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II lie eorge Wash inj5ton I niversity I jiorary Special Collect ions D; i vision DOES NOT CIRCULATE aiodds ?s t naa i - 5 , - 3 c Tke CHERRY TREE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, D. C. To CEORBE WASHINGTON’S STU DENTS IN THE WAN, THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED - - - WITH THE PRAYER THAT THEIR SERVICE Will SOON HE REWARDED WITH A LASTING PEACE. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication . . - . . 4-5 Our School 8 Our President .. . . • ' . i I The Administrative Year . . . . 12 Graduates , 14 Senior Class History , 16 The Senior Classes IS Athletics 38 Football Season -... .. • 40 Basketball Season . . 44 Interfratermty and Intramural Sports . . « 48 Women’s Physical Education 50 Highlights • -54 Cherry Tree Beauty Contest 56 Who ' s Who 64 Campus Candids . 66 Greeks - 72 Social Fraternities and Sororities , . 74 Honorary and Professional Fraternities . .100 Activities - 1 1 2 Acknowledgments - 1 39 Advertisements . « 140 Rogues ' Gallery , -.- 156 HALL OF GOVERNMENT DUR SCHOOL As our school grows in importance and capability to serve during these war years, so it grows physically, and is increas- ingly better able to offer its students improvements and inno- vations on the campus. The year 1943 has seen the addition of lovely Lisner Audi- torium to the George Washington University. Situated on the corner of 21st and H Streets, that noble white marble edifice Is a striking token of the generosity of the late Abram Lisner, who made possible its construction. The auditorium was christened with the holding of Winter Convocation there on February 22, 1943. At last George Washington graduates have had their degrees conferred upon them on the platform of their own auditorium! The sheer beauty of the hall and the joy of possession permeated the whole ceremony and made it one of especial and lasting significance, fitting to that ostentious occasion. The University has made arrangements to offer the ac- commodations of another residence hall to the part-time women students. The new dormitory contributes to the solu- tion of a most urgent problem of war-time Washington — the acute housing shortage. Now George Washington ' s women night school students will be able to be accommodated much more adequately and conveniently as the new hall sup- plements the facilities offered by Strong Hall on our campus. The School of Art has been improved and enlarged as a result of the arrangement with the Corcoran Art School where- by our students attend classes at the Corcoran Art Gallery. The faculty members are members of the staffs of both schools. This cooperative measure has worked very well to the mutual benefit of both organizations. The removal of the Art School from the old building on G Street has made possible the utilization of that building by the School of Engineering for their expanding program. Where embryo artists once sketched and painted, now future engi- neers learn drafting and mechanical drawing. If seems symbolic of current trends that as the practical arts emerge Into a position of tremendous importance in this time of war, the pursuit of the fine arts, while never discon- tinued or even discouraged, retires temporarily to the back- ground to prepare all the while diligently for intelligent, efficient planning of the post-war world. Slide rules now hold sway where once the pallette reigned, but our George Wash- ington art students have moved into a position where they have materially Increased their training facilities and advan- tages, At George Washington, the studies of the fine arts and of the practical arts go forward together, both in stride with the war-time tempo. 0 N 0 U I CAM! P U ! CORCORAN HALL ★ THE LIBRARY AND BUILDING C ★ CORCORAN HALL FROM ACROSS THE CAMPUS DR. CLOYD HECK MARVIN OUR PRESIDENT OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION MRS. BARROWS DEAN BLOEOORN THE UNIVERSITY CLOY ' D HECK MARVIN HAROLD SUTTON . . . FRED NE5SELL JOHN MASON . . . . MYRNA SEDGWICK . HENRY HERZOG . . ALLEN CONNOLLY . . VINNIE BARROWS . . ALAN DEI BERT LESTER SMITH Presdent of the University Director of Admissions . , . Registrar . r Librarian Administrative Secretary . . , . Comptroller . . . Business Manager ....... Director of Personnel Guidance Adviser to Students from foreign Countries . Alumni Secretary THE COLLEGES, SCHOOLS AND DIVISIONS WILLIAM JOHNSTONE . CHRISTOPHER GARNETT ROBERT BOLWELL . . . . WALTER BLOEDORN . . WILLIAM VAN VLECK . FREDERICK FEIKER . . . WILLIAM BRIGGS JAMES FOX WARREN WEST . . . . , ELMER KAYSER . . . . SIDNEY HALL ...... ..... Dean of the Junior College ..... Assistant Dean of Columbian College Chairman of the Graduate Council . Dean of the School of Medicine Dean of the Law School Dean of the School of Engineering Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dean of the School of Education Assistant Dean of the School of Government Dean of University Students Director of the Division of Extension DEAN FEIKER DR, HALL DEAN WEST [ 12 | DEAN BRIGGS DEAN VAN VLECK DEAN GARNETT Georqe Washington University, as all educational institutions, equips young men and women to recover from war and to live wisely and happily in peace time. Situated in the Nation ' s Capital, it has always been able to make a unique contribution, to train Government workers in night schools to do their jobs better and to increase their skills. At present, George Washington University is doing more than this, for it is offering defense training courses which have already prepared many men and women to do specific war jobs, and is now preparing consider- ably more. Besides all this, G. W. ' s sons are fighting the war on the front lines, mak- ing an immense and vital contribution that those at home can strive to support, but that they can hardly hope to equal. In all branches of the armed service, erstwhile professors may be found alongside former students. From deans to instructors, members of the faculties have taken their places in the uniformed ranks. With consider- ably depleted staffs, those professors remaining at the University have indeed proven their ability to carry on under the most exacting circum- stances. The scope of courses offered to war-time students and the effi- ciency of teaching methods have bokh been enlarged In the face of the shortage of man power and the stress of the accelerated progra m. (13 l DEAN JOHNSTONE DEAN KAYSER DEAN FOX UATES TIMOTHY SWETT President JOSEPH GALLAGHER Vice-Presidenf MINA BROWN Secret ry-T reasurer Senior 6 SJ ' is tor COLUMBIAN COLLEGE The war undeniably has required modifica- tions in our schools of arts and sciences, but the academic tradition shall not be allowed to die. Many liberal arts students who were to graduate with this class have interrupted their education to enter the armed services. The faculty likewise has lost many, with the result that a less extensive curriculum has been made necessary. Nevertheless, the realization of the importance of academic study has not been lost, and these graduating arts students undoubtedly will make valuable use of this ed- ucation in their post-war careers. The science schools have risen to a position of great and immediate importance. A sup- ply of trained scientists is vital to our coun- try ' s war effort, and George Washington has done its part well with accelerated program and great exertions on the part of the faculty to instruct larger classes with depleted teach- ing staffs. As a result, the University is con- tributing as a part of its graduating class a considerable number of trained men and wom- en who are to take their places immediately in essential war positions. SCHOOL OF LAW Possibly even more than in the other branches of the University, the Law School has made drastic changes in its program to adjust to war conditions. Students now, by studying summer and winter in an accelerated program, may enter after only two years of pre-law and complete the entire course in four years. Law School enrollment, not having pre- ferred status in the Selective Service, has necessarily suffered, but the addition of spe- cial war courses has kept it surprisingly high. Standards continue to be excellent, and the school is ranked with the best in the nation. The course of world events in the immediate present, perhaps emphasizes the importance of professions other than the law, but its ab- solute essentiality in an ordered civilization is unquestioned. We may count on these grad- uating lawyers to contribute largely to a suc- cessful peace. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Our Engineering School, highly rated na- tionally, continues to carry out its important task of producing technically trained person- [ifi i nel, the need for which is being felt every- where throughout war industry. Defense courses have been added, enrollment has in- creased, and although many of the faculty have been called to war jobs, the training of- fered continues to be extensive and of high quality. Students, recognizing the importance of their education to the welfare of the coun- try, have applied themselves seriously to the task at hand and are graduating with excel- lent capabilities. The class of engineers of 1943 is to take an important place in the United Nations ' war machine. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Medical School has risen admirably to the tremendous and important task of turning out in increasing numbers, well-qualified physi- cians to serve our armed forces and the civil- ian population. Most of the students in the Medical School hold reserve commissions In the Army or Navy, and many of the graduat- ing seniors are serving their internships in Army and Navy hospitals. We are proud that our George Washing- ton medical students are responding so ca- pably to the greater burdens and increasing responsibility that they find themselves con- fronted with as a result of the accelerated program. Summer vacations have been un- known to these new doctors during their last two years of school. They have had to work ANDREW DEDICK HARRY OFFUTT HELEN ROVINSKI President Vice-President Secrete ry-Trea surer even harder than preceding classes, and with- al!, many of their number received their de- grees with distinction. The women who graduate in this class have for the first time in the military history the opportunity of service In the armed forces with reserve commissions. Those not in uni- form, however, still serve and In an equally vital capacity. For as with the women grad- uates of the other schools and colleges, these doctors are well qualified to take their places in civilian life, and thus to serve along with their colleagues in uniform. First Row: Adamson, Ashford, Baehr, Baird, Baker, Banks Second Row; Barnett, Bassett, Bean, Beatson, Bellamy, Bernstein. SENIOR CLASS 9 KEITH EARL ADAMSON, Segwiek, Kansas; B.A.; Acacia, Secretary, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Fencing Club, 2 3, Charter Member; Cue and Curtain, 1-4, Business Manager, 3, Production Manager, 4; Spanish Club, 2-3. 9 ANITA APPLEBY ASHFORD. Washington, D. C.; 8. A.; " Cherry Tree, " " 4; Psychology Club, 4. 9 BETTY BISCBOFFE BAEHR, Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont; B.A.; Canterbury Club. 9 ELIZABETH HANNAH BAIRD, Washington, D. C,; B.A.; Cue and Curtain. 9 ROBERT HOPKINS BAKER. State College, Pennsylvania; fl.A ; PI Kappa Phi; Delta Phi Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Camera Club, Treasurer, 3. 9 HELEN LEONA BANKS, Washington, D. C.; 8.S.; Home Economics Club, Vice-President, 4; Junior Orthesis. 3; Orthesis, 4. 9 WILLIAM MARTIN BARNETT, Washington, D. C ; B Mortar and Pestle. 9 ELLSWORTH W, BASSETT, Arlington, Virginia; B.C.E.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers. 9 ANNA BEAN, Washington, D. C., B.A ; Alpha Delta PI, Treasurer, 2-3, President, 4; Mortar Board, Historian; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, 2; Iota Sigma PI; Delphi, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association; Basketball, Freshman and Sophomore Teams; Hockey, Freshman Team; " Cherry Tree, ' " Organizations Editor, 3, Editor, 4; Hatchet, 1-2; Luther Club; Orchesis 2-4; Symphony Club, 1-2; Women ' s Student Government Association, First Vice- President, 3; Student Council, Secretary, 2; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities ' 3. 9 WHITWELL TORRE BEATSON, Arlington, Virginia; B.E.E.; Sigma Tau; American Institute of Electrical Engineers l IS J 9 CHEST ER BELLAMY, North Carolina; B.A.; Phi Sigma Kappa. • CYRUS BERSTEIN, New York, New York; J.D.; " George Washington Law Review . ' 1 o MELVIN BERS, Washington, D.C.; B.A.; PI Delta Epsilon. Omicron Delta Kappa ; Intramurals, Freshman Manager; Intramural Basketball; " Hatchet, " Managing Editor; Student Congress, 1 2; Chess Club, 2; Symphony Club, 3; Assistant Student Council Forum Director, 2; " Who ' s Who Amonq Students of American Colleges and Universities " ; Student Life Committee, 4; Inter- collegiate Newspaper Association, Vice-President, 4. • HAROLD BOBYS, Washington, D, C.; B.S.; phi Eta Sigma; Artus, 4; FI Gamma Mu, 4; Director, Student Book Exchange. ft CLAUDIA T. BOCKOVEN, St. Charles, Illinois; B.A,; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club, 4; Psychology Club, 2-3; Cue and Curtain, • PHYLLIS REGINA BOTTA, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ma]or Athletic Letter; Cue and Curtain. I; Glee Club, 1-4. • DIRK S. BRADY, Washington, D. C.; B.M E.; Phi Epsilon PI; Sigma Tau; " Meeheleciv, " News Editor; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engi- neers Council; Theta Tau; Student Instructor. • LYDIA ISABELLE BRAUN, Rogersville, Missouri; B.A.; Phi Sigma Rho; Lester F. Ward Sociological Society, • ALVIN CHAPIN BROCK, Mountain Lake Park, Maryland; 8.A.; Glee Club, 2 4. • HOWARD THOMAS BROCK, Washington, D. C.; B.S,; Mortar and Pestle Society; Aesculapian Society, • MINA FOSTER BROWN, Washington, D. C,; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, 4; Junior Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Handbook, 4; Cue and Curtain, I, 4; Women fc s Student Government Association, Second Vice-President, 2, Freshman Representative, t President, 3; Glee Club, 1-4; Cheerleader; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities " ; Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; War Council, 3; Homecoming Committee, 4. • GORDON CALVERT, Washington, D. C.; B.A,; PI Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; PI Gamma Mu; Gate and Key; Varsity Debate, 2; " Genesis, " Editor, 3; Lester F. Ward Sociological Society; Student Council, Assistant Social Chairman, 2, Co-op Director, 3; fnferfraternlty Pledge Council, 2; Interfraternity Council, 3; " Pledge King, " 2, • MARGUERITE FREDERICK CAMPBELL, Washington, D. G.; B.A,; Sigma Kappa. • WILLIAM CARL CLARK, McMinnville, Tennessee; LL.B.; Lambda Chi Alpha. • LOESSA TAYLOR COFFEY, Washington, D. C ; S.A.; PI Beta Phi; Rifle Team, Assistant Manager, 4; Glee Club, 3. • HARRY COHN, Brooklyn, New York; B.A.; Phi Alpha; Sigma Rho, Secretary; Pre-Medical Club, 1-4; Band, 1-4; Psychology Club, 1-4. • BETTY HARRIET COLBURN, Washington, D. C,; B.A,; Pi Beta Phi. • ELEANOR BEACHLEY COLLINS, Arlington, Virginia; B.A r ; Home Economics Club, 3. • RALPH L. COURTNEY, Clarksburg, West Virginia; B.A. First Row: Bers, Bobys, Bockoven, Botta, Brody, Braun. Second Row: Brock, A., Brock, H,, Brown, Calvert, Campbell, Clark. Third Row: Coffey, Cohen, Cohn, Colburn, Collins, Courtney. First Row: Dailey, Darnell, DeButts, Dekelbaum, Doty®, Eckert, Second Row: Eldridge, Emmert, Harwell, Fields, Flshbeln. Fifigerald. SENIOR CLASS • CHARLENE DAILEY, Aspen, Colorado; 0 A ; Colonial Campus Club, 4; Glee Club, 1-3; W.A.A., I; Christian. Science Organiiation, 1-4, Pianist, 1-2, Treasurer, 2, Reader, 4; " Hatchet, " 2; Phi Sigma Rho, 3; Eser Club, 3; Literary Club, 3; Cue and Curtain, 4; Senior PEay Committee, 4. • ELEANOR BARCLAY DARNALL, Washington, D. C.; B.A,; Phi Mu, • EDWARD H. DEBUTTS, JR,, Alexandria, Virginia; B.S.; Alpha Chi Sigma. • BERTHA DEKELBAUM, Washington, D. C. : B.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Avukah, 1-3, President 3. • MYLDRED MARGUERITE DOTYE, Indiana; B.A,; phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma My, • THOMAS JOSEPH ECKERT, Washington, D, C,; B,$.; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Sigma Rho; Fencing Club; Riding Club; Philosophy Club, • EUGENE RUSSELL ELD RIDGE. Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Lester F, Ward Sociological Society, • ANNE CATHERINE EMMERT, Hagerstown, Maryland; B.A„; Phi Mu, Vice- President, 4; " Hatchet ' 3; Luther Club, 3-4, Secretary, 4. 9 DOROTHY ELLEN FARWELL, Washington. D. C.; B.S.; Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Alpha Pi Epsilon; Delphi; Mortar Board. Presi- dent; Pan-HellenN: Association, Secretary, 3; Women ' s Student Government Association, 1-3; Home Economics Club; Soccer, Head of Sport, 2, Varsity, 2-3, Sophomore Team, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities. " • SIDNEY J. FIELDS, Orlando, Florida; B S. • GERSHON WILUAM FISH BE) N, B.A, • JOHN PERSHING FITZGERALD, Chicago, Illinois; B.S.; Basketball, Varsity, 2-4; Baseball, Varsity, 2-4. 9 MARY LEW FITZSIMMONS, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 6. A.; Phi Mu, Vice- President, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Rifle Club, 3; Symphony Club, 4; Pan-Hellenic Association, Vice-President, 4. [ 20 I • MARJORIE FORGEY, Arlington, Virginia; B £.; Alpha Pi Epsilon; Home Economics Club, President. • RUSSELL HARRISON FULLER, Washington, D. C, ; B.C.E. • ANNE CAROLINE FULMER, Washington, D. C.; B.S.; Alpha PE Epsilon; Home Economics Club. • JOSEPH M. GALLAGHER, Washington, D, C.; S.S.; Basketball, Yarsity, 2-4; Baseball Yarsity, 3; Captain of Basketball Team; Senior Class, Vice- President. • JESSIE ROSE GARDNER, Oilton, Oklahoma; B,A.; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec- retary, 2; Phi Beta Kappa; Delphi; Handbook. 3; El Club Espanol, Vice- President, 3; Glee Club, 1-2; Christian Science Organization, President, 4. • MARSHALL CLOSSON GARDNER, L.ogansport, Ind ' ana; B.5.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman, 1-2, Secretary, 3, Historian, 3, President, 4; Inter- fraternity Pledge Council, President; Enferfraternity Council, 4; Sigma Zeta; Naturalists Society, President, 3-4; Westminster Club; Symphony Club; Rifle Club; Fencing Club; Rousers Club; Student Council, 4; International Students Society, 3. • ROBERT KINNEY GERAN, Washington, D. C.; B.S.