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CEORSerOWN peabooy library GEORGETOWN. GEORGETOWN PEABODY LIBRARY 3 2120 00069 399 2 V For Reference Not to be taken from this room For Reference Not to be taken from this room Georgian 1979 Georgetown High School " Georgetown, Massachusetts The Class of 1979 Dedicates This Year’s Georgian to Mr. Larry Faretta How do we say “thank-you” to a j)erson who has devoted so much of his time, energy and dedication to us? How do we say “thank-you ” to someone who has s|)ent two years advising us through our happy days, our sad days, our agonizing defeats and our thrilling successes? How do we say “thank-you” to a person who has carried us through the times we were down and thought the world was falling apart around us? Even if he might have been having a had day, he still showed concern for our problems. This person has helped our class to he the success it is today. He always had confidence in us and knew we could pull through the toughest situations. We feel that a yearbook gives a clear picture of all our years in high school. F ach of the days we have spent at G.H.S has helped us to mature and grow into well-rounded young adults. One very special person has helped us to be w ' hat we are today. We really appreciate all he has done for our class, individually and as a whole! That’s why our class has overwhelmingly voted to dedicate our yearbook, a warm and memorable tribute to our treasured years in high school, to Mr. Faretta! 2 Very Special Thanks Through our years at Georgetown High School, we, the Class of 1979, have become close to many of the teachers, coaches, advisors, and administrators. These people have helped in numerous ways: from the classroom, to the stage, to the bandroom, from tackling a running back, to laying out the yearbook, and even to giving a cheer. These are the people that we can thank for preparing us for college, employment, and just for being who we are today. They have broadened our knowledge in every way they know how. The Class of 1979 would like to extend its appreciation to all of these people. All we can say is that we sincerely thank-you from all our hearts. We’ll never forget the things you have done for us but most of all, we’ll never forget YOU. You’ll always have a special place in our memories and in our hearts! Thank-you Sincerely, The Seniors of 1979 Table Of Contents PTiculty PAGE 5 Seniors 23 Activities 47 Student Life 65 Athletics 83 Underclassmen 107 Advertisements 129 Time it was and What a time it was It was a time of innocence A time of confidences Long ago it must be I have a photograph Preserve your memories They’re all that’s left you. -Paul Simon 5 Mr. Bray-Assistant Principal Miss Reed-Secretary 6 Mr. Sheedy-Art Dept. Mrs. Cook-Bus. Ed. Dept. Mrs. Defanski-Bus. Ed. Dept. Mr. Cairns-English Dept. 8 Mr, Scott-English Dept. 9 Mrs. Ryan-Foreign Language Dept. Mrs. Hiller-Foreign Language Dept. 10 Mr. Gulezian-Guidance Dept. Miss Armeen-Guidance Dept. 11 Mr. Saccone-Industrial Art.s Mr. Faucher-lndustrial Arts Mr. Bennett-Industrial Arts Mr. Denault-Industrial Arts 12 Mr. Bannister-A.V. Media 13 Mr. McNally-Math Dept. 14 Mr. Cranford-Math Dept. Mrs. Burns-Math Dept. Mrs. Bracci-Math Dept Mr. Pechillis-Math Dept. 15 Mr. Collamore-Phys. Ed. Mr. Dostie-Music Dept. Mr. Weaver-Music Dept. 16 Mrs. Noren-Nurse Mr. Haddad-Phys. Ed, Miss Giannelli-Phys. Ed. Miss Simpson-Phys. Ed. Mr. Mades-Science Dept. 17 Mr. Donnelly-Science Dept. Mr. Lowell-Science Math Dept. Mr. Fraser-Science Dept. Mrs. Saccone-Science Math Dept. 18 Mr. Capodilupo-Science Dept. Miss Keefe-Reading Mr. Gamble-Science Dept. Ms. Ward-Special Needs 19 20 Mrs. Keeler-Title I Reading Mr. Tardif-Social Dept. Mr. Burns-Social Studies Dept. Mrs. Allbach-Social Studies Dept. Mr. Arns-Social Studies Dept. Mr. DeAngelis-Social Studies Dept. !w AJBbw ! . 1 i l.-H, Mrs. Sliiirt. Mrs. Meader. Mrs. Sparks, Mrs. .lones, Mrs. Brooks. Mrs. Morse, Mrs. I ' reseolt. Mrs. Manning;, and Mrs. F’alardy-( ' afeteria Stair. Not pictured. Mrs. Kelly. Mr. Faretta-Sixrial Studies Dept. Mr. Berardino-Social Studies Dept. 99 (iarth AhmuMtcn " darth " Douglas Amcro, .Ir. ‘■(’lup” Kroshtjiiin football; ;i yr. CrosscoiitUry, last yr. tri-rapl; .l ’ Masketball; ;i yrs. track; ski club. .Judith Hell “.Judy " U.S. Capital Page; Student body rep. to 9ch(K)l comm.; WARNER; Hand 1. Drum Major 2,3,4; Insurrection Guild 4; Merit Scholar; RDVV III; UNC; I thank every member of the administration and everybody for helping me make my senior year great! ’79 forever! Lisa Henzanson “Lisa” Good luck in everything, Dottie, Terri and Ann, And to who ever’s staying, I wish you even more luck. I ' ll miss the quick cigarettes in the bathroom between classes, Steph. Timothy Boyd “Boydie " Football l,2,3,capt 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Wrestling 4; Key Club pres. 4; Ski club 1,2, 3, 4; Drama club 1,2,4; Fiddler on the Roof; Sound of Music; Inkmen 4. 24 -Jill Brennan “Jill” Honor Roll 1,2,J,4; The Blue Print 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,4; Yearbook; Managed Basketball ■ REMEMBER THE STATES! Fieldhockey; Softball; International Club Bank; Tbanks JPC and NEC for 2 Great Years and More! Go Royals “79” Richard Burton “Rich” Robert Busbnell “Bush” Football 1; Basketball 2; Good times 4; Spikehorn 4; Thankuuu; Patty’s; Senioritis; Broken Razor 4; Chink; TMB 4; Yeh! College BS 65 OLDS F-85; Honor Roll; Co-Pilot HB to Lou. I got by with a little help from my friends TPTGJ. Mary Butera “Brocket” The most important person in all my school years was my friend Mr. Luca. I want to thank you for all the time you dedicated to me. A quote you may have said to me if you knew it, would be: There’s always enough time to do it over, but never enough time to do it right. James Chadwick “Jamie” Class President 1; Ski Club 3,4; Party 1,2, 3, 4; Martial Arts forever . . . Cabin parties; Suzukis are best. Goodbye to my friends and all tbe rest. Gold and Heffey’s; the year’s sure been fine. Goodbye to greatest, the class of “79”! 25 ' I ' hfjmatt Chouinard “Slink " F(M tball Capt. 1,2, 3, 4; Kahketball 1, 2,3,4: Kaheball 4; Track 2; Honor 1, 2,3,4; Tripod Trio 1,2,3, 4; Nadamen 3; Inkmen 4; l uf(hter, joy lonelineiiB aex Hex Hex Hex! “SHA ' ITKRKD " Rally’ , To({a, TMB, Bye! Gina Chronis “Gina” Class Sec. 3,4; Key Club N’-F res; O.E.A.; Football Cheer. 3,4; Co-Capt.; JV-B-Ball 2; B-Ball cheer 3; C..A.L. Champs. Toga; Nat. Honor Soc 3,4; V-Rres; uschwoman; Drama; Sr. Rlay; X-Mas skit; yearbook; Homecoming Queen; 79 is the Best ever! Darlene Codair “Rosie” I leave party haven to Mrs. Cook, and F laintiff. Rosemarie Condon “F-tose " O.E..A.-3 Drama Club 4; Bananafanna; Breakfast for Hetsie. -A degree for Jill. F ois ' s telephone number for F,orraine. Hockey games for I.ois. Jacqueline Coyne “Jackie” Student Council: Treas. 2; V.Pres. 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Cheering 3; Ski Club 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; yearbook; Good luck to all the Seniors! 