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FOREWORD 1 he fundamental purposes of this publica- tion are: To present to our fellow students a diary of their achievements in academic work, athletics, and social life during the past year; To record incidents in university life that will probably awaken the remembrances of some old university student to a full realization of his college days; To impress upon the people of this great nation of ours the importance of a liberal edu- cation ; To herald forth to students all over the world the vast personal benefits to be derived from a university education. If we accomplish some of these things our efforts will not have been wholly in vain. TO HENRY GRATTAN DOYLE A true gentleman, a real scholar, a friend of the student, and above all. a man — a man who has won the respect and admiration of all with whom he has come in contact — this, the Nineteen Twenty-Two Cherry Tree, is dedicated, with the esteem and admiration of the editors. WZZ fSLJtF ' BORDEN HENNING RUEDIGER KALUSOV3KI 5 The Board of Trustees Douglas Putnam Birnie N. Landon Burchell Charles I. Corby Harry Cassell Davis John Joy Edson William James Flather Charles Carroll Glover Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor Louis Hertle Archibald Hopkins Thomas Snell Hopkins William Bruce King Martin Aucustine Knapp John B. Larner Abram Lisner George Fleming Moore Theodore W. Noyes John Barton Payne Henry Cleveland Perkins Ernest Lawton Thurston Walter Rupert Tuckerman Harry Wardman William S. Washburn Henry White Charles H. Woodhull TK k nry|ga))Tn I7ZZ id rd3C(j ftldtr) Collier ' Ctjurctyil J3 ' kb ■ptol njir) Up UsJra -SpauAcli jj Lavery " GROUP OF G. W. U. PROFS. Tlre lrenny||ih |TWg I7ZZ Senior Officers Ayres Smith Willis Mason Columbian Collece Robert Colflesh Margaret Ayres Lillian Smith Benjamin Willis John Russell Mason . President Vice-President . Secretary . . T reasurer Sergcant-al-Arms Campbell Sanborn MacNab Bailey Corey Engineering College Richard D. Campbell Norris H. Sanborn John C. MacNab E. C. Bailey G. H. Corey . . President Vice-President . Secretary . . T reasurer Scrgcant-at-Arms Senior Officers Anderson Fowler Sherman Teachers College Theodore Ojyler Anderson . , President Alice Virginia Fowler Vice-President Louise Sherman Treasurer JgL r J Cudney Brooke Davies Medical School Ethan B. Cudney , President Deane Francis Brooke Vice-President Joshua William Davies , Secretary-Treasurer II Ths? jrcnpy 1 I ) |Tnv JVZ2 Senior Officers Jackson Kilpatrick Holliday Jenkins Law School Leslie Jackson President H. C. KKilpatrick Vice-President Marion E. Holliday Secretary Ben Jenkins Treasurer Helander. Powell, Hewitt. Harris. Cosgrove, Peerce Nurses Lenore Helander President Alta Powell Vice-President Hazel Hewitt Secretary Hazel Harris Treasurer Katherine Cosgrove Class Editor Margaret Peerce Class Editor Senior Cla ss Mary E. Abel ILLINOIS Candidate for A ,3. Leslie Harold Adams DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 2 A K Candidate for LL.B. A.R. from G. VV, IT.. 1 0 : President sophomore Class, Columbian College. 1917 -’1 ; Associate Editor Cherry Tree. 191$; Law School Editor. 1920; D. A. Ft. prize, 1020, Carolyn Aiken KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE X 0 Candidate for A.B. Senior Endowment Committee; Women ' s Uni- versity Club; Tennis. 1920 Sam Aiken KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE x a Candidate for A.B. Assistant Manager Tennis. 1921; Women ' s Uni- versity Club. Secretary. 1 921 - ' 22; Senior Social Commit lee- Swimming, 192(K ' 2L Roger Price Almond WICHITA, KANSAS £ X, ( A A Candidate for LL.B. Base bull Manager. 1921 Yellow Doga, Myrtle Frances Alseen MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA r «i o Candidate for A.B. El Clrculo Espuiml; Finance Committee, Junior Class; Constitution and By-Laws Committee, Senior Class. Felix William Altrup PURCELLVILLE, VIRGINIA 2 X Candidate for M.S. G W. Club; Varsity Track, 1921 Theodore Cuyler Anderson EGGLESTON, VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B . and Bachelor ' s Diploma in Education President. Senior Class; Teachers ' College Robert Hyde Anderton PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND F A Candidate for LL.B, Wandering Greeks Jasper Henderson Armstrong KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE I 2 K Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society; Yellow L)ugs emor ci ass Kay Ash MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA K 1 Candidate for LL.B. President FI rut Year Class. U m-‘20; Chair- man Senior Memorial Committee ; i. W. C. Masonic Club, Treasurer, 1921 - ' 22. Alice May Ashford NEW YORK A A II Candidate for A.B. Kathryn Elizabeth Ayres WICHITA. KANSAS II B Candidate for A.B. Margaret Eleanor Ayres WICHITA. KANSAS IT B I Candidate for A.B. Emmett Chester Bailey BELOIT, WISCONSIN v T Candidate for B.S. in M. E. The Travelers. B.S.. Beloit College 1!»16; Treas- urer Senior Engineering Class. 1!»22; Engineering Society. Devillo A. Bannister WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA Candidate for LL.B. Herbert Boutell Barlow PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND A I Candidate for LL.B. rh.B . Brown University, IH20; Wandering O reeks. William Sidney Bassler PENNSYLVANIA £ II Candidate for A.B. Columbian Debating Society; ISnoitlnian Society: Freshman Law From Committee. Thomas Frank Baughman KENTUCKY K A Candidate for LL.B. ROSS SONNEFIELD BaUMUNK CHAMPAIGN. ILLINOIS 2 X Candidate for A.B. 14 " •hi N lenior Class Serge B. Bazavoff RUSSIA C and id ate for B.S . in M. E. firing Society Ruth Bell DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B dii ' I i Teacher ' s Diploma Ari Society Sergeant -nt-Anns, 19 .20- Si; Wom- • ■n ' s University 4 Null. Jessie Glendon Beach JOHNSVILLE, TEXAS Candidate for A.B t Dorothy Joyce Beall MARYLAND K B 11 Candidate far LL B. Columbian Debating Society, Secretary III 21, Isaac Newton Beall DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CanJfJoie for in Chemistry (Them lea! Society Casper Robert Berg CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN Candidate for LL. 3. Gertrude Bergman NEWTON, IOWA Candidate for A.B. Gleo Club; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s [diversity Cl Li b. Alice Elizabeth Berliner DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A B. Margaret Mae Beck WISCONSIN Candidate for A.B . , mth Teachers Diploma SYDNEY GRISWOLD BERRY NEW JERSEY Cherry Tree Staff. 1922: Basketball, mi- 1 : class Treasurer, 1921; Honor Committee, 1921: Candidate far LL.o. W 1 1 men ' s l ' n j v era 1 1 y t V 1 u b : V , W. t A. : G k Club; Columbian Women. Oh.E., Columbia University, 1916. 15 TKv jrcnny 1 J Tn ? XVZ Owen Black LAWTON, OKLAHOMA K 2, l A !» Candidate for A.B. Ashby Edward Bladen ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA I 2 K. I A A Candidate for LL.B. David L. Blanken DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for LL.B. Ross Franklin Bleiker MISSOURI Candidate for A.B. Chemical Society: G. W. Players; El Cireulo Eipanol ; Enoslnian Society. Marion Louis Boat IOWA !• - K Candidate for LL.B. Gh e Club. 1920-’21; Columbian Debating So- ciety. 1 21. George Loveridg e Bowen OSBORN, KANSAS I E, t X Candidate for A.B. Junior Class Treasurer; Cherry Tree StafT. 1922. Mary Marcaret Box JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS X Si Candidate for A.B. Swimming Team, 1920- 21 Helen Boyd NEW JERSEY Candidate for A.B . Columbian Women Willard Hayden Bracklow MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Candidate for LL.B. Varsity Basketball. 1919- 20-’21- 22; C». W. Club Secretary. 1921 -’22. Florence Brannen MILLEDCEVILLE. GEORGIA Candidate for A.B. 16 Senior ci ass Deane Francis Brooke James A. Burns VALLEY CITY, NORTH DAKOTA DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ( andidale for MJ). Candidate for LL.B Erma Brown ROCK FORT, ILLINOIS Candidate for A.B. Women ' s University Club; Hatchet Staff. 1 Si 2 0- ' 1 1 : El Cii-culo EspanoL Morris Burros BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Candidate for LL.B. Linus D. Brown DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ! 2 K Candidate for A.B. Bernard Burdick DOUBLE SPRINGS, ALABAMA 2 N, f A A Candidate for LL.B. Law He h on I Senate. 1920 - 2 I ; Student Council, Margaret Sherman Burt HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Candidate for Vui ' se’s Certificate Aaron Prentiss Butler EAST JAMAICA, VERMONT A T , ! A A Candidate for LL.B. H 1 eo Club; Co I u m b la n I r I a ling Ho c Ip t y : Wa n - Bering Greeks Robert C. Burdick DOUBLE SPRINGS, ALABAMA 2 N, A A Candidate fat LL.B. Joseph C. Byars, Jr. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA K A Candidate for A.B . Flee La line Club, President, 1 ft 21 - ' 22 , 17 Yellow Dfifts fl H Itcpp y ( (|T| i lTnv ' zJJ7ZZ Senior ci ass Harry J. Campaicn MADISON. WISCONSIN 2: A K. 4» A 1» Candidate for LL.M . Richard D. Campbell DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA K 2. IT Candidate for B.S. in E. E. KnKlni ' crinK Society; Student Council. 1920- ' 21; President. Kngineer ini? ( ' Inwt. 1922. Ellen Lee Carroll M’COMB. MISSISSIPPI Candidate for A. B. Waldo Appleton Clark DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA «l 1 K Candidate for A.B. Ilulcliet Slafl. 191!l- 20; Social Committee Fresh- man Clans; Assistant Manager Football. 1920; Manager Freshman Football, 1920; Manager Varsity Football. 1921; Cherry Tree stair. 1921; Map Carnival Finance Committee. 1921; Student Council. 1 921 - ' 22 ; Ghost St a I T, 1921- 22; Pyramid Honor Society; G, W. Club; Chairman Senior Kmlownient ' ommlttee. Washington Irving Cleveland KENSINGTON. MARYLAND d £ K, l A A. A 2 P Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society; Yellow Dogs. Charles A. Cohen RIVERSIDE. NEW JERSEY Candidate for LL.B. Im Hinc Chan HONG KONG. CHINA Candidate for A. B. Chinese Students’ Club. Katherine A. Chapman KENSINGTON. MARYLAND Candidate for A. B. H. Eugene Cole DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 1 X. A K K Candidate for M.D. President Junior Class. 1920-‘21; Student Coun- cil. 1921 -‘22. Mary M. Connelly ROME. NEW YORK Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Women; Women ' s Legal CJub. Marcell Conway DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 1 2 K Candidate for LL.B. James Paschall Cooley CLARENDON, VIRGINIA Candidate for LL.B. Harriet Cooperman CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA Candidate for A.B. Women ' s University Club J. Glenn Corbitt OZARK, ALABAMA K A A Candidate for LL.B. I iiteiTraternity Association, Vice-President, 1921b ' HI; Prom Committee Chairman, 1921: Student Council. in 21 -‘S3; Chairman Social CommlUut ' , Senior 1 ,a w Class, 1 9 2 2 ; V e 11 ow Dogs. George H. Corey GIL LETT, PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for B. 5, m Chemislrxj Chemical Society. Secretary, 1921: Sergeant -a I - Arms Senior Engineers, 1922. Ralph Guy Cornell YOUNGS, NEW YORK Candidate for LL.B. Catherine Cosgrove PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA Nurse ' s Certificate Mary Simmons Covington MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA 4 A A Candidate for LL.B , Urdrttnaux Prize Scholars hip, 1921: WfiineiFs Legal Club; A . B, , Shorter College, 1905. Carrie Juliet Cox HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. Eunice Katherine Crabtree DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Z K Candidate for A.B. mith Teacher ' s Diploma E an- Hellenic. President, 1922: Vice-President Junior Class. 1921: Student Council, 1921: Dra- matic (Tub: Women ' s University Club; V. y. u, A : Manager Girls ' Basketball. 1921; Honor Com- mit tee. 1921, 19 Senior ci ass G. William Creswell ELTON, MARYLAND K 2. l X Candidate for A.B. Ethan B. Cudney OWOSSO, MICHIGAN ! R 11 Candidate for M.D. President Senior Medical ClnM, 11 1 -. John Ryan Daily PEORIA. ILLINOIS K 2. l A ! Candidate for LL.B. Varsity Bask ' ! ball. l! l! - ' 20- ' 21 ; Captain. 11 21- 22 : Varsity Football. 1920: Pyramid Honor So- ciety; d. W. Club. Vice- President, 1921- ' 22. Duncan W. Daugherty PALESTINE. WEST VIRGINIA Candidate for LL.B. Wilber Delozier Davidson DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for B.S. in Chem. E. Varsity Has ball. l!»2o. Joshua William Davies WEST CATASAUQUA, PENNSYLVANIA A K K Candidate for M.D. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Medical Flans. 11 22. Waiva Aileen Dean MEDFORD, OREGON r i e Candidate for A.B. Pun- Hellenic Council, l!»21-’22. A. Robert Denison DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A K K Candidate for A.B. Kendall Scholarship. 1918. Charles Der Bedrosian WASHINGTON, NEW JERSEY l A A Candidate for LL.B. Marion Julia H. Drown DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA a a n Candidate for A.B. Women ' s University Club: Knnafnf n Society; Pan-Hellenic Council. I J»20- ' 21 - ' 22 ; Sergeant -a t- Armn Junior Class. ll 20-’2l ; Honor Committee Junior Class. ll 20- ' 2l; Glee dub. 20 TKs? ] hreppyj emor Cl ass Meyer Dwgrkin BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Candidate for LL.B. Elizabeth Earnest DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA n li 4 Candidate for A.B. mli ' n l Ufiimi ' M. Vice - 1 Yeshlent. Sphinx Honor 80H ot y, President. UU!l- r 2:U Cherry Tree Staff, I!I 22 . Phelan Williams Eatman GRAND CANE, LOUISIANA Candidate for LL.B. John James Edwards KNOXVILLE. TENNESSEE K A Candidate for LL.B. Leland M. Evans OGDEN. UTAH II K A Candidate for A.B. Agnes Colman Ewell DULUTH, MINNESOTA M Candidate for A.B. Women ' s University Club Herron Thomas Flack FREDON1A. KANSAS A T A Candidate for A.B. Charles Dent Fogle MASTERTON. OHIO Candidate for LL.B. Columbian De bating’ Society Alice Virginia Fowler DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. t ilh Teacher’s Diploma Vie .-- president Senior Tvnuhers ' i ’lass, 1 !ej Women’s University Chib; V. Y, t a. Charles Millard Frey NEBRASKA Candidate for LL.M. Travellers: A.B., University of Xehraskii, UU Senior Class Harry J. Friedenberg DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A. 13. Second University HrhotiU ' Klilp, 11 1 Samuel Aaron Friedman BROOKLYN, NEW YORK «l Z i l Candidate for LL.B. New York Legal Club Helen M. Gardner OLYPHANT. PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for A.B. Catherine Jarvis Gayle FORT MEYER HEIGHTS. VIRGINIA X 11, K B II. A £ P Candidate for LL.B. Haxketball. 1 ! 1 H- ' lB-20 ; InlereolIcKlatc Debate, IB ' JO- ' Sl- ' SS: Women ' s Legal Club; Columbian Dt ' ballng Society. William Thomas Fryer BALTIMORE. MARYLAND K A Candidate for A.B. John Marshall Gaines ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA £ X. X Candidate for M.D. Vice-President Junior Class. 1J 20-’21 ; Doctor of Pharmacy. 1 Arthur I. Gebhart READING. PENNSYLVANIA X «I» E Candidate for A.B. Chemical Society, President. 11 17- ' 18; Alchem- ists. Vice-President. ll M»- ' 20; Fitch Prize. 1108. Herbert William Gediman BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS Candidate for LL.B . Joseph Gagne HOLYOKE. MASSACHUSETTS K + Candidate for B.S. in Pharmacy Ph.G.. 1815: Ph.C.. 1921; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. 22 John D. Glass CONWAY SPRINGS. KANSAS 1 X K Candidate for A.B. Cherry Tree Staff. 11 21: Columbian Debating Society. il» ' tmlfT m Senior Cl ass Clarence Kinsey Glover WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA K E C and it! ate for A.B. Eunice F. Goddard PORTLAND, MAINE Candidate for A.B. W omen ' s Universdt y Club; V, YY C, A.: Knos- I nirni Hnriety; Glee Chib, Samuel Goldfain DENVER, COLORADO l A E Candidate for M.D. Lois Gates Gorman WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA A A Candtdtile for LL.B. Phi Delta. Pci t a Gold Scholarship Prtae. 1920; V n men ' s Lognt Club, Secretary, 1921 22: Class CnintnHtce on Year Book: Cherry Tree Staff, 19 22 . Lambert Green aw alt DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. Herbert FL Grossman LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 2 A M Candidate for A.M. ( 1 r W. Mason le Club, Vice-president. in 19- ' 2 rs : Pool hall Essay Prize Winner, A.B. with distinction. G. W. l ' .„ 1921; Senior Class Social Committee, Anne Guilford HYATTSVILLE MARYLAND Candidate for A.B. Jonothan Foster Hagan BALLSTON, VIRGINIA A T A, r T Z, ir A E Candidate for A.B. Associate Editor the Hatchet. 191 a -‘19: Editor in -ChliT of the Hatchet. I9l9- 2i); The Players, Treasurer, 1 91 9-‘20- 2 I . ; Cherry Tree StalT. 1919- ■ 2 u : Hatchet StatT m in-20; spiring play; chair- man or the Junior Week Committee 1 !l 20-’ 2 1 ; Pnoslnian Society: G, V. Press Association : Chairman Social Committee Senior Class 11+22: Student Council, 1919 20. Leonard Gawthrop Hagner WILMINGTON, DELAWARE A X P Candidate for LL.B , Francis M. Hand PELHAM, GEORGIA X N Candidate for A.B. Glee Club, 1921 -‘22. Senior Cl ass Edward J. Hanson WILMINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA 2 X. l A l Candidate for LL.B. Senior Marshall, 1921; Pyramid Honor Society, President. 1921 ' 22; Awdstant Manager Baseball. 1920; Student Council. 1920- ' 21- 22 ; G. W. Club: Columbian Debating Society; Cherry Tree Staff, ini. Franklin E. Hardy SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK Candidate for LL.B. The Traveler ; G. V. Masonic Club, Vice-pros- hlent. 1921 - 22. John Grayson Harlan PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA X X. 4 A A Candidate for LL.B. Hazel Wood Harris ELK GARDEN. WEST VIRGINIA Candidate for Nurse ' s Certificate Joseph Hartman CROSBY. MINNESOTA Candidate for LL.B. Columbian La-mating Society; Ohio Society. Anna Belle Fenton SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Candidate for A.B. James Chandler Hatcher ALABAMA X I E. I A A Candidate for LL.B. A. II.. G W. ! , 1921; Pyrambl Honor Society; Va rally Basketball. 1920: ». XV. Club. President, 1921-22; Columbian Debating Society; Wrest- ling Team. Manager. l92l- 22. Ellis Haworth DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. Chemical Society; First University Scholarship, 1919; Student Assistant in Chemistry, 1920- 21. Lawrence Brooks Hays RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS 1 X. l A A, II A E. T K A Candidate for LL.B . la bating Team. 1919- 20; President Junior class. 1 9 2 0 - 2 1 ; Ghost Staff. 1 920- 2 1 -’22 ; A.B.. ITnlver- s. ty of Arkansas. 191 9 ; Varsity Debate; Pyramid. Joseph William Hazell DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. President Junior Law class, 1921- 22; Tyler Club. 24 senior Class Leonore H. V. Helander RIDGEFIELD PARK. NEW JERSEY Candidate far Nurse ' s Certificate President Senior Claaa. 1922, Benjamin Clark Hilliard, Jr. DENVER, COLORADO A T X A 4 K B Candidate for LL.B. Lynn Hamilton Hench DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BE, XT Candidate for B.S, in C. E. E n g I n i ? v r in r S Oc te t y . Abner Eisaman Henry CREENSBURC. PENNSYLVANIA 4 A h I IC 2 Candidate for LL.B. Wandering Greeks Mildred Louise Herbst DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA n b i Candidate for A.B, Fred W. Hillig CARROLLTON. ILLINOIS Candidate for B.S. in C iem. Chemical Society; Student Assistant In Chem- istry. 1!I20- ' S1 Eugene Reed Hinds HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA CtmJiJcle far LL.B , David Malcolm Hodge CHESTER. PENNSYLVANIA X K, 4» A x A X V Candidate for LL.B. Varsity Debating Team; t ' u]ituin Cniverslty De- bating Council. Junior Play, 1921; Chairman Senior Banquet Committee. 1922; in teff Paternity A saeiatimi, l92l- 23: Columbian Debating Society; Dramatic C|ul - Yellow Dogs. Hazel Mae Hewitt SARANAC LAKE. NEW YORK Candidate for Nurse ' s Certificate Class Secretary, l921- ' 22. Marion Elizabeth Holliday ILLINOIS K B IT, r B II Candidate for LL.B. Class Secretary, 1920- ' 21- H ’22, eruor Cla ss Emory R. Honts CAI.F.RA. OKI AHOMA Donald V. Hunter BLOOMINGTON. INDIANA Can Jiil ale for LL.B. A T 12, «1 A «l The Tniviii.i s. W rent 1 1 iik Team. 1920; t ' oltiin- ( andidaie for LL.B. hlun l »• Imi i iiik Society. Binas Hostettler HENRYVILLE. INDIANA Candidate for LL.B. Laurie O. M. Huck BATON ROUCE. LOUISIANA X X Candidate for LL.B. Jesse Huff OHIO Candidate for LL.B. M K.. Ohio Stat» University. ISM. George Ernest Hughes PALESTINE. TEXAS !’ X K. t» A A Candidate for LL.B. Fciuthull Team lSL ' u; Law School S -nat» 1920- ' 2 1 - 22 : «’Ihbb Social committee. I821- ' 22: Colum- bian Debating Society. Blair McK. Ilderton FLORENCE. SOUTH CAROLINA Candidate for LL.B. Albert Leslie Jackson DALLAS, TEXAS 1 X K. l» A A. AX P Candidate for LL.B. Senior ciasx F ' rcahlent. 1822: Debating Team. I ? 20-’2 1 - ' 22 : l,nw School Senate. 192«- 21; Honor Committee. 1920-‘2l; Columbian Debmlng So- clety. Elmer James Jackson RED HILL. PENNSYLVANIA ! X K Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society. Ben Jenkins SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 4» A A Candidate for LL.B. Clan Treaxiir.-r. 1 91 9- 20- 2l - 22. 26 il Senior Class Robert Varnum Jones HOLLY, MICHIGAN 2 A E Candidate for M.D. Freshman Class FrealdetiL Henry Clay Keene MOBILE, ALABAMA 1 N Candidate for A,B. G. W. Miuionlr Club; LL. FL, National University, !!i]N ' LLJI., .N ' iiUojml University, 1SHU; I» r. I in . American University. 