George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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9:66 NN X Soo f WW W1:,,g W Z ff ff XO Z X SSXO f 1 1 '19 xX2x,x, QM any KRW 'BYSYQQ N I 55 woo ed P6 Soo was mlxirvf N512 ., 5 ,A 1 Q.-I x Q 5 'L 3 A 5 5 1 Nw was xx xx x1 xx xx NS ,Lv W 'LB 'IX 'LB S Hx xpQ:x2,P'0 Z 9-290 9 9 oxlx xv xefavxrv 9906 wo W '1- '50 X6 I Xl 1 M ' J Aix f 5 ,f QW' 'ii A -V V.-V, ,J V'--11, ,,,, A04 O JQQPT4 O 5 qu 01,2996 O Q ,Wow X Q, 'ge pxk x V Y 9 o QQ xw WX QQ SVCQQAQK 2:0 x, 'bp' -QS Q0 009 A0995 538091 0 12:1 wa A W0 ,, , f5,.fV'f + 5 0 Q55 Xe 9 QZQQSQ1 QPU 906 QNOQ X S QQ-O9 QNX' K X X44 6 EJ X L' , ' x ., N' 'LWL 11 . . ' ' s ' . . .21 "uf" '01 V - V, ,, 1 ' " 4 ,, ' ' E, .R 'V , ,. , Z " wa s ' "fm, V .bv 1V,,w:.1V:w V X 11-5 vi, 5 Sl S I A A V- f em ? - f, - ,X , N , . f M X ,TNQ A , 3. S , ,K '- anna , M ' - gl? s.- ' ,V ,V V K- VV' , ji' 5542 L sf 1- 1, - get , - V'4L..,E g f S f x -T 2 ,Q V: -V4 1 SIL 1 1" If Q E" - -'X I 5, till, gif Sy -A 'N' ' RY ga ff" by V ,. X J . ...ANS 11 . L 1 fx. 'H 5, ,, .,f,r . , N, 1 . 1- ,,',,:,,f1,,, ,i,,-fx . , ,., . gifrff, ,M '394':f,-Af '1 ' Y if -M, ln' , ' -RA:--""w"1 , ifiritgf mace- f' . ,KT , , - .S ' ' 1' . rf7'SfgQv,', 5 4 . x, ,315 - , jfgl. ' :f -+I, 43 1 p:,iff-.if ' 1 A-MM, .w- ' ' M 5 -1, W. I-.r 1, K V EFFYH ' H," Liv: if W. j'gQ,',- . ,153 fi ... 1, N, H-V - ,-bu 11- J . kg? Y-.,:,g 'w u ,V 1 :.a,9-,Mx ww . 1.:'l'1,','.'3g .ak fwfza',,f,Qr-fu, . fqwxf'-U, ' '-1!'nWQf,L .,,f,,g.fw , ?gg:3gg,,1. ,iff', 223 'h if 9'. .1 1, AM, A . 5 ami-f W.-:', ' f.- uf .-4 -i",-'.,3'f1-, ,, . G1.f,.'ML-'fr'2,-ip" . i,2ZaiYwJ,f:v1 f bm-:v:1,,i:.f:,, fb ,, xyfxygme-,.-3-ff. , H ' 1-Pl m,'C5'f.v,w- ,JI FJ f., rQ:5,U4,,.J-- ,-f- ,f ,J -and , W-w - 2525-sill-fy? ig 1-1 ,,a'w':Y Z4-Hd., ,ik 395551255 ,J,ri:'5 if Jw: f..-nz 9 GT' X- if-?i3Q',:1,?v,.,," G 1 f'T'f anfv'?,A:,g4V,f4v,:q,,p-.V 1, - -fr. E, ' 1 .. 'L1.:., L1,w,,iL.- . M 'ajv -4 ,f1.,a,3, ,xx 1 ., 415. 4' ' 9 a3nQf1', 4 ,f X f , f' .?Q:iZgX?11rw ' ' :,,i-wg?-W . : ,. '.12',1,v.,-r,,,,ff.,, , Wi:'y.,,,'3Lx,.--,May ' ?Qfe:fW!'i-ff' u A A REM.-J-f :A '-li, f: spgw? Q, :.- gug g :, .,,. 1 w"'w,'A'.V1:r'-fy. W1 , iiifwixg 335951, an ' "- E , . 1,,.L::Qr.,g,.! y.: wr., ' . .rv -.'.cf,g: -My . m'lxW'b" J -' , wi3iv,e2I'?:f,,1i,g A N 1,1116 ,553 . ,H .lm-Q f ,-f 'rr-1 1-1 'f w 'ni,':'i- Y . I2 x':1iw', Z, -J-114-1-. ' 6S,Ea21E,':"J 'f ,mnq ,JZ 1 . ng,ggg,,.g,,fA., .- -,5,,w.,.,,,. 5-y'fw'L4,-a,,,. I, ' f5?gzt:':m.:v' ,- , 56sggj,i'2v. ,, . vf-ian Xu " I 1-SEXZQ'-"'.'Y L . L'4,sf,'i1.' , 3',rL':,'-' H C" x .L ik, . va-.1 A 1 r, , 1 X ,J , f 7 11 1 Q , ' ,. I 14 Dedzmfzbn A , 74 T .f -'sf M f f 1 5 1 f W mug 1 -5' .au if V . , i s i M , 1 2 ,- V 4 . ,gf f ZW L . fri. f f ff We, The sToTT oT The i956 Surveyor, Teel ThaT noThing would be more appropriaTe Than To dedicajre The 1956 issue oT The Yearbook To Miss Myra Green, Dean oT Girls, who is reTiring This Term. A naTive oT CaliTornia, Miss Green has devoTed Timeless energy and many years To The educaTion and developrnenT oT young minds. For The pasT 46 years she has been Teaching in Caliiornio schools. Various posiTions she has held include Head Counselor aT PorTola .lunior High, Head Counselor aT Con- TinuaTion Senior High, AssisTanT Principal oT ConTinuaTion Senior High, ond AssisTanT Principal and Dean OT Girls aT George WashingTon Senior High, Among oTher Things Miss Green has The added honor oT being PresidenT oT The Young Womens ChrisTion AssocioTion. On behalT OT The sTudenT body ond TaculTy oT George WashingTon High School The Yearbook sTaTi wishes Miss Green much happiness. Good luclc, Miss Green, and God bless you. 'Yu I E ew-up NY' l, 'Q eww, IRow I, Ieff fo rigI'1+I: Helen Benfhen, Angela Muscai, Judy Kogan. IRow 2I: Dayanne Shinn, Myrna Honig, Nafalie Hoogasian, Jackie Taraniino. JUNE 1956 Z VOLUME xxuv EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . , Angela Muscar SALES MANAGER ...... Geneva Warner ASSQQIATE EDITQIQS Asslsranr Sales Managers . I. . I'IeIene Gordon, Adrninisrrarion ....... Helen Benrlnen SIMIIGV Wong' Irene WOO Seniors . . . NaIaIIe I-Ioogasian, Dayanne Slwinn SIDQRI-S STAFF .... Raul Ceryelli, Dick Delw-n, Assisranl SenIor Ediror ..... Karen Voss CIIUCIQ DIGSOW' George IZGRUCCIM' Morvm MIZIS' I Ken MOII, Jolwn Panages, Lauren Parrorr, Bob SIUCISVII BOCTY ---- - - MYVVIU Home Roberrson, Dave Srni+II, Jim Soclwor, Zealous Sporfs ....4.. . Jaclcie Taranlino Wiley ASSISIOHI SpOIISEEd.IIOIE '. ' '. Il 'M' . COPY WRITERS .... Bev Bauer, Ann Carler, ' ' ' ml Ie evmceml' YVIG Ggnom Irene CI1uIIcoII, Arlene Cooper, Treasure Myers. Acriviries anal Organizaions . . . Judy Kogan Geneva Warner BUSINESS MANAGER . . . . Marian Rausclwlcolb PI-IQTQGRAPI-IERS , , , Tok Sugoya, Joe Wong, ADVERTISING MANAGER ,... Nancy COSIQI I SIM YOUHQI DOUQ UNISON AdverIIsIng Assislanr ..... Crislel Karmine COVER DESIGN .... . , . DICIQ Wong PUBLISHED BY THE JOURNALISM CLASSI H. E. Wire Advisor OEOROE WASHINGTON SENIOR HIOH SCHOOL SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA The edifors of Ihe I956 Surveyor have affempfed Io give gEQIIQN QNE: ADMINISTRATION SECTION TWO: SENIORS SECTION TI-IREE: STUDENT BODY SECTION FOUR: SPORTS II1e scI'1ooI year. The pages of II1e book caplure and mirror +Iwe many ou+sIanding happenings II'1aI have occurred in II19 pasf year. To carry our Ihe Iheme, +I'1e fronf and back fly- Ihe sfudenf body o yearbook +I'1o+ is an accuraie calendar of pages are O ,ECI CGIe,,dG,. of Ihe PCSI SCIIOOI year. ' SECTION FIVE: ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS I ' I W 'Z K, 5 ' Q , 'F ,QNZFA j 1,4 ,gi i J if I5 1 I J '19 Q X I j I U -N., if A 5 -M Q! 'w O J Z WNWNM Aim QQNTQIBEQ 2M T Iam.. ADMINISTRATION wwmgy .IIWXX-I,,M ,quwmmlwmbwaimmwm MW, I I 7,4 4' W.-was-n Q In iv I xl ,Q ix Q 5 A , X L 55? . VH Prfmcgwzfi' Merrdcge To lceep poce in our TosT-moving world is o diTTiculT Toslf Todoy. You groduoTes who ore on The Threshold oT odulThood, will soon be cosT upon The seo oT liTe. You will be expecTed To occepT The responsibiliTie: ThoT odulT liTe will ploce upon you. As you meeT These responsipiliTies, The knowledge ThoT you ocquired here will be voluoble in your sTrivingTowc1rd nnoTuriTy. l-lere oT George WoshingTon The ToculTy ond The odrninisTroTors reolize This need Tor preporing youTh Tor iTs moTuriTy, and Through The educo- Tionol and exTro-curriculor progroms oTTempT To do This. The well-rounded sTudenT noT only sTrives Tor scholosTic excellence buT seelcs To beTTer hirn- selT ond his school Through porTicipoTion in school ocTiviTies. Good sporrs- monship ond Toir compeTiTion ore noT limiTed To The oThleTic Tield, They ore consTonT guoliTies by which one con molce himselT o beTTer person , O. I. SCHMAELZLE, Principal Mr. O. I. Schmoelzle and Angie MuscaT, 1956 Ediior, discuss The yearbook lg'-ww WW ' . eww ,X .Q 'N x The Surveyor is o record oT The school yeor. The sTuf denTs oT George WoshingTon l-ligh School creoTe o chopTer oT ThoT record every doy oT The yeor. They creoTe iT in The clossrooms, in The corridors, on oThleTic Tields, ond in Their homes, A new chopTer is wriTTen oT eoch ossembly, oT eoch club meeTing. Eoch ocTion oT every sTudenT, wheTher iT be eoTing lunch oT o neighbor- hood creomery or Tollcing wiTh Triends under The Deod lndion, becomes o porT oT The George WoshingTon record. By Their ocTions The sTudenTs odd brillionce To The record, or They Tornish iT. The wriTing oT The record does noT ceose wiTh grod- uoTion. FiTTeen sTudenTs oT STonTord UniversiTy ond 56 sTudenTs OT The UniversiTy oT ColiTornio This yeor wroTe George WoshingTon hisTory. Moy oll oT us do os well os Those who hove gone beTore-noT only in ocodemic ochievemenT buT in The doily procTice oT honesTy, inTegriTy, ond compossion. l hove noT been o WoshingTonion Tor very long, ond perhops I om noT yeT o guoliTied judge: buT The yeor seemed To me To be one oT Tine occomplishmenT. You mode The record. l Teel privileged To hove been here while you mode iT. K. V. CASTELLINO Aafmz'mkz'mi01f5D fvfemcge Your high school doys ore The linlc beTween your childhood ond oduIT liTe-They should be your hoppiesT doys. Those oT you who hove been busy wiTh school worlc, ocTiviTies, ond sporTs hove Tound Them The hop- piesT becouse you mode new Triends, wenT To gomes ond donces, helped your Tellow sTudenTs ond served your school. This is on imporTonT lesson Tor liTe-people who hove mony inTeresTs ond who help oThers ore olwoys The hoppiesTl ELEANOR PARSONS 1 . ' " : , 534 ,Q-ffiysgvf L33 . .. ..!Ki.v,ZM , nf . ggfffw T M543 f . Y, f ff vs- "SQ QZANQ y y , V ge o, ,, , ffg,f.4. , cc 1' X me f 2? M,-fv.s,w , 4, .fly . . 9 X-ay ' i f s 4 7 ,vb Www ,.f X : N' 3?-.9143 W Qi TQ? Z . ,QQ i. ft 42 fx . isigmg ,f'.s:,2-'SEA a, C. -f 1- -. Y w Q F55 'ff N. 'Nl-i sis TQ XQTQ . .Sgr .m'w,:f2fM7Qy,1-Q . X T. . 53 if ...,.. X , . ,,,s .Q .X "fig 'N YW ' 4 WM X C , , fn, W f If ,fs-fy ii II I i i., f , X ff I X 5 X fff lf iv if 2 . Ns , il ff I f 1 I CQ 'X iz ::-1 i - ii H illl'll I lUpper lelll, Miss Kellogg demonslraling cooking lechniques. ' fiyiiqii lUpper righll, Mr. Carroll experimenling wilh clislillolion. l '-'- ll.e'FlI, Mr. Addleslone explaining assignmenls. fa , N I W , Zz 9 ,,,, 45' S. .QQ .. .,,,,,,l - W' z Q 'f-' M ess 4: 5 , 4 2 , 5 l ,. .ff . I nf , "ir , I G. I. Schmaelzle Miss Myra Green K. V, Caslellino lLower Ielll, Miss Shearer in lypical leacher's role. Farm by Lzkl Miss Eleanor Parsons . ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Melanie Ainsworlh Mr. Maurice Argenl Mrs. Marguerile Briggs Mr. Berlram Cullen Mrs. Cecelia Deehan Mr. John Edmond Mr. Donald Ewing Miss Edilh Garin Mr. Bruce Hannah Mrs. Corrine l'ledlke Miss Elizabelh Murphy Mr. Joseph Rasella Mr, Gnni Wilson Mr, I-Ingh Wire Mr, John Wood SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. Alan Addleslone Miss Laurelle Cullinan Mrs. Margarel Denny Mr. Elgin Heinz Mr. Clarence Leal Miss Grace Mahoney Mr. Earl Minkwilz Mr. Francis Schwab Mr. Allan Torlakson FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Helen Archer Mr. Roberl Braunreiler Miss Margarel Coope Miss Calherine Counihan Miss Alice Hoppel Miss Agnes Liakos Miss Mildred Rauner Miss Arline Scharll SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. John Burke Mr. Cecil Carroll Mr. Allan Fibish Mr. Ed Gorham Mr. Marshall Hughes BUSINESS EDUCATION Mr. Roberl Briggs Miss Kalhleen Conley Miss Rila Clark Mrs. Alice Collins Mrs. Bernice Gales Miss Elizabelh Helselh Mr. Merlon Jones Mr, Seymour Pearson Mr. Samuel Riskin Mr. John Rocky Mrs. Frances Wagslall DEPARTMENT Mr. Arnold Jacobson Mrs. Edna Logan Mr. Wifliam Milchell Mrs. Calherine Sheehan Mrs. Dorolhy Sundel . . . . . . Principal Assislanl Principal, Dean ol Girls Assislanl Principal, Dean ol Boys . . . . Head Counselor ART DEPARTMENT Mr. Franz Brandl Miss Mary Marshal Mr. Slanley Feldman HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT Miss Erma Kellogg Miss Mary Lapilsky MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. Myrlle Swanson Mr, John Welch GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs, Evelyn Brillharl Miss Margarel Poole Miss Dorolhea Forcade Miss Florence Shearer Miss Rulh Oakes Mrs, Frances Zinns INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Ed Abercrombie Mr. Walker Scanlan Mr. Emil Anderson Mr. Warren Smilh Mr, Frank Collins Mr, Galen While Mr. Ferdinand Lapeyri Mr. Adolph Lubamersky BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Alex Alhanasopodos Mr. Ernesl Dornecus Mr. Waller Odone Mr. Saul Madles Mr. Chad Reade Mr. John McGralh Mr. Louis Vasquez R.O.T.C. Sergeanl Cook Sergeanl Quimby gf I ,,, Q 43 A. ff- PD-,Cp ff .9 fROw i 394+ L: 'igrv+,: Furuda Pero, Hagiwara Mc++ Sf'-M1 Luca: Dear Hifaa Lefir Bears-1. 'Raw 2 Of .nil Maiuia Norrnar G-'lFin Mifafwcm, Lum Jeang Bu ey Jae Fizf'-r.:e.n Orwra. IPQN 3i: Keie- Eenrr-er M Na y CLUBS Kzsiniand Frcmm Barr Ogsin Faw'-er, L:v'r1ber+ Lee. Coumzf ff "fi f- -'L f -L-Y -- f-Lf-- -- in--'sz f--f, Raw 1, V-55+ +0 ri Mt Scrvwadrz Gould Jac bso Hcrs - - .- a - J 9 -'gf 43 ij -fl - 4-A I WA, 4 f Hirsch Eisenberg Takeda. fRaw 21: Francisco a 1 Mcf ,- 'ff' if - - -ff A-H -f - - f -f fund, Chang Anderson. fi C "L HIC. -. Lnfwp ,L ,. 2. '51 . 1 .,, , - , 2' 6 I f- ,-Lp f-'A -f 'P 3- f 7 A A 7- , 2235. .'C 5 i , Lf - XL i-4-C' 1 -f, X' -L,- df,-. QVC, Azf- M 1 Aa 8-lc, 23 1,252 z W -d ,fcf 9235? ,-,iw , 5 . ,. , ,. f i. L "5" fi "' ' Q4 rs 'W "5'f'n -1 fZ'1C5' C'C ff'e f'if'1i PIN ' . C " L" 'fe sa, , - ,, , M 9' 'J ' ,E , 15 zz! . 11 i' ' i Q Zag ' Y . , P , . ,ng "fQ, '. 4 f ' if 411 ' 'f-1 we:-"ff: fzxj r ,2"':': 5' 'Nz f-ez'-:-"C' ":,,f" -A" , f mf, 'V W, , A 3 1 JL' -ff-f wnf' f A-f f rg ff C f L I ' f 5 6 -f 5.45 . .1 J- 6'5" Ln' "E C J., - f--- f E Zfei- .J. -J.. - r ,Q v- Jrfw . an .My ,ed , ., ,. J- . ,- Hee, -Z Ci-r 1- Cfff arf, -ff-1' fc ,L Cffgf 1- fi" rw rw r F f i I F rf 11'.f' ff' ee. J - H fe , , ' IE CC.' fRow 1, le'F'r +o rigH+j: Cas+eili Thompson, Malinavsiry. fRow Zj Pehapoulas, Janes. , Sci'1war+z, Marcavi+cl'i Pera : Harband, Sreinberg Kunz fRow I, Ieff fa riglwfj: Lim, Goodman, Francisco, Keiler, Kobuchi, Perropoulos, Hicks, Hagiwara, Smifln, Fishbein Row 2 Takeda, Greendorfer, Newman, Hol+, Solomon, Ju, Ng, Waferfield, Kagan, Griffin, Imai. fRow 31: Carlson, Perkins Pa+'rer Marsuda, Rodgers, Vasquez, Klingaman, Hikido, Miyama1'o,Can+weH, Fishbein. Wu W , N W"f sf 1 f I C1 1,3 A 09 'W 'Q -'S .gn -I rf ' , TW ' ,qa ,MV ,mxx4u, H . ik! AT 1 4 rs X, KK Vri- NZ finden! Body 066672 Fez!! 5 'i fy fig T vf? .. FREDDIE HICKS Second Vice-PresidenT The iob aT making The school goyernmenT Ti,incTion srnnoThly is The responsibiliTy of The Second Vice-President Freddie Hiclrs was a Capable and hard- warlcing sTudenT bady allicer wha carried OUT his di,iTies sin- cerely and well. l-le was always ready To help his fellow oTTicers and To oTTer encaiiragernenf whenever iT was needed. ! 1 ,M f '4 . . me FRANK NORMAN AThleTic Manager "Good morning, Wasihing rcinians! This is your Eagle sporTsCasTer, Franl Norman, bringing you The laTeuT in school sparTi, Thu cheery greeTing carrie over The broad- iiasT eyery Monday and Friday rriirnina ac dependable Franl l Ngrrrian len' eyeryane wel' in :i"""?d if The SL""' L-iiulifiri T-Te al: leci' his 'if1leT se"f-r jer' Cfj 'iii1hTfri 'Te "Tm KEN MOTT PresidenT Tri gain The rrfspecT and ade riiiraliori ul Thr- shidenf body in in dilliciilt accompli-,hmenT lol any Priwsidr-r1T, Ken MOH had bi-Th pliif. The baclring ol all The sTiidc'nT:,. Many zTiII re inc-rribei Thr' l3ageanT wiTh all ilu exiiTerrienT, biif lar Ken The pridc- ThaT hc- Tf:lT Tor his 'iTii dc-nT body ThaT day will rrfniain an rwiiTsTanding memory. KEITH FOWLER Treasurer Treasurer lfeiTh Fowler Came near To brealfing The record aT IOOYQ sTi,idenT body card sa es in Two days. This example shows The 1ipiriT and deTernTinaTian ThaT YeiTh haf.. T-le was always ready To ohler his help Ta every- one and he Tool on many jobs benides his own as Treasiirer. 1 'XX TANAKO HAGIWARA Secrefary Tanaka l-Tagiwara was rioT only an eTTicienT SecreTary biiT a morale "baosTer" an well. Besides wriTing hiindrods ciT rninaTes and answering all The rnail, she was consTanTly being aslred To Talre on more iobi.. Tanakals willingness To worlr and her gay, bubbling person- alify made her a TayoriTe here aT WashingTan. 4.3,-'B -of DAVE SMITH Head Yell Leader Keeping school spiriT high was a job well done by l-lead Yell Leader Dave SmiTh. STarT- ing wiTh The PageanT in which we won a spiriT Trophy, ener- geTic Dave lcepT everyone "on his Toes" all Through The Term, l-Tis own high spiriT and good 1iporTsmanship were an encoiir. agornc-nT To The whole sTiidenT body. LORETTA DITO Vice-PresidenT PerT and Charming l.creTTa DiTa planned wanderTul dances daring her Terrn as Vice-Presb denT. She always had brighT, new ideas ThaT made her dances really enjoyable. Lo- reTTa's ready smile and warm, sparlling persana'iTy wan rriany friend: Tar her, and made her one yice-presid-enT ThaT will lang be rerriernbered by ai WashirigTonian:, ,ICM GUS PETROPOULOS CusTodian Gus Pehopaulos lepT The sTiidenT body "in sTiTches" aT his consTanT anTics. When he wasn'T be-smeared wiTh rnirnee- graph inli or polish, This busy oTTiCer added his irresisTible biT To rallies, AlThocigh Gas is a happy-ga-lucliy person, he Took his iob seriocisly and performed all his duTies well. s..