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Georgetown Preparatory School - Cupola Yearbook (North Bethesda, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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2. .P . K, 1 Q I4 'fi'-nf.. MW Y , 4 Q nr Q r s .x K Q Q, 'If all!! A, Q 3 ,K I., M: -W.., , .V A, si? ff + Q In ' .iisf , , W Aw M3,4+,.. L .L N, , A- 3 , ji, E . f A. . Li V,'LL 31' 'lla M492 bi' ,, x Ex, - w Y W ,...4 in wg. wk',A. hi' ,A ,,w:..f1, - wh r fx 1? X w . I'-.fix , ,N I 1 i . H ,if JI, . r 2 I .QM 2.1, gy 'ew H l m lf V -ff . 14? . X 1 AEAY J srlr frj AQ - Lkvin zfkx I A XT ,. . gy M 11' , r.,., ,L Q af- IN ' .- T 4 , ' u. '-13. ' .fr . -. .n - - . ..-fy , 'Z sl' -- I . , is QI 1 , I- A 4 Pt iw. if f mlb. . 1 ".fi.,' A-.1 Q A Ag, .. . , , -fwi' ' 4 V ' f 'fi ga, - 'wx " Q gf: 1 5. - A 3. . 4, NM' 5- N' . I 5 ' P -' I ' 55' 9-CF 53 E ZLTQQY sw? ' V. A, ' 5" "3 7156? . .nv V if QI N " it - X ' 53 'xfth I" . 1' S, ,1 - -' ,b tg 5 2 ' Dl,fhf' iff - L -le f Je ff' -if 1 1 , ,Q -p Q 5 P ' ,IPM ,I-, z 13 ' -A M a ' 2- I mf - , ,. 1- .,. IA' in . Us A . :fi Q L 4, : . , 1 - A , , 4 r A """'4.Lai,f." L 6, .- ' it N 71. . - . f..." 1 Q -M - T1 1 2 ji' , if sm . -5 0 . , : .:, 'i Q MV 'L' I .1 ' Kffi s 1 im Q VI, N o 1 . .. w I I '. 1- .:- r 1.4 Y in-U in -jvm i ,f 4 ' L . v ' - ' UI j. - - 'fp T EW. " fa- 3" ,, i . ,w , Q3 ' 1 - 5 v ' fi !'FFfj'.V.s MQ .,.4. L I V . E 1 Hiwgaa an-..- 1 X s firm' Ju.. ' - L , f'1i9 V?f5:w, u was l 1 5 1 1 , H233 H2351 ' Q fig? ,av- -av- .4- -3' Q 'N N Q4 3 4- E 2 5 , 1 X, , r Hindi- ,,, , 5 WX ,T -it Georgetown Preparatory School Garrett Park, MU. 33-Y: .NH Y' ,ff Bib' P E1 Q Ln 4- Qzfllnwiug Hi Ccaelz hy , 9-L From the moment of his conversion until his death, St. Paul stroxc for and finally died for the print-iplvs of inoraliti. faith and charity as taught hy Josus Christ. His own lift- is an otvrnal vxaniple of virluf' in ai human lic-ing rlvxeflopf-cl to the highest clegroc. Since' lhv priniary purpose UliPfllll'llll0l1. as f-xprvssvcl hy Pope Pius XI in his cnrfycliiral, is to show us what no arc- to he and what we must do in order to attain thi- sulilinw ond for whit-li wt' haw' ln-on I'l'l'illf'tl. it is i'llJlJI'0lJI'lillt' tha t we High School students. who arv soon lo talw our place-s as adults in socivty. should model our lixes on that ol' this great Saint of tht- Church. xi. Q A 'K ,-ffxg , iff", ' K gs: ,ffl r 4,,f'i 1 , 5 4 1 V W,,f"4L l., 'xMg92i', 1.45-W1 Students leaving the chapel after Benediction. Sl. Paul. a lllllll of lil101'11l ml111'a1li1m11 Wag wclloolccl in ll l , 1 , f IC cu ture of the East and XVCSL llc cli1'1'1'lvc'l llis l1'a11'11i11g 11111 lf11s111'fl tlw ill'qlllSlll0ll of ll'llllT0l'lll M'f'flllll or SlilllUll, but lo lllC f11llill111c11t ul' his 111issi1m11f-1l1c p1'opz1g11tio11 of divine truth to 111z111ki11cl. NVQ ilI'lll 0lll'S0lXOS 1sill1 llw Cl0l'llHl NYFQIIHUIIS of Saint Paul, YN'llll vlzlssivall and sciC11liHc 11isclo111. lnul almxv alll. with lllc Cl11'isli1111 N'lSCl0lll of Ullilflly. Wye see clearly l10l111'v IIS Olll' 111issim1. We sliklll pursue it with illat same devotion, heroic courage and zeal, which llml clcclicalcd Illilll so nubly exe-111plili0s. f J 'W 'w-.Q S+, Muff' V avi Ill' ,Q 1 iff Ivy W ,M ii- H P? gi thu U H a , . i 8 -ww .nw ,-. REV. PHILIP A. MCGREEVY, SJ Prefect of Studies it 5. 5 5 F a Dediraiizm Father McCreevy came to Prep last year as our first Prefect of Studies at all times. His ofhce has been open to us to seek his aid and guidance in our scholastic problems. As Seniors, we are especially grateful to Father lVlcGreevy for the sound advice and invaluable assistance he has rendered us in choosing a college and a career. It would indeed he diflicult to express adequately our sincere regard and deep respect for Rev. Philip A. Mc- Creevy, Sul., to whoni we dedicate our yearbook. A familiar sight to the seniors. Are those the College Board Exam results on the desk? ..w ee-.. ...,4v..s. ,il K f, ,. sl e ...of Show fhysebf in all things 1114 cwmple of gavdwzfrks, Ill Keauh- ing, in Jnfegrify and and Dzyuifyf 1: 9 D f .S ff RY SCHOOL PREPARATO ,au-4 EORGETOWN mamma GARRETT PARK. n,.,w-: wawm-, nc um Oliver OYRCE Of Wi HEADMHSYEI the Clase of '55: an you step log-ward W deal' Graduates of You have ey anst elncere congratulations to receive your diplomas on your Graduation Day. Your school has put on yuug she is indeed proud to number you albng ner seal o you have ep hex' Alu-mi. During your years at Georgetown Pnp f these lessons have been plaasan!-5 lass ons Some o only in the c hour! learning nany lees . oqwe-rs, not so pleasant. They have been learned not frown, but ln your play and your sports and your varied activities. all have hal one objective: to help you to form yourselves into educa Catholic gentlemen. C1-owning and perneatlng all, therefore, have been the lessons you have learned at the feet of our Sseraslntal King the Chapel, the leesons of his personal knowledge and lovo. as you leave your school to pursue your further educat on myers and good wishes of qaelf and leasing heartfelt pr 11 0od's b you take with you the of all the Faculty. In all of llfo's viclssltudes ou always and ever strivo oo llva up tn Um hlgh ttain to the full asasuro 1' approval up ent countless YW? -I I aay you a he upon r yourselves 5 ideals you have aet fo Christ Jesus our Lord of aarvlwod Ln CNY., m Fr' Ryankazlx examples of in the schcjiitidly interest Here he is sho S activiti9S. . wn . the hfsf place awe:-jsentxng Iwjfnrlfr of the seventh Z the 0 Y Sh fade ren. ow' Tommy War- Slncerely y 'CQ M, Jw Hunan a. Ryan, 5.1. l ,4 Z4 REV. THOMAS J. DUGAN, s.J., Prefccz of Discipline ,limi Hold Chem. . . nnffl sul REV. PAUL F. x. LEARY, s.J., In-.15,.f.f Mr. James P. Bradley, SJ. Mr. Edward J. Brown, SJ. Mr. Augustine J. Coupe, A.B. Latin, English, Religion, History Latin, English, Religion Biology, Clicmistry Rev. William V. Cummings, SJ Physics, lllathematics Mr. Francis L. Duffy, 5.1. English, Frcncli, Religion FACULTY Rev. Joseph M. johnson, SJ. Students' Confessor Dia, 'Ni 7m Q Y 'P' , - ' Mr. John E. Joyce, A.B. English, History, Mathematics Geography Rev. Kelvin T. MacKavanagh, SJ. Latin, English, Greek Mr. J. Alexander MacMurtrie, S.j. Mr. William J. McGrath, SJ. Latin, Greek, English, Religion English, Religion, Mathematics in Nofablgf ,CGW g 8 team . . . 'r. Paul Alexander McNeill, A.B., A.lVl. Librarian Mr. Edwin T. lVIcGroarty, SJ. English, Latin, Greek, Religion Rev. Joseph F. Monaghan, SJ. tudent Counselor, English, Religion Sociology m4,,o,,w mr. Mr. John T. Mehr, A.B History, English 90 U15 W0 A Clay D0 Mr. Burton Proctor, SJ. Mathematics Latin English af Religion Rev. Donald C. Reilly, SJ if H .o f li ae L V1 f- as i ,-5 3 A fi! ' f I' Mr. Francis J. Schemel, SJ. Adm. Robert G. Tobin, B.S. Mr. Thomas V. Whelan, A.B German, Higfgry Mathematics Hi5l0fy Mr. Thomas B. Wright, A.B., M.A. Mathematics Mr. Coupe and Admiral Tobin seem to be pondering an important question. Bro. James A. Brown, SJ. Engineer Bro. Thomas J. Greene, SJ. Infirmarian ,Ciw in Mutual flarmmy. WL 1fv r Bro Alfredo Oswald, SJ. Music x , . K ' igyef: W 1 15312 SAV QW X '95?ifL-- .- 'lfiff' -'Eff ,.. 2 , M ,Q ff: 'Q ' , ff -- . V 'S' . 1 A D 1. g isgj If 'a sf 'ifzff ? F233 ui- -5935 2 5" ' X gs 3 ' x 41 of wal" 4 :xlib 'l 't 1' ws I if-39 Mr. MacMurlric drives home a point, but Gilmore ancl Gogos seem to think its funny. IUNIURS First Rmr: Lcasure C., Romulo, Shanahan, Hertz, Gogos Sccnnd Row: Quinlan W., lVlcKaba 4Treas.l, McKeever fPres.l, Mr. MacMurtrie, SJ., King 4Vice-Pres.l, Hearne lSec'yl, Escudero M. Third Row: Cumberland, Mergner, Dolan J., Heller L., Suffredini, DeArnias. Fourth Row: Rice, Keenan, Gilmore G., Ryan C. Missirig-Forster. ,Q 1 H irq' ,'. ,ps i. Ea, ,Q nag, I U ,. v ,... D514 s ' . af CU J y ,M 'Azad-. ,J U 3. i "er, - 4 f' 1 .,. - . ,N . V N V' :Fi .ui Af! ,.., . , if fe V rl gg 'llieffsw ii t B listens carefully as Mr. Puffy explains the answer 3 De Waters' question in cligion class. 205' Yi- , YT . ,,3H' Ya ,Jil m 25. Q0 'ifliffx xf, 2 gffif- ,v First Row: Brown, Fitzpatrick, Kcmpton, Weber, Quigley. Second Row: Ross, McComas fSec'y.l, Hollandsworth fTreas.P, Mr. Duffy, SJ., DeWaters fPres.l, Brulatoul' fVice-Pres.?, Cronin M. Third Row: Bowden, Tenerowicz, Glenn, Noonan, Scarff, Cost, Cusack W., Keaveny. Missirig-Hogan. Qs B -Qi 1'--+.f+lv-- If ,QQ - 414 listens attentively as Mr. McGroarty lectures, but Gallagher seems to have something else on his mind. iv--A SUPHUMURES First Row: Davis, Richards, Ryan S., Postle, Ruppert, Gallagher, Second Row: Lapeyre, Sheats, lTreas.3, DeFranceaux fPres.l, Mr. McGroarty, SJ., Darby lVice-Pres.l, Leffingwell, Hargrett. Third Rmr: Smyth, Caulfield, Knight, Nobel, Canfield, Wright, Cazedessus, Teodoro F., Murphy J. Fourth Row: Credle, Carroll, Becker, Rinaldi. WY! ,as Fl' V -.J 19" QQ '99 Most of 4B need their hooks, but Hamilton and Redling seem to know Mr. Braclley's question from memory. First Row: Redling, Fattell, Clarke, Hartman, Dean, Tipton. Second Row: Jaramillo, But tinelli fTreas.3, Schaefer 1Pres.l, Mr. Bradley, SJ., Fisher, Crowley fSec'y.l, Menendez Third Row: Dorsey, Shimizu, Reilly, Cusack M., lVlcGuinness, Smith, Aneskewich, Hamilton F Fourth Row: Pehle, Stone, O,Donoghue, Bennett. Missing-Provosty lVice-Pres.J. C nal'- is nfl la ,Q- Vf: J .L ,- Di- -fi so-. ,L 7-N J. QFMM-+-wiv , if4.fQ,, , jx, N nk FRESHMEN Fr. Reilly stumps his stu- dents with one of the more difficult Latin constructions. Firs! Row: Pons, Long B., Pino, Potter, Parsons, Kcpple. Second Row: Hillenbrand, Figge J., O'lVlelia 1Pres.l, Fr. Reilly. S.J., Jacobs fSec'y.l, Timchak, Costa-Sanseverino, F. Third Row: Bailor, O'Bryan, Fallon, Nannetti, G., Woodward, Tydings. Fourth Row: lVlcGranery, J., Dolan T., Butler, Boggs, Powell fVice-Prcs.l, Raclicc. CO fe. . - f- U M.. V fvk 09' CU -36 QP' J 1 god 'f X A 4 E... ,guy First Rmv: Lcasurc -I., Lloyd, Weller, Arias, Krebs, Clark. Second Row: Andrade, Thayer, Teodoro M. lPres.l, Mr. Brown, SJ., Baraona KVice-Pres.l, Skinner M. lSec'y.