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I ! EtghtO ' tfao Ctgl}tg-tfa0 cighto-t jo ctghtg-tfeo Etghtg-tfao Etggtg-t6l0 Jtglttu-t 10 eigi{tg-t J0 Jtgl|tg-tf00 taxamn et I The Georgian 1982 Georgetown High School Georgetown, Massachusetts r I We’ve Only Just Begun The 1982 Georgian Dedication Mrs. Carol Saccone It wasn’t always easy working together. There were many differences of opinion. When we wanted the easy way out, you never let us have it. When our heaids got swell ed and we thought we knew and had it all, you stepped in and proved us wrong. But without you on our tails all that time, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now. You constantly kept us thinking, planning, reacting, and, for the most part, enjoying our high school years. Although you cannot be with us during our final year of high school, we wamt you to know that we haven’t forgotten you and everything you’ve taught us. Finally, in remembrance of everything you’ve given us, we, the Class of ‘82, have overwhelmingly decided to dedicate this year’s Georgian to you. Let this be our gift to you in honor of everything you’ve done for xis in the past, not just as an advisor, but as our friend. We wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Thsuik you for caring enough never to give up! The Class of ‘82 There are so many things we could say to you. So many things we could give to you. But nothing could ever express. Everything we’ve shared with you. You’ve been our joy and our sorrow. You’ve been our laughter and our tears. You’ve been so much to us these past few years No gift big or small could ever say just this We thank you. Friend for everything you’ve been. 2 t 1 jIHH ' 11 |9 m j ' m HVL And We’re On Onr Way 9 So Many Roads To Choose o o • • • 13 And Yes . . . We’ve Just Begun FACULTY Dr. Robert Sinibaldi — Supt. of Schools Mr. Robert Bray — Assistant PrlnclpaJ Mrs. Ruth DeAngelis — Secretajy Mrs. Jacquelyn Shea — Secretary Mr. Gerald SHverman — Principal Mrs. Eileen DiVincenzo — Dept. Head Aide 18 Mrs. Margaret Phillips, R.N. School Nurse Mr. Daniel Gulezian — Director of Guidance Miss Joyce Armeen — Guidance Dept. f- Mrs. Patricia Gilmartin — Guidance Dept. Cafeteria Staff 19 Mrs. Mary Kober — English Dept. 20 Mrs. Joan Wadsworth — English Dept. Mrs. Karen Rowe — English Dept. ' Miss Donna Prlvliera — English Dept. Mrs. Gloria Coolldge — English Dept. Mr. Richard Cairns — English Dept. Head Mrs. Noreen Bums — Math Dept. Mr. Louis Lowell — Science Math Dept. Mr. Dennis Cranford — Math Dept. Mrs. Patricia Brace! — Math Dept. Mr. Steven McNally — Math Dept. Head Mr. WlLLlam Pechllls — Math Dept. 21 Mr. Harvey Mades — Science Depi. Head Mr. Charles Donnelly — Science Dept. Mrs. Robin Hickey — Science Dept. Mrs. Sheila Thomas — Science Dept. Mr. Malcolm PYaser — Science DepL 22 Mr. Reginald Tardlf — Social Studies Dept. Head Mr. John DeAngelis, Jr. — Social Studies Dept. Mr. Richard Arns — Social Studies Dept. Mrs. Karen Allbach — Social Studies Dept. 1 Mr. Frank Berardlno — Social Studies Dept. Mr. Larry Faretta — Social Studies Dept. 23 Mrs. Barbara Nelson — Business Dept Mrs. Mary Merrill — Business Dept Mrs. June Cook — Business Dept. Head Ms. RoseAnn Arathuzik — Business Dept. 25 Miss Pamela Simpson — Physical Education 28 Miss RoseAnn Giannelll Mr. Alan Haddad — Physical Education — Physical Education 1 1 J 1 I ( I Mr. James CoUamore — Physical Education Director Miss Theresa Levesque — Foreign Language Dept. Mrs. Helene Ryan — Foreign Language Dept. Head EXIT Mrs. Lucy Hiller — Foreign Language Dept. 29 4. • ' . ; .. f ' v -• ■ yy (from left to right) Karen FUght.(Pres.), Nancy Peabody (Sec.), Ruth Lynah (V. Pres.), Don Cudmore (Treas.) SENIORS T hv- ; ■ ■ Vf ' iii- ' l ifi fly ' yihHT jri.b- ' r 10 I F-. r ' i ' i — ii 16 81 Cemdle, .’i ' . ' K.. I ' ll never for ?ei y . Fame.: rn ! ufi ' Fwn al ihe iraokP XXl|| .v.r. — LM., M.K. C: -, ET.y F., S H.. MJ?., PA. Hey, iete ' j0|l i.h " ' .;erneiai 7 . Thartks m(-in aru ' . ' ' lad ... I love you Mike — ... 1 ' J ' Ur.k I need s jme wlrje. aeeya ;;Fiar:.n S. in your Bl ? Mack Trur k. “Chrlfi " Absent 1 .2,3 — going out for tenrwji 41 Brian S. Maureen S., you’ve], ' been good friends! See whoever ai Zoo-Mass! Is that a good deal Bran 1 S.? “Lore Bore” NY — 1; F.H. — 2,3,4 — stales — 41 B-ball — 2,3,4 — states — 3,4 i?7. softball — 2,3,4 — states ail thej way!; OO-EE-IL Vz prtced Ice creanH It leads to crime; M.J. KD. — member pearls; Fluth — rny fan friend; taite speed?; our seats Nlz, ' HCl hghts with Fienee-be g thanks Easter bunny, bok-bok- b; coach — thanks for a great se; — “Oh, give me a home . . . “; N.P. W.F. — our selous talk; best of luci ’ Cheiyl — remember good times — especially F.H.; “The Famous Fmai| Scene” — Bob Seger — “Now it’s finally time to leave . . . C A yA aa ffyfof t i ay tey “Stuart” Stage Band 1, 2,3.4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Band President 4; Good Riddance M. or Mega) B. Wraught, Wraught, Wraught; New York Party Time- Square. aay tt “Chris” Cheering 2,3, OEA 2,3 Parties all year. TMM and apartments, to TMM, the greatest times I ever had. Friends 4-ever, love ya sis. Parties at the HS, RandC, S7 and 7-up. Just friends w JR Angle . . . you and your cra drtving, we rem. Angle we had GT’s and embarassment. GEORGE D. 1 Love You. summer of 80’ Good Luck, mp, mn, dl, aa, tm, ms, cd, (Balletto to you), Im, cc. June “bug” thanks for your help. To the gas hog, thanks for gettlrig us around. BYE To GIBBLE 4- EVER Stre am ' “ ' ' r tsh” H iBk ' -ib ' iii i,i ' .,37;: ... : .fi!)aJi . . . Flel(l llM ' key i ... Villag ' . 4 . . . HoriiH P ' lrnlng . . . Thaioc g.j,VB especi. ' Jly ! )■ n — ! ' ve ya ■ AT.V V - c ui pull It ' IT g,gs ... IRi-sesh ' pricker bushes iCH” ... Riei and Mt. !)ew Rltuiiie starts uh IT . . . Charles .Street babes 4-ever . . . T ' j my very special friends Mich, I ), Mai , Ter, Carl, Er, fkUl, Usa, Flar, Chris, Flarl, Biy, Don. Jim, I Iwe you!!! . . . Tharoc Mom Dad. I love you . . . FA ' 5fFJ yee-haw . . . Plum Island I’endezvous . . . Pastore weekends . . . Rox (Sf Brook up Hampton . . . I’m really gonna miss everyone ... I love you all! “We were Just young restless and bored, “Fk.b .Seger 1 ... We finally riKule It . . . I love you Uni ' oln . . . PyZf ’ eyso f “Guinea” Track 1,S. Wrestling 1. Summit Conference 4, Good Bye to Moo Moo; Dog Breath, Chico, Blue Light, J.J., MaMa Maiy, Sister Shelbs, and Jill, Lisa, Nadine. Good Luck to the Class of 1983, it’s all yours now. “CHICO” I lockey 4 Donkey Ball 3 Blue Print 4; Best tlmes Robby’s party Salis- bury beach go cart racing; Hey Mike has your and Tracy’s divorce papers come through yet? Russ- soooo the Bruins will win the Cup this year??? 83 take it easy on Mr. Silverman he’s not as young as he used to be plus he’s all we’ve got. Paul, Scott, and Perry, I would rather go to the zoo than go with you guys to Surfwood even though there’s not much difference, get it Perry? aa VPe ey “Karen” 9th grade English: “Mr. Chicken!” “Mr. Potatohead!” Civics: Burnsey Pajama Game — “Tlck-tock-tlck- tock-tempus fuglt!” Zl House Zoo — Me and my shadow, “Yes sir, that’s my Tri-Zl; Field Trip Rve — Mltllda Dinwiddle “This is all highly irregular, highly irregular!” Senior Study Gab Session concerning local drugstore weirdos. Dorian Naoko Llsa F. FTWHI “Cap” Nothing 1, 2,3,4 Butts in “Rocks” bathroom 3,4 Whats up Waste, Stodd your Awesome! Mr. Luca “Watch your Mouth” Pistol Clark are Aligators. GOOD LUCK! Red Buzz Reg Pooh Disc Presky Mesc Ernie Rich “GLAD TO BE OUT”!!!! “Bren” Drama Club 4, “Field Trip Five” how’d we survive? Devils foreva “Partyed till ya pucked Kermie re- member?” with “T” 10 30 81 Thanks for being friends L and D Keep it cool superstar! “YOU BET- TER BELIEVE IT” Keep on partying Andy! Thanks Paul! TYay have fun but don’t get caught! Good luck buddies Love ya foreva! Broken Bones 1,2,3, and 4. “L” Make sure you keep in touch don’t worry we will make plans that work out someday! Love ya! “Me Cawlavltch Donkey bail 3i2f4 Video 3 4 Inde- pendent Lunch, Fundamental Re- cess. Good times at beach AIR AIR Mooseheart. Have a good time see you in five years, “Pete for home- coming QUEEN” Horse racing, Martha Ruth. Can’t Walt. — Watch out for the DITCHDIGGERS. More good times to come — Look out for the Comeeees Pete FB, D, S. Good by Blue Print — When in doubt “SPREAD THEM”, breakfast any- one miss ya RUF. RUF. Thanks Mrs. D college look out. “let’s get married” Have a great time and see you later on — bye ya’U. Q c iae oaui. ey 35 ' arliiU-r " H :iv-y KA. T=tt! — ' Ivjiii .V ' liir iiiL - ' ' Umt ' ii V i L ' V ' ’ yi ivmi ' iiilx ' r ih-- • -1 KRh ' .} ' ., yi u ti l ih ' - ' " 111 back! kcnicrntj ' -f ' be Alumni Charl -o St ' twer! I ' am, Kfin, ' Jail, ' Ici ' i ' i, ' I hanx, I b vt- ya ; 1 ' We ' ll i,‘iy III I lLh ■ ’ i ah ' -ui- dere. f rt-neral A ' lV.’ I re. .Ski — yd i ' li always t e ii i my heart, I l ' ' iveya Sia,y happy . . . Tharjt BUI W. — 1 JdAI )K III I you M m and Dad. ThaiiX -1C, IvlTM, RA. GC, CD, DC, J.1I — “bye " Horeeshoe! BL ' s Brule, Mike P. — Slay happy. MC — Thanx. T ' . ihe class of ' 82 1 wish you ihe beei of luck. I love yall Jon, I Love you. Al- ways, ihanx for ihe Wonderful memories, we ' ll work on ihe fuiure. Look oui world, here I come. “Paul” 1 rtui ' Ind. Study) DP ■ „ uhH 3.-} fInr=it!S- t — tUafi ia vaJ: — Chiropfrutt ; 1 :i u-boii MOH. l . ' . t " -- . tales 3,‘V ? ' - f a;-!, ' ' y. •}; Sr Class Flay ' ick™ ' -■ lUca, I iivj. ' jvery 2; DALLAS — ! . ' Hi.U Shcwl « t K ' “Cheiyl " Drama Club 1, 2,3,4; Key Club 2 Hockey Cheering 2; Yearbook 4 Junior Skli 3; Xing ' s Deparimeni Siore; Frlends Sandle, Dona Lvnne, Krls rhanx for ihe rides. Remem- ber Ihe beach and ihe Ground Round besi limes. Good luck Bob 1 love Ya. Thanx Ma Dad (1 love you) Hockey 1, 2,3,4, Fooiball 1, Black Velvei 4, Foreigner — Squire B.G., Rocky ' s baihroom — 4, Good luck Pam, Aim, Xaih, — do you kiss your mother with that mouih? — D. Luca, Partying Jr. H. 1 ,2,3,4, ZEP- PELIN ' . . Cap, Presky, Rageo, Pam — Weirs Beach — Poolside Partying — Where is Mike?, Siodd your Massive, D.B., Good luck 10 ihe up coming Charles si. Gang, Good by G.H.S. “Cuddy” Track 1 ,2 FooibaU 4 Treasure 4 Par- ty 4 Foreigner 4C.C. — Boston, C,C, 15 B’s no way! Summer of 81, Beachin li all the way! Hey Jlmbo, hotre the instani replay! Reg: Drug- gie? Joking! Daisun “For e” No way! Hey Bub, who do ys ihinks nesi? Black Thunder! Swltchen seals on Fit. 3. Good Luck 10 my brothers and sister. Beachhouse parlies forever! Naulills; College here I come ready or not. Hey Jim we hit him. Nancy: My Best Friend, rorever. Pam you ' re so Beautiful. Mai thanks for being there. Chris Page: I Love You . . . Forever . . . “Kelly” Hockey Cheering 1,2 Variety Is the Spice of Life! Lisa . . . Ya Know ILY Carole. Bathroom Buddies and Stu- dies live on. Oops sorry again Mr. T. Remember ... go for the older ones! Long Hill . . . Can’t Stop Laughing! Rlunlte on Ice not so Nice. Mom and Dad I Love You.j SWLF and SWAMITW . . . Thanks! 1 aloi Nanqy. Lisa, It’s been a long lime, and still we can handle any- thing????? This part Is over. The. ' next Is now beginning. I’m going to make it in my own Utile world. Q-o,, %« Vla A ’on “Lynn” S.C. — 2, VP — 3; Pres — 4; B-BaU Cheer — 3; DC — 123 Tres. — 4 NHS — 34; SAC — 3SCR — 4; Band — 123Sec — 4 March — 1234; Field Trip Rve; STYX — 1234; PhlPy — 14; BMIC — 2 1 2 34; Merr. B-Ball Camp 3 1 2; CPR — T3, 14; NYNLTC — 3 1 2 Zebart?? . . . Carenyou Hit me one more time . . . WOW Jen you were nice to me for two whole days . . . Erin you’re a doll . . .THE KEY . . . Brett we make a great team . . . Bye Wendy. LYLAS, Mary Keep smiling . . . Calh, Amy, Car- lene, Good luck in all you do . . . Di ru never forget ya . . .Bye Dave . . . Good Luck Little Sis . . . Seniors I’U miss ya all . . . Thank’s Mom, I love you! . . . Tim I’U Love you Forever!! f A Wou m 91. 