-ibm... , see finden! Body Ojliaefcg flvffincg 5 V JW,-,,,. 4,1 4 , .41 ' f' 4 GUS PETROPOULOS 2nd Vice-Presidenf 1' 1 'ev' -fe ,aff fc 'A 'fe ::':2 '::fe""-e" Nc: " "e :tease rzrda 25 2'a fie- E'e:":e" 5,3 P-e"z::. :1 'e e'i',"e'e': "C',' :fib- e": "':,':' "e 12 ,'C4""f3 scifi 'Va 'fe : 2:1 :."'f"'eei cf cffzfz :zfea ' ef' 2 Tlefe' ffrrzf V: 52" ,: ff":'e 5,5 C".l9Z' efewve :':."J "ff ff-'E "2 ce":"5. zefae cf L f f f ,f AL FISHBEIN A+hle'ric Manager Ecrefer b,:,' doing one Cl H: many fob: uae X- Fizrbeln. Chg-315, , Qrrwzfnq, A ffCrV5Cf Pgrd 'rg Sei' riders az Ne? G: -5 qffe irrferezflng, 'Veffeyu orcadcazrz. He dffaf: had an encofaqing word For eferycfr-2 and away: had CCVT16 bright few ideaz on way: 'Q SFVWDVCIE 'Ve farm. FREDDIE HICKS Presidenf X- -'f'I,2'."Z'C.1 W: : 2:1- 2", Prez: e '- in : , ,-, ,:,.-I, ne -- r.,:,-.,-L L,gf C :ALS . ,Z .-,,.L,L '., -..E 'NsY,-:,- ,,,fL,, -,L-f-f-,-'L ,-.L ,-.,,. J' Eff? 5" EfC"lE " 'VZ61' Ci" 313. Z'C L.,-NL-- ,,.,, ,. ggi., ,j.-, -.. ',Y::,L L, ,. JOHN KELLER Treasurer X- ,Icp 'CCEIEZ' fre' 'L' f,':rff'Q Qc ' fe 6' Sze" f,j,f Slug ,Z f- H- lifji L,-.f ac, reavg 'z ear 1' Ref' azcyaadf' ,""' cate fr r- ' ff f N1 ect! 'Q ze' , -G Hx," L,-:,,c,,. '-f WUZL f 'f Lap. 2' ,-mf 're 12 cena. He 'C' 2' f ac 1 ztae tidy Ccfac nf the: 2: we 'lv wd SUZIE KOBUCHI Secre+ary F C'-if y r,.:' "Q, 2: ie' . :Elf YQ eiqii ,f'.I.' C5"Z"'LC 'E' C 'lf-' .-.L 'C 'CC LlG'," 'C Z"L 'LUV , , ', , ,:': 2' "f-2. 3.25 1: 497 ' :e'e""'-ec :e'::' lv: 'ere' 23216 ,: ",7'g 'eff ,f,:,3 if 3f"c 'fe 'en' "Ve e"i,4 ine li' 'fe wif: 5292" pzaf. , A f' JMQMW ' , , 41,,,fLfA, ,ge n "'V',1.' ,' , DAVE SMITH Yell Leader Pe-e even +0 zewe Q sectfd 'erm as bead fe eaaer Dare Sr'K'r Peo? ,Q rf gzcd reccfa "rem Hne Qrev'c.s ferrv:,H13 de- 'rerrflruicf +2 Peer: Washlfg- mr :mfr cr 'cp :Vcffea r 'Ve ,fag re ea Q1 fever: Cafe Wm ,I beiiewea 'fa' mfr :,r:e car' ferr 'fi ztaer' Lia, WczHleq'3rr fC.d cffap be fEc+cric.3, TANAKO HAGIWARA Vice-Presiderw , . - ,, ,.... --.,.,. -,,.,, , ... -.L .L.,, L L Z--2: N, -. ,- .,, --,.,, AMC- ,,j"':I ".Z'2 I,.' V'-1' L-, ,. ,---f- -, -,,,.,.. , -L, ,. LL. ',v'- .. ..,'. ZL. -- 5 -,L ,-.L ,. --,.-, .,.W,, ll MORRIS BOBRGW Cus+odian .'f':"71 Etcfz.-f Ha: :' 'Sie fffc :wig 'C 2: ' . 'tc afa 'Jil'-'16 , Pe Nz: : fc, ,fl P2 'C 'afe V3 5.f,- -'fre -f re L 'fe C'fe' :3ie'2. VLC' G, e' ff:"': 1,35 'ere' ::f" if 3-"" Va uc: 3 .'.:,': Zee' efefrc it cf e :eff a'e:ie n fefvqfg .LL -nfaef , ,.,,.,L. ,L -. ,. ,... ,. W W I me WAI I' 91 we fi' 5,4- lRow I, leTT To righllz Wong, Wong, Toby, SmelTzer, Marcovilch, Hirschberg, RuTen, Norman, Honig, Mo'rT, Fowler, STeinberg, Palmer. lRow Zi: Washburn, Evans, Eng, Ng, Chew, Carlson, Greendorfer, Weiser, RoberTs, Hiclxs, Harband, TuTTleman, SmiTh. lRow 3l: Shapiro, Church, Cragg, Harrison, Wenzfer, BraTT, Cunningham, Chow, Winnick, Goldsfein, Mandelman. W0z5bz'nCgl0n Carbine! The WashingTon CabineT is an advisory board To The principal: iT has no legislaTive powers, Any maTTers ThaT The members bring up which are oT concern To The enTire sTudenT body are reTerred To The Exe-cuTive Council. The CabineT is composed oT one represenTaTive Trom each regisTry and is presided over by Mr. Schmaelzle. The WashingTon CabineT meeTs each Thursday morning aT 8 o.m. Every regisTry aslcs Their represenTaTive To bring bocls To The cabineT any problems They would lilce To have solved. The nexT weelc The represenTaTive reporTs The resulTs aT The discussion and The sTeps ThaT will be Taken To solve The problems. The WashingTon CabineT accomplishes a greaT deal each Term and is a necessary and imporTanT parT aT The school. lRow l, lefl To righTl: Vasquez, Panagalxis, Lloyd, Lapp, Cosker, Leonard, Woo, Eisenberg, Hull, La Shay, Hicks, Lee, Samm, Blumberg, JesTer, Lum, Ng, Yolrola, Ishida, Tom. lRow 21: Hirsch, Colley, Cohen, Schmid, Carlson, Osborne, Keller, Honig, Kobuchi, Hicks, Hagiwara, Smiih, Olivares, Yee, Wong, Meier, Fuiimolo, Ireland, Koshland. lRow 3l: Feldman, HildreTh, Romm, Greem, Jacob, Wenzler, Allina, Pefropoulos, Sfeinberg, Marfin, Salvo, Fishbein, Guniher, Killceary, Mayne, Chan. a me ,... -C W, t P Q V if . .. l El Qi sg .emi P xx ' ce . ,fe e 7 5 5- ,, i XJ .. . ki wi , U X C sa- A In 1 X A V' ir T ' .v , , OO If f ANDERSON BENTHEN BOWMAN DEVINCENZI DUSHECK FINOCCHIO FUJIMOTO FUKUDA GROZA GRUEN HABER HAGIWARA HIKIDO .IACOBSON JEONG KALMAN KARMINE KELLER KOBUCHI KOGAN KOSHLAND LAMBERT MATSUDA MYERS OKUBO OLIVARES ONUMA OYAMA RYTAND SEIDMAN THOMPSON WEISER WISHARD YOUNG ww O V af T . ' . -. O 3 O D 'X A. O 'Wil' I' ' A Gzffff KVYJZCK MCZEU GREENBERG ooouw Poll Pres. Spring Pres VV V' sf !ff ,I 7 A l . A he O O 1A,Vi , O 1, ll ,,.. I X Z7 f l l V... J Qty, A ' O ' W ,,ff X 4- f T 'inf ,ff W rf' 5 fff ,O I Z " DITO QNQQZ , ay gif? My OW T' 0 J, ,O4Qf7,OQ,,O5?Q ,fm of A A O O fA, f O O f W In X ' I IMA! X O' L T , 'T' MW 2 Q" O A O O T If If 4 I 14,12 fx U fl, W yn ,,,, X W 2 O O O O1, ' A O W , 'if' A gf W T T. O, O. 1 O OOOOO O,OO O A j 7 iff , fr 1 ,,- , '-AI ff- Wrlwafuaref fig, 'T f VX ' ff "' f fAf' f Og, !,W,,OOM? OOOO ff O OOOV :V Wi f2ffffTZ?f:WOV2VO O COO f Aff' O voss z y 'O Z5 O H O - A O f WADE O A A The Eoglea ond The G.S.S. ore Two oT Wo3hTngTorr'z oTde3T zervice eocfehes Tor They were boTh sTorTed W e The Qchool TTr5T opened. The GEOS. members ore eTeCTed on o hoes oT scholarship, 5ervIceO cTTizenship, Teochers rec ommendohons ond oTTTTude Toword The school. Mernherz oT The EogTez ore e7ecTed TnTo The socIeTy Eh o Qrrm monner, The Eoglee ooTrol oT rolheg ond oT lunch Tirne whi'e The GSS. perTorrn The some servlces Tn odd Ton uzhering oT vorious school Tunchons. The rrernbers oT Theee zoc'eTies eorn This honor ond os such ore The :er or fOTudenTs oT The school. The G.S.S. is sponsored by Mies Grein whne Mr. CosTeHino soonsore The EooTes. I ,f mf' I ' - I - X . X an I.fW4 :CW Q17 " -. ' ' . , XX I . ' 1 I ' , ' , . If? I Z sm: a Y 4 I X, ..,. www A 4 f .Q f I. sxnfwidsn' X ' ' - If ,igix Q W A ,A VA js ...., H 4 I I L X , J 75 X I - "" i 2 I . I ' K I gi' 5 fwm . f ' H , f IM? xW , mr .. " Q X , mx . I X X A ' f . W, X X I I I - za, r -ff I ' I - I I ' I ff 1, ' IW W A ' . X ' N 'N N H W I W ,X ff ,X Xi Q yf, . X , n A X X A' 'X W fu " ,"" iw - '.. 6 '57 ff 'I X ' xL.. , Q x is Lx . .X X XMI. I X X . O. I f ,If ,, X .:. ' Y-Q X . Q74 I gli!! . .WJ -ff fffwff-v ff , - X . X 1 KVA .. I 01 - M f X . X -X psf' If fr: f 4 - X , , .X ' X "" ,WI ' ' ,S ' V f f X WSI' - ' ' F fl W we X- 1 , - X gf WW J X A 255216, AW ' ' 'za f, ff V If - ,I A 5525, XX I QDKNWSQ Wx IHQX .H'4w .f'I 2 v.w Ivw4Wf4 wmmmf vis X I X 1 f 1 Q i 4' " ., i A " ' , . - ,,,,. f 'iX 1,74 -I -. ,, . I f EOWAZ .wwgwff q.25gI7fM X, X?Axf-X ffmQ 'mode ' If . .A W' 1' ' 5 , f 41' ' ' O , , f 4 " ' f f 153 r '- """ " ' f . Wf Iavw Q Infwfd ?1Xg Xi' LW' Xfiww .,f-Z 5 M V M X K I 135. , , HJ, by flrx i 1 ,f i , I, fy 5 W E V W71'fiAv,3k' ,fag-.4 ,4 x ' gg I. f ww - I 3 I V, ff f Qld , I . W X . ,XXX X, ' ' I J' 4' I .. A , ,f 1 ' T X355 ' I N f . . I I 'mf' I I . A . XX I I A ff X,,. . :fy :XQX - , K if V XX . .AX-:f I faqs, -N ,,5.,s- IMQWQV W. ,Q X'I I J V: EH'I W XZQE ZQJE .5' Xfw.. .5 A 'Q fn fx AA N Q Q5 I I " f f ' ' Al . 1" f'I"L'.' r ' ' A Q' , I . XI XX 'E 5 .v I ' ' 2 15 '- j w 5 X Nia - X, , I 7 vw., X X BRILL CI-IANO CHEW CUNNINGHAM I .. A g ERICKSON FELDMAN FISHBEIN FOWLER A Em 'jg GRIFFIN HENRICH HICKS I-IONTALES A ,X A L55 LIMNEOS LITVIN MANN X Q W I MO MOU NELSON NORMAN X X! I , PFOI-IL ROBINSON RUSLENDER scI-IELLENBERO K I V IOPOLOS TRAIO TRAUNER VAN DOREN ANDERSON BOBROW DATLIK EDLER GEORGEADES JONES M INKUS PETRENKO SOLOMON WITZEL ELEKANT GILLASPY KELLER MIZIS PETROPOULOS SMITH WOLFE FROMM HORNSBY MQPHERSON PARKER SLAVIN Eagle funky WATERFIELD BARDEN Full Pres. '7ZZW? V. V ,.,. f ,f MW 'W , f wa f A My I f. jw' 'W p 4 W 4 f ""',I7 I A . ,, 0 W! J , I f ' 1 .3 I Q' 6 N J A is N I DRESOW GALANT HORNSBY MERRIOUNS PARROTT SOCHOR WILEY SANDERS Spring Pres. "" x S W , MM , NOVEMBER, T F 5 , . . f j -- 5 '- A LJ ' fg gf, M" L. - kg " 8 . ,V R it 5, 'ff """"' ' 5 -, J . 'f f 4 F X .2 " iff J! 1 L-R Q 1 , ff Z ary- qw f - , bfi! W- ,, 7 M W W w W fl! ,, " 6' ' ., ,, if , ik f y,.x, ' Q.- we A14 , .A lx - , . ..,., I' I-umsn P , g:+,A,,. V, 1 ,,, QA 2532 W 32" 3. " V , ef gran Q3 -f Q X 4 M, .T . X r iff? ii . f ' - 55.1-,a,.. . 71? K T ,gg 3 A, 51, S x f':-VJ. . f f 1 w 1 1, fr 'H' T2 f T Z1 , X YA ff W Wg, f My - T, , f J f ya ffl f 11? f A ,gs fe V , L, f A , J T M4 L T N. " 3. Y as 1 X X ' W 1 Senior T4Tng Cfondidaiesn I Elf! Chris' I fzirinlly Led by Their sponsor, Mr. Edwin TifnopTon, The grodiiminq cfozw QT FoTl N55 mode rnony confrlbihions Tr, Wo1,hingTon. As Tow sophomores They coTTer:Ted money To buy shrubs ond Howers Toi The schooT grounds The nexT Term They briohTened The school by poinfing The Trosh Cons, Ae low iunlors Their Moy FesTiyoT noble cor booTh won Tired prize os The rnosT originoT booth The whoTe doss worked hord To rnolre Their Junior Doy, "Come To The Mardi Gros," ond The-ir dance, i'McrrdI Gros Mogicf' o suc- cess, Finohy some The irnporTonT senior ye-or. Their Moy FesTlyoT booTh ogoin won TirsT prize. They hosTed The "Sen- ior-Soph SporTy Sock Swing," The dons Turned Irish Tor Their Senior Day, "Erin Go BroTh," Comme-ncernenf exercises were held on Jonriory 25, IQS6, For Three yeors This doss worked on o p.er2reT pre-ie-CT. Moking qoveTs for The Joss pre-sidenTs was Their piciimf. z T Worner T, 5 ,e in Senior Breoldosf 'P' Cummings Cup Winners gk Ai W' 1. LEE, WARNER 3' - f ONUMA, RUMIKO - 1 LEVIN, INGRID le' -J .,.. ,. JEONG, EVA "2 H AITEL, JANE '-':1:.e ALEXANDER, HUNTER ALEXANDER, THOMAS - D.L- ANDERSON, DARBY 'Z Z"1 I1f'E'1Z APPLIN, RENE f'::: f ARCONI, GORDON Q.: '::e gin: ASINOFF, SHEILA 52 l:, EEG Zf-A lc' BACHMAN, PAUL J.: BANFORD, BILLIE-LOU BARDEN, FRED C312 , ,, ,,,. He' 1' :cc ez gb: l:. 3-E: 'LZI BATT, PHYLLIS 5" 'O' , ,- , : BATTAT, RALPH :eg -,, ,.-,. f,,, ,f:,. f',. BATZ, DONALD -e' .4-v. 4".1'7 ,v Ryu '33 - ,.. 'AD' FJ 4. ' -. " Y . f nfs 'Ja 3 Z I gm., A T , P' If 1 5 A ,V ,gl ',,.., :.,-,A ff: BENADERET, FRANK A "EQ 4"l' ,Cf 1129 'u --4 1 Wk? BLACK, DELORES 51: Aj "'f V L M Aff: 2 ' .5 f I -J BOONE, DON f- g- ...AX ,TTA Y , fri 5 W" v "' , , if 'Y .Q fg BOOTH, OLENDA 15 A fbge eve: iii: ' Bowls, JOYCE V IM 'C 5336 ,, f ,, fm ' ' fs. BOWMAN, BARBARA 5,51 iq- f if 29' f A A "" A Le: - 2 31: GPF 'T " Q .ff-.ff f A , A' f Q4 A f - , BRANDT, ARNOLD fn' 2:53, f n.,,T VP A - . f iffy' , . .V , U A Q! ! :AET , O BRILL, DON Pe, ng f 5 'I if 2:5 ez C15 C' few '-2"'e' Vziz, f: f':' auuzv, CAROL Efei C: f :ec if 1' ie 96: G25 S52 F r- ' , cssnsmos, CONSUELO GAA 32-1a ""' A fi", 'i" 5::fe'n'- 3ei:':: ffffz at T: ff! f ag " 755 ' 9 CERAGIOLI, sos DAQ -A A 'Q .f ,.,,- f.A.L ...nv Iam I 'W N, i 7 I ,iff S rg fc H 1 , " 4 ,C ,W ff are .25 ,sg X 2 Marv' f fi 'W , 5 I 1 ,Cf H C fi' , A ,nh, , M' i,,i S, f. . V, , 221 , 0 A . A 1 -U 1. , f ff Sn . M Ziff 6 C ' .il if 7' f -, W ,va ' ' .2 'A 4 I W ' r N u ,U ,vw ,X f I Olfuf A Y- V z if.. rw. ,Q L r fer gi 1 1 ,M ff' f f , fun-. -' X 9 , ! f if 1 MZ? TR ms: 3 2 VMS' as f A 1 Z, 4-vii U , I -Um , ,g , F f X ! .1 W1 I W 5 1 emi J N '3 ,LAT 'ei ,, i f Q .DEM 'ii M? ...f A ' X: ,, CHAN, CONWAY L+W+ BGSL6i'bOii, Plying Eagle Club, Col CHAN, DAVID CSF, Col CHEMNICK, TERRY Swimming, TOMO- sonions, CCSP CHEN, GEORGE Boske+boU, CCSP CHOLLET, DONALD Soccer, Tennis CCSP CHOW, FRANKLIN Boslfefboii, CCSP, Col CHOY, DOUGLAS CCS P CHU, WILSON Reg Trees, Prin Cob, IPAC, SSPC, Sr Doy, CCSP CHUN, RUBY Peg Sec. Boslrefboif, Vo:- ievboll, CCSP CITRON, KATHERINE Req PVSS, Vice Pres, Sec, Sr-Jr Day. GAA, CCSP COHN, MIRIAM GAA, Jr-Sr Day, CCSP CORDOVA, BERTA SSPA, STOP? DAVIES, MARIE Music Pin, Sf Dey, Work DAVIS, JAMES Peg Vice Pres, Trees, Tnimderboirs, CCSP, COP DEL TESSANDORO, LILLIAN Peg Sec, CCSP DICKSON, DOUGLAS Jr-Sr Dczy, Science Ciub, Mein Cicib, Siore DITO, LORETTA SI B Vice Pres, Vice Pres I-Il I, Reg Pres, Treos, GSS, SHG, GAA, Prin Cob, Dance Corn, Co' DRUMN, LARRY Work ELEFANT, GEORGE Reg Pres, Vice Pres, Treos, Pogies, Bond, Cai ELLIS, BEATRICE CSP, GAA, Jr-Sr Dov. Gen Dance Corn, CCSP EMBREE, LESTER Reg Pres, lr Dov, Hi Y, Boskerboii, Track, CCSP FAULKNER, JIM Boslefbcll, CCSP FAZANDE, CONSTANCE Reg Sec, Trees, Jr Day, Tennis, Swimming, CCSP FINOCCHIO, CELESTINE Reg Pres, Vice Pre-1, GAA, GSS, SEG, Co Bd, Sr Adv, Prin COLD, CSP, Sfcnnford FONG, JOANN GAA, SSG, Bbck W. Bowlinq, CCSP FONG, WAYNE Gofors, CCSP PRATINI, ROSALIE Dance COW, SSPC, Bieizk W, Voiieyboil, Woric GALANT, STANLEY Exec Coun, Req Trees, Vice Pres, Pres, CSP, Poqies, Ce Bd, CCSP GAN, LILY ELG Qez. fi If Q Q ' ,ax GEE, BESSIE :et I ie ' 1 "et , CCE GAA 131i LE, - R -E-I, , 'IJ ff :Vie fi" 2 2' Q GEE, JEANNIE Zei fat QPF iff: ' GILBERT PETE :eg ' 2:1 AZE if QINSBERG, BEVERLY 12: E- GOLD, THEODORE if 2 'ff I E, 1- f- :- ff1:' 4, GRANUCCI, ELAINE E- Q If' ' f' V .J GRAVES, PAUL A-1-E-, iii: N U , GREENBERG, SANDRA Ze: Le: " 225 ELG ff: 'lf'-P E' f'-:. lcf :Ir fc: 52:1 N fc GREENDORFER, FLORINE , '- E ""E"1Z1 Ll' " J' C, 'Z GRUEN, BEATRICE 1" SLG eff LQ, 12, ff if HENRICH, THOR 56" E15 If lZ'ZE fi" 23: Z 2,3 fe HERALD, FRANCES :Eg ,Ei -' f HIRSCHBERG, HELEN FCI' E. TCL gf' fi: J-E' QC, 'EX-F E 'fy ff l:'te fi" is 4' HOFFMAN, JERRY lf' C25 V f i 7 - af N I ' 'M V ,R 4 3 ,, HOLLAND, JUDITH C'Z ' 'A V' HOLM, LELA Ezcf N ff' QS, 3 "- ""g Ecff"Q fc efcz 1 ' ef' ff! fi' Hom, HARRY CCSP .A ,A Z if X JACOBSON, DINA Ee: HI' 5'-eg ff' f -1-1 GSE GFP ici' ff Cz E1 pc , V' V f I Cc" F-422'-es: line CV' CC wwf 4, ' I I ' Rm' ' ' ,E JAMERSON ALICE P ' ff-' I ' 9? 7 J 'f' Jfffff I f CCSP 1 JEPPESEN, ANN Gif' Pea C113 T 5 JIN, RONALD Peg Jie Veg Tec: CSF S55 Sf 19:11 'Btwn fc ff JOHNSON, DARLENE Bef Nuo 5,21 iw U2 f ' ' for Peg Se: Tf-E93 Wie P'-ez Sf'-F ff W 2 y Tonic: CCSP , f j I W' JOI-INEON, IRMA Peg vice p'E5 'f , '.I JA! A U 63 'K 'jkgmi J JONES, GARYTH T6""?"CCSF JONES, NANCY Vie mi L'o Peg ' Wife Pre: T'-eo: Gfvf' Dove Com X ' ff' Jose, RUSH GCSE 3 JUILLARD, JANICE PAQ SEQ GH-I -Av Rv- 12, Amf my I 9' -Af f' 111.12 1 gp lf- 3 as --. V -J if ,affix . 3 . ' f 3 43' 'Z . -Q g ji I'- fii .. .f 7 " I , ,M C4 44. MV Vi! A 1 I f .4 ,, '13 ' R a ' 'ff I' f we I f ig' A 1' JSE A 44' '-4? ll no in f, A .3 ,ff 1.9 , I 4 4" U ,. ,zu f If , - L 1? A A ,wink his X X - N O 3 19- F S X A ii. C .J J yy. Q ., , .. 5 1 C f r . X C f T. ls 4 Y C :C 'xx 1, x 5 X ' . N ix iff I I w .. '41 I NRG ., 5.. Q., , I 4 C f TYR : . C 2 -,v SC 'BWV C .C:4 x ink f Q zx xwgf ' ,M we, my N EZ, fl. x Q I , " , """'N . LV, , 90 T3 fx P fm ,fa 2, 9 . -I 51 my . NSF FXR xx . LP ,vw vw I? 1 x .QS Q C X fir L: ,AVC 1 P xx W 1 Wk X X x iw, TAIIQ -Qs .asf ,wo V'-I. JV! I , r I I I-as I X -QS' f I f Se g' 1. xr 5 X N . . i ,E ras , Gggiggxiw, , . "' I-,... Ny , Ig I N. A ' kr 'Q 5 , T I Q- - x I ' Y I .- 2' i T - -L.A f 3:1sI X A KALMAN, LYNNE VICE Prez I-TTT Ere Cqrrrn, Req Treos, Prei, GAA. C135 CSF, BBG, Exec Dome Com, CGI KALMAN, RICHARD REQ THEGC ILZF. 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Club, CCSP HOOGASIAN, NATALIE Reg Pres, Vice Pres, Sec, GAA, Dance Com, Page Srarrf, Ed of Srrrveycrr, Sr Day, Towunas, San Mareo HOREIS, BETTY GAA, Mr Zion HORENSTEIN, MICHAEL Reg Treas, AZA, CCSP HORN, CARL Reg Pres, Vice Pres, Reb- r-Is, TracL HOSODA, SUMIKO Reg SEC, Hrirvfr RON, CaI HOUSE, WILLIAM Reg Vice Pres, Treaf Band, Orch, CCSP IGNACIO, IRVING Reg Vice Pres, PA Crow, Brcradccsr Srafnf, CCSP IKEDA, SACHIKO Reg Vrce Pres, TFGGE MAA, Block W INGRAM, CAROLE Reg Pres, Vrcefprc-S, GAA, Sr Adv, Dance Com, Srare JACOB, JACK Prrn Cab, Lerferman CCSP JACOPS, FRANK Sci Clrrb, PrencI1CIr,rb. Ca! 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Prim Cob Sr Adv BIQQI W CSP MAA, UJNQ Com Spode Siob- MARINOS, DEMETRIUS W'AIrI McAVOY, MIKE CCSP McCLELLAN, GARY E' McCLOSKEY, LOUISE MCGEE, OZZIE 327' MEMULLAN, JIM 32 McPHERSON, GAYNELL ,,, .Vg,.' L McVANE, CLEVE 5 eg MENSHIKOFF, NATALIE .LIL L--,.,. , -HL MERRIOUNS, HARVEY 51 MIERBACH, BARRY :eg "T "'i13,eZ?:,- MIHAN, WILLIAM 55 MILLER, DIANE Zag 1 :ei fl? E712 fi' MINKUS, KEN Le: H ' Fz- 223 ez E12 MIYAMOTO, CAROLE 3 f A - win 'h.-,, ,C E,.: MIZIS, MARVIN 52 ' f f f r MO, GORDON 3' ,LA :,,,. :WA L. MONDERER, BEV 'JF F .'