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t. 431. AQ. '..fQ'.'F ig' 3.-.5 'g','G"' "1g'5'f-, ' K .xy My xf'-mgff' tl 'Q-4,45 ., ' NL' 4 ' .4544 , , !ifgiqMx.",' A: .- 444 wx , A". ., V' A f' li-xi ..?,!,1,Q -V iw! wif ' 1 .fwkigevs , Q' T. 3 'n f -1 fr' '.r f - M - 1 '. ,,- . x lag . A ' K . ' " '. 1- M . "- , fx-Qyf ' ' , N in . ' " ' ,. Y . 4, . VJ, , .X , 4 g. . L ' n ' rv .. , , f ,A 'v s ., W- I 'tit A I 'm:k""'??' ff, :lack-" v. fgx TY...--" ,x .r Q 3i,,2f,xg X 'Qx , ' xl. J '.Nf3 AQ. ,xfx .nhmzf mv X W.. Mx 'mn' 1 X. 0 2 wx W1 . ,xii - "'N,..v-Q xv ,,,.-a K A,,, wx . , S x .xg W ox' x f-m -. xtfykxik : 1 , 3 ,wk vw. my . ww X , Q -I3 X wr NE 52 Q Q 53 2 Theg are one person written by Stephen Stills Copyright 91969 by Gold Hill Music, Inc Theg are fwo alone. written by Stephen Stills Copyright CD 1969 by Gold Hill Music, lnc Theg are fhree fogefher. 4 ' 'II written by Stephen Stl s Copyright CQ 1969 by Cold Hill Music, Inc J ,,. 1,, ,--f,.,. Theg are for each ofher. written by Stephen Stills Copyright 651969 by Gold Hill Music, Inc cUr'r'iC UIUITI 70 P338 People P398 26 pasfi mes page 66 Hilflfefics page 72 finafe page 778 3cIver'7li5emerJ5' Page 730 YEARBOOK DEDICATION Mang ihanks Mr. Bognion - from ihe class of '72 A . 'W l ...-nul!1 e I 0 3 viii curriculum ADMINISTRATION B ' -.... Q' R6 X GMA.. Kenneth Sheetz - Superintendent :areaff.2fazaz5f!:t1sws!f?fff2-'fttlP!Wffff?:!i:?55L"fi'I 5 ffltflff ' P ? we E Qs.-:P Q it R ri? lx William Ball - Assistant Principal sf"i'l"'v GB The administrators' stereotyped position as disciplinarians is just as distasteful and petty to them as it is to the students. Their work consists of many other important duties. There is coordinating of a master sched- ule, organizing of curriculum, dealing with financial problems and taking care of unpredicta- ble day to day matters. The administrators are in the middle. They are the most has- sled. They get complaints from and are complained about by teachers, students, parents, and the school committee. To tackle all this, the administrators need stamina, understanding, and di- plomacy. Their iob is not glam- orous. 1 .... flair: f lf . jg. AE.. lames Boynton - Principal Richard Arms Lawrence Faretta SOCIAL STUDIES ,-,lrr Frank Berardino lohn DeAngeIis EGYP Richard Stowe Reginald Tardif Dept. Head - Social Studie GUIDANCE joyce Armeen Daniel Gulezian MATH AND SCIENCE ' an 4. if i . Patricia Bracci Dennis Cranford 25"- im Noreen Clark Earle Gamble Charles Donnelly Alton Davis ,,9"a""- Margaret Kerr gr 4 . , 1' ' 2 r 1 s ,. X rr mr M 2 UM Nx H X 4 X W, N r Louis Lovveli A XX H Camille Lacey Harvey Mades Dept. Head - Science In , QR?-f QN A Stephen McNally Dept. Head - Math ENGLISH , 1, mv v.5A ,.Q,4 M A Igi Claudette Aubif Mary Kober 5 , F 4 if 1 J i Yi. Richard Cairns Lois Kvvantz Donna Privilera YMAAI f 1 X. Qarjn Spence Clifford Scott Dept. Head - English MEDIA William Bannister BUSINESS Rose Anne Arathuzik june Cook Richard Parent Dept. Head- Business Paul Dostie Helen Hayden Music Director FOREIGN LANGUAGE -Q, Linda Fredrickson Theresa Levcsque Gvorgv Norris Band and Instrumental DireCfor , ,,,,, Wk rr..-1. i Hclvrw Ryan Dcpl. Hclacl - Forcfgn Langudgcf 21 ART David Luca ll. . If STAFF s i s z E 2. if t 3 3 S , ,E , , x , S is eg' its f .... W ti K r N, I K ' i f ,3 ' as ,Q l R ,,.,, + I l , ,,,, , z, A . R is Q O. Y 1 1 5- 1 K T J, .., A ..., .. Q . ...,, , -r x Qtkk t K . Q is Mm ,- gb . .. Vx.- O rmww . , N N. :Q . hx N :wks xg ii in t: .5 ,k:g gL11' ,-" A l l 1 Z Cateteria Stall - FIRST ROW: l-r, Mrs. lones, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Hardenbrook, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Morse, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Smerage, Mrs Metcalf, Mrs. Petraitis, Mrs, Woodburn, Mrs. Dole ff--,af ' Barbara Mullins Administrative Secretary Patricia Cilmartin - Guidance Secretary 24 'I fi r 5 r 5 4 J L ,,L, ' ,J , f Anna Noren - Nurse Carol Tidd - Media Secretary HIZHDGUW Sargent Custodians - I-r, lack Davis, Ernie Kelloway, Rollie Greenleaf Librarian 25 v H I ! H! ,I .. il 'nu' 'lu ll 26 l. ll People Q . .N w QEQWBN ex 1 X N ,A E? Q F1-ii v Aa Q7 x ,rg Q V, K L xxx ' x Y s X "if qs 'IQ ar ,eg L , 4,1 , ,.,,.. , W V'- ff , , U -.w.:.,N I FIRST ROW: I-r, 1, Hughes, N. Hatch, C. Hunt, L. Grissino, D, Hooper, S. Holt, SECOND ROW: A. Greene, H, Hudson, D. Gundersen I-r, S. LeLaCheur, S. jackson, L. Kern, R. Knapp, D. johnson, K. LaPointe, S. Iones, L. landris 29 FIRST ROW: I-r, A. Hanlon, D. Nagle, G. Miller, F, Music, SECOND ROW: L. Marceau, S. Meier, S. Madore, C. Mucha, D. MacDonald, D. Margeson, T. Lynch FIRST ROW: I-r, P. Thompson, I. Snyder, SECOND ROW: W. Sprague, G. Tibbetts, I. Thacker THIRD ROW: C. Tidd K. Shea, S. Thompson 30 xy- 'W . Jgmwsiwlff'Mwiiizzfl'1"f???:'f?L?"'M""'fff"iiW 7 ' A,-. . ' - :, X K ..:h ..h, K .kk, kkkii s QW anhnwzsnvf my 1 5 ,,,.g , f I .L , .. K M-M. -..f N -- .- I g S K , 7 . ..xA , S . ,. ksrj K K' Z E , , Qi, ,,.k , R, ..-, .V,,. "Q MK ':3:,Qi..4zf3lk.. W Q l is X Q "'B i S 2 k 1 I .Q if il A . S.. E mi f C 'xx 5 K. .