George West High School - Longhorn Yearbook (George West, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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George West High School - Longhorn Yearbook (George West, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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XXX if ,,fx5 s gk IT- G w ' ! X aah S563 E WJ, X Zz! R N Ge C7 Wsf 1952, X , in :M W K, ,V-L! Xia j 'ffm Wywb u XX ,.,.-N,--5 N 0 0 aD fa Q ""4 ' 1 Z ' X 4 P ' 0 's j 1, P 0 , S .XX . 1 1 ' , X , x- ? fu , K X , W, "'?. 'ffff A t, f gf + xlib!-" f ' xg 12 or e 6' tv x, x 407 5 V s X 4 l an 0 . : 1 1. 1'-4' ' pf-l.,,,. I X K , . , l, 'N I X I 2 V , ,f" ' ' 1 B , r QEDZC21 1123 com 1 5 i W I if is wifi fFfJC5C2fLc9ff MD ?D4.ZL1Zd6ZD 5 I 6114 mg Ji? 5511 mg 2 12455 Qf j952, ZDfD2'c4fff .ZL6?'5 WVIVLML fm we wie Airs spefrf , fpffry yfffps wide fffffizffg 5 jofpjffsszmff WD Jsfmm sfgipzfvg 45105 f2iOf7 riff C1ffosfxf,fz'fJ0-- c Jfzss ffmf lfflfzna r V W ME AOJVOX' fer for ffif pffizcwfe i Aw uffpefgszwmzfre, forjif idp 2 fum QQJDAMS Aw for MZ JD6f.50Afff1 fzffffffzbff 51? A545 QIVEA' bar 51'uJfff,zi 'Ha L GCOPge Wsf gfffwf .1 lfakwdgiggk SP? ' 452 4535914 P-fiffffs f f-1.1 Ili 'A e .-- .4F 'i'f' ow b 'A 'M n Ig: ,Sli W Jil AH had 't ' " in dd M ,-45:5--96 ivfygighgfwkm g' -5" Q M Cgmi Evfe Aki AUWQCWHMQM wslrffJrbfE'fL.JFf-'Jf:-J1r.HU 'swf w w amy gf Hymn 1 ourl,f- f e ,f-- Q, K I 4 w Q 1'-S Y -7 825 , 8 -1 I ' ?l- Hail, ll ! f ' ,t Qf 5 - - L Xue 0 ' 111534 s f Y, ' ow' 5555 4 ' 95' P I . Had Had, . ,averse-f-' h l U gkvde ,QV 7 , , n - 1 v gvdkei-A ev fi' r Ylang 3 evfa be YI .O 6-H Q1 Q . hu GCSE OU? 5 CL --TE I 5 we've 'ffl wi I qfl , lk OJ f e am! 6 - Z ae S W ADMINISTRATION vi SUPEWNTENDENT E A GAY SCHOOL OROUNDS HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MW' Prmclpol Science T M Rogsfod Semor Sponsor Z4 S Moth History ht Cnvlcs Soph omore Spon sor Thelma Llndholm Onle Beafy Engllsh Jumor Bu slnes s Freshman Sponsor 3 Jennie V Code Engl Ish Sophomore Sponsor S T Brown Agrlculfure Jumor onsor K G Wendel Athletic Dlrecfor Sensor Sponsor HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Virginia Butler Girls' Coach Pep Squad Sponsor Senior Sponsor ais- Otis Reese Commercial Sophomore Sponsor N Bill Clark History Assistant Coach Junior Business Junior Sponsor Maxine Henley Science Math Pep Squad Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Inez Bennett W W Odom Homemaking Bdrld Junior Sponsor Speech , E Freshman Sponsor X f W fh' 'V k1ff'f5 I"L.".A 1 swf MJ fJ 'I W 'F Zigiwfwfb W U51 qqxivb' Q 5 mum! IF' Pl' nr ELHESEE f 0 A-.Z W V J , - ' x U N221 K ' . in gf .. I A n F7'6Sl1mnN ,So m are N- f Sum, W ,.. J W Y f X2 cjauior X Q 1 A KEY! K! X N'i0r Toby Tate Patty Holmes Tommy Rogstod - -Marion Troell - - - Dan Reagan Arlyn Houdmonn EVELYN BRADFUTE Blondie F H A 4 years F H A Treasurer Sr Commercial Club Longlworn Paper Staff Annual Staff Freslw 81 Sr Baseball J Pep Squad 4 years MARY ELLEN BRADFUTE Rusty Commercial Club F H A 4 years Baseball Longhorn Paper Staff Pep Squad 4 years Volleyball DELORES BRYSCH Smoky Commercial Club F H A 4 years Josie Commercial Club Annual Staff F H A 4 years YSABEL CANTU Mickey Pep Squad 2 years Band 2 years Commercial Club F H A 4 years JAMES CL EMENTS Bubbo Commercial Club F F A 4 years Baseball Jr and Sr Football Soplw and Jr Letterman s Club Soplw and Jr , r. JOSEPHINE BURRELL Qw- PHILLIP COOPER 'Phil' Football, Sopb. and Jr. Letterman's Club, Jr. F.F.A., 4 years Track, 3 years HAROLD COX " Harry ' Commercial Club Track, 4 years Letterman's Club F.F.A., 4 years F.F.A. Vice-President, Jr. District Grass Judging 3 years Basketball GERALDINE GADDIS Jerry Commerclal Club Pep Squad 4 years F H A 4 years FH A President Jr Plamst Sr F F A Sweetheart Sr Sophomore Favorite Basketball 2 years Longhorn Paper Staff Annual Staff FRANCES GOEBEL Fanny Commerclal Club F H A 4 years Band 4 years MARGARET HAYES Maggxe Commercial Club Band 4 years Band Reporter Jr All District Band 3 years Regional Band F H A 4 years F H A Vice President Soph Secretary Jr Annual Staff Host Lukely To Succeed DARLENE HINES Hume Pep Squad 4 years Pep Squad Drum Mayor Sr F H A 4 years F H A Song Leader 2 years Commercial Club LESLIE HOBBS I es! Commercral Club Football Sensor Basketball Semor Baseball Sensor Pep Squad Hero Senior PATTY HOLMES Holmey Commercial Club F H A Club F H A Parllamentarlan Sr Class Vlce-Presudent Sr Class Favorite Jr and Sr Most Popular Sensor Pep Squad 4 years Cheerleader Senior Halloween Queen Jr Longhorn Paper Staff Annual Staff Football Sweetheart Sr Basketball Baseball ARLYN HOUDMANN Square Commercial Club Football 4 years Letterman sClub Fresh Soph Track Class Reporter Sophomore Class Parllamentaruan Sr LINDA KRIETSCH en Commercial Club Pep Squad 4 years Longhorn Paper Statf F H A Club 4 years BARBARA MAPLES Gerry Commercial Club Band 3 years Pep Squad Fresh F H A. Club 4 years F H A Song Leader .lr Longhorn Paper