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84 84 84 84 [ luwN PtABODY LIBRARY 3 2120 00069 79 For Reference 4 Not to be taken from this room G. H. SILVERMAN 1 WINTER STREET GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01833 REMEMBER, DO YOU REMEMBER THE LAUGHTER AND THE TEARS 2 YESTERYEARS THE SHADOWS OF MR. 3 THE GOOD TIMES AND THE BAD YOU’VE SEEN AND ALL THE OTHERS IN BETWEEN REMEMBER, DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE REACH BACK FOR THE JOY AND THE SORROW PUT THEM AWAY IN YOUR MIND FOR MEMORIES ARE TIME THAT YOU BORROW TO SPEND WHEN YOU GET TO TOMORROW HERE COMES THE SETTING SUN SEASONS ARE PASSING ONE BY ONE so GATHER MOMENTS WHILE YOU MAY COLLECT THE DREAMS YOU DREAM TODAY. 14 There we were in our junior year, struggling and floundering along, basically lost and alone. Then you, Mrs. Nelson, came along and offered us your outstretched hand. You picked us up when we needed someone the most, and set us on our feet. Slowly, you helped us put the pieces back together and urged us onward. As we entered our final year at G.H.S., you were there once again to lead us on. Then suddenly we were one. We had an advisor, a leader, an organizer, and a friend combined. One who did the impossible: pulled the class of 1 984 together. With your help we had an excellent spirit skit and the best senior class play yet! Words cannot express our appreciation for all that you have done. You withstood all the many trials and tribulations you were subjected to, you supplied us with much needed spirit and motivation, and you gave us all the support and encouragement in the world. So, with our deepest gratitude and our sincerest love, we, the 1984 graduating class, would like to dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Nelson. You are and always will be an inspiration to us all. Without you the class of 1984 would never have reached it’s potential! With all our love. The Class of 1984 15 CO LU Z — o DC CO CRAIG AMNOTT Snot " Football 1.2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Ho nor Society — 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Band 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Stage Band 2,3,4 Dick, I want a van man! Your the best friend a guy could want. Keep in touch. M.C. H.F. H.A., You can ' t have it now, or ever, so stop groveling. Glenn Nicole hang tough and give everything you best shot! Katie, What can I say? You ' re the best, it ' s you and me forever, kid ! Thanks Mom, Dad, Anne, Guy and everyone else. (Mr. Mades, thanks for all the help and support) Don ' t worry I ' ll be back Someday! Go for it class of " 84 " We’ve shown ’em we re the best!!!! t JOSEPH F ABREU Boseph Football 1,4 partyirw 1, 2,3,4. Srrxjk- ing Area — 1.2,3, Bathroom 4. OZZY RUSH21 12 We Burn the Midnight Oil ' (OH NO. NOT THE CABINh WE LOVE YOU SWEAT LEAF ' To Anne, Elis ' , Jr Dame. Ed- ward Delbar, Gregga ' !! Best Of Luck In The Future, Beth. Cheryl, Tammy. Kelly — Hope you get everything life has to offer and all of it’s good!!! Good Luck to my fellow CREW MEMBERS. Mom, Dad. I Luv YA! And lhanx a Mill. Well, SEEE YAA ' ! p.s. Anne have a smurfingly good time. STEVEN ARRIEL “Steve” Smoking Area 1,2,3 Bathroom 4 Partying 1 ,2,3, Advanced Partying 4 Good luck Anne, Elis, Jr. Dame, Ed- ward Delbar, Greega, Tom Cat and Heidi. The Quarrys 2,3,4 The Crew 1,2, 3, 4 partys onward!! Thanks Mom Dad, You’re the greatest. To GHS LATER MUCH DARLENE ARLINGTON Darlene " Attempted " Field Hockey 2 4 — My knees couldn’t take it. Drama Club 4, OEA — Secretary 4(1 didn ' t do much did I) Lori, 2 28 81 a night to remember. You didn ' t warn me about those things in the glove com- partment. Don ' t step back and watch out for Snake Eyes. Lisa, Mt. Washington — Whatever possesed us to do that?! L L — FF and best of luck for the future. Ma Dad, Your the best. New Year ' s Eve — Cold duck and Peppermint Snappes don ' t mix. J The B;s 1. Baldpate — The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Always remember its better to burn out than fade away. HOLLY AMES Hoi F H 2,3,4, B B 1,2.3, Dr Cl 4, N H S 2,3,4 Hampton 83 " — mall trips — the leaf?! — wtx) was that man? — Library trips THE STING 4-eva, Kav DESIRE ' " C D — you whimps ' Just smile and wave ' Note cards in M E H West Civ L H , M C.. H F., K K.. K S.. K H.. B D . K M . K C.. C.A., R C . everyone else — Good Luck — Love you all ' H Scott ' Gotta love it ' — Awesome Threesome ' Thanks rrx)m and dad and the rest — Love you ' 3-5-82 I know it am t easy being green — I Love You. Jim! Always something there to remind me KIMBERLY A. BARBER " Kimba " True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends but in the worth of choice. Moe — N.H., Oh., Me., Don ' s, Hampton Beach, McD;s, TMOTB My best friend. I.L.Y.A., Rick — Don ' t forget the things we shared. I.L.Y.A. Tam, Beth, Kel — camping, sorry I ruined your night. Tam — D.S. — A.P., Summer 83 B.P.F.AB.B. Kel — Don’t stare too much Beth — S.L. we gotta talk. B.J. — locker buddies 81-82. Tina and Di — you’re excellent. Scott P. — Bos- ton Trips. J.R. — G.Z.’s party 83, your an excellent friend. Bill — let ' s skip. Seniors we made it this far — lets keep going. LISA BARRY “Lisa " Smoking Area 1,2,3,? Bathroom 4, Jean (puffed) 1,2, 3, 4 Sue go canoeing? See ya J.C, B.C, K M, C.R, C.B “Brew to the Crew " Sus- pended 1,2,?, 4 J.C. you got lucky! Good Luck Craig Tom, Elissa and Anne Lisa C. Fraser— Scoff Bye Mr. Cairns, Mr. Faretta ERIK BEECHER “Beech” Wrestling 1, Basketball 1, Tennis 1,2, QueefPatrol; Chevys 1, 72 CHEVELLE: There goes another tranny. I Love you Heidil Long nights at Richdale Remember the Church 77 Firebirds (no problem) Hey Steve “DOUBLE KEGA " MASS BUICK hi, fly! The “Green Death” Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, L.P., Motley Take Care 84 Long Live Rock Never forget you H.S. “CHOW” CYNTHIA BISHOP “Cindy” Softball 1 , Drama Club 3, Ray 2,3,4, — forever!!! I Love You!!! Seren 2. Heidi, lets go. Hold on now! Lisa (George) Keep in touch will ya? Have fun at college. You have to come riding sometime also. Thanx Mom and Dad for everything. I Love You. To my favorite teacher Mrs. Merrill, keep up the good work with your future students. “Can I move my football now? and where is my typewriter?” Mick, Accnt. I II “Oh no. Its $2.00 off!” Good luck Joannie and Anthony. See ya G.H.S.! PETER BOUCHER “Peter” Drama Club 4, Harvest 3,4 They ha- ven ' t put the bars up yet! Jim and Virg — Let ' s go fishing. Mike — re- match? Reed — can I borrow your disks? Hackers only!! D.P., K.C., L.N., R.B. — Hey dudes. What ' s Happenin ' ? Gately ' s a wimp!!! ' 84 7 am Good luck everyone espe- cially F.R.S. (B.H.), M.S.B.C., J.P., L.H., B.H. CYNTHIA BRIDGES “Cindy” O.E.A. 3, Pres. 4, States 3,4, Nat ' Is in Chicago 3; Jr. Nat ' l Honor Soc.1 ; Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4; Lisa, “sing. Sing A Song”; “Turkey Face,” we re gonna die!; Thanks for everything, MTM. I Couldn ' t have made it with- out you; Don ' t forget to read some " good books " ; Mrs. Ski, do you have your rankbook?; Michelle, you ' re in OEA, of course you ' re not normal; Lisa, how much do I owe you now?; Bunny, what ' s up Duck?; Good Luck Underclassmen; Bye GHS, I ' ll miss ya. Look out world. Here I come! CHRIS CARTER " Christo” No Sports; 1234 Sen. Skit Van Halen “81 " ; ZZ TOP 10 83 Smoking Area; 1 23 P.C. IN ' 83 " Bathrooms 4; Quaries 3,4; Thanks for the break Mr. M. Dame, Ed, Anne, Grega ' , hang in there, you ' ll be out too soon The bounce mobile " 83” Crew Par- ties will survive through the ages! Who cares where we go, let ' s just go! What ' s up Elissa? Best friends for ever. I love ya ' !! I ' m Down The Road ! 21 BETH CLANCY Clanc " Field hockey: 1234 Parly: 1234 Priv: thanx for everything! Kel: good luck w Steve. TLA! 4-some aw- some ' Camper YAH! SL?? Double parkin! We had alot of good times sis ' BF! Tam — skinny dipping, por- no shots. Never again! Party kid! SKIING! Di — rope swing, people in trees? No Way! Kim — why did ya have to get shot? Comp! Ann — MP is a foxf We think too much alike! Chine food ' PARTY ' TW, AR, CC. and Tam — wanna go to haverhill?? Dad Move! hol(Hum) and lis — wan- na take a ride in the camper?? Good luck w the men!! Bo is 1 ! The crew is the best but the first crew lives on 4-eva!!! Senior class tripp!! ■ ' 18 " !! Good luck 84! Live it up GHS! I ' m young, I ' m wild, and I ' m RICHARD CARTER Dick F B 1 4, F L 3,4. Kathy you re a FLAMING H S H F — ' Loose Lips Gel Good Grades H A . H F . M C , L H — Good luck " I Like it C A S C — For some reason I don I feel as sale as before ' K S., K K . K H , B D — BRUINS 1 " K K — B B , the North Stars BITE K B S — GREAT KID Glenn, Amy, Karen have great Senior year ' Mr Cairns " I ain ' t good at En- glish. but Thanx ' Craig — May you continue to change everything the way you want to. FRIENDS FOREVER ' " STEVE CLARK Clarkie ' Hockey — 1,4 Football — 1,3,4 Baseball — 3 Drinking beers 1 ,2,3,4; P C ■ 83 ”; ■VODKA " : Florida 84; Good luck to all my fellow crew members, (Cindy thanx for all the good times we ' ve had, I Love Ya!) I hope all you underclassmen have a scoffingly good time. Mom and Dad thanx for everything, I Love You!! JEAN CAWLEY V Pres 4 Softball 1,2,3. KM C R who stole the street sign sleeping our To Devo best of luck in Cal T R (little sis) good luck Roses are red. violets are yellow to me this school is loo MELLOW Thanks mom Thanks Mr Saccone your great Good luck underclass- men Partying 4-ever Cheryl, the tree is over here, at the Cabin AC DC, Del Leppard. Quite Riot Usa B let s go out and get all up to- night If you love something set it free il it comes back to you it s yours, if It doesn t it never was See you later G.H.S. I finally made it ma. I told you I would Good luck Ma D BUTCH CLOSE " Butch " Drama Club 4, Drafting 1,2, 3, 4. Where ' s my Teddy? By the way, Teddy, how ' s your car? Tom and Dave Do Dah, Do Dah, HA HA HA! KC, you ' re the greatest. Cast Party, what a blast! Air Traffic Con- troller? Be all I can be?? KP, Who ' s your Honey now? And Karen, Ran- dy ' s always has mustard!! No Tibbs, I don ' t like trees. Tulyy. how ' s the swamp? And remember G.H.S., " It ' s ood to be the KING!!! " Thanx Mom, Love You. Take care Seniors, and Good Luck. DIANE CODAIR " Di " V.P.1; F.H. 1,2,3; F-ball Cheering 4; S-ball 1,2; B.B. Cheering 1,3,4; Dr. Cl. 3,4; Thank-you, Mrs. Nelson for your support and understanding of the Class of ' 84. We wouldn ' t have made it w out you!! " Hey Jarzey and Bethusula — Rock of Ages got us stopped but. Beach Babe bailed us out! " — Hampton. Tampa Bay — “Oh, whatta night! . . . Late May ' 81 ' Clanc — " Which way to Camp Sac ' ! ' ?! " — I luv ya. Sis . . B.F.F.! Hey “T” and Micki — Tri — Capts.??! " Kimba — You ' re AWE- SOME ' !! Moe — PD ' s Best friend?!! Goodbye G.H.S. Mr. Faretta, Am I late again??!!!! NICOLE A. COLLINET " Nicki” Football Cheering 1,2, 3, 4 CAPT. B- Ball Cheering 1,4 Drama Club; For- eign Lang. Club; The Police 2,3,4. Stevie Nicks — J.L. T.W. W.G. Lisa: Never4get the? F ' sof life!!! “I know I lost it around here somewhere! Have you seen it?!?!” M.R. — Al- ways “Gotta Be Startin Something” Hampton, those long talks. Scott — my favorite Italian! C.F. 4-ever! Thanks Mai. TODAY!? C.S. . . lyb those S.R. “Wanna come out buy some nylons w us?” I love you “Coach”, even when it’s 30 outside. WTWWm Good luck J.N. C.M. H.A. I love you JC, SC, CJ, JC. Out on the border of a changing skyline. We put hope in front of fear and all the heroes have gone East of Eden. We all need new frontiers. MICHELLE CONTI “Mitch” F.H. 1,2, 3,4; Softball 2,3; N.H.S. 