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caa A-X. =kx (X, Q.wOOO»-?- ALoJ v r J TvJ-am (; CC V- ' ■ C ' . ' f- ?. I • ' . t M. ' JM ' i-i Ou CY ji, ■ ' . HcJ -•— --:», ,r co ; ( irt ■ ' jl jt- •-. «!‘ , rNU! t O ' Mf.e N- - t c O-c . - 1 ‘yc to ” JXcldlLl) ' -ACLC Ho v.vTi ' J. V ca r 7 ■V " vcifi ■f’t.vvA. tLVxt • Lx:So AcCr o’; ' c v x H c-arP A i ' 4v_ J !j V v 4jj ) 4‘,, |i uf S ' j :iv isr CK r cxi VA2 o v c y . t-r CKjeJJi) J. ' ' c raLs p ' fU U fHo.AyW ,-f y Lc_ c• v K■ . . „ dv. Vxc a -«y I ry ,.r PA ' J (S ' H 5 ixW QMoa-i I 6d)fe4A (f V v - l. s, S».’ ‘-v - -v X • ' X o ’ ' : ' ‘■ ' n ' -’ lb ' ' ,: J i-L. c. -■i a- A I ' V -1 " U-- ' ,t ' sj V A ' .V . ( c i ' W, 1 AjHi X 4 ' Va-v- ■ ' v q ' ' - V v : .6 . K.. - -- ■ f ‘ C 7 J _yV ; tmCxx V- X‘ v Aii ' A Ok li V ' t " OjA t)i A A -u c ' ' ■ x V ' . ? (j: , _ :JS _ t V- ' ' V 0 V ■ r 0 ' V v X, ' 9- X V X V X, X -g VT O XX“ XXX C_N A . I -Vi . . ' v c_ : C ‘. 1 ’■ =X ' X ' ' ' ' ” ' " ■ .• .c - V C " ' ) ' j . - V ‘ - y -.tA.c»x ’;c x ' X ' XX " - .- ' VC- ' i, - XXX " A- - ' ■ X Xy vj» X 0. _5 X X(v Ewst Jov- ' p • ' Oeena reafyfc f ne A- y 0.V tixiLi to6tter h(:ccw K i ) V— wv v, p X rv vv ’-■ T x. -u, ' w — V iQe ' -Sofi ' m( el A)a i. Cd v A ' C?A U}-tli 96 ' ' Jd A()p ' fkci j K X X) T- - 1 1 ( P ‘ K CK qftClA SC VhrVi’Y c mA A n ■ yi 0 ■ r •icu) cui cf tn ' ‘- Mt i 0 -t€ r y) y. j .X: i’ j. . ' x t M -X N . f- ( V. X V V. -A . iyv ’ . .y- .-. ' -A X -V -i A- 1 - ' I ' , ' •4-,, ' X. I The Georgian 1986 Georgetown High School Georgetown, Massachusetts Our hearts are set upon music f We are invincible! Eat your heart out Boston Pops. I’ll make you fit! Glorydays! Bring: on the dancing girls! 2 Friendship is priceless Bathing: Beauties The Three Stoogres at it again. 3 1986 Dedication Through the years, you, Mrs. Rowe, have offered constant en- couragement and optimism to our class. Thanks, Mrs. Rowe, for your leadership, help, and support. These years have not been easy. Together we’ve been through times of diffi- culty, times of sadness, and times of joy. You, Mrs. Rowe, helped us realize that we, the class of 1986, are im- portant. Even when we doubted our- selves, you saw us as a class, hold- ing potential as great as that of any class. You encouraged us to achieve and accomplish goals as a class, as well as individually, and you helped us to enjoy our high school years. We needed your support, especial- ly this year, and you didn’t let us down. You gave us your excited spirit and love, and now our spirits are lifted. We created this unique yearbook as proof that our class holds within it creativity and a unique personality, which you helped us to realize. Thanks for being a great advisor and a wonderful person. Mrs. Rowe, with all our love — This one’s for you! With Love Always, The Class of ’86. 4 Dear Miss Ward and Mr. Luca, Thanks for all your help on the yearbook. We couldn’t have done it without you. Love, Rachael and Avie 5 Good times and bad times • • • We swept him right off his feet. Finger licking good! Just a gigolo! Give me a break! That’s right, we bad! We made it through the years, so keep the faith! A Senior Class President who supports the Senior Class. Live in concert at the Centrum this week is . . . Just try to come one step closer and I’ll get you! Play guitar! 7 y ' 1 » • Sitting in the classroom thinking it’s a bore Bad to the bone I’m working on it! Can I go home now? Sure, I know what I’m doing! Don’t put this in the yearbook! 10 It’s the same old song and dance Smile pretty for the camera Be real! Hey, I didn’t bite your neck! Dream on, baby! 11 Do you believe in love? Oh, we didn’t see the sign! Hey make room for my girlfriend! I scooped her right up. Can we go now? 12 Time is on our side Don’t look at us that way. Georg ' etown Hig-h’s new flafr Sure, Barb, you love it! I bet you can’t do this! 13 Where do we go from here? Hollywood Shopping: Miami Vice On Vacation Philharmonic Orchestra 14 The best is yet to come. Paradise Graduation Dallas Cowboys Lisa, Computer Expert MTV 15 “One More Night” 16 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Shawn Allen Richard Arthur Archambault Jr. “Arch” Pres. 4, F-ball 1-3 Capt 4. Jodi 4-eva? B-ball? Almost! Fin, Bill, Rick, Farn, Kav, Pete, My Best Friends! “Barn Run” LS, SV, PT, SG, CC, TJ, JC, SEE YA at the card tables (Mailbox runs, yelling out windows minorities) Jim P. Heavy metal will NEVER die! Zepplin (Ramble On) Priest (Pain Pleasure) Maiden — Assualt with a missile! Rye, Kick Butt in F-ball wrestling: only 3 yrs! Jen, my little sister I never had! Be good! Fin, Internationals live on; red trucks rule! Booka! Skit Party! Destruct crew 85’ Pete, Stacey b-ball crew! Get ROWDY! Got any milk Page? U-Lowell trip! Thanx MOM DAD for everthing! Jodi, you are the best! I hope you reach all your dreams goals(3 wishes) STOP IT! (8 20 85) I luv you! Class of 86’, turn the page . . . Avie Barlow “Avie” Band 1,2, 3. 4 — Sec. 4,S. Band 2,3,4, Yearbook Co ' Edt., Honor Society 2,3,4 — Pres. 4, Senior Play, L. in Dracula! “ it was horrible, horrible.” Just kidding you guys are awesome! Hey Cind, Denise — dancin in the driveway — we were “Shakin!” Now we’re SSS!! Never forget Ming Jade! H.C.P.! MASP! long walks! R.P. sundaes! parking? Boo’s? K.L. good luck, you’re great! S.T. no more P.L.! R.G. better find the string! B.G. automatic flush? Steph, have a great 87! C.P. crew have fun! 86 someday “you will finally see the light.” Graduation, you are all f.f.!!!! C.F., D.N., S.L., S.C., P.W., J.G.. I’ll miss you, cause you’re awesome!!! 1 love ya!!!! Shoot for the stars!!!!!!! Arthur Begin “Art” Hockey 4, Drama Club 4, GHS 4, Senior class play (Harker). HI Jules, Hi Kevin and Leanne. Hope to see you together for awhile! Racer Forever!!! Future AMA pilot. Keep your foot in it!! When in doubt, Ges it. Motorcross is MINT! AA AAY!! Happoness is a small school! I LOVE YOU Sis! Cheryl, I Love you and I’m yours forever! Thanks for everthing Mom Dad, your the greatest! Good Luck ’86’! Cheryl Bonasoro “Cha” Basketball 1,2,3, capt 4. Softball 1,2, 3, 4. Field Hockey 2,4. DramaClub 4. Honor roll 1,2,3. Cat, Andi, Gigi, Moe you guys are the greatest!! Cat — 5:30 mornings. A1 Steve, Massa D. Dishwashers are the Best! Best friends 4-ever. Gigi — Basketball buddies. Running! What’s that? PAIN?!, not us! We aren’t hurting Bob Athletes are 1! Peabody driving. Rascals, Hampton Beach Andi your the coolest best dancer (Solid Gold here she comes) Moe-on, Maurriha, Mourella. I luv you Art! Ma Dad your the greatest, L luv ya!! Good luck ’86’ It’s been a BLAST!! Heidi B. Burdett “Heidi” Field Hockey 2,3,4 Capt. 3 Cheering 1 drama club 1,4 OEA 4 D.B.-Ball 3,4 NOVA! MALIBU! Flawless! Kim, thanks for the memories. Soph. Yr. was the best! YOU NEED A SHAVE! Mom always says . . . Deb. Dristen, (Eddie Hascoll) what can 1 say. you two are the best! Its NPT forever! I luv ya! THE CAPTAIN! SHEEPDOG! Gin is that banana bread you have there? Good luck! Good luck, S.B., L.W.. J.O., E.C., N.M., J.R., P.M.,C.S., S.M., N.F.,J.D., And everyone else! Thanx! P Street Problems! Sherri, is McD’s forever? Thanks Mom Dad, 1 love ya! Good luck, Mike, Ceil. Steve! Good luck class of ' 86!! I’m sure that we all have a solid (loud) future ahead of us!! 18 Lisa Marie Bussing “Lisa” Drama Club 1,3 For. Lang:- Club 1,2,3 Center Pharmacy 3,4 — Florida 84’ J E, Good times at Chuck E. Cheese and Minp Jade — Punk Rockers!!! Barb, I wrecked my beautiful Camaro!!! Suzanne, thanks for being my friend and I really won the pool game. Journey 1 Three cheese burgers at McDonalds, Rachael? I won’t tell Scott! Wanna go to Shaws tonight? Good Luck Stacey S. and keep in touch. Barb, I lost my keys again! Good Luck with E.C. and don’tdo anything I wouldn’t do! Dad, I love you. Have fun Stacey I love you too. Good Luck Seniors. Especially BG, SS, RG. KL, LC KC, RH. ML, AB and CF. Suzanne E. Butler “Sue” Cheering 1.2, 3, 4 Capt. 1,2 Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4 “86” we’re not a bad class! SM-S-4 night! We’d better get out of this mud!! “STRIPPERS”! Nicole, HAMILTON 1 — “Yaka.” OTDLIO! Where’d you get that charm?CS BS = Babes! Isitadate? luv ya cutie! Good Luck JR, EC, NM. CM,LG,LW,PM.EH.BS,TS,NM,SS. JO! Underclassmen have fun! G.L-Lynn + Megbegood girls! Brian — thanxs for the memories + always being there! ILUVU 4-eva! We’ve onlyjust begun!! Mom + Dad,Thanx for putting up w me — I Love Ya! The past is gone but the memories linger on . . . The future is ours 2-C! Maura A. Carleton “Moe” Basketball 3,4. Softball 3,4. Senior Class Play. 8th period study talks withLC + RG — The best. Blind date at CD w BG + EC. Algebra II w Cherella, Cheria Mark (Markis) — Thanks for everything, I wouldn’t have madeit w outya! Kirk — always remember the food times, especially summer of ’85 w TK — Mark, can’t say I didn’t warn ya! Gigi your a great locker partner. LC — gym w Simp “animals”! Rach, and what are you doingthisweekend? You guys are the Greatest. Good Luck PT. Thanks Mom + Dad foreverything. I Luv Ya! Summer of ”85 — Martha’s Vineyard. I Love you Dave! Good Luck Class of ’86! These have been the best two years of my life!!!!!!! Kimberly A. Cheney “Kim” OEA 4, Jon 2,3.4 always. Jeanne I can’t believe that we missed our trains! Thanx for being a friend! never say never. OAK GROVE. Heidi, Mom always says . . . Soph yr. the best. Jess don’t forget up Abago, your one of the best. IKYLA.SM JO APcampSacajewa J.Ob RM TS thanx for the memories York St. House Bev. high sch. 3 J.Ob thanx for everything, sn, sx, fr., w TS RM. Tom K. Jons still in the locker! CH See u at the wedding. Elena we know you like Louie Rem. the lino! Thanx for all. TB good luck in the airforce Love ya always. Good Luck tiger. MB