- N V K ,, g !,1.i.?ii ix i XL K 1 K A k,.:A , 5.3 gi . f A X XX K Q M N , Y N - Q V , .X , afifl w' V K :WA S if l 'Q h V 3 gay' 35335 W FIRST ROW: I-r, N. Donahue, B, Gillespie, SEC- OND ROW: K. Foster, S. Gatchell, D. Gaudet, THIRD ROW: I. Fiske, L. Fortin, FOURTH ROW: E. Gittihgs, E. Cordeiro, FIFTH ROW: K. Duggan, D. Gautier Nil 6 W ,ff FIRST ROW: I-r, M. Riley, L, Rice, SECOND ROW: M Ricker, THIRD ROW: G. Rogers, L. Shafer QQ-K 'f H . Reed, G Schwartz, G. Schultz, T Sig, 'Ugg fill ' Ria 1 Cw rt a tr R I-r, D. Buzzell, 1. Chanonhouse, K. Castine, R. Castle, D, Brooks, P, Collins, D. Cole, D, Cole FIRST ROW: I-r, A, Dick, P, Crawford, E. Craven, C. Dick, K. Detato, B. Craig, SECOND ROW: I. Dodge, D. Difvtento, N. Difvtaio i-r, R. Bateman, M. Benjamin, N. Beckwith, R. Boyer, I. Basford, M. Ambrey, D. Boyd, T. Adams, C, Bateman, N. Boose N SOPHOMOREQ X FIRST ROW: l-r, P. Collins - President, l. Chadwick - Student Council, C. Skeirik - Student Council, SECOND ROW: L. L'HeureuxQ - Treasurer, S. Rauseo - Secretary, K. Wood - Student Council, C. Perry - Vice President l f .H A A Vg Q 5 2 f W R J I a if ' l i I S A ,., l r l wiv? A. Amt C, .gfizj Tim. t ,MW E Y Y Y W W A.. W N r Q " -ff- W Qt FEM iii: W 3 ' H N N r SECOND ROW: R. Rohner, D. St. Laurent, B. Segel, B. Robichaud FIRST ROW: I-r, D. Rodgers, R. St. Laurent, C. Skeirik, S. Rauseo, 1. Shay, K. Shappell, wir." 1 5C'f' J I-r, D. DiMento, S, DiMaio, D. Flanders, M, Eagan, W. Emerson, D. Durkee, M. Dunton r. 35 n m i FIRST ROW: I-r, M, Nee, R, Murray, S. Nutile, G. Morris, SECOND ROW: R. Mikulskis, I. O'Connor, ray asf., 1: ! , FIRST ROW: I-r, S. Hamill, L. Haid, D. Graf, R. Ford, SECOND ROW: D. Gordon, S, Gynan, T. Hamelin, S. Frontiera 36 D. Nutter, N. Muhlhauser, M. Mur- , 1, 2 ill ll lil ...Ma.,i I FIRST ROW: l-r, K. Bentley, P. Christian, D. Boyd, G. Chard, SECOND ROW: K. Carlson, 1. Chadwick, D. Boucher, K. Catalanotti, V Beniamin 'IT' FIRST ROW: I-r, C Flynn, P. Iohnson, C. Henderson, T. Hughes, SECOND ROW: S. Hopkins, P. johnson, M. jones, S. jackson, L. Han- lon, R. leans, D, Heimbecker 37 l-r, Leibsch, R. Lena, D, Kane, D. Kinson, E. lunker, R. Kern, L. L'Heureux FIRST ROW: I-r, C. Wilson, M. Tidd, E. Temple, M. Wyman, S. Tarr, K. Wood, M. Zibell, SECOND ROW: R. Wyman, R. Yeaton, 1. Wells, D Woodworth, S. Warnock 38 ,--f. n FIRST ROW: E. Clark, SECOND ROW: I-r, C. Conklin, M. Derouin, S. Detato, B THIRD ROW: R. Cushing, P, Collins, S. DeSisto . Cobb, l P l , 'ff' X NNN X O , O as , ,,,, .O x R sssa i , , O R - ssss . ,Q S .- A K M O -is A , .N -Q-, .mf as af - M, ,.. , ..., x K . sk-. fi ,,, K..L . MS f. .X . ,, A .L xl Q W .O -Q ' X ' I r l Malloy S Maynard M McBrierty, D. Madore, A. McElroy, M. McCarthy, M, McCarthy, H. MacDonald, l. Martln FIRST ROW: I-r, D, Rasmussen, B, Phillips, SECOND ROW: M. Popovich, E. Peabody Owens, C. Perry, L. Plrrotta, I. Pasquale 4 DQ ' 1 , ..Z" x , M V XX Q f V W . n V 4 152' 'ff-KW 4 afiefc' A. f"...v 12 .cf fg nf B, , vi I va' 5 fag " .ff FIRST ROW: IAr, R, Adams, 1. Balletto, C. Barnstein, W. Balletto, R. Balletto, SECOND ROW: K. Basile, S. Amero, D. Bailey, C. Bascom, D. Beckwith, D. Ahlquist ,Ji 41 ,f ,f g XA, if , , 'yu si ' . ... 4 if ' 1' v is xp. ,1- Q if fs? v 1 K, ,, waz- , . g, ig' """ ':'f . .1 ' 4 4 f . r n 9? Q. is s fwyv ,K N. A I 'Z Ng.:-7 ,,..f"' FIRST ROW: I-r, B. Waldner, C. Wall, M. Walker, SECOND ROW: D. Tenney, K. Tem- ple, I. Tripp I FIRST ROW: I-r, L. Bateman, R. Colucci W. Cooper, SECOND ROW: R. Ahlquist V. Clark, L. Chick, THIRD ROW: D. Cof- fill, R. Boileau 45 V if 1 YII N Y - QQ, 1.'b 5, A wa 'X -is ef 'Sf fi . M WSL ' 9, w x uii w -ww Y?'A.s 5 flfwxfgaili SEQ f'Q'i?ifii ' ff V ii-ex -: is l S K? 2, 1 P- . , ,VJ V 3 .. A ...Z A Newm- 5 -gs. rf india in I .L... . ,L.. . lg. wks! I V' 'fzxx 1 . 3, ...Wi ., ,i W is H 'X s aff. , a ."" wh. ",'54L' Q .',,,v' ,pp a 5' .-.,g , . fa 'if'-if im I FE ?VJ'N " 5 'l 1-.js . A, 14, 'U . , 4 , 1 , .Wm 1 , rf. '4 xii L 3. ,Q f-Q 8 4 24 Y . "4Tf'?' f , ,.., 1 M. R Z1 I S! f f M M V, if ff H N -H ' S M A N iw g, 1, , vi ,K f am- , M' , , 4. , v Q 4 7 , QL QQ? Wwiiffl f Vw wa 'il H ,,,f l,: W QQ -V 4 2 W .K A , , in f' aw f. ' ,,,. Q f if , 113: ' V Q! 1 I 51,5 H my 5 L, W 4 13 I z.V,. ,K kr 55 356 fm, 2 lemons ?' ,r , 9 4 ,Maulana- CLASS OFFICERS Beth -- secretary Linda - treasurer Mark -- president Anne - vice president ef' , Www SUSAN I. ALLARD DENNIS I. ALPI-IEN LINDA I. AMERO NANCY E. BAER DAVID P. BATSON CYNTHIA A. BAILEY RICHARD VV. BATEMAN I ,I 'Hn--'fa PAUL B. BENTLEY CHARLOTTE A. BLAIR WILLIAM VV. BLANKENSHIP agfjfy KATHRYN A. BOOSE BRENDA I. BOYD GEORGE K. BRENNAN .WW PAUL L. BROWN ROBERT L. BROWN JERROLD C. CHADVVICK KEITH R. CHANDLER LAURENE I. CHICK KEVIN B, CROZIER WX YVETTE M. DENAULT RICHARD L. DESISTO MVA w IOSEPH D. DIVINCENZO FAITH A. DODGE YT K Q N ..., X X ANDREVV S. DOUCLASS DEBORAH DUNTON MARK T. DURKEE X, Y? SHARON A. ELANNERY JEFFREY L. FISHER EARLE L. FOSTER A , V MAUREEN A. CATCHELL . "'N!.E ,fi ,, 5 ELIZABETH A. CITTINCS wlasmw . :xiii 0,4 ...ab--v"" :gurl "H" SHAW N. GYNAN BERNARD H. HAMILL IOHN H. HANDREN ,a-MKOJ' RICHARD 1. HANLON NAN M. HARPER ml ,, E '5 :iff 5 7:1 , .... H fnf1gi,':5w:s --fl 'Q like I KENNETH E. HASKELL MARK VV, HASSELL -GY IAMES E, HAZEN DEBRA E. HIGGINS wgwmwp ELIZABETH M. I-IOLBROQK PAUL I. HOLBRUOK SANDRA I. HOLT we ,iw .