--' ,:, :zqe fa HL, ,,,: MORISHITA, TERRY 5f:Q 1' Qc, QPF Q52 ' MORSE, RICHARD 5 rf'- MOSES, BARBARA :eq '+A ff J -,. ,-, ,-f ',.,,, ',., f"Z MOUTON, JUANITA MUSCAT, ANGELA EI-et , -. , f ,,L. fL,.. ,-,AL ,H J . E r nz f- - f Vrff A NCAA . J, fe, ,- S,y EEG C25 C: ..,, 1 -LS MYE, RANDY E' -g 4, ' MYERS, TREASURE ag rw its SLG G22 CT 'E f- f E ff., f , ., ,V , ,. .4 ,. ,, . .1 JA, .,., - NAKAGAWA, THOMAS 3 NECHETSKY, MARLENE :ad :,..,,,, E. 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GSS, SEG, Jr Def, GAA Vice Pres, CCSP OLIVARES, NINA Peq Pres, Sec, Prim Cob, GAA, CSF, Dome Com, Jr-Sr Day, FAC, Sporifs, Bicici W, CGI ON, LORRAINE GAA, Co'rii'ions O'NElLL, MAUREEN Prim Cob, Poily Com, CSF, Jr Day, Echoes, Mosquers, Siofe CNG, PATRICK CGI OPPENHEIMER, ROSE Prim COLD, Biocic W, IDC5, Dance Com, CGI ORTEGA, VERONICA CCSF OSBORNE, ALICE GAA, CCSP PAPARA, BOHDAN Peg Trees, Soccer, Cogswell PAIXAO, CARLOS Peg Treos, Spoif-s, Fine Arm, Lisbon PARKER, FRED Exer Cmirv, Peg Pre, Prim Cob, Eoqiex, CSF, Sionford PARMETT, MICHAEL CCSP PARROTT, LAUREN Aesf Yeii Leads-r. Rc-Q Prop, Vice Pres, Prim Cob, Eogieg, Lefiermerw, Cross Counfry, Dovis PASTEL, MARLENE Pfiq Troon, Dcmcrr CNHI, VVKHL PAUL, VIVIAN Prim Cob, Towunou, Mmin IC PAULL, MICHAEL Pffq Treoe, Lefier- mon, AZA, CGI PERRY, STELLA Vice Pre: I-IIO, Peq Vim, Prev, Sec, Priri Cob, GAA, Birncic W, I'r,1rw'e Cfnnw, Jr St' DEW, PETERSEN, WILLIAM Silber Cigb, DHI Twiirri, Rifle TVHUYTW PETRENKO, SWJIATOSLAW fi -E"f:"'1' :'fLCf JZ: PETTY, BOB 3 e PFOHL, DONALD :E 'il T Erie fi" E12 2' Ft, PIERCE, RONALD QL PINSLER, LORRAINE ei 3' ' ' , Z . . A :,, H" f PITTS, DENNIS 2: PLAMONDON, JAMES 32 POGOJEFF, GEORGE 11 7:2 POOLE, GEORGE -e' 1...,. f, PORTER, MINNIE if PREWETT, MYRA ff: 5 PRICE, LULA Zei ' 2 CPF Ji' fra ff-: PRITCHARD, PENNY 'EFF 'C . C, , :,,..-,,,.- '.,.: ,f, ', -.,. , .,.., , . . . . -,, ,.. 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Rogues, UCLA SARTINI, FRED Reg Vice Pres, Prin Cab Dance Com SATO, MASAKO Links, CCSP SAUNDERS, NANCY Reg Sec, GAA SCARBOROUGH, KERMIT Crass Caen- rry, Lancers, CCSP SCHAEFER, MARTIN Band, Orclw, CCSP SCHARF, MIKE Tennis, CCSP SCHELLENBERG, ROBERT Reg Pres, Vice Pres, Treas, Track, Paalball, Lefler- man, Eagles Vice Pres, Jr Day, Rebe s, US Marine Corps SCHMID, CAROL GAA, Block VV, Dance Corn, JrASr Day, Sparks, Ca SCHMIDT, WERNER CSP, Cal SCHWARTZ, BRENDA CO-BCT, Reg PFGS, Sec, SEG, GAA, Jr-Sr Day, Tawunas, Dance Cam, Cal SCHWARTZ, BRENT Reg Pres, Treas, Prin Cab, SHG, Sr Adv, Exec Dance Com, Jr Day Dir, Sr Day, Sailing, US Caasl Guard Academy SCHWARZ, DON NRA, Saber Club SECKINGER, GEORGE, JR. Reg Treas. Crass Counlry, Wesf Pain? SEGALL, JOHN Reg Vice Pres, Treas, CSP Vice Pres, Jr-Sr Day, Dance Cam, Sr Adv, Rogues, Cal SEIDMAN, BARBARA R6-Q Vice PreS. Sec, Treas, Back W, SSG, GSS Treas. GAA Sec, Dance Cam, Rally Cam Sec, Jr-Sr Day, Danalelos, Cal SHAPIRO, MURIEL Reg Vice Pres, Sec. Prin Cab, Sang Leader, Rally Corn, Dance Corn, Jr Pram Cln, Jr-Sr Day, Sr Adv Clw, Exec Sr Pram Com, Cal SHELDON, LELAND Reg Vice Prem, Treas, Track, CCSP SHINN, DAYANNE Reg Vice Pres, Sec, CSP, Black W, Dance Cam, Jr-Sr Day, Eagle Slaii, Ed al' Surveyor, Sang Leader, Univ al l-lawaii SILBERMAN, DAVID Reg Treas, Spcikc- ., MMA, UCLA Q SILVER, LAVONNE 2 SILVERMAN, ARNOLD CQ- 4:4 2 ,L.,. , SIMMONS, ELAINE L 1 SIMON, DARLENE .' SIXTUS, PATRICIA - SLAVIN, sos SLINKEY, CAROL 11: SMITH, DAVID HL'- SMITH, MAEKATHRYN EF A SMITH, RICHARD 52 Q' SMITH, SYDNEY 271 SOHIGIAN, MICHAEL 3' '- ,. ...K f. "" SPANOS, GEORGE E' SPRAGUE, CAROL 3' Qrie fi" 'lf'-,L 5 STERN, BARBARA 3 if ', -1--- V., '..,, STEWART, BARBARA f""e' f ,L li? STONE, GREGG Zz. STRONG, JACK fzgff SULLIVAN, PATRICIA ,' Qz. Ez" fzi e ff 'T1:'1': SUTO, STEVE in ,,,., "f" SUTTON, SANDRA f 12 SWIFT, IRMA Le" 3 . 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The Low fembff Cfdff lRow I, leff +o righflz Goerfz, Larsen, Kunz, Davis, Woo, Rauschlrolb, Goodman, Leonard, Geredes, Hasiings. lRow Zl: Shepard, Torres, Treece, Kobuchi, Leong, Levy, Sanchez, Fullenbaum, Lim, Yee, Wong. lRow 3l: Anderson, Edwards, Mirza, Mafhios, Francisco, Waller, Warner, Willmof, Nichols, Gasser, Benihen. lRow 4l: Smilianslxy, Thomas, Pafenl, Velichinslny, Wiizel, Sorenson, Orognen, Arlxos, Fields. fi, Q, 1-' ' '- 1 :sg l ..- L 2 ,, ..,, , , , 42 . , .ure ,Q z fi 1 , - w e . , L. '..,iag:, A.. Y, fr ff-A--+1-ns: -.afN-e.u-eggwm-L -are , Lrgfue x:4"eus.v+fffe'r-1vff'-vAfAz:-r SW W 'W "6 f- . fl, ,Q '41 M? ' -1" , 5 X gg f' na' 3 I gi ' ---Av DAVE FROMM ILA KOSHLAND FRAN MCMURRAY JOHN KELLER Presidenf Vice-Presidervr SQCVEIOFY Treasurer F!-II !"5"e' 'ew' M" 5'5"e' rig' ,:"5' Cai: ff-5'3" af5"ef ,, Zag fwfr .-"5f lax 33555 7315555 PTM- me HA? ,XLT Cai: 5' Pa A922 V51-25 CN: ef'C5:'-ea "avi: fe: :5'f5e'e ,. V'!"' 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If L! 3 1 ,S ,Nj Lira' A M.. ,4 V-IN' EHIND THE SCENE GOOFERS , Q FALL IN! gg, 'I' 1 1 Iflx , g L ST MINUTE Rf'-'EARSALS if Pb 1 QL 355 M Ii- s""N.fff,,,, i fe, , .I . , , ,. ,,,, , 4 gf ,Z , vip , I, -:I 4 , Svgfiofw Q, Z- ' , 5 f ff rrrri '1l,Q-1 Y M ., r A 1 3 T' , bf' ' f l ' 'ef' , s ,- ii" ' , in Q' f '. ' ' Vg' l ' 're 8 'r 'fly '-1f " 1' fe, ' 91' 'HQQQ V ' I ', H 1 gi '51 'J f A L -me vi,-as ri i ii 4 f J fl vifgff ide ,ef K .. 5 'X .. fe ., , Wea r . I lRow l, lefl' +o righ+l: Harms, Oyama, Esposilo, Anderson, Smilh, Benne'r+, Berman, Brownlee, Dobel, Wickslrom, Bell, Quick, Marlensen. lRow 2l: Hoch, Goldberg, Voe+s, Silversrein, Jacobson, Schlichfing, Michels, Smi+l'i, Taylor, Sarnrn, Kisfler, Bedell. lRow 3l: Morrison, Heil, Mandelman, Johns, Macleod, Arikawa, Uyemura, Bosserl, Sawyer, Brungarcl, Jung. lRaw 4l: Mohr, Gussie, Honlalas, Hayes, Hall, Lowe, Wong, Ng, Lowe, Cerri, Granizo, Yee, Gee. The Hgh fumbff Clam lRow l, lefl' lo righllz Bell, Kenf, Sample, Reynolds, Herron, Scoville, Slaler, Cabezas, Vasquez, Currier, Boson, Levy, Wiskolchill, DeLucchi, Aubery. lRow 2l: Kemp, Sfringer, Speizer, Wheeler, Kleinsorg, Re, Freeman, Lufl, Silverman, Kipnis, Fisher, Piconi, Jorgenson, Schwarlz, Cosker. lRow 3: McLernore, Irvine, Murphy, Aced, Angus Mosias, Eguchi, Peacock, Cooney, Jones, Allen, Blumberg, lwalsubo, Belz. lRow 4l: Speedy, Danielson, Ravinsky, George, Hancock, Gelberrnan, Kikuchi, King, Quan, Tom, Fuiimo+o, Chu, Marin, Has+ings, Moran. lRow 5l: Pascual, Wong, Frogier, Mack, Ware, Richards, Hage- mann, Neg, S+enson, Quang, Lee, Tom, Allen, Randle. lRow bl: Ruud, Marder, Goldsfein, Talum, Arkos, Moorehead, Craig, Caslro, Oakley, Slevens, Colyer, Thal. lRow 7l: Carlson, Hom, Hee, Eng, Croal, Cape, Raven, Marcos, Louslau, Oyama. Harrison, Holleran, Singer. '1" 1 A q iT 5, i I-1' ' , V Y A. 12 th , M y ,, ,,,,,,,, Wi ,,f,, , W. , ,,,,i 32 'KW , f 41 i- qwmf A' -M-1 , " f z 2 7 7 2 M ' .' 2r,f,v,f-'fn , , , 1 ,Z M. 1 1 1 2 f f , 1-1, A ga 3 ,J f ' K .14 'i"w'ii! Z, 'i ' Q32 Z , we We -fi' Rig J ... 7,1 4 4 XZJAK ,,,,,h, .. ffg , 4 2 A ....- L.- M - .,...,. , , ,ye Y A 'Cllv mywfwv ccC.,,,.ow,,,mcc WWW ff,, C cw. .,.,W,cCc .,.,fMm.e.,,.. 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V , . s i - iivliiii ,.. i V V in lr, ig' I ,JV Si WW rw, ,, E E MORRIS BOBROW JACKIE PERA PAT OYAMA Presrdenf Vice-Presidenf Segreiqr-y P WELL ff: 'L Curcmcry :cr 'he low 'fer Cfcizez 'he oroiei' fir 're 'erm N35 :e'3"2 ECC ez 'Q Ievfemer .img ore 'El-VifCEhii'CnC".O'E. The greet' prcfeo 'NC"'h'f!h-E cg grew Lf -re frg-, "-'gn fgj 5-+93 f9Ce',eC ligne +5 ierffcemef, r,:.:'f'-c.'+ f-rr V-fr-rf' ,1 ,rv rc-f"I ff IA: 'fat fx r'f-f. -I-3 -arf' 'f f-new-'feng rg, f--fs f-If f-fn'r-rw F --,, ,uf -.,, f,,i-,y,r.,-.,, 5 .u ,-, ,, -,,,,,f, --,,, ie were Olreccf oerg Craze' Far 'ref Ccmffg I-Igr Jurbr 'erm we' e'C eii 'cya fre- 'J 'ire '2 ce acer' 'Q Qr:C-Ce I C 'QCCC ZFON. Corsi Khrgomor orc leon Thcmpscr mode rheir Q 0:5 prcuo ci fhem Cf Peepirg up 5cr'ccI spfri' or gomes OE Upeprzy song 'eodera SIrJ'er, being oseizfofr yea' ecoen mcse eferfcre rec' Tor 'he heme recmI I I The CiOEE Icuro 'hor EJEff'VII',Q me! did wo: core zuccezziuj due 'Q 'he ice' fha' eferycre porric'oo+eG eogerif if cess iIJV'C'IC"E. The Low 2474207 Cfmf SPPING Nc one couId efer icy 'he Lew Jur-ior Clczz of Spring I956 i5h"r Ilgwery, The Moy Fesrivof Bccrh oi This bIoOm- rg 6052 woe "I:IcwereI" The Term projecf ei rhiz Trogromr dose woe zeriolrg "EC1gIe: ro Serficemerf' The does member: mode 'his projed 0 dpfrooring succeed Keirh Mifomoro Ifepr zprmlriing hiz Tehcff 'lbudau wirh 0 zpirif ei zezr and zeoI. Wirh he comromr core ond guidance The does eriioyed rheir Low Junior rerm immeri5eIy. PIori3 were eiorred Tor Junizr Dorf. This clozz wo: VEf"IIf PM Their Ioee If Th I e hu Th ' I' Weir,2hemI, iri ccforce. u J ur ef ven Q ree err dsrecror, Rom fm .4 I Mme- 4- ,glj KEITH MIYAMOTO DIANE CHRISTOFFERSON BRENDA JUE Pfesidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefory 9 ..sN,..., V mx.. 1 ,Q , if f S , ,frkf 3 'fwfllilwfw . ,., .,. W? 2. .., , RW? Q, ,e ad lRow I, lefi +o righ+1: Koupas, Premack, Jacob, Torres, Dunn, Weiner, Singer, Hornsby, Singer, Harband. lRow 21: Gordon, Jones, Cordy, Ross, Davis, Leon, Chrisiofferson, La Shay, Brierley, McGrew, MaHhews. lRow 31: Baily, Carlson, Hornsby, Lindquisf, Herlrner, Heflin, Jaffe, Piper, Park, Ohashi, Toscano, lRow 41: Pialyshin, Chung, Tye, Wada, Ng, Chun, Tom, Elruso, Hiclrs. lRow 51: Wiech, Burns, Cheu, Shioia, Naganuma, Ono, Adachi, Lee, Rafi, Murray. The Low umblf Claw lRow I, lef+ fo righ+1: Glew, Summerfield, Wrighl, Casfelli, Lee, Louie, Sir, Kramer, Abers, Campbell, Enriquez, LassalleHe. lRow 21: Wabraushelr, Hedger, Sheedy, Chun, Jue, Harrison, Chang, Konlcolif, Sworfzburg, Washer, Fisher. lRow 31: Ausiin, McWilliams, Gilmore, Takeda, Gong, Wood, Aaro, Weinshenlr, Frisella, Canellos. lRow 41: McGra+h, Nelson, Soss, Fleisch- man, Schmid, Owen, Dubendo, Chang, lshilcawa, Pun. lRow 51: Miyamofo, Wesf, Lee, Leong, Bafmale, Thorne, Gurich, Downes, Bullis, Slaudf, Daskalolcis. lRow 61: Gurlhel, Kalz, Vesf, Sierling, Colley, Ferrari, Knaclxe, Sorensen, Molinari, Torru, Gefchell, Boone, Haedri has-e , ,,,g3f'f'4 I 1 . I X, Y ,X , ' ' 3 , , ., .,. :: yy. 6 C A Xi fwfxs: 'Qfffgj' V ,arm Pr? 24 Z X I ARCHIE OSSIN KEITH MIYAMOTO MAUREEN LUM Presidenr Vice-Presidenf Secrefory FALL Borg gooo geeo: for orherg rg ge TAVENCVC-VQ. Tho' ,rrrof 're Heh Qozrorrofe Coz: 3? Fo 2955 foxg of. '1' - - r r . r Y . . -, . . he Hoi: oroyec' Corrzrireo or Cohecrrg Oocherooor: Tor 'he :err Ceme' o' Le"ermer T-Toisfoi. Trr 3 ffoz 'he Chrri' ., , r , moi gr" GT 'he cgi: 'o 'he ffouhdeo mei The goo! ngz 'er o' 650 Cf gg gg, g QQ efgereo, ' fro: mgre fhgf 'lojoiegf The Coz: erlofz rforhhg rogerrrer. Trrere fro: refer O o,' mome'+ our7ro 'hh 'erm ?or 're rrremoeri oi 'h 2 21331. Tre oorfrg or 'he oofsooe Cori 'r 're CoTe'ero of George Wgzhlrgror High '3 grfher rezu' of 're QDT'-' 9? hcrg rrgrf ffhfr: geemg 'Q GJ6'r hon rr +hrz CTo'::. The ?Vr'ElhOTJC"TbT6 ge? up ond gg power whlch zeemz 'o he efer-Qreierf in Frchie Ozirr, dogg QVEETGEPT, Teglfeg Through ro 'he rei' of 'he member: of hh Uozz. The dot: Teefi rho' wkhoor 'he gugorce o? Mr. Erfirg Hoge zoohzor 'her Cow, 'J 'of be oi prong of rhemzeyei oz 'hey ore. The Hgh fopkomoffe Cfmf SPPING Cgrrflrg ofer rrreFr Drorecr from rher preceofrg Term, The Hgh Sophomore Oo of Sprrg T956 ViQCfCUZh! rochheo The fohdzcope profit Wrrh gooo ffegrher oz OFT ofrj org urroer Mr, WiTaorr': green rhumo' The does woe ohh TQ rfgrrr mor! fhirrgz. The Cot do rc' Top or Torditoorg. They Cofrfmeg 'o nor? or mom glherer' C-If"-ez. ,Among rheze The clgzi Torrrreo g Loire' commhree ffhfh mgge poferi Cor'g'r rg Cor1'rr.C"fe 4r?orrr,o'7or :och oz 'roie 'egchko :mg-er': ro me ehe Coffee' rgfrwgfz. A Prez! Jim Buff hoo 'he :upporf of hi e"'re CTo:i org rrre coz: not Irgeed Torwro'e 'o hofe :och o dwger' worher. To oe por? oTrhe "Crowd" wo: I"AF.JZVE1- glm ord 'hh he hJrf'f'eg. F1 Gigi: zporior Mr. lore: hoo hh chore of heggoche: org f'c'orTei. 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' 1 il nz' " ll 1 J WV ll K W IH V ll lm' f I V if H I U I X ll iw W lRow I, leff fo righ+1: Bilralcis, Gridley, Bufler, Ireland, Doggelf, Larsen, Nafsievslry, Jackson, Wisemann, Kirfman, Holloway Parenfe, Duhagon, Major, Wong. lRow 21: Pun, Chun, Hom, Miyamoto, Loafea, Slolowilz, Breidensfein, Drauiz, Woodrow Wrifhl, Winfersfeen, Jacobsen, Wong, Lee, Hom. lRow 31: Seltino, Goodman, Chao, Suyeyasu, Prifchard, Thomas, Kleinsorg Hambriclr, Schaefer, Lum, Rios, Krlesni, Nasf, Halen, Chuclr. lRow 41: Tammilr, Jones, Hyman, Ishida, Fieuren, Kolli, Baba Koga, Schmuclr, Marlin, Pelayo, Clarlr, Gardella. lRow 51: Jones, Wendi, von Emsfer, Kwolr, Shields, Smilh, Bonoshu, Van derpoel, Hallen, Koehler, Miller, Champagne, Kabanciw, Rees, Killceary. The I-llgb fopbomoffe Cfmf lRow I, lefl lo righ+1: Weinberger, Funlc, Lubin, Wagner, Fell, Moran, Tibayan, Regino, Newman, Pandell, Lloyd, Deovlei Bannef, Lai, Doran. lRow 21: Wrighf, Chabain, Carp, Robinson, Slanley, Men+z, Blumberg, Soller, Sorgafz, Richler, Green berg, Sundlof, Cronander, Brodd, Johnson. lRow 31: Olafsen, Snedden, Ching, Wong, Olrawa. Simmons, Howard, Lumplrin Lee, Tom, Gibbs, Karcie, Ash, Vega, lRow 41: McLelland, Okamura, Miyamolo, Hayes, Trouf, Johnson, Bawser, Lum, Lewis Enrish, Schneideman, Solloway, Rodgers, Hue. lRow 51: Schulll, Miyasalti, Bivens, Alexander, Baldoclr, Lane, Pulverman, Raye Horeis, King, Cohn, Tourubaroff, Russ. .r i Mi if yr I ,. - 4... Sr fl j 5 ' .,,f'-'- -'L We ., 'V " ' ' ' " ' f f ,Q 3' . 'fmyt Qff , 1 Yffsg, 9,4 - W, 'Er 'V - fx Z1 vi quo: Q? 112. A my l + 4 ap sm l 'yi . . , s ., ,, 2..,,-:We , 7, . " ' . J.-. ' ':f"i. if n V" 2 f 'H+ ' ,. Wie " ' , -- '- ' 221 ' ,f kvvmlfl . 1s..' f "" . lRaw l, leF'r +o righ+l: Nassau, Vesser, Williams, Severe, Chusid Salis. Burks, l-ladley, Cavicchi, Willefard, Gaian+ Blue l A3 ,P Moriguchi, Henninger. lliow Zl: Schonleld, Cleveland, Milchell Freeman, Black, Heller, Moika, Kliewe, Ma+i, Knighlen, Furness, Wong, Chan, Leary, Bernslein. lRow Bl: Furness, Snell, Mallory, Clearwalers, Simmons, Do'-ver Thomas Harrison Johnson, Williams, Kelly. KniFr'en, Frazier, l-lackler. lRow 4l: Meier, Meyer, S+euben, Verheyden, Carroll,iTse, Kwong, Lenci, Fulimnsu, Spencer, Fleuellen, Baldocchi, Buckley, Mason, Elance. lRaw Sl: Wilson, Onuma, Saldie, Chan Chinn, Woln, Wong Bagas, Levin, Waile, Cale, Carras, Keeve, Wong. lRow 6l: Sleinberg Oakley, Quan, Lee, Goddard, Johnson, Howard, Olson Greuler, Muscio, Michael, Jue, Milsudo. The Hgh JOZDQOWZOV6 Clam lRow l, leff fo righll: Greenberg, Drohlich, Pellif, Vasquez, Burfnell, Haggerly, Burns, Carlson, DeWil+, Monlero, Holm, Tulolleman, Lookianofl, Marlinez, Womer, Simonsohn. lRow 2l: Wong, Cheu, Jen, Ju, Simonsohn, Ballin, Toby, Robel. Cculield, Hoene, Munson, Berensmeier, Howard, Lewon. lRow 3l: Hall, Nichols, Quan, Porlrer, Cooper, Ward, Andrews, McFarland Toso, McClellan, Mayne, Smilh, Dorman, Wellingfon. lRow 4l: Leong, Wong, Lai. Eguchi, Murry, Thomas, Smilh, Palmeri Romm, Gunlher, Miller, Lodge, Nelson. lRow Sl: Barker, Kokalos, Dursl, Dare, Guerrero, McClelland, Luo, Gerow, Handlon Zingmark, Lanzer, Mondini, Jackson. lRow bl: Mannion, Ryan, Karoll, Michael, Burns, Robinson, Davis, Elizarde, Kung, Leol Buff, Louklanog, Thompson, lRow 7l: Nagasse, Morimolo, Tanaka, Fukushima. Rehfeld, Buhrz, Jacobs, Kimball, Torrens, Loebenslein, Rosenberg, Sanders, Caldwell, Lew. lRow 8l: Kawaguchi, Moriguchi, Camilleri, Lebovirz, Cohen, Sommer, Slen son, Greenboum, Gee, Perkins, Mafhis. if 5L:,4W'1fWe rf f' ' ' ' ,W 4' y N m n: ,, ., . - i ' ' 4' 3 ' J' 'MEM' " ,,,, ., VV -, , , ,, ,,,,, W V VV EH 1 ' C VA , L ' V ei Lu 'N 1 , .VK ' ,, ., ,. ,,, ,, , .E M, , ,, , f ,,,, f , 4 , i , V A, 5 , Q - L Aliy f - A poly , 4 V19 is VV A ,, 2 V V, , V V " V - . 1 V. l VV V , Fel -Aw - f J Zi A M if + r ss. fa . ' J' 1 f "' f ' .. 