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1 I 1 4 N -X mg: '43 Qi: - if X if 1 L Qi.-1 .L T 1- 4 in Mi? .4 J.,.v 7' 0' fi 1 1 1 S N-. ' iii'-Qi A X. " lf - Q . V 1-'-'54fiXg4,41e:'?3fi-1Q1-Tviifitfxl ' 'nn F o r J R -a -1', 1 5 . , .r . . -1- 1.r.. 5 L1 3' Q . 11 F' A ,I 5 1 1, ,Q . 1 f 'UQ Q ., 1- mag 'Fw a , F i F 4 A H+? : , , u U t , .. I' ' 1 1 1 .ia ,Q 5 0 h I n B . , ,Q .V . I . 1- L 4 5, , u ,uw 4, l 9 4 I ' Q .5 v I . K ' , . v - . H , ' ' 9 Y' il A I 1 -, J: 'if .L-,. 1. .i " I ' 3 ,Vi qv.. ,kc H 5 Y ' I A 'I , , . iq v ' 5A 1,4 I ' Q-N ,-4 I' 4, ff- v. 1- ur., 4 ,... - 4 I. ' " If QL.: " -'t 4. I . A 4 ' Wi I 'f N- i . ' -"H 1-9 1' 1 rf xml' Q 'N G. nx" S , Why.: ,li " .. u Av' ' " 'ir 5 A up I il 7 ! 1 4 fa' - . ', 'fb Q " - A O .' I 5 A' 1 . . 'iii 14 4 5 fx, ,' - , C ' - ', -, A U -1 ' , " ,. .- , 3 q ' " ' "" ' " '12 -' a -, , fn . . 8 vit- A .,f D I ..'E1 If V .Lf f . - 1,5 Q' , .Q 'E 9 , A ,-. 5 I . 1 W . I u Q A ' -.I I-' "F-Q ,, I 4 I 1- . Q., . 5 1' 01 ' Q V ' 4 ' 5 .. ,I i ' 1 Q -0 M 5-il. Q J Q .3 I ' ig ' v 1' " r I ' uv Vzf 'U' . K, , is ., O '.d n " " , A . ,,, '51 Sv 5 ' 2 . JA Y . h . , dr u 'I D 9-A ' Q if-'EW ,- 1- f XM K I Kb W " - S 3 fl. z Amr K VOLUME X Grzoleebwfowm u-mar-I A L V. ,A A A A Jie, . cs EOQGE EXA5 - x . Foreword Few students consider the effect of the bell in regulat- ing their daily life. Each day is controlled by bells. we are awakened in the morning to the sound of a bell. Another bell sends us to school and informs uf of the changes of classes. Bells announce lunch time, then remind us to return to classes after lunch. Bells close the school day and begin lengthy telephone conversations. As night draws near, doorbells amiounce callers. Later in the night other bells send us back to our homes. In olden days the school bell was more widely used than today. It was rung on all oc- casions to call the community together. It was tolled when a prominent citizen died and was used as a distress signal. America's most famous bell, the Liberty Bell, was first cast in London and shipped to America. The first testing proved a fault in casting The second casting, done in America, also proved defective, and the same metal was used for the third casting. The bell rang on all special oc- casions until 1835 when it cracked on being tolled at the death of Chief Justice Marshall. Since that time it has remained silent, but its message of freedom and liberty is still ringing in the minds and hearts of all good Americans. Such freedoms as those an- nounced by the Liberty Bell have been the basis of our school and community life. In our 1955-56 Aerie we are attempt- ing to show our school life and how it is controlled by bells. Dedication of 1956 Aerie We, the members of the Aerie Staff of 1956, wish to express our appreciation to the administrative officers of our school, LC. Barnes, Superintendent, and E.L. Will- iams, Principal, by dedicating this vol- ume of the Aerie to them. Mr. Barnes, we want to express our deepest gratitude to you for your years of outstanding leadership and untiring efforts. The high standards which exist are due to your supervision and guidance. The students of George- town High School will never for- get the wonderful work you have done for our school and com- munity. 'X 'nw im J, Mr. Williams, we wish to say "thank you" for your love and understanding of the ordinary student. We feel that you are al- ways willing to deal with our problems in a sympathetic, and constructive way. We will remember above all your friendly and good natured attitude. Let us hope that our ideals and growth of character will prove worthy of your example. VJ'TaHe of C Bells of We -Wie Pagan--' Forewordmw-W lDQd'xQGTtXOU-MM' "" CQHJVQUTS-'M-"' ""' BeIi5 Be:He:5Beau5---- BfiU':3 jphhggyv U Q sses if Qlfffff P93Q!'i' Aniim aux-as OFgUmfZ.QhQm5 i.........,.......,.... Bells, Belles, and Beans Bells ofthe Day h is A NEW DAY BEGINS for Fred Dod son as that "great black demon the alarm clock, announces in its cheery manner that the hours of the night have come to an end and a new day has dawned X I ' Ny , s .O o X ' . g X M , si fl N ' ' xg lg ' 'J .'f' X ' ' 7 THE 8:45 BELL REMINDS all students that time has come for the classroom work to begin. K, W. Mickan and Betty Zoch make good use of their study hall, as they complete lessons due later in the day. aug sau -Q x, , W...w......e...... ..-.-.--an ........, .PQ- .... -...Aff -...Hap 3iu""'A I-no .11- qu-up X , intl sql-vans .ag-Q ma'-an Q 4 1 -14? ,save "lT'S NOT ALL WORK, " agree Jerry Bane and Janice as they take time out from regu- lar classwork to catch up on the latest in I . 'Q okes I 1 ,Mr ,,... ,ann as' M' ,, .- f..s,-UF . 1'1" -37- " an W' ..-gn-r 1 Q an SCHOOL'S OUT. Ann McKinney and RJ. Mott lose no time in leaving the school and classroom work behind them. Often students remain to take part in extra-curricular activities and organizations, which meet after school hours - on certain days set at the beginning of school. r "i ff 'Ll x1 ,1f5!: J' . .vw-finds: ...ffl up f:':"'5' 5 Kg .5 '5-7' 47' Hl I!! !"'l!3' IL! L. AFTERA HARD DAY AT SCHOOL, Karen Smith enjoys a long telephone conversation with someone whom she hasn't seen for at least two hours. The telephone bell is one of the most 'used' of all bells. Almost any time of the day some member of the family is busy talking on the telephone. Mon families finish their necesary business deal- ings before school is out in the aftemoon, because it is sometimes difficult to find the telephone idle after that time. r sg f is 3 COKE TIME IS ANY TIME, after 3:30 and Cunnlngham's Drug Store makes a perfect place for Howard Landry and Joyce Homeyer to re- lax after a "hard" day in school to discuss the events of the day. Fall Activities EL BILL SPRINGER, THIRD VICE PRESI- DENT of the Student Council is in charge of all assembly programs, He is shown making his campaign speech in the spring elections. GEORGETOWN HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS in action during the Rosebud game, The six girls did a wonderful job in arousing school spirit. Besides leading in the pep rallies during the week, they made signs and of course were leading yells at the games. SCHOOL IS OUT and the six school buses of the Georgetown I. S. D. transport rural stu- dents to their homes. FOOTBALL QUEEN CANDI- DATES AND THEIR ESCORTS at left A are Neil Harris and Cammy Blackmore, Queen Gloria Schmidt and MJ. Kimbro, Bobby Pope and Deanna Doerfler, and Don Williams and Janice Glass. 5 ff f sp HALLOWEEN CELEBRATED IN ASSEMBLY 4 s L s - 5 5 5 gr Clarence Lewis, Enid Anderson, Patsy -Q 5 W Z Wx " 5' J Gamble, and Johnny Berglund were in ff if I f I - A f ' "Home Town Halloween," which was 1 A j if I .- - is ,a I presented in assembly for a Halloween jj A 5 fi W L ' if program, V, if T if ' AS ff .P . 'T ' , fp . 0 A ' N x 1 K x I J X , y . , .. R 's s . 7 X S' A F .. -'sm f A fra, 3 f ,. s,.V E13-QQ' W- rf.,.s W s...,, ...., ..,, . ,Q FOOTBALL BOYS ENJOY FOOTBALL SUPPER ,I After a successful football season, the foot- D ball boys and their dates enjoyed a barbecue given by the parents of the players. ARTIST BETTY SCHMIDT displays her football poster for the Taylor game, UWN THE UUEKS Fall Activities THE EAGLE, THE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPER, was produced by the students of Georgetown High School and their sponsors, Mrs. Paul Hindelang and Miss Peggy Huddelston. The mim- eographed paper was put out twice a month for the first se- mester. Included in the paper was a feature story, an edito- rial, a fashion column, a personality of the week, and all of the happenings in and around the high school. Because of difficulties that arose during the second semester the publi- cation of the paper was discontinued. 'XM' mfr WORKING INDUSTRIOUSLY to get the paper mimeographed on time are Rita McCasland, Carolyn Forehand, Enid Anderson, Martha Miller, Martha Hoffman, Linda Luksa, and C.R. Morgan. s , www Tl-IE ANNUAL SPANISH SUPPER, sponsored by the P.A.S.F. was a great suc- cess this year. About one teachers, and parents en- SCHOOL DISMISSES because of joyed the supper consisting light snow. On February 2 and 3, gf tacos, enchiladas, Georgetown school students were out huacamole salad, and of school because of a light snow and iced tea. The club cleared sleet. Angela Engelbrecht, Harriet S85 to be used to send Berglund, and Donna Hausenfluck delegates to the State Con- took notice of the snow in the San vention. Pat Gamble, Gabriel Park. The students here had y Angela Engelbrecht, and not seen snow for about foul' vears. r EW Dar Fletcher prepare fm' hundred and thirty students, Spring SOPHOMORE PARTY On March 26 the Sopho- more Class met at 7:00 for an Easter Parade party in the high E r Y . ,,pY" .P nw school auditorium. In the f Easter Hat Style Show, Rosalie Smith modeled the third place p -,,,-N winner, made of an oatmeal it 3 box with doxlies made by H her partner, Jerry Bane. Janice 9 A if r g Glass displays the second place lv QI l if if ff MB' - .k as Ma winner with a hat made from a news- W?- paper with grass ornaments, created by Kermit 5 3 Schneider. The first place hat was made by Johnny Tombs and ge-.1 wom by Bette Bird. It was made of a doily with a feather and net for trimming. Jerry Bane directed games for a spring meet. At 8:30 the crowd gathered for refreshments and then those who wished to do so danced for an hour. HONORABLE MENTION Neal Harris' hat for Linda Andrews was given the honorable mention of the night. It was made of a paper plate topped with flowers and a net veil. CLA SS SPON SOR Even Coach Dannelley, one of the class spon sors, enjoyed the making of the hats He made a very unusual hat for Margaret Bxelefeldt It was made of a coat hanger with flowers decorat ing the hat. MN 'Q QQ.: RECEIVING STATE HOMEMAKING DEGREES this year were Martha Ann Hoffman and Rebecca Russell. Each girl made a notebook containing all the work they had done in the seven areas of homemaking. At the Area II Meeting in Austin, their degrees were accepted and on April 18, they received their certifi- cates of award, at the State Convention in Fort Worth. Spring Honors TWO OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRLS, Rowena Stone and Donna I-Iausenfluck enjoy picking blue- bonnets in front of the school. Rowena received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award by taking a test sponsored by the Betty Crocker Company. Donna received the D. A.R. Citizenship Award from girls nom- inated by the senior class and elected by the faculty. 