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To everything turn, turn, turn . . . GEORGETOWN PEABODY LIBRARY 3 212 For Reference Not to be taken from this room The Georgian 1981 Georgetown High School Georgetown, Massachusetts There is a season, turn . , . 1 2 stop Proposition 2 •« VOTE NO QUESTION 2 turn 3 -p ' ' And a time 4 for every purpose . . . 5 under 6 7 ‘ir 8 h 1 1 J 1 ' wi ‘ R 0 1 W ' ' li 1 1 9 A time to build up .. . 10 12 13 14 A time of peace Tiininniiiinwii I swear it’s not too late 16 The 1981 Georgian Dedication Mr. Neal E. Checkoway In The Beginning, there were many students, separate and different in many ways, each heading in the same direction, but oblivious to all others in his path — until one person cared enough to change all that: Mr. Neal Checkoway. Taking on the monumental task of class advisor, this very special person led us through the wilderness of our high school years, and toward our ultimate destination: the promised graduation. The journey was a difficult one, but Mr. Checkoway never let us down, and never lost faith in our class. When we became lazy, he set us on our toes (Marathon Dances). When we grew bored and disinterested, he performed gymnastics in class (closet door!). When we were tired and cold, he gave us heat (insulators), and when we were disobedient, he punished us (coupon books), knowing we would thank him in the end. Soon it came to pass that Mr. Checkoway had succeeded in leading his and our class to the promised graduation, with a strength, confidence and ability that has helped each of us to grow and mature as individuals. And now, in the end, we are a class devoted to each other, and to you, Mr. Checkoway. You’ve been our teacher and our advisor, but more importantly, you’ve been our friend. “Thank you much,’’ The Class of 1981 Faculty Dr. Robert Sinibaldi - Supt. of Schools Mrs. Jacqueline Shea - Secretary Mrs. Ruth DeAngelis - Secretary Mr. Gerald Silverman - Principal Mr. Robert Bray - Assistant Principal 20 ILliLUUU Mr. Daniel Gulezian - Guidance Dept. Mrs. Patricia Gilmartin - Guidance Dept. Mrs. Eileen DiVincenzo - Secretary Miss Joyce Armeen - Guidance Dept. Mrs. Margaret Phillips - Nurse 21 Mrs. Mary Kober - English Dept. Mrs. Karen Rowe - Miss Cathy Skeirik - English Dept. 22 English Dept. Mr. Neal Checkoway - English Dept. Mr. David Benjamin - Music Dept. Miss Donna Privitera - English Dept. Mr. Paul Dostie - Music Dept. Mr. David Luca - Art Dept. 23 Mr. .John DeAngelis - Social Studies Dept. Mr. .James Burns - Social Studies Math Dept. Mr. Larry Faretta - Social Studies Dept. Mr. Frank Berardino - Social Studies Dept. 24 Mr. Richard Arns - Social Studies Dept. Mrs. Karen Allbach - Social Studies Dept. Mr. Charles Donnelly - Science Dept. Mr. Reginald Tardiff - Social Studies Dept. Head Mr. Malcolm Fraser - Science Dept. Mr. Harvey Mades - Science Dept. 25 Ms. RoseAnne Arathuzik Business Dept. Mr. Jeff Nutting - Industrial Arts Dept. Mr. David Saccone - Industrial Arts Dept. Head Mr. Bernard Bennett - Industrial Arts Dept. Mrs. Mary Merrill - Business Dept. Mrs. June Cook - Business Dept. 26 Miss Theresa Levesque - Foreign Language Dept. Mrs. Leona Defanski - Business Dept. Mrs. Helene Ryan - Foreign Language Dept. Head Mrs. Lucy Hiller - Foreign Language Dept. Mrs. Susan Denton - Home Economics 27 Mrs. Patricia Hracci - Math Dept. Mr. Stephen McNally - Math Dept. Head Mr. William Pechilis - Math Dept. Mrs. Carol Saccone - Science Math Dept. 28 Mr. Louis Lowell - Science Math Dept. Mrs. Ellen Hoover - Science Dept. Mrs. Patricia DiMaio - Librarian Mrs. Kelly and Cafeteria Staff 29 Mrs. Valerie Frankel - Special Ed. Dept. Mrs. Carolyn Marshall - Special Mr. Frank Gately - Special P " d. Dept. Ed. Dept. Mrs. Janet Reed - Special Ed. Dept. Miss Kathleen Ward - Special Ed. Dept. Head 30 Mr. James Collamore - Physical Ed. Director Miss RoseAnn Giannelli - Physical Education Miss Pamela Simpson - Physical Education 31 ZLxlil A time to weep Seniors 33 Lawrence Al)reii “Ikew” F()()tl)all 1,1; l askethall 1,2, .‘1,1; Jr. Honor Society; Soccer; Super Heroes " PM” 11,1; -icle .‘1,1; “Skin Head” Summer of ’HO; Ski trip to Vermont . ' 1,4; Let the { ood times roll in a (Iran ' Forino; (lood luck underclassmenicle. “Is this going to hurt?” David Arriel “Dave” " Hey everybody . . . I’ve got my running’ shoes on!” Catch ya all later and take it easy! David Sue forever! Matthew Besse “Matt” Advanced woodworking; Advanced power mechanics. Brenda Ayers “BEA” Yearbook Editor-In-Chief 4; Honor Soc. 1,2, 3, 4; Currie. Coun. 3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Student Coun. 1; " Blueprint” 3; Remember " BEAGCLPMNSW” and " MCIM”; Joan Clone; Me, a student? Thanks Neal . . . UNA, 6 a.m. train rides . . . Are you asleep? Bylines, deadlines . . . Endless Hours of Pantomime - Runnin’ on Empty; Phyziks is not Phun . . . So Long GHS — It’s been real! :34 Lorraine Cassotis “Lorraine” Football cheering Capt. 4; Basketball cheering 3,4; Student Advisory Council 4; Parties 1,2, 3, 4; W-H 1,2; What’s up hun? . . . Come on you guys get in line!! . . . Gross! . . . Summer 80 . . . The Bridge . . . Hollywood Nights . . . Icki-Dicki-Rick . . . Bilbo . . . hey Jeff, remember the rope swing? . . . Karen remember getting stranded at O.N.? . . . Senior Year. David Bjornholm “Dave” Office Education Association 2, Historian 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3; Track 1; Tennis 3,4; Mike, we finally made it out!!! Jeff, ’69 Chevys are BETTER than ’67’s; Goodbye to Mrs. Merrill, Ms. Arathuzik, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Defanski; Goodbye G.H.S. Donald Boyer “Don” Football 1,2, 3, 4; Hockey 1,2, 3,4; Christine 2,3,4; Jethro Tull 3,4; Thanks Coaches Collamore and Haddad. William Bushnell “Busch” Stage Band 2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Yearbook 4; -icle Club 4; Sr. Class Play - Tony; Cruisin’ Summer of ’80; The Bridge; Hey Girls, Wanna play racquetball? Beatles and The Kinks; Glowing moss, Campout ’80; Long live the Class of ’81! 35 Richard (’houinard “Kick” Stage Band Hand 1,2,1; Ski (’liil) 2,. ' ?, 4; I’m glad that I’m finally out of this place and away from these peo|)le. Valerie ( ' lark “Miss Balwie” Varsity Football C’heerleading 3,4; Varsity Hockey Cheerleading 2; Varsity Hasketl)all C’heerleading 3; The Bajama (lame 3; Cindy, Heather, and Brandon; ' I’he Three Capieros and Company; “TL IJM”; “Rd” Karen Coyne “Maryanne” Honor Soc. 1,2,3 Pres. 4; Student Council 1 Sec. 2,3 Pres. 4; Field Hockey 1,2 Co-capt. 3,4; States ’79, ’80; Yrbk 4; Ski Club 1,2; Track 2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Belly dancing 3, Tia Helim; F.H.P. - report; Judge’s hairstyling; lowa-SSTP ’79-Richmore; Sr. Class Play - Sorbina. Mary Crimp “Mary E” Honor Society 1,3, Sec.-Treas. 4; C.G. Winter Circuit 1; Drama Club 2,3,4; The P.J. Game 2; For. Lang, Club 3; Curr. Council 3,4; Yearbook Staff Assoc. Editor 4; 4:00, Sandra? Stop It! Close-Up ’80, Godspell and Mike; “W”; Countess of Spurn; Lori’s $10, Deb; McDonald’s; VV’hat color was your tux? B.R. at P.P. with some “Dew”; Thank you Mom Dad! Joseph DeSisto “Joe” It has been twelve long years! Good to get out! Partying 1,2, 3,4; Advanced Partying. 36 Lea DiMento “Lea” Drama Club 2,3,4; Cheering 2; Track 2; Beach parties, concerts and Jason. Lisa DeVincenzo “Lisa” Blue Oyster Cult “79” Godizilla. Good luck Chris Spacey Straw, Frogney EE-Evan’s party no 1, 19’s the best. Alright, Steph, I’m out. 45’s party hardy Here I come Miami. Me and James forever. Good bye G.H.S. Ya Ha! Stephen Dowdie “Steve” Band 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band 4; Class President 3; Student Advisory Council 4; Drum Major 3,4; Band Vice President 4. Thomas Drapeau “Schmap” Football 1,2, 3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Schmap Mobil to Salisbury. Rangering on the Frolics. Good Luck to everyone in “81” Michael Duggan “Mike” Susan Dullea “Flay” Close up ’80, Ce-Ce!l, Remember Mike, Mary? Fire!! “B” Dutchess of Spurn, Spurn patrol. Pam’s Mailbox, Sr. Class play (Vivian), Basketball Games, Hey Stubbs! Remember Baldpate hill? Mac? What a Joke! Oh Well, gotta go now. Thanks Mom and Dad. 37 Peter Diirkee “Diirkster” Football 1,2, 3,1; Hockey 2,3,4; Baseball 1; Class 3’reasurer 3,4. Philip Kkstrand “Phil” Football 1,2,3, (’apt. 4; Wrestling 1,2, ( ' apt. 3,4; .Jethro ' I ' ull 3,4. Giannina Faretra “Giannina” Aw sheez blondie; Bounty - “The quicker picker-upper”; Still love ya, Al! Meek, don’t forget the limo! Summer of ’80 .John! “Todd” meet ya down the corner; liiunite and Cherylina; Speedy; “Hey Class of ’81, it’s been real and it’s been nice, hut it ain’t been real nice.” Ode to Mall Thomas Fielding “Tom” Class President 4; hce-I resident 3; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Sr. Class Play “Prime Time Crime” “David”; Track 1,2; C.C. 3; Spirit Week - ’81 the best; Donkey B-ball; Sr. Prom! Idey Girls, how ’bout some racquetball? Good luck and Let the good times roll — to all grads of ’8l! Stephen Fatyol “Chief’ “Indian” .J.V. F ' ootball 4. 