'fn V 2 A 15 3 5 -Q' I , Ah WV V , 1 ,,,, , ' V . if ,V f viny l, Y, ,. ,W VV , 7 , 1 ,V 11 , , V, ,, ,V ,Vi QV V V ,,.,, 4, V ' fi 'f Q V!! M ef V , sg , ' 1 "4 , . , ' ' ' fy 'Z K, f i ' si i J rrrr J. ii 4 L 5 'L ,12 3 . -' Y V, , I -1 . fs ,i . y Z-125117 5- 1 4 E V V J I f V .I ' , P V, . ,, , .... ..., , ,, ,. ,,,,,,, , ,,.. , , .,,.,, U ,, ,,,, M - --MH -f-qv--qi ,--ef---M '- , '-,i " T g V 5 ' ' y I L L. W ,. v K Ag T1 T , , XX.A 5 , W X +V Ti ' JAMES STOKES LOUISE MIYAMOTO JOYCE FREEMAN Presidenf Vice-Presidenf SecreTory FALL "Rein, Roin, go owoy, come ogoin c1noTher doyf' ThoT wos The sod reTroin heord coming Trom The Low Sopho- more Closs oT Poll l955. CollecTions Tor The londscoping projecT come Thorugh wiTh "Tlying colors." bUT The consTcJnT inTerTerence oT "ole mon weoTher" prevenTed The closs Trom plonTing The vorious plonTs They hod purchosed. Every Time Mr. Jones ond his crew oT gordeners, omong Them Mr. Wilson ond co-choirmon EllioT STeinberg ond fXrT lvloriguchi, wenT oUT To plonT, The clouds l3ursT open ond down come The rc1in,roin,rc1inl Prexy Jim STolces did noT leT This hinder The spiriT oT his closs. Wherever one loolced, o low sophomore wiTh o cheery smile could be Tound. The Low folzvbomoffe Cfmr SPRING GeTTing ocquoinTed wiTh o new school is noT olwoys such on eosy Thing To do. However noThing could sTond in The woy oT The Low Sophomore floss oT Spring IQE6. Mr. l-lonnoh, closs sponsor, goT The 'lyoung blood" oT The school oTT To o TerriTic sTorTl The TirsT Two doys were hecTic Tor This closs. WiThin o week There wos noT Cl member oT This closs who did noT lcnow whoT he wos doing. This proves ThoT These sTudenTs will be reody To meeT oll emergencies. Londscoping collecTions begon righT owoy ond The resulTs were mogniTicenT. A colorTUl Time wos in sTore Tor This closs os The onnuol Moy EesTivol wos held during Their TirsT Term oT George WoshingTon. PresidenT Normon Gong insTilled wiThin his closs on oir oT exciTemenT Tor he wos olwoys seen doing someThing. This closs hos whof iT Toles ond should be congroTuloTed Tor molcing such o Tine sTorT in Their school liTe OT George VVoshingTon l-ligh. ., 1 ' if J A I 1 ' ww New 4 , A, J 1 em ,Jw fr T ,Mimi 1 ,,,,w 1 , x fi i f , ' .W K 'I ,f X , N I NORMAN GONG EVE BLACK BARBARA FIST-q5E1N Presidem Vice-Presidenf Sec,-efc,-Y 2 x A Q ff , f if my 4 f f W ' A ,cf f 4 f"T3'lf fax' " 5 f A ln iw! Q2Z 'JW-iii! Q e , Lkke ,, T -2.4m ,-, in 1 4 . W, . , 1 .. . WT, . 1 , .1 yr- 1 54 . 4 ffewee-5 ,- N -ij, f P 1 lRow l, le'l+ fo righfl: Heuga, Sielmann, Brown, Cupp, Marszalec, Vfong, Davis, Black, Kalil, Lundquisr, Desparr, Blausfein Hasfings, Young, Schwar+z, Amrofell, Byars. lRow 21: Chan, Lee, Fulfon, DasPalaiis.Can1'well, Redus. Ford, Dargansfarmaclr Yao, Yarnagishi, Moldero, Schroeder, Moon, McNeIIis, Roscoe. lRow 3l: Cabs-zas, Gorlier, Bosr, Nagase, Lewis, Miralles Lane, Hollis, Daggao, Perri, Dufil, Ransell, Whe+s+one, Paige, Luke, Jones. lRow 4l: Fagan, Tannenbaurn, Morgan, Kinzie Knolle, Knolle, Newell, Howard, Levesque, Kinya, Peluya, Ho, Bayles, Youngblood, Slirl, Sullivan. The Low fopbomore Clam lRow l, lef? ro righflz Lease V-fright Melendez, Bufcher, Poon, Lui, Won, Grod+, Obronovich, Taylor, Lum, Kikugawc Bun+in, Haar, Tighe, lRow 21: Farris, Leeds, Bender, Jacob, Lazarus, Kra'F+, Panasik, Leveck, Wiebe, Robbins, low, Lum SlaH'. lRow 3l: Carlson, Ryan, Gong, Gross, Minf, Paffon, Daniels, McKean, Del Gionno, Evangelis+a, Deo, Kelly, Fukushima Arnold. lRow 4l: Rames, MeysPens, Harrison, May, Fraguglia, Lassallefle, Maisin, Hinden, Nori+s, Srines, Kaufman, Ishii lRow Sl: Fishbein, Lapp, Chan, Wiech, S+ri+zlre, Sarlin, Panagalris, Guffmann, Websfer, Grepo, Brisbane. lRow ol: Dodds Anderfon, Mailsoroda, Weiner, Goldsmifh, Du'Hon, Garrigan, Dawson, Kirk, Ehrlich, Eclrelhog, Brown. " ' 1' 'ff' - , z , , l 'K V 5 4 ' 5-5- .A4 1' i1a..1a..,-1 A MZOCQVAZIDM f fm M W, if, vs, fy, 'viz S' W Wm' WM- 1 qw: my my , My ,fix MA y,a4,,'y5 f 2, . 91 M aj SPORTS WV, , HW, ,F f M. f ,X 4 f ff .W W nf ,g f f ff W 1 ,Z w 'fx ,qfvf-'WK 4" J .2 xr .W X-NK! -mu- ROSS BOONE FISHBEIN Side Row ATKINS HEEREN WATERFIELD EAGLE Boffom Row KL. +o RJ JEFFERSON WOLFF PFOHL LANZAVECCHIA Cen+er COACH MADFES I f A , xx f f. - .f 2, -X V 5' X xx f X , X E , ,M k ' ' ff ' " AIA ,,.,,.,,, M .I I': S3 ' X11 gn! X ' Q ,4 1 G , ,,4,.,E ' W ' 7 :::S1'7' K, .,:11,,h 7 4 f f 1 J, 397' I ,fa E .- q r- 4 .L Lxv iff' W. KN X WMM W W X f v 57 I 1,6 , 'ig' PHZ: :ZZ tc ,g 'tg rf Q 7 nav! A 1 .. ' W MW WWW " af ,K Mfg? 7 , ff 2 , f ff' 'ZF fx' 'W .y, Q4 , f Z ff ' Q, Q22 r j alla 3 SANDERS Wx. , AX x q i : gm f . ,fg i , Top Row fl.. 'ro RJ MASUDA MCPHERSQN BOUSQUET OKAZAKI side Row - L SOCHOR , CARLSON 'M i' Q g ,Wie BURTON " V,V V " ,f -, Bo1'+om Row IL. +o RJ Q JOHNSON . Q A . - V.,, MQGEE Cenfer COACH READE c xr ,f we 'vw , ' T ,fu ,WE ,W sw f WX ,MTW we g M.,,.,4 ,,,f www, , W ' ' V' , www... 4 -sv Q, .., ,.,...,. -V iw .. ' U I Q' ' T 1-' Y X ' iniuuuui I if , s I I y 1 ,V i .L il I T I 5 is I . .yi :-:- - 4 J f i lx ui " 'i TY , I J.-1 I frxx mess 'l,i 'Tf? f 1 RSE . he ' 1 I ,3 sf I I, J.. gk! it ,V I gg X., f Q5 ' K Ig-TW V W , 4 2 Q i..., "'- ' iii T ,X I Yi X .9 1- if T .,.,. E QV si . I I T J r .. f lRow I, IeTT To righilz MaraTsos, ATIcins, McPherson, Slavin, Sanders, Waierlield, Fishbein, Riedel, Cunningham. lRow 21: Black, Page, Masuda, Sorensen, BousqueT, Heeren, Carlson, Jones, Sochor. lRow 3l: Jones, Eagle, Bah, McGee, Thomas, BurTon, Wolff, Boone, Johnson. lRow 4l: Dehn, Pfohl, Olcazalri, Ross, Shields, Lanzavecchia, Williams, Smifh, nlz'1fnzi'ed Foorbazff The Eagles began The I955 TooTbaII season on The righT TooT by upseTTing Mission in The seasons sTarTer. Mission, The T954 A.A.fAx. champions, were Tavored by Two Touchdowns, and The Bears, as expecTed, scored in The TirsT Tew minuTes aT play. WashingTon, wiTh The help oT JeTTerson's rugged deTensive playing, Saunders eTTecTive bloclcing and Sochor's Thrilling 90-yard run, was able To boTTIe up Mission's deTense, ouTpIay Them oTTensiveIy To leave The Tield vicTorious. WashingTon's second game wiTh S. I, ended up in a draw game, and aT ThaT Time in The season The SainT IgnaTius "KiTTens" were among The Top Three Teams. As usual S. I. made Their small buT consisTenT gains by smashing drives Through The cenTer and around end. WashingTon, as expecTed, Tool To The air, buT un- TorTunaTeIy Tailed in compIeTing any decisive passes. KWWMBNTXI Wash.-Missiion . . . 33-27 s I Wash,-ST. IgnaTius. O-O 1- me. if 4, wOsh-sQC,HfsQii. i4.i3 7 weswosiiies. , , 7-29 Q Wash.-Lowell . . . I8-20 JIM SOCI-TOR Weigh.-Balboa . . . 21-41 All-CiTy and AI CaTirnan Awmd winner Wash.-Poly. ..., I6-26 IT seems ThaT no maTTer how sTrong a Team Washing- Ton may have They iusT can'T beaT Lincoln, and Their I955 loss was The eighTh in a row. LincoIn's deTeaT over The Eagles was largely because oT Their successTuI pass- ing aTTacIc and The more weighT packed on The line. WashingTon's deTeaT over The Irish I4epT Them in The !Tx.A.A. grid race. IT was Jimmy Sochor who saved The game Tor WashingTon by pulling The sweeTesT play youll Tind anywhere. I-Ie pulled The mosT beauTiTul IiTTIe sTunT ouT oT his bag oT Triclcs, and evaded The Two block- ers To bring down Bowman wiTh iusT a Tew yards To spare. IT was This specTacuIar move ThaT enabled The Eagles To edge ouT The Irish. WashingTon's game wiTh Galileo caused a Tem- porary morale lapse. The Eagles IosT To a Team ThaT hadn'T won a game in Two years. They IasT by a Tan- TasTic score. The Lowell game is The mosT "looked Torward To" aThIeTic evenT ThaT WashingTon has. I-Iowever, Lowell was able To lceep Their Three-year-old promise To edge The Eagles by Two poinTs. The Balboa Buccaneers sailed To a vicTory over The WashingTon Eagles aT Their sTadium. This loss puT The Eagles compIeTeIy and hopelessly ouT oT The pIayoTTs. WashingTon wound up The season by losing To The old prep prince. The Eagles gave Them an unexpecTed Tussel, and led Tor The TirsT Three guarTers, WashingTon reached Their zeniTh in The IasT game, buT They sTiIl IosT To The Poly veTerans in The IasT guarTer. -1 . Y . ---1.- f---'af ,,, f v "TW A75 V ff--M H wwf , 17- gli 4 k-,,-In-l"' .sw - s m 'T vcr ' ' 'T --.1 ""' . ' " ". ' , s ,,,,,, ,, ,, ., --1F"" ,-:nf "T .Jr ..vf:4f-G-M1-5 "J " W .W ---- 'T TE l Tr 'Wm T ,,.. ..,..,,,, f fr 'Y ,, www 41-'W " M, ..,. -wwf' ' , . t"N"'N ' -f 'r ' ""' "'i- Y ... , zu- - W ME? ' " --. - dw.-A aww'-'W . ,sew - vw' .T W6 :ne mi Jrimf Til dr - 1 W-I W .-.-- q,,,- A Y ,sms , .- Ami- ,,,,. ,, -V 1 . A, Y I 1 1- 1 -1 I -- -' T ,A ,W Y- Y ,AY - f ' I. 1- 1' H - -jf' ' If " """' 6 T " ,. ,,.,,. ,ifff--- " ' ' ' " W, 1 H 1 A , fee- ""'- 'M' "" 'Y' W . -1-1-Sl' T' T - ""' - -L "Ta 1 ,... .,,. V 'e"""" 'i"' in - - -J - 1 1 Y' , 1 -- -f-,A- - A 1-'9-nun ' ' ..-V 41 1' ' Y XML ,,,, , W, 4'-':r'f"' " -1' Q - -F YI I I - -11 i iam., .,...,N, ,,,,, is W Y Y V71 ,Y . -1, . f WWW. ,,,..4- 1"- -e "il M - - - I 3 1. I N WEN.. ,,..,,,M,W- 'Tw 1 V Ah- ei r' T JN: fRow I, lefT To righTl: Siringer, McKinley, Earnshaw, Wifzel, Middlebroolr, RaFf, Earle, Norman, Bradley, Perkins, BenneTT. lRow 23: Pinlrney, HorwiTz, Haynes, Solomon, Alrbery, Torrens, HonTalas, Selrino, Hing, Murry, Torres, Mierbach. lRow 3l: Brumfield, PiaTyshin, Cohn, MonTgomery, Bobrow, Murphy, Wilh, Anderson, Van Hoff, Vegas, WesTman, Valichinslry, Eclrluncl, Pfohl, Dunn, Forks, Miller, Balakian, Burdeaux, McWilliams. fumbrf Foorbrzfl The J. V. season This year ended wiTh 2 wins, 2 Ties 32-l4. They Tied To Mission 6-6 and losT To Sacred and 4 losses. The Team played Their TirsT game againsT l-learT 7-0. Scml lgnollus ond Tied 26'26' OuTsTanding players were STinger, Earls, l-laynes AT The end oT The Third quarTer, The score was 26-0, and Murrgy, Lincaln's Tavor. WiTh Two minuTes remaining, Wash- ingTon was on l.incoln's 20-yard line. Milfe STinger Threw a pass To leTT end Eddie Bradley, who wenT inTo The end zone, malfing The score 26-6. Only seconds remaining, Tullloacl Ernie Earls wenT Tor Three yards and a TD. Mile Singer passed To yy Bob l-laynes Tor The ezTra poinT, malfing The score 7-0 ii aT The end aT The halT. The game ended: Wa?hirgTon -T , J. V.'s l4, Poly J. Vfs 6. Our J, Vfs bowed To a sTrong Balboa Team, I3-20. DeTensively ouTsTanding players were Ernie Earlfs and Ted Selfino. T The Eagles wenT down To deTeaT aT The hands oT The A lndians aT Lowell, 6-l3. IT was 'Tullback day" as Tull- fy 2,1 baclfs Ernie Eorlrs and Calvin Murray ran wild. Eorlfs ran a lciclc-oTT baclc 80 yards Tor a TD. l-le also ran Tor ,Q . V 1 a 60-yard Touchdown on a reverse. Murray also scored 5 T' 5 K ' Al on a reverse good Tor 60 yards. 7 . A - lf The Eagles won The oTher game lay beaTing Galileo, COACH LOU VASSUEZT TT T 4 . 1 V, fig . 'W ,gi i 5 for i . M L E ' - T "fr "',, 4 """' T f" ""' ' 2' ' S? 4,4 ff Ri We 4 4 1,1 fff 5 E X V f,, ,, Q LM lRow l, lefi' To righTl: Schmuclx, Jacobs, McClelland, Karcie, Raye, Bond. lRow 2l: Grosse, MarTin, Micheal, Jones, Kimball, Suenaga, Lebovifz. lRow 3l: Emerich, DeLeon, Picfhall, Ishida, Loebensfein, lshiluawa, Onuma, BuTT. f 01050744076 Foofbazff 'bm l XX T l O J 1 W il COACH AL LUBAMERSKY The sophomore TooTball Team sTarTed aT George WashingTon in 1954. A Tew oT The oTher high schools in The ciTy sTarTed in '52 and '53, The purpose oT The Team is To provide an opporTu- niTy Tor boys who lile TooTball To be able To compeTe wiTh opponenTs Their own size and weighT. IT also helps To provide experience, and helps develop sTrong bodies. In The Two years ThaT The sophomore Team has been playing, The TirsT year The Team was undeTeaTed and in The second year The Team won Two and losT Three. During The season, which is much shorTer Than The regu- lar season, Tive games are played. The copTain Tor The lasT year was DursT. Plans Tor The TuTure include hopes Tor The TormaTion aT a league so ThaT The Team may compeTe againsT oTher high schools. l2ighT now There are six or seven Teams in The ciTy which are acTive. The Team in The pasT Two years has given valuable experience To players who will go on To The Junior and UnlimiTed Teams. Many players have already done so. 11' Frm JI WHERES THE BALL X ms, I tl F ' ' ff' A I ffxfu. It Magi? " GOT ,Q 5 YOU LL GET HIM 5 2 .wQw-- H DETERMINATION GET HIM fixing 5' .W MOVE OVER , 0 -4 M ,J - , wc. , I 5?I'1f"if I H I TOUCHDOWN LOOK WHO'S GOT THE BALL CAUGHT IT GANG BUSTERS I AW W MI A I .... JACOB. Jock LHB IQ . , ...,,,, Z' im.iSaf:2si ' xi 'f , .... -Q.f' 1 I m i is X ' S , RER N- Serge CF EDWARDS, J.m++mn FB GIANNINI, Ralph :mae 2 I , . k Q . ...Q ,, V1 ' 7 5? 5' f' J IV W5 . ,X M IABANCIW, Alex HB MBALL, Pefe CI-IB KING Richard RHB MANDELMAN, Morris , A sim SQ!- A IAERTENS, Heinz Inside -WWE? 1 MOOREHEAD, Ken IL NICHOLS AI BK PAPARA, Robed IAII Ciiyl IR W, X . f fa A I S I I' ii' 1 6 .199 'QP' V I I3 , If fj psf IA! Cf, PPE ROBINSON, RucI'v ' "ff I card SAASTA, Bryon IAII Cv+yI LW sum, s+eve Haw VVW ,f , lRaw l, Giannini, A-----fp,-e had -J Lf-"" - "' ,.: A-T W-Y' , ---1,1-L, m' , - - ,.-- - ' 7- .f"" ' ' - ,- ,-ff if-I .-f""' - -,. -- Q .. j,!f" ,ff .J,.,,--I' M, M- Y W - 'M'- . . -. .f--:Weir--f ' -- 1, - - . ,f 1,f- -df 4, , - , 4 ---L 1, -, gizefzef ee 1 1 -A iz Llfi j-fjf3u -'i'd . f'i!r,,,-H-"jM' 'A -Mg -'Mui' i -M I ,ff-'5 111711 ' 1 -'Lf' - '--1. - ' ' '.,,-..-- """"i , --leur-" ' 4' - ..-,,-- 1 -,,- ,. , -9 ,VVV -fA,..f-.ff we - ,fr -----:N fr- - -1 --, 1-f ,e--- ,Au .Mgr -fe. 1- - - --' FT L 1 L L- ,Q- -"- L e-a - 'J 42 -- -ef' T"1"'I ,. if ,. - ---f - 11-, T .4lQ.a' 'iz' M1 will -I M L gn 'Q le'F+ 'ro riglwllz Edwards, Merlens, Mandelrnan, Morehead, Burenin, Papara, Saasfa, Buhrz, Downes, Romm. lRow Zlz Pelrenlro, King, Sufo, Jacob, Robinson, Boehm, Kabonclw, Solbav. lRow 31: Egerl, Safdie, Nielsen, Ouosdev, Jacob, Oo++scl'1allr, Linkerrnan, Troyon, Champagne, Smilansky. faweff femon The Team rmlghea 're ieazcr ff fl-Ira place Qehaa fvlfzear ara Oalfea ffm 4 fflfi 2 czeez ara 3 "eg The Eagle oaa'ef3 piaiea 'Free safe 5' 'he F 1-C4'fVC1"E". They were Paul Parferla, Mgr' F, aacf Bib Paoara l':lae 'el' ard Effaf Saafa 'el' Mfg, ST. IGNATIUS The Eagles demfra'ea 'he erfre game ara werf af 'a Wm 9-l, The Eagles zcarea gaalz Ol eferf aeoefw- rfry a'a Qlafea a edaefb aeierife garre. POLY The Eagle: were lied 'r 'hz game if 'he 'az' mime l-l, Tlrle game was ara'rer ef 'he aefefffe banei 'har hlghlfghrea The eeazan. LINCOLN Tl'e aaccer leam new The are 5-O. The Eagle: icafea 'hree aaalz m The llrrr aaar-er ana were refer heaaea. a T The Eagle: agam chewed zuoefar delehze. The laugh, C ,+V r . J, IVQTOU laecaui 4- GALILEO Eagle: lied rhle game O-O. The game ffaz hara and mzolred delenie was The leyrafe, There ua: g wird Thar bafhered bam reamz. Bam Waih- ard Oalll-ea had mary chancee la iiare, af e al rhe aulilarldmg clay al bafh gaalle: 'here ,fain r arf zcarlrg. BALBOA firlarher Glaze deleheive game our 'he Eagle, eww- r'ra fer 'he olafellli waf 3-l. The E LOWELL agle: lei' a Claie hard-ladghf game 'Z le lfaari 2-l, MlSSlON lr a'afhe' +femera5-as 'jE:E'S'J6 i' -,ggie 'he Eaglei 'ea ffllfi-Z' 2-2. PLAYOFFS lr fhe Trzr game al fl-e payer? 