-Treas.l, Stafford. Third Row: Escudero W., Carrier, Lopez, Delli-Bovi, Shannon C., Cozzone, O'Neill. Fourth Row: Shuman, Sherry, Beckman, Kwiterovitch, Ferdinand. 'X i, ,............,, CCI A,.Q If education is self-activity under guidance, then 3B exemplifies it for Mr. Whe- lan. 'C NH . J 1 -J QQ QC iffy Pint Row: Pierce, Carolan, Banos, Gallaghcr, J., Quinlan, J., Broglio lTrcas.l, Keenan, Nlurphy, T. fPres.l. Second Row: Watkins, Nannetti M., Gerety P., Mr. McGrath, S.J., Ellis P., Gibb, Mehle. Third Rmaf: Eakin, Morrealc, Long J., O'Brien, Mclncrncy, Hamilton J., Stone, Wood, Schuyler lVice-Pres.-Sec'y.l. EIGHTH GRADE Mr. McGrath and the Eighth Grade seem to be enjoying Mm-pl1y's predicament at the board. Fi, I S ww l as QM U 'am ,avr DQ! 'Gr uf 35 QQ First Row: Sawtelle, Bell, Shannon R. Second Row: Anderson, Abell lSec'y.l, Reynales lPres.7, Mr. Joyce, Brewer fVice-Pres.l, Potter, Warren fTreas.l. Third Row: Kling, lVlcGranery C., Goudreau, Keelty, Riggs. Missing-Gercty P. SEVENTH onine I ' x Y II Sums of lllc participants in the Seventh Grade Hobby Show pose with their ex- hibits. Left to right: Gou- dreau, Sawtelle, Abell, Brewer, Kcelty, Riggs. R s 0 Y-.JJ 4 Activities may vary, but the same Civil makes all of them fruiyul in all Wim cugagv in thaw. Q55 ffm S --.V Q 4 I ' , .,f L, 5,5 ' :i.f9- : ax J, , ,, b ,V .w is f, w 1 f if 2. sy 2 'D 0 'kNVjg,.. i. Ar R I Lamb, Ross and Haley in the midst of decorating the South Room for the annual Sodality Dance. The objective in mind of this year's Senior Sodality, under Fr. Monaghan, SJ., was two-fold. First of all, it was a more intense formation of each individual Sodalist according to the ideal the Sodality wishes him to beg it was this part of the objective that was stressed in the weekly meetings. The second olljective was an apostolic one, the teaching of Cathechism, by members of the Senior Sodality, to the children at the Christ Child Camp. It is hoped that such apostolic work can he broadened in the near future. A successful food drive was sponsored hy the Sodality at Thanksgiving for the Old Folks Home conducted by the Carmelites in Georgetown. The Sodality Dance this year was also a great success. SENIOR SUIJALITY il 2 8 .9 ,X X Moderator, Fr. Monaghan, with some of the Senior Socialists, Haley, Archer, Cronin, Merlcle, Figge, Marechal. First Row: Molinari, Haley, Vosseller, McGarvey, Middleton, Markle, Yeatman. Second Row: Cronin, Cianciulli, Harrigan, Archer, Kane, Gilmore. Third Row: Stokes, Byrnes, Marechal, Garlick, Figge, Lilly. I my .. M... .W--wa--,.......,..........,.,, r K is 5 i s First Row: Diggins, Romwsbcr, Miirphy F., Lamb, Kcmpton, Cost, Brulatour. Svcmid Row: Dolan, Cronin M., Ross, Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Suffrcdini, Heller. Third Razr: Brown, Bowden, Gilmore G., Cumberland, King, Hertz, Mcrgner, Romulo. if? , S. -WVW ff 1 '.,'l M I I k . 3 I ,V ,,.. if . 'Q-Vp., i Q mp First Row: McGranery, Ruppert, Fallon, Fr. Monaghan SJ., Smyth, Nlurpliy J., Postlc. Sccmid Row: Ferdinand, McGuincss, Knight, Beckman, Clarke. l ii I 'r vw 5 S 4 A ,,, Va " if if . "NJ , 9, B , 1 I 4 ' 'Nj' First Row: O'Bryan, Timchak, Lapeyre, Potter, Fr. Reilly, SJ. Second Row: Fattell, Pons Ryan, Darby, Davis, Dorsey. Third Row: Crowley, Sherry, Credle, Parsons, Shears, Aneskewich Wright. PRUBATIUN SUDALITY Before lPCIj0llllIl5I ll 54-nior Smlzllisl. the bllllllflll must lIlNlf'l'gI0 il pr-riocl ul li1ll'lIlilllUll ,mil lnwnlvzltiml. ll is in llw l'rolva1tim1 Smlulily llull the Apusllv is forlnvml. 'lille may uf lift- that is llu' Fmlulily is sccn llllhllgll the lj1'UllLlllUll Sutlality. Officers of the Probation Sodality: Jay Wright, Sec'y., Pete Kwiterovitch, Vice-Pres., Bernie Credle, Pres. 1 2 1 . K W 4' '. Scared: Hargrett, Suffredini, Vosseller, Kempton, Hertz, Tuthill, Shanahan. Standing: Mr. Schcmel, SJ., Moderator, Gilmore G., Ryan, Noonan, Cianciulli, Canfield, Garliclc. Ryan, Brnlatuur, and Vusscller checking the script for "Dress Reversal." 5, Ar, 3 a v i S s fr , f ? Dress Rehearsal for "Dress Reversal." s Canfield listens as Ryan attempts to N V.-V talk Noonan out of his plans. 1'5" V I 4. 'gag ' 2 i ii L' B E 1 4 ,X ""'3. i w+-.We 14- Q' Romulo, Mr. Duffy, Moder- ator, and Vosseller, Editor, seated, hustle to get the next issue out, while Garlick, McGuiness, lVlcKaba, Escu- dero, and Diggins assist them. BLUE AND The staff of the schools literary-news lllilgtlllllfb has worked steadily throughout the year to produce magazines that had literary excellence and journalistic interest. lllr. Dully, SJ., with ,lim Vosseller, liclitor, planned lllilgLlZlIlP5 that lime interest for the students, and at thc same time be up to the SlilllCllll'fl5 of the lrest high school lll1lg2lZlllC. The Blue and Cray was en- tered in the national competition of the Ctjlllllllllil Scholastic Press Associationis contest for the Hrst time in March. GRAY Some more of Mr. Duffy's staff: Tuthill, Perez, Dona- hue, Kane, Cianciulli, Pulido and Marechal. -'wa is .1 nw ,,5- Fm 1955 CUPULA We began work on the Cupola early in September, hut soon discovered just how short a few months can be. Even with the photographs, senior write-ups, theme, extra-curricular activities all behind us. the work has just begun. Only by frenzied selecting, sorting, rewriting, revising and relyping, were we able to meet our deadlines and have it published on time. Fred Murphy, the Editor-in-Chief, together with Mr. Broun, SJ.. the Moderator, shouldered most of the burden. Pete Gilmore and Mr. Bradley, SJ., handled the financial end. With our heads still spinning and our fingers aching, we can sit back and enjoy with you the Cupola of 1955. A A Fred Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Dick Hannibal, Sports Editor and John Donahue, Assistant Editor, discuss some potential problems with Mr. Brown, Mod- erator. A Iv, Q The Cupola's Art staff, Greg Kane and Andy Haley talk over proposals for the dividers. Here are the men who make the Yearbook possible by providing its ads and Pa- trons. Mr. Bradley and Pete Gilmore, Business Manager, are pictured here as they go over the book's financial status. One of the high spots of the year was the Solemn High Mass closing the Marian Year on December 8. Here John Figge, Master of Cere- monies, Paul Tipton and John Weber, acolytes serve the Mass. 2' V-,,,V?,,N ALTAR BUY SOCIETY Mr. McGrath has no trouble in finding altar boys to serve Bcnediction, Mass and other liturgical functions at Prep. ,. W. ' i N-f- uf l V ' ,rr 4, S rf 4' - ff' 3- 02 Q4 fi 1 wi , ., , -pf M ,w ,if pl, , ., . 1 I , 'Af VN,- 2 62.541 iPQ:,'g?T5' ,, , . Off UQ of ,g is L, 5. li 4 ,,,. ' "- lon fl A Y 'S W. 3 lg J ls A' ' n Y 5 .1 ,. -S ff 41 , . w +2 : I lratfrc-f' a 5, ,ffl K fu fpx ,ff Q 4 X-411611 f ' ' n ,H f .2 1 vw W' I l Q x K U. vig , 'fm-Q f-N . 'Qi ' 1 than k . ,, 5 ' , ,,.. ., ' ' " ":"' nf L ,, P35155:EfEfiS5::?fix'535'?11.7Zlv21 :JL W U .., , , w . ' 2 ' I , ,, ' ,, lgi.. V' ' .P LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS OF THE LIBRARY CLUB: Left to Right: Mr. McNeill, Moderator, Roberto Romulo, Vice-Pres., Antonio Puliclo, Pres., Carlos Perez, Sec'y., Peter Diggins, Editor. '7 f 3 ,-'M as C all A ht fi' The Student Council, this year, was headed hy Dick Hannibal, the President of the Yard. Under his ahlc leadership and with the help of the Presidents of the other classes, the Student Council has afforded each individual student with a representative hody through which he may express himself. The students of this year must he given great credit for the tre- mendous rise in school spirit which took place. A grateful thanks and a hope for continued success for the Prepls Student Council. "'s STUDENT COUNCIL President of the Yard Hannibal handing out the mail. The Student Council in session. Sealed: McKeever, Molinari, Didden, Hannibal, Kane, Schaefer. Standing: Teodoro, De Franceaux, De Waters, O'Melia, Murphy T., Reynales. ygwvnqezk -1,1 , f 2' 'w:VP:2'f.. . nt? ,, Sw Y S M M 1 Llffi . 1z.k93flgs:lf K Q Ng N Q, , ,, ww : 3 - Wig, V - :I "'.'