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f , f- L, , 3 f .. , J I , !. ff! f' X 1 ,- A. K ' K . 1 , 1-ff . L' 1' Zcff 1, f a W Q! Q f f 1 w ah. i Wai 4.4 .1 M ' Ax E 325 53? 1' . g 4- 'T ' 71 . . . . ' " 1 -544. . -. A-11 ' W 'T ' - 'IW 'WS 4 ,, , H, J, , LN., 1, .v .. , .. X J . . 3 , . . .- AQ .fg -kg y -'.. . S A . s . fx .1 Vg gm xt.,-X . .sur -pg :gig 4.a"3" . , "' fc-Q ah 4V A .J D I Q .gn r, fgiit ', x , 1 - If s ,hut-uw ' 3' V. Rh., -1. . ' 1 ,, - l 4 ' .: 3 ' 1 ' 1' wx' 5' 11. Q .ff -.5 nz. ' ",' :vu " -. H - v 4 . -V I-J. t -,ab -A - 1,- JL. + 9- Q-,?"' ,, Vf 1, 'ff-2, '1 fb 132'-qw'i'4:1-1' L35 U ,. JA' ' .f-.N M. iw! 3 :c "5 a.v+,5w...-K 'V - f - ,-. x 1. ,.X'w- V 1' - '- ap , vi x + W: Q", L LW Q gr hmm ,-si.. .5 . . ' . 2-:f..,. ' . f " ' .. 5-fg 'N' vs' . Qu' 1 A ra, , 'Z' W - Q. ', 'K'-'fi' ' f.--F: ' ' - , Y .V . , . . GEUBIGQET. WN 0LLpdE-GEQEG -T,-,0WN,. ln. . , . Jed' ' lf- ' fi 2' -W -.xy WJ'-Q "mm V .xr . , ,w , . . - . A , . .Je M I V. -.-1 . w' ' 41, ,.:-.. , . , ,., ' -jg I-3 - ..,. l ,3 .x . .. 17: -.f i -- A -' 1 . .' . A' ra,t",, '. -.-3, 1 1- . 1'-'. 3 'Z .s' 1' . . HI' Q?tki.f'55 A V H., ' f my "A 'f- "li Fl 'W gwgtv , , ,tu . f- upflv . + ww ' . -. . X a --,r.- elif , .' x " :1 x+5: A' f..,- -IIE' 1: , ,.v.,- ': 'J , 7 H I X .is --4' ' 2 ' 1 ' 4 ' . L . . V ', n., '.j"f'a. 2 " 'A' . . 5, ',' 'f-'iv' H Q-T ,Q . . 3, I an Eid' ' 3' ar !'.1' V v . . N 1 N 'c 3. ' . , nl s All we 4- . 1 .f T442 4 wat Q. - ., 1. Q, ' 271 . I- M '-x.' 4,34 -131 N. 'A ' ., " '-7.- ..55A,.m an A." 1, 1 1 1- 1. -,D 445,M.,4. 1 1 if -1 'ly 1 A . 54' 1 . iff: ' 1 X . 9 ' ' ' . 4.55 fs if L 1 .. Q , I3 .hy Q . -. v 'f l 4 1 ' ,.. if Q K y .1 f if wi' Q- Dax 5' . -. K Hel' . G 5' am: 55, 11,311 E a K, JY.. + K' sg- 4 W .if-'53, 'QPML ' uf' V' 1 A, 4. PMA en M 3 3 Q i 5 i 1 I W 1 I w i 952 BELLEWTHE i -M WW' by , E W0 .MSM 'B me Vww'wm"viL ,.,.,,. N V W FLMK M WM W Q... ,. - x w awfimwmg A A1unl"g-'0S'wf'Q1-521"'5'2f:':v'1"'k"1A""""3 - r my I .., mg , W A Agwmwuw Mg .,... , W Nw ',w.v5,mPlN3?,,w5qA ' S .W -,-f 2 , ,U .. Wig , ,MWWNW 4, t , .,,: , ., , A M M mei www .WMM """' ,A H Sf m'wS??Wf, Y 'Wi L NWN vmmjwggzw 5 , W ,,,.rfm' GQ-ji A A 'V X Y swfwm. I A 3M,,,.5,:g.Q-SW? . 3 3 ' 4 "" z ' 151 .,., ...., , WWAWWMU MVK my , ' , ,, ,. M ' V'Ww1uH K Na s A E DEDICATE Wifh ai sense of appropriafe pride we, fhe class of I952, dedicafe our BELLE OF THE BLUE fo Professor William Brisfow Jones. For fhirfy-fwo years he has given un- reservedly of his vasf knowledge and falenf fo his own alma mafer. Af fhe helm of fhe deparfmenf of English for over a quarfer of a cenfury, he has made obvious fo counfless sfudenfs fhe applicable beaufy inherenf in fhe besf fhaf has been said or wriffen in fhe world of culfure. A worfhy inferprefer of such liferary gianfs as fhe beloved Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milfon, his feaching has proved, even fo fhe slcepfical sfudenf, fhaf liferafure is nof a luxury of display for fhe isolafed aesfhefe, buf a reflecfion of life which arouses, developes, and susfains fhose qualifies admiffedly 'rhe heighf of man's quesf for undersfanding his universe. No feacher's repufafion franscends fhe regard held for him in 'rhe hearfs of his sfudenfs. Represenfing Georgefown College over a global area, sfu- denfs of Professor Jones have permanenfly mirrored fhe inspirafion he has been and is now. Such evidence assures fhe summif of achievemenf for a man who would "gladly lerne and gladly feche." As many feel, lef if be said: here is a man fo whom liferafure is life, life liferafure. I DB. WILLIAM B. JIINES v LOIS SANDERS PAULA HOSKINS BARBARA MESSER JOANN WATSON NANCY BERGMAN Miss BELLE OF THE BLUE for i952 was chosen by 'Hwe sfudio of Wal? Disney, Burbank, Califor- nia. 'Joseph Reddy, publici+y clirecior for 'the sfudio, very kindly accepfed +l1e honor of making +l1e seleciion for us. He made 'rhe seleclion on 'I'l1e basis of "her wonderful smile, beauiiful hair, and ' expressive eyes." l4'B0M THESE AS CIIIISE if mei' eil-LE P THE BLUE 6 QOAL-f assi-may Qwslf Disney Productions MISS BELLE of the BLUE ,Ween Upland M W6 A YEAR 0N THE CADIPUS 0F n gf ' il 'X 'li 4 -' V .M . :- H W ,aim 41s.,1,Q577 ,Wi :wmv ua' zf'.gl', V TQ QQQQQEQS - nibgwff Y f ,Mir . I N K H 'lt 1. IW 1' L, -1,5 ?iV TWA.,,f, , k Wg , AW, mn A E 7559? , P ft , f xl, 1 5, F p F., my . il 'Q-+ -.4ww Ay - 'rw k E1 frjg , U5 A A -s. MM 5 -N :EJ-'f""'J A F. 3555 A . 1? ggsfmg- 3 1 fa g in 2? K 2 X -.3 N :A -I 1-f vista'-Q ' .as v if Y V 4 A' X coming from Chapel . . . every Tuesday and Thursday . . . CAM . . . lo college . . . lo endless lines of regis- islralion . . . lo Jrimeless hours of orienla- Jrion . . . To slaring eyes of seniors- cynic . . .lo Bluegrass lours and homesick clinic . . . To schedules varied and dales bul few . . . To classes many and roommares new ...+o lhink of lviom as ne'er before . . . Jro long for home and our fronl door. 5 31 , K ' Wi la e l W QQ X19 Top: . . . from Germany, Brazil, Hawaii, New Zealand Above: . . . lo open house ancl punch bowls headed For The boolcsfore . . . ancl mail from home 11 Chemlsfs of fhe fufure Lb 4 9 fkxr 'WSW tl . . . WE STUDIED ivkd 5 JqQ'f Bible lnTroducTion has noT only Bible, buT also hisTory, geography, map-making, archeology, and TesTs . .and learned . . . ThaT a college curricu- lum is noT anaTomical, ThaT library sTaclcs are noT very comical, ThaT English Themes have coherence and uniTy, ThaT French and German are in our communiTy, ThaT Chem- isTry conTains more Than l-IQO, ThaT BoTany halT sTudied can bring buT woe, ThaT l-lis- ory is more Than 'evenTs and daTes, ThaT Physics needs more Than measures and weighTs, ThaT music means more Than sing- ing aloud, and morals mean more Than Tol- lowing The crowd, PuTTing knowledge To use in The lab. . . . busy college days are +oo long wiH1our a pause somewhere . . . Noon-day Prayer Mee+ing offers +his pause . . . for spirifual power. WE URSIIIP In a place of Worshipful inspiralion. Where calm is lound as Jrrulhs increase, Where lives are given in consecralion, We souqhl and found an inward peace. Our Church Our pas+or . . . Dr. Adams righfly dividing fhe word of +ru'fh." Prayermaies 7 - - - .fam- .Am.m,4 Those laces slrange which lirsl we lcnew Were soon wilh names associalecl. And as our love and inleresls grew, We lound lhose friends lor whom we'cl waireol. Georgefown . . , where friendships excel. r...WE DE . . . no man-power shorfage here. food and fellowship. 16 1"""-Q. E55 01 Wl l f fel Nw' gli! flllf gl. fl x gJ +l1e chapel s+eps . . . a familiar place for gafherings. 'lypical sifualion a+ +l1e boolcsfore fo + fr reg 1 z ., , . c we c, ,ff 'sin ivaafmilff W , no 1 Q . . ix ,x dwg Xi ,Q eg ir 'ilg file We banished our papers, we banished our boolcs, We ransaclced Jrhe campus lor lavorire nooks, We played inlramurals, we sand ourselves hoarse, We lei our lives run on a versalile course, We cheered lor our leams, we presenled a show, We wenl lor a swim, we vvallced in The snow, We prepared Homecoming 'lil hall-pasl lour, And solved lile's problems in The campus bool4s'rore. Q- Top: Georgelown vs. Louisville. Middle: Music for 'rhe Presiden+'s receplion. BoHom: S+uden+ elec+ions . . . fraining for Democracy. Bap1is+ S+uden+ Union Choir one of fhe finest Dramafics spor+s clubs parfies operas every+hing! 19 The new Nunnelley Music Building ILT Remodeling fhe old Physics Building The new apar+men+s 20 D WORKED The noises of progress blended wifh chores As some of us foughf wifh The wolf af our doors. I 13 I I Q f X - 'QE X X! x I .L+ fmf ,I f few aw su gg Wm In WE FT ?....ii N55 ,MMA w X! QQ Hun and a g kfllf d p Wesaidourf II Jr h II C16 g DB. S. S. IIILL A college, like a Tree, is known by iTs fruiTs. SomeTime ago, a college presidenT, Traveling on a Train, found himself siTTing by a young man who had iusT graduaTed from college. The college presidenT made himself known To The young man and They Talked abouT college and The prospecTs of The fuTure for college graduaTes. This young man said ThaT his goal in life was To make money. l-le made a furTher sTaTe- menT, saying ThaT, "l will make iT honesTly if l can, buT