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the E7 V5 1 h School G g 'L , Texas Georgetown H g e Vol. X11 . ' K ff! " I WW . . , . , ..e, i H' 9 ' ---f 3 if 'Jiwlff Dig k,h' A , L.-h f '15 '-" an PM gg K W, Mk, M ma'-sn. ff TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE FORE WORD TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION TYPICAL XVEEKAT GHS OJQGANI zAT1 ofvs ATI-ILE TIC5 FEATURES CLASSES ADVERTISEMENTS I MEMORIAM Because of his friendly smile, his eager cooperation and his sunny nature, he could have counted us all as his friends. Because of his devotion to and interest in all phases of school life and the organi- zations of the school, his loss has left a place filled only by his memory. Because he aroused the admiration and respect of all who knew him, we rejoice that it was our privilege to be associated with him for a time, and we lovingly dedi- cate this page to the memory of BRIAN ENGELBRECHT THE 1957-58 AERIE STAFF Alice Valentine Clayton Hunt J. E. Stubbs AERIE STAFF HEADING THE AERIE STAFF FOR 1958 are Rosalie Smith, business manager, and Mary Ann Jones, edi- tor, who are admiring one of the medals awarded to staff heads by the Taylor Publishing Company. Paul Hindelang Imadell Burks Janie Edwards Allan Sanders Sandra Pennington Bill Watts Jerry Morgan Ann Wheeler Judy Wolf R. I. Mott Iohn Berglund David Watts Mary Ann Jones Rosalie Smith Kathy Wiggins "Shall we use this one'?" After school work is necessary to pro- duce a yearbook. Kathy Wiggins, Paul Hindelang, Mrs. McClain, Yearbook sponsor, and Allan Sanders decide which pictures to use. ADMINISTRATIO Our omnipresent principal, Mr. Everett L. Will iams, better known to students as "Pop," is shown at his desk. Possessing a winsorne character and enviable disciplinary tact, "Pop" has captured the hearts of students, faculty and community. "As we leave these hallowed hallways, We go with mixed emotions true," The very strains of the '58 class song reveal the sentiment felt over leaving Georgetown High School. This building and campus have been the scene of many memorable occasions important in the life of each stu- dent. Mr. J. C. Barnes, Superintendent of the Georgetown Public Schools, works with our school board to give us the best teachers and equipment possible under existing conditions. The members of the board confer with Mr. Barnes on formulating the policies of the schools, and entrust him with seeing that these policies are efficiently administered. He is highly respected in District 10, of which he is a past president. ! 1 wwe X I TITICAL WEEK AT G H S TUES XMON SUN Q CONCENTRATION IS THE KEYNOTE HERE. A spirited explanation by Craig Davis and R. J. Mott of the intricacies of the atom holds the attention of Mr. Williams' chemistry class. MUNDAY A SURPRISE TEST run off by our energetic biology teacher, Mrs. Barnes, may wake up some students for Monday, but it may make others even bluer than usual. WHAT' S SO FUNNY? Soc 'n' Buskin mem- bers at a regular 3rd Monday night meet- ing are convulsed by the sophomore pro- duction "The Ghost story. " EVERY MONDAY, but at rotated periods, spon sor of the Student Council, Mr. Murdock, meets with the representatives. This group is the nucleus of all the organizations in school. HA MBURGER DAY TUESDAY ON TUESDAY, HOMEWORK IS ASSIGNED, and everyone gets down to work? This is a typical study hall scene. These girls are very busy planning their studies for the week! 18 frequently a Tues- day, and here are the cafeteria personnel preparing this well liked specialty. Shown are Mary Schwertner, student worker, and the ladies who prepare the meals every week day: Mrs. Eckdahl, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Whitfield. "A FINE GROUP TO HAVE IN PAN AMERICAN FORUM," says Mrs. McCoy, Spanish teacher, who sponsors this organization, which usually meets on Tuesdays. These students shown are freshmen, and are a lively, hardworking group in addition to being pleasant, as their smiles show. Many sophomores are in P,A, S,F, also, and upperclassmen who so de sire. - ,al Q ON MANY TUESDAYS we find grouped around Mrs. Summers, voice teacher, groups especially in- terested in singing, who hurry their lunches in order to have time for extra practice. On this noon we caught Pat Fletcher, Lyndon Rosenblad, Imadell Burks, Carol Henderson and Karen Hausenfluke. f Q . if, K A X 1is.s..' 'ZL:.TL??w3RE IF A NEAT ROOM indicates orderly proceedings, who could out-do this group of Future Far- mers, shown here in a regular lst Wednesday meeting? Presi- dent Jerry Morgan is presiding, and Tommy Raney is serving as advisor in Mr. Cairnes' place while Mr. Cairnes acted as photographer. WE HAVE BOYS among the Future Homemakers ANOTHER GROUP with Wednesday as a regular even 1f we have no glrls among our Future Farmers meeting date is the yearbook staff, listening to a It is evrdent from the port1on of the group shown ata discussron of an artlcle in PHOTOLITH MAGAZINE Wednesday meeting that th1s IS a very popular or on the subJect of lay outs. Imadell Burks is leading J:5Q.1"' W .um pi Lfel THURSDAY THURSDAY IS ASSEM- BLY PROGRAM DAY. Here, at one of the first assem- blies of the year, the year- book staff is grouped around one of their props for their program which kicked off the fall sales campaign. F. H. A. PRESIDENT, BARBARA WHITELEY, right, THIS HILARIOUS AND COMICAL CREW of F. F. A. emceed the F. H. A. assembly which featured the members stole the show during their assembly. They Kitchen Cabinet Band, Neal Harris, and Jalane Car- featured antics and take-offs on popular records. ter and Audrey Guthrie. TEAMING UP ON MIKE JONES, freshman class president, at the Freshman Trial are Verley Hunt, the prosecuting attorney, Don Williams, senior president, serving as judgeg and Tommy Leggett, junior class president, shown swearing in the witness. These upperclassmen tried and sentenced Mike for the crime of being a freshman. ms, .,,. . . . ......,r...M..W,.......,.W r. ,........., ,, ,am ..,i.,,. We ................ - ..- ...W ,.,,........................................., , , - FRIDAY YELLS LIVEN THE SCHOOL HALLS on many FRIDAYS, mostly during football season, but sometimes for basketball or baseball. Here, at a "Beat Belton" rally, cheerleaders encourage students to give their all. PROUD RECIPIENT of the "DUCK ROASTER RIBBON" is Don Williams, who accepts the token from his father and principal on be- half of the senior class, who won the wood gathering contest for the bonfire rally which preceded the Taylor game. Stunts like this helped to build up interest and tension before games. SWEATING IT OUT DURING THE BELTON GAME - as these uni- forms show. To recall fall Friday nights is to feel the thrill, to catch a reminiscent odor of popcorn and hot dogs, and to hear the massive sounds from the grand stands. DRILLS OR CONTESTS are well placed on Fri- days for the junior high pupils who would rather not tic class is lined up for a spirited contest between the self styled groups "Eagles" and "Geniuses. " work too hard on this day. An eighth grade arithme- JoanuHausenfluck, Velma Stiles, Io Guthrie, La Jean Glenn, Neal Har- ris, Jo Ann George, and Ruth Vogler. These eager expressions seem to ask, "What's behind the green door?" All joking aside, these band members, Joan Rosenblad, Mary Ann Jones, Larry Smith, and David Watts are closely examining the bulletin board, trying to see ifthey are in the regional band. For the past two years this contest has been held in Georgetown on Saturday, and the Band Boosters Club has run a concession stand to provide for out-of- town contestants. The chorus contest is also held on Saturdays, this year being in Waco. FOR RELAXATION AND PRACTICE Charlie Williams, Lyndon Rosenblad, and R. J. Mott play a set of tennis. On a Saturday morning in the fall several students and teachers leave for the LITERARY ACTIVI- TIES CONFERENCE in San Marcos. There instructions and assistance were given in the various events. On the trip back a late lunch was enjoyed at El Matamoros. SATURDAY CHURCH OF CHRIST FIRST BAPTIST FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CAccidental Methodist visitors, Judy Chrietzberg and Kay Adamsj CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH SUNDAY ON ANY SUNDAY during the year you can go to any church in our community and find young people from Georgetown High School. Most of them are among the active members in their church and they enjoy making contributions to the church welfare. One activity they all seem to enjoy is discussion and many views are aired in the Church School class- es. Church leaders feel that this is a healthy situa- tion, and they hope that through open forums and guided Bible study, the Church will make itself felt in the lives of its youth and in the community. FIRST METHODIST my 'Q ,ily M inis? A -vf U H 8 QG VI IUNSE STUDENT COUNCIL INSPECTING COPIES OF THE SCHOOL SONG, BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER, are the Student Council officers. Selling of the song sheets was one of several money-mak- ing attempts undertaken by the Council. Officers shown are John Berglund, 3rd vice- presidentg Karen Smith, lst vice-presidentg Jimmy "Bo" Guess, 2nd vice-presidentg President Jerry Thompsong Janice Glass, secretaryg Karen Cole, parliamentariang and Judy Chrietzberg, treasurer. IN COUNCIL MEETING, students often consult Advisor Alvin Murdock. Mr. Mur- dock joins the Council in its weekly meet- ings. ,qu-...M f 5 ff' -. ., . ...... , MR. MURDOCK WAITS IMPATIENTLY for the delegates to the State Convention at Abilene to get all their belongings together. Karen Smith seems to have trouble keeping her suitcase closed. Other delegates are John Berglund, Lundon Rosenblad, and Ka- ren Cole. GUIDING ACTIVITIES OF THE P. A. S. F. is Pres- ident Imadell Burks, center, shown with her co-offi- cers Secretary Shirley Bradley, Reporter Janie Edwards, Treasurer John Berglund, Sergeant-at-Arms Paula Wheeler, Vice-President David Watts, Publicity Chair man Richard Finch, and Scribe Ann McKinney. UNIT I President David Parsley, Vice-President Jimmy Petrosky, Reporter Donna Bishop, Scribe Randy Mercer admire last year's scrapbook as shown by Ann Barton and Kay Caskey. Not shown - Secretary Cara Snowden and Treasurer Judy Wolf. SPANISH II OFFICERS: Jimmy McDonald, Vice- President, Paula Wheeler, Reporter, Rita Lefner, Sec- retaryg Selinda Montgomery, Scribeg and Roylene Homeyer, Treasurer. Missing is Kay Raby, President. Paul Hindelang, Carolyn Chambers, Paula Wheel er, and Jimmy McDonald, project committee, exam- ine glass the P. A. S. F. installed in the Trophy case. SPANISH SUPPER. . . annual project of the P. A. S. F. is their Spanish Supper which, due to the untiring efforts of the members and their sponsor, Mrs. McCoy, proved to be a big success this year. F.H.A. