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1 1 ?i ® ' f w. ' K.iC ' S } ? ' ' -‘S ' » rc» . ' ' ' ' «- ' iz i r5‘BS;®5 S2’JSS «SS»iga fs PS ! i i ?s%?SS- SK ' 2®;® iSS« GEORGETOWN PEABODY LIBRARY 2120 00069 384 4 For Reference Not to be taken from this room Georgian 1978 " Signs of the Times " Georgetown High School Georgetown, Massachusetts In our journey through life we encounter many confusing signs . . . . . . but we must discover our own values so that we may create the signs of the times. wnw . . . And of trying to remain awake 6 I II m when there are things to be done. 7 Signs of hard work . . . 10 Signs of preparation for tomorrow. 15 only to begin again. 16 V- ' y 1 . Roseanne Arathuzik IF YOU SEE THIS WOMAN CONGRATULATE HER Alias: Business Teacher, Sophomore Year Advisor, Senior Class Advisor Wanted for: Being friendly, cooperative, generous helpful to students, and for receiving the yearbook dedication. CAUTION FACULTY 9 0013 (SPACE BAR) on McGr.iwHill Boc Ms. Arathuzik — Bus. Ed. Dept. Mr. Bannister — A.V., Media Mr. Ams — Social Studies Dept. Mrs. Allbach — Social Studies Dept. 20 Mrs. Burns — Math Dept. Mr. Bennett — Industrial Arts Mr. Bray Assistant Principal Mr. Berardino — Social Studies Dept. 21 Mr. Cairns — English Dept. Mr. Burns — Social Studies Dept. Mr. Capodilupo — Science Dept. Mr. Checkoway — English Dept. 22 Mrs. Cook — Bus. Ed. Dept. Mr. Collamore — Phys. Ed. Mrs. DeAngelis — Secretary Mr. Cranford — Math Dept. 23 Mr. Denault - Industrial Arts Mr. DeAngelis — Social Studies Dept. 24 Mr. Dostie — Music Dept. Mrs. Festa — Math Dept. Mr. Faretta — Social Studies Dept. Mr. Faucher — Industrial Arts Mr. Gamble — Science Dept. Mrs. Gerstein — Home Ec. Dept. Miss Giannelli — Phys. Ed. 26 Mr. Gulezian — Guidance Dept. 27 Mrs. Kober — English Dept. Mrs. Gilmarlin — Secretary Mrs. Hughes — Guidance Dept. 5 V i M iss Keefe — Reading 28 Miss Levesque — Foreign Language Dept. Mrs. Lacey — Math Dept. Mrs. Leach — Home Ec. Dept. Mrs. Kwantz — English Dept. 29 Mr. Mades — Science Dept. Mr. Lowell — Science Math Mr. Luca — Art Dept. Mr. McNally — Math Dept. Mr. Pechilis — Math Dept. Mrs. Merrill — Bus. Ed. Dept. Mr. Parent — Bus. Ed. Dept. Mr. Noyes — Math Dept. Mrs. Noren — Nurse Miss Privitera — English Dept. Mrs. Saccone — Science Dept Mr. Saccone — Industrial Arts ' fi Miss Sargent — Librarian 32 Mrs. Scott — Foreign Language Dept. Mr. Sheedy — Art Dept. Miss Simpson — Phys. Ed. 33 Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Shepherd — Library Dr. Sinibaldi Superintendent m M iss Reed — Secretary Miss Ward — Special Needs J 37 I.aune Ball ■ ' l.aurie ' ' Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band I. 2, 3; Concert Band I, 2. 3. 4: Drama Club 2. 3: l oreign l.anguage Club I, 2; Good l uck to the Class of ' 78, Col- lege goal IS -k.S. in l ood Service Man- agement. Jane Balletto " Jane " llockes Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4; (JI A 2. 3. Treasurer 4; Plavbook Committee 4: Blue Print Staff 4 Janet Bascoiti " Beach " Student Council I; Drama Club I. 2. 3; Suds on the BE.AC ' H 4: I would like to sa " good luck " as we all go onward through the fog. 38 Joanne Beckwith ■’Bobbsev 1 win » 1 " Be l of luck Seniors. Class of ' 78. Jennifer Bond ■■Jenny” F ' oreign l.angiKige Club I : Outing Club Secret;ir 3; Drama Club I. 2. 3; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Hi nor Roll I: High flonor Roll 2. 3, 4: Harvard Book .Award 3; Honor Society I. 2. 3. Pres. 4; Sr. Class Pla 4: Yearbook hditor- in-Chief 4; Ciradiuition Committee 4; Purple, giraffes, 12. ■■ Tallulah. " curls, hearts, plants, gold jewelry, clothes, time, sunsets, loneK betiches. Yester- da IS but todav ' s memor . and tomor- row IS todas ' s dream. John Brtissard ■■.li sir ' II e Dawson ■■that ' s a hell of a note. " and Fien, I hope sou are really successful with sour musical talent. FJut if tinsone eser sass sou ' re a fail- ure. simpls quote this: " You mas say Pm a dreamer, but I ' m not the only one. I hope some das sou ' ll n in us. ;ind the svorld w ill be ;is one. " (Quoted from John Lennon ' s " Imagine " ) Ciood-bse to all from Paul McCartney and Josh the songwriter. Jeffrey Bourque " Bourques " JV Field Hockey 3: JV Basketball 2. 3; OEA I, 2; Rocky. Kwantz ' s bathroom, red eyes. Visine. 12 o ' clock I ' m out, big red, intangible lunches, clowns of Spirit Week, weekends, coming in late. Good luck Seniors. 78 is grrreat. Cheryl Boudreau “Cheryl " Steven Caporizzo " Cap " Cross Countrs 2. 3. Co-Capt. 4; Base- ball I. 2. 3. 4 ' : Honor Roll 1. 2: High Honor Roll 3. 4; Honor Society 1. 2. 3, 4: Clipper City Basketball Champions 1977; L ' mversity of Iowa Participant Summer of ' 76: Probable college l.ydon State, l.ydonville. Vermont. College Majiir Meteorology. 39 David Conti “Juice " Blue Print Editor 4: High Honor Roll 1. 2, 3. 4; Senior Class Play 4: Honor Society 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 4; Ten- nis 3. 4; DAR Award 4; Stu- dent Faculty Tennis Doubles Champion 3; Drama Club Play 2; Close-Up 3; " Lunky. " “May the Force be with you. " “If you want a friend, be a friend. " “For who knows not that the Force is strong! " Robyn Dattoli " Rob " Best of luck Seniors! “Let me be there. " Basketball. Field Hockey and Softball. “Fiddler on the Roof. " I love horses, kit- tens and my guitar. 8 and 10 are lucky. Hi Dana! Hi Rick! Banana trees in the mountains. “Stop swinging on those doors! Oriental Inn. Community Auditions. “Crying Time. " Best of health to all my family, rela- tives and friends. To Mom and Dad: I Love You. Donna Codair " BobbseyTwm »2“ Dianne Castle " Dianne " Color Guard I. 2; OEA 1. 2; Historian 3. Pres. 4: Cover up Patty!! Sopho- more. Edward Dalton “Shades " “NEK TAR " “Strive for the Point of Know Return. " “December 23 but don ' t forget Januao ' I.” “Hey dude!” Always “Remember the Future.” My " journey " is at hand . . . FARE- WELL. 40 Donna Davidson “Didi” -ield Hockey I. 2. 3. 4; Basketball I, !; Drama Club I. 2, 3; Softball I. Carol DeSisto “Malo” OEA I, 2; Drama Club 2; Hockey Cheering 2; Foreign Language Club I; Our time has come, to leave this place. Most welcome it, for they couldn’t wait. The same for me, I had to go. So, I wish good luck to all. Eileen Dyer “Eileen” Cynthia Emerson “Cindy " Field Hockey I, 2, 3. 4; Basket- ball 1. 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Softball 1.2. Mary Evangelista “Mary” Softball I, 2; Hockey Cheering 1: Basketball Cheering 3: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3. Spirit week or Senioritis? 41 [ ' eter F ' ortin " Pete " P ' ootball Co-C ' apt. I: Austin Prep. P ' ootball 2. 3; Basketball I; With my beer and Amaretto I say " goodbye. " David Gallant " Dave " Watching the office windows from the smoking area, running from Rocky, great lunches everyday in the cafe, good luck Class of ' 78. 