if l cannoT, l will make iT any way l can." Somebody had failed This young man. l know you will agree wiTh me ThaT all The blame for his aTTiTude cannoT be held againsT The college from which he gradu- aTed. In my iudgmenT, we would go back info The home and The communiTy ouT of which he came. The responsibiliTy of The sTudenT begins wiTh The parenT in The home and confinues wiTh The communiTy school and The local church. Much had been done To deTermine This young man's course and conducT before he enfered college. If a child is forTunaTe enough To be born in a Chrisfian home and To aTTend a school wiTh ChrisTian insTrucTors and To have The bless- ings of a church ThaT is loyal To ChrisT and his Teachings, Then The ChrisTian college can do iTs work of Training in a saTisfacTory way. Georgefown College was founded for The purpose of Training ChrisTian leaders. Georgefown places characTer as The firsT aim and The mosT imporTanT asseT in The sTudenT's life. WiThouT faiTh, The sTudenTs of C5eorgeTown College would fail Their alma maTer, as well as Their God. We, Therefore, pledge To accepT our re- sponsibilify and do our uTmosT To educafe ChrisTian young people for The responsi- biliTies ThaT will Tall upon Them in The near fuTure. 4, fa e 15.11, sv 42,2 N ,A i!! use gffifsifi QUFWMQ 2 W wx, -.5 ,...-1, ,Aw ffm :gpg frfrr 1 i I THE PRIDE 0E ALL THE SIIUTII ADMINISTBATION W m ig? ,Q W Www: H35 Y' WM mag z is 2 3? 525 K 1 Ez 2? ff, gif ....,. fi 5 Q...:,,. Q- W ? Zigi i ii gifsfig iifffis 5529555 5 25? fi wg. Ss. ww , Y Q It WV. gg? , Q2 S THE R. R. ATKINS Treasurer and Bus: ness Manager LEONARD C. SMITH Chancellor ROMIE D. JUDD Dean of 'the College C. R. DALEY J. FOLEY SNYDER Reqislrar Dean of Men JANE SMITH Dean of Women STB TIO MRS. JOHN R. DEMOISEY HUBERT BECK BILL COWLEY MRS. R. T. HINTON Assislanf Regisfrar Bookstore and Cafeferia Alumni and Sludenl College Hosless Manager Secretary MR. MAC KATHRYN MILDRED SCOTTIE 29 C. R. ALEXANDER GRACE B. BEARDSLEY WILFRED BEARDSLEY MRS. F. C. BONAWITZ MRS. EUGENE BRADLEY Professor of Chemisfry Associafe Erofessor of Ancienf Professor of Modern Languages Professor of Music anguages LUCILLE BRADLEY RENA CALHOUN GENEVIEVE CLARK CLARA JEANNE CONWAY MABEL COOLSEN Professor of Music Profeessor of Speech Assisfanf Professor of Biology Assisfanf Professor of Music Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory and Polifical Science Waifing for chapel Ouf for a wall: 30 My Tall! over coffee Ask Daley, he'II do if "I need Clarinef players" VIRGINIA COVINGTON ELMA B. CRANFILI. S. E. CRANFILL RALPH CURRY JOHN E. DAVIS Librarian Professor of Sociology Professor of Economics Professor of English Professor of Music CARL R. FIELDS MRS. K. G. GILLASPIE IDA M. GREENFIELD WINIFRED HAGGART HORACE HAMBRICK Professor of Hisfory and Professor of Educafion Professor of English Professor of Arf Professor of Hisfory Polifical Science CHARLES HATFIELD OLLIE DALE JELLE ALBERT S. JOHNSTON WILLIAM B. JONES J. W. LANCASTER Professor of Mafhemafics Professor of Music Professor of English Professor of English Direcfor of Teacher Training DWIGHT M. LINDSAY MRS, MILES McMlLLAN MILES rMcMILLAN FRANCIS K. MARSHALL MRS. JOHN MELZER Professor of Biology Professor of Home Economics Professor of Physical Educafion Professor of Music Professor of Speech THE FAC LTY iwyfffiw 13AI?'E1hR'wfYf sT 5315 shi 5954 :if1H ls4Kf z - 2 3325 ' , 2V??'gwfe MEZZ? Je 'I :jg THE LTY EDITH MONSON H. Y. MULLIKIN WILLIE HERNDON OFFUTT GEORGE W. REDDIN6 A. G. THOMSON Professor of French Professor of PI'ysics Professor of Economics Professor of Bible Professor of Music J, ELMER WELDON MARY E. WHARTON COLEMAN ARNOLD A. L. GARNER RICHARD SCUDDER Professor of Educafion and Professor of Biology Professor of English, Professor of Hisfory, Professor of Sociology, Psychology on leave of absence on leave of absence on leave of absence von was? Nf' r-"3Zi"m W v,.,...P"' STUDENT S I0 CLASS Firsl Row: 0 JAMES ARTHUR BAILEY, Pilreville, Kenfuclry: Bela Bela Bela, 3, 4: Presidenl, 4: B.S.U., 4: German Club, 4. 0 THOMAS BAKER, Hazard, Ky.: B.S.U. Choir, 3, 4: Minisferial Associafion, 3, 4: Sociology Club, 3. 0 PATRICIA BELL, La Grange, Ky.: B.S.U. Execufive Council, 4: Greafer Council, 2, 3, 4: B.S.U. Choir, I, 2, 3, 4: Chapel Choir, 2, 3, 4: Oralorio Choir, I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.A., I, 2, 3, Presidenf, 4: Life Service Band, I, 2, 3: Round Table, Secreiary, 4: I.W.O., I, 2, 3, 4: French Club, I, 2. Second Row: 0 ROY A. BELL, La Grange, Ky.: B.S.U. Greafer Council, I, 2, 3, 4: B.S.U. Choir, 3, 4: Minisferial Associalion, I, 2, 3, 4: Oraiorio Choir, 3: Adams House Presidenf, 3: lndependenl Council Presiclenl, 3: Round Table, 3. 0 NANCY BERGMAN, Irvine, Kenfuchy: Sigma Kappa, I, 2, 3. 4: House Presidenl, 3: Rush Chairman, 4: B.S.U. Greafer Council, 2, 3, 4: Volunfeer Mission Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary, 3: Life Service Band, I: Y.W.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2: Chapel Choir, I, 2, 3, 4: Oraforio Choir, I, 2, 3, 4: Women's Self-Governing Board, 3, 4: Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4: "George- 1'onian" Sfaff, 3, 4: BELLE OF THE BLUE S+a'Ff, 2, 3: Halian Club, 2, 3: Silre Club, 2, 3, 4: Sociology Club, 3, 4: W.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl, 4: BELLE OF BLUE candidaie, 2, 3: "Miss George+onian," 3: Vice-Presidenf ol Senior Class, 4: Sec- refary of Sophomore Class, 2. 0 ELIZABETH ANN BLAIR, Louisville, Ky.: Sigma Kappa, 3, 4: Transfer from Mars Hill College: B.S.U. Greafer Council, 3, 4: B.S.U. Choir, 3, 4: Life Service Band, 3: Y.W.A., 3, 4: Oralorio Choir, 3, 4: Pep Club, 4: "GeorgeIonian" Sfaff, 3, 4, Fealure Edifor, 4: French Club, 3: Maslcralifers, 3: Whiffenpoof Club. 3, 4. JAMES BAILEY THOMAS BAKER PAT BELL ROY BELL NANCY BERGMAN ANN BLAIR S I0ll CLAS Firsl Row: 0 JAMES BOSWELL, Georgefown, Kenfuclcyg Life Service Band, I,2g Minisierial Associafion, I,2,3,4. O CLYDE BOWEN, DeMossville, Kenfuclcyp Minisferial Associa+ion, I,2,3,4. 0 BETTY BOWMAN, Owensboro, Kenfuclcyq BSU Choir, Ig YWA, l,2,3,4g Chapel Choir, I,2,3.4g Oraforio Choir, I,2, 3,47 lndependen+ Women, l,2,3,4g WAA, I,2g Dean's Lisf, 3,4. Second Row: O BOB BROWN, Burlingion, Ken+uckyg Phi Alpha Thefa, 3.43 BSU Execufive Council, 3: BSU Grealer Council, 2,37 Volunfeer Mission Band, l,2g Life Service Band, 2: Minisferial Associafion, l,2,3,4g Georgefonian S'la'FF, I: IRC, 2. 0 FRANCES CAMPBELL, F+. Mifchell, Kenfuclryg YWA, I,2,3,4g lndependenl Women, 2: French Club, Ig Home Ec Club, 3,43 llalian Club, 3.4. 0 JOE CHEUVRONT, Winches+er, Keniuclryg G-Club, 3, French Club, 3: Infernalional Relaiions Club, 4. JAMES BOSWELL - CLYDE BOWEN BETTY BOWMAN BOB BROWN FRANCES CAMPBELL JOE CHEUVRONT PAUL CLUBB JACOUELINE COMES GENE COOKE LESTER CRAFT GARNET DEAN JEANETTE DELAP Firsl Row: O PAUL CLUBB, Fisherville, Kenluclry: Minislerial Associalion, 3.4. 0 JACQUELINE COMBS, Whiiesburg, Ken+uclryg Kappa Delia, 2, lreasurer, 3, Song Leader, 4, BSU Choir Direc+or, 4: YWA, I,2,3,4p Chapel Choir, I,2,3,4: Oraforio Choir, I.2.3,4: Band, 23 Pep Club, 2,3,4: French Club, 2: WAA, 3.4. 0 GENE COOKE, Brookside, Kenfucly: Kappa Alpha, posi-graduaie work. Second Row: ' LESTER CRAFT. NEON. Keflfllclfyi Kappa Alpha, l.2.3.4g Pan-Hellenic Council, 3.41 president 4: 6-Club, 2,3,4 presideni, 4: BELLE CF THE BLUE Siaff, 4, sporfs edifor: Georgefonian Sfaff, 3: Superlalive, 4. O GARNET DEAN, Newporf, Kenfuclryg YWA, I,2g Home Ec Club, I,2,4: Fufure Teachers, 4. Georgeionian Sfaff, 4. I0 CL SS 39 . A O JEANETTE DELAP, Loyall, Keniuclyg Alpha Bela Pi, 4, BSU Grealer Council, 43 BSU Choir, 45 YWA, I,2,3,4' I0ll LA Firsl Row: O RALPH GRAYDON DELOATCHE, Boy- kins, Virginia: Phi Alpha Thela, 3,4, vice- presidenl, 4, French Club, 37 l.R.C., 4. QMARIE DUNSMORE, Danville, Ken- 'luclcyg Alpha Bela Pi, 2,3,4, secrelary, 3 YWA, l,2,3,4g lndependenl Women, l,2,3,4 French Club, I,2g Home Ec Club, l,2,3,4 secrelary 3, vice-presidenl 4. Second Row: 0 HAROLD EARLE, Falmoulh, Kenluclcy BSU Greafer Council, 2.3: Minislerial Asso cialion, 2,3, exlension chairman, 2: 'lreas- urer, 3. O THEO ELUNGTON, Decalur, Georgia BSU Execulive Council, summer council, 2 BSU Greafer Council, l,2,3g YWA, l,2,3 Oralorio Choir, l,2g lndependenl Women l,2,37 Home Fc Club, l,2,3g Maslcraflers l, 2, 3: Silce Club, 2,33 W.A.A., l,2,3. Third Row: QCHARLES ESTll.l., Slamping Ground Kenluclcyg French Club, 2. 