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Tkc George Washington Uni vers Library 1967-1968 The George Washington University Washington, D. C. Contents The George Washington University Perspectives 4 Administration and Academics 18 Organizations 50 Student Activities 53 Honoraries 93 Greeks 109 Looking Back 162 Seniors 246 Sponsors 309 Staff Gary Polish Paul Slapion Steve Thomas Rappoport Studios Advisor — Robert C. Willson Editor-in-Chief — Linda Moore Associates — Eydie Danick Shirley Snyder Williams Business Manager — Jack Philip Business Staff — Carolyn Chan Gene Vincent Photography — Harvey Robins Photographers — Jim Black Seth Beckerman Dave Kramer Berl Brechner Sue Cole Stacy Deming Skip Goldy Art — Mimi Meade Seniors — Sue Ricker Naomi Spinrad Administration and Academics — Doris Keller Cathy Ray Organizations — Barbara Sautter Diana Milford Judi Mason Greeks — Nina Dinell Bob Johnson Looking Back — Diane Elias Phil Epstein Athletics — Ellen Gibb Ron Tipton Cherry Tree Citations — Camie Collart General Staff — Claire Biondi Paul Brickman Dodie Fait Diann Gray Susie Herndon Lois Kullen Joan Laycock Publisher — Hunter Publishing Company Hunter Representative — Jack Isleib Sheila Shea Diane Swartz Cheryl Turner Jerry Williams Barbara Yalisove 2 Dedication " It Is not always what hap ' pens to men that motivates them, but what they tear may happen to them. " P. P. Hill An interest in life is an interest in men; in those who did yesterday, and in those who do today. It is a study of what motivated man in the past, and it is a participation in the motivation of man in the present. Dr. Peter P. Hill, Associate Profes- sor of History at The George Wash- ington University, personifies this in- terest in life, while daily instilling it into his students. By sharing his en- thusiasm and insight with his class, Dr. Hill has put a human element back into history. And by relating history to the present, he has created a deeper understanding and apprecia- tion of that which makes man act. Not only an eminent scholar of our heritage, not only a dynamic profes- sor of our history, Dr. Hill is also a motivator and participator in our cam- pus life. Through his efforts each of us has learned, and learned to enrich himself. We, the staff of the Cherry Tree, representing the class of 1968, are therefore honored to dedicate these, our efforts, to him. DL, J ' Xta Pfl ita j a K Ua 7W W I ' piM ' Vu pi, L Ai ff 1 3 4 Life in laughs and paradox s m m 5 7 Portrait in Buff and Blue 11 13 14 Administration and Academics President Lloyd H. Elliott President and Mrs. Elliott at a student reception Challenging students to “take the first step toward a cleaner world and a more peaceful society,” President Elliott is leading the University to greater expansion and academic excellence. In promoting what he labels the “emerging stature " of the George Washington University, he has cooperated with and sought advice from students and faculty alike in a dedicated effort to make those decisions which will best benefit the University community. The building program which he initiated upon his arrival in 1965 is now rapidly materializing and the new 8 million dollar Student Center which he proposed is under construction and scheduled to be completed in the fall of 1970. 20 President and Mrs. Elliott attending the GW-Davidson game with President of Colonials, Inc., George Cook, Davidson College President, D. Grier Martin, Mrs. Martin, United States Secretary of State and Davidson alumnus Dean Rusk and Mrs, Rusk. Board of T rustees EDGAR R. BAKER GEORGE A. BUTLER MORTIMER M. CAPLIN LEONARD CARMICHAEL EUGENE C. CARUSI JACQUELINE COCHRAN DONALD C. COOK HARRY F. DOWLING HARRY F. DUNCAN LLOYD H. ELLIOTT NEWELL W. ELLISON JEREMIAH MILBANK, JR. JOHN W WARNER KATHARINE GRAHAM GODFREY L. MUNTER JOHN J. WILSON MELVILLE B. GROSVENOR ROBERT D. MURPHY WATSON W. WISE BROOKS HAYS THORNTON W. OWEN STEPHEN R. WOODZELL J. EDGAR HOOVER S. DILLON RIPLEY, II JAMES 0 . WRIGHT JOSEPH D. HUGHES CARLETON D. SMITH EUGENE M. ZUCKERT LEWELLYN A. JENNINGS CHARLES E. SMITH DAVID M. KENNEDY LEWIS L. STRAUSS FRANKLIN J. LUNDING • ' Officers BENJAMIN M. McKELWAY WALTER G. ROSS SIDNEY W. SOUERS ALEXANDER WETMORE CHARLES S. WHITE LLOYD B. WILSON E. K. MORRIS, Chairman ol the Board CHARLES E. PHILLIPS, Vice Chairman of the Board I f JAMES M. MITCHELL, Secretary of the Board JOHN W. THOMPSON, JR., Assistant Secretary of the Board WALTER M. BASTIAN CHARLES C. GLOVER, JR ULYSSES S,j GRANT, III ALFRED H. 1.AWSON JOHN K. McKEE ’gSBoi HAROLD F. BRIGHT Vice President for Academic Affairs Administrators WARREN GOULD Vice President for Resources HENRY W. HERZOG Vice President and Treasurer LOUIS H. MAYO Vice President for Advanced Poiicy Studies JOHN R LATIMER University Marshall 24 RUPERT WOODWARD Librarian FREDERICK HOUSER Registrar JOSEPH RUTH Admissions Deans BLAKE S. ROOT Acting Dean of the School of Education J. C. DOOKERAY Dean of the School of Government and Business Administration EUGENE MAGRUDER Dean of the College of General Studies CALVIN UNION Dean of the Columbian College HfRMAN M t STOUT Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs 26 ARTHUR E BURNS Dean ot the Graduate Council ROBERT KRAMER Dean of the School ot Law JOHN PARKS Dean of the School of Medicine 27 Student Services Directorate DONALD F. YOUNG Dean ot Men WILLIAM SMITH Vice President for Student Affairs MARGARET NOLTE Dean ot Women DR. RICHARD CASTELL Director of Health Services JAY BOYAR Director of Student Activities WILLIAM A. R. WALKER Advisor to international Students 20 Office of Alumni Relations The General Alumni Association endeavors to deepen the interest and sense of participation on the part of alumni in the affairs of University. It believes, too, that its assignment begins while alumni are still enrolled as students. In serving these ends, the Association, which draws its staff support from the University’s Office of Alumni Relations, feels that it must meet alumni on their terms — social and intellectual — and in their hometowns as well as on the campus. The G.A.A. encourages participation in Homecoming and involvement with students, i.e., in helping to create class identity or even in so pedestrian a way as selling hot dogs at Martha’s Marathon, Dr Leite of the Art department lecturing at Alumni Homecoming function Mr, E. Smith, director, and Mr J. Papp r assistant director, enjoying their role. Salt Lake City Alumni attending a reception for the Elliotts — one of 35 similar meetings around the country. 29 The Arts Maida Withers Associate Professor of Dance “Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Dr, Donald Kline Professor of Art Dr, Laurence Leite Associate Professor of Art 30 Dr, William MacDonald Professor of Art and Archaeology Dr. Georg© Steiner Associate Professor of Music Director of Orchestra t 4 " But words are things, and a small drop of ink, Falling like dew upon a thought, produces That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.’ Lord Byron Dr. William Griffith Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr James Coberly Professor of American Literature Dr. Philip Hlghfill Professor of English Literature Dewey Wallace, Jr. Associate Professor of Religion Dr. Robert SchTagel Associate Professor of Philosophy 33 Business Administration “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings. " Old Testament Edwin Joseph Baughman Lewis Professor of Accounting Assistant Dean for Special Projects in the School of Government and Business Administration George Frederick Conner Assistant Professor of Business Administration James Rudolph Roman, Jr. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Frederick Charles Kurtz Associate Professor of Accounting 34 Lee Blelski Associate Professor of Speech Dr. L. Poe Leggette Depew Professor of Speech Professor of Drama Dr. George Henigan, Jr Professor of Speech Director of Forensics Robert Willson Associate Professor of Journalism Communications “Suit the action to the word, the word to the action. " Shakespeare 35 Dr Rafael Supervia Professor of Spanish Language Arts Dr. Guido Ettore Mazzeo Associate Professor of Romance Languages George Andrew Olkhovsky Assistant Professor of Russian Assistant Dean of the Division of University Students Dr Helen Yakobson Professor of Russian 36 Gerard Paul Huve Assistant Professor of French Joseph Louis Metivier, Jr. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Assistant Dean of Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Maria ftala Arcurl Oden Instructor in Italian Dr James Cecil King Professor of German " Language is as much an art and as much a refuge As painting or music or literature. " Jane Ellen Harrison Dr. Theodor© Perros Professor of Chemistry Sciences “Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Which of the two has the grander View?” Victor Hugo Dr Benjamin Van Evera Professor of Chemistry Dr, Ira Hansen Professor of Zoology Dr Gerald Carroll Professor of Geology 38 Dr. Charles Naeser Professor of Chemistry Dr. Edith Mortensen Professor of Zoology George Rabchevsky Instructor in Geology Or. Stefan Schiff Assistant Professor of Zoology 39 Mathematics and Statistics “Come, let us reason together.” Afler Dr. Arthur David Kirsch Associate Professor of Statistics Jackson Kelley Kern Instructor in Statistics Dr. Weis David Nelson Professor of Mathematics Sidney Armors Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Statistics Dr, Loretta Stallings Professor of Physical Education Physical Education “If you would cultivate the intelligence of your pupil, cultivate the power that it is to govern. Give his body continual exercise.” Rousseau Charles Read Assistant Professor of Physical Education Nan Smith Instructor in Physical Education Vincent OeAngelis Professor of Physical Education Donna Abbey Assistant Professor of Physical Education 41 Dr, Charles Galbreath Professor of International Economics Social Studies “The highest compact we can make with our fellow is, — Let there be truth between us two forevermore.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Dr. Ching-Yao Hsieh Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Ralph Purcell Professor of Political Science Dr. Doe Allensworth Assistant Professor of Political Science 42 Dr, Robert Jordan Associate Professor of International Affairs Dr. John Morgan, Jr, Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Andrew Gyorgy Professor of International Affairs Dr. Harold Hinton Associate Professor of international Affairs 43 Dr, Peter Hill Associate Professor of History Dr. Robert Kenny Associate Professor of History Martin Petersilia Graduate Teaching Assistant in History Dr. Howard Sachar Associate Professor of History Dr. Charles Herber Associate Professor of European History 44 Dr. Franz Michael Professor of International Affairs Associate Director , Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies Dr, Ronald Thompson Professor of European History Dr, Howard Merriman Professor of American Diplomatic History Dr. William Johnson Associate Professor of History 45 Education Dorothy Moore Assistant Professor of Education “ Tis education forms the common mind: Just as the twig is bent The tree’s inclined.” Alexander Pope Dr. Carol Ruth St, Cyr Professor of Education 46 Engineering and Applied Science Charles Edward Pinkus Instructor in Engineering Administration Peter Hans Sawitz Associate Professor of Applied Science Dr. Marvin Eisenberg Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Science " For ’tis the sport to have the engineer with his own petar.” Shakespeare Nicholas Arthur Sloan Assistant Professor of Engineering 47 Social Sciences “I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule not to bewail nor to scorn human actions but to understand them.” Spinoza Dr Hugh Parry Visiting Professor of Sociology Dr. Thelma Hunt Professor of Psychology Joseph Tropea Instructor in Sociology Dr, Patrick Galfagher 4$soc afe Professor of Anthropology Ruth Krulteld Assistant Professor of Anthropology 49 52 mm mm wKBmis SM . • J::-y - ' - ■ ' - ' V’»| Sffii ■ ' :• ■■:. ' yy yyf? ' f‘ Jjl§3 m ■fj, B s8 r$Pf isS 4 ® 0 § .-. aMililH g $8 ;■ ■ ■ : Going over a layout at The Apartment, Demi Snyder Williams and Eddie Danick, associate editors. Dons Keller and Cathy Ray, Administration editors. Ellen Gibb and Ron Tipton, Athletics editors. 54 Phil Epstein and Diane Elias, Looking Back editors, and Don Van de Water, Mimi Meade, Art Editor, Barbara Sautter and Diana Miiford, Organizations editors Judi Mason, Honoraries editor. Naomi Spinrad and Sue Ricker, Senior editors. Barbara Yalisove and Susan Schwartz with Photography editor, Harvey Robins. 55 Diann Gray and Joan Laycock, Queens editors. Carolyn Chan, Sates Manager, sells yearbooks in the Student Union Manager’s office. Staff members meet a deadline. Jack Philip, Business Manager. Camie Collar!, Citations editor. Bob Johnson and Nina Dine!!, Greeks editors, 56 News Editor Diana Blackmon Sports Larry Garfinkel Editor of the Hatchet Encounter Paul Panitz HATCHET Features Editor Jim Schitfer Yale Goldberg, Junior Staff Mary Lou Dirhan, Paul Wachtel, Toni Falbo, Dick Wolfsie, Jeff Shepard. HATCHET Seth Beckerman and Sue Cole, Photographers 8ERL BRECHNER Edi to r-In Chie f DAVID MARWICK Business Manager ACTING EDITORIAL STAFF Sews Editor..... Diane Blackman Cultural Affairs Editor.. .Paul Wachtel Features Editor. Jim Schiffcr Sports Editor ,.. Larry Garfinkel EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Cartoonf t. Steve Brooke Columnist ..Dick Wolfsie Copy Julie J a slow Encounter Editor Paul Pan its News Analyst. ...... ..Bill Y army Photograph s.,... .......... Sue Cole Sports ,. Stu Sifkln .Cathy Weigley SENIOR STAFF Diane Arkin, Seth Beckerman, B.D. Colen, Toni Falbo. Jack Fire- stone, BIN Herman, Rochelle Litwaek, Bob Johnson J ess Murray, E lain Nord, Endrick Parresi , Stephen Phillips David Sokolec, Brooks Watkins, Marc Yacker, JUWOR STAFF Lesley Alter, Elena Baroni Gail Barth, Barbara Helen Shelia Bim- bach David Bryant, Ben Cohen. Carol Crossen, Dennis Derrick, Marylou Dirhan, Sheldon Gewirtz, Yale Goldberg Patti Goodman Jonathan Higman, Mike Houser Bruce Ingraham, Helen Jeffrey Phyllis Karp, Izaak Kruger Mark Labowitz Debby L eibarr Miriam Leopold Elly Levine, Karj Malkin Judy Mendoza Bunny Marsh, Jane Norman, Jane Oliver David Parker, Pat Parsons Jane Polsky, Barbara Rayburn Ruth Rogers Jan Roxbrough, Randy Sandman, Rone Schwartz Jeff Sheppard, Chris Usher Sylvia Wade Robin Warshaw, Jane Winkelman, Susan Woodruff. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Skip Goldy, David Kramer Gary Polish Dick Shipman BUSINESS STAFF Jeffrey Breslaw Advertising Manager Neil Harbus David Bryant and Paul Wachtel, Cultural Affairs Editor Gail Barth, Associate Editor of the Encounter Diane Arkin works over some copy Julie Jaslow and Diana Blackmon hurry to make a deadline Dick Wolfsie T Columnist ENCOUNTER Poetry reading at the Pit Carole Meyers, Janice Snow, Terrence Lisbeth, Arnold Glickman, Susan McKenzie, Patricia Cahill, Beth Marcus Studying at the Potomac Library Potomac Potomac is the literary-art review of George Washington. Appearing twice yearly, the mag- azine contains outstanding student contributions in the fields of poetry, prose, art, and photog- raphy. This year, Potomac sponsored a series of poetry readings with the intent of offering an opportunity for students to display their liter- ary talents other than through print. Potomac also sponsors the Contemporary Poetry Library in room 404 of the library. Such poets as Roethke, Dicky, and Wilbur are represented in the collec- tion. This in another attempt on the part of the Potomac to acquaint students with what is hap- pening in literature today. Patricia Cahill — Editor Susan McKenzie — Poetry Editor Joanne Tumoio — Prose Editor Diane Arkin — Art Editor Kyle Runyon — Business Manager Heather Mason — Advertising Manager Terrence Lisbeth Stephen Cohen Richard Cohen Mai Bell Ron Plesser Arnold Gficksman Carole Meyers Beth Baruch Roger Kase Cathy Wyllie Janice Snow Jim Schiffer 60 Clockwise: Dick Wolfsie, Bari Kogan, Jon Higman, Dan Ratman, Jeff Jacobs, Jay Silberner, John Bottonari, Rick Block, Steve Draison, Mark Ickow, Stan Bornstein. The Wig is the GW humor magazine. Under the direction of Dick Wolfsie, the magazine published its first issue this January and was a great success. The Wig Dick Wolfsie, Lord High Muftee John Curtis, Thomas Packard, and Jack Evans oversee an engineering exhibit during Engineers ' Week. Peter Austin, Board of Editors and Doug Jones, Faculty Advisor. Mecheleciv Mecheleciv is the GW engineering mag- azine. It is published monthly and contains Tech News, Campus News, articles by stu- dents, special features such as “Super E, " and the Girl of the Month — Mech Miss. 61 62 This year the Student Council became a more powerful and vital force in University life than ever before. Under the direction of President Robin Kaye, the Council sought to involve the students in all aspects of the workings of the University. The Council attempted to increase student power and to increase and facilitate student relations with the faculty and the administration. The Student Council faced a number of con- troversial issues, including membership in the National Student Association and the Selective Service ' s policies on student demonstrations against United States policy in Viet Nam. Robin Kaye Christy Murphy Mark Cymrot Jessica Dunsay Ronda Billig Jay Bomze George Brannigan Paul Brickman Bill Brobst Douglas Calls Paul Chemnick Richard Crosfield Stacy Deming John Harris Tova Indritz Mike Judy Carolyn Kuhn Linda Kulin Bart Loring Girard Malanka Joan-Ellen Marci Robert McDuffee Laurel Milcoff Brian O Neill David Phillips Stephen Remsberg Lenny Ross John Schlosser Joseph Siegel Arthur Sober Judy Sobin Robert Trache Ken Weissblum Mike Wolly President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Thurston Hail Representative Upper Columbian Representative Maryland Commuter Representative SGBA Representative Calhoun Hall Representative Virginia Commuter Representative Law School Representative Foreign Student Representative Engineering School Representative Activities Director Strong Hall Representative Welling Hall Representative Virginia Commuter Representative Crawford Hall Representative School of lnt f l Affairs Representative Maryland Commuter Representative Thurston Hall Representative Mitchell Hall Representative Thurston Hail Representative Student Union Board Representative D, G Commuter Representative Lower Columbian Representative Publicity Director Adams Hall Representative Madison Hall Representative School of Medicine Representative Thurston Hall Representative Orientation Director D. C. Commuter Representative Program Director Dr, Peter Hill, Chairman of the Student Life Committee, Committee on Student Life The Committee on Student Life is composed of thirteen members — six faculty members, six students, and the Stu- dent Activities Director-. The function of the Student Life Committee is both judicial and advisory. It has the power to review and reverse “any act of the Student Council or of any group engaged in extracurricular activities.” The com- mittee makes recommendations to the Student Council and to the President of the University. Also, the committee has the power to nominate for Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The Student Life Committee “acts only when it believes that a vital interest of the Uhiversity has been overlooked.” This year, the continued existence of the committee came into question, with the possibility that it might be dissolved and replaced by another type of organization such as a student court. Dr. Peter HitJ t Robin Kaye, Christy Murphy, Dean Margaret Nolte, Jim Shutman, Dean Donald Young, Jay Boyer, Dr, Carl McDaniels, Amie Bellefontaine, Dr. John Morgan, Dr. William Griffith. NOT PICTURED; Greg Millard, Alan May, 84 The Engineering Council’s purpose is to provide a liaison between the stu- dent body of the School of Engineer- ing and Applied Science and the rest of the University. The Council spon- sors the publication of the Mecheleciv magazine, assumes financial and ad- ministrative responsibility for the Davis-Hodgkins House, and sponsors general engineering student activities. Engineering Council Row one: Peter M. Austin’ — Secretary, Martin J, Myers — ‘President, Carroll Potter — Vice-President George Stellar — Treasurer. Row Two: Louis Kouts, Leonard B. Sirota, Carlton Greene, John Cavanaugh Stacy Deming, Spencer Hum Bill Pogson Don Harmon 65 Arlyne Katz and Mary Haas await the referee ' s decision. Artyne Katz, Captain of the Cheer- leaders, Cheerleaders ■ ■ 4 And! Cummings Row One: Laurel Milcoff, Arlyne Katz, Carol Zimmer. Row Two: Mary Haas, Susie Herndon, Barry Rothman, Pat Gearhart, Barbara Lewis. Gall Lemer 67 Booster Board The Booster Board’s aim is to promote student spirit for school activities. The Board provides publicity for and transportation to athletic events. This year the Board was active in Home- coming and house decorations. At the end of the year, trophies are awarded to the sorority, fraternity, and individual student who show the most school spirit. " We’ll do anything to boost spirit. " First Row: Maria Harris — Co-Chairman, Edward Silverman — Chairman, Carollyn Chan — Secretary. Row Two: Barbara Lewis, Mary Haas, Kenneth Weissblum, Laurel Milcoff, Ken Trembly 68 W.R.A. The Women’s Recreation Associ- ation arranges co-recreational activi- ties to fulfill almost everyone ' s need for leisure activity. From embassy tours in the Fall to bicycle rentals in the Spring, the Council plans activi- ties that will allow students to relax and have fun. ROW ONE: Dianna Knight, President, Ronne Rogin, Treasurer, Ertz Boehner, Secretary. Mrs. Smith, Advispr. ROW TWO: Carol Arnold, Mary Alpaugh, Lois Pflugh, Judy Murray. Miriam Farber, Mrs. Young. Advisor. I.S.A.B. The purpose of the Inter-Sorority Athletic Board is to “sponsor athletic tournaments among the member sororities and to do every- thing possible to foster a spirit of good sports- manship and fair play. " Points are given to the sororities according to their performance in the tournaments. At the end of the year, trophies are awarded to the sororities with the greatest number of points. Mrs. Collier, Advisor, Sue Kossin, Secretary, Doris Keller, Tour- nament Chairman. Sue Duerr, President, Barbara Giaimo, Vice President, Linda Dodd. ROW ONE: April Works, Jeannie Mann. Linda Dodd. Sue Kossin Bar- bara Giaimo. Sue Duerr. ROW TWO: Barbara Buckler, Doris Keller, Julie Little, Mrs. Collier, Candy Gordon, Ilona Sipars, Diane Charnovitz Jess Murray. 