9)uf, a A en Q)oaMAi€ “Carrolleee” Field Hockey 1,2; Pitts 3,4; Labucks 4; Cabin 4 U.R.l. 2,3,4; Dawn, re- member Labucks — never again! Rlunlte on lee, thats nice! Where were you in ’69? OT! The Rose, The Happy Hooker: Kel Li-Sat. Nltes at BUI Char’s! Hey June, Let’s play the field! I.L.Y.Kel! I.L.Y.Lisa! remember S.WAM.l.T.W!; S.W.L.F!; S. W.W.P! Simp, love those Iron pUls! Sony about the bathroom Mr. T. , but the bathroom buddies live on! Journey — Open Arms! Fore- igner — WaitUig! I got the music in me! F.FA.B.F. 4 — ever! Love ya Pit, thanks for everything! Take Care Chrlssle — enjoy your next few years! Hang on to S.L! Hey Cabin Crew, take care of yourselves! I.L.Y.L. 4-ever! JF loves CJ 4-ever! Good Luck! Class of 1982! Best Wishes! “CRI-CRl” Cheering 1,2,3, 4 — ! a Donald 1,2,3 ru Never Forget! November 9, 1979 Want to go Swimming Stephen — 4 ER-ER Summer of “81” Journey Concert wish we were there! “The Beast” It’s Dead no er-er! Juudy I did it aU for you! Senior year the best “D”, Marquis and Maiy your the best. Thanks Pam RUM RUM makes me Dumb Good bye bath- room Buddys. Catch ya later much G.H.S.! WEE!! n cAcuto A wm “Doug” Party 1,2,3 ,4; Rock n’ RoU rem. The WHO, Sabbath, The Nuge, AC DC, and the Deja-vu night I want to have again with RUSH. Heineken’s 1 , The Booze Cruise, thanks Ach. Hang in there Steve and Jon, things are only getting worse. To the “CREW” High times forever! Good-bye G.H.S., thanks for mak- ing my mind a mess. Qy aoAoo ' n a Qfl.t.h 1 cl. pres. 1 ; S.C. 2, sec. 3, v.p. 4; SAC. 2, r.r. 3; S.Gov’t D. 3; C.U. 2; KC 2, sec 3; D.C. 1 ,2,v.p. 3, pres. 4 band 1 ,2,3,4; sftbl. 1; F.H. 1,2, J.v. capi. 3; B.B. cheer. 2,3,4; PhUly 1 ,4; R.H. 2; N.H.S. 3,4; NY N.L.T.C. 31 2 Zebari? Barry 21 2,3,4, no way Di he’s mine!; Styx 2,3, ya love ’em Mary but never forget the Doobles — 3! Mac’s 3,4, Ruth help me push!! that lad,y is “smuck?”, but in the shower Martha? No more Physics Laurin!!! Amy didn’t we get a lot of play work done Wed. at P’s house? Lynn don’t you dare blame me for that Scope bottle! No, Matt I don’t want a music stand. “Nyoko” or “Egg-Yoko” An exchange student from Japan. Tennis Drama Club Best time: When I say “Hi” to aU the kids in Georgetown High Best Friend: All of you! I reaUy had a terrific year in Georgetown. I really appreciate your kindness, help, smile and love. I’ll never forget everyone of you foi’ever and ever and ever Love you all! 37 M ■ iii ' ll.’i ' i- II. . . VilrtK ■ -i ... VV! ' 1 1 ! 1 ' ■ I ' uiiv ... " , 1 i. fil. UifT ' ill . ' ll ! ' Uni piv ' .’i-in il ' ii ' t. mix! ! ! ' lV(r ' -li!- . . . " M ' l ' I. ' . ' ill, " llv ' . ' Lli ' l . . . TIi. ' iiiX ’h. ' ifli-i- I ' .i-. HhIw.s, 1 I ' ' Vt ' Y ' ' ll .‘ilil . . . I’m s iTV I. -... ' iiiii . . .( ' Hi:: ' , lifiv 1 . . , nt!, n ' .ti . . . “ ' liiM imi ' rti ' lifTliUi t.h v lurii lil ' i ' - t, ini ' r: ' " . " . ' ” ... lli ' iuirux liv ;; .j. d. - ' .s t.! ' irfiy ’ii ... but wheiv? . . . Th. ' Uikx Liiii ' , Ruiul ' , Hri, I ' hv ' . Mild (ieiTy, yi ' U j-T ' i.ys !iri- tli ' givMiesi; . . . Living Ml d,Mi.-kS ' ' HS ... Mils’ ' MfS ' d. . . 1 nveycu my IdV . . . ThMiix .M mllllrri. An v, wh !imw m laJk . . . i love yal I ' m flniilly ul . . .AI.RIGHT . . . " KMmM.M” li.i-.. li r.A ; . ' ,-1 Pi iv. Vi’.’.. ' .Ii ; liM. ' -r.’iM y ' ' iM, ' . ' — ' ' ' . ' li’- ' .: lyi.i.i — 1 M • iV ' -i ' ; ' , ' ihiiiii V.’ ii; ! • :■ id ■ I HU ' ' ks ; !■ ' MU ' liii’ •. FIT ; I i : ih-i ' ' ' yiij7iMd,; ' ' y. ' i .xlkeMk ' l.ii ' S ' ii-H ulny! [• ' . ' l. ' .V.! F. ' I.VV.: I-.T.’.V.: MMiiMm - Kmi " ' ! ' . F I.. ' ! ' . .1 I’-iMied, llM ' iiiied H ' m; " S ' ' ■f ilpp ' l biMXers! Smph.’a Tmx: i ri»- : fibwii. Tick: " i ' .heep bhearers: ' •f I.FiiMed MMG’e! H ' V T-:!!!! Lb. Idy sics Aid! Yf, ' H ' . ' H ' , ' Sf TA TAi!! “Ernie D " Baseball 1,2, 3, 4, Football 1,2, 3,4, Band 1, 2,3,4, Palming and Draw-, mg Trlilon Golf title. But no Base- ball 76’ers to the title. Fly away Bird, Slam one home Dr. J Al, Mike, pull the car over I can’t breathe. Get me out of this dlich Rlch, Mess, Cap, I knew It was a bad plan. Good luck to everyone m my class. I will always love you. AC DC, Foreigner would have been good too. Filch go for a cruise you don’t need your license. Hey Mike anj ' nice girls m the ladles room. Thanks Mom and Dave. Sa ffeZ a Y o i “Kare " V.P.2: Pres 3,4, Drama Club 3,4; Yearbook 4; Curriculum Council 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Cheerlrig 3,4; I.P.S. Pants; K. CP 5th grade APA’ N.C. m the raw!?! B K! Burplrig Cher? J. I Beach Party!! luvya D.L .EE.T. the talks the counseling? Cher telepathy! Hey Nan, we’re neighbors! Peg where is my under- ware?? EEE-B-B! LW, snort snort Har, Jeff, Luvya! V en, Sizzle sisters AT.W! D.F, LP’ers forever! Tharoc mom and dad! Percy Brl Sf Bru your my babes! PA, ET, GG, CC, Tl.f , DL, LM, MN, MP, CD. LC, KD BATHFIGOM PALS, ATW! P.FL is It a dream??!! “The Key” ha ha!! BR dovmstalrs . . . Bruce A.T. ' W. ... I love ya “82’’!!! “John” Drama Club 3 (Rev. Solace). 4: Senior Class Play (special Agent Morgan I’ll miss the fun we had, bye Priv.; Thanks Miss Ward; To the Pharmacy Clan — Don’t Forget our haunted house reunion. ZoZi t f. y iay 7 q ' - “Andy” dYZl uZy aYcZeZZ 38 “David” “Debby” Drama Club 1 ,2; OEA 2, Historian 3, President 4, State Secretary 4; N.H.S. Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Blue Print Staff 3,4; Field Hockey 4; Wendy’s!; Thanks MTM for every- thing!; Hey Dorian what’s up? Fte- member Jane?; Lynne, hows M.P.l.?; Goodbye G.H.S. . . . and Georgetown! “Rick” dease send 200 sticks of frozen dop Glo to your favorite Rrench dlnlster. Thank you very much. “Adam” Sabbath 3,4; AC-DC 4; “Rush”; BOC’ Ozzy . . . Good Luck C.M.; Had fun C.G. Goodbye G.H.S.!!!! (c c m do lorn on “Lisa” iockey Cheering 1 , Football Cheer- ng 2,3, P.D. 1, C.U. 3, U.R.I. 2,3, Kel our tracks. Tab Coke, Spice! jood times. Bad times . . . Ya mow!!! Caroleee . . . Adv. M. . . . ' STD ; ILYB. Another Study? Long IlU . . . Riunlte on Ice ... not so lice!!! HorseShoe again? ... I’ll )ass. SWAMITAIl! SWLF . . .Yes!!! 3WWP ... No thanx!!! Mr. T. RAIDS But the “Bath room Buddies” tve on!!! Love ya Budgie. Remem- ber Yesterday, think about tomor- ow but live for today. Good-bye J.H.S.!!! “Kris” Drama Glub-1,2,3,4, Ski Club- 1,2,3,4, “P.J. Game,” Preppy-9 Close-Up, MINT!, Big Ron Gang-10 Kelra, Center Pharmacy, S.H. Whlt- tlermen-11; WEEZA, French I, UMO Wayme Mania- 12. Hey babes, Soup, Lynnie,-“Take Your time Do it Right!” Hi Doreen! Haunted House Reunion, Molly Hatchet Kim, Arianna, Dona, — P.C. is mine!! Sorry! J.G. — your cute!! See Y’aU Later. Much!! •r.ii WN " • Ibali; Wr- ' HtllIi ’ 1 ' I ' i ' fli ' k 1; Wai ' t ' ' ' k ' I; I’.c ' iiljfi ‘llvlli ' lll- i .b ' ., ' ?,-}, F lar -i, 1 ' .T., H.( F.K., . .S„ I’ll uir ' Vri ' V ' U f iysll ' ' ll M ' ' A Hlill HlK! l”::; ' .Uir ' I ' mI; lifV I.lUl ' ' I ' lun ' kl! ' liJIl. ' i- flshli iK, bio inllasoul; Kinky Thln ; B-t ' k siud,v r ' Peverll LhI ' mI ' Dji v W eekend — l de up; VW’s - ( B.S. F‘l I, Yellow O.L.O., Blnlsend and l’ ' poi, — ( ' .•imp — iihavi- • ■i ' -am IVllil, 1 akl I Y -)ih Ml ' - l - ■■ii " B.- x " ' al ' Li. Vp-i- !■;■ !; ' M - ' wi Aiiv, ' ■ lii.ia. - ' i, i i -d, ' As. ' ’ 1 ii .1 " 1 M; " M. , ' i t-’f ' j !:■ , F; , H •• ■•■. ' A: ' d---, !dui. ' li ' -m Ma:V, ' ! I ' -’u: ' -!; . !- ik- I.OupA ' ' , i. P’i.‘ " A — Mar, MKVKHA ' IAIK; F-b ' a.; ' ‘.J B. . li , A ais ' . ' n- Bam, Kriri,, Terri, aiid ' ’arli ' t. ' - ' OharieG ot,, H»tlsiee, I Va:: " 7 ' , I ! ' ' Use Z ' " " , " Fvld Tr,p Fiv»- " I ' M-v- — V ' l ' u ' re ' . ' ■eai ... ‘ ' ju BaMies ' -- WHKRK IB h ' ?? -J ' hiiiw ; - ' 1 ■ ' I Luv Ya: Kz arid Heprn A 17. ' . . . Ba’liT ' m B ' jd ' dler l-y.l ' jifi, r. Biream ... Tlir. ;AK: ' . Br-.ek ai.d .SireaiT! at liariipior. BeacBB Krill, We ' re ui the paper ' u? Lini Vil- I ' l e Queens, ( j ' s R • ' 1 ' .V rklii on our nl 5hi rnc ' Ves . . . ide er Youri ? . . . ' ITiaiix Ma and B- ' i . . . “Robin " F.H. 1,2,3„4; Trl-Capi. 4 Slates 2,3,4. starts with spoons ends In love, lov- ing memories of camp; B 5fK soriy we fell asleep, clean with cream! trees, father, frogs, rocks 4-ever, SN, SG, Louie’s wonderful mug and the prune with 59N058 veite. Next time no mittens and through the window ' ... I promise. Up girls 4:00 a.m. — IN THE TREES!! alw ' ays here for you sis. Love you Paul — forever and always Thanks mom and dad — I U iVE Y ' )i; I MADE IT!! “Space” I i ' arLving i ,2,3,4; Marie remember ■ Denr ' ck; Let’s go to N.H.; Hey. V smcke s ' -me Southern ‘L’lmfirt; I- Aj ' igela let’s go to Florida; Sharon T remember the swamp; Party at t 1 lole’s; I i; Ga. ' : ; Hi J-thn; Can ' t wa,t { ■ to go ’ levada; PJchl let’s to ExTs AC. ' DC; Nell Youfig — FUm Never Sleeps i ' jf y i V€ “Neal " C ' ea Qy{ay i ley “Pat " Billy Squier F ' ' feigner V !ZQIQ Black Sabbath, AC- DC, - ' zzy Osbourne, Messenger, GDA Night Crew; Ch '; Bill, King ' f n- sitivity, Klzzy Purple Haze, BT. “What do 1 1. • k Lke Kath, a bank? " Ireland forever. GK JR 40 “Mark” Terri 3-4, Beach Bum 3-4 (“Almost”) Hawaii 1,S,3,4, ZUG, ZUG, 3-4, Foreigner 4 In CC. Smoke um up. Go for It, “Batten 1000”, Di- vot fi t “Save an alligator shoot a prepple”. Goofing off 1, 2,3,4; Mesc, ZIN, Good luck 4 Q May c “BUI” “Goodbye G.H.S.” IOWA — SSTP 2 Soccer 2,3,4 Sat, Mid. Bowling G.DA. Nightcrew “hi guy” Friends D.J., J.L. “Chooeh “He won’t throw it” DP “Play a tune!” P.H. “Daytrlpper”, D.C. Kizzy-Girl Stones, Beatles 4 eva Hello W.P.I.? Clarkson? ???????????? “Goodluck!” Wo f “Jlmbo” Baseball 1, 2,3,4; T.FF. 3,4; Hockey 1, 2,3,4; (F.G.); Football 1,4; “It’s Good”; Foreigner @ C.C.; IBB’s NO WAY! @ Boston What a Night! Sum- mer “81 ” Beachln’ it Yea! Hey Cud- dy, How’s the instant reply??? N.C. GR. 5 (sideways) T.F. is making it! W . . . I.L.U. 4-ever Black Thunder all the way! Erin Babe . . . “What a Fox” Did I hit him??? Good Luck Ings and Pings. Hey Cuddy, Keep in Touch! Good Luck Class of ‘82’. cj " mes Fa tam “D.J.” Cross Country 2,3 Co-Captain-4; senior class Play-Irvlng; Summer ’81 -WOW! — F.L.C.; John Lennon 4-Ever, Beatles Never Forget — J.L., S.L, B.H., A.O.F., Thanks — Paul, NeU, Trombone, G.DA. night crew — HIP. r v(( “LAU” Remember Nancy — SEE OTHER SIDE — “Bug” — BA-Gark, Lenox — Foklne — Tome — Bill — Class of “82” WOWS Good Luck Class- mates!!! “Ruth” Sec. 1,2,3; Yrbk. Ed. 4; N.H.S. 3,4; D.C. 1 ,2,3 Sec. “Zi House Zoo”, 4; F.H. 1,2,3, 4; ST’S — ’80-’81; Thanx Coach! July’s 3,4; Ro’s house, cops! Spirit Weeks, Day-leave it to ’83! Good Times w Chei U — JMS 4ever Nanc-Raiders! KD — Rick’s 4:30 am Cathle-shower? Laurln — pearls Suzy — Baby Kath — “sexy! ’’ Lisa — snow fights . . . Ruth-c.C(5fm, Ogunqult skinny dip- ping 2 am, saUing sledding. Red Sox, Florida?; You’ve been the best friend anyone could hope for — Loveya! Keep SmUln’ Beth! . . . The future cannot be Uved with the past dragging at your heels. It’s time to move on. Get the best out of life ’82!!! I ' II. : -l, iMi.-dl n t-y idii ' i ' i ' iiif i ' l; Iir.’miH I ' kl liluh i,; ' , ’.