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; OEA 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Braces 2,3,4. Summer “83” forever — Hampton and French- men! Heath, meet ya at the flagpole at 7:00? H.F., H.A., K.K., L.H., K.C., C.A., R.C., Remember ya forever. Kav, Sting forever! Police 1 — Bruce and Magnum are awesome! Jen you’re awesome! Marsh, Jen, Caren, Amy — go to the states next year!!!!! Lori, just smile and wave. Hey Scott! Here come the Bobbsey twins. “Science”!! KIRSTEN CORTES “Kirk” Pres. 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; F.L. Club 1,2,3; Band 4 (ha, ha); Magnum 2,3,4; Rod 3,4 (wicked excellent!); Animals 7 23 83! Hey guys, CU in DC, TS, JP, AS, D, “I ' m goin home, family problems” elevator rides, hey gumma, don’t step on the garbage! Hampton Beach 83. Malcolm, Fran- cis, Charlie, Pooh, Growly Bear, I luv ya, wicked! ’67 Mustangs, red Ferraris, Mercedes, TR6’s. mmmmm! I love that smell! Does it snow on the beach? Indians are massive! " Who writes this stuff?” 1 2 29 82. Joe Perry. KK foreva. Lot’s of luck to my buddies! Love ya Stini, Kerm, Annie, John, and especially, mum and dad! Hey you guys, lets go to Gino’s get a pizza! SEAN COUGHLIN “Sean” PETER CRIST “Pist” Baseball — 3,4, Hockey — 4, Smok- ing area — 1,2,3, Bathroom — 4. Florida “84” Cabin Parties! Kega! P.C. in “83” The crew lives on! Good luck Liss, Ann, Dame, Edward Delbar Grega. See Ya! SUSAN DODGE “Sue” Soccer 3; Boys Manager 1 4; For- eign Language 2; Reuban, You’re gonna be the best 3,4 . . .!! Marky 3,4; Tap Tap Tap, I love you! Hey J.R. and A.D., together forever! May 29th (Ice Cream Later) Two’s fine, but three’s better!! " Speakeasy Van” Halloween Party, “82” Hey De- nise, how about some more sauna talk? Come on Denise, let ' s go for it! We’re going all the way! Have the best of luck with Charlie! Topsfield Fair (Marky, 1 want one) Tommy (2), you fools! “Stuarts ” Paul, you de- serve the best! Marky, I couldn’t have done it without you, so let’s not forget all our memories of yesterday and all our dreams of tomorrow! Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Bye G.H.S. 23 HEATHER FACE " Heather " F.H 1.2, 3.4. S B. 1,2 N.H.S. 2,3,4 Dr. Cl. 4 Hampton " 83 French Guys!!! Seabrook " 83 " Flag- pole mentals. Don’t throw us in!!!! Here come the Bobbsey Twins. You ' re AWESOME Jen! Police 1, Sting. Kav FA DESIRE!!!! L.H., K.K., M.C., H.A., K.S., C.A., R.C., AND EVERYONE ELSE Good Luck! I ' ll Miss You! D C You WHIMPS!!!!! Hi Scott! Next time Aim. Lori! At the Mall — The LEAF??? The DOG rrr ' Library trips — Is he dead???? Micky Dees — The playground Al- ways Something There to Remind Me BReI T E DUDLEY Brettly B ball 2,3.4. Student CncI 3. pres 4, St Adv CncI reg rep 4(Ker — Pick out a lunch dale) Drama Club 2.4 Ireas 3. F L C 1.2. YearbooJ( Staff, Nicole — G F 1 W T F. Tan — Grounded lor life, dbl Scoff, Kalh — Watch out lor the pole No we don ' t want to light the U W M s. D C. — Go to bed ' " . Kris — " How about a cheese and onion bagle ' " . Mom and Dad thanks lor everything. I’ll always love you!!, K H.. K K., and K.S., — Bruins 1 in " 84 " ! DEBORAH FINLOW Debby B B 1 ; Softball 1 ,3,4; Drama Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Stage Band 3; Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4; O.E A. 3; Leanne and Kelly — Spring Break ' 84!! Miami Beach here we come! GAG ME WITH A BIG MAC! Lisa — A.W. in the swamp with Hollyw ood! Ice fights in Phi- ladelphia; Hey Kath — Tgot burned again — Mr. Bounce! — I ' ll listen next time! J.H. U. Lowell Best Times — The White Man; J.D. you CARD Thanz for the T.L.C. — love ya; " BONES ”?; Newburyport Punks; Hey Captain Fantastic — I ' ll make the next parly Good Luck Scott — Thanx Mom and Dad! Police Sycn- chronicity; L.LF.F.? D; Will it be like the movies??? Best of luck ' 84 — I ' ll never forget you . Dewey’s Philosophy. PAMELA M. DUNTON Pam Class of 84 " Seniors are the best " Thanks for everything Mom Dad. I love you Noelle and Mary, next year you re seniors, yeah " Good luck to you the class of 85 ' Do you aiw s jump off moving cars. Mary ' RUSH tickets cost 3 dements! Peter, you look gorgeous in a tux ' Friday nights at the Drive In ' Never forget the xxi times MHS. are you buying my prom gown? Peter, thanks for being there, I LOVE YOU!!! Good-bye GHS ' Good luck Seniors, you re all great people Gotta go to work now, ugh MICHELLE M. FLYNN " Micki " Cheering 1 234 Capt. 4 Senior Class Play 0.0. Beach ME. Kath this isn’t the right way. RUM MD TP. 83: Capt.’s 3 — t. Di. me U2R2 much. Chris don’t forget our long talks. Cin we ll be business partners yet. pri- vate parties hide the empties. No Biggy. Hey Kath looks like we made it. 10 25 82 . L love you S.W. 72 Pinto Micmobile. Thanx M.R.G.J.C.L.D. DAD. Love ya Dot Big Mac Attack. Late again? " LON- GRUN " I can ' t believe it. O.K Who’s parents are going away THIS weekend?? Good Luck 84! LISA FORNARA " Leis” Drama Club 3 4 Ski Club 4. Village 3 4, 1 feel like a french fry! ' Chrissie do you have any gum? Excuse me, do you sell Playgirl? Pigs! JOUR- NEY!!!! M R. pinks your color. Dumbbells! Aghh!! Sometimes ya got to say " What the heck! " F A I R, always — Someday Soon!! Clean- ing Bathrooms — Water fights, good luck C.F. K.F., Watch it Beth, I’m BIONIC!! Thanx Mrs. Nelson, you ' re the greatest! H.A. Middleton — Never Again! ' Partners in Crime!! D.S. I want to go out to lunch! Thanx De and Chrissie for everything!!! See ya G.H.S WILD EYED SOUTHERN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Look out R.l. here we come!!!!!!!!!! KATHLEEN GROVER " Grover” F.H. 1,2,3; OEA 5; Softball 2; Band 1; Drama Club 2; Special Needs Clerk 5; P.C. I DID IT!!!; Jean no smoking! Thanks Miss Ward and everyone else!; ROZUMEK “You did it " ; All the time was worth it! Love ya’s " Bye” Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! LISA GROVER " Turkey Face " O.E.A. 3, V.P.; States 3,4; Nats 3,4; Dr Cl 1,2, 3, 4; Sr Play " Panther Lady” — MEOW!; Band 1,2; Mar Band 1,2; Warren Grover ' s Sister You — YOU DID IT!; Anything is possible if you try hard enough; MTM — I ' m Trying!; Reality is just an escape for those who can ' t handle fantasy! " Want a kiss, Mrs. Nelson?; I planted daisies, but I got Roses!; Woody Woo — See you in Holly- wood!; I’m dedicating my 1st Oscar to all my teachers except ; This one is for you Priv; All the world’s MY stage!; Imagination is more impor- tant than knowledge — Einstein, my pal; Use your imagination, Cindy! Love n Luck!; If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why can’t I? I ’m flying now!; Goodbye, MOM DAD! THIS IS IT ' YOU’LL NEVER LEARN, CINDY WAYNE D. GULEZIAN Dr. CL. 1,2,3, 4. (patron) Sr. Class Play. Kind of loud at the China Blos- som? Sr. Skit Caveman, (ugh, ugh). Vega, Bucket of bolts! Riverview in 83. Cabin was pretty good. Clanc- (cuz) Is there something in this? Michelle, thanks for the p.h. help. Watch for me in GO. Thanks mom and dad and Bro. So long G.H.S! KENNETH GUSTAVSON " Gus” Basketball — 1 Partying — 2,3,4. C.T. Party ”83 ” Get Buzzed! Death rides in the Rustang. Heineken 1 " Cabin Parties " Hey Stewart " Drink” Elissa stay away from the boys! Carter where’s my sub! Ann your AWESOME! Clarkie my shoul- der’s killin me! Good luck to all the crew of " 84 ” in what ever you do. Thanks for everything Mom Dad I love ya! Later. KATHLEEN HALLOWELL " Kat, Kath ” F-ball, B-ball cheering 1,2, 3, 4. OEA 3,4. Drama Club 2,4. F.L. Club 2 YRBK 4 — Zukie 4-eva — Mom and dad thanks for everything I LOVE YOU Good luck Alan kid, Nov. 21, 1983 . pluck, ping-pong — Good luck LI BM GZ JN NK n’ everyone else. Kaie got any pickles? Kinda Komical huh Bets? I know how to get there Lisa — Lisa we’re lost. Lisa have MD lately? MTM n’ Mrs. Nelson how’s the bible business — Oh Gary your fantastic! all night talks your special — Thanks for being there, CKSJUWAR huh? Luv ya sweets — Never forget you. Lisa we re outa here! KATHLEEN HEBERT " Kath ” Treasurer 1234; B.B. 124 Co-Capt 4; Band 123 V.P. 4; F.H. 12??; F.L.C. 23; Honor Soc 234; Drama Club 34; Yrbk 4; CAPT. FANTAS- TIC!!!!!! I’d rather be dancing! Hey gumma, who’s he waving to? Bring an X-tra next time!! Fastway, Y T, Maiden, Ozzy, Rush!!!! Burnt (3x) still love em? (me too) My eyes are jumping! I luvya, buddy!C.U. I’ll nev- er forget it!! T,S, Bob on s.s., J1 , J2, mostly J. love ’em all!! Elevators (dd), Teach! When wegoin to Mich Calif?? Indians! Ginos! We’re gonna get our jackets! It didn’t even make a dent! Mr. Bounce? I told ya so! You Forget, Again, Ker! 2112! SSA, fore- va! Gonna miss ya, guys! Only 5 — that’s incredible! Gonna miss you madmen! Hey, relax and be mellow! Thanx Mom Dad for everything! Luv ya TJ P! Who’s the catcher in the rye? . Nothing gold can stay. 25 LISA HENDERSON Lisa Color Guard 1 ,2; Drama Club 1 ,2.3. Hampton Beach 1.2,3,4ever Arrested indecent exposure I thought It was pretty decent ' " Greg, cot” in the act, summer ol 83 ' KP The Topsfield House ol Pizza ' MHS, pass the Southern Comfort ' Love you Gram Hey Mom, I made it. the 1st one! Van Halen 1! M J., Here I come, save me a seat! Eiieen, what about that perm? Beth, hang in there, and good luck Ken Vail, how about my Christmas card? I really did love you. Babe. Good-bye G.H.S. LISA MARIE HOLT Lisa ' FH 3,4, SB 2. DC 14 F L C 3. Donkey Ball 3, YrBk Staff 4, oea 3v p., 4. moea St Sec 4 Spirit Day — we were the real champs ' Mt Washington I made it to the TOP " I love you Bob — remember our song — After all that we ve been through HS, maybe they will get our 1st names right ' MOM and uAD now you can see, I hope I made you proud of me Lon, it wasn t easy being smarter " than you, but I m glad we did it together ' B , I hear ya ' Good Luck DA, DF. KK. KH, SL. TS, KM. KP. BC. and LI. PINK PANTHER and 7-UP Horseshoes. I got a nbbon — thanx Dad J ' Pine Acres — best ol times Missed you while you were away. Bob Thanx for being there Mom J Don t wish It away, don ' t look at it like It ' s forever LORI HOLT Lori " DRAMA CLUB 3,4; OEA 3, Sec. — 4; HI DEAN ' I CAN ' T BELIEVE I FINALLY MADE IT! KOLM LOVE YA A WHOLE BUNCH OF BUN- CHES! 22881 DARLENE. HAVE A GREAT FUTURE AND WATCH OUT FOR SNAKE EYES! DON T DO TOO MUCH RANKING (WITH- OUT ME OF COURSE). LISA!!! YOU MADE IT " IT WASN ' T THAT HARD NOW. WAS IT?? MC, HF, HA — BEST OF LUCK, F.F. HI MOM DAD — FINALLY THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS GRADUATE! (CAN YOU BELIEVE LISA ACTUALLY MADE IT?!?) DILY. THANX MRS. N. FOR BRINGING OUR CLASS TOGETHER! ' 84 LUVS YA! OEA STATES — MTM. WANNA BIBLE? — LEANNE, I CAN ' T HANG AROUND W YOU, YOU ARE A BAD INFLUENCE. BYE GHS. TIMOTHY HUNTER Tim Basketball 1,2,; Drama club 2-4; OEA 4, Ski Club 1-4; Donkeyball 3; Vicki 3,4; Senior Class play; halenS; leppard squier 3; AC DC 2 Benatar Saga 3; Hey Dave, B. hills O.R. ' s Oh no! the cops! Maine 83 great! Marley I think I am going to be sick! Karin, SIGN ' ! Waterslide pudding is weird! Good luck Tim Thank you Mrs. Nelson! ' We luv ya!! Rossi ' s 1 Cannon Gary and Dave. Good luck Matt! Go for it! Thurlow street lights. BANG! BP summers, boy am I dirty! C.S. ' s are great. No I want Ramblin. Thanx Vic, you will always be very special to me!!! Thanx Mom and Dad, I love you. G.H.S. is great, I am going to miss it! Good luck to all of the class of ' 84 " !!! 