George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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gm W Q Dwn ed 1957 Bell Queen '5 1 vw- YS Wi x. L 57 5- -Q ,I 5 . ,r 'WN ,. 3 43 in 3 Q 2 .a Y 5 xu, x ' N 1 s G., .N ri if - 3 w H P' 4,55 3 L,L. I 4, -5 .,,, ,.N,.w- -L' I '?fsQ- L. l wi+l-1 Mcrgy Grossman Hop , .. . M on 1. , A ' - H -N'm,g!54.f.'1 Q 7 . J Nuff x " ,Q - . , -34' 1 Z0 ' ' Y 7 -, -Q .x' -- if + f 'Q X- mx. gait if .V ,. S 3 'CS , P ,,' . Q b' . -,,4gQiSh'Ih X- ' lv 'A i Q A L.'M3 H Emggffz Af Af I 4 f . . f ,QQ . I ,fy V g V - 4. V A P A A X V -va N X2 I 't r lv' ,qt . - H A V f Lf? Q l 5 ' Lk fi? Mfg? - 1 .D 3 , en in chcroc+erizu+non?? . ' f? ,Q Q mf 1 2 ' 5 . fi K f 1 L Q f fa, N ki! M J fi Q W 6 1 .Y s...-' ,gd . M M ,K A V U g R .1 ' ' ' 'T'fi5f5N'f y"""57"T I7 1 .755 WEVQVY gg H W 632, 5 P wfQqs fmQf11ww,f wvgwwi 1 ff? fwW9g 1 W A A A .I G ' f iff -I I H JL ou e Om' J my 37f.-swf" X M QW .' ' I Q' - , - Qi .. , A Mm, . ,gy g 5' ' ,f Ag, Vx , A f wif? Q- 'ff' f f ES f' -M , M 1 t X555 g in-Vflw - 4 f alll Q 'Q W 1 hiv , x f la: ff- K' v. ff . :Q E I lf " 1 ' V, 2 V. , "fly ' F -AX , lf- H xgis-3 Q, . M- X.. ,,-'42 .,-' I , I y " A I 2 , , A y. .f k I I i ' -',k', gg 1 f Q S V V' iv I In ff ' , Q Eli, xi, 1 u f N , J N 3 f Awfif X I ' A 4' fspgqgm ' Q, A V . 2, , H W Q .gm Q h . AA' - ffm-W: Q' 2 ' A? k :ia '21 W ix? ' - I M t ' ue., 5 QQ 5 W 'E , + A ff 47313 f New , F 'am J , i ' If 5, H , N . - ' , 1. ,h 'ff Lf, vm? md Mm- figm 5' GLM www! F 5 if ' 1 l X uzwmf M H Bo? EW , Sw Bob, and Tam LQOQQHVL L' 1 ,, M57 A a f L'VN1i,CuTZ?.Ou+, Vfdr-rem! ,.""'W M Y ' F11 ia. ,Q 1 ,gif-wi ?W? x If e ft Q M . .,,g,:.,,. . - 4. V if ,W v 559431 . JA' Wife? iff: Xi... b L 1 ff? ' ' X , ,QQ I J I2 , . No Two Hwings could be more lovely 'rhon fhe breoihfokingiy beouiiful view from our schoo! in flwe Hgh? of doy or Hwe dork- ness of mighf, whefher you ore ofone wifh your Hwoughfs or omidsf o crowd of happy noisy peopie. And so, if is To Hwif sclwooi ond Hs view of We cmd The world ihof we dedicojre This--Hwe 1958 Surveyor. vf?5 glgigg . Fw: Aw 2 ? ,UV j, ak v at .ff x ' M , , :rj .I mfs., Q y,!?Ky gg, gk: -Mx f ' ' . ' fgifww 52 14 5 I.3Qf" E551 V 3 FW V Q 54. 'L I " H, - M fffvu ' 1 f 2 gf' V -' L-. . .L ff: 1 'Q F Msg 4 We M 1'f - , ' . fs' y fm o 'S Q , , mel if ag! N- ' . Q 3 . og 05 I L f i S 3 5 l 5 f I 5 E .4 , 5,3 A -fe: , ..., . E Q, -Q .uri-:5,ii:15-I L -EE1' I":- ' N ' Wiz: X. f JK ,:. 4 4 M y Q -22-'f::: ' :If , 2556 ., .... , .. 3 'Viz Y .:':12 ! :'af3f:LZ:- 7 A ' :.:. eg ,-., . -.,..g-Eg 5 ' A 'f fgi ' 1:3 i 4? .. ., 5 . .... g .?g.4:.:kf, + Q , ., ., ,, mm, ,M ..,.: :,...:L. af 1 .1 ,W K4 if . "' ,v X ..:::, K v- m ie f 'ix' 4 2 5 5 1 - A 2 ff Y x gm m, yibwjl 1 1 V+ H1 if-8 W H R 5' 3 45 S 4 a ,V .. , S 2 ,Q I, Q .2 I Q 2 3 3 .-,fi-' 3 Q .uf ' 'o ,, P :,k., , THE Eonroras ,M Nef f , e ,,.v.V ,...,, .. .mm in IVA,r i - ML., ,, H I -'M :IV my an-5.5: . , ,. '11 "'- A , .,..., ,- A , W- e 2 , ov o M g .:, .ff .. QI 'gf Q WI 1535?-gg sei 'FQ' I V ' ' Q' ff? .I lj 5 3 Q ,v fs' ,am Q E g 1 S? 5 ', M5153 3555? H 7 5- Qilifikiig 3 5 1 XM, , y -Q ' ,M M Q Q W Ze:-,5:'g5f1M ' ii Wy Kyiv , y JUNE 1957 voLuME xxvl Top Row Ileff fo righ+I: Greenberg, Segal, Locfeo, Beeson. BoHom Row: Bilrclxis, Turanfino, Bauer, Schwurfz, Amrofell, Sfolowih. ,gm A' CONTENTS Poge DedicoIion ..... . I Adminis+roIion Sedion . 3 Senior Seciion . . I7 SIuden+ Body Sedion , . 49 Sporfs Sedion . , 59 Adiviries ond Orgonizofion Secfion . 85 PUBLISHED BY THE JOURNALISM CLASS H. E, WIRE, ADVISOR GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA THE STAFF COWEDITORS: SANDY BALDOCCI-II, MOLLIE WOMER ADMINISTRATION SECTION , Morsno Loofeo, Ediforq CoroI SegoI SENIOR SECTION . . I-Ielene Gordon, Edifory MoriIyn Bouer SPORTS SECTION .... Jon Greenberg, EdiIorg Jeri Toronfino ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS . . Sondy SIoIowi+z, Edi+or7 Borboro ArnroTeII STUDENT BODY SECTION . . . Sondy SCI1worIz, EdiIor BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . Dione Beeson, Monoging Edilror ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT . . . JeonneI+e Bikokis PHOTOGRAPHERS . . . Jinn AI3IooI'r, Korl VorIio, Bill Sanders, Bernie Keane, Mr. DoI1er+y, Mr. Thompson ARTIST . . . Dcmlsl-iii fl! N Q L, Qi f L El fr 'E Co-edifors Sandy Baldocchi and Mollie Womer wilh Mr. Schmaelzle, principal. Principal's Message Your 'rhree years al Washinglron have nol only been spen'r as a prepararion for life, bul lhey were life ilrsell. a lile lhal measured nor only lhe ouler pleasures ol success and happiness buf an inner feeling of associa- lion and communion wilh higher inspiralion and lhe Deily. Your class has conrribuled a grear deal lo lhis school and il has been greally apprecialred. I know you will always cherish lhe memories you made here. On behall ol lhe adminislralion and lacully ol George Washinglon l-ligh School, I would personally lilce lo exlencl my hearliesl congralulalions 'ro you oulgoing seniors. Only by Conscienlious loresighl ol purpose anal aclion can you allain your lulure goal whelher il be in an inslilulion of higher learning or our in lhe business or vocalional world. Once again my besl wishes go wilh you always. Mr. Schmaelzle in fopper buys Em O. I. SCHMAELZLE sludenl body card from Treasurer Pere Singer. Paaff X Deans Say Farewell To Seniors The Deans, Miss Parsons and Mr. Casfellino Head Counselor Bids Seniors Farewell WashingTonians and, mosT especially, The grade uaTing class oT June, l958, you are in The midsT oT a world as exciTing, as resTless and as Tull oT op- porTuniTies as our mosT colorTul period in hisTory. ln your own orbiT, The world oT George WashingTon l-ligh School, you have been blazing Trails as well as esTablishing TradiTions. Now, wiTh CommencmenT close aT hand, my hope Tor you is ThaT, as you con- Tinue To Travel Tar and wide, you will always exemf pliTy The highesT and besT TradiTions oT your Alma MaTer, MARGARET POCLE Page 6 IT one considers a liTeTime To be The TradiTional 70 years, simple ariThmeTic will demonsTraTe ThaT The UniTed STaTes oT America is a naTion noT yeT Three liTeTimes old. This counTry has had only Two cornpleTe changes in populaTion. IT This inTormaTion impresses you wiTh The youTh oT The naTion, be TurTher impressed ThaT George WashingTon High School, a relaTively young school, has endured seven compleTe changes in populaTion since iTs Tounding alrnosT 22 years ago. Because each sTudenT remains in high school only Three years, a school is a consTanTly changing insTi- TuTion. ThereTore, a TradiTion puT aside Tor Two years dies a sudden cleaTh. For example, aT The Time oT This wriTing as plans are being made Tor The May FesTival, only The senior classes have had The ex- perience oT planning and parTicipaTing in a previous TesTival. The siTuaTion has occurred as The resulT oT The cancellaTion oT only one TesTival. Think Then oT whaT can happen To our high acaf demic sTandards if we allow ourselves To become lax abouT Them Tor even a shorT Time. No sTudenT who enTers This school because he lcnows iT is a greaT school can aTTord To counT on The Torce oT The pasT or The Torce oT TradiTion or The Torce oT habiT To keep This school greaT. Each rnusT do more Than inheriT a Tr-adiTion. l-le musT, each day, re-creaTe iT. MISS PARSONS, MR. CASTELLINO AssisTanT Principals Miss Poole, Head Counselor The Faculty K. V. CASTELLINO, Assislanl' Principal - Dean of Boys MISS ELEANOR PARSONS, Assisfanl Principal - Dean of Girls ABBOTT, MISS MARY ABERCROMBIE, MR. EDWARD ADDLESTONE, MR. ALAN AINSWORTH, MRS. MELANIE ALEXANDER, MISS BETTY ALEXANDER, MR. REGINALD ALLIONE, MR. ARTHUR ANDERSEN, MRS. BERTHA ANDREWS, MR. DONALD ARCHER, MISS HELEN ATHANASOPOULOS, MR, ALEX BAKER, MRS. ROBERTA BRANDT, MR. FRANZ BRILLHART, MRS. EVELYN CALLEN, MR. BERTRAM CARROLL, MR. CECIL CARSON, MISS LUCILLE CAULEY, MISS KATHLEEN CLARK, MISS RITA CLENAGHAN, MR. HUGH COLLINS, MR. FRANK COOPE, MISS MARGARET COUNIHAN, MISS CATHERINE DANENBERG, MR. ZVI DEEHAN, MRS. CECILIA DENNY, MRS. MARGARET DIMITRIOU, MRS. AGNES DOMECUS, MR. ERNEST DUFF, MR. CHARLES EDMOND, MR. JOHN FELDMAN. MR. STANLEY FERRANTE, MR. DAVID FIBISH, MR. ALAN FORBES, MRS. LEAH FORCADE, MISS DOROTHEA FRIEDMAN, MRS. MARIAN MISS MARGARET POOLE, Head Counselor GARIN, MISS EDITH GATES, MRS. BERNICE GORHAM, MR. ED HANNAH, MR. BRUCE HAWKINSON, MR. LAWRENCE HEDTKE, MRS. CORINNE HEINZ, MR. ELGIN HELSETH, MISS ELIZABETH HENDERSON, MR. BRAXTON HOPPEL, MISS ALICE HUGHES, MR, MARSHALL IRWIN, MR. KENNETH JACOBSON, MR. ARNOLD JOHNSON, MR. HOADLEY JONES, MR. MERTON KELLOGG, MISS ERMA KNAPTON, MR. EDWIN LAPITSKY, MISS MARY LE CLAIRE, MR. DAVID LOGAN, MRS. EDNA LUBAMERSKY, MR. ADOLPH LYNCH, MISS LEILA MADFES, MR. SA,UL MAGNER, MR. WILLIAM MAHONEY, MISS GRACE MARSHALL, MISS MARY MARTZALL, MRS. DONNA MASSARO, MR. SALVATORE MATHEU, MISS ELEANOR McGRATH, MR. JOHN MINKWITZ, MR. EARL MITCHELL, MR. WILLIAM MURPHY, MISS ELIZABETH NEUMEIER, MRS. CAROL O'DAY, MR. ROBERT ODONE, MR. WALTER PEARSON, MR. SEYMOUR PORTERFIELD, MRS. BARBARA POWER, MR, FRANK RAUNER, MISS MILDRED READE, MR. CHAD REARDON, MISS EILEEN REDLICK, MR. HARRY RIORDAN, MISS MARY ROCKY, MR. JOHN R,O.T.C. SGT. GINGRICH R.O.T.C. SGT. WEDEL RUANE, MR, JAMES SCANLAN, MR. WALKER SCHARFF, MISS ARLINE SCHIECK, MISS BARBARA SCHWAB, MR. FRANCIS SHEARER, MISS FLORENCE SHEEHAN, MRS. CATHERINE SILVERMAN, MR. HENRY SMITH, MR. WARREN SUNDEL, MRS. DOROTHY SWANSON, MRS. MYRTLE SYKES, MR. EDWARD TAYLOR, MR. EDWARD TORLAKSON, MR. ALLEN WAGSTAFF, MRS. FRANCES WELCH, MR. HERBERT WHITE, MR, GAYLEN WILSON, MR. ONNI WIRE, MR. HUGH WOOD, MR. JOHN YAGI, MR. ALBERT YATES, MR. JAMES ZINNS, MRS. FRANCES The facully is so difficulf 'Io phofograph as a group, Iha+ we Irouble is we only caughf four. So here fhey are lleff 'Io r decided 'Io cafch Ihem unaware a+ Ihe lunch counler so Ihey Mr. Welch. Mf- SYIW5- MF- Bmndf. CMI Mf- Irwin. wouIdn'I' have 'Ihe chance Io duclc oul of 'Ihe piciure. Onlv ' 3 1 I I I ighilz V .... . , PETE SINGER Treasurer SU E SCOTT Secrelary RON LEVlN Alhlelic Manager ElLL GOLDSMITH Cuslodian MIKE CHANG Yell Leader MIKE CHANG, Yell Leader To have The besT rooTing secTion in San Francisco was The goal oT This peppy yell leader. Under his leadership, Washing' Ton won The besT rooTing secTion award aT The PageanT. Milcels undying "spiriT" Truly exempliTies The spiriT oT The school. TOM M U RRAY Presiden+ LA VERNE LEON Vice-Presidenf BOB RAYE 2nd Vice-Presideni TOM MURRAY, PresiclenT A pleasanT person To be around, Tom had a very successTul Term as a TirsT-Time sTudenT body oTTicer. During his Term oT oTTice Tom worked very diligenTly on The problem oT cleanvup. LA VERNE LEON, Vice-PresiclenT Always buzzing around The school wiTh a smile, La Verneis ideas Tor dances mode The Fall Term a whirl aT Tabulous social acTiviTies. This perlcy liTTle lass was al- ways willing To lend a helping hand To everyone. BOB RAYE, 2ncl Vice-PresiclenT CofBoard and Class CommiTTee Tilled The days oT hard-working Bob. The sugf gesTions ThaT wenT Through These Two boards, guided by Bob, handled The problems aT The school successlully. SUE SCOTT, SecreTary Sue was one oT The besT sTudenT body oTTicers since The beginning oT sTudenT governmenT in WashingTon. While han- dling her secreTarial duTies, she was always Trying To improve The school wiTh greaT suggesTions. PETE SINGER, Treasurer Leading The sTudenT body To lOOi7O mem- bership is o greaT TeaT which able PeTe perTormed. Besides handling The Treas- ury, PeTe was always ready To Tell a iolce or help his Tellow ohficers. BILL GOLDSMITH, Cusloclian To be a TirsT-Time sTudenT body oTTicer is a diTTiculT Tasl which Bill perTormed wiTh enlhusiasm and zeal. One could al' ways Tind Bill busily polishing Trophies or Thinlcing oT suggesTions To improve The school. RON LEVIN, AThleTic Manager Ron did a very successTul iob selling Ticl4eTs To The various aThleTic evenTs. Ron was always anxious To do a Tine iob. l-Tis newsy broadcasTs gave The school a greaT deal aT conTidence in The Teams. STuclenT Body Officers Fall 1957 Student Body Officers Spring 1958 ART COH EN, Presiclenl' Peppy ond spiriTed, ArT led The school To o Tine Term oT ochievemenT. By his Tine leoclership, ArT won The respecT oT The enTire sTudenT body. SUE SCOTT, Vice-Presidenl' As Vice-President Sue mode The Spring Term on whirl oT social ocTiviTies. l-ler Ter- riTic personoliTy ond willingness To work rnode her second Term oT oTTice o success. ARLENE CHUSID, 2nd Vice--PresiclenT Copoble ond hcird-working Arlene hon- dled The CofBoord ond Closs CommiTTee wiTh excellence. l-ler spiriT oT loyolTy To WoshingTon mode her one oT The besT sTudenT body ollficers. CAROL LEWON, SecreTa ry During her Term oT oT'Fice, perky Corol was conTinuolly perTorming her secreTor- iol duTies wiTh zesT ond zeol. l-ler eoger- ness To work hord mode her Term oT oTTice o success. STEVE GUNTHER, Treasurer STeve, who considers himselT The biggesT Treasurer in WoshingTon's hisTory, led The sTudenT body To lOOl7O membership. Besides hondling The bonk occounT, STeye wos olwoys reody To omuse his Tellow WcishingTonions wiTh iokes. PICKENS RODGERS, AThle'l'ic Manager Fondly known os "Pops" by WoshingTonf ions, Pickens' hord work on The sole oT TickeTs mode The Term pay oTT. l-lis in- TeresTing broodcosTs inTormed The sTu- denT body oT news on The oThleTic Tield. MARTY GOLDROD, CusTodian Polishing Trophies and mimeographing kepT MorTy busy ThroughouT The enTire Term. This TirsT Time sTudenT body oTTicer showed o greoT deol oT leodership quoli, Ties ond The willingness To work hord. ART COH EN Presidenf SU E SCOTT Vice-PresidenT ARLENE CHUSID 2nd Vice-Presiclenl' Poqe 9 DON D'ANGELO, Yell Leader Don's undying spiriT and loyolTy mode him on excellenT Yell Leader ond on ex- cellenT sTudenT body oTTicer. l"le led The rooTers oT rnony school gomes ond oT The oll imporTonT boskeTboll chompiwn- ship. DON D'ANGELO Yell Leader MARTIN GOLDROD Cusfodian PICKENS RODGERS A+hIe+ic Manager CARO L LEWON SecreTary STEVE GU NTHER Treasurer FIRST ROW lleff fo riglifl: Ed Krug, Judy Casfelli, Ernesfine Lee, Ron Levin, Marfie Vernazza, Audrey Sfolul, La Verne Leon, Sandy Polk, Sue Ellioff, Nafluine Gelberman, Tom Murray, Keiflu Miyamofo, Pefe Singer. SECOND ROW: Carol Piper, Geraldine Jones, Darleen Cluang, Clurisfine Gunfluer, Louise Miyamofo, Fran Micluael, Arlene Cluusid, Barbara Sundlof, Executive Coun Tlue Execufive Council is flue backbone of George Wasluingfon's Sfudenf Governmenf. Being flue legisla' five body, if luas flue power fo make all laws. Tlue Council, presided over by flue Sfudenf Body pres' idenf, is composed of all flue sfudenf body and class officers, presidenfs of flue G.S.S., Eagles and Scarlef and Gray Sociefies, and advised by flue sfudenf body sponsor, Miss Arcluer. Meefings are lueld several fimes flurougluouf flue ferm l l . ' 1525 I Marslua Loafea, Carol Lewon, Bob Raye, Bill Goldsmiuh. THIRD ROW: Frances Carlson, Clurisfine Lease, Kiffy Kelly, Sue Colombaf, Judy Skinner, Sandy Scluwarfz, Mike Cluang, Jerry Brooks, Allan Middlebrook. FOURTH ROW: Norman Gong, Al Wluife, Dianne Dufil, Marcus Kwan, Maggie Poyrufer, Scof Blue, Jeff Lloyd, Alvin Cluan. cil and Co-Board fo discuss scluool problems and proposed laws or amend- menfs fo flue scluool consfifufion, Reporfs from flue Co- Ordinafing Board are preserufed af each session by ifs cluairman, wluo is flue Sfudenf Body Second Vice-Presi denf. Co-Board is flue imporfanf link befween Class Com- miffee and Execufive Council. lf is wluere flue fwo rep- resenfafives from eaclu class bring forflu flue ideas from flueir respecfive classes. FIRST ROW lleff fo riglufl: Hyman, Levin, Miyamofo, Mifcluell, Gunfluer, Vernazza, D'Angelo, Goldrod, Cluusid Coluen, Rodgers, Meneken, Pluffe, Ellioff, Block, Gould. SEC- OND ROW: Lewon, Raye, Tom, Rodgers, Jones, Wafanabe, Popoff, Spinrad, Lease, Fromm, Sfolul, Wall, Prescoff, Bauer. THIRD ROW: Holf, Takaluaslui, Canfwell, Dufil, Goldsmiflu, Cabezas, Cluao, Micliael, Gunfluer, Jue, Krug, Poynfer, Garvin, Scluwarfz. FIRST ROW Ilefl fo righil: Newfon Harband, Ron Levin, Gail Nakahara, Charlene Haar, Joan AIIegreHi, Carol Segal, Susan Greendorfer, Failh Hom, Virginia Gong. SECOND ROW: Gregg Sfaudi, Nafhine Gelberrnan, Avis Wong, Mulifeff Fields, Coralie Meneken, Sharon Larsen, Charlene Bunfin, Connie Young, Rober+a Luhman, Shirley Yee. THIRD ROW: Marvin Flelcher, Tom Murray, Bill Schmid, Bob Raye, Ed Krug, Darrell Friedman, Larry Levin, Philip Singer, Everlie Glew. Washington Cabinet Each meering ol Ihe Washinglon Cabinel is devored 'ro rhe quesrions and problems of Ihe school. Discussion is held berween rhe elecred regisrry represenralives and rhe principal. The Cabinel is an advisory board, acring wirhour Iegislarive powers. Many of irs suggesrions are senr To rhe Execurive Council, where rhey may be vored upon. Every Tuesday morning or 8:00 a.m. in Room M-23 rhe delegares meer wirh Mr. Schmaelzle 'ro discuss prob- lems rhar rheir respecrive regisrries have broughr up. A+ rhis meeling Ihe calendar for The week is announced and special acriviries are publicized. The delegares re- porr ro rheir regisrries rhar some morning, and rhe resulrs from rhose discussions are presenred or rhe nexr Cabinel meeling. This year, as in Ihe pasl, Ihe Washinglon Cabiner has proven irsell a success as a sounding board for school problems. 5 FIRST ROW ileff Io righflz Snell, Allegreffi, Rodriguez, Neu- geboren, Soval, Mayne, Ireland, McDonald, Hoogasian, Feichimeir, Wu, House, Hickman, Breidensfein. SECOND ROW: Ducommun, BarreH', Tighe, Chan, Lee, Takahashi, Weiner, Morey, Yee, Reina, Marx, Miller, Haskell, Sieinberg, Mizis. THIRD ROW: Johnson, McGaughy, Rodgers, Hahn, Ding, D'AngeIo, Goldrod, Schwarlz, Skinner, Meharry, Lloyd, Barfholomew, Hesselgesser, Vasquez, Thue, Young. H-I 2 KEITH M IYAMOTO President CAROL PIPER Vice-President ERNESTINE LEE Secretary ALLAN MIDDLEBROOK Treasurer ROY HORNSBY Executive Council PETER LEE Executive Council Class Officers Fcill 1957 L-I 2 ART COHEN President LOU ISE M IYAMOTO Vice-President FRANCES MICHAEL Secretary BARBARA SUNDLOF Treasurer SCOT BLUE Executive Council ARLENE CH USID Executive Council S if , P' Q C 1: I 'ln ' .,, Q ' '-3 , If fr ' I I I X x I ,. 