Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY)

 - Class of 1960

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Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1960 volume:

v JS? " Q A Q'-Viv . Q M 1 -sf w ap' www -,W-'3 . I,-gif U ,. -, Q -Nz 242' Q 3 ag ., U uf .5 X-H' -v iw Jai l .,. ra 1 "I 'f -, if sg 'if-'If is ' f ' 3 'Y x ,A Aw. .- ag 4 , .571 ,W va- gg invkxr. 1 dsx X w Uhr IHEII iguffaln 4 erlitztiiun This is our football team, who by their display of ability and good sportsmanship, have made known the name of Georgetown High in all parts of the state. We honor them by dedicating the 1960 Buffalo to a wonderful group of players and their coaches. In loving memory of a wonderful teacher and friend. MISS CARRIE ROGERS nnuzfxl ANNE TUCKER GINGER MIFFLIN Co-Editor Co-Editor MYRA HOLT ROG REDDING Feature Editor Sports Editor PHILLIP ARNOLD CAROLYN GLASS Photographer Art Editor 515121 QW? jiaff Q ALOMA BARNIIILL 5l1lJhCl'iI'JI.iO11 Mzrliuger VO M N ECLERIO Feature Editor HENRY HALL Sports Editor 1 CHUCK J OHNSON Subscription Manager Ss JUDY WHITLEY Typist HARD AT WORK Y! EDWARD OLDHAM Chairman JOHN WILL SI-IOWALTER KENNETH G. GILLASPIE Vice -Chairman HOMER LEW IS 7 narrl nf 7 nlwzaiinn RICHARD RAWDON Superintendent And Secretary of Board HORACE GAINES an-an-Orff Z gi W +,:iL2f3?l,TQ? 5 QT- ,J z", X X Agaix 5 Mr. 352111112111 05. 05illz1spie uperiniendeni uf Srlqnnls Qzmr. william Cilmills lgrinripzxl uf jrhuuls UARTH SCHOOL GEORGETOWN HIGH MR. HARRY GRAHAM Basketball And Guidance Counselor MR, DUKE OWENS Head Football Junior High Literature MR, GEORGE LUSBY Assistant Coach MR. BILL WILSON Assistant Football Junior High Mathematics Junior High Science and Health MRS. GILMER F. COX Senior Sponsor Social Studies WARREN FIG HTMAS TER Senior Sponsor Mathematics MRS. WILLIAM MILLS Junior Sponsor English MRS. RUSSELL PALMGREN Junior Sponsor Commerce MRS. FRED LISANBY Sophomore Sponsor Home Economics auf ii? MRS. WILLIAM MAY Sophomore Sponsor Science MRS. ESTILL GLASS Freshman Sponsor Languages JAMES WELCH Freshman Sponsor Industrial Arts H. Y. MULLIKIN Geometry CHESTER ALEXANDER Physics -Chemistry MRS. AL F, SOWARD Librarian VIRS. DANIEL TILFORD Vlusic MISS KATHERINE HAMILTON Director of Pupil Personnel MRS ELMER CRAYCRAFT Junior High History MRS LOUIS AULICK Junior High English MRS. NATHAN HALL Junior High Librarian - Literature HARRY MITCHELL Junior High Social Studies MRS. HOBART CONLEY Sixth Grade MRS. W. C. HASTIE Sixth Grade MRS. EARL COTTEN MRS. I. HUGH BROWN Fifth Grade MRS. LEE ANNA MILLER Fifth Grade MRS. J. W. HALL Fifth Grade MRS. MASON ARMSTRONG Fourth Grade MISS PATSY IO CURTIS Fourth Grade MRS. C. FORREST ESI-IAM Fourth Grade MISS DORA DEAN COLLINS Third Grade MISS MARY ANN LUNSFORD Third Grade MRS, GEORGE REDDING Third Grade MRS, JAMES BROWN Second Grade MRS. GEORGE LUSBY Second Grade MRS. H. P. MONTGOMERY MRS. CHARLES TRUE Second Grade MRS. FRANK HAMON First Grade MRS. JAMES SHEPHERD First Grade MRS. BENJAMIN SINCLAIR First Grade MRS. A. H. TONCRAY First Grade JAMES PAUL Band was J X peninr Qbzxhg pumps MQ! 'MUN' it Georgetown l, 2, 3, 4g Class 'resident 2,4g Vice-President lg ttudent Council l,2,3,4g Vice- ,resident 3g Parliamentarian 4g :tate Student Council Convention Lg Football l,2,3,4g Co-Captain3g tlternate Co-Captain 4g Basket- iall l,2,3,4g Baseball Statistician ,4g National llonor Society 3,4g Jrama Club 2: Regional Drama festival 2, State Drama Festival xg Senior High Male Quartet 1, :,3,4g Regional Music Festival ,2,3g State Music Festival 2,3g Soy's Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 5 A Cappella Choir 1. Christmas Operetta 2g Latin Club l,2g French Club 3,4g Vice-Pres- ident 3g P resident 4g Annual Staff- Sports Editor 45 Key Club 2,3,4, President 31 Secretary 4: "G"- Club 3,45 Secretary 3g Vice- President 4, Most Studious Boy 25 Friendliest Boy 33 Most Out- standing Boy 4g Boys' State Alternate 4g National Science Foundation Summer Institute- Western College 3g Carnival King 45 Homecoming Escort 3,4g Cit- izen of the Month1,2,3gAmerican History Award 3 g National French Exam Award 3g Cutest Couple 4g Senior Play Cast 4. Q , t. Vice-President . . . Henry H. Hall Secretary . . Judy Whitley Treasurer . . . . . Aloma Barnhill President ,. . Rogers Redding ALOMA MARIE BARNHILL Georgetown l,2,3,45 Cheerleader l,3,45 Poem published in Anthology lg Latin Club 1,25 Treasurer lg President 25 Candidate for Carnival Queen lg Girls Glee Club 1,25 Regional Vocal Music Festival 1,25 State Vocal Music Festival 25 Christmas Operetta 25 Class Secretary 1,25 Class Treasurer 3,45 Student Council 1,25 State Student Council Convention 25 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Dramatic Club l,3,45 Most Outstanding Latin Club Member 25 Candidate for Homecoming Queen 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Girls State 45 Candidate for Recreational Bowl Queen 45 Fightenest Couple 45 Annual staff Subscription Manager 45 Hall Monitor lg Office Work 35 Most Outstanding Girl 45 Senior Play Cast 4. PHILLIP ARNOLD Georgetown l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band l 2 3 4 Reg ional Instrumental Music Festival 1,25 Band President 4 State lnstiu mental Music Festival 45 Latin Club 1,25 Key Club23 4 Key Club Convention 35 Student Council 2,3,45 Vice Piesident 4 Track 2 Basketball l5 Drama Club 25 Speech Club 