1H20. Elizabeth McNeeley Kehr DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A,B. V. W, A., Vice President ami Chairman Clt- Ivanshijj Com m i I tee, lf+21-’ i; Women ' s Univer- sity Chib; Glee Club, Henry Ernest Ketner SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA 4» Z K Candidate for LL,B. CmI um h bin Ui-batlng Variety; ( ' lass Committee on Activities, Ul2l- ' 2l!; Class Committee on Finn nee. James Thomas Ketner SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA 1 2 K, I A A Candidate for LL,B. Columbian Debit! Jug Soviet y ; Wlliav Doga, Howard Cecil Kilpatrick BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 4 A B, 4 A 1 Candidate for LL.B. Vice -President Senior Chios; Wandering tSiveliH, Homer H. Kirby PIQUA, OHIO k t a Candidate for LL.B. uhlo Club, President. 1022 . Edna Knisely COLUMBIA CITY, INDIANA Candidate for A.B. Women ' s University Club, Alfred Smith Knowlton WHITE BEAU LAKE, MINNESOTA Candidate for LL.B. G. W. Masonic Club. John Stephen Kuzmiak MAYFIELD. PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for LL.B . W " ■■r ' V i i nm 27 Senior Class Samuel Winston Lac y DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA «l A A, II K A Candidate for LL.M. Virginia Legal Club: Wandering Creeks. John Gardner Ladd CHEVY CHASE. MARYLAND e a x. r t , Candidate for A.B. Varsity Basketball. IMS; Varsity Tennis. 11 1! - ’2fl- ' 21» , 22 ; Engineering Society ; Business Man- ager the Chest. 11 21. Vice-President C. W. Club. 11 21; President Junior Engineering Class. 11 21: cherry Tree Staff. U 20- 21; Pyramid Honor So- ciety: Manager Varsity ltau hall. 11120; Varsity Tennis. 11 20. John Emil Larson MONSON. MAINE BAX Candidate for LL.B. C.lee Club. l ir»- ' 16; Rifle Team. 1 ! 1 1 7 ; G. V. I Coast Artillery Company. lStli-’ltl-’lT. Earle C. Lassen SEATTLE. WASHINGTON Candidate for LL.B . Prescott Lecky RICHMOND. VIRGINIA T A Candidate for A.B. udth Teacher’i Diploma Ednah McKinley Lee DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for LL.B. Mary Morgianna Lester CHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE. VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. Women’s University Club; Columbian Women’s; El Clrculo Bspanol. Samuel J. L’Hommedieu DEL RAY. VIRGINIA Candidate for LL.B. Thomas Ellis Lodge MAGNOLIA, DELAWARE K X Candidate for LL.B . Pyramid Honor Society; Columbia Debating So- eiet Advertising Manager The llatehet. 1 1 1 1 - ’-’ ; Freshman Prom Committee, IHlk; Business Manager tin- cherry Tree. 191SL 20; Student Council. IMlK- ' l! ; Junior Reception Committee; chairman Finance Committer May Carnival. 11 21 . Llewellyn Atsett Luce MONTANA l A l Candidate for LL.B. Senior Class E. Russell Lutz DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA B 0 II Candidate for A.B Philbrick McCoy DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A Candidate for LL.B. Wandering Greeks. AilveiiisJng Maim ir cherry Tree. I »:i»: chnii- m;i 11 C lass Cnmmltti ' i on Vriii Rook. lit- ' . . William Campbell Lyon PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA K A Candidate for LL.B. Edward McCarthy, Jr. CHERRYDALE, VIRGINIA K E Candidate for LL.B ♦ Katherine C, McCauley DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A A II Candidate for A.B. Cyril Wesley McClean SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA A 2 J Candidate for LL.B . A. IL. University of California, 1B13, 2 ? William C. McEachern COUER D ' ALENE. IDAHO J A 0. 1 A A Candidate for LL.B. Wandering Greeks. Samuel W. McIntosh ST. FRANC1SVILLE, ILLINOIS Candidate for LL.B. Anna G. McLaughlin NEW CASTLE, WYOMING Candidate for LL . B . Women ' s Legal Club. Clifford James MacMillan LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 4» A 4 9. K Candidate for A.B. LL.B.. University of Southern Californio : LL M ; W. l . M. P. I.., Georgetown University Wandering Greeks. TKv ksrnnyl j )Tny WZZ John Carter MacNab DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA «l £ K Candidate for B.S. in M. E. S«ti tmy Senior Engineer . 1922; Vice-President Sophomore Engineer . 1920; Engineering Society. Seeretary, 1921- ' 22; Student AsMstnnt In Physic . 1921 -’ 22 . Walter W. McVay WAYNESBURC. PENNSYLVANIA 2 N l» A A Candidate for LL.B. Helen Laura Mankey DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 4 M Candidate for A.B. sphinx Honor Society. Sec rotary -Treasurer, 1921- 22: The Players: Women University ciut . T rea surer. 192l- 22: Social Committee Senior Class. Columbian Women: Tennis. 1920: Swim- ming. 1 9 2 0 - ' 2 1 . Basketball. 1920-21: Student As- sistant in English. 1919- 20- 2i- 22 ; Glee Club. Mae Adelle Raphael Markley DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. Sphinx Honor Society; Rxiskethall. 191S-T9: Hatchet Staff. 1920 21 - 22 ; Assistant Manager Girls Tennis 192u- 21. Manage) l921- 22; Glee Club. Robert W. Marshall FRANKFORT. KENTUCKY 2 ‘l ti, ‘I A A Candidate for LL.B. Clark Wilfred Martin UNIONTOWN. PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for LL.B. The Travelers; G. W. Masonic Club. John Russell Mason DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA O A X Candidate for A.B. Sergeant -at -Arms Senior Class Nathalie Adams Maurice MAMARONECK, NEW YORK Candidate for A.B. Evelyn Juliet Maxson DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. n ith Teacher ' s Diploma Class Representative at Pan-Hellenic Luncheon 1917 and 191X. Charles Warren Maxwell CROMWELL. CONNECTICUT Candidate for LL.B. 30 s enior Class Theophil W. Menzel DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B Donald E. Merris DU BOIS, PENNSYLVANIA 3 A E Candidate for A.B. in Natural Science Jesse Clinton Miller MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA 4 A Candidate for LLM. The Tmvrln ' H: BUR,. G r W, V. t 1R21. Arthur L. Morawski north ATTLEBORO. MASSACHUSETTS Candidate for BS. in Chemistry Che mim I Society: ‘President. A IrlieinisO . Robert E. Morgan TULSA. OKLAHOMA 2 N, 1 A A Candidate for LL.B, A.R, University of Arkansas. 1 : 1 S. ; On turn b Ian Treasurer, 1921, Vic - President, President. Thomas Flippin Mount SOMERVILLE, TENNESSEE Candidate for LL.B. Ralph F. Miller ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for B,S rn Chem. E. Bennie A. Moxness WILDROSE, NORTH DAKOTA Candidate for A.B , Nelle Elizabeth Mjllspauch DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA II B Candidate for A,B. Michael Mussman MKEES ROCKS, PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for AM A.B,. CL W. U., 1,921; Columbian Debating So oiet : Ennslnian Society. 31 John Thomas Myers BALLSTON, VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. Senior Class Margaret Mary Nicholson CHARLOTTESVILLE. VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. in Natural Science Pivnidcnt I ' luirmary Society, Rnaket bull. 1920- 21; Woman’s I’nlveralty Club. Esther Alsylvia Natil NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. Treasurer Pharmacy CIhwm. 19l9- 20; Women I’nlvemlty Club. Georce Leonard Nelson SALE LAKE CITY, UTAH £ X. A l» Candidate for LL.B. Pyramid Honor Society; Manager Track. 1S21 : Junior Prom Committee; ; v. iub: Utah Legal club; Cherry Tree StafT. l»22; Interfrntcrnlty Afwociatlon. lt 21- 22. Otho L. Newman INDIANA Candidate for A.B . with Teacher ' s Diploma Virginia Mason Nicholls DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA II H 1 Candidate for A.B. with Teacher ' s Diploma Junior Play Committee. 1 ’ 1 . President, Wom- en ' s l nlver lty Club. 1!»22: Y. W. C. A. Aaron Nimetz DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. George Nordlincer DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA K ' ! ' Candidate for M.D. I lutfinesH Manager Hatchet. If 17- 1N; Treasurer Freshman Medical CIukh; Sergeant -at-Armn Sophomore Medical Clans. James J. O ' Brien HOOSICK FALLS, NEW YORK Candidate for LL.B. Robert Russell Odell SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA K 1 Candidate for LL.B. Junior Prom Committee ; Columbian Debating S ' K-iety. Senior Daniel O’Flaherty DETRICK, VIRGINIA Jf K 4? Candidate for A.B, G. W, Masonic Club; Wandering Gm i ks Estelle Oliver AUSTIN, TEXAS Candidate for A.B. Wanda Orynski TEXAS Candidate for A.B . with Teacher ' s Diploma Olaf Walter Osnes NEWMAN GROVE, NEBRASKA T A A Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society. Walter E. Overstreet SOUTH CAROLINA £ A E Candidate for A.B. Class Helen Gertrude Pabst NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK I M Candidate for A.B, Glee (Tub; Women ' s University Club; Can -Hel- lenic. Secretary -Treasurer Senior King Com rn it tee; Freshman Social Committee. Evelyn Parker VERMONT Candidate for A.B. Luis A. Passalacqua PORTO RICO Candidate for A.B. El Clrcu lo Pri Bldunt. lii2o- 21- f 22. Albert Harding Paul SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 4» A B T A 4 Candidate for LL.£J, Wandering ' Greeks; Interfraternlty Association Essie Lee Pearson DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA rt B 3 Candidate for A.B. 33 emor ci ass Margaret L. H. Peerce LONG GREEN POSTOFFICE, MARYLAND Candidate for Nunes Certificate Harry Perlin DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A £ + Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Dclmtlng Society, President. 11 2 I -“-’2 ; Winner Davis Prise SpcukhiK Contest. 11 20. Emmett James Peterson SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 2 K Candidate for A.M. Treasurer Sophomore Class. ll»17-’ls; Student Council. ll 21- ' 22: A.B., C». W. 1 ., 11 21 N. Verne Peterson RICHFIELD, UTAH ! X Candidate for Xf.D. President Sophomore Class. l! 1t - ' 20. Lois Pitcher DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA X K Candidate for A. 13. Rex Arthur Pixley DELAND. FLORIDA Candidate for LL.B. Henry Jay Plagens PITTSBURG. KANSAS ‘l X K Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society. Basil Hubbard Pollitt CINCINNATI, OHIO 1 B K. 1 A ‘l Candidate for LL.B. A. It.. University of Cincinnati, HUT; John Byrne Real Property prize, 11 21. Charles Spurgeon Piepgrass ALDERSON. OKLAHOMA Candidate for LL.B. The Travellers; Columbia Debatina Society. 34 Alta Marie Powell KEYSER, WEST VIRGINIA Candidate for Nurse ' s Certificate Vice-President Nurse ' s ' la s. 11 22. Senior Cla 55 James Richard Price TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA II K ' t Candidate far Add , John Alton Reed DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 1 X Candidate for A i.D. Amy Dorothy Putnam ARCOLA. NEW JERSEY Candidate for A . B . David L. Quinn CRISFIELD MARYLAND Candidate for A . B . tl. Y, JjItiTJtry I y p Enos in kill SocUily. Wendell Phillips Raine DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 2 X. l A !» Candidate for LL . B . B, S. E. and A, M, Stella Randolph GREEN VALLEY ILLINOIS r t b Candidate for A . B . ( ' nhimbinm neliaUtig Society, Paul Clinton Reed VILLEPLATTE LOUISIANA 4 B Candidate for A . B . Free Lnnre c lu ' b; Bnoslnion Society ' rulumbhirt Debating Sm-lely. Ruth Recan BUTTERFIELD, MINNESOTA r 4 B Candidate for AM. t»ith Teacher a Diploma Ertogtnian Society, Marvin Jacob Reynolds ONEONTA, NEW YORK BAX Candidate for LL.B. Arthur Rockgw MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN ? A Candidate for LL . B . 35 enior ci ass Helen June Romhilt DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA «l» M Candidate for A.B. V Ire- President KivHlinmn ICnKlncerluK Clan . ' hetnlcnl Society; Womi ' ii ' R I’til verwlty Club; Junior fteceptlon Commit l ; Senior Endowment « ’omrnlttee. Vernon Romney SALT LAKE CITY. UTAH Candidate for LL.B. rinli Letml Cluh, President, 1921-‘22. Charles Rupley Rosenberger PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for LL.B. William Warfield Ross NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE 2 X. 1 A 4 Candidate for LL.B . Law School Senate. 1»21- 22. M. Elston Rowland TENNESSEE a a r Candidate for A.B. Women University Club; Basketball. 1S20- 21. Charles P. Ruby DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. Ilnlehet Stuff; President Preslimnn Class Iii riummtcy School. William Warren Sager DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA l» X Candidate for M.D. A. B.. G. W. V. Norris H. Sanborn DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate fer B.S. in Chcm. E. Vlce-pr esident Senior EnicJneers, 1022; Chemical Society. Vice-President, 1922; Engineering So- ciety; Tennln. 1919-’20 ; Student Assistant In Chemistry. l»19- , 2«- ' 21- , 22 ; Pitch Prize, 1920- 21. Nichol Main Sandoe DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A T A. A A Candidate for LL.B. Randall N. Saunders DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA l X K Candidate for A.B. Glee Club. 36 m Senior Class Edward Lipphardt Scheufler GREAT BEND KANSAS A 0 1 Candidate for A.B. Junior Centennial KcccpUon. 1821: Junior Pub- licity Summit tee. 1821; President, Freshman L;uv Class: Columbian Debating Society; I£uusinlan Society Charles Warren Schoffstall READING. PENNSYLVANIA : I E Candidate for AM. Glee Club Walter C. Scott, Jr, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA B A X, T Candidate for B.S. in M. jE. Fmrineering Society, Secretary, 1 1 k 1 ; Vice-Prea- Idem. 1820; presklont, 1821; Treasurer, 1822; Chemical Society; Student Council, lii21- 22; Ser- geant-at-.Vrms Junior Engineers, 1821; Hatchet S la IT, 1820, Ernest Aldine See MATHIAS, WEST VIRGINIA 2 N A A Candidate for LLM Vice- 1 ' resident Junior Law, !02L- 22: A IL. ( W. . 1820 . James Clinton Shanholtzer SHEPARDS TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA Candidate for LLM Howard Knott Shaw TRENTON, NEW JERSEY K I Candidate for A.B. Fe oi ball. 1921; G. IV, Club; Glee Club George Rothwell Sheriff DISTRICT of COLUMBIA 2 X CitnJiJafe for AM. Freshman Prom Committee, 1 : 1 s : Secretary Junior ( ' lass, liH!+- ' 20; Junior Week Committee, 1828; Chairman Spring Dunce Committee. 1820; Cherry Tree StulY. 1821. Louise Sherman COLDVEIN, VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B . Teacher ' s Diploma Secretary Teachers’ Class, Hi 2 2. Herbert Hanserd Shinnick HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA K 2, 1 A A Candidate for LL.O. Seeietary Hoard of Managers, 1821- 22; Student Council, 1820-’ 21 -’22. Lillian Martha Smith DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA r K Cantiit ale for AM. ( ' berry Tree Staff, 11 21; Secretary Junior Clftfis 1821; Junior Publicity Committee; Glee Club; Tennis. 1820 ; Women ' s University t ' luh ; Secre- tary Senior Class. 1822; Chairman Senior Cum- in it tee on Resolutions anti By-Laws; Secretary - Treasurer Student Council. 1 821 -’2 2 37 352 1 Senior Cla ss Walter W. Smyth WATERTOWN, CONNECTICUT A X I Candidate for A.B, George Gordon Snider CADILLAC, MICHIGAN Candidate for A.ld. Margaret Isabel Soars MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for A.B. ’hetnlcul Society ; Women’s University Club; V. W. i A. Marion Biscoe Spielman MARYLAND a a n Candidate for A.B . rvilh Teacher ' s Diploma Women’ L nl emity Club; V. w. c. A. J. Fuller Spoerri CHICAGO, ILLINOIS A B «l» Candidate for A.B. t Jenev irve chatterton MoCutohiun prize. 1920; Vice- President Junior 1921: chairman Junior prom Committee. 1921: Chairman Junior ’luss Social Committee. 1921: Honor Committee. P«21; May Fete Carnival Committee. 1921; Social am! Puhlirit Committee Senior C| a s 1922 chairman Constitutional Committee Freshman CIiim; Football Hop Committee. 1921. Knoainlan Society. President. 1921- 22 ; Columbian Debating Society: HI Circulo Kapanoi. M. Walton Sporkin, Jr. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA l‘ A. A X e Candidate for LL.B. I Senior Social Committee. Minnie Compton Squire DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. with Teacher ' s Diploma Clinton Fiske Stanley LYNN, INDIANA Candidate for LL.B. The Travelers. Annette Estelle Thomas Steel DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA A A Candidate for A.B. Market hall, 1921; Hatchet Staff, 1921; Women’ I’niverally Club; Glee C| U I . Ernest W. Stephens PIERRE. SOUTH DAKOTA 2 A K. l» A l Candidate for LL.B. Vuralty Ba k tball. 1921; Treasurer Junior Law ' lass. Senior Cla ss Eugene Ensign Stevens, Jr. DISTRICT of COLUMBIA A ' V A Candidate for LL.B. Mary L. Stewart CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Candidate for A.B. Walter Raymond Stokes DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for LL.B, Manager and Captain Rlile Tram. National Intia ' i-nllrglnte Hide Championship, mail World ' s Individual champion; Interna- tional Hide Match, 1921; Swimming Team, 1P2 1; Wrestling Team. lEl21- ' 22; Pyramid Honor So- tTleiy. Authwin W. Stoltz MOUNT CARMEL, ILLINOIS Candidate for LL.B . Wallace Edwin Sturgis GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI £ A E Candidate for LL.B . Wai Ling Sze SHANGHAI, CHINA CanJfJafe for A B. Women ' University Club, Otis Francis Tabler DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for LL.B. James Harvey Tai lor BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA [ A T Candidate for LL.B , Graduate Naval Academy, 1 !M 1 , Nell Boyd Taylor DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for A.B. ndth Teachers Diploma Robert Mitchell Taylor MARYLAND A K K Candidate for M . D . A.B., G, W. U 1919, X v Tkv y ( j g 1, ) I’Tr ' ' iyZZ Senior Class Leslie W. Teller DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Candidate for B.S. in C. E. Studcilt Council, lUifi-Tl. Annie Collier Thornhill RICHMOND. VIRGINIA Candidate for A.B. ndth Teacher ' s Diploma Howard M. Tice SELLERSVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for A.B. Sarah Augusta Tilchman BALTIMORE. MARYLAND A r. K R IT. 1 R K, A 2 P Candidate for LL.B. Sphinx Honor Society: Woman ' s Legal Club. Secretary. 192«- 21. Preside nt. 1921-’22; l hating Team. 1921 and 1922; Junior Prom Committee. 1921; Uu- School Senate . 1920- 21-’22. President, 1921-22; Social Committee. 191 9-’20-’21 ; De- buting Council. 1921 -’22: Columbian Debating Society; A IL. Cioucher College. 1917. Frederic N. Towers DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BAX Candidate for LL.B. Rober t Augustus I ron NEW YORK Candidate for LL.B. Bolon Bailey Turner LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 2 X. ! ' A A Candidate for LL.B. and A.B. Manager Track, 1922. Gladys R. Twele BALTIMORE. MARYLAND T It II Candidate for A.B. rvilh Teacher ' s Diploma Student Council. 1921 22; Pan-Hellenic. 1921 -’22; President Teachers ’las . 1922; Sphinx Honor Society; Women ' s University Club; Columbian Women’s; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Nelda Rose Umbeck CAPE CIRARDEAU. MISSOURI Candidate for A.B. Varsity Basketball ; Glee C’lub; Y. W. C. A.; El Circulo Espanol. Francisco Antonio Ursua MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Candidate for LL.B. 40 Graduate National College of Agriculture of Mexico City. Senior Cla ss Charles E. Wainwright VIRGINIA Candidate for LL B. Effie L. Walker HORN LAKE, MISSISSIPPI Candidate for A.B Women’s University Club; Graduate Sherwood Music School, Earle Wilbur Wallick STERLING, ILLINOIS [ 2 K t h A A, A 2 l Cant i Jofe for LL.B. Pyramid Honor Society; Winner Du vis Sneak- ing I 1 rise, 191b: Winner Gardner G. Hubbard History Prize, I s l » : Varsity Debating. ' Z ll i Vi t u m b I a n Del mtltiK Soc I p l y , 1 J res l d e n t, 1 b 2 1 ; a . o. . i. w. u. nm . Robert U. Wang SHANGHAI, CHINA Carn i ' Ja e for A B. Shih-Nai Wang PEKIN, CHINA Candidate for A.B . William Thayer Webb VERMILLION, SOUTH DAKOTA Candidate for B.S. in C, £, Enginirting Society; I Nile (No It. Nellie Irene Welsh DAWSON, PENNSYLVANIA Candidate for LL.B Women’s Legal Club; Columbia Debating So- ciety, Harry Nicholas Weicandt MURDQ-MACKENZIE, SOUTH DAKOTA 2 K Candidate for A.B , Columbia De hating Society; El Cireulo fiipanol. Treasurer, 1920-’ 21 - 23: Student Assistant In P«- lit leal Science. 1 20- 21 22. Max Weisbrod SCHENECTADY, KEW YORK Candidate for L LB, Mary Eliza Wheatley ELKWOOD, VIRGINIA Candidate for A .M . Women ' s University flub; Assistant to Director oi Summer School, Winner Colonial Dames History Prize. 1920, { II Hill M|j % tin 41 Senior Class Benjamin C. Willis Hattie May Wolf EASTON. MARYLAND DISTRICT OK COLUMBIA ‘l» 2 K «1 A M Candidate for A.B. Candidate for A.B . rvith Teacher ' s Diploma Treasurer Senior Class. Assistant Manager Ibis- Mcuoruh Society, Soci ' otary, 19I7-’1R- ' 10; Tilled k« Until. • 1 unt l in it Debating H«»olety. Univeridty 8Hiolarahlp. Warren Jennison Willis JANESVILLE. MINNESOTA Candidate for LL.B. (Iru.lufttc 1 . S. Naval Academy. 1912; A B.. CL v. i mm. a . m . , ; v. r linn. Lee Ross Wilson DAYTON. OHIO Candidate for LL.B. Ohio club. Kenneth Carson Wiseman ARTESIA. NEW MEXICO Candidate for LL.B. c . V. Masonic Club. Malcolm B. Wisehart SHAWNEETOWN. ILLINOIS 1 2 K, AH Candidate for A.B. Senior Him; Committee. John Williamson Wood DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA K A Candidate for LL,B. Joseph B. Woodside MARION. ILLINOIS Candidate for LL.B. Columbian Debating Society. Marion Paul Wormhoudt PELLA. IOWA ‘I £ K. «I A ! Candidate for LL.B. Frank Lloyd Yates CHARLESTOWN. WEST VIRGINIA 2 X. t A A Candidate for LL.B. A.B.. West Virginia University, 1921 ; Student Council. 1920- ' 21 ; Chairman Student Finance Committee. 