69 Dance Production Norman Walker, guest artist. 70 Executive Board: Wendy Blum, Mel Mackler, President, Gail Baldl, University Players The George Washington University Players presented a season of major productions during 1967-68 which ranged from “Thurber Carnival” at Homecoming and “The Three Cuckolds” in the Spring to two Childrens’ Theater productions. These were shown at Lisner Auditorium, as in past years, and were a joint effort of students and faculty. This year, the Players initiated a new program, entirely student run, to allow students to experiment in directing, acting, and design. The Experimental Theater made its home in Studio A in Lisner and also travelled to the Agora and to other area schools. Among the productions presented this year were “Spoon River Anthology,” “Long Christmas Dinner,” “No Exit, " and “In White America. " The Players’ major goal this year has been to see the Experimental Theater firmly established and to create an atmosphere in which there is freedom to innovate, to fail, and to discover new ways of putting a play together. Since the number and kinds of productions possible on the Lisner stage are limited, the Experimental Theater serves the im- portant function of providing open opportunities in theater during the entire year. A scene from " Thurber Carnival. " 72 73 Mr. George Steiner, chairman of the Music Department, leads the GW Orchestra in practice for one of the four symphony concerts presented each year. Orchestra Chorus Christmas at Lisner. The University Chorus, under the direction of Jules Zabawa, prepares for its Decem- ber program which included a rendition of Handel ' s “Messiah,” Agora The Agora Coffee House fills the students’ need for a friendly, informal spot to meet with faculty members and other students. Several changes were made this year under the man- agement of student managers Paul Greenberg and Lou Bovidi. The menu was enlarged to include a wider selection of food and drink. Jazz bands, folksinging, guitar playing, piano concerts, or poetry readings are featured on Friday and Saturday nights. 75 Debate Greg Millard, President of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa, Alpha, National Debate Honorary, Professor Henigan, Coach, Bill Toutant, Steven Linder, Liz Herring, Andrew Mason, Isa Natovftz, Dennis Arrow, Greg Millard, Mr. Tom Harris, Coach, Steven Johnson, Mr. Tom Zaucha, Coach, John Warner, James Heaton, Richard Swartz. The Enosinian Debate Society took part in debate tournaments all over the country this year. Its debate team won fifteen tournaments. Among these were tournaments held at Johns Hopkins, Loyola, Wake Forest, St. Anselms, and Northern Illinois. The topic for discussion this year was: “The federal govern- ment should guarantee a minimum annual cash income to all citizens.” The Society hosted a High School Discussion Conference in the Fall and the High School Debate Tournament in the Spring. In April, GW hosted the National Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha Debate Tournament with over 150 schools attending. Greg Millard, Carolyn Smith, Isa Natovitz, Steve Remsberg, and Andy Mason were the GW members this year of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha. Steve Remsberg, Vice-President, and Carolyn Smith, President, 76 Eydie Danick, Ester Preuss, William A. R Walker, Advisor, Elsie Paradies, Gunduz Vassaf, President, George Gulette i.s.s. This year the International Student Society became the largest organization on campus. The activities of the Society are aimed at social and cultural events of international interest. Some achievements that highlighted this year were receiving first prize at the Homecoming Fair, the annual Embassy Ball held this year at the Turkish Embassy, and International Student Night which filled Lisner Auditorium to near capacity. The Society also made efforts to spon- sor an international dinner and to undertake charter flights to Europe for members. Notable speakers included H. F. Talat al Ghoussein, Ambassador from Kuwait and Dr. Fayez Az- Sayegh. The interest of the Honorary President, Senator J. William Fulbright and Richard Hens- man of the British Broadcasting Company was greatly appreciated. The Turkish Ambassador with his wife and Barbara Stan ton at the annual Embassy Ball. H. F. Talat al Ghoussein, Ambassador from Kuwait, speaks to ISS, 77 Old Men . . . Ted Fishman — President, Dave Marwick — Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Ory — Vice-President, George Bloom — Regis- trar, Tom Smith— Co-Publicity Chairman, Joseph Handy — Co-Publicity Chairman Miss Nan Larabee, Advisor Mary Organ — Vice-President, Barbara Polay — Publicity Chairman, Micki Cohen— Treasurer, Linda Larsen — President, Linda Kulin — Social Chairman, Dfann Gray — Corresponding Secretary, Arlyne Katz — Membership Chairman . . . Big Sis The function of Big Sis and Old Men is to make the adjustment of incoming freshmen and transfer stu- dents to university life an easier one. This con- sists of giving aid and advice by way of summer correspondence, the Big Sis-Old Men luncheon plus the Old Men Smoker and the Big Sis Fashion Show for entertainment. Big Sis and Old Men help the new student in any possible way to give him a picture of life at GW. m 79 David Fishback, Chairman. Serve SERVE has a two-fold purpose. It seeks " to help those in need and to instill in volunteers a rational under- standing of and emotional concern for the problems of poverty.” SERVE sponsors its own tutorial projects and also provides tutors for various com- munity projects. Junior Village, the DC Jail, and D. C. General Hospital are among the places where SERVE volunteers work. Carol Reisen helps a youngster with her homework at the First Con- gregational Church. 80 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a service or- ganization, new at GW. It has sponsored the popular Distinguished Speakers Series which presented such speakers as Sir Patrick Dean and Senator Thruston Morton. Alpha Phi Omega also sponsored a book sale at the Homecoming Fair, oper- ated a Ride Board at the Student Union, assisted the Professor Evalu- ation Committee, ushered for special events at Lisner Auditorium, and held an Easter Egg Hunt for children at the Grant School. ROW ONE: Robin Kaye, Ken Gofdberg, Second Vice-President, Dave Jordan. President. Ronald Howard. Advisor; Michael Sussman, First Vice-President, ROW TWO: Joseph Pascal, Jr., Robert A. Nager, Bart Kogan, Marc Yacker, Mike Hanneld. Floyd Lane, Ted Fishman, Steve Selzer. ROW ONE: Mike Houser, Les Adler, Sy Block, Treasurer. Ken Goldberg, John Amodio. Gary Granoff, Ron Atkinson. ROW TWO: Frank DeSalvo, David Goldman, Marc Albert, Kent Hollingsworth, Art Friedberg, William Buklad, Harvey Blumenthal, Phil Margolis, Henry Zausner, Alan Sussman, Steven Getobter, Jetfrey Winter. Dave Jordan and President Elliot speak with Senator Thurmond, who spoke as part of the Distinguished Speakers program. 81 Jon Trevathan, Drew Tidwell, First Vice-President, Marilyn Alessi, Secretary, Frank Buchholz, Executive Vice-President, Not Pictured: Chris Bertrand, President, Brian O ' Neill, Second Vice-President, Michael Aulicino, Treasurer Ed Fullner, Chief Counsel for the House Republican Coordinating Committee spoke to the club this year. Young Republicans The purpose of the GW Young Republicans is to introduce the principles of the Republi- can Party to the student body and to collect, analyze and disseminate information con- cerning the current affairs of the nation, YRs provides an opportunity for student partici- pation in practical politics and assists in the efection of Republican candidates for public office. Row One: Martha Kantor, Sansy Ganderson, Janice Coe, Dianna Knight, Janet Buntebart. Row Two: Beverly Opper, President, Tish Romo, Georgia Goodwillie, Tami Fattman, Donna Israel, Jean Lesh. Strong Hall 82 Intra-Residence Hall Council: Betty Boisvert, Sandy Goodman 1 Candy Cain, Ronnie Rogin r Elena Vigilante, Carol Hiller, Karen Radius — Chairman Thurston Hall: “Superdorm” First and Second Floor Council: First Row: Barbara Berger, Linda Hurevitz — Secretary, Judi Zuckerman, Shelley Green — Second Vice-President, Pam Kass, Stefanie Rose. Second Row: Jeannie Brodsky-First Vice-President, Sue Dankoff, Karen Gberling — Treasurer, Barbara Wei- ner, Ellen Weiss — President, Cynthia Reiss Third Floor Council: Robin Jackrel. Marianne Frederick, Ellen Hilb, Sue Brown— President Deena Levine — Secretary, Stacey Dorris— Second Vice-President, Lynn Newman, Carol Srodie — First Vice-President, Marty Gotthard 83 Fourth Floor Council: First Row: Barbara Jewler, Karen Kuker Second Row: Caro! Haiperin. Third Row: Maggie Berman — President, Sareve Dukat — First Vice- President. Fourth Row: Sandra Altman — Second Vice- President, Arlene Lehrer — Treasurer Sixth Floor Council: Sally Schulke, Cheryl Adams — Treasurer, Dee- Von Meade, Rachelte Utwack — President, Adrienne Honig — Secre- tary, Renee Bernstein — Second Vice-President. 84 " Hark the Herald Angels Sing , . Seventh Floor Council: First Row: Norma Simkin — Second Vice-President, Tara Connell, Louise Berman, Natalie Posner— President, Second Row: Judy Moer — Secretary, Janet Tieger, Gayte Rosenthal — Treasurer. Third Row: Marilyn Kirschner, Marian Edelman — Vice-President Eighth Floor Council: First Row: Beth Marcus— President, Rhoda Brown, Amy Mazur, Betsy Pistrong, Barbara Yalisove, Carol Kullback — Treasurer. Second Floor: Marianne Solomon, Christine Shedd, Mary Jacqueline Davis, Beth Curtis, Susan Fields— First Vice-President Ninth Floor Council: Alice Klein — President, Sue Rappaport — Vice-President, Bonnie Mulcahy— Secretary, Randeen Rosen, Barbara Lieberman, Helen Aisner, Judy Kaplan, Meg Sanders, Jan Root Row One: W, Perry Pendley — Assistant Director, Howard Bundock- — Recording Secretary, Paul Zeman — President, Tim Dirks — Secretary-Treasurer, David Speck — Resident Director. Row Two: Jeff Seisler, Paul Kuzma, Barney Kltlion, Charles Poekel, Bart Kogan — Publicity Director, Alan Wiener— Social Chairman 86 i Mitchell Hall Mike Bienstock, Neil Arnet, James Guthrie, Eric Landman, Jim Mason— President. Brian Schyler, J. J. Bosley-Sec retary, Robert Gill Row One: Edward B. Cohen, Joseph W t Siegel, John R. Bellush, J. P. Goviramid. Row Two: Don Rabinovitch, Steve Vossmeyer, Art Cheesman. SB ROW ONE: Suzanne Kratzok, Beth Baruch, Gtifiana Witstruck, Director. ROW TWO: Ronnie Surpin, Nancy Rossi, Myra Brown, Ann Lenahan, President, Sharon Niederman. ROW THREE: Jody Kahn, Karen Homestead, Secretary, Leslie Ann Lang. ROW FOUR: Susie Orr, Cathie Canil, Linda Kulin, Student Council Representa- tive. NOT PICTURED: Sally Benbass t, Treasurer, Joyce Kiefer, Vice-President. 89 SBG’s nominating convention, held last Winter. President Brad Cummings reading The Little Sarah, SBG ' s newspaper. Students for Better Government Students for Better Government, the campus political party, took for its motto this year " Toward a Big League University in the Nation’s Capitol.’’ For the first time since SBG’s founding in 1964, the party was active as both a political and service organization. SBG began the year with the publication of The Little Sarah, a party newspaper, which re- ceived immediate campus acclaim. SBG cam- paigned for University withdrawal from the National Student Association and the holding of a referendum on the subject. The climax of the year came with the annual SBG convention which nominated candidates for the Student Council. With the theme “A Spirit of Leadership — a Pro- gram of Service,” SBG fielded 23 candidates. Fifteen of them were elected, including the Presi- dent, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Student Council. Science Executive Board: Michael Rawson, Treasurer, Lynne Pace, President, Diane Wexier, Secretary. This year the “Org” had a variety of activities which displayed an in- terest in bringing Christian Science into a more practical light. Mr. David K. Willis, correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, visited GW to explain the role of the professional man with a basis of Christian Science. A Thanksgiving service was given for the University at large — the first time that the group had worked on such a program for many years. In December, Mrs. Lenore D. Hanks from Portland, Oregon, visited campus to speak on “The New Morality.” " Org " members have participated in plan- ning the Inter-Faith Forum series, new at GW this year. A Christmas service for the University in cooperation with Holiday Seasons found The Christian Science Organization taking an active part. Mrs. Lenore Hanks speaks on the “New Mo- rality. " A Spring reception familiarizing high school students with Organiza- tion work is an annual event. A table place placed in the Student Union offering pamphlets concerning Chris- tian Science also has been a source of communication between Christian Science students and other students who are interested in learning more about the religion. 91 Hillel Foundation The B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation serves the Jewish community on the G.W. campus. Its function is to give Jewish students a deepened understanding of their Jewish heritage, to strengthen their identifi- cation with Jewish life and the Jewish community, to serve as bearer and spokesman of the Jewish heritage in the academic community and to help enrich the personal life of the Jewish student as an individual. A discussion group at one of Hillei’s weekly meetings. Rabbi Seidman, Sheldon Gewirtz, President, Jeffrey Norman, Alan Gel- fand, Sheila Weinstein, Debby Shoen, Richard Epstein. Episcopal Student Association This year, the Episcopal Student Association, under the direction of Rev. Sokoloff of St. John’s Church, was involved in a variety of activities. Meet- ings were held weekly and a newsletter was sent out periodically to all Episcopalians on campus. Members helped with the Inter-Faith Forum and an interdenominational Christmas service held in Strong Hall. Also, contemporary play readings were held as a basis for discussion during Lent. Sue Gillen, Laura Pearsal, President, Bill Shaun, Leslie Adkins. 92 Arnold Bellefontaine Jay Bomze Berl Brechner Mary Ann Chinn Ted Fishman Maria Harris Bill Herman Tova Indritz The thirty-four seniors se- lected for the 1967-1968 edi- tion of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities were chosen in recognition of their qualities of leadership, schol- arship, co-operation in edu- cational and extra curricular activities and future promise. At The George Washington University, nominations for this honor, made during the fall semester, are solely the decision of the University Committee on Student Life. NOT PICTURED: Patricia Cahill Linda Larsen Karla Le ' ibowitz Dave Jordan Robin Kaye Dianna Knight Mel Macktor Dave Marwick Greg Millard Christy Murphy Larry Oni© Mary Organ Charles Ory Barbara Polay Lee Ritenour Harvey Robins Jim Shu I man Carolyn Smith Simma Weintraub Marshall Worden Jim Ziglar Billie Stableln Craig Sullivan Phi Beta Kappa Lewis Bogaty Margaret Alden Laura Bonn Margaret Boone Toni Falbo Roger Finch Yvonne Greenfield Tova Indritz Marlene Kobre Kathleen Kelly 96 Arnold Levy Lowell Lieberstein Thierry Liverman Harry Lando Michael Loeds Hanna Marks Christy Murphy Nancy Reich ley Unde Stecher Thomas Willard The ideals of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the country, are scholarship, high moral character and devotion to the philosophy of liberal education. The varied de- partments of Upper Columbian College nominated these seniors and juniors for their “intellectual ca- pacity well employed.” They were, in turn, elected into membership by the District of Columbia Alpha chapter. 97 ROW ONE: Maureen Craig, Gail McLaughlin. ROW TWO: Madeleine Retries, Beth Smith, Barbara Polay — Vice-Presi- dent, Karla Leibowitz — President, Sue Lorenz — Treasurer, Linda Larsen — Corresponding Secretary, Lee Ritenour, Tova Indritz, Toni Falbo. NOT PICTURED: Patricia Cahill— Recording Secretary, Christy Murphy. Mortar Board is the national senior women’s honorary at George Washington. Members are tapped in recognition of their outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service to the University. Mortar Board’s activities on campus are numerous. In addition to sponsoring Tassels and selecting members of the Big Sis Board, Mortar Board also publishes a monthly newsletter to all campus organizations, co-sponsors Parents’ Weekend with Omicron Delta Kappa, occasionally ushers at Lisner Auditorium, and holds a “meet the professors at lunch” series. During Homecoming, Mortar Board sponsored the “dinner for two” at Trader Vic’s raffle. Mortar Board Dave Marwick, H, John Cant ini, Greg Millard. ROW ONE: Jim Shulman, Greg Millard, Mr. Frederick Houser. ROW TWO: Alan May, Marshall Worden, Larry Onie. Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, a Junior-Senior men’s national honorary, recognizes leadership of excep- tional quality and versatility in all facets of college life, high scholastic achievement, and the contri- butions of outstanding students, and faculty and administration members to the University. Omicron Delta Kappa works to serve the Uni- versity in such activities as joint sponsorship of Parents’ Weekend with Mortar Board. Current officers are: Greg Millard — President, Bill Herman — Vice-President, Dave Marwick — Secretary. Newly tapped members are Dave Fishback, Dave Jordan, Jim Knicely, Andy Mason, Martin Myers, Paul Panitz, Craig Sullivan, Mike Wolly, Jim Ziglar. Old members not pictured are Paul Chemnick, Robin Kaye, Tom Metz and Charles Ory. 99 Tassels Tassels is the honorary service organization for sophomore women at George Washington University. It is sponsored by Mortar Board in the hope that outstand- ing sophomores will be encouraged to maintain high standards of scholarship, in- crease their participation in University activities, develop their leadership abilities, and establish friendships with other sophomore women. ROW ONE: Susan Provtsor. Barbara Kosar, Ronne Rogin, Adrienne Honig; ROW TWO: Faye Mervis, Laurel Milcoff — Projects Co-chairman, Judy Moer — Membership Chairman, Barbara Jeweler — President, Beth Mann — Secretary, Judy Ellstrom — Treasurer, Arlene Lehrer — Foo d Chairman; ROW THREE: Gayle Rosenthal, Susan Fields, Susan Wiener, Merrill Deming, Dodie Fait, Karen Radius, Rachelle Litwalk, Anne Kramer, Kay Ferrell, Sue Brown, Louise Berman, Doris Babb. NOT PICTURED: Liz Nelson — Vice-President, Linda MacConnefl — Publicity Chairman, Miss Larabee — Advisor. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary recognizing superior scholastic achievement in freshman women. During the past two years, Alpha Lambda Delta has been attempting to broaden its significance as an organ of scholastic service to the University by participating in tutoring programs and in freshman orientation activities. Current officers are: Arlyne Katz, presi- dent; Diana Blackmon, vice-president; Evelyn Huwyler, secretary; Bonita Bundy, treasurer; and Faye Mervis, historian. Alpha Lambda Delta ROW ONE: Doris Babs, Miriam Ramos, Evelyn Huwyler, Arlyne Katz, Diana Blackmon, Barbara Jeweler, Sharon Bailes, Faye Mervis. 100 Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is an honor society with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding high scholastic attainment among freshman men in in- stitutions of higher learning. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1923, the fraternity admitted The George Washington University to its active chapters in 1929. There are now one hundred and thirty-two active chapters. Present officers are: Felix M. Wysocki — President, Lee S. Dryden — Vice-President, David S. Fishback — Secretary, and Richard Epstein — Trea- surer. Professor William L. Turner of the Department of English is the Faculty Advisor. Education Council The Education Council, the student council for the School of Education, works to establish effective communication between students and faculty. During its short life it has initiated several valuable programs which include an Education Council newsletter, “Guidelines,” a guide for pre-education and education majors, files containing up to date teaching certificate re- quirements in the U.S., and has authored a " credit non-credit” option available to students in the School of Education. During the spring semester plans have been made to review the undergraduate curriculum, to assess its strengths and weaknesses as viewed by students, faculty and recent graduates teaching in the metropolitian area, and to present their findings for faculty consideration. ROW ONE: Francine King — Secretary, Maureen Brown, Jill Con- nor — President, Gwen Potter, Susan Shucker, Mrs. Rose Paper, Mrs, Lois N, Rettie, Eugene Klein; ROW TWO: George Brenagan — Student Council Representative, Dr. Robert Williams — Advisor, Arthur Goldman — Vice President, Adrienne Wolk, NOT PIC- TURED: Mary Anderson, Abby Getles, Lynda Jeffrey, Judy Lunitz, Marcia Mandl, Carol Miller, Sharyn Walman, Gerry Weisinger. Phi Delta Gamma The Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Gamma is a National Fraternity for outstanding graduate women in all professions. It was founded in 1922 by four University of Maryland students “to encourage a high standard of edu- cation for business women and to afford an opportunity for mutual help- fulness.” National Conventions are held bi- ennially for delegates and individual members to meet professionally, to exchange ideas, and to give reports to carry on Fraternity business. There are now 17 active chapters, and 2 active alumnae chapters in Washing- ton, D. C. Present officers are: Virginia Teller, president; Doris Becker, vice-presi- dent; Susan Gartner, recording secre- tary; Helen Baker, corresponding sec- retary; Isabelle Wilson, Treasurer. ROW ONE: Mabel Fraiser, Frances Ware, Doris-Jean Becker, Sandra Resnick, Susan Gartner, Virginia Teller, Helen Stone, Laura Saile. ROW TWO: Grace Wilson, Laura Wilson, Susan Christen. Rachel McKay, Margaret Cooper, Mary Carson, Mary Jo Wade, Amy Bowen Eby. ROW THREE: Juanita Morrow, Rut hade le Hauch, Dorothy Johnson, Maryanna Fields, Dara Ihte, Ruth Showalter. Sigma Alpha Eta George Washington’s national speech honorary, Sigma Alpha Eta, opens its key, or initiated, member- ship to those above average students majoring in clinical or research ori- ented speech or hearing pathology. The honorary works to create and stimulate interest among college stu- dents toward professional opportuni- ties through learning experiences not offered in the formal class structure. Sigma Alpha Eta also provides situ- ations for social and professional fellowship in which students and faculty can work together, as well as to aid in public relations with other college departments and those local organizations interested in learning about speech pathology and audi- ology. ROW ONE: Claudia Dintenfas, Ellen Lichtenstein, Jackie Shulman; ROW TWO: Solveig Ingersoll — Advisor, Jessica Rukin — Treasurer, Cindy Levin— President, Marlene Sty- pher — Secretary; Margie Wolf — Vice President, Mrs. Joan Reguell — Advisor; ROW THREE: Judy Rogoff: Miriam Morsel, Gina Duchin, Sue Ann Heimlich, Myra Brown, Andrea Heller, Sue Hilzenrath, Maria Harris; ROW FOUR: Merilee Wolfson, Roz Kauf- man, Phyllis Silver, Wendy Laderberg. Linda Brissman, Camille Collart, 102 Members of Order of Scarlet, the sophomore-junior men’s honorary, are tapped at Fall Concert and May Day in recognition of their outstanding service to the school and for above-average scholarship. Upon selection, each new member is required to carry out a pro- gram selected by the Board of Governors. The highlight of this year was counseling during freshman summer orientation and in September. Dave Williams — President, Mike Wolly — Vice-President, Dave Marwick — Treasur- er, Craig Sullivan— Program Chairman, Steve Seller — Member-at-large, Charles Ory — Secretary. Order of Scarlet ROW ONE: Ted Fishman, Jim Shiftman, Jay Bomze; ROW TWO: Jim Knicely, Dave Jordan, Steve Seller, Mitch Draizin, Jack Yates, Ken Markison, Mike Wolly, Burton Goldstein; ROW THREE: David Fishback, David Nadler, David Marwick; ROW FOUR: Tom Smith, Bruce CovilL Sob Johnson, Larry Onie, Bill Herman, Steve Spector, Craig Sullivan, Dave Williams, Charles Ory, NOT PIC- TURED: Bob Sugarman, Eric Geller, Larry Frieman, Andy Mason, Jim Corbeil, Larry Keblusek. 