91 Mull? IQ ., ii 3 , ,S ,.,.1..s 12,5 , fr' KATHERINE JACOBS, whohasher Chapter Degree, was elected Area Parliamentarian this year. She is an active member of F. H.A. , and is shown here with the F. H.A. spon- sor, Mrs. Stump. ggus-w-f--- THE BACKGROUND of a model futuristic city is pictured in back 4 fx of a table of chatting couples. ,,.....,42 my Junior-Senior Banquet THE HEAD TABLE at the Junior- Senior Banquet consisted of Junior class president--Norman Bouffard and date Angela Engelbrecht, Senior class president--Don Parker and Barbara Knauth, Jerry Bane--M.C. and Mr. and Mrs. Angus Springer. In the background the planet Saturn is rising above mountains in tri- tone of blue and is made prominent by a purple spotlight. in eflfifbrfl, , COUPLES appear amused at a member of the program, Patsy Quested, who performed a panto- mime entitled 'Cocktails for Two. " I3 A COMEDY ACT, an imitation of Elvis Presley, was done by Harold Parsley, another student of Southwestem University. The act was very unusual. XX? MANY IUNIORS AND SENIORS THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE PROGRAM at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet while they watched Freddie Trevino, a South- westem student, act out the life of a man of about the year 2030. I4 "THE MODERN DANCERS' WAS ONE OF THE MAIN FEATURES OF THE BANQUET PROGRAM. The dance consisted of students from Southwestem University. AN INTERESTING CONVERSATION IS ENIOYED at the Jtmior-Senior Banquet by Martin McClain, Harriet Berglund. Also enjoying the banquet was Tommie Wade and Joyce Whitfield. The futuristic city is shown in the backgrolmd. School Board Dinner HOMEMA KING III Served the School Board in the Homemaking Department on March '7th. Peggy Blackmore cuts the angel food cake while Martha Durrenberger, Lois Hol- comb, and Martha Miller wait to serve the cake. IN MRS. STUMP'S ROOM Mr. Evans talks to Dr. Benold while Mr. Manning gets ready to eat. THE SCHOOL BOARD, which consists of Mr. James Manning, Dr. Douglas Benold, Mr. Wallace Evans, Mr. C.E. Gauntt, Mr. C.S. Sanders, Mr. Guy Ewing, Mr. Charles Forbes, and Mr. Houston Pennington, enjoyed the chicken served by Ruth Miller at the supper. Guests at the dinner were Joe E. Bames, Superintendent, and E.L. Williams, Princi- pal. School Staff OFFICE HELPERS, Kay Hubbard and Janice Whiteley help Mr. Murdock with the High School files. This is Mr. Murdock's first year in Georgetown High School, where he serves as counselor and advisor. 'ff if is 1 Yi CAFETERIA LADIES, Mrs. John Hancock, Mrs. Oscar Ekdahl, and Mrs. Ed Whitfield are busy prepar- ing a meal for the school cafeteria X 9 E ur" i. TWO OF THE BUSIEST PEOPLE in school are Mrs. Girvin and Mrs. Hall, secretaries to Mr. Williams and Mr. Barnes, who work together on the grade sheets, and all office work. Mrs. Hall has worked in her present position for quite a few years. Mrs. Girvin came to work at the high school for the first time this year. Bells Ring Classes s s wi "' WT: 12: EM Q Senior Class PLANS FOR GRADUATION are begun by the senior class sponsors, as Miss Agnes Wilcox and Mrs. Frances Springer try a senior gown on Coach Fritz Stelzer, W limhs SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS relax in a shady nook in the yard of the Marvin Hodges. President Don Parker explains a photographic gadget to the other officers, Linda Luksa, treasurer, Rowena Stone, secretary Gloria Schmidt, social chairman, Donna Hausenfluck, reporter, and C. R. Morgan, vice president, JOHNNY BOHANAN FFA 52-555 Football 52-54. IN ENGLISH IV Gloria Schmidt, Kay Hubbard, and Bar- bara Knauth sing a ballad they wrote, and are accompanied by Kenny Mickan. of '56 WINOLA ADAMS FHA 52-565 Soc'n'Buskin 52-53, WILFORD BANE PASF 52-565 Soc'n'Buskin 52-565 Student Coun- cil 53-56, Second Vice President 54-55, Presi- dent 55-565 Class Vice President 54-555 Football 52-565 District and Central Texas Back, Tri- Captain 54-555 Basketball 52-565 Track 52-565 Baseball 52-54. DONALD BARRINGTON FFA 52-533 Soc'n'Buskin 53-545 Class President 53-545 Football 52-565 Basketball 52-535 Track 52-56. HARRIET BERGLUND PASF 52-565 FHA 53-565 Soc'n'Buskin 58-565 Aerie Staff 55-565 Eagle Staff 54-565 Tumbling Club 52-535 National Thespian. FRANCES BETHKE FHA 52-545 Volleyball 54-55. GRADY BIZZELL FFA 52-555 Student Council 55-565 FHA Beau 53-545 Football 53-555 Basketball 52-555 Tennis 54-55. CALVIN BUCHHORN FFA 52-555 Band 52-56. IN THE CHEMISTRY LAB Martha Durrenberger, John Cloud, and Glenda Davis prepare hydrogen and test it, MARGIE CAGLE PASF 52-56, Treasurer 53-55g FHA 54-56: Soc'n'Buskin 54-56g Chorus 52-543 Band 52-565 Majorette 54-555 Drum Major 55-56g Class Secre- tary 54-55, JOHN CLOUD Band 52-56. GLENDA DAVIS FHA 52-55. BOBBY DAWSON PASF 52-535 Soc'n'Buskin 54-56g Eagle Staff 55- 565 Band 52 -535 Science Club 52-53, VON CILE DOWDA FHA 52-53g Soc'n'Buskin 52-55, MARTHA DURRENBERGER FHA 52-56, Parliamentarian 55-56g Soc'n'Bus- kin 52-563 Scribe'54-55: Eagle Staff 55-56g Band 54-56g National Thespian. if 'Q 5 'ws IU' on-0 JAMES ELKINS PASF 52-53: Eagle Staff 55-56: Band 52-53: Tennis 52-56. ANGELA ENGELBRECHT PASF 52-56, Reporter 53-54, Secretary 54-55: FHA 53-56: Soc'n'Buskin 53-56: Aerie Staff 55- 56: Eagle Staff 54-55: Activity Editor: Class Secretary 52-53: National Thespian: Best Actress, Sophomore and Junior Plays: Cheer- leader 54-56: Football Queen 53-54. ERNEST FULTON FFA 52-54. EDWARD GAUNTT PASF 52-56, President 55-56: Soc'n'Buskin 54- 56: Aerie Staff 55-56: Band 52-56. ROY DEAN GEORGE FFA 52-53, 55-56: Football Manager 52-53. BARBARA HANCOCK FHA 52-56: Soc'n'Buskin 52-54: Band 52-56. IACQUELYN HANNUSCH FHA 52-54. DONNA HAUSENFLUCK PASF 54-56: FHA 52-55: Soc'n' Buskin 52-56: Historian 54-56, Secretary 55-56: Aerie staff 54- 56, Business Manager 54-55, Editor 55-56: Debate 54-55: Band Sweetheart 55-56: Best Actress Junior Play: National Thespian: Class Reporter 52-54: Class Social Chairman 54-55: DAR Award. 915 'Q 'Q' ' 1 f F Q 45 JAMES HAWES oy: 'v 2' t FFA 52-55, ' 'F J CIVIC STUDENTS, Shirley Jenkins, and James Hawes study a chart on U. S. government, A 1 4 , ...,...., if J rf: MARTHA ANN HOFFMAN PASF 52-56: FHA 53-56: Song Leader 54-55, President 55-56: Chapter Degree: Soc'n'Buskin 52-56: Scribe 55-56: Eagle Staff, Business Manager 55-56: Student Council, First Vice President 54-55: Class Second Vice President: National Thespian: Debate 54-55. KAY HUBBARD PASF 52-56, Treasurer 52-53, Secretary 52-54 FHA 53-56: Eagle staff 54-56: Student Council 52-53: Class Secretary 53-54: Class Treasurer 52-53. SHIRLEY JENKINS FHA 52-54: Baseball 52-53. CLAYTON JOHNSON FFA 52-55, WAYNE JOHNSON PASF 52-55. President 54-55: Soc'n'Buskin 54- 56: Publicity Chairman 55-56: Student Council 55-56, Parliamentarian: National Thespian. HUBERT JONES PASF 52-53: FFA 55-56: Eagle Staff 55-56: Band 52-53: Basketball 53-56: Track 55-56, EAT Dscusaon Qffvvlnmyht 'J www aww at X1 455 ERNEST KIMBRO FFA 52-545 Student Council 54-56, Treasurer 55-565 Football 52-565 Basketball 52-535 Track 52-565 Tennis 52-535 Baseball 52-56. BARBARA KNAUTH FHA 52-545 Soc'n'Buskin 52-535 Eagle staff 54- 555 Student Council 55-565 First Vice President Cheerleader 55-565 Basketball 54-555 Volleyball 54-555 Class Social Chairman 53-54, SADIE LACKEY PASF 52-535 FHA 53-555 Aerie Staff 54-55. HOWARD LANDRY FFA 52-53, 55-565 Football 52-56, ELAINE LANGFORD FHA 52-54, 55-565 Chorus 52-54. HARLAN LESCHBER FFA 52-555 Football 52-565 Basketball 52-565 Track 52-535 Baseball 52-55, CLARENCE LEWIS PASF 52-535 Soc'n'Buskin 52-535 Eagle Staff 54- 555 Band 52-56, Reporter 55-565 Student Con- ductor 53-565 Regional Vocal Contest, LINDA LUKSA PASF 52-565 FHA 53-56, Parliamentarian 54-56 Vice President 55-565 Chapter Degree Eagle Staff 54-56, Associate Editor 54-55, Editor 55- 565 Student Council 55-565 Class Vice President 53-545 Class Treasurer 55-565 District Poetry Daft.-Hun Pnnf-at-r RA-S5. M91-innnl Thoeninn K' F fl CLIFFORD LUNDQUIST FFA 52-56, Football 52-565 Track 54-56, CLARENCE MCCANN PASF 52-533 Soc'n'Buskin 52-545 Band 52-56, MARTIN MCCLAIN PASF 52-56, Vice President 53-555 Soc'n' Buskin 53-56, President 55-56, Student Council 55-56, Band 52-56, President 54-55g Regional Band, Best Actor, Senior Play 54-55, National Thespian, DAVID MCLAUGHLIN PASF 52-539 Soc'n'Buskin 52-533 Band 52-53, Vice President 54-55, President 55-565 Class Vice President 52 -53: Golf 53-56. STEVE MARTURANO FFA 53-54, 55-56g Band 54-55g Sophomore Transfer from Jarrell. K, W. MICKAN FFA 52-54g Soc'n'Buskin 55-56, Band 52-56. BILLY MILLER PASF 52-535 Football, Baseball, Basketball Manager 53-54, stir RAY MILLER 5 FFA 52-56. .. 1 'UW 59' C.R. MORGAN FFA 52-53, 55-56: Eagle Staff 54-56: Sports Vice President 55-56, WILMA MOORE FHA 52-53, 55-56: Soc'n' Buskin 52-53: Base- ball 52-53, Nd' -4--4"?i -nf .I CLARA NOACK FHA 52-54: Volleyball 54-56. JOYCE NUNNERY FHA 52-54: Soc'n' Buskin 53-54: Softball 52-53, DON PARKER FFA 52-56, Treasurer 53-54, President 54-55: Lone Star Farmer, District President, Area V11 Vice President: Soc'n'Buskin 53-56: Best Actor, Sophomore Play: Football 52-53, 54-56: Basket- ball 52-53: Track 52-53, 54-56: Tennis 52-53: Class Treasurer 54-55: Class President 55-56 FHA Beau 54-55 JOE PERRY FFA 55 56, Eagle Staff 54 55, SHIRLEY PERRY FHA 53-55: Soc'n' Buskin 55-56: Basket- ball 52-55: Volleyball 52-55: Softball 52 -55. THE LAW OF SINES is written by trigonome- try student, Wilford Bane, while Ernest Kimbro operates his trig-tractor. Q Editor: Student Council 52-54, 55-56: Class 5' H. "? x., sy' 1 - JEAN PETERS Club 52 -535 FFA Sweetheart 53-545 Baseball 52-53, BOOKKEEPING STU- DENTS, R,W. Raney f Jean Peters, and . Jimmy Rice, make a Z final check on the accuracy of their addition. .TOHN PETTIJOHN FFA 52-53g Soc'n'Buskin 53-56, Vice President 55-565 National Thespian, Student Council, Parliamentarian 54-55, Second Vice President 55-565 Football 52-56g Tennis 53-56g Class President 54-55. BONNIE POWERS FHA 52-55, R, W, RANEY JIMMY RICE FFA 533 Golf 53-55, HA RO LD ROBINSON FFA 52-56g Football 54-555 Basketball 52-543 Junior Transfer from Blanket, GLORIA SCHMIDT FHA 52-545 Soc'n'Buskin 52-53g Basketball 52- 565 Class Social Chairman 55-56 FHA 52 -565 Tumbling fi 'D'- Gayle Ann Smrth Work done in Gonzales at Warm Springs, PAT SPENCER FHA 52 - 56. ROWENA STONE FHA 45-47 53-56: Class Secretary 55-56g Betty Crocker Award 56, SALLY TEINERT FHA sa-56, , DAN THORNTON FFA 53-56, Treasurer 54-55g Football 53-54, BILLY TOMBS Football 53-56g Basketball 52-563 Track 52-565 Baseball 52-56: Golf 52-56, AUGUSTA VALENTIVE PASF 52-56- FHA 54-56- Soc'n'Buskin 54-56- Baud 52 56, MaJorette 54 56, Chorus 52 53. IANICE WHITELEY FHA 52-56g FHA Ideal Future Homemaker State Degree Secretary 54-555 Degree Chairman 55- 56g Soc'n'Buskin 52-56: Eagle Staff Business Manager 54-55g Class Reporter 54-555 American Legion Award 54-55: National Thespian. DAVID ZAVALA PASF 52 54 Seniors .1 THE SENIOR CLASS and its sponsors were honored at a luncheon given by the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Baptist and the mothers of seniors belonging to the Baptist Church. Each year the church gives this luncheon on the theme of Christian Education. Princi- pal Everette Williams gave the invocation and Rev. Bob Mitchell gave a brief talk on The Place of Christian Education in a Young Person's Life. 21 jk 1 X . .i:.,,.,,.. . t A TEA, HONORING five of our high school U a i seniors and an Austin High senior was given by Mrs. John Gillett. Y. A UNION CA RBIDE SCHOLARSHIP was awarded to Martin McClain, one of the 800 finalists in F the National Merit Scholarship Test. Donald Barrington received a Naval ROTC Scholarship, having competed with students from all over the United States. f Q, ,af ' . .t K ' I Mrs. Shirley Dedear and Donna Hausenfluck presented the special music at the luncheon. If '25 'Vex S If S ilff S fit Class Activities SPRING SOCIALS were plentiful for the Senior Class. The calendar included: a dance at the Country Club, given by Gilbert Bredthauorsg a barbecue given by the James Lackeysg a ranch party at the Hawes's ranch, and a boat party on the Commodore Paddle Boat at Green Shores on Lake Austin. o ,Q A "M asc. if ' Bohanon sample the barbe- Don Parker and Johnny f cue prepared by Ernest as 'N . NN "simmer Teachers also enjoy the Ranch party. Mrs. Springer and Miss Wilcox wait their turn to be served. V? SENIORS EAT AN EARLY BREAKFAST at Green Shores Lodge at the boat party. They also enjoyed a chicken barbecue supper, then later, dancing and swimming. Wilson at the Ranch Party. 