'he Eagle barere Cllaxea Mffar. ln Thfs game 'hey ga' all -3 Q Q-,QQ Tar? af zcarmg leur gaalz r fre Ffa' auarrer, Aflef 'ha+ 'hey :cared are mare aad 'Neff er 'a Wm 4-OA lf a fafriffepa :aa garfe 'he Eag ez 'Ci' 'a Oahlea 4-3. Gaflee 'her weff gf T: :Jay M'127ar 'a 'he effra playah arla Tied lar 'he champcrzhb. The Eagle bag'- efi laaa a fefy zuceezefl, seaiar 'Va ,ear a'a haze 'a gc al -he Nay 'eff year. , X I A J' T ' f X ' naw, COACH WALTER ODONE VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYERS Top Row QL. +o RJ GEORGE GEORGEADES KELLY WATERFIELD Second Row IERRY MANN CLEO COEFIELD Third Row HARVEY MERRIOUNS Fou BOB H MAC MIKE r'H'1 Row AMMOND BURTON PRUSOFF Cen+er COACH McGRATH vffwv A WMC 2 X fswffxx f"2 T f f f f if ,Q f ., ,. , C, ,. Nw - ff V , yff VVv.1 ,,,,, L' fffff Q ,L , 9 X W f 42 f f M 6 C KW f 6 W W 7 C X ff f f I Qs f R I 9 X C , f ff 1 1 f I T W Z W W T 7 f' f 7 5 'ff jf Q f Q gf Axfk W, "gf , 0,93 , x K f f TTTA A A Y g . V' :az- 17 5, X I In VY ,:1:,:,: z f fwff, -S2"':5? , M. ff ,ffm-M , 5 " f away,-f ..,, 0 III, N nl ,S ff! W W A, MSVZ f L J I 'w S- -Q? .Z ' fl ,fs ff f , 5, , , ,cf 4 ., 4 C.., V, 1 ,G 91 ff, f T ,l 1 q L,, f. ? fi, L fff Jw ,f f A ,A ,!,,. ,,, W ,I ,, jf! f gif 47 Www 'QA 'N "f , . Za A I A 3' H fffgw f ,ff ,4 , A W 3,45 ,V ,f 0, ,f Mi' ' Csy ,K A fTLT f ,, , f 55 ff ' , f, ff J! 1 1 fn ,Wm Www W , f , iff' f' "N M' f X P Q7 Q fi .A 0 ,. ' 1 f f f f' f .711 ,uf 'ww -- " .3 ,, ,pf . , Q f 11,5 ' xf f t ' u , X 11, f m , f 67 1,501 ml ,M - ff wg... ., 5 , W- N ,K ff, , , w W f Q ff W T ff - gg ,QV y ff , W, , 5 A A L f f V M Ivey QQ HQ 4, ' 2 Z . " ' '.j,iI,i' 'fl f, ' I ,:'f V7 ,rf 4 I j ' , ag f ' 1 f f Q41 - gf WO rf 6.5 ,My , f 2 , F' ' T L A v my ? Q-Wi, yf ,, f :Zz v -fy ,L ,V 4 .tw 47 , f f U , -V . WW. W H ,, M 'N , C ' N W' -" ,WV Q V x f ,WM C K' ,, A 11 gf uk -'W' Www ,SPL v fu 1' Q! fix 05031 I ,x 051- ,ug 0 ,v,, ep ' 13o's BASKETBALL PLAYERS Top Row KL. fo RJ JAMES WATKYNS CHUCK DRESOW ERROL HALL Second Row JIM SOCHOR Third Row MIKE PAULL JAMES THOMAS Foudh Row ERNIE JOHNSON JESSE HOLUNS Cen+er COACH ATHANASOPOU LOS V S3 K, f ,G sg iff' L 1 X T c Zi Q ' T s E159 lRow 1, leTT To righflz BurTon, Hammond, Mann, Merriouns, Prusolif, Cofielcl. lRow 21: Cooney, Fukushima, Page, WaTerfield, Georgeades, Nelson. WashingTon's varsiTy baskeTball Team wound up a very successTul round-robin season in a Tie Tor TirsT place, buT a loss To Poly in The playoTTs dropped Them To a Tinal Third posiTion. The Team, under new coach John McGraTh, enTered The A.A.A. season wiTh a 7-3 record in pracTice games. The Eagles opened Their season againsT The Galileo Lions and deTeaTed Them by six poinTs in a close, exciT- ing game. Every game wiTh Lowell is exciTing, and This year's was no excepTion. The Eagles were The sTronger Team in The TirsT halT, buT in The second halT The Tide Turned. A large crowd oT WashingTon rooTers made The long journey To The CiTy College gym, and saw The Eagles down The lrish easily, 65-41. The Lincoln game was The lasT Tor veTeran STan Rosenburg, a mid-season graduaTe, and The Team clicked oTT a 44-33 win over The unlucky MusTangs. Never behind Trom The sTarT, The Eagles Turned on The power in The second halT and pulled away. The Eagles dropped Their second game oT The season To a spiriTed Poly Team. AlThough Tive poinTs behind aT The halT, The ParroTs closed sTrongly. Bouncing back Trom The Poly deTeaT, The Eagles dropped Mission. The Bears goT oTT To an early eighT- poinT lead, buT The WashingTon deTense sTiTTened To hold The Bears To one poinT in The second quarTer, and The ouTcome was never in doubT aTTer ThaT. By The Time The SainT lgnaTius game rolled around, everyone was saying ThaT The WildcaTs couldn'T be beaTen-ThaT is, everyone excepT The Eagle varsiTy, I and They proved They were righT by slipping by The WildcaTs in a Thriller. The Eagles wound up a very successTul season and yyarmed up Tor The playoTTs by sinking Balboa's piraTe eeT. ShorTly beTore The end oT The season, iT was an- nounced ThaT Lowell would have To TorTeiT Three oT iTs games Tor using an ineligible player. One oT The games was wiTh WashingTon, and This game was now counTed as a win Tor The Eagles. This enabled Them To Tinish The season in a Tie Tor TirsT place wiTh The SainT lgnaTius WildcaTs. ln The play-oTT game The Eagles meT Poly, and once again The ParroT power proved Too much. Poly sTole The ball several Times Tram The hands oT WashingTon players, and connecTed on 45 per cenT oT Their shoTs. This loss eliminaTed The Eagles Trom The playoTTs. lT was The lasT game Tor seniors Mann, Merriouns, Geor- geades, PrusoTT, EggerT, CoTield, and WaTerTield. UNLIMITEDS DaTe Score High Sgore 1-4-56 WashingTon 47 Galileo 41 Mqnn 15 1-13-56 WashingTon 44 Lowell 49 Mqnn I2 1-20-56 WashingTon 65 Sacred HearT-11 Mann 13 1-27-56 WashingTon 44 Lincoln 33 Burton 9 2-1-56 WashingTon 37 PolyTechnic 39 Cofield I7 2-8-56 WashingTon 46 Mission 28 Merrioung I5 2-10-56 Washingmn 41 ST. lgnaTius 40 Merriouns 14 2-14-56 WashingTon 46 Balboa 40 Mann 14 Semi-Finals 2-21-56 WashingTon 35 PolyTechnlc 40 Mann 11 N 1 . , . VAVVA T 1 K . ,.Ah :AAA . , , .M " ' , Lj rk T ll., 2, s i f . 'mi' 'f r Q ' W-4 f - .s nf V : 5 ' . 34 f , 7 , ,V ' ,211 1' f 1 Q ,., ,T l .. -L' ,I 7' "' 4' ' "2?5igi?' fr- -4" ' . 'G 1 1 i f 'T ' :..V f T ii 1' F , .ff f-v . ,, Mer.. 1 V Q fi 4 ' A 7 My I 'll . - A2AL ,A . .': " , T' V lRow l, leTT To righTl: Sochor, WaTlins, Hollins, Dresow, Farber. lRow 2l: Van Hoff, Coleman, Hall, Paull, Thomas, Johnson. 1303 7361556760177 WashingTon's TalenTed l3O-pound baslceTball Team wenT all The way This year and Tool: The ciTy champion- ship. The EagleTs losT only one game during The enTire season, Their TirsT, under new Coach AThanasopoulos. The 30's opened Their season by noTching up Their l8Th win in a row aT The expense oT The Galileo Lions. Lowell's Papooses never had a chance againsT The red-hoT EagleTs, and They were deTeaTed by 37 poinTs. AT one poinT in The game The score read l8-l in Tavor OT The Eagles. AgainsT Sacred HearT, iT was The same sTory. The previously unbeaTen Irish were no maTch Tor The sharp shooTing and greaT deTensive play OT The WashingTon Team. IT was number 2O in The EagleTs' win sTrealc. Lincoln proved To be one aT The masT diTTiculT Teams ThaT The Eagles had To Tace all season. ln a close ex- ciTing game whose ouTcome was in doubT unTil The lasT minuTe, The EagleTs eelced ouT a Three-poinT win. if The Lincoln game could be called exciTing, The Poly game was nerve-racking. The lead changed hands many Times, wiTh never more Than six poinTs separaTing The Two Teams. WiTh The score Tied and abouT one sec- l30's D4-,fe Score High Scorer I-4-56 Woshingfon 59 Galileo 29 Pauli 21 Sochor I4 l-l3-56 Washingfon 60 Lowell 23 WaTkir-5 l4 l-20-56 WashingTon 53 Sacred l-learT 32 Hall IS l-27-56 WashingTon 40 Lincoln 37 Hall 21 Sochor ll 2-l-56 WashingTon 45 PolyTechnic 43 Paull l3 2-8-56 WashingTon 5l Mission 45 Paull l6 2-I0-56 ' VifashingTon 54 ST. lgnaTius 4l Hollins I5 2-l4-56 Washingfon 67 Balboa 29 Coleman l2 Semi-Finals 2-Zl-56 Woshingfon 44 Sacred Hearl' 34 Thomas 81 Hall lO Finals 2-24-56 Washingfon 3l Lincoln 40 Hollins 10 2-28-56 Washington 56 Lincoln 30 Wafkins 8: Hall l7 ond To play, Torward Errol Hall drove downcourT wiTh The ball, and Toolc a lasT second shoT. As every specTa- Tor aT Kezar held his breaTh, The ball dropped Through The neT To The sound oT The game-ending buzzer. ConTinuing Their winning ways, The 30's racked up number 23 by deTeaTing The Mission Bearcubs. Free subsTiTuTing by Coach AThanasopoulos gave The TirsT sTring a resT, and They came ouT Tresh Tor The second halT and downed The Bearcubs easily. The SainT lgnaTius 30's game was overshadowed by The approaching clash wiTh The WildcaT varsiTy, buT iT was an exciTing game neverTheless, The TirsT halT was close and hard ToughT, buT an inspired EagleT squad showed Their championship poTenTial in The Tinal quar- Ters and raclced up a l3 poinT win. , Balboa's hapless Buccaneers were iusT no compeTi- Tion Tor The EagleTs. AlmosT every player on The bench goT inTo The game, which was The lasT aT The regular season. The EagleTs drew Sacred HearT Tor Their TirsT semi- Tinal game. The game was close Tor Three guarTers, and The lead changed hands several Times. However, quicla buckeTs aT The sTarT oT The TourTh guarTer by Milce Poull and Errol Hall puT The Eagles ouT in TronT and They won by lO poinTs. When you sTreTch someThing Too Tar iT brealcs, and This is True oT baslceTball win sTreaks, Too. Lincoln's MusTangs upseT a cold WashingTon Team by nine poinTs in whaT should have been The championship game. The loss brolce The EagleTs' 26-game win sTrealc, buT because They had won The round-robin championship, They had one more chance againsT Lincoln. The second Lincoln game was played Tour days laTer. lT was now or never Tor The EagleTs, and They played like a diTTerenT Team. The EagleTs downed Lincoln by 26 poinTs and Tool: The AAA. championship. lRow l, lefT To righll: Frank Nelson, Mgr., Joe Sue, Ted WyaTT, Mel Wilson, VicTor Cugamon. lRow Zl: Tom Arilcawa, Hijrry Chew, Cliff Chinn, Roy Hornsby, Mel Thomas, Charles Tansiel. Lrghrwezgkr Brzrkerbrz!! l20's This year George WashingTon's l2O-pound baslceT- ball Team won Their TiTTh championship in nine years. The maioriTy aT The looys were new and had very l7TTle experience, buT l-larry Chew led The squad To vici'ory wiTh 64 poinTs Tor The season. While Mel Wilson was noT very Tar behind wiTh 62. They were ably coached by Mr. Alex AThanasopou- los. The sTarTers on The championship Team were: Mel Wilson, Ted WyaTT, VicTor Comagun, CliTT Chinn, and l-larry Chew. These boys were proclaimed The round- rolnin champions wiTh a record oT 8-O. lIO's The end oi i955 lighTweighT loaslceTball season Tound WashingTon's llO's in TourTh place, l3uT were sTill raTed one oT The Top Teams in The league. Coach AThanasop- oulos sTaTed ThaT he was impressed wiTh The way These looys worlced so well TogeTher as a Team. WiTh many leading scorers carrying The lourden and The sTalwarT reloounding oT Norris, The EagleTs proved To be Too much Tor Tour aT Their opponenTs. The Team had a 4-4 record Tor The season. I STarTers Tor The l lO's included Chris Norris, Bolo Law, Earl SmiTh, Jerry l-londa, Ralph MaThis, and Paul ShioTo. lRow I, leTT To righ+l: Ted Suyeyasu, Chris Norris, Earl SmiTh, Ralph Mu+his. lRow 21: Paul ShioTh, Dane Bershacl, Bob Low, Alson Lee, .lerry Honda. 2 , r em fy 5' it 3 CQ? 1' l, fit if . ssl Km G4- e en if . Vw. n -rv f U,Q ng? . 1 H AS" -' I , fl,-. ' Lf JL" , 'iff an ff 'Ir 4 'ff Q 3 a l fl S.. fi' lRow 1, leTT To righilz Allen, Cohen, Kimball, Sanders, Ford, Feldman, Page, Bondshu, Rodgers, More, Murry. lRow 21: McGee, Gonzalez, Thomas, Wilson, Horn, WaTerTield, BurTon, Gordon, Hammond, Wisham, Hagemann, Vance. iRow 3,1 Hixson, Lee, Haynes, Schellenberg, Cunningham, Winniclr, GoerTz, McPherson, Shepard, Merriouns, Cooney, Wong, Nelson. Tmck 56615074 WashingTon's Track Team sTarTed OTT iTs TirsT league meeT wiTh easy wins in all Three divisions againsT Low- ell. Pacing The way was Ray Thomas winning boTh oT The hurdle races. The scores were, in The unlimiTeds, 80 To 333 The 30's, 60 To 353 The 20's, 52 To l6. AT The nexT meeT The Eagles ran all over 5. l., again winning by a big margin in all Three divisions. The un- limiTeds won by The score oT 59 To 547 The 30's won 75 To 20, and The 20's won 59 To 9. ln The Tollowing meeT, The Track5Ters goT some re- venge as The unlimiTeds dumped Lincoln, 64-49, and The 30's and 20's prevailed 55 5X6 To 39 lf6, and 49'f2 To l8lf7 respecTively. The nexT meeT saw The Eagles whip a sTrong Ballooa Team, 69 To 44. The 30's Trounced The PiraTes, 69 To 44, and The 20's came Through wiTh a 48 To 20 vicTory. The ouTsTanding marlcs oT The day were Ray Thomas' 20.l in The T80-yd. low hurdles-a season's besT in ThaT race: Larry SilversTein's 2209.2 in The 8807 Leon Maclcs l0.4 in The T005 Rich ATlcin's 2l TT. T036 in. in The broad iumpg George Fields' 5 TT. 8 in. high iump: and Vic Cumagarfs 46 TT. 7lf2 in. shoT puT. The Eagles' nexT scheduled league meeT was againsT Poly. This meeT was rained ouT and posTponed only To be rained ouT again. The Eagles will meeT The ParroTs Tor The TirsT Time in The All-CiTy, where They hope To deThrone Them. The Galileo meeT Turned ouT To be a lop-sided con- TesT, The unlimiTeds winning easily, 83 To 30, while The lConTinued on boTTom oT nexT pagel lRow I, leTf To righTl: Cumagun, de Leon, Hornsby, Carr, ShorT, Griffin, Law, Mafhis, More, Siolres, AusTin, Fields, Eclrel- hoff. lRow 2l: Torres, ParroTT, MiyamoTo, Solomon, Bobrow, ATlcins, Wiley, Norris, Johnson, Ash, Thomas, Flewellen, Temple, Tom, lRow 31: Lau, Viialis, Maclr, Micheal, Gidal, Hollins, Wilson, Wong, Jacobs, Kilarr, Palmer, Chow, Johnson, Wong, Pier, Jones, Jones, Redus, WyaT'r, SilversTein, BenneTT, Wong, Mierbach, Tanaka, Vance. Tye! M 1s ass if a " l ,Zi ffl 4 i 6 V ' I i T T 6 Hi. D T 'fi . N .9 13.5.3 he --- as Q .5 , T T T l .Y T tu. 'fi V 2 ' " -s is T . ,,, A T' ' 3. T T 1 , I , I 7. 3 T . i ' X ' -- f--A lRow1,le'F+'ro righ+l: Hammond, Numan, Shepard, Koun+z. lRaw 21: Thomas, Rodgers, Myimofo, Jones, Feldman. C2055 Couniffy The years Crass-Caurvy Team ufaef Caach Vas- W"h Lane Tafafea 'a ffm The A -Cify mee' cur auez, has LEQT up Thi Tahfrg sp'T'T QT Geafge Wash- Eagles wec' i' as uraefaaas afa came cu' as champs, iramh. Their s'hceTe aesire TO win when The chips wefe cacfufra fre' place wI+h 45 pair+s. They were Tai- dawn cefair y was a big TacTar if geTT'cg 'he'f cham- 13-Nea ay Lawel 1501 P: y 1671. 13a1aaa 1801 l."calc pccship. 1151 afa 5. I. 1164. Pbchg 5'fsT afd se""g a 'ew .h , k , A .p ?. . During The reqwor Eeoicm We Leom hem pow 27-28' A' -C y Teccra was Bac, hlammara, 1-1 s . me was1O.22. S. I. 19-42 1The lawesfscafewfcnira1,Tlcey las' TO Bal- Paf"c'pa"rg ih The gifs' Narhem CaVTaTria Cham- lsaa 38-19, ard Lcffell 51-21. We had T: Taffe' The pchshp a' 5'acfafa were -he aes' 'eams in Namhem Ca'iFarr'a. Cur Team pacea secara. Firsf 5.16 men meeT TG Lincoln because of a aihefefce ir The Time schedule. Placha well during Thi seasar were hlam- mond, Rogers, Thamas, 1:e'dman,5hepafa. Kaufcz acd James. 'C2"i',- 72" c'eie""g sagei 30's and 20's had ius' as easy a Tlmi vfcficg 86 TC 9 and 46 TO 22, respecTife1y. During This rreeT WashirgTaf aca Pay S+OV'ECj 'heh T'rsT reschedulea Oval meef ffiTh Cfij The uc irc-"ea EEC and mile faces acd hapcg TC :ash The mee' a' The pasfpaned aaTe, which already mecT'aTea, was VOTES auT. The scare if These Tvfa efeh's ffa: Pdf 10 V1faihs icgTar 2. Missiah was aca'her eazy f'c"rh as The Eaa ei Traumced The Bears 97 TC 16, The EOE easy wah 31 Ta 14, while TlTE' 20's ran a'l aver 1'l'1E-VF 4922 TC 121,73 The Eagles wem uraeTeaTea Ir a' alisiars 'r -he? leaaue dual meers. Since we cau1a mm Nair Tar The fl - CiTy, we will predicwh a possible championship in The urilimiheds and championships for The 30's and 2O's. placha Tar G. W. were: hlammahd, Thamas, Rogers, Feidmac, ofa Kaumz. OT These Eve V005-V1J"F6VE.TCL1F Ml pe pack her yeaf. - ,Ju-. may Us COACH LOU VASQUEZ -W T, we A 'V , ' ..a.,3f.. xc. A , , sri MW lRow I, leTT To righflz Lane, Harband, Jones, Gan, Chang, Goodman, Levin, Geredes, Harrison. lRow Zl: Fong, Yee, Tammilc, Miranda, Goldsmifh, Traig, GoTTschalk, HorwiTz. lRow 3l: Van HOTT, Gee, Adachi, PeTuya, Naganuma, Winzler Rosenbaum, Fousekis, Buck, Bowen. Tenmk femm For The second year in a row WashingTon has Talcen The CiTy Tennis Championship. The Team won all iTs maTches This year. The scores were S. l. 6-l, Galileo 7-O, Balboa 7-O, Lincoln 7-O, Mission 7-O, Poly 7-O, and Lowell 4-3. The Team ended iTs season in Tine sTyle by beaTing Lowell Tor The second Time in Two years. The boys who played This year are Niclc ScharTT, Tom Fouselfis, Dicl: Bowen, Jaclc Jacob, John l-lorrison, Al Gee, Roger Fung. Ron Wenzler, Mike Yee, Mile Rosenbaum and Fred C5oTTschall4. Gay The years C5olT Team had gone undeTeaTed up To yearlooolf press Time. The Team had won over S. l., olfg- Zlfp, Mission 9-O, Ballooa 8-l, and Poly 9-O. The Team also had a successTul pracTice season. In one oT The closesT maTches oT The year The GolT Team losT To Coli- Tornia Frosh l4lf2-l2l,f7. The boys who played some Tine golT This year are Dave KruTchlcoTT, Larry Barr, Charles Dresow, Alex TourouburoTT, Elden Davis, Charles Wood, Gordon Gruloes, and EvereTT l"linTze. k W I ' lRow I, leTT To righfl: Georgeades, EggerT, Barr, KruTch oTT, Dresow, ard, Davis, Paul, S.aTer. lRow 23: Coach McGraTh, Gvosdev, Fukushima, Jones, Rodgers, l-linTze, Gruber, PrusoFT, Kimball, Buck, Weinshenk. jew' .N V'--5 .K ff" , ' jf ,f ,yy , 'f W y E V " - . " , .. fl J I ' fP'.f'P' , A.,. 1 4 ' Xfi-W """"' - l V' ' H U ' fi . ' I ' jim. ' , ' , ' A jr, ' Ag ,, "1 5 ' ' iii.. ,- H- - ,QM jc 'f .-sz..-'-Q, A - W' F, ,K fx ' . n x " K '-'W X' ,, " H hz ,. , ff- -, .f N 1 . 46 1. f ,, ,fwfr - , ,. . f 1 g, A G T' 5.1 "'h A -652-213' ' 73 i .. V .L ' ' 1 'Ah 7 " 325 T . , , .- A31 7 . if-, l - I f Z Q W, ., . f ' ,V 4. f W T . ' -f . - 5 if ra, y , , - ., wi rd' 4 j nz: I y ' f 5 , AAAA ls T if . ,. f, . , , ' 7, l .4 In J V y my f . NJ, H2 111 , A ' , f 5 U 5 -Zi ff f f- M-V 1 i., f ' - T " ' 'fl ali? , ., l U 5 my ,A A ,VV . , ' 5 ri , V ' . lRow l, Ief+ fo righfl: Poole, Farber, Slovin, Thompson, Leol, Oakley, lRow Zl: Pfohl, Williams, Roberfson, Wallace, Her- berl, Heeron, Erickson, Bousquel. Bmebvzlf A in The lirsr Two ganfes ol lhe season, againsl Lowell They linally gol inlo lhe winning circle by bealing and Sainl lgnalios, were rained our. Mission, 6 +o 4, The feam was led by Al Bousauelf The lhira game was agairsl Balboa. Washinglor' llcmel ond Flonll Oollelflg llllee NTS' losl, l4 lo O. Sieve lfnclson go+ The orly lwo hils ol The lourlh game was losl To Lincoln, lO lo 5. Lincolr The game. scored 7 runs in The sizlh inning ro win Galileo won The new game, 9 lo 2. Errors played a The Eagles bear Poly 7 lo 4, They losl la Sacred big porl in losing. l-learr, l5 To 3. Bousauel hil a homer in This game. . g is s ' v ' yl W " 1 J 15 i"',i., ' l ' ii s y iff! ,- X ' f . . . , ,,,, W . f"' 1 . WW if ,, M , Z fifw lTop cenlerl Coach Maclles lTop lefll Calchers-Wallace and Oakley lBo'Hom lel+l lnfielders-lKneelingl Farber and Hadley. lSlandingl Roberlson and Scharlzl lBo'Hom righll Oulfielders-l-leeron, Erickson and Bousquel lTop righll Pilchers-Wilson, l'lerber+ and 2,1 Hadley 7' X 1 ,W W f .1 f , T if X X, .. F J 1, f 1 i " . , 4 I A: vw, ,L 1 ll ' f, ,.'l , 4 Y 1 ff' .' ff yy, x . 