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Joyce Anderson, Secretaryg Ian Ischy, Song Leader, Helen Mer- cer, Reporterg Carlela Keys, Historiang Barbara Whitley, Presidentg Mary Ann Jones, Pi- anistg Imadell Burks, Degrees Chairmang Kay Fredericson, Parliamentariang Joan Rosen- blad, Treasurerg Rosalie Smith, Vic e-President. . F -KL """--a LIVE and RADIATE F. H. A. was the theme of the State F. H. A. Convention held at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio. The delegates from our chapter were Kay Fredericson, high point girl, and Joan Rosenblad, incoming president. Each year the chapter sends the incoming president, state degree applicants, and the girl having the highest number of points to the state convention to get ideas to im- prove our own chapter. These members listening attentively j to a committee report are only a small portion of our club's membership. The V meetings are usually held in the home- making department with a program at each meeting. THE CHAPTER presented a fashion show this year for the public which was at- tended by a large crowd. The only qualification to enter was that the garment modeled be made by the girl. Sandra Taylor, Rita Lefner, and Rita McCas- land beam with pride while modeling their creations. THE CHEMISE LOOK made its way into our fashion show and was modeled by Alice Valentine, June Den- ham, and Karen Thorne. F.H.A. TRADITION always takes over for half a day during the school year, so that new club members can be initiated. As you can tell by looking at Catherine Miller, Grace Buchhorn, Terry Cox, Elaine Brady, June Jenkins, Linda Vogler, Billy Hausenfluck, Joan Hausen- fluck, Joan George and Neal Harris the school was filled with all sorts of masquerades. WQMAKERS ,-L 4' O O wb ' 17:9 Q' rn : r 79 Q1 1 Em..1.,.EbA Q 6 S' O 421 D 10' NEW HO af- Q 9' COMPETITION SHARPENS WITS, and our contestants Earl Smith, Joe Edgar, and Richard Kleen have good reason to smile as they display the first place banner won in the F. F. A. quiz at Taylor. They placed fifth in the area con- test at San Marcos on November 9, 1957. FUTURE FARMERS AMERICA Under Mr. Cairnes' able leadership, our F. F.A. chapter has been revitalized. He demands and receives good service from these officers: standing, Harold Schwausch, sentinelg Pete Bouf- fard, 3rd vice-presi- dent, Charles Miller, reporter, Kenneth Buchhorn, vice-presi- dentg Mr. Cairnes, ad- visor, seated, Merlin Taylor, 2nd vice-pres- identg Sammie Morris, treasurerg John Roberts, secretary, and Jerry Morgan, president. BLOCKING LAMBS might be called a typical activity of F. F.A. Billy Hausenfluck, Jerry Morgan, and Harold Schwausch demon- strate their skill at this activity, Champion fine wool ewe shown at Taylor Livestock show by Billy Hausenfluck. At Georgetown he won 2nd and 9th places with his Southdown fat lambs. r rf At the Taylor show Merlin Tay- Jimmy Doerfler won champion lor's Ewe was champion Southdown. Southdown fat lamb at Taylor, and 5th medium wool fat lamb at the Georgetown show. This champion Rambouillet ewe was shown by Earl Smith at the Williamson County Livestock show, March 10, 1958. At the Williamson County Live- stock Show, Thomas Williams won a championship with this medium- wool fat lamb. Milton Wolbrueck won champion 5 medium-wool fat lamb at the Tay- The Hereford bull shown by Joe lor Show and champion fine-wool "B1l'fCh" PCFTY WHS The ChP1mDi01'1 HY " X1-I fat lamb at the Williamson County the Taylor show and at the William- A Livestock Show, son County show as well. S X I Z . K Q' 'bcuwo cox -'Kp 'Yo' 0, FUTURE FARMERS l OF AMERICA QQ 'G' LENDING A BRILLIANT WAVE OF BLUE AND WHITE TO EVERY GAME AND RALLY THE BLUE WINGS, Even more impressive is the cheering support given the football team by this organization 'I'he three girls who did an outstanding job in directing the activities of the Blue Wings are Vice-President Carolyn Keese Hunt, President Betty Stubble- field, and Secretary-Treasurer Sandra Munson. THE BLUE WINGS SOC 'N' BUSKI SOC 'N' BUSKIN OFFICERS confer over the pro- gram for the year. Standing is president Verley Hunt, and seated from left to right are Sandra Munson, David Watts, Sarah Wheeler, Mary McCoy and Kay Adams. THE LINE UP, but this one is of National Thes- pians for the school year 1957-58. To belong to this society a member must accumulate ten points, and this takes work, 100 hours. "The Neighbors" fbelowj THREE ONE-ACT PLAYS, presented March 13 1958. Below, a scene from "The Wonder Hat, " " John Doe" facrossj f, ' .-f, wmmpw ua,,rr::t SOC 'N' BUSKI STRINGING POPCORN? No, indeed. This is a spring activity, and those strings are pink spring flowers which members of the speech class are preparing for "The Won- der Hat, " MAKE-UP ARTISTS here transform themselves and others into elderly people for "The Neighbors." Stanford Armstrong is about to become wrinkled. Two identified rear views - Sandra Munson and Sarah Jo Wheeler. THIS IS NOT A FRESHMAN JACK GAME, but'another session at picking up olives, a crucial moment in the one act "The Perfect Gentleman," presented by an all fresh- man cast. MEEK, MILD HUSBAND, R. I. Mott, asserts himself to his wife Uanice Glassj and flourishes a check in her face. Policemen, Don Williams and David Watts, sus- pect that the check is of no value but are impressed by R. I. 's lordly airs. CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES at Georgetown High include "The Christmas Tree," directed by Sarah Wheeler, at a joint meeting of F. H. A. and Soc 'n' Buskin. CLIMAXING THE YEAR'S PROGRAM for Soc 'n' Buskin was ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, a 3-act comedy - a hilar- ious success. UNIOR HIGH CHORUS Although these junior high girls frequently have to meet after school, they are eager to participate in choral training which may enable them to sing in the more advanced groups. This large number indi cates the enthusiasm which has been aroused by director Ruth Summers. Junior boys chorus has to cope with a staggered schedule and the requirement Mrs. Summers makes of wearing bow ties when they perform, but they are still determined to improve their ability and to ob- tain more musical appreciation. We all realize that these beginning groups will mean superior senior groups. 5 'mwvgi we Riff .,. A " A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS Officers are, Lyndon Rosenblad, presidentg section leaders Kay Caskey, Karen Hausenfluke, Kay Fred- ericson, Larry Smith, Imadell Burks, Jimmy Glover, David Watts, and Karen Smith, vice-president. A CAPPELLA CHOIR THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR, directed by Mrs. Mack Summers, is composed of the most select voices in the high school. Having appeared on many school and civic programs and concerts during the year, the choir makes an outstanding contribution to the community. The choir assisted the band in present- ing a Christmas concert and on April 21 gave their spring concert. M: ,s z., w.9?iiiiQf s., k fgis, , ,sa , . .-W.,-f-V -f ,, , M v,,, , -, ' as fs- , -f 4 2, 's W r -' V ,, . ' " 'L'L r . . ,. ' .t , f r- , , 5 if -L , - , m i X 1 . i so so if A A is so A ' .Es 4 . 'lives ilsw. Q f 3 'il ' ffm' ' 5,1 - we-,X - , ' jp, ,Q " .5 GQ . L,,,, , ,,, ,N,,, , ,, .. ,M ,. M y , ,,, ., ,,,,,, . . , W , , .M . , ,W - ' - f ' r X ' Nz ,, . at M, ,.a:ciw. s. an , ,- sr XWWQ, A f fs-1 A X Q - s f -f-' ', r 3'1"'i"t"'M "" "' ,. ' is . ,s t. IRQ , we --,-- ,, r ..,,,,, . , . . , . , , , , ,, . W' 7- 3' M fk-h 2--f rg. W gg alas 353 ' ' semi A n , .. 1 . , ,,,, ,, . , . J Mig. sf ,wr .Q md w Wa ...R,,,.. ., , 5. M zggfggggs ,, ,.,, gxismg f ,,.. ,.,,.. . s :Mp 4 gm 54 ' r . - iii 'g i f' . - f YN! N . k 'jjgw ,zjay ' ,3' ,g-2-p ts ," w-1,.ggs:::..f, ' ,R 'V , , - W' 1' - ' . .s 5,1 m y .1 ., WW, ifg,,.,,.' 5.,,Q,,..,, g f. I.. ,, , ,s -, ,V -,ww . - ,Q , ,., , , ,, , , . A dm L . A'-f 4 .H Q '. 2 Vgfrf ' . ,.. .s-4 '- 'm f --si. A -w.. f --'-- are -'kwin ' 5 s' .. ,,,. ,H , , 1 , ,W A . r w- as - ' ' 'A' ' ' " . mg ' f . -.351 ,Qu 1 Ma ,L ff' A . ,I ., ,sf- M g faqs, -,Q . f My . ., . V j , f , K ,N ,. . as 5, E' x' sr - . V f tr A ,gz 'NAV . ev Q sas its 2-sas' A 'f ' Wi 'S m N- 'S' - . ,Q - -f s- ' H, 9 .. - V - 1 fs A 3333 - a ,, - ' ff ff ' . , 4K,.,,, E sa. E ' ,fra . "x"' x""?- ' 'I gala? . I f Q. . ,, .-,wir 5, . f ' figs? fgjami ,,, . .duh . .M . . , v., .' , ,, ,. . , vt . . A,.- - .uiwff-x ,. f l " -' 3 an ,' Q . , ,., , , .. , . :p.:,s,,.a1' f: A K' .,., .. N , A --,f , , :,: K ,I A vf .,', Q vbbl In gy. 4 f 8,9 , QW A asa .,,. M 91,3 ,,.. , M lgLL , f I L rg.. vl:AW A A,VL 1 eyvyr F V: i fx.: ,, N Nllv ,IWA i -V ,.,' rx V, I A-,-, . M1 f s ' 9 xx gi qu Y 4 is fl gm is 5 6 I S gt ,rg guna i fy ii, P J' K, 4 . , , . .. X W e X as 5 3, 4? - .5 " K3 - 4 2' - A -'fA+ ' "f' , . " ' - - . 2 "" ,.- ., . ri '-F 5 h A f ' i ' f . -t P . r if .. NG W ,.,, f ,... ?-- -A , , "V'-' 1 .f J, , ..,. U 'i f 2 - , as 49" .fs 'K Q, ri n...:'5e Q' ' X 'P N ' My 1 S, M W n'N'f'E1m Y we We mfs 1 K- W 41 Ilegdt' Q 1 dy M W ssl 59 NzMs.,,j 1 5, ff ,X A 51.4.-Af, , , H . - ., , at .l A . t A i f is .r ff, t .1 ,af at Wm 4 si ,, ,vi Ways at sax 6 43 W Q WMWQ ig.,-a MXN? Hm'?Wi'q,gif' Wg? if Q. Ks.. u 4. ' aifftfiss Wg wig 'W Rwwg, digg BMW Bw?5G5Smf ,gif W X, W we Egg, W St ax es feet s V was W ,swfifm if 'Hs 'gan wmfsa s 3, Msgs M s, as is i' 5 we in W W as WW WS, Wigs, aww x M 5. sqft f -was W gg., fuse , .M 5 5? , , r . f"??sz,,,, r,ff-flfgsaf I t - - . . W .gr swfwf Wwe, ff,- ,:,g..,.,,,7, f s,.,-sm K ge ima. si . ff L' bfi 145225 MELA Thriif j' i H. ,, 2 ff N' ll 4 ' 1 ,fir . I-"1 f ' W1 , ' - ' " ' 'K akgww ffs ,- , .. . , ,, -' s 12.1 , .. . . if - ' .r.s,gs,5,,,,f:.fP'w1 , ,.. s.fs,3,.sf.-gases ie 5, ff ts s W f' sf fx. 1: ,Z X 3 . sims X' a flaw My i' 5 We Wim ik' . gf "il if 5 gr, ,, he 7,., 4-:.,:ef,.,.sa- Wa . gp li? fs., a s M 3 sf. K I on f S ,M X 1 1 ' a far. 'h'- Q- as sg i eww Iv wth- rs" f .M We it we as M R .af . . Ng e ,.. s M Qwww 1 as sswwf iss.. f'f""' . .- A- W A t M Q- MW? '--,asv ,R Riagg, Liga , 1 .. Q, ,. if vi. if K ,. s A A r .st 1 f V.. E ,,, '::"" ..... if s 3 iiif' r , A ff., is s ss. . ...a . ., Q sa s am as sr assess. I Mig QQ, P S .. s ste is.. ss its f as L . , a M L.. 2 s s Q W 4 ,pf A + 2. sig. sv W a 2235? R.k ,aQq X 1 L 'G s + , 'f an said' Riff' qs ks ay 43 as A , K is E' f is ,sg ,s I Y, 55935 Nxtss wif X W tis 'if as k W wi' mf? ,wt Y "f ms - as if ...s s as a t s .. V ... , f. .,,,.. as 'ef awe? 'A seiharsfsfsfisi-' 45:3 -a l A ' ' .- . sseif " lime IW" I ' ,ffv KW A f -if " 'sift Q . -'Sie I -"g as , '-, if ' . f " 'V s utr ' , ., - -, J '1 2 5 W A s. ,' ' , ' '- A 'M s,.-- -.4a,,...-,asr.vrf,, .1 .M as sf - .ta J fi., rn-gt we twat. ,,,, - -V V -. W , , ,,. g.,,eA,, . swf, is , n,Qw . ..1 1 f rs' .- st xg lifxksi' sw fs -gyms,-irfs 1' , - , as r, f. -W Y zmmsirg si . 5 .. .stag -a- r as ,E x 0 my . fa 7 Y f s. get baeaa ff rv' .H as gg -A ,mis Wye w as see is Q seam. I, av-iw ' f .sm s N ff l W . am' Y br ,Qs Qt t Wixiiiem s f .M 5, msgs ,M fee , sa ,fm 1 ,mr Q sr , up X s M s s s s s. e s X nr 1' sv I 'f f ' fs V... 1-fr 5 gg. f S l - . f' ' -, 6 as A gi f if :J - . 'L fi . - fr , r -' r Even with a few missing persons, we think that our Eagle Band makes an impressive picture in concert formation. Not only does director George Nelson see that the band gives us good shows during football season, but we have had three fine concerts. Also our band has been highly praised by contest judges, and a large number of contestants receive a one rating at regional contest each year. BAND points on the rating system. The BAND PRESIDENT R. I. Mott leads a discussion among band officers about how much work will be in- volved in obtaining another one plus at contest this year. Other officers are Pete Aleman, custodian, Karen Thorne, librarian, Shirley Bradley, reporterg Paul Hin- delang, custodian, and Carlela Keys, secretary. Seniors, R. J. Mott, L. Eads, C. Henderson, A. Sanders, M. A. Jones, R. Smith, I. Burks, D. Watts, Z. Wiggins, V. Whitfield, and H. Mercer receive their band jackets for having accumulated at least 175 Band Boosters Club feels that those who fulfill these requirements well deserve to receive these awards. BAND PERT AND PRETTY are the five majorettes of the Eagle Band. They are Pat Gamble, Jo Ann Rosenblad, Cathy Anderson, Karen Thorne, and Alice Valentine. DIRECTING THE BAND in the half-time shows and parades this year is their competent drum major Mary Ann Jones, who led the band in impres- sive marching shows. WINNER OF SEVERAL PARADE MARCHING CONTESTS, the Eagle Band brings home many honors. The band won the S100 prize for first place in the Lampasas Rehabilitation Parade and placed second out of approximately sixty Class "A" bands at the University of Texas Band Day. BAND MUCH PAINSTAKING EFFORT by Mr. Nelson and junior high students makes for good future "A" band members. DIVISION I On April 26, Georgetown High Band received a Division I in concert and sight reading at Interscholastic League Con- test at Waco. Also, out of 32 Georgetown entries, 23 were awarded Division I's. The following are the "23. " FLUTE TRIO, Class I - Carol Henderson, Joan Rosenblad, and Meredith McClain. WOODWIND QUINTET, Class II - Helen Mercer, Janet Steel- man, Cathy Anderson, Shirley Bradley, and Carlela Keys CLARINET QUARTET, Class II - Rosalie Smith, Karen Thorne Alice Valentine, and Joan Hausenfluck. CLARINET QUARTET, Class II - Patsy Scott, Ann Barton, Elaine Brady, and Cynthia Lackey. MIXED CLARINET QUARTET, Class I - Mary Ann Jones, Rosa- lie Smith, Billye Adams, and Pat Lackey. WOODWIND SOLOS - Karen Smith, Mary Ann Jones, Larry Smith, Melvin McLaughlin, Carol Henderson, and Meredith McClain. Not shown are the STUDENT CONDUCTORS - Karen Smith and David Watts. 