4 , 1,10 , ww'-rf, . I, ' " .adn-1- N- .L 4- Thirty-one members of the class of '56 started to school together in 1944 and were taught by Miss Annie and Miss Hefner. RIVER BOAT COMMODORE 29 Graduation Exercises - Yi S. 3 1 is 3 is ,fk 2 is Valedictorian - JOHN PETTIJOHN Salutatorian - JANICE WHITELY ,W ,J-"" l wmiif' iwri Seniors that took part in the Class Day activities The top ten Seniors determined by grade averages for the four high schools were: John Pettijohn, Janice Whitely, Donald Barrington, Martin McClain, Angela Engelbrecht, Wilford Bane, Jeanie Peters, 30 Harriet Berglund, Kay Hubbard, and Donna Hausenfluck. ,,. ii t t , A fs S .f? iff, T' , 'Que was ? -A if :j Junior Class KEZQMZIMLQQ 4,7 .41 7 fl ff. 444 V I' 1 Zcljffb' 31 K THE IUNIOR SPONSORS, Mt, N6lS0l'1, MIS, Clifton work for the decorations of the Stump, Mr. Keith and Miss with crepe paper Junior-Senior banquet, hr- lx-iw' Q If QF? " if --1 9 ' ? 5' THE JUNIOR OFFICERS: Norman Bouffard, Presi- dent: Peggy Blackmore Vice Presidentg June Bur hartg and Freddie Sanders Treasurer, discuss the projects of the year as they enjoy the garden of Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Reed 1 k w""f" 'EQ r-N iw, ,Y ,M-wk 5 v rf X ffm 4' ENID ANDERSON VAL .TEAN BETHKE PEGGY BLACKMORE NORMAN BOUFFORD DAVID BOUNDS JOYCE BOX JOHNNY BRUMMETT LEONARD BUCHHORN JUNE BURKHART 1 QM E ,Y . D M l Ei, , Jw Q 5' ""' ALMA BURROW CIDELIA SILVA SANDRA BURSON MEMBERS OF A JUNIOR ENGLISH CLASS, Jimmy Chambers, Johnny Engvall, Beverely Faught and Patsy IIMMY CASKEY JIMMY CHAMBERS va KENNETH CHAMBERS TW N. .ng 5 MARTHA CLOUD !"'G. HMMY DAVIS MILTON DENHAM X7 ma ...f-fl' I ' ,W ' 0 : DEANNA DOERFLER IOHNNY ENGV ALL BEVERLY FAUGHT PATRICIA FAUGHT TYREE FINCH Faught are hard at work enjoying PATSY WOLF P09117- , J 41 "N-.W Ei E Q, is GUY GARY I THE TYPEWRITER KEYBOARD is studied in Typmg by Joyce I-Iomeyer, Katherine Jacob, Richard Glenn and Guy Gary. DONALD GIBBS A f A - A K .,, Ui . 2 ', 'R 5 ' .5 5 K .3 J IF- 2 ykrkk Eg Y ' I I i A 3, P A b : ,, 5-. A X. , V A A nnnn ,Q if 'M-f' L' 2 2 A YM.. RICHARD GLENN SAM GUNN LARRY HAUSENFLUKE IDIS HOLCOMB JOYCE HOMEYER KATHERINE IACOB KRISTINE IOHNSON ION EMIL KASPERICK DRU KATTNER unusual? ,Q . L' . nw' -, . 'OX W4 1 fp. SQ. u I A M.I, KIMBRO TERRY DON KING CLARENCE KLEEN TOM MCA FERTY -' ""'-'I' EARL MCKEITHAN ' l ff I' KENNETH MCKENZIE W' 3 A vs. N, I '41 .fxjf L. ' X' SAMMY MASON , ? LA VERA MICKAN RUTH MILLER MARTHA MILLER -.X WELDING is practiced in the farm shop by John Montgomery, Earl McKeithan, and MJ. Kimbro in Ag. III. JOHN MONTGOMERY 1x M X - 'lf 1'-'SRT ,H 'L' 5. 5 WMV ,rf ffl' 4 'L - 5 E 1 H!! R YS RE 1 Q za is x 4935 ,....., ,- 5. S 'r,' '-v"' iq JACK SHINKLE , 1 -'M N e ,ks tt 5 THE ANNEXATION OF E THE TERRITORIES of , . R QQ? the United States are E221 studied by Murray 15:31 il - 'E" , ,MO Roberts, Betty Schmidt :QI L ,IF A IOYCE PERSON ROSEMARY PETERSON GRETCHEN RATH JANE REED MURRY ROBERTS REBECCA RUSSELL FREDDIE SANDERS BETTY SCHMIDT LEONARD SCHROEDER u Gretchen Rath and Rebecca Russell in American History, MARIAN SMITH X at get f, R -, , 'K Q .RN ,- A 1 , 1 r 1 'ix V 'T' ,, ' N -. . an W ' N w IN PLANE GEOMETRY Ronald Woodfin, Betty Zoch, and Bill Springer admire curve stitching of the previous class in preparation for the making of their designs, BILL SPRINGER Qs 5 PATRICIA TEINERT ' L pp MARGARET THREADGILL A 4 TOMMIE WADE BOBBIE IO WHITELEY JOYCE WHITFIELD Eff.. ess' MAMIE WOLBRUECK RONALD WOODFIN BETTY ZOCH BILL SNOWDEN JOSE PH SPEARS -uvff5'.'l gf: I' -'.. up .. 4. ' . 4, ' f 2? 'Q 0 41? b I 43' ' -40 Sophomore Class YKYCXXYS SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Jimmy Glover, Presidentg Rita McCas1and, Vice Presidentg Mary Ann Jones, Secretary are admiring the flowers in The Dor Browns' yard, The SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Miss Loventhal, Miss Burleson Mrs. Medley, and Coach Dan nelley, are here discussing plans for the parties of the coming year. w w NX' SPELLING WORDS IN THE ENGLISH 11 class are being reviewed by Betty Logan and Kathleen Wiggins. WELDING TECHNIQUES are dem- onstrated in the second year agri- culture class by Johnny Tombs, James Kimbro, Ralph Granzin, and Guss Neitsch, W! fs. 5' Lyndon Rosenblad, Sarah Wheeler and Rosalie Smith compose a Spanish conversation during their Spanish Il class. sifh. 95 . g My X Q' ,yr in 'rqwh W RW V" Darlene Adams Kay Adams Ioyce Anderson Linda Andrews f ew ,W M' W, 12 ff 2 we 3 'ms 1 f ef M. ff Zia s Um -gs, lift, A 1 , wma., f f V V A, . X , Q, Q I if bill ,ff B " .:::Z my fSri '!w..g 9 ...w-,Lf f MWf""- 7' nr im' -1 Ma w ,, sg - .f E VV ry' :QBHFAH SSL? ,, s'x' Betty Jane Bird explains an algebra problem to Billy Caskey, Gay Jerry Bane Tommy Bartz Margaret Bielefeldt Carolyn Birch Betty Jane Bird Howard Bleeke Gay Bounds Myrna Buchhorn Imodell Burks Velma Cagle LaNe11 Carlson Billy Caskey Douglas Davis Fred Dodson Carolyn Domel Larry Eads Brian Engelbrecht Carolyn Forehand Janice Glass Jimmy Glover Ralph Granzin Neal Harris Billy Hauseniluck Carol Henderson Delbert Chance Judy Chrietzberg Mary Ann Coker Craig Davis ' 'wma W A wx lg , ' , rm W., ,L I W 'M ' , ' Wil uw' Wi ar, .. K W ,.,,dgWW .r,rMW S I4 ,,,,,n,,,n J n !!l!!!g? "'--mva W X 'lx ,U , Q, I ' ,NW n ,,,, J , ,f 3 1, ,W 'X IM" X' M W W ly! 'W i I V ,,,l ,. an-, ' , M X3 ,' ,, 1 Q W , X ", If M ,Nix J 1 T! ' My all D ,,,,,d,,r,,rw,, ,, ', " li , - ,, ,,r,, X, X ,W "J , , 4" fl WW' 'Dir , , WfTpvL,,,yW , WMM ,A 1 'Hill W , l W VW , ' W 1-'W wumw wg '1 ' W wr ' W ,,1f W, M ,, ., Pg W u' , ,, , X, V rw, H 'MG ' WH w ll rlll , Q r ,Nil -,J,15",, M5 " ,,,V'M,'v " ,,,,,g,,p,,!,,,g , , 5' W , w,,,,, , ,, , ,, ,,,,w, 1fEgm,:,,,r,' ,W -' X J ,!,,f,Q,'g,, , Wy, " W! 'fl WM" N VN! ,f 'Q M, 1' My, N -, W ,, ll, r , J ,W " U ,,w,, 'MQ , l l WWW ,W ' 1 UWM , , nr, 'N JW W , 'W ' M H ,, I ,,, F M, X' """'l D W,,F l , ,, ,, gr, M1 'MN I W. , , 2 t . .44 X is - r Us A Ja 'fm ,rs -X ! f 1 Y" Xa I 'x S its g A gl " .N :HH it ,... 'L r FN. -Us an t'-5' ff' mlm V "H-.... p X '9' X. X A M bv W J lg 'id - as L X 1- an A I Douglas Hoyle Clayton Hunt Verley Hunt Ruth Jenkins Mary Ann Jones Jimmy Jordan 'V 1 K , ,L f' K ' ' 3' ..., 3 292' f aiiwltfi L ' f A ff: if Es? Waite ' ,ga 3 ff- . , i ,ww . ' 1 i J 5 gt I t f we . mi , - A . ' tsrsgm ag w e , . ',..g: g.. 1," v' . 2:11 ' '- r .. ' , ., g 5' G. H.S. students show school spirit in pep rally James Kimbro Ray Charles Leschber Betty Logan Ann Love Rita McCasland Janice McDonald Hattie Mae Marshall Helen Mercer RJ. Mott Allan Sanders Sandra Munson Gus Neitsch Joe Satterfield Evelyn Noac Fate Perry Bobby Ray Pope Rodney Prenzler David Queen Tommy Raney Zara Reid Lyndon Rosenblad '-v--H4 MIX www ., we .tn 3 ' J 41", V I Milly f n M AW- X 1 U M, l -an , Q VW . , ff '45 l a . an 1 M .A V ' nw sg fm ,a no A M. ze r dis Xe.. " ' x NX 'N ' . di. 71 4" .X x 'M V ' V :I A "" K 3 X f " , ' N' Muffy!! I fe 4 ' A. -I f, ,.-1: l , P " n"' . , , 4 ' , H . ,W 1 - l -5 l ff, Y FROG DISSECTING Seems pleasant to Don Williams and Lyndon Rosenbladg but not so pleasant to Sandra Munson. 43 E ' 4 , 'N it ' 92, i ,,,' .MMEL I f E idk M, V, ww L i' " -ff W ' ' N . V, W I ri H V f ,c I IAVN , , 'N wa- 5 .V 9 K ffxf' 'J 9' I ii W W 1 N i H f ,I iw ' W -ww V rm ,I 'N ,mm xi vw , i ' ! M! g it 'N--w y git M'-4lij,',lf' f . f NN , , V 4 WV 'B-1. 7 I A X 'W il' , ' f riyir A ff f ' If w, : , ', 4' V ,. A M gg , W I sd 4 if ' 1" wr, ' K !. S .H ,gf WN 'Lg Ml' ' ,y by W t 'lxw lx " g I -252 ff Rosalie Smith Shirley Sralla Kermit Schneider Ann Sudduth Jerry Thompson Peggy Thornton Forrest Threadgill Johnny Tombs Bobby Tucker David Watts Sarah Wheeler Barbara Whiteley Jimmy Whitfield Virginia Whitfield Kathleen Wiggins Sammy Wilcox Don Williams Alex Patterson N Freshman Class 4-5. THE SPONSORS OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS, Mrs. Sommermeyer, Mr. Birklebach, Mrs. Hindelang, check the data of the files of the students' past work, N-N WITH SOME PICTURES DICKIE STANLEY, PRESIDENT, draws the attention of the other Freshman class officers who are: Vice President, Tommy Kimbrog Secretary, Sandra Elliotg Treasurer, Beverly Forehand, in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith. 'w Qwhws' s W N 'WM .9 Www A mi 3, if A w U Z' , .W M7 vf 1 W , ,, ,- " N aw ,Q - W . ,.,,,M fi is 4' Q fr . W 'Q 1, .T ff W - . ' M ,xl 4 ' N V ' ' 1 FV 1 i .2 we . Q A ff l ' . A l A A . , , . , , , gl ' 'Wim ,, . ,, . ' f ' , 455 - ,Q i J . I x i . f . 'G ' . ,A JW' V ' W N X 1' T' lo MW rr ""'f- wr" A 'M v E 4 WN' M f , w. i wg AA G 1 " Y' NAIVA VW A'A 2 ? Q 4 James Boriack Shirley Bradley Curtis Buchhorn Grace Buchhorn Betty Adams Billye Adams Roy Adams Catherine Anderson Gloria Aten Ann Ballard Dardonella Barrett James Barrington John Berglund Walter Bielefeldt Cammy Blackmore Joe Bohanan AN ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENT is no problem when Catherine Anderson Kenneth Buchhorn A - d V or - rrllr E fp rw , Odell Buchhorn H f E V fy! gf ,, ' . uw "' A Jalane Carter M ,Q ' ' Wim' W? Q 1 ' sy 454,-'SW' N ,,, I Q . A ' . un NN pxi' Q" 7 'kmxh I' June Denham ' SG, Betty Dome! .gr Envy. J .713 1 if, f, Q' T522 niffgiprhfy lv Billy Dowda J ,, 1 -lf H James Draeger Q t, Q 3 ' , Wayne Elkins A E 6 'WM Q- N, Y ff f' wav ' t in . N, Sandra Elliott iff: A , fl! lx Ronna Ericson ' 4, - M ev Q ' w J Ernest Farrack W M ,m 'ww hx Al W Johnny Berglund and Billye Adams put their heads together. Carolyn Faught Patricia Fletcher Beverly Forehand C, D. Fnx if na 'H ' M 'N rv KH 41" - , M, N, V xp ' ,wif W W-1 I ' 4 t. 1 X Q , -nr.. Q. my m 3 9 I h-ty! V J .N E IW' i W -67 iw f U' ,,y, -.M .