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r r ' 1- , N A Ak ■1’ 1 mHISS V M , V- i l jb ■ 1 % •n r - F M j mm «W GEORGETOWN PEABODY LIBRARY 2120 00069 790 2 For Reference Not to be taken from this room THE GEORGIAN 1987 GEORGETOWN HIGH SCHOOL GEORGETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS This is the world we live in These are the hands we’re given 3 You never let us , stop trying 4 To make it a place worth living in Oh, superman where are you now t) Where everything’s gone wrong somehow 7 The men of steel 8 The men of power 9 10 But I can see the fires still alight 11 Burning into the night 12 Tell me why this is a land of confusion 13 14 1987 GEORGIAN DEDICATION In our Sophomore year we were a youn class in desperate need of leadership. It was at this time when the two of you, Mr. Goldberg; and Mrs. Hickey, took on the challeng;e of advising;, g;iving our class the help and support we sought. We’ve had some difficulties, but tog ' ether we’ve seen our troubles throug;h to happier times. You’ve g;iven us the enthusiasm and spirit to accomplish many difficult tasks throug;h the years, g ' iving ' us endless hours of your time to alleviate worries and frustrations. There is no space to list the many gfoals we have reached with your earnest efforts, so the entire class would like to say thanks by dedicat- ing this yearbook to you, our advisors, Mr. Goldberg and Mrs. Hickey. Love, The Class of ’87 15 f » o c! H p 3 in H 17 18 Charles Adams Math Nancy Allen Special Education Tutor Karen Allbach Science Joyce Armeen Guidance Counselor Richard Arns Social Studies Roseanne Baglio Business Education 19 William Bannister Director of Media Hairy Helanj er Special Education Tutor Bernard Bennett Industrial Arts Department Head Erank Berardino Social Studies Gretchen Bird Music Patricia Bracci Math 20 Carole Buckley Business Education Heidi Canner Special Education Coordinator Theresa Burke Math Richard Cairns English Department Head Susan Clay Media Secretary Deborah Coates Library Aide 21 .lames Collamore Ruth DeAn ’elis I’hysical Education Department Secretary Head Sue Denton Home p]conomics Charles Donnelly Science Paul Dostie Music Department Head Sandra Elkins Enfjlish Lawrence Faretta Social Studies Malcolm Fraser Science Frank Gately, Jr. Special Education Leonard Finnegan Industrial Arts RoseAnn Giannelli Science JoAnne Evans Library Tutor 23 Richard Goyetche Industrial Arts Daniel Gulezian Director of Guidance Robin Gustafson Special Education Tutor 24 Robin Hickey Science ! Alan Haddad Physical Education Pauline Kinson Reading Mary Kober English 25 Joan Lane (Juidance Secretary Barbara LoCicero Elaine Lostiniolo Career Education Coordinator P ' oreij n Lan ua e Louis Lowell Science Math David Luca Art Harvey Mades Science Department Head 2 ( Stephen McNally Math Department Head Irene Meiners Special Education Tutor Mary Merrill Business Education Department Head I Barbara Nelson Business Education Joan Petersen Special Education Aide William Pechilis Math 27 Mar aret Phillips, R.N. Nurse Diane Prescott Special Education Aide Donna Privitera FlnKlish Carol Rinj : Speech Therapist Suzanne Rood Social Studies Karen Rowe English 28 I Helen Ryan 1 Foreign Language Department ;Head Pamela Simpson Physical Education Jacquelyn Shea Secretary liReginald Tardif Social Studies Department Head 1 Patricia Wentworth Math 29 ;u) Joseph Soucy Richard Auclair 1 L to R) D. Sheldon, M. Dostie, D. Morse, C. Short, E. Palardy, S. Kelly 31 32 33 Death is one moment, and life is so many of them. — Tennessee Williams — We’ll always remember your moments with us, Nick. 34 -iof! f “Lori” F.H. 1,2,3; Cheering 2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3, VP 4; (Hurricane B.C. Thanx F riv) B- hoppin B-hoppin!! DW, KW. AG — man can do! Yo Kim-whew-hmm . . . CS — PUM! Hotdoprs! Da — do I have to say it? Kris (kitty) — I’m ala . . . SHHH — J J — soooo Intense! Lets B-oop I’m not kidding! 143 weeblette FP — miss you! I wonder . . . (nah) DW.I — still TOCOL — BTD, p2 spying:. BAD (U2) — never could have done it w out ya — ILYbud! Sorry ’bout the gray hairs Mom Dad thanx for everything! I Love you both! Have fun LM, AM, DR, and of course KV (Bop) CAL - 86 BAHAMAS — 87 KIT — faithful friends. Bye Bye undos! Seen all good people turn their heads to stay so satisfied . . .I’M ON MY WAY! LOVE YA 87 , I fcoA’ , ' f ftvU HOOPS! 1, 2.3.4; S-bail 1, 2.3.4; F. Hockey 1.2; Soccer 4; Band 1,2,3 Treas. 4; N ILS. 3,4; A.F.S. 1.2, 3,4; DRAMA 1.2, 3.4; S.C. 1.2; C.U. 3; ( ' ape Cod 1.2, 3. 4; West Point 2,3,4 . . . Laiire, Deb, do you see fruity pebbles? Wedjje, Tyrie, Stew. Banner??? TWIN TOWER P()WER!! Reneeeee!! I”M Hungry!! TISSUE?! Kudzus, let’s play for L.B! 3 on 3 May the best TEAM win! .LS. B.B. J.M. jjood luck . . . you’ll need it! Mom, Dad, Anne. Tom, thanks r all the support! Craig and Glenn, look out. here I come!!!!! . f ' 4 ' f li A.F.S. 1,2, 3, 4; DramaClub 1, 2, 3, 4; D.K. 1,2, 3, 4 ♦ ; Beachbound, KG bound, Andover bound, been everywhere! Suburban Surfin! too many memories in the Methuen Mall Park- ing Lot! Mall I’atts! 4 a.m.? Gc t the blues — Again! Yes 1 am 17 . . .! Hoi — the nurs school. Papa Gino’s will neva 4-get us!, BERLIN Lives! Dee — F .A.W. ' I ' hanx every- thin’ esp. R.R.! Steph — bake us up a good one, the 3rd floor has seen the best of us! Diet (jiant Marbles! “Anybody got a light!” Snow-cooler?! Nice. Hope — yes, u can borrow. . .! Woburn has st en us all too much! Luv ya Rett! so much to say, no time to say it! We’re cruzin’! To Dave B.G, — Good Luck in this place — make the best of it! M D — thanx for everything — luv ya! “hold on to 16 as long as you can!” “Rick " Fiaseball part of 3,4; Billy Mouse (3ub 2,3.4; SJ « SE 2,3,4; F)R t RD almost forever — Travis, Whats the word for the day? I OOOPSIE!! Kyle, read the chapter John, Good Luck in the wilderness Good Luck G- Town Pharm. employees Matt, p]ve. Tammy. Jana! Good Luck Mike Karen Bill. Name a kid after me. Best of luck to you Steph! Chuck Chuck, VA VA VA VA! (’-orbs. What ' s up? So long fellow GHS janitors. Damn Kids! You’re all alike! Good Luck Aaron. Eistien, and anyone else I might forget! There was anger, boastfulness, and Pride! Have fun “87” “Tonv " B-ball 1-4; F-ball 1-4; Nike 4 (UC); Ski 4 ((’ll try anything: and blow you all away!) O; Joe B.F., Bob GF, but watch out for cars in the other lane buddy! Joe let me drive! Ayersy, BTG! Kirk, just like BB’s, it’s more than a Feeling! Party with my friends, 11:37. Summer lifting JB GS AF DR MM JM; you houses! Take it easy chunks! FTBL 7-3 best team! It took 3 yrs. but we finally kicked Manchesters MFA! D.S. I Love You! Thanx Bud and Mom for all the support in whatever I did; THANKS! B is the King Dad your the best! If you’re gonna Die die with your boots on. I’m ready to fly where Eagles Dare cuz that’s what Dreams are made of. mf(Z “Ayersy” Hockey 1,2,3, ( ' apt. 4; (a real sport Spence) The Society 3,4; Joe, there’s a tree waiting R Country Club, 7th tee. Dena no notes!. Gin — live for the unwritten rules. The Games Fac- tor. Lori, say it. but don’t beg, Nip — Accept and Udo. you know why we won! I)G, SB. GF. — Half Days! the bike never dies, raking leaves 3.4. S.I . — your loss! nice bruise! Ron — the bus? ! , Yngwie who? Tony, Matt — 127 m.p.h. and climbing, MMM Teflon Typhoons! Julian — R. Beef B. Boys!, MAI- DEN, AC DC, ACCEPT — softroc ' k. Vanna Wliite I love you. Thanks care staff for all the smoked gorilla loaf and wombat cacciatore. Class of ' 87 — don’t let explicit rock lyrics rule your life! 35 ■Mik.- V .■ l -Jay " Koutbiill 1.2 1, 4, M Anrhftttrr 4. 1 ' uurid 1.2»3.4« t ' U« ' rly 2 , , ood lurk Nip 4 Trar, IM ' 4 KM. Snowstrirm in thr l ua N Y ' t K Art, you drink too much. 1 ' 4 |M , " Ya I ipil a Al ' ; Shnla. don ' t rvrn br tr«y. Ho I aaya to thr gfuy Mur Smith Mil. (’ind 1 owr you, l A la thr lM at. W« ha i aomr ipM«d timr» (nuirifr. iioifd lurk. Nip l anvrr» K , St rm. you ' vr iM-en a ip» l fnrnd, ha, K7; . 4 ' t rrnta for an appir pirTf ; Toni I I, Y A.; Vk iat ' a up MI NKS; Mol fudirr nifhl on whiaKi. Honr Thillrr hA, Kvrryt ody knowa thr riaaa of H7 la thr l«rat provrd it too many timra Hut wr knrw it all alonK ffoodbyr ian‘t forrvrr claaamatra . ;1 . A ' y A z f AKS 1 - 1 trips NY, N.I, Drama Clul) 1 -I, ires. I (finally). Soccer i :i, capl. A Team .1.1 ( All K-citin ). I r, I.N, KH — .I D ami tennis courts! Darn, thanx for the T.K. weekend! .Ir. skit, ’87” wins Sr. skit, “K7 " strikes airnin!! Luv ya Mike, (lood t ' ookinij. Theres a 1st for everythin!: — TKl’ST MK!!! Hu!T spray for the ( ' hicken Pox! Wake u)) .lude — SATs! Harvest — can ' t take i t anymore!! Thanx Mrs. Dane, for everythin!:! You’re the !rreatest teach friend Mrs. Hickev!! Its been wild I ' nv! Hood luck TM. TP. DK! LOVK YOr ADD at A Malloy!!!!! (lOOD Dl’CK ••87”!!!! , XAZ . " Shar ’ ( ' heerin!: 1.3,4 ( ' apt. 2; O.K.A. 4; Sunshine Palm Trees FDORIDA Nisey I love ya kid! Scott, thanks for the mKl memories. Mom 4 Paul I love ya. thanks for everything. D.( ' . J.H. A.P. wanna !fo to four corners of the earth. A.P. I ' ll never forjfet you! D.C. K.K. D.W K.M. B.H. K.P. S.D. A P. G.S. C.P. J.H. Good luck ys! Steve thanks for beinc a friend, luv ya. IN memory of the shuttle (41) ' () " forever. N.F . wish you were here. Good luck 87 you ' re on your own! Bye. Bye G.H.S. Pm outta here! I ayttir t f " Sue " Drama Club 3,4; .AKS 1.2: ( ' enter Pharmacy 3.4; Super Scoop Journey 4!! Din. Ken. fun times at ‘Ji» and Orient! Ma ' am! Hey Jude!! The Skittles test! ( th period senior study Disa, [)ina are you workinir? Ken. you ' re the best locker partner! Pome together! yeah Ni- cole! Mark thanks for everythin!:!! Stacey Have fun! Disa Klaine you’re the best friends a pirl could have!!! Mom Dad thanks. I love you! Good luck to the Class of 87!! The future is ours!!!! 1 }ryt r . . y Softball 1-4; Sue Lock Part. 3-4; Nicole any tissues? We can make it to prac.. no prob! What happens to B B ? Party at Amnotts! Those red boou! Lisa, emer. flasher. Can you give me direct, to Pros. St.? SKITTLE TEST! Yoy have two combs! Lin, wanna make $10 ? Let’s go for a ride. I’m going to win the bet. Renee loose a shoe? Hope, can I see your Acc.? Liz, want to hear something, NO!! Kudzu players. Party College! Jude — Senior class trip ' Biscutt eeeiiiyaa! Cape this summer!! i 31) “Kowie” Field Hockey 1.2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; AFS, VP 4 Senior Class Play “Pippi,” Yes, it’s me Karen, D-dating: w M S, Oh’s, TBOT! Sandy — FLORIDA ‘‘8b " we’ll Ret your Iur- RERe back! DCTG. Chris — let’scampout, 100 bottles. WLS? RS, ST. KR. Hot Muffins! 