42 Peter Goodwin “Cactus” Staff Reporter “The Blue Print " 3, 4; Manager Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Manager Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Freshman Basketball I; Yearbook 4; “For who knows not that truth is strong,” Milton, Goodwintowski, “It looks like an ICBM” G.B.P., “Rudi you Palestinian guerilla,” D period door kicker, “Froik,” “Hey, Mr. Shorty,” “How ’bout ya Mr. Nugget?” Gary Hale “Gary” Drama Club I, 2; Cast of Little Abner ’75; Marching Band I ; Partying I, 2, 3, 4. Margaret Ivancic “Marge” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Trea- surer 1, 2, 4: President 4; Girl Scouts I. 2, 3, 4; Basketball Cheering 1, 3; Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Sr. Class Play; Yearbook; Political Discovery 3; Ski Club 3; Graduation Committee 3, 4; Rubber Chicken! Mag! 43 Katherine Johnson " Kale " Drama Club I. 3: l ootball Cheering I. 2. 3, 4; Basketball Cheering 1. 2, Capl. 3. 4. Ray Kill " Bink " President of the High School Band; Football I; Plan to make music my career. Sandra Kilt " Sandy " I would like to wish every Senior " GtK d luck " m everything they do. l.ive your life the way you want, f ' leld Hockey I; Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4; Soft- ball I. 2. 3. 4; Drama Club I; Blue Print 2. 3. Chyrcl Kneeland " Chyrel " I leld Hockey I. 3; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Softball I. 2. 3; Honor Roll I. 2: Volleyball I. 2: CAI. Basketball ,Mls- tar 2, 3. 4; l.awrence F.agle Tribune Basketball .Allstar 3. 4; I ' ve really had a good senior year and I w ish everyone the best of luck. Judith Landry " Judy " " 1 don ' t know what happened this last year! " Julie Lanigan ' " Hooo " I Drama Club I. 3; Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; | Football Cheering I. Capt. 4; Basket- ball Cheering 1. 3. Capt. 4; Foreign 1 Language Club I, 3. 4; Softball 2; ! Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; Class Secretary j 4; Graduation Committee 4. 44 Renee l.atmville " Big Red " Field Hockey 3: Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2; Live every day of your life, and love every day that you live. Dawson Lazdowski " Polack " [3ynastar! Bill, guess what " ’ V ' ou guessed It! Remember the boat ' ’ Ha. Ha. Suzuki Power. Bridgeton. Maine. Keep on Torquemg. Yawn! 10-7. We down, we out. we gone. William l.ocke " Bill " i 45 James McGillicuddy “VIcGiH " Football I, 4; Wrestling I, 2. 3, C ' apt. 4; Bjiseball 2, 3. 4; Sr. Class F lay 4; Ski C ' lub 2, 3; Outing Club 3; Arcliery, fishing, skiing, backpacking, swim- ming, mountains, females, motorcy- cles. bright sunsets, snowstorms, the woods, an A-frame cottage m Maine with a friend, entering an aviation career at East Coast Aero Tech.. I need a Hair Cut! Terry McGuirk i “Terry” | Wall murals. Clarabelle. late again! 1 Kwantz ' s bathroom parties, Roll-a- Stogie, Christmas skit with Khaluha- Elf. Art Graffitti, 3 demerits again? Cheryl’s house, can ' t wait to graduate! Good Luck Underclassmen. Michael McDonald " Macadoo” Basketball I, 2, 3; “No More Home- work. " Coach Guthrie; Ski Club 2, 3. 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band I, 2, 3. 4; Cross Country I. 2; Senior Class Vice President; Graduation Committee; " Hello Girls, how are all my little cuties today? " Ski Forever. Jennifer MacKenzie " Jenny " Drama Club I. 2. Treasurer 3; “Fid- dler, " “S of M, " " No More Home- work.” Morton ' s party. Castle and NECC, ' 67 Ford Fairlane; ' 74 Black TBird. Brewster Academy — Wolfe- boro. N.FF., summer in Maine, the ranch, Burt and Co.. California. Queen and Aerosmith at B.G. It’s stuck! Kathy Magown “Kath” Good friends, cheering, daisies, skat- ing. laughter, plays, bright yellow, yearbook staff, singing, curly hair, sunshine, skunks, art, camping, life. Proverbs 4:23. 46 Peter Magown " Peter " It ' s been pretty good in this school. I collect coins, stamps and antique clocks. I ' ve gone to Whittier Vo-Tech. I ' ve worked on cars. Ellen L. Morehouse “Ellen " I Drama Club I. 2. 3: Ski Club 2; Eor- I eign Language Club I. 2; Yearbook Art Editor; Drama Club Play I, 2; Political Discovery 3; I am not wor- j ned about tomorrow because I ' ve seen : ' yesterday and I love today. Stand for ' nght in every situation. Try to offer i hope or comfort to those who seem to , need a helping hand. Robert Meisner " Rob " Honor Roll I. 2. 4; Class President 4; Drama C lub I. 2. 3; Drama Club Play 2; Ski Club 3. 4; Senior Class Play- Committee; Spirit Week Speaker 4; ' 68 Chrysler; Good Luck Seniors ' 78! Kimberly Morris " Kim " Scott Miller " Mildew " Honor Society 2. 3. 4; Football I. 2. 3. Capt. 4; Wrestling 1 . 2. 3. Capl. 4; Stu- dent Council 3; Political Discovery 3; Graduation Committee 4; “No Prob- lem. " William Morse " Bill " Hey Polack want to go skiing? car? Maine, what a time. Have to get out of the house. Are you out of your cotton picking mind? I mean really. Bones. I hope to see you now and then. Keep your chin up. Walking over to Perley. Good Luck. Break a Leg. See you. 47 Palncia Moyer ■■ Pally " Color Guard 2. 2; Drama Club 2. 3; OI.A 3. Ilisiorian 4: Senior Playbook Commiiiee: Honor Roll 2. 3; Watch out Dianne! Best wishes to ever one in the Class of ' 78! Karen Mutch “Karen " Field Hockey I. 2. 3. Capt. 4; Basket- ball Cheerleading I. 2. 4: Drama Club I. 2. 3: Drama Club Plays I, 2. 3; Sen- ior Play 4: Student Council I; Student Advisory Council 3. Co-Chairperson 4: Ski dub 2; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3; High Honors 4; Honor Society 3. 4; Year- book Business F.ditor 4; It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. Peter Nizwantowski " Niz " Staff reporter " The Blue Print " 3. 4: Student .Advi.sory Council 4; Curricu- lum Council 4; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Tennis 2. 3. 4: Close Up Program 3; Political [discovery Program 2; Non- Voting Member School Committee 4; Yearbook 4: “For who knows not that truth is strong. " Milton. Barbara Page " Barb " Foreign Language Club I. 2. 3, 4; Cheering I; Ski Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Drama Club I, 2. 3; Honor Society 3. 4; Stu- dent Council 3. Pres. 4; Special Grad- uation Committee 4: Senior Class Play; Graduation Committee 4. Daniel Oiieno “Ghana " It has been a wonderful expenence for me. I did not think I could live through It. but I am glad I have. 1 Stephen Mucha “Muck " 48 Jill Parker " Jill " Field Hockey I. 2, Capt. 3, Capt. 4; Basketball I, 2. 3, Capt. 4; Tennis 2; Honor Roll 1 . 3. 4. Erica- Lee Pierce " Erica " Who ' s Who 1976-1977; Class Secre- tary I. 2: Student .Advisory Council 3. Co-Chairperson 4; Drama Club and Senior Plays I. 3. 