5 JOHN FARMER, Campbellsville, Ken- lnclcyg Minislerial Associalion, 3.4. ' I0 CLASS Firsl' Row: I RUTH FERGUSON, Louisville.'Kenluclry: Kappa Della. I,2,3,4, social chaifman. 2, lreasurer. 3. secreiary. 4, YWA, l.2.3.4: Oraforio Choir. 2.3: Pep Club. l.2.3.4. vice-presideni. 4: Georgelonian sfaff, 3: French Club, I.2.3.4g WAA. I.2.3.4g Whif- 'fenpoof Club. 3.4. 0 BARBARA FROGGE. Russellville, Ken- luclryg BSU Greafer Council. 2.3.4. BSU Choir. l.2.3.4g Ridgecresl Club. 3: YWA, l,2.3.4: Chapel Choir, l.2.3.4: Oralorio Choir, .l.2.3.4:. Band.. I.2.3. .lnclependenl Council. 4: IWO, l.4g Halian Club. 2.3. Second Row: 0 HARRY lGlPPYl GRAHAM. Franhforl. Ken+uclryg BSU. 3. 'Round Table. lreasurer. 4: G-Club. baslrefball, 3.4: French Club. 3: Sociology Club. 3. O FINETTA GRAVES. Smifhfield. Ken- 'lucllyp BSU Grealer Council, summer. 2: BSU Choir, l,2g Life Service Band. l.2g YWA, I.2.3g Fuiure Teachers. 3: Women Self-Governing Board. summer. 25 Mas- lxraffers, I.2.3. Third Row: O EDWARD GREENE. Cenfral Cily. Ken- luclcyg Phi Alpha Thela, 3.4: Sigma Tau Della, 2.3.4. Georgelonian Sraff. I.2.3. IRC, l.2.3,4: Who's Who, 4. O ALAN GREGORY, Somersef, Kenfuclyg Kappa Alpha. l.2.3.4g Bela Bela Bela. 3.4. BETTE HANBERRY CHARLES HANKS EDDIE HATFIELD PAUL HELTON BOB HICKMAN LELAND HILL Firsl' Row: 0 BETTE PORTER HANBERRY. Auburn, Kenfuclry: Sigma Kappa, I,2.3,4g assf. ireasurer. 3, corresponding secreiary, 4g Delia Omicron, I,2,3,4. pianisi, 3: freasurer, 4, BSU Greafer Council, I.2.3.4: BSU Choir I.2g YWA, I.2.3.4: S+eward- ship chairman 2, pianisf, 3: Chapel Choir. 3.4: Oralorio Choir, 2.3.41 Women's Self Governing Board. 41 Pep Club, I 2.3.4, secreiary 4: French Club, I.2,3.4, Ireasurer, 3.4: WAA, I,2,3,4g Dean's Lisi, 2: vice-presidenf, Junior Class, 3. O CHARLES HANKS, Lawrenceburg, Kenfuclryg Alpha Bela Pi. 2.3, presideni, 43 Phi Alpha Thefa, 3, Ireasurer, 4: Ora- 'Iorio Choir, I,2g Dean's Lisi, 3.4. 0 EDDIE HATFIELD, Louisville, Keniuclryg Lambda Chi Alpha 234 rush chairman 3 rifualisi 4' BSU Greaier Coun cil, 2.3, Minisferial Associafion, 2.3: Ridgecresf Club, 3.4, presidelni, 31 Pan-HelleriicICounciI,I3.4, social chairman, 3: freasurer, 4: French Club. 3.4: IRC, 3,43 Maskrafiers. 2.3.4. Second Row: O PAUL HELTON, Harlan, Kenfucliyg Lambda Chi Alpha. I.2.3.4, social chairman, 3, vice-presidenf, 41 Alpha Befa Pi, 2.3.4: Phi Alpha Theia, 4g BSU Execuiive Council, 4: Greafer Council, I.2,3.4g Oraforio Choir, I.2g Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, 3.45 Georgeionian Sfaff. 2.3.4, business manager. 3: IRC., l.2.3.4, vice-presideni, 3. president 4: Maslrraffers. 2,3 4. vice-presidenf, 4: WI1o's Who, 4: BELLE OF THE BLUE Business Manager. 4. . I BOB HICKMAN, Cincinnafi, Ohio: Chapel Choir, 2.3.45 Oraforio Choir, I,2.3.4: Sociology Club. 3.4. 0 LELAND HILL, Eubanlx. Keniuclryg BSU. I.2.3,4g Georgeionian Sfaff. exchange edifor, 3.41 French Club, 3.4. S I0 CL SS ' 0 CLASS Firsf Row: O RUTH FERGUSON, Louisville,'Kenluclryg Kappa Delia, I,2,3,4, social chaifman, 2. lreasurer, 3, secrefary, 4: YWA, l,2,3,4: Oraforio Choir, 2,33 Pep Club, l,2.3,4, vice-presidenf, 4: Georgeionian sfaff, 3: French Club, l,2,3,4: WAA, l,2,3,4g Whif- fenpoof Club, 3,4. O BARBARA FROGGE, Russellville, Ken- fuclcy: BSU Greafer Council, 2,3.4g BSU Choir, l,2,3,4g Ridgecresl Club, 3: YWA, I,2,3,4: Chapel Choir, I,2,3,4g Oraforio Choir, .l,2,3,4g. Band,. I,2,3g .lndependenf Council, 4: IWO, l,4g lfalian Club, 2.3. Second Row: O HARRY lGlPPYl GRAHAM, Frankforl, Kenfuclzyg BSU, 3, 'Round Table, ireasurer, 4: G-Club, bashefball, 3,4g French Club, 31 Sociology Club, 3. O FINETTA GRAVES, Smlfhfield, Ken- luclxyg BSU Greaier Council, summer, 2: BSU Choir, l,2g Life Service Band, I,2g YWA, l,2,3g Fuiure Teachers, 3: Women Self-Governing Board, summer, 2: Mas- lxraflers, l,2,3. Third Row: O EDWARD GREENE, Cenfral Ciiy, Ken- iuclryg Phi Alpha Thefa, 3,41 Sigma Tau Delia, 2.3.43 Georgefonian Siaff, l,2,3: IRC, I,2.3,4: Who's Who, 4. Q ALAN GREGORY, Somersef, Kenfuclry: Kappa Alpha, l,2,3,4g Bela Befa Bela, 3.4. BETTE HANBERRY CHARLES HANKS EDDiE HATFIELD PAUL HELTON BOB HICKMAN LELAND HILL Firsi' Row: I BETTE PORTER HANBERRY, Auburn, Kenluclcy: Sigma Kappa, I.2.3.4: assi. ireasurer. 3. corresponding secrefary, 4: Delfa Omicron, I.2.3,4. pianisf, 3: freasurer, 4: BSU Greaier Council. I.2.3.4: BSU Choir l.2: YWA, I.2.3.4: Sieward- ship chairman 2. pianisf. 3: Chapel Choir. 3.4: Ora+orio Choir, 2.3.4: Women's Self Governing Board. 4: Pep Club. I 2.3.4, secreiary 4: French Club, l,2,3,4, freasurer, 3.4: WAA, I.2.3,4: Dean's Lis+, 2: vice-presidenf, Junior Class, 3. 0 CHARLES HANKS, Lawrenceburg. Kenfuclxy: Alpha Bela Pi, 2.3, presidenf, 4: Phi Alpha Thefa. 3, ireasurer, 4: Ora- forio Choir, I,2: Dean's Lisi, 3.4. 0 EDDIE HATFIELD, Louisville. Keniuclcy: Lambda Chi Alpha. 2.3.4 rush chairman 3 rifualisl 4' BSU Greaier Coun cil. 2.3: Minislerial Associafion, 2.3: Ridgecresi Club. 3.4. presidenl. 3: Pan-Helleriic lCouncil.I3.4, social chairman. 31 +reasurer. 4: French Club. 3.4: IRC. 3.4: Maslcraffers. 2.3.4. Second Row: O PAUL HELTON, Harlan. Kenfuclry: Lambda Chi Alpha. l,2,3,4, social chairman, 3. vice-presidenf, 4: Alpha Bela Pi, 2.3,4: Phi Alpha Thefa, 4: BSU Execu+ive Council, 4: Greafer Council, l.2,3.4: Oraiorio Choir I.2' Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil. 3.4: Georgefonian S+af'f, 2.3.4, business manager. 3: IRC., l,2,3,4, vice-presidenf. 3. president' 4: Maslrraffers. 2.3 4. vice-presidenf, 4: Who's Who. 4: BELLE OF THE BLUE Business Manager. 4. 0 BOB HICKMAN, Cincinnafi, Ohio: Chapel Choir, 2.3.4: Oraforio Choir, I.2.3.4: Sociology Club, 3.4. 0 LELAND HILL, Eubanlx, Ken+ucky: BSU, I.2.3,4: Georgeionian S+aFF. exchange edifor. 3.4: French Club. 3.4. ' I0 CL S I I0 LASS Firsl' Row: O MYRON S. HILL, Cynfhiana, Kenfuclryg Pi Kappa Alpha, 2.3.45-Fulure Teachers. 4: G-Club. 2.3.4. O JAMES G. HOBBS, Pikeville, Kenfuclry: Kappa Alpha I.2,3,4, presidenf. 3: Alpha Befa Pi. 3.4: Pi Kappa Delia. 2.3. 4, presidenf, 3: Band. l,2.3,4: Pan-Hellenic Council. 2.3: Round Table, 3: Georgefonian Business Manager. 4: Debafe Squad, I.2,3,4: Maslzraflers, 3.4. 0 MARY ELLEN HOE, Middlesboro. Kenluclry: Del+a Omicron, I.2,3. vice-presidenf, 3: BSU Execulive Council. 3. Greaier Council. l.2,3: BSU Choir, I,2: Volunfeer Mission Band, I.2,3: YWA, I,2,3: Oralorio Choir, I: Fufure Teachers. 3: Women's Self Governing Board. secreiary, 3: IWO, I,2,3: French Club. I.2: Home Ec Club, 2: IRC, I.2: Dean's LisI', 3: Who's Who, 3. Second Row: 0 PAULA HOSKINS, Liber+y, Kenfuclryg Sigma Kappa, 2.3.4, secrefary, 3.4: YWA, I.2.3: Oraforio Choir. 3: Pep Club. l,2,3,4: Cheer Leader, I.2,3.4: Georgefonian Slalif, I,2.3.4: French Club, I,2: Maskraflers. l.2.3.4: WAA. I,2.3.4: MISS BELLE OF THE BLUE Candidafe, 2.4. O MILT HUGHES, Louisville, Keniuclryg BSU Execulive Council, 2.3: Ediior of BSU Know, 2: Greafer Council, 2.3: Vol- unieer Mission Band. I,2.3,4: Minisierial Associafion, I.2.3.4: Georgefonian Siaff, 3.4: EDITOR of I952 BELLE OF THE BLUE, 4, Assisianf Ediior. 3: Maslcraffers, 4: Dean's Lisl. 3. O DORALEEN, ISAAC, Richmond, Kenfuclry: Alpha Bela Pi, 4: YWA, I: Orarorio Choir. I: IWO, I: Georgefonian Sheff, I: French Club, I: WAA, 2: Dean's Lisf, 4. MYRON HILL JAMES HOBBS MARY HOE PAULA HOSKINS MILT HUGHES DORALEEN ISAAC . 1 ' S I0 SS Firsl' Row: 0 LINDLE JARVIS, Berlrley, Michigan, Pi Kappa Alpha, l,2,3,4g Chapel Choir, 2,45 Oralorio Choir, 4, Georgelonian S+a'Ff, l,2,3,4: French Club, I,2,3,4. 0 WILLARD JARVIS, Hamilion, Ohio, Phi Alpha Thefa, 4: BSU Execuiive Council, 4, Edifor of BSU Know: BSU Grea+er Council, 3.4, Life Service Band, 4, Minisierial Associaiion, I,3,4q Georgefonian Slaff, 4g Debale Squad, 4, German Club, 47 Sociology Club, 3, presidenl, 4. 