1 adventures in mistake. Bo — let’s relive the frolic Joe — RFO$$ were fun! JON — let’s be quiet! (MT — thanx) Sue — if you really need to talk, ruf-ruf. JS — Pm not a geek! Bob — abc’s? STEVE — Thanx for all the Rood times happy memories! Dave — thanx for not mak- ing me take the bus. KR, CH, ST, RS, keep in touch marry RICH! Thanx Mom Dad! “87 " is the best!! One day I was walking . . . “Beeker, " “Biko " Basketball 1.2.3; Cross (’ountry 3,4 C aptain. Thanx Mom f Dad. F ' arn + Tip Private Stock World Tour! Mission never impossible, Barn run’s, E-G-A — Barbaric Lust, (JF the 3B’s OMNI Stuffing 14? Saco trip 85, 86. Mexicans. Tip — watch for pigs on the wing. Led Zepplin 1, Mr. Mojo, keepon risin! Thin never too much magic bus! Neil Young 86. Celtics? 7 outgrown. Jules — get me a bucket. Vyvyan Lives!, you Don’t GENESIS, Hat Juice, Biko 86. Marm, Crewlives. Ayers you Deliquent, Jethro Tull 85, Motorhead + Spinal Tap, Fly on the wall 85, Holty. Keep the Faith! Pam hang in there! Thin. Jules — the Blue Bus is calling us, England here we come. Resist muich. Obey little. This is the END . . . “Bo " Hockey 1-4, capt. ‘2-3; Soccer 3-4, capt. 4; AFS 3-4 treas. 4. Jon, Bob it’s been a great high school career. Sanger who taught you to drive? Lyle, the pact lives on, trip to Boston, How about a few 13 year olds. Psycho. Joe, save me a trip to the ROOM. Tony, you are a mad dresser. Christine THE DUCK. We al- most died at Attitash. S.T. and N.A., J.S. will smoke you at B-Ball. K.B. no more cash. D.A. and J.M. lone d-men. Omni stuffin. R.S., K.R., L.P., K.C., L.T.. B.S., K.D.. Mom and Dad one more kid left and it’s vacation time. I LOVE YOU! Karen remember to hang tough. 87 we ' ve done it all! AFS ‘2-4 OEA 4. Hoi — VO OJ aren’t the same w out IWW ' ILTKAG! RAMBO! books stairs? BEST BUD! Kal — Can I Borrow.? Mike, thanx. ILY! K I T! Lin. drink up! Liz, do it for the purposse! Ren. wanna hear something? RG. SC, TC, K I T! Al, need my Histy? CC. Walking Dictionary! HS, FOR ME? KH girls B good! JZ, $5? Laurie$ 50 cents RELAPSE! BTHOOM! do you always laugh at nothing? MOO! SMARTIES! 55! FUN! I ALREADY GAVE AT THE OFFICE! This is the LIBRARY!! Walk much? 6745! Little Brother! RED Truck! many memorys cross vine q-ball! blue whites? Pigles! K V! You’re bad, you love it! PAR-TY! AIFOTC? Ski Trip Don’t do any- thing I wouldn ' t do (atl)! LAST CHILD! AEROSMITH!!!! SKITTLES LB don ' t mix! SOUL TWINS! Thanx “MTM " Mum Dad thanx ILU! ' 87 1, Remember. Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true . . . F.S.C. 84 (J.C. RRW) H.M. 3,4. Sue + Carol thanx 4 everything. Steph thanx 4 our talks notes + 4 being there. Hows Marlboro Baby? Chasem! Call from CA. Ren, Bfld. Pkg. Lot. They ' re here. LR, do it for the purpose? Legs, PAW, TPD, miss. pers. SB -t RB. cruise to Brians + 99! JF, Mikes chest. RB $10, go to Hav. J-sh, rm. HB. drink up! LB. c-u-on-c st. 24 — XXX — ff — nut! Coin LOCO!!! Best of luck to my friends. Mom, Dad, and Bros., thanks, I love ya. 87 — GO FOR IT! Yester- day is already a dream, but every tomorrow is a vision of hope . . . 37 . ( $n tf " ' hiirk " l•llmll 1,1, " A " T um I.J. luim Kt | il. ( ' 1‘i‘rti li . ' i, •lon’t «m Uim |Mili hrituihnnun |m|MT H«’y. Stovi tlmnx for tho rnl« Mnki urf notMHly jriv«- you 11 H|iuntiiin imtliHlu ' tion, r4ir| «y Uu k. your I homo han ooino, it V ” hurk hiu k " horo 111 hi»l ' .luilo you ' ll iiluuypi ho |irolifi Alwuyu ho ihoxorahlo. nov« r f a|Mtululi Watoh ttut for voiiforoun fronhmon. ili |»o VSoll. 1 holiovi lifo in Iraotahlo Not hy mo. of rourno. hut ho noino othor fool who winlion to lako It on in nuch a manni r I ' ll mt hark rolax, ami ho in a ' tato of ahnoluto |ilari |ity Tirno for frmtioun hohavior ' A row ly man ' n hoavon in a rolnonl man ' «loom Arrjfh ' What a rm ophoiiy in tho haokjfrouml WoH. ioorifol o w II . a iilaro of nanily in iho o roi ioun world ■ i »t Hit I “SholH r S |U« ' or’ I t ram« ( lut . 1.4 I ' tlorly l,2,1.4 Ur||i. I rnadt It rnl olirvahlo So 1 nayx to tht iftjy j Sto|di Irtn ifo marrhiri Mu»hru min Makrct Kimni non no " l(«in HohK " Surprino Surprinr. I I naw wha ' Tho dovil wha I ' m mtinir rny | oyrn Matt, do Mn Arm S’tMKMI Ifironln for I an applo pio’ HI jfot M mothin on you Tom. | Smoll. thank for you know hkr for rvrryUidy Smoll, ai4ip Burkinic Kov ' b Onifr KKKAAH i No 1 don’t want any ifumV Koon. Simple J Simon Mikr ' no thank or u 11 Marr M ' lta a || t hon’t oven l o ifay. I ' nup Jayrv In the 1 liirhl! Tin K H Slurpf Katy. Kaly, Kaly. -i OHKIl A yur payrhod KS SN 4 Sh Ju ond It now SI ' . Mtt.TH. AZ, Jll, K ;. LR. hN, ] Dl . IIW. Kl . Mil. SK. Jl). ns. KT .Soloman l fve ya Mom 4 had s hi tit H I ( a Hi ' if “Suo " . . . Zzz ... I Wako up! Wo’rt Seniors. Moul linu . WhoroM all the roud times jro? (I.S. Sailin ' away. S. Swuked cool. M.S. — chew, luv u. (’herry ' s l eva, watch out I them picka ' s! r th per. lunch mem’s jrirls, it ' s O.K.! D.r. you one cool chic sis luv ya. M.M. you clown. II. H. thanx. Mr. A: Mrs. ( ' . your jjreat. Ma. your alway’s there. Thanx. F.F.K. Keep the faith. N.t ' Ajr IKIN ' T do what I did. H.C. M,( ' . A: Jr. Love ya’s S.M. Thanx L.( Your sweet C.r. Thanx Dad, luv ya. Mr. S Thanx alol. IVople’s don’t have wasted lives. (F.A(i) I.,ove u too much. I once wuz younj;. turned wild. Si now I’m FKKK! ONK D.AY ATTA TIMK. j f i if ( i i tH f ' “Nis y” T.S., K.M. — “Rowley house of pizza.” Kick it pink. Traci!! Mol lime juice snow cone? “KASY HI(j BKAK” " (’heers to the jKMipjnrls” A. I . — lets fo to the 4 corners of the earth! “Kim — where did you 1 those ujrly shoes? J.S. — I think you dropped somethinjr A.P. — “Strawberry fields forever’’ Sherri thanx foreverythinjf. I love ya. Hey F ' lalhead. what time is it? Traci Si Dave. I wish you the best of luck, “(iod bless the Feilz’s” I love you Mom and Dad” Dt. I loveya. Kym F. — I miss you! Look .Mary Merrill. I made it. Love ya Mr. GoldlK ' rjf. Give me a break jrirls. I haven ' t eaten in 5 days. Good luck class of “S7 " we’ll always l e the best!!!!! 1 hfi f O f If ( ' O a If V ant y ir “Nip " Baseball 1,2,3, -1; Hockey 2 capt. 3,4; TS wanna (ro to the bay?? Piercy wanna see me puke? Traci, thanx for the best times of my life, all you’ve done for me! 1 LUV U 4.eva. Piercy, 12-pack on a Tues. nitel Kate (to to Cedar, it’s only 1:00 a.m. Herb, you buzzin yet? Thanx JB AP KP for being such good friends. AP Hilly got us from the blind side. Thanx for everything Dad, Don, Darin, Chris. ’The bay was great ’TS. Barber it’s only the 111th dozen. Nice eyes Trace . .. Easy Lizzy! NF I miss U! The cabin 14 . . . New Year’s Eve 84’. Swanton is your thumb broken????? It’s been real GHS. I am finally outta here!!!!! 38 . (aU n ' fV ■’ “Matty” Partying 1,2,3 Adv 4 Led Zep Michelob 1. Sampson, Green Sta’s Ahh! You’re Skidin’ Krissy, S.C. 1-4-3! Come on Julian don’t be shy. it’s only 7 a.m. time 4 haddock pets haircut, AD DC. Priest, Nugent (Wango Tango). Wliat’s up loser? RAAAAK-Q. Shack lives on! T — par-t ’84. Kib Corner, Cabin. Fuzi-duckie, the moose is up. ZOFO, got drunk fell into the water Go BESFZRK! .38 Special. W HAAT? Poka-chip. Wliat’s up up queer boy? Aba-gable. (Plink) Spastic Plastic Hey your honor man. Achilles Last Stand. Green Death! Nova dosage. B-good E.B. luv ya. BOSTON ITOCN) Class of ’87 is the best!! Thanx Mr. G Mrs. H. WE’RE ALL OUTA HERE . . . LATA Bored 2,3,4, DC got an urge 4 HOTTIME Snowcones! T.S. 9 J. KP Thanx 4 all the talks. LB They can’t C what the dog (”s they ilon’t know what theyr talkin about! We might as well chargem’. Who the (o ?! R U T what the ?! do U want?? Bonnie Awe fa(iue’. it’s the linebacker Coffee! Boyz in the band. Patty the lOG R HAl PY! Vince Pm on my way! KC this is DADS CAR. he’s a nice boy . . . and I’m an alcoholic it’s been 2 min since my last drink (Clap) LB luv u like a sister KC luv u cuz you R mv sister BP your the BEST DON’T EVER LEAVE ME! CAROL CROCKER KILLER I RESPECT U SO SHUT UP. DAI) U R A zeek but my favorite I luv u mumma but someday ask me what I really did. Harvest 1,2 Georgetown Bldg. 3.4 Iowa Program 2 Yellowstone was Great! Thank you for all your support Mr. Donnelly. R.A. G.C. buy a real car and keep in touch. Thank you Mr. Finnegan for all your help and sup- port throughout the years. Class of “87” we’re ready to conquer any mountain that awaits us. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support. Good Luck Class! “Sybil " Basketball 1.3; Drama Club 4; Skits SC Play “Bone-Chiller” Shawn, got any apples? 1 hate pricker bushes!! Jules, let ' s take the show on the road. (h(ji my boy. why didn’t you run? The name’s SYBLE not SNIBHLE!! EEEAAAHH SQUEAL! — Skit Prac. at Park Ride “WJio’s idea was this !?!?” Hey Mike, you seen Wilson lately?? J.S. THE MONTE blows turbo. Nip, you do your Accounting? S.K. P.M. H.F. J.M. J.T. S.