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.khan TI-IE BELLE OF THE BLUE JUNE 1940 A SENIOR PUBLICATION GEORGETOWN c:oLLEcE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT To Dr. W. B. Jones, head of the Georgetown College English de- partment We express our appre- ciation. We have not reached the standards which he has setg but that which We have achieved, We owe to culti- vation acquired under his direction. Byron W. Gerkins, Editor James Burns, Business Manager FOR DNORD Time may yellow the pages of the book of life or make the eyes blear' and unseeingg but time makes memory more vivid. In early life, man lives in the future g in later years he recalls past experiences and in old age he lives almost wholly in the past. Man's future is benefited by his past experiences and the experi- ences of others that have been transmitted to him through the pages of history. The 1940 Belle of the Blue is a brief but, we hope, an accurate his- tory of one year at Georgetown College. Perhaps it will reinstate pleasant occurrences of a very happy period of life. It is well to live in the past as its pages are turned and to enjoy a few minutes of poignant remin- iscence. May it also be useful as a record of past situations that will illuminate future vistas. CONTENTS THE COLLEGE, THE ADMINISTRATION, THE CLASSES SPORTS, FEATURES, ORGANIZATIONS, PUBLICATIONS ALUMNI, ADVERTISEMENTS. Q F s E 4 E 2 X 5 5 5 X i 3 5 i 5 3 if E i E 5 1 i 5 1 DEDICATION Each man's own greatness is measured by the influence he has exerted on the lives of others. We feel that through the art of music Dr. C. Frederick Bonawitz has made life richer and fuller for his students and associates. For his loyal devotion to his task, and for his untiring efforts, we, the staff of the Belle of the Blue take pleas- ure in dedicating this issue to Dr. I C. Frederick Bonawitz. DR C FREDERICK BONAWITZ After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with the degree of D.D.S., Dr. Bonawitz studied in Vienna and Rome and for two years trav- eled and sang in Germany. The following year he studied in Paris. Returning to the United States, he joined the faculty of Atlanta Con- servatory. He later taught at Brenau College, Gainesville, Georgia, and at the Peoria Musical College. During the World War, Dr. Bonawitz served in the Italian army as liaison officer with the rank of Captain. For distinguished service rend- ered during this Period, he was decorated with the Cavalieri della Corona d'Italia and the Bronze Red Cross medal. After traveling over the United States for several seasons with the Chatauqua and Lyceum circuits, Dr. Bonawitz came to Georgetown in 1920. He and Mrs. Bonawitz live near the College on Hollyhock Lane. Their married life is as romantic to their friends as is the story of their first meeting in Vienna. PRESENTING THE COLLEGE VIEW FROM RUCKER HALL THE PRESIDENTS I-IOIVIE . dxf?" ONE OF THE MANY TOWERS OF RUCKER HALL Even though the dark towers of Rucker Hall, on a cold wintry day look Drear and forbidding, within its walls a bright fire is burning. Pul- chritudinous coeds roam through the halls. On Saturday night the Bas- tillian atmosphere is abandoned as the silhouettes of two fond lovers form shadows on the windows. Occasionally the creak of the old fire escape disturbs the slumbers of some sleeping maiden. Thrice each day the thun- dering feet of energetic students pound into the dining hall, and after ling- ering awhile stroll loiteringly away. Much as a medieval castle, Rucker Hall will always be a source of legend and romance. 8 . W 1 Rm J . ' L ,. . . ... ' H N J -1 1' R' 'LN hx -- . - I. fl- -. ,N --Lf..-.N 5 . 1 , , W xxx W x. f, , r J. xx V I 3 X4 7,1 Ani-, " A v,,,.,'1 jVI'f-'Tv' 'J' I nf - ' . -- .:...,A?1.-J"":fJ'V ' I jx, 1. - -IEQTTVZ.-W:-1-.1 "A - :rut ,..,.. .nw l n VF' vw. -- 'Q 5 wlitf' as-fi x M W 2iMFfm?m""' M' WEE!! 1 'l','X7?f2f'X Tiff ning? " ' if HH 1 WENT' , ' ,V as 1. " 5 ,I .533 .IE a - , .1 , , . ,151 , .., U, .J ' Pg H iw J fgiazquiw, X , ' gx . faq, 1 , .P K - 1 n , ' HW 5 H ss. ' l 5 . M X' F fi, 'Q-aa' qv.. N I f 545 , X- sg ' ' 5 Q ' Q, N V H :'- a , I' gf. Q.. .' . lu I "'f?,?":,-9 .iff ' J 4 4 t f'- ' V f 2357 -'l x , , l , - , . ' fl ' Tw" ' w ' 'AV' -s fghvflx 54' is ,A- " H ' -1-V MF? E315-'fT.:-2?, ,.." 1 w, -- " 'L Jin' 5 L W N W,,,. U,,M ' 1 N H Wg? , 'V 11 5- j ,L' if 9 ' "' qs' -1 E1 W "bfi : 'X H 1 l"1w3H jg UWM - wx W! vwzzgglgvrfizgx X H 4 . 2 ,Si ' gang 4-SPE.. V., E5 ' 1 W3l5fQiQe M gf ,553 ' wifi . H ., we Hg 1535, 'M ' N xmqw v' v,g X -' 3- ww 11 . X jg 'V .V ,. v,-swam 1 ,l gh mi. 'J LE-I .-" N3 Q.: 14111 1,21 gag! . - .rl A , 1 grasses. - ,w -H H ' a' 5 w, , gk ,,,,,!, a- . Eggs:-W"" 'gi f,i:if2.,..'.oH ' M M34 my 'I , I 1 H X' 'QM-M V wp , 5,25 P ,, -f "" F 1 55 . . mf V ,Q-inwi..-4--Q -- Q 'fi' wi .. . L-Iii-: ,M A N. .v ,fyy-'V-,-. 772' ,ry K' 'Fa Z in gg. 1. A W. '21 . , , Y L ""+'.Ygl mx- I ,..,.. , , ,w , "r w, -' 1 wLw.4,. e '. 9. K., !.., ff 'XR .tai ,f Jls. . , 1 44, 'D' '.1,,p 'vi' 'I 3 -I .L " Q ,L 1 . wr: .." ,ff ,- , I 1a'.!.7.: f -:-42, 11,10 f.. ,, . fb, 4 , Lf 1" fm, ,. av iv, V.. ,fd ., . , ,, b T' gin "' I W. . , ,bv 1194 if . . , . , f 1- S 'S' VL- - ,f..4 A- 4 .-5 ,J ,. , -. 4 ., fo 5 ,'-4w-- ,y . 'f - E w,,'1l ,. , 'K t ' fm '74 5 pf,-yi , img.. 1 "'f--sfzig. J Rfggzbf'-.',. ,..,. I, 4, gp -,', . n' ,- 2' ' , 'hp' , -4" "-1.-I .-1, gf ' 43.55, , . , .cn A '.A:1AV.x.. L., ,, .5151 .-,,- , , J: . . f'!f".-. ' ' -f'.f 4 ti lm! V-'fl X. ix. x -- A . 'L . ,lf ll ' 1 , .M 1' ' ,.+. . ,.. - 1. v -4 . -. . , 'L 'W-nf, rr-1. 4 . ,La .,, .r- 1- - , ., :Q W S li. I K A 7, .fi -- ,. . -. ' K a REAR OF GIDDINC-S HALL THE PHYSICS BUILDING PAWLINC HALL ARTS G CRAFTS BUILDING THE HEART OF THE BLUEC-RASS ELKHGRN O Nature, thou are ever fair, And ever fair thou art to me. Thy radiant spirit's everywhere- On mountain height and grassy lea. In sweet Kentucky love I thee, Where laurel blooms and blue grass grows, But thou art dearest all to me Whe1'e dreamily the Elkhorn flows. Sweet silver Elkhorn, I hear thy music in my dreams, Clear, rippling Elkhorn- Queen of all the Bluegrass streams. All through the sunny hours in June I listen to thy limpid strain That lulls to softer, sweeter tune The music of my heart and brain. But, O to dream these hours away, And feel the magic of thy flow, What more need I of charm to stay? Wliat more of simple joy to know? O Elkhorn, thou must surely know The time when I my loved one meet, For in the evenings softening glow I hear thee say: "To love is sweet." "To love is sweet," thou'rt whispering now, With voice untouched, untrained by art. Sing on, fair Elkhorn, gently thou- Sing to my love-awakened heart! O Elkhorn, fairest of the fair! That shimmers in the sunlig-hts beams 3 0 Elkhorn, rarest of the rare! With dancing' ripples, curls, and gleams Of all the jewels I have seen In Nature's realm, I prize thee best- Thee, Elkhorn-diamond-pure, serene, That glitters on Kentucky's breast. -Alexander I-Iynd-Lindsay ADMINISTRATICDN HENRY NOBLE SHERWOOD, AB., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D President of Georgetown College One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, Never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed though right were worsted, Wrong would triumph, Held We fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake. C Robert Browningj 16 FACULTY ROBERT TAYLOR HINTON A.B., Georgetown College A.M., M.S., Yale University Professor of Biology, Dean of Men EVA FINNE LL FISHER B.L., Georgetown College Post Graduate work in French and German: Certificate from Chautauqua Library School, New York. Librarian RENA CALHOUN A.B., Georgetown College A.M., Columbia University Professor of Speech and Dean of Women ADA B. JOHNSON B.S., University of Nebraska M.S., New York University A.M., Columbia University Graduate Work, Chicago University University of California Dietician HINTON CALHOUN ALICE THOMAS FORD A.B., Georgetown College Certificate from Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School Registrar DAVID EDGAR FOGLE A.B., Georgetown College A.M., Harvard University LL.D., Baylor University Professor of Modern Languages and Literature FRED L. HICKS B.S., Union University Treasurer WILLIAM BRISTOW JONES A.B., Georgetown College A.M., University of Illinois Litt.D., Columbia College Professor of Literature FORD HICKS FISHER JOHNSON FOGLE JONES HATFIELD LEWIS THOMPSON WELDON NASH MILLE BONAWITZ CULLIS I-IENSLEY FIELDS EVANS FACULTY CHARLES HATFIELD A.B., Carson-Newman College A.M., University of Tennessee Professor of Mathematics C. FREDERICK BONAWITZ D.D.S., University of Pennsylvania Student in Vienna, Italy, and Germany, 1907-'12 Director of Music, Instructor in Voice HOMER C. LEWIS A.B., Georgetown College M.B.A., University of Michigan LL.B., Jefferson School of Law Assistant Professor of Economics IRENE CULLIS A.B., University of Kentucky Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1930 Instructor in Art JAMES WILLIAM THOMPSON A.B,, Georgetown College Th.M.,D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor of Bible and Philosophy LIAM ALLEN HENSLEY Ph.D., University of Missouri Professor of Chemistry J. ELMER WELDON A.B., University of Kentucky A.M., Ph.D., University of Virginia Professor of Education and Psychology CARL R. FIELDS A.B., A.M., University of Louisville Professor of Economics and Sociology WILLIAM GILL NASI-I A.B., Georgetown College M.S.. Washington University Professor of Physics ROBERT K. EVANS A.B., A.M., North Carolina State College Coach and Professor of Physical Education RAYMOND HARRISON MILLER A.B., Rollins College A.M., University of Kentucky Instructor in Sociology and Assistant Director of Athletics J. W. LANCASTER B.Ped., M.S., University of Kentucky Director of Teacher Training LANCAST FACULTY JEWELL GLASS A.B., Georgetown College Assistant in Economics and Sociology CAROLINE PIKE A.B., Georgetown College B.M., Cottey College Instructor in German and Music GRAVES HUMBERT AWILSON A.B., B.S., Furman University A.M., Duke University Instructor in English MARY WILLOUGHBY SCOTT A.B., Georgetown College A.M., University of Kentucky Instructor in Education RUTH BRADFORD BRADLEY B.Mus., Northwestern University Instructor in Piano and Theory FANNIE ELIZABETH STOLL A.B., Georgetown College B.M., University of Louisville Instructor in Violin WILSON BRADLEY DOROTHY THOMPSON HILL A.B., Georgetown College A.M., University of Kentucky Instructor in Physical Education LAURA TOPHAM Instructor in Spanish CAROLINE FOXWORTH MILLER A.B., University of Kentucky Assistant Librarian JUDSON ALLEN TOLMAN A.B., A.M., Ph.D,, University of Chicago Professor of Latin and Greek JAMES C. O'FLAHERTY A.B., Georgetown College stud. theol. University of Heidelberg, Germany, 1935-36 HILL MILLER O'FLAHERTY PIKE SCOTT STOLL TOPHAM TOLMAN PRESENTING THE CLASSES 20 r SENICDR CLASS . , ,, ,,,,v,, ,.,. , -H ,f . OFFICERS Charles Hatfield .A.........,.............................. ,.........,. P resident Winona Gatton ........ .. .....,. Vice-President Nancy Glascock ........ ..........,. S ecretary Paul McCand1ess .. ,,..... Treasurer 21 Ahern athy Arnold Back Beal SENIORS BEVERLY ABERNATHY Sherman, Kentucky Kappa Alpha Editor Georgetonian, '40g Georgeton- ian Staff, '39, Business Manager Belle of the Blue, '39, Staff, '40, Classical Club, '40g Honor Roll, '39, '40, Mask- rafters, '39, '40, Intramurals, '39, '40, International Relations Club, '40g "Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities", and "The Blue Book of Univer- sity Men", '4O. ELIZABETH ARNOLD Sunrise, Kentucky W. A. A. '38, '39, '403 W. A. A. Coun- cil '38, '39, '40, Vice-President W. A. A '39, '40, Y. W. A. '38, '39, '40, HAROLD BACK Whitesburg, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Football '36, Varsity Foot- ball '37, '38, '39: All K. I. A. C. and Cap- tain '39g Intramurals, Maskrafters' i Monogram Club, Glee Clubg Senior Ath- letic Training Committee. SCOTT BEAL Hayesville, North Carolina Kappa Alpha Transfer Lees McRae Jr. College '38, Mana er of Football and Basketball '39, '40g ernational Relations Club '39, '40g r ' nt '40, Tau Alpha Mu '40. HENRY BEACH Covington, Kentucky Zeta Chi Intramurals: Maskrafters. Brown Claxon Church Cannon SENIORS LOUISE BROWN VICTOR CANNON, JR. Salvisa, Kentucky Georgetown, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha College Choir '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, Football '36, '37g Treasurer of Phi Kappa Alpha '38, '39, '40, President of Junior Class, Assistant Conductor of Men's Glee Clubg Intramurals. Transfer from Transylvania. ELSIE T. CHURCH Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Sigma Kappa Transfer from Transylvaniag Sigma Kappa Treasurer '39g Reporter '40g W. A. A. '40g Y. W. A. '37, '38, '39, '40g Maskrafters '39g Bradley Honor Society. HILMA CLAXON BILL GENE CUDD Georgetown, Kentucky Loyall, Kentucky Delta Omicron Phi Kappa Alpha Choir '37, '38, '39, '40, Transfer from U. of K., Glee Club '39, '40g Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Presi- dent of Pi Kappa Alpha '39, Pre-Medi- cal Club. Cudd 23 Cundiff Curry Eller Fulton SENIORS MILTON CUNDIFF Louisville, Kentucky Vice President of "G" Club, Football L. E. CURRY, JR. Georgetown, Kentucky Glee Club '37, '38, '39, '40, Mask- '37, '38, '399.Basketbal1 '37, '38, 39, rafters '37, '38, Gamma Sigma Epsilon T1'e2LSl1TG1'JllI1101'C13SS '38, '39, '39, '40, Grand Alchemist, Orchestra '37, '38, '39, Band '37, '38, Choir '38, '39, '40, American Chemical Society '39, '40. ROY ELLER Jefferson, North Carolina Transfer Lees McRae Jr. College, Football '38, '39, '40-, Basketball '38, '39, '40, President "G" Club. RUTH VIRGINIA FULTON Erlanger, Kentucky Lambda Chi Maskrafters '37, '40, Y. W. A. '37, '38, '39, '40, Tau Alpha Mu '38, '39, '40, B. S. U. '38, '39, Lambda Chi President '40, Vice President Junior Class '39, Secretary Student Body '40, Round Table '40, Secretary Round Table '40, Panhellenic Council, Vice President '40, Treasurer of Belle of Blue '40, Bradley Honor ociety. POSEY GAINES Frankfort, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha Maskrafters '38, '39, '40, Vice Presi- dent Pi Kappa Alpha '39, President of Maskrafters '39. Gatton Clanton Gerkins Glascock SENIORS WINONA GATTON Madisonville, Ky. Lambda Chi -A Band and Orchestra '37, '38, W. A. A. '36, '37, '38, '39, Art Club '39, '40, Maskrafters '39, '40, Secretary of Junior Class '38, Vice President of Senior Class '40, Intramurals Sports, Vice President Lambda '39, May Queen '40, Student Council '39, '40. BYRON W. GERKINS West Point, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha Most Outstanding Male Student '40, Student Body President '40, Editor Belle of the Blue '39, '40, Business Man- ager Georgetonian '39, '40, Publisher Georgetown Review '39, '40, B. S. U. Council '38, '39, Men's Glee Club '38, Business Manager '39, President '40, Maskrafters '38, '39, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" and "The Blue Book of University Men". NANCY BETH GLASCOCK Maryville, Tenn. Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa '37, '38, '39, '40, Presi- dent '39, '40, Bradley Honor Society '37, '38, '39, '40, Maskrafters '37, '38, '39, '40, Secretary and Treasurer '38, '39, Secretary of Senior Class '39, '40, "Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges" '40, B. S. U. Council, Vice JAMES BELLFIELD GLANTON Georgetown, Kentucky Gamma Sigma Epsilon '39, '40, Honor Roll '38, '39, '40, Pre-Medical Society '37, '38, '39, '40, Freshman Basketball '35. President '39, '40, Choir '38, '39, '40, Secretary '39, '40, Y. W. A. '39, '40, W. A. A. '38, '39, '40, Panhellenic Coun- cil '39, '40, Georgetonian Staff '38, '39, Belle of the Blue Staff, Organization Editor '39, '40, Round Table '39, '40. LOCKARD' MITCHELL HAMILTON Salyersville, Kentucky Zeta Chi International Relations Club '40. Hamilton Hatfield Haynes Karsner King SENIORS CHARLES HATFIELD, JR. Georgetown, Kentucky Bradley Honor Society, Freshman Chemistry Awardg Vice-President of Ky. B. S. U. '38, '39g Award for Outstanding Juniorg President of B. S. U. Council '40g President of Senior Classy "Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges" '39, '40 3 Ameri- can Blue Book of University Meng Secre- tary and Treasurer of Men's Glee Club '39, '40, Intramural Athletics '38, '39, '40g Track Team '38, '39, KATHERINE WOOD HAYNES Georgetown, Kentucky Delta Omicron Future Teachers of Americag Mask- rafters '40g Assistant Editor of George- town Reviewg Bradley Honor Society. SARAH ELLEN KARSNER Forks of Elkhorn, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Y. W. A. '379 W. A. A. '39, '40g Treas- urer of Phi Omega Pi '40. HARRIET MARTIN KING Green Bay, Wisconsin Vice President of Non Sorority '39, College Choir '37, '38, '39, '40g College Band and Orchestra '37, '38, '39, '40g Secretary of State Student Volunteer '33, :4 Soloist with Men's Glee Club r , 4 BILLIE PAYNE KLING Georgetown, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Vice President of W. A. A. '37g Vice President and Treasurer of Phi Omega Pi: W. A. A. Council '39, '40g Pan- hellenic '39g Round Table '3'7g Art Club '39g Classical Club '39, '40g Y. W. A. '36. Kling' 26 McLaurin J. Miller E. Miller SENIORS PAUL MCCANDLESS Owensboro, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer of Freshman Class, Treas- urer of Sophomore Class, Treasurer of Senior Class, Basketball '36, '37, Foot- ball '36, '37, '38, '39, Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha '38, Maskrafters '39, '40, President '40, Monogram Club '37, '38, '39, Intramurals. RICHARD MeLAURIN Bethune, South Carolina Transfer from Lees McRay College, B. S. U. Council, Football '38, '39, Treasurer of Student Body '40, Secre- tary of "G" Club '40. EDITH B. MILLER Crocus, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Transferred from Lindsey Wilson Jun- ior College, W. A. A. '38, Home Eco- nomics Club '38, '39, Future Teachers of America '40. JOHN F. MILLER, JR. Raleigh, North Carolina Pi Kappa Alpha Transfer from North Carolina State College, Senior Athletic Training Com- mittee, Monogram Club, Football '39, '40, Glee Club '40. MARLIN MILLER Twila, Kentucky Zeta Chi Transferred from Cumberland College '38, B. S. U. Council '38, '39, Secretary of Ministerial Club '38, '39, President of Student Volunteer Band '38, '39, College Band '38, '39, '40, O1'chestra '38, '39, '40, Glee Club '38, '39, '40, College Choir '38, '39, '40, Intramurals '38, '39, '40, Inter- national Relations Club 40, Tau Alpha Mu '39, '40. M. Miller Thomas Nichols Osborn SENIORS JAMES LACY MULLENIX Madisonville, Kentucky Glee Club '37, '38, '39, Business Man- ager '40g Orchestra '37, '38, '39, '40, Petersburg Junior College, Intramurals Choir '38, '39, President '40g Band '38, '39, '40, '39: B. S. U. Council '38, '39, '40, Inter- national Relations Club '40. MASTON THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida Kappa Alpha, Transfer from St. WILLIAM NICHOLS Chicago, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha Transfer from Wilson Junior College, Chicago, Ill. ALTA MARIE OSBORN ETTA MAE OSBORN Osborn, Kentucky Osborn, Kentucky Transfer from Morehead State Teach- Transfer from Morehead State Teach- ers College. ers College. 28 Osborn Powell Price Record Riherd SENIORS ROBERT S. POWELL Louisville, Kentucky Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President '403 Treasurer '39g Sergeant-at-Arms '38g Most Valuable Pledge Award '36, President Freshman Class '36-'37g President Sophomore Class '37-'38g Business Manager, Belle of the Blue '36-'37, Panhellenic Coun- cil Representative '39-'40g International Relations Club '40g Elected Most Popu- lar Boy '40. STERLING. JUDSON PRICE Paducah, Kentucky Lambda Chi President Delta Omicron '39-'40, Vice President '38, Treasurer '37g W. A. A. '36-'37g College Choir '36, '37, '38, '39, Maskrafters '36, '37, Lambda Chi Re- porter, '37, '38, Secretary '40, EDNA MAE RECORD Salvisa, Kentucky President Non-Sorority '40, Vice Presi- dent Y. W. A. '40: Secretary Y. W. A. '38: B. S. U. '38g Maskrafters '38, '39, W. A. A. '38, '39, Who's Who Among College and University Students '40g In- ternational Relations Club '40g George- tonian Staff '38: Sherwood Round Table '40: Y. W. A. Cabinet '38, '39, '40. JAMES RIHERD Cave City, Kentucky Zeta Chi Ministerial Association '37, '38g Mask- BERTHA RITA SLONE Lick Creek, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Student Councilg Transferred from rafters '37: Student Vo1unteers:iBand Pikeville Junior College, Pikeville, Ky. '39, '409 Intramurals '37, '38, '39, '40. Slone Smith Stocksdale Stone Stout Taylor SENIORS FOREST SMITH Springfield, ' Kentucky Lambda Chi Alpha Transferred from Cumberland Junior College '38g Managing Editor of George- tonian '38, '40, Managing Editor of Georgetown Review '40, Columnist of Georgetonian '40, Classical Club '40g International Relations Club '40, Belle of the Blue Staff '40. ARLINE STONE Red Jacket, West Virginia Transfer from C. N. I. Junior College, W. A. A,g Y. W. A., International Rela- tions Club. WILMA VAN DAILY TAYLOR Harrodsburg, Kentucky Transferred from Centre College '38, Y. W. A. '39, '40, W. A. A. '39, '403 Student Volunteer '40. ROBERT "STUMP" STOCKSDALE New Albany, Indiana Lambda Chi Alpha Football '36, '37, '38, '39g Captain of Freshman Basketball '36-'37, Captain of Varsity '40, All K. I. A. C. Team '39, Track '37, '38, '39, '40, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges '39, '40, Blue Book of University Meng Sec- retary of "G" Club, Best Athlete '40. MARY STOUT Georgetown, Kentucky Lambda Chi W. A. A. '38, '39, '40g Secretary of Lambda Chi '38g Chorister '39g Intra- inurals '37, '38, '39, '40g Gi1'ls' Glee Club 37. VICTOR EADES Georgetown, Kentucky K Williams Whitlock Wright Wilson SENIORS MABEL GLENN WHITAKER Sunrise, Kentucky Y. W. A. Cabinet '38, '39, '4Og Women's Self-Government Council '39-'40, Stu- dent Volunteer Band '39g Vice-President Student Body '40. MARJORIE WILLIAMS Taylorsville, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Y. W. A.g Classical Club, College Choir. ELMA E. WRIGHT Ludlow, Kentucky Phi Omega Pi Phi Omega Pi Secretary '37, '38, '39g President '40, Classical Club '39-'40g W. A. A. '38, '39, '40g Sherwood's Round Table '40g Future Teacher's Club of America '40g Panhellenic Council '40. LAPSLEY WHITLOCK Y Lebanon, Kentucky Maskrafters '40, F. T. A. '40g Zeta Chi '35, '37, '39, '40g Intramurals '37, '38, '39, '40g Research winner in German De- partment '37g Ministerial Club '35, '37, Classical Club '36. FLORENCE ROE WILSON Pineville, Kentucky Sigma Kappa Transfer from Virginia Intermont Collegeg Secretary Sigma Kappa '39- '40q W. A. A. '39-'40g Y. W. A. '38, '39, '4Og Vice President of Future Teachers of America '39-'40, Maskrafters '39-'40. HOMER McMILLAN Georgetown, Kentucky McMillan JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ralph Fulton ........ ............. P resident Martha Fogle ........... ........ V ice-President Frances Swinford ..,..... ......... S ecretary Beverly Abernathy ....,.... ......... 'l 'reasurer 32 JUN ORS SHELBY ADAMS Whitesburg, Ky. DOROTHEA BELL Carlisle, Ky. HAROLD BROWN Louisville, Ky. HAROLD CRUTE Halifax, Va. MARY LEE FIELDS Falmouth, Ky. CARL GARNETT Camden, Ohio FIRST ROW EVA ALLEN Goodloe, Ky. HELEN BELT Dawson Springs, Ky. SECOND ROW CLAUDE BUTLER Dry Ridge, Ky. KATHRYN CUMMINS Berry, Kentucky THIRD ROW MARTHA PORTER FOGLE Georgetown, Ky. MARGARET GATTON Statesville. N. CL JACK ANDERSON Coshocton, Ohio ROBERT BRATCHER Georgetown, Ky. BRADFORD CAMMACK Owenton, Ky. JACK DISNEY Neon, Kentucky RALPH FULTON Erlanger, Ky. LUTHER GILLEY Benham, Kentucky 33 JUNIORS EILEEN GREEN Louisville, Ky. CHARLOTTE HARLEY Perry, Ohio STANLEY JOHNSON Georgetown, Ky. LESTER KLING Columbia City, Ind. IRA MCMILLAN Versailles, Ky. EUGENE MOORE Q oster, ntucky FIRST ROW DAVID GREGORY Fredericksburg, Va. JOHN HENRY Oxford, Ohio SECOND ROW LUCY PRICE KINCAID Levi, Kentucky ROBERT LEWIS Frankfort, Ky. THIRD ROW D. C. MCMURTRY, JR. Cynthiana, Ky. LULU YATES NELL Gradyville, Ky. BERNADINE HARDESTY Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM HENRY Georgetown, Ky. IRVING KING Jeffersonville, Ky. JOHN MADDOX Brazil, South America GENE MIRACLE Georgetown, Ky. MAYME NOEL Elizabethtown, Ky. 34 JUNIORS LESLIE PARKER Covington, Ky. MURIEL POWELL Norwood. Ohio MARY JOHN RODGERS West Point, Ky. ORD SHOMAKER Banner Elk. N. C. ARNOLD WEBSTER Huntington, W. Va. ELLA RAE WILSON Pineville, Ky. FIRST ROW MERCER PETERS Georgetown, Ky. ROBERT PRATHER Georgetown, Ky. SECOND ROW ALGERNON B. RUDY Millersburg, Ohio FRANCES SWINFORD Berea, Kentucky THIRD ROW RICHARD WETZEL Dayton, Kentucky KATHLEEN WOOD Willialnstown, Ky. SAMUEL BRUCE VICKERY Wilkesboro, N. C. CHARLES POMEROY Rossinoyme, Ohio JAMES ROCKE Montgomery, W. Va. DUDLEY SCEARCE Shelbyville, Ky. GRACE THOMASSON Louisville, Ky. STEVE WHITAKER Roxanne., Ky. EDWARD PITT WOODRUFF Petersburfr, Va. 35 SOP!-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Norris Wilson ....... ........................,....... ,..,.....,.. P r esident Dorothy Smith ........ ...... V ice-President Minnie Dean ......... ........ S ecretary Rentz Thomas ........ Treasurer 36 SOPI-IOMORES FIRST ROW MARY DEAN ABBOTT KATHLEEN ANDERSON JOE ASHER LYMAN BENSON Georgetown, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Highland Park, Ill. JAMES BURNS VIRGINIA CAVANAUGH JOHN CHAMBERLAIN Chaplin, Ky. Paris, Kentucky Somerset, Ky. SECOND ROW CASSIE CHAPMAN WILLIS CLARK LEOTA CLAXON MILLARD CUMBERS Noctor, Ky. Chaplin, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Millersburg, Ky. HAROLD DAVIDSON MINNIE DEAN CHARLES DIXON Georgetown, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. THIRD ROW LORENA DUNCAN WALTER ELMORE ALBERT FARLEY VIOLA HEARNE Bagdad, Ky. Elizabethtown, Ky. Jenkins, Ky. Grayson, Ky. MABEL HEATH JOHN HOOD JOAN HOPKINS Hazard, Ky. Somerset, Ky. Somerset, Ky. 37 i SOP!-IOMORES FIRST ROW PHILIP HUFF BETTY JONES KATHLEEN JONES ROY JONES Racelancl, Ky. Boca Grande, Fla. Georgetown, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. LOUIS JUBANOWSKY HELEN KELLEY ROBERT KOON Bauz Hall. N. J. Independence, Ky. Highland Park, Ill. SECOND ROW CARROLL KURTZ FRANK LESCANEC MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS KEITH PERKINS Burgin, Ky. Petersburg, Va. Anchoridge, Ky. Smithland, Ky. ROBERT MOORE MILDRED MURRAY WILBUR OWEN Georgetown, Ky. Carlisle, Ky. Bellevue, Ohio ' TI-IIRD ROW MARCELLA PARKER ROBERT PAYNE ROBERT MCCRACKEN RAY PIGMAN Georgetown, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Erlanger, Ky. Whitesburg', Ky. TOM PORTER MILTON PRICE ANNA PRITCHARD ' Georgetown, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Grayson, Ky. i wif . I I Som-uoMoREs FIRST ROW NANNIE' B. SEIB JOHN ROSE RALPH RUSSELL GORDON RYERSON Georgetown, Ky. Harlin, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. New Hampton, N. Y. BILL SANDUSKY JOYCE SASSER BILLY ROBINSON Somerset, Ky. Liberty, Ky. ' Salvisa, Ky. SECOND ROW DOROTHY SMITH LaVERNE SMITH AUGUSTA STOCKDELL JOHN STOUT Lexington, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. JOSEPH STURGILL MILDRED COLSON STURGILL Prestonsburg, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. THIRD ROW CLAYTON TALEEN RENTZ THOMAS GALE TITCHENELL WILLIE' WAKEFIELD Chicago, Ill. St. Petersburg, Fla. Baltimore. Md. Taylorsville, Ky. CLARA WATTS EMMA WATTS Erlanger, Ky. Harrodsburg, Ky. FOURTH ROW . LOIS WEAVER MARJORIE WEAVER ROY WEINEDEL POLLY WHITEHOUSE Anchorage, Ky. Anchorage, KY- L0UiSVi1lG, KY- Chaplin, Ky. MARY EFF WILSON NORRIS WILSON Mayfield, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. 39 ,QM ww THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS H y J h ,.............................................. P d t J y Long . ................................,.. V -Pr J Cochran .......... ....,...... S e t y R Iph L rnma .......... ........... Tr O FRESHMEN C-ASS ROLL FIRST ROW CHARLES ACTON LORETTA BAILEY ROBERT BENNETT BILLY BINGHAM Bedford, Indiana Crab Orchard, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Elliston, Ky. VILEY BLACKBURN EMMETT BOYLAN CARL BROOKS Georgetown, Ky. New Albany, Ind. Oxford, Ohio SECOND ROW DONALD BUTLER ANNIE CARLEY JEAN COCHRAN ALLIE COTTON Owensboro, Ky. Georegetown, Ky. Winchester, Ky. VeI'Sai114-IS, Ky. JIMMIE DAVIS JEANETTE DIXON NANCY DOANE Brooksville, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. Sunrise, Ky. THIRD ROW LORENA DONOVAN RICHARD FLOYD MALCOLM FRANKEL MARIE GAINES Georgetown, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Hopkinsville, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. WILLIAM GLASS DEXTER GREEN EMILY HALL Versailles, Ky. Sparta, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. 41 FRESI-IMENI CLASS ROLL l FIRST ROW GILBERT HANKA IVAN HART ETHEL HARVEY CALVIN HASTINGS New Albany, Ind. Baltimore. Md. Chipley, Fla. Jenkins, Ky. HARRY HOLMES FRANK HOOD HARRY JOHNSON Ashland, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. Erlanger, Ky. SECOND ROW TILMON LEE JUETT MARGUERITE KIDD MARY FELIX KING RALPH LAMMA Corinth, Ky. Corbin, Ky. Cynthiana, Ky. Royersford, Pa. CHARLES LOFTIS JOYCE LONG REX MILLER Mebone. N. C. Old Bridge, N. J. Danville. W. Va. THIRD ROW GENE MOORE B. C. NORRIS CONRAD NUNNELLEY HERBERT SAFRIET Whitesburg, Ky. Mt. Sterling, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Twila, Ky. DOROTHY LEE' SMITH SHELBY STEWART BILLY THOMPSON Hinton, Ky. Hindman, Ky. Georgetown, Ky. E FOURTH ROW P THO ON EDITH TURNER EDNA TURNER RICHARD WHEATON r, . Crab Orchard, Ky. - Crab Orchard, Ky. Huntington, W. Va. M YGLYNN WELDON RALPH WINES NORMAN WHITCAMP Live Oak. Florida Warrenton, Va. Bromley, Ky. 42 ACTION GN THE FIELD A P at .so i a,,... fl? g, G. w.: -. ug. -- -1 ' ,.11:,51g,-yrjgrpfl v.,5'1y,1gAx 111 , . 15211 211113: 131 "QQ, ffKg?1vpj1xf1 - ' ,QQXS 154141 . -119+ .11 f'J".4F1. V1 V 1.1.1 4, -'1 kim-1: v' .1 gi. My W 314 1 , L . 1 an '.-'eg 1551... 1 ,YP X-1 gr: .p '1 -- fi '.- Q-4155.1 1:1 2431 151 4 1:.-...1 1111111111551 -1. 1 'ls .ff-51. I- 14" 1-a, 1' '55 'T S1 x -1-2,.-1.1 .:' 13- A ,TA 3,41 . . f 1 -A . Q -- . 1 - 1 1 fe 6 'Q 1 11 'L 1 'F' iiiim F 'Km . "f 'Q' .1'-- . 'hswfvflif 11- "' 1-f' ---1"14' '1 ivjr 4 -1, --41-'E"f" , 1 1 v .3 vs Q.. 1 fl. wif? 1' 1-re! ...Q ff? ' ,,, 'Tl i- s 5-: "1 L. y . gba! - 1 , 1 .1 w .5-11,11 11 , ,X-' 1,11g,,1'.-1 . t V ' W" 'W 11 111111 111111 1111111 yglfvfgf' 1' 'J X V 'A ' 11 M1 11H11H1111111 111111 '11 111111 jgffiji 1 K 1 11. . , 111 W - . 1 . z. H Q :V x - Y- , . . . r , , ' iv: ' ' X 1 ' ' ' Y , .. 1 1.-, gf., ':1f'..4- 11 ', K 1,, 11 - 33115 1 j 1 ,- -an ' K1 Q A 1:12.51 Y' , W , ,S V W , Y jf 25111-n'1, W -11 W1 , QDQQEX " 'A 15 , ,. 13m5'1', 2 ,-. L. V, .il ' 1-1 'D.4fC1',1'1'7 ,311 1 'Tl' W? 111' ' 113112: '1 11' '1-1119" . 111"'-,,1fxl' V"'5'M5" ' ' 11111 11 1'11" '1rV'11111Fynf111'y1 11- 2 ggj 11 1 11 1"1"1giFf11111-11"111"f1 wf11"'1'11i1113d 1i111111111'1111" 1 11U11e1l11111f1111 1 1"l11111111 111 11 1111111 1 ' 111111 111 11 - 1 M1,1'11.1Q-151-11111 155511 g1111a: " ' 1 Q. J 11 1, -,11 11, 1 - 1, 1 - ,W 111 1111111 1: .11-11-1 J 11: - ' 11,111 fm "' 1 X 1" 1111 1 1a 1 - M-,.L1.:1f.' 1' - . - , 1- M - - ' ' 1 ei! 1 'n iii, ,V ,,.y1'1111451., v ' , 1' 1' 'f fl' : ,x. I y.,,1, fn:-. ,.,1, -1 1-V , , 1 ' 6 11-1 171. hm 11 11111 M 11 H 112136111111 1 X-19461111 11 1 eskssef- 141: 1 1 -ff 1-fl "ggi-""?,:zf fl' 1 , Y 1 111 11 1-1" " ,fi 1 W1 1 1 1 15121'1'fif',1.11 ,mi-111-7'1.i.'i4. 1 111111, 1,1 I111"1fff:1m11 11. 1 A -1 11 1,p1'1f?,e12f k11111111'1n5'f'f5SS'1fg1!1111111111'11M111 1112191111111 21 . , H494 111 11 1111155 111,111-11: 5 111 .111 1 .1 1,-gt.-. -- N, 1- . -W-,-.. - " ... -' ' -5 Tr-6-' u ,I ' - -1 , 1-1 ' I . , . - 1, 1 N 1111 - Zzaz 10.57 ws 1111.11 GEORG ETOWN'S CCACH I NG STAFF i Miller Evans Athletic Director and Head Coach R. K. "Burr" Evans graduated from N. C. State in "28", and also Worked off his M.A. there. He played tackle on the Varsity football team and was selected on the All State and All Southern teams his Senior Year, when N. C. State Won the Southern Con- ference Championship. After graduating, "Burr" coached the Frosh teams of his Alma Mater for a While, but quit that to do some High School coach- ingg then on to Rollins College, his last stop before coming to G'toWn, Where he has put our teams back as championship contenders in all sports of the K. I. A. C. Intramural Director and Assistant Coach R. H. Miller graduated from Rollins College in "34,' and received his M.A. at U. of K. He was All Southern Quarterback in his Senior Year and graduated With high scholar- ship honors, a very rare combination. We are indeed proud of our coaches and realize that they are greatly responsible for the success the Tigers have known these past seasons. We know that each member of the various squads will long remember their College coaches. 45 Rudy Stocksdale McCandless Back Lewis Adams Taylor Shapou Benson Pigman McLaurin Rocke The "Big Orange" had a very successful 1939 football season, win ning four games, losing four, and tying one. In the opener with Alfred Holbrook College, from Ohio, the Tigers rolled over them to the tune of 20 to 0. In the second game against Rio Grande, also played on the local gridiron, the Georgetown eleven literally swamped the invaders by tally- ing 39 points while the visitors failed to cross the goal line. The next week found the Tigers at Barbourville, where they played Union to a 6-6 tie. On Oct. 21 the Georgetown eleven again hit the road and traveled to Richmond where the Eastern Maroons laid it on them by a margin of three touch- downs. The next game introduced a new foe to the Tigers schedule, the Little Giants of Wabash. This was one of the largest lines that the Tigers met all season, however, the Evansmen led by 7 to 3 with about 15 seconds to play, then Wabash put a fitting climax to their Homecoming by uncork- ing a pass over the goal line, just as the timers gun went off, to beat our boys 9 to 7. 