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GEORGE WILLIAMS COLLEGE 1956 IN MEMORIUM GUY L. SCHUYTEMA, Dean of Students Friend, advisor, fellow faculty member, loyol worker, ond true Christian. His kind¬ ness, humility, sincerity, ond devotion to task will ever be remembered. His loyol ond sacrificial service to George Williams Col¬ lege and the things it stands for will live in the hearts of those who knew him and loved him. Once upon a time, in a somber laboratory, a woeful white rat was held prisoner in a strong, wire cage. The rat had been named for a famous Indian chieftain, a courageous mascot of George Williams College in the good old days, and on his head he wore the bon¬ net of the Al I-Col lege Tri be. Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter’s adventurous spirit fretted at his narrow confines and deplored the limited range of hi s vi sion. His only excitement came with the chattering stud¬ ents and the ringing of bells. All too soon the bells ran g and the noisy stu dents I eft him alone in his wiry cage. Where did they go ' ? If he could only follow those animated people! Then, one day Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter noticed that his cage was unlatched. This was his big chance! He threw himself against the door, dropped to the floor, and scur¬ ried from the lab, into a tiny room nearby. Arthur H Steinhaus, Professor of Physiology, Dean of the College, and Director of the Division of Health and Physical Education; John R. McCurdy, President; Channing M. Briggs, Associate Professor of Sociol¬ ogy and Group Work, and Director of the Division of Group Work and Recreation. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter climbed up on a desk, looked around and right in front of him were some very distinguished persons! He turned and ran down a flight of stairs. At every turn he met other notable persons. 5 Top to Bottom: Hugh D. Allen, Director of Col lege Comp HoroldW. Porner, Business Manager and Director of Admissions Harmon H. Bro, Associate Professor of Hum an i ties and Religion Jack Claypoole, Instructor in Physical Education Paul Dunsing, Associate Professor of Physical Education | Top to bottom: Sylvonus M. Duvall, Professor of Social Sciences and Religion Harry D. Edgren, Professor of Education William R. Fenstemacher, Associate Professor of Physical Education John W. Fuhrer, Associate Professor of Administration Hermon Hertog, Director of Port Time Placement and Admissions Counselor mm , ,, - r Evelyn Klinckmann, Assi stant Professor of Health and Physical Education David Laughlin, Instructor in Art Celi a Marshall, Assistant to the Business Manager and Manager of Dole Hall Nancy Miner, Associ ate Professor of Physiology and Health Education Davi d E. Mi sner, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Carl 0. Paul son, Librarian and Assistant Professor of English Gunnar Peterson, Assistant Professor of Camping and Recreation Clyde Seel ey, Business Manager of College Camp t Guy L. Schuytema, Dean of Students, Registrar, and Associate Professor of Education Top to Bottom: I Top to Bottom: t Ursul a B. Stone, Professor of Economics Helen E. Westerberg, I Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Karl P. Zerfoss, Professor of Psychology, and Director of Graduate Placement and Counseling I Pictures not available: Erwin F. Beyer, Associate Professor of Phy si cal Education Constance Racht, Instructor in Art Dorothy Rambar, Registrar GRADUATING CLASS The most important people Heap-Big- Cheese-Hunter met were very important indeed! 