-!; Vi-bk. Him, — Ihi.’r lli lk ' ' . ' I I’ ' r. 11 li ' l in t.h. ' il iku I ' Hi. I I ' jir ■ y,.iLni ■ ! ' lVl ' ’nil;i(Up! Luck with ; lurKy-hiiliyl F " i’ ' ' Wiicr lii H ' b- t ' ii — K.I t, If. ' iV ' m.v FfuiUi lUoiif! IjctVi i ' fileiMliif? L ' Ul M ' illu8k-l i ;u, ' I ' h. ' Uik yi ' U L ' lrh, ilruiity Mild Nmusklss h r ' vmI times, SuUfuiiuluts, yciu’i-e n iiuti 1 LV 1 15 8 1 — Kevii 1 , tl lai iks L ir helj i- liif nmk ' ‘ my sciilni ' year the HKSTII LllKWHACCAl n me (t ' Wii tu iieoi ' Kla hi visit iii ' -, y ' alll Bye (HIS. “Brian” Nall. I lonor Soc, Track 1 , Wrestling 1,S,3 Sen. Class Play, P.T., Rob (3. (rock), G.S. (Father G. ' ; S.N. + S.G., K.T. (Frog ' i (Nice ' lYees) Prom w K.K. from Swampskltt. Drive to N.H. ( Lake Wlnnl. ) m VW w GLC. Squire and Foreigner blowing the dexirs off (poor Shawn). Occlfer Keys “Kim- ball, Brian, SIR! Robin and Paul fall asleep on watch. One ski next time! K.T. -I- B.K., True love always, 4 21 81. Never forget GFIAPEFRUITAND SPOONS FOREVER! “Stephen " Drama Club 2,3.4; Senior Class play Dorian remember all the excellent times Sunday afleriuK’ns we had, with Chick, and does eveiyone re- member the time at the haunted house? Lisa — Dorian don’t forget all the excellent times we had at the pharmacy and m the senior study-they will be times we’ll never forget! Let’s get out of this schrxVi and NEVER come back! WCOZ for- ever — Dick when are we going to the movies? Mary, what are you doing with n v van? i;-h u: !;h---r;ng -i. ).4, (F-ii; ;;- c.or ' i Plsy; Drarii ' i ((iu‘.- ,,L,-).4; ' LL 3; y.i-y (l.iijh 2,3, ' ;kl P o-L 2.,- ' 5, ' ' or C ' un. 3; Hiiiiior R- ' .il ’h»i. 1 i ii. .Sc 1. 2,3,■i,Tc, ' i ,•h r r.i.3; ( isi Party; ' ITiaiiks LL.illy, I !’ vc ya ai iU we’ll ?ilway ' s lie irieiuls. Thajuks loiurin arid Nai.fy. I .ve ye Amy ' ' f ' iU’re the best L ' ad. -. ' aii, David. I l ' .)vey ' u Ajga: ' !, I’ll always tiey ' ur LtUeTcini. Ti ' JjWj — ■A-J, I ' ll al ' ways your “Bab- ” . . . “D ' lna’’ Yearbook Staff . . . -L Ke.y C.’.i.b . . . 2, Foreign Larigi.age . . . , I ley lym- ne. Magnum . . . P . " c.vf n thsnks for the ndes . . . Coolen How ' s ya foot?! Man’s best friend . . . SHEEP!! Chick f;o i . . . Breu, Hey C-C- and S-L. how boui ar.ihr pcnc in a prkg It. LP. T.’AF.T. shoes . . . Dave T.Y.F.SA_K. ha! ha! Lo ve ihCiSe blue lights! Lisa Sat. Mt. g-.rgle! gurgle! . . . W.I.L . . . AR jO!! Great Times . . . ! MG’s live for ever . . . Cheryl whais in the pitcher? N.-J. The greatest state m be from . . . Remember the beach sun bum!!! SHORT PEOPLE ARE THE GREATEST!!!!! “Dee” Pres. 2; Cheering 1-4 capt. 4 Reunite on ice that’s nice. Co-ed sleep over ' hey Jim). Bruce and Brian 1 love you. Bathroom buddies forever. Michael, I’U always love . . . Love l(X)k what you’ve done to me!!! Mary ihanx for the long talks, Lysa never forget the good times I love you. Pam I’ll never forget you sweetie, thank you. Chris, we made it. Carlene, you can cry on my shoulder. Tern, thanx. Donald, you’re a real special friend. To all of my friends thank you for making my high school years so veiy spe- cial. Remember, we’re one crew that they’ll never forget. Mom and Dad thanx I love you . . . n ' Xi ' mU V ft II I ■) “Dl” Drama Club 2,3,4, (vp) 4; Field I’rip Five; Foreigner 4 @ CC, 15 B’s NO WAY!! Jim, did ya hll him? BMl- Catw 2 a, 3,4 (No way, Gath he’s definitely mine!) Lynn, SOB @ Ipswich, Ha Ha!! Merrimac College (BBC) What a night! Ruth, Oh SI Woops! Mary, thanks for every- thing. Al, ru always remember the good times. Remember 5th grade??! E-BB!! P and P @ the Pits on Warren St. Love ya mom and dad “Chooch” Ice Hockey 1,2,3, co-captain 4, Cross Country 4, Summer of ’81 — Out in the “WUd West” with DJ 6 am at Brooks GDA night crew F.L.C. SCP — “Field Trip Five” National Honor Society Beatles 4-Ever!!! — Mac. Wings Imaglne “Let it All Shine On” Always remember; D.J., ■J.D., ‘ol Bill, A.G., S.L., AOF Thanks AA. David” bccer ( 1) 1,2,3,? Track 1 Frisbee 5,4 H.M. 2,3,4. Nugent 3, Pink Floyd ' omeday merry making; Canada »und. IVa-Boot Spur Gandyland. lead for the mountains! Bikin iross Country. (Cruisin). ’Zeppelin’ L the only way to fly. ‘Critters will be I’.ritters’ Do you feel like we do? if here on Warren St.? Rock Roll, ilollmg Mach roadie — audience. 4ere are the “Good Times”. Mem- lier of SA club. Stay H.H.H.; L.N. — ..D. — H.H. (Eh!) B.M. (Yea!) D.S.’s LW. and Butcher shop. Good Luck veryone! Q l{a Hi ta n He Hte Q ' Aia oHe Q Me an ie Leue “Cheryl” F.H. 1,2,4 States 4 Drama Club 3,4, Foreign Lang. Curriculum Council Work 1,2,3, 4, F.h. i ' he best times LorScore I’ll miss you! Ro’s house “the cop’s” Thanks coach J, MAf, S never forgetem’ DEAD DINNER The tub boats are comm’ Foxy Momma thanks for everyone! Martha thai As for the parties and lib. talks. MoUusk thariks for the name. For sure! ThaiAs Mom, Dad, M,B,M,T,P,I love you all! MAe you’re the best good luck Thank you Mrs. DlMalo. Good Luck class of “82”. “Martha” Treas. 1 vice pres. 3,4 Lib. As. 4 FH 1,2,3, Trl-Cap.t 4 STS 80-81 Thanx Coach, Fto’s Cops. No more Mrs. D; Di OH S!; Win thins; oo-e-1, Fanny Fans; Tug Boats, Dead Dinner, JMS 4ever; 2am Skinny Dlpln, seasick, CC(5fM, Herms, Florida?! Best Friends we’ll always be, MJ, love ya klddo; love ya Ma Dad; Knock’em Dead Karl; P.J. your spoiled; Good luck KD, Sue, Kath Lou, Bare Buddy; Danciii jp; Sept-De; Roses PT; Gups SW; Good luck Class of 82! ! ‘T ' en: " " TE " Carlene, Thanks!!! I LOVE YA, SIS. Pam, Erin, GaH, Carlene — Charles Si. BABES . . . “SEXCELLENT”. Bathroom Buddies forever. CD, MP, DL, CB, MMN, ET, PA, CC, GG, LM, AA I’ll miss ya all. Llfeguajxl parUes — 1 lampion Beach. Apartment city here I come!! Michelle, MUD WRESTLING, “Where are your pants??” Chris B. Friends Forever, Good-Luck with?? Mrs. Ski — Take Care, I Inve Ya ... Mrs. (Lxjk — Thank You . . . Joanne, Thanks! Watch out for June 8S’. MOM DAD — 1 made it! Thanks for every- thing!! I LOVE YOU!! Dreams, I’ll never see . . . " a-y.’hole” June and Carole going m the cabin tonight, Dougy not on duty. Carole don’t forget Oct. 23 at LaBucks! Where v ere you m 69, p.i. Fore- igner 4 the best. Journey forever. Love may die, but friendship ' .vill always last. Glriny and Rich for- ever! Ginny good luck in the future . . . Fort 1,2 Pits 3,4 LaBuck’s 4, Cabin 4 “Waiting” MiSfM TWAWL ' YT -- " ' ilV-y:. fJCElir j . . iUithr- ' x rn buddies 4 ' V Ya bp ' ' X?, Boiico O ' B:..y-rn»-ri(i3h:p never i v - n r er eiidflil . lv,;,yg reinefii- L-:r I j ' .Vf- you . . . S- nlorB ! ov- Uig l iamonea. ’WeVe t jnigf»t. ;r -g. and Sue. (raj fiappy. .’ iV.-n-i. • r ' .. ' -; v e madeit. I . -fve y i. iiever forget tfie wfdte pu.-kel fen ; ' our dream house, Sqtilrrel- G ' xl-I-ui-y. — H ' ry CfjiiiT ' Ifuu.Ks Ft the eupp ' .rt- ,Hye W.S It’s hnfi.iy ail over v ' n its time u: iivi- . . . Mlsy e- er patfi le- fhled vdth ever joy iri Ilf ' - . . . !.I:m aiid Dad n : wyou both ' vui see, h I made you pnAid of me. ■Dianks, I Inve You!!! “Jon” Nothing — 1 ,2,3,4 — Foreigner 4 (a CC AC DC @ BG Zug-Zug Before Grad. Where’s Chicopee Buz? B.Y.B. Remember the SaJlsbuiy one Nlghters Tempest anyone? = Where’s Dan? Fred — Boxford (stop, speed, foresale) Cut it!!! — Bi ' an you RA.G. Divot Fight!! I want my own golf car Fudge- Brakie-Hey I got a Job!! I was so wasted last night . . . Good luck you guys . . . Have a good life; Don’t forget the Packies are closed on Sundays!!! lea ey “MESS” Football 1,2 Arguing with Mr. D 1. 2,3,4 Sallsbuiy Beach 3,4 Drag Racing 3,4 and Advanced. Cruslng 3,4, Adv. Dodge Demon 3,4. Spln’em up. Hey Muscles, Wakar- 120 , Wayne and Ernie need some tires. Lets go It’s easy. AC DC, Fore- igner 4. It’s been 12 years in the same school system and I’m finally out. Hey Terri see you In Haverhill Mike. ach. Buzz. Mark, and disco see you later. Good Luck to eveiy- cne m the years to come. 82 Is 1 “Glnny” Good luck Class of ' 82 best wishes in the future. Thanx Mom Dad, I Love ya Rich, Mrs. D keep smiling, Thanx for the memories GHS I’ll miss you!! Jaclynne your beautiful, J.M. J.S. looking good . . . KAHLUA JOURNEY GO NICE!!! Goodbye B.B. “Mare” Cheering 1, 2,3,4! STYX GOING ON 6. Thanx Mr. B . . . FOREIGNER 4 (S’ CC, 15 B’s No Way, Hey Jim did you hit him? RIUNITE ON ICE, THAT’S NICE. Chris Sue remem- ber 8 28 81, She’s got a ??. It’s no blggy. Quarters at Plngs Booze Crulse co-ed Sleepover THE SUM- MER OF 1981 ATW( Dl, what can I say, I love ya!; Shell, Thanx for E’V- ERWHING. “D” Thanx for all those long talks, Love Look What You’ve Done To Me. Lynn, remember the BEST OF TIMES; Don, I’ll never forget you! BT JI, U2R2-mueh. Cath, STYX “IS” 1 ! JUST REMEM- BER THAT IT’S A GRAND ILLUSION AND DEEP INSIDE WE’RE ALL THE SAME . . . Mrs. Ski, I love you, and I’ll never forget you. rrifo “Toyota” Band 1,2,3,; F.H. 1 S’ 2; Drama Club : 1,2,3, 4; Semor Class Play: “Mrs. li Greene” Chris thanks for being iRhere! DeMoulas Worchester ; .Rmesbmy “DesParado”, “Babe” — |i Brian I Luv You! Halloween “80” “81” BestofTimes! M.P. ' S’S.H. fore- i ver! G.H.S. Parking Lot Toyota Cell- ca — trans., flat tires, . . . etc. Caro- ( la and Brian . . : FOREVER! a a a eumann I I “NIZ” F.H. 1,2,3 trl-capt. 4; b-baU 1,2,3, 4. states ’79, ’80, ’81, (?); s-baU 2,3,4; sexy!! Hey Dummy!! Lor-bor, end of bench is ours. L.P. Magnum for- ever. B-bk study guys. “THAT’S DA FAC JACK!” — Camp — shave cream fight, waterskiing. Yeah, I ski this year, ski jumping next!! P(S?R stop getting cot! — SMUT — SMUT — you guys are the best — P.T., R.G., B.K., K.T., G.S., I’U never forget ya’s Sis great times, lot’s of fun, keep in touch Greg — friends is what was ment. “If it’s not Mur- phy’s Law, it’s S.A.L.!! The word 1 1th grade gym w aU of us. It was great!! Shawn, I’U al- ways be there if you need ani hlng. I care!! Good-Luck David. Thanx Mom, love ya . . . Thanx Coach, you taught me alot . . . “BYE GUYS” (§fu6an QyVixam ' Ti mo-i ot “Chris” B-baU 1,2,3,4 states 3,4(?) Softball 1-4 states??? JOCKS s.c.p. FTP (Maggie) “HeUo big boys” dr. cl 1-4 . . . CELTICS 1 sorry df sixers 2 !UMO! Frat party! ! BORN TO RUN — rangering at hs — Me white? friends — KD . . . HH seared? whomme? Hi chubbs Love ya Mrs. Ski. NO PROBLEM Beach party — LB watch out for those ditches! “We’ve got tonight who needs tomorrow ...” memories — B-1 bomber Thanks mom dad, love ya!! BEST OF TIMES — mn we’re great singers. Good Luck SENIORS! Nance — what can I say, we’ve shared a lot of good times together — ru never forget you, you’re a true friend — thanks for everything — I love ya! remember RHA RHA and the sleep overs at MJ’s! Keep in touch . . . DC Thank you for every- thing you’re a super friend — best! ! Bye GHS hello FLORIDA “Dan” 45 “Mike” PARTY — 1, 2,3,4, Canlbus Cull, Turn the Pa e “Complex” Remem- ber The Times We Had! “KEGA” Lisa you flirt. Goodbye GHS Forever r New Hampshlre Besi Times i “Dave” Drama Club l,S,3,4 Senlor Class Play “FIELD TRIP FIVE’VGood luck Kuzuba Besi wishes to the Class of ’82 How’s It going Brettwood Good- bye G.H.S. I- ' ' ;. Tr I h .yZA. hn t,n-lZZA. ' lai. Kg- ' . Y ■ ' 1 .1,? 4. G - hr i. Whin Thins, SEX 1 I ' v =7 Irii.K-f) ivi! ,’. + WF ri£ n ' ig.hh.i . ; jj,i Ilgal PiiJ Vi ' r-. ' -ng.erB. ! ! I ' e ivir g ' -n,ntf. Ttu Rufhes, rii have one, Helgt J Kn.LV. Ihe y.hyl I c.ear up okav? | f -- Sizzle Sl£V?rs. I V.’iiHt fvui I say but thar.ks ' hr.s P. I iG-rTiember the puppet Chns C. I I.KA.HTHA; Thar.ks K -.. h‘y ■ . ' lu . He; ' urrirr F Ix..n; b «t T Fnen-ia Fnrever. pGjSGia or hiRi Renes L ' Oi i ever forget the talk ir, Pnend- ly ' s — thanks alot. Ktar Bear ' Hemiri- Best Times, Beet Memc r- les, Best Friends . . . Thardts ' ■f e ' il take the best, forget the rest, and BO rneday we’d find, these v ere the j Best of Times . . . “Wayne” Partying 1 ,2,3,4 Adv. smoking area i 3,4 adv. HEINEKEN “THE BESr,J “You never did catch me Rock " GOOD LUCX-1;IESS, RICH, JOHN,i AND ALL fZY FELLOW PARTIER Good luck to the Cabin Crew. “Perk” Hockey 1 ,2,3,4 Track 1 Football 1,2 bft’’ Only words are; Good Luck to all the Seniors m the Future! “Sheil,’ !” Cheeriiig 1 -3, Zl } i ' ufv- Z ■ . ' L .1 ur- ney 3,4-evt-r: GOLI 3,4, Cliarl ' -s : BabhfS Y ' ur my liu: - n ek-i -r ... Ree py-e iHs g r ' k tilMlr.g " nc.