3,45 Regional Drama Festival 35 Regional Speech Festival 2,35 Class President3 Boys State Alternate 45 Best Sport 45 Annual staff Photographer 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Senior Play Cast 4, LARRY BROCKMAN Georgetown l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,3 Shyest 4 STANLEY CURTIS BRUIN Georgetown l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Co-Captain 35 Alternate Co-Cap- tain 45 All C,K,C, 45 Honorable Mention All State 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain for Basketball 35 Baseball l,2,3,45 Track 2,45 Key Club 2, 3,45 Vice-President 45 "G"-Club 3,45 Reporter 35 President 45 Car- nival King Candidate 25 Biggest Buddies 3. if " ANSON HOLLYDAY BURLINGAMENTR. Georgetown l,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,25 Speech Club 3,45 Vice-President 35 President 45 Regional Speech Festival 1,2,3,45 Regional Drama Festival l,2,35 State Speech Festival 15 State Drama Festival lp Key Club 2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 State Science Fair 35 Key Club Convention 2,3,45 Delegate 25 Latin Club 1,25 Delegate to World Affairs Meet 35 Foot- ball 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,45 Student Council 45 Most Likely to Succeed 45 National Essay Contest 45 "G" -Club 3,45 Boys State 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Most Studious 4. Georgetown l,2,3,4 Football l ,TUDI ANN COOK Georgetown 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Speech Club 35 French Club 45 Girls State Alternate 45 Biggest Prirnper 45 Most Popular Girl 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Senior Play Cast 4. DAVID COVINGTON Georgetown 1,2,3,45 Football lg Basketball 1,2,3,45 "G"-Club 4. MARION LLOYD CURRY Georgetown l,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Regional Music Festival 1,25 State Music Festival 1,25 Operetta 15 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Secretary 35 Science Club 45 Secretary 45 Student Council Representative 45 Treasurer 45 Shyest 45 Senior Play Cast 4. BOBBY JOE DAUGHERTY gulf Georgetown l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Honorable Mention All State 35 Alternate Co-Captain 49 Baseball l,2,3,4g Track 3,45 "G"-Club 3,45 Class Joker 4. JOHN CHANDLER DE MOISEY SHIRLEY ANN DA WSON Georgetown l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,4g Regional Vocal Music Festival l,2,4g State Vocal Music Festival 25 Operetta lg National Poetry Anthology lg F,H,A, 2g Pep Club 45 Latin Club 4. Georgetown 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Alternate Co-Captain 4g Track 35 French Club 25 Basketball l,2,3g Speech Club 25 "G" Club 3,4g ,Tolliest Junior 3. ww CASSANDRA LOUISE ESTES Georgetown l,2,3,4g Poem published inAnthology lg Glee Club 1,23 Christ- mas Operetta 2g Choir l,2g Regional VocalMusic Festival lg Outstanding Recognition in Algebra lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Drama Club l,2g Speech Club 3,45 Poem published in Sermons of Poetry. RUTH A NN DUVA LL Georgetown l,2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4g F,H,A, 2g Glee Club 3,4g Speech Club 3,45 Secretary 45 Science Club 4g Class Joker 4g Senior Play Cast 4, si WILLIAM GAMES Georgetown l,2,3,4g Basketball l. LAURA JANE GANO Georgetown l,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club lg Choir lg Drama Club lg Class Treasurer lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Cheerleader l,2,3,4g Pep Club Treas- urer 4g Latin Club l,2g Best Sport 4g Speech Club 3,45 Speech Club Sec- retary 35 Science Club 3g Girls State Alternate 4g Carnival Candidate 3g Delegate Model United Nations at Transylvania 4g Homecoming Candidate 45 Senior Play Cast 4. "ill F' ll BRADFORD LEE GtBsoN J Georgetown l,2,3,4g Marching Band l,2,3,4g Concert Band l,2,3,4gPep Band l,2,3,4g Regional Music Festival 1,25 State Music Festival lg Latin Club lg Football lg Greenest Freshman lg Senior High Boys Quartet 3,4g Senior Play Cast 4. GAIL LYNNE GIE RMAN Georgetown l,2,3,4g Drama Club lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Drama Club lg Speech Club 2,3,4g Choir l,2g Glee Club l,2g Christmas Operetta 2g Regional Vocal Music Festival 25 State Vocal Music Festival 2g Office Assistant 4g Class Secretary lg Art Club lg F,H,A, lg Senior Play Cast 4, CA ROLYN A NN GLA SS Georgetown l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Art Club lg Carnival Queen Candidate 25 Speech Club 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Secretary 35 French Club 2,35 Treasurer 35 National Poetry Anthology 25 Girls Glee Club 1,25 Choir 1,25 Annual Staff-Artist 45 Most Sophisticated Senior4. ,TIM CA NTRILL GLA SS Georgetown l,2,3,45 Class Secretary 15 Class Vice-President 25 Student Council Representative 35 Student Council l,35 State Student Council Convention 1,35 National Poetry Anthology 15 Outstanding Recognition in Algebra 15 Basketball 25 Hall Monitor 25 Key Club 3,45 Key Club Convention 3,45 Football 15 HomecomingEscort3,45 Boys State Alternate 45 Biggest Primper 45 Senior Play Cast 4. it LINDA GREENUP Georgetown 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club l,2. HE NRY NA THAN HALL Georgetown l,2,3,45 Football l,3,45 Alternate Co-Captain 45 Football Manager 25 Track 1,25 State Track Meet 1,25 Class President l5 Class Vice-President 3,45 "G"-Club 3,45 Student Council lg State Student Council