(’. K.M. K.B. S.T. S.L. M.W. J.S. Keep in touch. Steph good luck and keep smiling — you’re the best. Hey Tom, 3 years aint so long, hang in there. Thanx Mom. Dad and Rollie. I Luv ya. We’re the best “87 " . KEEP IT UP . . . iifS f L fz f f f " Trav " Skit 4, KF ' who’s winning the war. alone again at the Orpheum. PK stuck in the muck at B B. Senior skit at Park Ride, “It was Soo CCCold! Jeff watch out for that . . .! ND where are my clothes. Keep on Rokken with Dokken. KJ, Hey Dude! Babe Ruth Champi- onship. F aul, late ' nights on the PC. KF re- member Newington? Friday nights at the drive-ins. gone. Rick . . . Boo!!, you under the chair yet? Playing guitar, yeah! PD, You’re easy to talk to. Thanks for being there Mom and Dad and the rest of my family and friends. “87” United we stand one and all. Goodbye GHS. “87 " Rules, Yeah!! , I . . y tf z‘ Azrz ' Basketball; Honor Society 3,4; stuck in D.C. 85 skit practice at the park ride sleeping in History 86 Rick is your car still running???? Judas Priest. Dokken. Ozzy, Metallica, who are we going to see next trav.? Kill anyone yet Jeff? Thanks GHS for all the memories. Thanks Mom and Dad for every- thing. I love you. Take care everyone and make the most of your dreams. “87” you’re the best!!! 39 f If Football 1,2; Hand 4; the Heast from theeast. (K)rnph no as, 2:00 morninj? M.C. NiRht Mis- sions. Haiders of the Whale, Pip your a stud. Tip Down with the curse, Lawball baldpate summers, Onmi doughnuts in Erie, Private Stock, Deen your radical Sister, Earn Sr. get some hair, Mexicans “51” Triton Parties Laura your the best, M.M., F.F., H.B. Love Greg. VYI. Still life to the zoo tippy. Night of the mindless cats. Dad thanx for everything. Even the whale. “Jude” N. Honor Society ' 1,4. AFS 3. OEA 2 Hist, 4. Leadership school 2,3,4. Lin, have you seen Mike’s Chest? — what about the grass in the library? Hay, Pll give you first bid on the cuat, o.k.? K.B. Pm responsible enough to get up on time (SAT’s) !!!? (Right Sue?) Karen and Debbie . . . the awesome threesome was great — thanks for everything my friends! What an incredible psych, class — Michelle thank you! Danielle — so much to say — 1-4- 3!!! Keep the faith!! “Catch the Spirit!! " Mrs. Lane and Mr. G. — thank you!! ABSTRAC- TTCARTSBA I am!! ?Iamron eb yhW7? WE strive to reach our maximum potential — we can do it!! " Herb " Hockey 3.4; Baseball 2,4; Gee Guys. I feel lika an ant. Kiss, Ratt, Accept, 1. The batmobile blows Doors! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Amy and Wendy. FLY HIGH. Good Luck you’ll need it. “87 " Rules Forever. Hey Y. keep in touch. We made it Morcaldi. 1 C . A " .; “Ginnie " Field Hockey 1,2,3. Capt 4; We got the banner! B-ball 1,2,3; hon. soc. 3, treas 4; sr. class play “Bone Chiller” Amy, Cin — Cape cod 4eva! Pufferbellies! lost again? Cin its BL time! B F F Amy — asparagus? Dena — watch out for those telephone poles, have you collected any dues, the weekend is com- ing! DN, JS, JT, JH TP mission Boom chuga- lugga! JRNY — the best! Don McClean, a wild time (rmbr Thin?) Toga at Thompson’s! CS. AP, KR. LA, DW — C U in BAHAMAS! CH. KB. RS, SH — BCN Fireworks. UTiere’s pier 4? DA — always obey the “unwritten rules” and listen to explicit lyrics. Julian — someday you’ll get the favor! Goodbye GHS! Cin we’re golden! We all need new frontiers . . . — Journey a f ; V i ! ( 5 !! 1 A- ' . “Reen” Cheering 1-4; AFS 2,3; Drama 2,3; OEA 4 — treasurer; Deb — the black box! ! Legs, when are they going away? Liz YBF’ the Sprite, he’s next, cabinets fell, dingy dancer. Good luckw Tom.SL — Good luck KIT Kim + Ping — cool as a cucumber, what a game! EV + LC Lin, Byfield Parking Lot. Fitchburg; family, I love you all very much!!! Sheil. cinnamon kabaza, his name is Mike! PK 143 Chess King — no color! A1 + Julian T. Write a contract! Renee, my shoe! Hope keep in touch! WG, u’v experienced plan 2, attack 3 and snow- banks all w me! Steph and Bill. Good Luck together and Keep in touch — Par-three, wash the laundry! To 87 Good luck to you all!!! A “Pippin” F ' ootball 4, Wrestling 1-4. Baseball 2,3, NHS 3,4, X band 1-4, Hampton 234. O-n-0 in the attic. Tippy, your Cursed. Greg the hippy look is out, stop that! Hope to see you again ST, CH, KB. LP, Take it easy Big A1 Down with Manchester. WTiat do Rex and Spot? lets keep wrestling alive! KR hope you have fun and find someone to give you a back mas- sage. RS keep smiling Beeker, take it slow and easy! Omni stuffing and the adventures of the blue whale. Lisa I luv ya and hope you have a great time in college. I’ll miss ya x to all my friends, bye and visit me in college. OH BABY IM OUTTA HERE. 40 “Dave” B-ball 1-4, Hand 1-4, Pres. 4. Too many memories to list. Elsinore 250. 60 mph E. Main. Out of jras?! Half-day parties — G.F ' ., S.B. D.G. I RIVATE STOCK!!! Ni ht mis- sions S.S , M.C.,CRSY’S. Baldpate summers. Who’s next? Wanna shoot some pool? Omni stuffing (14) Drive-in. Crusing in the Whale. THE GREEN MONSTER!! MEXICANS!! (51) Pip, I wanted that blanket. You want to race — if you insist! Just don’t drag under- cover cops on 95. D D + F5A, K.R. H to H. ILY mpa. CH KR Gym cheering. Village gang — you’re the best!! 2 18 86. 419 dis- cussions. the curse lives on. Oh well. Night of the mindless cats! Best of luck Al. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. I love you. EAB I’ll see you in the candlelit room. “Bren” P’H 1234 . . . CAL Champions — Traci — SC 123. DC 1234. KP SC KR CS TS KM AP DW LA DC SB SP SH JH LM Yous are the BEST!! Scirrocco’s Rule! 69 CAMARO Maybe some- day!??? Ozzy Triumph — BM SH GS. KATY — my best-est friend. DW — remember the rock! Suzuki! Michelle best “sis” (friend) Steve — bet ya can’t wait till you’re 18!! Jerry — you’ll make it! Lisa, sorry, no more rides to school. Bill — I LOVE YA FOR- EVER . . . It ' s been real!!! j Football 1,3; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2; Motorcycles 1,2, 3, 4; The pits 1,2, 3, 4 will f never die. Charles St. 1, Cat Island 2 Kan- gamangus, Ahh Miller, Church pond 1.5m k away MELACHI, fat chicks hit the cruiser I Pawtuckaway 2,3,4 American Pie Guess f Who? Hemlock. Mel 24 down more to go. t Husky + Chevy Power!! Tamworth T.P.B. I G.G., — Minor, Tom, no more Tup. TOGA I Muddin’ Andover ride Kev. “Jon you’re spe- cial” Dena, te amo mas que . . . Thin let ’em : walk. MW. JS, JT, Minor let’s go fishin’. I Thanks Mom. Good luck Minor. MW. KW, BN. LN. Go Shootin’. Al! Our real life starts when we leave this place. " Roll” Wrestling 1,2,3, 4; Student Council 1,2 V. Pres 3, booted 4; Drama Club 3,4; Trouble 1,2,3 Adv. 4; Sciroccoo 1,2, 3, 4; Pentuckaway 3,4; crashed, Nip how is the windshield? 4 4am Tim how bout Carloon? GS The rolls rule! Reynolds break down! Ame call the plumber! The motorcycle gang lives forever! Mole CS’s driveway Minor where’s all the splitters? BH GS TM BM PP The Oz lives! Knorr summer school runs! Scott be back in half an hour that’s it til New Years?! AC CD buy my ticket and my gas! Styx, Snowblind Art personal Lata Ame!! Good luck little youngens, you’ll make it. I did!! Much Lata!! “Dee’ DrCl 1-4, AFS 2-4, RR. 1-?. Kim B.. WV rm 212, was ' nt planted. SIKE!! I HATE when that happens! MBD — woh-oh Bad Joke! Kris; N-T-W 8 19, WAN! No repete’s necessary! OIE! Shari — BFF, Nick’s one lucky baby! ILYB! Kal — 4 all the good memories lALY sis! Hoi — RR 84 85 (I KNOW he heard us!). Sue — thanx for 10 yrs. of friendship! Take care + Good luck! Lin — Best of luck! Stay away from THPD! Kim P. Don’t worry 1 still luv ya!!! Julian — those DBR’s! thanx for being a friend, IMY!! Neva 4-get ya Renee. Mike(s), Matt + the F AW crew!!! Mom + Dad; thanks for lovin + believin in me. I luv you for it!! All my love and best wishes to GHS + 87! PS: GOODBYE DOESN ' T MEAN FOREVER . . . { ' i fe i Field Hockey 2,3,4 DIV II CHAMPS! Softball 2,3,4 Scott 3,4 ... 1 1 1 85 Robin — W.P.’s tree — AC DC (fat guys in glasses) — Mistake Crusin — fugly mudhead. RENEEE!! RS. RB. LN. NA — Biscuit F izza. Joe — thanx — Ride-4-your-$. Karla — let’s camp out! KR. RS — D.I.G. — 7 19 86 It’s Millie Manchester — Gym Cheering. San — Do the Chicken! Bo — You’re a CLAM!! Kel — Mr. Ryan — b-ball. BCN fireworks — Where’s pier 4? LET’S BE QUIET JON!!! Omni stuffing (14) Davey, what u did was wrong! Bob — I’m not Hubris! Parsonage road in Duster 10 31 85 Scott — Thanks 4 — the best year — bagla- dies — Harvard Square Regulars — The Best Is Yet To Come. These were the best of time! Good Luck “87” 41 “Debbie” Drama Club 123 Sec 4 K.H. 234 Hee Hee Mee T 1234 K.A. 1234 I luv ya! r yrs — KLA! I (rot the blues! Summer " 86 " 4 a.m.? Mallrats!! Yes — I AM 17 . . .1 Who has flirts on board?? Beachbound! Keys!! Do you like your new seat?! BOWl.ING??? Does anybody have a liKht?! Wron(j question! I ' m hysterical! M, Mall I’. Lot Memories of snow and coolers, ETC! K.R. C.S. G.G. C.ll. C.K. F.H. Camp — Dottie’s back! A.B. — CRUISIN’! iJani — Ferky Frojr 4-eva! Rrivie — H.S. TheBone- The BEST!! Allnifchters! Mom, Dad, L7I I love you truys — yes — I know — Trash!! Thanks J.C. Nice Blush! Sun — Fun — .Music — MY LIFE!!! I was never much good at Koodbyes . . . Good luck you (ruys! I can ' t believe it’s my turn!!! iioyi ' No sports, I’artyiiiK 1,2 Adv. .3,4. Cabin Cibby, Censie ' Who’s doin the favor? ZAI’RA! My fruitar wants to kill your mama! Chevy l. Rally Nova! ,lunk the Rocos!! Punch it Dave! The Big Stuff Four out! Green Stars, AC DC, purple micro dot. Pink Floyd (The Wall), ZZ Top Pearl Necklace. Haddock Pet? Snow- blind. Go Bezerk!! Mad Dok- Bud King. Thanx Mom Dad. Led Zeppelin 1 IT’S TIME TO RAMBLE ON . . . , u,a. : “Mike” Life begins 3,4 A.F.S. 4 My Toy, Rice burner 3,4 Chevy power senior Skit Freddy no thats Mike. Dorothy’s 86 Chicken Anna, 86 Mike. Bill Camaro Cruise, Get off the libary lawn!! Thanx Karen you made life bearable. Early breakfast, Dennys trust me. Karen Luv ya always. Sundays in N.H. M.D. Slipe B.M. R.A. M.B. J.S. Life is dull with out you. Re- member the past and live for the future. “Al " Football 1, Wrestling 2,3,4. Justin Dena Good Luck to both of you (luv ya Aunt Donna) The Crew, Pit Parties and our Bud- weiser, Amy P. oh well!!! I tried. Going fish- ing in the morning. J.T. E.B. thanks for all you’ve done. Halen, AC DC, Boston. Bad Company. Good luck to everyone on the wres- tling team — next year. Special thanks to Mrs. Hickey and Mr. Goldberg you guy’s were great, good luck to both of you. G.H.S. Class of ' 87 is the best and always will be the best. CHEVY’S RULE! . UnHVft . ' UY ' Wrestling 2 3; Drama Club 4; skits 1,2,3, — wHiners 3 4, ya! snibble. how are the pricker bushes. Hi Snuggles. Herb. I like your bat-mobile. Mr. (loldberg keep on smi- ling’. love ya Mom Dad! You too sis and bro. T. 50 is No. 1! Snibble, did you enjoy that tomato ambush. Steph. where did you get all that energy, keep on skating! got any gum Sheila. You two are the greatest. Don’t you like that name “poopsy”? Mom an l Dad do you want to mongoose hunting. WASP: SLAYER: METALLICA: METAL CHURCH: MEGADETH: NASTY SAVAGE: MOTORHEAD AND VAN HALEN are No. 1 Snibble vou ' re the best friend a guy could have. ' 87 1!! L.R., S.L., G.S., A.L.. G.W.. P.M., J.M c (o e4‘ X . . a c ' if Field Hockey 2, 3B-Ball Cheering 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4 A.F.S. 1,2, 3. 