- more; TM-r " f sev iiig rnud wrest- ling; — “by " ; Fa,y-n-F’Ster, Tv - been sh ' pplng at lilt or Miss! Parn, I love you! 11 10 8L Bang! .Shr t the?, at the NK.K ill ... Horsesh ' ei Marla (’.onchltti, wo w ■ wo, I iveyal Quarters at ihngs . . . Z 28’s 38 Spe- clal-n-Buba . . . STAGEIi. Fine! Fine! You ? (« . . . He ' s got poten- tial “Cowboys, Cars, And Dreamlrig of Bars” . . . “Oh Pretty Baby . . . “ S.H. — 1 L U always! Tlianx Mom and Dad, I can see you really do love me . . . and I love you! eayjof i ye a ie ' ' ■0. toe ' e i Pe) ' )feaa “Ljynne” Drama Club: 1,S, 3, 4 Make-up! UMO Forever, THAibcS Chris P. ?? Todd, 28?? H.F.I Dave! TDO’s fore- ver P.M. what a mistake! Blitzed Bush! R @ C Love ya Llsa u-2 Kris B. Pond Skinny Dlppln! Mustache! Magnum P.I. “Sue” Political Dlseovery-3 School real!.v does suck a lemon. Feb 9, 19 9 The best day of my life. Rollerskating “Good Times” Junior year was the best I love you Mom and Dad. I can tell right now Senior year isn’t all that It’s cracked up to be. Don’t I get to say hi to my friends? Love ya Kris, Barbara, Lynne, Moe, Laura S., Kevin D., but I’m sure you don’t care. DEJDKDDDJDSC “WEE” to the HoJo’s crew. Whlttlermen Haunted House Reunion Good Luck to the Seniors!! (S U “Mike” Football 1, 2,3,4, Capt. 1,4, Wrestling 1 ,2,3,4, Capt. 2,3,4, Baseball 1 ,2,3,4, Smirnoff 100 proof 1 Good Bye Bubblln Buddy and Herby. Good luck Pam, Erin, Carlene, Christine, Terry, Gad, Dawna, Michelle, Mary, Kaiyn, Lysa. You all are No. 1 to me. Cap, Red, Gary, Remember wier’s Beach 2V3. Boxford swing Cap weed flop. Sue -1- Mike 11 81 S ue have a good Senior year LOVE ALWAYS MIKE. CLASS OF 82 1. Good bye GHS the PIGLET is Gone for Good! “Killer” Band 1, 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4: Stage Band 3,4; Wrestling 2; Rick, they wdl never know! Go get ’em Mai! Let’s here It for JC Good-bye GHS “Fredstah” Football 1,2,3 ,4; Band 1,2; Heavy drinking, 3,4; . . . Forel er 4 @ Cape Cod . . . 15 B’s NO WAY!!!! AC DC @ Garden . . . Hey Buzz do you have gas??? “IS ANYONE IN THIS CAR OVER 20?” Biyan You Flag!!!! “Hey boy, what did you hide under the seat?” Jon get a job!! Fudge Masters dve!! Lets go to the beach guys! Burns at F.C. divot Fight’s golf cart races . . . Attack on Boxford, don’t hit that mall box!! F.Y.B. Is Dan Home Bry?? Is The packie open tonight?? . . . F -I- K Tempest Anyone?? Good luck in the Future to: JON, BUZZ, REG, ZIN, CAP, CUD, AND ALL THE UNDER CLASSMEN € “Ben” Good luck in the future graduates and good luck underclassmen. The HiU “Chippie” April 4 Special L.C. “Goodtlmes” Zuba, Brett, David Phyics — Do you know where we are? Keep in touch everyone at the table in the morning. Here I come A.F. So long G.H.S. 47 " H.f ' U " VVii ' iii.iiiij- ' !■ i,;; M,H ' ■ I. IV ' u. ' l H ' lnil ■■ ' ,■1 i ' .r.K liif:iri ' ' i " r ■) Amy, I,vt.ii, I ' fiu! Ii Wfuii M ' -I, K.l I h. y ;: ; ' .T r 1 -t- ' •viTl! Hull ' , I’liiti, ! !V ' 1 ' ' I ' - V ' -l ' ! Ink ' -;!, ' iii-l ; ' ' Uv- ' un.n, AcUl r-nli; I- ' iilil niUi ' In-nmn, Wi-- muni n- ' i ‘i d- - it ijuli ' k, - ' f say - " d- by I.- ' t.h - •■nvU ' ' nm ' -nt " (’any -ii I’!! id.i. d luck Dr. di ' hii dfi ' bvy I ' oiiaJd Fomn!! lIuiiUnf.i Flahlnj I’; FRI FIJI ' S FORKVKR!!! ' ■ •.ruv " R.S :■-■■■ !• H i;,.. ' .-;, li s : -5; : dd ' n. ' .. :■ ;,.S, I K •■■. t, I ji.i ,v, : ' i,v, A.i.i. ' -, • " . ' - ■ ' i : r ' -b ' - bi,v . f . at i ' ■ . V. ' T . ' .a. .. " , " I I”. " !i aiid b ' -aM’.:-.: p - p.- — ■ ;mm ' -:- HSi ' ’ai.b;— Iriv ’jLKh -0 J: ' - !■ Ii arid M.F nv ' a-S ' -ai I 1 ' V- ,v " I ' aninv: .JUi,V Hai4;y K ' , ' ■ ' l.b niiv- and v f-lj. “Brian " Wrestling 3.4. National Honor Socl- et;V ' 3,4. Cape Cod 81 ' — Kip . . . Par- Cv!!! Charlie — U.Sj . — Have fun. U. Mass. 1 . T.K.WAKI.L. Good luck to all you underclassmen. “Marie” The year of the unicorn. Horseshoe party’s. Watch out fcr Reggie’s raids on Kwantzs bathroom. Hey, Moe where’s the big dipper? Going to N.H. 7 + 7. Good Luck Lysa + Ladonna. Goodbye G.H.S. “Ralph " Football 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Varsity Wrestling 1. 2,3.4; Ski Club 15,3,4, Drama Club 1,4; play “Pajama Game " 1. Track 1; Wrestling camp 1 summer 19801 Yellowstone Prog- ram ' 1 summer 1980); National Honor Society 1,3,4; Y.C.C.w Uncle Mai ! summer 8 1 : ’w ' hata wdd goose chase’; Scuba Diver 3,4; Rad. work- er 3,4; Robin remember ugly sala- manders? trust me I can water-ski safely; Hey mean Shawn need some help? Cheiyl you’ll always be my Hershey’s kiss, I love Ya’; Good luck to the class of “82 " . . . n “Tim " Skimg — 15.3.4; Lynn — 2,3,4; Band — 1 55,4; Stage Band — 3,4; Basketball — 1 55, Cc-Capt. 4; Soc- cer — 1 5.3,4; Good Times — 1 55.4; . . . Drummers do it with rhythm . . . Lynard Skynard ... IH try any- uhu-;g once . . . Things I like 1 uy UMce . . . It’s that time of day so let’s head for the mountains, Weuren Street pits, ’iTH!i 48 ( 7teo o ye (Mt fyf o a (if e ( o e a y “Al” Basketball 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 4 Base- ball 1, 2,3,4 Football Co-Capt. 1 Le- gion Baseball 3,4 Blue Print staff 3,4, Merrimack 1,2,3. Luc’s P S’ D. Warren St. parties in the Beast of Burden Tim’s pickup, (Hey man get the Ughtl ! ) How’s it goln’ critters Tim, Dave, Ernie, Mike. “14” J’s ok but Bird’s the Best Sorry Ernie. Prep School?? Stones are GREAT. CELT’S REPEAT. Thanks for every- thing Mom Dad. Bye G.H.S. “Jaspar” Track 1,2. Byfield Exit Shooting Summit Conference 4, Surfwood, Dog Breath, Moo, Moo; Chico, HlL Street 3,4 Bye Ma Merrill, Party 1,2,3, 4,5,6, ... 3-D movies. Bye Shelbs, So long JlUy, Lisa. Nadine. You’re stuck here another year. Ma . . . I’m home!! Bye Blue Pick-up CB’er. “Stod” Partying 1, 2,3,4 ... Good-Bye G.H.S. Running from the Rock 3,4 1 wish the class of ’82 the best of luck. The Booze Cruise of ’81!!! AC DC, Judas Priest. Point of Entry . . . The Who (?) Forever!!! “Lisa” Party 1, 2,3,4 Zeppelin Skynard G.M. May our love never die. Mela- nie The weirdest thing Ozzle and I ever met. Balpate — never again Feeling TUP S.C.dfT Hey Hey. AC DC 5th row!! French fries I’U always love Wally! MIKE, you flirt!! I’U talk to you later!! GOODBYE G.H.S. AND ALL YOU PREPPIES!! “Sharon” Goodbye all you preppies!! Woods ' bombing 3,4; Hey Moe, Where’s .1 Ronnie?! Watch out for Reggie’s i! bathroom raids!!; 18 Wheeling 1; j| Look for me in my mack truck. Goodbye G.H.S. Good Luck to the i| rest of you!!! Horseshoe 1,2,3, 4 . . . ' Parties!!!! See ya, Angela! il II “REG” Hockey 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2; Cross Country 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3, 4; Treasurer 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; FOREIGNER “4” @ C.C.; “F.T.F.” PERCY; “Zl House Zoo”; IKE; Give me the caps guys. Brakies, Fudge, Disc, Buzz, Pooh, Jimbo, Cuddy, WHO ME???!! Bye Babes MN, PA, GG, KF, and Booga Summer of ’81 Beach, Parties, and F.C.G.C., Squlgl Power, C.H.C. Bagged nan “Zln” Football 1. Hockey 2, Kicked out ; Llbraiy 1 ,3,4- Cmllslng Summer] of “81”. Drag Racing 4. Cap, we will j settle the matter somed . 318’si are MEAN! Foreigner 4 at Boston ' 10-28-81, AC DC 12-15-81. Good Luck to Cap, Mess, Ernie, Buzz, Fred, Reg and the rest of the Class of ' 82. “Kathy” Basketball 1,2,3,4(? Field Hockey 1,2; Softball 1; WA. 4 Senior Class Play Field Trip Five, what a trip! ir in 10 Rainbow Ball Never forget Summer of “81”; Hook guys only 1 ski! Rise S’ Shine Its 4:00 a.m. No- guys, I don’t nee d a shave. Mrs. T you need some beUs. No class, huh Greg? Me and walls get along fine! Hey Robin, stay out ' f Brians pocket. TUMSI! forever! Thanks for the memories T camp Paul! Am I reaUi ' a D.L.B.? Brian never forget •1 21 81 1 love you now and FOREVER “Paul” Football 3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3 XT (DLB), BK (Trees), GS (Father), SG, SN, Summer of “81”, Officer Keys, Ma walking in. Trip up in VW w GLC, Ticket, Spoons, Waterskiing all other great times. Greg, may someday you’ll have a bad back. Robm, use v dndow not door. Sue It’s a troth. No Brl, we can’t take em apart. Kathy thanks for eveiy- thli . Shatm, someday I’ll get you back. Robin, I love ya. Thanks for the memories guys. Good luck! W oh oai is tenf “Bert” Georgetown 82 Yale Boredom 1 - 4, Advanc ed Boredom. JS, MF. BP, ail others: Its been real! 1 think I’ll miss you most of all LC. Seniors ; F.T.F. What a trip! Whaddaya doin’? Off the road! Hai Ha! Barf, Barf! ’49 Pontlacs 1. I’m a neat guy! Good Bye. Ma. I’m Home!! Fire Truck Chasing. -D I. ' ovles. Bye Peg. Love Ya. " h ' -j ■ y. KL: -T ' ., " ■ . ■ u. ' .-L L . B P ' t.. d ’ . Aowji’ 4, .S ' fTiiii • ;;.rriu f. Zl H ' ’SE ... I-hiLI ' (IdP 5 , , , wliiit a ti-i! V . ' Uii gi-ede A.: .W ;)! IWXuil .•Ti ' -v: .,sl i ' l ' l- ' if 3r:y . ' r A ' 1 w . ' •••I. . o: ' -an-up ■.:-• v. ' 11. U.S-. j ' l. A. I ' .V: Ahar-. « S ' . ■: i . ,v ,v ' i: The masK . . ' -n ' er ' fra rne hlgli :i. ' dis i sicv L .mm: ' ’F-ght V.’u. " ,siaij; -j y J ;u ' . I:ap . . . NE’vT.R AGAJNl I KP , . . Y ' u ne -fi unseMng I Thaiux ;T!V I’L fiend a p o ' .oard I fr rn H Hid it i.: f -r you 1 Hig ; aiAv ’iVartj ' .Jc: Tliarjc Mum! Eriri -. ' agger AT ! I cleaii up mtay? ] Chris, summer of 81 — Yee Hawl i I ' ve g ' t ' .he key! To the class T 82, 1 I .we you;;:; ’ . ' EE! I ' fn ' to i ‘ t (r ' i ■ i iM ! " Erik” Basketball — 1,1 ' -; f ri ' ' ' -ltd. ' ar- chil. g Bai.d — A, CUig - Bai.d — H n -r P, .i; — l v3,4, Nat’. IPnor M " cie ' ,y — Pres. ■ , Senk-r Class ITay, “Fl -ld Trip Five” cLennle -; Yr. Bk. .Staf! ' — 4; Never forget S.B. trip u - N.Y. 1 ; T ' ple,ss bars in " hmes Sq’ larel; Hey — Matt, P id, Stu — “Wraughil Wraughi: WraughtI” tiood luck, .Seniors! ‘ ‘ 2 izz prd, ' ' Baseball 3,4, Donkey Ball 4, Fore- igner 4, @ Cape, @ Boston Garden, Squlgl, Divot I ht, Beach Bum, 3,4, Galaxlans, Gut It. Jim’s Sleepover, Cap, Pat, art classes. Would you kiss your mother with that mouth? Raddlson. P.T.F., George. R.A.G. Good luck: Cap, Zln, Pooh, Reg, Dave, Fred, Disco, Presky, Red, Mess,. Best Times . . . “Scott” 1 Scott Yeaton Being of sound mind leave the following to i’aul: A rnina- ture Italy from Mattel ciomplete with pasta. To Jay: A over dose of qualudes and Debbie!!! To Peter H.; A free past to Surfwood. To Nadine: A lot of luck. To Lisa C.: A lot of luck IRISH POWER to Pete D.: A nice Blonde and a special thanks to Mr. Bennett and Mr. Sacone. Very spe- cial thanks to Mom and Dad ... A special thanks to Shelby. Hi to Lisa L, and Karin S. (the nun). To Perry: the one who stole Lisa’s heart. Sec. of State — Mark F. (Alex — Sum- mit Conference 4 HUl Street 5 4 Good bye to aU my friends!!! ea o I Camera Shy Seniors I David Acheeon David Dorian Cones “Klzzy Girl " To my fellowf drugstore addicts — Peace, Love, Flower Power, Jlml Hendrix, P iiple Haze, Hare Krishna, Don Ki’lshner. COZ on Sun. Disconnect WSSH fhDm your FM dial. No L oz w tlB BS w Rl. V.TiaU Tylenol w Codeine Could I have a Vfe cup of coffee Lisa? oUHN working S-dsgr? ' ITiurs. nltee Haunted House Reunion. Scrs ctHon — leather. LET ME i.)OOOOai Hey Tedl We Is free, FUdaim Ol Blli. Hebe, Kirk Done K. Mick, BUI, Keith Jim Magmtih. Sl0 : Service! Your perscrlptlon number please, .r. . .Hey ' Krlssy, jt’s Wayneeee Manialll Good luck Kirk, remnaober Jlm Morrlson ' i ' Jklc Clapton! All of my love to K.T. Michael Grover “Mike” Steve Trevisone “Steve’Q Mark Flyzlk “Alex " B-Ball Manager, Summit Conference 4, ByUeld Exit Shooting, Get off the road, Halit all, HUl Street 3,4, Dog Drool, Chleo, Nugle Patrol, e Weasel, Fire Truck Chasing. 