'ti -if 'ai' 'J JF 'xx 'it' i ii It I g f A Qu- ,Q 'J f c H J - I H . :.,f :if i si, vi .iii 1 iii TZ iw we A, 3? I 1? i X -+ Y' C-Jn - , F , up I '45 sn .,,. L H-I I EVE BLACK President CHRISTINE LEASE Vice-President FRANCES CARLSON Secretary RAY WESTERGARD Treasurer D IANN E DUTIL Executive Council NORMAN GONG Executive Council L-ll JERRY BROOKS President CHRISTINE GUNTHER Vice-President JUDY SKINNER Secretary DARLEEN CHANG Executive Council MARGARET POYNTER Executive Council SAN DY SCHWARTZ Executive Council H-IO ALLEN WHITE President EDWARD KRUG Vice-President SUSAN ELLIOTT Secretary JEFF LLOYD Executive Council NATALIE NAZAROFF Executive Council AUDREY STOHL Executive Council L-IO KLI NE WILSON President SUSAN COLOMBAT Vice-President BARBARA BISCHOFF Secretary JERRY KLOR Executive Council JOHN WEINSTEIN Executive Council KITTY KELLY Executive Council JG POS, I H-I2 BOB RAYE Presidenl' NANCY NEWMAN Vice-Presidenl LOUISE MIYAMOTO Secrelary RON LEVIN Treasurer RICHARD HYMAN Execulive Council FRANCES MICHAEL Execulive Council L-I2 RIGO CABEZAS Presidenl D IANNE DUTI L Vice-Presidenl BARBARA MITCHELL Secretory LINDA CANTWELL Treasurer BETTY RODGERS Execulive Council WENDY TOM Execulive Council H-ll KENN ETH JU E Presidenl MARGARET POYNTER Vice-Presidenl CONN I E YOUNG Secrelary CHRISTINE GUNTHER Treasurer SUSAN GARVIN Execulive Council GERALDINE JONES Executive Council L-I l EDWARD KRUG Presidenf ARLAYNE PLUTTE Vice-President AUDREY STOHL Secrelcry CAROL BLOCK Executive Council SUSAN ELLIOTT Execufive Council AL WHITE Execulive Council , -,sung Q X I 'is' , I 'ia ' .','I E vii. ' I :..i 'Y' J in E 2. W I 5 4 ,Y IJ HT ' ' U i' in sf 4: , ,Q .w -1. ,af ,, 'V f and A I I- I 'S Q Q U5 Ch 9-,Q 5. co 7 U5 cn 'U 2. 3 LQ C3 U1 oo 2 n in .. ,' I ,, .I we v I if " . K ia . .X lv 'V i'., 5. A ,ha w k ,V if . H-I0 JOHN WEINSTEIN Presidenl PAT PRESCOTT Vice-President MARTHA VERNAZZA Secretary BARBARA BISCHOFF Execulive Council GENE CHAO Executive Council RICHARD SLAVIN Execufive Council :S : Q ' H I .... wil nl T I A y 'i - ' 3 wif' Q is I 3-9? :.: .2 419 A ' vw i I T 3 'V , .lk - if fu -I A I S ,Tl I ov' sk ij y i -45gi3x'w N 1 iii A L-IO VERONICA HUNNICUTT Presidenl' SHIRLEE TOSO Vice-Presidenl SUE DAVIS Secrelary MARINA POPOFF Execulive Council WILMA SPINROD Execulive Council KIM WATANABE Execufive Council ,I-.Q '47 3, lr 5 we 1 -'Syd A If 3 vb , WW. ' 1 I if s il I' Quint?-'V N ,, R '2 .f S' :Q J an . Q' R J R i I' ' w e i' ml- , i n 7 ' i 7 3 5 ff ALLEGRETTI aALoocci-in ci-:Eu CHRISTOFFERSEN GUNTHER HEFLIN KEEVE KRAMER i MCEARLAND MAYNE scorr SEGAL Page I4 Girls' Service Society 'Q ci - . 'Q . fi W .ww Wh - 5 .,.. ""' ii gywv- Q ., M t QVV., 5 5.1 ef M 5, 'ff - , ,E ,ZE5 ..ii.. V fre f Y' 1. - , f it . ' x ,M aw i 53? ' ,,i. , ' 4391 A X RAUCHE BRIERLY CHUN ci-iusln HERKNER HOENE LABATAILLE LEASE MICHAEL MIYAMOTO SOLTER STOLOWITZ EFL P X "faf3:?21:' 3 I ,sw R , -'2' -ff. ., ' sv-V ,,.4.:' - ' 'Ea .,.,.. , Q H - ' - -'-" 1 . , i--' I E i ii i ..,. ' I ..,, '- 1" -Sf w- W . .lf -1 4 if l 4. if R 'ri CANTWELL CRONANDER JU LEON NEWMAN SUNDLOF -Q , ,fw jg ., -Q 7 Z' LF 1 Li ' 1 . A.- 'Y 9 CARLSON CRONQUIST JUE LEWON PARK TAKEDA I E fd r 1' 1 Z, ,2 1 U 5- ,A . '2 'Q' ii Yr A CARP GOULD JUE LOAFEA PIPER WOM ER I 1 I 7, Z2 t Q . l , 3' WS ' E i ,E V J Q l, 4 "'? .,a:.,e i .- 1 E i CHAN GREENDORFER KAROLL MCCLELLAN RICHTER YEE .IHKW ' if 'Qggi'i9 .- x '18 'Q 4 JI I Q, in BIVENS COHEN HARRISON LEVIN MURRAY SEKINO E I S ' I HORNSBY, Presidenf, Full GOLDSMITH, PresidenI, Spring 5 V 5:::sZ"' 'Q ,g , v I! 1 X I, ,1 . xx I 7 if 2 2 H4 Y 5' , lf V' :f:,f 55T,I . I ' I I t BLUE DE LEON HOLT LIM MURRAY SINGER E A, I BROOKS DOWN ES HONDA LLOYD PON STEINBERG w ,Tu V, , J ,il - :. -'Y A 1 ' JI I rr Q P I ,wg 5 N , is I I 11- Q. ' I 5' ' 1' f N . , ' X xi 5 LL ,Y,,. I 2 MQ ' .I KF tt K W-,tw A if . - , s X 3 A W 32 - Y , -, J" K xw . ' Y W I ,Zi H 3 7. V . 7 F r it , V3 I 359, I I V- fi Q , ' I , W , E' I I I ,.. . A 3 CABEZES CARR CASTELL CI-IANG FLINT GALLARDO GONG GUNTHER HYMAN JONES JUE KRUMPE MAJOR MERTENS MICHAEL MIDDLEBROOK' RAYE RODGERS ROMM SCHMIDT TAMMIK TOM TORRENS WESTERGARD 'Presidenh Fall ' 11" u -,.. :Q M - ,Avy 6 L S I 2 W f 7 f CHINN HARBAND LEE MIYAMOTO SCHMUCK WHITE Page I5 FIRST ROW lleff To righll: Craddoclc, Murray, KaTz, Middle- broolr, Kramer lhisTorianl, Schmid lTreasurerl, Casfelli lsec- reTary, ChrisToFfersen lvice'presiden+l, Wiech lpresidenTl, Fong, Lewon, Gould, Ju, Wong, Chusid, Fong, Lee. SECOND ROW: Downes, Lowe, Gibbs, Fuller, Boone, Greenberg, Pun, Chun, Schrader, Robel, Cordy, Waxman, Chang, Jue, Molinari. THIRD ROW: STaudT, Chow, Smurd, Pulverman, Blumberg, Gardella, Chun, Lew, Breidens+ein, Hoene, Gridley, Vasquez, McDonald. FOURTH ROW: Fisher, Nalrao, Moriguchi, von EmsTer, MiyamoTo, Olrowa, Hambriclc, Lenci, Mayne, Meyer, STerling, McGrew, Munson, Kidd. FIFTH ROW: Boldocchi, Womer, Chun, Piper, Brierley, Aoki, STevens, Sims, Haclrler, La Shay, Carlson, MiyamoTo, Harrison. Scarlet and Grey Society The ScarleT ond Grey SocieTy was organized in The Fall oT l95l. The purpose oT The socieTy is To assisT in lfeeping The halls auieT and Tree Trom unauThorized or loiTerinQ sTudenTs. This is done by hall paTrols during every period oT The day. The socieTy is composed OT ouTsTanding members oT The Low and High Senior classes, They are chosen on The basis oT scholarship and ciTizenship aT The ond ol Their l-liah Junior Term. Today The socieTy is composed oT approximaTely l35 members, Under The leadership oT Fall Presidenl Ted Wiech and Spring Preside-nT John Gibbs, The sociely served The school as sTaTionary hall paTrols. The socieTy is under The sponsorship oT Mr. Rocly. FIRST ROW lleTT To righTl: McClellan, Greenberg, Killceary, Breidensfein, Greendorfer, Haclrler, Hoene, Pandell, Wein- berger, Nafsievslry, Blumberg, Robel, Nasf, McClellan, Pun, Chun, Lew, Regino, Elizarcle, DrauTz, Baldocchi, Ju, Yee, Lloyd, SECOND ROW: Gridley, Bilralris, Pound, Munson, Kidd, Mayne, Tighe, Barreff, Olcawa, MaTheson, Carlson, Confwell, Ehrman, Harr, PeTri, Dufil, Tom, Olafsen, Schrader, Pulvermon, Segal, Chan, Mr. Roclry. THIRD ROW: Lim, McFarland, STolo- wiTz, Lewon, Jones, Johnson, Ward, Levin, Fuller, Hyman, Luke, Chan, Schaefer, Simmons, Panagalris, Ryan, Jen, Hambriclc, Tom, Lowe, Fisher, Bivens, FOURTH ROW: Gibbs, Goodman, Gallardo, Cabezas, Raye, Tanalca, Jacobs, Palmer, Henninger, von Emsfer, Zingmarlc, Kahler, l'laTler, Law. il- 11'-'D vm 1 :ff M ..t b , - 'S 'fx 1 . ' 1 i g? Spf' ff C ' . , . x41 1 -,!,, . 0 f , - fl ', ll ,CT 1" 1, NX ff A X . ii I Q Senior King candidaTes hope- fully smile 'For The birdie lfrom "" " lefT To righTl: Milne Cosfill, Ted Wiech, Larry Miles, Jim Bailey. Winner and Senior King, Larry Miles. The losf day of G.W.H.S. for graduofes Ellen Heflin, LaVerne Leon and Jeon Sheedy os They siT of Their Senior Breakfast if Gracluafion speolxers lfrom leff To righTl: NewTon Horbond, lCummings Cup winnerl, Marilyn Wes? lCummings Cup winnerl, PeTer Singer, Rhoda Reogh, and class voledidorion Colvin Chang. 5. Fall Class History Led by Their sponsor, Mr. Elgin l-leinz, The graduaTing class oT Fall T957 will be well remembered Tor all The conTribuTions ThaT They made while aT George WashingTon. f,X.S Low Sophomores They collecTed money To buy shrubs To help beauTiTy The school grounds. When They became l-ligh Sophomores They planTed These shrubs. PainTing Trash cans was anoTher one oT Their proiecTs To malce WashingTon loolc beauTiTul. When Their Low Junior Term rolled around, The class collecTed pock- eTbooks To send To servicemen. This proiecT Turned ouT To be a rip- roaring success. As High Juniors They broughT To The sTudenT body Their TerriTic Junior Day, all abouT "The Pigskin," and Junior Day Dance, "Mirage" Then came The Junior Prom, enTiTled "Moonglow." The whole class worlced hard To make Their Senior Day and Senior Day Dance, "Two DiTTerenT Worlds," enioyable Tor all. January 25 was The daTe oT Their Senior Prom, "An Adair To Remember." CommencemenT exercises on January 28 broughT To a close These Three wonderTul years. Page I9 Jolmn Hacks speaks +o his devils. Diono Boone fries lo sell Tom Wood cs prelabricafed cloud. Jonel' Gillmore ond Mike Cho singing "Blow Gabriel Blow." fb 5159016 V17-7, 44 hs. it 1 S O Offfb Zfbvflr,-eiiyd Coffs cofbhg 62214 o Orngon Downs '7, Pefe -The clirecloresses, Phyllis Chun , and Marilyn Wesf. WKBQMH1 M 4 ' b 'fr li Fall Senior Day ADACHI, KAZUYUKI Lefiermen, Tennis Reg Trees AUSTIN, JAMES Lerfernnen, Tieck IYO'-V. Beskefbeli l3O's BAILEY, JAMES JV BOSSLJOU, Beskei beii BATMALE, FRANK JV Besebeii, Tennis Reg VP, Trees, Eegie Rep BAUMAN, PHYLLIS GAA, Pen Amer Club, Ji'8fSr Dey BENJAMIN, KATHRYN Giris CI'iOil', Reg I-Iisrorien, Red Cross, Sr Dey BERSHAD, DAVID llO's BesiceII:ne", Cfrws f-eunfry, Jr8fSr Dey BETTENCOURT, HOWARD Jr81Sr Dey BOONE, DIANA GAA, Beck W, SKC, A Cepeile Choir, Reg Sec, Jr8fSr Dey BREAZELL, WANDA GAA, Sr Dey BRIERLEY, BEVERLY GSS, GAA, Block W, SHG, SSPC, Dence Corn, Red Cross, Reify Com, Choreogrepner of JrXfSr Dey BU RGESS, HARLOW Wor'l4 BURROWES, ROBERT Work BURTON, MACK FeeibeiT, Treclc, Beslfer- beii CANELLOS, BYRON RCTC Driii Toeni CARLSON, LLOYD Swim Teern Si Dey CASTELL, MICHAEL Eegies, Swimming CASTELLI, JUDY GAA, B OCR W, Cv Beerd, Coke Corn, Pen Amer Ciub, SSPC Jr8cSr Dey CHAN, MABEL GAA CHAN, MAXINE GAA, BIOCI1 W, MOS' quers, Sr Dey, Reg Sec, Trees, Prin Cob CHAN, PHYLLIS GSS, GAA, BTOCTQ W, 5816. CSF, Co-Beerd, SSPC, Reliy Corn, Sr Dey Dir, Reg Pres 81 VP CHANG, CALVIN CSF, Sr Adv, Jr Dey CHANG, MICHAEL EOQIQS, SHG, SSPC Pres, Red Cross Trees, Goif Mgr, Assf Dir Jr Dey. Sr Dey, Hd Yeli Leedm, I.-I2 Trees CHEU, NORMAN Ceiiege CHIN, LONNIE GAA, Block W, CSP, SSPC, Pjure Tchrs. A Cepe3Te CI'ieir,Jr81SVDCv,' Eegie Sfeff, Eegie Wings, Reg Sec CHOW, RICHARD Leiierrnen, SEG, Rifif? Teem, Treclc, Cross Counfry, Jr8fSr Dey Eeg'e S+eFT CHRISTOFFERSEN, DIANE GSS, Biefk W, GAA, SSPC, Dense Com, L-II VP, H Il Ex Com, L-I2 Sec, Jr8fSr Dey CHUN, ELAINE GAA, S8fG. CSF, SSPC Reliy Corn Sec, Red Cross Sec, Jr8fSr Dey, Eegie Sferf, Eegie Wings Sfefwf, B'eflf W Pres. Reg Sec, VP V W? hfgcrfjansb ff3Fi2i-4 89 Aw 13' 115.5 4VK 11. 2 cHuN, Jo ANN GSS, GAA, Biock W. 3816. SSPC, CSF, Raiy Com Sec, Red Crass SGC, Ir8cSr Day, Eagie Wings SIOII CHUNG, RONALD COIIQQG COHEN, HOWARD Mark Cub, Chess CI ,IJ Maaqne 31 Gaye, Ciub, Faofbai, ,Ivgcgi Day, Prin Cab, Reg VP COLLEY, EDWARD Rea Trea5, Rfin Cab CORDY, JUDITH GAA, BIOQIQ VV, Piiiiii- Teafhere, Dance Com, Jr81Sr Day CRADDOCK, GILBERT SEG, Sabie C ii Weep DASKALAKIS, cnms SEG, JrX1Si Day oAvis, JUDY GAA Jfasf Dey DOWNES, WARREN Eagies, SRG, Leihei men Ries, Exec Dance Cam, Saccer, Swim. ming, Si' Day DUBENKO, FEDOR Coiiege DUNN, MALCOLM Sabre Onb Ric- Jixffvf Day, ROTC I3a+ Cam EKUSA, TAKAKO GAA, Si Day ENRIQUEZ, ROSEMARY SV Day f9AA 'ii Day fake Cam FLEISCHMAN, CHARLES SV' Adyixfwi, RI-IJ Tmas, Ji'8fSr Day, Eagie SIaTI FONG, DOROTHY GAA SEG Bwrk Wi, IVXS' Day, Rfin fab, SSPC FONG, VIOLET SSRC, Dance Com, Biafi IN, Jv'XfSr Day, Eagie Wings Siaif, Eaa fi Fd Rf-fi VR, Ser Rrin Cab, GAA SM GAN, EDWARD Science Ciiib, Cnfw-1. Cii Ii, Oifh, Tennis, Red Crosg Rep GANSZ, NOEL AVI SCIWOOI GEE, BARBARA GAA, BOCI1 WA IVXISV Day GILMORE, JANET GAA, MXISV Day GLEW, EVERLIE GAA, Sr Advisor, Maiii CIIJIJ, Fiifure Teachers, Prln Cab, Rf--'I Crass, JrXfSr Day GONG, VIRGINIA GAA, Biacic W, Faieia' Aiiaiizi Ciiib, Fimire Nurses, Teafimris, Priir Cub, SSPC, IrXfSr Day GORDON, HELENE GAA, Block W, FIJI iv- Ieafiierz, Eagie Rep, Eagle SIGN, Si veyai' Sm? GRAFELMAN, FRED Leiiermen, Swimming Team, Reg VP, JrXfSr Day, Danffz Dec' Chu Tar Sr Day GREEN RUTHIE GAA, Red Cvasu, Irgffgf Day GRUBER GORDON GOIT Team GURICH RONALD Lcifermen, Swimming Team Jr8fSr Day GURTHET FRED Work HARBAND, NEWTON Eagles, CSF, Foreign Affairs Club, Tennis, Exec Dance Com, Coe Board Rep, JrXfSr Day, Reg VP, Prin Cab HARRISON, MARTIN Eagles, Lellermen, SEG, Swimming Team, Cross Coiinrry, Mus sic Pin Award HEDGER, SANDY GAA, Masquers Flisror- ian, Dance Com, Fld Song Girl, Sr Ad- yisor, Jr8cSr Day, Eagle Slaf? HEFLIN, ELLEN GSS, GAA, SSPC, Dance Com, Reg VP, Sec, Treas, Prin Cab, Jr8Sr Day, Eagle Sl'aFl:, Surveyor Slow HERKNER, PAT GAA, SSG, Jr8cSi' Day, Reg VP, Dance Com, SSPC, Rally Corn HICKS, JOHN Foreign Affairs Crnlo Pres, Frencln Club, Tlnalians, Masquers, Sr Day, Eagle Wings SlaFf, Reg Treas Prin Cab HINTZ, WILLIAM Music Pin Award HOLBROOK, CAROLE Work HORNSBY, FRANCES Girls Drill Team HORNSBY, ROY Eagles, Lellermen, Bas' lcefball, Traclc, SB Cusl, L-lO Pres, l-I-I2 Exec Coon, Eagle Pres ISHIKAWA, ISAO Varsily Football JAFFE, MARLENE GAA, SSPC, Red Crow, Dance Com, Jr8rSr Day JOE, CYNTHIA GAA Block W, CSF, Exec Coen JOE, MARTIN Soccer Team JOHNSON, BENNIE FAYE GAA, Sr Day JOHNSON, ERNEST Lellermen, Baskelbai Fooflsoll, Reg VP JONES, JOBINA GAA, JrXcSr Day JONES, LOUISE GAA, BlOCF W JUE, BRENDA GSS, GAA, Block W, SHG. CSF, Fufare Teachers Pres, Floral Arls, Fl- IO Exec Coen, L-ll Sec, Sr Day KATZ, BILL SSG, CSF, Plwolo Clrrb, Eagle SlaFl: KAWAOKA, FRANCIS Col ege KOEPER, LOIS Worlc, Sr Day KONKOFF, ALEX SEG, CSF, Program Com, Dance Com, Reg VP, Ca-Board Rep, JrX1Sr Day, Eagle Slail: KOUPAS, CYNTHIA GAA, JrXrSr Day KRAMER, MARLENE GSS, GAA Block W. Pan-Amer Cub Pres, Floral Arie Club, Reg Pres, VP, Jr81Sr Day, SEG KRZESNI, HELGA GAA LARSON, JEAN GAA, Block W, CSF, Tlna- lians, BE Club, Red Cross, ,lrXfSr Day LA SHAY, DIAN GAA, Block W, Dance Com, SSPC, Reg VP, Sec, Eagle RGD Prin Cab. Jr81Sr Day ,fn n ,wg n am-f .,'7, -VQZTQE 11210 ,, If x hs :- -'-', xy! 1 Q4 if A 1 . if hh 6 LASSALLETTE, MARIE GAA, Sr Day, Wrfx LEE, DONALD Work LEE, EDWARD Plwolo Club LEE, ERNESTINE GAA, Block W, SRG, F lure Teoclvers l-I-I2 SOC, Jr8fSr Doy, Rl,-q: Pres LEE, GEORGIA GAA ,lr81Sr Dey, Bc-rl VA! CSF LEE, KENNETH Sobre Clb, Reg Frei QI Dey LEE, PETER Eagles, Lerrermen, Bcelwbol H-l2 Exec Com, Sr Dey Sr Adviser, Pee Pres X1 Treos LEE, THOMAS CSF, Reg Pres, VP, Tw-nzf pvln Cob LEON LAVERNE GSS, GAA, Block AW, SE VP, H-ll VP, L-lO VP, Eagle Sloll, SL:- veyor Slofl' LEONG, RICHARDSON College LETIZI, GINA GAA. Eagle Sloll LEVENE, ALBERT College LEW, ANITA GAA, Reg Red Crosz Rr r, Doy LINDQUIST, LUCILLE GAA, Jr8ISr Dey LOUIE, PATRICIA GAA Blfvfls VV, Frztlfs Sloll LOW, NANCY Adv Orch LOWE, STANTON SEG, Jr31Sr Dey LUCIEN, PHILIP College LUM, MAUREEN GAA, BlOClc W, SKC' SSPC. Red Cross, Class Sec, Jr8fSr Dey LUMPKIN, MARY Business Club, Sr Dcy MATSUURA, HENRY Reg Sec, Sr Doy MATTHEWS, NANCY Worlc MCCOMBS, BRUCE Prolecllonlsf, Jr Dc, McDANIEL, ROBERT Col ege 81 Worl: McDONALD, MARILYN Girls Drill Tr,-uf' Sr Day, Eagle Sloll' MCGREW, PATRICIA GAA, Dance Com, Reg Sec. Jr81Sr Day McWILLlAMS, CLAUDE Reg Treos, Trail Lellermerw, JV Foolboll, Rally Com MIDDLEBROOK, ALLAN Eagles, SSG, S' Advisor, JV Foolbcmll, H-I2 Troos, ,MX-S' Dey Gee sssss sss, GGG, GGGGGGG I MILES, LAURENCE Swimming MIYAMOT0, KEITH EC1QICm, Leirffrrrwrr SEG, Boske+boN, Cross Counfry, Track SB Arh Mgr, I-I-I2 Pres, I.-I2 Exec Coen L-Il Pres, I-I-IO VP, Jr8rSr Dov MOFFETT, .IO HELEN GAA MOLINARI, BARBARA GAA, BIOQI: VV SHG, CSF, SSPC, Dance Com, Reg Pros VP Prim Cob, Jr8fSr Dow MURRAY, TOM Eog'es, SEG, Pon Amer Club Treos, SB Pres, JrXfSr Day NAGANUMA, GEORGE JV BOSRGILJOH, ICU' rris, Reg Eagle ScuIesmor1 NARITOMI, JAMES CSF, Sr Dey NG, BEATRICE GAA, Block W, Pom Amor Cyb, Jr31Sr Dczy NG, CAROLE GAA, B'ocIc W, Sr Day, Reg VP, SSPC NG, CLIFFORD CoUege NISBY, PAT GAA, College NORRIS, CHRIS Leffermerv, Truck, Bogkefv bo7N, Red Cross Rep, EogWe Srorq, Srrrveym Sfog OHASHI, MIRAKO GAA, BIOCIQ VV, INN. Com, Reg Pres, Jr8rSr Doy OLSON, BRUCE Jr Dey ONO, GARY Lerrermerw, Boskefbo , Trrrrls OWENS, GARY Jr DOY PANCOST, SHEILA GAA, Rr-Q VP, Sec, Jr Dcy Choreogropberr PARK, BETTY LOU GSS, ROIW Com, GAA, Bknclc W PARR, GEORGE CoI,ege PINKNEY, EMMA GAA, Jrgcsr DOV PIPER, CAROL GAA, SDCL Sfxff, Pres, L-I2 X1 H-I2 VP, JrXfSr Dey PREMACK, .IACQUELINE GAA, lwosqrw-rs, A CcapeUo Choir, Reg Pres, Rod Cmsu, JrXf Sr Dov RAFF, RONALD S'oge Crew, JV FM-VIH-:I Reg Trees REHBEIN, BRIGITTE GAA REID, DARLENE GAA ROSS, MARIE GAA, SEG, Reg SM, ,Il?l5r Dey, Eogfe Sroff SAKAKURA, KAORU GAA, SSPC MKS' Dov SCHMID, WILLIAM EOQISS, Gr-rrwmrr Cub, Boslcerbcdi, H-H Ev-C CONN, Irxfir Dey, Reg Pres 'if V arf- ,Q it ,qw if 'Q- 11 Q' it I ,gf IHC 6 in Qi " ffm X' is II' ' ,mv Q AP I is 9 JZ: W , 'U , I W PI I I A 44 2 I -'3 ,L gig, it ' P" if vb 'QI 4 ,px -f' ur SCHOTT, NICK Wov-If SHEEDY, JEAN GAA, Jr8fSr Ibm SHIOTA, PAUL IIO'. Bfw,I:If'Iwi SIMS, EVELYN VVmk SINGER, PETER Euqlfwg, I.QIIf-vm'-v., LHI' Track, SB Treost L I2 Prem II II Ir'-mu I- II Exec Comm, Jv'XfSv Dov Sr AfIvI.1vv,I"rII CGI: Rffq IVGOS SOLBAU, RAY Svuufv I-GOINI SOSS, EDWARD Lf-Ifeermen, Cfwl' SPENCER, JUDITH GAA Sr IMI STAUDT, GREGG SEG, GMI, JIXH- IMA. STERLING, BARBARA GAA, BFI I' W gf' -. CSF, SSPC, Sr Addsfzr, IFXSV IMI, SUMMERFIELD, JUDY II II gf I Dfw SWARTZBURG, GARY Mouq ww. SSH IIII1 Inns Jw Daly PCIQI6 VVIVQI. SMI" TAKEDA, FUJIKO CAA, BIMII. VV SSPC, EXEC CCI rw, ,IrX1Sr Deny TEMPLE, GERALD I.f'III:rfWf:'v, Ir MI., Bu III In: Cv" ' CO Imfvy LXSV Uuy IQ.