4 Band 1,2, 3, 4 Don 2,3,4 Karen Berlin lives 4-eva! K.A. K.M. — the nursery school! Sr. Class Play — Zita Van Zok. Tracey, the Inn At Mill Falls! Babysitting, want some tea! Smucker, I luv ya! Andoverbound. K D Mall Rats. Dee, thanx 4 the Ridge., P.A.W7 Deana. when R U gonna cut my hair?! Don. I ran over your arm. meet me down the beach. Lake Winni Beach I loved it!, S.J.M. 7-18-86. Hope — Baggy Baby Lives 4-EVA LW.W.I.L.T.K.A.G.! P.O. hows your finger? Col. J on P. Luv ya Mum. Chuck. Dad, Karen. Ryan Jason. Good luck to all my friends. Later G.H.S. Solomon 42 “Steph” B. Cheermj? 3. Harv 3,4 Thanks Mom Dad, Dave, Chris, Renee. Love ya. I want to espe- cially thank S.C. J.(J. C.F. B.W. L.W..J.W. L.C. R.G. L.R. K.F. L.M. Good luck K.K. L.M. Thanx for beinj; there C.F’. L.C. R.G. how’s G.K. Scott don’t forget your keys, J.W. L.W. your meant to he. S.C. J.G. you’re the best. Never forjjet ya. Never forj et the j?ood times. MARLBORO liABY you’re the best!! ! MINT!!! Live each day as if it’s your last because someday you’ll be ri ht” “Bol) " (TTown 3,4 Soccer 3,4 AF’S3, Pres 4 Hon. Soc. 3,4 S.C. 4 S(JD 3 SKI always — OB — Bo. Jon, Joe, Tony best friends, we’ve done it all. Musky. VW rules at C! M: Make a B J Run! Jon’s ot Turbo, BF ' it’s been real. 1:5-0 make a kill, the " pack” lives. Tony — These Wasted Years: " Boston” cruisin’. DA, B.S. forever. Karla, practice A,B,C’s. KR. CH cheer- ing- OG Omni sluffiriK- D D. MW, “Well, we made it.” Good luck, Capt. Spencer. Lata, Psycho, S(iD you “ — ” bum: “Smokin’” — have fun! ! KD, KB, LP, KC, it’s been threat, I luv ya! Kath, you’re the j?reatest, want a ride, what should I do?! Thanx Mom Dad. have fun Crit. ’87 you’re awesome, and it’s just More Than A F’eehntf . . . Ui " Krissy” Utterly 1,2, 3, 4 DC Ts Rowley Rowley House of Pizza! SS. LA. CC. JH. BCN F ire- works — Jammin in Boston! Kim — I really don’t think ... to mall? The tracks. Buds — 4-eva! IMYCY DW. LA. AG’ Man Can Do’ We did! Pate Parties the best! D.R. p.a. Whatta Fox! Never 4-set. Campen — He’s a retard! Lor — J J. The Dr.’s! Sopo Intense ’A’ Shh. tripendicular times, great memories, best of friends LY. Fling’s House — I’ll be home early. C.S. — Lazar trips S.L. T.S. — " 85” was too good! LY MY 2! Neisy — 5 on 2 ’Let’s get em’ thanx for being there Luv ya. Under- classmen Live it up! Thanx mom, dad for everything, Luv u’s Dreams die hard memories last 4-eva! Best of Luck 87! “Bill” Steph thanks for all you have done. Good luck Scott, Mike, Rick, Matt, Mike and everyone else. Led Zepplin, Boston. Eagles 1. Let’s all go skiing this weekend. Time for tacos and pizza, back rubs, and fun. Mike, driving in a daze. Steph: Good times and bad times is our story. Mom and Dad: Thanks for everything. Thanks to the Duggans for all their support. To the class of “87” This Bud’s for you!!!!! e “Kel” O.E.A. 2 V. Pres. 3 Hist. 4 Drama Club 3,4 V.H.. VERMONT?! — Ratt, Bon Jovi ’85 — U2 l Mrs. Baglio, The Stompers were the best! — Mr. Goldberg, Springsteen, South- side Johnny — Mrs. Hickey, Thanks for everything! I’ll never forget you. Simp, thanks for putting up with me! It’s been great! Russ, hang in there, you’ll be out soon. Dad and Mom, I love you! To all underclass- men, GOOD LUCK! So long G.H.S. and class of ’87 you guys are TERRIFIC!!!! Baseball 1,2,3,4 — The class of 87 will always live and never be forgotten. We did it Nick F. Hey Herb keep that bat-mobile running — Thanks Ma and Dad for everything. I might not graduate — yup later — JY watch out man! — Hi Missy I luv you — keep smiling — Class of 87 the year for dreams to come true — Hey Go F or it!!!! LATER 43 I. M I “Lis” Softball 1-4; B-ball 3,4, F.H. 4. Hey Guys. Follow me I know the way! Deen, partners in crime always! Un Renee, this is a stop street! Whats an emer flasher? Hi K.C. S.B. Ileres to those Russian Immip:rants! Yeahh Nicole (boog) Take that snot shot. Lane Bryant Kazoos. No. I don’t have any Kleenex! Pip, I Luv You! B.S. is the BEST! Camies at the movies! Biscuit — eeii-yaa! D.P. R.B. let us pray! L.C. my vibes are good, Can I help you? J.F. do you believe, can you deal? Directions to Pros. st. The ANTIQUE! I love you Mom Dad! Thanks for everything! Tom, Well I never thoupfht we would make it, j uys! Heres to the class of 87’!! Bye G.H.S.! See ya round! , y y- ' tu! . (ofyiMni “Kim " Realities 2,. ' {,4 Chinese Firedrill 85 too much! Lori — I created . . . UB ILl-IN! Sittin on the floor weew! JB DC — Beloney Again? TW you should know by now . . . Pin RG cool as a cucumber . . . what a jjame! Hey flathead what time is it! Fred I think I’m tjonna be skidding: — k! I don’t think ... I am. Kris, wanna j?o to the mall just one promise! Pick Mmary! Hairball in the wind . . . No way mun too hairy! Scat — this ain’t no jive turkey ladybup:s picnic! Beav — thank you and come a ain, AC DC! fat kid jammin! Gre r — love you always . . . Hurry home! Maan — ok who’s the culprit? Trac shut up skip! K + M don ' t be nerds k? 87 All in all we’re just another brick in the wall . . . LATA . . . MUCH LATA! “Smilin” F ' -ball 1 4 capt. 4 Mane. 4 Hock 1 4 capt. 3-4 B.Ball 1-4. Lyle — Rossi — rules. T.A.B.L.B.B. Best friends. T.A. Hey we’ve made it. friends 4-eva! B.L, V.W B J. RUNS C.M. B.H. V.W.W. Rreat! D.A. — MMMTT TCC, I ' m hyper! Gus, caps stink! Wat. Hock. S.F . Mai ex sicko! J.S. C M. E.B. mall, skiing I Love You! It’s never over! T.C. I won’t forget you! K.D. K.B. Loon? I love you guys! J.T. and J.D. Gi Gi my bo. (!H.K.B.S.T R.F.M. 86-87. N.A. S.T. L.N. 3-3. Mom Dad I Love You! Thanx for everything. K.M. hang in there. Class of 87 I Love Ya! STRIVE FOR SUCCESS AND REACH YOUR GOALS FLY WTIERE EAGLES DARE — XC Capt. 2,3,4 Track 3,4 Band 1,2 V.P. 3,4 N.H.S. 3 sec. 4 A.F.S. 1.2, 3,4 Class treas. 1,2, 3, 4 Happy Lucky to be a Worry Wort Apprentice 7, 8, 1,2, 3.4 ! ! Gin, .Jus. Thin — Don McLean Am. Pie!! Girls Boys XC Teams — Best of luck and have fun! Mom Dad I swear it was a snowbank. JT, JS. JH, GG — TP JB — Miss. Imp. Acc. — Cin Arne — that was a mighty wet waterbed, wasn’t it? Mr. Cairns — thank you — Lyn Beth — Have fun, but not too much! Justin, te amo MAS. Remember — the race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running. “Kate” Drama Club 3,4. AFS 1,2. Soccer 1,3. Cedar 3,4, and then some. I might be college bound. Another Sat. morn ... for being late, you’re lucky I’m here at all. Ma + Dad — Thanks love ya. Lisa — good luck with jr. Oh Be Kay Be Sheebie. Traci — WJiy you I outta smack you.Steph — you scrawny fag. Dave whats wrong with going to Cedar at lam. Ping — you lush. Stewbie — my favorite neighbor. KR and AP — lets go to Brooks. BH — my bestest friend. Good Luck. NF — I wish you reconsiflered. F3ASY BIG BEAK. I’m not an epileptic. DC. SP. AP. TS, DW, KR, SS. SD. WV, KM. KM. and BH — good luck. Thanx GHS for the worst days of my life. Good luck m the future 87. Well, GHS, its over between us. “Steph " Grounded 1.2, 3, 4 Drama Club 3,4 Cheering 2. Well Surprise! Surprise! Sheeb don’t forget the March, the mushrooms, spread eagle, and “where is your gum!” Amy lets hit a tree! Breaking the door down at six. OK OK 6 24 86 are you happy now? Krissy we’re cellar bound! (yeh right!) Cin why is the sand all wet? Dina stop getting me in trouble!!! Sheeb rinki, dinki, donkey, what? DAVE IT ' S YOUR LOSS!!! Amy what are you doing down there? Earclip time! Amy Pearls were coming out of your face? Am P. D. Katy where is Ben and Farmer John- Hey Smat! R-R-R- R-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R Love ya! P.C. C.B. D.W. D.C. L.A. A.L. L.N. R.G. L.D. S.K. S.H., LATA!!!! 44 Jfe “Boog” Hoop 1,2,3 Football 1,4 Man. lost 14-13! N.H.S. 3,4 Did your doors fall off yet? Where’s Wilson? These are the best times of our lives. So far at least. Havta play more hoop with ya Mr. G. and Mr. P. Thanx for advising? us Mrs. H. and Mr. G. Read the chapter yet Norm? Still miss ya Nick. See you all in ten. It’s been real and its been fun but has it been really fun? Sure it has!! Trav. -n- Kyle Dokken con- nections. Chuck, Chuck, is she still dangferous? Jeff, learn to drive on the road. Not the grass! f if “Ame” F-H 1,2 c.capt. 3,4 B-ball 1 B-ball cheering 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2 sec. 3, pres. 4 D.N. It just came up! memories at stloh! SP SH PW 6 24 86 What a Night!! CS Secret Mission 4 26 86 CC 1 shifting sheets, no parking (cherish) KM Summer of ’86 ILY Kim Renee cool as a cucumber, what a game! George Art you two are the best!! KR no-tirt was awesome! Steph what would I do w out you? ILY Let’s not hit anymore trees?! CS DW Those married men! Steven don’t break anymore toilets, loveyacutie!! Kate your the best! BH You are a crazy woman! GG thank for the memories M D Thanx for putting up w me ILY LV good luck. I’m outa here! Lata!! Good luck 1987. “Deen” Band 1-4; Class Pres. 3; Locker desicrator 1-4; Hey Lis. Partners in crime or what? Hey Renee, theres a stop sign! Kimba knows the way! Sisters 1.2,3; thrash bunga woman! Steph, how come we always get blamed? Lis, camoflage movies or what? Rog, Look out for the van! Hey Lis, bad luck with trees or what? Reen, do the laundry. Julian stop that! Put to the test but luv ya any way, Jim! Later and onward. Thanx to all my friends for get- ting me thru. Good luck to all you underclass- men, you’ll need it! I’m outta this tissue box! PSYCHEN!! Bye forever!! are “Mole” Baseball 1,2,3, 4 Hockey 1,2, 3, 4 Partying 1,2.3 Adv. 4. Budweiser, Tall Boys, who’s got the Jack. Green stars, orange stars, purple hearts. Piercy and Cuddy. Hilly caught us from blindslide; summer of “86,” Party at the pate. The Cape, Cruisin the Beach. Staties su , pouring out the valuables. Hey storm looks like it’s beginning to snow! AC DC, Priest Scorps and Zep all rule. Hey Thinner Triumph was awesome Huh! Snowblind, Sweatleaf, 666 Running with The Devil. Cheri you’re the best, i’ll never forget you. Mom and Dad thanks for everything. Best of Luck Kathy. You’re a great kid. too bad we didn’t get along too good these past years. Good luck “87” we’re finally out of this jail. The party has just begun. (f P, “Piercy” FB 1-3, capt. Manch. 