26 Brenda Dattoli “Boog” Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Softball 1,2, 3,4; Senior Class Play; The Blue Bomber Rides Again; S’GO; Good ole Haffenraffer puzzles; Little Italians; BDPC “ 22 ” Denise Delgenio “Nisey” I would like to say good-bye to Party Haven and the Klan. I will always remember the Big Bust (Mrs. Kwantz March 1978). Good bye G.H.S. James DiMento, Jr. “Jim” Track 1 Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3 capt 4; B-Ball 1,2,3 Capt 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4; Good times and friends ‘79” Linda Doncaster “Linda” Tracy Dowd “Nink” Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 1,2; Ski Club 1,2; Tri pod Trio, 1,2, 3,4; Senior Class Play; Playbook; Key club; INKMEN 4; Track 1,2,3; late again? ehhh! Jack Danials 69 Mach jfl; Toga. I.oys Drapcmi “I.oysey " Ki»‘l i Hockey 1,2,1; Soft hull l,2,. ' l, ' l; Drama (Mill) 2,-l; Foreign I.ant ' iiage (Mill) 2; Senior (Mass Play. Patricia Duggan “Dugan” PMeld Hockey 1,2,3, 4; Softball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Volleyball 1,2,4; .Senior Class Play; Yearbook; The Blue Bomber Rides Again! Night h ver, Haffie, Hi Fag! Thank (lod for Wendy’s; Adios Senora Hiller, Gracias por todo! Michael Durkee “Mike " Hey Birdman, See you at the Aggy! Pahs Hows the Vega these days? 10-4, We gone By-By. David Duckworth “Ducks " Hockey 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3; ( ' oncert Band 1,2,4; Class Treasurer 4, Political Discovery 3; Marching Band 1,2,4; Senior C ' lass Play; Ski Club 3. Teresa Dutil “Terri " Brian 11 2 77 “S.H.” Friends forever Amy! ,Skiing-“Sigma”-Karate; Remember, G Block in the Cafe-Ann. Good luck to all the Seniors. 28 Jon Ekstrand “Wersel” Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band 1,2, 3,4. Russell Emerson “Russ” Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; Blue Print Staff; Pete’s Party TMB, Patty’s Beach Bums, Mercedes, Midnight Ride, New Years Eve, Blue Day-Blue Morning, Meatloaf, Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Point of know return, Breakout, 79! Dorothy Flynn “Dottie” 12 9 78 Styx . . . 0.0. B. 78; huh Buddy; Florida?? . . . A.L.??? Only one more S.L. D D’s Gook to fly . . . 11 10 77 . . . You’re a senior??? . . . What next? . . . 4 20 80?? Jean Evans “Jean” Rope tows; the loft; my parties 1976. G.F.D. Farb, Fred, Cowboy, Cuties, Sticky Fingers, Rockyness, Fun In the Sun, Skip Days, Illegal Driver, Them guys, Nicky, Boston, The Navy Gotta get out, Senioritis, Good Luck 79! Luv, Chubba! Carol Flyzik “Fred” Massive Hulkwoman 1; Lewiston 5 a.m. Ready Girls, Hulk Positions! Barrbraaa, Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Band, Hey Faretta’s Forget IT!! N.J. Penn., Virginia, Hi Fag! But NOOOOO! Woeth!! Mr. Bill Nooo! play ’79’ 29 Timothy Gagne “Tim " Robert Gibbons “Bob” Donna Gillen “Donna” Gordon Gissel “Gordie” Hockey 1,2; Mike Liebscb Dedication to Hockey; Lawrence Eagle All Star 3, Co-capt 4; Cross Country 2,3; Track 2; Band 1; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; “Jeep” 3,4; H.B. to Lou; Senioritis 3, Outing Club, Senior Class Play; “on the window?” 30 David Gordon “Birdman” Volleyball 1, Ski Club 2,3,4; Hey Durk catch you later, we be gone now. Suzanne Gorton “Sue” Cheerleading 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,4; Ski Club 3,4; the common; hit or miss; hr’ nips; pig’ heffys. Beth-Ellen Greene “Greeney” Basketball, Softball, Volleyball; Hey “Barbie” by Di, See ya Ferp, Captain Hayes; Nicky!!! Lo, member your friends! Play of “79”-It’s cool!! Hulk women 2; Hulks forever, land soon space. Veteran of P.D. Thanks Larry. Good luck to “79” Lorraine Gunderson “Lorraine” Good luck to all the seniors in the future. Especially Lois, Rose and Heather. Thanks for making it a happy two years here at G.H.S. ( ' heryl Hiiyei " Wawel " Hey Kerpo, You and Brenda want Ui ({« I winton; Nicky remember the water tower; Beth you ' ll never be a drummer. Diane-allriitht; maMtive Hulk women »5; Barb, F kk 1 F ' ight; Stage Band; Druma Forever. Heidi Hayman “Heidi " Class VP 2,3; Voice of Democracy 2; Honor Society 2,3, sec. 4; Uschwomen; Cheering 1-4 capt. Hockey 2; CAL Champs ' 78; Senior play; Drama 1,2,4; X-mas skit; OKA 2,3,4; Ski Club 1-4; Yearbook; Parties “Hi sis!; “This is True! " “79” - The BEST! 32 Peter Ivancic “Sink” Cross Country 1,2,3, Capt. 4; College! Hockey 1; Senior Class Play, “A.D.” Drama Club; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Track; Ski Club 2; 62 VW? Patty’s You Bet; New Years Eve 3,4; TMB Senioritis 4; Yearbook Photographer; Break’n Out! Katherine Johnson “JJ” Our Chevy Van; You Bimbo; Hi Babe; “Sweet Summer Sweat” Hi Amy; “Dreams” Guitars were made for friends. Did you sleep good New Year’s Eve? Amy, Howdy, Craig, 3’s 8’s to you always. Many memories Mario, Don’t let them fade away! Carolyn Jones “Carolyn” Honor Society 3,4; Field Hockey 1,2; Yearbook; OEA 3, treas 4; Chorus 2; Think he’ll call me? Who all’s going? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Have faith in everything you do. i Lauren Jurgelon “Laurie” Born in Mississippi, lived in Texas, Conn, Penn, etc. Thanks to all who made Mass the best! Classes of 7-12. F-Ball Cheering 3,4; B-Ball Cheering 2; Drama Club 1,2,3,4;VP 4; Senior Play; Usch women Inkmen-Toga party! Christopher Kallman “Krispy” 5 yrs. football; 2 yrs. track; 2 yrs. ski club; 1 yr. drama club; 1 yr. inkmen. New Year’s Party at Pete’s. 33 Terry Kellowiiy " Miss 1‘iKK.V ” I )rama ( ' luh 1 ,2; liaiul 1,2, 2.1; Statje hand 2, -I; All Section, Me, a llirt? Mill take over that sax. Keels so Kood. Dress twins. What are you wearing next Kim ' .’ What charm school do you };u In? 1 hope you and Dean . . . Bye (iHS! Kimljerlee Knapp " Knip " MarchinK Hand I ' l; Concert Hand 1-4; Sta|(e Hand 1-4, Drama 1 ; Hand V Hres 4; Barl ershop 3,4; “Sound of Music " 2, Dean and Kim forever always! Dear Terry. I wish you everything you want in the world. Oct. 24, 1977, Kangeley forever! Teresa Kruszewski “Terry” ( ' olorguard fall Winter: 1,2,3, 4; Hand 2,2,4; Key Cluh 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Cluh 1,2,4; Make-up anyone? Guess who’s here. Hoi! Hard Night? I feel so uncomfortahle! Dream Dream . . . I.uck to all; relax on the way to success. Brenda Langlais “Grace” Field hockey 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 3; Drama Club 1,2; sec 4; OEA 2,3,4; “Our Town”. Student council 1; Senior class play; Donna, I hope you melt his ice. Thanks for the lips at the cast party, Live everyday night to its fullest. Patricia Lanigan “Patty” Hockey Cheerleading, Ski Club, Drama Club, Parties, demerits, “The Dart” Working, Common, and alot of great times. Sheila MacDonald “Sheila” Class Secretary 1; Concert Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2; Senior Class Play; National Honor Society 3,4; Short 1,2,3,4; We the inexperienced kids of today can accomplish what has been said to be impossible. Good luck to all. Margaret Mahoney “Peggy!” Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4; Color Guard Circuit 2; Capt 3,4; Fiddler! National Honor Society 2,3,4; Student Ad-Visory Council; State, Regional Local; Iowa SSTP Summer of ’77! Political Discovery 3; and that has made all the difference. Evan Maloney “Evan” Insanity is the first sign of blindness.” Holly Margeson “Holly” Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2 4; Drama Club 1,2 4; Drama Club President 4; Senior class play; Our Town 3; Foreign Language Club 1,2, 3,4; CJ-summer ’77 Hammock, Friendly’s mint chocolate chip sundaes, T-Ski- NY,NY, Fame lunch someday my personal costume. 