Convention 15 Key Club 2,3,45 President 45 Key Club Convention 35 Hit1.SLCSl Wolf 35 Speech Club 3,45 Drama Club l,2,3,45 Regional Drama Festival 1,35 State Drama Festival lg Regional Speech Festival 3,45 State Speech Festival 35 French Club 3,45 Hall Monitor 25 Home- coming Escort 45 Annual Staff, Sports Editor 45 Most Popular Boy 45 Senior Play Cast 4. ul' EDDIE HINTON Georgetown l,2,fi,'l5 Drama Club 1,25 Football l5 Speech Club 35 Basket- ball Manager 25 I-'rench Club 3,45 Senior Play Cast 4. JAMES HENRY Georgetown l,2,3,45 Choir 15 Regional Music Festivall Basketball 2,3,45 "G"-Club 3,45 Senior Play Cast 4, MYRA ALICE HOLT Georgetown l,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Latin Club lg Choir 1,2g Glee Club 1,25 Regional Music Festival l,2g State Music Festival 2g Student Council Representative lg State Student Council Convention lg Silliest Sophomore 23 French Club 2,3,4g Drama Club 1,23 Speech Club 3,45 Science Club 4g Vice-President 4g Homecoming Attendant 3,45 Cutest Couple 45 Annual staff - Feature Editor 4g Senior Play Cast 4, Georgetown 4g Glee Club 4. RITA HOOD R, C, "CHUCK" JOHNSON Georgetown l,2,3,4g Drama Club 1,23 Speech Club 3,4g Regional Drama Festival 35 Key Club 2,3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Exchange Student-Drau- ville, France 45 Annual Staff- Subscription Manager 4g Senior Play Cast 4. SHIRLEY MAE JONES Georgetown l,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2g Speech Club 3,4. IN 71?'e 'go Q:'N'4Q" KENNETH JAMES KIMBLE, JR, ALMA SUE .TUETT Georgetown l,2,3,4g Latin Club l,2g Latin Club Convention 25 French Club 3,45 Accompanist Regional Music Festival l,2,3g Accompanist State Music Festival l,2,3g National Honor Society 3,4g Most Studious 3: Most Talented 4g Girls State 4, ull"l""F Georgetown l,2,3,4g Football lg Basketball 1,25 National Poetry Anthology lg Science Club 1,25 French Club 2g Homecoming Escort 4g Friendliest Boy 4. THEODORE L. LAWSON Georgetown l,2,3,43 Latin Club 1,23 Marching Band lj Concert Band lg Regional Music Festival 13 Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3,43 Football 3g "G"-Club 3,43 Boys State 4 ROBERT WAYNE LA NTER Georgetown 1,2,3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Alternate Co-Captain 43 Honorable Mention All State 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Co-Captain 33 All Conference 33 Honorable Mention All State 33 Baseball l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 Key Club 3,43 "G"-Club 3,43 Candidate for Carnival King 33 Homecoming Escort 3,43 Biggest Wolf 4. REBE CCA MC CLOUD Georgetown 43 Pep Club 4g Science Club 43 French Club 43 Most Stuclious 4. GINGER MIFFLIN Georgetown 1,2,3,4g National Poetry Anthology lg Choir lg Glee Club lg Regional Music Festival lg Student Council Representative 23 State Student Council Convention 2g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Latin Clublg French Club 2,3,4g Dramatic Club lg Girls State 4g Annual Co-Editor and Business Manager 4g Most Likely To Succeed 45 Neatest Girl 4. -3 'fi'-f Sfm- Georgetown 3,4. JAMES FLOYD MUDD Georgetown 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Alternate Co-Captain 45 Basketball l,2g Track 2g Key Club 3,43 "G"-Club 3,4, BE TTY JEAN MILLER 6 RALPH PATTERSON Georgetown l,2,3,4g Senior Play Cast 4, """"-,,,,, THOMAS GARY NECLERIO Georgetown 3,45 Football 35 Key Club 4g Neatest Boy 4g Annual Staff Feature Editor 4, VIRGINIA LEE PA XTON Georgetown l,2,3,4g Publicity Chairman 4g Dramatic Club lg Speech Club 3,45 Senior Play Cast 4. FRANK BLACKFORD PENN Georgetown 1,2,3,4. r GARY SEWELL Georgetown 4g Basketball 4g Baseball 4: Track 4. EDITH JANE ROBINSON Georgetown l,2,3,4g F,H,A. lg Pep Club 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,43 Capella Club 2g Girls Chorus 2,4g Exchange Editor of Newspaper Staff 25 Regional Vocal Music Festival 2, State Vocal Music Festival 2. -sf 'FW RONALD EARL SOUTHWORTH Georgetown l,2,3,4g Football lg Baseball 2,3,4g Speech Club 3g French Club 3,45 Senior Play Cast 4. BETTY SOUTHWORTH Georgetown 1,2,3,4. JULIE GLENN SUBLE TT Georgetown l,2,3,4g National Poetry Anthology lg Choir lg Glee Club lg Class President lg Student Council lg Latin Club l,2g Dramatic Club lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Vice-President 4g Speech Club 47 Girl State Alternate 4g Best Sport 4g Carnival Queen 4. IACQUELINE CRAIG TAYLOR Georgetown l,2,3,45 F,H,A, lg Latin Club l,25 Glee Club 2,3,45 Cappella Choir 25 Regional Music Festival 2,3,45 State Music Festival 35 Pep Club 2,3,4, ,f--54 ANNE THOMAS TUCKER Q' 'ff NAOMI TAYLOR Georgetown l,2,3,45 F,H.A, lg Latin Club 1,25 Operetta 2gG1S6 Club 2,3,45 Cappella 25 Regional Music Festival 2,35 State Music Festival 25ExchangeEditor-Newspaper Staff 25 Pep Club 2,3,4. Georgetown l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Band Camp 1,25 Band Council 1,25 Vice-Presiclent Band 45 Regional Music Festival Instrumental 1,25 State Instrumental Music Festival l,2,3,45 Glee Club lg Choir 15 Regional Vocal Music Festival lg Latin Club 1,25 Latin Club Convention 25 Dramatic Club 1,25 Speech Club 3,45 President 35 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Student Council Representative 35 State Student Council Convention 3g Office Assistant 35 4-H Club.35 ,Tolliest Junior 35 Girls State 45 Delegate to Model United Nations at Transylvania 45 Friendliest