1920- 21; CL W. Club; Interfraternity Association. 1920- ' 21; Interfraternity Prom Com- mittee. J920- 21. Senior ci ass Samuel Weinshelbaum DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Evelyn Hample Young FAITH, SOUTH DAKOTA Candid alt ' for A.B. with Teacher ' s Diploma Henry L. Young MANSON, JOWA S X. t A A Candidate for LL.B. Horace Chapman Young GLASGOW, KENTUCKY, AND MIAMI, FLORIDA 2 N. f A A Candidate for LL.B. Manager and Coach, Swimming, 1920- ' 21; CUv Club. William Ellis Zimmerman LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA 4 X K. A A Candidate far A.B. t«, V, Masonic f lub: Columbian Debating So- rlely ; Cherry Tree Kin IT. 1922; V to ■-President Junior Lin w Class Class, Herman Robie Ames. X i P li ♦ . . Keene, New Hampshire Candidate for A.B. Jesse Anthony . •♦■♦ . Georgia Candidate for LL.B. A. G. Armstrong . - Candidate for LLM. Lewis Durand Asmus , , , . » . i-. . , !: Manahawken, New Jersey Candidate far C.E, Charles Maurice Barnes Virginia Candidate for LL.M. Nathan W. Bass • . ; - Candidate for A . 5, Catherine C. Bassett . . . . » . , , • District of Columbia Candidate for A.B . ndih Teachers Diploma Edgar Wells Beckett Candidate for A.B. HILDA C. Bowen, l 1 1 B Chevy Chase, Maryland Candidate for A.B. Grover Q, Bradley, $ A B, «J X Moroni, Utah Candidate for M.D. 43 Senior Class Dwigh t Brantley. 1 A «t 1 A 0 Hobart Brantley. «l» A A . . . Bertha Shanks Chaney . . . Vasilios Isadore Chebitiis . . . William Coelho Gilbert A. Cone Jerome Rock hold Cox . . . . Carl F. Dands George Victor DeBrodes . . . Christos John Demopoulos. K ' I ' I Ielce Christopher Dieserud Frederick William Dodson. It O II Henry White Draper . . . . Will Frank Dunker . . . . Grace Marie Eddy Richard L. Feldman William Henry Forbes . . . . Thomas Leigh Gatcii . . . . Eustace Glycofrides Adalbert J. Greene Zoda Vern Greenlee . . . J. M. Hammond Joseph H. Hazen Hazel R. Hill John T. Hoffman Russel James Horsefield, K A . John W. Hudson James C. Hundley Warren Hansel Hunt. K A Candidate for LL.D. Candidate for LL.B . Candidate for A. XI. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for B.S. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for M.D. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate lor LL.B. Candidate for A. XI. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.M. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for B.S. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.M. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B . Candidate for LL.B. Spring Hope, North Carolina Spring Hope, North Carolina Kentucky San Antonio, Texas Preston. Maryland Akron, Ohio Korinthos. Greece District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia . . . Wisconsin . . . Maryland . . Massachusetts District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia Ohio District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia . . . . Missouri . . . . Missouri . . . California District of Columbia 44 Thv ihreppyl nw WZZ Senior Class Cato Burce Hurd . District of Columbia Candidate for LL.M. James Brooke Hutt . . , District of Columbia ConJrJate for LL.B . Sadie Zunser Hyman . . . . District of Columbia Candidate for M.A. Virginia H. Johnson . Virginia Candidate for A.B. William Katz New York City Candidate for LL.B, A. C. Keefer District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B . Franklin KnockE . , . District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B. J. L. KochkA ....................... District of Columbia Candidate for A.B. Stephen M. Lee . District of Columbia Candidate for M.E. Nelson Littell , , Indiana Candidate for LL.B. Isaac Q. Lord .......... District of Columbia Candidate for A.B . Lloyd Fox Loux ....................... . Pennsylvania Candidate for A.B. Frank McDowell . . Georgia Candidate for A.B . Wallade C. MagaTHAN, Acacia Kansas Candidate for LL.B. Mary Magrucer . Maryland Candidate for A.B. Frank Henry Marks ......... ......... District of Columbia Candidate for B.S . Hilda Meadow Georgia Candidate for LL.B. Ervin Eugene Merriman ........... . Indiana Candidate for A.B. Anna Carroll Montgomery District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B. E. E. Naylor ... ......... District of Columbia Candidate for M.A . Ross Manning Nichols, A T A. 4 A A . , . . District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B. Elizabeth Grace Oldham . Florida Candidate for A.B. Horace Durant Payne, K A, 4 . . Oklahoma Candidate for LL.B. Herman G. Penrod. Travelers Ohio Candidafe for LL.B. James L. Platt, Jr., K A T T Z t IT A E, A 0 . . . . . . Mullins. South Carolina Candidate for A.B. Bessie Porter . Nebraska Candidate for A.B. James Raisbeck. Jr District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B. Samuel Judson Roberts District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B , Mark Joseph Ryan .......... .......... District of Columbia Candidate for LL.B. 45 HfXlllJIJ ' SE3 Edwin H. Schmitt .... Charles H. Schultz . . . B. Seely . Joseph Sesta Frederic Arthur Shumaker R. Marion Skocland . . . Stephan Girard Smith . . Talma L. Smith . . . . Chester Snow C. Calvin Spears . . . . H. U. Stone Charles Patrick Swindler Ralph G. Sucher .... Frank Marion Thompson Allen G. Thurman . . . Adelaide Trent . . . . Katherine Waits .... Lorenzo Dowe Whitaker . Edwin L. White . . . . Virgil Brooks Wiley . . . D. H. Williams V iRciNius Faison Williams . Rena Wolman Charles William Woodward Senior Class Candidate for C.E. Candidate for M.D. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for M.D. Candidate for LL.B . Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.M . Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B, Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.M. Candidate for LL.M . Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.B . Candidate for A.B. Candidate for A.B. Candidate for LL.B. Candidate for LL.M. Candidate for A.M. Candidate for LL.B. District of Columbia . . Pennsylvania District of Columbia . . . New Jersey . . . . Kansas . . . Minnesota Texas District of Columbia District of Columbia . . . . Illinois District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia Utah District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia . . . Delaware District of Columbia . . . Maryland . . . . Georgia 3 Junior Officers Girts DeGrance Brown Palmer Espey Maxine Girts . . Prances DeGrance Mary Brown . . J. Jos W. Palmer Louise Espey . . Columbian College . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . T reasurcr Scrgeant-at-Arms Free Kampe Wolfe Lloyd Polk Free Kampe Wolfe Lloyd Polk Engineering College Walter H. Free President A. H. Kampe Vice-President D. O. Wolfe Secretary Daniel Llovd Treasurer Irl Polk Scrgeant-al-Arms 48 Junior Officers Yost Gervais Fravel Guest Teachers’ College Myrtle Yost , . , „ , . President Mae Gervais . Vice-President Margaret Fravel . » Secrdarp Cora Guest . . ,. . . Treasurer Earnest Deane Brown Medical School John Paul Earnest, Jr Benjamin Franklin Deane. Jr Radford Brown . . , Marjorie Shaw Stuart . 49 inc . President . Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer . 5crffctiJt(-a{- 4rm3 Hazell Clark Stephens I School Joseph W. Hazell Joseph A. Jordan Marion M. Clark . . . . Earnest W. Stephens President . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer 51 Sophomore Officers Tolson Rolle Dunham Brown Clyde Tolson . Maxine Rolle . Martha Dunham Krancis Brown I Ierbert Quinn Columbian College . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Scrgeanl-at-Arms Ayres Kindle James Whyte Engineering College Mersie Ayres Homer Kindle Olive Prescott Henry H. James Clifton A. Whyte . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . T rcasurer Sergeanl-at-Arms Hewitt Perkins Rees Cohen Rosenblatt Medical School Richard Miner Hewitt ........ Hanson Travers Perkins Thomas Richard Rees . . . Roger Stahel Cohen Louis Rosenblatt , . . . ........ . President . . . . . . , Vice-President ....... Secretary . . , , . Treasurer . 5 c r g can t - al-A rms An Academic Alphabet A is for ARROW — the insignia of a mob of foolish virgins. B is for BENCH — the gathering place of upperclass luminaries. C is for CAT — a female built on vvarhorse lines. D is for DANCING — musical wrestling. E is for " E” — a very familiar grade. F is for FRAT-HOUSE — home of brainless athletes and harmless musicians. G is for GRADUATE — we all get to be one soonor or later. H is for HOLIDAY — something we don’t get often enough. I is for T — the favorite word of some individuals. J is for JUNIOR PROM — the supreme social effort. K is for KITCHEN — the training ground for sorority goats. L is for LION — the social variety — very common locally. M is for MONEY — we wonder what that is. N is for NOMINEE — the proverbial hand-shaker. O is for OPEN HOUSE — used to advertise unpopular fraternities. P is for PROFS — degreed aspirant who failed to attain his aspirations. Q is for QUIGLEY’S — dispenser of soda water, hair nets. etc. R is for RABBIT HOLE — better known as Scandal Hollow. S is for SORORI1 Y — a Greek-Ietter aggregation of carefully (?) selected felines. T is for TEA — something that everybody goes to. U is for UNIVERSITY — a necessary evil. V is for VAMP — all of the sorority members. W is for WILLING-TO-HELP — the attitude of students toward activities. X is for X-C ITEM ENT — something all co-eds long for. Y is for You — the favorite theme of some boys under co-ed influence. Z is for ZERO — our favorite examination result. Tlre lrcnnt ' l |t j) )Tnv P722 Freshman Officers Fly Foster Nall Bolton Columbian College V. Graham Fly Ruth Foster Agnes Nall . . . Robert Bolton President . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary T rcasurer Banville Woolley Wricht Engineering College William F. Banville .... Lucy Woolley . . . E. S. Tyler . . J. B. Wright 56 President . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary T rcasurer Freshman Officers Denison Johnson Portas Symmonds Rhame Medical School Robert A. Denison Don Johnson Maurice Portas , . . Katharine G Symmonds ■ . Harold E Rhame . President ♦ . . V ice-President , , . . Treasurer . . Secretary Set gcaiit-at- Arms Scheufler Loop Savage Harding Law School Edward L Scheufler Edwin A. Loop , . . Dale E. Hoffman . , , , . Robert Savage. Jr. . , . . R. B Harding . , President . , . Vice-President . , . . . Secretary » . . . , Treasurer Se rgeant+at- A rm$ 57 nz: m •$ bc n t Tk ]k ppy|f|fij|[jTp ? z WZZ TO C«$ ' ••) ft. ' Mu ' r i»dK C j Jk ' 45.ii no rvc n « i iiUkTs Celeate 59 Football, 1921 OACH Bill Quigley, former star fullback at Pennsylvania, turned out a Hatchetite football team this year of which the school may be justly proud, considering the fact that this is the second season since the revival of football as a major sport at G. W. The year’s record was much better than that of last year, and was the result of the untiring efforts of the coaches, the squad and the managerial staff. Better practice hours were arranged and more experienced material was available this year than last. The stone wall defense shown by the line was as good as that of any team seen on local gridirons in the past few f seasons and helped to offset a seeming lack of punch on the offense. I ime and again highly touted backfield stars hit the line and heard the birdies sing “1 hey shall not pass.” The forward passing game was the team’s most successful weapon on offense. A hard schedule was played, and Georgetown and Virginia w r ere handed a surprise when held to four touchdowms apiece. Scoring a touchdown in the first quarter of the Catholic University game, we lost by a score of I 9 to 7, the defeat being largely due to the running of Curran, C. U.’s brilliant halfback, and cleverly executed split plays which completely baffled the Buff and Blue. In individual brilliancy few men in this success surpassed Ptak, end; Highes, center; Jawish, guard; Crouch, halfback, and Licarione. fullback. These men were all deadly tacklers and could be depended upon to fight for every point. Ptak, a lanky lad from Arkansas, w-as a star at receiving forward passes, and Hughes at center could snap the ball to the backfield and get down the field under punts and tackle the receiver in his tracks. Crouch showed remarkable ability in finding holes in the opposing line and going through for gains. The men awarded letters were; Springston, Capt. Ptak, Connolly, Jawish, Hughes, Mulligan, Hawley, Shaw, Hart, Crouch, Loehler, Manson, Banville, Owens, Wells and Manager Clark. The Season’s Scores October 1— G. W. . . ... 28 October 8 — G. W. . . . . . 0 October 1 5 — G. W. . . ... 7 October 22 — G. W. . . 40 ; Drexcl . . . 0 October 29— G. W. . . 56; Washington College . . . . . . 0 November 1— G. W. . . ... 28 November II— G. W. . . ... 7 November 26— G. W. . . 7; Catholic U Total points: G. W.. 137. Opponents, 89. 60 Crouch) r.ocV)lcr Owvy rXbjyor) PjM}ville COIJQtll Au Spriogyfor) Wtyetltr ' Wcllr FOOTBALL LETTER MEN 62 BASKETBALL The Buff and Blue tossers were considered one of the strongest defensive quints in the South Atlantic this year and showed up well against some of the best teams seen on local floors during the season. All home games were played at the Coliseum and were well attended. Captain Jack Daily, veteran guard, was one of the most consistent players in the District and instilled a brand of pep into the team that made up in fight what it lacked in weight, 1 he varsity included the following men : Gosnelh Chesney, Bracklow, Woodberry, Altrup, Daily, Hughes, Hyde and Grove. Fitz Hurley proved a very capable manager. The Season’s Scose: G, W. . . . . . 37; Ft. Myer Officers . . 7 G. W. . . . . 35; V, P. 1 33 G, W . , . .30; GaHaudet . . . 12 G. W. ,37; Hopkins Medical . 17 G. W. ■ - 24; William and Mary ,21 G, W. . . . , 16; U. of Va 19 G. W. . , 30; Randolph- Macon . . 5 G, W, , , ,32; Bucknell « 34 G. W, . . . ,14; Georgetown . ... 27 G W. .... 34; Gallaudet . ... 30 G. W , 19; C. V. ..... 25 G. W 31; V, M. L . . . „ 20 G. W 17; Georgetown .... 42 G. W 20; C, U. 32 Total points, G, W., 376, Opponents, 368. 63 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Top Daly, Bailey, Lewis. Jones, Eckiiart. Bowie. McGrew Center — Robsion. Dunham. Brewer. Proctor. Lover — Umbeck, Woodford, Bennett Handicapped by being forced to use unsuitable gymnasiums, and those gymnasiums only in the afternoons, and by the illness of the coach, the girls basketball team has had a rather successful year. They engaged the teams of universities both in this city and in the neighboring cities, teams that were stronger and have had the advantage of comparing favorably with them in all these contests. It is hoped that next year suitable gymnasiums can be arranged for and that while the weather permits that the team will be enabled to practice out of doors in the newly acquired Woodhull property. Wilson Normal 9; Temple University 45; University of Pennsylvania 18; Swarthmore 22; Virginia Normal 45; Gallaudet «... 8; G. W 15 G. W 12 G. W 16 G. W 19 G. W 12 G. W II Top — Daugherty, Ottman, Hammack, Laux, Whitson. Kar, Quevljn, Diebler, Turner, Manager Center — Rowe, Tolson, Phillips, Marra, Peake L omer— M cNeil, Tracy, Simmons Track Team Coach Morse has only two letter men on this year ' s squad, but the new men furnish the most promising material ever trying for a Halchetile track team. The team entered the Georgetown games on March 3, and while no brilliancy was evident the boys showed potentialities that ought to surprise our rivals in later meets. The other meets in which we have entered are as follows: Quadruple meet, April 22, in which George- town, Catholic University and Maryland are entered; Penn relays, April 25; American Legion meel, May 6, and the South Atlantic meet at Charlottesville. With a little more training our sprinters and hurdlers will eat the duit of none but the best in the section. Some of the new men have ability in the distances and will undoubtedly win letters. The squad consists of Manson, Tolson, Peake, Tracy, Haines and Hammaek From last year and several new men, including Rowe, Nichols. Marra and Quenlin, who are showing up very well. Manager Turner and his assistants are working hard, under great difficulties, to secure adequate facilities for practice. Standing — BLACK. GlOVER. NEWBY. Sitting — Balunge. Ladd. Men ' s Tennis Team W. B. Glover, Manager; George Coyle, Aaiitant Manager. Although as the Cherry Tree goes to press the tennis season has a month or more before it gets started, the team is prepared for a busy and successful season. We have Capt. Ladd and Ballinger from last year’s team, and a number of promisin g candidates for the vacancies on the team. These include Newby, Rutley. Grove, Black. Wormhoudt and Glover. A spring tournament will be run off this year to discover any other talent, and at the same time provide the tennis enthusiasts in the university a chance for some competition. The team will miss Aten. Somerkamp and Lloyd from last year. Manager Glover has arranged a fine schedule which opens up with a trip to Lexington, where Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee will be played. Georgetown is then to be met at its courts on the Hilltop, following which we entertain Washington and Lee here. Our hardest week then follows, during which we play Navy at Annapolis. University of Southern California here, and Lehigh here. Southern California, our hardest match, will be played on the Dumbarton Club courts, which have been courteously offered. The schedule winds up with return matches with Virginia Military Institute and Georgetown. Matches are pending also with the University of Virginia and Catholic University. 66 Woodford Brewer Markley Robsjqn Girls Tennis Team I he girls’ tennis team has not engaged in interscholastic competition for several years, but has devoted its attention to holding tennis tournaments in the spring and fall among the girt students of the university. 1 he winner of each of these tournaments receives a trophy which is hers until won by another girl in a subsequent tournament. Should she be successful in winning this tournament three consecutive years it becomes hers. The trophy is a silver loving cup offered by Columbian women. It is hoped that the opening of the tennis season next year will see a team representing the university competing in matches with the teams of other universities and bringing laurels to G. V. U. Team Margaret Brewer Beatrice Woodford Daisy Robsion May Adelle Markley, Manager t Top — Horany, Stokes, Grass. Bailey, Laux. Younc, Bruce Lower — Corbin, May, Hatcher, Tyler, Hundley. Wrestling In keeping with the general expansion of student activities at George Washington University there appeared this year for the firs! lime in many years a wrestling learn. At the beginning of the year, backed with a promise of support from Captain Hundley, May, Bruce and Corbin. James C. Hatcher went before the Student Council and recommended that the university be represented in wrestling. Hatcher was appointed manager and coach, and with a small nucleus for a beginning there was soon a squad of twelve. Owing to wrestling being merely an experiment the first year it was thought inadvisable to have more than two or three meets. Two meets were scheduled w ' ith Gallaudet College. On the seventeenth of February our team met Gallaudet on their mat. At that time our men were not in the best of condition and we lost two of the four matches by falls, another by decision, and won one by a fall. On March fifteenth the Gallaudet malmen were our guests, and we entertained them very highly by tak ng four of the five matches. Cur fifth man, Stokes, outclassed his man all of the way, only to be thrown during the last half minute of the match. May was the only man to go into the South Atlantic amateur meet. He made a wonderful showing during the fifteen-minute match, and the decision against him proved very unpopular with the audience. Letters were awarded to May, Hundley. Tyler and Manager Hatcher. We made a wonderful start, and next year our team w ill enter into competition with several universities, under the leadership of Corbin, manager for 1922-23. G. W. U. Rifle Club Ike work of the Rifle Club, which was organized last year, for ike present term began with the opening of school in the fall. During September, October and November the team practiced on the National Guard Range at Camp Sims, in preparation for the D, C open championship match, held on November 20, The G, W. team carried off first honors in this event by a margin of two points over the National Capital Rifle Club, whose team holds the Civilian Rifle Club national championship. During the indoor season it was found impossible to secure range facilities necessary to ihe entry of a G. W. team in the intercolleg iate championships; this was a great disappointment since the team was of championship caliber, much better than the G. W, team of last year, which look second place in ihe national indoor championships; nevertheless, the learn members kept in form by shooting temporarily as members of the National Capital Club, and a match has been arranged with Georgetown, at present the leading team in the intercollegiate championships. Through the mutual efforts of G. W. and the Naval Academy a tournament will be held at the Naval Academy range during May. This event will bring together the five leading college rifle teams of the country to decide the outdoor championship, and G. W. ' i veteran team appears to be the favorite m this ton rnament. The squad from among which competitive teams have been or will be picked includes Stokes, Espey, Trimble, Barry, Greely, Everett, Barkman, Me Nish, Smi.h and Haworth. Robertson. French. Hull. Strothers. Ci ifford, Calvert. Fuller. Girls Swimming The swimming team was fortunate in obtaining the use of the Central High School pool in which to hold practice on Friday night of each week. 1 hey have been specializing in diving and special speed strokes and have made very creditable progress to date. About the first of April instruction was commenced with a view to acquainting the team with the requirements of the Red Cross for membership in the World’s Life-Saving Alliance. In the South Atlantic championship meet, held at Baltimore, George Washington won second place in fancy diving. In the Pantathlon, held at Philadelphia, George Wash- ington won fourth place in the life-saving contest. An interclass meet has been held at which time the team gave an exhibition of their work of this year. The last of May the long-distance swimmers will compete with the hope of equaling the world’s record in distance swimming. During the summer the several members of the team will represent G. W. U. in all outdoor meets held in the vicinity, and it is expected that a good many victories will be brought back in the fall. I he team under the leadership of Beatrice Woodford, manager, is rapidly approach- ing a high degree of proficiency, which means that George Washington is going to be a strong contestant for many honors in the near future. Athletic Resume THLE TICS at G. W. are on the boom. This year the school has been represented by teams in football, basketball, track, rifle, tennis and wrestling, all of which have had successful seasons. Since the appoint- ment of a Director of Student Activities, the increase in the financial support afforded by the student activities tax, and the enrollment of more students in the day classes who can engage in competitive athletics, we have made rapid strides toward the goal of our sporting ambitions. The goal is to be able to put teams in the field composed of men who have complied with the strictest eligibility rules, that can cope with our local rivals, Georgetown and Catholic University. In football we scored 1 37 points to our opponents ' 89, and four of our men, Hughes, j a wish, Ptak and Crouch, earned places on “All D. C.