4: Yearbook Layout Editor: Sam: " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it IS because he hears a different drum- mer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far awav. " Benjamin Peabody " Ben” Hey Bones, give us a concert, (N.Y.. N.Y.), Ha Ha! Dingle. Jingle. Mingle and Bmgle! Summers at MacDonalds, Rowdy! No more crampy bus rides. Thank you! Gotta keep in touch Big P Don ' t forget — you get two free tick- ets. Hey Big P! I ' ll get you with band- aids! My name is Riley, and I ' m a senior, and I ' m a Royal, so check me out! ! ! Nancy Peddle “Mrs. Ratchet " Senior Dance Refreshment Commit- tee: “No More Homework!! " Chaper- one for the Senior Class!! I have had the most enjoyable year of my life. Timothy Perkins " Perky " Late for practice again football, wrestling, baseball. Helpful? The White ghost. M.G. power two. Framp- ton. Aerosmith was great, Lynard Skinner " Will remember, " " Sweet Summertime. " Bob Seager. Senior Class Trip, that ' s alright with me. Who ' s having ' 78 ' s class bash’’ “Phiz- zicks IS Phun. " Good Luck with your future. Problems and challenges may you be able to resolve them to the best of your ability . 49 Sicphcn I ' lrrotla " Steve " “I ianne Prendihle " hrank " " Two path diverged in a wood I chuve the one lets travelled by, and that hat made all the difference R f- ' .. Hockey Cheering I, Bavket- hall Cheering 2. Capl. 4. Drama Club Play I. 2. 3; V P [ rama Club 3; Senior Clast Play; Newspaper Staff 4, C ' umculum Council 4, Yearb K)k Copy Editor. Thank you Mom and Dad Christine Richardson " Chris " Gix)d Luck Holly. Good Luck Deb- bie. I hope everything works out for both of you. Jeffrey Randall “RUDI " Sports: Cross Country; Track; Baseball. Ski Club; Blue Print Staff; “The Cactus. " ICBM and GBP, " How ’bout ya nugget. " Dis- appearing Ski Mags. Good Senior Year! Jan Rice “Fred " In loving memory of a dedicated fnend of many people — " Good OF Tilly " who was totalled in an accident with the driver ' s ed car. What a way to go! Norman Radford “Norm " Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4; Work Release; School has been fun. now it’s time to work. 50 I homas Rile ■ ' Tom " B ' ball IS 1. 68 l ord. Barb is Rocks, Ciee Whi tune in. Never one to be high I mean on grades. Bartv at Rilev ' s. Munch. Munch. Munch. Sports I, 2, 3. 4: Sleep I. 2. 3. 4; School ' ’ Wake up Tom. Comb’’ Bve-Bve CillS!!! Brian Rosene " Bruin " Varsitv llockev 3. 4; Ski Club 4; I ed eppelm: " 6.‘v " " (ioat. " Long, long ago, in a galaxy far. far awav . HLLLYYY ' ! ' Susan Seidel " Sue " 51 Craig Scott " Craig " New England High School Color Guard Circuit; Honor Society: Ski C ' lub; C}erman Club; Student Council; Newspaper; Who’s Who Among American High School Students: Close-Up; Voice of Democracy; National Rifle Association. GO GHS C OL OR GUARD!!! James Shay " Jim " 5 ' l I " ; 140, National Honor Society 3. 4; Univ. of Iowa Yellowstone Program Summer of 1976; Cross Country 2. 3. Co-Capt 4; Basketball I. 2. Capt. 3. 4; Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; Honor Roll I, 2; High Honor Roll 3, 4; Political Dis- covery; The United States is number I and let ' s keep it that way. Elaine Susan Shaw " Minnie " Good-bye G.H.S.. I’ll always remem- ber you. the good times and bad! Especially partying in the girls room, skip days, the Mercedes. WHITE RABBIT. 3 25 77 — Tony ... and old faithful Mary Jane. George Soma " Docktah " Rensselaer Medal 3; Bausch and Lomb Science .Award 4; Honor Soci- ety 3. ' .P. 4; Student Council 4; Stu- dent Government Rep. 3; Voice of Democracy 3. 4; Ski C ' lub 3. 4; Basket- ball 3: Tennis 3, 4; Senior C ' lass Play: " Buzz Bailey. " Yearbook Photogra- phy Editor; Graduation Committee 4; Thank you Mr. Mades. your influence guided me. Jean Sny der " Jean " 1 had some good times at GHS 1 remember those but forget the rest TTie parties in the bathroom were really great And as I remember 1 was always late. In years to come I’ll look back on my life And realize it was created by hard work and stnfe. Dwight Southwick " The Duck " Drama Club 2. 3; Stage Band 2. 3. 4; Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4; Senior Class Play; America’s Youth in Concert ' 77; Good luck to all. 52 I ' m sure gonna miss this place . Timothy Temple " Tim " The last year is over and the summer of good times is coming. With luck, all you underclassmen will get out soon to join us. Michelle Tidd " Micki " Hey guys, remember Conti ' s party? GO Field Hockey Team ' 78. See you around. Brenda. I ' m hungry. Hilltop. Robert 1 ibbetts " Kong " Baseball 2; Basketball 3. 4; Friday nights; tunes, new speakers?. Cruisin ' . Senior Year, First and last period study. Mid and Final exams. Good- bye CHS, Hello World. Wayne Swan bon " W ' ayne " Football I. 2. 3, 4: Hockey I; Baseball I; Track I; Love it — Life, You ' re here today, you may not be tomorrow, so make the best of it. 53 kini X ' k .ilkiT ■ liinnic " I here IS onl one success in life lo He able to speml it in oiir own wa . I ' ll remember follow ini; people, and the da I met I rank I leld llockes I. 2. 4: Basketball I. 2. .4; Drama Club 1.2; Softball 1.2. riiomas ilcos ■Tom " Student Council 2; Spanish 1 rip 4: Political Disci ' er .4; Senior Class Pla 4; Class Officer P .4; Class of ' 78 I. 2. .4. 4; Student d isor Council 4; “f agle. " Senmritis 4: Mockes 2. 4, 4; “Chicken Coop; " " Ron bo ; " Baseball 4, 4; pathetic 2; f nreign l.anguage 2. .4. 4. A CAMFRA SHY SENIOR; lar Grasso " Mare " I wish esersone in the Senior Clas.s the best of luck and health in evens thing you do! I had an excellent Senior Year. I par- ticipated in the Ski Club for 3 years, soft- ball for 5 years, basketball for 2 years, band for 2 years and was on the Honor Roll. 54 J A ' Tittle " Sign of the Changing Times ppiaS ans 9t Ui» puns -gp " PMS sns PP sii3qqi±qoe £P UBIU|01 ||OH ZP BIU05 aSjoarj I 3|pp3J 3UE ot- q inpv; u3JB 33J3ld c.