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ri, 1 5.1 Hg!! 1, ,- 1 fy ". F ji.: 1- ' 1 'I gli., l 11. 1" ' 1 1 14, i ..1 1 1 QQ , 1 , 1 .3 1 1 1 1 .,, 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 , If' 16" Q 1 l ' N ' .4 ,:, 11 ' V 1 H vw H35 .,,w.' , 51 fl H4 iff .'. jf ,. ini w f 51' , fo 'A 1 P l yrmf 'J ' 5 V ,gl ' A Y 5.x "mmf 'H rv. gk f ' ' Q. M ls. W ' NT , W V H ' fx' N , , 1 A nf . A3 V 1 ,Q 1 JA ul Vw , I. 'F 5 L I , ' A I ' . , , u -1 I I j v '29 Y n,,w" ' ' ' W Sa X ' T 'if 'W' ., A , I , N ' 4 I ul- A , " wsf ,, - 1 , , Riff A Jw 4 X, xha , if. xlib ' K "ii3'v4v'x rn Y. W , . an 4 , 1 ,' 5 X Q, L.-' M lm "' X' 5 ' 51' ' 2 ' ' N ' ff' . T 1 N ux N "N R I X' I ' ', lmJ.'fI,. , f' 'v- .W , ,,-L I Ms" r V .+. nf ,,.'g?'W , X I 9 L L , . . ww. kiwi, W, 3 , "V K u. 1 ' i,!, .I C I X S. N: 4 w 5 7.3 n if I , QAM A bu V M, , a v K E. Av Nh' Y L, W it ylxx. ' 'V Iv" N ., D 'H I I It J 'lm " , ' ' 'v l w N 2: 5' i ' C ' . r ' J ' W ' ,. ,f ' N " ' ..- vq' . I 1':, W " V- 1 W, -li f I' I M "n A + "' " f , ' M Atv' ' M 4 l r, F, 1 dh' nm 1 N 1, Q I vm R R -,gelmwffzyixff J 'V lx 'W " ' A " A' v Nah Q F. I X X l r V , . M , '3fi-.. w ' In x f 1 -. 1' n.J"W ' 5 tv 4. 1, is 19- V if-"ai 'v ':"l' Q44 I in mai iv 11 G B E IN! S ON PRINTING C MPANY -222 ' ' ' ' . , 048 . , D 0 73-HVXXIV . w , " IlllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllIllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllllb 3IlIlli""" Q X 'XA '1- if '71 -f cellllce QE the Hunce iiiiiifl llllllx ll"",,x E- 4 rlkllllll r Y l 4, - : Z ff 1923 GEORGETOWN COLLEGE PUBLISHED BY THE. SENIOR CLASS Illlllif -IllilllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITF ' DR. GEORGE RAGLAND 7 VIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllljllllllllllllllll Z I 4 4 , IHA, X f 1 91, W ,ffl , L 1- , A .:..- 497' , ,.., W J - X A X X J ...., .... ' E xx?-, . .....,, :ei .-,, 5 ggi: I: i ,' A, Q.,-1' TTT' U4 f' fji ggi V I f-'if JEDICATION TO ONE WHO IS DEAR TO THE SENIOR CLASS BECAUSE OF HIS COMPANIONSHIP IN AND OUT OF THE CLASS ROOM, THIS VOLUME OF THE BELLE OF THE BLUE IS DEDICATED L Wthkkg rfii ' Swwgf-3 , I IlllllllllllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ill!llllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Y,.i A-'Q ,"' !'!'i"L.,i:i-f.--:,,gj,gg, 'Wi 1' li I li ' U! 7 J I w M Z Y 3 W 1 ,N X , E w W ,N Q N . l L x W . 1 I :V ' ,N M V M , , Ni 1 N Fl ' 1 lf V I 1 ill .l' Y 1 'N X I ,1 1 1 Q11 i '11 Q Q!! r 1 N ,Q H 1 fi M Qg 1 X1 , ' x, E 'N f, li I ,1, N w 1 H ' 'V 1' ,M yu W, , Y , , WW u M1- x N 'FH Qi QM V W1 W: 'X ex , XXL ,H , 11 1 1:5 V 13:1 'V ,Tiny Ru . g WI 6 WW NW, ih.,,.,,M,,,,A , mm, W ,, , . ,, , ,,Y,,.,--V.-,,--, J X 222157 Y-ffE'4 ilff.jiffii?ifQii"r'n':lff' ii LIT 5 f 74 'ilu A-, ,r, If A., fl-"','1,','fl,l 11,11 .lf 1',',':I,," l':,':'1 1' ','1'l ,If ,':f', , 1 ' ' , l,l',1"f,,'j.',l",' :I l,':1lLIg,j! F. v V 1 11,1113f.l,1'2l1i,l"iIl,l1 111,11 I I ,llII.,f:,1iI1l,fl' l,',I1,l1,,," l1',,1ilfi',:I' ',Z,1l',I',,1,ll',I,'i,' Ill., f'l'f ffl-'ti -I "IJ "l'1l"l 1'1',' ' " "",""'f""" 'I' 'I' ' ' I , ,jf 'ff.'f1 "f,'ff "',',',', 1' . , 1, f ff!! f ' 11,1 lffffffff 'llflf fflflffff ' 1 534! f 10 1 ff '. , ff f 17 I 1201297 fr9fQfQOO?7f ,f 197 A fffcclf 1' ff' , ffzf 1 ' f 'fffff fff L fffffxffffff' ffff'ff'f ff gf lf I , Q, ,li ijzcllfjfaffjzl X Afffjfffffffzg,-,t f AW ff f 5 ff " t W 1, 4,4 ' f ,,,M-ft 9 7Q ' f , 1, y, ffffff' , ' . - - I, , 7 7 f fffjfffiojg x f iv ' c- e Af get e- - FQIQEWOIQD OMETIME, when you are in a reminis- cent mood and long for the days that are gone, from a half-forgotten place you will bring forth this little volume, imperfect in its malfe- up and crude in its formg but compiled in the hope -that each page and picture will carry with it a train of pleasant memories. '1f, when the candles burn low, and the scenes of the past troop by in the walfe of Memoryis glow, you linger for a while among L the shadows of the past, forget the errors of this ll bool? and remember only its brighter pages, then we will feel that our ejorts have been richly repaid. llllllllllllll llllIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll uuuuum QQNTENTS A -.nmuumuu u,nmummmum I il illllll f E X X I X A , .147 S F- ' 'W' f Wy! ff 7 i zz- lllllll ? 22? 5 Z f 1 215 fgfb ' L7 fffih' kg, igIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIllmIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BOOK ONE TI-IE FACULTY BOOK TWO THE CLASSES BOOK THREE ATHLETICS BOOK FOUR FEATURES BOOK FIVE ORGANIZATIONS BOOK six MISCELLANEOUS mmmuumum lllllllllllmm 7 I -P Q., '-var.:-T--L Book One TTHEFACULTY is f p 91 r x Q M E M !i! . M . w " ... 1 - l' ' . ':'- , .. Q! 5: , 'E'-1 X . K ' ' f up 'rf 6 An P1 'l I , Q 1-, ' Y - I . 1-Tl-I Y 1 : 'j . ' l 'fix 'xgxxll 3 . A 5 V I "N pq' 1 Q +' il I-fi Ill SHf, : VFX vjf 9 I Yf f?Jmv DR. M. B. ADAMS President w f -4 4 fl -, ,, .V , -- V--f' f rw 1 1, 1 , V: .-'X ,. " . . i 1 1 1 , 4- V I! V 7 , 2 -M io W , ,, ,ff 4- I. L FLORENCE IVICMURTRY AB., B.s. Dran of IVomcn qlssislazzl Professor of EdLll'tlll0ll 1'd.B., Colorado Stain-'1'n'aCl1e1's' Collage, 11112: l'4l.M., 19121 A.B., 19133 IRS., Uolurnbia I'11iVv1'sity, 151203 Graduate VVo1'k Columbia L'niVv1'Sity: Sl'f'I't'lElI'Y. 1920-213 Presich-nt Southern Club, 15121-22: I',l'Cll'4'SS0l' of Education and Supervisor of Svventli and Eighth Grades in No1'tl1weste'1'n Oklahoma Stan' Normal College, 1913-21g De-an ol' VVomen :mul l,l'lll,i'SSll1' nt' Education. G90l'gG't0XV1l Collf-ge, since 11121. Romain' TAYLOR HINTUN AM., M.s. Profrssor of Biology ,X.Ill.. Gvui'gvtv1w11 l'nlle'y:1'. 1541193 A.l3., Yzllv I'l1i ve-rsity, 151003 fllilllll-fllt' Student Yule l'l1lVl'l'SllX 15900-02: Grumliiute- SlL1llk'l1l Sliellim-lil Smfiuntilic Svliool Yalu 1'nix'e1'sity, 15005-01:3 ,-LM., Yzilu l'nix'l-rsity 19053 M.S., 1510135 I'roI'vSSu1' of Biology :mul ljirvctlr ut' Atliletivs, Ge-ni-gi-tuwli 4'ollm-ge, ltlllli-195 Pl'IDl-955473 of Biology, Lh-ni'g'1-towii Cnllegv, Sinve- 11120: D1-an fr . .1 S!lDllf11U0l'E' Class, l.rLL: l'l1illl'lTlZ1l1 ol' Bom-rl or LM--ans, 15422. ll I Faculty WILLIAM BRISTOW JONES A.B., A.M., Litt.D. Professor of English A.B., A.M.. Georgetown College, 1905: Lltt.D., Columbia College. 1917, A.M., University of Illinois, 19203 Graduate Student University of Chicago, Sum- mer, 1911: Columbia University, Summer, 1915: Principal Florida Hlgh Schools. 1905-11: Dean and Professor of English, Columbia College, Florida, 1911-195 Professor of English, University of Florida., Summer, 19183 Assistant in English and Graduate Student University of Illinois, 1918-20: Professor of English, University of Kentucky, Summer, 1921: Professor of English, Georgetown College, since 1920. JAMES MARTIN VVRIGHT A.B., Ph.D. Profrssor of Economirs A.B., NVilliam Jewell College, 19013 Historian, Geo- graphical Society of Baltimore Expedition to Ba- hamas, 19033 Fellow Johns Hopkins University, 1903-041 Fellow by Courtesy, 1904-055 Ph.D., 1905: Assistant in History, Johns Hopkins, 1905-07: Re- search Assistant, Carnegie Institution of Washing- ton, 1905-OT-OS: Instructor in History, University of Missouri. 1908-09, Acting Professor of HiSt0l'y, Law- rence College, 1909-103 Professor of Economics and Political Science, Baylor University, 1910-19: Re- search Student, Columbia University, 1914-153 Lec- turer in Economics, University of Texas, Summer, 19193 Associate Professor of Economics, Syracuse University, 1919-20: Professor ol' Economics, Georgetown College, since 1920. CLARENCE H. RICHARDSON B.S., M.S. MrCalla-Gallofway Professor of Mathematics B.S., University of Kentucky, 1913: M.S., University of Illinois, 1918, Instructor of Mathematics. Marion High School, 1911-143 Professor of Mathematics, Columbia College, 1914-165 Assistant in Mathe- matics, University ot' Illinois, 1916-183 Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Summer, 1914-15-16- 17-18-19g Graduate Student, University of Michi- gan, Summer, 19215 Instructor in Mathematics, Uni- versity of Michigan, Summer, 19225 Professor of Mathematics, Georgetown College, since 1918. l Faculty as DAVID EDGAR FOGLE A.B., A.M., LL.D. Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Georgetown College, 1895: A,M., 18953 Grad- uate Student, University of Chicago, 1897-952: A.M., Harvard University, 1909, LL.D., Baylor Univer- sity, 1920g Professor of German and French since 1904: Instructor in French, University ot' Wiscoiisin, Summer. 19205 Chairman of the Faculty, George- town College, 1910-11. DEAN W. MARTIN B.S. Professor of Physics B.S., Grove City College, 1912: Graduate Student, Grove City College. 19123 Cornell University, 19133 University ot Chicago, 1913-143 Instructor in Physics, Grove City College. 1911-12: Teaclier of Science and Mathematics, New Bloomtield Academy, 1912-13: Instructor in Physics, North Carolina Col- lege of Agriculture and Mechanic Art, 1914-16, Professor of Physics, Georgetown College, since 1916. JAMES VVILLIAM THOMPSON A.B., TED. A.B., Georgetown College: Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Professor of Bible and Phil- osophy, Georgetown College. since 1919. HARRY PAUL NEWTON A.B., A.M. Professor of Chemistry A.B., Baylor University, 1917: A.M., Baylor Uni- versity, 1919g Graduate Student, Baylor University. 1919-203 Graduate Student, University ol' Chicago: 1920-223 Professor of Chemistry, Georgetown CO1- lege, since 1920. LELAND WINFIELD MEYER M.A. A.B., Western Maryland College, 1914: A.lXI,, Colum- bia University, 19203 Principal 01' High School ol' Maryland, 1914-173 Graduate Student University uf VVisconsin, 1917: Graduate Student and Instructor in History in University of Iowa, 1920-21: Assistant Professor of History in Franklin College, 1921-223 Professor of History in Georgetown College since 1922, Member of National Historical Association. z anti? . " ,:'M1'. 1 ' -' Q 1 .UN . , f W-, - - - .-, ' H v A ' 5' 'W , . 1' 33 " , la ,-' . Q ' 1" 'i:.?!!s . .??2Yf.E2" -1 1 A- ' - fx- A -f- " 1 ""':5E?E5ES' EE-.:.-"LZ-h ' - 2 if ' -- 'i"saS'?' , 1 , fe. ,fig ' if-liz.-:z,.- f 1'-,3' . ' 's2i'?rglgfi'2:, A 'iiliitzllllesk ifi ll' tin 'zgsrfi 'g Gigi!! 'ii' 3, JAMES VV. COLEMAN B.S. IBS.. l.'niversiiy of Arkansas, 154201 Director of Ath leties. Bristow High School, 1920-31: Graduate Stu dent. University of Illinois, Summer ol' 11421: Direc- tor of Athletics, Tupelo Military Institute. 1921-22 Graduate Student, University of Illinois, 1022: Direc- tor of Athletics, Georgetown College. since 1922. r 4 ,' I r Faculty MABEL. H. POLLITT A.B., A.M. Profrssor of Grvfk and Lalin .X.1i., Vniyersity ol' Kentucky, 1913: A.M., University ol' Kentucky, 19113: Prineilial Lewis County Higil School, Yalieeburg', Ky., lillll-15: Instructor antl Assistant Professor ot' Ancient Languages, lini- versity ol' Kentucky, 1015-21: Acting Head ol' De- partment. 15120-213 Head ol' Extension School for Teacliers, University of Kentucky, Summer ol' l!l21: Acting Dean ol' NVomen, University ol' Kentucky, Summer, 1022: Acting Professor of Ancient Lan- Slli-lilcs. Georgetown College, since Ileeeinher, l:n22. CoRoELiA ENos Ph.B. .Issislanl Proffssor of Home El'0fl0IlIif5 l'li.l4., Vniversity ol' Chicago, 10103 Diploma in H.S. and A.. Pratt Institute. 15115: Instructor, Gil- bert Chililrs-n's Home, XVinstead, Conn., 191-l: ln- slruetor in Home Economics, Lyndon Institute, Lyn- donville, Vermont. 1015-1N: Graduate Student, Uni- versity ol' Chicago, Summer, 1021-22: Instructor in Home Economies, Georgetown College, since 15410: Assistant Professor since 1022. C. FREDERICK BONAWITZ D.D.S. .Jrfing Professor of Music l3.l,l.S., I'niversity ol' Pennsylvania, 1907: Student in Vienna, Austria, 1007-08: Rome, Milan, Pesaro, Italy, 1008-10: Hanover, Detmold, Germany, 1910- 12: Paris, France. 1912-13: Rome, Italy, 1910-20: Student of Philip Dalmes, Sbriglia. Madame Fegina de Sales, Archinbautl, Ilr. Carl Gille, Chevalier liraeci, Manuel Stern, Herr Gabler: Concert and Opera in Germany, Italy and France: Premier Baritone at the Teatro Adriano, Itome, Italy, and the Royal Court Opera. Detmold, Germany: Hed- path Chautauqua, 19203 Instructor in Voice, George- town College, since 1920: Acting Head of Depart- ment of Music, Georgetown College, since January Jil. 11921. MYRON IVICCURRY AE., A.M. .lssislant Professor of English A.B., NVake Forest College, 1917: A.M,. 1910: In- structor in English, Wake Forest College: 1018-19: Assistant Professor of English, The Citadel, 1919- 20: Graduate Student, Columbia University, Sum- mer, 1921 and 1922: Assistant Professor of English, Georgetown College, since 1920. Louis I. PHiLL1PP B.s., M.s. .slssistant Professor of Ilflodern Languagrs B.S., 1915: M.S., 1916. Vanderbilt University: Grad- uate Student, George Peabody College for Teach- ers, Summer, 1914: University of Lyons, France, 1919, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute, 1919-203 Director of Athletics and Professor of Modern Languages, Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute, Summer, 1920: Assis- tant Professor Modern Languages, Georgetown Col- lege, since 1920. ' 1 N w -,Y H 1 Instructors and Assistants ELIZABETH BRODERICK ARMSTRONG Instructor in Expression MRS. EUGENE BRADLEY Instructor in Piano MRS. LENVIS BRADLEY Instructor in Piano ANNE STUART THACKER Instructor in Piano BLANCHE MARIE HALL VVILLIARI E. LAWSON Instructor in Mathematics Rradrr in Ilistory BARNEY VVATSON LELIA GOOID HARRIS Instructor in Biology - Rcadwr in English MARION B. TOLAR .IOSEPHINE IJOYLE Instructor in Alncirnt Ld7lyllllgt"5 Rfadrr in Physics VVILLIAM GILL NASH LUTH ER RAY RICHARDSON Instructor in Physics Laboratory .