-JM.. Aww' R ,jj-:WEE Kay Fredericson Patricia Gamble Melva Kay Glenn Jimmy Guess lm , ,W -V 5 , , my . - , "li . ,MQ F 311 "':1tfi1 ' ' Y ayhhrw vi: -3 V 'wh ' "" Y ' gg. L. rw' Usd, "K -,uw X ""' ' M. Q ' ,,, "rg, 1 f ' , ,' 7 1 ' r Q "2 ' f u, , ' ' W In ' -- , ,,.MX, ,, ' M' ' ' V 1 wa' J mf , My M ' A 1444, I Mr , W L W , ,, , 2 fwliw 4 Q. A ' M! il am' M A All 1 Mm M dw F . . ,V f.,,,,gE, f V ' 'WK' FJ' ' ' 1'1LfQl,U??'P Ja " . A 2- Q4 m i' pam, V . ',,, ' , ' fb ' 1, .1 f ' W " ,, f ff- ' ,, - v, 5' , 4,f , rw- , "5 ., ' , 1 Y ' Hdfl , " ' , ' 4 HW, f If , L 7 1 as Q5 ' K W W A m f ' r 4: 'KF Y I 1 ll , zen! Q 'T ' ' ,, J V .V ,L QW ' , - ay,-,f w,, 1, K, ., '- " ' -5 'Nfnfli fr, , ,H ,. V -' , ug, ,,w,,mM, M A f-' .212-f-Lg ,- ..i, ' LET ,Q,.gf.ykig 1, ,W M, MW ' , X .wa ' ,sf L , L 'TTQQ '-' W M ww T ' ' g..,,, ., , Fi' ' I I ,,' -at 4 Io Guthrie John Hancock Vickie Hanusch Rex Hawes Gerald Hill Louise Holcomb Fred Hubbard Janet Ischy Kenneth Jenkins Charles Johnson Robin I olly Carolyn Keese and Wendell Keel- ing looking on. Patricia Lackey Rita Lefner Tommy Leggett Travis Lester Johnnie Lindell Susie Lopez Tommy Love Mary McCoy Carolyn Miller Charles Miller Roy Montgomery Jerry Morgan Carolyn Keese Tommie Kimbro Wendell Keeling Victor Knauth 4 df' I, . " I w H 2 ,W A I Y 1-i.,.4f. F ' I l .Sh ',, ' T3-K - s- AW A -l:. I f-2 RIA M. -Jah :Mmm " r-L F H 1 -Q, K I Y K 'mx W -, A Aw y M y ly :Af A 2' M ' xv I C a - an V if ' igpifa x -M W... fn .av fk s L' Qi ,R va z fu ul , HJ, of 5 If aw M' Q me me W T ' 'K as M 3 5 A 1 4 i .47 , U. ""? Jaw Alice Neitsch Amelia Ortiz Yvonne Patterson ,Q R. tn 5 R 'f A -we ' J I 'J , , I . Q, 5,1 M, H W W ,M ' Joe Perry 1 WSW f ' ' ,M f I , f rin ,, , ' N at wth R A--bf Q A . - A Joan Reid EM Lvl, I N V 4 +V , A R W ' A -, R i ' Aaron Robbins X ' , Z,:','i' K 2 'f ' V 'R I4 w fin with - W, ,W it Jo Ann Rosenblad 'Q Harold Schwausch Y ,n,M 5 It Oliver Schwausch wi W f i '-. A 'Wm A R AAQQA 1 i 5345 ' -A in sg Jig! it -.aa-7"f'.-fb A' YI Y "" W' nr TIG i 'J 'Q Q 4-v H, ft - 4, , 1 I Vo b---1 ' i, .V,k , Y ' K I f R ,A x f'-.L , N-,Mi fin , ,w 'UU it um' .A M., w ., ui 1 f 5 Wwe mv x K' 1 Jn Karen Smith W Richard Stanley Janet Steelman Robert Stewart James Stubbs Margie Thompson Carolyn Miller, Ruth Vogler, and Janet Ischy load on the school bus Alice Valentine after the F. H.A. initiation. Chorus, enjoyed by eighth grade studentsg Kathy Freydenfeldt, Tommy Petrosky, Joe Escobedo, Wanda Hickerson, Ruth Johnson, and Dolores Homayer, is directed by Mrs. Summers. Daniel Vasquez Ruth Vogler Wayne Walden Beatrice Zavala Peggy Spears IN GENERAL SCIENCE, Tommy Leggett measures sodium chloride while Wayne Walden and C.D. Fox look on, i' ,A v s Y , A 'wi Eighth Grade rrniuong' 6' Mrs. sm. oach 9,oSenbX3nem 'Y C515 io' S SPONSORS geek Achieve S CU' McCoy and NHS. es. Ae EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Karen Cole, Presidentg David Carl- son, Vice President: Ann McKinney, Secretaryg Ioan Hausenfluke, Treas- urerg Kay Covey, Reporter, are reading fortunes in the Buchholz' yard, 52 ms Scot RR x 12 K5 X . Qs' . X Betty Adams David Adams Pete Aleman Rosalie Anderson Margie Andrews Stanford Armstrong Aderene Bird Pete Bouffard David Brown Sarah Buchanan David Carlson Carolyn Sue Chambers Karen Cole Bobby Copeland Mary Coronado Kay Covey Nelda Davis Beatrice Diaz John Doefler Joe Escobedo Gearline Fitzgerald Kathy Freydenfeldt Bobby Glass Jo Ann Hausenfluke Jackie Headrick Marie Herando Wanda Hickerson -is i egg? ' fl, 'ff . X , F, " am x "Q - . -A 1? if sity! A, ' :ig ' 'Q J 3 4 ' x xxx if . X x 0 K r K ' M , A , vm - . ,fm i A v7il"fZ'sir' 1 2 H J' 7 ., , 1 W' A ' YJ ' 0 T H-K' 'WH N N 1 'N A A . 'V 1 X ravi 1 r ' 1 W' . Q , -av 1 A Q ,VV XX k N, '-YW-6' !" I 7? , ,,ft,,,- ? Q , in sag, ' ,VJ X I maj X n ' f f xy . 2 may 7 T "L" nf A f .um , , J 'W ' Vi Ai M I ' ng Q ' 7' 4 1' TQ - f W ff l Q . ' H1 x ,V iw X 5, I ,gang 'X xl ,X X I xq " 1 1. MW 'Q 'I' .X l J , + - if wa 'K . ' 17 s -fx it 1 R ,P ' . V H , 4 4 J Z' 4 If 4,5 41? lf W 259.175 if ' ' , W if ,J 14 ' A 4 , ,J ,Q J 48 J M it - , 1? A '-eflkfy ff J' gilririx X vi ,As- 1 ' , fm , S , 1 kr f r li, ' 3 fffgqiy ng: ' .V ,,wi.e, if M.,-an ' ff . .rs Q' 3 T. 'JY 'ffl Paul Hindelang Delores Homeyer Roylene Homeyer Dona ld Hoyle Orlan Ihms Stella Jamminez SQ! i. f J pl arf 5' fig J gy 'QQ . ' 'AM "5-da.'95.gihi's. A H A ffffmi K 1 'J xr wk ix 155 Q. 33" L I, S , an fo If A ,SQA ,wwf ,JY it X 1 Y t at s ' ' Y F? 5 if 9' 4 Jie . , fi? fi ' - . up , :PJ y ,, ,. - f f 'Q 4 - ,, ' ,,,, f,M, HW s 9 :Q ?g, J A' rg J JJJJJ f fhp t magz X I Y lll J f 1 f f 'N gi "i'M4?f'-'Z' IN DRIVERS' EDUCA'l'ION class John Doefler shows Carolyn Cham bers the proper grip for steering a Cal, Ruth Johnson W. D. Keese Julia Lackey Meredith McClain Jimmie McDonald Ann McKinney Melvin McLaughlin Walter Jules Martin Selinda Montgomery Sammie Morris Julia Moniz Barbara Gean Pate Marvin Patterson Raymond Peters Tommy Petrosky Dorthy Fay Pope Judy Reid Pete Reynaga John Roberts Georgia Ann Smith Robert Spears Lyndon Stearns Merlin Taylor Billy Taylor Don Todd Angelita Torrez Paula Wheeler David Whiteacer Murphy Wilcox Charles Williams Joe Williams Ruth Ann Wittera r Q 3 . VY . 'iii .3 ' .q t s n it ii: J R-sq ' f 52 ' X ,X sl 5 V '99 A J. f b as ' J s..a,1 , s r x vf,i"7f4. J' .1 , M 'Q xl 2 , 4' A 4? SA ,'.. N J lub. - i , . .af 4 'mf as: 6 np.: a . - ' 5 ' W I 5, A 1" lx 'if lll' ' x 'Vx i 'mam is ' 1 4 ft, If tix I if .5 .4 ...-fain!! Milton Wolbrueck David Woodfin 6-...,,,,,-.- townsite, M 3 .- fl 4 lx is THE GEORGETOWN MARKER ss' S 4 is being read by Joe Williams to Murphy Wilcox, Judy Reid, Lyndon Stearns, and Billy Taylor. On this site May, 1845, Georgetown was located and made coun- ty seat of Williamson County. It was .sl , named for Geo. W. Glasscock donor of . lan 1 in Nsoris. WS d ss a dol SEVENTH Gmmasfx? naivn Hickman te H . Cynthia Mlmay' 3 - as Pam' rion for 2 Chustm Pfepafa a Greenway ' MIS' Seventh Grade is SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: President, David Parsley and Vice President, Mike Jones swing the girls, Secretary, Patsy Scott, and Reporter, Camille Hays, This picture was taken at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Bond Chrietz- berg, ' alum, M - g- Ff f I f ' Q 'I 'i s fx ' A .1 ' K. wx yn -: xi EX - A ,. W . ' Ro." ' . . nv' X K, 4 5 1' W xsws is .C-X ' A , - Jay, z X A Q 'F V ts 4 4' wi K ,,.fse. O"- ,aif 7 . ', ' "E?1Tf N 'Q QR he ' f.l.v-milfs. .Q - L.. me 1. .Q,,Qw. y I 5 Ive " 1 + E 13. 1 sr 'Pr -fr 64 'E I I Q 1 lx !"'I,,, ul' Q 2 1 Y 'MIP ' v . Q 1: 'm SX 1' 'Y an 3 V -X . I . all as w 'W S ,X . , ,fs as f -will 15 4 ?f r'x.,,'a 5 X., l A 3 -sq, B '11 -r .45 Maurice Adams Barney Anderson Carrie Barton Milton Beckman Donna Bishop Jimmy Blackmore Robert Bost Evelyn Brown Bonnie Cadell Vernon Cagle Glenda Carter Kay Caskey Jon Chambers Frances Coronado David Dedear James Doerfler Ioe Edgar lane Edwards Sue Edwards Mary Escobedo THE SIX FLAGS OF TEXAS, made by the seventh grade students are exhibxted rn front of which Bobby Copeland and Walter Martin show projects, Richard Finch Donald Fox Ronald Fox Wayne Gattis Jo Ann George La Jean Glenn Sarah Greenlee Sammie Gutierrez Karen Hausenfluke Camille Hays Freddie Homeyer Patsy Jenkins Virginia Jimenez Mike Jones Barbara Kattner Richard Kleen Jackie Klein George Lester Ronald Lockhart Fred Lozano Fred McAferty Nancy McKinzie Rufus Martinez Joe Alton Menley Randy Mercer Agnes Miller John Miller Kathleen Miller 2 11ff1ci'f igszrsigfzifiefilir iii-ififfif-'i'Tf1 Q ' 75Ihl,:.'f'?T.15-Q' U -f if: I -.w!7E:F'?3i IN' 132, A 2fi9'i g g 43224 - A an W , nr Q w 73 1 M 1 ,Q dui!" 'Mkt f V 1 " ' ,Aiix vii, ' G 'fmhv , " 'FTW X4 rr,, if '-,jfisg r - '--- a n A 'sz- . X.-' 'EY' Yfwxgs ff '-H, Y H in . n i'r. i V "J ! ' va K ' - . 4' Q-",,., A . 55, 14 X , 'A J W, QS' I I 1 Q M1521 v ,Vu G R W Z 252: i 4 it ,. ' ' 'iff-1 1 -rf R . 1 lf. iw xr f W ' i K V U ,xg ,, I, A , gig X 'R 3 ., 3 . 4 'X f I w 3 is . , ' F J I. V- 1 r 'rr1. - ' E - "" : l ,, L A .,., 1 G . ' . :LL , I ii'-H., A f ' ez 79. an ., - HZ is I. ..,,- .- 'O ., V1 'wx in W V iw., at g r A . iisi or Vi - niiriisi " A an seii f ' E r:1s2.r-Nasir:-,F ,ni K I I ' .Q irsci G G , .. -I ,E , ih It Q . F' 4 F' ' , H in - ii -f ' W if -we 'L. ri .L 1 if, x,,w,- 'xc :f ill Q F 2 T Y 3 . i , :E b t S :Q , fi V W , A i.' L. 1 - 1 -was.. 5 -. . ,r:' T f :N ,A sr -k ' ' 'r r' , , r,r ,, ,rrkccc ...- , 5 -,rg ,f , 2, . ' as -52 3-2QZg'n' 5 .31: .-,..- 1' i ' - 6' , , G ii F ,- rns s csri at G s R7of3ia5Ef?rgi?3,f :gk .. l . JV 1, . - Si 7,-- f sf ' " 5552 ,rr 11, 1 F " ' iiiiw K 8- ' 1 -pas R - ' G or We ,ssi is 1 G 1' iirss l if .. i G A if ' mf- ' , ' 'F ' . . ' f ,- F vii" Q., ,- 'iw , r ' - iii" 'lfii' -. , e " , G F M M fi is QSPESTES' r i '- , I' ' Q ' :nf .. ' 'WZ M aia, . - -,- gihiyfvfhi ',,. 5' Q .kk. ,kyk .' s. 2 f i v vzrfsa - -Lis: I ,' an f ,, wk "wr 'YQ "1 J ', W. 1' K. is Sa , 5 f Q . 'ls Q H fi . 4- ' z -JI' .. sf 'r n 1+ g S ,S A -0 -.. " 'E' 32 V ,H is K, s W . g , 4 fly.. L2 ,gi 1 ' .. h , s . as 5-gg., , . , Q 1, X ,,, 4 5 . A ,'.?!,4:V:5'k q' " 1 -sn Annex-2 Q12 Q- ' -L 'wg' its 3 X X N f"'f""'s sr' .- S 'L ""'Z YJ' 11 ei A A z' if 4' , A gf . fi' ff' if fi - I 514 E 2 n -15 "', fs' ' W ,N Q gpg., X ii 6 ,J -'P' T ,Jl""' w ' iv ' ., H '31 4' fi' g S ff'-A Q hk . - , .. N'-N' :5 I X ,..E.,,, f 5, 1 K .lv what fl ip James Montgomery Wallace Montgomery Lupe Muniz Richard Munson Douglas Murdock Arcadia Navarrette Ramiro Navarrette Jeanie Parker David Parsley Rosa Pate Delores Patterson Sandra Pennington Jerry Perry Mary Perry Harold Peschel Glenda Peters Gordon Peterson Jimmy Petrosky Patricia Robbins Tommy Robinson Dimas Sanchez James Sanders Patsy Scott Sharon Shadle Joe Silva Earl Smith Lawrence Smith Cana Snowden THE JUNIOR CHEER- LEADERS, Janie Edwards, Kay Covey, Karen Cole, Meredith McClain, Roy- lene and Jeanie Parker, lead the Junior High with the school spirit through- out the football season, Diane Spurlock Curtis Stabeno Francis Staton Maurice Sutton Sherron Thomas Manuel Torres Linda Vogler Jerry Wade Bill Watts Mike Weir Dorothy Wheeler Thomas Williams W ,K AN s A 41 ' ss ' QT? I .sit so vf N 1 ,..,. fi-'Q Ei'-Ss... . it mu , .as .w 1 V .rf wp-n-a .Q 1 91 .FQJ va' ,..a,.,fve Betty Warrell E A y at - . , ' Judy Wolf Edgar Wuthrich A My Ng ,,f,i,-- 60 4 it Vw V 1' .Tk E. as I , , 2 . rw' I 4 -We far T' 'Y' ' ' it -1 ps 0-me J , 'x 1'xA E 4 " X1 jx ' qv it -Q RN' f 'Kira ak I 1. W, J' 'A , -ak in ,xv lx rg dr 7 1 :L sky 3 xplained to Junior Hig iz Page ASSIGNMENTS are e Jerry Perry and Glenda Peters by their teacher Mrs. Armstrong, HOME WORK is done during class time by Morice Sutton, Bonny Caddell, Agnes Miller, John Chambers, and Betty Wore11. can be fun, James N-R. CLASS WORK ferty, Jimmy Fred McA Barney Sanders, Petrosky, Harold Peschel, mas Williams n and Tho the Anderso , seem to be enjoying what them. teach er is telling Georgetown, Athletes Ring the Bell Al l MJN fQ'X ff N X f x 1 ,sp,5',. ghQ2r.I?Q+?Px,'-"V fig ii is gm ,, 5 , .Q -N : -.-N1 . n 'Sly ii IES! . ,. L., gx 1 QE? AI.. 'S' V N wx X ' 'VI W Q ,k 5 1? -uw. . 