103 Delphi Delphi, George Washington University’s sorority women’s honorary, was founded in 1930 to recognize outstanding sorority women on campus. Each of four- teen chapters elects three of its members to Delphi membership for their leadership and service to their sorority. Delphi is an active University organization especial- ly in the fall. Delphi plays a very important role in rush. It assists the Panhellenic Council in organizing and coordinating the overall rush program. The most important function of Delphi is to provide counselling services during the membership selection period. OFFICERS: Judy Rogoff — Treasurer. Jane Combellack — President, Diane Fellman — Secretary; NOT PICTURED, Doris Keller — Vice Presi- dent. ROW ONE: Susan Ricker, Stephanie Chase, Polly Hagan, Jane Combellack, Diane Fellman, Judy Ro- goff. ROW TWO: Marilyn Miller, Liz Nelson, Linda Larsen, Marcia Simpson, Simma Weintraub. 104 ROW ONE: Ed Perl, Bill Speidel, Dave Taxin, Larry Pines, Art Kravitz. ROW TWO: Bryan O ' Neal, Doug Catts, Mike Grabow, Dave Satter, Malcom McDougal, Richard Saul. ROW THREE: John Morton, Jay Bomze, Bob Trache, Bob Shue, Bill Pace I la, Gary Richardson. ROW FOUR: Steve Ames, Ken Goldberg, John Sanet, Bart Kogan, Jim Turk, Ron Petticord, Gate and Key, the fraternity man’s honorary, has incredible esprit de corps. The leaders of the Greek system get together to create a pan- Greek spirit found nowhere else on campus. Meetings are great; parties are fantastic; and initiation is out of the picture. Gate and Key is a meeting of not only of Greek, but also campus leaders. Presidents and other officers of many organi- zations fill Gate and Key’s membership rolls. Look for the men in tuxedos at Homecoming and I.F.C. That’s Gate and Key. Bill Speidel, Jim Turk, Ron Petticord Gate Key Bob Trache, Doug Catts 105 Delta Phi Epsilon Discussion with Ambassador James W. Symington, Chief of Protocol. Delta Phi Epsilon, honorary foreign service fraternity, is open to outstand- ing undergraduates and graduate men and members of the faculty and ad- ministration. Its purpose is to offer a forum in which Congressmen, for- eign diplomats, members of the Amer- ican diplomatic corps, and other qualified persons can meet with and discuss matters of common interest with individuals from our campus community. , jflr » spr [ 2 Uf It n ■r yM ROW ONE: Eric Geller, David Fishback, Mike Houser, Alan Horowitz. ROW TWO: Victor Fischer, Tom Osborne, Ken Starr, Larry Onie, Joel Birken, John Bagnole, Dick Steinberg. ROW ONE: Mr. Frederick Houser— Advisor. Lowell Liberstein— Secretary, Ed Jorgensen — Vice-President, Jim Shulman— President. ROW TWO: Ken Markison. Paul Brickman, Lorin Luchs. Al lannotti, Ron Walker, Simor Moskowitz. Jeff Siegel — Treasurer. Alan Dlugasch, Alan Rosen. NOT PICTURED: William Bragman. Mitchell Draizin. Ted Fishman, Skip Gnehm, Larry Kent, Marc Lifsher, Mike Parish, Dick Pinkos, Tom Steich, Dave Williams. Dr. A. K. Aboumagd, Director of the Culture and Education Bureau of the United Arab Republic. 106 Sigma Tau is a national engineering honorary fraternity. Its purpose is not only to give recognition, but to com- bine the efforts of those student leaders of S.E.A.S. that have proven themselves scholastically, practically and sociably, i.e. those qualities which are related to the promise of pro- fessional attainment. Its members must be at least a Junior and rank in the top third of their respective class. They must ob- tain the endorsement of at least three active members of the S.E.A.S. Fac- ulty while receiving no negative vote from any Faculty member. At the George Washington Uni- versity, the Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau has the following officers: Dr, George Lea — Faculty Advisor, Burton Gold- stein — President, Tim Cavanaugh — Vice President, Richard Barton — Sec- retary, Richard Blumberg — Treasurer, Jan Friedlander — Historian. Sigma Tau ROW ONE: Richard Blumberg, Jan Friedlander, Burton Goldstein, Tim Cavanaugh, As- sociate Professor Barry Hyman; ROW TWO; Lawrence Kastner, James Harris, W. Thomas Packard, Philip Krauss, Stephen Kfare, Jorge Hildalgo, Joe O ' Byrne; ROW THREE: Bill Lemeshewsky, Donald Howard, A, S. Dohne, Robert Keltie, Curtis Schroeder, Martin Myers. Tau Beta Pi Jan Friedlander — Secretary, Harry Kuhn — Treasurer. William Lemeshewsky — Vice-President, Ed Murray — President, John Cavanaugh — Engineer ' s Council Representative, Sethu Sekhar, Martin Myers — Corresponding Secretary. Faculty Advisor — Dr. Raymond Fox. Tau Beta Pi, national honorary fraternity, was founded in 1885 to recognize outstanding engineers when Phi Beta Kappa limited its membership to outstanding schol- ars in liberal arts. Members are required to be in the top one-fifth of their senior class or the top one-eighth of their junior class and to be of exemplary character. Its purpose is to recognize those undergraduates and alumnae in the field of engineering who have conferred honor upon their alma mater. 107 Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is the only professional business fraternity on campus. Its ob- jectives are educating the public to appreciate and demand high ideals in business; fostering scientific research in business; furthering the individual welfare of its members; and promoting courses leading to degrees in commerce, finance, and accounts. To achieve these ends. Beta Mu sponsors a guest speaker series, field trips, service projects to aid the school and the community, social gatherings to establish faculty-student rapport, vocational and career con- ferences, student aid programs, and research projects. Since its establishment at G.W. on May 6, 1933, the Chapter has initiated over 500 members — many of whom are leaders in business, government, and aca- demic circles. Its active members include undergrad- uate, graduate, and non-degree students, as well as twenty-five faculty members, two department heads, five deans, and such notables as Chairman of the Board of Trustees E. K. Morris and President Lloyd H. Elliot. Officers: Daniel Lee — Treasurer, Robert Nager — Vice President, Daniel Strelsky — President, Robert Fink — Director of Publicity, Daniel Sonnino — Secretary. Advisors: Philip D. Grub and George F. Conner. wmm gp» wmmm , ' - : J ifeteW3v 4 ms g BH Ip m The Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is formed to insure that the sorority system at George Washington is fully unified. In conjunction with the Interfraternity Council, Panhel sponsors the Coffee-Cup Series and the IFC-Panhel Sing. The Council sponsors many philan- thropic projects and works with the Dean of Women’s Office in the co-ordination of Fall and Spring Rush. Row One: Shiela Hershkowitz, DPhiE; Shelesa Altison, Treas., ZTA; Susan Hays, Pres., ADPi; Peggy Heinlein, V-Pres., KD; Faye Mervis t Sec., PhiSS; Vicki Thompson, KKG. Row Two: Cathe Westhall, KAT; Kathy Thompson, DZ; Julia Lake, QhiO; Ronnee Fried, AEPhi, 110 l The Interfraternity Council Dick Neitz, PSK Dave Schiachter, SPE Jerry Perkins, SAE Bruce Covill, SX Corn Sec, Steve Driscol, SN Ken Markison, AEPi V-Pres. Jim Saptenza, TKE Rec. Sec, Arnie Bellefontaine, SN Pres, Bob Sugarman, SAM Mike Bienstock, TEP Bob Smith, KS John Morton, DTD Treas, Bob Kagan, PSD Terry Hohman advisor The purpose of IFC is to advise each fraternity and to maintain by its governing a strong fraternity system at George Washington Uni- versity. The Council sponsors a Greek Retreat and organizes a spring Greek Week, highlighted by chariot races, Greek Sing, and the IFC Prom. For the benefit of the university, the IFC organizes a " Coffee-Cup Series” of faculty forums, to discuss topics of stu- dent and national interests. 111 Junior Panhellenic Council Composed of one member from each sorority pledge class, Junior Panhellenic Council’s purpose is to acquaint the pledge classes. Sponsored by Senior Panhel, Junior Panhel presents the annual Goat Show, consisting of a five minute skit by each pledge class, and is also responsible for planning philanthropy projects. Roseanne lanco. KD; Tara Connell, KKG; Christy Richards, KAT; Peggy Heintein, advisor; Margaret McCourt, DG; Susan Kanas, AEPhi; Diane Smith, ADPi. 112 Sheryl Corcoran Maureen Craig Catherine Dippo Marianne Frederick Nancy Guild Susan Hays Elinor Ingram Becki Ketchum Nancy Koller Alpha Pi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Yolande lanni Isabella Lanzano Jane Oliver Susan Read Roberta Rodden 314 Maureen Craig .... President Rosemary Straka , , , Vice-President Cheryl Turner Secretary Catherine Dippo . . Treasurer Rosemary Straka , . Pledge Trainer Patricia Romo Linda Shapiro Diane Smith Rosemary Straka Joanne Swanson Cheryl Turner Susan Valtone Pamela Verbryck© Rosalind Wickel 115 Mimi Beeber Barbara Berger Carol Brodie Beth Cohen Ann Dorenter Diane Fell man Ronnee Fried Leslie Gold Susan Goldsmith Patricia Goodman Sandra Greenberg Cynthia Grill Alpha Gamma Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi Leslie Grossman Mary Haas Susan Kanas « Marianne Koppelman Maddie Kovner Leslie Kraus Laurie Lasker Cookie Leibman Bonnie Levlck Barb Lewis Barbara Lowen Debra Lubarr 116 Eileen Sussman Lynne Sussman Patty Urken Barbara Weinberg Lynne Weiss Bryn Wolinftz Carol Zimmer Mary Haas President Susan Goldsmith . . , Vice-President Dee Fellman . Pledge Trainer Cynthia Grill Treasurer Barbara Silverman. .Secretary 117 Phi Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega 118 Mary Lou Asplund Claire Biondi Camille Collart Mary Anne DeCamp Nina Dinell Christine Ditata Susan Duerr Mimi Furcolow Eileen Glew Diann Gray Charlotte Greenawalt Dabney Hibbert Susan Hillyard Valerie Karr Julia Lake Grace LaValle Linda LeSlanc Julie Little Nancy Livingston Karen MacKenzie Eileen McCullough Ellen McNaught Laurie Maisel Judi Mason Sara Millard Diann Gray President Camille Collart. Vice-President Sara Millard Secretary Linda Moore Treasurer Susan Duerr . . . Personnel Chairman Julia Little . . Pledge Trainer Sandra Rambo Meg Sanders Susan Scholl Louise Snook Linda Stroud 119 Jackie Banyasz Marie Bass Joy Chambers Carolyn Chan Nancy Chavern Andrea Cummings Elaine Edwards Nancy Epstein Sandra Groetzinger Maria Harris Suzy Herndon Lynda Jeffrey Karen Langston Isabelle Meyer Liz Nelson Margaret Salisbury Wendy Saul Caryl Scarlett 120 Beta Rho Chapter of Delta Gamma Joanna Seaton Sheila Shea Suzy Herndon .... President Andi Cummings . . . Vice-President Linda Jeffrey . . Pledge Trainer Sheila Shea Treasurer Joy Chambers Secretary Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Estelle Bezan Diane Charnowitz Rita Cohen Sue Dushman Linda Feldman Sue Frankel Sheila Hershkowitz Judy Kaplan Joan Kloogman Janet Kronenberg Carolyn Miller Marsha Nathanson Linda Preskell Doreen Rudy Doris Schaechter Rhonda Tanenbaum Elaine Witman Adrienne Wolk Doreen Rudy President Estelle Bezan. .Vice-President Joan Kloogman . . , Pledge Trainer Doris Schaechter . . Treasurer Susan Wiener Secretary 123 Mary Butt Sylvia Beattie Lesley Clark Joanne Cocolts Carol Cushing Jeanne Ferdon Liz Herring Lynn Higgins Doris Keller Claire Kummer Cindy Laskey Jean Lippincott Sue Lorenz Justine McCEung Jeanne Mann Meg Millan Anne Painter Dee Dee Randall Christy Richards Pat Schappert 124 Patty Smith Marsha Spieth Kathy Thomas Margie Twiss Carla Vigilante Elena Vigilante Cathe Westhali Susan Wood Gamma Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Susan Lorenz President Carol Cushing. Vice-President Claire Kumrner . . . 2nd Vice-President Carol Cushing. Pledge Trainer Patty Smith Treasurer Sylvia Beattie Secretary 125 Pat Brown Margie Cliff Kitty Comer Jan Cnsmara Katherine Gartland Barbara Giaimo Ellen Gibb Ducky Goodbody Marty Gotthard Peggy Heinlein Bev Holoka Mary Lee Hughes Pat Keating Carolyn Kuhn Judith LaHood Laurel Levaggi Susan Long Margaret Lovell Margaret Mann Sherry Mayes Sigma Mu Chapter of Kappa Delta 126 Susan Ricker President Marcia Simpson . . . Vice-President Marcia Simpson . . . Pledge Trainer Andi Webb Treasurer Peggy Heinlein . . . Secretary atsss ba. f T ' A wlA Mary Meade Cindy Potter Jerilynn Powell Cathy Ray Susan Ricker Marcia Simpson Lea Stoody Linda Tjossem Brookes Watkins Mary Weafer Loretta Webb Cathy Wylfie 127 Gamma Chi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Lou Bell Ricky Bradley Joan Burgner Kathy Cannell Dale Ann Carroll Tara Connell Joan Deal Mary Steve Doyle Anne Easley Cay Easley Judy Ellstrom Raka Goshal Sue Gillen Mary Herrick Candy Hobln Janey Johnson Fay Kandarian Candace Kelton Karen Kroesen Linda Larsen Linda MacConnell Peggy McCloskey Dell Madden Beth Mann Janice Mannino 128 Linda Larsen President Christy Murphy . , Vice-President Rosemary Murphy 2nd Vice-President Twink Stewart . Pledge Trainer Karen Kroesen .... Treasurer Lynne Pace Secretary Christy Murphy Rosemary Murphy Lynne Pace Dennie Rath Linda Roeder Barbara Saipe Jan Shirley Sonie Sims Nona Si pars Cookie Snow Pat Sond he inter Twink Stewart Keith Taylor Vicki Thompson Liz Van Cise Susan Wallace Lynnlee Walradt Vicki Weber Cissy Wheeler 129 Kappa Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma Toni Alexander Sheila Birnbach Janice Brooks Karen Checyk Jane Cirker Janice Coe Dona Cohen Kate Cohen Michele Cohen Nancy Erlanger Aline Fisher Andi Greenspun Debby Grossman Donna Israel Andrea Jacobs Arlyne Kat2 Marilyn Kirshner Abbe Kligman Susie Kratzok Jill Kulich Kathie Laub Cheri Leblang Karla Leibowitz Gail Lerner Ellen Limmer 130 Bonnie Maslm Faye Mervis Laurel Milcoff Judith Moer Sheila Ober Mary Organ Gail Rosenthal Carol Rush Jackie Shulman Gita Sklaroff Susan Slott Beth Smith Bonnie Stone Joan Suchman Simma Weintraub Simma Weintraub - President Karla Leibowitz . . . Vice-President Arlyne Katz . . Pledge Trainer Michele Cohen . .. Treasurer Andrea Greenspun. .Secretary 131 D.C. - Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Pi Sherry Adams Barbara Bankert Jane Beck Mindy Boyd Barbara Buckler Sally Burke Karen Byrne Susan Clarendon Janie Combe I lack Margie Darrock Toni Dibrell Linda Dodd Karen Gruber Ellen House Janet Johnstone Pam Jordan Sherry Joslin Elizabeth Kamp Carole Keahy Barbara Kosar Joan Laycock Deborah McKee Diane McMillan Joy Michaels Marilyn Miller 132 Jane Beck President Joan Laycock. .Vice-President Janet Johnstone . . . Secretary Joan Sargent. .Pledge Trainer Laura Lee Rucker Susan Roller Mary Moxness Joset Navach Mary O’Meara Joan Sargent Nancy Sargent Jennie Scott Helene Stauffer Daria Stemple Judith Watkins Mary Watkins April Works 133 Alpha Tau Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau Phyllis Ackerman Trudy Adlerstein Sheryl Becker Joan Benson Louise Berman Margaret Berman Nancy Block Stacey Dorns Carol Ducas Jessica Dunsay Joan Fishman Susan Franklin Pam Gindin Diane GMck Andrea Heller Louise Heller Susan Hilzenrath Shelley Kaplan Judi Kempler Karen Kuker Penny landay Jill Lederman Linda Lodge Dina Levine Marcia Mandl Judy Mannes Carolyn Margolis Amy Jo Mazur Donna Morganstern Laura Ries 134 Lesley Robinson Judy Rogoff Sheila Rose Tammy Rudnick Judy Schoengold Martha Schulman Debbie Schure Karen Seltzer Margie Shames Phyllis Schiller Ellen Stadler Carol Wachtenheim Joan Wallen Wendy Winett Judy Zemsky Jessica Dunsay . . . President Judy Schoengold . . . Vice-President Judy Rogoff . . Pledge Trainer Judy Mannes Treasurer Phyllis Ackerman ..Secretary 135 Shelesa Allison Donna Afefyunas Gail Anderson Peggy Callahan Stephanie Chase Bobbie Fultc Linda Gisrief Sue Green Polly Hagan Madeleine Kraemer Anne Lannahan Jeanie Lesh Katherine Ludlow Kay Quinn Ann Riordan Nancy Rossi Beta Alpha Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha 136 Ann Sealander Patricia Siegal Lorraine Snook Barbara Sonnier Sheryl Thomas Peggy Whitaker Stepha nie Chase . . President Diane Bayes . Vice-President Kay Quinn , . Pledge Trainer Jeanie Lesh ...... Treasurer Diane Hail . . . Secretary 137 e h Kappa Deuteron Chapter Michael Amsterdam Eliot Benay Richard Biren George Bloom Nathan Bobrow William Bragman Jeff Brown Bruce Chait Peter Chelnick Ronald Cohen John Colby George Dudley, Jr. Ted Fishman Jack Firestone Steve Fretdman Lawrence Frieman Edward Goldman Ken Goodwich Steve Goodwich Mitchel Kallet i of Alpha Epsilon Pi Bill Bragman Ted Fishman Joe Pascal . . Dick Stower . Ken Markison . . President Vice-President . . . . Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Dennis Ush Gary Littman Robert London Barton Loring Martin Luloff David Mandeibaum Kenneth Markison David Markman David Nadler Michael Parish Joseph Pascal, Jr Arthur Perl is Jeff Perlman Louis Pollack Bob Reiver Steve Schnolt Richard Steinberg Richard Stower Kenneth Wasserstein Mike Waxman Gamma Eta Chapter Eric Von Alstine Steve Burkett Ted Burnham Robert Croul John Fletcher Robert Fox EM Joseph French Jan Friedlander Russel Gaitskill Richard Kaplan Michael Kempner David Kidder George Korty David Lord Chris Lydon of Delta Tau Delta William Pacella President David Setter Vice-President John Fletcher Secretary Robert Nagle Treasurer Jerry Carroll Pledge Trainer Richard Maurice William McGary Doug Meyer John Milanese William Pacella Brooks Richards David Reed Ronald Roos Huxey Saltz Ned Scherrer Albert Segall Kenneth Sippsey James Stoker Larry Zebrack 141 Alpha Eta Chapter Marv Ickow Craig Hillegass Jeff Kahn Mitch Ross Mark Labovitz Chris Bertrand Mitch Bober Bob Weiss Tom Emery Ed Lopez Al Barnard Jim Srour Bob Michelson John Sanet and Bart Kogan of Kappa Sigma Robert Smith President Ron Peddicord Vice-President John Sanet Vice-President Bart Kogan Secretary Mike Aulicine Treasurer Bob Ross Pledge Trainer i Phi Alpha Chapter Bob Belafsky Dave Berg Rich Bernknopf Don Beskind Rick Blumberg Jay Bomze Jeff Breslaw Dennis Davison Buddy Finer Larry Garfinkel Ken Goldberg Yale Goldberg Steve Gordon Neil Harbus Jeff Hellerbach Stuart Azarchi Jeff Bain Bernie Bass e frl Paul Hellmold Bill Herman Neil Jacover of Phi Sigma Delta Stuart Kaminsky Morrie K plan bruca Klein Paul Kravitz Mike Lax Steve Levine Phil Lubitz Mike Menaker Al Nadel Barry Rathner Terry Rosen Murray Rosenberg Arnie Rosenblatt © O t Edward Silverman Bill Srole Jeff Sunshine Mark Treegoob Mark Wise Jerry Wolf Murph Wysoki Clay Zahn Allan Zackowitz Bill Herman . 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Edwin Lowensiein Robert Sugarman Stuart Graines Andrew Consovoy David Cardwell Row Three Harold Saunders Charlie Moore Allan Opresko Robert Greenberg Geoffrey Lawrence Row Two Jessie Rosenthal Mark Grand Howard Simms Bruce Coleman Dave Fishback Row One Drew Tidwell Richard Miller Arthur Chernow . JHN r 1 i iStlBF i n 150 .... President Vice-President .... Secretary .... Treasurer Pledge Trainer of Sigma Alpha Mu Dave Cardwell Allan Opresko Ed Wellinstein Stu Graines . . Charlie Moore Epsilon Chapter Jack Albert Jim Armstrong John Bralove Bruce Casner Beau Clarke Tom Clark Bruce Covill Jim Corbel! 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Treasurer Pledge Trainer Roy Relph Geof Riddell Mike Rosen Rich Saul Mike Savage Dave Schlachter Gene Schneider Dave Segal Mike Shower Alex Snead Tim Snell Tom Tivon Bill Toutant John Valenti Tau Theta Chapter Steve Ames Michael Assael Andrew Bayer Steve Bellman Michael Bienstock Herbert Bilsky Cary Bfum David Camp Eric Chaikin Ken Coren Alan Dreyfus Gary Frank Gary Freedman Alan Gold Mike Grabow Marc Gross Mike Grabow President Dave Taxin Vice-President Peter Tarlow Secretary Ed Perl Treasurer Frank Levinson .... Pledge Trainer 158 of Tau Epsilon Phi Jeff Kielson Jon Kurtin Eric Landman Frank Levinson Fred Mann Michael Mazloff Sandy Oxfeld Ed Perl Larry Pines Arthur Rettmger Marc Siditsky Alan Siwek Peter Tadow Joel Taub David Taxin Ken Trombly Alpha Pi Chapter Bud Altramuro Dennis Arrow Mike Berry John Bissell Tom Bond David Bryant Mike Delugg George Dixon Marc Feldman Robert Fink Miles Freedman Steve Hoi Ian John Galenski Ron Kopeck Jeff Madden Mike Me Elroy ft ft © ft i I iV, 160 of Tau Kappa Epsilon Mike McElroy . Jim Sapienzo . , Dennis Arrow . . Charles Wheeler Ed Pine . . , , President Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . , . Treasurer Pledge Trainer Tom Osborne David Peters At Rosen Rich Roth James Sapienza John Sc h toss© r David Singer John Strempter Earl Sutherland Doug Taylor Glenn Totten George Ward John Warner Bob Wason Charles Wheeler Bob Xander Looking Back Orientation m 166 Purpose 168 Rush 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 ite Crew Shells East Carolina Ron Roos, Stacy Derning, Jack Francher, Bob Foote, Dennis Mullins, Cal James, Gappy Potter, Ken Foote, Craig Sullivan, coxswain. The Crew Team recorded another winning season as it won four out of six races dur- ing the regular season. Edged by Georgetown as they took second place in the D.C. area championships, the rowers also distinguished themselves by placing seventh in the Dad Vail Regatta — the small col- lege championship. Rowing in the varsity shell were Calvin James, Dennis Mullin, Jack Francher, Bob Foote, Len Foote, Carroll Pot- ter, Ronald Roos, and cox- swain Craig Sullivan, a two year letterman. All return this year except Francher, and they will be joined by last years freshman crew, who also finished second in the D.C. area championships. Coach Harvey Montgomery feels there will be decided im- provement — maybe enough to reverse the outcome of the G.W.