by calling your Patterson Dental dealer, and stan out right! We have the planning tools and the experience to guide you through the important first year of practice and beyond. We understand the questions you have, and we can help find the answers you need. We'd like to help plan your career goals, and show you how to meet them. Our job is to make your transition from dental school to dental practice as easy as possible. As a full-service dental dealer, Patterson does much more than sell top-quality equipment and sun- dries. We've put together a whole program of planning services dentists can use to build pm- ductive, rewarding futures. . . WTHE FIRST DAY THROUGH THE FIRST YEAR" is the name of Patterson's college audio-visual program, and our helpful planning workbook covering the major concems of new dentists. Ask for your FREE "FIRST DAY" workbook from any Patterson branch. LOCATION ASSISTANCE Our nationwide network of branches gives you a rich resource of opportunities around the country. PRIVATE OR ASSOCIATE PRACTICE? We study available opportunities - a practice purchase, private practice or associ- ateship-and find the best situation for you. OFFICE PLANNING AND DESIGN Patterson's professionals design custom environments to satisfy your personal and profes- sional needs. Using our unique Space Allocation System, we figure exactly how much space you'll use. E Q U I P - MENT AND SUPPLIES We show you how to make the best equipment investments in traditional or contemporary concepts. For sun- dries it's Patterson's MCS - Materials Control System-the automatic supply sys- tem that organizes your supplies and saves you time and money. . .and CENTRA, superior den- tal products available through Patterson. STAFFING We help you find qualified, compe- tent assistants, hygienists and office personnel. A PRACTICE MANAGEMENT PRO- GRAM is an essential pan of your plan. We work closely with management expens, and we can put management techniques to work for you. FINANCIAL PLANNING AND FINANC- ING is available through Den Cap, Patterson's affiliated finance company. TRAINED TECHNICIANS are on call with preventive maintenance tips, and fast, on-the- spot service when you need it. - RESPONSIVE SERVICE from your local Patterson representa- tive . . . news about equipment and products, and fresh Patterson ideas to save you time and money. PEITTEHSOT1 Director ol Professional Relations Patterson Dental Company 3200 Laurel-Fort Meade Patterson Starts You Out Right. U I Laurel, Maryland 20810 301-792-7845 Senior Directory Almo, Ieffrey E. Box 269 Rt. 4, Waldorf, MD. 20601 Arfanis, Paul N. 3 Melanie Ln., Syosset, N.Y. 11791 Aveni, Steven V. 156 Pine St., Holbrook, Ma. 02343 Baratta, Richard A. 1718 Coral Way, N. Fort Myers, Fl. 33903 Baron, Andrew E. 451 S. Bayview, Freeport, N.Y. 11520 Bateman, Bonnie L. 5809 Corso Di Napoli, Long Beach, Ca. 90803 Beall, Iohn R. 121 Wynnwood Drive, Wilmington, Del. 19810 Bernstein, Mark I. 137-60 45th Ave., Flushing, N.Y. 11355 Blandy, Bruce N. 6658 Kentland Ave., Canoga Park, Calif. 91307 Blondman, Alan F. 2 Warwick Rd., Great Neck, N.Y. 11023 Bohne, Carroll D. 3292 Ross Rd., Palo Alto, Calif. 