46 133.1 y ...T . Miller Webster Honaker Hood Elmore Anderson Disney Eller Chamberlain On Nov. 4th the Louisville Cardinals came to Georgetown for our own Homecoming game, and a real Homecoming it was with Rudy and McCand- less scoring touchdowns to whip the Cards by a score of 14 to 7. Paul scored the winning touchdown on a pass in the last few seconds, to beat Louisville for the third time in as many years, in exactly the same manner. The next week the Tigers again traveled to Indiana to play Evansville College a night game. This game was played in a sea of mud, with the Tiger line, led by "Skinner" Back, all K. I. A. C. guard, playing an excep- tionally fine game. Many times they held the big Purple on their own goal line for four downs, but a kick was blocked, and Evansville won a tough one 2 to 0. On Nov. 17th the Ohio Conference Champions, Muskingum College, came to town and scored 26 points while holding the Orange and Black to no score. The next and last game was with our arch enemies, the Transylvania Pioneers. It was in this game that "Potts" Chamberlain kicked the only field-goal that was made in Ky. last year. This was the last time for "Skinner", Eller, McLaurin, "Stump", Cundiff, and Johnny Miller to don the mole skins for Georgetown College, and a wonderful job they made of it, whipping Transy by a score of 24 to O. Cundiff Kling Koon 47 Rudy Stocksdale Q Captain? Eller Burr Adams Benson Pigman Kling Honaker Jones BASKETBALL The Tigers opened their Inter Collegiate Schedule at the U. of Cincinnati with the Bearcats coming out on top, however, the G'town basketeers gained a lot of good ex- perience which was later to stand them in good stead. The next game was played on the home court, with Berea furnishing the opposition. The Tigers won this closely con- tested battle and the next one with Transy, by the slim margin of one point, to start them on a Conference winning streak of seven straight games, mowing down Louisville, Union, Centre, Wesleyan, and Berea for the second time, only to be stopped by their t1- ditional rivals, the Transylvania Pioneers, by the same difference that had earlier defeated the Pioneers, one point. This was a heart- breaker, and possibly helps to account for the Evansmen losing to Union College, three nights later, in another close one, this time by four points. Evidently the Tiger's thought this was about far enough to let things like that go, so they immediately set out to remedy the situation. Led by Captain Bob Stocksdale, all K. I, A. C. center, and assisted by the excellent playing of his team- mates, John Burr, A. B. Rudy, Roy Eller, and Red Adams, the Tigers again started a win- ning streak by humbling Wesleyan, Centre, and Louisville in quick succession. Thus the season was ended, with the Tigers winning 10 and losing 2, for the second straight K. I. A. C. championship. On Feb. 23rd the Tigers journeyed to Rich- mond to take part in the annual K. I. A. C. tournament. They beat Wesleyan in an over- time, in the first round, but the Western Hill- toppers won out in the second game by a score of 53 to 48. In the S. I. A. A. tourney at Bowling Green the Evansmen were de- feated by a strong La. Normal quintet. ll ll L U B Back row: Adams, Elmore, Taylor, Eller, Honaker, Anderson, Chamberlain, Miller Price Benson. Middle row: Disney, Beal, Pigman, Rocke, Lewis, Khun, Back, Stocksdale McLau1'in. Front Row: Kling, Burr, Hood, Rudy, Webster. The "G" Club is an honorary athletic organization of Georgetown College, and is composed of men who have Won their Varsity"G" in one of the major sports. Namely: Football, Basketball, and Track. OFFICERS President, Roy Eller Vice-President, Milton Cundiff Treasurer, Richard McLaurin INTRAMURALS The intramural program at Georgetown College is made up of a well rounded sched- ule of various sports, consisting of Touch Football, Basketball, Handball, Diamond Ball, Volley Ball, Cross Country, Track, and Horseshoes. All men's organizations are repre- sented by teams composed solely of men who have not made their Varsity letters in the corresponding sport. These intramural games are very hotly contested and enthusiasm runs high. A beautiful championship trophy is awarded annually to the team amassing the greatest total of points in all activities. Pi Kappa Alpha won the trophy for this last year, and is now in possession of the trophy. To gain permanent possession of the trophy it is necessary for one organization to win the championship three consecutive times. The intramural director, R. H. Miller, has charge of arranging the schedules, tabu- lating the points, and acting as judge on all decisions. However, he is aided in rule mak- ing and enforcing by the intramural board, which is made up of a delegate from each organization that competes. Between them everything is run off with the highest degree of satisfaction. The college appreciates the sportsmanship and relaxation that intramurals promote, and for them we are truly grateful, at the same time hoping they will continue to hold the interest and attention of the student body as they have in the past. 49 Back row: Miller, Moore, Huff, Brooks, Wines, Lamma. Middle row: Hanka, Boylan, Frankel, Glass. Front row: Johnson, Wheaton, Whitcamp. TIGER CUBS Back row: Acton, Coach Miller, H. Johnson. Middle row: Boylan, Norris, C. Johnson, Larnma. Front row: Hanka, Butler, Strassburg, Young, Wheaton. N ": fF : 1' P1 ice Beal Butler CI-IEER LEADERS In playing the game, no matter what, it is always en- couraging and gratifying to know that someone is behind you, pulling for you with all their might, urging you on to do your very best, and cheer- ing you when you do it. In college, that is the cheer-lead- ers goal. To drive their boys onward and then let them know they appreciate it. VVe congratulate you, Joyce, Min- nie and "Cuz", for your fine work and untiring efforts this past year. STUDENT MANAGERS Pictured here are the un- heralded heroes of the grid- iron, the unsung martyrs of football. These are the boys that do the dirty work, change cleats, keep e q u i p in e n t s t r a i g h t, bandage ankles, carry water, and the first out for every practice session. Nobody cheers them when the team wins an important Vic- tory, but still there they are, out there day after day, work- ing their heads off to help the team win. We congratulate our managers on a grand job last year, and appreciate their worth no end. Joyce Long "Cuz" Nunnely Minnie Dean wa W. twirl CAMPUS ACTIVITIES In not only team and much publicized sports is Georgetown active, but there are also many various types of activities and sports to keep everyone interested and happy. In the above photograph you see some students rid- ing on one of the paths of the campus. As Kentucky is the home of thor- ough-bred horses, it is only fitting that Georgetown, the very heart of the blue-grass, have fine horses available for those students who like to ride and Want the chance. There are other sports which may arouse your in- terest. Included in these are the bowling alleys in Rucker Hall, Badminton, Shuffleboard, Tennis, etc. All of these can be, and, are utilized by the stu- dents. It appears that there has also been some activity in the book store, our new Treasurer has given us a really fine place to spend our leisure time. Our congratulations to you Mr. Hicks. 52 v Y Y i K I FEATURES 53 U fm , B N , gh E - an 1 .Emi gwgwn , www X v Byron Gerkins Mary John Rodgers Bob Powell Joyce Long SUPERLATIVES Most outstanding boy ..... ..,.. B yron Gerkins Most outstanding girl .... Mary John Rodgers Popular boy ..... .... B ob Powell Popular girl ..... .... J oyce Long Best athlete .... .... R obert Stocksdale 4 f Robert Stocksdale 54 v 1 i ' 1 1 4 I Z i i 1 w i 1 Z 1 x i X 1 x K 2 X I X E S i 1 N WINONA C-ATTON MAY QUEEN MINNIE DEAN MOUNTAIN LAUREL REPRESENTATIVE MISS SIGMA KAPPA NANCY GLASCOCK i ELMA WRIGHT MISS PHI OMEGA Pl MISS NON SORORITY POLLY WHITEHQUSE STERJNG PRICE Miss LAMBDA cn-an 1 PRESENTING THE ORGAN IZATIONS 4 W Gerkins' Whitaker President .......,......., Vice-president ....,.. Secretary ....... Treasurer ..... STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Fulton McLaurin Byron Gerkins Mabel Whitaker Ruth Fulton Richard McLaurin The Student Body officers, realizing the privilege that has been theirs through this another memorable year in the history of Georgetown College, have striven to embody in their Work the upward vision of an understanding administration and a cooperative Stu- dent Body. 4 62 PAN!-IELLENIC COUNCIL President ............ ......... J ack Anderson Vice-president .....,. ...... R uth Fulton Secretary ........ ....... N ancy Glascock Treasurer ........ ......,,. C layton Taleen Hensley ' 'Knnnn Al Sigma Kappa hhn ..M..,u....? ' ' ' num Jfunon Jack Anderson Joan Hopkins Bob Powell 63 lillllhbll QNX I ,AM S E522-Z Q nm 7 SIGMA ' KAPPA 'mfw ALPHA CHI CHAPTER MW The Sigma Kappa sorority was founded at Colby College in 1874. The founders were brave Women who wished to organize with the high ideals of scholarship and fine, courageous womanhood. Sigma Kappa, the fifth oldest sorority in the United States, has for its colors, rich lavender and maroong its flower is the violetg and its symbol, a triangle. The official publication is the Sigma Kappa TRIANGLE. The open motto of the sor- ority, "One heart, one way," signifies unity and harmony. The Alpha Chi Chapter was founded on Georgetown campus in 1929. Since that time, the chapter has been in good standing nationally. C011- tributions are made yearly to the national Sigma Kappa Maine Sea Coast Mission. Local philanthropy is also carried on, and several public relations projects such as the annual Christmas Vesper Services. The Alpha Chi chapter is always represented at the Sigma Kappa International Conven- tions which are held every three years, and at the regional conventions in- tervening. OFFICERS President .........,.... ............................,.........,. N ancy Glascock Vice-president ..... ............................. M ary John Rodgers Secretary ,.,....,.................,. ...,.. F lorence Roe Wilson Treasurer ..,.....,,..,,..,.......,,.,. .............. M artha F ogle Corresponding Secretary ..... ....... K athleen Jones Registrar ..,..,,............,............. ....... F rances Swinford Reporter ,,,,.,,, ....................,.. ......,. E l Sie Church Historian ....... ....,.........,.....,.,....,........ ........ E i leen Green ACTIVES Kathleen Anderson Martha Fogle Mary John Rodgers Elsie Church Nancy Glascock Francis Swinforcl Annie Carley Eileen Green Ella Rae Wilson I Mary Lee Fields Kathleen Jones Florence Roe Wilson PLEDGES Joyce Long Ethel Harvey Edith Turner Edna Turner ' ' -fs! .. E, 'K 1 Nigel xarfi 2 'Aff' xK'H+e'x' N! 5 55,31 'gm-"lx 1 Wash l' trit- S 1 grrfsw iflf: ,..-29. f,y5,:15afQg f.fyff,: ,if ' . .. TA. -5 1?--3 ' f 'W k 'agjsil ' i Q"'f-:XF .1 'I ' 'fr 5 1555 1 R. -ii'.". f fl: ' if -1 .3 Y - Izfrfgiffg. 