9 I in 2?-l. 4. ,W ,, 5 g 'h -.1-.. if gif -S' . , W ' 'lxtfi' 1: . 1 jf S-Q f' lj fi ff ,V 7 7 -1, ' 7 f 'wiif if , 1 , 44 4, ji .. gf H , vb s If 4 vw ,,, 1 1, Mlm. f f .Mig Am, ,V 1 ' , f . 1 . VW 4 T A ,Q ' f , V M ,M V self' ' ' w if - ,Z V , w f, s- i ., ' i , ,Mfg , , ,, , , 5 ' 'i .s .ee f .. 4.,, --. " 'WT i .V .2 , 7 G " N T-fQ,"l . -fig 2 , 1 57. Q I' 1 'a WW' , . , 7, , c . mf , 1: v., 5 he ,W ? 2? f im ' ' r f S RW -v . Q! s- .rw WW? I 'Q H , , ,W , W! ' ,f ' MW X. I . , rf 5 ms, 0 . lRow T, leTT To rigl1Tl: Lanzavecchia, Hommes, Giannini, Gross, Lim. lRow 2l: Wolff, Fishbein, Diehl, Fong, Carlsen, King, Lupo. lRow 3l: Dulre, STevens, Gurich, BraTT, Polloclr, Eagle, SmiTh, Mann, Mihan, Goldberg. fmmmmg The Spring T956 Eagle Swimming Team was one oT The TinesT Coach Odone has coached in his years aT WashingTon. The varsiTy came ouT aT The season wirh a T4-8 record. fVlosT oT The meeTs ThaT were losT were due To The Teams noT aT Tull sTrengTh. The l30's also had a successTul season wiTh T8 wins and only 4 losses. The l20's had less meeTs ouT-oT-Town and Thus had a smaller record. They ended up Tinally wiTh a I3-2 record. The mermen opened The TirsT league meeT wiTh Poly aT Fleishhaclcens Pool. The ParroTs couldn'T seem To swim and The Eagles won 68-8 in The varsiTy, 52-4 in The l30's, and 48-8 in The l20's. The Eagles prevailed in The nexT meeT loy peaTing Lowell 57-T9 in The varsiTy, 35-22 in The l30's, and The l20's Too? Their division 30-27. Balbods PiraTe ship was sunk by The Eagle second Team, while The TirsT club had an ouT-oT-Town meeT. The PiraTes drowned 62-T5, 44-ll, and 52-3, in The varsiTy, I30's, and The l20's, respecTively. The Lions oT Galileo were no sweaT and our Trog- men won, 55-22 in The vorsiTy, 52-0 in The l30's, and 44-I2 in The l20's. The Bears couldn'T swim so Mission TorTeiTed. The CaTs didn'T like The waTer eiTher and losT 53-25 in The varsiTy, 39-T8 in The l30's, and 36-2l in The l20's. Lincoln did iT again. The lasT meeT oT The season Lincoln downed The varsiTy lThe Eagles' only league lossl, 37-40. The l30's came baclc 45-T3 and The l2O's won 46-l2. The Eagles wenT on To win The championship in The All-CiTy varsiTy and l30's over o sTrong Lincoln squad. lRow I, leff To righTl: Grafelman, Carlson, Lua, Kobayashi, Downes, Miller, Harris. lRow 21: Kul1liTz, Ness, Websier, WiTzel, Lim, Major. lRow 3l: Moriguchi, Schilichfing, Lock, Jorgenson, Anderson, Von Emsfer, Miller, Thorne, Doerner, Schwarz. A . .. f.s TM- ZEWWWZ .- 2... . T ,. if M ., . V' T is v 'T T 3 'f 'TM X M f C fx, -- 2 f 3 , , ? A ,swf f X' Z W! wg Q - - f N f W E Wt-ZW - f vqv nf ll. 1- ' .f' ,re Low of Repealed ,, . , N., g ' --24-A I E M.. w., "' M, ,-,fy ' .. v , 'Te xdrkki a . , -v 7 v Lad' RF"'1 1-.. V , , U' -ni -,a- 4- ' rw Jr' My 4 ?f'f'f4,f ' Q ' Lf ff N fur Boy' W ,Wan ,WW WWI ,..'fWW:Zv4wwf' Hn? Ge Tai. f, W if V sf, Hoi Ho! Yowuje Qui! J - .r4..,., , . 'fit 'QR 1 X .bf ' .-'5 I .A ,4 lA J' Champ --- BoHe+ fModernJ I WhG+ O Rocky! Y - W-1 .:.iZ'.,, , Y ,. Af V MW. V., M Q., ,..A,,.n,,.k ' Gm. K aw tm W 1 7 Q ' 1 1 V K Z 4' , ef' av if M ., - WM, ww W V- - Head Over Heels! 'fs Woferl Z va. Ma, A ' ' , ' -Wfaf - 715: i' 'C' "W" few' M, -.. , . Ji .W """f'l EZ 72 5 -1.-4-'Y ,,,,i,, 1113. 1 '- erg Mg, , " ' 'M my 2 Heove Ho! B' , M-O Y A 1 ?. Wg... .. , H' , . . wf- f ffff :W-ff'--WWW . K r fs Q Q6 IRow l, leff +o righflz Hirschberg, Levin, Hogiworo, Wong, Okubo, Voss, Sixfus, Eisenberg, Berk, Sie-dmon, Kogan, Devincenzi Keller, Holm, Wade, HiIdre+h, Bauer, Muscof, Haber, Spfnner, Shelbourne, Perry. fRow 21: Lornberi, Ehrhorn, Fong, Lew Curr, Wong, Shinn, Horfmcn, Morcovirch, Pri:l'chc1rd,Woon, Kwong, Lui, Koravos, Mor, Fong,Oppenheimer,Soc1s+o, Morgan Finocchio, Greenberg, Corfer, Wrighi, Young, Ikedo. iRow 31: Anderson, Evind, Lock, Clark, Horeis, Bosch, Cooper, Kornkin Trosf, Ryiond, Doolin, Grozo, Buley, Wong, Gee, Onumo, Jeong, Gee, Leong, Eukudo, lmci, Hilrido, Scifi, Cifron, Rufen Nodo, Silfon. , g , g Gzifff Bbw? -W fowey 1 ' , s,, ,,,,, in order for O gm ro become eligibie for nie Block W g . J X . , f. W 2 .Y . , ,,, , W 5 X! 9 if A R .mv f. Ms, , -,lg gg, r W, - Sociery, she musr hove been in GAA for four ferms, hove solrisiocfory Ciiizenship, ond received OH her . ii .. x ' Q owords. The sociery serves of Jrhe Leirermerfs bcnquer, DE VENCENZI Pres. Spring KELLER PreS.FGH sponsors GH sporr nighrs, ond usher or ihe GAA pro, grams. lRow I, le-ff fo righfj: Komkin, Curros, Moses, Pinsler, Andersen, Bosch, Sixfus, Voss, Seidman, Berk, Devincenzi, Tros+, Horrley Yee, Gross, Woo, Koshlcnd, Haber. fRow 21: Young, Lock, Wong, Ehrhorn, Jennings, Clark, Horeis, Farrell, Marco- vifch, Soosfo, Eisenberg, Honig, Muscof, Olcubo, Wong, Roberis, Ryfand, Grozo, Cowden, Prifchord. fRow 31: Osborne, Lousiolof, Woire, Mann, Wickmon, Benihen, Kormine, Kogon, Yoshihoru, Hildreih, Wode, Fuiirnoio, Schmid, Young Molinovsky, Olivores, Kobuchi, Leong. ag ,,,: M 1 U 924 CK .425 or? .. we 135 Q G1 -- WMA 1 ' , ,rf W - uf nf- 55 45: , r 1 X :ei .- Q 5 M Q as he Y B A" --iff f' Af 1. -f: - Y W" rr- M Y "" W , . W . P iw i ,1 , 32-,fr 0 ,, f 'iv' , -rf 0, ,bw ,.., QW! ,Q ,,,, N A W ' r M i 5' 1 , , V f , ' .Q iff 2 . ' M ' li ,ff J D Q- 1 7' fin. , , r .V , y M I 1? 1: , Q it " , x A , 'T Y .,.,gg' 1 1 A 'fry . J ' f"" L--"'-76' 2 . ' . 'T 3 " . 4 . f nfl-Q JA.--1' - 1 -J -Q. 1 N, af..-2: 9 fi. , gf. :..A.,,,k,,V. , V 1 I , ,, L ,Tv A- ' ,int ,. . , P -.. -- , 1-93 5" 'MAT Ffflf. -:wx-.-T QAL .J 0 P, k fRcw 1, Ee? fo 'ghlfii VJ5, 9 Ler- Feld as To cr B 'J .5'fF:E , 2 4 ' I 51' 57' X xg' ' I 6 fa -M : ' ' n Y, man, Parroff, Gao' K'u+cukc': Mandeir-nan, Bowen Dehn Sfnfr laccb Egefv A1-:ins Fishbein Wafenheld, Cars, Schwarz, Saas+a, Schiichfirg, KRQN Zi: Mer+ers King Bure-in Sch-eienbe-g Hcrnsby, Neison Bra++, Mlerbach Cunningham Diehl, Geredes Slcvirt Rabir15on,Pe'renzo Dcernef Srnivansky Fang, fRQw3,g Xffiiey Br! K T i FC"'9 VJGIFT, Bcbrcw Fcuseris, Ross, Bousquef Daifs. Erickson, Owe's Scchof, Van Daren VY-enzief Su+o enfecf Yee. LEZZLZYWHHW 5062652 ff, ' 2 -e"e"f-5' Q 1" ea " is , w'C'CE ,ix s JL oicyea 'anne 8 CP' CCE - F' "'Nf-fn C"" f:f-5'. - "- SOCHOR ,VL , .C , 3C,-, , 1 , ' ,,,. FISHBEIN Pres, Fqli V J iff W' ,vw Pres. Spring fRow I, Ief+ fo righ+j: Miyamo+o, Feldman, Vifcng. Wenzler, Jacob, Wi+zel. Dehn, Siavin, Fousekis, Yee. lRcw Zlf Srnifhi Carsen, Cunningham, Diehl, Bra++. Bobrow,SChwar1 Su+o, Burenin, Peirenka, fRow 31: Williams, Bousquef, Saas+a, Hornsby, Bowen, Mandefman, Par-raH, Fishbein, Waferheld, Ross, Erickson, Robinson. ,, , ,,,...1r,..,,.-.,,,, ,,,w,, ,,, , T7 T ,, Q 'G' Q 2 . ,- ,. Wh x-:Ei A A' 1,-. 3 f ,,,,,q, , if-f - Y, IS, .551 , f wr, W, 4 : 2 1 , , R ' 1 IE: W 'dt 4 W' W' I ft' " I? I a L - A i T: - I rr ,, , , , - f ,, -, , , J , , "fr, " s Q if iff is if . Q. 'i s 1 as ' A ss , ,X -, - f . i ' , A g i 'S - A Ji S , F: f E 'Q i 1 - ' ' 7' 1 fl-'t I v 1' 4-,.. 1' -1 we M ,adv 5 , Nx,- L 21? A1 -Q, 1- 3 The TirsT award ThaT may be won is a numeralg The f T 7 , yy l 1, Q, 4 , T , l T if Z 5 lRow l, leff To righTl: Ryfand, Siedman, Keller, Karavos. lRow Zlz Boson, Riedel. The Girly? fl Zkfelzb flfforzbzlzbn - Fai! The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion again had a very successTul year, headed in The Fall by Carolyn Keller and in The Spring by Malfilqo Fulfuda. Mrs. BrillharT is The GAA sponsor, Under These capable hands, more Than 500 girls have earned awards each Term, and have developed a high proTiciency in one or more sporTs. TourTh award is The Bloclf which enTiTles The holder membership in The Block socieTyg a sTar is The TiTTh awardp and aTTer six Terms oT GAA membership The girl is awarded a lovely gold Awards are given on a basis oT aTTendance and parTicipaTion, They are given To girls wiTh no more Than Three absences aT The compleTion oT The Term ol A GAA. The sporTs oTTered This Term were volleyball, second is a chevron, Then a circle is awarded: The Tennis, riding, badminTon, ice skaTing, swimming, baz- lRow l, leTT To righllz Shimamofo, Chrisfoflersen, Leon, Heclger, Fuiimilsee, Lynch, Hoogasian, Nifz, Elizarde, Chan, Marco- vifch, Eisenberg, Bourdef, Kikugawa, Osborne, McCollum, Youngblood, Friedrich, Schwarfz, Coslrer. lRow Zl: Wong, Wabrau- shelf, Sheedy, Koga, GarreTT, Carr, Wellinglon, Benfhen, Winness, Honig, Karmine, PoHer, Fuiimolo, Nassau, Lapp, Carlson, Grossfeld, Boson, Mann. lRow 3l: Scheidlinger Adair, Green, Larson, Spencer, Tse, Toly, Cheu, MiyamoTo, Hom, Chun, Leo, Pun, Ju, Ng, Yee, Ching, Simonsohn, Haclrler. lRow 4l: Wrighf, Manning, lwalsubo, SiT, Olivares, Smifh, Nasf, Bailin, Baldocchi, Chusid, SolTer, Newman, Gilmore, Crisci, Leonard, Carlson, Wong, Carras, HarTley, Ehrhorn. lRow 5l: Sefo, McGaughy, Luke, Groza, Hambrick, LabaTaille, Winfersfeen, Spelman, Jue, Jue, MenTz, Richler, Chaban, Sfolowifz, Loafea, Hoene, Wheeler, Checlr, Bloom, Thrall, Quinn. lRow bl: Malinovsky, Pinsler, Wishard, Karoll, Mammion, Ryan, AllegreHi, Buclrely, Burns, Schaefer, LousTaloT, Sawyer, Smellzer, De Lucchi, Devincenzi, Daily, Marfinez, Greendorfer, Kippis, Wright lRow 7l: Lim! Wilenslcy, Quan, Lai, Kwong, Price, Marcos, Keenan, Russ, STahmer, Jacobsen, SixTus,Arl1os,Panagalzis,Fromer, RoberTs, Earby, Brown, Karigan, Cohn, CarTer. 1 ,5 1, L, 1 V , a,a,,,,A2,mhY up T T T W ra rl ,','sT 'Q' ,T ,, , r"r Q, g ., T f 1 -.-."""'f T f + T ff' ?W,.-Q, i T I7 T s '?f'i'5l T i w' T 'ff ff' ff 74' fl i C253-fi z. 'f :Di -in fle a' T ',,' l QI H' fl' in ve fi' C rs fn, rf: ef , -:f e f ' ', , , , ' '. , ,f,- ' , T iff i "' i O ff V' W 'ii , W " 4' ' ll I' U f T jf'f f ' M T r' T ' ff f , .. .. -T is f rs, ,iT 5 T A , , T T we 9' ' T' 1 ' r ff? ' A ,T Q., ,773 , T 4,71 V ,, r f T L T Fi if 'f 'T 'f r'Ti 4. 1 H Qi . may -f yy T, ff M ' f 'V ' , 51 , 1 ff . . , . I ' 'r-ff sy 'T ,T fr M T , ' wr. H l r ' , .V - ' 5 v limi' y ' ' ' h?"'+f'if4s T ., - , - , 'rrr GTM f ' r T- hil ls? ,yf TR 5 4 f,, "f"'f '.,, ,,' Us .,,, , Wf f' 1 ,w,,, Tw, gs,,,ff..L' ' ,,. U '41-wMM,, .. ' V , V i,,, f' A.,A I irq 1:1 rf 1? I 'V' l :ac ' Q ,.A. , , , ss! -. X 7 Is, f 435- -nrw! ' up 'ml lRow l, lefl +o righilz Seidman, Enfield, Fulcuda, Eisenberg, Swift Olrubo, Kipnis. lRow 23: McLean, Blum, Marcovilch, Saasla, Hull, Fuiimo+o, Yee, Ma+sudo, Eng. The Gzifff fl Zbfeizb AIIOCZZZZZQW - fprfzrzcg le'oo, orc Cgnlfg. Com,oe""o' 'E o-ffofg hgh off: oe Correo ou' in 'he fwure. Qhzy rhe GAA boord ir ony ofe Soir' 'here ff Cl-'fflff be Soohomofes memoeri. P, E, '-eochers, ooo soeool Queers ohehd Jufofz oho Seforz soyifo 'oge'her. 'he oinrer. The yeor rhe dhhers were held or Mrs. Sisrgceszid ooydoyz, oworoz fo'5Ee: ord many ofher Brlllgll 2 O U Eamon Sledmor J' ocriyiries which gife 'he ofrlz ?he leeifg ol 'Ealing The GAA is on exrrerriely successhil orqonizorion pow" were omorg 'he grher gqriyirieg in which fhe which Truly profided lun oho ehioymenr lor oll girls girls porricioored. The year fhe booro members ho-we who ore ihreresfed 7n sporrs ond on all around good Voffeo o Semi-ohfool GPA? Eoord orhef which wil rime. lRow 1, righr 'ro lefflz Gordon, Lee, Wong, Daslralalris, Lease, Canlwell, Doran, Sibley, Molinari, Kramer, Blumberg, Robel, Burns, Simmons, Bar, S+anley, Kleinsorg, Holm, Mon+ero, Smow, Tomlinson, Axlell. lRow Zl: Lee, Lloyd, Reid, Rossi, Clark, Blaclr, Arnold, Roscoe, Colley, Chullrofl, Greenberg, Gould, Lewon, Mann, Schmid, Wiclcmon, Fuiisada, Muiasalci, Meir, Andersen, Blumenfhal. lRow 3l: Bikolzis, Hee, Pun, Trosl, Enfield, Miller, Hall, Harms, Keeve, Carras, Peery, Lee, Dong, Wong, Yee, Chu, ShiFler+, Bosser+, Bufler, Bfumberg, Geeler. lRaw 4l: Lee, Wong, Chun, Carlson, Salis, Perkins, La+his, Pfei'FFer, Caslelli, Wesf, Sundlof, Michael, McDonald, Lum, Baba, Ollamura, Pandell, Olowa, Jue, Manlurofl, Low, Reynolds. lRow Sl: Sorgalz, Carroll, Halen, Brierley, Sferling, Gridley, Ireland, Berensmeier, Johnson, Kry+zer, Amrofell, Jen, Molri Wong, Chinn, Jee, Johnson, Lumpkin, Walls, Schulz, Brodd. lRow bl: Johnson, Doge++i, Cerri, McPherson, Sarnm, Bagwell, Johnson, Lindquist Tench, Yamagishi, Lee, Lee, Huberman, Klingoman, Pero, Womer, McMurray, Willmol, De Wi++, Mayne, Kilkeary, McClellan. lRow 71: McGrew, Lee, Jaffe, Holleran, McLelland, Vasquez, Kemp, Anderson, Esposi+o, Wong, Chin, Goodman, Woo, Hikido, Olrubo, Noda, Morishila, llweda, Imai, Bowman, Deovlef, Bur+mon, Kisfler. ,.,' 1 17 nf' V , , V Q , .,,..,.,.,,fw,..c .vw ,,,,. , W- H -I ,.,,W' muy I iviii nv Tvii""'i' "" 'iii 'LH"Z:"h """ -limi - ,sss Q , ,, J , A A A .sf A ,..,r1I..L:, , , 'I " 7" ' W' f , If ' 6" ' I T M Mm 4- rg ffw gf , f "" 'W r W, L 4 5 , ww ' -1, ff, ,, Z, .. ,, , , 'MW' 4 if ' 7 1 ' W I U , 7- : , We S " ,. .W , , 'ff , . lf ,, W 0 A- , A ,. . , ef MW :rs lf: ,f M " 'M . fr for - '-if 1.-1 .V 1 HIS W: i I J 1 as J . if , f , , , ,s 4, 42 ga ' W if 2 .5 4, .1 fe ,, Q J ,iir V, - v I , , - , 1 V ,, ,MVC 7,1 i M ,W 1 V Mu yr iw , If I .I i f My Mi, V A ,,.'7 ., 4 M V 6 J A ' 7 fr if 2 5' f '32 '.., i if, 4, , 2 5' :"'Z ' J J' 9- ,, " , fm f ' fi ff! ' ' , 7' - ' ' A - Q ' M, A , yr if W fl s , ., , , ,y A -. ., , , Q , , , , , ,,, -' 'A , , ' F ' f' ' z W X 45 If hiya, ' on W 'num , fs? iri, ,ff ' f , if is My A - A i,i,., 1 A -V .W , , 4 gygry. , , 5 fr r ,, , f - V vet F - , L in f- I f M' ,, ,J 4.-ff, L14 'Q ei 'J l1H"fX 'L Aff' A W , I X f I l iv W "" J :V-if: u 2271 1, eindiligffffeb er' nur f4..,,. A ' V A 5,-s-lgaixilggf E, M .Mx ,fgiwfms . .II X viii U Na+ , , , ,A . ,EMM QNNN N , f , , .hip ...... iff- ' .4 W T K? AAXX T S' ' Q NX I fk X '- Nw N 'f,, Qi: it , AAL, l, I N4 , ,, !Lgx:':4-R .A .gl ,Q A ' g X ,x A 4 'Of I .- - ' f'AT'f .J . I ! I' ' BY THE SEA IN BLOOMERS ! A. f I ' ff DLYMPICS. 1960! I W . '2 If y 2 'fa Q qw W y ,fix , I A I .fi I f 1' 1 F- 3 1 Il I 1 J 4 jd - W if gr UOOF!!! A, , f X , . ,MM JW 3 f DIG THOSE KNEES? Z . 2 'Y fw I if I I V 1 I I .f 31 , ' ,74 4 7,7Xf .. f fy ef' gf f X l If if ,w M2 , . ,Auf HIT 'EM HARD! A.. , WZQM 62 K '1 ,A 5 2 my .. I fmww, , f f i x M 4 '74 Wy, I 5 si MW W M fi I GLAMOUR GALORE? 2' - V, gp' , A ,A I M, ,fm i FROZEN SKATERS! W ! , ' HI HO, SILVER! , 0' " - Hu- .- Wy - . 7 1 ,V I L ' 1 I V' - .QQ 0144"-"'r. -.A-..'V - V- 4-1 .Q..fAQ1.-I 7' ,L-'ff -T ,V "I"f' I , ,, V Mn- -fffmfff-.Www ,f M I 3721 If ,I 1 ' f ff M M5274 , M 7 ,W 6 X l' """' 'V WHAT FORM! wauwvff fu ,-L 1 .....w...m.f.--- Mm---.---M--f Q 'M l 1 " 1 J-i5"9wM,IN,.,l,,,, A 'Q I . .,, Q g 4 ' ' X " 'fain , E' fl Ie, Z ,,, ,f af' 2 'S I , Ek 6-15 Z 42 1 6 I 4? ff, ? S ....... .- I 4 5' ' 4 1 ff! ' X V Zh ' uf, 1 A1 2 Q WI! iff Q I I E 5 9 me f I ,ff W4 Av' W 0 R G A N IZIZITI I I ,-""' In I, aff? b ,J-W' I, m 1 -!d,,,0 , , V F ' ff 1 II P- I 4 5 s Iv, V' y- 1 , Q 1' if' -' I ..f-1, 1 ' . f I , fa L I g ff I 2 J - I, .Y I I, fxlpub I If X i i. 1 A3 I IQ JU , I W ,.- gm ll up S 4 I ! J' I ,V 1, Mdfln 5 X-, x lv i f ' fw ' J fp' 6' -P lv , , 4 - N - , ,f x ,ms 55' Qlly 5 , Nxhx'-.,S 4 A 2 fig! 2 if kxxxx-1 45 P: ff , ,,,, My I . :M 4 "-.4 f I f I If ff if Q- I- .W-'Qf's'yf '- ' - 2 I I . ' 2 I 5 f 1 J' .' ' w v . 