?i ,A . il i, ' .,,.Jgf23Q.f5 1 3 5-M 4 ,MW ls , Wg ,ww Kiifbf 6. gi ' 2 3 55 5 1- , ' 1 ,jif-3 -'r N, , ' s 'v:.. , 0, " cis , f M A,,Z 452 .Q , W 5,-b ,. M. .- -4- . c Q i -e Mwrmwawi-m,,,..s-v-dans-. .. .. ,,., . E 2 t gal ,. A general view of the annual Father and Son Banquet sponsored by the Fathers' Club. At this dinner, the trophies and letters were awarded to the outstanding players on the football teams The Georgetown Prep Fathers' Cluh, enjoying its second year as a separate organization, has spon- sored with great success a program of active and informative talks designed to familiarize thc Fathers with the prohlems encountered during the high school education of their sons. Among the prominent speakers who addressed the Fathers' Cluh were the Rev. Brian A. lVlcCrath, SJ., Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of Georgetown Universityg Dr. Francis lVl. Forster, Dean of the Georgetown Medical Schoolg Hon. Wlilliam F.. Leahy, Director of the Selective Service System, and Mr. Frank D. Norton, Deputy Direc- torg Mr. Edward T. Folliard, internationally famous news and political columnist. Judging from the enthusiastic reception on the part of all the Fathers, this organization can look forward to many fruitful years. 1 cu me as l Terry Lamb, one of our first team debaters, takes the affirmative side, and seems to be making his point. The Senior Debating Society provides an opportunity to develop forensic interests and talents. Its purpose is both intellectual and social: intellectual, insofar as it exercises the powers of thinking, and social, in that it aims at fluency in public. These purposes are accomplished in a two-fold manner: by engaging in regular weekly intra-mural debates and secondly, through interscholastic competition. A selected team of debaters, under their moderator, Mr. lVlcCroarty, SJ., competes in the Washington Catholic femiveb' fo their UPPOMUVS 3 w . ff l'orens1c League. lVlany of these same teams represented mem' I5 'here a weak spot' Georgetown Prep in many tournaments, such as Valley Forge Military Academy, Georgetown University, and our own Annual Invitational Debate Tournament in February. Mr. McGroarIy, Moderator, gives a run-down to the Senior Debaters on the Catholic League topic. SENIOR IJEBATING Greg Kane and Terry Lamb listen at rgu Here the Junior Debaters learn some of the finer points from Mr. McGroarty Ano-'vm' The most important preparation for a League debate is intramural competition. Here Tom Dorsey gets some practice. IUNIUR IJEBATING This Fl'CSllIllZ1Il and Sophomore Debating Club engages also in regular weekly intra-mural debates, as well as in the Washington Catholic League of ,lunior Dehaters. This year, the Prep Junior De- haters, under the guidance of Mr. lVlcCroarty, Sal., are striving to retire their division title and trophy lor the third year in a row. As we go to press, we wish lllCIl1 success and happy hunting! ,.,,'- LX""' I Qi sqm? xxx, .x6,,:, ,ga ff '9 'Y zuxui-K x 'Oli its ,,- ,l I nah I ur If , Q .. 4' KW-YQ 5' S Vhywf 41" E 97x05 tnouikil .gf A QXINUVQ ll xcfhrlif-:NIH X ki ' Nga: U 0 , WV - up ' N v , xx ,. ,N I i,4, ' ' ff ,,,41f"f .I .. .f ' ,L 0 .x u 0 S' ' X 3? A WW, X if 5 .5 . , 'Xiixxxf 4 I aXau.X5 , ,, L Y - ex ,J mmm 1 " -X w 4g 'X Shim j "' 517 I. , X I 2 no I x 'fl lf. f. rf- 1 AQ. I . x J 4 ui V fx 3 . xg . x, 1' , ,12 . - x ' gf N . X mm L 5 Rl ' ' . f N. X QA: , . .- 'gi ILHII 515.-fl 4 ll! l .tu -A .. A 2,7 L naw- x 3.3 Jfeuf slrehg they heeahze, Whe till lheh were Weak, what eeurage they showed ih battle . . . XXXXXXXX -13.- ff e s, e QR . x A! e wt f at fi ,- lVhatc-vcr succ ess our football team may have enjoyed this season, is due in great part to the firm guidance and sound judgment of our Coaches. We have nothing but the highest respect and deepest gratitude for these men who have imparted to us something of their enthusiasm for the s ort M . S vast p , r wett and Mr. Mehr. ARSITY 'UUTALL O'Donoghue 1427, Harri- gan 1273, King 1363, and Schaefer 1237 surround Loyola's back and throw him for a loss. 6 UMQN-fo-I . Wr'i1?ff1EQE I ....:..:mnf-.,... - .uses Ill l. rl-Immunol lc uollvna nv lCl0Q,q,1 gl A.. I OAIIIVYIIII DI SIIIOII Ullil LIYILI IMD IIUYEI IRT!! CHAIR!! ICM! IGM!!! AID INIIKI PIC! IP IYAGI lllAl.E T0 CU' NIINGII Fllll. K IUMA I! NUI!! IT' mm. nv nl null' nncx. IT lILLa COQIHHIU ,ID VAIII H YK lill- IOVAI IIIDH llflllh LIQOY I. PFIIIIIIIIVOI I GEDIZYOII PIE? ll1.,lLl Ill Al IMI!!! FAI! 1 PII? H FILL ITIEIGTII FOI Tllll Eli. ITILL LACK UFIIIIVI FIKII IICIIIAIY 'IO Ill. IICOII LOII N' Ylli lllllln ULEIIII NITIIB IV ICO!!! ll! GIOIIII OAK IIMLIIQ lllllll Ill IIFHCHJY ITDPPIH KITOI IMIV ll!! ITA! IICK. KIM!!! Tllll PMI I1 llllll LITE ll UOIITI MII!!! FUI 017 ICOII- flll IIIIT ILE!!! I1 IIUYAS Ill! "'-"' WESTER 'E' . . Y G ,ha Hunan uns 1. rn-Iunualou nc lumcvuu mr lClt00L.ll ua: ur 'P ,, , , aunnr rua no- ,squm mms nv nu. um nmsu our or :vm 'nr:cnu.v.v ELLII un nuouaenuz. nam num: ro nov: ,mn nu. nur uc: num ro scene. nuuuau no ncnsn nu anna ws. new :wwe srccm mums.- -lll FM CU-CAPTAIN QAIVEV IW DID A'C0llIlDAlE BH i0F IUIIIIE AGAIISY I SIIOIR IITEII LINE. HIM. KST!!! l II IIOVAS IOYNIICI 1 -uusaclsn X -1- WESTER UNIQN, ""'- n-n.7-Z--n - -1141--.nv--.....4..'r.....iI..nin-----.r .-.... nano, nu. rn-Iwuucrou oc A nzonuerou rnsr scnoo1..luLn non an I :emmr rm: nn- TID PLAVSTDUCMIIOII LOYOLA nares ull. mann scones ron IIOIITDII nv. Lovou LflVEl Ar :mr runnin rn vuut. runes nu KCEIVIIG ann nous nun. Dau lcon: Acul. mann ucu rnrvv muon Inu rum.: Gunn nv -Mlllli nan.: or Ancnzn. vlcronv ICO!! ?lliFIA1 llfll Lurnua cncn or LOIG un Ol Luv ruv. 'run Loun I9 nous nr - llllllli I- ulnanw- d1u ' ", Wf'?S?5I13 W- Euff 111. -g1'ss:'gr:a:::21"av7:'al:,.-cn-ago? IN.-ig. 14 Lllooa I. rhlunnarnu IC A ' annul nu scnooL.lul un: un ' ' 'J 5' 'UIHTI Pill ll YIIEIT PIIIOIIIICI Ol' YI!! fill. ICOIILIII fllll' IAQ YIIILLIII IBN. LII! Will. IICITIIC llllll, llllill Pllll I9 ICIUIIFII Ill ELLIS 'LII Ill! lllllli W IIIYU IPI!! TOUCIIOII lllily ICOOI Till WICILV IV lllllll. IQYAI Ol FII!!! Ill VIII Llll. 'All IIYIICIPYII IV Pllllll Il LIIT Illlfl Ill IIIIK 79213. llll. IIIIIN FHL!! IOYII ll! Touchdown! We score at De Matha! A good season opener. if WESTERN ur 1 I UNION I.--azz..x:".':.i-. -.a.......x...:.'a-.. .-.i .LD0005 Ill IL ru-lnnlloiou DC IEOIGEYDII PIE? ICIWGMILI DI Al BIIHYY 'll 1 ICIWG. IPIIIY YIIED NIC! FDI VMI IIE. IKIIIE 10 Ill nn vin couuunr I IVOPPII. ucu lconu YIICEQ vuouan em Lon. :noon :rum vous. nannue run un tnnuuunc nun! wiv runu mann inn. rum. column I1 :wus unsun- unuuzh I 7 al -iQ,ag.j . ,.- K A H if . f , ' 1 S rnninoum ent. amz: rut urn on worn. mann! f if Q' ' . A .. " 9 V --m,-M- -L.L-m--1-ut 7 Om: of the Dons has a hold on McGarvey jersey 1213, but Ray pulled away from him. First Row: DeFranceaux, Cronin M., Hollandswcrth, Powell, Leasure C., McKeever, Haley, Marechal fManagcrl. Second Row: Middleton J., Ellis R., Middleton W., Co-Captains Diddcn and McGarvcy, Archer, Harrigan, Cronin E., Hines. Third Row: Schaefer, Keenan J., Aneskewich, O'Donoghue, King, Carroll, McComas, Cusack M., Lamb P. T. -if A long paws snatch by Kmg more at Annapolls 09 Il, I W,., , ..,,,,,. gi ht, iffy... A Q iw f .1 'khvwlns fifmza moles 3 1 mv XX kiii lj 4 41 "' N' -.AA 5 . -f- .. J + . 4 ' N' W V, M ,,, , f m , '3 ' 'ff fa , f H Q V' 3 n 31 " f 15' ', 'L LJ' J. 1 6' mf 'A ' L , ,. Z- - f " J 'M an Y' , W -a ff? A 5?5iEf'i , i 8, M' ' K , , Q, L v . A , , . V JL De Mutha passes . . McGarvey mtercep I N 5 for Prep. , N ,ig A, 45 ' "' - W" WESTER , I J, L - 1 - NLT.. fw f '-3:11 Q, ' :'.:'4' -W-H ron . . ,. K -V -M A L...-....-..-:.....-.. . .... . ..,.. -.. ,. . .. . . V . 1: N , ,fn V :moz mu nu. rn-nsmnspu oc L 5 'I Gsonanoln ran- scnou1..m.n won uv- ' ' K cnncrr run um " tv' , ni 'in ff N L A -R, no non mucnnon an-nan .v vennaas. vazr srm 'M V J kg? scones nice. szcoun vnu snous runs Azmu. Arncn. Wi- , ,4-' 'JH , V man ra nun succzssruu. ran rum r. n. nunnsu nuns if it 4' ' W ' 7 52 was mn sscouu. nrcouu unch nu rnasi no PLICEIIT AYYEIKPIS. FINM. SAINT MANY: DIOTDIIIG MOVRS Ill Ulblililll Believe it or nal, McGarvey got away. li-H0 r Mqpfbx ' fb, Q., fl . 0 4 ts 'P 53 ps -ia fi' , : . .V 'T 5 'fi-2 WESTER J N- ---.f-- -. vs. M. .x.,. .Q..I.1IQ .LDG006 ll. PDIIASNIIGIOII DC lif0RGiT0ll PREP SCHOOIAIPI Ill AD GMRETT PARK ll INOUSCWIIG DAY. lUPiESSIVi VICTORY FOR IIOVISQ KGIIYEV SCORES THREE YIICS- NAV IECEIVER DF HOIECOUIIG DIY TRDPNV FOR OUYSYANIIIIG PLAYER: DIDDEI, ELLI, I FRAICEAUX SEASON LDIIG uLOCKllG nACK COITEIDED FOR UUTSTAIDIIIG PLAVHIIVUV IIOLLIIIDSIORYN PLIYS NIS :KSU GIK. LIIEKN UCKEEVEIH ARCNENIAKIIG HARRIS!! DISFLIY STRONG P0525 DI Lili. FIIAL GIIYHEISBURG ll H0715 11: UISIGKIF X Greg Didden, weary, but happy! De W'aters, Harrigan and King rush into help Didden, but it is too late. N,A M. m, ,.