11 CLASS OFFICERS President James Gilbert Vice-President William Ott Secretary Gladys Karpen Treasurer Di ane Kowal ski 12 I m a Rebo Abbott, M.S. in GWA Berwyn, Illinois W.A.A., A C Comm., Kappa Delta Pi Jack Blumenthol, M.S. in HE Chicago, Illinois Thomas Hetrick, M.S. in GWA Pittsburgh, Pa. KDA, Student-Faculty Retreat Comm. 13 James Gilbert, M.S. in GWA Minneapolis, Minnesota AOA, CA President, Graduating Class President William H. Ott, M.S. in GWA LaCrosse, Wisconsin AOA, SCA President, Vice President of Grad¬ uating Class, Frot. Athletic Chairman, Mbri of Frat. Pledge Committee William Jones, M.S. in HPE Chicago, 11 linoi s 14 Jeonne E. Sherrow, M. S. GWE i Lansing, lllinoi s W.A.A. i Theodore C. Reidt, M.S. in GWA Hillsboro, New Hampshire WUS Executive Comm., Camping Week Committee, C.A. Publications Committee Chairman. Louis Rawls, M.S. in GWA Chicago, Illinois Zev Segal, M.S. in HPE Haifa, Israel m : Donnis Thompson, M.S. in PE Ch icago, 11 linoi s W.A.A. Bill Wellbond, M.S. in HE Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada PZT, Athletic Comm., Research Comm., Swim Club, P.E. Club, Gymnastic Club President, Varsity Basketball. Frances Malissa Beasley, BS in H PE Chi cago, 11 linoi s W.A.A., Skill Volleyball and Basketball Teams, C.A. Secretary, P.E. Club, Modern Dance Club, Chorale — Secretary, Synchronized Swim Team. Stewart Brown, BS in GWE Oak Park, lllinoi s A.O. A. Doniel C. Farch, B.S. in GWE Painesvilie, Ohio A.O.A., Embers Editor, Research Comm., I.F.C. Presiden t. David William Dunsworth, B.S. in H PE Salem, Oregon P.Z.T., Frat. Chaplain, Social Comm., Athletic Comm., Gymnastic Club Vice Preeident, Male Chorus, P.E. Club, Chairman of Student Council on Recruiting, Varsity Volleyball - Captain ' 55-56. i Mary R. Dykton, B.S. in H PE Chi cogo, 111 inoi s W.A.A. — President, Special Program Chairman of W.A.A., Collegian, P.E. Club, W.A.A. Volleyball and Basketball Skill Teams 17 18 Gust Georgiou, B.S. in H PE Chicago, 11 linoi s S.D.A., P.E. Club, Gymnasti c Club John M. Goodwin, B.S. in GWE Decatur, Illinois K.R.D.,Frat. Social Comm., Interfraternal Council, Associate Editor of Collegian, C.A. Band, Scout- ers Club, Men’s Chorale Walter A. Jones, B.S. in H P E Corbin, Kentucky C.D.P., Frat. President and Corresponding Secre¬ tary, Chrm. of Nominating Comm, for C.A., Swim¬ ming T earn Alan Eugene Hoi I aday, B.S. in GWE Los Angeles, California A.O.A., Frat. President and Treasurer, C.A. Athletic and Assembly Committees, W.U.S. Gladys Karpen, B.S. in H PE Racine, Wi scon sin W.A.A., C.A. Social Committee, P.E. Club Secre¬ tary, Graduating Class President, Dormitory Pres- i dent Morrie Kipper, B.S. in GWE Chicago, 11 linoi s C.A. Handbook Committee Chairman Diane H. Kowalski, B.S. in H PE Chicago, III inoi s W.A.A., Senior-Faculty Retreat Committee, Grad¬ uating Class Treasurer, P.E. Club Vernal U. McGruder, B.S. in H PE Mobil e, Al abamo W.A.A., Chrm. of W.A.A. Weekend Outing Comm., Gymnasti c Club Richard Snoddy, B.S. in H PE Massillon, Ohio A.O.A., P.E. Club Doris Sobbe, B.S. in H PE Ch i cago, 111 inoi s W.A.A., Secretary and Spring Banquet Chairman of W.A.A., Collegian Reporter, Embers Sports Editor, Swim Club, P.E. Club, Square Dance Clu b, Modern Dance Club, W.A. Skill Volleyball and Basketball T earn s Edna Somerville, B.S. in GWE Chi cago, III inoi s Alfred Spina, B.S. in H PE Chicago, lllinoi s [ S.D.A., Frat. Vice President and Athletic Chair¬ man, C.A. Athletic Committee, Captain Varsity Basketball, P.E. Club Geraldine Ann VanDeKreke, B.S. in H P E Chi cago, II linoi s W.A.A., Vice President of W.A.A., Chairman of Badminton, and Outing Committee, C.A. Social Committee and Embers Staff, Swim Club, W.U.S. Drive, Chorale, W.A.A. Skill Volleyball and Bas¬ ketball Teams. P.E. Club Ruth Wawrinecz, B.S. in H PE Chicago, Illinois W.A.A., P.E. Club Sheldon Wexler, B.S. in H PE Ch icago, 11 linoi s I Marie H. Witkoy, B.S. in GWE Overland, Missouri W.A.A., C.A. Treasurer, Publications Chairman, Embers Editor, S.C.A. World Affairs Comm. Chrm., W.U.S. Drive Chairman, Square Dance Club Chair¬ man Ronald L. Zenke, B.S. in H PE Chi cago, III inoi s P.Z.T., Frat. Vice President and Pledge Master, C.A. Social Committee Chairman, Nominating Committee Chairman, Swim Club, P.E. Club Vice President, Male Chorus, Varsity Basketball, S.C.A., Chorale Vice President Pictures Not Available: Ermon Armstrong, M.S. in GWA Kansas City, Missouri W.A.A., C.A. Social Committee, W.U.S. Drive William H. Carlyon, M.S. in HE Muskegon, Michigan S.D.A., Frat. Vice President and President, C.A. Alhletic Com¬ mittee Chairman, Intramural Chairman, Swim Club, P.E. Club, Gymnastic Club, Chorale, Varsity Swim Team 22 Harold Harper, B.S. in H PE Kingston, Jamaica GRADUATES Some students were impatient to graduate and go forth on adventures of their own. What a studious group they were! Upper Right — Jock Ledbetter Upper Left - William Phillips and Cordon Gi 11 ette Center — Zenonas Puzinauskas and William Wilde Lower Left — Lenley Hawksworth and Loy Chiu with Ric Toia (Sophomore) Lower Right — Reuben Huff Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter found one class particularly interested in intellectual discussion. JUNIORS 25 Left to Right — Patricia Casey, C. H. Alcumbrack, Tom Harri s, Harold Runyan, Joyce Stevenson Standing: Joe Davis, Jill Tickner, Louis Buttice Seated: Richard Pritchett, Mary Hamilton, Dale Bass Left to Right — Neil Allen, Alfred Billau, Donna Farr, Goh Choon, Mordacey Kibans- ki, Clark Lupton «kVrA:| r r Standing: Robert Faelchle, Roger Prater, GeorgeKi llingsworth, Donna Jean Schmitz; Kneeling: Taher Abu-Ghazaleh, and Carol J anisch Left to Right: Robert Ogburn, John Walter, Dennis Otto sen, Raymond Miyake, and Louis VuIliez Margoret Lacey Left to Right: Benne Bendler, Lee Umbles, Marilyn Bishop, Richard Cash, Denise Smith Left to Right: Arlene Kotil, David Tweedley, John Bernhardt, Donna Jean Carlson, Faye H ebert 28 X Donold Zerwer, Lemayne Shank, Richard Lunetta, Karl Hallsten, Henry Brinker Phillip Geissal, Donald Greer, Earl Kruse, Gayle Hunt, John Albright 29 Dorothy Gerken, Richard E. Larson, Donald Klein, Sannee Psihoris, Rita Gang John Clark (Sophomore), Dean Stillwell, Donald Cloud, Richard D. Larson (Soph¬ omore), and Burton Fettig 30 Gregory Freeman, Harold Hayes, Brian Carlos Towns, Marge Windt, Richard Yamamoto, Richard Aikins, RoddGleeson Marinelli, Bernadine Cadek, Donald Clock 32 Richard Adams, Jerry Alpert, Glenn Sykes, Chris¬ tine Foxe, Shafik Saikaly, Harold Berg, Ronald Cline, Ri chard Yamamoto Dale Bass, Louis Buttice, John Koehler, Lyman Curtis, Roy Lundin. I Richord Brandon, James Davis, William Bracy, Dale Westcoat, Lynn Rinehart, Sylvia Fister 34 Dorothy Potts, Duone Eckles, James Condie, Davi d Miller 35 I Hester Hursh, Kenneth Wassberg, Barbara Abraham son, Ann Broughton, Darwin Haines, Donald Arnold, Brian Aikins 36 p Charles Knowles, Valeria Wyrick, Joseph Casey, Robert