-51 IM 11 TENCH, CAROL GAA, Domi? Crum IMI: fab, Rnd Cmns, ,IrXfSv Day TOM, GLORIA GAA, BIocIa W LSP MMI' Im, Req Ser' A Cami- c Cwb-I TORRES, ADONIS CC Bcovd TYE, RONALD MQIII C Jb, NI1cIf:f1f Phy II CI':Is, IVXSV Dcly, EOQIO SIUII, Swrvflyfw S'uII VEST, GERALDINE I. I2 Ffh Cub Iv PM WADA, HIROKO GAA Bf1fIf W WASHER, LYNDA CAA, Ummm- fum. IIPL Sr Huy WAXNIAN, LORETTA GAA, Bm I1 VV. SX' Y INEHSER, BARBARA GAA M8151 IJOV WEST, MARILYN GSS Prfes, CAA, BIQII W, ESF, Pon ArnffrC"1b, I-I IO Iixor' Co Im, Ixxfgv Dov WIECH THEODORE IJVQ , Ifxrgr III1, WILLIAMS ANN GAA WONG HELLMUND CO5 nga' WOOD THOMAS RQQ prres Sr' Dim B xdfos' OI! 1 WOODROW, MAXINE GAA, Fufure Nmsu. Club, Sr Doy WRIGHT, JACQUELINE GAA Eagm Rep, Sr Doy WRIGHT, SHIRLEY GAA, Block W, JVXQSV Dov ZAMATTIA, ANNA Work ZENI, ANGELO Work N Cclmero Dodgers CAMPUSANO, JOHN REAGH, RHODA FAVSTRITSKY, BORIS ALEXANDER SHIPLEY, JAMES GLASSER, IRA B. TIBAYAN, CHRISTINE OWEN, TERRY D. ZLOTKIN, JANET Autog rclphs Page 27 Senior girls who served af The Senior BrealrTas+ are lfrom leff To righTl Shirley Cheu, Linda Gould, Arlene Chusid, Maureen McClellan, Bonnie Brodd, Marfha McFarland and Bobbie SolTer. E' The preliminaries leading up To The main evenf. Judy Robinson geTs measured for her cap and gown. Spring Class History Senior King, Rich De Leon, and Sophomore Queen, Dolores Lopez, pose wiTh High Senior President Bob Raye, and Veep, Nancy Newman. ,S L , ,Az A , S 'N y esr i The Senior Class oT Spring l958, under The direcTion oT Their sponsor, Mr. MerTon Jones, has compleTed Three wonf derTul and successTul years aT George WashingTon. Their Low Sophomore proiecT, collecTing money To buy shrubs, was done wiTh much enrhusiasm. As l-ligh Sopho- mores, They beauTiTied The school by planTing The shrubs boughT wiTh This money. The Low Junior Term Tound Them busily gaThering names oT servicemen To send Eagles To. AT lasT They became High Juniors, and aTTer much hard worlc and planning, The class presenTed Their Junior Day, "Marine Madness," and Dance, "Marine Melodies." The beauTiTul Gold Room oT The Palace T-loTel was The scene oT The Junior Prom, "WonderTul, Won- derTul." Finally came The mosT imporTanT year, The Senior year. As Low Seniors Their proiecT was The P.T.A. Membership Drive, which was a greaT success. AT lasT, as High and MighTy Seniors, The class presenTed Their TerriTic Senior Day, "Cellu- loid Fever," and Dance, H58 Slqiddof' The Senior Prom was held in The Rose and ConcerT Rooms OT The Palace l-loTel. CommencemenT exercises on June ll broughT To a close all oT These memorable experiences. Page 28 ALEXANDER, LESLIE College ANDERSEN, BENJAMIN Lerlerrnon, AFS Jr Day, I3O Swimming ANDERSON, GEORGE Jr8cSr Day ANDERTON, .IACQUELINE Reg pres, VP Sr Day AOKI, MICHIKO Floral Arls CI,l: ARCHER MANFRED Band 81 Qrclw, JV Bas lcelball ASH, WILBURT l2O Track BABA, JEAN GAA, Block W, Reg VP, Ser BALDOCCHI, SANDRA GAA, BlOQlr W, SHG, SSPC, Dance Cam, Sr Advisai Reg VP, Eagle Slall, Surveyor Ed, Eaqh Wings, Jr81Sr Day BANUET, VERA GAA, Jr Day BARNEWITZ, CAROL GAA, SEG SSPC JrXfSr Day Eagle Slall, Surveyor, Eaqff Wings BARRETT, JUDITH GAA, BJOCIC W, Rally Corn, Prin Cab, Gen Dance Can' SSPC, JrX1Sr Day, Eagle Slax, Eagle Wings BATLIN, LAURA GAA, Bloclc W, Ji31Si Da, BERENSMEIER, MARGUERITE GAA, Blailc VV, Jr Day sERNsrslN, CHARLES Jr Dov. Eagle Sw' mesa, CAROL Co lege BIKAKIS, JEANNETTE GAA, Botlc W SSG, Rally Com, Dance Corn, SSPC, Reg Pres, VP, Sec, Jr Day Sec, Sr Day, Eagle Slall, Surveyor, Eagle Wings BITNER, IRENE GAA, SSPC. Jr Day BIVENS, RODGER Eagles, SEG, Adv Band, Band Librarian BLUE, SCOT Eagles, SEG, Pres ol Illia- lians, Gall, Baseball, Baskelball Mgr, H-ll Pres, L-I2 Exec Caun, Jr Day BLUMBERG, VALERIE GAA, Boilc W SHG, Jr Day BOND, JAMES SSG, Gall, Sopli Fcolba , Rea Pres, Sec, Priri Cab, Jr Day Eaae Slalzl BOWSER, EDWINA College BREIDENSTEIN, LOIS SEG, CSF, Darw- Carn. Reg Sec, Prin Cab, Jr8fSr Day BRIM, EMELDA GAA, Jr Day BRODD, BONITA Pres GSS, GAA, SHG, Gen Dance Com, Sr Advisor, Sec SSPC. JrXfSr Day BUCKLEY, BARBARA GAA, Blagk 5. Club, Floral Arls Club, Reg Sec, Jr Day BURNS, BONNIE JEAN GAA, Jr8fSr Day Eagle Slall ' r 1 I 75 s A 1 Mg, ..-f ff 5: 5,5 an ,. r,, as ,Q . Q. -, . .. v 4-on .46 A A f' ...Q -uf' ffvui A 1 1' 22,21 7? A fi X ...., ,V L dim, 'Q' BURNS, SUSAN GAA, BIQVI W I v f Ref CINE, Req VP SOC, Jr Doy BURTNETT, ARLENE CEAA, Jngrsl' Daly BURTON, JUDY GAA IEIOVUI A" Grab, JrX1Sr Doy BUTLER, MAURINE GAA, BIOCL W, Iffxm Com, Rag VP, Sec, lrgfsr Dcuy avszn, ZELLA GAA, Bfofk W, Om ,f Bord, French C.fb, Mgsxc Pm fwmff Reg Ser, Prim Cob, Jr8fSr Dow CALL, DENNIS Lwferrmon, SKC, IV Iw -H' bo,I CANILLERI, VINCENT Work CARP, SYLVIA GSS, CSF, Sr Advlgl rx Lv' Mosqwe 81 Gave-I, VP Mosquorn Chr'- ROIIV Com, DIr Jr Div Sr Dol.. CARRAS, THEODORA SAA, BIWI NV ,I Dov CARROLL, PAULA Reg Se: CARSON, MIKE GCI? Tfecm CAUFIELD, JAN GAA Bock W Iv I 1 CAVICCI, BARBARA W1,f'L CHABAN, DONNA GAA SSH' Evil, Cru' Dome Com, Frm Awwv' C Iv 11919 Dov EUQIQ Wirgq, CHAMPAGNE, ROLAND Sfrmr CHAN, ADRIAN JV B3 who If Dfw CHAO, JAMES F 'urn Rf-' L' Iv, Vw' Pres. Icmnh, Jr Dov CHEU, RICHARD Sober C In CHEU, SHIRLEY C'AA, BML W, 819 Doy CHING, DIANE GAA, lr Day CHINN, CALVIN EGQIEES, Ni BosIceIbo'I CHIPNIAN, BEATRICE GAA CHOLLET, JOHN COIIGQG CHUCK, JERRIEANN GAA Jr Do, CHUN, GEORGIANA GAA, Brock W, SKC Fwhro Tchrs, JrXfSr Day. SSPC, R0 x Com Sec CHURCH, JAY Vcraify FOOIIQQII, Jr Dey CHUSID, ARLENE GSS, GAA, BIOCL W SEG, SB 2nd VP, I. II Sec, L-I? EW Com, Jr Doy Sec, Sr Day CLEAVER, .IOSIE GAA, GM-Is' DIIII TEACVY' Req Sec, Jr Dov r COHEN, ARTHUR EOQ 'ex VQVMZ Truck, SB Pves, HW! Exec Co1'w,l-I?I'rf,f. Ja Dov COHN, BRENT Hag e Sfoff, Jv Um COHN, RAMY Boiebol COLEMAN, VERNON Leffefrrwor' ISU 4'- Vursffv Bolkofbczlx, Vorslfy Foqifbo3', V-1' sim Turk Faq 9 Sic? COLOMBAT, HENRY COJLSQC CRESCI, MARGARET Ccdiege CRONANDER, CHARLOTTE Bod: W GAA CSF, Scferwe Cub, THOLIQHQ MQW Cmb Soc, Trees Jr81Sr Day CRONQUIST, BIRGITTA GAA, Fowlqv A' ioirs CI Rb, AFS Forekqrw Exch S? dww' CRUCIANI, EUGENE EOQJQ Winqu CURTIS, LARRY Sober C b PFI, J'-1' Commofaef DAILY, ROBERTA GAA SSPC CSF pw VP, S'-J Tbafom Sec M050 -A R U LJ y DALES, BERT Sober C L: DANA, LARRY '20 S,-NY" DARE, ARTHUR CA: eg DAVIES, NANCEE JRC DAVIS, BETSY Flora Avg C C1 SSRI Dov DAVIS, HAZEL BE C Jb J' Dax DE LEON, RICHARD Ecg es 120 bl NU Tvock. Scoh JV VO"S'Ly Fccftno DE MATTEI, VIRGINIA GAA DEOVLET, ELEANOR GAA, FH? rv TCW C-b, JrXfSf Dov, A Coppe Jo CNW DER, NANCY GAA, Beck VV JI Dc, DE ROSANS, MARGARET GAA JRC DE WITT, JACKIE GAA MES' Wx, IMC: Two- JRC DILL, CHARLES Jv Do, DING, JAMES JV Boaebci DOWER, WINIFRED GAA J' Day DOZIER, ANTOINE L20 Bcsketba DRAUTZ, LUISE SSG 2 ia, A " fi UQ., 1 X' Q J I A W I s w' gi , U as A?..'--"' 4 ll '19 if 73 +R fm, Rx 'A ff 'Fas' We wr? M' M ig ii f .-2 R a H f 2 ,,,.,,ig W M , 4 - :1. L is fa , :-:-f -,Q ...,. , , . ., I i Ufkfa J ':sIZ.QI.5Z'If:7':-.1- X WQSQWWV ' 4? gmfzrzs ' " ' -Q pw , , 12' y .. ,Q W Q f 41255 ,Q 5, 4f N sf My C, if I' f if , , 9 ET- 3 ' If if - J' DRIVER, CLARA SEG DROHLICH, DAVID Gow, ASS? YeJi Ldr, Jr Day DURST, DAN Soph FOOIIJOJI, Jr Day EASLEY, ESTELLER BE Club, FU'rure Rei Cinb ELAME, BEVERLY, Fuhue Nurse Gab, Jr Day ELIZARDE, LOLITA GAA, Block W, SSPC Sec, Jr Day EMRICH, PHILIP Leficrman, Soph, JV FOOIIJOIJ, IZO, I3O Swimming, Jr Day FARBER, ROBERT Leiforman, Varsify Base- ball, IZO, I3O, Varsify BasJceTbaJI FISHBEIN, BARBARA CSF, L-IO SGC, Jr DGV FISHER, MARTIN Varsiiy BasebaII FLINT, DONALD LQITQVVUGH, ECJQISS FRAZIER, BARBARA GAA, Jr' Day FREEDMAN, RICHARD Lefierman, Swim- mira FIJIMITSU, GRACE GAA, Bock W, F,ovaJ AVIS. Cinb FULLER, RICHARD SEG, I3O Swimming FUNK, DONNA Work FUNK, LINDA GAA, Jr Day FURNESS, MARIBETH Work FURNESS, PAUL SLG, Jr Day GALANT, DAVID Chess CIUIJ, MOIIW Uub, Science Club, Jr Day GALLARDO, EDGAR Eagles, SHG, RiIIe Team GANSEL, JUDY Fufare Nurses Ciub, SSPC. Dance Com, Jr81Sr Day GARDELLA, PAMELA GAA, BJOCI1 W, SXG, Dance Com, SSPC, German Club. Jr81Si Day GIBBS, JOHN Leffermon, SXG Pres, Swim' ming GODDARD, LARRY Coiiege GODLEY, FRANK Coiiege GOLDBERG, PAUL Sfamp X1 Coin Cinb GOODMAN, RONALD Lefferman, SEG. Tennis, Swimming GOULD, LINDA GSS VP, Sec, GAA, BJOKJK W, SEG, Exec Danfe Ccini CC Brara jr Day GRADY, SHARON Jr Day GRASSE, GEORGE Band Dir, Cify Caiiege GREENBAUM, JACK Assr Yei Ldv, JrXfSr Day, Eagb S'a+'f, S,-rveyor Sraff GREENBERG, JOAN GAA, I'iiSiGriOn Dance Corn, SSPC, Jr8fSr Day GREENBERG, JON Lefrerman, Baskefbaii, Tennis, Jr Day, Eaqie Srafi, Survevcr Sragi GREENDOREER, SUSAN GAA SEC, Pres,CJ1e55 Ciub, Biock W, SHG, CSF, Req Prey H-JO Ex Coen, Jr Day GREGORIEFF, NICKOLAI Work GREGORY, PAUL SXG. Saber C b GREUTER, PETER Crass Caimrry GRIDLEY, CHRISTINE GAA, B CCJQ W SKC Raliy Com, SSPC, Dance Cam, Rua Sf-C, Treas, Jr8fSr Day GUNA, COZETTE GAA GUNTHER, STEPHEN Eagieb, German C' ib H-JT Ex Caun, SB ireae, Sr Day GUTHRIE, JAMES Saber Club HACKLER, BARBARA GAA, B GCI W German Ciub Sec, SSPC, Dance Conn HAMBRICK, JOANNE GAA, BJCCI W SEG, Dance Co'n, Jr Day, Ecqie Wing' HARRIS, JAMES Band, IJO Swimming, Rfrq Treas HARRISON, GWEN GAA, Jr Day HATLEN, LEIF Sr Advisor, Science C b, Jr Day HAYES, BARBARA GAA, Jr Day HENNINGER, ALAN JV Eaoiba ,Jr Day HESS, RICHARD Caiiege HOENE, ELIZABETH GAA, B CCI: W SSG, SSPC. German Ciiib VP, Danrf. Cam, Jf8fSr Day HOFFMAN, DON Adv Chair, Prfn Cab HOFFMAN, PETER Saber Chb Jr Day HOLLING, SUSAN GAA Reg Tri-as, J' Day, Adv Mixed Cnair HOLT, BETTY WGVJQ HOLT, GEORGE Eagies, CSF, Raiiy Con Exec Dance Corn, Ca-Board Vorb ming, H-IO Ex Cop-nci, JrXfSr Dm Eaa Winas ,SJ , ff J A ,- 5 Til 'Uh ,di fu :H f ,A M45 K 5 L A KY E ,V .IA 1 I .vs P2 J--5, f 1.1 ,EE HOM, EDWARD SEG HOM, NANCY GAA, BJock W, SSPC, Ji Dov, EC1qJe Wings HONDA, GERALD EOgJes Trees, Leffermon SEG, IIO 81 li? Boskefboli, IZO Swim ming HOREIS, MARTIN SSG, Vor5i?v Foofbo, HowARo, noaem Coilege HowARo, YvoNNe BE C2 ib Hue, MARGARET Conege Hummcxnousz, cnercn-IEN GAA, Si- mi visor Mosque X1 Gove, JrXfSr Dov HURLBERT, ROGER Eagle Sfoff HYMAN, LYNN CoiJege HYMAN, RICHARD Eagles, CSF Pros, Roi v Com, Exec Dance Com, Sr Advisor, Chess 81 Go Club, Mosque 81 GoveJ, Tennis, I-I-I2 Ex Coi,inciJ, JHSISV Dov IRELAND, DONNA Adv Mixed Choir, Dance Com, GAA, BJOCL W, JrX1Sr Dov Pres, SHG ISHIDA, FRED Soon X1 JV Foofbo JACKSON, BEULAH GAA, Jr Dov JACKSON, DOROTHY GAA PM 10 Rf-4 C eb, Ji Doi, JACOBS, DAVID Leffernien, Gen Dunne Corn, Truck, Cros. Cc. nfrv, Soon Fowfboi r Ji' Dov JACOBSEN, JUDITH BJOCIK W, Prin Cob, JrX1Si Dov, EOQJC Sfoii, Efzqb W'nqs JAILLITE, LINDA GAA JEE, MAE GAA B 0511 W, JrXfSr Dov JEN, mens GAA, Jr Dov JEN, JEANETTE GAA, BJOCL W, SEG, Jr Dov JOHNSON, GEORGE Chess C , b, V20 Tvock JOHNSON, MAYBELLINE GAA, BE Chib, Req Trees JOHNSON, PAULINE CO eqf: JOHNSON, SONDRA GAA, i::ifm'e Niirurw, CLI: JVXISV Dov JOHNSON, WILLARD SGLJCI' CRUD, Pres, SEG JONES, CEDRON EoqJes, Leverrncin, ILALMH C b, Foreign Afioirs C b, JV Cross C' n irv. Tenni-, JONES, JAMES Svvin-ming Icom JONES, THOMAS Eoqics, SHG, Voigii-, Foofboli, I3O Trock, l3O Bosicfefboii JONES, VIVIAN SF Conservoiorv oi Miisif JU, SUSAN GSS, GAA, Biock W, SSG. I-I--IO Ex Councii, Jr Dov JUE, DANIEL Avioiion Sciwooi JUE, PATRICIA GSS Hisi, CSF VP, Con Donce 81 Exec Donce Com, SSPC Pres, Ji Dov KAEHLER, FRANK 5816, Jr Dov KAMAN, HELEN GAA, CSF, SSPC, Ji8fSr Dov KAROLL, LYDIA GSS, GAA, Eiocic W, I: rur- o1Arfs Ciub, SSPC VP, Roiiv Corn, Sr' Ad' visor, Hd Song Giri, Jr Dov KAWAGUCHI, MICHI Leiiorrnon, IQO Swimming KAWOKA, STANLEY SF Sfofe Coi age KEEVE, SUSAN GAA SCiQrwCf' CJb Jr81Sr Dov KELLY, FLORENCE GAA, Req Jrgrgr Dov KIDD, ARTISHIA GAA, S8-G. Sr Dov KILKEARY, ALANNA GAA, Biocif W, Donna Corn, Jr Dov, Eogie Sion KIMBALL, KRIS Leiferrnon, F rim Ri-i Cho Vorsiiv Bosebof Soon Fofiboi KINNAMON, DOUGLAS Req VP KLEINSORG, CAROL GAA, Girisi Diii Teom, Jr Dov KLIEWE, SUSAN GAA, Biocic W, Prin CoI: Jr Dov KNIGHTEN, ANN GAA, Biock W, E1-11' Dance Conn Nmsesi Ci.b, SSPC, BE C' In Jr Dov KOKOTOS, JAMES Sopii Focfbo' UQ Swimming KRUMPE, DAVID Eog Q-, VP, Donri- Cru Cnrnn Adv Mixed Crcii' Req P'c',,1fyS' Dov KUNG, LILLY SHG, Eoo F2 W'rQ: KUZNETSOFF, HELEN SF S'O'f: CCI ffgf KWOK, MUNSON CSI: Silber C In Mfrli C' b Jr Dov KWONG, SOPHIE GAA, Bock W Ji Dfw, LABATAILLE, LORETTE GSS, GAA Bifi W CSF, Foreign Afioifs C' En, JRC LAI, GWENDOLYN GAA, J' Dov LAI, LARRY IeHVii5 'Ike QW 2 1 K A ,559 ' ,fj,QX3.' 7 ' , 1 1:11555 ' 'J Dfify i Wim ,S gf. . ..., .1 21:1 -'-' .f,.,,,,,, , ,,,.,,.., , , .,, ,,,,., . 1 ..,. .,,..,-. 1 ,-:,, 11-1 1 ,-i, ..,,i 11 11111 11 sae W , aww ' I 2 .. 3 YE TQ , a ,W , LAI, SHIRLENE GAA Jr'8fSr Dov LANE, RICHARD CSF, Bond Tcrmfg LANGER, .IOHANN Profecffcmigfu, Swim mfnq, Jr' Dov LAPP, SHARON GAA, BIOCIL VV, Fxfwr: Idwrs Ciwb VF, H-IO Ex Coon, Prim Cob, JrX1Sr Dov LARSEN, PATRICIA Mosqqem Pro, Gen. I7-:me Cam Broodnosf Sfoff, JvXfSv' Do, Chovooqfoomer LAW, ROBERT Leffermorw, SHG, UU Trofk, IIO Boskefboi LEARY, RANDY GAA, Sr Advfsov' Dome Com, Jr8fSr Doy LEBOVITZ, JERRY Soph Fgmbowr, Vornify Track LEE, ALLAN LEE, ALSON HO 81 II2 BoskefboII LEE, JEAN JF DGV LEE, RONALD Golf, Jr8fSr Day LEE, THOMAS COJIGQS LEE, WILEY l3O BCJSIQGTLJOII LENCI, HELEN GAA, SEG, Foreign Affoivs CIUIJ, SSPC, Donce Com, lr Day, Eagle Sfoff, Eoqfe Wings LEO, JUDITH GAA, BIOCR W, Jr Dov LEONG, EUGENE CCSF LEONG, GEORGE CCSF LEONG, IRENE GAA, BIocIc W, JRC, Sr Dov LEVIN, RONALD EogIe-5, Broodconf SIQII, Tennis, SB AIIW Mgr, H712 Treos, Jr Doy LEW, JANE GAA, BIock W, SEG, Jr Day LEW, LEONARD SHG LEWINSKY, MIRIAM Jr Day LEWIS, LYNN Sr Dov LEWIS, STEPHEN SSG LEWON, CAROL GSS, GAA, Bock W SHG, Sr Advisor, Co-Bocard, Exec Domfl Comm, SB Sec, Jrgrsr Doy, Song Girl LIGGETT, SHARON GAA, Jr Day LIGHT, SHARON GAA, RcJIIy Com, Sr Doy 7' lil l and .loclr Greenboum lx yr, "Bring boclc l'l19 Roofing '2O's," scy Claudio While, Clmrloffe Croncmder, Mollie Womef ond Quec E Elm The 'lHom5"--Scofl' Blue,Rlcl1 l'lymOf1 Autographs LIM, GENE EaaJes, Lerferrrrar, Vars7' Swimming LLOYD, JOAN Masquers, Fmure Tcnrs Cmb VP, Glrh Drr. Tearn, SEG, Prin Cab LOAFEA, MARSHA GSS TFGOS, GAA. BJOCJ: W, Sr Advisor, Exec Dance Cam, Reg Pres, Treas, Jr8fSrDoy, EcngJe Sraff, Snryeyor SMH, EagNes Wings LOEBENSTEIN, FRED' SODJT, JV EOOJDOJJ, Rea Treas, Prin Cab LOORYA, GERALD CoHege LOUKIANOEF, NICHOLAS Prrn CCD Low, NANCY GAA, BJock W. Jr- Day LUBIN, LINDA Work LUM, CALVIN Varsffy Baskerbo' LUM, HERMANN CoJJeqe LUM, WINIFRED GAA. Bad: W, Sv Daw MGCDONALD, GERALD Work McCLELLAN, MAUREEN GAA, BJOCL W 5816, FJara1 Art CHL: Danrf: Cefn AFS Prep, Jr Day McCOWAN, JOSEPH L.6+f6""'CZVT MCDONALD, SUSAN GAA SEG, Erin Cam, Jr Day McFARLAND, MARTHA GSS GAA SEX? Ra y Cam, Rea Treak, VP, Jr8fSr Day Baa e Swag MADLEM, ARTHUR Sober C .b, Jr Day MAJOR, ROGER Eag es, Le?'errnen VP, 120 81 l3O Swirnrnrng, Jr Day MAKI, FLORENCE GAA, BWCCJK W SSPC Dance Corn, Jr81Sr Day MANGIONE, BERNARD Work MANNING, CATHERINE GAA, Foreign Af' falre Club Sec MANNION, BONNIE GAA, GJIJ5' DNN Tearn, Jr Day MASON, FRANK JRC MATHIS, RALPH Boskerbarl, Track, Foc- baff, Jr Day, EaaJe Sfag '53 N 3:4 'W ': :,'zQfiQ: 53 J ,..,.,, if N- E ' "' 3 X J QAM E S , .,,... Q fe r 5 Y 4. W' L 91" ZW' MAYNE, DONNA GAA, BCCL W, SHG, Exec Dance Carnrn, Jr8fSr Day METER, HARRIET GAA, Gefnncn Nurses Gab Sec MENTZ, CLAIRE GAA Back W, CSE Ra Jy Corn, SSPC, Dance Corn, JrXfSr Day, Eag e Sfag MERTENS, HEINZ Eaa ei, Lerferrrar Pres Siccer Ba5ebaJ! Awww' , ,fm ,V M, ' 'T I' ' me ., J' fl ,iw , 1,5 ,,. ' 2 V, 75:12 3 ,nf vi ,-ag' x ,Hg ' 1. . ...f 4' 'JZ HQ 'WT' 'LI ,nm 4' ' 1, 5 L, 5 , '5 ' I?'EiZ:.: A 'b - .' W ff. Q. .' "H ' ' ASS , A If 555: :ggi A-fy v vhs. eu MEYER, MARLENE GAA, JRC, Prfn Cob, Jr Dey MICHAEL, FRANCES GAA, Brock W, CSF, Exec Dance Com, ROIIV Com, L-I2 Sec H-I2 Ex Cour1,Jr81Sr Doy MICHAEL, JOHN Eagles, Leifermon, Soph FOOIIJQII, Science CIUID, Dance Com, Cross Comfry, JrXfSr Day MICHEL, MARCELLA Work MILLER, BERNICE COIIOQS MILLER, RICHARD COIIOQS MILLER, STEPHEN Sorter MITCHELL, VALERIE Jr D031 MITSUDA, YOKO IZUIMQ Tdwrs, Chrb, Jr Dov MIYAMOTO, LOUISE CSS, GAA, BICLIQ W, L-IO VP, L-II Exec Cfwrw. L-I2 VP, H-I2 Sec JrXfSr Dov MIYAMOTO, MARIE Jr Doy MIYASAKI, VICKIE GAA, BNI4 W, CSE Jr Day MONDINI, RAY Jr Doy MONTERO, ISABELLE GAA, Br-ak W, Von Arvor Cl wb, Rf-gy SCC, Trfeac, Jr Dfw MORIGUCHI, STANLEY Cc ego MORIMOT0, GLEN Burwd MORRELL, SANDRA WML MOSLEY, TERRY Work MUNSON, ETTA 5810, BE C ID, ,IPC S' Dov MURRY, CALVIN EOQIOA, TKJQIC, POOLIDKIL NAITO, PAUL College NAKAO, RICHARD NASSAU, JOAN GAA, B OCIQ W, PGH AWOV Cub, Fxmrre TCINS, Prim Cob, Gen Dcmcc Corn, Req VP, Jr Day NAST, PATRICIA GAA, CSE, Foreign Again Cmb Pres, Mosqwe 81 GoveI, APS, Req Pres, Ass? Dir Sr Dey NATSIEVSKY, IRENE GAA, Block W, Foreign Afcolrs CIUb, SSPC, DrlIi Team Mosfer, Dance Com, Prim COLJ,Jr8fSrDfL1y, Eog e Src? EugIe Wings NELSON, PETER JV Bo:kerbc1H NEWMAN, NANCY GSS, GAA, B3ocL W, CSF, SSPC, Dance Com, Rely Com CIwr'm, L-IO Exec Conn, H-IO, H-II, H-I2 VP, JrXfSr Doy, EGQLG Wings NG, MARY GAA, Blom W NOAH, GRANT Saber Cl Harm' G cud, Jr81Sr Day OAKLEY, PHILLIP Sfamp X1 Cain Clwb OKAMURA, PHYLLIS GAA, Bffbflf W, S810 OKAWA, LILLIAN GAA, BLOSI: W, S8457 Fumre Tcnrs Gab, Pan Arner C' Tb, IPC Dance Com, JrScSr Day oLAFseN, Rumle Sao oLsoN, GERALD SHG, N Bosebo 1, J, Day oNuMA, TAIKI mph, JV, Varslfy Footbfnl owYANG, connme GAA, Jr Day FADUA, ESTHER Fufure NJS95' C L7 PALMER, FRED Lefimrnan, S810 Tvcas, Track PANDELL, EFFIE GAA, BSCL W, SRC 'Sig-', Maya se 81 Gaye, Jr'XfS" Daw PARENTE, NOEL lv Daw PARKER, EDGAR Ca eae PELLETIER, FOREST F T ve Re' C in Cng 5 C' b PENOLI, MARLEEN GAA SKC Jr Day PERKINS, JAMES Trad Varky F fxfy' me PICKTHALL, THOMAS S0135 X4 Vavxffy Ffzfd- Dal JV Day PON, GEORGE Eagles, Leffefnwan Dano- Cfnnw Rea Treas, Track, Crms Cf' nfvy, lv XSr Day PORTER, LINDA GAA, Bmf W, SSVC Spanish Club, lv Day PRITCHARD, JUDITH Reg SSC, TMEOS, Hvvfxf Aff, Cub, Gen Dame Cana Sarra Civ S1 Daw FROFILI, RONALD Saber Cub FULVERNLAN, STEVE Sifivfxff- fr L VP Tvazl, Jr Day FUN, IRENE GAA, BLOCK W S816 Sr Day QUAN, IRENE GAA Bad: W, Jr Day RASCHE, MARGARET GAA, AFS, Science ab, Reg VP RAYE, ROBERT Eagles, Dance Cam, Rally Cam, Sopfw FaafbaH, SB Cwsf, SB Qnd VP, L-11, H-12 Pres, Jr Day, Eagb Sff1U,Sw ycym REDWINE, CURTIS Wcfl: REGINO, ROSARIO SKC, Rea VP REHFELD, BARRY Coin X1 Sfama C 'b RICHTER, MARLA GAA, GSS BCC? W CSF. Dame Cam, JrXfSr Day ROBEI., JOAN GAA, Muwq.1Jv, Pres, Reg Sec, Jr Day ROBINSON, BARBARA GAA, SSPC HIST, Exec Dance Com, Dance Com. Reg Sec J:-X1Sr Day, Flora! Arfs CIUb ROBINSON, JUDITH GAA, Adv MIXLII CI'waIr, Fatwa TCIVS Club, L-VO Exec Cam Reg Pres, VP, JrXrSr Day, Eagle Wing, RODGERS, PICKEN5 Eagfes, I.r2fIevmam, Track, Baskefbaff Cross Counfry, SB AW Mgr, Jr Day ROMM, JEFF Eaq cf- Leffermaa, FI-Mhirgw Affairs C b, Soccer, JrX1Sr Day ROSENBERG, BRENDA GAA, BE C . IJ, Jr Day ROSENBERG, JOHN PVIV: Cab, CINHSS CJ II Swimffaa J'8fSr Day. Eaqfe Sfan RYAN, EARLENE GAA, BIQQIQ W, Jv IV vy SAFDIE, MAX EJWQ RCI C wh S4 fer, Base-ba I, Jr Day SALIS, KATHERINE GAA, Bmk W, wavy Cow, Sona CW, LI! Exef Cf' v' MES' Day SATTON, PATRICIA Bffk W, 'BAN ' Day SAUL, BEVERLY CAA, Bvaadnmf S? JI Adf Mlm-d CWI: Sr Day SAVIN, LEANDRA BE CII-b SCHAEFER, ANNE A CGDEBI C1 CINE Ck-WA Back W SKC CSF, Sr Day, Esau SMU SCHEIDMAN, PETER Work SCHMUCK, GARY EOQ 65, IJ-IIr-vv'wf'1lw Fca+ba , Rea Prez SCHRADER, JOAN EagIe Wings SCHULZ, JANICE GAA, Jr Day SCOTT, MARLIN FaaIbaII, Track, Req VV scorr, SUSAN GSS, FAC, Jr Day, H Il Sec. L-II VP, SB Sec, VP SCROGGIE, ROBERT CaIIege SEHORN, ALBERT Foofball SEKINO, TAD Eaahs., Leffermary ,V Vw Vfy Faa'ba , JV BasebaI', Rea PM-A SHARP, BEVERLY Sr Day, Eagle SMH SHELTEN, GARY Wm SHIELDS, STEPHEN Silber CDI! JV Day SIMMONS, ROSE GI' DWI Tfvorrw, Jr Dow SIMMONS, SANDRA GAA, BIOCI4 W, Sermon CIUIJ, Sr Dov SIMONSON, MIRELLA GAA, BIOCI1 W, Ii' C1 VP, Prim Cob, Jr Dov SKIDMORE, DEREK Cc ege SMITH, ALLEEN Jr Dcy SMITH, EARL IIO BoI,Ire1boII, Vorsifv Bos IceTboII SMITH, GAYNEL GAA, AFS VP, lr Dov SMITH, LINDA GAA, Adv CI'wCIr, lr DOY, Dome Com SMITH, PAUL CSF, Morh CIUIJ. Scferrco Cub Pres, German Cob Uwe-s Cob. ROTC Rifie Team SNEDDEN, MANA-JEAN GAA, BICCI W Jr Dov SNELL, PATRICIA IVIK.2'fQUE3I'S Gob, Donn? Com JrXfSr Dov SOLLOWAY, BARRY Vo'-,IW Svimmfnq JV POOIIDQII, Jr8fSr Doy SOLTER, BARBARA GSS GAA B VII W CSP Rc y Cam, L-IU Ever Cori, I II Emu Com, I-I-II Iwfoz, MKS' Dov SORGATZ, PAMELA GAA Bod: W, Poo 9 Wirqf, Song Gr, Dome Corn, Po . Com SSPC, Crab, ,IrXfSr Dov SPELMAN, SANDRA CFA B QCIQ VV. IJ 1 on-rf Cr,b Scfercu C ID, IIr'11IC"s CS rx Jr Dov SPENCER, EVELYN SPIKES, BETTY JO Cdleqe STAHMER, SUSAN GAA JVXISK Dov stains, DONNA Wm STEINBERG, ELLIOT ECJQ 65, Jfgrsr' Dov Eoqe Ed, Surveyor Sfox. EogIe Wrngs Req Pres, Prim Cob, Sr Adv STENSON, JACK Cdfeo STEUBEN, SHIRLEY Wcrk STEVENS, JACK SSG, Jr Dov STOKES, JAMES LGITGVVYWGU, IZO, IBO Trocl, IZO Boslcefbor, VorsHy Fo0+boII, L-IO Pres STOLOWITZ, SANDRA Dance Corn, GSS, SSG, Reg Pres, VP, Sec, JrXfSr Dov, Hoge Sforf, Smveycr Srou SUENAGA, WALTER Cc ego SUNDLOF, BARBARA GSS Ser, GAA, CSF, Bock W, Dorce Cfrr Sr Adfsm I,-I2 Treo, Jr81Sr Dov SUYEYASU, TED IIO BQSIQIIJUI .5 -' I I ,T ,Z ,.,. 