'Yagi-QV ff , ., -"' il ga-Uffsm - -1-1.7 , ., My QW' SUMMARY OF PRE -DISTRICT GAMES GEORGETOWN EAGLES' SUCCESS in pre-district games is evident by the scores. Out of five games played, they lost only to Elgin. Burnet, Round Rock, Eagles Rang McGregor, and Granger were defeated respectively. The Eagles scored a total of 138 points in pre-dis- trict games, while their opponents only scored 39. The team has shown unified action in their play- ing. In the backfield Wilford Bane and Jerry Bane, Milton Denham, and Ernest Kimbro have led the scoring. Their success was due to the blocking and tackling done by the linemen. E Football Managers JIMMY CHAMBERS and WAYNE WALDEN 1 Seated, left to right: Johnny Engvall Neil Harris, Milton Denham, Jerry Bane Johnny Tombs, and Howard Landry. Kneeling John Rockdale - 7 Georgetown - 32 Scores of the game were made by: Jerry Bane, Wil ford Bane, and Ernest Kimbro. Belton - 14 Georgetown - 19 This game was the best game of the year with all players doing outstanding work. Bell for District Pettyjohn, Ernest Kimbro, Wilford Bane, Clifford Lundquist, Bill Snowden, Billy Tombs, and Tyree Finch. Standing: Earl McKeithan, Iohn Montgomery, Don Williams, Harlan Leschber, Larry Hausen- fluck, and Don Parker. Not shown: Donald Gibbs, Donald Barrington, MJ. Kimbro, and Bobby Pope, Cameron - 0 Georgetown - 0 T3Y10l ' 27 Ge0l'geIOWn - 26 Won by Georgetown on penetrations. A live and out- A thrilling game pl8Yed 011 3 muddy field after 2 standing game by which Snowden and Tombs won 'miracle rain' ill TBYIOI where the game Wa! "Linemen of the Week" in Central Texas. P13Yed. Rosebud - 6 Georgetown - 13 Lockhart - 13 Georgetown - 6 A terrific game in which Johnny Engvall scored on An exciting game in which Lockhart and George- a wonderful pass, town battled it out for Regional Title. K' il' R ff .A ,fs r we Q- , - GEORGETOWN EAGLES once again carry the ball as Johnny Engvall blocks for Wilford Bane, while Earnest Kimbro looks on, in 2 ACTION IS UNDERWAY as Jerry Bane carries the ball down field with the assistance of the blocking of Don Parker, 3. 1 . Q NME I Q 'J' V 4 - WILFORD BANE was selected for the second time as A11-Central Texas Back, K . 5 ,,....f . ? . 155 'u h IL ww ' 9 L 1 1' I 5 v , 1 1 ,it v L U .5 f3. M fa ".s. 1 S N " I 4' as ' y Xu Wag-f,, Fw , + 3 W. CHOSEN FOR ALL-DISTRICT TEAM: Ernest Kimbro, Wilford Bane, Milton Denham, and Billy Tombs, f V H 'IU 4 55' gg' ' x f, 9 QI, P1 A' TEAM MENTIONED BY CENTRAL TEXAS PAPERS consisted of: Bubba Kimbro, Wilford Bane, Larry Hausenfluke, Howard Landry, Bill Snowden, Jerry Bane, Billy Tombs, Earl McKeithan, Johnny Tombs, and Milton Denham. 67 COACH BIRKLEBACH AND COACH ROSEN- BLAD are shown here going over some plays for the Eagle football team. TRI-CAPTAINS Ernest Kimbro, Wilford Bane, and Billy Tombs were chosen by the team and coaches. 2 f K , n 1,1 1 elm if .1 Vw. PICKED BY TEAM AS VALUABLE PLAYERS were: John Pettijohn, Donald Gibbs, Johnny Engvall, Donald Barrington, Tyree Finch, Harlan Leschber, John Montgomery, Don Parker, and M. I. Kimbro. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM shown with Coach Danelly are: Pete Reynaga, Lyndon Stearns, Joe Williams, Ray- mond Peters, Bobby Glass, Stanford Armstrong, Joe Escobedo, Manager, Jackie Headrick, Charles Williams, David Carlson, Pete Bouf- fard, Billy Taylor, David Adams, Merlin Taylor, Pete Aleman, Marvin Patterson, Paul Hindelang, Sam Morris, John Roberts, David Whitacre, -uihnilr ,, A, .--f,-,.-.pun-v,4p4n4y Hmmm Q l U LINEMEN OF THE "B" TEAM, Travis Lester, Charles Miller, Del- bert Chance, Alex Patterson, James Kimbro, and Kenneth Jenldn, are shown here racing down the field, SEVENTH GRADE FOCTTBALL TEAM Alton Peters, Tommy Williams, Mike Weir, Larry Smith, Gordon Peterson, Arcadio Navarette, David Parsley, and John Miller, Maurice Sutton, Jimmy Petrosky, Jerry Perry, Douglas Murdock, Richard Munson, if I-wr, Jimmy Blackmore, Lupe Muniz, Fred Lester, Maurice Adams, James Montgomery, Fred Homeyer, Randy ,-,,. 2 'Je ill 1- 1 4- W-- 11.0. Q l - if 11 il 2 -'fun urn- -nun: sas-all ,ww up wan name j was ries -sw 'W Nav", H 3 1 HJNTQ . ma - ' v- 2 if .ms as mn ew-11 W.: Wm s - 3: tl l f till lift! V098 u'L.-'H- P-Viv' Q2- ' . FIVE PLAYERS OF THE "B" TEAM are shown doing a position. They are: Billy Hausenfluke, Jimmy Barring- ton, Dicky Stanley, Lyndon Rosenblad, and Tommy Kimbro, vm 1 " Mg: J Mercer, Edgar Wuthrich, Mike Jones. J , qs n si jun, -Iain. B S Q x x , lg. S' d I yn ,f if rf is NEW COACH- -Fritz Stel- zer made an excellent showing in coaching the "B" team this year. TA get VICTORIES OF THE "B" TEAM were won by the players shown in the lower pictures in their respec- tive positions. Top, left to right are: Jimmy Guess, LE. Stubbs, Billy Caskey, Alex Patterson. Middle: Johnny Lindell, Clayton Hunt, Fred Dodson, Jimmy Jordon, and Buddy Threadgill. Lower: Rodney Pren- zler, Daniel Vasquez, Wendell Keeling, Sam Mason, and Guy Gary. f - ' A ' 6 -A :w in "" J u 'l'i l A N f , .. . .,A ., x vu A 4, . X , .E . ii W , 5 t A, p ,V,.k K , 2 V , - 1 A Q 3 ' s , , ,2:. I , -r 559.5 9 ky ' X L-wage xx V . Ma my K ,ga 5: if - L' , .M 9 af -ss, -.. s 4 f . ' V7 1 ,f'fXfi':iZ:12t2.ifi2i7?jKLf'ifi5 f"i'x'f,::" ' 'J ' ' ,gif ll' f ' ' H. 5+ es 2 5 . 4M 2 ' i ' 1'-u ' o f -f 1 Mr - Q J v Af, a ' - . - A 'i , -gf' MY- E ,-A sw, 'ffffai -K K ' - Q B K -I -V. ws... sims. 5, s. as - Q .sw , Kg I . ,V A 1, J L W 3 s 5 K ,,,.. s 4 M gg as J at ls. 'J' W lbw s--Thrift-i-aff' ss, e s . -'a' ' ' B we G' ' ' Ya. f , I "',. rf? 5-Qs ,',i,""'5' ' V H 5' 435' , fi ,, o : ,f ies wt time , A-4 s 4' w --- ff, ,H . I X "1 -L53 , -M14-rf' X -Rf ' , -1 Wu, ' f K , is ,, M by J --gfwg '.-'3E",,,5gg!g' - rr i , B , , - 'f' sg-Qs,-' - '1r,.,s,,-f, ' ,T.fvf'- ' En fi 'fi '3 ,'. I I .fzo-m Vkfy :, " ' , i fs N , . 41 y B - B M A Sf 'I ..-- .5 .E -K I 1,5 . . af , , - . ,J 1 -. , ' at , , Ft: is. ' ' 1 as r ax ,f sf M X . 'wg f Q .-A V il' ' P - E pg I-1 N xv "W X ' ,gg . ' nf Uixwj, QQQI3 .6-H., W V, J.Q...542+ X -1 ' H, fl' -, ,N ts, . xesg ,... X Ji- lr ' . ff " ,Y Q ' t., A 7 . N X ' 'Ui A ,M ,W H, mx, W hw, V ' W 'N M MN! W NYM., w,,1 :M hnnw H Q ,Jw rm. 1 n,ln?1'g Jn, ' 1 " ' ' ' ' ,H W w 'N 'uw i ,wil ,. ,. ,yi 1 ii,w.Ni. Mi! 'Mm' Un., !,,,.. , , ,, X M U my , W, Y' -' X X Wy: ,b5rigl:? : .i-w w , HL: , N, 1, iiwflf-i'i ,, -. is in-an-f,w'1s -ww mm:1iy,fj'mgx1Hi1x,' -'it " 'f1"wa,-u.gwrLe iwiiifuiw ,, N drip if fga15l1'13',:fJ ' i- Erma ,,L":JYn N H N N N 11 1, , ,ala if 'i 1- f ,FL W, Qnglg: VQ1QfQiE!.fw1.i,,:1 'li SINK THE YOENEN .3 1 Cheerleaders and Cameron sign Cheerleaders Cheerleaders and Rosebud ' sign CHEERLEADERS: Barbara Knauth, Rosemary Peterson, Deanna Doerfler, Janice Glass, Angela Engelbrecht, and Margaret Ann Threadgill led school spirit during athletic seasons. They also did much for the organ- ization of the Pep Squad. FOR THE GAME a picture of the mascot of the op- posing team was drawn by Betty Schmidt. Betty 's pictures contributed much to the school spirit and after each game the score was put on the picture as a record of the game. 7I B oys 9 Basketball 1, q l ,Q if ! Q x 1 DL a std, fl sg, 121-'Iv' ,S 21, GEORGETOWN EAGLES, Ernest Kimbro, Wilford Bane, Hubert Jones, Jimmy Glover, and Milton Denham are passing the ball. Bill Snowden is not shown. s+.a5f""' EAGLE SUBSTITUTES Terry Cox, Larry Hausenflucke, lack Shinkle, Don Williams, Clayton Hunt, Jerry Bane, Ronald Woodfin, Neal Harris, Johnny Tombs, Jerry Thompson, Johmiy Engvall, and Fred Dodson listen to basketball pointers from Coach Stelzer. THE FRESHMAN TEAM Gerald Hill, Johnny Lindell, C D Fox Charles Miller Jimmy Barrin on 1 1 r n gt 1 Tommy Kimbro, and Victor Knauth watch the basket as Dickie Stanley shoots. E VQYEBBQHGL THE BALL goes up and so does Bill Snowden on a jump ball in the game with Killeen. Others in the picture are Wilford Band and Ernest Kimbro, of the Georgetown team. FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN GEORGETOWN TOURNAMENT is being presented to Bill Snowden, Hubert Jones, Wilford Bane, Milton Denham and Bubba Kimbro by Mr. Hindelang. The Eagle basketball team re- ceived two trophies during the tourney. BILL SNOWDEN goes up in the air for a re bound during the Killeen game as Wilford Bane rushes in for assistance. 'nf O2 k mn f A"W, 1. 1, ru' 4, ,gf , t .A . N' 'Q' S., JA.. Wv. s trap .. -al - 7 Q 4- I 'i 'Fbwl 1 71 ' f 'X-V"-ww' , -btw' g I '. , Q ws k " JF -' Q " THE ROVING TROPHY OF GEORGETOWN TOURNAMENT was presented to the Georgetown basketball team by Mr. Hinde- lang. The Eagles have received the trophy for two years. 73 COACH DANNELLEY coaches the younger boys in basketball and football in addition to his teaching commercial courses in school. He is also a sponsor of the sophomore class. UP IN THE AIR is D on Williams as he shoots for the basket. Larry Hausenfluke is ready to help if neces sary. Fgbgiiik r 2 t W' E 'Heals . had W ,R- l 1 1 THE YOUNGER BASKETBALL boys Jackie Headrick, Stanford Armstrong, A Charlie Williams, David Adams, Bobby Glass, Pete Reynaga, Joe Robert Will- iams, John Doerfler, Pete Aleman, Don Todd, David Woodfin, and Marvin Patterson en' ' Joy watching the older ones practice. .55 Girls ' Basketball THE STARTING SIX, Lois Holcomb, Gloria Schmidt, Joyce Per- son, Ann Love, Sandra Burson, Margaret Threadgill, an Clifton stack hands for good luck, d Miss sa.-l'f "1 MISS CLIFTON GIVES INSTRUC- TIONS as the starting six and Cammy Black- more look on, THE SUBSTI- TUTES, Louise Holcomb, Betty Logan, June Den- 1 ham, Martha Miller, Cammy Blackmore, Betty Bird, and Ann Ballard, wait as the game goes on, I Q still , ,Q , 1: J, f" --Q ,, f 2, Us Above left, FIRST PLACE TROPHY: Gloria Schmidt and Sandra Burson show the second place trophy that was won by the team at the Liberty Hill Tourney. Gloria and Sandra made the all-tournament team. Above right, THE CO-CAPTAINS: Sandra Burson. and Joyce Person, flip a coin. Below: THE MANAG- ERS, Betty Schmidt and Joyce Box, and Miss Clifton look over the season's record in the score book. Above, CAMMY BLACKMORE adds two points although she is guarded closely. 'XR Right, THE SUBSTITUTES watch the game from the bench Some are happy - some are not Bottom, BETWEEN INNINGS Coach Stelzer discusses the game with the boys. Players: Larry Hausenlluke - Catcher Billy Tombs and Earl McKeithan Pitcher Emest Kimbro - First Base Dicky Stanley - Second Base Johnny Engvall - Third Base Milton Denham - Short Stop Billy Caskey - Left Field Neal Harris - Center Field Don Williams and Kermit Schneider - Right Field SUBSTITUTES: jimmy Glover Jimmy Jordan Fred Dodson ,ah 'QQ- . -Q, N Q , n n n 'QV its Gus Neltsch Gerald Hill ""? --5-1--u --ul Ql'E J, X: ii 3a JL 1.- OVER THE PLATE, but too low comes the ball as Ernest Kimbro lets it go by for "Ball 1, " called by Coach Dannelley, the umpire. l i 78 9 fd? BEFORE THE GAME, the boys have a brief discussion of the opposing team. ANOTHER PITCH makes Don Williams swing, hitting the ball and preparing to nm to first. Q45 if UIL. Spring Meet, Athletic and Literary Play Track Shorthand, Typmg, One-Act Play, and Col THE ONE-ACT PLAY won district and went on to win second in re- gional. In district Martin McClain, Pa Kirby, was named best actor: Linda Luksa, Ma Kirby, and Roy Lee Adams were on the all-star cast. Linda and Martin were on the all-star cast at regional, and Gretchen Rath, Beulah, got honora- ble mention. The other members of the cast are Mary McCoy, Caro- line, and Wayne Johnson, Stage Manager. N R S S 'O Tennis 4 , gg gg g g v-Q Ui L! ! , L. ' , ' S " If 'fi 'il l ' S' sn' BOYS' ssmon nounuss, sin sprmgerandrorm ' ' 'gg W, . . . . . Pettiyohn, won in dxstnct, but lost ur regional play. 4 A i Q 4 ' 1. QP , . I bilg 'fr A W, :f i r ' AS H V: x , mf! fa fe 'fa A 5 3 GQ fn 11" r BOYS' JUNIOR DOUBLES, Roy Lee Adams and Jimmy Guess, played at district meet. GIRLS' SENIOR SINGLES Margaret Threadgill, rep- resented G.H.S. in district meet. P ,ff-J - f, .,.... ,, f V, g. ' Q F M six, we ,n'J,,,...n...