“ elevens. The men ' s basketball team won eight of fourteen games and Daily, Gosnell and Hughes made “All D. C ' quints. The rifle team carried off the District championship and includes Stokes, a world ' s champion. Wrestling in its first year bids fair to become a leading sport of the Buff and Blue, The team lost its first contest, but is steadily improving, having won five out of six matches in its last meet. The tennis team is sure to shine, since a majority of last year ' s starts are on the squad. The track team also includes several experienced men and has entered some of the biggest meets in the country, including the Penn relays, in which it expects to make a good showing. For the past two years G. W. has conducted a South Atlantic Interscholastic Basket- ball I oumament, which has had an influence toward bringing promising high school athletes to the university. This year ' s tournament was won by Loyola of Baltimore, one of the strongest school-boy teams ever seen in Washington. While intramural athletics have not gained much prominence, the interfraternity leagues in bowling, basketball and baseball furnish peppy contests that receive enthusiastic support and do much to develop athletes of university caliber. School spirit is increasing and the cheering was better this year than ever before. Harry Sokoloy, composer of our football osng, “The Buff and Blue, " has given us a song with a swing that instils pep and fight into the team, the rooters and the neutral spectators. Our yelling and singing at the Georgetown and Catholic University football games was as good as that of our rivals, and though we lost the games, the rooters stuck with the team till the final whistle blew. Next year the Buff and Blue teams are sure to improve on past records, since sports will be on a firmer footing, and veteran material will be available in all branches. 1 he George Washington-Georgetown football game on Thanksgiving Day will probably 71 be the feature of next season s grid card, and will eventually develop into the South Atlantic football classic if our team continues to improve as it did this year. 1 here is a movement on foot to place athletics in the hands of an athletic association, controlled by the faculty, alumni and students, similar to those controlling athletics in other large universities. This would leave other student activities in the hands of the Student Council, and separate athletic benefits from other benefits derived from the student activities tax, and should be an improvement over the present system. Athletics this year were under the supervision of Bryan Morse, Director of Student Activities, the Board of Managers and the Athletic Committee of the Student Council, all of whom deserve credit for the services rendered the school. Girls athletics in the university have been keeping pace with the other university activ- ities during the present period of rapid growth and expansion. The field of their partic- ipation in athletics has broadened, more girls have come out for the teams, and a belter, more interested spirit has been manifested. Basketball, swimming and tennis comprise the fields in which they have been engaging and in each the improvements both in the playing and in the morale exhibited has come up to the university s fondest hopes. Robert Karl Peterson James L. Platt, Jr. The 1922 Cherrv Tree Robert Karl Peterson James L. Platt, Jr J. Jos. W. Palmer Lois Gates Gorman James H. Duggan . Editor -in-C hie f . . Business Manager Art Editor . . , Special Editor Fraternity Editor Walter W. McCaslin William E. Zimmerma? Mens Athletics Cherries Catherine McElroy Associate Editor John C. Gall Associate Editor Janeiro Brooks Associate Editor Agnes Messer Sororities Nobel Johnson Organizations E. S. Bettelheim. Jr. Ass ' t Bus. Mgr . Georce L. Bowen Medical School Margaret Beck Teachers ' College George L. Nelson Law School Pauline Ayres Associate Editor Lois E. Campbell Associate Editor Frances DeGrange C iris ' Athletics Maxine Rolle Society Elizabeth Earnest Columbian College Hersie Ayres Engineering College Harvey Howard Artist Earl Chesney Artist Winifred DeVoe Artist Business Staff David L. Sherman Adv. Mgr. 4 Elizabeth Whitfield Ass ' t Adv. Mgr . Kirk Mears Circulation Mgr. 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March 3. 1922 ENGINEER SOCIETY PLANS SPRING OANCE GLEE TRACK MEN EN ' GEORGETOWN SSUE OF GHOST BE BREEZY NUMBER »T •inM ' fy, »wa «» Pukotruo " at k W ' a MMMltUt r at nhtS ' t And Hn » " «♦ IK. : Hknl MUM»b .k | Mi Mai »fcat a »kw ikb | ak l«T uA (aia? Tkr . vVMta wl OM ' U «» iTMat 1 it ' Nal ' pirwHa t tt ! • • •ill ilia tip in »• " ita a .1 a mi (an t a i rt| it» • « . rui Irailil •»« M iaiti- • mule «iU )»•»•• wl 1 • to |» kmt inll !) inn at th r,} Ita i ' nitarnltr 1 1 . utiH ' h ItM .naaad a mwdi » 4 •iiHiMf a t ■ ' f I i Mini •••• ! . Tit Ihllhif • ituM « |0 u ffUtm k uniat? rkl Mark vn.UtpaUd in k Hfaml Ik •mtlMatM . ji i»:a »•• a 4a9eti W a.M «vr ' l.i amawai I • Vil M " ill a »fcwrtli a a • Mr Vail I Mi n .in .A 4 k ,ft« Min uUl A»ri a It In Hi tnaakiiNMi » ► » • or Uiim! in rv« | va t« fata a lib a rutk as4 a MM i i n| Hat «4 jrwn « %Uk» r Mi f t “lt» - - J " rs UNIVERSITY CLUB ANS FIRST-MO ROOM a I»h«i U,l Ta Mari tv a; C ' U lawltak ta nftaa Cmh UvifMM tua a I’titmiij no I M • «n»4: •.• . Ik aMakUalh EDITION OF RAZZ8EHRT C0NSI0ERE0 SUCCESSFUL r iiimiiit Mm m W C «eaai l«ai a a Maa k a Craata Ifililtil 11» Dulkm to i i 4 aan « tk aaamltmi 4 iTaatit T a y»t t ai alakt. alikfiack It •-•I craaa an ' • am »► •• ik». m ilia nitaiM ' ul a |favi t ik.ak n i ae- rntiai Inwi u a fiM tWMii ut an iltawaam al-irfc li iu »«r i «4 in Uia iikai M) " M f,» l« 4a( Lifat r au»t Ta Ma Oivaa at Calm M«fta 1 1 Pr.r „f T,r.,f, tat ai U40 ' In Uta •ntlnc a uan« man fan IlkMlr mraa la tfo n«fcia «r Ima larva t4 Hanrlnt ,U4 bar c mana Ita rtiimri vritn tkatr ixink Jaur. »»f tmr Marvk tl at tka ( tiro •iiiaa lonr k ur " ' RiNin a ftin tl mi • til iltrrt )lr lanitif ir tjft4f in ||f Hi ikM ara trim [at( nUrli a til i»n» to at)lt -n ,-rU4o lr ' lm Hl. «|ili a» a| ! • « Jiinlur ».a l|v i i.r riant |Ma«i.»-A •. f fkt 4n»»ra IWfl [ l a«» « an )caua airr • Kt Uia«ra l lii plana f v ba ft rj l ' »» tut OftnNiMiv ts alt W I. C. MarS ffc if tai liitlA an I M I n»i - ar,| • •i.iaia ik k latiftf in rt« a Urn it lima for a Mnalt |r»lr«» iV a »nn 1 1 rrn f| a r »l ilm. f r ' • ' i c Mi -t-n fh • i , ‘ i i • || niff) ia» a m«i a Irra I ta I , jw an nlH alu fan Tka iu »: if ' amt star ta moJ M ' kiaf ,.r tk f.ttnin ' iir- i»i ikar 4 ilm Kkninaaniti. iko : i SIGMA PHI EPSILON Club Concert Proeet Fitling Climax of Succcttful all WINS SCHOLARSHIP CUP t«ua4 Ha Waikad r n Hana Ta Olv Hint • ' Hffit fo» Than Mint ' lffft» Waalilui Irtti Unit la a alt rln « til i| u| (fa town li ark tniaft ' «i ! •- ii »M Hall IHil4 Mairk A t at aiM l «i in Ike 4.« Alinnlie 4 ' ir nill unit wl f lit iiiivIha f»T TT( 1 1 f i-tm in tiarkmtu ' » «tia f nu i ril ' litulli n ml fi.-nf « " . 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RICHMOND f n 4 wnrit r cm fralrrmty Ayaraitl Maa up Tram , , , ... , , oaea i I II. f.,il..« m, ' li iin Ua final M»r » af All Activ I ' • i • lull i a r n u i : ,.f n« it b Mi • itaalna tint Mamk a • • in • In ' rfc 4 lMr r »r Hint oi ih ' unho flu rW ,.l, tinlih k« ka barn irainim; Ik hh iii ir . limn Cn .i ' lrnl Ho , ua I in Mr .kfn. kMluiainiuc in f»nr il«n i| a b «lnntii« ut llo- »i l»uol llrmUbln . fimaraiiilailnii li hiftMwl rkalar hlp « •••• «f all Iba «•« l »n • • » •» Kin OikiIIi mii!ur. nirf i «f ail tii ni« n ' . ui ' • 1 Own Waihiainm l nl ’ " i ,I " T ' •• ' .-m. i Hn, ’ft,, l hi, »mi u an .4ni«.i , n Int.Mia !• iHiirtfnnil Ml Maim HIM ,.vmi, « IH rr.ioi if Ikcrri.m fji , fa , h J(j||||(( C| •rrnll) arlwOar.kip rop b lb Anam , 0M1 «oul l rumpm. fatAnkh tlminm a.Jiln»lo» U )»» r lifm 1 tk lat rfraMitllr prom, »n , ' hr imi rnlirrr rlr rlnlia M lk« " M, f .. ,, mi f|lfla I • rn,t Uf i, aklnt. Malik S I ruatlrf . trinMilai ok tkk mlr Tb rup vil Iba |ttl 4 Ik Aaaactk j »w« avanta ut Junior W o SOVIET RUSSIA PROBLEM TO BE DEBATEO BY GIRLS 1 1 an4 fro rl»a BIVHI U bi ia ot III lalnty »► • I.r Sit || i k ■ Hurt rrr tki-rn Nu ' «t a Alpha ri«9»n» Taam J urfii|i la OMa Wan • ' • hi -1 1 I ' ll larkra hint!, arlll k Ik par OptHH.ira 1 Ham I., 0«ni | M,f »uit of firm. n»l Kp r.. «M uhnth .4 lli »ai |f ilfkafliin i 1 " ll " O»ia» 0 In- , , nu rot It .- ia r« I’m . r.irnu, nil) WboUr.kip Cup.- on Ik ant«ni OI ‘ • ilh i Kifm Mil l.palloa Tk a» 1,4 , A »m hi 4 v In »t n a pit la’ «l , ,,M 7 1 ,u kf ' « ••» n nauin WaabUuauii Hnl |.» ..... „ ap i.r it tin l mark of all lha aail» , ,.i, «n.| Ui irhin Wv J r H frann nk.r .lr» rv..« ih er «ttt iirv imanbara ci atk tofmlly. 1 WaahllMiuta I aitufll] I at l.-n il..,.r «tio l,ft ,)..,l j., . r nmiorn 1 r» tutu 1 nner .1 . , n, I Rrh|STRIn INNA nUOC • K » ' V ‘ ' " |,N " ' ■• • • • ™ .™ « -.?. ne.V.iv..ra( apphintpr nPAN hf whmfn • rcai 4 tr ni I ' tmlilrtil |li ai I um 1 lu uuin ui nuratn , , i a»M .| 1 r r Til. •• al ' mwvkff J — — Ohio «n4 .n r |,rM., in iti.ifi . hi I -!• 1- I. • t ' .r A . 4 C4txnt»arf 10 O.atr.ei kcnaaU. 1 • gi..i ' » ' .n i i».. .Tnl ujumi la i.f . I,...|. ,1, h; • . . ■ - • - . :••(•• -or ArnauaU « C« u .kiari Ceitaa ' That I’n. KUm - mt mi . 1...) •» •? f-.i.l- .1..- - .1 " , IM. “ 1 1 u 1 7i h» L • Tkr p ■ • i. aaa ev i» ' a • «A ltu» ia . ..« . r a M»tl4 «K ainotnsf MU Anna Lorrlfa M.v kaa Irm Thr « « ' »«•» IwfluoH M ' aab rear will ts ur ik tmu I iu prw - .r ruk.irjit.n •ml ' ap|M tmfil .-’l f 4 an of fur U niMLuallr allow tbia i ar. Jim " . ' Writ « «n amk 4 n V«t Ip bat V a.«: -m ’» J fc - ,U , 1 M tan I ' kivaralt . It » .. u. ... • atmi i ara t, ha kaA n .rn M aiMnnt m I ihin " —“ ■« 11 • ‘pc ' . hi «vp -. nr in imaieuiiepiar niU 4kip tk • ' - r anru ' jnrr ] l I ' ratlJvni Hanril PROM ARE ANI — . p — — , _ip. mm wmmm .1 M lu . . k .- .ci» loin. Dill CC CHD IkATCDCI nu Ll J r U n In 1 l n r I • w).l Iwk kJLi na.Tik r of •« [ uJl. »kirt. p» i ...n b» art! I add r» ».;»M 4 k i wm and alM .|. ' k tW , Jeu . Ikaa ruuid kc 4ao kv wlUnr it tala » 4aan m auman [ .n IK» Irm l»it4l tl fn«1 4 MTaat Vir lt» li « HHbfr ll ill | JAr.i t; t iMAtafui fralarptir, Dal- 1 m«. Kho KafhUm Irsr aa r..J Tka maiMUikt I riair H r»ii Ttist iaan f» r alrn on ib |UiU ' j I rairmli mai 1 « i WITH EIGHT FLOOR VICTORIES Tk nannin laar . nhlrb tat in «• r i p» n It UI tifcki IV. .’(it I " inir ir,! t Fill lean her ami kiaaR • ' ' A IT- . 4 I auti. . w.— ft«. — lu . Ik — P._.a ii.i HATCHETITES CLOSE SEASON Summary of Contcttt Given; All-Dittricl Team Picked; r? m U ' ••kinofnn Ot.f. .n»» rTnnnnft .! ' T l l Kv . W ana. Uit 4 re 4 u a. «a 4 Iwiit a M. a til U. IL bail kit IVoirr ritimor tupii u tk aaif II llo - J tea p nr p cka ' i The University Hatchet C. Melville Walker Alfred C Richmond . . . . J. Jos. W. Palmer . , , Robert H, McNeil , . , . , , Editor-In-Chief . . Businas Manager . . Reviewing Editor Managing Editor News Editors Robert M. B olton Earl Brown Associate Editors James L Platt, Jr. . Francis W. Brown J. Foster Hagan . . D. J, Culver ♦ . . . Elizabeth Whitfield Ralph S. Nagle , Philip Edwards . . Editor . . . . Athletics , ...... Features ssistanl Rev re ip ing Editor . . . , , . Sports , . , , , Humor . . . . , . Exchanges News Howard M. Johnson Douglas Cl.ephane Oscar Zabel John B. Gilliland Millard F. Ottman Edward Rapp ole e Thomas Patterson Hugh Everett, Jr. D. B. Lloyd L. W. Ohlander Kirk Mears Reporters NcWS Allen C, Coe James R. Greist Mary A. Brown Ardjs Smith Wanda Castle Ethel Wolpe Caroline E. Peterson Mae Adelle Markley Mary F. Ward Frances R. Rdbbjn Dorothy Haddox Pharmacy School Charles P. Ruby Sports Leighton Johnson James Bowen Lam School Frank H. Myers Samuel Ostrolenk E. S. Bettelheim, Jr. Medical School Clayton Hixson Donald Detwiler Business Staff D. B. Lloyd ....... Business Manager Knut Nilsson Circulation Manager Olive Henderson ....... Advertising Manager Homer Kindle Elizabeth Whitfield 77 mnm Lcivencr cicpD ne v toyicw Culver QilWtend JWvwO i Atteiroi) x.)ohiyoi) C- Tk ? ppyi|g| | jTn VZ2 HATCHET STAFF 78 moon " Wtell Editor) ormyte? aw Vzterscx) ntqfc QT} HATCHET STAFF 79 wl)if ieid The Ghost Arthur E. Nall Albert Musher .... John D. Ladd . . . Larle Chesney Edilor-in-Chicf . . . Business Manager Advertising Manager Art Editor Art Staff Winifred DeVoe Virginia Ellis James T. Berryman F. Sillers, Jr. Charles Lobdell Literary Staff Ralph S. Nagle Geraldine Barlow J. Foster Hagan D. J. Culver J. Jos. W. Palmer Waldo Clark Business Staff A. H. Friedlander Kirk Mears Herbert Abramson Albert I. Peake Russell Truex J. Milton Rowe 80 rj _ SOCIETIES 81 J JajW FjulK u_ XL Tk ? ppy(Pj [ jTn ? ?J372Z rw WZZ The Pyramid Senior Honor Society The Pyramid is a senior honorary society limited to ten members who have maintained excellent scholarship and distinguished themselves in the advancement of student activities throughout their three years. Elections are semiannual, being held in the fall and spring. Candidates are selected at the end of their junior year or the beginning of their senior year. Fratres in Facultate DeWitt C. Croissant Gilbert Lewis Hall Peter Valaer, Jr, Daniel LeRat Borden Henry Grattan Doyle Bryan Morse Fratres in Universitate William McCormick Ballinger Charles M. Boteler Waldo C Clark John R. Daily John Paul Earnest, Jr, Edward Joseph Hanson James C, Hatcher L, Brooks Hays William Preston Haynes Fitzhugh Hurley John Gardner Ladd Thomas Ellis Lodge Ralph 5, Nacle George Leonard Nelson G, Baillie Springstqn Walter H. Stokes C. Melville Walker Earle Wilbur Wallick Gamma Tau Zeta (Honorary journalistic Fraternity ) (Petitioning Pi Delta Epsilon) Founded at George Washington University 1921. Colors: Black and WTaite Publication; " The Razzlherry. ' Fratres in Facultate Daniel C. Chase Bryan Morse Frater in Urbe Harry Wright Newman Fratres in Unjversitate William M. Ballinger Harold E. Rhame John G. Ladd C Melville Walker C Walker Parker Robert Karl Peterson John Paul Earnest Jr + J. Jos. W, Palmer James L. Platt. Jr. J- Foster Hacan Ralph S. Nagle 65 Delta Sigma Rho (Debating Fraternity )) Founded at Minnesota University, 1906 Number of Chapters, fifty- four Installed at George Washington University, 1908 Publication : “The Gavel. ’ Members in Faculty Dean Merton L. Ferson Prof. Gilbert Hall Prof. W. C. Van Vleck Members in the University Edith Marshall Archey Howard Brock W ashington I. Cleveland Catherine J. Gayle D. Malcolm Hodge A. Leslie Jackson Harry Perlin Talma L. Smith Sarah A. Tilghman Earle W. Wallick Thsr ?hreppy(( Standing — G RT $, TwELE MaRKLEY, MANKEY SeaW— T ilghman, Earnest Spkinx Honor Society Sphinx was founded in 1912 for the purpose of promoting high scholarship and interest in student affairs among the women of the University, Its membership is limited to seven, and only those women are eligible to election who have a scholarship average which is twenty above passing, and who take an unusual interest in college activities. Members in University Elizabeth Earnest Maxine Girts Martha McGrew Helen Mankey Mae Adelle Markley Sarah A. Tilghman Gladys Twele 87 G. W. CLUB 5£IS» wit zc TKv ?kvppyi The George Washington Cluh Officers James C Hatcher John R. Daily . Willard H. Brachlow . Lester W, Johnson .1 „ - , „ . President , , « Vice-President . . , Secretary T reasurcr W, F, Banville Members in University FOOTBALL Rh M. McAlister K, K. Shaw Waldo Clark Knot Nilsson G. Bailue Springston John R. Daily Hamilton Owens C. A. Whyte W, James Ptak Edward J. Hanson BASEBALL Lester W. Johnson Clarence Owens Willard Fh Bracklow BASKETBALL James C. Hatcher C. Calvin Spears John R Daily Fitzhugh Hurley G P Bajlue Springston John G. Ladd tennis V. M- Ballinger John G Ladd RIFLE H, C, Espey W, R, Stokes TRACK HlLLORY A. ToLSON SWIMMING W. R. Stokes HONORARY F, L Yates 89 Tkv !!k ppy||fe) | jTpv WZZ Standing — Bailey, Berliner. Scott. Cruickshanks, Biccs Sealed — Lanigan. Campbell, Brauner Sigma Tau ( Honorary Engineering Society) f ounded at University of Nebraska, February 22. 1904. Active chapters, twelve Colon: Blue and White Publication : " The Pyramid. " Floiver: Carnation Xi Chapter Installed April 18. 