-Q. it , p 1 Captain McGarvcy about to be crushed by the Dons. ar . as Ex 8- Q W 'SWL -K 'V'f'fwc 3 5 in , I B fx - Co-Captain Didden, our hard driving fullback, in acti All-Metropolitan, All-Prep Guard, johnny Archer. Bob Ellis C243 grounded as soon as he catches Didden's pass. 12 27 21 25 12 28 0 12 Tony Carroll 1387, end, hit hard after snatching Didden's pass near Loyola's goal line. No. 36 is Chuck King. FOOTBALL RECORD DeMatha ................. Western .... St. Albans .... Loyola ..... Friends . . . Gonzaga ..., St. Mary's . . . Gaithersburg I Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep 6 1:15 ' , A sk 1 K , 9 . , 4 A - rfggg. .-.- Vt 1, f J. :wi Q if ,a ,f .. S i g i " ' na A-51'-. 'A M. ,A A w 4 W 'Air A ,vii .' 2. 1. r X MQ g,s4w.f .Q V ' if sr. Qi 7 K 1 AV 5 l, i E+ an hi W A I 5' i. 5-'ii --1 'W' K '.. ft' LV' - Our hard plunging Tackle, Dwight Harrigan. Offensive and defensive End, Bob Ellis. .lack Schaffer 1233, Sophomore back, stopped by Loyola's secondary after a long n W ,,g. mga: . - . f inn-ff' 4 I un. 'Vw A IUNIUR VARSITY The J.V.,s, undcr the guidance of Mr. O'Donnell, coach, made a good showing of tllcmselvcs. Long hours on the practice held, and rugged scrimmages with the Varsity, paid off at game time. Although tl1e win and loss column is not too impressive, the J.V.'s, against stiff competition, rendered a good account of their spirit and determination. By any other yardstick, the season was a success for the main objectives were achieved, namely, working with the varsity to assist them, and to prepare players for the varsity of future years. First Row: Middleton J., Haley, Paull, Hines, Middleton W., Lamb P. T., Smyth, Pons. Second Row: Leffingwell, Cronin M., Weber, Fitzpatrick, Keenan J., McComas, Boggs, Mergner, Beckman. 4 . , 7 L 1 .... The strong Jayvee line charges Episcopal's backfield. The line marker was knocked down on this play as one Middleton C171 stopped hard after a good run of St. Alban's men is forced out of bounds. n. , f' 1 f - . l . 4 Q .us 9 as Pl ,ps First Row: Gallagher J., Murphy T., Costa-Sanseverino F., Hillenbrand, Pierce, Stafford, Broglio. Second Row: O'Brien, Schuyler, Quinlan J., Ellis P., Keenan G., Long B., Cozzone, Timchak, Gerety P. Third Row: Teocloro M., Davis, Figge J., Tydings, Costa-Sanseverino L., Clark, Thayer, Mr. Whelan fcoachl. FUTURES Under the capable direction of Mr. Whelan, the Futures defeated Blessed Sacrament, were beaten by Episcopal, and tied Blessed Sacrament in another It. game. Jim Figge, Wes Schuyler, and Manuel Too- doro, who showed great promise for future years, were awarded post-season trophies for outstanding playing. Futures watch intently as teammates battle it out with Blessed Sacrament. 'K t L fl- ,. A i 27' 'x 'kkv i 'HC 2 r MW' my' N is MW 4' A Greg Diddcn C45 and Tim Hollandswortli 135 watching Chuck King fight it out with one of the men from Bethesda-Chevy Chase. From ll10 vcry lirsl praclicc scssions, il was cvident that the 1955 Hoya czlglvls would prove il Scrappy. good-sllooling outfit on the lmrclwood. Cmnt- Fl'lJl'llill'y, lllv rm,-orcl I,'0IllAl'lllf'Cl lllcse plcclicliolls, for it tolullml up to an ilnprf-ssivc Olvwrl x'im'l0riers. Xvllilt the lmoys lacked in lwiglxl. thcy Illlllll' up for in skill. spirit, and uggrcssivmlcss, and produced il squad lllul has lmecn lllff finvsl l'PlJl'f'SClllilllYC of our school in many ycursg u tcum wc have lwccn proucl lo watch and CllCC1'. 2 79' fix-,f filo i ,,,, , Www-rm? VARSITY BASKETBALL 'ff' Tony Carroll 175 sinks one of his spectacular over-the- head shots. A .9 Tim Hollandsworth, Assist- ant Coach Mehr, and Mike s... gi, N4 McKaba, talk o v e r the chances of the coming game. miss Left to right: Chick Lcasurc, Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep Georgetown Prep BASKETBALL RECORD 50 De Matha . . 45 , . . . . Bethesda-Che 47 .... . . . Wheaton . , 58 . . . . . Gallaudet . . 51 . . , . . St. Stephen's 42 .. Wheaton... 47 . . . . . St. Anthony's 36 ..., ...Landon...A 56 .... DeMatha .. 55 . . . . . St. Alban's . 55 .... . . . Northwestern 50 .,.. . . . St. John's . . 72 ..., . . . Friends . . . 49 .... , . . Priory . . 50 .... Wilson 35 .,.. . . . Episcopal . . 57 .... Mackin 47 .... . . . Gonzaga . . . QQ 'arise Mike McKaba shooting for two. First Row: Left to right-Ellis, Credle, Leasure, Leffingwell, Hollandsworth, McKaba. Second Row: Mr. Mehr, Assistant Coach, McComas, Carroll, Aneskewich, King, Didden, Mr. Crowley, Coach. Missing: Hearne. ,rv , t - Eff ai' w f' u X ww 7 r3rQ!,,il We 5'-- fwxzwq 1.4352 . -. ' , I - -... ---V ' M. lk 'M-s....,, Q., 3 T W F 5- The Gallaudet Christmas Jamboree Trophy, won this year by the Prep. is Q' f gill- , 5 Qr2k?S3"f'f Frazier i215 of St. Jol1n's and McKaba struggle for possession of the ball. King is king. , -4, .munlaLQh1w-f 4,,,., .fr ,L -Q f 1 a': . Y' Left to Right: Chuck King, Greg Didden, Coach Crowley, Bob Ellis, and Tony Carroll. Tony Carroll on a fast break for two' Chuck King driving in for two points. W 1 2 I 65 ,Q Frannie Ycatman, seated, explaining a tough shot to his fellow golfers after a hard day on the links. 4, , QEFW- wm- Q s th! t W I , ioo Q JN Ramirez and Merkle watch intently as Yeatman attempts a difficult shot from the sand trap a? X, TENNIS The members of the Tennis team are in for a busy season. After much practice last Fall, they should have a successful squad. Kneeling: Wright, Escudero, Brulatour. Standing: Sheats, Ten- erowicz, Hearne, Dean. . m K V Jay Wright practicing his serves for tournament competition. X , ' f VM wM.,,.. it - , -, .. f "" ' K 'QW I 67 Cf- f Q l r 'f W .gy X + ,5 6 i X 'i ,si Left to Riglxl: Lynn Smith, Jerry Glenn, Greg Hargrett, Ken Skinner, Walt Skinner. Missing Emil Delli-Bovi. RIFLE TEAM All high-ranking members of the National Rifle Associa- tion and staunch supporters of the Junior Rifle Club. Left to Right: Lynn Smith, Jerry Glenn, Ken Skinner, Walt Skinner. f BASEBALL The prospects for the 1955 season look good, as we go to press. With many returning veterans and several newcomers, Coach Wlielan hopefully looks forward to a berth in the top division of this yearis Catholic League playoffs. With men like Didden, Kane, King, De Armas and lVlcKaha, the Prep will probably attain an envious record. We cer- tainly hope that the Prep nine will continue to hold the prestige gained by the men of the Blue and Cray this year in Inter scholastic competition. Tony Carroll and Greg Didden, two of the return- ing stalwarts, hold their guarantee to a good bat- ting average. C2 'wt fi l 4 R J -X VJH Su T X X, W A Dick Hannibal, Greg Kane, and Jack Schaefer seem sure of victory as they get ready for a big game. ft., Nr' X 5 pail I X N. ff rg. 1151. W... ,Q ... ,- ,av f-. .J " T f f i',l3V I . if is thrrfuglz flifu We have the Grace 0f,4,wsllesh1Qvf all wer the Wllfftf mm must be taught tv hzwvr His mum' .... ,E N .... -nal ---p-1 'Si Q 1 I N Q! 1 JOHN C. ARCHER 308 Taplow Rd. Baltimore, Md. 'flohnnyn . . . hve year man . . . Stalwart of the football team . . . Winner of '53 Homecomingxtrophy . . . ravenous appetite . . . "first" . . . Commutes between Prep and Baltimore most weekends . . . Accompanies Hines to Visita- tion on Sunday afternoons . . . "But Misterli' . . . Great school spirit. Football 2,3, Varsity 4,5.6g Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 5g Sodality 2,3, 4-,5,6g Class Officer 33 Berchmans' Society 2,3,4,5,6g Intramural Bas- ketball 4,5g Rifle 2,3g Dance Committee 4,5,6g Golf 2g Dramatics 5. W fl 19 457' --'if t G MICHAEL A. BYRNES 4700 Bradley Blvd. Chevy Chase, Md. "Who stole my pewter lamp?,' . . . Always found with John . . . Goodwill ambassador from Canada . . . Drives a Monarch . . . An admirer of good books . . . 'AHey Doctor!" . . . Newest alumnus of the Byrnes boys . . . Ought to be in politics . . . Advocator of the Fine Arts . . . Sailing enthusi- ast . . . "But l am sick, Brotherf' Berchmans' Society 4,5,6g Blue and Cray 63 Dramatics 5,6g Dance Committee 5,65 Intramurals 4,6g Choir 5,69 Debating 5g Golf 4,5,6. Graduates Class of 1955 EUGENE PHILIP CIANCIULLI 495 Boulevard Bayonne, N. I. Hlerseyl' . . . Swears by Marlon Brando . . . Flashy dresser . . . Bop and Jazz fan . . . Acquired tape recorder during summer . . . 6B scholar . . . "Cot any food?'7 . . . Four years at Prep . . . 4'Yankees" . . . 'gHey Jimbo" . . . Defends New Jersey with great eloquence . . . 4'If I were home 11ow . . . 'i . . . Finally turing Collegiate . . . Byrnes' old golf competitor. Sodality 3,4,5,6g Dramatics 5,63 Blue and Cray 65 Berchmans' Soci- ety 3,4-,5,6g Football 3g Baseball 5g Intramural Basketball 3,4-,5,6g Class Officer 3,4-,5g Dance Committee 4-,5,6. 