3-D movies. Blue iJghl on 1-06, Bye Ma Memll, Ma Sparks, Karlri, my secretary, bye. Ma...l’m home! Simp . . . OK, e. Bye Lisa G. and Liaa 1. Brett, Let ' s go paperti.welingl “yr eyb-doo ’ Geny Gray “Geny ' ” John Russo “John” Partying 1 ,2,3,4, Adv. Toking Area 1,2 4. . .Nice try Rock, but you didn’t get me! Mlchelob 1 Hey Slrognay. what’s up! Party down the Horse-Shoe! Barbara WUaon “Barb” Political Dlscoveiy-3, Close-Up-2 Pplity, do you want to go to .Ymesbuiy to see G.D., P.M., and J.E.? No way. Love tlw HoJo crew, JS, JT, DG, KD. and BB, you all are the greatest! lynnie, Frltty and Sue I’ll never forget you. Thanks for always being there. Love ya R Skating 1 .2,3,4, Good Times! EMTs Memorial Day at Sells. Beach!! 6 6 81, Bqy was that a great day!!! C.LT.Y.B? Of course you can. Weeza S.G. I’ll love you forever. Thanks for eveiythlng. TDO ' s 5 18 369412 Molly Hatchet Oct. 14, 1961 Pat B., Tom P., Joumqy, Heart, J. Cells, Van Helen, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Squier S.C. is excellent! “In the air tonight” Good luck to all the seniors! Almost All. iCARWKSI rucfil irLP fPOR UNDERCLASSMEN Class of ’83 (from left to right) LouAnn Wilcox (Treas.) Jon Hale (Pres.) Beth Mackenzie (Sec.) Eric DlMalo (V. Pres. Debra Andrevre Jonathon Barlow Andrew Beam Kenneth Boyer Matthew Brassard Richard Clminc i Jeffrey Gillen Ann Marie Goodwin Diane KlmbaU Kelly Knight Paul Graf Wendy Harding Nadine Jellow Dean Gladman Amy Haller jm Hudzlk Elizabeth Fortin Jennifer DuUea Wendy Flight BiUy Griswold Jon Hale Douglas Johnson . _ J Brian Gerraughty Betty Greene EUen Hayes Suzanne Gallup Katherine Grasso Stephanie Hart Peter Lacey Brian Lavender Bruce Lavender Beth Mncken;:lt Chrlsujpher O’Brien Thi ' mas MuUane Paul Miller Douglas Parker Richard Page Perry Paganelll Susan Radford Wendy Prince Andrew Pierce Jennifer Rood Gregory Robbins Heidi Roy Kelly Shaw Eileen Sheldon Camera Shy Juniors Maureen Abreu Ronald Bonaventura Jeffrey Castle Amy Greene Kathleen Grover Robert Johnson John Lally Steven Nejezchleba Denise Neumann Marie Periy Kelly Renales Joanne Reynolds Michael St. Louis Claudia Voss Douglas Yetman , , . Raymond Snyder Lou Ann Wilcox Glenn Swanbon Pamela Watkins Michael Weaver Martin Weinstein Jeffrey Strogney Christopher Tully Phillip Yetman Lee Silver Melissa Tripp Andrew Shepherd Class of ’84 Class Officers: Xathy Hebert, Vice President; Scott Paganelll, President; Suzanne Tronerud, Trea- surer; Cristina Smith, Secretary Darlene Arlington Steven Amel Kimberly Barber Lisa Bany Cynthia Bridges Christopher Carter Richard Carter Stephen Clark Nicole CoUlnet Peter Christ Mark Dlvincenzo Susan Dodge Brett Dudley Pamela Dunton Michelle Conti Heather Face Stuidm Lar ' olnlf David l.- ' bfy Danit.. Ma,- na David McDonald Heidi Neumann Jeffrey Melsner Kelly Melsner Susari Miller Julie Murray T ' Scott Pa anelll James Pelleuer Timothy Pelletier Karen Presuttl Tammy Prince Mark Ricketts Michael Romano Katherine Elizabeth Sanger Reed Savory John Reynolds I Adriana Quintero Deborah Rose Thomas Ryan Michael Sax Heidi Schwartz Christopher Sheperd Dean Sedler •ylVfiKU :■ Suzanna Tronenid ly ' i,Hiri ' I .v. ' rififend Mary H‘ ‘P ' : ' SquU’as Michael Youn Jeffrey Wilson Michelle Wlllklns Dawn Wilkins Laura Wade Peier lyblnsowskl Tlmoihy Ouelleue Daniel Pearson Daniel Prescott Cheryl Rozumek Eric Secher Christopher Smith Deanne Spirlto Sean Joly KeUy Kavanaugh Richard Lanlgan Todd Lanlgan Christine Manning Shelly Morrison David Nlzwantowskl Leanne NutUe Usa Ouellette Camera-shy Sophomores: Joseph Abreu Jean Cawley Tammy Adams Beth Clancy Diane Codalr Kirsten Cortes Royd Craft Cynthia Ptton Gary Zukowskl A r.‘ r Class of ’85 Freshman Class Officers: Christine Michaud, Vice-President; Linda Magown, Secretary; Julie Stanley, President; Shaun Silver, Treasurer Arav Albert Glenn Amnolt Heidi Anderson Karen Anderson Diane Arrlel Gregory Belisle Marsha Baker Suanne Bodenrader Anne Butera Thomas Butler Terry Chambers Sarah Chatterlon Michael Boucher James Bussing Mark CoUins Lisa Crosson David Cirnlno . Darin Cudmore Edward DuUea Noelle Dunion Harold Flight Terri Lee Fowler Patricia DlMalo Jennifer Donttlue Kristen Dudley Deborah Games John Gerraughty Dava Gelst Christopher GUlen Michelle Holt Christopher Hastings Christopher Jackson Heidi Hudson Elizabeth Johnston Sherri Kehoe Michelle Johnson Lisa King Jeannette Kneeland Laurie King Kevin Langlais Richard Lawson Holly Lycett ik Karl Lynah Linda Magown Christine Lloyd Michael McCurley Caren McDonald A1 Joseph McGmicuddy Heather Meisner Christine Michaud Peter Michaud Shawn Spencer Julie Stanley -y Daniel Stuart Wendy Sylvester Aaron Thompson Paul Thompson Scott Vaughan Tanya Walters Paul White Samantha Young Butch WUklns Sharon Weinstein Camera-shy Freshman: Andrea Besse Jessica Carter Christine Clark Christopher Clark Scott Kluge Stephen Llppens Mark Lynch Bruce Prescott Kenneth Fitton Albert Fitzgerald Connie Gray Thomas Nejezchleba I 67 Foreign Exchange Students This y •Hr. it its isi ht. mi sibS ' ril1(;.V ' rHr t,h;ii I huv - - V ' -r hnil in rny 18y ■ u‘S ' iTHe. Who MVr ILio rii ' i? )r(; ' ; ' ;r:; ' ,y ' n! n ' t. forgt ' l Lhai .V ' . ' U gave iiv; Icve, klrulness, (;V ' ;i:Ahing imp ' rt- ' int.. Anil 1 never f ' jrgeL you. All my love v ■ yf i. tlHi.ko Naoko Ehara 705,2-1-1 Rlnkan Yamalo City, Kanagawa — Fret 242 Japan This year was the great atomic-erotic-peanut butter- WCOZ-elephant meat trip for me. I never knew that school can make so much fun. The woodshop, the French parties, political battles in art class and with Mr. De were certainly a big experience for me. Bleibt keusch, Claudia Claudia Voss Sieb entunnelweg 86 2083 Halstenbek GERKfANY When I first came here I thought I was never going to be able to get used to Georgetown because I lived all my life in a big city, but as the time has gone by I’ve realized I really love it here and I’m sure this is going to be one of the greatest experiences in my life. I wlU never forget the kindness everybody brought me. Adriana Quintero Washington 429 Col. Guadalupe Monclova Coahuila Mexico 25750 68 Day to Day “Charlie sent me.” “Oh, CindereUa!?” “Who put the tack on my chair?” ACTIVITIES Homecoming . . . October 24, 1981 (from left lo right) Nancy Peabody, Gail Grlssino, Pam Anderson, Dawna Lavender, Lysa I. ' arquis Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Punk Day 50’s Day Dress Up Day Career Day Color Day Dance “Messenger” 76 Donkey Basketball . . . November 10, 1981 77 Class of ’83 14 ' (mrETOUN 1 the CHAMPS! Spirit Day . . . November 20, 1981 79 The Senior Class Play, December 4,5, 1981 “Field Trip Five” 80 Senior Christmas Skit “The Orphan Christmas” by John Fornara Gail Grissino Cast 83 National Guard Recruiters . . . November 3, 1981 f l» wpii 1 -v a . : ' ■ “Run, Geny, Run!” iIh He SflBSjb tjSy I mi nBBEmgf Vw iDfl IMH - CLUBS C. Dowdle ;■ Pres . ), L. Duckworth (Treas. t D. Legere ( V.P. ), A. Rood (Sec. ■ i I I I I t I I } First Row: L. Duckworth, G. Smith, K. Brocklebank, J. Lloyd, K Tibbetts, C. Mansfield, E. Thompson, D. Peatfield, D. Legere 2nd Row: D. Knuszewskl, C. Dowdie, D. Jandris, X. Graf, L. Prescott, C. Coolen, M. Johnson, R Lynah, B. Tardif, Miss Privitera (advisor ' , K. Flight, G. Grlssmo, E. Thompson, C. Page, R Jurgelon, A. Rood, C. Neumann, S. Langlals, J. Fornara 3rd Row: M. Young, J. Donahue, S. Miller, K Hallov ell, L Wade, T. Smith, B. Johnson, B. Dudl , M. Katsapetses, S. Tronereud, D. Geist, B. Johnston, W. Flight, A. Judge, L. Fortin, L Ingham, R Provencer, L Grover, T. Walters, A. Rohner 4th Row: L Holt, L Henderson, K. Swier, T. Fowler, H. Roy, B. MacKenzie, E. Hayes, E. Sheldon, S. LaPoint, C. Cudmore, S. Pingree, L Wilcox. W. Gulezian, C. Voss, A Goodwin, J. Dullea, W. Prmce, S. Young, B. Henderson, T. Chambers, C. McDonald, P. Clark 86 Senior National Honor Society 1st Flow — D. GUlis, E. Thompson, A. Flood Snd Flow — M. Johnson, C. CoUamore, K. Knight, L. Curran 3rd Flow — B. Simmons, L. Fatyol, J. Lloyd, N. Peabody, C. Dowdie, Mr. Cairns (advisor) 4th Flow — S. Barlow, M. Coyne, M. Brassard, G. Smith, R. Jurgelon, L. Duckworth National Junior Honor Society ■ 1 St Row — L. Nutde, H. Face 2nd Row — C. Rozumek, K. Sanger, L. Ouelette, C. Bridges 3rd I Row — A. Gordon, C. Amnott, M. Conti, H. Ames, D. Flnlow, K. Hebert, K. McLaughUn, K. ‘ Kavanaugh 87 Student Advisory Regional Representatives G •Grlselno, K. Thompson Student Council Row 1 ; J. Curran, A. Smith, J. Rood ( Sec. ) Row 2; B. Clanqy, L Holt, G. Dowdle (V. Pres.) Row 3; M. Coyne, K. Sanger, L Duckworth (Pree.) Row 4; Mr. Tardlf (Advisor), B. Riley, B. Tardlf (Treas.) i i] Brass Row 1:11 Robbins, A. Gagne, S. Joly, J. Barlow. M. Brassard Row 2: S. Kavanaugh. D. Fliion, J. Curran, D. Panhree, C. SowkoskL K Savoiy, D. Lobl Row 2: S. Kavanaugh. D. Piiu n, J. Curran. D. Parthree. C. Scjwkoski. R Savory. D. Lobley Row 3; D. Howe, C. Amnou. B. Roberts. S. Barlow. P. Lacey, G. Robbins, S. Paganeiii. S. Arriel Row 4: D. Jandris, B. Chisholm, I. Prees, T. Pelletier, S. Vaughan, T. Green, J. Hudzlk, D. Flnlow Row 5: f.L Slylvester, N. FLmbali, J- Pelleiler, J. Re;taiolcis, T. Sheehan, E. Thompson. Mr. Dempsey, Mr. Flewelling. Mr. Dostie Idlrectors 90 rj2l v ' .,’ r r- ' Ji ' ' W » ' ••••••• di:i . STAGE BAND ' Row 1: D. Robbins, C. Amnott, B. Roberts, J. Barlow, P. Lacey, G. Robbins, E. Thompson, J. Rood Row 2: M. Perry, D. Jandris, I. Frees, J. Reynolds, T. Sheehan. J. Barlow, M. Brassard. N. KjanbaU Row 3: M. Katsapetses, A. Rood, Mr. Dostie, Mr. Dempsey, Mr. Fleweilmg :y| llv CONCERT BAND — WOODWINDS Row 1: K. Paganelli, K. Lacey, G. Amnott, G. Savory, E. DuUea, K. Secher Row 2 : M. Dowdle, L. Duckworth, L. Curran, H. Kirkey, J. Harding Row 3: M. Habeck, K. Hebert, N. Jellow, L. King, W. Ricketts, A. Besse, J. Rood, M. Baker Row 4: S. Miller, W. Harding, S. Thompson, C. Clark, A. Rohner, K. McDonald, H. Anderson, S. Chatterton, B. Green Row 5: K. Swler, S. Weinstein, N. Clay, L. Grover, A. Barlow, K. Ryan, N. Amnott, T. Green 91 Blue Print Staff K. Swler, Mrs. Merrill (advisor). D. GlUls, L. Marquis Office Education Association 92 1st Row — B. Carter, L. Marquis, M. Natale, C. Delgenio, K. Broeklebank, M. Johnston, C. Clancy, P. Anderson, C. Page, E. ITiompson, K. Tibbetts 2nd Row — Mrs. Cook ( advisor) P. ConU, M. Flyzlk, M. Cawley, P. Bonosaro, W. Pearson, D. Acheson, D. Messina, D. Stoddard, E. Estep, N. Harper. D. Dutil, M. Pastore. M. Prescott. D. Gillls, Mrs. Coolldge (advisor) Foreign Language Cluti Row 1 — L. Hartigan, K. Hynes, N. Clay, S. Thompson, K. Johnson, P. Lohrl, D. Howe, N. Robbins, J. Clough, R. Gasbarro, K. SpUlotis, A. Zweil, C. Fornara, L. Clancy Ftow 2 — R. Hurd, J. Lloyd, C. Clark, K. Secher, J. Curran, J. Dullea, A. Goodwin, C. Voss, K. Cortes, M. Conti, H. Face, S. Chatterton, C. Dudley, M. Coyne, H. Meisner, D. Kimball Row 3 — B. Green, J. Novak, D. Gelst, L. Curran, S. Plngree, S, Dodge, B. Mansfield, K. Hallowell, K. Sanger, B. Dudley, T. Smith, B. Clancy, K. Hebert, K. Kavanaugh, K. McLaughlin, K. Barber, K. Graf, D. Games, S, Weinstein, D. Andrews ■St Row — D. Ingraham, Miss Ward (advisor). Miss S’ ' ' lart, D. Estep, J. Katsapetses, B. Johnston, K. McLaug M Row — M. Johnston, G. Smith, K. Graf, D. Jandris, c, low — M. Coyne, T. Ryan oun (advisor) 2d Row — S. 1 , M. Katsapetses, E. Hayes Lloyd, C. Clark, C. Voss 4th 93 Yearbook Staff ilie pfisislx inonU is tnan,y per ' [jle have vj irkixl v ny hartl U.) pul, U)f (;i,tu;r this year’s (iuorglaii. Finally afl :;r many long houi-s of hard work IL’s lime for