Wierman, Nannie Lazenby Phillip Brown, Robert Han sen, Katherine Wilson, Colin Campbell, Robert Bratton 38 William McKinley, Layton Stewart, Mossman Dudgeon, Donald Marquardt, Gordon Gi I lette (Floor advisor), Lawrence GiImore, David Wittkop, David Ooten. Darlene Southerland, Ronald Bell, Martin Otto, Ralph Drake, Russell Hoff. 39 Wilson Bailey, Grant Sheffer, Adrienne Moore, Harold Bosold, Milan Roknich, Thelma Samples 40 Raymond Pisco, Clyde John son, Mary Roeder, Lol a MacEwing, Roger Barr, Beverly Rice, Robert T urner. Allan Cook, Harold Bosold, Barbara Sweeney, Clyde Johnson, Norman Moss, Wayne King, Carol Wallen, Walta Nye. 41 Joyce Augustine, Spencer Gregory, Linda Despres, Tom Moore, David Jones, Shirley Willette Horace Hu tt, Donald Glaze, Vicki Smith, Robert 01 son, Charles Ruhl, Raymond Wi I fen ger 42 STAFF Some of the people worked harder than anyone to see that everything happened right on schedule. 43 Ruth Beaver, Lois Mort, Layton Stewart, Du an e Eckl es Mary Johnson, Mi Idred Compton, Otis Plexico, Collie Darville, Sally Comer. 44 Dorothy Paulson, Carl Paulson, Elsa Marty, In a Evans. Alberta Gibson, and Jessie Clemens Top Row: Rudolph us Farmer, John Sanborn, Loui s Dalgaard Middle Row: John Shannon, Allan Edgerston, Robert Freeman Bottom Row: Oscar Anderson, John Miller, Raymond Miyake Dr. J. Wirtshafter, Nurse Victoria Pieper I 1 Rebecca Shapiro, Al Chun, Sue Well band. Seated: Donna Lee Harri s J cn et Mi yak e, Edith Carson, Audrey Anderson Emma Jean Taylor, Melba Ott, Marie Witkay, Ruth Bloke 46 Heap-Bi g-Ch eese-Hunter had never seen so many clusters of people doing so many things in all his life! Al I that oratory made him very ti red! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 47 COLLEGE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Carol Janisch -Secretary, Gunnar Peterson - Advisor, James Gilbert - President, Cor¬ nelius White — Vice President, Donald Arnold — Treasurer. C.A. BOARD Standing — Larry Sample, Bill Owen, " Beef” Arnold, " Corny " White, Bill Baker. Seated —Gunnar Peterson, " Woody” Swarmer, Jim Gilbert, Carol Wallen, Ted Reidt. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Dr. Ursula Stone, Advisor, Yvonne Maupin, Harold Hayes, Jerry Alpert. Missing — Larry Sample, Chrm. INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE Standing: Jim Condie, Dick Marinelli, Bill Owen, Chairman, Brian Aikin s, Lou i s Vulliez, Jim Dovi s. Seated: “Beef” Arnold, Bill McKinley, Bob Bratton, Dick Pritchett, Lyman Curtis. 1 I I I PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Carl Paulson, Collegian Advisor, Allan Johnson, Handbook, Marie Witkay, Embers, David Laughlin, Embers Advisor Seated: Ted Reidt, Cha irman, Lemayne Shank, Col legion Above right: Handbook Commi ttee: Editor Al Johnson, Cha irman, Costante Slaviero, Marie Witkay Left center: Collegian Committee: Standing: Carl Paulson, Joyce Stevenson, Carol Wallen, Clyde Johnson, Faye Hebert, Donna Jean Carlson Seated: Mary Roeder, Robert Cgburn, Editor Lemayne Shank, Hester F ' ursh Left Bottom: Embers Committee: David Laughlin, Florence Newsom, Spencer Gregory, Bob Turner, Dave Jones, Editor Marie Witkay, Richard Bennett, Clyde Johnson RESEARCH COMMITTEE Bill Baker, Chairman, Hester h ' ursh, Don Farch SOCIAL COMMITTEE Standing, Channing Briggs, Advisor, Glenn Sykes, Harold Eosold, Hester Hursh, Rita Gang, Ann Broughton, Mary Roeder, Lynn Rinehart Seated: Christine Foxe, El wood Swarmer, Chairman, Barbara Sweeney 51 