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M! idx. 1 JN b -.Ta 1 , if 15 if' J' ' M EJ wW5'Xm WJ M "' M51 m3mgi fWf M ,ff ,fb mf' 1 ,U gf N5 A Mn F W ' ' 1- A-Y fp 5 f WM, 1,3 VVYY K: W L zrnux Q4 7:4- ff-1, ,M ,Lraw YALE: Y mm YQ .QS , . -' V Q Jw wg? Jw ' , QL WL7L'MJMf,jgfU.Zif A422521 M Q H ,Ziff VJ-JM sailika WMZMU wi, WMHW, 2 Wwdwwww , A .i 4. 1 Qfegffffxf UW M, Q WMWMW www MEEWQW 'SWWCXQM u ,ff , if -im- JK if? 1' K ,1 :LPA .+. W 4- .. If I o .li ' - . w .- 1- a Vg f .4-,ITA yy. , , , 4 'GL , 9 4' . BOARD OF EDUCATION REV. C. E. SMITH, Presidenf MR. BEN EDWARDS, Secrefary MR. WILLIAM REAGAN MR. CI-IESLA BARR MR. JAMES SANDERS MR. GLENN ELDER MR. W. L. RICI-IIE .1 Mr. Del.ancl is Jrlwe principal Whom we all lmolcl very clear And we hope lie will be in G. l-l. S For many anolher year. G. T. H. S. Mr. Burch is Tamous as coach For he has a very good Team l-le also Teaches MaTh and drawing Which isn'T imporTanT, iT seems. The shorThand Teacher is Miss Clark Who also heads bookkeeping To aid all These young sTudenTs Who secreTarial iobs are seeking. The boys who are learning To build Have The Teacher Mr. Cole For he Teaches manual Training BUT noT how To dig a hole. The Freshman have Miss GalbreaTh Who Teaches English you know She makes The work so inTeresTing The Time iusT seems To go. Mr. Gorman Teaches hisTory WiTh all iTs imporTanT daTes And also insTrucTs biology OT animals and Their maTes. Our Sophomore English Teacher Is Miss Ardelle l-lardesTy She also direcTs The chorus WiTh iTs "do-re-me." Miss Henderson Teaches geomeTry, Algebra, and someTimes MaTh And while keeping The sTudy hall She won'T even leT us laugh. Mr. T-louTs direcTs The band And iT is very good The members cooperaTe wiTh him And pracTice isomeTimesl when should. Mr. MasTers is a new one here BuT isn'T so load aT ThaT l-le Teaches boys gymnasTic class And Typing wiTh iTs raT-a-TaT TaT. They FAC U LTY Miss Morrison is anoTher new one She Teaches girls how To cook Also how To sew a sTraighT seam And she doesn'T need a book. Miss Paul masTers General Business And also American l'lisTory She also heads The library , Which makes her very busy. Miss Rees Teaches LaTin To all The boys and girls And also Senior English WiTh iTs singulars and plurals. Mr. Richards is also new This year BuT he's made a very good sTanding l-le heads speech and Junior English And Tor plays does all The planning. Mr. SmiTh Teaches ag and shop And makes Tarrners ouT oT boys Also how To run The TracTors WiTh all Their Tuss and noise. Mrs. Snyder Teaches Science WiTh iTs new discoveries and such All The Treshman have her And like her very much. Miss Ward also Teaches Typing And girls' physical ed ' BuT when she caTches us chewing gum Do our Taces ever geT red! Miss Warren has The sTudy hall During The Time ThaT l am There She also Teaches World l-lisTory And whaT happened way back There l.asT buT noT leasT is The secreTary Who has Taken many a leTTer IT you searched This wide world over You couldn'T Tind anyone beTTer. yy Naomi Morgan '4I WILLIAM WOODRUFF Janifor MELVIN GARDNER Assisfanf Janifor ARTHUR KLINK Bus Driver DAVID HEWITT Bus Driver Glam SENIORS Kalavich, Joe General Foolball, Baskelballf Senior Class Presiolenl. Cravens, Phyllis General Glorious Teens, G. A. A., Chorus, Senior Class Vice-President Williams, Roberl General Foolball, Baslcelball, Sporlsmanship Trophy, Senior Class Secrelary-Treas' UFSF. Accord, Louise Home Economics Auslin, Zana Home Economics Glorious Teens. Baron, Olhelia Barr, Belly Commercial Band, Glorious Teens, Buffalo Slall. Barfash, Eugenia Commercial Chorus, Newspaper Siaff, Buffalo Slall, Senior Play, Speech Conlesl. Biggs, Jack Agricullural Foolball. Bullcus, John General Foolball. Celoulski, Leo General Charnislcy, Ancly lnduslrial Arls Commercial. Church, Frances College Preparalory Chorus, Newspaper Slafl, Glorious Teens, Buffalo Slafl. Clark, Warren College Preparalory Junior Pla , Senior Play, Dramalic Club, Bang Chorus. DeLaHre, Celesline Commercial Diellcus, Mary Commercial Band, Nalional Honor Sociely. Dukes, Charles College Preparalory Junior Play, Senior Play, Nalional Honor Sociely, Buffalo Slafl, News- paper Slall, Band, Dramalic Club. Felgenhauer, Wayne General Newspaper Slall, Sporlsmanship Commillee. Flynn, Belly College Preparalory Sludenl Council, Chorus, Drarnalic Clulo, Newspaper Slafl, Junior Play, Buffalo Slalil. Gardner, Bernice College Preparalory Chorus, G. A. A., Sludenl Council, Senior Play, Newspaper Slall, Bulilalo Slallli. Gloss, Ann Home Economics Chorus, Glorious Teens, Newspaper Slall, Buffalo Slalf. Gonsowslcy, Evangeline Commercial Buffalo Slalil, Nafional Honor Sociely, G. A. A., Dramalic Club, Newspaper Slafl. Grove, Alma General Chorus, Glorious Teens. Haggerly, Fred General F. F. A., Foolball, Baslcelball. Haworlh, Charles College Preparalory Band, Chorus, Junior Play, Senior Play, Dramalic Club, Sludenl' Coun- cil, Senior Play. Haworlh, Winilred College Preparalory Band, Buffalo Slall, Chorus. Henry, Helen College Preparalory Band, Chorus, Nalional Honor So- ciely, Newspaper Slafl, Dramalic Club, Junior Play, D. A. R. Award, Buffalo Slahf. Henry, Vivian Commercial Glorious Tee Slall. Henschen, Jack General Band, Chorus Hess, Roberl Hewiil, Lloyd Hill, Bill General ns, G. A. A., Buffalo , Buffalo Sfaff. Band, Chorus. Hill, Joe General F. F. A., Cho Track. f Wax rus, Foolball, Baskelball J- ' , Hughes, Harlan Kocanda, Janel General Commercial Foolball. Band. Humrichous. Gordon Kocurek, Paul Agricullural General F. F. A., Foolrball, Band. Newspaper Slafl. Johnson, Donald Kozalc, George Agricullural General F. F. A. Lanier, lvlyrile Jones, Gail Commercial Agricullural Glorious Teens, Newspaper Slahf. Kazelas, Waller Lopienslci, Waller General Commercial Foolball, Baslcelball Chorus, Speech Conlesf, Dramalic Clubs, Junior Play, Senior Play, News- Klinlc, Joe Pape' slag- General Band, Senior Play. Mieihe, Desmond Agricullural F. F. A., Foofball, Track. Milculski, Helen Palalci, John Commercial General Band. Pearson, Sam Molleff, Helen General General Band, Track. Glorious Teens, G. A. A. Richards, Dorofhy Morgan, Naomi Home Economics Commercial Glorious Teens. Junior Play. G. A. A. Band, Buffalo Sfafi. Chorus, Newspaper Sraff, Senior Play Buffalo Slafi. McClellan, Dorolhy Commercial Roberis, Jaclc Glorious Teens, G. A. A., Chorus. Agriculrural F. F. A., Foolball. McNeese, Frank General Roberfs, Marvin F. F. A., Chorus. College Prepararory Nagy, Charles Rohour, Fay Commercial Commercial Foolball. Traclc, Band, Buffalo Slalf. Chorus. ,W if N 2' M, J" Romaclc, Annabel Commercial Glorious Teens, Chorus. Rook, Norma Jean Commercial Band, Buffalo Siafl. Rundel, Clarice College Preparalory Newspaper Sfaff, Chorus, Senior Play, Junior Play, Buffalo Sfafl. Ruilcowslci, Claire Commercial Band. Sandy, Paul Agricullural F. F. A. Seianas, Valeria Home Economics Sheppard, Kennelh General Slwerer, Dwiglwf College Preparalory Foofball. Srnillw, Margaref