Girl 45 Annual Staff-Co-Editor and Business Manager 4g Senior Play Cast 4. KENNETH WILSON Georgetown 3,45 Newspaper staff 3. JUDY LANE WHITLEY Georgetown l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2g Girls Chorus 1,25 Operetta 2g Cappella Choir l,2g Regional Music Festival 2g State Music Festival 2g Latin Club 1,25 Class Secretary 3,43 Class Treasurer 25 Dramatic Club 1,25 Speech Club 3,43 Sergeant-at-Arms 4g Regional Drama Festival 3g Regional Speech Festival lg Student Council 3,4g Secretary 35 State Convention 3g Biggest Wolverine 45 Girls State 4g Annual Staff-Typist 4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g President 4g D,A,R, Good Citizen 4g Senior Play Cast 4. E VE RETT R, WOHN Georgetown 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g Alternate Co-Captain 45 Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,4g Boys State 4g Homecoming Escort 3,45 Fightenest Couple 4, I Svnxur KSIIZIPE QL 6 ht. iqf' 'q is 's E52-fi cu ii? Y! 1 NN.. all aim L6 OBE 05 WMEE gg EH 2105, gm JE MOM Ew 05 bg regal xo: QE 935 3223 EE? :E EL memmow S 22 H E58 E ion 38 Hman we EL 2: U2-ENE Dx: H :B OH QE X252 H EMO? 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'VW ,H M x 7' ' F 0 iumur Mary Allen Mike Beck Connie Burlew Billy Cook Helen Cook John Daugherty Clay Faulkner Judy Glass Charles Gregory David Gregory Cecil Quill Arch Hamilton Joann Hamm George Harris John Harris Mary Holley Eddie Horn Nancy Hood Sandra Humphries Billy Kelley John Lancaster Steve Leach Diana Lewis Douglas Mallory Glitters Shirley Martin Carol McFarland Carolyn McFarland Harold Mclntyre Joe Moore Carolyn Moreland Hubert Mountz Harold Mudd Benjie Oldham Wayne Patterson Arona Polley Nancy Prather Dick Rawdon Patricia Rose Mary Louise Ross Clara Rutledge Geraldine Sargent Sandra Sargent Russell Slone Billy Stakelin Sue Thomas Kenneth 'lrue Robert Wilson ff . M4 3 fi Yi -N X.-.4 '-"Y vu' :Nu-P "Cr-"Y R s 306 'bf 'S-'ii vw' 1f"o'f 1.-u -' 'l' i, -ss -, 1' , 'f .f r V : --' Vrk, , ,"' K 'it ' s k T5 yryJ i d d J l l i g sy is 8, ig V E Vkykk fs Q54 if if-zz, X . R ::,, , , .. 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Powers Pearl Rice Ruth Salyer Jerry Smith George Southworth Linda Jo Vaughn Donna Votaw Shelia Walls Lester Wesley William Wilkins Tyrome Williams David Wilson Lorraine Wilson Carolyn Wright Mike Wright Glanda Yarbrough Sarah Yarbrough Toni Young Suphumure Glass fbffirers John Oldham Carolyn Wright Martha Allen Dennis Necler 4res man Gllass Qgfflcers 10 ff-x pw' QR s x Ray Vicroy, Betty Morris, Dennis Mallory, Alicia Thompson X SR H ..,, . fi as if H .Q Q -' -"' W ,EQ as-fl .I- A rJJ all- wr? - K' F , S.. 3,54 Af., Q A J ,,..ff - L t, if 4 N! if , gf , if SKS? 3,4 gy .,-,,1,,f gf sg ,, J Tr. 4,1 N W 3 " .ft 5 V ,f ,Q Q .v , Q , ,sr 19? LW xx if like 5 Zh i- . tr! W, I' . 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Giles Dolores Gillespie Handa Gorham Tommy Griffin Phyllis Griffith Margaret Ann Hall Iimmy Hall Buck Hamilton Gale llammons jimmy lianmlons Milo llassloch Susan Heathers Dennis Hedges Scotty Holt Wayne Humphrey Virginia Jones Meryle Kedwell lack Kidwell Mattie King Carol Leaverton Teddy Lucas Wanda Martin Jane May Ronnie McClan Richard McCloud Kenneth Misenheimer Carolyn Miller Linda Moss Larry Norman Gerald Parker Constance Patterson Evelyn Penny Roxie Petty Barbara Polley Sue Polley Party Polsgrove Susan Porter Cathy Prather Steve Price Janet Raisor David Redding Cathy Robinson Richard Robinson Janet Irene Rose Herbert Sharp Jack Showarler Larry Smith Emma Taylor Raines Taylor Alice Thomas Harvey Thomas Pete Thompson Mary Thornton Henry Wells 52111211111 - . is L - L' QEEEL r " ' M E -fr r' ' ,T 4 L-'F1' arf- R .ff i. ig .. I ggi 3 lx 291 . nn , -.a ,I J J W f 1155 - . . K E 2 s-ip? 'i l A '15 ag L iff :Z E . K LV K I iq .' xl N' ' if 1 l is Q i l f s V .. .. 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Martin Anderson Fay Asher Doug Beck Carol Blanketship Terry Burlew Janet Brasher Wanda Brooks Ronnie Brumback Richard Bruke Diane Carrick Ricky Carroll William Christifer Freddie Cliffton Fredia Collins Ralph Covington Dannie Daugherty Bobby Daugherty Buddy Edwards Dale Elam Linda Elliott Shan Ellis Gordon Estes Brenda Faris Tom Fields Mary Lew Finley Leonard Finn Bobby Florian Steve Gano Anna Garrett Leon Gillispie Danny Glass Mary Lynn Glass Randy Greenup Charlette Grubbs Joe Perry Hambrick Dana Kay Hamilton Barry Hammons Julia Hammons Steve Hammonds Audrey Harney Richard Harris Bonny Hedges Monty Hinton Danny Hoffman Ronnie Humphery Brenda Ingram Ronnie Jackson Betty Johnson Danny Jones Elmer Jones Kenneth Jones Carol Kidwell Sharon Layback Robin Lucas Wayne Lucas Alma Miller Dixie Mills James Marshall James Martin Nancy Mason Carol McCelIan Everett McDowell Lola McFarland Mary Frances McFarland Nicky McFarland Sewart Mclntyre Betty Sue McKinney Billy Mefford Charles Mifflin Buddy Moore Tommy Moreland Johnita Morris Robin Oldham John Penn Lenoard Pearson Steve Phipps Stella Mae Platt Davis Polliet Brenda Power Jane Prather John Prather Herdon Price Edward Robinson Gary Joe Robinson Walter Robinson Jane Carol Roe Richard Salyer Dan Sargent Patricia Ann Sargent Densel Scott Dicky Scudder Carol Seal Christina Shumkowych Linda Sharp Gene Smith Steve Southworth Russ Sowers Lou Ann Stacy Harry Taylor Nannie Taylor David Thompson Jimmy Underwood Donna Vanarsdall Gary Wainscott Patty Whaley Richard Whipple Junior Wilkins Reuben Wilkins Rose Mary Williams Byron Yarborough Connie Yates K S M v s, , 1 4, G5rarle in " af ,K QL mi ' 'REX , .. 