38 June Fitton “June” Softball 2,3,4; Dan, Kelly, Hal, Good Luck; Journey, Styx, Stones; Animal Lover! Gerald Gagne “Gerry” Linda Gillis “Linda” Don, I hope we will always be friends 4; Independent Classes; Chrissy’s party 5 16 80; Pizza Hut 3,4; Testing 3; Movies; Your Senior year is the best year, enjoy it! Christine Gissel “Chris” Winchester Figure Skating Club, 2 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals; McDonald’s 3,4; Fire!! Chemistry: neon pants, and Mai’s Gophers; “T”; Queen of Spurn; Sue, remember Pam’s mailbox? Stublegs; Baldpate hill; Basketball games; Mom and Dad are the best! Thomas Goodwin “Goody” Hockey 1, 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Fisherman “willeeee” Superhero Club: Reed Richards; “HEY PAL’’; Glay May Shay! Sr. Class Play “Arthur Boris’’; “Wally, Wally, you’re just a woman”; “Hey girls, wanna play racquetball?” Iowa SSTP ’79. Lewis (irasso “Louie” Central Catholic, horinfj; Ceorgetown Hif h, great; ( ' ross country; Wrestling; Honor roll; Hobbies: coin collecting, body building; Ambition: go to IJ. I.owell; Meteorology for sure; Best group is Boston, by far; Like to fledicate a song about my years at C.H.S. — “It’s Been Such a Long I ' ime.” Steven Hamilton “Steve” Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Jr. Honor Society 1; Political Discovery 3; Sr. Class Play 4; Drama Club 4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Soccer 1,2, 3,4. Heather Haller “Heather” Drama Club 2,3,4; Play 2,3,4; F ' ield Hockey 2,3,4; States ’79, ’80 hopefully. Hon. Soc. 1, 2,3,4; Let’s go to Nbpt! Co-ed sleepover ’79; Yah, I’m 20; Life in the FAST lane (jeep); Beaches a.m., p.m.; K’s, S, and of course J. 40 Scott Hatch “Snatch” Susan Hatch “Sue” Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4; F.H. 1,2,3 Co-Capt. 4 (KC) - States ’79-’80; B.B. 1,2,3,4; States 2,3,4(?); Dr. Cl. 3 (fisherwoman), 4 (Marie) (P.T.C.); Belly dancing (Abu Simbel) F.L.C.; Beacb Boston Best times Friends; Sa, Karyiens, Tommy, Cbris - Thanx! K.D. - “The ‘heck’ w 7-up” - G’s F.H.P. (sink); Good Luck Scott - Love ya; “Bye Guys” - “Macho Man”. Sr. Class Sec. 4; Cross Country 1,2, 3,4, Capt. 3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4, Div. 2 Champions 3; Baseball 1, 2,3,4, Div. 2 Champions 3; Camp Namequoit 2,3,4; Oh, those great cross-country practices. Thanks (]!oach Cairns. High School’s finally over; Now it’s time to get some education! Goodbye G.H.S.; Best of Luck underclassmen. Nigel Heales “Nige” OEA 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; I would like to thank all the people that made G.H.S. seem worthwhile. If it hadn’t been for them I probably wouldn’t have made it. A special thanks to Mrs. Leach and Miss Simpson for their kindness and understanding. George Heiseler “George” Football 1,2; Ski Club 1, 2,3,4; Goodbye G.H.S., it’s been real! Good Luck to the Charles Street gang! 41 David Henderson “Hendi” Party 2,3,4; Tripper 3,4; Smokin’ area O. OKA 1,2 - Historian, President - 3, State MOEA Secretary - 4; F ' oreign Lang. Club 3; Basketball games 1,2, 3, 4; No License, girls? TLHACB! Congrats Kath!! Hi Henry! Hi Adam! d’banx for everything, MTM!! Kathleen Johnson “Kathy” OEA 1, Sec. 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; I love you Henry and Adam! HLHACB; CAS! Good Luck Joyce! Tbanx MTM! Pepsi 1! Lori Johnson “Lori” OP!A - 1, Hist - 2, Treas - 3, V. Pres - 4; NHS - 2, Sec Treas 3,4; Field Hockey 2,3; Basketball games 1,2, 3, 4; Get them gophers, Mai! Hi, Richard; Luciano Juan Torrez Sanchez; Lady of Spurn 3,4; Give me some Spurn!; How’s your grip, Chris? A little loose? Kleinfelter!! FIRE!! Carolyn Judge “Judge” Field Hockey 1,2,3, 4; B-ball cheering 1,2; Drama Club 2,3,4; O.K. we’ll go to Nhpt; Ma, I’m going to the movies; F.H.P.; Tub; Karin, you’ll be all right. Karen’s haircut; Running thru cornfields; Beach parties; Sue’s co-ed sleepover; I’m in love! By everyone; It’s been real! Susan Kavanaugh “Sue” “Someday, I don’t know when. We’re gonna get to that place where we really want to go, and we’ll walk in the sun . . Turn it up! Cold Storage, T.P. M., belly dancing - Kawakib; Against the Wind; “Illusions without freedom never quite add up to bliss . . Love to my family. Turn the page. 42 Susanne L’Hommedieu “Sue” Drama Club 3; Yearbook Business Manager 4; Bill Sue; M.I.T.?; Remember “BRAGCLPMNSW” and “MCIM”; . . . “No problem” . . . “Where’d you get that hat?” . . . “Stevie!!” It’s been a great 12 years — I’m glad its over! Good luck underclassmen — time flies! P.S. Hi, Brett! Peter Lobley “Lobster” Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; I won’t forget Mai’s class and the chemistry experiments. Daniel Mades “Dan” Michael McCarthy “Mike” Tennis Club 1,2; “My last year and I ain’t ever coming back.” Paul McCarthy “Paul” Peter McCarthy “Peter” Partying 1,2, 3, 4; Led Zeppelin 1,2, 3,4; Smoking Area 1,2,3, 4; After 12 long years it’s time to Ramble On. Good luck underclassmen. Congratulations Seniors! Led Zeppelin 1! Yes, 9 9 80; Goodbye John Bonham. Hockey 1, 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Super heroes 3,4; State Forest 1980; Beach party 1980; Remember the Kinks, John! Hondas are forever, Larry, Rick, and Jeff. Those three handsome chefs do it again. Bob and Scott ... Oh no! The Space Invaders and Galaxians are coming to take us away! Take it easy G.H.S.! 43 (Iregory McDonald “Mac” Koothall I,2,H,4; Hockey 1,2,3 capt. 4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; ( ' am{) Namequoit sleep out 3,4; ' I ' hanks Mr. Haddad; (lood Luck undergraduates! “Spidey” Cindy Meisner “Skin” Cheering 1,2; Class Officer 1,2,3; Bye and Good luck everyone; Heather, Brandon, and Val, (R XLFOW SZEV SZW 2 EL); I love you Bob . . . forever. I atrick Mcfilynn “Haticle” Wasn’t here 1,1 : Cross-country 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Ba.sehall 3,4; Camp Namequoit 3,4; Super Heroes 3,4 - Daredevil; Baseball Chamj)s 3; Sleep out parties; ' Fhanks Mom and Dad for money; G M)d Luck to G.H.S. and Seniors! Linda Minott “Linda” Hockey Cheering 1,2 capt. 3; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2; Soccer 1,2; Hey Niz, remember Rodjah! Bubba!! Don’t forget Saturday night. Am I late for class again? Zeppelin forever! Hi, Dave (BTOY); Take care Simp, Goodbye G.H.S. 44 Jeffery Moyer “Jeff” Basketball - 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1,2, 3, 4; Cape Ann Cbamps Super heroes - 3,4; Ghostrider, Cruising Summer of “80”, Skynyrd and The Cars. Elizabeth Nagle “Beth” Blue Print 4; White Print 3,4; Yearbook; Geils ’80 . . . Cannabis Cult 1,2, 3,4 (High everyone); Lysa: Riunite and purple peace! “Got no time to spend in route, the time has come to be gone. ’Tho our health be drank a thousand times, I have to ramble on . . .” Led Zep is 1. Dan Mullane “Mule” Hockey - 1,2, 3,4; Baseball - 1,2,4; Football - 1,2,4; Best Group - Boston “Mule Power” Hockey team, mando all the way. Thomas Mulligan Jr. “Tom” Football - 1,2,4; Capt. - 1,4, prep 3; Hockey - 1,2,4, Goon Squad - 2; Baseball - 1,2; Baseball - 1,2; Mull, Gonnie, Toomie, animal. Been called worse. Heather, I’ll be there; Coaches - Fraser, Duggan, Haddad - Thanks Coach Collamore, I owe you alot; Mick, I luv ya; P.S. I don’t have a big mouth. Janet Nizwantowski “Janet” Field Hockey 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1; Bubba don’t forget Thursday night, “buy me a new tire!” Buzz B forever! Thank God for Jimmy Hendrix and this year has been the best! Good luck D. Saccone, I’ll never forget ya! Good Luck ’81! 45 “Don’t you dare! " Joanne Pasquale “Jo” Charlotte Osborne “Chuck” OtCA 1; Drama Club 2; It’s been an interesting 4 years, but it’s great to be out. To my class of ’80 friends, TATALBLPSG I miss you. Tbanks to Mom, Dad, Irv. and all that helped and especially Stephen. Chorus 1; OEA 1,2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; McDonald’s! 3,4; Spurn! James Page, Jr. “Jamie” Football 1,2,3, capt. 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Camp Namequoit 2,3,4; Basketball Division 2 champs; Baseball Division 3 champs THE HULK; Royals! 