-....,QA MARCIA L, IOHNSON PAULA 1. IOHNSON lE5UE A. IONES WILLIAM A. IUNKER JANE L. KELLOVVAY -x .Q xxx .. Us ,Kg N? Q BQ. KET 5-11 yew R A JI ig' fix Q yr X 4 'fx l 5 nb 4 Biff '1 KK' R ,, 5 E .ff .X 3 SL A JI' H- fb.. x gy X: 1 K is k RICHARD D. KELLY 14, A 'ff' CAROL S. LANCASTER C L, ' Q Q BRUCE A. YVONNE H. L'HEUREUX ANNE L. LOW DEBORAH L. MAYNARD Q Mr:-vsp' DIANE C. MOULAISLJN RICHARD M, MADORE BONNIE L. MARSTON ELIZABETH M. MEADER IOSEPH A. MESSINA 4m CAROL A. MUHLHAUSER ffiiggf "A MARY E- MULLICAN BARBARA A. MURRAY KEVIN A. NOYES STEVEN NUTTER "'1T1ff'I K. ' f gf J. LEILA I. PASQUALE DENIS M. PHILLIPS MARY L, PINGREE KATHLEEN A. PROLJLX MARILYN E. REED PAMELA M. RICKER DONALD T. RODGERS IW 4f:f...i" ,W IANICE L. ROSENE KATHLEEN R. RYAN LINDA S. SCI-ILJLTZ ROBERT D. SI-IAPPELL MICHAEL VV. SI-IAY DANA S. SHERBURNE LINDA I. SIMPSON 111 ll i Nm .,4 . 1 15--Q! i 5 3 , A, X +5-1 sf ,7 :gi in fa Ar A R ? .wa- ,1 K fs. 3? , JON! L. SPOFFORD IOHN M. STEINER IONI L. SYLVESTER MINDA R. TENNEY ""'5 JOANNE L. SONIA x Q A A M, .V ms- - '35 X x x, h'Nn...fT 'Xz""" 'N-.. Avg. . . H ' Q -5133.1- ' +-3,-1 if X x ' , wi' if 5 X A KM pasfime 5 " ' 3 :5?1!:5 1J""' ' ' " www: 1, "" ' ' . ,, i - wxswwxgh A r v en i 1 -K X Q QS Wg M- M .gg . .M :rw-A - N wifi xg ,mm A +- u . ,,,, '13 NIU- is F A. Q . if Q QE? if Qi vu, N Q gpg f 4 ww 2:4 .f DRAMA CLUB Drama is an exciting art. The emotion of tragedy, the witti- cisms of comedy, and the thrills of suspense make drama a great experience. The Georgetown High School Drama Club is in existence to provide the stu- dents an opportunity to enjoy all these facets of acting. One part of drama is watching a performance. This year the club saw a tragedy, The Trojan Woman and a musical, Kiss Me Kate presented at local theaters. During the Christmas season, as a continuing tradition and an enlightening experience, the members caroled at local nurs- ing homes, however the most important activity of the club was the production of their an- nual play. After participating in this event, members realized what producing a play entailed. There was work for everyone. FIRST ROW: l-r, B. Waldner, G. Wilmarth, P. Wentzel, C. Schwartz, L, Metcalf, S. Nutile, E. Travers, SECOND ROW: A. McElroy, C. Soucy, S. Rauseo, K. Temple, L. Rentschler, L. Simpson, M. Tenney, THIRD ROW: S. Thompson, l, Thacker, M. Nee, L. Woodworth, L. Pirrotta, W, Page, FOURTH ROW: R. Murray, M. Woodworth, M. McCarthy Advisory Board FIRST ROW: lar, D, Peaslee, K. Carlson, D, Ten- ney, SECOND ROW: A. Low, E. Cittings Officers - FIRST ROW: lvr, D, Madore - Sec- retary, Miss Privitera - Advisor, D. Rodgers - Vice President, SECOND ROW: P. Simpson - 69 Treasurer, S. Gynan - President OLD CAR CLUB The Old Car Club is for stu- dents interested in learning more about nevver cars by working vvith old models. This year the club renovated a '39 Cadillac belonging to the club's advisor, Mr. Grinnell. The mem- bers aligned the brakes and gave the car a general tune-up vvhile learning more about gen' eral mechanics. This novel club has had a very successful first year. ul-lf? A l-r, K. Heisler, G. Morris, Mr. Grinnell - Advisor, R. Kern, M. Nee, I. Fortin, M. McCar- thy CHEFQ CLUB The faculty came to school ear- lier one morning this year to be served breakfast by a cooking club in the school. The people serving were boys - the Chefs Club. During their various meetings this year, the club members prepared many Culi- nary treats such as stuffed pep- pers and mushrooms, beef dish- es, stevvs, and delicious desserts such as Boston Cream and Lemon lvteringue Pies. The members testified to their prog- ress because they generally consumed vvhat they created. l r R Madore, E. Foster, D. Dempsey, K. Crozier, K. Haskell, R, DeSisto, K. Smith, D, Rodgers FOREIGN LANGUAGE - CLUB The Foreign Language Club was formed to increase the partici- pating members' knowledge of foreign languages, namely French and Spanish, by their usage at the various meetings. This year the club investigated the possibility of traveling to Quebec City, Canada, but found the costs prohibitive. Tentative plans were also made for an International Fair Day and the possibility of imple- menting a student exchange program with Latin America. I-r, C. Bailey - Treasurer, L. Schultz - President, Miss Levesque - Advisor, L. Pasquale - Vice President, L. Metcalf- Secretary 1 Q 3 ' FIRST ROW1 l-r, P. Phillips, R. Crawford, L. jones, M. Pingree, P. Rosene, SECOND ROW: T. Hughes, N. Baer, E. Meader, M. Wood- worth, R, L'l-leureux, THIRD ROW: 1. Pasquale, R. Knights, C. Muhlhauser, E. Temple, L. Haid, C. Skeirik BAND mal FIRST ROW: I-r, S. Dowd, L. Pasquale, L. landris, 1. DeAngelis, C. Tidd, D. Margeson, P. Sheehan, L. MacKenzie, K. Ledger, I. Tidd, SECOND ROW: M. laquith, E. Temple, L. Haid, M. Conklin, R. Segel, K. Boose, T. Hamelin, D. Gordon, T. Grissino, L. Hamblet, 1. Crawford, THIRD ROW: I. True, D. Duggan, W. Emerson, C. Southwick, S. Hamill, S. Popovich, N. Hatch, R. Knapp, B. Krause, S. Thompson, S. Meader, FOURTH ROW: S. Hopkins, I. Hazen, S. Delato, L. Fortin, L. Shafer, 1. Chadwick, P. Fazio, M. Soucy, S. McElroy 5 .... 