Stall Annual Staff OLIVIA MORIN Llbby Commercial Club F H A Club 4 years Pep Squad 4 years Basketball Baseball 'vi an-.we Q-.4 10 NELSON MORRIS 'Curley' Commercial Club Football, Soph., Jr., Sr. Letterman's Club, Soph., Jr. F.F.A. Club, 4 years F.F.A. Club Treasurer, Jr., 3rd. Vice-President, Soph. Class Treasurer, Sophomore LILLIE MAE NESLONEY Lnllne Commercial Club F H A Club 4 years Pep Squad 4 years Basketball Baseball Volleyball MAURINE NEWMAN Brat Commerclal Club Band 3 years Pep Squad Fresh Longhorn Paper Staff Most Beautlful Freshman F H A 4 years Annual Staff HANNAH PUGH Hanner Commercial Club F H A 4 years Longhorn Paper Staff Pep Squad Senior Volleyball Willie Commercial Club F F A Club 4 years DAN REAGAN Dam l Commercial Club Longhorn Paper Staff Band Sensor TennlsSlngles Jr Sr Class Favorlte Jr Class Reporter Sr F H A Favorite Sr JIM' PIUESH THOMAS ROGSTAD Tommy CommerclalClub Football Soph Jr 8rSr All Drstrnct Jr Letter man s Club Fresh Soplw 8K Jr Basketball 4years Baseball 3 Tack 3 yrs Tennis 4 yrs District 4 yrs Team Cap tain Sr Longhorn Paper Staff A nual Staff F F A 2 yrs F Historian Jr F H A a vorute 4 yrs Vnce President Soplw President Sr Most Hand some Fresb Most popular Sr BestAll Around Sr MostLlkely To Succeed Sr WANDA SHAW Slwaw CommerclalClub F H A 4 yrs Pep Squad 4 yrs Basketball 2 yrs MARY FRANCES SNIDER Snider Commercral Club F H A 4 years Pep Squad 4 years JAMES STEWART Stewart Commerclal Club F F A 4 years F F A Secretary S Reporter Sopl1 Lone Star Farmer District Grass Judgmg 4 years JUNE STRICKLAND IBUQI Commercual Club F H.A. 4 years Pep Squad 4 years MELVIN SWEET 'Sweet' Commerclal Club Annual Staff Longhorn Paper Staff F.F.A., 2 years 1 is 197 Qin 'dw M-I-so CLOVIS TATE 'Toby' Commercial Club Football, Soph., Jr. and Sr. Letterman's Club F.H.A. Favorite, Soph., Jr. and Sr. Longhorn Paper Staff Basketball, 4 years Track, 2 years Sophomore Favorite Sergeant at arms, Sr. MARIAN TRO ELL CIC Commerclal Club Pep Squad 4 years F H A 4 years Longhorn Paper Staff Annual Staff Freshman Secretary Secretary Treasurer Best All Around S Volleyball 4 years Baseball 2 years Basketball 2 years JO DELL TULLOS e Commercnal Club F H A 4 years Pep Squad 4 years Longhorn Paper Staff Best All Around Freshman Reporter J JOHN WILLIAMS Johnny Commercial Club Longhorn Paper Staff Tract Jr andSr Sensor Favorite WILLARD WILLIAMS Honey Commerclal Club Longhorn Pa per Staff Football Soph Jr 81 Sr Letterman s Club Parlla mentarlan 2years Track Fresh man Baseball Freshman 81 Jr F F A 4years F F A Presu dent Jr Treasurer Soph Lone Star Farmer Dnstrlct Grass Jud grng 3 years Best All Around Freshrmn Flfesldent Sophormre Vlce-President Junlor BARBARA WOODARD Bobs Commercial Club F H A 4 rs Lon orn Paper Stott Base all Volleyball Pep Squad 4Y'5 Cheerleader Sr EWI We, the Senlor Class of l95l 52 bemg utterly senseless and without a sane thought bequeath these tokens of worthless quality to the Junlor Class of l952 53 Toby Tate leaves hls remarkable speed In traveling from class to class to Henry Haugen Watch out, Henr the speed lumlt IS 30 mules per hour Timmy Rogstad leaves his abuluty to dustract the study hall and rule the teacher to Alvm Peebles Careful now, vm Dan Reagan leaves hls one suded grln to Ronald Johnston It certaunly does attract the gurls Ronnie so be ware' Johnny Wllllams leaves his romantic volce to Kenneth Gerfers Girls beware' James Clements leaves has neatness of dress to Larry Wlllrams Phalllp Cooper leaves his loud mouth to Bernard Bednorz Let s watch those hugh notes Nelson Morris leaves has abnllty un speech making to Pat Dolan Let s not do It Pat Leslie Hobbs leaves hrs Hobbs Hotshot Lnmouslne to Buddy Jones James Stewart leaves has reckless drlvlng to Tommy Martin This two wheel business hard on the heart, Tommy Harold Cox leaves his love for horses and cigars to Bull Hull Dont let nt throw you Jlm Pugh leaves hls atheletlc oblluty to Fred Johnson and Howard Gibson Melvln Sweet leaves has ablllty In commerclal work to the speed demon John Davidson Arlyn Houdmann leaves hrs wolf tactlcs to the flambouyant Lamar James Willard Wrlllams leaves his date book and telephone numbers to Jummy Dowd and Johnny Hadamek Barbara Woodard leaves her radiant smlle to Wllma Umphres She says lpana does It all Wilma Frances Goebel and Evelyn Bradfute leave their blonde hair to Theresa Goynes Peroxlde does the truck Margaret Hayes, Barbara Maples and Marlan Troell leave their tactics to get In and out of trouble to Gwen Whlte The twinkle of the eye does It all Gwen Jerry Gaddls leaves her steady datmg of one boy to Mozelle Horton For information see Jerry Darlene Hines and Patty Holmes leave their soprano laughter to Elsle Conoly Careful, don t break any ex pensive glassware Wanda Shaw Lnllae Mae Nesoloney and Delores Brysch leave theur abllaty to play basketball to Ruby Jean Clements Opposing teams look out' Maurlne Newman and Mary Ellen Bradfute leave thenr undyung spnrnt