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The George W ashington ( diversity i a Leary Special Co licet ions Division DO r S Hor CIRttHA £ A100DS TST ' HL n . o 3 t — J Aj’ M SiflA c., - ■ ■ 6; ft c. IVa J4ere A the BOOK WE HOPE YOU LIKE IT v ecaiilna EVENTS . . . WHICH WILL BRING TO YOU PLEASANT MEMORIES OF THIS YEAR OF RUSH PARTIES, BUFF ' N BLUES, C THE MADE THIS AN EXCITING YEAR. tf WAS WORK WORK HkSS LABS, LECTURES, BOOKS, CV AMS, STUDY AND MORE STUDY- SEMESTER I’M GOING TO STUDY DAY! " BUT WHEN IT’S ALL OVER T SO BAD, AND PERHAPS WE ACQUIRED A LITTLE MORE KNOWLEDGE. MM AFTER CLASSES— OFF TO THE ROOMS, " B ' s, " QUIGS, OR THE STUDENT FOOD, OR MUSIC, ESE ARE COL- ■ § m l l ) L . jH Fc Jhe 194-4 CHERRY TREE . . . PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STU- DENTS, IS PROUD IN THIS YEAR OF WAR TO BE ABLE TO PRESENT THIS RECORD OF STUDENT LIFE IN STORY AND PIC- TURE. TO CAMPUS ACTIVITIES, WHICH HAVE ALL MET HARDSHIPS, BUT IN THE FACE OF THEM HAVE SURVIVED, WE DEDICATE THIS ISSUE. Oke GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, D. C. . 1 1 LOOKING EAST FROM 2 1ST AND G STREETS CLOYD HECK MARVIN President of the University HALL OF GOVERNMENT X . K -jB sB X OFFICERS VINNIE BARROWS Director of Personnel Guidance WALTER BLOEDORN Deen of the School of Medicine OF ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM VAN VLECK Dean of the law School WARREN WEST Assistant Dean of the School of Government WILLIAM JOHNSTONE Dean of the Junior College FREDERICK FEIKER Dean of the School of Engineering WILLIAM BRIGGS Dean of the School of Pharmacy ELMER KAYSER Dean of University Students SIDNEY HALL Director of the Division of Extension CHRISTOPHER GARNETT Acting Dean of the Columbian College JAMES FOX Dean, of the School of Education f 13 | CHARLES DAUGHERTY President CHARLES DAUGHERTY President VIV1ANNE HOOPPAW Vice-President DOROTHY WOLF Secretary JEAN CROWTHER . . Comptroller VIRGINIA NALLS Social Chairman BILL GRAVER (In service) Activities Director VI VI ANNE HOOPPAW Activities Director EDWARD SHAPIRO Freshman Director PAULINE GISH Publicity Director MARY LEW FITZSIMMONS Program Director MARSHALL GARDNER (in service) Advocate BILL McCABE [In service) Advocate GEOFFREY CHFW (February graduate) Advocate LUTHER BRADY Advocate To the Left, Top to Bottom; Vivianne Hooppaw, Dorothy Wolf, Jean Crowther. Luther Brady. Geoffrey Chew, Mary Lew Fits Sim mods. Below’ Virginia Nails, Edward Shapiro, Pauline Gish. LOU BERKLEY . JANE GASS LOIS SMITH CHARLES SHINN [Tn service] TOM PHILLIPS MAYBELLE HUGHES . . . . JIMMY HUDDLESTON . . . JEAN KOPPIALKY PAT ORR , , , JESSMA OSLIN VIRGINIA JONES EILEEN SHANAHAN . . . . JESSMA OSLIN BETTY MUNSON ...... MARIE- LOUISE RALPH . . . Engineers Representative School of Pharmacy Representative Buff ' n Blue Director Buff ' n Blue Director ...... Buff ' n Blue Director Book Store for Students Book Store for Students War Planning Committee Chairman . Victory Service Drive Chairman Forum Director . . Cherry Blossom Drive Director Student life Committee Student Life Committee ..... Student Life Committee . . . . . Student Life Committee The job of adjusting student activities to a war-time basis was one which faced this Council, end the fact that most of the activities survived and new ones were formed is proof that the work of the ’43- ' 44 Council was commendable. STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right: Berkley, Gish, Nalls, Crowther, Daugherty, Hooppaw, Wolf, Brady. P U B L I C A LAW REVIEW Published quarterly by the University and edited by the faculty and students of the Law School The " Review ' 1 is devoted exclusively to state and federal public law. The Student Editors are chosen each year from those students who have attained either Senior or Junior standing In their work for the degree in Law with an average grade of 8 or higher, FACULTY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF S. Chesterfield Oppenbeim FACULTY BOARD OF ASSOCIATE EDITORS Dean, William Van Vleck Forrester Davison William Compton John Mclntire Clarence Miller William Fryer Charles Collier Chester Ward Carville Benson Hector Spaulding BOARD OF DEPARTMENTAL ADVISORY EDITORS CLYDE ATCHISON Interstate Commerce CHARLES WARREN Constitutional Legal History JAMES MURDOCK International Law LOYD SUTTON Patent Law LOUIS CALDWELL Radio and Communications CHARLES HAMEL Taxation BOARD OF STUDENT EDITORS PHILIP CHALMERS . Student Editor-in-Chief DANIEL CRYSTAL . . Editorial Notes MARY SHREVE ... Editorial Notes GORDON CALVERT Recent Cases MADALINE REMMLEIN . . ......... . . Recent Cases GEORGE FROST Patents AARON LAYNE . . . .... Ops, Attorney General NORMA HATFIELD Book Reviews Softwood Dodson Joseph Katz Eugene M ulholland Madora Doherty William Kilgore William Price Frank Gallivan Ernest Kimpel Don Raymond Jack Hall Annabelle Mclntire Norris Ruckman Morris Horowitz Eugene Malfyck Robert Scott Amerst Huson James Minor Edwin Smith WILLIAM KILGORE Editorial Secretary On war leave. 1943-44. T I 0 N ★ S 3L HATCHET EILEEN SHANAHAN Editor Published weekly from September to June by the students. " The Hatchet is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. EILEEN SHANAHAN BERTIE STAMM . . LLOYD I DOINGS . . JOHN MATTHEWS BILL LESNIAK . . . ..... Editor Advertising Manager . . , Photographer . , Photographer . . . , Cartoonist Nancy A wire y Don Balfour Cliff Carlstedt SENIOR STAFF Kathleen Goodwin Barbara Groat Dave Mulcahy JUNIOR STAFF Jeff Abercrombie Chrystine Banner Catherine Barry Luther Brady Janet Evans Doris Frazier Juanita Hall Mervin Lewis Margaret Lynn Anne Peterson Alice Robert Larry Strickland Mary Jane Whittlesey Louise Williams Left Column: Brady, Briley, Dubendorf, Groat. Lewis, Perwirr. Right Column: Banner, Carlstedt, Goodwin, Hall, Lynn, Whittlesey. " Shanny " edits. . . , Mulcahy, Brady and Lewis work on a hot tip. , . , Groat, Goodwin, Strickland, Evans, Williams, Lynn busy on their assignments. . , . The Senior Staff. . . . Reviewing the job. . . . Any news for " The Hatchet " ? DL CHERRY TREE MARY RING CAROLYN LYON MARY BETH SHEPPARD . , ANN ROSS . HERBERT HALBERSTADT . . JANE LESH PEGGYJANE LONG . . . LLOYD IDD1NGS JOHN MATTHEWS . . . MARGERY GESSFORD . . ELIZABETH WELLS . . . AVONNE ALLEN MARGARET LYNN .... JOHN PARAS KEVAS . . . LJ LA FUNDABURK DOROTHY SNYDER . . . . Editor . r Business Manager . . Business Manager . . . Make-Up Editor Associate Photographer . Photographic Editor Photographic Editor Student Photographer Student Photographer , Organizations Editor .... Senior Editor .... Copy Editor . . , . Sports Editor Advertising Manager _ . Publicity Manager . Circulation Manager MARY RING JUNIOR STAFF Editor Rhea Blake Julia Hildebrand Luther Brady John Ledbetter Betty Brodddus Julia Ledbetter Alice Calkins Felicia Miller George Conrad Nancy Misson • Harriet Curry Thomas Phillips Bette Dawson Frances Puryear Barbara Groat Gertrude Sapin Henry Heine Mary Webster Jane Stauffer ALLEN GESSFORD FUNDABURK HALBERSTADT IDOINGS LESH LYON MATTHEWS PARASKEVAS ROSS SHEPPARD SNYDER WELLS THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS 120 ] [ 21 ) MUSIC ART AND DRAMA M DR. BOB " DR. ROBERT R HARMON . . . . Director MRS. ROBERT H. HARMON Accompanist WOMEN S CLUB First Sopranos: Nancy Awtrey Dorothy Butkelew Beryl Conklin Marianne Edge Lorraine Griggs Mona Jean Keesfing Carolyn Lyon Dorothy McCann Valerie Popham Mary Rounds Betty Lou Trowbridge Margaret Truman Second Sopranos: Betsy Barrow June Cohen First Tenors: Don Balfour John Britt Robert Hansen John Mitchell Lee Page Thomas Ritchie Second Tenors: William Bischoff Lois Ann Conklin Dorothy Eggeling Pauline Gish Ida Jo Grigg Mary Guillet Jane Lingo Gertrude MacNabb Charlotte Maleti Emma Montgomery Edith Norris Mere Riddell Mary Ring Evelyn Shudde Chairmen Tompkins Ruth Votaw MENS Luther Brady Lloyd Hunter Jim McCcrkle Eddie Shapiro Richard Speaker Morton Steinberg Baritones: James Ayres David Bares Lou Berkley First Altos: Shirley Albertson Lorraine Arkin Sue Burgess Vivian Burke Josephine Forbes Rennie Gulick Constance Maynard Betty Munson Helen Potter Mary Beth Sheppard Jane Snyder Barbara Steflwagen Mary Louise Vliet Marilyn Wherry CLUB Charles Daugherty Robert Elliott Edward Fisher Sherwood Holt Robert Ludwig Leroy Mantel I William Ostaff Sol Pargament Ted Roumel Leif Torkelson Second Altos: Jo Arm Allen Barbara Carlisle Anna Belle Compton Lorna Grayson Isabel Harrison Betty June Karle Marion Lee Joan Palmer Beverly Pardy Lorraine Seegrist Marie Sjolseth Anne Thaler Mary Ellen Vincent Nancy Wilson Basses: Jeff Abercrombie Kenneth Beckman Dale Davis Don Fentiman Fran k Kendal! John McAdams Mervin Martin John Tompkins Four year members [ 25 ] C U E A N D VIRGINIA NALLS GERRY LOCK VIRGINIA BEAVERS JEAN KOPPIALKY FLOYD SPARKS DON WILLIAMS Director Stage Manager OFFICERS VIRGINIA NALLS . President GERRY LOCK Vice-President CAROL ROGERS Acting Secretary VIRGINIA BEAVERS Business Manager CURTAIN EXECUTIVE BOARD EDITH NORRIS MA8ELLE HUGHES . , . LARRY STRICKLAND . . . ELLEN WATSON .... JEAN KOPPIALKY . . . Art RICHARD BEAR . . . Production Manager ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Bear Virginia Lee Beavers Bernard Buck Mabelle Hughes Harriet Hulfish Catherine Knockey Jean Kopplalky Gerry Lock Virginia Nafls Tony Pritchard Carol Rogers Valeska Ruble Ellen Watson Toni Ziff TEMPORARY MEMBERS Norene Burnette Kang Chuan Sallie Oanmer Josephine Forbes Polly Harpster Lloyd Iddings Ann© Alicia Jones Jack Henry Lois Lord Lu Murphy Edith Norris Mary Richardson Barbara Ringer Edwina Rothgeb Erma Seigwart Richard Speaker Larry Strickland Paul Swinford Margaret Truman Nora Wetr Virginia Weithum 0 R C H E S I S ELIZABETH BURTNER . . . . Director IRENE LERCH ... Accompanist OFFICERS OF THE DANCE GROUPS BARBARA LYDDANE . . NANCY ANN WHITE . . LORN A GRAYSON Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager NORA WEIR LETT IE DICKINSON . . MARY RING . . . . Costume Manager Talent Scout JUNIOR DANCE Ruth Clafltn Dorothy Eggelinq Rennie Gulick Deborah Hambidqe Charlotte Lamm Margaret Lormer Cam Lund berg Irene Martin Mary Miller Florence Nixon Carole Rosenthal Hildegard Simenauer Edith White ORCHESIS Avonne Alien Lorns Grayson Barbara Hamblin Anna Hirakawe Jean Hummer Mona Jean Keeping Gerry Lock Peggyjane Long Barbara Lyddane Felicia M iller Jessma Oslin Beverly Pardy Virginia Phillips. Anne Thaler Rosemary Irons Nancy Ann White APPRENTICE MEMBER Irene Posner I 28 1 Thai Modern Dance holds a significance for an ever-increasing student body is proof enough that our aim— to promote Dance as an art form - — has been furthered. The various performances this season include a demonstration at the W, A. A. Freshman Party, a presentation of ' Adora- tion of the Magi 1 ' at the Mt. Vernon Place Meth- odist Church, and appearances at Buff n Blues, Parents ' Night, and May Day. The highlight of the season was the eighth annual demonstration- recital, which was, to quote the ’ ' Washington Post,” " novel and artistic, " and quoting the " Hatchet, " " a noteworthy artistic achievement. " Under the inspiring direction of Miss Elizabeth Burtner, Orchesis and Junior Dance have com- pleted their most successful season to date. Final seen from ’’Adoration of the Magi. ’ HIGHLIGHTS «» SPOTLIGHTS of tL YEAR RUTH GRETHER ANNE SCHILLENGER SARA PIKE M, MARY WESTWATER FREDDIE HAWKINS EDITH NOHRIS cjCouide •Sk oiude J)pearman MILDRED etEYJNS GEOFFREY CHEW CHARLES DAUGHERTY VI VI ANN E HOOPPAW JAMES HUDDLESTON AUNE KANSAS PATTI E MOORE BETTY MUNSON VIRGINIA NALLS PATRICIA ORR JESSMA OSLIN ANTHONY PRITCHARD MARY RING EILEEN SHANAHAN BARBARA SIMONS LOIS SMITH NANCY ANN WHITE WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES f 38 J MAKES 1 . Why Jean went to Califor- nia. 2. Are you listening, Jim? 3. Waiting for the Cherry Blos- soms? 4. Don ' t look at us. 5. Here he comes! 6. She couldn ' t be cuter. 7. Gonna take a flyer? 8. It ' s Spring again! THE WORLD GO ROUND 1. Too nice a day to go to lab. 2. Besides I haven ' t done my home- work. 3. Let’s see who it is this week. 4. Just one more game. 5. Kayser didn’t come! 6. Just what we needed. 7. The sun ' s much better for you. 8. Oh oh, Is that our prof? 0, YOU DON ' T WANNA GO TO CLASS R E L A X A 1 . Saturday night. 2. The Bal. 3. Sunday afternoon. 4. Oooh Brother! 5. Now you tell one, Liz. 6. Any day In the Student Club. 7. And then what did he say? 8. And the Monday after. T I 0 N OUR PHOTOGRAPHER MANY THINGS • » 1 A w 1. He saw the A. D. Pi ' s looking pretty. 2. He saw the Chi 0 pledges on Monday night. 3. and 4. He saw Raphael Lupo and Loyd Pr ice amonq all these gals - 5. He saw the Kappa ' s winning. 6. He saw Peggy ' s ring. 7. He saw the ! Sigma Chi ' s at their new house. 8. He saw -O BOY! — Annie. 9. He saw the Siqma Kappa ' s go- inq places. 10. He saw the K. D. ' s In No Man ' s Land. 1 1 . He saw Hele n enjoyinq an apple. 12. He saw this and it looked like fun. 13. He saw the Phys Eds in the rain at Md. U. 14. He saw Fran ik at the Capitol. w WILLIAM ANDREWS NANCY WILSON VIRGINIA JONES OFFICERS WILLIAM ANDREWS President NANCY WILSON Vice-President VIRGINIA JONES Secretary-Treasurer ★ FAREWELL To you who will live in the new world of tomor- row . . , May you go forth Info the dimness of that uncertain future, a college generation staunch and unafraid. From the depths of the old world has come a challenge which the rising tides of the present fling at the feet of the college generation. Sacrifice and sorrow are a part of this challenge, but the greatest battle will come after the armistice. The task of re- building amid the ruins of a war-torn world a new civilization based on accord rather than discord will be mammoth, but we have faith in the leaders of tomorrow. Our students today are equal to the future ' s demands. . . „ They will take up the challenge of the present and under their leadership a better world will emerge. N I 0 R S E L S mmm mmm ANDREWS BAND BERKLEY BROWN, L C AXILROD BECKMAN BfESEMEIER BROWN, P, R, AWTREY BEMEMAN BLEVINS BUCKLER EACHRACH BENNETT h E BREfDENBACH CALVO BALLARD BENNETT, E t 0 BROWN, I. M. CAMPBELL S E N OR CLASS 50 1 ★ COLLEGE • WILLIAM TAYLOR ANDREWS, Washington. D. C.; BEE.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, ' 31 - ' 42, Vice-President, ' 42- ' 44, Interfraternity Delegate, ' 42- ' 44, Activities Director, ' 42- ' 44; Sigma Tau; Theta Tau; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; " Mecheleciv " ; Interfraternity Council, Activity Director, ‘42-M4; Student Instructor, ' 44; President of Senior Class. RECORDS • MARY CAROL BIESEME1ER, Washington, D, C; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rooms Chairman. Marshal, Registrar, Standards Chairman, Vice-President; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Pi Epsilon; As- sistant Archery Manager, ' 40- ' 4 1; ,f Cherry Tree, " Junior Staff, ' 40- ' 41; French Club, ' 41 - ' 43, Social Chairman. J 4i- ' 42; Women ' s Advisory Council for War Training. ' 43- ' 44; Phr Beta Kappa. • GERTRUDE AXILROD, Brooklyn, New York; B.S,; lota Sigma Pi. m ANNE MEREDITH AWTREY, Bluffton, South Carolina; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball, Junior Team, Odd-Even, Honorary Varsity, Junior Manager, ' 43, Senior Team, Head Manager, ’44; Tennis, Junior Manager, ’43, Singles Semi-finals, 43; " Hatchet " Reporter ' 43- ' 44; Glee Club, ' 44. 