4 Party ( ‘ Consume 5 . . . 1. capt. 3,4 .. . ARREST 3 ! SALUTE THE KING, Nip the Blindside, GS Tavern 86-87 PINK F ' LOYD; moon, wall, cut, Petty Nip consume before school. Red House g- times Camping 86 mass b-Pillsbury dough boy. thanx Amy; the House. NF u r not forgotten. JB “What’s up man " HC MG, Cin thanx for the g-times I luv u 4-eva. TS DC AP KR KP CS I luv u all. Barber Nip Swanton u-guys r the best. Budman = God. Straw- berry Fields. No supervision. Nip Pits. Pate Lives, DC go to bed! (13 Cabin) Mom Dad I luv u. Erica. Mike, Bob thanx. Drew you are the best Bro a guy could have. Alcohol soft middle age. Mother ... is it just a waste of time? . . . X- ' . Pp i n a “Liz” Cheering 123 OEA Vice 4 AFS 12 Renee — Who’s next? 69 cents — the cabinets! dingy dancer. YBF ever. Kim — anymore sugar? Please don’t pick Tah! Leez — I’m not going to school today!! Lettuce, science. Hope — I still like sk and always will. Lar — you ' re sexy. Lisa we got to have tea. Linda — do it for the purpose! Deb — no brakes! double- rider. THE FAIR! c r. Tom — you’re awe- some! Fera fera nice, sheila. Lori — be nice in calculus (bl) MMerrill any candy? MNelson special tasks? Look out NYC is coming. Steph — never give up. Jen — r u airing? Thanks Mom and Dad for everything — I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! Good luck 87!! 45 {- : ■(■ ! . { . ‘‘(’ol” K H 1-1 S - a I I 2 - 1 , Skit C h ps. AV( ' PKM)HKMSSK.JV(’M JM - ice? Nick! ps — rmhr U leva. Kim — jjd times. (’S (KJ. ILY. ri) - hop prom. Mdnss. I W — llks aht SL? Lor thnks 1 bein there Sweetie! All my pals — KIT. Outa (’trl. K K Babdit (’amaro — 2 Mch Kc tme. ( ' h — pil - run. TDKIUF - Lunch Crew, Nasty. BOW — K ly Hpton. Mdnt Kds (’-mt me at 2. Hey B-Baby A date? Miss Ya CB. ACIK ' . AKROSM ITH, ZEB - live on! Bstn — cool Engs. BvtStck, tga pty, rck hd rd FREE. Gd poker — wont tell! THKS Goach! I wt tht BLD! Set lire roals. Strive 2 win md, hrt, sol, bdy u ' ll be at X-roads of pain near pt of NO return. Wliat’s up Windel? LF — Get that (’hoc Shake! C ' AFi (’BASE MADDOG!! LB — Jr. Hanj; Tou h 1 more year. CHARM! Brows (’rew! Idz, never forget SK “K7” — memories linger on . . . Fiest is yet to come!!! Thanx Mom and Dad for everything! Pu- ■ , i “Dave” P ' ootball 1-1, Wrestling 3,4, MANCHESTER DEFEAT!!! G-town Fjoredom 1-4, Cape Cod | summers. MAD DOG!!, weird things happen, 101 schnaps, green stars, purple microdots, DWI at the cabin. Led Zep, A(! DC, Judas, i Good Times liad Times, WTiat is and what ; should never be ... born a rebel. Assault with missiles?, gimme a break! Turtle, 25 ; years too long. Give it up while you still have a grip!!! Aagh, you’re lying!! . . ., Skinhead . . . such a loser. Chunks. Baareenpth. Hey Dave punch it!, snob crew, n.s.c.. M.M., go [ j berzerk!! Leslie and Carolyn, F est of luck!!, K.M., stay out of trouble. Mom and Dad. thanx for the patience. Later G.H.S. . . . Turn the page ... ; “Kris” Field Hockey 1.2.;L4 Cheering l,2..‘i.4 Class Sec. 1.2.3 F ' RES. 4 — Hurricane 3. Fhine- (’hiller 4. Cm. We ARE Spontaneous — SON!! Httl " Hoop " K(i. Deana. Let ' s go “babysitting” — ' .’! Arne. Cm t Gin - BAHAMAS here we come. Arne. No. tirt was great. Mom, ILy — Thanks, I’ll miss you. STEVFL you’re the F est, thanks for making every lay special. I love you. lvl;VS.5. link + Marty. 4-ever — Heaven . . . You’re the best kind of friend- KIT — -AB. GG. GS. DN. ( H. KFL DK. MW — see you all in five years. Dave C. keep in toucFi. We can always talk. KF- FG ' ooks. Hey Find! Hb. Best of luck Class of " S7.” Goodbye doesn’t mean for- ever. F ut now it’s time for the real world . . . P i ff ‘ ' T)ani” Drama Club 1-4 V. Pres. 3 AFS 1-4 Treas. 3 NHS 3.4 Bres. 4 Soccer 1-4-? Capt. 3.4-?? Oh well. (TM TP) make it happen capt’ns) Ldshp, 3.4 Rect. 10 24-26 86 — awesome. Iowa Prog, summer 85 — Milly it was real. F.)S YBF — 4-eva (Egg fights, Leady, rapping w SAM. Braccamatics. Muriel etc.) PG — Friends are friends 4-eva. 143 TK. I A. SJ the new Basil’s Crew! J.C. is 1 !! Rudy. 143!! DK — (HAHA - HEHE — HOHO) gas money?? Thanks Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Don- nelly. Good luck KR, KB, NA, LN. RB. LR, RG. ' CH, ST etc!! 143 EL — Albino Road. Pizza Hut, Bowling — 40 pts?! LS, it’s THEM! who?? 143 Mom Dad, you’re the liest! 143 Heath, never let go of your dreams! . , h fa )! ■■Milly” D.O. 1-4, AFS 1-4. Band 1-4, NHS 3,4 K-ba — is that you? El.D. w M.M. S.K., copilot!! Hey j?ot a dime? Sandy K C 4-eva!! Robin — V -1 C - HCD. We luv the mistake. Bye Bacon RS, SH, ST, SH. KB. Chris frym cheering! RS, CH, DIG 86! Dani CSU in lA! Demetria f i Hale. D-ba Thanks for the H to H don ' t look for normal!! ILY!! J.S.. B.L. — You fruys will never have enoup;h. F’red Matt stop spreading lies SB. DG, F ' G, GF look what your 419 talks have done. Fridays was awesome! Thanks guys!!! ST, KB, CH, RS, remember 90%!! You guys are the best! I Thanks Mom Dad (1 didn ' t forget!) Who is Milly Manches- ter? H f Patu ifPer “Bill " ' 4fi " Scat " — No Sports — Partying in Shack! 1 t 2 Advanced 3,4 " T " party 84 “SNOWSTOFtM " at Hales I arty 86 . . . Sense-E-Duster ' s For- ever! BCN Fireworks 86!! KM. LA, JH. CC SinpiriK in the streets of Boston!! Krissy I think " Tricks are for Pi s " “87 " Stomps ou look like a Couple of street Jockies on your way to the big bikers convention. " Thanx Mr. Sinibaldi, I really needed your support? Mike “don ' t you go listening to dose guys? " CHUR Huck-n-Stuff it. Go Berzerk! I DID IT FOR ME. Dag Nabbit . . .! Deputy Dog, George, check the hen house for Vince Musky. YUP LATA . . . MUCH!!!!! , hi " B.F. " B-bal! 1-4; Baseball 1,3,4; Soccer 3,4! Sr. (’!. Play; AP’S 3, VP — 4; Bob. Bo — It’s been the greatest! .IM TA — awesome game; KR gas? keys? KB — we’ll get thru calc yet! .ID — Turbo blows doors! MW — any cops? RS — no nightmares; DA — Sox Physics rule! GG — borrow a calc; Chris — I’ll try to be quiet; George — Welcome to GHS; ST NA — strip B-ball; DG — omni stuffingU4); Krissy — see ya at Babson? F sycho — robbing cradles; KT — lifeguards rule; F.P. KD. KFi K(! — Friends Forever! F.T BS — kick tail in soccer; SS — Jacuzzi party; Katie — Luv ya; Brendon — you can do it, pal; Mom Mike — I couldn’t have done it without you (woken up that is); I love you both; I’m off to the future in search of dreams of the past! hvna f iii K h twai ' x " Thin " P ootball 3,4 (Manchester) Hockey 3,3,4 Ayers, Muskie, Burke death on ice. Sandy Karla, 1 love you forever! Fjove Kisses — Churchill 1.5 mile malachi. Beak, Celts 7 Mr. Mojo. Jules, Burn down your house!, En- gland Here we come! Ginny, only the good die young. Dena, I can’t feel my face. Justin — Let them walk, we’ll go to war little monkeys. ' JT, JFi, MW, Let ' s go fishin. Hemlock — Barrel Dan, let it hang. BCN fireworks! I Justin let’s take Sandy to work! Mom. thanks for everything. Geeks unite! Long live the I bus. Computer Wliiz’s. f “Robin” Softball 1-4 Band P ' ’ag 1-4 P ' ' lorida 4! Hot Muffins!! Milly, we’ve lost that buzzin’ feelin’! D.I.G. July, ’86 (C.H., K.R) Bye Bye Bacon 8 31 86 (K.R., K.B., S.T., an anony- mous passenger) ZOOM!S. H, C.H., K.M. — AC DC concert (done dirt cheap fat guys with glasses) S.FI. — North Adams weekend! Cruisin’ in the Mistake 4-eva! D.S. — thanx for a great summer! JUDAS I RIEST! Hey Sue. let’s swim the pond! K.R. — VeC H.C.D! C.FI. — that tree looks familiar! Let ' s take the Clunker for a spin! K.R., K.B., C.F4., S.T. “friends forever " Thanx for everything Mom Dad! Andy Chris — stay out of trouble! Good luck in Med. School Jim! Bye G.H.S. Ft’s been interesting (zzzzzzzzzz . , .) Quiet Jon!!!!! {y I ' a i » AJ " Debbie” Soccer 2,3 Capt. 4; Basketball 2; Arizona 1,2,3; Bob Seger 4; Dani, YBF, Muriel Charlie, Dead Leady, egg fights. Stairway To Heaven; Nicole, need a tissue? One-way streets. Cape Cod, waiting for the sun to come out at midnight. Renee, don’t forget the black box. Rap sessions with SAM. Mom, Dad Bill, thanks for everything. I love ya. Skittle test. Pine Acres — I’m sorry we had to leave, and to all the friends I met there, you mean a lot to me, thanks for being there. George Barbara, I could never thank you enough, you’re awesome. DK RB CH JF SC SB LR LN Good Luck. Braccamatics?? (j ,_ 4y wa “Cin " F H 1-4 Capt. B-B 1-4 Capt. S-B 1-4 SC 3. DC 1-4 (H.S — ooh!) Sr. P — BC 1 TS — TFTGT W AP + DC Jay — Sorry. MSLF, Good Luck in Life! GS — In Future! KM — Lazer T. SI..F’ D -t- J DW — Beware of MM. BF — FLA 85, TFT Memories! LA — HD’s. PooM! ILY! SC — B.Y.H Amv Gin — CC 1 It ' s been a blast! Gin — SB, LEGO. BFF, WERE GOLDEN! IHNG — SM 4 26, “Cheerish. " NFTGT, ILY. KITA!KRIS — BB,MA — SK + TJ. WE think alike, B 4 H MMM! — 86, ILY. KITA! ART. Thanx 4 the BEST of TIMES. B I, LFM 12 TC — Be Good! Deb — Sisters 4-eva! Mom Dad, Thanks, I hope you’re proud! I love you! Good Bye G.H.S., GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87! TODAY I’M HERE. TOMORROW I ' M GONE. LET THE MEMORIES