to Mary Ann Stovall Keep up the good work Mary Ann Jo Dell Tullos leaves her unforgettable freckles to Mattle Lou Kleen The cure no sunllght Hannah Pugh Mary Frances Snider and Josephine Burrell leave their loud n'ouths to Gregorla Frausto Ysabel Cantu and Ollvua Moran leave thelr long distance telephone calls to Minerva Ybanez lt s hard on e pocketbook Minerva June Strrckland and Lmda Krletsch leave their abnlnty to have steady beaux to Betty McCumber We the Sensor Class leave our place vn hugh school, our teachers, books and notes, our pamfully carved IFII tuals, our adult behavnor our umque grades and our continuous path to Mr Rogstad sofflce and the much used Board of Education, to thus year's Junior Class Signed and sealed thas first day of May In the year of our Lord l952 Wltnessed by we the Sensor Class T H L L . - I . . , . . I . . . l Y' . . . . . . . I . I . . . . I ' . . . . . - . . 5 . ' . . ' ll - ' ll . . . . . . . . is . . . - U ' . . . . . . I . . . . . . . I . . . . . . I . . . . 9 I . I . . . , u , . I . . . . . . - . . . - . I I n I I . , l I . . l ' I , s . . .. . .' . I . PROPHECY One day un i962 a fruend of mme, whule strollung around Coney Island, chanced upon a booth entutled, Madame Zurocky World Famous Fortune Teller Beung curuous to know what had be come of the Senuor Class of 1951 52, she went un Thus us what Madame Zurocky saw Upon gazung unto the crystal ball who should be puctured there but Dan Reagan, champion ughgp-Qpapper of the year By the way be sure to see Dan un hus latest movue hut, Beware of the u up Next the scene changes to the streets of Lrttle Bug Horn There, walkung down the street us a squaw carryung a papoose on her back She turns around and gazes at the hulls where her husband Bug Chuef, us huntung We recognize her as Patty Holmes Madison Square Garden comes unto vuew and un the arena we see .lum Pugh or Lump Lump wrestling wuth Gorgeous George Gorgeous has uust been knocked unconscuous by Lump Lump s famous thump Glutterung wuth duamond uewels us Margaret Hayes playung her famous vuolun at Carnegie Hall By the way she us engaged to the socualute, Richard Van Rutzenburg James Stewart and Harold Cox are makung theur furst Western movue They are starrung un e roles of the now retured Gabby Hayes and Fuzzy St John We see Maruan Troell un a large New York Cuty Hosputal where she has a head lob wuth three assistants lt us her lob to check and to see that the surgeon leaves no unstruments unsude the ln the crystal ball we see Parus, France and un thus faur cuty we also see Toby Tate Before hum are many shapely beautues competing for the tutle of Muss Frenchy He seems to be takung hus tume, as usual Now the soft lught shunes on the unternatuonally known unteruor decorator Evelyn Bradfute At the present tume, she us decorating the Stork Club and has become so engrossed un her work wuth colors that she has shed her fourth husband and taken a fufth wuth the name of Black and Blue Comung unto our vuew us the cold slab of a morgue owned by none other than Leslue Hobbs As he comes out the door, we hear hum say the famous words l had better be shovelung off The scene changes to the unteruor of Africa and here we see the bug game huntress Barbara Maples She us undecuded un her preference of huntung two or four legged animals Of course we mean monkeys or elephants As the crystal ball becomes brighter, ut brings before our eyes the umage of Tommy Rogstad, now president of Unuted States Steel lf you are lucky enough to get un, you wull probably fund hum wuth hus feet propped comfortably upon hus desk and, utterly unconscuous of knowing ut, wull be typung away wuthout a sugn of that machune The marquees on Broadway are agaun glutterung wuth puctures of the oomph gurl of i962 thus us none other than Frances Goebel, re-enactung the roles of Mae West You remember, the Come up and see me sometime' gurl - u n U . . . . I , , - . . . . ,, ' ll . I I . . 0 . , ' I . . . . - ll Il . . - ' , I . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,h victim. ln fact, due to her carelessness a patient now has scissors in his stomach to help with his digestionu . . . . gg . pg . . . . . . . . ' . - , u - I 0 . . . Q . I ' . . , . 1 ll . 