4 MORTON BACHRACH, Washington, D, C.; B.S.; Mortar and Pestle. • JOSEPH WILLIAM BALLARD. Arfesia, New Mexico; B E E.; Sigma Tau, President, ' 43-‘44; Engineer ' s Council. Secretary, ' 43- ' 44. • PHILIP THEODORE BAND. Washington. D. C-; B.A. ; Phi Alpha; Aesculapra; Hillel Foundation; Intramural Badminton and Basketball. • KENNETH WOODROW BECKMAN, Minneapolis. Minnesota; B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Sigma Rho. ' 43; Glee Club, ' 44. • CHARLES HENRY BENEMAN, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Phi Beta Kappa. t EMILY BENNETT, Brookmont, Maryland; B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • EVERT GARDNER BENNETT, Salem, Oregon; B.E.E.; Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers. ' 37- ' 44 ; Wesley Club. • LOUIS HUGH BERKLEY, New York, New York; B.M,E,; Theta Tau; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, ' 42-‘44; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ' 42-M3; Society for Advancement of Management, ' 43- ' 44; " Mecheleciv, " Editor, H 4 2 - ' 4 3 ; Glee Club, ' 43- ' 44; Engineer ' s Council, 43- ' 44 ; Student Council. p 43- ' 44. • MILDRED LOUISE BLEVINS, Washington, D, C.; B,A, ; Sigma Kappa, Secretary, ' 42- ' 43, Rush Chairman, " 42- ' 43, Standards Chairman, ' 43- 44; Mortar Board, Secretary, ’43- ' 44; Pan-Hellenfc Council, President, «- ' 44 p Vice-President, ' 42- ' 43, Co-Social Chairman, ' 42- ' 41, Secretary, ' 4|- ' 42, Chairman of Constitution Committee, ' 41 - ' 42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " H 43- p 44; Student Council, Freshman Committee, ' 43-‘44; Women ' s Intramural Board. Chairman, ‘42- ' 43; Delegate to W. A. A. Conference, ' 42-’43, Secretary, ' 41- ‘4 2l Women’s Activity Building Drive, Chief of Intelligence, " 42- ' 43, Captain, ' 4!-’42; W. A. A., Membership Secretary, ' 41-42; International Students Society; Psychology Club; Baptist Students Union; Badminton, Class Manager, ' 42- ' 43: Varsity Hockey, p 42- ' 41; Cue n Curtain Workshop Productions. • SAMUEL HEAVRIN BREIDENBACH, Arlington, Virginia; B.S.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. • IRENE MAE BROWN, Frederick, Maryland; B.A.; Kappa Delta. • LfDA CROCKETT BROWN, Arlington, Virginia; 8.A.; Fall Riding Show, Winner, ' 41; Spring Riding Show, Runner-up, 43; Fall Riding Show, Tied Winner, ' 43, • PHYLLIS ROSEN BROWN. Mount Rainier, Maryland; B.5.; Junior Welcome Committee, ' 42. • JAMES LEONARD BUCKLER, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; PI Gamma Mu; Alpha Kappa Psi, President, ' 43- ' 44, • GLORIELA CALVO, Panama, Republic of Panama; B.5.; International Students Club. ' 43- ' 44; Spanish Club. 4 1 - ' 44. • MARY CAMPBELL. Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ★ COLLEGE RECORDS • CLIFFORD CARLSTEDT, Duluth, Minnesota; B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Delta Kappa; Society for Advancement of Management, Executive Board. P 43’ ' 44, Vice-President, Program Director, ' 44; " Hatchet, 1 ’ ‘43-‘44. • ROCCHINA CHECCHIA, Washington, D r C. T B.A.; Inter- national Club, 41, ' 42, 43; Women ' s Rifle Club, p 43- ' 44; W, A. A., ' 41, ' 42. ' 43; Junior Dance. " 41 ' “42; Volleyball Manager, ' 43 : Orchesis, ' 42’ ‘43. • JACQUELINE M ARIE-LGQN IE CHEVALlAZ, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Colonial Campus Club, “4C- ' 4l; W. A, A., ' 40- ' 4l; Christian Science Organization, ' 4G- P 4 1- " 42; Symphony Club, p 42, ‘43, 44. • GEOFFREY FOUCAR CHEW, Washington, D. C.: B.S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Phi Seta Kappa, Marshal; Qmlcron Delta Kappa; Student Council, " 43- ' 44; " Cherry Tree. ' 1 ' 43- ' 44: Varsity Baseball, ' 42; " Who’s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities, 11 ' 44. • CONSTANCE LAVINIA CONKLIN, New York. New York; B. A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psychology Club; Ward Society • JEAN CONNOR, Washington, D. C.; 8. A.; Chi Omega, President, ' 43- ' 44; Pan Hellenic Council, President, ’42- ' 43 ; Women ' s Advisory Council for War Training, ' 42 ' 43; Intramural Board, ' 42- ' 43; Freshman Rifle Team. ’40 ' 41; Varsity Rifle, ' 41 ' “42; W. A. A., ' 40 ' 42. • JACK CROWELL, Washington, D. C. ; B S,; Phi Alpha, Vice- President; Aestulapian Society; Champion Badminton, ' 42- “43 . » COOPER GRAYSON CURTICE, Fairfax, Virginia; B.S.; Theta Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle Society. President. ’43’’44. • CHARLES RAYMOND COTTON DAUGHERTY, Minneapolis, Minnesota; B.A.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Delta Phi Epsilon; Pi Delta Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; " Hatchet, ’ 39-“44, Sports Editor, Feature Editor, Board of Editors; Publications Committee, ’43’ ' 44; Glee Club, “40- ' 44; Student Life Committee, p 43- " 44; Society for Advancement of Management, ' 43 ' 44; Student Council, President, P 43-’44; lp Who“s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. p 42 ' p 44 • MARY ERWIN DAVIS, Washington, D, C ; BA,; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; W. A. A., ' 41 - ' 42; French Club, ' 4 P - ' 44; Junior Dance Group, ' 41; Canterbury Club, ‘40-4 1 . • BETTE DAWSON, Washington, D. C,; BA; Pi Befa Phi; Rifle Club, ' 42; Riding Show, First Place Advanced Class, ' 42; ' Cherry Tree 1 p 44, • FLORENCE G. DEE, Seattle, Washington; BA; Alpha Gamma Delta, • BLANCHE TRYON EBERMAN, Washington, D, C.; B.A . • VIVIENNE M. EISNER. Dayton, Ohio; B.A,; Psychology Club, ’42. « WINANT STUBBS ELLMORE, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A.; American Historical Association. BLANCHE CHARLOTTE FAIR, Johnson City, Tennessee ; B.A,: Kappa Delta. • N, HAZEL FIELD, Bethesda, Maryland; B.A. • MARY LEW FITZSIMMONS. Harrisonburg, Virginia; B.A.; Phi Mu, Vice-President, p 43; Spanish Club, 43; Student Council, r 43’44. Program Director; Canterbury Club, ' 4N ' 42; Rifle, ’41; Pan-Hellenic Council. • HELEN JANET FORMAN, Germantown, Philadelphia, Penn- sylvania; B.A,; Rifle Club. « LEONARD ALVIN FULTON, Washington. D C. : Sigma Rho, CARLSTEDT CHECCHIA CHEYALLAZ CHEW CONKUN CONNOR CROWELL CURTICE DAUGHERTY DAYIS DAWSON DEE eberman EISNER ELLMORE FA Eft HELD FITZSIMMONS FORMAN FULTON S E N OR CLASS I 53 J vT ■ jS ®|i EBr|l t. M Jfl 1 . . ; i f . ■ . , v • l mI .7 1 -.vr V i jttn S Lj - ' ■■■“■ ' 1 ESI an vn .» . ] ' Eh • J FUNDABURK GLENINON HART HUNT FURCHTGOTT GUDMUNDSON HAUPT DE IBANEZ GASS HAM BUN. E HEINE IRVING GEE HAMSUN, H. HQQPPAW ISAACS GILBERT HAMBURGER HOWELL JONES S E N OR CLASS [54 1 COLLEGE RECORDS EMMA LILA FUN DA BURK, Luvsme. Alabama; B.A.; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor. ' 44; Phi Pi Epsilon; " Cherry Tree, " Publicity Editor; Student Book Store Director. RUTH ELIZABETH FURCHTGOTT, Washington, D. C.; B A.; Psychology Club. ' 43. • JANE GASS, Washington, D. C ; B.S.; Pharmacy; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rush Chairman, ' 42; Newman Club, ' 40 ' 44; Mortar and Pestle, Secretary. ' Al- ' AA, Pharmacy Representative to Student Council, 44, EDWIN AUSTIN GEE, B S., ' 41; MS,, ' 44; Theta Delta Ch| H Social Chairman and Rush Chairman, ’40, Activities Chairman and Interfraternity Delegate. ' 41, President, 43; President of Ace of Spades Bridge Club, ' 41; Mathematics Club, President, ' 40; Table Tennis Club. President, " 4J; Chairman, Reform Party, 41; Chairman, Allied Party, ' 43; Student Council, ' 40; Manager, Book Store, ' 41; Co-op Director. ' 42; Gmtcron Delta Kappa. ' 4i; Gate and Key, ’41; Sigma Zeta, 39; American Chemical Society, " 42; American Institute Mining and Metallurgy Engineers, ‘43; Emma K. Carr Scholarship In Chemistry, 4Q; Freshman Tennis, ' 40; Varsity Tennis, ' 41; Football, ’43; Open Bridge Champion- ship, ' 41. I MICHEAUX RAlNE GILBERT. Fairfax, Virginia: B.A. • JEANNE LEJEUNE GLENNON, Indian Head. Maryland; B A.; Chi Omega; W, A, A., ‘43-’44; G. W. A. R. O ' s, ‘43- ' 44; Class Manager of Basketball, ' 42 ' 44; Varsity Basketball, ' 43- ' 44. » WAYNE SCOTT GUDMUNDSON, Ogden, Utah; B.A.; Sigma Ch|; Freshman Football; Varsity Football, Baseball, and Golf, ' 40- ' 42; Varsity Club. • BARBARA HAMBLIN, Washington. D C.; B.A.; Delta Zeta, Vice-President. ' 43- ’44, Secretary, ' 42, ' 43; Pan-Hellenic Dele- gate. ' 4 1 - ' 44, Social Chairman, ' 43- ' 44; Orchesls, ' 42- ' 44; Junior Pan-Hellenic, 41; ’Cherry Tree ' 1 Junior Staff. H 4 1 - ' 42; Canterbury Club. « HELEN LOIS HAMBLIN, Washington, D C; B.A.; Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary, ' 43- 44; Phi Pi Epsilon. ' 43- ' 44 ; Canter- bury Club; " Hatchet, " 39; Sailing Club. ' 39- ' 40; W r A. A. • MARGARET STEWART HAMBURGER. Washington, D. C.; M.A, • BELLE OLIVER HART, Suffolk, Virginia; 8.A, • DAVID CARMER HAUPT, Washington, D C.; B.M.E.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ' 43; George Washington Band, ’40- ' 42. • THOMAS HENRY HEINE, Washington. D. C.; B.E.E.; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Tau; Theta Tau; " Mecheleciv f " ' 43- ' 44; Men ' s Rifle Club, " 43 - ' 44; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, ' 42-‘44, Vice-Chairman, ' 43, Chairman, ' 44; Engineers ' Council, ' 44; Electrical Engineer Machinery Laboratory Student Instructor, 44. VIVIANNE LUCY HOOPPAW, Washington, D, C,; BA; Chi Omega, Activities Director, r 42- ' 44; Student Council, Assistant Publicity Director, ' 4 1 - ' 42, Activities Director, ' 43- 44. Vice- President, ' 43-‘44; Chairman of Activities Council, 43-44; Co- Director of Buff V Blue, ' 42 ' 43; " Who‘s Who In American Universities and Colleges. " » LOUISE D. HOWELL, Silver Spring, Maryland; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Cherry Tree, " Editorial Staff. 43. • KEftMlT ALLAN HUNT, Cheverly, Maryland; B.C.E.; Alpha Tau Omega; American Society of Civil Engineers. • ANNA BODONY DE IBANEZ, Aurora. Illinois; B.A., ‘35; Lt.B.; Kappa Beta Pi, Registrar, ' 43-’44; Student Bar Association. • DAWN LOUISE IRVING, Washington, D C,; B.A.; Phi Mu, Secretary, Vice-President, and Social Chairman; " Cherry Tree, " 40; Ward Sociological Society, ' 40- 43, Vice-President; Editor of " Genesis " ; Future Teachers of America, j 42-‘43. President; W. A. A,; Sorority Hall Council, ‘40. • HAYDEN EDWARD ISAACS, Scranton. Kansas; B.A, • VIRGINIA WALTON JONES, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, ' 42-‘43 l President, ' 43-’44; Phi Beta Kappa; Class Hockey, 4|; Class Volley Ball, 43; Canter- bury Club, President, ' 42-43; Rifle Club, ‘4I-M2; El Cirtulo, Secretary, ' 44; Director of ' 44 Cherry Blossom Drive; Phi Pi Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Association, ' 42-‘44; Junior Pan-Hellenic, 41-42; Rush Chairman of Pan-Hellenic, ' 43- 44; Secretary-Treas- urer of Senior Clast, ' 44. COLLEGE RECORDS • AUNE MARIA KANGAS, Arlington, Virginia: B.S.; Inter- national Students Society, ' 40- ' 44, Corresponding Secretary, President; Glee Club, ' 4Q-‘4l, ‘42-43; W. A. A.. ' AQ- ' to. Secre- tary, Publicity Chairman; Cheer Leading Squad. ' 42 - ' 43; Varsity Field Hockey, ' 42; Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Vice-President, President; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " ‘43-‘44 • SYLVIA D l KASSALOW, Washington, 0. C ; B.A. • ALFRED SPILLER KlDWELL, Alexandria, Virginia; B$,; Alpha Chi Sigma; Wesley Club, ' 40-‘43; Symphony Club, ' 41 -‘43. • JAMES FAWCETT KINCAID, Arlington, Virginia; B.M.E.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; " Mecheleeiv, " ‘42- 44; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ' 4Q- ! 44; Society lor Advancement of Management, ’43 ' 44; University Band, ' 40 ' 43; Engineer ' s Council, “43- 1 44. • BETTY JANE KNIGHTON, Washington, 0. C,; B.A,: W, A. A., ' 40- ' 44, Corresponding Secretary, ' 43 ' " 44: Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Secretary, ‘43-‘44; Ward Society, ' 42- ' 44; " Big Sister " ; G, W. A. R. O. S.; ArcheFy Manager, " 41 - ' 42; Minor Letter, ' 42; Athletic Federation of College Women, ‘43- ' 44. • JOHN LAMB, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; B.$, • JULIA ELIZABETH LEDBETTER, Booneville, Mississippi; B, A.; Phi Mu, • DOROTHY JANE LICHENS. Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Phi Sigma Sigma. Treasurer, ' 42-‘44; Phi PI Epsilon; Sophomore Volley Ball Team, ‘42- ' 43. • W. STANLEY MACHEN, Hyattsville, Maryland; B.C.E ; Theta Tau t Treasurer, ' 4l-‘42; Sigma Tau, President. ' 42-’43; Engineer ' s Council, ' 4l- " 43, President, ' 42-‘43; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ' 39- “41, Treasurer. ' 40- ' 4|; American Society of Civil Engineers, ' 42-‘44. • JEANETTE MARK. Upper Marlboro, Maryland; B,A : Alpha lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi PI Epsilon; Pi Gamma Mu; Wesley Club, ’42- r 44; Symphony Club. ' 43; Chapel Committee, ' 44; ‘Big Sister. " • CONSTANCE MAYNARD. New Ipswich, New Hampshire; B.S.; Alpha Pi Epsilon; PI Lambda Theta; Glee Club, ' 42- ' 44, • MARY REAM MEYERS, Franklin. West Virginia; B A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • RUTH G. MICHAELSON, Elo, Michigan; B.A..; Phi Pi Epiilon. • MARION MAE MONTAGUE, Quantlco, Virginia; BA.; Sigma Kappa; Phi Pi Epsilon; Cue and Curtain; G, W. A. R. O. $ r , Chairman, Replacement Committee; ' Big Sister. " • DONNA MAXINE MOORE, Washington. D. C.; B.A r - Chi Omega. • PATTIE TATUM MOORE, Washington. D. C.; B.A.; Dalta Zeta, Secretary, ‘42, Treasurer, ‘43; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice- President, ' 42; Mortar Board; Society for Advancement of Man- agement, ' 44; Westminster Foundation, Secretary, ' 43; " Cherry free, " ‘42, ‘43; W. A, A., Publicity Chairman, ' 43, President, " 44; Golf Manager, ' 42; “Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities, " • BETTY MAXINE MUNSON, Muncle, Indiana; 8.A.; Phi PI Epsilon; Mortar Board; Wesley Club, H 4Q- ' 44; Strong Hall Council, ' 41 - ' 43; Student Life Committee, ‘43- ' 44; Glee Club, ' 4|- ' 43; Cue V Curtain, ' 41; Women ' s Advisory Council for War Training, ' 42- ' 44 Chairman of Women ' s Activity Building Drive. ' 42- ' 43; W. A. A., Vice-President, ‘42- ' 43; Social Chairman; Varsity Soccer, ' 42- ' 43; Soccer Manager, ' 42- ' 43 r • ELEANOR ANN McDUFFIE, Washington, D. C; A.B.; Pf Gamma Mu; Newman Club, ' 43. • ANN McNEIL, Washington, D. C.; B.A ; Delta Zeta, • KATHARINE MOORE McMURRAY. Charleston, South Caro- lina; A.B.; Senior Basketball Team, ' 43- ' 44. 