1 ju. 49 A' -IS" QS 'S Z3 A I X LUIGI COSTA-SANSEVERINO 2905 Cathedral Ave. Washington, D. C. "Luigi" . . . Class of '55's representative from sunny Italy . . . Youthful senior . . . Noted future . . . Known for rough breathings . . . Peter Diggins' companion. Football 5,63 Intramural Basketball 4-,5,6g Baseball 5g Debating 4-,6g Blue and Cray 6g Library Club 5,63 Dance Committee 5. EDMUND B. CRON IN 11712 Grandview Ave. Wheaton, Md. "Steady Edi' . . . Class clown . . . Lives in the Maryland wilderness . . . Drives simulated stage coach to and from school . . . Funny remark for almost every statement . . . Known for four year coat . . . L'Hey, what was the German homcwork?,' . . . Has a real clean Merc. Football 3, Varsity 4,5,6g Baseball 3,45 Intramural Basketball 4,53 Sodality 3,-4,63 Debating 6g Dance Committee 4,5,63 Dramatics 4,5. Ntnwbju, f 9 1 Q fist' Graduates . Q if 45? GREGORY JAMES DIDDEN 3365 Stuyvesant Place, N.W. Washington, D. C. "Ape" . . . Great guy on and off the athletic field . . . Distinguished Veep of Class of 355 . . . Noted lover . . . All around athlete . . . g'Daah, I think, ahhln . . . "Who, me?" . . . Muscles. Football 3, Varsity 4-,5,6g Basketball 3,4-, Varsity 5,65 Baseball 3, Varsity 4,5,6g Sodality 39 Class Oflicer 53 Vice-President of the Yard. ' PETER SHEEHAN DIGGINS 9716 Bexhill Dr. Kensinglon, Md. "Peter', . . . Gets honor for smallest boy in class . . . Pleasingly joyful . . . Always smiling . . . Genial host . . . "Yes Mister?" . . . Noted for his hobby. Sodality 1,2,3,4,5,6g Debating 4-,5,6g Blue and Gray 6g Library Club 5,63 Dance Committee 6. X '-3 e- i '15 f ' 14 X 3' lv -'EF' ZX., JOHN FRANCIS DONAHUE Cedar Pafkwdy Cheyy Chase, "Big ,lohnn . . . Gets nod for heaviest in the class . . . Jovial political figure . . . Schooled in international affairs . . . Great school spirit . . . Fine sense of humor . . . "But Mister l " Sodality 3,4,5,6g Class Officer 3,63 Debating 4,5,6g Blue and Cray 5,63 Cupola 6. Class of 1955 ROBERT MORGAN ELLIS 5302 Kenwood Ave. Chevy Chase, Md. "Goose" . . . Prep's answer to Don Hudson . . . Summers at Plum Point , . . Tobacco field measurer . . . Hook shot artist . . . Four tie man . . . Enjoys cowboy songs . . . Joke teller deluxe . . . Always hustling. Sodality 3,4g Debating 6g Class Ofiicer 4g Football 3,4, Varsity 5,65 Baseball 3,4-5 Dance Committee 5,6g Basketball Varsity 5,6. N Q , 5 1 -,J , A V in lf Gt fi -el .ia f,,k ""-S X X lv-f , A "x JOHN KAHL FIGGE 235 Fernwood Ave. Davenport, Iowa "Fig" Ernest Hemingway of Georgetown Pre - - - p . . . Hunts elephants in season . . . Brooks Brother's best customer . . . lnstituted Red Dog at Prep . . . "Ten bucks Iowa beats Notre Dame" . . . Plans to attend Holy Cross . . . Perennial member of Varsity Golf team . . . Highest ambition to shoot a Mau Mau. Berchmans' Society 3,4,5,6g Choir 5,6g Debating 4-,6g Dramatics 6g Golf 3, Varsity 4,5,6g Blue and Gray 64 Dance Committee 5,69 Intra- mural Basketball 4,5,6g Sodality 3,6. Graduates Class of 1955 THOMAS BOND GARLICK 223 Alexander St. Rochester, N. Y. "Tom7' . . . Prep's finest Dixieland collection . . . "Joe, this room is a mess" . . . Doesn't worry too much about life . . . Bandleader of the "122,l Club . . . Commutes to Rock Point and "his boysl' . . . Never seems to be in a hurry . . . Very likeable . . . 6'I'll tell you what welll don . . . Great sense of humor . . . Thinking of Medicine at G.U. Sodality 5,6g Drainatics 5,63 Berchmans' Society 5,63 Blue and Gray 6g Intramurals 5,65 Class Officer 6g Dance Committee 6. .If 6 gif, in N Nw! CQ ' tw MWJ J y 4.1 ...1"."r....' 'T' I A ,xv-as 4 . Xb! , 4 ea 'lift '14 ' 'inf .f ,X i EDWARD A. GARVEY 1210 Geranium St., N.W. WHS,lil1gl0IL 12, D. C. "Ed" . . . Known throughout the world for his unforgettable party . . . Proud driver of black Buick . . . has his own brand of humor . . . 'gCruising up one side and down the other." Coll 2,33 Baseball 3. Q, . MAURICE E. GILMORE S11 Moorlanrl Lane Bethesda, Md. "Pete', . . . Noted scholar . . . Expert business manager of the '55 Cupola . . . One of Prep's Bethesda boys . . . van usually be found with Murphy . . . noted for his brother . . . 'gMaurice". Football 3,4,5: Intramural Football 6, Basketball 4,5,6g Baseball 3g Class Officer 34 Sodality 3,4,5,6g Cupola 6g Debating 4,5,6. 7' M? pl -2" AA Graduates X! sa "ivan: 9.4 ANDREW G. HALEY 3815 Huntington St., N.W. Washington, D. C. H110 Andy" . . . Vacations in Kentucky . . . Likes driving in unusual places . . . Has notorious parties . . . Thinks of most unique things to do . . . Noted for his hospitality . . . one of the class sketchers . . . always on the lookout for new friends . . . "Who with?" Football 3,4-,6g Baseball 65 Dance Committee 5,63 Sodality 2,3,4,5,6g Debating 4-,6g Cupola 6g Intramural Football 4, Basketball 4-,5, Tennis 53 Dramatics 5. RICHARD J. I-IANNIBAL 13891 Edgewater Drive Lakewood 7, Ohio g'Varsity Dick" . . . Our President of the Yard . . . Likes Lilly's Hi-Fi record player . . . Terrific school spirit throughout his six years . . . "Hey, Dick, what happened to the Indians?', . . . Goodwill ambassador of 6A . . . Four year man in baseball and football, but didn't finish latter. Football 1,2, Varsity 3,4.5,63 Baseball l,2, Varsity 3,4,5,63 Basketball 1.23 Intramurals 3,4,53 Track 3,43 Rifle 1,2,33 President of the Yardg Class Officer 1,2,3,43 Sodality 1,2,3,4,5,63 Dance Committee 5,63 Blue and Cray 63 Cupola 6. 1' is ffl A , Q Q- iw we E? E7 3 'E- e 1 WILLIAM DWIGHT HARRIGAN Fulton, Alabama Southern Gentleman . . . Six year man . . . Blaise's old buddy . . . Dignified accent . . . Describes grouse hunting in Scotland . . . "Old Faithfulw of Prep line . . . Weekends in New York . . . Boosts ,Bama . . . "Did y'all get that Frehcl1?" . . . Extremely popular . . . Owns every tree in Alabama . . . "Any questions, Harrigan?" Football 1,2,3. Varsity 4,5,6Q Baseball 12,31 Intramural Basketball 4-,5,63 Class Officer 3.63 Sodality 1,2,3,4,5,6Q Dance Committee 4-,5,63 Choir 5,6Q Bc-rchmans' Society 3,4,5,6. Class of 1955 JOSEPH MICHAEL HELLER 3314 Winnett Rd. Chevy Chase, Md. "Joe" . . . "Hey, what was the German homework?" . . . Has a real clean Merc and has been using it ever since he got his license to withdraw himself from the school grounds before it's too late. Football 2,3g Baseball 2,3g Intramural Football 2,39 Dance Com- mittee 5,6g Golf 3,5. fl 15'-S K 5 i C-f 'T Y fin it le new N, 4 Je. JOHN RAYMOND HINES 411 Santa Domingo Apt. Country Club Marianml Habana, Cuba An all-around good guy . . . Liked by all . . . Cuban terror on the golf links . . . Likes to spear fish . . . Never com- plains, much . . . Varsity football is his Autumn occupation, but with the first breath of Spring, he can be found only near Father Mackis 19th hole . . . "School work?" . . . "Aw, it's simplef, Class Oliicer 1.2g Sndality 1.2.34 Football l.2,3,4, Varsity 5.64 Berch- nians' Society 3,4-,5.6g Golf 34 Baseball 1,2g Intramural Basketball 4,53 Dancc Committee 5,6. Graduates 2 ff is :rf , K , ,I ii" is Q -f . --,. 1---sb xml. 3, 7 Q gg Class of 1955 JOHN GREGORY KANE 5207 Andover Rd. Chevy Chase, Md. "Greg" . . . "The Brain" . . . "Don't burn me, boyl' . . . Hardest hitting leadoff man in the 4'C.L.', . . . 'll parrcd number hve today" . . . Never misses honors . . . Always smiling. Baseball 3. Varsity 4.5,6g Basketball 35 Intramural Football 4-,5,6g Sodality 3,4,5,6, Ollicer 6g Class President 63 Blue and Cray 63 Cupola 6g Debating 4,5,6g Dance Committee 6. QXX? f"'N' S7 .45 ,eff 1 J xg I 21? PAUL TERRENCE LAMB 1660 Irving Sl.. N.W. Wasltinglon, D. C. "Terry', . . . g'Look, Ma, no teeth" . . . Really enjoyed football camp . . . Loves those Junior Prom swimming parties . . . 'SI get pretty mad" . . . Yellow hair has turned to gold . . . Always happy . . . Future President of Hessick Coal Co. Baseball 25 Golf 4, Varsity 5,63 Football Varsity 6g Sodality 2,3,4,5,6, Olheer 5,65 Debating 4,5,6g Class Ollicer 4,6g Dance Committee 4,5,6. t I PETER G. LAMB 4900 Indian Lane, N.W. Washirlglon 16, D. C. "Pete', . . . Always present at Prep dances . . . Popular host . . . A member in good standing with the Hot-Rod Associa- tion of America . . . Spends summers on a farm in Indiana. Class Officer 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,4g Baseball 3,4g Sodality 1,2,3g Dramatics 5,6g Dance Committee 4,5,6. ffgwswww ,P Q X ii up r lln I Q Gif.. J Graduates fsf A . s. Q 'xixlxjx' 'I 9 14 ' ' 'fi T' . ROBERT A. LILLY 507 So. Coodlclt St. Memphis, Tennessee uBob" . . . True Southern Gentleman . . . Excellent student . . . Prospective Annapolis midshipman . . . Noted for battles with Nlarechal over Terps . . . Rochmoninoff of Senior Corridor . . . Sports car fan . . . Cave a Hi-Fi demon- stration once . . . Good sense of humor . . . liked by all. Sodality 3,6g Baseball 3,fl4,5,6g Football 43 Dance Committee 5g Blue and Cray 6. PAUL A. MARECHAL 3 Pooks Hill Rd. Bethesda, Md. 'Pauli' . . . Pilots a green Studebaker . . . Likes those summer weekends . . . "You must be out of your .... mind" . . . well known in Daytona . . . Man about'tossn . . . "Finnie called, and .... " . . . Mr. Swettis right hand man . . . "Where's lVlarian?,' . . . Remarkable social life . . . Noted for loucl and timely remarks . . . School spirit plus. Fodality 3,4,5,6g Debating 4,5,6g Intramural Basketball 5,63 Dance Committee 6g Football Manager 63 Blue and Cray 5,63 Class Ollicer 65 Cupola 6. 'Q t if Q falls xiii., i tx f A -'22, Cf 'vw S 'af j X RAYMOND C. MCGARVEY 3133 Connecticut Ave. Washington. D. C. "Ray,' . . . Pilots the hottest Chevy in town . . . Likes his llamburgers nice and meaty . . . Biggest little fullback in the city . . . 'Tm up to 138 now" . . . 