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X n x. lf GEORGES TWP. HIGH SCHUGL R. D. UNIONTOWN, PA. Q ,K , cv U -f ,-..Q-+- p. ' , ,r -fbi' , -g 1 - A ,"" , .2 1 3 3 'cf AW .-gg WRYITEN iN T OF TWE Published By The Senior Class GEORGES TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL R. D. UNIONTOWN, PA. ,il With humility and gratitude for your past 2lCCOIllpliSllll1CIlt With vaulting hopes for higher and more Worthwhile striving We dedicate lhis issue of the 1950 Georgian to the student hotly of Georges Township High Scl S WE DEDICATE iool 'llbe economiv, sovial, and political prob- lems will bring about questions wllieli must be settled. These problems must be faced by all of us. lt is particularly important that tlle discussion of tliese questions find a place in tlle curriculum of the schools, for upon tbe shoulders of present-day students will fall the democratic responsibility of helping to decide the kind of world we will build and live in during the years to come. CONTENTS I Personalities I Activities I Athletics QF Aww Siafj The Georgian Staff Wishes to acknowledge its indebtedness to: The administration and faculty of Georges High School Photo-Crafters Inc. for their spirit of cooperation in photographing school scenes and activit Standard Printing Company, Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Comp Kurtz Brothers, for the covers, Our subscribers and advertisers who contributed most generously in helpin to make a success of this volume of T1-IE GEORGIAN 21: :Ii Row One: J. Pepe, R. Kerr, R. Grove E. B. Winfrey. Row Two: A. Molenock, D. Hudock M. L. Lancy, B. L. Franks, D. J Gower, P. Smith, K. Jehens. Row Three: J. Combs, M. Sutton, C Verbus, J. Metz, K. Hench, N. K Hugh, E. Aleksy, M. Humberson. ies, S ally, WAR m wx 'f Q A , A 5 - A is 5255 '. Y'-if?'Ei+w " - W, I-122,559 -W A ,V -. 3 - ' K ,, M , 5725? 5 L- , -,g.1 AZW, ,L L ..,... .... , V , W ,L in m " T , .WL6 ,, W D bllrvn 1 Q1 N wk! 'N , " X f - . 1 Mm iw 11 mil I t 9 , , 2324 0 I iiiir f 32 I have been wondering whether the boys and girls in our high school today will keep America the land of golden opportunity. I be- lieve that many of our boys and girls of today are expecting to get a high school education with Very little effort on their part. I feel that in this world of ours we need more young men and women who will work harder than ever when they get out in life's work. It is often said, HYou cannot get something for nothing." Those are true words. Young people cannot get an education without exert- ing much effort while they are in high school. We are moving forward very fast in this land of opportunity in which we live. Our OUR HIGH SCHOOL I PRINCIPAL Daniel B. Swaney Mid young people should mold and build character, and develop good study habits so that they may cope with our world problems. I am more con- scious about our world problems, and I wonder if our young people of today will help to guide our country in building world peace. The men and women of America have never had so many world problems to cope with, as they have today. I believe you can see now why I am stressing that boys and girls in our high schools should take advantage of their high school training and get the most out of their high school days. America needs more young people with better training for our future. ....BamclofZ ' +8-it ,As ,ud- bca:- TOP ROW: Earl Swaney, Guy Sutton, Joseph Andria, David McCusker. BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Sterle, Ewing Wilson, J. K. Spurgeon, Margaret Y. Cooley, Leslie Moser. tlONS'lDERATlON Consideration for the hest interests of all is the watchword of hoard of educationfcon- sideration for school children, parents, tax- payers and all others interested in the wel- fare of the community. Each school child presents its own proh- lexus for consideration and for individual at- tention. Different children present different educational prohlems, and each child's proh- lems must he understood and given special, individualized attention. Teachers are quick to realize the prohlems of each child and to render help 'to each child in solving its own prohlems. Parents of school children must he given consideration in every phase of the child's education. Parents are vitally' interested in the welfare of the child in the home and in the school. The greatest good for the child will result where there is close cooperation hetween the home and the school. Parents direct the home activities of the pupil and the teachers direct the school activities. Con- flicts hetween the home and school authorities should he avoided after careful consideration. Consideration hy the hoard is due every taxpayer. This means that the hoard must provide good schools and at the same time practice economy, so that taxpayers will not he hurdened with unnecessary taxes. School costs have increased and reached their high- est peak. School taxes must he levied to meet the increasing costs, hut taxes will he held to a minimum out of consideration for the tax- payer. Consideration for thc wclfare of thc com- munity involves an cducated citizenry intelli- gently eontrihuting to the common good. The schools play an important part i11 this pro- gram. MADEL HUMbLRSON JOSEPH GOOD OEORGE ADAMS JOHN ROBBA aww, .... MABEL HUMBERSON-Descriptive Adjec- tive--Precise: Tez1cl1es4Libra1'y, Modern History: Favorites: Novel-"The Robew: Entertainment-M 0 V i e sg Orcl1estrafKay Keyser: Food-Chicken. MARY KONDRLA-Descriptive Adjective --Chic: Teaches-Freshman English: Favor- ites: Novel--"Yankee Pzisliaw: Entertain- ment---Music: Orchestra-Sammy Kaye: Food-Steals. JOSEPH GOOD--Descriptive Adjective- Earnest: Teaches-Mathematics, Coach: Fa- vorites: Novel-Fiction: Entertainment- Sports : 0l'lTi18SiFilfV2lughH Monroe: Food -Chicken. JOSEPH WILLIAMS--Deseriptivc .Adjective fljependable: Teaches-Sophomore Eng- lish: Favorites: Novel-"The Bent Twigw: Entertainment-Hunting: O1'ehest1':1-Wuyiie King: Fooflffllliclxeli. f 2'-wnffff-M-4f0'2f1..: ' GEORGE ADAMS-Descriptive Adjec- tive-Callant: Teaches-Science, Physics, Chemistry: Favorites: Novel-'aMo0n :md Sixpencewg EntertuinmentfM0vies: Orches- tral-f-Cuy 'Loniburdog Food Teubone Steals. ALBERTA WH.LIAMS-Descriptive Adjec- tive--Sincere: Teaches-Sewing: Favorites: Novel-"Cone With The Wind": Entertain- ment--Football: Orchestru- Tommy Dor- sey: Food-Angel Food Cake. :Ia 1 0 :Ii MARY KONDR LA ALBERTA WILLIAMS JOSEPH WILLIAMS TT JOANNE FERGUSON Y.. ' C JOHN J. ROBBA-Descriptive Adjective-- Debonair: TeuchesvBiology, Coach: Fa- vorites: Novel!"Sherlock Holmesw: Enter- tainment--Sports: Orchestra-Bob Crosby: Food--Chicken. JOANNE FERGUSUN---Descriptive Adjec- tive--Petite: Teaches-Cooking: Favorites: Novel - 5'Rebecca',: Entertainment - Base- ball: Orchestra-Vaughn Monroe: Food- CIIOITOJIIIC Cake. FHANK l'. STERLE- llewriptive Ailjerlive -'-l'il'lt'l'gClil'Q T:-arlies Srienre. Phys. E1l.g Favorites: Novel--'aG0ne Nvilli The Xvlllllnl Entertainment - Moviesg Orchestra - Guy L0lllll1ll'll0Q Food- Beef. MARX YANIUA- llefrriptive Amljevtive - .lollyg Tt'ill'll65 'Sll0l'lllAlINl, Typing, lloolx- keepingg Favorites: Novelf"Historical No- welfg ElIl8l'll!illlllt'lIl"fllllbd lVllISil'Q 0l't'lll'r- tra -Guy LUlllll1ll'll0Q Foollkfitealx. 69, ,fm .AM n-.Aw aww., .... NAN ISAILEX- lie-aeriptive Adjective- - Loyalg Teal-lie--Fliys. Ed.g Fzlvoritesg No- vel--"Razorl Edgevg Entertainment--Sport-. 0rcllestra-Sanlmy Kaye: Food-Apples. I1A'l'lll'lIlINE .l. HARRY-Ilesvriplive All jCl'liVl7f'AllI'1ll'llVCQ Teaelies-.l. B. T., Bookkeeping, Offive Prartim-eg Favorites: Novel-"Seven Story Mountainvg Entertain lIl1'lll-SI'lIll-l'lilrSl1'1ll musivg 01A1'llCrl1'1lf- Fred Waringg Fooql-Sealootl. TM' FRANK S'l'Eltl.l'l NAN ISAILEY MARY EANIGA .3 Q 1 n"'N lim..