LINGER ON!!!!! I 47 “Tratc " Field Hockey 1,2,3, capt. 1; Basketball 2 D.C. ♦ K.M. “Rowley Rowley House of F izza” I isa Monte Vice, thanks for always beinj there. (Jood luck w your family. J ate parties the best, Thanks David for the best times of my life, I luv you 4-ever. 6 18 86 Dave F ij py? “EASY BIG BEAK” Thanx mom + dad for everything I luv ya. Good luck Kel. Thanks A.F . J.B. K.P. C.S. Fj.V. K.M. for being friends. NFIMU Kris, Aerosmith was great! Why you 1 otta smack u Kate! Denise wanna go to Zayre’s? Thanks for my punkin David. We’re finally outta here. Kris don’t forget. “Jules” “Thompson” Crosscountry 1. Soccer 2, vhtESTLING 1,2,3 . . . Drama Club 2,3,4 Sr. F lay “Jerry” Year- Book, MALIC I! 1.5 Miller neva learn. W ' BCN, Dan Let it Hang! BRITISH CREW Iblgnm- age Home 87. JS. JH. GG, DN — TP JB. ArooowwwWW ' ! Only the Good die young. Do the P ivor Virgin — Ya! thanx to Mr. Luca. Mr. GB. Mrs. H. I couldn ' t have made it w o U. Get ready here comes a shotgun! . . . Buuuurrrp! Go Bafroom! G-luck Sybil we still can make it! Thin, no arguments you owe me a rack! TOGA. what, me a party? here? now? no way! Beek, how are June and Ward? Ayers FiBsamich! JS, JH, MW, JH let ' s go fishin! release not another Traks night! Bus party’s live on 4-eva, but the Viv will live in the mind! Genesis, Gabriel. MS, GJ. K.I, NT I luv you. We all live our lives full of fears, we all are facing games without frontiers Peter Gabriel f . if rtf’ “Sandy” Basketball 1,2,3 Co-Capt. 4; F.H. 1,2,3; S.B. 1.2; Sec. 4; D.C. (Hilde); AFS 1,2.3.4; Yr. Bk.; Millie K C; KR KB RS Hot Muffins! 8 30 86 we lost the BACON! — Kowie, FLORIDA ’86 drivin the monorail, where’s my luggage? Cruisin in the mistake 4-eva; CH. SH, KR. RS, Parsonage Lane in the duster; BO. NA. JS may the BEST team win; Omni stuffing(14)Jon,geeksunite; Bomacaroni cheese again? — Julian watch the hands! — Hot Damn — Good luck Sue; Mom Dad thanks for everything, I love you; Tiffy hang in there; KB, KR,CH. RS.SH, NA. friends 4-ever! Good luck ' 87 KB. Watch out for the . . . 1 if y r " Lis” Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4 OEA 3 Pres 4 Drama Club 1,2 Rich 1.2. 3. 4 Traci — Thanks for years of friends DC make it last — Monte Vice. Beach lettuce. KM, TS — ZZ — Top, get in the car! Where’s the Car?! Late as always! Thanks for the talks SS — RL RACES — First date? I don’t understand! DICKLEWT:ED. 9 — Aruba? My debt paid! LHR — cops! 12-7-36 I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER. RJ — mommies pumpkin. Good luck — TS + DC. KI . KR. DW. CS. AP. Liz — tea, coffee? AF — Christmas shopping? our secret! KF — WTiich sides mine? MOM + DAD Thanks I Love You. Barbara — can I wear . . .? Cathy — I want my room back! ILUB! NEVER SAY GOODBYE . . . 48 fjf iy ff (4ia “Roll” Football 1,2,3, capt. 4, Manchester 4 Nova 3 Arrested 3, Mat 4 Ski 4 VH, Styx, Ozzy Roll Bad boys running wild! JH the dirgbaat strikes 2am 2 16 86. Pink P ' loyd “86” keep away from Arty he has no supervision N.H. bound “85-6” .Mass — B Aim thanks for everything Roll wants some water. Cin, Good luck! Yellow pants WOW! Who’s Ewok? There was one? JB later! Hey Rash! later Tip Minor Beanz chevy’s rule Killer Fag! Mr. G. Thanks! Deb. Bruce, Ma and Dad FLY! All in all it was just another brick in the wall!! y fa ti a ' ll a efi “Dean” Field Hockey 1-4, Cheering: 1-3 capt. 2 pres. 2, yr. bk. ed. 4. drama cl. 1-4 (Hosp. Hurr. BC. . . .) FLORIDA 85’ Those damned married men. Ping — Isthe 1st reallythe best?C.S. — camper, porch ( what nights!) LA, KM, AG — Man can do, we did! ! L.A. — TOCOL another generation. BTD, Spys like us! Thanx 4 everything Lor. I love you! CS — hotdogs?? LA, TOTH — (darling) if only they knew. PALACE . . . KR (babysitting??) l.a. skin dippiiT, what is that? P2 — sec. admir — who us? In 3 yrs? DP — Thanx for all the memories ALY. DC — cheers to the P PI! K I T MC — WTiat will B will B. ILY. Love to the Appriches. B-Good Bran, Aim, Bre — love you guys. Thanks for putting up with me Ma Don, Love vou. Good luck underclass- men (CP, MM) U2 (bad), led Zep l CJ NF IMY. Goodbye 87’C-U in 5 yrs. F F K I T Put your hopes in front of your fears and grab hold of your dreams . . . “Mike” Walking? in the Halls 1-4 JT Have you been drinking? Beaker Junk the Hornet Sunbird rules what’s a VIVIAN? Thinner you’ll get some yet, be patient KB I like your red un- dies. Well, we did it ' 87. Diesel Rabbit? Jm good luck with the ladies keep smilin’ KI) I love you you’re a real special person don’t change KC thanx for the JR. Prom it was great KR thanx for all the early morning coffee chats. Let’s keep in touch AP make some more ice cream cones CS you know how I feel about you. Stay golden keep in touch I love Ya! Ceil Steve be good it ' ll go by fast. Mom Dad thanx for all the support in my senior year I wouldn’t have made it w out you! DT you’re a nut and I mean it! Terry it’s too bad I never thought you’d weaken so easily! “87” memories will be in GHS 4-eva. WE DID IT!!!!! National Jr. Honor Society 1; National Honor Society 2,3,4 Treas. 3; Band 2 Sec Treas. 2; Class President 2; Italian Club 2,3; Vice Pres. 3; Varsity Track Field 2,3 Record 3; Talented Gifted 2; APEX 3: The guy from Naples, Italy. Green and White is alright!! The Class of 1987; “We’re not just passing thru, we’re leaving our mark!!” Thank God for the twelve years we’ve been thru!! I’ll never forget them!! Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your support, help, and love!! I’ve really appreciated it!! Thanks to all the teachers for their time and care!! Thank you GHS Friends!! 49 50 51 52 53 (L to l{) W. (iiatiiK ' opIc.s — Trt ' ji.suror, 1’. Kin- son — Advisor, N. Curran — V. I’rcsidcnl, M. Savory — Sccrolary, 1C (Juslafson — Advisor, K. I)od r • — I ' rcsidcnt. Juniors Class of 1988 Cliristoplier Allon Hriice Andrews Laiirit Hailey Laura Helsky Mark Hisliop Lori Hoisselle .lana Brady Karen Burke Brent Campbell Donna CIoukI ' k ' red Clough Kasey Crist Kenneth CumniiiiK-s Nicole Curran David Duller Marcelle DeOryse Katlileen DocIkc C hristine Flynn Kimberly Fornara Wendy (Jianacoples Tammy (hies Michelle (hrard Nathan Chidden Desa (ireen Kric Gustafson Christopher Haheck Matthew Hunter Doufjlas .Johnston ,Iohn Kaminski Kurt Kennedy Heather Kleimola Deter Lanfrevin Ronald Lawson Lauren LoCicero Mark Mansfield Paula Marathas Michael Marciano Tanya Marr Alan McCarthy Scott McCurley Christopher Meader Russell Meisner Lisa Michaud Rebecca Morley Paul Olsen .John Ouellette Pamela Pelletier Stephen Phillips .54 Camera Shy Toni Bap ley Christoffer Detjens Colter Detjens Robert Huse John Kirsten Teresa Mullane Mary Walsh Toni ' othy Watkins Joseph Young: Dennis Vi liotte Tamara Wilson Eve Worrall Angela Zaia Sandra Sedler Lisa Skinner Laurie Sparks Jay Spence James Stevenson Karen Testa Patrick Thompson Steven Vaughan Christopher Prescott Leah Prescott Kellie Reardon Aaron Rice Kevin Robbins Mark Robicheau Donald Roy Matthew Savory 55 ( I, to lU.I. Mc-( ' art hy — V. I ' res., 1 . Moult no — Secretary, (’. Kessel — Treasurer, I,. .N ' ovak — I’resident, I . Wentworth — Advisor Sophomores Class of 1989 Heather Acone .lessica Allen Kyan A-rchamhault Melissa Maker .Amy Hezanson Christopher Moisselle .Michael Hrid res Klise Murrows Tracey Carr .Jennifer Christiansen .Michael Clohecy .Jeffrey Cochrane Daniel Codair Frank Collamore Lauren ( ' urrie Todd Duffy Loriann Fazio Meter (James .Joseph (Jasharro Robert (Jreen AJan (Jrissino .Amy (Julliksen .Jeremy Holt Samuel Howell Tamee Hudson Nicole .Jellow F rian Johnson Kevin Johnson Denise Leva Scott Lindherp: Jodi Lippens Deborah .Mades Timothy Mansfield James McCarthy Kathleen McLauphlin Tammy Mercaldi Frank Miaskiewicz John Moretti Karen .Moscarito Lisa Moultrie Lynda Novak Charles O den James Palardy Patricia F’alardy .Annie Penderpast Bruce Perreault Doreen I’hillips Kimberly F’rice 5ti Camera Shy Carolyn Bagley Jeffrey Norris Derek Swanbon Darryl Swett Lawrence Thoreson Kimberly Thurlo Susan Tidd Jennifer Turner Jennifer Wilson Brian Woodbury Robin Senecal Stephen Shea Michael Sheldon Heather Sheldon Dana Sicotte Michael St. Clair William Stewart Heidi Stump Erik Rakos Tracey Reid Christina Ressel Carolyn Reynolds Russell Ricker Jennifer Ritter Michelle Rochefort Danielle Rondeau 57 Freshmen Class of 1990 lloatluT AndiMSon Kari ' n Arsi-naiilt Scan nakt“r Uriati Honavc ' Mlura Andrea Hoylan Nicole ( ' asellini Aloke Chakravarty ( ' orrie ( ' liasan I )onna ( ' lemons Andrew Cloujrh Mare Cloutier William ( ' ollamore Wendi ( ' oolen Gina Corrado Tara Crabtree Robert ( urtis Laurie Dodtre Tamora Downs Michael Drapeau Laura Duhaime Aaron P ' eitz Jenny b ' idler Jennifer Gasbarro Heidi Gatchell ( ' hristopher Girardin Jens Hansen Christopher Heperfeld Derek Hills Carolyn Hummei ' Shawn Hurd Garry Jackson James Kehoe Jeremy Keohane Geoffrey Ketcham Melissa L’Abbe Heather Langlais Thomas Lewis Patricia Mansfield Robert Martino Stacie Maxon Kelly Meiners Kelly Mello Jason Moody Pamela Morley Krista Morrison Kimberly Mullane Katharin iacDonald Jason McCollum 58 Camera Shy Renee Corn Amy-Lee Fuller Robin Hale Charles Neumann Joseph Nichiniello Michael White Susan Tyrie Kimberly Ventura Barbara Viera Brandon Walters Kelly Whalen Steven Wilkins John Zaia Joelle Schauer Rochelle Sciaudone Heather Simons Melissa Stanley Jennifer Thompson Nicole Tidd Jeffrey Tompkins Jack Tybinkowski Thomas Opden Jennifer Phillips Kelly Robbins William Roeder Daniel Rogers Sonny Romano Cathryn Saunders Rebecca Schaffner 59 (U) 61 62 63 SPORTS F ootball (L to K) 1st row — J. Moscarito — Capt., A. Pierce — ( ' apt., G. Swanton — (’apt. 2nd row — D. Reynolds, P ' . Collamore, C. Prescott, M. Mansfield, T. Aufferi, ,1. Palardy. 3rd row — P. Thompson, .1. Barber, K. Cumminps, P. Gilman, ,J. Schwartz (L to R) 1st row — I). N ' igliotte, S. Wilkins, M. Drapeau, R. Archambault, T. Mansfield, W. Collamore, D. Rogers. 