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, President; Student Council, Vice-President; Student Life Committee; Interfra- ternity Council; Methodist Club, President; Glee Club, 1-3; Symphony Club; Speakers Bureau; Gate and Key; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Student Director of Civilian Defense for George Washington University; Varsity Debate Team; Director of intramural Debate; Director of Buff ' n Blue; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " • CHARLES D GERSTEN, Simsbury, Connecticut; B.A.; PI Gamma Mu; Pre- Legal Society, Vice-President; Student Congress, Executive Council; Omicron Delta Kappa. • DAVID SOLOMON GLICKMAN, Washington, D, C.; B.A. • JOHN L, GRABBER, Kalamazoo, Michigan; JD,; Phi Delta Phi; " Law Review, " 4, • DOR I A LAYMON GREENE, Atlanta, Georgia; B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Gamma Mu; " Cherry Tree, " Organizations Editor; Glee Club; Junior Orchesls; Lester F. Ward Sociological Society, Secretary, 4; Pre-Legaf Society, Secretary, 1; Pan-Hellentc Association, Social Chairman, 4, + JOSEPH GROPEN, Arverne, New Tork; ELA.; French Club, 1-3; History Club, 1-3; Psychology Club, 1-2; Pre-Medlca, 4. • ELLIS HALL, Masontown, Pennsylvania; B.A,; Omicron Delta Kappa; Foot- ball, Varsity, 1-4; Co-Captain, 4; Student Council Advocate; President of Varsity House; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities ' • JACK ARTHUR HAMBLIN, Hayward, Wisconsin; B.A.; Alpha Kappa P$l. • ANN CLARK HASSELL, Takoma Park, Maryland; B.A.; Colonial Campus Club; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1-4; Women ' s Intramural Board, 3-4; Camera Club, 3; Westminster Club, I; Glee Club, 3-4, + RICHARD GLENN HAWTHORNE, Herndon, Virginia; B.A. • WILLIAM C, HAY, Waco, Texas; B.A,; Sigma Chi, First Row: Fitzsimmons, Forgey, Fuller, Fulmer, Gallagher, J, Gardner. Second Row: M, Gardner, Geran, Gersten, Glickman, Grabber, Greene, Third Row: Gropen, Hall, Hamblin, Hassell, Hawthorne, Hay, First Row: Hayward, Head, Hege, Himmelfarb, Howard, Howell. Second Row: Hussie, E. Jones, i. Jones, E. Kendrick, J, Kendrick, Kenyon, SENIOR CLASS • J. PAUL HAYWARD, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. « JAMES FELTON HEAD. Wilmington, North Carolina; LL,B.; Sigma Nu, Acting Secretary, I, Treasurer, 2; Gate and Key; Handbook, I. • EDWIN C. HEGE, Washington, D. C,; B-A. ; Intramural Football, I; Volley Ball, 2; Track, 2. • ROBERT THOMAS HOWARD, Washington, D, C.; B A.; Kappa Sigma, President; Pi Gamma Mu; Gate and Key; Routers, President, 2; Student Assistant in History, 3; Freshman and Activities Director of Student Council, 4, • MARY VIRGINIA HOWELL, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. ; Psychology Club; Phi Beta Kappa. • WILLIAM JOHN HUSSiC, B.A. • EDWARD HAMLIN JONES, Des Moines, Iowa; J.D.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; Case Club Committee; library Committee; “George Washington Law Review. " • JOSEPH JONES. • EILEEN KENDRICK, B.A,; Chi Omega • JOHN ALEXANDER KENDRICK, Washington, D. C; LL. B. ; Sigma Chi, President; Gate and Key; Omieron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Phi Delta Phi, President, 4; " Opinions of Attorney-General, ' 1 Editor, 4; " George Washington Law Review, " Editor, 4; Student Council; Student Congress, Majority Floor Leader; Cue and Curtain, Vice-President, President; Intramural Debate, I 22 ] • KENNETH A. KENYON, Washington, D C.; B A.; Pi Gamma Mu; Artus, ft JAMES M. KLAASSE, Washington, D. C.; B,S.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, His- torian, Vice-President; Glee Club; Band; Honorary Key; Freshman Debate Squad; tnterfraternity Council; Sophomore Club, Vice -President; Freshman Club; Methodist Club; Rousers Club; Student Congress, • VIRGINIA MAE KNAUER, Washington, D. C.; B,A, ; Sigma Kappa; Inter- national Students ' Society; Glee Club; Intramural Board, Phi Pi Epsilon; Women ' s Athletic Association. • LUELLYN MAE KNOX, Falls Church, Virginia; B.A.; Sigma Kappa; infer national Students ' Society, ft JOHN EDWARD KONISZEWSKf, Dickson City, Pennsylvania; R.S.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Varsity Football, 2-3; Varsity Basketball, 3-4; Varsity Baseball, 2-4; Freshman Football, Basketball, Baseball; Varsity Club, Social Chairmen. • BEVERLY DORIS LEDER, Washington, D, C; B,A,; Phi Sigma Sigma, Presi- dent, 3, Vice-President, 2; Pan-Hellenic Association, 4. ft HARVEY LEE, Kosciusko, Mi$sIs$ T ppi; B.A + • GRACE MARGARET LESTER SIMMS, Falls Church, Virginia; B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club, 3; Orchesis, 3-4. • JOSEPH MANTELL UGHTMAN, Washington, 0 . C.; B.A.; Glee Club. • RICHARD ANTON LI7TMAN, • BEALL LOWRY, Washington, D. C.; S.A.; Sigma Kappa ; Fencing, Manager, 3; Newman Club. • JEANNE MAIDEN; Kappa Delta. ft LOUISE EDWARDS MANN, Washington, D. C; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Hatchet, " 1-3; " Cherry Tree, " 3; Handbook, 2; Cue and Curtain; Glee Club. • WILLIAM THOMAS MASON, Pungoteague, Virginia; fl.A. • HELEN LOUISE MATCHETT, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; Delphi; Pi Gamma Mu; Intramural Board, Corresponding Secretary; " Hatchet, " 3; Symphony Club. 2-4; Phi Sigma Rho Philosophical Society, 4. ft HELEN IRENE MATTSON, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Kappa Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Rifle Club. 4; " Hatchet, " News Editor, 4; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu. ft JAMES McCABE. ft JANE ELIZABETH McCULLOUGH, • ROBERT WILLIAM McCULlOUGH, Washington, D. C.; B.5.C.E.; Theta Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers. First Row: Klasse, Knauer, Knox, Konlszewski, Leder, Lee. Second Row: Lester, Lightman, Liftman, Lowry, Maiden, Mann, Third Row: Mason, Matchett, Mattson, McCabe, J. McCullough, R, McCullough. First Row: McGinnis, Meigs, Miehelson, F. Miller, P. Miller, Morgan. Second Row: Murayarma, Neill, Narron, Newcomer, Overstreet, Owens. SENIOR CLASS • BARBARA MACE McGINNlSS, San Francisco, California; B.A,; Chi Omega; " Cherry Tree. " ' • OLIVE M. MEIGS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ; 8. A.; Lester F. Ward So- ciojogieal Society, • HARRY MICHELSQN, New York, New York; B.A,; Pi Delta Epsilon; " Hatchet " Junior Staff, I, Senior Staff, 2, Sub-Editorial Board, 3, Board of Editors, 4; Avukah, Vice-President, I, President, 2; Jewish Student Foundation Council; Religious Council, I; Student Council, 2 . • FRANK NELSON MILLER, JR., Washington, D, C.; B.5.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ormcron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Manager, Freshman Basketball Team, I; Cue and Curtain, 1-3; Symphony Club. 2; Interfraternity Council, 3. • PAUL MILLER, Washington, 0, C.; 1.5. • AUGU5TA-ANNE MORGAN, Bethesda, Maryland; B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Pi Epsilon; Newman Cfub T • SUTEMI MURAYAMA, Washmgton, D„ C.; American So ety of Mechanical Engineers, 1-3. • WILEY NARRON, Kenly, North Carolina; LL.B.; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi, • SAMMIE JEAN NEILL, Little Rock, Arkansas; B.A.; Delta Gamma, • ALICE KAY NEWCOMER, Fern Park, Florida; B.A.; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Pi Epsilon, Vice-President, 3; Women ' s Advisory Committee on War Jobs, Chair- man, 4; Strong Hall Council, Secretary, 4, Phi Beta Kappa. 1 24 ] • PHOEBE LUCILLE OVERSTREET, Washington, D. C.; BA; Phi Beta Kappa; Psychology Club, 3-4, • ROBERT KEIGH OWENS, Abilene, Kinsas; B.A. • ARIE CQRNELIS PELLENBARG, Washington, D, C.; B.A. O GAINES KENNETH PALMES, Washington, 0, C + ; B.S.; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, • CAROLINE BOWMAN PARKINSON, Washington, D r C.; B.S.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Ice Skating, Manager, 2; " Hatchet, " Senior Staff, 2- " Cherry Tree, " I; Cue and Curtain, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association, Social Chairman, 2; Strong Hall Council, President, 4. • ALBERT PASCAL, Belleville, New Jersey; B.A.; I ntramurab; Newman Club, I 4, President, 4; Lester F, Ward Sociological Society, President, 4; Pre-Legal Society, 3; Future Teachers of America, 4. • TOMAS A. PASTQRIZA, Dominican Republic; B.C.E.; Sigma Tau; Theta Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers; George Washington University Engi- neers ' Council, President 4, • CHARLOTTE PATTERSON, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Mortar Board, Treasurer, 4; Odd-Even Soccer, I; Junior Class Soccer, 2; " Cherry Tree, " 3; Women ' s Advisory Council for War Training, 4; Student Council, Secretary, 4; Women ' s Intramural Board, 1, Secretary, 4; " Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " • ERNEST WILLIAM PAYNE, Washington, D. G; BA,; Phi Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Bowling, 1-3; Cue and Curtain, |-4 T • IRA WEISS PEARLMAN, Washington, D, C,; B.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi; " Hatchet, " 3; Band, 1-2; Chapel Committee, 4; Jewish Student Foundation, 3-4. • MARY GARDNER PATTERSON PHILlfPS, Washington, D. C ; B.A. • LOUISE HILL-CONKEY POWELL, Washington, D, C.; B.A.; Sigma Rho; Captain, Red Cross Units, George Washington University Hospital Emergency Medical Units of O, C, D-, 4 • PATRICIA POWERS, Dayton, Ohio; B.A.; Phi Mu; " Cherry Tree, " 3; Glee Club, 4; Rifle Club, 2-4; Pan-Hellenic Council. • JOHN ERSKINE QUINTRELL, JR., Seat Pleasant, Maryland; B,S.; Theta Delta Chi, Herald, 2, Secretary, 3 r Recording Secretary, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2; Gate and Key; Tennis, Varsity, 2-3, • MORTON RABINEAU, Washington, D, C.; B.S., Engineering; Sigma Tau; Theta Tau; " Medieleciv " Staff, 4; Propeller Club, 2; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, S -4. • JOANN ELIZABETH RATLIFF, Washington, D. C,; BS,; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club, 4 r • ARTHUR RAMO, Washington, D. C.; B.A. • ALBERT ROMASCO, Monessen, Pennsylvania; B.S.; Football, Varsity, 2-4; Varsity Club. • JOSEPH V, RUFFIN, Washington, 0, C.; B.C.E. • RUTH CONSTANCE RUSCH, Hartford, Connecticut; LL.B.; Phi Delia Delta, First Row; Palmes, Parkinson, Pascal, Pastoriza, Patterson, Payne. Second Row: Pearlman, Pellenbarg, Phillips, Powell, Powers, QuintrelL Third Row; Rabineau, Ramo, Ratliff, Romasco, Ruffin, Rusch. First Row: Salus, Sandell, Sarraft. Schmidt, Schrelber, Seeno. Second Row: Seibert, Shlrky, Smith, Smoot, Sokol, Speer, SENIOR CLASS SYDNEY GORDON SALUS, • LOUIS PHILIP SANDELL, Brooklyn, New York; B.A. • CLAUDE HENRY SARRATT, Washington, D, C.- B.A.; Delta Tau Delta, • WILLIAM EDWARD SCHMIOT; Alpha Chi Sigma. • CARL SCHREIBER, Washington, D. C.; B.A. 9 ENRICO ANTHONY SEENO, Greensburg, Pennsylvania; B.S.; Varsity Foot ball, 1-4; Varsity Club; Varsity House Vice-President, 4; Supervisor of Intfa- murals, 4. • DONALD RECK SEIBERT, Hanover. Pennsylvania; B.S.; Football, 2 4, Co- Captain, 3; Intramurals; ‘ ' Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " • ROBERTA LYNN SHIRKY, Washington, D. C.; B.S.; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Pi Epsilon; “Hatchet, " 4; Glee Club, 4; Wesley Club, 4; Home Economics Club, 3. VIRGINIA SLAYTON SMITH, Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.A.; Junior Class Rifle Team, 3; Women ' s Activities Building Drive, 2-3; Women’s Athletic Asso- ciation, 2 3; Women ' s Student Government Association, 1-3; " Cherry Tree, " Copy Editor, 4„ Copy Staff, 3; Glee Club, I; Future Teachers of America, 4. • CHRISTINE KENNING SMOOT, Honolulu, Hawaii; B.A, LEONARD SOKOL, Washington, D. C ; B.S.; Phi Alpha; Freshman Baseball, I; Freshman Tennis, I; Freshman Basketball, I; Varsity Baseball, 2-4; Varsity Basketball, 2-4; Baseball Letter Winner, 3 years. • JOHN BRISTOL SPEER, Comanche, Oklahoma; B.A.; Student Congress, 2-3; Phi Sigma ftho, 2-4; Pre-Legal Society, 3; Debate, 3. t 20 I • DOROTHY STEERS. 9 ALONZO MORGAN THOMAS, JR., Washington, D. C.; B.C.E.; Theta Tau. • ALVIN J. STEINBERG, Washington, 0. G.; 8. A. American Society of Civil Engineers, • WILLIAM MARLIN STELL, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Sigma Alpha Eps ' lon, President, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa- ' ' Cherry Tree 1 ’ Publicity Manager, 3; " Hatchet, " 3; Sailing Club, 1-2; Student Council, 3; Interfraternity Council, 4; Buff V Blue Director, 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities 1 4; Glee Club L • THOMAS EDWARD STONE, Washington, D. C.; BA. • EUNICE EILEEN SULLIVAN, Washington, D, C.; B.5, • CHESTER FRANK SURBA, Binghamton, New York; B.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Interfraternffy Baseball, 3; Bowling, 2 1; Golf, 1-3; Newman Club, I; Christmas Food Drive, 2 • FAITH MENDENHALL SUTTON, Chevy Chase. Maryland; 8. A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marshal, Registrar, Vice-President, 4; Delphi, 3; Freshman Hockey Team, f; Glee Club, 1 4; Women ' s Athletic Association Board, Chair- man of Ways and Means Committee, 3; Member of Intramural Board, 4, 9 TIMOTHY SWETT, Washington, D. C.; 8, A.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Presi- dent of Senior Class. • SALVATORE JOHN TESORIERO, Brooklyn, New York; B.A.; PHI Eta Sigma; Artus; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Newman Club; German Club, • FRANE VESTA THOMAS, Port Saint Joe, Florida; B.A. V SARAH SPEARMAN THOMPSON, Washington, D. C.; BA.; Chi Omega, Vice-President, 4; Hockey Team, I; Rifle Club, 3; Junior Dance Club, I; Pan-Hellenic Delegate, 2. • JOHN FRANKLIN TUCKER, Petersburg, Virginia; B.S s ; Mortar and Pestle Society Vice-President; Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. • THEODORE KENDALL TWIGS, Cumberland, Maryland; B.S.; Theta Delta Chi; Kappa Kappa PsI; Junior Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; Band, 1 4, Vice-President, 2, Student Director, 3, Director, 4; Mortar and Pestle Society. • HENDRIK WILLEM VlETOR, Washington, D. C t ; B.A,; phi Sigma Kappa. • JEANNE F. VlETOR, Washington, D. C.; Pi Beta Phi. • ALMA ROSCOE VIZE. • LELAND ARTHUR VLIET, Arlington, Virginia; B.A.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Psi; Glee Club, 3-4; Band, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Commanding Drum Major, 3-4 First Row; Steers, Steinberg, Stetl, Stone, Sullivan, Surba. Second Row: Sutton, Swett, TesoHero, Thomas, A., Thomas, F., Thompson, Third Row; Tucker, Twigg, Victor, H. p Vietor, J., Viie, Vliet, Hrst Row: Volchko, Vought, Warner, Washington, Weston, Willard- Second Row; WEodek, Yager, Zajac, Adams, Amitk, Ammerman. SENIOR CLASS • EM fL 5. YOLCHKO, Akron, Ohio; B.S.; Mortar and Pestle Society; Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association. • KIM0ER EYANS VQUGHT. Lansdowne, Pennsylvania; B.A.; Sigma Nu, Sec- retary; Interfraternity Council, 3; Delta Phi Epsilon, President, 3; Pi Gamma Mu; Gate and Key; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President, 3; Men ' s Glee Club, 1-2; Food Drive, Co-Director, 2; Student Council, Freshman Director, 3, Presi- dent, 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities, " 3; Student Life Committee; Publications Committee; Member of War Council. • ADRIENNE WARNER, Washington, D. C.; B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; First Place " Cherry Tree " Beauty Contest, 4, « BUSHROD CORBIN WASHINGTON, JR., Norristown, Pennsylvania; B.A.; Phi Sigma Rho, 2-4; Pre-Legal Society, 2-3. • ROBERT GLAROON WESTON, Arlington, Virginia; B.E.E ; Theta Tau; Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers. • HARRIET WEBER WILLARD, Washington, D, C.; B.A.; Chi Omega, Presi- dent, 3; Mortar Board, 3; Publicity Director of Student Council, 3. • VLASTA WLODEK, Cicero. Illinois; B.A.; International Students " Club, 2-3; Psychology Club. 1-4; Fencing, L • RUTH JEAN YAGER, Arlington, Virginia; 0.S.; Colonial Campus Ctub; Alpha PI Epsilon; Home Economics Club, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Glee Club. t-4. • HENRY ZAJAC, Detroit, Michigan; B A. • RALSTON HEBERLING ADAMS, Bethesda, Maryland; M.D.; Phi Chi. i 28 1 • FREDERICK EUGENE AMICX, Richwood, West Virginia; M.D. ; Hu Sigma Nu; Smith-Reed-Russell Honor Society, « HARVEY AMMERMAN, West Haven, Connecticut; M.D.; Phi Seta; Phi Alpha; Phi Delta Epsilon; Flying Club; Avukah; Fiesta. • WILLIAM KARL BARTON, M.D. • HARRY CLARK BATES, JR., Arlington, Virginia; M.D.; Phi Chi, i-4; William Beaumont Medical Society, 4; A. f. A, King Obstetrical Society, 3-4, Secre- tary, 4. • BENJAMIN HOOD BAXLEY, M.D. • KENNETH EDWIN BLUNDON, Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Phi Chi; Smith- Reed-RusseE! Society: William Beaumont Medical Society, • BRUCE HAWTHORNE BORUM, M.D, • ALFRED BERNARD BROTMAN, Washington, D. C„; M.D.; Tau Epsilon Phi. • CAROLINE FRANCES BURPEAU. M.D. • ALEXANDER BUSHMER. Sioux City, Iowa; M.D. • ROBERT NORWOOD COALE, Washington, D, C + ; M.D,; Phi Kappa Sigma; Smith-Reed-Rus ell Society; A. F. A r King Obstetrical Society. • ROBERT WAITE CONRAD, Saint Joseph, Missouri; M.D.; Sigma No; Nu Sigma Nu. • MARY OPHELIA CRUISE, M D. • THEODORA PECK DAKIN, Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Alpha Epsilon Iota; Smlth-Reed-Russell Society, • ANDREW PAUL DEDICK, JR., Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania; M.D.; Phi Chi; Smith-Reed-Russell Society; William Beaumont Medical Society; Aesculapean P re -Medical Society. • ALVIS BARNES DICKSON, M.D. • JOHN PAUL OOCKTOR, Ellsworth, Pennsylvania; M.D.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Smlth-Reed-Russell Society. • MILTON DORFMAN, M.D. m SAMUEL DOVE, Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Smith-Reed- Russell Society. • EDWIN MARION EASTHAN, Huntfy, Virginia; M.D,; Phi Chi. First Row: Barton, Bates, Baxley, filundon, Borum, Brotman. Second Row: Burpeau, Bushmer, Coale, Conrad, Cruise, Dakin. Third Row: Dedick, Dickson, Docktor, Dorfman, Dove, Eastham. First flow: Edwards, 8,, Edwards, J,, Etter, Fairchild, Fischer, Fraioni. Second Row: Goldstein, Hardy, Hoberman, Hollander, Hoyle. Irani. • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN EDWARDS, II, Washington, D, C.; 6.A. and M.D.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Smlth-Reed-Russell Society; A, F, A. King Honorary Obstetrical Society, MEDICINE • JOHN ALBERT EDWARDS, M,D. • RICHARD LEE ETTER, Houston, Texas; M.D.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; William Beaumont Society, • JOHN PHILLIP FAIRCHILD, M.D • RICHARD HENRY FISCHER, Washington, D. C,; M D ; Alpha Kappa Kappa; William Beaumont Society; Smith-Reed-Russell Society. 9 JOSEPH DUNBAR FRANZONI, III, M.D. • HERBERT HAROLD GOLDSTEIN, Newark, New Jersey; M.D,; Phi Delta Epsilon; phi Eta Sigma; Smfth-Reed-Russell Society; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. { 30 ! • WILLIAM HENDRICKS HARDY, Aberdeen, Washington; M.D.; Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa; William Beaumont Society, • JOEL BERNARD HOBERMAN, M.D • STANLEY WILLIAM K1RSTEIN, M.D. • MILTON HENRY HOLLANDER, Newark, New Jersey; M.D.; Phi Beta Kappa; Smith-Reed-Russell Society; Vice-President, Freshman Class of Medical School, I. JAMES WALLINS LONS, Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Nu Sigma Nu; Smith Reed-RusseJI Society; A. F. A. King Honorary Obstetrical Society. JOHN DECATOR HOYLE, M.D. • GORDON RHODES MacDONALO, M.D. • SALLY STEELE MacDONALD, M.D. • ARDESHIR REHRAM IRANI, JR., Washington, D. C + ; M.D.