35 Kric Maynard “Eric " Shelagh McElroy “Shelagh " Field Hockey 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2,4; Ski Club 1, 2,3,4. Daniel McGillicuddy " Dan” 36 Barbara McNeil " Rocky” Track; Basketball; Drama Club; ski Clu b; Blue Print staff; yearbook, “Hey Vop, How’s Bubba?” Carollll! Greeney Bean; Jeanie Marie! Tam is Rocky too! 79’s old lady; Beauty is in tbe eye of the beholder you guys! Hulk women Crystal McNeil " Woman” Click a tee Clack go the hoves of the horse called Roper, Riding high at 40 mph. Party’s and the Beast. Good luck to Mary and the future may you go high. Daniel Meader “Dan” Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4 Drama Club 1,2 Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4. David Meader “Dave Meda” The time is near when nothing’s clear. Taste, Touch and Find What it is that’s in your mind. Remember it’s tougb to be ignorant. John Meisner “John” A school that’s got its ups and downs, 68’ bomber. Always stay one step in front of Rocky and you’ll be all set. Good-Bye GHS, Keep tbe fires burning. Laurie Meisner “Lola” 10 21 77 Mack. Clarabell the Chrysler, 45’s in party haven, and Mr. Bray knocking on the door. Good luck class of 80 and good-bye GHS. Steve Meneades “Steve” To the year of 79, good luck. This was the year I had three cars, and I beat every last one into the ground. I don’t believe I am finally out. I think I like the idea of being out. 37 I’aiil MesHinii " Clink " Student C ' ouncil 1; Hockey 1.2.H co nipt -1; Museball 1,2,. ' ? Foot hall 1 ,2.3 1 )rama ( ' luh 1; Senior (’lass Flay; This school was great. It gave me some very good and different experiences. I hope that I will meet people in coll ege that I was fortunate enough to he with here. Larry .Minott " Wa- stage Hand ( 1)1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Hand 1; Concert Hand 1,2,3, 4, Israel, yoo. ' re a great kid. Dave, keep playin ' that horn, you ' ll be great someday! Stage Hand had it ' s time and I thank God to have been part of it. Claire Morris “Klayr " Drama Club 2,3; Hockey Cheering 3,4; Treasurer 3; Student council 4; Close-Up 3; Honor Roll 1,3; High Honor Roll 2,4; Jackie, stop yelling you’re pretty. Sal, you’re spoiled, but very cute! Good luck to all Seniors of ’ 19 . Karen Nizwantowski “Niz” Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play; OEA 2,3,4; Enjoy each day with pleasure and happiness. Thanks for everything Mrs. Burns. Good luck to all my friends. Bve ' 19 . 38 Donna Nunan “Donna” OEA 2,3; Senior Class Play 4; “Our Town” 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Good luck ’79 Seniors in all you do. Remember, Time will not be ours forever, so grab all tbe kicks you can. Luck to future grads of GHS. Tamra Nutile “Tammy” Drama Club 2,4; Tennis Club 4. Ralph Osborne “Bone” Concert Band 1,2,3, 4; Stage Band 2,4; Marching Band 1,2,3, 4; Ping Pong 3,4. Sally Peddle “Sally” Drama Club 2,4; OEA 2; Color Guard 2; Best of luck to the class of ’79. I hope the Seniors coming up will have as much fun as we did in our senior year. 39 Shawn Pendernaat " Shawn” Robert Foalelta " Rob” Good luck seniors class of 79. 130-AXH 66 Ford Mustang; Hi to the crew down skateland; Ten and still counting when will this madness end? Remember tbe future. Steve Poirier " Stick Braker” Stage Band 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Chorus 1-3; Tennis 1-2; Ski Club 1-4. Inland Peters Jr. " l ee " Student Council 2, treas 3, pres 4, Student Advisory 3,4 Track 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3; Honor Society; Class Play, Inkmen; Stage Band; " I think I’m going nuts.” 40 Lisa Prescott “Lisa” Drama Club 1,2; sec 3; treas 4; Senior play; Football Cheering 1, capt 2,3,4; Basketball Cheering 1,2,3, CAL Champs; Class Treasurer 1; OEA, Key Club, X-mas skit, Ushwomen and Inkmen forever. Denise Prendible “Denise” Football Cheering 1, 2,3,4; Capt. 4, B-Ball Cheering 1,2,3; CAL Champs! Student Council Secretary 2,3; Drama Club 1,2,4; Senior Play, Key Club 4; Natl. Honor Society 3,4 . . . Uschwomen Toga Parties, Class of 79! Frank Puopolo “RC Bola Bola Basketball 1,2; The GV men, the over the hill gang. Stage Band, Smoking Area, yelling with Mr. D. Ann Queenan “Ann” Buddy 11 1 77, Me and you forever. Good luck Robyn, Wish you were here. All good times with Dottie, I’ll never forget ya!! Best of luck to Lisa, Terri, and all other Seniors!! 41 I.dIn Heed Dramfi Cliih 1,2,1. OKA 1; KcmcmhcT: |{c(l .Sox. Mriiitis Met, MceOcos, Miss Priv, .Senior piny, " At the end of the endless Kmne there is friendship " (Zen) f’lood luck class of 1979, Thanks Mr. K.! Barry Richardson " Barry " Michael Rohillard " Elvis” Band 1,2, .3,4; Football 2,4; Basketball 1,2,3; It’s been a long 12 years and I am finally out. Good bye GHS. Israel Robles " Israel” Track 4, Volleyball 4, Journalism, I will be a better student, tbank you Laurie. I’m going to remember every day wbat I did this year 79. Carola, never forget our friendship. Daunne Rogers “Daunne” Class Secretary 2, Pres 3,4; Honor Society 2, Secretary 3, Pres 4; OEA 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3, 4; Usch women 4; Thanks Larry and Gina, Ice cream my name, abalone, class play. Tommy Terrific, Homecoming, Luck sis. 42 i Geoffrey Rowell “Geofr Tracy Rohner “Spacey” Good luck B Block pals, To my two Terry’s, I love you both. Apartment here we come! Working, Chinese food, Amaretto, The yellow bomb, it’s a great little car. Jane Simpson “Jane” Band, NHS, OEA, NEHSCGC, Yearbook ICSYBB, What no BJ’s got red lips Carol? pizza. Think He’ll call? Ladies don’t chew gum! Red Rose of Texas, want some Daunne? Hi Dad! guitar, yearbook greens, lay-outs, thanks friends, ’79’s the best! % •r9 Lawrence Smith “Larry” Marching Band 1,2,3, 4; Concert Band 1,2,3, 4; Stage Band 4; Soccer 2,3,4. 43 I.IMI Si I.UtliH " l.isn " Hockey (’heerleadinj; II, (lood luck to everyone in the class of ' 79. Our day is I ' inally here. Thank-you. 1 am Koin){ to miss " I’arly Haven " and the K1,AN. This has been a really fun year and I hope the Seniors next year have has much fun as we did. Hiane Stoddard " I)i " Kaskethall 1,2, 3, 4, Slates 78,79, .Soft hall 1,2,3, 4; Volleyball 1,2; I ' hank you! Junior Class Play, Drama 1; Massive Hulk woman (►3; Hi (ireeney. Drums, Hayes, Kerpo, Harb are you .Serious, Are you .Serious! Hi I as! Catch ya later. Nicola Thacker " Nick the thorn " Blue Print staff; Student Government Day Delegate; Political Discovery; Senior Play ' 79; Hulk »6; Sunrise at the water tower with Hazy .Jean. Good Luck to Crazy Crew ' 79! Laurence Thompson " Larry " Brian Tibbetts " B.-J. " Drama Club 1,2; Partying 2,3,4; Hey Rocky, better luck next time (if there is one). “RUSH 1 II. " Good luck to all my friends and may all your dreams come true. Keep smiling, It makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. 44 Theresa Todisco “Terrie” Fiddler, Drama Club, Ski Club, Fres. 2; Hockey Cheering-Wasted Again! Bathroom parties. Hey Rohner can we get served Chinese Style? Sat. nites off!! Green and yellow bombs. Zepplin what a RUSH. S + D + R + R. John Travers “.lack” Andres Vera “Vink” Tennis 4, Marching Band 4, Volleyball 4; It was a great experience, I will never forget. Very special thanks to the Gortons. Good-Bye ink brothers. Good luck Seniors and everybody. 