-J-Mfg -:swf .Vkl 'V it V.. it '11' V t 3 n.. 1 A 'U' CATHERINE DARISX .IEAN COMES R. W. N AN KIRK ROSE BIWRCAN PETE AYOLO ,IEAN CUMIQS- Ilewriptiur -Mljertivew Fa- ll. W. YanKlRK- lies:-riptive Afljevtivo vorite: TC1lL'llt5Sf'Sll0l'lllilYlIl, Typingg Favor- Gcnialg Tearlles--S4'ien4'e. Lating Favoritesg ites: Novel- Historival Novelfg Entertain- Novel----'4Shepl1erLl of llle Hillsug Entertain- ment- Sportfg 0l'l'll6Sll'1l Sammy Kayeg Fowl- Spaghetti. ment College Footlrallg Oreliestra--XVally Ginger-g Food-Anything edible. HOSE l5l'KllAN- lY1's4'l'iptin' Anljeelive- - l'E'l'E li. M'XiUl.0-l3es4'l'iptiYe Alljevtiva- Sympalllelie: Teawlles-lfivirsg Favorites: - -Polilirg Teaelies- AIll0l'i1'illI History, Evo- Novel--Nneven Story Mountainug Enter- ll0Ylli1'SQ Favorites: Novel--WI'lie Green Pa:- taimnent--Foothallg 01'cllestl'a---Glly IAPIII- tureng Enlerlaimuent- Politivsg 0l'lilltTSll'.I lvarxlog Fund Pineapple Rolls. --Xxvaync Kingg Food- llalxecl fi5h. 11: 111 CATHERINE .IEHENS - ANNA MOLENOCK .4 " ' ' ., ,4,,,,4.,4.1 f NELSON GAAL JAMES HARE ANTHONY KULA AN DY KVAKA VICTOR LAB UTTA away, .... CATHERINE .IEHENS4Descriptive Adjec- tive-Strikingg Teaches-Senior Englishg Favorites: Novel-'6Wuthering Heightsvg Entertainment4Sports, skatingg Orchestra- Guy Lombardog Food-Steak. ANNA MOLENOCK-Descriptive Adjective fllnderstandingg Teaches-Junior Englishg Favorites: NoveI4"The Bishop's Mantleng Ente1'tainmentvBaseballg Orchestra-Fred Vifaringg Food-Salads. NELSON CAAL-Descriptive Adjective-- Musicalg TeachesfMusicg Favorites: Novel -'Saratoga Trunkwg Entertainment-Stage Playsg Orchestra-Stan Kentong Food- Steak. JAMES E. HARE-Descriptive Adjective- Fearlessg TeachesfShopg Favorites: Novel -"Foxes of Harrowwg Entertainment- Cardsg Orchestra-W'ayne Kingg Food! Strawberry Shortcake. ANTHONY S. KULA-Descriptive Adjective --Heartyg Teaches-Problems of Democra- cyg Favorites: Novel-'gQuo Vadisvg Enter- tainment-College Footballg Orchestra-- Sammy Kayeg Food-Chicken. ANDY M. KVAKA-Descriptive Adjective -Pleasantg Teaches-Modern Historyg Fa- vorites: Novel-'4F0rever Amberwg Enter- tainment-Moviesg Orchestra-Larry Foteneg Food-Steak. VICTOR J. LAHUTTA-Descriptive Adjec- tive-Alertg Teaches-Math., Shop, Mechan- ical Drawingg Favorites: Novel! Industrial Art Problemsg Entertainment-Baseball, Dancingg Orchestra--Sammy Kayeg Food- Chicken. S'0la44 CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,, Evelyn Alesky Vice-llresident Eleanor .lean Hornsby Secretary Dolores .lean Gower Treasurer , , , Wzlltei' Jasek Historian Myrna Sutton SENIOR IIISTUIQY ive the class of '50 entered Georges High School on Septemher 3, 1946 as energetic, yet hewildered Freshmen, 145 in numher. The highlight of this year was our first class party which was held in our gymnasium. It was difficult to adjust ourselves to the new rou- tine of High School, hut as the year came to a close, we proved successful in spite of all the hardships. As Sophomores, the following year, we were more alnhitious and had much more confi- dence. Many contrihutions were lnade to the Sports, Field hy our class. We were at this time huilding a team which would lead us to victory in the future. Thus, another year was completed. By the time we had claimed the title of Juniors, our class had greatly decreased in numher. lt was during this year that a few of our hoys entered the service of Uncle Sam. Une of our higgest thrills of the year was our victory over South Union's football team. :gf 13 :gt This was tht- first time we had defeated them in six years. Gradually the Juniors took part in the assemhlies. 'We were then entering the home stretch. Our last year rolled around, hut only too soon, with only l05 left to graduate. Never to he forgotten are the discussions in P. D. Class, the laughter and singing in the halls, the haskethall and foothall games, and the hi- weekly assemhly programs. Witll a feeling of satisfaction, we leave the portals of this High School into a new and strange world to shift for ourselves. As we leave our High School, we find the same hewildered feeling again evident. But with the training we have had, We will soon overcome it to hccome successful in our chosen carccrs. ,. . . . ,lo our principal, faculty, undcr-classmcn, and future students, we say, G'Good-hye and Good-luckf' .P ,f '. Av hp I I if Ailku , V . -23- X 62, .A M 'X . --1. Wil' V51-4 5 K ar, 3 wiv' w. Q- 5: fs. if -.1 1.. EVELYN ALEKSY "livin" Evelyn is our president true, To her, we wish suv:-ess and hap- piness too. Coridor Squad 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4-, Georgian Staff, Tearheris Sew-retary, Usherette, Historian 1-3. JOSEPH ANGEL "Yulfu" .loe is tall and good looking too, And girls, as you know, he's single, 'awoo woon. Homeroom Basketball. REBECCA CLEMMER "Bef-ky" Becky is a pleasant girl, She keeps the boys all in a whirl. Cirl's Chorus, Team-her's Secretary. CONSTANCE CORDER "Connie" Connie has a yen for fun, She's also liked by everyone. Corridor Squad 3-4, Cirl's Chorus, Usherette, Fashion Show. CHARLES DANIELS "l"uHluu'Ir" Byron is an ex-Cl In future life, he will get lily. :1: zj: ALLGO0D1THNGS MUSFCOMETKIANEND Al.lll'Ili'l' ANGEL "Abi Albert is known hy his il'l13lltlS as uAl,w, He's a baseball player and a pretty good lad. Basketball 2-3, Baseball 2-3-4, Home- 1'oom liaskethall. RUISERT EUGENE BUWELL "Gene" Eugene has a rar he ralle "Lizzie", Now he and Gary are always busy. Band 2-3-4, Orchestra, Swing Band. lill.EEN CUPE "Dcanie" Eileen has good vlass, attention sheill demand, Loves danving at the Ivory, plays clarinet in the hand. lianfl 1-2-3-1, Orrhestra, Teavheris Sevretary, Cirl's Chorus, Secretary 1. LICROY CPNNINGHAM '4Kilroy" Leroy played on our football team, With all the girl's, hels just a dream. Football 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3, Baseball 2-3-1, Cheerleader -1, Varsity Club 4, President, Class President 2. MARIMNE DANIELS "Chiclcen" For her, Marlene thinks Chuck is hest, Hut she keeps up with all the rest. Corridor Squad 3-4, Girl's Chorus, lisherette, Team'her's Secretary. Hou- Une: William Debevec Wfarren Dils Jean Elliott ,lane Ellsworth Nancy Fordyce Hou' Two: Vera lfranklin Dolores .lean Gower Edwina Grimes I Robert Grove .Ll li0ll' 'l'llree: Edison llairstou ' I 1 .lacob Hlll'lllgt7l' Catherine Hem-h , Mary Honsaker I -s I Eleanor Hornsby 2 ' 'ii' - 3? ,,.., , K WILLIAM IJICIBICYEII "Hill" Bill has trouble with his history,-- To him its just a big mystery. llaud 2-3-l, Henle Room Basketball. YVARREN S. DII.S "l'iclfles" Warren thinks school is a big mis- take, A long vacation he'd rather take. Home Room Basketball. JEAN ELLIOTT "Jean" .lean as a friend is hard to beat, ln school she always dreeses neat. Corridor Squad 3--1, Teacller's Secre- tary, I sherette. JANE ELLSWORTH "Janie" Seldom seen without a smile, She really makes her life worth- while. Band 3-4, Corridor Squad -l, Fashion Show, Cirl's Chorus. NANCY LEE IVORDYCE nlvlllln A cheerful person who loves to dance, Laugh, have fun, and with liill ro- mance. Cheerleader 1-2-3-ll, lisherette, Cirl's Chorus. Bernice Lee Ifrauks ., 'Ev "Wh lr.. -43 QU ,-Q, fin VERA FRANKLIN "Dee" Yera keeps as busy as a bee, llut there's more on her mind as you can see. llirl's Chorus, Band -l. IIERNICE LEE FRANKS "Frankie" Bernice is a girl that we all like, But the only man in her life is Mike. National Honor Society 3-ll, Corridor Squad 3-I, Yearbook Staff, Band 2-3-4, Uirl's Chorus, Tt!ill'll6l'5S Secretary, Yice President 3. DOLORES JEAN IQOWER 6610111111055 A good looking girl, romantic and sweet, A nice disposition that's hard to beat. National Honor Society -l, Cirl's Chorus, Yearbook Staff, Corridor Squad -l, Teacher's Secretary, Secre- tary 4, lfsherette. EDWINA CRIMES "Eddie" Over the dance floor she can glide, She takes dancing in her stride. lland I-l, Uirlis Chorus, lsherette, Fashion Show. ROBERT GROVE ulgllllu llob plays the piano with uulsic his dream, He also pitches for our baseball team. lland 3-l-, Swing Band, Varsity Club Treasurer, Baseball 2-3-I-, Home Room llasketball, President l. :ZZ :Ia as-. 4 , EDISON RICHARD HAIRSTUN "Ed" Edison is a jolly sort, He's tops in almost any sport. Varsity Club, Football l-2-3-ll, llaskct- ball I-2-3-l, Baseball Manager 3-I. JACOB HARBICER ujllkltu .lake is a smooth one, Ile has a good line, But Myrna is the only one on his mind. CATHERINE HENCH "Kush', A top-notcher of our class- A bright future of success will pass. Vice-l'resident National Honor Socie- ty 3--I, Student Council I-2-3-4, Year- book Staff, Teacher's Secretary, Cor- ridor Squad 3-4, Captain -l, Usllerette. MARX I'RISCIl.l.A .HONSAKER "Pnl" Priscilla is a jolly lass, We're really glad she's in our class. Corridor Squad. Band 3-4, Teacher's Secretary. ELEANOR .IEAN HORNSRN "Jenn" She leads our lllll-i0l'6llC5 so proud, No wonder we draw such largc crowds. Majoritte Captain, Vice-President -l-, Cirl's Chorus, Teacher's Secretar . y !' 