0 ROBERT C. JONES, Corbin, Kenfuclryg BSU Greaier Council, 3, BSU Choir, 3,4g Minislerial Associafion, 3,43 Chapel Choir, 3.4: Oraiorio Choir, 3.4, Presidenf lndependeni Council, 4: German Club, 4, Silre Club, 3.4. Second Row: 0 BOBBY KAHNE, Ashland, Kenfuckyg Kappa Pi, 3,4, secrefary, 4, BSU Execulive Council, 4, Greaier Council, 3,4g BSU Choir, 3,4g Life Service Band, 3: YWA, 3.4: lWO, 3.4: Maglgraflers, 3,43 WAA, 3,4. O WAYNE KEELIN, Owensboro, Kenfuclcyg BSU Grealer Council: 4, Volunleer Mission Band, 4, Minisierial Associafion, 3.4, G-Club, 3, Maslcraflers, 3,4. we O PATTIE JOYCE LAlR, Covinglon, Virginia, BSU Execuiive Council, 4, Grealer Council, 3,45 BSU Choir, 3,45 Life Service Band, 3,41 YWA, 3.4: Oralorio Choir, 3,41 French Club, 3,45 Maslcraflers, 3. LINDLE JARVIS WILLARD JARVIS ROBERT JONES BOBBE KAHNE I WAYNE KEELIN PATTIE LAIR BETTIE LANCASTER ODELL LEIGH NADINE LOVAN CHARLES MCCOY JOHN McDONIEL MARJORY MCNEAL Firsi' Row: 0 BETTIE LANCASTER, Georgeiown, Keniuclcyg Kappa Deli-a, I,2,3,4, freasurer, 45 BSU Execufive Council, 4, Grealer Council, I,2,3,45 Oreforio Choir, I,25 Band I5 Pep Club, I,2,3,45 Maslrraffers, I.2,3.4, secreiary-ireasurer, 3,45 WAA, I,2,35 Whiffenpoof Club, 3.4. 0 ODELL LEIGH, Eubanlr, Ken'iuclry5 Minis+erial Associafion, I,2,3, secreiary, 2. 0 NADINE LOVAN, Paducah, Ken+uclry5 BSU Greaier Council, 3,45 Volunieer Mission Band, 3,45 YWA, 3,45 Whiffen- poof Club, 4, secrefary-Treasurer. Second Row: 0 CHARLES EDWARD McCOY, Pikeville, Kenfuclryg Fufure Teachers 45 French Club, 45 Whiffenpoof Club, 4. 0 JOHN McDONIEL, Ceniral Ciiy, Ken+uci:y5 BSU Greafer Council, 2,35 Volunieer Mission Band, 2,35 Minis'rerial Associafion, 2.3.45 Oraforio Choir, 2,3,45 Fufure Teachers, I5 German Club, 4. O MARJORY McNEAL, Owenion, Kenfuclry5 BSU Execuiive Council 4, Greafer Council, 2.3.45 BSU Choir, 45 Life Service Band, 2,35 YWA, I,2,3,45 Oraforio Choir, I,2.3,45 Round Table, 45 Independen+ Council, 45 Women's Self Gov- erning Board, 3,45 IWO, I,2,3,45 Pep Club, 25 French Club, I,25 Presidenr Rucker Hall, 45 Superlalive, 45 Who's Who, 4. S' IOB CL S S I 0 Firsf Row: O MARAH MARTIN. Decafur. Georgia: BSU Greafer Council. 2.3.4: BSU Choir. I.2.3.4: Volunfeer Mission Band. I: Ridge- cresf Club. 3: YWA. I.2.3.4: Oraforio Choir. 2.3.4: IWO. I.2.3.4. vice-presidenf. 2: BELLE OF THE BLUE Sfafi, 4: Home Ec Club. 3. 0 SARAH MARTIN. Decafur, Georgia: PSU, Greaier Council. 2.3.4: BSU Choir. I.2.3.4: Volunleer Mission Band. I.2.3.4: Ridgecresf Club, 3: YWA. I.2.3.4: Oralorio Choir. 2.3.4: Independenf Council. 4: IWO. I.2.3. presidenf. 4: BELLE OF THE BLUE Sfaff. 4. Second Row: O ELLA MAE MEADOR. Erwin. Tennessee: Sigma Kappa. I.2,3.4. presidenf 3: BSU Greaier Council. 3.4: YWA. I.2.3.4: Pan- Hellenic Council. 2.3: Round Table, 3: Women's Self Governing Board. presidenf. 4. Pep Club. 2.3.4: French Club. I.2: Mas- Icraffers. 2.3.4: WAA. I.2.3.4: Whiffenpoof Club. 3.4: Dean's Lisf. 3.4. I BARBARA MESSER, Crab Orchard. Ken- Iucky: Sigma Kappa. I.2.3.4: vice-presidenf. 3.4: BSU Execulive Council. 2: YWA. I.2.3. 4: Women's Self Governing Board, 2: Pep Club. I.2.3.4: Cheer Leader. I.2.3.4. cap- fain. 3: BELLE OF THE BIEUE S+aFi. 2: Hal- ian Club. president 3: Silre Club. 3.4: Soci- ology Club, 3.4: WAA. I.2.3.4: Superlaiive. 2: Pi Kap Dream Girl. 2: MISS BELLE OF THE BLUE Candidale. 2.3.4. Third Row: 0 PAT MEYERS. Cynlhiana. Ken+ucIcy: Del- fa Omicron. 3.4: BSU Choir. 3.4: Life Serv- ice Band. 3: YWA. 3.4: Oralorio Choir. 3.4: IWO. 3.4: Maslcraflers. 4: Silre Club. 3.4. 0 NANCY LOU MILLER. Henderson. Ken- Iuchy: BSU Execufive Council. 3: Grea+er Council. I.2.3.4: BSU Choir. 3.4: YWA. I.2.3: Oraforio Choir. I.2.3: IWO. I,2,3. ll C 46 E I 0 'I LASS Firsf Row: OWILMA MOORE, Georgeiown, Ken- fuclry: BSU Execufive Council, 3, Greaier Council, I,2,3.4: Ridgecresf Club, 3: YWA, 4, Chapel Choir, I,2,3,4, secreiary, 2,43 Oraforio Choir, I,2.3,4. 0 JOHN MORGAN, Middlesboro, Ken- fuclry: Pi Kappa Alpha, 2,3,4g Georgeionian Sfaff, 3. Second Row: 0 ALFRED MORRIS, McVeigh, Keniuckyg Kappa Alpha, I,2,3,4: G-Club, I,2,3,4: Ger- man Club, l,2,3,4. O J. C. MORRISON, Louisville, Kenfuclryg Kappa Alpha, 3,4, presidenf, 4, Pi Kappa Delia, 4: BSU Execuiive Council, 3, Greafer Council, l,2,3q Volunieer Mission Band, l,2, vice-presidenf, 3: Minislerial Associafion, 2,33 Pan-Hellenic Council, 3,41 Round Table, 3.4: G-Club, l,2,3,4g BELLE OF THE BLUE S+aFF, 3: Georgefonian S+a'FF, 3,4: Debaie Squad, 4: French Club, Ig Maslrraffers, 3.4: Mr. Georgefonian, 3: presidenf Sfudeni' Body, 4: Who's Who, 4, Superlaiive, 4. Third Row: 0 JOHN OSGOOD, Franklin, Pennsylva- nia: Alpha Bela Pi, 3: French Club, 3. O JACK PARK, Mi. Sferling, Kenfuclryg BSU Greafer Council, 2,33 Volunfeer Mis- sion Band, 2.3.4, Minisierial Associaiion, I,2,3,4g Oraiorio Choir, I,2: French Club, 2, 3: IRC, l,2,3. 'il ALVA PARKS SUE PARKS ALLAN PARRENT PAUL PAYNE JAMES PERRY CHARLES PENNINGTON Firsl Row: 0 ALVA PARKS, Richmond, Kenfuclcy: BSU Execulive Council, 4, Grea+er Council, 2.3.4: BSU Choir, 2.3.4: Volunfeer Mission Band, I,2,3, presiden+, 4: Life Service Band. I: Minislerial Associalion, I: Chapel Choir, 2.3.4: Oraforio Choir, I,2,3,4: French Club. I,2: Sociology Club, 3. O SUE PARKS. Richmond, Keniuclcy: BSU Grealer Council, l,2,3.4: BSU Choir, l,4: Life Service Band, 3.4: Ridge- cresf Club, 3: YWA, l,2.3,4: IWO, l,2,3,4. 0 ALLAN M. PARRENT, Franlcforf, Kenluclcy: Pi Kappa Alpha, l,2, Scholarship Chairman, 3.4: Phi Alpha Thefa, vice- presidenf. 3, president 3.4: Chapel Choir, l,2,3,4: Oraiorio Choir, l,2,3,4: Fufure Teachers. 4: Pan-Hellenic Council 4: Round Table. 4: Georgeionian Slalil, l.2,3,4, Ediior-in-Chief, 3.4: French Club, l,2: IRC, 4: Maslcraffers. l.2.3,4: Pres: idenl Senior Class: Dean's Lis+, 3.4: Who's Who, 4. Second Row: I PAUL PAYNE. Lebanon, Kenfuclryg BSU Execulive Council, 4: Minislerial Associaiion, 3, presidenf. 4: IRC, 4. 0 JAMES PERRY. Sexlons Creek, Kenfuclcyg BSU, I,2,3.4: BSU Choir, 4: Round Table, 4: lndependenl' Council, 4: Presidenl' Pawling Hall, 4: Superlarive, 4. O CHARLES PENNINGTON. Pi Kappa Alpha, l,2,3, vice-presidenl, 4: G-Club. l,2.3,4: All KIAC Baslcefball Team, 2.3: Shale Baslrelloall Scoring Record for One Game. SIUB CL S' F" I0 ' SS Firsi' Row: O IMOGENE POLLEY, Hodgenville, KBDTUCKYI BSU Execuiive Council, 3,41 Greaier Council, 3.4: BSU Choir, 3.41 Life Service Band, 3,41 YWA, 3,41 Chapel Choir, 41 Oraforio Choir, 41 Round Table, 41 IWO, 41 Maslrraffers, 3,41 Whiffenpoof Club, 3,41 Superlafive, 41 vice-presidenf Sfudenl' Body, 4. O JOY POPE, Cynihiana, Keniucl:y1 BSU Execuiive Council, 41 Greafer Council, I,2,3,41 Life Service Band, I,21 Ridge- cresf Club, 31 YWA, l,2,3.41 IWO, I,2,3,41 French Club, I,21 Home Ec Club, 2.4. 0 BOB PORTER, Louisville, KENTUCKY: Pi Kappa Alpha I, alumni secrefary, 2, ireasurer, 3, pledge masfer, 41 Alpha Bela Pi, 2.3, lreasurer, 41 Pan-Hellenic Council presidenl, 31 G-Club, I,2,3,41 BELLE OF THE BLUE Slaff 3. Second Row: 0 JACK REDMON, Louisville, Ken+ucky1 Lambda Chi Alpha, 3, presidenf, 41 Pan-Hellenic Council, 41 -Round Table, 41 G-Club, 3,4. 0 ALVIN ROBERTS, Befhlehem, Ken+UCKYf BSU, 3.4: BELLE OF THE BLUE S+aFf, 41 IRC, 4. 0 BOBBIE LEE ROBERTSON, Owensboro, Ken+uclty1 Kappa Della, l.2,3, Presidenl, 41 Kappa Pi, 3.4: YWA, I,2,3,4: Pan-Hellenic Council, secrefary, 41 Round Table, 3,41 Pep Club, l,2,3,41 French Club, 2,31 Sociology Club, I,21 WAA, I1 Whiffenpoof Club, 3, vice-presidenf, 41 Sweelhearf of Lambda Chi, I1 Miss Georgeionian, 21 Maid of Honor for May Day, 1952. - IMOGENE POLLEY JOY POPE BOB PORTER JACK REDMON ALVIN ROBERTS BOBBIE ROBERTSON SE I0llC Firsf Row: O GERALD C. ROSSELL, Frankforf. Ken- iuclryg BSU, l,2,3.4: Sociology Club. 3.4. I LOUISE RUTLEDGE, Louisville, Ken- iucky: Sigma Kappa, l,2, iroasurer. 3, 2nd vice-presideni, 4: Phi Alpha Theia, secre- iary. 2, vice-presideni, 3, secrefary, 4: BSU Greafer Council, 2: YWA, I,2,3: Fuiure Teachers, 4: Pep Club, l,2, presidenf, 3.4: Georgefonian Sfaff. 2.3,4: Maskraffers, 2.3. 4: WAA, I.2.3, secrefary, 4: Whiffenpoof Club, 3: Superlafive, 4. Second Row: 0 DORIS SCEARCE, Finchville. Keniuchy: Phi Alpha Theia, 2,4: BSU Execufive Coun- cil, 4, Greaier Council. 2,43 BSU Choir. 2,45 Volunieer Mission Band, 4: Life Serv- ice Band, l,2: YWA, l,2.4: Oraiorio Choir, 2.4: Round Table, 2.4: lndopendeni Coun- cil, 2: Women's Self Governing Board, 2. presidenf, 4: IWO, l,2,4: Home Ec Club, 2: presidenf of Nunnelly. 