46 Robert Peabody “Bob” Basketball 1; Basketcase 1,2, 3, 4; Mistletoe at Christmas 1, 2,3,4; Superheroes 3,4 “Thor”; J. Ceils, Bruce Springsteen forever! Shake what momma gave you! Cruisin’ summer of ’80; Ski. John Perry “Johnicle” Football 1; Ski Club 2; Cross Country 3,4; Tennis 2; “icle” club 3,4; “Fantom” 3; Glow in the dark moss; Ski trip to Vermont 3,4; The Cars and The Kinks forever; Sleepout parties; Guitar searching 3,4; Abe’s car; Ham’s; Goodicle luck underclassmen. “You think it’s easy to sit like this and read at the same time?” James Proctor “Jim” I leave the “Mixed up Mystery of School” and unfortunately a lot of good looking “girls”. Karlyn Phillips “Karly” Cannibus Cult 1,2, 3, 4; Riunite skip day at Steph’s; Yale Bowl Concert; Ya Ha!, in Vermont; Black and Blue! Great to be out! 47 Pamela Reynolds “Pam” Band 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; F’oreign Language Club 3; McDonald’s 3,4; “Y”; SPLJM RULES! Mai’s gophers; Pentucket 9 16 80; My mailbox. Sue! Stublegs 2; FIRE!! Robert Riley “Osh Kosh B’Gosh” 6 ' 2 " , 1751b. senior forward; Football 1; Track 1; C.C. 2,4; BASKETBALL 1,2,3,4; Drama 2,3,4; “P.J. Game” and “Dirty Work”; Honor roll 1,2, 3, 4; Senioritis pranks 4; Rec. 3,4,5; “Icle” club, switchems 3,4 Fantom 3; B-ball party 3; Moons 3,4; Good luck Sophs and Jr .s; ’Bye Seniors. Thomas Rogers “Tom” Michelle Romano “Meek” 9th, 10th, 11th grade typing awards; Hey Giannina, don’t forget our prom, Dino the big black limo, Eddy and of course Albie; Eddy I still love ya! Good bye Georgetown. Richard Sedler “Ick” Band 1,2,3, 4; Ski Club; Drama Club; Key Club; Senior Class play; The bridge; Cruisin’ summer ’80; Glow in the dark moss; Summer camp out. Janet Seidel “Janet” Stacey Shaw “Spacey” Cannabis Cult 1, 2,3,4; Cheering 1,2; Remember the times in Kwantz’s-Karly, Lisa D., Lisa P., Lisa N., Beth, Patty, Karen, Janet - Good luck; Skip days at Steph’s; Vermont; “Roxanne”; Drinking CM again! Love ya Scott - 6 27 80 - forever; Steph and Tom - Good luck. Love ya; Stay out of trouble Kelly. Paul Shay “Wally” Cross Country 1,2, Co-Capt. 3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Iowa summer of ’79 “Per Shure”; Namequoit Summer of ’80; Division 2 champs baseball ’80; “Bug juice Wally?” The “Vision”; “Hey Willie, love them Royals!” “Hey Goody, wanna head up the links?”; “What are we running today Mr. Cairns?” 49 James Shei)herd “Shep” Maiul l-l; Honor Society 1; Iowa SS ' FP ’79 ’HO; KIM award, research forever; Special thanks to ( ' huck, Harvey, Mai, and Kou, my first floor buddies who made it all possible; Harvard, here 1 come! Brian Silver “Brian” Football 1; Fort 1, 2,9,4; Hood luck to all the (Ireat peo|)le 1 know. Lori Strogney “Lori” Hockey Cheering 2,3,4; Hardy 1, 2,3,4; My Senior year is finally here. It has been the best year of the four at G.H.S. Lisa, thanks for being there. Good luck Bub in your last years. Good Luck Class of “82”. 1 will always remember you, Gary. 50 Deborah Swanton “Deb” F ' ield Hockey 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 2,3,4; C.A.L. All League Basketball and Softball; States of 78, 79, ’80, and ’81; Keep up the tradition, underclass- men, because you’ve got the best coach around. Senior Class play - Abigail; “M”; Jock of Spurn; Firedrill anyone? Mary, don’t let them tow my car!! Ingrid Swier “Ing” OEA 2,3,4; F ' oreign Language Club 3; Literary Magazine 2; ALICE COOPER IS l!! Keep on skating, short stuff! Remember G-block chem class; OEA has been great! Thanks MTM! Shawtown forever! M.E.C., P.J.R., C.A.G., L.A.J., J.M.P., J.H., K.J., D.S., S.D., and J.P. - You’ve been great friends! Good luck in the future!! Jeffrey Symes “George” It’s Symes! Soon to be Rebel 3 when I get a Gretsch; Stage Band 3,4; Student Advisory Council 4; G.H. 4, Bye Everett, Soon J.J. very soon; “All Things Must Pass’’. Kenneth Thompson “Noodle” Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Ski Club 2; Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 4; “-icle” club 3,4; “Fantom” 3; Ski trip to Vermont 3,4; Abe’s car; Glow in the dark moss; Sleepout and at Ham’s; Manchester home B-ball, K.T., P.M., L.A., A.S.; Good luckicle underclassmen. Peter Tibbetts “Peter” Basketball 1,2; Student-Faculty Tennis 1, Winner 2,3; National Honor Society 1,2 V.P. 4; Student Council 1,2; Firebird . . . Space Invaders . . . Gaboxian; Lorraine, B-day at Augustines . . . “Slow Ride” to the State Forest . . . The Horseshoe . . . Good luck to the Class of ’82. 51 Karen Valerio “ Weezy” Steve 1 4 80; ( ' fintiil)us ( ' ult 1,2, 8, 4; Mye to Kwantz’s and Patty, Karley, Spacey, Lisa N., Beth, Lisa I).; I’atty, remember the Prom; Ya ha to Kegga’s; White Mountains 1980; Bye forever G.H.S. Michael Ventura “V.D.” Fiaseball; Fcxjthall; Ouisin’ Summer of 80, .Jeff, Bob, and Hick; (;0()MA GO HOME!! Karyn Walker “Ginger” F .H. 1-4, States in 80! OEO; B.B. 1-4, States in 81! Pol. Dis. 78, D.C. 3,4; Cast Party?! P.T.C. - Kate; Iowa 79! Elvis forever! Adios bobas; “K”; Cruisin’ in 80, HSL. K, K, Sue, and San - Go for it! Mr. Caveman, S.S.and pres- memories; EXCUSE ME?! I Love it! I love you, Mom, Dad, Kim, and .Jim! Patricia Walsh “Patty” Would not have made it without Pete, family and friends good by G.H.S. Free Bird Karin Watkins “Karin” FH 3,4 (States 79,80) “OEO” Drama Club 3,4; Sr Play PTC FLC 3,4 Belly Dancing, Prom Queen “80” YrBk staff FHP - one who did HSL l,2,3,4ab,5, To the Beach, “Get Hoopie”, Always look on the bright side of life” I love you “T” Scott VV’atson “Bob” OEA 2,3,4; YrBk Bus. Staff It’s been a long 6 years, but I’ve enjoyed it. Thanks P.A.S. and .J.W.L. for being there to bail me out. Hey Ma, I made it! 52 Lora Weinstein “Lorie” Sanctuary never comes without some kind of risk . . . I’ll take my chances babe, I’ll risk it all . . . Maybe; Can’t you take a joke? Don’t count on it. I’m pulling outa here to win; Reflect P.D. B.D., Omar Bin Olah, Natasha; Turn the Page . . . Sandra Wells “Sa” Varsity Football Cheering 2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Thanx to everyone for the great times. Good Luck! P.T.C.-Nellie; l,2,3,4ab,5; 4:00? Was that a blue volkswagon that just went by? Go for it! I love it! Always look on the bright side of life; What can I say! It’s been real. Everything will work if you let it. Read my mind. Excuse me. Scott Wilson “Willie” “The Beast’’-off-road in the state forest; LIVE KINKS; “Goodie”, the Mets Live! Wally, gotta love them Royals! Yellowstone ’79 — Great time! Wally, you were right ’about J.D., ... so far! Best-o-luck K.K.K.S.S. JAM! Seger - Turn The Page, Thanks All! Painless. Lisa Wood “Leis” OEA 2,3, secretary; Yearbook staff 4; Antoine and Lulabelle! Hi Richard Elizabeth. Luciano, Luciano, Luciano; Massa- chusetts looks like an elf! Arizona; Best of Luck Class of “81”! P.S. May the Headless Mombo rest in peace. Camera Shy Seniors: Douglas Codair Cheryl Doncaster “Cheryl” Aw sheez Drano (works fast); Hey Bounty, meet you down the corner; The Salami; Funicella and Celia Lambrusco; C.J. Fall of ’80; Giannina What the? Faretra; Thanks for everything Mommalina. Scott Heil “Scott” Stock car racing on the brain. Watch for me at “Indy” Lincoln Jackson Scott Meneades Lysa Norris 53 A time to dance . . . 54 Clubs A time to mourn . . . 55 Marching Band and Color Guard ' i ' Sr. Honor Society (L to R) Row 1 - M. Crimp (Sec.-Treas.), L, Johnson, S. Kavanaugh, L. Weinstein, R. Jurgelon, H. Haller, S. Barlow. Row 2 - P. Tibbetts (V. Pres.), K. Coyne (Pres.), B. Ayers, J. Pasquale, L. Fatyol, E. Thompson, J. Shepherd, Advisor R. Cairns. Jr. Honor Society (L to R) Row 1 - K. Kavanaugh, C. Rozumek, D. Finlow, K. McLaughlin, H. Face. Row 2 - K. Hebert, H. Ames, C. Amnott, A. Gordon, K. Sanger, M. Conti. 58 O. E. A. (L to R) Row 1 - D. Gillis (Hist.), L. Fatyol (Sec.), K. Johnson (Pres.), L. Johnson (V. Pres.), D. Bjornholm (Treas.). Row 2 - Advisor M. Merrill, K. Swier, C. Clancy, D. Cortes, C. Smith, L. Gillis, R. Lynah, C. Balletto, Advisor L. Defanski. Stage Band (L to R) Row 1 - S. Radford, E. Thompson, B. Bushnell, G. Robbins, P. Lacey. Row 2 - R. Sedler, K. Thompson, D. Jandris, I. Prees, T. Sheehan, Director P. Dostie. Row 3 - J. Shepherd, M. Katsapetses, S. Barlow, D. Robbins, B. Roberts. 