5 X , mn li si: X - - 59.5 xv s S X K X Q 46 lj X ' s cy ssl! 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Green Merla Greenup Larry Gunnel Leannah Hamilton Marlene Havicus Larry Harpole Emma Jean Hawkins Richard Howe Jim lsacs David Jenks Linda Johnson Lena Jones Robert Karrick Ricky Kettering Gary Lawson Louise Lewis Linda Love Jennie Lynn Robert Mallory Dorothy Martin Donnie Martin James McKinney Kathy Mefford Henry Meisenbach Susan Moore Jo Ann Moss Patricia Nicholas James Patterson Kathy Penn Elaine Perkins Judy Perkins Carolyn Perry Linda Pollit Petie Raisor George Rice Teresa Scott Carolyn Sidney Brenda Southworth Carolyn Smith Freda Smith Bobby Stevens Carol Stidham Lewis Sublett Jimmy Tackett Debbie Taylor David Taylor George Thomas Joyce Thompson Patricia Tingle Ethel Vickery Shirley Votow Bobby West Lesly Wilkins Charlene Willoughby Carolyn Wilson Tommy Woodaw Patricia Woolums James Wright Wanda Wright H ixtlq Etude M J AM ,,,,.r5g Vzq, ' , Q :lg - - 1 , ' fr if if s 1 " 1, ' ' ' TEA L K -f. k yy, . ' K . ,, ,H if ii J Q M4 . ,. . 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W 554 so 4 'in In v 'ss MY Charles Alexander Emma Amerson Brenda Bailey Vickie Basle Mary Bidwell Bessie Brewer John Brock Brenda Bryant Audrey Burlew Carol Burrows Roger Burrows Julia Champ Donna Coleman Jayne Cook Jena Cook Johnny Cooper Larry Covington Peggy Crowe Jil Curry Frank Daugherty Billy Jean Ewell Betty Farley Bill Faulconer Tony Faulconer Barry Frazier Ruth Ann Gillispie Charlotte Gorham Barbara Grant John l-laggln Linda Hamilton Earlene Hawkins Linda Hedges Gary Hoffman Rebecca Johnson Ronnie Johnson Jennifer Jones Joey Jones Randall Jones Leslie Karrick Roy Kettering Chester Lewis Teresa Layback Marie Lucas Patrick Mallory Roy Martin Charles McFarland Terry McFarland Roberta McFarland Joanne Nicholas John Nicholas Donald Peavey Charlie Perkins Tommy Perkins Linda Pulley Maribeth Palsgrove Janet Reese Steven Richie Jack Ruth Janet Smith Patricia Southworth Joyce Spotts Laura Sutton Noreen Thomas Michael Toncray Fred Tuttle Judy Vicroy Delores Vinegar Donna Votaw Spencer Wall Danny Wilhoit Clyde Wilkins Gary Willis Gail Wilson Deborah Wright Michael Wright .vs -fu " ! 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N0 N NO JCTURE PICTURE PICTURE NO PICTURE Mary Adams Donna Barnhill Karen Basile Joyce Beauchamp Dale Behymer William Black Anita Blankenship Ronald Boggs Linda Bohannan Bill Bradley Jo Ellen Breen Judy Brewer James Brumback Shiricly Burge Glenn Caldwell Betsy Carr Deborah Carrick Ronnie Cook Jimmy Coomer Joseph Coomer Carlotta Covington Randy Covington Calvin Christopher Janet Cummins Jane Curry Stephen Dunifer Jeanne Fendley Beverly Foley Henry Earl Jan Ewell Lucias Galashaw Sam Gano Johnetta Garrett Emma Gaston Jerry Jones Brenda Gillespie Carol Gillespie Amy Hall Clara Hawkins Terry Hill Louis Holland Jimmy Howe Margaret Ingram David Isaacs Deborah Jenkins Charles Johnson Diana Johnson Sandra Gilkey Douglas Brown Marvin Halbert Ann Ewell Marianne Jones Mary Sue Lawson Wayne Leach Billy Lucas Kathy Lucas Jayne Marshall Larry Marshall Vick May June Meridith Claude Mitchell James Mitchell Maria Mitchell Larry Morris Billy Murphy Linda Nichols lane Offutt Sara Overall Jo Ann Perkins Rodney Petty Lucy Platt Judy Prather Tom Prather John Roberts Peggy Robey Patricia Robinson Michael Sidney Max Skeans Sharrian Smith David Tackett Kenneth Taylor Russell Taylor Janet Trowbridge Creg 'I'rue Patricia Vaughn Andrea Wajek Jimmy Ward Theresia Warfield Marilyn Watson Bonnie Welch Stephen White Shirley Wilburn Billy Willhotte Linda Wireman Kathy Wise Charles Woodward George Wright Phyllis Wright Lanny Farris Ronald Smith Lena Wilson C radix MJ' X066 if I P 5 s x0 N X X my I W gks,iI Q i 5 ' vt . iiii ' I -ar ' S r"r - - I ,. 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Lewis James Loc ke Barbara Lucas EA,-lin I unr-l-1 Kathleen Mallory Kathie Marshall Michael Marshall Paula Martin Ben R, Maturo Gary Misenheimer Sharon Mitchell john Moreland David Morris Gene Murphy Gerald McClellan Karadean Mcliarland Melanie McGuire Joyce Mclntyre 'l'onya Mclntyre llarvey McKenney Betty Nichols George Nichols steven Uffutt Mary lane Owens Garrett Perkins liin Phipps Milton Pribble Robert Raglin Danny Rhorer Ronald Ritchie Dee Dee Robinson Elizabeth Robinson llarry Rodgers Ricky Rutledge lnlia Sargent Charlene Sharp Johnnie Shelton Mary Smith 'l'ony Soward Kathy Spangler Bill Stidhain Larry Stidhani Michael Tucker Mike Tuttle Bill Vance Williain Allen Vance Stewart Vickery Debora Wainscott Renee Wallace Deborah Ward Mary Pain White Betty Wilburn jerry Wilhoite lo Ann Wilson Patricia Woolums Larry Wright Grade 4 KN ' .,,,wk X sw tif, in at Q. A is z 'RO fl if! 