1 . . As the lughf fluckers on agaun ut shows that James Clements us stull havung trouble wuth hus nught lufe It seems that he can t make up hus mund whether he wants to spend hus tume chasung women or wuldcats We fund Darlene Hunes un the capacuty of Colonel un the Wafs As usual, she us gettung around but stull has her eye on a certaun Corporal lt appears to us that Phullup Cooper has not changed very much sunce graduatuon He stall doesn t do a darn thung Maurune Newman, now a famous cobra snake charmer, us seen down un the Congo It seems that she us better at charmung snakes than at charmung men at least the snakes luke her Johnny Wulluams and Arlyn Houdmann are now un the barbermg business, not that they are so good at barberung but they luke to sung so well From the number of customers un theur shop, we thunk they ought to have plenty of time for practuce Maybe ut IS the practuce that keeps the shop so empty Dagmar seems to be gettung a luttle competutuon from Jo Dell Tullos these days Every nught on theur televusuon shows they seem to be tryung to cut each others ah, throats As for these plungung necklunes, lust how far can they go'7777 Lullue Mae Nesloney has now started a womens Globe Trotters basketball team They are knowu as the World Trotteretts Theur spare tume us spent un puttung on and takung off theur black nuke-up Jerry Gaddus and Wullard Wulluams are now Jerry and Wullard Wulluams Along wuth theur sux chuldren they are found followung the Norte Dame football team, of whuch Wullard us coach ln her spare tume Jerry pounds the uvory keys Bulge Hotel un Casenova Calufornua, us now, due to funancual misfortunes, goung from door to door takung un laundry Who should thus be but Hannah Pugh The crystal ball shows Mary Ellen Bradfute un a large pruvate hosputal room It seems as uf she us havung a speedy recovery from a smash up lob Really, you can hardly recognuze Mary Ellen as everythung but her nose mouth, eyes, and one bug toe us bandaged Thus us all due to the fact that her hot rod turned sux flups whule goung at the rate of llO mules per hour A famuluar sught fluckers unto vuew, the State Faur of Texas Before a gulded cage of pheasants stands Lunda Kruetsch She us a noted breeder and wruter on these fowls and has lust completed a book, to be entutled The Hearts and Munds of Pheasants Wonder uf she knows as much about menvvv The raduo stars had better begun to watch theur waustlunes for the gurl behund the counter un Raduo Cuty s Confectuonary us now Mary Frances Snuder Sunce her start un George West she has worked fuer way up nucely Even the uce cream cones has grown famous Plastered over the front pages of newspapers we see the puctures of Melvun Sweet Not that he has done anythung great well you mught coll ut great, as he robbed Brunks again, sungle handed and made off wuth ten mulluon dollars After playung un the George West Hugh School Band Ysabel Cantu has decuded to do further work un the lune of LatunAmerucan musuc Teamed wuth her us the sunglng sensaslon of all Mexuco Oluvua Morun You can now hear them over your fruendly statuon, XELO In Juarez, Mexuco . . p . . . . . I ' . . . . 2 . . . I . . 0 . . 1 1 I The widow of the once great and wealthy oilman, Derrick Digahole, owner of the famous "Oil ,, . . . . . . . . I . I . . . . . - , 1: - ll - . u I . . . . . . . . . I . ln the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel we fund Delores Brysch gazlng rntently through the French doors at a new custom built convertible She IS probably wastung to nab the owner, since a while back Red lost hrs convertible and rn the process also lost Delores We fund Josephune Burell happily marrred and lrvmg on a farm Everythlng ns going smoothly except they are havrng a lot of trouble wxth Petunua thelr thirteenth chuld It seems she rs teach Ing the younger ones to fly from the roof of the barn The Alax Hoslery Company has a new model to advertlse theur famous brands of hosiery lt rs none other than June Strnckland Her legs are rnsured by Bonds of London for a mrlllon dollars We see Barbara Woodard In the hull of the Stork Club checkrng hats Sunce the Stork Club was burlt rn Clegg two months ago she has met her husband Ollwell Pete owner and operator of the Club One never can tell what wall be burlt next rn Clegg You never know what the value of your own halr IS especrally rf It IS curly Nelson Morrts has has blond halr rnsured for a ghastly sum by the Rave Home Permanent Corporatron Rave sells like hotcakes since Curley advertises It and his favorite slogan us Don t go to your grave wuthout a Rave Home Permanent Just as my friend was leaving she suddenly remembered that one of the Senlor Class had not been mentioned When she lnqulred of Madame Zurocky what had become of Wanda Shaw, Madame Zurocky uttered a shrrll laugh and asked If my friend dad not recogmze her under all the make up Who should It be but Wanda Shaw alias Madame Zurocky World Famous Fortune Teller ff: -W.3vf11.'39 - I ' s - ' I I 1 5 . - . . Q I I . . , . . - . . . . o . . I . an ' ,F If Mary Ann Stovall Mozelle Horton Gwen White Wilma Umphres Ronald Johnston Theresa Goynes John Davndson Pat Dolan Jlmmle Dowd 'r' K6 Theresa Goynes Johnny Hadamek Henry Haugen my fin Bernard Bednorz Ruby Jean Clements Elsle Conley Gregorio Fruusfo Kenneth Gerfers Howard Gibson I1 Fred Johnson Ronald Johnston Roy Allen Jones i i U 11111222 1 l I Mary Ann Stovall Wilma Umphres Gwen White ,QI B Hull ,rg l Mozelle Horton Lamar James ,fSf'.'!"' -ups 4 'vw Q27 'vow Tommy Martm jan 4',"-'2f- Betty McCumber uv--"' sf x Alvin Peebles 5 'uw- B , 'Q K , fix if rv' Ar -r if--a R 4 , I . x Q ' 3' f , 1 1: -I 1 I :A , ' xl" . , K' s ,. ! 