me lo slop nagging and say ihanks lo all ili( seniors who worked hard lo fjui ihls book logelher. To all ihe pholographers we owe ' )ur life, lor whai would a yearbook be wlihoui greai plciures. To our arilsis, Caihle, Erik and Chris, who added anlmallon and humor. To ihe man.y people who helped wlih layouis and final dralls; you are ihe people who pul In Ihe longesi hours, goi ihe rnosi headaches and finally came oul wlih a yearbook ihai is proof posiilve of all your hard work and long hours. To Ihe ad people who somehow managed lo avoid my nag- ging mosi, and siill came up wlih ihe ads needed. Finally I’d like w give my biggesi ihanks lo Molly Johnsion, Business Manager and Amy Rood, IaVoui Editor; you iwo have been my right and left arm from day one right up uniU the final deadline. Thanks for hanging in there. Finally, here is your yearbook, created by you, for you and all about you — be proud! — Martha Johnson Editor Not Pictured E. Thompson — co-editor L Beam — layouts B. Roberts — layouts photo D. Legere — layouts photo C. Duggan — finals D. Peatfleld — finals N. Peabody — flnalsAyplst C. Barber — an L Gorton — photo. S. Langlals — photo ads M. Natale — photo. S. Green — photo. E. Estep — photo. C. Page — typist Sports Varsity Field Hockey — CAL Div. II Champions The 1981 Cape Ann League Division II Champions were a surprise to many teams in the league. The team played extremely weU throughout the season. It was a closely knit team that used enthusiasm, desire, and skill to achieve their goals. Members of the class of 1982 played an integral part in the success of the team. We can be proud for the way these girls repre- sented the school in league play and state tournament play. This cham- pionship will be a cherished memory for many years to come. johnsfj n, t. Be- ' Row 1 m-Capialns.S. Nlzwaniowskl,R. Lynah, R.Gu6iafson Row 2 A. Flood, C. Mansfield, M D. GUlls, M. Johnston, K. Davidson Row 3 W. Harding, J. DuUea, W. Prince, K. CXiUamore, K. Kavanaugh, Pmgree, B. McKenzie, Coach Glanelll J.V. Field Hockey )w 1 Co-Capl. A. Goodwin, J. Flood Flow 8 H. Ames, H. Smith, D. Codair, B. Clancy, rVvflr-h Wllli«m.c; A. rludfle. L. WllCC L Wade, B. Johnson, n. r ao V fimvpr VJ HsTri-ne. M. Conu. K. Hebert s ' , y ' . - " Varsity Scores GHS Rockport 2-0 Rockport Triton 1-0 Triton Manchester 1-0 Manchester Pentucket 3-0 Pentucket Masconomet 5-0 Masconomet North Reading 1-0 North Reading Ipswich 3-0 Ipswich Newbuiyport 0-1 Newburyport Ameshury 1-2 Amesbuiy Hamilton-Wenham 5-0 Hamilton-Wenham Lynnfield 2-0 Lynnfield North Andover 4-0 North Andover Season Record 10-2 Overall record 5-2-5 CAL. Tournament: Amesbuiy 0-1 State Tournament: Chelmsford 1-0 Woburn 0-1 J.V. Scores Overall record 11-4 Ifll FOOTBALL Row 1: D. Piuon, P. Reni- schler, P. Townsend, 0 Smiih, M. Prescxja, J. Ing-i raham, D. Cudmore, K Boyer Row 2: C. O ' Bnen, 0 Swanbon, B. Lavender, D Page, M. DlVlncenzo, M Mansfield, M. Coyne, E.| DlMalo, Coach Haddad Row : Zr. Coach CoUamore, J. Pren- ■ dlble, A. Fitzgerald, S. Joly, C. Amnott, R Lanlgan, R Smith, D. Prescott, K. Cnmp, Coach Fraser Varsity Scores GHS Cathedral 6-14 Tyngsboro 6-0 Whittier 0-0 Shawsheen Tech. 6-24 Northeast Reg. 6-0 Minuteman Reg. 0-14 Lynn Tech. 7-14 Bishop Fenwick 9-6 Pope John Everett 5-0 Manchester 0-10 Season Record 4-5- 1 “The team matured during the course of the season and led by Captains Greg Smith and Mike Prescott developed into a veiy com- petitive Div. 5 football squad.” — Coach Jim CoUamore Cross Country Flow 1: C. Smith, D. McDonald, M. Weinstein, Mark Ricketts Row 2: G. Evangelista, FF. Right, K. Lynah, S. Sliver, C. Gillen, S. Kavanaugh, D. Lobley, B. Chisholm Row 3: Coach Cairns, K. Johnson, S. Weinstein, J. FFudzl k, K. PaganelU, B. Holt, D. Novak, W. Sylvester, J. Pelletier Not lectured: W. Ricketts, D. Jandrls, J. Lloyd, C. Shepard GHS Triton 32-24 Amesbuiy 46-17 Hamilton-Wenham 29-26 Newbuiyport 46-17 Masconomet 28-28 Manchester 25-32 North Reading 23-36 Pentucket 41-19 North Andover 39-19 Lynnfield 44-15 Ipswich 41-17 Minuteman Reg. 15-44 Essex Aggie 15-48 Overall record 4-8-1 104 BOYS VABSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Coach Haddad, A Smith (co-capi. ), T. Sheehan (co-capt . : Row 2: P. Pa anelU, M. DiVincenzo, A. O ' jjrrie, -J. I. ' eiEner, J. Prendlble, B. FUley, E Headricks, M. Weinstein Boys J.V. Basketball Row 1: P. Tyblnkowski, A Gordon, M. Ricketts Row 2: Coach Luca. J. Idelsner, C. Amnott. T. Hunter, C. Tibbetts. D. Lobley, C. Smith, K Smith- 106 The 1981 -82 Royals team was led by Seniors A1 Smith and Tim Sheehan. This young team compiled a 5-12 league record, and worked hard aU season long to improve. In winning three of their last six games they showed indications of a team to be reckoned with in the future as eight underclassmen will return. The team I should be congratulated for their fine effort all season long.” — Coach A1 Haddad Varsity Scores Lynnfield GHS 56-62 Rockport 40-54 Triton 49-42 Manchester 46-49 Ipswich 63-54 Amesbuiy 50-53 Masconomet 38-54 No. Andover 33-47 Hamllton-Wenham 43-69 Newburyport 43-56 No. Reading 37-60 Pentucket 47-45 (3 OT) Ipswich 42-34 Hamilton- W enham 52-74 Triton 60-58 Manchester 49-59 Rockport 46-48 League Record 5-12 “All my Ufe I want to be a Royal!” GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL J W] Row 1 : K. CoUamore (co-capl.), S. Nlzwaniowskl (co-capt.) Row 2: N. Peabody, L. Beam Row 3: Coach Glanelll, S. Plngree, K. Knight, K. Davidson, C. Page, K. McLaughlin “The 1981-82 Baskeiball season was a very chal- lenging season. There was a mixiure of youth and experience on this year’s learn. The league was ver. well balanced and ihls facior deflnllely had an effect on this year’s success. The players worked hard to Improve ihelr Individual skill and team play. The ' learn worked exiremely well againsi very sirong learns lo malnialn a winning iradillon.” — Coach RoseAnn Glanellll Varsity Scores GHS Lynnfield 46-53 Rockpon 41-27 Trlion 38-54 Manchesler 51-49 Ipswich 47-41 Amesbuiy 47-63 Masconomei 42-48 HamUion-Wenham 57-43 Newburypon 39-62 No. Reading 36-19 No. Andover 45-48 Peniuckei 60-54 Ipswich 23-56 Hamllion-Wenham 71-50 Triion 39-61 Manchesler 65-34 Rockpon Season Record 9-8 CAL Tournamenl: GHS 59-46 Manchesler 60-50 Ipswich 47-63 Overall record 10-9 J.V. Basketball J.V. Scores DW 1: H. Ames, K. Hebert, B. Clancy, K. Meisner Row 2 : C. McDonald, S. Price, T. Walters, L. .ancy Row 3; J. Curran, T. DiMaio, C. Clark, B. Dudley, J. Harding, S. Kehoe Lynnfield Rockport Triton Manchester Ipswich Amesbury Masconomet Hamilton-Wenham Newbuiyport North Reading North Andover Pentucket Ipswich Hamilton-Weriham Triton Manchester Rockport Overall record 6-11 GHS S6-10 26- 9 23-28 27- 26 28- 17 26-28 26-29 18-19 22-47 14-30 21-31 20-22 28-21 30-3 20-24 13-16 25-39 Lynnfield GHS 4-6 Masconomet 9-2 Amesbuiy 5-11 Ipswich 3-6 Newbuiyport 3-7 No. Andover 4-8 No. Reading 2-7 Hamilton-Wenham 5-9 Triton 5-5 Lynn Tech. 7-2 Lynnfield 4-7 Ipswich 2-4 Newburyport 3-9 Amesbuiy 5-14 No. Andover 3-8 No. Reading 1-5 Hamilton-Wenham 3-3 Triton 6-6 Masconomet 2-3 Overall record 2-14-3 Row 1 : J. O’Neill, D. Clmlno, R Lanigan, D. Ingraham, K. Slmard. P. Crist, T. Butler, T. Crabtree, P. Graf Row 2: D Cudmore, Coach Lynch, B. Lavender, K. Boyer, B. Cronin, B. Lavender, D. Stewart, J. licyd, J. Ingraham, P. Perkins,! B. Tardif, Coach Haddad, R Snyder, Coach Boyer “The team record was not indicative of the team ability to play hockey. We made a lot of improvement throughout the year and had a lot of close games. I wish the seniors were going to be back next year.” — Coach John Lynch Wrestling Salem Haverhill Tlmberlane Trltyon Masconomei Pentuckei Lynnfleld Hamlllon-Weriham No. Reading No. Andover Ipswich Beverly Wakefield Shawsheen Tech. Whittier Season Record 8-7 i GHsi .33-.30E 42-12i 36-18, 18-42 24-34 30-33 22- ' 54 24-34 22-34 12-48 42-14, 42-23 34-24i 42-241 42-18} t « gTl) W i Jj H Row 1: S. Yeaion, M. Prescott, G. Smith, D. Prescott, A Beam. K. lynah Row 2: M. Rood, D. Robbins, D. Sedler, D. Gladman, D. Cudmore nas “Led by Captains Mike Prescott and Greg : i Smith the team improved throughout the •i season; highlight of the season was a 3rd place finish in the Cape Ann League Tour- j ney and great wrestling in the Dlv. II North 1 Sectional.” I — Coach Jim CoUamore HA-SKh-I-HAJJ. CMKKKLf-lADEHS L Uj Ry Fvw 1: VJniih K. Hali ' Well fJ ipi . ) M. R. j ' irfTM ' ii S. Han M. I ;ny B. JohnBon K. Sari ?er Row 3: W, Prince M. Kaieapetfles (co. Capt) M. Flynn M. SlmrnonB JV CHEERLEADERS (From L to R) Row 1; J. Novak K. Cummings T. Smith E. Haller Row 2: M. Habeck T. Chambers S. Bodenrader M. Holt HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS ? ' From L to R; Row 1: C. Barber M. Tnpp S. Radford C. Cudmore W. Flight Row 2: B. MacKenzle S. Tronerud C. Clancy (CapL) G. Grlsslno fCapt.) K. Flight K. Congratulations to Dona and her friends Best Wishes and God Bless You. Saint Mary’s Church. Andover Street Good Luck Class of 1982 Rudolph, Andrews, ' Kroner Attorney-At-Law 64 Central St. Georgetown, Mass. 352-8111 Be Happy! Go forth with our best wishes Class of ’85 100% Pure Wool KAY KRUSZEWSKI BLANKETS 35 SPOFFORD ST HAND MADE PRODUCTS GEORGETOWN MA KNITTING SUPPLIES 352 8465 352-8571 Donna Marie’s Beauty Shop 18 West Main Street Georgetown Complete Beauty Service, Personalized Cutting Specializing in: Permanent Waving Bleaching Frosting Open: 5 Days a week Closed Mondays 125 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. AND MRS. LEWIS SKERIK AND DR. PETER L. SKERIK PETER PRATT 352-2234 PRATT COIN SHOP authorized dealer WE BUY SCRAP GOLD AND SILVER 20 EAST MAIN STREET GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01833 SEDLER ' S WE BUY. SELL TRADE Antiques Collectiables and Used Furniture Call Sedler’s 352 8282 30 SHOPS CPEN 10 TO S CLOSrO MONDAYS .SiffiS 1 3 51 West Main Street Route 97 Georgetown, Mass. 01833 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 Jackie and Dick Shea CENTER AUTO SUPPLY OF GEORGETOWN Domestic and Foreign Machine shop service Overnight Delivery on most Items. auto and truck parts and supplies 352-6365 HOURS MON.-FRI. 8:00-5:30 SATURDAY 8:00-3:00 BASIL S. KINSON INCORPORATED D B A Kinson Bus Lines 352-8787 1st. Class Motorcoach Tours Railroad Avenue, Georgetown, Ma. 01833 RUDOLPH, ANDREWS ft KRONER Robert E. Andrews ATTORNEY AT LAW BRANCH OFFICE; 64 Central Street 169 Summer Street Georgetown. Mass. 01833 Haverhill. Mass. 01030 352-8111 ■ 352 6023 374-4456 127 COMPLIMEN’I’S of l AM BEALTIY SHOP )nO(i Luck To ' Hie C1(U3S of 1982 from THE GEORGETOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT Watch Repairing vV t, Jewelry Repair HOPE JEWELERS 37-39 West Main Street Georgetown, Massachusetts, 01833 352-9888 Fine Jewelry Custom Design BEST WISHES SENIORS From THE CAFETERIA STAFF Phone 325-2350 GIBSON BUILDERS, Inc. New Construction Remodel Custom Cabinets Pingree Farm FID. Georgetown. Ma GOOD LUCK CLASS of “82” NUNAN FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES Rowers for all occasions 269 Central Street Georgetown, Ma TeleRora — AFS — Rorafax 352-8172 128 Best Wishes Class of 1982 from Georgetown Shoe Sales Compliments of Dr. Mrs. Howard D. Hill Phone; 352-2473 Town Country Hairstyling 62A Central St. Georgetown MA. 01833 Georgetown Pharmacy “on the square” Robert E. Lavoie BS Reg Pharm. Best Wishes Class of 82 from Georgetown Travel 20 West Main St. Georgetown MA. 01833 129 Free Estimates Given Jnc. 75 W MAIN ST .GEORGETOWN, MASS 363-2300 352-8711 Specialists in Home Comfort Heating Oil and Coal REMODELING - ROOFING - FRAMING Clifton Elliott Clayton Elliott 887-5437 887-2772 129 Rosemoni Street Haverhill, Ma. 01830 Tel. 373-4598 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 A Community Bank with Community Interest 7 North Street Georgetown, Ma. 130 Good Luck, Seniors J(2f G AUBURN FARMS INC. B.P. Service Station 36 Central Street Georgetown, MA. 01833 Indoor Riding HaU Horses Boarded — Bought — sold INSTRUCTION BY APPOINTMENT Compliments of G C Cleaners Georgetown Shopping Center Professional Diy Cleaning Drapery, Purs, Leather, Sweaters Tailor Service Tel. 352-2380 w 231 East Main St. RT. 133 Georgetown MA Bob and Jeanne Latinville Tel. 352-6161 Good Luck to The Class of 1982. HOURS MON-FRI 8-5 TELEPHONE 617-352-6001 B B AL TO CLINIC INC. Domestic Foreign Auto Repair New Used Cars Mrs. B’s Brunch ‘N’ Lunch 17 LIBRARY STREET TED MARK BOULANGER GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, INC. INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE MASONARY SUPPLIES EAST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN MA 01833 352-2091 — 774-8572 131 UNlTL-’l) H )AM PL ' lsU(;s Clmp. ; V;. !