1 rf 'D .s 'F' , 55-:.f? h V x fu, . get filigff? ,-vV gl , .. V- 7 " f w if if . -'--v . RUSSELL HOTSINPILLAR "Ho1sy" You'll probably find him at the shop. Just let a girl speak and match him stop. RAYMOND HRICS "Kay" The girls seem to know where JICJS to be found, Wlien you see Ray thereis women around. DOLORES ANN HUDOCK "1'0015iw Toots is one of our snappy cheer- leaders, Very few would be able to beat her. Secretary National Honor Society 3-14, Tea4'her's Secretary, Yearbook Staff, Corridor Squad 3-4, Captain -I-, Trea- surer 3, llsherette. BETTY HUNCHUCK "Honey" Honey is one who likes to date, For a dancer she's real hep-bait. Band 2-3--l, Orchestra, Corridor Squad. RICHARD .IANESKO "lIi1-lf" Richard is a nice looking boy, He fills all the girlis hearts with joy. Varsity Club, Baseball 2-3-4, Home Room Basketball. WA LTER .IASEK "Wully,' A quiet lad with dark wavy hair. A personality must surely be there. Class Treasurer -L, Home Room Basket ball 3-4, Freshman Basketball. JANE JOHNSON 'Tagi ,lane treats evervone as a friend, Especially when it comes to men. Usherette, Basketball 4. HARRY .JOHNSTON "Neff Flaming hair 'upon his head, Could mean no other than our Red Treasurer 2, Home Room Basketball JOSEPH JOHN Jl'RlGA "Sonny, Joe plays basketball li-ke a pro, He always seems to be on the go. Football l-2, Basketball I-2-3--l. INEZ KELIQEY "1nez', lnez is very sweet and keen. Seldom is seen without her green. :ge 21: a How One: Russell Hotsinpiller Raymond Hrics Dolores Ann Hudock Betty Hunchuck Richard Janesko Huw Two: Wzllter Jasek Jane Johnson Harry Jolmston Joseph Juriga Inez Kelley Row Three: l Robert Kerr j Eileen King Theodore King l.aura Kingan Catherine Kopas -.1 'G ROBERT KERR "Hob" Bob has his troubles, namely Glenda his besta, Maybe that's why classes are his time for siesta. Varsity Club Secretary, Football l-2, President 3, Yearbook Business Mana- gt-r. EILEEN KING "Eileen,, Eileen is a quiet lass, ' A vredit to the senior class. THEODORE KING "Teddy" Ted is studying to become a preach- er, He is liked by the students as well as the teachers. Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 3. LAURA KINGAN "llu,b,' Bub is very quiet and shy, But we all know that she'll get by. Girlis Chorus. CATHERINE KOPAS "Corky" Catherine to us seems very shy, But just let her get out with a handsome guy. Band l-2-3-4, Orchestra, Corridor Squad 3--1, Treasurer 1, Girl's Chorus. Second Period English ROBERTA KOPNICKY "Bobbie" Our memory of Bobbie will never pass, For she is a sweet and charming lass. Girl's Chorus, Student Council, Band 1-2-3-1, Orchestra, Corridor Squad 3-1. FRANK LER CH "Frunkie,' Frank is quiet without much to say, With ambition for success in every wa . y Band 2-4. fgeslrpj, . 1 FRANCES M. LOVATY "Francie" Francie is a very nice girl, Cib has her in a whirl. Band 2-3-4, Orchestra, Usherette. JOHN J. MORAWA "Mungie" John appears to be very bright, But in English class heis a riot. National Honor Society 4, Corridor Squad, Homeroom Basketball 1-2-3-4. CERALDINE METZ "Gerry", Cerry is a girl that we all admire. A date with her is any boy's desire. President National Honor Society 3--1, Student Council, Corridor Squad 2-3- 4, Georgian Staff, Cheerleader 3-4, Secretary 2, Fashion Show. MARY LOUISE LANCY "Luuise', Mary Louise greets you with a grin. In her future, sheas bound to win. l7sherette, Corridor Squad 3-4, Girl's Chorus, Georgian Staff, Teacher's Sec- retary. HELEN LISTON "Clu:b" Helen met .lack in the hand room one night, Since then, they've been doing all right. Band 1-2-3-4, Swing Band 2-3-4, Orches- tra l-2-3-4, Girl's Chorus. THOMAS MARANO "Tom" He is the comedian of our class, Likes clowning and joking, he's just a laugh. Varsity Club-Vice President, Foot- ball 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4. ANDREW METRO "Andy" Andy was our All-County guard, When he played a game, he played it hard. Varsity Club, Football 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Basketball. ALBERT R. MILLER "Abby" Abby is just a little guy, But with his classmates, he ranks high. Home Room Basketball. :ja 11: .5-r!"li emi? it I is 1 - - '31 44 Q -nv Q , ---. ,. 91 QLN! 5 1 X 4 f L 1 rob. :FW ,, an 4. I Q- J Q4 1 'fi-., ,y f , ...M Y S. N? ' l is M .L ,. M' Q sf Q 1 'K-to '--t- , Z CARL MlLl.ER "Curl" He's the chemist assistant of Mr. Adams, He can distinguish molecules and atoms. JOHN MELVIN MOLENOCK "Mole" Girls aren't his problem as you can see. But still he's happy as can be. Committee l-2-3. .IENNIE MURIN "Jenn ,lennie is always full of glee, With her success will surely be. Corridor Squad 3-4, Band 1-2, Cirlis Chorus, Teacheris Secretary, Usherette. .IA MES R. l'El'E "Chien .lim and his sax make one swell team, Wie know l1e'll always stay on the beam. Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra, Swing Band, All-County Band 2-3-fl, National Hon- or Society 3-l, Georgian Staff, Secre- tary 2. MARTIN l". RATTAX "Marlin" A cheerful person without much to say, That's our Martin in work or play. Basketball 3, Home Room Basketball. -1: 15: Chemistry Second Period JUNE MILLER 'flunei' June always does the best she can, But her heart belongs to only Sam. Corridor Squad 4, Teacher's Secretary, Basketball 4. GILDA MILDR TD if ' f'Gil" Gildl ' t 'e r irl.'lief'senior e r y py and full of cheer. Te X s Secretary, Fashion Show. MARY ANN PATCHAN "Patch,' A very nice girl is Mary Ann, She always does the best she can. Cirl's Chorus, Corridor Squad 3-4, Band 1, Teacheris Secretary. GROVER PETTY "Sonny', He is a poet, and artist too, Grover, we think a lot of you. Varsity Club, Football 2-3, Baseball 3, Home Room Basketball. RAYMOND E. RHODES "Ray,' Raymond likes to play pl1ys'ed, He always welcomes a nice soft bed. Home Room Basketball. Nou' One: Shirley Rhodes Shirley Riffle Roy Riggar ,loanne Rishel Arlene Robinson s.. S. so Q A , A -. Hou' Tivo: N V, ,lames Robinson I M A rica ,'- if M ,lolm Rogish y K K' -' if .iv , Eleanor Roupe 'Z I -we I I I Theresa Saltrivk if A H " Marlin Sesler ' "' '41 Q. ' Q Row Three: .lohn Shuman Patriria Shuman Mary Relle Sihert Patricia Smith Ronald Smith SHIRLEY LEE RHODES 'iShorty', Shirley is very cute and small, We often wonder if she'd like to he tall. Girl's Chorus. SHIRLEY Rll"l"LE "June" Shirley is a sweet majorette, Her life with John is already set. Majorette I-2-3-4, Usherette, Committee 2, Fashion Show. ROY RICGAR '6l'orlcy" Knows all the girl's-that's for sure. .lust leaves, one and looks for more. Home Squad 3-1. .IOANNE KATHRYN RISHEL "Jo' She is a senior majorette, One with lots of vigor and pep. Uirl's Chorus, Majorette 4, llsherette ARLENE .IUNIC ROBINSON "Stuff Arlene rame from l"airm'han1-e Hi, She is the "apple of our eye." Corridor Squad 4, '1lC2li'll8l',S Secretary. Room Basketball, Corridor JAMES A. ROBINSON "Burl" Bud is quiet and also bright, A good square danre is his delight. .IOH N ROGISH "Infinity" Johnny is the Romeo of our rlass, Rnt Shirley is Juliet in the cast. Rand 3-I, Home Room Basketlrall 1-2. ELIGANOR Nl. ROUPE 6'Kuupie" Look at her fare and you will see, That she is as pleasant as van be. Corridor Squad 3--1, Teat'her's Serre tary, Usherette. THICRESA ANN SALTRICK "Tres" Theresais eyes are hahy blue, To some man she'll always he true. Corridor Squad. MARLIN SESLER "Miko" Mike has a hrain the envy of all, llut when asked a question, he knows how to stall. :gn 19 :ia 415 e 5 ' .-,. if K' -I 1: .--3 5 . --- .. 