2: Dean's Lisf, 4. 0 ROBERT SHELY, Gee, Keniuclry: BSU. 3, 4: French Club, 3.4: Dean's Lisf, 4. Third Row: O IOLITA SLOAN. Pineville, Keniuclry: BSU. 3, Greafer Council, 4: YWA, 4: Phi Alpha Thefa, 4. 0 HARRY SLOUGH, Salem, Virginia: Lambda Chi Alpha, 3, secrefary, 4: French Club. 4: Sociology Club, vice-presidenf, 4: Senior Class Treasurer. BCLASS Firsf Row: 0 BETTY SPEARS, Taylorsville, Kenfuclyz Kappa Delia, l,2,3, vice-president, 4: YWA, l,2,3,4: Pep Club, l,2,3,4: llalian Club, 2.3: WAA, l,2, secrelary, 3, presideni, 4: Lamb- da Chi Sweoihearf: secrelary of Junior Class, 3. 0 VIRGINIA STEVENS, Baller, Kenfucly: Bela Befa Bela, 3, secreiary, 4: Gemma Sigma Epsilon, 3, freesurer, 4: French Club, 2: lRC, 2. Second Row: 0 DOROTHY STEWART, Owenlon, Ken- fucly: YWA, l.2,3,4: IWO, 2: French Club, l,2: IRC, 2.3.4. 0 HARRY F. THOMPSON, Louisville, Ken- iucly: Lambda Chi Alpha, 3,4: BSU Execu- five Council, 2, Grealer Council, 2: Chapel Choir, l,2: Oraforio Choir, I,2: Indepen- denf Council, 3: Georgefonian Siaff, 2.3.4: French Club, 2.4: Masiraflers, I.2,3.4, "O- ihello", 2, "Hamle0", 3. Third Row: 0 VIRGINIA DIXON TlPTON, Ashland, lieniucly: BSU Greafer Council, 2.3: BSU Choir, 3: Life Service Band, 2.3: YWA, l,2, 3: Oraforio Choir, l,2,3: IWO, l.2,3. 0 ROBERT WALLACE, Providence, Ken- iucly: Minishrial Associalion, l,2.3,4. I0 LAS Firsl' Row: 0 CURTIS H. WARF, Campbelllsville, Kenluclcyg Minislerial Associalion, 3,45 Oraforio Choir, 3.4. 0 CLIFF WARNER, Louisville, Ky.: Band, I,2,3. 0 JO ANN WATSON, Princelon, Kenluclxyg Kappa Delia, I,2,3,4: BSU Grealer Council 3: Ridgecresf Club, 3: Women's Self Governing Board, 3,43 YWA, I,2,3,4g Pep Club, I.2.3,4: BELLE OF THE BLUE Slaff, 41 Georgelonian Slaff, 37 French Club, 2,33 Home Ec Club, I,2,3g Sociology Club, I,2,3g Allendanl fo May Queen, 23 MISS BELLE OF THE BLUE candidale, 45 Miss Georgefonian, 4. Second Row: 0 W. P. WATSON, Salisbury, Maryland, Minislerial Associalion, I,2,3g Dean's Lisf, 3.4. 0 ROBERT WAYNE, Louisville, Ken+ucIcyg B.S.U. Grealer Council, I,2,3: Life Service Band, I,2g Minislerial Associa- fion, I,2,3,4g Oralorio Choir, I,2,3g Band, I,2, French Club, 2.3.41 Treasurer of Freshman Class, I. O HELEN WHITE, Erlanger, Kenlucltyg Della Omicron, l,2,3, secrelary, 4, BSU Grealer Council, 2: YWA, I,2,3g Ora- lorio Choir, Ig Round Table, 45 Women's Self Governing Board, 41 IWO, I,2g French Club, I,2,3,4, secrelary, 3- Calhoun Hall presidenl, 4, Pawling Hall Queen, I,4. CURTIS WARF CLIFF WARNER JO ANN WATSON W. P. WATSON ROBERT WAYNE HELEN WHITE RUTH JOYCE WIDICK PEGGY WIGLESWORTH CAROLYN WILLIAMS WINELAND BETTY YANCEY KIT YEAST LOIS SANDERS Firs+ Row: O JOYCE WIDICK, Springfield, Tennessee. Sigma Kappa, 4, Alpha Bela Pi, secrelary, 3.45 YWA, 3.4: Oraiorio Choir. 3.41 Maslcrafiers, 3.4: Sociology Club 3. O PEGGY WIGLESWORTH, Cynlhiana, Keniuchyg BSU Choir Ig Volunieer Mission Bancl, I.2g Life Service Band, 4. YWA, I.2.3.4. Oraiorio Choir. 2.3: IWO, I.2.3g French Club. 2.4: Silre Club, 4. I CAROLYN WILLIAMS. Louisville. Keniuclryg Sigma Tau Della, 2, secrefary, 3, vice-presiclen+. 41 Kappa Pi. I.2g scere- Iary. 3, vice-presideni, 4: BSU Greaier Council, I.2.3g Volunteer Mission Band. l.2,3.4: YWA, I,2.3.4. publiciiy chairman. I.2.3g Fulure Teachers. 47 IWO, 2.3. BELLE OF THE BLUE SI'aFF, 3. Georgeionian Slaff, 2.35 French Club, I.2.3.4: Whiffenpoof Club, 3.43 Shing Ensemble, 3.4: secreiary of Freshman Class. Ig Who's Who, 4. Second Row: O RUTH WINELAND, Ashland, Kenfuchy: BSU Greaier Council, l,2,3: Volunieer Mission Band. I.2.3.4g YWA, I,2.3.4. Fufure Teachers. 4. IWO, I.2.3.4q Pep Club, Ig French Club. I.2: Whiffenpoof Club, 3.4. 0 BETTY YANCEY, Georgeiown. Kenfuclryq Della Omicron.I,2. secreiary. 3, presidenl. 4, BSU Greaier Council. 3: Ridgecresf Club, 3: YWA, I.2.3.4, vice-presideni. 3: Chapel Choir, I.2.3.4g Oraforio Choir. I,2.3.4g Pep Club, I.2. Cheer Leader. I.2g French Club, l.2g Dean's Lisl, 3.4. Who's Who. 4. I KIT YEAST, Harrodsburg, Kenluclryg Minislerial Associafion. 3, vice-presidenl, 4. 0 LOIS SANDERS. Owensboro, Kenfuclryq Sigma Kappa, BSU, 2.3.4. Fufure Teachers, 4: Pep Club, 2.3.47 Soci- ology Club. 3.4: WAA. I.2.3.4g Miss BELLE OF THE BLUE Candidaie, 3.4. I0 CL S. UNIUII JACK ARNOLD JOAN ASH DEWEY BENSON ROBERT ASHER LEONARD ' BIAS LEONARD BLOSS JANET BILLINGSLEY MERWYN BORDERS BARBARA BROOKS BILL BRANDENBURGH BRYCE BRU BAKER CECIL CAUDILL BILLY CARTER MARY CLARK I MILLIE COLLINS BEVERLY COLLINGSWORTH ' LOWELL COOPER BILL CROPPER PEGGY COX ERNEST CRUSE JIM DEARING 'UN ROLFE DORSEY IOB GYLISPI E DUNCAN THELMA ELLIS FERRELL GALLIMORE MARTHA GOODWIN MARGARET GORMAN LANDRUM HADDIX LYNDEL HARRIS JO ANN HATFIELD LUCILLE HEMPEL JO HILL MONA HERNDON JANIE HILL DORIS HOCKER FRANK HOMAN JOE HOOD HARRY HUDSON BILL JAGGERS DOT YAIIFMAN VIRGIL RAY KEYLON ' NANCY WALLACE JEFFS ROBERT GENE JONES KEARNEY KATHLEEN KENDALL MAURINE KENNEDY KOPP ELMER LEE GEORGE LEE Illll JOHN LEE ROBERT LINDSEY BETTY JO McCARDWELL J. C. McINTOSH CHARLES MITCHELL BILL McBEATH BILLY MARCUM REBECCA MORROW RICK NEWELL DAVID NORDLING PHILLIP OWEN JOYCE PARKER BILL PENLAND LEE PEYTON RONALD PINCHBACK BILL PORTMAN ELDON MYERS VELMA OTIS RUTH PAYTON JOAN PHILLIPS PAUL PRATHER UNIUB GEORGE PRICE PEGGY SEALE JERRY RICH EMILY SAUER DONALD SEARLES ELIZABETH SIMON EAU BILL SPARKS LILLIE STRATTON WINNONA SHOE RICHARD SHIELDS MAKER BILL SNOWDEN GEORGE MUNRO REU BEN THOMAS JOAN TOPMILLER BETTY VAUGHN ' JIMMIE WILLIAMSON JOAN WILLIS DAN STONE JOHN THOMPSON BOB WADE BILL WIREMAN Fxrsf Row: HENRY AUSTIN SHIRLEY BAKER LOUISE BEAVEN MARY RUTH BECKETT Second Row: PAULINE BEST BRYANT BLOSS WALTER BOWEN ERNEST CARPENTER ROGER BEDFORD BARBARA BELL BOB BEST GRACE CARTER LAVERNE CHESHER CAROLYN CHICK Third Row: MARTHA CLARK SUE CLIFFORD PETE COKER KATHERINE CUBBAGE Fourfh Row: JIMMIE DAVIS JAYNE DRIVER FREDERICK DYKINS PHILLIP W. EADS FORREST CURRY MARY JAYNE CUTTER JEAN DARTER SPARKIE EASTMAN NINA EASTON MILDRED EDMISTON 58 Fi,-5+ Rgw: Third Row: FRANK ELLERS JAMES EMMONS ORAN FARIS BETTY JEAN FIGGINS Second Row: CLELLAND GASH JENNINGS GILBERT BETTY JANE GRAVES BOB GRIFFITH 1 BAYNARD FOX JUDY FREDERICKSON DICK GARRETT MARY FRANCES HALL GARLAND HALLIMAN MARY JANE HARRIS 59 ELLA FAE HAYES PAT HOKE BETTY HOWARD THOMAS HUGHES Four+I1 Row: JOYCE JONES ROBERT KARSNER DOROTHY JEAN KING JOHN KILLINGER ANNE IRVIN HENRY D. JOHNS GWEN JANES LANCE KOHLER A. E. LACY DON LAIR ES i I ' P RES Firsf Row: BOB LARKEY WILLARD T. LOGSDON BILL McBEE ELEANOR LORENZ SUE LOVELACE Second Row: WILLIAM MARSHALL LIBBY MAY TRUMAN MAYS DORIS JEAN MOORE Third Row: JO ANNE NOFFSINGER JOY OREM DORIS OVERALL DICK LOWREY, JR. BILL McCASLIN BILL OWENS Fourih Row: MARTHA MOORE ANN PITTS WOODROW MURPHY BERNICE POPHAM JAMES MYERS PAUL PRICE CAROLYN QUIRE DAVID PARKER MARTHA PEDDICORD JOANN PENNINGTON ROSS RANGE PEGGY RHOADS EARL RHODES 60 Firsi Row: Second Row: RONNIE RHODY MARTHA ROSS LEONARD RICHARDSON FERN ROYAL SARA RICHIE ALMA CLAY ROBERTS DON SEAMAN Third Row: BARBARA WARNICA KEITH WALKER GROVER WALLER WILSON SMITH MARY JANE SNOD- GRASS JAMES SOWDER DON ZUBERER JANE BELL ' P 0 0 6I GEORGE STUCKER KENNETH TAYLOR JIM THARP J. W. VETTER BE F ESI! DELORES ADAMS JOHN ALEXANDER BETSY ALLISON BETTY ALLISON RICHARD ALLISON PEGGY ARNOLD JERRY ARRINGTON MARLETTA BAKER MARTHA BECKLEY WENDELL BELEW JEAN BELL SIBYL BELL CHARLES BILLITER EARL BILLITER NORMA BINGHAM MAURICE BLAIR MARYLENE BLAKE JESSE BOURNE EUGENE BRADLEY SUZANNE BRADSHAW ANN BROOKING DONNA BROYLES JAMES CARPENTER JAMES CASEY MARTHA CHELF NANCY CLARK WILLIAM COLLINS BETTIE SUE COOK Firsf Row: ALBERTA COX TOY CRAFTON GWEN CRANFILL WILLIAM CUBINE BETTY JEAN DOWD Second Row: BARBARA DICKERSON JEAN DRURY WAYNE EWING ANN FORD BETTY FAWKES Third Row: KAYE FERRELL JACK FROST WILLIAM GALLOWAY DRUE GARRETT EUGENE GILES Fourih Row: ELSA GISH STANLEY GOSNEY MARY ANN GRADY JIMMY GRAY HAZEL GREEN FIHI1 Row: TOMMY GRISSOM BOBBIE ANN HACKER PAUL HADLER JOHN HALE JIM HALL Sixih Row: BOB HANSFORD KENNETH HASHIZUME BARBARA HASSLOCK LAURA HAWKS SHERILL HENEGAR Sevenih Row: WANDA HIGBEE ORVILLE HIGHLEY WILLA MAE HILL DUDLEY HOFFMAN MARGARET HOLLAND -, FBESHM N LEWIS HOLTZCLAW NANCY HOMAN JUANITA HORTON JOYCE HUMPHREY DAVID HUNT PRICE HUSTON CHARLES JONES WILLIAM KAYS ANNA FAY KAZEE JOYCE KEMPER JOANNE KENNEDY MARY LOUISE LARSON DORIS LAUGHARY ELIZABETH LESSLEY LEWIS LOVING SAM MAC-JGARD L. E. MARTIN ROGER MASTIN PAT MAY MARY ANN MILLER BOBBIE JO MITCHELL WAYNE MOORE LOIS MONAHON BETTY MONEYHON JEAN NEAL GLENDA NEIKIRK JOHN NEWMAN ALEEN NOLAND Firsf Row: CAROLYN OWEN NAN PENICK ALVIN PFEFFER NANCY PHILLIPS PAT RAGSDALE Second Row: CAROLYN RAY CHARLES RICE LLOYD RICHARDSON JOANN ROBERTSON FRED SCHNEIDER Third Row: SHIRLEY SIMMONS DONALD SMITH EUGENE SMITH RUTH STEARMAN BARTON STEPHENS Four+I1 Row: MARVIN STEWART JAMES STREIBLE PAT TUCKER NANCY TYNES BILLY VAN WINKLE FIIII1 Row: GERALD VAUGHN ROBERT WALTON JANE WATTS MAE FRANCES WAYMAN VERNON WEBSTER Six+I1 Row: PRESTON WEBSTER LORRAINE WELLER FRANCES ANN WHEELER LOIS WHITCOMB JACK WHITE Seven+I'1 Row: LANCINE ZITTRAU ER ,, W 1 f 'Q I L. gf, Viz, . I V A Xi. - VVVVV FEATURES WMM, """""-an-,mx quail' 'Ni is 4 iii!!