'gWell, shoot!" . . . Yoarns for that Daytona sunshine . . . Fighting spirit . . "Oh, those eyesw . . . Winner of '51- Homecoming trophy. Football l.2,3,4, Varsity 5,6g Baseball 3.-lg Basketball 39 Intramurals 3.4-,5,6g Berchmans' Society 3.4,5,6g Sodality 2,3,4,5,6g Debating 4,6g Class Officer 1,4t,5,6g Dance Committee 3,5,6. Class of 1955 EDGAR KENT MERKLE 2301 Queens Chapel Rd. Washington, D. C. "Kent', . . . "The Hunter" . . . Wheaties man of the class . . . "But, Sir, I mean, Fathor" . . . Defies the elements of Physics . . . Trying hard to learn Skinner's dialect . . . Never stops laughing. Sodality 3,4-,5,6g Golf 3,4.5.6g Library Club 5,63 Baseball 5g Debating 6g Intramural Football 5,6g Dance Committee 5,6. gl ms rs Q-rs., xi . 1? 9' f' J 'ist 'GX AX- QF!- CZY' ' N5 rf' 'N is X IX JOHN HOWARD MIDDLETON 683 Sherwood Rd., N.L'. Atlanta, Ca. 'Ilohnnyn . . . "Aw, come on, Billy" . . . Tall tales of Australian nights . . . Noted for heated debates in Physics class . . . Ardcnl Army fan . . . Great admirer of Prep life . . . Plans to engineer at Georgia Tech. Football 3,4, Varsity 6: Baseball 6g Intramural Basketball 4,63 Sodality 3,6g Coll 6g Library Club 6. Graduates Class of 1955 . . WILLIAM ADAMS MIDDLETON 683' SlIf'l'll'00!I Rd.. NI. Allunln. Cn. "Clem" . . . "Good day, fella" . . . Creets friends with Z1 cross body block . . . Proud owner of a distinguished pipe . . . "Anyone llilYC' any tobacc0?77 . . . Bears at remarkable reseniblunce to John Middleton . . . Noted for his immacu- latcly kept rooln. Fmlality 3.4.61 Library Club 69 Intramurals 6g Football 3,'1, Varsity Og Baseball 3,1. ' It t ,inf I "if" f t , f B si!" K Lf-A f' 5 !m Ag, RAFAEL A. MOLINARI .f1sl1.l'ol'1I flue. and Earle SI. l'.0. Box 1895, San Juan Sanlurc. Pucrlu Rico "Mole" . . . President of OB . . . Has a swimming pool in l'nerto Rico . . . "Yeh!', . . . Good baseball player . . . liasy going and popular . . . Still has campaign signs around . . . llonot' card collector . . . Dresses well . . . Always manages to inherit the softest bed . . . Sense of lnnnor . . . Plans on a business career . . . Ceo1'ge's roonnnutc. llaseball -l.5.6: Sorlalily 5.63 Uerelnnuns' Society 4.5.61 Choir 4.5,6g Library Club Og Intramural Basketball 4,5,6g Class l'rr'si1lr-nt 6. FREDERICK VERNON MURPHY, JR. 3714 Willianzs Lane Chevy Chase, NJ. "lVIurph', . . . ,55 Class conlrihution to science . . . Unlimited X1Il'ill1lll1'il'y . . . Distinguished editor of the Yearbook . . . llanks high according to the hooks . . . Cilmore's pal . . . "As my amoeha would say" . . . Physics expert. Sndalily 3,4,5.6g Debating 4,5,6g Coll 3,-1,5,6g Cupola, Editur-in- Chief 6. ,fx tri Li ...'-"7 ga' fl' Al N Graduates A . ll lx ', IQ 9 S . ,3 A F75 i' STEUART HENRY PAULL 4210 Argyle Terrace, N.W. Washinglon, D. C. "Stu', . . . Man about town . . . "Well, the statistics show' Staunch supporter of Chevrolet . . . Known for his generous hospitality . . . full fledged Admiral in the Navy. Football 63 Baseball 3.63 Intramurals 3,4,5,6g Basketball 6g Sudality ' 3g Dance Committee 5,6. CARLOS ARMANDO PEREZ 5711 Ridgefield Rd. Bethesda. MJ. "Charley" . . . Noted for his bow ties . . . lCverybody's friend . . . Ardent Jazz fan . . . Does a solo on the buglc al every football game . . . Makes his own tape recordings. Sodality 34 Debating 4,63 Blue and Cray 6g Library Club 6g Tennis 5. Wal . 1 A ll' I .,g3v. Class of 1955 'g.2:f:7 .K 5'-DX ANTONIO G. PULIDO H0 ljusl limi A vc. New York. XY. Y. "Tony" . . . lfnjoys good music . . . Excellent dancer . . . Nvears all tlle latest Sty les . . . Weekends witll Charley . . . 1.1-cl Sli in lllilI'liS . . . Always il gentleman . . . C0l0l1llIlil.S representative in eluss of '55 . . . Journeys to New York regularly . . . l'rep's competition to Gene Krupu . . . Good llilllIl'C'fl . . . lfnjoys pllilosoplliezll discussions in class . . . Keeps Latin ulnlospllere in 1'00lll . . . Sours, old buddy. Smlality 3.4.51 Clmir 5.6: Debating 3.45.63 U4-rehnlans' Sm-in-ty 3.11, 5.6 lllne and Gray 5.6: Library Club 5, Officer 03 Rifle 39 Golf 3,'l,5g Tennis 5.64 Intramural lfuotball 6. GEORGE ARTHUR RAMIREZ Calle I No. 1, Villa Caparra Bayamon, Puerto Rico "Georgie" . . . Prepis Ben Hogan . . . Another six year man . . . Junior Golf champ of Puerto Rico . . . Always well dressed . . . Practices golf anywhere, any time . . . Diligent student . . . Mole's roommate . . . Once met Sam Snead . . "I'll tell you" . . . Gives Father Mack a hard time . . Undecided career. Intramural Basketball 4.5.61 llast-hall 2g Football 1.2.33 Coll 4.5.6 lllue and Cray 4: Sodality l.2,3,4,5,6g Bcrchnians' Society 1.2,3,4,5,6g Class Officer lg Dchating 4. i N 'S 4.1 as 'Sis 5 J Ae. , N Graduates A L '51 ,Q ,KY lx- , .cf ,mbrt qw! 1 , f 1 'i ct +- 'fig 9 '24 ii...-gg, tx Q I 'XX ANTHONY A. ROMWEBER Rosemont Batesville, Indiana "Tony" . . . "Hey, Tony, here comes the big trucki' . . . Best friend of the "Spider" . . . Calls Southeastern Indiana his home . . . lVlakes frequent trips to Cincinnati . . . Likes jazz and the Classics . . . Buys his clothes at Sidney West . . . Will Kluzewski hit -10 homers this year? . . . A really great guy from a great state. llc-hating: 4.5.63 Cl1cct'lt-atlcr 61 l:1'l'ClllII8Ilt-. Society Dance Conunittcc 6g lntraniural Basketball 3.f11,6g llluc and Gray 6. MARCARIO I. SILVA 352 Penafrancia Paco Manila, Philippines "Mickey" . . . Philippine ambassador to the Prep . . . Has plenty of hobbies . . . Never found in his room after six a.m. . . . Has everything and anything in his room . . . Usually found in the library . . . Very good orator . . . Can always smile . . . Quiet and well liked by everyone. Berchmans' Society 63 Library Club 5,63 Stamp Club 5,69 Choir 6g Debating 6. XX -x TQ sa, 9 .,,, A, L, 5 V 57'- X , Blass of 1955 .est ,puns oi'- , I '93 . U 13 , . ii" , WALTER LEIGH SKINNER 4800 Upton St., N.W. Washington, D. C. "Walt" . . . Finally gave up rolling 'em for a pipe . . . Loves those cows . . . "Upon the farm .... " . . . Stalwart ,I.V. Umpire . . . Vehement sneezing . . . Speaks Creek with an accent . . . Understands Physics. Football 3g Debating 4g Track 54 Library Club 5,63 Cupola 63 Dance Committee 5,6g Rifle 6. Graduates MAXWELL I-I. STOKES 5412 32nd St., N.W. Washington, D. C. "Maxx . . . Tickler of the ivories . . . Finally got a belt . . . Colfer deluxe . . . Summer trip to Happy Valley . . . Will some day conquer Physicsl. . . Won't quit smoking for baseball . . . "Honors" more than not. Baseball 3,49 Class Officer 3,55 Sodality 1,2,3,6g Intramurals 6. .K it X x ' , ' N N w-, fat! ii 'Shia I 'S- 45,4 , maui I x.-X RICHARD THOMAS SULLIVAN 3525 Davis St. Washington, D. C. "Dick,' . . . '6Sully" . . . alias "Moen . . . A born athlete . . . Full of school spirit . . . Personality plus . . . Everybody knows him as a friend, including lower forms . . . Has been a loyal Prepster for four years. Football 3,4-, Varsity 5g Baseball Varsity 4,55 Intramural Basketball 3,4-,5g Class Officer 4,53 Sodalily 3g Debating 53 Dance Committee 4,5,6. JOSEPH EDWARD TUTHILL 519 First St. Greenport, N. Y. "Joey', . . . 'glt's pronounced Tuttle, Sir!" . . . "ole meechi' . . . Elegant pipe smoker . . . Brother Greene's No. 1 "gold- brickerv . . . Summers at New York State Park . . . Dixie- land fan . . . Very often wanders to Bradley Lane . . . Half owner of the 4122" Club . . . Likes to sleep . . . Mem- ber of five ft. paper airplane triumvirate . . . 'gGot a dime, Tom?" . . . Good student . . . Everybody's friend. Choir 63 Blue and Gray 6g Dramatics 65 Intramurals 5,63 Library Club 5,6. EET it S- ff' P' 6' 0 1 -K , 4 ry .XXX A... JAMES OLIVER VOSSELLER 2427 Fort Scott Drive Arlington, Va. "Jimbo" . . . Good student . . . Collegiate dresser . . . Once roomed with 'LMole" . . . L'At home: we're alwaysw . . . Has his own private laugh . . . Suffers with the "Senators, . . . Always willingto bet on Navy . . . Gets advice from fellow- boarders . . . Best housekeeper on the Senior Corridor . . . Well-liked . . . May go to Georgetown. Blue and Gray 4.5, Editor-in-Chief 6g Sodality 5.62 Football '42 Berchmans' Society 4.5,6g Choir 4-,5,6g Cheerleader 5,63 Dfamallcs 5,6g Intramurals 4,5,6g Class Officer 6g Dance Committee 6. Class of 1955 BARTLETT C. WINKLER Counselman Rd. Bethesda, Md. "Bart" . . . Lone transient from Longfellow . . . Fitted in well from the very start . . . Always found in the library . ., . Good student.. . . Affable and well-liked . . . Carries lots of books . . . Quiet with a sense of humor all his own. Golf 63 Intramurals 6. ' . '17 1--' x -.. 15 '- fag ",' NPS Q-7 ..- Lx-X A 'N r t X?