4 ' s ydl 1' i i L4 fi , Q V gl lxwn A55 1 JOHN SHUMAN "Une-Tivoli Most 1-omedian's jokes are funny, But .lohn surely knovss some "hon eysw. Rand l-2-3-1, Swing Rand, Orchestra. PATTY SHLMAN "Put" Patty is musically inclined, llut thereis more than musir on her mind. Band ll, Girl's Chorus. MARY BELLE SIBERT "Crybuby" Mary Belle and Andy make one good pair, Wllell together, they have no rare. Corridor Squad 3-I-, Cheerleader 2-3-1, Teat'her's Sevretary, Girlis, Cllorus, Lsherette. PATTY SMITH "Smi11y" Patty is a good little lass, She is one with lots of class. Honor Soc-iety fl, Rand 2-3-I-, Cirlis Chorus. Corridor Squad, Cn-orgian Staff, Orchestra, Tl'1N'llCl'lS Sem-rotary. RONALD SMITH 'hllzllrltu llutrh is a mimif' of Ilarry James, To llIIll"Slll'1'CSS and famous name. Band 1-2-3-4, Student Count-il, All- County Rand 2-3, Swing Rand, Orrhes- tra. , L 1 ,. Q A A, Q RUTH SN Y DER "Babu Bub has personality and charm, She never seems to give a darn. Girl's Basketball team. LESTER M. SPIKER "Spike,' He never takes a book home at night. I guess its just because boys are so bright. RICHARD srl-LIGER ffclkesier Cheesie played on our football team, A good little center who kept on the beam. Football 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Base- ball 2-3-4, Varsity 3-4, Historian of Varsity Club. ZONA STRAWN 6'Gale,' Zona always does her work, Never a duty does she shirk. CLYDE MERWIN SUMEY "Benny" Benny is a farmer so true, - To him all the cows say "moo". Home Room Basketball. l Q 'Q A J ,QA '5 f ii , . 1, W 1. .fs 5 W2 .ft , 3 P z Q f Row One: 1 Ruth Snyder Lester Spiker ' Richard Steiger Zona Strawn Merwin Sumey 1 W of-f MYRNA SUTTON "lofi She is a girl with lots of class. With her success will surely last. Vice-President 2, Historian 4, Corri- dor Squad 3-4, National Honor Society -I-, Teacher's Secretary, Usherette, Girlis Chorus, Georgian Staff. OSMAN SUTTON "Ozzie', Osman is a Georges "trun1peteer", Too bad this is his last year. Band l-2-3-fl-, Swing Band, Orchestra. GARY SWANEY '5Gury', Gary likes to skip, but allways gets caught, Too bad the office hasn't a cot. JANET SWANEY "J11neL', Janet is waiting for the day, To get her diploma and go on her way. Band Girl,s Chorus, lflashion Show. BERNADINE 'l'ABOl. "Guy" -"'Bernadine is always trim and neat, For a real pal she's hard to beat. Corridor Squad 3-4, Girl's Chorus, U sherette. :gf :jc Row Two: Myrna Sutton Osman Sutton Gary Swaney Janet Swaney Bernadine Tabol Row Three: Margie Tate Edward Thomas Gladys Verbus Nick Verbus Geraldine Waignel' MARGARET E. TATE "Murgie' Margie is a sweet, little blond, Of her everyone is fond. Girlis Chorus., Fashion Show. EDWARD U. THOMAS "Whitie" He is a pretty good kid and doesn't say much, But he surely doesnit know how to stay out of dutch. GLADYS VERBUS "Clazly" Gladys is a girl with great desires, Woody is the only one that she ad- mires. National Honor Society 4, Georgian Staff, Corridor Squad 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Teacher's Secretary, Girl's Chorus. NICK VERBUS, JR. "Peanuts" When Daniel Boone shakes hands with "Niek,', He'll meet his match, one hard to lick. Home Boom Basketball. GERALDINE WAGNER "Gerry" Geraldine comes to school for knowledge, She plans to continue in college. Teacheris Secretary, Basketball 4. I'. D. Third Period THOMAS K. WALTERS "Gic1lge" Tom is friendly, to be sure, He makes one friend and looks for more. LORNA MAE WIILSON "Mommy" A kindly lass, always thinging of others, This is Lorna and there could he no other. ROBERT L. WILSON "Little Burp" Bob never has much to say, But heis our friend in every way. EDITH WOLFE "Edie, As you can see, she has pretty fea- tures, But those boys arenit around just to see the teachers. Historian 2, Corridor Squad 3-Ie, Usher- ette. SEN IORS N OT PICT URED RICHARD URIMM "Curly" Rich was a guard who kept on the beam, llc was really a help to our foothall team. JOSEPH KAUCHECK "Joe" .loe is a fellow we all admire, Skipping school is his desire. THOMAS R. WALTERS "Tom" School seems like extra work for him, When school is out, his life will begin. Basketball 2-3-fl. RAY WILSON "Skeeter" Ray is known hy his friends as MSkeeter',, When it's cold, he's known for his Armstrong heater. EBENEZER WINFREXY HE. li." Look at that man run through that line, That's E. B. Winfrey. lsn't he fine? Varsity Club, National Honor Society 4, Football 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Base- ball. KATHRYN YASEK "Kuy', A good secretary some day she will make, But with boys, she takes the cake. Girlis Chorus, Teacheris Secretary. lJl'il,liEli'l' WAYNE Kl'iI.I,l'lY Huyllylllfn Walylle doesn't scem to have a carc, lint don't let him fool you, girls, "beware". LOIS LOHR "Lou" Lois tries to live by the golden rule, But she'd do much better if she'd stay in school. :lc Il: , Q I 'Q -s. 4 N 1 if . " K .-, X 5 ff' ll .5 if . I I , 'J l it QR he l'Al'L RICHNAYSKY "Paul" A very quiet lroy is Paul, His favorite sport is basketball. SLE TEl'I'l'S NICIISN Sue is a new arrival at U'l'llS, She came by way of California ex press. BETTY L. WILSON "GiggIes,' Betty is a timid lass. Never likes to recite in class. ? 0 OFFICERS President ,, ,,,,,,,, John Jauohs Vive President , ,,,,,,,,, Evelyn Millllll Secretary Margaret Stiukovltch Treasurer Historian ,,,,,, . UNIOR LIMERICKS There once was a group oi young greenies Caine to Georges to :lon Freshman Beanies. , , , z v 1- s , lhe were tra ing ome fun Anil to get out in 751 But their lessons and such gave them Weenlies. Their Sophoniore year was llllltfll hetter, ln fact you might say 'twas reel letter, 'l'l.'- 4 .. my got staltu III sports, Haul champions of sorts, Aml for scholars they had some go-getters. As Juniors they hall a few trouhles, Their hook reports were all in a Inuflflle Mayola got tough, They all holleretl enough, They thought their jinxes had flouhles. Invitations, year hooks, name cards and ri How they envy the seniors of all these thin But vacations go fast, 'l'hey'll he seniors at last, lf the're 11ot mistaken, they'll all live kings. ,,,,,,Dale G00dNVlll ,,,,Nora Kay Hug,h ngs 1 I !l'5 , I , 15373 5 in in or 2' w .qt an vga? ,f Q x . M! ' iflfggzgg, A . :M-V, . .wwf NM, 3 3, ww 14- M W, fi, A 4 H :gm ik I: my KKK. iw 'fn rib, ,, mis il wr S v L an ii may sfwisf' 7 ' 5 .M gf, f 5 5 1 R, 5 l resident N ce President SWK' OFFICERS ,,,...,,Regis l'acofsky Anna Marie Balmer Anna Marie Good Secretary ,,...,.Etlward Vilalters Ti easurer , Rozella Hawk l'listnrian ..-.K .rw . 'OPHO ORE C S OF 194.9 The morning of Septemher 7, i949 dawn- ed a glorious one for the students who came hack to 'sehool as Sophomores. They had re- nounced the pet name given to them during their Freshman year hy the upper elassmeng and, they were eager to even the score hy 0 tis year's Fresh- doing their share in making tl men feel very "green" After the first exciting week, in which ewed old friendships amoi d teachers, the second-Q ear stu- lg their they ren classmates an dents decided to make this term a profitahlc one. All heads could he seen hent earnestly over hooks, and fingers tirelessly' took notes in classes, composed essays, ant llDl0lllS. 'llllllS passed the first six l solved math- ematical pri weeks of school. As the second six weeks period coin- nlenced, the sophomores hegan to take notice of the school's activities. They were anxious to add a little variety to their everyday sche- dule. Some, musically talented, found a place ..1. . in the hand: others hecanie majorettes and cheerleaders: still others, joined various or- ganizatio ' ' ' ' l 'Q 't to the ns and went lol some 165561 P essentials of school life. New everyone was looking forward to the Sophomore Party. This affair was held on Uctoher 25, fully. The variou and turned out quite success- s committees co-operated with one another and made the dance, one to he 1'Clll6lItlP0l'l'tl. After the party, the weeks slipped hy quickly and the students' chief concern he caine mid-term examinations. Hut for all the worry' and last-minute a'crannning,7' every- By and hy, thine' turned out fairly well. tlf Z' cxery one settled down again, for the last lla of the term. Now they are looking forward to neXt xear. when. as juniors, they will he regarded as "upper classinenf' Good luck t omores of l9-l9 li' 4: 25 :g: 0 the Soph- 4...