-. N c L5 3 ' as wmvskp is 'Q 5 ,C fa as in M X im ' as Ed S -IH . N AmDEEW 'MW' Qfxv Wim ,lg gf mm? 455 2? X gf 4, QE 5 1 535.3 A 1 14, ,..,e -X Y , 1 2 Q 2 5 IIIIDIISCUDIING QUEEN au:-ine Kennedy 1i2 j3 br. Carl Z ?ieldA A, .WgM, ,M ' ww. Dl0ST PIIPULAR P R019 MISS GE0llGETONIAN oann Ylfauon , - - - -' , . .. ,, . N ,',A,,,tV, Mlljagyel-A MB. GE0llGETONIAN VALENTINE QUEEN Marjorie me flea! Kar-bam llleuer AY QUEE E, H' !, -w J' , 411-unseen., ...,. ...... AW- Her majesfy is crowned .1---png lla. .......,.,....... . . kw.,.,....,..hgL-,.,A,,, A.. A., ,, , ueen Marie and King David AY DAY, 19 Hwe cour+ - A W' -'TE--12 ' - 3 f x ...2 5 f , x A i V 1 'V"" 3 "' 3 4.:,: l l , , , , 2 , A l H ' . E I 3 'Emi' if mg ,, ?,W , 1 I In M M M " fi' 'tm Mr -1. , , Yi an f fi 'V f nf , v -.-l -- ..:' 1 wggf wifi, QAMA W' ,zmzwm m W, A -X if 4 ':'. mi . :::,... g xggg, 1, ij? EE, ,E . I M A My V Y .N , W 0 i I B1 . y 'FA "'Q .. sf fm - X 141 Q I Q 5 - f - , Q, ff ff 2 in xl 1 ',. lT ' E Q. Zmngfim ,Q wi, af! I ' A G 51 ' 'N' ev ' AX xi "".,,i 1 gg f i 5 ':" x " 'M' Q g QM, J C. MORRISON MARJORY McNEAL MARY ELLEN HOE PAUL HELTON ED GREENE BETTY YANCEY CAROLYN wiLL:AMs ALLAN PARRENT AND UNIVERSITIES WI-lo, IN AMERICAN COLLEGES Who's Who Among Sluclenls in Ameri- can Colleges and Universilies is a com- pilalion based on nominalions from lhe lacullies ol over 600 insfilulioris of higher learning in The Uniled Slales and Canada. Georgelown's eighl seleclions are a worlhwhile sampling of Georgelown cam- pus life-samplings ol lhe besl in charac- 'rer, lhe besf in exlracurricular aclivilies, anol lhe besl in scholarship. MARJORIE MCNEAL J. c. MORRISON MOST OUTSTANDING SUPEBI, TI ES BEST ALL-ROUND ATHLETES Louise RUTLEDGE LESTER CRAFT CAROLYN WILLIAMS JIM PERRY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 9 1 M O S T P O P U L A R IMOGENE POLLEY TRUMAN MAYS ' i' 7 W 'in ' SPIIRTS .sf -X 4 ,lid -A Jam, TIILETIC IIIIIECTIIII W "BRAD"JONES L. E. "Brad" Jones, Alhlelic Direclor of lhe College, is in his 'eighlh year in This po- silion, and has successfully made a name for Georgelown in alhlelics. When There is somelhing lo be done in his deparlmenl, he does il. "Brad" is also coach of 'rhe Ti- ger Jrraclc leam, which is always oulsland- ing on lhe field of compelilion. We are honored lo have him on our Alhlelic Slafl. VIRGINIA CAVANAUGH Miss Cavanaugh, who graduared from Georgelown wilh honors, is head of 'rhe Women's Alhlelic Deparlmenl and In- slruclor in Physical Educalion. F001' LEO YARUTIS Head Foo+ball Coach Talcing over The laslc of head Coach las? Season, Leo did an oulslanding iob in lead! ing The Tigers To a .500 marlc. Leo was an exceplional player al guard lor lhe Uni- versily ol Kenluclqf, being selecled All- S.E.C. Georgelown Georgelown. . . 71 Georgelown Georgelown B L SCORES OF THE I95I SEASON E+. Campbell E+, Knox ,..,..,, I4 I4q Carson-Newman . . O Wilminglon Georgelown Georgelown Georgelown Georgelown. . . l91 Willenberg Maryville . Union .. Cenlre .. L. RICHARDSON, B. BAUGH, B. PHARES, J. CAREY, J. MORRISON, End Tackie Tackie Tackie End P.Hcm1E:1, J. GRAY, B. SPARKS, R. RHODY, 5- H5ffff'AR' f a ac Halfback Hal back Fullback R. NEWELL' Guard Under exoeiienrieaoiersnip and Jrraining, wiin Two Army reams, srociced wirn ali- riie Georgerown foorballers came Hirougn srars and pros, ine Tigers los+ born buf e relefively "rough" scneduie wirlw four never gave up. wins and iour iosses. Beginning Jriwe season ml Q A W 1 .vw QBYQQQQS . , RSE Q x 5 VJ ,Km , -gi R. BEDFORD, L. LOVING, J. GILBERT, R. MASTIN, R. KEYLON End Guard Manager Tackle Tackle J. DEARING, B. SNOWDEN, R. WALKER, J. MATTINGLY, J. REDMON Hallback End End End Fullback ln spile ol lne four losses, we sew many ing, clelermined o1Clense,and above all,ll1e line plays, accurale passing, lwarol loloclc- porlrayal ol goocl, clean sporlsmanslmlp. Through lhe middle Les l1auls'em down CHEERLEADERS Maurine Kennedy, Ca piain Homecoming Queen and her cour+ enioy 'rhe viciory Brad and Co-cap+ains Turner and Owen l-lumzey Yessin, graoluale ol llwe Uni- versily ol Kenluclry, is serving his lirsl year as baslcelball coaclri lor llwe Tigers. Al U.K. he was manager anol scour for ASKETB Georgelown ........,. Georgelowns ., .,. Georgelown. ,. ... Georgefown .. ,.... Georgelown. .. .. ... Georgelown. ,. ,.. Georgelown. ,. ... Georgelown. 4. .. . Georgelovvn.. ,.. Georgelown. ., ..,.. Georgeiown. .. .,... Georgelown, ,. ..... George-Town. ., ..... Georgelown. ,. ..... George-Town. ,. ,.... Georgelown. ,. ,.. Georgelownw ... Gieorgelown. .. ..... Georqelown. .. ... Geargelown. ,. ..... Gzeorgelown. ., ..... Georgelown .,., ..... K.I.A.C. Georgelown ......... 87: Chase ....... 981 Milligan , 38: Louisville , 75: Forl Knox . 50: T.P.l. .... . 79: Union U, ,.. 70: Chase 4.... , 62: Mississippi So. 64: Berea ..4.... 6l: Ky, Wesleyan 70: Xavier ..... 70: Morelwead ... 68: Forl Knox 64: Transylvania 82: Union ..,... 7l: Ky. Wesleyan 7l: Cenlre ,.... 6l: Berea . 59: Union . . 49: Morehead 67: lransylvania 66: Cenlre ..... TOURNAMENT 62: Wesleyan ,.. 66 47 92 87 49 78 78 9I 5I 75 88 67 85 3l 85 92 72 60 57 74 49 37 76 H coach Rupp, and is doing a greal iob i developing our boys inlo a srnoollw worlc- ing ball club. x V2f'k'ffr?f gg. n ' .M .... . .. . ...... . Q f Y, ,V .4 f fm Q A ,U W QQ? W -s.,g:5.-P 'f , fe ei ,Nw 4- , s 5 if 159 V+. My 5 N 75 4, Q sn 1-5?1J'?:g ' X 4 an ti: I rl S . I Q 5212? K ref: ,ML . I f f' as-3 .. ' , ,gg fm! f W 8 R id, My ge X N M jaw , gig E ' ' A new ,?. iw Q. ,Ag :JE . -' 4 IS s nb- 'iv Z gy, i ,Q x afywn ,mg Xp. 3 xf gh Y ' .f fx -A afllifji CHARLIE PENNINGTON l-lere al Georgerown, we believe Thar we have been privileged To have on our loaskelball Team one ol lhe s+a+e's mosl ourslanding players , . . Charlie Penninglon. l-le was among 'rhe naJrion's lop scorers lasl season wilh an average ol 22 poinls per garne, The highlighl ol his achieve- menls came when againsr Chase Col- lege he se'r a new Kenruclqv college scoring recorcl wirh 44 poinls. JIM MEYERS A consisfenf runner in flue mile and half-mile 3 Jim was undefealed in +l'1ose lwo evenls lasi- year. BAC ,l9 Georgelown always lurns upwillw a com- Hue K.l.A.C.g Jim Jenkins "over llwe lop" pelenl Jrraclc Jream. Some men were con- Jim Dearinq finishing firsl in flue K.l.A.C sislenl winners in llweir evenls. Picrurecl relay. below: Jrlwe finish of +l'1e IOO yard dash in BASEBALL, 1951 91 IN TBAM IIIIUN THE 'AM US . . . from +l1e Pawling Hall view poin'r , . . 'I'l1e chapel . . .1'l1e gymnasium i Z? 7 N INDEPEN I Wyfzw Sm ' wa-V If 5 lfffff. W - 'W Q5 A ' Q Q., ifiim V JJ Q ,Q ,,,.fmg3,gf' U . Q ws 4g?m2Y W , any V M W YEA 4 X3 I Qgggggw, i K L5 3 N 3 ff", as . ffnzi iw, i . mulls Q gg , W Qs' Y 1- if Ts? TE: h we S .QV l, we 2 jing? 5 ,aw Egv -dar 1 9 - 'lvl A , W M tw fm. 7 A 'J' Q -I 5 E I 23:2 51.g:: W A,A.M 5' 'uw 5s' W 3 a: V? Q i if A lfimlz ' -A,'--' s A if MX '..p'IQI2 73 gi 'gl ' sf "' A 'yn if Q L W A E., -ri: " W , ,sg is - F' U K 4 W f T I-:al 'V at ! iii' 33.305 E ff K l' L38 1 . ' 5 ,E 2,541 My 'lf 1535? A 5 Q A 55 h Y Exif? ' 0 N ilgiei if 4 ' W xjw X 2, ' . 