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The Georgian The 1980 Georgian Georgetown, Massachusetts A - the beginning. We started with nothing but then reached out and began to discover new and exciting things. Some things we picked up and carried with us. Others we left for those who followed. We walked,, forward, sometimes stumbling but always continuing. Some of us gathered too many things, and they slipped from our fingers. Others raced forward, not stopping even to look. We all pushed ahead, not always steadily, to the end. Table Of Contents Dedication Grads Undergrads Faculty Student Life Activities Athletics Ads Senior Directory .. 4 .. 5 27 51 65 81 103 125 142 Dedication When lilt; lime came to select the one person who has contributed the most to the Class of 1980, no one questioned what the outcome would he. Although many faculty members have given their time and effort for various school activities, one individual has constantly supported our class As our adviser for two years, she was not only always available to help deal with the many developments which are bound to arise when a group of high school students govern one-hundred other kids, but she also provided an inexhaustible source of imaginative ideas and a class spirit unsurpassed by even our most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Although this individual is very easy-going, yet persevering, many incidents still occurred when nothing seemed to turn out right, and we struggled to keep hack the tears. However, her quick thinking, inherent business sense, and supportive encouragement always seemed to save the day. Not often is a class so fortunate to have so gifted a person in their corner. Therefore, it is with gratitude, forethought, and sincerity that we dedicate the 1980 Georgian to Mrs. Leona Defanski. Thanks. Mrs. ‘Ski, for making our high school years so memorable. 4 Foreign Exchange Students Georgetown High School has been a great experience for me. Sometimes small problems have appeared, but I have had many happy moments. I would like to thank all the teachers and the administration, and the biggest thanks is for my mother, the person who gave me this opportunity. Marcello da Silva I love Georgetown, I love Americans. I won’t forget you. Yasuyuki Arak The things you all gave me this year I will never forget. I learned a lot which will benefit me in the future, and, hopefully, I ' ll see you again. Love, Olle Enstrom 7 Theresa Allen |effrey Amero Terry Apprich )ohn Amaro Mark Anderson 8 David Ball, )r. Edward Blouin William Brennan Jacqueline Benjamin David Barlow Linda Burnett 9 Susan Caporizzo Kevin Castle Roger Carter 10 Dianne Chronis Kevin Collamore Mark Connolle Scott Connolley Patricia Costanzo Stephen Dalton mmu Barry Davidson Anita Day Marcello da Silva Jennifer Hart Christopher Helmke David Houlden Brian Johnson 15 Gregory Jandris Kimberly Hunter Scott Langevin Stephanie Levell Richard Mahoney Gerald McCarthy Michael McGillicuddy John McGuirk Kathy Mcisner Mary Miller Paul Mutch 18 Linda Nason Thomas Parley |eannelte Perreault Mark Perry Dean Peters Jeffrey Peters 20 Michael Pingree Suzanne Rentschler Edward Powell Lauren Prescott James Rodgers Lisa Rosene 21 Theresa Russo Eileen Seaberg Nurse Bunjamin strikes again! Lenny Schwartz - J Robert Sedler Lynne Skeirik Are these the Kings and Queens? Patricia Small Sandra Smith Bruce Swanbon Bruce Swanton 23 Kristopher Thompson Camera Shy Seniors Yasuyuki Arak Greg Charchoodian Olle Enstrom Violet Freeman Scott Gibbons Gaylen Jackson William Knickles Jay Maguire Scott Norris Paul Owens t Frank Tolman I Scott Wade Michael Walsh Katherine Callamore Tammie Coulter n FRES1 1 MEN Debra Andrews Jonathan Barlow Richard Cimino Peter Clark Andrew Beam Phillip Benvvare Ronald Bonaventura, |r Eric DiMaio Brian Gerraughty (ennifer Dullea Jeff Gillen V Robert Cronin Christine Cudmore Cindy Fitton Dean Gladman Karen Davidson Wendy Flight Ann Marie Goodwin Lisa Curran 29 Alison Judge Kelly Knight Douglas Johnson Robert Johnson Diane Kimball Jill Hudzik Melissa Katsapetses 4 Peter Lacey 31 Paul Miller Michael Mansfield Kevin Moss John Marzec Perry Paganelli Marie Perry Christopher O ' Brien Steven Nejezchleba Andrew Pierce Suzanne Pingree Denise Neumann Douglas Parker 33 Andrew Shepherd I Pamela Watkins Martin Weinstein Lou Ann Wilcox Douglas Yetman Raymond Snyder Michael St. Louis Camera Shy Freshmen: Maureen Abreu Deborah Beekler Kenneth Boyer Eugene Burnett Jeffrey Castle Kevin Crimp Candice Cronin Ellen DiMento Elizabeth Fortin Suzanne Gallup Paul Graf Katherine Grasso Marion Green William Griswald Brandon Headrick Nadine [ellow Lisa Kaplan John Lothrop Teresa MacGown Lisa Mosher Tom Mullane David Phillips Ian Prees Wendy Prince Brian Riley Howard Rogers Danielle Schwartz Eileen Sheldon Glenn Swanbon Christopher Tully Michael Weaver Phillip Yetman i Jeffrey Strogney Lee Silver SOPHOMORES Pamela Anderson David Acheson Angela Apprich Michael Caporizzo s t If Carlene Clancy Paul Conti Karen Brockelbank Cheryl Coolen 36 Lynn Duckworth Kelly Dalton Cathleen Dowdie Daniel Fitton Karen Flight (ohn Fornara, Jr Gail Grissino Dorian Cortes Carol Duggan Deborah Gillis Rick Gladman 1 Shawn Green 37 David landris Warren Gulezian William Holt Sharon Hargrove Martha Johnson Michael Grover SSfcife Mark Heisler 38 Melanie Levell Cheryl Mansfield David Malone Ruth Lynah Lisa Marquis Dawna Lavender Terry Martin Dianne Legere 39 Daniel Parker Russell Merry Daniel Messina Carola Neumann Virginia Murray Christine Page 5L Jf Mary Natale 40 Wayne Pearson, |r. Michael Prescott David Robbins Nancy Peabody Fred Rentschler Michelle Pastore Brett Roberts 41 Amy Rood Brian Simmons lay Sparks Mario Seidel David Stoddard J b i Timothy Sheehan 42 Erin Thompson Laurie Johnson Margaret |ohnston Renee Jurgelon Brian Kimball Dona Kruszewski John Lloyd Perry Marathas Dawn McGillicuddy Jonathan Meader Susan Nizwantowski Michael Peacock David Peatfield Paul Perkins Benjamin Perreault Suzanne Peters Lynne Prescott Harry Prouix John Russo Christine Schwartz Gregory Smith Lisa Spirito Erik Th ompson Brett Tolman Paul Townsend Stephen Trevisone Robert Wright, Jr. Christopher Young Kathy Tibbetts Ronald Tompkins Bryan Tardif Camera Shy Sophomores: Dawn Adams Christine Balletto Kimberly Bartlett Paul Bonasoro Peter Bonasoro Brenda Carter Jill Charchoodian Patricia Cox Patrick Crist Donald Cudmore Todd Dattoli Christine Delgenio Douglas Dutil Earle Estep Lisa Fatyol Mark Flyzik Andrew Gatchell David Gillespie Adam Gordon Lisa Gorton Kristine Graf Gerald Gray Robin Gustafson Neil Harper Patricia Hebert James Ingraham Richard Wilkins Barbara Wilson Scott Yeaton 43 JUNIORS Brenda Ayers Joseph DeSisto i Cheryl Doncaster Stephen Dowdie Gina Faretra Karen Coyne " J Thomas Drapeau Thomas Fielding Michael Duggan Susan Dullea 44 Linda Gillis Susan Hatch Carolyn Judge Robert Hargrove Edward Hochmuth line Fitton Scott Hatch Lori Johnson Nigel Heales Peter Lobley Christine Gissel Suzanne L’Hommedieu Alan Merrill Elizabeth Nagle James Page Carey Nason Greg McDonald JoAnne Pasquale 46 Tom Rogers Scott Radford Bob Peabody Pam Reynolds Karlyn Phillips Bob Riley Lisa Purcell |anol Seidel Brian Silver Christopher Silver David Smith |ames Shepherd I Stacey Shaw 48 Peter Tibbetts Karen Valerio Patricia Walsh 49 Karin Watkins Scott Wilson Lisa Wood Scott Watson Lawrence Abrcu David Arriel Matthew Besse David Bjornholm Donald Boyer William Bushncll Lorraine Cassotis Richard Chouinard Valerie Clark Douglas Codair Mary Crimp Lea DeMento Lisa DiVincenzo Peter Durkee Phil Ekstrand Steve Fatyol Gerald