1 i p n . KANGAS KASSALOW KIDWELL KINCAID KNIGHTON LAMB LEDBETTER LICHENS MACHEN MARR MAYNARD MEYERS MICHAELSON MONTAGUE MOORE, P MOORE, D. MUNSON Mcduffie McNEIL McMURRAY S E N 0 R CLASS l 57 j McREYKOLDS ORR RAINEY RUBEY NAEFE OSUN RALPH RUSSELL NEWHOUSE PARASKEVAS REMMLEIN SAURY NORTON PARKER ROSENBERG SCHWARTZ OREM PHILLIPS ROUMEL SHALOWITZ S E N 0 R CLASS i 58 ] COLLEGE • JAMES SLOAN McREYNOLDS, Danville, Illinois; B A ■ Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; French Club, ' 40- ' 41. • RUTH VIRGINIA NAEFFE, Washington, 0 C.; Phi Pi Epsilon. • STANLEY RAUM NEWHOUSE, Washington, D, C ; B S.; Mortar and Pe$tfe, Sergeant-at-Arms; Davis Public Speaking Contest, ' 42. • MARGARET BELL NORTON, Washington, D C.; B.A.; Chi Omega; Rifle Club, ‘4Q- ' 4I; Future Teachers of America Asso- elation; W, A, A..; Spanish Club. « JEAN RESH OREM, Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.A.; Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, 41, Treasurer, ' 42; Womens Rifle Club, 4l- ' 42; Women ' s Athletic Building Fund, ' 41. • PATRICIA ORR, Alexandria, Virginia- B.S.; Pi Beta Phi, Recording Secretary, ' 42-’43, President, ' 43- ' 44; Mortar Board, Treasurer; " Handbook, " Junior Editor, ' 42- ' 43; Encore Theatre, ' 41 - ' 42; Junior Pan-Hellenic Social Chairman, - 40- ' 4 1 ; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 4l- 42; French Club, Treasurer, ' 42- ' 43- ' 44; Freshman Orientation Committee, ' 42: Student Council, Social Chairman, ' 42- ' 43; Activity Council, Secretary, 42- ' 44; Chairman of Victory Service Drives, ' 43-‘44; Chairman of Smokes for Yanks Drive, 43; W. S. G. A., ' 40- ' 42; W A. A., ' 40- 44; Odd- Even and Varsity, 43-44; Hockey, ' 40- ' 44; Basketball, ' 40-‘42, ' 44; Tennis, ' 44; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " ' 42- ' 44. • JESSMA OSLIN, Washington, D C.; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary, ' 43 - ' 44; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board, Historian, ' 43- 44; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta, Presi- dent; Freshman Debate Team, ’40-41; Varsity Debate Team, 41-42; Outstanding Sophomore Woman, ' 42; Speaker ' s Bureau, Director; Women ' s Student Government Association, Secretary, 42; Student Life Committee, ’44; Orchesis, ' 42- 44. • JOHN EMMANUEL PARASKEVAS, Athens, Greece; B.S; Hellenic Society, Founder, 41, President, 41-43; " Hatchet, " M2- ' 43; " Cherry Tree, " ' 43, ' 44; International Club: Westminster Foundation; American Institute of Electrical Engineering, ' 40- ' 44; Society for the Advancement of Management, 44; Symphony Club, ' 43- H 44. RECORDS • CLARENCE ODELL PARKER, Austin, Texas; 8. A, • SEYMOR FRED PHILLIPS, Chicago, Illinois; B.S. • VIRGINIA RAINEY, Washington, D. C : B.A.; Sigma Kappa. • MARiE-LOUISE RALPH, Washington, D. C.; A.B.; Phi PI Epsilon, President; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President; Phi Beta Kappa, 43; Pi Gamma Mu, ' 43; Chapel Committee, ' 40- 43; Baptist Student Union; W. S. G. A.; W r A. A.; Swimming Manager, 42; Varsity Soccer; International Students Society, President; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Student Life Committee; Executive Board of the Society for the Advancement of Man- agement; Women ' s Activity Building Campaign, ' 40- ' 43; D A. R. History Award, ' 42; Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs Award, ' 43. MADAIINE KINTER R EMM LEIN, Alexandria, Virginia; J,0. Law; Phi Delta Delta; " George Washington Law Review, 1 ' ' 43- ' 44; Assistant Clerk, Moot Court, ' 44. • DONALD ROSENBERG, Arlington, Virginia; B,A. • THEODORE CONSTANTINE RQUMEL, Washington. D. C.; B.A.; " Hatchet " Staff, ' 42- ' 44; Cue V Curtain, ' 43-‘44; Student Council, Publicity, 43- ' 44; Hellenic Society, President, ’43- ' 44; Glee Club, ' 43- ' 44, • SUSIE-LEE RUBEY, Washington, D, C.; B.A.; Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, 43-‘44; " Cherry Tree, " ' 41 - ' 42, ' 43- ' 44; Cue V Curtain. ' 43- ' 4d; Women ' s Activity Building Fund, ' 4f- ' 42. • MYRTLE ELLEN RUSSELL Stanton, North Dakota; B.A.; Columbian Women. • AUGUST SAURY, Washington, D C ; B.S. • BELLA SCHWARTZ, Washington, D. C. ; B.A.; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Philosophy Club, Secretary-Treasurer. m AARON SHALOWITZ, Washington, D, C. : B C E,: Phi Alpha; American Society of Civil Engineers. COLLEGE RECORDS • EILEEN JANET SHANAHAN, Riverdale, Maryland; ft. A.; Pi Delta Epsilon; Mortar Board, Vita-President; Senior Soccer Team, ' 43; Junior Soccer Manager. 42: " The Hatchet, " Society Editor. Copy Editor, ' 42- ' 43, Editor, 43- 44; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; Women ' s Student Government Association, ' 4l- ' 42; W, A, A., Secretary, ' 42- ' 43; Spanish Club. Secretary, ’41 -‘42, Presi- dent, ' 42- " 43; Independent Representative in Women ' s intramural Board, ' 42- ' 43 ; Publicity Director of Activities Building Drive, ' 4 1 - ' 43; Symphony Club; Presbyterian Club, ' 4l- " 42; Junior Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 40- ' 4l; Women ' s Advisory Council for War Training, 42- 44: Elections Committee, ' 43; Student Life Com- mittee, " 41- f 44; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities, ' 43 - " 44. • SIDNEY SHULMAN, Washington, D. C.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Symphony Club. President. 44. • BARBARA ALICE SIMONS, Bethesda, Maryland: B.A ; Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, ' 4! -43, Rush Chairman, 1 42 - 1 4 3 . President, ’43- ' 44; Mortar Board; " Cherry Tree " ; Cue V Curtain; Women s Rifle Club, , 40- " 44, President, ' 42- ' 44; Varsity Rifle Team. ' 40- ' 41, Captain, " 42- ' 44; Freshman Rifle Team, ' 40; Activity Council Representative, ' 4 1 - ' 43; Intramural Board Delegate. ' 40- , 42; Minor and Major Letters; Sophomore Hockey Team; Junior Basketball Team; G, W. A. ft. G £., ' 44; Fencing Club, 40-42, Secretary- Treasurer, ' 4f- ' 42; Canterbury Club. ' 40- " 42; Psychology Club, ' 42 ' 43; Women s Student Government Association, ' 40 ' 42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities " ; Ward Sociological Society, ' 42- ' 43; W. A. A r Board, ' 40- ' 42- • LEOTA 0 TILLMAN Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Spanish Club DOMINIC SAMUEL TOFFOLO, Detroit, Michigan; B.E.E.; Sigma Tau, 43; t " Mecheleciv l ,, M2- ' 44; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, ' 39; Theta Tau, " 4f-’44; Engineer ' s Council, 41-44; Newman Club. , 3?- , 44. • J, NEAL TOMEY, Washington, 0, C.; LL B : Tau Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN ETTINGER TOMPKINS, Arlington, Virginia; B A.; Glee Club, ' 42- ' 44; Canterbury Club. • FRANK BRYAN TUTWJLEft. Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.S.; Kappa Alpha Secretary, ' 4 2 - ' 4 3 ; ' " Cherry Tree, " " M2-M3 ; Sym- phony Club; Alpha Chi Sigma, President, " 44; Interfratermty Council, " 42- " 43, President, " 44; Phi Beta Kappa. • VIRGINIA ANNE VAN KEUREN, Bloomville. Ohio; B.A. Women ' s Rifle Club, " 42-43, Varsity. " 42- " 44, Manager, ' 44; W A A. Board, " 42 44. • HELEN MARY VAVRA, Arlington, Virginia; B.A.; Newman Club. • ALICE SYLVIA VENEZKY, Washington, D, C; B.A- Phi Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa • RUTH ANN SINSABAUGH, Purceflvilte. Virginia; B.A. • KATHLEEN WOODWARD SIGGERS, ironwood. Michigan; B A,. Phi Mu, President. “43- ' 44; Delphi; Phr Pi Epsilon. President, ' 42- ' 43; Varsity Soccer. ' 39- ' 40; Class Basketball, ' 39-’40; Tennis Doubles Champion, ' 41; W. A. A. Board, ' 39- ' 4l: Glee Club, ' 3?- " 42; Wesley Club, ' 39- ' 4D; Pan-Hellenic Association, ' 4 3- ' 42. LOUISE SPEARMAN, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 43- 44; Cue V Curtain. 43; Rifle Club. " 4t- " 42. • ALICE FRANCES WALDRON. Washington, D. C; B.A,; Delta Zeta. President, ' 43- 44; Pi Lambda Theta; Delphi; Bad- minton Manager, ' 42- ' 43; " Cherry Tree, " Sports Editor. ' 42- ' 43; Spanish Club, Secretary, ' 42- M3 ; Women ' s Intramural Board, President, ' 43- 44; Pan-Hellenic Council, Rush Chairman, ' 42- ' 43; Winning Intersorority Debate Team, ' 42. • KATHARINE MIRIAM WALTER, Elkton, Maryland; B.A.; Beta Beta Beta; " A " Club; Hockey, Manager, ' 4 «| - ' 42; Tennis, ' 42 - ' 43; Basketball; German Language Club; Independent League of Women Voters; Glee Club; Pre-medica, • NORA JANE WEIR, Washington. D. C.; B.A.; W, A A„ • FRED GUNTHER SULLIVAN, College Heights-Estates Mary- Program Chairman; ' 43- ' 44; Orchesii. Costume Manager, ' 43- ' 44| land; B.5.; Mortar and Pestle, Vice-President, Cue V Curtain Spring Production, ' 41; Major Letter, ' 43; Hon- orary Hockey Varsity, M2- M3 ; Sports Manager, ‘43 RITA ETHEL THORN, Washington, D. C.; B.S,; Sigma Kappa. Treasurer, 42 ' 43. Vice-President. ' 43 ' 4$; Pan-Hellenic Association, DOROTHY JANE WELLS, Lake Villa, Illinois; B.S.; Pi ' 42- ' 43; Rid ing Club, M0- ' 4t r Lambda Theta. SHANAHAN SHULMAN SIMONS SfNSABAUGH StGGERS SPEARMAN SULLIVAN THORN TILLMAN TOFFCLO TOMEY TOMPKINS TUTWILER VAN KEURAN VAVRA VENE2KY WALDRON WALTER WEIR WELLS S E N 0 R CLASS I 61 J WHITE WILAM OW5KI WILLIAMS WILSON WISE WOFFORD WOLFE YOBST S E N 0 R 162 ] CLASS COLLEGE • NANCY ANN WHITE, Washington, D. C. ; B.S.; Chi Omega: Glee Club, ‘40- ' 4l; Orchesis, H 4l- ' 44, Assistant Business Manager. 1 43- p 4 4; Junior Dance, , 40- , 4l ; W. A. A., Vice-President, ' 43- ' 44; Westminster Club, f 4l- ' 42; Strong Hail Council, President, ‘43 ' 44; Varsity Hockey, ' 41; Varsity Soccer, 42; Basketball— Class, ’43: Hockey Manager, ' 41; Class Manager of Soccer, ' 43, Basket ball. " 42, Swimming, ' 43, RECORDS • MILTON WINAK UR, Washington, D, C.; 0. A. • MATTHEW MONTGOMERY WISE, Washington, D, C,; B A.; Symphony Club, President, ' 4f- ' 43; Wesley Club, ’40 ' 44. Treasurer, ' 42-’43 r • EDWARD WILAMOWSKI, Ambridge, Pennsylvania; 0.S.; Vanity Club. • SARAH JANE WILLIAMS, Lilly, Pennsylvania; B.A.; Sigma Kappa, Vice-President; Alpha Lambda Delta; " Hatchet. " Society, Campus Editor, ' 40- ' 42; Student Council, Program Director. 42- “43; Junior Pan-Hellenic, ' 40- ' 4l; Freshman Soccer, " 40- ' 41; Odd- Even Soccer, ' 40- " 41. NANCY CLAYTON WILSON, Arlington. Virginia; B.A ; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chairman; Lester F. Ward Sociol- ogical Society, Vice-President, ’43 r 44. Treasurer, 42- 43; Vice- President of Senior Class, ‘43- ' 44; Glee Club, ' 42- ' 44; Inter- national Students 1 Society, ' 42-“44. • MARTHA JOHNSTON WOFFORD, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President, ’43; Delphi; " Hatchet, " Advertising Staff. 4Q- r 42; Co-Director of Buff and Blue, ’42; Psychology Club, ' 4l-“42; W, A. A., 40; Intramural Board, ' 41-42; W r S. G. A.; Rifle Club, ’4l- ' 42, » ELVIRA WOLFE t Washington, D, C.; B.A r ; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Pi Epsilon • VIVIAN YOBST, Washington, D. C.; B.S.; W. A. A, Board; G, W. A. R. O. S.; Hockey, , 40- , 43; Odd-Even Basketball, ’42; Lacrosse, ' 42; Badminton Championship ' 41, ATHLETICS MEN ' S SPORTS Although there were no varsity sports at the University this year, sports did play a major part in the school ' s co-curriculum. Under the guidance of the physical education department headed by Mr. William Myers, intramural sports gained prestige and followers as they took over the spot vacated by varsity athletics. In addi- tion, a group of University students formed a basketball team which participated in leagues In the city. The G t W. " informals, " as the independent basketball team was known, was organized by two former varsity players, Si Wagman and Barry Kreisberg, and found willing financial sup- port from John S. Jacobsen, Washington sports enthusiast. Under the management of Mervin Lewis and Eddie Shapiro the team was entered in the Heurich Basketball League and the Y. M. C. A. Centennial Tournament, The team won the second round championship in the Heurich League and had its star forward, Si Wagman, named the most valuable player in the league. The team hit its peak of perfection in the tourna- ment. Playing five games In six days the ' In- formals " crashed through all opposition to win the championship. Barry Kreisberg and Si Wagman took top scoring honors in the league, and made the All-Star Team, The Independent Bomber team won the intra- mural basketball championship with a record of twelve wins and no losses in its season play. Baseball also played a large part in the physical education program. Boxing had a very successful season this year and the turnout for the annual boxing Tourna- ment was the best in some years. The fighters, under the tutelage of George " Doc ' 1 Lentz, did much to advance the cause of boxing in the school as a post-war varsity sport. Nine new champions were declared and the Most Out- standing Boxer ' s Award went to John Hewgill who won the 155-pound boxing championship. The other winners were; 130-pound, Jack Nall; ! 35-pound, Alex Levin; 140-pound, Reggie Stabler; 145-pound, Arthur Cohen; 150-pound, Dick Roberts; 160-pound, Dave Lenarduzzr; 180- pound. Leon Horowitz; 190-pound, Bob Hirsch, Some Boxing Enthusiasts. 167 J Glimpses of a few of the outstanding men in sports this year. SI WAG MAN SI WAGMAN, BARRY KREISBURG DAVID VENESKY, " DOC " LENTZ WOMEN ' S RUTH ATWELL Director ATHLETICS The wide variety of sports activities this year, some of which are shown on these pages, has offered un- limited opportunities for the women students of the University to show their athletic ability, to keep fit by exercise, and to have a good time. The professors of the Physical Education Department — Miss Ruth H„ Atwell, Miss Helen Lawrence, Miss Eliza- beth Budner, Mrs. Camille Craig, Miss Helen Marie Byars, and Mrs. Edith Woodson— together with the Women ' s Athletic Association and the Inter-Sorority Athletic Council, have made women ' s sports an impor- tant part of student life at the University, In the fall, soccer and hockey were again the most popular sports, the hockey enthusiasts playing in view ot the Washington Monument, while the soccer fans kicked the ball near the Lincoln Memorial. Maryland University and Trinity College joined with the Univer- sity in a successful three-way hockey meet, and the fall season was climaxed by the Sports Day at Hood College, where the two schools competed for top honors in soccer, hockey, and tennis. The fall riding classes of more than sixty members took part in a colorful riding show, and a tennis doubles tournament was held. Driven indoors for the winter, the girls increased their skills in basketball, modern dance, and badminton. As in the other team sports, the Odd and Even teams were selected from the section and class teams of the Fresh- man and Junior, and Sophomore and Senior classes, respectively, and from these skilled players were chosen the honorary varsity. The varsity team was victorious over the alumnae team: captained by Helen Marie Byars, The badminton and ping-pong tournaments attracted an increased number of participants this year. Spring days meant tennis, square and folk dancing, the introduction of softball, and leading the sports — swimming. The W, A, A. and the Inter-Sorority Athletic Council together sponsored the annual swimming meet at the Y. W, C, A, All women ' s sports activities were geared to wartime objectives, from the requirement for fundamentals in physical fitness classes for freshmen to the classes for major students In addition to the emphasis upon physical fitness, an attempt was made by the students interested in sports to aid in the war effort by providing recreation for service women and others vitally concerned by the war. This was done through an organization — GWAROS — sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association, Sports Nights rn the gym for service women at which basket- ball was the main feature were held, and for a time hostesses were provided for the Arlington Farms Rec- reation Building. Representatives from the women ' s services and the Red Cross were the guest speakers at the general as- sociation meetings. The annual fall dinner for college women given by the W. A. A. could be called the high light of the women ' s sports year Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to a packed room on ' The Place of Recreation in War and Peace. ' PATTIE MOORE President WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PATTIE MOORE NANCY ANN WHITE BARBARA LYDDANE MARY MILLER BETTY JANE KNIGHTON . LOIS SMITH LORNA GRAYSON. BETTY JUNE KARLE . AUNE KANGAS NORA WEIR . , . , MARGARET LYNN President . Vice-President Recording Secrete ry Membership Secrete ry Corresponding Secretary , . Treasurer Social Chairmen .... Publicity Chairman .... Program Chairman . War Activities Chairman