5 gg, I ,JW """' ,gwfflfgkf V vs GF Wi, if .,.:- Q 1:5 fails 'V H W A ii? gf H nm Q . 2 In gm 3 Q i, f' E g, gg W as A is b . W -.:::f:: 5:5 K 7 V A Mmm 7' m 7' Q 3 f ,, 2 AA, f ' f J' CALIIUUN HALL Officers in Conference 96 HELEN WHITE Presidem' MRS. W. M. BOSTICK Housemofher popcorn . . , a special 'fellowship in song K 1 'MRS. J. M. COLLIER JIM PERRY Housemofher President WLI 98 ueen Helen While The Chrisfmas Parfy Below: coopera+ion in sfudy BoHom: bull session wi+l1 pillows X., 3 IIUCKEB LL MARJORY McNEAL President "Mo+her" Summers USERS! homecoming . . . +he winner! nf if s1'epping ou'r fypical confusion in fhe signoui' room popcorn paiama parfy if f gg 6 in '4 aw, f ,, , 2 5 Flax' :ji S' if ,Y isis, S., V f W 1' if if ' " n i s kgfasigif ANI IIIIUSE AELDON MYERS Presidenf ' MRS. ASHBY Houiemofher ' 4 V 102 ' The Gypsy Parly Fingers and Toes Mom's living room as i+ usually is A round fable of gala and s+ucly ,.. Ill-IE DALE fy' ' W ' uf' 'V 5 ' Q f' I , 2 , , Good ole' home cooked food Family life I Snowed under The famous round brick columns of Gicldings . . . only a few of 3 +l1eir fype in +l1e world. Al-l0UN THE CAM US GREEKS f M new 'K 3 if ,: . . ijr,, FN . , 95 www ,.., , ,.,... ,,.,,,.,.. .,-K ,.,. ..,, , " , Aki L " QL Q " A - f ' L H 5 Af A ' may 1 f, f M gig , f L I A 'Q a A ,Nix Mwmx A . , ., , X . D, . ,,:: , ,, ,ww , 'wg- +",.:g, A Qcimiw , Allqlv M V, ' A L 4 i h W 1 M' jg ,v k i V .,.. , H ,M 4 M5 xiatk iiggyai , ff' 15- 2, ' O , 'V G+ 'H-3 1,15 , Q " E353 I 3 ir L af wiv! . --gg: E'M'km,, - f I 'Q Y an zzim fr? V ' MW? ""'?i35L F Y f 44-wiv "" " fy-... fnkawswx Q J JACK ARNOLD BOB ASHER PAUL HELTON LANCE KOHLER JACK REDMON EARL RHODES AMBDA Prebudenf JACK REDMON Vice Presndenf PAUL HELTON Secrefary HARRY SLOUGH L Q OTHER ACTIVES Q KEN COX HOMER MARTINEZ i L? C... Q LPIIA 108 BILLY CARTER JIM DEARING BOB LARKEY BILL MCBEE DON SEARLES HARRY SLOUGH J. C. MCINTOSH DAVID PARKER DUDLEY HOFFMAN JIM STRIBBLE "1 4H.f'LQ'5E: F., ,H BETTY SPEARS JOANN NOFFSINGER PAT HOKE JACKIE COMBS WINNONA SHOEMAKER RUTH FERGUSON MAURINE KENNE DORIS OVERALL MARGARET GORMAN JO HILL PEGGY COX BETTY LANCASTER JO ANN WATSON MARY ARCHER KAPP BELT Q0 O MRS. A. I. SKILES BOBBIE ROBERTSON Q O O O Q 0 O O O Q OO 110 'Y 7' 'W " "7 - -I I :K S uf ,Q E Q E If OFFICERS BOBBIE ROBERTSON BETTY SPEARS .... RUTH FERGUSON .... BETTY LANCASTER KAY FERRELL GLENDA NEIKIRK Vice' Presidenf PreSIcIerTI Secre-Iary Treasurer PLEDGES BARBARA BIORERSON ALBERTA COX DOT KING VIRGINIA STEVENS JANE BELL BOBBIE JO MITCHELL ANN BROOKIN6 JOANNE ROBERTSON DELGRES ADAMS PAT MAY MARY ANN GRADY Parfy feIIowsI1ip new chapfer room 111 r ' " "f P ROGER BEDFORD BRYANT BLOSS LEONARD BLOSS LESTER CRAFT GENE COOKE BILL CREECH JIM HOBBS GEORGE LEE PAUL PRICE LEE PEYTON ROD SMITH BILL SPARKS OFFICERS J, C. MORRISON .......,......,. ., .,.. Presidenf A P P LESTER CRAFT .... ..... V ice-Presidenf GEORGE LEE .... ....,... S cribe IJ I ll OTHER ACTIVES JERRY HENRY WILLIAM ROBINSON J. R. TURNER O CD Q i:j,.:.'.'.'Z O o Q e O ' . Q Q 0 MISS LOLA SPAULDING J. C. 'MORRISON Housemofher Presideni 112 BOB GRIFFITH AL GREGORY HARRY HUDSON JOE HOOD BOB SNYDER CLIFF UNDERWOOD JIM WILLIAMSON AL MORRIS PLEDGES BILL WIREMAN BILL MARSHALL EUGENE SMITH BOB HANSFORD PHIL OWENS SHERRIL HENEGAR PRICE HUSTON JOHN HALE BEN PHARES ROGER MASTIN Homecoming Cup Winner PAULA HOSKINS LOUISE RUTLEDGE ELLA MAE MEADOR BARBARA BROOKS BETTE HANBERRY BARBARA MESSER NANCY BERGMAN JOYCE PARKER JOAN ASH MILDRED EDMISTON JANET BILLINGSLEY LINDLE HARRIS EMILY SAUER ANN BLAIR SARA RICHIE JEAN DARTER MARTHA GOODWIN JUDY FREDERICKSON JANIE HILL OFFICERS I G LUCILLE HEMPEL ... ...... Presidenf BARBARA MESSER .... ...... V ice-Presideni' A P P A LOUISE RUTLEDGE .. ..2nd Vice-Presidenf PAULA HOSKINS ... 4, ........ Secreiary OTHER ACTIVES ' LOIS SANDERS BETSY BURKE Q ,B e e e e 0eeeee9 MRS. A. G. PARISH LUCILLE HEMPEL Housemoiher Presidenf 114 2 S I 0 I F' PEGGY RHOADS JOYCE WIDICK JOANNE PENNINGTON SUE LOVELESS PEGGY SEALE PAT RAGSDALE JEAN DRURY CAROLYN RAY DRU GARRETT PLEDGES Lois WHITCOMB mm PENICK NANCY CLARK NANCY TYNES FRANCES WHEELER NORMA BINGHAM BARBARA HASSLOCH JOYCE HUMPHERY JOANNE KENNEDY JANE WATTS GWEN CRANEILL MARGARET HOLLAND CAROLYN OWEN BETTY FAWKES ALEEN NOLAND PEGGY ARNOLD MAE WAYMAN JOYCE KEMPER H5 RICK NEWELL ALLAN PARRENT LELAND HILL LINDLE JARVIS RONNIE PINCHBACK BOB PORTER TOM HUGHES FRANK ELLERS SOX BENSON BOB LINDSAY JIM THARP DICK LOWERY N. T. ARMSTRONG CHARLIE PENNINGT4 JOHN MORGAN RONNNIE RHODY LEONARD BIAS OFFICERS P I BILL MCBEATI-I ....,.,.,..,........ ..Presiden+ ALLAN PARRENT .... ,,.,. V ice-Presidenf N. T. ARMSTRONG ,.., ,...... S ecrefary P P LELAND I-IILL .,.......,,....,.....,.. Treasurer OTHER ACTIVES PI-IIL BROWNING JOE CLORE L P H A BUDDY I-IILL O Q y 0 0 Q Q Q MRS. MARTHA CLOAR BILL McBEATH Housemofher Presidenf 116 YYWY5 PLEDGES L. W. TRUE JOHN ALEXANDER BILLY VAN WINKLE RONALD NIENNE FRED SCHNEIDER JACK BARR EUGENE BRADLEY ALLEN SOWARDS JACI4 WHITE LOUIS LOVING - ACTIVITIES Www AM H N X 2:9 ...., . ff 5- 2 'W gf , V Q li' as Q' 5, 33 K J R. ' r f 'E 'xkvk K 'AT wr gs in ilmrf -f A F . X J -uv M-X 1 v 5 mm L,,, Weis' is S U , - ,yi L kip' emma 'gg f X, " Q X Ab gg? FA v 5' fs 'P f r , 'S X Q, s if A ll i HSS' ,Y f y, 5 , + i-. Q ' S ' Q 'G ,, uf W' S 44, ,Q . - G 9 iq . . 'Big' w V" K ' in . 3' 5753 , 4 WW YVT.. R, as Q gy ' BIIEN TABLE OFFICERS J. C. MORRISON Presideni IMOGENE POLLEY Vice-President PAT BELL Secretary GIPPY GRAHAM Treasurer OFFICERS moms SCEARCE Presidenf ELLA MAE MEADOR Vice-Presidenf MARY ELLEN I-IOE Secrefary ' ENQS G0 NING B0 BD 120 PAN-IIELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS LESTER CRAFT Presideni JANET BILLINGSLY V P d I BOBBIE ROBERTSON S I y EDDIE I-IATFIELD T OFFICERS BOB JONES Presidem' LOWELL COOPER Vice-Presld I I I INDEPENDENT CIIUNCIL B.S.U. ExecuTive Council BAPTIST STUDENT UNIIIN BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . . . The co- love, unclersTancling, high ideals, and maxi- orc:linaTor OT religious acTiviTies . . . noT an mum ChrisTianiTy . . . promoTer oT The organizaTion buT an organized eTTorT in SpiriT oT BSU which is synonymous wiTh The ChrisTian growTh . . . an aTmosphere OT SpiriT OT GeorqeTown. B.S.U. GreaTer Council .S. . Top: B.S.U. Fellowship Above: Planning and Publicify Grand Finale of fhe I95l Valen+ine Pariy B.S.U. Religious Drama, "A Family Por+rai+ 123 VOL TEEB M SSIO BA OFFICERS AL PARKS Presidenf MARTHA ROSS Vice-Presidenf SARAH MARTIN Secrefary LOUISE BEAVEN Treasurer D OFFICERS MILLIE COLLINS Presidenr SUE PARKS Vice-Presidenf LOIS MONAHON Secrefary LIFE SERVICE BAN 124 YUUNG WUMENQS ASSIICIATIIDN OFFICERS PAT BELL Presidenf JOY OREM V P de T MARTHA CLARK S 'r y JANIE HILL T CIRCLE LEADERS SARAH MARTIN GRACE CARTER THELMA ELLIS SUE PARKS JUDY FREDERICKSON LIBBY MAY JEANETTE DELAP TIIE Y. W. A. CUUNCIL ALPHA ETA PI OFFICERS CHARLES HAM KS Preside-nf JOYCE WIDICK Secrefary BOB PORTER Treasurer OFFICERS JAMES BAILEY Presidenf VIRGINIA STEPHENS Secretary MARY K. ARCHER Treasurer I BETA BETA BET PIII LPII TIIETA I OFFICERS ALLAN PARRENT Presidenf GRAYDON Del.OATCHE Vice-Presideni LOUISE RUTLEDG-E Secre+ary ' CHARLES HANKS Treasurer OFFICERS RUTH PAYTON Presidenf LUCILE HEMPEI.. Secrefary-Treasurer PI KAPPA DELTA MA SIG A EP ILO OFFICERS BILLY MQBEATH Presldenf BILL PATE Serqean'r-af-arms BETTY JO MECARDWELL Secretary VIRGINIA STEPHENS Treasurer OFFICERS ED GREENE Presiderd CAROLYN WILLIAMS Vice-Presidenf LYNDELL HARRIS Secretary MONA HERNDON Treasurer IGM TAU BELT BELT CBO OFFICERS BETTY YANCEY Presidenf NANCY KOPP Vice-Presidenf HELEN WHITE Se-creIary BETTE I-IANBERRY Treasurer OFFICERS CAROLYN WILLIAMS PresIden+ WINONNA SI-IOEMAKER Vice-President BOBBE KAKNE Secreiary 129 0C OFFICERS WILLARD Mavis Presideni HARRY SLOUGH Vice-Presidenf GEORGE CURTSINGER Secrefary JUDY FREDRICKSON Treasurer SPONSOR DRA1. E. WELDON 1 IOLOGY CL Q 4 5. 