get a job. love ya! Jon you are the best baby that a girl could have I love you more everyday! Mom Dad and all my friends thanx for everything and good luck in all, you all deserve the best. Elena M. Chronis “Elena” F.H. 1,2 Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4 Class Sec. 1,2,3 OEA 4 E.H. J.O. 3 musk; memories last 4-eva. S.M. NECCO bound? NM thanks 4 everything. Good Luck NM SB JO SM JD PM HB DK what R U Clowns? DCT = never 4-getya. Kim Jon I wish U all theluck, 50-75 years, no-way. gtw BB BW. Hampton85! MG. BB’s.glad I metya. Jo, is it still there? I guess we R both SM’s. Kris Jo, these 4 years wouldn’t have been the same w out ya. K.W. winterof84-85. Scott. I love ya, forever. Mom, Gee, Di, Liz, couldn’t have made it w out ya, thanks. “86” Good luck, not good bye, let your dreams ride. Leanne T. Clancy “Leanne” Drama Club 2-4, Yr. Bk.4, Harvest 3,4 fun times w CF SL. RG MC — 8th period talks — the best! SD BM, Hampton in the winter?!! Dee — the fence adventure! Keep in touch. RG MC — Gym{ha)Sue L — FFAE, I’ll never forget ya! RG SH Nbypt boardwalk Parish road SL — Have fun next year — Come visit me CF! RG SD — fun times ahead! Keep in touch. Good Luck to my friends Mrs. R — I’ll miss your smiles! Mrs. L Mr. G. — You’re super! Mike — Enjoy your H.S. years — and be GOOD!! Mom, you’re the best — I loveya! KEV — 1-17-85, Keep in mind yesterday memories and look forward to future tomorrows — I’ll love you always . . . Class of 1986, “Hold onto a ray of hope and a promise of future . . . and follow your dreams!!!” 19 Greg Clark “Clark” Hockey 2,3,4. Beach party 3,4. Sr. class play (special effects) Ha! Hey Hum, What are we doing. Let’s go we’re going to be late again Toni don’t be wise, look what happens ay! We’ve had alot of fun together I hope it stays that way. Bye Bye “I love you” Well to the rest of my fellow cell mates, were out of Jail now so live your lives to the fullest. E.H. wait don’tshut the locker.J.R. good luck in the years to come keep in touch OK. Reg go back to sleep will ya. Hey Larry F. one more execution ok. Hey Chief! Bye the way Pete what time is it? Nancy Sue Clay “Nance” R’bow 1-4 AFS 3,4 Band 1,2 Ski club 1,2,4. DJ l-3?4. Cadillac rules! Sex shooter. Andrea, u smell! Where would Calculus be w out Cindy? Physics is phun! So LC, how’s Kev? Vic, I’be missed ya! Where’s my tall, dark and handsome dude? Kim, go 4 the gold! Hi, Hei. Algebra, ugh! ! Sis, stay in touch. Don’t want toloseu.Cath,SlYH! E M.I luvu!NM,this I’s 4 u. NF, u’re a CUTIE! But anyway Bill, u’re awesome. Cath, don’t stop being u. R’bow thanx 4 the tra la-las. 98, u r my rainbow! Beej, thanx 4 all the good times 4 being there. CF, CC, MC, KS, DN, NM, NF, JR, ST, VM it wouldn’t have been real w out u! Mum Dad. thanx 4 all the luv, support, patience the car. I luv u both. Good luck ”86. U’re going far. Now is when we start turningdreamsinto reality. Don’t ever let go of your dreams!!! Kevin W. Clemons “Kev” Ski Trip 2, Wood Shop 3,4 . . . my thumb! Funny Car Nationals 1,2,3, L.C., S.D., B.M.,4. Fences in Danvers! ! Salisbury and Hampton 85’, Oh no the cops again!! Leanne you’re the best! I love you! May we share many more great times ahead. Thanks for all the great times especially L.C., S.D., B.M., R.G., S.H., V.Y., D.N., J.W., G.F., Chip you could have made it! Mrs. Lane thanks! 73 Valiant mint!! 74 Chevelle’ Leper3’, Chevy power rules! Donna, you won’t be late for homeroom next year! Mom Dad thanks for all your support. Go for your Dreams Class of 86’ and make them all come true . . . Steven Cook Catherine A. Curran “Cath” Cross Country 3,4. Drama 3,4. Sr. Class Play! Severe case of senior syndrome. Thanx for being there Andi, Cha Nanc — Best Friends 4-eva. “Your smiles bring sunshine 2 grey skies” Hampton 85’ My painting days are over but 456 327 4-eva remain! The “KILL” meets the “Y” we r in trouble again! GREEKA! I hate to run K.L. Stay in touch N.C. u r super!! Thanx 4 the cookies M.K.! Sorry J.H.? R.H. nice legs! Thanx 4 being u mum, i love u! Thanx god-mum! Greek Boyz really are the best Andi! Paula’s slaves me Cha. Demtrius, your my hun. I’m crazy about you. We’ll be best buddies forever!! Love Friendship always! XOXO. Oh Chikon! Terrorists Inc. 1985. Sex Shooter Derek, be a dancer, love your " dumb aunty” Bye GHS Good luck 86’ — luv Cassie . . . Jeanne M. Downs “Jeanne” F. Ball Cheering 2,3,4. B. ball Cheering 1, Capt. 2, OEA Pres. 4, Jimmy 2,3,4-FOREVER!!! NM never forget the time in Jo’s room. PUNCH! PUNCH! JO + LG remember Louie’s “Where’s the toilet?” 1 1 5 83, Jo we’ll make it to OSWEGO someday. Kim who said it would never happen. Thanks for being a friend. Take care of Jon. TK see ya at the races! Red! Blue! maybe Green?! Jacqui ’we are now members of the NVP’s “OH GOD” KC I can’t believe were stuck in NEWTON. To all my family and friends. Thanks, I love ya! Jimmy, 10 9 83, thanks for all the memories and all the ones to come. I LOVE YOU!!! The LeMANS!! Tothe Classof 86’ the best to you, you deserve it!! ! J 20 Stephanie Ann Duggan “Steph” L.C., K.C. Hampton Beach “85 " . Good Luck, you ys will last 4-eva. Bill you’re the best. Han in there only 1 year to go. R.G. S.H. another Harvest Romance. Taco’s Pizza. Red Roses 4-EVA. Camaro Mustang, let’s take the bike! Plum Island, Oh no they’re bikers quick leave!! Renee, think they’ll hire me? Bill we have to go to the mall. Boardwalk, Haverhill Benches. Thanks for being there Bill, I LOVE YOU. I’m sure all your dreams will come true. Thanks Mom and Dad, it wasn’t always easy but you did a great job. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF “86 " !!!!!!! Timothy Edward Durocher “Tim” Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Bowling 1,2,3, 4 Thank you Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Pechilis, and Mr. Gately for putting pressureon meduringthe fall season while playing basketball. Kevin and Leanne good luck to you both! Mom and Dad thanks and 1 love you both. Mrs. Rowe thanks for being the class advisor for the class of ’86! Ron good luck. Mr. Goldberg thank you for those Celtics games you took me to! 1 live and die with sport of basketball forever. Christopher Farnell “Chris” Soccer 2 Band 3,4 Hey Fin one night on the cape is more than enough. Naragansett Beach. Accept, Maiden and the alley thanks for all the rides Mr. F. How was AC DC Kav? Bill how did we get home from Deke’s? Keeler you owe me one for dippin in the Pate!!! Tuesday mornin BARN RUN? I had a feeling it was out of control. Turkey Bowl, Pete? Switch-a-roo. The barrel crew lives! Where is the Jack? GG what? huh? Prince we goin bowlin’. Still Life on a WORLD TOUR. Fin your road crew!! Masco girls are strange Prince Sting, OH CHRIST! Thanks for everything Ma + Pa. Good Luck Greg and Private Stock. I’m on a Highway to (oi$%. I’ll meet you there Pete!! WE ' RE OUTTA HERE!! Scott Finlow “Fin” Soccer l-3Capt. 4, Basketball 1-4 Baseball 1-4 Honor Society 2-4. Farn, let’s go on a Barn Run. Cape Cod Summers. Roy’s got abs. Kav, don’t steal my blankets. Pagey, midnight canoeing. Mr. Mush, because no pain no gain! Dick, let’s get high on Floyd. Hey BUD, hot corner. Kav, get a real truck cus sissies drive cars 4X4 in the Scout. Thanks Mr. C. you showed me thelight. . .and Idrankit. Maiden Zeppelin rule. Thanks M D, forgive and forget, right. Hey Mole FA-Q. I missed you M.H. Christine, the best is yet to come. Well Pete, it’s time to RAMBLE ON. Remember: If you’re gonna die, die with you’re boots on. Later GHS, I’m RUNNING FREE. Cynthia A. Fornara “Cindy” Drama Club 1-4, A.F.S. 1-4, N.H.S. 3,4 Treasurer 4. D.N. A.B. — Sundaes (I don’t own stock!) Partying (Boo who?) Parking? You guys are buddies for life! we ' re S.S.S.! Jello wrestling . . . Camping Crew ’85! •SHAKING Dracula will li ve forever! I love you Paul! ! Yellow Ferrari 1 ! R.G, — It’s my house! Graduation Speech? You’re all F.F.! Good luck everybody, esp. K.F. I declare this National Pig-out week! Thanx Mom Dad! L.C. be C ' ing u next yr. at E.C. ’86 You’re the best! Remember. . .You’vegottadreamuntil your dreams come true . . . Nicole Franciscovich “Nicole” Phoenix l,2Cheering3,4 DramaClub 4 G.H.S. Class of “86” is Great! Good luck 2 every one! Bill — UR my best-friend! Good luck keep in touch 4 ever! Sue — C B Hampton — speedy — don’t smoke or you’ll blow up! Tired of p. of s.c. Give us BMW PORCHE! Luv Ya! Had a blast w T.S.. D.S., D.W. Prom 3 S P stealer! Good Luck — U deserve the best! Boston life! — Yeah! Yacka, Scum, Roach-puke on highway. Lor? Guy! R.O.O.G. D.J.T. S.M. — RUSH Jacqui-b. hair C.F. C.M. stuck in the mud? Ron — I loveyouw all my heart. We can make it if we try! Thanks Grammy and Gram py Mom and Dad I love you ALWAYS!!!! Good luck Micheal — Go-for it! 21 Lori Joanne Gallup “Lou” D.H. no more carrying you up the hill J.ob 1,2,3 (SN) K.W. chase that yellow car! K.W. can I have your glass? J.ob 1,2, 3, 4 SN (the noises) Louies 4-eva! D.H. stop movingthe bed and give me my pillow! Thanx for everything. J.O thanx for all the advice + talks, what elsecan I say?Jim Hill 1! Yourbets with D.L. will you ever win? D.H. J.ob lets find Nic. 1 have to go again! “Forever” J.R. cake decorating. R.D L.H D.L P.S thanx for the weekend w out you guys life would’ve been boring. L.H thanx for all the talks and being the re when I needed you love ya! R.D thanx for all the love and memories Love Ya G.A. D.L. Mom Dad Sue Holly I love you thanks! to the class good luck in everything you do, REACH FOR THE STARS! IM OUTA HERE!!! Rachael Marie Anne Gasbarro “Rach” Ybked 4 Fb cher 2-4 AFS 1-4 BPrint 1-4 Scott 3-4 Hvst Mkt3 pentwksp 3-4 SH j-s prom, 6 i + 12phcal, Mai, chng fd, pvt. taxi, ml f gd tms. MoeLee pd 8 kst + dest of gud of. LB I ' ll g.t. Shaws 3 chzMcd’s won’t tell