-Georgetown rivalry. 177 178 Alpha Phi Omega Distinguished Speakers Series Interna! Revenue Commissioner Sheldon Cohen with Pres. Elliott, Chairman of the Board of Trustees E. K. Morris, and Chairman of the Distinguished Speaker Series Bruce Allen, Senator Mark Hatfield with Jim Knlceiy and Dr. Nlmer British Ambassador Sir Patrick Dean with Prof. Kenny. Senator Strom Thurmond. m ' JLA Israeli Ambassador Avraham Harman with Student Council Pres Robin Kaye and Joan Levy. 179 GW’s Weekend Warrior AMUF 1 ‘ ■ " Once again Delta Tau Delta overpowered all opposition in capturing the intramural foot- ball championship of all three leagues. In Sunday A League, the Delts won the show-down game with SAE 6-0, by virtue of a dazzling 55 yard punt re- turn by Bill Hoffer. Consider- ing the number of former GW football players in the game, it was hard to believe it was only an intramural contest. In Sunday B League, anoth- er victory over SAE again clinched the title for the Delts. Mike Hart passed to Walt Ob- erlander and Dave Satter kicked a 40 yard field goal to provide the winning points. The Saturday B League championship was tied going into the last weekend, DTD and AEPi having played to a scoreless tie the week before. However, Phi Sigma Delta played the spoiler role as they tied AEPi, while the Delts pol- ished off SAE 13-0. Thus Delta Tau Delta did most of the win- ning, but many " weekend war- riors” shared in the excite- ment, disappointment and competition of Intramural foot- ball at GW. Sunday A League DTD 6-0 SX 5-1 SAE 4-1-1 Law 4-2 Calhoun 2-3-1 SN 2-4 No Names 1-5 Welling 1-5 PSK 1-5 Disasters 1-5 Sunday B League DTD 6-0 Avengers 5-1 PSD 4-1-1 TEP 4-1-1 AEPi 4-2 Adams 4-2 Rasputin Raiders 3-3 Calhoun 3-3 TKE 3-3 Law 2-3-1 SAE 1-4-1 PSK 1-5 KS 0-6 Chargers 0-6 Saturday B League DTD 6-0-1 AEPi 3-1-2 Med 2-0-4 Theta Tau 4-1-1 PSD 2-1-3 SAE 3-2-1 Mitchell 2-2-2 SX 2-3-1 HCA 1-3-2 TEP 1-3-1 SPE 1-5 Welling 0-6 " Soccer to ‘em 182 Bad breaks — narrow de- feats — disputed calls — all these thwarted the soccer team’s efforts to produce a winning season in it’s third year as a varsity sport at GW. Still GW finished with a 5-7 record against a tough sched- ule of Southern Conference and Washington area oppo- nents. The Buff started the season in great style winning 2 of 3 matches, including a 2-1 vic- tory over American. Offensive power house Roland Romain scored the winning goal with 2:30 remaining in the final per- iod. However, two consecutive hard luck defeats at the hands of William and Mary and West Virginia hurt the Colonials mo- rale, and their record. The loss to Georgetown was especially hard to fathom, as the winning goal was scored with 40 sec- onds left on a disputed pen- alty goal. A late season surge started with the Gallaudet game (Homecoming) which the Buff won 7-1. Romain led the barrage with 3 goals, fol- lowed by Joe Vassaf with 2, and freshmen Frederico Ra- mos and George Edeline scored one apiece. Catholic was the next victim, as Romain scored both goals in a 2-1 tri- umph. In the finale against unbeaten Loyola, another dis- puted penalty kick led to GW’s downfall, as they lost 3-1. Coach Tom White should feel secure in the fact that half the 34 man roster are fresh- men and sophomores, many of them experienced players. GW is building a soccer tra- dition slowly but surely. 183 Row One: Ronald Romain, John Chamberlain, Rudy Laporta, Jack Ediow, Gengis Coczan. Second Row John Leaning, George Edetine, Jim Corbel, Aifredo Arrigada, Frederico Ramos, Coach — Tom White, Not Pictured, Everest Ogu, Murray Rosenberg, Frank Rosenblatt, Dave Batter, Donald Richardson, Roger Ki mmel, Ginduz VasafL Go-Captains — Dave Satter John Leaning GW 5 Mt. St. Mary’s 2 Baltimore 2 American 1 William Mary 1 Georgetown 3 Towson 0 Maryland 1 West Virginia 0 Howard 7 Gallaudet 2 Catholic 1 Loyola Opponent 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 184 CM CM CM If) ■ ? 185 Fall Concert 186 “ Greatest Show In GW’s History” 1S7 GW T akes E xtramural T itlt The fall of 1967 brought no football, but it did see a new sports event come into exis- tence at GW. The Metropoli- tan Intercollegiate Extramural Sports Day took place on and around the Concrete Campus. Gallaudet, Catholic, Howard, American, and Maryland, along with GW, participated in this inter-collegiate compe- tition for the unheralded “weekend warrior.” To many people’s surprise and delight, the Colonials won top honors in two of the three scheduled events, thus cap- turing the overall trophy. In basketball, the Buff rolled over Howard, Gallaudet, and Cath- olic, taking the finale 52-46. Ray Hunter led all GW scorers, totaling 59 points in the three games. The volleyball championship was achieved through a com- bination of great teamwork and spiking of Sheck Chin, considered by everyone to be the best player in the tourna- ment. After trouncing Catho- lic, the Buff split the first two games with a tough Gallaudet team, and were behind 13-10 in the third game. At this point, the Colonials ran off five straight points climaxed by a spike by Chin to seal the vic- tory. Only in football were GW’s forces bested, and it took an overpowering Mary- land team to do it. The Terps edged the Colonials 8-0 in a semi-final game, then pro- ceeded to maul Catholic 30-0 in the finals. GW had won its opening game over Howard 6-0, scoring on a pass to Rich Kaplan from Dave Hood. It was great fun; not enough spectators turned out; yet the Extramural Week-end should be part of future athletic com- petition. Wrl ' r T m -4 ’ 4 7 ■ 1 4M U K r f mB f 188 Basketball Quarter-finals Catholic 35 Maryland 28 GW 58 Howard 39 Semi-finals Catholic 76 American 39 GW 60 Galfaudet 41 Finals GW 52 Catholic 46 Volleyball Quarterfinals GW 15 Catholic GW 15 Catholic Semi-finals American 15 Maryland 11 American 15 Maryland 11 GW 15 Gallaudet 5 Gallaudet 15 GW 10 GW 15 Gallaudet 13 Finals GW 15 American 11 GW 15 American 8 Football Quarterfinals American 6 Gallaudet 0 GW 6 Howard 0 American 6 Catholic 0 Maryland 8 GW 0 Finals Maryland 30 Catholic 0 CM CO Homecoming ’67 . . . The Play George Washington University The Department of Speech and Drama Prof L. R Leggette, Chairman presents THE UNIVERSITY PLAYERS in a thurber Carnival by James Thurber Homecoming November 2 3, 1967 190 THE CAST 1st Man Allan Kushner 2nd Man James Heaton 3rd Man Ralph Crum 4th Man Don Larsson 5th Man Tom Noonan 1st Woman Laura Castro 2nd Woman Pat Peret 3rd Woman Leslie Vossen 4th Woman Sarah Wilkerson Narrators Isa Natovitz Robert Page Christine Lamb He Clown Dennis Derrick She Clown Wendy Marie Blum Musicians Neil Carey, Organ (Musical Director) Jeff Brown, Drums Joe Eisenberg, Tenor Sax Neil Portnow, Bass Terry Rosen, Alto Sax 191 . . . G. W. Expo ’67 192 193 195 . . . The Queen Miss Karen Kroesen Queen Karen Kroesen with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees E. K. Morris, President Elliott and the Homecoming Princesses. 196 Miss Cissy Wheeler Miss Barbara Stanton Miss Maria Harris Miss Karen Kroesen and Miss Linda Larsen 197 Buff Defeat George Mason In Homecoming Rugbyll-0 Many people would ask — what is the Rugby Club? Or better yet, what is Rugby? Rugby is played with 15 men to a team, 8 forwards and 7 backs. The ball looks like a fat football, and is advanced down the field by lateral passes. A 3 point goal is scored by crossing the end line; penalty kicks and conver- sions also put points on the scoreboard. The players wear no protective padding, and may be tackled when they possess the ball. GW’s Rugby Club plays a va- riety of inter-collegiate teams, clubs, D. C. competitors. The players themselves are as va- ried as the competition. They include Tom Metz, former foot- ball star who just began to master the game toward the end of the season; Tony Coates, geology professor who is just as effective on the field as in the classroom, Rick Rhodhamel, whose electrify- ing dashes down the field oft- en wound up tallying points for the Buff; and Bob Schmidt, as potent a rugby forward as he was a defensive back in D.C. stadium. This collection of athletic prowess won a few contests during the season, as could be expected. Highlights included a 30-0 victory over George Mason, and a double victory over Maryland, 200 201 Miss Model Pledge Nancy Koller Kitty Comer Judy Watkins E K. Morris Chairman of the Board of Trustees Jan Schwartz Mary-Helen Markley Snow Days Holiday Season 204 Finals Week 205 208 209 Inaugural Concert 210 Little Anthony and the Imperials The Happenings GW Basketball — Hope for the Future After A 5-19 record doesn’t sound too impressive, but the 1967-68 basketball season could prove to be a landmark in GW sports history. The season started slowly for rookie coach Wayne Dobbs. He inherited a team which had but one re- turning player of much varsity experience, plus a few junior college transfers and the remnants of a medi- ocre freshman team. After crushing defeats at the hands of Syracuse and Maryland, Colonial fans were already looking forward to next year when All-Ameri- can prospect Bob Tallent would be eligible along with a powerful freshman squad including Bob’s brother Mike Tallent. The fans may have given up, but the Buff certainly didn’t. Victory number one came against Montaiha in the consolation game of the Evansville classic. After several heartbreaking losses, including a quadruple overtime defeat at the hands of East Carolina, GW notched their first conference victory, 70-66 over William Mary. The next week they upset VMI 60-59, in the most exciting contest of the season. Garland Pinkston hit a jump shot with two seconds left to snatch victory out of defeat. That the Colonials had vastly improved, there can be no doubt. Roger Strong was by then a con- sistent threat both as a scorer and rebounder. 212 A Frustrating First Season for Wayne Dobbs Garland Pinkston hit his classic jump shot from anywhere on the court. After a shaky start, guards Steve Loveless and Bob Dennis combined to form an effective backcourt combination. But an effective big man was needed if the Colonials were to salvage any of their last four games, three of them with teams in the top twenty. Into this void stepped a new Francis Mooney, suddenly instilled with the determi- nation to do what he had been expected to do all year: rebound. His second half rebounds led the Colonials to an astounding 70-66 triumph over 17th ranked Fordham. As Fordham’s coach put it, ‘We were expecting a doormat and found a snakepit.” Mooney again led the Buff to victory on George Washington’s Birthday, as GW won this traditional clash with Georgetown for the fifth consecutive year. Francis received the game ball for hauling down 16 rebounds and blocking many shots. Mike Judy, Jeff DeLong and Mickey Sullivan are the only graduating seniors on this year’s squad. Coach Dobbs, anticipating a big season next year, has recruited all across the nation looking for the extra ball player that could mean the difference between good and great. GW will be a team to be reckoned with next year. 213 j ai snd 3 fter i lh’iv Colonials Shock William and Mary, 80-76 To Score First Southern Conference Win - first on switched to a l-’-2 — 214 ROW ONE: Garland Pinkston Micky Sullivan, Bob Dennis, Coach Wayne Dobbs Ken Barnett, Steve Loveless, ROW TWO: Wayne Wedemeyer Mike Judy, Jeff DeLong, Roger Strong, Francis Mooney, Larry Zebrack. Unsung Mooney, Loveless Set Up Pinkston Heroics in 3rd GW Win Guard Steve Loveless controlled the offense and held VMI star Kemper to 7 points. Garland Pinkston ' s jumper with 2 seconds left clinched the 60-59 victory. 215 Opponent GW 108 Syracuse 68 84 Maryland 53 86 Richmond 74 96 William Mary 76 86 Houston 61 70 Miss. State 55 83 Citadel 66 86 Navy 59 94 Florida State 69 65 Montana 67 71 West Virginia 55 107 Davidson 75 98 East Carolina 72 70 VMI 58 66 William Mary 70 81 Richmond 79 72 Furman 63 59 VMI 60 76 Georgetown 49 66 Fordham 70 85 Davidson 72 61 Georgetown 65 90 West Virginia 72 i %JL r T J 1 ' » 1 7 ! MJ ■ 1 J| P A Ai v ji VA jP Jf T |fl[l A mk i Bl " AjV ' GW vs GEORGETOWN 49 - 76 65 - 61 BABY BUFF WRAP UP 17 -2 SEASON Opponent GW 91 Montgomery JC 136 92 Maryland 105 99 Richmond 94 66 American 78 81 William Mary 82 57 Prince George’s 101 77 Navy 87 77 Montgomery JC 105 66 American 99 85 Catholic 91 46 Columbia Prep 102 106 Richmond 92 90 Fort Myer 106 84 Georgetown 96 85 Catholic 101 57 Shenandoah 113 81 Georgetown 91 92 Maryland 96 220 221 The Lettermen take A League title over SAE. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL , i Mffimni sstaism Intramural Spotlite A wet spring hampered intramural competition. 223 Lou Kouts takes aim Rifle ROW ONE: Dave Feirera, Lou Kouts, Jack Smith, ROW TWO: Chris Kouts, Jon Kahan, 224 Lacrosse The GW Lacrosse Club is in transition from being just a club, to achieving varsity sta- tus. Founded by Harold Sparks five years ago, the club has been growing in size and strength over the past five seasons. Last year’s 3-7 rec- ord is deceiving. Many of the games were played against varsity teams that have a great tradition for lacrosse, such as Duke, Notre Dame, and Wash- ington and Lee. The club at- tained its victories at the hands of Georgetown, Bullis Prep, and Washington La- crosse Club. Many of the key players were back this year, with high hopes of improving on last year’s record. They include: goalie, Ron Blaustein; defensemen, Anson Perina, Ralph Fletcher and Josh Ho- well; attackers, Billy Sims, Ed Perl, and John Cowan; mid- field, Ken Merin, Jim Isom, Bill Maloney, and John Bacon. As mentioned before the club is working towards var- sity status, but it needs stu- dent support. The game itself is exciting; lacrosse combines elements of ice hockey, soc- cer, football, and rugby. The action is fast and furious, pro- viding an excellent spectator sport. 225 226 227 Tennis Continuing a long tradition of winning tennis at GW, the Colonial Netmen placed sec- ond in the Southern Confer- ence and finished the season with an 11-6 record over-all. After a slow start, GW scored a 9-0 victory over American and then proceeded to win the next eight matches. In addition to A.U., they also blanked William Mary and VMI. Entering the Southern Conference Tournament in second place, the Buff nar- rowly missed upsetting de- fending title holder Davidson. The Colonials lost only Tom Morgan who was first man and Tim Taylor through grad- uation. Returnees include letterman Ken Ferris, who won third singles in the Southern Conference Tournament. Other returning lettermen are Ray Jones, Bobby Morgan, and Terry Denbow. Freshman Steve Legum is expected to fill one of the open positions. Coach Bill Shreve once again will head the netmen, and expects an even better season than last. The next Southern Conference Tourna- ment could result in a Colonial victory, the ninth in the past 11 years. 229 J The Big Three Fresh The linksters once again com- piled a winning season, finishing with a 7-5-1 record, including five victories in a row. Led by seniors Bobby Bowers and Lou Rubino, the Colonials finished 4th in the Southern Conference tournament. Bowers finished second in indi- vidual play in the field of 63 golf- ers. Other lettermen included Jim Galvin, Tim Conner, Ed Berkin, Rich Kaplan, Dick Sacks and Bernie Williams. In spite of the fact that only Galvin returned this year, Coach Bob Faris expects the total strength of the squad to be great- er than last year’s men Bill Klossner, Kent Keith, Clasper, and Dave Marks all are among our top point-getters this season. Lou Rubino Golf Bobby Bowers ■ Jim Galvin 230 ROW ONE: Tim Conner, Ed Berkin, Rick Kaplan, Larry Den, ROW TWO: Coach Bob Paris, Jim Galvin, Bernie Williams, Lou Rubino, Allen Thompson, Bob Bowers, Colonial golfers placed sec- ond in a 36-hole tournament at the University of Maryland last fall. In addition to George Washington and the host team Maryland, the field included Georgetown and American University. Each team entered 10 men. Senior Jim Galvin, only re- turning letterman on the squad, was second in individ- ual competition. He shot two consecutive 72’s and missed winning medalist honors by one stroke. The rest of the squad did quite well, especial- ly, freshmen Kent Keith and Bill Klossner. 231 Buff Baseball Blue Individual excellence high- lighted the baseball scene, as the Colonials posted a 6-13 record in Coach Steve Kor- check ' s initial season. Short- stop Joe Lalli led GW hitters with a sparkling .417 average, and led the nation in stolen bases, with 21. Lalli was voted to the All-Southern Confer- ence team, and was the first Colonial to be named to the Southern District All - Star team. Other outstanding perform- ances were turned in by catcher Jimmy Snyder, an- other All-Conference choice, who hit .303 and outfielder Gary Brain, who hit .314 and drove in 17 runs. In addition, Ned Scherer had a .341 average and Dave Sollenberger, a .321. Pitcher Bill Pacella, who appeared in ten games, compiled a fine 1.27 E.R.A. in posting a 4-5 record. Thanks to a change in Southern Conference rules that now allows freshmen to compete in varsity competi- tion, the Colonials were im- proved over last season. Freshman Hank Bunnell was particularly outstanding dur- ing the fall season, pitching a one hit shut-out against Navy in one of his victories. 232 GWU 0 The Citadel 1 8 The Citadel 10 0 East Carolina 10 3 East Carolina 4 7 Syracuse 3 10 Rochester 12 0 Richmond 12 6 Richmond 13 5 Georgetown 4 5 Brown 9 5 West Virginia 6 1 West Virginia 2 0 Pittsburgh 2 14 Georgetown 10 2 William Mary 6 5 William Mary 7 8 American Univ. 6 1 V.M.I. 0 5 V.M.I. 3 Colorful advice from Coach Steve Korcheck, The pitching form of Bernie Day. 233 Spring Weekend Raft Debate 237 1968 Cherry Tree Queen Mary-Helen Markley Chosen by The Honorable Hubert H. Humphrey Sincerely, Hubert H, Humphrey ' Miss Diane Gray, Editor Queens Section The Cherry Tree The George Washington University Washington, p. C, THE VICE PRESIDENT WAS H tNGTON February 23, 1966 Dear Miss Grays What a happy experience it was to look at the pictures of these lovely young ladies, I enjoyed it even though I experienced considerable difficulty in making the selection I simply could not make a decision. Therefore, I chose the queen in somewhat the same manner as the Cherry Blossom Queen is selected, I asked my secretary to write the name of each girl on a piece of paper and to put the names in a hat, I then drew a name, knowing that my choice had to be a good one congratulations to Miss Mary Helen Markley, the 1966 Queen. And my very best wishes to the other grris wno made my assignment such a challenging one. ThanK you tor giving me the 1968 Cherry Tree Queen Each of submitted to me is pretty enough right. opportunity to select the the girls in the pictures to be a queen in her own 238 Cherry Tree Queen Mary-Helen Markley Kappa Kappa Gamma 239 240 Cherry Tree 19 Jacqueline Banyasz Delta Gamma Ester Preuss Alpha Epsilon Phi 244 245 Senior Citations This year, the Cherry Tree institutes a new award, the Senior Citation, designed to honor a small number of Seniors who have made truly genuine contributions to the University. Through the combined efforts of a student committee and a faculty committee, aided by letters of recommendation from faculty and administration members as well as personal interviews, eleven finalists were selected. The Cherry Tree wishes to express its appreciation to these outstanding Seniors. BERL MARTIN BRECHNER As a journalism major, Berl has devoted his time and energies to the improvement of a variety of student publications. Editor-in-Chief of the Hatchet , Berl has also served by working on the library humor magazine, and modified semester com- mittees of Student Council. He contributed to the Potomac , served on the University Publications Committee, and was Vice- President of GW ' s chapter of Sigma Delta Chi the National Journalism Fraternity, Through his photographic artistry, he has helped enrich the University community. Outside the journalistic world he was a member of the crew team, Old Men, and a novice debater, Berl received a Student Council Certificate of Appre- ciation. MARIA ANTHONY HARRIS Maria ' s diverse interests and ceaseless energy have lifted school spirit in a variety of activities on campus. Besides her work with Homecoming, she has served as Chairman of the May Day Follies and Co-chairman of Spring Weekend. Through her work as Treasurer, Secretary, and finally Co-chairman of Booster Board, Maria has inspired a university interest and involvement in the student body. For her efforts the Student Council has awarded her three Certificates of Appreciation, Maria was also elected to Sigma Alpha Eta, the Speech and Hearing Honorary. 