5. I2 ! A I PF ,Z if 'Sie I , Wa .V A 1 , A' 'W K ,M Lili, :FW 9 .. I I ,mw- f WW M S "' fi? ,fgfw f was 3 Q! ad 4 .. 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JV Voraifv FQOIIJOJ, Track, Jr Dov TOSO, JEAN CAA, Dome Com, Jr Dov TOURUBAROFF, ALEX MOIIW C Iv, EAC GQ I, Jr Dov TROUT, RUTH GAA, BIOCIQ W Sr' Duv TSE, CYNTHIA GAA, FII 're -IYYIIIH CI In Jr Dov, EQQJQ Wlmga VASQUEZ, ROSALIND I-IOVNO SI,dOnr VEGA, JOY GAA SSPC, TIWQI Iorws Domi' Ccm, JrS4Sr Dov, Eogc Wingl- VERRAN, JULIE Jr8fSr Dov VETTER, JUDY GAA, Work W, ROI v Cor, I:1GroI Ark Grab, SSPC, Dome Crum, Jr Dov VON EMSTER, KONRAD LQHEVVYIOU, SODH Foorbclw, Swlmmirwq, Jr Dov WADDELL, GAIL Reg Pros, Sec, Jr Dov WAIN, GARRY Jr Dov WALLS, QUEEN GAA, Block W, Prim Cob WARD, CHARLES GOIT, Cross Cormrrv, Foorboh WARE, JO ANN GAA WASH, FRED VQrsIIv TVGCIQ WEINBERGER, MIRIAM Jr Day WELCH, WHITE, WHITE, ZITA Work CLAUDIA Adv MIXCJ fIWf37V, LDSF MYRA GAA, AFS .21 i . .,,, A M ffm, 'Q X233 W F r A ff :V1 Q , K, gy jr if -'EI ' Y? 1 aw , I .,., . 6,5333 145 f gm 'fa Q H .. 1 5 if --:-:-:,:-:.-2-' '-:..A .,... - A , 5 ...L A3225-1' Wm IH E , A 2 fr-.:: I 1 . Amare Q f TMJ if A ' 4 L, ff ' I , wg uf Eff? 4. QE 'X - I ' vi F W1 I xi A I WILLIAMS, PARTHENIA Sl' DOy WILSON, MELVIN IQO, I3O, VGr5Ify Bui- ImefbaII, l3O, VarsYfy Track, Vavsify Frm- bcw ,W WING, ROY Track A , A5 WOMER, Mouse GSS, GAA, Block W Pres, 5816, Dance Cam, RGIW Com, SSPC, ""',.' M,,sIc Pin Award J8fSr Day, Eag e Sfaif, .,.,- 5 Surveyor Ed, Eagle Wings, Sr Advisor WONG, AGNES GAA, SSG, SSPC WONG, CAROL GAA, BIOCIQ W, .Ir Day wows, FRANCES GAA, Bur W, J, Dm' WONG, HERBERT COIIGQE WONG, IRENE GAA, BIOCIQ W, Jr Day WONG, JULIA GAA. BCCIQ W, SEG SSPC, Dance Com, Jr Day WONG, RALPH SEG, Bcslefbcw WONG, ROGER COIIGQG WONG, ROLAND Lefrerman, Marh Ckb, Masque X1 Gave-I Gab, 120 Track, Jr8fSr Dov WONG, WENDELL Leffermaw, IZO IVOCIQ WONG, WILLIAM Work WRIGHT, ALICE Sr Day WYATT, TEDDY 120, Voriify BCSPERIJO 130 Track JV Foofbcm YANOVSKY, MARIE Jr Day YEE, ROBERT Saber Oulu Younc, SALLY GAA, If Day ZAHN, MARY Work ZEHRER, Basebal FRED Var:IIy Focfba , Vaesfty ZERVAS, MARY GAA ZINGMARK, RICHARD LSIIEVVTIOVI, SXG, Varify Swimming, JrXrSf Day . , ' ,I , 5, I I 1' ,.,g,3,5,, ,fa rx ,a ' 1 1 .... . 1 A ef A f ,A h , , E, 5 , if . -3- 4, , at r,, I , . - ,Q , A 431 'iv 'K 'Q , 5' dl 'Z , af Q E Q Y 'L an s S I 3: ,n 4' ar 1 :f A 4 . f F eo I, 2 'T 1 V 4- E. U ws, Camera Dodgers BECKERLEY, WILLIAM COOPER, BRUCE GUERRERO, ALFONSO LUKE, LIBERT QUONG, VIRGINIA BOGAS, EDGAR GEROW, ARTHUR JAMES, MARION MILLER, LELAND SCHOFIELD, RICHARD CASILE, ANTHONY GRANICH, CARL KNIFFEN, MICHELLE PERRY, JEANNE WOODS, LEONARD Autog rcphs 1. N 'QQ 'r fc ' ' V N eysk g 25:11, K A 5 x Nfl? 1' R Kim . " F A I W, A l il, , ,Lui ' V if K .. , 2.5 "V M f Q X I . E 4 A M E mai ' Aw whim 3 ' X , .I 1 fi" 5. ' -.M-ani C551 . . xougn 1 . New wngxov give N05 ' A Lk f w- - Y 0 'Q 'ii ' Yi 'X' ff W 0 W R09 xolfq x . . ., 53:52 'i Q , W' was . X 0 gNwSx.EfrQ Q Q0 A W -' T :KS N s l K ' Miss Mahoney's U. S. His+ory class learning all abou? Teddy Rooseveli and Hue "vigorous He" 3 W W -f if , X. ,K Jqfsmkm ix g g: . -. ,. .lr ,Q 516 ' 5' 'Y fgf' u' A I A hx v '-4,-X i- -' Q .1 QQ? P' , f .yt r th QE! 'fi X M,-gg r 7 -,, x x fi xx t . Yffffxjgfi. 'K Class Cond :ds James Jones an has These Hwreg giris are Qusi a few o5H'1E' many who work In our fib'ary or check om cooks E X ,. 'X ii" A 6 xooox .XQ we 660 fs P ao Q Q Q0 X05 S0 10 QSCOBQL XQ , x 0 O 6 vs 0, O O xbox Fog F64 so Noes K .K A. f. 5' F? in . my ! W .w.k- www,- is Q a gf if 5 5 w awww f 'fa va A V L 4, F., W fuffe Ch , l' el' Un ., fr wvmri "W 3 Q. awww vw 'VW . . de, . '- ' C10 ' :S Us '7fv ., : H LT mecflb O Won ah "Xi1ww:,iQ -"4 , ' 975' 9 13, 4 x ' ff C 'ep . 95 004,279 Ofc O N--.w .1 is X dw: Q ,, E , M mum:-TNWA, f zlivffw ax Q ' f Ni? K .41 , . 1 SL R S ,-,..,- ,. N I w 1, 4 P . J A , 'F V X Fab ag af F2 EW ff JW- r-,nnpqgfw wQ'kws'Q ' 4 Shop OFF? of P 'V'.o-:"f'W 1 , X .M wary wuts X 0+ GWHS ero ffe lk of, 7- ' fn . S' Fr Ae fT7 95 Ori o pig Wong I, cfoxse Qy bon ,F Show V 1 'wav E ,f Dan 'ShU,H'1Q very Talenhd arfisf 05159 is very busy in his arf cfcss A I Q- ,W o 'CS Y QAM Oni- Ony 0 4 f7 Q ys May 23, l958, is a day ThaT will be long remem- , Www-gwewfwg' 5' ,,, 'W ggiggsmfz, ,Q M.s.w7Z2C?5W, 2-egg. is TT- T' ii . Mwwwseww ,v films K5 ' , I jfs Q K azfz . sm W QA T W Quo 300 izoo isoo :so W A1 f l Tfsodzooo 4 The final resulTs of The May FesTival Drive are shown on The charT. Each class had a quoTa of cups, napkins or plaTes. Affer a slow sTarT, all The classes wenT over Their goals in a bang- up finish. INFOIPMA TIGN The Rally CommiTTee and May FesTival Rally CasT pose happily 'for picTure, FIRST ROW llefl To righflz VicTor Ohashi, Roger Severin, Sylvia Carp, MarTha McFarland, Dianne Du+iI. SECOND ROW: George Pon, Scoi Blue, Richard Hyman, George HolT. May Festival Drive Successful bered by The sTudenTs here aT WashingTon. This was The day oT our Tabulous May FesTival, enTiTled "Looney Luau." The day sTarTed oTf wiTh a bang as, in The morn- ing rally, The sTudenT body was broughT To The "Island oT Boyarewelazyf' This rally broughT To us such sTars as Roger Severin playing The parT oT Mc- lnTosh, Lionel GalanT as The CapTain, and John Rosenberg as ChieT oT "Boyarewelazy lslandf' Then we had our TirsT open-campus double lunch aT The year. During The lunch sTunTs in The sTadium and The LeTTermen Dunlc-O booTh were TeaTured. ln The aTTernoon The TaculTy Took over and pre- senTed To The sTudenT body Their hilarious folly. The nighT oT May 23 will also be well remembered. BoTh gyms were decoraTed, one Tor The May FesTival dance and The oTher Tor all The booThs. This was a clay well worTh all The preparaTions made Tor iT. Page 48 ,ma These boys are guarding The many boxes of paper uTensils collecTed by The s'rudenT body. The paper goods were colleded for EnchonTed Hills To be used by blind children during sum- mer encampmenf. Boxes of maferial collecTed sTreTched over 50 'feeT down The hall. X!! '49 , 1.X i wQ W X K X IA X N55 3 .56 X X, Q- Agixi, J.. 5, + QR 4 W -::-- .v-: - -' .za -.::. A ik , if-14.2 fs V 1 . 1 'Z iz -' X 5 Y 0 , a . '31 f , W 3 hi? , , . X 5 XL Miss Sophisficoies, Janice Kirk Arlene Edwards, Judy Paige, Scnliy Tiglwe. , . , :.g fy xr , E may .,., 5 we Q gi? yy ig, Q' ' is 75 Wg gg Q ,V Q ' m Wi x Wien, 1. il mi x Surprise, Sally Tighe! ar E . 5 I it ,..M,,..... ....,,.,.,,,..,, ,,,,,M,,,,, , , FIRST ROW lle'F+ Io righ+l: Amrofell, Roscoe, Edwards, Ehrman, Heuga, Bayles, Davis, Banlrs, Brislane, Zimmerman, Bunlin, Evongelisla, DeFeIippo, VeH'er. SECOND ROW: Lulxe, Cupp, Lum, Molclerol Tom, Byars, Sielcmann, Wong, Malheson, Blausiein, Lane, Beasley, Ness, Sliclrel. THIRD ROW: King, Kilxugawa, Misraclx, Jenlcinson, Fullon, Loulcianoff, Leveck Goldsmilh, Toulolmin, Miller, Mirolles, Lem, Orfega, Young blood. FOURTH ROW: Yoo, Shimamoio, Yamagishi, Hamai Ness, Gonzalez, Brown. Low Senior Clclss 1 1119922 "ZW N fw,,?,,M , . .W ,,, W, FIRST ROW llefl +o righilz Ryon, Gul+mon, Tighe, Panagalxis, Haar, Du+il, Pe+ri, Carlson, Paige, Colley, Dodds, DuHon, Leose, Daslcolalzis, Carmaclx. SECOND ROW: Slines, Daggao, Milchell, Jackson, Jow, Paige, Greene, Harrison, Chan, Gong, Lowe, Komaru, Nishimura, Muscio, Monlgomery. THIRD h 'fu iw 54 fha --.4 adm ROW: Norils, Cabezas, Gibson, Wiebe, Morgan, Phillips Robinson, May, Won, Weslergard, Overholf, Felf' Lossalleile Brown. FOURTH ROW: Bourdei, Poon, Eclrelhoff, Wishom Rames, Mock, Minfz, Ehrlich, Ishii, Lazarus, Cus+er, Earby Rodgers, Dozier, Scofl. -'I -2 31 FIRST ROW Ileff fo righflz Wigowsky, Balz, Bain, Pullen, Benvenisfe, Smifh, Murio, Simons, GoIdrod,Tempkins, D'AngeIa, Whifman, Ingram, Gravi+'r, Blakely, Larsen, Gravilch. SEC- OND ROW: Crislofani, Regino, Casfro, Roberis, Haskell, Chapman, Palisi, Walkins, Sfevens, Abrass, Zimmerman, Canf- well, Sapelkin, Azores, Douglas, Slrielole, THIRD ROW: Beeson, DeLucchi, Torrens, Jamison, Gordon, Goodman, Greenberg, Anfipa, MacWiIIiamson, Borrone, Holling, Mifler, Barlow. FOURTH ROW: Kelman, Carrier, Allerio, Yoshioka, Spar, 4 H :-4 ,in of I S ,. V ,.., ,,, N A , ,,,,,,:.,,:,,W,,?:T,,,.,.,,2 A . Gruschka, Lopez, Adelson, Lee, Sheldon, Consfanfinoff, Gauger, Sleine, Poynler. FIFTH ROW: Amsfein, Brady, Mar- quardl, Garvin, Lamberf, Lowe, Jones, Ausiin, Avery, Slamps, Turner, Collings, Vdovikin, Taranlino. SIXTH ROW: Brooke, Nishimofo, Akashi, Kaneko, Jang, Herbert Rush, Morey, Morse, Dawson, Jolly, Johnson, Houser, Hall, Bufner. SEV- ENTH ROW: Karoll, Agusfin, Arikawa, Cosgrove, Lee, Sullivan, Tomura, Wong, Sif, Wong, Chu, Hom, Weslbrook, Vonpinnon, Barrows. High Junior Class ,a -. .,. uf tv-qaii 'X , V, Sn 5 ' asain, -7 " gsm. 31.5,-1 X if . H FIRST ROW IIe'H Io righllz Flores, Bauer, Schoenfeld, Lemon, HanreHy, Urusclif, Oqvisl, Davis, Skinner, Craigmile, Andre, Meharry, Boyes, Schwar+z, Lissauer, Vaigl, Daley, Jolson. SEC- OND ROW: Kawaoka, Beard, Lee, Felso, Marenslein, Coggin, Neal, Miller, Copper, Polak, Moisler, Cohn, Bobrow, Ersepke, Tiplon, Sfueland. THIRD ROW: Miller, Mazza, Johnson, Brain- erd, Diamond, Simons, Lobodovsky, Andrews, Haslefl, Gridley, Barlholomew, Goldberg, Fischer, Bradford. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, Ushandff, Thal, Haugen, Work, AbboH', Imazeki, Yoshihara, Wong, Fuiimura, Valle, Folkman, Solloway, Van Bake. FIFTH ROW: Hickman, Schick, Morino, Dana, Tanaka Cesio, Bernard, Casad, Haase, Cowan, Yee, Chin, Lee, Lam Snouiden. SIXTH ROW: Dere, Tom, Wong, Vogel- Schillaci Nafhan, Chee, Tom, Neugeboren, George, Kyle, Kuhnle, Jones Luhman. SEVENTH ROW: Prasoloff, Massey, Henderson, Gin Bellamy, Bolsler, Vucci, Owen, Cole, Lilienlhal, Tiefze, Wing Caldwell, Heinen. EIGHTH ROW: ShIiHer, Cosfa, Bianco Wallach, Fong, Jue, Gee, Chong, Owyoung, Young, Johnson Elzey, Hesselgesser, Thue, Ng, Kleinsarge. NINTH ROW Wishom, Sanell, Rosinas. ue I , , . , ,. , - g.0,,....-H. , .. N . Q - -, ....,.. , A , -Z2 , , FIRST ROW lrighl 'ro Ieffl: Cosmides, Hyman, Redwine, Cook Gama, Kamafani, Old, Kushman, Haber, Zimmerman, Baker, Lipp, EIIioH, McGurie, Yee. SECOND ROW: CaIIis+er, King He-rIiI1y, Owen, Koenig, Clark, Soval, Meneken, Anderson Ognefi, Owens, PoII:, Bersaglieri, Franlclin, THIRD ROW is wma 1 il Ekusa, Chee, Mock, Goodsrein, Smilh, Sugimoiol Wong, Tom Miller, Hagenann, Canale, Lcfhan, Pun, Pon, FOURTH ROWi Masuda, King, Salcovich, Yee, Trefiakoff, Wilburny Miron, Koolpe, Goldberg, Cropper, Thompson, Toriumi, Whea+Iey. Low Junior Class L FIRST ROW Ileff +o righflz Pluffe, Gelberman, Bursfein, Nafhan, Whylorow, Segol, Mack, Buckley, Hawke, Fcrbman, Henrich, Ehrhorn, Enfield, Terry, Del Casfillo. SECOND ROW: Briesch, Ng, rKug, Fields, Nifsch, Thorsfcd, King, Fromm, Johnsfone, Ellis, Lim, Mar, Sillimun, Davis. THIRD ROW: Chun, Kuminoff, Labafaille, Lingscheid, Nelson, Lcchman, SI'ohI, Nishimofol Villaneuva, Brnfigan, DeMandeI. FOURTH ROW: Chew, Wong, de Timofeeu, Wayman, Billones, Levin, Marlin, Gries, Barr, While, Tong, Fong, Siedman. FIFTH ROW: Johnson, Flake, Maisuura, Ogawa, WI1iIweII, Lee, Jacobson, Smolen, Someya, Francisco, Gee, Asaro, Saba, Marlcel, Krause. gonna'-iam " vm me , se W :sum as e eww VaQ 5'95'W im f "Q ?,' sal ,mHY5e'f'P-fbtffsblrw 'nfififw s Z + 'Nw 'im' ' 'Q ,I r. U25 :naw f' M ,f U, - fi 1 ' ,M P ., , P ' ,. , , ", ' .f , --" Q ., ' ' ', ' t' s, , , , 2 . , L I - A .A MM A, A. ' , ymmww. i Mwgsg, wsiriizf -4 5' ' ., M' f " La z I , -wi fi ' w ' . ' ' ' PW ' , W , - I" TY H, "I r ' ,, n f:sTP , ' 'ff .P '-'-V- I ?-- W we . " ., of 5 9 ki., , 4 ' ' Y . 4 7' . . g ' 1 if s P Q 1 ,P If gl ' , V -P , Qi 1 L ,., ,re -' P P. asv- , M ' , -w 5 , y W j ty, , j QP ' ' 5 ,.-V, ,,.V f - Sm V :eg VV1, .-,-: Vx Q :i A If YE. , X G L, , 4 : ..., , , ,. ,.. 4, 5, Q- ,Q V A is ii? E, ' i ,' TTS4 f as lsf i i"' 11 'IE 5 ff? 2. ' , Ji" ' , , , 6 A' v ,V ,K f I! 'iw , f :.f3':iiT C Pr 4 -1 P , 5-'1rvQ,. S - . y ,ee ,, "f5.?. i L ,P , i fi 4 Q v . J ,a 'lr'-I ' if-W .1--in A 4 . , M' 1 ' My " -.., ' yr 5 i -S' in .L 'E' fx' 'S ' .s ' S., , . I C. .2 LM rim, LT, M VNWW. ,, , ,W 3 ..,,.,,,,A ,W 5, M .Ter wma ,, V 7 X wg , f 'W ' l I 1 5 - t - . zz '- ,"a I ..,. ...- - PP .P P PP PP - - P--P. ,.P...P:..,-.PP.. . .. . P ,, .... ,..L , ,,,, .,l. " FIRST ROW lrighl' lo lefflz Sfeflens, Polilz, Klein, Holomb, Maxwell, Slanich, Reed, Troll, Ward, Miyakawa, Wu, Sund- quis+, Crocker, May, May, Troup, Ward, Pirlle. SECOND ROW: Huffensfein, Gonzalez, Williams, Sfeiner, Cacek, Wall- man, Tilds, Weiner, Morningslar, Reina, Buchanan, Brownlow, Kramer, Rommel, Erlanger, Church, Moun+, Rodriguez. THIRD ROW: Risberg, Norman, Glickfeld, Doudiei, Graham, Ersepke, Jeong, Ng, Lee, Bloom, Caughey, Crawford, Peele, Hidalgo, Hom, Reid, Baraman, Friedman, Herscowifz, S+iH. FOURTH ROW: Erikson, Long, Slern, Pelrianos, Mialocql Mackay, Lud- low, Wu, Whiffield, Waxman, Hillman, Schaefer, Tivel, Brown, Parr, Koga, Grove. FIFTH ROW: Seigel, Lowell, Gilberf, Grossman, Lee, Lewinsky, Wilson, So'Ffer, Spencer, Teriesen, Abboff, Nigra, Howe, Tanaka, Nishimo+o, Morris. SIXTH ROW: Slone, Lim, Harris, Cross, Lewis, Gallagher, Sala, Nomura, Beard, Davis, Ber+olani, Hun+er, Pardo, Minor, Tufo. SEVENTH ROW: Marlin, Huffmon, Carlsen, Wing, Ogawa, Smilh, Moeller, Der, Wong, Towns, Fornaciari, Kessler, Kelsey, Consolacion. High Sophomore Class W mn rv: N140 'ilM PW Q -l ei fi ri Q. 1 ' , FIRST ROW Irighf fo Ieffl: Collerell, Norslrom, Carman, Poon, Groves, Harris, Slavin, Simon, Chao, Hong, Kohn, Ce- breiros, Abenoiar, Schulken, Korbel, Tomern, Varfia, Kay. SECOND ROW: Felso, Tomeo, Chapman, House, Terramorse, Zorelsky, Young, Gumprich, Tanner, Sleworl, Bailey, Hong, Chin, Chu, Newsham, Fischer, Johnson, THIRD ROW: Brown, Birchall, Quon, Toy, Corneio, Flick, Savage, Kelly, Lenzini, Colombaf, Colombaf, Rosenberg, Anselmi, Chow, Jansen, Ono, 1 P ,.., ,... . .gm ,. ..f,,...,,-1,2 :sf Y 4-g ...1 I . ' ,, vm.. Pi-av if-' ,v,. vF., , 1' ,, Oka, Binforcl. FOURTH ROW: Shaw, Pavellas, Weris, Sangui- neHi, Sheeper, Burford, Meloy, Nelasco, Louslalol, Neuen- schwander, Schoenberger, Roverfs, Eichenbaum, Charmak, Warda, Cosker. FIFTH ROW: Leary, Treber, Luberk, Sleiner, Johnson, Aissa, Tanaka, Howe, Poon, Schulze, Lum, Everall, McDaniell, Jue, Oshila, Eng, Naganuma. SIXTH ROW: Col- leH', Bo+hmer, Sloan, Smilh, Polk, Lee, Agnese, Paradises, Tom, Zeibak, Casfle, Guaraglia, Ehrenlhal. f, , s ,aj 1,35-.."n ' ' if , 2 f""1,Q5i"f iff :' i . , 1 ' "' 5 W... -' P , , , , .,..: 4 T fs' 520 , 3 ., 11.5, I ,: im 7 1 i , .... A Q .,.,...,,.M.. ,.,WM.,,. ,.,... :-..:,..,, .. , ,, . W., ,, ., . , . , , , , .,,... .....-. - -, ...., F ,,., ,. M ,,,,, -, ,see .-.-.,.v -, -s .-,f.:,f..-y:-:-- . . . ,-ww.:-'-1 :-A 'v V, -,lf - -, -- ..z . f.....-.-n-w ug...