-Issistant in Chcznistry J. MURRAY RICE MARION B. GEIGER Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory .blssistant in Chomistry TERRY' OTHO WRIGHT, JR. Laboratory .filssistant in Chemistry ALLYENE GREGORY .tssistant in Physical Training for !I'omfn ATA LEIGHTON LEE Laboratory flssistant in Home Economics L. W. M.ARTIN Laboratory Assistant in Biology T. J. TRUNNELI,. JR. Hssistant in Physics 15 G. H Board of Trustees Legal Tiflr: "The Trustees of the Kentucky Baptist Education Society." OFFlCERS NUNNELLEY. . . . . . . . J. VV. TPIACKER .... XV. E. BROWNINC . . TIIRNI EXPIRES 1922 J. H. Sw1'1'ZER, Farmer . ..,..,,,,, , j. M. S'1'EvENsoN, Lawyer ..... J. C. IVIUNT, VVholesale Merchant .... G. H. NUNNELLEY CAlumnusJ, Merchant . . F. H. fi00DRlDGli, Commission Merchant . . GEORGE E. HAYS, Vllholesale Merchant . . r11ERM EXPIRES 1923 S. L. BEARD, Physician ............ F. VV. EBERHARDT, Minister . . J. VV. TI-IACKER, Merchant .... JAMES GARNE'l"l', Lawyer . . . . . VV. M. NEVINS fAlumnusl Minister . B. F. SILER, VVholesale Merchant . . . TERBI EXPIRES 1924 C. S. VVILLIAMS, Farmer ............ C. VV. ELSEY tAlumnusl College President . . fi!-IORGE HAMBRICK, Banker . ...... . VV. VV. MITCHELL, Minister ......... VV. W. LANDRUM, Minister and College Professor . . TERM EXPIRES 1 925 R. H. GATTON, City School Superintendent ..... B. A. DAVVES, Minister ....... T. C. ECTON, Minister . J. VV. PORTER, Minister ............ H. C. VVAYMAN, Minister and Professor of Theology . . HENRY J. S'l'1'l'Es CAlumnusl, Lawyer ....... 16 Prfsidvnl of tlzf Board . Recording S1-frrlary . . Treasurer . Georgetown . Winchester . . .Lexington . Georgetown . . Louisville . . Louisville . Shelbyville . Georgetown . . Georgetown . . Louisville . Winchester . . Owensboro . . Versailles Williamsburg . Georgetown . Hodgenville . Russellville . . Madisonville . Bryantsville . . Lexington . . Louisville . . Louisville . . Louisville Book Two THE CLASSES AS OTHERS SEE US I8 , . 7 1 A wf Q if TBD ij k QQ QQ, f-L73 N' Am:RsoN 125 SENIOR 5 x" i 1 r f x IBA. ,, ,A.,,AAA, A5 L f ,m K H-A w 4- - fii"N Xw , W3 Vx X, + fi f5il , . H4 , . N W u 4 i W .: 'pf :fl ', 4 J Q A zo 96 fa W yu r fu 9 Q 0 'QNIUWM 1 A - f '1 A f ff f v f. K " '? A Il ,. A I D 5, v , V mdmh, , . A . W , .-,:. 'Z -' V aj Q H W :FS v ,. ' ld Miss POPULARITY OF ,23 zo ,HW ' '3 C 7 l lF1y,N L' ,rj Z V -W --Af------A A A --.H--.W--. m.Yi--. , w , ,,,,, ,mf W ii'"1 :i::ili'-QQ-4,,.,' f . ,. Y H ., i ii! 'll,i.1f!T!,4l!llv!,"c M224 A i mi W r 5 SCHIOI' Class Motto: "There is no such sculpture as that of character."-Beecher Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flofwer: American Beauty OFFICERS W. G. BECKLEY MARTHA MORROW President ' Vice-President MARGARET COOPER Secretary C. Y. BLAKEMAN Treasurer W! I 21 w, ,, , ,Y Y Y. - 1--mn -Yi-.-.ff- Y ,,- Y , , ,, , , , l ff!! W I L 1 1 s I . In --If I' x"'l'x'f W 71 3 J! Kill ' ' LEONA RIAE KNODERER, B.S., 2 K BASCOM THOMAS HARRIS, B.S. GEORGETOW N, KY. University of Louisville. '19-'20-'21-'22, Glee Club, Chemistry Club: Sigzrnu Kappa Sorority: Georgetown Follege. '32-'ZJISQ Alpha Literary S0- ciety, 'ZZQ Ltigh Chemical Society. '221 Choral Club, '223 Glee Club. ,221 Orpheus Club. '21 She's very sweet and charming XVith a voice that never failsg It would not be very alarming If the sea of Matrimony she SailS. NICHOLASVILLE, KY. Tau Theta, Kappa Literary Society: Rhoton House Plub. '20-'21, Vice-President Freshman Fiass, 'lfllg Vlass Basketball, '20-'21, Class Foot- hall. '20-'21: Assistant Football Manager, '20- '21g Y. M. U. A.: Karho Club, '213 Pre-Mt-rllcal Club. '19-'20-'21-'22: Manager Football Team, '22g Leigh Vhemical Society. '19-'20-'21-'22, Senior Representative Honor System Committee. The ladies think him handsome, And like to watch him pass, This man who is so Winsome, The Lord Chesterfield of the Class. lv., INN. . s Fil , Jaw-A . ,' ' - - 'S I .,.- 47- '-' " IV y I -r 524- V l l A 5-,. 1 ,- ...- ' : T-10 9" U 1 , , i ' ,,. -- X. '. ., -,,.,, V, 2 1 r-7,4 I I WV' 6 Exif? in li I I I .J f '-f 1 S f f Z ,tl , , A I r Hifi' ll' all Uf'f"f"f Jfflfgl V 1,, , , . , ,,, ..: ,ffj "' --if---4-f-4 ALLYENE GREGORY, B.S. OWENSBORO, KY. Alpha Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '22g Leigh Chemical Society, '21-'22-'23: Sec- retary. '22l-'23g Chemistry Laboratory Assistant '213 Track Team, '20-'21g Basketball Team. '21- v '22-'23g Captain, '22-'233 Girls' Athletic Director, '21-'22g Honor System Committee, '23g Execu- tive Council, '23, A little chemist came one day. Only an atom she would weighg We could scarcely see a being so small, Yet she could carry a basketballg Many a merit she will unfold As she strives onward to reach her goal. 5 CRAXNFORD YOUNG BLAKEMAN, B.S. JELLICO, TENN. Literary Society? Vice-President, '22g Leigh Chemical Societyg President, '221 Treasurer of Senior Class, '22, Radio Club: Physics Club: Business Manager "Belle Of the Blue," '23, Alas! The nickel Chaser lost his place For from the Class Of '23 hails one Who grabs a. nickel with more ease and grace And pays our Annual bills, all just for fun. ' 32' 4. 1 I Q 5 W M vi ll , . fi' ff' 1 'll yn", ,iff 7 If I A 'B 171.4 P A MARGARET JEROME COOPER, B.S. SOMERSET, KY. Alpha Literary Society, '19-'20-'21-'22, Y. VV. C. A,, '19-'20-'21-'IZZZQQ Class Secretary, '23, Feature Edit0l' of "Belle Of the Blue," '23, Quick to learn and quick to speak, Sha loves men who are so meek, In school she's an Economics shark, And some day slit-'ll surely make her mark. 12'-s sv S . S- X JAMES LEO CLOAR, A.B., H K A TEXARKANA, TEX. Pier-ronian Literary Society! Critic, '22, Varsity Football, '19-'20-'21-'22, Captain, '21, Varsity Baseball, '20-'21-'22-'23: International Relations Club. Treasurer, '22, Class Basketball, '23, Boys' Glee Club, '20-'21, Joke Editor of Georgetonlan, 'ZOQ Athletic Editor of "Belle of the Blue," '23. If there is any information that you should like to got, I am as wcll posted a man as you have ever met: Some wonder at my wisdom, with a feeling of surprise: Drinking "Campbcll's" soup made me a. right good size. .I-V, '-9 .1 5 as 1 111 111 1 ,. -1 X1 1, 1 1 1 1 11 fd f 5. 1 ,JK .I1,f', 7 --- ..f--.-dfiL,.s..,,,.f.-1 - W g 1 - f ,N f 1 iii.iilQ:,i11,i:,:':1,,ii':'1 H1 K1 51 1 . ' 1 ,.' j 1 f-,1g1E3?flii22?i?lL:QQLLN.: . jfs 1 L 111 1 11,11 11,11 11121 111 ,,,. . gl 1 .151 1 1111 1 ,111 1111 .1111 111 111 111 '11 11 ,ill .1 11 . S . 1 JENNIE ALMA Cox, AB. BYRON CLINTON S. DEJARNETT, A.B BURGIN, KY. HARDINSBURG, KY. Y1' Y. W, C, AJ Alpha. Literary Society: Senior Tau Theta Kappa Literary Society: Chaplain 11 Representative Self-Government Council, '22-'23g '21: Corresponding Secretary, '21g Rep:-esenta 11, S. M. S. tiye in lniger-Society Orat-orical Contest, 'Sig 1,1 dent Ministers Association: Treasurer, 30- 11 Sincere and deep in college life: '22g English Clubg President, '22g S. M. S. 1. Thorough, eilicient and able: l . i Willing to plod through any strife, He has a method all his own, '1' And always found very capable. And he-'s sure to carry his notesg ' If any one desires to be shown '21 On his little book hc dotes, ,Ji 1. A v ES il -M1 . N 1 1111 1 I 41111 11' 1' AD 1 N 31 1 1'-Q I 1 , 11111 X 111 'mf 1 U? 'V 112 - I W: 12 g 17 ' 11 V ' ' 5 1 I 111 ,Lg 1 2 S fn 1 X U! t ,,. i " if ,fixxil ATA LHGHTON LEE, B.S. SOMERSET, KY. Y. YV. C. A.: Zeta Literary Society, '19-'20-'2:1- '32g Pri,-sident, '22: Expression Club, '213 Assis- tant in Home Economics Laboratory, '23, There comes from the Class of '23 A povtess of gentle arf, Famous she is sure to be For in making the Annual she did her part. XVALLACE G. BECKLEY, AB., A A Z PLEASUREVILLE, KY. President Freshman English Club, '19: Ciceron- ian Literary Soc-ietyg Critic, '19: Editor, '20g Prosecuting Attorney, '211 President, Var- sity Bascball, '20-'21-'22-'23g Captain, '23g Scrub Football, '19-'20: Varsity, '21g Athletic Commit- toe, '21-'223 Class Track Team, '20-'21-'22g Inter- Society Debate, '21: Shelby County Club, '20- '21-'2l2-'233 Rhoton House Club, '20-'21g Busi- ness Manager Georgetonian, '22-'23g Photo- graphic Editor "Bellc of the Blue," '23: Alpha Delta Sigma: Vice-President, '22: President Senior Class, '23: Vice-President Student Body, '23p Armstrong Expression Club: Certificate in Expression, '23. Some like him for his dimple, Some like him for his smile, The mystery is so simple Why girls fall all the while: How could a man have satisfaction To break a. heart each day? We grant that he is an attraction, And we admit that it is just his way. SN f ii., X N RQ-ji' ,rga -I9 ,sf 6 Q, 'r A -A 4 , i fl TCD? X-NX F ,ig I X gg, il' 7 ' 1 4 2-32: 1' .26 1 R , A fd, rj , ., !!e,p,4f J 2 1 ll 5 1 I 5 , 7 +V- W -,-W.. , an , 1 1yc,. .,:","L., .',7 ' I , I, ,l I I ,i,1,i,' L, ff! J 2.-'iff ,ft 7 MARJORIE ESTELLA GARBER, A.B. GEORGETOWN, KY. Zeta Literary Society. Orpheus Clubg Red- headed Club. A quiet and gentle manner. A student just the sameg She's bound to Win a banner And on it is written fame. SAMUEL HENRY FLOVVERS, A.B. OLMSTEAD, KY. Bethel College, '19-'20-'21g Varsity Football, '20, Charles Champion Cup, '2l: A. A. Degree. '21: Georgetown College, '213 Varsity Football, '21- '22g Manager Basketball, '23: Y. M. C. A. Presi- dent. '22g Agoga S.S. Class: Secretary-Treasurer, '22g Sheriff Pawling Hall Court, '22: Tau Theta Kappa Literary Society: Editor, '22, Critic, '22, This is one of the present day The Fates thought to cheat us him Flowers. And decreed that he a farmer And live among the flowers, DOXVETSQ when they named should be, and birds, and bees. A, '?:7Z??A'? , EF-5 X 'eu , L4 1 ' Q C l 6 ,-,QA 27 I . Nfillffil Q - 1 W jfiflfl l A GL.-XDY'S CAYTON, A.B. CHENT, KY. 1 GLOVER W. CASSITY, B.S. TACKETTS MILL, KY. Zeta Litf-rnry Socil-ty: Y. XV. C. A.g Polo T1-am, Tau Thr-ta Kappa. Literary Society: Librarian, ll-'21: Reel-lwaall,-cl Club: Sec-re-tary-Trvasurer, ':1g Marshal, 'ZBQ Plass Basvlmll, '21: Armstrong N233 Fish-lis Sunday SL-lmol Class Trl-ztsure-r, Expression Club: Y. M. C. A.: College Band, '21- '-'233 Lambda Omicron Mu Classical Sol-ivtyl 'ZSZZ Choral Club, '21-'22C M6n'S Glee Clllb. '31- eme Rm-ruler, '22-'23. '22g Northern Kentucky Club, '22g Class Basket- ball, '223 Radio Club, '22g Director Southern Quit-t and perseve-ring. l'lub, '21: Director Pawling Hall Self Govern- Her goal she is bound to win, ment Club, '22. Diligcnt and never fearing, She'll go through thick and thin. i JZ' Dill I -. in W., He's full of jolly ways And like unto a. clown: He jumps into his Ford And rides all over town. gl 3 - X J, -. ,X " V . l ll 1 x 4 l IQ , J , 1 4. ,X 7 , A,,,..L-4-""' if N r Q A y ji' :?f'ffi,,4!Ll1'4, yy, to to C. L so 'U QM rl" wut +'f2Y'9nGp? JAPW-5' . - t ----ff-ef----ff e--- ,leaf 4,4 ,1l-,1.3, I, --W , ,f,V H V Xflf -l ,V CLARA GARNETTE SEE, A.B., X A fP LoUisA, Ky. Zeta Literary Society: Eastern Kentucky Club. Secretary-Treasurer, '18-'19: Spanish Club, '18g Red-headed Club, President, '22g Basketball Squad, '193 Class Basketball, '21, Expression Club, '21g Mountain Club, '21-'22: Georgetown Clubg U. of K., Summer Session, '22, Vice-Presi- dent: Creative Literary Society, Treasurer, '22, Honor Ron, '22, Of studying she never tired, In any course she never failed: By students and teachers alike admired As on her way she happily sails. ROGER INLOW BERGHAUSER, A.B. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Editor of Quarterly, '22-'23g Leader Student Volunteer Band, '22-'23, Third Vice-President Student Ministers' Association, '22-'23g Chap- lain T.O.K. Literary Society, '21, Tennis Team, '99 A good industrious student, With a. long-drawn-out speechg He could talk right on forever, But no task is out of his reach. gifs' 'rl '7-1 , aa 2' ffxbjd !Q,x 2-' w "g il f E X f xl V--H i f '- ffkxf ,L I 1 V 1 29 i ssss Hif2f5f!c1f1P . , P W is I f e U' Mfbifg 7 ,QQ -YAA mf PH 4, JENNIE DOROTHY PIERCE, A.B., X J Q CATLETTSBURG, KY. Alpha Literary Society: Summer President, '21, Treasurer, '22, Glet- Club, '20-'21-'233 Choral Vlub, '31-'223 Secretary, '21, President, '22: Or- 1 pheus Club, '21-'!L-'23: Vice-President Self-Gov- ernma,-nt Council, '20, Executive Committee Stu- dent Bgdy, '20-'22, Honor System Committee, 'IZ1,1Pl'eSidu1'lt Mountain Club, '213 President French Club. '!1: Assistant Editor "Belle of the Blue," '23: President International Relations Club, '2Z: Creative Literary Club, '22: Honor Roll, '20-'21, Vice-President Junior Class, '21. Industrious and capable, XYith a very brilliant mind: No girl could be more popular, No one could be more kind. 'M' 'M ' i X L1'4l J XViI,L1AM H. VAUGHAN, A.B., H K A LoU1sA, KY. Y. M. C. A., President, '22g T.O.K., Vice-Presi- dent. '2!: President Agoga S.S. Class, '22-'23: Pi KHIJDH- Delta.. President, '22-'23g Debating Team, '223 President Mountain Club, '22, Labor- atory Assistant in Chemistry, '21-'22g Editor "Belle of the Blue," '23. A studious. persevering man, Always chivalrous and politeg His motto is "I can," And he's sure to come out right. Cllllllll 'limi ,ff Q P f P f lL"E'L!4 E f ' Uwlllllilllffflf-.13-ia' ll M Fl. ' ' . ' E-I V arf I X '5 1 . .fg 'f' f H f ylilxywt ,WIIMX i, w7iM,...ui n ii l ,ig - L . Z. Zlffli' I "Nl fi sv F f ' A 310 o v an-19 ff ' vt..L 3-an A' ,' I I utwiw 12.1 MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS, B.S. WILLIAM GORDON HAMMOCK, AB. FINCHVILLE, KY. CLAY, KY. Alpha. Literary Society, '19-'20-'21-'22g Y. NV. C. Honor Roll, '19-'21: Vice-President Lambda A., 119-'20-'21-'22, Omicron Mu, '213 President, '22g Student Minis- ters' Association, '19-'20-'21-'22g Tau Theta Few like her could ere be found Kappa Literary Societyg Judge Pawling Hall With a. generosity that is unbound: Court, '20-'21, Any service she would do. A gentle friend tried and true. Samson'5 strength lay in his hair, But mine is in my tongueg It helped me win a lady fair And now I keep hor for my own. ., riix 17 va -:. ,L ,l f tx ff in . - , l ' A 2' to .eg " " " X UP' . , tx KKK . , A XX 4: 5' 3K If L!! efxpl yllll 'I . I ,VA I fv, L f 1 fl . , gl! ll, f .. l f"J7L, fl y HESTER BELLE ANDERSON, A.B., X A Q STANFORD, KY. Alpha Literary Society: English Club, '21-'22: Lambda Omicron Mu Classical Society, '22-'23g Choral Club, '22-'23p Assistant Art Editor "Belle of the Blue," '23: Secretary Creative Literary Club, '23g Secretary Lambda. Chapter of Chi Delta Phi. A lady very industrious, Who often changes her mindg She likes the men illustrious And in courting she's never behind. fi fa WGN -Q DENZIL BRUCE CARPENTER, B.S. BURLINGTON, KY. Ciceronian Literary Soc-ietyg Expression Club' Class Football. '19-'20-'21: Red-headed Club '20-'21-'22g Northern Kentucky Club, '22. VVhat could all the attraction be? At first his wavy hair you see: If this young man you should meet, Could you see his head and miss his feet? fl , R35 ,gg - --Z swugu ,- , C F x it L-wwe Gil w l 1. :Qi in. i U! A4141 1 I 7 A y gl fi' X V V1','yq.'iF',! 