4 i ' "-1 4 an 4 ,... . 5 X wav if 3' 1 .... V l-r, G. Norris -- Band Director, S. Dowd - Librarian, T, Hamelin -- Librarian, K. Boose - Vice Preseidnt, L. Pasquale - President, E. Temple - Secretary-Treasurer, S. Detato -Librarian lnot picturedl Music is fascinating. The varia- tions in rhythm, tempo, instru- mentation, and mood are end- less. A high level of coopera- tion, practice, and talent is needed to make a composition sound well when played by young musicians. Under the di- rection of George Norris our band has accomplished this goal. In 1972 the band was very ac- tive. The members of the en- semble played at many of the football games, lending a solid background for the cheering. They performed in various con- certs and represented the school in the town Memorial Day Parade. Their most ambi- tious event of the year was a concert tour in Montreal, Cana- da during the April vacation. To finance this project, the band sold foam cushions and candy bars in town. The band, through its many achievements, demonstrated that it was one of the best or- ganized activities in this school. 'A CHOHI The choir had a busy year. The select fourteen-member girl's group, under the direction of Mrs. Hayden, sang for the Mas- sachusetts Superintendents- Secretaries Banquet, at the Eve- ning with the Arts, and at Graduation. Altos Mary Pingree and Kim Wood were selected, after rigorous auditioning, for membership in the Northeast District Chorus. All in all it has been a year of accomplish- ment. CHORUS The main endeavor of the high school chorus this year was the presentation of selections from the musical score of "Fiddler on the Roof!! Later, the group viewed the film version. Throughout the year, the cho- rus' talents were heard at as- semblies, the Christmas Con- cert, and at other functions. A.V. CLUB ln the past couple of years, au- dio-visual equipment has be- come an important part of the educational process. A movie instead of a lecture is more likely to capture the interest and imagination of a student. Much effort and coordination is needed to run an A.V. pro- gram. Under the direction of Mr. Bannister, the boys in the A.V. group make this program successful by delivering and collecting media center equip- ment, assisting teachers, and in running projectors, televisions, and recorders. They also tape important television prod- uctions and photograph impor- tant events. These devoted workers are a great asset to our school in utilizing A.V. equip- ment to its fullest capacity. FIRST ROW, L-R: B. Hamill, V. Benjamin, l. Pasquale, SECOND ROW: D. Nutter, P. Music, D. DiMento, A. Perkins, R. Christian, S. Tarr, K. Chandler, S. Hamill r L-R: R. Boileau, R. Segel, M. Durkee, S. Amero, W. Bannister - advisor, D. Durkee S MATH LEAGUE Although Georgetown is the smallest school in the North Shore Math League, it emerged thirty-second out of forty. Un- like other high school teams, the Ci.H.S. Math League is in- tended to be fun, yet challeng- ing, without the use of special tutors to improve scores. All of the meets proved to be com- petitive and in some cases re- warding. SKI CLUB The CHS Ski Club began ene thusiastically this year with a large number of alpinists join- ing the Club. They waited for a bountiful snowstorm so that a ski trip Could be organized. By the time the snow fell, at the beginning of March, everyone had lost interest and there were no group excursions to the slopes. wha GEMM I-r, 1. Kelloway - Secretary, l. Hazen - President, R. Kelly - Vice President, C. Nee - Treasurer .., 'K Q ,.iswusw.Q' N. FIRST ROVV: I-r, C. Conklin, K. Noyes, I. Chadwick, R. Dole, I. Chadwick, D, Difvlento, P. Merrill, L. L'Heureux, SECOND ROW: T. Ivan- Cic, R. Knights, L, Rentschler, R. L'l-leureux, A. McElroy, P, Collins, D. Dunton, R, Smith, C, Sheirik We mfw . ' , :VA W' T .,b -wg-Q' N, Q .A f. I -1, 4 . . '41,p:.- , .. a i Tplik , , -my K.: f' 1 +. HJR, .T ,. K K A 1' "3 .shawl lo. AQWQ, ,H gf? we '?'i'sxL W- H- Q ,,. aa! YQ? 1-ff,"T" fad' mf!-QA F1 -4 '4 T Le w5f,,ga f"" " ,-aff' FIRST ROW' I-r 1 Thacker, W. lunker, L. Pirrotta, L. Bateman, W. Page, J. Hazen, R. Bateman, M. Lyons, F. Gatchell, SECOND ROW: 1. Tripp ld D Ma nard, A. Maguire, R, Kelly C. Wilson, C. Wall, S. Craig, I. Hazen, 1. Kelloway, K. Haskell, S, Dowd, S. Nutile, H. MacDona , . y 77 1 KEY CLUB The Key Club is an interna- tional high school group, closely connected with the town Kiwanis. The average key club participates in civic and community activities. On one occasion the G.H.S. Key Club sponsored a senior citizens field trip to Cape Ann and alsQ sponsored a guest speaker. FIRST ROW, L-R: R, Dole, S. Gynan, SECOND ROW: j, Chadwick, C. Skeirik, N. Baer, A Maguire, H. Hudson, I. Sonia, THIRD ROW: L. Rentschler, K. Wood, S. Thompson Q: L-R: W. Cooper, R. Brown, R. Rohner, M. Popovich, 1. Steiner, F, Berardino - advisor STUDENT COUNCIL This year many students talked of greater strides by the G.H.S. Student Council in the direc- tion of student freedom. Smoking on school grounds and open campus were two of the major issues, however, these questions were never re- solved. Our student representatives provided many services and activities. -A rock concert by Free Fare from Florida was sponsored inthe fall. A music program comparing and con- trasting rock music to orches- tral music on radio station WNBP was presented. They also sponsored a toys for tots program in conjunction with the Marine Corps. Other minor projects included a spring dance, attending student coun- cil conventions, bake sales, and a fire extinguisher sale. The proceeds from the money making projects went into a scholarship fund for a deserv- ing senior member. The Stu- dent Council did not use its full potential as a representa- tive group, yet remained as the only true voice of the students. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY This year the junior Honor So- ciety was quite active. To raise money they presented two movies and sold refreshments. Nine members were inducted during their annual program. In the ceremony, Mr. Boynton was made an honorary mem- ber. To conclude their year the group went to Hampton Beach where they picked up litter and trash in support of ecol- ogy. HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW, L-R: C. Bailey, M. Pingee I. Meader, L. Pasquale, L. Schultz, SEC- OND ROW: B. Hamill, F. Gatchell, S Gynan, K. Chandler, R. Christian THIRD ROW: L. Metcalf, N, Baer R. L'Heureux, R. Knights, L. Amero 1 HEADIN' FOR WEDDIN' Have you ever tried to be some- one else? that's what the cast of the senior play did. They changed their looks and actions to entertain the people and to learn a little about themselves. Behind the scenes, being some- one else was a hassle. For eight weeks, our actors had to prac- tice daily, memorize lines, learn to accept criticism, and develop acting skills. The nightlof the play was nerve-wracking too. Not many people in the audi- ence realized how annoying the thick makeup was, how hot the stage was, and how unnerv- ing it was to have a chair and table break during the perform- ance. The events during the preparation for the play formed a bond between all the seniors in it. 'fHeadin' for a Weddin"' was a rewarding experience. ff, ,f' 1-uv ,f ...ff mi SOPHOMORE HOP "9AKURA" Mag 9. 1972 N A. McElroy, D. Boucher, L. Plrrotta - queer1,1.Chadwlck,E.T pl LL' W ' Sr-1 A, , 1 1 np- KW rag' 1" P I' wh, ' 5 4 MQ is f 12' 17, ff W ,W I -1' nm., "' ' "TRIUMPH OF TlME" JUNIOR PROM April 15. 1972 4' 'Mi xx n L-R: l. Hazen, S, Craig, E. Hughes, D. Clark, D. Tenriey - queen, I. Chadwick, A Maguire, F. Gatchell, P. Phillips, B. Locke x JZL4 if ? 5 Llffz s , N ima 1 IJ .1 -as wi is r 55 I 3 , IAIV , , , Z M 4 W , W1- 5 X X va X ... X sl K Nd' I QM. fx 'r 05 w a SPORTS NIGHT March 17, 1972 'K?T??XT--,,53??Zh"w2'A' -SQTIZQM' f ,W a I 6 shi f DRAMA CLUB PLAY "DOCTOR'9 ORDERS" NE' TR 1 -, A '-.": in 5 A ilA A Qlz' 1 'Hi N - .. My .UN - A QQ. f . fi . fa ,ww ,iff -fr . . .E - QI was q Eg m V, fi? I, f 4 1 5 N? Ni be S hi 1. ii s 92 3Hlfe7Li C S 4 cu". ,gr f om ' -Y' -1 i 4 .A ' M-.M 2 o .-fu-xv ri" 'eq up A QA-A ,M Mm '5 S51 ssvigm. muh 631 'W' ,sw-:, up' 'Y "Mi I , A 4 o ski, 'mini 15523: X '1 , V 5 3 v, ,,...- Q ' FIELD HOCKEY 5355553 c incur.. '53 aaaaalili e Q iifwa... ' . f J... kv, -1- L t 'I' iums1l . .iigggfai I lv'-'g""g' . . '1:. ff . ll c -..t3 .L...- . tlll I Il t -g 'llllirrrham FUI I llle gl I 'g l . mgarafliatll I ll t t . efasmsalln Y 1 fri lr-Q "':' . -'.Ef'i'f,:5 'ill UF.. ' 5 ': , '-:"'1 ' C. il' -u--i5'4E"l' C if N if T: 1-S-ll--lffl.-1 E ' ff - . .... "'1Ff'2'- ' f P. r liii i gqggggggggg - ,,., M :zz .A " Q ,k.: '1 nrs m g i g gmsimsssasw s At a field hockey game, specta- tors are minimal. The only cheering usually comes from teammates on the sidelines. What is the point of a game that doesn't draw large crowds? lt is a part of education, social- ly, physically, and mentally. Practices and games have meaning for the team. The girls know what it's like to be on the field waiting for the game to begin. They learn how to face both defeats and triumphs. The teammates enjoy themselves as they represent their school. That makes the sport well worth it. FIRST ROW: I-r, S. Dowd, B. Craig, SECOND ROW: C. Perry, L. Rentschler, C. Nee, R. L'Heureux, P. Simpson - coach, L, L'Heureux, C. Skeirik, D. johnson, E. Temple, H. MacDonald, S. Nutile, not pictured: Alice Crozier, Mary Ambrey FIRST ROW, L-R: G. Amaro, C. Perry, L. Schultz, S. Flannery, P. Phillips, N, Boose, M. Dunton, SECOND ROW: R, L'Heureux, L. MacKenzie, A. Maguire, L. Woodworth, D. Nutler, D, Heirnbecker, M. Pingree, D. Griswold, THIRD ROW: T. Ricker, A. Greene, C Skeirik, K. Boose, I. Fiske, D. MacDonald, D. Nutter, l. Snyder Q l GIRLS BASKETBALL Q-Q if ALLL L at i LLLL LL ,1 1 LLLLLL 'LLLL , ",.. !.A-- - 1 L L Ziw 1 T1 i IALZZ "LL' L tt L L GGQSQGRVWU Ml L lvlasconomet LLLL L L L L Q ,LLL LLLL 128 i W 1.l .f,, 1 ,...:.,.:1 -.::1 ,-- m:5EBES"'-iiiizsifix 11a.1..1:st, wiumet-L waiter iw The girls' basketball team got off to a slow start this year, Despite numerous injuries, the team worked diligently to add some victories to their record. SOFTBALL FIRST ROW, L-R: 1. Meader, S. Flannery, D Maynard P Phillips R Knights SECOND ROW: C. Skeirik, L. Schultz, P. Simpson - Coach L Rentschler C Soucy When the softball season be- gan, so did the spring showers. Our potentially good team didn't gaze into the sky to see if conditions were right, they checked to see if the diamond was under three feet of water. Because of the rain, most prac- tices were held indoors, and the majority of games were played in a period of two weeks. With these obstacles, the season was mediocre at best. Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown North Reading Triton Masconomet Rockport Hamilton-Wenham North Andover Manchester Arnesbury Ipswich. Pentudiet ' ROW, L-R: G. Amaro, B. Craig, D. DeIGenio, C, Perry, L. MacKenzie SECOND ROW E Craven K Foster I Snyder G 1. Fiske, S. Holt, G. Tibbetls, THIRD ROW: A. Greene, D. johnson L McCarter C Tidd ? 4 Q f i S i sw 3 E 3 2 5 E 5 , 1 I 3 V s CROSS COUNTRY We Georgetown 18 20 T46 nf I 5' ..J:'.dSI s M K .,,,,,,, Go! The race is on .. . sprint . . . run. No Royals in sight. The opposition is only a few feet away. just a little faster . . . keep the pace. How is the rest of the team doing? Someone's on your heels your sides ache. . .Summer Street Hill . . . Push Past the school Push. Ahead is the finish line. Sprint. Make the contest worth- while . . . Over the line. Coach Cairns waits with the stop watch. The others come in. Ev- eryone hudclles around to tally the results. There's no celebra- tion, just a few handshakes and the satisfaction of victory. i ROW: I-r, G. Miller, j. Balleto, D. St. Laurent, M. Eagan, R. Christian, 1. Shay, SECOND ROW: R. Cairns - coach, P. Christian, P. 1, S. jackson, D. Riley, THIRD ROW: S. Nutter, K. Crozier, M. Shay, K. Noyes, R. Christian ' -,4u. fr-'ff' '5 L.,, T' . 3' JW"-' f ff . I , I Q1 1 4 1 A 4' 'Y K yy 5' 154 P' ,L J, .7 E. F2 ,a was G. v... ..- T The undefeated freshman team - lvbd-1969 FIRST ROW: I-r, l. Shkliew, W. lunker, R. Madore, P. Holbrook, D. Dempsey, K. Smith, 1, Fisher, A. Lopez, SECOND ROW: A. Douglass M. Durkee, 1. Chadwick, M. Hassell, F. Foster, F. Gatchell, R. Bateman, S. Fall- coach, THIRD ROW: K. Crozier, S. Draper, K. Haskell R. Kelly, R. Fortin, P. Knowles, R. Hanlon, l. Messina, D. Flanders 102 9+ J' 'Y 'W ., if an . A . E, t Wat K af' . , . K. Eff it rr kiikwggxli ncetown Gatirgetownagi: B Lawrence Vocational K Georgetown Dover-Sherborn fiCeorgetiown Scituate, .eea Rfl. fifGedrgetown Timberlane Georgetown Tyngsboro Georgetown Hamilton-Wenham Georgetown Lynn Trade Georgetown Manchester G-1lt1 W ' X gat FOOTBALL Comradeship is the basis of football. Sticking with it for four years has its results: the Cape Ann League Cham- pionship. Our undefeated freshman team emerged as senior champs. Football is maintaining the spirit, it isn't always easy. There are triple practice sessions in August, cold, wet games in November, shoveling the field after a pre-game storm. lt takes getting it together. Football is the team awaiting the first kick-off, gain- ing yardage, blocking, tackling, and pitting muscle against muscle. Foot- ball is spectators. They always come to support the team, shouting 'til hoarse, cheering successful plays, and becoming wild at the scoring of a crucial touchdown. Football IS an exciting game at GHS. ,4 I .. :S jg. -:gg V- , Cape Ann League Champs - 1971-1972 FIRST ROW: I-r, R. Leibsch, S. Nagle, 1. Hazen, R. Bateman - co-captain, M. Hassell - co-captain, R. Kelly - co-captain, P. Merrill, D. Dempsey, SECOND ROW: M. McBrierty, 1. Shkliew, F. Gatchell, L. Bateman, P. Mello, 1. Parker, 1. Chadwick, K. Haskell, K. Smith, S. DiMaio, 'THIRD ROW: E. Foster, P. Holbrook, S, Kochakian, M. Lyons, C. Perry, B. Owens, 1. Hazen, W. junker, FOURTH ROW: l. Fisher, D. Bailey, A. iDouglass, D. Boyd, R. Madore, M. Murray 103 'ww If nf L W, Q . 1 Q. EE ' fr Q? V 'K Lf- 1 I 1' -my ,gb , 4 76 104 J' We 2 2 4 if V A 1 sssssss 3 , at Z EW. I f Mm' ,Q Z f-..,,,M,,, W 71? ' fi' . Coach lim Collamore Assistant Coach AI Haddad os FODTBALL CHEERLEADERS 6 I-r: Debbie, Beth, Linda, Brenda, Sharon, Debbie - captain, Minda, Debbie, Pat, lanie, not pictured: Marcia johnson f, 1 1 1 Kyiv "SX-,ff V ,ff BASKETBALL iyauyigs. .. . L,,LLL x ff -1-4' FIRST ROW: I-r, D. Woodworth, M. Derouin, R. Christian, SECOND ROW: 1. Collamore - coach, D. Bailey, R. Kelly, A. Douglass, W. Lee, M. Hassell, K. Smith, THIRD ROW: P. Wilmarth - co-captain, P. Holbrook - co-captain Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Rockport MancheSter Timberlane 60 52 Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Goergetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Amesbury North Reading Masconomet North Andover Pentucket Amesbury Ipswich Hamilton-Wenham Essex Aggie Triton Rockport' Manchester North Reading Masconomet North Andover Pentjueket A 68 i 48 i 5 2 47 66 3 7 56 5 7 59 'A 60 60 48 55 74 74 64 'Y ,,W,, -I 09 f ' , WW. 1 ! ? FIRST ROW: I-r, B. Cobb, P. Meilo, R. Kern, j. O'Connor, M. jones, SECOND ROW: P, Christian, G. Fisher, D. Boyd, E. lunker, C, Perry B. Owens, D, Flanders, A. Haddad - coach ' -Z lv' Basketball is not a power game like football. lt requires speed, agility, quick thinking, height, and