1 E W H I g Q A-:l'.A. -V .4 g yi Y M ujiiflgiggf 'V a,m2I'j'-t lf-x J E ...L ' Fogle Church Carley Fields Anderson Glasscock Green Long! Harvey Jones Rodggers Turner E. Turner Swinford E. Wilson F. Wilson 65 0 A QLD B4 . L J, 35 RJ L 7 Kzfgiif 'f1 , C- T11 4 Z7 2 lab 5: ""Nf,VV .ff 1' Q 5. g K 6 . ,N Y SP3 LAMBDA CI-II The Lambda Chi Sorority is an out- growth of the Rhoton House Club which was founded at Georgetown in 1923, a year before any other girls' social organizations. The seven charter members occupied the Rhoton House, and thus became the first girls' club to have a house of its own. During the first year, the club existed primarily for the social purpose, but the next year it was organized to form ideals and purposes other than social. It undertook various social and chaiitable pioiects and this work has continued to be a fundamental purpose of the gi oup In 1925 Greek letter societies were allowed on the campus and the Rhoton House Club became the Lambda Chi Sorority The ideals and pur poses were written into a ritual and the sorority began its natural life The colors are rose and Whitey the motto, "To be rather than to seem OFFICERS President .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...................,... . Ruth Ful't01'1 Vice-President ,.........,..... ...,... WIHOHH Gatton Recording Secretary .......... ..,... M argaret G21'CtOH Corresponding Secretary ....... ........... S terlmg Price Treasurer ,4,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,.. ....,., B 61113111116 H3.1dCSty Repgrtey N---,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,., ,,,,,.,, lV I ary Dean Abbott House President .,.......... ...... G 1306 Thomasson 66 ACTIVES Mary Dean Abbott Ruth Fulton Margaret Gatton Winona Gatton Bernadine Hardesty Sterling Price Mary Stout Grace Thomasson Minnie Dean Joan Hopkins Mary Eff Wilson Lorena Duncan Betty Jones Marcella Parker Augusta Stockdell Willie Wakefield PLEDGES Jean Cochran Emily Hall Marguarite Kidd Abbott Hardesty Dean Jones Cochran Fulton M. Gatton W. Gatton Price Stout Thom asson Hopkins Wilson Duncan Parker Stocksdale Walcefield Hall Kidd '67 PHI OMEGA PI if 5533 E+?" 1 , x K , Q2 N.. - I f x lQ'.t.' kgs 1 . :hex ' , The Alpha Zeta Chapter of Phi Omega Pi, National Social Sorority, was installed on Georgetown campus on May 22, 1938. The national sor- ority Was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1910 by fifteen girls who were members of the Order of the Eastern Star. There are now twenty-nine chapters and many alumni organizations. The badge of the sorority is an irregular pentagon, holding a five- pointed star set with a sapphire and mounted upon a black background which is surrounded by an unbroken gold band and pearls. The colors are sapphire and White, the flower is the lily-of-the-valley, and the official publication is the Pentagon of Phi Omega Pi. OFFICERS President ,,,..,.,...... ....................... .............. E 1 ma Wright Vice-President .,,.,,.. ........ B illie Payne Kling Secretary ............. ...... M argaret Boulton Treasurer -,-,,,,,, .,,,,,.....,,.,.....,.. .....,. S a rah Karsnel' AOTIVES Odessa Holtzclaw Billie Payne Klillg Sarah Karsner Elma Wright PLEDGES Wilma Taylor Bertha Slone Oleta Thompson Edith Miller Lulu Yates Nell Mamie Noel a ,H.,. Se a sd ss a KAPPA ALPHA The Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee when General Robert E. Lee was president of the University. The Order was founded to set high standards of character, achievement, leadership and to foster and maintain the manners and customs of the old South. Kappa Alpha has 67 chapters, all below the Mason-Dixon Line, and is proud of all of its 29,000 members. Some of the most notable alumni are: Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd 5 Senator Claude Pepper, Randolph Scotty John Edgar Hoover, Lawrence Stallings and Rex Beach. The Beta Delta Chapter was founded on the Georgetown Campus in 1904 and resides in its three-story, brick lodge on Hamilton Street. Of the many alumni that have gone forth into all walks of life from Beta Delta chapter are such as Federal Judge Church Ford, S. Shepherd Jones, Will- iam B. Jones, J. Lindsay Nunn, T. Russ Hill, Edward Huey and many others who have carved an important niche for themselves in the world. OFFICERS President ............... ........................... C layton Carl Taleen Vice-President ...... ............. B ill Sandusky Secretary ........... ...... L ouis Jubanowsky Treasurer ..... ................................. R obert McCracken ACTIVES Robert McCracken ' Bill Sandusky Louis Jubanowsky 'Ord Shomaker Frank Lescanec Viley Blackburn Ralph Fulton Clayton Taleen Maston Thomas Rentz Thomas Roy Weindel Dick Wetzel PLEDGES Beverly Abernathy Scott Beal John Chamberlain Richard Floyd Harry Johnson B. C. Norris John Stout Ralph Wines Charles Loftis Blackburn Fulton McCracken Sandusky M. Thomas R. Thomas Abernathy Beal Johnson Norris Stout Jubanousky Shoemaker Weinedel Chambexlain Wines Lescanec Taleen Wetzel Floyd Loftis 71 is f fm- Pu KAPPA Jrnfgnrljzfllf 2 ,L G. A L P H A "Q Iv! The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1868. The Alpha Lambda Chapter was founded on April 19, 1906. Since then it has fostered and grown upon the high ideals upon which Pi Kappa Alpha was founded. Nationally, the Alpha Lambda Chapter has gained many honors, in- cluding the national scholarship award and rating as the best all-round chapter for two years. Among the highlights of the past year was the annual, spring formal held at the Lexington Country Club April 19. The chapter members reside in their historic old home at 455 East Main Street. There are 25 active members and 14 pledges. OFFICERS President ...................,,.....,,.. A. B. Rudy Vice-President ...,.. .....,. R obert Powell Secretary ..,......... ........ N orris Wilson Treasurer ...................... Victor Cannon Pledge Master .......... Dudley H. Scearce Publicity Director ,..... William Nickels ACTIVES Anderson, John P. Gaines, Horace Posey Miller, Johnnie Jr. Back, Charles Harold Gerkins, Byron Nickels, William E. Bridges, Ben Edward Henry, John Porter, Tom Butler, Danold Henry, William K. Powell, Robert S. Cannon, Victor Honaker, W. H. Jr. Price, Milton Cudd, Bill Gene Johnson, George F. Jr. Russell, Gene Davidson, Harold Johnson, Stanley Rudy, A. B. Frankel, Malcolm Jr. McCandless, Paul Scearce, Dudley H. Wilson, Norris PLEDGES Adams, Shelby Boylan, Emmett Brooks, Carl Davis, James Glass, William Jones, Roy Magaw, William Miller, Rex Moore, Gene Safriet, Herbert Strassberg, Teddy Wheatan, Richard Whittcamp, Norman l Anderson Frankel S. Johnson Price Boyland Back Gaines McCandless Russell Brooks Moore Butler Cannon Gerkins J. Henry Miller Nickels Rudy Scarce Davis Glass Safriet Wheaton Cudd W. Henry Porter Wilson Jones Whittcamn Davidson G. Johnson Powell Adams Miller 1 f LAMBDA cl-al ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston, Mass., March 22, 1913. The aims, ideals and functions of Lambda Chi Alpha may broadly be summed up in two words: service and fraternity. The local fraternity preceding Theta Kappa Nu was Gamma Tau Alpha Last summer, Theta Kappa Nu and Lambda Chi Alpha united into a much larger fraternity. The Kappa Omega Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha of Georgetown received their charter October 17, 1939. Lambda Chi Alpha is an international fraternity with excellent geo- graphic distribution in leading institutions in all sections of the United States. It was the first general Cmen'sJ university fraternity to lay plans and to appropriate money for humanitarian work to benefit non-members. In past scholarship ratings made by The Interfraternity Conference, Lambda Chi Alpha has usually ranked fourth or better. Untrammeled by hide-bound traditions, Lambda Chi Alpha has always been dominated by the spirit of youthfulness. Lambda Chi Alpha alumni have wielded their enfluence in all fields of human endeavor. Some of the most noted alumni include: the late Edwin Markham, poetg William Huston Jones, present governor of Louisiana, former Governor Allred, Texas, former Governor Leslie, Indianag Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy, "Micky" Cochran, big league baseball. OFFICERS President ................... ....................... ...... A l bert Farley Vice-President .............. ....... H enry Beach Secretary-Treasurer ....... ...... F orest Smith ACTIVES Henry Beach Albert Farley Forest Smith PLEDGES Robert Bennett J ual Brumback Millard Cumber Bert Conley Calvin Hastings Luther Gilley Sam Hale Tim J uett Ralph Lamma Walter Landrum Shelby Stewart Gllley Hastings Smith Bennett Cumber Stewart Fal ley Lamma Beach Juett THE MAN WITH THE HGE Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground, The emptiness of ages in his face, And on his back the burden of the world. Who made him dead to rapture and despair, A thing that grieves not and that never hopes, Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox? Who loosened and let down this brutal jaw? Whose was the hand that slanted back this brow? Whose breath blew out the light within his brain? O Masters, lords and rulers in all lands, How will the Future recond with this man? How answer his brute question in that hour When whirlwinds of rebellion shake all sores? How will it be with kingdoms and with kings- With those who shaped him to the thing he is-- When this dumb Terror shall rise to judge the world After the silence of the centuries? Edwin Markham '75 ZETA Cl-II President .....,,,..... Vice-President ,,... OFFICERS Secretary ...........,..,, Irvin King Ira McMillan Charles Dixon John Rose Treasurer ..,............,... ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,., Devotional Leader MEMBERS Henry Beach Harold Brown Claude Butler Harold Crute Charles Dixon Ivan Hart Carrol Kurtz Ira McMillen Marlin Miller Holoert McGuire John Maddox Robert Payne Charles Pomeroy Leslie Parker I-Iobert Price James Riherd John Rose Gale Tichenell Lapsley Whitlock Pitt Woodrilff Harold Wainscott Charles Pomeroy Zeta Chi is a local ministerial fraternity founded on Georgetown cam pus 1n 1935. The purpose of the organization is to promote fellowship among the ministerial students and sponsor intra-mural activities. Among the alumni members of Zeta Chi there are many who are in the theological seminaries and in active ministerial Work. 76 Beach Brown Butler Crute Dixon Hart Kurtz McMillan Miller McGuire Maddox Payne Pomerory Parker Price Riherd Rose Tichenell Whitlock Woodruff Waixmscott '77 BAPTIST STUDENT UN ION COUNCIL OFFICERS President ...............,...............................,.,.. Charles Hatfield, Jr. First Vice-President ...,....... ....,...... R obert Bratcher Second Vice-President ......... ......... N ancy Glascock Third Vice-President ........ ......,... H arold Wainscott Secretary ....................... ....... M ary John Rodgers Treasurer ...,....,... . ....,.. . ................. Cecil Clifton Advisor ....... ..... C harles Hatfield, Sr, MEMBERS Joe Asher Robert Bratcher Harold Crute Byron Gerkins Nancy Glascock Charles Hatfield, Jr. Charles Hatfield, Sr. Richard McLaurin Charles Pomeroy Muriel Powell LaVerne Smith Harold Wainscott Polly Whitehouse Pitt Woodruff Lois Weaver Ethel Harvey I Jeannette Dixon INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS President ........... .......,.,.............. Vice-President ..... ....................... Harold Crute Cary Duckett Edgar Biddle Locard Hamilton Robert Lewis Ira McMillen James Mullenix Charles Pomeroy Edna Record MEMBERS Dudley Scearce Richard VVetze1 Ralph Wines Edwin Woodruff Jack Disney Harold Brown Beverly Abernathy Robert Powell Ord Shomaker Scott Beal Robert Moore James Stivers Marlin Miller Scott Beal Keith Perkins Robert Moore Lester Kling Steve Whitaker Arlene Stone Bruce Vickery Roy Puckett Forest Smith '79 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA MARY VVILLOUGHBY CHAPTER OFFICERS President .,,,............................................ .......,..... E ilene Green Secretary and Treasurer ...... ............ W arren Sturgil Program Chairman .,.,...,.,.... ........, K atherine Haynes MEMBERS Bradford Cammack Eilene Green Charlotte Harley Joan Hopkins Katherine Haynes Edith Miller Keith Perkins John Rose Warren Sturgil Lois Weaver Florence Roe Wilson Elma Wright J. Elmer Weldon l l I -W MASKRAIFTERS OFFICERS president ,,,..,, Q ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,.,, ,,,,.,, P a ul McCandless M Vice-President ....,,, ...... M HTY J 01111 R0dge1'S Secretary ,,,,-.,., Wilbur OWG11 Publicity ...... Roy Weinedel Director ....... Rena Calhoun MEMBERS Beverly Abernathy Harold Back Robert Bratcher Donald Butler James Davis Mary Lee Fields Martha Fogle Ruth Fulton Margaret Gatton Winona Gatton Luther Gilley Eilene Green Katherine Haynes John Henry William Henry Harry Holmes Ralph Lamlna Joyce Long Paul McCandless Gene Miracle Wilbur Owen Mary John Rodgers Dudley Scearce Shelby Stewart Clara Walls Roy Weinedel Florence Roe Wilson 1 n W1 1 ..r.,..,,.-...Q-....1..-...leur MEN'S GLEE CLUB The Glee Club besides performing at home, took a most delightful trip into eastern Kentucky, singing in churches and high schools. Among the selections rendered were Sanctus, The Lord's Prayer, The Lost Chord, The Spirit Flower and many other more popular numbers. The Club was grate- ful to Miss Mildred Murray and Mrs. Harriet King, who accompanied the Club, and t0'Miss Grace Thomasson, the pianist. The Club is indebted, as other Georgetown Glee Clubs in the past, to the patience and perseverance of the director, Dr. Bonawitz. OFFICERS President .................. ..... B yron Gerkins Business Manager ....,......,. ......,.,.. J ames Mullenix Secretary and Treasurer ...,... ..l..... C harles Hatfield Jr. Librarian .....................,... ,.,........ R alph Fulton MEMBERS Dr. C. F. Bonavvitz Irvin King Charles Hatfield Norris Wilson L. C. Curry Robert Bratcher Ralph Fulton Marlin Miller James Mullennix John Maddox Victor Cannon Mercer Peters Harold Bach Robert Moore Ivan Hart Rentz Thomas Fletcher Porter Byron Gerkins Charles Pomeroy Bill Cudd Ralph Lamma James Davis Leslie Parker Harry Holmes Johnny Miller Joe Asher 82 Bonawitz Hatfield Wilson Curry Bratcher Fulton Pomeroy Mullenix Maddox Cannon Peters Back Moore Hart Thomas Gerkins J. Miller King Cudd Lamma Davis Parker Holmes Miller Asher 83 CHOIR OFFICERS President ................................................ Secretary and Treasurer Librarian ..................... Mildred Murray Nancy Glascock Muriel Powell Jeanette Dixon , Harry Holmes Bob Bratcher Jimmy Mullennix Marlin Miller Charles Pomeroy Ralph Fulton Betty Jones Victor Cannon MEMBERS James Mullennix ..... Nancy Glascock Ralph Fulton Kathleen Jones Kathleen Anderson Leslie Parker K Margret Gatton Joan Hopkins Mary Eff Wilson Minnie Dean L. E. Curry John Maddox Marie Gaines Cassie Chapman Jimmy Davis Joyce Long Mary Lee Fields Irvin King Mrs. Harriet King Marjory Williams Dorothy Smith 84 BAND Q Director ................,.,........................,,......,.,......,....... Fannie Stoll President ,...... ............ R oy Weinedel Sponsor ...... ...,,.. M ary Felix King ORCHESTRA . ,X --',Liv 7 -U , fe 1: , .f,,T,,,-wwf V -,N . F K ,r--.,,,g.s 'Y-" 'A ,'.,,-.. ,Mi , ' 252 -E Concert Master ..........,....,............ , ................ Robert Bratcher 85 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Curry Glanton Prather Peters Hensley Grand Alchemist ....... .............. .......... L . E. Curry Recorder ............... ...... J ames Glantony Visor .................,....... ......... M ercer Peters Sergeant at Arms ..... ........ R obert Prather Faculty Advisor ....,, ...............,.................. P rofessor Hensley MEMBERS L. E. Curry Robert Koon Bill Gene Cudd Robert Prather James Glanton Louis J ubanowsky John Henry Mercer Peters ' Professor Hensley HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Lewis Kelly Noel Sasser Johnson President .......... ................. M ary Elizabeth Lewis Secretary .......... ........................,... H elen Kelly Treasurer ,......,......... .................................. M ayme Noel Other members ..... Ruth Edwards, Joyce Sasser Faculty Advisor .................. Mrs. A. B. Johnson A 86 ACTIVES DELTA OMICRON Pike Stoll Claxon Murray Powell Price Wilson Cochran Dixon Jones Turnei Wilson DELTA DELTA CHAPTER President .......... Vice-President ..... Secretary .......... . Treasurer ...... Historian ....... Advisor .......... Hilma Claxon Mildred Murray Caroline Pike Muriel Powell Sterling Price Fannie Stoll Ella Rae Wilson OFFICERS Sterling Price Muriel Powell Mildred Murray Ella Rae Wilson Hilma Claxon Miss Caroline Pike PLEDGES Jean Cochran Jeannette Dixon Betty Jones Edith Turner Mary Eff Wilson 87 YOUNG WOMENS AUXILIARY OFFICERS President ............. ........................ ....... M u riel Powell Vice-President ....... ....... E dna Record Secretary ............. ......,...... H elen Kelly Q Treasurer .....,... ...... L aVerne Smith MEMBERS Eva Allen Elizabeth Arnold Helen Belt Margaret Bolton Virginia Cavanaugh Elsie Church Catherine Cummins Minnie Dean Jeannette Dixon Nancy Doane Mary Lee Fields Ruth Fulton Margaret Gatton Nancy Glascock Allie Eileen Green Viola Hearne Mildred Hood Mable Humphrey Betty Jones i Margurite Kidd Mary Felix King Harriet King Mary Elizabeth Lewis Una Moore Mildred Murray Lulu Nell Etta Osborn Mary John Rodgers Joyce Sasser Dorothy Smith LaVerne Smith' Frances Swinford Wilma Taylor Willie Wakefield Clara Watts Emma Watts Lois Weaver Margie Weaver Mary Glynn Weldon Mabel Whitaker Marjorie Williams Florence Roe Wilson Polly Whitehouse 88 PI KAPPA DELTA Bratcher Wilson Weinedel Bennett Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic society, came into being in the year 1908. In February 1921, a charter was granted to Georgetown College chapter, and so Georgetown became the first college in Kentucky to have a Pi Kappa Delta chapter. Kentucky Alpha of Pi Kappa Delta has held an enviable position among Kentucky Pi Kappa Delta chapters. During the 1939-40 season Pi Kappa Delta members travelled approxi- mately 1200 miles representing Georgetown College in inter-collegiate contests. Nineteen intercollegiate debates were held on the subject of isolation. The two Georgetown teams rated second and fourth in their divisions at a Round Robin tournament in Lexington. Georgetown rated second in the Peace Oratorical Contest in Danville. As a climax to the season's activities, Georgetown was represented at the National Conven- tion of Pi Kappa Delta in Knoxville in debate, oratory, extempore speak- ing and the Student Assembly. p orracnns Director of Forensics .........,.................. ..... R ena Calhoun Debate Coach ........,........................,..... .............. C arl Fields President .......... ......,. R obert Bratcher Secretary ....... .......... ........ N 0 rris Wilson Calhoun Fields H-- g MEMBERS Rena Calhoun Carl Fields Robert Bratcher Norris Wilson Roy Weinedel Robert Bennett 89 WOMEN'S ATI-l..ETIC ASSOCIATION Watts Arnold Swinford Cavanaugh Smith OFFICERS President ......,..... .A..,............,...... .....,.. L a verne Smith Vice-President ....... ........ E lizabeth Arnold Secretary .......,.... .......... F rancis Swinford Treasurer ........ ,.,.. V irginia Cavanaugh Reporter ....... .......................A. . .... ....,.,,,...,, C l ara Watts MEMBERS Elizabeth Arnold Ethel Harvey Laverne Smith Virginia Cavanaugh Sarah Karsner Arlene Stone Elsie Church Helen Kelley Emma Watts Leota Claxon Mary Felix King Lois Weaver Annie Carley Mary Elizabeth Lewis Marjorie Weaver Minnie Dean Joyce Long Mary Glynn Weldon Mary Lee Fields Mildred Murray Polly Whitehouse Nancy Glascock Marcella Parker Elma Wright Bernadine Hardesty Mary John Rodgers Francis Swinford Joyce Sassor 90 CLASSICAL CLUB OFFICERS President .................. ...,.... Vice-President .,.......... Secretary-Treasurer ...... Publicity ...................... MEMBERS Beverly Abernathy Charles Acton Joe Asher James Burns Virginia Cavanaugh Harold Crute Lorena Duncan Ruth Fulton David Gregory Bernadine Hardensty Elma Wright Virginia Cavanaugh David Gregory Ruth Fulton Ira McMillan Joan Hopkins Irvin King Billie King Ira McMillan Edith Miller Charles Pomeroy Forest Smith Earnest Stevens Willie Wakefield Pitt Woodroof 91 WOMEN'S SELF-GOVERNING CO U N C I L Church Jones Powell Green Gatton Watts Harvey ' Whitehouse OFFICERS A President .........,.. ............ . ...,........,.... Vice-President .............. Secretary Treasurer ....... REPRESENTATIVE Sigma Kappa ......................................,......,........., Lambda Chi ........ Non-Sorority ..,...... Freshman Class Sophomore Class ....... Junior Class ,....... ....... Senior Class ..... Rodgers Whitaker 'Elsie Church Betty Jones Muriel Powell S Eilene Green Winona Gatton Emma Watts Ethel Harvey Polly Whitehouse Mary John Rodgers Mabel Whitaker 92 ' ' MN' ' ., if-1,1 in : 1 R K ' . , , The Belle Of The Blue The Geoffgetomcm 4 Qflfficfuf ,:yQilTf7r'Jf2!f. of k jccmgf:amm Cfuflvgc Qfficial cPHbZfC41fi0T1 of GSOTQQFOWU 6011636 N W 1 V H - ,. ,, , am, Si f , ' ,-wal . , if - iw , l'Tf D4'3V MNEAZINE , PUBLICATIONS 93 Q 2 E 5 I THE GEORGETONIAN The Georgetonian is the official, weekly newspaper of Georgetown College, which is edited and published by students under faculty super- v1s1on. It is the purpose of the paper to publish the news relating to the Col- lege and to present editorial comment on its various phases. This paper, which serves as a laboratory for students in Journalism, has achieved recognition in the college newspaper field. STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....... .....K......e........ . ......... B everly Abernathy Managing Editor ..,.... ......,.,...,,,. ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, F 0 rest Smith Business Manager ,.,,,.,.,,.,,,,,.,,,, ,,,., B yy-on Gerking Assistant Business Manager ..,.,., ,,,.,,,,, J ames Burns Sports Editor .............,,........... ,......... B illy Thompson News Editor ................. ..........,... R obert Bennett Circulation Manager ...................,.......... D. C. McMurtry, Jr. DEPARTMENTS Alice Ford .................. , .,..........,,........ ..,.,,,,.,.,,. ,.,v,,,,,,,, A 1 umni James Mullennix ..,,.,......,,,,....,..,.,.,,......,..c ..