1921 Sigma I au is an honorary engineering fraternity. Its membership is limited to those engineering students in the Junior and Senior Classes whose scholastic average is in the upper third of the averages in the Engineering College. Honorary Members Arthur P. Davis Albert L. Harris Dr. Howard L. Hodgkins John R. Lapham Frater in Facultate Benjamin C. Cruickshanks Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 Fmmett C. Bailey Richard D. Campbell Walter G. Scott, Jr. Class of 1923 Julius F. T. Berliner Ralph H. Brauner Walter H. Free Arthur L. Lanigan Joe Lapish 90 Thg gppy|ttR ) )Tn ? Board of Managers of Student Activities HE Board of Managers of Student Activities consists of the Director of Student Activities, three members of the faculty, two alumni members and two students. The Director of Student Activities is the chairman of the board; the three faculty members are appointed by the president of the university; the two alumni members are appointed by the George Washington University Alumni Association, and the two student representatives are chosen by the Student Council. The board was created in May, 1920, to take over the functions formerly exercised by the Faculty Committee on Student Activities, and has for its purpose the encouragement, direction, control and accounting for such activities. Its powers embrac e supervision over all financial mat- ters pertaining to student activities, including allotment of the student tax. Faculty Members Bryan Morse. Chairman, Director of Student Activities Charles S. Collier Daniel L. Borden Henry G. Doyle Alumni Members C. C. Glover Thomas L. Bradley Student Members John Paul Earnest, Jr. Herbert H. Shinnick 92 inr 1 The Law School Senate Due to the rapid growth and expansion of the Law School through the masterly efforts of Dean person need arose for a separate governing body of this department of the university, and to meet this need the Law School Senate was created. It is composed of a member of the faculty an alumnus and three members from each class Its past accomplishments merit the prophecy that the benefits of its admin- istration will continue to reflect credit upon the organization. Sarah Tjlchman . . Heath A. Melton . . Paul C. Wallace . . Dean Merton L. Fersqn Gilbert L. Hall . . Officers President . Vice-President . Secretary Faculty Member Alumnus Member George EL Hughes John C. Gall Elmer A, Lewis Third Year William W. Ross Second Year Heath A. Melton First Year Marie V Martin 93 Sarah A, Tilghman Pauline G. Wallace Abe Norcross — lijr JI’Q ’ " !. Student Council Robert Nelson Anderson Elizabeth Earnest Ijllian Smith Officers President . . . . Vice-President Secretary - T rcasurer Columbian College Waldo Clark Robet Coldflesh Lillian Smith Medical School Eugene Cole Preston Haynes Delegates at Large Robert Nelson Anderson Elizabeth Earnest John Paul Earnest. Jr. Edward J. Hanson Herbert H. Shinnick Law School Bernard Burdick Glenn Corbitt Harvey Schmidt Engineering School Walter Scott Ralph Nagle 94 The Student Council HE Student Council, organized in 1916 for the purpose of stimulating interest in student activities and aiding in the financing of all athletic endeavors, now really functions, by reason of added responsibilities, as a representative advisory body on all activities. There is vested in it the power to appoint managers and assistant managers of the various branches of athletics, the editors and business managers of the various univer- ities. Its jurisdiction also extends over freshman activities pending class organization. In short, to it is committed the duty and privilege of inducing and fostering interest in all university activities of athletic, social and literary nature. To the present council may be attributed, among other things, a successful voluntary student tax campaign and the adoption of an honor constitution. The majority of its members are elected by popular vote of the various colleges of the university, there being three from Columbian College, three from the Law School, two from the Medical School, two from the Engi- neering School and one each from the 1 eachers 1 . Pharmacy and Graduate schools. In addition to these there are five members at large who receive their appointments from the Board of Managers of Student Activities. The editors and business managers of publications and the athletic man- agers are ex-officio members of the council. The council is now preparing to submit a plan contemplating complete student control of activities. This plan includes provision for an Athletic Council as well as a Student Council, and if its plan be approved and adopted, the members of the present council will feel that they have not lived in vain. Top — Peterson. Young, Hatcher, Glover, Walker, Platt Loner — Turner. Robsion, Gerry, Markley, Hurley Board of Student Managers I he Board of Student Managers has recently been organized by the editors of the various publications, the managers of all athletic activities, and the Director of Student Activities, to foster and promote a closer cooperation among the student activities in order that a spirit of united action might motivate the work of all toward a greater George Washington University. Bryan Morse, Director Student Activities, Chairman Robert Karl Peterson Horace L. Young . . James Chandler Hatcher W. Barron Glover . . C. Melville Walker James Lee Platt, Jr. Bolon Bailey Turner . Daisy Roesion .... Marjorie Gerry . . . Mae Adelle Markley . Fitzhugh Hurley . . EJitor-in-Chicf Cherry Tree . Manager Mens Swimming . . . Manager Wrestling . . Manager Men ' s Tennis . . Edilor-in-Chicf Hatchet Business Manager Cherry Tree Manager Track . Manager C iris ' Basketball . Manager Girls ' Swimming . . . Manager Girls ' Tennis . Manager Men ' s Basketball l|| ▼ % 40K m- - Tkv J PPy||iB8)Tnv " C7 — X The G. W. U. Players Ralph S. Nagle ........ Geraldine Barlow . . , . Phoebe Gates , . . J. Foster Hagan ► , - . , , . President V ice -President , , . Secretary T rcaaurer X 9 Tk ]k ppyl(| r j | )Tn J7ZZ Columbian Debating Society After a period of uncertain progress during the years of the late war and of improve- ment during the seasons just past, the Columbian Debating Society entered upon the present school year with renewed hope, higher aspirations and still greater ambition for the advance- ment of forensic art Attendance upon meetings this year has been consistently good and the debates well prepared and convincing The enthusiasm and success manifested in the work is evidenced by the fact that three of the society ' s newest members succeeded in capturing places on the university ' s debating teams. These have done honor to the society in its effort to pro- mote the art of public speaking and afford training for prospective varsity debaters and embryonic lawyers. The custom of devoting a part of the meeting to the study of parliamentary practice and procedure has been inaugurated this year, beginning at the second semester, and this departure from the usual program has proved helpful and interesting. Officers Fin s( Semester Second Semester Harry Perlin President ,. , , . Charles P. Swindler Don Carlos Reid FVce-PresjJeflf . W, E Reece Adelaide Thom ,,, , . Secretary , , Adelaide Thom J. P, Sorenson ■ . , . , T reasurer . . . J, P, Sorenson Charles P. Swindler . Critic J R Cox Damon C. Abel . . . , , . . , Reporter , Damon C Abel Members Vera Bailey C. A. Marshall J. E, Stevens J. F, Bird B. M. Perlin R. A. Tron H. Friedman Mildred Murray Celeste Weyl C D. Focle Michael Mussman L, S, Williams J. B. Gilliland L, W. Ohlander J. Woolerv W. A Hughes G. P, Palomar M. Wright Denise J Levy Martha Powell Stella Randolph W. E Reece Ed Scheufler Rose Shaikewitz D. L. Sherman Ardis Smith M M. Somers O. Zabel 99 HHHBE The Engineering Society Officers A. L. Lanigan R. Best J. C. MacNab W.C. Scott President Vice-President Secretary A cling Treasurer 100 The Engineering Society Membership in this society is open to all students registered in the Engineering College and also to others in the university who happen to be interested in engineering or technical subjects. The society has for its purpose the fostering of interest along these lines and its meetings provide a forum for the discussion of such subjects. Members F. M, Albert R. G. H ainsworth J. H. Platt E. C. Bails v L. M. Hammond Earl Polk J. H. Barnard P, R. Harris E. W, Portor IT Bazabqff J. L. Haynes P, L. Rodier J, F. T. Berliner G T. Heckert N. H, Sanborn R, Best L. H. Bench W. C. Scott j, R. Boyd Charues Hennings W. H. Seaquist R, H. Brawner President H. L. Hodgkins W. PL Selvey R, C. Burns H. H + James F. Siller. Jr. M, J, Blfssard A. H. Kampe O. F, Smith 5. M. Cameron D. B. Kinney T, F. Stewart R, D. Campbell A, L. Lanigan W, A. Tucker R. C Carter E, A. Limper W. T. Webu G. W. Clarvoe D. B. Lloyd R. H. Wendt M. A. Crews G. Lowry E, L, White B. C. Cruikshank J. H. Ludwig Joseph L, White W. D. Davidson J, M MacNab G. C. Whittaker S. L Earle H, B. McCoy V. B, Wilkes J, E Edwards E, C. McKay A. H. Wilson F. H. Engel M + L. Marl and M. Wjnaker A, L. Farmer J, W, Metzker J. H. Winkler S. Friedman H. F. Niemeyer D. O. Woolf C. M, Godfrey R. A, Norton 101 Tke npyi ilTn WZZ w i — ==fE5il — v — ' " The Chemical Society Officers J F. T. Berliner President N. H. Sanborn Vice- President Marie 0‘Dea Secretary L. C. Oscar Treasurer Members Vera Bailey D. P. Graham A. R. Mackey Nalls Berryman A. Hartman Otto Moeller A. M. Bloxton R. M. Hawn W. H. Mutchler H. A. Bonnet E. Haworth Ralph Nagle J. W. Brewep W. S. Heller Charles P. Ruby Delena L. Burkhead C. H. Hixson W. C. Scott Virginia Cotter Jane S. Hromatko Paul Spielman 1. C. Diner D. Joost T. H. Slattery G. W. Clarvoe S. S. Kingsbury S. Stearman G. H. Corey D. R. Kinney F. Sillers, Jr. H. B. Dixon B. E. Lanham H. P. Rue Ruth Evans D. E. Letson B. SCHLOSSER M. Fortna P. Lindsay C. T. Thomas G. U. Graff W. C. McKimmie Gordon Tibbits Lt. F. B. Garin F. H. Marks J. H. Winkler 102 Women s Legal Club The Women ' s Legal Club is a democratic organization, every woman student in the Law School being eligible to membership. It has for its purpose the promotion of a high standard of professional ethics and the preparation of women students for a full and worthy participation in the American system of self-government Officers Sarah A. Tilghman President Elizabeth M. Bailey . . Third Vice-President Helen R, Carloss . . First Vice- President Lots Cates Gorman Secretary Rose S + Shaikewitz . Second Kice-Pres ' denf Clara CAtN Treasurer Nell Ray Clarke , . , Press Representative Edith M. Arche y E, Ruth Audas Elizabeth M. Bailey Lillian Belden Sara E Bernstein Emma B. Breen Clara M. Bingaman May E. Boardman Acnes M. Brown Clara J. Cain Mildred R, Callahan Helen R, Carloss Marion M. Clark Nell Ray Clarke Beatrice A. Clephane Gilbert A + Cone Naomi G. Cone Mary M Connelly Mary S. Covington Virginia Diedel Clare Dillon Alice M. Dodd Members Esther E. Dodd Margaret E Donahoe Dorothy Donahue Kathleen Duggan Grace M, Duncan Grace M. Eddy Julia L. Ford Louise T. Foster Catherine Gayle Lois Gates Gorman Jane Holbrook Marion E Holliday Mamie Jackson Dorothy E Janes Mabel Kirk Denise J. Levy Martha McGrew Anna G. McLaughlin M. B. McLaughlin Veronica M. Martin Laura B. Mason Marguerite C. Moore Clara Neblett Carrah Pierce Mattie Poindexter Hazel 1C Proud Grace E, Reardon Georgia Redway Virginia Schwab Rose S. Shaikewitz Susie M. Sledd Maye Steely Amanda Z. Strayer Mary T. Sweeney Rose E. Tabb Ruth Tech Sarah A. Tilchman Pauline Wallace Nell Wlesh Filimore Wilgus Ida G. Williams Emma D. Wright iilliliil Architectural Club Members Jessica Adams W. J, Anderson F. F. Fartl H. J. Bounds H. j. Bradley Julian Browne Leon Chatelaine F, D. Cristy E + A, Dacey P. F. Dulaney T. R Edwards F. A- Elliot C C. Fitzhuch Prof. Fleming R + M. Fred Harry Graham A, L. Harris L. H Harris Elizabeth Heil V. Hemsel Catharine Hough J, H. Jeffery C. W, Jones J, H, Jones R. A. Kapplep L. S. Keefanvef j. H. La pish Helen Loomis R, G, McAlister T, S McCleland V. McDougal R. C. McPhilomy F. H. Mahlman G. E. Moore F, A, Muse V. M, Norr C L, Nutt Prof. Partridge Dorothea Porter E. A. Poynton N, L. Pyle T. J t Rowland Dorothy Sjgman Prof. Smith Leota Soars A. P. Starr Louise Strother D. Sutton P. H. Williams J. F. Wolfe C. W. Woodward Lucy Woolley Tta tltarnny l (S f) jTr WZZ w i — ==JWx . r v= Women s University Club VlRCINIA M. NlCHOLLS Louise Strother . . Mary Benfer . . . Sam Aiken . . . . Helen Mankey . . Bernice Veley . . . Officers President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer , . . . House keeper Women’s University Club Mary Abel Carolyn Aiken Sam Aiken Aletha Anderson Alice Ashford Phyllis Atkinson Lillie P. Bailey Alice Barksdale R. Geraldine Barlow Mary T. Barr Hazel Bayne Mary C. Benfer M a belle Bennett Ruth Bock Mary Box Margaret L. Bowie Marian Bowker Margaret Brewer Janeiro V. Brooks Katherine Bryant Harriet Burgess Gretchen Campbell Lois Campbell Marguerite Carlton Elsie Chapman Catherine Chisholm Martha Coffin Elizabeth M. Cook Eunice K. Crabtree Mary Cramer Ruby L, Culp Marguerite Daly Mrs. H. D. Draper Agnes Ewell Fannie A. Ferneyhouch Marie Fortna Elizabeth Fros Janet Gassman Isabel L. Gates Mae C. Gervais Maxine Girts Eunice Goddard Zoda Greenlee Cora Guest Margaret Guest Mary E, Herrick Members Beth Heil Alice Heyl Alice Hill Florence Hill Jean Himmelfarb C atherine Anne Hough Anne Hof Winifred Hull Florine Hurley Kathryn Jenkins Asenath Johnson Ruth Greene Junior Elizabeth Kehr Elizabeth Kendrick Rose Killian Ella Josephine Kirk Edna Knisely Phoebe Knupper Dorothy Ladd Anna T. Lawrence Nellie Grace Leedy Mary Lester Helen M, Loomis Bertha L. Lucas Madge I. Luce Katherine C. McCauley Anita A, McCord Louise McDowell Catherine McElroy Florence McElroy Elsie McGarvin Ruth McGown Eleanor McMurchy Georgia Macauley Alice Mackey Helen Mankey Carmen L. Mayer Eleanor Melchior Vivian Ogden Virginia M Nicholls Ernestine H. Niemeyer E. Grace Oldham Katherine Omwake Edwina Pabst Helen G. Pabst Vera Partch Margaret Patterson Dorothy Patti son Helen Perrian Ruth Phillips Ruth S, Postles Olive Prescott Mattie Poindexter Theresa P. Pyle May A. Rafterry Josephine C Ramace Helen Romhilt Janet Ransome Vernice Reed Hazel Reynolds Gertrude Rinebolt Maxine Rolle Mary C. Ruff Margaret Russell Estelle Siegler Dorothy Sjcman Lillian Smith Adeline Staley Annette Steel Dorothea Stephens Agnes Stitt Louise Strother Bertha E. Taylor Emily Tilten Adelaide Traband Adelaide R. Trent Hazel R. Truscott Ruth E. Tuckey Nelda Umbeck Mary J. Vaccaro Bernice Veley Effie L. Walker Mary Frances Ward Anna Waring Mary H. Watkins Virginia B. Willis Dorothy Y. Wilson Phoebe Wilson Grace Womersley Lucy Woolley Katherine Wright 107 ' 25Z3 George Washington University Masonic Club Byron G. Carson Franklin E. Hardy . . . Isaac Q. Lord F. J. Frecht J. F. Little . . . R. B. I Iardinc Ray Ash . . T. L. Gatch . Officers President Vice-President ( Lan ) Vice-President ( Columbian College ) Vice-President ( Engineering ) Vice-President ( Medical ) Herald T rcasurcr Secretary Members C. R. Allen W. E. Graves L. J. Millan Ray Ash H. R. Grossman R. L. Moore Georce Askew F. G. Harden R. L. Nutt L. D. Asmus F. E. Hardy D. O’Flaherty R. B. Benson P. W. Hammack E. A. Poynton F. M. Blehr E. J. Hanson R. W. Pulliam 1 C. Booher R. B. Harding D. C. Reid G. J. Burton J. F. Hauck R. W. Richardson B. G. Carson D. R. FIickey H. R. Riffenberc William Couper J. P. James E. H. Shinn J. R. Cox FI. C. Keene D. H. SlBBLTT D. C. Croissant H. A. Kenman Prof. H. G. Spaulding Herman Cutting C. C. Kockenderfer E. L. White W. J. Davis A. A. LaFleur C. A. Whyte P. D. Fallon J. R. Lapham K. C. Wiseman Dean M. L. Ferson A. E. Laughlin R. H. Worrvll C M. Frey J. F. Little. Jr. Harry Zehner T. L. Gatch I. Q. Lord 108 W. E. Zimmerman esm % := bj! Y. W. C. A. The Young Women ' s Christian Association of George Washington University came into being as the result of a feeling on the pari of many students that an organisation offering opportunities for Chris- tian service and for the development of Christian character was needed and desired. The association was formally organized November 6 h 1921. Since that time meetings have been held every Monday after chapel. each unique in its interest. On two occasions special speakers were pro- vided for chapel and work varied enough to meet the talents of each girl has been carried on by the committees. The membership is close to sixty and still increasing. Application for affiliation with the national student organization has been approved. Officers Elizabeth Kendrick President Elizabeth Kehr ....... V ice -President and Chairman Citizenship Committee June Cooper Secretary Mabelle Bennett Treasurer and Chairman Social Service Committee BERNICE VeLEY . Chairman Educational Committee Helen Loomis Chairman Publicity Committee Margaret Soars Chairman Program Committee Abigail Lane . Chairman Membership Committee Eleanor McMurchy ........... Chairman Conference Committee 109 .jr Girls ' Glee Club Members Mary Olive Ames Alice Heyl Helen G. Pabst Alice Ashford Alice Hill Bernadette M. Perlin Phyllis Atkinson Catherine Hough Olive Prescott Hazel Bayne Winifred Hull Theresa Pyle Geraldine Barlow Elizabeth Kehr Janet Ransome Mabelle Bennett Elizabeth Kendrick Bernice Reed Gertrude Bergman Ella Kirk Maxine Rolle June Cooper Phoebe Knappen Daisy Robsion Marguerite Daly Dorothy Ladd Reva Silver Winifred DeVoe Theresa Lawrence Adelaide Thom Marion Brown Anita McCord Adelaide Traband Esther Edcerton Helen Mankey Nelda Umbeck Eunice Goddard Dorothy Manning Mary Vacarro Dorothy Haddox Eleanor Melchior Bernice Veley Helen Hastings Ernestine Niemeyer Beatrice Woodford 110 Tlret!hrenny| v IV22 Top— H and Foley, Shaw, Lord, Marquis, Corbin, Metsker. Second — Wooden, Robertson, Fly, Lloyd, Sperry, Young, Davis Third — Ballinger, Haynes, King-Smith, Director; Baker, Anderton, Saunders L on er— B irmingham, Best, Bartholomew Men s Glee Club Mr, King-Smith Isaac Q, Lord . . - . Robert A. Baker Ronald Nyman Marquis , Director , President and Manager Assistant Manager First Tenors Robert H. Anderton Charles H, Birmingham Bartley H. Corbin Tom J. Davjs Preston Haynes Frank M. Hand First Bass W, Graham Fly Ronald Nyman Marquis Millard F. Ottman Randall M. Saunders H. K, Shaw Second Tenors Robert A, Baker Wilmer T. Bartholomew Daniel B. Lloyd, Jr, John W. Metsker Reynolds Robertson Albert Sperry R. B, Wooden Second Bass William M. Ballinger R. D. Best W. G Cusnard Philip C. Edwards Albert J, Foley R, H Harmon Isaac Q. Lord Horace C. Young HI Ohio Club Officers Olive E. CeIGER Vice-President (President Pro Tem.) Homer H. Kirby Secretary, Filimore Wilcus Treasurer 1 his club, organized March 1, 1921, under the name of the Ohio Club of George Washington University Law School, is distinguished by the fact that it is the first of its kind to be organized in the history of the university. Its purpose is twofold: First, to place the school before the public eye of Ohio, and second, to acquaint its members with the law and practice of their home state. The ground work of the club’s publicity in the State of Ohio has been laid. In consequence whereof the club looks forward to being able to show definite results in future years. Floyd J. Baker Lillian C. Belden Ida V. Blake Olive E. Geiger Members Joseph Hartman Homer H. Kirby Raymond A. Miles Herman G. Penrod Charles W. Porter Susie M. Sledd Filimora Wilgus Lee R. Wilson Officers Vernon Romney , . President FF Grant Hinckley Vice-President Parley P. Eccles . , , Secretary Kenneth N. Parkinson . Treasurer Members Walter S. Aches on Norval E. Callister Matt Cowley Ray J. Cunningham Scott Dahlquist Allen F, Daily Parley P + Eccles Fred Erickson Joseph C Fehr H. Grant Hinckley Kenneth Lyon Arthur McGregor Edward Morrissey George L, Nelson Walter Osmond Kenneth N. Parkinson Albert FL Paul Vernon Romney Stanley J. Tracey Arthur $ Voelker Recognizing the desirability of a dose coordination between the study of the law and an under- standing of the statutes of their own state the Utah students of the law school, on October 4, 1921 organized under the name of the Utah Legal Club of George Washington University, Lectures on the law and practice of their home state have proved popular and instructive and the club has every assurance of a most successful future. Tke Tyl er Club of tke George Washington University Law School N the early spring of 1921 a group of first-year law students who had been associated in the study of various phases of the law, and who had found the association and dissemination of ideas mutually helpful, decided to organize themselves into a permanent body to continue the work already undertaken. Accordingly, a meeting was held and out of the meeting grew an organization known as the House of Representatives of George Washington University. The original membership was about twenty. During the present year the members expressed their desire to be chartered as a regularly recognized student activity, and to this end sought the advice of Dean Ferson. For obvious reasons it was thought best to change the name of the body, and it was subsequently changed to the Tyler Club, which met with the approval of Dean Ferson, and the organization took its place among the student clubs. Chester E. King Kenneth J. Winfield Edward R. Smith Officers , „ , , President , , Secretary Treasurer Lester Ferris John Gall James C. Griff Joseph V, Hazel . Members Alexander A, La Fluer P. E. Monroe Lester Moore William Nicholson Robert W. Parnaby Robert Richardson Harry M, Seydel Vt. R. Wollmar Ferry B. Potter A. Henry Walter Percy Watzman Otis M, Yokum The Free Lance Club Officers Parker Lamore J. Fuller Spoerri . . . . W. Waldo Girdner President . . . . Vice-President Secretary- T reasurcr Purposes: To stand for the toleration of thought and the free expression of opinion; to further the progress of democratic ideals, and to promote a better international under- standing through unprejudiced inquiry into matters affecting the general welfare of all peoples. F. E. Becker J. C. Byars, Jr. I. H. Chan Roy T. Darby R. J. Flood. Jr. Members W. Waldo Girdner Eustace Glycofrides Parker Lamore Edwin A. Loop Isaac Q. Lord William A. McCarthy Edward Morrissey Edward B. Moulton Gaudioso P. Palomar Paul C. Reed Neil C. Reid Alfredo Samson Robert L. Savage, Jr. D. R. Simon Audley L. Smith J. Fuller Spoerri Oscar A. Zabel 116 THE ENOSINIAN SOCIETY J. Fuller Spqerri President Edward L. Scheufler Secretory Edith L, Elliott Vice-President Lewis N, Churbuck Treasurer V. B. Zlrkle CL A. Zabel n. c h wum M. Wright M, B. WiachiU’t Members O. R. Singleton I . W. Ol.l antler It. R. Hard InR R. U. Savage Michael Mu Hainan J. B Gilliland Bu I h Rega n K . M ea ra W. W. G i rdner R. W, Pulliam G, W. Hedging E, Brown E. S, Bettclheim, Jr + 15. F. Blelker Russell B. Benson Irene Corey George W. Hudgins El Circulo Espanol Officers Luis Passalacqua Janeiro Brooks Caroline Peterson . . . H. Nicholas Weigandt , . . . . . . President , . . V icc-Prcsidcnt , . . Secretary Treasurer R. F. Bleiker R. M. Bolton Nina M. Booth Janeiro Brooks Erma Brown Mary A. Brown A. Comas William Gelpi Grace Leedy Members H. D. McCoy J. Mildred Murray J. Jos. W. Palmer Luis Passalacqua Alonso Perales Caroline Peterson Janet Ransoml Alfredo Samson Marian Schwartz Ray Speer J. Fuller Spoerri Benito Srizarry Dorothy Storck Rebecca Tansil Josephine Vacarro VlLLANEUVA H. Nicholas Weigandt Celeste Weyl 118 c El Circulo Espanol 1GNA de encomio es la labor que el Circulo Espanol ha llevado a cabo durante su segundo ano que en nada ha desmerecido a la brilhante labor del ano precedente Los cursos de conferences celebrados han tenido un exito complete. Eminentes literates y distinquidos politicos aceptaron la mvitacion de ests Circulo para traer ante los miembros, una autorizada y competente exposition del arte, historia, literatura, vida y costumbres de los pueblos hispanos. La popularidad y el renombre que con estas conferences el Cfrculo ha obtenido