1 Bye LISA D. INGHAM " Lisa " OEA 3,4 Drama Club 2,3,4 Year- book Staff Perry 2,3,4eva, I Love You! Thanks for all you ' ve given to me Mom and Dad, I love you. Jason good luck in the future. I wish many happy years to come for all my friends. Kathy, " You don ' t want me anymore! " I thought you knew how to get there — WE RE LOST! Good lucK with Gary, Kat, don ' t lose him. Remember what the name Mike does to pretty blonds. Kinda Komical huh Bets? MTM have you finished reading your bible yet? Sing, Sing a Song, la la la la la la, Cindy, Help!! Leanne, STATES, stop tying those curtains in knots!! Julie, thanks for being my friend, no no no, stop stop stop, wait wait wait, remember!?! Thank you Mrs. Nelson, ' 84 is 1!!! bye GHS! BETH JOHNSON Bethusula ' F.H. 1-4 D C. 2-4, Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4 S B. 1-2’ 2, B.B Cheering 2-4, ugly uniforms 3, Thanks Priv! You gotta Charlseton — Toots! Capt. Fantastic — Veronica VanDazzle, You peo- ple are funny! " Lady Di and T’ sum- mer 83 " ' Rock of ages got us stopped but beach babe bailed us out! Jeannie remember " STATES ' " Mike, thanks for everything, you’re a sweetheart! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you Eric! Good-bye G.H.S. SEAN JOLY " Monkey” Football 1,2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. Band 1 ,2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4. Absent 83- 84. Summer School 83. Drop out 83- 84. Freaked out in World Affairs “Monkey Crunch " 3rd’s 1,2. Broken window, thanks Jeff! KELLY KAVANAUGH " Kelly” NHS 1-4, Blueprint 3,4, F.H. 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 4; Roxanne FA Desire (told you I ' d do it!) — Samba, you gotta love it! ee-oh — Good Vibra- tions, Neil Young Frisbee; Waiting for the Sun — Hampton " 81 ” — The Boss, Sting The Lizard King Katie — See you in Jamaica — So Like, ah, what do we do, just like ride around and pick up stiffs all night, or what? — Ker, seen W.B. lately? Let’s hope not — BC, canoeing, great times at the Line — Mich — where ' s Chip’s? Science! (someday I’ll do it) — Thanks Dino — ’’For You” — EBYT. Best of Luck to “84 ” — The Soft Parade Has Now Begun . JAMES KELLY “Jim” Crusing 1,2,3; Crashing 4; (Thanks Space); Partying 1,2,3; Advanced Partying 4; Bus man lives; Cataling Power; ZZ-top, Led Zep and Jim Morrison lives!; Fords forever! NEIL KIMBALL " Neil” Band 2,4, Stagehand 2,3,4, Midnite 1 ,2,3,4 the G’s 2,3,4, Riot, Boston, Sabbath rules LLFo + D, Woods bombin ' . Hey Gary get your stereo in yet?, M + M I had mine first. Tree crew " 83”, Hamer Mania, Mike — These were the best of times. Bang your head Tim, Good luck Ramans, Chris buy a car, Mark it’s trailer material, Dave — a pimp mobile?. It’s still a pinto Jay, Tim there is life after Judas Priest, Good luck with the ladies Jim, 4 hours of empties Zuke, Salisbury Summer " 83 ”, Phil- adelphia, Mr. M.’s Calc. One of the three stooges. Thanks to all my Friends, Later G.H.S. RICHARD LANIGAN ' R ick ' ' Football (1,2, 3, 4) Hockey (1,2,3 capt.4) Baseball (3,4); Unaccept- able Corridor Conduct (kissing); Rod who’s 44?; Strip B.Bal; Hey John push Hyperspace!; Moes waterbed; Camping — Who’s axe is that? Dean (grenade sneakers); Muscle beach; Taffyoca Puddin (Zac); Take it easy Tom, Dave, Cud — Self appointed Capt.; Def. Backs Rod 81, ’’Beat on backs” 82 ‘0-6 ” 6 int. 83 Manchester (almost); Thanks Mom Dad; Heidi, Good luck babe. I ' ll love you always. Good Luck " 84”! Rod, John, Dean — best friends SANDRA LaPOINTE “Sandie ” F.H. 1.2; Softball 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; GREG, 2,3,4; Yearbook staff. Dra- ma Club 2,3,4; Senior Class Play, Capt. Fantastic " Yvonne” New Years Eve " 82 ” Never drink Ruinite and Southern Comfort on an empty stomach! Michelle be good! Never forget the late nights at NECCO waiting for Greg! Don’t worry Th e CB is on ch. 9! Hi Rick B. J.M. Never forget Lynn and the locked car! Greg, Thanks for being there, I Love You! Greg 4 9 82 Forever! Good bye G.H.S. Thank God I’m out of here!!! 27 DAVID LOBLEY Lobsla Basketball 2,3.4 Cross Country 2,3,4 Co-Captain with Macadoo! D ' ' Band 1,2, 3, 4 The 3rd s Workin tor the doctor 3,4 Stayin alter school 1 Virgil, want to shoot some hoop? " Celtics, Bruins, Boston Gar- den " 100 Seabrook Beach. Tom. (Good times at Rock Pond) " class o( 84 arxl all those great Senior Priv- ileges! Slay Cool. T R.. D M.. D N.. C T.. C.S.. D M. Good Luck and Goodbye. ' 84 DANIEL MALONE Virgil. Moses Soccer 3. Cross-Country 4. Wres- tling 4 Bassin at the Pits (almost live), nighi-lishing on the weekends (Weiner). New Year s Eve — Jell — can you remember " ? Lowenbrau is best R C IS good Pag. don i use yoursell ' " How much did you have?” I don l remember B-Talls like D.S B Drive-ln Days 3.4 Pelican lile w Randy. Eric, Tracey (next summer) Do Angus Jim ' Paint the house ' Bad to the Bons!! Geils. Queen, VH. Wings. B O C.. Kiss, all good (George Rodney) STUFF ' ! MacTavish Lobster. l 2D How many moons are there? " (T Z ) gobble, gobble, gobble Thanks alot Mom and Dad The best ol luck to aJI ol the class ol 84 Jr High was outrageous ' All ol the memories will last Moving on- ward CHRISTINE MANNING " Chrissie " Cheering. Mick f Kathy lets get !!!! belore practice. I neecT a cigarette! Lets cruise in the white whale with Harry Hood and Lynn West!! we re rolling backwards!!!! June 18. a blast!! Hey Lisa, did you bring a lunch today???? Dumbbells! Carole KOS!! De. remember every- thing we ' ve done minute. (Bikes)!!! Good luck class ol " 84!” I ' m linally out ol here!!! Lunities have taken over the a lum LED-ZEPPELIN ALL OF MY LOVE TO YOU SHANE; WE WILL BE ALWAYS AND FOREVER KATHLEEN MANNING Kathy " Cheering 1 Drama Club 3,4 F.B.B B and don ' t lorget O.O.B.!! Hey Mic do you think we re lost? Let s go cause a lew more accidents Do you think Amy ' s mother is going away? What about your lather " ? Rum m.d. Tom Petty 83. Hide the empties and the undies. Private parties are tops. I Love You T.H. Well mic, looks like its Iriday lorever Irom this place Chris, now we dont have to argue over who ' s getting up 1st. Thanx Mic (or being a best Iriend. Latah! — ELIZABETH MANSFIELD Betsie " Senior Class play — nurse 4 Drama Club 3,4, FL club 2,3 Yearbook, Blue Print Staff — 4 Kath — " snowed in " Feb 83 — Kinda Komical huh?! An stuff an stuff — LH Wizard of OZ never so funny — LI Perry Forever — friends and stuff — no biggy — Hey Don and Mike where ' s Whittier? Don got a pencil? Hey Don boy how do you . Accounting and stuff Thanx RA — for everything — Mike R — where did you go? Long chats an stuff — too many girls huh? Priv you ' re awesome — never forget us — 84 forever — Future Srs watch out for Mark and Chris P. Good Luck KH LI LH DF DM SL KM LN TS MS GZ. and cast of CF I luv ya. Kath we ' re outa here! DONALD W. McCURLEY Don, Murkerly " Hockey 1 ,3,4 Soccer 3, Ski Club 1 , 2 G ' s 4. Ozzy 82 — Van Halen 83 — Priest, Maiden 84? (Hey bake, we ? otta see ’em before we die) U.S. uboggan Team 83, Mopeds in N.H. Half in the bag at Balmoral, Hampton — Salisbury (Hey bake I invited?) Speaking ol tired, Jim wake up! It ' s KK not KC, 53 in a 35, Hey Bets let ' s get a pizza, stalling at SAT ' s, My father woke up! Its been real GHS. DAVID MCDONALD " Mac " Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4. BB. 1,4. Band 1,2, 3, 4. Thanx Mom and Dad. Go-Captians with Rock Lobster. Thanks Coach Cairns. I’ll get it Mr. Haddad. Summer of 83: Pattie s beach and Plum Island. YCC " 83, Thanx Mai. Cycle 4-eva. Hey Zuke let ' s go skiing. Someday I ' ll take the tour. Led Zepplin, Triumph, Eagles. Jethro, your a dangerous man. Hey Kev, let ' s climb the tower, Thanx Mr. Donnelly, Colorado’s awesome right Marty? Slo, you ' ll never do it. Good luck Karen, Caren I Love ya. I ' m finally gone. KERRY ANNE MCLAUGHLIN " Ker " B.B. 1 ,2, Capt. 3,4; S.B. 1 ,2,3,4; Stu. Coun. 3,4; S.A.C. Reg. Rep. 3,4 (Brett we have a test!) Yr.Bk. 4, Blue Pr. 4 Honor Soc. 1 ,2,3,4; Kel, friends forever (secrets) K.B.S. — I feel sick. Both, canoeing? Kath, who’s gonna take care of R.A.? Cep, you’re the best, I love ya. Kate and Erin, the future is yours, make the most of it. 1 8 83 — (you too Lis?) J.D.S. — Forever DID Start, my love always. " Wheels go round and round, you’re on my mind ” JEFFREY A. MEISNER " ’Weiner " FOOTBALL 1,3,4, BASKETBALL 1,2,3, Cap. 4, Camp Namequoit summer of 83, Heff’s at Pouchett, only once. Rod, wanna hide under the beds? Done, don’t sell your clothes this summer . Beat on Bert day with tennis rackets ... In- door miniature golf . . . Virgil, will you quit foggin up my windows . . Sag, are you ready to leave yet?. Mike will you take me to Abington PLEASE?? . Rick your doin just fine, just fol- low the yellow line . . . Wadya- mean-Wadya mean?? John 4:00 at the library!! Big 5’s and Pro Specs . . . Thanks for everything Dad t Mom I owe you alot . . . Good luck underclassmen. Good-Bye " 84 ” Thanks for all the great times KELLY MEISNER " Meis " B-ball — 1 2 S-ball — 1 23 My best sis — and my best times — 4-some, awesome! Campers, double park- ing, Do you always kiss Laura good night?? In trouble again! Camping w BC, TP, KB, sharp shooter! Really mom, we were just going for a walk! We blew it Kim (RL), it’s better to stare! How was your yr. w MM Tam?? Wasn’t it fun? Hey Anne — wanna play monopoly? Police — 83! Don ' t stand close to me . !! Why does that fork smell like tuna fish?? Mona loves sibows! Lewis’s cabin? Camper — wanna leave him another present Steve?? Gus, you’re the best!! Control a nicfit!! Noway! Sorry MR. I love you Steve — this ones 4-ever! Good luck Jon Linda! Thanks Mom Frank — I love you!! Good-bye 4-eva G.H.S. Moan — ahh!!i SUSAN MILLER " Sue” Band 1, 2,3,4; Drama Club 1, 2,3,4; For. Lang Club 1 ,2; Ski Club 4; Year- book 4; Smoking area 1,2,3; Party 1, 2,3,4; Senior Class Play " ‘Captain Fantastic " 1; Spirit Week — the REAL winners; Baldpate 2,3,4 “The world ' s going insane " — See ya Ozzy’ " let ' s find a party” — D.R., L.R., S.E.; " Good Luck — C.M., L.F., D.P., C.B., and all you under class- men: Canoeing T rip " 83 — L.B., S.S: " The canoe’s sinking!” Plum Isl. Sals. Beach ' 83 Rolling Stones for- ever; W.H. — Lots of good times; I’ll never forget ya Dan; class of ' 84 forever — Good buye; Ketchup in Phili — K.S., H.A.: Thanks mom Dad — Love ya! U-Mass Here I come!!!!!! HEIDI NEUMANN " Hide” Band 1 ,2,3,4, OEA 4; Marching 1 ,2, Flute, Piano Music is me! Drama 4; SOCCER! 