--n-- . wg ' Y gf' " IIY, 5 ' 'I "rl-is-4-so L E K K V ' -- I J .. . ,I vt f:tlf"-Q ...Zu-'a?:.?. ,L 1' X, G V -J. ,I if gl Boys' SENIOR SINGLES' GIRLS' SENIOR DOUBLES, Deanna Doerfler, and jgmeg Elkins, rep,-ewmed Janice Glass, competed in district play. Georgetown High at Cameron. , ., 4 Boys, and Girls, Volleyball and Sojiball SOFTBALL IS UNDERWAY as Johnny Tombs bats to Jimmy Chambers while Jon Emil Kasprick, Harlan Leschber, and Bobby Pope wait to bat. THE BOYS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM is in practice, while Billy Ray Snowden awaits a spike. The other boys on the team are Don Parker, John Montgomery, Leonard Buchhom, Jerry Don King, and Johnny Brummettt Ann Love pitches to Joyce Person, who hit the ball. Cammy Blackmore waits to catch the ball as Betty Bird, Lois Holcomb, Sandra Burson, and Faye Perry watch. K Joyce Person sets up the ball to Gloria Schmidt, while Ann Love, Clara Noack, Barbara Knauth, and Francis Bethke look on. K 'if J nw-we L iQ ll or JCC. as I ii.- Declamation and Poetry Reading Senior Girls'Poetry Reading was entered by Betty Bird, who took second place in Cameron. Rebecca Russell is reading her poem to Betty. They entered in the con- test which Betty won. The Senior Boys' Declamation in Cameron was entered by Bill Springer, who took a second place in the contest. He is pictured with Howard Bleeke and Jerry Bane, who were in a contest to determine who would go to Cameron. Senior Girls'Declamation was entered by Sarah Wheeler, who tied for third place with a girl from Belton in the district meet in Cameron. Sarah and Kay Hubbard entered spelling and won third as a team. 1 1 E, E 'E V 5 CE 215 E 22 i i Club. In Declamation Ieny Bane entered a contest sponsored by the Optimist I S Interscholastic League WINNING FOURTH PLACE in the District Track Meet was Sammy Mason running in the mile. Terry Cox also entered in the mile. Donald Barrington and Johnny Eng- vall were Georgetown's entry in the 880 yard dash and Tyree Finch entered in the 440 yard dash. IN DISTRICT COMPETITION, Billy Ray Snowden tied for fourth in the high jump. THE EAGLE'S MILE RELAY team was made up of Neal Harris, Jerry Bane, Ernest Kimbro, and Wilford Bane. Milton Denham and the boys mentioned above, with the exception of Wilford Bane, entered in the sprint relay. Wilford won first in the 440 yard dash and Jerry won third in the same event. In the pole vault event Emest took the first place honors. Track Events osed THE JUNIOR SPRINT RELAY team was comp of Jimmy Barrington, Tommy Kimbro, Dickie Stan- ley, C.D. Fox, and Joe Bohanan. Not shown in the picture, but also entered in this event was Johnny Lindell. In individual events, Tommy won first in the pole vault, junior class, and second in the 100 ' ' the yard dash. broad jump. Dickie Stanley tied for fourth in OTHER ENTRIES IN THE 880 yard dash were Bobby Ray Pope and James Kimbro. Don Williams was manager for the Eagle Track Team in the District Meet. "'l S' A Larry Team entry. Ur AND Discus, IN THE SHOT P Hausenfluck was the Eagle Track exe Organizations is J' at sr 9 Ya 1 . 1 Q...- i Student Council Elections SPRING ELECTIONS for 1956 -57 Student Council Offices were held on Friday, May 4, in the high school auditorium. Each of the candidates except those seeking the presidency, were limited to three minutes to give their qualifications. After the candidates for the office of president spoke, voting was held in the separate classes with members of the coun- cil in charge. From left to right they are: Lyndon Rosenblad, newly elected treasurer: Rosemary Peterson, second vice president: Betty Bird, candidate for third vice president: Dearma Doerfler, newly elected secretary: Jane Reed, candidate for third vice president: Gretchen Rath, candidate for parliamentarian, and Janice Glass, newly elected parliamentarian. Elected as third vice president was Larry Hausenfluck. Cheerleaders for '56-'57 are: Rosemary Peterson, Janice Glass, Cammy Blackmore, Margaret Threadgill, Deanna Doerfler, and Joyce Box. il J l ual 4 we c ' 1 , as , F5 . Student Council A STUDENT COUNCIL commit- tee, Ernest Kimbro, Bill Springer, Mr. Keith, Sandra Elliott, and Rosemary Peterson get ready to leave for the State Convention. 'rnnss JUNIOR Bors were candidates for me presidency of the 1956-1957 Student Coxmcil. Those Q S 5 seeking to be elected were Tyree Finch, Norman A Bouffard, and Ronald Woodfin. E , Q . gif Tyree Finch, who is pictured at the right, was , y ffl A ,- elected to this office. ltl a17't? V' yll' 2 - '1- i I " FOR FIRST VICE PRESIDENT two candidates competed, Ruth Miller and Peggy Blackmore. Peggy, T S a pictured at left, won the election. C t 3 is iLV fE?f s 7 L I iii' 2 - r 2 .4 .., 1 f ' RONALD WOODFIN makes his campaign speech for president in the Student Council elections. Student Council 'f A CODE OF ETHICS, a set of principles to be accepted by the student body, was set up by the Student Council. Linda Luksa and Rosemary Peterson wrote the code, STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTA - TIVES attending Dismc. Conven- tion at San Marcos with Mr. Mur- dock are David Parsley, David Woodfin, Janet lschy, and Ann Barton. T ...N J 'N ."'s-. ., . if ,sf STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS are busy checking their materials. Left to right John Pettijohn, Second Vice Presidentg Barbara Knauth, First Vice President, Butch Johnson, Parliamentariang Wil- ford Bane, Presidentg Janice Whitely, Secretary, and Ernest Kimbro, Treas- urer. b ies? is ig ,I P , Lv 1 -'fir' ATTENDING A CITIZENSHIP CONFERENCE are Butch Johnson, Rosemary Peterson, Linda Luksa, and Barbara Knauth. The student councils were "4 guests of the P. T.A. in Blanco, are: Bill Springer, Third Vice President, 'Cnr'- P.A.S.F THE CHAPTER OFFICERS, 111118 Burkhart, Scribe: Kay Adams, Publicity Chairman: Rosalie Smith, Secretary: Sarah Io Wheeler, Vice President: Edward Gauntt, President: Brian Engelbrecht, Sergeant- at-Arms: and Sandra Munson, Treasurer, study the colorful history of the P.A.S.F. through the chapter scrapbook. jf' UNIT II OFFICERS Sammy Wilcox, President: Janice Glass, Treasurer: Lanell Carlson, Reporter: Judy Chrietzberg, Vice President: Zara Reid, Secretary: the officers of Unit II, study the map of South America during a Unit meeting. UNIT I OFFICERS Joan Rosenblad, Secretary: Wayne Elkins, Reporter: Billye Adams, Reporter: Pat Lackey, Scribe: Kay Fredericson, Treasurer: Shirley Bradley, Vice President: and Cammy Black- more, President of the P.A.S.F. correct the minutes of their Unit I meeting. -v--i....'-.N ., W. ,, ..... r. .ms,,,, .--.....,.,.,.s.,..:..r.,..q..,, . ., . . . , .. . .. ,, , - A . . .. , ,A N. The Aerie 1 -sv Staff presented an assembly program using the Taylor Publishing Co. signs for at ,,f,f.,,..V, , I subscription sales. The 5 staff consists of Ed Gauntt, Kathy Jacobs, Donna Kay 1 Hausenfluck, Angela Engelbrecht, Harriet Berglund, Betty Schmidt, Joyce Person, Ruth Miller and Sammy Wilcox. SUBSCRIPTION SELLING gets under way as Harriet ,gf Berglund gives La Vera Mickan her receipt. if J THE SUMMER worucsuop in san Marcos was attended by Kathy Jacobs, Business Manager: J H ,f W J, Donna Hausenfluke, Editor: Miss Loventhal, cnpv 5 A " Sponsorg and two other members, Sadie 1 ytuh - ,Q Lackey and Angela Engelbrecht. xt , , H V 'fx T CLASS PICTURES were taken by Mr. Addison 'xslfx 5 JL at the first of school. FHA. OFFICERS MAKING BANQUET PLANS are, Katherine Jacob, Reporter, Val Jean Bethke, Song Leader, Imadell Burks, Historian, Rebecca Russell, Secretary, Martha Hoff- man, President, Janice Whitely, Degrees Chairman, Kristine Johnson, Treasurer, Gay Bounds, Pianist, Linda Luksa, Vice Presi- dent, and Martha Durrenburger, Parliamen- tarian, ON UNITED NATIONS DAY, SOUTHWESTERN UNI- VERSITY STUDENTS, Fracklin Sun, Hong Kong, Mina Gomez, Monterrey, Ruth Overa, Philippines, Louis Zalas, Bolivia, and Hi Hyun Chai, Korea spoke about their countries. 92 F, H,A, WEEK is enjoyed by the members of the club, The schedule of the week was: Sunday, Go to Church Day, Mon- day, No Gripe Day, Tuesday, Initiation Day, Wednesday, Family Together Day, Thursday, Community Emphasis Day, Friday, School Emphasis, Saturday, District Meeting, Helen Mercer, June Denham and Janet Ischy were the winners of the Initiation Contest, The members enjoyed a lunch in the park on Tuesday, Caro- lyn Miller, Janet Ischy, Ruth Ann Vogler and Rita Lefner are discussing their costumes before going to lunch. , . , i r gh? i'7ALi 'V -. -shi is S sl ff- X.: STYLE SHOW SCENE. Jimmy Caskey looks at the pretty girl in the window, Gussie Valentine, while Ruth Miller, Ierry Don King, Joyce Box, and Billy Ray Snowden walk down the street, 'i ,pf FHA. MISS TERRY replaced Mrs. Som- meyer, who moved at mid-term, Miss Terry had just graduated from Texas State College for Women. Besides three homemaking classes she has a general science class. ....... 'I 9 ,qi 4 '51 gn ,ff 5114-K f '- E s E TWO HOMEMAKERS realize they are late for their appointment. They are Betty Zoch and Val Jean Bethke while Martha Miller poses in the window, 93 X 5 F,H,A, BEAU, Earl McKeithan, is announced and presented a gift by Martha Hoffman. K 1 F. H.A. 'S LITTLE SISTER, Barbara Dreager clutches her balloon at the banquet. 94 FHA. and FFA. Banquet The annual F, F.A, and F,H,A, banquet was held November 14th with "Autumn Days" as the theme, F,H,A, 'S MOM AND POP, Mr. and Mrs. Theo Denham admire their gift, .QW THE IDEAL HOMEMAKER, Rebecca Russell, is extended congratulations by Martha Hoffman, F. H.A. 's president 'Mi Q4 . 1,31 nf. Ns.: ,ff f .wi ROSEMARY PETERSON, seated by F. F.A. President John Montgomery, was presented as F. F.A. Sweetheart at the 1955-56 F. F.A. F. H. A. Banquet. AG. SHOP BUILDING at the right is pictured the Ag Hall. This is the first year that boys it 1 1. taking agriculture have had the is 1 gg use of a shop. ' ' '- 'L , it Q 'sim Wifi X .r FFA. FFA OFFICERS practice using the solder- ing iron in the new Ag Building. They are: Howard Landry, Treasurer: John Montgomery, President: Earl McKeit- han, Vice President, Leonard Buchhorn, Secretary, Kermit Schneider, Reporter, Larry Legget, Parliamentarian, and Billy Hausenfluke. Don Parker and Johnny Bohanon curry their calf and get it ready for show. .,f ilill il 1 ll il 1 ll in 1 ll '- 1 ll ll I ll! I llf ill I IM 1' Ill Il I MM vs llr ,ll ! :xr as uv Il I Ill I Ill' -,I -4 'Q- f I' llffu' Ill ' ll as 'nl llf' ,,,', ::: 9 'ft' I The Pep Squad 'Q S was 'af Q qx as It A ' M iN THE PEP SQUAD, called Blue Wings was organized for the first time in years with many girls participating. They appeared as a group at the football games and pep rallies. The Pep Squad and their friends made signs to put up in the halls in the school building and in the gym, LE T '5 -S+ CHEERLEADERS ,, Barbara Knauth, Rose- mary Peterson, Deanna Doerfler, Janice Glass, Angela Engelbrecht, and Margaret Threadgill led the school spirit throughout the year, PEP SQUAD OFFICERS: Sandra Elliott, President: Ruth Miller, Vice President, and Joyce Homeyer Secretary, worked hard putting up signs to help school spirit. PA. .F . Convention The P.A.S.F. chorus gathers around the piano and practices the songs that they were to enter in the choral contest at the convention. They won second with the songs, "Flowing River' and "Canas Dulces." Sammy Wilcox, Karen Smith, Jerry Bane, Pat Gamble, Jack iii? 2 E Shinkle, and Mary McCoy entered the modern dance contest with the rhumba. They took second place in this event. Al Joan Rosenblad practices her solo "Haberera" which she entered in the piano solo contest and won fourth place T169 2 Z 4 it . 