• f ' tiii ; ' .t. ' wii, t. ' .A T ' : :: M ' - ' -h.’Uiii ' : ' r I ' HV ivit.ui’k, i ' I ' I ' ; ;■ ■ ' i )i ' ' Lhfim !•( ' U ' l, Fairliiifii, ' ;A T ' . • ' -i . -J-; --.“.k I ihvMiv ii Av -. , " ' ' re -t,, ' )887 . ' ' Thi GEORGEl’OWN DOOR (S? WINDOW Andersen ANTIQUES BOUGHT AND SOLD Ro-Dan AnUques 10 North Street Georgetown, Massachusetts L nder 1 Park St. Georgetown. MA. 01833 352-2804 Dana Guarnera 352-8279 Shop 324-1913 Home BEST WISHES TO THE Class of 1982 Best of Luck in The Years Ahead Stephen Harvey — Betty — Brenda Brian and Kevin Langlais za€toa i LUMBER One. IS REAR WEST MAjy ST TEL. 352-6691 GEORGETOWS. MASS. 01833 BILL S BO. .ME SHIKRALL.AH BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of 1982 VILLAGE FRAMERY Mary K. PaganeUi 352-2587 132 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 Compliments Compliments Of of Paul Thelma Dr. and Mrs. Joel R. Frankel Muscavltz Cressy’s Central Street Georgetown Shopping Center TUES.-WED. 10-5 FRI. 10-9 Richard A. Archambault THURS. 10-7 SAT. 10-5 “MAGIC” HOURS THE GOLD RUSH • DIAMONDS • 14K JEWELRY • STERLING Good Luck to the Class of 82 from the Class of 84 • SIEKO WATCHES • PEWTER • REPAIR SERVICE CUSTOM WORK 25 W. MAIN ST. 352-8772 GEORGETOWN, MA. 133 PARKER RIVER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES 161 West Main Street Georgetown, MA 01833 N. PINGREE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Full Insurance Protection 24 East Main St. Georgetown 352-2533 REALTORS 24 East Main St. Georgetown 352-2534 Residential— Gommercial — Investment — Rentals THE PINGREE AGENCY, INC. 134 352-7066 TUES ■ SAT 10-4 Old Colony Bank OF NORTHERN ESSEX COUNTY N.A. O nool anJ Cr, Tunruj THRIFT SHOP JEAN IRMER Owner 44 CENTRAL ST. GEORGETOWN, MA AN AFFILIATE OF THF FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BOSTON BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of 1982 Rrom The Staff of The Georgetown Branch Off The Top Hair Styling 39 WEST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 (617) 352-7166 AN ALTERNATB E SALON FOR MEN AND WOMEN (617) 352 6689 R W Trucking Co., Inc. 104 WEST MAIN ST GEORGETOWN, MA 01833 (617) 35i 2455 GEORGETOWN (617) 922 4147 BEVERLY FH115 eaCez Jited, One. A TIRE FOR EVERY NEED JOHN LAURILA WEST MAIN STREET (ROUTE 97) President GEORGETOWN MA 01833 BEST WISHES CLASS of 1982 Georgetown Shoe Sales 135 Rcniocl cling Professionals Kilchen Specialisis Projee I Su|)cr ision Bank Kale Hnam inv; E perl C onsullation ( omplele Design Skilled Installation Room Additions All With The Individual Care You Deserve Remodeling Professionals ySS ©SMPANY KU®T®IW lN®y©(l 18 PROSPECT STREET. GEORGETOWN. MA 01833 (617) 352-6855 136 GOOD LUCK SENIORS CENTER PHARMACY 50 Central St. Georgetown, Mass. Good Luck Bob And Class of ’82 Bob, Joan, Debbie, Bonnie 137 GIORDANO’S RESTAURANT STARLIGHT THEATRE DINNER ROOM 206 West Main St. Georgetown, Mass. Tel. 352-9887 The Flower Mart Karen oeiau. I prleicr Compliments of Your Florist with Imagination Specializing in Wedding Silk, Dried, Traditional Fresh Flowers Ea e Building? Wire Semce 3? Wesi Main Si. (61? ' 35S-8758 Georgetown, M a VILLAGE SUB AND PIZZA Serving the finest in Subs, Pizzas and Fried Foods 3 LjSK. fiY Sr i£r • - -ni. 3i ' 2- ' 9873 Good Luck, Seniors From SEDLER’S ANTIQUE VILLAGE 30 Shops 51 West Main St. Georgetown, MA 138 Patrons to the Class of 1982 The very best to you all — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sheehan Best to you in your joy — Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Johnson A Terrific Class — The Boss Best Wishes to you aU! — Larry Laretta Good luck — The Clays The Best of Everything to All ofyou — The Rentschler’s Best wishes to you all — The shorten Family Best Wishes — Jim and Ami Lacey Best Wishes — Rita and Delmad Wade Best Wishes — D©’? Appliance Repair Best wishes — Bob and Kaye Wilcox Go for it with God’s blessings! — MaryAnn and Wayne Phillips Good luck in your future — Louise Clancy Good luck in yom’ future — The RoweU’s To a very special class — “Ma” Sparks Live everyday as though it were your last, because one day you’re sure to be right. Good luck, Chery, Donna, John and Dave, love yal Good luck from the Messina family J Best Wishes — Milt Dottle RandaU Good luck — Russ and Margie Weaver Good luck in everything you do — The Marciano Best wishes for the. future — BJl ancy Cr abtree Best to " j U of ' 82 — Susan K. Johnston ' ' ' Best wishes, — “The Earl” Johnston Best wishes in aU your endeavors — The Sanger family Take care and give of yourselves — D.G. Bon YPi age . — Harvey Good luck Seniors — Dean Sedler Best wishes. Seniors — Anna Noren Best of aU luck seniors — The Beams Good luck Seniors — Jack Hudzik Good luck Seniors — Jim Ingraham I love you MoUusk — Love Studmuffms Good luck Seniors — Bruce Lavender Good luck seniors, I love you — “Di” Lavender Good luck semors — The Prescotts Best of luck and love, The Sheehans Best Wishes to All — The Smiths Good luck from the Graffum’s I Good luck Chris — The Page’s 1 Best Wishes, Much Xove ' — The Malone Family I ; Luck and Love to BooJ — Grams + Gramps I I love you Karen — Harry Flight You fox Ruth — Karl Lynah t Best Wishes to the Class of ’82 — SBB RWB ; Good luck to the Class of ’82 — Roland and Evelyn j Smith I Best wishes to Carola and the entire class of ’82 — ij Christine Smith Best Wishes — Jim Haynes (1 Best Wishes — The Gerow’s Good luck — The Kehoe’s Best of Luck — The Savory’s , Good luck — The Arlington’s Best Wishes — The McElroy’s Good luck Class of ’82 — John and Diane Merrill Best of luck from the DiMaio family Watch out world here comes Don, Dan, Ruth, Nancy, Martha, Amy, Karen — Mrs. DiMaio Good luck ’82 — Walter Johnson Good luck from the Hally family Good luck from the CoUamore family I hope all your dreams come true Amy, with all my love. Tommy Good luck from the Duncans Best Wishes from Paula Johnson, Class of ’72, love Peter J. Good luck — Lewie and Betty Johnson Good Luck — Al, Winnie, and Anne The Best — The Magowns Good luck — Terry and John Moulaison Good health and good luck — Mrs. Pauline Pitt Good luck — The Haskell’s Mr. and Mrs. Walter Janes Good luck MoUusk, Nanskiss, and Renee from Beth Renee: Confucius say — “Three year apart Jug and Snail swoon over Bee in haU.” — MoUusk McMuffm Good luck ’82 in aU you do! Luv ya, Karen F. Good Luck in the future Karen! Luv Mom Dad Good luck Karen in the future! Love Neff From the Charles Street Babes To the Class of ’82: We love you C-U @ the 6th w a 5th Best Wishes, Mr. df Mrs. Harold Scuely WeU done Greg — Mr. Mrs. Larry Smith Best Wishes — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Serraezts Good Luck Barbara — Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wilson Best Wishes — James F. Pero Good Luck — Jack and Pat Fteyrnlds Good luck ru always remember ya Sharon — Gary Hale Best Wishes — Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Hale Best wishes for every success — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin Good luck — Jacqul, Joanne and Chris O’Brien Go Georgetown — Mr. and Mrs. Dick Anderson Nancy Peabody — the best friend a person can ask for — good luck — love Karen. Good luck class of ’82 — The Margeson family Best wishes class of ’82 — The Kozlowskl’s Good luck Seniors, from the T. Smith’s Happiness to All of You — The LoCiceros Best Wishes — The Langevln Family “Bless you Auntie” from Elizabeth Lynn Duckworth Good luck Lynn and Tim — The Duckworth’s Best wishes class of ’82 especiaUy to Amy, Dianne, Cathie, Mary, Carola, MoUy, Brett the Sheriff. Good luck from the Johnsons Best wishes class of ’82 — The Fallons Best Wishes Class of ’82 — The Tyries Good luck to class of ’82, especially Amy R., The Spillotis’ Good Luck to the Class of ’82 — Guidance Department Good luck Amy, love AnnMarie Thanks for the Memories . . . Our years txDgeLher al Geor’geiown High School have been very successful ihanks to the guidance, organization, and devotion of many special people. Mrs. GUmartln, has been an enormous help to us as weVe struggled to put this yearboo k together. When everything appeared to be caving in around us and nothing was going right, she magically appeared on the scene with a quick solution to our problems. In her dally role In the guidance department she has somehow managed to put many of us at ease during our struggle through the college hunt. Her casual manner, and cheerful smile have taught many of us to play It cool and take things In stride! Keep up the good work Mrs. GUmartln. Words cannot express our deepest thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Braccl and Mr. Lowell. When we thought things weren’t going the way we anticipated, they were there to put things back together, to help us In times of trouble and to guide us In times of need. To you both, we extend our warmest thanks for taking on the responsibility of successfully advising our class in our last year together. We would also like to express our deeply felt gratitude towards Miss Priv, who has given us support throughout the years as well as sincere _ friendship. Her tremendous direction of the Senior class play, thought- ■■ fulness and veiy unique sense of humor, and her years of devotion to our " class and the school have left us all with veiy fond memories of an |i extremely special person. Thank you Priv, and may you always be you ;;| To aU the coaches, teachers, librarians, and the axiministration, we extend our appreciation for giving us more than academics alone. You’ve been a major role in preparing us for our entrance into the world. You’ve all shared a part of yourself with us, by caring enough not to give up on us when the chips were down. You’ve worked hard for us; now it’s our turn — we’U make you proud. To all of you, thanks for the memories. Jk GOODBYE K The lime has come to say good-bye, holding back our tears, Wishing well, full of fears. We’re on our way, It’sfime to go, Some a destination, some dgp’L know. To reach every goal we have set out to do, hYLlfill every dream we want to come true. All the worries we wdl leave behind. ■ Plans into action, outjof mind. This is it, we’re on ur way. Today is gone, tomorrow new day. We must say the experience as full of fun, Now it’s time to live, we’ve only just beguiL, Lysa “Wlio’s who in the Class of ’82” Most Popular Best Personality Best Figure or BuHd Nicest Smile Nicest Eyes Nicest Legs Nicest Hair Best Looking Best Dressed Class Flirt Most Spirited Most Gossipy Class Clown Loudest Mouth Most Timid Most Musical Most Likely to Succeed Most Studious Life