Gagne Thomas Goodwin Lewis Grasso Heather Haller Steven Hamilton Scott Heil George Heisler Charles Henderson David Henderson Joyce Hooper Lora Weinstein Sandra Wells Kathleen Johnson Susan Kavanaugh Daniel Madcs Paul McCarthy P.itrick McGlynn Mark McLaughlin Cindy Mcisner Scott Mencades Linda Minott Jeffrey Moyer Daniel Mullane Janet Nizwantowski Lisa Norris Charlotte Osborne John Perry Heather Rohner Kit Rudolph Richard Sedler Paul Shay Christine Smith Deborah Svvanton Jeffrey Symes Kenneth Thompson Richard Troudt Michael Ventura Karyn Walker Faculty Miss Joyce Armeen-Guidance Dept. Mr. Daniel Gulezian-Guidance Dept. Mrs Eileen DiVincenzo-Secretarv Mrs Margaret Phillips-School Nurse Mrs. Patricia Gilmartin-Guidance Dept. 53 Mr. William Bannister-Media Library Dcpl. Head Mrs. Audrey Wells-Library Mrs. Patti Phillips-Library Mrs. Susan Clav-Media Mrs Patricia DiMaio-Library 5-4 Mr Richard Cairns-English Dept. Head Mrs. Mary Kober-English Reading Dept. Miss Donna Privitera-English Dept Mr. Clifford Scott-English Dept. Mr. Neal Checkoway-English Dept. Miss Cathy Skeirik-English Dept. Ms. Joan Wadsworth-English Dept. Mr. Harvey Mades-Science Dept. Head Mr. Malcolm Fraser-Science Chemistrv Dept. Mr. Charles Donnelly-Science Dept Mr. Louis Lowell - Science Dept. Mr. E. Thomas Gamble - Science Dept. Mrs. Marie Geggis - Science Dept. Mrs. Carol Saccone - Science Dept. 58 Mrs. Karen Allbach - Social Studies Dept. Mr. Frank Berardino - Social Studies Dept. Mr. Reginald Tardif - Social Studies Dept. Head Mr. Richard Arns - Social Studies Dept Mrs. Helene Rvan-Foreign Lang. Depl. Head Mr. Lawrence Farelta-Social Studies Dept Mr. John DeAngelis, |r. -Social Studies Driver Ed. Dept Mrs. Lucy Hiller-Foreign Lang. Dept. Miss. Theresa Levesque-Foreign Lang. Dept. 60 Ms. Roseann Arathuzik-Business Dept. Mrs. Mary Crippen-Business Dept. Mr. David Saccone-Ind. Arts Dept. Head Mrs. Mary Merrill-Business Dept. Mrs. June Cook-Business Dept. Head English Dept. 61 Mr George Denault - Industrial Arts Dept. Mrs. Lois DiSalvo - Special Needs Dept. Mrs. |oan Leach - Home Economics Dept. Mr Bernard Bennett - Industrial Arts Dept. Mr David Luca - Art Dept. 62 Miss Kathy Ward - Spec. Needs Dept. Head Mr. Paul Dostie - Music Dept. Mr. Frank Gately - Special Needs Dept. Mr. James Weaver - Music Dept. Mrs Janet Reed - Special Needs Dept. 63 Mr. James Collamore - Phys. Ed. Dept. Head Mr. Alan Haddad - Phys. Ed. Dept. Miss Pamela Simpson - Phys. Ed Dept Miss Roseann Giannelli - Phys. Ed. Dept. No Lauren, you can’t have a free salad! Enough is enough . . . You touch my lunch. I’ll kill you ! 68 Wake up Bob, your lunch is getting cold! Now for dessert- smoking area. What do you mean you have to get it yourself? 69 h n 70 IN MY LIFE There are places I remember all my life Though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone and some remain. w %, m ttl - Y V- w iA Ms M vj All these places had their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life I’ve loved them all. Lennon McCartney If y cj M l rn - . Mikey’s Ivory’ girl What, you want me to do yours too? 76 Activities L to R: M. Perry (Pres.), D. Chronis (Sec.), M. Pingree (V Pres.), P. Goodwin (Treas.) Senior Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers L to R: D. Lavender (Pres.). K. Flight (V Pres ). M. Johnson (Sec.), A Rood (missing - Treas.) 82 Junior Class Officers L to R: S. Dowdie (Pres.), S. Hatch (Sec.), C. Meisner (Treas.), T. Fielding (V Pres. - mi ssing) Freshman Class Officers L to R: L. Wilcox (Treas.), S. Pingree (Pres.), W. Flight (Sec.), K. Knight (missing - V Pres.) 83 Student Council L to R, row 1: L. Duckworth, K. Davidson, A. Goodwin, K. Coyne (Sec.), L. Weinstein. C. Dowdie row 2: D. Ball (V Pres.), M. Coyne, S. Kelley (Pres.), T. Goodwin, B. Tardiff, Mr. Tardiff, B. Swanbon (Treas. - missing) Key Club L to R, row 1: S. Smith. K. Coyne, L. Page, C. Clancy, G. Grissino, C. Dowdie, Mr. DeAngelis, C. Coolen, D. Kruzewski. J. Benjamin, S. Caporizzo, T. Apprich, K Flight row 2: L. Prescott. L. Skeirik, P. Small, D. Chronis (Sec.), D. Ball (Treas.), S. Kelly (V Pres.), M. Perry (Pres.), K. Thompson (V Pres.), B. Davidson. P. Mutch, D. Rowell row 3: ). Hart. D. Lavender. L. Marquis. M. Johnson, K. Kavanaugh, P. Goodwin, S. Kelley, J. Peters Advisory Council L to R: A. Day (Sec.), D. Houlden (S.C. rep.), C. Dowdie (alt. reg. rep.), L. Skeirik, D. Barlow (missing - chm., reg. rep.) Curriculum Council L to R: D Houlden, B. Ayers, M. Crimp Yearbook Staff L to R, row 1: P. Small (asst, ed.), D. Rowell (editor), Mrs. Allbach, D. Houlden (bus. mgr.) row 2: S. Kelly, K. Thompson, K. Kavanaugh, R. Sedler, | Hart row 3: L. Prescott, R. Carter, L. Page 85 I lonor Society L to R, row 1: K. Kavanaugh, K. Coyne, B. Swanton, D. Rowell (Pres.). D. Barlow. L. Johnson (Treas. - Sec.) row 2: B. Ayers. H Haller, S. Knight. D. Ball. S. Kelly row 3: L. Skeirik (V Pres.), S. Kelley. L. Weinstein Jr. Honor Society L to R: P. Watkins, D. Finlow, K Sanger, M. Brassard, M. Weinstein, K. Knight. M. Coyne. W Prince, ). Dullea. L. Oulette. K. Kavanaugh. H Face, F. Leonow, K. McLaughlin, R Gensure, Miss Skeirik. (missing - A Haller) 86 Foreign Language Club L to R, row 1: C. Dowdie, S. Parker (Pres.). R. Lynah, D. Swanton (V Pres.), J. Meader, G. Grissino (Sec.), A. Gordon, I. Sweir (Treas.), K. Coyne, L. Skeirik row 2: B. Ayers, M. Johnson, K. Flight, G. Farettra, ). Hooper, C. Clancy, P. Reynolds, S. Kelly, D. Rowell, ) Benjamin, K. Thompson, S. Hatch, C. Mansfield, L. Bean, K. Watkins, D. Kimball, L. Page, K. Graf, M. Crimp, L. Weinstein O.E.A. L to R, row 1: Mrs. Merrill, C. Doncaster (Hist.), L. [ohnson (Treas.), ). Hooper (Pres.), L. Wood, D. Bjornholm (Hist.) row 2: Mrs. Crippen, M. Johnston, I. Swier, J Pasquale, D. Gillis, C. Balletto, P Small, L. Marquis, G. Farettra, ) Hart, Mrs. Cook row 3: L Prescott, A. Day, S. Dullea, N. Fleales, S. Watson, T. Martin, L. Fatyol, R. Jurgelon Blue Print Staff L to R. row 1: | Amero. E. Seaberg. M. Harrington. P. Mutch row 2: Mr. Checkowav. Mrs. Cook. S. Parker. D. Peters S Dalton S. Langevm. D. Houlden, P. Goodwin. J. Peters, T. Goodwin. R. Carter. B. Ayers Drama Club L to R, row 1: S Caporizzo, L. Natale. S. Kelly. K. Grover, K Watkins. S. Hatch. K. Coyne. C. Judge. H. Haller. J. Seidel. L. Morris row 2. T. Perley. D. Di incenzo. C. Neuman, S. Smith. P. Costanzo, J. Hart. D. Peatfield. S. Levell, D. Kimball row 3: T. Apprich. L. Burnett, T Drapeau. S. Knight, K. Kavanaugh. T. Goodwin. J. Peters, P. Goodwin. Miss Privitera. D. Houlden, M. Perry, B. Davidson, D. Ball, W. Grover. G. Jackson, E. Seaberg 88 Drama Club L to R, row 1: C. Clancy, G. Grissino, M. Pastore, D. Lavender, M. Natale, C. Dowdie, L. Marquis, L. Duckworth, L. Weinstein, J Pasquale, S. Wells, B. Ayers, M. Crimp, L. Gorton row 2: T. Goodwin, T. Riley, P. Mutch, C. Fisher, L. Prescott, S. Kelley, L, Skeirik, L. Page, J. Shephard, P. Durkee, S. Kavanaugh, D. Swanton, C. Flyzik Drama Club L to R, row 1: E. Hayes, A. Haller, P. Watkins, | Dullea, A. |udge, L. Wilcox, N. Jellow, M Hudson, L. Curran, E. Sheldon, K Reynolds, D. Neuman, C. Coolen, L. Fatyol row 2: S. Langlois, W. Prince, A. Goodwin, M. Perry, M. Perry, ). Rood, L. Prescott, K. Gray, K. Tibbets, K. Brockelbank, S. L ' Hommidieu, M. (ohnson, C. Page, M. Johnston, R. Jurgelon Stage Hand L to R, row 1: S. Meneades. R Scdler, R. Chouinard, D. Barlow, G. Robbins. S Radford, B. Bushnell row ' 2: ). Symes. S. Barlow, G. Jandris, M. Weinstein, M. Brassard, S. Smith. C. Fisher, M. Katsapetses Concert Band L to R, row 1 1: M. Perry, N. Jellow, C. Dowdie. L. Duckworth, J. Hart, J. Curran row 