1 BAND SAXOPHONE QUARTET, Class II - Virginia Whitfield, Selin- da Montgomery, Sara Buchanan, and Larry Smith. CLARINET QUARTET, Class III - Sue Thompson, Joyce Par- tain, Carolyn Petrosky, and Theodore Rivera Qmissingj. BRASS SEXTET, Class I - Randy Mercer, Ierry Thompson, David Watts, Charlie Williams, Karen Hausenfluke, and Eugene Stabeno. BRASS SOLOS - Bill Watts, David Watts, Randy Mercer, Ka- ren Hausenfluke, and Orlan Ihms. CORNET TRIO, Class III - Dan Aleman, David Parsley, and Lindy Anderson. TROMBONE QUARTET, Class II ' Richard Finch, Kelse An- derson, Pete Aleman, and Bill Watts. THE CHRISTMAS SEASON of 1957 was given a special lift by a fine concert presented by the combined band and chorus. One especially beautiful number was "Gloria in Excelsis Deo." ON MAY 17th the band gave as its spring concert a pro- gram which consisted mainly of class AAA music. Members of the audience were much impressed with the excellence of the performance. SCHOOL PAPER, THE EAGLE ECHO l Q, n f' "Q 'Z - Editor AMS KAY AD Mrs. Edwin, sponsor, who has reorganized and revitalized our pa- per, has to draft all her typists when the dead line is near. Back, Gay Bounds, Velma Cagle, Helen Mercerg Front, Sandra Elliott, Rita Mc- Casland, STAFF HEADS, to the left below, are Ioan Rosenblad, Judy Chrietzberg, Kay Adams, Carolyn Faught, Karen Cole, Paula Wheeler James Kimbro, Allan Sanders. REPORTERS, standing, Karen Smith, Mary McCoy, Jan lschy, Betty Stubblefield, Eileen Adams, Seated, Cammy Blackmore, San- dra Munson, Jane Edwards, Ann Wheeler. THIS FESTIVE TEA was given for the members of our OFFICERS OF THE FUTURE NURSES CLUB start out chapter of future nurses by Mrs. Turner, director of nur- for conference on the school porch. Pat Lackey, presi- sing at Breckenridge Hospital. The girls spent a weekend dentg Joan Hausenfluck, treasurerg Rita Lefner, parlia- at Breckenridge, where they were taken on a conducted mentariang Sara Io Buchanan, vice-presidentg and Kay tour, exposed to the routine of hospital life, and given Glenn, secretary. talks on the subject of nursing. FUTURE NURSES CLUB AND REBEL RAMBLERS CLUB THR REBEL RAMBLERS CLUB, composed of boys in- terested in every phase of cars and driving, is not char- tered by the school, but many of the members contribute to the welfare of our school by helping with the noontime traffic problem. Here is Rodney Prenzler in action. OUR "POP" WILLIAMS isn't exactly a rebel, but at least he's a Rambler, as shown here. The girls are in a hurry to get first orders at the drug store, but their safety is Mr. Williams first concern. E T A B E D LITERARY ACTIVITIES P.A.S.F. CONVENTION GLEEFULLY, DAVID CARLSON, who acts the part of a servant, notices that Jimmy McDonald's cough is get- ting very sympathetic attention from the girl he adores, Selinda Montgomery. Judging from Mother's expression fPaula Wheelerj, she is about to give her blessing to the pair. All this took place in the play "La Enfermera" PATRICIA RQBBINS has 1-eajjy given fThe Nursel, presented by members of P. A. S. F. at the up dolls, but she dressed this one as an Pan American convention, which is held in Austin each entry for a P.A. S, F, contest, and Spring- worked hard to give her doll an authen- tic Spanish look. .TUNIOR HIGH TALENT TO GIVE OUR JUNIOR HIGH GROUP a chance to compete among them- selves, a spring afternoon was borrowed from classes, and all who wished to be on a program had an opportunity. Linda Tombs served as master of ceremo- nies, and Mrs. Dee Hausenfluck was the judge. First place winners - the 7th grade quartet composed of Pamela Penniman, Sylvia Thorne, Laura Weir and Jeannie Behrens, singing Sandman." The second group were all judged to be excellent alsog Mary Ruth Queen's tap dance and Annette Labinsky's flast in linej song "Sugar Time" tied for 3rd place, and the two girls, Mildred Hill and Sylvia Thorne, who did a twirling act tied with Dane Evans, who played a piano solo, for 2nd place. There were other fine acts, and two weeks later, a quiz show won by Linda Tonn for the '7th grade and Sterling Eanes for the 8th grade. "PUT A LIGHT IN YOUR WINDOW" put Alice Almazon out in front, for her interpreta- tion of this song made her a first place winner at a talent show sponsored by the junior class and open to students from our entire school and from surrounding communities. VARIEGATED ACTIVITIES YOU HAD TO BE LITERATE, if not literary, to find your way through the halls the first week of May, for that was campaign week, and there were slogans, signs, mobiles, and pleas pasted on every allowable spot, as candidates for posi- tions on student council and for cheerleader, contested for votes. At this assembly, campaign managers spoke for their candidates, after which students voted by secret ballot in their classrooms. Lyndon Rosenblad is here giving a campaign speech for Karen Thorne. CANDIDATES TO GO TO BOYS' STATE are nominated from junior boys by their class, then carefully rated by teach- ers. Iohnny Berglund and Jimmy Guess, who both ran for the office of president of the Student Council, were selected to go to Boys' State in Austin, where they will have fine practice in parliamentary procedure and self government. Their sponsors are the Georgetown Chapters of American Legion and the ulating. UNCLE SAM shows a lot of interest in our high school boys. On this day, men representing various divisions of our armed forces talked up their own section to those they could interest in the subject. In order to get this activity and the one shown across in with literary events, we here insert this caption "Learning to Listen. " MARY MCCOY FINDS A WILLING CONTRIBUTOR to the "March of Dimes" in Kay Fredericson, who really put in the fifty cent piece she clutches so firmly. These girls are vol- unteers who gave time outside of school hours to assist in this worthy cause. Lions Club. Last spring Don Williams was the candidate and his re port was that he found the activities both instructive and st11'n DISTRICT LITERARY MEET WARNING Sandra Pennington, who won 3rd in district this spring, are junior declaimers Pat Robbins and Judy Wolf, who are real competi- tion. SENIOR HOWARD BLEEKE, who won a district first in boys' decla- mations, here explains his technique to possible winners for next year, Jimmy McDonald and Paul Hindelang. After losing to Howard, Paul surprised himself by winning a district lst in poetry reading. SHIRLEY JORDAN, winner of 3rd place poetry reading. OUR EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKERS John Berglund and David Carl son are hard at work, already laying plans to confound the judges next year. DECLAIMERS frequently need to moisten their dry mouths. Senior declaimer Rita Lefner won first in district, so this proves that Sandra Elliott and Pat Fletcher lost out to real competition. DISTRICT MEET We are well aware that those who enter the literary events for the district meet will have to work and sacrifice. For this reason we feel that each contestant deserves honor, and we are proud of them all. We realize that each person who enters develops his abilities, and regardless of the decision of the judges, we consider each one a winner. OUR TYPISTS - Carolyn Faughtg Catherine Andersong Mary Ann Ionesg Joan Rosenbladg and Karen Smith, not shown. "NO FAIR TEACHING LYN DON TO SPELL THAT WORD, PAULA !" Senior Lyndon Rosenblad hopes that sophomore Paula Wheeler will continue practice for next year's spelling team. SOMETIMES READY WRITERS AREN'T SO READY. It takes think- ing, you know. Rita McCasland and Pat Lackey organize their ideas. The judges were impressed enough to give Rita honorable mention. PREPARING FOR DEBATE probably takes the most time of all. All honor to our team, Carlela Keys and Sarah Wheeler, who put in many hours of hard work. SHORTHAND TEAM Rosalie Smith and Ann Love put in much time practicing after school for several weeks. Ann made third in district. Q K Ai Di' ,fif I X 2 vi Q I F 5 Ry 6 7,1 O IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGZEB llllllllllllliii llllllllllllllil llllllllllllllll , llll llllllll::l JIMMY BARRING' TON, junior,-lettered for the first time this year as fullback. BOBBY POPE, senior, co-captain this year and three year letter- man as end, was also named to the All- Central Texas defen- sive team. FOOTBALL JOHNNY TOMBS, senior, has lettered three years as a guard and was co-captain this year. He made the 20 AA All-District team, the Austin American All-Central Texas team, and the All-State team. Honorable mention on the All-American Prep School team and selection for the North and South Coaches' team added to his honors. NEAL HARRIS, senior, three year letterman as a halfback, was named to the 20 AA All-District of- fensive team the last two years. DICKEY STANLEY, junior, lettered last year as a quarterback and this year as an end. He was named to the Z0 AA All-District offensive team. JERRY THOMPSON, senior, lettered two years as defensive halfbackg named to the All-District defen- sive team this year. DON WILLIAMS, senior, has lettered three years as quarter back. BILLY HAUSEN- FLUCK, senior, de- fensive halfback, lettered one year. BILLY CASKEY. senior, guard, let- tered two years. LYNDON ROSEN' BLAD, senior, let- tered for two years as a center. FOOTBALL JIMMY GLOVER, senior, lettered two years as a tackle and end. JA MES KIMBRO, senior, lettered two years as a tackle. C. D. FOX, junior, lettered one year as line backer. FRED DODSON, senior lettered one year as de- fensive halfback and quarterback. TOMMY KIMBRO, right, junior, lettered two years as halfback, named to All-District defensive team. KENNETH JENKINS junior, lettered one year as a tackle. JIMMY GUESS, junior, lettered one year as a guard. FOOTBALL TERRY COX, senior, lettered one year as end. CLAYTON HUNT, senior, let- tered one year as center. JIMMY JORDAN, senior, let- tered one year as halfback. SEASONS RESULTS GEORGETOWN OPPONENTS 14 McGregor 20 San Marcos 34 Elgin 2 7 Hearne 6 Rockdale 38 Round Rock 1 Rosebud 33 Granbury 21 Taylor 30 Granger 7 Belton VERLEY HUNT, senlor, let- tered one year as tackle. I, E. STUBBS, Jun1or, reserve guard. JOE WELIAMS, sophomore, center reserve. COACHES Birklebach, Stelzer, and Lane reminisce over the action shown below. WAYNE WALDEN'S 3rd year as football manager demonstrates his increasing effi- ciency and ability. COACHES AND MANAGERS Illustrating the good job done by coaches and man- agers who are aid- ing the injured, this picture also records a strange mishap in which johnny Tombs and a San Marcos player both re- ceived "charley horses" when they collided during the game. .TACK KLEIN'S BIG SMILE indi- cates his pride in the manager's jacket awarded him after his first season's efforts. Johnny Tombs, with the help of Dickey Stanley, end, runs down a Taylor player. FOOTBALL Jimmy Barrington No 31 appears to be tackled but stumbles and regains his feet, completing a seventeen yard run. During the en- tire Taylor game, he gained 216 yards. DURING THE GEORGETOWN-ROUND ROCK GAME, Tommy Kimbro breaks loose for six yards and an Eagle touchdown which accounted for one of five TD's by the Eagle "A" squad in eight plays. Reserves scored an additional six points. CHARGING DOWN FIELD after a Taylor duck, are defen- sive end Bobby Pope, defensive halfback Jerry