59 Blue Print Staff (L to R) Row 1 - Advisor N. Checkoway, K. Walker, T. Goodwin, M. Ventura, S. Hatch, E. Thompson, P. Durkee, T. Drapeau, Advisor J. Cook. Row 2 - P. Conti, K. Brockelbank, M. Johnston. Key Club (L to R) Row 1 - M. Johnston, S. Kavanaugh, C. Dowdie (Sec.), K. Coyne (Treas.), K. Flight (V. Pres.), L. Marquis (Pres.), L. Cassotis, M. Natale. Row 2 - L. Beam, R. Jurgelon, L. DiMento, L. Gillis, S. Wells, N. Peabody, D. Ingraham, K. Davidson, S. Pingree, K. Walker, M. Johnson, M. Pastore, C. Mansfield, L. Weinstein. Row 3 - M. Katsapetses, B. Bushnell, T. Goodwin, R. Sedler, T. Fielding, M. Ventura, B. Riley, J. Ingraham. Yearbook Staff (L to R) Row 1 - C. Judge, L. Weinstein, M. Crimp (Assist. Ed.), B. Ayers (Editor-In-Chief), T. Goodwin, P. Gilmartin (Advisor), S. L’Hommedieu (Business Manager), S. Kavanaugh, S. Wells. Row 2 - B. Riley, I. Swier, S. Dullea, C. Gissel, L. Wood, J. Pasquale, K. Coyne, T. Fielding, K. Walker, K. Watkins, S. Hatch. Concert Band (L to R) Row 1- D. Neumann, C. Dowdie, L. Duckworth, N. Jellow, K. Hebert, J. Hudzik. Row 2 - Director P. Dostie, B. Green, S. Miller, C. Neumann, L. Curran, W. Harding, A. Goodwin, K. Swier, D. Finlow, Instrc. D. Benjamin. Row 3 - J. Shepherd, S. LaPointe, P. Lacey, S. Radford, J. Rood, G. Robbins, D. Mades, I. Prees, D. Jandris. Row 4 - R. Savory, C. Amnott, F. Rentshler, D. Robbins, B. Roberts, E. Thompson. Row 5 - S. Joly, M. Brassard, S. Barlow, D. MacDonald, S. Arriel, D. Fitton, S. Paganelli. Row 6 - T. Pelletier, T. Oullette, M. Sylvester, J. Reynolds, R. Sedler, M. Ricketts, J. Barlow. Student Council (L to R) Row 1 - P. Paganelli, S. Hamilton, T. Goodwin, S. Hart, I.. Wade. Row 2 - K. Swier, K. Coyne (Pres.), C. Dowdie (Sec.), L. Duckworth ( ' . Pres.), B. Tardiff (Treas.), K. Sa nger, M. Katsapetses, Advisor R. Tardiff. Student Advisory Council (L to R) Row 1 - L. Cassotis, C. Dowdie. Row 2 - S. Dowdie (School Comm. Rep.), L. Duckworth. 62 Ski Club X to R) Row 1 - D. Ingraham, T. Goodwin, Advisors K. Ward and P. Simpson. Row 2 - A. Judge, B. Peabody, M. Katsapetses, T. Fielding, P. McCarthy. Row 3 - E. Hayes, W. Prince, B. Bushnell, K. Graf, R. Sedler, M. Johnston, G. Robbins, M. Ventura. Row 3 - N. Peabody, K. Davidson, K. Walker, B. Riley, S. Hamilton, R. Jurgelon, K. Coyne. Curriculum Council Reps. M. Crimp and B. Ayers 63 Drama Club Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 C. Cooler! L. Ingham D. Peatfield S. Wells W. Gulezian K. Swier Miss Priv I. Swier K. Walker K. Brockelbank L. Marquis T. Goodwin M. Crimp B. Tardiff J. Ingraham L. Cassotis C. Gissel C. Judge D. Ingraham M. Johnson C. Dowdie P. Reynolds L, DiMento A. Rood S. Hamilton S. Hatch B. Ayers L. Gillis B. Riley L. Duckworth B. Peabody H. Haller S. L’Hommedieu V. Clark S. Hatch K. Flight K. Watkins S. Dullea R. Sedler P. McCarthy C. Neumann K. Coyne R. Jurgelon P. Watkins E. Hayes M. Sax B. Bushnell L. Grasso A. Haller D. Swanton M. Squires S. Miller M. Brassard A. Judge C. Page D. Neumann N. Jellow C. Manning K. Tibbetts G. Grissino M. Hudzik W. Prince D. Legere K. Graf J. Reynolds J. Dullea S. Langlois B. Green C. Clancy L. Beam N. Heales J. Pasquale C. Bridges R. Gustafson T. Fielding M. Natale M. Pas tore C. Cudmore C. Mansfield E. Thompson L. Weinstein P. Lacey S. Kavanaugh J. Shepherd L. Prescott 64 j .. w r - jga ATW| tM a Senior Class Officers (L to R) Pete Durkee (Treas.), Tom Fielding (Pres.), Sue Hatch (V, Pres.), Scott Hatch (Sec.). 65 66 Class of 1984 Joseph Ahreu Steve Arriel ' I’ammy Atinms Lisa Barry Mark Barry ( ' rain Amnott Cynthia Bishop Darlene Arlington Peter Boucher Scott Burnett Christopher Carter Richard Carter Jean Cawley Cynthia Bridges Stephen Clark Deborah Cobbett Diane Codair Nicole Collinet Beth Clancy Kirsten Cortes Peter Crist Joseph Dellea Mark DiVincenzo Michelle Conti Susan Dodge Brett Dudley Pamela Dunton Heather Face Deborah Finlow Michelle Flynn Lisa Fornara Andrew Gordon Lisa Grover Wayne Gulezian Kathleen Hallowell Lisa Henderson Lisa Holt William Haskell 69 Sean Joly Richard Lanigan Daniel Malone Elizabeth Mansfield Kelly Kavanaugh James Kelley David Kenneally Neil Kimball 70 Kelly Meisner Susan Miller Jeffrey Meisner Kerry McLaughlin Julie Murray Heidi Neumann A i’Ui David Nizwantowski Timothy Oullette James Pelletier James Prendible Scott Paganelli Timothy Pelletier Daniel Prescott Shelly Morrison Lisa Oullette % V I , I V Daniel Pearson I Jay Peters Karen Presutti 71 .John Reynolds t .Julie Fiichardson Mi Ice Romano Mark Ricketts ' J ' nmmy I’rince Deborah Rose Katherine Sanger Cheryl Rozumek Thomas Ryan Heidi Schwartz Dean Sedler 72 Christopher Smith Christopher Tibbetts Dawn Wilkins Jeffrey Wilson Kevin Simard Donald Townsend Maureen Simmons Rodney Smith Suzanne Tronerud Michael Young John Skerry Christina Smith Karin Swier Michael Sylvester Laura Wade Peter Tybinkowski Camera Shy Freshmen: Ronald Bonaventura James Bruzzeze Floyd Craft Michele Gray Kathleen Hebert Halcom Murray Jaime Philbrick Deanne Spirito Mary Hope Squires Lynne Szczesny 73 Class of 1983 Maureen Ahreu Matthew Brassard Kathleen Collamore Christine Cudmore Deborah Andrews Kenneth Boyer Tammy Coulter Lisa Curran Peter D’Amore Andrew Beam Richard Cimino Candy Cronin Karen Davidson F’hillip Benware Robert Cronin Eric DiMaio Jennifer Dullea Emine Erdem Wendy Flight Elizabeth Fortin Ellen DiMento 4 Wfiuly MardiriK Jill Hudzik Diane Kimball John Lally Melissa Katsapetses Stephanie Hart Nadine Jellow Douglas Johnson Krandon Headrick Robert Johnson Kllen Hayes Mary Jane Hudsrjn Alison Judge Kelly Knight Peter Lacey Brian Lavender 76 Thomas Mullane Denise Neumann Christopher O’Brien Perry Paganelli Richard Page Marie Perry Andrew Pierce Suzanne Pingree Ian Prees Douglas Parker 77 Heidi Roy Elizabeth Rose Eric Secher Ray Snyder Mike St. Louis Jeffrey Strogney Glenn Swanbon Ronald Tompkins Melissa Tripp Pam Watkins Mike Weaver Camera Shy Sophomores: Eugene Burnett Cynthia Fitton David Gillespie John Russo Lee Silver 79 Class of 1982 I’amela Anderson I.aurin Beam Paul Cawley Angela Apjjrich Paul Bonsaro Carleen Clancy Christine Balletto Paul Conti Stuart Barlow Kimberly Bartlett 80 A Kelly Dalton Lisa Fatyol Deborah Gillis Christine DelGenio Daniel Fitton Rick Gladman Cathleen Dowdie Karen Flight Adam Gordon Andrew Gatchell Patrick Crist Lynn Duckworth John Fornara Kris Graf Donald Cudmore Carol Duggan 81 Shawn (Ireen (tail (Iriasino Mark Heisler Michael (Irover Kohin fiuMtafMjn William Holt James Ingraham • I Laurie Johnson Margaret Johnston Brian Kimball Sharon Hargrove David Jandris Martha Johnson Renee Jurgelon Dona Kruszewski Stephen Langlais David Malone Diane Legere Ruth Lynah John Lloyd Cheryl Mansfield Perry Marathas Lisa Marquis Theresa Martin Mary Natale Carola Neumann Christine Page Virginia Murray 83 Daniel Parker Nancy Peabody David Peatfield Suzanne Peters Michael Prescott Michelle Pasture Wayne Pearson Benjamin Perrault David Robbins Brett Roberts Amy Rood Marie Seidel Timothy Sheehan Brian Simmons Gregory Smith Theodore Smith Jay Sparks David Stoddard Brian Tardiff Erik Thompson Erin Thompson Kathy Tibbetts Brett Tolman Paul Townsend Steve Trevisone Stephan Tripp Richard Wilkins Robert Wright Scott Yeaton Christopher Young Camera David Acheson Dawn Adams Brenda Carter Patricia Cox Douglas Dutil Earle Estep Mark Flyzik Lisa Gorton Patricia Hebert Melanie Levell Shy Juniors: Dawn McGillicuddy Daniel Messina Michael Peacock Paul Perkins Deborah Podeswick Frederick Rentschler Christina Schwartz Lisa Spirito Barbara Wilson 85 Freshman Class Officers (L to R) C. Roz.umek (Pres.), D. Codair (V. Pres.), B. Clancy (Sec.), K. Hebert (Treas.). Sophomore Class Officers 86 (L to R) L. Wilcox (Treas.), C. Cudmore (Sec.), VV. Flight (V. Pres.), S. Pingree (Pres.). Junior Class Officers (L to R) R. Lynah (V. Pres.), M. Johnson (Sec.), K. Flight (Pres.), M. Natale (Treas.). Ruth Lynah of Georgetown High School and Emine Erdem of Izmir, Turkey, began exchanging letters three years ago, when they were given each other’s addresses by a mutual friend living in Turkey. The girls found they had many interests in common, from participating in school sports to collecting items from around the world for their hobbies. Emine helped Ruth collect native dolls, and Ruth sent stamps for Emine’s collection. During the summer of 1980, the Lynah family invited Emine to spend the year with them. Emine entered G.H.S. as a junior in September, and although she misses her family, she says she has enjoyed school, playing J.V. basketball, and all the friends she has met. We at Georgetown High School will miss Emine next year and wish her the very best of luck as a senior in Turkey. Ruth Lynah and Emine Erdem 87 Sports 89 Royals Varsity Football - Commonwealth Conference Champions Vantity Scoret. G HS I’ahanto 14 0 Cathedral .30 - 22 Newton Catholic 28 ■ 6 Whittier 34 - 7 Shawsheen 13 - 0 Northeast Reg. 24 • 0 Lynn ' I’ech. 26 - 0 Bishop-Fenwick 0 - 22 .Minuteman Reg. 28 - 8 Manchester 0 - 23 Record; 5-0 CAC I-eague 8-2 Overall “I ' he Georgetown High School football team completed a fine fteaaon, finishing with an overall record of 8-2, and capturing the Commonwealth Conference Championship for the first time. “The leadership of Captains Tom Mulligan, .Jamie Page and Don Boyer, along with an overall team effort led to a satisfying year.” -Coach .Jim Collamore ju-.- .’