248 TOVA MORRS INDRITZ Dave ' s activities in both the University and the Washington communities have been as impressive as they are extensive. A charter member of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, he has served as President for two years. He participated in the Student Recruitment Program, the Arlie Career Conference, and the Academic Committee, For the past two years Dave has worked with Cerebral Palsy Scout Troop 330 as Scoutmaster, a role which has given him a great deal of gratification in ex- change for understanding, patience and devoted work. Dave holds a Kemper Foundation Scholarship and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Scarlet, and Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics Honorary, ROBIN KAYE Vitally concerned with academic affairs, Tova worked as a dormitory representative to Student Council to institute the pass-fail system for upperclassmen. She further represented student interests on the University Center Committee, which met with University administrators and architects. On the Freshman Orientation Committee and on the Executive Board of Big Sis, Tova helped incoming freshmen to adjust to college Jife, Out- side the GW community, she led a Junior Village Girl Scout troop and a Community Mental Health Center project, working through SERVE, A member of Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honorary, Tova was also elected to Tassels, Mortarboard and Phi Beta Kappa, DAVID CHARLES JORDAN Working through student government, Robin has added new dimensions to the role and responsibilities of students at GW. Under his leadership as Freshman Director, the first Advance Summer Registration program and numerous innovations in GW ' s orientation program were established. His drive and imagination created the structure through which student government greatly increased its effectiveness. As President of the student body, he led students to an involvement in national collegiate issues such as selective service, peace demonstrations, and civil rights. He was appointed to the Student Life Committee, and elected to Omicron Delta Kappa. Robin strengthened the channels of communication and decision-making between students, their administration and their government. 249 Dianna’s athletic talent and enthusiasm have given impetus to women’s athletics at GW, As President of the Women ' s Recreation Association for two years, she greatly expanded its scope to include such innovations as embassy tours and theatre parties. She has been active in diverse aspects of the recreation- al program, serving as Chairman of the Slimnastics Club and Manager of the Riding Ciub. Working in an administrative capacity, Dianna was Secretary of the Physical Education Major Council. Her work as a HATCHET reporter helped to inform students of the new programs initiated by the WRA. She represented our region as Convention Chairman for the Athletic and Recreation Federation of College Women. For her con- tributions, Dianna received the WRA Outstanding Service Award, and the Columbian Women’s Service Award. Linda ' s imagination and creativity coupled with her qualities of leadership have been invaluable to the University community. Her energies have been felt in divergent areas of student life through her chairmanships of the Homecoming Queen Commit- tee and Panhellenic Council Sing, and through her work sup- porting the Peace Corps. She was chosen co-chairman of the Women ' s Leadership Conference and to the Alumnae-Student Leaders Conference, A major area of her concern has been University publications. A member of the University Publications Committee, she was Editor-in-Chief of the Student Directory and Editor-in-Chief of the Cherry Tree . A delightful person on stage as well as off, Me! displayed his versatility as an actor in roles from Eugene Gant in " Look Homeward, Angel " to Charley in " Charley ' s Aunt " . As capable as he was of enchanting children as Rumpelstiltskin, he also met the challenge of playing seven characters in " Spoon River Anthology’ . Mel was President of both the University Players and the National Collegiate Players. In the Washington Theatre Tournament he received the Maude Howell Award as the Best Actor. LINDA LU MOORE MELVILLE ROTHSCHILD MACKLER DIANNA MARIA KNIGHT CHARLES NATHAN ORY CHRISTINE LOUISE MURPHY Charlie’s active concern for the University has been evident throughout his years here. As Lower Columbian Representative to the Student Council, he initiated the Student Advisory program for Lower Columbian College, He was later chosen as a delegate to the Intercollegiate Council composed of nineteen universities and colleges in the Washington area. His wholehearted partici- pation has made him an invaluable member of various com- mittees He served on the Academic Evaluation Committee, the Homecoming Floats and Parades Committee, and was Chair- man of the Modified Semester Committee. As Sub-editor of the Hatchet and a member of the Cherry Tree staff, Charlie has also lent his enthusiasm to University publications. He was elected to the Order of Scarlet and Omicron Delta Kappa. JAMES HAROLD SHULMAN Jim is most at home in governmental activities, ranging from GW’s Student Life Committee to the Capitol Hill office of Senator Ribicoff, As President of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Honorary, he greatly expanded its speaker program to include such promlnant figures as Chief of Protocol James Symington and A. K. Aboulmagd of the UAR. Jim was a member of the Executive Board of the Student Recruitment Committee, working to attract high-caliber high school students to GW Moreover, he served the Washington community as Vice- chairman of the Intercollegiate Red Cross and on the Com- munity Service Committee. In recognition of his service to GW, he was elected to the Order of Scarlet and Omicron Delta Kappa. Variety has marked Christy’s role at George Washington. Despite her endless commitments, she has always been eager to help wherever she is needed She was very active in such service groups as Booster Board and Tassels, and was named Chairman of GW’s Cultural Foundation Committee, Perhaps her most obvious contributions have been through her work for two years on the Student Council and the Student Life Committee, As the Council’s Vice-President, she has done much to increase the co-operative interaction between the members, and thus the effectiveness of the group. She was elected to Delphi and Mortarboard and was selected for Phi Beta Kappa School of Public and International Affairs We attempt to provide historical perspective for contem- porary problems, to offer theoretical guides for analysis, and to develop in the student a critical, objective attitude, a caution in reaching judgments, and an awareness of the complexity of most issues. Dean Hiram M. Stout Richard CX Ascarelli Angelina Attena Arnie Beltefontaine Richard Bloch Jeffrey CX Bloom International Affairs Latin American Affairs international Affairs Public Affairs International Affairs RICHARD C. ASCARELLI Silver Spring, Maryland Transfer from State University of New York, ANGELINE ATTENA Suffern, New York People to People — president; Alpha Lambda Delta. ARNIE BELLEFONTAINE Natick, Massachusetts SigmaNu; IFC — president, secretary; Greek Week — chairman; University Chorus; Student Alumnae Liai- son Committee; National IFC, steering committee; Trustees Meeting; Men’s Career Conference, steering committee; University Players; Student Life committee; Resident Assistant; Order of Scarlet; Gate and Key; Who’s Who. RICHARD BLOCH Baltimore, Maryland Alpha Epsilon Pi — corresponding secretary; Economics Society; Pre-Law Society; Campus Combo; The Wig; MM8B. JEFFREY C. BLOOM Seacliff, New York WRGW; transfer from Hofstra University. 252 Rosalind Bresnehan Barbara A. Buehler Janet L. Buntebart Jacqueline Chagnon Carol Ruth Cushing International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs ROSALIND BRESNEHAN Runnemede, New Jersey SERVE; Russian Club — treasurer; Dorm Council; Alpha Theta Nu; Alpha Lambda Delta — treasurer; Dobro Slovo; Phi Beta Kappa. BARBARA A. BUEHLER Pound Ridge, New York People to People; Young Republicans; Political Affairs Society; transfer from Bradford Junior College. JANET L. BUNTEBART Port Huron, Michigan Sigma Kappa — rush chairman; People to People; University Chorus; Madrigals; Young Republicans; Dorm Council; transfer from Port Huron Junior College. JACQUELYN CHAGNON Meriden, Connecticut Newman Club; ISS; Political Science Club. CAROL RUTH CUSHING Lake Bluff, Illinois Kappa Alpha Theta — vice president, pledge trainer; Homecoming Committee; Dorm Council. JOHN L. DAVIE Stratford, Connecticut ELEANOR D I BALA New York, New York Delta Zeta — president, social chairman; ISAB, secretary; Big Sis; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Delphi. ELAINE C. EFF Baltimore, Maryland ISS; People to People; AIESEC; transfer from Western Reserve, New York University in Madrid. ROBERT FROUDE Norristown, Pennsylvania AIESEC; Alpha Kappa Psi; transfer from University of Maryland in Munich. ELLEN GIBB Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta; Big Sis Board; Lifeline; Cherry Tree — sports editor; Young Republicans; Dorm Council; Welcome Week; ISS; SERVE. John L. Davie Eleanor Dibala Elaine C. Eft Robert Froude Ellen Gibb International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Economics 253 Georgia Goodwillie international Affairs Sandra C. Harper international Affairs M, H, Heubeck Internationaf Affairs George D. Holliday international Affairs Edwin H, Jorgensen International Affairs Ellen Kauner in terna tio na f A ffa i rs Doris Keller Internationaf Affairs Timothy J, Kielty Public Affairs Arthur M. Kravetz Far Eastern Affairs Susan K, Lorenz Internationaf Affairs GEORGIA GOODWILLIE Glenellyn, Illinois People to People; Cave Club; Political Affairs Society; transfer from Illinois College. SANDRA C. HARPER Alexandria, Virginia Delta Zeta — rush chairman, secretary; Panhellenic Council — secretary; Riding Club; Big Sis; Delphi. M. H. HEUBECK Washington, D. C. Newman Club; People to People; Young Republicans; transfer from Bard College. GEORGE D. HOLLIDAY Greenwood, South Carolina Dorm Council; SBG — executive board; Student Planning Committee; Russian Club; Sigma Alpha Nu; Dobro Slovo. EDWIN H. JORGENSEN Clinton, Iowa Pre-Law Society; Delta Phi Epsilon — vice president, secretary; transfer from University of California at Berkeley. ELLEN KAUNER Rumson, New Jersey AIESEC; transfer from Wheaton College. DORIS KELLER Myersville, Maryland Kappa Alpha Theta — rush chairman; Messiah Chorus; ISAB — treasurer; Cherry Tree; Big Sis; Delphi; Hoc- key; Volleyball. TIMOTHY J. KIELTY Omaha, Nebraska ARTHUR M. KRAVETZ Boston, Massachusetts Sigma Phi Epsilon — treasurer; Judo Club — president; Old Men; Intramurals. SUSAN K. LORENZ Springfield, Virginia Kappa Alpha Theta — president, house chairman; Messiah Chorus; Dorm Council; Welcome Week; Interna- tional Honors Program; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Theta Nu; Tassels; Mortar Board; Outstanding Fresh- man Woman. 254 BARTON H. LORING New York, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi — social chairman; Student Council; Police Liaison Committee; Young Democrats; Dorm Council. GAIL McLAUGHLIN Three Rivers, California People to People; SERVE; Choir; Young Republicans; Women’s Leadership Conference; Mortar Board. LINDA MOORE Miami Beach, Florida Chi Omega — treasurer; Panhellenic Council; Cherry Tree — editor-in-chief, senior editor; Hatchet; Big Sis; Women’s Leadership Conference — steering committee; Greek Sing — chairman; Peace Corps Support Group; Homecoming; Student Directory — editor. JANE MORRIS Alliance, Ohio Transfer from Mount Union College. MARY O’HARA Falls Church, Virginia ANGIE PAINTER Spartanburg, South Carolina Pi Beta Phi; Young Democrats; Spring Weekend Committee; Big Sis; Dance Production; transfer from Mary Baldwin College. RONALD POOCK Brookline, Massachusetts Kappa Sigma; University Orchestra; Pep Band; University Players; Young Republicans; Order of Scarlet; Gate and Key. HONEY REIKEN Franklin Square, New York Dance Production; Hillel — secretary; Dorm Council; MMBB; transfer from Hood College. TERRY RHODES New York, New York Dorm Council; Folk Dancing Club; transfer from Reed College. VIRGINIA RIETH Sheffield, Lake, Ohio University Players; Commuters Committee; Russian Club; People to People; transfer from Ohio University. Barton H. Loring International Affairs Gail McLaughlin International Affairs Linda Moore International Affairs Jane Morris Internationaf Affairs Mary O ' Hara Internationaf Affairs Angie Painter Ronald Poock Honey Reiken Terry Rhodes Virginia Rieth International Affairs Public Affairs International Affairs Internationaf Affairs International Affairs 255 Patricia Romo Hussain Saif Joseph W. Siegel Charfes G. Stubbs Amalia Vellianitis International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs Latin American Affairs International Affairs PATRICIA ROMO Phoenix, Arizona Alpha Delta Pi — rush chairman; Dorm Council — treasurer; transfer from Marymount College. HUSSAIN A. SAIF Abha, Saudi Arabia Assistant Manager Student Union; Soccer; transfer from Mitchell College. JOSEPH W. SIEGEL Yonkers, New York Phi Sigma Delta; WRGW; Chess Club; Hatchet; Student Council; Dorm Council — president. CHARLES G. STUBBS Miami, Florida Transfer from University of Miami. AMALIA VELLIANITIS Mobile, Alabama Eastern Orthodox Club — president, secretary. DETTA VOESAR Washington, D. C. Russian Club; transfer from Beaver College. RONALD PATRICK WALKER Furth, Germany Delta Tau Delta — social chairman; Delta Phi Epsilon; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society; Old Men. GEORGE M. WARD Miami, Florida Tau Kappa Epsilon — treasurer; Junior IFC; Young Republicans — editor; Old Men; Intramurals. ELAINE WITMAN Fairlawn, New Jersey Delta Phi Epsilon — vice president, pledge trainer, house chairman; Big Sis; Young Democrats; Welcome Week. WILLIAM MACIVER YARMY New York, New York Hatchet ; Young Democrats; Dorm Council; Intramurals. Detta Voesar Ronald Patrick Walker George M. Ward Elaine Witman William Mac iver Yarmy Public Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs International Affairs 256 School of Government and Business Administration Those who attain to any excellence commonly spend life in some one single pursuit, for excellence is not gained upon easier terms. — Samuel Johnson Dean James Dockeray John Albert Accounting Michael Amsterdam Accounting Allie P. Ash Business Administration JOHN ALBERT Waterbury, Connecticut Sigma Chi; Gate and Key. MICHAEL AMSTERDAM West Orange, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men; Campus Combo. ALLIE P. ASH Arlington, Virginia Sigma Nu — president, vice president, pledge trainer, rush chairman; A.S.E.C. — secretary; Crew. 257 ROBERT BEIRN Phi Sigma Delta; Russian Club; Glee Club; Madrigal Singers; Hatchet. Piscataway, New Jersey BRYANT H. BESSE Sigma Nu; transfer from Nassen College. JOHN BRALOVE Washington, D. C. Sigma Chi— President, vice president, rush chairman; Student Council — commuter representative, elec- tions committee; Cherry Tree — business manager; Messiah Chorus; Old Men; Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramur- ats; transfer from Bucknell University. TERRY J. BRENNEMAN York, Pennsylvania Golf; Bowling; transfer from York Junior College. PAUL BRICKMAN Island Park, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Cherry Tree; Fall Concert; Student Council — GBA representative; Delta Phi Epsilon; Dean’s List; Intramurals. JOHN W. CHANDLER, JR. Kensington, Maryland Phi Sigma Kappa — treasurer; Skiing; Golf; Tennis. DAMRONG CHAVANKUNAKORM _ . Thailand Student Council — international student representative; ISS; AIESEC; Student Advisory Committee; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Phi Kappa; DNA; Intramurals; transfer from University of Minnesota. ALAN DLUGASCH Jersey City, New Jersey AIESEC; Delta Phi Epsilon. GERALD J. DOUGHERTY Intramurals; transfer from Rutgers University. TINA DROPKIN Falls Church, Virginia Arlington, Virginia Robert Beirn Busin ess Ad minis tra tio n Bryant H. Besse John Bralove Business Administration Accounting Terry J Brenneman Accounting Paul Brickman International Business John W. Chandler, Jr, Accounting Damrong Chavanakunakorm international Trade Alan Dfugasch international Business Gerald J. Dougherty Business Administration Tina Dropkin Business Administration 258 Robert L. Fink Business R. John Fletcher Joseph E. French Leland L. Greene Business Administration Business Administration Marketing Richard Kaplan Accounting Jonathan Brill Kurtin Daniel Gintey Lee Donna Lehrer James E. Lewis Gary Littman Business Administration Accounting Business Administration Business Administration Accounting ROBERT L FINK New York, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon — business manager, treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Gate and Key, R. JOHN FLETCHER Bowie, Maryland Delta Tau Delta — secretary; Gate and Key; Football; Lacrosse; Wrestling; Hockey. JOSEPH E. FRENCH Terre Haute, Indiana Delta Tau Delta; Varsity Football; Intramurals, LELAND L. GREENE Great Neck, New York Old Men; Young Democrats; People to People; Intramurals. RICHARD KAPLAN Kensington, Maryland Delta Tau Delta — rush chairman; Student Council— publicity director; Gate and Key; Order of Scarlet; Varsity Golf; Varsity Crew. JONATHAN BRILL KURTIN Fieldston, New York Tau Epsilon Phi — chaplain; IFC; Gate and Key. DANIEL GINTEY LEE Washington, D. C. Alpha Kappa Psi — treasurer. DONNA LEHRER Cranston, Rhode Island AIESEC. JAMES E. LEWIS Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Dorm Council — vice president; Homecoming Committee; Intramurais. GARY LITTMAN Millbum, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi — treasurer; Homecoming — comptroller; Old Men; Gate and Key; Intramurais. 259 Ronald Londe Lorin Luchs Gregory A. Maio William Pacella Ron Peddicord Business Administration Accounting Accounting Accounting Business RONALD LONDE Phi Sigma Kappa; transfer from Lincoln College. LORIN LUCHS Old Men; Serve; Pre-law Society; Delta Phi Epsilon. GREGORY A. MAIO Federal Government and DC Scholarships. WILLIAM PACELLA Delta Tau Delta — president, secretary, IFC; Gate and Key; Varsity Baseball. RON PEDDICORD University City, Missouri Washington, D. C. Annapolis, Maryland Alexandria, Virginia Mitchellville, Maryland Kappa Sigma — president, vice president; WRGW; IEEE; Gate and Key. JOHN PHILIP San Antonio, Texas Phi Sigma Kappa — president, vice president; IFC; Old Men; Cherry Tree — business manager; Gate and Key; Intramurals. LAWRENCE K. PINES Forest Hills, New York Tau Epsilon Phi — treasurer; Old Men; Gate and Key; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals. CHRISTINE RECACHINAS Eastern Orthodox Club — vice president, treasurer. ROBERT REIVER Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men. JOSEPH RIGUTTO Pershing Rifles; Varsity Soccer; Intramurals. Washington, D. C. Hyattsville, Maryland Washington, D. C. John Philip Lawrence K. Pines Christine Recachinas Robert Reiver Joseph fligutto Business Administration Accounting Personnel Management Finance Business Administration 260 Richard Rosenbluth Accounting Robert John Shue International Business Charles F. Spurlock Business Administration Leo M. S. Van den Blink Political Science L Ann Webb Business Administration RICHARD ROSENBLUTH Scranton, Pennsylvania University Players; transfer from Keystone Junior College. ROBERT JOHN SHUE Hanover, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon — president, vice president; Student Council; Gate and Key; Varsity Football; Intra- murals. CHARLES F. SPURLOCK Murrysviile, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon — treasurer; Dorm Council; Resident Assistant; Gate and Key; Varsity Football; In- tramurals. LEO M. S. VANDEN BLINK Amsterdam, Netherlands Transfer from Amherst College. L. ANN WEBB Washington, D. C. Kappa Delta — treasurer; Newman Club; Commuter Club; transfer from Madison College. School of Education Oh wad some power the giftie gie us To see ourselves as others see us. ft wad from monie a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion. — Robert Burns Dean Blake S. Root Toni Alexander Natalie Alter Jacqueline G. Banyasz Nancy E. Berman Elementary Elementary French Elementary TONI ALEXANDER Westport, Connecticut Phi Sigma Sigma; transfer from University of Toledo. NATALIE ALTER Plainfield, New Jersey Young Democrats; Dorm Council. JACQUELINE G. BANYASZ Garwood, New Jersey Delta Gamma — vice president; Student Council; Education Council; Newman Club; Big Sis. NANCY E. BERMAN Woonsocket, Rhode Island IRHC, scholarship adviser. 