Thompson, de- fensive end Dickey Stanley, and defensive halfback Neal Harris. l SINCE BETTY STUBLEFIELD IS A PETITE MISS, this football sweetheart jacket seems a little large, but at least it allows room for her to swell with the pride she felt when it was awarded to her AN AERIAL VIEW of our new football field shows the high powered lights, the dressing rooms, and the grandstands, which will seat 4100. We are proud of all these features, as well as the underground sprink- ling system. After years of playing on Snyder Field, it gives us great satisfaction that our "Eagle Field" is generally conceded to be one of the best in cennal Texas. BEHOLD "POP" WILLIAMS' jacketing his son Don, while team, coaches, and sweetheart, all resplendent in their new finery, patiently wait for the end of the assembly so they can strut a little in the halls. "WE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER TO DEDICATE. . . Rev. Jan McMurry, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, makes the dedicatory address upon the occasion of our first game played on the new field, that with Elgin, September 20, 1957. "B" TEAM FOOTBALL SCORES GEORGETOWN Georgetown 7 Georgetown 30 Georgetown 0 Georgetown 33 Georgetown 0 Georgetown 2 5 Georgetown 45 Georgetown 7 OPPONENTS Elgin Thrall Elgin Rockdale Rockdale Taylor Thrall Belton ISSUING EQUIPMENT is an important chore for Coach "Birk. " "B" team members Jackie Headrick, Don Todd, and John Rob erts, dubiously examine parts of their gear Q32 .,., E f EIGHTH GRADE - TOP ROW: D. Aleman, A. Bell, V. Freydenfeldt, D. Spain, C. Jenkins, I. Nunn, J. Atkin, K. Adams I. Harris. MIDDLE ROW: S. Keeling, I. Holcomb, W. Gattis, J. Kauffman, T. Etheridge, C. Reeder, D. Newsom, B. Bredthauer, W. Beckman - Manager. SITTING: E. Beckman, J. Villereal, J. Montgomery, F. Homeyer, E. Morris, B. Miller, F. Lozano, M. Adams, J. Miller. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL WELL-LIKED COACH LANE confers with the Seventh and Eighth Grade team manag- ers, Larry Mason and William Beckman, on some of the fine points of their job as man- agers. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL EIGHTH GRADE SCORES, 1957 SEVENTH GRADE SCORES, 1957 Elgin Georgetown 7 Round Rock O Georgetown O Round Rock Georgetown 25 Taylor 6 Georgetown 18 Taylor Georgetown 28 Round Rock 13 Georgetown 19 Elgin Georgetown 7 Won 2 Lost O Tied 1 Round Rock Georgetown 12 Thrall Georgetown 28 Won 3 Lost 3 Tied O SEVENTH GRADE - TOP ROW: G. Woolsey, Montgomery. I. Russell. BOTTOM ROW: C. L. Miller, and Larry Mason - manager. H. Anderson, I. Vogler, E. Rogers, T. Peaslee, C. Salyer, B. Davis, G. Nunn, B. Forest, I. Calhoun, M. Mattox, R. Smith. S. Stephens, J. Smith Possibly the "B" team subs are puzzled? Jackie Klein, Manager, John Doerfler, James Boriac, Stanford Armstrong, J. E. Stubbs, and Edgar Wuthrich, manager. "A" TEAM BASKETBALL TOP: Clayton Hunt, Neal Harris, Dickey Stanley, Jimmy Glover, Jerry Thomp son. BOTTOM: Johnny Tombs, Randall Mickan, Fred Dodson, Coach Stel- zer, Neal Harris holds the trophy for 3rd place in the Hutto tournament, Dickey Stanley holds the George- town roving tournament trophy, and Jimmy Glover holds the lst place trophy from the 1958 Georgetown tournament. "B" TEAM BASKETBALL How did we get this huddle picture? That's a trade secret of the yearbook staff! Randall Mickan, David Adams, Oliver Schwatz, Gerald Hill, Don Todd, David Woodfin. BASKETBALL GEORGETOWN WON PERMANENT POSSESSION OF THE ROVING TROPHY at the Georgetown tournament when they beat Taylor. Glover goes up for a jump shot to add two points to the score while Harris looks for the rebound. ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM MEM- BERS receive their awards from County Superintendent Gilbert Conlee. George- town is well represented by two out- standing players Jimmy Glover and Dickey Stanley. "A" TEAM SCORES "B" TEAM SCORES HOME VISITORS HOME VISITORS 36 Round Rock 45 Concordia 43 Round Rock 21 Hutto 77 Rosebud 34 Hutto 61 Rosebud 24 Round Rock 52 Hearne 49 Rosebud 41 Hearne 55 Rosebud 42 Taylor 58 Hearne 37 Taylor 58 Hearne 41 Rockdale 32 Taylor 36 Rockdale 37 Taylor 39 Belton 33 Belton 53 Belton 54 Belton 39 Rockdale READY AND WAITING are freshman subs, Jim- my Petrosky, Mike Weir, Robert Bost, Jimmy Black- more, and Bill Watts. FRESHMAN AND STH GRADE BASKETBALL FRESHMAN FIRST STRING, Jerry Knallih, 5 don Peterson. INTENSE UPON THE GAME are the 8th grade subs, Jesse Smith, Ernest Morris, Bud Bredthauer, Stanley Keeling, Bernard Miller, Johnny Nunn, Charles Jenkins, Clyde Reeder, and Jimmy Don Buchanan. IT'S A SERIOUS MATTER to be an 8th grade starter. Shown in attitudes of deep concentration are Dennis Chapman, Tommy Etheridge, Jim Kauffman, James Morris, and Jimmy Holcomb. Jerry Perry, Mike Jones, David Parsley, Gor- CHEERLEADERS CHEERS FOR OUR CHEERLEAD- ERS, Judy Chrietzberg, Karen Cole, Carolyn Faught, Sandra Elliott, Betty Logan, and Cammy Black- more, who paid the main part of their own expenses to go to Cheer- leading School at S. M. U. last Au- gust, and consequently had wonder- ful rhythm and timing, as well as flash and zip when they led our cheering section. IN ACTION, the cheerleaders are urging the student body to express themselves in positive man- ner with regard to their intentions and plans for Rockdale's team, the Tigers. NIGHT RALLY shows white costumes of cheer- leaders to advantage. "ROAST THE DUCK" bonfire before the Taylor game gets good attendance and helps the cheerlead- ers fire up the spirits of the Georgetown rooting sec- tion. END OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON is FOOTBALL MOTHERS serve the banquet, but always celebrated in early December with a banquet put on by parents who belong to the Football Boosters' Club. Seated at head table are the coaches, school officials and their wives. MRS. ARMSTRONG, shown in the center of the picture at the right, is serving iced tea, and in the background other parents are awarding generous portions of barbecue, fruit salad and all the usual good items for this feast. parents of senior boys enjoy the banquet by be- ing seated with their boys and being served too. FOOTBALL BANQUET JUNIOR HIGH BOYS on view here DON'T ASK THE EDITOR to name who's who seem pleased to be in attendance even in this or any of these pictures. Just pick your- without dates. self out, and if you're here, it's certain that you enjoyed the occasion. TENNIS SENIOR BOYS DOUBLES, R. I. Mott, Charlie Williams, and alternate Lyndon Rosenblad are shown on the Saturday page. BILL WATTS DIANE SPURLOCK Junior Singles Junior Girls Singles KAREN COLE and PAULA WHEELER Senior Girls Doubles DAVID WATTS Senior Singles ROY LEE ADAMS Alternate U.-far rightj ROBERT BOST and DOUGLAS MURDOCK Itmior Doubles, and District Winners CAROLYN CHAMBERS ANN WHEELER Hfld Junior Girls Singles SANDRA PENNINGTON BETTY LOGAN Junior Girls Doubles Senior Girls Singles i l i I 2 i 5 2? WHAT A CATASTROPHE Tl-HS COULD BE? Even though these boys, David Watts, Larry Smith, Mike Weir, and Billy Caskey fmissingj seem to know nothing about golf, they combined efforts and won the district cham- pionship. Q HAPPY, BOYS? They should be after winning 2nd place in district volleyball. They are: J, Draeger, J. Glover, J. Thompson, G, Hill, C, 5 Hunt, C. Davis, G. Kurio, L. Leggett, F. Dodson, and D. Adams. THE GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM this year consisted of: R. Johnson, A. Love, C. Chambers, D. Adams, P. Wheeler, K. Cole, B. Stubblefield, G. Love, and G. Shaefer. -1 I VOLLEYBALL,SOFTBALL, ABHDGOLF STRATEGY, THAT'S IT! Glenda Love is stressing this to her " B" team volleyball teammates, Linda Andrews, Jalane Carter, Evelyn Noack, and Carolyn Domel. THE GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM played in many tournaments this spring, one in Belton, one in Taylor, and another in Florence. Ann Love was selected as outstanding player of the Belton Tournament. Here the team is displaying the trophy won at that tournament. The volleyball team placed 2nd in district. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! This is what the girls volleyball team believes and does. BASEBALL THE 1957-58 TEAM: manager J. Glover, D. Will- iams, G. Hill, W. Keeling, T. Cox, I. Jordan, J. Do- mel, B. Caskey, A Coach B. Lane, T. Williams, R. C. Leschber, F. Dod- son, J. Tombs, N. Harris, D. Stanley, M. Jones, E. Wuth- rick, and D. Adams. MANAGER HMMY GLOVER seems to be giving "Chick" Tombs last-minute instruc- tions as the team boards the " ole" Ag bus for Leander on April 1. kill BASEBALL SC ORES DATE OPPONENT GEORGETOWN March Leander 3 17 March Elgin 12 9 March Elgin 14 2 April Leander 6 13 April Thrall 0 16 April Taylor' 4 5 April Rockdale' 3 11 April Hearnet O 6 April Florence 4 31 April Belton' 4 6 May Florence 4 8 May I-learnei' 2 5 May Rockdale' 3 9 May Belton' 3 4 SEASON RECORD DISTRICT RECORD' Won - 12 Won - '7 Lost ' 2 Lost - 0 BI-DISTRICT SCORES Fredericksburg Georgetown 4 9 1 15 REGIONAL SCORES St. Augustine Georgetown r. x s fl 12 4 fs X2 13 3 1 fair. n THE WINNING RUNI Fred Dodson grabs ROUNDING THIRD BASE during the B61- Johnny Tombs as Johnny reaches home plate, YOU game is Fred DOCISOH, the Star PifCl'1SF giving Georgetown the winning Score during for Georgetown. Fred pitched quite a few the second game with Belton. The final H0-hit Q3-H1651 giVi11g him the title Of "NO- score was 4-3, favor of the Eagles. hit" Dodson. BASEBALL TIGHT PLAY! During the 4th inning of the second game with THIRD BASEMAN BILLY CASKEY puts power Fredericksburg Hillbillies in the bi-district play off, Wendell behind his bat as he swings at an oncoming ball Keeling slammed one with the bases loaded. Six runs in total were made in the 4th inning. Dickey Stanley is crossing the home plate here. BROAD JUMP, RELAY, SHUT-PUT, DISCUS PRACTICING for the broad jump are Jimmy Blackmore, Mike Jones and Ronald Fox. Mike won lst in the dis- Uict broad jumpg Jimmy placed 4th. PLACING 2nd in the district 440 re- lay was the team composed of Jimmy Petrosky, Ronald Fox, Gordon Peterson, Donald Fox. JERRY KNAUTH AND ROBERT BOST ran the 660 relay this year. Robert placed 2nd in the Killeen track meet. MUSCLE MEN David Parsley, Larry Smith and Mike Weir worked out in shot-put, discus throwing and chin-ups. David won 2nd place in the district shot puts. TRACK The original track pictures were lost by the developer in San Antonio, so we had to call on some of the boys for other pictures shown here. NOT EXACTLY IN TRACK ATTIRE, but nevertheless in per- fect form are senior tracksters Billy Hausenfluck, Neal Harris, and Tommy Kimbro. These boys posted solid records throughout the season. LOOKING AS IF THEY ARE ON THEIR LAST PEG are Stanford Arm- strong, Randal Mickan, and Charlie Williams. Perhaps they have just came from one of their track work- outs, or their condition could be due to the old rnalady felt by all during last days of school - spring fever. THESE SPEEDY TRACK- STERS represented our school in the District track meet. Charlie Williams, Stanford Armstrong, and Daniel Vas- quez ran the half-mile. And Terry Cox. right, placed 2nd in district on the mile. il I-I X V51 V53 FEATURE S 4 Ks, R. AND MISS G.H.S. HERE IS ROYALTY! A brief moment before principal Williams an- nounced the winners of the titles " Mr. and Miss Georgetown High School," the court and the crown bearers, Donna Davis and Richard Eanes, pause in anticipation. All here are already greatly honored, for they became can- didates only after a double screening. A faculty committee selected by the Student Council recommended senior names to the whole faculty, who then chose these eight candidates. CANDIDATES Imadell Burks and Howard Bleeke Qfirst abovejg then Janice Glass and Jerry Thompsong Sarah Io Wheeler and Lyndon Rosenblad, Mary Ann Jones and Don Williams. QUEEN .TANICE AND KING HOWARD, wearing the royal rega- lia, show by their serious expres- sions their awareness of the honor and responsibility which is theirs, since they have been chosen by teachers and vote of students as the senior students who most exemplify the ideals of Georgetown High - HIGH MORALS, COURTESY, PAR- TICIPATION IN ACTIVITIES, IN- ITIATIVE, DEPENDABILITY, OPEN MINDEDNESS, PLEASING PERSON- ALITY, NEAT APPEARANCE. SUBJECTS and Queen at the cor- onation ball. At least one subject is completely un- der her spell! F.F.A. SWEETHEART AND IDEAL HOMEMAKER proved to be an excellent choice, for to win the title of District Sweetheart. .1850 '44 ff um: '7 WLS A s .5 BYE.