4 Beth, you’re the best, THANX! L + L Giggle Giggle! Total- ly awesome times camp, Charlton, Monadnock, Church, CA ' s, School L + L, Beth, Denise, Mouse, Tami, (Nathan) (Will) M.H.F.L.S. etc Thanks!!! K.P. I’m going to scratch your eyes out if ya don’t shut up! CC I ' ll miss ya! C.R. your very special to me! What’s this about Latin, Mary — Hope, we passes didn’t we?? Tami, you’re one of a kind! (Zoobie, Dan, Mommie Dearest! HA! HA!) Beth, Oh, Brother! Lisa, I leave you my remaining shorthand paper! Wow! I can’t believe how I am finally grad- uating. I’m gonna miss ya G.H.S. GOOD LUCK!! To my friends I leave behind! I love ya all! Miss ya! Heidi Ho! 29 LISA OUELLETTE Bunny X-country 4 Oh, I am lost 4: St, Council 4; Cheering 1 ,3; Police Fix 8 10 83; Look Mario, no hands ' Chicana, What about me! 1 8 83. a nite for love; Think toes, Mr. Cairns — you re the best ' WHAT THE WHIM WHAM " What IS a stop sign? Nicole, my BEST friend — luv ya ' VT. PI, Florida, what next? I lost it around here somewhere I love you. Riles; T.P w NC TB s; Katie, it drives me crazy; China Blossom 132! Hey Dave, down for 10? Johner. BRIDGEWATER Hey Kel, remember Priv Power? Chris T., what exactly do you call yourself? NC, isn ' t 30 degrees a bit cold? Seniors, we ' ve stood tall the Class ' 84 should be proud Good Luck my friends and remember, you ' re no bunny til some bunny loves you DAVID NIZWANTOWSKI Niz Opel, 69 Nova, what next I magood driver. Jell Tom, Butch DOO DA, DOO DA, BA HA HA. SENIOR PRIVLEDGE ' ’ Draftsmen (Mickey) S S ' 797799799 jhanks lor the Dash Lobsta, Twinkles and Tom J A B . Thanks lor the memories. Sept 4, Sept to. 9fl3 Thanks One old Nancy s special, Mobilman the combo to locker 155 is 5-27-5 BYE LEANNE NUTILE Leanne Drama Club 1.2, 3. 4 For Lang Club 1 .2,3, O E A 3 JournalisiT 3, JNHS. Yearbook Staff 4. Football Cheering 4 Good Luck DF KK. KM BM. KBS. • T S . CAPTAIN FANTAS- TIC A fantastic production by the class of 84 and of course Miss Priv " " Thanks Mrs N You re the greatest " " Thank you Mom • Dad " " Love you J J C Thanks " " Debby and Kelly Spring Break FLORIDA " " Will It be like the movie ' ’ ' ' ’ ' Tolheclassof 1984 good luck toward future success " " TIM OUELLETTE Angus Stage Band 1.2. 3. 4; Band 1 234, Nat honor Society — 1,2,3. 4 ?; Wall Soccer with the Romans, Bang your Head HEAVY METAL RULES ' !!! ' ! " ! " !!!! ' !!!! ' !Ouiet Riot, Led Zep 1 ' Neil. Mike, John and Chris, youre quite the AWESOME performers; Gibson ' s are 1; Mike, get a real guitar; What ' s under the bed. Neil? ' hey. Jay, where d that telephone pole come from?? Jay? Vehicular devistalion 84, Sue, I ' ll never forget you; L.K. forever U — mass watch out ' ; Deb, keep in touch — and take care of snookums for me; MIDNITE 1; Parties at Zuke ' s house; Triple-H; Hey. Zuke. is there a draft in here or what? " Mickey D ' s Boo-Foo crew of 1984; Scott. Dan. Jay. and Ray; the fun ' s just begun; G.H.S, I ' ll always never mind. I ' M O U T T A HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCOTT JOSEPH PAGANELLI Sag " Pres. 2,3 F.H. Mgr. 1,2,3.4 BaseB. Mgr. 1,2, 3,4 BasketB. Mgr. 2,3.4 Band 1 ,2 — Philly — 2 Super-Hero with John — 3,4 Drive-In — 3,4 Ice Fishin (?) 4 Blue Print S.E. 4 Trip to Cape — summer " 83 " — " Hey Mike, which one ' s mine? " Virg — be coy with yourself C.B. with Nick — your the best! Take care Bun Rod your a coward Chuck, how many stared at it tonight? Wher ' s the Cabin? Richard, where ' s my dollar Please God, help me make it through dou- ble lab Chem. Lisa it was me Not tonight, ladies, I have a headache Hey Wein, we made it — take it easy buddy Kate, its all yours now! Thanks Ma Dad Best of luck 84 youre the greatest! JAMES PELLETIER Jim " Cross Country 1 ,2; Wrestling 2; Soc- cer 3. Capt. 3.4. Coach 3, All-Star 4; Marching Band 1.2, 3, 4; Band 1.2,3. 4; Stage Band 3,4 — Paul B. — Thanx for everything.; Four hours of empties Zuke!; MALL CREW — I ' LL BE READY IN A MINUTE!; Jay, I ' m not listening.; Shep — Where is he? What ' s his ? Let ' s go to his house.; Good Luck Kav. Fin.; Chris, we paid em ' to look atcha.; TLA M S; Don M. is really Rob Halford.; John — You ' ll find one for you.; Neil — It ' s been real — Good Luck at NorthEast ' N’; Keep workin ' at it Mike. ' KARYN ' JAMES PRENDIBLE " Jim " Football 1 ,2,3 Capt. 4. B-ball 1 ,2,3,4, Class Skit screw-up 2,3 Rapheal Domingo lives! Epa! Tony! Me Bamo (schizo brothers) Fred the amobea, Chi-Chi’s (Ka-Ching, Ka- Ching) Dan — Bassin — Brau 1, Christy -i- Ferrari -i- Lowies = Euphoria, Drippin-n-stuff Angus BR fights @ cabin 7 4 83 BJ No pain, no gain. Mike, get a real job! Cause trouble? If they only knew! James Taylor is the best Hey dudes Craiga W.P. " go for it” best def side in Div.5 stay in touch Kath " he’s cute ' Mr. B sorry about your clock 8th grade. Kav, Fin, Lobs, Manz, Rick, Chris, Dicky + me 8 in a Volvo? Ice Party I couldn’t skate to start with. Thanks Mom and Dad -i- Di + De TIMOTHY A. PELLETIER Bake ” Soccer 3, Wrestling 2, X-Country 1,3, Band 1,2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3,4, Drama Club 4; Sabbath Riot Nov. 6,83. Judas Priest — Maiden 84? The Big Queef Beech Bake Queef Patrol 83 Hampton Yeah!!!! G’s 3 4; G’s Crew — Neil, Mike, Chuck, Dan, Shep!!! Necco Max? Why? Steve me and Don say drink a BEER!!!! 60 in a 35? What can I say? Break any glasses at the G’s lately Murkerly? Gonna miss you girls — L.F., D.S., T.S., H.S., K.H., B.D., K.C 10 in 15 min. is too much Zuke!!! Go find some tools, Jim! Hey, Don it’s only 1 1 :00! Hey Murkerly did you hafta do it in a drawer? Hey Don how bout a ride down the hallway?? Good bye G.H.S.I! Thanx Mom Dad for Everything. Bake JAY PETERS “Jay ” Cross Country 1 ; Soccer 3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4 — Get Witch Quick (Hank), You Gotta Charleston (Babyface), Captain Fantastic (Bradford); Bottle Drives, Ugh! What a drag! Yo Priv Thanx, Love Jaybird. LLFOD Hey Mickey, Pintos are for- ever! Kimball I like your car too. Any- one for Athol? Tim keep on playing. Midnite is awesome! Incites us to new heights! Cast parties are the best. Thanx Zuk! Baka, you working this weekend? Course ya are! Jim, you made the right move! Carry on as best you can without us Jeannie. You’re a beautiful person and a good friend. Hey Chris, Haverhill is better than you’ve heard. Love ya Kath. Thanx Mom Dad, you really helped. Bye GHS I ' ll try not to forget ya but ya never know DAN PRESCOTT “Deke” Football 1 -4 capt. Wrestling 1 ,2, capt 3,4. Baseball 1-4 PC " 83” Good Luck cabin crew. Partying 1 -4 Def- Leppard, ZZ-top, Clarke, drink a beer. Thanks Mom and Dad Love yah. Good Luck TP, CR, EH, I’M OUTTA HERE! KAREN J. PRESUTTI “Kaje” D, Club 3,4; OEA 4; Sr. Cl. Play; Surfwood memories. Ronald P. June, ‘‘There’s always something there to remind me, you’ll always be a part of me.” Topsfield House of " P ” w LH MB! Spinning Wheels Rl w Deb, " Let ' s go for a cruise!” Cali- fornia! Lisa, busted for WHAT?! DJ, what a fox, huh Nance? When’s Hank coming out? Tina’s prank calls. Pancakes w AS HD w a water fight! Will you get off the floor?! I’m gonna smash you, Heidi! Want a pickle Kath? They don’t have mus- tard Butch! Hey Carlos, I love you!! DR -I- PS forever. Thanks for being a friend Sean. John . . Mary, I need something to focus on! I’m moving in, Beth! Sis. Shelbs! Like, I don ' t get it! Good luck to all my friends. Like, I don’t have a grip on the situation! is anybody out there?! Thanks Mum Dad. See ya G.H.S. The past is over and gone, but memories of if linger on . forever . . . TAMMY PRINCE “Tam " FH, 1-4 capt, DC. 3-4 sec, TW J — wrestling, Roxxanne, that (a $? banner, TW, AR, BC, CC, Haverhill was a mistake KB summer 83, AP DS all the way, sharp shooter, nc dies, KM, BC, DC, 4-ever camping w out a tent, BC, no more cart- wheels, V Lemmonade, sking?? Camp sac, skinny dipping swinger in the nude “oh what a night ’ Water- melon anyone? LC, tag just keep acting like a fag. MS, store peanuts, hey stubbles! BC, MY, rides to school oh no were late again, Chris P. if you were 2 yrs older! VER- MONT! the crew! cabin!! Joe you’re excellent!! DEKE thanks for being a friend, your a FOX!! WERE OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!! 31 JOHN REYNOLDS Grossa, Fish Football ( 1 ) Basketball ( 1 ) I ' ll try any- thing once ' Knee (2,3) Soccer (3,4) Sweat Cpt (4), Ice Fishing, TKOed by Rod; Strip B Ball Underwear runs. Hyperspace? Camping at NH Who ' s axe is that? Superhero ' s w Pag; Candid Shots at Kims, Don t drink the red stuff Drummers do it with rhythm " Rod, Rick, Dean, you made it fun; Good Luck DAR, CPR, LER, all my friends; Hey Chinch] how come your hands smell like fish? " Thanks Mom Dad, I won ' t let you down! Love ya Krissy ' GOOD LUCK 841 MICHAEL ROMANO ' M anzo " Basketball 3,4. Soccer 4. Summer of ' 83. It must be at Haverhill Stadium " Hampton Beach, White Bathing Suits — I Miss It. The Car Wash. " I like my locker. " Deanne and Lisa (Playgirl). Gee tanx Hastings. Let ' s go dancing. Gus, partners in the pink Caddy. Diane. Hey guys, let ' s go to the Mall. Beth, stay special Emify, Hi K.B. Stewman. Kelly (I was too late) Good Luck Keep in Touch, keep guessing Rod! Good Luck Amy, Neil, Zuke, John, LC. A B. H.A. D.A. CHERYL ROZUMEK Che " Pres. 1; Honor Soc. 1 ' " BRIAN 3,4; Smoking Area 1 ,2,3,4(?); Adv. Party 3,4, Flying down the stairs at 3;00 AM?; LITTLE WHITE BEEP BEEP; Oh oh mom ' s home; BABIE LOWIEM Dubba-doo; LOVE YOU WHOE BUNCHES: WHAT A BABE! ' — stealing the car Jean?; Junior Skip Tripp; PARTY HAVEN LIVES!; I miss U, L.W.; Sue, don ' t forget our trip; PC in ' 83; What the ‘% c!; The crew; LET THE GOOD TIMES ROlL! Vermont here cum the seniors; Tray, be good when I ' m gone. Luv ya ' kid; Mom Dad, I hope you ' re extra proud of me. Thanx for being the closest friends I could ever have! I love you!! Bri. you ve put some of the best memo- ries into my life. I hope there ' s many more in the future. I ' ll love you FOREVER ' THOMAS RYAN " Tom, T. Ryan " Tech. Draw. 1,3,4 (Ind. Study); For- eign Lang. Club 1,2; Nat. Jr. Honor Soc. 1 ; Lawn driver 3,4; Van Rock ' n 3,4; Vega Thrash ' n 2,3,4 THE RAG TWINKS BILL-BO You dudes!!. Butch and Dash ' DOO-DA, DOO-DA, BA!HA ' HA ' " — U.S. Hist. Mag. Reader 3; Karin Swier, in my Myth. Class? Where? When? So Tully and Dave just how is the Green Monster in the mud? T. Ryan and Deb Mac., Friends FOREVER! — Plaistow girls RULE! . . . “I think its time for a pretzel run! " Hey Dave, why isn ' t that dirt putting out the gas? Who knooows!!” S ABROOKE GOODBYE TO G.H.S. — 84 ' s time has come and we’re darn glad Finlow ' s Bus!! MARK RICKETTS Ricks Cross Counirv 1.2 Basketball 1.2, 3.4 Band 1,2, 3. 4 Philadelphia 2 Soccer 3.4 Tri-Capi 3.4 Hey Jim, let 8 go we re late Chuck, forget J C C they really didn t make sense Doesn I it bug you when they look but they re taken It was o k back then " Thanks Mom Jerry, Sue. Thanks lor eve hing HI love you always Smiley Rock J R and A D There are loo many dales to pul down a few. Two was perfect KATHERINE SANGER Katie " Cheering 1,2 Capt. 3,4 Hon. Soc. 1,2.3 sectreas. 