General G. A. A. Smi+l1, Virginia Home Economics Glorious Teens, Chorus, G. A. A. Newspaper Sfaff, Buffalo Siaff, Twirl ing Corps. Sprouls, Warren Agricullural F. F. A., Foolball. Slimac, Joe General Foolrball, Siudenl Council. Swanlc, Harrold Thornlon, Helen General Newspaper Slall, Slalil. Walker, Gerald General Warnigus, Alex Agriculfural Foolball. Williams, Naclyne Home Economics Glorious Teens. Williams, Norman General Foolball. G. A. A., Buffalo -sis Williamson, George General Baslcelball. Wimsell, Dalon Agricullural F. F. A. Wolff, Billy General Chorus, Band, Newspaper Slalll, Buf- falo Slahf. Wooclen, Lowell General Band, Chorus. Zielinslci. Helen Commercial Band, Chorus. Zielinslci, Ralph Commercial Chorus, F. F. A., Newspaper Slaff. Boen. Russell Agricullural YEARS PLAY PLACE: Georgelown High School. SETTING: Assembly A. TIME: I2:3O one day near fhe end of +he school ferm. CHARACTERS: A group of Junior classmen. Our scene opens wifh 'rhe Juniors recalling +he +rials and fribulafions of fheir pasl' year. HELEN: Doyle Paxlon has been a good president RALPH: Yes, Rosevel+ could no'r have been a beHer Junior presidenl. JOHN: Pax+on's Execulive Cornmiflee had if all over Roosevelf's Cabinet The com- miHee could give some good financial advice fo Roosevell. ROBERTA: Sure, loolc al fhe money we made, and wifh fhe expenseof The banquel and every+hing, They managed 'ro balance +he budget DONALD: Which is more 'rhan you can say for some people. ADA JANE: The Junior Play was a success loo. Everyone lilced if and loolc a+ +he money we made. LOIS: The candy sfand did i+s bil loo. Dolores Holmes managed if very well a+ fhe foofball games. ROBERT: Ralph and Jesse played good games lhis year. I hope They play even beHer games nexl year as our foolball capfains. KATHRYN: I hope Florence, Regina, and Helen do as good worlc nex'r year as lhey have 'rhis year. REGINA: We'll do our besl lo lead lhe cheers Thal will cheer our leams on lo vic- Tory, won'l we? FLORENCE: You HELEN: bell RICHARD: The Junior boys did all righl on lhe baskelball lloor loo. RAYMOND: Yes, and whal abouT Track? ALAN: Ernie Bonomo should go a long way This year. WYNONA: I like The Junior rings This year lhe besl ol all. MARY: I guess every class leels lhal way aboul Their class rings, bul I Think ours are very simple and neal and I know every Junior is proud ol his ring. MATILDA: I owe a debl ol Thanks To Miss Rees and The newspaper slall lor being so loyal. , MARJORY: And we owe you one lor working so diligenlly as our edilor. DOYLE: I Think we owe a debl ol Thanks To Miss Rees lor her diligenl and lireless ellorls in behall ol The Junior class. The scene ends wiTh The Junior class speaking in unison. JUNIOR CLASS: Thank you, Miss Rees. Lois Muncy JUNIOR CLASS BOTTOM ROW-Alice E. Rees, adviser: Frances Boulon, Bonnie Rohour, Mary Jane Allen, Helen Kovack, Delores Holmes, Rulh Hawkins, Helen While, Claudia Oalyen, Malilda Fazekas, Doris Van Loon, Delores Hayes, Blanche Gross, Wynona Johnson. SECOND ROWfVivian Carriqan. palricia Grimes, Mariorie Willison, Kalherine Middlemas, Lois lvluncy, lvlary Bromley, Thelma Tucker, Elaine Desmel, Murele Downing, Florence Lopienski, Roberla Roberls, Ada Jane Lawlyes, Regina Smilh, LaVonne Deknuydl. THIRD ROW-Belly Lewis, Grace Cook, Doris Alexander, Lorella Burl, Connie Harl, Belly Slevenson, Belly Pribble, Virginia Bonomo, Joan Deknuydl, Eleanor Lewis, Mary Bulkus, Charlolle Sleva, June Richards. BOTTOM ROWv-Ernesl Bonomo, Raymond Taran, Allen Cravens, Donald Newlin, John Kovanic, Richard Campbell, Gordon Williams. Ralph Neild, Doyle Paxlon, Richard Marlin, Earl Riley. SECOND ROW-Sharon Jones, Don Sherman, John Hansqen, Ed Kolcher, Clillord Gill, Oswald Smilh, Ray Hewill, Vic Vandevoir, James Marriage, Roberl Grider, Ivan Snapp. THIRD ROW-Glen Fleming, Donald Winland, Brure Hubbard, Maurice Cox, Frank Bridgewaler, Raul Oaddis, James Middlemas, Waller Wilson, Avery llill, Roberl Tucker. SOPHOMORE CLASS BOTTOM ROW-Viola Hawlcins, Mary Swanlc, Myra Guslin, Vivian Ricliardson, Marianne Desmel, Maxine Pribble, Mariory Sledman, Norman Jean Sandy, Maxine Marlin, Marcia Miller, Eleanor Hughes, Cliarlolle Pringle, lvern Busli, Wanda Grimes, Viola Willison. SECOND ROW- Georgia Henderson, adviser: Jo Ann Lewis, Barbara Jean McDill, Lois Ireland, Emma Jean Lourdeau, Beverly Jolinson, Mabel Jenlcins, Wiona Reagen, Belly Lou Young, lla Jean Slierer, Naomi Champion, Madeline Cliarnislcy, Roberla Pollman, Mary Woodrull, Inez Meillie, Dorollia Henry. THIRD ROW-Velva Colvin, Virginia Clarlc, Treva Acord, Geraldine Lawrence, Geraldine Summerville, Mary Kallierine Hollingsworlln, Norma Jean Morris, Mary Mae Barr, Rosemary Williamson, Helen Hensclwen, Shirley Parlcer, Pearl Boen, Ruby Wimsell, Florence Acord, Helen Lanham. BOTTOM ROW-Louise Neuberl, Dorolliy Newlin, Helen Powell, Anna Milculslci, Jane Billol, Belly Barnvolslcy, Norma Jean Mollell, Mary Rose Roberls, Belly Ann Holsline, Peggy Wells, Margarel Winlers, Mariory Sanders. SECOND ROWfBilly Herron, Raymond Williams, Claud Fezzer, Ernesl Biancliella, Kennelln Mollell, Ralph Parlner, Kennelli Barlon, Olga Barlasln, Belly DeVore, Jean Gillcinson, Jolnn Lemanlaviclw, Keiln Boen, Raymond Towner, Donald Smilln, Leo Sclwaller, Norman Jenlcins, THIRD ROW4Roberl Rice, Roberl Pollman, Earl Gannon, Freddie Powell, James Brooks, Roberl Smillw, Dixon Asquilln, Ray Mariage, Ricnard Wasliing- lon, Don Ellsworllw, Don Pruill, Bill Wallcer, Buren Donaldson, Ralpli Seianas, Alloerl Haworllw, Henry Kocanda. FOURTH ROW--Vernon Lewis, Edward Jonilcas, Leland Croolcs, Noel Burclw, Harlan Yolwo, Dwiglwl Smilln, Roloerl Roolc, David Donaldson, Gordon Biggs, Delberl Cornwell, William Prosniclcer, Clwesler Jones. Joe Balslfus, Roberl Almy, Henry Falconio, Clemenl Galyen, Clarence Brown. Hof! FIRST FIRST FRESHMEN GIRLS ROWgHelen Jellers June Lanier, Helen Hawkins, Mary Carolyn Wolll, Norma Grimes, P Wilma Gaddis, Evelyn Lindberg, Dorolhy Kerans, Lorraine Neuberl, Wava Downinq, ansy Campbell, Helen Smilh, Doris Tucker, Bernice Church, Jacqueline Rohour, Miss Galbrealh. SECOND ROW-Belly Hill, Dora Belle McCoy, Helena Chow, Fern Whillock, June Richard M II ll Dorolh Golc nski Norma June Mollell Carmen Lee son, Mildred Mollell, Marjorie o e , y y , , , Williams, Wanda Zielinski, Eileen Winland, Geraldine Williams, Lelah Mae Hedges, Belly Ann Lawlyes, Anna Marie Moss. THIRD ROW-Mariorie Cruppenink, Marqarel Blylhe, Frances Rrosnikar, Leola Miller, lmoqene Wriqhl, Naomi York, Mary Kalhryn Moore, Charlolle Ann Onley, Elsia Morgan, Jo Lee Deloe, Dorolhy Tucker, Johanna Rulkowski, Adeline Dekniqhl, Edilh Becker, Velma Clark, Beverly Lenharl. BOYS ROW-Dale Mahoney, Norris Paxlon, Richard Peavler, Donald Morris, Homer Cornwell, Don Dukes, Carol Riley, Donald Rice, Roberl Sanders, Don Marlin, Roy Marriaqe, Waller Willilord. Junior Sandusky, Jack Ellioll, Kennelh Grider, Henry Cebulski. SECOND ROW-Roloerl Harl, ' ' k' F ,d Clillord Pribble, Harry