of the Party Best Dancers Teachers Pet Best Actress or Actor Most Artistic Most Athletic Most Sophisticated Cutest Couple Shortest Tallest Most Typical Senior Most Likely to be Blamed Most Likely to be Absent Class Crash Prepplest Worst Drivers Most All Around Most Arguementatlve Best Disposition Jimmy Ingraham Greg Smith Mike Prescott Don Cudmore Dave Malone Earl Estep Earl Estep Jimmy Ingraham Earl Estep Mike Cawley Jimmy Ingraham Don Cudmore Jimmy Ingraham John Fornara Steve Langlals Brett Tolman Dave Stoddard Paul Conti Tim Sheehan Stu Barlow Brian Kimball Erik Thompson Dave Stoddard Jimmy Ingraham Steve Langlais Brett Tolman Mike Grover Jimmy Ingraham Brian Simmons Timmy Sheehan Steve Trevisone Erik Thompson Don Cudmore Dave Stoddard Bob Wright Fred Retchler Bryan Tardif Paul Perkins Greg Smith Dave Acheson Greg Smith Pam Anderson Nancy Peabody Pam Anderson Pam Anderson Chris Page Pam AndersonfDawna Lavender Carlene Clancy Pam Anderson Carlene Clancy Michelle Pastore Dawna Lavender Ruth Lynah Chris Balleto Erin Thompson Nancy Peabody Terri Martin Laurie Johnson Lisa Fatyol Lynn Duckworth Lisa Fatyol Lisa Fatyol Erin Thompson Chris Delgenio Renee Jurgelon Erin Thompson Marie Seidel Sue Nizwantowskl Renee Jurgelon Lynn Duckworth Donna Kruzewskl Erin Thompson Lysa Marquis Chris Delgenio Marie Seidel Erin Thompson Amy Rood Gad Grlssino Karen Flight Cathie Dowdie Lynn Prescott Varsity and J.V. Boys Baseball n ' W 1: J. M Fresi ut, M. DlVlncenzo, K. Boyer, D. Flllon R jw2: D. Prescou, P. Pa anelli, M. Hi. L Hiifi, M. M. ' insneld, H. Riley, D. Johnson Row 3; Coach Wilbur, T. BuUer, C. Youn , B. Lavender, C. ' ’’Brier. ■ II It I III Row 1: B. Moultrie, D. Cudmore, D. Ingraham, A. Gordon, J. Flight, Coach Pechills Row 2: D. Cimlno, P. Crist, B. Headrick, C. Amnot, C. Smith Row 3: C. ShepsjxL T. Ryan, R Bonaveniura, A. Pierce Flow 1: N. Peabody, K. Melsner, K. CoUamore, L. Beam, J. Curran Ftow 2 : P. DlMalo, C. Page, K. McLaughlin, S. Nizwantowski, Coach Bannister Varsity and J.V. Girls Softball Row 1; L. Holt, S. Price, A. Rohner, M. Baker, C. Bonosaro, M. Conti Row 2: Coach Freitas, C. Clark, S. LaPolnte, B. Johnson, S. Young, H. Face, D. Codair 3 Fresliinan Frolic Junior Prom ‘Ready For Love’ May 14, 1982 Senior Prom, March. 19 Precious and Few 7 Get Witch Quick” April 10-12, 1982 Class Trip, Stoney Creek, M.Y. May 26-28. 10 Senior Banquet, June 3, 1982 Guest Speaker and Co-Advisor Lou Lowell Dedication Presentation to Carol Saccone The Big Ten Inch Famous Final Scene, Graduation June 6, 1982 Farewell Speech, Karen Flight Class Gift F seniaiion, Nancy Peabody i Class Wills I, I’m lli ' l«iiv li ' ivii II prtviii ' iwuik U ' Kjoiw, luitl liiiLi ' -ltv Kanmin I, KrUi ni iiiii ' tniM, Iciivi ' " I ii ' UjiiH Awi v WiUi Mimlnr " iu yf ni) lui imiviky nn iim luul ' iiaj, !)py ' iiiumKi v Hrmrit ( ' nir-il, Vac to ' S5, Mom ' i liiuxncK lo PiwiKy. " Kvfjf to Iw, Wt 1 1 ' I ' mtv ' iii ' |i ' klii ? - ' Jii 1. 1 iiui ' li ' bniliiii, litiivi ' " 1 inuiiiri Awivy V iUi Miinlnr " to iiny iim mi anmiky mi Erin luid iin ' SlliirioT 8 li ' •» to Sruirk lutrik. Rvi; iukI ou ti ' -xi ' S to Ii II, prtvnt i p(vir i to Wr» OUlTMrur.. Mt;y fiikii I Ii to lutv’ii ' i l ' - ' klii ? a?, 1. Knn ' ii FiWIit, li ' iiVf Ur. D ' n l•n »| lUul li v ti ■ my I ' l ' ' li " ni mid uiHtiir; it b x nf uhimki V ' Mr lowoU, m. iw? " t m v ir. hracfi, tny pianunn mi pr « tc a luUTj-W ' ' ' rkliiH luid dndtailad pntvuti. sii ' iittnrt t ' .M. mid iity im ' iit nurilor ymir ti ■ W I. Sti ' plii ' ii Ivuytlmo. Ii ' iivi ' my purkliiii! iijuun ' u nviTy ' tui who uB«d It. I, Chrlii I K ' lili ' iil li ' iivi ' mv unir ' inii P ' UlrrPi I ' mlliWi- mid thi- lviUir im to Chnuay. 1. 1 iiiwnii Uivmidiir, Iwivi ' Dmon and [trim, thi ' Uoi omi lor yiwir cvur mid my choenii ? uniform to LaAiuie. I. Ulflii ' llo IViP n ' , liiiv " Ur Tartllf nty ftWitino mul mv l• ' ' llmn Ham a uri ' m senior yi-m- — when she «imi there I. Kinl Hi ' iiioi’hli ' r. Iiiave Mark DlVlncenzo mid the fioUiall toani mv nilnt oondlUon football cleats. I, liaye dmiilns, N.iaw all mv riinnlnit aliUlty to miyone who dan take It I. Kick (lliulmmi, luavi 10 nimns of papi ' r and one b x of " mfiena to miyone who knows. 1 , (.kirty (Irav, leave all ntv love to Mollyl I. dcihn H ' rniuii, leave Uie memoiy of micli a Kn ' «t student ( me i you can’t ha a.‘ the beat for-everl I. Umk, leavi the si ' rauih on Mias Tolitimi’s car to anyone who can put mioOier one next to It 1 , Mm-k llelsoler, leavi- the years to ooine to the undereliissmen. I. Shawn Qniene, leavi ' iriy hopeleesnesa mid Insanity to whomever can ' t hmidle lu G ood luck underclassmen. 1, Niuicy I ' l ' abody, leave a wrmmler, (lufTles, and lUi apt. with a black room to Wendl, a dam with CK to Kep. “Sir Duke " , my ear. my shoulder and my thanks to Kar. my memorM howwver, I will keep fi r ii ' iihlis? cjui n ' place them.’ I. Cheiyl Mmisneld, leave Mike the best senior year mid also leave him to RoeeAnn. I’ll miss eveiyone and the good times. Good luck Betsie. 1, Rutli lyiiali, leave my piolUon as V. Pn . to any desemng Jr. Good luck (you’ll need It i To Mrs. DlMaio her job os librarian back. To my fnends, espedaHy Manba and Chetyl — many happy memories I’ll never forget. To Karl, lots of luck with " lus " girls. I, Laurie .lohnson, leave all the teachers, books, suspensions, detentions, homework, mid all the things that comes along with high school to all the underclasBmen. and to the teacbera I give you the uiidereliyffimen. I. Andv Goichell. leave sohoijl. 1 , lynne ITescoll, leave this school In the hope that people who follow will live to en)i:)y the expenenoes that high school can bring. 1, Manila Johnson, leave K.D., Lorbor, Nmice, Mol. Amy, Caih, Babe, Sex;, ' , Cheiyl, Beth, Pat, all with a mar m my for all the great times we sharedl Ruth, I take with me. 1, MoUj’ Johnston, leave my unlumped bones mid mv apologies to Gerry, an unv recked car to Louann, a tent of memories to Martba, K.D. and lorbor and Sanctuary (yeah) to Nanoe. Fk ne l leave you the Soutli If you want it Good luck to Beth, Doug and all the underclassmen. I, Enk Thompson, leave Qie originals to n v ’’G.H.S. " comic strips to Geny, Bobby. Jimmy, mid a relieved faculty. I, Sue Peters, leave miylhmg to be desired. I, David Robbins, leave G.H.S. a lot of paper. 1, Carola Neu mann, leave all mv IsW ' notes to mv sisters Denise and Meldl. I. Michael Cawle.v, leave all my absent notes to Bobby Bray. 1, Angela Apprich. leave my spot In the senior bathroom to my sister Lorll I, Chns Balletio, leave all the troubles 1 had with Mr. D. to the class of ’83. I, Dorian Cortes, leave to mv UdJe sister Kirsten my picture of Jim Momson and all of my late sucues philosophy. 1. Paul Bonasoro. leave sudsy laundry to Mr. Bray and Mr. D. a great high on life. 1, Cheryl Coolen, leave Sandle all my troubles and homework for the next two years. " Good luck " I, Naoko Ehara leave ny big sweet s.mlle in eveiyone’s heart. I, Paul Conti, leave mv professional Journalistic talent to Mrs. Cook and Mrs. CooUdge. 1, Laurm Beam, leave a tent to my buddies Mareha Molly, and Karen. 1, Brett Tolman, leave anything and eveiythlng to anyone who wants it, because I sure as hell don’t need It anymore! I. Kathy Tibbetts, leave Paul my nickname thanks, but no thanks, and a box of Tidbits for Miss Priv and Mrs. BraccL I. Brian Kimball, leave to Greg and Paul the Nautilus I ' ve hidden In mv cellar for the last 4 .yrs, and one pair of old sneakers In case Georgetown wants to start a oonoe club. I, Lisa Gorton, leave mv late notes to Mr. Bray so he can iiy to figure out which ones are real and which ones are forgedl I. Kelly Dalton, leave mv empy seal In homeroom for a senior who chooses to fill it And my altitude to mv little brother, Danny B. 1, Gtnny Murray, leave my dimples to Mrs. DeAngells may she wear them in good health. I, Susan Nlzwantowskl, leave my positions in field hockey, basketball, and softball, and all the SAL I had to get my goals, baskets and homenins to anyone who can fill my deals and sneakera I, Paul Townsend, leave my loiig underwear football shin, to the rafters of the ©an, mv logic book to anyone iHogical enough to use It, and tny Iasi two classes a day with Mrs. Braod to anyone thai wants to be tonured. I. Doug DuUl, leave the thoughts of mv generation, and a voice for the next The suoies, pass li onl 1, lynn Duckworth, leave Caren a book on how not to be so naive, Jen a course on how to be nice for more than 5 minutes, Amy Ftohner, my office as secretaiy. I, Carlene Clanqy, leave my sister Leanne all my smiles and all the days that I got dismissed fbom Simp’s g m class. I. Ja ' Sparks, my drafting seat and T-Square to anyone skilled enough to use them and my algebra grades to Mrs. Braccl and a case of Dawson Ale to Mr. Bennea. 1, Neal Harper, leave an empty seat In Marine Environments. 1. Pam Aiderson, leave my sister all of my dismissal days, and eveiyone the greatest senior year possible . . . I, Rcbm Gustafson, leave my field hockey shin to any girl who can “flU " it, and mv lo 0 c book to anyone Ulogioal enough to use lu I, Brenda Caner, leave my brother with all the partying and ftin I had as a senior, and all my finends with good luck for die ftiiure. I, Majy Naiale, leave my absenteeism In Mr. Lowell’s Physics class and Mrs. Nelson’s Con. Ec. class to anyone who can get away with It . . . And Mrs, Cook packet 5. Me, Tim Sheehan jest Plane leaf. I. Dianne Legere, leave my temper to Mr. Berardlno, and all my excuses to get out of Mr. D’s class to Jean Cawley. 1, Debby GUlls, leave everything not worth lakingl I. BUI Holt, leave absolutely nothing for anyone ... I took it all with me. 1, Dan Messma, leave mv hall monitor position to who ever Is stupid enough to take it, and good by to everyone. It was excellent to be with ycu all at GHS. I, Kaien Brooklebank, laeave to Mr. Cairns the identity of “The Pantom " ; to Miss Prlv, my eternal thanks; and to all members of the Snark Patrol, a eel of headphones and tugging equlpmenu I, Adam Gordon, leave (Georgetown High School Foreverlll 1, Dawn MoGUllouddy, leave mv place In the bathroom to Cindy Bishop, mV photography seat to anyone who wants It and my American Dresim book to whoever r»res to read them. I, Carole Duggan, leave my spot In Kwantz’s bathroom to Chnssle Manning, my tardj ' nrxes to my mother and the son “Don ' t stand so clt»e to me " , to Mr. Farrettal I, Barbara VVuson, leave my sunlamp to Mrs. Merrill and my Doors tape to D.C. I, Lisa Spinto, leave this school. Thank Godll I, lysa Marquis, leave mv wine shoes to Louann, the front seat to Nicole and Elena to ftghi over — continue memories ' with AP. I, Chris Page, leave mv basketball num ' oer to mv brother Steven, mv fast arm and a pack of ©im to Mr. SUverraan and flora GHS I TAKE wfth me all the good memonesl I, A Smith, leave Chris “Ope " O’Brian my bad baseball influence. And Tom Butler to keep up the 14’s pride. I. Usa Fatyol, leave nothing. I’m taking eveiyihing w me — mcludlng Lynne’s picture of Lfagnum. I. Pete Bonasoro, leave 6 ybar’s supply of underrocs to Mr. Braj ' to match his tacky ties. 1, Mike Peacock, leave Georgetown High forever! I. Brett Roberts, leave Mr. Lowell the book “101 Uses for a dumb Joke " by Bo-filng. We, the Senior Class officers, leave K!r. Lowell and Mrs. Braccl many ' great memories, a lot of love for your time, friendship and patience. Well miss you both dearty. We. the Yearbook staff, leave our senior year totally e. ' chausted and to Mrs. Glimartln we leave all our thanks and a melted scaleograph! 16

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