-1 1.1 It was a niost memorable day when the Freshman Class entered Georges last Septem- ber. There were one hundred forty excited, bewildered, and awe-stricken freshman. We began to realize that the future we molded for ourselves depended more on the success- ful manner in which we applied and equipped ourselves in our various courses of study and extra-curricular activities. We soon realized that though Georges is not as large as some city high schools, it is well equipped in that it offers excellent courses taught by a fine and instructive facul- ty. Our athletic field, gymnasium, auditor- ium, and classrooms are all spacious and modern. Our home economics department offers wonderful opportunities for 'those who wish to continue work Lin that field. After a short time we held a class meeting and class officers were elected. Blue and gold were selected as the class colors, the vellow rose was selected as our class flower. Anyone who desired was offered an opportunity to Zzmhmm OFFICERS l'resident ,, ,,,,, , ,, Sam Bakish Vice President ,,,,, , ,,,,,, Louise Cunningham Secretary ,, , . ,,,,,, Caryl Frazier Treasurer ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, J 1 imes Pegg Historian ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, W illiam Socliko display his talent by participating in the first assembly program. Our participation in the band, on teams, in clubs, and various organ- izations, along with our studies, did much to make us feel as a real part of Georges. It quickly imbued us with enthusiastic school spirit. Here each of us will begin preparing him- self for his life-time career, be it a profession, the arts, sciences, trades, or business. Our attendance and study at Georges will afford us an opportunity to select the Courses which will help mold us for the most fitting career. Expert vocational counseling by the faculty will be our guiding light. However, we all realize that in the final analysis, each of us in the freshman class is primarily responsible for the degree of our preparation and our fu- ture successes. We, the future citizens of the country, dedicate ourselves to the earnest and success- ful pursuits of all our many undertakings at Georges High School. 1. nu lr if ff" , Qs, A f' ' T2 Yi liz? ff Z .ryz Q- , M, 3, W , K V 9 . , K V45 G , A I Y ' yt, W fy' W ' g if? if , W - "" ' 2 ", 2 M 5? -, eggs -1-.. - 52? f1g'29 4 , ,V A.,. ,' I ' 5 I LV L yn v-QA- f J fi ..,.: - I 5 5: : by C v Q it K . . X nu . M 6, R ir SQ! 5 V,., in S Q 5 fu A ff ' i fr - , if ,C 1, ar xii 1 - ,Al KX? 415 df S ' K 3 I l , Q av I 5 2 13 aiu i Q i V ,, , ff- "- ,, if wa' 'M Q ' 6 . x V W ' 5 " S " I' 5 5 , , M gt K 'ig' ' g xt m at FG k2 . . IH Q - , A " Q Q -- f aw Q ji -. n 1 'i Uk M l f f':2 2 W 'Af' rf' ' Q6 ' ? I' l Prettiest ,,,,,, Most Popular ,,,, Youngest .v,.,,v,, Smallest , Tallest, .,,.,,, , Prettiest Hair ,,,, Prettiest Eyes ,,., Longest Hair ',,,, , Best Dancer ,,,,,,, SENIOR POLL Girls June Miller ,, ,,,,,, Gerry Metz lnez Kelley ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,Eileen Cope Betty Hunchuck ,,,,,,.iCatl1erine Hench , Sue Teets ,,Kuthryn Yascls ,,,,,,,,,,,lean Hornsby Prettiest Nails ,,..,. ,,,,,,,,,,, . Helen Liston Most Courteous ,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,, , Bernadine Taliol Mischievous ,,,,,,,,,,, Friendliest, ,,,,,,,,, Quietest ,,,,,,,,,,..7 , ,,,Frances Lovaty Lorna Wilson ,,,,,,,,,.iEileen King Shorthand Whizn, W ., .-,,Gladys Verhus Best Typist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7 M yrna Sutton Sweetest Smile rriis, ,,,,,7,,, B oberta Kopnicky Greatest Talker 7,,, Best Actress ,,,,,,,,, Ideal Housewife Best Athlete ,,,.l , Most Studiousw, Best Dressed ,,,,,,,,, Prettiest Teeth ,,,.,, Mary Belle Sihert f,,,,,,Edwina Grinies ,, Patty Smith Dolores Hudock .. ,,,,,,, Evelyn Aleksy Shirley Biffle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Laura Kingan Most Likely to Succeed ,,,,,,,,,, ,lean Gower Nicest Personality ,,,,,,,,,.. ,. DDDDDDD Ruth Snyder Most Bashful ,,,,,,,,,,,,,l.. ,.,,, G eraldine Wagner' Boys Most Handsome, , ,,,,,,,, Walter ,lasek Most Popular sssss ,,,7,,,7777. T om Marano Youngest ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,s ,I anies Robinson Smallest ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, . ,i.,... Bay WilSOH Tallest ,,,,,,,,,s,,, Russell Hotsinpillar Prettiest Hair. .,., ,,,,,,l,..,,,,,,,, A ndy lVletr0 Prettiest Eyes ,,,. ,.,, ,,,Ton1 K. Walters Best Artist s,,,,,,,, ,,,, N ,,,,, Grover Petty Best Dancer ,,,, , , , ,,,,,,,, Leroy Cunningham Most Talented ,,,,,,,,,, .,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, B 0 lJ Grove Most Courteous ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, E ddison Hairston Mischievous, s. ,,...,. , ,.,..,. Nick Verbus Friendliest ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, B oh Kerr Quietest ,,,,,,,,,,,,s, Best Chemist Best Typist ,,,,,,,, Sweetest Snlilen Greatest Talker ,,,,, Best Actor ,,,,,, Senior Wolfwr, .. Best Athlete, ,,,,,, ,, Most Studious ,,,,,,,, Best Dressed ,,,,,,,,,, Prettiest Teeth ,,,,,,,Bol'r Wilson .,,,,,Mike Sesler s.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BolJ Grove ,,,,,,,,,TOHl B. Walters ,.Byron Daniels ,,,,,,,Harry Johnston ,,,,,,.Bicl1ard Steiger . .,,.. Tommy Marano B. Winfrey ,,,,,,,,.John Bogish , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,. ,, MJ ake Harhiger Most Likely to Succeed ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,s James Pepe Nicest Personality .,,,,,,,,, Most Bashful ,. ,,,,,,,, W :Ir 21: ,,,,,,.Jol1n Morawa ,-,,.,,,..Martin Battay Q 1' nn.- ff' . I Q h o . Q, jill V .W 4 wh, ai 5 p ww .1 f 4 xp 3 3 ' 'SW Q 135 , 'hvff " : if i V Mei 45- x s 2 l . uf gi A New 5 ig Q .Q A.: ,545 'H W 1 - ,ww 5 wk ggi-,::a5f' M A QAM-.5 ,M wi, If I i yn 137553 . ,,q4,f.,A fv qaoldczll .... ROW ONE: I.. Blair, R. Hollis, J. Jacobs, D. Goodwin, R. Steiger, A. Metro, T. Pleban, T. M nrano, L. Cunningham. ROW TWO: E. Winfrey, T. Walton, J. liarnette, E. Hairston, L. Conrad, R. Metz, F. Horvath, G Steve, R. Grimm, J. Kaus-heck, E. Kaltalia, A. Vert-hiolla, Mr. Rohba. CHARACTER BUILDER Football is a sport which develops young men in many ways. It builds character which, without a doubt, is one of the greatest assets for meaningful participation in our democra- tic society. Without character, an individual is much like a ship without a rudder that can steer for no definite goal, but wallows hopelessly buffeted by every Wave of inde- cisive action. Football also serves to build a sound body which in turn serves to house a sound and intelligent mind. Certainly any major sport under proper supervision will serve to develop greater coordination. One may ask how this will equip for adult living. The above mentioned attribute would serve one well as a worker in our present mass pro- duction schenie of industry. Football also teaches a boy to give and take which fits him to take his place in adult society. ,If a boy can show positive adaptation to small tasks he is assigned on the gridiron, he will be better equipped to carry on his duties as an adult in his chosen way of life. It serves to develop comradship and a greater respect for oneis 30 fellowman. Since the very core of any athle- tic team is teamwork, this trait thereby teach- es one to blend his efforts with his co-worker for the accomplishment of a common goal and a common good of all concern. Football Schedule N We They Brownsville ' ' 6 26 Scottdale 26 0 South Union 20 7 Mapletown 33 7 North Union 25 6 Point Marion 38 6 California 14 38 Waynesburg 6 7 German 6 20 Dunbar 54 0 Totals 228 1l7 ROW ONE: .l. Good, J. Jarohs, J. Juriga. L. Conrad, A. x7Cl'l'lll0llil, A. Metro. ROW 'l'WO: .l. n2Il'lIf!ll.C, 15. Hollis, R. Kopetsky, R. Steiger, E. Hairston, E. li. Winfrey. B Z .... CAGERS IMPRUV ING ln comparison with the past few years, haskethall at Georges has greatly improved. ,loc Good, former athlete of Duquesne, suc- ceeded ,lohn Rohha as coach after the 1atter resigned. This year the team finished in third place, the highest position a Georges team has occupied for some time. Witll 'the help of two seniors, Tom Marano and Joseph Juriga, two juniors, John ,lacohs and john Barnette, and Rohert Kopetsky, a sophomore, Mr. Good was able to mold a fairly good team. The haskethall team for tho next year holds a promising future, since most of the 1949-50 team was composed of under-class nlen. Witll a little co-operation and hard work from the lroys, and the support of the directors, faculty, students, and fans, coach Good will surely have winning teams in the years 'io follow. We They We They South Union 36 52 45 North lvnion 31 29 3-l 31 Point Marion 46 34 446 22 Uniontown 39 57 35 51 G c-l' man 45 39 -lo 22 Dunhar 44 24 41 32 Connellsville 39 51 38 36 :gt 31 :gt B .... ROW ONE: T. Pleban, .l. .la robs, I. Cunningham, L. Conrad