1 Really enjoyed it and had fun. -James Walker “Jaime” Viva los Mexicanos: Israel, Andy, Alex ’79 is mighty fine, ’80 is what? The Georgetown Inn no more, forever. B-Ball 1, Baseball 2, Blueprint 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3, 4; thanks J.P.C. N.E.C. Fiestas and siestas in 301, gracias. Brett Warner “HMMMWilly” F ootball 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2,4; Basketball 1, member of the Inkmen - “link”. Go all the way Inkmen! 45 Debra Weinstein “Debbie” Honor Society 1,2, It, 4; Yearbook editor; Hand 1,2, .3, 4; Iowa sstp; l(K)k- a moose! What’s up? To my friends and family: I love you. (lood luck class of ' 79 you ' re the best! Kiss today g(M)dbye and point me towards tomorrow . . . Seniors not pictured: Scott Denley (laylon Jackson Mark I’astore Ralph Scheibel Tim C ' onboy Patty LaPointe KolM-rl Winskowicz “MmmHubby " FiMitball 1,2,, ' 1,4, Basketball l,2,. ' i; Baseball 1 ; .Ski Club .3,4; Drama ( ' lub .3.4; (lirl Watching 1,2,.3,4; (lod father of the Ink broH. Wink. A Camera shy senior: Amy Knickles “Mario” Pickle loves Shakespeare: Hi Dave! “Sweet Summer Sweat” Howdy Kathy Craig. Remember Strawberry Kissing potion Roots. Diamond Dogs are Forever-Hockey is Hot! McDonalds Memorial Macs. SPIDERMAN! I could never have done it w o you JJ. Heather Yeaton “Feather” OEA 2,3,4; Pres, Drama Club 2,4; Lori remember that joke, “Baldy” Rose, I’ll remember the bananfana, Lois don’t forget quotes in B.L. or pink pants. Thanks Mr. L. for reviewing C.W. Thanks Mom Dad for all you’ve done. I love you. 46 L to R, Ct. Chronis (Sec.), D. Duckworth (Treas.), D. Rogers (Pres.), R. VVinskowcz (V. Pres.) Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers 48 L to R, M. Pingree (V. Pres.), D. Chronis (Sec.), M. Perry (Pres.), P. Goodwin (Treas.) Sophomore Class Officers L to R, C. Meisner (Treas.), H. Rohner (Pres.), B. Nagle (V. Pres.), missing G. Faretra (Sec.) Freshman Class Officers L to R. K. Dowdie (Pres.), M. Johnson (Sec.), R. Lynah (Treas.), G. Grissino (V. Pres.) 49 Student Advisory Council Student Council I- to R row I: K. Thompson, I . Tihhets, L. Todisco, B. Tardif, I). Ball row 2: C. Morris, .J, Coyne (V. Bres.), Scott Kelly (Treas.). B. Swanhon, L. Peters (Pres,), K. ( ' oyne (Sec.), L. Weinstein EXIT 50 L to R row 1: D. Holden row 2: M. Puopolo, P. Mutch. P. Mahoney, L. Peters (Pres.) Honor Society L to R row 1: D. Prendible, H. Hayman (sec-treas), D. Rogers (Pres.), G. Chronis (V. Pres.), J. Simpson, K. Thompson, D. Weinstein row 2: J. Coyne, D. Barlow, L. Peters, S. Knight, D. Rowell, C. Jones row 3: S. Kelley, P. Mahoney, L. Skeirik, S. MacDonald Jr. Honor Society L to R row 1: C. Clancy, M. Weinstein, E. Thompson, S. Hatch, S. Hamilton, D. Swanton row 2: M. Barsard, A. Haller, K. Coyne, P. Tihhets (treas.), L. Ahreu, C. Judge, H. Haller (Vice Pres.), L. Weinstein (Pres.), D. Swartz row 3: L. Caplan, S. Barlow, K. Knight, M. Crimp (Sec.), S. Kavanaugh, G. Smith, B. Ayers Blueprint Staff I to R row 1; Mrs. Cook, Mr. Checkoway, D. Gillen, L. Reed row 2: J. Brennan, R. Carter, R. Gibbons, J. Amero, Peters, S. Dalton, 1. Robles, J. Walker, L. Minott, J. Peters, D. Gordon, E. Maloney Yearbook Staff I . Collomore, D. L to R row 1; C. Jones, R. McNeil, D. Weinstein (edit.), Mrs. Allbach, J. Simpson row 2: M. Puopolo, H. Hayman, J. Brennan, H. Margeson, G. Chronis, D. Rogers, J. Coyne, P. Duggan, B. Langlais, K. Nizwantowski, L. Reed, T. Kruszewski Homecoming ’79 53 Senior Class Play Dec. 7-9 Thanks to a ver ’ special p er8on. “The Great All-American Musical Disaster” was one of the best senior class plays ever produced. Without the talents of our director, Miss Privetera, the casts’ time and effort would have been useless. Thank-you for your support, direction, faith and friendship. Miss Priv. You’re a remarkable person and we’ll never forget you! 54 The Great All-American Musical Disaster 55 56 Drama Club L to R row I: L. Prescott (treas.). Miss Privitera, L. Jurgelon ( Pres.) row 2: H. Margeson (Pres.), R. Langlais (Sec.) L to R row 1: R. Tolman, R. Perrault, S. McEIroy, T. Dutil, P. Lanigan, T. Todisco, S. Smith. P. Costanzo, L. Drapeau, C. Fisher row 2: M. Pastore, L. Marquis, H. Hayman, D. Rogers, L. Prescott. D. Prendible, L. Jurgelon, G. Chronis, J. Dimento, P. Messina, J. Simpson, T. Kruszewski, P. Mahoney row 3: B. McNeil, C. Dowdie, D. Lavender, L. Todisco, J. Evans, S. Gorton, P. Goodwin, J. Peters, M. Perry, C. Kallman, P. Ivancic, I. Robles. L. Peters, R. Morehouse L to R, row 1: L. Weinstein, L. Reed, B. Green, D. Swanton, C. -Judge, H. Haller, L. Norris, S. Kavanaugh, T. Nutile row 2: S. Kelly, -J. Hart, L. Dimento, L. Skeirik, M. Crimp, B. Ayers, R. Condon, -I. Brennan, -I. Benjamin, E. Seaberg row ,3: S, Kelly, K. Coyne, L. Page, D. Divincenzo, H. Yeaton, -J. Pasquale, V. Clark, B. Nagle, L. Prescott, K. Kelly, S. Wells, P. Mutch L to R, row 1: K. Brockelbank, T. Fielding, C. Coolin, C. Neumann, E. Thompson, C. Page, R. Lynah, M. -Johnson, L. Gorton, M. -Johnston, C. Osborne, L. Burnette row 2: -J. Seidel, L, Natale, M. Natale, C. Graf, S. Caporizzo, D. Chronis, P. Small, K. Hunter, L. Prescott, A. Day, C. Fisher, L. Fatyol, R. -Jurgelon, W. Grover row 3: D. Rowell, D. Acheson, L. Duckworth, H. Margeson, -J. Shepard, B. Langlais, S. Peddle, T. Boyd, T. Apprich, D. Holden, T. Perley row 4: R. Riley, J. Symes, R. Winskowicz 59 Ski Club L to R, row 1: P. Lanigan, H Hayman, E. MacDonald row 2: R. Osborne. J. Page, ' I ' . Fielding row 3: M. Johnston, B. MacDonald, R. Jurgelon row 4: R. Page, J. Symes, R. Sedler, row 5: C. Graf, J. F erry, R. Peabody row 6: S. Smith, A. Judge, K. Coyne, P, Constanzo, L. Smith row 7: J. Hart, S. Kelly, L. Page, R. Chouinard, L. Prescott, L. Skeirik, VV. Prince, D. Gordon, D. Amero row 8: K. Kallman, P. Owens, P. Mutch, S. Kelly, D. Rogers, R. Emerson, J. Coyne, J. Evans, D. Langivan, S. Gorton Key Club L to R, row 1: H. Hayman, D. Ball, M. Pingree, L. Prescott, T. .Apprich, S. Caporizzo, T. Kruszewski, Mr. DeAngelis, D. Weinstein, J. Hart, J. Benjamin. S. Smith, L. Skeirik row 2: K. Thompson. P. Mutch, D. Langevin, T. Boyd (Pres.), D. Chronis (Sec.), M. Perry (Treas.), G. Chronis (V. Pres.), T. Dowd, D. Rowell, S. Kelly, S. Kelley, P. Mahoney Model Airplane Club L to R, row 1: J. Hooper (hist.), K. Johnson (sec.), H. Yeaton (pres.), J. Simpson (V, Pres.), C. Jones Ureas.), L. Johnson (hist.) row 2; L. Prescott, G. Chronis, J. Pasquale, L. Prescott, D. Bjornholm, S. Watson, Mrs. Merrill, N. Heales, D. Rogers, I. Swier, L. Wood, C. Smith, H. Hayman, K. Nizwantowski, B. Langlais L to R, Row 1: P. Boucher, S. Tidd, Mr. Denault, D. Nizwantowski, 1. Prees, B. Tardiff O.E.A. 61 Concert Band u h I. to R. row 1: S. Smith, I,. Duckworth, K. Dowdie, C. Mansfield, F. ,Anderson, J. Hart, H. .Marfjeson, F. Costanzo. D. Rowell, T. Kruszewski, K. Thompson row 2: C. Neumann, G. Grissino, F. Rentscholer, S. Radford, E. Thompson, F. Lobley, L, Thompson, D. Barlow, I). Weinstein (sec-treas.), .1. Simpson, S. Dowdie, S. Kelly row .3: ,Mr. Dostie (Dir.), D. Duckworth, S, Barlow, G. Jandris, D. Langevin, M. Robillard, B. Rohert.s, D. Fitton, D. Robbins, G. Heisler, L. Minott, D. Mades, D. Jandris, D. Acheson row 4: C, Fisher, I). Meader, J. Ekstrand, L. Smith, S. Foirier, A. Vera, J. Shepard, R, Chouinard, T. Sheehan, R. Sedler, R. Osborne, C, Hayes, C. Flyzik ( Fres.), ' F. Kelloway, K. Knapp (V. Fres.), B. Bushnell, K. Thompson, M. Fuopolo Stage Band L to R, row 1: R. Chouinard, R. Osborne, S. Poirier, C. Hayes, R. Sedler row 2: T. Kelloway, D. Weinstein, K. Knapp, B. Bushnell, S. Radford, C, Flyzik row 3: L. Peters, M. Poupolo, D. Jandris, I). Mades, C. Fisher, S. Smith, J. Shepard, D. Barlow, P. Dostie (director) row 4: L. Smith, D. Langevin, G. Jandris, J. Ekstrand, M. Robillard, S, Barlow 63 Winter Carnival Congratulations to King Jim Dimento and his court: Jack Travers, Steve Meneades, Mike Pingree and Jimmy Ingraham. m GEORGETOWN high school . P® sf . . Student Life 65 nsa 4H P - iK 80 jZ ' c i au on-€ A rri€ H rou l pc $r 17 ecL ' i ' i ' -T . p€ h re€ : ll onn-ejay in fKe L iiL,rf. potue; Z cea l hupt you rr o}ct X ' ll " fA ul Ci.