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, M usig Ivan Hart ......................... .. .................................... Organizations Faculty Advisor ............................,...........,,.. Graves H. Wilson Among the latest honors Won by the Georgetonian, was the award for the best editorial entered in the contest held at the Fall Convention of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association, which was given to the following editorial. IMBECILES- Practically everyone includes in his daily schedule, time for relation, amusement and fun. In everyoneis makeup there is an inclination toward mischievousness, deviltry, etc. Many pleasantly think of the time when he climbed into bed and lay down on a bunch of fresh eggsg the expression on John's face as that bucket of Water soaked his freshly pressed suit, and his embarrassment as he faced the College President when he knew it was his firecracker that exploded right on top of the President on the night before. All these things, when within reason, make life worth living. But when they are carried to extremes, it is not only a sign of imbecility but may be injurious. In Pawling Hall, on one particular night, eleven fuses were burned out. It was impossible to do one hours work during the entire night. This was no accident. It was done in order that those responsible might sit back and 1 ,ugh at the protests of those trying to study. This is going entirely too and the imbeciles responsible deserve the rarest essence of onions. et's act like college students and not members of the kindergarten. 94 Abernathy Wilson Gerkins Smith Mullennix Burns Thompson McMurtry B ennett Hart 95 BELLE OE THE BLUE Byron Gerkins James Burns EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER S T A F F Editor ......................... ...,...,... B yron Gerkins Business Manager ...... .........,......... J ames Burns Managing Editor ...... ........ M ary John Rodgers Organizations ........ .........., N ancy Glascock Sports ....,............. .................. A . B. Rudy Features ..........,....... ...... B everly Abernathy Faculty, Alumni ....... ........ D . C. McMurtry Snapshots .............. ........ R alph Fulton Treasurer .,...,.......,.,.. ...,... R uth Fulton Assembly Manager ...... ......,... F orest Smith Copy Editor ...........,..........................................,... Jimmie Davis Rodgers Glascock Rudy Abefnathy MCMUTUY Fulton R. Fulton Smith , Davis Wilson GEORGETOWN REV EW Calnmack Smith Burns S T A F F Editor ........................ ..... B radford Cammack Managing Editor ...... ..........,.. F orest Smith Business Manager .... ........ J ames Burns Associate Editor ....... ....,... K atherine Haynes Literary Editor ............,. ..........,...,,,, J oe Asher Short Story Editor ....... .,,,, L uther Gilly Publisher .........,.................................................. Byron Gerkins During the past year, The Georgetown Review was increased from five issues to ten. Likewise, the sponsors of the college literary publication tried to improve the content of the magazine. An adequate staff was ap- pointed to find new material that would interest the readers. Special features added to the book included: illustrative pictures, a poetry page, a humor section and an editorial page. The staff has cooperated in an effort to present a magazine that would appeal to the general reader and would offer young writers a place to publish their works. Even though the publi- cation has not been all that we could have wished, a step has been made in the right direction. l Haynes Asher Gilly 97 on 312 . ww w H, uw w, , 1 9 N -' W ' wx ,ww M w w 'xi w A H " ini E' .. , .iE.E.E 1 M N., w H N ' X w H ' aa M af ww f 2 ,J V' ' , PM I ' ' - x I, gw Y W .., H J, ,yr , mf X 'HR 1 wwf ' Mgt, W X HH H X u ' " W u H u Tl! ,,, ,, , , , , W if PRESENTING THE ALUMNI Gatton HARPER GATTON Trustee of Georgetown College since 1918. Graduated from Cambellsville Academy, 19095 A.B., Georgetown Col- lege, A.M., University of Chicago, 19125 LL.D., Georgetown College, 19363 Princi- pal Madisonville, Kentucky High School, 1912-19145 Superintendent Madisonville Schools since 1914, State Director Fed- eral Emergency Relief Administration, 19333 Trustee of University of Kentucky 1938-19463 Member of Kentucky Text- book Commission, 1928-19363 Member of Kentucky Crippled Children Commission, 1927-1936, Director Kentucky Education Association, 1928-1935, President in 1933, Vice-President Kiwanis Internat- ional, 1930-31, International President, 1935-36 3 President, National Beta Club, 1939-403 Phi Delta Kappa, Shriner, Elk. Address: Madisonville, Kentucky. Ford I-IIRAM CHURCH FORD A.B., Georgetown College LL.B. Translyvania College of Law, Lexing- ton, Kentucky in 19075 Honorary de- gree, Doctor of Laws Georgetown College, 19375 Admitted to Kentucky bar 1907 and practiced in Georgetown, Scott County Attorney, 1910-26g Judge 14th Judicial District of Kentucky, 1931-355 U. S. district Judge Eastern district of Kentucky since 19355 Former President of Georgetown National Bank, Member of Masonic Lodge and past Masterg Mem- ber of Rotary Club and ex. President. Address: Georgetown, Kentucky. Jones Spears S. SHEPARD JONES A.B., Georgetown College, 19305 A.M., University of Kentucky, 19315 D.Phil., New College, Oxford, 19363 Graduate Student, Harvardg Scholar, Geneva School of International Relations. Mem- ber of faculties of University of Ky., Murray State Teachers College, George- town College, Harvard University. At present is Director of WO1'ld Peace Foun- dation, Editor with D. P. Mye1's of Docu- ments on American Foreign Relations, 1938-39. Address: 40 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, Mass. GEORGE McCALLA SPEARS A.B., Georgetown College, 18903 Auth- or of "Dear Old Kentucky", 19003 con- tributor to: All That's Kentucky, Prin- cipal Poets of the World, Samuel Wil- son's History of Kentucky, Poets on Pa- rade, American Lyric Poetry, and is rep- resented in more than thirty antholo- gies. Address: 3616 Dartmouth Ave., Dallas, Texas. Duvall Price T. J. DUVALL A.B., Georgetown College, 18935 A.M., Louisville Baptist Theological Seminary, 1895. Pastor of churches at Louisville and other Kentucky churches. Also serv- ed as pastor of churches in Missouri, Kansas, and California. Last pastorite was the University Church, Hollywood. Nowi retired from active service and de- votes time to extensive travel. Address: Van Nuys, California. JOE L. PRICE Trustee of Georgetown College. Taught school for eight years--including Benton Seminary. Circuit Clerk of Marshall County, six years. County Judge of same, four years. At present, beginning 19th year as Circuit Judge of the Second Ju- dicial District composed of Marshall and McCracken Counties. Member of Mas- onic Lodge and Odd Fellows. Address: Paducah, Kentucky. Wagner LEWIS CLARK WAGNER Georgetown College 1912-19165 Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1916-1920. In- terneships: Woman's Hospital, Baltimore, 1920-213 Hospital for Ruptured and Cripplecl, 1921-1922g St. Luke's Hospital, 1922-1923. Hospital Appointments: Con- sulting Surgeon, Neurological Institute, New Yorkg Attending Surgeon, Rup- turecl and Crippled Hospital, New York, Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon, N. Y. Infirmary for Women and Children: Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon, St. An- thony's Hospital, Warwick, N. Y. Medi- cal Societies: New York Pathological So- ciety, Fellow New York Academy of Medicine: Fellow American College of Surgeons: American Academy of Ortho- paedic Surgeons, Founder Member, Am- erican Association of Industrial Physi- cians and Surgeons. Clubs: Hospital Graduates Club: St. Andrews: Univer- sity Club. Address: 105 East 38th Street, New York City. Stites HENRY JOHNSON STITES A.B., Georgetown College 19095 A.B., Yale College 19105 LL.B., Louisville Law School 19113 LL.B., Yale University Law School: Organizer of Stites and Stites, law firm in Louisville, Member of Am- erican Legiong .Former trustee of George- town College, Vice-President and Trus- tee Hindman Settlement Schoolg Mem- ber of Louisville, Kentucky, and Ameri- can Bar Associations, Clubs: Pendennis and Louisville Country Clubg One of the organizers of the American Legion, De- partment of Kentucky, and a charter member of Christian County Post, For- mer member of Kentucky Disabled Ex- Service Men's Board, and original or- ganizer of same. Former member of National Distinguished Guest's Com- mittee of the American Legion, and Na- tional Rehabilitation Committee of the American Legion, Executive Committee of the American Legion. Address: Louisville, Kentucky. .,f' Q.. 102 Lancaster Johnson J. R. LANCASTER Trustee of Georgetown College, Edu- cated in Scott County Schools and Uni- versity of Kentucky, Taught in Scott County, Served one term as Superin- tendent of county schools in Scot Coun- tyg as principal, assisted in organizing the consolidated school at Mayslick, the first in Kentucky, Served two terms as County Judge of Scott County, For twen- ty years, served as Secretary-Treasurer of Scott County National Farm Loan Associationg at present, serving second term as president of the Scott County Farm Bureau. Address, Georgetown Kentucky. HARRY V. JOHNSON Trustee of Georgetown Collegeg A.B., University of Colorado, M.D., University of Colorado Medical Schoolg Post Grad- uate Work at Belview Hospital, New Yorkg Ougastana Hospital, Chicago, Mayo H6!pital, Rochester, Minn., In- terneship: Solida Rio Grande Hospital, Began practice at Georgetown in 19105 Member of American Medical Associa- tion and Southern Surgical Associationg Charter member of Rotary Club. Ad- dress: Georgetown, Kentucky. D ean Knight R. A. DEAN A.B., State Baptist College of Miss- issippig Trustee of Georgetown College, Traveled extensively after leaving- col- lege 5 At present, owns and operates the Dean Tire Service Stores located in the city of Louisville and also conducts a wholesale business throughout the state of Kentuckyg Member of Louisville Ki- wanis Clubg Member of Executive Board of the Louisville Area Council Boy Scouts of America 5 One of the directors of the National Association of Independ- ent Tire Dealers, a nation wide trade or- ganization. Address: Dean's Tire Ser- vice, Louisville, Kentucky. L. B. KNIGHT Educated in Butler County Schools and Normal School at Morgantown, Ken- tuckyg Served as member of the Mam- moth Cave Park Commission. Elected as Mayor of Greenville in 1933 and re- elected in 19373 Member of Masonic Lodge, a member of Greenville Country Club, and a member and past president of Greenville Kiwanis Club. Address: Greenville, Kentucky. I' il' 'I 1 '7 1111 Q 11 1 ' 1 1 X' "1111Ng'11f'., , ,- 11 ES'?5'gg1e ' hav? 'r M 1 my-1 lb THE KENTUCKY RIVER -Yu, 1 11 -.g1f..'-L? :.':1'1:1: 112.111 1 g:- lgfgetf' 1 05: I 1 ,,1. - 3-iw H- -'-w.:"'1.1'1 '11-:wir -1"g1f'Z.5". ,E,,1,1 f, -,, ,Q-1,-, I--if Vi, , ,- 'xg ,311-1 "7':::'!z::. --QJFQSW1 1 11 ,7 1, .,: J' '1:'f!.. 'P g,g1 '1 --fmt aw,- 31, Q 111 1 Y 31 . X , A in .M 'izixv - f - 11, 5. Ir' ,f- 1:-4 up ,15 ,-F-W: ..1 ' 1Z1!1:E.H. ' . -1:1131 ' 1 , 1-56- :YM111 1 V' 1 , Km ,- . EE '14 104 Z5 'Y' ,., .M ww sam mums vzw, :xx :uhm 1D K N K Mya Ww- lqissssiw -A -I M- was M fsmnm- -sam I .XL 1 .. V Awww ss-fc umm PRESENTING THE ADVERTISERS gm Tm mam Mu -:Emma na M-2 nm mm :qw--.mais jjmq we XMI mn vw ,w.:, Mn :w:gL1Us NM fa-H-ff-ngsmf Maw-rmrw-wp E W5 VM wwf mvn QM 1-- :Liza V222 , m .du ff -, , ' 51-E Y ,.. .N 591 vrwnur A 1 wx.-. , me 2,1 , um gk. 5 an-ww.-. , 1 r,1,,AXQN ff-1-Mg.. Him - -rn , in A 'W M0 ex muM -. JD 'ZQEQ '55 U .... f .f..Q.f.f.f'1.'E:E "" 'M is his xsa:5wQz7 'fQ E5E' 5E5" 5g51f 'H'-+-.-,.3m' rs! fwbouess WM N W H PLY ' 51-QQ " WW .1 ,:. W' -if -ax sg: -il sm-f1:.z ., Egfgzzgz :,' . QQ ' 'A W , Q H 55? 105 12 , A 5 f 2 Q ss Q f fs S W fu , F W5 v ::: .13 ' E2 Q E X my Y n -5 " B 1 a ' is 5 A A . " II- ? H , vw M E225 ss my B aww VH -'-'jj W ii , , , U Q ' 14 ,4 H Si 24 :- ,. H E Hmmm -,.. 