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Liga if K Ricky Petty Donna Platt Betty Pollock Jeffery Pribble Emily Pryor John Raglin Dorothy Robinson Bennie Sargent Sandra Sharp Debbie Shelton Patricia Sidney Gary Smith Henry Smith Marcia Smith Joyce Tackett Mary Tackett Gwendolyn Taylor Stephen Taylor Noah Thomas Wanzella Thomas LaBlanche Tucker Brenda Tuttle Jimmy Wallace Richard Wallace Bobby Watson Cathy Welch Sylvia White Minnie Wilkins James Williams Stanley Williams Donna Wireman David Wireman Jerry Wright Steven Wright Tommy Alexander Susan Burch Camie Cantrill Joyce Covington Donna Harris Duwan Jackson Mark Lucas G Z --J:xX wo w Q33 V x W Student Glunnril is President, Dick Rawdong Vice-President, Phillip Arnoldg Treasurer, Marian Curryg Secretary, Diana Lewis 05' I ' C5122 Qllnh F'm'i"""'W We Qlernle 7 ranwis .'11, A 9 OFFICERS: Rogers Redding, Presidentg Benjie Oldham, Vice President: Jo Ann Hamm, Secreturyg Donna 7V aiin Qllnh Phipps, Mary Allen, Treasurers. wg, -si ffm mo-- -, 1 si W' ob' OFFICERS: john Lair Oldham, Presidentg Sara Yarborough, Vice President: Allan Riddle, Secretaryg Diana Tlmiiinsml, 1jCIIy Bradley, Treasurers. Speedy Qlluh President, Anson Burlingameg Vice-President, Bill Stakeling Secretary, Ruth DuvallgTreasurer, Doug Malloryg Sergeant-at-Arms, Judy Whitley. :inure lub 1 my , kr if 'sl President, Bill Stakeling Vice-President, Myra Holtg Secretary, Marion Curryg Treasurer, Doug Malloryg Reporter, Harold Mudd. 13213 Glluh all-lfillifd S ,ii all X x ,Y OIHCIERS: President, Judy Whitleyg Vice-President, Julie Subiettg Secretary, Diana Lewisg Treasurer Jayne cizmog Publicity Chairman, Virginia Paxtong Sponsors, Mrs, May and Mrs. Sowards. Qing Gllnh OFFICERS: President, Henry Hailg Vice-President, Stan Bruing Secretary, Rogers Reddingg Treasurer Iicngie Oldhamg Sponsor, Mr. Iiarry Graham, 5.41 Q A 1 1 55" ,MK 3 V ' K 'Q sf as ,. ,Y W , ,fy .sf ,. -, . ,:,kgQ:. if ff A,V,:, 1: , ' ' 2, '5 ,,yR X fi, V 4, H2 it , K f ,, 2 , ' ifkgxxi W, M! . if g 'X Viz an ' V W L, -N A '6 N' . ,. W . K V M , rg 1 , ,M 6 ' - ggi , A,,3 A. 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Ho lb, LT mg 3 Pd gi, G WO YXXOS fo D1 s CO . Se e 0101. if 7: ' 0 Q.: LW,,,. vga , . wig 5 W NSXQ1' Q MYRA HOLT - ROGERS REDDING ALOMA BARNHILL - EVERETT WHON JUDY GLASS - WYANE LANTER N. nnnv, rxxvv' TAVME CAMO .. Y-IFNTDV HAI! L itz F Y , V 'W' w , pf 1 -4" T5 . M? ' 3 A4,gi.nh I, 5 L . :rw A 5 X N I HERE WE GO! LEADING THE WAY! Iv" Jr """ W vw WWW If ' V mn ,, .. , A 4 w '1 x, M of , ' fm' I w' Q. I ,QM We v M Wm. , , I 'cr mf wg.: A P I W 4 A I Q , "'.,vg3"' I II' I Q , ' I I Ig, -yw .Q I, 'I ,n WHO WILL IT BE? L I Q I x . "ik xx ,P f ix .Q K ,,, :NN wa- . A 5, I., XI '-Q , A .N ,A S4,,, L E. , I I "I WON FIRST PRIZE!" WE WISH YOU WIN, Y lg. CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN JULIE SUBLETT AND ROGERS REDDING fi I uw" 'WWW' ,sf .1 1 KING, QUEEN AND COURT I IUNIORS: DICK RAWDON MARY ALLEN Q. L SOPHOMORES: PATTY CASE BILL CRENSHAW FRESHMEN: ALICIA THOMPSON TOMMY OFFUTT aiinnal Zfinnnr inning Nhwfyim Hmm S -WSHQZX T Girls' 512112 ANNE THOMAS TUCKER ALOMA MARIE BARNHILL GINGER ASHFORD MIFFLIN JUDY LANE WHITLEY ALMA SUE IUETT 7 nga' 5121112 EVERETT R, WO HN ANSON H. BURLINGAME THEODORE LAWSON Supnrlaiihes Cimlnsi fbuisianding ALOMA BARNHILL ROGERS REDDING C'!HHusi Qgnpular IUDI COOK HENRY HALL Superlaiiiles glmusi 6 Iikelg an Surreal GINGER MIFFLIN ANSON BURLINGAME 25-533' Gund id" Uliiizen 0B1If5f2II1dII1B Qsilqleie JUDY WHITLEY STANLEY BRUIN eninr Flag Qlast 7 Hercules Nelson , , Wilbur Maxwell , , Jason T. Quigley , , Celeste .... Frankie , . , Nina Quigley ,,,,., Aunt Mary fMrs. Nelsonj , Uncle Bob CMr. Nelsonj, , Dr.Brown.......... Madeline - Mr. Quigley's Sister Harry Schuster flsawyerj ,,,, Daphne CThe Maid! . . . Claude CThe Caretakerj . . Granny . ..... . Helper . . Properties. . . . . . . . . Business Manager SL Publicity. . Stage . ........ . . inrlers Glreepers -n.. .-....- Anson Burlingame . .Phillip Arnold , Rogers Redding . Lynne Gierman . , Judy Whitley . . Myra Holt , , Anne Tucker , Bradford Gibson , , Jim Glass . . Jane Gano . , Teddy Lawson . Virginia Paxton . Chuck Johnson . Aloma Barnhill Ronald Southworth . . Marian Curry . . Judi Cook, Ruth Duvall . .Eddie Hinton, Jim Henry, Ralph Patterson eniur 151212 01351 E FT F N e,f 1wf,, H 'MMM 14 , V' , -. -, ,.i!Y!:..H: xmlzyl' N 4 f-13,9 21-A V ' 233 ' ,Q OOQXR, ?XC9cYY?f9XS'i" C1 pxogv-P0 'ZawxKi6X YN emu XS 600 eo ,EES gerf'-a R6 yojr Up aff? LE xxloxk H wwwwxx X069 Nxixceq 21Xfbf0Y6X A ff 4 QQ GOJLIIG XV I6 Q02 Sr G XR me ff . 107612 ms, Q66 Sf S O dos 6006 T P6515 011 GQPXWCCIOOUS wogiq ua wav, wx Iogalbelzd 'esiwl gave BIGGEST PRIMPERS Judi Cook Jimmy Glass O. flf Q5 Q 421 4590? 26 yer 236' 4 2,00 02 Q- 67 Sag Q, 0 XA JV If v 90 GO 0- Xaxa . PX XX J Q , X62 ye Gr- . 6 SXQO JO x wx Wk TOO! "N- ff' QR SEN THU QHXSTXCPQ n GWS 50 C310 XJ 'M 94, if .1 Wifi gsm' .FL Eu 0935 ,id k 'V 69 S 5 Wow X, Qs XL S9216 XNYEVX Nh .IOLLY CHF O1 JUNIORS MCP Benlfe O arlalld Idham EN PRES .1311 H C123 11 alT S Cal Vert ,WW ,af wig C N gasf ENE S RULMS fo VAC x 'YYXOXWX , U7 A1112 KERS S06 PAXQU -Oe D Duval MMV Huglzerty 1 1 Y E5 X511 .N BOUDXX 1Af'7ffg,, QS? 0655 wdox '01 I C W 'CXOQ Ra CYX Uxgfo arg' Ox . L63 C4121 51606 'Nz Q Z 1 I zzrsiig 7 unihzxll ui. A sv A, ' FIRST ROW: Stevie Leach, Joe Daugherty, Wayne Lanter, Stanley Bruin, Henry Hall, Floyd Mudd, Juhnny Daugherty, Rogers Redding, David Gregory, Dick Rawclon. SECOND ROW: Coach Duke Owens, Manager Larry Glass, Russell Slone, Ray Vickrey, Charles Gregory, Tommy Offutt, Joe Moore, Chan Calvert, Jack Cook, George Harris, Mike Wright, George Southworth, Man- ager Danny Glass, Coach Bill Wilson. THIRD ROW: David Wilson, Bill Wilkins, Chan De Moisey, John Harris, Everett Wohn, Tyrone Williams, Mike