2: B. Green, W. Harding, A. Goodwin. L. Curran, C. Neuman. P. Costanzo, S. Smith, S. Kelly row 3: D. Neuman. M. Brassard. D. Robbins, S. Barlow, D. Fitton, F. Rentschler, G. Robbins. D. Barlow. S. Radford row -1: C. Fisher. T. Sheehan, S. Dowdie. G. jandris, P. Loblev. E. Thompson. K. Thompson, j. Shephard, R. Sedler, M. Weinstein. Mr. Dostie 90 Chorus 1 ■ " 1 u ■ L to R, row 1: T. Chambers, C. Price, S. Bodenrader, H. Hudson, W. Ricketts, A. Albert, L. King row 2: D. Games, L. Crosson, M. Baker, R. Provencher, T. Lee, K. Lloyd row 3: H. Gallop, P. DiMaio, K. Anderson, ). Stanley, A. Butera, B. Henderson, A. Smith Ski Club ▼ L to R, row 1: E. Hayes, K. Meisner, S. Hart, S. Smith, T. Boyd, P. Costanzo, Miss Ward, Miss Simpson, R Bonaventura row 2: T. Prince, M. Katsapetses, D. Heil, R. Chouinard row 3: J. Richardson, K. Graf, A. Alberts, R. Jurgelon, O. Enstrom row 4: S. Nizwantowski, M. Coyne, M. Johnston 101 Footl L to R. row 1: S. Wade, M. Harrington, P. Mutch. B. Swanton. M Pingree. D. Ball, R Evangelista. ). Amaro, S. Gibbons, J. Amero, R. Carter, K. Collamore, row 2: P. Perkins. T. Drapeau, D. Codair, D. Boyer. | Page. P. Ekstrand, M. Bonaventura, | Peters, row 3: Mr. Collamore, M. Caporizzo, W. Gulezian, M. Prescott. D Fitton, F. Rentschler, G. Smith, Mr. Haddad Freshman Football VARSITY SCORES CHS Cathedral 0 22 Newton Cathedral 0 22 Whittier Tech. 7 0 Bishop Fenwick 20 14 Nashoba Tech. 13 6 Timberlane 20 7 Tyngsboro 0 30 Tahanto 0 30 Lynn Tech. 0 6 Manchester 0 6 Record: 6-4 )V SCORES CHS Whittier Tech. 0 6 Bishop Fenwick 0 14 Nashoba Tech. 16 16 Timberlane 6 14 Lawrence Voc. 8 6 Record: 4-1-1 ■ mItt wj . . I fS Ji i m 7 A L to R, row 1: B Riley. R Snyder, M St. Louis. R Bonaventura. row 2: K. Crimp, W. Haskell. E. DiMaio. J. Gillen, A Beam, row 3: M. Coyne. M. DiVincenzo, P Paganelli. W. Griswald, row 4: A. Pierce, H. Murray, B. Lavender, G. Swanbon Freshman Scores GHS Timberlane Reg. Tyngsboro Lawrence Voc. Manchester Whittier Voc. Bishop Fenwick Record: 3-2-1 105 The 1979 football season was one of enjoyment and of some frustrations. After winning the first two games, the team then lost four in a row by very close margins to some good football teams. Rallying together for the final four games, they managed to win all four and completed the season with a respectable 6-4 record culminated with a fine victory in the season final against Manchester. All the players were valiant - Coach Collamore L to R, row 1: V. Clark, C. DelGenio, row 2: C. Meisner, L. Marquis, C. Meisner, L. Gorton, (missing - D. Chronis, L. Prescott, J. Hart) 109 L to R, row 1: M. Weinstein, B. Tardif, S. Hatch, P. Goodwin, |. Pern, ' , Y. Araki, row 2: P. Shay. B. Davidson, K. Thompson, S. Radford, P. McGlynn Cross Country Scores CHS Ipswich 48 17 Masconomel 19 38 Newbury|xirt 21 32 Tyngsboro 21 38 Triton 19 38 Rock|x rt 32 27 Manchester 24 32 Amcsbury 50 IS Lynn field 44 17 Penlucket 18 38 North Reading 18 46 1 lamilton-Wenhum 31 26 North Andover 18 42 Essex 42 19 Record: fi-8 ' lowest score wins A young Cross Country team, paced by junior Scott Hatch and Pat McGlynn and senior Paul Goodwin, capped their four Cape Ann League wins with the defeat of Hamilton-Wenham. the first such victory in our ten years. - Coach Cairns LIMIT no Varsity Scores r.iis Masconomi ' l I North Reading Ipswich Newbury port Lawrence Amesbury I lamilton-Wenham North Andover Tyngsboro Rockport Lynnfield Manchester Pcntuckct Triton Record: 11-3 0 1 n 3 3 9 1 1 9 1 0 1 1. to R, row 1: S. Nizwantowski, H. Haller. C. Flyzik. K Coyne. S. Hatch. K. Watkins, row 2: J Benjamin, R. Gustafson. K. Walker. J. Nizwantowski. C judge. K Davidson. C. Collamore. Miss Giannelli JV Field Hockey JV Scores Masconomet Ipswich Newburyport Lawrence Hamilton-Wenham Amesbury North Andover Tyngsboro Rockport Lynnfield Manchester Triton Tyngsboro Record: 2-5-6 L to R, row 1: K Flight. W. Flight, S. Pingree, R Lynah, C. Mansfield. C. Duggan. W. Prince. J. Dullea, row 2: Mrs. Williams, K. Grover, B. Mackenzie, C. Neumann, K. Grasso. A. Rood. L. Bean. C. Dowdie, L. Duckworth GHS 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 2 2 2 1 0 1 1 3 2 112 1 I This year the varsity field hockey team compiled the best record ever recorded in the history of the school They qualified for the state ournament tor the first time. Their success was due to a combination of experience and youth. Senior players Claudia Flyzik, co-captain, and Jacque ine enjamin P, contributed greatly to the success of the team. Their spirit, determination, desire, and leadership helped to spark the team s efforts. Junior Class members also contributed greatly. This season will be remembered for a long time. 113 Scores CHS Nasboba Tech. 4fi 17 North Andover 58 12 Masconomel 53 18 Penlnckel 51 8 Ipswich 28 38 North Reading 43 12 Lynn field 35 23 t lamilton-Wcnham 44 18 Whittier 9 51 Littleton 18 52 Record: 3-10 Wrestling L lo R. row 1: D Townsend, C. I.ynah. D. Robbins, A. Beam. G. Smith, D Prescott, row 2 W Brennan, P. Ekstrand, T. Drapean. M. Prescott, H. Prouix, P Townsend Varsity Scores Amosbury Ipswich Newbury port North Andover North Reading I lamilton-Wenham Lynn field Masconomet Triton Amosbury Ipswich Newbury port North Andover North Reading I lamilton-Wenham Lvnnficld Masconomet Rockport Triton Record: 4-10-5 I Jockey L to R, row 1: D. Knight, J Ingraham, B. Davidson, S. Knight, P. Goodwin, M Perry. R Evangelista. R Balletto, row 2: D. Mallone, Y. Araki, R. Snyder, P. Graff. B Lavender, K. Boyer. B Lavender. T Goodwin. P. Perkins, D. Boyer, P. Mutch, S. Langevin, ). Polley L to R, row 1: C. Smith, C. Coolen, K. Meisner, K. Dalton, G. Grissino, row 2: C. Balletto, L. Strogney, L Minnott, C. Clancy, D. Adams Girls’ Basketball Varsity Stores Tyngsboro Triton Rockport Ipswich Manchester Whittier Ameshury Masconomel Lynnficltl Pres. Mary Acad. I tamilton-Wenham Newbury port North Andover North Reading Pentuckcl Ipswich I iamilton-Wenham Triton Manchester Rockport Record: 13-7 CHS 28 43 37 24 54 57 41 17 35 42 32 69 51 35 50 41 34 51 27 51 52 44 40 47 46 36 19 44 45 49 38 27 36 43 34 36 30 53 47 60 L to R, row 1: S. Hatch, C. Flyzik, D. Swanton, C. Page, row 2: Miss Giannelli. ). Benjamin. K Walker. K. Davidson. ] Nizwontowski. S. Nizwantowski |V Scores Tyngsboro Triton Rockport Ispwich Manchester Amesbury Masconomet Lynn field Pres. Mary Acad. Hamilton- Wen ham North Andover North Reading Pentucket Ipswich Hamilton-Wenham Triton Manchester Rockport Record: 13-5 118 GHS 3 22 15 21 11 18 24 18 14 18 29 18 24 35 28 25 31 28 36 37 28 33 17 26 18 19 24 15 29 44 13 21 17 26 26 29 L to R. row 1: L. Beam. S. Pingree. M. Abreu, R. Lvnah. C. Coilamore. K. Cudmore. row 2: K. Grasso. N Peabody. K. Davidson. E. Thompson. K. Tibbetts. P. Anderson. Mr. Graphum Boys’ Basketball Varsity Scores St. Joseph ' s Triton Rockport Ipswich Manchester Whittier Northeast Reg. Amcsbury Masconomet Lynnfield Tyngsboro I lamillon-Wenham Newbury port North Andover North Reading Pentucket Ipswich I lamilton-Wenham Triton Manchester Rockport Whittier Record: 17-5 L to R. row 1: S. Dalton. D. Ball. M. Pingrce, |. Amaro. K Collamore. row 2: Mr Haddad. | Amcro |. Page. K. Kavanaugh. S. Hatch. B. Swanton 120 L to R, row 1: J. Hart. M Pastore. L. Marquis, C. Dovvdie. M. Natale. M. Johnston, row 2: D. Lavender. C. DelGenio. V. Clark. R. Jurgelon. D. Chronis. L. Cassotis Ip 1 1 m f ■ j 1 w ■ l. biJd Wif gM n k ' -f. |Y m loy 1 fjm |r fT L to R, row 1: A. Smith, J. Moyer, P. McGlynn, L. Abreau, P. Shea, row 2: T. Shehan, R Riley, K Thompkins, E. Estep, S. Hamilton, Mr. Luca ]V Scores St, Joseph ' s Triton Rockport Ipsw ich Manchester Whittier Northeast Reg. Amesbury Masconomet Lynnfield Tyngsboro Hamilton- Wen ham Newburyport North Andover North Reading Pentucket Ipswich Hamilton-Wenham Triton Manchester Rockport Record: 12-9 GHS 34 37 35 33 18 42 43 38 41 46 36 32 27 49 49 47 35 42 24 51 19 59 53 41 38 48 55 41 54 44 52 50 30 55 53 45 49 53 33 45 26 64 L to R, row 1: M. Flynn, M. Katsapetses, E. DiMcnto, M. Perry, K. Sanger, C Manning, row 2: S. Hart, ]. Richardson, M. Gray, C. Manning, L. Wilcox This year ' s varsity basketball season has boon very successful and exciting The Royals art! fighting for the division championship and hold a one-game lead with only two league games remaining. Our win against Ipswich qualified us for the state basketball tournament. This lias been one of our earliest qualifications for tournament play and will mark our second tournament appearance in the last three years. The team has worked very hard this season and played great defense with a patient, well-disciplined offense. The contributions of all our players have made this a very rewarding season. 