- FIRST ROW lrighl' lo leffl: liyama, Weslman, Allyn, Tom Lerner, Travlos, Fredrickson, Simonson, Hall, Herd, Van Hal: fem, Carler, Sfrauch, Bonner, Kilcher, Varrenlzofl, Beauzay Young, Sciulfo. SECOND ROW: Nalsume, Lee, Racimo Romes, Meade, Nasey, Foley, Friedman, Flynn, Wu, Brunner: Diamond, Dare, Young, Bischoff, Doran. THIRD ROW: How- ard, King, Harris, Felsch, Andrews, Euslace, Green, Gregg Weiner, Busby, Soll, d'Auber+, Lupo, Haines, Louie, Woo FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Gong, Sells, Burl, Spinder, Woll lang'c. Fickenschev, Tucker, Wolf, Smilh, Parker, Myers, Carlo- pzissi, Helm, Auslin, Hyman, Reissberg, Adler. FIFTH ROW: Lappe, Nakalzara, Miyazaki, Daskalalzis, Bradford, Hansen I Prongos, Fong, Wong, Jung, Wong, Dodds, Amber, Oshila Eng, Naganuma. Quan. SIXTH ROW: Lapadura, DeLucchi Franger, Jacobs, Rennie, Lee, Solis, Fromer, Budgefl, Sevier Rolhman, Lowenberg, Friedman, Hahn, Barler, Goldman Wishard. SEVENTH ROW: Walson, Moore, Zwillinger, Klein- berg, Hermsen, Sabin, Leake, Humrickhouse, Williams, Benioff, Moeskau, Somers, Chan, Hashimolo, Chan Abraham, Becker EIGHTH ROW: Thom, Blum, Rougelli, Tompkins, Silveslri Cooley, Fifzpalrick, Duneaan, Wilson, Lapin, Saenger, Walker: Johnslon, Takahashi, Pushkin, Brown, Raskin. NINTH ROW: Ashburn, Lee, Ong, Baker, Saumenson, Frankel, Levien, Merlin Eberhardl, Karapefian, Wang, Gon. High Sophomore Class -IE s .......... w- - -- .,,,,..,,0,,,,,,,M www: M, ,Www , ...,. .. , HM. ,,,.,,,,:o,,, W - . c. M., ...M ,, W, V .NM Q... ,o,.................,,,,.. mM.....,........,,....,..,,.,..,.,,..,. , ,W , I , Y ,. M .,. K ,.,.,.,,.,. , , , .. ---. .... .,.,., , - - .,-- ......,. ..,. . . , :, .. WT, s 151,135 , FIRST ROW lrighl lo lefll: Henderson, Grimm, Blocker, Noss, Prescoll, Walker, Violelle, Mellelil, Remneff, Toii, Lew, Droese, Prichard, O'Brien, Groza, Chew, Louie, Klor. SECOND ROW: Currie, Yarbrough, Koh, Burnham, Wallace, Furusho, Wollman, Lonergan. Sadalla, Chapman, Vogler, Albin, Willard, Haworlh, Kondrafieff, Lee, Wong, Thom, THIRD ROW: McGregor, Carr, Singer, Pounds, Lang, Luna, Moeller, Berger, Friedman, Rich- mond, Pickens, Becker, Arimolo, Leong, Leong, Yim. FOURTH ROW: Wehser, Kammuller, Mello, Huey, Conlreras, Wall, Willey, Ong, Lowe, Nonoka, Bloch, SooHoo, Salow, Polasz, Vassar, Milsuda. FIFTH ROW: Lee, Sil, Cousy, Russel, Guire, Beakie, Milchell, Wong, Norslrom, Snow, Marx, Dong, Duffy, Vernazza, Hewlell, Turanianin, Galik, Pielz. SIXTH ROW: Burke, Garcia, Williams, Konnoff, Aaviku, Silverslein, Madfes, Carlson, Kazansian, Yokola, Lee, Labrado, Louslaunau, Draulz, Miller, Wille, Norris, Gash, Williams, Henderson. SEVENTH ROW: Dubenko, Baker, Takahashi, Gon, Wang, Forcum, Herbsl, Lum. , ,.:, ,, . , ,, , ff M , 'A :- "his . ii' X 5- S 1: waz, ' Q. , ,... f X, FIRST ROW lrighf lo lefll: Jackson, Nelson, Harrison, Hayes. Creek, Gibson, Von Pullkamer, Bafmole, Van Craevnesf, Yee, Cosden, Coloma, Mizis, Broyer, Michael, Kohn, Klein, Lewis. SECOND ROW: Bell, Lanning, Friedlander, Hersf. Nowadnick, Layne, Hoogasian, Sells, Chan, Bulner, Hawley, O'Donouan, Phipps, Roscoe, Newhouse, Bikakis, Gunfher, Brower. THIRD ROW: Delury. Schoenig, Hudman, Roberls, Malhias, Seymore, Smilh, Hunnicufl, Berrerly, Rosenberg, May, Bianco. Low Sophomore Class l is ' , :.:. f i Q 1 Q0 A P. A' i"'- FIRST ROW lrighl' fo lefllz Davis, Elliofl, Monlgomery, De- guchi, Lee, Buchannan, Ginsberg, Capdeville, Suomela, Benel, Ferguson, Canfwell, Popoff, Morlock, Zei+schel. SECOND ROW: De Ryana, Romero, De Voe, Pelayo, Vance, Taylor, Seymore, Sfeuben, Epsfein, Ross, Granf, Spinrad, Wochler. THIRD ROW: Murphy, Miller, Kane, Monlwaedo, Anderson, " ' ' .,.,., z 9 f . v 4 Preslon, Toso, Okamura, Cochrane, Wong, Berlucci, Weiner, Rodriguez, Miles. FOURTH ROW: Dargon, Brill, Loew, Mur- phy, Coslello, Vasquez, Groh, Kaf1,Golds+ein, PriesHy, Thomas, Mackie, Malhis, Pallon. FlFTH ROW: Buhrz, Wafanabe, Slines, Hummer, Abrahams, Goodman, Lazar, Vorobyoff, Jones, Morini, Andrews, Lease, Barza, Escuela, Merrill. s'xe PUNK' Dorff WCW , S Vxgif X0 O00 Lily Poppers: Sue Garvin, Chris unfher, Marlene Bobrowv and if! L T' . Yrm npfon ore ended by Reg Severin Q X46 6 if? Gxoo s 5 O O0 'SX X865 AOR 0 ofxsom eoxx o SQ 3,53 .QC . c? ff' QQ' w 12255, L 7' Q :fp V W " "You've Go? fo Hove Heart," A"' A ' 1 N Joy Smi'rh, Ron Berwenisie, Johnny Q ,.,:,: f .- :Y -A-A . . Murio, AI Su+'fer, Muffy Goldrod, Q N W A - L li A XX.. 1 and Don D'Ange1ol ' P X 4 , I z I X ' N Sprlng JUUIOI' Day f"'N I x NNovXenE Bobfow on nf' Yum. Yum.LynneTKP!'On i if W owe Hon? Dyes S SMC 909: wed Rue OQCNOQV 0 Oqqxov O ' ' , W LNZM1 ,-, " Sue . Kermexf . . Pvesxdenk Hugh Xurzjgis siudenk body' Q 22913252 4 b Q Q X bi Qkqoeif enny J 7 Yen XOPPHNQ yoogexooxx 806 J ue, G N X Ae Q08 - r o!7'7s fe A W-6 end. 1 On .9 AM. " mon ?1ye 0 :po Q Ni., 0 11 Uf W. Hd owe S V00 S . vi OMG 00 exqexgmm K H ff eqrfuhfv Q A2 egg' '5g2',g'KM f , 3335124 ff V si Y sw.. .V ss ss.. , , s www V ,, i' Tfsififffnrsfibf- Wm - - T, We I .. .. -. I .- .......,., "i' is "' " , 1. -ii , ,H n - Q i"T"W57"T"5'fTM is ' ,.,, .,.,, . ... , i ,... ks., - --. Z . ...,,," , . M . ,E X ,Q,. . 1 Nf f i f ' I -A-L sis I, , y . I I .,f :mi Ti R sr ,,.L WL 5. y V,:,,L,,5 . T na, A. M 8 . Ili f ' f gif v ,gk QL .T jus' Li ehhgwlvu - . I I I 49 i 5- fl a S3 ss if I if 'T f 1..'H' is kiwi' ' W-M-1. ' T ' ' T 2 - f ,..A I .. A 'wwf T I KM ' ' Q K N T V . if T Ei 4 JFS alan' 'TTT ' 'X hip as re mt A 1' A ,K ,Q ,, 4 , Q 3 Y s 4,15 gf 2 W i W 1 i .E , , :isa is x fi 5' 5 t C V - , ,, 2 vi f' ie i is-viii fgL i,?",1, s f ' g . . M J ,T Ag.,-cg, . , N - g ff 1 I, i , 2 x , ' TF Inky Jnlm. MLK- 1 L s. if -Qu 4 K 4 , FIRST ROW lleff To righTI: Church, Perkins, Sevrin, PeTTers, Donchenko, Torrens, Briscoe, Jones, Thue. SECOND ROW: Burfon, Covarrubias, Vucci, Briggs, McClelland, Murio, Sehorn, Wilson, Thomas. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Miller, Schmuck, Leveck, Ishikawa, Wishom, De Leon, Zehrer, King. Eagle FooTbaIIers Place Fifth Combining immense desire wiTh rare TaIenT, The un- dermanned WashingTon VarsiTy TooTbaII Team won Tar more games Than expecTed. Playing Typical oT The whole season, The Eagles goT Things rolling wiTh a I3 To I2 vicTory over The highly TouTed WiIdcaTs oT ST. IgnaTius. Two All-CiTy Eagles, Mac BurTon and Tad Sekino, played ouTsTanding games. Jim Perkins Tallied bofh TD's Tor The ScarIeT and Grey Team. For his Tine play, BurTon received The game ball. The WashingTon TooTbalI machine sTaIIed and sTuT- Tered, buT was sTiII able To beaT a weak Galileo Team by a score oT I9 To 7. Runs by John Murio highIighTed The game. Tad Sekino, playing anoTher neaT deTensive game, was awarded The game ball. WashingTon's winning ways were sTopped abrupTIy by a Tired-up Mission squad. ATTer many dishearTening breaks, The score aT The end oT The game sTood aT 25 Tor Mission and I3 Tor The Eagles. The Eagles were deaIT Their second seTback by a pow- erTuI Balboa TooTbaIl Team. The Eagles were blanked Tor The TirsT Time in The season. Score: Balboa 26, WashingTon O. As if They had been holding back in The pasT Two games, The Eagles exploded wiTh The highesT single game poinT ToTaI in The schooI's hisTory. Their vicTims were The Indians oT I.oweII, as The Eagles ran up a score oT 40 To 7. Mac BurTon accounTed Tor 24 oT These poinTs. STar quarTerback Tom Jones was awarded game ball Tor his Tine play. The Eagles seemed To be on The winning road Tor good as They dumped The highly raTed Irish oT Sacred I-IearT by a score oT 34 To 20. Frank Vucci, Arnold Covarrubias and WQIT Torrens Turned in rugged per- Tormances in This Thrilling win. The iniured Roger Sev- erin received The game ball Tor his Tough deTensive play, and Tor his ouTsTanding play Tom Jones was named Prep oT The Week. The Eagles sTreTchecI Their winning sTreak To Three games by Taming Their TradiTionaI rivals, The MusTangs oT Lincoln. The TourTh quarTer Told The sTory as The Eagles were able To punch over Two TD's in The IasT Tive minuTes oT The game. Rich DeLeon received The game ball in The 20 To I2 vicTory. The Eagles saw Their winning sTreak and Their play- oTT hopes bIasTed by a real sharp Poly Team. Even Though BurTon ran a kickoTT back Tor a TD, The ParroTs won The game by a score oT 39 To I3. 'S Head Coach Chade Reade A Page 61 .5 v A Duck Thue EFI '1 5 5' 1 Erme Johnson-E ' WE? if 3 omes Perkins-B Wa.. Wed Af' 3 ,qmafk Frank Vuccv--C John Murno--B W E Kr H' v Q at 1: 4 wk Duck De Leon B 1. Tad Seluno--G Mel Wsison-E was Wulf Torrens-C , , . 4 xvgix , ,.., . ,.,. ,.., . . A we fig! A If .Q-E m K X in gi 'esgs-5-5 ' xy, xx w E E' iff ,ig Enno Tumrmk--T , .W.,m..,,. ..-.....,,.,M,...,...,...X,...,:, 5 r E M an Gm tg ' aww J, i x sg sas .iq E," 1 Tom Jones--QB Q J? jf., 'Gill Qin. Mr, 1 -4-1 , a Lee Miner--8 Gary Schmuck-QB A Mock Burien-E '!""f" Alu' . 3 f?'7""P,ws if Fred Zehrer-T Mcrfy Dunn--T The Eagles' IasT game aT The season was againsT JV's Gain The JV Team This season had an eager buT weak Experience Team. They ended The season wiTh one win and Tive losses. The TirsT game was wiTh The Buccaneers aT Bal- boa. The Eagles Took an early six-poinT lead over The sTrong Bucs, buT They held The Eagles scoreless Tor The resT oT The game. The resuITing score was 24-6 in Tavor aT Balboa. NexT The Eagles had a pow-wow wiTh The Indians oT Lowell. The Indians overpowered The Eagles' oTTense as The game came To an end. The Indians won I9-6. The JV's nexT game was wiTh Galileo aT WashingTon. This was our besT game oT The season. KeiTh Someya scored Three Times To help Trounce The weak Lions, 38-6. The wheels Turned in The nexT game as The JV's played Their worsT game oT The season. We IosT, To The WiIdcaTs oT ST. lgnaTius by The idenTical score aT 38-6. This game was played wiThouT our TirsT sTring QB., Dale Bishop. The JV's nexT meeTing was wiTh The close rivals Tram across The park. As games go, we had all The hard luck and Lincoln was geTTing all The breaks ThroughouT The game. The MusTangs inTercepTed Two aT our passes which They ran back Tor Touchdowns. The Eagles had The ball on The 3-yard line when The game ended. The score ended 27-I4 in LincoIn's Tavor. if 1 . 'T-' A M N M ' M Mission, and iT was a real hearTbreaker. IT was a see- saw game, ending in a vicTory Tor The Bears. In The game Jim King, doing a greaT job, Tilled in aT guarTer- back, and Tony DeEeIippo scored Three TD's, only To lose The game by one poinT aTTer a Mission Touchdown. The Tinal score was 26-25 wiTh Mission on Top. OTher ouTsTanding players on The Team were Mike Jones, cenTer: Jim Masuda, guard: Mike I-Iumrickhouse, guard: Ed BineTTi, end: Barry Eriedman, Tullback: Hor- ace Jackson, Tackle. IT is hard To pick ouT The one ouT- sTanding player, Tor They all played TogeTher as a Team. !5xIThough iT was noT a very successTuI season, many oT The boys received valuable experience which will help Them in VarsiTy play nexT Term. The coach, Tor This hard-working Team, was Coach Domecus. Coach Ernie Domecus if-271 2: . 2 Tip-as T- I ' - M A ' - FIRST ROW lleff To righTT: Morrei, Leary, D'Angelo, Hirsch- RiTTer, Someya. THIRD ROW: May, Gasser, Bishop, BineTTi, man, Francis, Canale, Bah, CrisToTani, Dossey, Sucimofo, Lazarus, LaThan, E. Jones, Karlsen, Mairs, P. Jones, Masucla. Whife, SECOND ROW: DeFeIippo, Dagcao, Hrapoff, Jackson, King, Silvia, Johnson, Friedman, Mendell, Hagemann, Kondrasholif, Smifh, -Ir-3 , ,. md .,.,,,,, X . FIRST ROW Ileff To righTl: Beard, Aissa, Salis, Mello, Kinney, Gallagher, Madfes, Currie, Price, Leary. SECOND ROW: Sloan, McGregor, Ellenberger, Maffl-news, Chung, Benioff, Sophomore Team SERRA HIGH IT was a sad day when The Sophomores IosT Their debuT To Serra. This 45-6 Tragedy was sTeeped by The iniuries inTlicTed upon our young heroes. A compensa- Tion, however, is ThaT This was only a pracTice conTesT. Roger Tanaka, Marlcey NishimoTo, and Alex Pandell kepT up a vaIianT TighT To The end. POLY The EagleTs had Poly liclced Tram The sTarT. No won-- der, Though, we had Tour Times The number oT players They did. And wiTh Don Kinney, The go-go-go guy. grandly grazing on guard grounds wiTh his greai guarding, we couldn'T miss. This I4-I2 win really liTTed our spiriTs. This was probably The easiesT game The Sophs ever had. BALBOA Man, oh, man: The Bal game sure was a soTT Touch! IT was so easy +hoT everyone was able To play. David MadTes was The sTandouT in This 20-6 whiTewash. LOWELL ExciTing, encouraging, memorable. IT any epiTheTs were TiT To describe The Lowell clash, These Three would be perTecT. Only Through The quarTerbaclc booTleg play oT Andy Salis in The Tinal Two minuTes were The EagleTs able To win. The score was I3-7. Jacobs, Huffman, Briscoe, Farve. THIRD ROW: Nishimofo, Ludlow, Kuminoff, Tanaka, Pelayo, PriTchard, Carlsen, Pearson, Carr, Benkie, Zwellinger, Kali. Well Organized SACRED HEART ln a Torrid game wiTh Sacred l'learT, The WashingTon High Sophomores squealced by wiTh a I3-6 margin. We managed To win only in The second haIT. LINCOLN The Sophs concluded Their season wiTh a dull Thud, as They dropped a 47-O decision To Lincoln. The oppo- siTion was ahead Trom The sTarT. NOTES: Phil Aissa, guard, was The ouTsTanding player OT The whole season: he was chosen season cap- Tain and awarded a TiclceT To The Shrine Game on The basis of his work. . . The squad deTied The pessimism OT cerTain sporTs wriTers by coming Through wiTh a Tine season. 1 SQL. Q3 Coach Adolph Lubamerslcy , .Q -f' o ' giggfiiwii . Page 65 Soccer Team City Champs! OCT. 20- MISSION 2, WASHINGTON 2 The soccer Team sTarTed The season oTT wiTh a 2 To 2 Tie againsT Mission. An excellenr perTormance was Turned in by Alex Kabaniciw, who scored WashingTon's Two goals. . OCT. I4- LOWELL 0, WASHINGTON 6 The second game aT The season saw The Eagles scalp The Indians. IT was an easy yicTory, Thanks To Lowell's many misTaI4es. QuTsTanding players were I-leinz Mer- Tens, Al SuTTer, and Alex Kabaniciw. OCT. I6-S. I. I, WASHINGTON 6 "IT we can beaT S. I. in TooTball we can beaT Them in soccer." This was The soccer Teamls slogan beTore Their Third game aT The season, and proving This were sTars like Noe, Romm, and GoldsmiTh. OCT. 22 -LINCOLN O, WASHINGTON 4 Once again showing oTT Their deTerminaTion To win, The soccer Team racked up anoTher Eagle win To Their crediT by deTeaTing The MusTangs, 4-O. The Team was geTTing reacly Tor a championship season. OCT. 29 -- BALBOA 3, WASHINGTON 3 This Time The soccer Team was a biT Too conTidenT on winning The game as They baTTled To a 3 To 3 Tie in The laTTer parT aT The game. Some aT The sTars were MerTens, Kabaniciw, and Noe. NOV. 6- POLY I, WASHINGTON 4 DeTeaTing Poly 4 To I, The Eagle Team had clinched a play-oTT berTh wiTh one game remaining. The up-To- daTe record Tor The season was: 4 wins, no losses, and 2 Ti s fx NOV. I3 -GALILEO 0, WASHINGTON 3 The Eagles won The round robin championship by deTeaTing The Galileo Lions, 3-O. CenTer Torward Alex Kabaniciw scored all goals, buT The vicTory was achieved by greaT Teamworlc. SEMI-FINALS In The semi-Tinals, The Balboa Bucs Tell beTore our mighT, I-O, in a Tremendous deTensiye barrle. The goal was scored by Carlos Noe, in The laTTer parT aT The game. FINALS The Eagle high-spiriTed soccer Team salTed The Mis- sion Bears To Talce The CiTy Championship. The Team showed iTs Tremendous sTrengTh by deTeaT- ing Their opponenT, 2-I, in a hard ToughT game. The Eagles' TirsT shoT was made by Carlos Noe during The TirsT IO seconds oT The game. LaTer in The TirsT period, The Bears came baclc To Tie The score, I-I. ln The second quarTer Heinz MerTens scored again To puT The Team ahead, 2-I. The second halT oT The game was scoreless. The Team ended The season wiTh a record oT 7 wins, no losses, 2 Ties. Coach WaITer Odone l , ,------4 1 'Will -, H' , s v. A , -1- "" P T J 7 , ec. , ws... lr lr-: Q ,,f...... FIRST ROW IIe'FT To righTI: Fromer, Alinez, Gruschu, Kabani- Bosman, Buhrz, Morales, Solbcu, SuTTer, Romm, Pullen, Mer- ciw, Spiriclonofzf, Lonergan, Miller, Sodella, Garcia, Gold- Tens. THIRD ROW: Saharoff, Grossman, Noe, Ehrlich, KobeTs, smiTh, Downes. SECOND ROW: Galindo, Flint Lee, Holodiloff, Caso, Kazaniian, BauTis+a, Maloy, Favfrifslry. Lenzini. Heinz Mex-lens Warren Downes 1 ffl Ed Gullndo , James Pullen ,W w fl: . Q L --qv ix, Q Q ..-4 KV H N Ron Morales David Fromer Carlos Noe 2 ! Alex Kabcnioiw as Ernesl' Alinez Bemord Bulnrz Bxll Goldsmdh Al Suffer 555 Ray Sollgou W A .,,....... . ,,,. Pefer Gruscho Don Flin? Jeff Romm FIRST ROW lleff To righTI siTTing: Norm Owyoung, Jim Waf- Izins, Sfeve Gray, MarTy Kelly, Jim Pullen, Calvin Lum. SECOND ROW: Coach John McGraTh, Vern Coleman, John Murio, Mel Wilson, Harry Simon, AI Winder, Al Gee, Manager ScoT Blue. Unlimited Basketball JAN. 8-WASHINGTON 48, MISSION 35 The sparkling play oT Jim WaTlcins and Norm Ow- young helped To drive The Eagles To a 48-35 vicTory over Mission. Though iT was an I8-I6 Bear margin aT The halT, The WashingTon sTalwarTs sprang back To The Birdies' TirsT win. JAN. I7 - WASHINGTON 54, LINCOLN 40 IT was as sTimulaTing as a TilTer oT Coca-Cola! The Lincoln game was ThaT good. IT was a I9-I9, 30-30, and a 37-37 Tie in The TirsT Three quarTers. BUT The per- severance oT STeve Gray, Jim WaTlcins, and Norm Owyoung pulled The Eagles To The lead in The Tinal sTanza. JAN. Zl -POLY 47, WASHINGTON 4l Alas and alaclcl Woe is The WashingTon High Var- siTy baslceTball squad. There were Three seconds leTT in The game and The score was aT a deadlock when STeve Gray made a beauTiTul one-handed push To bring The Eagles ahead, and They wenT inTo overTin1e. BUT Poly made Two Toul shoTs To Tie The game . . . again. The Birdmen Tinally losT in The overTime by six. JAN. 23-WASHINGTON 43, L.OWELL 34 CapiTalizing on The TalenTs oT STeve Gray and Vern Coleman, The Eagles deTeaTed winless Lowell, 43-34. WashingTon, now wiTh a 3-I record, led I8-I3 aT The halT. Norm Owyoung was The high scorer Tor Washing- Ton wiTh Ten poinTs. JAN. 28 -WASHINGTON 60, GALILEO 48 FanTabulism played a maior parT in The Eagles 60-48 conquesT oT Galileo. Only once did The Lions geT ahead: This occurred wiTh The 36-37 margin aT The end oT The Third quarTer. Mack BurTon, Ernie Johnson, boTh in Their lasT game, plus Vern Coleman, were The sTandouTs. FEB. 6-WASHINGTON 47, ST. IGNATIUS 37 "May The beTTer Team win," is a ThoughT inciTing reciprocaTion. IT can be converTed inTo a Truism by re- arranging The verb. IT was in This way ThaT WashingTon capTured Their mosT signiTicanT game oT The year by downing ST. lgnaTius 47-37: Tor The Eagles were The beTTer Team. Mel Wilson and Norm Owyoung were The sTandouTs. FEB. I0-WASHINGTON 49, BALBOA 45 The Eagles' game wiTh Balboa ended in a specTacu- lar overTime, in which Vern Coleman scored Tour poinTs. STeve Gray led The squad wiTh his Ten markers. The halTTime margin was 23-l5, in Tavor oT WashingTon. FEB. 27-SACRED HEART 45, WASHINGTON 44 WashingTon suTTered iTs second loss oT The season under The dexTerous hands oT The Sacred HearT Irish by The score oT 44-45. One compensaTion Tor This upseT was ThaT Dan Sullivan, The League's leading scorer, was held To seven poinTs by STeve Gray, who hiT I3 him- selT. Norm Owyoung and Jim WaTlcins had I2 and 9, respecTively. MARCH 4, SEMI-FINALS WASHINGTON 41, ST. IGNATIUS 36 ConnecTing on 40070 oT Their field goal aTTempTs, The WashingTon High Eagles edged The ST. lgnaTius Wild- caTs, 4l-36. S. I. was righT behind The Eagles all The way. BUT, as Coach McGraTh puT iT, "IT was The besT