es altamente encomiastico. Pero mo se han limitado las actividades del Cfrculo a esta provechosa labor educativa, De acuerdo con los fines para que fue formado, de combinar !a vida social con la parte instructiva, se ha dedicado especial interes a las diversiones y entretenimientos. Se han celebrado fiestas como “Las Fiesta de las Flores 1 en la que la mayoria de los asistentes lucian vistosos trajes espanoles, resaltando la mantilla y la peineta, viendose flores por doquier completando el programa bailes, musica espanola, juegos y otras diversiones proprias del caso, todo genuinamente espanl, dejando en la mente de los que asistieron la impresion de haberse hallado por unas horas en una de las clasicas fiestas de la Sevilla autentica. Otras vanas fiestas y bailes tuvieron no menos exito. Justo es eonsignar que el exito obtemdo se debe al incansable entusiasmo demostrado Unto por la Junta directiva come por e! resto de los miembros. Hoy, sin duda alguna, el Cfrculo Espanol ocupa uno de los pnmeros puestos entre las diferentes actividades de los estudientes de esta universidad. Para todos ellos es familiar la importancia del Cfrculo. En vista del exito lisonjero obtenido, no es aventurado afirmar que la labor del futuro continuara siendo tan provechosa e interesanle come hasta ahora lo ha sido y que el desarollo del los planes que se tienen en proyecto, no seran smo un numero mas de exitos que agregar a ta ya larga cadena de los obtenidos. The Ancient, Independent and Effervescent Order of the Yellow Dog The Ancient, Independent and Effervescent Order of the Yellcw Dog was founded some fifty odd years ago in the most prominent of our Southern clubs, and has expanded and flourished until now members of the famous order can be found in every prominent club and university in the United States. The George Washington University Kennel was installed in October, 1921. The order is based upon the principles of friendship, fidelity and fun (the most potent of which is fun) and seeks to inculcate in its members that unflinching and time-honored faithfulness of the yellow dog — faithfulness to your brother, your university and your country. Official Canines Horace C. Young His Royal Highness, Ihc Chief Mongrel D. Malcolm Hodge Chief Scralchcr and Keeper of ihc Bones Albert Foley Chief Yelpcr and Conductor of the Common Curs John R. Daily Chief Exterminator of the Fleas R. P. Almond A. Anderson J. H. Armstrong C. H. Birmingham G. Buckheizer R. C. Burdick W. A. Clarke W. 1. Cleveland Glenn Corbett R. W. Cost G. Coyle John R Daily J. L. Delany A. T. Ellis Albert J. Foley J. D. Glass W. Glover H. D. Gregory E. J. Hanson L. H. Heist Yellow Docs D. Malcolm Hodce G. E. Hughes C. L. Hunt J. C. Hunt F. L. Hurley E. J. Jackson P. M. Johnson H. E. Ketner J. T. Ketner T. E. Lodce R. McEldowney Dinty Moore M. Morehouse R. E. Morgan G. A. Moskey R. R. Odell P. L. Patterson H. J. Plagens H. L. Rogers John Sandlin HOT DOG! 120 H. Schmidt E. A. See C. H. Severance II. K. Shaw FI. FI. Shinnick W. V. Simmonds L. W. Smeed FI. U. Smith C. A. Tolson C. F. Tucker C. L. Tyler E. W. Wallick G. Walters H. N. Weigant H. L. Wheeler Van Wilkes F. L. Yates Horace C. Young J. Zimmerman W. Zimmerman Tk ?£lrerry|i3||TW IVZZ v — 3kyj8y‘ . T The 1922 Debating S eason HE season of 1922 has brought to George Washington University hon- ored distinction in the field of debating. In each contest of the season the teams displayed unusual ability and have reflected admirable credit upon the university. The following is a schedule of the season: Triangular debate: Ohio Wesleyan, West Virginia, George Wash- ington. Subject: Resolved, That the United States should recognize the soviet government of Russia. Affirmative team: Sarah Tilgham, Catherine Gayne and Kathleen Duggan, who debated West Virginia at Washington and won by unan- imous decision. Negative team: Louise Poster, Mildred Belt and Filamore Wilgus, who debated Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware, Ohio, on March 3 and lost the decision. The affirmative team debated Swarthmore at Swarthmore on March 1 0 and repeated their former unanimous victory. 1 riangular debate: Swarthmore, West Virginia: George Washington. Subject: Resolved, I hat Congress should enact legislation establishing a sales tax. Affirmative team: Leslie Jackson, Oscar Zable and Edward Scheufler, who debated Swarthmore at Washington on March 24, were awarded the victory. Negative team: Charles Maxwell, John B. Gilliland and Harry Perlin debated West Virginia at Morgantown on March 24, losing by a two-to-one decision. A twenty-four-hour debate between Ohio Wesleyan and George Washington has been arranged for at Washington on March 3L The subject will be announced at the beginning of the debate. 1 he last debate of the season will be between the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington at Washington for April 7 on the subject: Resolved, That the United States should cancel the debts owed to it by the several Allied nations. The George Wash- ington team will consist of Brooks Hayes, Philip E. Barnard and Michael A, Mussman. Debating Council Prof, Charles Sager Collier President and Faculty Representative Paul Shorb . . Coach Prof, DeWitt C. Croissant Facufly Bcpreaenfa fve Harry Berlin Re presen la five First Semester Charles A. Swindler Columbian Debate Second Quarter Washington I. Cleveland . , Rcpresental ve from Delta Sigma Rbo Debating Fraternity George V. DeBrodes , . . Manager Mens Debates Sarah A. Tilchman Manager IV omen ' s Debates 12! niiiijfjurt 122 Interfraternity Association President . Vice-President . Secretary Officers Robert E. Morgan George L. Nelson Knute Nilsson Stanley Wright Thomas E. Lodge Howard H. Espey . Eucene Thomas . . D. Malcolm Hodge . F. L. Bradley . . . Knute Nilsson . . Verne P. Simmons . Bernard F. Burdick Georce: L. Nelson Robert E. Morcan . John Reed . . . . H. C. Kilpatrick . Delegates Sigma Chi Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Chi Phi Sigma Kappa Delta Tau Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Nu Phi Delta Phi Phi Alpha Delta Phi Chi W andering Creeps 124 Interfraternity Association HE In ter fraternity Association is composed of delegates from the several fraternities, and has for its object the promotion of friendships, good fellowship and cooperation among the fraternities of G. W. U. The association reg- ularly conducts bowling basketball and baseball tourna- ments among its members each fraternity being represented by its own team At intervals during the school year the association gives formal dances for the members of the fraternities which compose it. The work which the association is doing to further the interests of G. W. is note- worthy and commendable indeed n T) ao AlT7)O0d M -- I - .1 ; i t f |iiV ; ! [ ' I ' tvgVJk rpyl ,L ’ |Tng W2Z SIGMA cm 126 Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University June 29. 1855 Active chapters, seventy -five Colors: Blue and Cold Flamer; White Rose Publico f ion : “Sigma Chi Quarterly. ' ' Epsil on Chapter Installed June 10. 1864 Chapter house. 1312 N Street Fratres in Facultate DeWitt C Croissant S. H. Greene G. W Acker J. L. Rjcgles J. P. Fjllebrown Peter J. Valaer Albert E. Pagan C K. Jones Bryan Morse Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 Roger P. Almond WILLIAM E. BaRKMAN John ML Gaines Edward j, Hanson John G. Harlan L. Brooks Hays Laurie IVL Huck Carl D. McManamy George L. Nelson Wendell P. Raine Samuel J, Roberts William V. Ross Allen G. Thurman Bolon B. Turner Henry L. Young Wise Class of 1923 Felix W, Altrup Charles M. Boteler Henry C. Bush W. C. Burton Thomas J. Davis George S. Ellis Alexander W. Gregg Arthur E. Nall Joseph D. Wright Stanley j. Wright Class of 1924 Eugene E. Angevine Matthew Cowley M. Dean Davis Dallas B. Hayes W. P. Haynes Ea le W. Manson Marion B. Rhodes Neophytes Willard Hart John Littlepace James A. Thurman F.rnest Bettes George T. Heckert John Wright 127 £f " l Tkv k ppyi(p3)jTn I VZZ KAPPA SIGMA 128 2X3 J Kappa Sigma Founded at University of Virginia. December 10, 1867 Active chapters, eighty-seven Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green Flower : Lily-of-the-Vailey Alpha Eta Chapter Installed February 23, 1892 Chapter bouse, 1 100 Vermont Avenue Publication: " The Caduceus. " Fratres in Facultate A. F. W. Schmidt, A,!VL Charles W. Holmes Edward Grant Siebert, M,D. Edgar Pasquel Copeland, MD, Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 G. William Creswell John Ryan Daily Clarence K. Glover Class of Eugene S, Cox Joseph O, Houghton Lester W, Johnson Walter T, McCarthy Class of Irvine L. Black. Louis M. Churbuck Charles IVL Halliday J. C, Hunt Class of Francis Banvjlle Hulbert Bisselle Cecil Hunt Thomas E. Lodge Robert Russell Odell Edward McCarthy 1923 Clyde Radcliffe Harold E. Rhame Howard Shaw BaILLIE SpRINGSTON 1924 Nobel G. Johnson Clio Kem John Sandlin, Jr. 1925 William Irvine R. W. McEldowney, Jr. Clifton H. Severance: 129 “ JN. (I! . 1 AW X 11 Tke ]k pry( (fc|| |Tp W ' ZZ i new DJcKrocge?r f P06,gc noorc ViUoo t 1 ncodcT oo DtfTO Mood Icyi f £)Wi A ' Ali tcr u :« Pltrr KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha Founded al Washington College (now Washington arid Lee) December 16, 1865, Active Chapters, fifty-one Cohn; Crimson and Old Gold Flowers : Magnolia and Red Rose Moth : “Dieu et les dames ' Publication; “Kappa Alpha Journal. " Alpha Nu Chapter Installed November 22, 1894 Chapter House, 2511 Fourteenth Street Fratres in Facultate Edgar Snowden, IVLD. Thomas C La very, LL.B. Fratres in Universitate Postgraduate Lee Ricaud Martin Joseph C Byars, Jr, Warren H. Hunt Fred F. DiEKROEGER Henry Clay Espey Howard H. Espey Robert Willis Benner Delton Leslie Britt John Oliver Dice Denver L. Dudley John P. Duffy. Jr. William H, Kindle Class of 1922 Class of 1923 Everett W. Held Oliver Henderson Richard Henry Lee Class or 1924 Benjamin E. Lanham Elmer Adolph Lewis Russell G + McAlister Robert F. Norfleet James Lee Platt, Jr. Walter S, Poace, Jr. William C Lyon John W. Wood John H. Moore Clifford L, Tinnerman Alfred C Richmond David Palma Tinley Talmadce M, Thorne Nathaniel C, Wilson Associate Members Louis Alfred Brown R, K. M ' Pherson OkoQQell Qetrt F i yY)cY Dor ' cojw Pt QOldr A ' W ' orj Ai 1 oo Qr sd)fcJ7) Jowcnr TW hreppyl (§Q 1 j ' TW z H7ZZ THETA DELTA CHI Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union College October 31, 1847 Active charges, Iwenly-nine Co ora: Black White and Blue Flower; Carnation Pufclictffion ; ' ‘The Shield ' Chi Deuteron Charge Installed March 26, 1896 Chapter House 1842 Calvert Street Fratres in Facultate George Washington Phillips Delos Hamilton Smith Fratres in Universitate Graduate Studies Robert Louis Geist Preston Phillips Taylor Class of Robert William Colflesh John Gardner Ladd Russell Brackett Lak.e John Emil Larson Class of Robert Ellsworth Doremus George Emlen Graham William Alphonse Hixson Class of Francis Willis Brown Charles Floyd Dyer Henry Philip Fisher Clayton Howard Hixson 1922 John Russell Mason Marvin Jacob Reynolds Walter Clifford Scott. Jr. Frederick Newton Towers 1923 Ellis Halstead Platt Peter Booth Pullman 1924 William Wilson Noell Al Daniel O ' Donnell Eugene Snorb Thomas 133 I Lt •’Mil N m Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, March 15, 1873 Active chapters, thirty Colors « Silver and Magenta Flower : Carnation Publication : ' " The Signet, " Lambda Chapter Installed October 7, 1899 Chapter house, 1603 Massachusetts Avenue Fratres in Facultate Carl Joseph Mess. D.D.S, Daniel K. Shute, M,D, Joseph D Rogers, M.D. Adam Kemble, M.D Carl Davis, M D. Fratres in Universitate Jasper J-L Armstrong Class of 1922 George E Hughes F.ARLE W- WALLICK Ashby E. Bladen Fitzhuch L. Hurley Harry N. Weigandt Marion L. Boat Albert L. Jackson Benjamin C, Willis Washington Irving Cleveland Elmer J. Jackson Marion P. Wormmoudt Waldo Appelton Clark Henry E. Ketner William Ellis Zimmerman John I. Glass James T. Ketner David Malcolm Hodge Henry J. Plagans Harry P. Ahern Class of 1923 Joseph A, Jordan Seymour Robb Ulysses S, Gray Mortimer B. Morehouse Randall N. Saunders Thomas K. Humphrey Ralph S, Nagle Harvey W. Schmidt Arthur D. Anderson Class of 1924 C force Mallet Prevost Howard J, Smith George S, Coyle Herbert O, Rogers Carl W, Tyler Wilber B, Glover Charles R, Rowe Van Buren Wilkes Clark R. Long William B. Simmons John S. Zimmerman 135 Carter PllD tCQ Co)bvjrr) Cooqo11 ? 3tcver)y CCooOO 1 nny[ nw I VZZ DELTA TAU DELTA 136 Delta Tau Delta Founded al Bethany College, February 14, 1£59 Active chapters, sixly-srx Co ora. ' Royal Purple, White and Gold Fhlvcf ; Pansy Publication : " The Rainbow Gamma Eta Chapter Installed May 9. 1903 Chapter House, 1750 MassachuselU Avenue Fratres in Facultate Norman Bruce Ames Daniel LeRoy Borden Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 Nelson John Anderson Nichol Main Sandoe Ross Manning Nichols Eugene M. Stevens Class of 1923 Alexander Hamilton Bell, Jr. George Lejthwhite Roberts John Alfred Connolly John Gerald Share Elvin Addison Miller Class of 1924 James Edward Berryman Chester Arthur Plinston Frederick Moffet Bradley William Gerald Carter Earle Darwin Chesney Joseph Bemis Colburn Charles Rc Robert Newby Arthur Harold Nichols Alexander James Philips Clark Prentiss Richard Southern Shreve Karl Parrish W ' god r M. Connolly Class of 1925 Walter W. J. Croze, Jr, Charles Carrol Palmer Holland Heron Virgil Allan Ratcliffe Pledges Thomas John Summerville Edward Slade Wheeler 137 138 ’25=t« l Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama March 9 1856 Active chapters, ninety-one Co ors; Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet Publications : " The Record” and ”Phi Alpha Washington City Rho Chapter Installed November 30 1858 Withdrawn in 1869; reestablished March 2 1905 Chapter House 3320 Sixteenth Street Prater in Facultate Charles Sager Collier Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 Harry James Campaign Ernest Wright Stephens William Carl Longstreet Wallace Edwin Sturgis Leslie Harold Adams Harry Clarke Bursley Lindsey Pettit Disney John Paul Earnest Jr. Hersie Parker Ayres Edward Joseph Calhoun Frederick Joseph Geier Lawrence Lafayette Goley Allen Stanley Jones Junius Romaine MacDonald George Beltzell Roswell Bottom James R. Buckley Class of 1923 Walter Henry Free Eugene Willard Hyde Cyril Edward Leiden Henry Benning Pease Edward Arthur Poynton Class of 1924 Russell Naylor McAlister Arnold Hull McNitt Henry Russell McNitt Knute Ivar Nilsson Thomas Wright Parks Harold Walter Potter Class of 1925 Francis j. Fitzgerald Roger M. Fred Clarence William Gosnell John Hobson Raymond Edgar Read Arthur James Rosenlund William Robinson Ward Clinton Kemp Tingling Chester Franklin Price Jesse Noble Simpson Frederick Harold Stutz Charles Samuel Thomas Clifton Andrews Whyte Arthur E. Knowles Donald E. Merris Paul J. Mitchell 139 r 1 w A ¥ d | 1 L A SJobtrl on SICMA PHI EPSILON 140 TSJJ ' Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at Richmond College November I, 1901 Active chapters, forty -seven Colors; Purple and Red Flowers American Beauties and Violets Publication : “Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Alpha Chapter Installed October L 190? Chapter house, 1829 Nineteenth Street Fratres in Facultate Benjamin Carpenter Cruikshanks John W. Townsend Frank Adelbert Hornaday William Cabell VanVleck Waldo LaSalle Schmitt Fratres in Universitate POSTGRADUATES Clifford F. Cornell Joseph Conrad Fehr Clarence M Godfrey Class of 1922 George L, Bowen Robert W« Marshall Arthur L. Lanigan Charles W. Schoffstell George H, Butler Delmour J, Fuque John C Gall James C Matcher Class of 1923 Walter W. McCaslin Clarence J. Owens Robert Karl Peterson Verne P, Simmons James F, Stretch C. Melville Walker Harold B. Willey Class of 1924 W C. Allard, Jr, Benjamin S. Foster Charles M. Funkhquser James Richard Greist Morgan C. Harris George Wilfred Pryor John M. Smallwood Ralph A. Wells Douglas Clephane Allen C Coe Bartley H Corbin Class of 1925 W. Graham Fly Don Johnson D. Milton Ladd Lawrence Reggie Leeby J Reynolds Robertson W, Hamilton Owens 14 ) TK z’nnyl WZZ h . — SICMA NU Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, January 1 1869 Active chapters, eighty- five Colors ; 0 ac£, White and Cold Flower: White Rose Publication : " The Delta Delta Pi Chapter Installed October 23 1915 Chapter House, 1 733 N Street Fratres in Facultate John Thomas Irwin Robert Whitney Bolwell Albert Lewis Harris James Norman Taylor Fratres in Universitate Robert C, Burdick H, Eugene Cole Walter W, McVay Charles H. Birmingham Bernard F. Burdick Ronald E. Cates j. Reginald Boyd James H. Duggan Jr, Ralph M, Holt Ralph R. Hutchison Granville R, Hutchison Warren V. McDougle Thomas F. Cochlan Wade M, Becker Class of 1922 Robert E, Morgan Ernest A, See Class of 1923 Arthur W. Hayes Merrill B. King John J. McNeely Class of 1924 Paul L, Patterson Charles V. Ricketts. Jr, John M. Robsion, Jr. Robert L. Savage Charles St. John Class of 1925 Albert j. Foley Pledges Arthur C. Perry Frank L. Yates Horace C. Young George Roth well Sheriff Eustis S. Myres Howard A. Searl.e Leo C. Terry Ralph G. Stetson Stanley J, Tracy Clyde A. Tolson Hillory A. Tolson Milton L. Williams Arthur W. Zanner F REDERtcK C Schultz Elmer C. Raeder PHI ALPHA Phi Alpha Founded at George Washington University, October 3, 1914 Active chapters, fourteen C f dots ; Blue and Red Flower: Red Rose Pufciicalicin; ’ " Phi Alpha ' Chapter house, 1872 California Street Frater in Urbe Db. Harry S, Lewis I UATRESIN UNIVFRSITATE Morris Berkman Class of 1922 Solomon Friedman Arthur Rockow Class of 1923 Arthur Altschuld Louis H. Berman Jacob T. Basseches Samuel M. Dodek Alexander Freedman Alec Horwltz William Meiman Samuel J. Rosenberg Abraham Schwartz Class of 1924 Jacob Burns Oscar 1. Dodek ] Ierman Hoffman Leon Katz Gilbert Ottenrerg Max Rubenstein Class of 1925 Paul Lanet Bernard Notes $, Paul Porton Maurice P rot as 145 ' S3 Tky k ppyllfel l Tr 1 IVZZ Pt k_ B r ov lAWll f [)dCY or) Kiip tricR IW lei ' c Mill ix Pars? 0 ' O •Butler Wandering Greeks J 0 Herbert Barlow .... Brown Unversity Malcolm W. Frazer , . Union College A Y Benjamin R. Clark . University of Michigan F M. Stephenson . . Depauw University B 9 77 Edwin A. Loop . . , University of Montana E. Russell Lutz . . . . Bethany College Karl B. Lutz ..... Bethany College 0 a e Dwight Brantley . . U. of North Carolina Fred Erickson .... University of Utah Allen E. Gray . . . Univ. of North Dakota Charles B. Jennings . . University of Idaho Howard C. Kilpatrick . « Alabama L of T. William C. McEachern , . Univ. of Idaho Harold Nor cross .... Univ. of Colorado Albert H. Paul . . University of Utah W. V. Smith wick , . Universily of Florida Bailey Winter . . . Cornell University A T Q Robert A. Baker . Birmingham Southern John L, Bromberg , . . Sewanee Universily A. P. Butler . . . University of Vermont Lawrence K. Hyde . , Worcester L of Tech. F. E. Russell . . University of Alabama II K A Scott A. Dahlquist . , University of Utah Samuel W. Lacy .... Richmond College V, J. Ptak .... University of Arkansas .4 X P Thomas J. Frailey . . . Dickinson College W. W. Smyth Yale University F. C Uhler Univ. of Pennsylvania X 77 William S. Bassler A X A James E. Montgomery . Univ. of Indiana A A Robert H. Anderton . . Dartmouth College Albert F. Robinson .... Colby College 0 A .4 Harry A. Gilbert . . . Univ. of Oklahoma Albert F. Hallix .... Univ, of Missouri Stanley P. Smith . . . Univ. of Michigan Ralph Wallace . . . Univ. of Oklahoma 2 H. O. HaRRIMAN ..... Colby College Q Z S. C. Berry ]k ppy " £ 137 Wendt Aiiicr Swindler QlcicT)n M) ?r r TRAVELERS 148 Travelers Organised in February 1921 ( ' olors : Old Gold and Black Flower : Black-eyed Susan FR AI RES IN UNIVERSITATE Postgraduate Charles M + Frey Jesse C, Miller Charles P. Swindler Class of 1922 Emmett C. Bailey Franklin E, Hardy Emory R. Honts Arthur C. Keefer Clark W Martin Herman G. Penrod Charles S, Piepgrass Clinton F- Stanley Class of 1923 Evan W. Burris Byron G. Carson William Hughes Don Carlos Reid Perry W. Shrader Ross H. Snyder Class of 1924 Robert D. Armstrong Fred T. W. Boswell Harry C. Du ft Walter C. Gleichman Albert H. Kampe C McKinley Sammons John P. Sorenson David E. Hartshorn 149 UVoo Tkv k ppyl fe|| iTrwlVZZ PHI DELTA PHI 150 UsS rvl T—p j. :lhj irr , — Crdors; Pearl and White PLi Delta PKi (International, Law} Founded at University of Michigan, 1859 Active chapters, fifty-one Flower-: Jacqueminot Ro:e Put ieahon: “The Brief Marshall I nn Chapter Installed, 1884 Fratres in Facultate Merton L, Person Edwin C Brandenburg Spencer Gordon John M, McFall Walter C Clephane Gilbert L. Hall Arthur Peter Charles S. Collier J. Wilmer Latimer Wendell P, Stafford John Paul Earnest Thomas C. La very William C Van Vleck Fratres in Universitate Class of 1922 Dwight Brantley Philbrick McCoy William W Ross John FC Dailey Jesse C. Miller Cleo Calvin Spears Abner E. Henry George L. Nelson Noel S. Symons Benjamin C. Hilliard. Jr. Matthew H. O ' Brien James H. Taylor Laurie M. Huck Albert H. Paul Allen G. Thurman Howard C, Kilpatrick Horace D. Payne Dwight H, Williams Llewellyn A. Luce Basil H. Pollitt Wendell P. Raine Marion P. Wormhoudt Class of 1923 John L. Bromberg John C. Gall Stephen B, Robinson Ben R. Clark William A. Hunter Stanley P. Smith Conway P. Coe Geo. Clark Ober Ernest W. Stephens Scott A, Dahlquist Robt. Karl Peterson Bailey V. Winter George S. Ellis Class of (924 Henry L, Young Wade M. Becker Sam Van Dyke M ark le y James Oliver Murdock Postgraduate Harry John Campaign nuiii PHI ALPHA DELTA PKi Alpha Delta (Lonf) Founded at Northwestern University 1888 Active chapters, thirty-eight Coiorj: Old Gold and Purple Flo iuer; Red Carnation Publication : ' " Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly ' Joh n Jay Chapter Installed, 1920 Fratres in Universitate Robert P. Almond William E. Barkman Robert C, Burdick Ashby E Bladen Aaron P. Butler Washington L Cleveland J Glenn Corbitt L, Brooks Hays Robert N, Anderson Bernard F, Burdick William T, French Perry M, Johnson Eustis Myers Class of 1922 D, Malcolm Hodge John G. FIarlan James C Hatcher George Ernest Hughes Ben Jenkins Leslie Jackson Robert E. Morgan Robert W. Marshall William W. McVay Ross M, Nichols Class of 1923 Joseph A, Jordan Alexander A. LaFleur Walter T. McCarthy R. Lester Moore Heath A. Melton James Ptak Class of 1924 Kenneth Parkinson Glaf W, Osnes Ernest A. See Nichol M. Sandoe Herbert H. Shinnick Bolon B. Turner Earl W. Waluck Horace C Young Frank L Yates Harvey W, Schmidt Verne P. Simmons Dan H, Wheeler William E Zimmerman F. B, Potter Postgraduate Samuel W. Lacy H. U. Stone TKv ny[ I VZZ Savage DELTA THETA PHI 154 Delta Theta Phi (Lim) Founded at Cleveland Law School 1900. Active chapters, forty-eight Co ors r White and Green Florvcrt White Carnation Publications : " Paper Book, " " The Syllabus. " Woodrow Wilson Chapter Installed 1916, inactive unlil 1922 revived February 19 1922 Fratres in Universitate Class of 1923 Fitzhuch L. Hurley Raymond B, Wlsehart Class of 1924 Russell B. Benson Elmer A. Lewis j. Fuller Spoerri James H, Duggan, Jr. Edwin A Loop Ralph G Stetson Raymond B. Harding Harold L. Norcross Paul C. Reed Robert L, Savage, Jr. Edward L. Scheufler Neophytes Malcolm F. Wisehart Henry Ernest Ketner James L. Platt Jr, Ralph Waverly Wallace William Davidson Lavender John Butler Walsh Ralph Cochian Hale James Thomas Ketner Oliver Henderson F.dw, Sumner Bettelheim Vincent Henry Young TKv ksrnnyl £ J y nTZTz WZZ T £)ovei) Pki Chi (Medical) Phi Chi (East) founded at University of Vermont, 1889; Phi Chi (South) founded at Louisville Medical College. 