Maskel, Gene Felqenhauer, Roberl Van Loon, Henry Chrrslows I, ro Kolcher, Don Thompson, John Warniqus, Francis Blylhe, Waller Bush, Daniel Liddell, Melvin Wilson, Gus Billol, John I-lilllel. THIRD ROW-Edward Gonsowsky, Wayne Howards, Ferdi- nand Smilh, Arlhur Riggle, James Edwards, Delberl Barker, Charles Briqhl, Floyd Bulcher, Middlelon Brookshier, Russell Morrison, Fred Jenkins, Melvin Feezor, James Duell, Dale I-Iewitl. William Richards. -ri?" SENIOR CLASS POEM Commencemenf comes bu+ once a year And some are sad +ha+ if is here. In '37 we s'rarI'ed our freshman Ierm Bu+ if look four years our lessons Io learn. Our class is Ihe largesl 'Io graduale Wifh our grand 'rolal of sevenly-eighl This isn'I our only reason for renown. We have had many slars, lou+ some in His+ory w Joe's our president a wi'r'ry boy And Frances is his pride and ioy As an aI'hle+e he won his fame And helped Io win mos+ every game. Phyllis has such lovely lolaclc hair She's our vice-presidenl wilh never a care No maI'I'er whelher if is worlc or play She always comes up smiling every day. Bob's our secrelary and 'fakes care of I'he dough As baskefball caprain, he was never slow. Fred Hagger+y is a +all, darlc lad And as an arhlele. he wasn'I' bad. He was our foolball caplain, and a s'rar And Iops wilh Ihe girls, boih here and "'rhar." Helen Henry ran off wi+h The highesl grades And lell us olhers in Ihe shade. Our senior play was "Nobody's Home." And Ihe house was Iilled from floor +o dome. l've iusl' menlioned a 'Few of our grand class Bur I wish I could name each lad and lass. Through Ihese four years we've had lo'rs of fun Only now our days here ai school are done We leave 'rhis school Io go many ways enl clcwzw Bur we will always remember our high schocl days. Naomi Morgan '4I 14 Z. .t.! STUDENT COUNCIL The STudenT Council came inTo exisTence TirsT in 6eorgeTown High School in I933. The consTiTuTion, which is sTill in use, was drawn up by Clyde SmiTh, CaTherine HaworTh, and Alma Warren, and was adopTed by The council members on April I3, I933. The TirsT oTTicers oT The council were Paul Klinlc, presidenT7 Ralph Lewman, vice- presidenT: and Willard Klinlc, secreTary. Willard resigned his posiTion as secreTary' aT The second meeTing and Alma Warren was elecTed To Take his place. lT seems ThaT The duTies of The council aT ThaT Time were much The same as They are now. The purpose oT This group is To sponsor programs and presenT To The TaculTy The views oT The sTudenTs. IT also Tries To promoTe The inTeresTs oT The sTudenTs in a manner which will be beneficial To Them. This year a special commiTTee, wiTh Charles l-laworTh as chairman, has been in charge oi programs 'Tor The assembly. MosT of The programs which have been presenTed have been Those in which various sTudenTs parTicipaTed. There have been a Tew which were paid Tor by The sTudenT body. The swing band, which was organized This Tall, has been The TeaTure aTTracTion on a number oT These programs. Due To The inTeresT shown by The sTudenT body, These programs have been very successful. The number of people on The council Today is The same as ThaT which was decided upon by The TirsT council. There are Tour seniors, Three iuniors, Two sophomores, one Treshman, one TaculTy member and The sponsor. The presidenT oi The council, as iT was decided upon aT The TirsT council meeTing, is a senior, buT The oTher ohiicers may be Trom The oTher classes. The TaculTy member oT The council This year is Miss Rees: The sponsor Mr. DeLand: The presidenT, BeTTy Lou Flynn: The vice-presidenT, Dean PaTTerson: and The secreTary, Mary WoodruTT. BeTTy Lou Flynn, '4l. SEATED-Glenn DeLand. ex-officio member: Alice E. Rees, FaculTy Member, BeTTy Flynn, Presideni: Dean PaTTerson, Vice-Presidenig Bernice Gardner, Charles T-laworTh, Mary WoodruTT, SecreTary. STANDING-Roberl' Roolx, Elaine DesmeT, Ralph Nield, June Richardson. NEWSPAPER "Miss Rees, do you like lhe way l'v wrillen lhis?" "Mal, whal do you wanl me lo do? May l go gel commercial and library and ollice news now?" "Miss Rees, how do you spell 'iniliale'?" "Do you lhink lhis ioke is o. k. lor lhe humor column?" "Where's my pencil? ll's iusl like yours, Miss Rees." "Whal's lhe counl lor a No. 2 head?" "This head counls bul il sounds lunny. Read il." "May we have an inquiring reporler lhis week?" "Oh, l can'l gel slarled on lhis arlicle. Help me, Wynona." "l.islen, l iusl lound somelhing swell in lhe newsbox. Miss Rees, may we pul il in lhe paper?" "I can'l lind a single leacher lo gel news lrom. Whal'l ll do?" These are bul a lew slalemenls lhal fill Room I5 every Monday and Friday morning. Accompanying lhese words are lhe lamiliar sounds ol paper-ruslling, erasing. sleps rushing oul lo waylay a leacher or sludenl lor news. Every Friday lhis slarls promplly al 8:00 and is renewed again on Monday. By Monday allernoon only lhe make-up slall remains diligenlly counling oul heads and rounding up lhe odds and ends ol a hecllic day ol news hunling. Nolhing eludes lhe news hounds ol lhe iunior class. They see all, know all, hear all, and lell all-via lhe school news page. The slall boasls lwo boy reporlers. Uusually people lhink lhal a boy is in his lull glory on a newspaper slall and lhal a girl-reporler is inlerior lo a boy. Bul il has been proved beyond a shadow ol a doubl lhal lhe girls on lhis newspaper slall are iusl as adepl al lerreling oul news as any boy in lhis school or any school. The news, on Friday, slarls coming in lrom lhe dillerenl beals early in lhe day. Malilda Fazekas, edilor, and Wyona Johnson, assislanl, are on hand lo make assign- menls and check arlicles. The humor columnisls begin lo hunl up lhe scandal ol lhe week. On Monday morning Doyle Paxlon's sporl arlicles come in and olher arlicles are linished up. By evening all lhese have been copied by lhe lyping classes and all lhal remains lo be done is making lhe headlines, copying and marking lhese headlines wilh lhe prinlers' signs, lhen making oul a dummy sheel. There il is. All is done in a lew hours, hours well worlh lhe lime because ol lhe lun, learning, and experience gollen lrom lhem. Malilda Fazekas, '42. SEATED-Kalherine Middlemas, Dolores l-lolmes, Wynona Johnson, Malilda Fazekas, Edilorg Rulh Hawkins, Doyle Paxlon, Waller Wilson. STANDING-Palricia Grimes, Florence Lopienski, Ada Jane Lawyles, Lois Muncy, Mariory Willison, Alice E. Rees, Facully Adviser. .