-l- ■ ' Jer yoiA i o. ri u x , n c u-n. tgrae] ou t hee» j. fr er Ji ' k rof Qj d z ' l n€ j£C for ir ycK boLc [ 6(,aa»A ojcl V o h V oZ 3 -b y tT aU.( Zihh t e r ihe. Tn fwi Tr o iS - r 7 A C?t fc ' A-. £ .p . A ' A bv-.fu ' ! ' ' , ' q --(WaX " A.y, ' .V Vj,, ' ' 0 02 lO (y J I I A ftDT. Rf i ForeVI;! o pifAd ' ovA uuouu Rbuull ' b J Ch Dl R ' l S ' o ?Kd T y y B f ' r iff brCV Ifl. mm ' ioci ' iJ + -fomeoaou I b dscA-d, -fc tj,jA2 Cj. n i I i ' Ai V ' ' ■ ' ' Av {-aP vT j d h Sau Chubbo - r, A“ ' ' ' O ' - 1 - ■ ' A Over U au) l fSy 1 0 “ ( 0 1 V P TKc " i t )c 5C| togc. fo Q iw ' f Tduo Toga " Go it G. H ,5.C ,G (e5 c a V p if) eni , ' ixjlz Qo, ., -r " • ' • ' •fr w ' " ’ ' ' Cvr G.Um , H‘ ' “) Chuh r ' ,, ? ' , ' V ' C G(P • ' » ' , V- k ' ■C o L c j= : -2 f . ‘I ' c,o 3 _ 5 ' 2 ruHtr i r 2 Q- : 0 a. 3 ,0 3 |s " - ■ ' ■ a ' - L Z ootuH O r f VJ -C r ' F ' . i. cn 0 , ' - ' K ' v:V. v w 6 iT ' V. c ' . ' .N c! e " 0 ' , , ' ' C(P o -f- ipo Of aS 6- •“ I -- »“ Xk, ■•■;« • A D iZ ' " " fj, ' C ' -vV G ' • e W Luouia , y ' ) iuo) (X! cf ' ' ’C 9 - ' ' 19 v " - - ' rr T Great ' ' O apec cf ’’■ ;_ r " ri ' V - r-j • C ’e. b -A o ( ' y i-O !p- .vi- } 4 v ' y ' G(f ' ' ' Great ' ' Q apeac ,ij k-- )onGa -to fnt Jinx SraJ- j --’iK j c,-;v- L f., ' Qo. ' r 9 ' . aS " , o ' J i ¥■ ' ' ‘l ' py pppc e ouG tojTc eor G-iC bCp- onS-! rorCuer mooj ' t- , yy--tkyftp c -jf, G V G t R dh Gt ' JCh iJlLcdh • -. Oj. ' - c„ a. -„ _- , --t- ' O ' £yy. ' G . - G ' . o .. C M , one fjl - ’P Dc ' b ' nv. Cross Country Scores Newburyport Tyngsboro North Reading North Andover Hamilton-Wenham Triton Manchester Whittier Amesbury Essex Aggie Pentucket Masco Tyngsboro Ipswich Rockport Lynnfield record 3-13 ‘lowest score wins CHS 15 43 24 31 18 45 15 50 19 44 19 43 18 37 24 32 20 43 43 16 19 44 19 45 20 36 50 15 29 27 17 45 row 1 - D. Bjornholm, D. Arriel, E. MacDonald, T. Fielding row 2 - T. Perley, P. Ivancic (tri-capt), S. Hatch (tri-capt), D. Amero (tri-capt), P. Shay row 3 - G. Jandris, R. Sedler, K. Kavanaugh, R. Hamilton, K. Thompson, coach R. Cairns The G.H.S. harriers were paced by Sophomore Scott Hatch. Scott won several races and finished tenth in the Cape Ann League open. The most outstanding game of the season was a shut-out over Ipswich. 84 Scores Ipswich Newbiiry()orl Tyngshoro Ameshiiry HamiltonWenhum North Andover Lynnfield Tyngshoro 1 I? Triton Rockport Manchester Pentucket Masconomet North Reading Northeast (IMS 1 0 2 J I 3 1 0 3 1 1 4 I 1 3 0 1 2 0 5 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 6 Record:9-4-2 Field Hockey L to R, row 1: C. Flyzik, P. Duggan, K. Nizwantowski, S. McElroy (co-capt.), B. Dattoli (co-capt.), B. Langlais, L. Drapeau, Row 2: Coach Giannelli, 3. Benjamin, C. h ' lyzik, K. Coyne, S. Hatch, B. Nagle, J. Nizwantowski, C. Judge, K. Walker, J. Brennan (mgr) This years field hockey team compiled one of the best records in the history of G.H.S. They finished 9-4-2. Senior Co-Capts Brenda Dattoli and Shelagh McElroy led the team to within one point of qualifying for the State Tournament. Brenda Dattoli was high scorer for the team with 19 goals. It was a team with a great deal of Senior spirit. 86 JV Scores H » m r i Ipswich Newburyport Tyngsboro Amesbury Hamilton-Wenham North Andover Lynnfield Tyngsboro Triton Rockport Manchester Pentucket Gov. Dummer Masco North Reading record 3-11-1 GHS 1 2 1 0 2 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 2 0 2 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 4 1 1 1 0 row 1 - C. Duggan, K. Collamore, R. Lynah (co-capt), M. Johnson (co-capt), C. Neumann, W. Flight, C. Dowdie row 2 - K. Grasso, K. Davidson, S. Nizwantowski, R. Gunderson, L. Duckworth, E. Thompson, K. Tibbetts, P. Anderson, C. Mansfield, C. Clancy, coach C. Williams 87 Football Varsity Scores Cathedral Minutemen Whittier Bishop Fenwick Nashoba Tynsgboro Timberlane Auburn Lynn Tech Manchester record 7-3 CHS 8 20 16 32 0 34 21 18 7 20 0 24 13 0 0 30 6 32 14 2 row 1 - D. McGillicuddy, C. Kallman, T. Dowd, J. Dimento (tri-capt), T. Boyd (tri-capt), T. Chouinard (tri-capt), B. Warner, K. Hatch, B. Winskowicz row 2 - J. Amaro, M. Pingree, ,S. Gibbons, M. Harrington, K. Collamore, B, Swanton, P. Mutch, J. Amero, R. Evangelista, D. Ball row 3 - Coach J. Collamore, G. McDonald, J. Moyer, J. Page, T. Drapeau, T. Mulligan, D. Boyer, S. Hamilton, P. Durkee, P. Ekstrand .IV Scores Whittier Bishop Fenwick Nashoba Tyngsboro Timberlane Lynn Tech Lawrence Vo-Tech record 4-2-1 88 89 row 1 - E. Dimaio, P. Perkins, W. Gulezian, D. Fitton, M. Prescott (co-capt), A, Smith (co-capt), D. Parker, M. Divincenzo, S. Greene, D. Besse, B. Roberts row 2 - Coach M. Fraser, J. Strogney, B. Haskell, P. Christ, M. Caporizzo, D. Messina, P. Paginelli, K. Boyer, B. Tardif, G. Smith, Coach R. Duggan row 3 - A. Pierce, G. Swanbon, C. O ' Brien, M, Mansfield, M. St. Louis, R. Bonaventura The football Cheering Squad of 1978-79 had a lot of fun this season. We had pajama parties, decorated the football players’ houses at two-in-the morning, led the first night Pep Rally for Homecoming, decorated the boys’ locker rooms and went into the C.A.L. competition. We’d like to thank all the people who supported us this season, especially our advisor, Mrs. Carol Saccone. back row L to R - H. Hayman, K. Meisner, S. Shaw, L. Jurgelon, L. Prescott, L. Weinstein, J. Perrault, S. Wells bottom - D. Prendible (co-capt), D. Rogers front - G. Chronis (co-capt), K. Hunter V aan ma Boys Basketball VAKSI I ' N ' SCOUKS I.ynniield JH CHS 12 St. Joseph ' s •12 1 1 Ipswich JH J7 Manchester •111 •IH Masconotm‘1 J7 •19 Hamilton ' enhain j; ()2 Fentucket •11 a. ' -) Newhuryporl Jl) r.i North Reading r 7 Triton jr 14 Tyngshoro 71 •17 Rockport Jfi Ameslniry (50 •Ifi Ipswich •11 hJ Manchester •17 •10 North Andover •11 HI Rockport r 9 54 ' I’riton 48 59 Hamilton- Wenham S2 50 Whittier Tech (5J 42 Newhuryport JH 07 Christmas Tourney j;i 50 record: y-l. ' { I- to R row 1: K. Collamore, S. Dalton, .1. Amaro, I). Hall, M. Fingree, S. Wade, row 2: Coach Haddad, -I. Amero, S. Hatch, K. Kavanaugh, B. Swanton, .1, Dimento (Capt.) J.V. SCORES Lynnfield 24 GHS 67 St. Joseph’s 61 11 Ipswich 47 23 Manchester 36 39 Masconomet 30 29 Hamilton- Wenham 38 47 Pentucket 25 32 Newburyport 34 45 North Reading 40 36 Triton 36 48 Tyngsboro 58 36 Rockport 26 31 Amesbury 36 31 Ipswich 39 36 Manchester 31 36 North Andover 25 23 Rockport 45 39 Triton 33 27 Hamilton- Wenham 36 39 Whittier Tech 42 30 record: 9-11 L to R row 1: L. Abreu, J. Amaro, S. Wade, P. Tibbets, P. Shay, Row 2: S. Hamilton, T. Rodgers, S. Hatch, S. Dalton, B. Riley, J. Page, Coach