4 S.C 1,2 S.A.C. C.C. 4 Editor 4 Sec 3 CRAIG 1,2, 3,4!! Senior Class Play ' CF” Hey Kav, I was gonna call ya Fantasies 4eva MNC! " Thanx " for all our talks! Luv ya stories Ker Mom — I luv ya thanks for everything I never could have made it w out ya all the luck in the world J.C. B.J Bruins 1 in 84 Cape Cod 4-eva Lis — Drives me crazy Nicki — cheering in the rain TP power Squirt — Luv ya always " sis ' Our times were the best! " T’ Smile! Quick Kath I need my voice Craig — I luv ya — Go for your dreams I know you can make it Todays value can be realized Tomorrow ' s can only be imag- ined FRANK REED SAVORY, JR. " Reed " BAND 1,2, 3, 4: ICE HOCKEY 1,3,4 JR. HIGH COMPUTER LIT. IN- STRUCTOR 3,4: I still think we should have won spirit day (half a point!!): So long all!: Mike, thanks for puttind up with my locker " organiza- tion " : The B.H. lives!!! MICHAEL R. SAX " Max " Drama Club 1 ; Cross country; Har- vest Markets 2,3,4 Out of hand 4 Hey Pete rematch Homework Yeeeeaaaahh Leave It to Baker The BROWN HORNET RULES No thanx, Jim can give me a ride home never mind can someone untie my shoes Hey wally I made it Thank you for all the vanilla cokes Avvy, Amy, Darren, and Jennifer Jim Prendible — ACTION GUY BYE Georgetown High Miss me BEAVER LIVES HEIDI SCHWARTZ “Heidiba " Field Hockey 1, 2,3,4 Drama Club 3 Party Haven 1-4 Fastway and Iron Maiden 4. Hey Kath what ' s wrong with the car? and why are you put- ting on your seat belt? 3 strikes and your outta there! Does anyone want to thrash on 9th grade amazon ' s? Wen, so much for our dream house, and I’ll se ya in Buffalo. Heidiba stop whining! Tammy learn how to drive a standard. Hey Steven what’s up? Love ya kid. Aim, please stay out of trouble. Amy R. you are supposed to walk around the puddle! Hey Mr. Silverman eight isn ' t enough. Good Luck 85. DEAN SEDLER " Dino” SOCCER 3,4. capt. 3.4 wres- tling 2. Grossa your the best sweat capt, I ever had . ice fishing, bon- fires . . . sorry about that trout Rod- ney . . . Good times in New Hamp- shire . . . lets go dubbin . motor cycle weekend Rick . . . you can ' t win a war with one granade . . hey rick wanna go splash around? Rod, Rick John you guys are the BEST . Kelly, thanks for all the good times, I love you . . . WILLIAM J. SHANN " Bill " Exhibition wrestling (the pencil neck- ed — snot needs a beating). Coach McGill., Jack meet Bill, yuck, orahgutang calls, basket ball buzz. Hair-cuts while you sleep. Other than that, just general out-of-hand madness. From Jim — “I ' ll always be a word man, better than a bird- man” " Run with me” CHRIS SHEPHERD " Shep " Football (1 ,4) Baseball (2,3,4) Cross Country2, How long is it really Chuck?!; Talk to you later Virgile I gotta paint the house. “Crue” (3,4); Giordanos (2,4) Kega at the cabin!; Ski; Goodbye and good luck Seniors Finally, we’re outta this dump; Scoff off Jay!; Love ya Tracy; " Side- winder”; Who stole the boat?; Skin, you BUCKETHEAD; Scoff untill Drop. Tina you B h (ha, ha) 33 MAUREEN SIMMONS Moe Cheennq 1,2,4. capi 4. Senior Class Play — Abby, Squirt, thanks lor the memories. lOOIh R B . PUP- PYCHOW Chicana. WHAT ABOUT ME? W T T S D. Mama Sama. hurry I ' m lale ' My beslesi Iriend Kim, 10 31 83, the boys in the audilonum. chug — OHIO, your the best and I love ya ' Toilelpapering 83. Nic — Where did you lose il ' ’ CAST PARTIES Heidi — ba 2 mm — re- member the walerbed — so close. BOP don I laugh, Mcbuddies, d w I a b a i J.S ' Chrissy your a brat, but I love you ' Tam are storing peanuts. Rick — Rod when are you gonna get a waterbed? Wanna have a sleep-over? John how ' s your eye? Rod, 111 wear the blue one to gradua- tion jusi (or you ' Thanks Mrs. Nelson (or everything you ' ve done. Thanks mom I love you, Bridgewater — here I come, Good luck Seniors! JOHN SKERRY Skerry DEF LEPARD — KROKUS (883) Blue vody. Red vody, Squareback. CORDOBA Fireworks in the Rus- tang • slabs at 322 North The Boys in Blue Grey — Jackstarxt Tibbs Party. 10-82, (C R s T ' s) GM Rules. Mopar Power (400 w 4BBL), Ford Junk Football w the Schwartz s Freddie, your Nova can t cut It in the Fastlane Thanks a lot K C Michelle H — Randy s Rules " Let ' s Flush This Toilet CHRISTINA SMITH " Tina Sec. 2,4; V,P, 3; Cheering 2,3,4; Dr. Cl. 2,3,4; Senior Class Play — " Bon- nie " " 2-way radio " Summer o( ' 83 — DEF LEPPARD " (S. at H. — Sorry!) D C. and B.J. — Best Buddies. J.M. ?? — " Endless Love " — Well Jenolds, guess we ll always have our dreams! Hey Mick, what gear are we in? Eeek! (Slice) Moe and Lisa O. — my Mcbuddies! Capts. 3 — Di. Mick and me?! Miss ya, Emine! Mom, Dad and (amily — thanx! Andrea, you ' re special! — I Love You All! Kim, you ' re decent! Thanks (or EVERYTHING, Mrs. Nelson. And to all my (riends who made G.H.S. memorable. Good Luck! e (or now but not (orever " T-Bop " CHRISTOPHER SMITH " Chuck” Football 1,3,4 C.C. 2 Basketball 1,2,3, Capt. 4 Baseball 1, 2,3,4 Bud 3,4 Finch 2 Beach Bum " 83 " Hey Manzo, let ' s hit the tree ' Neil, who ' s lookin at it now! Rod, Wein, I need a " (ix " . Jim, let ' s go, we re late! Hey Time, is it you turn yet?! Rick, you ' ll never lose her. Thanx (or everything Coach Clooamore, Haddad, Luca, and Wilbur. Ozzy 82 " Good Luck Kav, Tom and Cat I lov e you, J.T. and D A. Good luck underclassmen. So long G.H.S. Penitentiary. I ' m otta here ' MARK SMITH " Sponge " Party!!! Zukes, eat some pissa Tim break a window " SSS " late night band room clean up Mike and Neil, you know how long it is! MID-NITE FEEDBACK 2.3,4 " X, Z. XTC XYZ BYOB. BOSTO( . Aerosmith AC DC, Black Sabbath (pickup save the cake) Zuke did you move out " jump it " " street bomb” in Neil want some heat” RODNEY M. SMITH " Hot Rod " FOOTBALL 1 .2.3. capt.,4 BAS- KETBALL 1.2.34. ... Rick rem. (ootball . " 81, beat on back s double rootcanal” . ”82. cathedral M.V.B. " 83 " MANCHESTER ' John summer o( 82 . H P. with muscle beach Dean and John Salis- bury death trap Rick, push hyperspace CAMPING 82 . Dean rem, weekends in N.H. Tanya. Love machine the copsJ Ricks house (T.K.O. Reynolds Maureen wear the blue one (or me . . . double waterbed w Rick Heidi . . . H.A. F.Y.D. Jeff, sum. of 83 Name — quiot? “Burts going to wimbleton pouchet parties’’. STEPHANIE . . . " you gave me memories I will never forget I LOVE YOU for that.” Rick, John Dean “SPECIAL FRIENDS” the class of 84 is gone but the memories live on. . . DEANNE SPIRITO ' Spirito " “De” Drama Club 3 r 4 Ski Club 4 Senior Play L.F. Andy Spies, Can I get my hat? We’ll have a candy bar and a Play Girl!! " Oh God” C.M. lets find a party!! Harry Hood add Lynn West, white whale!! PIGS!! Walls can talk, you know! Dumbbells, lets push the camaro, C.M. want to go the N.H.??? J une 17 FOREVER!! M.R. thanx for listening Ramble on — What bra!! Hope you like the col- or! i luv you C.M. + S.M. IT ' S GON- NA TAKE A LOT OF LUB Neil Young, what will -i- never be. Eat your lunch C.T. C.M. the best of times Willie Nelson. Mrs. Nelson, you ' re awesome! Remember the good, forget the bad. Here we come Salem State, N.J. watch out! MARY-HOPE SQUIRES " Ma” Crystal or is it Beth? driftwood 1 ,2,3 but not 4. 1 ;00 time to go home Beth. S.E. N.S. Forever!! Don’t ever forget going out in ' SOUTHERN " style with all the " COMFORTS ” of driftwood. Bye bye Jilly, just a little while more. Home at 1 :00, 2:00 not home at all. Look for me in Danvers, Kiddies. No more of this lying for me, it’s finally over cristy. Hi Hi or should I say bye?? What ' s this about Latin! We passed didn’t we! Bye Lisa and Laurie. HELLO Freedom! See you people later on, you know where to find me, right Beth? Next to S.E. Love ya keep in touch. Karen, don ' t focus too hard! " MA” HOPIE KARIN SWIER " Ka " " Mrs. Potter” YearBook (Business Manager) 4; OEA 1-4 Historian 2, Pres. 3, State V.P. 3; Drama Club 1-4, Stud. Ad. Coun. School Comm. Stud. Rep. 4; Stud. Coun. 1 ; Marching Band 6 yrs. Asst. Drum Major 4. Yes Tom I am in your Mythology class. Spirit Day ' 83 — half a point??? We’re the REAL winners! USMC 1! CAPT. FANTASTIC! 12 2 3 83. Bradford — See you in my office. No, no, not the chalk! Scream! Thanks MTM! Love ya Capt. Priv! " All the world’s a stage.” Mrs. Gilmartin — you ' re great! Mrs. Nelson, you ' re a fantastic class advisor! Lisa Nicole — phe- nomenon — do, do, da, do, da. I LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, Ing, and Chris! Sue, Amy, Caren, Chrissy — I’ll miss ya! Lisa, Jen, Nick — Take care! Love ya! Good-bye everyone! It’s been great! THE CLASS OF ' 84 IS 1!! MICHAEL J. SYLVESTER " Mike” Band 1,2, 3, 4 Stage Band 1,2, 3, 4 Drama Club 4 Yearbook Staff (Ha!) AC DC 1 — HELLS BELLS — Judas Priest, Halen, Sabbath, Riot, OZZY, — need I say more! Hey Kimba, get yourstack yet? Wein, wanna go to Abington? — " Whad- dyea mean ” Sagis Erectis you’re awesome MIDNITE LIVES Chris- sy, you’re very special to me Cape " 83” — She’s yours Sag CAPTAIN FANTASTIC (Bruno) Zuk ' s B-ball parties — yea! Giordano ' s Crew — Shep, Tim, Kimba, Dan, Chuckles! Stubbs, awesome Axman Sag, Wein, Kimba, Sponge, Zuk, you guys are the greatest Thanks Ma Dad for everything, I love ya We had a tough time of it " 84”, but we made it (look out world . ) Neil, you made it all worth while (good luck) — best buddies always!! Bye G.H.S. — it’s been an experience I think . . CHRISTOPHER TIBBETTS " Tibbs” Basketball 1,2,3 Senior Play and Skit . . Ratso Finkle was here OH NO!! J.S. watch out for werewolfs WHAT are you strangling Gus???? Boltergust?? D.S., P.S., A.L., D.F., S.S., K.B., R.L, and J.L., THANKS!!! Cruisin’ in the RUS- TANG!!!!! Hey ROCKY, There’s NO MORE!!!! Thanks BILL H.$$$$$$$$ DIXIE get that Karp for me!!! T.L. . . HA!!! DIRTY ROOMS are forever PRIVILEGES???????? Take it EASY ’84!!! SO LONG PEO- PLE! DONALD TOWNSEND " Townsie” Football 1,3,4. Partying 1,2, 3, 4. Ozzy 3,4?. Toking Area 2,3,4. Drink- ing beers in S.A.3. Hey Skin got any- more V.O. and Grapefruit Juice?. Hey Clarkie " Drink some more beers”. Cheering Capt. — Senior Class Skit, " hey Chopper what’s up? ”. J.O. 10! J.D. in the Shop 6- 83. Cowboys + Indians on a cold Nov. night in 82. Saturday 1,3,4, D.T. J.D., J.O. + T.S., L.G, J.S. Hey Debbie and Ginny and all the rest GOOD LUCK! Hey Ma McBride thanks for putting up with me. Good Bye Chopper. Se Ya Later G.H.S. 35 SUZANNE M, TRONERUD Sue Hockey cheering 1 ,2 Drama Club 1 ,2.3 Get Witch Quick 2. You Gotta Charleston 3. V P 1 BC 4 Priv, thanx lor the experience " ' Good Luck 84 ' College is a big word, and much more Coed dorms don t mean coed showers ' Or do they? N C.. C M ,K M ,C R ,M F ,D S .T.S .do It up with spirit lor me ' Chrissy, I luv you. I ' ll always be here Make sure you have the senior year I never did Girls, lake care ol my baby brother Drew you CAN make it ' Mom and Dad I love you. thanx lor giving me the chance to make you proud, 3. 1 4 C.J.. B B keep smiling cause I luv you ' I never knew the answers but I cared enough to want to know and dare to try DAWN WILKINS " Chick " Varsity Basketball Cheering 3 No Gum!!! OEA 3,4 Us Been Great Girls Luv Ya. Drama Club 3 Priv Thanks For Being There. Luv-Ya Mom Dad!!! I Leave Lots ol Luv Andy Diane Denise Kim Sherri We Are 1 Do It Up Seniors Your Awesome What About Sat-Night?? Yes No? 5 15 71 Great!!! Good Luck G.H.S. Down (Ming) Hey Andy Out Back??? Butch Heidi Mike You Going To Make It?? Hey Guys I Made It!! Mr. C. I Forgot my book! Mrs. Nelson You ' re 1 Lisa Dan Call Yet??? Simp Its Been Real Julie Coming To School Today?? Hi Mr. Pres. Senior Skit Great!!! Michelle Lots of Luv Kim Andy Sherri Eat Right And Mature Miss You G.H.S.????? College Here I Come Mr. Casper Perfect Family??? Luv Ya All Miss You. Tardif VVe ' re Just Laughing. Sherri Good Luck With Don!!! Quiet Riot Yeah!!! Food Fights 1,2,3, 4. MICHELLE WILKINS " Mitch " Political Discovery 1, Close up 2. G Block I P, S. — Chris Jeff you guys made it fun! B3 mint yellow vody, yeah, I know chevy ' s are awesome but tell J.K. that. Jen, always remem- ber The Byrd ' Hey Sandie, you ' re a good friend, but get your ears checked. H.S. are you and E.B. ever going to agree? E.B., how much do you owe me now? You ' re a good friend. Love ya! Tina, maybe someday you ' ll get him. Thanks for everything Mom Dad, I love you. I couldn ' t have done it without you. Rick, never forget 5 4 81 — I LOVE YOU NOW FOREVER!!! Good Luck to the rest of the Wilkins crew, we re awesome 84 ' we ' ll show them yet. We re outta here! JEFF WILSON ■Jeff " Ducks 1,2, 3, 4. Flawless yellow vody, Squareback, Toyota. Woods bombing in State Forest. Chevy 4x4 hopefully. 