124 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Skeirik and Dr. Peter Skeirik CONVENIENTLY LOCATED Just Outside Historic Georgetown Center WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE kULAGfc 30 SHOPS ■fjr a V ' . ilffit Mmnj t (»|l!!f OPEN 10 TO 5 CLOSED MONDAYS Phone: 352-2473 Town Country HAIRSTYLING 62 A Central Street Georgetown, MA 01833 51 West Main Street • Route 97 • Georgetown, Mass. 01833 GEORGETOWN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. George E. g) Schofield Manager GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY INC. 352-8000 465-5958 10 West Main Industrial - Hardware Masonary Supplies East Main St. Georgetown, Ma. Street Georgetown, Ma. 352-2091 - 774-8572 127 From all of the folks at Probe Inc. Mii.mwiivo Kleclrnnics The Town Offices Moulton Street - (Georgetown, Mu. Tel. 352-8560 Congratulations to the ( Gongriitiilntions Class of 1980 " The Hair People” ( )l 1 The Top i hiirstyling 39 W. Mu in St. ( ieorgelown. Mil. 01833 lei. 352-9837 The Galley Fresh or Cooked GEORGETOWN DOOR WINDOW Fish Fresh Fish Market K Restaurant Anderson Windows Take out - Menu - Eat Here 1 Park St. Ceorgetown, Ma. 01833 352-2804 Best Wishes to the Class of 1980 Haverhill National Bank M Your Representative: Roy E. Hult 157 Franklin Street Stoneham, MA. 02180 617-438-6833 Not a subsidiary, not a division of— but the largest independent manufacturer of yearbooks in the United States WALSWORTH Marcelme Missouri CRESSY’S Central Street Georgetown Shopping Center Compliments of BILL’S REXALL Georgetown Shopping Center Good Luck to the 1980 Class PIRROTTA’S Sub and Sandwich Shop Best Wishes from HASTING ' S HOUSE Creators oe fine class rings, awards announcements diplomas and caps gowns Best Wishes to the Class of 1980 A Community Bank with Community Interest 7 North Street Georgetown, Ma. 24 East Main St. Georgetown 352-2534 Residential— Commercial— Investment— Rentals THE PINGREE AGENCY, INC. GEORGETOWN PHARMACY “On the Square’’ Robert E. Lavoie B.S., Reg. Pharm. Free Delivery 352-2121 24 Hour Service by Calling After 9 p.m. Res. Bob Lavoie 1-356-4697 Compliments of: G and C Gleaners Georgetown Shopping Center Professional Dry Cleaning Drapery, Furs, Leather, Sweaters Alterations Tel. 352-2380 BAY STATE TV Georgetown Shopping Center 44 Central St. Georgetown, MA 01833 Phene 352-2336 131 Good Luck to e Class of 1980 from THE CRAFTY FROG Georgetown, Ma. THE GEORGETOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT Congratulations from HARVEST MARKETS Quality Foods Georgetown Plaza Georgetown, Ma. 62 Central St. 132 Good Luck Seniors CENTER PHARMACY 50 Central Street Georgetown, Mass. 352-8540 BEST WISHES SENIORS From The Class Of 1981 133 Georgetown Candlepin Bowling Lanes 5 PARK ST., GEORGETOWN, MASS. (Located behind large building in Georgetown Square) ft Six Air-Conditioned Lanes ft Ladies, Men, Mixed Leagues ft Group Rates, Junior Bowling ft Frequent TV Rolloffs ft Open in Summer ft Call for times when lanes are available CALL 352-9895 Reservations Accepted BEST WISHES Toic font Pictu e d ’rcvnu ' rta a ae to THE CLASS OF 1980 from Mrs. Sheila M. Kelly and the cafeteria staff if Pond sjt., Of 833 NOTARY PUBLIC • BOOKKEEPING ft Accounting Service • Tax Returns Clifford H. Beecher PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 134 Tel. 352-6238 318 NORTH STREET GEORGETOWN. MA 01833 ENROLLED TO PRACTICE BEFORE THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE HELENA C. BURKE INCDME TAX SERVICE TEL 352-6180 “Five Generations of Funeral Service” Since 1840 1 I CENTRAL STREET P.O BOX 235 GEORGETOWN. MASS 01833 MERTON E. ROBERTS SONS FUNERAL HOMES Hastings Floor Covering SALES INSTALLATION Carpet Tile Linoleum 14 Pleasant Street Georgetown 352-8700 14 Independent St reet Rowley 948-7763 FRANK S. ROBERTS MERTON E. ROBERTS, JR. DAVID W. ROBERTS Hank Hastings, Jr. 9 W. Main St. Tel. 352-8432 Georgetown, MA Compliments of DR. AND MRS. HOWARD D. HILL 135 CONGRATULATIONS to TUB CLASS OF 1980 GIORDANO’S RESTAURANT 206 West Main St. Georgetown, Mass. Tel. 352-9887 - J Good Luck to the Class of 1980 Compliments of Mrs. B ' s Brunch ' n Lunch Tel. 352-9896 DR. AND MRS. JOEL R. FRANKEL UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE —SPRINGS MATTRESSES 136 O i SPAULDING COLONIAL REPRODUCTIONS, INC. GEORGETOWN, MASS. OIMCTLV ON SHOWROOM: 5 ELM STREET ROUTE 133 FACTORY: 118 EAST MAIN STREET TEL. 352-2921 Congratulations Seniors! from McDonalds of Bradford, Mass. Compliments of Village Sub and Pizza OPEN Sun. thru Thur. 10:30 to 12:00 Fri. and Sat. 10:30 to 1:00 Serving the Finest in Subs, Pizzas and Fried Foods BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’80 The Yearbook Staff Mrs. Karen Allbach Diana Rowell Patricia Small David Houlden Sheila Kelly Custom Work Engraving Repair Service The Gold Rush 14K Jewelry • Sterling • Diamonds • Rings Watches • Brass • Pewter Candace V. Archambault 25 West Main St. Georgetown, Mass. (617) 352-8772 Congratulations Auburn Farms Inc. ■y 1 T— k • " 1 • y ▼ 1 1 Seniors! Indoor Riding Hall THE KEY CLUB Horses Boarded - Bought - Sold INSTRUCTION BY APPOINTMENT U BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF 1980 Kenneth C. Field, O.D. 138 Rte. 133 - Off U.S. 95 231 East Main St. Georgetown. Mass. Tel. 352-6161 DEALER TIRES, INC Corner West Main and Prospect Georgetown, Mass. Good Luck to THE SENIORS from Tel. (617) Georgetown 352-2455 Beverly 922-4147 A Tire for Every Need! Wheels Batteries Complete Truck Line The Class of ’82 Compliments of (. oKiott SBui Zietb S nc. Specialists in Home Comfort 75 WEST MAIN ST., GEORGETOWN. MASS. 352-8711 363-2300 THE SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 139 Friends of the Class of ’80 " 18 J - D.H. ing off - Kathleen (Casey) Crimp nd )ohn III 1980 from the Coughlins Best wishes from Mr. and Mrs. William C McLaughlin Congratulations from the Millers Good luck from the T. ). Smiths A Friend Thinking of you - Anna Noren Bonne chance! Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Allbach Best wishes to the Seniors - Lee and Larry Faretta Best w.ishes to the Class of ' 80 - the Prendible family Good luck from the Barlow family Fred ami Hilda True Good luck Seniors - the Weinstein family Good luck to the Yearbook Staff - D R. Good luck Class of ' 80 from the Mades family B.F. forever - Earl Thank you Class of ' 80, Diana, and the Y48n)o For all the ' good tunes - S R Friend of the Class of ' 80 To Scott: It ' s so hot in here I have to take ms Dancing Bear’s Daddy strikes again! Best wishes, Class of ' 80, from John, Ruth, Congratulations, Seniors! The Duckworth l j Good luck from the O ' Briens Good (hick from the Wilders Best wiahes from a friend The Si nbons Good luck from Brennan ' s Farm Stand Congratulations and best wishes to to the " Good luck, Sue - the Rentschlers Bien venu a votre avenir de la famille Rowe Happiness and success always - Mr. and Mrj The Caporizzo family Good luck, Bow-Di! Good luck, Michael! The Harrington famil. Best of luck, Mark - the Anderson family. Good luck Seniors - Mr. Dostie the Baifl Good-bye GHS! Good luck, Terry! The Apprich family Good luck Class of ' 80! Good luck Seniors! The Perrys Good luck to the Class of ’80 - the Nunan family Good luck, Victor, from the Hale family The Harding family .riv® A Friend Congratulations Seniors from E. E. Sanuer Lots of luck in the future - Mr. and Mrs. James WUiite Rick and Lyn Storer, Gretchen and Erick Best wishes to the Class of ' 80 - Arthur J. Valerio Good luck from the Peters Best wishes from Sue ’• . Best of fuck from the Coughlins Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the Augeris Good luck - the Goodwins Good luck in the future from the Belskys The Nizwantowskis Good luck Seniors of ’80 - Chrissy Gissel Good luck in the future - Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Finnigan Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the Ameros - Doug, Rita, Chip, Jeff, and cat Best of luck for the future to the Class of 1980 - Mrs. Mary Marshall The Jolys Jack and Pat Reynolds Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the Ivancics Best wishes - Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H Silverman Phyziks is Phun - Mr. Lowell « 140 Best to all of you - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phillips Good luck, ]ackie - the Benjamins Best wishes to the Class of 1980 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bray Best wishes to the Class of ' 80 Good luck to the Class of ’80 from the Resource Room Congrats! Outstanding effort in studies, sports, extra activities! Love, Mom and Dad Ball Best wishes to the Class of ' 80 from the Alan Haddad family Best of luck to the future engineer, Dave )r„ from your little brother, Michael Best of luck, Uncle Dave, from your " number one nephew”, |ason, and my mommy too Good luck, Paul - the Mutch family To ’80 from 74, especially Jaffacake and Twit Best of luck, Kevin and the Class of ’80, Love, the Kavanaughs Best of luck - the Alan Barlow family Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the Peters Best wishes to the Class of 1980 from Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mutch From a Friend Much happiness in your future, Love, Deby and Mike Ryan Peace and prosperity to the Class of 1980 from the Rowell family Good luck to the Class of 1980 from Ron and |an Dutil Started with the horse and wagon - the oldest milk man in town - M. R Kelloway Compliments of the Coyne family Roger and Gwenn Mercaldi, Jr., and family ,y . .. Mk Good luck to the Class of ' 80 from the Haymans Right on, Class of ' 80! The Rosenes Best of luck to the Class of 1980 in the future from Dee Houlden Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the Swantons Good luck to Jeff and the Class of ' 80 from the Ameros Good luck to Heff and the Class of ' 80 from the Peters family Good luck to all of you - the Roods Good luck from Maureen and Bill Tyrie Good luck to the Class of 1980 from the McLaughlins Good luck from the Ekstrands Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from Ed and Mary Silver Good luck from the Robert Houlden family Congratulations to the Class of ' 80 from the Chaltulers A Friend of the Class of ' 80 Best wishes from Lisa Good luck to the Class of 1980 from Mr. and Mrs. Harry Spiliotis Good luck to the Class of 1980 from Veronica Manning Good luck to Mark and the Class of 1980 from the Andersons. Who said it can ' t be done? Mr. and Mrs. George Maguire Good luck to the class of 1980 from the Gallups Congratulations, Dave Jr. Best of luck. Remember all the 4:35 min Mom and Dad Best of luck in the future, Dave Jr., from Grammy and Grampie Ball Congratulations to my Grandson, Dave Ball Jr., from Nanna Legro Best of luck to the Class of 1980 from Jill Good luck, Mike, Kev, Mark, and Barry! Luv, Karen Good luck to the Class of ’80 - the Flight family Best wishes from Sue Dean E. Smith and family: Sharon, David Dean and Steven John Glen Wilkins Good luck in the future, Aunt Myra! Great Snakes! Best wishes from a friend Good luck to the Class of ' 80 - Pamela Simpson Good luck Class of ' 80 Cousin Jade is not a sleaze! Best wishes to the Class of ' 80 - Susan Clohecy Good luck - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilcox Good luck to the Senior Class - Steven A. DeSisto Congratulations and a bright future to the Class of 1980 from the Davidson family Good luck, Mike and Kevin, from Stu Best wishes from Bill, Dick, Dave, Don, Mary, Gert and Lew Pingree Good luck to the Class of 1980 - Elizabeth Pingree Good luck to the Class of ' 80 from the Pingree family Good luck to Barry and Mike from Pups The Jones family Congratulations Bruce, Susan, and Scott, from the Wade family Congratulations, Scott, Bruce, Susan, Mark, Bruce, Peter, and Kevin, from Laura Best of luck to the Class of 1980 from the Wade family Senior Directory THERESA ALLEN, " Aguthn " : 11H West Main Si ; softball 2. 3.4; Partying 1.2; Adv Partying 3,4; the cabin, horseshoe. Gurlton Dr ; to the underclassmen: enjoy life - you only live once; | A. - remember the Alamo! Remember the group! Parties! TALBTAPPLPCOSGSPVF; Hey Dad. Di. Mom and family, I made it! Thanks to all! JOHN AMARO, " Big ) " : 16 Thurlow St.; football 3,4, tri-capt 1; baseball 1,3,4; basketball 1,3,4; Key Club 4; Boo Foo Crew 4; Hoff ' s van ride from H-W; There’s no job like a " Lo " job; Good luck Ned Steervvell; Love ya. Mom! G.V. Giants are best! Who loves ya " Lo " ? Don ' t forget old Bonanza! Keep in touch Bullet-man! See ya, GHS; See ya, Kelley! It ' s been real! JEFFREY AMERO, " Cat Man " ; 29 Tenney St.; football 2,3,4; basketball 1.2. 3, 4; track 1, capt. 2,3. MARK ANDERSON, " Mark " : Searle St.; ANT (DJ); Molson is 1; totaled 1,2,3; on wheels. TERRY APPRICH, " Terry " : 23 Parrish Rd. YASUYUKI ARAK, " Yaz " : 95 Central St.; cross country 4 DAVID BALL, Jr.. " Dave " : 43 Searle St.; football 1,2,3, tri-capt. 1,4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4; baseball 1,2,3, 4; Student Council 3, VP 4; Key Club 3, Treas. 4; NHS 3,4; Drama Club 4; Boo Foo Crew 4; Spirit Wk. mtgs. 1; Bacardi and Coke; van ride from H-W; Gibby ' s party? Good luck Shortcakes and the KKK; See ya Small Fry! DAVID BARLOW. " Dave " : 3 Hart Cr.; Band 1,2,3, VP 4, Adm. 4; Stagehand 2,3,4; " The Gifted " 4; Iowa 2; Stud. Adv. Council 4, Reg. Rep. 4; NHS 2,3,4; high hon. roll 1,2, 3, 4; NO class spirit; debu kitanai T.. Kl. for Cts. JACQUELINE BENJAMIN, “Jackie”: 31 Old Jacobs Rd.; field hockey 1.2, 3, 4; basketball 1, 2,3.4; volleyball 1; softball 1; Drama Club 1,3,4; Key Club 3,4; For. Lang. Club 2,4; Jr. Hon. Soc. Pres. 1: NHS 3,4; Class Treas. 