Luca. 95 This year’s varsity basketball team showed etfort and strength. The record shows the ability of team effort. Despite the loss of senior Jimmy Dimento for half the season, the team pulled through with confidence. The team was formed mostly of juniors showing that the experience and talent will dominate next year’s team. Girls Basketball VARSITY SCORKS Whittier 24 GHS .36 Lynnfield 37 48 Ipswich 55 31 Manchester 25 57 Mascomomel 46 58 .North Andover 41 45 Hamilton-Wenham 33 31 Pentucket 31 49 Newburyport 20 35 North Reading 31 37 Triton 58 31 Tyngsboro .36 44 Rockport 27 46 Amesbury 36 .34 Ipswich 51 25 Manchester 32 64 Whittier .30 54 Rockport 54 45 Triton 55 37 Hamilton Wenham 51 43 record: 12-8 I, to R row 1: K. Nizwantowski, C. Flyzik (co-capt.), I). Stoddard (co-capt.). H. Dattoli, S. McF ' lroy. S. Hatch, K. Walker, I), ,Swanton, -I. Nizwantowski, P. Duggan, Miss (liannelli (coach), missing J. Brennan (mgr.) This years 1979 girls basketball team finished its league season at 12-8. The closeness and hard work of the team made it one of the best in GHS history, for we set a record at Georgetown. We are the first team to go to the states for two consecutive years. The dedication and understanding of our coach, Miss Giannelli, helped us to achieve this goal. -the team- imi ijn J.V. SCORES Lynnfield 40 GHS 16 Ipswich 27 24 Manchester 14 31 Masconomet 26 12 North Andover 20 34 Hamilton-Wenham 16 18 Pentucket 12 20 Newburyport 36 9 North Reading 21 26 Triton 22 13 Tyngsboro 18 28 Rockport 19 29 Amesbury 30 18 Ipswich 27 19 Manchester 13 23 Rockport 26 41 Triton 33 20 record: 8-9 L to R row 1: M. Lemieux, C. Page, J. Benjamin (Co-capt.), C. Flyzik (co-capt.), R. Lynah, P. Anderson, Row 2: S. Symes, E. Thompson, T. Martin, K. Bartlett, K. Tibbets, S. Nizwantowski, Mr. Graffum (coach) 99 1 VARSITY SCORES Ipswich North Reading Newburypor t North Andover Hamilton-VVenham Lynnfield Masconomet Amesbury Triton Ipswich Newburyport North Andover North Reading Hamilton Wenham Lynnfield Amesbury Triton record: 4-11-2 CHS 5 1 8 1 4 2 3 5 5 3 5 0 8 1 2 3 8 7 5 3 3 2 2 7 5 5 3 3 1 5 4 3 5 2 L to R, row 1: .]. Ingraham. B, Swanbon, P. Messina, G. Gissel, D. Boyer, G. McDonald row 2: Coach McLeod, D. Mullane, P. Goodwin, B. Davidson, S. Knight, M. Perry, D. Duckworth, J. Peters, D. Besse, B. Evangelista, P. Mutch, Coach Harlow, Coach Plazy L to R, row 1: B. Cronin, B. Lavender, D. Ingraham, R. Snyder, P, Durkee, J. Ingraham row 2: Coach McLeod, Coach Plazy, S. Langevin, P. Crist, D. McCarthy, E. Blouin, J. Lloyd, C. Silver, D. Besse, D. Parker, Coach Harlow I Although Georgetown High competes in a league against much larger schools the team did very well. They did everything asked of them and had excellent attitudes. The Captains were good, the young people did a fine job for a successful year. The Cheerleaders were very organized and did a very good job. It’s tough to be in the Cape Ann League, but it was a positive rewarding year. The production of the J.V’s was also very good with their record — 6-9-0. L to R, row 1 - S. Gallant, G. Grissino, K. Dalton, C. Smith row 2 - L. Gorton, L. .Strogney, K. Meisner (capt), G. Faretra (co-capt), L. Minott, K. Morris Wrestling ScdH ' S Brooks School 38 GHS 50 Beverly 12 60 Minuteman 18 54 Assabett 24 45 Methuen 24 42 North Andover 56 3 Nashoba 18 37 •Masconomet 51 15 Pentucket 44 15 Ipswich 15 51 North Reading 28 28 North Andover (.JA’.I 24 30 Lynnfield 33 24 Hamilton-W ' enham 17 45 ' I ' riton 43 15 .Shawsheen 15 54 Assabett 24 44 Record: 11-1-5 L to H. row 1 - D. Townshend, D. Prescott. A. Bean, J. Hale. T. Boyd row 2 - G. Smith. P. Townshend. D Mades, R Emerson (co-capt), V. Hale. M Prescott (co-capt), row 3 - Coach Capodilupo. T. Drapeau, T. Boyd, B. Brennan, P. Ekstrand, T. Conboy, B Morehouse 104 This was certainly a year to remember. In only our third year of existence we developed not only a winning team, but the strong nucleus necessary for a successful program. Our wrestlers again proved they could wrestle with the best as Bob Morehouse placed seventh and Phil Ekstrand placed twelveth in the State Wrestling Championships. Top Dual Meet Performers were: Bob Morehouse 13-2, Dave Mades 11-2, and Phil Ekstrand 10-4. With nine varsity wrestlers returning next year out of twelve weight classes, the prospects look good for another fine year. Cheerleaders L to R, row 1: K. Hunter, D. Chronis, ' . Clark, A. Day, L. Dimento, row 2: J. Hart, C. Meisner, row 3: L. Prescott (Capt) L to R, row 1: M. Pastore, A. Haller, Row 2; E. Dimento, D. Lavender, L. Marquis, M. Perry, row 3: S. Hart, C. Delgenio (Capt), A. Rood. David Acheson Chris Balletto Class Of ’82 Dawn Adams Stuart Barlow Brian Arriel Pam Anderson Angela Apprich ' V Kim Bartlett Daniel Besse Paul Bonasoro Peter Bonasoro Karen Brockelbank Bonnie Butera Mike Caporizzo I vV Carlene Clancy I Paul Conti Cheryl Coolen 108 Dorian Cortes Don Cudmore Kelly Dalton Todd Dattoli Chris Delgenio Cathy Dowdie Lynn Duckworth Carol Duggan Doug Dutil Andy Gatchell Mark Flyzik David Gillespie 109 Debbie Clillis Hick DIadman Lisa Gorton Kris Graf Gerald Gray Sbawn Greene Gail Grissino Michael Grover Warren Gulezian Adam Gordon Robin Gustafson Patty Hebert Mark Heiseler Bill Holt Sharon Hargrove Neil Harper 110 David Jandris Laurie Johnson Margaret Johnston Jim Ingraham Martha Johnson Brian Kimball Dona Kruszewski Dawna Lavender Renee Jurgelon Dianne Legere Melanie Levell Ruth Lynah Cheryl Mansfield Perry Marathas David Malone Lisa Marquis 111 Mary Natale I Sue Nizwantowski Chris Page Carola Neumann Nancy Peabody Mike Peacock Wayne Pearson Danny Parker Michelle Pastore 112 N Lynne Prescott Paul Perkins Ben Perreault Michael Prescott David Robbins Fred Rentschler Brett Roberts Ted Smith , J Brian Simmons Greg Smith Marie Seidel 113 .lay Sparks David Stoddard Sharon Symes Bryan Tardif Krik Thompson Ron Tompkins F]rin Thompson Kathy Tibbetts Lisa Todisco Brett Tolman Julie VVeiler Richard Wilkins 1 Bob Wright Paul Townsend Camera Shy Freshmen: Brenda Carter Patty Cox John Fornara Steve Langlais Lisa Mosher Ginny Murray Amy Rood Scott Yeaton Chris Young 114 Paul Butera Alex Cardenas Richard Chouinard Valerie Clark Doug Codair Karen Coyne Mary Crimp Joseph DeSisto i Lea DiMento Lisa DiVincenzo 115 ' Phomas Drapcau Mirhael I)u(;(;an ( ' hervi Doncaster Peter Diirkee Phil Kkstrand Linda Gillis Chris Gissel Thomas G oodwin Heather Haller Thomas Fiellding June Fitton Giannina Faretra Gerald Gagne Steve Hamilton 116 Robert Hargrove Betty Harper Scott Hatch Susan Hatch f Nigel Heales Scott Heil George Heiseler David Henderson Barbara Hendrix Joyce Hooper Charles Henderson 117 Peter l.ohley Erie MacDonald Daniel Mades Mike McCarthy Peter McCarthy Greg McDonald Cindy Meisner Scott Meneades Alan Merrill Linda Minott Jeff Moyer Thomas Mulligan 118 Joanne Pasquale Robert Peabody Karlyn Phillips Thomas Rogers Bob Riley Scott Radford Pam Reynolds 119 Chris Silver Lori Strogney Christine Smith Ingrid Swier Gina St. Louis Debbie Swanton David Smith 120 Stephen Symes Peter Tibbetts Jeff Symes -y. Ken Thompson Karyn Walker Karin Watkins Richard Troudt Scott Watson Camera Shy Sophomores: Daniel Mullane Kathy Murray Heidi Prouxl Lisa Purcell Karen Valerio Terry Apprich Terry Allen David Ball Class Of ’80 Mark Anderson John Arnero Jeff Arnero