-)U3 ' 8C 01SIS3Q lOJBJ ' Li umo3b jaiaj gf jicpo3 BuuoQ gp J3 opg 11BJ pjBSSBjg uqof gg J3 a U33|I3 zz sSumiQ uu, 3 ■ I g VjpuB3 pnr og japAus uBag (,Z a3Bd qJBg gc jausiap qoy i_z puBiaau-s) lajA ' qj gg aaiy uBf gg ua o3bp ; AqiBAi pg onaiiBg auBf gg a||iAUiiB3 aauay gg l|Bg aunB3 qg uospjBqaig auiisuqj Oc uosuqof A ' qiBAj q,( voap, oioi ' 81 sja v 3iqqaQ gi aiauEA| ASSaj g[ OSSBJQ JB g| , Eqsuiif 3.1 asnoqajo ua||3 g| suiqjaj uiii gi qoiiBa uAqoy I1U03 aABQ 01 aizua iaBj A ' uuag 3 a|isE3 auuBiQ g AppnaI|lloa uiig g puog Auuaf g qiiA |aag auuBOf g asJO ipg p luoasBg lauBf g jaippg noas g UBS1UB3 ai|nf I sjaMSUV 57 J DANGER Class of 1981 Uiwrcncc • brcu IXiviJ And ' J David Bjornholm Brenda crs 1aiihew Besse l.inda Be anson Lon Be anson F ' ranees Brennan William Bushnell Donna Barileti Jill Charchixrdian Riehard N ' alene Douglas Nane Karen Oiouinard C ' lark C ' odair Collatos Covne i i 60 Joseph DeSisto Lea DiMento Lisa DiVincenzo Cheryl Stephen Thomas Michael Doncaster Dowdie Drapeau Duggan Susan Dullea Peter Philip Gianina Thomas June Durkee Ekstrand Faretra Fielding Fitton 61 r Nigel Heales Scott Heil V George Heiseler Charles Henderson Susan Hatch 62 John F ' uller Carolyn Judae Susan Kavanauah Susanne l- ' Hommedieu Raymond LaTour Bruce MacDonald Eric MacDonald Daniel Mades Thomas McPherson Scott Meneades i i I Steven Morgan Cindy Meisner 63 l.isa Norris Joanne Pasquale Charlotte Osborne James Paee Kim Perkin Karls n Phillips 64 Cvnthia Pike Thomas Rogers Janet Seidel Richard Sedler Heather Rtihner James Shepherd Brian Silver Christopher SiK er Paul Shay 65 Deborah Stt anion I ngrid Sw ler Stephen S nies Karen Valerio Kenneth Thompson 1 Kar n Walker Patricia Walsh Karin Watkins Scott Sandra Watson Wells Camera Shs Preshmen; Paul Butera Michael Diehl Susan F- ' innell Christine Gissel Barbara Hendrix Stephen Hutchins Michael McCarihx Shirlex Lixke Cares Nason Robert Peabods John Perrs Harrs Prouilx Heidi Prouilx Pamela Reynolds Jeffrey Symes Peter Tibbetts Richard Troudl Lisa W ood Lora W einsiem Scott W ilson Jeffres W insktns ic7 Terry Apprich Yvonne Baker David Ball David Barlow John Amaro i a M : William Brennan Jacqueline Benjamin Kimberly Blanton Edward Blouin Susan Caporizzo Roger Carter Kevin Castle Greg Charchoodian 67 Dianne ChroniN Joseph Clarke l Kevin Collamorc Scott C ' onnollev Patricia Stephen Barrv Anita Debra C ostanzo Dalton Davidson Da DiVmcenzo John Dver Chervl Fisher V I Dorthv FIvnn Robert Evangelista 68 Violet Freeman Sheila Gallant Thomas Gatchell Scott Gibbons Paul Goodwin Robert Gorton Warren Grover Kathleen Gunderson Robert Hamilton Pamela Harding Jennifer Hart ( ■hrisit)phcr I Idmke David I louldcn Ur. Kimberly C»rcg«)r Hunter Jandris Brian Johnvin r rj Scott Sheila Scott Sheila Scott Kelle Kelle Knight LaTour Langevin 70 Stephanie Level I Jay Maguire Richard Mahoney Donna Marsden Clary Martin Kathy Meisner ' John McGuirk James Murphy Paul Mutch Linda Lisa Paul Lynne Suzanne Nason Natale Owens Page Parker 71 l.inJa Polio Ihomas Porlev Mark Pcrrv Edward Powell Lauren Prescott Ann Randall r Patrick Randall Suzanne Rentschler Lisa Rosene 72 Diana Rowell Guy Sachetter Peter Scarpa Eileen Seaberg Robert Sedler Kimberlee Shea Sandra Smith Bruce Swanbon Patricia Small Bruce Swanton Kristofer Thompson Peter Tidd Frank Tolman Joseph Spence Jeffrey Amero Mark Anderson Dianne Bowes Peter Butera Alfredo Deza Victor Hale Robin Harper William Knickles Camera Shy Sophomores: Cathy Lee Michael McGillicuddy Mark McLaughlin Jeanette Perreault Lenny Schwartz Joseph Walsh Michael Walsh 73 Class of 1979 Judilh Bell I.isa Be jnsi n t Timothy Boyd Jill Brennan James Chadwick Thomas Chouinard Gina Chronis Darlene CixJair Mary Buiera Rosemarie Jacqueline Brenda Denise James Condon Coyne Dalioli Delgenio DiMento 74 Tracy Dowd Toys Drapeau David I )uck worth Jonathan Tkstrand Russell Tmerson Jean Tvans Carol Fl 7lk Timothv Gaizne Robert Gibbons Don na Gillen Gordon Gissel Susan Good 75 I).l id Ciordun Su .;inn : ( iiirion Peter Ivancic Heidi Ha man I Ga lon Jackson Katherine Johnson Cher l Ha es Carols n Jones Laurie Juraelon Terrs Kell OSS as Kimberlee Knapp Amy Knickles 76 Eric Maynard Patricia Lanigan Holly Margeson Sheilia MacDonald Teresa Kruzewski David Langevin Brenda Langlais Christine MacNichol 1 David Mades _ I s Margaret Mahoney Shelagh Me Elroy Daniel McGillicuddy Barbara McNeil Crystal McNeil Daniel Meader David John Laurie Paul Larry Meader Meisner Meisner Messina Minott 77 Donna Nunan Ralph Osborne Claire Morris Tamara Nulile Karen Mi waniowski Shawn Pendergast Leland Peters Robert Poaletta . J Denise Prendible Lisa Prescott Barrs Richardson Lois Reed Stephen Poirier 78 Michael Daunne Tracy Geoffrey Pamela Robillard Rogers Rohner Rowell Sahovey Jane Lawrence Lysa Diane Simpson Smith St. Louis Stoddard Nicola Thacker Lawrence Thompson « Brian Tibbetts Theresa Todisco John Travers James Walker Deborah Weinstein Brett Warner 1 Heather Yeaton . iM Robert Wmskowicz Camera Shy Juniors: Robert Bushnell Scott Denley Teresa Dutil Laune Gatchell Nelson Holt Christopher Kallman Evan Maloney Stephen Meneades Mark Pastore Frank Puopolo Ann Queenan Nathaniel Snow SCHOOL CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES 5 e n i o r s Treas. — P Ivancic, Sec. — J. Lanigan. Pres. — R Meisner. V.P. — M. McDonald J u n i o r s Treas. — C. Morris. Sec. — G. Chronis. Pres. — D. Rogers. V.P. — H. Hayman 82 Sec. — Y. Baker, V.P. — M. Pingree, Pres. — M. Perry. Treas. — P. Goodwjn Pres. — J. Seidel. V.P. B. Nagle. Sec. — C. Meisner. Treas. - C. Doncaster 83 Spirit Week Nov. 14-17 85 Student Council From Row: B. Swanbon. K C ' ovne. F’. Tibbelts. B A ers. Rack Row: S Kclle . 1 Pelers. G. Sonia. Pres B Page. D. ( ' onti. Yearbook Staff Front: F.. Moreliouse. J. Bond. K 1agown. P. Ivancic. Back: G. Sonia. Advisor C. Scott. P. Cioodwin. P. N izwantowski. D. Prcndible, S. l. nch. F. Pierce. K. Mutch, and Ste e Pirrotta (missing). Curriculum Council P. Nizwantowski, D. Prendible, D. Rogers. Ski Club From Row: C. Graf. M Johnston, M. Connolly. T. Fielding. 2nJ Row: Advisors C. Ward and P. Simpson, J. Hart. S. Hart. T Dutile. .W Row: M. Grasso. T. Todisco, P. Lanigan, S. Gorton. J. Lanigan. H. Hayman, B. Silver. 4ih Row: S. Kelly. L. Skeink. G Chronis. R. Meisner, D. Rogers, J. Randall. S. Morgan. 5ih Row: K Coyne. S. Smith. M. Harrington. J. Symes. 6rh Row: C. Judge, P. Mutch, M. Perry, D. Lazdowski. C. Kallman. G. Soma. 7ih Row: C Amaro. P. Owens. T. Boyd. B. Gorton. D. Gordon. B Morse. B. Wmskowicz. Sr. Honor Society hrom Row B Page, H Mayman. P Ivancii:. 1 Mahoney. 2nd Row: C. Seoll. D Rogers. G. Sonia. J Blind (Pres ). S Miller Row O Weinstein. .1 Bell. J. Shay. K. Mutch. I) Conti. S. Caporizzo. R. Tidd. I. Peters. Jr. Honor Society hont Row. K. C oyne. D. Rowell. B. Ayers. J. Benjamin (Pres.). P. Scarpa. D. Acheson. H. Haller. 2nd Row: M. Diehl. S. Kasanaugh. P. Tibbetts. S. Hamil- ton. K kavanaugh. C ' . Judge. S, Kelly. S. Knight. I . Weinstein. 88 The Blueprint Staff From Row: J. Brennan. D. Ayers. B McNeil. J. Walker. Back Ron: Advisor J. Cook. N. Thacker. P. Niz. J Brassard. D Conti. C Scott. R. Emerson. B. Apprich. G. .lackson. A. Knickles. O.E.A. From Ron: H Tolman. D. Castle. M. Tidd. P. Moyer. J. Simpson. 2m Ron Advisor L. Defanski. J. Cook. C. Jones. B I. anglais. H Havman. D Nunan. K. Nizwantowski. C. Osborne. R. Condon. S. Peddle, J. Pasquale. 1.. Johnson. D. Ayers. J. Hooper. K. Johnson. Advisor M Merrill. Back Ron : H. Yeaton. D Roiiers. 89 Model Airplane Club l.ioR S. I idd, B Arnel. B I ardif. Ci Bishop. Advisor (i Dcnauli. D Arricl. 