1; Iowa SSTP ' 78: Sweeper ' s Pres. 1.2, 3,4. EDWARD BLOUIN, " Ed " : 16 Thurlow St.; hockey 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; wrestling 1. F.BEN BOND, “Eben " : 80 Andover St.: Volkswagon, Mercedes, Chevy, Datsun; Pam, Kelly, Bonnie . . . mint. What, Gone? Hang in there, Gary! Cordoba Power! I ' ll take ya all. Good luck, Squidmen! WILLIAM BRENNAN, " Bill " : 17 Elm St.; wrestling; track; It ' s been too long! Good to be out! Where ' s the party? Keggers at the bat cave; Pontiacs are the best! I ' m gonna miss this place a little . . . maybe. LINDA ANN BURNETT, " Linda " : 11 Lakeshore Dr.; hockey cheering 2; Drama Club 3.4; Tea, Byrd, Lyd, Sheila, Chico . . . Van Halen, Bad Co., Pink Floyd, Zeppelin; Animal House. Oh Yeah! Boring classes and suicidal lunches; We survived! Summer of ' 79 and Rich; Class of ' 80 is the greatest! Love you Mom and Dad! Take care. SUSAN CAPORIZZO, " Beau " : 457 North St.; Drama Club 3.4; Key Club 3,4; P.D. 3; softball 1,2,4; Kris, never forget B.M.! D.P., I ' ll always remember you! Mom. thanks for caring about me and making these last few years the best! Best of Luck. Seniors! ROGER CARTER. " Rescue”: 25 Beverly Dr.; P.D. 3: football 4: Yrbk Photographer 4; Journalism 3,4; Suey. have fun! KEVIN CASTLE. “Kevin”: 28 Central St.: drafting 1.2,3. GREG CHARCHOOU1AN. " Greg” DIANNE CHRONIS, " Di " : 60 Bailey Ln ; Drama Club 1,3.4. P| Game 3; Key Club Sec. 3,4; Class Sec: 2.3.4. For Ling Club 1,2; football cheering co-cap! 4; toiletpapering. Riunile While; basketball cheering 3.4; Curriculum Council 3; softball 2; Sr Class Play " One Wild Night " ; Thanks. Mrs Prim: cast party; Donkey b-ball and Spirit Wk champions; Best of luck lo everyone in our class! KEVIN COLLAMORE. " Kibba 12 Molloy Rd ; football; basketball 1.2. 3. 4; track 2; baseball 1,3.4; Drama Club 3; Hagi Okama (Hubba BubbaJ to the Physics area |still hasn ' t found out!); MMMMM . D; The tradition remains; Pump those kegs, G-town! MARK CONNOLLEY. " Mark " : 122 West Main St ; Ski Club 1,2,3; Party 1,2, 3, 4; School was alright - I liked the Class, but getting up in the morning was a pain. SCOTT CONNOLLEY. " Scott " : 122 West Main St PATRICIA COSTANZO, " Pat”: 37 Lakeshore Dr.: Band 1. 2.3.4; Marching Band Ski Club 2.3,4: Drama Club 1.3,4; Barbershop 3,4; P.|. Game 3; N| 1; Phil 3; Goodbye robins knock knock; granolas in English; band trips: Sandy, good luck in whatever you do. You ' ve showed me what true friendship is. Good Luck Class of ' 80! STEVEN DALTON. " Doc " : 112 Thurlow St. BARRY DAVIDSON, " Barry " : 24 Pleasant St.; hockey 1.2. 3. 4; football 1; baseball 1,2,3 ,4: Drama Club 4: Key Club 4. ANITA DAY, " Anita " : 5 King George Dr.. Boxford; Stu. Adv. Sec 4; Playbook Comm. 4; Colorguard 1.2: Winter Circuit 2: volleyball 1; basketball cheering 3; Drama Club 1.2.3; Key Club 3,4: OEA 4. DEBRA DiVINCENZO. " Debbie”: 52 West St.; softball 1.2,3. 4; Drama Club 1,3,4; Sr. Study 3.4: They didn ' t catch me. Mr. B! " Mrs Rooly”; MM . . K! Kings and Queens: Thanks. Mr. S: TPO? James B. Redford definitely! OLLE ENSTROM. " Olle " : 12 Gloria Rd.; hockey 4; Ski Club 4. ROBERT ALLEN EVANGELISTA. " Bob " : 10 Baldpate Rd.; football 1.2. 3, 4; hockey 1.2. 3, 4: baseball 1.2.3, 4; UFO 3rd song - Never mellow out, live life to its fullest; Zep. it ' s hard to live in two worlds, so begin your own, I did! The Class of ' 80 lives! Goodbye GHS! THANK YOU!! CHERYL FISHER, " Fish " . 200 Jewett St. CLAUDIA FLYZIK, “Claudia " : 38 Old Jacobs Rd.; field hockey 1,2.3, co-capt. 4; basketball 1,2.3. co-capt. 4; softball 1.2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1,2; Drama Club 4; Band 1,2: Good luck. Class of ' 80! It ' s been real!! (what, Claudia?); Thanks, Coach! Good luck. Underclassmen! VIOLET FREEMAN. " Vi” SHEILA GALLANT, “Sheila " : 33 Pond St.; Band 1; cheering: Terry, remember May of ' 79? I love ya Richie! We miss you Gary! Goodbye GHS! It ' s good to be out! THOMAS GATCHELL, " Tom ' : 37 Nelson Ave.; Foreigner-I have waited so long; Help kill disco before it spreads! Rock “A " is here to stay! Partying 1, 2,3,4; suspended grade 1-12. SCOTT GIBBONS. " Gibbie " : 88 Lakeshore Dr.: football 1,2, 3. 4: Stay away from Rocky! PAUL GOODWIN. “Waltah”: 4 Marlboro Rd.; hockey 1,2,3, 4: 142 cross country 1,2,4; baseball 3,4; Boo Foo Crew; destruction Hult Freezer Plant; Boo Foo Bunnies; Waltah! Sr. Play (Scorpio); Maine girls camp; G.V. Giants; Yes concert; Donkey b-ball. ROBERT GORTON, “Bob " : 19 Brook St.; Ski Club 2; track 2; It was only 12 years! WARREN GROVER, “Warren " : 161 Central St.; Drama Club 3,4; Band 1; " The Lonesome Loser”; Good luck, y ' all! I pity those who remain! Now, to go off the deep end . . . KATHLEEN GUNDERSON, " Kathy " : 10 Prescott Ln.; Even though you’re slow, Kris, you must always remember the yellow star; Keys and wasps; shirts and pocketbooks; shrimp sundaes; Good luck to all the Seniors! VICTOR HALE, " Victor”: 3 Marlboro Rd.; wrestling 1,2; Go for it! “ooow!” ROBERT HAMILTON, )r., " Bob " : 13 Noyes Rd.; track 1,2; basketball 2; cross country 2,3, co-capt. 4; “Springsteen " ; MGA’s. PAMELA HARDING, " Pam " : 80 Thurlow St.; track 3,4; Yrbk. Staff; Drama Club 4; Will remember B.D.; baseball games at the stadium; Lack of tricks in Trig.; summer at Sue’s; Good-bye to a great locker partner, Ha! Ha! A. MICHAEL HARRINGTON, " Mike " : 237 North St.; Blueprint 4; football 2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Boo Foo Crew 4; EETME 1,2, 3, 4; crashing 4; G.V. men, HBB 4; Walkaway Landings 4; SLD always. JENNIFER HART, “Jenny”: 6 Boardman St.; Yrbk Staff 4; cheering 3,; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; Key Club 3,4; Close-Up 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Band Sec. 4; N.J.; Penn.; Chorus 1,2; Drama Club 1,3,4; P.J. Game; Sr. Class Play; For. Lang. Club 1; OEA 4; toiletpapering; Donkey b-ball; Spirit Wk. winners 4; Mrs. Prim; IBTC; Mike, thanks for the lockermating, Love Jennymama; Good Luck to GHS’s best class!; " 80” forever! CHRISTOPHER HELMKE, " Chris”: 23 Marlboro Rd.; Classic Car Club 1,2, 3, 4; I always give a good deal for a price. DAVID HOULDEN, " Dave " : 2 Marlboro Rd.; Yrbk Bus. Mgr. 4; Drama Club 1,3,4; Blueprint 4; Curr. C’l 4; Stud. Adv. C’l 3,4; Sr. Class Play; Polit. Disc. 2; Our Town; 4 One Act Plays; P.J. Game; One Wild Night. KIMBERLY HUNTER, " Kim”: 15 Amburg St.; football cheering 2,3,4; basketball cheering 2, co-capt. 3,4; hockey cheering 1; Good luck. Class of ’80! GAYLEN JACKSON, " Geeb " : 446 North St.; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Adv. Partying 1,2, 3, 4; Save the livers, Ged! RX4978, rest in peace! Kill disco before it spreads! GREGORY JANDRIS, " Greg”: 32 Jewett St.; Band 1,2, 3, 4; SGLMB 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3,4; " The Gifted” 4; cross country 3,4; hockey 3; Drama Club star 3,4; Grand Order of the Moo 4; Pres. SCS 4; NO class spirit; very talented Band member; Great White Hunter. BRIAN JOHNSON, " Brian”: 81 North St.; Party 1,2, 3, 4; OEA 4; Sr. Class Play set builder 4; My years at CHS have been great - I didn’t do much, but that’s life! Good luck! ’80 is great! Mom and Dad, I did it! KEVIN KAVANAUGH, “Sticks”: 7 Parish Rd.; cross country 3; baseball 3,4; basketball 1,2,3, capt. 4; Key Club 4; Drama Club 4; NHS 3,4; high hon. roll 1,2,3, hon. roll 4; Yrbk Staff 4; Nadsman 2; Boo Foo Crew 4; Firebird; Spirit Wk. ’80; Gibby’s party; Physics Parties; Hubba Bubba; Hagi Okama, Mr. Lowell! KRISTINA KELLEY, " Kris " : 76 North St.; Drama Club 3,4; hon. roll 4; Sue, remember shopping malls and Boston? Kathy, remember room 307 last year and this year; shrimp ice cream; Stop throwing staples! paper volleyball; cows and pigs. SCOTT KELLEY, " Smellie " : 6 Meadowview Rd.; skiing; track 3; tennis; Stud. Cl VP 1,2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; NHS; Key Club 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; " Prez”; Yellowstone ’78; Hi, Cheeks! Maine - “Boat Broke”; Spirit Wk. and Donkeys - 1; " Bopple on the Capple”; Secret