94303 Brace, Kirkland R. 14 Savannah Ct., Bethesda, MD. 20034 Bretzing, Randall C. 8724 E. Dianna Dr., Scottsdale, Aria. 85257 Briskin, Mark S. 752 Pelhan Pkwy., Bronx, N.Y. 10462 Brousseau, Iohn S. 428 Kensington Dr., Biloxi, Miss. 39530 Bugden, David 1908 Ladd St. Silver Spring, MD 20902 Burgoyne, Donald A. 32 Priscilla Ave., Duxbury, Mass. 02332 Burnham, Ioel B. 2601 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va. 22201 Burrell, Dennis M. 5616 Galloway Dr. Oxon Hill, MD. 20021 Caravolas, Iohn I. 16 Fulton St. Peabody, Mass. 01960 Carvill, Iohn F. Route 2, Massena, N.Y. 13662 Chase, Steven 265 Split Rock Rd., Syosset, N.Y. 11791 Chin, Robert E. 622 North Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 Cleary, Maureen P. 5709 Cheshire Dr. Bethesda, MD. 20014 Cohen, Paul D. 9307 Harvey Rd., Silver Spring, MD. 20910 Conley, Robert O. 10637 Montrose Ave. 3103, Bethesda, MD. 20014 Cox, Vance S. 4463 Forrestgreen Dr., Ogden, Utah 84403 Crispin, Craig 2905 Calle Noguerra, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93105 Cross, Iohn A. 29 Iune St., Worcester, Mass. 01602 Crowley, Karen E. Box 458, Center Harbor, N.H. 03226 Culotta, Margaret M. 5824 Rockmere Dr., Washington, D.S. 20016 Dancil, Abraham 703 Iona Terrace, Capitol Heights, MD. 20027 Dank, Steven 150-39 N. 60th Ave. Flushing, N.Y. 11355 Davis, Ioyce M. 961 Owens Rd., Oxon Hill, MD. 20021 Debenedetto, David A. 77 Melrose Rd. Auburn, N.Y. 13021 Demizio, Peter L. 229 Spencer St. Elizabeth, N.I. 07202 Dewitt, Robert H. IR. 6919 Columbia Dr. Alexandria, Va. 22307 Ebrahimian, Mehrdad, Dobie Lane, Scotts Valley, Calif. 95066 Ellenbogen, Gary F. 400 E. 54th St. New York, N.Y. 10022 Evans, Iames B. III 10 Ivy Lane, Andover, Mass. 01810 Ferris, Harrison E. 3822 T Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 Ferry, Iohn I. 329 E. South St. Wilkes Barre, Pa. 18702 Fiorenza, Michael Ir. 2769 Coney Island Ave. Bklyn., N.Y. 11235 Fleischer, Howard C. 4525 College Ave. College Park, MD. 20740 Ford, Richard H. 23601 98th Ave. S. Kent, Wash. 98031 Forte, Paul F. 85 Faulkner St. Malden, Mass. 02148 Fox, Robert I. 52 W. Waukena Ave. Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 Frank, Steven 954 Azalea. Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086 Gaal, Ieffrey C. 413 Franklin Ave. Hasbrouck Heights, N.I. 07604 Ganz, Gerald W. 118 McDonald Dr. Wayne, N.H. 07470 Gergely, Iames M. 426 S. Bradford St. Allentown, Pa. 18103 Gitomer, Ralph I. 1530 N. 12th St. 41506 Arlington, Va. 22209 Giuffrida, Alfred S. 16 Days Ave. Selden, N.Y. 11784 Gold, Peter D. 1006 Unions St. Schenectady, N.Y. 12308 Goldman, Ieffrey A. 30 Yale Rd. Needham, Mass. 02194 Good, Iohn Adam 731 Fifth Ave. Williamsport, Pa. 17701 Grady, Stephen 815 Mandy Lane Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 Graziano, Ioseph A. 46 Pineview Circle Agawam, Mass. 01001 Grier, Carrol Nicole 244 Riberia St. St. Augustine, Fl 32084 Griffin, Philip T. 62 Roosevelt, Watsonville, Calif. 95076 Grimmer, Bryan L. 222 Mullberry Lane, Auburn, Calif. 95603 Grochmal, David L. 61 Donlyn Dr. Chicopee, Mass. 01013 Gross, William B. 406 56th St. West New York, N.Y. 17093 Harris, Allan D. 2139 W. Elm, Lodi, Calif. 95240 Harris, Charles E. 4705 Surry Pl. Alexandria, Va. 22304 Hillman, Bonnie K. 1216 E. Grovecenter West Covina, Calif. 91790 Hinkle, R. 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1979, pg 133

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Georgetown University School of Dentistry - Apollonian Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 102

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