69 Team Suzuki. Black Sabbath 3-4. NUKE BYFIELD! Ford Junk. Chevv Power, Barefoot Wild One. Mint. The Class of ' 84 WERE HISTORY. J.W. t H.H. 4 — Infinity. PETER TYBINKOWSKI T Basketball in | h Fresh Soph Jumor like the woods, fishing hiking IT ' S LIKE GREAT TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS PLACE MICHAEL YOUNG " Mike” D C. 2,3,4 SA2,3,4 anywhere first drink in SA. MAIDEN. PRIEST " 81 " RUSH " 82 " OZZY 83. party 2,3,4 HAMPTONBEACH 3.4 cabin, Watch out for tapeballs Don ' t tell me Beth and Tam, you need a ride! Spanish 3.4 thanx Ryan SSCP " 84 " FANTASTIC " BUCKETHEAD con- roy. thanx for the spirit gum PRIV. Good Luck Lizabeth, I know you ' ll make it out there, thanx MOM, dad cast party where ' s the rum??? waterbed wrestling!! Gary that was good sence. mom I need some gas money. COLT 1 GOLF 1,2. 3, 4 — maxfii DDH 1 birdie 8th Fin keep practicing!! Senior class " TRIP " VERMONT!!! " Tim play some hock- ey, blue monster. G.H.S. best of luck SEE YOU PEOPLE ' S later. GARY ZUKOWSKI “Zuk " CC 4, Hon. Soc. 234, Band stage Band 1234, Drama Club 1234, Cap- tain fan-fan-fantastic, China Blos- som toasts, cast parties. Who Slept with who?? Fitchburg State 4-eva, Thanks for the memories Kathy I love you. CKSJUWAR! Nov. 21, 1983 Pete where’d you learn how to drivel? Mike, stop callin ' me Zeus! Love those B-balls! Nhoj, Tre- bor-ch-ch-ch ! Sabbath, Riot, Triumph, and Leppard! I ' d do it for you, Mac! Squeegie — weeka — weeka! Waterbeds rule! Phil- adelphia — window walking. Break that 500 in verbal! Blaupunkt Alpine — Jensens united! Neil, Mike, Jim, Chris, Tim, Mark, Dave, Bill, Jay, Jeff, Pag. Physics parties! Neil, son of Kimball, leather wearer, I still have your bottles from my party! Mark, Plow a fuse? Get a real car! Where is it, Mike? MDYRSWKBS? Salisbury beachin! Mailin’! 3 stooges 4-eva! Later GHS. Much!!! Remember, do you remember The laughter and the tears The shadows of Mr. Yesteryears The good times and the bad you’ve seen and all the others in between. Remember, do you remember the times of your life Reach back for the joy and the sorrow Put them away in your mind For memories are time that you borrow To spend when you get to tomorrow. Here comes the setting sun Seasons are passing one by one So gather moments while you may Collect the dreams you dream today. Remember, will you remember the times of your life . . . 37 SENIOR — JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (L to R) Mr, Luca, co-advisor; Tina Smith, Secretary; Kirsten Cories, President; Kathy Hebert, Treasurer; Mrs. Nelson, co-advisor. Not pictured — Jean Cawley, Vice President. (L to R) Row 1 — Miss Ward, co-advisor; Mr. Gately, co-advisor. Row 2 — Amy Rohner, President; Caren McDonald, Treasurer; Debbie Games, Secretary; Chrissy Michaud, Vice President. 40 SOPHOMORE — FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS (L to R) Elena Chronis, Secretary; Michelle Habeck, President; Mrs. Rowe, advisor; Sarah McQuillan, Treasurer; Nicole Marquis, Vice President. 1 to R) Mrs. Phillips, co-advisor; Justin Holt, President; Chrissy Robinson, Vice President; Ginny Games, Treasurer; Dena Novak, Secretary; Mrs. DiMaio, co-advisor. 41 CLASS OF ’85 Amy Albert Glenn Amnoll Heidi Anderson Karen Anderson Diane Arriel Alter Azumendi Marsha Baker Michael Boucher Anne Butera Thomas Butler Jessica Carter Terry Chambers Sarah Chatterton David Cimino Lisa Clan Christine Clark Christopher Clark Lisa Crosson Darin Cudmore Kim Cummings Jennifer Curran Patricia DiMaio Jennifer Donahue Kristen Dudley Edward Dullea Holly Dunston Noelle Dunton Patrick Fatyol Terri Fowler Holly Gallup Deborah Games John Gerraughty Tracy Green Jennifer Harding Christopher Hasting; Beth Henderson Michelle Holt Heidi Hudson Delia Huse Michelle Johnson Elizabeth Johnston Sherri Kehoe Jeannette Kneeland Kevin Langlais Richard Lawson Stephen Lippens Kristine Lloyd Holly Lycett 42 JUNIORS Sharon Weinstein Paul White Butch Wilkins Samantha Young Camera Shy Juniors Laurie King Lisa King Joseph McGillicuddy Mary McKeever David Olsen Sharyne Price Michael Snay Mark Lynch Linda Magown Michael McCurley Caren McDonald Heather Meisner Christine Michaud Peter Michaud Thomas Nejezchleba Jeannie Novak Peter Palm Elizabeth Phillips Sharon Phillips Bruce Prescott Wendy Ricketts Douglas Robbins Amy Robinson Amy Rohner Glen Savory James Schwartz Richard Sciaudone Kerri Secher Thomas Shann Michael Shea William Shikrallah Chris Slowikowski Andrea Smith Gregory Smith William Spears Shawn Spencer Julie Stanley Daniel Stewart Wendy Sylvester Aaron Thompson Paul Thompson Scott Vaughan Tanya Walters 43 CLASS OF ’86 Richard Archambault Avlin Barlow Cheryl Bonasoro Heidi Burden Lisa Buying Suzanne Buller Kimberly Cheney Elena Chronis Leanne Clancy Greg Clark Nancy Clay Kevin Clemons Steven Cook Catherine Curran Jeanne Downs Stephanie Duggan Damon Estep Christopher Parnell Scott Finlow Elaine Fisher Cynthia Fornara Rita Galligan Lori Gallup Rachael Gasbarro Gi i Gilman Brian Graf Barbara Green Michelle Habeck Elissa Haller Craig Harper Richard Hastings Donna Hayes Suzanne Huber Jack Hudzik Robin Hurd Steven Kavanaugh Mark Keeler Debra Kehoe Thomas Kelley Kathleen Lacey Ronald Lamoly Margarett Leonard Richard Lobley Peter Lohri Victoria Margeson Nicole Marquis David McLaughlin Sarah McQuiilan 44 SOPHOMORES Laurie White Glen Woodbury Dawn Worrall Paul Wyman James Meader Nadine Michaud Christine Morse C. Martin Mosher William Moultrie Kirk Neumann Denise Nichiniello Jacquelyn O ' Brien Michael O ' Hare Scott Ouellette Steven Page Gregory Peatfield Julee Peters Joanne Radford Kirk Rakos Karyn Robbins Bill Roy Walter Schwartz Stacy Sears Timothy Shea Peter Sheldon James Skerry Eileen Skinner Douglas Smith Karen Spiliotis Stacey Symes Susan Thompson Drew Tronerud Andrea Vaughan Kristen Werner Camera Shy Sophomores Timothy Durocher Kelly Hynes Nancy L’Homedieu Patricia Marciano Diane Ouellette Heidi Roeder 45 CLASS OF ’87 Nicole Amnoll Karen Andrews Lauri Andrews Laurel Apprich Michele Auclair Richard Auclair Anthony Augeri David Ayers Michael Ball Jason Barber Daniel Beaton Karen Bjornholm Sherri Blais Suzanne Boucher Renee Bouffard Stephen Boynton Karla Buchanan Robert Burke Hope Burton Linda Caporizzo Sheila Chouinard Susan Clancy Denise Codair Christian Collinet Gregory Corby Kimberly Cote David Cudmore Kenneth Cummings Jeffrey Downs Mathew Dunton Travis Dunton John Face Kyle Face Gregory Farnell Judith Fatyol Nicholas Feitz Kymberly Fitton Herbert Fuller Anthony Gagne Virginia Games Renee Gasbarro Pippin Gilman David Grissino Brenda Holt Justin Holt Stephen Holt Deanna Houlden Christine Huber 46 FRESHMEN Shawn Keonane Deborah King Holly Kirkey David Knorr Michael Krueger Alan Lee Kristine McKeever Kellie Meisner Paul Morcaldi Kimberly Morrison Joseph Moscarito Lisa Nejezchleba Dena Novak Kathleen Paganelli Dina Parthree Jill-Ann Peddle Arthur Pierce Amy Pingree Steven Powell Charles Prince Elizabeth Randall Colleen Reddy David Reynolds Kristen Robinson Danielle Rowe Karen Ryan Scott Sahovey Jonathan Sanger Laura Sauvageau Tabitha Scholtz Jonathan Schwartz Robin Shepherd Deborah Spears Cynthia Stewart Traci Strogney George Swanton Julian Thompson Sandra Tyrie Lisa Viera Deana Walters Michael Wilkins Camera Shy Freshman Eric Fisher 47 EXCHANGE STUDENTS Vilma Cortes — Chile Aitor Azumendi — Spain Peter Palm — West Germany Veronica Matamoros — Chile Vilma, Aitor, Peter, Veronica VILMA AITOR 49 To all the underclassmen Hang in there . It’s worth it!!!!!! With love, Class of 1984 50 Dr. Robert Sinibaldi Superintendent 52 Mr. Gerald Silverman Principal Mr. Daniel Gulezian Director of Guidance Mrs. Karen Allbach Science Ms. RoseAnne Arathuzik Business Education Ms. Joyce Armeen Guidance Counselor Mr. Richard Arns Social Studies Mr. William Bannister Media Director Mr. Bernard Bennett Industrial Arts Mr. Frank Berardino Social Studies Ms. Patricia Bird Special Education Tutor Mrs. Theresa Burke Mathematics Science Mr. Richard Cairns English Dept. Head Mrs. Susan Clay Media Mr. James Collamore Athletic Director 54 Mrs. Ruth DeAngelis Secretary Mrs. Leona Defanski Business Education Mrs. Patricia DiMaio Library Mr. Charles Donnelly Science Mr. Paul Dostie Music Dept. Head Mr. Lawrence Faretta Social Studies 55 Mrs. Valerie Frankel Special Education Tutor Mr. Malcolm Fraser Science Mrs. Noreen Frizelle Foreign Language Mr. Frank Gately, Jr. Special Education Mrs. Lila Gensure Social Studies Ms. RoseAnn Giannelli Physical Education Science 56 Mrs. Patricia Gilmartin Guidance Dept. Secretary Mr. Frank Goldberg English Mr. Alan Haddad Physical Education Mrs. Robin Hickey Science Miss Cindy Hooper Mathematics Mrs. Mary Kober English 57 Mrs. Barbara LoCicero Career Education Counselor Ms. Elaine Lostimolo Foreign Language Mr. Louis Lowell Science Mathematics 58 Ms. Irene Meiners Special Education Aide Mrs. Mary Merrill Mrs. Barbara Nelson Business Education Dept. Head Business Education Mr. William Pechilis Mathematics Mrs. Joan Petersen Special Education Aide Mrs. Margaret Phillips, R.N. Nurse 59 Mrs. Patti Phillips Library Mrs. Diane Prescott Teacher ' s Secretary Ms. Donna Privitera English Ms. Jill Ann Randajl Special Education Tutor Mrs. Karen Rowe English Mrs. Helene Ryan Foreign Language Dept. Head 60 Ms. Joan Wadsworth English Ms. Kathleen Ward Special Education Ms. Victoria White Special Education Tutor Mrs. Sheila Kelly Director of Lunch Program Mrs. Esther Palardy Secretary of Lunch Program E. Palardy, B. Meader, D. Holt, C. Short, P. Barber, B. Spears, D. Morse, M. Metcalf J. Gillen, R. Auclair, J. Soucy 62 CONCERT BAND — STAGE BAND (L to R) Row 1 — N, Amnott, K. Ryan, M Sylvester, C. Clark, S. Weinstein, T. Green, C. McDonald, A. Rohner, M Baker, N Kimball, T Pelletier, S. Thompson, K. Cortes. Row 2 — R. Hurd, E. Skinner, J Harding, A Barlow, S. Miller, M Habeck, K. Secher, K. Swier, N Clay, K. Lacey, R. Shepherd, B. Green, K Hebert. Row 3 — G. Amnott, S. Finlow, G. Zukowski, J. Pelletier, M. Ricketts, D. Finlow, D. McDonald, S. Joly, C. Amnott, C. Slowikowski, S. Vaughan, S. Chatterton. Mr. Dostie, Director. Row 4 — H. Neumann, G. Peatlield, G. Savory, D. Parthree, P. Gilman, D. Lobley, S. Boynton, D. Grissino, H. Kirkey, S. Clancy, L. King, K Neumann. (L to R) Row 1 — Sean Joly, Chris Shepherd, Craig Amnott, Tracy Green, Jeannie Novak, Marsha Baker. Row 2 — Chris Slowikowski, Mike Sylvester, Chrissy Clark, Gary Zukowski, Jim Pelletier, Tim Pelletier, Neil Kimball. Row 3 — Glenn Amnott, Scott Finlow, Sue Thompson, Mr. Dostie, director. 