4 ' , I-6'-F-i'+"v-I-wi-3 fm H4 9 5 , ' 2 A ' - 5 I 3 eb ' 1"'f'1I"'If'4! I 2 ACTIVITIES -XX S. ' 2 I 7' I--, 'me k ff f, J , f-5-', w- ,Wes . . s ml YM N ' iv ,, sf f f ,ie f J . K The inquisiiive ediTorial sTaf'f. They're Pai led.I SixTus, Ann BuTT, Jackson Taranfino, Karen led.I Voss, NaT lY-Eyel Hoogasian, Ollie Roberfs, Barb Riedell and Wini Yee. The Eazcgfr News wriTers are always smiling. They love news, From IeTT To righf are Cris Karmine, Gail Wicksfrom, Sal lshe's an ediTorI RyTand, Arlene Cooper, Nancy lso's shel Wickman, and Jackie WaiTe. Times Q c. 1 1 1" f ,Ex l The happy sporT SlGH. They're very aThleTic. From IeTT To righT are Chuck Dresow, Bob RoberTson, Judy lprepl Kogan, Marv Mizis, Dave lSporTyI SmiTh, Angie lprepl MuscaT, and Irene lBloomer Gall Chulkoicf. FeaTure pagers are lovely. Especially The one wiTh a newspaper for a head. The oThers are Irene Woo, Bevie Bauer, Richard Harcourf, and Bennie BursTein. s ff-iw-s I F 'F - P. . l f-ggi! if, 1. Vg , I-, V . -A , Q v ue ' ' i . V I ' We ' is ,c f W , f , ' s, 4 . A "' T . - ' Q fi s , .,., f , - r ,Q , Qu, , W V ,L -M - ,..e.:s -ck A gy' V' 'ff . X ill T X- ,T NN I . ...,.. rs Z INGRID LEVIN Fall Edifor Fall STOTT ChieT, Ingrid Levin, and Spring ChieT, Gail Groza, along wiTh Their able "super-dooper news snoop- ers" and under The wonder- Tul advisorship oT Mr. Wire. Tried To bring you a school newspaper you would enioy and be proud oT. The "Eagle," alThough managed The some as a ciTy paper, is noT prinTed aT WashingTon. Work on each issue acTu- ally sTarTs abouT Three weeks beTore The paper comes ouT. The page ediTors decide on Their "copy" and make Their S: i fr use W X 'SR Kgs s x iii, , i , ,ss S I -' Less GAIL GROZA Spring EdiTor page "layouTs." Making a page "layouT" is noT as easy as iT sounds, The Third page ediTors Tor boTh The Spring and Fall Terms would surely agree. ArTicles and TeaTure sTories are assigned, picTures are Taken Tor some pages, and Then The work-and Tun -begins. AlThough Room 228 is always buzzing wiTh exciTef me-nT, all The hard work al- ways geTs done. The STaTT has Tried iTs hardesT To bring you a news- paper you would enioy read- ing. l-lope you did! ' 'ii dv, A All ANGIE MUSCAT Edilor-in-Chief The only people who krfw whar hard work has been pur irro rhis yearbook are rhe members ai The Surveyor slavcl, who srarred early in The Tall semesler To prepare The book for June. This year's edilors have been Argie Muscat Ediror - in - Chielt Helen Ben+hen, Adrninisrra- lion: Myrna l-lonig, Srudenr Body: Judy Kogan, Acliviries and Organizarionsf Dayanne Shinn and Na+alie Hooga- sian, Seniorst Jackie Taran- rino, Sporrs. The process ol making The book is a long one. The "dum- my," in which all lhe ideas go, is arranged, and The Hlayouls" are pasred on each page. When a cover lor The yearbook is designed and chosen, anorher imporranr srep is complered. Then all 'rhe picrures are Taken: high seniors, class and arudenr body ohficers, clubs, and or- gariizowions. This is your book. The edi- rorz hope Thar every member of The srudenr body enioys ir ard Thar ir brings back many land memories 'n rhe years ro come. T 6 fmflworf The Surveyor's copy wri+ers are Treasure Meyers, Genny Warner Arlene Cooper, Bev Bauer, and sealed, Em Devincenzi This is wha? we call a "pas+e up." These busy girls are Irene Woo and Karen Voss. Handling 'rhe business manage- menf of The yearbook are Helene Gordon, Genny Warner, Morian Rauschkolb, Nancy Cosker, Cris Karmine, and Irene Chulkoff. xx.. Em Devincenzi and Jackie Toronlino are The lucky girls surrounded by sparf s+aFl wri+ers George Fanucchi, Paul Cervelli, Dave Smilh, Lauren Par:-o++, Marv Mizis, Dick Dehn and Chuck Dresow. kr if Fall Term Play 'f fn' KSLIIIJ'-fly. CAST Umm , . Mow, Pmdwrfv My Pr Vw' , Fffnny Prifchold Amy . Cary! Ht-fqupium Prem? HW-and ffwy Vurw I:7V'VF2VN Mn. Fi-,Her , Cimm-. L, Smith' JK ff,' , . . Mflw MQNCI' AME vr', . I-'mth Fowler M1 GM . . Joe-V Lifvin My P 1',,4 :gf-V5 . F' f,!r vid ffwld ,Mwvrw Dina fed by Annu Moy llfhilwrw Azsisfonf Diredovn SUZE'Hf2J6'V1V'NiUQ', Beverly Gimsberq 1, , , t 7 K "f ',f,f'1.,1.11 ,, ,- wwf V xvfff-xyfffffl w f 4 ' 1 53 V Z . ' rig? f 'Y lf. 954' ,. -1 7 7 ' V TZ 2' 1 'f' Y 'f 4 mf w W , , , 1 ,fn . U ,U ' 2 Q, If A J L ,. ,VVJ W W7 ,yr g, M? J, L R- ', , ,Zi : f" , M4 f ,Ty 'iw I .7 ,. 1 W gv 4 Q I . 1 14 , ' rj ,hh Am .44 A , ,!c,fk..,,5,.,V It I A , , ,A ,f,f'1 'ig 'Q 'Ki'-4Ig,'72?' 'f i ,V A ' Muff? 2 ' 1 1 'N In 17:2 1, L, 1 , ff, f f f f , ,ff " I 7 , ., , -' f X ., l ,,,, , ,. V R iff 52 ' ' Spring Term Play L ziffw U IOIIIUIZ CAST W. ,,. m,,.,' .. . JJfi 1. . ez' 'ffzze 1 A K, f ff ,V f f all vi Hun, ' F"z Va, llifi ILL' " Z'9f'i -.L I f,.,jr3 , ,,,, ' aw? ' . ,JZ ,.-. Em' - , J . lRow l, leff To righilz Smifh, Cerri, Gasser, Bellinger, Piconi, Pels, Bagwell, Suhler, Cabezas, Chan, Smifh, Lee, Winness, McMurray, De Gabain, cle Leon, CarTer, Tigges, Ball. lRow 2l: Hagiwara, Olivares, Price, Jones, Salmenson, Jesfer, Bowman, Buff, McLean, French, Wishard, Manfuroff, Trabucco, TroTTer, Horeis, Berk, Menshikoff, Green, Holleran, Reed, Perry. lRow 3l: Simmons, Gufhrie, Allen, Singer, Harringion, Green, Mack, Spanos, Chang, Ecklund, Allen, Fousekis, Merriouns, Shepard, Drohlich, Wiley, Miller, Keller, Tom, Hicks, Torres. Cham! Group! The Advanced Mixed Choir, someTimes called The A Capella Choir, is composed OT 24 boys and 43 girls. The choir does sacred music, spiriTuals, and "songs Tor Tun." This choral group perTorms Tor various auTside organizaTions during The year. This pasT year The group sang in The lovely ChrisTmas presenTaTion here aT Wash- ingTon, aT a paTrioTic program aT The CiTy l-lall, and Tor a program aT The Y.M.C.A. Every year The choir par- TicipaTes in The STaTe Music FesTival, and wiTh The enTire Music DeparTmenT aT WashingTon, gives a Spring Con- cerT. l:iTTy-seven girls make up The Advanced Girls' Choir. They sing popular ballads, spiriTuals and lighT music. The group has perTormed in rallies and Tor The ParenT' Teacher AssociaTion. Borh OT These chairs are under The capable direcTion oT Mrs. MyrTle Swanson. lRow I, leff To righflr Torru, Boone, Osborne, Jackson, Moses, B. Kleinsorg, C. Kleinsorg, Kryfzer, Learned, Simmons, PeTTi+, Tom, Jue, Leong, Aubrey, Freeman. lRow Zl: Reeu, Black, Kino, Albedi, Riedel, Mar, Ehrharn, Bloom, De Wiff, Schaefer, Smifh, Quinn, Chun, Ireland, Olafsen, Mrs. Swanson. lRow 3l: PondexTer, Smiih, Koupas, Zwyer, Kurhberg, Hancock, Rebizza, Ross, Summerfield, Keihl, Lilliman, Green, Bell, Swiff, Berensmeir, Wang. ffl Gif JI rr 0 rises? EQ' ,T 'ECW ,L 'ur w Q," J, vb 4 T E. 'C ppm:-uf--...... ,M,,,,,,,.- . ga L , Efmeer ' Q Q , 5-1,2 V A ,Q 1..- lRow 1, le'F+ lo righ+l: Lou+errnon, Lucos, O'Neill, Plu'r+e, Srnifh, Wong, Corros, Perry, Fuilmo+o, Zeiger, Ryan, Po++er. lRow 211 Wong. Womer, Lingschled, Singer, Gon, Bcnuef, Low, Torn, Jung, Rusfeldt Logoso, Tse, Ng, Wong, Holl, Mr. Welch. lRow 3l: Ehrhorn, Hyrnon, Dubenko, Corros, Allegre'r+i, Nichols, Bogos, Gross, Wes+mon, Sfone, Gvosdev, Cohen, Lindgren ,Band and Llrce' "e one 3'fec":' 55 Mr, Vife Ch 'he Evo orc Crcherrc were cz C from o feff oc"fe oof' Q' of zcrco. l' "e 52 'he o3'c o"ec'e': Of Geofce Feb" 'zzf cc" " 'he F5752 Pages" oioyec o' ,- ,l ' l' G, "e C':"e2 C'C 'C ez c'C efe' of 2' C Merc' 'Q Q - - I- i 1 - , EC' Jeff C 'e L'C:' c': Lzffe :Q oz gcffes. if -fa Cfxn- -nw-,A f l-mf CL, '- F Us in 1 1- do - , -- -, of , fc- Dowd u Coe' r-o-:e 'VC 2':"is':'-ec ' "e l1c"'e ' cc A QVCZKIZLWI 'cf' 3 Mg: Fei' fo o' l-lowers rece f'c 3 rc '2 of Efcei-e" orc S.oef'or. , L . i i i i' 'i e VV "ef "c"'f "e of'nez'ro osofeo o' 'ne Tefrr P21 'Le C'1'if'f"':Cf Ffocfcrn VC: Gfooec":' F'-e' A' Fesmtw 3C azoerfz grim 55+ -he oo'o Grd zffrefro lox'-ef-ec " 'he C' ece 35 Poor" 2' S':'l- ':' 'o 'ofe cor' 'r -he Muzi C "ic, rho coo" " 're Zorro 35 owof: "e :rc'e:'rc Q ofeo for "e Sofrz ffffg- Ms A- cms h-',, H-, ,,, ons, ,, lRow I, lef+ +o righllz Andre, Lindgren, Winniclr, Cohn, Buhrz, Schaeffer, Velinchinsky. lRow Zl: Wong, Dunn, Suyeycsu, Bobrow, Pe+ropoulos, Hicks, Colyer, Miller, Gross, Ascher, Anderson, Lee, Srni-rh, King, Adochi, Plo+o, Shiofo, Bivens. lRow 3l: Allen, Owens, Grofelmon, Thol, Sco+'r, McConnbs, Gvosdev, Cohen, Golden, Nunon, Benne++, Poren+i, S'foud+, Von HOF, Vi+olis, Hondlon. lRow 4l: Jones, Horbond, Funlr Harris, Hoggerfy, Slohl, Uribe, Grigin, Thomas, Burenin, Chan, Ford, MossenlcoPF, House, Fields, Grosse, Jones, Mr, Welch. . '-..-..-.-- .. 401 ,W 603 . 'Stl l ,Ml l M , l l 3 f gn M ff gf 545 Alf, f-nu' Q - 1" S. My 1, fr N , X ' ., H4 rm 1 M -.. 7 'fp . ' ' - I vig if 1 5 1 ' X v Z 4 X W YW , l f I ff ff f fn gf . X , ff W' I i fe if ' ' A 4. f --V' .X I , rv ,-40 1--ev R OTC OWCWJ lRow 1, fop fo boffomlz Arconi Bo++o+ Chan Chew Declrer Dickey lRow 21: Fowler Gardner Gillespie Hanson Hicks Hofzfmon lRow 3l: Jewell Lupo Lu+ze Mumau Mapes Morfin lRow 41: Miller Pofferson Pefersen Schwarz Seeberger Srone lRow 5l: Taylor Trauner Wesfplweling Whire Wong Yu xgs. " ,BG x an IE u 'f X ful? A 4,51 fr 1'- I s. , 2 1 NN ' avg' lRow 1, le'F+ +o rlgh+l: Dunn, Payne, Momou, Scheidmon, Boldock, Chew. lRow Zl: Anderson, Chow, Jacobs, Gollordo, Yee, Refewe Dffcerf T1f0zz'nz'nCg C0505 Schcr. Ore Neel o5'ef sclreel romeo fr Seerember, l3:c'scl Pcgecr- ffgg hed lr whgh -he l4-mor l4-QV' or' ' 'eoms wer "rar cfcce hcrers, The g'rls' 'ecm c se 'oak ear- 'r -re Cdurreus Dey Poroce fwfcrcs one Deccforerz Cererrery orc 'he Mem Dey Porcce. In Ccfeber rre er're Bef-clzr 'ack cor' li orruol Celumbue Dcy Pcrooe. Wczh'rgrer wen :VET prlze 'fzorf 'le' 'he ees' l3,C.'l.C. J' 'r Frcresce. Teworcs rhe ers Q? fhe Pol -erm 'he Aworos Decerorlons Ceremcry woe nelo for 'he Cece? -re Grd grfl , -he CDO 'he -re Str Grd wl".D earned offords 'hreughou' 'he Term. Meocls were giver lor rllle morkmoneh?p, beef coder, beer squad, beer plo- reen, ond beer compory. Rchcrd Grllesor woe Q ren commord er rhe Bor'ol7er lor The Spring Term. The Sr. Porrlcrf Dol Porcde wc: 'he refr eg per- B' Pe'erser morired er Morke' S'ree' weorrg chreme re rre'5 ffrwe 'he res' ef 'he Bc'-zlen was r.-fecrrg Crref Cree' 36C'J'O'.'I"E '3 CCG :der fi 'he ecfoze. Gerercl Bfeoch Che? cl 're Coferfo Mflrcry D'z'rlc', flares Geerge Woshlrgfer 'r Merch, Gere ero Bureoch solo 'hor 'he Borrohor leekeo very good Grd 'leo' the demoriforer Quf cr sy members el 'he Drfw Tecm woe efceleri Fecercl 'r3eec'7:r ei 'he Geefqe VVo5r'rg'3r l-hgh Sched R.0.'l.C. l33"ol'e- fro: rec er fl-eff: l7. Mohr Mockfher Coorolr Jeres orc we 'rsoecrrg ohfcers from ern Army Heodcuorrefs frseeved 'he Borrolon olrer OlOl'VY1Ol refew ond pcrgdg woe held In 'rhe mgrn- lrg. ln The olrerneor. reefs were gfver, Ord The Drill Teom, commended by Cond Bfl Pererseh, performed for rhe erqlcers ond rhe Borrollen. The George Woshs lrgen R.C.l.C, Rfle Teom also wer 'he Cry Chom- o'erghIp lr The orh Army cemeeffbr G'G c:moe'ed f lcrmonce lor rhe R.Q.'l'.C. ECHO er. Or 'ho' Coy, rhe I4-mor Drl I Team uroer 'he ccmmcro 5? CODE' Coe? Congzmny A lRow l, leH' 'ro righ+l: Yu, Dunn, Wong, Lew, Pills, Hixon, Vivian, Beodner, Shipley, Lee, Cheu, Yoshioko, Young, Fesl, Seckinger, Jones, Lopcdurc, Hicks, Bull. lRow Zl: Jewell, Decker, Powell, Trecdgold, Smi+h, Morinos, Schmidt Nelson, Fisher, Vanderpoel, Gonzoles, Buckle, Shields, Greko, Angus, Smiih. Ir rhe Nofercl Flrols. lllll lllll ml W? A 'Y Ai' 'xf' Av .A lRowl lefl +o rlghf Jansen Hnrsch Lee Jones Harvey Craddoclc Wong Frlselle Anderson Chun Harvey Chow Fey Winans Mrranda Freeman Row2 Jocobs Leong Woods Brown Reed Anderson Yee Tye Schullace Belasco Muller Hemsfreef Chan Pefersen Canellos g. .gm I ga: ..., ,M WWW, N W :ofa-so UWM M,,....W . N -sm.-' NV' N.-.A on 4- mifls is f 2 HZ V 4 X M. Y. .sdiff 1,- 'M' ,,,,,, s lRow I leff +o rghf Mamov Yun Aralrel Passof Gallardo Gufhrue Farrrs Bersiern Blvens Gee Yee Lee Muscuo Rusl Colligan Chlncholle Muller Eguchl Jung Dreer Dlckey Row 2 Sione Lupo Adalr Marquardf Yoblonslxy Hoffman Schar, Alexander Casall Malls Mason Sllverman Thal Morlmofo Snlbermon Monfgomery Hallen Daskalcslus Aced lRow3 Payne Chew Scheldeman Hom Leong Lindgren Leelc Wcln Wong Vrnlon Hess ,""'M"' RTF..-'W lROw I le Richards Husch Olson Enlrln Row 2 Cove-He Krall Noah Lazarus Hom Levene Greenbaum Sllverman Lowe Kllmenlo Ge Gee Coldwell Lee Kwok Row3 Muller Johnson Gregory Horels Ma-:Donald CFUCIGHI Zimmerman Smith, Thompson Goldslrom Douglass Ware W OLDIER OF TOMORROW 3,-:Ll J. -4.1:-1,-.- f-,.:1. .--... 3 , G-lRL'S DRILL TEAM W E SERGEANTS COOK AND OUINBY A-f-W ,-1 ,,f ,,. 3 R J , . , 59, " 1 Y, ,f f wg X 44' V j E l T 1 ' 7 ' I ff' " 1 A A, I' 1 J , M mf vm 1 . 'A' ap -, , I X k b nz' ,, -... ,,-,H We O fff'-f",w Inj Wifi!! gcfb' fLcir'9fz'ZzE5 and 07fg6ZWZZ6ZlZUW5 VVoshingTonions ore very busy people, porTiCipoTing oCTively in The mony orgonizohons ond Clubs ThoT hove become on imporTonT porl oT school liTe. Such groups os The SCorleT ond Groy Senior Service SoCieTy, wiTh Poll PresidenT Edno SilTon ond Spring Presideml Jody Kooon, The Colitfornio Scholorship FederoTion, wiTh Presidenils l3eTer WhiTe ond Gordon Mo, The Americon Field Service, ond The Science Club, ConTribuTe To The high sTondords oT service ond scholorship ochieved by The sTudenTs. Members ol The Generol Donce CommiTTee, one ol The lorQesT groups here oT WoslwingToiw, will never Tor- me v, 5-11 . ef? i V iiii Y px Cv' fm, oeT The exciTernenT ond Thrill in o crowded gym wiTh busy Triends hurrying To geT all The decoroilions up belore Tive o'c:loclc on on oTTernoon beTore o donce. Donce bid ond TiCl:eT sellers will long remember The Tun oT Trying To sell more bids or Ticl4eT9 Thon onyone else. The Tobulous posTers mode by The S.S.l3.C. will live Tor o long Time in mony memories. These groups and mony more lfeep Woshinglon go- ing in o gioy round oT ocTiviTies. Moy we never TorqeT The Tun weve hod ond The Triends weve rneT in These mrqonizolions. elhrrdrf ,wif Grin' Riff lRow l, left to righll: Bauer, Ukubo, Satli, Finorchio, Hlkido, Yee, Roberts, Kogan, Devincenzi, Silton, Ruten, Wong, Jeong, Buley, Keller, Wade, Hildreth, lRow Zl: Young, Morishita, Fuiimoto, Myers, Bosth, Sixtus, Yoshihara, Trost, Riedel, Seidman, Levin, Lambert, Woon, Fong, Gan, Greenberg, Bowman, Gruen, Stewart. lRow 31: Seeberger, Kalman, Jin, Yee, Henrich, Jewell, Kern, Bratt, Cunningham, Castle, Busse, Schwartz, Schwartz, Woterfield, Georgeades, Karavos, ,l2111'L'f Lum' Grlrv 5101111 Sf lRow l, left to rightl: Schwartz, Koshland, Burtmun, Forno, Osborne, Kormine, Bauer, Fuiimoto, Kogan, Ando, Trost, Sixtus, Rob- erts, Rouschkolb, Benlhen. lRow Zlz Devin- cenzi, Unger, McMurray, Willmol, Froncisro, Molinovsky, Wong, Yoshihara, Waterfield, Ma, Hikido, Bosch, Birnbaum, Sermeno, Seidman, Honig. lllow 3l: Wong, Hirai, Dea, Morishita, Young, Okubo, Yee, Hildreth, Harrison, Veli- chinsky, Jewell, Bratl, Cunningham, Geor- geades, Kern. avi? if ,. " an-. ,bw J si, r v-kv lldi l,t2!HL'l1t' lRow l, left to rightl: Deovlet, Chan, Fey, Terry, Michols, Groza, Pritrhard, Jennings, Boson, Cherniss, Fisher, Larsen. lRow Zl: Leonard, Stern, Birnbaum, 0'Neill, Smith Hedger, Gerber, Fowler, Hngopian, Silver, Manning, Cowden. B1'0ciJ'a1if1'1zg JALW Riff lR0W l, left to rightj: Gleason, Flatow, Mc- Vune, Elefant, Ignacio, Fowler, Olson. lRow Zi. Setzer, Pritchard, Norman, Honig, Mott hx B1'0,1c7lf.uf1715f ff. 5,01 'Ill 257 lRow l, left to rightlz Ignacio, McVane, Fowler, Paddle, Honig, Pritchard, Hicks, Dresow. lRow Zi' Thal, Gleason, Flotow, Fishbein, Smith. Ewfllflllfci DJIICH COIIZIIIIFRWU EIU lLeft to rightl. Winnesx, Abers, Kalman, Ruslender, Topolos. Exvczzfzw Dcrfrfe C-Oliillllffclc' 5117177151 lRow I, Ielt to rightjz Groza, Bauer, Pero Willmot, Mayne, lRow 21: Eolon, Hirsch Weiner, Martin, Blue, Schwartz. cifcrgfi, jfcjlicjijr' ,mf POJZKI' Cfllb lRow l, left to rightl: Baldocchi, Burns, Vos quez, Robinson, Leoncrd, Thomsen, De Lucchi Cosker, Friedrich, Schwartz, Bloom, Chulkoff Brownlee, Wong, Colley, Morishita, Wiech lRow Zj: Bossert, Malinovslcy, Francisco, Mc Murray, Kleinsorg, Keeve, Learned, Re, Mol loy, Axlell, Tomlinson, Hikido, Ng, Wong Fuiimoto, Burton, Jue, Davis. lRow 311 Shif fort, Miller, Jacobsen, Cronander, Hoene Simonsohn, Hackler, Wong, Eng, Chun, Peper, Chun, Ando, Kobuchi, Murano, Bedell, Herron f ,-.. f fn ' f -' , ijirgv, 'Y , gf Ri' ,QQ 'WY' we-if uf A nf K ,as-sw 1 55 9 fc,-fl of Eb jq B l , ,we am!- 11' 77, ng., ii! F39 If -i an nl? ,jf Q Wits 'M S. in , ,, ,, 'f .6755 ,'f.'tf2", 4' Q' V " 4'l'. L Jr YV f 4 435' U 3 ,,,,"7,' 7 'T' ,fx 'BU Q "',,! 7 Fix? ws WI gg W 01.1 5 fe. Mi Q-rye ffrrffu, Jkwirlf Jim' Q O y F' 9 9 5-Danni w"'9 0 'Nev' tfgi C! - I x' J," N 'Q X 1 . eye- ' 'Y Q. 1 7 X f be ' 1 S -s I x , A r-r-s ' A M X ll K' ,I .ty r S ,B ' , Q Q ,rf y li , if if S is f M ,H . , . V I ,Q W ,. X 5 as ,I X, x V qg,, ,- VA an Parfw' Cfllb lRow l, left to rightjf Burns, Butt, Miller McLean, Mentz, Lewon, Newman, Kramer Sachs, Colon, Terry, Nitz, Woo, Groza, Hart Iey, De Gabain, Daily, Waite, Kearney, Trost Burslein, Olivares. lRaw Zj: Womer, Kilkeary McClellan, Chu, Pinsler, Schmid, Gansz Wabraushek, La Shay, Brown, Ju, Yee, Lowe Sterling, Chan, Johnson, Fuiimitsu, Elizarde Cowden, Jennings, Trotter. lRow 3l: Voss, Koshland, Brodd, Shun, Fuiimoto, Matsuda Potter, Moses, Vasquez, Ryland, Enfield Brungard, Marcos, Matheson, Oyamn, Boson, Grossfeld, Selzer. ,S P017 Ngffvf Cnzizzzzzrfru lRow l, left to rightl: Marcos, Guasco, Schwartz, Pera, Wilenslry, Lewon, Ju, New- man, Greendorler, Burns, Johnson, Molloy llogan. lRow 2l: Sshulz, Perkins, Carlson Bauer, Chang, Stanley, Steinberg, Ramrn Enfield, Waite, Mann. lRow 3l- Gelberman llleinsarg, Lease, Vaiona, Gong, Colley Setzer, Herron, Allegretti, Woo, Trost, Nat- sievsky. 