-li-w -1--ui--... -W --f- is--Q M ANNUAL STAFF Edi+or: Helen Henry. Business Manager: Charles Dukes. Sales Commiliee: Myrlle Lanier, Norma Jean Roolc, Winifred Haworih. Adverlising Commiliee: Helen Molle'r'l, Belly Flynn, Phyllis Cravens, Joe Klinlc, Dorofhy Richards, Charles Haworih, Ann Gloss, Vir- ginia Smilh. Coclcroaches: Van Gonsowslcy. Jiflerbugsz Billy Wolff. Termites: Marvin Roberfs. Ofhers in 'rhe piclures Bernice Gardner, Donald Johnson, Belly Barr Helen Thornlon, Frances Church, Vivian Henry, Clarice Rundel Valeria Seianas, Helen Milculsld, Warren Clark, Eugenia Barlash Naomi Morgan, Jaclf Henschen, George Kozacli, BAND lnsTead oT conTorming To The usual plan oT Taking a Three-monTh vacaTion lasT year, The band decided To lceep righT on working ThroughouT The enTire summer. The merchanTs oT GeorgeTown provided Tor a Tree summer school Tor all music sTudenTs in exchange Tor band concerTs every Thursday. The concerTs were enThusiasTically received, iudging Trom The increased aTTendance oT 200 aT The TirsT concerT, To approximaTely 2,000 aT The lasT. The band's goal Tor The summer was reached aT The STaTe Fair aT SpringTield. The GeorgeTown Band received FirsT RaTing in Class B ldeTermined by school enroll- menTl and The Governor Henry Horner Trophy Tor being The mosT ouTsTanding band in iTs class. Various ensembles and soloisTs played in The communiTy churches in roTaTion during The summer, and conTinued This pracTice ThroughouT The school year. Marching maneuvers were perTormed aT each home TooTball game and aT The WesTville Tield on Thanksgiving Day. The Twirling Corps and Band were inviTed To give a perTormance aT The halT oT The EasTern-Normal BaslceTball Game aT The EasTern lllinois STaTe Teachers' College aT CharlesTon, and also aT The WesTville gymnasium. To sTandardize The lcnowledge OT each member oT The band, various achievemenT TesTs are given. lv1eriTs are obTained, aTTer passing These TesTs, Toward receiving a pin aT The end oT The school year. Medals are also awarded To The "MosT PuncTual STudenT," The "lvlosT Progressive STudenT," and The "lvlosT OuTsTanding Senior." Mary DieTlcus, '4 l. LEFT TO RIGI-lTkBernice Gardner, Maiorelleg Roberla Pollman, Belly Ann I-lolsline, Kalherine Middlemas, I-Ielen Kovaclc, Eleanor I-Iughes, Norma Jean Sandy, Thelma Tucker, Wanda Grimes, Margarel Winlers, Peggy Wells, Mariory Sanders, Virginia Smilh, Barbara McDiIl. TWIRLING CORPS The iourleen-baron, All-girl Twirling Corps has made much progress and gained slale-wide recognilion Ihis year. Below are some ol lhe Irips Ialcen lay lhe corps: Srale Fair Conlesr, Springfield, Illinois-Placed firsl. Chrislian Counry Fair, Taylorville, Illinois-Thelma Tucker, second place, Berry I-Iolsline, lhird place. Moullrie-Douglas Fair, Arrhur, Illinois-performed wirh Chicago A. L. Band. E. I. S. T. C. Homecoming, Charleslon, Illinois-Guesl of Rudolph Aniunson. Weslville Foolball-Iilhanlcsgiving Gamel. Danville Facililies-Danville, Illinois. Slale Ivleering of American Legion-Danville, Illinois. Disrricl B. B. Tournamenl-Weslville, Illinois. Guesls of Dr. Roberr Buzzard, Presidenl E. I. S. T. C. al Baslcelball Game- parly and dance. Special lwirls, slunls, Iormalions wilh new ideas of lwirling sparlclers and school- cclor flags, lor bolh lhe loolball gridiron and Ihe baskelball courr, were learned aller school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Several wrile-ups concerning lhis organizalion appeared in various papers and magazines, gaining much publicily for rhe corps and Ihe school. Today, The Georgelown Corps is loolced upon by many, as 'rhe besl Twirling Corps in llie Slale of Illinois. Bernice Gardner ,'4l. LIBRARY y The library is adminisTered by a sTaTT OT ThirTeen girls and The direcTor, Miss Paul. By selecTing suiTable books and periodicals and mainTaining a loan sysTem, library maTerials have been made available Tor every sTudenT. Among The new books acquired during The year, There is a large number oT ouTsTanding non-TicTion books and also some inTeresTing copies in The vocaTional TicTion Tield. An ever growing reTerence collecTion, including encyclopedias, biographical direcTories, yearbooks, almanacs, and reference books on special subiecTs, have been an invaluable aid To sTudenTs seeking maTerial Tor special reporTs. Numerous pamphleTs have been acquired To Till special needs. A verTiTcal Tile conTaining picTures, clippings, and miscellaneous maTerials was begun during The year. Magazines, covering various Tields of inTeresT, are mainTained and They are well- used by a large porTion oT The sTudenT body. Several of The back copies have been placed in bound volumes. All books are classiTied according To The Dewey Decimal sysTem and a card caTalog aids in locaTing maTerial. Clarice Rundel, '4l. SEATED-Miss Luella Paul, FaculTy Member: Clarice Rundel, Eugenia BarTash, DoroThy Richards Valeria Seianas, BeTTy Pribble, Mary Bromley. STANDING-Beverly Johnson, Wanda l-lollingsworTh, Elaine DesmeT, Doris Van Loon, Frances BouTon Mariory Sanders, Mary WoodruTT. VOCAL ORGANIZATIONS The Choral DeparTmenT, This year, under The direcTion OT Miss Ardelle HardesTy, was made up oT several organizaTions. The girls' choruses were made according To each girl's class schedule. The Freshman OcTeT was a conTinuaTion oT The group Trom Junior High School wiTh The excepTion oT one sTudenT. The Mixed Chorus was made up oT The besT voices Trom all The choruses. The presidenTs oT The Three girls' choruses were Clarice Rundel, Helen Zielinslci, and Phyllis Cravens. June Richardson acTed as leader oT The Freshman OcTeT and Bill Hill served as The presidenT oT Mixed Chorus. The Two accompanisTs Tor all oT The choruses were Helen Zielinslci and BeTTy STevenson, boTh OT whom did excepTionally good work all year. All The choruses and soloisTs uniTed To give, by candle-lighT, a vesper service OT anThems and ChrisTmas carols on December I5. On The evening oT April 25, The opereTTa, "HearTless House," was presenTed. ln "HearTless House" a group oT girls had banded TogeTher To prove To Themselves and To The world ThaT woman's dependence on man is a Thing oT The pasT. ATTer many hardships and unToreseen experiences, They decided, "Our laTesT plan is wed The man who loves and who obeys." Various social acTiviTies oT The choruses included a hilce and a weiner roasT, a Halloween parTy, and a bicycle parTy. The groups expecT To plan picnics in The monTh OT May. Frances Church, '4I. JUNIOR PLAY On The 29Th oT November, I94O, The curTains oT The G. H. S. sTage opened Tor The TirsT dramaTic producTion oT The year. The Juniors were doing a comic mysTery, MURDER IN REHEARSAL. The play was raTher baffling in ThaT iT was Three plays in one, giving The audience The Teeling ThaT The play wasn'T guiTe Tinished when The curTains were closed. The sTage seT Tor This murder was very simple buT was eTTecTive because oT iTs simpliciTy. The enTire acTion Took place on a bare sTage wiTh all The normal cracks in The plasTering and The NO SMOKING signs which you expecT To Tind backsTage. ThirTeen members OT The class oT '42 assumed roles ranging Trom a halT-wiT To a drug sTore clerk To make The play enjoyable. The love inTeresT was supplied by Lois Muncy and John Hansgen wiTh an occasional skirmish beTween John and Richard MarTin. Dolores Holmes played The rich dowager-Type moTher. The ineviTable maid was broughT To liTe by Helen Kovack, and The halT-wiT parT was well done by James Middlemas. The super'sleuTh in our mysTery was Dick Campbell. OTher imporTanT