64 65 OEA — BLUE PRINT STAFF (L to R) Row 1 — Cindy Bridges, President; Darlene Arlington, Kathy Hallowell, Lisa Grover, Vice President. Row 2 — Heidi Neumann. Lisa King, Lisa Holt. Holly Lycett, Michelle Johnson, Holly Dunston. Row 3 — Beth Phillips, Kathy Grover, Lisa Ingham, Mrs. Defanski, co-advisor; Mrs. Merrill, co-advisor; Mrs. Nelson, co-advisor; Karin Swier, Beth Henderson. 66 (L to R) Row 1 — Mr. Goldberg, advisor; Scott Pa ganelli, Betsie Mansfield, Steve Lippens, Editor; Caren McDonald, Editor; Denise Nichiniello, Karen Testa. Row 2 — Jeannie Novak, Beth Johnston, Brett Dudley, Jeff Meisner, Kelly Kavanaugh, Bill Shann, Kerry McLaughlin. Drew Tronerud. STUDENT ADV. COUNCIL — CURRICULUM COUNCIL L to R) Karin Swier, Katie Sanger, Jim rendible, Kerry McLaughlin, Brett Dudley. (L to R) Jeannie Novak, Aaron Thompson, Katie Sanger. STUDENT COUNCIL — STUDENT ADV. REG. REPS. (L to R) Row 1 — Lori White, Jack Hudzik, Lisa Ouellette, Brenda Holt, Steve Holt. Row 2 — David Cimino. Michelle Holt, Tom Butler, Brett Dudley, Kerry McLaughlin, Drew Tronerud. (L to R) Brett Dudley, Kerry McLaughlin. 68 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB — NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (L to R) Row 1 — B. Burke, B. Holt, C. Reddy, D. Clough, W. Gianacoples, T. Bagley, K. Burke, K. Dodge, A. Zaia, J. Brady, R. Chisholm, E. Worrall, T. Wilson, L. Belsky, M. Bishop, N. Curran, S. Vaughan. Row 2 — J. Schwartz, T. Walter, R. Gasbarro, S. Tyrie, L. Sparks, M. Savory, W. Frankel, E. Gustafson, W. Sylvester, S. Chatterton, D. Dudley, T. DiMaio. Row 3 — J. Carter, S. Price, M. Habeck, N. Amnott, K. Ryan, J. Harting, C. Clark, C. McDonald, K. Spiliotis, V. Margeson, D. Nichiniello, E. Fisher, S. Sears, L. Bussing S. Young, M. Holt. Row 4 — M. Brassard, P. Langevin, H. Lycett, B. Phillips, A. Smith, K. Neumann, M. Keeler, R. Hastings, G. Amnott, B. Roy, C. Fornara, N. L ' Hommedieu, N. Clay, K. Andrews, S. Boucher, B. Dulong. Row 5 — R. Morley, K. Face, G. Games, S. Davidson, D. Games, H. Meisner, J. Stanley, A. Albert, M. Lynch, H. Kirkey, S. Clancy, K. Lacey, J. Novak, K. Hynes, K. Bjornholm, J. Peters, D. Tronerud, K. Testa. Row 6 — B. Finnigan, G. Farnell, D. Ayers, C. Collinet, J. Sanger, D. Rowe, L. Apprich, K. Buchanan, J. Prendible, C. Stewart, A. Pingree, K. Paganelli, K. Robinson, G. Gilman, D. Walters, B. Spears, A. Thompson. (L to R) Row 1 — Kerry McLaughlin, Gary Zukowski, Katie Sanger, Debbie Finlow, Amy Rohner, Jeannie Novak. Row 2 — Mr. Cairns, advisor; Craig Amnott, Cindy Bridges, Kelly Kavanaugh, Kathy Hebert, Holly Ames, Aaron Thompson. 69 DRAMA CLUB (L to R) Row 1 — L. Holt, J. Peters. T. Hunter, B. Mansfield, L. Ingham, N. Collinet. M. Simmons, D. Codair, K. Kavanaugh, P Boucher, K. Swier, K Hallowell, G. Zukowski, H. Ames. M. Young. Row 2 — T. Nejezchleba. M. Sylvester, J. Prendible, W. Gulezian, B. Close. D. Finlow, K. Hebert, T. Smith, D. Arlington, S Miller. L. Grover, H. Neumann, N Kimball. K. Cortes, T. Pelleteir. Row 3 — D. Rowe, K. Ryan, M Habeck, L. Bussing, E. Fisher, D. Nichiniello, K. Lacey, L. Crosson, D. Games, S. Young, M. Holt, N. L ' Hommedieu, K. Hynes. R. Hurd, D. Arriel. Row 4 — H. Lycett, B. Phillips, A. Smith, J. Donahue, S. Price, C. Clark, J. Carter, L. Magown, T. Butler, L. Apprich, C. Stewart. A. Pingree, C. Robinson, N. Clay, V. Margeson, H. Kirkey, K. Andrews. Row 5 — B. Spears, A. Thompson, E. Dullea, A Butera. C, Hastings, C. Fornara, B. Shikrallah, W. Sylvester, J. Novak. T. Green. J. Peters, L. Caparizzo, R. Bouffard, K. Cote, R. Gasbarro. (L to R) Row 1 — K. Dudley, H. Meisner, S. Chatterton, J. Stanley, A. Albert. N. Michaud, C. Morse, D. Kehoe, D. Hayes, J. Radford, L King, B. Johnston. Row 2 — D. Worrall. C. Clark. T, Chambers. B. Johnson. D. McLaughlin, K. Werner. S. Butler, N. Marquis, E. Chronis, S. McQuillian, M. Baker. Row 3 — K. Lloyd, B. Holt, L. Viera, D. Walters. T. Prince. H. Dunton, B. Henderson, A. Rohner, D. Cudmore, H. Anderson, T. Walters, T. DiMaio. J. Harding. 70 DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS (L to R) Marsha Baker, Vice President; Tammy Prince, Secretary; Miss Privitera, advisor; Beth Johnson, President; Trishia DiMaio, Treasurer. SKI CLUB (L to R) Row 1 — Miss Ward, co-advisor; Kerry McLaughlin, Mark Lynch, Miss Simpson, co-advisor. Row 2 — Dave McDonald, Gary Zukowski, Chrissy Clark, Tim Hunter, Beth Johnston. 71 YEARBOOK STAFF (L to R) Row 1 — Mike Sylvester, Kerry McLaughlin, Lisa Holt, Debbie Finlow, Kelly Kavanaugh, Kathy Hebert, Brett Dudley, Kirsten Cortes. Row 2 — Betsie Mansfield, Lisa Ingham, Kathy Hallowell, Nicole Collinet, Michelle Wilkins, Butch Close, Sue Miller, Dean Sedler. Row 3 — Mr. Luca, co-advisor; Scott Paganelli, Katie Sanger, Editor: Karin Swier, Business Manager; Wayne Gulezian, Mrs. Gilmartin, co-advisor. What can I say?! I never thought our senior year would get here and now it’s almost gone! Although it took us a few years to get started I think our class ended up in pretty decent shape. I hope you enjoy your yearbook. Despite the many hours of work, it was a lot of fun putting it together. I don’t want to bore you to death with a long letter but I would like to thank Karin, Kathy, Kirsten, the OEA and the others who helped me with the book. Mrs. Gilmartin — I could never thank you enough! Without you, we wouldn’t have a yearbook! Mr. Luca — thanks for all your expert advice on the photographic aspects of the book! Most of all though, I want to thank my mom, for putting up with me during the last days before the deadline! I know I was impossible to live with! Good luck Seniors in all you do. See you in 5 years!! One today is worth two tomorrows; What I am to be, I am now beginning. Luv, Katie Editor 72 DONKEY BASKETBALL 76 77 SPIRIT DAY 79 80 j f ,n. A ' 5 ;i« SENIOR CLASS PLAY 82 CAPTAIN FANTASTIC 83 DEC. 2 3, 1983 84 85 CHRISTMAS SKIT 86 s p o R T S 87 FIELD HOCKEY (L to R) row 1 — E. Haller, D. Kehoe, C. Stewart. M. Holt, A. Robinson, E, Chronis. T. Stroqnev C Bonasoro Row 2 — S h Burdett. M Habeck, S. McQuillian, B. Green, K. Warner. K. Spiliotis, L. Appnch, A. Ping%e 2 s. Sears. H K Robmson L Prescott. L. Viera, G. Games. N, Amnott, K. Buchanan, D. Walters, K. Dodge. Row 2 — J Freitas (coach), N. Curran, K. Testa, M. Girard, K. Burke. S. Tyne, R. Morley, C. Reddy. B. Holt. K. McLaughlin, C. Reynolds. 88 Row 1: T. Walters, H. Face, T. Prince, K. Kavanaugh, B. Johnson, S. Young Row 2: R. Giannelli: coach, A. Rohner, B. Clancy, J. Curran, M. Conti, H. Schwartz, H. Ames, L. Holt, M. Baker 89 FOOTBALL (L to R) Row 1 — R. Lanigan V, C. Shepard V, C. Smith V, D. Prescott V, R. Smith V, J. Prendible V, J, Meisner V, J. Abreu J. V., D. Townsend J.V. Row 2 — Coach Collamore, C. Amnott V, R. Archambault J.V., M. McCurley J.V., T. Shea J.V., C. Harper J. V., S. Jolly V, R. Carter J.V., E. Dullea J.V., G. Smith J.V., S. Clark V, Coach Haddad. Row 3 — D. Stewart V, T. Butler V, T. Shann V, G. Amnott V, R. Lawson V, M. Shea J.V., P, Lohri J.V., D. Smith J.V. (L to R) Row 1 — P. Thompson, A. Augeri, S. McCurley, J. Moscarito, S. Holt, M. Savory, B. Campbell. Row 2 — E. Gustavson, A. Lee, D. Reynolds, J. Holt, C. Prince, R. Archibald, S. Powell, J. Sanger. Row 3 — Coach Mulligan, D. Swart, J. Barber. C. Prescott, M. Mansfield, G. Farnell, K. Cummings, G. Swanton, A. Pierce, S. Vaughan, Coach Fraser 91 (L to R) Capt. D. Prescott, Capt. J. Prendible, Coach Collamore, Capt. R, Smith. 92 93 1 r ICE HOCKEY 94 95 CROSS COUNTRY 96 (L to R) Row 1 — L. Ouellette, D. Malone, A. Thompson, D. Lobley, D. McDonald, P. Palm, C. Slowikowski. Row 2 — J. Paula, D. Novak, J. Skerry, G. Zukowski, P. DiMaio, S. Chatterton, J. Harding, S. Holt, K. White, D. Cairns (coach). (L to R) M. Sax, Capt. D. McDonald, Capt. D. Lobley, G. Zukowski, 97 BOYS SOCCER 98 L to R) Row 1 — S. Lippens, R. Hastings, J. Reynolds, J. Pelletier, M. Ricketts, D. Sedler, M. Romano, S. -inlow, S. Vaughan. Row 2 — W. Ricketts (manager), J. Hudzik, K. Neumann, P. Thompson, S. Kavanaugh, 1 Hastings, B. Roy, C. Parnell, B. Shikrallah, Coach Sorter. 99 GIRLS SOCCER (L to R) Row 1 — S. Clancy, D. Games, L. Clancy, A. Albert. L. Gallup, B. Johnston. K. Anderson, D. Nichiniello, J. Peters, D. King. Row 2 — K. Bjornholm, J. Donahue, P. Pelletier, S. Kehoe, H. Neumann, S. Price, D. Rowe, K. Paganelli, K. Robbins. Rev. C. Barton (coach). 100 101 BOYS BASKETBALL (L to R) Row 1 — S. Kavanaugh, D. McDonald, Capt. J. Meisner, Capt. C. Smith, D. Lobley, M. Ricketts. Row 2 — A. Haddad, Coach, R. Sciaudone, C. Amnott, J. Prendible, G. Amnotf, R. Smith, M. Romano, D. Luca. Coach. 102 103 104 GIRLS BASKETBALL (L to R) Row 1 — L. Clancy, B. Dudley, Capt, K. McLaughlin, C. Clark. Row 2 — C. McDonald, T. Wallers, P. DiMaio, G. Gilman, J. Harting, S. Kehoe, R. Giannelli, Coach. Not pictured (Capt. K. Hebert) (L to R) Row 1 — C. Bonasaro, K. Dudley, J. Curran, C. Stewart. Row 2 — B. Graffum, Coach, B. Holt, K. Werner, G. Games, S. Tyrie, N. Amnott, D. Kehoe, A. Pingree. 105 106 107 WRESTLING ' ' T ' . ' y Shea, M. Mansfield, D. Malone, D. Prescott, T. Shann, D. Robbins, C. Prescott, D. Swanbon Row 2 Adamopoulos, P. Morcaldi, G. Rose, M. Ball, P. Faytol, P. Gilman, J. Thompson, S. Holt, T. Mansfield, B. Shann. Coach 108 FOOTBALL CHEERING (L to R) Row 1 — M. Simmons. T. Smith, Capt. N. Collinet, Capt. K. Sanger, K. Hallowell, L. Nutile, Row 2 — D. Arriel. J. Novak, C. Michaud, H. Anderson, T. Chambers, D. Codair, K. Ward, Coach. (L to R) Row 1 — R. Galligan, Capt. S. Butler, Capt. J. Radford, R. Gasbarro, S. Blais. Row 2 — R. Gasbarro, J. O brien, J. Downs, N. Michaud, W. Giancoples, L. Randall 110 WINTER CHEERING (L to R) Row 1 — D. Codair, T. Smith, Capt. M. Flynn, Capt. K. Sanger, N. Collinet. Row 2 — T. Chambers, A, Smith, B. Johnson, J. Novak, D. Arriel, K. Ward, Coach (L to R) Row 1 — S. Price, K. Cummings, Capt. M, Simmons, S. Bodenrader, S. Young. Row 2 — M. Baker, A. Albert, M. Holt, D. Games, A. Rhoner, S. Butler 111 112 6T. • 34 East Main Street • Georgetown, MA 352-2061 COMPLIMENTS of DR. and MRS. HOWARD HILL 113 Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of ' 84 N. Pingree Insurance Agency, Inc. NEL — CAL — BILL — BOB 24 East Main Street Georgetown Offices also in Haverhill Newbury 352-2534 24 East Main Street Georgetown The Pingree Agency, Inc. Pat Pingree Ruth Stewart Betty Davidson Joan Zweil Jack Purcell 114 Congratulations and Best of Luck to Katie and the FANTASTIC Class of 1984. 352-7424 • Custom Additions and Homes J Love, MOM MIKE J NOW CARRYING Radio Control • Cars • Trucks • Boats • Airplanes Battery Control Units • Supplies Tires Accessories V r PRATT COIN SHOP 20 EAST MAIN ST., GEORGETOWN 352-2234 y Good Luck to The Class of 1984 from Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 THE GEORGETOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT GEORGETOWN P.T.O. y V 115 r r GKOROETUWN SAND GF VEL CO. Saiui (Jr.avul — I. 