i i David Barlow Jackie Benjamin Eben Bond William Brennan Edward Blouin Linda Burnett Susan Caporizzo Roger Carter Kevin Castle Dianne Chronis 122 Kevin Callamore Mark Connolley Scott Connely Patricia Costanso Steve Dalton Barry Davidson Anita Day Cheryl Fisher Claudia Flyzik Mary Foley Kathleen Gunderson Pamela Harding 123 Michael HarrinKlon Chris Helmke Jenny Hart David Houlden Kim Hunter Gregg Jandris Brian Johnson 124 John McGuirk Kathy Meisner Jerry McCarthy Paul Mutch i? Lisa Natale Linda Nason Paul Owens Lynne Page Suzanne Parker 125 James Rodgers Linda I’elley Mike Pingree Mark F’erry Lauren Prescott Dean I’eters Suzanne Rentschler Tom I’erley Edward Powell Diana Rowell 126 Lynne Skeirik Pat Small Sandy Smith Bruce Swanbon Kris Thompson Peter Tidd Bruce Swanton Frank Tolman Lisa Winskowicz Scott Wade Camera Shy Juniors: Kevin Castle Greg Charchoodian Debbie Di Vincenzo Bob Evangelista Scott Gibbons Paul Goodwin Victor Hale Bob Hamilton Billy Snickles Stephanie Levell Jay Maguire Rich Mahoney Gary Martin Mike McGillicuddy Jeannette Perreault Lenny Schwartz Mike Walsh 127 128 Snc. Specialists in Home Comfort 75 WEST MAIN ST, GEORGETOWN. MASS. 352-8711 363-2300 GEORGETOWN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. George E. Schofield, Manager 352-8000 465-5958 10 West Main Street Georgetown, Mass. TOPS BOTTOMS Best Wishes to the Class of ‘79’ Haverhill Plaza Compliments of DR. AND MRS. HOWARD D. HILL 130 From the (ian at THE LIGHT DEPARTMENT Cono rat Illations ( ' lass of ' 79 Best Wishes From the GEORGETOWN POLICE DEPT. GEORGETOWN DOOR WINDOW Your Banking Campus Anderson Windows 1 Park St. Georgetown, MA 01898 852-2804 BaySank Merrimack Valley Bay Bank Merrimack Valley, N.A. 38 East Mam Street Georgetown. M A 01833 617 352-8702 131 DEALER TIRES. INC Corner West Main and Prospect Georgetown. Mass. The Watsons 352-69(K) Tel. (617) Georgetown 352-2455 HOPE JEWELERS Beverly 922-4147 A Tire for Every Need! West Main Street Wheels (leorgetown. Massachusetts 0182, 2 Batteries Complete Truck Line Watch -Jewelry Repair 122 W Good Luck Seniors Center Pharmacy 50 Central St. Georgetown, Mass. 352-8540 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Skeirik and staff Compliments of Pirrotta’s Sub and Pizza Shop PHONE 352-8758 Compliments of: Georgetown Village G and C CLEANERS 3Vie 3 ome yUa U Georgetown Shopping Center Flowers for All Occasions 37 WEST MAIN ST GEORGETOWN, MASS Professional Dry Cleaning Drapery, Furs, Leather, Sweaters Alterations Tel. 352-2380 Telephone (617) 352-2363 Compliments of VILLAGE SUB AND PIZZA Li eiler s jCLicj uors, 3nc. IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC BEERS • WINES • LIQUORS « JEFF WEILER 62 CENTRAL STREET LIZ WEILER GEORGETOWN. MASS 01033 135 ( ' omplimciils (»r HAMHONK’S DAIRY BAR ( ' ompliments of CENTER AUTO SUPPLY (’leorfjctown Shopping ( ' enter VERNON A. MARTIN, INC. Realtors 87 West Main Street Georgetown, Mass. Serving the North Shore with 8 offices Peabody, Lynn, Ipswich, Rockport, Newburyport, North Andover, Danvers, and Georgetown Tel. 852-2061 Hours: Tues.- Sat. - 9:00 to 5:00 ITi. Flvenings to 9:00 COLONIAL REPRODUCTIONS . . . LAMPS — furniturp: Authenic Reproductions of Genuine Antiques C.B. HILLS, INC. 84 EAST MAIN STREET GEORGETOWN, MASS. 01880 Telephone 872-7018 CRESSY’S BATCHELDER PRINTING Central Street Georgetown Shopping Center Commercial Job Printers 247 Lincoln Avenue Haverhill, Mass. 01880 Charles D. Batchelder, Jr. BASIL S. KINSON, INC. Best of luck D B A Kinson Bus Lines 352-8787 — 465-8333 class of ’79 BASIL S. KINSON Railroad Avenue President- Treasurer Georgetown, Mass. 01833 One. LUMBER 73 REAR WEST MAIN ST. TEL 352-669 GEORGETOWN. MASS. 01833 BILL t BONNIE SHIKRALLAH PARKER RIVER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES 161 West Main Street Georgetown, Mass. 01888 137 Georgetown Business Association OFK Tin-: ' I ' OP HAIKS ' I ' VUNC ( ' i -nlU‘tm n and l.adics M!) Csl Main Si. Mr)2-;»Hd7 I NI ' l ' KI) FOAM IM.AS ' I ' K ' S ( ' OIU ' . 172 l ' .ast Main St. ;} r ) 2 - 22()0 S M DISPOSAL ( ' OHF. ' M West .Main St. dr)2-H5HI OKOROFTOWN ALTO FARTS 1-4 Fast Main St. M.52-87;U ( ' .FOIR ' .F rOW N SAVINOS FLANK 7 North St. 352-8800 STUARTS SFRVICF STATION .American Legion Sq. 352-9885 KIND DAVIS A(;FN( ' Y. INC. I Fast .Main St, 352-2404 WILLIAMS OIL SFRVK ' F 20 .Miinroe St. 352-2828 CORONF r LFA ' IHFR CO. 102 ( ' entral St. 352-8333 CFORCF ' I ' OW N SAND CRAVFL North St. 352-8001 CFORCFTOWN SHOF STORF 8-4 ( ' entral .St. 352-8572 HOFF .IFWFLFRS 37 West Main St. 352-89(M) I Compliments Rutherford Associates, Inc. Realtors Multiple Listing Service Insurers Notary Public over Twenty Years Consecutive Professional Experience 352-8118 11 Central St. Georgetown, MA “F ' ive Generations of Funeral Service” Since 1840 MERTON E. ROBERTS SONS FUNERAL HOMES 14 Pleasant Street Georgetown 352-8700 14 Independent Street Rowley 948-7763 FRANK S. ROBERTS MERTON E. ROBERTS, JR. DAVID W. ROBERTS Congratulations and good luck to Judy and all the seniors Best Wishes A1 and Elsie Bell to the class of “79” The Travers Family GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, INC. INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE MASONRY SUPPLIES East Main St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 352-2091 — 774-8572 139 COLLAGE PROBK INC. MICROWAVE ELECTRONICS Moulton Street-fs — (Georgetown, Massachusetts Tel. :io2-8560. 1. Bob MorehouM 2. Tom Chouinard 3. Eric Maynard 4 Denise Prendible 5. Doug Amero 6. Russell Emerson 7. Tracy Dowd 8. Kathy Johnson 9. Lisa Prescott 10. David Gordon 11. Bob Gibbons 12. Mary Butara 13. Darlene Codair 14. Jon Ekstrand 15. Daunne Rogers Sue Gorton 16. Amy Knickles 17. Sheila MacDonald 18. Gordie Gissel 19. Denise Delgenio 20. Rose Condon 21. David Duckworth 22. Barry Peacock 23. Jill Brennan 24. Brenda Langlais 25. Dan McGillicuddy 26. Jamie Chadwick 27. Jack Travers 28- Barb Crystal McNeil 29. Mike Robillard 30. I rr - Minott 31. Jackie Co ne 32. Bob Winskowic 2 33. Belh-Ellen Greene 34. Ralph Osborne 35. David Meader 36. Brenda Dattoli 37. Debbie Weinstein 38. David Mades 39. Jane Simpson 40. Daunne Rogers Laurie Jurgelon Lisa Prescott Denise Prendible 41. Danny Meader 42. Tammy Nutile 43. Judy 44. Lorraine Gunderson 45. Peter Ivancic 46. Larry Tliompson 47. Terry Kelloway 48. Carol FKzik 49. Terry T isco 50. Steve Poirier 51. Patty Lanigan 52. Chris Kallman 53. Donna Nunan 54. Linda Doncaster 55. Jim Walker 56 .Mike Durkee 57. Gina Chronis 58. Laurie Meisner 59. Nicky Thacker 60. Dianne Stoddard 61. Jim Dimento 62. Loys Drapeau 63. Patty Duggan 64. Carolym Jones 65. Kim Knapp 66. Paul .Messina 67. Bob Bushnell 68. Terry Dutil 69. John .Meisner 70. Lisa St. Louis 71. Holly Margeson 72. Tracy Rohner 73. GeofT Rowell 74 Brett Warner 75. Heidi Hayman 76. Tiro Boyd 77. Karen Nizwantowski 78. Pam Sahovey 79. Sally Peddle 80. Geeb Jackson 81. Laurie Juigelon 82. Heather Yeaion 83. Shelagh McElroy Your Representative: Roy E. Halt 157 Franklin Street Stoneham, MA. 02180 617-438-6833 Not a subsidiary, not a division of— but the largest independent manufacturer of yearbooks in the United States. WALSWORTH Marceline. Missouri CONVENIENTLY LOCATED Just Outside Histone Georgetown Center WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE .Ldi; l ' ..t ' .r H-)l, Sfl ' ' (6l7i 15? 