5 'Q x. ' v -" e be ' - -. e- Si kb x 'G v L 'Z 'if 'la l fi , V 'Sir , .F ' ' A-a , 1 I Q YY' ng. ll n 'itz fait: Larry Williams Minerva Ybanez Not Shown Mattie Lou Kleen I Q We 1' YET? qfxl' si '1 'Y In WK 5 N41 f mfg 'Q-H? ,. In-. af dv' Y lb- il SOPHOMORES Treasurer Secretary Presldent Reporter Vice President Parl I amentaru an CLASS OFFICERS Peggy Push Kathryn Ormond Charles Williams Myrtle Nell Rosebroclc Beverly Dcvns Maxine Kendall Lewis Brcdfute Frances Burell Luculle Chops 'Q' Aubrey Davis Beverly Davis Emeric Dworoc zyk Jewel Gibson Margaret Goynes Leighton Grlffntlw Evelyn Hines Donald Hudson Janet Jennings Bobby Evans Kennett: Funderburg Gllberto Garza 54' Elusa Gutierrez Kenneth Handley Raymond Henlcke Joyce Lauderbeclc Joe Lyne Opallne Magnus reins' 2? lva Ray Miller David Moore Agnes McCumber 'Y' fi Bobby Jones Mary Ann Jordan Maxine Kendall Thelma Maguglm Betty Jo Marek Paulune Markman , 'Q ?'lnn :hw Georgia May Pawllk Mary Jean Polozeck Margaret Pugh Mary Len Snnor D0fOTl1y Snider 3ully Ray Steen K'- lda Mary McGuffln Barbara Neff Kathryn Ormond -ri" ? Juan Qulnfanulla Myrtle Nell Rosebroclc Mary Sandoval '11 in I Mn 'IH-.v-v-'.'.V.l,u.,.,.'. . ed- ,f - Felipe . I ' . A ROOM MOTHERS " QL A Mrs Babe Muller Mrs J B Hudson not shown Mrs Buford Davis If -1s , 5 X X 4 v Q X ' , 1 QV 7' f A n AZYl41Au1.yAuu'1, Aq,1,1x'l g -,X-LQ x'A v :Q Ybanez Lynn Thompson Charles Williams Dorothy Woifasczyk not shown Cecil Harrod sx, 4 79 'xr L-"'+1 illin- FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President --------------------- Treasurer -------- ------------- Reporter ---- - - Hugh Hayes -Jane Williams George Gillett Secretary ----------------------- Ferrell Tyler Vice,-President Glenn Matheson James Beckham Jamce Bradfufe Henry Cabrera 'PV' Antonio Cuevas 4 Vvctor Cuevas George Gllleft 'Wu if is :uw Odell Johnson Lurhce Kolocek Pascal l.aCour Nqr Glenn Matheson Loul se Morton Leroy McCumber MM Rlchard Hedrick Pofrlcla Holland Dale Jenmngs 915 A? John Lewis Wlllus Llppard Anita Lourle -Ov' Bully Smith Peggy Stovall Bully Stuart QS: Eulalio Villalon Ann Wallace Jane Williams Emllna Reyna Charles Searcy George Searcy Bengamln Sweet Jerome Troell Ferrell Tyler Not Shown - Earnest Woifcsczyk David Kleen Lloyd Cannon 'v I qv! f A 9 - gv X X fs 551 xg K fi Y A N ' Wil ,ff W oo M ffw ff Xi N f i 12 2 5 v ' X f I N W .K Q 'fneffw f , 1 jf ' mr ff' if W! ww i ,mn ff Iibif' 4 ff' f f' 5 'f wh W 1 if .w 'ID' xi If x ag V H .. 1 , - . f , Av. 'AMX BEST ALL AROUND TOMMY ROGSTAD Uh d MARIAN TROELL '4'l'lb'U V'l1'l!l'0I 'CZZIO5 WIP-PPQI IO-Zffllf' V'I'l'I-1'-ZO4P'l'l bV'Y'lINl"l'lI'1 V'l'l'lZ'1OQ 'QNNLI' VU!!-Fl'-1 PUO-ZC V"I'l1-I-WO4P'I1 f ,Q 5 VUHIZQP Nl'l'lW!CD 'Nl ZZKI' ZOVUTXOIH MWOZOITOW V'l'1'l-1-304511 NZB'- agp-Fl'-1 IOC! ZPIZIZV'fl'lJU"l'I -1'-2UO4P'I1 vul'l1'iPI MARGARET HAYES TOMMY ROGSTAD MOST LIKELY SUCCEED 19' QW M-W hgh 'ir ANNUAL STAFF T."..':' S nf' -141414 Edltor Margaret l'ayes Assustant Edutor Marlon Troell Clrculatlon Managers Jerry Gaddus Patty Holmes O a' ,.... Art Edltors Evelyn Bradfute oarbara Maples Sports Editor Wanda Shaw Tommy Rogstad fx Sponsors K G Wendell Vlrgunla Butler T N Rogstad Business Manager Barbara Woodard Ty :st Vlelvm Sweet .e ' t I . v t V 0 x S A I " '. ,,', ts" A I , . .' A M ' S lr. A ,A . ' .ln V .v v Q I 4 ..1""' ff......."'w ' - . Z 5- S I ' ,Q 7 ' . I Y A I . 4 f . YV l I 3 W? if A jf A N, ,K A f fr ff- 7 9 ' ' Ad ,Af I f S Me.-.S so , trrs . I F l WS fa . 'V '27 :,, 4A,iri,f:.,.' f l' : I W 5ax l 6 Q u- I .ig A I I 1 X . 1' Q2 .F . , , 5 -o ff , sf' l 1 . . . I A X A K 1' O . 3. ' 5 14, I .vu I ' NINIS S xx S ' lf: . 4, ,Xi I X , X ,,w ' S ' 'w , t a D I F . . . I a la ' - I . S . - l Mrs nez J Bennet? SPONSOR Bednorz Bennett Bradfufe Bradfufe Bradfute Bry sch Burrell Burrell Canfu Chapa Clements Coker Colle Conley Cox ox Davl s Frausfo Gaddls Glbson Foebel Goynes oynes Gutierrez Hayes Hines Hlnes Holmes Horton Jennings Johnson Jordm Kendall Kleen Krnetsch Lauderback Lowrle Magnus ?b'UlJl'D-I Magugl nn Maples Marek Markman McCuml:zer McCumber McGuffm Ml l ler Morfon Neff Ne sloney Newman Ormond Pawl I k Po lozeck P ugh P Reagan Reyna Rogstad Rosebroclc Sandoval Shaw Slnor Sn :der Snlder Sfoval Sfrlckland Tate Troell Tullos Umphres Wal lace While WI ll rams Woodard Wolfasczyk Ybmez ' F . l , J . J . ' . ' T. H. F. 1 . M. E. M. . M. J. T. G . W. M. E. ' M. ' D. M. B. D. ' FQ De . I 9 l M3 l J . E. ' l . ' M. L. CGbfer0 P. Holland O. Morin P. Sfoval Y. P. L. J . ' L. M. B. T. R. J . ' L. M. M. O. M. J . A. M. K. W. E. M. G. ' A. L. M. M. G. ' L. C L. ' H. J. ' ' B. ' J. P. ugh B. G. A. ' D. D. ' . ' O. E. M. ,gasoil FAVORITES Tommy Rogsfad Toby Tate Dan Reagan H E SNAPS Wiilffif OFFICERS Wilma Um res Evelyn I' mes Elsie Gonley Evelyn Qradfute Frances Goebel Patty Iolmes Darlene Hines I aclcy Kendall Jerry Caddls Presldenf Vice Presldenf Secretary Treasurer Reporter Hlsforlan Parl Iamentanan Song Leader Song Leader Pram sf ':'f"'... 