3 w 14 W 1 :.:. :5L ,2:2 Y COLLEGE CALENDAR V939 - 40 SEPTEMBER 1939 Prof. W. G. Nash named dean of Murray State Teacher's College. Theta Kappa Nu merged with Lambda Chi Alpha. Lambda Chi Sorority wins scholarship cup. Byron Gerkin is elected President of the Glee Club. Dr. Pepper resigns teaching post to accept Kiwanis position. Tiger eleven defeats Holbrook 20-0. Bradford Cammack elected head of Non Frats. Salin Baker elected head of Lambda Chi Alpha. IIuIuIAII1nIxuIIlunuuuuunununulunnnnnnnuuuummununnn Barlow Jewelry Store Jewelers and Opticians Georgetown, Ky. FAVA'S A Good Place To Eat and Drink The staff of the Belle of The BLUE and the GEORGE- TONIAN Wishes to thank FaVa's for their continued boosting of Georgetown Col- lege. unuInuununmllInInIInnunnnnnlunnnr COMPLIMENTS or Lancaster Hotel COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN P. JABVIS HOTEL LA FAYETTE Lexington, Ky. Attractive private dining room for luncheons, teas, and organization banquets. Air-conditioned restaurants and private dining rooms. nunuD Glnunll un: vxmmnuunn nn nm COMPLIMENTS IHNHE ICE AND I of DAIRY CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS RED FOX OIL CO. Distributors We thank you, and you, and you A L W A Y S - for the trade you have given us ' We are interested in the Welfare of ARNOLD'S DRUG STORE . NVITH CO MPLI M ENTS Georgetown College A good drug store : in 3 good town CO. Phones: 2, 15 Georgetown, Ky. YESTERDAY - TODAY - TOMORROW! Whene'er I think of College days A finer lot I never met- My memory dwells within the past- Upstanding, self-reliant, grandg The hopes, the dreams, the studious ways- A1nbition's footsteps firmly set Too beautiful, I thought, to last. For College and for Native Land. After long years I went back "Home", They hold the torch we left to them I thought old times could not be beat, Alight and burning. Oh, I know But found new youth alive to roam Each sea of trouble they will stem Progressive ways with eager feet. And help OUR COLLEGE proudly grow. George McCa1la Spears 3616 Dartmouth Avenue Dallas, Texas. Book rights reserved. 107 Victor Bogaert Co. Jewelers and Importers Established Since l8S3 Lexington, Ky. All Kinds of Insurance WARREN gf JAMESON Clothing, Shoes, Hats W and Men's Furnishing Goods Ladies' Shoes and Oxfords l Florsheim Shoes Stetson Hats LAIR 81 OLDHAM COLLEGE CALLENDAR, OCTOBER 1939 James O'Flaherty received post on Georgetown College Faculty. Constitution unanimously adopted by student body. Charles Hatfield, Ralph Fulton, Nor- ris Wilson and Billy Barton were elect- ed president of the Senior, Junior, Soph- omore and Freshman classes respec- tively. Pi Kappa Alpha won touch football. Tiger gridders tie Union Bulldogs 6-6. Mrs. Ralph R. Couey resigns as Reg- istrar. Religious emphasis week held under leadership of Dr. E. A. McDowell. Georgetown College band played at tobacco festival in Lexington. Eastern football team defeated Georgetown 21-0. Bradford Cammack named Editor of Review. nuumm:unnunmuunnnmunnumnnnunu conrunsurs or Gibson Shoe Shop nununnnmuminnunnunmnnunlnunnumumlunmmn nnunnnummininnnnnnunnunuluinunnnnnumnnm QCOMPLIMENTS OF Blue Crass Motor Co. Dodge and Plymouth Cars nlnlluininnunInnnnunuunnununmulunnmulnmuuunmmmm mm:nunxnnnuunnnnm:nuunnunuinInnunum:urunuummn We extend fully our compli- ments to this fine gang of Georgetonians. J. C. Penney Co. Inc. "The Home of Values" Inunuunnmunuunnnnnnnumunuuunn coMPL1MnNrs or Georgetown Buick Co. nInlnunInInunluinnuinnunmnannlunInxnunnnmumummn luInnummmuInnuannmnnnunnuuununmnn coMPL1MnNTs or ,lacolfs Clothing Store Next Door to Sweet Shop COMPLIMENTS E. W. HEMPLE, Distributor Standard Oil Products nlnnnmnnuunmmunmmm:nnmununmnllu COLLEGE CALENDAR NOVEMBER 1939 Mary Felix King elected band sponsor. Tigers suffer defeat by a 9-7 score at the hands of Wabash gridders. Freshman week. Tigers were victorious over U. of L. Cards in exciting grid battle. Pi Kaps Won cup for best house dec- orations for homecoming. Non Frats Won honors for best stunt at pep rally. Tigers lost to Evansville Aces in foot- ball game 2-0. Eileen Green elected President of newly formed Future Teacher's Club. Harold Wainscott won oratorical con- test. Georgetonian editorial Won first place in K. I. P. A. contest. Tiger football team was defeated 26- 0 by Muskingum. Transy fell before Tiger gridders 24-0. JENKINS LAUNDRY QUALITY LAUNDERING AND DRY CLEANING 252, Discount On Student Laundry Quick Delivery Shropshire .81 Porter INSURANCE Bonds - - - Real Estate Phone 19 Georgetown, Ky. nunun mum: uumnnnnmnummumminnunuuumuuuunnlu Shoe Repairing Wliile You Wait Service Reasonable Prices at CLAXON SHOE SHOP Men's and Ladies' Clothing and Shoes, the latest in style and Oldham Lumber Co. quality, the least in Price COMPLIMENTS OF : Paris Pike Phone 127 GLQVER A, JQNES E Next door to First National Bank COLLEGE CALENDAR, DECEMBER 1939 Maskrafters presented "The Promised Land". Back was chosen on Herald All-K. I. A. C. football team. Miss Carolyn Foxworth married Coach Raymond H. Miller. Miss Alice Ford was elected Registrar to replace Mrs. R. R. Couey. "A Christmas Carol" was presented at Arts and Crafts Building. College Choir gave a cantata at Baptist Church. December 16, school was closed for Christmas Holidays. School Supplies and Novelties TRESSLAHS Portraits 56, loc, 31.00 by Stores CUSICK STUDIOS 211 Heyburn Bldg. F 0 R D Sales and Services LOGAN, HACGIN Sz COOPER LOUISVILLE, KY. 110 a www a 1 'iz my 1'-1. r 'gp pam' Yi 2. : jg:- 12111 -- iii iq iii Ti " - lg ...W v' g, .. , if , .W Q . f.. . thi, ,. 6, F V v ' ,fi ss ms an sm wa H' mam ms ss ss a always mnwwss wma 1 ss msaw .wb .fr wa ss manga ss Us ms K E . X. -H A ss ss- ,. Q ss E. . ms 1 an sw ms ss ss a - fx ss in ss - ss E. ss an m '53 CAMPUS PANORAMA COLLEGE CALENDAR JANUARY 1940 Football schedule announced for next year. Tigers defeated Transy quint by one point margin. Rudy, Taleen and Farley named Presidents of Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternities, respectively. COLLEGE CALENDAR FEBRUARY 1940 Efrim Zimbalist gave concert at Garth High school under auspices of Danforth Thomas Foundation. Zimbalist elected national patron of Delta Omicron. The following superlatives were elected for 1940: Winona Gatton, May Queeng Minnie Dean, Mountain Laurel Representative g Mary John Rodgers, Most Outstanding Womang Byron Gerkins, Most Outstanding Mang Joyce Long, Most Popular Girlg Robert Powell, Most Popular Man 3 Robert Stocks- dale, Best Athlete. Tigers end quint season second in K. I. A. C. loop. Student Volunteers hold state convention at Georgetown. . COMPLIMRNTS or Mary Elizabetlfs Shop THE 114 south Hamilton st. GLENN THEATRE GQO1'gCt0WHi Kentucky Cleafl alld Comfortable IIIII 'IT''ITI'l"'l""'I'I'l'.'I"' 'lill 'l'l':l'I"'l'I' lllll 'I"'l'l':I"' II.'I,lIIl 'l'l':.'l::'mm 3lW3YS Showing Quality Laundry and the best pictures DW Cleaning at Reasonable Prices Georgetown, Ky. Georgetown Laundry and Dry Cleaners umui hum u1nlnumununnnannmnumnumnuuuu 112 COMPLIMENTS J. W. Roberts Alex Hasslock 81 Sons flg'hone 35 FLORISTS .....fII11111I1f11I1ffffIfififlfflllfiifIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... Flowers fm' All Qccaslous CQMPI-'I1X,iIEN1'S QF fBo11dcd nieinbcrs of F. T. DQ Georgetown Drug Co. phone 255 Sandwiches - Drinks Prescriptions - Etc. The Blue Bird Beauty Parlor Visit the Mrs. Rae Medley, Prop. : 114 S. Hamilton St. , I Georgetown, Ky. Phone 135 - 209 NV. Main St. Phone 135 Georgetown, Kentucky umunuunnnnunun:unnuunuuuuuunmnuuuunmfn Emuuninuunmununuinnnnnuu1n1nuIInnmunlnmmuuuunnuu COLLEGE CALENDAR MARCH 1940 G. A. House Party was held on the campus. Tigers lost in S. I. A. A. tourney. Bratcher Won first in oratorical contest. Forest Smith, Managing Editor of Georgetonian, was honored in chapel exercises. Phi Omega Pi Sorority held Founder's Day banquet. Bratcher was elected president of Pi Kappa Delta. Mary John Rodgers Was elected president of Sigma Kappa. LaVerne Smith was chosen president of Non-Sorority. Journalism class made tour through Courier-Journal plant. Six men awarded letters in basketball. Non-Frats Won basketball and volleyball in intramurals. COLLEGE CALENDAR APRIL 1940 Non-Sorority group Won deck tennis. Members of Pi Kappa Delta attended convention in Knoxville, Tenn- essee. 1 1 I Easter cantata was given by College choir. Miss Katherine Stout Bradley died at her home. Owen and Burns were elected heads of Georgetonian for coming school year. 3 ' Bernadine Hardesty elected president of Lambda Chi Sorority. L Fulton, Rodgers, Anderson, and Fogle were elected President, vice- president, treasurer and secretary respectively of student body. Marie Delnorte Theriot spoke in chapel exercises. James R. Burns elected Business Manager of College annual. 113 Hot Dogs and Hamburgers HAWICS PLACE unnnnunununnumnuunnuununmumumuuuunmnnnnnnnu B Sr B Barber Shop Supporting Georgetown College XY. G. Mefforcl, Owner ninnunnnuunannuInmumluinininnnuulnumunu Save on Dry Cleaning We mean, We clean CREEN7S CLEANERS mmuuulnlluululnlunonnununzunuummmnlnlnnuuulunnmn lumnnuulinununinInnnnnnumuunInummunnnunmnuu HEBERLING The College Florist for 40 Years Phone 262 umuu nuunnun COLLEGE CALENDAR MAY 1940 "Death Takes a Holiday" presented by Maskrafters. Judge Florence Allen spoke at Garth High School under auspices of the Danforth Thomas Foundation. Pi Kappa Alpha Won cross country run. Pi Kappa Alpha won track and field meet. Non-Frats Won softball crown. Gamma Sigma Epsilon held a chemical open house. Winona Gatton and Paul lVIcCandless reign as queen and king of the May Day festivities. Non-Frats won horseshoe tournament. Dr. John R. Lake spoke in chapel exercises. Pan-Hellenic Council sponsored singing contest. COLLEGE CALENDAR JUNE 1940 Baccalaureate sermon June 2. Commencement June 5. The Georgetown Times Where Friends Printers also of the Georgetonian and Review Miss Lila Bell, Publisher Phone 36 Meet THE SWEET SHOP MORE CAMPUS PANORAMA THEMARKUE EXCELLENCE BU SH-EQEEDB S Co. Louisvillelfy Qi ZQJWM PRINTING . . . Sound managerial policies and long successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment ade- quate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as art- ists and makers of fine printing. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. af -x THE BENTON REVIEW SI-IGP ScI1ooI cxnci CoIIege Printers FOWLER, INDIANA if if Home of QOTI1 Century Workbooks 117 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS I am a Senior. I should exemplify man- hood or womanhood. When I was a child I read beautiful stories and dreamed roman- tic dreams. I now face reality. But I will not cast aside those dreamsg because they will become as real as I am determined to make them. Now as never before my body is strong, my mind is keen and my eyes are opened to the reality of life, which to me is serious but not appalling. I know that show- ers arc a necessity to verdant growth and I will bravely face the storm for it will not last always. I will be happy with the small things of life,' I will not loose the opportuni- ties offered by great things. I shall not be- come bigoted, but neither will I lose confi- dence in myself. God has given me the greatest gift: A body and a soul which I will use to the ut- most of my ability. I stand on the threshold of "my" tomorrow, and I am unafraid- 120

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