-Hua., Across, Cammy receives Sweetheart jacket from Billy Hausenfluke, F. F. A. member. CAMMY BLACKMORE, chosen F. F. A. Chapter Sweetheart, this charming girl went on WOW! THAT CAKE LOOKS DELICIOUS! And we bet it is, too, because the pretty chef is BARBARA WHITELEY, Ideal Home maker of the F. H. A. Chapter. Barbara received this honor by popular vote of chapter members. -'Nun , ' f R, D -A , l F.H.A. BEAU AND PARENTS AT THE F. H. A. BANQUET Mr. and Mrs. Buck Burkland were announced as Chapter Parents. They are Neal's sister and brother-in-law. President Barbara Whiteley is presenting them a gift. FOR ME? Neal Har- ris, the F. H. A. Beau, doesn't know what to do first - admire the dress held by Elaine Brady, sample the cake offered by Glenda Love or accept the bouton- niere presented him by Geraldine Krejci. Neal was elected by secret ballot from several nominees by F. H. A. members. Incidental- ly, Neal is an F. H. A. 'er. wx X fi ir' s r- H :fn . '- . f ' 'N' , ..' ' ' .g'N', -"',,1f-' lp I-fy id, ' 4- - .. 'PA A :X 4 ,- ,?.:.L,s wma' D A.R. AND BETTY CROCKER AWARDS MARY ANN JONES, recipient of the citizenship award given by the Daughters of the American Rev- olution, was selected by faculty after the senior class nominated six girls for the honor. Mary Ann, for two years Drum Major of the band, is very active in extracurricular work, and is regarded by all as effi- cient and dependable and possessed of the character- istics which make for fine citizenship. She has ap- plied herself conscientiously to her studies and is the valedictorian of her class. HIP 1 v N 1' bras ' ' - SARAH JO WHEELER, winner of the Betty Crocker Award, scored highest on competitive examination taken by approximately twenty girls. Not only is Sa- rah skilled in the art of homemakingg she is very ac- tive in Soc'n' Buskin, having directed the Spanish play for P. A. S. F. conventiong she is a key member of the A Cappella choir, and is salutatorian of her class. In addition to this Sarah is regarded by teach- ers and pupils as a very fine person. Miss Mason, homernaking teacher, presented this award at an assembly program. + MS Ill X F ll 69- I I I I Ill. IIII J A " 59 "i .-.Q-1-1555 Q, 'I!ii'!!!fE' 2 ' BA 6 ' "" 1 - - A!l!f'u'!lll ' ' 1 4'! Qljl ' A sgrslgvgl ITF' FOOTBALL QUEEN PETITE AND DAINTY BETTY STUBBLEFIELD, chosen Football Queen for 1957-58, was the senior candidate. She is escorted by Neal Harris. cas usualj. The crowning took place during the Round Rock-Georgetown game. NEAL, AFTER PRESENT- ING THE FLOWERS to Betty adjusts the crown. FRESHMAN CANDIDATE, DONNA BISHOP, and SOPHO- MORE CANDIDATE, CARLELA KEYS with Randall Mickan, are shown at the moment Car- lela receives her flowers. JUNIOR CANDIDATE, JOAN ROS- ENBLAD, with escort Dickey Stanley. ,, W, .AE ,u I W ,,,, ,W , Yffffrf BAND SWEETHEART TOP RATING in every aspect of its activity was achieved by the Eagle Band for the 1957-58 season, including the selection of a sweetheart, sopho- more beauty, Ann McKinney. To THE STRAINS OF "LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART" Band Presi- dent R. J. Mott accompanies Ann across the field just after he has presented her with the heart of blue and white carna- tions. Spectacular halftime ceremonies during the game with San Marcos intro- duced Ann as sweetheart. COULD IT BE THAT THIS BAND PRESIDENT is giving this band sweetheart more careful attention than is required by his of- fice? Ann's frock is off white organdy over taffeta embroidered with yellow centered flowers. Her sash is of gold ribbon. Perhaps R. J. feels that all this merits careful official consideration. if ' J I """-' Ffa?" ,Q FOOTBALL: Johnny Tombs - All-State Guard DAVID CARLSON 3rd in state competition in an oratory contest sponsored by the Optimist Club. ALL-STATE AND REGIONAL WINNERS DRAMA: First in State Cast of state play: Janice Glass - Best Actress Howard Bleeke - All-Star Cast David Watts R. I. Mott Mary McCoy SPEECH DEPARTMENT: Rita Lefner - lst in State Declamation Paul Hindelang - lst in State Poetry Reading EAGLE BAND lst Division in both concert playing and sight- reading at Regional Contest in Waco. Individual Honors: First All-Regional Band 'Meredith McClain +Karen Smith +Carol Henderson Larry Smith Joan Rosenblad 'David Watts Mary Ann Jones Karen Hausenfluke + Billye Adams Orlan Ihms "'Imadell Burks "' All-State Band Members +Alternates for All-State Band Sec ond All-Regional Band Rosalie Smith Helen Mercer Shirley Bradley Pat Lackey A CAPPELLA CHOIR lst Division in both concert singing and sight- reading at Regional Contest in Waco. Individual Honors: Janice Glass All-State Choir Kay Fredericson All-State Choir Howard Bleeke All-State Choir Lyndon Rosenblad All-State Choir Alternates: Karen Smith All-State Choir Pat Lackey All-State Choir Larry Smith All-State Choir Terry Cox All-State Choir David Watts also made the state choir, but took state band honors instead, GIRLS' CHORUS lst Division in both concert singing and sight- reading at Regional Contest in Waco. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET BEAUTY AND freshman and EFFICIENCY - sophomore mem- what more could bers of Pan Amer- one ask for in ican Student Fo- waitresses? These rum, and were lovely girls happy to serve the dressed in South 4 junior-senior ban- Sea sarongs are p quet. gg fi A ff ,M AN UNDERWATER THEME distinquished the GRACING THE HEAD TABLE are the C1335 pres- splendid banquet given for the senior class on May idents, Don Williams and Tommy Leggett, emcee Znd. The juniors did a beautiful job throughout, john Berglund and their dares, from food to scenery. All the fish and water plants were drawn and painted by juniors. SLOWLY THE BUBBLES RISE from the treasure THIS SCHOONER, which appears to float on chest below. Juniors Charles Miller and Kay Glenn the gym floor, was drawn by Ian Ischy to help create and seniors jimmy Whitfield and Virginia Whitfield atmosphere. lsn't it see-worthy? are admiring the jewels. PARTIES TO BOOST CLASS SPIRIT, to break the monotony, to celebrate, or for any other reason, a party is acceptable. 'I'hese are only samplings of the parties for 1957-58, but are representative. GENERAL HOMEMAKIN G PARTY shows, left to right, Ruth Jenkins, Barbara Whiteley, Shirley Sralla, and in the background, teacher, Mrs. Sauls. The girls are making enchiladas to complete a menu of tacos and pralines. SOPHOMORE PARTY FRESHMAN PARTY BAND PARTY SHORTHAND PARTY SOPHOMORE DAVID CARLSON, above, holds PRE-CHRISTMAS DANCE ftop, abovej is en- his audience enthralled at the pre-Christmas party. l0YCCl by the 1957-53 CYOP Of f1'CShmST1, who Seem to be especially active as a class. DANCERS at the yearly event, a band party given at Christmas by the Band Boosters, are missing games SHORTHAND PARTY features Helen Mercer, in the adjoining room. prominent fas usualy among the samplers of dips and chips. We know there are others - just look! PROPHECY given by Janice Glass, Helen Mercer, and R. J. Mott. The smiles in- dicate that the future looks rosy for the class of '58. GRADUATIO TOP TEN Mary Ann Jones - 95. 9 Sarah Wheeler - 95. 49 Don Williams - 95. 18 Rosalie Smith - 93,43 Lyndon Rosenblad - 93. 37 Jerry Thompson - 93. 3 Imadell Burks - 92.25 Helen Mercer - 92. 06 Betty Stubblefield - 92 Rita McCasland - 91. 94 SENIORS, 1958, are proud of their fine students. After the top ten came many others with averages between 80 and 90. BACCALAUREATE services were held May 25, at the First Methodist Church. Reverend McAfee of the Saint John's Methodist delivered the sermon. The high school chorus gave two numbers, and one of them, "God of Our Fathers," featured brass and percussion accompaniment from band members in the church balcony. AT GRADUATION EXERCISES Dr. Arthur K. Tyson, president of Mary-Hardin Baylor College made the address to the sixty four seniors and friends. CLASS HISTORY was presented by Kay Adams, Mary Ann Jones and Ro- salie Smith. CLASS POEM was read by Howard Bleeke, Ann Love, and Sarah Wheeler. ' , s, Q ...., L ' '- -af aff. 'Q xg 1 ,X , m in 1 aaigsvig s Y W.. is R '- -at pf, if - ' " ' CLASS WILL was giv- en by Iudy Chrietzberg, Betty Logan, and Betty Stubblefield. BETTY BIRD HILL, at the left, below, returned to graduate with her class. Next are the medal winners: K. Freyden- feldt, Spanishg H. Schwausch, Ag., S. Eanes, junior high scienceg E. Gibbs and L. Weir tied for junior history, L. Tonn, junior math and citizenship award, Carlela Keys, senior citizenship award, J. Rosenblad, homernakingg fnot shownj I. Smith, junior high Spanish. The flowers are in memory of classmate Brian Englebrechtg next M. A. Jones, valedictorian and commercial award, J. Glass, speechg S. Wheeler, salutatorian and English, N. Harris, award for twelve years of per- fect attendanceg K. Adams, recipient of award from paper staff for editorshipg Don Williams, science and mathg G. Peter- son, tied with Williams for math, Sandra Elliott, history. The medals were awarded for top grades in the department. The American Legion also presented citizenship awards to J, Doerfler, and J. Kauffman, not shown. G H S CLASS AM X SECTION 5 R X if SOPH Q FISHXQ XX SENIORS Vice-President Neal Harris, endowed with athletic ability and musically gifted, expends his energy and talent freely. His unusually mature perception of what is right influences his every act, and his magnetic personality has won him the affection of the whole school. Treasurer Alex Patterson has met the challenge of life as presented to him, and has grown in ability, understand- ing and spirit as he has risen above difficulties to become one who renders real service to his school. Reporter Betty Stubblefield: Miss School Spirit, herself! Betty's charm, gaiety and pep have been a real inspiration to the entire student body. 'President Don Williams: If ever a student deserved the title "well rounded," it is Don. He is consistently able and outstanding in everything he does, often because of natural ability, but always because of an eager, adaptable nature, and a great desire to accomplish. Secretary Rita McCasland is a good student whose sweet and cooperative manner, and whose interest in and respect for learning has had far reaching influence in guid- l ing many of her classmates. 