2nd YEAR LUNCH EON EX SONG LEADERS 5.1 EX TI'.IRD YEAR GIRLS AT PARTY INCOMING OFFICERS EX THIRD YEAR GIRLS AT PAILS STOWER'S WITH MRS WOMACK FISH WITH THEIR H 0 M E M A K I PRES. GIVING SPEECH H N A G v CLASS LUNCHEON FUN GIRLS WI-IAT S TI- IS in LLINCHEON LOOKS OOD' REFRESH MENTS WAITINC FOR Aydyf 5 C OFFICERS TAKING OATI-I MRS BENNETT ENTERTAINMENT E , Q l I 531 If Q I va ! . I ' ,' 'rf - ,AL , f 2 QW L ,Tr-H-' 1 . - A n . ,Q Sf , ..' V i I . - JI 1 V -fl' pq A2 II 'Q Z Q.aS.AQ"Xr4 1' vt. I'I.E. HAYRIDE 1, BUFFET LUNCHEON I II A X ' Q. , , I S3 ' " ' S T 9 I W E IN " --4 C ' R 1- - I ' E I T T9 T A ., ., 4 I 4 ' E A I 4 :Lei f .211 R .Ad .nu T Y H F, Peckham James Lednorz, denard laschke ar dradfute, Louls Cabrera Henry Clements James Coward Jummue Cooper Phllllp Cuevas Tony Cuevas, Vuctor Davndson John Davis, Aubrl Dolan Pat Dowd Jummle Evans, oob Funderburg, Kenneth C,-ergers, Kenneth onbson l-'award uonzales Abeluno Qrnffuth Lelghton F A C MFMBERS Hadamek, Johnny Handley, Kenneth Harrod Cecil Haugen, Henry Hayes, Hugh Hedrick Richard lnedrlck, Wayne Hudson Donald Johnson, Fred Jones, bobby Jones, Budd Kolacek Lurtuce LaCour, Pascal Lewis, Slmlon Llndbloom Wendel Luppard, Wlllls Lyne, Joe ftartm, Tommy Natheson, Glen wtcCumber, Leroy Moore, Davud Norrls, Nelson Peebles, Alvm Pugh, Jlm Qumtnmlla Juan Rogstad Tommy Searcy Gtdles Searcy, George Steen Bully Ray Stewart 'tu y Stewart, James Thompson, Lynn Troell Jerome Tyler, Farrel Vnllerael Eulalla Wnlluoms 'Charles Wllluams Larry Wulllams, Willard Ybanez, Felupe Gaddls, Jerry Brown S. T ' ,X-ar.-f,,',u J 1 f, - ' E I 'E 'I I 1 . I . . . . . I I. . , ' . I A I I I I I Cox, Harold James, Lamar Smith, Billy I . - Q I l ' , ts Il . I le Y , I I I I Q - . ' I Ft . . . I L W I In n ' ' 1 1 ' f' ' . n I A , 1 1, fx I I 1 , 7 , l'. ' I . Jnmmy Dowd, Presldent Alvm Peebles, Vlce President Buddy Jones, 2nd Vice-President Fred Johnson, 3rd Vlce-President Kenneth Gerfers, Secretary Lamar James, Treasurer Donald Hudson, Reporter Kenneth Handley, Parllamentarlan Earl Blaske Hlstorlan Charles Wllllams, Sentmel Tommy Martin, Song Leader Jerry Gaddns, Sweetheart S T Brown, Sponsor 1 232 f M ,f r4'0 1, f ff . A Mia W PEP SQUAD i 1 N r Top Row Lucy Cabrera OlIVl0 Moran Jerry Gaddls Opalnne Magnus Myrtle Nell Rosenbrock Wllma Umphres Gwen White Jo Dell Tullos Second Row Emilia Reyna Mary Frances Snnder Marian Troell Wanda Shaw Peggy Dugh Betty Jo Marek Ann Colle Evelyn Bradfute Bottom Row Barbara Woodard Patty Holmes Darlene Hlnes Mozelle Horton Beverly Davls ""l'v--0' Barbara Woodard Patty Holmes Darlene Hanes Mozelle Horton Beverly Dovls Leslie Hobbs Hero CHEERLEAD ERS Vlrglma Butler Sponsor Maxine Henley Sponsor GEORGE WEST HIGH SCHOOL N vi, gL ii -:J-L-' 'WX Margaret Lnoynes Mary Loulse Coker, Macky Kendall Theresa Goynes Qifllndgg 51" :SMF Dustruct Band Gaul Nance Mcry Jean Polozeck Mary Ann Jordon May Ann Stovall Margaret Hayes James Gooclwnn M' 3 1 T' Mary Ann Jordon Reg non al Band Try out for Reguonal Gall Nance May Ann Jordon Margaret Hayes James Goodwin FLUTE Margaret Hay es Peggy Stovall CLARINET Mary Ann Jordan Maurme Newmcn Carolyn Johnston Sandra Gerfers Leland Gunn George Markmm Joyce Lauderback Janet Jennings Gregorua Frausto Thelma Maguglln Louella Kaase ALTO SAXOPHON E Mary Jean Polozeck Kathryn Ormand Mack Kendall Hazel, Bennett Ysabel Cantu Mmerva Ybanez Letha Ann Blaschke TENOR SAXOPHONE James Goodwin C 0 N C E R T B A N D BARITONE SAXOPHONE Th ere sa Goynes BASSOON Gaul Nance FRENCH HORN Ann Wallace Jcnlce Bradtute Margaret Goynes CORNET Jeanette Bednorz Jane Wllluams Mary Ann Stovall lda Mary McGuttm Mary Louise Coker Ella Ybanez Abalardo Bemtez TROM BONE Evelyn Hines Mattue Lou Kleen Paschal La Cour Shnrley Replca Joyce Grutfuth BARITON E Lamar James P ERCUSSION Bully Smith Iva Ray Muller Dorothy Snider Dwyane Kidd Cecll Allen Bobby Campbell BELLS Barbara Maples CONDUCTOR W W Odom Frances Goebel Anita Lourie ,--..-v wi MARCHING BAND 1, : 1 .gl W I vi... Field Practice Drum Moiof Theresa Goynes ,Q-nf' 'Pa A T 'ln YW ho.. ff lg- .haw-Maui? his lnsfrucfor MISS I-'enely SCIENCES T A O D R ,Lv- -my-,A 14,43 . 'I COMMERCIAL CLUB Bookkeeping Typing Above: Darlene, Margaret, Marian, Barbara, and Pmw Upper Right: Barbara and Olivia Right: Pat, Kenneth, Hannah, and Alvin Above: Jimmy, Nelson, Buddy, and Theresa Shorthand Ln -W ,, ' 'g 5 . l. Above: Classroom scene of Bookkeeping Right Johnny and .lo Dell "f?13'?58C' l li"ff53?'3 3L'll41"ff1f5?5 30 ll M ZXCVBNM, .?L2:LKJHGFDSAQWERTYUIOPzg Tl- 'k-ZQfN23L56789O-ipoiuytrewqasdf hj kl ggtfo ,mnbvcxz-HO gf9ol 81k,7u3m yu hr15tgbL,rfv3edc2wsxqazzaq2wsx3edcL,rf vbgt,56yhnmju'78ik, Qlo9Op3fvfi YHMUJX M , KI' l OL . 