1 W 'L x 1 I, X . ykmsn, W All HK. ,, , ,, , l , M 155' t sc! Janice Glass, accompanied by Rita McCasland, tied for third in the Vocal Solo Contest with "Blue Echoes" and "Loved One." Girls of Unit I who made posters for contest pose, while the boys who made photographs for entries in the Snap Con test take their pictures. Sandra Elliot entered her poster in the contest, while Ronald Woodfin entered his picture. if v John Pettijohn, Donna Hausenfluck, Angela Engelbrecht, and Har- riet Berglund admire the scrapbook which they entered in the contest 2 E Q j 2 La Nell Carlson, Zara Reid, Kay Hubbard, and Johnny Berglund read the best essay from the club, "The Influence of Spain in the South- west, " written by Johnny. Kay was a contestant in the Information Please contest. 2 ' Soc 'ng Buskin The officers of Soc'n' Buskin admire the plaque presented to the school as first prize in the One-Act Play meet last year in.the interscholastic League Contest. The officers for 1955-56 are: Sandra Munson, Historian: Donna Hausen- fluck, Secretary: John Pettijohn, Vice Presidents Martha Hoffman, Scribe: Janice Glass, Treasurerg Butch Johnson, Publicity Chairmang and Martin McClain, President. ll, p ik NATIONAL Tl-IESPIANS INITIATE NEW MEMBERS Twelve new members were initiated into National Thespian on May 1"I at a banquet at L 8: M cafe. The initiation took place after a meal served to the old members, the new ones, and the sponsor, Mrs. Springer. Members of Soc'n' Buskin that were initiated are: Janice Glass, Gretchen Rath, Wilford Bane, Johnny Berglund, Mary McCoy, Ronald Woodfin, Norman Bouffard, Sandra Munson, Clarence Lewis, Don Parker, June Burkhart, and Kay Hubbard. Following this, was a meeting of Soc'n' Buskin at which a student directed play was presented and refreshments were served afterward honoring the new initiates 99 oc ,nf Buskin ..W...a?? ,tgi , STAGE CREW, Below: members of the stage crew, Clifford Lundquist and K. W, Mickan, set up the scenery for "Judge Lynch. " THE ONE-ACT PLAYS, presented by Soc'n' Buskin and sponsored by the Junior Class, were given on December 16, 1955, for the purpose of raising funds for the Junior-Senior Banquet, IN "JUDGE LYNCH", Ed Joplin, played by Norman Bouffard, tells his wife and mother, Angela Engelbrecht and Martha Hoffman, about the gruesome lynching he has just witnessed, Wayne Elkins, the stranger, listens intently to this story. IN "TWO CROOKS AND A LADY", Mrs Sims-Vane, a paralytic, played by Janice Glass, is assisted by her companion, Miss Jones, portrayed by Harriet Berglund, June Burkhart, in the role of Lucille, who tries to steal Mrs, Sims-Vane 's diamond neck- lace. Other characters in the play were Ronald Woodfin, Dru Kattner, and Edward Gauntt, MA AND PA KIRBY, Linda Luksa and Martin McClain, with their children, Caroline and Arthur, played by Mary McCoy and Roy Lee Adams, begin "The Happy Journey" to Camden to visit the married daughter, Gretchen Rath, Butch Johnson acts as stage manager, Of these three plays, this was chosen best by the critics. THE ALL-STAR CAST from the One- Act Play Night are,writing their names on the auditorium wall. They are Norman Bouffard, Linda Luksa, Martin McClain, Mary McCoy, Janice Glass, and Roy Lee Adams. Linda and Martin were best actress and actor. THE SPEECH AND DRAMA class presented five plays for their final grade in drama. Two of the plays were directed by students in the class and acted by the younger members of Soc 'n' Buskin. These plays were cuttings from 'The Curtain" and "No Count Boy." The other three plays were directed by Mrs. Springer and acted by members of the class. These three plays were cuttings from "The Valiant," "Lady of Dreams," and "I Remember Mama." This is a scene from "I Remember Mama." The scene takes place in the kitchen of their home. Mama, Dorma Housenfluck, and Papa, Clifford Lundquist, are at either end of the table. The children are Dagmar, Barbara Knauth, Katrin, Angela Engelbrecht, Christine, Gloria Schmidt, and Nels, Billy Miller, who is hidden behind Dagmar. Dagmar holds the cat, Uncle Elizabeth, who takes an important part in the play. The plays were presented in Speech and Drama class, and anyone who wanted to come was invited. All the plays were given in sets made by the members of the casts, and all the characters were in make-up and costume. l g 5 -S - A l sf' r si 'wi E N B H gg 1 A 1 r' g lol Georgetown H 11 y Q A MAIORETTES AND DRUM MAJOR: Margie Cagle, Freddie Sanders, Peggy Blackmore, and Gussie Valentine. l02 gh Eagle Band News gm , M my " UU, EF-WELEZ1 EU l - ff K 4 5' t H U , it + S V ' Q, Eg! ik 3' - e . z- BAND SWEETHEART, Donna Hausenfluke, is shown with David McLaughlin, Margie Cagle and Gayle Ann Smith after the present ing of the sweetheart bouquet, Gayle Ann was sweetheart of last year's band and David is the presi dent of the band of '55-'56. Divisions MEMBERS OF THE BAND work hard the entire year. During football season they have to perfect both the music and formation for the weekly half-time shows, In the spring the band as a whole prepare for the annual contest held in Waco. Individual members of the band participate in solo and ensemble numbers also. BAND MEMBERS, Enid Anderson, Gretchen Rath, Freddie Sanders, David McLaughlin, Martha Cloud, John Cloud, Mary Ann Jones, Kay Covey, Rosalie Smith, Zara Reid, Helen Mercer, Barbara Hancock, gl Peggy Blackmore, Don Todd, Pat Gamble, Wayne - ' Elkins, Janet Steelman, Alice Valentine, Catherine LE Anderson, Io Ann Hausenfluck, Melvin McLaughlin, and Margie Cagle, realize that practice is neces- sary for perfection, SHOWN DURING PRACTICE are Carol Henderson, Joan Rosenblad, Virginia Whit- field, Pat Lackey, Karen Smith, Jerry Tompson, K. W. Mickan, Martha Lou Durrenburger, Walter Martin, Murphy Wil- cox, and Imadell Burks. S I 4 0 Q X 3 K j lv ' K' L' v- ff T" T f X 5 y , X! N THE EAGLE BAND'S HALF-TIME show at the Granger game E 7 - V' g was outstanding. The Austin American Daily Paper described "' W . . X 1- the show as follows ------ " The blue and white musical p 4, Nix Q aggregation put on one of the best half-time shows witnessed X RW in central Texas in sometime, They presented a series of , J melodies aided by four small spot lights on the field to rec- , it ' ognize each section of the band, The field lights were cut . N off during the colorful performance. ' A - - A ,gf f "'o 1 time til - of Band D nda Montgo- BAND MEMBERS, Seli mery, Sarah Io Buchanan, Larry Eads, Allan Sanders, Roy Lee Adams, Norman Bouffard, Fred Dodson, Martin McClain, R.I. Mott, Edward Gauntt, Augusta Valentine, and Orlan Ihms are shown playing their horns, lain, BAND MEMBERS shown here are Meredith McC lie Anderson, Billie Adams, Shirley Bradley, my Wilcox, David Rosa ne Burkhart, Sam Pete Alemon, Pat Faught, Ju Carlson, John Berglund, Butch Johnson, ' ' s, John Hancock, and Brian Engel- Charles William brecht. 4 MAIORET Freddie S 'KM- TES, Augusta Valentine, Peggy Blackmore anders, and Drum Major Margie Cagle The Coronation of the 1955-56 Band Sweetheart Donna Hausenfluck, Band Sweetheart for 1955- 56, was presented at the half-time of the Georgetown-Burnet football game on September 9, 1955, Donna, a Senior, was chosen by popular vote from several other candidates from the top four grades. As Band Sweetheart, Donna marched with the band at the half-time shows during the entire football season and accompanied them on trips, THE HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS directed by Mrs. Ruth Summers, " 5 g aided by the Junior High Chorus, H Q , I sings Christmas songs in assembly, 'S' SINGING REVIVED IN GEORGETOWN HIGH SCHOOL. Formerly Georgetown High School had a winning chorus and then for several years Georgetown had no chorus. This year Mrs. Summers was hired to teach Public School Music is the elementary grades, and direct choral singing in the high school. A QUARTET including Clarence Lewis, Janice Glass I Donna Hausenfluke, and Jerry Bane sings "Silent Night" for the Christmas program, E Q Q g t A s I 3 5 2 4 -I X Xi N 5 E if MEDALS FOR SCHOLASTIC AWARDS SCIENCE -Jerry Bane MATH - Meredith McClain Martin Mcciam Ronald Wvodfin John Berglund l-IOMEMAKING - Rosalie Smith SPANISH - Kathy Freydenfelt Mary Ann Jones BUSINESS - Jean Peters AGRICULTURE - Earl Mckeithan SPEECH - Margin McClain ENGLISH - Gordon Peterson SOCIAL STUDIES - Kay Covey, Patricia Teinert, and Harriet Berglund AWARDS GIVEN STUDENTS OF 1956 Early in the fall a faculty committee met and decided ori a plan for presenting students with awards for scholastic and extra-curricular work. Letter "G" Awards were given to students that had done outstand- ing work in extra-curricular activities, while medals were awarded to students with the highest average in one particular subject. 1956 was the first year for this award presentation, and it is planned to be an annual practice. Er-frdirrni Q Ammo THE AERIE THE EAGLE Donna Hausenfluck Linda Luksa Martha Hoffman Angela Engelbrecht Rita McCasland Harriet Berglund Katherine Jacob F.F.A. F.H.A . Earl McKeithan Don Parker Janice Whitely Rowena Stone Martin McClain Linda Luksa Kaye Adams Sandra Elliott John Berglund Helen Mercer Janet Steelman Sandra Munson Pat Fletcher SOC 'N' BUSKIN Butch Johnson Harriet Berglund Martha Hoffman P.A.S.F. Billye Adams Mary McCoy Janice Glass Sammle Wilcox Pat Gamble LaNell Carlson Zara Reid John Montgomery Johnny Brummett Oliver Schwausch AMERICAN LEGION CITIZENSHIP AWARD Rita McCasland Tyree Finch Kay Covey Jimmy Petrosky Clarence Kleen James Boriack Harold Schwausch Angela Engelbrecht Donna I-lausenfluck Joan Rosenblad Cammie Blackmore Rosalie Smith Sarah Jo Wheeler Kay Fredrickson Rita McCasland Election Campaign, Posters ONE OF THE MAIN ATTRACTIONS of the Student Council Spring Elections is the campaigning carried on by each of the candidates. The halls of both the first and second floors of the main building and the gym are lined with posters containing tricky slogans and gay colors. The signs vary in size, shape, and fashion, each having its own original ideas. This year the Aerie Staff picked five of the best posters and the candidates who made them and have pictured them in our yearbook. The five posters selected, reading down the page and left to right, were those made by Betty Schmidt, Sandra Munson, and Ruth Miller, who were candidates for cheerleader, June Burkhart, one of the three candi- dates for treasurer, and Ronna Lee Ericson, also a candidate for cheerleader. r Kiki -4- ne -t- Y -4-5-4 Q 2 5 .E-e., , 1 4-- , ,Eva Els: f T s t Half? A gtffffe E Tie A M A F5555 KW: Nsssof Clqgerlealcf TX h X-an I p A N T O , f Yi ,s that if i.i' is Qas A mx J O5 'L W, 6 ef wdra all voting for owx 'ii ess. t . , . 