7? D rg ln , A , , ,, ll I7 f 1' is P .- LYIC47 MARTHA DOUGLAS MORROW, A.B. ADAIRVILLE, KY. Orpheus Club, '20-'21: Girls' Glee Club, '20-'217 Zeta Literary Society: Vice-President Senior Class, '22. A gentle maiden, Neat and fair: , In no garden grows A flower so rare. ,QW X I K qfkxn ' Z!! . .4-. ' Qx I-, X! i X I LEWIS WALLER MARTIN A.B. ToLEno, OHIO I President Freshman Class, '18: Treasurer Junior Class, '20: T.O.K. Literary Society: Critic, '20: Cheer Leader, '20-'22: President, '22: Student Council, '2'1-'22: Chairman. '22: Student Mis- sionary Society, President, '20-'21: Student Min- isters' Association, Recording Secretary, '20: Y. M. C. A., Secretary-Treasurer, '21: Council, '22: Armstrong Expression Club: Certificate in Ex- pression, '23: Honor System Council, '21-'22: Chairman, '22: Shelby County Club: Rhoton House Club: Karho Club: Georgetown Alumni Union: Third Vice-President, '21: President Student Body. '22: Men's Glee Club, '22: Second Team Baseball Captain and Manager, '21: Var- sity Baseball. '2'2: Manager, '22: Varsity Club: Chairman Social Program Committee, '22: Col- lege Cheer Leader, '21-'22: Associate Editor "Belle of the Blue," '23, Ambitious and conscientious, Always going in a whirl: In duty never failing, Always falling for a girl. i N ,D V-Y ----- ly ---s-H - '--- ,--- V- -- ,i . i, 'L' JM' to -- R VVILLIE HERNDON OFFUTT, AB. GEORGETOWN, KY. International Relations Club, '22, English Club,'21. With a. simple unaffected manner And a face all hid in smiles. She holds under true friendsl1ip's banner All those around her for miles and miles. ARTHUR BERNIS CLAYTON, B.S. MADISONVILLE, KY. Tau Theta Kappa Literary Society: Critic, '20 Chairman Publication Committee, '21g Treas urer, '21-'22g Corresponding Secretary, '22 Inter-Society Debate, '22, 'B. S. M. M., '20-'21 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '21, Class Track Team, '21 Southern Club Director, '21: President, '22. Some come to school to master a book, But he is more fortunate than they: For here he met a lady with modest look And has won her, too, so they say. I f .Si f f X T -, 'Z , 'XX 1 kv 2' 34 i , YV,- " 'iii 'nf - A A f f- e- 1j,,.?ij'-vs , I ,.f. V. ,rl X , .JA 1 f Il' .. fifex ,J I 7 ll' 1 l I -ffl i' I ' f H K 'H fl. l Il Il 1 -J M If ff ' 7 -. ii54i:',i" 1 jg .l1.i.'.",g., 1 ' l ,,-4 f 'I 'V' .' ' , . - - .-- 1 1 es BEULAH FAY SUMMERS, A.B. AARON T. Ross, A.B. GEORGETOWN, KY. BEAVER DAM, KY. Entered 1921 from Texas College of Mines: Or- T.O.K. Literary Society, '19-'20-'21-'22g Corre- pheus Club, '21-'22: English Club, '21-'22g Alpha. sponding Secretary Ministerial Association Literary Societyg Honor Roll, '21-'22, '21-'22. Beulah is just a modest girl Schoolteacher. parson and married man, With a crown of golden curls: These are the degrees he has Wong In all things she is Very exact, Surely he is an ambitious man And watches our every act. For now he adds a new one. - 0625 ff SX A j nf, A il: fx f S'-ci 6,35 l l ' l J L 5 X J XV f 1 " J -3' ' Q14 1 1 fy 'I- ki J ' ff: 35 id, yi, - N I x 1 5 EVA E. MCKAY, A.B. MONTICELLO, KY. Alpha Literary Society: Lambda Omicron Mu Plassical Society, Se-crm-Iary-Treasurer, '213 Pres- ident, 'I223 Y. XY. U, A. Cabinet, '21-T223 Student Governmt-nt Count-il, Sophomore Representative. '21g Secretary, '21-'22: Vice-President, '22-'233 Orpheus Clubg Honor System Committee, '22-'23, I like sports of winter YVi1en we wrap from foot to head: But the best sport while in college Is when I have my little "Sleadd." mf 'i -ill NVILLIAM EDGAR NEWBOLT, B.S. OVVENSBORO, KY Tau Theta Kappa Literary Society: Y. M. C Cabinet, '22g Vice-President S. M. S,, '22-'23, Not so young as his name suggests. A preacher who loves to jestg About him this secret I will tell, He yet must learn how to spell. Ei 'H W s o 1, S G L I,l,'l g. " .fl ke??125' fi W, --Q-?i-,.,--...gisgieziggeig llltiilll' fl J .if . W: I l, l if ir il l lil will ll ll if l I l I ill, will wllil li 'll 'ln il, ijlyicg l X - if lx X I ,, 1 ffiwg il' Milli ig 4' l 'r ll ll l gill? ,l ill will 1, l llllll i l -gt V i P ir -v I l l i 1 g g ' l 2,441 W lllTmw'i'd,i , , C72 1 -ee A a 'wil z,fj,f,f,i t .TTT W - , A, .fl 4' f 4 W w ? ,V 1, l ,H lllll BAO S1 DING, B.S. 5+ cHxNA , 'iff Shanghai College: Chaplain Literary Society: Q1 ll '19g Secretary Student Volunteer Band. I 19 . 1: Georgetown College: T.O.K. Literary SQCEIY- fi fi Chaplain, '20g Junior Representative Honoi MNST 'itil tem Committee, '2lg Student Volunteer Baud. Q ,i English Clubg Student Missionary Some-tyg Min- isterial Conference. His name is Bao Si Ding, ,ii From far oft' China he comes Q if To Georgetown's sheltering walls: ll ll In the days that are to come iff- His earnest voicerwill ring i In China's largest halls. ,l :ns ll if 2' ill 1 ' gl I I yll I.: ii 15 " If 3 I i lee 6 l 2 ' ll' a-4 . l l -:.:' ls. ,N V, lil? Q V fl il Q " 'l Q ffl CN ' I' , in If iii if 1 ff' ix l 1-F -41271, ,ff f ,f-'A 'Z 4 'l I rl li? l Il lv, i ll- lil 1' l iii lil. WI I iEg'L'TT lIl:LT1fif,'f"QTl lfT'f,Q' ." 'A 'l'f ' fl C ' C LENNON ARCHIE BYRD, B.S. BYRDVILLE, N. C. Entered Academy, '16g Tau Theta Kappa Lit- orary Societyg Student Ministers' Association: Chorister, '19-'20-'22g Chairman Constitution Committee, '213 Second Vice-President, '21g Choral Club, '22, Men's Glee Club, '22. I love the ladies, true enough, But I am not gifted with many wordsg So far I have met but little luck, Still I am a game old Byrd. 11' EGR fu? YI 1 N455 , C l IX ,V D I In -J! ,jg X iv W i LII, .gif 14,-Jill 1 Lk - VIRGINIA RUTH RIONROIZ, A.B. JOHN SHERFY REDDING, B.S. GEORGETOWN, KY. OWENTON, KY. Brenau Colle-gc, '20p Alpha Literary Society, '20- T.0.K, Litcrary Society: Class Baseball Team '21-'22: Y. VV. C. A,, "'0 "'1 'W' Exprc.-sion '20g Class Football Team, '20-'21g NoI'thern Ken Club, '20-'21. lucky Club: Class Track Team, '20. Tall and slender, full of fun, No man could ere be calmer, Playing pranks is hcr art: Always smoking his pipe: If any misc-his-f can be clone, He aspires to bc an embalmer, She-'S always sure to tako Z1 part. A man of zI ve-ry rare type. I K 1 -ku l 8 I Y.. M I l I , GE ,fffrl W " l lll I I-2 :gig 38 o , 'x fi' ff' I 3 pl' ,gg1.-.-,, 'K lf , , 'xx J , -l o -Isffr . A.., 5""-'-, , .ff 'tfT,T.' l V WV 1 ,FE .ff 'L-v J, H2 I 1' ,S f 'H ,il fi, +2 J ,, , I i ' sl,-s,',g2,w ,,-' 1 f' J J ., " ' i-'t":::f't'::if"'"'1ii'g::"' ,xl V' ll H' ii fl, , Yq'fW'!4'N' 4 1 M is F' 4' f" -"', ff ' ' ' " " if --we---Me--'m -e f f I I . ,ff .I f re eM--e- 1 l ' . MINNIE ELIZABETH SUMMERS, A.B. LEWIS CLINTON RAY, A.B. GEORGETOWN, KY. MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. Entered 1921 from Texas School of Mines, Uni- T,O.K. Recording Secretary, '213 June President, versity of Texasg Alpha Literary Societyg Or- '22g Vice-President Student Ministers' Associ- pheus Club, '21-'22g English Club, '21-'22, ation, '21-'22, President, '22-'23g President Square and Compass Club, '21-'22, Expression Just "How-dy-do"-the cutest smile, Clubg Treasurer Student Social Committee, '22: And very modest in her style. President K. I. D. A., '22. I've been here quite a little bit, But not so old at that: I drive the Ford, and with my "BOSS," I've never had a spat. , , QU 2,5159 X We Je Y .HA p J QQ Vg ' 1 1 M ,X I A -'T' N are 39 "i'Fi:g!,DC PM P ""4 '43 ' "' 'N "3 i V I -if i U! 7 L1l2g14g13i1?4-gel.. FRANCES PORTER, A.B., A J T THURAIAN M. PERRY, B.S. LEXINGTON, KY. MOREHEAD, KY. eta Literary Society. Secretary, '21g Y. XV. C. T.U.K. Literary Sun-it-IN? Varsith' BLISEU-1111, 90 A.g Orpheus Flub. '20-'21-'22: English Club. '21C '22-'IRQ Loigh Clwmival SOL-if-ty. '21-'g2- P2 Rk.Q-h9adei,1 Club. '10-'gn-'21-'23: FEE-lu-li Club, Prvsirle-nt Hull-lieaflutl Club, '21-'22g Mountain Z1-'223 Creative Litcrary Club, Viet--1'1'm-sicleiit, Vluli: Masrvnic Flubg Presirleut Diamond Club 22' '22-'2I!: Pi'm1-Medical Club, '20-'21-'22-'Elly Pi' A little maid with hair of red, cle-nt, '22-'EIL Hel' fumilys unly pet: Always loyal and trus: tn frionils, A brilliant hearl, She wants no rnan shc's met. NVitli 11 brilliant lightg A sunny smile That shines so bright. W -zu :gd 4 ' liiliiliw Q . E ffl' " 5 2' v 9 ' 40 4 J fir' J, A i L e imU'.,!Of31"ff7l jfs ,7 , if'i"C?+Ci'ivjidtfiii'i ff 'i"7Tf'ftfffff'!!ce3 get-- as li vi ll ki HAZEL LOUISE SHERRITT, A.B., X A CII SADIEVILLE, KY. Delegate to Student Volunteer Convention, Des Moines, '20: Y. W, C. A. President, '20g Cabinet, '21-'22g Raphael Club, '20g Girls' Glee Club. '20-'21-'22g Alpha Literary Society: Summer Secretary. '22g Orpheus Club: Self Government President, '223 Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body, '22g Creative Literary Club, '22. In gentle looks and talents rare, SAMUEL BAKER POLLOCK, B.S., II K A, A A Z PEWEE VALLEY, KY. Ciceronian Literary Societyg Vice-President Sophomore Class, '20g President Junior Class, '213 President Press Association: Managing Edi- tor George-tonian, Varsity Football sity Basketball. '22-'ZRQ Athletic '21I Editor, '221 Varsity Club: '20-'21-'22q Captain, '22, Var- 21-'22-'23g Varsity Baseball, Committee, '22-'23g President None can surpass and few compare. Alpha Delta Sigma, '22, A man possessed with a winning way, His friendship grows from day to clayg A face alighted with a widespread grin, His heart has been "pearced" and he's lost his pin. O ,g f 'iv MINI? 'K -F .MPM ' T: ' fi X T Ffg 'vw fy ' 'CU 3 it ' , ,J s 'If' , 4 g FRANCES KATHERINE TAYLOR, A.B. LIURRELL RODMAN SULLIVAN, B.S MURRAY, KY. WICKLIFFE, KY. Zeta Literary Society: Critic, 'Eli Lamlula Omi- 'I'.O.K. Literary Society. cron Mu Classical Society. '22-'23g Honor Roll, '20-'21-'22: Class Polo Team, '1!1. I, my opinion will exprtss, All my knowledge I confess: Love came to mc all in a Hash It matters not what the Profs might say, And took me in a whirlg I blurt out my thoughts in my usual way. I would not leave this place for cash. For then Prof would have no girl. g , i n J 42 seeh i 'Z .f - f ,,, i, :A rio' ' jLfi'.f'L pf.: I 31.155352-3?lf,,e1ji gf' 1 - 3, ' f T' 'W' , " , ' if. K N ii':'.:ezgszgezggaigeie. .-,lfljf-,' 4.3 L ' f ff 7' ,fx I ii A "W iii, Hai W, ll' l sl - Mis me' Heel l, il!! xl Hifi lil HM ll il. il li '-N15 L XV V 5451 izliifiig W i, IM' 4 ,lily ' will e li 53 ll? , fir I F R l lil! ,QM MARY STEPHENS, B.S. LUTHER RAY RICHARDSON, B.S MORNING VIEW, KY. KENTON, KY. Alpha Literary Society: Treasurer-Girls' Ath- T.O.K. Literary Society, Leigh Chemical Soci QM, letic Association, '20-'21g Vice-President North- ely, '21-'22-'23: Vicpppesident' '22: president ' 1 ern Kentucky Club, '22, Pawling Hall Self Government, '22: Varsity Elm Baseketball, '22-'23, Baseball Manager, '2 will She is an excellent student influx, With a. quiet, sweet disposition: This man who is a, chemist, MTH You'll find her very reserved, Spends his time in lab, 'f'i'f?l5, But she is sure to win a position. He aspires to be a. doctor, fy QQ And Win the ladies with his gab. 1 ,ml I wl- NQ Iwi' Illll ll rail. Eyvfrlz in -12. M,-'R me , wh fi fi Q, . will X iljllilt X 1 X mf, Wi, .A fl 413135 N,, QCQAQ . ,Q is gpg mmiiiirq , - 4 -- U 5 N1 H ' ,ev in lf It , -"'i dill - -Af 9-' . l wil? ,I g -- 5 ly N , D N iii, I li! . ' 1? W -- " - ,,,, F ,EE Will -li- ,wg - ll 1' wil" im! Will? gslif 1 lgxiil M if wi.. ix Q' iii M731 FW iw' Mai N li - -- M-- -4---- ---Nw,-,-. -.-,,.,,-,,. , ,,.. H, A V ,,,,,,W , lin- --- if- - ' -A-,S 97,4 ,i ' fit in FfJ..:.4 .:-..'4L.'t..i.'..',ig.::1sg.g:.:.L: 3.1. 1-' ' " ' f' ' 1 .J e l Jflfl I J ill lofi U. .lf ' ' ., l gum, 'ffxian een LL'ciLLE ScE.lxRC12. B.S. CEORCETOVVN, KY. Zeta Litei-ark' Society. S6'Cl'9t21l'3'. '303 Shim? more Rvpresentative. Self Government PnunC'.l 'ioq Y. W. cf. A.. Tl-e-usul-rl-. '21-'22: ViCe-P1'1'S1- dent Junior Class. 'ffl Sllvllfy CO'-'my Club' President, 'Zig Home Economics Laboratory AS- sistant, '21-'22, OI' all the lovely 1'Jl21C'9S That I have ev.-r seen, I'd like to be in RiChm0Ud Whei'e everything is Green. If Lg 1:-3. COURTLAND F. POLLARD, B.S., II K A PORT ROYAL, KY. Football, '18-'19-'203 Faptain Class Team. '20g Basin-tball Squad, '18-'lflg Class Basketball, '18- 'lfl-'20: Baseball, '18-'19-'ZOQ Captain. '21g Var- sity Club. '18-'lil-'20-'211 Athletic Committee, '20-'21: Freshman Coach Football. 