R. lanesko, A. Angel, R. Grove D. Cooley. ROW TWO: .l. Good, T. Ma rano, R. Steiger, A. WT6l'l'lli0llll .l. Mongolier, J. Markutsa. A HU STLING NINE Baseball is one of our first nationally known sports that has turned tl1e World Topsy-Turvy in its craze to satis- fy the enormous appetite of its public. Time spent on base- ball is not wasted as it builds character, sportsmanship, and co-operation as well as a sound body and a sound mind. Character, in its application of the individual and how he reacts toward othersg sportsmanship, each member sharing with each other its wins or its lossesg and co-operation, the team working as a unit to defeat any opposition-all these characteristics of good baseball make for good citizens and leaders in America. Georges hasn't won many laurels in baseball, but our boys have played the game for its sheer joy. Several found their way into Sandlot Teams and have performed well. The 1950 team is composed of a group of hustlers and it remains for time to tell of their results-champions! minor or major league material! Who knows? .51 :ga s Andrew Metro Richard Metz Joseph Kaucheck Dale Goodwin John ,lucohs Rim-lmnl Steiger Thomas Marano Larry Blair Leroy Cunningham Edison Hairston l'iIlClllEZCl' Vifiufrcy liilillhlfli Gl'illllIl ? -i if fa W: eww xxx. A X 1 . 3 3, 1 Q Qi ,, ., sl f un fx Q: 'A S., K W in fiiii Zim f SH ga l QQ vi 'If fem ,,, ., ,i . E 'wwf ki fnsvg. JS, ,k.y ,ELI 1? . W. , , .-,i X E ? Q as ,Q . It my s I E Aleksy, D. J. Gower, J. Pepe, B. L. Franks, l . Smith, M. Humberson, M. L. Laney, M. Sutton, B Glove, E. B. Wi11f1'ey, G. Verbus. B Grove, J. Combs, D. A. Hudovk, N. K. Hugh, C. Heuch, G. Metz, K. Jehens, B. Kerr, A. Molenock. THE YEARBOOK RECORDS YOUR SCHOOL YEAR We, the mcmhers of the Georgian Staff, l1ave endeavored to make this year's edition of the Georgian the finest possihlc. Nve sin- cerely hope that you are well pleased. Our yearhook preserves many fond friendships and memorahle evcnts which we will always cherish in our storehouse of me- mories in the passing years. We will he plea- santly reminded of the painstaking efforts that have heen exerted to prepare us intel- lectually, physically, spiritually, and morally, to successfully meander through the path of life. Wle humhly hope that this annual will appear as n1ucl1 a part of Georges as each of :gg 36 15: us has heen, and will serve as a guilding hea- con to those who follow our course. The complexity of our ever-changing world is always a constant challenge to each of us to he mentally alert. Therefore, we must endeavor to take full advantage of the fine facilities at our disposal here. We must hecome good, conscientious citizens, ready and ahle to take our places in society. The staff is especially grateful to our principal, Daniel B. Swaney, and to our facul- ty advisors for the constructive guidance they have given us in the preparation of this l950 issue of the Georgian. ROW ONE: S. Emme, M. Hawkey, A. Banner, J. llixler, N. Hugh. ROW TWO: M. Verbus, M. Lovaty, E. Martin, C. Hem-h, C. Metz. ROW THREE: G. Patchan, R. Knox, J. Coleman, Mr. Van Kirk. ewmcil "STUDENTS GOVERNM The Student Council is the governing hody of the student mcmhers. This council was organized at Georges Township High School in 1929 to develop student self-government and the training necessary for good citizenship. This organization tends to create in the minds of the stu- dent methods of gaining success hy being honest, loyal, courteous, and cheerful, through clean speech, clean hahits, and good manners. Each home room selects a memher who represents the111 in the Stu- dent Council. The hi-monthly meetings consist largely of discussing prohlems that arise in the school. Some of which are the punishment of disohedient students, and reporting all who deface school property. Mie- tllods for improving school conditions, such as placing a large mirror in each of the rest rooms, how to use the money in the ucounciln treasury, and how to raise funds for different cluhs are also dehated. To puhlish anew the 'Gtleorges Forecast" is an aim not yet reached. This puhlication ceased hccause of the paper shortage during the last war. The council also striving to increase interest in organizing new cluhs and reviving old ones. The l949-50 Student Council has contrihuted much to school acti- vities. A stand for rcfreshlnents supply foothall fans with hot dogs, coffee, candy, ice-cream, and potato chips. Proceeds from noon dances and Mtag-daysw are used to huy chcer- leaderls uniforms, sweaters, and letters for sports and music awards. Each year students look forward to the annual dance sponsored hy the council. :ja 11: Banc! The ever popular swing hand of Georges Township High School, as directed hy lVlr. Nelson Gaal, is made up of nine students. Feeling that music should he included in scho-ol life, you can always depend on them for the hest in entertainment. This active group, known as Wfhe Rhythm Kidsi' pcrl'orms for many assembly programs and noon dances. These dances are held once a week in our gymnasium, enjoyed hy all who show their appreciation hy good attendance. The tunes consist of hoth popular numhcrs and polka rhythms. The instruments used in a hand also play an important factor in ohtaining excellent music. Therefore, these musicians have chosen the following to make their's the hestg the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, piano, sliding trolnhone, and drums. Besides having the instruments, you must he ahlc to play them well, which requires practice. These students sacrifice their own time and have no complaints even when an unexpected rehearsal is called. This is their secret for their ahility to play well. Patience and responsihility must he taken into consideration in prc- paring young people for the music World. So we give our thanks to Wir. Gaal, and we hope he will ever continue his great work, as this kind ol amusement plays an important part in cvcryoncis life. :IZ :5: ,.-f -fgziiirrfiiififg G ROW ONE: G. Hawkey, J. Rishel, D. Shamrock, M. Umbel. ROW TWO: E. Cope, F. Lovaty, B. Hunchuck, N. Wilson, P. Bakos, R. Kopnicky, C. Kopas, M. Listen H. Liston, N. Law, S. Tate, R. Sitantic, M. Balas. ROW THREE: G. Squire, G. Verbus, J. Swancy, E. Grimes, S. Kendro, J. Ellsworth, M. Verbus M Lovaty, R. Kmetz, F. Wall, R. Van Verth J. Strawn. ROW FOUR: K. Lytle E. Czekanski, P. Smith, B. Franks, E. Bowell, F. Cooley, O. Sutton, R. Smith J Rogish, E. Hornsby, S. Riffle. ROW FIVE: Mr. Gaal, V. Carrol, M. Sesler, S. Stillwagon. ROW SIX: J. Langley, T. Lewis, F. Bronick, J. Pepe, L. Victor, J. Cooley, R. Fowler, R. Higgenbottom J. Shuman, T. King. '7!w Bam! There is always a treat for the spectators when they come to the football games and see the Georges Band make its appearance on the playing field. lt has fifty 1llCllllJC1'S who spent much time tllltl effort in learning the different songs. During the Fifth and Seventh period, the hand could he seen marching to the Stadium to practice their drills and formations and to learn new ones. The wind and cold did not stop them. The hand is led hy ten high stepping llltl-iO1'Clt0S, who do a wonderful joh during the hall' time with their aerohatics. During the game, the hand is not idle a minute. They are either yelling with the rest of the students or playing the popular school songs: HXVC Want A Touchdown," and Wl'here's a Great Gang that Goes to Georges? The hand with its energetic 1l10lllllCl'S, plays its nlusie with sueh pep and vigor, that the students surrounding thc hand join in with their voices. The hand has do11e a tremendous job in representing our school. lt has appeared in the following parades: GI Joe, Cll1'lSllllCtS, May Day, and Wlitehel Day. Tile instruments that make up the hand are: elarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trom- hones, haritoncs, hass horns, alto horns, and drums. The Fourteenth Annual Band Concert was held the latter part of April in the High School Auditorium. For the hard Work hy the members, they were rewarded by having a successful evening. It was enjoyed hy the young and the old. The All County Band Concert was held at the Connellsville High School Auditoriunl. The following students that represented Georges were: .Helen lliston, Fred Cooley, ,lannes Pepe, and Lawrence Vivtor. 