■. ' Ur. Row 1 (L to R) ■ G. McDonald, 1). Mullane, D. Codair, L. Abreu, .1. Page, I). Boyer, T. Mulligan, P. Kkstrand, M. Ventura, T. Drapeau, I . Durkee. Row 2 - B. Silver, M. I’rescott, R. I age, P. Townsend, I’. Paganelli, K. DiMaio, M. DiVincenzo, B. Haskell, S. F’atyol. Row .3 - Coach ( ' ollamore, K. Royer, I). Fitton, K. Crimp, B. Griswold, Ci. Swanbon, C. O’Brien, M. Mansfield, Coach Haddad. F ' reshman Football Freshmen Scores GHS Ipswich 2 - 28 Whittier 24 - 6 Shawsheen Tech. 12 - 0 Northeast Reg 30 - 0 Manchester 28 - 16 Bishop-Fenwick 38 - 6 Row 1 (L to R) - S. Arriel, R. Lanigan, D. Ingraham, C. Shepherd, P. Crist, D. Prescott. Row 2 - Coach Duggan, C. Smith, C. Carter, T. Butler, J. Abreu, K. Lynah, .J. Prendible, D. Townsend, Coacb Fraser. Row 3 - H. Murray, S. .Joly, FI Dullea, R. Lawson, K. I anglais, S. Clark. Row 4 - G Smith, T. Hunter, C. Amnott, R. Smith, A. Fitzgerald, .J. Meisner. J.V. Football Row 1 (L to R) - P. Townsend, B. Griswold, F. Rentschler, K. Crimp, M. Mansfield, S. Fatyol, P. Paganelli. Row 2 - Coach Haddad, R. Page, D. Fitton, C. O’Brien, G. Swanbon, B. Haskell, E. DiMaio, B. Silver, G. Smith. •J.V. Scores Ipswich Whittier Shawsheen Northeast Reg. Lynn Tech. Bishop-Fenwick Minuteman Reg. Manchester Record; 3-4-1 GHS 0 - 28 22 - 14 16 - 6 8 - 14 14 - 6 0 - 6 8 - 8 0 - 12 mi I il C I L. 1 ' 4 V Ifl iA(7 j f il f oB sSS R . ’T,»M28S U| Bb HJ|m ii 01 N 92 93 Royals Field Hockey - Cape Ann League Champions Row 1 (L to R)- C. Judge, R. Gustafson, K. Watkins, S. Hatch, K. Coyne, K. Walker, H. Haller, Coach (iiannelli. Row 2 - J. Nizwantowski, K. Davidson, R. Lynah, D. Swanton, M. Johnson, K. Collamore, S. Nizwantowski. SCORES: 11- 1 Cape Ann League Co- Champions 12- 2-1 Overall GHS Manchester 5-0 Rentucket 3 - 0 Masconomet 5 - 0 North Reading 4 - 0 Ipswich 2 - 1 Newburyport 2 - 0 Amesbury 2-0 Hamilton-Wenham 2 - 0 Lynnfield 3 - 2 North Andover 5-1 Triton 1 - 0 Rockport 0 - 1 Law ' rence 1 - 1 State Tournament: GHS Arlington 2-1 Danvers 0 - 1 94 “This year’s field hockey team was truly a pleasure to coach. There was a fine nucleus of senior athletes who contributed immensely to the success of the team. It was a highly skilled team that always played with a great deal of intensity, enthusiasm and pride. It was a season that everyone on the team will always remember. This team will always hold a special place in my memory and heart. Thank you ladies for a tremendous season.” - Coach RoseAnn Giannelli J.V. Coach Williams and Coach of the Year Giannelli J.V. SCORES Manchester Pentucket Masconomet N. Reading Ipswich Newburyport Amesbury Lawrence Hamilton- Wenham Lynnfield N. Andover Triton Rockport Overall: 8-2-3 G.H.S. 0 - 1 0 - 4 0 - 2 0 - 2 0 - 1 1 - 4 1 - 0 0 - 2 1 - 0 0 - 3 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 J. V. Field Hockey (L to R) Row 1 - B. Mackenzie, L. Wilcox, S. Pingree, K. Flight, C. Dowdie, A. Rood, R. Jurgelon, W. Harding, M. Johnston, Coach Williams. Row 2 - A. Goodwin, J. Rood, L. Beam, W. Flight, K. Grasso, A. Judge, W. Prince, J. Dullea. 95 ni- ■ Royals Varsity Basketball • i • • From (L to H) How 1 - T. Sheehan, S. Hamilton, L. Abreu, F. McOlynn, A. Smith. Row 2 - B. Riley, K. Thompson, S. Hatch, .1. Fatje, Coach Haddad. Varsity .Score . ;hs RiK ' k| ort 46 - 34 ' I ' rilon 38 - 47 Manchester .51 ■ 46 Ipswich 57 - 40 Northeast Re({ 40 . 35 Ameshury 45 - 62 Masconomet .38 - 46 Lynnfield .34 - 44 .St. .Joseph’s 85 - 42 Ham Wenham 48 - 57 Newbury port 52 - 50 N. Andover .3.3 - .54 N. Reading .34 - 32 Fentucket 69 - .3.3 Ipswich 57 - 41 Ham-Wenham 53 - 51 Triton 33 - 48 Manchester 53 - 59 Rockport 44 - 35 Northeast Reg. 58 - 57 Record: 12-8 overall ■ - " fH From (L to R) Row 1 - K. Flight, A. Rood, C. Dowdie, S. Wells, L. Wilcox, M. Katsapetses, W. Prince. Row 2 - L. Duckworth, L. Gillis, L. Minott, L. Cassotis, E. DiMento, R. Jurgelon, S. Hart. 99 Freshman Basketball Row 1 (L to R) - C. Tibbetts, D. McDonald, C. Smith, R. Smith, P. Paganelli, D. Reynolds. Row 2 - Coach Fraser, S. Joly, P. Tybinkowski, J. Meisner, C. Amnott, T. Hunter, K. Gustafson. 100 Girls’ Varsity Basketball - Second place in Cape Ann League (L to R) Row 2 - Coach Giannelli, K. Davidson, N. Peabody, K. Tibbetts, S. Nizwantowski, C. Page. Row 1 - C. Collamore, S. Hatch, D. Swanton, K. Walker, L. Beam. VARSITY .SCORb ; R H ' k|xirt 14 GHS - .35 Triton 47 44 .Manchester 49 31 Ipswich 37 54 Amesbury 27 35 Masconomet 42 39 Lynnfield 60 33 PMA 56 33 Hamilton-Wenham 53 39 Newbury port 62 69 North Andover 45 38 North Reading 41 29 Pentucket 51 38 Ipswich 39 57 Hamilton-Wenham 59 60 Triton 52 35 Manchester 50 31 Rockport 42 40 PMA 61 45 Cape Ann I.eague II Place 12-5 14-5 overall Division II State Tournament participant J.V. Basketball JV Scores Rockport Triton Manchester Ipswich Amesbury Masconomet Lvnnfield PM A Ham-Wenham Newbury port N. Andover N. Reading Pentucket Ipswich Ham-Wenham Triton Manchester Rockport PMA Record: 9-10 overall 102 (L to R) Row 2 - H. Ames, K. Kavanaugh, K. Hebert, K. Grasso, L. Curran, E. Erdem, K. McLaughlin, Coach Graffum. Row 1 - K. Knight, C. Cudmore, S. Pingree, K. Meisner, D. Finlow. AIW 5 Kl ' ft . .. Cross Country Row 1- G. Savory, H. Flight, P. Wyman, C. Farnell, J. Flight, T. Crabtree, B. Moultrie. Row 2- D. McDonald, T. Pelletier, M. Ricketts, S. Kavanaugh, K. Johnson, S. Silver, B. Roy. Row 3- Coach Cairns, (Tri Capt.) P. McGlynn, (Tri Capt.) P. Shay, S. Hamilton, J. Perry, J. Peters, J. Pelletier, D. Jandris, M. Weinstein. Row 4- S. Wilson, B. Riley, K. Thompson, P. McCarthy, (Tri Capt.) S. Hatch, T. Goodwin SCORES: GHS Lynnfield 39 - 20 Hamilton 29 ■ 26 Essex Aggie 20 ■ 43 Manchester 19 ' - 41 Pentucket 29 ■ • 28 Ipswich 30 ■ 26 Maconomet 37 ■ 26 North Andover 46 17 Amesbury 46 19 Triton 31 ■ 24 North Reading 29 ■ 26 Newburyport 38 ■ 26 Team members: G. Smith, T. SCORES Pelletier, B. Simmons, J. Hale, B. Kimball, A. Beam, K. Lynah, E. GHS DiMaio, D. Robbins, S. Yetman, Beverly 59 - 12 M. Rood, D. Gladman, P. Andover 64 - 0 Townsend, D. Prescott, M. Salem 66 - 0 Prescott, T. Drapeau, Capt. P. Ham-Wenham 48 - 18 Ekstrand, Coach Collamore. Triton 27 - 34 Littleton 57 - 6 N. Andover 12 - 47 Masconomet 30 - 39 Pentucket 30 - 31 Ipswich 51 - 6 Whittier 47 - 24 N. Reading 24 - 37 Lynnfield 27 - 27 Wrestling Whittier Season Record: 8-5-1 57 - 12 SrOKKS Masconomet Amesbury Ipswich Newburyport N. Andover N. Reading Ham-VVenham Lynnt ' ield Masconomet Triton (;hs 2 - 4 1 - 1 2 - 2 1 - 6 1 - 7 1 - 10 2 - 7 5 - 3 5 - 6 3 - 6 Amesbury Ipswich N. Andover N. Reading Ham-Wenham Whittier Triton Newburyport Lynnfield (]HS 2 - 6 2 - 6 4 - 9 2 - 9 2 - 7 3 - 2 2 - 5 3 - 8 3 - 6 Royals Varsity Hockey “The team worked very hard this season, and - played every game with enthusiasm. They’re a great bunch of guys and I’m very proud of them.” -Coach Dave Knights 110 Row 1 (L to R) - Manager C. Ingraham, P. Crist, B. Lavender, T. Mulligan, T. Goodwin, B. Tardif, B. Lavender, D. Mullane. Row 2 - K. Simard, Coach Balleto, D. Ingraham, J. Lloyd, P. Perkins, G. McDonald, D. Boyer, K. Boyer, M. Stewart, R. Snyder, Coach Knights, Ill Cheering 112 Row 1- N. Collinet. Row 2- S. Tronerud, S. Mendez, M. Flynn, M. Simmons, K. Sanger. Row 3- B. Johnston, K. Hallowell, J. Richardson, K. Manning, L. Ouellette 113 115 A time to gather them together ... Activities Senior Class Play - “Prime Time Crime” - Dec. 5 6, 1980 “Wake U8 when practice is over!” (L to R) Row 1 - D. Swanton, S. Hatch, B. Peabody, T. Fielding, S. Hatch, S. Dullea, K. Walker, K. Watkins, L. Weinstein, B. Riley, L. DiMento, J. Shepherd. Row 2 - P. McCarthy, S. Dowdie, S. Watson, B. Bushnell, T. Goodwin, H. Haller, Director Miss Priv, K. Coyne, S. Wells, R. Sedler, S. Hamilton 116 “Geiger counters?!” “Kitchy-coo!” 117 “Love of my life!” Borotta and Bruce’ Charlie’s Devils Donkey Basketball Spirit Week 122 Queen Karen Coyne Homecoming Homecoming Queen and her Court (L to R) Sue Hatch, Karin Watkins, Queen Karen Coyne, Sue Kavanaugh, Beth Nagle 123 A time of thanks ' I ' lu‘ (hallcnfjc ol tTcatiiifi a yearbook that is iini(]iie, and yet still representative of our memorable hiKh school years has been a f reat task, hut thanks to the efforts of many individuals, the project has been a r ewardinfj experience for all who |)art ici|)ated. Our first and utmost thanks f oes to our yearbook advisor, Mrs. Patricia Oilmartin. At the brink of our des|)air, Mrs. (lilmartin volunteered to share her time and knowledge, through our first drafts, right down to the final deadline. For her help and concern, we are truly grateful. Another special person to whom we extend our deepest appreciation is Miss Donna Privitera. Her years of untiring devotion as director of drama club and senior class plays, and her enthusiasm for life and students of our school, make Miss Priv a unique individual w ' hom we will always remember. Thanks just for being you. Miss Priv. There are many other individuals who