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. ELYON SEE JACKSON, M.D. • JAMES THURSTON MAKINSON, Oakland, California; M.D,; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Smith-Reed-Russell Society; William Beaumont Society, • HERBERT EVERARD M ARTYN, JR., Washington, D. C,; M,D.; William Beaumont Society, Banquet Chairman, 4 - Junior Class, President. • CARLOS FEDERICO JIM INEZ -TORRES, M.D. • RAYMOND ADRIAN McCANSE, M.D. • CLARK FINNERUD JOHNSON. Watertown South Dakota; M.D.; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. • LOUIS MARION JURNEY. M.D. • HARLAN PAGE McNUTT, JR., Port Angeles, Washington; M.D.; A. F. A. King Honorary Obstetrical Society; William Beaumont Society; Senior Class, Historian. First Row: Jackson, JEmfner-Torres, Johnson. Jurney, Klrsteln, Long. Second Row: MacDonald, G,, MacDonald, S., Makinson, Martyn, McCanse, McNutt. First Row: Michaei, Mitchell, Moore, NickHn, Offutt, Payne. Second Row: Perkins, Petersen, Place, Rabkin, ReStman, Resnick. SENIORS IN MEDICINE • RALPH HUBERT MICHAEL. M.D. EDWIN CALHOUN MITCHELL. M.D. • HARVEY MOORE, JR., M.D. m WALTER SHIRLEY NICKLIN, JR , Alexandria, Virginia; M.D.; Phi Chi. HARRY DUMONT OFFUTT, JR., Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; William Beaumont Society; Senior Class, Vice-President. • MARTIN WALLACE PAYNE, M.D. • WILLIAM ROBERT PERKINS, JR., Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Smith-Reed-Russel! Society, ROY A. PETERSEN, M.D. • CHARLES HYATT PLACE, JR.. New Rochelle, New York; M.D.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; William Beaumont Society; Smith-Reed- Russell Society. I 32 I • BORIS RABKIN, M.D.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa ' Smith-Reed- Rossell Society; A, F, A King Honorary Obstetrical Society; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Beta Lambda Sigma. • ROBERT SHAW SMITH, M,D. • ROBERT GODLEWSKI STANLEY, M D • JAMES S, REITMAN, M.D. • DANIEL JOSEPH STONE, Brooklyn, New York; M.D.; Phi Beta Kappa; Smith-Reed-ftussell Society. • SOLOMON RESNICK, Bayonne, New Jersey; M.O.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Smith-ReecNRussell Society; A F. A. King Honorary Obstetrical Society. • KENNETH CHI ACHE SZE, Shanghai, China; M,D.; A, F. A, King Honorary Obstetrical Society, • HELEN TEFFT ROTHFUS, M 0, • HERRICK MELVIN THOMAS, M.D. • HELEN THERESE ROVINSKI. M.D.; Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer, • WILLIAM DAVIS THOMPSON, M.D. • LEO HAROLD SIEGEL, Nufiey, New Jersey; M.D.; Phi Delta Epsilon; Smith-Reed-Russell Society. GEORGE TIEVSKY, Washington. D. C.; M D ; Phi Delta Epsilon. • DOROTHY SYLVIA SISLEN, Washington, D. C,; M.D,; Phi Sigma Sigma; Alpha Epsilon lota; lota Sigma Pj; Smith-Reed-Russell Society, • GEORGE E. VAUPEL, Moundsville, West Virginia; M.D.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Pi, m BURTON G. SMITH, M.D, EDWIN HYLAN WEITZEN, Washington, D. C.; M.D.; Smith-Reed-Russell Society. A F. A. King Honorary Obstetrical Society First Row; Rothfus, Rovinski, Siegel, SI$len, Smith, B,, Smith, R., Stanley. Second Row: Stone, Sie, Thomas, Thompson, Tievsky, Yaupel, Weltien. Nessell, Sctar, Smothers. • JEAN NESSELL, Washington, D. C.; B,A.; Chi Omega; Pen-Helfenic As- sociation; Glee Club. 1-4. • RACHEL SCLAR. • EULENE SMOTHERS, Clifton, Virginia; B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Mistress, 3, Vice-President, 4; Lester F. Ward Sociological Society, 2-4; Glee Club, 1-3; Sorority Hall CoundlT 1-2; Varsity Soccer Team. 2. SENIOR CLASS EDNA AMTOS ALFRED CHRISTIE HAROLD DAVIS HILDA ASIA WILLIAM CLARK EUGENE DEDICK HARRY ASKEW WALTON CONE EDWARD DEETERS ROBERT BAKER DENIS COOPER DORIS ANNE DEFENDERFER GEORGE BALDWIN IRVING COOPER LEWIS DEPRO OREN BARGER MARY COX ETHEL DOLNICK OLIVE BARTON JANE CRANDALL WILLIAM DOMINICK DAVID BECKLER JULIETTE CUTRU FELLS JAMES DOWD JAMES BENNER HARRY DAL2ELL THOMAS DOWD NAOMI BIRON RUTH DARBY GERTRUDE ENGEL JOHN BOOCK JOHN DAUGHERTY JOHN FARRELL SAMUEL CALDWELL FRANK DAVIS RUDOLPH FELLMAN [ 34 ] S E N I 0 H CONSTANCE FIELD DONALD GLOSS JOHN HAUGHEY STEPHEN FISHE ELIZABETH GOLDWASSER WALLACE HEITMAN JOHN FITZPATRICK FRANK GOLLON FRANCIS HERMACH LLOYD FLETCHER EVERETT SOLWAY JACK HERMAN MARY FOSCUE VIVIAN GOODSON JOSEPH HERRICK SHERLEIGH FOWLER NATHAN GREEN MARY HERSCH LEONARD FREINKEL WALTER GREENWOOD ALICE HIXSON GERTRUDE FRICKE JOHN GRIMSERG STANLEY HQCHMAN EDWARD OARLOCK JOSEPH HAGGERTY alma HOGENSON JASON GEIGER ROBERT HATCH CHARLES HOULAHAN [ 35 1 CLASS SENIOR MARY HOWE LOUISE HRON1CK ROBERT HUDSON WILLIAM HUTCHESON MOSS INNES DAWN IRVING VIRGINIA JACOBI ROBERT JOHNSON WESLEY JOHNSTON MIRIAM KALTER GERTRUDE KAUFMAN JOHN KEAN MARY KEATING PAUL KEVE HAROLD KINNER RUTH KINTZ MARGUERITE kletchka MORRIS KLIP? GILBERT KLOTH DOROTHY KLYCE EMMA KOEHLER CHARLES KROCHMAL LUCILE LAPQRTE LILIAN LAWRENCE DANIEL LEENOV BETTY ANN LEWIS WAYNE LINEBARGER OMER LONG KATHRYN LUGIN8UHI JAMES MACK benjamin makela NANCY MARMER DENBIGH MATTHEWS MAURICE McCALLUM WILLIAM McCALLUM jane McCullough Robert McCullough MARVIN McFEATERS SUSAN McNEESE LOUISE McNUTT MARY MILLER JAMES MINOR ISOLA MOLL BARBARA MONROE MARGOT MOORE MARY-GLORI A MORRISON ROBERT MUILENBURG KENNETH MUNDEN GEORGE NAGY BENNETT OLSHAKER LEO ORWICZ JACQUELINE OWEN INEZ PA I ALBERT PARKS HOWARD PHILLIPS MARY PHILLIPS JOHN POOLE MAX RAMSEY JOHN REASIN JAMES REED MIRIAM REYNOLDS ALICE RICHEY EDGAR ROBEY KATHERINE ROUNDS ROBERT RUBIN WILLIE RYLEE MILTON SALKIND ELEANOR SCHWARTZ BACH JOHN SEALE LUCILE SELL PHILIP SELINGER WALTER SETHER FREDERICK SHARPER ANNETTE SHAPIRO LEONARD SHAPIRO NORMAN SHARPLESS MARY SHONK MAX SHOR MAJORIE SIMMONS JOHN SLATTERY ALBERTA SLOAD FRANCES SMILER IDA SORRELL CALVIN SPILSBURY HERMAN SPIVACK RAYMOND STAPFELD ANNA STAMBAUGH JACK STEINBERG MARGHERITTA STIRLING THOMAS STONE I 35 1 SENIOR CLASS LAWRENCE STRATTON WILLIAM TIMMERMAN ELEANOR WHITE HAROLD SWINNEY PAUL VANCE VIRGINIA WHITE ROBERT SWORDS DAVID VARNER LEAH WILKINS HAMILTON TALBOTT VLADIMIR VASA JOHN WILLARD RALPH TARBETT MYRON VLECK MONROE WILLIAMSON william targowetsky WALTER vonWALD ELDON WfNGERO ELLEN TAYLOR FRED WARD JACOB WOLFF EUGENE TAYLOR HERBERT WECHSLER WALTER WOOD GARLAND TAYLOR JACKSON WELCH MARGARET WRIGHT NELLIE THOMPSON L . P LORENZ ZIMMERMAN I 37 i BOB GROETZmSER Manager THE SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right: Continetti t Klsy, labukas, Pollock, Hall (Co-C). Sei- bert [CoX|, Creme, Harjes. Second Row: Bubonovidi, Seno, F.; Romasco, Seeno, E n Bernot, Mahon, Graham, Riess, Th 3rd Row: Hicks, Cbronis, Misiewicz, Rosa, Czekaj, Kolker, Weber, Paidakovich. Fourth Row: McNary, Hurley, Telleck, Vleck, Ryan, Harasyko, Hapanowici, Butkus, Konkzewski. Considerable hope was held Iasi fait for an improved football season over the disastrous one of the previous year, George Washington had a new coach and promising although young and inexperienced material Johnny Baker, who starred at quarterback for Colo- nial teams not so long ago, and who since has coached very successfully in high school football, was taking over the reins from Bill Reinhart after serving one year as his assistant. Baker found himself handicapped by the lack of any fast, really first class backs, and consequently his at- tempts at developing a tricky, effective offense went for naught. The result was a fair team with consider- able defensive ability, but, as usual, lacking in scoring punch. Throughout the season, the play of the ends was one of the brightest features. Czekaj and Romasco held the regular jobs here with McNary, Misiewlcz, and Vleck as reliable subs. First-string tackles were Koniszewski and Hurley, the two biggest men on the squad, but Butkas, Rosa, and Hapanowicz also saw much action, particularly after Hurley was injured. Hall and Seeno did most of the work at guard, with Contine+ti and Harjes as relief; and duties at center were divided between Seibert and Gustafson. After Seibert ' s injury early in the season, " Gussie " took over the bulk of the work and did a bang-up job. The regular backfield was Weber at right half, Labukas at quarter, Bernot and Seno alternating at fullback, and Jimmy Graham in the tailback spot. Graham did the passing and kicking throughout the year and also much of the running, Bernot and Seno both did well in their job of cracking the line, while Weber, the ball-carrier in the most effective offensive play developed, scored several times and piled up a lot THE SQUAD The co-captains, EUSs Hall, rights and Don Seibert, left, with Coach Johnny Baker, center. Spring training. of yardage on reverses. Toward the season ' s close, Rausch saw some service, particularly in catching passes, while all season long, Pollock and Paidakovitch gave valuable relief. The schedule was too tough to expect more than an even break, and with some bad luck, not even that was attained. Two wins over weak teams opened the season, with Western Maryland going down 20-0, and Richmond, 27-0. The latter game was G. W. ' s first Southern Conference football victory. The following week, an outplayed Citadel eleven staved off threat after threat by the Buff and won a lucky victory by the misleading score of 14-2. The Furman contest follow- ing that with the Citadel was one of the muddiest on record, with neither team being able to move; but a single break, a long run by Proctor, gave the Purple Hurricanes six points and a victory. From this time on, G. W. could look forward to no respite. Completely out of their class against Wil- liam and Mary, they were slaughtered 61-0, Coming back the next week to play a spirited first half against a classy Kentucky team, the Colonials were finally overpowered 27-6. The Clemson game, next, was the high spot of the year. Superb defensive play, particularly by the ends, finally bore fruit when Weber intercepted a late pass and scored to give G. W. a 7-0 triumph. Wake Forest turned out to be just too smooth for the Buff and Blue and won easily, 19-0. The final game against Georgetown was a great disappoint men+. Both teams were butter-fingered and made many mistakes, but the Colonials outdid the Hoyas in this respect, and lost a 20-0 decision. This last defeat cave G. W. a season record of 3 won and 6 lost, only slightly better than the record of 1942, e 1 1 j 1 I L u ll HIM ALBERT ROMASCO THE SECOND TEAM First Row: Harasyko, Hicks. Second Row: Con+inetti, Creme, Bubonovich. Third Row: Wisiewici. WcNary. PAUL WEBER PETE LABUKAS EDWARD CZEKAJ JOHN KONISZEWSKI JIMMY GRAHAM And then there was that game in the mud with Furman ENRICO SEENO FRANK SENO MAURICE HURLEY JOHN KONISZEWSKI liSKETim Southern Conference Champions of 1943 — This title tells the story of the George Washington University 1942-43 basketball season. After years of consistently fine teams which have been denied national recognition because of having no particular goal to shoot for in the form of league competition, the Colonials have at last demonstrated conclusively that their brand of basket- ball ranks with the best in the country. Strangely enough, this climax has occurred in a year when the Buff has lacked any individual star and has played under the guidance of a coach untried in varsity competition. Arthur 1 Otfs ' r Zahn, not so long ago himself starred for the Colonials under the direction of that basketball wizard, Bill Reinhart, Last year, when Reinhart left the University to accept a commission In the Navy, Otts, previously coach of consistently successful freshman teams, was chosen to take his place It was an unenviable task. Reinhart had compiled a great record, and although Zahn was thoroughly familiar with the former ' s system of basketball, the material with which he had to work was inexperienced and lacking in even one player of proven scoring ability. The single asset apparently was quantity. Taking full advantage of this, Zahn developed a system which emphasized team play with frequent substitutions. He proved to be a master at it. Throughout most of the season, eight men made up the " first team, " with almost any possible com- bination of five on the floor at a given time These men were Rausch, Myers, Wagman, Koniszewski, Gustafson, Gallagher, Groetzinger, and McNary. Playing less fre- quently but very ably were Jackson, Relchwein, Fitz- gerald, Sokol, and Matera. [ 45 ] JIM RAUSCH Front Row: Wagman, Sroetzinger, Koniszewski, Captain Gallagher, Gustafson, Rausch, Myers, Back Row: Skinner (Manager}, Jackson, ReTchwein, McNary, FitgeraJd, Coach Zahn, Trainer Lentz, A surprising fact about this year ' s team is that any one of the players seemed capable of starring on a given occasion, and as a result, season scoring was rather evenly distributed, Jim Rausch was probably the most consistent of the group. Developing into a classy ball handler and a fine shot in his second year of varsity play, Jimmy was chosen along with " Big John ' 1 Koniszewski for All-District honors. Joe Gallagher as team captain and play- maker. had a less sensational task but did an excellent job. When the other boys were missing, the set shots of Myers and Wagman often carried the team, and on the other hand there were nights when the close-in shots of Gustafson, Groetzfnger, and Koniszewski contributed most of the scoring. For valuable defensive play, par- ticularly in recovering the ball off the backboard, McNary was always at hand, Al the boys had both their good and their bad nights, however, and inconsistency seemed to rule. The season record was 17 won and 6 lost. It began very well, to the surprise of many, with victories over Fort Meade and Okla- homa A. and M,, the latter being very highly rated. An inexperi- enced S, W r team, however, now ran into some very fast com- petition, After gallantly staying with Norfolk Naval Training Sta- tion until well into the second half, the superior class of the sailors told and the game became a runaway. The Quantieo Marines, also with a very fine team were next, and the Buff here lost a tough game in the final minutes, mostly through lack of experi- ence. The first Georgetown game ended up very similarly to the one with Norfolk and the Colonials ' record was now two wins and three losses. U nexplainably, the Buff men were then tripped by the lowly re- garded William and Mary team, but came back to win three Southern Conference tilts. The second Duke game was an overtime thriller. But the Blue Devils 1 superior height prevailed, and the Colonials lost their fifth game, A second win over V. M, I. was followed by the final George- town game. Once again, as in 1941, a bid to a national tourna- ment was at stake. And once again G. W, collapsed. Perhaps the officiating was too strict- perhaps Georgetown does have a jinx on Colonial teams. In any case, it was no contest, and S, W r went down in defeat. Then the Colonials recovered and went to work on the Con- ference tournament. Avenging themselves on William and Mary in the opener, they narrowly escaped elimination in the semi-finals by forcing a one-man Davidson team into overtime with a gallant last-minute rally. Koniszewski distinguished himself particularly in this game. The final with Duke, of course is history. Rausch was shooting unerringly. Gustafson, Koniszewski, and McNary controlled the ball continually off the backboards, Gallagher and Groefzinger played brilliantly all over the floor. Everyone finally got " hot ' at the same time, and Duke just never had a chance against this courage- ous bunch of kids who were probably playing G. W. ' s last game in any major sport for the duration of the war. l 46 J GEORGE A HINGTO ' 16 TED REICHWEIN BOB GROETZINGER JIM MYERS EDSEL GUSTAFSON Tekes — the Winners! fn accordance with the national physical fitness campaign sponsored by the armed forces, the University inaugurated this year an extensive pro- gram of intramural sports, designed to replace spectator sports in part by activities in which all men might participate. Under the direction of Arthur Endres, a very successful and complete schedule was carried out Cups and other awards were given In three major sports and 14 minor. After a slow be- ginning, the students began to take an active interest, and the climax was reached at the All- University Track Meet, in which about 50 men participated. Competition throughout the year was both in- dividual and team. Team competition was usually in two divisions, inter-fraternity and independent, with the winners of the two groups playing each other for the all-university championship. Following is a list of sports and the champions in each: Major Sports Sport Intramural I nterfraternity Atl-U niversity Winner Winner Champion Touch Football P. E. Bears. . . Theta Delta Chi . Theta Della Chi Basketball , Hurricanes Theta Delta Chi ; . . Hurricanes Softball . . . . Seeno’s Red Caps Pi Kappa Alpha Seeno ' s Red Caps Minor Sports Volleyball . Coal Miners , . . Theta Delta Chi . Coal Miners Track Meet Team Standings First Place Kappa Alpha Second Place Sigma Nu Third Place . . . Varsity House Track Meet Individual Standings First Place . . William Riess [Kappa Alpha) Second Place , . John Collins ( Independent) Third Place . .... William Redei [Sigma Nu) Swimming and Diving Team Standings First Place Sigma Alpha Epsilon Second Place , . . . Theta Delta Chi Intramural football. Swimming and Diving Individual Standings Robert Carr [Theta Delta Chi) . Geoffrey Chew (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) William Andrews [Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Boxing 120 pounds Robert Sullivan 125 pounds Calvin McKay 135 pounds Walter Stout MO pounds . . Anthony Kramer MS pounds ... . . William Micky 150 pounds . ... . . John Segal IS5 pounds Palmer Smith 160 pounds ... . . . . James Mandes 165 pounds John Parker 170 pounds Robert Fike 175 pounds Howard Kfthley Heavyweight Daniel Spreaker Wrestling 1 25 pounds . . Calvin McKay 135 pounos William Andrews 150 pounds . ... Robed Lusk 1S5 pounds . . John Donohue Heavyweight . Joseph Ryan Tennis Inferfratemity . , , ... Acacia defeated Sigma Chi Golf Interfraternity Sigma Nu defeated Sigma Alpha Epsilon Badminton All-University John Crowell defeated Carroll Pennington Bowling Interfratemity Tau Kappa Epsilon defeated Theta Delta Chi All-University— First Place . Ray Casella Second Place William Griffin Third Place Charles Hawley Special Sports Handball — All University .... Lee Wilier Fencing — Al I -University team Tau Kappa Epsilon Fencing— All University Championship. . Charles Fugitt Ping-Pong— Interfraternity Theta Delta Chi Ping-Pong — All- University Championship Edward Gee Basketball Shooting Contest — First Place . Second Place ...... Third Place . . . . . John Donohue James Graham . . Don Seibert ' ftRUE I 0 I E N’S Archery Is a popular spring sport. The numerous sports activities offered to women of the university this year are fulfilling a real need and desire on the part of the students. They feel more than ever the demands which are going to be made upon their physical selves, and welcome the numerous opportunities offered to them in sports activities. These women will be prepared with en- durance for any wartime challenge. The instructors of the Physical Educa- tion Department, with the aid of the Women s Athletic Association and the Women ' s Intramural Board, have made women ' s sports a real part of student life at the University, Once again in the fall, soccer and hockey had a large turnout, with tennis and bicycling running a close second. Because of transportation problems, the girls hiked to the sports fields Jacking the erstwhile comfort of bus transportation. Somehow this raised their spirits, for all- out enthusiasm ensued whenever game competition took: place. This was es- pecially noticed in the exciting match between the George Washington Hon- orary Varsity Hockey team and the Washington Field Hockey Association team. And the enthusiasm lingered unabatingly for the Sports Day at Hood College a little later. When the cold north wind of winter drove everyone indoors, the girls turned to basket- ball and badminton. The former swelled with popularity. Out of the ranks of the basket- bailers there developed the Odd-Even teams made up of Sophomores-Seniors and Fresh- men-Junlors respectively. The match between these resulted in a joyous victory for the Even team. Then a varsity team was chosen which daringly challenged the alumnae and managed to beat them in a close game. The season was topped off by games with Mary- land and American Universities. The badminton tourneys were played between classes and combined with Women ' s Intra- mural matches for a final fling In competition. Rifle also played a definite part this year under the guidance of Helen Taylor who had to conform to special governmental instructions In order to obtain the necessary ammu- nition. An activity which has grown tremendously in popularity among the women students is Modern Dance. Its purpose has been to de- velop Interest in a field of artistic expression which Is fast becoming an important part of women ' s activities in many colleges. The two groups, Orchesis and Junior Dance Group produced a highly successful demonstration in the spring recital. In the warm spring days troops of girls wended their way to the tennis courts, riding stables, bicycling stands, and swimming pools. Under the sunny skies in the shadow of the Washington monument the G, W, U. gals rode and played to their hearts ' content, reluctant- ly ceasing their sports to return to classes. In spite of the lure of the out-of-doors, swimming gave evidence of being the most popular spring sport. The final activity consisted of two meets, one for advance swimmers, spon- sored by the W. A. A., and the other an Intramural meet for average swimmers. They both were splashing successes! All activities this year ware geared to war- time objectives. In every class instructors em- phasized the development of endurance. Even the traditional hygiene lectures were trans- formed into conditioning exercise classes and health conferences, where physical fitness held sway. The University women have dedicated themselves to physical preparedness. RUTH ATWELL Director PHYSICAL THE DANCE In the fall, there is hockey on the Ellipse. Badminton, soccer, and basketball alt attract many students in the physical education classes. M Bg m F rn 1 L L C 1 rr DOROTHY FARWELL President MISS RUTH ATWELL DOROTHY FARWELL BETTY MUNSON , . AUNE KANSAS . . EILEEN SHANAHAN EVELYN WEBER . . MARY GUILLET BARBARA LYDDANE ANN HASSELL PATTI E MOORE OFFICERS Faculty Advisor ....... President . . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Membership Secretary . . . Social Chairman Program Chairman . . Publicity Chairman BOARD MEMBERS ALICE WALDRON Badminton JOANNE DERRICK . Riding DOROTHY TRAVIS Basketball NANCY O ' ROURKE Rifle DORIS ANN DEFENDERFER and NORA WEIR .... Hockey BETTY MUNSON Soccer ANN HASSELL Intramural Representative MARJORIE SESSFORD Swimming NANCY MARMER Orchesis BETTY CUGLE Tennis ROCCHINA CHECCHIA Volley Ball MEMBERS Ada Biskar Betty Cugle Darhl Foreman Virginia Long Lillian Naiman Martha Sneider Bonnie Blake Hope Darr Margery Gessford Barbara Lyddane Miriam Paskow Dorothy Snyder Cary Blassingham Cathryn R. Davis Virginia Lee Hadley Margaret Lynn Catherine Prentiss Cecil Spaulding Marcia Boteler Patricia DavEs Nancy Harris Shirley Mann Marie-Loulse Ralph Jane Stauffer Phyllis Botta Doris Ann Defenderfe r Margaret Haskell Nancy Marmer Jean Reed Eunice Sullivan Betty Bragg Joanne Derrick Ann Hassell Shirley Mason Barbara Ringer Rosemary Trone Jeanette Brown Leona Deskin Jean HUleary Jane Me Ewan Eleanor Rosenblum Margaret Truman Betty Bruffe Mardelle Dec us Annalee Hopkins Laura McNeese Carola Rosenthal Thelma Tuell Doris Bruynlch Mary Doolittle Mary Hopkins Betty Lee Miller Marianna Rothchild Alice Waldron Alice Calkins Mary Dunlap Virginia Knauer Merv Miller Fdwina Rothgib Evelyn Weber Jackie Capps Dorothy Dyer Betty Jane Knighton Edna Moore Phyllis Sherman Nora Weir Roechma Checchia Molly Edwards Eleanor Krieger Pattie Moore Elaine Smith Jacqueline White June Cohen Davette Elsenstein Miriam Leksor Helen Munro Lois Smith Nancy Ann White Beryl Conklin Dorothy Farwelf Betty Munson Mercedes Smith Vivian Yobst First Row: Checchia, Cugle, Farwell, Hassell, Kangas, Knauer, Lyddane. Second Row; Moore, Munson, Simons., Travis, Waldron, Weir, White. The Women ' s Intramural Board is organized to promote sports among the women students of the University. In co- operation with WAA, the Board holds tournaments in ping- pong, swimming, tennis, bowling, and volley ball. • FACULTY MEMBERS RUTH ATWELL HELEN LAWRENCE MILDRED BLEVINS Chairman OFFICERS MILDRED BLEVINS - Chairman HELEN MATCHETT Corresponding Secretary CHARLOTTE PATTERSON ...... Recording Secretary ALICE WALDRON Treasurer MEMBERS VIRGINIA PHILLIPS PHYLLIS SPARKS ANN HASSELL ALICE WALDRON MARY SANDBERG HELEN MATCHETT . . PATRICIA POWERS MARION PERWIN . CHARLOTTE PATTERSON MARGUERITE CAMPBELL . . . . BONNIE CONDEF EILEEN SHANAHAN Phi Mu . . . , . Phi Sigma Sigma Firs! Row: Campbell. Condee, Hassell. Mate Lett, Patterson. Second Row: Perwin. Phillips, Powers, Sandberg, Sparks, Waldron. [53 J CHERRY TREE BEAUTY CONTEST The 1943 Cherry Tree Beauty Contest was held on March 19 during the intermission of the Varsity Ball at the Shoreham Hotel. The thirteen candidates were judged by the members of the faculty of the University School of Art, with Bill Herson, local radio personal ity, officiating as Master of Ceremonies. The Cherry Tree proudly presents I 943 s Beauty Queen and her court. I 56 i ADRIENNE WARNER 3fil MARIANNE GRIGSBY JANE GASS CECILIA SMITH BETTYE DONALDSON MARGARET JAMES ED YTHE SILVERBEHG H D P K I N S BARBARA BALDRIDGE ANNE BERRY ★ ' Fairest of the Fair 0 was the cause of much specula- tion around campus for some time before the fateful night of March 19 The fair in this case were thirteen potential beauty queens who represented each sorority and three other University organizations In addition The contestants were: Anne Berry, Alpha Delta Pi; Jean Orem, Chi Omega; Margaret James, Delta Zeta; Kath- ryn Thompson, Kappa Delta; Adrienne Warner, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cecelia Smith, Phi Mu; Edythe Silver- berg, Phi Sigma Sigma; Mary Hopkins, Zeta Tau Alpha; Norene Burnette, Colonial Campus Club; Jane Gass, Mortar and Pestle, and Barbara Baldridge, Handbook Staff. Everyone was all agog with curiosity and per- sonal preferences, as to who would soon be chosen Cher- ry Tree Beauty Queen for the year. Finally the long-awaited hour arrived — the Intermis- sion of the Varsity Ball. To the music of Wally Hughes’ Orchestra, each contestant walked the length of the Shoreham Hotel ' s New Ballroom to the platform of the ★ KATHRYN THRMPSRN JEAN OHEM ★ judges. This year ' s judges were Richard Lahey, principle of the Corcoran School of Art, and three members of his staff, Eugene Weisz, Peggy Bacon, and Hans War- nelce. Bill Herson from the local WRC radio station led the selection of the winners as Master of Ceremonies, and as one of the judges The beauty and grace of the girls, as they passed in softly swishing gowns between the dancers lined up on each side of the ballroom, aroused much enthusiasm ex- pressed by clapping and by murmured Oh s and Ah ' s from all. The atmosphere was one of expectancy as they all assembled on the stage to receive their awards. The cup for first place went to Adrienne Warner, rep- resenting Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bettye Donaldson of Sigma Kappa took second place, and Barbara Baldridge from the Handbook Staff placed third. Applause from the audience filled the room as the suspense was at last ended by the presentation of awards to George Wash- ington University ' s winning beauties of 1943. ★ NORENE BURNETTE WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN I 64 ] COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 165 | CcnmpuA focih ' j Left to Right, Top Row: Some students study . . « Johnny Long visits Buff V Blue , , , Second Row: Fraternity life . Queen of the PiKA Shipwreck Ball . . . They won, but we had fun . . Third Row: Beat it out, Jeanie! . . Cleopatra? No — pep rally. tee ] Top to Bottom: Beat Ken- tucky! , , . Look, fellas, our Beauty Queen . . They must have seen a mouse! Left to Right, Top Row: Buff rooters on Injun territory in Williamsburg - Second Row: At houseparty, the Chi O ' s relax . , Third Row: Eeeeeee! , Dean Kayser crowns the Teke ' s first Girl- of-the-Month , Fourth Row: Set ’em up again, Bill . . That Man on his way to dinner . . Fifth Row: Don ' t let us in- terrupt , . , Jitter, Bugs. Left to Right, Top Row: You can ' t win t Jim » « Oi K.| so they ration gas . Come on out, the sun ' s fine . , , Sec- ond Row: SAE’s en- tertaining the Kap- pas , . , Where can we get a fourth? . . . How to win the scholarship cup . , Third Row: No hick- ory limb? . . The morale behind the men . . , Romeo, herefore art thou , . . Ahem, ahem, ahem , , . Fourth Row: We won ' t look , Guess who? . And so the Army got him . Fifth Row: Home at last . . Not the Army r but a football game. Left to Right, Top Row: Pi Phi ' s are we . . So what if you can ' t get to the beach . , Now what happened to that bathing suit? . , , Second Row: Bread and Honey? . , , Victory-burger . . . What ' s on your mind, Lila? . . . Insert: Second hand information . . Watch me trump her ace! . . , Third Row: No, no, Carl, watch the birdie , . Love in bloom , . . Week-ending with the Middies . . Fourth Row: Where ' s Don? , . Bathing beauties , . . Insert: Yeah, Indians ... Hi, Tommy , . . Well, the paper said it ' s spring . , . But, Cutie, listen . . [ 70 | Left to Right, Top Row: Mix It up and stand back , , « Ah, this mundane world , , . Second Row: Bet there ' re two scoops in that shake . Third Row: " Routine C " , . . Set the dictionary tor Jane to stand on! GRE INTERFRATERNITY First Row: Arnold, Brodell, Donohue, Folic, Second Row; Gardner. S t e 1 1 . Tutwiler, Viva ri . FACULTY MEMBER ELMER KAYSER Advisor • OFFICERS JOHN FOLK Pre sident Sigma Chi JOSEPH VfVARI Vice-President Phi Sigma Kappa McALPIN ARNOLD Sec re tary Siqma Nu ALFRED BRODELL Treasurer Acacia WILLIAM STELL Social Chairman Sigma Alpha Epsilon DELEGATES JOHN FOLK Sigma Ch? JAMES SCHAUB Kappa Sigma FRANK TUTWILER Kappa Alpha JAMES DONOHUE Theta Delta Chi JOSEPH VIVARI Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAM STELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT CAMPBELL Sigma Phi Epsilon McALPJN ARNOLD Sigma Nu ALFRED BRODELL Acacia MARSHALL GARDNER Tau Kappa Epsilon RICHARD ABERCROMBIE Pi Kappa Alpha founded at George Wa htngton University, 1937. INTERFRATEENITY PLEDGE COUNCIL OFFICERS JAY DODD President WILLIAM GRAVER Vice-President DONALD HERRING S ec reta ry-T rea su re r MORTON SEWARD Social Chairman DELEGATES FRANK DELK Sigma Chi DONALD HERRING Kappa Sigma MORTON SEWARD Kappa Alpha ALAN TRICK Theta Delta Chi PEYTON COE Phi Sigma Kappa ROBERT LUSK Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRANK ENCE Sigma Phi Epsilon DAVID DuPRE Sigma Nu RALPH DAVID Acacia JAY DODD Tau Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM C RAVER PI Kappa Alpha First Row: Coe, Graver, David, Dellt, Second Row: Herring, Lusk, Seward, Trick. SIGMA CHI First Row; Adams, Baker, Ballard, Basher, Bishop. Second Row: Blaine. Bowden, Brown, Busha. Third Row: De Ik, Earhart, Fold, Frederick. Fourth Row: Groetzinger, Hay, Holland, Hunter. Fifth Row: Kendrick, Martin, Peterson, Teel, Todd. Founded at Miami University, June, J8S5. Epsilon Chapter in- stalled June, 1 864. Chapter House: 1312 N Street. Publica- tion: " Sigma Chi Bulletin ' Ac- tive Chapters; I0L Colors: Blue and Old Gold. Flower: White Rose. OFFICERS GEORGE BISHOP President JOHN FOLK Vice-President WILLIAM HAY Secretary JOHN FOLK Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Roy Baker Richard Ballard Philip Basher George Bishop John Blaine Fran k Bowden Craig Brown Thomas Busha Alvin Crawford Frank Delk Donald Eberle John Folk Mark Frederick William Hay Roger Holland Tait Hunter Keith Kelly Stanley Martin Kenneth Peterson William Teel PLEDGES Wade Adams Harry Earhart Robert Groetzinger Edsel Gustafson Francis Hughes John Snodgrass Zane Todd KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Virginia. J8 9. Alpha Eta Chapter in- stalled. 1892, Chapter House: 1803 19th St. Publication: M Cadu- ciu$J‘ Active Chapters: 108. Colors: Scarlet. Green and White. Flower: Lily of the Valley. OFFICERS WILLIAM HUNTER President JAMES SCHAU8 Vice-President JOHN LANE Secretary JOEL FIELDS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS William Barry Miles Garrigan Reese Gillespie Robert Howard Robert Knight William Scanlon Charles Talbott John Waits PLEDGES Nelson Eshmont Don Herring Frank Lambert Timothy McCue Robert Rasberry First Row: Garrigan, Herring, Howard, Hunter. Second Row; Knight. Nelson. Scanlon. Schaub. PA ALPHA K A P Founded at Washington and Lee, 1865, Alpha Nu Chapter installed, 1895, Chapter House: 3147 16th Street Publication: " The Kappa Alpha Journal. " Active Chapters: 68. Colors: Crimson and Old Sold, Flowers; Crimson Rose and Magnolia Blossom. OFFICERS WILLIAM POLLARD President JOHN HENRY Vice-President FRANK TUTWILER Secrete ry JOHN RUSSELL Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Bear John Brookes Joseph Bynum Norman Dancy George Grimes William Harloff John Henry William McGhee Samuel Oglesby William Pollard William Riess John Russell Herbert Rutland Roger Smith Richard Stetson Frank Tutwiler James Van Story George Vass William Vaughn Howard Vorder Bruegge PLEDGES William Brownrigg Paul Cain Neil Craig Joseph Crunper Edward Foil William Hetzler Roy Hoopes Clarence Howell Edward Lansing Robert Mead Edward Orr Charles Flyer Harry Power Robert Rowland Morton Seward Donald Tackitt Richard Vass John Whalen THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College, 1047. Chi Deuteron Chapter installed, 1896 Chapter House: 1912 S Street, N. W. Publication: " The Shield. 11 Active Chapters: 26, Colors: Black, White, and Blue. Flower: Red Carnation. FACULTY MEMBER JOHN RUSSELL MASON OFFICERS JAMES BACON President JOHN QUJNTRELL Secrets ry LESLIE OZIER Treasurer • ACTIVE MEMBERS James Bacon Chari es Buterbauqh John Donohue Harlan Durand Robert Flanders Edwin Gee James Hudnall Ordeen Knight J. B. Martin James McCabe Leslie Ozier John Quintrell Phillip Thormpson Alan Trick Kendalf Twigq PLEDGES Robert Ca rr Cooper Curtice John McCabe Martin Kullsh Henry Jacobs Bruce LaGrand First Row: Bacon, Buterbaugh, Caro Second Row: Donohue, Gee, Hege. Third Row: Hudnall, Knight, Martin. Fourth Rowr Ozier, Quintrell, Twigg, PHI SIGMA KAPPA First Row: Row : Nixon Row: Anderson, Bellamy, CJary, Coe, Dangremond Daugherty, D. Frazier, P. Hoffacket, Kay hoe, Layne, Madnell! Payne, Viveri, Sprecker, Fifth Row: Vie+ot, Waheb, Yates. Cote. Second Frazier. Third Fourth Row: Shinn, Taylor, Founded at Massachusetts State College, 1 073. Lambda Chapter installed, 1899. Chapter House: 1765 Massachusetts Avenue Pub- lication: " The Signet 11 Active Chapters: 43 Colors: Silver and Magenta Flower: Red Carnation. FACULTY MEMBERS RALPH BEACHLEY DEWITT BENNETT RICHARD CAST ELI WILLIAM DAVIS IRA HANSEN OFFICERS PASCAL FRAZIER President ROBERT YATES Vice-President LEWIS HOFFACKER Secretary JOSEPH VI VAR I Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Donald Anderson Chester Bellamy John Clary Peyton Coe Chester Dangremond Charles Daugherty Edwin Dentz Robert Dillaway Donald Frazier Pascal Frazier Lewis Hoffacker Robert Hughes Donald Kayhoe Aaron Layne Victor Marinelli Joseph Phi I f i os Roy Reel Joseph Shaw Charles Shinn Donald Sprecker Paul Taylor Joseph Vrvari Wilson Wahab Robert Yates PLEDGES Theodore Arnst Alfred Bhrens David Cassidy John Cote Robert Dyrensenstah Ralph Jones Droughton McCarthy Xenophon Nixon John Prothero Pounded at University of Ala- bama, 1856 Washington City Rho Chapter installed, 1 90S. Chapter House: 1824 1 9th St. Publication: " The Record. " Ac- tive Chapters: I 13. Colors: Pur- ple and Gold. Flower: Violet. OFFICERS ROBERT FAIR President DUDLEY JUDD Vice-President GEOFFREY CHEW Secretary JAMES LOGGINS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS William Andrews G e of f re y C h e w Douglas Clarke George Conrad Jack Donaldson Robert Fair Pierce Frederick Lloyd Ha I deman Lloyd Hamilton Gerard Jetton Dudley Judd Edwin Kent James Loggms William Long Robert Lusk Major McCreight Patrick McKenna Gene MeManon Walter Perkins Thomas Philips Warren Preisser Arlo Quill Carl Stark William Stell James Thomas Wayn© Thompson Wayne Turpin Cromwell Warner Robert Williams SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON au , First Row: Andrews, Cl Row: Fair, Frederick, Haldeman, Jetton. Third Row: Joi Judd, Logging, Long. Fourth Row: Lusk, McCreight, Mil Philips. Fifth Row: Stark, Stell, Thomas, Thompson, Willi a PLEDGE Calvin McKay SIGMA PHI EPSILON Founded at University of Rich- mond, I90L D. C , Alpha Chap- ter installed, 1909, Chapter House; 1831 19th St, Publication: " Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. " Ac- tive Chapters: 68. Colors: Red and Purple. Flowers: Violet and American Beauty Rose. • FACULTY MEMBERS BENJAMIN CRUICKSHANKS HENRY HERZOG FRANK HORNADAY DON JOHNSON ELMER KAYSER WILLIAM VAN VLECK • OFFICERS FRED KINGMAN President LEE PAGE Vice-President ROBERT THOMPSON Secretary OSCAR NOSS Treasurer First Row; Kingman, Noss, Page. Second Row; Rambeclt. Surba 4 Thompson, ACTIVE MEMBERS Delbert Burroughs Vernon Benjamin Robert Campbell Gofer Davis Robert Fields Leon Fisk James Kincaid Fred Kingman MEchal Murray Oscar Noss Lee Page Oscar Rambeclt Chester Surba Robert Thompson PLEDGE Francis Enge Founded at Virginia Military In- stitute, 1869, Delta Pi Chapter installed, 1915. Chapter House: 2009 Wyoming Avenue. Publica- tion: " The Delta. " Active Chap- ters: 98. Colors: Black, White, and Gold, Flower: White Rose. FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERT BALDWIN ROBERT BOLWELL OFFICERS WILLIAM REDEL Commander EMMETT SKINNER Lieutenant Commander BENJAMIN MAKELA Secretary FRANKLIN MICHELS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Douglas Anderson MeAlpin Arnold Thomas Cobb Dean Corbitt David DuPre Edward Edens Charles Finch Joseph Flemming Joseph Goodwin Ernest Harmon Joseph Harper Thomas Harrison Clifford Hope Robert Hummer Raymond Kasbaum Robert Keefe Robert Ludwig James MacGregor Benjamin Makela Franklin Michels Wiley Narron Stanley Patten William Redel Frank Reifsnyder John Rommel Clifford Rowe Emmett Skinner Grady Terrell V. V. Vafiades Robert Winthrop PLEDGES William Anderton Frank Cowle Charles Curtin Harold McConeghey SIGMA N U First Row: Arnold, Cobb, Corbitt, DuPre, Edens, Second Row: Finch, Flemming, Harmon, Harper, Harrison, Third Row: Hope, Hummer, Ludwig, McGregor, Michels. Fourth Row: Narron, Patten, Redel, Reifsnyder, Rommel. Fifth Row: Skinner, Vafiades, Vought, Winthrop. A C A C I A First Row: Adamson, Ashby, Boatright, BrodelL Second Row; Burgess, Childress, Daubanton, David. Third Row: FloHman, Grille Ledbetter, McNaughton, Fourth Row; Mathews, Pierce, Sparks, Wilkinson, Founded at