TC.CF espanol! Gracias por todas! He wants to play pool? I’m so glad it all worked out this way! Best of times! Fords wild women. Nev 4get MJD, ChChz, Pal, LB’s wild Quantum Pat’s, etc. L + K thnx 4 taxi service, shpng f evels. Snilly thnx 4 lisngybkcmpnts. Ren, Lin, Rob — hows Grov? Spt, Spo, dncs, ski! Moe — did u do wh I did? SDMcchz, Mon, ctg86?? AB surv ybk 86. To all my friends — Best of luck, esp ScH, Lee. KC, CF. RH. MC, CC, LB, SS. Thnx to my family Scott thnx 4 everthing esp. the memories You’ll be out soon enough. Love Ya! Good luck Renee, Joe, Jen, Paul! Galadriel Gilman “Gigri” Basketball 2,3 Capt. 4; Softball 2; F ' ield Hockey 3,4; SAC 3,4; NHS 3,4; M.H.Got 60? to go to N.Y.? Sue just ignore her! Marura, Bill you’re the best, keep in touch and stay out of trouble! You too Dick, and don’t forget you said you " QUIT”! Hey Chris, Huh? What? Good luck with the band. Cheryl, keep Art under control. Basketball 4-eva! Pain? What pain? No pain here, can I go back in Bob? hi Art! Missed ya this year, Rick good luck in the futureCB.SH.AB.MK.MC.DA.BR.KR.RH. Thanx Mom Ken I love ya! Rick, It’s been great and I hope it continues to be! I Love You!!! Brian Graf Barbara E. Green “Barbara” Field Hockey (Goalie) 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,3,4: Foreign Lang. 1: Band 1,2, 3, 4: Philly, Vergenes Wash. — AB,ST, KL — “the toliet won’t stop?” MK, KN.SD, BM, — do you want to go to the beach? Hey Lisa, when do we write that book? WHAT HAPPENED TOYOURCAR!!SusieT.“ slip!” No Jack, I’m not getting married. Mom Dad, Thanks for all you’ve done — R J — hang in there kiddo’s Michelle H. — we MISS you! Maura, What have you done?? SH — our long talks! Cindy, what do we do with the world now?? Butch — thanks for everthing. Ed — blind date a C.D, I’ll never forget it!! Let’s keep the good times rolling!!! L K — Who’s in the locker now?? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Elissa Haller “Elis” Field Hockey 1,2,3, Capt. 4. Get that banner next yr. you guys!! Village 1,2, 3, 4. Crew Parties 4-eva. Pet’s allnighta. “Wliat’s up Goob?” Reynolds 48hr. wkend! Phew, whatta party!!! HVY. MTL. 4-EVA, Priest. Ozzy. Rush. Dio, Accept, AC DC, and Maiden 3rd rowflr. — the best xperience of my life! Let there be ROCK! Sarah Stace — thanx for the awsum “X’s”. Green Stars?!!? It ' s Cool. Jacqui Elena — the golden days. M.J. — op. IMSU ‘56’ Chevy for sale (call Rick). Sweet Leaf — Sabbath — Good Tune!!! Rick Baby!!! 5 17 85 ... I luv ya hun!! Damon, 1 miss ya. buddy! Skiing!! Let it snow! Do it up 87! Take care Simp! Thanx for putting up w me Ma!! Love ya! Rock Hard, Ride F ' ree! . . . 22 Craig Harper Football 1.2,3, Capt 4. Basketball 1, 2,3,4. Party 1-4! Nadine look out for the Ding Bat Catcher!! Tim get the scuba gear!! I salute the KING! SM where the valve. Good luck Dave and the rest of the under-classmen. Joanne stop laughing! Thanks Ma your the best! Thank god it’s over!! Richard F. Hastings “Wonder” Soccer 1-4 Basketball 1-4 (gee whiz!) class sec. 4 confused 1-4 Leggs 3,4 “the Ricker” 4 Page — Your Wild! Stopthecar! let’sgotothetower. Kav — excellent soft blend cookies! I was one behind a minute ago! spite! Fete — No such thingasafree lunch! taste test! Bill — trust in yourself and go for it. Party? guest room’s ready! C.S. — miss you K.K, A.P. — Who’s got a map? S.T. — Baa! G.G. — Physics is pretty easy! Mr. Cairns — 1 can write! Mom and Dad — thanks for being proud of me in whatever I did. Chris — You + I in 1990! To GHS. 1 leave my empty locker. Donna Hayes Dram 1234, BBall 1,2. J. Ob lets go up high on ladders. N.M. Canada forever. I hate my hair. J. Ob 4 N.M. lets go cruising. P.M the army men are coming. Look at tarzan L.G. I get Sue’s room. Hey lets go to the beach, lose your belt somewhere. C.M. summer of 84. P.M. look theres potatoe-Chip. Lerscall the pay phone 1 want that blond L.G. J.Ob Louies hotel J.ob the copies girls Hide run. “room 13 4-eva” bye steph thanks for all the talks, good luck in the future. C.H. too bad you never boiled my water. T.K. you ' re to skinny Good lucktoK.pM.BS.Dandtherestofthe underclassmen. Bye Simp Im gonna miss our chats. Dave lets go over in the corner, thanks for everything 1 LOVE you. Mom and Dad Thanks I love you. To 86’ good luck Im OUTA here! Suzanne Huber “Sue” Field Hockey 3,4. Karen — Billboard climbing drive-in parties. McD’s, Boston taxi ride(C.Z.) K.B. K.S. — Why can ' t I seee?D.W.L.Gigi — my locker buddie — thanks for always being there, teach me standard? B.G. detailed talks, M.C.-J.P. dates. Karla Sandy, Chris — " Crusin 85” — in the Duster, oh on! FIRE!! K.R, S.T. R.S, C.H. — Halloween. Parsonage Road. Topsfield Kim-Ratt, the light. Oh on, duck! Jay — Thanks for the great times l.LY.A. Karyn — Goobers, let’s skip, N.S. next year. Drew-What? ‘T.F.M.N. " -tapes Karla — Psst . . . Garcia, umm . . . conversation, watch out for the baron, my P F. sister. M.H. — missed ya this year. Good luck Chris and Alyssa, Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything. I Love ya! Good luck Seniors. Jack Hudzik Soccer 1,2,4 B-Ball 1-4 Baseball 2-4 SCI 1-1 BP 3,4 SGD 3 AFS 1-4 Brazil Summer 4-thanks Mrs. Ryan. We made it Mrs. Rowe! love you! Hey Keels Kirk, here comes the duck. Yes Denise Space my dog’s name is brown dog. Keels To man u cou. Michelle H. I miss you lots. Mrs. Rood, thanks 4 everything. Scott N. I wish you were here buddy! Good luck to Gigi, Eileen, Sue H. Jacqui 0. Hope u liked it here Art B. Little brother keep your head up tell the girls to leave you alone. Mom Dad I know I’ve been a real pain but, thanxs 4 keeping me — I love you!! To my brazilian Family MUITO Obrigado, eu amo voce, Hey swissy wild women in US! It’s been great but life goes on without me . . . Robin Lin Hurd Band 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 2.3,4; F.L.C. 1; AFS 4: L.C. and J.P: always remember the goof times: B.A., Tilton Tower. M L., kfc.Hav. Cinema, “Why are we stopping?” “Are we arrested?”; L.C. and R.g. remember: Ski trip. B.S., J.M. J.C. K.G. J.G., R.K.. ST. Pats dances. Good Times!: Left Kelly! LEFT! K.H. There is a car coming at us! M.L: Do you know where we are? Me neither!, how is R.L.? Watch out for that static! All filled out! R.G. thanks for always being there when I needed someone totalkto! Thanks mom and dad for all your love and support I couldn’t have done it without it! Shawn good luck!! Thanks Mrs. Rowe! Good bye and good luck to the class of 1986!! Dee your a spaz!! 23 Kelly Laurene Hynes “Kelly” Drama Club 2,3,4. FlC 1,2. AFS 3,4. Blueprint 4. ML, RH LC, Are we lost? Long live the Lodge! I know, you said LEFT. Follow that truck! Are we on the right side of the road? Kev, the Comet died but the Ponnyrac lives forever! Linda Jo, although thousands of miles separate us, we’ll be friends forever. Good luck Jules. Keep in touch. Dave we survived! Good luck Leanne. Kevin, Nancy C, Nancy L, Rick + Rachael. Deenie, watch out for those RPI weekends! I love you mom. Robin and Maggie you’re the best of friends. Reenie, thanks for everything. 1 love you. Good Luck class of “86”! Steven Kavanau h “Steve” Soccer 1,2, capt. 3,4. Basketball 1-3, capt 4. Baseball 1-4, N.H.S. 3,4 Cape Cod summers 3,4, ... 5? Nauset and the warcanoes — Jams — Hey Bill, Is that double cake? Break on through Pagey. — The Sox + JD and BT’s always. Shoot to thrill — The big three live on . . . Columbo . . . Farn, Dick, Pete, — The Troopers. Rick you’re always one down. Navigating in the Scout — . . . Hey Fin, what are we gonna do now? Let’s go hit a few — Private sixes. Ma, Thanx for all the lunches. Krissy, Dimples, W.B. f H.N.K. — our times have been the best! I luvya. I’mrunninfree — This Bird’s gotta fly . . . Mark Keeler “Keels” Hockey 4, Drama Club, Student Council, Senior Class Play, AFS Hey guys we made it! Kirk, Jack let’s go out, Hustle! Dipp’n at the Pate! Pete L. where’s my wallet? Kirk did it all! Jack get the book! Get the towels. The Duck Quack, Quack! Cathy C. where are my cookies? Gi how do I get to W.A.F.? Art. B. learn your lines. Suet, learn how to eat! Barn runs at C. st.Ron L. get the implement s. Pete L. U of B!! Kirk, party at T.A.s house. “Mark, wake up guess what I did? Good party Jack! Cathy, legs tired? Maura, who’s Dave? Find a mane for your band Farn! The Pit! Naomi Brown, Bruce Wheeler. Good Luck Morris, luv ya! Zues, Van Helsing. We’re gonna make it! Everyone Thanx? 86 1. Debbie J. Kehoe F.H. 1,2, 3.4 Capt. 3, B.B. 1-3 D.C. 1-4, McD. 3 + 4, OEA 4 Sec. 4, NPT 4. H.B. -1- K.W. remember “CAPTAIN, PERRY, ONE WAY ST., P ST.” The Nova + Malibu are the flawless cars ever. Thanks for everything, your guys are the best. Heidi, P.V. and C.F. (playing hard to get) N.M. “SHACK” K.W. How’s your “HEM” E.C. What are you “A CLOWN” C.H. WALKER Jamie, good luck with all those years left at GHS. Thanks for everything Sherri. GOOD LUCK: K.C. D.T, N.F, C.M, L.G, J.R, L.W.S.Sand everybody else. Always remember the good times. I love you Mom + Dad, thanks foreverything. I hopeeveryone holds on to their weirdest and wildiest dreams in life. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF “86” Thomas Kelly “Tom” Fords 1,2, 3, 4. Chevys bite the big one. Cruisin the beaches 85” SNAFU 1! Jeanne see ya at OSWEGO! Kim, “Where’s Jon?” Craig “Wanna ride?” Bill, junk the camaros. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Thank god it is all over. Mustangs are 1!!! Nancy L’Hommedieu “Nance” X-Country 4, AFS 2,3. Drama 2,3,4. Sr. Class Play; Hampton85 — until4am! Ican’tbelieve we did that Can we move to N.Y. cath? Andi, stop paintin! DM, the prom was awesome! Norm I luv ya! Cas, Cha, Alex, u girls r the best! NC, HR, AB, KK. ML. KH, SO, keep n touch. Cat, memba Eric? I luv urZ28! Scott — goodbye 4eva! Chikon — Kitons rule! Cath, get real underwear + stop talkon in ur sleep! (oh grose) Dumb Auntie! It’s a biology beach party! The KILL mobile + Andi’s legs out the windows! Officer B ♦ T Cath, we’re gonna b real cops! Mom, Jack, I’ll make it! Al, is that a cop behind us? Kurt, ur an awesome friend! Thanx! Bye everyone I’ll miss ya! Cath, I’ll see you at 6 AM!! 24 Kathleen Lacey Cross Country 3,4; Softball 2-4. Honor Society 3,4; Band 1-4; Stance band 2-4; Drama Club 1-4; Sr. Class play “DRACULA” CC MC do you know where the ball is? Chuck E. Cheese — MingJade — never forget A. B., L.W.,C.F. — John’II never forget. Washington A.B., B.G. S.T. — Still going after 6 hrs.? Cathy, why are we doing this ourselves? Really Mr. Cairns, we just started walking S.S. Do you have any idea what we’re doing? R.S. — Bandalier, stop laughing! AV. — a smurf cream cone. Thanks Mum and Dad. Good luck ’86!!!!! Ron Lamoly Student Gov. Rep 3, Skit 1,2, 3, 4. Honor Roll (sometimes) Drama Club 4. Hey Drew, Softcell " 69 Impalas Rule. Mark, Kirk Jack let Me Tell You Darlings You Look Marvelous. Scott, I finally learned that song. OOh it looks like Jimmie M. is about to explode — We’ll Have to watch for that. I don’t care what anyone says, cartoons are great. Book ’em Gleno 1 count of excessive tv watching Goodbye Good luck Kirk R, Heidi R, Art. Pete S, Brain W, the Simoans, Jen Annie Paula Marcy, Nicole F ' . and all of the class of ’86. The Table guys too. We sure shoved ’em. It’s been great 5-12 grade, Georgetown. Margarett Christine Leonard “Maggie” A.F.S. 3,4 F.L.C. 1,2 Drama Club 2,3,4 Academ. Decath. 4 Academ. Hall 4 Senior Class PI. RH How ' s Life? KH We said left! RH LC KH I get the hood piece JP Which one is he? KR Righ, no correct. RH KH Always remember the lodge! RL Help this isn’t BASIC. KH I hope this was meant to be funny!! RH Robin wake up. SS Remember AUKIAUK! JH Did you doyour A P?! KH JP DN She’s giving us the silent treatment. Daddy and the gang I love you! Plus I couldn’t do it without you!! Mrs. Rowe Thank you, friends forever!! GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ’ 86 !! Richard Lobley “Rick” CONCERT Band 1,2, 3, 4 Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4 Keeping on in art . Ron, I keep telling you, you should be a game show host . . . Steve, how’s your forehand doing? Never forgetthepresidentofFrance. . . Metermag! Catch a7-pounderPete.GB.GOOD LUCK ‘86’ Peter Lohri “Pete” Football 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Barn Run? Who’s got theJack?Steve,AC DCor what? Space, twins, what twins? Dick can I have a ride? Keel, dippin’ at the Pate? Naahhh!!! Booka! Zeppelin rules! School — Daxe, Hey Nate! Rick, control that kid! Bill the pond league is looking marvelous this year! Moist! Dazed and Confused!! Ryan your a madman, keep it up! Packy your a dude, but you have to stop writing on desks man! Or I’ll have to bench press you!! Mr. Cairns, it’s been real. Mom and Dad, thanx for everything!! Farn, Turkey bowl!! Fin. It’s time to Ramble On. . . Patricia Marciano “Patti” Drama Club 1,2,3, OEA 4 Treasurer Cabin 1,2. “86 " You Guys are awesome!! CM, NM, KC. HB, JO’B. JD.CM,SD,JR,SB,LW.NF,NM,DH, Good Luck!! Matthew see ya later man!! Donna try not to hit any more guardrails! Jacqui, what about that friendship we never had?? DH Any motorcycles hit your car lately? Remember Salisbury? Those were the awesome years!!!!! Tom 2,3,4-eva, I love Ya Hun!!! Mom Dad I love ya both! Thanks for everthing! Well Georgetown High School it’s been Real!!! We’re Young, We’re Wild, We’re FREE! 25 Nicole Claudine Marquis VP1,2,PRES3. . ,?4 What Happened Drama Club 1-4 Foreign Lang 1,2, Gymnastics 1-4 NATIONALS Sarasota Jimmy 2,3,4. JR Don’t trip. NF steal any s p lately! KR + WG “Give me a coffee” JO Don’t forget J N Agency Boston Spenser: For Hire 1985, Did you see me?! EC HELP! my cars rolling!, your the best. JIMMY, MY Best friend thanx for always being there when I need you! “Ti am no” MM is your Baby smile! Cheek! Do you like bananas? TYCO How’s ? — Great Not here kids. IWTLY Lay it on the line. NEW YEARS 86 FLORIDA!! BMW 1 MOM + DAD Thanx for being my greatest fans. LISA I.L.Y. SB JO SM EH JD PM KC DCT SS KS HB NC KW, Whatever the challenge, whatever the test, whatever your striving for, give it your best. Good Luck !!!!!!! David McLaughlin “Dave” Drama Club 2,3,4, Tardy 1,2, 3, 4, Sat. a.m. 3,4 Cat C. Your a Wild Hunk of Woman! L.G. you have been a great friend. A.V. Where the @ $% is your $10? D.O. Thanks for all the rides when my car died!! N.L. Lets fool around!! K.H. Thanks for all the answers in Acct. II! I don’t Know what I would have done without you!!!! C.C. Don’t hide behind the door she will kill us!! Welcome to Dave’s Hotel!!! What the five people sleeping in one car??? TRACEY YOU MADE THIS YEAR THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!! Good luck class OF ’86!!! It’s been too real. Sarah Lee McQuillan Field Hockey 1,2, 3,4 Drama Club 1234 Treas 2 VPres 3 Fri 13 AC-DC (lost) Iron Maiden (lost again!)ACCEPTJP(U2)RUSH(N.F.)— 48hr wk end!!! Green Stars Sweet-leaf Sabbath! — Stacey -i- Elissa you guys are the best — ILY!! Sue of course you can drive through . . . tow? Where’s the Gloucester Courthouse?!!!! Good Luck! E.C. — thanx for the good X’s! Stace — ski mask trip! Good luck.NM.NM.JR,CM.JObri,KW, — mom + dad I LOVE YA!!CPkeepintouch!!Weareso near . . . Yet so far away!!! James Meader Senior class play, Dracula himself Forgive me, I dislike mirrors, they don’t break when they’re supposed to. Can the gallant lover ask such a question? I infered it my friend Georgetown ”86, Harvard ’0. Can I have a Corn chip, Glenn? Thanks Sue, B.B., A.F. — I DID IT!!! “Snap, Snap.’’ D.C.T. Remember the lip. Smash any cars lately, Rick? Once in a lifetime. It looks like we are going to graduate, Ron, it’s a good thing too. Let’s all square dance! One day I shall come back until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxiety, just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Nadine M. Michaud Cheering 2,3,4 Drama 1,2,4. Hey guys, well whatta know the time has come for us to say our good-byes. D.H. Canada was the best! I’ll neverforget those times, “out smarted by a G.D. banana head!” JO, Wanna get some Boone’s 2-night! Remember (!!WT in the dressing room, OH MY! S.S. How does it feel to be married! 5 24 weekend! “The Shack”, J.S, T.S, C.H, D.K, K.W. Yeah. I can see it. THE CADOBA!! C.H. Will you ever leave me alone! J.O. Cruising, JAILBREAK, Flying high. AGAIN! C.M. 83 summer liveson ! The mondza will never die! MY EYE! How about some p. butter for Luke! Jim, Thanx for all the memories, I LOVE YOU FOREVER! Mom + Dad I couldn’t have done it w out you! The memories will remain, but the best is yet to come. Christine Elizabeth Morse GHS 2,3,4, Drama Club 2,3,4, SHSl No sports, but dance . . . 1234 . . . Nadine, You’ve been a great friend; sail-boat; Luke — KILL!! Sheraton Tara. DH summer of ’84. JR the tractor G G, “Let’s get lost” Hampton 2:30 am, arrested?! W. guns, sunrise at PI . . . Good Luck LG(I made it)SM — Limo,gumat495. . . J.O. drag racing? STAIN! Subway to boston; Anybody wanna buy my car? I didn’t forget you. Mr. G, Thanx. Cabin, Junior prom, hop party. My eye, myeye! NF 12 85 stuck in the mud! KW, WOLVERINES! Jim’s pool, all nite at Todds. You’ve all been great, but its time for g-byes. Take care and never forget the good times we’ve had, but remember there’ll always be more to come. Watch out world, here comes the class of ’86. 26 j William Moultrie I “Bill” 1 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. In Trouble 1,2, 3, 4. Football pl,2,4. Basketball 1,2. Chevey Forever!! Tome, ' Fords . Paul Mike summer school j! ’85 was eat! Cruzin the beach. Mike let’s go • look at cars, 68, 69, camaro’s are the best ! 68 — ! Bill, 69 — Brenda, I’ll finish them someday! Hang touch Lisa. Brenda you’ll make it. I’m fOUTTA here! I’m also going CRAZY! ‘AREOSMITH” loves forever!!! Kirk Newmann Who did it? Football 3,4 AFS 1,2,3, 4. Band 1,2, 3, 4 Soccer 2 Senior Play Promoter. Kiss the Tiger; No! No! Voltage: 11:37 P.W. my friends. Lets go to the beach. Rascals, Terry. Who is she? Thanks for those weekends — 12-(6-ll) 85 the best. Lets Jam J.P. and Tony. Keeler wake up, IFKI). Mike thanks for being a big brother. Quack. Quack. Buddy Rocket is still alive. The word for today and tomorrow is Mon P. Keeler and Lori dip’n in the pate. Punching towels in the sand. I hope you find your MP Eve. I WISSH Thanx for being good friends Mark, Jack, Maura, and Sue. I luv you, Trisha. Great summer Mark and Maura. Don’t let go of this one Mike. See you around Class of ' 86. Back to that question. I did it all Mr. Goldberg. Denise Marie Nichiniello “Dee” V.PRES. 4 AFS 1-4 Drama Club 1-4 Sr. Class Play DRACULA! Bl. Prnt. 1-3 editor 4! SOCCER 1,2! SS RPI no whe re to sleep rm. 201 ! CM — ZZ TOP — BUGS — DUDE — BEST FRIENDS— ILY!!CF ABsundaes parking you are ff skits waterbeds store 24 at 4!! SHAKIN — U 2 R the BEST! NO fences or gum but cellars r ok LC KC — LC keep in touch! JP h20 showers — OUT OF CONTROL ILY sis! MA DAD Peters I don ' t know what I’d do without u THANKSIJackie Poo good luck! SF u smell good! No DA I do not love him ! Vinny you make my dreams come true I LOVE YOU 2day, 2morrow 4ever! SR. YR. has come and gone but the memories will last a life time! ’86 Shoot for the ♦STARS . . . !!!!!!! Jacquelyn M. O’Brien “Jacqui” Cheering 2. Musketeers forever E.H., E.C. L.G., J.D. Louies 10, 11, 15. K.W, what’s on your neck? P.M. we found it. D.G. no rides for you. walk!! my back’s o.k. D.H. N.M.cruisin, jailbreak, flyin high again. D.H. thanks, love ya. D.H. + D.A., M.P. + S.G. love forever. T.S. yours is the best, sorry for everything. JO-LEE! R.M. YOUR