supporTing roles were presenTed by Doyle PaxTon, Oswald SmiTh, Thelma Tucker, Mary Bromley, Florence Lopinski, and RoberT Tucker. The capable assisTanT To The direcTor was MaTilda Fazekas. SENIOR PLAY The Senior acTors did a sTricTly comedy producTion This year wiThouT a single serious ThoughT in iT. A relaTively small casT, wiTh The usual drawing room seTTing, enTer+ained The audience Tor a liTTle more Than Two hours wiTh Mion ShorT's NOBODYS HOME. The Theme oT This play was a mixedfup series oT love aTTairs wiTh Bernice Gardner aTTracTing much aTTenTion as The cenTer oT These aTTairs. She had, by womanly Tricks, exTracTed promises oT marriage Trom boTh Charles Dukes and Warren Clark. As usual, her Tricks back-Tired, and she was much disTurbed as To which she would marry or wheTher she could geT eiTher oT Them. She seTTled The problem by accepTing The hand oT Charles l-TaworTh, a looney deTecTive, evenTually winding up in The arms oT The original husband To be, Charles Dukes. The supporTing roles were very well Taken by DoroThy Richards, one oT The complicaTions in The love aTTairs, Clarice Rundel, The cranky aunT, Joe Klink, The grocery boy, WalTer Lopienski, The gardener, and Eugenia BarTash, an advenTuress disguised as a maid. WiTh a minimum oT hiTches, The play proved To be Two hours oT good enTerTainrnenT. The direcfor was assisTed by Helen Zielinski. 2 LATIN CLUB This year marks The second anniversary oT The S. P. R. The LaTin Club has been organized Tor a number oT years, buT lasT year was The TirsT Time iT Took The name oT The S. P. R. These IeTTers sTand Tor SenaTor Populusque Romanus, The oTTiciaI TiTIe oT The Roman Republic. Membership This year was exTended To all sTudenTs who were Taking LaTin, and To Those who had Taken iT in pasT years. The TirsT meeTing, under The supervision oT Miss Rees, club adviser, was devoTed To The elecTion oT oTTicers Tor The year. The meThod oT voTing was in keeping wiTh The old Roman cusToms. Two candles in TronT oT an alTar were The only source oT IighT Tor The Taking oT The auspices .Miss Rees, and Two Temporary consuls, having Tound The signs suiTabIe Tor holding The elecTion on ThaT day, divided The members inTo Tribes. Each Tribe had one voTe. CandidaTes Tor The Two oTTices oT consuls were chosen Trom The advanced LaTin class. Ada Jane Lawyles and Clarice Rundel were selecTed by The group Tor These posiTions. OTTices oT quaesTor, praeTor, and aedile were Tilled by Lois Ireland, Marcia Miller, and Eleanor Hughes, respecTiveIy. MeeTings ThroughouT The year consisTed oT conTesTs, games, and Talks. During The TesTiviTy oT The ChrisTmas program a IeTTer Trom Marcus Tullius Cicero, describing The Roman SaTurnalia which is similar To our ChrisTmas, was read by an advanced LaTin sTudenT. Among The spring acTiTviTies an EasTer parTy was enjoyed by The group. Clarice Rundel, '4-I. FIRST ROW-Miss Rees, EaculTy Adviser: Norma June MolleTT, Norma Jean MolleTT, Marcia Miller, Maxine Pribble, Eugenia BarTash, Ada Jane Lawyles, Clarice Rundel, Mary Bromley, Norma Jean Sandy, Eleanor Hughes, Helen Kovack. SECOND ROW-Olga BarTash, MargareT WinTers, Peggy Wells, Viola Hawkins, Mary Caroline WOITT, Norma Grimes, RuTh Hawkins, Mariory STedman, Wanda Grimes, Wava Downing, Murele Downing, Don Rice. TI-IIRD ROW-Mariory MolleTT, Mary WoodruTT, PaTricia Grimes, Mariory Sanders, Pansy Campbell, Norma Morris, Louise NeuberT, Regina SmiTh, Frances Church, Evangeline Gonsowsky, Doro- Thy Newlin, Helen I-Ienschen, Vernon Williams. FOURTH ROW-Beverly LenharT, BeTTv Ann Lawyles, Helen Lanham, Barbara McDiII, Jo Lee DeToe, Joan Lewis, RoberTa Pollman, May Hedges, Ruby WimseTT, Lois Ireland, KaTherine Moore, I-Ienry Ealconio. DRAMATIC CLUB AlThough regular meeTings were noT held, The drarnaTic club was very acTive This year in comparison wiTh former years. To be a member oT The dramaTic club, one musT eiTher be in The iunior or senior play or represenT GeorgeTown in The sub-disTricT speech conTesT. The TirsT evenT oT The year was The iniTiaTion of The Junior Play casT inTo The club. The members were blind-Tolded aT SmiTh's ResTauranT and led To Archie Clark's barn wher They had To pass cerTain TesTs. The nexT evenT oT The year was The ChrisTrnas play, "ChrisTmas Baricadef' lT was direcTed by Lois Muncy and was presenTed before The TaculTy parTy Tor The school board and also Tor The assembly. In connecTion wiTh The G. A. A. The dramaTic club presenTed a carnival March I4. The proceeds Trom This carnival wenT To pay Tor ChrisTmas play books and new lighTs Tor The sTage. These lighTs were boughT in cooperaTion wiTh The school. The club iniTiaTed Ten new members This year, making a ToTal oT TwenTy-eighT members. Of This group, TourTeen will graduaTe This year and leave The oTher half as a nucleus Tor nexT year's socie-Ty oT acTors and speakers. Mr. Richard, The new adviser and speech insTrucTor, has been largely responsible Tor The success oT The DramaTic Club This year. He has made several improvemenTs on The sTage as well as bringing new ideas Tor our club. Warren Clark, '4l. SEATED FIRST ROW-Warren Clark, PresiclenTg Clarice Rundel, SecreTaryg Charles Dukes, Van Gonsowsky, Vice-President Helen Henry, Charles HaworTh, WalTer Lopienski, SEATED SECOND ROWfLois Muncy, Mary Bromley, Eugenia BarTash, BeTTy Flynn, Richard Camp- bell, DoroThy Richards, Thelma Tucker, MaTilda Fazekas. STANDING-Warren Richard, FaculTy member: James Middlernas, Oswald SrniTh, John Hansgen, Lloyd l-lewiTT, Richard MarTin, Doyle PaxTon, Dolores Holmes, Helen Kovack, Florence Lopienski, RoberT Tucker, GLCJRIOUS TEENS Home Economics Club has been very acTive in The pasT year. We have accom- plished many Things such as redecoraTing The home economics room. To raise money we gave Bake sales, served chili lunches Trom The home economics room To The sTudenTs, gave an elaboraTe Tea Tor The DelTa Kappa Gamma and Two luncheons Tor The baskeTball squad. The saying goes, "all work and no play makes Mary a dull girl," buT This proverb could noT hold good Tor The Glorious Teens. We have had a round of social evenTs. On OcTober I6, I7, and I8, Virginia SmiTh, PresidenT, and Mary Rose RoberTs, who were elecTed delegaTes by The club, aTTended The sTaTe vocaTional home economics convenTion aT SpringTield, Illinois. We had a PoT Luck dinner Tor our moThers on December I9, a ValenTine parTy Tor The club, a Hayrack Ride, an F. F. A. and Glorious Teens Wiener RoasT Sugar Camp ParTy. ThirTy-six girls aTTended The annual Home Economics Clubs DisTricT Rally aT Momence, Illinois. Tours Tor The year included a visiT To The UniversiTy oT Illinois campus, and a Trip Through The kiTchens oT The VeTerans FaciliTy, direcTed by The chieT dieTician. AT The end oT This year we sTarTed a new sysTem in which girls aTTending regularly are presenTed wiTh a pin by The club aT The lasT meeTing. Virginia SmiTh, '4l. BOTTOM ROW-Miss Morrison, TaculTy adviser: Marjorie Sherman, Doris Tucker, Mary