'Zig Basket- ball Q22-'23g Coach Varsity Baseball, '23. Some are blessed with knowledge And like to try dlahateg I am blessed with' uty And that is my good fate. fc 6 as ' sf l e gin Y fl all XXV 44 l J fffffgfjjfg i EDMONIA LEIGH COLEMAN, A.B. VEVAY, IND. Zeta Literary Society, Vice-President, '22g Y. YV. C. A.g Representative Self Government As- sociation, '20g Treasurer, '20-'21g Vice-President '22, Vice-President Athletic Association. '20, President, '21: Basketball Team, '21-'22, Man- ager, '22-'23: Baseball Team, '21, Secretary Fi- delis Sunday School Class, '22-'23, Thi-me Reader, '22-'23, R Edmonia is good naturecl, A sport of the very best kind, Her pastime is basketball No better girl yOu'll find. GEORGE CURTIS PORTER B S WEXFORD, PA T. O.K. Literary Society. He hails from Pittsburg, so you know An electrician he aspires to be He's always fooling with ladio And the busiest man you ever did see mv rl ,Q tk! 1 rf, i A ffffn its l MARGARET AUGUSTA STEPHFNS, B.S. MORNING VIEVV, KY. Alpha Litf-rztry Soc-ivtyg Honor System Commit- tee, '21-'22: Iiepresontative to Self Government Association, '19-'20g Trl'-asu1'e1', '22-'23, Modest. sincere and true, Alike to all she knew, YVith ever a smile of greeting, And never a frown at meeting. Q f I .H-,- 512' ' i Q vw . HUGH MANNING WALKER, B.S. MANCHESTER, KY. :I'.O.K. Literary Society: Class Basketball Team, 20-'21g Vlass Football Team, '20-'21-'22g Honor Roll, '19-'20g Physics Club: Radio Club. A student of philosophy, The spokesman of his class: When he ventures into prophecy 'Tis only surplus gas. I - - - a Qlllll! li R J," - 'TWC--.N.'.f, ' I Y B - rl'f'1l.f9Ci"4U'f- f l giiiiccgfi if .tl all lf' ,ee LILLIAN RUTH AMERSON, A.B. CEORGETOWN, KY. Alpha, Literary Society: Varsity Volleyball Team, '20-'21: English Club, '21-'22: Orpheus Club, '20-'21-'22, Choral Club, '22-'23s Graduate in Piano, '22: Art Editor "Belle of the Blue," '23. No fairer lady was ever secn With hair that is a. pure blondine: A rare talent she has in Art. And in putting on powder, she plays her part. ,, xl-I 3 f rd U C O L. , Lxkl lk Xxx 1 f' ll: llf X if I' X X 'I lk? DANIEL BOONE SMITH, B.S., H K A BARBOURVILLE, Ky. Ciceronian Literary Society: Prosecuting At- torney, '20: Critic, '20: Treasurer, '21: President, '22: Class Football, '20: Class Basketball, '20- '21: Class Track Team. '20-'21: Varsity Track, '20-'21: College Band, '20-'21: Orchestra, '20-'21: Inter-Society Debate, '21: Represented College in Debate vs. Transylvania and Baylor: Repre- sentative to K.I.D.A., '21: Secretary-Treasurer, K,I.D.A., '22: Representative, K.I.O.A,, '22: Sec- retary-Trcasurer of Pi Kappa. Delta, '22: Presi- dent of Smith Club: Diamond Club: Men's Glee Club, '21: Mountain Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '22: Vice-President Agoga Sunday School Class, '22: Football Squad, '20-'21-'22. If any noise you should hear, Then D. B. Smith is somewhere ncar: Although his face you may not see. His tongue will tell where e'e1' he be. dlllll f , 6i as 2' R2 -1 at . , i 1i.?,l J Mi - Alf, 5 , 4 X 0146510 LAM-it MRS. RIARY BRAnLEx' Moss, AB. DENTON JAMES WRIGHT, A.B. GFORGETOVVN, KY. CEORGETOVVN, KY. State and Life T1-"nc-lie-Vs' K"e1'tifi1-ati'-3 Vhau - qua. Grarlimto: Ti,-an-lifes' in Rural and Viiy 'l'.O.K. Lili,-vary Sm-ir-ly: Baskvthall Team, '02- Schools: Superintenilc-nt 111' Rural Schools, Scott 'ullg T.O.K. PI'lSidk'l1t and Juni: Orator, '03 County. Influstric-L's and I7l'l'S,'V1'l'il'l,Q', In a happy Hain? ol' mind: Always in a luirry, A woman of thi! fincst kinfl. 'l'vac-he-r's Life C1-rtificate. State nl' Kentucky Superintenclunt Graded and High Schools '04 "'1 No matter what the quuslion bc, I have no trouble to dvcidc, For any solution I can see Because I'm always Wright. of vm UL ! . fm? l YL yy Qlf' ,Ji 'X X 4.8 I I I II M. I I I II, II. II' III: x I I II II 'I I 4'I I Ill ISI II, I I' II I IIII lv, 31,1 I, ,III III I II QII I II 'I 1 if? II I I, A ' s 1 I I ' I I I W, III 'I I I ui I I II I 'XII I I I I R. G. LEE, A.B. ' FRANKFORT, KY. Ciceronian Literary Society, Secretary, 'ZOQ X President, '22g Member S.M.S.: Southern Club, ' President, '23g Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President, I '22-'23g Sophomore and Junior Track Teams: II ' Junior Basketball Team: Student Executive VI ' Committee, '21-'22. II, 'Il I Of all the friends I ever made 'IH ' The tie I will not sever: ". But girls may come and girls may go, If While I go on forever. I , I , It ,I fx I w M fiimx ,I f pm 'I X 1 1 W1 y ,I 26 ' I I I IIII IZ ,W I I I I III? . T Ifl I fi IMI ' K III I 5 . IIE' 3 H II ' 4 - I3 is I, , I I I rl" I I ,Il II' III I IITII I MIWYY , U nr V Y f IILiiif'1ii..c,e,ce , e e t i f-ln - - "' W ' ' 'A'-'-"" D"-':.T-"".:T:::::4flg.,'A-4 44--W-,T--WQLI :ul ivrl 1 ff f g , f'ff,V!,.!t 'At 5 , g f fefflfiv e Looking Backward S it has been the custom from time immemorial for the achievements of fv V' . . . Wi' man to be recorded in history, the Class of ,23 feels that it, too, must leave its record which was begun in September, 1919. VVhen the Class of '23 entered the portals of this noble institution, K We 'yu there were ninety-three who were bound together "to do or die." It was our aim to give our College the best we had, so we took as our ii motto, "Hitch your wagon to a star." It is true that the road has not been easy, but the lessons we have learned in the hard school of experience are only to make us victorious in the battle of life. Since the day we were launched upon the sea of a college career, only a few, com- pared with the classes that have entered since, have drifted from our midst. In the four years that we have been here we have furnished presidents and other ollicers for the various organizations. VVe have furnished captains and other stars in the field of athletics. This year, the editors of both the "Georgetoniar:" and "The Georgetown Quarterlyv were chosen from our ranks. But we have reached the time to which we have looked forward four long years. VVe have dreamed of it, pictured it and, perhaps, even talked of it, and now that it is time for us to break with the past we regret to leave. We have completed the curriculum of Georgetown College, only to begin our course in the University of Life. "Old years and new years, all blended into one, The best of what there is to be, and best of what is gone- Let's bury all the failures in the dim and dusty past And keep the smiles of friendship and laughter to the last. "Old years and new years, we need them one and all To reach the dome of character and build its sheltering wallg Past failures tried the souls of us, but if their tests we stood The sum of what we are to be may yet be counted good. "Old years and new years, with all their pain and strife, Are but the bricks and steel and stone with which we fashion life, So put the sin and shame away, and keep the fine and true, And on the glory of the past let's build the better new." H. L. S., '23. 50 ,lu I f AS OTHERS SEE US SI 1 ,45N,yv '. ,Q F fiflff F-:fm .. 'W'f,,f -. fa '- Wgiwzwe -. '- U .a:x4QA fi' M0 C Q , -,:3.,y, I if 11" X C ,Q li il QS3, 3, Q USQF- UQ" 3 er. ro CQ 1.7 SENIORS IN EXPRESSION 52 1 713- 733371 1-'iii'l,IIlg:.ill:L:L L1:,,g,g,1ii, , 1.5 71 :Q 1,393 13:1 ' gg -41 -ff- gwgiggwq fr -- - 5 - --f- - f f Q., -A 1 'SUNIA-Q 53 Il D, fl .V ffm 1 + ... J fx Ng L ,ft I Q, U A , if 4 fy - N i H :X X I 4+ f Q fm QV f if l N 1 5. ,X I V I' , ' 'f w N-gif Y ,, - , .cf , gg i if ' N cf 5 W, 'f -:ans-nnri. in fix ,xj 4,fg ff , r X , 1 555 '31, If , .f , . frw l 'f 1, 6ff',',, FX -!- ff 4 1" 7- ' BIISS POPULARITY OF ,2.1. 5+ ii . . vfiffblfo Jumor Class - Motto: "Wiser Tomorrowu Colors: Purple and Gold . Flofwers: Tea Rose and Violet OFF1CERS l T. J. TRLYNNELL, JR. Ross PATTERSDN President l"icc-Prcsidcnt NELL113 MAE GABHART Secretary C1A11zs'r12R SHARP Treasurer 55 , ,.,fffii'iEfjL3!4J J L,,.,,,.. 4 L f'ff4fji,fp JUNIOR CLASS HELEN ARNETT, Arls . . . . . Salyersvillc, GEORGE EADS BAGRY, Sfience . . . . . Grayson, SARAH GOOIJRICH BOSWELL, Arts . . . . Georgetown, GEORGE RUSSELL BAUER, Arls . . . XVorthville, Ky. Ky. Ixy. Ky. YQ 'ff' 1 We RIILDRED COLLIER, Arts . . . . . Paris, Ky. JAMES LEE Coma, Scierzff . . . . Owenton, Ky. CECIL DAVIS, Arts . . . . . Cave City, Ky. EULA DAVIS, Arts . . . . . lionticello, Ky. 56 mi7ff'z!f'I 1 t JUNIOR CLASS MARY KATHERINE DANIEL, Arts . . . . Augusta, Ky GEORGE T. BROWN, Science . . I . . Rockport, Ky JOSEPHINE DOYLE, Arts . . . Finchville, Ky EDWARD GOVER, Science . . . . Somerset, Ky AMY PI-IELPS DAWES, Arts . . . Bryantsville, RIARION B. GEIGER, Science . . . . Paintsville, EMILY FRANCES FISHER, Arts . . . Georgetown, RICHARD V. GREEN, Science . . . . Richmond, 57 Ky Ky Ky Ky so is in 1 1 A , E1 ee JUNIOR CLASS NELLIE IXIAE CJABHART, Arts . . . . Louisville, Ky. RUSSELL HENSON, Arls . . . . 1N'IcLeansboro, Ill. .ARABELLE HANDS, Arts . . . . . Dayton, Ky: XVALTER Huw, Arts . . . Georgetown, Ky. SUE HOPPER, Scienre .... . . Mays Lick, GEORGE ALONZO JACOEY, Arts . . . Georgetown, ROSE PATTERSON, Arts .... . . Hodgenville, DL'RB1N C. KEBIPFR, Svieezce . . . . Georgetown, 58 Ky Ky Ky. Ky , ,L A , lf'FT3Q Vlllf 11, F .Y ' A , K A A 1""'W,fAff 1 A JUNIOR CLASS t J K l ,M W, ' l l IQATHRYN PEARCE, Arts . . . New Castle, Ky L W. E. LAWSON, Arts . . . . Elizabethtown, Ky l l ' BIIARY PETTUS, Arts . . . . . . Stanford, Ky l L EDWIN IQIRKPATRICK, Sciencr . . Hodgenville, Ky A 1 l ELIZABETH PREWVITT, Arts .............. Georgetown, LELAND LYNE, Science . . . . . Nicholasville, MABEL POWELL, Arts . . . . Corydon, T. C. MEADOR, Arts . . . . Franklin, 59 Ky Ky KY Ky , T 'T w 1' A JUNIOR CLASS BIARY SHOUSE RICKETTS, Arn . . . Georgetown, Ky C. H. RODGERS, Sriwzcf . . . . . . . Como, Tenn RIRS. A. T. Ross, flrts . . . Georgetown, Ky RUSSELL F. PELPHRY, Arts . . . . Ashland, Ky LILA K. SCOTT, Arts . . . Buena Vista, Ky C. C. SPARKS, Science . . . . Paintsville, Ky T SARAH C. WRIGHT, Arts ....,. .... IN Iorristown, Tenn THOMAS TRUNNELL, JR., Science . . . . Bardstown Junction, Ky 60 M 1 "" v - 1 'z l sw WU, ' wr 'Q ' fl L L lim l Q L A fffg, ,Q M n JUNIOR CLASS EMMA WYMAN, Arts . . . . MayHeld, FRANKLIN YANCY, Arts . . . . Owenton, KATHLEEN PRICE, Arts . . . Georgetown, BERNARD SLEADD, Science . . . Shelbyville, Ky Ky Ky Ky J. B. HEAD, Arts .... . . Owenton, FRANCES WARREN, Arts . . . Georgetown, CHESTER SHARP, Science . . . . . Sharpsburg, CLARENCE E. DUVALL, Science . . . . . Glendale, 61 Ky Ky Ky Ky fiif+2fif ,xt V15 1 , g gang-4 L1f'!!ftA7!'!A!4 J WQMLW unior Class History L 1'-5' s 1 -4, , , X, EPTEINIBER, 1920, saw the arrival at Georgetown of one of the f ' . . . . . largest freshman classes the institution has ever boasted. One hundred and thirty-three enthusiastic young Georgetonians were registered in the l Q. M n : busy first few days of that memorable year. -. Quietly, as freshmen always should, these took up the torch Hung back by those Georgetonians who have passed on, and they have ever since tried to maintain the traditions of their predecessors. The record that they have written into the history of Georgetown College needs no repetition here. They need not call to mind the dead past to justify their existence in Georgetown Col- lege as the Class of 1924.3 custom alone prompts them to recount here a few of the facts concerning themselves. The individualism always characteristic of freshman classes disappeared quickly. The desire to write large their name in Georgetown history demanded, organization. The sophomore year found them not dead clods not yet stirring to lifeg class con- sciousness came early, and with it concerted effort to count for the things that count for most. Few, if any, have been the phases of college life that have not felt the impress of the writing finger of the Class of '24, ln oratory, music, athletics, society, student organizations and, incidentally, in class work, they have all along the line borne their share of the burden, asking nothing for themselves, but only that the college might be improved by their having been here. Their participation in wholesome activities has ever been limited only by their modesty in deferring honor and offices to those whose stay here has been longer. Now, as they have passed the third lap of their way and come to the place where the responsibility for leadership is more truly theirs, they rejoice that their powers are to be given room. lllany of the original number have written and passed on, but those who have remained remember them for the contributions they made while they were here, and glory in their achievements, not selfishly, but because they have meant glory for old Georgetown. As they face seniority and the beyond, the Class of '24 looks forward hopefully. The fact of past achievements spurs the class, as a class and as individuals, to press on to play for the larger stakes of life with the same square, fair, winning spirit that has made the Class of '24 what it is. VV. E. L., '24, 62. ' w 'Q El 13 's 'Ml 63 jgflxv J -.:., W WW W l W.f'3" W,fl!WWifjj1!c 7 -qv' I-Q ,A-4.7 W f W A' A WAT, W W WW f+'i W WW A IX jx. W A f iz ' W +1H--- --f-Y 1--3A-My---f nf-11-A W W . W W W W WW W W W ' W W W W W W I W I W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W ,X W W W W W W W W W W W W . W W . M W I I , W W W V, W , ,, .,., WI o ,, ' M' 'W W Mm :, f a- -1 no 5 '- " ' We 565511 W W W is W" ,o ,00419-Coe, -2, W W x 5 ,, ,, 0 0 ao Q on I JW , x 1 ,US c om NW bf ? o, o fav? af NW W Owe oo ago 'EQ Oo 0 600 3.1 ooo? 'f-10356 Up ,9! 95a 00 U UQ I 0 Q me 0? mQ""' af ' K Z' 71 'rirov 00 054 'sag "" " ..' 5, '-K ,,. of52"u- QA W fl ' H, ' ' -,f . X 1 n WWAmrRsaN, K-- QL MISS POPULARITY OF '25 64 I ,. i ' f7f??Ui1'L3 iii M is lu tw i x lb 1 , I i 5? Q1 Y, 3? gi 1 K N ii Y, i lQ ii M 11 Sophomore Class A Mott0.' "Not at the top, but climbing" N Colof's.' Crimson :md Silver Flofwer: American Beauty 1 OFFICERS CREED BLACK RUTH GADBERRY President Fire- President ESTELLE SNYDUR Scrrctary FAGAN DIXON M Trcasurfr i. 5 N xl 65 I -"""' V--rua' V..f""'s+' : ri Mm i 'YV ' J1 '5".0A'!c 7 1639 F - 66 N - Jr-v Y W- l ly! fr 7 1 17 111, 1 111 1 111,11 1 X I 1 11' M N41 1 Lf. Q s 111 1 1,!'11 1 ,,,,,,, 11 , 11 1, 1 1 1111, , 1. ,f, 11 11jQ,1L. i 41- i V 1- -1 i' 1 'ff x, 1111511 1111 1111111 11111 1111 11 1 1 1 if 11 1. N1 1111111 111111 11111 1 11' 1111111 11113- 111111 11115 1111111 111111 .111 31111151 1111111 111111 .'111g , 1 1 1. 