'I'Iu- hand that the students love to listen to is under the supervision ol' Mr. Nelson tlaal. Ile came 'to Georges four years ago. llis elarinet and saxophone playing has had many of the girls swo-oning 011 the edge of their seats during the assemhly programs. wlfianal Jfanafz. Sac ' ROW ONE: E. Aleksy, D. Hudock, P. Smith ROW TWO: J. Gower, M. Kondrla, G. Verbus ROW THREE: Qld. Metz, C. Hench, B. Franks, M. Sutton ROW FO UR: .l. Morawa, E. Winfrey, .l. Pepe The National Honor Society is an organization of which many stu- dents would like to be a member. In November l6, 1925, the National Honor Society was started at Georges, when a charter was granted by the National Council of the National Honor Society. To be a member of this organization, a student must have an average of eighty-eight percent. A vote is cast by each teacher and by the old 111e111bers of the society. The new members are initiated into the so- ciety by a candlelight ceremony. The colors, blue and gold, are dis- played with ribbons tied to the candles. The pin worn by the members is an emblem of the Keystone with a flaming torch. The meetings of tl1e National Honor Society, wl1icl1 a1'e held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, are begun with the pledge of the society. The "Christmas Tree Fund" which was raised this year was sponsor- cd by the National Honor Society. The money that was collected bought a Christmas Tree and decorations. It was on display in the center of the stage during the Christmas season. The members chosen at the beginning of the senior year were: E. li. Winfrey, Gladys Vcrbus, John Morawa, Myrna Sutton, Dolores Gower, and Patricia Smith. The officers elected were: President, Geraldine Metz, Vice Presi- dent, Catherine Hench, Secretary, Dolores Ann Hudockg Treasurer, James Pepe. zz: 40 5: nh' Ghoawi ln the first week of Decemher, of this school year, the Girl's Chorus of Georges High came into existence. The idea had heen a long contem- plated one, hut prior to this time had failed to materialize. Mr. Gaal, our music instructor., called for try-outs from the Sopho- ll10I'C, Junior, and Senior classes. After careful speculation, fifty 'talent- ed girls were chosen. During the course of six weeks the I1llll1ll0l' lnount- ed to sixty-five. After the try-outs, there came three weeks of continual practice. Un Decemher 23, our Christmas p1'ogram 'took place and the girls llllltll' their dehut. The audience was hushed as the lovely songhirds, attireat in hlack and white, took their places on the dimly .lit stage. Witll a huge, heauti- fully-decorated tree as a haekground, they succeeded in conveying the Yuletide spirit to every listene1'. Their songs consisted of many well-loved Christmas carols. Again can he heard familiar refrains coming from the direction ol' the 1IlllSilf roo111. Their next appearance will he in April, when they will sing with 'the annual Band Concert. Congratulations are extended to Mr. Gaul, whose patience and per- severence produced such satisfying results, and congratulations also to Gola Petty, a talented Sophomore Who provides the piano accompanist. We, the students of Georges High School, are proud of our Girls' Chorus. '7fze Eefaincf 004 '7ea.m4 iMAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS ROW ONE: E. Czekanski, J Strawn, J. Hornsby, J. Rishel D. Shamrock. Standing: G. H a W k c y, G Squire., S. Riffle, M. Umbel, K Lytle. Row ONE: N. Fordyce, A Metz, D. Hudock, J. Barber., Pl Veater STANDING: S. Provance, Mr Mayolo, N. Solomon afniclaa Squad THEY E FURCE U li RULES 'l'he Corridor Squad of Georges 'l'ownship lligh School, is a group of students, who can he seen standing at their various posts in the halls, directing other students in the changing of classes. Duties performed hy this Squad are numerous and helpful. Not only does it keep order and disvipline in the halls throughout the year, hut druing the first week of sehool, it has the important and interesting joh of guiding the upoor, lost Freshman" to their elasses. As you can see, this organization is an important, one, and one to which it is an honor to he appointed. Even when a lnemher is ahsent a suhstitute is easily found and thus many an au-ident is prevented which might otherwise oeenr. We, the memhers of Georges 'l'ownship High School, should there- fore, greatly appreciate the work of these students, as they assume many responsihilities and are every ready and willing to do so. We thank Mr. Williallls for his guidance in hotll elioosing and direet- ing the Corridor Squad. Xvith his assistanee every one is sure to per- form his or her duty Well. ROW ONE: T. Saltrick, C. Kopas, J. Metz, D. Hudock, C. Hench, P. Smith, J. Gower, E. Aleksy, J. Elliott. , ROW TWO: P. Honsaker, M. Sutton, M. Verbus, E. Martin, N. Hugh, M. Daniels, G. Verbus, M. Sibert, J. Miller. ROW THREE: M. Temple, B. Hunchuck, M. Laney, J. Murin, B. Franks, B. Tabol, J. Ellsworth, G. Vic- tor, Mr. Williams. ROW FOUR: M. Patchan, C. Corder, E. Wolfe, E. Roupe, J. Morawa, R. Riggar, R. Sitanek, B. Lanko, F. Vecchiolla. r' 'A Q Qian 0m Nlma Mala MDEAR OLD HIGH SC.H.0.0L" 'Words by ,Iacoh Sheetz Thercis a dear Alina Mater' and we love her, Georges High School, Georges High. And above every hanner that is floating, May her colors always fly. CHORUS Dear Olfl High School, Dcar Ulxl High School We will always sing thy praises, Then Hurrah, Hurrah, for Georges High School, We will ever sing thy praises true. Then Hurrah, Hurrah, for Georges High School, Loyal we will he to you. 2 We have taken the M0range" from a sun sel, Georges High School, Georges High. Wllile the "Black" we have taken from a storm cloud, As it swiftly wont drifting hy. LChorusj ' 3 Thus you see we will always have our Banner As the ages roll along. For as long as God gives us clouds and sun sets, Thy children will sing this song. lChorusJ 5: 44 :g: 74 Your name is all we ask of you, i So write it with a pen, And through our lives in all we do, We'll think of you udear friend -9 ,I , ' fS'ff'fj .1 :A J,-Lt.,-f x xigq' jig- ' J if ' n an U' 'LLQ :4:":,fo67:frl.'flz 1' '53 it t' . ,f ' . H., f" ' "' I Ldd LL-1 iff' ffdf rf' , X 1 I v' if ,'Q MMV Lv" w'0'r"f0-'AOL Vw", ,,zW,w,..Jt - " ll 5 A 1" ' in V 8 ' Qld, n' 4fl4fyj J 0 gf ,hi 3-1: , 11 1 J, cibff 6:1 1 if ' ' zZcA,L.f1sf 44 'ff-7 14.62.91 K 77IM7Wfjyj 52 WXWW Wm MWQL 'EX Mlm, .flwffffzm RAY J. HUMBERT DARBY-HUMBERT LUMBER CO. FAIRCHANCE, PA. SMITHFIELD, PA. Phone 441 Phone 2201 BIRDS ROOFING DUPONT CURTIS PAINTS WOODWORK 46 KAVAL MOTOR SALES PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 5257 RAILROAD STREET POINT MARION, PA. NATIONAL MOTOR CU. Albert Kapalka, Mgr. PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Phone 456 73 Morgantown Street Fairchance, Pa. KAVAL PONTIAC, Inc. MOTOR SALES PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE 4185 --'-- PHONES -?- 1281 See Americafs Most Beautiful Cars Uniontown, Pu. S. G. Kaval James P. Stewart .Robert E. Kaval :1: :ga COMPLIMENTS OF SWAN EY Sz MOATS STRIPPING OPERATION BOX 388 UNIONTOWN, PA :gi 48 :pa CONGRATULATIONS SMITH'S INDEPENDENT SUPER MARKET PHONE OPEN DAILY Smithfield 9861 9 A. M.-9 P. M OUR MEATS A SPECIALITY QUALITY FOODS AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES 13: 13: SHARP SZ WAGNEH FUNERAL HOME ADVISORS AND D1REc'roRs OF FUN EHALS EST. 32 YEARS PHONE 465 FAIRCHANCE, PA. VANCE FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL D1REc'1'0Rs ESTABLISHAED 1869 MODERN FUNERAL HOME PHONE 2341 SMITHFIELD, PA. 15: :Zz COM PLIMENTS OF C D. CROW 81 SON "INSURANCE AGENCY" W. A. Crow, Owner INSURANCE SERVICE SINCE 1884 PHONES: 2502-A-2773 SMITHFIELD, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF G U L D S B O R 0 FUNERAL HOME ,I. W. GoIdsIJor0, Prop. FUNERAL DIRECTOR MEMBER UF N. F. D. A Phone 6041 22 EAST CHURCH STREET FAIRCHANCE, PA :1: :1: DYKRS SCLEANERS South Mount Vernon Avenue at Dixon Blvdf--Uniontown, Pu. E RENCH CLEANING AND DYEING THE SANITONE WAY UNIONTOWN 8-3591 WHERE SERVICE IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS BART ON ,S FLOWER SHOP J. NV. Xvhite, Prop. DAY 47'sAPHoNEswN1GHT 1936-J I9 MoRGANToWN s'mEE'r UN1oNToWN, PA :.: :j: CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1950 May You Enjoy Succvss In Your Lifcfs Pursuil Of Health mul Happiness UNION SUPPLY COMPANY GATES, CLARK X BOYLE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Thompson-Ruby Building Uniontown, Pa. Phono 225 Paul Gates Playford Boyle rg: 5: DAIRY PRUDUCTS 4-'S9'e... Z it IIAGA 1-Aff-Zllg . K 'QBW J WILL PHOTEUI' 'YOUR l lEAL'l'H lN YEARS 'l'0 COME COMPLI M1f1N'1's OF CUHEIVS FURNITURE STURE UN IONTUWN BRUWNSVILLE CHARLERUI al: HONG H ATU LATION S- f'CLASS OF "Stl" DICE-SPALDIN G SPORTS ST UHE Dunalll W. Fell, Uwnvr "If lt's sports-,-xxf.f Have It" 57 West Main Street Uniontown, Pa ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Wor1cl's No. .l For the Graduates Royal Portables The Big Typewriter In Miniature Size COUNTY 'I'YPEWRITEH SERVICE I-L-16 WEST PE'1'H1z ST. PHONE 2133 UNIUNTOWN, PA. A. s. ADLER EXCLUSIVE REPRlCSENTA'l'IVE E. SMITH 55 C HRYSLE R PLYMOUTH WHITE MOTOR TRUCKS AND BUSSES MOTOR SALES 81 SERVICE L. H. Humlrert-Owners-G. M. Gleason 72 EAST FAYETTE STREET UNIONTUWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF M E T Z L E R 9 S UNIUNTOWN, PA. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 :ga :ga COM PLIMENTS OF WHITE FRONT MARKET Reckarrl and Mclntyre, Props. QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES, PRODUCE PHONE 452 FAIRCHANCE, PA. MOON-LITE OPEN AIR THEATRE I 11-z1- Cars-Speakers YORK RUN CROSSROADS .lust off Route H9 PHONE 480 FAIRCHANCE, PA SIX MILES SOUTH OF UNIONTOWN, PA. :1: :11 E 1: 0 WN FDfE L D INSURANCE AGENCY A PHONE 237 DAN O. LITTLE THOMAS B. JAQUETTE UNIONTOWN, PA. BLACKSTONE BLDG COMPLIMENTS OF S E A R I G H T INSURANCE AGENCY "Oldest in Fayette County" WE WRITE EVERY FORM OF INSURANCE 2-6 EAST MAIN STREET Phone 8-3548 UNIONTOWN, PA A. E. SESLEH EDWARD W. McSHANE 58 SHADYSIDE SERVICE STATION GAS OIL CONFECTIONS Thomas Sopkovec, Prop. U. S. Route II9 THE HUT Light Lunrl xqes Fountain Servire IIAGAN ICE CREAM Lois K Opal Husteud Mgr. Phone 5881 Fairchancc, Pa. V-K SALES gl SERVICE Westinghouse Refrigerzxtors Rllllg8SA-'-WIIICF Heaters INI:1ymg W'ashersATexac0 Cas 8 Oil 203 N. Morgantown St. Fairclumcc, Pu. Phone 6751. MILLER'S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR GAS OIL ACCESSORIES Phone 584I Faircllance, Pa. Best lVislws To The Class Of "50" FAIRCHANCE EXCHANGE CLUB SMITHFIELD HARDWARE TAPPAN RANGES I RCA RADIOS TELEVISION'S Frigidare Appliauceb LUCAS PAINTS PHONE 9061 TELEVISION RADIOS "See Them Ally FREE DEMONSTRATIONS RCA VICTOR ZENITH PHILCO GENERAL ELECTRIC FAIRCHANCE RADIO 81 ELECTRIC Phono 3211 Fairchance, Pa Colnpliments Of REGION ELECTRIC and MACHINE CO. Autlwrizefl Agent mul Distributors GENERAL ELECTRIC Phone 2142 23 Dunbar St. Uniontown, P Compliments Of WM. W. PATTERSON Fairchance, Pa. DODES GROCERY CLOVER FARM STORE BEST WISHES TO CLASS of SK507v Phone 2881 SMITHFIELD, PA. I ' . UNIONTOVIIFS IEST STO!! CONGRA TULA TIONS CLASS OF "50" 'flu' world's most wanted ca CHEVROLET WHSE CHEVROLET COMPANY FIS CHEAT and JANE STS. PHONE 5270 POINT MARION, PA. and SMITHFIELD-2321 FAYETTE CANDY COMPANY 154749 EAST FAYETTE ST. R0UTE4o WHOLESALE ONLY Dzsl bulors CHOCOLATES Compliments Of COLLIEIPS CLOVER FARM STORE GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE GENERAL MERCHANDISE THRIFT PLUS SATISFACTION Phono 2811 Smithfield, Pa. Compliments Of ROBINSON AUTOMOBILE COMPANY DODGE-PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS Phone 8-4518 255 E. FAYETTE STREET UNIONTOVVN, PA. BRYSON'S MOTORS For the Best in Cars and Trucks OLDSMOBILE CADILLIC DIAMOND T TRUCKS See Bryson Motors Uniontown, Pa. BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF "50" JOSEPH C. PANZERA PHONE 4729 DEPENDABLE BUS SERVICE HOME FURNISHINGS OF OUTSTANDING QUALITY PEOPLES FURNITURE CO Main At Gallatin Uniontown, Pa. Compliments Of TURNER AUTOMOBILE COMPANY PACKARD MOTOR CARS MACK TRUCKS 261 East Fayette Street UNIONTOWN, PA. Complimvnts Of SANTARIELLOS CUT RATE Mugaznler- Sickroom Sup. Phone 6671 Fairchance W H. FARWELL COMPANY John L. Rush Chas. D. Rush 63 Years Service 1888-To Business-1950 PRINTING OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES 82 W. MAIN STREET PHONE 1612 UNIONTOWN, PA. Compliments Of AN GELUS GAS OIL GREASING LUNCH COLD DRINKS Compliments Of THE AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY MOTOR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 124 WEST MAIN STREET UNIONTOWN, PA. Compliments Of A FRIEND Compliments Of S. G. MOS SMITHFIELD, ER PA. CITY HARDWARE Joseph H. Nvilliams, Prop. COCHRANE PAINTS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES APPLIANCES GARDEN SUPPLIES Phone 6741 36 East Church Street Fairehance, Pu. SMITHFIELD STATE BANK The welfare of the community is intimately connected with the contin- uance of local banking facilities. By safeguarding the current and surplus funds of its depositors. By enabling them to make pay- ments with checks and drafts. By collecting the proceeds at vari- ous negotiable instruments. By supplying the temporary credit needs of paper currency and coin. By sustaining connections with the financial machinery of the country. By earning reasonable returns on the investment of its stockholders. Business in the community is largely transacted through the bank. SMITHFIELD STATE BANK SMITHFIELD, PA. Congratulations 1 950 Graduating Class Passenger-Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes Passenger--Truck---Diesel Batteries Car and Home Supplies Deep Freezers YOUR GOOD YEAH DEALER SEEMAN TIRE COMPANY 257 East Fayette Street LINIONTOWN, PA. 2.205--PHONES-2206 Compliments Of HUGH'S SERVICE STATION I-Iavner's Amoco Service Wasliing Tires and Batteries Lubrication Accessories Morgantown St. FLIIFCIIIIIICC, Pa. JOSEPH ANDR1A'S BARBER SHOP YORK RUN, PA. WALLACE MILLER BROS. Jewelers Since 1867 FINE WATCHES-RINGS .I EWELERY UNIONTOWN, PA. SAUER'S 59 West Main Street MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S UNIONTOWN, PA. Compliments Of SECHLEIVS FAIRCHANCE, PA. Compliments Of NEPA'S SWING BOWL CONFECTIONERY AND LIGHT LUNCHES Phone, Fairchance 5813 YORK RUN, PA. DUNAWAY'S DRUG STORE NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Phone 5201 FAIRCHANCE, PA. PEG'S DAIRY BAR Fountain Service LUNCHEONETTE, CANDIES Freezer-Fresh Ice Cream Phone 5851 WAYNE REESE, MGR. FAIRCHANCE, PA. Sycamore Tree Garage GAS OIL SOFT DRINKS Route 119 3 Miles S. Uniontown Compliments Of BAILY 81 HOLLAND .IEWELERS Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova Watches for Graduation Gifts 99 W. Main St. Uniontown, Pa. Compliments HICKLES Congratulations Class of "50" WHITE SWAN FLOWER SHOP White Swan Hotel Bldg. HEIGHTS SERVICE STATION LUCIAN A. SMITH FROZEN CUSTARD Home Made Ice Cream Confections Lawn Mowers Sharpened AUSTIN'S DAIRY BAR Dinners H-omemade Pies Hagan lee Cream Phone 2981 Smitllfield., Pa. NICOSIA UNION SHOE SHOP FINE FOOTWEAR CLOTHING MAIN STREET SMITHFIELD, PA. W'hcn I n Uniontown ,Meet Ale At FAYETTE DRUG 21 EAST MAIN STREET Compliments Of SCHEIN BROS. .IEWELERS Morgantown unfl Main Sts. UNIONTOWN, PA. Phil Mascioli Tailor Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing Call For and Deliver Phone 6783 20 Church St. Fairchance, Pu. Compliments Of Reese's Clover Farm Store Phone 2022 Smithfield, Pa. SERVICE RADIO X ELECTRIC CO. New 1950 Westinghouse Electric Refrigerators And Ranges 99 W. Main St. Uniontown, Pa. Petty Floor Finishers Floors Machine, Sandetl And Finished Olcl Floors Made Like New Estimates Clleerfully Given Fairch ance Phone 3121 Compliments WILSON'S SERVICE STATION GAS OIL SOFT DRINKS ROUTE ll9 Smithfield, Pa. - IVIOROAN MOTOR COMPANY Phone 2402 GENERAL REPAIRING AND ACCESSORIES Winter Street Smithfield, Pa ALPHA FLORIST "F lowers for All Occasions" 17 South Beeson Blvd. Phone 287 Uniontown, Pa Compliments Of A FRIEND . s 2 i x I ' - J- I Ay, -A -I 5vw.,,,p,,,.!f,g,.!, ,,,.,,,7,T,:v. -P-1741.-5 qi, .FT 117- 1:4f:.,..1..Aw-v'7-rryrg-nv-qv.,1-5. 1-gf..--fT,.v.., H- - -1511-,.f..,-W.-.f.-P -. vu-Ki. . ., 5,-. .N-. .M .sen ,I

Suggestions in the Georges Township High School - Georgian Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

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Georges Township High School - Georgian Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 10

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