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Standing: Emerson Thomas, Shafik Saikaly, Loy Chiu, Donald Klein, Neil Allen Seated: David Mi sner, Advisor, Larry Sehy, Dorothy Gerkin, Bill Ott, Chairman 52 WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE Upper Left - Trains all set to head for Coalville. Upper Right — How does the report look 0 Lower Left — The workers. Lower Right — Goalville coming closer. W.A.A., Barbara Stefanko, Rose Strock, Regina Brown, Evelyn Klinckmann, Advisor, Arlene Kotil, Mary Dykton, President In work and play, in serious moments and in fellowship, it’s fun! SB wUr 1 ALPHA OMICRON ALPHA Top Row: Allan Cook, John Clark, Niel Allen, Jack Claypoole, El wood Swarmer, Lemayne Shank, James Gilbert, William Baker. Second Row: Harold Berg, Ralph Drake, Harold Bosold, Dougl as Sprague, Emerson Thomas, Norman Moss, Shafik Saikaly, Clyde Johnson. Third Row: Goh Choon, Donald Zerwer, Loy Chiu, William Wilde, Dan Farch, Glenn Sykes, Charles Ruhl, Ronald Bell. Bottom Row: Kie-Siong Ling, Gary Mort, Robert Ogburn, Alan Holladay, George Ki I lingsworth, Ri chard Adam s, Gary Rolek. Ralph Drake John Cl ark Gary Mort Ronald Eell Shafik Saikaly Tom Moore Allan Cook Loy Chiu Norman Moss “Hell Night Hel lions’’ I 56 Top Row: Ernesto Cabrera, Grant Sheffer, Edward Hicks, Dean Stillwell, William Okrafosmart, Carlos Town s. Middle Row: Gunnar Peterson, Richard Brandon, Walter Jones, Roger Prater, Taher Abu-Ghazaleh. Bottom Row: Raymond Neumann, Henry Brinker, Clark Lupton, Richard E. Larson. CHI DELTA PHI 58 KAPPA RHO DELTA Standing: Raymond Bisco, Robert Turner, Harmon Bro, Duane Eckles, Karl P. Zerfoss, Charles Knowles, Donald Glaze, Colin Campbell. Seated: Ronald Goetsch, George Mathi s, and Davi d Mill er. John Goodwin, President 60 KAPPA RHO DELTA The Intranos Club became Kappa Rho Delta Fraternity during Pledge Week in January. For¬ mal inductions were held and the Fraternity im¬ mediately held formal elections. The members of KPD and the elected officers are as follows: John Goodwin, President, George Mathis, Vice President, David Miller, Secretary, Ronald Goetsch, Treasurer, Colin Campbell, IFC Rep¬ resentative, Dr. Karl Zerfoss, Facul ty Advi sor. For those who are not familiar with Kappa Rho Delta, it is interesting to note that they are the youngest fraternity on the campus, having been started in 1949. The purpose of this fraternity is to provide its members with a meansof satisfying their athletic and social needs, which are best met through cooperative self-expression and united effort, to furnish the opportunity for close fellowship a- mong its members, to encourage members to de¬ velop brighter cultural values for our mutual betterment, and to render service to others. PHI ZETA TAU Top Row Foulds Orchard, Larry Hawkins, Rodman Gleeson, Robert Hansen, Cornelius White, Louis Vulliez, James Condie, Brian Aikins, Layton Stewart, David Wittkop. Second Row — Larry Sample, Donald Arnold, David Jones, Ronald Cline, William Bracy, Donald Greer, Mordecay Klibanski, William Houtz, Ronal d Watson. Third Row - Roger Barr, William Dunsworth, Earl Kruse, William Owen, Ri chard Marinel I i, Gayle Hunt, Robert Wierman, Jack Ura, Raymond Miyake, Burton Fettig. Bottom Row - Andrew Cable, William McKinley, Lyman Curtis, Dennis Ottosen, Phillip Geissal, Robert Bratton, Harold H ay es, RichardYam am oto, David Tweedl ey, Lynn R in eh art. I 62 SIGMA DELTA ALPHA Top Row: David Ooten, Richard Cash, Joe Mills, Eric Hanauer, Joseph Casey. Center Row: Gust Georgiou, Edmond Steele, Jack Blumenthal, Sheldon Wexler, Merle Reed, Phillip Brown. Bottom Row: Kenneth Wassberg, Joseph Davis, Jerry Alpert, Ri chard Lunetta, Ronald Townsel, Ri chard Pritch ett. 64 65 CHORALE Back Row: Harold Bosold, Niel Allen, Gayle Hunt, Corny White, Duane Eckles, Lynn Rinehart, Wayne King, Larry Hawkins. Colin Campbell, George Mathi s, Dean Stillwell, Ronald Townsel, Dan Farch, Chairman, Richard Lunette, Gunnar Peterson, Advisor, George Ki 11 in gsworth. 