Leverton, Dick Miller, Harold Mclntyre. muninr Cikligh 7 unihall Wayne Lanter Halfback 7 unihall Rogers Redding Center Stan Bruin Halfback Joe Daugherty Tackle i mints Henry Hall Guard Floyd Mudd Guard Chan DeMo1sey Tackle Everett Wohn End if 11 -I Teddy Lawson, Wayne Lanter, Floyd Mudd, Henry Hall, Russell Slone, Everett Wohn, Steve Leach, John Harris, Chan DeMoisey, Anson Burlingame, Jim Henry, Robert Wilson, Harold Mclntyre, Rogers Redding, Joe Daugherty, Stan Bruin, Charles Gregory, Dick Rawdon. IN FRONT: Larry Glass, Manager 7 nnihall Seniurs FRONT ROW: Joe Daugherty, Floyd Mudd, Chan DeMoisey, Rogers Redding, Everett Wohn. BACK ROW: Wayne Lanter, Henry Hall, Stan Bruin. L-IM F , Q.: 7 as-ehztll 'hr 0 bf!! T RL' 3 is 'fill Q3,Rf,y :MTH 595 R716 eNRT9 ! FRON'l' ROW: Benjie Oldham, Stanley Bruin, Wayne Lanter, Steve Leach, David Gregory, Ted Lawson, Gary Sewell, Joe Moore. SECOND ROW: Norman Harris, George Harris, Charles Gregory, Clay liaulconer, Joe Daugherty, Billy Johnson, Larry Glass. THIRD ROW: Ray Vice- rys, Mike Wright, jack Cook, Tommy Offut, Tommy Mitchell, Dennis Mallory, John Oldham, G eorge Sou th worth, IHC ml David Gregory, 'l'ed Lawson, Dick Miller, Gary Sewell, Charles Gregory, Stanley Bruin, Wayne Lanter, Joe Daugherty, Clay Vaulconer. are-iig fflgztskeihall Coach Gippy Graham, Roland Esham, David Covington, Gary Sewell, John Harris, Anson Bur- lingame, Jim Henry, Steve Leach, Rogers Redding, Wayne Lanter, Stan Bruin, Teddy Lawson, Coach George Lusbyg Kneeling: Clay Faulconer, Larry Glass, Managers. "7 " sam 7 askeihall Mike Wright, John Daugherty, Charles Gregory, Harold Mclntyre, Robert Wilson, David Wilson Bill Wilkins, Tyrone Williams, Russell, David Gregory, George Southworth. Rogers Redding Stan Bruin Gary Sewell Wayne Lanier Qaskeihall eniurs David C0vi11gIO11 Anson Burlingame 1 zlrsiig Qllqeerlwderz- Martha Allen, Carolyn Wright, Sue Thomas, Jayne Gano, Sallie Green, Aloma Barnhrll wis- ' fill I N X 2, - . V L 5151+ -R l iwk nrli W l, r x lr ' W. 'Wins We wi C959 "7 " nam Gllqeerlwrleraz- WT' -W. Betty Morris, Judy Covington, Carol McFarland, Alice Carol McFarland, Alicia Thompson ' ' G1 I d jr. 1511 hem' ea ers Lou Ann Stacy, Dana Hamilton, Kathy Robinson, Faye Case, Linda Moss, Juanita Morris. CHARLES GREGORY Star of Stars K . Q., Q V 3 : 1 5 Our Tmphy!! ALOMA BARNHILL O ur Queen Cand idate x Q IIE BALL! HERE COMES PHE BAND! ' " , ' 1 THE BIG HUDDLE 3 Aw, is 4, me .. ' 2 xi" E V xi 1' Q., ,QJ xff N it "'I vvgm ff! . , , Six bd Aj- F Q x J X 1 -as N720 ' s K if f Www QQ N-Wg 51 QS my I 0 K , ff W M5 fgwf' Wy CWLK Q 4. 96+ 1 -.Qpv -un3--.- X M '? Q., Wi? ' ' ' H' Hg., "' V 1 K U- 1 ' 5 e Eglin Q 3 E s .E iffgii :iff ib k - K s kgs . - f - as - A .. we 5 .sae s . sz it Young though we were when we entered these marble halls, we have found many precious thingsg friendship, knowledge, and happiness. We worked, we learned: we loved and we lived. We were Challellged by our teachers, by our parentsg and we shall continue to be challenged as we pass through these doors to begin the new life that lies beyond. We shall remember the understand- ing and guidance given to us by our teachers. Although we may be separated, our memories of GHS will linger on forever. s 'HF' fs- - "L 2 ' --::- .. . .-X. Es- XL-E A KX M Mm N Q MMU' MZ 5559 wilt M34 Nw 5 My 4 wwf if ZZWMZMV M0 MH M055 ' W Mfg 514240, g WWW wif QW? f 2 W ff-W M W Q Wh. aim, mwfwm QW MQW jQZZWg, Q4 WWQW in Jw QP ' Zfwwfjggpf K N Wmwmfju www TUCKER FUNERAL HOME Air-Conditioned Ambulance Service Jack B. Tucker Mariam Lancaster ll W, t HOLT'S fak I Modern ' Barber Shop X l47 E. Main St If It G Q T f .I i, , I V K x I .AIM "' 'MIB 'stzf' ROBINSON'S SUNOCO SERVICE Batteries -------- Accessories Washing ---------- Lubrication H20 N. Broadway Phone 9l27 SUBLETT AND SON Plumbing S Heating Phone 228 HAMILTON DRUG For Friendly Drug Service GIERMAN'S SERVICE STATION S. Broadway Phone 9l25 Q tg I I I1 v e X 642 4f4v Gia :lr O., 44 1? C X : Fx H 05 'K or 9 Q 1, .Is ll In , QQQAN4 I fe AMERICAN LEGION Aux I LIARY ' v O' Em ' U Pie GEORGETGWN CCJLLEGE . Traditionally a school of quality in the Liberal Arts. . A Culture center for a cultured community. . Graduates of Georgetown are leaders in a wide variety of professional fields. . A school with an atmosphere that leads toward purposeful living. Established l798 Chartered i829 Robert Mills, President L, C, Kemper C. A. Mifflin KEMPER' GROCERY l49 E. Main St. Q Wi SQ' bak , Eff A KET M Free Delivery Phones 93 5 9M Compliments of LAIR AND OLDHAM Since I900 Men's Clothes ggi Tel ephone I600 ELECTRIC PARTS CO. GEORGETOWN HOTEL KENTUCKY UTILITIES MALLARD PENCIL CO THE GEORGETOWN CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Compliment of JOHNSON'S FUNERAL HOME J. Johnson R, C J h Compliments of PRATHER BROS., INC. Chevrolet, Pontiac Buick, Chevrolet Trucks SALTATRIX CLUB g l BARoN aus JOHNSON'S INSURANCE AGENCY Farm - City Loans All Types of Insurance Joe E. Johnson Phone 927 RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP A Particular Shop 422 for Z: Particular Women , CPark in Peacel 7- qs, 'Z Call 746 x Q Anniversary Gifts . ! -- '-"1 - w 9 ' 1 N if S H, K 'ln Q-if s I? MRS. ARNoLo's "S I HousE or GIFTS .xacl :yr 1 Xgxf' Birthday-wedding-shower ' x Q MORGAN AND CRENSHAW B. P. S. Paint Feed and Seed Phone l58 Georgetown, Kentucky Watch Repair Dept. We Wrap and