130 IN TEBNATIUN AL BELATIIDN S OFFICERS PAUL HELTON Presidenf BILL BRANDENBURG- V P de + FRANCES CAMPBELL S 1' OFFICERS FRANCES CAMPBELL Presidenf MARIE DUNSMORE V P d 'r IIIIME ECUNUMIC CLUB DEBATES UAD' COACH M Rs. JOHN MELZER OFFICERS RUTH PAYTON Presideni' LELAND HILL V ce Pres den? LOUISE BEAVEN THELMA ELLIS Sec erarv MONA HERNDON Treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS GERMAN CLUB SPONSOR Mass JANE SMITH OFFICERS sm JAGGERS Presidenf PAT HOKE V Pe d T MAURINE KENNEDY S 1' y BETTE HANBERRY T FRENCH CLUB 6 6 9 9 OFFICERS PHIL OWEN Presidemk JIM DEARING Vice-Presidenf PHIL BROWNIN6 Secrefary BEN PHARES Treasurer OFFICERS LOUISE RUTLEDGE Presidenf BETTIE LANCASTER Vice-Presidenf BETTY HANBERRY Secrefary BOBBIE JO MITCHEL Treasurer ff WHIFFE P0011 CL OFFICERS N. T, ARMSTRONG Presidenf BOBBIE ROBERTSON Vice-President NADINE LOVAN Secrefary OFFICERS BETTY SPEARS Presidenf NANCY BERGMAN Vice-President LOUISE RUTLEDGE Secre+ary PAULA HOSKINS Treasurer W0 N S ATHLETIC ASSN 0llATOBIO CIIIIRUS s a DIRECTOR DR JOHN DAVIS OFFICERS SARAH MARUN Pres'd 'r MARTHA ROSS V P d + MARTHA CLARK S T yT INDEPENDENT WUMEN MINISTEIIIAL ASSIICIATIIIN OFFICERS PAUL PAYNE Presid I KIT YEASTE V P sd I HENRY JOHNS S I y JOHN LEE T OFFICERS JAQQUELINE COMBS B. S. U. GIBIKS Cll0BUS K Cn PEL-13110111 JOE HOOD ..,, AL PARKS ...... WILMA MOORE .. BOB JONES ...... DR, JOHN E. DAVIS OLLIE DALE JELLE OFFICERS 138 . ,, Presidenr Vice-Presidenf .. Secrefary .. Treasurer . .. Direcfor ... Pianisr STRING ENSEMBLE T ll E B A N ll Band 'UW' LLAN PARRENT Eddor Q85 NA ZQAGMQQ Yougmes V Fd,-P, 54 U O 1- ASK AFTE I S OFFICERS HARRY THOM PSON Presidenf PAUL HELTON Vice-Presidenf BETTIE LANCASTER Secrefary MISS RENA CALHOUN Direcfor Above: One Foof in Heaven Below: Cour+ Scene in Hamlef Hamlef MILTON HUGHES PAUL HELTON Edi'f0I' Business Manager 1952 BELLE 0E THE BLUE We s+ar'l'ed +o work on fhe I952 BELLE OF THE BLUE before school was ou+ las+ spring . . . began full 'Force in Sep+ember . . . and 'Fin- ished complefely in January. I W swmww STAFF MILT HUGHES ,.., Ecliior SARAH MARTIN . , , .Aciivilies ROLFE DORSEY . ,Ass'+. Ediler JOANN WATSON , . .Greeks PAUL HELTON Business Manaqer MARAH MARTIN . .... Lilerary AL ROBERTS . . . .Ar+ Edilor DR. JOHNSTON . . Facully Advisor LESTER CRAFT . .Sporis BRYANT BLOSS . .Pholoqraplwer MILLIE COLLINS . ......... Fealures LAFAYETTE STUDIO . . Phofographer C. R, ALEXANDER. . . . . . . . ,Plnoiograplner . . . i+ has been a privilege lo compile +l1e annual . . . we sincerely hope you en- ioy il, and hope il will mean somellning +o you. IN MEMOBIAM BILLMACHAL Our daily life is lhe only Bible careless people read. We are ofien inclined lo overloolx in our hurried daily conlacls lhose who are really living fhe consisfenf, full-lime Chrislian lives which we sei' as our ideals. Yeh we do realize and appreciaie fheir influence on us, and we lmow 'lhaf lhe blessings we receive from 'lheir personaliiies are producls 'lhaf can come only from sources of irue Chrisiian characier. This Chrisiian characfer was ihe foundafion and moving force of Bill Machal's life, and if found admirable expression in his 'friendliness and eagerness fo serve lhe Lord 'lhrough his children--"even 'Phe leasf of 1hese." Bill was wifh us af Georgelown only a year. buf ihal was ample lime for us 'lo realize fhe shocking loss we susiained by his sudden deaih lafe in ihe summer of l95l. As we re- flecf on his shorl bui abundanl life of unselfish service lo his Lord and his fellowman, we are aware 'lhal' we are privileged lo wifness a rare example of 'rhaf which our world so pain- 'Fully laclcs ioday-consisieni Chrisiianify. 144 IN MEM0lIIA RUTHHILKE "OnIy one life: 'iwill soon be pasf. Only wha'l's done for Chrisl' will last" This simple couplef was ihe mo'H'o of Rufh Marie Hillre, a iunior al Georgefown, who was fafally iniured in an aufomobile accideni' on November 2I, I95I. Bu? Rufhie's life canno'r be so neally summarized in s+a+is+ics. She had an irrepressible spiril fhai frusfed impliciily in God. Therefore, she was undaunled in fhe face of all fhings. However, her ulfer unfeigned humilify was perhaps her mosi' nofeworfhy frail. Rufhie had an infelligenf, aler+ mind, a winsome personali+y, and an a'H'rac'rive appearanceg buf wiih and pervading if all was 'fhe complele selflessness which heighfened every affainmenf. Ru+hie's life was dedicafed fo "going abou? doing good" as was fhe life of 'Phe Masfer whom she loved. Much could be said io eulogize Rufhie buf she would never wan? herself exalfed above +he Christ Rufhie needs no monumenf. The mosl lasling memorial which one could wish 'for her is her influence sfill conlinued on unnumbered souls. 145 l 1 T l i i Z 51 CAMERA SIIY Jack Carey Jim Cralle Terry Ball Beisy Burke Pai Chambers George Curisinger Gerald Henry Charles Jones Wendell Aikins William Allen John Arnold William Barnard Jack Barr Philip Browning Marvin Byrdwell Donald Carroll John Clark Roberi' Clark Bill Accorsi Charles Baugh James Brooli Preniice Burgan Faiih Colvin Eddie Conn Emma Frances Cook Donald Cosseii Chesier Culver Waller Eison Margie Sue Esham Allen Finkbiner Orville Griffin John Griqsby SENIORS Delberi' Eann JUNIORS Roy McKenney Homer Mariinez Merle Mullins William Nuiier William Pale Elizabeih Payne Lewis Searcy SOPHOMORES Odell Clay Joel Clore Ken Cox John Curry Charles Hammon Ernesi Hill Hall Kinney Joyce Marlin Carolyn Meeks Ronald Menne Faye Parker FRESHMEN Finley Holbrook Jim Jenkins Ronald Jones Philip Kazee Harold Lancasfer William W. Marshall Jimmy Maiiingly Margarei May Don Ray Neal' Ernesi Ormsbee Olney Pairick Ben Phares Lynn Redmon 146 Paul O'Brien Ted Winn R. G. Shelion Roberi Skinner John Terry Eileen Thompson Jay R.Turner Lawrence Welch Jesse Parker Jimmy Peylon Theodore Roseberry James Royaliy Roberi Snyder Roscoe Thornbu ry William Todd Beiiy Jane Towles James Underwood Mary Alice Winn Sammy Schaffer Leon Shoemaker Roy Silver Allen Sowards Viola Sproui' Marvin Siewarf James Sireible. Norberi Taylor Laurel True Rhea Tucker Rodney Walker Norris Websier Elmer Wiley Arnold Williams BELLE OF THE BLUE Wow tem " , , , A word of Jrhanks lo all who con+ribu+ed To The mak- ing of The T952 BELLE OF THE BLUE. . . edilor COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAMPUS COTTAGE +o +he Class of I952 The college hangoui for The bee and me f able foods" Phone 46 Managers ERNEST and NELDA SMITH Good Healrh +o All From Rexall THOMPSON REXALL DRUGS LA FAYETTE STUDIO "Your negafives are always on file" l4I N, Limesfone Phone '77 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF MRS. LOWERY'S THE SWEET SHOP CANDY SHOP Sandwiches Meals and Drinks "The College Hangoui' Fresh Homemade Candy and lce Cream Weslern Union Service Phone 960 22I E. Main Goocl Books 'For Your Every Need BAPTIST BOOK STORE 3I7-3I9 Gulhrle Sfreef LOUISVILLE 2, KENTUCKY Wrife us for cafalogues and quofafions KEMPER'S GRGCERY LAIR 81 OLDHAM OTIS WRIGHT C. A. MIFFLIN LATEST I49 Main Slreel CULLEGE STYLES GEQRGETOWN, KENTUCKY for MEN COMPLIMENTS OF A GEORGETOWN NEWS , W K L X GEORGETOWN TIMES V Publishers of Ihe GEORGETONIAN THE SOLTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY DUKE MCCALL, Presidenl "An Inlernafionally Famous Ins'rlIu'rion" 0 A Faculfy of World-Famous Teachers, Preachers, Au+hors 0 Eleven Greaf Deparfmenfs of Insfruciion 0 A Modern 53,000,000 Educafional PIan'I' o An Afmosphere of Scholarship and Evangelism Wrife Io The Presidenf for cafelog and ful-Iher informafion "The Beeches" LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY NEW IIRLEIINS BAPTIST THEULDGICIIL SEMINIIRY EVERYBODY KNOWS IT . . . Experience is fhe besf Teacher! And ihe place fo I1 d ess d h ' I O OFFERS STANDARD DEGREES B.D., Th.M., Th.D., B.R.E., M.R.E., B.S.M., and M.S.M. ROLAND O. LEAVELL, TI1.D., D.D. Presidenf I220 Washingfon Ave. New Orleans I3, La JENKINS LAUNDRY J. C. PENNEY CO. GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY Phone 670 TI-IE COMPLIMENTS OF THE GEORGETOWN BAPTIST CHURCH AND , DRY CLEANING CO. E. LOWELL ADAMS, Pasfor Service WHI1 a Smile GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY 0 COMPLIMENTS Komtem OF ' WHITE STAR GRILL IZIRESTONE 5' Bfoadwav JACOBS STORE HOME COOKED MEALS DINING ROOM 0 Open 6 A.M. fo I2 P.M. Fred Burieso 5 Q H il n xaqsglqnd gsai TI G CllIIIPAl1Y14rlIASHVIllE 0 Baum SIBIIIIIIY 9

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