1) Tardif. I Frees Chorus The Chorus sings in their Christmas Concert. Concert Band uaiiuw, Lj. wcmsiein. j. S Dowdie. L. Rosene. S. Kelly, T. Kellowav K Covne hd Roh M niphi r . . ixaurum, i.. i nompson, 5. Smith Shepherd. 4,1, Row J. Ekstrand. L. Smith G Heisler r ' Choum ir I R S i? ' ' r " n ' k Robillard, D. Mades, L. Mmott. B Morse. F Puopolo J Row. C. Hayes. S. Poirier, R. Kitt. C. Fishe?! Meade «• Bushnell. K. ell. K. Thompson, D. Acheson. Stage Band nit: M n b i. p Ma... Burton, R. Choumard, Advisor P Dostie, I Ph rson, D. Otieno, L. Peters, R. Kitt. C. Hayes. S. Poirfer. 9t Senior Class Play I )ec. 9- 10 And I don ' t want our filthy hands . Bridge party on Thursday, girls 92 Wouldn ' t that be dr-a-a-a-matic! Thanks to Mr. Dispenza — Our Director Which one of you put the tack on my chair? 93 Student Advisory Council h ' nmr I Pierce Hiu k Kow I’ i wanli)w ski. K Mulch. 1 Peters. F Nk ilcos. Bloodmobile Jan. 10, 1978 Nurse (im.i to the rescue! 94 Have you picked out your plot? Could you lend an arm? 95 SPORTS and RECREATION Football Back. 1. lo R J [Pimento. S. Haith, J. Maguire. R. !■ vangelista. S. l.angcvm. . rj Roh R Morehouse. D Ball. M Harrington. C. Kallman. K. C ' ollamore. S. Wade. 2 u Ro c Coach J. C ' ollamore. P Mutch. B mskowit , T. Dowd. R. Ciibbons. B. Swanbon. J. .Amaro. P. Messina. Asst. Coach A. Haddad Boiioni Row M Pingree. B Apprich. T. Bo d. r. Perkins (Tn-Capt.). W. Swanbon (Tri-Capt.). T. Chouinard. B. Warner. B. Swanton. J. McGillicuddy. oi Shown: S. Miller (Tri-Capt.) Varsity Scores CJHS Triton 30 0 Mil ford 27 0 Whittier 0 8 Bishop I enwick 0 14 Notre Dame 0 22 Tyngsboro 0 8 Timberlane 19 8 Auburn 14 6 Lynn Tech. 27 16 Manchester 0 6 Record: 5-5 98 Where ' s dah ball? J. ' . Scores Whittier Voc. 8 GHS 8 Bishop Fenwick 14 14 Manchester 0 32 Tyngsboro 0 28 Timberlane 0 0 Lawrence Voc. 0 24 Lynn Tech. 8 16 Record 4-0-3 The CjHS football team had one of its best seasons ever this year. Despite several injuries, the players combined their efforts in each game to end up with a 5-5 record. Eiy far the most enjoyable game of the season was the final one against undefeated Manchester. The game was played after the annual Spirit Week Pep Rally which sparked Georgetown to its 6-0 win. 99 . _Ci - We are the Champions! Hack R( . I.. to R.: Advisor C. Saccone. Laurie Jurgelon, Heidi Hayman. Dianne Prendihle (Co-Capi ). Kim Shea. Denise Prendihle. [!)aunne Rogers. .lulie I.anigan (Capt.). Sue Ciorton. From: Jackie Coyne. Gina Chronis. Lisa Pres- cott. Kath Johnson. W ' ho put out the lights? 100 Fresh man Scores Bishop F ' enwick 0 CHS 6 Whittier Voc. 0 40 St. Mary ' s 0 12 Manchester 12 0 Tyngsboro 0 28 limberlane 0 14 Law rence Voc. 0 18 Record 6- 1 Back Row. L lo R: Coach R. Duggan. J. Ingraham, R. Wilkins, D. Fitton, P. Townsend. D. Parker. D Acheson. J. Perry, M. McCarthy, Coach M. Fraser. 2 mi Row: P. Ekstrand. A. Merrill, M. Capirrizzo, A. Smith. R. Riles. J Moyer. P. Christ. D. Messina. J. Page. D. Mulane. Boiioin: M. Prescott, C. Heiseler, C. McDonald. D. Boyer. J. Pingree, (Co-Capt.) T. Mulligan. (Co-Capt.), D. Codair. T. Drapeau. P. Durkee. S. Hamilton. Back Row. 1. to R: Coach C. Saccone. S. Shaw. K. Dowdie, V. Clark (Co-Capt.). D. Lavender. S. Wells (Co- Capt). From: L. Todisco. C. Delgenio. L. Marquis. M. Pastori, M. Natale. 101 Field Hockey Sitiiu iiii’. I.. It) K 1 lAangclisia. K. Walker, C Emerson, C ' I ' lyzik. F’ [Duggan. K. MutcFi. I, Drapeau. B glois. C oach R (iiannilli. Honom. .. lo R F’ Ivancic. Fk Daltoli. K Nizwanlowski. J F’arker. (Co-Capi ). M. Tidd (C ' o-C ' apt ). I). Davidson. S. Mcldrov. .) FFenjamm. Varsity Stores l.awrcntc 0 Newburyport 2 Amesbur 2 Mamillon-VV ' enham 2 lAnn field 4 Tyngsboro 2 Governor I ummer I No. .Andover I Triton 3 Rock port I Manchester 2 F entucket 2 Masconomet 3 No. Reading I Ipswich 2 Tyngsboro I Record 4- 1 1 - 1 CiUS 3 I 0 I I I 1 4 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 2 J.V. Scores GHS Newburyport 0 0 Aiiiesbury 2 0 Tyngsboro 0 0 Hamilton-Wenham 1 0 Lynnfield 3 0 Gov. Dummer I 0 No. Andover I 0 Triton 1 0 Rockport 0 0 Pentucket 1 0 Masconomet 0 0 Gov. Dummer 0 2 No. Reading 0 0 Ipswich 1 0 Tyngsboro 0 1 Manchester 1 0 Record 2-9-5 Sometimes the scxire of a game doesn ' t accurately show the efforts that a team demonstrates. I hough the field hockey team didn’t do as well as they hoped, the majority of losses were very close. The team should be commended for the high caliber of field hockey that was played. Suindinf’. L lo R .1. Nizwantowski. R. Lynah. K. Coyne. B Nagle. S. Hatch. K Walker (Co-Capt ). S kavanaugh. Coach C. Williams. Bollom. , to R S. Nizwantowski. K. Grasso. K. Davidson. D. Schwartz. K Collamore. C. Mans- field. P Hebert. C. Flyzik (Co-Capt.). Siinnfi: C. Judge. R Gustafson. M Johnson. S. (:vangehsta. 103 Cross Country SuwJing. 1. 10 R Coach R Cairns. T McPherson. T. Perley. O Duckworth. P. Goodwin. K. Thompson. 1. Peters. B. Tardif. Knccliiif’. P Ivancic. C. Ciissel. C Amero. S. Caporizzo. (Co-Capt.) J. Shay (Co-Capt.). S. Hatch. R Ham- ilton. D. Bjornholm. SeoieJ: P. Shay. R. Snyder. D Tardif. C. Swanbon. T. Secher. Scores l, nnfield 15 CiHS 45 No. Reading 25 32 Masconomet 31 27 F’enluckel 21 37 No. .Andover 15 45 Triton 19 40 Manchester 27 30 Ipswich 38 19 •Amesbury 25 31 Hamilton-W enham 23 34 Rockport 50 15 Newburyport 35 20 Essex .Aggie 42 19 Record: 5-8 low score wins High Society on the move. Ooohh! The pain! 104 With a 5-8 rccortl. Cicorgotown ' s Cross Country team had a very eonipetitive season. I he highlight eame with their defeat over Maseonomet, the first in 12 years. I he most disappoint- ing meet hcrwever was their loss to Manehester by only 3 points. Under the leadership of Coaeh Riehard Cairns, and co-captains Jim Shay and Steve Caporizzo. the Cross Country team had a rewarding year. 105 Fall turns to Winter 108 Varsity Scores GHS OPPONE! 