1 L ADAMS, DARLENE FHA 54-585 Blue Wings 56-58, Eagle Echo Staff 57-58. ADAMS, KAY PASF 54-56, publicity chairman 55-56, scribe 56-57g Blue Wings 55-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, secretary and treasurer 57-58, Eagle Echo Staff 54-56 and 57- 58, editor 57-585 Letter "G" Award for PASF 55-56g Freshman Class reporter and junior class vice-presi- dent. ANDERSON, JOYCE FHA 54-58, junior and chapter degrees. ANDREWS, LINDA FHA 54-58, junior and chapter degreesg Blue Wings 55-58, Soc' 'n' Buskin 57-585 Nurses Club 57-58. SENIORS BARTZ, TOMMY FFA 54-57, third vice-president, chapter farmer. BLEEKE, HOWARD FFA 54-56 and 57-58, Student Council 57-58, Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, Boys' Chorus 56-57, A Cappella 57- 58, All-State Chorus 57-58, Declarnation 54-58, district 56-57. BOUNDS, GAY FHA 54-58, pianist 55-56g Blue Wings 56-585 Eagle Echo Staff 57-58, Freshman class secre- tary. BURKS, IMADELL FHA 54-58, pianist 54-55, historian 55-56, state degree and secretary 56-57, degrees chairman 57-585 PASF 57-58, president 57- 58g Band 55-58, All-Regional 57-58, Aerie Staff 57-58, Letter "G" award in FHA 56-57, Girls' Chorus 55-57, A Cappella Choir 57-58, All-State Band 58. CAGLE, VELMA FHA 54-583 Blue Wings 56-58g Eagle Echo Staff 57-58, nypisr. CASKEY, BILLY PASF 54-56: Football 54-58, Baseball 54-583 Golf 57-58. CHANCE, DELBERT FFA 54-57, chapter farmer, secretary 56-57, Football 54-55. CHRIETZBERG, JUDY PASF 54-57, Student Council 56-58, treasurer 57-58, Blue Wings 55-57, president 56-57, Cheerleader 57-58, Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, Girls' Chorus 56-57: Eagle Echo Staff 55-56 and 57-58, feature editor 57-58, Junior Class treasurer. SENIGRS COTHRAN, DAVID Transfer from Marble Falls, Texas. COX, TERRY FHA 57-58, Band 55-56g Boys' Chorus 56-57, A Cappella 57-58g Football 56-585 Basketball 55-56, Track 55-58. DAVIS, CRAIG FFA 54-56 and 57-58, chapter farmerg Foot- ball 55-56. DAVIS, DOUGLAS FFA 54-57, sentinel 56-57, chapter farmer. DAVIS, LORETTA Transfer from Houston, Texas. DODSON, FRED PASF 54-575 Soc' 'n' Buskin 56-585 Band 54- 58, Boys' Chorus 56-57g A Cappella 57-58, Football 55-585 Basketball 55-58, Baseball 55-585 Tennis 55-56. DOMEL, CAROLYN FHA 54-565 Student Council 54-555 Basket- ball 57-58g Volleyball 57-589 Freshman Class treasurer. EADS, LARRY PASF 54-56g Band 54-58. SENIORS GLASS, IANICE PASF 54-575 Student Council 54-55 and 56- 58, parliamentarian 56-57, secretary 57-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, treasurer 55-56, Na- tional Thespian 55-585 Girls' Chorus 55-58, president 56-575 A Cappella 56-585 Cheer- leader 55-57, head cheerleader 56-575 Ten- nis 54-565 Letter "G" Award in PASF in 55- 56 and in Soc' 'n' Buskin in 56-585 FFA Sweetheart 56-575 Freshman vice-president5 All-State Chorus 58. GLOVER, JIMMY FFA 54-555 Student Council 57-585 Boys' Chorus 56-575 A Cappella 57-585 Football 54-585 Basketball 54-585 Baseball 55-565 Track 54-585 Sophomore Class president. GRAN ZIN, RALPH Transfer from San Antonio, Texas. HALBART, LYNNE Transfer from Palestine, Texas. HARRIS, NEAL PASF 54-565 Boys' Chorus 56-575 A Cappella 56-575 Football 54-585 Basketball 54-585 Baseball 54-56 and 57-585 Track 54-55 and 57-585 Senior Class vice-president. HAUSENFLUCK, BILLY FFA 54-56 and 57-58, chapter farmer5 FHA 57-585 Boys' Chorus 56-575 Football 54-585 Volleyball 55-565 Track 56-58. HENDERSON , CAROL FHA 57-585 PASF 55-565 Soc' 'n' Buskin 55- 585 National Thespian 57-585 Band 54-58, All-Regional 57-585 All-State Alternate 57- 585 Girls' Chorus 57-58. HOYLE, DOUGLAS FFA 54-57, vice-president 56-57, chapter farmer. SENIOR HUNT, CLAYTON PASF 54-565 A Cappella 57-585 Football 55- 585 Basketball 55-585 Track 57-58. HUNT, VERLEY PASF 54-565 Student Council 57-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 55-585 National Thespians 56-585 Foot- ball 55-585 Basketball 55-565 Baseball 55-565 Golf 56-58. JENKINS, RUTH FHA 54-55. JONES, MARY ANN FHA 56-58, pianist 57-58, junior degree5 PASF 54-575 Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, National Thespian 56-585 Band 54-58, librarian 55-565 All-Regional band 55-585 Aerie Staff 56-58, editor 57-585 Drum Major 56-585 Letter "G" Awards for PASF in 55-56 and for Acrie Staff in 56-575 Achievement Medal in Spanish 55-56 and in Hornemaking in 56-575 Sophomore Class secretary and treasurer5 DARAward 57-58. JORDAN. JIMMY FFA 54-56 and 57-585 Football 55-585 Base- ball 55-575 Track 55-56. KIMBRO, JAMES FFA 54-565 Boys' Chorus 56-575 Eagle Echo Staff 57-58, Sports Editor 57-585 Football 54- 585 Track 55-58. LEGGETT, LARRY FFA 54-56, parliamentarian5 Football 55-57. LESCHBER, RAY CHARLES FFA 54-565 Baseball 55-585 Volleyball 56-58. SENIORS LOGAN, BETTY FI-IA 54-565 Blue Wings 55-57, secretary and treasurer 56-575 Cheerleader 57-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 56-585 Basketball 54-565 Tennis 54- 56 and 57-58. LOVE, ANN FHA 54-585 Eagle Echo Staff 57-585 Basket- ball 54-575 Baseball 54-575 Volleyball 54-57 MARSHALL, HATTIE MAE FHA 54-56. MARTIN, ROBERT Soc' 'n' Buskin 56-575 Boys' Chorus 56-585 A Cappella 56-585 Football 56-57. MASON, BILL Transfer from Pleasanton, Texas. MCCASLAND, RITA FHA 57-58: PASF 57-58: Blue Wings 55-58, vice-president 56-575 Soc' 'n' Buskin 56-585 Girls' Chorus 56-575 A Cappella 57-585 Ea- gle Echo Staff 54-565 Letter "G" Awards for paper work and PASF in 55-565 Citizenship Award 55-565 Sophomore Class vice-president Senior Class secretary. MCDONALD, IANICE FHA 54-565 Volleyball 55-56. MERCER, HELEN FHA 55-58, reporter 57-58, junior degree5 PASF 54-575 Soc' 'n' Buskin 55-58, historian 56-575 Band 54-585 Eagle Echo Staff 57-585 Letter "G" Award for PASF in 55-56. SEN IORS MOTT, R. I. FFA 54-55, Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, National Thespian 56-58, Band 54-58, president 57- 58, Aerie Staff 55-56 and 57-58, Boys' Cho- rus 56-57, A Cappella 56-58, Tennis 55-58, Baseball 56-58. MUNSON, SANDRA PASF 54-58, treasurer 55-56, Blue Wings 55- 58, secretary 57-58, Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, historian 55-56, reporter 57-58, National Thespian 56-58, Girls' Chorus 55-56, A Cap- pella 56-58, Eagle Echo Staff 54-56, Basket- ball 54-56, Letter "G" Award for PASF. NOACK, EVELYN FHA 54-56, Basketball 57-58, Volleyball 57- 58. PATTERSON, ALEX FHA 57-58, A Cappella Choir 57-58, Foot- ball 55-57 and manager 57-58. PERRY FAYE FHA 54-58, Basketball 54-57, Baseball 54- 57, Volleyball 54-57. POPE, BOBBY RAY FFA 54-56, Football 54-58, co-captain 57- 58, Baseball 55-56, Track 54-58, Junior Class President. PRENZLER, RODNEY PASF 54-57, Soc' 'n' Buskin 56-58, Boys' Chorus 56-58, A Cappella 56-58, Football 54-57. QUEEN, DAVID FFA 57-58, green hand. SENIORS RANEY, TOMMY FFA 54-58, chapter farmerg PASF 54-55. ROSENBLAD, LYNDON PASF 54-575 Student Council 57-585 Boys' Chorus 56-575 A Cappella 57-58, president 57-585 Football 55-585 Citizenship Award 54- 55 and 56-575 Freshman Class presidentg All- State Chorus 58, SANDERS, ALLAN PASF 54-585 SOC' 'n' Buskin 57-585 Band 54- 585 Aerie Staff 57-585 Eagle Echo Staff 57-58. SMITH, ROSALIE FHA 56-58, vice-president 57-58, junior de- greeg PASF 54-57, secretary 55-565 Student Council 57-58, representative 57-585 Band 54- 58, librarian 56-575 Aerie staff 56-58, business manager 57-585 Letter "G" Awards for PASF in 55-56 and for Aerie Staff in 56-575 Achieve- ment Medal for Homemaking 55-56. SRALLA, SHIRLEY FHA 54-58, junior degree5 Girls' Chorus 56- 585 Mixed Chorus 56-57. STUBBLEFIELD, BETTY FHA 56-585 Student Council 57-58, represen- tative 57-585 Blue Wings 56-58, president 5'7- 585 Volleyball 56-575 Football Sweetheart5 Senior Class reporter, SUDDUTH, JOYCE FHA 54-585 Blue Wings 56-585 Eagle Echo Staff 57-58. THOMPSON, JERRY Student Council 56-58, president 57-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 55-57, treasurer 55-565 Band 55- 585 Chorus Qboysj 56-57, A Cappella 56-585 President of Mixed Chorus 56-575 Football 56-585 Basketball 55-585 Track 55-57. SENIORS THREADGILL, FORREST FFA 54-565 Football 54-575 Tennis 54-585 Golf 54-58. TOMBS, JOHNNY FFA 54-56, green hand, chapter farmerg FHA 57-585 Football 54-58, All-District, All- Central Texas and All-State5 Basketball 57-58 Track 54-585 Volleyball 55-565 Honorable Mention on the All-American Prep Team5 Co-Captain 57-58. TREFELL, "CANDY" TUCKER, BOBBY FFA 54-55, green hand. WATTS, DAVID PASF 54-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 55-58, vice- president 57-58, National Thespian 56-585 Band 54-58, president 55-56, Regional 54- 58, All-State 56-585 Boys' Chorus 56-574 A Cappella 57-585 Football 55-575 Tennis 55-585 Golf 56-58: Aerie Staff 57-58. WHEHER, SARAH PASF 54-58, treasurer 55-56, secretary 56- 575 Blue Wings 56-585 Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-58, historian 57-58, National Thespians 56-585 Girls' Chorus 57-585 A Cappella 56-585 Letter "G" Awards in PASF in 55-575 Betty Crocker Award 57-58. WHITELEY, BARBARA FHA 54-58, junior and chapter degreesg Stu- dent Council 54-555 Girls' Chorus 55-585 A Cappella 56-585 Ideal Homemaker 58. WHITFIELD, JIMMY FFA 54-55, green hand5 Soc' 'n' Buskin 57- 585 Boys' Chorus and A Cappella 57-585 Ea- gle Echo Staff 57-58. 58. 57-58. i l REPORT CARD DAY! Some smile, others groan. Everyone here seems to be rather pleased with his English mid-term grade, or with Mrs. Springer's consoling remarks. WHITFIELD, VIRGINIA FHA 54-55, Soc' 'n' Buskin 54-56 and 57-589 Band 54-589 Jazz Band, Eagle Echo Staff 57- WIGGINS, KATHY FHA 54-58, junior degreeg Blue Wings 56-58, junior representative 56-575 Yearbook Staff WIGGINS, ZARA REID FHA 56-58, PASF 54-569 Soc' 'n' Buskin 54- 57, Band 54-58, Eagle Echo Staff 57-58, Letter "G" Award for PASF in 55-56. WILLIAMS, DON PASF 54-563 Football 54-585 Basketball 54- 57, Baseball 54-585 Track 55-56, Boys' State 56-57, Senior Class president. WHAT'S THE RESULT? One could ask Don Williams, John Berglund, David Cothran, Ray Charles Leschber, Carol Henderson, Betty Logan or Kay Adams and maybe could receive an an- swer. Although some look bewildered, others seem confident of the product. ,IUNIORS Treasurer Billye Adams: a cheerful, friendly, ladylike girl, whose enthusiasm shows in her active work in many organiza- tions and school activities. Secretary Jan Ischy: a fortu- nate girl who has a good mind as well as artistic and musical abil- ity. She sets a fine example by her excellent taste in dress, her erect posture and her good grooming. President Tommy Leggett has grown with the responsibility of being president. He has worked to establish the honor and prestige of the junior class. Vice-President Dickey Stanley: Behind a mischievous, argumentative front is the real Dickey, who is a fine athlete, a good sport, and who is willing to work. BILLYE ADAMS ROY LEE ADAMS CATHERINE ANDERSON GLORIA ATEN JIMMY BARRINGTON JOHN BERGLUND .J UNIORS CAMMY BLACKMORE JOE BOHANAN JAMES BORIACK SHIRLEY BRADLEY CURTIS BUCHHORN GRACE BUCHHORN KENNETH BUCHHORN ODELL BUCHHORN JALANE CARTER HAROLD CULP JUNE DENHAM BETTY DOMEL JUNIORS JAMES DRAEGER SANDRA ELLIOTT RONNA ERICSON CAROLYN FAUGHT PAT FLETCHER C. D. FOX KAY FREDERICSON PAT GAMBLE KAY GLENN JIMMY GUESS IO GUTHRIE VICKIE HANUSCH .IUNIORS REX HAWES GERALD HILL FRED HUBBARD CAROLYN KEESE HUNT JANET ISCHY KENNETH JENKINS SHIRLEY JORDAN WENDELL KEELING TOMMY KIMBRO VICTOR KNAUTH PAT LACKEY RITA LEFNER .J UNIORS TOMMY LEGGETT JOHNNY LINDELL SUSIE LOPEZ TOMMY LOVE MARY MCCOY CAROLYN MILLER CHARLES MILLER JERRY MORGAN JOE PERRY JOAN REID A. R. ROBBINS JOAN ROSENBLAD J UN IORS HAROLD SCHWAUSCH OLIVER SCHWAUSCH KAREN SMITH DICKEY STANLEY JANET STEELMAN I. E. STUBBS KAREN THORNE ALICE VALENTINE IOSEPHINE VALDEZ DANIEL VASQUEZ RUTH ANN VOGLER WAYNE WALDEN W11. MA WAL DEN Victor Knauth, Cammy Blackmore, Johnny Lin- dell, and Jimmy Barrington are enjoying a forum discussion of careers, led by D. D. Fox in Miss Bur- 1eson's fifth period American History class. if JUNIORS BEATRICE ZAVALA A LOOK at LIFE is the least that these interested juniors will receive while studying the unit on mag- azines which Mrs. Hindelang's classes do in the early spring. Those who really dig in will gain in ideas and knowledge. All eyes on the book! These jun- iors realize the challenge of a five minute timed typ- ing test, and everyone nies to beat his previous record, as the concentrated faces in Mrs. Edwin's class plainly show. SOPHOMORES Vice-President Kay Covey: At first glance she is just a quiet, polite, neat girl, whose scholastic record is excellent. But look again, she is musical, a dedicated worker, a good citizen, and she sparkles with humor. Secretary Paula Wheeler has a certain daring which adds zest to any gathering which she attends. She is known for her jovial and friendly spirit. President John Doerfler: An outstanding student, good in every- thing, but a wizard in math. His easy going manner is deceptive, for he livens up any group with his humor. Treasurer Carlela Keys: So likable that, as a new student last year, she was promptly elected secretary-treasurer, and then again this year. Her great interest is debating, to which she devotes mofe time