Bromley, Florence Lopienski, Vivian Richardson, lvern Bush, DoroThy Kerns, Helen WhiTe, Claudia Galyen, Delores Holmes, ReporTerg Marianne DesmeT, Thelma Tucker, Jane BilloT, Viola Willi- son, Mary Mae Barr, Wanda Zilienski, SECOND ROW-Mildred MolleTT, Phyllis Cravens, Paf Grimes, BeTTy Sfevenson, OThelia Baron, DoroThy McClellan, Anna Mikulski, Sarah Sheppard, Nadine Williams, BeTTy Ann HolsTi'1e, Mary Rose RoberTs, Ann Gloss, Song Leader, Mariory Willison, Mary BuTkus, Grace Cook, Virginia SmiTh, PresidenT3 Frances Church, SecreTary and Treasurer. THIRD ROW-Mariory Crupenink, Naomi York, Velma Clark, Doris Alexander, Johanna RuTkowski, DoroThy Henry, Vivian Henry, Eleanor Lewis, BeTTy Lewis, CharloTTe Sleva, DoroThy Richards, June Richards, Velva Colvin, Helen Lanham, EdiTh Becker. BMW SNAFS Altiflezfaw CHEERLEADERS HELEN KOVACK FLORENCE LOPIENSKI REGINA SMITH CO-CAPTAINS Co-CapTains Joe Hill and Fred HaggerTy. These Two boys carried on The fine GeorgeTown TradiTion of excellenT leadership. BoTh boys were inspiring leaders and The Team was doubly forTunaTe To have Two such grand boys as leaders. I940 SEASON CaTlin-The Buffaloes opened Their '40 season wiTh a fine display of offensive punch as They Trimmed Caflin 32-6 feaTuring long passes from Hill To Kazelas and clever running by Williams. RoosevelT-A deTermined GeorgeTown High Grid Machine sTaged a fourTh quarTer comeback To eke ouT a I7-I2 vicTory over a sTrong RoosevelT Team. A long pass from Hill To Kazelas in The lasT minuTe proved The margin of vicTory. Saunemin-FeaTuring an aerial aTTack, 6eorgeTown bowled over Saunemin 39-0 as Kazelas hauled down four aerial Tosses from Hill To lead The scoring. Wiley-A highly TouTed Terre HauTe eleven snapped The Buffaloes' sTring of vicfories afTer sixTeen consecuTive vicTories by winning 8-O in a Thriller. Sheridan-ln a wild aerial baTTle in which boTh Teams Threw The ball To all corners of The loT, GeorgeTown emerged vicTorious by a 27-20 counT, scoring in The lasT minuTe of The game To break a 20-20 Tie. Ridgefarm-GeorgeTown High Bufaloes dropped Ridgefarm Bulldogs from The sTaTes undefeaTed prep gridiron class by a smashing 27-0 Triumph on The local field. HoopesTon-GeorgeTown besTed John Greer High School's Cornhuskers I3-7 on a windswepT and biTTerly cold Honeywell Field aT HoopesTon on ArmisTice Day. Paris-Paris High eleven fell 26-0 before an aerial onslaughT of The Buffaloes powerhouse wiTh CapT. Joe Hill flipping 'em and Kazelas caTching. WesTville-More Than 2500 fans wiTnessed a specTacular comeback of The Georgefown High Gridmen Thanksgiving Day To score Two Touchdowns in The second half and defeaT The WesTville Tigers on a rainsoaked field I3-8. SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY WINNER LefT halfback Bob Williams became The winner of The coveTed sporTsmanship Trophy. Bob's aTTiTude Toward his Team, school and opponenTs made him an easy choice for This award. All who played wiTh Bob will long remember his conTribuTion To Their aThleTic experience. FOOTBALL BUFFALO AWARDS Richard Marlin Delberf Cornwell Gordon Williams James Broolcs Ray Williams Dwighl Smilh Roberl Roolc l-lomer Cornwell Don Marlin Ralph Barlcman James Sandusky Richard Washirwgf Donald Donaldson Carol Riley Richard Peevlcr OH Fred Powell Don Dulces l-larold Warner Bill l-lerren Gordon Biggs Dixon Asquilh Roloerl Pollman Kennelh Barlon Vic Vandevoir Henry Kocanda Donald Morris Ernesr Biancheffa John Lemenlavich Waller Bush Bob Rice FOOTBALL "G" MEN Joe Hill-Co-Capt Senior. Fullback, "Jive," This boy developed info +he fineslr forward passer in fhis school hislory. A serious boy whose firsl desire is lo win and whose pleasure is +o sing. A good leader, a good sfudenl and a fine 'loofball player. Fred Haggerry-Co-Capt Senior. End. A good defensive end and a good leader. The Adories of 'rhe squad. When opponenls could make ground around Fred's end, well, he had already gone 'ro +he showers. l-le played his besr game againsr Wiley. Alex Warnigus. Senior. Tackle. Big Fool-gol' The firsf lackle in nearly every game: Jrhe lasl one in mosf of lhe games and a good share of 'rhem in belween. His shoes will be hard 'ro fill! Dwighl Sherer-Senior. Guard. Fasf, aggressive blocker. A half-back who was converfed info a guard which is a Thing noi all boys would do as well as lhis boy did. A hard 'rackler on defense. Joe Kafavich-Senior. Cenfer. Joe was an end who was converfed info a cen'rer and developed inro a fine, defensive fullback which iusf abou? rips off The fad 'rhaf he could play 'rhis game called loolball. Jack Biggs-Senior. Guard. "Jerk" was an excellenr punfer, whose kicking kepf us above warer. A rugged blocker and hard charging lineman who was big and fasl and loved foofball. Jack Roberls-Senior. Tackle. "Curley" was a 'rough boy To handle alrhough he weighed only 150 lbs. Loved To play. Could be fonud on lop of every loose ball. Ralph Nield-Co-Capt Elecr-Junior. End. "Beevis" is a hard worker and should be a good leader nex+ fall. A good cenfer prospecl for nexf year. Waller Kazelas-Senior. Quarlerback. "Brains," lhey called him. Well he called The plays--+hey worked-so wha+ more could you ask? Besf pass receiver in These paris and a good defensive back. Will be hard +o replace. Roberr Williams-Senior. Lefl halfback. "l-lallpin+" which iuslr proves you don'+ have lo weigh a Jrcn To hir a Ton. A clever runner-a fine sporlsman and a good all around player. sw-ir Q' Jess Maskel-Co-CapT. ElecT. Junior. RighT halfback. A big boy-good passer -and Tair kicker. Should be a good boy nexT year if he improves in his Tackling. Warren Sprouls-Senior. LeTT halfback. The Frank Merriwell oT The Team. ATTer a very poor sTarT he became The hardesf runner on The Team. A sTrong pass defense man. Was aT his besT againsT WesTville-which is The hope oT every BuTTalo TooTball player. Desmond MieThe-Senior. End. Never guiTe Tigured ouT wheTher The boys called him Dezzy or Dizzy-anyhow he could hiT-and ThaT's whaT a good end musT do. We will miss him plenTy. John BuTkus-Senior. Guard. "Old 2l"-Yessir Tolks, This lad had The courage To keep aT iT Tour years and Tinally was repaid Tor his perseverance by winning his leTTer his senior year. Harlan l-lughes-Senior. End. Played end in boTh major and minor keys. An injured elbow kepT him ouT oT The laTe season games. A big TasT boy who could Tackle. Gordon Humrichous-Senior. Tackle. "PosToTTice" was rough, rugged and rowdy, a good Tackle. Wish he could have anoTher year To play. Earl Riley-Junior. Tackle. l-las Two loves. Beach nuT and-well you probably know her. A boy who was born one year Too soon To be eligible Tor his senior year. Too bad. Richard Campbell-Junior. CenTer. Drape This one in black Tor he now lives in LewisTown. Was a good cenTer prospecT-and girls you remember ThaT preTTy red hair. ErnesT Bonomo-Junior. Fullback. Big, bold and blusTering. FasT runner, wiTh drive. Should become a good ball carrier if his ankles don'T do him wrong. Should give The opponenTs a headache nexT year. John l'lansgen-Junior. RighT halTback. Blond Viking. Will be a good back when his blocking improves. Works hard--has shin Trouble-buT is learning To Tackle wiTh his shoulders. WaTch him nexT Tall. Don Newlin-Junior. Guard. Known by Triend and Toe as "Smiley The Smackerf' A Tine prospecT if he Tills ouT a biT-has plenTy oT courage and will To play. -A k 0. 