41 Ipswich 43 76 Esse.x 36 63 Manchester 66 30 Masconomet 62 88 St. Joseph’s 57 76 Newburyport 47 43 Whittier 40 61 Pentucket 49 48 Rockport 44 63 Amesbury 65 40 Triton 55 73 Tyngsboro 55 69 Newburyport 60 46 No. Reading 59 57 Lynnfield 67 43 No. Andover 60 43 Manchester 42 65 Rockport 37 40 Triton 66 55 Hamilton-Wenham 47 49 Ipswich 46 72 Hamilton-Wenham 61 Record: 13-9-0 The basketball team bounced their way to a 13-9 record, picking up several trophies along the way. The team won the Newburyport Clipper City Christmas Tournament and two players earned MVP awards. Their outstanding record for the season qualified them for the State Tournament for the first time in nine years. Coach Haddad was selected to coach the Eastern Division in the All-Star game. Front: Mike Pingree. Jim DiMento. Tom Riley (capt ). Steve Caporizz.o (capt ). Tom Choumard. Bock: Coach Al ttaddad. Jim Shay. Bob Tibbets. Kevin Kavanaugh. Bob Wmscowicz. Not Pictiocc Peter Niz- wantowski. Peter Scarpa. Thanks for the lift. 109 -IV Scores a LS OrPOSEM ' 23 Ipswich 22 49 losses 17 21 Manchester 65 27 lascom)met 52 56 St. Joseph ' s 25 25 Pen tucket 41 33 Rock port 28 24 ■Amesburv 26 49 Triton 36 53 Tvngsboro 29 31 Newburyport 29 49 No. Reading 43 45 Lynnfield 56 20 lanchester 68 43 No. .Andover 42 41 Triton 29 45 Rock port 23 43 Hamillon-Wenham 41 41 Ipswich 40 34 ITamilton-Wenham 40 Record: 13-7-0 It ' s mine and you can ' t have it. I ' resliman Scores GHS OPPONENT 44 Ipswich 36 35 Manchester 44 51 Masconomet 41 31 No. Andover 48 45 Haniilton-Wenham 48 44 Pen tucket 37 35 Whittier 27 38 Amesbury 43 51 Triton 28 41 Newburyport 37 41 No. Reading 31 43 Lynnfield 66 41 ■Manchester 48 56 Whittier 29 56 Rock port 40 43 Triton 36 46 Hamilton-Wenham 54 46 Ipswich 28 Record: 11-7-0 Front: Tom McPherson. Larry Abreu, Paul Shay, Jeff Moyer. Bob Peabody. Jamie Page Back: Mike McCarthy — Manager. Peter Tibbetts, Tom Rogers, Bob Riley. Scott Hatch (capt.). Ken Thompson. Steve Hamilton, Coach Pechilis. It went that way. This had better go in! Here goes nothing. Cheerleaders Happiness is being the best at whatever you do. Being number I is a good feeling From. Jackie Coyne. Kathy Johnson (Capt.). Kathy Magown. Back: Gina Chronis, Lisa Prescott. Denise Prendible. Daunne Rogers. Karen Mutch. Heidi Hayman. Top: Kim Shea. Julie Lanigan (Capt.). Lauren Prescott. Sot Pic- tured: Mrs. Saccone. V for Victory! L ' gh! My girdle is killing me! 112 The Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders did an excellent job this year. Besides cheering their team on to a winning record, the squad captured the first place trophy m the Cape Ann League Cheering Competition of 1978. From: Lisa Marquis, Jill Hochmuth, Chris Uelgenio (Capt.), Heidi Proulx, Michelle Paslore. Back: Mrs. Saccone. Chris Ballatto. Donna Lavender, Caroline Judge, Lynn Scott, Giannina Faretra (Capt.). Cindy Meisner. The Winners of the 1978 Cheering Competition held Feb. 2. 113 Girls Basketball hrom: C arol Hyzik. Diane Stoddard, Chyrel Kneeland (Capt ). Jill Parker (Capt.), Laurie Ball. Micki Tidd. «( ( A Paii Duggan. Debbie Swanion, Jean Snyder. Brenda Dalloli. Coach Gianelli. Chxrel Kneeland career points 81 1 . Varsity Scores CillS OPFTJNENT 66 Tyngsboro 45 41 Ipswich 59 58 Manchester 29 48 Masconomet 16 50 Whittier 18 58 Essex Aggie 8 44 Hamilton-Wenham 51 52 f entucket 49 57 Rockport 45 49 Amesbury 30 31 Triton 37 57 Tyngsboro 30 40 Newbury port 60 39 No. Reading 28 54 Lynnfield 40 55 Manchester 22 45 No. Andover 46 59 Rockport 33 30 Triton 76 44 Hamilton-Wenham 51 51 Ipswich 53 Record: 13-8-0 It ' s so far away! With the skilled coaching of Miss Gianelli and talented players, the girls varsity basketball team swished the first win- ning season since 1966. The combined efforts of All-Star player Jean Snyder and All-League player Chyrel Kneeland lifted the team to qualify for the Mass. State Tournament Division III. Leaning tower of Parker. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. JV Scores CHS OPPONENT GttS OPPONENT 22 Ipswich 28 34 Newburypori 33 34 Manchester 12 23 Eynnfield 28 19 Masconomet 26 36 Manchester 22 21 Whittier 10 24 No. Andover 26 25 Hamilton- Wen ham 32 19 Rockport 14 16 Pentucket 36 23 Hamilton-Wenham 24 26 Rock port 21 27 Tyngsboro 19 31 Ames bury 12 22 Triton 37 21 Triton 27 23 No. Reading 20 31 Tyngsboro 9 Record: 9-10-0 Front: Jackie Benjamin. Brenda Langlais, Karen Nizwantowski (Capt.). Shelagh McElroc (Capt.). Barb McNeil. Back: Sue Hatch, l.isa Wmskowicz. Karen Walker. Janet Nizwantowski. Claudia Flyzik. Coach Graffum. 115 Hockey I )day Cicorgciown Tomorrow the Hruias From: Bill Locke, Paul Goodwin. Tom Wilcox. Chris McBnerty (Capt.). Norman Radford (Capt.). Brian Rosene. hddle: Coach Flannigan, Jeff Peters. Bruce Swanbon, Dave Duckworth. Tom Mulligan. Don Boyer. Barry David- .son, Tom Goodwin (Asst. Coach McCleoud). Back: Greg McDonald. Scott Knight. Paul Messina. Gordie Gissel, Bob Evangelista. John Pingree. Varsity Scores GHS OPPONE 2 Newburypori 7 5 No. Andover 0 2 No. Reading 7 1 Hamilton-Wenham 8 3 Lynnfield 5 2 Viasconomet 4 I Amesbur 4 3 Ipswich 7 1 Triton 10 5 Newburyport 3 3 No. Andover 0 3 No. Reading 5 5 Hamilton-Wenham 3 2 Lynnfield 3 4 -Masconomet 9 2 Amesbury 5 3 Ipswich 9 0 Triton 4 Record: 4-14-0 1 16 From: Paul Mutch. Dave Duckworth (Capt.). Tom Mulligan (Capt.). Dan Bessie. Scott Knight. Dannv Mullane. Middle: Coach Flannigan. Jim Hayman, Greg McDonald. Jeff Peters. Barry Richardson. Pete Durkee. Bryan Cardiff. .Assistant Coach McCleoud. Back: .Andy Oldeman. Tom Goodwin. Pat Christ. Bob Poaletta. J.V. Scores GHS OPPONENT 0 Newburyport 3 1 Ipswich 4 2 Amesbur 3 3 No. .Andover 5 I No. Reading 6 1 Ipswich 3 5 No. .Andover 3 Record: 1-6-0 At first It didn’t look like there woul d be hoeke ;it all this year when the School (’t)niiniltee threatened to withhold funds, but they reconsidered and the team took to the ice with high hopes ami even sticks and pucks! I hey started the year with new coaches Dan Flanagan and Dan McCleoud, and quickly showed the Cape Ann l,eague a new hustling system of play. The team ' s season was highlighted by 4 outstanding victories which caused coaches all over the league to recogni e the Royals as an up-and-coming team for many years to Wow! Did you see that shot? come. Runaway Puck! Front: Patty Lanigan. Lisa DeVincenzo. Claire Morris. Jane Balletto. Back: Chrystal McNeil (Capt.). Linda Burnett. Valerie Clark. Kathy Meisner. Wrestling ' ShjII V.C djncc’’ Now whai am I gonna di ? Sa “L ncle. 118 Under the capable leadership of Co-Captains Jim McGillicuddy and Russ Emerson, the wrestling team estab- lished themselves in the wrestling scene. Battling injuries, inexperience, and a very small squad size, the team proved itself capable of hard work, dedication, and tremendous pride. The highlight of the season came with the meet against Ips- wich at which Georgetown earned a record 55 points. Later, in the Cape Ann League Championships, 5 wrestlers qualified for the Sectionals and two went on further to the State All- Star Meet where they earned 5th and 12th place standings. Scores GHS OPPONENT 13 Pentucket 46 30 Shawsheen 37 27 Masconomet 29 20 Ayer 38 30 Methuen 27 51 Whittier 12 55 Ipswich 9 28 North Reading 33 15 Lynnfield 48 27 Hamilton-Wenham 34 24 Triton 39 6 No. Andover 56 33 Shawsheen 33 Record: 3-9-1 From: David .Vlade.s, Gerrv Gagne. Brett Roberts. Jim McGillicuddv (Capt.), Russ Emerson (Capt.). MiNe Prescott. Pat Randall. Back: Scott Miller. John Meisner, Phil Eckstrand. Bill Brennan. Tim Perkins. Bob Morehouse. Coach Capodilupo. Nol Pictured: Warren Gulezian. Has anyone found my contact lens ' i’ 119 STOP AND SHOP GEORGETOWN PHARMACY