parties till 10; “Rodney " ; " Bow-Di”; Prim and bottles; J.D. Mick, Muk; Boo Foo; Great Snakes! SHEILA ANN KELLY, " Sheila”: 59 West St.; Band 1,2,3, 4; District; NH, Phil.; Librarian 2 years; Drama Club 1,3,4; P.J. Game; Rainbow 1, Worthy Advisor 2,3,4; NHS 1, 2,3,4; hon. roll 1,2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; " One Wild Night " ; Yrbk Staff; Key Club 3, VP 4; For. Lang. Club Sec. 1,2,4; S.S.T.P. (Yellowstone) ’78; cast party. Spirit Wk., ’80 is the BEST! Donkey b-ball, Physics Parties, Henrietta, Mom, Best of luck everyone. EARL KNEELAND, " Earl the Narch " : 7 Thurlow St.; Key Club 4; CHS 4; Boo Foo Crew 4; Maine 4; I would like to thank my Boo Foo buddies for making this year the best of my high school career - thanx, Waltah Foo, Mic Foo, Marcus Foo! “Crash”, remember all our good times, our memorials - may Armand get his tree surgeon! If you get frustrated, think of OHTARA and C.W.B.T.’s! GHS, I’m going to miss you! WILLIAM KNICKLES, " Bill”: 97 Lakeshore Dr. SCOTT KNIGHT, “Scott”: 9 Gloria Rd.; hockey 1,2,3, capt. 4; baseball 3,4; “One Wild Night”; NHS 1,2, 3, 4; hockey in Montreal ’79; Donkey b-ball; Spirit Wk.; Camaro; Drama Club 4; van ride from H-W; Boo Foo Crew 4; Beer and Mrs. Prim; Bacardi and Coke at Kelley ' s till 10; Physics Parties; Hagi Okama, Lou! " J.D.”; cast party survivor; Dukesville is dead! " Bow-Di”! SCOTT LANGEVIN, “Scott”: Marlboro Rd.; hockey 3,4; football 1,2; Drama Club 2,3; ’71 Skylark; cruisin’ tunes; Good luck ' 81! Hendrix, Stones; Allman Bros, live in Portland! Cult in Boston! Keep on floating! STEPHANIE LEVELL, " Steph " : 3 Canterbury Dr.; Good luck to Karly Jane, Lisa D., Spacey Straw, Lisa Norris, and Bethie and Nelson - Love ya! Cannibals Cult forever! Keep yourself alive! It ' s all over now (Nektar). JAY MAGUIRE, “Jay-bar”: Maguire Way. RICHARD MAHONEY, " Rich " . GERALD MCCARTHY, " Ged " : 44 Old Jacobs Rd.; Well, it’s been a long 12 years! It ' s great to be out! Adv. Partying 1, 2, 3, 4; Save the livers! MICHAEL McGILLICUDDY, " Mike”: 21 Meadowview Rd.; Suzuki ' s the best! Motocross all the way!Do it in the dirt! Old Suzukis never die, Lord knows I tried! I’d rather eat worms than ride a Honda! JOHN McGUIRK, " John”: 17 Linden Cr.; Drama Club 3,4; " P.| Game”; concerts galore! I ' m gonna miss all the pretty bums, but that ' s about all! Take it easy, Rocky! KATHY MEISNER, " Kath " . MARY MILLER. " Mary " . PAUL MIJTCH. " Paul 374 North St ; football 1.2, 3. 4; hockey 1.2. 3, 4; Key Cluh 3,4; Stud Adv. C ' l 3; Ski Club 2.3,4; Drama Club 1.3,4; Beer Drinker ' s Hall of Fame 1.2. 3, 4; Boo Foo Crew 4; Honda ' s are the best! Good luck to everyone in the future. LINDA NASON. " Linda " : 25 Molloy Rd.; No comment! LISA NATALE. " Lisa " : 35 Bailey Ln.; Drama Club 3.4; Sr. Class Pla y; Blue Oyster Cult; Kim D. -thanks for the memories! I love NY. Reunite, Freebird; Jan-remember Spanish and the I F’.; Florida Cannabis Cult forever! Good luck Class of ' 81 ! SCOTT NORRIS. " Scott " : 372 North St PAUL OWENS, " Paul”: 368 North St.; football 1,2; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4; Partying 1.2, 3. 4; Drunkin - Driving 3,4; It ' s almost the end of my senior year, and when it ' s over it ' s time for beer. LYNNE PAGE, " Jade " : 16 Ordway St.; Drama Club 1,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Key Club 4; For Lang. Club 4; Yrbk Staff; P.J. Game; Did ya bowl good babe? Steam Heat! " One Wild Night”; Cousin |ade is not a sleeze! Eeeek! My gun broke! Chinese flying chicken fingers; Spirit Wk. Champs ' 79; The Land of Royal Spirit; Royals kill hornets (6-0); ' 80 is the best! Always stay young at heart! Happy Jacks! SUZANNE PARKER, " Sue " : 11 Warren St.; Sec. Chorus 1; Color Guard co-capt. 1,2,3, capt. 4; Blueprint 4; Keep in touch Lynda, Kim. Sheila, Terry, Pam, Cheryl, Anita, Jeanette, Lauren, and everyone else! Mom, thanks for everything! I love you! You too, David! LINDA PELLEY, " Linda”: 73 Pond St. THOMAS PERLEY. " Tom " : 258 Andover St,; Sr.Class Play: Yrbk Staff; BSA 1,2, 3, 4; cross country 2,3; Band 1; cross country mgr. 4; Grand Order of the Moo 4; Drama Club 3,4. JEANETTE PERREAULT, " Jeanette " : 78 Lakeshore Dr.; cheering 3, capt. 4; Homecoming Queen ' 79; short 1,2, 3, 4; Jimmy, I ' ll never forget you! Phil, thanks for the memories, I still love you! K.M. -Happy B-days, don ' t want to live without it- JP and PE, KM and |A. KH and DM; Lisa-don ' t forget Col.! I love wrestling! Chris good info.; I love Mom and Dad, Bruce and Ben. and I LOVE NY! I love Joe Valente. JMP ' S forever! Mike, I love the thumbs! Sr. Play and party ' ; Mountain Dew 1 drinker; Bye, underclassmen! MARK PERRY, " Marcus”: 7 Thurlow St,; Hoo-Gie; football 1. track 1.2; basketball 1,2; hockey 3.4; Drama Club 3,4; Stud. C’l 1, Voice of Dem. 4; Close-Up 4; Key Club Treas. 3. Pres. 4; Class Pres. 2,3,4; G.V. Giants 3,4; Boo Foo Crew forever ! Big | 1,2, F in Earl 4; Sr. Class Play; Camaros; Mick and Muck; Mrs. Ski. thanks!; Maine 3, hopefully 4; Montreal 3; Boo Foo Crew; Hampton; Lizzy ' Tish; Good-bye to everyone! Thanks to friends and family! DEAN PETERS, " Mouse " : 26 Web Rd.; football 1. track 1: Stud. C l 2; Drama Workshop Plays 2: Blueprint Staff 3.4: The G ' s 3: A Block Shnibble 2; A Block Rocky Study 2; E Block Shnibble 3; H Block Shnibble 4; Kegs and cans and bottles 1,2, 3, 4; Boni s baked! Supper ' s ready! Zeppelin forever! I had a lot of great times in the past 4 years, and hope to have some more. I ' ll never forget all the good friends I made and I hope I get to see them all someday. Brap! JEFFREY PETERS. " Jeff " : 23 Tenney St.; hockey 1,2. 3, 4; baseball 3,4; football 4; cross country 3; munch-out 1.2,3, 4; JMP’s forever! Maine- roundabout. Mickey! Let me tell ya about this girl I knew; Boo Foo Crew; VW maybe next week; No job like a low job! G.V. Giants: Yes is mint ' 79. MICHAEL PINGRF1E. " Mike " 18 Pleasant St . football 1.2.3. tri-capt 4; basketball 1.2.3. co-capt 4 ; baseball 1.2. co-capt 3 , 4 , Class VP 2,3,4; Key Club 3.4; Stud C’l 1; Maine; Girls’ camp. Manchester 6-0; Spirit Wk ' 80; Donkey b-hall- Jr s. l etter luck next year! Hutts freezer plant EDWARD POWELL. " Ed " . LAUREN PRESCOTT, “Lo " : 53 Lakeshore Dr . Drama Club 1 . 3 . 4 . OEA 3.4: Key Club 3,4; football cheering 4; basketball cheering 1.2, capt. 3; For. Lang. Club 4; Sr. Class Play (Doris|; But where’s Ned? Thanks for dinner. Marcus! Spirit Wk 1; Love ya Deed and Bruce; No more tears J P ! It ' s only you T.D.; Good luck to everyone Thanks, CHS! Ya-bye! SUZANNE RENTSCHLER. " Sue " : 21 Baldpate Rd.; Marching and Concert Band 1.2; Cannabis Cult 1. 2,3,4. JAMES RODGERS, " Jimmy”: 152 East main St.: absolutely nothing; Cannabis Cult 1,2, 3, 4. LISA ROSENE. " Lisa " : 8 Baldpate Rd ; Party 1,2,3, 4; Zeppelin, Sabbeth and Crossfire: Al. Steve. Bob and Lisa; " GWA " ; Mom and Dad, love ya! DIANA ROWELL, " Diana”: 58 East Main St.; Drama Club 1.3.4 Key Club 3.4; NHS 2,3, Pres 4; Yrbk Editor 4: For Lang Club 4; Close-Up 4; hon. roll 1,2.3, 4; Let ' s go to Happy lack ' s! THERESE RUSSO. " Terry " : 8 Spofford St.; Ski Club 3; P.J Game: Remember all the fun times, Mik! Hey Mary, how ' s Paul? Best of luck to the Senior Class! LEONARD SCHWARTZ. " Lennv 88 Warren St.: mercury MX official Chester car number " 1”! Good girls don ' t, but Chester does! King Cobra 1-12: Lunchtime, dinner bell. EILEEN SEABERG. " Eileen”: 1 Pillsbury Ln.: Drama Club 1.3.4; Yrbk Staff: Blueprint 4; Cannabis Cult 4; Radicalism 1.2. 