262 Karen A. Brandt Marilyn Brodie Janice Brooks Kate Cohen Jill Connor Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary KAREN BRANDT Dorm Council — treasurer; SNEA; Serve; Welcome Week. MARILYN BRODIE Serve; transfer from William Smith College. JANICE BROOKS Phi Sigma Sigma; Dorm Council — secretary; Hatchet. KATE COHEN Plainfield, New Jersey Clifton, New Jersey Belle Harbor, New York Arlington, Virginia Phi Sigma Sigma; Serve; Dorm Council; Big Sis; transfer from Boston University. JILL CONNER Wyncote, Pennsylvania People to People; Serve; University Chorus; Education Council — president. ANDREA LYNN CUMMINGS Bakersfield, California Delta Gamma; Panhellenic Council; Dorm Council; Cheerleaders; Welcome Week; Big Sis; transfer from Bakersfield College. JEFFERY E. DELONG Fort Wayne, Indiana Dorm Council — president, vice president; Basketball. SUSAN M. DORFF Passaic, New Jersey Dorm Council; Young Democrats; Serve. HELENE EMMET Oceanside, New York Major Council for Women’s Physical Education; Scholarship Adviser; Volleyball; Field Hockey. BONNIE FAHS Arlington, Virginia Andrea Lynn Cummings Jeffery E. DeLong Susan M, Dorff £ emenfary Physical Education Social Studies Helene Emmet Bonnie Fahs Physical Education Elementary 263 ELAYNE FATTMAN New York, New York Dorm Council — vice president; IRHC; Serve. BARBARA FEIN Staten Island, New York Young Democrats; Welcome Week. DIANE FELLMAN Silver Spring, Maryland Alpha Epsilon Phi — vice president, pledge trainer; Panhellenic Council; Big Sis; Drama Workshop; Delphi — secretary. SANDRA GANDERSON Norfolk, Virginia Big Sis; IRHC; Dorm Council; Tassels. ABBY GELLES Rockville Centre, New York Welcome Week; Serve. MARY ANN GELSINON South Amboy, New Jersey Major Council for Women’s Physical Education — president; WRA — vice president; Newman Club; Field Hockey; Basketball; Tennis. JOANNE GLAZER Dance Production; transfer from Ohio University. KATHY BARBARA GOLDSMITH Phi Sigma Sigma; University Chorus; Big Sis. RONNI GOODMAN Cherry Tree; Big Sis; Young Republicans; The Wig Golf; Horseback Riding. JUNE PEARSON HALSTED Transfer from Boston University. Syosset, New York Perth Amboy, New Jersey Malverne, New York Corpus Christi, Texas Elayne Fattman Barbara Fein Elementary Elementary Diane Fell man English Sandra Ganderson Abby Gelles E fem entary E feme nta ry Mary Ann Gelsinon Joanne Glazer Kathy Barbara Goldsmith Ronnl Goodman June Pearson Halsled Physical Education History French History Elementary 264 June Hirschler Elementary Lynda Jeffrey Elementary Lois C. Kann Elementary Martha M, Kantor Bonnie Kaplan Social Studies Elementary Patricia M. Keating Francine King Dianna M. Knight Madeleine Kraemer Karla Leibowitz Elementary Elementary Physical Education German History JUNE HIRSCHLER Norfolk, Virginia Dorm Council — vice president; IRHC; Education Council; transfer from Harcum Junior College. LYNDA JEFFREY Southampton, Pennsylvania Delta Gamma — vice president, secretary; Big Sis; Dorm Council — vice president; Education Council; trans- fer from Fairleigh Dickinson. LOIS C. KANN Baltimore, Maryland Dorm Council — president; Big Sis; Careerline; MMBB. MARTHA M. KANTOR Laurelton, New York People to People — vice president; Hillel; Enosinian Debate Society; Young Democrats; Welcome Week; Big Sis; Dorm Council; Serve. BONNIE KAPLAN Highland Park, New Jersey Hillel; Young Democrats; Education Council. PATRICIA M. KEATING Manhasset, New York Kappa Delta; ISAB; Big Sis; Welcome Week. FRANCINE KING New York, New York Education Council — secretary; Dance Production; transfer from C.W. Post College. DIANNA M. KNIGHT Sevema Park, Maryland WRA — president, secretary; ARFCW; Hatchet; Dorm Council — secretary; Columbian Women’s Service standing Member Award; Basketball; Who’s Who. MADELEINE KRAEMER Washington, D. C. Zeta Tau Alpha — rush chairman; German Club; transfer from Ohio Wesleyan University. KARLA LEIBOWITZ York, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma Sigma — vice president, secretary, treasurer; Dorm Council — secretary; IRHC; Education Council — vice president; Orientation Committee; Big Sis; Lifeline; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta— secretary; Alpha Theta Uu — secretary, Mortar Board — president; Tassels; Who’s Who. 265 Jean Lesh Donna E. Lutz Kathleen Dawn Madore Laurie Beth Maisel Karen J. Mender Elementary Elementary English ementary Elementary JEAN LESH Zeta Tau Alpha — treasurer, historian; Big Sis; Wesley Foundation; May Day Stetson University. DONNA E. LUTZ Transfer from Kent State University. KATHLEEN DAWN MADORE Transfer from California State University. LAURIE BETH MAISEL Chi Omega; Big Sis; transfer from Mitchell College. KAREN J. MENDER Transfer from Lasell Junior College. CYNTHIA A. MILLER Transfer from American College in Paris. CHERRYL A. NEILL Education Council; SNEA; Big Sis; Biology Lab Assistant; Bowling Club. ALEXANDRA W. NUGENT Muncie, Indiana Follies Committee; transfer from Arlington, Virginia Mansfield, Ohio Port Washington, New York Woodmere, New York Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Washington, D. C. Garden City, New York Young Republicans. CAROL JO NUSBAUM Norfolk, Virginia University Chorus; Madrigals; Big Sis. BEVERLY OPP ER Paterson, New Jersey Dorm Council — president; Dance Production; University Players — president, vice president; May Day Fol- lies; GW Committee of the Performing Arts. Cynthia A. Milter Cherryl A. Neill History Mathematics Alexandra W. Nugent Carol Jo Nusbaum Beverly Opper Social Studies Music Dance 266 Sandra L. Partington Ann M. Pettit Jean C. Pirrello Natalie Posner Donna Ratal Elementary History English Elementary English SANDRA L. PARTINGTON Essex Fells, New Jersey Transfer from Hood College. ANN M. PETTIT Berkeley Heights, New Jersey JEAN C. PIRRELLO Sudbury, Massachusetts Big Sis; Serve; Young Democrats. NATALIE POSNER Brooklyn, New York WRGW; Dorm Council — president, executive board; Volleyball; Rifle Team. DONNA RAFAL Norfolk, Virginia Big Sis; transfer from Elmira College. SANDRA RAMBO Ft. Myers, Florida Chi Omega, house chairman; ISAB; Serve; Sigma Nu Frontier Ball Queen; Hockey. DOREEN RUDY West Orange, New Jersey Delta Phi Epsilon— charter member, president, vice president; Young Democrats; Welcome Week; Lifeline; Big Sis; Dorm Council; SNEA; Delphi. DORIS SCHAECHTER Jersey City, New Jersey Delta Phi Epsilon — treasurer, house chairman; Big Sis; University Chorus; Lifeline; Hillel; Tassels. JILL SCHARER Perth Amboy, New Jersey TOBEY SCHNEIDER Baltimore, Maryland Transfer from Syracuse University. Sandra Rambo Doreen Rudy Doris Schaechter Jill Scharer Tobey Schneider Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary 267 Judith N. Schoengold Lynn W. Seinfeld Karen Seltzer Elementary Speech and Drama Social Studies Susan E. Shucker Social Studies Shirley Snyder Elizabeth Stevenson Lynn Szerlip Patricia Urken Veronica Wallen French English Elementary Elementary Elementary JUDITH N. SCHOENGOLD Woodmere, New York Sigma Delta Tau — vice president, rush chairman; Big Sis; Scholarship Adviser; Serve; Dorm Council; Welcome Week; Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart; Delphi. SUSAN SEIDENBAUM West Haven, Connecticut Dance Production; LE AP; Students for Mobilization; Folk Music Society — president. LYNN W. SEINFELD Caldwell, New Jersey University Players; transfer from Ohio University. KAREN SELTZER Long Branch, New Jersey Sigma Delta Tau; Big Sis; Young Democrats; Serve. SUSAN E. SHUCKER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lifeline; Education Council; Careerline; Scholarship Adviser; Dorm Council — vice president; Tassels. SHIRLEY SNYDER Washington, D. C. Dorm Council; People to People; Homecoming Committee; Student Directory; Cherry Tree — associate edi- tor, senior editor; Mech Miss; Engineer’s Court; Ski Club; Dean’s List; Tassels. ELIZABETH STEVENSON Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania WRA; Welcome Week, Messiah Chorus; Hockey; Volleyball. LYNN SZERLIP Roslyn, New York University Players; transfer from Cedar Crest College. PATRICIA URKEN Trenton, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Phi — vice president, rush chairman; Big Sis; WRA; Dorm Council — president, vice president; Senior Assistant; Delphi. VERONICA WALLEN East Patchogue, New York Transfer from Long Island University. 268 Ghierstien F. Wheeler Patricia Whitney Wendy Winett Mary Anne Winslow Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary GHIERSTEIN F. WHEELER Kappa Kappa Gamma — pledge trainer, rush ters of the Rainbow; Homecoming Princess, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina chairman; ISAB; Cheerleaders; Homecoming Committee; Sis- 1967. PATRICIA WHITNEY Transfer from Mt. Vernon Junior College Annapolis, Maryland WENDY WINETT Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Delta Tau; Dorm Council; Big Sis; Welcome Week; MMBB; transfer from University of Missouri. MARY ANNE WINSLOW Arlington, Virginia 269 School of Engineering and Applied Science Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble. — Samuel Johnson Dean Herbert E. Smith Peter Austin Richard E. Barton, Jr. Gurminder Singh Bedi David Berg John A. Bissel), Jr. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering PETER AUSTIN Cheshire, Connecticut A.S.M.E, — president; Engineers Council — secretary; transfer from Georgetown University. RICHARD E. BARTON, JR. Landover Hills, Maryland Sigma Alpha Epsilon — pledge trainer, social chairman, rush chairman; Student Council Committee; May Day Follies Committee; Gate and Key; Sigma Tau; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. GURMINDER SINGH BEDI New Delhi, India ISS — secretary; A.S.M.E,; transfer from Engineering College Srinagar, Kashmir, India. DAVID BERG Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Delta — house manager; Fall Concert; Spring Concert; A.S.C.E. — vice president; Trustee Schol- arship; Intramurals. JOHN A. BISSELL, JR. Westport, Connecticut Tau Kappa Epsilon — secretary; Mecheleciv; IEEE; Crew; Intramurals. 270 Richard Blumberg Thomas A, Enger Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Jan Elliot Friedlander Electrical Engineering F. Howard Gage, Jr. Burton Goldstein Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Terry Grefe Civil Engineering William A. Herman Mechanical Engineering Spencer A. Hum Mechanical Engineering Ronald F. Kopeck Electrical Engineering Philip D, Krauss Mechanical Engineering RICHARD BLUMBERG Phi Sigma Delta — historian; Engineers Council; Sigma Tau. Oxon Hill, Maryland THOMAS A. ENGER WRGW; Assn, for Computer Machinery; Alpha Phi Omega; of Technology. Arlington, Virginia IEEE; transfer from Massachusetts Institute JAN ELLIOT FRIEDLANDER Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. Washington, D. C. F. HOWARD GAGE, JR. Fair Haven, New Jersey Delta Tau Delta; Old Men; Intramurals. BURTON GOLDSTEIN Washington, D. C. Alpha Epsilon Pi — historian, assistant rush chairman; Engineers Council; Hatchet; Fall Concert; Booster Board — vice chairman; Sigma Tau— president, historian, pledgemaster; Order of Scarlet; Intramurals; Foot- ball; transfer from University of Florida. TERRY GREFE McLean, Virginia ASCE; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball. WILLIAM A. HERMAN Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Delta — president; IFC — corresponding secretary; Junior IFC — vice president; Hatchet; Greek Way editor; The Encounter — assistant editor; Alpha Theta Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Gate and Key; Order of Scarlet; Omicron Delta Kappa — vice president; Outstanding IFC Delegate; Who’s Who. SPENCER A. HUM Washington, D. C. Engineers Council; Theta Tau; A.S.M.E. RONALD F. KOPECK Baltimore, Maryland Tau Kappa Epsilon — secretary; Old Men; Engineers Council; Sigma Tau; Intramurals. IILIP D. KRAUSS Great Neck, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; A.S.M.E. — secretary; Intramurals. 271 Harry H. Kuhn, Jr. Electrical Engineering William A. Lemeshewsky Electrical Engineering Martin J. Myers Electrical Engineering Gregory J. Niswonger Mechanical Engineering Robert F. Xander Electrical Engineering HARRY A. KUHN, JR. Washington, D. C. IEEE — pres; Tau Beta Pi — treas. WILLIAM A. LEMESHEWSKY Alexandria, Virginia IEEE; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi — v pres. MARTIN J. MYERS Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania Sigma Chi — rush chairman, pledge trainer; Engineers Council — president; Old Men; IEEE — secretary; Sigma Tau — pres, historian; Tau Beta Pi — corresponding secretary; Alpha Theta Nu; transfer from Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. GREGORY A. NISWONGER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Delta Tau Delta — treas, house manager. ROBERT F. XANDER Washington, D. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon — sec, treas, social chmn; IFC; Gate and Key — sec; Intramurals. 272 Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new. — John Milton Dean Calvin D. Linton Sheri Adams Leslie Adkins Nancy Louise Alessi Gail Allinson Zoology Political Science Sociology English SHERI ADAMS Vienna, Virginia Transfer from University of Nebraska; Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. LESLIE ADKINS Briarcliff, New York NANCY LOUISE ALESSI Baltimore, Maryland Transfer from Baltimore Junior College, Townsend State University, Johns Hopkins. GAIL ALLINSON Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Transfer from Wilson College. 273 STEVEN AMES Rockville Centre, New York Tau Epsilon Phi; Student Union Board; Dorm Council. GAYLE A. ANDERSON Fairfax. Virginia Zeta Tau Alpha — secretary; Russian Club; ISS; Russian Choir; Dobro Slovo. HUGH M. APRIL Washington, D. C. Tau Epsilon; Phi; WRGW; Intramurals. MARY LOU ASPLUND Arlington, Virginia Chi Omega; Big Sis; Young Democrats. JUDITH AXELROD Norristown, Pennsylvania Dorm Council — vice president; Big Sis; Hillel; IRHC — vice president; WRA — secretary, vice president; Young Democrats; Welcome Week; Tennis. ANNE G. BAHLMAN Bethesda, Maryland KKG Biology Award. WILLIAM BANCROFT Woodside, California Phi Sigma Kappa — president, treasurer; Dorm Council; Homecoming Committee; Colonial Cruise Chair- man; Cherry Tree, greek editor. STEPHANIE LEE BARASH Dance Production; University Players. SHERYL ANN BECKER Sigma Delta Tau; Welcome Week; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta. SUSANNE BECKER Young Democrats; Newman Club; transfer from Foothill College. Yonkers, New York Hartsdale, New York Los Altos, California Steven Ames Sociofogy Gayle A T Anderson Hugh M. April Russian Speech Mary Lou Asplund Judith Axelrod Sociology Psychology Anne G. Bahlman William Bancroft Biology History Stephanie Lee Barash Sheryl Ann Becker Susanne Becker Psychology Speech Political Science 274 Loran W ( Behrens Journalism Katherine M, Bell English Literature Steven Bellman Sociology John R, Bellush Politics! Science Camille R, Benhayon Sociology Gail Benkin Peter J. Berman Barbara Billmyer Richard M. Biren Kathleen Bis Psychology Psychology English Literature Journalism Chemistry LORAN W. BEHRENS Washington, D. C. KATHERINE M. BELL New York, New York Philosophy Club; Anthropology Club; Potomac; transfer from Fordham University. STEVEN BELLMAN Wildwood, New Jersey Tau Epsilon Phi; SBG; Intramurals. JOHN R, BELLUSH Morristown, New Jersey Spanish Club; Russian Club; Dorm Council; transfer from Fairleigh Dickinson University. CAMILLE R. BENHAYON Wildwood, New Jersey Transfer from Wittenberg University. GAIL BENKIN Margate, New Jersey Big Sis; Young Democrats; transfer from American University. PETER J. BERMAN West Hempstead, New York BARBARA BILLMYER Washington, D. C. Transfer from American College in Paris RICHARD M. BIREN Brooklyn, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men; Fall Concert Committee; Spring Concert Committee; [ntramurals. KATHLEEN BIS Passaic, New Jersey Young Democrats; Eastern Orthodox Club; Welcome Week; lota Sigma Pi — historian. 275 Daniel Blackstone Thomas A. Blair C. Joel Block Seymour H. Block Data Processing Spanish French Psychology DANIEL BLACKSTONE Transfer from Norwich University. THOMAS A. BLAIR C. JOEL BLOCK Alliance Francaise. Wellesley, Massachusetts Greenbelt, Maryland Silver Spring, Maryland SEYMOUR H. BLOCK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Epsilon Pi; Fall Concert Chairman; Inaugural Concert Committee; Aesculapian Society — vice presi- dent; Old Men; Rifle Club; Dorm Council — treasurer; Hillel; Political Affairs Society; Hatchet; Alpha Phi Omega — charter member, treasurer. ROBERT ALAN BLOOM Deal, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta; Fall Concert Committee; Inaugural Concert Committee; Old Men; Biology Lab Assistant; Intramurals. LEWIS BOGATY Dean’s List; Agora — manager. Englewood, New Jersey JAY BOMZE Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma Delta — social chairman; Student Council; Senate Committee on Student Relations; Student Alum- nae Liaison Committee; Student Faculty Liaison Committee; Old Men; Hatchet; Fall Concert Committee; Order of Scarlet; Gate and Key; Who ' s Who; Intramurals. MARGARET S. BOONE Alpha Lambda Delta. Arlington, Virginia CATHERINE E. BOWLUS Far Hiljs, New Jersey Economics Society; Hatchet; AIESEC; People to People; Newman Club; Young Republicans; transfer from Dunbarton College. EDWARD BRACHMAN Phi Sigma Kappa; transfer from Orange County Community College. Miami Beach, Florida Lewis Bogaty English . Literature Jay Bomze Political Science Margaret S. Boone Biology Catherine E. Bowlus Economics Edward Brachman Political Science 276 Rickcord A. Bradley William Bragman Berl Brechner Paula Breen Ellen P. Broudy German History Journalism History Biology RICKCORD A. BRADLEY McLean, Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma; transfer from San Diego State College. WILLIAM BRAGMAN Brooklyn, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi — president, pledge trainer; Old Men; Biology Lab Assistant; Delta Phi Epsilon; Gate and Key. BERL BRECHNER Orlando, Florida Hatchet — editor-in-chief; Sigma Delta Chi — vice president; Old Men; Potomac; Student Council; Modified Se- mester Committee; Washington Post Campus Correspondent; Who r s Who; Crew. PAULA BREEN Washington, D. C. Alpha Lambda Delta; Trustee Scholarship. ELLEN P. BROUDY Washington, D. C. Geology Club — secretary, treasurer. ANN BROWN Arlington, Virginia Chi Omega; Big Sis. STEFFANIE H. BURGEVIN Cincinnati, Ohio Young Republicans — president, vice president, secretary; Pre-Law Society — president; Student Bar Associa- tion. DALE ANN CARRELL Grand Prairie, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma; ISS; Dorm Council. CHRISTINA CASTLE Syracuse, New York Riding Club; Judo Club; SERVE; transfer from Cazenovia Junior College. ERIC CHAIKIN Great Neck, New York Tau Epsilon Phi; Dorm Council; Resident Assistant; Old Men; Intramurals; transfer from Vanderbilt University. Ann Brown Dale Ann Carrell Christina Castle Eric Chaikin Mathematics Art History Sociology History 277 Joy S. Chambers Ronald Ciuffreda Janice Coe Economics Biofogy Psychology Ronald Cohen History Eugene Cotetti Political Science Camille E, Coltart Speech Sandra J. Collum Fine Arts L. Jane Combellack Speech Martha Conrad English Literature Frank G, Cooper Political Science JOY S. CHAMBERS Mobile, Alabama Delta Gamma — secretary; SBG; Encounter; Economics Society; Young Democrats; transfer from Univer- sity of Alabama. RONALD CIUFFREDA Sayville, New York Transfer from Nassau College. JANICE COE West Orange, New Jersey Phi Sigma Sigma; transfer from American University. RONALD COHEN Laurelton, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi — house manager; Old Men; Booster Board; University Mascot; Yell Leader; Fall Concert Committee; Intramurals. EUGENE COLETTI Port Washington, New York Transfer from St. John ' s University. CAMILLE G. COLLART Jamestown, Rhode Island Chi Omega — vice president; Cherry Tree — senior citations editor; Lifeline; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta. SANDRA J. COLLUM Muskogee, Oklahoma Young Democrats; Bowling Club; transfer from Bacone College. L. JANE COMBELLACK Pennsauken, New Jersey Pi Beta Phi— pledge trainer; University Chorus; Madrigals; Lifeline; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta; Delphi — president. MARTHA CONRAD Washington, D. C. FRANK G. COOPER Waban, Massachusetts Dean’s List; transfer from Coe College. 278 PEGGY A. COOPER Mobile, Alabama Dorm Council; University Players; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Political Affairs Society; Children’s Theatre Guild; Freshman Orientation Committee. LAUREL COWAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University Players; Sigma Alpha Eta. MAUREEN CRAIG Hyattsville, Maryland Alpha Delta Pi — president, vice president; Newman Club; Russian Club; Young Democrats; Majorline; Life- line; Alpha Theta Nu; Mortar Board; Delphi; Sigma Alpha Eta; Who’s Who. JANICE CRISMARA New York, New York Kappa Delta — social chairman; Big Sis; Welcome Week; Young Democrats; Cherry Tree. ADRIAN J. DELANEY, JR. Anthropology Club; transfer from Wheeling College. JOHN E. DENBOW WGRW; Hatchet; Press Club; Tennis. JAY DERRICKSON Anthropology Club; SERVE; Senior Honors Program. ALLAN E. DEWALL Alexandria, Virginia Beaver, Pennsylvania Washington, D. C. Arlington Heights, Illinois Geology Club; Cave Club. PAUL M. DIAMOND Yonkers, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; University Players; Campus Combo; Old Men; Press Club — secretary; Sigma Delta Chi. MARY ELLEN DIX Potomac, Maryland Peggy A. Cooper Laurel Cowan Political Science Speech Maureen Craig Speech Janice Crismara Adrian J. Delaney, Jr History Anthropology John E, Denbow Journalism Jay Derrickson Art History Allan E. DeWafl Geology Paul M Diamond Journalism Mary Ellen Dix Zoology 279 New Delhi, India SUBHASH C. DOMIR ISS — president; People to People. DORIS B. DONALD Hyattsville, Maryland ROBERT M. DOULE Middletown, New York Transfer from Orange County Community College. BONNIE DRY Chicago, Illinois CAROL DUNBAR Swanton, Ohio Dorm Council; Madrigals; University Chorus; Young Republicans; Dance Production; ISS; Big Sis; Lifeline; Tassels; Sigma Alpha Eta. JESSICA A. DUNSAY Queens, New York Sigma Delta Tau — president; Student Council — secretary; Dorm Executive Board — chairman; Dorm Council — president; Hatchet; Student Union Board; Big Sis; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tassels; Dea n’s List; Who’s Who. ROBERT DWORKOSKI Scotch Plains, New Jersey Phi Sigma Kappa; SERVE; Old Men; Hatchet; Political Affairs Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals. CHERYL EDLAVITCH Baltimore, Maryland Young Democrats; ISS. BONNIE S. EISENBERG Washington, D. C. Psi Chi; transfer from Duke University. ROBERT C. ELLIOTT Arlington, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon — vice president; Gate and Key; Basketball; Intramural Athlete of the Year. Subhash 0. Domir Doris B, Donald Robert M. Doule Bonnie Dry Biology Secretarial Administration Political Science History Carol Dunbar Psychology Jessica A. Dunsay Robert Dworkoski Cheryl Edlavitch Bonnie S. Eisenberg Robert C. Elliott Political Science Political Science Sociology Psychology Political Science 280 PHILIP EPSTEIN Washington, D. C. Hatchet — features editor; Cherry Tree — looking back editor; Hillel— vice president; ISS. NANCY ERLANGER New York, New York Phi Sigma Sigma; transfer from Endicott Junior College. TONI FALBO Silver Spring, Maryland Hatchet; People to People; Angel Flight — executive officer; Student Committee for Modified Semester; Mortar Board — historian; Tassels; Who’s Who. MARILYN L. FEDER Hanover, Pennsylvania Transfer from University of Miami. RHONA FELDMAN Rockville, Maryland Hatchet ; Young Democrats; Big Sis; Majorline; Tassels. ELIZABETH L. FELLOWS Paris, France Newman Club; Choir; transfer from American College in Paris. BRUCE FELTON Newton Centre, Massachusetts Sociology Club; Hillel; Political Affairs Society; Dance Production; University Players; Intramurals. JAMES A. FENNESSEY Washington, D. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JEANNE FERDON Queens Village, New York Kappa Alpha Theta; Dorm Council; AIESEC — treasurer; Orientation Committee. WENDY L. FIELDS New York, New York Transfer from Buffalo University; University of Siena, Italy. Philip Epstein Psychology Nancy Erlanger Sociology Toni Falbo Psychology Marilyn L, Feder Fine Arts Elizabeth Fellows Bruce Felton James A, Fennessey Jeanne Ferdon Wendy L. Fields Sociology Sociology Psychology Economics Sociology 281 Roger Finch Music Theory Michael Fingerhut Sheila Fink Jack M, Firestone Deborah Diamond Fisch Economics Political Science Music Psychology Richard E. Fish Theodore Fishman Ronald Joseph Fonte Theodora J, Forrest Vicki Fowler Sociofogy Political Science Amer Thought and Civ Mathematics Psychology ROGER FINCH Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Russian Club; Russian Choir; Alliance Francaise; German Club; Alpha Sigma Lambda. MICHAEL FINGERHUT Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Delta — corresponding secretary, vice president; Old Men; Intramurals. SHEILA FINK Great Neck, New York Sigma Delta Tau — house chairman; Young Democrats— secretary; Big Sis; Political Affairs Society. JACK M. FIRESTONE Youngstown, Ohio Alpha Epsilon Pi; President’s Committee for the Performing Arts; Hatchet; transfer from Earlham College. DEBORAH DIAMOND FISCH New York, New York Transfer from Keuka College. RICHARD E. FISH Rockville Centre, New York Phi Sigma Delta; Press Club; Hillel; Messiah Chorus; Young Democrats; Alpha Kappa Delta; Intramurals. THEODORE FISHMAN Short Hills, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi — vice president, secretary; Old Men — president; Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Or- der of Scarlet; Who’s Who. RONALD JOSEPH FONTE Canton, Ohio Intrascholastic Speech Tournament; University Players; Political Affairs Society; Hatchet. THEODORA J. FORREST Riven ale, New Jersey Angel Flight — comptroller; Alpha Lambda Delta. VICKI FOWLER Raleigh, North Carolina Psychology Club; Dean’s List; transfer from East Carolina College. 282 Axel Ivan Freudmann Lawrence Frieman French Zoology Renee Gaba Speech Jay Gaines Psychology Robert P. Gallagher Political Science James F. Galvin Larry Garfinkel Seena Gary Barry Geller Patricia A. Gearhart Psychology Journalism Political Science Zoology Psychology AXEL IVAN FREUDMANN Scarsdale, New York University Orchestra; Young Democrats; SBG; Hatchet; Delta Phi Epsilon. LAWRENCE FRIEMAN New Rochelle, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Aesculapian Society — vice president; Student Book Exchange — chairman; Inaugural Con- cert Committee; Dorm Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Order of Scarlet; Dean’s List; Intramurals. RENEE GABA Huntington, New York Young Democrats; Big Sis; Welcome Week; Sigma Alpha Eta. JAY GAINES Oceanside, New York Phrenology Club; transfer from University of Akron. ROBERT P. GALLAGHER Haverford, Pennsylvania Delta Tau Delta; AIESEC; Pre-Law Society; Old Men; Gate and Key; transfer from Villanova University. JAMES F. GALVIN Greenbeit, Maryland Sigma Chi — tribune; Gate and Key; Golf. LARRY GARFINKEL Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Delta; Hatchet, sports editor; Sigma Delta Chi — treasurer. SEENA GARY Levittown, New York Young Democrats. BARRY GELLER Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men; Pre-Med Society; Phrenology Club. PATRICIA A. GEARHART New Brighton, Pennsylvania Delta Gamma; Junior Panhel; Cheerleaders — secretary; May Day Follies Committee; Homecoming Commit- tee; Student Council. Neponsit, New York 283 Cindy Gerst Barbara Lee Giaimo Donna P. Glaser Steven B. Gold Edward Goldman Psychology Political Science Speech Psychology Economics CINDY GERST Stonybrook, New York Young Republicans; Welcome Week; The Wig; Big Sis; University Players; Volleyball. BARBARA LEE GIAIMO North Haven, Connecticut Kappa Delta; ISAB; Big Sis; Cherry Tree; Young Democrats; Intramurals. DONNA P. GLASER Kings Point, New York Inaugural Concert Committee; Fall Concert Committee; Big Sis Board; Student Union Board; Dorm Coun- cil — president; Lifeline; Hillel; Homecoming Committee; Tassels; Sigma Alpha Eta — national council. STEVEN B. GOLD Great Neck, New York Psychology Honors Program; Intramurals. EDWARD GOLDMAN Great Neck, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi— rush chairman; Old Men— secretary-treasurer; Student Union Board; Gate and Key; In- tramurals. SUSAN GOLDSMITH New York, New York Alpha Epsilon Phi — vice president, rush chairman, pledge trainer, house chairman; Welcome Week; Big Sis; Dorm Council; Young Democrats. MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN Oceanside, New York Aesculapian Society; Intramurals. MARY GOODHUE Braintree, Massachusetts Young Republicans; Pre-Med Society; Biology Lab Assistant; Political Affairs Society. KENNETH M. GOODWICH Baltimore, Maryland Alpha Epsilon Pi; Aesculapian Society — secretary; Dorm Council. MICHAEL GRABOW Englewood, New Jersey Tau Epsilon Phi— president; Gate and Key; Intramurals. Susan Goldsmith Michael Goldstein Mary Goodhue Michael Grabow Sociology Zoology Biology Sociology 284 Diann Gray Charlotte A. Greenawalt Paul Greenberg Dena Gittleman Greenstein Cynthia Grill Sociology Biology Psychology Sociology Speech DIANN GRAY Arlington, Virginia Chi Omega — president, pledge trainer, rush chairman; Big Sis — corresponding secretary; Homecoming Committee; May Day Follies; Cherry Tree — queens editor; Little Sisters of Minerva; Delphi. CHARLOTTE A. GREENAWALT Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Chi Omega; SERVE; Big Sis; transfer from Wilson College. PAUL GREENBERG Mamaroneck, New York Outing Club — president. DENA GITTLEMAN GREENSTEIN Newark, New Jersey Big Sis; Welcome Week; Young Democrats; Dorm Council — secretary; Tassels; Alpha Kappa Delta. CYNTHIA GRILL Elizabeth, New Jersey Dorm Council— president; Dorm Coordinating Council; University Players; Dance Production — executive board; Welcome Week; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta. NANCY LOUISE GUILD Chevy Chase, Maryland Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council; transfer from the College of Wooster. JOSEPH GUNNELS Arlington, Virginia University Players; Political Affairs Society; Anthropology Club; transfer from William and Mary College. MARY P. GUNNELS Arlington, Virginia Transfer from Marymount College. MARY P. HAGAN Arlington, Virginia Zeta Tau Alpha — outstanding active; Russian Club; Russian Choir; Lifeline; Tassels; Delphi; Dobro Slovo. VICKI HAMBRO Newton, Massachusetts Phi Sigma Sigma — assistant pledge trainer; Welcome Week; Big Sis; SERVE. Nancy Louise Guild Joseph Gunnels Mary P. Gunnels Mary P. Hagan Vicki Hambro History Amer Thought and Civ Amor Thought and Civ Russian English Literature 285 Julie Hammar Sociology Stanley A, Harmen English Literature John Douglas Harris Psychofogy Maria A. Harris Speech Harvey Hartstall Biology Susan E, Hays Tamar Heringman Mary Susan Herndon Susan Lynne Hilzenrath Mark Holbreich Speech Political Science Sociology Speech Amer Thought and Civ JULIE HAMMAR Erie, Pennsylvania Dorm Council — elections committee; SERVE; transfer from Pennsylvania State University. STANLEY A. HARMEN Wakefield, Massachusetts SBG; transfer from Lowell Technological Institute. JOHN DOUGLAS HARRIS Silver Spring, Maryland Phi Sigma Kappa — vice president, rush chairman, social chairman; Student Council — activities director; Stu- dent Directory; Gate and Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Theta Nu; Psychology Honors Program; Volleyball. MARIA A. HARRIS Bethesda, Maryland Delta Gamma — secretary; May Day Follies — chairman; Spring Weekend — chairman; Booster Board — co- chairman, secretary; Commuter Committee; Homecoming Committee; Queens Committee; Student Council; Big Sis; Miss Model Pledge Court; Mech Miss; Sigma Alpha Eta; Student Council Certificate of Commenda- tion; Who ' s Who. HARVEY HARTSTALL Silver Spring, Maryland SUSAN E. HAYS Arlington, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi — vice president, secretary, best pledge; Panhel — president, vice president, secretary; Lifeline; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta; Tassels; Speech Therapy Honors Program. TAMAR HERINGMAN Bethesda, Maryland Dorm Council — vice president; Young Democrats; Homecoming Queen’s Court. MARY SUSAN HERNDON Springfield, Virginia Delta Gamma — president, assistant rush chairman; Big Sis; Booster Board; Cheerleaders; Dorm Council — secretary; May Day Follies Committee; Homecoming Committee; WRA. SUSAN LYNNE HILZENRATH New York, New York Sigma Delta Tau — rush chairman; Big Sis; Dorm Council; Sigma Alpha Eta; Dean’s List. MARK HOLBREICH Huntington, New York Old Men Board; Booster Board; Phrenology Club; Intramurals; Crew. 286 Stratford, Connecticut MARSHA D. HOLLIDAY Russian Club; Field Hockey, transfer from Keuka College. DAVID CRAIG HOOD Bethesda, Maryland Sigma Chi — editor, pledge committee; Model UN Delegate; Sigma Delta Chi; Football; Intramurals; trans- fer from DePauw University, Ohio State University. TOVA INDRITZ Silver Spring Maryland Student Council; University Center Committee; SERVE; Big Sis — recording secretary, treasurer; SBG — secretary; Dorm Council; Mortar Board; Alpha Kappa Delta; Tassels; Who’s Who. MARK ISRAEL Youngsville, New York Dorm Council; Political Affairs Society — president; transfer from Orange County Community College. JANET V. JOHNSTONE River Edge, New Jersey Pi Beta Phi — corresponding secretary; Hatchet; Big Sis; SERVE. DAVID C. JORDAN Summit, New Jersey Sigma Chi — pledge trainer, rush chairman, house manager; Junior IFC — president; Alpha Phi Omega — president; Order of Scarlet; ODE; Who’s Who. SHERRY E. JOSLIN York, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi — social chairman; Cherry Tree — greek editor; transfer from Western Maryland College. CATHY ANN JUALL Hawthorne, New Jersey Transfer from Centenary College for Women. MICHAEL L. JUDY Frankfort, Kentucky Young Democrats; Newman Club; Political Affairs Society; Hatchet; Varsity Basketball. FRANCES S. KAISER Englewood, New Jersey SERVE; Folk Dance Group — manager; Student Art Assistant. Marsha D. Holliday David Craig Hood Tova Indritz Mark Israel Janet V, Johnstone Amer Thought and Civ Political Science Sociology History Art History and Theory David C, Jordan Sherry E. Joslin Cathy Ann Juall Michael L, Judy Frances $, Kaiser Economics French Sociofogy Pofitical Science Art History 287 ELIZABETH KAMP Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi — recording secretary; Tennis; transfer from Pennsylvania State University. VALERIE KARR Huntington, New York Chi Omega — corresponding secretary; Young Democrats; Bridge Club; Big Sts; Sailing Club; ISAB; trans- fer from Fairleigh Dickinson University. CLIFFORD KARY Eastchester, New York Psychology Assistant. RISA KAUFMAN Great Neck, New York Transfer from University of Alabama. STEPHANIE O. KAURIS Marblehead, Massachusetts University Players; transfer from Skidmore College. ROBIN KAYE South Hempstead, New York Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Council — president, freshman director; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Scar- let; Outstanding Sophomore Man; Who’s Who. CAROLE KEAHEY Washington, D. C. Pi Beta Phi — historian; Cave Explorers Club; University Players; Young Republicans; Miss Venus. JUDI KEMPLER Waterbury, Connecticut Sigma Delta Tau; Big Sis; Dorm Council — vice president; Welcome Week; Senior Assistant. LARRY KENT Bethesda, Maryland Sigma Chi — vice president; University Orchestra; Steering Committee for Student Recruitment; Old Men; Delta Phi Epsilon; Intramurals. WILLIAM I. KENT, JR. Penn Valley, Pennsylvania Transfer from University of Tampa. Elizabeth Kamp Valerie Karr Clifford Kary Art History and Theory Sociology Psychofogy Risa Kaufman Stephanie G, Kauris Journalism Drama Robin Kaye Carole Keahey Judi Kempler Larry Kent William I. Kent, Jr. Political Science Art History Sociology Political Science Fine Arts 288 Barbara R. Ktbler Roger Kimmel Fine Arts History Richard F. Kingham Political Science Marlene Kobre Arner Thought and Civ Alimamy N. D, Koroma Mathematical Statistics Paul Kravitz dill Kulick Lois Ellen Kullen Claire L + Kummer Harry A. Lando Zoology Socioiogy Politicai Science Economics Psychology BARBARA R. KIBLER Kingsport, Tennessee Transfer from University of North Carolina; University of Madrid, Spain. ROGER KIMMEL Huntington, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men, registrar; Order of Scarlet; Dean’s List; Varsity Soccer. RICHARD F. KINGHAM Alexandria, Virginia Phi Sigma Kappa — secretary; Old Men. MARLENE KOBRE Charlottesville, Virginia ALIMAMY N. D. KOROMA Gbabai, Sierra Leone Soccer PAUL KRAVITZ Far Rockaway, New York Phi Sigma Delta — rush chairman; Hatchet; Dorm Council — treasurer; Greek Way; Old Men; Aesculapian Society; Intramurals. JILL KULICK New York, New York Phi Sigma Sigma. LOIS ELLEN KULLEN Milton, Massachusetts Cheerleader; Cherry Tree; transfer from University of Colorado; University of Hawaii. CLAIRE L. KUMMER Lakeland, Florida Kappa Alpha Theta — vice president, house chairman; Big Sis; Lifeline; Majorline; Dorm Council — treasurer; IRHC; May Day Committee; Tassels. HARRY A. LANDO Chevy Chase, Maryland Phi Eta Sigma; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Program 289 Karen Langston Sociology Linda K. Larsen Mathematics Linda Anne LeBfanc Jill Lederman Sociology Sociology Michael H. Leeds Political Science Frances Lefkowitz Barry Levich John Levy Lynne G. Lewis History English Literature Chemistry Anthropology KAREN LANGSTON Washington, D. C. Delta Gamma; Big Sis; Newman Club; Spring Weekend Committee; transfer from St. Mary’s College. LINDA K. LARSEN Alexandria, Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma — president, treasurer, assistant rush chairman; Student Council Planning Commis- sion — secretary; Big Sis — president, membership chairman; Dorm Council; HOIST; Lifeline; Interfaith Forum Committee; Baptist Student Union; Homecoming — queens chairman; President’s Committee on Field House Study and Planning; University Disciplinary Committee; Holiday Season Committee; May Day Follies — co-chairman; Mech Miss; Engineering Queen; Delphi; Alpha Lambda Delta — president; Tassels — — president; Alpha Theta Nu; Mortar Board — corresponding secretary; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Who’s Who. LINDA ANNE LEBLANC Bethesda, Maryland Chi Omega; Dance Production; transfer from Alberta Magnus College. JILL LEDERMAN Great Neck, New York Sigma Delta Tau; Big Sis; Dorm Council — secretary; Welcome Week. MICHAEL H. LEEDS Scarsdale, New York Political Affairs Society; Young Democrats; Dean’s List; Intramurals; transfer from Hobart College. CHRISTOPHER LEET Falls Church, Virginia University Orchestra; transfer from Wabash College. FRANCES LEFKOWITZ Paterson, New Jersey Volleyball; Softball. BARRY LEVICH Sioux City, Iowa Young Republicans; transfer from University of Missouri. JOHN LEVY Orange, Connecticut SBG — pres.; Dorm Council — president; Young Republicans; Alpha Chi Sigma. LYNNE G. LEWIS Pluckemin, New Jersey LOWELL LIEBERSTEIN Pales Park, Illinois Young Republicans — vice president; SBG — co-founder, executive board; Russian Club; Delta Phi Epsilon — secretary; Dobro Slovo — treasurer; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. JULIE LITTLE Wayzata, Minnesota Chi Omega — pledge trainer; Young Republicans; Big Sis; Anthropology Club; University Players; Field Hockey Club. LINDA LODGE Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Sigma Delta Tau — social chairman; Panhellenic Council; Big Sis. ROBERT S. LONDON Baltimore, Maryland University Players; University Orchestra; University Chorus; Madrigals; Aesculapian Society; National So- ciological Honorary. IRIS L. LONG Washington, D. C. Angel Flight; Political Affairs Society. LAUREL LUNDAHL Wheaton, Illinois SERVE; transfer from Hope College. MELVILLE R. MACKLER Winnetka, Illinois Committee on the Performing Arts; University Players; Dramatic Honorary; Who ' s Who. JUDY MANNES Baltimore, Maryland Sigma Delta Tau — vice president, treasurer; Panhellenic Council; SBG — secretary; Dorm Council — schof- ardship adviser; Majorline; Careerline — chairman; Tassels. JANICE MANNINO Broomall, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma — scholarship chairman; Sailing Club; Volley Ball Team; transfer from Ohio Wesleyan. JOHN MARCUS Teaneck, New Jersey Lowell Lieberstein Julie Little Political Science Anthropology Linda N, Lodge Robert $, London Sociology Sociology iris L. Long Mathematics Laurel lundahl Melville R. Mackler Judy Mannes Janice Mannino John Marcus Biology Drama Psychology Psychology International Business 291 Carolyn Margolis Veronica Marinelli David Markman Neil Markussen Nancy Marsden Art History and Theory Chemistry Political Science Biology Mathematics CAROLYN MARGOLIS Melrose Park, Pennsylvania Sigma Delta Tau — activities chairman, corresponding secretary; Dorm Council — president; IRHC — board chairman; Big Sis; Young Democrats; Hatchet; Tassels. VERONICA MARINELLI Trenton, New Jersey Big Sis; People to People; IRHC; WRA; Lifeline; Tassels. DAVID MARKMAN Bayside, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men. NEIL MARKUSSEN Minneapolis, Minnesota Ski Club. NANCY MARSDEN Washington, D. C. Wesley Foundation; Bowling Club; Alpha Theta Nu. JAMES MARTELL Warsaw, Poland Phi Sigma Kappa — athletic chairman; ISS; Old Men; Chemistry Society. DAVID MARWICK Chevy Chase, Maryland Phi Sigma Delta; Hatchet — business manager; The Greek Way — associate editor; Old Men — secretary- treasurer; Sigma Delta Chi — charter member; Encounter — associate editor; Student Liaison Committee; Student Council — activities committee; Hillel; Order of Scarlet — treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa — sec- retary. BONNIE MASLIN West Hempstead, New York Phi Sigma Sigma — rush chairman; Young Democrats; Hillel. JUDITH E. MASON Arlington, Virginia Chi Omega — house chairman; Big Sis; Cherry Tree — honoraries co-editor; Potomac. TIM MCCARTHY New London, Connecticut Phi Sigma Kappa; transfer from Mitchell College. James Martel! David Marwick Bonnie Maslin Judith E. Mason Tim McCarthy Chemistry Economics Zoology History Political Science 292 Justine F. McClung Frank McDonald Susan McKenzie Patricia E. McMahon Mary R. Meade Art History Anthropology Anthropology English Literature Fine Arts JUSTINE F. McCLUNG New York, New York Kappa Alpha Theta; Lifeline; Welcome Week; Big Sis; All-College Swim Team. FRANK McDonald Alexandria, Virginia Transfer from Cambridge Junior College. SUSAN McKENZIE Washington, D. C. Potomac — poetry editor; Eugene E. and Agnes Myer Scholarship; transfer from Swarthmore College. PATRICIA E. McMAHON Los Angeles, California University Players— vice president; Newman Club; Young Democrats; National Collegiate Players. MARY R. MEADE Arlington, Virginia Kappa Delta — house chairman; Cherry Tree — art editor; Big Sis; Intramurals. STEPHEN E. MERMELSTEIN West Deal, New Jersey Sigma Chi— pledge trainer, social chairman; Young Republicans; Political Affairs Society; May Day Fol- lies— committee; Old Men; Economics Society. FAYE (FRANKIE) MICKELSON Washington, D. C. University Players; Children’s Theater; Dance Production; Sigma Alpha Eta; Riding Club; transfer from Boston University. MICHELLE MILIKOWSKY N ew Haven, Connecticut Transfer from Pine Manor Junior College. GREGORY B. MILLARD Houston, Texas Phi Sigma Kappa; Enosinian Debate Society — president; Student Union Board Chairman; Resident Assist- ant; Student Life Committee; National Champion, Persuasive Speaking; Order of Scarlet; Omicron Delta Kappa— president; DSA-TKA— president, regional president; Who’s Who. KEITH MILLER Washington. D. C. SERVE; People to People; Grotto Club; Intramurals; transfer from Suffolk County Community College. Gregory B. Millard Keith Miller Amer Thought and Civ Amer Thought and Civ Stephen E. Mermelstem Faye Mickelson Michelle Minkowsky Economics Speech French Literature 293 Laura Monahan William L. Monroe Amer Thought and Civ Statistics Cheryl A, Morgan Biology Ruth Morton English Literature Christine Murphy Political Science Nanette Neely Jeffrey Robert Newhall Donald Noble Jeffrey B, Norman Helen ObrdlrK Economics Political Science Chemistry Political Science Medical Technology LAURA MONAHAN New York, New York Alpha Delta Pi. WILLIAM L. MONROE Washington, D. C. Bowling Club. CHERYL A. MORGAN Poughkeepsie, New York Big Sis; Dorm Council; University Players. RUTH MORTON Akron, Ohio SERVE; Biology Reorganization Committee; Dean’s List. CHRISTINE MURPHY Kansas City, Kansas Kappa Kappa Gamma — assistant pledge trainer, vice president; Big Sis; Newman Club; Young Democrats; Booster Board; Student Council — secretary, vice president; IRHC— chairman; Cultural Foundation — chair- man; Marjorline; NAS — regional chairman; Political Science Interne; Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon; Mortar Board; Tassels — secretary; Who’s Who. NANETTE NEELY Economics Club; transfer from University of South Carolina. JEFFREY ROBERT NEWHALL Young Republicans; Political Affairs Society; SERVE. DONALD E. NOBLE Dorm Council — president. JEFFREY B. NORMAN Young Democrats; Hiflel; Meet the Professor Series — chairman. HELEN OBRDLIK Richmond, Virginia Washington, D. C. Aberdeen, Maryland Bethesda, Maryland Rye, New York 294 Harriet S. Odenheimer Laurence M. Onie Marilyn G. Ofitell Mary Francis Organ Charles Ory Political Science Political Science Latin American Civ History Economics Julie Ann Osfer Speech Sara Lvnne Pace Niki Papanicolas Leon Papir Amer Though and Civ English Literature Spanish Literature HARRIET S. ODENHEIMER Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Young Democrats; Political Affairs Society; Dean’s List. LAURENCE M. ONIE New York, New York Dorm Council — president; Homecoming — committee chairman; Young Democrats — executive board; Delta Phi Epsilon — executive board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Scarlet; Alpha Theta Nu; Who’s Who; Tennis Team. MARILYN G. ONTELL Hillside, New Jersey Sigma Delta Tau; Dorm Council; Young Democrats; SERVE; Junior Year Abroad, University of Madrid. MARY FRANCIS ORGAN Northampton, Massachusetts Phi Sigma Sigma; Big Sis — executive board; Lifeline; Majorline — chairman; Dorm Council; WRA; Student Liaison Committee; Tassels; Alpha Theta Nu; Student Council Certificate of Appreciation; Who’s Who. CHARLES ORY Dallas, Texas Sigma Chi — president; Hatchet — headline editor, layout editor, greek editor, photo editor; Student Coun- cil; Old Men — executive board; Order of Scarlet— Board of Governors; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who’s Who. JULIE ANN OSLER New York, New York Dorm Council — vice president; Hillel; Young Democrats; Student Union Board; MMBB; Sigma Alpha Eta. SARA LYNNE PACE Arlington, Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma — secretary; Christian Science Organization — president; Ecumenical Council; Student Recruitment Committee; Dorm Council; Political Affairs Society; Homecoming Committee; Engineering Queen’s Court; transfer from Rider College. NIKI PAPANICOLAS Arlington, Virginia Pi Beta Phi; transfer from Pfeiffer College. LEON PAPIR Allentown, Pennsylvania Dorm Council; Sigma Delta Pi; Dean’s List; Soccer Club; transfer from Long Island University. ELSIE PARADIES Manila, Philippines Delta Gamma — historian; ISS; Homecoming — committee chairman; transfer from Chestnut Hill College. 