CORP. “( )n the Sc|iiarc Robert I 1 au ie IbS., Reg. IMiarm. • I ree I)eliver .152-2121 • 24 1 lour Ser icc by Calling After 9 p.m. Res Bob I.avoie 1-156-4697 BASILS. KINSON, INC. D B A Kinson Bus Lines 352-8787 — 465-8333 B.ASll. S. KINSON President- rreasurer Railroad .Avenue Cieortietow n. Mass. 01833 GEORGETOWN DOOR WINDOW CO. ueo iaetbu 9fu LUMBER Building Products 1 Park Street Georgetown. M A 01833 75 Rear West Main St. Tel. 352-6691 Georgetown. Mass. 01833 BILL and BONNIE SHIKRALLAH Phone 352-8758 Res. 346-8347 352-2804 Georgetown Village THE FLOWER MART Flowers for All Occasions BALDPATE, INC. 37 West Main St. Georgetown, Mass. P.O. Box 156 Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833 Telephone (617) 352-2131 123 TO SUIT YOUR C aI taste BILL AND raMf JAN ' S (Olftf (Tatonr 3Floturr« Flowers free F or Delivery All Occasions Service • Meals • 1 land C’ul Donuls • The Best ( ' offee in I own 352-2(XX) GHORGFTOWN SffOPPlNG CENTER BRUCE E1SENF3AUER Good Luck Class of " 78 " NUNAN FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE GEORGETOWN TRAVEL Flowers for All Occasions 269 Central St. Georgetown. M.A 20 West Mam St. Georgetown. Mass. Teleflora — .AFS — Florafax 352-2425 352-8172 124 Tel. 374-8804 SIRR’S SPORT SHOP Complete Pro Shop Specializing in Custom Sharpening Team Outfitting in Hockey, Softball Baseball and Football Tennis Equipment and Stringing Service 241 Lincoln Ave. Haverhill Plaza Geoffrey C. Sirr Haverhill, Mass. 01830 125 Host W ishcs I tom the GEORGETOWN POLICE DEPT. Success iiiul Happiness to the Hass of 1978 WEILERS LIQUORS Cicorgelou n Shopping Center I ro en Chicken Ihes I el. 352-6 1 66 ■Attention! Antique l.oversand Dealers LOW ' S BAR-B-Q Dining Rooms • l ake Out Seafood Roast Beef Sandwiches - Chicken SEDLER ' S ANTIQUE VILLAGE CARL L LOW 256 North Street Owner Georgetown. Mass. 01833 Snc. Specialists in Home Comfort 75 WEST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN. MASS. 352-8711 363-2300 Specialists in Home Comfort 363-2300 Clifton Clayton Elliott 30 Individual Shops W . Main St. Georgetown. Mass. Open Every Da Except Mon.. 1 1-5 um Haverhill Plaza Haverhill. Mass. ScitCA l- ' rom the Gatig DEALER TIRES, INC. at Corner West Mam and F’rospeet Cieorgetown, Mass. I ' el. (617) Georgetown 352-2455 Beverly922-4I47 THE LIGHT DEPARTMENT A Tire for Every Need! W ' heels Batteries Complete Truck Line Congratulations Class of ' 78 w Telephone 372-7018 HARVEST MARKETS, INC. . . . Where Quality Counts More and Costs You Less Batchelder Printing Commercial Job Printers 247 Lincoln Avenue Haverhill, Mass. 01830 Charles D. Batchelder, Jr. Compliments of: “Best Wishes From” G AND C CLEANERS Georgetown Shopping Center HAVERHILL NATIONAL Professional Dry Cleaning Drapery, Lurs, Leather, Sweaters Tailor Service Tel. 352-2380 Amesbury • Bradford • Georgetown Groveland • Haverhill Tel. 617 374-6333 Mam Office Member L.D.I.C. 127 Good Luck Sen ior Cl ass CENTER PHARMACY 50 Central St. Georgetown. Mass. 352-8540 GEORGETOWN CANDLEPIN BOWLING LANES 5 F’ark St.. Georgetow n. Mass. (Located behind large building in Georgetown Square) ★ Six .Air-Conditioned Lanes ★ Ladies. Men. Mixed Leagues Group Rates. Junior Bowling ★ Frequent TV Rolloffs ★ Open in Summer ★ Call for times when lanes are available Call 352-9895 Reservations Accepted 128 Your Banking C ' ampus BayBank Merrimack Valley Bay Bank Merrimack Valley, N.A. 38 East Main Street Georgetown. MA 01833 617 352-8702 Congratulalions [ ' roin Talk Of ThtLTowne. ThG Hair People. Consratulations Class of ' 78 CRESSY ' S Central Street Georgetown Shopping Center RICHDALE STORES East Main St. North St. Georgetown. Mass. TOLMAN SHEET METAL CO INC. • I 1 72 East Main St. Georgetown. Mass. 01833 Carleton Drive Georgetown, Mass. 01833 352-8202 Sheet Metal and Steel Eabrication Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Rubbish Containers and Compactors All Types of Welding Tel. 352-2200 129 Good Luck Class of " 78 " Hope Your Future Years Are Filled With Success Congratulations and Good Fortune. Seniors! From the: GIANT VALU Best Wishes East Main St. Glass Georgetown, Mass. 01833 Of w Good Luck D ' J ' S GARAGE “Best damn garage around” 130 GIORDANO ' S RESTAURANT Italian Food — Steaks — Seafood Pizza Live Music — Dancing Function Rooms — 20- 1 70 People Rt. 97 352-9887 Georgetown T 131 1 Creators oe fine ciass rings, awards announcements diplomas and caps gowns B.P. J G Service S+a+ion VERNON A. MARTIN, INC. Realtors 36 C ' entral .St. Cieorgctown, M.A 01833 352-9839 37 est Main Street CJeorgetown. Mass. .Serving the North Shore with 8 Offices F eabody. l.ynn. Ipswich. Rockport Cieorgetown and Newbury port 132 It PROBE INC. MICROWAVE ECECTROMICS McCORMICK HARDWARE Moulton Street-fs Cieorgetown. Massachusetts West Main St. Georgetown. Mass. I el. 352-8560 352-2322 UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE -SPRINGS MATTRESSES SPAULDING COLONIAL REPRODUCTIONS, INC. GEORGETOWN, MASS. DIRECTLY ON SHOWROOM: 5 ELM STREET ROUTE 133 FACTORY: 118 EAST MAIN STREET TEL. 352-2921 GEORGETOWN SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Phone 352-8001 North St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 Ready-Mixed Concrete Washed Materials GEORGETOWN INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY. I NC. • l7-3Ba-X404 m RtAlTOR ' DAVIS AGENCY. INC., UALTOU ' On The Square ' - Geot getown, Maaa. 91833 INDUSTRIAL — HARDWARE MASONRY SUPPLIES East Main St. Georgetown, Mass. 01833 JOHN E. PURCELL, Sr, Vice President North Shore Office Manager 352-8670 352-2091 -774-8572 “Five Generations of Funeral Service” Since 1840 MERTON E, ROBERTS SONS FUNERAL HOMES 14 Pleasant Street Georgetown 352-8700 14 Independent Street Rowley 948-7763 FRANK S, ROBERTS DAVID W, ROBERTS MERTON E, ROBERTS, JR. ( ' omplimcnls ol COUNTRY KITCHEN School St. CirovchiiKl. M.iss EB ' S AUTO BODY AND PAINTING 352-6738 H. R. SAWYER SCHWINN BICYCLERY, INC. B. Migliori. Bros. Clinty BIvcI. at Mill St. Route 97 Id. 1-617-372-4981 laverhill. Mass. 01830 Phone; 352-2473 TOWN COUNTRY HAIRSTYLING 62. Central St. Georgetown. Mass. 01833 GOOD FOOD C ' ompltments of : THE GEORGETOWN INN 5«rce Jo£ INS I RUC ' I ION B .APPOINTMF.NT INDOOR RIDING H.Al.L S.XLES HORSF-:S F O.ARDRD 1?s TRonn T«E IP5 CcRiStS % AUBURN FARMS. INC. EQL ESTRl.AN CENTER BOBand JE.AN L.ATINVILLE 23 1 E. Main Street Rt. 133 Georgetown, Mass. Tel. 352-6161 OFF THE TOP HAIRSTYLING KING DAVIS AGENCY, INC. Gentlemen and Ladies 39 West Main St. I East Main St. 352-9837 352-2404 UNITED FOAM PLASTICS CORP. 1 72 East Main St. 352-2200 WILLIAMS OIL SERVICE 20 Munroe St. 352-2626 S M DISPOSAL CORP. 37 West Main St. 352-8581 CORONET LEATHER GEORGETOWN 102 Central St. BUSINESS ASSOCIATION GEORGETOWN AUTO PARTS GEORGETOWN SAND