than has any other Georgetown High student for many a year. David Adams Pete Aleman Margie Andrews Wyone Arldt Stanford Armstrong Adarene Bird Pete Bouffard Louise Brooks Iris Buchhorn SOPHOMORES Sara Buchanan Barbara Calhoun David Carlson Carolyn Chambers Karen Cole Kay Covey Janie Culp Nelda Davis Beatrice Diaz John Doefler James Domel Billy Dowda Horace Farrack Kathy Freydenfeldt Bobby Glass SOPHOMORES Jo Ann Hausenfluck Jackie Headrick Paul I-lindelang Delores Homeyer Roylene Homeyer Orlan Ihms Stella Jiminez Ruth Johnson Darlene Kelm Carlela Keys Ella Ruth Kokel Gerald Kurio Julia Lackey James Luce Jimmy McDonald SOPHOMORES Meredith McClain Ann McKinney Melvin McLaughlin Walter Martin Mary Mason Randell Micken Selinda Montgomery Sammie Morris Margie Neitsch Marvin Patterson Tommy Petrosky Dorothy Pope Judy Reid Pete Reynaga John Roberts SOPHOMORES Mary Schwertner Lyndon Stearns Helen Tafolla Billy Taylor Merlin Taylor Florence Teinert Don Todd Olivia Vasquez Harold Vogler Paula Wheeler David Whiteaker Charles Williams Joe Williams Ruth Wittera Milton Wolbrueck SOPHOMORES David Woodfin U ' ' 4 i , -2,4 1 0,143 ,'f, , - 1-e - ' , ln., XXX ex ' -A NO ONE minds stooping, bend- ing, and squinting in Mrs. Barnes' biology class, when maybe they might see a paramecium. David Carlson and Selinda Mont gomery, students in Miss Lovent- hall's algebra II, here demonstrate completing the square. FRESHMEN Vice-President Randy Mercerg conscientious and admired for his humor and stability. President Mike Jonesg athletic-mindedg shows great promise as a student. Secretary Jeanie Parker: quiet, well liked, success- ful student, and good work- GF, Treasurer Gordon Peter- son: reserved, adventure- some, and interested in advancing. Barney Anderson Norma Anderson Ann Barton Donna Bishop Jimmy Blackmore James Blackwell Robert Bost Gary Boyd Elaine Brady Evelyn Brown David Brown Marilyn Buchhorn FRESHMEN Bonnie Caddell Max Cagle Glenda Carter Kay Caskey Frances Coronado Juanita Cothran Jerry Culp Joe Edgar Janie Edwards Susie Edwards Richard Finch Donald Fox Ronald Fox JoAnn George LaJean Glenn Karen Hausenfluke Camille Hays Martha Howland Patsy Jenkins Virginia Jimenez FRESHMEN Mike Jones Richard Kleen Jackie Klein Jerry Don Knauth Geraldine Krejci Ronnie Lockhart Glenda Love Fred McAferty Randy Mercer Janice Mickan Agnes Miller Kathleen Miller Mary Helen Montelongo Richard Munson Douglas Murdock Arcadio Navarrette Estella Noack Clarence Noack Jeannie Parker David Parsley FRESHMEN Rosa Pate Sandra Pennington Mary Jane Perry Jerry Perry Gordon Peterson Jimmy Petrosky Pat Robbins Tommy Robinsozi Margaret Rodriguez James Sanders Landon Schwausch Patsy Scott Sharon Shadle "Butch" Smith Larry Smith Carra Snowden Diane Spurlock Eugene Stabeno Maurice Sutton Ernest Teinert "DON'T PLAY THAT ONE - USE THIS!" At the Christmas party, the "fish" and their guests play a wild game of cards, with assistance from well meaning kibitzers. Around the table are Randy Mercer, Larry Smith, Fred Hubbard, Kay Caskey, Bonnie Caddell, Ann Barton, and Charlie Williams. FRESH Marcelo Tafoya Sharron Thomas Linda Vogler Mike Weir Ann Wheeler Charles Whitley Bill Watts Thomas Williams Judy Wolf Edgar Wuthrick MEN Eileen Adams Kenneth Adams Maurice Adams Daniel Aleman Harriet Anderson Kelse Anderson "Lindy" Anderson John Atkins Joyce Barrington Emil Beckman Milton Beckman Deanna Blomquist "Bud" Bredthauer Jimmy Buchanan Barbara Burson Janey Chambers EIGHTH GRADE President, Jim Kauffman: A popular boy whose athletic interests have not too much dimmed his potentialities as a truly superior stu- dent and leader. Cynthia Lackey and Darlene Lackey: friendly, likable girls who are good students. "Bud" Bredthauer is as gay as a cricket, as lively and as cheerful. Bud has ability and shows signs of developing it. EIGHTI-I GRADE Robert Champion Dennis Chapman Linda Cole Mary Lou Coronado David Dedear Jimmy Doefler Ruth Dykes Sterling Eanes Darrell Ekdahl Tommy Etheredge Dane Evans Linda Faught Van Freydenfeldt Wayne Gattis Elnora Gibbs Delia Gonzales Jimmy Green Ella Faye Hardin Jimmy Harris Fred Homeyer Annette Ischy Charles Jenkins Sue Johnson James Kauffman Stanley Keeling Sharon Kimbro Bobby Kleen Cynthia Lackey EIGHTH GRADE Darlene Lackey Josie Lopez Freddie Lozano Pattie McDonald Bernard Miller James Miller Janet Miller James Montgomery Ernest Morris Lucy Muniz Douglas Newsom Johnny Nunn Joyce Partain James Pate Carolina Perez Alma Perry Bobby Petrosky Carolyn Petrosky Mary Ruth Queen Aurora Ramirez Sherrill Ramsel Frances Rath Kay Raum Clyde Reeder Nancy Reid Rita Rhea Jan Saunders Linda Scarbrough Betty Worrell EIGHTH GRADE John Shell Dwight Spain Emilie Sralla Marie Stearns Barbara Sudduth Carolyn Threadgill Linda Tombs Sue Thompson Karen Trefell Joe Villreal Jerry Wade Jane Williams "DON'T GIVE ME THIS ONE!" Loud complaints filled the hall during the yearly issuing of lockers as Mr. Cavitt apportioned them alphabetically. Harry Anderson Joe Barrera Linda Barrington William Beckman Jeanne Behrens Alton Bell Ronald Boyd Jimmy Calhoun Gary Carlson Curtis Cassens Jon Chambers Billy Davis Irene Diaz Jeanne Ericson Marvin Flowers Bill Forest Jerry Fosberg Bruce Fowler Eloise Frias John Frias SEVENTH GRADE LAURA WEIR - - - Secretary and Treasurer MIKE MADDOX - - "" Vice-President DICK SMITH - - - ----- President These three fine representatives of the seventh grade are known to teachers and classmates alike as capable students with co-operative attitudes, fine spirits of sportsmanship, and distinguished by musical interests and the desire to accomplish. SEVENTH GRADE Lupe Frias Antonia Gonzales Ruben Guerrero Beverly Harris Manuel Herrera Robert Herrera Mildred Hill Barbara Hindelang Jimmy Holcomb Rickey Huckabee June Jenkins Kyra Lee Jones Charles Kleen James Krantz Annette Labenski Brenda Langford Joan Logan Filiberto Lopez Rosie Lopez Sally McAferty Susan McCook Betty McDonald Sara McDonald Larry Mason Mike Mattox Janet Miller Leonard Miller Gary Montgomery SEVENTH GRADE Don Morris Ann Murray Patsy Muniz Raymond Navarrette Charles Nunn Douglas Nunnery Julia Oscuna Tommy Peaslee Pamela Penniman Catarino Perez Johnny Perez Wilma Jo Perry Harold Peschel Charles Rabik Carmen Reynago Spencer Rhodes Eddie Rodgers Mary Rodriquez Irene Rodriquez Jimmy Russell Chancy Salyer Demas Sanchez Zoila Silva Barbara Smith Bonnie Smith Dick Smith Jesse Smith Kenneth Smith 'sh "Spit out your gum before you sit down! You people in the corner over there, put that bird out and get to your seats. " Seventh graders will be seventh graders, but after a while they will all get to work?? SEVENTH GRADE James Staton John Steelman Robert Stephens Samrnie Stephens Patsy Sudduth Linda Tafoya Mary Helen Taylor Sylvia Thorne Linda Tonn Iohn Torres Olfali-2 Vasquez Offallllda Vasquez Janet Vernengo Aurora Villoreal James Vogler Laura Weir George Woolsey Albert Winniger FACULTY FRANCES NELL ARMSTRONG: Junior high English and social studies, Studied at Texas State College for Women, B.A. , Southwestern University, Eighth grade sponsor. Hobby: art LILLA BARNES, General science, biology: B. S. , South- western Universityg Science Society, Senior class and pep squad sponsor. Hobby: golf and fishing BERNARD BIRKLEBACH: Coach, algebra I, B. S. and M. Ed. , Southwestern University, Junior class sponsor. Hobbies: fishing, hunting, sports EULA JOYCE BURLESON: History, civics, B.A. , Mary Hardin-Bay10r: M.A. , Southwestern University, Delta Kappa Gamma, Senior class sponsor. Hobby: reading JAMES W. CAIRNES, Vocational agriculture, B. S. , Texas ASLM, Sophomore class anf F. F. A. sponsor. Hobby: fishing SHERIDAN CAVITT, Junior high social studies, commer- cial arithmetic, World History, B. S. and M. A. , South- western University, '7th grade sponsor. Hobby: photography VELMA EDWIN: Typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, B. B.A. Texas University, Sponsor of "Eagle Echo." Hobby, sewing and cooking FAYE HICKS: Junior high social studies, English and government, B. A. , Sam Houston State College, A. A. U. W., 'ith grade sponsor. Hobbies, reading, sewing, and cooking LORRAINE HINDELANG: English, American History, B.A. Trinity University, A. A. U.W., Junior class sponsor. Hobbies: reading, dancing ROBERT LANE: Junior high coach and science, B. S. and M. A. . Southwestern University, 8th grade sponsor. Hobbies: golfing and fishing. FACULTY KATIE LEE: librarian: B. A. , Southwestern University: B. S. , Texas State College for Women: Delta Kappa Gamma. Hobbies: reading and sewing MATTIE LOVENTHAL: Mathematics: A. B. , Southwestern University: M.A. , University of Texas: Senior class spon- sor. Hobby: gardening GENEVIEVE MASON: Homemakingg B. S. , Mary Hardin Baylor: Junior class and F. H.A. sponsor. Hobbies: sewing and hatmaking ROSAMOND MCCLAIN: Junior high math: Ph. B. , Univer- sity of Chicagog A. A. U. W. 5 7th grade and yearbook sponsor. Hobbies: cooking foreign foods, reading, square dancing RAYE MCCOY: Spanish: B.A. , Centenary Collegeg Alphi Chi Honorary Society: Sponsor of P. A. S. F. , poetry read- ing, declamation, and 8th grade. Hobby: music ONEITA MEDLEY: Physics, chemistry, algebra, general math, general science: B. A. , Hardin Simmons Univer- sity, M. A. , University of Texas: A.A. U. W.: Sponsor of Senior class, science activities, number sense. Hobbies: athletics, fishing ALVIN MURDOCK: Counsellor: B.A. and M.A. Sam Houston State College: Sponsor of Junior class and Student Council. Hobbies: fishing, carpentering, singing GEORGE NELSON: Band: B. M. E. , Southwestern University: M. M. , University of Texas: Blue Key Honor Society: Sponsor of Jazz Band and Freshman class. Hobby: golf EVANGELINE PENNINGTON: Girls' P. E.: B. A. , South- western Universityg Freshman class and pep squad sponsor. Hobbies: golf, reading, collecting cut glass SONYA SAUL: Homemaking: B.S. , Southwest Texas State Teachers College: Freshman class and F. H. A. sponsor. Hobbies: collecting vases, flower arranging FACULTY FRANCES SPRINGER: English, speech: B.A. , Baker Uni- versity: A. A. U. W.: Delta Kappa Gamma: Sponsor of Sophomore class, soc 'n' Buskin, and coaches debate. Hobbies: theatre, knitting FRITZ STELZER: Coach, general math: B. S. . University of Texas, Sophomore class sponsor. Hobbies: golf, fishing GENE STUMP: Homemaking: B. S. , University of Texas: Junior class and F. H.A. sponsor. Hobbies: interior decorating, sewing RUTH SUMMERS:Chorus: B. A. , Tulane College. Hobbies: collecting Hi-Fi-records, etc. DOROTHY THOMPSON: 7th grade math, Texas History, driver's education: B. A. , Texas Tech. AGNES WH.COX: ,Englishg B. A. , Southwestern University Sophomore class sponsor. Hobbies: reading, TV, gardening EVERETT WILLIAMS: Principal, curriculum co-ordinator counsellor, teacher: A. B., Baylor: M.A., Texas Tech. Hobbies: science, hillbilly music, gardening CLARA HALL: Secretary to superintendent: Studied at Mississippi State College for Women. Hobbies: reading, fishing JOSEPHINE KARR: Secretary to the principal: Lake Mer- ritt Business College, Oakland, California. Hobby: Boys - all ages S TISER IE VE AD A Q7 E! E! PX X my Everyone loves BUTTER KRUST, even down in Dog Patch where man sized sandwiches are normal snacking. David Watts, exhausted by yard work, is taking a little rest and re- fresher in the shade. Of course, his sandwich is made with BUTTER KRUST BREAD, 75 Years of Good Baking by BUTTER KRUST QM -WCB 'gp READ RLCHK' B. EZMQWWXA "Now let's see-which one of these darling towels do I want? " Paula Wheeler is pondering which items she needs from the excellent stock of BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE, Carlela Keys, who helps her parents in this store, admires Paula's choice of a hat. At COMPTON'S Bud Bredthauer and Gordon Peterson are enjoy- : ing showing Billye Adams the new cars. Billye liked this red and white Chevrolet and the new Buicks in the show room. Both Bud's and Gordon's fathers work at this company, and they considered themselves as ade- quate authority for answering Billye's questions. "Where to Buy It?" COMPTON CHEVROLET COMPANY 914 Main Georgetown Phone 2521 .Si ZZ flfkin FURNITURE COMPANY Sells fine bedroom and living room furniture, and Westinghouse Appli- ances. All items sold on convenient terms Come in to pick out some items for your dream home, or at least your hope chest. .Ev ,-gg.: . 