endurance. lt's a tense game. Herein lies the popularity of the sport. Our team this sea- son had a good Combination of these elements enabling them to emerge with a winning sea- son. BASEBALL HW' FIRST ROW: I-r, M. Jones, R. Hanlon, M, Shay - co-capt., P. Holbrook - co-capt., P. Mello, S. Hamill, R. Balletto, SECOND G Fisher, R. Madore, 1. Fisher, L. Bateman, C. Perry, M, Lyons, P. Bentley, R. Christian, K. Chandler - manager, S. McNally - With fiye sophomores on the starting team, the press pre- dicted that Georgetown would be last in the league. Our baseball team was in conten- tion for first place until a 2-1, 10 inning defeat with North Andover. This seemed to be the turning point in luck. As the season progressed with rain and further defeats, the team concluded their year with a 7-8 record, L i H 5 Z 5 E -1 -wfiwax Iv 1, .. f .,., ., ., . x -fil ls . lla. 1 1 -'fr u wg Q K A K ' -'z M--f aff -- - ..fx ,- H K. . K . s - -"' 1. as X W X PM 1 K! WN? f KG' - :fuk GQ0fsef0W'2f Egg? . 2. 1 QL Ebiim Rig? ,..a-Q Ti ' K K ' ,..' , W - ..,,k L ..,, wwwk ,.L. i L 2 di' N ' ng g . ' Georgetcw fif' 1 eorgetown NW E , QW gm ww E 5 A' 5 2 .-la a f A . 1 , 5 . sf " ' ' ff P""'M -k .f- if m azfgf. ,. - V A W - -we :W u X SS.-Q.. ' 35: . ii N aa :Rui 2 , 'Y Q E' 451511 , U ,, 35 M f Q N Q 1 k I S M 5 4 R yi Y' ,K Q 1 E xi ks 'QM 5 xg X S? Q gen I if vgrnQ 1 ,X .x ii xg 1 My ggi? I5 4 E its I Page '22 X . R 1 ,X gg 5 a F K . . .:,,:, E 5 ' s 'S ggi H, :ff 2 fx :gg X W 0 EL .uf wi..,.,, ,, K mm. NY 'wi xl Www 'Xi we . . KM- . WWW k Ili? Lf:-.s ,3:1 :Q NN f 5 Inf -' z 1 ' g il' K ' .zzfmf t Y- i -- 'LL-' -1,741 .L 'K .1 y ., f X AA,- X 2 Q, is t-N W E 'ii f igsw i 5 if 3 3 21 . ,. , SQ 9 E s: 1 is ,I my I ,. , yi K 2,1 , '11 w w . si 5 it ' "MQ XS K 53 W Georgetown " is L ,,.. . ,gg A Q 5552. 1 -' 5 gg Q K 2 V .mm ww? LL:,: ui gi S ms Y in ,Kg. 3 . . N I .. K ,..,-,,.. 3 Q 4 E I I i s E i a U i 3 5 4 E Z ,, A .V 5 5 V, 95 f, , ,.., ,,,,:-W, Y 1 Q' "L" Q: f- an, X Z-' ,nh 114 , ,, ,KL L V, A, Hu. gr I Vip , Z' , 9 , Q 3 5 4, Z 5 , 2? - 4 9 qs: h m,., gk :G J YT 6:45, W , 4 ,, M 7' X. if -X Q lv - . y 4 ,- M4 M, 19 " ' f. ' , ' W' , . 'rt - I .4 J k Vw 7191 gf, M' V A ,M -Q, ."'1',tM.z,' V 35 .,w,MfW,v -. ,. Lmvfxxg. K ., 'gn V V' ly.. L. -ww- 1, .- ' F. ' Af'-, f. . ,fun W V I V -WM L, A, v ,K -11.51 Al .A .L , , 1 1,21 A.. J".g1': wx.-'I --M . , K -,A M, -n,,,7g,1-rv, , m 'V A ,.zf.,, yf --1 1 Mwfff ' 1 " ,L Q. L ,,, 4, f My ,W , ', ,f Y- N, MN-' I '-K , K 'A .VW , - -V ,345-5-,cw',1'f,'fi ,V-g,,,a,:,.-x,,,,4Q,--ive-Q '1T'ffQi if M I an ,. W-,1q.'fff , -t. .M .A ii,-ff W."- ., , . - -. , -, ,. ---ff e W .- .r , Mg' 3' . .-f'7w,-,Inf-' f'Zf,,., 2 f ,Q V, .1 , , N Ming: -'- ' f ' 1 -. b 1 h , ' Xin ,,,,, gy , ,,.z1tg,L V . I .fy f ,-- - . X ,,, ff' ,se , 't,sg,g'0f V wg , ,.:L 4 R .. g W x 4. ,v ' , f .Qu , , "JMD ,lv-,wa',, ',L, Q' ':f.",,f- I 4 fw ,A ,Y I WW Maw, ' fy' -an 1 . 'AV 0 , ...vw 1' I . M ' ,mqig','?gfQg? .W . ,, an 1 " ,, ,.,,.s',gwg ,. J,-5 .1 ., . 1 N' w'fP"V'f M fy' 1'-,zfi-SZ-W,': ' 'L -Q 'T 4" lei - 3'9" 'K H ,fzpf W1 -ww. wr - k qf'f"-. ' ."'.f..w ..,' 'iw ,wffjy 'fu lg' FQ' awk-316-3-, JM, V , 4 .N -12. - . W:-4 -ff, H 'ftwl-s5"k"2 fin, 0wv1 ' w -an . ' Jwff- 'L M -:gggg ' K 1. ' K .ar ., , ,uw-' '- ., M- W f- , G Wg, 1 2 6 A ' f A-K .f 1 .WZ ".,,".,,,1T,, 4- f M1495 '71,-1 .ff Aa I , .- V ,A -f - ', ' M., ff -'M .Zz , ,Q x ,M4,..!,.-,,.v2, 'F ,,N., my wiv. nwvi -, A 1 115 FIRST ROW, L-R: 1. Chadwick, R. Bateman, W. Blankenship K Haskell W lunker K Noyes R Kelly K Crozier SECOND ROW C Nee R LH:-zureux, L. Fortin, V. Amaro, T, Hastings D Tenney R Cairns coach THIRD ROW M Eagan B Owens D Ryan E leibsch l. Shay, N. Hatch, P. Christian, T. Kitt, R Christian FOURTH ROW D Riley G Miller 1 Malloy S jackson B Noyes P lohnson M. Bianco, D. Flanders, B. Phillips This year's track team began the season with a close defeat by Rockport. The team, com- posed mainly of seniors and sophomores, and as a first for GHS, of both girls and boys, fared well against competition from larger schools. The last meet, a close victory over Rockport, showed an overall improvement in the team. YF fx E' yi 'l'l F' 7 0 4 inafe CLASS DAY June I. 1972 "THE ACADEMY AWARDS" ' fx X Z ,gg 4, ,- aw HOSTESS AN D HOST I , v., vi 5 DOOBEEDOOBEEDOO YEARBOOK DEDICATION I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM , , ." 5gWW,iWVQgW4h?WW A , Y ff ET ,1' -., ??MW' i ,of 'rfi ww, Kiwi EW? 5 21 gf A 5 .M 4 ,mg 2 v ff 5 L N ,.,,,5i, 1, f MEN, ,W M, ,,,,,, W, 3 ww, :,, iii wwww -fi gn La E WWW ,W -fb. fgx ,v -MM Mawr 233539 tfpw 2. gg , El i s Qf?Vh?Hf Y Q?2QdfZM MiQwW6wE gkumwgz ,Wm ,,,, . ' M51 k 74, . JH, f, 4 lfffg, fz k 2 way? 'l,, "im H ' I L K ' Qi:-Q? Qwgt W'.,,, 3 'wwsy .1 ia- w in v , W Y? gf QR C' l L 2 ,,-..., M, uv 3 .,-1-cf, QW? Q V 0, , 4: :nw . L ff ' r :IN 'X 3 X M 9 Z, if fy 151 5 . fi ' ' -'-vw: , wg- ':', 2 w e ' f ,QL , ZW .. ,,,4, Sf, 1253 - 'ifezxf ?2i5Ey Qiik gifs -L Qgxw wg' A- , 3 'Fda 3,1335 KA 'Y , my ..A,k fx ' V A Tu an L 'ww . A-v.M.,.,. 94 , .gg :S 4., , , .5 5 -:fu J' on if s' 54 ,,. 'A 1, 4 ,499-. ,av N nb- W 4 ff M 2, lJ 5 , 1? v ' A Q W ,,g,.f ,W -qw "'I 1' in ,W ,. f fix. its GRADUATION June 8. 