3 x 1,17 1,11 1151117 G'1'11' 5111111 11 111 1j111,g 111111 "11' 1-1: 1, 11 1111111 11111 11 1111 111111 "1,g11 g 1511 11 11' 1'11 N11 111111 111 1 11 11111 111 11113 111111 11111: ,1H 1 1 1' 1 1 111 1 rl "111 1 11 1-1 M11 111111 11111 131111 11111 1 ,. '1:11 111:11 11"1. 111,111 11' 1111 1 .1 111 1- 11 11511 11 1 1111.1 111. 1 111 11 111 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 '11 11:1 11 11 1 11111 1 111 1 111 1? 1111, 11111 1, M11 '11 I 131111 1 .11 1 111 1?111 1 17:11 1 1111 1 P11111 1 111111 ' 1111111 1 1,-'11 1 111 ' 1111 1 11111 51I1"' 1 67 1 1 1' ' -..:-,z - L Hg !-' ' ' 1, - g,f, 9 W ' H w 1 f 1'f+'fffMf4 ,,.,, .,K.,, 6 2f5c ml, gJ,,v 'T' G 68 .V V . X f am, 1 x vii 1 ,l I 4, N W 1 1 :vi X V, rw wi v fV?ai?i3iT3iTii:f1Ei3iiiffiffiijigin ,gif Q , k 15 F5235+i.Qf.ZE5 ESif:2ii5:-,f :.' YW ' '9 V W He- "Hx""'?""'5"""""'-'"' ' f 17,54 lQiQ 'M Hi www! WM I Ut new MW ww JW TWQQ' WE tiff? WE 1 WSE! yn ',, 'fifzfij MMV VMI NLE -' ml lwflfh V312 'MEN lwlfl, 4 1 M amy jxlfff QW ff!! y ,J x We' ,xgl N , r ' Y rw' M 4 U, 251 X QM: 1' I. iq , MQ W ii A33 1 C1511 iff M 1' NM 3f?i, '4 W ir? W Z' N 2,2 'Pl JW Musk!! aw I , U, . , U N ,I 1 M in M fi "if Mg, Will mag MS M' Wig yu' 14 M vu-ggi 131:12 69 M 235 6, 1. L J H' H -,1?i2ElEi,?A???5?f-f Q1iELEff" 4ff:ii -'rl' x r 11 11 History of the Sophomore Class vfffQQx5?3s NOTHER year of college life has become hfstory. Far be it from the Class of '25 to remember it with sadness. The difficulties and troubles have become insignificant, and towering above these are the victories and triumphs. The greenness, which was manifest during our freshman year, was Ns not altogether natural. Of course, we had a slight natural tinge of EE.-. 4 , 3 75523 jifri. l iii :Ili Xa verdancy, but we were never really what we seemed to be in the eyes of the upper classmen. VVe were as docile as lambs when we received orders, but We always knew what we were about. Like all others, we purchased "campus tickets," and tried to keep all other freshman obligations. In our class work we were timid and bashful, at first, avoiding our instructors because we thought that they had no other ideals than to compell a student to suffer. Soon this idea vanished from our minds, and the love for our instructors increased as we labored with them day by day. VVe learned that they were our friends in failure or victory. VVhen we had a difficulty, they were willing to share itg when we had a success, our joy was no greater than theirs. Thus the freshman class soon emerged from under the first stage of bash- fulness. As time passed our greenness faded, nevertheless we were willing to hear the name Green during the whole year. As sophomores, who are amazed at the greenness of the present freshman class, we are absoibing more and more of the ideals of Georgetown College. The class has learned the importance of leadership, and has not failed to show its ability to lead. If the athletic, literary or social life is reviewed, it will be evident that from the sopho- more class has come a considerable part of college leadership. Up to this time no less than ten members possess the distinguishing HG." The class was signally honored through the ability of one of our number who represented us in all major sports. Several members took part in the literary side of college life. The declamatory con- test was won by one of our young women. Two of our boys received the Forensic key as a reward for their ability. Of course, the class has not been, and is not now, free from mistakes. These have been many and frequent. But, believing that the achievements of the past point toward a brighter future, the Class of ,25 is using these mistakes as stepping stones to the success that shall be reached in some future day. B. XV. S., '25, 10 AWX 9,51 F K E 33 H E N l 7 Z 'Q Z be Q N 4, 1 ff ffl b' A f W , X ff 17" V JF 'u M-7 1 'W ' A ff X R 'J 71 K 1X gf-1'-'X -S J DL TX J J Y if 1 1: -'f fffjfjifc 3 ,f ! , AIX B N f ii 2if'7T4 N .gp 'J VC LAL-in R W 1 1 N I . ix ,xr M H 'I v Y i , W W i I ,x 1 W l I 1 'n F ' N iii, Vx f l Ck X 0 5325 J , - J yi' Q? I W f gg if' em Y 2 Q, ,Jill SXQN f im L 5, V7 X l! i f . !?Z"3v2 Q WR 'MS -""2:3 "mv ,, ., , r:':f.,-.. ,.. .. MISS POPULARITY OF ,26 72 ' A 5 L51 El"'-'WWI - wl-ide-Hi f YZ I Freshman C1855 Mott0.' "Through our efforts we hope to riSe" Colors: Nile Green and White Flofwcr: VVild Rose OFFICERS IVIILAM' F. TANDY HILDRETH DENNINGTON President Vice-Prexidcnt WILLIE LAWRENCE AVER1'FT Secretary THOMAS E. FINI.IfY Trcasurcr 73 x..f.v a-no ...- -lv-INQQA ' fy-an. ug. NQQQ, 'f!?"'.'!'Q' .Ms H J. w 1 w 'i w, M ,, , 14 . W? IV? mix, ll? VH! Milf 'flwf WM i fzi 1, iii . ! M: i Q fl' Q1 'M J N ,N -w 1 M 'M ,M w 3, 1 , M v,.w 4 A ' x f 1 ,J , n il .. f UJ'f.' 1 Vin? il wi 5 Qii I N! mu 1 wif W UE Win iwlgv Wifi 's I fy? H 92 11:1 Q, 1' N, gif :fi ENE 'Mi lm M 'MW my 1Hj1 u i:"1: if M lp? M11 :Mr 5 wg M Q4 Y ?EQ 4 iii LM, W l W5 Q Wu I iw! e -3+ W ,gV: :ME 75 . V ,nn V! ,,, v ,Q .tk U94 md Rb ,f 76 A,g, X3 77 Freshman Class History ffiilhgeiqs NE of the most impressive speeches ever recorded in history was Persh- ll ing's "Lafayette, we are here." And thus it was on September 19th, 2 ill. Q 'tht when the college doors were swung open, the great incoming freshman class announced, "Georgetown, we are here!" I However, without this information the collegeiin general and the faculty in particular, knew we had arrived. rl he freshman dean ii received a little more of our attention, perhaps, than the rest of the faculty, but we tried to show no partiality and gave them all their share. VVC not only contributed to the professors' burdens, but also to the college's athletic glory in that the freshman football team almost outshone the varsity eleven. If the freshmen had not been ineligible, some of the men who received letters would have had a little competition in obtaining them. But next year this year's freshman team will be eligible for the varsity, and for them and for the team there is a brilliant future in store. VVhen the freshman class entered college, the campus was entirely altered in color. It assumed a bright green hue. But we wore the caps and sashes with a grin and let the sophomores have all their pent-up revenge. It is to the freshmen, as a rule, that the entire college turns for amusement, and so far, We have upheld the usual record and have never disappointed them. From our number have come Winners in popularity contests, society officers and athletes, as well as mathematics, chemistry and physics sharks. VVe feel sure that for the next three years We will live up to the reputation we have made and, finally, that we will make G. C. proud of the Class of '26. R. C., '26. 78 i W , gl-392639345-52625452l'E-'.'lElTi"l' 65' ' 9 4' Y + 1' if ' AYP W M ,ff giglrilgzr ,A H A C .ef-Ax' fi A. QA J: 5 1 ,., 41'-, Y aw' -5' 5A Y Q F al?5w"s':1 f 1 3 5355 1-fi' H 5 + 'WL 9 Y Gym 5 if " 1 1 i 2 , ,. r Legg: . . ' I1 . , . mf +-yu m " 24,1 1:1-:eq L, ., , , 1 5 .. 23333 ', III - .xg M M Al Q3 Q 4 .w ,,.-, , 0 G " '-' ' EU.: Al 1 L gx f ' " fl - a ,'-f'g A-' " E 5 Q' f o vi, , .w 1 ,, 4- ' +5'C'.- is 5 iq 1 5565 1 i, ' 1. . -.AI R is 1 'k'A' ' "A' 'Q 4 X Ilan! ,- 3 ' If' ff: 'A F--: 52 my W mf' 9 ,fri g a., v :Q -. u':-", ' N if ' eff .'I ,rl ' lv i - 2 5 '58 fi el Book Three I if +553 ATHLETICS W I'I 9-bjf 1 QQ , 3,1 'Ez A ,N ,A .wg :Qg,,A, 4. fl- 'L gi" W n-I , ' 4 pl -0-sg. ff A ff 4 l'l ' N71 .. H- A Y ' i M ' Q 4 fi 4 41' 'ff' bfi? V , 1 fg-gfvihq g,j J J 1 721- '-TOEQEbEQ.E9IQ'.-.?,9Ll-E-D:.Q,:-.'D:.Q.-:li ' 7 L , iff: w L H1 7 1?- 'WORN ATHLETIC SPONSOR 80 i 1 24 Xi W ml 1 A x It N, 5 i 9 i 1 V i x i W I E l ! Y w W I 1 J 4 1 i dw, ,,, ' Football school opened in September, football practice started, Qi' as usual,.and started with a swing that delighted all fol- : lowers of the Orange and Black. The gridiron warriors were greeted by a new coach, james VV. Coleman, of the University of Arkansas, formerly all-Southwestern center. There was a scarcity of material, but a few old veterans were on hand, and a few outstanding scrubs of last year who were now ripe to take upon themselves the task of filling the glaring vacancies left by those who departed with diplomas in June. The whole outlook was not so bright as it should have been, but Coach Coleman started in with vim, and many could see Cuckoo feathers flying in the air. Practice continued, the squad improving with each setting of the sun. The team developed rapidly, and at the end of the season, Coach Coleman's men were called by the followers of the gridiron sport, "The fightingest team in Kentuckyfl 82 VARSITY CLUB . f , f 3.1 Jr 7 4 ., 4 : X if 5 7 1 1 1' g ffr ly! XI f , .' L ' ff' ATHLETIC COMMITTEE X , -1-aibwdludiv Q X CAPTAINS-FORYVARD, HEAD, POLLOCK, BECKLEY S+ , i . Li? W , I "" lv , 1 1 ! I K ,,Wf7flfQW5Q!' Ss 11 ,Lf .V . . .L , , ' .,,,,,,, ,, , l if I' ijz.-44f" i K .... A Retrospection of Football v' T' ,s JQQEI-4, H . . . ,, , '--' " "---Qs: HE Fighting Tiger Team of 1922 was one more of a long line of Orange and Black gridiron machines that showed the famous fighting spirit which is characteristic of teams representing Georgetown College. In a schedule of eight games, they won three victories, tied with Morris- V' 'ii Harvey, who had defeated some of the strongest teams in VVest Vir- .A ' ginia, and were defeated by the strong Kentucky State team, by W'il- mington, by the heavy green team of lllarshall, and by Transylvania. On the whole, it was more than a fair season for the Tigers because the superb fighting spirit the team showed in every game of the season spoke well for their fit condition and high-class morale. VVhile this record Cespecially with Transylvaniaj may be considered below par, the fighting spirit of the Tigers and their fit condition ranks them along with the best in the S. l. A. A. The team showed great versatility on the offenseg end runs, forward passing and drop kicking being used in bringing vic- tory. On the defense, the "Fighting Tigers" showed to the best advantage, holding their heavier opponents in every game to a reasonable score. The brightest features of the season's work were the notable victory over Chatta- nooga and the moral victory over hlorris-Harvey. Brief sketches of the various games of the season follow: Cb' CUMBERLAND, og CTEORGETOVVN, 24 The first game of the 1922 season was ushered in by the Tigers by completely outclassing Cumberland College. Cumberland was never able to hold Georgetown's backs, who plowed through their lines at will. Long, Pollock, Daniels, Bauer and Cloar covered themselves with glory in this game. VVESLEYAN, 145 GEoRoETowN, I5 Over-confidence and a bad field came near defeating the Tigers in their second start of the season. Kentucky VVesleyan, supposed to be an innocent victim waiting to be licked, surprised the Georgetown men and outfought them through the first half, scoring two touchdowns to Georgetowifs none. The Tigers came back strong in the second half and were able to nose the lylethodists out by the margin of a single point, Captain Pollock's educated toe figuring in the victory. Long, Captain Pollock and Daniels carried off the honors of the day for the Orange and Black. KENTUCKY, 4og GEoRoETowN, 6 Fighting against overwhelming odds, the Tigers accomplished that which very few teams have been able to accomplish this season when they met the Wildcats on Hinton Field, October 21st. They scored on Kentucky State. VVhen right tackle Bauer crossed the Kentucky goal line, he did something that no Tiger had achieved in ten years and only three times in twenty-one years. The feature of this game was the fighting of the entire Tiger team, with Captain Pollock, Cloar, Jacoby and Yancy starring. MORRIS-HARVEY, og GEORGETOWN, o The next game on the program, the Tigers won a victory that the score does not indicate. The hlorris-Harvey team was composed of men that were known through- out West Virginia as "football merchants." When Coach Coleman's men held that aggregation to a scoreless tie they accomplished something that no other team has been 86 7 ,im 'N fi' ff' ,il 1 ,- gig,"-:g,,MmL ' 2 ,A ' ' 1' 4 P'f"'- if ,FQ 'D 1, fff 1,- fwfiiiv ii lay, f' - ff' f --f ?' f' -f'W--i- .1 11 1' - 3. 1 T 1 , fi min , f f - f. 'rffmf " kM-aaa-L-.-,caa,Haag ti, , im fm 3 U 1 1f.':9ifi,5g. W 3,17 7 . . .....,.--..