BOARD MEMBERS GENE SNYDER . NANCY AWTREY YVONNE McCAY ANNE THALER BARBARA LYDDANE MARY OGDEN VIRGINIA VAN KEURAN MOLLY EDWARDS MARY MILLER FELICIA MILLER . Badminton Basketball , . Fencing . . Hockey Orchesis . . Riding . . . Rifle . Soccer Swimming . . Tennis MEMBERS Mary Albert Evelyn Arnold Lorraine Arkin Nancy Awtrey Helen Becker Rhea Blake Eleanor Bers Mildred Blevins Betty Broaddus Jeanette Brown Alice Calkins Pauline Chekeres Eva Chiarroch! Ruth Claflin Betty dayman June Cohen Anna Belle Compton Ruth Cooper Betty Cugie Hope Darr Molly Edwards Dorothy Eggeling Ruth Fleischmen DerhT Foreman Betty Forrester Vesta Furniss Pat Garrett Margery Gessford Peggy Grunwell Mary Guillet Phyliis Hall Mache Harsiotis Ann Hanford Anna Hirakawa Betty Hollister Peggy Holliman Mary Hounanian Frances Ingram Jean Jemfson Betty Jenkins Martha Johnstone Aune Kengas Betty June Karle Muriel Kaufmann Helen Keil Phyllis Knock Betty Jane Kniqhton Eleanor Kfieger Phyllis Layboume Marian Lee Madeline Ll Lois Lord Cam Lund berg Barbara Lyddane Margaret Lynn Jacqueline Mann Janice Martin Felicia Miller Mary Miller Nancy Misson Pa Hie Moore Sarah Muchnick Betty Mullendore Yvonne MoCay Laura McNeese Betty Munson Helen Norton Lilly Naiman Peggy Napier Mary Ogden Maisie Oliver Pat Orr Joan Palmer Beverly Pardy Helen Perlman Virginia Phillips Catherine Prentiss Jeanne Read Ruth Reder Mary Richardson Helen Richter Barbara Ringer Carola Rosenthal Edwina Rothgeb Mar nne Rothchild Ruth Ruppeld Barbara Sauber Jean Schenk Peggy Senn Barbara Simons Virginia Simons Evelyn Shudde Elaine Smith Lois Smith Ruth Smith Dorothy Snyder Gene Snyder Cecil Spaulding Joan Starr Jane Stauffer Betty Sweet Lorraine Sfeines Barbara Stellwagon Mildred Taylor Anne Thaler Mickey lolan Charmisn Tompkins Rosemary Trone Margaret Truman Nora Weir Mary Welch Nancy Ann While Margaret Williams Darleen WeisenDtiig sr Nancy Winfrey Betty Woods Marian Wooley Vivian Yobst Catherine Young Awfrey, Edwards, Goldman, Grayson, Kangas, Karle, Knighton, Lyddane. Lynn, Miller. M., Ogden, Smith. Snyder, Van Keuran, Weir, White. (70J INTI : R S 0 R 0 R 1 I Y AT H 1 LETIC BOARD O FFICERS ALICE WALDRON . President LAURA McMEESE Secretary DELORES LANCASTER Treasurer MEMBERS MOLLY EDWARDS ANNE SCHILLINGER ALICE CALKINS . DELORES LANCASTER . . . LAURA McNEESE .......... GENE SNYDER JANET SEGAL JANE LINGO ELEANOR KRIEGER MARY BAGBY ..... Chi Omega Colonial Campus Club . . . . . Delta Zefa .... Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma ...... Phi Mu . . Phi Sigma Sigma . . . . Pi Beta Phi .... Sigma Kappa . Zeta Tau Alpha ALICE WALDRON President l 71 ) Bag by, Calkins, Edwards, Lancaster. Lingo. McNeese. Schi I linger, Snyder. CHUftLlE FRATERNITIES Andrews Brady, Curtice, HewgIIL I ridings. Matthews, Pritchard, Strickland. OFFICERS TONY PRITCHARD LARRY STRICKLAND COOPER CURTICE . . President . Secretary Treasurer ★ DELEGATES LUTHER BRADY JOHN MATTHEWS JOHN HEWG1LL . . . LARRY STRICKLAND TONY PRITCHARD LLOYD IDDINGS COOPER CURTICE WILLIAM ANDREWS ...... . . Pi Kappa Alpha ... . Acacia Phi Sigma Kappa . . . . . Sigma Chi . . . Kappa Alpha . Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Delta Chi Signna Alpha Epsilon 174 ] SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio. June 28, 1 855, Epsilon chapter Installed: June ] 0, f 864, Chapter House: 20 j I H Street, N.W, Publication: " The Magazine of Sigma Chi " Active Chapters: 103, Colors: Blue and Old Gold. Flower: White Rose. OFFICERS JAMES W, CHARRIER President TAIT HUNTER Vice-President LARRY STRICKLAND Secretary JOHN SUMAC Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS LeRoy Baker John Blaine Frank Bowdon James Gwrier Norman Sissna Frank Del k Harry Emmltt Fred Gfimp Wayne Gudmundson Paul Herron Francis Hughes Tait Hunter Owen Milner Thomas Murphy Frank Ortiz Kenneth Peterson Loyd Price Eugene Randall John Stlmac Larry Strickland John Sweeney PLEDGES John Ballinger John Kump Joe LeCompte James McClellan Joe Morley David Mulcahy Don Poole First Rcw: Blaine. Charrier, Cissna, Emmift. Second Row: Glsmp, Gudmunds-cn. Herron. Hunter. Third Row: Milner, Murphy, Ortiz, Randall, Fourth Row: Stirnac. Strickland. EPSILON CHAPTER [ 75 ] First Row: 8ear, Pritchard, Second Row: Stedman, Tutwiler, ALPHA NU CHAPTER Front Row: Cookson. Blackburn. Second Row: Steadman, Ogglesby. Knadler, Henry Back Row: Kennedy, Tutwiler, Bear, Pritchard, Ragsdale, Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865, Alpha Nu Chapter installed 1894. Chapter House: 3147 16th Street, N. W„ Publication: " Kappa Alpha Jour- nal. " Active Chapters: 67, Col- ors: Crimson and Gold. Flower: Crimson Rose and Magnolia, OFFICERS RICHARD BEAR President JACK HENRY Vice’ Presidenl TONY PRITCHARD Secretary FRANK TUTWILER Treasurer ACTIVES Richard Bear Max Bost Jack Henry Pete Howell Victor Kennemer John Ogglesby Tony Pritchard John Ragsdale Reginald Smith Dick Stedman Frank Tutwiler Bill Vaughan PLEDGES Robert Blackbu cn Joseph Cookson George Kennedy George Knadler Front Row: Porter, Hudnelt, Oiief. Bock Row: Buferbough, McCabe, Brewer, Mil, lor, Cuflioe, Kutish. Founded at Union College, October 31, fB47. Chi Deuteron Chapter Installed March 26, 1896, Chapter House: 1912 G Street. Publication: " Th© Shield, " Active Chapters: 28. Colors: Black, White, and Blue. Flower: Red Carnation. FACULTY MEMBER John Russel! Mason JAMES HUDNALL . . COOPER CURTICE LESLIE 021 ER William Brewer Charles Buterbaugh OFFICERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Cooper Curtice James Hudnall Martin Kufish PLEDGE MEMBER Leonard Porter .... President . . . Secretary T rea su re r Jack Millar Leslie Ozier 177 j LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded at Massachusetts State College, I 8 7 3. Lambda Chapter installed, 1 899, Chapter House: 1765 Massachusetts Ave- nue, Publication: " The Signet. 1 ' Active Chapters: 43. Colors; Silver and Ma- genta. Flower: Red Car- nation FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Beachley Dewitt Bennett Richard Castell William Davis Ira Hansen First Row: Daugherty, Hewgill , Horres. Second Row: Johnston, Kull, Riley, Wahab. OFFICERS EUGENE HORRES President JOHN HEWGiLL Vice-President WILLIAM HAM Secretary GEORGE RILEY Treasurer LYLE JOHNSTON Conductor RAYMOND KULL Serg eant-at-Arms ACTIVE MEMBERS Jefferson Abercomble Richard Adams Macbeth Ballagher Jack Browning Charles Daugherty AkEn Davis Sinclair DellastatEous Edward Ernst Waldo Glock William Ham John Hewgill Eugene Horres Lyle Johnston Ralph Jones Raymond Kull George Riley Herbert Smith Eugene Trimble Stanton Williams Joseph Vivari Wilson Wahab PLEDGES Henry Clawson Neil Clemson Robert Crawford Robert Elliot Robert Harder John LeReish Eugene Miller Robert Smith Stendley Smith R eginald Stabler Aden Taft f ] SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alabama, March 9, 1856, Washington City Rho installed: 1905. Chapter House: 1824 Nineteenth Street, Pub- lication; ' The Record, " Active Chapters; E 1 2. Colors: Purple and Sold. Flower: Violet. FACULTY MEMBER Dean Frederick M, Feiker OFFICERS GIRARD R. JETTON President WILLIAM T. ANDREWS Vice- President GEORGE T. CONRAD Secretary ROBERT J. FAIR Treasurer ACTIVE members William Andrews Gilbert Await Stuart Beahon Kenneth Beckman George Conrad James Cummings Robert Fair Edward Fisher William Flack Girard Jetton Frank Kendall William Long Richard Miller Theodore Nelson Thomas Phillips James Steidel PLEDGES William Brownrigg Richard Gererelly Charles Johnson Bertrand Moffett Aristotle Roumel Donald Wolf First Row: Andrews, Await. Beatson, Beckman, Second Row. Borland, Chew. Conrad. Fair. Third Row: Fisher, Flack, Haupt, Jetton, Fourth Row 1 Johnson, Kendall, Miller. Moffett. Fifth Row: Nelson, Phillips, Steidel. WASHINGTON CITY RHO CHAPTER [ 79 ) Page, Grant. Biseholl. Kingman, Founded at University of Richmond. November, I9GL 0. C. Alpha chapter installed, October, 1909, Chapter House: 1831 19th St, Publication: Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. Active Chapters: 63, Colors: Puiplc and Red. Flowers: American Beauty Rose and Violet. FACULTY MEMBERS Benjamin Cruickshanks Henry Herzog Frank Hornaday Don Johnson Dean Elmer Kayser Dean William Van Vleck OFFICERS JAMES KINCAID LEE PAGE . ROBERT FIELDS .... FRED KINGMAN ACTIVE MEMBERS . . . . . President Vice-President . . . Treasurer Robert Fields Donald Grant Benjamin Hasten James Kincaid Fred Kingman Michael Murray Lee Page Morgan Percy PLEDGE MEMBERS William Bischoff William Ostoff D . C . A L P H A C H A P T E R SIGMA PHI EPSILON [ ao i A C A C Founded at University of Michigan, May, 1704, George Washington Chapter installed: April 2, 1923. Chapter House: 3 757 N Street, N. W. Publication: ' ’Triad. " Active Chapters: 25, Colors: Black and Gold, Flower: Richmond Rose. Faculty Members: Alien Connolly, Ajlhui John- son, James Kirkland, Lowell Ragatz, Audley Smith, Hector Spaulding, Willard Yeager. OFFICERS JOHN LEDBETTER President CHARLES DAUBAMTON Secreta ry JOHN MATHEWS Treasurer WILLIAM LEE HAMMER Chapter Advisor First Row: Arfcoian, Paubanfcn. Second Row: Ledbelter, Lesniac, Mathews, « ACTIVES Gary Arlcoian Aubrey Burgess Charles Daubanfon Douglas Jefferson John Ledbetter William Lesnlek John Mathews GEORGE WASHINGTON CHAPTER I at i TAU KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, January, 1899. Alpha Pi Chapter installed, 1935. Chapter House: I9J2 R Street. Publication: " Capital TelceJ ' Active Chapters: 55. Colors: Cherry and Gray. Flower: Red Carnation. FACULTY MEMBERS Wood Grey Floyd Sparks OFFICERS FRANK KEIFER President EDWIN WOOD Vice-President GILBERT ANDERSON Secretary RENO CONTINETTf Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Gilbert Anderson Olton Anderson Reno Conti nett! Martin Goozin Lloyd Iddings Frank Kelfer Eugene Mallycid William McCabe First Row: Contfnetti. Hokorn. Second Row: Iddings, Keif«r, Peterson, Third Row: Rogers, Scott, Tomey. Roy Peterson Edwin Wood [ 92 j A Founded at University of Virginia, 1868. Delta Alpha Chapter installed: February 22, 1941. Chapter House: 2450 Massachusetts Avenue. Publication: " The Shield and Diamond. " Ac- tive Chapters: 82. Colors: Garnet and Gold. Ffowerr Lily of the Valley FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Sidney B. Hall OFFICERS GLENN DAYTON President LUTHER. W. BRADY, JR. Vice-President THOMAS D, LARKIN Secretary FRED STEVENSON Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Abercrombie Richard Bauersfeld Cyrus Blanchard Luther Brady, Jr, William Broob Robert Brown William CalomerEs Gordon Calvert James Cradlin Curtis Crom Dale Davis Glenn Dayton Lloyd Hunter, Jr, Oswald© La bo Thomas Larkin Frank McAnear William McConnaughey Creed McFall Edward MoGarry Joe Niswonger Alvin Parrish Richard Speaker Ered Stevenson Marvin Stromberg Leif Torkefson Ray Weeks PLEDGES Gerald V. Cornelian James Fitzgerald Richard Graim James Sfceem First Row: Brady., Davis, Second Row: McAnear, MoFelJ, Torkelson. DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER PHI ALPHA First Sow; Applestein, P. Band. R. Band Becker, Second Row: Bordow j Crowell, Halberstadt, Holmes, Third Row: Jacobson., Kline, Levine. Lewis. Fourth Row: Selznick, Shalowitz Shapiro ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Georg© Washington University, Washington, D. C,, October 14, 1914, Alpha Chap- ter installed: October 14, 1914. Chapter Room: None. Publica- tion: " Phi Alpha Quarterly ' Ac- tive Chapters: 20, Colors: Ma- roon and Blue, Flower: Rose. FECULTY MEMBERS Edward Cafritz David Davis Samuel Dodek Alec Horwitz Jacob Kotz Edward Lewis Bernard Notes Gilbert Ottenberq Maurice P rotas Hyman Shapiro OFFICERS EDWARD SHAPIRO President JACK CROWELL Vice-President HERBERT HALBERSTADT Secretary THEODORE LITOVITZ Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS David Applestein Philip Band Raymond Band Martin Becker Harry Bordow Jack Crowell Morton Eanet Herbert Halberstadt Joheph Holmes Leon Horowilz Stanley Jacobson Norman Kline Leonard Kotz George Kruger Irvin La vine Mervin Lewis Theodore Litovitz Jerry Margolius Sol Pargament Leonard Ruben Norman Schrott Richard Selznkk Erwin Shalowitz Edward Shapiro Irving Spar PLEDGES Donald Balfour Arthur Cohen Herbert Elstein Bernard Ehrlich Bernard Gittleson Albert Grenadier Richard Roberts l 84 i 165 First Row: Blake, Blevins, Fitzsimmons, foreman, GessfordL Second Row: Hamblin, Jones, Lancaster, Lock, Perwin, Tnird Row: Popham, Riddell, Sandberg, Sherman, A, Smith, Fourth Row: L. Smith, Snyder, L, Spearman, S. Spearman, Thorne, Wright. SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS MILDRED BLEVINS Resident AGNES SMITH GENE SNYDER .... Vice-President PHYLLIS SHERMAN . . . MISS KIRK6RIDE . . Faculty Advisor DELEGATES RHEA BLAKE Delta Zeta AGNES SMITH BARBARA HAMBLIN Delta Zeta RUTH WRIGHT GERRY LOCK ........ Kappa Kappa Gamma VIRGINIA JONES . . . . VALERIA POPHAM Kappa Kappa Gamma DARHL FOREMAN , , PHYLLIS SHERMAN Phi Sigma Sigma GENE SNYDER MARIAN PERWIN phi Sigma Sigma MARY LEW FITZSIMMONS MERA RIDDELL Pi Beta Phi SUE SPEARMAN . , , . MARGERY GESSFORD p; Beta Phi LOUISE SPEARMAN RITA THORNE Sigma Kappa MARY SANDBERG . , . LOIS SMITH Sigma Kappa MARCELLA STEINES . . Secretary Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha ... Phi Mu . - - - Phi Mu . . Chi Omega . . Chi Omega . Kappa Delta Kappa Delta HELLENIC i se | JUNIOR PAN- HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS LOIS ANN CONKLIN, Delta Zeta President ELLEN LISKA, Kappa Delta Secretary BERNICE GREEN, Phi Sigma Sigma Treasurer GENE SNYDER, Advisor DELEGATES MARY OGDEN „ Pi Beta Phi MARY ALJCf A CALVO . Chi Omega 8ETTY SWEET Sigma Kappa GLORIA BAKER Phi Mu JEAN SIMPSON Alpha Delta Pi LOIS ANN CONKLIN Delta Zeta ELLEN LISKA Kappa Delta KAY VANCE . . Zeta Tau Alpha ANNE STEWART Kappa Kappa Gamma BERNICE GREEN Phi Sigma Sigma First Row: Baker, Conklin. Green, Second Row: Liska, Ogden, Simpson, Stewart. ASSOCIATION f B7 | p B E T T , 1 it ' A — j 3 i 9 First Row: Allen, Atherton. Broaddus. Bruyninck, Capps, Cottrell. Second Row: Court, Curry, Davis. M ., Davis, p., Dawson. DrEschfer, Third Row: Elmendorf, Fundaburk. Gess- ford, Hildebrandt, Hummer. Hyssong, Fourth Row: Jenkins, Juvenal, Kitts, Le- berman, Lesh, Linqo. Fifth Row: Misson, Morris, Napier, Oq- den Grr, Peck. Sixth Row: Perkins Perry, Richey, Rid- dell, Ring, Rounds, Seaq muller. Seventh Row: Trowbridge, Truman. Wells. Wilson, Woodall. Worden, Workman Founded at Monmouth College, April 28, 1887. D, C. Alpha Chapter installed April, 1889. Chapter Room: 2129 G Street, N, W. Publication: The Arrow, " Active Chapters: 86. Colors; Wine and Silver Blue. Flower; Wine Carnation. PATRICIA ORR BETTE DAWSON BARBARA SAEGMULLER MARY DAVIS . , . MARY RING , . . OFFICERS President Vice-President . . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS .Avonne Allen Doris Bruyninck Emily Cottrell Doris Court Mary Davis Patricia Davis Bette Dawson Marie Del Vecchio Marsha Bartlett Betty Bladders Novella Capps Harriet Curry Annette Drischler Lifa Fundaburk Margery Sessford Marianne Grigsby Nancy Harris Jean Hummer Elizabeth Jenkins Susanna Kitts Mary Lanqer Virginia Elmendorf Julia Hildebrand! Suzanne Juvenal Lois Leberrman Jane Lesh Jane Lingo Nancy Misson Jeanne Morris Patricia Grr Audrey Perkins Mera Riddell Mary Ring PLEDGES Eileen Long Peggy Napier Mary Ogden Priscilla Perry Barbara Saegmufler Betty Lou Trowbridge Margaret Truman Elizabeth Wells Martha Wofford Margaret Woodall Ann Workman Frances Puryear Jacqueline Richey Mary Rounds Mary Anne Wilson Founded at University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895, Phi Alpha Chapter installed: March 3, 1903, Chapter Rooms: 802 2 1st treet, N. W, Publication: " Eleusis.” Active Chapters: 96. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower; White Car- ration FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Marie Byers Helen Lawrence OFFICERS JEAN CONNOR ANN ROSS . - Vice-President BEVERLY JOHNSON .... BARBARA McGINNiSS . Barbara Ames Marianne Atherholt Helen Baylies Mary Alicia CaJvo Jane Gay Connor Jean Connor Mary Louise Edwards Jean Evans Jeanne Gfennon Luneil Hathcote Eleanor Adams Joan Alexander Julio Anderson Patricia Angelo Faith Dougherty ACTIVE MEMBERS Martha Frances Haynes Vfvianne Hooppaw Rene Honey Harriet Hulflsh Jane Hurley BeveHy Johnson Eileen Kendrick Sara Jane Kitchen Jean Koppialky Bette Mae MacCrahon Marsha Macomber Barbara McGlnniss Lula Moss Dorothy Newell Margaret Bell Norton Jean Orem Betty Owen Janet Roberts Ann Ross Susie Lee Rubey Phyllis Sparks Louise Spearman Sue Spearman Mildred Taylor Marian Warfield Nancy Ann White Mary Whittlesey Margaret Williams PLEDGES Doris Frazier Nancy Gfglio Grace Harris Jane Huffish Martha Johnstone Charlotte Melfurn Helen Norton Anne Peterson Betty Richmond Marianne SchoeHe! Muriel Speidel Geraldine Stull Nelle Wells Ann White A E First Row; Alexander, Ames, Atherholt, Connor, Dougherty. Second Row: Edwards. Frazier, Gfennon. Haynes, Hooppaw, Third Row: Hulfish, Johnstone, Kopplal- ky. Moore, Norton H, Fourth Row: Norton, M., Orem, Rich- mond. Roberts, Ross. Fifth Row: Rubey, Schoeffel, Spearman, L-i Spearman, S.. Taylor. Sixth Row; Warfield, Wells, White, A. White, N. A., Whittlesey, Williams, s ★ First Row: Blevins, Bolian, Cochrane, Cofvard, Crowther, Second Row: Davison, Dubendorl, Hall, Hawkins, Hiqginson. Third Row: Jemison, Kanqas. Knox, Lans dale, Lynn, Fourth Row: Makele, Miller. Montague, Mortell, Osmer. Fifth Row t Pillman, Rainey, Rodgers. Simmons, Simpson. Sixth Row: Smith, Smithwick, Spaulding, Steadman. Stirling, Sweet. Seventh Row: Thorn, Visintaifter, West, Wilkins. Williams. Wood. Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, J 8 74. Zeta Chapter installed: 1906. Chapter Room: 2129 G Street, Apt. 3L Publication: ’ ' The Triangle. " Active Chapters: 47, Colors: Maroon and Lavender, Flower: Violet. OFFICERS AUNE KANSAS . RITA THORN CECIL SPAULDING ...... MARGARET LYNN President . . Vice-President , . Secretary T reasurer Mildred Blevins Polly Bolian Dorothy Cochrane Ann Colvard Jean Growth© r Jeanne Dubendorf Juanita Hal! Freddie Hawkins Thelma Barr Patricia Bottelson Janice Davis Marilyn Davison Mary Alice Deuterman ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Higginson Dorothy Hobson Gladys Jettmar Aune Kangas Patty Knox Eleanor Krieger Mary Louise Lansdale Margaret Lynn Priscilla Makela Evelyn Miller Jane Miller Phyllis Osmsr Imogens Pilfman Dorothy Preisser PLEDGES Jeanne Jemlson Marion Montague Mary Mortell Shirley Rodgers Martha Seabrook Audrey Simpson Ruby Stafford Helen Steadman Mary Jane Stirling Betty Sweet Virginia Rainey Dorothy Simmons Lois Smith La la Smithwiclc Cecil Spaulding Rita Thorn Gene Wilkins Anne Visintemer Lorraine Volberg Dorothy West Betty Wood Founded at Miami University, r 902 Alpha Delta Chapter installed, 1920. Chapter House: 2129 G Street. Pub- lication: " The Lamp ' Active Chapters: 74. Colors: Old Rose and Vteux Green, Flower: Kaflarney Rose. OFFICERS ALICE WALDRON BARBARA HAMBLIN HELEN HAMBLIN EDITH NORRIS CAROLYN LYON . . . . PEGGYJANE LONG . . . ............. President Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . Historian-Editor ACTIVE MEMBERS Rhea Blake Suzanne Brown Alice Calkins Jane Clark Ruth Collins Beryl Conklin Lois Ann Conklin Louise Day Jane DeRleux Dorothy Jean Eggeling Gwendolyn FI lima n Patricia Green Mary Guillet Phillis Hall Barbara Hamblin Helen Lots Hamblin Margaret James Jeanne Jones Sally Judd Peggy] a ne Long Lois Lord Carolyn Lyon Irene Marlin Shirley Mason Ann McNeil Felicia Miller Patti© Moore Virginia Nalls Edith Norris Leona Rhodes Evelyn Shudde Erma Siegwa rt Dorothy Stamper Alice Waldron Marjorie Allison Marie Bonner Patricia Campbell Gloria Del Vecchio PLEDGES Josephine Forbes Gloria Giflstrap Ida Jo Grigg Gertrude McNabb Jean O ' Brien Dorothy Patton Joan Ryan Mary Sister Mary Ruth Smith z E T ★ Flrat Row; Allison, Blake, Brown, Calk- ins, Collins, Second Row; Conklin. 6,. Conklin, L, Day, EggeJrng. GilMrap. Third Row: Green, Guillet. Hall, Harris biin, B.. Hamblin, H h Fourth Row: James, Lord, Lyon, Martin, Mason. McNeil. Fifth Row; Miller. Moore. Nalls. Norris, Rhodes, OeRieux, Sixth Row; Shudde, Siegwa ri. Sisler. Smith, Stamper, Waldron. — ALPHA First Row: Bennett. Benton, Bohannon, Cowgill, Downing. Second Row: Gooding. Grether, Harris, Horne, Ingram. Third Row: Jeffrey, Kahler, McKinnon, Owen. Peeler. Fourth Row: PhiMips, Prrmm, Roberts, Rucker, Shaffer. Fifth Row: Sheppard, Simons, (j.. Sim- ony V., Simpson. Smith. Sixth Row: Steece. Webster, Web- ster. M., Wheafly. Wright, Founded at Wesleyan Female College, May 15, 1851, Alpha Pi Chapter installed; February 24. 1922. Chapter Room: 2129 G Street. Publication: " Adelphean. " Active Chapters: 65. Colors - Blue and White. Flower: Violet. FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. Aurkh Woodson OFFICERS BARBARA SIMONS ...... President RUTH WRIGHT Vice-President VIRGINIA LEE JEFFREY Secretary MARY BETH SHEPPARD Treasurer Emily Bennett Lorraine Benton Anne Berry Catherine Davis Edna Downing Marcia Featherstonhaugh Barbara Harris Sara Bohannon Elaine Conroy Barbara Cook Mary Estelle Cowgill Mary Donnelly Nancy Gooding ACTIVE MEMBERS Jane Horne Frances Ingram Virginia Lee Jeffrey Alice Kahler Mary Moen Marjorie Nelson Una Owen Virginia Phillips Dorothy Primm Natalie Roberts Frances Rucker Louise Shaffer Mary Beth Sheppard Barbara Simons PLEDGES Ruth Grether Jeannette Jones Lois Kahler Nancy Lawrence Martha May Maurine McKinnon Norma Sue Osborne Mary Lou Peeler Patricia Pond Jeanne Simpson Virginia Simons Agnes Smith Helen Steece Elizabeth Webster Mary Webster Joan Wheatley Ruth Wright Betty Spurk Suzy Totheron Barbara Towt Darlyne West Emily White Jeanne Williams KAPPA DELTA Founded at Virginia State Normal, IS97. Sigma Nu Chapter installed, 1922. Chapter House: 802 21st Street, Publication: “Angelos. " Active Chapters: 67. Colors: Pearl White and Olive Green, Flower: White Rose- OFFICERS HELEN MATTSON President VERNA STEINES Vice-President MARY SANDBERG Secretary MARCELLA STEINES Treasurer ACTIVES Jo Ann Allen Jrene Brown Elaine Clark Ruth Edge Blanche Fair Pauline Gi$h Betty Graham Marjorie Hensley Mary Louise Kane Dolores Lancaster Ellen Liska Helen Mattson Teresa Mihealsick Mary Sandberg Esther Steines Marcella Steines Verna Steines Kathryn Wardfe Mary J. Whittlesey PLEDGES Virginia Allen Catherine Bauer Jane Bragaw Peggy Briley Wayne Dewey Jeanne Deyhle Caroline Embrey Anna B. Mihealsick Marjorie Rimmer Ha;el Schneider Lee Warren Spanogle Helen Zott First Row; Sauer, Briley, Brown, Clark Second Row: Dewey, Embrey, Fair, Gish. Third Row: Hensley, Lancaster, Liska, Mattson, Fourth Row: Miheal- sick, A,, Mihealsick, T., dim- mer, Sandberg, Fifth Row: Steines, M., Steines, V., Whit- tlesey, Zott. PHI MU Founded at Wesleyan College for Women, January, 1852, Beta Alpha Chapter installed: 1915. Chapter Room: 2129 G Street, N. W Publication: " Agfaia. " Active Chapters: 62. Colors: Rose and White. FJ ower: Pink Carnation. OFFICERS KAY SIGGERS President ALICE REBERT Vice-President FRANCES RESPESS Sec re fa ry CHRYSTINE BANNER Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Chrystine Banner Mary Lewis Fitzsimmons Dawn Irving Dorothy Klyce Judy Ledbetter Helen Luke ns Marietta Notary Alice Rebert Frances Respess Kay Siggers Gene Snyder Mattie Way PLEDGES Janet Abbe Constance Adcock Gloria Baker Mary Lou Casbarien Bettynan Dean Joan Dorman Gen Hebrard Lois Ktnsel Estelle Lu Foma ski Lots Orme Madeline Perky Helen Sakes Alice Stevenson Mary Westwater First Row; Abbe, Baker, Ban- ner, Casbarian. Second Row: Dean, Dorman, Fitzsimmons, Hebrard, Third Row: Irving, Kinse!, Ledbetter, Lukens, Fourth Row: LtAomaski, Orme, Perky, Rebert, Sakes. Fifth Row: Siggers, Snyder, Steven- son, Way, West water. KAPPA First Row; Awtrey, Barrow, Barry, Bea- vers, Siesemeier, Brown. J. Second Row: Burqess. Campbell, Carlisle, Crawford, Cuqfe r Doolittle. Third Row: Embrey. Garnett. Garrett. Gass, Hall, Harrison. Fourth Row; Hayward, Holliman, Howell, Lock, McDonald, A., Mc- Donald, H. Fifth Row: McNeese, Meyerson, Miller, A , Miller, D,, Oslin, Pal- mer, J. Sixth Row; Palmer, P . , Pardy, Popham. Pritchard, Richardson, Seeg ■ rist. Seventh Row: Sjoketh, Smith, E., Smith, R., Snyder, SteHwagen, Stewart. Eighth Row: Tolan, Wekenberqer, Welch, Wherry, Williams, Wilson, Winfrey. GAMMA ©“ti Founded at Monmouth College, October, 1870. Gamma Chi Chapter installed June, 1929, Chapter Room: 2129 0 Street. Publication: " The Key ' Active Chapters: 76. Colors: Dark and Light Blue. Flower: Fleur-deJis FACULTY MEMBER Ruth Atwell President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS BETTY CUGLE MARY CAROL BIESEMEIER BETSY BARROW . . . ELAINE SMITH . . ACTIVE MEMBERS Nancy Awtrey Jean Connolly Louise Howell Valerie Popham Betsy Barrow Betty Cugle Gerry Lock Marie Sjolseth Mary Carol Biesemeier Mary Doolittle Laura McNeese Elaine Smith Jean Srodell Marian Garnett Nancy O ' Rourke Dorothy Snyder Jeanette Brown Jane Gass Jessme Oslin Claudia Stewart Sue Burgess Nancy Hall Patsy Palmer Nancy Wilson Mary Campbell Mildred Hayward Billy Pardy Nancy Winfrey PLEDGES Adrienne Barry Pat Garrett Dottie Miller Anne Stewart Virginia Beavers Isobelle Harrison Joan Palmer Mickey Tolan Marjorie Brown Peggy Holliman Peggy Pritchard Darleen Weisenberger Barbara Carlisle Alice MacDonald Catherine Richardson Mary Welch Bailie Cranmer Nancy McDonald Lorraine Seegrlst Marilyn n Wherry Florence Crawford Winnie Meyerson Ruth Smith Florence Williams Caroline Embrey Antonin© Miller Barbara Stellwagen PHI SIGMA Founded at Hunter College, November 26, [913, Kappa Chapter Installed September 20, 1924. Publication: " Sphinx ' Active Chapters? 22. Colors: Blue and Gold, Flower: American Beauty Rose. OFFICERS DOROTHY L. WOLF . . ; President MARIAN C. PERWIN Vice-President GLADYCE G, WITKOWSKI Secretary DOROTHY J + LICHENS . . . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Ann Barney Ruth Cooper Joan Gerlng Estelle Goldman Lenore Goodwin Ada Hamburger Bryna Jacobs Dorothy Jewler Sally Kehen Muriel Kaufman Etta Klmche Dorothy Lichens Elena Lipson Charlotte Maletz Phyllis Miller Sarah Muchnick Marian Perwin Claire Phillips Phyllis Rosenberg Gertrude Sapin Janet Segal Phyllis Sherman Eleanor Stolmack Alice Venezky Gladyce WEtkowski Dorothy Wolf Louise Breslow Vivien Cohen Marcia Goldstein Rhode Goodman PLEDGES Bernice Green Betty Melman Barbara Sauber Helen Keil Bonnie Nathanson Florence Schwarzman Goldye Mazer Sara Pike Selma Washerman i SIGMA First Row: Breslow, Cooper. Gerrng, Goldman. Second Row: Goldstein, Green, Hambur- ger, Jacobs. Jewler. Third Row: Kaizen. Kaufman, Keil. Lich- ens. Upson. Fourth Row: Maletz, Mazer, Miller, Much- nick, Perwln. Fifth Row: Pike, Rosenberg, Sapin, Schwarzman, Ssgaf. Sixth Row Sherman, Stofmacfc. Venezfcy. Wltkowski. Wolf. Z E I A I A U ALPHA Founded at Formville, Virginia, October. 1898, Beta Alpha Chapter in- stalled, November. 1924. Publication: “Themis. 0 Number of chapters. 63. Colors: Turquoise and Silver, Flower: White Violet, OFFICERS VIRGINIA JONES President MARY HOPKJNS Vice-President M. MONTGOMERY Secreta ry EDITH DAVIS Treasurer ACTIVES Mary Bagby Carmen Carpenter Bonnie Condee Edith Davis Darhl Foreman Mary H. Gillespie Marlon Helm Mary Hopltins Christine Hudson Ann Jones Virginia Jones Margaret Montgomery Martha A. Montgomery Rachel Rogers Elvira Wolfe PLEDGES Bonnie Bra nr is Masle Oliver Catherine Vance First Row; Bagby, Carpers ter, Davis. Second Row: Forman, Gillespie Hop- kins. Tihrd Row: Jones, A l , Jones, V,_ Montgom- ery, M, Fourth Row: Montgomery. M. A,, ON’ ver, Rogers, Wolfe. PUS CLUB COLONIAL CAM Burnette, Shillinger, Ringer, Founded at George Washington University, 193 I . Chapter House: Columbian House Colors; Pur- ple and White, Flower: Gar- denia. OFFICERS NORENE BURNETTE . . . ANNE SHILLINGER , , . BARBARA RINGER . . . . President ♦ ♦...« Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary EMMA MONTGOMERY . . LEATRICE HARPSTER . . . DR. KATHARINE ADAMS . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ACTIVES Norene f. Burnette Leatrice Horpster Maybeile Hughes C harlotte Lamm Emma Montgomery Barbara Ringer Anne Shillinger Ann Thaler Ellen Watson Donna Dugdale Edwina Rothgeb PLEDGES Shirley Huddleston Virginia Turner Front Row: Hughes, Rothgeb, Second Row: Ringer, Burnette, Montgomery, Thaler, Third Row: Harpster, Dugdale, Lamm, Watson, Turner. ORGANIZATIONS [ 107 J P H I BETA KAPPA The Alpha of the District of Columbia Chapter OFFICERS FLORENCE MARIE WEARS COLIN MACKENZIE MACKALL IRA BOWERS HANSEN RICHARD NORMAN OWENS EDWARD HENRY SEHRT FACULTY AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES Errett Cyril Albritton Robert Whitney Bolwel! John Brewer George Morton Churchill Charles Sager Collier Henry Grattan Doyle John Porter Foley Charles William Gerstenberg Wood 1 Gray Robert Fiske Griggs Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor Sidney B. Hall Charles R L Halley Harold P. Halpert Ira Bowers Hansen George Neely Henning William Jackson Humphrey L. Clark Keating Marian Wood Kies Solomon Kullback Colin M. Mackall Cloyd Heck Marvin Margaret W. McPherson Florence Marie Mears Howard Maxwell Merriman Edith Elizabeth Mortensen David Novarr President . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . ■ Treasurer . . Historian Saul Chesterfield Oppenheim Richard Norman Owens Leland Wilbur Parr James Daniel Powell Grace Shover Quinn Arthur M t Ross William Carl Ruedlger Raymond John Seeger Edward Henry Sehrt Charles Sidney Smith Wendell Phillips Stafford George W. Stone, Jr. James Henry Taylor William Allen Wilbur Anna V Appich Virginia Baker Charles H. Beneman, Jr. Carter Bowen Geoffrey Chew Mary Erwin Davis M. Marguerite Dot ye MEMBERS-IN-COUR5E Annie Elledge Marie C, Falk Marie Elizabeth Freehafer Mary V, Howell Virginia Walton Jones Jeanette Marr Helen Mattson James Sloan McReynolds Phyllis Nichols Jessma Oslin Marie-Louise Ralph Bella Schwartz Sidney Shufman Alice Sylvia Venezky Helen Duckson Wright ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Scholastic Honorary for Women Founded at University of Illinois, 1924. Active Chapters: 46. Colors: Red, White, Gold. FACULTY MEMBER Vinnie G. Barrows OFFICERS FLORENCE NIXON . . . . EDITH NORRIS ... Secretary MARTHA SEABROOK Vice-President CAROLYN LYON . . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Phyllis Abrams Karsline Hedler Margaret Maletz Loretta Scott Rhea Blake Mildred Herr Felicia Miller Martha Sea brook June Cohen Rita Holmes Pattie Moore Lois Smith Constance Conklin Nellie Jerman Betty Mullendore Janet Spiky Mary Davis Emily Kaliehstein Phyllis Nelson Anne Thaler Zelda Diamond Lore Koppel Florence Nixon Alice Venezky Zietta Dillon Mary Lou Krehbiel Edith Norris Mary Volz Mary Rea Dunlap Mary Louise Lansdale Nancy O ' Rourke Ruth Vo+aw Dorothy Eggeling Marie J. LeClair Jessma Oslin Margaret Wilbar Janet Evans Jane Lingo Beverly Pardy Edith Louise Williams Lorraine Griggs Rebecca Lobe! Marie- Louise Ralph Sarah Jane Williams Rose Harley Carolyn Lyon Barbara Ringer Ruth Wilson Margaret Lynn Anabel Schrelber PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman Honorary-Scholastic Society for Men Founded at University of Illinois, 1923. Installed at The George Washington University, 1929. Pub- lication: " The Forum ' Active Chapters: 48. FACULTY ADVISOR Dr, Charles Cole . ! f i .r» f ' k u m w 1 n r Weills, MiUofsky, Shulman. McReynolds, Huddleston, Or. Cole, OFFICERS SIDNEY SHULMAN President RICHARD WALLIS Vice-President HAAREN MIKLOFSKY Secretary-Treasurer Donald D. Boyer James Huddleston ACTIVES Robert Masuecl James McReynolds Sidney Shulman Ha a re n Miklofsky Richard Ftsher Wallis I 109 I Founded at Washington and Lee, 1914. Afpha Delta Circle installed: P 929. Publication: " The Circle. " Active Chapters: 51. Colors: Black, Sky Blue, and White. Flower: Blue Delphinium. STUDENT OFFICERS CHARLES DAUGHERTY President AARON LAYNE, JR. .... Vice-President TONY PRITCHARD . . . Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY W. HAYES YEAGER ELMER L. KAYSER . ACTIVE LeRoy Baker Geoffrey Chew Fred Holcomb FACULTY Danief L© Ray Borden Frederick M. Feiker Robert H. Harmon Burnlce H. Jarman Elmer L. Kayser Cloyd H. Marvin Fred E. Nessell OFFICERS ...... Secretary ...... Advisor MEMBERS James Huddleston Lee Page Edward Shapiro MEMBERS Lowell J. Raqati Raymond J. Seeqer Floyd Sparks William A. Wilbur Alva Curtis Wilg us Willard H. Yeager First Row: Chew, Daugherty. Second Row: Huddleston, Pritchard, Shapiro. FACULTY MEMBERS ON LEAVE DeWitt Bennett Leon Brusiloff Henry G. Doyle Max Farrington Howard M. Merriman John A. McIntyre William J. B. Reinhart HONORARY MEMBERS Colonel N. Ames Hugh Clegg Harry Collins Robert V. Fleming Rear Adm. T. L, Gatch Charles C. Glover Maj. Gen. Lewis B, Hershey Hon. Cordell Hull Col, J. Monroe Johnson Charles E. Merry E. K. Morris George Neville Ensign James A, Pike Senator J. P. Pope Byron Price Lt, Francis X. Stan Charles B + Thompkins Joseph Toomey OMICRON DELTA KAPPA l not MORTAR BOARD Founded at Syracuse, New York, [918. Hour Glass Chap- ter installed, 1938, Publica- tion: " Mortar Board Quarter- ly. " Active Chapters: 77. Colors: Silver and Gold, Flower: Yellow Rose. FACULTY MEMBERS Vinnie Barrows Myrne Sedgwick Jenny Turnbull FACULTY ADVISORS Edith Morten sen Ruth Coyne r Florence Mears TRUSTEE MEMBER Mrs. Joshua Evans HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. Cloyd Heck Marvin OFFICERS BETTY MUNSON President EILEEN SHANAHAN Vice-President MILDRED BLEVINS Secretary PATRICIA ORR Treasurer JESSMA OSLIN Historian ACTIVES Mildred Blevins Pa ft re Moore Betty M unson Patricia Orr Jessma Os! in Eileen Shanahan Barbara Simons First Row: Blevins Moore, Munson. Second Row: Orr, Oslin, Shanahan, Simons. I HI J PI GAMMA MU Founded at Southwestern College, December I, 1924. Beta Chapter installed: 1930. Publication: " Social Science, " Active Chapters: BO. Colors: Blue and White, Flower: Blue and White Cineraria. This society was organized to Inculcate leges young men and women imbued with the ideas of scholarship and social service social idealism, and trained in scientific in the study of all social problems Its par- thought. ticular purpose is to send out from our col- FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Acheson Christopher Garnett Howard Merriman Donald Watson Arthur Burns Wood Gray Lowell Ragatz Warren West George Churchill Elmer Kayser Harold Sutton Curtis Wilgus John Donaldson Ralph Kennedy John Tillema Willard H, Yeager OFFICERS HARRY DALZELL . . President MARGARET CAVEY. . . Vice-President DR GEORGE CHURCHILL . . Secretary-Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Nellie Anderson Sherleigh Fowler Helen Mattson George Phillips Mefvtn Bers Doria Greene Eleanor McDuffie Marie Ralph Mary Blesemeier Pura Hernandez Louise McNutt Arthur Ram© Harold Bobys Caroline Hunter Kenneth Munden Clare Ruppert Lydia Braun John Kean Fred Nessell Bella Schwartz James Buckler Kenneth Kenyon Alice Newcomer Bessie Sharpe Margaret Cavey Abraham Langsam Evelyn Parrish Alvin Steinberg Roslyn Chicovsky Jeanette Marr Jessnna Oslln Lulu Woolard Harry Dal Zell Helen Matchett Ernest Payne Donald Wooley Ervin Dehn c HI U P S I L O N National Professional Geological Sorority Founded at the University of Oklahoma, 1920. Epsilon Chapter Installed, 1931. Active Chapters: 5, Colors: Burnt Amber and French Blue-. Flower: Blue Sweet Pea. FACULTY MEMBER Dr, Ray Smith Bassler, Emeritus HELEN EDDY . . + . SUSAN FUTTERER . . ROSSLYN K. HOWARD Helen© Aldrich Anna Virginia Appich Elaine Arnaud Alida Bassler Louise Baxley Louise Berchtold Hazel Borden Harriet Bundlck OFFICERS President KAY BURRELL Recording Secretary Vice-President BEULAH DRAKE Treasurer Corresponding Secre tary ALMIRA LYTLE . . . ♦ . Archivist FRANCES C3SNA Historian MEMBERS Katharine Burrell Susan Futterer Almira Lytle Frances Cisna Louise Harris Marguerite Matthews Elizabeth Cullen Marlon Jaster Margaret Prlmm Edna Davis Ethel Jenkins Beatrice Raw Verda Dougherty Frances Johnson Angela Schoenherr Beulah Drake Elizabeth Kehoe Marion Scott Catherine Eberly Rosslyn Kessler Frances Willoughby Helen Eddy Louella Lowe Grace Willoughby Chi UpsiEon was organized for the purpose of giving ihe women in the Geology Department an opportunity to meet together and. by a definite program of activi- ties, of stimulating greater interest in the many phases of the science. The yearly program includes field trips conducted by either professional geologists or members of the National Park Service and a series of winter lec- tures open to all students of the University who may be Interested, One of the foremost alms of Chi Upsilon Is the furtherance of high standards of scholarship among the women of the University, and to this end, Epsilon Chapter has offered each year a prize to the outstanding woman student in Geology, PI DELTA EPSILON Honorary Journalism Fraternity Founded at Syracuse University, 1909. George Washington University Chapter installed, 1922, Publication: " The Epsllog ' Active Chapters: 30, Colors: Olive Green and Gray. Flower: White Carnation, OFFICERS CHARLES DAUGHERTY ...... President DOLLIE HAMLER . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Nancy Awtrey Helen Mattson Don Balfour Dave Mulcahy Clifford Carlstedt Lee Page Charles Daugherty Mary Ring Dollle Hamler Eileen Shanahan First Row: Awtrey, Carlstedt Second Row: Daugherty, Mattson. Third Row: Ring, Shanahan, Seated: Dr. Hooper. McBurney. Standing: Cohen, Axilrod, Lynn Vcfaw. IOTA SIGMA PI National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry Founded at University of California, 1900. Polo- nium Chapter installed, 1937. Publication: " The lotan. " Active Chapters: 21. Colors: White, Gold 0 and Green. FACULTY MEMBERS Florence Hooper Marian Kie$ Helen Tingle OFFICERS MARY McBURMEY . President JESSALYNE CHARLES ....... Secretary MARJORIE LOUD Treasurer Jessalyne Charles Marian Kies Gertrude Axilrod June Cohen MEMBERS Marjorie Loud Mary McBurney Margaret Snow Ruth Votaw PLEDGES Eleanor Davis Marjorie Lynn ALPHA CHI SIGMA Professional Chemical Fraternity Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1902. Alpha Pi Chapter installed. 1926. Chapter Room: Cor- coran Half, The George Washington University, Publication: ' The Hexagon ' Active Chapters: 46, Colors: Chrome Yellow and Blue. Flower: Red Carnation, FACULTY MEMBERS Howard Bond Maurice Van Horn Colin Mackall Robert Vincent Charles Naeser Samuel Wrenn Benjamin Van Eve re OFFICERS FRANK TUTWtLER President EDWARD WARD RAYMOND HE1NDL . . Vice-President SELDEN COLE Secreta ry Treasurer ACTIVES Myron Beyer Selden Cole George Cook Jr, John French Raymond Heindl Alfred Kidwell | 114 J Jahn Nichols William Springgate James Sterling Frank Tutwiler Edward Ward MORTAR AND PESTLE Professional Pharmaceutical Society Founded at The George Washington University, 1937. Installed. 1937, Chapter Room: Office of School of Pharmacy. Active Chapters: I. Colors: Navy Blue and Gold. Flower; Red Carnation. FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. Jack Tingle First Row: Dr. Hazelton, McDonald, Curtice. Second Row: Gess, Sullivan, Bachrach, Priedmar, Mewhouse. Smith. Third Row: Levin, Schwartz, Reum, Peel. Kullsh, Wagman. OFFICERS COOPER CURTICE . President JANE GASS FRED SULLIVAN Vice-President MORTON BACHRACH STANLEY NEWHQUSE Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary Treasurer Morton Sachrach Jack Borelli Edward Coran Cooper Curtice ACTIVES Gertrude Friedman Jane Gass Martin Kulish Stanley Levin Stanley Newhouse Agnus O ' Boyle Wilfard Peel Elliot Raurn August Saury Herbert Smith Fred Sullivan Mishel Waqman ALPHA PI EPSILON Honorary Home Economics Society Founded at The George Washington University, 1932. Colors: Purple and White. Flower; Violet. FACULTY members Francis Kirkpatrick Katherine Towre First Row: Fulmer, Whitbeck, Holden, Maynard, Second Row: Hedler, VI iet. Hoyt, Peek, KsiazeL Third Row: Shirky, Manzky, Hudson. Klockow, Magota. Fourth Row: Lamb, Alvather, Sell, OFFICERS BARBARA WHITE BECK President CONSTANCE MAYNARD Secretary ELIZABETH HOLDEN Treasurer Winifred Alvather Joan Boyd Caroline Fulmer Elizabeth Holden ACTIVES Cecelia Ksiazek Jessie Lamb Phibmena Magoto Myrtle Manzke Constance Maynard Bobbe Peck Lucille Sell Roberta Shirky Barbara Whitbeck I 115 I Women 1 Professional Foreign Service Sorority Founded of the George Washington University, 1931, Alpha Chapter installed, 1931. Active Chapters, I. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Red Rose. HONORARY MEMBER Ruth Bryon Owen FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. John Donaldson OFFICERS MARIE LOUISE RALPH President LILA FUNDABtiRK Vice-President MARY BAG BY ... Secretary JEANETTE MARR . . . . Secretary JUNE LUNDBERG ........ , Treasurer First Row: Etagby. fliesemeler, Fundaburt. Gillespie. Second Row; Hamblin Jone$ r Lichens. Marr. Third R w; MeMurray, Michaelson Montague. Munson, Fourth Row : Naele, Ralph Siqgers, Wolfe, ACTIVES Mary Bagby Beebs Downing Lila Fundaburlc Eva Karpischel June Lund berg Jeanette Marr Ruth Michaelson Marian Montague Betty Munson Ruth Newcomer Marietta Notary Marie-Louise Ralph Kay Siggers Dorothy Steers PLEDGES Mary C. Biesemeier Virginia Crosswhite Elsa Dik Jean Fant Mary Gillespie Helen Hamblin Virginia Jones Mary Jane Klipple Dorothy Lichens Ruth Naefe Eleanor Nash Roberta Stamm Helen Vrahiotes Elvira Wolfe EPSILON l 116 1 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Back Row: Dr, Owens, Pelto, Page, Carlstedt, Front Row: Dissler, Newqulst, Buckler, O ' Connell. Professional Business Administration Founded at New York University, 1904. Beta Mu Chapter installed, 3933. Publication: “The Diary, " Active Chapters: 49. Colors: Gold and Navy Blue. Flower: Yellow Rose. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr Richard N. Owens Dr. Ralph D. Kennedy Dr, A, Rex Johnson OFFICERS JAMES L. BUCKLEY .... DELMAR STACY . . . Secretary LEE PAGE NOEL C. NEWQUIST . ACTIVE MEMBERS James Buckler Langley Cagle Clifford Carlstedt Joseph Deckert Oscar Dissler James Hudson Walter Lund James Lyons Major Ralph Moor Noel Newquist Lee Page Roy Pelto Delrnar Stacy James O ' Connell HI? 1 ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL ★ OFFICERS FRED M. HOLCOMB, JR President DOMINIC S. TOFFOLO .... Vice-President JOSE PH BALLARD Secretary RAPHAEL CAHN Treasurer Frost Row: Schreiner, Cahn, Toffolo, Holcomb. Ballard, Berkley. Back Row: Fenton, Heine, And rich, Horne, Kilpatrick, Ritter. LOU BERKLEY Delegaie-at-Large Dan Andrkh Joseph Ballard Lou Berkley Raphael Cahn MEMBERS Dick Fenton Henry Heine Fred Holcomb Boyd Horne George Kilpatrick Jim Kincaid Bill Randall Julius Ritter Ned Schreiner Bill Sibert Nick Toffolo The Council is an organization made up of representatives from the five Engineering organ- izations, and was formed to carry on the co- ordinating of the Engineering activities and to sponsor the Engineers Bail and the Annual Engi- neers ' Banquet or Beer Party, Front Row: MEchaetis, Skiles, Kilpatrick,. AndricN Second Row: Cunney, Etafmer, Copeland. Shapero, Shalowitz, Miklofsky. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Chapter Room: Engineering School. Publication: " Civil Engineering. " ★ FACULTY MEMBER Carl Walther OFFICERS GEORGE KILPATRICK .......... President ROLAND AUSTIN Secretary JAMES SKJLES ......... Vice-President OTHO MICHAELIS ... Treasurer Dan And rich Roland Austin Harny Balmer Alfred Copeland MEMBERS George Cunney Jr., Kermit Hunt George Kilpatrick Floyd Linton Stanley Machen Otho Mkhaelis Haaren A, Miklofsky Roy Montoya Erwin Shefowitz Robert Shapero James Sidles ★ E N I 118 J THE ENGINEERS ' MECHELECIV Publication of the School of Engineering ★ STAFF LOU BERKLEY Editor in Chief FRED HOLCOMB Associate Editor ALLAN ENSIGN Distribution Manage ROLAND AUSTIN Art Editor H. A. M IKLOFSKY .... Column Coordinator Front Row: Tyler, Holcomb, Berkley, MiHohky. Second Row: Shapero, Horne, Kilpatrick, Barairck. Third Row: Andrieh, Ensign, Heine, ToFfofo, COLUMNISTS BOYD E. HORNE M,E, and You TOM HEINE . . ♦ . . Short Circuits GEORGE KILPATRICK Am. Soc. C. E, GEORGE PI DA Theta Tau NICK TOFFOLO Sigma Tau HARMON TYLER Chief Typist Dan Andrieh Ned Schreiner Al Barauck Larry Oakley Bob Shapero STAFF Everitt Alexis Bill Randall Jim Kincaid Alice Fitzpatrick Beryl Kester The " Mecheleciv " is published each month by the Engineers of G. W. U. It ' s purpose is to make the School of Engineering still more close- ly knit and to spread the news of this School to its students. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Publication: " Mechanical Engineering, " ★ FACULTY MEMBERS Benjamin Crunch hanks Frederick Feiker Arthur Johnson Martin Mason Rudolph Michel Seated: Cahn, Horne, Berdahl, Second Row: Prof. CruTckshanfes. Oakley, Tyler, Fenton, TarbelL Third Row: Potter. Kronstadt. Huckert, Ensign, BOYD HORNE . . EDGAR BERDAHL . . . Woodrow Armstrong Stuart Beatson Edgar Berdahl Bernard Bernstein Raphael Cahn Allan Ensign Richard Fenton OFFICERS . . , President RAPHAEL CAHN Secretary Vice-President LAWRENCE OAKLEY . Treasurer BENJAMIN CRUICKSHANKS . . Honorary Chairman ACTIVES Otis Fling Donald Gilbert E. I, Habib David Haupt Boyd Horne Jahn Huckert E, T f Hunter James Kincaid Arnold Kronstadt Emil Lowenfhal Lawrence Oakley Hugh O ' Neill William Perciva! Ralph Potter Earl Pritchett James Sfeidel Seymour Steinsapir Lyle Tarbell Harmon Tyler Wilford Woodcock E E S I 119 J R Front Row: Toffolo. Schreiner, Tarbell, Ballard, Prof. Crmcfcshanfcs. Prof. Walther, Prof. Morris. Second Row: Heine, Horne, Skiles. Berdahl, Gareau, Schulte, Rlslev. SIGMA t a u Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded at the University of Nebraska, February, [904. Xi Chapter installed, April. 