828? m 152 801 I dll.T 5 30 SHOPS OPEN 10 TO 5 CLOSED MONDAYS 51 West Mam Street • Route 97 • Georgetown, Mass. 01833 Good Luck to the 1979 Class The Liquor Barn 69 East Main St. Georgetown MA 352-8511 Faneuil Hall Travel Associates, Incorporated 59 Beacon Street Boston, Massachusetts 02108 (617) 742-6070 Edward Vitello President Compliments of the Social Studies Department 141 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’79 The Yearbook Staff Let’s start a book of new memories The old portrayed in this book will nourish the new Bringing a fusion of lives into one full banquet Of actions, friendships, failures, and achievements May the collection of these new memories Bring as much happiness as those of the last Four years I would like to thank the staff that has made the preparing of this yearbook a special experience for all of us. Thank you Jane Simpson, Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coyne, Barb McNeil, Beth-Ellen Greene, Danny Meader, Jill Brennan, Mike Puopolo, Peter Ivancic, Daunne Rogers, Gina Chronis, Terry Kruszewski, Holly Margeson for your time and dedication. I also would like to thank Mrs. Allbach for her patience and time. Without her, this book never would have been such a fine remembrance of our years at G.H.S. Editor-in-chief Compliments Last of the seven. Good luck Donna and Class of ’79 of the class of ’80 Nunan Florist and Greenhouses Flowers for all occasions 269 Central St Georgetown, MA Teleflora- AFS-Florafax 352-8172 143 FRIENDS OF THE YEARBOOK Best wishes to the best class ever! • Lee . Larry Faretta Best of luck Barbara and ( ' rystal - Love, Grammy Aunty lean, We love you! G(K)d luck • your loving nephews. Ryan Mikey Best of luck to the class of ' 79 - The Prendible Family •“ Good Luck from Annabelle rt Good I.uck cintfs of ' 79 - The Appnch P’amily Good Lticl(_hl i||b| ' . Moqv Dad, ijcky Glen Wilkins To the class ol The best of everythigg to mypambi fmm you Charles Bailey 4;] • 1 f Mrs. Albett Mcader. G l G i Luck ni w4 flp ' BLMU axi ' ;x-F ataTl Und f!uck Seniors - The Snyders Luck Linda and the class of ' 79 - Cheryl Paul Lf luck and happiness to the Gorton Family, Seni A circle of love we’ll always share, if we need Good I,uck Auntie Dee ■ Danny, Matthew Adam Doug and Rita Amero, Ch , Jeff, Panther Bonne Chance! • Gf r d Luck to truly outstanding _class Ir. Good Luck Lorraine. Lois, Heather, .MT Kwe Best of I uck to afr of y u in your future years - Mr. Mrs. Denis LaBombard To Lush„good luck best always, from another Good Luck Barbara Crystal - Love, Mom Good LuHP to the class of ' 79 - Judy Bawv- einstein Be a iKJsitive force in the world! Good y ck Seniors! - The Best wi esto my favorite aunt. Heather - Love Gentle B Good Luck class of ' 79! - Mr. Mrs E. J. Valle , • Best Wisttea-- The Harts • May- you be successful in he life ahead of you - Kay Poa Go;2j 1 Tuck to the class u 9 - Georgette Peter DTTwd Chubba, red, Little sister and the rest.of tjie class-of ’79Ij To Jean Holly, 1 hope you find what you want in life! B. " Acble Congratulations and G«od Luck Barbara Ciystal flile Jeannie, Much success in the future - Love, Barbara, (hfeg Go id luck in the future Laurie, you’ll al ways Ijg in our rk Friend Best of luck to all o you and may Go4 Blesa - Mr. iWrs. Richa Good Lt ck class of ’79 - The Kavanaugh ‘Family Good Luck Seniors - Barbara Andruss • ' The Swanbon’i, Best of luck, health, happiness success to our darling The Barnard ' s Best of Luck - Annette " BoTreir _ - Good Luck S epiors of ' 79 - The fti.3fb Good Luck and the whol class of 79 - B«b Pal Gorton Good Luck Daunne gnd the class of ' 79 - Mary Wh TcrtTionna, Holly Jean - Good Luck in the future and much uc Jg s » om li Melon The Messina’s m ' ' , ' ? Good Luck tcrall thffWniors, especially Debbie - Lou lJ instein Mr. Mrs. George- Mffll® ire i Best Wishes to all the ' 79 graduates Noreen Care B ns _ _ Rick afwM INvStorer. GretclTen and Erick Dean E. Smith and family; Sharon, David and Stegteai Johfi ' f’ . i -- o - " fc Congratulations to the class of ' 79 from the Waldo O. Reed family Good Luck class of ’79 Bonne Chance! - Karen Rowe We’ll miss the seniors in the library. Now we can get our chairs out of the men’s room! - Patti Phillips Good Luck Seniors - Mr. Dostie The Band Good Luck Seniors - The Jones’ Good-bye G.H.S.!! Mr. Mrs. Roland Smith family Meilleurs souhaits pour un avenir heureux et paisible - TCL Good Luck in the future class of ’79 - Mr. Mrs. Stoddard Best of luck Crystal and Barb - Love, Dad Good Luck class of ’79 - Mr. Mrs. Tbomas Riley Best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors! - K. Lamanuzzi Good Luck Seniors - The Condons Gill Fitton I love Peg - The Proffessor Ditto, Prof - Love, Peg! (hee-hee) get it? Best wishes from Kiely, Mandie Missy Good luck Barb - The Riley’s Loads of luck kids - Mrs. Janet Shepherd Best wishes to my grown up 8th grade! - Joan Wadsworth Best of luck forever - Mr. Mrs. Richard Tidd family Good luck clique, but only never at dusk! (huh?) - Peg Will I miss you? You betcha! - Pamela Simpson Congratulations Barb . . . Life is just beginning! - Zachary Ablon The Nizwantowskis Let us remain together, if not in friendship, in memory of all the good times we’ve had. Best of luck! - Love, T. Ski Good Luck! - Mr. Mrs. Dana Warren Wishing all of you good health, good luck, and great success! - Mr. Mrs. Dattoli The best of luck to our 1 bookkeeper in the future! - Love, your two bosses Good Luck Seniors! - The Plaisteds Good Luck Sally, with all my love. Bob Good Luck Seniors of ’79 - Chrissy Gissel Donald F. Greene Best of luck Jill, from Mickey, Beverly and little Burn Burnzynski Good luck Donna Holly, Love Auntie Pat, Patty, Eric Stevie From a friend Good Luck - Harvey Marlene Rothma Good Luck to the Seniors - Tom Nancy Peddle girls Good Luck Seniors with an eye on ’81 - The Limeys of Baldpate Good Luck to the last of our seven, and the class of ’79 - The Nunans Good Luck Seniors - Sharon Weinstein Dancing Bear’s Mom Dad Good Luck to the Senior Class - Steven A. DeSisto Best Wishes from a friend Fred Hilda True Good Luck Seniors - William Martin Laurie J., You’re the top of the bunk and the cream of the puff. Best Witches! - Love, Toni Jan The Phillips Family Good Luck from the Wilder’s Something profound to Holly Denise friends - Love, The Diehls Congratulations to all the seniors, especially Debbie - Marty Weinstein Congrats, you made it! - Mr. Mrs. Earle Simpson The very best to each of you - class of ’79 - Shirley MacDonald Good Luck - Donald Janet Reid Good Luck class of ’79 - Colin Mary Wheeler Good Luck Sally - The Daignaults Warm wishes for a very happy future - Emily E. Sanger Good Luck Gina and friends - Love, the Marquis The Warners Good Luck - Mr. Mrs. Robert Wilcox Good Luck to the class of ’79 - Stevan Hopkins Best wishes to the class of ’79 - Susan Cloheay Best wishes to the class of ’79 - Richdale Dairy Stores Best wishes to the class of ’79 - Arthur J. Valerio Best of Luck class of ’79 - Sharon L. Moretti 149 The Beginning Ill WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. r t c n i UBRApy S£0«eEIOtVN, MASS . " •■• . V ' t ' • • t. ' • • ' • ' ■ ' . : : ' ■ . — . ' . . - UU WALSWORTH Marceline. Mo.. l ' .S.A. . ■ .. • •■ ■ .. .. .

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