-a..a4aa.Da-.4,ll:,:,1.1,: 4,12 . . . f A, T .J 1 i X ' 1.14, 1- , -- HHH ..n Wim. H able to do this year. It was in this game that the Georgetown men demonstrated their fighting ability when they held the heavy West Virginia eleven three times in the shadow of the goal posts. In this game, the outstanding stars for Georgetown were Long and Cloar. MARSHALL, 305 GEORGETOWN, o Fighting against a team that outweighed them at least fifteen pounds to the man, the Tigers were forced to bite the dust to the tune of 30-O. Again the George- town men lived up to their name of "Fighting Tigers," and it was only through sheer weight that the big green team was able to overcome the lighter team. In the first part of the game, the Tigers held the West Virginia eleven to a small score, but it was impossible for a team outweighed fifteen pounds to take all the punishment the heavier team gave and not give ground. In this game, the generalship of Long, the pass- snagging of Daniels, a11d the kicking of Captain Pollock featured. WILMINGTON, 223 GEORGETOWN, 7 The highly touted team from Wiln1ington College came down to Kentucky ex- pecting to engage in a track-n1eet with all the running do11e by their backs. They had defeated Transylvania and Kentucky Wesleyan by good scores, and they were count- ing on piling up another. But the opposite happened. The Tigers fought the heavier Ohio lads every inch of the way, and the final score proved what Coach Coleman's men can do when outweighed thirty pounds. This was the biggest team that the Tigers played throughout the season. The features were the defensive work of Cloar, the all-around playing of Captain Pollock, Robinson and Long. CHATTANOOGA, 6 3 GEORGETOWN, ao Fighting against odds, as only Georgetown Tigers can, Coach Coleman's "Fight- ing Tigers" buried the strong Chattanooga eleven i11 the mud of Hinton Field in their annual game before Georgetown's Thanksgiving classic. The game was one of the best that has been seen on the local gridiron in many years. The Moccasiiis were doped to win by at least two touchdowns, but, as usual, dope failed to pick the winner. The features of the game were the all-around playing of Captain Pollock, Long and Cloar, and the work of the entire Tiger line. Captain Pollock and Cloar, playing their last game on Hinton Field, led the Tigers to a glorious victory. Pollock's offensive work was brilliant. He outpunted his oppo- nent by at least five yards on every kick and during the last few seconds of the game the Tiger leader electrified the crowd by intercepting one of the Southerners' passes and sprinting sixty-five yards for a touchdown. Cloar played one of the best games that he has ever played on Hinton Fieldg He blocked every line play that the opposing quarter threw at the center of the line, tackled low and hard, causing the Chattanooga backs on several occasions to run the ends. TRANSYLVANIA, 165 GEORGETOWN,, I3 The Georgetown Tigers were forced to accept defeat at the hands of their ancient enemy, Transylvania, 011 Thomas Field, Lexington, Thanksgiving Day, by a score of 16-13. The battle was hard fought from beginning to the last whistle. The Tigers did not play up to their mid-season forn1 and, coupli11g this with over-confidence, lost the day. Punk Thompson, Transylvania's sterling quarterback, scored all his team's points and the Georgetown Tigers willingly take off their hats to this pig-skin artist. The features of the game for Georgetown were the playing of Captain Pollock, Long, Duvall and "Lady" Robinson. 87 SQUAD FOOTBALL E am mmi 89 21.6 ,f x- ,A ga IHIHI mn 0fmQilQ a m ! 90 , A sf ,Ki Lg .Ay Y 3. ., - , wx Q. v , . w 1-My Ma , ff. . "' ' " ' 1 f A if ' ff f N , Ltjjfm-5 M if I , 1 U Q 77 w miiw Offffifp g P , , v f E 5 L Q4 5 M, 13' fi 2. 4 iff' Q, kk wg .fm 5 5524 Q 5? 3 ,gf W .,,A I Q! 1 , f'f'?56l'!c9 X 92 ' K 56 afkillb all z:8i'fh iv. 93 Basketball ffiiYQwi0s RIRIEDIATELY after the closing of the football season, 17' Coach Coleman issued the call for his net artists. The material was composed mostly of veterans and a few out- standing stars of last year's freshman team. Practice x . . sg ous illness of Coach Coleman. The team plugged on as i 5 f' best they could without a coach, but did not put out the brand of ball that they were capable of. VVhen coach arose from his sick bed and took over the reins once more, the Tigers began to improve immediately. They really hit their stride when they defeated the University of Kentucky by an overwhelming score. Transylvania also succumbed to the fast traveling Tigers. The climax of the season was reached when Coach Coleman took his pets to the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Tournament. They drew the Uni- versity of Chattanooga as their first opponent, and were defeated by a narrow margin. Chattanooga proved to be the runners-up in the tourna- ment. Look out for the Tigers of '24! 94 started with vim, but hopes were dampened by the seri- , if BASKETBALL TEAR-I 95 IIC .9 ,4zsm.s,.:' '1 T r 52 '14 ,Ai Q , 6 , Ri' , 2 ...L I 2 CATS LD 9 W1 45 ERS TIG x l W 11 ! V 1 W1 1 1 1 ,-- v 1 10,429 2, 11 4 . ,AQ . I A c" -K 'K "' , L- In . N f 1 --f ..4--!..'-f'- .-I If - f' '-.?.f':-x 7,-'-Fu .,-'.-11 !:,1' , 1-: - " -- "-" , f .ff , - , . 1- - '.', -'tr F . 5 ,fi . --iff! ,- ' 'f-X, Q- X.,- xl! 1' ".-3 ff 'Q y f - 4119 ,T-'i. . ' I 'I""4-':, ':-:lf-91 1 343: - -.xi ff .. "1,:'-24.-1? '- "3e- 22:55 .-ifgfgff " -w"-1553315' ,' ' M-511' 1-Q-' " , A .--1-I. A .5 -, 'Q-4 1- V f ..., ,. -,Q T111-.1 '- -- -.-.1 f ern 1 1 ' x 'J - 11: 221351 "Y 'f-'r Q- 'TV-2 'X f '1,-ffv E T'ffm,'jf'-f15.4" '- -.--.1 ff Tfk 2-.:. ,y 21' LP- QQ'-. v ., "Y5'-1"f-.1.l5- vw- a 9 .gn-gif. .- ':-i. nga. ft highs- 9: -I. ,:1,'.l,?-'-"E- "ff-' 1 " "V'f15'1 lr: -.- wggecg Lu- --.5 - dfalg- .- fi,-ff-. V I.: -13 :K--.5 1, 1, umm! 1? f ,:, -'-- 5:2 'Z2Qqf,-Wm '-'A ": jj. 3 -3 31-5 'B '-3:1 .Q -1 . 'Q'- - "' ' .1 hiv: ' ai'-T ' -ffiiw 4:. Q-,1 gy .4 -.':.f .sp z. , K . .V -0 --il , Q '.-.Ah .17-- -g9,w- fx., ,:- If -. - w .QW V, .,' !. f' - t Q3 1,-, QJFLZEI ,Q if ,Q I. x ' fix- -. ' , 4-'k1'T .'. x ..,.b, X:-f ' , , 1 Lf ' - -", 7' -H..-c.x.n.-31-, ,H K Q..- 'i-"' 4 !. A- :ff-1- 3-. JJ.. .1",'-- Y 1 "dvi -- ' ' I '-"-f'T :--- .ri-:-'ffff - 1' .. 1 " f - 5.3.1 QQ? 19- ' . X ff aff .. f- .Jeff - X wg. gg . , ' , ff -,X ,,,gfgNI- .X 5 1 - hz" ,.,g,,x,-11uf.- It NZ , - . L4-f.Q -:OV ' .5 ,iv --Nz 562: ,N-'atifll' 111.4 if: . 1. .mx -, 4, 147, N 1 gp, ' 1 - --1. 5- QSM. Tr' "5-E1""I'6-'-5? 'I' 3 - 'SJ "- ,K -11 -nf-f.::,ff-,-,' - 2 1- . -, .. -r'.1-er'm.1.1- - -P:.-- . -,1. 1?" F 1:z:'e'l?'z9"'1 2 1- - '-N , A A I - .KL ., 45 -5. --. 1.-L --..-Y' 1:1 L---74.-' '-ff ., -- " 3,5 ,, 1icgr?i,.' 7.3-.5 - . 11 ij: 1- -.1-.' '-y -,.F1..h - . I 1- 'I 3 'ft - 411: x' f R ,- .-1 .. . 1,f--' N f -'- f h ,.v:' ,-, I - X .FE . .5 iw: -, X ,K-,fb ff ha' .- '. 1' -' 1. - J.,-R 5 .1 .' . . . ' I p '43 -,, X X il' -- ,Lf ,gf .2 75' ,-,.-' ,iv -.Qkg .,!k?4-,. fr," - 1 ygqnf .j 11. ,ing Vx. , !' . : ,fn ,ia ' sf: - mf- 1 -'--1 fa-4 .--Q - ,-11 ,f ,7.'-'Q' A1 5 1 '- ",ff -sf ,..-W5 .,,1c 15,1 VJ, ,L Jer: .'. 7 qi . 1 -55 E X X -i -'lex ' cv' Ez.fTf'5p.r- 5 Lil - 'gf Q ,.-f' '--jf.-,-1.111-1.-gf-QQ:13 V, 5!,.,r. lj.. ,-gg, 1 g-,, -,X-.air .,- -I.. , 561925. ' . .f,,,-'-. . mg-:Z'f:ag fg-5-fs yr.: - ,n. .' I' - ff 1 V 'n ' Tin --rv, ! Z' , f-521345. 4' f K 7' Q' LU. J :ua J v. ,fn - -. .. '- ' . , -I -r . '- ' ' if 'fi'-'-HH' Wi 37.1 K I -1... , dyfgfl, , :T : .1-fgw. 1- .5 gn . .I - f ---4' nm:-L if' f f m ?-Eb3"iqE1: ' . vw' 1 L Z. .-,.. ' ,N-....,.. 1 .1 - . , I . - . ' ' 9 Ct 5 ,. .. , . . U ,. .., , 1 6 f , . : ' - V' . g . I 1 . 1-Z, 1 , I ,k 5, . -LN ? -F 'I V ' 1 X A - , 1 ' - A. , f f 1 . , . - . ', I 3 , .:,: - p- l -,- - . H, , . 1 1' .l c v . c 6 --MJ W -U, V J - .A 97 KX 1 .XS 1 , I, Aw r ff fr 114, Xfj 1 fm 7 1 BASEBALL SQ L'AlJ 1 ,-V, I mn 'I W , u 1, r.. w ' , , , . ,j - :. ag . V 44 1 - I 5 T' X f , 2, xx I 'Z XII QV fx! W XV . f"N ,ZW - QV U ,- 1, 1 Wi Q1 Q12 S x- ' 7 I3 -f-.1-L.. f ff ligkf cf-. 'E ' -61:-Fri ,.,.1---1. T-...l ii-1 , xi,. iii- L ,iiiiis ii.,-i iii. .srl--1 ..., 'f"Y'-3,-tr,-:. 99 jc V1 P 4 JH ,- W I 1'f Mf2if0 100 G u""Vxp AD TRACK SQU I 1 'fu' If I , Q U ' f 1 MJ' A l w X H i 1 W- an reshm . ,z 1 Q V'- oozztt' , ..::::::::z..a OOQOOOQQMQQQQN anbnoooooooooq nowooooooooooo rooooooooo uno noun oo Muon sigggoo letics At I 1 If 'ni X N a, Z ?':..-I ,f K X . X9 X If f 1 6112155 -' I Io 1 Wai 4 +'f fwQ5fe!Qj5,,4 ING! CAPT' M My 4 w R 1 , M X n , 1, 11 'A My wg 5 r :fi HI, , 1, w ,, 1 wg: 1 N! N31 ' 1 'Mx' TW ri" Nw MU W' :N HY! W1 W M W 0 45 N i W COACH POLLARD ji f li 5:-MPP CAPT. RABE.- M, FRESHRTAN COACH AND CAPTAINS Z Ymvq ,H ,V,1,4-vviQL:4i:jLf,'fIlllIj i'i ' 0" 'ffll':ff"-1-1 'lL-' ' ' -'V '47-4 IlLiif 'AJ A -,--iffMwf--f-W - L,,,,,. W W W WW , -Y .,..,.. W W'-1 W ' W N W W W WWW W WWW W W W W WW WW WW WWW W W W WW WWW WWJWW WWW WWWWW WWW WW W W W WW WW WWW W W W WW W W WW W W W W WW W W W FOOTBALL TEAIVI WW WW W W WWW WW-'W W. W WWW WW W WWWW WW WW WW'W WW WW W WW WW WW WW WW' 'W W WW WW' WW WW WW WW WWW WW W 'WWW WWWW WW WI WWW WWW WW WW WWW WW BASKETBALL TEARI W W W WWW WW' , WWW W ,WW WW W W' 103 W WWW W WlW,?EfE?il fn , fwiwf "",' HLA'-fwfffshri' A' L77 W 5 " WW W: WW W . . .2 5049 I --ee---eff-l4i++-4+ if l l V Ulfllibifl d .2-..m.-..,.---.--e .C ,WM Freshmen in Athletics ,Zi4QQ-aio OR the first time in the history of athletics in Georgetown College a distinct freshman athletic schedule was maintained during the 1922-23 term, with the verdant squad playing regular games in all major sports, supervised by the freshman coach. The recent ruling of the S. I. A. A., prohibiting the playing of freshmen on varsity teams, made necessary the sseii. gl fin 5, ,Xxx lj' li l l introduction of freshman schedules as distinct from the varsity schedule. V6 This new venture also necessitated a coach to handle the Work and de- velop the new material to the point where it could be used the following year for the first-string events. Courtland F. Pollard, former G. C. athlete, and later coach at Broadus College, was secured to handle the first-year men. In football, the freshies played several regular games, winning three, losing three and drawing the seventh. As a beginning in this field, this is not a bad showing, and it is stated that in addition to dividing honors with their opponents, the "Tigerettes" also developed several men that will prove of utility to Coach Coleman for his varsity next year. Among the promising number are Shipp, Taylor, Neal, Major and Boswell. All of these men showed up well on the emerald squad and they are slated to do big things next year on the big squad. The freshmen were handicapped in basketball by a late start, but notwithstanding this fact, made a creditable showing and displayed real playing ability in the pinches. No estimate can be placed on the first-year men's ability on the diamond as that sport has not been started at the time of this writing. It has been predicted, however, that being Americans, they will make an even better showing in the national sport than they did in basketball and football. The Freshman Class also contains several men who come highly recommended for their efficiency on the track, and if the reports are true, some of these will be developed into record breakers after they reach the point where they can represent the college in intercollegiate athletics. 104 f""'m mlm" ' J iris' Basketball i' A M 5 1 N K sww L S I A. w ,. Mm. -m jc We 1" 'fwivfc 9 IO6 TEARI L ASKETBAL B 5 GIRL I gl w lg 5 1 5 V. VM: N 11111 f ,Ll up IV: r-1 ' 'i ,fffvf Fgffynfi JI ,ffflff , mp! H I" UlmM2wf.l.,l,, 'A foe' ff-3 f I ..l.....- ..-.., .-,,,,,,, q,,,,, ,, ,V , V- , f, J, ,U ,, , W M-, ,l,.--Y1...L...l4Tj.'1',- jj! Eli' UV it " If in E,'f,yi:9,, ,Wg Y, W ' ' ' ' T ' ,W " .: QP?-ij-A'l'5 ,V"31"L "1 A' V lfi Jil, N "4 v I 1 1 1 q, lair lf: Y i, lb' 'H H1 JI: I, "H IW M, J' X J Q1 , ,Q 1' wr ,A X, 'Q .,' Hi? W ll Nw ,N EV ,Vg W E!! id 1 1 W, X, L. I "I I, I xl! , 1 ' 4 , w N aw' ,4 M M 11 :LN Nil I 1 1 1 Y fl V ig!! V ll 4: 'I , I 5:1 ,lx Q 5 Up HI' PY Tx JI Xwx 1.J,f-Jfjf Z yl? 3 TIGER ETTES 107 - jc J 1' f"'1"'!!.Z4!c 9 A 'f?ii2142iff25a W' Q' 24:2 -M54 'Qc L- Mi 4- GEORGETOWN-TRANSYLVANIA, NOV. 29, 1922 108 Book Four FEATURE Oh, how much more cloth beauty beauteous seem By that sweet ornament wlzfch truth cloth give., The rose looks fair, but fairer we if cleem For that sweet odour which cloth in it lfve. -SHAKESPE mn. 110 1 QR ff IKE NTMCHWS WXWZ 5 T III 011, she is fairer than the ewnin-11 air, Clad in lhe beauty of a thousand stars IIZ fir if N 1 ' 3 1 IVhat's true beauty but fair fvirtue's face- Ifirtue made 'visible in auth-ward grace? lI3 Can any mortal mixture of eartlfs mould Breathe .ruth difuine enchanting rafvishment! 114 , ,L ,,, Ag 1 , 1 ,V 'Ad?,?'x? 93' 4 1 , . A V ,. ff ,I ' ,N A . , f .iq "qv, Q gp Asif fy?-j A . Jw! N' ,N sf I? Q 1 1 X. pm f, 1 ' f. , . hx,,gff 6 ' J- . 4, ' x "4 uv -. -1- nur -v "Q ' .9 'q'KQ.f.f',Z'Mfffff' 'if' 3 o,. ... .- . ' . - v 'QV - ..,.-..:..- ..-- 1 Q Q is 'FH , -., XXX M fr, rg ' -- tt" wr rf". ' : I ..f,.x w f . . Q3 Q5 ,yt .MJ .1 uf X 1 ,, rr aff- in Xia: X'-ji , 5 'Lf fy '-' "W - ' Wa V ' fl I A " ' ' 4' wk . 'Y 'al .f 'Za' .1511 ' . "x.'--.1' I b -' ,.-' N fri.-F1-r.1La.:.,.a. ., . -- .f - A - - V v HN I.,.aub--f.-ws-1,214..:..::..,:-..:M ,.. W . ....g . , , 1. . Ill '01 Wiiyf. . 6' QU 2 'Q I! . 1 A u v n II r. A ? ?,isi':"g'-51.7 ix i . .c . - - ' , ' t. id H Q-V 1 . is N 4: ,. f' q... 'gvllf - r V", V. gsm ' v IH. :S 4 J w '.3i3a?,:,,,fV 'J XL fi -',. "4 v . .f -4- ,V X X .1 'J q i,.-..FM Q Q ne if-L. ..-" xhls W 1 b U 2 ' ' J 5 g 4? ' new 'If Q' 1 , J. 4 '-4w 'Q lu- Q "" 'Q 5 , X -, 4 ' N wg ff-- s 'v 'I x Q E V ,k'. ,Q A yi 5 .,. l ' -fQ-f- .ig .-,ff 5 I 'f I. .tux V ' 4 HU 49 K-J-54:1 ' ix . wig?.w ' 3 gl Qi . 4,Qq :ff .Ali 8 ' Q- ga'Al fJ 13 k F" - X oo r ne P A ff ORGANILATIONS w . bw! J V A gQ Il. if 4 E 'B J nw. "ff ' QM QE, Q , V. ' ' . 7 'mi.'- , Q. 0 .- , ., ..,. - , K ,..-- N - , V ,.,,,-.,,.,,L..f-.Aw , . ' f Q ' ,.-J 'K ' 4. if l l , . . 'inn' 4 , ,...- ,A1,,,.,A,,,, ,M l, v-at"Y STUDENT COUNCIL HONOR SYSTEBI COBIMITTEE 116 ,A..5f'f.-T W V I r , 'ffffkgifelt rf HNF i Code of HOIIOI' ndvvgh College ones life is not a thing separate and distinct, but the rather ag a vital part of a complex organization, that where he is Weak the : whole is weakened that from his strength the 01 ganization is strength enedg moreover, earnestly wishing that this college stand for the 66" biggest things of life, operate with the traditions, be it resolved that: . EALIZING that as a member of the student body of Georgetown UQ? , . . . . . E: W W . - . . K I, W V. n . 4 . . . I - .3 , . , . . . I.. He should be a positive factor in Georgetown College. 2. He should conduct himself as a gentleman Cor ladyj should. 