University of Michi- gan, May, 1904. George Wash- ington Chapter installed, April, 1923. Chapter House: 1757 N Street. Publication: " Triad, " Ae- tive Chapters: 25. Colors: Black and Gold Flower; Richmond Rose. FACULTY MEMBERS ALLEN CONNOLLY ARTHUR JOHNSON JAMES KIRKLAND LOWELL RAGATZ audley smith HECTOR SPAULDING WILLARD YEAGER OFFICERS CLARK ASHBY President RICHARD WILKINSON Vice-President RICHARD WARFIELD Secretary AUSTIN CHILDRESS Treasurer STANLEY PETERSEN Chapter Advisor ACTIVE MEMBERS Keith Adamson Clark Ashby Wallace Ashby Harry Boatright Albert Brodefl Aubrey Burgess Howard Carlson Austin Childress Charles Daubanton Ralph Da vid Robert Dearth Arnold Flottman Robert Grille Gordon Srimwood Richard Hurdle Douglas Jefferson John Ledbetter Harry McNaughton John Mathews Robert Pierce James Sparks Richard Warfield Richard Wilkinson PLEDGES Hugh Bottleson Willard Whittaker Robert Wineland TAU KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Illinois Wesleyan Uni- versity, January, 1899, Alpha Pi Chapter installed, 1935. Chapter House: 1912 R Street. Publica- tion: " Capital Telce. " Active Chapters: 55. Colors: Cherry and Gray. Flower: Red Carnation. FACULTY MEM8ERS WOOD GREY FLOYO SPARKS OFFICERS MARSHALL GARDNER President JAMES KLAASSE Vice-President WILLIAM MaeCABE Secretary FRANK KEIFER Treasurer FRANK SCOTT Chapter Advisor ACTIVE MEMBERS Alton Anderson Ronald Ayer Richard Ayers George Bird Jack Bi rd sell James CaFFrey William Deeter Jay Dodd Harry Donnelly Roy Fitzsimmons Marshall Gardner Robert Geran Wayne Gilchrist Martin Gudzln John Harris Keith Hoba rt Frank Keifer John Kirkwood James Klaasse William MacCabe Eugene Mallych Frank Scott Stanley Shephard Horace Tyler Robert Woodward PLEDGES David Bates Arfie Adkins Peyton Brady Raymond Carnes Harry Darr Nicholas Lakas Robert Philips John Resig George Russln First Row: Ayers, Brady. Deeter, Gardner. Second Row: Geran, Gilchrist, Kirkwood, Lakas. Third Row: McCabe. Scott, Shepherd. PI KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Calvert Graver, Dowdy Second Row: Graham, Holmes, McGar ry. Third Row: Niswonger, Rausch, Sullivan, Weber, Founded at University of Virginia, IB 68. Delta Alpha Chapter in- stalled February, 1941. Chapter House: 2450 Massachusetts Ave- nue. Publication: ' ' Shield and Diamond. Active Chapters: 80. Colors: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley. • FACULTY MEMBER SIDNEY HALL • OFFICERS SAMUEL DOWDY President WILLIAM CRAVER Vice-President ROBERT HOLMES Secretary FRANK McANEAR Treasurer • ACTIVE MEMBERS Gordon Calvert William Craver Samuel Dowdy James Graham Robert Holmes Robert Jackson Burt Lincoln Frank McAnear Edward McGarry Joseph Niswonger James Rausch Richard Speaker Robert Sullivan Paul Weber PLEDGE William Calomeris PHI ALP H A Founded at George Washington University, 1914. Alpha Chapter installed 1914 Chapter House: 1800 New Hampshire Ave, Pub- lication: " Phi Alpha Quarterly. 1 ' Active Chapters: 21. Colors: Ma- roon and Blue. Flower: Rose FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Cafritz David Davis Samuel Dodek Afec Horwitz Jacob Kotz Edward lewis Bernard Notes Gilbert Ottenberg Maurice Protas Human Shipiro OFFICERS CHARLES SURES President HARRY COHN Vice-President MELVIN EI5ENBERS Secretary HENRY RICKUS Treasurer MEMBERS Harry Bordow Bernard Cedel frying Chasen Martin Cohen Harry Cohn John Crowell Melvin Eisenberg Bernard Gordon Herbert Halberstadt George Jordon Stanley Kaiser Bernard Kolker Leonard Kotz Irving Levin© Theodore Lifovitz Melvin Marcus Edward Pafder Bernard Phillips Arthur Ramo Henry Rickfis Don Rosenblatt Leonard Rubin HerzmarK Safer Bertram Schneider Fred Schnitman Irwin Shafowitz Edward Shipiro Leonard Sokol Arthur Stambler Morton Steinberg Charles Sures Back Row: Cadel, Katz, Dr Lewis, Cohen, Dr Davis, Smith, Sures, Gordon. Outside Row, Left: Phillips, Levine, Shipiro, Eisenberg, Ricklrs. Inside Row, Left: Ruben, Irving, Chasen, Cohn, Lifovitz Inside Row, Right: Bordow, Rosenblatt, Mar- cus, Ramo, Crowell. Outside Row, Right: Jordon, Kaiser, Kotz, Schnitman, Palder •iMHTTS ADVISOR PAN-HELLENIC A S S D E I A T I D N MRS. NEWTON BUCKLEY First Row; Blevins, Connor, Cirgle, Duckson, Second Row: Greene, Hambiin, Honey, Leder. Third Row: Lock, Maiden, Nessel, Orr. Fourth Row: Perwin, Powers, Thorn, Waldron. OFFICERS JEAN CONNER President Chj Omena MILDRED BLEVINS Vice-President Sigma Kappa MARY LOUISE COOPER Secretary Phi Mu CATHRYN RIGGLEMAN DAVIS Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi DORIA GREENE Social Chairman Alpha Delta Pi DELEGATES Pi Beta Phi Patricia Orr Margery Gessford Chi Omega Rene Honey Jean Nessell Sigma Kappa Mildred Blevins Rita Thorn Phi Mu Mary Louise Cooper Patricia Powers Alpha Delta Pi Cathryn Rfqgleman. Davis Dona Greene Delta Zeta Barbara Hamblin Alice Waldron Kappa Delta Helen Duckson Jean Maiden Zeta Tau Alpha Edit h Davis Virginia Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma Elizabeth Cugfe Geraldine Lock Phi Sigma Sigma Marion Perwin Beverly Leder ADVISERS MRS, NEWTON BUCKLEY MILDRED BLEVINS Senior Pan-Hellenic Association JUNIOR PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS CHARLOTTE FOOTER President Pht Sigma Sigma FELICIA MILLER Secretary Delta 2 eta MARGARET BRILEY Treasurer Kappa Delta VALERIE POPHAM Social Chairman Kappa Kappa Gamma DELEGATES Pi Beta Phi Mera Riddell Chi Omega Sue Spearman Sigma Kappa Lois Smith Phi Mu Frances Respess Alpha Delta Pi Eleanor Brandt Delta Zefa Felicia Miller Kappa Delta Margaret Briley Zeta Tau Alpha Thelma Tuell Kappa Kappa Gamma Valerie Popham Phi Sigma Sigma Charlotte Footer First Row: Brandt, Briley, Miller, Popham. Second Row: Rid ' defl Smith, Spearman. PI BETA PHI First Row: Bruyninck, Carter, Coffey, Colburn, Cottrell. Second Row: Court, Davis, Ealnns, Fundaburk, Hummer, Third Row: Lesh, Lingo. Morris, Newcomer, Orr. Fourth Row: Patterson, Perkins, Riddell. Ring, Saegmuller. Fifth Row: Shirley, Skinner, Trowbridge, Vietor, Wells. ■0 T Founded at Monmouth College, April, 1067. D, C. Alpha Chapter installed, April, 1889. Chapter Room: 2129 G Street. Publica- tion: " The Arrow. " Active Chap- ters: 84. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: Wine Carnation. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE PATTERSON President BETTE DAWSON Vice-President PATRICIA ORR Recording Secretary BETTY COLBURN Corresponding Secretary MARY DAVIS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Avonne Allen Doris, Bruyninck Betty Carter Loessa Coffey Betty Colburn Emily Cottrell Doris Court Mary Davis Patricia Davis Bette Dawson Jane Del Vecchio Joan Dorney Margery Gessford Marianne Grigsby Elizabeth Herndon Jean Hummer Jane Lesh Jane Lingo Jeanne Morris Patricia Orr Charlotte Patterson Audrey Perkins Mera Riddell Mary Ring Barbara Saegmuller Roberta Shirky Jean Skinner Margaret Truman Jeanne Vietor Elizabeth Wells Martha Wofford PLEDGES Jane Eakins Lila Fundaburk Nancy Harris Constance Lamb Betty Lou Trowbridge Zora Veljkov Founded at University of Arkan- sas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April, (095. Phi Alpha Chapter in- stalled: 1903. Chapter Room: 802 Twenty-first Street. Publication: " ELeusis ? Active Chapters: 96. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. FACULTY MEMBER HELEN LAWRENCE OFFICERS BARBARA AMES President SARAH THOMPSON Vice-President PHYLLIS SPARKS Secrete ry JUNE SHUGG Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Barbara Ames Marianne Atherholt Helen Bayfies Bette Burch Jean Connor Dorothy Danley Martha Dlven Ivajean Dollarhtde Mary Edwards Kathe rine Fox Jeanne Glennon Faye Griffith Luneil Hathcote Mary Ellen Henry Rene Honey Vivian Hooppaw Beverly Johnson Eileen Kendrick Jean Koppialky Betty Mae McCrahon Margaret McGiffert Barbara Mace Mc inntss Marcia Macomber Jean Nessell Margaret Norton Jean Orem Elizabeth Owen Katherine Rounds Ann Ross Susie Lee Rubey June Shugg Jane Snyder Phyllis Sparks Louise Spearman Sue Spearman Doris Stokes Sarah Thompson Mary Webb Gertrude Wedei Nancy Ann White Harriet Weber Willard PLEDGES Kathleen Bogart Eileen Bonicamp Martha Frances Haines Dorothy Kemp Julia Ann Warthen CHI OMEGA First Row: Ames, Atherholt, Bogart, Bonicamp, Cannon, Connor. Second Row: Dollarhide, Edwards, Glennon, Hatlv cote, Haynes, Hooppaw. Third Row: Honey, Johnson, Ken- drick, Koppialky, McGiffert, McGinniss. Fourth Row: Nessell, Norton, Ross, Rubey, Shugg, Fifth Row: Sparks, Spearman, Thompson, White, Willard. mr SIGMA KAPPA First Row: Blevins, Bottelson, Browne, Campbell, Choisser. Second Row- Crowther, Donaldson, Farwell, Goodwin, Third Row: Hansen, Higginson, Hobson, Kangas, Knauer, Fourth Row: L. Knox, P. Knox, Krieger, Lansdale, Thorn. Fifth Row: Lowry, Lynn, Smith, Spaulding. Founded at Colby College, Wafer- ville, Maine, November, 1874. Zeta Chapter installed February, 1906. Chapter House: 2129 G Street, Publication: " Sigma Kap- pa Triangle. ' Active Chapters: 43. Colors: Lavender and Maroon. Flower: Violet. OFFICERS DOROTHY FAR WELL President AUNE KANSAS Vice-President MILDRED BLEVINS Recording Secretary MARION CHOISSER Corresponding Secretary RITA THORN Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Ellen Bennett Ruth Bicknell Mildred Blevins Audrey Browne Marguerite Campbell Marion Choisser Dorothy Cochrane Edyth Coe Jean Crowther Dorothy Currier Bettye Donaldson Mary Alice Fab re Dorothy Farwell Helen Higginson Virginia Knauer Luellyn Knox Mary Louise Lansdale Jean Lightbrown Bealf Lowry Evelyn Miller Julia Osmer Parezo Rita Thorn Sarah Jane Williams PLEDGES Nina Borton Gladys Bottelson Marie Cambouri Mary Dlemel Barbara Dieterich Jeanne Dubendorf Kathleen Goodwin Juanita Hall Caroline Hansen Ann Frederick Hawkins Dorothy Hobson Patricia Knox Eleanor Krieger Margaret Lynn Jane Miller Priscilla Makefa Imogens Plllman Virginia Rainey Dorothy Simmons Lois Smith Cecil Spaulding Enid White Founded at Wesleyan College for Women, January, 1852. Beta Alpha Chapter installed March, 1915 Chapter Room: 2129 S Street. Publication: " Aglaia. 1 " Ac- tive Chapters: 57. Colors: Rose and White, Flower: Enchantress Carnation. FACULTY MEMBER RUTH BRUNNER OFFICERS MIRIAM JAGGERS FURMAN President ANNE CATHERINE EMMERT Vice-President HELEN SATHER Secretary MARY LOUISE COOPER Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Jane Grommet Brlsach Mary Louise Cooper Mary Lewis Fitzsimmons Juanita Fletcher Minam daggers Furman Dawn Irving Dorothy Kfyce Helen Lukins Marietta Notary Patricia Powers Alice Robert Helen Bather Cecelia Smith Gene Snyder Charlotte Voigt Kay Woodward • PLEDGES Chrystine Banner Mary Cleary Eleanor Da mall Estelle Lukomski Betty Meloy Frances Respess Mattie Way i First Row: Adcock, Banner,, Darnell, Ermmert, Second Row: Honeycott, Klyce, Ledbetter, Lukcmski, Third Row: Powers, Rebert, Sather, Shutt, Fourth Row: Smith, Snyder, Van Dusen. Way. Woodward. ALPHA ELTA PI First Row- Bean, Berry, Blake, Brandt, Brown. Second Row: Conger, German, Greene, Hackstaff, Harris. Third Row: Heath. Ingram, Jeffrey. Junker, Kahler, Fourth Row: Law- rence Lester, Maigrei, Morgan, Peeler. Fifth Row: Phillips, Rucker, Shaffer, Sheppard, Simons, Sixth Row: Smith, Smothers, Steece, S u I is, Thomas Seventh Row: Thomson, E. Webster, M. Webster, Wright, Wyatt Founded at Wesleyan Female Cob lege, May, 1851. Alpha Ri Chap- ter installed February, 1922 Chapter Room: 2129 S Street. Publication: " Adelphean. " Ac- tive Chapters: 63, Colors: Aiure Blue and White. Flower: Violet. OFFICERS ANNA BEAN President EULENE SMOTHERS Vice-President BARBARA SIMONS Secretary AUGUSTA-ANN MORGAN Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Eleanor Barton Anna Bean Emily Bennett Cathryn Ann Davis Marcia Featherstonhaugh Doria Greene Beatri ce Hackstaff Margaret Hough Norma Jean Lawrence Grace Lester Augusta-Ann Morgan Virginia Phillips Frances Rucker Louise Shaffer Mary Beth Sheppard Barbara Simons Eulene Smothers Helen Steece Clara Ann Thomas Elizabeth Webster Mary Webster Ruth Wright PLEDGES Anne Berry Bonnie Blake Eleanor Brandt Marilyn Brown Mardel Conger Frances German Barbara Harris Emily Heath Frances Ingram Virginia Lee Jeffrey Patricia Junker Alice Kahler Nancy Lawrence Cecile Maigret Virginia Manville Una Owen Mary Lou Peeler Agnes Smith Patricia Sul is Patricia Thomson Jane Wyatt DELTA ZET A Founded at Miami University, 1902, Alpha Delta Chapter in- stalled 1 920, Cha pter House: 2129 G Street Publication: ‘The Lamp, " Active Chapters: 74. Colors: Old Rose and Vleux Green Flower: KilUrney Rose, OFFICERS PAULETTE MO NT ESI President ALICE WALDRON Vice-President BARBARA HAMBLIN Recording Secretary BERYL CONKLIN Corresponding Secretary PATTI E MOORE Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Rhea Blake Alice Calks ns Jane Clark Beryl Conklin Louise Day Betty Dedick Barbara Hamblin Helen Hamblin Margaret James Jeanne Jones Peggyjane Long Carolyn Lyon Shirley Mason Betty Lee Miller Felicia Miller Paulette MontesI Pattie Moore Ann McNeil Virginia Nalls Edith Norris Betty Traci© Alice Waldron PLEDGES Jane DeRieux Ruth Mundy Jean O ' Brien Jane Parker Ruth Patrick Mary Sister Jacqueline White Elizabeth Woechter First Row: Blake, Calkins, Clark, Conklin, Second Row: B. Hamblin,, H, Hamblin. James, Jones. Third Row: Long, Lyon, Mason, Miller. Fourth Row: Moore, Mundy, Nalls. Norris. Fifth Row: Staler, Trade, Waldron, White. DELTA KAPPA First ' Row; Alien, Briley. Byers, Second Row: Duckson, Gra- ham, Haslwanter, Hensley. Third Row: Jackson, Lancaster, Maiden, Mattson. Fourth Row: MihealsEck, Parker, Sand- berg, Steines, Fifth Row: M. Steines, V, Steines, Thompson, Founded at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia, October, 1897, Sigma Mu Chapter installed No- vember, 1922, Chapter Room: 802 21st Street, Publication: " The Angelos. " Active Chapters: 71. Colors: Green and White, Flower: White Rose, FACULTY MEMBERS LEAH HE AT LEY COTE DOROTHY VEON OFFICERS EVELYN JANE JACKSON President JEANNE MAIDEN Vice-President PAULINE GISH Secretary MARY SANDBERG Treasurer VERNA STEIN ES Editor ACTIVE MEMBERS Jo Ann Allen Barbara Blair Helen Duckson Pauline Gish Betty Graham Bette Haslwanter Marjorie Hensley Evelyn Jane Jackson Jeanne Malden Wlllene Perdue Marks Mary Everett Pearce Mary Sandberg Verna Steines PLEDGES Margaret Briley Evelyn Byers Betty Dyer Doris Holloway Dolores Lancaster Teresa Mihealsick Helen Mattson Harriet Parker Esther Steines Marcella Steines Kathryn Thompson Mary Jane Whittlesey ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia, October, 1898 Beta Alpha Chapter installed, No- vember, 1924 Chapter Room: 2129 G Street. Publication: " Them is, ' 1 Active Chapters: 79 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower; White Violet. OFFICERS MARGARET BACKUS President VIRGINIA JONES Vice-President EVELYN WEBER Secretary EDITH DAVIS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Bonnie Condee Margaret Haskell Marian Helm Mary Hopkins Ruth Hubbard Margaret Montgomery Rachel Rogers Jean Walker PLEDGES Jocelyn Allen Dorothy Dyer Martha Ann Montgomery Mercedes Smith Thelma Tuell KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA first Row : Awtrey, Barrows, Batchelder, Biesemeier, Bock- oven. Second Row: Botta, J, Brown, M, Brown, Campbell, Capps. Third Row: Clark, Crossnay, Cugle, Delano, Doo- little. Fourth Row: Freydig,, Hayward, Hilleary, Lock, Mann, Fifth Row: Matchett, McEwan, McNeese.. Odin, Palmer. Sixth Row: Parkinson, Popham, Smith, Snyder, Sutton, Wilson. Founded at Monmouth College, October, 1870. Gamma Chi Chapter installed June, 1929. Chapter Room: 2t29 G Street. Publication: M The Key. " Active Chapters: 7 Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue. Flower: Fleur-de- Lh. FACULTY MEMBER RUTH ATWELL OFFICERS MINA BROWN President PHYLLIS BOTTA Secretary HELEN MATCHETT Treasu rer ACTIVE MEMBERS Mildred Baker Florence Bentley Mary Carol Biesemeier Claudia Bockoven Phyllis Botta Mina Brown Mary Campbell Fiances Clark Jean Connolly Betty Cugle Ann Evans Cherde Frost Jane Gass Katherine Lange Geraldine Lock Louise Mann Helen Matchett Anne Moore Laura McNeese Susan McNeese Beverly Pardy Caroline Parkinson Corjnne Seaton Claudia Stuart Faith Sutton Adrienne Warner PLEDGES Nancy Awtrey Barbara Baldridge Elizabeth Barrows Jane Batchelder Jeannette Brown Jacqueline Capps Sunie Clark Bonita Crossnay Louise Delano Mary Doolittle Constance Freydig Ethel Hayden Mildred Hayward Eugenia Hilleary Martha Lacy Lucy lonergan Janet Me Ewan Jessma Oslin Patricia Palmer Valerie Popham Elaine Smith Dorothy Snyder Nancy Wilson PHI SIGMA SIGMA Founded at Hunter College, 1913. Kappa Chapter installed 1924, Chapter House: 5215 Chevy Chase Parkway. Publication: ‘The Sphinx, " Active Chapters: 21, Colors: Slue and Gold. Flower: American Beauty Rose. OFFICERS BEVERLY LEDER President DOROTHY WOLF Vice-President GLADYS WITOWSKI Secretary DOROTHY LICHENS Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Gertrude Engel Sally Katzen Marlon Perwin Hannah Rubin Shirley Sachs Gertrude Sapln Alice Veneiky First Row: Goodwin, Leder, Perry, Perwin, Second Row: Phillips, Segal, Silverberg, Wolf. PLEDGES Alberta K ' lonin Blum Evelyn Chesvoir Charlotte Footer lenore Goodwin Etta Kimche Elena Lipson Phyllis Miller Miriam Pas Low Cfa ire Phillips Polly Perry Janet Segal Harriet Shapiro Phyllis Sherman Edythe Silverberg Frances Wolf Founded at the College of William and Mary In 1776. Alpha of the District of Columbia Chapter installed In 1938. Publication, The American Scholar. 