66 Front Row: Elnora Austin, Ernestine Butler, Elaine Simos, Rita Gang, Doris Bluitt, Carol Wallen, Yvonne Maupin, Sannee Psiharis, Mary Roeder. Standing: Dr. Harmon Bro, Director. Pianist: Allan Cook. Standing: George Ki 11 ingsworth, Mossman Dudgeon, Harry Jossel Seated: Lloyd Putnam, Gladys Karpen, Gordon Gillette, Jim Gilbert, Harold Bosold, Harold Runyan, Cornelius White, Lola MacEwing 57 DOLE HALL COUNCIL I GYMNASTIC CLUB On highbar: BarbaraStefanko, Vicki Smith, Dorothy Potts. Standing: Erwin Beyer, Advisor Seated: Louis Vulliez, Jim Condie, Bill McKinley, Moss- man Dudgeon, Charles Ruhl, Dick Marinelli, Ron Bell, Phil Brown, Rodd Gleason, Bill Wellbond 68 FOLK DANCE CLUB There’s fun and fellowship in folk dancing when led by the Dunsings — Gretel and Paul. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Helen Westerberg, Advi sor, Ri chard Marin ell i, Glady Karpen, Roy Kearns, President. BOARD OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC CONTROL Walter Jones, Jack Claypoole, William Fenstemacher, Gunnar Peterson. 69 I SPORTS A few of the students out-did the others in jumping, running, twisting, turning, and falling into water VARSITY CAGERS ’55 - ’56 Back Row; Coach Cl aypoole, Prater, Drake, Grossett, Davis, Wittkop, Moss, Bailey, Coach Pritchett. Front Row: Brown, Walker, Johnson, Umbles, Jones, Manager Turner. NEW CHIEF, YOUNG BRAVES, HAVE GOOD SEASON. George Williams College faced the 1955-56 season with an inexperienced ball team, and a new coach, Jack Cl aypoole. The Indians won their first two starts before losing a close gome to LaCrange Junior College, 66-59, in the home opener. The GWC cagers, led by Captain Jim Davis, the team’s top scorer, re¬ bounded from defeat to beat the University of III inoi s Professional College, 87-62. The Indians dropped both their games with the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois Navy Pier and ended the season with a record of six wins and eight losses, having taken an overtime victory at the hands of the U. of I. Professional College and beating Roosevelt University and North Chicago Teacher’s College. Wilson Bailey Phil Brown Ralph Drake Bob Grossett Clyde John son Dave Jones Norm Moss Roger Prater Lee Umbles Lou Walker SCHEDULE G.W.C. Oppon ents 80 Aurora 77 46 St. Procopius 37 59 LaCrange 66 87 Prof. College 62 59 U. of Chicago 76 52 Navy Pier 68 79 Roosevelt U. 48 51 LaGrange 63 71 U. of Chicago 88 57 N. Chi. T’chrs. 50 47 St. Procopius 60 88 Prof. College 84 57 Detroit Tech. 84 57 Navy Pier 73 Dave Wi ttkop 1955 HIGHLIGHTS 1956 INTRAMURALS FOOTBALL CHAMPS Backfield: Ron Townsel, R. McKallip, Joe Mills Linemen: E. Hanauer, Joe Davis, Ken Wassberg, Dick Cash, E. Steele, S. Wexler, Bob DeYoung. BASKETBALL - SIGMA DELTA ALPHA - CHAMPS 75 SWIM TEAM Back Row: D. Marquardt, F. Orchard, Coach W. Carl yon, E. Hanauer, M. Dudgeon Front Row: J. Alpert, R. Bratton, W. McKinley, D. Ooten 76 MERMEN Back Row: Jerry Alpert, Robert Bratton, Mossman Dudgeon Center Row: Eric Hanauer, Donald Marquardt Front