1.1.4 Under Caplain Roberl Williams' leadership 'rhe Buffaloes won ihirleen of fwenfy games and al'Tl1e same lime were known as The cleanesl playing ieam in our ierriiory Evidence of 'rlweir abiliiy 'ro play willruoul' fouling is 'rlne fad ihai ilwey commiifed an average of only eighi personal fouls per game. Bob was a good leader of a good leam Siclell ,..... lndianola. Ridgeiarm Wesiville. Fairmouni. . ,. Oakwood . Wesiville. Ca+lin .... Sidell .... Cailin .... Rossville. . l-loopeslon. . , Paris ...,. Rankin. ,. Wesfville. Fairmount Oakwood. lnclianola. Wesfville. Hume .... BASKETBALL SCHEDULE I7-26 Losf I5-22 Losl' 22-I8 Won 33-32 Won 3l-29 Won 47-30 Won 24-2l Won 22-I6 Won 34-29 Won 28-24 Won 50-25 Won 2l-32 Losl 33-50 Losl 6I-49 Won Weslville Tournameni Firsl' Place . 35-25 Won 39-25 Won Siclell Tournameni 40-29 Won l-I9 - Losl Counly Tournameni 28-30 Los'r Regional Tournameni 35-36 Losl Name George Williamson. Roberr Williams. .. Dean Paflerson. , Waller Kazelas. .. Joe Kafaviclw. . . , Joel-Iill.. ,. Viclor Vandevoir. . Richard Waslmingion. . Fred I-Iaggerfy .. . Charles Nagy. . F G. . 63 .. 44 . 52 .. 34 .. 28 4 I I O 5 Won I3, Lo5I 7 PCI. I. of F. T. 520 5 I 2 547 532 4I I 500 OOO OOO OOO 500 George-Iown Tolal, 6I6q Ave. poinls 3OIf2 per game Opponenfs Tolal, 5673 Ave. poinls 28If2 per game BASKETBALL BUFFALO AWARDS Jolm Lemenlaviclm Gordon Williams Roberl Tucker Edward Gonsowslcy Don Newlin Tofal Poi I52 I35 I3l 93 77 IO 3 2 O O TRACK Fred KoTcher, sfellar miler, whose work in special evenTs as well as his anchor running on The medley relay Team, was named honorary capTain oT The Track Team aT The close OT a successTul Track season. The Track Team parTicipaTed in Three dual meeTs, Two Triangular meeTs, Two quadrangular meeTs, The Vermilion CounTy meeT oT eighT schools, The Tiger Relays aT Paris, in which 20 schools parTicipaTed, The Newman Relays, wiTh 25 schools parTicipaTing, and The disTricT meeT aT CharlesTon. The BuTTaloes won Third in The counTy meeT and were represenTed by sTrong Freshmen and Frosh-Soph Medley relay Teams in The relay meeTs. The Frosh-Soph Medley Team seT a new meeT record Tor The Newman Relaysg placd Third in The Tiger Relays aT Paris: seT a new meeT record Tor The Urbana Relays, running The disTance in The remarkable Time oT 4 min. l.l sec. The Freshman 880 yard relay Team was deTeaTed buT once during The season and climaxed Their highly successTul season by esTablishing a new Vermilion CounTy record oT I min. 44.l seconds, very TasT Time Tor Treshman boys. During The season Two new all Time school records were seT by Joe l-Till and Charles Nagy. l-lill pushed The shoT ouT 44' 4" To break The record oT 43' 9" by EllioTT seT in I93O and Nagy Threw The discus IZO' 5" To break l-larry Clarks record oT I I9' I" seT in I933. F5 Eg.. , ig. ' int L16 - lf' 51 rg. bl: l A is lf?" Ulf- 5 lf? E : P 5- . 5 Fi' E5 :Q f 5 fr. . . k . l.. P BT ' 5 lg 3 5 , lf, lf '. gg. E, . gui . Ei L" Q if ' it f. if 52' Ig...-. . . 5, . f 'link' i' ls -.N vc ' i - .. f-. '- . " v . - 'Hn -. , f M Q . A ,Q L . . Track Le'H'er Men TRACK l940 Evenf Desmond Miefhe ...... ..... M ile Run Joe Hill .......... Fred Haggerfy. . Fred Kofcher. . . Dwighf Sherer. . Roberf Tucker. . . George Kozak. . Sam Pearson ...... Charles Nagy ..... Richard Peavler. Homer Cornwell ..... Bob Sanders .... Ray Marriage. . . Don Marfin ....... Daniel Liddell. . , Ernesf Bonomo. . Vicfor Vandevoir. Ralph Neild .... Ralph Barkman. . . . . . . .Shof Pu'r, Broad Jump .. High Jump. Broad Jump, High Hurdles .... .Mile Run. 880 yd. Run . . . . .Low Hurdles . . . . . Pole Vaulf, High Jump N440 yd. Run .... . .220 yd. Dash . . . . . .Discus Throw .. . . .440 yd. Dash. 880 Relay . .Freshman Relay. Medley Relay . . . . . .880 Freshman Relay . . . . . .Medley Relay Team .. . .. .880 Freshman Relay . . . . . .880 Freshman Relay .....880 yd. Run . . . . .Shot Discus. Pole Vaulf .....880 yd. Run . . . . . .Medley Relay, High Hurdles BUFFALO WINNERS . vi BlllY Wolff Ray Williams Don Newlin' N. My 4.5 ,. " ,4 - E-siriiiazz-sa an life , 5 , ff ' Q. . fr T in Z5 is FOOTBALL SECOND TEAM KNEELING-Raymond Williams, Richard Washinqfon, Don Marlin, Earnesl Bianchefla, John Lernen- lavich, Ralph Barlcman, Fred Powell, Dwiqhf Smilh, David Donaldson. SECOND ROW-Raymond Cole, Coach: Gordon Biggs, Delberf Cornwell, Roberf Rook, James Broolcs, Don Dukes, Kennelh Barfon, Dixon Asquifh, Billy Herron, Waller Bush, Mr. Masfers, Assislani Coach. THIRD ROW-Floyd Bulcher, Bob Rice, Gene Felganheur, Henry Kocanda, John Warniqus, Richard Peavler, Carol Riley, Donald Morris, Junior Sandusky, Norman Jenkins, Roberl Pollman, Edward Jonilcas. BASKETBALL sEcoND TEAM I940-4I "B" TEAM SCHEDULE Georgefown Opponenls Sidell ...... , . . 7 9 Indianola .... . 8 22 Ridgefarm ...., . 33 IO Weslville .... . IO I9 Fairmounl .... .. I5 8 Oakwood .... . . I8 I4 Wesiville ..,. . I I I6 Callin ..,., . . I5 I2 Sidell .... . 22 I9 Caflin .... . . 27 3I Rossville ..... .. I7 I4 Hoopesfon ...., . . I5 34 Paris ........ . . I7 3I Paris ..... , . 26 25 Rankin .,.., . . . 24 23 265 287 Won 8-Los'r 7. Los? Losf Won Losl Won Won Losi Won Won Losf Won I:os+ Losi Won Won KNEELING-Richard Peavler, Bob Sanders, I-Iomer Cornwell, Don Newlin, Jolm l.emenI'avicI'1, Richard Marlin, Don Dukes, Don Marlin. STANDING-Noel Burch, Bobby Rook, Gene Felqanlweur, Billy I-Ierren, Doyle Paxfon, Mgr.: Raymond Cole, Coach, Raymond Williams, William Walker, Dwiqhf Smifh, David Donaldson, Rober? Tucker. G. A. A. "Yea, GeorgeTown, BeaT RoosevelT." This is The way G. A. A. sTarTed ouT iTs acTiviTies Tor The year oT T940-4I. The cheering secTions aT The TooTball games were very successTul. The girls parTicipaTed in many sporTs This year. Vivian Carrigan was The head oT baseball, and she divided The girls inTo Two Teams. The winning Team was honored aT a parTy given by The losing Team. Speedloall was played during The year wiTh Mary Rose RoberTs as The head. BaslreTball was played during The lsT and 8Th hours Tor abouT six weelcs. Helen ThornTon was elecTed head by members oT The group. The head oT Tumbling was Mariorie MolleTT. This sporT was Taken in The evenings because There was no place in which The girls could Tumble. The members oT The Board meT every Wednesday noon To discuss The acTiviTies oT The club, and on every Third Wednesday during The 8Th hour a meeTing oT The enTire club was held. The girls oT G. A. A. wenT To Three Play Days: Urbana, Paris, and WesTville. The Play Day aT WesTville was in The Torm oT a ST. PaTriclc's Day ParTy. Van Gonsowslry, '4l. FIRST ROW---DorTha Henry, Virginia SrniTh, Helen ThornTon, RoberTa RoberTs, Dorofhy Newlin, Beverly LenharT, Fern Parlce, BeTTy Jane Devore, Norma Morris, Vivian Carrigan, Van Gonsowslcy, CharloTTe Sleva. SECOND ROW-Miss Ward, Velma Clarlr, Jo Lee DeToe, Wava Downing, Marjorie MolleTT, Mary Rose RoberTs, Mary Bromley, Helen Kovaclc, Helen WhiTe, Dolores Holmes, Maxine Pribble, Norma Jean MolleTT, Ada Jane Lawlyes, Florence Lopinslci, Norma June MolleTT, Johanna RuTlcowslci. THTRD ROW-Anna Marie Moss, Vivian Henry, BeTTy Lewis, Pansy Campbell, Mildred MolleTT, DoroThy McClellan, DoroThy Tuclcer, KaTherine Middlemas, Anna Milrulslci, Murele Downing, Wanda Zielinslci, Mary WoodruTT, Lois Muncy, Phyllis Cravens, Shirley Parker, Mary KaTherine HollingsworTh, EdiTh Becker. .una ... .im ,.