game we played all year." Since This was The semi- Tinals, WashingTon meT Poly The nexT weelc. MARCH 7, PLAYOFFS POLY 33, WASHINGTON 28 ReTaliaTing from a sad TirsT quarTer in which They dunlced only six poinTs, The Poly ParroTs edged The WashingTon High Eagles, 33-28. MosT oT The way, however, iT was The Eagles' game: seven hiTs ouT oT Their TirsT eighT aTTempTs, a I2-6 bulge aT The end oT The opening sTanza, and a Tairly decenT, Though slim, lead aT The halT. Wasl1ington's Fabulous Unlimitecls W. VARSITY Opp. 48 Mission 35 50 Lincoln 40 41 Poly 47 43 Lowell 34 60 Galileo 48 47 S+. lgnaflus 37 49 Balboa 45 44 Sacred Hear? 45 PLAYOFFS 41 Sf. lgnafius 36 31 Poly 28 C5 ,, x Riff ,Q l30's Basketball Season The T957 A.A.A. Champions sTarTed oTT The season by deTeaTing Mission, 44-42. WashingTon was behind by as much as seven poinTs in one period, buT regained The lead To 2I-20 aT halTTime. Tim Grady was high scorer wiTh II poinTs, Lincoln was nexT in line Tor The Eagle Tive. IT was a close and low scoring game unTil The second haIT when The Eagles IeT loose and aImosT Tripled Their score wiTh The help oT Bob Grayson's 25 poinTs. The Eagles downed The MusTangs, 64-53. The nexT game againsT Poly was The Eagles' only loss oT The season. IT was a close game up Through The Third quarTer and Then Poly ran over The l'IiIIToppers, Thus The 46-game winning sTrealc came To an end as The ParroTs won 38-65. The Eagles won Their Third game oT The season by Topping Lowell, 66-62. The Indians were ahead I5-I7 aT The end oT The TirsT auarTer, Then The Eagles Tools over Tor The resT oT The game. Grayson and Roclcmore sparked up Tor 24 and I6 poinTs, respecTiveIy. The Eagles meT Galileo in The nexT game and breezed pasT The Lions To a 48-30 vicTory, Again The Top scorer was Grayson wiTh 20 poinTs. One oT The Eagles' ToughesT wins was in Their nexT game wiTh S. I. The ScarIeT and Grey squad led The CaTs all The way unTil The lasT quarTer when The Wild- caTs wenT ahead, 37-39. The game wasn'T over Tor The Eagles yeT. Pickens "Pop" Rodgers connecTed wiTh Tour poinTs To down The CaTs, 4l-39. Balboa was The Eagles nexT vicTim. IT was an ordinary game Through The TirsT haIT and Then The EagIeTs wenT I I I wild and raclced up 39 poinTs To The Buccaneers I4. The game ended 59-25 in WashingTon's Tavor. The Eagles ended up The season in The nexT game wiTh S. l'I. Under The Tine play oT Ray I-Iearne The Eagles whipped The Irish, 40-35. The Eagles ended The season wiTh a 7-I record, which puT Them in The semi-Tinals. Poly deTeaTed S. l'I. in Their semi-Tinal game, which IeTT us The MusTangs aT Lincoln. WiTh The specTacular playing aT Ray I-learne, who hiT Tor 22 poinTs, The Eagles had IfTTIe Trouble downing The Linlcs. Up unTil The second quarTer iT was a close game and Then iT Turned inTo a sIaughTer. The Eagles hiT one baslceT aTTer anoTher To down The Mus- Tangs, 53-33. In The Tinals againsT Poly, WashingTon hiT a bad luclc sTrealc. Even wiTh Grayson's 20 poinTs, The ParroTs man- aged To geT by To a 44-46 win over The Eagles. Besides having a greaT Team This season The l30's also had ouTsTanding players. Bob Grayson was chosen The T30 Player aT The Year, and along wiTh Ray I-learne, Grayson was on The All-CiTy Team. 1 if". Coach Alex AThanasopoulos ' PM I Q - 1. V 2 ' I I 1 I FIRST ROW llefT To righTl: Piclrens Rogers, Tim Grady. SEC- Ray Hecrne, Keifh Pfeiffer, Mel Thomas, Torn Jones, Vince OND ROW: Ralph Mafhis, Eddy Arikawa, Willy Rockmore, Daggao. Washington s Oulstanclmg l3O's l3O's Mission Lincoln Poly Lowell Galileo Sf, lgnalius Balboa Sacred Head PLAYOFFS Lincoln Poly An FIRST ROW lleff +o righil: Ken Jue, Joel Moeller, Roberf Armsfrong, Jiro Yoshiolsa, Benson Wong, Roberf Yap, Tom Won, Jerry Oshifo, Sfcn Wong. SECOND ROW: Harold Wishom, Phil Flake, Tony Nogonomc. Lightweights Have Good Year l2O's Analher 'rraphy has been awarded lo Coach John fVlcGra'rh's IZO-pound baskclball 'ream for Fall l957. The lirsl 'rwa games al The season saw whal a real leam laalcs like as lhe 20's beal Poly 32-20 and Sl. lg- nalius 23-l8. From Thai poinl on 'rhe 20's lcepl on win- ning unlil lhey earned 'lhe righl lo play Galileo for lhe championship. They wenl on lo beal Galileo 38-3l. All-Cily Lorrell Anderson paved lhe way. QP 90. Il2's Coach A's I2's placed 'rhird in AAA compefilion lhis, year. The ll2's only losl Two of lhe eighl games lhey played. Bolh al lhese games were close. They losf lo Poly 25-2l and lo S+. lgnalius 37-35. The mosl valuable player an lhe ll2's baslcelloall Team was Roper? Won. During The pas? ll years lhe I l2's have won lhe Championship seven limes. ,DQ- QIQ 'if FIRST ROW lleff +o righfl: Jin, Lee, Anderson, James, John- suurc, Yoshihora, Mialocq, Blum, Brooks, Louie. son, Eng. SECOND ROW: Corfer, Robinson, Ccviness, Maf- lxf,Q - Q? : S: ,O "iff: . - CI qv? O Vsvghf 4x t. W ai f,Qf3iy" SS v . ,sy , if 4 Rik Wm, -vm, he .I Thomas Gefs Two s ru Id xysx 1 ""' L E, X 11 59. 'Qi fi jk Care +o Dance? .J 'JA- FIRST ROW lleTT To righfl: Redlick, Jones, Briscoe, Grace, Pullen, Jones, Jacobs, Pon, Brooks, Sanders, Smifh, MaThis, Harrison, Cole. SECOND ROW: AThanasopoulos, Rodgers, Jones, Jackson, Kaianiian, Richmond, Galinclo, Wishom, Red- 155 sc N4 ....., , , -..- a wine, Thomas, Meyslrens, Murry, Spanier, Perlrins. THIRD ROW: Zwillinger, Rockmore, Rovens, Coleman, TieTz, Vogler, Donchenko, FlinT, Vucci, Silvia, Meloy, Simon, Wilson. The Tracls Season The Eagle TracksTers sTarTed oTT Their season by de- TeaTing ST. lgnaTius in all Three divisions. ln The VarsiTy aTTair The big surprise came when Ralph MaThis iumped 6 TeeT 2 inches. Holding The opponenTs To 27V2 poinTs The 5carleT and Grey squad began ralcing up poinTs. The T20's and T30's smashed The WildcaTs by Taking a TirsT in every evenT. The Tinal scores were: 89-9 and 7T-7, respecTively. NexT in line Tor The Eagles were The Indians aT Low- ell. The Eagles came Through To win as They Tools all Three divisions. Double winners were: MaThis, Wishom, Law and 5Tolces. The scores were: 63V2 To 49'!'Q in The VarsiTy, 63V2 To 40'f2 in The T30's, and 55 To 22 in The T20 aTTair. AT The Mission meeT RoberT Law Toolc The only double win aT The day. Ship Torolre The All-CiTy record Tor The T50 in The T20 division. Anderson iumped an incredible 6 TeeT 2 inches To Talce The high iump. The Eagles nexT meeT was againsT Galileo aT Kezar. Once again The TraclcsTers Tools all Three divisions. Dou- ble winners in The VarsiTy were Murry, Law in The 30's, Anderson in The 20's. The scores were 95 To T8 and 80542 To 23'f2, and OSV3 To TTVZ, respecTively. The Eagles' TirsT deTeaT aT The season came Tram our close rivals Tram across The parlc. Lincoln upseT The Var- siTy 6373 To 49'f3, and Toolc The T30's SZV3 To STV3. We held on To The winning column in The T20's by deTeaTing The MusTangs, 53 To 24. ln The VarsiTy aTTair Milce Meloy ran The T00-yard dash in 9.9 seconds, only To lose by a lengTh aT a second To a MusTang. ln The T20's Anderson again capTured Two TirsTs. T-lard luclc hiT The Tracl4sTers in The VarsiTy as Balboa beaT Them 5073 To 60V3. The Eagles easily Toolc The T30's oT Balboa 57'f2 To 46'!i2. The T20's won 5l To 26. PolyTechnic T-ligh overwhelmed The WashingTon Var- siTy, 78 TXT2 To 34 TTXT2, while The Eagle l30's were edged ouT by a score aT 54-50. l-lowever, The AllfCiTy meeT is The sole deTerminanT in Tinal Team sTandings, so The 5carleT and Greys will have anoTher craclc aT The powerTul ParroTs. The T20's mainTained Their unblemished record wiTh a 55-22 romp. Tanalca, Eng, and Shipp Turned in sTand- ouT running perTormances, while Anderson leaped To a 5fT0 TirsT place, Noss won The shoT evenT, and Shipp doubled by Talcing broadiump honors. Sayre, Woods, 5Tokes, EclcelhoTT, Law and Pulverman all placed No. T in Their respecTive evenTs in The T30's eTTorT To caTch Poly, Murry and Wilson came in one- Two in The VarsiTy 440, as TeammaTes T-learne and Pul- len capped The high-iump and shoT, respecTively. FIRST ROW lleTT To righflz Zimmerman, Mgr., STogner, Lubin, Lee, Canale, Lafhan, Grossman, Tanaka, Owyoung, Johnson, Anderson, Jones, Soles, Benioff, Ludlow, Shipp, Noss, Coloma. SECOND ROW: Freeman, Mgr., Friedman, Mgr., Goldman, Herbsf, Ekelholzf, Palmer, Law, Rodgers, Casey, Ogawa, Michael, Sfokes, Woods, Pulverman, Cooper, Ash, Wigowsky, Valle, MonTgomery. THIRD ROW: Seidman, Burnham, Wing, Topolos, Tanaka, Caso, Wong, Sayre, Fuiimara, Fromer, Hum- rickhouse, CasTro, Wishom' Eng, Chu, Fong, Wilson, Tong, Driver. Cross CounTry WashingTon's cross-counTry Team did noT do Too well during The regular season. However, a high-spiriTed never-soyfdie Team wenT inTo The All-CiTy rneeT as underdogs, and yeT, were able To kJeoT ouT a sTrong Lowell Team and Tinish TOUrTh. AlThough deTeaTed Tor The ciTy championship, The VarsiTy cross-counTry Tinished TourTh wiTh T42 poinTs. Poly Took The A.fX.A. TiTle wiTh 32 poinTs flower score winningl. Lincoln was second wiTh 43, Balboa placed Third wiTh 45 poinTs, and Lowell TiTTh wiTh a score aT T44' Turning in ouTsTanding perwformonces in The lf? mile All-CiTy race Through Golden C5oTe Park were Jerry Brooks, Pickens Rodqers, Torn Ogowa, Jerry Temple. and Baldwin Torn. '-and wr' FIRST ROW lleTT To righTl: Sugarman, Karoll, Bershad, Coach Redlick. THIRD ROW: Ward, Cole, Harrison, Simon, Michael, Gordon, Fraze, Driver, Tom. SECOND ROW: Temple, TieTze, Wallach, GreuTer, Harrison, Chee. Sickman, Pon, Brooks, Jacobs, Chapman, Roman, Frank, Tom, A2 FIRST ROW IIe'fT To righTI: Hyman, Brown, LiIienThaI, Green- berg, Slavin, Levin, Friedman, Yoshiolca, SoFTer, Travlos, Rich- ards. SECOND ROW: Neal, Loi, Lane, Chee, Gordon, PeTuya, Tennis The Eagle Tennis Team sTarTed Things rolling aT Their TirsT maTch oT The season by cleTeaTing Poly, 7-O. ST. IgnaTius proved To be a IiTTle harder as The Eagles won, 6-I. Galileo became WashingTon's nexT vicTim as The racIceTeers smashed Their way To a 7-O win. The neT men goT a liTTIe compeTiTion Trorn Lincoln as The Eagles beaT Them, 5-2. NexT on The sIaTe was Mission, as The neT men wal' Ioped The Bears, 7-O. Balboa gave The Eagle raclceTeers a Tough maTch as The Eagles won, 5-2. The Tinal maTch oT The season was againsT Lowell Tor The championship. I.oweII showed Tremendous sTrengTh as They downed The Eagles, 6-I. Naganuma, Ogawa, OsI'iiTa, Bosmons. THIRD ROW: Tammilr, SiIversTein, Jones, Karoll, Coach Reade, Goodman, Gold- smifh, Jin, Wong, Yoshihara. Golf Up To press-Time only Three golT maTches had been played wiTh only Two Tully compIeTed. The TirsT maTch wiTh ST. IgnaTius could noT be Tinished unTil The end oT baseball season due To bad weaTher and The loss oT one oT The players To The baseball Team. The second maTch wiTh Balboa proved To be a vicTory Tor Wash- ingTon wiTh a score oT 9-O. The Eagles again came Through in Their Third maTch wiTh Poly by winning 7lf2A Ilfp. Some oT The ouTsTanding players ably coached by Mr. McGraTh were Gary Mialocg, Alex TourubaroTT, and Barry Friedman. Because oT Their exceIIenT playing, These Three boys guaIiTied To parTicipaTe in The NorThV ern CaIiTornia GolT Championship. OTher games scheduled To be played aTTer press- Time were May 9 wiTh Mission, May I5 wiTh Lincoln, and May 22 wiTh Lowell. 4 FIRST ROW IIe'fT To righTI: Bloch, Friedman, Kalman, Ward, Chernilr, Peralfa, PeTrianos, Sloan. THIRD ROW: Kaii. Barnard, Schacherl, Guire, Mialocq, Lewis, Klor, Nishimofo. Lee. Carson, Sugarman, Tourubaroff, Wong, Godley, Coach SECOND ROW: ZareTslcy, Simon, Lloyd, Levin, Wayman, McGraTh. FIRST ROW lleTT To righTl, siTTing: DeFelippo, Scfdiel Pfeifer, TouTolmin, Zehrer, Selrino. SECOND ROW: Fisher, Kimball, 1 yr:-y-nv Pnl I us s Klux Groza, Masuda, SuTTer, SlcTT, MerTens. THIRD ROW: Mr. Madfes, Farber, Covarrubias, Bain- Kelly, Cohn, Blum. Baseball Teams Have Big Season Crushing a Lincoln rally in The losT inning, Washing- Ton made iTs debuT by winning, 4-3. The Eagle baTsmen "Touched" Tour Poly piTchers Tor I2 hiTs To deTeaT The ParroTs, I5-2. Sacred l'learT's Reno DiBono whacked a Two-run homer in The TiTTh To help edge WashingTon, 6-3. The Eagles chased LeTTy Ken Flanagan ouT oT The box early in The game, as They downed Galileo, 7-4. John Alameda sTymied The WashingTon baTTers wiTh his Tine piTches, as he led Balboa To a 2-O vicTory. ST. lgnaTius' winning WildcaTs walloped WashingTon. Their sevenTh sTraighT league vicTim, IO-I. Larry Bain oT George WashingTon l-Iigh School Threw a snazzy Three-hiT shuTouT, as he led his Team To a 7-O vicTory over Lowell. Mission beoT The Eagles, 7 To 4, in The lasT game oT The season. As The Surveyor wenT To press, The Eagles had made The play-oTTs. JUNIOR VARSITY By The Time The Surveyor wenT To press The Junior VarsiTy baseball Team in league play had a record oT 2 wins againsT 3 losses. The Eagles were vicTorious againsT Poly and Galileo and losT close games To Sa- cred l-learT, Balboa and ST. lgnaTius. The JV piTching sTaTT was lead by Tom I-lurwiTz. Help- ing l'lurwiTz in relieT were Ron Guire and STan Chap- man. STandouTs in The Junior VarsiTy baTTing were Larry SugimoTo, Jim King and Ron BenvenisTe. The JV baseball Team under The coaching oT Mr. Domecus pracTiced hard all Term. They were a Team wiTh unquenchable spiriT, even in The Tace oT deTeaT. Ms., if f. FIRST ROW Ile:-TT To righTl: Cross, Crivello, Thue, Roolrer, Mifchell, Mori, Gallacher. SECOND ROW: Benvenisfe, Suci- ' me " iff X . if if moTo, Chapman, Francisco, Oberfelcler, Lonergan, Mendell, Amber. 1, T . : A . : 1 A 'T My ' vlb- Vg ,A I 1 . Fi. , FIRST ROW IIeTT To righTI: Emrick, Misrack, Furness, STevens, Wallach. SECOND ROW: Ashburn, Sevier, AnTipa, Murio, The Swimmi This Term The Eagles swim Team has had a greaT season, winning The maioriTy oT Their meeTs and scoring high in The resT. The VarsiTy should have anoTher cham- pionship Team Tor WashingTon. ln our TirsT splash wiTh I-larry Ells OT Richmond The Team was sunk by a big margin. OuTsTanding perTorm- ances were given by Von EmsTer, Ness, and Zingmark. In The resT oT our ouT oT Town meeTs we beaT JeTTerson. College aT ST. Marys Capuchino and Napa. We losT To MT. Diablo, El CerriTo, San MaTeo, Drake, Tamalpais. l30's The l3O's This year, aT press Time, had The CiTy Championship pracTically under Their belTs. They had losT only one meeT, and ThaT only by one poinT. The Tine swimmers include Anderson. TOO-yd. TreesTyle7 Chuck and Freedman, 50-yd. TreesTyle1 and The medley relay Team oT Lim, Honda, Sakovich, and Carlson. Q ,si 5. Lubeck, Rosenberg, Ness. THIRD ROW: Valenfine, Zingmarlr, von EmsTer, Panasik, Langer. ng Season The Team's ToughesT rivals This somcsTer include ST. lgnaTius and Lincoln. The Team hopes To Take The cham- pionship and will be going all The way. 12O's The l2O's, likewise, have had a wonderTul season, los- ing none oT Their meeTs up To press Time. The spark aT The lighTweighTs is perhaps liTTle Johnnie Gibbs, wiTh a close Tie Tor second beTween Dennis lmazeki, Russel Lease, James Taylor Jones, and AlberT Perkins. Perkins, along wiTh Rodney Johnson, are Two oT The besT divers The l2O's have ever seen. Al's gymnasTics oTT The edge oT The board are magniTicenT, and Rods high-board anTics are Tunny indeed. BUT diving is iusT a parT. Swim- mers on The l2O's include "Speedy" Lease, "Big Den- nis' 'lmazeki, lTimar Abrass,, James Jones and Taylor Jones. lT has been anoTher big season Tor WashingTon's Tabulous swim Teams. R QV? 9 Q s T T I S I s yu . ' , is is I ff 1 T 'L I4 .3 L3 1 x K ' 4, - t , I ' A LN , ' ak 4, .J I , ff 2. 1 TQ iq.. .eww . ,Q .1 as 1 My s . ,gy ,X my .M g . y . QQ iw, ,T we gg., fi , as sim' , y if we . I I J Ti I . I FIRST ROW Ile'fT To righTI: LousTaloT, Major, Honda, Fong, Goodman, lmazaki, Sakovich, Carlsen, RoThman, Morris, Krug, Jones. SECOND ROW: Garcia, Budgeff, Levi, Sadalla, Cald- well, Tivol, Lim, Andersen, SmiTh, PriTchard, Gibbs, Hermsen, Mifchell. THIRD ROW: J. Jones, Lease, Chuck, Kawaguichi, Leary, Thompson, Hirschman, Johnson, Abrass, Freedman, AbboTT, Perkins, Berger. ,,.guv1"' 41 V1 w ' W-'vm' 1 Remy Wcnfs G Bm' V4d0ry7 Q A"-ng 5' ' RFI Q -1 .,,. 