3, 4: Polit. Disc. 3; Gifted Student Program; Seabrook Protest 4; For. Lang. Club Espanol pora 5 anos; Good luck to 81 -Beth and Lisa-plod on; Jethro Tull ' 79; Blue Oyster Cult ' 79: hon. roll 1,2. almost 3,4; Ramble on: NO NUKES! Save the Whales! Save the Seals! And it makes me wonder . . . ROBERT SEDLER. " Bob " : 183 Nelson St.; hon. roll; cross country 3; Yrbk Staff; Key Club 4; Physics is Phascinating with Hagi Okama; Drive a Mustang Classic. MARCELO da SILVA, " Marcelo”: 2 Marlboro Rd.: woodworking (Set Construction! 4: basketball 4. LYNNE SKEIRIK, " Aunt Myra " : 302 Central St.; Stud. Adv. C ' l 4; NHS 2.3.VP 4; Curr. C ' l 3: Polit. Disc. 3: For. Lang. Club 1.3.4; Class Pres. 1; Ski Club 1.2. 3. 4; Drama Club 1.3.4; Key Club 3.4: “Our Town " 2; P.J. Game; " One Wild Night " : Gotcha Miss Priv.! Stringing the halls, Chinese sepm. bombs? Orgy? Seniors are spirited! Rodney! Bed! Stuffing! UGH! GHS will never forget the Class of 1980! PATRICIA A. SMALL. " Pat " : 37 Old Jacobs Rd.; Drama Club 1,3,4; Band and Color Guard 1,2.3; OEA 4: Key Club 4: Yrbk Asst. Editor: Chorus 1,2; Bruce, thanks for the nicest 2 years of my high school. If it weren ' t for you. I wouldn ' t have gotten as far as I have. I love ya! SANDRA SMITH. " Sandy " : 17 Marlboro Rd.; Stagehand 2,3.4; Band; NJ 1: Phil. 3: track 2.4; Ski Club Evergreen 2, Barbershop 3; Drama Club 1,3,4; P.J. Dame; Key Dlut 3,4; Close-Up 4; my own Mustang 4; Spirit Wk. trophy! Seniors! JBTC- sorry not you. Patty! Bye, CHS! Hey Ma- 2 down, 5 to go! Good luck Class of ' 80 forever! MICHAEL SPIRITO, “Mike " : 5 Trestle Way; Party 3,4; Bored by Reggie 4; Blue Oyster Cult 4; I met a bunch of great people when I came here. Best of luck to everyone! Stay off the ground! V.W. power! BRUCE SWANBON, “Bruce " : 71 Elm St.; hockey 1,2,3, tri-capt. 4; football 1,2; Stud. C ' l 1,2,3, Treas. 4; Key Club 4; parade bombed; van ride from H-W; Gibby’s party 1! Flay; Yrbk Staff 4; For. Lang. Club 4; Key Club 3, VP 4; NHS 2,3,4; hon. roll 1,2, 3, 4; Try R and C Airline’s special weekend rates- the only way to fly! Baa-a-a . . .Mao! Stickball at the bulk; Zeppelin is numero uno! Sorry, no heavy philosophy. Only so much to work with ... “I gotta get out of this place " (from Alice Cooper’s ‘Eighteen’). PETER TIDD, “Pete " : 13 Moulton St.; |r. Hon. Soc. 1,2; high hon. roll 1,2,3, hon. roll 4; Amoco 4; Physics is Phrustrating; Good luck to both Hagi Okamas!Falcon Power, White Lake, V.W. action. MGA ' s; Have a beeah! Choose your own way. Good luck to all in the future. BRUCE SWANTON, “Bruce " : 15 Wells Ave.; football 1,2, 3, 4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4; track 1,2,3; hon. roll 1,2, 3, 4; NHS 3,4; Party as you like, and, above all, be unique. Don ' t lick anyone’s boots. Never buy a V.W. Physics is no Phun! Have a beeah and Ahhh take it easy! KRISTOPHER THOMPSON, “Kris”: 48 Tenney St.; Sr. Class FRANK TOLMAN, “Frankie”: 38 Brook St. SCOTT WADE, “Chief”: 250 East Main St.; football 2,3,4; basketball co-capt. 1,2,3; MGA ' s; “The Boss 77; ' 67 Mustang; N.A. Buzzer; Have a cold beeah! PDG; Judge by known facts. MICHAEL WALSH, " Mike”: 26 Andover St. Thoughts To Remember If ever the world should go dark and gray One day is worth two tomorrows; what I am to be, I am now Just remember the good old days beginning. The times of smile the every mile Only a fool accepts the fact that he is. The laughter, the crying " If” is the middle word in life. and the feeling of dying If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is The friends in which you share because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music the wiping of a tear. he hears, however measured or far away. — Thoreau The life before you I am I. Do not change me, condemn me, nor put me down. No The life behind you . . . you need not agree with me, but accept me. I have my faults. Strive for your goal I have my guilts. But that is who I am. Perfect I will never be. and make your life whole Accept me when I am flying high as I have accepted you when Don’t be afraid to be what you are to feel the way you feel to look the way you look to live the way you live no one can be you except you so take a good look don’t pretend because you alone are your closest friend. you were flying high. I am I and I like being what I am, me. Kim Hunter In Memoriam . . . George Norris devoted over ten years of his life to nurturing and encouraging hundreds of Georgetown youths to pursue an interest in music. His tall, dark figure and his deep, resounding voice will he sorely missed by all of his hand students who benefited from his varied musical talents, as well as from his genuine concern and unique sense of humor. Although Mr. Norris was a stern disciplinarian, his pupils were aware that his demanding nature was motivated by a pursuit of excellence. The result of his efforts was the development of a band in which George Norris and the entire community took pride. He acquired even greater respect from his students for his lead position in his own professional musical group, “The Kingsmen”, an association which earned George Norris a following up and down the Northeastern coast. Georgetown was stunned by the tragic death of Mr. Norris. It was a loss of a dedicated teacher, as well as of a person who communicated his love for music, his enthusiasm for life, and his deep concern for young people. Although he is now ' gone, Mr. Norris’ caring and guidance will always be a permanent song in our hearts. 146 In Appreciation . . . Many people were instrumental in making our high school years so enjoyable, but the person who deserves to be thanked the most for all her time, effort, and expertise is Mrs. Karen Allbach. On those days when the Staff was buried in a mound of work, when our tempers flared and nothing seemed to fit, Mrs. Allbach was the stabilizing force. Without her help, this yearbook would have been impossible. Another well-respected individual, Miss Donna Privitera, is appreciated much more than we can ever express. Her endless energy and enthusiasm produced many plays in which students of the Class of ' 80 participated. Thanks, Miss Priv, for being such a terrific director and such a unique, creative person. To the following people the Class also extends thanks: Mrs. Anna Noren, for her contagious enthusiasm for the Georgetown athletic teams, and for her many years of dedicated service to the high school; Mr. David Luca and Mr. Ronald Allbach, for coming to our aid when deadlines had arrived, but the photographs hadn’t: Mrs. Mary Merrill, for her aid in assembling playbooks for all the plays in which our class has been involved, and for being a very special person; Mrs. Sheila Kelly, for her willingness to host many benefits and banquets quite outside her responsibilities: Mrs. Karen Rowe, for gaining a special place in our memories as one of our favorite substitute teachers, as well as for being an individual eager to share her knowledge with others; and Mr. Gerald Silverman, for accepting the challenge of becoming our Senior Class Adviser, knowing that he would have a difficult act to follow after Mrs. Defanski’s two year reign. To all of these people, and to any others whom we may have missed, thanks for your time and guidance. We won’t forget you! 147 We thought we knew I everything we wanted or needed, but slowly our wants began to change. Some of the things that we had made ours we had to set aside. At times it was easy, J and we never glanced bac Though fear of the future or the limited security of having something in hand often made our breaks with the past painful, it was time to leave. It was the end - Zj v I

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