have made our high school years and our yearbook memorable. To the following people we offer our sincere thanks and a special place in our memories and hearts: Mrs. Sheila Kelly, for her generous dedication to club banquets and activities; Mrs. Mary Merrill, for her thoughtfulness in organizing our class playbooks and patron drives; and for their varied assistance in photographic binds, our thanks go to Mr. Keith Sullivan, Mr. Winston “Ruddy” Cushman, Mr. Jim Simmons, Mr. Dave Luca and Mr. William Bannister. Thanks for coming to our rescue when we needed a helping hand. Last, but certainly not least, thank you, the patrons of the yearbook who have offered encouragement and guidance through all of our high school years. From our principal, Gerald Silverman, to our advisors, coaches, teachers, friends and fellow classmates, we have shared a part of our lives that we will never forget — our years at Georgetown High School. Admit it you guys — after hours of planning, stamping, cropping, and drawing lines through little boxes, it was worth it. There weren’t always as many hours in the day as we would have liked, but we made it and we survived - barely! - with a yearbook that both you and I can be proud of. Each of us has contributed to the book in a different way, and now, rather than pacing the floor and shouting “Work!”, I’d like to say “Thanks” to those who helped out. For drafting our final layouts, thanks Sandra, Susan K., Susan D., Susan H., Karen, Lorie, Joanne, Bill, and Tommy. For typing, thanks go to Mary, Lisa, Ingrid and Chrissy, for photos and sports scores, Tom, Paul, Scott, and Mike, and for yearbook sales, ads and duties as photographer tour-guides, thanks Scott, Jimmy, Lea, and June. A special note of thanks goes to Karin Watkins for her unique cover design and advertisement art work, and for assistance in all of the above categories, the person who deserves the most recognition is Susanne L’Hommedieu. You’ve been my right arm. Sue, and I knew that between you, me and Mrs. Gilmartin, we would manage to pull it off. Even after hours of sleep missed, tears cried, and homework neglected. I’ll never forget this year — and neither will you. And if you enjoy the book as much as I have, then that’s thanks enough for me. Goodbye, good luck and thanks, G.H.S. Editor-In-Chief 128 Jack L’Hdmmedieu PRDFtSSmNAL ENGINEER 33G Andover Street Georgetown, Mass. G1B33 617-352-GG65 Mass. Reg. No 22394 P.B.’s Knook Cranny Best Wishes Class of 1981 COME BROWSE LOW PRICES - SAVE MONEY New Used Merchandise We accept clothing, Brick-A-Brack accessories Georgetown Shopping Center Closed Mondays GEORGETOWN, MA 352-7066 130 from GEORGETOWN SHOE SALES rtt- 3S’2- ' 9S73 E Residential and Custom Cabinets Commercial Case Work Vanities and Counter Tops Cabinetmaker Auburn Farms Inc. Indoor Riding Hall 289 Andover Street Phone (617) 352-2821 Georgetown, MA 01833 Horses Boarded - Bought - Sold INSTRUCTION BY APPOINTMENT DANVERS CONCRETE BLOCK CO., INC. Rear 103 East Main St. Georgetown, MA 01833 352-2833 or 774-2145 Tel. 352-6161 Georgetown, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF 1981 GIORDANO’S RESTAURANT 206 West MHin St. r Georgetown, Mass. 3 I Tel. 352-9887 Good Luck to The Class of 1981 from THE GEORG ETO WN POLICE DEPARTMENT ne-Z t fi 7 3Si ■ Z5S7 HOURS MON FRI 8 5 TELEPHONE 617-352-6001 B B AI K) CLIMC ISC. Domestic lorei n Auto Repair Seie i sed Cars G 17 LIBRARY STREET TED MARK BOULANGER GEORGETOWN. MA 01833 Compliments of: AND C CLEANERS (icorgctown Shopping Center GEORGETOWN DOOR WINDOW Professional Dry Cleaning Drapery. Purs, [.eather. Sweaters Tailor Service l ei. 352-2380 Compliments of Village Sub and Pizza ndersen Windowalb Sun. thru Thur. nPR ' M 10:30 to 12:00 Fn. and Sat. OPEN Windows (il id ing Doors Serving the Finest in Subs, Pizzas and Fried Foods 1 Park St. Georgetown, Ma. 01833 352-2804 ( on riitiilations " Tho 1 lair P(3()j)lc” Best of luck class of ’81 ( )l I Tlio Top 1 hiirstyling aa W. Main SI. ( ;c( iiuctown, Ma. 0IH33 T( ' l. 352-9H37 wwwrrwTnrm LUMBER 9nc. 7S REAR WEST MAIN ST. TEL S52-669I GEORGETOWN. MASS. 01833 BILL S BONNIE SHIKRALLAII CRESSY ' S Central Street PETER PRATT 352-2234 Georgetown Shopping Center PRATT COIN SHOP Slliott nc. Specialists in Home Comfort WE BUY GOLD AND SILVER SCRAP WANTED OLD CAR PLATES 78 WEST MAIN ST.. CEOSGETOWN. MASS. 352-8711 363-2300 20 EAST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01833 Phone: 352-2473 TOWN COUNTRY HAIRSTYLING 62A Central St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 133 C]()m{)liin(Mits 134 Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Skeirik and Dr. Peter Skeirik PERFORMANCE IS OUR SPECIALTY PHONE 352-8758 cSj SsA cS ojj e Merrill Avenue AMESBURY, MA. 01913 (617) 3SS-1931 Georgetown Village tydet i Flowers for All Occasions MODEL SUPPLIES AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 37 WEST MAIN ST GEORGETOWN, MASS, Tel. 374-8804 SIRR’S SPORT SHOP Complete Pro Shop Geoffrey C. Sirr Specializing in Custom Sharpening Team Outfitting in Hockey, Softhall Baseball and Football Tennis Equipment and Stringing Service Running Shoes Nike - Adidas - Brooks - New Balance adidas 241 Lincoln Ave. Haverhill Plaza Haverhill, Mass. 01830 135 Good Luck Class of “ 81 ” NUNAN FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasions 269 Central St Georgetown. .VIA TOPS BOTTOMS 352-8172 Best Wishes to the J G Class of ‘ 81 ’ B.P. Service Station Haverhill Plaza 36 Central Street Georgetown, MA. 01855 352-9839 Custom Work Engraving Repair Service The Gold Rush 14K Jewelry Sterling Rings Watches Brass Pewter Diamonds Candace V. Archambault 25 West Main St. Georgetown, Mass. (617) 352-8772 137 GEORGETOWN PHARMAGY ' ' On the Square” Robert K. Lavoie H.S., Refi- Rharm. : .V2-2121 Good luck class of 1981 Compliments of DR. AND MRS. JOEL R. FRANKER VERNON A. MARTIN, INC. Realtors 37 West Main Street Georgetown, Mass. Serving the North Shore with 8 offices Peahody, Lynn, Ipswich, Rockport, Newburyport, North Andover, Danvers, and Georgetown 138 Wl Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 A Community Bank with Community Interest 7 North Street Georgetown, Ma. Our Best To The Class of “81” from Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 THE from GEORGETOWN EPONA BOARD ARABIANS OF HORSES BOARDED SELECTMEN 256 East Main St. John Lloyd Georgetown, MA Barn Manager Donald A. Peterson, Chairman Joseph A. Soucy, Clerk William E, Handren, Jr, 352-6808 139 Good Luck Seniors CENTER PHARMACY 50 Central St. Georgetown, MA 352-8540 Your Representative: Roy E. Huh 320 Fellsview Terrace Stoneham, MA. 02180 617-438-6833 Not a subsidiary, not a division of — but the largest independent manufacturer of yearbooks in the United States WALSWORTH Marcehne Missouri 140 Our Best to the Seniors 161 West Main Street Georgetown, MA 01833 Best Wishes Paul M. Glynn Congratulations Georgetown Gallery and Best Wishes Fine Art Custom Framing to the Carving Georgetown Gilding High School Class of 1981 Good Luck Class of 1981 THE compliments of: GEORGETOWN Rudolph, Andrews, Kroner P.T.O. Attorneys-At-Law 64 Central St. Georgetown, MA 352-8111 141 The Watsons HOPE JEWELERS 142 37-39 West Main Street Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 Watch and Jewelry Repair Done on the Premises haverhill UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE -SPRINGS MATTRESSES national Progressive banking since 1836. SPAULDING COLONIAL REPRODUCTIONS, INC. GEORGETOWN, MASS. directly on SHOWROOM: 5 ELM STREET ROUTE 133 FACTORY: 118 EAST MAIN STREET TEL. 352 2921 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1981 from the staff of the ROY ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL Georgetown Office PHONE 95 ELM ST. 352-8497 GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01833 GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, INC. SENIORS INDUSTRIAL — HARDWARE MASONRY SUPPLIES Go for all the East Main St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 352-2091 — 774-8572 GUSTO You can grab! And do it GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 81 WITH CLASS from THE HARVEST MARKET JUNIORS MANAGER Milton Randall 143 ♦ . ; ■ ♦ ., . r . ; if jfvi ‘ ' 1 ■ A ' H v» Wl Y Pints hiLllM zDea er J(reA, One. A ' iPf M)W f Vf fii Nf f (j i f -.T MAi% f T p. . ,Tf - ' i if ■ ' «(jf ' AN V . .H M I I We Are Now H KM For I Com{)uterized Wheel Balancing Shock Absorbers SENIORS SHOOT KOH THK STARS Kxhaust Systems k ' ront Knd Work Brake Work We specialize in IWI) Wheel Alif(nments THE STUDENT COUNCIL Congratulations Seniors! THE KEY CLUB Good Luck to the Class of 1981 Mrs. B’s Brunch ’n Lunch Tel. 352-9896 1981 MOTTO: DARE TO 64 Central St Georgetown Open 7 Days BEST WISHES SENIORS