Mail You are invited to come in and browse around. Compliments of KELLER'S JEWELRY Welcome Students to MARTlN'S DAIRY MART HHome of the Tasty Sweet Cones, Shakes, Sundaes 1HsQF' -il 7111 Compliments Of Compliments THE STYLE SHOP of AND GIFT CENTER Mildred M. Wilson HUNCLEH BEN WELCH WESTERN AUTO Phone l3 Davis Tires Wizard Batteries Roy McFarland Gordon Moss Complete Prescription Service THOMPSON'S DRUG Phone l77 PORTER AND LUCAS Insurance - Real Estate Phone l9 'Tc r - A HASSLOCH'S FLORISTS Flowers by Wire Phone 255 Georgetown, Ky Wailbwf K? 1' ' Z. Z ,idea Agn '75 ' jpQEii5lxllJ.1-'C, PA RTS GEORGETOWN AUTO SUPPLY HAutomotive Partsu George Estes, Owner lM2 West Main Gemrnetown. K RALPH'S SUPER SHELL STATION Complete One Stop Station Evinrude Motors Wheels Balanced Broadway 8 Jackson St. PRICE'S Your G. E. and Zenith Dealer HAMBRICK SHELL STATION East Main Street Georgetown, Ky. xx ig KEMPER-FOSTER GEORGETOWN SHOP FLOOR COVERING W ' Junior's John Duvall Phone H85 Dilefgei Sports Wear BURROWS 5 WRIGHT' JAMES PAINT STORE Choice Meat G'fay,SeaI Dressed Poultry , Ben-Iamm Moore Located in Kemper's Grocery W' Ma'n Call 980 Phone 93 or 94 . HAMILTON OIL CO. Compliments OT Shell Petroleum GEORGETOWN LAUNDRY Products 5 Georgetown DRY CLEANING . A Kentucky 1' I RAY' s ,gg fy- BURLINGANE GROCERIES 'gill-4 Insurance Agency ifj?L?44gLil Fresh "'if'Q,w East Main Phone l95 Meats 5 Vegetables Nag y ., " 406 Clinton Street I Nysy N QQQO OI! WHITE'S FOOD STORE 406 North Hamilton St 'N 3' '. x n- v A, N 5:12. in ll L ' q5vHH55x Q . A . F. W. MC MILLIN REAL ESTATE IO3 Court Street Phone 382 0 SCROGGlN'S GROCERY Doc. Scroggin's - Owner Maddox Street Phone-692 R. D. JAMESON General Ins. Agency Office Phone - 698 Compliments of CARBIDE PRODUCTS INC. Compliments of J. G. BURTON 8 SONS l64 N. Broadway Deliver Phone i680 MAC'S KY. FOOD STORE Compliments of 50' Clayton Ave' Dixie INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Georgetown Kentucky INC Compliments of GIBSON'S SHOE REPAIR SEYMOUR'S CLOTHING STORE Compliments of SLONE'S MARKET Compliments of MOTORIST MUTUAL INS. CO. Willard Offutt, Agt. Fire and Auto Phone ll83 CRAIG AND HALL Insurance J. Willie Hall Hall Wolfe JACOBIS CLQTHING STORE l58 East Main St. Phone 3 Georgetown, Ky. i960 To the Graduates of Georgetown High School - you HIt's been nice to call you friends - We wish success in your lives ahead - but success is not measured by the heights you attain, but by the obstacles you overcome in the attainment.H ZEYSINC5'S DRUG STORE J. K. Zeysing N Get more for your Money N C at XX I M si 9 is .J f PENNEYS O If 9 kfh, Dag Always First Qual ity ggi? ai East Main nswAvs7rasiHobxzs There's A Ford In Your Future F U R Ur S LOGAN, HAGGIN 5 COOPER G , H. NUNNELLEY'S INC Hardware Implements Office Phone 73 Georgetown, Kentucky For that snack after the game DIXIE DRIVE-IN MOTEL Phone 9ll8 Joe and Betty I I A if Compliments of MC KNIGHT 5 PRYOR Attorneys at Law Qs K X A X X - Tv W W - Asia Q L ' Q p b 1 1 , X 11 4 W T3 1 K Q - L fy L , 45 L L X fx in , . ii um" .I A5 'f s' 3 Q fy 3 If X ,HQ y x, x rl' f -L N 3,- L Congratulations CLASS OF '60 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 0 SBU- BEII Rn.1A 9 01 ogmpg J' i - f. g 1, . -7 'U 1-,,.qf A ' 7' ,. . x,, -pg, A - j -51,1 X. L., 3 , 1 ,V -' ' " 'V' ., 1, v-fr , ' .. R, - ,Q -V: ,. ,g , V 1 , f '-1 F 1. 'ff' 1 f X , W. ,R f-. , A V ' 41- ,-, A , , ,V ,Q 4 wi 1g.,. I . ', 1 3, . ,, 6 . ,,,, I .. . , L Ml, 'W 1 3 51,4 L, . . 5. , ., f, ,tr f ' , mm- f-Q - v -. .. K, 1, ' J "' . "Y , M Nz.. , A K .H ' 1 ff '1 . 1 15.5, - 'W 1, I Q.. , . ,. fa Q , .45 , ,.',l-: '1. ,JU , ,VM ' KM ..,, ,k V ,, ,X .fin 4 - , -H-,y 4., -- . , ,X K .. ' ff.v'4,, . ,ff ,,, , 'L , Af--,,,' ,. .r y5!f',, ,ugh 1 1, my '14, . I V .ze , 4 ' 1.1. ' ik, , Q. 21, .Wk - -1.. , ,A ,.,Q , . 11 1 1 , . K , N'-1. " ., I ,.. f 5V',,,a,f ', 4 - V' ', 14. '- , V , .A . min M ?.f.V. Af , A ,,,-J, ,K . -.., X, . , . ' 7 ,L ,x A , ' V-V -Q -I.. W K -'Q A -ry, v. ,. My ,- V - A I ,Aww fx , 4 ,,.-A L X 1 T, f 75 ',1,",." f, in H KMHLL ' 'A' V ' .sh M' v lv. 'Hp -JMX , . ,, .-.f , Y H 'n"?: A .. ,J ,, .x f ,Q. f Q KW 3 iw -A.,:Qk,g, , Q., . ., ,Q ,. .. .,,'fTA "'lQ1' Qfii' " , Q., ,. . 3 214' 'X .1,f,:w',fi1',g1.:4mgg Q1 'f - 5192:-'72 -Fi 'L .. F, 1k31.'T.iM''E.' ,if- L -'mm 1-wifimif -Eg, Q., .1 ,Q r Hn, -C W A L ,., Wu' ' . , ,. ,L . 1 V 4.41-,. ,v 'wi ,., - W A.. .4 1, 1 "s , J ,-1 f. ,. Blh1t5i,.f"" Hit Nr r vw' W3,?,aA-',A.a.:aLJl0-51' fx 1. wr V A 1 "' ' :lim - 4 . !:Z.fT.E15ZZiillZi5L3i,w. I 14351 L x 'v'.,f.2fP'ilJi.'.JNL'5iF.JKrfiJhiY I 5,3g7g5:'uafr.f5rHg,: ffm ' --wr,-ww ,urn rrwyn-1 if u 36 gg' jitna ,h 4 Q .i ,,. V ,qu f A .m5iu1- ' Y ww f-x"-Sxfm' V Q AI.-.Q1n.,1 E'H 533 .4-if bf! Qjdgiiiggg Q 3 Y INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks -- Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A.

Suggestions in the Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) collection:

Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 95

1960, pg 95

Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 100

1960, pg 100

Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 88

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Georgetown High School - Buffalo Yearbook (Georgetown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 27

1960, pg 27

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