- Nt 'Xb s 4-'F 'Q 1 AJ .iv 'JV ...C FRANCIS EDWARD YEATMAN 11727 Kemp Mill Rd. Silver Spring, Md. "Frannie" . . . Noted Greek scholar . . . Manor Club's fine gift to Prepis splendid golf team . . . A future pro . . . Merkle's pal. Baseball 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4-3 Golf 5,63 Sodality 2,4-,6g Officer 3g Intramural Basketball 3,4,5,6. J - es. - .a CLASS UFFICERS There certainly can be no complaint about the work of Dick Hannibal, our President of the Yard, and Greg Didden, Vice President, in the performance of their duties as intermediary between the faculty and the student body. Greg Kane and Rafael Molinari, who presided over class meetings as presidents of 6A and 6B respectively, presented their class, views clearly and definitely before the Student Council. A salute to these men for a job well done. GREG KANE President of 6A DICK HANNIBAL President of the Yard RAFAEL MOLINARI President of 6B GREG DIDDEN Vice President of the Yard 4 1 K 1'- fi' Kel n 'I' MacKavanagh SJ F411 orxle Tcacl cr Rev. vi . , . I I I if hw Q' at 3 1 El., N Pm S V -1 'Ao' Ng -sf Q ll A FIRST NAME JOHNNY MIKE JERSEY LUIGI ED GREG PETER BIG JOHN GOOSE FIG TOM ED PETE ANDY DICK DWIGHT JOE JACKIE GREG TERRY PETE BOB PAUL RAY KENT JOHNNY CLEM MOLE MURPH STU CHARLEY TONY GEORGIE TONY MICKEY WALT MAX DICK JOE JIMBO BART FRANNIE WILLS G.P.S. back to the Indians .... Nose to Durante ......... Pompadour to Bowden. . . His to the alphabet ....... Car to Mr. Schemel ....... Hobby horse to Mr. Swett. Pictures to Jay Bay ...... Will power to Ryan ...... My girls to Chick ..... Butch to De Waters .... Cat hat to Redling ....... Figure to "Watermelons". Birds to Library Club .... Spirit to volleyball team. . Shoes to Menendez ....... Studies to Broulatour .... Car to Indianapolis "SOON Ties to De Armas ....... Second base to Renaldes. . 4-7 play to Schaefer ...... 6-year coat to Fools .... Bar-bell to little Fig ...... Dirty Girty to Cost ....... What's left to the Juniors. Briefcase to Mr. Whelan. . Kangaroos to Jay Bay .... Nickname Clem to Jude. . . Crutches to Bro. Greene. . . His briefcase to Jay Bay. . . Middletons to Kangaroos. Bow ties to Shanahan ..... Mambos to Bro. Oswald. . Orange pants to O'lVIelia. . Hoosier spirit to Gus ..... All to Hollandsworth ..... Boots to Glenn ....... Catsup to Kane ........ Kitty car to Cronin ...... Penthouse to the Juniors. . Spoon to Fr. Dugan ...... Hot car to Silva ...... Glasses to Ramirez .... BLUE BO0K NOTED FOR . . . . Week-ends Excellence in Math Hairdo Unlucky "I3" German wise cracks Clear enunciation Distinguished friend Lean and hungry look 3-year uniform Loyalty to Iowa Red hair Honor cards Curly locks Driving down Rock Creek Attending dances High French marks 4-year coat Tall-tall tales That zero Abstract reasoning Knowledge of German His Hi-Fi His speed His red wagon Intelligent question Fabulous Australian nights Impeccable attire Shapely physique??? ,Jack Five Nothing Natural sweater Lectures on South America Living it up Sharp dates Love of elocution Cloud of smoke Not shaving Moe Schwartz Nightly wanderings Deceptive strength Carrying lots of books Greek UF THE SENIUR CLASS USUALLY FOUND In Baltimore ............. Arguing about England. . . Bragging of Bayonne's girls Trying to get a ride. . . . . With Tracy's nurse ..... On a date ............... At the theatre ............ Doing Fr. Mack's homework ..... . . . At Ewald"s ............... Arguing with Byrnes .... Listening to jazz ...... Playing volleyball .... With Murphy ........ Winning at Red Dog .... At G.U. Hospital ..... Sleeping .......... ln the bakery ....... At Visitation ......... Burning Cicero Books. . . On the phone ........ Sleeping in Physics. . . In trouble ......... Out ............. Isn't ............. In a duck blind .... On the bench ........ In a charcoal sweater .... Dragging "that" foot. . . . With Gilmore ....... Anywhere ...... Playing drums .... Daydreaming ....... On the golf course .... At McGarvey's .... Library ............ By the show barn ..... Bowling ......... On 33rd St. ...... . Phone booth ......... Bragging about Navy .... In car ............... At the first tee. . . . HIGHEST AMBITION T0 Send Fr. Dugan to jug Pass Math Be Marlon Brando's successor To get a driver's license Get a German trot Remember the key Take Terry to a dance Pass Trig Pass Greek test Shoot a Mau Mau Own the "Bayou'7 Flunk a test Get taller than his brother Break sound barrier Complete a football season Graduate Pass Math Win National Opener Run four-minute mile Get a tooth for Christmas Race at Bonniebille Drop Greek See Maryland in Orange Bowl game Be a "lover', Keep everyone happy Succeed Alan Ladd Succeed Capone Make first string Resolve Amphipleura Get Merkle mad Master solid Strictly reserved Be a great golfer Get honors Get a date Show a champion steer Beat Kane in Golf Cut flowers at Comely's Sleep twelve hours Discover it Pass Physics Get 101 in Greek LAST NAME Archer Byrnes Cianciulli Costa-Sanseverino Cronin Didden Diggins Donahue Ellis Figge Garlick Garvey Gilmore Haley Hannibal Harrigan Heller Hines Kane Lamb Lamb Lilly Marechal McGarvey Merkle Middleton Middleton Molinari Murphy Paull Perez Pulido Ramirez Romweber Silva Skinner Stokes Sullivan Tuthill Vosseller Winkler Yeatman 0 . G F The Senior table during lunch. -AFS 12 19 if 5 'wang . . . between classes in the store. . . . in the corridor. is Q, 3 "S l D Q 1 l The Sons of the Alumni: W'eller, Powell, Abell, O'Donoghue, Potter, Dean, Jacobs, Brulatour, Hamilton. . . in the Dining Room. Q A XJ! Me KQ6J.!A . P A T R O N S Most Rev. Patrick O'Boyle, D.D., Archbishop of Washington Most Rev. John M. McNamara, D.D., V.G., Auxiliary Bishop of Washington The Very Rev. John S. Spence The Very Rev. William J. Maloney, S.J. The Rev. William A. Ryan, S.J. The Rev. Alfred F. Kienle, S.J. Mr. and Mrs. William S. Abell Dr. and Mrs. Emil Delli-Bovi Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Aneskewich Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Diggins Mr. John Archer Dr. and Mrs. John V. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Arias Mr. and Mrs. John F. Donahue Mr. Gilberto Baraona Dr. and Mrs. George J. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. James S. Becker Capt. and Mrs. N. W. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. John M. Beckman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mario Escudero Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Bell Dr. and Mrs. F. Graham Fallon Hon. and Mrs. John B. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Fattell Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Bowden Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferdinand Mr. and Mrs. J. Newton Brewer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Figge Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Broglio Mr. and Mrs. James M. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Brown Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Forster Mr. and Mrs. C. Jules Brulatour Mrs. Beatrice Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Clark H. Galloway Mrs. John T. Byrnes Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Garlick Mrs. Austin F. Canfield Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Garvey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Carroll, Jr. Commander and Mrs. Charles Gibb Dr. and Mrs. Philip Caulfield Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Camille Cazedessus Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cianciulli Mr. and Mrs. George J. Goudreau Col. and Mrs. Albert P. Clark, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anderw G. Haley Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cost Dr. and Mrs. John E. Hannibal Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Costa-Sanseverino Mr. and Mrs. Wesley T. Hargrett, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Credle Mr. and Mrs. William Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Cronin, Sr. Hon. and Mrs. John Hearne Mrs. Thomas R. Crowley Mr. Louis Heller Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cumberland Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hennessey Dr. and Mrs. William J. Cusack Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hillenbrand Mrs. John J. Darby Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Luis De Armas Dr. and Mrs. J. Bay Jacobs l0I Mrs. James M. Kane Sr. Antonio Pulido y Diaz Mr. and Mrs. James Keelty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Keenan, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Radice Mr. and Mrs Paul B. Keenan Mr. and Mrs George Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kempton Mr. and Mrs August Redling Mr. and Mrs. David J. Keppel Mr. and Mrs. James Francis Reilly Dr. and Mrs Albert E. Kling Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richards, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Krebs Mr. and Mrs John D. Riggs Dr. and Mrs. Peter O. Kwiterovich General and Mrs. Carlos P. Romulo Mr. and Mrs George P. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. John A. Romweber Mr. and Mrs Leon F. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Ross Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Leasure Mr. and Mrs. Milton F. Ruppert Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Allen S. Lloyd Mrs. Helen M. Saul Mrs. Rodriquez Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Trimble Sawtelle Mr. and Mrs Leandre Marechal Mr. and Mrs Richard Schaefer Mr. and Mrs James P. McGranery Mr. and Mrs. William E. Schuyler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. McGuiness Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shanahan Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mclnerney Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Menendez Mr. and Mrs J. Sherry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs E. A. Merkle Mr. and Mrs Ambrosia T. Shimizu Gen. and Mrs. John W. Middleton Mr. and Mrs A. R. Shuman Mr. and Mrs Miguel Molinari Mr. and Mrs Pablo M. Silva Mr. and Mrs Vincent Morreale Mr. and Mrs. McKendree P. Skinner Mr. and Mrs Eugene Munger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Murphy Mrs. Patrick Smyth Mr. and Mrs Harry J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Grove Stafford Dr. and Mrs. Guillermo Nannetti Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell H. Stokes Mr. and Mrs Joseph F. Nebel Mr. and Mrs. James G. Stone Mr. and Mrs John S. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. M. X. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Paul O'Bryan Mr. and Mrs. D. J. R. Suffredini Mr. and Mrs Daniel W. O'Donoghue, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jose Teodoro, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Thomas H. O'Melia Mrs. Paul J. Thayer Mr. John A. O'Neill Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph Tenerowicz Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Paull Dr. and Mrs. Percy J. Tuthill Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pehle Capt. and Mrs. James O. Vosseller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Pino Ycaza Mr. and Mrs. R. Hartman Weller Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe A. Pons, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. Darby Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Postle Mr. and Mrs. Donald Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Potter Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wright Mr. and Mrs. John E. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Yeatman, Jr. Compliments vf G. J. GOUDREAU 85 CO. BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS if Commercial and Residential Properties if CLEVELAND, OHIO Compliments Of PERPETUAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION 'A' 11th and E Street, N.W. WASHINGTON 4, D. C. I03 Q55 5X1 ,I mf F Thick, iuicy slabs of RUAST BEEF HOTEL DUPONT PLAZA DUPONT CIRCLE John J. Cost, General Manager Id Cl ke at the Hammond Organ Every Night except Sunday I04 FREDERICK W. BERENS, INC. MORTGAGE BANKERS 'A' 1722 L. Street, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. NAtiona1 8- 5 0 00 Geo. W. De Franceaux Hubert I. Kleinpeter President Executive Vice-President Qafufii Serving the Best Italian Cuisine Cocktails - Liquors - Choice Wines 'k 1837 M Street, Northwest WASHINGTON 6, D. C. IOS NAtional 8 -0454 RINALDI sf SONS, INC. 'A' Custom Dry Cleaners "a little fner-a little more careful" -k 1730 Penna. Avenue, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. LEO L. RINALDI Compliments vf STATLER PHARMACY if Statler Hotel ak W. N. BRADSHAW :ma ' E251 E E is sill Egg' bffA?O'fCfCZO1Q I Walker gr Dunlo ' . Inc. REALTORS P Compliments Of Mortgage Bankers 'A' 1200 15th Street, N.W. WASHINGTON 5, D. C. I06 Cities Service is a kind of preparatory school Cities Service cadets are young engineers, just starting out in the oil busi11ess. Cities Service prepares them to take their places among oil men by teaching them every angle of the business. They explore for oil in swamps, in snows and on the sea. They drill miles into the earth. They learn the problems of refining, storage, distribution and selling. Then they choose the jobs they like best, on the theory that what you like best you do best. After such a Well- rounded curriculum, many "are graduated" to positions of authority. From their ranks have come more than 200 of the company's executives. CITIES SERVICE I07 Those who find pleasure in distinctive appointments . . . gracious hospitality . . . courteous service . . . superb food . . . have come to admire Washington's Hotel Statler. Whether you visit us for an evening of entertainment, a fine meal, or an extended stay, you will find the completely air-conditioned Hotel Statler suited to your every taste. . .. A PART QP THE WAS!-IINGTQN SCENE ZHQTEL HERBERT C. BLUNCK GENERAL MANAGER W A S H I N G T O N I08 X. Ei C5 X , sa. A NAME OF M06 IN WASHINGTON, D. C. 922 A HILTON HOTEL C.J.MACK Vice President and Gen. Manager COMPLETELY AIR - CONDITIONED IO9 Compliments M . . . .,p Qi 19 - -' C 'Q i si- ,. . . A M- Q ,. affirm awe 43 A 'W Wi THQ 53315- aq- i -'ii HR Hi Hai vial :If R i F 'MTW 1iHam",,n"' -m e 'JH -HH in mf 'al Q 3 HM 'fm in nmllwq '17, 25 5531, 'HH Wi Hig 'Yi . 'HQ ' i in 13 an I2 1 in fr'?f1- fd3,-tj .,Q,, -.-4,.,,, ,,., -f'f..:-.,, ' jd vi ' S' if f, '31 'I -Qi 4 A DAVENPORT BANK AND TRUST COMPANY DAVENPORT, IOWA V. O. Figge . . President Resources approximate one hundred million dollars H0 TE: Diamonds Watches Drawing Pencil if CARL A. BACHSCHMID Standard of the "' World 7337 Wisconsin Avenue "' BETHESDA, MD. A. W. FABER-CASTELL 0Livef 2-5465 Pencil Co., Inc. Silverware Repairs NEWARK 3, N. Compliments of HOHENSTEIN BROS AND D O N A H U E 'A' 652 H Street, N.E. WASHINGTON, D. C. COMPLIMENTS 0F A FRIEND THE SUPPER DANCING from 9:30 'til 2:00 No Cover Charge except Friday and Saturday SANDE WILLIAMS N AND HIS ORCHESTRA Entertaining Floor Shows at 10.00 o clock Friday and Saturday at 9:30 and 12 o'cIock No Cover Charge Except Friday and Saturday BARNEE, conducts the music for dancing II3 SCHAEFER AUTO SUPPLY Keystone Odorless and Glidden Paints Wholesale and Retail 5 0 0 1 WISCONSIN AVENUE EM 3-4075 GRADY MOTORS, INC. Direct Factory Dealer LINCOLN-MERCURY 7809 WISCONSIN AVENUE Bethesda, Maryland OLiver 4- 74 0 0 Compliments of Compliments WOODWARD 85 NORRIS 723 20th Street, N.W. of WASHINGTON, D. C. CARRIER DRUG ir CHARLES I... NORRIS i President RE7 JOHN J. McCARTHY Vice-President 'lr REALTORS Since 1892 6585 6822 Wisconsin Avenue CHEVY CHASE 1 5 MARYLAND GEORGETOWN COLLEGE The Oldest Catholic College in America 'lr OFFERS COURSES LEADING TO A.B., B.S. QPure Sciencej and B.S. fSocial Sciencej Degrees, with majors in English, History, Economics, Political Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. II5 SAVE...WHERE IT PAYS TO SAVE! Earn attractive dividends at Jefferson. Savings are insured up to S1 0,000 on each account. Divi- dends are paid for the full month on payments received as late as the tenth. ir JEFFERSCN FEDERAL SAVINGS 85 LGAN ASSGCIATION FRED A. SMITH, President 17th 86 K Streets, Northwest EXecutive 3-0747 W H I T T L E S E Y D R U G S T O R E 'A' Bethesda Shopping Center Fine China, Silver Rich Crystal ir Art Objects 'A' Free Delivery ' 1 OL 2 - 5 5 5 5 ,J 1223 Connecticut Ave., N.W II6 LIBERTY B. F. SAUL CO. N A T I O N A L 'ff B A N K Mortgages WASHINGTON, D. C. Property Management Insurance 'A' 'A' Every Banking Facility 925 Fifteenth Street, N.W lk NAtional 8-2 1 00 Member: Federal Reserve System lk Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Established in 1892 Compliments Compliments of of LOUIS SPRUILL D A N H I T E B A R B E R S H O P i' at 765 5 Georgetown Road 801 North Capitol Street BETHESDA WASHINGTON, D. C. MARYLAND The 1955 CUPOLA Staff extends its thanks to The National Gallery of Art, Washington. D.C., for the picture "The Apostle Paul" from the Widener Collectiong and to the Winged Camera Service for the end sheet photograph. H9 -rf ,SE 3 55 jg. ffm' ffv ,uv , Q 5 Em 'Q LY, 1 , ,- u J' 1 a. .A 2 . A , ww, ,I G H, X , i., W fvgf V . "f- ' 5, J -,, env-if "-we 4 . , .A ' i frfkq. T. ,' . a - ' ' ,Nm , 'I 41 --4.1 ,:' , , , ' J. , lm.. A-1 ,,o, 25 ,,u.1 g .... 1, +,. , -f.,.,.4 s H A' .F .4 , .gn 1, 1 - , , , :.,,5, ,.. Tifszah- -3.1: ", f' X - ' .154 1- Q A J w .x 'f' H ' -A-Sf. S, . 'A 'Q 1 y 8,-. f I --? Q'-'QrL- Ar-ff -- , F. .gif 'Z V viii.. fu td, 'ff' I !',. 1 , . X' L rv .f ff, t . ,rw , N ' 'v 'fb' f 1 f k . V ' --.k' ' :. i .Y . vf Q tn? ' , .Ll 1- ,V ggi,-.U I- ,Tai gf. ' -4 'leg-1 3 F ,. . L .1 ..!'N. 71' I , U . f J. 1 , . V 1 MT? . Y' Q r L, 7 4 , X I V N 2 ... ., 9 :nfs-j.w...n'1 . LX 5. PL G .- 'mubl ' .. 1.11, ,I WDP.. 'w "Q . ' if e A. ' ' 9, it ' 9f""'- '-VL., W. ,a'-'-, .'-?g,,g -1,5-39, In .1 f .. iq 5: 7 A Q-U! 1 li.. 1- SFI .rx a 1.1 -'gg " .- A -we '- .5 ' 'f' wi. J 595 ,. --5,5 F' f l 'gg . 3 'EL FJT -.f "1 .4 me P, . ,. M 'ii 1 1. ' :AV--.Q , ' w ' nf F, "5 QT.:-,4 ,, ' ' "e",4 . . ,, 'snr xi all ff am. QL 1 S 4 1 2 kfxwmv' v , l ,-1, . wx, I . 1 , , ,. Q S- 1 X. R 'Q' 'ftmgf fp- . Q . 1. 'if af Rf F + J? 2 W ln ' Q ,v I W ' A' Q 'K' ,V ' . . 1' B .n n, ,S Q ,br y , f It V .Af V: 2 ,, .K- x . :pf HQ .p ,V . Q. ,ag Yi L N0 SA, . K, H .,,, My X .- X fy, elf if Tw, g v 4 .I . f . V J :QV xr J 1 ,t,n', 4-ff..-. sig 4 'E .. 'H' " bill' A A H, .,. . . R ff,-.7 . W x. N. . ., wif, ., 9 I. 1' Qi A W 4, , f, 3 A ' ' ' " f . QQ' ,Zi , M y ,M f 'vsp-'A l MQ , sg. M if f 2:14 f , -ff"v2'. W Q ln.. vga, 4 i , 'sv - , 4 .A I j law! K 2 . .4 A 'Q .fi

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