from INFLUENCE THE CAFETERIA STAFF 144 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD’S BLESSING are wished to you, THE G.H.S. CLASS OF 1981, from the family and friends of THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Georgetown BEST WISHES to the GRADUATING CLASS of “ 81 ” from the SOPHOMORE CLASS of “ 83 ” Balfour O’Brien Johnson. Inc. 871 Washington Street Braintree. Massachusetts 021 84 (617) 848-3250 (617) 848-3251 145 COMPLIMENTS OF: THE CASSOTIS FAMILY TO THE CLASS OF 1981 GOOD LUCK FROM PHYLLIS AND GEORGETOWN PRODUCTIONS 146 Friends of the Class of 1981 To Brenda, “Yesterday’s gone; Now all I want is a smile.” - Love, Kyle To “the radio man” and his friends at the station: “God love ya!” - Kyle’s girlfriend Good luck to the Class of ’81 - Mr. Bennett Good luck Karin, Karen, Sue, Sue everyone else: Hope you all go far in life Best wishes to the Class of ’81 - Bill Pechilis Good luck! Chris, Brian, Chris - Love, Eric, Trish, Mom DiMaio Que vous n’en ayez pas mare au college - Theresa C. Levesque “To thine own self be true” - Best wishes to the Class of ’81 - Dick Cairns Good luck to my left-handed basketball player; see you at the General - Tracy Dowd To Karyn - a beautiful girl and a loving friend - from Craig Good luck Class of ’81 - Mr. Mrs. Page Success and happiness to all from Mr. and Mrs. Carl Merrill and Heidi Good luck to the Class of ’81 - Mr. and Mrs. “De” Best of luck Susan and the Class of ’81 - Love, the Kavanaughs Success to the Class of ’81 - Jack Cathy L’Hommedieu Good luck Susan - Love, Mom and Dad Best wishes - The Schaffner Family We love you, Jamie - Lynne and Chris Best wishes Seniors - The Russos From your 1 fan - Anna Noren Congratulations to the Class of 1981 - Mr. Mrs. Coyne Good luck - George Page Best wishes to the Class of ’81 from the Prendible Family May values guide all your happenings and may all your drives be insulated - Neal Checkoway It’s about time you got out of that place; Good luck Kathy Best of luck to the four headaches - Lisa, Lori, Kathy and Joyce Good luck seniors - Grandma Best of everything - Robert Sinibaldi Good luck in the future. Class of ’81 - Nigel Heales Best wishes- Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Hart Kenneth and Jane Field May you now join in work for the successes of tomorrow - Mai Fraser Keep on truckin’! from “Crash” Shep - O.K. ’81! Congratulations Seniors and warmest wishes always - Mr. Mrs. James Shepherd Family Karin, Good luck in your big art career! Who knows! Maybe you’ll write a commercial for Calvin Klein! Good luck Brenda and the Class of ’81 - Love, Debbie David To the Class of 1981 - Best of Luck - the Gissels To Sue with love - Bill To Bill with love - Sue Best of luck in the future - Ed Shay May you always be young at heart - Rita Shay Goodbye fellow Superheroes! - Sue Richards T.R.S.L.S. - Remember all the good times! - Heather and Judge To the Class of 1981 - “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt) - A friend “Part of the American myth is that people who are handed the skin of a dead sheep at graduation time think that it will keep their minds alive forever” (John Mason Brown) - Libby Grimm To Jim, Bob, Mark, Keith and Buddy, “the guys at the news” Libby - Thanks for making my senior year interesting!” - Love, BEA Good luck to the best class! - 1981 forever! Love, Ingrid Best wishes to the Class of ’81! - Mr. Mrs. Judge Good luck John! Best wishes to a great group of Seniors! - Mr. Mrs. Edward McGlynn Seni Seviyorum - Emine Erden Hey Jeff (George) Just keep on pluckin’! - Matt Brassard Best wishes to the Class of ’81 from the Chisholms Good luck Seniors from the Davidsons Best wishes to a very special class. - Mr. Mrs. Ekstrand Good luck Class of ’81 Ad astra per aspera - Mrs. Rowe Congratulations - Mr. Mrs. Ronald Arriel Good luck to the Class of ’81 - Mr. Mrs. Judge Good luck Ingrid and the Class of ’81 - Mom, Dad Karin Swier The Malone Critters - Rocky Missy Best wishes - Ted Art’s Hairstylists Good luck to the Class of ’81 - Bill Arlene Henderson Best of luck Lorie - Mom, Dad “The Kids” Thanks to everyone for all the memories - Love, Sandra Good luck to the Class of ’81 - Bob Muriel Riley Best wishes to the 3 K’s, 2 S’s, from 2 T’s, 2 J’s, A. Three down, none to go. Congratulations Sandra - Love, Nana, Vera Richard “Success to the Class of 1981!” - The Bushnells Good luck from the Clays Jone-clone is a pickle person! Love, Joan 1 Health, happiness and success as you meet the challenges of the future! - Pamela Ann Simpson Sorry the stay wasn’t longer: 9 25 80-1 30 81 - Mr. Nutting Good luck E-block “gifted” the Class of ’81 - Mr. McNally Brenda Sue, “No, the pictures aren’t in yet!” - Mrs. Gilmartin To Brenda, Success in all your endeavors. Love, Mom Dad 147 it To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn. And a time for every purpose . . . under heaven. 152 WAUSWtiRTM PV BLIHHINX. COMPANY MARCCUNE MI SOCRI •4 M To everything turn, turn, turn . . . turn, TUR THE 1981 GEORGIAN SUPPLEMENT Royals Varsity Baseball - Coach Dave SCOKKS l.ynnfii ' ld ' I ' nion Kih k| ort Mnnchciit«-r Amf»hury MdiMiinomfl No Andov«-r Hamdton Wt-nham N«-whury(x rl No HxadinK I ' entuckct Trit«m (-lamilton ' «-nham Manchi ' htfr R(k kfxirt Ipnwich Final record: 9-8 Non-lea {ue Whittier Whittier (IlouceHter Wilbur (iMS 11 10 5 « 0 9 1 10 0 9 4 5 3 - 2 4 r, 2 4 n 2 8 0 4 0 2 - 3 3 5 7 6 6 5 3 . 2 GHS 2 - 7 4 - 5 6 - 3 .A r . UiO: n J.V. Baseball - Coach Bill Pechilis Royals Varsity Softball - Coach Bill Bannister H V l.ynnlicld Iritiin K m k| nrl Ipivkuh M(in» hi tler Ami-sliiirv Mawonornrl No AikIovit Hamilton U rnham Ncwhuryport No. UfadinK iVntut kct IphWIlh Hamilton N ' cnham ' I’riton K k kjxirt Manchi“ tfr Record: tj-12 .HS 5 :| It 7 M 7 i:t « :i iM t; 5 1 12 2 19 10 9 :t M (i 2 6 i:i 9 H 2 f) 14 12 13 3 13 J. V. Softball - Coach Charlie Adams ' Zi House Zoo ■ 1 llini J r H National Honor Society Banquet Senior Class Trip - May 20, 21, 22 - Oak ’N Spruce h Imagine Freshman Frolic - May 29, 1981 Sophomore Hop - April 4, 1981 “The Best of Times” L. to R, G. McDonald, P. Watkins, M. Prescott, S. Pingree, M. DiVincenzo, Queen L. Wilcox, C. Page, E. Erdem, B. Riley, B. MacKenzie, P. Ekstrand. Junior Prom - May 15, 1981 “li’e’ve (lot I ' onight " i I Karin Watkins, Queen Chris Page, Pat McGl Tin, Amy Rood, From left, Steve Dowdie, Debby Gillis, Scott Knight, Lisa Marquis, Tom Fielding, Carlene Clancy, John Tyman. 164 Senior Prom - March 20, 1981 “Love Reign O’er Me i j i r 1 ' Cutest couples; A L’Hommedieu. il66 L . Rood, T. Riley, S. W ells, S. Wilson, C. Page, K. Thompson, B. 0 I Brennan, S. ' t Senior Banquet - May 27, 1981 he Yearbook Dedication The Final Farewell Class of 1981 Superlatives Most l.ikely ' I’o Sucrced H( st Dressed Most dedicated to the class Best looking Nicest figure or build Nicest eyes Nicest hair Nicest smile (dass clown (’lass musician Most sophisticated ' Pallest Shortest Nicest legs Best actor or actress Most popular Most studious Teacher’s Pet Most artistic Cutest couple Most gossipy Most talkative Best personality Life of the Party Best Dancer Class flirt Most athletic Shyest Most outgoing Most typical senior Most likely to be blamed ... Most likely to be absent .... Karen Coyne Brenda Ayers Linda Cillis Brenda Ayers Sue Hatch ... Karin Watkins Karin Watkins danet Seidel Sue Didlea Sandra Wells Val Clark Brenda Ayers Sue Kavanaugh Debbie Swanton Cbris (lissel Karin Watkins Joanne Pasquale Karen Coyne Karen Coyne Brenda Ayers Beth Nagle Lorraine Cassotis Lorraine Cassotis Chris Gissel Sue Hatch Beth Nagle Lysa Norris Heather Haller Debbie Swanton June Fitton Val Clark Sandra Wells Tom Goodwin Beth Nagle Carolyn Judge James Shepherd Line Jackson Peter Durkee Line Jackson Phil Kkstrand Line Jackson ' I ' om Fielding Jamie Page ' I’om G(M)dwin Scott Radford Paul Shay Peter Tibbetts Mike .McCarthy Scott Hatch Tom Goodwin Jamie Page James Shepherd Scott Watson Bob Peabody Scott Hatch Mike V’entura Mike Ventura Scott Hatch Peter McCarthy Pat McGlynn Jeff Moyer Jamie Page Peter Lobley Tom Mulligan Don Boyer Don Boyer Heather Haller Class “Crash” Rick Sedler Senior Class Will I. Larry Abreu, leave four untouched walls to the Big H. I. Dave Arriel, leave my running shoes to anyone who is dumb enough to chase after D.P.Q.! I. Brenda Ayers, leave our yearbook to Martha Johnson, a “Private Lightning” t-shirt to Mr. Cairns, a pickle to Joan and my physics problems to Jim Shep. I. Matt Besse, leave the hood of my Buick to the Industrial Arts Department. I, David Bjornholm, leave my parking space 86 to whoever keeps parking in it. 1, Don Boyer, leave all my worthy possessions to Trish. I. Lorraine Cassotis, leave Cathie Dowdie ail the good times we ' ve had together, and Nick, all the teachers who can handle him. I, Valerie Clark, leave Trissy a rake, Justin, Becky and Brandon, giggles. Lee, Mary-Alice and Chris, Dexatrim. I. Mike Clarke, leave Michelle P. my locker, and M.N. all my love. I. Karen Coyne, leave my exceptional belly-dancing abilities within the confines of this school. I, Mary Crimp, leave my flash pants to David and my whiplash collar to Pam. I, Joe DeSisto, leave Bob Bray a new set of nerves, my permission to write ICMX) absent notes, and all my empty beer bottles in the parking lot. I, Tom Drapeau, leave all my tardiness to anyone who wants it, but I must take my elite position as cafe monitor. I, Mike Duggan, leave my parking space to whoever keeps parking in it, and my job as school mailman to any fool who wants it. I, Sue Dullea, leave my parking space 76 to anyone who wants to use it. (Was it ever really mine?!) I, Peter Durkee, leave all my troubles behind. I, Steve Fatyol, leave my nickname, “Grape Ape.” I, Tom Fielding, leave the Sr. Prom to carry on, my “prep” to Matt Rood, and my position as president to a deserving junior who will soon learn that all the hard work and dedication was worth while. I, June Fitton, leave Dan Fitton my grades and my senior year. 1, Linda Gillis, leave my sister Debby my seat in the office, my excuses for leaving school, my parking space, my braces and my major regret. I, Chris Gissel, leave my car to whoever wants it, a big red balloon to Mr. Tardiff, peace to the librarians, and not spurn to Karin Swier. I, Louie Grasso, leave Mr. Bray my own personal copy of “Shut upaya face.” I, Heather Haller, leave Mr. Bray my phone number at U. Mass so he can give me a wake-up call every morning. I, Scott Hatch, leave Marty Weinstein a cross country team to captain, and Coach Cairns a .500 season. I, Sue Hatch, leave Caren McDonald my 44 shirt, and of course, my bunny suit to Mr. Lowell so he may join Martha J. next year. Silwy Wabbits. I, Nigel Heales, leave my expertise in running the Guidance Office to Mrs. Gilmartin, the queen to Mrs. Leach and the ambulance to Mrs. Kinson. I, Scott Heil, leave my tardy excuses, absent excuses, dismissal excuses and my charming smartness smile with Mr. Bray. 1, George Heisler, leave all my unfinished work and cluttered locker to underclassmen. I, Dave Henderson, leave this school to any unlucky person coming in next year. I, Joyce Hooper, leave my positions in OEA to anyone who has the courage to undertake them, and my gratitude to Mrs. Merrill for all she ' s done for me. I, Line Jackson, leave to Mr. Cairns, all my Pierre Cardin clothes and to Ms. Simpson, a night out. I, Lori Johnson, leave what little remains of my tom and tattered heart to Beardso-face . . . forever. I, Carolyn Judge, leave my broken alarm clock to and students who aren’t late to Mr. Bray. I, Susan Kavanaugh. leave my locker and the neighborhood soap opera to the senior hall. I, Susanne L’Hommedieu, leave a frisbee to Simp, and my Physics book to Mr. Lowell and Miss Roy to do with as they see fit. I, Pete Lobley, leave all the small rodents and mammals for the other kids to learn about in Miss Priv’s class. I, Dan Mades, leave Mr. Lowell both of my physics books, and to Mr. McNally, my unfinished calculus word problems. I, Mike McCarthy, leave my drafting pencil to anybody with the skill. I, Peter McCarthy, leave Mr. Cairns all my make-up work from American Dream and Mass Media. I also leave K.D. a Nike shirt. I, Greg McDonald, leave Tom Mulligan’s truck to anyone crazy enough to ride in it, and my spidey suit to Mike Prescott. I, Pat McGlynn, leave my enthusiasm to Coach Cairns, my tough (?) schedule and my F. G and H studies to Chris Page, my daredevil suit to Ken Boyer and my passenger seal to anyone crazy enough to sit there when Noodle drives. I, Cindy Meisner, leave Valerie and Heather my unique ability to blow smoke rings and to Brandon, giggles. I. Linda Minott, leave the hallways to any Junior who would rather roam around than sit in classes. I, Jeff Moyer, leave my seat on the basketball bench, beside Mr. Haddad to Marty Einstein, my F, G and H. studies to anyone smart enough to make their schedule out to take them. I, Danny Mullane, leave my 45-50 shot games to the next G-town goalie — If he lives! I. Tom Mulligan, leave my turtle shell to Mark D., my Phil, lawyer to Bobby, my D.L.L. to P.S.T. Gc Luck. I. Beth Nagle, leave my diplomacy and good-naturedness to Mr. Bray. I, Janet Nizwantowski, leave my position in field-hockey open for anyone who can run fast and handle the ball well. I also leave G-town High for good. I, Jamie Page, leave my sports jerseys, ’s 10 and 12, to my brother Steven, my jumpshot to Chris, and all my battl es in B-ball practice with Larry Abreu. I, Joanne Pasquale, leave my “flipper” laugh to Keira. I, Bob Peabody, leave my well-used mistletoe to anybody who likes the thrill of the hunt, and my sound-effected stories to Wendy Prince. I, Karlyn Phillips, leave my basketball skills (?) to Craig Harper. I, James Proctor, leave everything, except me, my diploma, and all my disagreements with the administration. I, Lisa Purcell, leave all my Disney Land characters to Patty Cox for E block. I leave G.H.S. forever to be with Bob Soucy. I, Scott Radford, leave my saxaphone position to anyone who wants it. my band presidency to Erik Thompson, and it’s only a movie. I, Pam Reynolds, leave my mailbox and my driveway to Sue so she can practice backing up. I, Bob Riley, leave my spot on the bench and the bruises on my right leg to Coach Haddad. I, Rick Sedler, leave my rocks to the ladies of New York. I, Stacey Shaw, leave G.H.S. and my tardiness record to Kelly. I. Paul Shay, leave my study habits to Mr. Cairns and my stoicism to Ernie Fitton. May it help him to become a better pitcher. I, Jim Shepherd, leave my Harvard application in Mr. Bray’s wastebasket, and my H + ions to the science department. I, Chris Silver, leave G-town High, hopefully, permanently, to anyone who can handle it. I, Christine Smith, leave Lori Lou the Infamous Green Disco Socks. I. Debbie Swanton, leave my pregame hives to anyone who wants them. I. Ingrid Swier, leave my driving experience to Pam “Crash” Reynolds. I, Kenny Thompson, leave my book of shooting to Coach Haddad, my hatred of Fluffy to my little sister, and two types of oranges to the city of New York. I. Peter Tibbetts, leave the fireman’s monument to anyone worthy of taking it down again, and Miss Tish, another dozen roses. I. Karen Valerio, leave my seat in Kwantz’s bathroom to Dianne Codair. I, Michael Ventura, leave all my editorials to Mr. Dostie, but my Neil Young collection, I take with me, for no one else is worthy of taking it. I, Karyn Walker, leave to Boba, K.D. and Martha, the memories and the future good times to come at Fitchburg and the Cape, and my field hockey 1 to Wendy Prince. I, Karin Watkins, leave all my personal excuses for being late and absent to my sister Pam to use. Touche, Mr. Bray. I, Scott Watson, leave Ambulance 1 to Mrs. Kinson, Ambulance 2 to Mrs. Leach, the Queen to Mrs. Leach, Westinghouse to Jackie and Eileen, and the computer cards and tardy slips to Bob Bray. I, Sandra Wells, leave P.E. talks to Kathy and E block to Mike. I, Lora Weinstein, leave my spot on the bumwarmer to any deserving bum. I, Scott Wilson, leave Ruthann to my brother, my sincere apologies to Mrs. Phillips, and my Bob Seger collection to anyone worthy of the honor. I, Lisa Wood, leave the headless Mombo to whoever finds him. and one punch in the head to Beardso-face for the abuse of Lori. We, Bill Bushnell and Tom Goodwin, leave a dozen eggs and a gallon of green sub cleaner to anyone who wants 30 hours of fun. We, the Senior Class, leave the underclassmen a lot of unity, and Mr. Checkoway all our love. I, Neal Checkoway, leave the Class of 1981 the spirit week trophy you actually won. •Due to the tardiness of a voting ballot, one judge’s scores were not tallied in the decision of the “Spirit Week” winner. Although the Class of 1983 is certainly to be commended on its fine winning performance in the competition, had ail scores been received on time, the Seniors would have won Spirit Week. Seniors, congratulate yourselves on a job well done! 173 Graduation Neal E. Checkoway Class of 1981 Advisor Commencement Speaker Class President Tom Fielding Valedictorian Karen Coyne “Brave New World, Revised’’ Salutatorian Lorie Weinstein “The Famous Final Scene’’ Honor Essayist James Shepherd III “A Small World” Honor Essayist Brenda E. Ayers “Priorities in Perspective” L .JH ' - f 1 . 1 4 ;i The Georgian 1981 Georgetown High School Georgetown, Massachusetts f t % » t I i

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