3. His class room and examination work shall be entirely his own. 4. In all cases where he is acting on his honor, without supervision, he shall not betray the confidence entrusted in him. 5. As a representative of the College he should conduct himself in such a manner as to reflect credit upon the institution. A 6. He should bear in mind the fact that he is a student of Georgetown College, that his every act reflects credit or discredit upon his fellow students, and that par- tially in his hands lies the future of this institution. 117 V, 1 , I , 'ff f , . K ' 1 .. T 1 4 , , 11 N , fy FIDELIS S. S. CLASS AGOGO S. S. CLASS IIS Y. IXI. C. A. CABINET if 119 Z! ,. .f fl f ' pf, 7 , 24 1'N' ,A Aiffffilfjifft ', fh"5'fQ I Ligliff' ' ifff , 547 ' Y. W. C. A. CABINET 120 l +1 V f :Mm 1 ' fl -: . L! rf-" 'sl' , . V .530 fffy SELF GOVERNIXIENT COUNCIL IZI jc vm 1 , E """5jfA!U STUDENT M ISSIONARY SOCIETY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA 122 xf X xg QA.x'lV.A' QQ FZX ff ,L I lien? Av. K 52 Avfvvwu 3 .+ Wifi ffffl Y 1 T f 1 KMA 1 f Q1 111 124 LITERARY SOCI ETY TH ETA KAPPA U TA 1 E u f 5 E E 1 1 Y 1211 ,W 1 1!! E N1 11 1 1 W1 1 ,H 1 1 I 1 1 im IU 1, 1 1, E11 11 12' il 1. 2: ,11 1 1 111 11-1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1!! 1 W 1. 11 1,1 11 1 , ,1 -1 '11 11 11 ,. xl 1 gl 11 J 1 I 1 113 1: '1 ' 125 '7?fT "" TH'-T "' ' " A fm' "" - ' "", ' ,'1"i'T1 it ""' A 'A-'W if 'W i '," ig 1:1-'V iw rj-5 -Y ff - CIC ERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ti, eff 5019 A 1 E Qi , W- flag Y---gif Y 'H in ' i i Ii ii, ,,,j,' . J Wwrmfrfwgg ,P . Uffififp 1, l 1.. 1- 7 i l pi: , ' J ' 3 ' 'ii' 2 Ml, ll l Tl l l A Alpha ,I She's always full of pep and enthusiasm, she's always smiling the friendliest smile i if: and saying the kindest word, she's always boosting the best things in school.--Wlio is A Wi she? She's an Alpha! i Ever since the division of Eupeian Society into Alpha and Zeta, the Alphas have stood for the best things on the campus. Look around at the most prominent i girls in school, and find that they're Alphas. Alpha teaches her girls to be self- , reliant and to be leaders in everything they undertake, not only in college life, 1 il ,i, but in the communities into which they go after graduation. To every Alpha girl, her pin of pearls and garnets typifies the purity, loyalty, , fidelity and high ideals for which Alpha always has and always will stand. ll xi Iigh i li ' M. s. D., 'za i 1 1 X , l ,il l i, 1 ill ii ,lil lull iiiilii iliili 1. ,qi lui 126 Milli lijl iii li i-i-'54 ii. is ii til 'A . --,- V -Y Q-.Y-YW 47.-Y-Y.,,,-Lf,,,,,,, WV-, -Win ,.. T- , , , , W- , T ,, --. 4--f W.--,--Y -. -N.. ....1. 1 3 ?""x' ' ' """?' g""""' k Q' '7"""""" '1""" 1' f 'f" '2 H, , I 1 ??f'5Z0!Z!4'Tf Zeta Zestful, Enthusiastic, Trustworthy, Alive, We Zetas try to beg In declamation we are as fine As one could wish to seeg In athletics we can hold a place Among the very bestg In everything that needs some pep VVe're sure to stand the test. For years we've headed the procession Of all that's good and true, Let's always strive to keep unmarred The t'rep" of the Gold and Blueg May Zeta's Bluebird guide us onward In a glorious career, And make our work and fun as well Grow better every year. So let's give a cheer for dear old Zeta, Let's pledge our strength anew, Others may choose the Rose and White, But it's us for the Gold and Blue, Let all our troubles be forgotten And join in a rousing soundg Let's give three cheers for Zeta girls And three for old Georgetown. A. L. I27 L ! I H yi My I 'r ,Mix 11 1, :Fi fix If M W: PM 9 , , - ni-f ' " ' "W lx El' L V N gf, Wx, '11 Q: 4,,1,, , g,4.:,A , , , V , Y ' 1 , ' I NHJ'mf,. Uflllgf FWWF.1,,,:tf,:"'g"i:" 'i - - f 5 ill IV i ' if 4 qlkwf b 44 J UE QL? W 14' i I r 'H l 1' 4 'f , I '4 1 r X1 I iv JS Hg x I ' I i rf' 'a H y: I1 M, 113 12 mi wi Jr 128 in H 1. P f' 1 2055 DW f W W 1 H l 'V 'N iff 1111+ ,fjfp 1 1' ' f L .- Q f 1 dj ,!,YJ!Lg I29 ,rn WWW Y J 'J 7 li Q l llfflnlxljfifk ',, Literary Activities 'QQ TP- OR some reason, probably the coming of I1 K J, literary activities in taking a new interest in forensics is evidenced by the fact that approx- imately forty men have declared their intention of participating in this - - . type of student activity this year. w L' Interest and friendly rivalry between the Literary Societies reach .... ,Q l?Z.,:lX fr o . N , Georgetown College have taken a new lease on life. That students are blk? 'Iyfl fall., a climax in the Annual Oratorical and Debating Contest. A new feature in oratoricals in G. C. is the Declamatory Contest on Forensic Day QFebruary 225 in which the girls participate. Following these events, we have debates with Transyl- vania, Centre, Wesleyaii and the University of Kentucky. Last year we lost only one debate in the state. Our ranking in the State Oratorical Contests is also high. Reviewing our record in State Forensics for the past few years, and remembering the new material received in addition to the old men who are back, we do not presume too much to predict a highly successful year of literary activities for Georgetown College. D. B. S., '23, 130 i iQic4li igEgiLll 9li 2i:,:fi1 :i,1l1iggiglT ii':?f, "'l'i'ii'g gg, iz 1 7 1 , X ' , V V N ' x '-32 V22 45 l3I ' u 1 1.1 3.1, J I .1 -- L- ,fl 7 N ' VI If If I A ' ,I ' fl j 132 1 .14 Ii X. Ap. ?.,, ls du CLUB GLEE GIRLS' 3 Q W J i v 1 i 1 r I 1 CHORAL CLUB ORPHEUS CLUB 133 1 1 i fic? 7 -'fffbifo 134- V, A ,I J 7i!cD 135 I! r lf!! , jxl, N 'I N 7 . f jf, ' 1 1 fi ,-'ffxli 7 - iW EW r, N 1, , 4 -'W l 1' . 'Ido I YW' i V VM w N N N g N My ff? W V j i i Ml I qv If I31 if ii N1 1. :M , WN' N , llH 145 al!! . iff SH? SM U! 3 136 Epi 3 I 11' 1 I: Y . ...K ,,.--.-,,,,f , M. 35 M , , 4, , Y ,W ,YV,V WH .nf-W f. -rw 1' ! :I If 'lj' Nl ' IH T ' 1 , 4 e ' J A. . H1-If 5 ' ,--- , ,QYYY H 13 ASSOCIATION STUDENT BIINISTERS fgf , ff ' fa ,UL Jr, 7 ' " "'5ffXlff1 13 I w A I 5 v I N B CLU UNTAIN IWO ,, vffffblfw 139k I I 1 l UB CL ENTUCKY NORTH K -1"-Tffi ff' 1 fi gf ,Une , ,, 4 4rfQf'ffWlX!!L1!Lb fy SHELBY COUNTY CLUB INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 140 Ja, 71: K ' ' V2 fr' fl 5 If N "W ,5 L' f, 1 V, . 6. , W ff 'if ' , 'r ig N.: ,Q K.. 4 . L, Y 1'-r x P , W5 g f W ,,,f, U , , ,,,V , pp, ,U .-,'fu"g , - f W , J 'i"' V .L RED H EADED CL L' B SOUTHERN CLL' B 141 D! 3 J 1 A H T :tt ufflfgjgxl 3 'QW -if 5 . I . Us . ,..' N 'fy-1162528 A 33, , 'fsfa q"5,:A . T, gifs, ,., . ATTRACTIONS AND DISTRACTIONS 142 - "Y: , " ' 4. --1, t J K I -'W -up ag f eww, "?"','.?F T'f,M "Q, , K gf I-:asa . g,.g55L:.,, ,- an "'1 f'5 -. Y' -. '--- A- w,Zb...diQ,.:...55!k:'. 4.-,Q'-.Iiw:,w.em.L.q:.n,,Q::.g: aaa. X- '- -ga I -s:v.3Xw5,- '1- 1 5 Q""',f,Eli11,. di 5 nl' -.Z , J' X 1 if x I- 14 I-I 'I I ,A ' M J ,,- ,. , . , PE 1 Y 3 If n 1 IQ i fi I ,Q A -1 E .4 an. xi F i I fr ' 4 i il J 2' Qi 3 3.4 ,li w wi J: E! W 'J n i 'i 4 il ' ' .1 . 2 ,, I lj Q 4 Y M: IFJ 4 In , I .ff hw V .1 1 A H fl U .fp '4 i 3 L. '. 2 ,, Q. Book Six MI CELLANEO S ' ' f ' f f. ' 1 ,ji jfffrll L-an ln and About the Campus Exlrzlcl From the Catalog, Page 46 GEN ERAL COLLEGE REGULATIONS VVhile connected with the institution, students are expected to conform to the fol- lowing requirements: 1. Boys may visit our neighboring city once a week. Before going, each student shall fill out a form provided for this purpose. Due to special arrangement with Wee VVillie, no charge is made for the form unless an excessive number is used. This being the case, a reasonable amount for each additional form used will be deducted from the student's contingent fee. 2. It is forbidden that any mere youth become enamored of a fair maiden of Rucker Hall. However, seniors, are allowed a little leeway here. 3. All due respect must be accorded to those who sit high on the seats of authority and who reign supreme in No lXIan's Land. 4. Swearing, without special permit, is hereby prohibited. Those desiring to in- dulge in this gentle sport must fill out a form provided by VVee VVillie, who will make a slight charge for same. llloney derived from permits is to go into the general fund to put showers in the Gym. 5. After all athletic contests, students may gather quietly in their respective rooms and discuss the games under faculty supervision. 6. No one shall lie in bed after 7 a. m. All offenders must pay fines to the treas- urer, such money to be used by the College to give the students more personal attention. 7. As has been the custom of the College for many years, chaperones will be furnished for all boys who desire to visit Lexington. Said chaperones must not be maltreated unduly, except in cases of dire necessity. 8. No concealed weapons may be carried to classes. 144 -M J " 1-15 l, A' ,' lc Il!-' :X X7 E- A' ,wa i 1 - 1 L I '. Announcements GENERAL The swimming pool in the Gym will be closed during the winter. VVatch for the grand opening next spring. The daily prayer meetings held in room 205 in Pawling Hall are a source of inspiration and joy to all the occupants of the Hall. All young men of the College are hereby notified that the enamoring fee is now due and must be paid before the 10th inst. Failure to do this will cause denial of all Rucker Hall privileges. Coach Pollard will not teach his Sunday School class next Sunday. He will be in Louisville attending the races. Certain virtuous youths who are prone to match pennies are known, and will be severely frowned upon. Dr. Thompson is suffering from a nervous breakdown resulting from the fact that Jack Nash and Russell Bauer both attended Bible 33 last Tuesday. Young ladies will please sit on the right side of the Libraryg young men on the left. D1NiNc HALL ANNOL'NCEhIENTS First come, first served. Board must be paid in advanceg it's too much trouble to dun surviv- ing relatives. A special nail will be provided in the dining room for the boys to hang their napkins on. The practice of tipping waiters will be discontinued. The killing of waiters and other breaches of etiquette will not be permitted. Got that tired student feeling? Can't study at night? Feel like a Faculty member looks? Take ZIP. It has a kick. Served with meals in Dining Hall. Free. 146 ,- Nl Things We Know. But Arenit Going to Tell I. Why Ruth Arnett goes to the Lib every night. 2. How many letters Bill wrote Van this year. 3. Why the Psychology Class studied the lesson, January 6th. 4. Whom Speedy gave the third picture to Qwe aren't saying anything about the first and secondj . 5. Why Rucker Hall Girls go to Prayer llleeting. 6. Whose silhouette Dr. Adams saw on the second alcove blinds. 7. Why the Editor and Business Manager had their lives insured before the Annual came out. 8. Why Dolly doesn't go home every week-end. 9. Why Frank Hall approves of the Beauty Section, and IO. Why Marion Geiger does not. Advice to the Staff of '24 I. Don't begin work on your Annual until after the Xmas holidays. 2. Don't try to get the Annual out early. lf you did, you'd have nothing to do for the balance of the year. 3. Don't charge seniors any more for their section than you do the freshmen, for they'll get sore if you do. If you should happen to conie out in the hole, you can pay it out of your own pocket. 4. Don't start collecting pledges until after spring holidays. Subscribers will be sure to have money before then and, consequently, will have no excuse not to pay. 5. Have your life insured before the Annual comes out. It pays! Take it from the Editor of ,23. He knows. 6. Don't ask the Profs for any class cuts. You won't get yem. You'll only get more personal attention. 7. Don't ask anybody to help you do anything. You'll have to do it yourself in the end, so you might as well start by doing it. 8. Don't try to cut down expenses. As l said before, if you come out in the hole, you can pay it out of your own pocket. lt has been done before. 9. To the Business Manager: Don't bother about soliciting ads. THE BELLE OF THE BLUE is so popular that you'll have to hide from patrons who want to put in ads. IO. To the Editor: Be sure to ask every one's opinion on all you do. They'd give it to you anyway, but it flatters them for you to ask for it. II. Don't fail to ask lldr. Browning for the College's contribution to the Annual. He gave the ,23 Staff f1750.00. 147 148 ' f' ' -' ,f -. . , V R w rx, 1 1, 1, , ., ,, I 1 DONT STOP Q P s 'CEo1?GEToww 'K GGL-I-sae Q , M A A v A753 'P X Q I ll 449' f' + wwfigqf l X X X i xxx Qfff 7 :., fi 2, 'Lag "' M lffllfxl A I -. W fx me f f'V Q W h gif' ' -N X 49 Zeysing X Chinn Georgetown Laundry Gullev S Scudder Lair Daviess 8 Oldham G. H. Nunnelley 85 Co. The Sweet Shop Henders0n's Drug Store Farmers Bank 8 Trust Co. Georgetown National Bank VV. T. lliskell SL Son VVright 8 johnson J. K. Lewis German Gillespie S. E. Barlow Georgetown News Georgetown Times QI. R. Parducci College Book Store Georgetown College Coghill's Grocery Lancaster Hotel Co. Bradley's Studio Herring Sz Jenkins lXIrs. R. lledley Dr. I.. B. Bourne If ,f ' 7 'X fit l - OUR PATRON S Georgetown Opera House Georgetown Baking Co. j. VV. Thacker O. llvleyer Hickey Brothers Phoenix Quality Shop Lexington Wholesale Bakery Phoenix Hotel Company Rlitchell, Baker lk Smith Graves, Cox 8: Co. John A. Keller Company Guaranty Bank R Trust Co. Transylvania Printing Co. Baynham Shoe Store Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary A. H. Fetting Co. Hirsch Brothers L. G. Balfour Company lllontag Brothers Roe-O'Connor Baptist Book Concern Harcourt 31 Co. Bethel College Rochester Theological Seminary A ALITY COLLEGE WHERE The Quality of the AB. degree is of the very highest to be found anywhere. The Quality of the student body is emphasized rather than the quantity. The Quality of work done is of such high standard that graduates are accepted for full graduate work in the best universities in the country. LET US TELL YOU ABOUT OUR QUALITY COLLEGE A Card Brings Information GEORGETOWN CGLLEGE "ON BEAUTIFUL ELKHORNH GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY I MITCHELL, BAKER Sz SMITH INCORPORATED THE 'QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear Garments, Millinery, High-Class Dressmakingy Infants' and Art Departments College Folk Welcome. Make This Your Shopping Home 230-232 WEST MAIN ST. LEXINGTON, KY COMPLIMENTS OF GRAVES, COX 8z CO. OPERA HOUSE J. R. Parducci BARBER SHOP MEAT MARKET College Boys Welcome All Kinds Fresh Home- Soulh Broadway Meats J. K. LCC'Nf3IorZ5Tpnetor TELEPHONE 604 GEORGETOWN STEAM LAUNDRY FIRST-CLASS WORK SPECIAL RATES TO, STUDENTS College Representative Maiiitaiiied W. C. MEDLEY, Prop THE PHOENIX HOTEL LEXINGTON, KY. Appointments complete in every detail. Room service a reminder of the comforts of home. Culinary Service Unexcelled BOWLING AND BILLIARD PARLORS With Latest Equipment The management respectfully invites the faculty and student body of Georgetown College to make the Phoenix Hotel their headquarters while in Lexington. JNO. G. CRAMER, Manager PARAMOUNT SALAD DRESSING The Fines! in lhe World Also Pickles, Catsup, Chili Sauce, Swe Piccalette and Many Other Goodies ARE MADE BY l-lirsch Bros. Sr Co. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY et TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING COMPANY Incorporated STATIONERS, OFFICE OUTFITTERS PRINTERS 258 West Main St. Lexington, Ky. ARTISTIC WCRKMANSHIP MODERN EQUIPMENT "Thul's Why We Are Student Prinlersl' THE GEORGETOWN TIMES Prints the "GeorgetOnian" and "The Georgetown Quarterly" PHOENIX QUALITY SHOP MEN'S CLOTHING, HATS L, G. BALFOUR COMPANY INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry CLASS AND SCHCOL EMBLEMS, PINS AND RINGS Special designs and estimates fur- nished on Class Pins, Rings, Special Society Emblems, Medals for Ath- FURNISHINGS letic Meets or Honorary Keys. Phoenix Block East Main Main Of-Hee LCXir18t0I1, Ky- ATTLEBORO, MASS. LEXINGTON WHULESALE BAKERY COMPANY INCORPORATED E. E. BERTI-IOLF, JR., President WHAT IS BETHEL COLLEGE? lVlore lVlore lVlore More lVlore More More lVlore More lVlore More lVlore lVlore More More lVlore More than than than than than than than than than than than than than than than than than the two hundred students. the faculty of fourteen. the campus of sixteen acres. the five buildings. all the athletic games. the sixty-two ministerial students. the athletic teams. the worlc of the literary societies. tennis courts and bowling alleys. swimming, hilces, feasts and frolics. recitations, chapels and laboratories the "Collegian" and "The Dasherf' sixteen houses in "C,ladish Court." its history of seventy years. N. Long I-Iall. its Alumni, scattered world-wide. its Trustees and Kentucky Baptists. more? BETHEL SPIRIT-That's All Young Men, You Need It. Wrife for Catalog BETHEL COLLEGE, Russellville, Ky What The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY TUITION FREE MODERATE COST SESSION OPENS SEPTEMBER 20 Special Features: English Bible courses, devoting nine hours per weelc to careful siudy under professors who are experts in the original languages of Scripture School f Biblical Theology, School of Christian Missionsg School of Sunday School Pedagogy School of Christian Sociolcgyg School of Church Efficiency. Catalogue giving complete information sent free upon request. Address E. Y. IVIULLINS, President, Norton I-Iall, Louisville Ky .I-II! ll ,lt , l I "We Ourselves the Better Serve by Serving Others Best" Henderson Sc Son DRUGGISTS Wright 8z Johnson FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING Special lnducements and Attention to Students E. Main St. Georgetown, Ky. BEN A. LAIR 1. ORVILLE OLDHAM J. I. DAvIEss "The Quality Store" LAIR, DAVIESS Sz OLDHAM Clothing, Shoes and Hats MEN'S FURNISHINGS, LADIES' AND MISSES' SHOES AND "Say It With Flowersi' FROM John A. Keller Company lncorporated FLORISTS Main Street Opposite Phoenix Hotel OXFORDS LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Georgetown, Kentucky II4 Main St. Phone l39 Phone Zeysing and Chinn STETSON SHOES STETSON HATS ELGIN SHIRTS "Everything a Man Wears" THE HOUSE or KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES S, E. BARLOW feweler and Optician Glasses Carefully Fitted J. W. KELLER, Manager Georgetown, Kentucky X I J 1 T D -1 I1 , ffm' fy 1 N ' 'J f'fa!44 Hicke Brothers Billiard Parlor Hearty Welcome to All Excellent Service ew Lancaster Hotel Mrs. Lon Abbott, Proprietor GEORGETOWN, KY. Rates 32.75 to 33.50 per Day Telephone 247 E.L'cENE ANDERVILLE BRADLEY KATHERINE STOUT BRADLEY BRADLEY TUDIO PORTRAITURE BY PHOTOGRAPHY We Made the Pictures for This Annual GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY PARIS, KENTUCKY l-IERRING, JENKINS 61 COMPANY Georrretown's Biggest Store Is the Store of College Boys and Girls For the Girls-Suits, Coats, Underwear and Dresses. For the Boys-Shirts, Collars, Socks, Neckwear, etc. PHONE 40 Mail Orders Promptly Filled For the W'0rk of the Ministry The demand for pastors who are "thor- oughly furnishedn for thc work of the min- istry was never greater than today, the op- portunity for service never more inviting. The Rochester Theological Seminary seeks to prepare men for the practical work of the ministry by a comprehensive training in both scholarship and methods of service. The Seminary has a Faculty of ten members, and a Library of 50,000 volumes, including the famous Neeander collection. It offers a wide choice of electives and grants the degrees of B.D. and M,Th. All courses in the Universi- ty of Rochester are open to Seminary stu- dents. The city of Rochester furnishes a re- markable laboratory for observation and for participation in church and charitable work. Send for illustrated cata'0gu6. Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y., Clarence A. Barbour, Pre-s.g J. W. A. Stewart, Dean. COGHILL' GRUCERY Staple and Fancy Groceries First-Class Meat Market Prompt Delivery cEoRc.ETowN, KY.. fr J - ff! x R 1 1 in I ,T .S ' I' N: J' f' ffm rj f J - -Y ' Y- infix 1 Y V ,E V , W' J, 1. , , rv 3 V fl,4l,,,,,L,,,-, 3. r- 7 'K-1 J' ffl!! JI -1 ,,g,,,:,,, AFTER COLLEGE---WHAT? All college men and women with a purpose think seriously during their school days about entering the business or professional field. After deciding what to do, one of the main essentials is to establish credit. By having a connection with a strong bank, it is much easier to secure credit when entering business. The Guaranty Bank 81 Trust Co. is interested in the welfare of young men and women, and you are cordially invited to come in and get acquainted with us and our banking methods. 4 PER CENT PAID ON TIME AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Guaranty Bank Sz Trust Company SAFETY-SERVICE WM. H. PORTER, Vice-President and Cashier CORNER SHORT AND UPPER STS. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Member Federal Reserve System The College Book Store Ol' BOOKS SUPPLIES NOVELTIES CANDY ,' I ,' 'I tl. W. THACKER, President C. T. HAMBRICK, Vice-Presidenl and Cashier GEORGETOWN NATIONAL BA K GEoRcETowN, KY. "The Bank of Personal Serviceu A PERFECT DAY There are Iots of 'em. One is the day on which you realize that your printed matter reflects the taste and judgment of the Student Body at large. We are regular weather makers in this line, and can assure you that your forceful message, printed by us, will make the sun shine on the College Campus. TI-IE GEORGETOWN NEWS j. R. LANCASTER, Proprietor Commencement Invitations, College Stationery, Visiting Cards, Dance Favors, Wedding Invitations. W. G. Beckley, Georgetown, '23, will become associated in 1923 with HARCOURT 8: COMPANY Incorporated Louisville, Kentucky Years of Experience Makes for Perfect Service THE SWEET SHGP MBnNc, You at-tounb GAVE- FOR TFC 0 S .YOU R TRADE: SWEETS Foe ow-GfwM2NGf Vis!-1?::i?rl?TH-oulirggnd wg cnn convince you in a short time of our abil- ities. What are your plumbing needs? LUNCHE5 o. J. MEYER Plumbing, Heating, Metal and Pump K. STONE HTEDDYT GLASS Offi Phone 4 Work Reside 630 Georgetown, K If itis Lumber, Coal, Harclware, F arming Implements ASK THE G. H. NUNNELLEY C0. They Have ll" CO-OPERATION PROM PTNESS ACCURACY The Farmers Bank and Trust Company GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY "The Safes! Spot in Scott County" J. C. NICHOLS, Cashier R. B. THOMAS, Presidcni Efel If ' 1' !' ,Jil Iii, I 4 f A ff-Mfy,ff of STINGING BALLS Whipped over the plate by the fastest pitchers snuggle into Wilson 'mitts and cling. They're sci- entifically designed for errorless play. Our Ray Schallc catcher's mitt was designed by the catching ace of the Chicago White Sox, and is used by every American League backstop. Deadens impact of hardest balls. 'Q ROE O'CONNOR GRADUATION DAY A beautiful and complete line of Grad- ld' and ouml College Students Welcome to Mrs. R. Medley's ::::a2mE:?"1iif uation Announcements. MILLINERY AND BEAUTY PARLOR CONCERN SOUTH HAMILTON STREET Incorporated TELEPHONE 135 General Book Store 656 Fourth Avenue LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY THE CITY BARBER SHOP Is the Place for First-Class Service. College Work a Specialty GULLEY or SCUDDER North Broadway DR. L. D. BOURNE 1aS'W,QQEjRgkig6lBf0' STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Res. Phone 345, Office Phone 277 Fine Line of Candies Main Street Hotels, Colleges grggcgiier Large Buyers Georgetown, Ky' Phone 74 GEORGETOWN, KY. It V ,H ir, 'fitj' ,1'f'g !J If Qc E' , L. 7 mcg AAILSAAA s L 1:1 if A T m ' , L A ww e"e ' T' so L " Wg i it T it I 7 , at we li 'Wa it 'lr , Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary it T541 SEMINARY HILL, TEXAS rolls The 1922-1923 session has been its largest and best session. Great will progress has been made in strengthening of faculty, increase of student body, ,Ui , . enlargement of course of study, and in other valuable ways. Its various T sw .. departments in Theological study, in Gospel Music, Religious Education and lfll Missions have greatly grown and have been materially strengthened. The F - lVlaster's degrees are given to college graduates, Bachelofs degrees given to QQ junior college graduates, diplomas given to high school graduates, and cer- lt tilicates of proficiency given to others without these educational qualifications, after pursuing the required course of study. A great spiritual, missionary atmosphere and splendid equipment, a Christ-honoring. brotherhood, won- l tlli derful opportunity for study, many lields of religious activity open to aggres- sive workers. For further information write to Q L. R. SCARBOROUGI-I, D.D., President N SEMINARY HILL, TEXAS ll' qi wit Nl WM ll 'l4ji, iii l , . 1 , ii, WI, ww l Lll fl. Established isvs wt, A. H. Fetting Mfg. Montes Brothers lil Incor ora.ted 3 Jewelry CO. ATLANTA? GEORGIA l llll MANUFACTURERS t 1 GREEK LETTER FRATERNITY WM'anufgCtu'er5 gfh lime dB'ge? xi JEWELRY riting apers, c oo an o - 'T' 213 North Liberty Street lege Supplies' etc' will BALTIMORE, MD. College Boys' Headquarters ,l 'll Giitiitkftiiiifis GEORGETOWN casa Work and Polite OPERA HOUSE l .L Service T, fly l'l. L. Scott, lVlgr. Milli MAIN STREET ll 'ig fcaiarsap T . iff Miskell 81 S011 Gegrggtgwn FIRST-CLASS SHOE ' REPAIRINC Baking Company College Work a Specialty S-I-EAM BAKERY AND South Hamilton St. FANCY CROCERIES ,. . FLORSHEIM .wwe-as ' J, 7 ' ' "Styles of lhe Times" N ' Jflorfffi BAYNHAM SHOE COMPANY 107-109 Main sneer Lexington, Ky. We Earnestly Hope Our Reaclers Will patronize Those Who Have Advertised With Us ' xx -f X .3 f lr X ,ff li! j , ..,V ilg ,f N wx 4 1 ,-, W , 1.7, X- a' " 35 L' r-"iii V JJ' A !.l4'!v..-X .ffl fry, 4 r . . ., ,,,1- f i f fm' YC 7' ' - i, X K, , f ,fiifffi ,, -, A f ' f- 3 QXi lf2fl 2fi?f1Z'V - " - 1152 E. f A g - B 1 -14 19 C Llf 'E L O1'l"LP611'1 I ? I 1 E o e Annua 21 lfavevf 2g1.ov1fv1Q,1.,L, K LN V CKY 'Vx .fr Agf x , viffs w ?Q"T"t"7'-fi ' 21? VX? - A ig f 245 7 . Q K EES li! L- I .da KWQQ :Qx'4xx CW 1' 4 W XN1' Q Nffflllll C ,416 DMV fffmwy-W - .Z -f V W .-442 j i 3: lk '31-1 1-fr 7. V- ar' ' iz fffvf fy 'W' max "f- X Qj dsn --N-.. 'L fs. ,gli ,H-f '-L.,-. 5532 'gk - ,- 'W-H iiffwir My 4Nf -f 'X -S? ,-H31 Y, Xa jx " 2 . --N zfg klifbi -'N' . '17-.v-an ,..,.. .- M U- ,svn-wil' f,.,.ZTl' Q-V' 1 4' U- PM ',,,...-- ggwf ww-.. '5ii ,Lf ' -'f--'--' ""-- "-' 1' Kmw fg ' -4h N - ' ' - gi 1 -L, - ft ' :f-is ,,.,.-.,--1 .7'f-.A 1 E534 dp. iffw 3: ,N ' ' W., - ' aa..- X 1-:a32g'l4?kilii1'1Qxx,Q QQ 0051 , ,fx 1 '--- Q..- j1353326ifggy-7,kgg,fef!,Fg2en,f14 WF- Q ., mg wasmsQ'L' w'h 0 ' J 1 ' , IM. Q51 Jrgkik Q My 90, ,,. '--ff. ---Mmm 'fffmsiawfpvwmp-wwmffff 6. A .X f M -- ,ff 1 Hsviisqpvkwz f 1 - ' A , 4, f: 12. 4 11-we sxwswfmib j bf . Q04 -fs ,Z -1' 9- I -f -'Qui-32RJwSQq30,2'fq la h ,...hxX +1-,V 4 -J -2- -.f f it 1 . - v.v...A, -ZW G .,, f ' vw- '- - M- 4' - ' :S Q -fm f,xl. ?,- -Y I P ' "-S N-if LM fa ' - if . 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'M 41 V" 5- X 4 riff 11 S '-1'-""""-it . fl 1, -it uffffgijcj Yip '1 'W' 'll More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1923. 1-H This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. ill From the beginning to the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. 111 Surely if "Experience is the best teacher," as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. C5 College Annual He-aclquartersv V 0 . , , Www WW! fM,,,.c,,,,,, WMZVWM 7M"f'AU?fG7f"'!9L-f7ff'5+f-f-f,v1,ffZ4.,LAI".,QQf ' u g25l7af,Qm,gz5,4.71i m Y. B1,"lmfA, 4C-Q. 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