special. N.F. B-HAIRS!, in the cellar!?! Kim, sn., sx. fr.. someday Good-Luck with Jon. J.D. NVY’S. D.L. H.G. J.H. — summer ’85. D.L. ILY, memories will last 4-eva., Oct. 29-83, 2yrs. -i- on. Aerosmith 85. Rod Stewart 84. L.G. no words can tell — love ya. F aps LYLAS, miss ya. Love You Mom, Chris, Dad, Pam,?, Mr. Mrs. G thanks. Peek I miss you. To my friends. I’ll Love you all tomorrow as much as I do today! GOOD LUCK ’86 Michael O’Hare “Mike” ' ar breaks down 1,2,3, . . . Chevy power hevelles rule Steve to bad about the car keep ff the roads with your bike. Keep away from he LSD gang. Bumber rides on the chevelle unns hill. Nipper watch your glasses. Bill ood luck with your cars. I know you’ll have he meanest one in town. 69 Camero’s rule e’ve had some mad times together. Bill and ' aul stay in touch. Let’s out run the boys gain Paul mobil man. Go wild in seventh eriod, the madest class, eeh.eeh. Have a bad ne. ’86 rules. The Reaper lives. AC DC Rules, ireosmith concert’s are berzerk. Jesselynn Opie “Jess” Cheering 1,3 + 4 Drama Club 3 Student Council 4 KC IKYLA, thanks for being a real friend — JC is the best! NM I’ll meet you at the top! Jen — “I’m Freezin!’’, You’re not soft. Steve thank you so much for everything — Mum thank you for what I am today, I love you both so much! EH J SH “GET OUT O F MY ROOM!” Antiguan summer of 83’ — Cavelier rum + coke. I love you. Daddy, I am so proud of you! Leila, see you when I get there. CM thanx for the memories of ’85 + drivers ed. Michael — “Want to taste my lipstick?” Sorry about Dads truck — I’m really notan air-head. Make your dreams come true I LOVE YOU! When in doubt eat chocolate, when confident eat alot of Chocolate! Good Luck Class of ’86. It’s never too late. 27 Diane Quellette “Di- orama Club 2,3,4. OEA 4 GOOD LUCK ’86. THANX FOR BEING THERE FOR ME MUM AND DAD. GOOD Luck John and Chris. MEG ME AND YOU IN FLORIDA IN APRIL! CAN’T WAIT! ONLY ONE MORE YEAR INTHISPRISON! WE HAD SOME GOOD TIMES GREG, DAVID AND FRED YOUR GOOD FRIENDS AND I LUV YA ALL. MEG, ANDREA AND CATHY DON’T FORGET HAMPTON AND AMESBURY MEN!! GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Scott Ouellette “Guniby” Steven Page “Steve” Basketball 123 Capt. 4 Cape Cod summer 85 After Hours, the Fraud. . .Ricklets vePata ride to the tower. Tom where did Cat Lady go? No danish for Bill. Finlow your huge! Clarkie don’t call mecheif Joanne you’re a good friend stay in touch. Sorry Kav, no mail. Space you’re a half pint. Skit party. The johna. dipping on the beach with dead heads Skoal long cut BUDLight The Doors no. 1 Break on thru. Gloria AC DC Floyd Chevys rule! Harpers squirrel hunting 74 Duster . . . war games Bill will go! Camel . . . Art you have a bad attitude . . . rapid fir. LA women no more rides on your bike chip. What do! Later GHS Jim Morrison Lives . . . Gregory Peatfield “Greg” Computer Instruction 1,2, 3, 4 Newspaper 2,3,4. Editor 3,4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. March. Band 1,2, 3, 4 Phantom LightingSenior Play — Maggie, hope your feet are better from the Junior Prom. Kirk, get out of the house. Good-bye English. Mr. Lowell, computers are “Basic.” Thanks throughout school, Lov Ya. Watch out world for the class of 86’, we are awesome! Julee Belle Peters “Jules” Soccer 1,2 AFS 1-4 Drama Club 2-4 Laziness 1-4 Sue T. Keep in touch Friends 4-ever, LC RH Had good times (KFC, Tilton Towers, Hav. C.) Lin, Y R we stopping? Remember Pheonix East JM GD, Dee, Luv ya Sis, U’N Vin 4-eva, H20’s no fun! TW Don’t let him go. P, Tans, D Luv ya Babes, BB call me when U’re 17, Mags Kells Good Luck! Di Meg U’re Crraazzy girls, dring 1 4 me. 2 my Harem, Luv ya all. I’ll miss U Schafee. CC, NL, AV “Talked to Bruce lately?” Ted T. “Hey Cutie” Thanx Mom Dad. I’m not a little girl anymore. GHS it’s been real but, “Later.” Joanne Radford “Jo” Cheering F-ball 1-4 Capt 1,2 B-ball2 Hockey3 OEA 4. Dee remember all the good times, double dates down the tracks “Boones Farm” The best is yet to come. Elena you “SM” Oriental rug? This is OUR hometown. KW what did happen that night? JD Oswego this summer? CM tractor, lets get lost. NM remember “go for it all” JO’b SM SB KC PM your the best friends anyone could have. TK JSTSCHSPDS I love you guys, my 17th bday, 7 4 85,Graigthe skunk!! Chip I’ll never forget you, Chuck your special, Dave no more rides, Drew the last four years wouldn’t be the same without you. Mike our memories will last forever. Mom + Dad I made it!!!! 86’ Close your eyes and follow your dreams! 28 Kirk Rakos Karyn Ann Robbins Soccer 1,2,3,4 Nadineyou’re the best! No more telephone poles! Best friends forever! Pam watch those stone walls! Sue-Goobers! NS fall 86’ Mary and Brenda watch out for the trucks! Face 1 and Face 2 be good and stay out of trouble! The magic bus lives forever! Sam watch the coolers! Gigi I made it! Kevin, Kelly and Kenny, you are the best brothers and sister I could ever have! I Love you guys! Mom and Dad thanks for everything I love you! David, I am glad that I went to Conn. 7 4 85 it was the best weekend that I ever had because I met you! Sweetheart 1 love you now and forever! P.P T.M. butts before prac tice! Face 1 Summers eve! Heidi Jean Roeder AFS 3,4 Drama Club 3,4 SADD 3,4 Stay in touch C.C., N.C., N.L., K.H., M.L., S.T.. D.T., K.R., IIuv U Zane. Z.P. H.R. 4-eva. Thanks Dad. Thanks Pat for everything, my mom. Kim, see ya in the Olympics, sis. Hey big brother thanks for the teasing. Good Luck in college. Bill good luck in G.H.S. Nance, thanks for the tutoring. Your a great friend. Rainbow, I luv U. Schafee U are a great kid. I will miss U. ’86 is best! Jack thanks for the advice. Cat, my best friend, good luck in the future. Hey J.P., R.H., S.S remember the superbowl! Trace keep smiling. Kirk thanks for being a friend. Bye G.H.S. ... Wilfred F. Roy “B. Roy” Soccer l,2Capt. 3,4 Wrestle 1 Ski always, Cape Cod 84,5,6? — After hours Oday Sails. Best time ever. Kav. Fin. big 3 better disband before we get killed. Pagey, we went once we’ll go again. Rick, best friends, keep in touch always. Party my house, parents stopped that! Nicole I loveya — couldn’tofmadeitw o ya. Gig, best friend I ever had. Krissy, I don’t lie — my names Bill Cath, CU in the CIA. PL the pond league lives. DA gettin high on Floyd? Kav, goin out w the boys bites! NF I’m not a flirt. Those aren’t my empties! are they? day!? Barnrun Hangin there Don, you’ll be out soon enough. Spencer, have a pregame! BSA-4 ever. Time to go now G-town, I’m about to enter " The Battle of Kvermore’’ Stacey E. Sears F’ield Hockey 2,3,4 Hon. Soc. 3,4 Cheering 2 Fine arts economics? What did we get )urseIvesinto?JaWohl Right, I mean correct — No more trips to Boston Mrs. Nelson! Auk? Suzanne — never forget Nov. 22-23, Pat, our ’riend? Keep in touch Lisa! Chuck E Cheese, Ming Jade, and the Palace — Good luck jveryone! no more monkey business — R.G. ?ood luck with you know who — Thanx Mr. Dairns and Mr. Fraser! Quantum party — XYZ Hang tough Eric! Thanx for putting up Adth me mom dad . . . But I guess it’s time or me to move )n . . . Robert Shann “Bob” Wrestling 3,4 ineligible 3,4 ineligible for football 4. 3 4 3,4 G.H.S. what joke. T.S. D.R. lookout for choppers ridiculously out of control in the pig pen (solitary). Tim sleep well? Consume heavenly QUATERS. Amazing photos on the locker. Mr. MOJO RISIN lives on C.C.R. LED ZEP AEROSMITH AME RICAN PI E is madness. LW crank some real tunes. Soft guard rails. Destruction crew ’85. N.F., H.B., A.P., buy some CAMBO or what jag. LISA I ' m glad we got together I luv yu . . . well it’s time to ramble on. My song is over I thought I’d something more to say . . . 29 Timothy C. Shea “Tim” Football 1-4, Baseball 2-4. Chevy 3,4. Purple Haze w Jim 2, NH skiing, gondolas. Oh Sue-Z-Q: Good Times Bad Times. Prom 3 w Nicole. Craig: Want to argue? Brown Sugar. Led Zep, VH. AC DC. Centrum Garden events. Quarries, Radio tower blast, Cabin trips, horseshoe. Party at Dave’s. JS: Summer daze ' 85. Girls room 4-sum: AB,TS, LC.DS. Gin Skin. Bob Dave: Look out for choppers. JAG Squeaky Shoes! What could have been: Lis + 2. Bruins. Celts, Johnny Most. GREEN STARS!?!? Pumping gas. Parry you clown. Tea night? Shawsheen defeat! M.M., DR, JM, AP, GS, CP; destroy! Assault w missiles. Mad Dog! What isAVhat should never be. Peter A. Sheldon “Pete” Hockey 3,4 Senior Class Play Special Effects (not to special) Greg, get up we’re late again Hey A, Hey chief what do. Anthony, don’t kill me I wrote it. Come on let me sleep. Foreigner in Doug’s PontiacThe King Buddy W. Hey Mr. Faretta I executed another“Hangem high” DR, GC, Let’s ride. Let’s go sailing with the Magic Dragon Old Milwalkee, Party on Misery. KC how’s the military. Can I buy your magic bus. Going to the dance Kath Toni? or what. Don’t get caught again! Thanks Coach O’Reilly. Eileen E. Skinner “Eileen” Marching Band 1,2,3 Asst. Drum Major 4. Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4. Librarian 2,3 Head Librarian 4. Drama Club 3 Secretary 4 H.R. Rep. 2 4. Yearbook Staff 4. J.H., M.K., D.N. and S.T. I’m gonna miss ya. Kellie, I’ll never forget Nov. 28, Thanx. Ron never forget the D.C. trip. I don’t know what I wo uld have done w o. Sue, ‘‘Tommy Tumbles” and ‘‘Leenie Lives.” Kellie, don’t forget our long talks duringlunch.S.S. don’t the Jr. Prom. Lisa and Michele best of Luck. It’s not as bad as it seems, just hang in there. Thanks Mom Dad for all your support 1 love you. Mrs. Rowe, I’m glad you were there for us and Good luck to the Class of 1986. Douglas M. Smith “Doug” Football 1,2,3, 4. Wrestling 1,2 N.H. Weirs Beach every summer JB, JP, DG, CL, TB, Scorp 230 best parties on the lake . . . Motorcycle Weekend in N.H. — T.S., D.R., T.S., M.O., — (good picture, Jim) . . . Girls room 4-sum AB, LC, TS, DS . . . Dave watch what you say around Priv, . . . MAD-DOG weird things happen . . . Gondolas at Wildcat . . . T.K.O. by L.G. . . . assault withaflyingmissile. . .death runson white oaks midnight runs to B.K. . . . Dave you hit the cruiser with the can . . .Quarters at Daves, Parry gets the bugs . . . “Maxim 650” . . . D.D. at Prom w N.F. T.S. was a blast! This song is over . . . Karen Spiliotis Field Hockey 1,2,3 Capt. 4 B-Ball 3,4 Honor Society 3, Sec. 4 Class Treasurer 3, Drama Club 2,3,4 SH CH Boston — Cab ride Steve’s Clock!! Summer of ’85 — Hampton Beach, CC, Drive-ins — SH.JB, DB, CS, WL, SB, ST!! Billboard Climbing SH,JL,PD!! Sue — My best friend, SS — Tube Snake Boogie! 