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MA 01833 from GEORGETOWN TRAVEL 20 West Main Street Georgetown, MA 01833 352-2425 y V 119 WILLIAMS OIL SERVICE ☆ Home Heating Fuels ☆ 20 Munroe Street, Georgetown, Mass. 01833 Tel. 352-2626 V GSM CARPENTRY Building and Remodeling Georgetown, Mass 352-6367 120 r r Congratulations to Class President ’84 Love, Mom and Dad Dorian John Antionette Kristina Mathias Hey, all you pinheads, be careful out there!! Love ya, Kirk, Kath T. V r 617 - 374-1200 Jop6 3ottom6 PAUL MARTHA HAVERHILL PLAZA THIBODEAU HAVERHILL, MA 01830 J V 121 Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 Glen Clohecy ( ’r’ -ssy ' s V. ' I, : ' -L Pp.IiK f ■ UNITED FOAM U PLASTICS COFV 172 Eosi Mom jnoel Gec getrvvn AJSS 01833 213 Mechanic Si. I ' av. ' cai ' jcii. ' J1 Tei 233; 599-12 ' «2 7 i01 Gniliam R ' jad, Fairburr,. GA 30213 Tel 404 96-t-5888 240 r ' avidscri Scrrierse’.. ll.- ' . ' JiftTZ T j ' 21 . 56 ' . -.000. 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Lewis Skeirik, D.M.D. Peter Skeirik, D.M.D. 24 Central Street Georgetown, Mass. 01833 617-352-8421 125 the FLOWER MART The Complete Florist specialising in the usual and the unusual . • Fresh and ailk arrangements • reen plants j • Fruit and Food bdSKets • weddings • parties and funclions • Funerals • we -wire flovrers worlcl-vjid.e DaiJ Delive iss o»-th »ndover ' navefh.U , La irenLe. ■Methuen, B a4t ' x ' d , Groveland b ury , £ oxfcr4 vaestr Box ford , b P ' i€id , Rovtiey , Tor ’ eld , (Snd fei. 352-8758 37 West. Main 5treeU ? George to-wn ,M-A . OUR SINCEREST THANKS In putting this 1984 yearbook together there are many people who helped us immensely. First and foremost, we would like to thank Mrs. Gilmartin and Mr. Luca. As yearbook advisors they were very instrumental in getting the book finished. To Mrs. Gilmartin we owe an added thanks. Not only was she there helping us with the yearbook at all hours of the day and night but also, she helped us through the toughest part of our senior year. When we were wandering about, confused about the future, she helped set us firmly on the ground and headed us in the right direction. There are many others we would like to thank. We could go on forever, but here are just a few. To Miss. Priv., we owe our thanks for being there to pull the senior class up, out, and together with our “Fantastic” play. To Mrs. Nelson, we can’t give enough thanks. Thank you for being there. We would like to thank Mr. Arns for making our end sheets possible. You took time out of your own schedule just to take pictures of 1 00 rowdy seniors. We thank you. To Jack Gill, the Mark Lawrence photog- rapher, we would like to say thanks, for coming to all our dances and sporting events and for spending hours of your time taking pictures of unco-operative, rambunctious stu- dents. We would also like to thank Guy Garon for making this yearbook possible, without Guy, the book never would have hit the press. To everyone at G.H.S. who helped us complete these last six years we have spent here. Thank You! Sincerely, The Class of ’84 127 u , ■f 4 V s y f ' ’ ' nu-- ro - r ' - ' {Jo ' rx -y-i j(l (L (} Uxtii- i fKjJ rx !rj bit V 128 li w : j ■ i)’. ‘ ii V t j ( 1 i t m CD CO LJJ CD — I —I VARSITY First Row (L to R) C. Shepherd, C. Smith, D. Prescott, R. Lanigan, M Young, D. Cimino, Second Row (L to R) — T. Butler, S. Finlow, B Moultrie, R. Sciaudone, S. Kavanaugh, D. Cudmore, M McCurley, Coach Wilbur. JV First Row (L to R) — E. Fisher, J. Hudzik, C. Prince, T. Shea, J. Moscarito, J. Schwartz, C. Prescott, Second Row (L to R) — J. Sanger, D. Cudmore. P. Morcaldi, M. Mansfield, P. Palm, D. Beaton, B. Burke, Coach Pechilis. VARSITY First Row (L to R) — L. Nejezchleba, K. Cote, C. Bonasoro, N. Amnott, Second Row (L to R) — Coach Bannister, J. Kneeland, J. Curran, G. Gilman, C. Clark, K. McLaughlin, S. Price, Asst. Coach Flyzik r Br I B ' • PV ■ ■ ' B r m A m - I) ypr U M. 1 li 4 V A .. 1 iH 1 ■oOx mziOSOiTiOc ) COLJJZ — OCC CLDCO DRAMA CLUB PLAY j» i L I N T E R N A T I 0 N A L F A 1 R 1 9 8 4 COLUZ — OCC O— l C )CO I— DC — Q- O DC Z LJJ OD CD HI O I SUPERLATIVES Boy Girl Nices t Eyes John Reynolds Kelly Meisner Nicest Hair Dave McDonald Beth Clancy Class Flirt Mike Romano Maureen Simmons Best Body Dan Prescott Nicole Collinet Class Clown John Reynolds Diane Codair Life Of The Party Bill Shann Beth Clancy Nicest Smile Rick Lanigan Kelly Kavanaugh Best Dressed Jim Pelletier Deb Finlow Cutest Couple Dean Sedler Kelly Kavanaugh Most Likely To Be Blamed Eric Beecher Beth Clancy Most Likely To Succeed Craig Amnott Heather Face Class Prep Jim Pelletier Kerry McLaughlin Shyest Tom Ryan Cindy Bridges Most Talkative Jim Prendible Karen Presutti Most Spirited Tim Hunter Kirsten Cortes Tallest Peter Tybinkowski Brett Dudley Shortest Scott Paganelli Lisa Grover Class Klutz Jim Prendible Sandie LaPointe Most Gullible Wayne Gulezian Sue Miller Most Outgoing Jim Prendible Kathy Hebert Friendliest Scott Paganelli Tina Smith Biggest Gossip Dick Carter Karen Presutti Best Actor Actress Gary Zuckowski Lisa Grover Most Athletic Dan Prescott Kerry McLaughlin Worst Driver Mike Sax Beth Johnson Most Artistic Steve Arriel Lisa Ouellette Most Musical Tim Ouellette Kathy Hebert Teacher’s Pet Jim Prendible Karin Swier Most Likely Not To Get The Joke Wayne Gulezian Sue Miller Most Likely To Be Broke CLASS OF 84 Laziest Jay Peters Diane Codair Most Popular Dan Prescott Kelly Kavanaugh Flakiest Wayne Gulezian Sue Miller Best Dancer Rod Smith Micki Flynn Most Studious Craig Amnott Heather Face Most “Typical Senior” Most Likely To Lose Tim Hunter Katie Sanger Senior Privileges Chris Shepherd Beth Clancy BEST CLASS 1984 CLASS WILL I, Holly Ames, leave to the janitor an empty upstairs hall and an empty locker; I leave my Physics book to anyone foolish enough to want it! to everyone else I leave lots of luck!!! We ' re outa here! I, Craig Amnott, leave my Physics problems for those last late night rushes and I leave G.H.S. with many fond memories, friends, and hopefully a promising future. I, Kimberley Barber, leave all those days I skipped and didn’t get caught to the class of 1 985. To my brother Jay I leave all the notes he needs. I, Cindy Bishop, leave to Diane the second floor bathroom, to Joannie my fingernails, and my typing and office procedures packets to anyone who wants them. I, Peter Boucher, leave to my brother my Physics book, my locker to whoever can open it, after super glue, and to Mrs. Nelson and Mr. Luca, whatever class needs you the most! I, Beth Clancy, leave all the good times to Lis, Sue, and the rest of the underclassmen. I, Nicole Collinet, leave a year’s supply of sponges to the H block boys, my intergalactic space modulator to John, all the C.F. to Scott, the memories to Lisa, and my hopes for an excellent summer to Rod. I, Michelle Conti, leave Amy R. my field hockey position, and I also leave to Jen Curran my awesome driving skills. I, Brett Dudley, leave the Cape to Katie and Kav. I, Heather Face, leave the butter on the Senior Study wall and Mr. McNally a quiet calculus class and a baseball glove. Good Luck to all!! I, Debby Finlow, leave Sue Miller oven cleaner and my sunburn to all those as ignorant as me. I also leave Caren Mac an open invitation to visit me at Zoo Mass I, Micki Flynn, leave G.H.S. forever and take with me the best senior year. I, Lisa Fornara, leave all my 7up cans to whoever gets my locker next year and give all the “be quiets’’ I got from the library back to them. To Cindy and Kim all the good times. I, Lisa Grover, being of not so sound mind and body, do hereby leave to 1 ) Terri Fowler — Best of Luck at Nationals ’85, 2) To Jenny and Jim — Good Luck, You’re Gonna Need It! 3) To Mr. Cairns — any homework I’ve ever done, if I can find it, 4) To Miss Priv — Her Eulogy, if she can find it, and 5) To Mrs. Merrill and Mrs. Nelson — A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I, Lisa Henderson, leave V 2 decent grades and 3 absent notes to my sister Beth, to my cousin Sandy one pair of laceless sneakers, and to Heather Sheldon, a life supply of squirt guns. I, Lisa Holt, leave to Heidi her “steak” with my memories of someone who is special (he knows who he is) and to Sue, some oven cleaner. I, Beth Johnson, leave my driving record to anyone unlucky enough to get it! I, Kelly Kavanaugh, leave a profound love for F.H. refs to Caren Mac, my beloved 27 to Jen Curran (take good care of it), and lots of luck to Steven and Finlow cause two years is a long time guys. I, Richard Lanigan, leave Heidi Anderson all my love and a great senior year. And to Mr. Lowell a box of sugar cereal. I, Chrissie Manning, leave my 1 senior privilege to all who want to use it and abuse it, my Led-Zep to the lucky one who receives it and my resignation of Westchester, Inc. to Mrs. Nelson. I, Betsie Mansfield, leave my reputation to anyone who can live up to it, to Mark, Tim and T ricia, all the luck and determination to leave this place (they’ll need it), to McCurley, a box of those things he found on the beach, to Miss Priv, a play without any hitches, and a quiet speech class. To Mrs. Nelson, some peace and quiet, to Mr. Luca, a homeroom that gets there on time and to ’84, all the love and happiness you deserve. I, Kerry McLaughlin, leave one last and final bird to Caren Mac and my keys to the gym to my sister Kate. I, Jeff Meisner, leave Sue Thompson all my love and a terrific Junior and Senior Year. And to Mr. Lowell, a box of sugar cereal. I, Kelly Meisner, leave all of the remaining butts in the senior bathroom to Anne and Linda and a bottle of JD to Linda and a bottle of JD to Lisa and Dina. I, Lisa Ouellette, leave my sense of direction to Mr. Cairns, a year supply of tuna fish to the H-Block crew, and all of my memories to my best friend, Nicole. I, Scott Paganelli, leave my illustrious position as student manager to any sucker who’s willing to accept it, a lifetime supply of Chinese food to Nick and Bun, and a smile to Sue. I, Jim Prendible, leave my 75 football shirt to any moose who can fit into it. I, Tammy Prince, leave Tanya Walters that banner we never won, and Charlie Prince Good-luck with the teachers who insist on giving hard times!!! I, Katie Sanger, leave our secret to my Cape Cod ROOMIES, Brett and Kelly, all the thanks in the world and an office of her own to Mrs. G, memories to Moe, to Miss Ward and next year’s cheering squad, I leave with pleasure the 6 a.m. competition practices, good luck to all my friends, love and luck to both my brothers, love to Mom and Mike, PRIDE to the Class of ’84, to Craig ... all my luv. I take with me the good times, the laughter and the fun. I, Dean Sedler, leave my art folder to Mr. Luca and a winning season to the new soccer coach. I, Tina Smith, leave my contacts to anyone who can wear them and my expired permit to anyone who can make my appointments, I also leave Mark a maid, Chris a model, Heidi a big smile, and Andrea my astronomical phone bill. I take with me all the great memories GHS gave me! I, Rodney Smith, leave my basketball sneakers to Done, and a box of sugar cereal to Mr. Lowell. I, Mike Sylvester, leave Chrissy Clark all my love and a great Senior year. I, Mrs. Nelson, leave to you, the Class of 1984, my very best wishes for a healthy and happy life; my hope that you will never lose the gift of laughter; and my thanks for the way you’ve enriched my life. 20

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