Row: William McKinley, David Ooten, Faul ds Orchard CHEERLEADERS Mary Roeder, Barbara Sweeney, Ernestine Butler, Ann Broughton, Regina Brown, Elnora Austin, Barbara Abrahamson, Rita Gong, Valeria Wyrick 77 VOLLEYBALL TEAM Back Row: Coach J. Claypoole, R. Barr, L. Sample, H. Runyan, B. Aikins, D. Arnold. Front Row: D. Glaze, R. Hansen, W. Dunsworth, R. Goetsch, D. Tweedley INDIANS INDIANS Coach Jack Claypoole and Captain Bill Dunsworth H arol d Runyan Larry Sample Dave Tweedl ey 79 p Heap-Big-Oieese-Hunter had the most fun whenever there were parties, sings, and bull sessions in the dorm! In fact, he liked this part of George Williams College more than all the rest. CALENDAR OF EVENTS 80 o R I E N T A T I O N 1955 I DANCING WITH THE DUNSINGS 82 ASSEMBLIES jjP Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter thoroughly en¬ joyed the weekly assemblies. Rev. J. Faulkner and his B’er Rabbit stories, students acting out the life of George Williams, and Mr. Kundrat and Miss Dorothy Rafilson in their program of dramatic interpretation were all ex¬ cel I en t. 83 DECEMBER CONVOCATION Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter congratulated all the graduates: Stewart Brown B.S. in GWE Clarence Hemmer, Jr. B.S. in GWE George Ivan Robinson B.S. in GWE Glenn C. Anderson B.S. in HP E Eugene M. Borom B.S. in HPE Alfred H. T. Chun B.S. in HPE Cl ifford H. Jinbo B.S. in HPE Howard R. Lipschultz B.S. in HPE Robert G. McKall ip B.S. in HPE P. K. Ghosh M.S. in GWA 84 “Cutting the pie” of the College Association budget was interesting, but Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter found the blueberry pie much better tasting. The College Association election of officers was well run, and Heap-Big-Cheese-Hunter approved the winners — George Ki 11 ingsworth, President, Neil Allen, Vice President, Hester Hursh, Secretary, and Judy Jones, Treasurer. 85 PARTIES and costume parties and formal s There were Dole Hall Floor parti es. II EASTERN COLLEGIATE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS 1956 Captain Bill Dunsworth presents trophy to Coach Jack Claypoole 87 INSTITUTE ON THE RELIGIOUS FOUNDATIONS OF LIFE The Rev. Roy A. Burkhart, Columbus, Ohio 88 HOMECOMING 1956 The Dean and the President confer with the dinner speaker, Mr. Carol Jones (center) Honored guests Dr. and Mrs. Harry D. Edgren Dance interpretation The Oriental influence Lettermen! Registering for the day ‘ ‘ He flies through the air . . . The Sword Dance Recorder Music Modern Dance movements Folk dancing BIRDLAND RECORD SHOP 1162 East 53rd Street — — MU 4-5557 Featuring POPULAR RECORDS ( j»ni twojt IK -AtBOM5 MITZIE’S FLOWER SHOP 1301 East 55th Street Flowers for all occasions Student Discounts Ml 3-4020 Compl im ents of Sawyer Biscuit Company, Compliments Chicago, Illinois of a Friend Winston Home Furnishings 1003 East 55th Street Chicago, Illinois 91 YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST you will find it at WOODLAWN CHICKEN INN 1170 E. 53rd Street - - Free N ei ghborhood Delivery BU 8-9205 CHICKEN y 4 . - 67 ? K 2 - 1.29 Whole - 2.58 SHRIMPS 14 Lb. 51? K 2 Lb. 97? 1 Lb. 1.89 All orders with creamy cold slaw and golden brown tasty french fries VARIETY OF SANDWICHES AUTOGRAPHS “UPPS! ALMOST MISSED ' EM Sujan Singh (Graduate Student) William Okrafosmart (graduate student) Special Student Kie-Siong Ling with Graduate students Edwin Krull (standing). Douglas Sprague, and Gary Rolek 96 . , . 1 . ■

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