1921. Publica- tion: " The Pyramid, " Active Chapters: 25, Col- ons: Vale Blue and White. Flower: White Carna- tion, ★ FACULTY ADVISER B. C. Cruitkshanks F. A. Hitchcock F. M. Feiker Carl Smith M, K. Akers Carl Walther Forrest K, Harris OFFICERS JOSEPH BALLARD President HARRY 8ALMER « ♦ Treasurer LYLE TARBELL . . Vice-President HENRY HEINE . Corresponding Secretary RUDOLPH GAREAU ... Recording Secretary EDMUND SCHREINER Historian DOMINIC TOFFOLO Engineers 4 Council Representative MEMBERS William Andrews Edgar Berdahl Boyd Horne Rowland Schulte Joseph Ballard Rudolph Gareau Stanley Machen Lyle Tarbell Harry Balmer Henry Heine Edmund Schreiner Dominic Toffolo William Rfsley PLEDGES James Skiles Front Row: Cahn. Gemunder, Ballou, Machen, SUIes. Kilpatrick. Second Row: Genua, Cunney, Col, Ames, Ritter, Fenton, Pida. Third Row; Conrad, Andrews, Barauck, Heine, Stevenson, Brown, Holcomb. Berkley, ToHolo, Horne. Ensign, Andfieh. THETA TAU National Professional Engineering Fraternity Founded at the University of Minnesota, October, I904 + Gamma Beta Chapter installed, March, 1935, Publication, " The Gear, ' 4 Active Chapters: 23, Colors: Red and Gold. Flower: The Jacque- minot Rose. ★ FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Frederick Feiker Col. Norman Ames Prof. William Hayward Picf, Frank Hitchcock OFFICERS JULIUS RITTER Regent GEORGE CUNNEY . . + RICHARD FENTON Vice-Regent DAVID CARLSON . . . . BENEDICT GENUA Marshal Scribe Treasurer Dan Andnch Woodrow Armstrong William Andrews Alfred Barauck Louis Berkley Ewing Ballou Edgar Berdahl Merril Brown MEMBERS Raphael Cahn David Carlson Raymond Casella George Conrad George Cunney Allan Ensign Richard Fenton George Gemunder Benedict Genua Frederick Holcomb Boyd Horne Thomas Heine George Kilpatrick Stanley Machen George Pida William Randall Julius Ritter Erwin Shalowltz Dwight Shytle James Skiles Rowland Schulte Earl Stephenson Dominic Toffolo Robert Weston i 120 ] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS George Washington University Student Branch ★ FACULTY ADVISOR Milton Akers Front Row: Dunlee. Barauck, Heine. Schreiner, Conrad. Prof. Akers, Hanna. Second Row Rida, Fitzpatrick, Berkley. Andrews. Toffolo, Koufz, Baxter, Yost. Third Row: Mainhart, Jetton, Stephenson, Riegger, Holcomb, Myers, Nelson, LeReche, Douglas, OFFICERS EDMUND SCHREINER President HENRY HEINE Vice-President GEORGE CONRAD Secretary-Treasurer Ever+t Alexis William Andrews John Bartlett Andrew Baxter Alfred Barauck Joseph Ballard Lou Berkley George Conrad Alice Fitzpatrick Floyd Fox Jane Hanna D. E. Harris Henry Heine Fred Holcomb Girard Jetton MEMBERS E. W, Keel John LeReche Howard Mainhart Clarence Myers Peter Myers R. L. McFolin Theodore Nelson George Pida John Paraskevas William Riegger Edmund Schreiner H. E, Sorrows Earl Stephenson Pomonic Toffolo AESCULAPIAN SOCIETY Firs Row: Band, P,, Band, R. Brady, Gonkfin. Second Row: tsraell, McFell, Pollock, VczCarrondo. JEROME POLLOCK . , . LUTHER BRADY BERYL CONKLIN MORTON STEINBERG OFFICERS Pr esident . . Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Philip Band Raymond Band Marcia Bolder Donald Boyer Luther Brady Beryl Conklin MEMBERS Robert Cooperman Jack Crowell Thomas Fogarty Peter Israeli Marshall Jacobson Francis Kirchner Afen Levin Shirley Mann Creed McFall Jerome Pollock Ruth SibbeB Cecil Spauldinq Morton Steinberg Aesculapian, honorary premedical society, has served as a constructive force in crystalizing movements for the good of the premedical stu- dents, and has helped bridge the gap between the spirit of the premedical training and that of the school of medicine. Aesculapian is more than an honorary organization, having a very active program. The members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, medical interest, and personality. 1 122 1 0 L U M B I A N WOMEN MRS, WATSON W. ELDRIDGE, JR. MISS ALICE HUTCHENS DRAKE MRS. W. HAYES YEAGER MRS. THOMAS KIBBLING MISS EMMA A. BUECHELE Founded a I The George Washington University In 1894. Chapter Meeting Place is In Columbian House, OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice President Recordinq Secretary Corresponding Secretary MRS, 5AMUEI N. WRENN Assistant Corresponding Secretary MRS, THOMAS 8. BROWN Treasurer MRS, JOHN BRUCE HANDY Assistant Treasurer MISS KATHERINE SCRIVENER . . . Historian MRS. THOMAS C THOMPSON . . . Parliamentarian COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN tURLBERT T BISSEUE JELEN HARPER f, G. WINN MARGARET STREET iLDRIDGE KISSELL . . Membership . . Scholarship Ways and Means House . . . . Hospitality MRS. OPAL CORKERY MISS RUBY NEVINS MRS. TOMAS CAJIGAS MISS MARGARET PEPPER MRS. WM, C. VAN VLECK .... Hospitality . . . , Publicity Program Finance University Relations MRS, MISS MRS, MISS MRS. The Columbian Women of The George Washington University have planned and worked to achieve worthy educational ideals in our National Capital for fifty years. The members of this organization celebrated its golden anniversary year with a breakfast at the Hamilton Hotel on January 23. Fourteen past presidents attended the breakfast. The Society of The Columbian Women of The George Wash- ington University offers membership to alumnae, students of the University, wives of members of the faculty, trustees, and officers of the University, and recipients of honorary degrees. The founders of The Columbian Women built wisely and well. The objects of the founders and of the organization today In- dicates its high purpose. One reads these words in the Constitution: ' ' The objects of this organization shall be the promotion of acquaintanceship among its members ' the advance- ment of wonnen by the founding of scholarships in the various departments of the University; and the promotion of the interests of the University. " Miss Mary Charlotte Priest founded The Columbian Women In 1894. Thirty-three women have followed in her footsteps as President of this organization, Mrs. Watson W. Eldridge, Jr,, our present President, reports the permanent scholarship funds, now invested by the Universily. tola! S20,0[ 0, The present roster lists over four hundred and fifty members. In conclusion the writer wishes to quote a short paragraph she once used in describing the significance of The Columbian Women of The George Washington University. ’ ' Only they are great who share their talents, blessings, privileges, and char- acter with others, particularly those who are younger and are being prepared to assume the responsibilities of worthy adult life. Columbian Women for fifty years have truly lived in this idealistic sense. Education belongs to the ages. Its affect is immortal; and may the members of The Columbian Women of The George Washington University go forth into the years that lie ahead with the thought that he who gives to education gives to immortality. " Founder MISS MARY CHARLOTTE PRIEST President MRS, WATSON ELDRIDGE, JR. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SOCIETY First Row; Ralph, D|ord jevitdv Second Row; Kangas, Daubanton. OFFICERS MARIE LOUISE RALPH President MARIE DJOROJEVITCH Vice-President ELIZABETH BANNIGAN .... Vice-President AUNE KANSAS Correspond inq Secretary EUGENIA SCHLAIFSTEYN Recording Secretary CHARLES DAUBANTON .... Treasurer LORE KOFPEL Historian Founded at The George Washington University, 1932. Chapter House: 2121 G Street. ACTIVES Shirley Albertson Karl Kalter Jacob Alperovich Ja nine Kamecha Mary Bag by Aune Kangas Elizabeth Bannigan Nellie Kirkpatrick Maurido Bares Lore Koppel Alfredo Behrens Sadi Korlan Lucy Benedetto Lillian Lee Mildred Blevins Marian Lee Despina BojoeUes Priscilla Makela Alice Bosch an Emma Massa Tatnia Bosse Marietta Notary Carlos Brin Jessma Oslin Susan Callomon Nina Pappas Gloria Calvo John Paraskevas Rocchma Checchia Dorothy Prieser Keng e Chuan MariQ ' Louise Ralph Gifberto Concepcion Julio Ramirez Miguel Corro Victor Rioseco Pedro Corro Carola Rosenthal Virginia Crosswhite Rosa Schaer Charles Daubanton Otto Sc haler Laura DeCarvalho Francine Scheyvaer+s Manuela DeObaldia Eugenia Schfaifsteyn Carlos Delmau Mario Sonnino Elsa Di Sc Morton Steinberg Maria Djordfevitch Carlos Torres Beebs Downing Yassin Umar Jean Fant Maruja Van Beaverhoudt Bette Foote Ricardo Vos Barbara Groat Helen Vrahiotes Charles Gomez Elizabeth Wells Dollie Hamler Jene Wilkins Mr. and Mrs Jose Ibanez Nancy Wilson HELLENIC SOCIETY Founded at Harvard University. ! 920. Phi Omeqa Sigma Chapter installed 1941. Chapter House: 4915 30th Place. Active Chapters: 12. Colors Blue and White. Flower: Chrysanthemum. Organized to prepetuate an Hellenic Society at the Georqe Washington University; to encoureqe the study and appreciation of Hellenic Thought and Civilization; to encourage scholastic excel lence: to promote the wel- fare, happiness and best interest of its members; and to further the aims of the George Washington University. FACULTY MEMBERS Honorary President: President Cloyd H. Marvin Dr. Raymond Seeger Dr. John F. Latimer Dean Elmer Louis Kayser OFFICERS TED ROUMEL President PAULINE CHAKERES Recording Secretary ANNE PAPPS . . Acting President HELEN SAKES Corresponding Secretary NINA PAPPAS . Vice-President JAMES MANDES Treasurer Lt. Peter Balias ‘Ensign Nlckolas Canaris Anton CayaS Bill Calomeris Pfc. John Doukas ACTIVE Machi Haniotis John Kastri$ Pete Koutsandreas Sgt. Christ Kyriaiis MEMBERS Cpl. Pete Kyriazis Ensign Nick Lakas Tom Mandes Ella Markovich ‘Xenophon Nixon, U.S.A, Cfeo Norris John Paraskevas “Catherine Vance ‘Arthur Xanthos, U.S.A. PLEDGE MEMBERS Anthony Chacos Helen Fitchelis John Kelivretenos Aristotle Roumel CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS Pfc, Louis Paraskevas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vance Achilles Catsonis HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Charles J. Demas Dr. Nick A. Mandelos Dr. Achilles Sakell Dr. John Maktos Soterios Nicholson •War leave. " “Leave. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS U N I V E R S I T A I R E OFFICERS ELISABETH BAMIGAN JANE LINGO MARY DAVIS PAT ORR CHARLES DAUBANTON . President Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Social Chairman Irene Cornwe FACULTY MEMBERS Alan Deibert ACTIVE MEMBERS Phyllis Abrams Richard Adams Elisabeth Banigan Mauritio Barez Jane Cleric Beryl Conklin Lois Conklin Charles Daubanton Mary Davis Elsa DTfc William Jarbon Jane Lingo Carolyn Lufou Eric Nelson Edith Norris Pat Orr Zan Overall Gertrude Osowich Kuiio Ramirez Mary Ring Carols Rosenthal Martha Seabrook Morton Steinberg Richardo Vos [125 j Front Row: Broderick, Holtzman, Keel, Noble. Second Row: Helring, Mazeffcas. Coon, Darneron, Little. STUDENT VETERANS OF WORLD WAR II ★ Founded at George Washington on December 6, 1943, for the Student Veterans aflending the Uni- versity. ELMO KEEL JOSEPH HOLTZMAN DOUGLAS COON OFFICERS ........ President . , . , Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Kenneth Broderick Donald Grant Gil Helring Roy Little Douglas Coon David Harris Joseph Holliman Anthony Mazeikas Jack Dameron John Ford Barry Harrison Elmo Keel Ben Noble STUDENT NURSE UNIT Founded at George Washington University in March, 1944. FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Atwell Mrs. Terry CO-CHAIRMEN Front Row: Groat, Awtrey, Rothgeb, Brodell, Watson. Tofan. Second Gloria Gibtrap Row: Hughes, Donnelly, Conroy Schwa-roman. Pardv, McNeeSe. Parry, Kail, Goodman. Edwma Rothgeb MEMBERS Nellie Anderson Gloria G ilst rap Lillian Kaufman Elaine Rose Nancy Awtrey Barbara Giltan Elena Lipson Edwina Rothgeb Jane Ba ter Rhoda Goodman Helen Lukens Shirley Salus Ada Biskar Verna Gray Alice MacDonald Ann Shilfinger Jean Brodell Barbara Groat Laura McNeese Agnes Smith Lillian Coe Verna Guseck Virginia Nalls Gerry Stull Barbara Cook Ann Hanford Edith Norris Gloria Thackaberry Elaine Conroy Machie Haniotis Beverly Pardy Mickey ToEan Emily Cottrell Polly Harpste Priscilla Perry Ellen Watson Jean Crowther Jane Hulflsh Anne Plowman Joan Wheatley Davette Eisenstein Mabelle Hughes Betty Reid Ann Workman Marion Garnett Jeanne Jernison Anne Ringwalt Rhoda Woronotf 1 126 I SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Founded at George Washington University, No- vember 3. 1943, ★ FACULTY ADVISOR Dean Frederick Feiker Back Row: Cannon, Long. Pelto. Jetton. Ralph, Daugherty. Ensign. Middle Row: Pisterino, K. Souther, A r Souther, Schiff. Moore, Hall, Tyler. Front Row: Balfour, Car1$tedt„ Holcomb, Knighton, OFFICERS FREDERICK HOLCOMB President BETTY JANE KNIGHTON Secretary CLIFFORD CARLSTEDT ... Vice-President JOHN PARASKEVAS Treasurer DON BALFOUR . Treasurer Donald Balfour George Cunney Charles Daugherty EXECUTIVE BOARD Allan Ensign Pattie Moore Roy Pelto Mane- Louise Ralph Ned Schreiner Mario Sonnino Jeff Abercrombie Don Balfour Lou Berkley John Cannon Clifford CarJstedt Sol Cohen Joseph Cooper George Cunney Charles Daugherty Allan Ensign Freda Goldman Nathaniel Halberstadt Rosine Hall MEMBERS Fred Holcomb Lloyd Iddings Girard Jetton Betty Jane Kniqhton Howard Main hart Pattie Moore Morton Schiff Lee Page John Paraskevas Louis Pistorino Marie-Louise Ralph Morton Schiff Ned Schreiner Arthur Souther Mario Sonnino j. B. Sparkman Betty Talbert Harmon Tyler LESTER F. WARD SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Founded at George Washington University, 1936. ★ FACULTY SPONSOR Dr. James A. Nolan Groat, Irvinq. Wilson OFFICERS BARBARA GROAT President DAWN IRVING . Secretary NANCY C. WILSON Vice-President FRANCES ISAACS Treasurer Margaret Hamberger Betty Wood James Huddleston Martin Kuisberq ACTIVE Helen Lukins Margaret Lynn Nancy Winfrey Beverly Pardy MEMBERS Betty Jane Knighton Meijuen Hoover Frances Egden Rhoda Goodman Da rlene Weisenberger Sue Burgess Winnie Moyerson [ 127 I R White, Lynn, Isaacs, Lex ton. Mrs, Patterson, Dedick. COUNCIL NANCY ANN WHITE MARGARET LYNN FRANCES ISAACS President Vice-President Sec re fa ry-T rea su re r BETTY DEDICK MRS. PATTERSON MABEL LEXTON House Mother Sodaf Chairmen S I THIRD FLOOR First Row: Albertson, Maynard, FhzSimmons, Kono, White. Second Row; Gish, Smith, M., Londberg, Worden, Montague, Pardy. Third Row: Alien, Awtrey, Marr, Munson, flrown, J., Krelbei!, Popham, 0 N G HALL FOURTH FLOOR First Row: MtMurray, Isaacs, Bagby, Second Row: Gerrmg, Benedetto, Perwln, Dik Third Row: Campbell, Fundaburk, Glennon, Jones, Groat, Snyder. FIFTH FLOOR First Row: Fa ter, Bfiqg, Burnette, Second Rowr Fisher, Turner, Blevins, Williams, Buck- elew Third Row: Callahan, Evans, Oeuter- man, Rainey, Smith, L., Lexton, Hears. SECOND FLOOR First Row: Ziff, Lynn, Mrs. Patterson, Orr, Briley, Second Row: Smith, E., Schoeffel, Oberg, Richter, Bonner, Brown, I., Palletta. SIXTH FLOOR First Row: Sabo, Banner, Peterson, Pedicle, Second Row: Swenson, Adams. Karpischek, Burgess, Stevenson, Third Row: Downing, Grayson, Reed, Foreman, Stull, Warner, Dick- enson. First Row: Milliren, Fleming. Wuenschd. Day, Klfpple. Second Row: Smithwick, Rickey. Rim me r, Webb, Painter, Peeler. Third Row: Shull, Harris, Poflaccio, Conti, Hale. Mitchell. Ripley. Fourth Row r Badlne, Waits, Flickinger, Turney, Williamson, Crabtree, Harris, Rohrer, Schelfack. STAU0HTON HALL HOUSE MOTHER Mrs. Jessie Lee HOUSE COUNCIL Kathryn Shellac Kathryn Wenchell OFFICERS VIRGINIA CROSSWHITE President MARGIE RIMMER Treasurer A sign of the times on George Washington ' s campus was Sfaughton Hall, a second girls ' dor- mitory which was initially intended to house G. W, men. This dormitory, redecorated and opened last October for women who are em- ployed chiefly in government agencies and who take night classes, accommodates approximately ninety girls. Although school and government demand rationed time, Sunday night suppers, parties and picnics have added to Staughton ' s friendly atmosphere i 129 ] WESLEY CLUB ★ OFFICERS JEANETTE MARR . HELEN BAYLIES . GENE SNYDER . . RUTH VOTAW . . . . President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Social Chairman MEMBERS Helen Baylies Juanita Hall John Kean Alfred Kidwel! Jeanette Marr Betty Munson Alvin Parrish Betty Lou Reed Mary Ring The Wesley Club was organized to bring to- gether the Methodist students in the University, its prime aim being to promote Christian fellow - Hilda Scott Dorothy Simmons Gene Snyder Dorothy Stamper Geraldine Stull Mary Votaw Ruth Votaw Nora Weir Matthew Wi se ship and understanding among the student body Meetings are held at 8:15 p.m. on th e first and third Wednesdays of each month. R E L Front Row: Guillet, Truman, Thafer, Grigg. Back Row; Hamblin. B„, Albertson, Tompkins, C. h Tompkins, J., Cfaflin, Judd, Hamblin, H CANTERBURY CLUB ADVISOR Dr. Sheerin of Church of the Ephany ★ OFFICERS MARGARET TRUMAN ....... President MARY GUILLET ........ Vice-President MERA RIDDELL . Secretary ANNE THALER Treasurer BO BSE PECK Corresponding Secretary ACTIVES Shirley Albertson Gloria Baker Barbara Carlisle Ruth Gatlin Eettynan Dean Pat Garrett Ida Jo Grlgg Mary Guillet Ba rbara Hamblin Helen Hamblin Peggy Holliman Virginia Jones Sally Judd Jane Lesh Barbara tyddane Nancy Misson Jean Morris Phyllis Osmer Bobbe Peck Mera Riddell Dorothy Snyder Anne Thaler Chamnian Tompkins John Tompkins [ 130 1 L U E R C B T H L U ★ OFFICERS AGNES ENGEBRETSQN . . . . President ELSIE WASHABAUGH ....... Secretary EDWARD FISHER Vice President ELINOR KLOCKOW Treasurer REV. CEDRIC E. TILBER0 . . Pastoral Adviser Donald Baufz Agnes Engebretson Edward Fisher Karolina Hedler MEMBERS Jane Heim Mary Heltibridle Elinor Klodow Pearle Lyerle Edna Oberg Esther Peimann Ida Potts Kathryn Siermann Eunice Trockenbrodt Elaine Wagner Beulah Washabaugh Elsie Washabaugh The University Luther Club is a part of the Lutheran Student Association of America, a na- tional organization composed of Luther Clubs at all colleges and universities in the Uni ted States. It is also actively associated with the World Christian Student Federation. S WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION ★ OFFICERS JAMES HUDDLESTON President MURIEL McKUNE ..... Vice-President MARGARET LYNN ... Secretary MARY MILLER Treasurer DR t ELWYN A, SMITH . University Pastor Seated: McKune, J. Huddleston, Lynn, Dr. Smith. Lorraine Benton Jade BoreNi Carolyn Campbell June Cohen Donald Douglas Donna Dugdale Marianle Freeman Marjorie Hensley Mary Hounanian MEMBERS James Huddleston Shirley Huddleston Mabelle Hughes Jean Jemlson Mona Jeanne Keeslmq Judy Ledbetter Lillian Lee Marian Lee Margaret Lynn Alice McDonald Muriel McKune Mary Miller Emma Montgomery Rattle Moore Ellen Munroe John Paraskevas BUI Relly Shirley Rodgers Edwina Rofhgeb Jean Schenk Hazel Snyder Stella Valltos Nancy Ann White Joan Wheatley Jean Wilkins Phyllis Worthington Helen Zott l HI J Weil, SegoL Band ' THE HILLEL FOUNDATION ★ OFFICERS DICK WEIL RAYMOND BAND JANET SEGAL RABBI LOUIS M. YOUNGERMAN President , , , Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Adviser The Hill-el Foundation was founded at the Uni- versity of Illinois In 1923. Its purpose Is three- fold — cultural, religious, and social The Foun- dation stimulates Interest in and appreciation of Jewish literature and art, and supports such enterprises as Zionism. Burnette, Evans, White, Phillips. " Wisdom Is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; end with alt thy setting, get understanding. " Proverbs 4;7. Christian Science Organization at the George Wash- ington University, founded in 193! and composed of students and faculty members Interested in Christian Science, is one of the seventy-six such organizations in universities in the United States, England, and Canada. The aim of the group is to aid University students In obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of educa- tion and service, and in attaining greater spiritual de- velopment through the study and application of this science in all University activities. Regular meetings are hefd in Columbian House each CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION FACULTY ADVISER Dr, Wilferd L, White OFFICERS MILDRED WHITE President NORENE BURNETTE Secretary CYNTHIA PHILLIPS Treasurer JANET EVANS Reader LOUISE WILLIAMS Substitute Reader month on the first and third Thursday evenings at 9:10 and on the second Thursday at 12:10 noon. Authorized periodicals on Christian Science as well as the international daily newspaper, " The Christian Science Monitor, " are maintained in the University Library by this organization. The annual reception, to which all students and faculty members are invited, was held Oc- tober 30, 1943, and was addressed by Mr. James Howard Beck. Christian Science Wartime Minister for the Wash- ington area. A free lecture on Christian Science was given by Mr. Adair Hickman, C.S.B,, of New York City, New York, member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the first Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, on April I5 f 1944, l 132 ] ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Staff of the " Cherry Tree " wishes to express heartiest thanks: To Mrs. Lacy, Mrs. Greene and Mr. Herzog of the Comptroller ' s Office for their patience and untiring work. To the Publications Committee for consideration of our problems. To President Marvin for Issuing a plan to the Committee, which allowed us to publish. To the Student Council for their help and suggestions. To the " Hatchet " for its loyal support. To Mr. John T. Benson and the Benson Printing Company for their endless work and assistance. To the student photographers who always work under difficulty. To the members of the staff who worked faithfully in order to give you this book. To our advertisers who ask only support in return for theirs. And finally to the students who realized the importance of having an annual and were willinq to back us unceasingly, both individually and through their organizations. ESTABLISHED, 16 5 0 85 Years of Faithful, Efficient Service Specializing In HIGH-GRADE COAL EXCLUSIVELY ♦ We Serve the University ♦ 8 1 I E Street, N. W. Phone NAttonal 0311 ( - ■ Dining here has a definite emphasis on dignity, service, and cuslne LUNCHEON $1.00 DINNER FROM $1.50 THE HAY-ADAMS HOUSE Completely Air-Conditioned 16th and H Street, N,W r GEORGE WASHINGTON FOOD SHOP 21 10 G Street, N, W, Phone RF 9603 We Serve BREAKFAST » LUNCH DINNER Also Special Chicken Dinner Sunday Reasonable Prices " THE UNIVERSITY PRINTER ' 1 ♦ CORNELIUS PRINTING COMPANY The House That Printing Built Telephone; SHepherd 1916 — 1917 912-918 Burlington Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland When you want to Buy f Sell, Trade, Loan on or Borrow on Real Estate or need the services of a Notary Public CONSULT JAMES MORRIS WOODWARD Realtor 723 20th Street, N, W, Phone District 5808 STANDARD FLOORS Incorporated SHOW ROOM I 3th and Eye Streets, N, W. District 0488 Rubber Tile LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile A. F. JORSS IRON WORKS. INC. WORKING 100 PER CENT ON WAR CONTRACTS Awarded Army and Navy " E 11 June I9 t 1943, and Renewal Awarded December 31, 1 943 Chas. H. Tompkins Co. BUILDERS COMPLIMENTS DEAUVILLE FOOD SHOPPE OF Smartest Cafe in Town COMMERCIAL OFFICE BREAKFAST LUNCHEON « DINNER FURNITURE CO. Best of Liquors Used In Our Mixed Drinks 1629 Conn. Ave. ( N, W. Open 7 to 3 a.m. Phone Dec. 5588 Telephone District 3190 Established 1887 BROOKE AND HARRY Incorporated PREMIER MARKET AND GROCERY Wholesale — Retail 719 20th St. 4 N,W, Washington, D. C SCHOOL SUPPLIES » OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT PRINTING PAPERS MIMEO— BONDS MOBECKER AND COMPANY A. J. MOBECKER IRVIN PRICKETT General Roofing Contractors • WATERPROOFING • DAMPPROOFING • INSULATION WASHINGTON, D. C. 318 I 5th Street, Southeast PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 913 West Venango Street A Tabfe for Epicureans in a Continental Atmosphere ATHENS RESTAURANT Greek-American Kitchen JOHN KRITSIDIMAS GEORGE STROUMBOS Phone Metropolitan 9582 804 Ninth St,, N. W. Washington, D C G W BOOKS STUDENTS BOOK COMPANY ■ 2107 PENNA. AVENUE EAGLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Phone National 2323 940 New York Ave ( N. W, Washington, D. C Engraving and Printing of Distinction We produce in our plant under the most economical conditions WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS MONOGRAMS AND CRESTS VISITING AND BUSINESS CARDS MENUS AND PROGRAMS INVITATIONS FOR EVERY OCCASION BUSINESS STATIONERY Engravers and Printers 1217 G Street, N.W. CIRCLE THEATRE 2105 Penna. Avenue, N, W. REpubllc 0184 Two Blocks from Campus ❖ HOUSE OF COMFORT AND GOOD PICTURES ❖ Continuous Showings Matinees Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, I p.m.— Weekdays 6 p.m. 2105 Penna. Ave,, N, W, REpubllc 0184 BRODIE AND COLBERT I ncorporated REALTORS " Real Service in Real Estate " Sales — Rents — Insurance — Loans — Invest- ments — Investment Property Management LOY H, BRODIE LEWIS F. COLBERT 1931 K St +P N. W. Phone NAtional 8875 Where George Washington Men Meet and Dine " FAMOUS for FOOD " HOTEL OCCIDENTAL AND RESTAURANT GUS BUCHHOLZ SON, Proprietors Three-Room Suite with Bath, $5 up Telephone District 6467 Artificial Marble, Scagtiola, Artificial Travertine Stone, Artificial Stone for Interior Telephone NAtlonal 7413 STANDARD ART MARBLE AND TILE CO. Incorporated Scagliola, Marble, Mosaic, Terrazzo, Tile, Ceramic, Slate 117 D Street, Northwest Washington I, D t C. YOUR " NATIONAL " HOST l N THE NATION’S CAPITAL THE HOTEL WASHINGTON An Affiliated National Hotel FLOYD E. RUSH, Manager 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue Opposite U, 5. Treasury HONOR ROLLS— PROFESSIONAL SIGNS Memorial Tablets, Bulletins, Directories, Door Numbers, Directional Signs, Time Stamps, Numbering Machines Seals for Schools, Corporations, institutions, Notaries LAMB SEAL AND STENCIL COMPANY RICHARD L LAMB, President ART METAL SIGNS 824-826 13th Street, N + W. since 1900 Washington, D. C + FRANK R. JELLEFF WHAT ' S IN A NAME? " Mademoiselle, " for Instance, the label that Instantly suggests youthful, smart shoes for the younger set " Handmacher, " the signature of a master tailor, whose suits have captured the im- agination of the world of fashion , " Drap er " and " Stetson ' synonymous with up-to-the-minute good taste In the millin- ery field . . , These and other famous labels you ' ll find at Jelleff s. Where the Jelleff label means Fashion, Value . . . all that has made Jelleff s One of the Coun- try ' s Great Apparel Stores! " ' lAJadhin ton J Jinedt JJ-otel ★ ★ ★ ) f fUflYptoUJER WASHINGTON. D. C. S. C I MACK Manager QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS THOMPSON ' S DAIRY Decatur 1400 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES RALPH W. LEE COMPANY 1508 L Street. N. W. REpublic 4848 Washington, D. C, INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS RALPH W. LEE RALPH W. LEE, JR. Associate WELLES S. BUCKINGHAM 46th Year SOUTHERN ASBESTOS CO. Johns-Manville Asbestos Cork Insulation COMPLIMENTS 85% Magnesia Covering OF L. F. STRIETER, Approved Contractor JOHNS-MANVILLE CORP. QUIGLEY ' S PHARMACY 1 104 21st St., N. W., Phone REpublic 0015 The Newest Modern Greek-American Restaurant in , Town. Special Accommodations for Parties COMPLIMENTS PARTHENON CAFE OF Greek-American Kitchen Open 9 a.m, to 2 p m. dally READ PHOTO JOSEPH A. PLAKOS, Manager 700 6th St„ N.W, (Cor. G St.) Washington, D. C. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF GEORGE E. MUTH CO. 710 13th Street, N. W. EVER READY TRANSFER REAL ITALIAN FOOD COMPLIMENTS " The Public Appreciates Quality and Service " TROCADERO CAFE OF 826 (8th Street, N W. Near New Doctors Hospital THE SERVICE PHARMACY WASHINGTON, D. C. II 00 1 4th Street, District 7470 Metropolitan 8614 826 17th Street, National 4667 LUNCHEON — DINNER-WINE — BEER The Chastleton Apartments, North 2725 J. 8ERTO C. BIANCO, Proprietors OWE W. CATLETT, Pre J. FRANK COCKERILLE. Treas. Adams 9404 Glebe 7561 Learn the Thrill of Riding Horseback POTOMAC RIDING SCHOOL incorporated Member of Bridle Trails Association The Oldest School in Town 26! 5 D Street, N. W. On the Bridle Path Bet, 26th and Potomac River Republic 8877 COMPLIMENTS OF ROBIN HOOD RESTAURANT 1422 K Street, N. W. Garfinckel ' s congratulates you and extends a cordial invitation to all George Wash- ington students to visit the Capital ' s most distinctive store. Our new showing of clothes will suit both your studious and festive needs . . . and you will find delight- ful gifts for your host of friends. While you ' re shopping, drop In for luncheon or tea at the Greenbrier Garden, a wonder ful meeting place. JULIUS GARFINCKEL CO. F Street at Fourteenth SPRING VALLEY SHOP Massachusetts at 49th Shoreham Dining € Dancing • Entcrtafomeni , - . Dinner $2J5, Including Cover. Sapper Cover, 50c; Saturday s, $1.00 . - Two Floor Shows Nightly FIRST CHOICE In Washington for over 50 years CHESTNUT FARMS MILK SET ACQUAINTED With Our Expert Work and Service RIGGS TAILORS AND LAUNDRY Cor, 20th and H RE 2686 COMPLIMENTS OF CHERRY BLOSSOM RESTAURANT WARDMAN PARK HOTEL Connecticut Avenue at Woodley Road WASHINGTON ' S LARGEST HOTEL 1800 Outside Rooms Rates from $4.00 Private Ballrooms, Dining Rooms and Meeting Rooms Available ' | ' f’ Ideal Facilities for DANCES SMALL PARTIES Restful accommodations for out-of-town relatives ROGER SMITH HOTEL Pennsylvania Avenue at 18th Street, N, W, WASHINGTON, D. C. JACK MULLANE Tu — Full Dress — Cutaways — All Accessories FOR HIRE For Weddings. Private Parties, and Every Occasion Graduates ' Caps, Gowns, and Hoods Costumes of all periods, dramatic, musical comedy, minstrels, pageants, masquerade and private parties, A full line of wigs, hairgoods, make-up for every character. 714 Mth Street, N. W Metropolitan 9395 " For Your Amusement We Are In Business 11 Beauty Culture in Its Entirety Maison Francaise QUICK EYE GLASS REPAIRS EMILE of WASHINGTON ROE WM, B. REX Branches MAYFLOWER HOTEL THE MERIDIAN HILL DODGE HOTEL FULKERSON-KELLY-SHELEY 1221 Connecticut Ave. District 3616 EYE EXAMINATIONS HEALTH FOR VICTORY Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Hand Ball Squash, Basketball, Volley Ball 1342 F St., N. W +t Washington, D. C, JOIN TODAY Y. M. C. A. 1736 G St., N.W. NA. 8250 Phone NA 4557 Have your eyes examined Regularly BUY COMPLIMENTS WAR BONDS OF AND STAMPS 1 1 CALL CARL National 5353 Specializing in Vitamins AVENUE DRUG STORE 1 742 Penna. Ave,. N, W, WASHINGTON, D. C t Prescriptions Carefully Compounded by Registered and Graduate Pharmacists LOUIS COUREMBIS, Manager Law Reporter Printing to. 5111 FIFTH STREET WASHLMiiTO , IK €. NATllffil 0828 MIDWAY CAFE 6:30 — 9 p,m k BREAKFAST— LUNCH— DINNER 709 I 8th Street Home Cooking Reasonable Prices COMPLIMENTS OF JANDEL FURS, INC. 1412 F. Street N. W. PATRONIZE YOUR STUDENT CLUB Basement Building C Sandwiches, Fountain Drinks, Student Supplies List Your Property For Sale or Rent in N. W, Washington, D. C., and Nearby Maryland REALTOR 2f Years of Real Estate Service 3518 Connecticut Avenue Woodley 7900 THE WASHINGTON WOODWORKING COMPANY Incorporated HIGH GRADE MILLWORK Cabinet Hardwoods • Lumber • Special Millwork N Ational 5624—5625 912 Fourth Street, N. W. Washington, D, C. COMPLIMENTS All Roads Lead to the Hot Shoppes OF DELICIOUS SUMMER SPECIALTIES CHARLES G. STOTT AND COMPANY Incorporated Served in Your Car Or in Our Dining Rooms THE HOT SHOPPES ALL AROUND TOWN C. ENGEL ' S SONS Incorporated Established 1850 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES District 0995 522 1 2th St., S. W. Washington, D. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BROADMOOR APARTMENT HOTEL .Support Our Sduertid THEY MAKE THE CHERRY TREE POSSIBLE p n i n t i n o c o m p a n y ☆ n a s h v i l l i « e A W A DOES HOT i ' WCIILATE

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