7 2 P D111iCfjJTGBVFR,pffEDCXSW"QAZ zzxxccvvabwnmm, , Q .?fo4:,L1KkJ3HhG F fDdSsAaQgWx7rEeRrTtYyUuIiOoPpi22- O 9 '887-6Z5QLf3n2typingnshorthandfbook keepinghdarlene5margaret6mar1an7bar bara8patty9oliviaOpat-kennethnhanna hffalvinijimmyjinelson-buddyfktheresa' lindal june lmar'yfffr'ances"barbara3Jer ryhysabel51111ie6mae7wanda83ohnny9J odell0r'eese-george-Wwestffhlghffschool 'iochemistry-physicsfkengllsh'homemakl K .A- ,g, N V-3 Q H u W I 5' A H I H5104 50 X1 RR V Us Sn HTWLETVV! E5 7 gf' W X Af ik" 1 f x 5 9 ,G E? 9 ----q m me KW gl ! jxx fi " ' gy FOOTBALL First Row: Billy Stuart, Henry Cabrera, Howard Gibson, George Searcy, Bill Hill, Wayne Hedrick. Second Row: Toby Tate, Willard Williams, Lloyd Cannon, Bobby Evans, Tommy Rogstad, Henry Haugen, Leslie Hobbs, Felipe Ybanez, James Clements, Nelson Morris. Third Row: Victor Cuevas, Donald Hudson, Alvin Peebles,Charles Williams, Lurtice Kolocek, Leighton Griffith, Glen Matheason, Tony Cuevas, David Moore, Raymond Henicke. Fourth Row: Eulalio Villalon, Pat Dolan, Kenneth Funderburg, James Beckham, Tommy Martin, Lewis Bradfute, Willis Lippard, Ronald Johnston, George Gillett. Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Head Coach Bill Clark Floyd Howard K. G. Wendell SENIORS 73-E78 75 SENIOR PLAYERS and SWEETHEART MISS PATTY HOLMES PRESENTING ROSES SWEETHEART B TEAM ,-1 ,.-T33 3 31914 43 4F32-'thi -,Vw '33 , ,W W' W 1' 'Q A v M M w i f PU' 'Bw' " 4 If x 1, .Ar q 1 ,zu "" "' "R, Swqfa -1 mar' an IPL 'win F Y , 1 5,42 ,N Halfbacks N qswyif' qi M ,w Y 'C tap 6 145' r if KK- 4' fr Q Guards 'WM VN? 'tem 3 'w iv ! ' hr 1, 54' 'sp' ifugqigiw Tackles Ends ' I I W 2 1 A H Ab K X' x f' x J ' . 4 4 1,5 K A K V .A V Q 3 , Q ,L PM Q ,: EV , Q fp X f Hy: ' . A . ' Q 1 'MWZ . 5 , , . V . 'iii' "I-3. '. 1 " .. f ' " 4 ' ' ' " A31 . if N' -V e- ' W' 'f f Q " ' ' ,.:3.- 4- -. "7 '- . J " , M 5"-an 'fffsgx' fy' ,: 1 ' , V 9.1, .. ,,-. lv M . Q xv , A 1 ' 1 . R 1? JF f' K . 5 W vw x, f?:w:f?wf 'fu gf V ggi vw ' W 'W , 1"5g.5,..1jv Q51 71- mg W A ' -x f grrri. "fi, 3 J",-"WA 'n 3, E 4.fsm:2sQf'." A ,lil Y , , .71 1 ,Tlx A Lf VM, .Y , ,Q 7535, ry, , x . f . I . '4' ' f w ' 4 -0 Y 1 , - .FZ Q 1 Q' A I 'fm :ff '- If ' f ,, 1 ' 1, -f:'f.'w"'5il 5 '- N, A, , ggi , - , 1 f Mi f' n. , .Y 1 ,X fa r I Q :ij . 5, . , 1315425 L Y M JL , 554. - ,1L.Lg,fx 2,1 x"' . f . , 31 ?4"'lff.,-TN 4 , ' fl' 1,37 f"ghzyJZlS,g ,gif ' Q , ,, ,Y n V, wr if . . 5 yffflwxf, - 'M - . . f ag ' ' A . , -iw, M 1 . ' ,all 2. ' .W -.1 f ' A , 'f m -pw ww g. ,. z,M 4.i gf- I 4 ll - , . 5.1 f - A ' I 1 .- 4 ' e f- K , George George George George George George George George George George BASKETBALL S DI sfrlcf A eam lk a L Dlsfrlct B Team Coach Asslstonf Coach K G Wendel B:lICIark I II T ., ., ., 2, A H . wx Y Y - V I ,Q , Q ' ' - , ... 231 .., V? ' ' " Af- s gf-44 ' f . M ' X6 -3 ifi- K- fl g Y. 4 P 3 K 'K ' - ?i -f - I .J , ' I I Q 0 . Leslle Hobbs o X Alvm Peebles Felnpe Ybonez A Strung Tommy Rogstad Lloyd Cannon Snqas of Dlsfncf Tournament GIRLS BASKETBALL A String Players Patty Holmes Theresa Goynes Marian Troell Peggy Pugh Macky Kendall Lillie Nesloney Kathryn Ormond Mary Jean Polozeck Wanda Shaw Jeanette Bednorz rtle Rosenbroclc Hazel Bennett B TEAM .WI 4--Lf. ac. 'W 1 0 9 x 4 YA? 3 K f X Y 1 'Q I fi ' ,1 A 2 1 U U LJ 1 ,f H As, Coach Miss Virginia Butler LLE ALL fWWW?""' 44, ,wk 1,94 I Peggy Pugh H231 Hannah Pugh Theresa Goynes Puffy Holmes Moricn Troell gn Lillie Mae Nesloney .Q , SOFTBALL .ll Q-4 .2 nl V l ill! it T Q Q Q' 8 la " A Team Top Row Marian Troell, Lnllue Mae Nesloney, Mary Ann Stovall Theresa Goynes Glorla Frausto, Ollvna Morm. Bottom Row Jemette Beclnorz Hazel Bennett, Kathryn Ormond Mary Jean Polozeck, Macky Kendall, Mmerva Ybanez B Team kv .av WL, "' Top Row Jamce Bradfute, Ida Mary McGuffm, Frmces Burrel, Nora Corneluus Bottom Row Ann Wallace, Amta Lourae, Peggy Stovall Jane Wlllnams, Loretta Cox avi S BA ,.,f'iJ AM, lim GV A Tenn Ouffleld Infleld Plfchmg Staff T R A C K District Champs 1952 Wi! Fueld Mm Hugh Pomt an Dlstruct Meet fl Ai Track Track Partuclpants Cqpfqm Mule Relay Team Bobby Evans, Tommy Rogstad, Alvin Peebles and Harold Cox Leslie Hobbs CDlscusJ State Contenders Snap at State Meet State Meet Snaps Snap at State Meet .fiffffll s.Ee,f-Q-1:.t.., fbfrzzaifhu.. N Senior Doubles Macky Kendall Mary Jean Polozeck Semor Smgles Kathryn Ormond Jumor Doubles Jane Williams Mary Ann Jordan 'SM Sm lor Smgles Tommy Rogstad Sensor Doubles Alvin Peebles Dan Reagan 3 Jumor Smgles Charles Wllluams 4- lap . v .631 5' , f 3 W by 5 -4 W 1 a IOR CLASS S preeents G, 2 CZWU JAX TOBIAQ CIO!!! l WI Sl HIFH SCHOOL CX WINASIUVI HON DAY NI XX XPWI aura N . . . W N ll E E 7 ,l 11 BY 7 L xx! Q 1 v .qi , "M ' If . .4 . W 33- ,1 5' , E " M S 1 "H Q r I .nib , 1, -A - fr f iff 4 In I , I V V - sa 'f :Q Q. ' MJ A fl I . ff I v i ' X m...f........ H '1 H '1 Y 43 'fi I 1 Y 7 Y 1 I I 2 , I '4 Jn I x I . L k 1 ---M ififfffiiil' N M ,A4, 5. W V ' Y I- I- D . . , . , , - 4 i 1 . . . 