295 MICHAEL S. PARISH Springfield, Massachusetts Alpha Epsilon Pi; Old Men; Cultural Committee; Fall Concert; Homecoming; Hatchet; Dean’s List; Delta Phi Epsilon. BRENDA E. PARKER Washington, D. C. Hatchet; Newman Club; Political Affairs Society; Tassels. DIANNE C. PARRISH Washington, D. C. Wesley Foundation-board member; Dean’s List. JOSEPH PASCAL, JR. Maplewood, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi — secretary; Student Union Board — secretary; Old Men Board; Pre-Medical Society — treas- urer; Hatchet; Alpha Phi Omega; Gate and Key; Intramurals. LINDA PASCALE Asbury Park, New Jersey Welcome Week; Peace Corps Support Group. STEVEN PERLMAN Old Men; Booster Board; Phrenology Club; Intramurais. IRENE PHILIP Hatchet — news editor, copy editor, photo editor; LE AP; Anthropology Club. JACQUELINE ANNE PHILLIPS Hatchet ; Big Sis; WRA; Aescupalian Society. BARBARA A. POLAY Norfolk, Virginia Young Democrats; Dorm Council; Big Sis — executive board; Lifeline; Co-Ed; Hillel; Freshman Advisor; Mortar Board — vice president; Tassels, advisor; Hillel Achievement Award; Who ' s Who. JERILYNN I. POWELL Springfield, Virginia Kappa Delta — secretary, rush chairman; Big Sis; Cherry Tree — organizations editor; Russian Club; Dobro Slovo; Dean’s List; Tassels. Brooklyn, New York Wanamassa, New Jersey Washington, D. C. Michael S. Parish Political Science Brenda E, Parker Dianne 0, Parrish Joseph Pascal, Jr. Linda Pascale Mathematical Statistics Mathematics Zoology Zoology Steven Perlman Irene Philip Jacqueline Anne Phillips Barbara A. Polay Jenlynn I. Powell Psychology Anthropology Zoology Journalism Russian 296 Arlington, Virginia RICHARD B. PRICE Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KAY QUINN Washington, D. C. Zeta Tau Alpha — pledge mistress, vice president; ISAB; French Club; Italian Club; University Chorus; Big Sis; May Day Committee; transfer from Radford College, Old Dominion College, University of Hawaii. BARRY RATHNER Chevy Chase, Maryland Phi Sigma Delta — social chairman; Student Directory — business manager; Hatchet; Old Men; Enosinian De- bate Society; Fall Concert. FAY ONEAL REDWINE Media, Pennsylvania lota Sigma Pi— vice president; transfer from Pennsylvania State University. DAVID REED Jersey City, New Jersey Delta Tau Delta; Dean’s List; Gate and Key; transfer from New England College. MADELEINE S. REINES Silver Spring, Maryland Big Sis; Committee on Academic Policy; Tassels; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Theta Nu; lota Sigma Pi — president; Mortar Board. GARY W. RICHARDSON Branford, Connecticut Sigma Phi Epsilon — social chairman; Young Democrats; Gate and Key. LENORE M. RICHMAN Brooklyn, New York Delta Phi Epsilon — charter member; SERVE; Big Sis; Riding Club. SUSAN B. RICKER Narberth, Pennsylvania Kappa Delta — president, editor; Cherry Tree — senior editor, underclassmen editor; Tassels; Delphi. KATHLEEN RIORDAN New Haven, Connecticut Zeta Tau Alpha; Big Sis; Newman Club; transfer from College of New Rochelle. Richard B. Price Sociology Kay Quinn Barry Rathner Speech and Drama Economics Fay Oneal Redwine David Reed Zoology History Madeleine S. Reines Gary W. Richardson Lenore M. Richman Susan B. Ricker Kathleen Riordan Chemistry Psychology Sociology History Economics 297 Linda A. Ristey Elizabeth M. Ritenour Harvey I. Robins Judy Rogoff Economics Political Science Sociology Speech Ann Rosenberg Sociology LINDA A. RfSLEY Transfer from Muhlenberg College, Kutztown State University. Kutztown, Pennsylvania ELIZABETH M. RITENOUR Hackensack, New Jersey Delta Gamma; Dorm Council — president, secretary; Cheerleaders — co-captain; Booster Board — chairman; Young Democrats; Tassels; Mortar Board; Andy Davis Award; Who ' s Who. HARVEY I. ROBINS Hewlett, New York Dorm Council; People to People; Orientation; Resident Assistant; Student Recruitment; Career Leadership Training Conference — chairman; Student Advisor; Old Men; Cherry Tree — photo editor; Red Cross Chair- man; Alpha Phi Omega — Charter member; Who’s Who; transfer from University of Akron. JUDY ROGOFF New York, New York Sigma Delta Tau — vice president, pledge trainer; treasurer; SERVE; Big Sis; Dorm Council; Campus Com- bo; Delphi — treasurer. ANN ROSENBERG South Orange, New Jersey JANE N. ROSSIGNOLI Rhode Island Transfer from University of Rhode Island. MIRIAM RUCHWARGER Oxon Hill, Maryland Young Democrats; Tassels. THOMAS P. RUTH Sigma Alpha Epsilon; transfer from Vanderbilt University. CYNTHIA SACK Young Democrats; transfer from Hartford College for Women. PEGGY SALTZSTEIN ISS; People to People; Alliance Francaise; transfer from Smith College. Haverford, Pennsylvania Bloomfield, Connecticut Washington, D. C. Jane N. Rossignoli Miriam Ruchwarger Thomas P. Ruth Cynthia Sack Peggy Saltzstein English Political Science Sociology Political Science French 298 Gale Sanderson Joan A. Sargent Barbara Sautter Richard Scharer Arlene Schmaier Biology Political Science Political Science Political Science Psychology GALE SANDERSON New York, New York Newman Club; Horseback Riding Club; Ski Club; transfer from Elizabeth Seton Junior College. JOAN A. SARGENT Arlington, Virginia Pi Beta Phi — pledge trainer; transfer from Bucknell University. BARBARA SAUTTER West Orange, New Jersey Messiah Chorus; SERVE; Big Sis; Young Democrats; Cherry Tree — organizations editor; Tassels. RICHARD SCHARER New York, New York SERVE; transfer from Washington and Jefferson College. ARLENE SCHMAIER Belmar, New Jersey Phi Sigma Sigma — corresponding secretary, rush chairman; Junior Panhellenic Council; Young Democrats; Dorm Council. STEVEN N. SCHNOLL South Orange, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Law Society; Alpha Kappa Delta; Intramurals; transfer from University of Akron. WALTER H. SCHOELLKOPF Washington, D. C. Transfer from Randolph Macon College. ROBERT J. SCHULMAN West Hartford, Connecticut Phi Sigma Delta — vice president, historian; Old Men; Dorm Council; Hatchet 1 , Biology Lab Assistant; Fall Concert; May Day Concert; Booster Board; Intramurals. DAVID M. SEAGER Rochester, New York JOANNA SEATON Merchantville, New Jersey Delta Gamma; Big Sis; SERVE; Booster Board; Intramurals; transfer from Roanoke College. Steven N. Schnoll Walter H. Schoellkopf David M. Seager Joanna Seaton Sociology Psychology Commercial Art Sociology 299 David J. Segal History Karen Shachian Philosophy Jan Alexis Shirley Political Science Hannah J. Shklar Art History James H. Shulman Political Science Jeffrey R. Siegel LaVonne Siege! Carolyn Smith Elizabeth Smith Political Science History Philosophy History DAVID J. SEGAL Teaneck, New Jersey Sigma Phi Epsilon. KAREN SHACHIAN Weehawken, New Jersey Phi Sigma Tau; transfer from Cedar Crest College. JAN ALEXIS SHIRLEY Virginia Beach, Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma — registrar; transfer from University of Maryland in Munich. HANNAH J. SHKLAR White Plains, New York Student Directory; Hillel. JAMES H. SHULMAN Hartford, Connecticut Student Life Committee; Parents Weekend — chairman; Old Men; Young Democrats; Pre-Law Society — exec- utive board; Delta Phi Epsilon— president; Hatchet; Student Recruitment — steering committee; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Scarlet; Who ' s Who. JEFFREY R. SIEGEL Clifton, New Jersey Delta Phi Epsilon, treasurer. LAVONNE SIEGEL Euclid, Ohio Zeta Tau Alpha; SERVE; Big Sis; transfer from Mike College. RICHARD P. SIMONS Stonington, Connecticut Sigma Phi Epsilon — vice president, treasurer, house manager, historian; Varsity Riflery. CAROLYN SMITH Portland, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta — treasurer; Enosinian Debate Society — president, vice president; Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha — secretary, treasurer; Philosophy Club — secretary, treasurer; Student Council Committee on the Performing Arts; Orientation Committee; Careerline; Big Sis; Majorline; Student Liaison Committee; Tassels; Who’s Who. ELIZABETH SMITH Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Sigma; Big Sis; Mortar Board; transfer from University of Wisconsin. 300 Stamford, Connecticut l“ A 1 HIUIA J. SMITH Kappa Alpha Theta — treasurer; Big Sis; SERVE; transfer from Boston University. JANICE SNOW Cranston, Rhode Island SERVE; Madrigals; University Choir; Newman Club; Troubadors; Sigma Alpha Nu. ERICA R. SOMMERS Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Student Union Board; Booster Board; Young Democrats; Tassels; transfer from Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. STEVEN M. SPECTOR Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Delta; Hatchet — business manager; Old Men; Book Exchange — treasurer; Hi! lei ; Trustee Schol- arship; Dean’s List; Order of Scarlet; Alpha Theta Nu — vice president. NAOMI J. SPINRAD New York, New York Sigma Delta Tau — historian; Big Sis; Student Directory; Cherry Tree — senior editor, underclassmen editor; Alternate Senior Assistant; Dean ' s List; SDT Scholarship Award. MARSHA SPRINTZ Glen Cove, New York Hatchet — features editor, copy editor; Young Democrats — vice president; Political Affairs Society; Wel- come Week; Student Union Board; Tassels; Alumni Scholarship. KENNETH WINSTON STARR San Antonio, Texas Young Democrats; Delta Phi Epsilon; Dean’s List. DIANE B. STAT Wilmington, Delaware Dorm Council; University Players; transfer from University of California at Berkeley. NINA STEIN Lloyd Harbor, New York Tassels. LINDA STEINMAN transfer from Boston University. Washington, D. C. Patricia J. Smith Political Science Janice Snow English Literature Erica R. Sommers Sociology Steven M. Spector Economics Naomi J. Spinrad Psychology Marsha Sprintz Kenneth Winston Starr Diane B. Stat Nina Stein Linda Steinman Amer Thought and Civ Political Science Journalism French Literature Sociology 301 JUDITH STERN South Orange, New Jersey Young Democrats; transfer from Cedar Crest College, CHARLES G. STEVENS Washington, D, C. Transfer from University of Rochester. MARILYN A. STEWART Washington, D. C. Dance Production; Trustee Scholarship. RICHARD STOWER New Rochelle, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi — treasurer, corresponding secretary; Old Men; transfer from University of Cincinnati. DOREEN STRACHMAN Silver Spring, Maryland University Orchestra; transfer from Montgomery Junior College and Stern College for Women. MARLENE STYPHER Silver Spring, Maryland Dance Production; Sigma Alpha Eta — secretary. BARRY SUDE Long Island, New York Alpha Epsilon Pi. CRAIG F. SULLIVAN Madison, New Jersey Resident Assistant; Order of Scarlet; Varsity Crew — captain; Who’s Who. EILEEN SUSSMAN Washington, D. C. Alpha Epsilon Phi — treasurer. DIANE J. SWARTZ Newton, Massachusetts People to People; Lifeline; Careerline; Hillel; ISS; Cherry Tree; Big Sis; Welcome Week; Sigma Delta Pi; Tassels. Judith Stem Political Science Chartes G. Stevens Economics Marilyn A, Stewart Psychology Richard Stower History Doreen Strachman Psychology Marlene Stypher Barry Sude Craig F. Sullivan Eileen Sussman Diane J. Swartz Speech History Economics Sociology Spanish 302 Bob Swegart Robert Swenson Larry Tabick Psychology A met Thought and Civ History Gary David Tangedahl Peter Tarlow Political Science Spanish Paula Tarnogorski Elizabeth-Anne Taylor Keith Taylor Susanne D Thevenet John O. Thompson, Jr Speech History History Political Science Political Science BOB SWEGART Boston, Massachusetts ROBERT SWENSON Greenwich, Connecticut Transfer from New England College. LARRY TABICK New York, New York LE AP; Dean’s List. GARY DAVID TANGEDAHL Warwick, New Jersey Phi Sigma Kappa; Student Directory— business manager; Spring Weekend — chairman; transfer from Orange County Community College. PETER TARLOW Verona, New Jersey Tau Epsilon Phi — secretary; Spanish Club; Hillel — treasurer; Old Men; Young Democrats; ISS. PAULA TARNOGORSKI Daytona Beach, Florida Messiah Chorus; Newman Club; Sigma Alpha Eta. ELIZABETH ANNE TAYLOR Sudbury, Massachusetts Canterbury Association; IRHC — secretary; Young Republicans. KEITH TAYLOR McBain, Michigan Transfer from Hope College. SUSANNE D. THEVENET Northvale, New Jersey Big Sis; Young Democrats; IRHC; Homecoming Committee; United Christian Fellowship; Pre-Law Society. JOHN O. THOMPSON, JR. Poolesville, Maryland 303 PATRICIA THOMPSON Liberty, New York Sigma Delta Pi. CHARLES L. TRICHILO Alexandria, Virginia Alpha Chi Sigma — treasurer. MARGARET TWISS Potomac, Maryland Kappa Alpha Theta — corresponding secretary; University Players; Pantomime Group; Shakespearean Work- shop; Miss Model Pledge Court; transfer from American College in Paris. LYNNE UMANS Chevy Chase, Maryland ISS — recording secretary; Hillel. ELIZABETH W. VAN CISE Garden City, New York Kappa Kappa Gamma; Big Sis; Miss Model Pledge Court; transfer from University of Colorado. JOAN C. VAN BLAKE Plainfield, New Jersey Commuter Committee; Young Democrats; Dance Production; SERVE; SBG; Le Cercle Francais; transfer from Newark State College. DONALD VAN DE WATER Palm Beach, Florida WRGW; transfer from Boston University. MARTHA VAN OGTROP Aruba, Netherlands Antilles Newman Club; Basketball; transfer from Notre Dame College. ERIC P. VAN SWOL GUNDUZ Y. H. VASSAF ISS — president; University Players; Hatchet; Varsity Soccer. Alexandria, Virginia Istanbul, Turkey Patricia Thompson Spanish Literature Charles L Triehilc Chemistry Margaret Twiss Lynne Umans Speech and Drama Sociology Elizabeth W, Van Cise Sociology Joan C. Van Blake Sociology Donald Van de Water Zoology Martha Van Ogtrop English Literature Eric P. Van Swol Geography Gunduz Y.H. Vassaf Psychology 304 Paul J. Vella Political Science Pamela Verbryeke Sociology Amalia Viquez Psychology Marjorie Watkins Journalism Mary C. Watkins Art History Eric Weil History Elisabeth L. Welntraub Sociology Simma Weintraub Fine Arts Kenneth Weissblum Psychology Charles Wender Political Science PAUL J. VELLA Albany, New York Young Democrats — vice president; ISS; transfer from Junior College of Albany. PAMELA VERBRYCKE Westmoreland Hills, Maryland Alpha Delta Pi — social chairman; Big Sis; SERVE. AMALIA VIQUEZ Managua, Nicaragua ISS; Horseback Riding; transfer from San Francisco Junior College. MARJORIE WATKINS Kappa Delta — editor; Hatchet; transfer from Pine Manor Junior College. Glencoe, Illinois MARY C. WATKINS Pi Beta Phi — recording secretary; transfer from Mt. Holyoke College. ERIC WEIL Alpha Epsilon Pi. ELIZABETH L. WEINTRAUB Pep Band; Welcome Week. Washington, D. C. New York, New York Brentwood, New York SIMMA WEINTRAUB Baltimore, Maryland Phi Sigma Sigma — president; Student Council; Spring Weekend — chairman; IRHC; COED — editor; Presi- dent’s Committee on the Performang Arts; Hillel; Tassels — treasurer; Delphi; Andy Davis Award; Who’s Who. KENNETH WEISSBLUM Far Rockaway, New York Tau Epsilon Phi — social chairman; Student Council; Booster Board; Old Men; Student Union Board; Pep Club; SBG; Young Democrats; Commuters Committee; May Day Follies Committee; Elections Committee; Judo Club— director; Alpha Phi Omega; Aescufapian Society. CHARLES WENDER New York, New York Phrenology Club David C. Wenner Kurt Wentz Charles A. Wheeler Allan Lee White Gregg Wilcove Sociology History Economics Geography Psychology DAVID C. WENNER Orangeville, Pennsylvania Kappa Delta Pi; transfer from Bloomsburg State College, University of the Americas, National University of Mexico, University of Madrid. KURT WENTZ Shaker Heights, Ohio CHARLES A. WHEELER Santurze, Puerto Rico Tau Kappa Epsilon — treasurer; Economics Society; Young Republicans; Gate and Key; Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramurals; transfer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. ALLAN LEE WHITE Worcester, Massachusetts SERVE; transfer from Clark University. GREGG WILCOVE Rochester, New York Phi Sigma Kappa — house manager; Booster Board; Riflery; Old Men. DAVID F. WILLIAMS Stamford, Connecticut Sigma Chi; Agora — chairman; Outing Club — president University Center Committee; Resident Assistant; Alumni Relations Committee; Delta Phi Epsilon; Order of Scarlet — president; Student Council Certificate of Commendation; Mountain Climbing; Ice Skating. DAVID B. WINTER Brooklyn, Michigan Transfer from Antioch College. MARGARET M. WOLF West Orange, New Jersey Big Sis; Young Democrats; Dorm Council; Hillel; People to People; Homecoming Committee; Sigma Alpha Eta — vice president. MERILEE WOLFSON Newton, Massachusetts Dorm Council; Big Sis; Sigma Alpha Eta; Young Democrats. MARSHALL ALLAN WORDEN Oroville, California Professor Evaluation — chairman, vice chairman; SBG — executive board; Young Republicans; Student Coun- cil Reorganization Committee chairman; Student Liaison Committee; Order of Scarlet; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who’s Who. David F. Williams David B. Winter Margaret M. Wolf Merilee A. Wolfson Marshall Allan Worden History Biology Speech Speech Geography 306 Warren P. Yarnell Political Science William Yefen Psychology James W. Zigtar Political Science Ronald D. Blaustein History WARREN P. YARNELL Silver Spring, Maryland Debating Team; Young Democrats; Hillel; Dean’s List. WILLIAM YELEN Great Neck, New York Dean ' s List. JAMES W. ZIGLAR Pascagoula, Mississippi Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Council; Committee on Student Rights and Responsibilities — chairman; Na- tional Involvements Committee; Commuter Committee; Order of Scarlet; Who ' s Who. RONALD D. BLAUSTEIN Dorm Council; Cherry Tree; SBG; Lacrosse. Baltimore, Maryland 307 Congratulations, students, for preparing yourselves to take your places in society. Education pro duces maturity. Maturity governs action. May your maturity be clearly demonstrated — especially as you drive your automobile. A FRIEND OF G.W.U. BASSIN’S G. W. INN 20th Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Open 24 Hours 365 Days a Year “NEVER EVER CLOSED " Kosher Corned Beef — Spaghetti — Pizza Beer— Cocktails Phone 20th St. Pa. Ave. N. W. Washington , D. C. FRANKLIN UNIFORM COMPANY 900 llth Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. OPEN SUNDAYS FROM 12:30 Serving only the very finest 1615 Rhode Island Ave. N.W. e 296-7750 DANCING ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY In the new downtown Holiday Inn Free Valet Parking Alter 6 P,M. Credit Cards Honored 309 COLUMBIA PIKE and SO. GLEBE ROAD ARLINGTON, VA. JA. 4-8700 VIENNA RESTAURANT 2122 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 36 Years Serving Better Food 310 Washington s largest financial institution continues to offer every hanking facility, including EDUCATION LOANS PRIMARY SCHOOL PREPARATORY SCHOOL UNIVERSITY FULL-TIME POST GRADUATE Riggs Education Loans will provide money to cover tuition, room, board and other expenses closely related to your education. Your loan will be discounted at a rate of only 3V2% Comprehensive in scope — simplified in operation- - and with a flexibility that allows it to fit your needs, a Riggs Education Loan can he quickly and easily arranged. For full information, call STerling 3-5600 and ask for the Education Loan Department. o nati ° nal The KlVjrOb bank Washington’s Largest Bank • Founded 1836 Member — Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member — Federal Reserve System 311 for all of your textbooks . . , and OUTLINE SERIES too. B N College Outlines Littlefield Adams Outlines Monarch Outlines Cliffs Notes Hymarx Schaums Law Outlines; Smith Review Burby Review Hornbooks Gilbert Outlines American Law Co. Briefs 312 ROGER SMITH HOTEL 18th and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W, PHONE 298-7200 Closest Hotel to GW Campus Excellent Hotel Accommodations Two Blocks From the Campus Breakfast Lunch Dinner Steak House for Specialty Items Barber Shop Beauty Parlor SORRENTO ROOM Fine Italian Food LUNCHEON COCKTAILS DINNER MARROCCOS 3 Blocks West White House Member Diners Club 1911 Penna. Ave. N.W. FE. 8-0664 ADDING A DIMENSION TO STUDENT DINING You did it, Class of ’67 ! Congratulations ! 313 when you need need (riffith FIRST FOR FUEL FOR 70 YEARS 737-9547 Golden Fuel Oil Delivered In Our Fleet of Golden-Yellow Trucks PARK LANE PHARMACY Just Off the Campus 2029 I St., N.W. FE 7-6424 Fountain Cosmetic PAUL L. BRAND SON Audio-Visual Equipment Films 2153 K St., N. W. Washington, D. C. 20037 337-1800 Sales — Rentals — Service Gentlemen ' s Clothing Ladies ' Sportswear WM. FOX co. 1926 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Foggy Bottom, Washington, D, C. 314 Compliments of CHAS. H. TOMPKINS CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS a division of J. A. Jones Construction Company 1325 E Street, N.W, 393-0770 DUPLICATING • PRINTING • MIMEOGRAPHING MAILING • PHOTOCOPYING SO NEAR TO YOU! 820-20th STREET, N. W. EX-SPEED-ITE SERVICE, INC. for Free Pick Up and Delivery Service Phone 333-4400 315 BANK From The Officers and Directors of the Madison National Bank In appreciation of your patronage. Main Office: 1730 M. Street, N. W. Branch Office: 1800 C. Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. 296-8500 We have confidence in you . . . and our confidence is in your interest. Member: F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System EXPRESS ITS APPRECIATION TO THESE MEMBERS OF THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY FOR THEIR HELP: Mr. Don Winkler and the Public Relations Office Berl Brechner and the Hatchet staff Dean Elmer Louis Kayser Mr. Harvey Brasse Mr. Jack Zane and the Athletic Office Mr. Billy DeRosa Miss Pat Parsons Miss Susan Donahoe Mr. Elwood Smith and the Alumni Office Dr. Andrew Gyory Dr. Hugh LeBlanc Mr. Robert C. Willson 316 i i l - • j Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY m North Coro 1 1 no : z: it::- r

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