2nd row — P. Gilman, J. Stevenson, ,J. Palardy, T. Lewis, M. Mansfield, D. Swanbon, F. Collamore, A. Haddad — Coach ( 4 65 Freshmen Football (L to R) 1st row — M. Drapoau, C. Girardin, K. Devaney, I). Prescott, S. Wilkins, H. Walters, T. Fitz, ,J. Coulter. 2nd row — D. Schwartz, 0. Lewis, P. Lynah, W. Collamore, S. Baker, T. Lewis, 1). Rogers, A. Feitz, ,J. Kelcourse, R. Rogers, A. Hallowell 66 Freshmen Cheerleaders (L to R) 1st row — N. Tidd, 8. Rice, J. Thompson. 2nd row — J. Gasharro, H. Simons, L. Small, M. L’Abbe Varsity Cheerleaders (L to R) 1st row — J. Lippens, L. Moultrie, J. Turner, E. Burrows, H. Stump. 2nd row — K. Morrison, A. Gulliksen, R. Hale, T. Downs 67 Girls Varsity Soccer 1st row — 11. Rowe, J. Schauer. 1’. Boynton, L. Reynolds, S. Tyrie, I). C’loujrh, T. Morcaldi, H. Kleimola, .1. Dulonp, (sillintr) K. Mosearito. 2nd row — (’. Hai ' ton — Coach, 1). Rowe, K. Robbins, B. Stewart, i). Clemons, S. X’auphan, N. Amnott, K. itole, K. Whalen, 1’. 1‘alardy, L. Rondeau, H. Anderson, 1). Rondeau, C. Flynn, I). Spears 68 69 Boys Soccei (L to R) 1st row — K. Rohhins, T. Ofi ' don, ( ' . Neumatin, J. Sponce, R. Hurke, G. Jackson, M. Bishop. 2nd row — R. Storcr — ( ' oach. VV. Stewart, It. Lyle, S. Phillips, K. (iustafson, ,J. Sanjjer, L. Thoreson, S. Vaujjhan (L to R) 1st row — ,1. Tompkins, I). Smith, C. Jancosko, S. .Ma.xon, T. Spence, J. Lane, R. Vieira, A. Tompkins, I). Luca — Coach. 2nd row — . .Alien, T. Vanier, M. Tropler, J. Spiliotis, T. Chisholm, E. Storer, E. Sears, J. McCollum 71 Field Hockey (L to R) 1st row — H. Holt, A. I’infrroe, T. Strotrney — (’apt., (’. Stewart — Capt., ’. Games — ( ' apt., Reddy, I . Kinp. 2nd row — R. Giannelli — Coach, K. Testa, K. Robinson, ( ' . lluher, L. I’rescott, K. Buchanan, L. Nejezchleha, K. Itod re, N. Curran (L to R) 1st row — T. Hudson, L. Dodpe, R. Mansfield, R. Morley — Capt., K. Burke (Capt.), K. Crist — Capt., S. .Maxon, H. Gatchell, C. Reynolds. 2nd row — C. Villiams — Coach, T. Crabtree, K. MacDonald, K. Slello, X. Casellini, B. Viera, P. Morley, L. X ' ejezciileba, K. McLaujjhlin Cape Ann League Div. II Champions 73 Boys Cross Countiy (L to R) 1st row — R. Oroon. K. Kldridm . S. Howoll, .1. Ktdiof, .1. Oucdlettf. 2nd row — R. ( ' aims — Coach, C. Ojrden, T. Duffy, M. Hunter, ,S. Moynton, F. Miaskicwicz, A. Cloutrh. M. Shcldor. Girls Cross Country (L to R) 1st row — R. Senecal, S. Spofford, K. Ventura, M. Zapf, H. Currie. 2nd row — R. Cairns — Coach, D. Novak, D. Sicotte, E. Devaney, L. Novak, L. Currie, J. Allen, D. Sicotte 75 --ir 7(i 77 Hockey (L to R) 1st row — I). Cudmore, .1. Schwartz, H. P’uller, R. Kurko, ( Bernard, ,1. Moscarito — Capt., I). Ayers — Capt. 2nd row — .1. I’inKi ' t’o — Coach, M. Bishop, M. Savory, T. Lewis, PL Gustafson, X. Glidden, ,J. Kelcourse, S. Shea, ,J. Ouellette, R. Ricker, M. Stewart — Coach 78 79 Wrestling- (L to R) 1st row — 1). Swanbon. R. Archambault. S. Keohane, M. Sheldon. .1. Keohane, M. Drapeau. R. I’oole T. Mansfield. 2nd row — 1). I’rescott — Asst. Coach. I). Schwartz. I). Rrescott. C. Prescott — ( apt.. .M. Hall. I . Gilman. A. Lee. M. Mansfield — Capt.. A. Clough. M. Mansfield — Coach 80 81 Girls Basketball — C.A.L. DIV II CHAMPS (L to K) 1st row — N. Amnott, S. Tyrie — (’apt., (’. Stewart — ( ' apt., I.,. Nejezchleba. 2nd row — B. Graffum — Coach, L. Prescott, N. Curran, K. McLaughlin (L to R) 1st row — T. Morcaldi, T. Hudson, I). Mades, L. Duhaime, S. Tyrie, J. Allen. 2nd row — D. Sicotte, D. Rondeau, P. Palardy, C. Reynolds, M. Baker, K. Robbins, R. Sciaudone, R. Gianelli — Coach 82 83 Boys Basketball lb .b’ ollamore, A. I’ierco — Capt., T. Auperi — Capt., J. Spence. 2nd row — .1. Sanjrer, P. Thompson, M. Bruises, H. Stewart, L. Thoreson f.0YA4s 23 2 (L to R) 1st row — J. Kehoe, ,J. Palardy, C. Boiselle, P " . Collamore, B. Collamore, M. St. Clair. 2nd row J. Rakos, A. Grissino, L. Thoreson, T. Duffy, D. Luca — Coach 84 85 8t f 87 Cheerleaders (L to K) 1st row — S. Part , A. I’iiifjree, K. Robinson, S. Hlais, H. Kirkey. 2nd row — M. Tripp — Coach, L. Michaud, K. P ' ornara, K. Burke, K. I)odp:e, K. Crist (L to K) 1st row — S. Rice, T. Downs, K. Mello, H. Gatchell, R. Corn. 2nd row — H. Anderson, K. Morrison, R. Hale, P. Morley, N. Casellini, M. Tripp — Coach Hl ' ' mm V B 89 90 91 ACTIVITIES Drama Club (L to R) 1st row — H. Kirkey, K. Andrews, L. N’ejezcdileba, I). I’arthree, K. Hjornholni, I). Kinjr. A. Pinjrree. L. Apprich, J. Moscarito, B. Holt, .1. Dowtis, ,1. Tlionii)son, S. Keohane. 2nd row — H. Burton, K. Robinson, K. Bajranelli, S. Bare, S. Boucher, J. Fatyol, M. Wilkins, I). Ayers, S. I’owell, I). Rowe. K. Buchanan. R. Shepherd, K. Ryan. 3rd row — It. Gasbarro, L. Randall. G. Games, ( ' . Stewart. R. Lyle. ,1. Saiifrer, X. Amnott, S. Tyrie, J. Schwartz, K. .Meisner, R. Burke, S. Chouinard, J. Barber (L to R) 1st row — D. Rondeau. E. Worrall. R. Morley, W. Gianacoples, B. . ndrews, L. Belsky, M. Girard. K. Fornara, L. Prescott, K. Crist. L. Michaud. K. Burke. T. Giles. 2nd row — T. Carr, L. Bailey. M. Hunter. K. Testa, K. Reardon, X ' . Curran, T. Wilson. L. Skinner. Rice. L. LoCicero, L. Boisselle, D. Clougrh. C. Flynn. 3rd row — K. Arsenault. H. Gatchell, B. Sicotte, P. Palardy, J. Allen, C. Ressel, K. McLaughlin, T. Hudson, L. Moultrie, J. Turner, P. Games, E. Burrows. A. Gulliksen, .A. Grissino, H. Acone, D. Leva. A. Boylan, J. Brady. 4th row — T. Reid, T. Morcaldi, K. Cummings. K. Bjornholm, D. King. D. Privitera — Advisor, A. Pingree, L. Apprich, J. Moretti, R. Huse, W. Stewart, M. Clohecy, R. Sciaudone AFS (L to R) 1st row — C. Chasan, K. Morrison, J. Fidler, T. Downs, C. Hummer, H. Lanp lais, G. Jackson, S. Baker, K. Ventura, K. MacDonald, K. Meiners. 2nd row — S. Tyrie, B. Viera, R. Hale, H. Gatchell, P. Mansfield, L. Dodgre, K. Mello, S. Maxon, C. Hegerfeld, A. Clough, W. Roeder, A. Boylan, D. Clemons. 3rd row — G. Corrado, H. Kirkey, K. Buchanan, K. Ryan, R. Burke, R. Lyle, J. Sanger, K. Testa, D. Rowe, N. Amnott, C. Huber, S. Tyrie, C. Neumann, J. Tompkins. 4th row — R. Corn, L. Bailey, K. Andrews, H. Burton, M. Kreuger, K. Bjornholm, J. Fatyol, D. Novak, V. Games, L. LoCicero, R. Morley, M. Stanley, J. Schauer, K. Arsenault. 5th row — D. Hills, M. St. Clair, T. Wilson, K. Dodge, A. Zaia, D. Johnston, L. Michaud, K. Crist, K. Fornara, M. Girard, W. Gianacoples, S. Phillips, L. Sparks, M. Hunter, T, Hudson, C. Ressel, K. McLaughlin, J. Gasbarro. 6th row — R. Curtis, L. Thoreson, W. Stewart, T. Giles, J. Brady, E. Worrall, K. Burke, N. Curran, L. Prescott, C. Reynolds, P. Palardy, D. Rowe, D. Sicotte, R. Sciaudone, P. Morley, T. Morcaldi, R. Schaffner 93 Bands Concert Hand (L to R) 1st row — M. Savory. H. Andrews, F. Cloujrh, K. Morley, S. Phillips, L. Sparks, N. Amnott, N. Curran, K. Burke, K. Reardon, L. Skinner. 2nd row — I). Novak, R. Shepherd, K. Ryan, H. Kirkey, R. Sciaudone, I). Phillips, J. Wilson, A. Bezanson, .1. Brady, T. Hudson. 3rd row — C. Neumann, ,J. Tompkins, I). Parthree, K. Meiners, C. Saunders, ,J. Phillips, P. Morley, VV. Boeder, ,1. McCollum, M. Stanley, ,1. Schauer. 4th row — ,1. Moretti, A. Grissino, G. P ' arnell, I). Grissino, F‘. Gilman, W. Ryder. S. Boynton, S. Lindherjr, R. Schaffner, R. .Martino Stape Band (L to R) 1st row — J. .McCollum, F. Clouph, S. Phillips, C. Neumann, V. Boe- der. 2nd row — J. Tompkins, B. Andrews, E. Gustafson, .M. Savory, K. Meiners, R. Schaffner Band Officers (L to R) K. Ryan — Drum Major, D. Phillips — Secretary, D. Grissino — President, D. Novak — President, N. . mnott — Treasurer, H. Kirkey — Libra- rian 94 Honor Society Student Council (L to R) 1st row — J. Moscarito, J. Spence, S. Powell, K. Testa, D. Novak — Secretary, G. Games — Treasurer, D. Rowe — President, K. Ryan — Vice President, N. Aninott, N. Curran, L. Prescott. 2nd row — C. Chakravarty, M. Girard, J. P atyol, K. Face, P. Gilman, D. Ayers, G. Wortham, J. Face, F. Clough, C. Huber. 3rd row — S. Phillips, R. Cairns — Advisor, I). .Johnston, R. Lyle, L. Belsky, R. Morley, S. Boucher, M. Savory, K. Dodge, T. Wilson, C. Stewart (L to R) 1st row — C. Stewart, L. Prescott, L. Sparks, E. Burrows, A. Chakravarty. 2nd row — R. Tardif — Advisor, K. Burke, R. Lyle, P. Gilman, L. Thoreson, J. Gasbarro Futurf I’robli ' m Solvers (L to R) H. Nelson — A lvisor, K. Hjornholm, .1. Sander, K. Burke, R. Lyle, S. Tyrie, K. Ryan, R. (iilman, I). Rowe Academic Hallmarks (L to K) 1st row — J. Sanper, R. Burke, R. Lyle, S. Tyrie, K. Ryan, I ' , (iilman, I). Rowe. 2nd row — C. Chakravarty, K. Hjornholm, S. Phillii)s, M. Savory, B. Nelson — advisor, 1). rioufrh, K. Buchanan, ( ' . Huber, N. Amnott Academic Decathalon (L to R) 1st row — J Sanper, R. Burke, R. Lyle, N. Amnott, Tyrie, B. Nelson — advisor. 2nd row — K. Bjornholm, C. Chakravarty, D. Clouph, M. Savory 9ti Ji OE A Blueprint (L to R) R. Gasbarro — Treasurer, L. Randall — Vice President, L. Viera — President, M. Merrill — Advisor, L. Bailey — Secretary, H. Burton — Historian (L to R) 1st row — J. Schwartz, D. Ayers, K. Testa, J. Thompson, J. Moody. 2nd row — M. Savory, M. Wilkins, F. Goldberg — Advisor, S. Tyrie Curriculum Council Advisory Council (L to R) I). Ayers, L. Sparks, ,M. (iirard (L to R) R. Lyle, C. Stewart, P. Gilman, K. Ryan, ,J. Sanper 98 Yearbook Staff (L to R) Ginny Games, Julian Thompson, Deana Walters, David Ayers, Mike Wilkins (L to R) 1st row — Julian Thompson, David Ayers. 