1 .D .1 Senior Day Mayan Dude Ranch Bandera, Texas Nay 9-IO, 1952 Dear Reader: The ranch was complete with swimming pool. Below you will see several of the T class enioying the water and the inner-tube. -. Enclosed you will find a few snapshots taken on our Senior Day. As you will pro- bably have some difficulty in deciphering several of the enclosed, we will offer an explanation Above is a snap of three of the chaperones that accompanied the Class Corner To the left you find a girl on horseback This was to represent another of the many U 0-4. Q' Wu? L 5 re we find terfight in th truest of fash lon T ose gals had better know how to swim Believe it or not, but we have the proof in this snap- To the r I ght it see m s a s if a certain teacher is lndulgingm a but of horse lay, huh? Carefu Below there seems to be a moment of some needed relaxation by a few more gals Tix The sign below geeted us as we departed, it may say Hurry Back but to us it meant the end to something wonderful and exc :ting fun, school, classmates, teachers, sports, entertainments In short all we had known during our school years shot are you boys breaking training, or is that something other than pipes Take a look below 799 1' 45 ACK 9: 7 Jw 1 fi 'U' , .t . .1-a, 1., f ,e' f-s 4" :NV 'xx fa I 4 r I , I L", liz. 'Ss .og 1 4 . .1 un 1f': ,,. 71 n, .gf Tu! 'QQ' A ,. X "1 xx , x.. Milk -gfviri 'Q Aim' i W' 1 In 6150 QW X M155 EN ima elccf ecugg 6 lClQ3U AJYDIGS ggi? We 3105 wmv QE mme 1 ms Mis K 55 Aww ,Zyl gf 695512 M57 721645 'Im O ai QW' S Q ' 5.2 CA 6 5 I , P1 R11 W 5 J l ' C xv fo 7 22 54797051 Ca? 1 6 A ,J A in C Q J jfgfewfff JV Mfrs Ufff gpm C 5, fOCEfy fmfhf Q A Speffca if Sox WJJSZ53 gray M7 Qwmers Nclfrw cl Jyjoafff irq CEQf'7!96f'7ffVf5 dt dffdd jffllv will J sfizbf 4 JW Cffffffy EJMARJ5 Comp 61751115 if 5 0 fwfr QNKVCW are MZ fjfffriqffvdz QEOfQ6 MJF ?i04ff ,272 Qflfffz 6 fds Jwfg 5 Egfr fi? SWA Qqqify Wzfffimd 5 5 QEOIQ6 afiff sk ' Z2 Q5 9 3 , . . , f 5, Lt C919 T? f X 'x. fw Sunr s raw Uv Af l.N6'5 Qf 5DiC9lY8..Z697 'Q . . j 119 E s JLUN .freelf E1 .fo exas s Mig f H2fx.A.'i - T M of 'N . 0 . . 0 Us f M NY ,Z r awe Q a l lflfx Sw: 5 .Z 9.14 W wi QZQMZ Wdb 55 Cwmyfzqewis fgffm 7555 qw J CBQQQWMQS QiQTCUQ40fQ3Q5frQcH J-21 C?qpQfpnf5 Q E f Cwmpfzmewi GD 49 8535315 ia Gm? fawgfvfa gil Qi5YUUif:ZuQsa Jfff? we Jaw Z 5115 U U U QW 513 ,D oiyffcs Gil cf 5sX J . J Qnmj Cfvzr. GNC Us, . .QICQE NN M . fw, NS of i of 1 9 5' li C ..,., Qwvffvy .... . My b ..., . W v I W M N, x Jq 8 ofx JYCQV C FQ5 fZ'lf57f5 1 ' ' ' Q3 Sfcw 53653 if GAQWEWY gf OJW5 W C fp 155 ' Ji ffufsws wg? ZJZEJWX CUC jgwxfey Caofwfy winds QVNEY5 55751 CMP f2mWS Q Uwvfmyf FLW? iff! QW L KYDM fm C 55 of ' ? QM G C ml QEQQP E S Cf 5 gyoqfc 11 Icom i A - 99,4 sf 9 eff cw MOS? Q3 zz! qw M5 M5 COW C 7 i E 5 COM 7 7CgAff'S mf Zfzifl Qkfifxg 35224 me ff W CJYQJTCO U Q Cgfuofi News cw? L 5 Cj cd YCFS CGJY QDAJQSJWBZCS csf 50 96 CM? CUlQffwffQ Q SUQMS Qfclldlj QS R955 35 cg7GLJJV J Q 9 J Eff JAM 225 M5 if My f JZCQH 9 YU 55 , LL GD N J Cggijyg QL N511 YHMCE, ' ' A WJ mf 5 E-N? 796415 cffzpfofffi 5 7 G L15 Q 2 111927 JCE Z E f1rDfVc' Z 21UZ'C2" V55 fygrcg 2 dS ffl 9? 5 JB 79 dr QSM V753 9 53 LM j oem W9 S JN mmf fc emma Wcoav .5 COcfWj5fzC!MfvJf5 0 5 CZVQELUQY5 COc!V2jDf?M6ffV723 Cff medaf If Com Vvfffzfws 6V4jY65 f 0QNJfLUfff"l wwe 5221 ww Qcmjb zmfwf QP? Jzffwfag lf 6 OD CN 73 mage Com its pa S A L4 ofa x my 5 . C 6jgfCS CUC ggcscripfiovws 5 , MTCLWUCFS- Hpwg I A B- - - 7 'i 5 K SX gf X x l 61dVZ6S Saufwck fs Z JCMQ O , M1 l .., , 75 x A af S E QQY6 v 11 3 Jaw M Q0 2 . 73 G lr' CFUICL A Sincfqlv vobdefs 8 owe 90 COVG C5 a 73 Qjifrf, LMUCFVS ecldf QMU9 Lqfqwf is Qi QSQ7WClcv6'VKj10 C6117 jifffqcvfvi Of QQ? DQQQQ5? C I CURB Qi ..L. 5 Cggwvf CW for obcjevfjgggjm LM Qr 535935 S 5185 Jima 7373 U Haj? V51!,J5I5i5 D230 ML cffosl Pfclufipi u O lem If 368 K our Qftoorbicgcqiir f Qwffqmfm 0450 QIYZONMDY Q 1 C f X gli. " 9 S ,api 514 Ol? N Pfmqne 6 5 I rwfurg . U 6'LnfLq3fdy70yZx fElCyTwa55? D 51L.+,fsQ'Lu1fm Qofqfwcsi G - 0 fAPPl"0WfE5 I 0 733 ,Cf U4 0 S I I Qi K3 kr .I Ii We XXX 1 1n Cz9,fWUDEiNC5-fYfS of jf jxtfL9uf5s CWD Scum JBLWSQM OUOMQ fm Ji ff J QgC2fVE7l T68 Mversj fyqg qw? FYMENQXS JQUO zwjlfgqrfff 31 QEHSY Qwqnfc? U5 ETWZYXZ Q0 9 CW M312 J me Qwers 503156 CUM K Qj MS UZ 9CjvQCdx8Y1CJS C X Wh me Iiimgm B X mm 10uPCQufMgCJXQw 73 ix C f U' , Q. Qi QV' S 766 g ' A 'A 5 55 Q C5 'fix N f 4 , 5 5 f ' M f ' X 1 Q J W 1 QW1PiWW1S Jie Qgif9f3fe7Nkl0dfC3 X60 nf Qk nj 51 aff, UW? Loom J ,mnczwe 5 QQWMQS? Q? fifwxf Y Q 1 jgmmfl JVlciJV7L cc ci 55 ZH 2 5 f7j9Z cfYcSJffS 535655 C521 zz M i 5 of 5056 94 2" , Z' i Z 0 i of a Z0 Zag Vatu! 11172 r'cWfS I fgLa.SfS of gram LZ.77'l6JY'C8 X i qhml? Qmfbzoffafx 5 .MQ 360312 WCS? A fMffMa,ZfD,0szfQQf ,f flu ILM jzrai' CSCQEQ Q5 wk Area fygfzfffs 4110.5 j'6AfO!C9 cQf.zaf9l fa? KJCSSIXCC A Ofdiff z,4Q,0f.f!C7 f If 015 Mens CQ fl-0 s JW! 5 2 M52 My ggi? ff -f 37? W J ff Yfgczgscffflmz 'SJW 7 rflfem er 0 Q io 6 0 ' Sufa Ce or ora io Cl I ' ' 6 4 ' z' 5 , , 7 I7 'LH V JYEM er J dana e 0 n dV5LIl'df7CE affyora ion J 2 irec Y I - . Q Q oagf .X uc' -,C fpr sz' en - . Q - - AQ r5- . - c on , . . f' zC' v6'5Z En y5. . . arr155 1' - - 4f7"5G' , . 419456 .ice yefz' en an A5 'LCV

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