1972 26 Valedictorian - Keith Chandler Salutatorian -Leila Pasquale Honor Essayist - Nancy Baer rgw a 7 awww! if-ng X J an f 2254 ff 15 9 ?2 335 Nw .Q ,www www? ,M 4 25, ia, i ig Q z,-at, ,,.a-:'f 9 130 Htlvf-3l"fl Qofzyilivzmz TOWN E CRI ER I8 Cen+raI S'I'ree+, Georgefown Iklklklk 49 Main Sfreei, Topsfield "on +I1e square" Roberi' E. Lavoie - Russell S1-over B.S. Reg. Pharm. Candies ' FREE DELIVERY ' Ambassador Cards 352-2I2I ' Almay Cosme+ics ' Cru+ches lx A I' , "GOOD I I K' LUCK ' SENIORSH . HAVERHILL PLAZA 372-297' DR. KENNETH FIELD HOURS: 9-I I Mon.-Sa'r. HBEST OF LUCK I I' I 0 Sun' TO THE CLASS OF "BEST OF LUCK 72-- CLASS OF 72" FROM MANAGEMENT AND STAFF 132 THE MEAT BLOCK INC. "PETE" DOLE, Proprie+or I03 Eas+ Main S+ree+ Georgefown PHONE: 352-6728 COMPLIMENTS OF M. R. KELLOWAY I84 Nelson S+. Georgefown, Mass. 352-28I I fm Q E52 QQWL NUNAN Q THE FLORIST PIRROTTA'S , P'ZZA AND SUB FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 45 Cenfral S+ree+ George+own, Mass. Phone: 352-2422 269 Cen1'ral S+. George'rown, Mass. 0l833 "Congra'rula1'ions" 352-8 I 72 I33 LEO FOURNIER AND SONS RUBBISH REMOVAL Tel. 352-6553 George+own Byfield Grovela nd Boxford Newbury Wesi' Newbury CompIimenI's Of STUART'S SERVICE STATION 4 "BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 72" GEORGETOWN BUILDING AND . INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY ' i nijilji -I I COLON 5 Eiivigv 1 NC Easi' Main S+ree+ Ffl f-5 nm' I- ' Georgefown, Mass. 352-209: fi In -. I 3 P7 "Congra+uIa'rions To The Class Of 72" Showroom: 5 Elm S+. Fac:+ory: I I8 Eas+ Main SI' on R+. I33 Tel. 352-292I PINGREE'S INSURANCE AGENCY "Bes+ Wishes" LOW'S 256 Nor+h S+. COUNTRY CASUALS Georgeiown Closed Mon. and Tues. Spedaliling In Junior And Misses Sporiswear Specializing Im 64 Cenfral Sfreei' Ba"'B'Que Chicken George+own, Mass. Seafood - Sandwiches MARILYN J. MARSHALL Take-oui' And Dining Room Service TeIePh0ne5 3528996 JZ THE KING DAVIS AGENCY, INC. - REALTORS - 40 Kenoza Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 0I830 PICKERING'S HARDWARE STORE Wes+ Main S+ree+ "Bes+ Of Luck To The Seniors" CENTER PHARMACY . Hayman, B.S., Reg. 50 Cen'rraI SI'ree+ Georgefown, Mass 352-8540 Congra+uIa'rions Seniors! From: Jack Es+eIIe Heidi Jimmy Lee Hayman Purpose Of Life Complefing Educafion THE OEORGETOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT .AV 5... ,F ,1 iss' I ,, ,, . tx .0 T 7 M L b.. W OOR RIDING HALL -' . Honsss s AQQIIQ ggff 23I Easi' Main S+. IRI: I33I George+own, Mass. OI833 ROBERT E. LATINVILLE 352-6 I 6I THE ELMS RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE FINEST IN FRIED FOODS FROM THE OI-IAROOAL PIT. SHISH-KABOB, STEAKS ENTERTAINMENT FRI. AND SAT. Uhr IEIHI2 Gift Shun Wesi' Main S+. In His+oric Georgefown, Mass. OI833 "Good Luck To The Senior Class." 7 CompIimen+s Of DR. BAINBRIDGE LARKIN AND DR. LEWIS SKEIRIK YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF Bes+ Of Luck To The Class LORING STUDIOS 72 Cf RUTHERFORD ASSOCIATES INC. - REALTORS - R. C. RUTHERFORD R. C. RUTHERFORD JR. MARY BETH SHEA EVELYN NOYES I I CENTRAL ST. GEORGETOWN 352-8I I8 G I72 EAST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN, MASS. 0I833 "BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS" UNITED PACKAGING C D P P D R AT I D N GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF 72 Tl-IE FLOWER MART 7 West Main St. Georgetown, Center SAM'S CLEANERS GEORGETOWN SHOPPING CENTER "GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '72" 9 ELLIOTT BROTHERS INC. Coal and Hea+ing Oils Sale Service HeaI'ing Equipmen+ George'rown, Mass. 352-87I I GEORGETOWN SAVINGS BANK A COMMUNITY BANK WITH COMMUNITY INTEREST f 'RhfQi'jfW3fgfl'fEm,,1 .H II. C I 1 nm! NM-mM,,,,......,,gglr4'Tt"""T " A-,,,....-f'-"""" . SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR OVER IOO YEARS JAMES E. BRACKBILL JR M.D. DAVID S. BRACKBILL, M.D. 4 I6I WEST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN, MASS. 0I833 "BEST WISHES" BEST WISHES, CLASS OF 72 GEORGETOWN BOWLING LAN ES 0 5 Park S+ree+ Georgefown, MassacI1use'Hs I007, PURE BEEF DELIGHTFUL HAMBURG-ERS ROOT BEER TEMPTING COFFEE AS CHEESEBURGERS , You LIKE IT oI.D-EASI-IIONED FULL-FLAVORED sI-IAKES ORANGE DRINK CRISP GOLDEN N REERESHING FRENCH FRIES 55' I -I I , com MILK I-IIRsT OUENCHING FILET-O-FISH COKES - McDonaId's Amazmg Menu IN BRADFORD GEORGETOWN SHOE STORE ROHNER'S FURNITURE CO. 'E .212 fT ia: 'I M - 2- .EE .A T 2 lla Q :I TIEI II IEVIIIH H A I 1 E: If 'RTT W 64 Cenfral S+. 5I WEST MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN, MASS. ON RT. 97 OVER 30 SHOW ROOMS TEL. I6I7j 352-2I44 OR 352-2666 Georgefown, Mass. "Congra1'ula+ions" from Ar+ Ed Ann MERRIMACK VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 38 EAST MAIN ST GEORGETOWN MASS A George+own , ,, T LTTLTT , T T Ilf- 1--1 MARY BOARD MAN - Proprie+ress Une Grande Amie Pasquale E. Phillips FRIEN Wesl Family Family Pa s'lo Liny The I' John and 'lhe Gang Emile Proulx Jr Dodge R G Grlhngs Famnly TS 8 ,515 ii 9..i.'!' s Bernard L Hughes if 4 --m-:aww ,-

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