2nd row — S. Clay — Advisor, Ginny Games, Mike Wilkins, D. Luca — Advisor 1 99 100 101 I Senior Class Play “Bone Chiller” 102 103 K VfiO m: .nr lO-l 105 Homecominjj’ Dance z fo s 5t» 106 SENIOR BABIES . . Page 50 Dave Reynolds Ginnie Gaines Nicole Ainnott Debby King Karla Buchanan Mike Wilkins Danielle Rowe Lisa Nejezchleba Holly Kirkey Karen Hjornholin Stephanie Lind Cindy Stewart Dave Ayers Jon Sanger Liz Rantlall George Swanton Jeff Downs Renee Gasbarro Stephanie Rare Julian Thompson Krissy Robinson Sue Clancy Debbie Spears Katie Paganelli Page 51 Justin Holt Brenda Holt Steve Holt Suzanne Boucher Joe Moscarito Amy Pingree Bob Ingraham Robin Shepherd Colleen Reddy Traci Strogney Jon Schwartz Sandy Tyrie Dina Parthree Linda Caporizzo Hope Burton Karen Andrews Karen Ryan Deanna Houlden Jay Barber Deana Walters Sheila Chouinard Christine Huber Scott Sahovey Dave Cudmore Judy Fatyol Stephen Boynton Dave Knorr Kim Morrison Dena Novak 107 Donkey Basketball 108 109 Spirit Day, “87” The Champs no Ill I won’t be cominj ' home tonij ‘ht 112 My generation will put it right 113 We’re not just making ' pi ' omises That we know we’ll never keep 114 115 I ' .KS ' I’ WlSilKS ' I ' o ' I ' III-: (’LASS Ol- ' l ' .»K7 HILL’S H.AKLIiV A’ li LSTA 1 1 liAN ' I ' ■j ;5 WKS ' I ' MAIN STKHL ' r (iKoiiCK ' rowN, MA ()1 h;{;{ KAIiLN NK ' K VALHN ' l ' INI (lood Luck To ' riu Class of 1 ! 87 From THL (jk()K(;f:t()vvx HOLK’K ASSOC’IATION Tlie future’s yours It can be 7th heaven If you’re lucky enouj h To he in the Class of ’87 Best of Luck Harvest Markets TWIN LIGHT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT FRESH FISH MARKET Ck ' org’etown Shoppinjj; Center 352-()()75 Fresh Fish Daily Fried Fish To Go Mi ' sl Vinh ‘r la«x of •k7 I I l’h asaiit St. .Merton L. Itohert s. .1 r. (ii-orvrciown. . 1A ir.lT) .■l.S2 K 7 (Ml GEORGETOWN RH ARM AC V In The Center Joseph LaMonica H.S., Kef;. Bharm. 352-3121 dealer tires inc. “a tire for every need” ( ' ornplete Car Service INSPECTION ST.ATION 352-2455 922-8080 71 VV. Main St., Kt. 97 443 Essex St., Rt. 22 Geortretown Beverly 33 W. .M.A.IN ST GEOKGETOV ' N, .MA 01833 OPEN 7 DAYS CAPTURED SUN . Tanninff Salon MON-FRI 8:00 AM-8:00 P.M BETTI ANNE TOBIN 8:30 P.M APPT. ONLY (617) 352-2883 S.AT-SUN 10:00 A.M-2:00 P.M 116 BKST WISHES CLASS OF 1987 Seven North Street P.O. Box 260 Georg ' etown, Massachusetts 01833 Member P DIC DIFM GOOD LUCK SENIORS CENTER PHARMACY 65 Central Street Georgetown, MA 117 (617) 352 0586 VIERA ARTESIAN WELL COMPANY WATER WELLS ■ residential - COMMERCIAL JIM VIERA Owner 253 ANDOVER STREET GEORGETOWN MA 01833 As you toss your ca| s L’l) towards the sky . . . Rfmemhi ' r, they really were fun years at, (Ieorj;etown Hi h! Best Wishes Class of ’87 .Jim and Barbara ’iera BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF ’87 VILLAGE WOODWORKING SHOP, INC. Topsfield, Ma 118 GLASS OF A DIFFERENT COLOR “a stained glass studio " Ten North Street Georgetown, MA 01833 Georgetown Insurance Agency, Inc. GEORGE E SCHOFIELD, Manager 352 8000 465 5958 RES 10 WEST MAIN STREET GEORGETOWN MASS Watch Repairing Jewelry Repair HOPE JEWELERS 37-39 West, Mam Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts, 01833 352-9888 Fine Jewelry Custom Design ' ils Compliments of RUDOLPH, ANDREWS AND KRONER Attorneys at Law 64 Central Street Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 Telephone: 352-8111 Robert P. Rudolph Robert E. Andrews Mitchell E. Kroner Georgetown Lumber Home Center, Ltd. 75 REAR, WEST MAIN ST, GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 TEL, 352-6691 CARPET LINOLEUM TILE HASTINGS FLOOR COVERING, INC. SALES INSTALLATION HANK HASTINGS, JR Owner PHONE 352-8432 9 WEST MAIN STREET GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 INSTRUCTION BY APPOINTMENT INDOOR RIDING HALL SALES HORSES BOARDED c uIju xn Sc Tuxn axnii, EQUESTRIAN CENTER BOB AND JEANNE LATIN VI LLE 231 E. MAIN ST TEL. 352-6161 RT, 133 GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01833 GEORGETOWN SAND GRAVEL CO. Washed Sand Gravel Loam Bank Gravel Tel. 352-8001 North Street Georg’etown, MA 119 ( ' ouKi iit Jiixl (loud l.uck to t lu ( ' hiss of ’H7 N. Pingree Insurance Agency, Inc. KL — (’AL — HIl.L — HOP. 21 Past Main Street (ieoi-{j:etown Offices also in Haverhill Newbury 252-2o22 252-2524 24 Hast Main Street Georgetown The Pingree Agency, Inc. Pat Pinfjree Ruth Stewart Betty Davidson Joan Zweil Jack Tuney Nancv Crabtree FAMILY PORTRAITURE HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS WEDDINGS M SUMMl R SI. • HAVh;RHlLL • 374-0371 RICHARD A ARCHAMBAULT " MAGIC " APPRAISALS CUSTOM DESIGNS (iolb Kush Diamonds . ' ' ' 14kt Gold Gemstones Repair Service (617)352-8772 64 Central Street (617) 352-8044 Georgetown, Mass. 01833 t z tr h 4-. 7S Wf.T MAIN STREET, GCOHOfTOWN MAS ACMUSF TTS 01SU3 Tei phor««5 3S2-8711 163?300 Mfi RIIJ SPfrM ?7S fiv HOMi COWEnPT AUTOMATIC HFATtt.’G EOUIPMEtn • HOUP SEH ' ICE Teleflora FTD ) unan Hjorul Greenkruic , Hnc Wholesale and Refoil Profess ' oriol Flo e ' C ' Ov ers 26P Centro ' St (Rte 97) Geo ' ap ' ovN-.r. Aioss 0W30 Tei {617} 35?-6l 2 121 Robert Rohner, Inc. Construction and Real Estate Development 185 W Mam St , Geor 3 etown MA 01833 (617)465-5406 (617)352-2846 i Mass. Lie. 021 31 4 I 1 7 1 High Street rSewburyport. ' 4A 01950 OFFICE (617) 462 4430 RES. (617) 352 2846 PATRICIA S. ROHMER HUrVJIVIEMAIM CO. INC •REALTORS •jlk IT M] nttT T i( )nK‘ .iinl ( »«4rTi« r Gourmet Kitchen , t Shop Imported Cheeses ' Wines • Foods 617 465 51(06 z6 State St 122 y OU yir 1 central sr ?S georgetoiv MASS.Cn833 ai f TEL (617) 352-2425 Travel Consultant GEORGETOWN TRAVEL 20 West Main Street Georgetown, Misi. 01833 ( ror ftnliDn aaii Ciotbmu Georgetown Shopping Center Arthur Rauseo Post Office Building James Rauseo Georgetown, MA 01833 Marjorie Rauseo HOUHS M0 PRi 8 5 tel (61 71 352-6001 B E A UTO CLINIC INC. DOMESTIC FOREIGfM AUTO REPAIR AUTO BODY ESTIMATES REPAIRS NEW USED CARS 17 LIBRARY STREET TED MARK BOULANGER GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAE SUIMn,Y, INC. Industrial — Hardware Masonary Supplies East Main St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 352-2091 — 774-8572 HOWCARRYIHG RC Radio Control • Cars • Trucks • Boats • Airplanes Battery Control Units • Supplies Tires Accessories Baseball Cards PRATT COIN SHOP 20 EAST MAIN ST.. GEORGETOWN 352-2234 Randy’s Roast Beef Ceniral Street, Georgetown Pizza Roast Beef Subs 352-8 31 WILLIAMS OIL SERVICE HOME HEATING FUELS 20 Munroe Street Georgetown, MA 01833 Tel. 352-2626 123 HOURS Bam — 7pm Daily 3pm —7pm Sundays Closed Wednesdays and Holidays Wdoset North Shore’s Finest Boarding Kennels (Reaervatlons Required) Kennel Shop Complete line of auppllea for the discriminating Owner and Breeder Pet Cemetery Naturally Wooded Country Setting Training School Puppy Kindergarten thru advanced — NADOl Cert Instructor Trimming Shop (By Appointment Only) Route 97 887-5760 Boxford, Maas GEORGETOWM 8 Prospect Street Georgetown. AAA 352-6722 GROVELAIND 296 AAain Street Groveland, AAA 373-0800 1 7? F at! Mam Street Georgetown MA 018S3-7107 USA 617.35?.??00 TWX 7ia 4703t5 UNITFOAM QETW CORPORATE OFFICE: 1 7? tail Mam Street C eorgelown Matvacriuietli 0t833 ?107 617 . 352-2200 TWX 7103470315 UNITFOAM GE TW PLANT LOCATIONS: 7401 Graharn Road Fairburr GA 30213 2915 404.964 5888 213 Mechanic Street Pawcaluck CT 06379 2196 203.599 1242 240 Davidson Avenue Somerset NJ 08873 9998 201.560-9550 4125 34ih Street Orlando Ft 3281 1-6418 305-843 7075 Joel R. Frankel, D.D.S., P.C. Family Preventive Dentistry 37-39 West Mam St " The Eagle Building " Georgetown, MA 352-8400 Cosmetic Denuslry Saturday Sl Evening Flours Nitrous Oxide . algesia Insurance Plans Accepted 124 34 East Main Street • Georf3:eK v;ri. I ' M 35S-2CG1 a ' hS4JME:n ' s ' S ' DR and MRS. HOWARD HILL 126 BEST OF LUCK Karen Dave Robin Pippin Dena Steve Nicole Dina Gre Hollee Bill From the MUSIC PARENTS Compliments of VILLAGE SUB PIZZA GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ’87 14 Central Street Georgetown, MA 352-2399 37 West Main St. Georgetown, MA. 01833 352-8758 Evenings o85-527c Dani — Gnud Luck next year. We’ll miss the stones. Mrs. Rowe’s English Classes Danielle — Accept every challenge; use your dreams for a better world. We’re very proud of you. Dad and Mom To the Class of ’87 — Our best wishes the best of luck in what ever the future holds for you. Mr. Mrs. Wm. Tyrie Sandy T. — May your future be as rewarding as your teen years. Mom, Dad, .Susan God bless tbe Class of ’87, their families and all the members of the Georgetown Community. Mr. Mrs. George Wortham 127 The past four yi ars have Ihumi the most nuMiioraldc of our livi s atui the timos wi ’vc had will ho rcmomhorod oach time wo flij) through those |)aKi s. ' I ' ho challori ’o of oroatiii this hook was mot through the work of oui ' staff and the holp of tiumorous others. ' I ' hanks for all your holp .Mr. Luca and Mrs. (May — 1 know.lulian and 1 proved a little too much for you sometimes. .lulian and (linnio, 1 couldn’t have made it without you, your time and effort pulled this pi ' oject to ffher. And thanks to everyone else for selling hooks, j;ath- erin r ads, and just rivin ; us a hand when we really needed it. But this hook is not the product of several weeks of hard work, it is the result of four years of experience in (Jeorf :etown Hijjrh. M ' hanks to Mr. Goldher ? and Mrs. Hickey, our advisors, to Miss Briv for endless hours of time and care, and to all the faculty who show the scars as w ' ell as the joys of knowing? our class. Knock’em dead ’87. Dave Ayers Co- Editor 128 Compiling the yearbook was not an easy task, but was something I was glad to take part in. In this book, the memories of our high school years will live forever. A special thank you to Mrs. Clay and Mr. Luca for their time and effort, to David for his organization, to Mike for his ads, and to Julian for his exuberance. Ginnie Games I’m glad we’re finally done, by the time everyone reads this, all we will have left to do is have a great senior banquet and to walk up to the podium to receive our diplomas. I was one who would have normally taken a yearbook for granted. Only now do I realize the true work and patience that go into it. I would personally like to thank Mrs. Clay for nagging, Mr. Luca for prodding, Mr. Goldberg for his sense of humor and Mrs. Hickey for her guid- ance. Class of ’87 follow your dreams where ever they take you, if you do that you will be on the right track. Julian Thompson 180 131 FARE 132 % I ■A ' 11 MV. i J HML r - 1 K i . n J f

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