1 Chem Labs — Thanx Mai!! NM — Gymnastics KB — Watch out for the cops! ! ! Sue — Midnight bike ride in Danvers, Sandy — We should have stayed!! Cheryl, Maura, ST, BR — Yo u’re the best — Good Luck Amy and Jeff — Thanx for everything Mom and Dad — Luv ya . . . Let the Good Times roll!!! Stacey Ann Symes “Space” Basketball 3,4 Sarah, its a " VO” nite! Village Cups! Grab a rose! All nightas! (Pat’s) Where’s J A? AS is AWESOME! Elis, the pocketbook scheme! Trip to AC DC (LOST) Green Stars ANGUS! Nadine — I feel like I’m married! I’ll miss U! Pete — twins! QUARRYS! Where’s the Gloucester Court? Terminus Eldorado! U2, Iron Maiden, JP . . . Dee — RPI weekends! DUDE (dudette?) No place to sleep! C.M. issocool! BUGS! ZZTOP! Friends Again, ILY! Sarah Elis, we’ve had lots of good times — ILY!! — Good Luck DC PL SF DA RH BR SP SK — I wish U guys the best! Bye Pagey! Thanx Mom Dad, ILY — Thanx 4 everything Mr. Cairns — 1 choose to go where eagles DARE . . . 30 Susan Nancy Thompson “Sue” Band 1,2,3 Pres. 4; March. Band 1, 2,3,4; Stage Bands; F.L.C. 1; Drama ClubSTreas. 4; B.P. 4; “DRACULA” — Seward J.P. — Giving monthly’s enough? N.L.’H. — Barn . . . SHUSH! E.S. 3-H. . .KILL! M.C.—S.K.’sgift ... You buy it! M.K. — 80 m.p.h. slowdown . . . please? Robin, J.H. — No, I don’t put batteries in my clothes. “THIS IS GROSS CARELESSNESS!” N.C., Luv ya always sis. NEBYC — You have to go Kellie! . . . I “SMACK” Jim — The A.F. B.B. — You Got It! J.H. — Don’t forget, . . lOyrs. Van Helsing — never forget my services. . .Jeff,thanksfor the memories . . . Love you. B.G. — Frolic . . . iQuick, your slip! Mom Dad, thanks for jeverything. I love you. Go for your dreams " 86”. We’ve only just begun. Drew Christopher Tronerud Holayna, Joanne 333; R.B W E.C. K.W.; J.M. History; “MIDNIGHT SUMMERL)REAM”;J.H.,S.M..T.T., N.C.M., C.C., A.V., E.C., K.W., J.R., J.O., J.T., S.H., C.H., L.G., H.R., S.B., M.W., E.C. — Tape; “You’ve been coughing: since Sept. “Wuthering Heights; Christopher Watkins; Kate Bush; Gary Numan; Nena; Sarah Remington-Greaves; Steve-Wheelchair, The paper towel; she must be hungry; R.L. — Billboard: S.H. — What? Mr. G. — Southside; Mumble; M.W. — Where’s the equation? Snapple; Hormel; John 3chpt. 2ver. 21; Prime Time — A.P.P.: 13,23,21.; Yello — E.C. — Poems; C. Hyndes; 759; Remorse; T.F.F.;2B3H. THIS TIME OF NIGHT — New Order; The Smiths — sire — 25269 Side 1, 3rd Song; Good Luck Underclassmen!; Change of Heart; Pg. 53 RC.B.H.; Withour Hope my body starts tofail; Memoriesfade but the scars still linger. JUST A SHADOW OF THE PEOPLE WE SHOULD BE; Trust in God. Believe in yourself. Dare to dream. Andrea S. Vaughan “Andi” Cas u’ve bin ther 4 me, u + dem will make it thru thik n thin, u guys r the best — I luv ya! The Y mobile and KILL — greek boyz r the best!! The famous line of DS + CS, HA! the 1st time isn’t the best, Sponge OSKAMALA! Polaki sandwiches yum!Chrys + Cha — stayntouch.ur the best. Steve n Sue — good luck. Mum Dad, thanx. I luv u. DM — DO — stay n touch buds. Creme rinse? Cas — I AIN’T YOUR HUN! Outa my eye. Greek American meat. 1 — We ain’t gonna get caught. So, I was wrong again. Officer B + T. Chikons + Kitons ... I don’t think u realize who u r dealin with. Pulled ova again? MC good luck. The Palace-Rascals. Lip sinc-sex shooter. Legs out the window in Peabody. NC stay n touch 32 (456) 7-1 beta b the weddon!!! Kristen Werner F.H. 1,2 Capt. 3 BB 1,2 Drama Club 1,2,3,4, Blue Print3,40EA4 Heidi and Deb, whatcan I say, you two are the best! Npt. 4-eva “THE CAPTAIN!” Elena, I will never forget all the good times we’ve had! Your the best friend anyone could have! JR, NM. LG. JO, SB, DH, CM, you make everyday fun. Good Luck! Jo, what did happen THAT NIGHT! D.T. firends foreva! ! Dee, Can you see it? The shack all the way! J.B. good luck next year. Mom + Dad thanks for everything. I love you and I couldn’t have done it without you. Good Luck everyone, we’ve only just began!!! Laurie White “Lau” FB Cheering 3, Capt. 4, BB Cheering 1,2,3, Capt. 4 SC 1.2,3 Pres. 4, OEA Sec. 4 MM I’ll luv you 4-eva! 3 25! Motor-cycle gang . . . 1,2, the zuk lives! Toyota! Lis put your seatbelt on! Kim was he in there?! OO OH BAHAMAS! Baldpate Loonie. Fast Machine, Shook me all night! Law its over! HE-WOMAN! TA. Radioactive! In the Shower? CD! Urgent!! Warrior! Justin want some TP? Sprout? (no more!) GS your a FOX!!! The Best Of Times, Don’t Let It End! 2 22, zippers, SD, CAMPING.Cubby somany Memories! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS! I LUV YA Mom. Dad, Paul, Kev Mik! Lis stay BEAUTIFUL!! You’re my BESTEST! I LUV YA 4-Eva! Now we ' ve cometo the end of our RAINBOW! Good Luck 86’!!!!!!! Glen A. Woodbury The Twilight Zone Television 25,902 hours Honor Roll 3 " You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the sign up ahead — your next stop The Twilight Zone!” 31 Dawn Michelle Worrall “Dawn” Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4 Foreign Language Club 1 AFS 3,4 Senior Class Play! DRACULA (Renfield) I “Dig” Archaeology!! EARTHWATCH “85” MAJORCA, SPAIN Thanks Mr. Donnelly thanks for everything Mom Dad, Love you both. Only a few more — years hang in there Eve. Adios — Chiquita. BYE S.S., J.B., MA.R., T.W., R.C. No, No, Why? Why? Why? Pm SORRY!!!!!!! It’s sad. Do you know what I saw! Remember the swing! Good Luck Seniors! Now What do I do . . . Paul Wyman Bordum 1,2, 3, 4. Problem Children out of control go wild. Square, Headlights, cruisin the beach, rukus in the pool hall. Puff a tranny pay the price. Steve where’s the Nova? Milta take good care of the Caprice. Mina get off the dirt. Junk them rice burners! Tom, bad news Fords don’t cut it! Bumper riding in the snow, hold on Mike. Mcfin eheh! Get outa my face punk! ’71 Buick Skylark mint tire fryer. Here comes the fire Department. Tardif no more games. Stay away from LSD gang. The reaper rebel rules. Bill Camaros are mint. Mike Chevell’s never die they just go faster! Steve get serious scirroco power? Referpower. Rock + Rock will never die don’t defy it. Hang in there lunch crew! Lets blow this joint! I’m gone. Victoria A. Margeson “Vikki” Drama Club 1,2, 3; Ski Club l,2;O.E.A. 2; Foreign Lang. Club 1,2; Spirit Day 1,2,3; Bradford “4”; Nancy, Dee and the rest of my friends . . . I’VE MISSED YOU!!! I couldn’t have done it alone. Bradford will never be the same! Dee, when’s the wedding?! Best of Luck with Vin! Nance, or is it Dr. Ruth??? Hey Guy s lets do it again sometime!!! I guess this is goodbye (for now); I love you MOM and DAD!!! Never be afraid to run ahead, but don’t look back! Remember, from here on out its up hill! Good Luck to everyone in the class of ’86! to all of those who follow on our footsteps! Holly and Dean, you’re the best! See you all in 5 years. Laurent Schafer “Schafee” Soccer 4 Drama Club 4 AFS 4 Vandenberg Rhoads 4ever Hey little brother, keep away from the Rowley police with Chris and John! Scott, you’re born artist, good luck 4 your future musical career! Hey Holly n’oublie pas de travailler ton francais! If there’s something I won’t forget it’s surely the food, isn’t it Steve and Rick? Julee, grosses bises a toi et bonne chance! Good luck to all the soccer team 4 coming years! Thanks to everyone who helped me to go through this year at the Georgetown High!!!! Farewell. Michelle Habeck Dear Faculty, For many years you have been with us, teaching us, guiding us, and supporting our activities. We never seem to find the chance, though, to express our gratitude. We would like to take this opportunity to say “thanks” for all your help in preparing us for life, and for your friendship, for at least one of you is special to each of us. We really do appreciate you, and we’ll miss you. Love, The Class of 1986 33 FACULTY AND STAFF Dr. Robert J. Sinibaldi Superintendent Mr. Gerald H. Silverman Principal Mrs. Pearl Smart Administrative Bookkeeper Mrs. Lilly M. Townsend Administrative Secretary ! 