- ... Q... 4 WM, M t. MP' .0 Y! 77 .0 if 6 AJ WMWiMwpL -U ?'Wj,51jt"'M' MM-f-ffliqwexa, WWWMWMWJ izfhmwbwfykwm QM wiffxjpwjm 5 UW 2-E VA ,JLJM 14-,,G- . g 1 ,L,iy,W-LWTUM LJ ' JW mI, fm .AMW ,C WW Q1 QWJLL ,R 0-'VUIQ w-Vg... ffgjgiijlww ... J4 JSQJMJCL-.,QQ,,Lf 1 ffff-VM-WV-ZZ..,ff,25fg,-,,f fV!m75LM,75Tw2ffZ'jlZ3i137 W Effdmww GEORGETOWN . . . . THEATRE The La+es+ Pic'rures O C INSURE HAWORTH STANDARD wlTH SERVICE B. F. HENDERSON CHAS. ca. HAWORTH, Dealer N, E, Come, Square eeoneerowm, ILL. DIAL 225: I GEORGETOWN NEWS "THE HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER" Dial 4I5I J. T. YEAZEL CANDY CO. Wholesale Confeciioners 5I2 W. Harrison Sireef Danville, lllinois PHONE I737 Aladden Lamps Armsfrong Linoleum Pl'llLCO RADIOS HEN RY HARDWARE Dial 322I Reasonable Prices Courleous Service J. K. GALBREATH Phone 4l74 eeoneevown, ILLINOIS HERBERT BOUTON 81 SON FLOUR-FEED-I-IAY CLARK'S STORE Groceries and Fresh Meals 6RAlN-SALT Prices Always Righl' 905 N Sfafe Sl. Ph 466I GEORGETOWN GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS DIAL 426' v 0 STATE LOAN CO- DR, .L I-I. MYERS WESTVILLE, ILLINOIS DENTIST Phone 3l8I IOO I02 S, S+a+e Phon 237I . O FOR YOUR GEORGETOWN LUMBER PLUMBING . . . HEATING COMPANY O LUMBER-BLDG. HDW.-PAINT BERT O. CALLAHAN AND FENCE Phone 3I5I TELEPHONE 423' eeoke-ETowN, ILLINOIS O 'CLEVE" ALEXANDER SPORTING GOODS D R I N K I I I Vermilion Sireef . "The Pause 'H1a+ RefresI1es" DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Phone loss o "IT PAYS TO PLAY" o Honor Sweafers our Specialiy COMPLIMENTS OF MAGNIEZ WESTVILLE, ILLINOIS HOUGHTON FUNERAL SERVICE 200 E. WEST ST. PHONE 4I2I GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS TAYLOR BROS. I OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC S SBIR and Sem BARBER a BEAUTY SHOP SAFETY TESTED USED CARS "Where cusf rs send 'III F cI Phone 22I I PI' 4024 GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS 23-25 s. H I 5+ D II III COMPLIMENTS MINNESOTA MUTUAL OF LIFE INSURANCE OO. R'E5'5TRAU55 CO- I-IARRY w. WILLIAMS R E BUKES Cldhes for Young Men And Men Who S+ay Young O P CLARK THOMAS VARIETY STORE INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Ho'fse'f'fI'IANeedS and News WeIIpaper and Painfs IO7 WEST WEST ST. GEORGETOWN. ILL. GEORGETOWN. ILLINOIS GEORGETOWN IMPLEMENT TOO. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS ANDI TRUCKS Gas and Oil Phdne' 4'I 8 I FIRST NATIONAL BANK GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS Deposifs Insured by The Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Washingion, D. C. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ASI'IBY'S SERVICE AND D-x LUBRICATING Moron FUEL RICHIE ELECTRIC CQ. 2II S. Main S+. Georgeiown, III. W' I-' RICHIE- Mg'- Phona 4IOI TESTA MOTOR SALES FORD CARS AND TRACTORS PHONE 323: "WE SPECIALIZE IN QUALITY" "The Shop DisI'inc+ive" DEUTSCH BROS. DANVILLE, lLuNols PATTERSON'S CAFE "A HOME AwAY FROM HOME" MARY M. GALLAGHER, Presideni' GALLAGH ER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS Exfends greefings +o 'Ihe Members of fhe Senior Class of I94l "BUY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS" FROM SMITH'S PURE MILK CO. Dial 434I 2l6 Mill Sf. Georgefown. III URBAS Wesfville SHOES, DRY GOODS, READY-TO-WEAR FAZlO'S DEPT. STORE The Home of Big Broiher Work CIoI'hing l25 N. MAIN ST. GEORGETOWN ILLINOIS Business Training will help you 'Io become a Ieader. UI'+erback Training wiII bring sa+is- fac'I'ory resuI'I's fo you in earIy em- ploymenf and rapid advancement Plan fo S+arI' Soon. Classes are in session I'he eniire year. UTTERBAC K-BROWN BUSINESS COLLEGE 2I4 N. Vermilion S+. Danville, III. SERVICE HERFF-JONES CO. CLASS RINGS, COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Jewelers fo Georgeiown Township High School Classes E. H. HALL DECATUR, ILLINOIS 10017 Ewf Wadwg PEABODY COAL FOR YOUR SELECTION Order from your regular source or Large Furnace ..,.,...r... 6" x 3" phone mine: Danville 8323 Ca+Iin Small Furnace or sfove .... 2" x lV4" 3' I Ii WGSIVIIIG 32' I- S+olzer .......,,...... IM," or M" lNo foll chargel ALLEN DALBEY AND RUCKERS SHELL SERVICE UNION OPERATED FOREMAN Goodyear Tires-Accessories LAWYERS Washing-Lubricaiion Exide and MarIa++ Ba'Heries O Bafieries Charged in 30 Min. WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER 320-325 Adams Building PHONE 2I4I GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS Danville, Illinois I Complimenfs SZILAGYI'S DRIVE-IN FOOD-MARKET TR'fN2':gI:1f:c'5N EDMUND A. DICKSON FUNERAL HOME DANVILLE WESTVILLE PHONE 202 GEORGETOWN Vermilion and Williams Sf. Danville, Illinois CORPORATIQN seo. F. EDMUND c. s. Dickson WESTVILLE, ILLINOIS HESS IELECTRIC SERVICE Compliment Doc. I-I. HESS of I '07 McKinley S+. CRAWFORD'S MARKET Dial 2756 AND eeoneerowu ILLINOIS LCCKER SERVICE SMITH'S CAFE "The Place To Meei' Your Friends" Dial 2l9l I I4 N. MAIN GEORGETOWN. ILL. DANVILLE'S FINEST Faciliiies for AII Occasions "WE SERVE TO PLEASE" COFFEE SHOP Popular Priced Menus. REGENCY ROOM A disfincfive armosphere for your luncheon and dinners. VERMILION ROOM Luxurious and enferfaining. SOUTH PARLOR For Privafe Parfies Io one hundred. RED ROOM For Privafe Parfies 'Io fhirfy-five. BLUE ROOM For Privafe Parfies Io hvenfy. GRAND BALL ROOM For Banquefs Io four hundred and for dancing. JUNIOR BALL ROOM For Banqueis fo Iwo hundred and for dancing. MEZZANINE For card parfies and social gaiherings. HOTEL WOLFORD M. suck, Mgr. . I PONTIAC FLANIGAN-PEARSON ENGRAVING CO. COMPANY Prinfers of I94I Buffalo CHAMPAIGN. ILLINOIS O Engravers of 'Ihe l94I Buffalo CHICAGO, ILLINOIS O PATRONS o Dr. Laurence Finney, Veferinary Duralee's Beaury Shop SnycIer's Radio Service Terrell and Dinsmore Jones Beau'I'y Service Moore's Barber Shop Lewis Grocery Penry's Furni+ure Company A Paradiso Markef Q wffwifwl , X wlw' WW My S A j5,e,.vv Wg 0Z'Wf7f,4,. WWWN by W MMHJ fff 1,,.-a,JuM-fo.f ,awkrfa-' 0PM-JL 'VL""ffkZfw:f"4f , , Q4 QUMWZZ7 I HW YQ, , MCAZMQ, ZW QW, ' . E ,. . O! ,ff fiyfgffjgkffef fif, 'Y' L- 'fr3?sf9f?" " " 2 ' 54" 'Yi"E liii. - ' VT' - ,-'7 13115123 V v. ....L""".iL:,?i757?W?'ff'? xi

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