5, 3' 0 J X fe: I . wi N -, sg ,Six iw, " X iff' g f- ::'fF fA. 4 . .A N 2 ,mdfmina f its 5 iizw' 'wk V . M, hi AZQQY Xa Woricouf Pops!! Qi ' i C .gf X :ZA .i1-- 1 , ,hgh V' 4 if M S? i We -K We 5. ,... J.. 5 3 e I A 9' am me FIRST ROW Ileft to rightlz Hirschmon, Levin, Palmer, Downes, Broolzs, McWilliams, Jacobs, Tom, Salrovich, Romm. SECOND ROW: Harrison, Abrass, Wong, Torrens, Gibbs, Chow, Honda. Letterman Society , 3' f Any boy who tultills oll scholarship require- ments and has acquired o certain number ot "t points in track, swimming, or cross country, or has played halt the time in tootboll, soccer, 'g basketball or baseball, is eligible to belong Q to the Letterman Society. ti 3 Fall President Warren Downes and Spring WARREN DOWNES President Heinz Mertens directed the society Fall through a year ot serving the school by sup- porting school athletic activities and patrolling the coteterio during lunchtime. Maior, Harrison. THIRD ROW: Pullen, Goodman, Bain, Ness, Soss, Lim, Sutter, Miyamoto. t Hfx, in 7 i V' HEINZ MERTENS Spring FIRST ROW Ilett to rightlz Nagonuma, Flint, Tom, Tanaka, Tammilc, Mertens, Goldsmith, Sutter. THIRD ROW: Coleman, Jacobs, Miller, Torrens, Harrison, Broolrs, Ogawo, Matsuura, Levin, Rodgers, Greenberg, Lonergan, Zehrer, Thue, Call, Lim, Solxovich, Johnson, Pullen. SECOND ROW: Yoshihara, Romm, Gibbs, Honda, Stokes. Maior, Vucci, Michael, Abrass, Ness, Andersen, Goodman, NW i ,tg F, I f FIRST ROW IIefT To righ+I: Hoene, Ng, Kramer, Molinari, Fong, Chun, Olcawa, Lee, Chun, Greendorfer, Lewon, Ju, New- man, Cordy, Nassau. SECOND ROW: Toby, Jue, Fong, Chun, Pun, Menfz, Loafea, Gould, Haclrler, Caslelli, Karoll, Mayne. THIRD ROW: La Shay, Larson, Der, Aolci, Lew, Jue, Piper, Blumberg, Baflin, BuTler, Ireland. FOURTH ROW: ChrisToFfer- sen, Chusid, MiyamoTo, Miyamofo, Cheu, Cronander, Solfer, Michael, Toso, Lum, McClellan, Gcrdella. FIFTH ROW: Sier- ling, Miyasaki, Malci, Ohashi, Talceda, Waxman, Sundlof, Hambriclx, Schaefer, Leo, Gong, VeHer, Boone. SIXTH ROW: Womer, Baldocchi. Bloclc W Society 2 , The Block W SocieTy, under The direcTior1 oT Y, 5 1 .,,,,, ly y 1, Fall PresiderTT Elaine Chun and Spring Presi- . . derTT Mollie Womer, served The school by I sponsoring all sporT nighTs and serving aT ' M LeTTermarT banaueTs. The members aT This socieTy are girls who ELAINE CHUN have parTicipaTed in GAA Tor Tour Terms and MOLLIE WOMER Fqll have earned The Three previous awards. Spring FIRST ROW Ileff To righ+I: Amrofell, Roscoe, Baldocchi, Womer, Bu+ler, Greendorfer, Karoll, Nafsievslry, Chusicl, Menh, Loafea, Michael, Nassau, Pandell, Okawa, Malci, Gould, Kil- Iceary, Allegre+Ti. SECOND ROW: McClellan, Luke, Chan, Hom, Pun, Baflin, Kwong, Lew, Lewon, Sundlof, Tom, Wong, Ju, Segal, Rodgers, TrouT, Hoene, Hambriclr, Miyasalri. THIRD ROW: Snell, Schaefer, Bilcalxis, Gardella, MaTheson, Carlson, Pefri, EvangelisTa, Bourder, Elizarde, MiyamoTo, Leong, Lee, Cronander, Daggao, Daslcalalcis, Mayne, Cheu, Jen. FOURTH ROW: Haclxler, KnighTen, Salis, Caufield, Blumberg, Shima- mofo, VeTTer, Olcamura, MiyamoTo, Berensmeier, Aolci, Der, Jee, Ireland. S' FIRST ROW lleTT To righflz Arlayne PluTTe, Elaine Chun, Susan Leila Pefri, Kimi Yee. Su Ju, Linda Gould, Nancy Newman, Greenclorfer, VioleT Fong, Carol Lee Fromm. SECOND ROW: Mollie Womer. Girls'AThleTic Association Officers and Board The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion, under The direcTion oT Fall PresidenT Susan GreendorTer and Spring Presi- denT Susan Ju, did a greaT deal To promoTe inTeresT in GAA. by publiciTy drives and acTiviTies. The sponsor Tor The Fall Term was Mrs. BrillharT and Tor The Spring Term, Mrs. Zinns Took over. The eighr sporTs ThaT were oTTered This year were: volleyball, ice slcaTing, baslce-Tball, Tennis, bowling, swim- ming, modern dance, and badminTan. The Spring Term acTiviTies were aT Their highesT around April 25 when The All-CiTy playday was given aT WashingTon. CommiTTee organizaTion was a diTTiculT Taslc buT This was handled ably by PresidenT Sue Ju. The day proved very enioyable and added anoTher fond memory To The lives oT many WashingTon girls. The girls earn Their awards by aTTendance aT Their sporTs secTions and game parTicipaTion. The awards are given aT The end aT each Term and are presenTed in The Tollowing order: a numeral, a chevron, a circle W, a Block W, a sTar, and aTTer six Terms oT parTici- paTion The girls earn Their gold block pins. BoTh Terms end Their acTiviTies wiTh a board dinner aT one oT The board members house. Wifh over 700 members each Term, GAA. is very successiful in promoTing girls aThleTic acTiviTies. FIRST ROW lleTT To righflz Greendorfer, Klein, Ju, BerTolani, Hom. SECOND ROW: Segal, Wong, Daley, Lee, Womer. A FIRST ROW llett to rightl: Carmack, Meneken, Owens, Ryan, Panagalzis, Dutil, Petri, Carlson, Lease, Daskalakis, Craigmile, Skinner, Meharry, Urusott, Hanretty, Bayes, Burns, Womer. SECOND ROW: Haber, Luke, Chan, Bourdet, Jackson, Jow, Baker, Busby, Vernazzo, Tilds, Marx, Brownlaw, Rommel, Vetter, Youngblood, Sorgotz, Cook. THIRD ROW: Stahl, Soll, Elliott, Van Hottem, Porter, McDonald, May, May, Schaeter, Grove, Luna, Hewlett, Helm, Carter, Evangelista, Bikakis, Redwine. FOURTH ROW: House, Stonich, Bertolani, Eberhardt, Eno- moto, Ono, Koga, Stewart, Bailey, Takahashi, Buchanan, d'Aubert, Robinson, Buckley, Long, Cautield, Mentz. FIFTH ROW: Barnewitz, Blumberg, Glickfeld, Norman, Risberg, Cro- nander, Sundlot, Michael, Loatea, Gould, Lewon, Gee, Pun, Lim, Pon, Walls, Louis. SIXTH ROW: Costa, Polk, Plutte, King, rn Ie'-1 Q uve-1 Fromm, Segol, Stamps, Jolly, Shaftard, Morton, Parson, Cheu, Lew, Kwong, Ehrman, Bobrow, Poynter, Herbert, Polk. SEV- ENTH ROW: Dutty, Fitzpatrick, Greendorter, Chun, Pun, Nathan, Whybraw, Burstein, Parker, Hong, Louie, Leong, Cant- well, Azores, Huberman, Bianco, Schoenteld, Smith, Under- wood. EIGHTH ROW: Adler, Fornaciari, Anselmi, Tomera, Barrows, Lachman, Jones, Lambert, Garvin, Lowe, Thompson, Morey, Allyn, Troup, Haworth, Steiner, Johnson, Howard, Knighten. NINTH ROW: Haase, Cowan, Burtnett, Dower, Erlanger, Peterson, Toby, Brooks, Anzelc, Ehrhorn, Owen, Clark, McFarland, Brown, Lane, Hayes, Bradtord, TENTH ROW: Wong, Lum, Wong, Funk, Leary, Freeman, Mayne, Turner, Andrews, Brim, Richter, Butler, Gridley, Kidd, Kilkeary, McClel- lan, Wiltz, Thorton. Girls' Athletic Association FIRST ROW llett to rightl: Snell, Brooke, Neugeboren, Strauch, Brower, Weiner, Felsch, Mount, Buchanan, Polak, Brunner, Plancherel, Wu, Jensen, Zimmerman, Borman, Ham- brick, Borrone, Jue. SECOND ROW: Nakahara, Miyazaki, Arimoto, Potasz, Violette, Popott, Watanabe, Morlock, Zeit- schel, Suomelo, Sheldon, Coggin, Becker, Barrio, Whybraw, Sciutto, Okamura. THIRD ROW: Deguchi, Boba, lnuzuka, Oko, Miyamoto, Hom, Elizarcle, Bartholomew, Kinzie, Fulton, Morse, Regino, Carrier, Alterio, Kelman, Pirtle, Preston. FOURTH ROW: Chow, Jansen, Heinen, Buckley, McDoniell, Wall, Bon- ner, Walker, Pandell, Nassau, Owyang, Chan, Leong, Larsen, Gouger, Plater, Hyman, Smith. FIFTH ROW: Lopp, Saenger, Henderson, Wille, Waltmon, Williams, Gonzalez, Shimamoto, Buntin, Lem, Wong, Henrich, Spinrod, Ginsberg, Newhouse, Daley, Lissauer, Toso, Smith. SIXTH ROW: Johnston, Klein, Levin, Harrington, Becker, Wong, Jue, Yokota, Young, Elliott, Bikakis, Gunther, Epstein, Friedlander, Morrow, Satton, Jaillite, Toso. SEVENTH ROW: Matsui, Nishimura, Gong, Chu, Lum, Wu, Woo, Roscoe, Chan, Cacek, Holcomb, Maxwell, Creek, Wicklow, Mowlevalclo, Rodriguez, Snowden. EIGHTH ROW: Constantinolif, Maisler, Vdovikin, Work, DeMandel, Botshaik, Matheson, Nazarott, Soval, Wong, Zervas, Gunther, Old, Thompson, Escueta, Hickman, Bellamy. luhman. NINTH ROW: Nielsen, Houser, Grvitch, Silliman, Blakely, Baumann, Miller, Ushanott, Thal, Stitt, Strieble, Chaban, Jones. Abbott, Fischer, Manning, Hockler, Hoene, Jackson. TENTH ROW: Kelly, Ersepke. Colombat, Levien, Reid, Friedman, Light, Simmons, Jang, Chong, Hom, Ng, Collins, Thom, Bell, Martinez, Desparr, Frazier. ELEVENTH ROW: Schick, Kushman, Lieser, Fields, Tattel, Gama, Prescott. "' t 451111 X ak? vga. , C u 34. Fcsierm 'Q ,. Quie+l if 9 if xt H1 ,K Q , ' if W W5 -3' GAA Ccndnds fi Congrcfufcficns Who nn Hwe cenier peeknng7 re comes spufmk Sporfs nof shown mclude bowhng Ice slohng und bcske+bcN Nz 'hdbfo W . OZUQMGSXM 01009, Rifles 85,60 n ro Y 'Sf 'QW W V. mf g ,M ,f ,,.,..N J y, fm ,I rv 1 5 A K , nne, Donna An t ' nfexpf A ' Pi an and Suppoff Pl Wi' .M Qydf, 225 " V . f N p:ffz0nY25gl2f31 i91 :::-J I , V..,, f ' Sue demonsircdes form m ienms L' M' QQ W it X,gX?,M -.5 .,,: 1 .5-ff., 'f-- 3 , V f mm . A ww .,, lWoshIng+on's Gionfs? L 5 ' x S.: 'D Q 5? n x 1 A -'?-P-' C' -T 'W' L A - Masquers Present Lionel Golan? and Darrel Friedman argue over maiden Joanne Kessler Term Play , I I I 9 3 .a Mike Marlin fries fo separale Pal Conard and Pai Wafkins wafclw feuding Joan Rebel and over Mike Marlin as he awakes Marlyn Buchwald. from his dream. Mardis Bayes, sfudenl direclor, 'talks Io Iwer aclors. "A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT" CAST Hank . . . . Mike Marlin Marion . , . . Pal Walkins Mrs. Bennell . . Pal Conard Arllwr . . . Berle Davis Guenever. . . Pal Larsen Merlin . Mike Prilclward Sagarnor , . . Lionel Galanl Clarence . . Marlyn Buclwwalcl Elaine . . . . Joan Robel Launcelol. . . Darrel Friedman Morgan Le Fay. Rosemarie Palisi. Sandy . . . Joanne Kessler Speaker . . Bill Wollman Direclor . . . Mrs. Lealn Forbes Assislanl Direclor . Mardis Bayes Mike Prilcliard and Rosemary Palisi conspire againsl Pal Larson. THE CAST-FIRST ROW llefl lo righll: Jeanne Moy, Mike Marlin, Pal Larson, Mardis Boyes, Dan Breslauer. SECOND ROW: Mike Prilcliard, Rosemary Palisi, Joanne Kessler, Joan Robel, Darrel Friedman, Lionel Galanf. THIRD ROW: Linda Canlwell, Lynn Tiplon, Pal Conard, Marfyn Buclwwald, Carol Kilclwen, Linda Funk. we FIRST ROW llefl lo righfl Davis, Dulce, Eiberger, Taranfino, Bilralcis, Segal, Schaefer, Loofea, Slrinner, Beeson, Lulre, S+olo- Men+z, Jeung, Bauer, Schwarlz, Haar, Barre++, Middlefon, wifz, Amrofell. THIRD ROW: Raye, DeFelippo, Greenberg, Wiseman. SECOND ROW: Baldocchi, Womer, McFarland, Simon, Ohashi, Abboll, Bernslein, Shapiro, Sleinberg, Sfarlr. Violef Fong l fi.. f is an ' .Q ,sh sw T . ' flmidi The Eagle Each scmesler seven issues of The Eagle were prinled under lhe direclion ol Mr, Wire and rhe Edirors. Fall Edilor was Violer Fong, and Spring Ediror was Elliol Sreinberg. The Eagles is desianed lo bring all lhe laresl in school news and sporls lo lhe srudenls. If lalcef many sieps ro produce a successful paper. Each page edilor is responsible lor 'rhe layouls and headlines ol his respecliye page. Layouls are made, and copy is assigned and wrif+en by The srall wrirers, who lake many ol lheir ideas lram le-Hers in lhe Edilor's Mailbox. The Slarl has worlced very hard, making The Eagle enioy- able and inlormariye lor you ro read. Eliiof Sfeinberg i vp X E0 A, 4 5 T - L LQ: A .lf V. . i fi pie if 2 3519, 1 -1 M 5,14 'W .5 T' , ww. sm Panels lefi +o right lil Claire Menlz counfing Eagles for dis- lor, and Elliol S+einberg, edifor-in-chief. l4l Aclverfising fribuiion. l2l Sfafif wriier Jeannelfe Bilralris prepares copy for manager Charleen Harr goes abou? lhe business of lipping prlnler. l3l The EdIlOTS confer: Claudia Jeung, managing ecli- in copy. The Surveyor - S fm' - SANDY BALDOCCHI MOLLIE WOMER Marilyn Bauer, Barbara Amrofell, and Sandy Sfolowiiz sfarl io pasfe up some picfures. check ihe ads. .leanneife BIkGkIS, Diane Beeson, Jon Greenberg Working on fhe dummy copy are Jeri Taranfino, Carol Segal, and Marsha Loafea. The work on 'rhis year's Surveyor began af The beginning of The Fall Term. The Ecli- Tors, Mollie Womer and Sandy Baldocchi, were chosen. The secrion edilors were Then appoinred and 'rhe work on The book began. Layouls were made for each page, all picrures were Taken and iolenrilied, copy was wrirren, and The book srarreol ro 'rake shape. The Eclirors spenl almosl a year working on Jrhis book for you. They hope you will enjoy ir and Thar in 'rhe Turure 'rhe Surveyor will recall many memories of your years al George Washingron. Page 89 FIRST ROW llefi To righflz Tanlx, Tse, DeovleT, WesT, Furness, Ireland, Hoffman, Jin, Tse, Gallardo, Krumpe, Ju, Lee, Saul, Sedan Olafsen. Kleinsora. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Swanson, Whiie, Kelly, Biesel, SmiTh, Lum, Chang, Yee, Pon, MaThis, Choral Groups Particip George WashingTon is very TorTunaTe To have Two exceIlenT choral groups. They perTorm on many occa- sions and represenT our school in many ways. BoTh aT These groups are under The able direcTion aT Mrs. MyrTIe Swanson. The Advanced Mixed Choir perTarmed in The ChrisTf mas Tableau, The Spring Concert and aT boTh graduae Davis, Spanier, Drohlich, DeFelippo, Brislane, SchwarTz, Bell, BaTlin, Kleinsorg. THIRD ROW: Berensmeier, Lum, Wisharcl, SmiTh, DeWiTT, Rasche, Winder, Scheideman, Thompson, Simon, ScoTT', Redue, Schaefer, Jones, Holling, Phillips, Jones, Robinson. ate in Many Activities Tions. They parTicipaTed in The High School Choral Fesf Tival and The STaTe Music FesTival. The Advanced Girls' Choir has perTormcd in many school TuncTions This pasT year. They parT'cipaTed in The ChrisTnfas Rally, G.S.S. Assemloly, and The Spring ConcerT. These sTudenTs have broughT a greaT deal aT enioy menT To all Through Their Tine worlc. es FIRST ROW lleff To righ+l: Youngblood, Snell, KuzneTsofT, Kaman, BursTein, HasI:eTT, Thal, Felsch, Half, Regino. Brooke, Church, Holling, Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Swanson, Heinen, VaIenTa, Terry, Wes+man, Ficlrenscher, Durlcee, PaTTon, BurT, Herd, Parker, Casiro, Kamafani, Kwong, MiTcheIl. THIRD ROW: Haysom, Haus, Girelli, Barlas, Sharigin, BiTner, Caulfield, Salis, Menshiluofli, Sells, Spikes, Daggao, Collier. FOURTH ROW: Dunegan, Balmer, Myers, Zimmerman, SmiTh, Bough. Qfflif-se s,'T!'QT'5 Wh, FIRST ROW lle'FT To righ+l: Burnham, Lee, Wong, PoinTer, Saenger, Bonner, Cordellas, FleiTmeir, Salcovich, Jansen, lzulca, Hyman, Tse Carras, Keeve, SorgaTz, AllegreTTi, Schneider, Chinn. SECOND ROW: Jew, Desparr, Brown, Everall, Lamber+, Salmenson, Beichman, Varrenfzoff, Cohen, Adler, Friedman, iff! f T 'b'i5Tv, Ascher, Haggerfy, Gordon, Allen, Nonalra, Suyeyasu, Wong, Miller. THIRD ROW: Mr. Welch, Ryan, Dere, Ong, Zimmer- man, Groves, Harris, Wemmer, Beard, NishimoTo, Enfrilren, NishimoTo, Hoegg, Gee, Burhz, WiTsell, McGaughy, Neff, Bogas. Band, Orchestra Perform in School Programs Under The able direcTion aT Mr. l-lerberT Welch, The Band and OrchesTra were, as always, a very acTive parr oT our school TuncTions. The band played aT all TooTball and baskeTball games, aT The FooTball PageanT, and rallies. A bEg evenT oT The TooTball season Tools place when The band periformed in a marching show during The Lincoln and Lowell TooTball games. The OrchesTra perTormed superbly aT boTh gradua- Tions and Term plays. They also played aT The ChrisTrnas Tableau and Spring ConcerT. The Band and OrchesTra Toalc parT in The NorThern CaliTornia Music FesTival, which was held aT The San Francisco STaTe College campus. They will also parTicipaTe in a Music FesTival aT Berlceley. FIRST ROW, kneeling lleTT To righTl: DougherTy, Melielif, Sfeiner, Nafhan. SECOND ROW: Funk, Hawarfh, KnighTen, Ducommun, Chow, Zurefslry, Liggins, Noss, Mazza, Lane, Ascher, Wong, Johnson, Bevins, SmiTh, Gilberman, Whife, Pon, Kraus, Currie, Whife, Dubenlro. THIRD ROW: lnochson, Benadcm, Zimmerman, Lee, Jackson, Robinson, Oshida, MiTch- ell, DursT, Gross, Lebovifz, Casey, Leary, Zelver, Nishimo+o, Maisler, Anderson, Konnoff, Harris, Mr. Welch. FOURTH ROW: Davis, Goldman, Cabezas, Jones, Fisher, Simon, Covar- rubias, Neighbours, Enfrilcen, Pon, Redus, Price, SaTler, Ohashi, GranT, Zwillinger, Paren+e. Reserve Officers Training Corps Officers MfSg+. Leroy D. Gingrich Sfc. Arfhur H. Wedel ln Charge of uni+ Assisfanf lnsfrucfor Ba'H'alion Commander, Fall - Malcolm Dunn I J ' ., I -i' f 15 i BaH'alion Command, Spring - Ronald Profili i -qv -...yr Row l Lionel Achuclm Michael Casad Richard Chew Larry Curfis Berfram Dales Row 2 Malcolm Dunn Ed Gallordo David Gee Grani Noah Paul Gregory Row 3 James Gufhrie Pefer Hoffman Willard Johnson Munson Kwol: Beirne La Rue Row 4 Alon Lee Kennelh Lee Sfanfon Lowe Arfhur Madlem Ronald Profili Row 5 Pefer Scheideman Sfeve Shields Michael Thompson Kei+h Young Roberf Yee ROTC Wins The ROTC BaTTalion began a new year wiTh MfSgT. Gingrich as baTTalion insTrucTor and SFC Wedel as his assisTanT. The Honor Guard broughT TirsT honors OT The Term To The BaTTalion by winning The PageanT. LaTer in The Term iT parTicipaTed in The drill compeTiTions oT The ClemenT MerchanTs' Halloween Parade and VeTeran's Day Parade, Taking TirsT prize in The Tormer and placing second in The laTTer. The Drum and Bugle Corps also Took parT in The Two parades and was iudged The besT in iTs caTegory in The ClemenT STreeT evenT. On January 27, l958, The semi-annual awards and decoraTions presenTaTion was held on The back Tield. BesT uniTs and besT cadeTs were decoraTed during The impressive miliTary review. Following The announcemenT oT The new sTaTT, CadeT LT. Col. Malcolm Dunn Turned his command over To The new BaTTalion Commander, CadeT LT. Col. Ronald ProTili. Also during The Fall Term a Color Guard represenT- ing WashingTon appeared aT The oTTicial dedicaTion ceremonies aT Rossi Pool. The Spring Term goT under way wiTh WashingTon sending anoTher Color Guard To represenT The High School ROTC aT The Lincoln-Wash- ingTon BirThday ceremonies. Since The Columbus Day Parade had been rained ouT, The TirsT OT The big evenTs oT The year Tor The enTire BaTTalion was The ST. PaTrick's Day Parade. All special uniTs were presenT, including The Honor Guard, which placed second, and The Drum and Bugle Corps. Wash- ingTon also enTered Two uniTs in The 9lsT lnTanTry Spring FesTival on May 2. One was a drill compeTiTion plaToon which compeTed againsT oTher schools, while The oTher was a physical drill demonsTraTion uniT. LaTe in May The ROTC held The laTesT aT The awards and ceremonies banqueTs, aT which Time The BaTTalion Commander and sTaTT Tor Fall l958 were announced. Exemplary cadeTs received commendaTions and awards, On May 8, WashingTon sTaged The annual Federal lnspecTion. The BaTTalion underwenT The careTul scruTiny Many Honors Battalion Staff FIRST ROW llefT To righil: Kwok, Shields, Profili, CurTis, Noah. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Yee, Lee, Muscio, Huey. OT several oTTicers Tram The SixTh Army HeadguarTers To esTablish iTs raTing Tor The year. Besides The inspec- Tion drill, demonsTraTions and a class were presenTed, and several cadeTs were chosen To Take a special knowl- edge TesT. The Honor Guard, in addiTion To ST. PaTrick's Day, also Took parT in The CiTy Drill Championships, The Me- morial Day Parade, The Federal lnspecTion, and various oTher OUT-OT-Town evenTs. While iT won only Three ouT oT six maTches in The Fall, The WashingTon RiTle Team was one oT Two ciTy schools qualiifying Tor The NaTional MaTches during The Tiring in The SixTh Army RiTle compeTiTions. The Team, however, had a highly successful Spring Term in ThaT iT was un- deTeaTed in capTuring The CiTy Championship. IT also scored high in The NaTional MaTches, which Took place in April. In all, The Spring RiTle Team was one oT The beTTer riTle organizaTions ThaT WashingTon has ever produced. Company A FlRST ROW lleff To righTl: Wallace, Mulligan, Porfer, Nelson, Wesher, DuTTon, Spencer, Vance, Yee, Dales, Ball, Gregory, Sheideman, EnTriken, STone, SilvesTri, Franger. SECOND ROW: Eguchi, Kay, lung, Besk, Kleinsorge, Conner, Eichenbaum, Charmaclr, Borkon, Wallman, Goldman, Briesch, CanTreras, Dargan, Hawes. Company B FIRST ROW lleff fo righflz Smifh, Neighbors, Salone, LaRue, Spar, Passof. SECOND ROW: Spal+er, Ohashi, Billowes, Brown, Casad, Madlem, Chew, Bernard, Meade, Herd, Nasey, Parker, McNeil,Jones,Wu,l'laines,Lupo,Cannon,Wong,Lowe,Lam,Ong Company C iw., 7, 1 FIRST ROW lleff fo righll: Shipley, Lee, Fobbs, Krammuller, Penny, Pickens, Ha+len, Hoyer, Zelver, Davis, Fong, Burke, Belton, Mackey, O'Neal, Gee, Young, Gcllardo, Payne, Dunn, Williams, Noe, Garcie, Rames, Krafl, Hachiya, Marquarl, Chaoey, Lewinsky, Whi+field, Hom, Massey. SECOND ROW: Lagios, Cordy, Lingshied. Company D FIRST ROW lleff lo righ+l: Reinheimer, Ong, Keho, Lee, Waln, GanH', McLean, Mosley, Brown, Chriswell, Dohshinsky, Elaine, Lee, Thompson, Achuck, Cherniss, Anderson, Consolacion, Michael, Caldwell, Waite, Lowell. Var+ia, Byesloiur, Casafi. SECOND ROW: Cruciani, Wong, f The luHle ones w:shWasl1mg'lomons .19 l Q fl? Q l T5 Y i TQ M fl i A ,J cz "Good Nile" Queen Walls, Arlisho Kidd and Morineffe 2 . l X Jackson, model llieir original fashions 4, 1 1 i ,zu X J , Q ,V Margaref Rasche, exchange sfudenf A l from Germany 2 E l me lg Ga '42-QF i lx X5 0 e030 XY . S 0x9 -Q9 ae' 'ER 'X bfooovlg sw Manga Doi S wk' ext 5 092.5 ROTC Honor Color Guard 0042 ef' """ff 1 gfg.l?f55 'S' . , " gn: -QQ ii.. r Ctonqb Sefqg . N1 gen' . A GXA S942 R gfoff' Modeling a+ open house fashion show are 9 - Marla Richler, Claire Men+z and Nancy Horn lf' 'Q A i e ag K Y N A ly R W in fy' , AQ 3-ig... q 5" gi 'f fx , L 'Q . 