34 mi iiini Joyce Armeen Guidance Counselor Richard Arns Social Studies RoseAnne Baglio Business Education 35 William Bannister Media Dii-ector Bernard Bennett Industrial Arts Frank Berardino Social Studies Pat Bird Special Educator Pat Bracci Mathematics Terry Burke Mathematics 36 Richard Cairns English Department Head Susan Clay Media Deborah Coates Library Margie Daniels Education Involvement Ruth DeAngelis Secretary James Collamore Athletic Director 37 Charles H. Donnelly Science Larry Faretta Social Studies Leona Defanski Business Education Paul Dostie Music Department Head Susan Denton Home Economics JoAnne Evans Library 38 Leonard Finnegan Industrial Arts f Mai Fraser Science Noreen Frizelle Foreign Language RoseAnne Giannelli Physical Education Science Frank Goldberg English Frank Gately Special Education 39 Richard Goyetche Industrial Arts Dan Gulezian Director of Guidance Alan Haddad Physical Education Robin Hickey Science Pauline Kinson Reading Mary Kober English 40 Priscilla Kyle Special Education Joan Lane Guidance Secretary Barbara LoCicero Career Education Coordinator Elaine Lostimolo Foreign Language Louis Lowell Science Mathematics David Luca Art Harvey Mades Science Department Head Irene Meiners Special Education Stephen McNally Mathematics Department Head Mary Merrill Business Education Department Head Barbara Nelson Business Education Bill Pechilis Mathematics 42 Joan Peterson Special Education Aide Peg Phillips, R.N. Nurse Elizabeth Pomerleau Speech Pathologist Diane Prescott Special Education Aide Karla Pressman Special Education Director Donna Privitera “Priv” English 43 Sue Rood Social Studies Karen Rowe English Helene Ryan Foreign Language Department Head David Saccone Industrial Arts Jackie Shea Secretary Elizabeth Shepard Music Pam Simpson Physical Education Cynthia Stuart School Psychologist Reg Tardif Social Studies Department Head Patricia Wentworth Mathematics Joan Wadsworth English Kathy Ward Special Education Coordinator 45 (L to R) S. Kelly, M. Dostie, P. Barber, D. Sheldon, D. Holt, C. Short, D. Morse, E. Palardy (L to R) A. Outram, J. Provencher, T. Nagle (L to R) J. Soucy, R. Auclair 46 47 48 49 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDER (L to R) R. Hickey — Advisor, I). Novak — Secretary, G. Games — V. President, D. Parthree — President, K. Robinson — Treasurer, F. Goldberg — Advisor. JUNIORS CLASS OF 1987 Karen Andrews Laurel Apprich Richard Auclair Anthony Augeri David Ayers Michael Ball Jason Barber Karen Bjornholni Sherri Blais Suzanne Boucher Stephen Boynton Karla Buchanan Bo Burke Hope Burton Linda Caporizzo Sheila Chouinard Denise Codair Margaret Cleary Gregory Corby David Cudmore Jeffery Downs Mathew Dunton Travis Dunton John Face Kyle Face Greg Farnell Judith Fatyol Herbert Fuller Virginia Games Renee Gasbarro Pippin Gilman David Grissino Vikki Hayes Brenda Holt Justin Holt Steven Holt Deanna Houlden Christine Huber Shawn Keohane Deborah King Holly Kirkey David Knorr Michael Krueger Alan Lee Stephanie Lind Robert Lyle Kristine McKeever William Meier 50 George Swanton Julian Thompsor Sandra Tyrie Lisa Viera Deana Walters Michael Wilkins Kellie Meisner Paul Morcaldi Kimberly Morrison Joseph Moscarito Lisa Nejezchleba Dena Novak Kathleen Paganelli Stephanie Pare Dina Parthree Authur Pierce Amy Pingree Steven Powell Elizabeth Randall Colleen Reddy David Reynolds Kristen Robinson Danielle Rowe Karen Ryan Jonathan Sanger Jonathan Schwartz Robin Shepherd Deborah Spears Cynthia Stewart Traci Strogney Camera Shy: ReneeBouffard Stephanie Dedeo Kymberly Fitton Charles Prince 51 Chris Allen Bruce Andrews Samantha Attarian Toni Bagley Laurie Belsky Mark Bishop Lori Boisselle Jana Brady Karen Burke Brent Campbell Robin Chisholm Donna Clough Kasey Crist David Daher Marcelle DeGryse Kathleen Dodge Bridget Dulong Christine Flynn Kimberly Fornara Wendy Gianacoples Tammy Giles Michelle Girard Nathan Glidden Eric Gustafson Chris Habeck Matthew Hunter Douglas Johnston John Kaminski Kurt Kennedy Heather Kleimola Peter Langevin Ronald Lawson Lauren LoCicero Mark Mansfield Paula Marathas Tanya Marr Alan McCarthy Chris Meader Russell Meisner Rebecca Morley Teresa Mullane Paul Olsen John Ouellette Pamela Pelletier Stephen Phillips Chris Prescott Leah Prescott SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1988 Camera Shy: Laurie Bailey Nicole Curran Robert Huse John Kristen Joseph Paula Kevin Robbins Joseph Young Tammy Woodbury Eve Worrall Angela Zaia Jay Spence Karen Testa Patrick Thompson William Tronsen Steven Vaughan Mary Walsh Timothy Watkins Tamara Wilson Kellie Reardon Aaron Rice Mark Robicheau Donald Roy Matthew Savory Sandra Sedler Lisa Skinner Laurie Sparks 53 (L to R) C. Donnelly — Advisor, L. Novak — President, D. Mades — V. President, L. Moultrie — Treasurer, K. McLaughlin — Secretary, P. Wentworth — Advisor. FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1989 Heather Acone Jessica Allen Ryan Archambault Carolyn Bagley Melissa Baker Amy Bezanson Michael Bridges Linda Buchanan Elise Burrows Tracey Carr Michael Clohery Frank Collamore Lauren Currie Loriann Fazio Peter Games Joseph Gasbarro Robert Green Alan Grissino iristopher Hamilton Jeremy Holt Samuel Howell Tammy Hudson Nicole Jellow Brian Johnson Kevin Johnson Todd Knight Denise Leva Scott Lindberg Jodi Lippens Deborah Mades Timothy Mansfield Josh Martin Melissa May James McCarthy Katie McLaughlin Frank Miaskiewicz John Moretti Karen Moscarito Lisa Moultrie Lynda Novak Charles Ogden James Palardy Patricia Palardy Bruce Perreault Doreen Phillips Kim Price Erik Rakos Tracey Reid 54 Christina Ressel Carolyn Reynolds Russell Ricker Adam Rohner Danielle Rondeau Annette Sauvageau Mike Sheldon Heather Sheldon Mary Shikrallah Billy Stewart Heidi Stump Derek Swanbon Darryl Swett Larry Thoreson Kimberly Thurlo Susan Tidd Jennifer Turner Jennifer Wilson Brian Woodbury Rachel Young Camera Shy: Linda Buchanan Paul Carleton Jennifer Christianson Jeff Cochrane Daniel Codair Tammy Mercaldi Jeff Norris Annie Pendergast Jennifer Ritter Michelle Rochefort Dana Sicotte Jeffery Smith Robert St. Claire 55 H; r . ' i- KaPI x l B r j| 56 57 58 59 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Concert Band — Stage Band V ' . M 1 ' -!l 1 i (L to R) Row 1 — K. Ryan, A. Barlow, S. Thompson, D. Novak, G. Peatfield, R. Hurd, E. Skinner. Row 2 — V. Hayes, A. Bezanson, P. Morley, K. Meiners, J. McCollum, B. Roeder, J. Martin, J. Paula, J. Plaisted, J. Thompkins. Row 3 — D. Pathree, L. Novak, J. Allen, T. Hudson, L. Skinner, J. Brady, A. Grissino, R. Young, J. Wilson, D. Phillips, P. Dostie. Row 4 — R. Green, K. Lacey, L. Sparks, R. Shepard, N. Amnott, P. Gilman, R. Lobley, D. Grissino, S. Boynton, B. Andrews, F. Glough, B. Green, K. Neuman, S. Lindberg. (L to R) M. Savory, S. Finlow, K. Lacey, A. Barlow. 60 ■ ■III I I I I (L to R) A. Barlow — Secretary, E. Skinner — Head Librarian, Asst. Drum Major, R. Hurd — Librarian, G. Peatfield — Librarian, D. Novak — V. President, K. Ryan — Drum Major, S. Thompson — President. 61 Drama Club (L to R) R. Gasbarro, S. Phillips, R. Chisholm, D. Worrall, S. Chouinard, D. Rondeau, D. Leva, T. Reid. Row 2 — C. Reddy, T. Mercaldi, N. Curran, A. Sauvageau, E. Worrall, T. Wilson, M. Girard, H. Kleimola. Row 3 — R. Morley, T. Giles, H. Stump, S. Sedler, K. Moscarito, T. Palardy, K. Burke, J. Brady, B. Dulong, J. Meader. Row 4 — N. Jellow, D. Houlden, D. Parthree, S. Thompson — Treasurer, K. Ryan — President, Miss D. Privitera — Advisor, D. Rowe — V. President, E. Skinner — Secretary, V. Hayes, K. Meisner. Row 5 — J. Holt, L. Prescott, L. Belsky, K. Crist, L. Sparks, M. Shikrallah, L. Nejezchleba, R. Lamoly. Row 6 — L. Apprich, D. Walters, H. Burdett, K. Werner, E. Chronis, J. Thompson, L. Schafer, D. Hayes, N. Michaud, L. Gallup, S. McQuillian, S. Butler. (L to R) Row 1 — K. Neuman, G. Gilman, L. Clancy, C. Fornara, R. Gasbarro, J. Hudzik, N. Clay, M. Keeler. Row 2 — K. Paganelli, A. Barlow, M. Leonard, B. Green, K. Lacev, K. Buchanan, K. Biornholm, S. Boucher, D. King. Row 3 — H. Roeder, N. L’Hommedieu, D. Nichiniello, R. Hurd, S. Tyrie, N. Amnott, J. Fatyol, N. Franciscovich, D. Kehoe. Row 4 — C. Flynn, K. Testa, J. Peters, K. Hynes, A. Huber, R. Shepard, K. Spiliotis, N. Marquis, J. Opie. Row 5 — G. Games, A. Begin, C. Stewart, S. Pare’, C. Morse. 62 ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■■ 63 Student Advisory Council (L to r) K. Ryan, A. Barlow, D. Nichiniello 64 student Council — Honor Society (L to R) Row 1 — C. Stewart — Treasurer, L. White — President, L. Prescott — Secretary. Row 2 — B. Holt, J. Opie, E. Burrows. Row 3 — R. Tardif — Advisor, J. Holt, M. Keeler, L. Sparks. (L to R) Row 1 — Mr. R. Cairns — Advisor, A. Barlow — President, S. Kavanaugh — V. President, K. Spiliotis — Secretary, G. Gilman — Treasurer, D. Novak. Row 2 — J. Fatyol, G. Peatfield, N. Amnott, N. Clay, K. Lacey, C. Fornara, S. Sears, S. Finlow. Row 3 — K. Ryan, K. Rakos, G. Games, K. Face, D. Rowe, P. Gilman, R. Lobley, B. Lyle, D. Ayers. 65 (L to R) Row 1 — D. Kehoe — Secretary, J. Downs — President, P. Marciano — Treasurer, K. Meiner. Row 2 — J. Opie, L. Viera, V. Hayes, H. Roeder, J. Fatyol. Row 3 — D. Ouellette, J. Radford, E. Chronis, Mrs. M. Merrill — Advisor, K. Werner, K. Cheney, H. Burdett. (L to R) Row 1 — D. Nichinello, C. Fornara, R. Gasbarro, D. Novak — President, K. Ryan — V. President, K. Testa — Secretary, D. Row — Treasurer, L. Schafer, M. Keeler, K. Meumann. Row 2 — D. Worrall, M. Leonard, D. King, D. Houlden, K. Bjornholm, P. Gilman, J. Sanger, B. Lyle, C. Stewart, L. Apprich, H. Roeder. Row 3 — J. Peters, R. Hurd, K. Hynes, H. Burton, L. Belsky, K. Crist, L. Prescott, K. Dodge, K. Burke, S. Boucher, M. Girard, B. Morley, B. Walters. Row 4 — N. Clay, K. Andrews, G. Games, N. Amnott, K. Buchanan, S. Tyrie, B. Stewart, B. Dulong, D. Rondeau, N. Curran, M. Baker, K. McLaughlin, D. Meades, T. Mercaldi, C. Ressel, T. Hudson, T. Wilson. 66 Blueprint — Yearbook (L to R) Row 1 — Mr. F. Goldberg — Advisor, D. Nichiniello, G. Peatfield, K. Testa. Row 2 — J. Hudzik, S. Thompson, K. Werner, R. Gasbarro. (L to R) Row 1 — A. Barlow, R. Gasbarro, L. Clancy. Row 2 — D. Nichiniello, K. Lacey, G. Gilman, E. Skinner, M. Leonard. Row 3 — C. Fornara, S. Finlow, L. White, R. Hurd, K. Robbins. Row 4 — Mr. D. Luca, Miss K. Ward — Advisors. 67 68 69 Homecoming Dance October 19, 1985 Nicole Franciscovich, Sue Butler, Laurie White — Queen, Elissa Haller, Nicole Marquis, Sue Thompson. 