1 ' OFFICERS ROBERT BOLWELL President EDITH MORTENSEN Secretary HOWARD MERRIMAN Vice-President GEORGE STONE . , Treasurer WOOD GRAY Historian FACULTY AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES Errett Albritton Robert Griggs Colin Mackall Grace Quinn William Anderson Mabel Grosvenor Cloyd Marvin William Ruedlger Robert Bolwell Sidney Hall Margaret McPherson Raymond Seeger Stephen Brunauer Charles Halley Florence Mears Edward S ebrt George Churchill Ira Hansen Howard Merrlman Charles Smith Charles Collier George Henning Edith Morten sen Wendell Stafford William Diehl James Hoffman Saul Oppenheim George Stone Henry Doyle William Humphreys Richard Owens James Taylor John Foley Solomon Kullback Island Parr William Wilbur Robert Gottsda niter Clark Keating James Powell James Watts Wood Gray MEMBERS-IN-COURSE Eugene Allen Audrey Chew Lillian Kolbey Phoebe Overstreet Anna Appich Geoffrey Chew Betty Kossow Gaines Palmer Edgar Baker Preston Cloud Zoe Largess Martha Paxton Anna Bean Nicholas Cokenias Louis Lazaroff Laura Phillips Everett Bellows Mary Davis Mark Lepper William Pierson Charles Bene man Marguerite Dotye Eugene lerner Esther Pike Vernard Bond Annie Elledge Roye Lowry Marie-Louise Ralph Carter Bowen Beverly Emmert Doris Ludwig Thomas Richman Katherine Bowen Richard Evans Benjamin Makela Eleanor Sherburne Thomas Brooks Marie Falk Marjorie Matthews Marcel Van Hemert Ira Brown Marion Freehafer Helen Mattson Alice Venezky Mina Brown Lillian Friedman Louise McNutt Marjorie Wilkins Emily Buckler Martha Gammon Robert Morrisson John Wilson Sue Burnett Jessie Gardner Alice Newcomer Charles Wise Edwin Cage Mary Howell Phyllis Nichols Helen Wright James Cameron Florence James Nancy Nimifz Audrey Yaden Elsie Carper Marie Joroleman Jessma Oslin William Zeller I LOO] ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Scholastic Honorary for Women Founded at University of Illinois 1924. Active Chapters: 46. Colors: Red. white, gold. FACULTY MEMBER Vinnle G, Barrows Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS NANCY O ' ROURKE . . President MILDRED HERR FLORENCE NIXON . Vice-President 1015 SMITH . Phyllis Abrams June Cohen Constance Conklin Mary Davis Zelda Diamond Lorraine Griggs Karslina Hedler Mildred H err ACTIVE MEMBERS Rita Holmes Nellie Jerman Lore Koppel Mary Lou Krehbief Mary Louise Lansdale Rebecca Lobel Carolyn Lyon Margaret Maletz Paftie Moore Phyllis Nelson Florence Nison Edith Norris Nancy O ' Rourke Jessma Oslln Beverly Pardy Marie- Louise Ralph Anabel Schreiber Loretta Scott Mary Slappey Lois Smith Alice Venezky Mary Volz Ruth Vo taw Margaret Wilbar Sarah Jane Williams Ruth Wilson PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman Scholastic Honorary for Men George Washington University Chapter installed 1929. Publication: The Forum ’ Active Chapters: 40. Colors: Black and Gold. William Johnstone Seymour Alterman Everett Bellows George Bentz Melvin Bers Harold Bobys Carter Bowen Ira Brown Cyril Buehrle Aide Calissi James Caruth Allan Coleman Roye Cowry Sydney Cox Henry Da rmstaedter Facius Davis Ervin Dehn John Farrell Isaac Feldman James Huddleston Harold Klssicic Raymond Litovitz Roye Lowry Robert Masucci Paul McClenon James McReynolds Haaren M Eklofsky Robert Morrisson Walter Myskowski Patrick O ' Dea OFFICERS JAMES HUDDLESTON President SIDNEY SHULMAN Vice-President RICHARD WALLIS . - Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS George Orlando Alvin Parrish John Phlllppsen Sidney Shulman Wood Gray Bernard Sohn Max Solon Sydney Swiller Salvatore Tesoriero Richard Wallis Allen Wei se William Zeller William Zopf First Row: Al terman, Bcbys, Bers O ' Dea Huddleston Second Row. Kisslck, Miller, Zopf. Wallis, Shulman. i ion OMICRDN DELTA KAPPA Row: Adamson, Bers, Bishop, Second Row: Calvert Clears Doug Fiery Third Row: Folk, Geran, Hall, Fourth Row: Kendrick, Konisiewski, Layne. fifth Row: Miller. Payne Stall. Sixth Row: Swett. Vliet, Vought, Founded at Washington and Lee University!, 1914, Alpha Delta Circle installed 1929. Publication: ' The Circle ' Active Circles: SO. FACULTY MEMBERS Norman Ames Henry Grattan Doyle Frederick Feiker Robert Harmon Elmer Kayser Cioyd Marvin Howard Merriman John Mclntlre Fred Messell Lowell Ragatz Curtis Wilgus Hayes Yaeger HONORARY MEMBERS Hugh Clegq Harry Collins Robert Fleming Cordell Hull Lewis Horshey Monroe Johnson E. K. Morris J. P, Pope Francis Stan James Toomey OFFICERS GEORGE BISHOP President WILLIAM STELL Vice President KEITH ADAMSON Secretary Treasu rer MEMBERS Keith Adamson Melvin Bers George Bishop John Busick Gordon Calvert John Clarey Charles Dougherty John Folk Robert Geran Ellis Hall John Kendrick John Koniszewslrj Aaron Layne LeRoy McNeil Frank Miller Ernest Payne Tony Pritchard William Stell Timothy Swett Arthur Vliet William Zeller MORTAR HOARD Honor Society for Senior Women Founded at Syracuse, New York, 1 9 f 8 . Hour Glass Chapter in- stalled, 1 9 3 B , Publication: " Mor- tar Board Quarterly.” Active Chapters: 77. Colors: Silver and Gold, Flower: Yellow Rose. • FACULTY MEMBERS Vlnnie Barrows Myrna Sedgwick Jenny Turnbull TRUSTEE MEMBER Mrs. Joshua Evans FACULTY ADVISORS Edith Mortensen Ruth Coyner Florence Mears OFFICERS DOROTHY FARWELL President MINA BROWN Vice-President NANCY WARMER Secretary CHARLOTTE PATTERSON T reesurer ANNA BEAN Historian First Row: Bean, Brown. Second Row: DucUon, Farwell. Third Row: Patterson, Willard MEMBERS Anna Bean Mina Brown Helen Ducleson Dorothy Farwell Nancy Marmer Charlotte Patterson Harriet Weber Willard GAMMA M U Founded at Southwestern College, 1924, Beta Chapter Installed 1930. Publication: Social Science ' Active Chapters: 130. Colors: Blue and White, Flower: Blue and white cineraria. OFFICERS HARRY DAIZEIL . . , . . President MARGARET CAVEY Vice-President BESSIE SHARPE . , Secretary GEORGE CHURCHILL . . , , Treasurer • FACULTY MEMBERS EDWARD AC MESON ELMER KAYSER JOHN TILLEMA ARTHUR BURNS RALPH KENNEDY DONALD WATSON GEORGE CHURCHILL HOWARD MERR1MAN CARL WELLS JOHN DONALDSON LOWELL RAGATZ WARREN WEST CHRISTOPHER GARNETT HAROLD SUTTON CURTIS WILGUS WOOD GRAY • ACIJVE MEMBERS WILLARD YEAGER Morris Bishop Mary Joan Doyle Roye Lowry Gordon Calvert Marguerite Dotye Louise McNutt Margaret Cavey Joseph Epstein John Mellor Lewis Chapin John Farrell George Phillips George Churchill Daniel Fusfeldi Jules Rose Kenneth Crosby Charles Gersfen Bessie Sharpe Harry Dalzelf Robert Howard Charles Shephard Ervin Pehn Kenneth Denyon John Lindeman Kimber Vought 104 1 PHI DELTA GAMMA Founded at University of Maryland, 1923, Beta Chapter Installed 1927. Publication: " Beta News. " Active chapters: II. Colors: Yellow, white, and black. Flower: Yellow rose. FACULTY MEMBERS Winifred Cox Dorothy Veon PATRONESSES Mrs. Joshua Evans Mrs. Vinnie G. Barrows Mrs. Cloyd Heck Marvin Miss Elizabeth Cullen HONORARY MEMBER Dr. Ruth Engle First Ryw: Asbijry, Benton, Co . Second Row: Dofize. Lawton. SicoH. KATHERINE ASBURY JEAN BENTON WINIFRED COX . . . . ESTHER MARSHMAN ESTHER LAWTON OFFICERS . President i ....... Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Gladys Anderson Corinna Di Giulian Dora Ihle Esther Pearce Mary Langs Argo Thelma Donze Marguerite Jones Dorothy Quinn Lena Art Mary Doyle Jessie Kennedy Elaine Tenny Rusk Katherine Asbury Dorothy Dreese Irene Kimball Marian Scott Lena Baker Feme Fletcher Virginia Kinnard Dora Shepard Eleanor Barton Alice Ferguson Anna Knight Florence SifWd Jean Benton Elizabeth Fielden Irja Kyronen Grace Swift Adele Berrian Rebecca Fowler Esther Lawton Dorothy Ten Eyck Pansy Boettcher Bertha Gay Sara Fillebrown Helen Thomason Frances Boyd Margaret Gibson Patricia McGerr Helen Trembley Susan Boyer Elizabeth Griffith Esther Marshman Mary White Clarita Claussen Lucille Harris Nelle Meisner Grace Wilson Dorothy Corson Mary Henderson Elizabeth Mewshaw Jesse Wiler Margaret Cooper Clara Hiller Margaret Moore Elizabeth Willson Rhoda Godson Grace Holmes Flora Murray Rose Wild men Ruth Dick Fern Lane Hull Elizabeth Oskin Helen Zarfman UOS 1 I □ T A SIGMA PI National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry Rosenberg. Shonlr, McDonald Founded at University of Califor- nia, f900. Polonium Chapter in- stalled 1937. Publication: Iota Sigma Pi News Letter ' Active Chapters: 24, Colors: White, Gold, and Green. FACULTY MEMBERS Essie W. Cohort Helen M. Dyer F lor one© E. Hooper OFFICERS MARY SHONK . . . ........ President HELEN Mac DONALD . . . . Vice-President GRETA MAHLER . ... , , Secretory CHRISTINE ROSENBERG . . Treasurer Jessoline Charles Elizabeth Hewston Marion Kies ACTIVE MEMBERS Marjorie Loud Helen MacDonald Greta MahJer Mary McBurney Anna Riley Christine Rosenberg Helen Schultz Mary Shank Dorothy Sider PLEDGE Mabel Duvall l 106 | National Honor Society lor Men in Chemistry Founded at University of Wisconsin 1902. Alpha Pi Chapter installed 1926. Publication: Hexagon. " Active Chapters: 53, Colors: Deep Blue and Chrome Yellow, Flower: Red Carnation, FACULTY MEMBERS De Wifi Clinton Knowles Colin Mackenzie Mackall Rudolph Charles Naeser Benjamin Douglass Van Evera Robert Corbin Vincent Front Row: Schmidt, Heindl, Sharpless, Cook. Second Row: Cammisa, French, Tutwlter, DeButts, Canaris. Third Row: Ward, ftidwell, Ryan, Dr. Wrenn. OFFICERS NORMAN SHARPLESS - ■ President WILLIAM SCHMIDT GEORGE COOK ........ , .... , . Vioe- President EDWARD DEBUTTS ACTIVE MEMBERS Myron Boyer George Cook Alfred Kidwell Guido Cammisa Edward DeButts John Rappolt Nicholas Cenaris John French Joseph Ryan William Chorney Raymond Heindl William Schmidt Secretary Treasurer Charles Seivord Norman Sharpless Frank Tutwiler Edward Ward MORTAR AND PESTLE Founded at George Washington University, 1937. Colors: Navy Blue and Gold. FACULTY MEMBERS Lea Gramling Helen MacDonald OFFICERS AUGUST SAURY President JOHN TUCKER Vice-President JANE GASS Secretary IVAN ROOP Treasurer ACTIVE Morton Bachrach William Barnett Howard Brock Louis Campbell Morris Cohen Cooper Curtice Gertrude Friedman Jane Gass Henry Jacobs Rex Klipp Martin Kulish Alfred Lawson David Lease Mishel W MEMBERS Ralph Manon Albert Nathanson Stanley Newhouse Louis Noll Agnes O ' Boyle David Rice Ivan Roop August Saury Herbert Smith Fred Sullivan George Thomas John Tucker Emil Volchko an I 107 | PI LAMBDA THETA Co , Herrick, Kennedy FACULTY ADVISER Founded at University of Michigan, 1910, Alpha Theta Chapter installed 1935. Publication: Pi Lambda Theta Journal. ' ' Active Chapters: 38. Colors: Slue and Gold. Flower: Yellow Rose. OFFICERS Dorothy Veofl FACULTY MEMBERS Ruth Coyner Frances Kirkpatrick Jane Hilder Kathryn Towne Thelma Hunt Ruth Webb WINIFRED COX . . . ■ President EMILY ALLEN BUCKLER ... ... Vice President FERNE DUVALL FLETCHER Secretary LUCILE HERRfCK . Treasurer JESSIE KENNEDY Corresponding Secretory Winifred Alvather Virginia Andrus Louise Berchtold Adnah Birthright Catherine Bishop Fern Bowes Susan Boyer Emily Buckler Kaye Burrell M a reeling Burt nor Helen Bush Lena Butrum Celia Carpenter Maiorie Clark Winifred Co Ruth Cunningham Katherine Dacy Ruth Dick Corinna DIGiulian Mary Doyle Dorothy Dreese Evelyn Durnbaugh Mabel Duvall Anne Elledge Constance Ewy Mildred Fenner Feme Fletcher Gertrude Fricke Gladys Gallup Eleanor Garner Helen Goodwin Elsie Green Mildred Green Elliabe+h Griffith Mary Henderson Luetle Herrick ACTIVE MEM Laskey Howard Flora Houston E lira bet h Johnson Marguerite Jones Jessie Kennedy Eleonora King Anne Lassly Edith Long Grace Long May Irene Lowell Florence Marks Haie! M arena duke Bess McGrath Lois Meirs Margaret Merritt Elizabeth Mewshaw Elizabeth Middlemas Elizabeth Mooney Myrtle Murdock Margaret Nash Phyllis Ntchols Alma Nielson Faith Novinger Elizabeth O ' Brien Helen Ofney Florence Painter Agnes Peitz Theresa Pyle Adele Redfield Octavia Reed Imogens Ruediger Charlotte Schmucker Very! So h u 1 1 Esther Scott Jacqueline Scott Marian Smith Uree Smith Helen Spencer Mildred Stoler Elizabeth Teope Dorothy Tripp Agnes Tweedie Dorothy Veon Mary Warren Katherine Wassmann Catherine Wenchel Mildred Wharton Nannie Mae Williams Agnes Winn Mary Worthley HELLENIC SOCIETY Phi Omega Sigma Chapter Founded at George Washington University, 1941. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Chrysanthemum. FACULTY MEMBERS John Latimer Raymond Seoqer OFFICERS JOHN DOUKAS ... . President NINA PAPPAS Vice-President WILLIAM CALOMERIS . .. Secretary ESTHER STAVROS Treasurer Seated — Sfavros, Mandates Pa upas Calomeris. C, Standing — Calomels, W (1 Canaris Dgukas, Paraskevas, Niroi . Margaret Auger Cl eo Belissary Tatiana Bosse Despina Bofckles Catherine Calomeris William Calomeris Nicholas Canaris John Doukas Nicholas Gorimas ACTIVE MEMBERS Cornillia Handakas Pa ris Keriakou Nicholas Lakes Lou Mandes Xenophon Ni on Nina Pappas J-hn Pareskevas A, Perdiki$ Theodore Roumel Esther Stavros Eleny Stimson Helen Vrahiofes [ 108 I ORDER DF THE EDIF LOYD SUTTON PAUL SHORE JUSTIN EDGERTON OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President Secr etary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MARGUERITE RAWALT REAR ADMIRAL W. B. WOODSON JAMES BIGLER HELEN CREIGHTON JUSTIN EDGERTON LAWRENCE GLASSMAN JOSEPH GOLDBERG STUDENTS ELECTED TO MEMBERSHIP JOHN HAYS WARREN JESSUP ORAL OZMENT ELEANOR SESSOMS ELBERT SHEFFIELD PAUL SHORB ROBERT SMYLIE LOYD SUTTON SAMUEL WELT Honorary Journalism Fraternity. Founded at Syracuse University, 1909, George Washington University Chapter installed 1922. Publication: The Epsilog, Active Chapters, 30. Colors: Olive Green and Gray. Flower: White Carnation. OFFICERS CHARLES DAUGHERTY President DOLLIE HAMLER Vice-President MARTHA DIVEN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Anna Bean Melvin Bars Charles Daugherty Helen Mathon Harry MicheUon Lee Pane Martha Diven Dollie Hamler Eileen Shanahan Bruce Skaggs First Row — Bean, 8ers Daugherty. Second Row— Mattson, Michelson. Page. I 109 | Sack Row; Montague, Suhsdorf, Louise; Kneuer, KJyce Zishofti, Steeds, Lundberg. Harris, Sufesdofl Lucinc; Marr Ralph. Front Row Gonzalez Notary. Woodward, Munson, PHI PI E P S I L D N Founded at George Washington University, 1931. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Amer- ican Beauty Rose. FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Acheson John Donaldson William Johnstone OFFICERS KAY WOODWARD . . . . . ALICE NEWCOMER BETTY MUNSON MARIETTA NOTARY . . . . President Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Irma Gonzalez Louise Harris Eva Kerpischeclt Dorothy Klyce Louise McNutt Ruth Michael son Betty Munson Alice Newcomer Marietta Notary Eileen Shanahan Dorothy Steers Louise Suksdorf Lgcine Sufcftdorf Kay Woodward PLEDGES Mary Bagby Lila Fundoburk Diana Gibbinqs Virginia Knauer Inez Kong June Lund berg Marion Montague Ruth Newcomer Marie Louise Ralph Sonia Zisholtz Jeannette Marr Founded at Indiana University, 1906. Beta Gamma Campus Chapter installed 1941 Publication: Phi Delta Kappan, Active Chapters: 95 Colors: Red and White. Flower: Carnation. FACULTY SPONSOR FACULTY MEMBERS William Ruediger James Fox Burnice Jarman OFFICERS ANDREW GIBBS President EARL WILLIS Treasurer HOWARD DEWHIRST . . Vice-President GEORGE MACKEY . . HARRY WHITESELL Secretary BURNICE JARMAN . . + . , . . . Conductor ACTIVE MEMBERS Charles Barton George Fo George Mackey James Sol t Charles Bish James Fo Harold Marsh Roy Stelle William Boston RobeH Foster William McClure Frank Stutz William Brish Andrew Gibbs Thomas Mico James Suber John B rougher Eliot Graves Donald Minnegan Ralph Sullivan Clifford Coley Earnest Mealy Karl Moser Gian Turner Gilbert Conn Harold Heier David Mudge Malcolm Turpin Saylor Cubbage Harold Heneger Raymond Peeke Yassin Umar Oscar Darter George Hodgkins Alfred Reichman Glen Wagner Wilbur Devilbiss John Humphrey George Reynolds Thomas Walton Howard Dewhirst Irvine Irving Charles Roberts Harold Weiler Paul Doerr Thomas Jackson Blake Root David White John Donovan Tobe Jaffa Robert Rothermel Harry Whitesell Harry English Burnice Jarman George Rkbwine Benjamin Willis Peming Ferguson Barnard OeJ r Joy John Riecks Earl Willis Thomas Ferguson Keith Johnson William Ruediger Wilbert Woodson Thomas Ferry Blake Lor in g Vance Shjflett t no 1 C H I U P S I L 0 N National Professional Geological Sorority Founded at University of Oklahoma, 1920. Epsilon Chapter Installed 1931. Active Chapters: 5, Colors: Burnt Amber and French Blue. Flower: Blue Sweet Pea. FACULTY MEMBER Ray Smith Basslar OFFICERS ELIZABETH KEHOE . LOUISE HARRIS . . KATHARINE BURRELL Helene Aldrich Anna Virginia Appich Elaine Arnaud AUde Bassler Louise Baxley Louise Berchtold Hazel Borden Harriet Bundkk President Vice-President .... Recording Secretary FRANCES CISNA ANNA VIRGINIA APPICH . BEULAH DRAKE ROSSLYN KESSLER .... Archivist Corresponding Secretary ....... Treasurer Historian Almira Lytle Marguerite Matthews Margaret Primm Beatrice Raw Angela Schoenherr Marion Scott Frances Willoughby Grace Willoughby MEMBERS Katharine Burrell Frances Clsna Elizabeth Cullen Edna Davis Verda Dougherty Beulah Drake Catherine Eberly Helen Eddy Susan Futterer Louise Harris Marion Jaster Ethel Jenkins Frances Johnson Elizabeth Kehoe Rossi yn Kessler Louella Lowe ALPHA PI EPSILON II n Founded at George Washington University, 1932. Colors: Purple and White, Flower: Violet, First Row: Ksiezck. Whit beck, Fulmer Seek Row; SbirVy, Salisbury, Alvather, Yager. OFFICERS BARBARA WHITBECK . , . President CAROLINE FULMER . Secretary CECELIA KSIAZCK Vice-President RUTH JEAN YAGER Treasurer Winifred Alvather Dorothy Far well ACTIVE MEMBERS Marlon Furman Elizabeth Holden Alice Hixon Phllomena Magoto Roberta Shirky Virginia Salisbury Lucille Sell i ill t ACTIV TES S T AARON LAYNE Pr«tideftf KIMBER VOUSHT EiPrejidenl PATRICIA OR ft Social Chairman U D E N T The students governing body, the Student Council, saw this year a terrific turnover of members At every meeting one could feel the draft down one $ neck The elected officers were Kim Vought, president Aaron Layne, vice-president ; Roy Baker comptroller; Charlotte Patterson, secretary; Paul McClenon, activl ties director; Pat O rr, social chairman; Fred Kingman, publicity director; Ellis Hall, advocate Sarah Jane Williams, program director; and Bob Howard, freshman director Paul McClenon was first to leave to serve Uncle Sam He was replaced by Bob Howard, freshman director, the freshman no longer being so fresh: and when Bob was called, a newcomer to the Council, Palmer Snuffy " Smith, was ■ p pointed by President Layne to replace him. How did Layne get into the president s chair? Welt, Kim Vought was called by the Marines and resigned: Aaron, being vice-president, took over. Another Layne appointment was Martie Diven to I he post of Freshman Director FRED KINSMAN ELLIS HALL ROBERT HOWARD Publicity Director Advocai e Ei ' Frethman Director I 114 | COUNCIL These newcomers did a swell job of mounting their horses in the middle of the stream. Social Chairman Orr must be mentioned especially for the excellent job she did in running the 1942-43 social calendar which included All-U-Prom, Victory Dance, and Varsity Ball. Pat was also responsible for the successful drive for Smokes for Yanks put on by the Camel cigarette people. The persons appointed to run the special functions of the Council must also be touted— Jimmy Mack and Mac Arnold who ran the Co-op Book Store the first semester, and Harold Bobys who took over the second. Herz Safer and Dean Nichols who put on the 1942-43 Co-op Book sale— Helen Chandler who ran the Soap Drive for Russian War Relief— Margery Gessford who directed the Cherry Blossom Drive which collected more money than ever before— and last but certainly not least. Bill Stell and Vlvianne Hooppaw who put on five swell Buff ' n Blues, the " dry " night clubs sponsored by the Student Council. A year so full could only be climaxed by the wow of a political election for the new officers which ended on a high note the functions of the 1942-43 Student Council. " To ban or not to ban — Politics, " ! 