2 lb its ,., I' it 5 Pi' K' . , - :JU . y ' -tw -:.- li- me " if F if-L4 1' . 5 Y fr' f r ggfvlxfligi 5 2-.41 g , E 1 'figs l ' Marvin Flelclwer examines Sfomp - .1-1 Q l ,dwg ,1"gg'-ff? na and Com Club colleclion E . AJQQ nimoo Yekw ,i 5. . N690 QQ yjxleg G gf NND , ea-govCZXxS?Xo,'s9 Se ww we H T C Rifle Team is local champ Pvxovcil woo' goo Q 9 Oi Okvld 9216 Sofa 59-ov O0 of lla? ev' f ,,d. ,, A.,-f""""y5' Q' 'Q fiat- it F grziii ? 5tf W its Eagle Wings FIRST ROW Ileft to rightlz Chun, Cro- sEcoND ROW: coma, H.,nnifu++, speif nancler, Jeung, Chai, Luhman, House man, Stueland, Young, Wong. Executive Dance Committee Fall FIRST ROW Ileft to riglntl: Jue, Gould Leon, Kramer, Stohl. SECOND ROWi Gartsltore, Hyman, Fulton' Kwan, Downes. Executive Dance Committee Spring FIRST ROW Ileft to rightl: Plutte, Fried- man, Loafea, Bauer, Panagakis. SECOND ROW: Chapman, Robinson, Gong. Floral Arts Club FIRST ROW lleft to rightl: Kramer, Jue, Yee. SECOND ROW: Buckley, Robinson. Future Nurses of America FIRST ROW: Morino, Padua, Gansel, Meier, Knigllten. SECOND ROW: Mol- dero, Becker, Becker, Youngblood, John- ston. Future Teachers of America FIRST ROW llell lo righll: Collier, Lapp, m n Olxawa Tse Deovlel Grove. Ehr a , , , , SECOND ROW: Knighlen, Amrolell Chapman, Lloyd, Chun, low, Vernazza. German Club FlRST ROW llell lo righll: Bachman, Gries, Zimmerman, Abrass, Polak, Thal, Meier, Simmons. SECOND ROW: Cole, Huey, Tielze, Tanalca, Spanier, Gray, Scholl, Junior Red Cross FIRST ROW llell lo righll: Parson, Balmer Meyer, Chun, Fleming, Avery, Cacelc Leary, Mason. SECOND ROW: Toby Munson, Snowden, Jones, Chang, Mol- dero, Johnslon, Brooke, O'Brien, Creek THIRD ROW: Mazza, Grove, Troll Caman, Palasz, Weslman, Helinen, Young- blood, Law. Library Stall FIRST ROW llell lo righll: Quan, Maclr Milchell, DeSparr, Sharp, L.ang, Lum Paradisis, Wong, Woo. SECOND ROW Yung, Chapman, Chan, Henderson, Olrawa Reina, Daily, Larsen, Koolpe, Grimm Slell, Van Hallem. THIRD ROW: .lim Geo, Spar, Krall, Hansen, Mondini Groves, Meier. Math Club FIRST ROW llefl lo righll: LGPP. Al legrelli, Jones, Goodman, Hyman, Levin Nasl, Heuga. SECOND ROW: Fishbein, Tivol, Smilh, Kwan, Lane, Kwok, Newman Cronander THIRD ROW Bogas, Galanl, . : Carlson, Chao, Wong, Lee, Lee, Loulcia nolf, Ward, Wong. A 34.5. ,X I ' 3 in I A-1 v ,str iam g' gd' N :Sigh G 'Q f' R E? W Pan-American Club FIRST ROW Ilett to rightI: Hom, Helm Klein, Marx, Regina, Morse, Kushman Tarantino, Olcl. SECOND ROW: Hidalgo Ushanoft, Thal, Amrotell, Carlson, Thomp: son, Morey, Reina, Racimo, Moldero THIRD ROW: Haworth, Chapman, Lar' sen, Carrier, Alterio, Kelman, Haugen, Goldberg. Public Address Crew FIRST ROW Ilett to rightlz Heuga, Leav- itt. SECOND ROW: Greenberg, Sollo- way, Goodman. Rally Committee Fall FIRST ROW Ileft to rightI: Carlson, Brierley, Chun, Kramer, Newman, Michael, Carp, Womer, SECOND ROW: McFar- land, Harbancl, Salter, Segal, Steinberg, Gartshore, Gridley. Rally Committee Spring FIRST ROW Ilett to rightI: Davis, Carp, Jones, McFarland, Allegretti, Chun, Mentz, Gridley, Lulre. SECOND ROW: Bauer, Bradford, Patton, Soval, Menelren, Skin- ner, Bilrakis, Salis, Sorgatz. THIRD ROW: Arnold, Womer, Holt, Verran, Henninger, Vernazza, Vetter, Horn. Science Club FIRST ROW Ilett to rightI: Wolff, Ber- ger, Huey, Kay, Meltetf. SECOND ROW: Michael, Smith, Cronander, Carter. Senior Advisors FIRST ROW Ilett to rightl: Ehrman, Schwartz, Segal, Chan, Tom, Chan, Lowe, Gong, Pandell, Haar, Barrett, Womer, Heugc, Bayles, Leary, Sundlot, Karoll, Ireland, Berensmeier, Rosenberg. SEC- OND ROW: Hatlen, Allegretti, Loafea, Carp, Nast, Kidd, Pon, Yee, McFarland, Michael, Hyman, Holt, Rodgers, Cohen, Johnson, Pulverman, Kawaoka, Morimoto. THIRD ROW: Fishbein, Moy, Matheson, Richter, Solter, GoIdsmith, Cabezas, Wes- tergard, Krumpe, Fuller, Kilheary, Bilraliis, Gansel, McClellan, Overholt, Sielrmann, Gallardo, Shields, Banlrs. Stage Crew FIRST ROW Ilett to rightlz Carson. Anderson, Verran, Robinson. SECOND ROW: Sabin, Raft, Owens, Felso. Stage, Scenery ancI Poster Committee FaII FIRST ROW Ilett to rightlz Chun, Chun. Piper, Jue, Poynter, Jeung. SECOND ROW: Zimmerman, Robinson, McGrew, Sterling, Chin. THIRD ROW: Brierley, Lenci, Robel, Johnson, Jones. Stage, Scenery and Poster Committee Spnng FIRST ROW IIett to rightlz Hom, Chee, Jeung, Chun, Cronander, Spelman, Has- Irett, Strauch, Herscowitz, SECOND ROW: Barnewitz, Blumberg, Jue, Huey, Ogawa, Poynter, Chan, Luke, Ehrman. THIRD ROW: Slrinner, Fornaciari, Levin, Leong, Louie, Anselmi, GIicIrteId, Norman, Mar. Thailians and Masque and Gavel FIRST ROW llett to rightl: Cronander, Spelman, Brislcne, Tighe, Gartshore, Chu- sid, Pandell. SECOND ROW: Barrett, Carp, Toby, Daily, White, Henninger, Greenberg, Nast, Chang, Luhman. THIRD ROW: Ward, Gallardo, Nanny, Wong, Gilman, Banlrs. . Q , f" f. s f , Q Q Q """f : X Tig! 53.5 v Q at i T A A i 5 4... it -. afi"C'??.gQg5f"4y, - i'i:",' is nf f A . - " Q1 A 'V 2' eg, -e, 95' ,Q W,g56, ,, was his . sf gel, :. ., tl , My Q , ' 'vias' . f . i 1 it Q if I I 'M S .,.., S bf!-3 h:fw,gM,'?', f ?ff'1 f rf 1 iwgj, yex ,f P 3 , . 'Y r I fi' I I w. l t ITL . . . I ff I S, iw.: 1, 'VS .iaefvf vt! Edt i ' 'rn h Oi .M .... 4. A :rr nv' 'GSB' QQ: ,, 99 it :A 7 Q 3 ve 4 4 A We Lk-fl J - , ,.r , :hr QYYL x r 6, Q I, ry, gyyyy ,,:,, Y' M , ,, it 1. I F FIRST ROW Irighf fo Ieffl: Balmer, Buchanan, Zimmerman, Pefri, Haar, Carlson, Rommel, Hewleff, Thompson, Snell Soval, Bursfein, Kushman, Menelren, Polk, Hoogasain, Graham, THIRD ROW: Chee, Yee, Baumann, Henninger, Morse, Slohl Wu, Doudief, Sfrauch, Wu, EIIioH. SECOND ROW: Bailey, Jacobs, Friedman, Lang, Gumprich, Levin, Sciuffo, Bonner Smifh, Felsch, Fifzpalriclr, Duffy, Koenig, Gliclrfield, Norman, Berfolani, Soomela. Dance Committees ,-ag.. Q FIRST ROW irighi' +0 Ieffl: Adler, Groza, Ireland, Hambriclc, Holcomb Klein Whi+man Gridle Barfholamew VeHer An- ' v I Y' v . selmi, Fornaciari. SECOND ROW: Jue, Robinson, Panagakis Dufil, Krumpe, Vernazza, Thal, Ushanoff, Sfewarf, House Monfevaldo, Bourdef, Wong, Zeifsohel. THIRD ROW: Evan gelisfa, Tighe, Chaban, Ryan, DeFeIippo, Chapman, Pon Ma+his, Michael, Toso, Anderson, Preston, Wafanabe, Mor lock, Klein. , if eff' , w, A .Q " 'boi pe R 4-944 ' Q4 Q- . x x Qfff we S K The George Washington Patent-Teachers Association Mikey Ike Graduating Classes of 1957-1958 The Bef! of Luck Afrer GracIuaI'ion Con+inue Your Training by AH'ending MUNSON SCHOOL FOR PRIVATE SECRETARIES 406 SUTTER STREET, CORNER OF STOCKTON, YUkon 6-0150 DAY CLASSES: MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY EVENING CLASSES: TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS PREPARE FOR A GOOD PAYING POSITION ' FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE 0 SEND FOR CATALOG WE'REOUT! THE FIDELES Pai, "Giddi," Sue, Irene, Joy, Helen, JuIie, Carol, Par, Joan, "Greenie," Irene, and Judie. CONGRATULATIONS, HIGH SENIORSI! compiamenmf g,gWe5gQ,, REALTORS 33I9 Balboa S'I'ree+, San Francisco SKyIine I-I04O JAY'S ICE CREAM GEARY AT 18TH AVENUE Home Made QuaIi'I'y Ice Cream, 30 Flavors -Thick Shakes Sodas, Sundaes - Foof Long Chili Dogs - Snow Cones CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS FROM THE MEMBERS" Arlene, Charlene, Marcella, Fran, Leila, Sally, Ann, Dianne, Jean, Evelyn, Charlene, Janice, Marion, Jeanerfe, Tonya, Barbara, Darlene COMPLIMENTS of the Golden Gate Engravers 369 Ellis St. PR 6-1585 PACIFIC TELEPHONE COMPANY OFFERS YOU A fob will? az Future Meet Ianet Trabucco a June '57 graduate of Washington, janet is a reports clerk for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. She enjoys her job because of the advantages that Pacific Telephone offers, such as: If good pay If three raises the first year If chance for advancement If full pay during the training period If free, on-the-iob medical care If sickness disability plan If thrift plans If eight paid holidays lf paid vacations If friendly people to work with The Pacific Telephone Company would like you, too, to come to work for it. As the company ex- pands it needs young people to grow with it. Come in and inquire about work opportunities as a telephone operator, office worker, typist, stenographer, or clerk. .ii , 4' 'c f a ' 3 If well lighted offices with modern equipment FOR A JOB WITH A FUTURE-INQUIRE AT PACIFIC TELEPHONE LINCOLN PARK PHARMACY "IN THE RICHMOND" B A L F 0 U R Opposile Safeway Super Markef I K. P. "KEN" OUTLAND, Ph.G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Exclusive Cosmelic Lines ' Eree Delivery ' Open Sundays 8: Holidays "Known wherever fhere are Schools and Couegesn 3123 CLEMENT SK 1-6535 CLASS RINGS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS ' TROPHIES DANCE PROGRAMS O LG. Balfour Co. 233 POST STREET SUHer I-3522 MINCI'IIN'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 3600 BALBOA ST. AT 37TH AVE. Phone SKyline I-i828 San Francisco BEST WISHES TO THE HIGH SENIORS FROM THE ENTRE-NOUS Erika, Marilyn, Mardis, Carol, Lynn, Sandy, Helen, Siv, Judy, Maggie, Joan, Diane, Belh, NaI, Sue, Sheila CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATING SENIORS FROM THE T I T A N S Kon, Dan, Adonis, Den, Ari, Dick, Mike, Phil, Barry, Bob, Les, Al, Ben, and Ed CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HIGH SENIORS From 'rhe TRIWANETTES Ann, Sue, Be'H'y, Pam, Kay, Audrey, Judy, Coralie, Carolee, Judy, Arlayne, Ginger, Dianne, Laurel, Sandy, and Robbie. JAY'S NABORHOOD PHARMACY "YOUR REXALL STORE" 3300 Balboa S+reeI' SKyline I-I 520 San Francisco 2I, Calif. BEST WISHES TO THE HIGH SENIORS FROM THE HEARTS Sandy, Bonnie, Sue, Jeanne'He, Maurine, Jan, Arlene, Pam, Joni, Chris, Grelchen, Alanna, Carol, Maureen, Effie, Kaihy, Pam, Gail, Mollie, Peggy, and Marfha COMPLIMENTS OF MOM 81 POP a'I-Ihe VARSITY FOUNTAIN J. VARSI CO. FLOWERS "THE FLOWER snor BEAUTIFUL" GEARY BLVD.. AT I9+I1 AVENUE BA 1-5436 ' EV 6-9699 BALBOA'S 5 81 IOC STORE The Slore Thai' Has "EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES" Opposiie Ihe Balboa Theaier Belween 37+h 8: 38+h Ave. Besf Wishes fo fhe High Seniors from THE CIISCIIDE PRESS 1273 MISSION STREET KL 2-'I066 1553 fa Q' 3, '51 .J- in .w-irq: V 'fife ,. . ff-'P Compliments Shank Typogmpbenr There's u "one and only" in refreshment, too 1 ,I , BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BV THF COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA TIPS D R I V E- I N Try fhe Burger Thaf Made Us Famous - Fealuring - CHICKEN, PRAWNS, TACOS, STEAK SANDWICH - TWO LOCATIONS - Sunsel' - 30+l1 Ave. and Judal1 SI. Wesllalce - Alemany and Lake Merced Blvds. H O B BY C E N T E R Ari' Supplies 0 CAMERAS o Models Sales - Service - Renlal - Repairs EASTMAN ' GRAFLEX ' POLAROID ' ROLLEIFLEX ' BOLEX BELL 81 HOWELL ' ARGUS - ZEISS - LEICA ' ANSCO ADOLPH GASSER - 27 Years Experience SKyIine I-OI45 5733 Geary Blvd. a+ 22nd Ave. BEST OF LUCK, GRADS! T H E S I G M A S Tania, June, Judi, Kaleria, Darlene, Carol, Caroline, Jeri, and Barbara COLONY SHOPPE SUITS - COATS - SPORTSWEAR 5644 GEARY BLVD. AT QIST AVENUE, SAN FRANCISCO SKyIine I-23I8 PENINSULA SERVICE CITY-WIDE DELIVERY GEARY BOULEVARD French Laundry 81 Cleaners 5540 GEARY BLVD., bel. l9'I'l'1 8: 2OI'l1 Aves. SKyIine I-0561 San Francisco HUUT Illllll ll WHO SAYS SCOTCHMEN ARE TIGHT? Try SCOTTY'S DRIVE IN "A Lor Fon A LITTLE" GEARY BOULEVARD AT 3'lST CALA FOODS STORE Balboa al 36I'I1 Avenue COMPLETE FOOD LINE CONGRATULATIONS! YOU FINALLY MADE IT. SENIORS! SILHOUETTES Milne, Melanie, Sally, Judy, Judy and Judy, Sue and Sue, Bobbi, Mimi, Tania, Pal, Helen, Donna, Tami, and Jean. PISIIIII PRIIITIIIG 8: PUBLISHING CB. 'Creators 0 Fine Printing" 485 Brannan Street San Francisco, Calif SU 1-4772 Congratulations lo the Senior Class S P R EC K E LS FRENCH CUSTARD ICE CREAM I7I7 Mission, Corner of I3+I1 S'I'reeI Underhill I-6200 O SPRECKELS RUSSELL DAIRY CO. San Francisco, California BOWLING AT ITS BEST Meei' Your Fellow S+ucIen+s a+ LINCOLN BOWL 319-6TH AVENUE slcyline 1-3939 SERVE-RITE MARKET Fresh Fruifs, Vegeiables, Meais 0 Wines, Liquors, Groceries 3643 BALBOA STREET SKyIine I-2646 FREE DELIVERY GEARY I41'h MEDICAL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Open Til IO P.M. 50OI GEARY ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., Phone BAyview I-4636 GOOD LUCK! FROM THE E C H O S A I S Sfephanie, JoWon, Penny, Diana, Sharon, CaI'I1ie, Sandra, Lucy, Ka'I'I1y, and Virginia. JOI'IN'S FINE PIZZA II'aIian and American Food 0 Pizza Io fake our 5929 GEARY BLVD. EVERGREEN 6-9747 PINEI.I.I'S FLOWERLAND 30 Years Serving Richmond Disfricf FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS BRIDAL SHOWERS 81 DECORATIONS 7I4 CLEMENT STREET 0 Berween 8+h and 9+I1 Aves. SKyIine I-6397 0 I-4I44 ' I-4I43 Cover for this BooIc by The ARDES COMPANY FOR YOUR GRADUATION PARTIES AND ALL OTHER FESTIVE OCCASIONS Ii"s The KING KOLD ICE CREAMI BOWL FOR 25 FLAVORS OF DELICIOUS ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS AT MODERATE PRICES Try Our Easy-'Io-Serve Half-GaIIon WINNER I5 STATE FAIR AWARDS CORNER IOTH AVENUE AND CLEMENT STREET AII of Our Qualify Producis are Manufadured on Ihe Premises QUAN'S BROILER 2600 HARRISON STREET ATWGIGF 2-OIOT Charcoal Broiler 8: Barbecue 0 Also Chinese Food SAN FRANCISCO 5320 GEARY BLVD., befween l7TI'I 8: 18TH AVENUES BAyview I-6409 EVergreen 6-9643 CONGRATULATIONS, HIGH SENIORS! suPER-FiNisHED EMaossED Booic covens Im" YOU' IMITATION LEATHER PRODUCTS Bob Louise Fran Nancy Ron Rich STANLEY KANE, EDWARD KANE, Regisfered Pharmacisis EVERGREEN PHARMACY 5601 Geary Blvd., corner 20+h Avenue BAyview T-0065 - I-0066 BEST WISHES TO THE HIGH SENIORS FROM THE GRIDLEY REALTY CO. COMPLIMENTS OF THE DONUT BOWL TENT:-I AVENUE AND GEARY soul.EvAnn ED TIGGES JEWELER DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' CLOCKS ' SILVERWARE Convenienf Credii Terms-Experf Swiss 8: American Wa'Ich Repairing 5847 GEARY BOULEVARD NEAR 23rd AVENUE PHONE BAyview 'I-0804 SAN FRANCISCO. CALIF. PORTRAITS IN THIS SURVEYOR BY J. H. DOHERTY FISHER STUDIO o 140 Geary S1'reei', Room 303, San Francisco Phone SU'l"I'er I-1542 f'fN gg U. f- -fl' lg- fx f3mf5h,-X BEWILDERED ABOUT YUUR FUTURE? Bothered about job-hunting? Bcwildered about what company to work for or how to find a good, solid position that will give you the opportunity to advance and learn about the business? No nccd for a crystal ball or Ouija Board. just trot yourself right over to Metropolitan Life. Look: Good starting salaries-regular ' Appetizing luncheons as increases-rapid promotions. guest of the Company- Liberal vacations and holidays. Without Charge- Life Insurance, Disability, ' UVeu'ef1UIPP9d medical Hospital, Surgical and Major SCYVICC- Medical Expense benefits. . A modern, wellstocked Ideal working conditions. library-no charge to Fun in many social, athletic, employees' hobby and recreational groups. 0 Cash awards for suggestions IT'S FUN T0 WORK WITH YOUR FRIENDS For full information, come to the Employment Bureau, Monday through Friday, any time between 8:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 765 California Street, San Francisco 20, Calif. BEST WISHES, SENIORS, FROM VAN WORMER SCHOOL SERVICES represenfing HERFF-JONES CO. Class Rings - Pins - Medals - Trophies Graduafion Announcemenls and Personal Cards 126 POST STREET EXBROOK 2-6775 U WAKELEE'S PHARMACY Since I850 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS SAMUEL BURNICK 623 Clemeni' S'I'reeI' SKyIine I-5038 BEST WISHES, SENIORS, FROM THE DESMOISELLES Michele, Barbara, Randy, Sue, Frances, Pa++ie, Marleen, Barbara, Janice, Barbara, Jean, Rosalind, Linda, Pa+, and Lydia. LEARN IBM KEYPUNIII THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN GRADUATION AND A WELL-PAYING JOB Trainee and Advanced Courses Available Ask Aboui' Our 60-Hour Course FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE FOR OUR GRADUATES LeSSmann'S Practical Business School 2I SUTTER STREET EXBROOK 2-5523 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! FROM THE K R Y S T A L S Pai, Brenda, Diane, Jane, Sue, Rosemarie, Glyness, Lynn, Pal' and Sue CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE S T A G S Dennis, Jay, Bob, Rey, Bill, John, Ric, Rigo, Tony, Bill, John, Miralles, Kei+h, Roger, Mike, AI and Roger. GOOD LUCK, HI SENIORS, FROM THE I N C A S Joan, Jean, Marlene, Linda, Diane, Cafherine, Susan, Chris, Chrisiine, Carol, Lynne, Barbara, Linda, Nora, Pam, and Beverly FAMILY PHARMACY COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE GEARY AT 23RD AVE. BA I-3437 J 81 D CLEANERS Alferafions 8: Repairs ' Laundry Service Call and Deliver 2539 BALBOA STREET, SAN FRANCISCO PHONE Slcyline 2-2950 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATING SENIORS FROM YOUR STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SPRING '58 Ari, Sue, Sieve, Pickens, Arlene, Carol, BiII, Don VAN WORMER 81 RODRIGUES, INC. Jewelry Manufaciurers 0 TROPHIES 0 MEDALS 0 CLUB PINS 0 CLUB LAVALIERS IZ6 POST STREET EXBROOK 2-5886 P P P r 5 1 Y r, ,pr lan!

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