70 71 Spirit Rally 72 73 Senior Class Play Avie Barlow — Lucy Sue Thompson — Dr. Seward Mark Keeler — Pros. Van Helsin Cindy Fornara — Ms. Wells Denise Nichiniello — Attendant Dawn Worrall — Renfield Art Begrin — Jonathan Narker Jim Meader — Dracula Cathy Curran — Mina Kathleen Lacey — Girl Maura Carleton — Girl Mag:gie Leonard — Production manag:er 74 ‘DRACULA’’ 75 i Donkey Basketball 7(5 Christmas Dance 77 Christmas Skit 78 79 SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS S] Football (L to R) Row 1 — J. Barber, K. Neumann, R. Archambault, P. Lohri, T. Shea, C. Harper, D. Smith. Row 2 — J. Moscarito, D. Reynolds, T. Augeri, G. Swanton, A. Pierce, J. Schwartz, J. Holt. Row 3 — M. Savory, D. Roy, J. McClung, J. Ouellette, C. Prescott, M. Mansfield, P. Thompson, J. Young. (L to R) Row 1 — M. Bridges, T. Mansfield, J. Gasbarro, R. Archambault, F. Collamore, J. Holt, J. Palardy, D. Swanbon. Row 2 — Coach M. Fraser, T. Lewis, B. Thompson, J. Zaia, R. Clough, M. Drapeau, S. Wilkins, D. Rogers, J.P. Augeri, Coach T. Mulligan. Row 3 — W. Collamore, N. Clancy, D. Prescott, C. Keegan, E. Chappel, P.J. Lynah, D. Schwartz. 81 82 83 Field Hockey . t !• ’ 1 1 i s 1 1 Am, !iki i b i ' mi 1 4 (L to R) Row 1 — S. Sears, S. McQuillan, E. Haller, K. Spiliotis, H. Burdett, S. Huber. Row 2 — Coach R. Giannelli, C. Reddy, T. Strogney, D. Kehoe, G. Gilman, G. Games, C. Stewart, B. Holt. iff if 4i (L to R) Row 1 — K. Robinson, L. Viera, D. Walters, H. Kirkey, A. Pingree, C. Huber, S. Tyrie, D. King, K. Buchanan. Row 2 — B. Morley, T. Giles, K. Burke, L. Prescott, K. Dodge, K. Crist, A. Zaia, R. Chisholm, K. Testa, Coach C. Williams. 85 86 Freshman Field Hockey (L to R) Row 1 — D. Leva, L. Currie, A. Huber, K. McLauKhhn, C. Reynolds, T. Hudson. Row 2 — K. McDonald, B. Ashby, T. Crabtree, L. Dodge, B. Vierra, K. Albert. Row 3 — S. Sheldon, P. Morley, K. Mellow, N. Caselhni, S. Maxon, K. LoCicero, Coach R. Lynah. 87 Cross Country (L to R) Row 1 — N. Allen, A. Clough, D. Fletcher. Row 2 — Coach R. Cairns, E. Rakos, M. Sheldon, S. Boynton, M. Hunter. (L to R) Row 1 — E. Duvaney, L. LoCicero, D. Sicotte, K. Ventura, H. Currie. Row 2 — Coach R. Cairns, Capt. D. Novak, D. Sicotte, J. Allen, L. Novak, K. Lacey. 88 89 Soccer (L to R) Row 1 — J. Spence, A. Rohner, Capt. S. Finlow, Capt. S. Kavanaugh, Capt. B. Roy, J. Hudzik, J. Martin. Row 2 — Coach R. Storer, S. Vaughan, R. Hastings, B. Lyle, L. Schafer, K. Robbins, J. Sanger, L. Thoreson, B. Stewart, B. Burke. (L to R) Row 1 — K. Robbins, H. Anderson, T. Mercaldi, S. Tidd, L. Renales, H. Rowe, K. Robbins, T. Marr, D. Clough. Row 2 — D. Spears, B. Dulong, D. Rondeau, P. Pelleier, P. Palardy, K. Bjornholm, D. Rowe, K. Moscarito, K. Dole, K. Flynn, Coach S. Malenfant. 91 (L to R) Row 1 — J. Lane, M. Cloutier, S. Merrill, T. Ogden, T. Vanier, D. Smith, R. Vieira. Row 2 — C. Hudzik, E. Sears, P. Boynton, B. Stewart, A. Thompkin, C. Neuman, G. Jackson. Row 3 — E. Storer, J. Thompkins, A. Zweil, S. Vaughan, Coach D. Luca, T. Chisholm, J. Spiliotis. 92 Football Cheering (L to R) Row 1 — L. White — Capt., J. Opie — Capt. Row 2 — R. Gasbarro, J. Radford, N. Michaud, J. Downs, R. Gasbarro, S. Butler, L. Randall. (L to R) Row 1 — J. Lippens, E. Burrows, L. Moultrie, J. Turner. Row 2 — K. Morrison, W. Gianacoples — Capt., L. Michaud — Capt., J. Gasbarro. 94 Boys Basketball (L to R) Row 1 — T. Augeri, S. Finlow, S. Page — Capt., S. Kavanaugh — Capt., J. Hudzik, J. Spence. Row 2 — Coach A. Haddad, J. Young, R. Hastings, C. Harper, A. Pierce, D. Grissino. (L to R) Row 1 — S. Powell, J. Downs, S. Phillips, J. Spence, T. Augeri. Row 2 — D. Roy, B. Tronsen, K. Face, S. Boynton, S. Grissino, M. Hunter, J. Young, Coach D. Luca. 95 96 (L to R) Row 1 — L. Thoreson, M. St. Clair, F. Collamore, A. Rohner, R. Green, F. Miaskiewicz. Row 2 — J. Palardy, M. Bridges, D. Swett, W. Stewart, A. Grissino, Coach Fraser. 97 (L to R) Row 1 — L. Nejezchleba, C. Stewart, G. Games, G. Gilman, S. Tyrie. Row 2 — C. Bonasoro, K. Spiliotis, N. Curran, N. Amnott, Coach B. Graffum. (L to R) Row 1 — T. Palardy, P. Pelletier, L. Prescott, K. Dodge, A. Huber. Row 2 — D. Spears, J. Lippens, T. Mercaldi, C. Reynolds, D. Mades, K. McLaughin, J. Brady, Coach S. Malenfant. 98 99 100 Hockey Pi-Ve o sSo- e CVovrWy M If p vcct «r Y t2- A»i TV ' ji ' - ' uWa S jc S -cv (L to R) Row 1 — M. Keeler, J. Moscarito — Capt., A. Begin, R. Ricker, M. Savory, J. Shea, M. Bishop. Row 2 — Mr. Burke, B. Burke — Capt., D. Ayers, E. Gustafson, P. Sheldon, J. Ouellette, N. Glidden, G. Clark, T. Lewis, H. Fuller, C. Prince, D. Cudmore — Capt., Coach P. McCarthy, Coach T. O’Reilly. 101 k 102 Wrestling (L to R) Row 1 — T. Mansfield, D. Swanborn, S. Keohane, A. Clough, A. Lee, S. Holt. Row 2 — Asst. Coach D.M. Mansfield, J. Thompson, P. Gilman, C. Prescott, Coach M. Mansfield. 10.3 1 104 Basketball Cheering (L to R) Row 1 — A. Pingree, L. White — Capt., R. Gasbarro — Capt., D. Walters, H. Kirkey. Row 2 — K. Robinson, N. Franciscovich, L. Apprich, S. Lind, K. Morrison, M. Tripp — Advisor. (L to R) Row 1 — K. Burke — Capt., K. Crist — Capt. Row 2 — N. Cassellini, K. Thurlow, J. Turner, H. Anderson, K. Mellow. Row 3 — L. Moultrie, K. Fornara, K. Morrison, T. Downs, R. Corn. 105 106 Don’t You Forget About Me 107 Never Surrender 108 These Dreams 109 Come Together no C50 111 ADVERTISEMENTS ADVEI Georgetown Insurance Agency. Inc. GEORGE E SCHOFIELD. MANAGER 352-8000 465 5958 RES 10 WEST MAIN STREET GEORGETOWN MASS Cressy’s Central Street Georgetown Shopping Center Phone: 352-2473 Town Country HAIRSTYLING 62 A Central Street Georgetown, MA 01833 Compliments of G (5? C Cleaners Georgetown Shopping Center Professional Dry Cleaning Drapery, F irs, Leather, Sweaters Tailor Service Tel. 352-2380 GLASS OF A DIFFERENT COLOR “a stained glass studio” Ten North Street Georgetown, MA 01833 Compliments of RUDOLPH, ANDREWS AND KRONER Attorneys at Law 64 Central Street Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 Telephone: 352-8111 Robert P. Rudolph Robert E. Andrews Mitchell E. Kroner WPi»OT_ Shindaiwa Snapper Shinidaiwa Toro SALES SERVICE Yazoo Brigg ' s Stratton Tecumseh Georgetown Shopping Center Watch n 1 1 1 1 Jewelry Repairing Repair HOPE JEWELERS 37-39 West Main Street Georgetown, Massachusetts, 01833 352-9888 Fine Jewelry Custom Design Appraisals 113 • circa • 1810 THE BARNYARD FlNt CR.AFTS • (,IFTS • ACCESSORIES 34 East Main Street • Georgetown, ylA 35S-2061 CUMPLIMEKfTS -r DR. and MRS. HOWARD HILL G. Mello Disposal Corp. Container Service Residential Pickup 352-8581 352-2543 7 Cantebury Drive Georgetown, Mass. 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Septic Service Tanks Pumped and Cleaned Richard Holzapfel 60 East Main Proprietor Georg ' etown, MA 121 • FAMILY PORTRAITURE • HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS • WEDDINGS 3: SUMMl K ST. • HAVERHILL • 374 0371 GOOD LUCK SENIORS The New CENTER PHARMACY 65 Central Street Georgetown, Mass. 352 7300 AND Starlight Dinner Theater Best of Luck Eileen Robin Sue Rick Barbara Greg Kathleen Avie Kirk From the music parents 123 124 J 125 FAREWELL FAREWELL FA Seniors, looks like we finally made it. However, it has not been a bed of roses for anyone. We stuck it out, worked for it, and now we’ve got it. Working on this yearbook has been a difficult and demanding job that never seemed to end. At times it seemed all the hours that went into it were for nothing, but by the time you read this you will have proof of our success. I want to apologize to my family, boyfriend, and friends for all the times that I was unbearable due to the constant pressures, deadlines, and demands of this yearbook. It was not easy to put up with all of my complaints, problems and aggravations this yearbook caused me, but you all did; con- stantly overwhelming me with your support and encouraging words. Especially Scott, Leanne, Maura and Stacey. Thanks did not go unappreciated. To those of you who helped make this book possible. Thanks! Especially the Yearbook Committee and those of you on the committee who worked extra hard — Leanne, Laurie, Eileen, Karyn, and Scott thanks. To one and all who read this, I hope you can enjoy looking at it as much as I will. Rachael Gasbarro HI J 1 Class of 1986, this is it! We finally reached the end of a long chapter. Through the years we have shared a great deal, and this is our year to truly come together. Now, while I am writing this we have not yet fully excepted the friendship of one another, and worked together as a complete class to achieve our goals as a class. I sincerely hope that by the time you are reading this that we will have achieved this closeness. In these past two years I myself have opened my eyes wider. I’ve begun to know many more of you than I used to. From this I know that if we really tried we could at least work well together, and I think we would even like each other and gain many more friends. Good luck to everyone in the Class of ’86. Finally, thanks Eileen for all your hard work on the yearbook. Mrs. Rowe, thanks for always being with us when we needed you. Cindy, Denise, Kathleen, Steph, I’ll never forget all our great times. You are the best!! See ya in 5! Avie Barlow Co-Editor 126 fjvZvlvZv It " i - » ■V| fil |V| |V| fll V3 uj _“ € ■ |V| % hF i - i a I Wj i:y i i |V| 05 V Frf IT 4 - I fii 05 i :i OJ fiv Sha 1 om- it ' s a wonderful word. It means " hello " , " good-bye " , and " peace " . All are my greetings to you in this book. Hello, graduates: the world is preparing a place for you. Jump in, with all your talents and dreams, and participate fully as responsible citizens. Good-bye, high school students: since ninth grade, we ' ve been sharing moments of laughter and tears, of triumph and disillusionment. I ' ve seen you accept all with grace and dignity. I have scolded, cajoled, reprimanded, and praised. You have made me proud. Peace, for you, your children, all children: Do something real, restore hope in the future. It ' s yours - insure it. you can. Look straight ahead, my friends, and believe in yourselves. I always have. JI L VA p 5 ■Ai VA iXi ji tr |V| p 5 :y 127 ■

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