115 I Y faculty advisor MRS. MARCELLE LANE ANNA BEAN Editor-in-chief FRED KINGMAN BuiineH Manager MARY RING CHARLES SHINN Airociate Editor Malte-Up Editor ANNA BEAN . . MARY RING . . DORIA GREENE PASCAL FRAZIER CHARLES SHINN ALICE WALDRON EMMETT SKINNER SENIOR . . „ Editor-in-Chief , . , . . Associate Editor . . . Organizations Editor . . Art Editor Make-Up Editor Women’s Sports Editor Men ' s Sports Editor ANN ROSS STAFF ELIZABETH WEBSTER . . . VIRGINIA SMITH PATTI E MOORE FRED KINGMAN FRANK TUTWILER BARBARA AMES RENE HONEY . Assistant Make Up Editor . . , Senior Editor • . , Copy Editor Photographic Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Publicity Manager Circulation Manager First Row: Ames, Greene, Honey, Moore, Ross, Second Row: Skinner, Smith, Tutwifer, Waidron, Webster. I li ' ! The editor edits Charlie getting ready to " make-up. ' 4 Annie looks tike she ' s ell set to work. Toward the middle of the season, we still managed to lift our pencils, telephones, etc. But after the season was over 1 we just flopped. CHERRY TREE JUNIOR STAFF ANITA ASHFORD BONNIE BLAKE CLAUDIA BOCKOVEN SUNIE CLARK GOEFFREY CHEW LOUISE DELANO MARIAN FREEMAN CHARLES GERSTEN JEANNE GLENNON BARBARA GROAT JANE LESH PEGGYJANE LONG SHIRLEY MASON THERESA MlHEALSlCK FELICIA MILLER NANCY O ' ROURKE PATRICIA SULIS MARCIA FEATHERSTONHAUGH PAUL TAYLOR Let’s hold a meeting on Friday for the whole staff. „ « Mary, did you write that letter to Benson yet? , . . There ' s not a photographer in town that has any film, . . , Anyone know anyone who likes to type? , . . Well, anyone know anyone who is willing to type? , . , But why can ' t I put in nicknames ' ? . , . Where is the Cue and Curtain copy? . , . Hey, Anna! . . , Someone must have the key to the office. . Let ' s put this one on the IOU page, , . , George Washington students — Don ' t use this here table for Noth- ing. " , . What ' s this, a time clock? Gee, it works! . . . Hey, Anna! , . . Someone must have that Cue and Curtain copy. , . . Mr. Benson is in town . . . Charlie has pneu- monia AGAIN! . . , Let ' s go to dinner, . . . No. we have to wait until Ring gets back. ... Do we have any Glee Club pix yet? . . . WHERE is Paul Taylor, , . . Ye Gods, not the White Tower again. . . . Why don ' t they heat this mortuary? . , , Who ' s that man In the next room? , . Hey , Anna! . , , My father won ' t like it if you don ' t put my middle initial " C " in my name. . . . Is someone looking for Cue and Curtain copy? . . . This stuff all needs proof- reading, Virginia, . . . Say, this will work up into a wow of a montage. . . . Let ' s put him in the Rogues Gallery, , . . Why do we have four prints of this guy? ... I know some dirt on the Hatchet Convention that they ' ll never print— can ' t we put It in somewhere? ... If one more per- son asks me when this miserable book is coming out, I II beat his brains out, , . . Oh, Benson will take care of that stuff. . , . But Kingman, look what you did to the Chi O ' s, . 4 . Ye Gods, its freezing In here. . . , Someone call the Hatchet and see if they know. . , . Why didn f we get an Shut up, you, I yelled first, ... I ' m awfully sorry, but I extra print of her? . , . Hey, Anna! . , . Hey, ANNA!! , . . can t possibly work NEXT Sunday, . . . Has the President had his picture taken yet? . . . What, sit here during a blackout with all those strange men back there? . . , Let ' s go to Parchey ' s. . . . Hey, Em, now you can copy these three. . . . Afraid of the dark! — 1 never heard of such a thing, P. J. . . . It ' s a matter of policy, and after all, I AM the editor. . . . Oh. no, none of this montage stuff, . . Those are swell clouds. . . . But it must be up there on the top o f the safe. . . . Look what I found under that desk— Cue and Curtain copy! . . . It s 12:30 — is that too late to call the P Q House? « , . Why can t you work next Sun- day? . . . Hey, Anna! , , . All those things are In Memos to Shinn. " , . . File these pictures under " C " for corny, , . . Look who has come to call — the Hatchet peoples. . , . Let s use an old cut of that one. . , . I flatly refuse to eat at that Drug Store. . . . Why, Ann! . . . Anyone got a cig- arette? . , . Hurry up r Anna — we ' ll get campused and Panhei is this week-end. . . . Who ate all those jellybeans . . . But I think a montage would be lovely. . . . Aw, please Anna, . . . Oh look, I cut these pictures too short. . , . Where is that damned Student Council envelope? . . Got a pencil? . . . There must be a picture of Sparks around somewhere. . . , When is the yearbook coming- — . . . GET OUTA HERE!!! , . . But they say we can ' t use any more metal. . . . I m hungry. . . . You re always hungry, Ann. . . , That is a honey of a cover, . . . Em, are you positive the " S ' r comes before the Z in that name? , . - This paper cutter just isn’t straight, . . . Let s work on Wednes- day night too. . , , Hey, Anna! , . . The Student Council sure isn ' t happy about that photographer — I guess they think we re delighted about the whole thing. . - . 1 said captions, not captains. . . . Does anyone recognize this pic- ture? . . . Well, well, so you finally gof here with the key. . . . Oh, she ' s got the measles. . . , Let ' s you go out and get us all cokes. . . . You can stay with me tonight, Mary. . . . That ' s going to ruin the whole page. . - , You ' ll have to ask Charlie about that when he comes. . . . Oh, do you think they will be mad? . . . Who cares anyhow? ... Is it too late to have my picture taken for the Senior Section? . . . First name first on those, Libba. . . . Sure, just make a note of it under Special Remarks. . . . These half-pages give me a headache. « P . Look what Charlie did to Mina and Joe! . . . Mary, what ever are you doing with your shoes off? . . , We ' re finishing up tonight. . . . Hey, Anna! . , Hey, Anna! i i CHARLES DAUGHERTY HARRY MICHELSGN BOARD OF EDITORS Charles Daugherty Harry Miehelson Oscar ADVERTISING MANAGERS Moss Palmer Smith Martha Divcn Julius Epstein Albert B rod HI Buddy Hecht Anne Awtrsy Da id Cassidy Robert Crab be Seymour Fishbein Lila Eundaburk Bernice Green Marianne Grigsby SUB-EDITORIAL BOARD Helen Mattson SENIOR Lille Nairnan Marion Per win JUNIOR Barbara ©root Beatrice Hackstaff Clifford Hope J. 8, Martin Arthur Mattson James McGowan Theron Rice STAFF Ann Ross Mary Webster STAFF Claire Michelson Teresa Miheaisict Pattie Moore Jeanne Morris Patricia Palmer Verna Staines Eileen Shanahan Evelyn Yanoff Lucille Shorr Marie Sjolsel h Emmett Skinner Bernice Steinleld Joe Bill Stephens Phyllis Stoever The Hatchet gang works rather unobtrusively during each week digging up news and covering assignments for the weekly publication. Come Sunday, it settles down in the Hatchet Office for some twelve hours of hard work and horse play. Typewriters clack as student reporters get out their stories. “We don ' t say ' amble down to the Dean ' s office for an application ' " , insists the news editor and a story goes back for rewriting. Second in the news assembly line rs the copy editor who hunts for mistakes in stories and worries over proper headlines. The society department, meanwhile, is busy calling up Greek groups while covering the lighter side of campus life. Sports men. deep in intramural team scores, take time off to discuss the last baseball game or tennis match, depending upon the season, Editorials are receiving their final polish. The background is filled with ringing phones and the chattering of students who always drop in to leave news or publicity or to just " visit " , Suddenly someone starts to sing. The staff cheer- fully drops Its work and turns into a glee club, usually off key but always powerful, The Hatchet pace is broken periodically by semi-musical out bursts. Eventually, however, the makeup man Is readv to plan the arrangement of stories on the page. It is midnight, and most of the staff have finished and gone, A few editors remain to settle last minute details. The night ' s work is over os copy for Tuesday ' s Hatchet is neatly rolled up and sent to the printers. On Monday the material is set in type at a down- town press. By the time the Hatchet comes out on Tuesday, the weekly round of newsonthering has already begun again, to be followed by another Sunday in an atmosphere that few one-time Hatch eteers ever forget. First Row: Fundaburk, Haekstaff, Mattson, Mihedlitk. Second Row: Moore, Rerwin, Staines, Webster t 120 1 Bruce Bryan and Mel Bers at the height of their efficiency. Dodd and Daugherty during a hard day ' s work. m THE GEORGE WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW Publi bed quarterly by the University and edited by tbe Faculty and students of the Law School. The Review is devoted exclusively to state and federal public law. The Student Editors are chosen each year from those students who have attained either Senior or Junior standinq in their work for the degree in Law with an aver- age grade of B or higher. FACULTY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CHESTERFIELD OPPENHEIM FACULTY BOARD OF ASSOCIATE EDITORS DEAN WILLIAM VANVLECK JOHN MclNTIRE CHARLES COLLIER •On leave of absence, 1942 43, CLVUE ATCHISON CHARLES WARREN JAMES MURDOCK " FORRESTER DAVISON ' ■CLARENCE MILLER " CHESTER WARD HECTOR SPAULDING " WILLIAM COMPTON WALTER MOLL BOARD OF DEPARTMENTAL ADVISORY EDITORS Interstate Commerce Constitutional Legal History International Lnw LOYD SUTTON LOUIS CALDWELL CHARLES HAMEL WILLIAM FRYER CAR VI LIE BENSON Potent Law Radio end Communications . „ Taxation ROBERT HUDSON ROALD HOGENSON HILDA ASIA CLARK EWING OREN BARBER OLIVE BARTON JOHN BRECKINRIDGE SAMUEL CALDWELL HARRY CUNNINGHAM ETHEL DENNY MARY DEWEY BOARD OF STUDENT EDITORS Student Editar-m-CWf .... Editorial Notes , . Editorial Notes Recent Cases GEORGE SMITH JAY MURPHY . . . WILLIE RYLEE RICHARD VOIT JOHN KENDRICK Book Reviews . . , . Recent Cases - . . . Legislation Patents Ops. Attorney General STAFF WILLIAM DOMiNlCK THOMAS ENGLISH GEORGE PUNT ELEANOR FLYNN GORDON FORTNEY JOHN GRABBER OLCOTT HOOPER FRANK HUNTER JOSEPH JONES ARTHUR LEWIS HERMAN LIEBERMAN V. p. NELSON DONALD PATTERSON WALTERENE PRICE JEROME SIMONDS DILLON TURNEY DAVID VARNER HORACE WILKIE WALTER WOOD DEAN ZINN MARY DEWEY. Editorial Secretary l m | THE HAN JOHN FOLK Co-Editor MINA BROWN Co-Ed r tor STAFF CHARLES DAUGHERTY JEAN DUBENDORF WARD McCABE PATRICIA ORR ANN ROSS SARAH JANE WILLIAMS D B D 0 K This year the staff decided that Handbooks could be interesting, and we fried to make ours so by including lots of clever cartoons, sports comments, pictures, and most important of ail — Georgie our cover girl. Our first number wa the Freshman Issue, the cover of which is in- cluded on this page. It was intended to be a guide to the Freshmen and a ready reference for the upperclassmen. During the summer an issue honoring our men and women in the serv- ices will be published in cooperation with the Alumni Review. ' We are hoping that next year the Handbook will have even more issues and that Georgie will live through the years as an integral part of our University. SEPTEMBER I9« LEE PAGE Business Manager CHARLES SHINN Art and Make-up Editor t 123 1 OFFICERS CUE AND ANTHONY PRICHARD President SUSAN McNEESE Vice-President MARGERY McCABE - - Secretary VIRGINIA NALLS Treasurer FLOYD SPARKS Director Keith Adamson Richard Bear Virginia Beavers George Bishop Claudia Boohoven James Bowler Mina Brown Charlono Dailey BeMy Dial Zelda Diamond Ann Evans Gharri© Frost Kathleen Goodwin David Grimes Robert Groetzinger MEMBERS Vorna Gusack Barbara Harris Maybell© Hughes Harriet Huffish Kay Knockey Helen Knowles Jean Koppialky Ggialdine Lock Walter Ludwig Angela MacDougall Robert Mead Susan McNeese Ann Miller Virginia Nalls Edward Raider Anthony Prichard James Rausch Paul Reeve Mary Riello Elizabeth Rogers Vuleska Rubio Mario Sjolselh Timothy Swett Helen Vrohiotes Ellen Watson Elizabeth Wells Jane Wyatt Zora Zamkov Toni Ziff In spile of various handicaps with which Cue and Curtain has had to contend, they have carried on admir- ably, Although they have not had actual use of the Auditorium itself, Cue and Curtain has been able to use many of the smaller rooms there — facilities which have helped the organization a great deal. There is now a special poster room with equipment, where students go in their spare time. This new phase of dramatics has helped to publicize the activities of the club, and the members are just beqinning to realize the importance of this field. Also, Cue and Curtain has a special ward robe room, where costumes are kept throughout the year. In the past year, the Speech Department itself has been of great help in putting on the plays. The Stagecraft class has been mainly responsible for the settings; from time to time demonstrations in theatrical make-up have been given in special classes by a member of the faculty; in the Acting Classes students have learned the technique of the stage, and have used their knowledge to good advantage in the performances. The success of the year was The Man Who Came to Dinner, " directed by Floyd Sparks. It equalled, if not surpassed, the dramatic triumphs in former years by the club. Outstanding in the cast were Verna Cusack, Keith Adamson, Walter Ludwig, Valeske Ruble, Warner Schrei- ner, James Bowler, Howard Voider Bruegge and Virginia Nalls. The second play presented was Heart of the City, This play, verging slightly on the melodrama, was more difficult to carry across, and hence, was not the success The Man Who Came to Dinner was. However, Cue and Curtain s high dramatic standards were main- tained in the performances of Ann Evans, Harriet Hulfish, Virginia Beavers, Susan McNeese, Cherry Frost, and Dick Bear, I 124 | CURTAIN The year closed with the tradi- tional banquet where Verna Gusack and Valeska Ruble were awarded prizes for the finest acting in the female major and minor roles, and Walter Ludwig and Keith Adam son for the outstanding male dra- matic work, Susan McNeese re- ceived an award for her service to the dub, and David Grimes, our dependable staqe manager, re- ceived an award for outstanding Scenes from " The Man Who Came to Dinner. M Usner Auditorium technical work, A word of thanks should be given to Floyd Sparks, Sparkie to all the students, for his fine directing, and to Tony Pritchard for his leadership in the club. In the cominq year, the club hopes to have full use of the Au- ditorium, and so present the plays right at the University. Due to the manpower shortage, we will have to face a serious problem unless new students will come out and try for these plays With the cooperation of all students in such necessary matters as make-up, act- ing, props, ticket selling, and painting, as well as acting, we expect to make next year the big- gest yet for Cue and Curtain. ■p ; M r i Pi • GLEE MEN’S CLUB Tenor Sam Dowdy John Britt Sidney Dwight Robert Campbell John Mitchell Clell Conrad Lee Page Reno Conti nett! Otlie Smith Morton Steinberg Basses Dale Davis Jetferion Abercrombie Charles Fuqift James Ayres Nicholas La kas David Bates John McAdams Alvin Brock Stanton Russell Max Coll Pardo John Thompkin-, Charles Daugherty Arthur Vliei Qti Wikon OR. ROBERT H, HARMON Director WOMEN ' S CLUB Sopranos Virginia Knauei Betsy Barrow Jane Lingo Helen Baylies Carolyn Lyon Phyllis fett a Betty Lee Miller Mma Brown Emma Montgomery Evelyn Byers Jean Nessell June Cohen Edith Noris Beryl Conklin Harriet Parker Constance Freydlg Valerie Popham Cherrie Frost Mere Riddell Barbara Furr M a ry Ring Pauline Gish Faith Sutton Mary Guillet Margaret Truman Margaret James Ruth Votnw Mona Jean Keesfing Viola Warner Altos Betty June Kerb Shirley Albertson t Louise Mann Jo Ann Alien Constance Maynard Elizabeth Ayers Betty Munson Claudia Bock oven Mary Elizabeth Sheppard Belly Bruffey Roberta Shirky Patricia Powers Estey , Marie Sjoketh Dona Greene Jane Snyder Fiances Ingram Anne Thaler Evelyn Jane Jackson Mary Vliel Aune Kan gas Nancy Wikon Ruth Jean Yager Fojf yean a membe of the Glee Club. The Glee Clubs, under the direction and accompani- ment of Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Harmon, had a rather full and a very successful program this year. Their first appearance was at the Calvary Baptist Church, a pro- gram for young people. In December, the Clubs sang for the District Bar Association, and for the University Christmas Chapel. The war affected the Glee Clubs this year, not only in a manpower shortage. The group sang Hawley ' s 1 116 | CLUBS First Row ' — Gish. Hansen, Lyon. Knauer, YoJaw Norris, Sting Greene, Sfolseth . Wilson, Second Row — Contmetti. Britt, Page, Wilson, Lakas, Fugltt. Daugherty Brae Tompkins. Abercrombie, Russell. Christ Child Cantata for the U.S.CX Club, and In April, gave a half-hour program at the Stage Door Canteen. Both of these unique appearances were enjoyed by audience and the Glee Clubs alike. Several members and alumni of the clubs sang the Chorale from Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony with a com- bined chorus under the direction of Dr. Hans Kindler. Again the Glee Clubs cooperated with the Religious Council in appearing on the program of the Spring Festi- val. The Christmas Chapel, which was broadcast, had proved to be such a success that the Chapel Committee asked the Glee Clubs to sing again for the Easter Service. Throughout the season, the clubs performed many times, both as individuals and as a group. Numerous solo parts were given to various members of the clubs The Statler, the Mayflower, and the Willard were the scenes of many of the concerts, and the New York Avenue Child ' s Restaurant was the scene of many a rehearsal. National Music Week held hours of intensive practice culminating In two performances by the clubs. The first was a Choir Festival, sponsored by the National Federa- tion of Music Clubs, Highlight of the season was the Annual Concert, attended by a capacity crowd. The well-arranged and beautifully presented program bespoke of the hours of hard work and practicing, and proved that this toil had not been In vain, for the Concert wa a crowning success to the already successful season. i 127 ] E E R S ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL The purpose of the Council is to coordinate the student activities in the Engineering School OFFICERS TOMAS PASTORIZA STANLEY MAC HEN Robert McCullough . . President Vice President . . Secretary Seated : L?enua, Holcomb, Machen, PaStoriza Thomasson, BalJjrd. Standings Shytle, Randall. Brady, Brown, Ritter, Kalv. HAROLD THOMASSON Treasurer MERRILL BROWN Social Chairman JULIUS RITTER Program Director DELEGATES TO THE COUNCIL TOMAS PASTORIZA American Society of Civil Engineers MERRILL BROWN . . American Institute of Electrical Engineers WILLIAM RANDALL American Society of Civil Engineers GEORGE KALV ROBERT McCULLOUGH American Society of Mechanical Engineers BENEDICT GENUA JULIUS RITTER . American Society of Mechanical Engineers STANLEY MACHEN HAROLD THOMASSON American Institute of Electrical Engineers FRANCIS HERMACH . . Sigma Tau Fraternity FREDERICK HOLCOMB AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS George Washington University Student Branch OFFICERS TOMAS PASTORIZA RICHARD BALLARD FUGENE TAYLOR RALPH TARBETT CARL WALTHER , . MEMBERS Daniel Andrick R, L. Chilcoot George Kilpalrlck James Skiles R. M. Austin Alfred Copeland Floyd Linton Ralph Tarbett Richard Ballard George Cunney Tomas Pastoma Eugene Taylor Harry Balmer Frederick Doe William Randall Arnold Wexler Ellsworth Bassett Russell Fuller James Scholl AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS George Washington University Student Branch OFFICERS Robert McCullough . . , Chairman WILLIAM HUSIC RAPHAEL CAHN . . . , , . . . Vice-Chairman DGYD HORNE . . . BENJAMIN CRUICKSHANKS . . Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Vernon Benjamin Benjamin Cruickshanfcs William Music Suteml Murayama Edgar Berdahl Eugene Dedick George Jackman Julius Ritter Louis Berkley Donald Erdman James Kincaid John Rogers Dirt Brady Richard Fenton Adolph Lahna Stanton Russell Raphael Cahn Marie Gardner Qmer Long William Sibert Raymond Casella Charles Grimberg Stanley Macben Jerome Steffens Bruce Conner Boyd Horne Robert McCullough I 1 26 ] SIGMA TAU Honorary Engineering Fraternity. Founded at the University of Nebraska, February, 1904. Xl Chapter was installed April, 1921. Pub- lication; " The Pyramid ' Active Chapters: 25. Colors; Yale Blue and White. Flower; White Carnation. OFFICERS STANLEY MACHEN . . President TOMAS PASTORIZA . Vice-President ROWLAND SCHULTE Recording Secretary ELLSWORTH BASSETT Corresponding Secretary FRANCIS HERMACH , . . , , Treasurer MORTON RABINEAU Historian Seated: Mathen, Dean Feiker, Cmlckshanks, Pastoriza. Standing: Ballard, J., Ballard. R., Schreiner. Ferguson, Brady Rabineau, Dean Frederick Feiker Milton Akers MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY Norman Ames Chari es Cook Beniamin Cruickshanks Alfred En nis Joseph Ballard Richard Ballard Ellsworth Bassett Dirk Brady Eugene Dedick Earl Ferguson MEMBERS John Goff Francis Hermach Stanley Mathen Robert McCullough Tomas Pastoriza Morton Rabineau Frank Hitchcock Arthur Johnson Edmund Scbremer Rowland Schulte Front Row, Seated: Ballou, We$ton u Machen, Toffolo. Second Row; Cahn, Thomasson, Genua, Dean Feiker, Ritter, Kalv Pastoriza. Back Row: Berdahl, Horne, Shytle. Stephenson, Randall, Armstrong Holcomb, Conrad, Williamson, Biddy, Brown, Fenton, Dedick. THETA TAU National Professional Engineering Fraternity. Founded at the Univer slty of Minnesota, October, 1904. Gamma Beta Chapter installed March, 1935 Publication: " The Gear. " Active chapters: 23. Colors: Red and Gold Flower: The Jacqueminot Rose, OFFICERS BENEDICT GENUA . President JULIUS RITTER . . , . , . . , , , , . , , , . . Vice-President HAROLD THOMASSON . , . Secretary STANLEY MACHEN Treasurer MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY Norman Ames Frank Hitchcock HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Frederick Feiker George Sanford MEMBERS Woodrow Armstrong George Conrad Benedict Genua Stanley Machen William Randall Harold Thomasson Ewing Ballou Raphael Cahn George Cunney Robert McCullough Julius Ritter Domonic Toffolo Edgar Berdahl David Carlson Frederick Holcomb James Norton Rowland Schulte Robert Weston Dirk Brady Eugene Dedick Boyd Horne Tomas Pastoriza Dwight Shytle Clifton Williamson Merrill Brown Richard Fenton George Kalv George Pida Earl Stephenson AMERICAN INSTITUTE DF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS George Washington University Student Branch OFFICERS FREDERICK HOLCOMB Chairman EDMUND SCHREINER DOMONIC TOFFOLO Vice Chairman MILTON AKERS MEMBERS W. T Andrews Louis Berkley E. W, Deeters Frances Hermach C. R. Malnhart A. H. Barauck M. F. Bondy J. F. Decean Frederick Holcomb J. M. Paraskevas W. T, Beatson David Carlson J. E. Doane C, R. Hoover George Plda E, G. Bennett George Conrad Thomas Heine J. N. Lind Edmund Schreiner Secreta ry-T rea surer . Faculty Advisor J. H Shepherd H, E, Sorrows Oomonic Toffolo Robert Weston I 129 J THE UNIVERSITY BAND Vleit, Twigg, Kincaid. OFFICERS ARTHUR VLtET . . . . President ARTHUR VLIET . KENDALL TWIGG Vice-President KENDALL TWIGG REED TA1T Secretary JAMES KINCAID . Drum Major . . Director Quartermaster Clarinets Harry Cohn Samuel Dowdy Herbert Helberslftdt David Haupt Mervin Lewis Lancaster Lowry Richard Rees Milton Stephens Jean Van Horn Francis VosnicL Trumpets Sterling Black Ralph Cranford William Duffield Bort Fagin John Holliday James Kincaid Trombones Jeff Abercrombie Eugene Dozier William Ken Lei Seymour Stahl Reed Teit Adrian Tolley Saxaphones Solomon Elvove Pierce Frederick Edward McGarry Baritone Homs Luther Brady John Keys Miriam Lehon Bass Horns Dean Buchannan Thomas Hewitt Percussion Bernard Harrison Mary Jane KlippJe Donald Rosenblatt Mary Beth Sheppard Morton Steinberg Oboe David Cassidy The Band In action at a game. In formation on the field between halves. I 130 1 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SOCIETY Bock Row Nixon, Hamler, Schwartz, Derms+eedter, takas. Carre, Daubanton. Pappas, Bojoklei, Alperomc h Second Row: Ralph, Rosenthal, Paraskevas, Gardner, Knox, Qs ' ir. Pa$che, DjordieviYch, Seated; Karigas, Or. Deibert. Gordon. Seated on Floor: Knauer, Wilson, Scheyvaerts. Founded at George Washington University, 1932. Chapter House: 2121 G Street. CLOYD HECK MARVIN AUNE KANGAS . . . MARIE LOUISE RALPH BARBARA GORDON FACULTY MEMBERS Honorary President ALAN T. DEI BERT _ Faculty Advisor OFFICERS .... President DESPINA BOJ OKIES Secretary . . Vice-President MARIA DJORDJEVITCH Treasurer T . . . Secretary PEDRO CORRO . , . . Historian ACTIVE MEMBERS Jacob Alperowith Ernesto Elustre Elizabeth Bamgan Mauricio Bares Despina Bojokles M. F. Bondy Alice Boschan Janina Kamecka Aune Kangas Eva Karpischek Virginia Knauer Luellyn Knox Lort Koppel Carlos Brin Sadi Koylan Susan Callomon Nicholas Lakas Gloriella Calvo Gin Pak Lee Rocchma Checchia Prisilfa Maketa Ada Concepcion Anne Neamon Gilberto Concepcion frank Nixon Miguel Corro Manonguita de ObaldU Pedro Corro Jessma Odin Bonita Crossnay Nina Pappas Dorothy Currier John Paraskevas Carlos Dalmau Madeleine Pasche Henry Darnnstadter Valentina Poppescu Charles Da u ban ton Marie Louise Ralph Elsa Dick Carola Rosenthal Maria Djordjevitch Francine Scheyvaerts Beebs Downing Eugenia Schlaifsteyn Helen Duckson Helen Skolianik Yildiz Erol Eugene Swartz Marshall Gardner Kenneth $ze Carlos Gomez Yassin Umar Barbara Gordon Zora Veljkov Barbara Groat Helen Vrahiotes Oolite Hamler Nancy Wilson Norair Hartunian Vlosta Wlodek First Row: Kartgas Ralph, Second Row: Bookies. D’lordievitch, t 131 1 COLUMBIAN WOMEN Founded at George Washington University in 1894. Chapter Meeting Place is in Columbian House. OFFICERS MRS. WATSON ELDRIDGE ALICE HUTCHINS DRAKE . . . . MRS. EL1SE KIS5LING . . . . MRS. WOLFRAM LEGNER MRS. FRED NESSELL . . MRS. THOMAS BROWN . MRS. JOHN HANDY . . i President Vice-President . . . , Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer The Columbian Women of the George Wash- ington University, a unique organization which draws its membership from the alumnae, the student body, the wives of the members of the faculty, trustees, and officers of the University, and recipients of honorary degrees, will cele- brate its fiftieth anniversary in the coming year, having organized in (894. The various groups from which Its roster is drawn constitute a membership with a greater breadth of interest and influence than is usual in college societies. The chief object of the organ- ization is the advancement of opportunities for women by providing for them scholarships in the various departments of the University. This is accomplished by means of a scholar- ship fund which was established in 1904 and which has been increased through the years by means of gifts, benefits, investments, and one- half of all d ues paid into the society. The Columbian Women are happy to an- nounce that forty-six new members were enrolled during the past year and they cordially invite all who are eligible to join their ranks. Support your University and help carry on the laudable work begun nearly fifty years ago by the women of vision who founded this associa- tion. [ 132 | COLONIAL CAMPUS CLUB First Raw: Bruffey, Burnette, Dailey, Hassell 1 , Hughes, Second Row: Montgomery, Thaler. Toupas;, Watson, Yager. Founded at George Washington University, 1931, Chapter Room: Columbian House, Colors: Purple and White. Flowers: Gardenia and Violet, FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Lawrence Grace Harmon It. Jennie Turnbull MABELLE HUGHES . ANN HASSELL . . . OFFICERS President ANNE SHILUNGER , . Recording Secretary ....... Vice-President ELIZABETH TOUPASZ . Cor responding Secretary NOREENE BURNETTE Treasurer Betty B ruff ay Yildiz Erof ACTIVE MEMBERS Mabelle Hughes Ann Thaler Noreene Burnette Polly Harpster Emma Montgomery Elizabeth Toupasz Charlene Dailey Anne Hassell Anne Schilflnger Ellen Wabon Donna Dugdale • Ruth Jean Yager PLEDGES Charlotte Lamm Barbara Ringer Edwina Rcthgeb I 133 1 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION White, Dailey, Sharpe, Malcolm, FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Wilford L. White OFFICERS MILDRED WHITE MARY MALCOLM ..... ANATOL SHNEIDER CHARLENE DA HEY BESSIE SHARPE , . . , President . . . Secretory . . . , Treasurer Reader Substitute Reader " Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7. Christian Science Organisation the George Washington Uni- versify, founded in 193 3 and composed of students and faculty members interested in Christian Science, is one of the seventy such organizations in universities in the United States, England, and Canada. The aim of our group is to aid University students in obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of education and service, and in attaining greater spiritual development through the study and application of this Science in all University activities. Authorized periodicals on Christian Science as well as the inter- national daily newspaper ' The Christian Science Monitor 1 are maintained in the University Library by this organization. The annual reception, to which all students and faculty members are invited, was held October II, 1942, and was addressed by Roscoe Drummond. Chief of the Washington Bureau of The Christian Science Monitor, " A free lecture on Christian Science was given by Judge Frederick C. Hill, C.S.B., of Los Angeles, California, member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boston, Massachusetts, on April 24. 1943. STRONG HALL EOUNCIL Founded in 1937. OFFICERS CAROLINE PARKINSON President ALICE NEWCOMER Secretary MARGERY McCABE Treasurer Munson Isaacs Parkinson. McCabe Donnell Graham Still glittering with the brass buttons that adorned her lobby through the year, G Street ' s dormitory just signed in from a very successful social season. The first regiment fell in for the Reindeer Romp, featured num- ber on the Christmas Dance, held December 12 for officers stationed in or near Washing- ton. The second group was honored at a Valentine Dance on the night of February 13. The brass buttons on the WAAC uniform of Lieutenant Kirby were the feature attraction on January 7 when Strong Hall sponsored this officer s informative talk on her organization. More officers, from Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Forces, brightened up the regular Harvest Ball on November 14 and the Spring Forma! in April, Intra-dorm activities included a Hallowe ' en Party, a Spring Pet Show on the roof, and a farewell party for departing housemother, Mrs. Lee. Our new housemother, Mrs. Pat- terson, has won the hearts of all with her cordial friendship and cheery efficiency. [ 134 ] LESTER F. WARD SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Founded at George Washington University, 1936 Publication: ' Sociologran FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Car! Wells Pascal, Greene, Wilson, OFFICERS ALBERT PASCAL President DORIA GREENE BARBARA GROAT . Vice-President NANCY WILSON Secreia ry Treasu rer EJwood Baker Tatiana Bosse Monica Brook Lydia Brown Marilyn Brown Evelyn Che ivoir Cecilia Daly Virginia Dawson Josephine Diehl ACTIVE MEMBERS Eugene Efdridge Lucille Faier Wilmot Fitzgerald Ann Fuller Doria Greene Barbara Groat Lucille Herrick Mary Ella Hudgins Dora Ihle Dawn Irving Frances Isaacs Florence Jannson Mary Junkin Mildred Rested Louise Kimble Clara Lee Jane Lesh Helen Matchett June Mjchelson Evelyn Miller Helen Munro Lillian Nagy Albert Pascal Jacqueline Scott Alma Vize Anne West Noah West Elma Williams Nancy Wilson LE CERCLE FRANCAIS UNIVERSITAIRE FACULTY MEMBERS Irene Cornwell Alan Deibert ACTIVE MEMBERS Phyllis Abrams Jo Ann Allen Elizabeth Banigan Mary Bieserneier Maud Bryant William Cassidy Beryl Conklin Charles Deubenton Mary Davis Helen Duckson Louise Gould Lorna Grayson Henry Hamilton Louise Harris Adrienne Frederick Hartsoct Andrew Jackson Sadi Koylan Louise Larsen Jane Lingo Carolyn Lyon Jeanne Maiden James McReynolds Edith Norris Patricia Qrr Jacqueline Owens Florence Shomshor Eugene Swartz Helen Voerge Warner OFFICERS HELEN DUCKSON ........ President FREDERICK HARTSOCK . . Vice-President FLORENCE SHOMSHOR Secretary PATRICIA ORR . . , . . . ; » . „ „ . . , Treasurer First Row: Banigan, Conklin. Duck Son, Dr. DeibeH, Maiden, Qrr, Second Row: Cassidy, Lingo, Lyon, Grayson, Nords, Daubar.ton. t 135 1 Egad! Men on the dorm roof! ★ Beck in the good old days. ★ The " Boss ' 1 on a night off. S ' matter, Hick? The newest ADPL On fhe steps of KA. ★ But can she type? Keep jivin ' all fhe time. ★ The lady says neigh. ★ One, two, three, Bally! The Chi O-Pi Phi Picnic. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Cherry Tree Staff offers its most hearty thanks . , . To Peggy Payne and the other members of the Staff of the Publications Office, for their unfailing cooperation and guidance. To Frank Huseman for his timely aid in helping us with our paste-ups. To the Hatchet for their support on the publicity front and their genuine Interest in the welfare of G.W.U s yearbook. To the Student Council for their repeated offers of assistance when we needed It most, and their dependability In coming through with that assistance every time. To the Student photographers who helped us out of a jam by their contributions of time and skill. To Mr, Benson for his patience with our sometimes rattled staff and for his in- valuable advice on his two trips here from Nashville. To The Washington Post for the loan of some of the pix appearing on the sports pages. To the members of the staff who practically gave up their private lives during the whole course of the development of the book. To the Benson Printing Company for their excellent workmanship, but even more for their resourcefulness and patience. To the White Studio for the pictures of the Seniors and members of the organiza- tions. To th e Casson Studio for pictures of Seniors in Medicine. To Edmonston Studio for several of the individual portraits. And most of all to the student body, for bearing with us as we struggled with the exigencies of wartime restrictions on almost everything that goes to make up a yearbook, and for keeping faith with us when we weren ' t sure we could make It, r 139 1 ADVERT SEMENTS Q tIHH II M llil (i i i ( m ii 1 1 1 unit mill i « m ii i« i m ii ii it it if it mi ii mi itui e mitmili mil ifrllH i i n»i I i llllii ■ ■ lil mtmtitiiiiii II M M M M If M if 1 1 « i »i ■ h i i ■ i M » 1 H Ii 111 1 1 1 II II II » I itltl M II I Q ★ ★ ★ BUY WAR BONDS ★ ★ ★ 0 ' 0 tiimriiirimimMiiiiiiiiiimmiin ESTABLISHED, 18 5 8 85 Years of Faithful, Efficient Service Specializing in HIGH-GRADE COAL EXCLUSIVELY ♦ We Serve the University 4 8! I E Street, N. W. Phone NAtiona! 031 I Dining here has a definite emphasis on dignity, service, and cusine Luncheon $ 1 .00 Dinner from $ 1 .50 THE HAY-AD AMS HOUSE Completely Air-Conditioned 16th and H Street, N W, GEORGE WASHINGTON FOOD SHOP 2 MO G Street, N. W, Phone RE 9603 We Serve BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER Also Special Chicken Dinner Sunday Reasonable Prices " THE UNIVERSITY PRINTER " ♦ CORNELIUS PRINTING COMPANY The House That Printing Built Telephone: SHepherd 1916 — 1917 912-918 Burlington Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland When you want to Buy, Sell, Trade, Loan on or Borrow on Real Estate or need the services of a Notary Public CONSULT JAMES MORRIS WOODWARD Realtor 723 20th Street, N. W. Phone District 5808 STANDARD FLOORS, INC. SHOW ROOM 13th and Eye Streets, N. W. District 0488 Rubber Tile LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile PATRONIZE YOUR STUDENT CLUB Basement, Building " O SANDWICHES • FOUNTAIN DRINKS • STUDENT SUPPLIES Compllmenh of Chas. H. Tompkins Co. BUILDERS CHAS. G. STOTT CO. 1 rtcorporated OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE SUPPLIES PAPER 1310 New York Ave,, MW. 804 Rhode Island Ave., ME. Telephone District 3190 Established 1887 BROOKE AND HARRY Incorporated Premier Market and Grocery Wholesale— Retail 719 20+h Street, N. W. Washington, D, C, SCHOOL SUPPLIES • OFFICE SUPPLIES AMD EQUIPMENT • PRINTING PAPERS • MlMEO — BONDS Law Reporter Printing Co. . " ►18 I II III STREET vw. n.isniM.T» . im . NARioJaI 0828 0. W. U. STANDARD CLASS RINGS Wear the Emblem of Your Alma Mater These Beautiful Gold Rings Available with a selection of stones and in three sizes: Large — Medium— Small , ALSO . . Fraternity Pins and Fraternity Jewelry Medals — Cups — Trophies Service Insignia ON SALE AT BALFOUR ' S STEPHEN O. FORD, Manager 1319 F Street, N. W. Telephone NA. 1045 204 International Building WASHINGTON, D. C. THE WASHINGTON WOODWORKING Incorporated COMPANY HIGH GRADE MILLWORK Cabinet Hardwoods • Lumber • Special Millwork NAtional $624—5625 912 Fourth Street. N. W. Washington, D. C, Engraving of Distinction We produce in our plant under the most economical conditions WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS MONOGRAMS AND CRESTS VISITING AND BUSINESS CARDS MENUS AND PROGRAMS INVITATIONS FOR EVERY OCCASION BUSINESS STATIONERY Engravers and Printers 1217 G Street, N.W. CIRCLE THEATRE 2105 Penna. Avenue, N. W. REpublic 0 1 84 Two Blocks from Campus ❖ HOUSE OF COMFORT AND GOOD PICTURES ❖ Continuous Showings Matinees Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, I p.m Weekdays 6 p.m. 2 1 05 Penna. Avenue, N. W, REpublic 0184 BRQDIE AND COLBERT Incorporated REALTORS " Real Service in Real Estate " Sales — Rents — Insurance — Loans — Investments Investment Property Management LOY H. BRODIE LEWIS F. COLBERT 1931 K Street, N. W. Phone NAtional 8875 QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS THOMPSON ' S DAIRY Decatur 1400 Artificial Marble, Scagliola, Artificial Travertine Stone, Artificial Stone for Interior Telephone NAtional 7413 STANDARD ART MARBLE AND TILE COMPANY Incorporated Scagliola, Marble, Mosaic, Terrazzo, Trie, Ceramic, Slate I 17 D Street, Ncrthwest Washington (I), D. C, ★ ★ ★ lyjour lAJar tampA 3nto lAJar d3ond.A YOU CAN ' T MAKE MONEY ON STAMPS ★ ★ ★ A. F. JORSS IRON WORKS, INC WORKING 100 PER CENT ON WAR MATERIALS Awarded Letter " E " July 14, 1943 ★ Just let us say WELCOME! to both teachers and students of George Washington University FRANK R. JELLEFF Incorporated Washington s great Specialty Store for women ' s, misses ' , juniors’, and teenagers’ fashions ★ j Jinedt J£ote( ★ ★ ★ CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES RALPH W. LEE COMPANY ISOS L Street, N,W. REpublic 4848 Washington, D. C, INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS RALPH W. LEE RALPH W. LEE, JR. 45th Year HONOR ROLLS PROFESSIONAL SIGNS Memorial Tablets, Bulletins, Directories, Door Numbers, Directional Signs, Time Stamps, Numbering Machines Seals for Schools, Corporations, Institutions, Notaries LAMB SEAL AND STENCIL COMPANY ART METAL SIGNS 824-826 13th Street, N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. Since 1900 RICHARD L. LAMB, President Garfinclcel ' s congratulations to you all, and a cor- dial Invitation to George Washington students to visit the capital ' s most distinctive store- A number of our shops major in clothes for your campus life, and the tighter moments . , and gifts for your host of friends. When you re here, remember, delicious luncheons and tea are served in the Greenbrier Garden, a good meet- ing place JULIUS UARFIUEL AND CD. F Street at Fourteenth SPRING VALLEY SHOP Massachusetts Avenue at 49+h Street Support Our sddvertiseri THEY MAKE THE CHERRY TREE POSSIBLE! SOUTHED nno smnDflRD enGRnucRS 1204-14 l?th Street, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. PHOTO-ENGRAVERS HALFTONES LINE ENGRAVINGS BENDAY COLOR PLATES PROCESS COLOR PLATES OFFICIAL PHOTO-ENGRAVERS FOR THE CHERRY TREE [ 150 1 G A E R Y L L l 157 1

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