1 A A A ' - V ,- - K .. w. -air ' S 3 nf .fr A - tk, , .2 K , K my ,V 5, . Don't try to carry your own heavy baggage, but see "PETE" BOUFFARD TRANSFER Phone 85l8F31 701 Main He Will Move Anything Anywhere! Nation Wide Agent Georgetown to Texas KING'S VAN LINES el "GC: Q44 4 .le ...Zia X ,give new thief,-f2if" " TAT," Ezzrrfflzers Grvcery and Market Try Our Friendly Service We Specialize in Excellent Staples and Variety Items We Accept Any Kind of Trading Stamps Phone 2291 Right Across From the Hospital 6c14fef Katana 60. Highway 81 North Dial 2012 MICE E O 352 2' J fn' I ' " M J U ' us ouk T fx! THSEZHT Prompt delivery and service on Gas Ranges, Gibson Refrigerators, Dear- born Heaters and Coolers. Complete Line of Systems and Service for Butane and Propane Gas z 3 At EDWARDS FILLING STATION Janie Edwards and Sandra Pennington are relax- ing and enjoying a popsicle break on a hot spring day. Give your car a break by stopping in any day of the year and receiving prompt efficient service. Located at 602 Austin Avenue l ?laweu dy Wm and by Personal Delivery in Georgetown Also, gifts and gadgets. Please stop by if you have a friend in the hospital. We can suggest many items to take or can prepare flowers to your order. U16 57111 wer ,Nrwk Across From the Georgetown Hospital 608 12th St. Phone 2941 pf Q 1 L For Best Quality Fresh or Use Cured Meats, Go to Slaughter? Hacker Plant Our Food Lockers and Save Rock and 8th Phone 2727 GREENWAY'S DRIVE-IN If new friends you'd like to meet and delicious food you'd like to eat. . . 9 Drag onOut to Greenway's ESTABLISHED lst! I Phone 2350 GEORGETOWN. TEXAS MR, AND MRS. TRAVIS WHITE Owners Trade Reference: Dun and Bradstreet ' We Are Proud of Our Modern and Plentiful Supply of Goods ooooyfrooo ii' 1 4' ' J, Phone Number 2013 - Georgetown -22 f -'1" 5 L S Phone Number TW 93765 - Round Rock .2 11:11-"' -imiiiziliirr ' 5513211Ekzziikiiiizqikzlxizz'' Eau... ,,.,.gizkzgziiggtigzziuzrv1:1 ,yzaaazgeziugzgaaiclli'-" 1ii:12En1lE,1ll:21:EY" HW- 33391533121-' Do you like beauty, glamour, and sleek lines? These young ladies do and are admiring a beautiful Thunderbird at the BUD FOWLER car lot. Donna Bishop, Sandra Elliott, and Diane Spurlock were much impressed with Mr. Fowler's selection of cars, and they recommend that you visit the sales office at 501 Austin Avenue. BUD lT'OWLER'S CARS GUY M. EWING, LUMBER COMPANY Georgetown, Texas "Every citizen should pledge himself to keep our public school systems free from federal encroachments, federal control and federal regulations. Keep our schools under local administration!" GULF Oil Products U ? Gulf Tires, Batteries and Accessories ' Georgetown, Texas JAY L, WOLF, Consignee Phone Number 2921 Lyndon Rosenblad and Don Williams look over the "yummy" fruits and vegetables of the FAIRWAY FOOD MARKET, which specializes in extra fresh quality. to X x Xxx X ,G A ffrfffmau and S011 K Pl . If wt? 713 Main Street Georgetown, Texas V L? Phone 2192 EIS. in Our quality merchandise includes conservative s tyles as well as the latest fashions. Come in "A' 'll' H -- we believe we can please you. E by Che 47415111 Heauty Q It's the IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP for the ideal QF 1 hair-do. We personalize all hair styles and give BQ T f, xl the discriminating woman complete satisfaction. x I6 li K1 " 1004 Austin Avenue Phone 32.81 No, photographers, you are wrong. That light spot isn't glare in the picture, but the sparkle of the beautiful new Oldsmobile at FREUND MOTOR COM- PANY. Rosalie Smith would like to drive off in it, but Mary Ann Jones in- sists on going too. Freund also has Cadillacs and G. M. C, Trucks and will give good service on any of these. GEORGETOWN COM- MUNITY SALES has an auction every Friday. Looking over the pens and enjoying the morn- ing air and sunshine are Sue Thompson and Ann Wheeler. H, H, ADAMS, Owner Office Phone 2.951 Res. Phone 3051 Mike Jones is explain ing to sister Mary Ann about the location of the window wall in the fine new house going up on the corner of 12th and Vine, Their father is the manager of the MU- TUAL LUMBER CO. , which is constructing this home. ,flflufuzzl ,Cumber 611. 64? coo' Foo' Zuudblad 27? C5 5 Krvfhcrs 3 of xg! gy . mfg A l xfl M J Hardware and Gifts Mug 6016 diff Also, It's a Good Meeting Place Especially After a Hard Phone Number 2151 Day at School 908 Austin Avenue Georgetown, Texas Phone 2.456 Ge or etown Texas 9 semlqg the scale. Mr, F. C. smith of the GLQRGLTOWN OIL MILL Shows his daughter Karen and Judy Chrietzberg how it works. Quality Cleaning ,Miles l6'r0s. Artistic Cleaning Phone 3553 Austin Avenue E, P, MILES, owner Jlflrfvrcis' I-IUMBLE STATION Georgetown, Texas Phone Number 2373 Good Courteous Service ls Our Motto X ,KZ , ii M2 W QE ...J .lust the right size, Sandra Munson is ONLY trying the diamond ring on to see how it looks. Helen Mercer is admiring the ring, which can be pur chased at MANNINCNS JEWELRY STORE, ,,. Kay Fredericson and her friend Janet Steelman admire the beautiful new light fixtures available at GEORGETOWN LUMBER COMPANY, corner of 9th and Timber. xTiE.1ti9i4QziiQif2 gsm A A MUN, , I iggigi 'tsl 5':2g,wy:f 3 if "Now girls, hang ong I've just worked on this motor, and it will really take off," remarks Mr. McKeithan to Imadell Burks and Rosalie Smith. McKElTl-IAN GARAGE is Well known for skilled mechanics, honest Workman ship, and prices that you like to pay. lWlx K K Q X q1'1qA-' ' If N' 15,671 Neuman? DEPARTMENT STORE You'll be pleased if you shop at Neuman's, Whatever you want in the line of dry goods, we have, or we will get it for you, 718 Austin Avenue Phone 2995 lfkgdgi Jlflessvris' GEORGETOWN INSURANCE AGENC Y We'd Like to Plan a Complete Insurance Program for You Phone Number 2909 Office 3440 Residence 808 Austin Avenue Georgetown, Texas Winner! To be a winner, you should be Well groomed for all occasions. THE PALACE BARBER SHOP Will Be Happy to Serve You On the Square, in Georgetown Miles Davis Elmners We try to suit you with our good service, and We support the activi- ties of GEORGETOWN HIGH SCHOOL 'FI - "nm "Now boys," says Mr. Carter of the PIGGLY WIGGLY force, "we try to be considerate of our help, but this is Saturday and a sale-day be- sides. " Johnny Nunn and Kenneth Adams really don't use their employer's time this way. They were just catching their breath before carrying out some more loads of tremendous bargains which people were purchasing at PIGGLY WIGGLY Austin Avenue Ph one Z 72 1 iii! '25 5 , iid 'A 5 PQ ' .5 ' Ff lin- ' .399 "Sari 5 t v L V ,L 1-1 + al-L , , ' if f - :xi Y 'Y ,-' T ' - -TX? What's This? Why, a class in home Sinclair Kehning J. W, LACKEY Distributor nursing. You'll know what's going on and, you'll be sure and get the last minute news if you read the Mlhzmsou dfurzfy Suu Phone Number 2361 Sinclair Gasoline C Q? MQ l Ck X fi? 'wif Printers - Publishers Friends of Georgetown High 70 9 Main Phone 3042. l -':..":Q L Stark is' HUMBLE SERVICE STATION for Good Service 12th and Main Street Georgetown, Texas Phone Number 27 Z2 Palace Uzeafcr ENGELBRECHTS, Owners Phone 2 641 For Relaxation and Entertainment the PALACE ls the Place .li i m NNW PAUL'S TOMATOE PATCH On the Corner of Austin and 12th Streets features wonderful Vine rip- ened tomatoes and fruit of all kinds in season. Also, during the spring planting days they often have shipments of azal- ea bushes . Here Sammy Stephens, who works at the Tomatoe Patch after school and on Sat- urdays , wonders how hard Kay Caskey is going to pinch that fine pineappleg as if this were not worry enough, Bonnie Caddell looks as if she is waiting her turn to pinch too . Western Auto Going on a Trip and Need Some Equipment? Go to Western ,flufv Sim' for a Sure Buy Located at 704 Austin Avenue Phone 2 63 3 Western Auto Associate Store Best Wishes From PURE MILK QIHI i t Chekd U16 Klzief Motel calls all of you who plan to have overnight A guests, but have no We will make them comfortable at a rea- sonable price. Mod- . 'Q 'x'1"AvAY place to keep them. .W 0 Q .M A Pt, 9 ' 'IB ern, convenient, air- .3 I conditioned in season, cozy in winter . Phone 2480 Located at 1801 Austin Avenue of ou?- X Zzrmers State Hank Those of you who have money, put it in THE FARMERS STATE BANK because they practice sound banking . lgglll i if -ilit Isl! e w. 511595, X ' ' - -'l'-"'f': 4-f-""'f Qi '1,, L ' 3-JJ-fzg' 7 1 6 Austin Avenue Phone 3330 comed as a friend, and your needs are carefully considered. We have a complete stock of drugs and cos- metics, many school supplies , and a rapid service lunch and drink counter. 511519 Drug Sim' Across From the Hospital Phone 2506 WALLACE EVANS Insurance 207 West 7th Designed Street for Dial You 2481 INSURANCE AGENCY I I S A , to Serve Anyone Who Visits 1, P ' jrfncs ,4 um Supply ,gg 3:53751 ,:g,:2?C 4-g--11.51 ,672-:Engl . . f: -:1-9. .1 1 09" 1 'q'1i' I I . . ' -? U5-'12 "'Q'Y Qu' 1' .1 ' v 2-.1 Q? , .-,. 1,- We Sell Wholesale Auto Parts R: Phone 2551 or Come by 909 Austin Avenue At GUS'S you are Wel- Mr. J. C. Treuhardt is showing Kathy Wiggins and Jerry Morgan the powerful, sporty Plymouth with push-button driving, which can be bought on easy terms at TREUHARDT MOTORS. Mr. Edwin Schneider is showing R. J, Mott, Ann McKinney, Don Todd, and Meredith McClain the choice records and record albums that can be pur- chased at GUARANTEE ELECTRIC. C. S. SANDERS C. L. U., Representing SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Georgetown, Texas P. O. Box 43 Sterling Eanes, Dane Evans and Cindy Lackey listen and observe while Mr. Eanes explains how a customer's money is kept safe at THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, where they welcome all accounts, either large or small. DON'T BE AN OLD GROUCH LIKE THIS! QReal1y, this is Clayton Hunt made up for the gruesome part he played in "Arsenic and Old Lace . "J BUT Patronize GUSTAFSON'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Where Fine Service and Friendly Smiles Will Make You Feel Good! 1202 Austin Avenue Phone 2214 Go to l,0NTl4l1m 3-WAY GRAIN AND SEED COMPANY America's No. 1 Roadcar Manufacturers of Quality Feeds for Poultry and Dairy Stock as Well as for Livestock and Hogs Georgetown Phone 2525 AUTO SALES 212 W 12 St. Georgetown GRAIN Phone Number 2195 Patronize our adver- tisers, and by coopera- tion help build up our town! Because of coopera- tion our one act play took first place in state con- test. R. J. Mott and Howard Bleeke here discover that Janice Glass is a more spontaneous actress than they suspected, for she is convinc- ingly making like a fountain. Don't Miss Our Advertising! Kofrrrfs Printing 60. LITHOGRAPHY - PRINTING We will be glad to prepare some personalized stationery for you, or print circulars to advertise your high school events . Dial 2323 209 East 8th St. Georgetown, Texas Cray lfnnndry Whatever you have that needs to be cleaned, relax and let us have the trouble. We will wash, iron, or dry- clean to help you keep your clothing and your home attractive . 303 West 6th Phone 2547 WfffL.AUNDRY DRY CLEANERS - DYEQS C ongratulations From ,fllrrrnr lgrnnfy Snap to Georgetown High School My thanks and real appreciation: To Williamson County Sun, whose very cooperative staff furnished us with many pictures . To photographers Drew Sanders, Norman Bouffard, both of South- western Universityg and David Watts of Georgetown High School. To Mary McCoy, who did the art work. To Rosalie Smith, who kept accounts . To Mr. Cairne, who takes his own pictures . To Mrs . McClain for long hours and late nights of work. Mary Ann Jones -Editor

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