1 tsiz ,,.,l,,t,, .. , I -Q. N, dfronize our adverfsers. Tlx: U'n I fff I Ab bank 0 1 '55 if Panini.. FQ n , FQ X We Hwnk you 'Ca ,avr supper? and hope 'IH S aelvevfisha +9 O!! mah our sclxaox year- ' 5-ip' 1231 I 2 x X U .1 af, .1 Y E Wu P1-ave Pro'Fi+alla 1 a Q? -437 ...JW-f AM W' W A 'Wham- u'l""""' 1150825 LACKEY'S SERVICE STATION, owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lackey, has "Service is Our Business" as its motto. The Sinclair Station is opened both day and night. The telephone number is 2929, and it is located 602 Austin Avenue. In the above picture, Sadie Lackey, Von Cile Dowda, Carolyn Chambers, and Julia Lackey watch an attendant fill their car with gas. ,sf 7 N ? ff . HOFPENAAN SON Zmmm Georgetown - Round Rock for Variety Merchandise RCA Television j fem,-f.1w'l-f-Jhfr Frigidaire Products DRY GOODS Phone Everything to Wear . Georgetown Round Rock M-am Street 2013 TW 93765 Phone 2192 B 8: B CORNER DRUG Your accommodating drug store. Registered Pharmacist on duty at all times. Featuring drugs, cosmetics, cameras, and fountain service. Linda Andrews and Deanna Doerfler serve the customers cheerfully. In THE WESTERN AUTO STORE, Ronald and David Woodfin ad- mire a Truetone Radio held by their father, Mr. A. C. Woodfin, owner of Western Auto. For News About . Georgetown High School Comphments of Activities I Always Read CLEANE A C Y 303 West 6th Ph. 2051 Printers - Publishers Georgetown, Texas 709 Main Phone 3042 T1 ? 5 :- ko'-if T, w V R ,,, - i5 bi 'M I Qi 2 ax g,4. ,L 2, ' For FAIRWAY'S GROCERY, Don Williams, Lyndon Rosenblad, and Douglas Davis are busy filling the shelves. The phone number of FAIRWAY'S FOOD MARKET is 2811. f l 5 A N H i N I , ,K K 4 M T 'i" Q y 'z ,1'- ' f ,'.. f ? 2 1 I I, we mfr ffl "KV 4, yy U Z NH-XX ,-f" TAYLOR'S TEXACO, Merlin Taylor fills the gas tank with Texaco gas while Pete Bouffard and Johnny Doerfler take note. so I -I 5- ACCESS? it T -. COMPTON'S CHEVROLET Linda Luksa and Betty Schmidt look like they are pleased enough with this Buick Special to buy from Mr. Compton right away. I -L X -.-XO FEED AND FARM SUPPLIES U1 I A Georgetown, Texas JANET AND LESTER II-IMS Feed - Seeds Poultry Supplies DRUG STORE Vaccines - Veterinary Aids ELMO REED, Owner The Rexall Drug Store Baby and Started Chicks Prescriptions Dial 2.266 A Registered Pharmacist E on Duty at All Times See Us for Veterinary Supplies 714 Austin Ave. Go to W. H. DAVIS Zhu FURNITURE STORE to be Well Groomed East 7th and Main St. for all Occasions Telephone 2.270 ' TQ ' J ijff 'beh . I -Y C I R Ni- ,"..' f' hx Qvf 5 :GV f if yffgi sf' 'stil N W3 -V 3 mv 5 s BY' ' Q25 Q' 3 J At MUTUAL LUMBER CO, Mike Jones and Mary Ann Jones are pictured at their father's business with a friend, Rosalie Smith. They are looking over some paint, one of the many items sold at Mutual. In E yr Q, .ff ' - if MQ? .f v-vs' sf ' M , ' L AND M CAFE Mrs. Estell Faught, one of the efficient waitresses of L and M Cafe, takes Bobby Ray Pope and Larry Hausenf1uck's order which they have chosen from a variety of fine foods. PIGGLY WIGGLY W. D. Keese, Jimmy Glover, and Robert Spears check the price on one of the many varieties of can goods. f i , x 1 l l NUINE fs-1' W. G. LORD AND COMPANY Donna Hausenfluck, Angela Engelbrecht, and Harriet Berglund like the looks of this new Ford very much. Donna certainly enjoys testing the steering of the car. Quality Potato Chips for Over 35 Years THE 7 x NOQK 4, :pm mi-'?mdud-S 311185 1623 Toomey Road Austin, Texas Flowers for A11 School Occasions Across From the Georgetown Hospital 608 12th Street Phone 2941 Hardware and Gifts LU N DE LAD 13-l32CJT'HEl3iS Georgetown, Texas DCU IGF! lil FLOCR COVERING Georgetown, Texas Armstrong Linoleum Tiles Wax Sanding and Finishing Venetian Blinds . .Q 3 .3 UQ Phone Sold and Repaired 2 15 1 :rj sm sm --"," Q .. , ... at .., , ?', ,tt,. , asgtifza-gas-'-f 1 - t i L --N t ' . L -,,., . xi - Q Z Sk y ? N 'L .13 ,s,i. in - 1 3 A 1, K i is .,. I K . A .. A Y it tii f T t t Y At GREENWAY'S DRIVE IN, David Carlson and Betty Adams work 1 hard to accommodate their customers. Greenway's is located on South Main and the telephone number is 2350. ...Q- GUSTAFSON'S SINC LAIR STATION - Washing and Lubrication. June Burkhart gets her car serviced by Don Parker and manager Clifford Gustafson. Quamy Cleaning Nl ' L-E 3 PRINTING co. B ' O Commercial - Social and Special ARTISTIC CLEANING Printing Embossing Phone 3553 Georgetown, Texas Georgetown, Texas E,P, MILES, Owner P. O. Box 606 Phone 2323 W, , -5- - . -... . h,l -1-PM MMM- sv Ruth Miller and Katherine Jacobs Look Over a New Oldsmobile at F3 I2 E U N D 'S MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of Oo N E S f, AUTO SUPPLY ,, Telephone 3271 Wholesale Auto Parts Sold c I B 409 West 6th Street New Building on Austin Avenue Austin, Texas I 132.12 . "QE D9 T4-4 REE-WAV GRAIN AND SEED COMPANY Ei , i f I W Nfl 4: 5 5 E P2 E GEORGETOWN Manufacturers of INSURANCE AGENCY Quality Feeds Poultry and Dairy Stock Livestock and Hogs Phone 2909 Office 3440 Residence Dial 2526 Georgetown, Texas E 5 'z o o w N, is s m.fQuu 1.um15LL mg P A I ,Q -, f H--'re W M---5 f--f f -M y 5 5 ' . THE BELFORD LUMBER CO. Building Materials Phone 2931 7th and Rock .. . , . .1 l L... THE PALACE THEATRE Jerry Thompson buys a ticket to the Palace Theatre from Martha Miller, while Brian Engelbrecht fills a box of popcorn. Qfkfmy AGENC Y INSURANCE AND BONDS HN: 1-OOD 207 West 7th Phones 2481 3407 BEST POLICY AT ALL KING CICDLT? CAFE the Way You Like , , 3 ,"..-" :-- ,-.1 - f'f LESSIE COLE - MINNIE KING """' L0 Owners U r 5 WLTIMES 55" , Z T? Good Food Prepared N-..L""' I Lv' PHONE 20l2ir BOX 79' GEORGET CENTEX BUTANE CO. David Mc Laughlin and Calvin Buchhorn are shown the mechanisms of the Centex gas truck. 3 LJY TNA. po ao EVV I N C5 LUMBER 8: BUILDING SUPPLIES P. O. Box 566 Geffjcjjfm Wiijiwfdfw Phone Number 2972 AUTO SALES 212. West 7th Street Phone 101 Georgetown, Texas l-Ll l I l i if 5 fi A 5 W A 'Q' -...ii H, E. MCKEITHAN AND SON GARAGE June Denham learns something about the motor of a truck as she watches Earl McKeithan service a truck at his father's garage . The mechanic s at Mc Keithan's are well qualified in their trade and do excellent work. Z gzwdw C, L, U, , Representing SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Georgetown, Texas P. O. Box 43 BEN FRANKLIN'S employees, Mrs. Stubbs and Mrs. Sybert show Jean Peters and J. E. Stubbs some of their wide varieties of school supplies . At CLOUD'S GROCERY, John Cloud helps Martha Cloud and Grethen Rath select their groceries. f w at www llil lllillll GEORGETOWN LUMBER COMPANY - Paints, wallpaper, and all lumber supplies. Mr. Fredricson and Mr. Engvall, managers of the company, look through the wallpaper book with their children, Kay and Johnny. In BEN NEUMAN'S DRY GOODS STORE, Janice Whiteley and Rowena Stone admire a summer dress. MCAFERTY PLUMBING AND HEATING . Floor and Wall Furnaces Fairbanks Morse Pumps If Et, M AFERTY PLUMBINGNHEATING 4.- Mr. T. C. McAferty watches son, Fred, as he works with a vise while his older son, Tom, and Edward Gauntt read sign on the truck and discuss the business carried on by the firm. Richmond Bath Fixtures Crane Water Heaters 209 West 7th Street Georgetown, Texas Goa..D's sum: DEPARTMENT STORE OIL PRODUCTS Since 1911 Gulf Tires, Batteries, and Georgetown Accessories Smart Nationally Advertised Fashions Georgetown, Texas , CLAUDE M, GREEN, Consignee N N , Phone 2921 gh-3 Q fig' " Call M12 E. C. UIDETEJ BOLNIIIARD For Fast Pick-Up on Freight or Short Moves CENTRAL FREIGHT LINES LIQUID CARBONIC GAS CO, Georgetown, Texas Telephone Rural 85-l7F31 GIVE YOUR CLAY! el I M 612 xJ.VV. LACKEN6 0 Q DISTRIBUTOR Phone 2361 C, cl l Q 1- w Q"ff9!'fg Q50 i GEORGETOWN OIL MILL I Fred Cooper Smith demonstrates mechanisms of cotton compress to Karen Smith, Joan Rosenblad, Sandra Elliott, and Billye Adams. You'11 Always Remember Graduation - - - Something else to remem- ber is the dependable quality ,un A nuwlllll ugggllllllb of the Pure Milk Company, """"' Quality Checked Dairy Pro- ducts. Look for the Big Red Check Mark and you can be sure of getting the finest! W5 MILK COMPANY li+y Chakll ...X 4' I , :Q x , L ,V "' T E N ai S' U' 1 4 f 1 -T IX' ,S i5TCDNE,S DRUG STORE Complete Rx Department -:':-:- Best Lines of Cosmetics 53555 and Toiletries 102 West 8th QS Z hone 271 1 C LEANERS A u 2 ffffff 0 MILES DAVIS iff' E ll fEfEfEg.,m Y ........,..................... C le-wer S You Will Emi oy fffiffz':'....1IQfQiQE?5ff" ,sfSfffifffifififif5555555555ff55555555555555555555555555555555?f55555fiffffff':'Z'if...iffffffffffffififiif - ...I Doing Bus ines s With jjgfgfgfgfzf:f:f:ffffffffQEfffffff:fgfffffffgffffffffj' ' """ f fffffffffgfgzgziz STARKS HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 12th and Main Street Georgetown, Texas Phone Number 2.722 STUDTRAAN PHOTO SERVICE 222 West 19th Street Austin, Texas Ph. GR-72820 4' Photo Finishing 'V' Portraits . .Xi - ...wiv . ,W X GEORGETOWN COMMUNITY SALE Sale Every Friday Hogs Bought Every Day H, H, ADA.MS, Owner Located on North Highway 81 Phone 2951 Bells Ring for Dinner and the Crowds Rush to Cunningham's to Eat the Noon Meal. CLJNIXHNGHAM5 DRUG STORE 610 East 12th Phone 2024 GUS STEENKEN - Owner Zifm My BUSINESS CQ! ,l ,FSF C Ilege 8th a d Colo ad Gr. 76955 P. O. Box 832 C ASVVE L.l.. STATION Fast Road Ser e C Picked Up D 1 d Washing Greasing - L b c t o Dial 3554 1010 Austin Avenue Georgetown, Texas We Wish fo Express Qur- Appreciojcion fo Those Who, Through Their Cooperofion, Made Our Annual possible. 766 Jam Senior Class Da, -o"""' SENIORS, Martha Durrenberger, James Elkins, Emest Fulton, and Edward Gauntt take their places as Milton Denham and Margaret Threadgill serve as class ushers. E E l 3 THE CLASS HISTORY was read by Angela Engel- READING THE CLASS WILL, were Harriet Berglund brecht, Martha Hoffman and Donna Hausenfluck. and Linda Luksa. THE CLASS PROPHECY WSS revealed by Wayne SENIORS MARCH OUT after Class Day Exercises Johnson, Clarence McCann and Martin McClain. l35 41 , , J XJ- , .'-' fri. f' ' :Lia vs A. ! ' Q W ' . - 1 .QA , A 1 9.6.-E , Fl. ' " 321. Lf' ' ' ' 1- 3 ' 1 Q 1 ' 71 4 I . i dp.. II W-V' Li t uf: 'Q V .5 Y V x 1 T -3 , 'V - 4 1 ' A I . ' Y Q' . , af - .H 'u -. . Q' , 1 5 4 'vi 'L fu I gn 5 ,N v'-. a 1' Q f- rx 1 J , e -. 'KV 41 b J ,., A A . ,, rw , -' , , If Q It 1: ,-22-aes? 11":'1.ii.Kq ?1'T'f1" , 'Vi 'Lu - f -1.5 f'if3.3xQ1fP'??' :Nr---.M L-mv-,J , Hffjp. E -f.'7f33 'fsfl 57:1 "'1'1Q: 1 ,iff-f"1 'II 45: 1 " ,.. 'knkjg-, Q' 3571 2 gr,-,-ff.-A-' .5 . . . 1' V "'f,l'fF-f "1 .' r - ',1,-,fu-51,4 A' 1.1 "ff-F ' ' WiQ1'1a.a.'g"- "'1'.:',g ', fi .3 M,?4frfr:f.,'i 7 . ' -11 -3952 Z - ' Y llfiwnnz V. . '- 'iff-If-'ff ' iv' A '1 ,Q f + -kifsfiii' V:- , I' , . f,5E'5f A 1 1 .,,3J , ,j U K Y , 'V 541.3 ,Ag 2 , 5 X5 QU- 'Aj L, Wig' 1 5-.f,.,.Ff. ' , V 4 N lf! ..J.3f' 1: "T-' 91 1 il" 1. , 1 , ,,,,-It -4, P :lm-P 'I ' - ' . 'xx 6 1 -'-war? n' ' ' ' '-A Jfffn: ti V .. . FFT..--X : ' f fs.-gag Q 5 1 Jimi ' Af' . " 'n' 3'l1f'- gf., ' ' .-Ieflwfg - ' . .. QF ' fr-bf: Y, ullltgxp , V 4... J af,'i . .. Fr... 11's Q HS, , ,..' q..g4 -.wg 'M ' Z'2M.,Q'?+.' ff :' . , W' Y H fl 1.5, J wit: ' , . . vlxrf' -'fe' fn.",. - - "ig . ,"" Jagffj -,EEC .1 - M 'W-:G"J'if'--'l -swvff. - . wr-tv'-. " ,ip-U -. 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