GRAVEL 14 East Main St. 352-8734 ' orth St. 352-8001 GEORGETOWN SAVINGS BANK GEORGETOWN SHOE STORE 7 North St. 352-8600 64 Central St. 352-8572 STUARTS SERVICE STATION HOPE JEWELERS American Legion Sq. 352-9885 37 West Main St. 352-6900 135 1 FRIENDS OF THE YEARBOOK The Pace’s Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sears Mr. and Mrs. James Page and family The Benjamin l amily n 1 he Lanigan Family Cj x d I.uck Flit: ?rank Tolman F ' amily Peter F rom all the Magowns Mr. and Mrs. .Man and Fua Hallowell The Appnch Family Love’.s plans are made, don’t be afraid. The Skerry Family Anonymous 1 he Cimino Family A friend The Valle Family ' W • Mr. and Mrs. fajA. ' 0 JL i C ongratula and Mr f lUriM O ' Thc€l ilcs Millcr N Mr. and Mrs James Oowlihsf Best Wishes. I Con atulationtfp il ty sw1f 78 est W ' ishes from the Bill Maynards rom One f an U a Hunter says Good Luck to the C lass of 1978 rVSse ' V rs. R. A. Gittings and Pen Good Luck Brow Lennon and Hitt friend Good T tick , ’jHm ' _ Best of Luck, you’ll do great, look out w rld. flass of Ht, P J. Good Luck. Alice Dowphinette The Jones’ A Friend Good Luck Class of ’78, the Kavanaugh’s Friends - ' - Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kelcourse Good Luck Class of ’78. The Pasquala Good Luck Tim Best Wishes from the Brackett Family The Hatch Family Good Luck to Kathy and Kaihy from ’’Sr is 1 Mr. and Mrs. Petraitis jj To Deborah Ayers, love Craig “Bert” Southwick Mr. and Mrs. Good Luck, m Goc LiKjk tbihe Class of lid Mi . Victor N oren n O’Shta The Southwicks The Chickerings Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivancic Because they asked. Good Luck, The Michael Lehane Family The Burnetts Best Wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Short Mrs. Nancy Buchanan Good Luck Seniors, The Robert Rudolphs Brian and Sue Testa Good Luck Bob Tibbets fc With all the B to the Class of ' 78 from Mr. and Mrs. CarF Me rfTl Good Luck, The Dibias Family Best of Luck Mary ' and Class of ’78 from Mrs. Siwik and Jim Mr. and Mrs. John McLary Le bonheur e’est les autres. continuons. The McLaughlin Family Good Luck to my almost fellow graduates. Rose The Flyzik Family I love you Class of ’78, Kendra The Gillespies In loving memory of Michael, love, his sister, Cheryl 36 Best Wishes, The Balletto’s Barry and Lynn, Teshia and Chiquita Good Luck to all, Ethel C. Hughes Anger is the ill wind that blows out the lamp of intelligence. The Lee Meisner Family Jeff and Judy Lamb and ■Toey and JjJ| Hochmuth Best of Luck to all, Blanche Gfeenleaf Ellie Jennifer Pettipost Leo Blais Best Wishes to Ellen and Class of ’78 . The Morehouse Family Good Luck in your last year of High School, The Curtis’ . ■ Good Luck, The Batemans, Ray, Cynthia, Rick, Larry, and Cheryl The Chouinards congratulate the Class of 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter God Bless all of you. The Andersons Best Wishes from the Chamberlain Family Good Luck to the Class of 1978, The Roses A Friend Keith and Jaime Tobin All the Best, Class of 1978 Best of Luck, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clancy Jay and Tim Anonymous, Good Luck Good Luck, The Vieiras Good Luck Class of ’78 from Selectman, Don Peterson - Jimmy and Jenny Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Alderman Kelly and Jason Mello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Haas Good Luck Seniors, The Bond Family Best of Luck to you, Mary B. W. Millsy Best of Luck forever Mary, love Snowballs Best Wishes to the Class of 1 978 — The Caporizzo Family The team way is the best way. The Pierces lllegitimi non carborundum Best Wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nicolaisen Best of Luck to a Special Class - Rose Arathuzik Bona fortuna! Priv Congratulations to the Class of ’78 Very Best Wishes to the Class of ' 78 Mom and Dad Tidd Best Wishes Seniors, The Mutch Family Best Wishes, The Stanley’s Edward and Rita Shay, Good Luck Class of ’78 Jim Shay’s Brothers Patricia Gilmartin Best Wishes to the Senior Class Best Wishes Class of ’78 with an eye on ’8 1 , The Wells Family Good Luck to the Class of 1978, Love Cap’n Kate. Mildew, and Tom Happiness Always, Mrs. Merrill and Family Best Wishes to the Senior Class. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Noren Harvey. Ruth, David, Danny, Debbie Best of Luck to the Class of ’78, Mr. Bennett The guys with more moves than Allied Van Lines. The Wrestling Team Health and happiness to the Class of ’78, Ms. Pamela Simpson Mai Fraser i Buena Suerte! — Sra Hiller A Friend Compliments to the Seniors. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Silverman Best Wishes, Mr. and Mrs. George Sonia Support Tennis in Georgetown Best Wishes Good Luck 1978 Graduates, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Leonow Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 Success Happiness to each of you, Noreen and Carey Burns Best of Luck — Tite Langlais Family Bloom w ' here you are planted 137 Pr estig e MB sawsaga—— — ■ Portraits Inc. Styled by the nation ' s foremost photographic craftsmen I 7 i:lm Street Stoneham. Massachusetts 02180 Phone: 617 438-1162 Ralph Waldo Emerson put it so aptly when he said “Each moment of the year has its own beauty, a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again. " Each picture you’ve just seen is a portrayal of us, the Senior Class of 1978, and of you, the people who made our school year what it was. These special moments have been captured and preserved not only in the pages of this book but in our memories, which will always retain the images of our high school days. Thanks to the help of a dedicated staff, George Sonia, Peter Goodwin, Peter Nizwantowski, Peggy Ivancic. Steve Eynch, Erica Pierce, Steve Pirrotta, Karen Mutch, Kathy Magown. Ellen Morehouse, Dianne Prendible, and o ur advisor, Mrs. Carol Scott, the 1978 yearbook was a complete success. Other special thank you’s go to Mr. Arns, Mr. Eraser, and Mr. Bannister for their photography aid. and to Jim McGillicuddy for his time and energy given to the book. The final thank you goes to all: the faculty, administration and students who supported and allowed us to create this yearbook. I’m sure the entire staff will agree that publishing a book that truly belongs to this school has been a most rewarding challenge. To those who will follow in our footsteps and look back on this book in years to come, we hope it may be a reflection of the joys and pleasures experienced in our final year at Georgetown High School. Bis Deal! 140 Ml 142 I made the headlines! 143 1 E ,V. ' 4 MM ll ntMMH ’V43£ai AiuSS tsv.- y i 1 - » ' fAT5S.’- ' ' V l1 «? Wl ffi f,.r 5? ’ »‘l1v • • w a VtAVIA G GEORGETOWN HIGH SCHOOL

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