1894; consolidated at Baltimore, MdL March 3, 1905. Active chapters, forty-six Cofors. Green and While Flomcr; Lily-oLthe-Valley Publication : " Phi Chi Quarterly. " Phi Chapter Installed March 21. 1904 William Cline Borden, M,D. Truman Abbe. M.D, George N, Acker A3L, M.D. George N. Acker, Jr., M.D. Daniel Lr-Ray Borden, M.D. John Wesley Bovee, M,D. Elliott M. Campbell, M.D. Edgar Paaquel Copeland. M.D. Oliver C. Cox, M.D. Cyrus W, Culver. M.D. Henry H, Dormally. A.M., M.D. Everett M. Ellison, A.M., M.D. Earl Christie Follett M.D, Fratres in Facultate Edmond T. Franklin. M.D. S, I. Franz. Ph.D., LL.D., M.D, William J. French, M.D. Francis Randall Hugner, M.D. Frank A. Hornaday, B.S., M.D. Charles Wilbur Hyde, M.D, George Jenkins, M.D Frank Leech. M.D. Nolan Don C. Lewis, M.D William J. Mallory A.M., M.D. Gideon Brown Miller, M.D. John Benjamin Nichols, M.D, Samuel Boyce Pole, M.D. Daniel Webster Prentiss, M.D,, B.S. Luther Halsey Reich elder fer, M.D. John Lewis Higgles, M,D. Sterling Ruffin, M.D. Edward Grant Seibert, M.D, Aurelius Rivers S hands, M.D Daniel Kerfoot Shute, M.D. Albert Livingston Stavely. M.D. J. Duerson Stout, M.D. William D, Tewksbury, M.D, Charles Stanley White M.D Henry Crecy Yarrow, M.D. Class of 1922 G. O. Bradley John Marshall Gaines N. Verne Peterson John Alton Reed William Warren Sager Herbert fi, Gates Benjamin F, Dean, Jr. Class of 1923 John Paul Earnest. Jr. Charles W. Harnsberger Terrell Moody Stanley Adrian Wanlass Class of 1924 Richard Miner Hewitt Hanson T, Perkins Noah Rouse t . ' S Mulligan Thomas R. Rees Edmund E. Sawyer Howard Seail Class of 1925 George L. Bowen L. Lee Cot-kerllle G. William C res well Fred A. J. Geier William H, Geisler Russell J, Jensen James Wilbert Love Harold W, potter Peter Bool he Pul man Harold E. Rhame A rthur Shannon William R. Thomas Don Johnson Pledges Harry A. H. ftfcNitt Henry J. R. MeNItt 157 j wont) ©uticr 5olr)it K E vi ; Ru yell Der}T)i on ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA IS 8 Alpha Kappa Kappa (Medical) Founded at Dartmouth College, September 29, 1888. Alpha Zeta Chapter Installed September 27, 1905. Colors : While and Green Flower : Heliotrope Publication : ' The Centaur " Fratres in Facultate Cline N. Chipman, M.D. Coursen B, Conklin, B.S„ M-D. Frederick T, Dqnn, M.D. J. C. Eckhardt, M.D. A. C. Gray, M.D. Custis Lee Hall, M.D. Oscar B. Hunter, A.IVL. M.D. William H. Huntington, M.D. Howard F. Kane, A.B., M.D, Harry H, Kerr, MD. CM. Thomas C. Martin, A,B„ M.D. William C. Moore, A.B., M.D. Albert E, Pagan, M.D. Albert P. Tibbetts, A.B , M D John R. Wellington I L Eugene Cole John Justice Batchelor Homer Kirk Butler Leslie Howson French Robert Joseph Bosworth Esmond Esley Council Fratres in Universitate Class op 1922 Joshua William Davis Class of 1924 James Sylvester Harding William Joseph Johnson Class of 1925 A. Robert Dennison Robert Mitchell Taylor Golden Samuel Rambo John Paul Russell 0th MAR SOLNITZKY Paul M. Leahman Clint Wolfe Stollard LAMBDA PHI MU W Lambda Pbi Mu (In tcrnalional ; M edieof) C (j or a : Crimson and White Founded at University of Bologna (Italy), July 19, 1701 Active chapters, nine Flower: Jasmine Publication : The Morgagni. ' Beta Chapter Installed March, 1922 Chapter rooms, Manchester Apartments Prater in Facultate Carl F. Maraldi, A.B.. M.S. F rat res in Universitate C harles B. Anuario Milton G. Barrone Louis E. Caroficlio Rocco M. Chiascione Vincent J, Felitti Joseph B, Giovinco Anthony j. Grassi Louts J. Iadiano Anthony A. Maffey Rocco S. Marra Anthony P, Rubino Francis Sapienza Alfred M. Zitani KAPPA TAU OMEGA Tfctw yj W — E Kappa Tau Omega (Local) Founded at George Washington University, February 16, 1921 Colors; Blue and While Ffo jer; White Carnation Prater in Facultate Elmer Loujs Kavser Fr tres in Universitate Class of 1922 Homer H. Kirby Charles C, Alford William H. Geisler Earl Brown Kenneth H. Bruner Class of 1923 Alexander A. LaFleur Class of 1924 Walter Kirby Ronald Nyman Marquis Neophytes John Bernard Gilliland Horace Burton McCoy Louis Edward Seibold William Emmie Reese James Edelbert Stevens Fred E Youncman Oscar Alvin Zabel Frater in Urbe Dr Claude William Mitchell 163 Pan-Hellenic Council Pi Bela Phi Marjorie Gerry Elizabeth Booth Chi Omega Agnes Messer Lydia Shepard Sigma Kappa Eunice Crabtree Harriet Burgess Phi Mu Helen Pabst Lois Campbell Alpha Della Pi Marion Drown Alice Ashford Comma Bela Pi Gladys Twele Margaret Patterson Comma Della Rho Verna Short Olive Geiger Comma Phi Theta Mary Don Leavey Waiva Dean The Pan-Hellenic Council HE Pan-Hellenic Council is the organization formed by the sororities of the university to further the interests of the several departments of the school by affecting a closer cooperation among the sororities It is the practice of the council to annually award a trophy to that sorority attaining the highest average scholarship during the year just past The competition for this award is very keen indeed, and it serves as a stimulus to the members of the several sororities to put forth their best efforts to bring the award to the sorority, 1 he activities of the council are not, however, confined solely to the promotion of good scholarship among the girls of the university. The council annually holds the Pan-Hellenic Prom, which holds the highest place in all the sorority activities of the year. 105 ...imOW ' J ' li ' H ▼ IN MEMORY OF LOIS PITCHER Sigma Kappa Sorority 166 IN MEMORY OF HAZEL PRICE Chi Omega Sorority Founded at Monmouth College, April 28, 1867 Active chapters, sixty-five Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower; Wine Carnation Publication p “The Arrow. " Columbia Alpha Chapter Installed April 27, 1689 Chapter rooms, 2022 G Street Patronesses Mrs, Ldcar Frisby Mrs, Herman Schgenfield Mrs. Charles Stockton Mrs. A. S. Hazelton Mrs. William H. Seaman Mrs. Sanford Taylor Mrs. William Herron Mrs. G. T, Smallwood Mrs. William Vance Mrs. Howa rd Hodgkins Mrs. James McBride Sterrf tt Mrs. William Allen Wilbur Mrs, George Merrill Mrs. Joseph Stewart Mrs. George Young SoRORES IN UnIVERSH A l E Margaret Ayres Elizabeth Earnest Class of 1922 Mildred Herbst Nelle Millspauch Kathryn Ayres Nicolls Class of 1923 Nell Anderson Florence Berryman Cornelia Clark Frances Foster Marjorie Gerry Maxine Girts Ruth Holmes Elizabeth Kendricks Marjorie Ludlow Helen Faris Myers Virginia Nicholls Lssie Lee Pearson Minnette Rubdiman Helen Williams Louise Williams Elizabeth Boo nr Class of 1924 Lllen Littlepage Gladys Hughes Abigail Lane Irma Schofield Pauline Ayres Margaret Bowie Anne Clarke Rltth Foster Class of 1925 Dorothy Haddox Juliette Hanford Blanche Ludlow A dele Mallon Jean St op h let Anna Waring Katherine Wrenn 169 AerwOg) Qa m)W) Wil oo Tkv k ppy 1 Ep jTnTZTzJVZZ ■ao l CHI OMFCA ' Jr Cin Omega Founded at University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Co ors; Cardinal and Straw Active chapters, fifty-one Floater: White Carnation PuMrcolfons ; ‘ " The Elensis, " “The Mystagogue Phi Alpha Chapter Chapter rooms. 2024 C Street Chapter Publication : “Chiomenaphone ' Installed March 3. 1903 Mr, Albert Albes Dean William C. Borden Mrs. Albert Albes Mrs. William C. Borden Patrons Prof. Henry Grattan Doyle Dean George Neely Henning Patronesses Mrs Philip Dodge Mrs. Henry Gratta n Doyle Mrs. Charles £ Monroe Mr. George Sejbold Dean William Allen Wilbur Mrs. George S. Seibolo Miss Rebecca E. Shanley SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Studies Lella Warren Spanccle Kathryn Vaux Class of 1922 Carolyn Aiken Katherine Gayle Sam Aiken Mary Box Frances DeGrance Louise Espey Gi adys Fuller Class of 1923 Janet Gassman Beatrice Henning Florence Long Carmen Mayer Agnes Messer C. Estelle Siegler Grace Womerslet Virginia Diedel Sara Fry Class of 1924 Elizabeth Rice Lydia Shepard Virginia Shanonbercer Dorothea Stevens Ruth Bockek Mary Cramer Class of 1925 Hazel Price Gertrude Rhjnebold Phoebe Wilson 171 Frfc Ael Cr btirc Woo1ky J owker FYnurct) Tky k nnyi Xf nw WZZ SICMA KAPPA 172 Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College, 1874 Active cbaplers twenty-seven Cofora; Maroon, and Lavender Flower t Violet Fublicotion The Triangle, Installed February 24, 1906 Zeta Chapter Chapter rooms, 2024 G Street Patrons Dr. Howard L. Hoggins Dr. Alvin W. Miller Patronesses Mrs. Paul Bartsch Mrs. John Thomas Erwin Mrs. Oscar Mechin Mrs. Mitchell Carroll Mrs. George Harsch Mrs. Alvin W, Miller Mrs. Charles Dean Mtss Alice Henning Mrs. Otis W. Swett Mrs Frank Edcington SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Mrs. Otto Veerhof Graduate Studies Rosemary Arnold Mrs. H, Enlows Meta Neuman Class of 1922 Eunice Crabtree Pauline Lindsay Gladys Phoebus Lillian Smith Violet Austin Mary Benfer Mary Brown Marion Bailey Hazel Bayne Marian Bowker Mary Barr Marcary Carruthers Class of 1923 Harriett Burgess Margaret Fravel Class of 1924 Isabella Brown Ruth Kunkel Cj ass of (925 Anita McCord Mary Rawlings Georgia Long Margaret Ramsey Gertrude Rosjnski Eleanor McMurchy Florence Moses Maxine Rolle Lucy Woolley Katherine Wricht i 73 Llllltljtl PHI MU Phi Mu Founded at Wesleyan College, January 4, 1852 Color ; Rose and White Ffotner; Enchantress Carnation Publication : + The Aglaia, " Beta Alpha Chapter installed March 7. 1915 Chapter rooms, 2024 G Street Mas. Edwin C. Brandenburg Mrs. Richard C. Cobb Mrs. William M. Collier Mrs. Frank Jelleff Patronesses Mrs, U. G B. Plerce Mrs. P, T. Moran Mrs. Ernest Lent Mrs. George Rice Miss Sarah E. Simmons Mrs. C. j. Symmqnds Mrs. Stockton Voodhees SORORES IN UN1VERSITATE Class of 1 922 Helen Mankey Helen Pabst Agnes Ewell Alice Barksdale Margaret Brewer Katherine M. Brum Gretchen Campbell Rose Killian Class of 1923 Lois Campbell George Ann McCauley Catherine McElroy Class of 1924 Marguerite Carlton Class of 1925 Edwina Pabst Dorothy Pattison Helen Romhilt Dorothy Sicman Helen Thompson Ruth Phillips Agnes Stitt Mary Frances Ward ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi Founded a Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga +T May 15, 1851 Active chapters, thirty-five ( ofors; Blue and White Flower: Single Violet Publication: ' Adelphean ' Alpha Pi Chapter Installed February 24, 1922 Chapter rooms, 2022 G Street Mrs. Robert Bolwei.l Mrs. Edward D. Hays Patronesses Mrs. James T. Newton Dr. Helen F. Perkins Miss Mary H. Watkins Miss Winifred Whaley SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Studies Eleanor C. Judd Class of 1922 Alice M, Ashford Katherine C. McCauley Marion Julia H, Drown Marian B. Spielman Wanda R. Castle Cathryn M. Hays FIazel J, Davis Margaret T. DuBois Hester M. Bocardus Class of 1923 Vera L. Johnson Mary F. Ruthven Class of 1924 Mary Irene Harrison N. Louise McDowell Helen K. Newton Class of 1925 Martha Fahl busch Helena D. Schoenfelder Lillian Swecker Mary Frances Shea Dorothea F, Storcsc Margaret Foster Phi Delta Delta ( IV omen ' s Legal) Founded al University of Southern California, November II, 1511. Active chapters, eleven Colors: Old Rose and Violet Flowers ■ Ward Roses and Violets Publication : ’’Athena. " ' Zeta Chapter Installed February 1 5 1516 Patronesses Mrs, Walter C. Clephane Mrs, John Paul Earnest Mrs. Merton U Ferson Mrs. Gilbert L. Hall Mrs. J. Wjllmer Latimer Mrs. William C. Van Vleck SORORES IN UnIVERSITATE Edith Marshall Archey E, Ruth Audas Elizabeth M. Bailey Harriet M. Barbour Helen R, Car loss Nell Ray Clarke Mary $ Covington Kathleen Duggan Louise T. Foster Lois Gates Gorman SORORES IN URBE Ida Carroll Baker Winifred Ellis Jeannette Jewell Lucy Rains Manning Bertha E. Pabst Laura E. Volstead Mabel W. ’Willebkandt Sea” KAPPA BETA PI 160 D Jr)CM) ttoUicte£ CiMk. n.-bxor) Tilgb " ) !) £?re«Q ' AfeJTtce Kappa Beta Pi (Wo me n s L egal ) Founded at Chicago, Kent College of Law, 1908 George Washington University Chapter Installed August I, 1920. Active Chapters, Twenty- three Colors: Turquoise and Gold Ffon er: Cornflower Publication : " Kappa Beta Pi Quarterly. " Patrons and Patronesses Dean Merton L. Person Mrs T. C. Geiger Judge Kathryn Sellers Mrs. Wendell Phillips Stafford Mrs. Hugh T. Taggart SORORES IN UNIVERSTATE Dorothy j. Beall Emma Bryan Breen Mildred R. Callahan Marion M, Clark Grace M. Duncan Catherine J. Gayle Olive Evelyn Geiger Marion E. Holliday Laura B. Mason Virginia Schwab Maye Steeley Etta L. Taggart Sarah A. Tilghman Pauline Wallace Fred Lee Woodson G amma Beta Pi (Local) Founded at George Washington University. March 6, 1920 Colors; Chinese Blue and Silver Flower: Ki Harney Rose Chapter rooms, 2022 G Street Patronesses Mrs. Warren G. Harding Mrs. Claude Mitchell Mrs, Wendell Phillips Stafford Judge Kathryn Sellers Mrs. Edward L, Stock SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Studifs Ruth H. Bennett Margaret Mary Smith Lucy Rains Manning Mary O. Webster Class of 1922 Thelma Baines Gladys R. Twele Class of 1923 Marguerite Daly Margaret E, Wafter Margaret St. C Patterson Fjlimora Wilcus Class of 1924 Jane C Dortch Virginia Smith Harriet Hosmer 183 GAMMA DELTA RHO 184 Gamma Delta Rho (Local) O r gan i zed N o v e m be r 1 920 Coicri: Bronze and Blue f cn er: Pink Tea Ro$e Sorores in Universtate Mi lured R. Callahan Marion M. Clark Olive E. Geiger Marion E. Holliday Lois McDaris Hazel Newton Lucy Proctor Verna Short 185 Andrews HtrcJiW) Scroti AkfeoQer ' Poindexter ' RmxJ U J ndotoh VkjNca U Febre Willi n ' Ktoc ee GjnjnjiiK GAMMA PHI THETA 186 Gamma Phi Theta (Local) Organized October 19, 1919 Purple, White and Gold Chapter house, 1320 Fifteenth Street Colors: Mrs. Coward Albion Mrs, J. W. Alexander Mrs. Sherman E, Burrough Hon, Joshua W. Alexander Hon. Sherman E. Burroughs Prop, George M. Churchill Patronesses Mrs. George M. Churchill Mrs, Peter Gerry Mrs, Charles E, Hill Patrons Hon, Peter Gerry Prof. Charles E. Hill Prof. Robert R. Kern Prof. Louis E. McArthur Flower: Pansy Mrs. Robert R. Kern Mrs. Louis E. McArthur Mrs, Thomas Sterling Gen, H, L. Rogers Hon, Thomas Sterling Gen. W. M, Wright SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Alice Andrews Mabel Alexander Myrtle F, Alseen Ruth Buchanan Eftje R, Cummins Waiva Aileen Dean Beatrice Duryea Betty Gardner Florence B. Hill Marie McM. Jones May Don Leavy Alma Mathews Laurette McKendree Bertha Merdian Elizabeth M, Mosely Mattie Poindexter A. Lorena Randall 187 Stella Randolph Ruth Regan Jessie D. Roach Vera Sawyer Ardis Smith Ethel M. Van Ness Leafy M. Weapon Virginia J, Willis Genevieve Wilson Phi Sigma (Local) Organized January I, 1921 Chapter rooms, 2101 I Street Colors: Rose and Silver Flon cr: Deep Pink Rose Patrons Prof. DeWitt Croissant Prof. Otis D. Swett Dr. Charles E. Hill Mrs. Lyman P. Wilson Patronesses Mrs. George Barnett Mrs. Charles E. Hill Mrs. Albert B. Fall Mrs. Lyman P. Wilson SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1922 Bernadette Michelson Peklin Class of 1923 Frances Ross Marie O’Dea Class of 1924 Gladys Weikert Adelaide Thom Class of 1 923 Martha Powell Mildred Murray Celeste Weyi. Virginia Cotter Vera Bailey Alpha Delta (Local) Organized June 1921 Colors: Orchtd and Blue Patrons and Patronesses Mrs, George Barnett Miss Mabel T. Bqardman Dr Robert F. Griggs Mrs. Robert F, Griggs Mrs. Humphreys Mrs. Henry W. Keyes Mrs. Leslie Shaw Mrs. Selden P. Spencer Mrs. Estelle T. Steel Augusta Alexander Mary Olive Ames Phyllis Atkinson SORORES IN UN1VERSITATE Alice Baldwin Elizabeth Frost Alice F. Hill Dorothy D Ladd Anna Theresa Lawrence Madge L Luce Annette E. Steel Phi Lambda Mu (Local) Founded at George Washington University, October , 1920 Colors; Turquoise and White Flower: Pink Rose Publication: ‘ " The Star 1 Mrs. R. B, Lyons Mrs, Julius L Peyser Mrs John M. Safer Capt Julius I. Peyser Mr John M. Safer Patronesses Mrs Israel Shapiro Mrs Abram Simon Patrons Dr. Israel Shapiro Dr. Abram Simon Judge M, Strasburcer Mrs. Milton Strasburcer Mrs. Joseph L. Tepper Mrs. Alexander Wolf Mr. Joseph L, Tepper Mr Alexander Wolf SoRORES IN UNIVERSTATE G duate Studies Rebecca Perlman Ethel Wolf Class of 1922 Hattie M Wolf Anna Goldman Jean Himmelfarb Frances R. Robbin Bertha Abramson Sarah Bernstein Class of 1923 Tessie Epstein Class of 1924 Reva Silver Marian Sokolove Class of 1925 Esther Kaplan 191 Elizabeth Tepper Ethel D, Wolpe Sonia Yoscour Helen Kaminsky Rebecca Kaminsky Tlre Kgppy l |Tn W2Z x y$ m Gather Around, Greeks, While We Sling the Hammer! IGMA CHI, composed cf retired politicians, while having left the lime- light has not moved clear out of the city. Shades of Gene Underwood! Where are the presidents? — the managers? — the councilmen? I he boys have deserted politics for athletics, but their years of training at the Mexican variety assure their success. Kappa Sigma, the fraternity founded by Adam before he lost his rib. They never forgave Adam for surrendering the rib and have sworn never to carry a lady to any social affair or to doll up just to catch the feminine eye. Therefore, street clothes and fancy neckties at all formal affairs. Kappa Alpha, founded at Monte Carlo — and they still live up to the ideals of the founder. The neighbors have decided that the members are designated by serial numbers and that the most popular boys are numbered seven and eleven. I heta Delta Chi, out of the running since the passing of Janney Nichols and Detlow Marthinson and the unfortunate date when some scallawag piped the tuxedo and headed south with it. It’s a shame that Adam didn’t found this fraternity, too, so the pajamas w ' ould do for dress clothes, and then the boys could have been photographed in full regalia. Phi Sigma Kappa, the controlling political party on account of their vast membership, w r hich includes the majority of the voters of the school. They are also able to maintain the largest hotel in the city, fully equipped with all modern conveniences, including a com- bination ballroom, gymnasium, art gallery and show ' er bath (rainy days). Delta Tau Delta, whose neighbors are trying to obtain a mandatory injunction to force all members to join the Y. W. C. A. But since the police have taken over supervision of the house all worried fathers are anxious that their wayw r ard sons should join the Delts and be reformed. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, proud possessors of the magnificent and palatial boarding house on Sixteenth Street. They are trying to live down the fact that a prominent member of the law ' school faculty wears their pin. Such bright men are not allowed in the fraternity these days. Sigma Phi Epsilon, the speed boys who race madly about town in a dilapidated flivver . They prefer town girls, but if not available chorus girls will do. Applicants for 194 MAIN PLANT GEKFRAL ELECTRIC company ' transmission transportation Electric General Office Schenectadyj N . Y. 9S S6F HOME 1 CONVENANCES membership should borrow an automobile, drive up in front of the house, honk fourteen times in rapid success, and someone will surely come out and climb in, and dub you Sir Knight of the Jeweled Heart. Sigma Nu, the Volstead Club, located in Temperance Row next to Kappa Sig. Conscience stricken, the boys confessed their sins, and the hush money was enough to furnish the whole house with new rugs. A very well-oiled machine. Yes, oily — indeed oily — in fact — the whole can. We’ll leave the professionals to your tender mercies, dear reader, and we know their looks and actions will bring them razz enough. Our Sororities NOW ye, gentle reader, that a sorority is a transitory stage through which quite a number of co-eds pass, that ninety-nine per cent of the sisters have a batting average about as high as a gnat’s ear, and that they try to raise and otherwise improve their rep by secretly calling themselves fraternities. Pi Beta Phi boasts of having the greatest number of Tomatoes on its rolls in the U. It controls feminine politics through its numbers, and has for its motto, “We’re ladies even though we’re Pi Phies.” Chi Omega confidently expects legal difficulties, judging from their newly pledged lady lawyers. Maybe this action was taken because of the activities of the sisters as strikebreakers, etc. Sigma Kappa’s popularity as a “goat refuge” is increasing, owing to the masculine attendance at their initiations. I he sisters have put up a strong fight for the scholarship cup. 1 hey always entertain the faculty at their dances and teas. Phi Mu has a specially reserved section at Child’s for its members. No Phi Mu ever gees out in the evening without visiting that emporium of wheat cakes. They always carry Mad-Money. too — they’re such a scrappy lot. Alpha Delta Pi harbors those who claim to be of the elite, but they’re just social cli mbers. But honor to whom honor is due. They changed the big four to five all by themselves. Phi Delta Delta shows remarkable reticence on the subject of their own achievements. They boast of their high attainments even to the university hatchet. Kappa Beta Pi has become synonymous with Sarah Tilghman and with the women’s bureau of the police department. Our Locals Gamma Beta Pi — the last resort of the rushes. Gamma Phi Theta — G. W. U.’s only “Girls Boarding Club.” Gamma Delta Rho — well-meaning group of obscure sisters. Alpha Delta — nondescript — formerly of Gamma Delta Rho. Phi Sigma— alive but not well. 196 The Cover of This Annual Is a Product of THE DAVID J. MOLLOY COMPANY CREATORS AND MANUFACTURERS OF BOOK AND CATALOG COVERS Specializing in College and High School Annual Covers 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Send for Samples •MEOjCUs • TRADE MARK Medicus Ointment A local anesthetic and antisep- tic, Indicated in such conditions as eczema of the skin and scalp, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, abrasions, sunburn and skin eruptions. Medicus Soap For the skin and complexion. (A virtuous medicated soap,) THE MEDICUS LABORATORIES WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Wiswell Johnson, Props. j ARGE enough to extend you a safe, efficient and complete financial and banking service, but never loo big to take a personal and friendly interest in even the smallest account. 3 % On Savings 15th and Penna. Ave. Washington, D. C. HOME SAVINGS BRANCHES 7th and Massachusetts 8th and H Sts., N. E. 436 7th St., S. W. Tk ppy|| |) jTp J3722 ear Susie! Dear Susie: As has been remarked, G. W. is the place for the social hounds. There they flourish in all their glory, be it the formal or the informal sort of glory, and luckless is he or she who is so unfortunate as to have to remain home and study one night in each week. Of course, as per usual, the fraternities and sororities broke forth first, and judging from the multitudes of neophytes soon listed, their several styles of rushing produced some of the desired fruit. They pulled everything from smokers to formal dances, supplemented by tea fights and inspection parties, and I have it on good authority that there were at least three students who were not under surveillance during this time. The first all-university affair was the football hop. It was some party! A few couples danced — but I’ll have to withhold comment on the rest. Joviality and back-slap- ping seemed to be the features of the evening. The chief excuse for the dance was to give the letter men their sweaters, and the rest of those present felt as though they needed sweat- ers, too. to protect them from the dampness. El Circulo Espanol was the first of the organizations to blow themselves socially. They staged “La f iesta de Flores, “ and their decorations in the old chapel so enlivened the place that those students in attendance hardly recognized the rogues gallery. Then, too, these senors and senoritas broke out in their best Spanish duds and looked so nifty that most of them didn’t recognize each other. I hen the Christmas holidays intervened and offered numerous excuses for the several fraternal organizations staging another round of special parties. They held them every- where they could get in. And then, after the worries of examinations. Junior Week came with its reception, prom and concert. The class pulled the reception in the ballroom of the Willard, and because of the popularity of the affair were forced to take turns in dancing. Yes — the crowd was real nice, even though it did step on your feet a few times oftener than you could yourself. I he Prom was a real party! ! ’Long about quarter of ten the chariots of the select began to tear madly up to Rauscher’s front portal and deposit the fair ones and their swains. The committee must have busted themselves in decorating the place because you couldn’t turn around without seeing a palm, fraternity banner or a bunch of buff and blue. After the dance had been running a while the class president insisted on holding the grand march, and a few marched but didn’t get anywhere. From ten to two the orchestra squeaked and groaned and growled and giggled in wild syncopation, and the juniors did their best to make use of every note. 1 he girls had all been saving for their new party dresses, and believe me, they sure looked scrumptuous. There was every color of the rainbow and some not in the rainbow Franklin 5589 Open 12 M, to 2 PM THE ITALIAN KITCHEN 1009 E Street Northwest Second Floor WASHINGTON D. C. L, Macina, Prop. A. BLUSTEIN Phone Columbia 5659 JEWELER AND OPTICIAN 29 10 14th Street N. W . Washington D. C. Jewelry for All Occasions FLETCHER 702 Ninth St., N. W. Phone Franklin 3369 PHOTOS 0{ All Occasions BANQUETS, BALLS PANORAMIC GROUPS Portrait, Commercial and Views SCHOOL SUPPLIES of evertf descrtptton at popular prices SCHOOL ENGRAVING f " Graduation L Commence trum! Exercises £« iql $HjrqUing and Stationery far Fraternities £ Sororities _ A Specialty made use of. and where one color didn’t suffice they combined two or three in cheerful bliss, absolutely disregarding the effect of contrast. The poor men presented the usual somber background. The Glee Club concert and dance wound up the week’s jollification. The club sang to its heart’s content and the audience discreetly applauded their efforts. Of course, the real reason for the picnic was the “hereafter” (the dance), and it was all the success the reception and prom had been. 1 he big surprise of Junior Week was the Razzberry, which first appeared at th e recep- tion. It was satire personified. It made fun of everybody and everything worth while in the university, pointing out various incongruities and inconsistencies and elaborating on the weaknesses of devious and sundry organizations. Things then quieted down for a period, no doubt to give the finances of the male portion of the students a chance to recuperate from the strains of Junior Week, only to break forth again in the two Greek parties, the Interfraternity Prom and the Pan-Hellenic Prom. The Interfraternity was pulled on March twenty-third and the Pan-Hell party on the thirty-first. The he-male Greeks staged a nice little party for the faculty at their prom. Every- body was there, particularly the profs of those Greeks who wanted to pass in the May examinations. It was a dry time indeed, but of course everyone had a very lovely time — everything was so sweet. The Pann-Hell party also was a perfectly wonderful affair. The lady Greeks invited all their best beaus and wore their new spring dresses. A wonderful combination, abso- lutely irresistible. Trust the girls to have beautiful affairs, not only from the standpoint of their own looks, but from the efforts they made to make Rauscher’s look exceptionally nice. It wasn’t quite “three o’clock in the morning” when they left, but it was pretty near it, and not many classes were attended the next day. The Girls ' Glee Club also made their debut to the public gaze this year and gave a very creditable (the tickets haven’t all been collected for yet) concert into which they introduced several dance numbers I’m not certain but that they expect the Men’s Club to follow suit at their next outburst but, just between you and I, I hope that they don’t. Even the staffs of the publications haven’t been able to withstand the enticements of the dance, for they, as a body, have given several very nice affairs. They even pride themselves that their affairs are quite the best of any of the informal dances given at G. W., but we have our doubts. And, while they are only tentative as yet, their are plans being laid for the usual re- lieving of the pent-up spirits of the Greeks in their post-examination celebrations, and we confidently expect a great depression in the financial status of many of our socially prom- inent immediately thereafter. I ve just got to stop now because Jack’s waiting. Yes, we’re going to a dance — just an ordinary fraternity affair, you know. Bye, 200 Hettie. CLINEDINST STUDIO 733 1 4TH STREET, NORTHWEST OFFERS A SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS Of George Washington University We Have in Our Files Negatives of All the Public Buildings and Views of Washington Ground Floor, No Steps Phone Main 4932 and 4933 T«) !! PadifttKic r D ddi .} QUIGLEY’S PHARMACY Across the W t,y from the University We have a full line of school supplies and stationery. Select fine confectionery. LET US HAVE YOUR FILMS TO DE- VELOP AMD PRINT— WE HAVE A SUPERIOR ARTIST TO DO OUR WORK UNIVERSITY STATIONERY We greatly appreciate the Student Patronage 21st and G Sts„ North West RAUSCHER’S Cornice lieu t Ave. and L Streets N W. WASHINGTON, D, C. Caterers, Confections Restaurant Features Popular Club Luncheons From 12 M. to 2:30 P.M. Table D’Hote Dinners F rom 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. Daily Except Sundays Any Writing Machine Will Write But the One You Rent Should Be the Best UNDERWOOD SPEED, ACCURACY DURABILITY Thus you get full value for your money. Why is the UNDERWOOD ihe best machine? Because a? I champion typists tested it out and they all agree — they all use it. When you RENT a typewriter, gel an UNDERWOOD. Underwood Typewriter Co. Incorporated 1413 New York Avenue N. W. Phone Franklin 6160 Paul Pearlman BOOKS COLLEGE — MISCELLANEOUS Engraving Cards, Stationery 1711 G St.. N. W. Main 3543 The Nearest Book Store to the University COMPLIMENTS Clowe Davis Incorporated WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Telephone Main 5092 We ' d " Pass Out” If Anything important was done at Student Council meetings. Bryan Morse gave credit to someone else. The Pyramid elections suited everyone. Law school politicians took a vacation. Class meetings were really attended. We really had a musical comedy. President Hodgkins spoke in favor of a compulsory tax. I he Ghost printed some real snappy jokes. I ex NalTs chariot had a bath. Phi Sigma Kappa won a cup. 1 he Delts got chummy with their neighbors. Kappa Alpha quit moving around. Prof. Collier passed by a girl without speaking. G. W. U. had a baseball team. The editor had plenty of copy. We saw Dean Ferson nursing a grouch. A dance was run without Howard Espey as chairman. We saw Ham Owens car parked on G Street. Some of these auto owners offered us a lift. The Cherry Tree came out on time. At the football hop we noticed that several members of the faculty looked very chilly. How did they know things were going to be so damp? They forgot their umbrellas and rubbers. Some fellows forgot everything — even the way home! Good spirits were in abundance. It was a wild and stormy night. Some were staggered, others staggering. After it was over some adjourned to Childs — and others with pomp and dignity to court. WARDMAN PARK HOTEL CONN. AVENUE AND WOODLEY ROAD TEA DANCE Afternoons From Four-Thirty Until Six O’Clock SUPPER DANCE Evenings From Ten Until Twelve O’Clock dinner dance Saturday Evenings From Seven-Thirty O’Clock TABLE RESERVATIONS Columbia 2000 ' BReaK D ENGRAVERS FOR EVERY OCCASION TWELFTH STREET Between F and G SPORT MART 9 1 4 F Street 1 303 F Street 1410 New Y ork Avenue OUTFITTERS TO THE UNIVERSITY Dulin Martin Company WASHINGTON ' S GIFT SHOP Gifts Reasonably Priced and of Artistic Merit CHINA WARE ART POTTERIES GLASSWARE MIRRORS SILVERWARE LAMPS BASKETS CANDLES 1215 F Street And 1212 to 1218 G Street Cherries Jokes, Jibes and Puns Promiscuously Perpetrated Some of the boys once knew some beautiful blondes, but they dyed. ¥ ¥ ¥ h nend : I o what party does George belong 2 Sarah: I ' m the party ¥ ¥ ¥ Waldo: Gee! My clutch is weak. Gretchen: So I ' ve noticed. ¥ ¥ ¥ “Doctor Earnest, I ' m sorry to bring you away out to the suburbs. " “Don ' t mention it. You see I have an- other patient out this way, consequently I can kill two birds with one stone. ¥ ¥ ¥ Eddie: Of course you understand our engagement must be secret. Nan: Yes, I tell everybody that. ¥ ¥ ¥ The Editor ' s Views on Spanish I’m getting a lot out of this course; in fact I ' m out of it most of the time. Joke “Booh " Pulliam — ' nuf sed. ¥ ¥ ¥ Wonder what George Washington would say if he could see some of the corncrackers from the university named after him) The entrance requirement to the Yellow Dogs would seem to be to demonstrate un- usual ability as a subchaser. ¥ ¥ ¥ How it Started When Eve took off her fig-leaf dress (She little cared, we must confess). And dived into a cooling stream (By gum, we ' ll bet she was a dream!) Because she wore a no-piece suit (1 he kind we now would call a beaut) . Her spouse rebuked her as she swam (We hear she said. Who cares Adam?) ¥ ¥ ¥ Any man who steps on a girl ' s skirt in this modern age ought to get a medal for Distinguished Ability as a High Stepper. ¥ ¥ ¥ “Dal baby of yours sure am like his daddy,” " Deed he am. He’s a regular carbon copy, " ¥ ¥ ¥ From the Rabbit Hole “Tea or coffee?” “Coffee without cream.” “Y oul! have to take it, sir, without milk, sir; we ' re out of cream ' - — Puppet. ¥ ¥ ¥ Due to the influence of Miss Gorman, special editor, many good jokes of per- sons we all know were suppressed — some, though, escaped her, and so you’ve had the benefit of them. MAIN 3211 Amos W. McDevitt 1003 Ninth Street. N. W. OVERSTUFFED FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER Draperies. Slip Covers. Window Shades. Reupholsterinc Picture Framing M. E. Horton, Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COFFEE ROASTERS Phones Majn 7043-7483 610 Penn. Ave., N. W. Lutz Company (Incorporated) Established 1804 TRUNKS, BAGS AND LEATHER GOODS “Of the Better Grade’’ 1325 G Street Phone Main 244 YOUR TAXI Call Columbia 1987 FROM 24-HOUR SERVICE TINNING Phone West 84 Joseph W. Koob Registered Plumber and Gas Fitter G. C. PAULS. Prop. Tel. Main 757 PAULS’ Steam and Hot Water Jewelers Heating, Jobbing WATCHES. CLOCKS AND JEWELRY 3114 Warder Street, N. W. Experts on Swiss Watches 1322 G Street, Northwest WORK GUARANTEED Washington. D. C. Opposite Epiphany Church TKv ]k ?pny[ THE TYPEWRITER IN COLLEGE Every college student should use a typewriter to prepare his notes, theses, outlines and other work. Your professors appre- ciate typewritten copy, as it makes their work easier for them. The natural result is higher marks for the student. Every person should know how to operate a typewriter, and there is no better place to start than in college. We have a complete line of new and rebuilt typewriters and also make special rental rates to students. L. C. Smith Bros. Typewriter Co. Mills Bldg., 1 7 and G Sts., N. W. Washington. D. C. Telephones Main 41 1-412 AVhatc%er Y«i»r Ho It ih« pronun- f elation of ItoUhe- spoiling nf a pus- Mighty, fourth arm • ti this Supremo Authority — Vcb tec » New International l icllonary contains an accurate, final answer. 400 .- 000 word a. 2.700 pages. 6,000 Illustrations. Regular anti India paper edition . ti. A. (’. Merriam ( »., Springfield, Mam . White foi specimen page , price , etc.. and KREK Rocket Map If you name this publication. Electric Sanitary Laundry Co. STOKELYS BETTERWAY 1335 H St.. N. E. LUNCH Phone, Line. 87 7 922 New York Ave.. N. W. Telephone Franklin 6246 The Why and Wherefore of Some of It EP! We made every one of them there pitchers for a reason. Maybe it warn ' t much of a reason, but je$’ the same we had one. Take that there Ex-Libris stuff fer instance. They ' re real pretty, ain t they- — they re jest to git yuh interested, they bein ' sorta unfamiliar scenes, ' N then there s that Administration page, it ' s unfamiliar too, ain ' t it, Yuh see the inmates o that place think as how they run things anyway, so we sort o thought we d use that pitcher of their house. That there portrait labeled Seniors is an exact likeness drawn from life. es suh! The Junior one is too — that ' s the official uniform fur juniors, and it was chosen because most o ' the members o ' the class wear that thing all the time, even to bed. That Sophomore feller is tough, I tell yuh. They sure do have a hard time livin up to their reputation, so we re tryin ' to help ' em out. That ' s little VtTlhe we drawed for the Frosh pitcher it s the first time his mother has let ' em get that fur from home. Cute, don ' t yer think? Jest like the rest o ' them children. The football artist went cuckoo. T hat there bird on the ball ain ' t no dove o ' peace, it ' s a crow, ' N say, didja ever know any publication that didn ' t have somebody a-yellin about it all the time. Honor societies jest had to have a serious subject for its title page. I tell yuh it ' s a serious thing when you get into one of those honor societies — everybody then an there begins to say as how you ' re a politician and other things not as nice. Maybe it ' s true. Organizations is another pretty pitcher. It fits, don ' t it? Ain ' t nature grand and at the same time a pretty well organized society? We sorta thought so, but you d better be careful or the water in that there lake or whatever it is ' ll run out. T hat Fraternity page is the prize o ' the lot. Sure is a fittin ' piece o ' work. The lady ' s head was left off ' specially ' cause it don ' t take no head to get into a fraternity — takes one to keep out. Them too, them wings is sorta fittin ' — them fraternity people and ' specially the female of the species are a mighty high (lyin’ lot— sorta flighty, you might say. The sororities didn ' t need no pitcher ; every one o’ them gals is a pitcher — have lots o ' local color, so t ' speak. The feature section head is real nice, too, ain t it? Just what we needed to start the slams off with. There! You’ve got it in a nut shell. Look at ' em again, they can stand it — they ' re made that way. We ain ' t sayin ' a word, you ' ll notice, bout the photograffs — we jest had to take them as they came. Sorta pitiful lookin ' crowd as a whole, don ' t you think? Anyway MY Johnnie’s fond mamma and pretty Susie’s daddy ' ll like ' em, even if they don ' t like the ones we drawed. ACHIEVEMENT The goal of every ambitious man and firm is typified in the rapid growth of the Jahn Ollier Engraving Company — the uni ' versal esteem in which their art and plates arc held by the large national advertisers — and the enviable reputation for prompt deliveries which they enjoy. Delivering this same high quality and careful personal supervision to schools has built up for us the largest college and high school annual engraving bust ' ness in America — 400 books yearly. Thirty thousand square feet of floor space (4 floors) and over two hundred and fifty skilled employees are required to meet the constant demand for “JerO” commercial photographs, art, color process plates and photo engraving (one complete floor is devoted to color process work). Intelligent supervision of all work by many skillful office service men eliminates your troubles. Sales service men sent everywhere JllINand OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Ji 52 htcUams Street CHICAGO WU« Ml« 5 S ' V J ' 1 Kt th W KT Tt _V t w v ua yJ 9 euaertftd T ausT e we fttd. tws I CoflflCHT HisTOH ' V h Prof. — VttLL Twe ' jogNQ m pope RtteriT u?y CA ie— Know, _6unn Hole b JT MOT ew as a d x M ed 3) 1 o 24 CV x O ice Tk k ppy|fj |[[jTnY jyZ2 If More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of ' he South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1 922. €J This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. €J From the beginning to the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. Surely if " Experience is the best teacher, " as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. ‘College Annual Headquarters” ms It ' Bkte T y I ' t mf T ' ; 4aL : % J t - a X} 1 % ■ • - Fif 1081 -‘F v r : i ki ■JC’ 4 SBE r W ' L r i ' r . " Iv. ■ v mr ¥ I % % ■ 4w '

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