3 J , Hrfzm' Dwcbfrir , , fj S6 L, ' offlzrzfvzar eq ri ' , u to mow 1, ren to nghn: Amrolell, Gordon, , "' 7 Woo, Johnson, Robinson, Nassar, Lopp. lRow ' Il. Winnick, Lark, Stanley, Kleinsorg, Larsen. ' xy 1 I y J e ,lp .QQ I Q eg, 4, , 'Wwswg My '-v-f Fillfllll' fV1f11n1f offi irzmkxr lRow l, left to rightl- Doran, Johnson, Holm, De Sparr, Elame. rl in rfzi Il Il lRow l, left to rightl: Check, Richards, Cronander, Mr. Le Claire, Hicks, Daily, Chao. Rcrflt' Corrrrrrrmif Erff lRow l, left to rightl1 Lambert, Rytand, Schwartz, Levin, Keller, Jacobson, Karavos, Litvin, Buley. lRow 21: Pritchard, Fowler, Cohen, Mott, Lantermari, Ginsberg, Satti. lRow 3,1 Berk, Shapiro, Norman, Cohan, Devincenzi, Imai. Rally C0rrr1rz1'fmi 511717.17 Lg lRow l, left to rightj: Wong, Olleill, Mali- novsky, Seidman, Roberts, Currier, Schwartz, Jennings, Enfield. lRow 21: Wong, Swift, Devincenzi, Honig, Benthen, Koshland, Voss, Cosker, DeLucchi, lRow 31: Grozo, Petropou- los, Hicks, Hornsby, Smith, Fowler, Pritchard CIF lRow l, left to rightl: Murano, Jue, Yokota, Pera, Beasley, Lapp, Lim, Lew, Greendorfer, llatsievsky, Stewart, Eisenberg, Shinn, Berk, Hull, Daily, Cronander, Brodd, Kaman, Solter, Richter, lue, Bourdet, Sixtus, Fuiimoto, lRow Zi: Chan, Molinari, Sterling, Moyne, Freeman, Chun, tlg, Murphy, Westergard, Kwok, Chul- koff, Holleron, Singer, Ossin, Newman, Loafea, Yee, Ton, lshida, Gould, Marcos, Shimamoto, Bosch, Matsudo. ll-iow Ill: Tom- linson, Thrall, Berman, Winnick, White, Mandelman, La Pedis, lleinshenk, Anderson, Butt, Velichinsliy, Lawrence, Dickey, Man' ning, Mentz, Michael, Sundlof, Benthen, Allegretti, Schaefer, Perkins, Fishbein, Lee rw C21 IG ri? 3'7- it s - - 1 Q X' -5 L Y W" 9' t ' X,fg XFM "' 5 r fe l!X"'i 7 .. 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Y Council X X Y Schulz, Boson, Ryland, Wickman, tkow 21: W '45 ' A i Petropoulos, Ross, Slavin, Lonterman, Waite, , 1 ' 1' F07'f74gflll Afjfrzkff mm' A lflZL'l'IfcIlI Fzkffff fmfzce Cfzrfv lRow l, left to rightl: Schmid, Jacops, Free- man, Patterson, 0'DonneIl, Check, Allen, Evans, Delucchi, Hancock, Ginsberg, Blum, lltow 21: Greendorfer, Monderer, Hull, Man' ning, Snow, Gasser, Young, Currier, Scott, Gerber, Mann, Peery. fkow 3l: Siekmann, Hicks, Schwind, Thieben, Michels, Heuga, Mandelman, Richards, Chang. se S K 2 It Eg, i .5klc'lZCf? Cllflb lRow l, left to rightj: Jacobs, Patterson, Taylor, Harcourt, Romm. lRow Zl: Klimenko, De Mandel. WV4: QF Q 1..- an-up Y -SHIIIQD rlllcff C0111 CIIIZV fra lRow l, left to rightl: Linkeman, Swartzburg, 0 Taylor, Mr. Brock, Harcourt, Imai, Richards, Schwartz. lllow Zl: Rehfelf, Klimenko, Treadgnld, Gold. , . 'nf 'i Wfsfv ,ey 1 Chill Cfzrlv 1 V ', Z Q ,Vg lRow l, left to rightl: Foster, Bogus, Green- ' J f l dorfer, Galant. lRow 21: Rosenberg, Michels, 3 X g kc, xl, f'iyITlClI1. ' l t N K f 6? f ' - lRow l, left to rightjz Cragg, Edwards, fl!IlI0l'.Rc'J7 Ciao' fl? Q Q lRow l, left ta rightln Chun, Young, Bagwell, Ortega, Thomsen, Brodd, Speizer, Monderer, Silver, Okawa, Black, Mason, Cleaver. lRow 2l: len, Ching, Jaquysh, Bell, De wan, Clear- waters, Murano, De Sparr, Warner, Abrahams, Granizo, Cerri, Young. lRow 3l: Chang, Wenz- ler, Allina, Cunningham, Michels, ,G' i S 4 ,Cisco tv' R711-Al7Zc'i'IfiIII Cfzrl' liow l, left to rightl: West, Porter, Okawa Stewart, Doggett, Massau, Loafea, Kramer -. Singer, Pandell. lllow Zlg Moriguchi, Miya rnolo, Wong, Terry, Colon, Murray, Menll , Molinari, Holleran, Vaiana, Anderson, gd i r f i H 'A ' Y 'cu ' 4 2: "9 T , Ewrfl' Cfzrle lRow l, left to rightl: Heuga, Reagh, Rirh- 7 ards, Manning, Wave. lRow 2,2 Harcourt, 4 2 Q- Jacaps, Hicks, Y ET' 12' 'Q wi r- .4 ," . .r , Gerrrrorrr Cfzrfe lb r lRow l, left lo rightlz Bosch, Manning, Mar- F ' tinez, Krytzer, Wintersteen, Villamov, Trotter, v in Y Q "WF ff' Pfeiffer. lRow 21: Richards, Drohlich, Patter- son, Miniiras, May, Singer, Palmer, Hage mann, Loromer. 'tl gn.-sv xx I fzrrf 1' Hrff Ofjffwu' O Ie L i ' I fRow l, left to rightj: Kwong, Ando, Yee, A f f , 4 fn. ,A ' ' P Hasoda, Devincenzi, Seto, Eng, Pun, Wong, Y u f 1 lj M Q ' x 741 Sl 'H'- Young, Manning, Anderson, de Leon. lRaw i ' ' 'V' Qvif l xlf 22: Bossert, Osborne, Koshland, Landau, L , L 2 X , W 1 Z'-A - ' Y 'E . Q Evergettis, Srhwartz, Yu, Harrison, Green, Topolos, Ffahl, Vasquez, Hornsby. lliow 37: Thrall, Kipnis, Tomlinson, Klingaman, Fried- K' 4 ua- , tb- rich, Slavin, Katz, Hagedorn, Erickson, Edler, ' Wenzler, Cunningham, Parker, Stharf. EEVSZAQ Q G si i Q Q GMM P- 060 mfg Q49 T , Wi pf 49, W Z if' iw H ,f if if , ,481 Q . ! ,,.,. . lj V I 7 L,.f-Sf V L ' ' r " er.-If ' , J. l fff f' ',', . ' H234 :.'., ' 2 V' WW. A . s g H 5 if ,, , V 'Q' fe-2 .. +L r ,I W, I if 'sm ,gf ' 4, ' . f l 2- lr -,,-. W fo St l . 1 ww.. . 1, C3 .at-ae ,iff f fi f' X i Aww 2 Mi Bm' trim' Ticker jifffm fRow l, left to rightl: Gridley, Butt, Miller, Berk, Slater, Leibovitch, Brown, Thomsen, Sachs, Friedrich, Greenberg, Nitz, Woo, Oli- vares, Hartley, De Gabain, Waite, Trost, Burstein, Speizer, Getchell, Cherniss, Drohlich. lRow Zl: Herron, De Witt, Stanley, Ham- brick, Cosker, Newman, Kramer, La Shay, Fuiimolo, Schwartz, Smith, Enfield, Eisen- berg, Sterling, Boson, Brungard, Wheeler, Setzer, Grossfeld, Lucas, 0'Neill, Devincenzi. lRow Ill: Klingaman, Thompson, King, Pera, Vasquez, Gelberman, Guosco, Nicholls, Holt, Hornsby, Malinovsky, Kobuchi, Chang, Jester, Natsievsky, Blumberg, Molloy, Snell, Michels, Winnick, Taylor, Fishbein, Schellenberg, Lowe, Safdie, Riedel, Griffin. Lrbmly fini' lRow l, left to rightl1 Jeung, Lum, Pater, De Gabain, Herron, Sixtus, Jennings, Dusheck, Young, Hanson, Manoguerra, Check, Pfeiffer. lRow Zlz Moriguchi, Lee, Johnson, Wilson, Daily, On, Sims, Singer, Re, Miniiras, Morris, Gurich, McFarland, Caufield, Chinn, fiilfqllt' trim' Grrwf lRow I, left to rightl: Cherniss, Swift, Honig, Woo, Daily, Carp, Hyman. lRow Zl: Dresow, Wiley, Michels, Abers, Block, Roscoe. C3111 IfI'l'c' l 'W'1'f1'113f ff. lRow l, left to rightl: Kipnis, Harcourt, Colon, Terry, Chuloff, Duscheck, Woo, Rausch- lcolb, Lowe, Womer. fRow Zl: Smith, Cowden, Hambrick, Goldstein, Sternberg, Chao. .Si'lIIf1l" Arfifirrzlir Hifi trim' JQDNJISI lRow l, left to righllz Fuiimoto, Marcovitch, Eisenberg, Malinovsky, Goodman, Hagopian, Winness, Karmine, Benthen, Smith. lRow Zl: Yee, Cunningham, Martin, Harrison, Jewell, Topolos, Georgeades, Lawrence, Gasser. lRow 3l: Hornsby, Segall, Mizis, Diehl, Bowen, Shapiro. Dance Comrmlfeef - Riff and flzzzffzzv 4 W N ,.4. V' bfi- ,Z LRC' ir V7Q"lfiO i?5'V7l,FvilSOGC, Kornnine, Benlhen, Honig T'rnrner Hodge, Eisenberg Deyincenzi Jacobson Asher Hirschberg Sirn' Rue' Pos'-1' ' ' .1 , , ,, ,, ,ef ' Lombefi- IRON 213 5il"kEYi HOWSOH Wosger, Heil, Mounfanos Cifron, Saffi Unger Shapiro, Blumenthal, Hildrerh Wfhgrrgr-, rlr'gn' Cocoa-, Terry CONN, lRow 311 Frornnn Chang, Morf Smith, Church, McMurray Willrnof Owen Warner Serzer Newman Biravis Solis H-er-on 'Row S ' S Gow' Pao-I, Rosle-der Scchor Gllberf Lifivin Van Dcren, Arhoso, Burlon, Davis, Hodbler, Zwyer Mooney. fnow Si. Fe'drrnar,-Paine" 'Koa' or- "nf" Karigcn, Bader, Hariman Moscaf, Ginsberg, Cherviri Gridley. i --eg: ,. n A p ,, 0 L-, ' -rf: legs.. 1-Q .5 S Q ,:, .so . , 1-4 :size-. fc '3' s E' g 1- . ...I Ll , fl fRow I, righr TC lefij: Larsen Naisievsky, Fisher, Boson Cosker, Friedrich, Schwarn, Waife, Moses, Vasquez Gerber Col-ion Coocer Te"y. lRow Zi: McFarlane, Gould Kipnis, Snow, McLean, Milier,Se1'1er,Bium,Chrisfof'fersen Maiirioysl-cy Woo Granoro Mafhios Marcoyirch lRow 37 Deeovler, Gewedes Oierlheim Cabezas Power, Pera Wflensky M-:Grew, Brierley, Labalaille Sorgafz, Swiff,iYokofa, Sefo, lRow dj: Schmid Thompson, Berns Worner Kfinga- man, Kurenda, Voss, Clark Winnick, Fuiioia Takeda, Bloom Ohawa. fRow Sl' Jennings, Kankoff Liiwin Topolos, Burl' Greendcr'er Monaerer, She lbawne DeGabain, deLeon. ,, e X A, fl ,, any 0 H ...., ig, H W M N M ,Q -V - I -J ,j,.e,,,,,,e, I ..r F ' L W' " H? in e fly? 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A T 2 3,4 3 5 ' 35,781 pi, ' " ' Q f ' N ,. le, E' A, L' Lf fn -A . , 3"'?LI F L -.- .ll EJ---I if mow 1, figlqf to Ieffl: Daskalakis, Confwell Lease, Malinoysky, FriedriCi'1,GrOsSfeid Boson, Cosker Deyincenzi Eisenberg, Karigan, Nirz Hoogosfon, Obe-f, Grozo, Olivares, Lucas Pauli, lRow 22: Klingarnan Pero Wilensky, Schwarfz Mann, Plconi, Levy, Osborne Crisci, Karrnine l-lonig, Winness Benrhen Lousialof, Sawyer, De Lucchi Harrison. lRow 31: Sianiey, Keeye, Womer, Chun Hom, Robinson, Pinsler, Slafer Leibovilch, Menfz, Soirer, Richier, Newman Lewan, Panagakis, Heuga Green. lRow 41: Broad, Mihcael, Perkins, Woo, Chu,koH, Burvrnan Kisfler, Gefchell Washer, Moses Riedel, Ng, lu, McFarland Gould, Carlson, Micheis, lRow SJ: McLeIIand, Saiig, Greenberg Robel, Blurnberg, Lalhis, Pfeiffer Serrneno, Roye Wiech Burns, Barns, Haggerfy McMurray Sorgafz, Haedrich. lRaw el: Asher, Vasquez, Sundloi, McDonald Bar, Blumenthal, Bell Boyd, Johnson Molley, Heller Laokianoff Bosserr, Shfgerr Holieron Willr-no'r, Bikalxis, Sheedy, Leon. -ww? ,W Y - ,rg - ,f-N of X . I I - -Q --.' -J .: I , I V H MV W ' in' zf-: jg--fur XFUTW- - xt, rf: " 1, Z fx f 2 i 'LL' it g gg. ',. Q, fy , 2 " 5 Q -. ',, '29, ,T ig jle gl ' 5 ,,-.he an A-r V A -j -1 , 5534 ,L I V V Q v f V, ,E ,jz v Q . , Q .qu -J i g.,,,,.,. V I f 'L fo i V -- of 'ff se, he r J eq., . e ., wwe- fs: , bv ,, 'f i f ' V . fi ' 'S ' . f -f e' U " F X 'T , ii, ' ' ' .. h NE' I , ee, -if se F e eff M, F H -5 -- -- r '-i, 2, S W . f . , fi 8 i, s , l , ., . 41' of , :P V f' 'r-L be I " nl' ir 01 4' 7" ,-4- -Y 24 ,i Q ny , , .V 5 5, f -5 V - V 1 - -'Z , 1 74 , , G Q, ne- 1 , L r I , fRQwI,Ieff1'O righljz Youngblood, McClellan, Kilkeary, Blumberg, Boiler, Hariley, De-Gabain, Trosf, Enfield, Schmid Marcovirch Micnels fR:.'. 2 10557 Fqnugghi, Haogasian, Lapp, Nassau, Huberman, Heller, Samson Morrison, Janover, Kleinsorg, Leavi1"I',Winnick. lRow 31: Eyergervig lhgrggn AVEE Lg: laille, Hambrick, Brierly, McGrew, Bowman, Logasa, Meyer, Neson, Benneff. lRow 4J: Bedeil, Malinovsky Pero, Wiienslfy Sirrcnschn Hap e- Co-r Molinari, Marcos, Keenan, Kleinsorg, Kryfzer, Cabezas, Colley, The George Washington Porent-Teochers Associoiion ,Miles ffm GRADUATING CLASSES CDF I955-1956 jke Hu! of olizclf u Hone and onIy,, Besf Wishes fo fhe High Seniors in refreshment, too from me cnscnne Pness I e 13 Q 9 ,Jfe 1273 MISSION STREET KL 2-1066 HO0T lI10II!! WHO SAYS SCOTCHMEN ARE TIGHT? Try SCOTTY'S DRIVE IN aomeo ur-sofa Aomomrv or me com-cou commv sv "A LOT FOR A LITTLE" TI-IE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA GEARY BOULEVARD AT 3151. EARN MORE MONEY! LEARN ro OPERATE NCR BOOKKEEPING MACHINE Short Course 0 Low Tuition WHY STUDENTS CHOOSE NCR SCHOOL Individual instruction by NCR specialists with actual business experience. Morning, afternoon or evening instruction arranged to suit your schedule. Short course with low tuition. Free life-time placement service tor NCR graduates. Personal recommendation from NCR School graduates now employed in bookkeeping positions. An NCR School Diploma offers the most excellent introduction to a business career. WHY EMPLOYERS CHOOSE NCR SCHOOL GRADUATES ' NCR School graduates are fully and competently trained to operate the NCR Bookkeeping Machine. ' NCR School strives to develop sound business principles. ' NCR School courses are equivalent to actual experience. ' NCR School stresses thoroughness and an NCR Certificate of Achievement is a badge ot competence, dependability and responsibility on the iob. LIFETIME FREE EMPLOYMENT Make Your Dreams Come True g , WRITE OR CAll TODAY FUR FREE BDOKLET . NATIONAL CASH REGISTER TRAINING CENTER 821 MARKET sr., SAN FRANcrsco, EXbrook 2-4838 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS FROM THE Bob Sclwellenberg Frank Norman Bob Slavin Carl Horn Dave Smiilw Augusl Herrnoao Al Fislibein Bob Salvo Jolwn Panages P h AI Nicliols Bob Perry Ken Lombardi O 1 e Sieve Erickson George Dailik Byron Kabayaslwi Kirby Griffin Dick Jones George Georgeade' Dave Feldman Cornell Rose Fred Gonzalez G O I d e n G a if e Iljlal Riedel Jim Nunan AI Goldsrein eroySI1uelds Bob Haynes Engravers LINCOLN PARK PHARMACY "IN THE RICHMOND" posife Safeway Super Marlcel' K. P. "KEN" OUTLAND, P1'o.G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS O Exclusive CosmeIiC Lines ' Free Delivery ' Open Sundays 8: Holidays 3123 CLEMENT SK 1-6535 369 Ellis St. PR 6-1585 "WHEN YOU SAY MILK-SAY COM PLIMENTS OF THE DONUT BOWL TENTH AVENUE AND GEARY BOULEVARD HEINE'S HARDWARE STORE H. N. Flaiow HOUSEWARE HARDWARE 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES GENERAL REPAIRING - WATER HEATERS 3614 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO 21 SKyl1ne 'I-8828 Open Sundays 1010 2 pffm. DOLORES PRESS P R I N T I N G 3384 SIXTEENTH STREET SAN FRANCISCO To'enl'1one UNderI1iII I-3667 E D T 1 G G E S .IEWELER DIAMONDS - WATCHES ' CLOCKS ' SILVERWARE Convenie-n+ Ci-edi+ Terms-Expei-+ Swiss 8: American Waich Repairing 5847 GEARY BOULEVARD NEAR 23rd AVENUE PHONE BAyview 1-0804 SAN FRANCISCO. CALIF. MARIN DELL" HE I-4433 1675 HOWARD ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Cover for this Boolc by The ARDES COMPANY 2600 HARRISON STREET SAN FRANCISCO W ATwa'rer 2-0101 SUPER-FINISHED EMBOSSED BOOK COVERS IMITATION LEATHER PRODUCTS Compliments Sbanb Typogmphem 140 SECQND STREET PISIIIII PRIIITIIIG 81 PUBLISHIIIG CU. cCCV65lf0Vf 0 Fine P1fz'ntz'11g'J 485 Brannan Street San Francisco, Calif. SU 1-4772 PENINSULA SERVICE CITY-WIDE DELIVERY H 2526 CLEMENT, be'Iween zsih 3. 27+h Aves. SKyIine I-9461 FrencI1 Laundry 81 Cleaners 'VAN FRED 5540 GEARY BLVD., bei. I9+I1 8: ZOII1 Aves. IOA.M.-9P.M., Including Sundays SKyIine I-0561 San Francisco Closed Tuesdays Congratulations to the Senior Class MINCHINIS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY G. W. MILLER PI1. G. SPRECKELS ' FRENCH CUSTARD 3600 BALBOA ST. AT 37TH AVE. Phone SKyIine I-1828 Sqn Francisco I7I7 Mission, Corner of I3+I'1S+ree+ Underhill I-6200 J. Co. 0 FLOWERS THE FLOWER SHOP BEAUTIFUL SPRECKELS RUSSELL DAIRY CO. GEARY BLVD.. AT mm AVENUE San Francisco, California R J B 9 p p 4 r BA 1 5435 Ey 5 969, 1 f .1 ff 1. . f -mf, . 944W?i . M244 ff, WQW f, ffm, f In rf yfmv 4, Q, . WW W f if .1 f . f T .xg-WI: , - ' ,f ff f . '-' A '--.. . if . ni. J I , .. boi jmvam' . - , ,y I " I hf -swf fff,1-f We ' 035255 W I, i i ' Ziiiiiiifi -1.1 . -' 1 '-Z-.22-I-Crit'-'-,-,Z-''-.2-Z ' ,, .1 , Z2fi2223222922235-iZQ1i1g1 C ,fgyf 15:35:44:1:j5f5'1ErI31f1:gQ5fQj?:Z if V Z , We V77 X .f:9:'5?Zi2i?-21.ifii5g2:z55gif" ff' X 'X ,,5ifE7'f5 MQW .ffszi i J- ,127 2 ,cf :',:.5g2g5g5g52f' f ff-431 6 , .ei-5:1-' f 'fall' '5 ' 27 f rf ff . My to 3 raises your first year at Pacific Telephone Young men and women like yourself, looking for- Ward to their first paycheck, find Pacific Telephone an ideal place to go to work. And no wonder! You have a lot more to look forward to, when you start on one of many interesting, varied jobs open to you at Pacific Telephone. See for yourself: if 3 raises your first year on the job if Full pay while you learn a specialty if New, higher startingpay-rates now in effectg no experience needed if Steady, year-round icorh if Plenty of room to get ahead if Paid vacations and liberal benefits if A friendly place to icorh We think you'll find it worth your while to look into these and other advantages Pacific Telephone offers you . . . and the time is noux' See your vocational guidance counselor. or call "Operator'i and ask her for our employment office. F h There's a good job for you at gi Pafjific Telep gpg Typical job openingsill- YO U N G M E N Telephone Installer Central Ofhce Equipment Man Telephone Representative Cable Splicer YOUNG WOMEN Service Representatives Telephone Operators Typists Business Ufiice Clerks .,.,,, J 81 D CLEANERS Alleralions 81 Repairs ' Laundry Service Call and Deliver 2539 BALBOA STREET, SAN FRANCISCO PHONE skyline 2-2950 YE OLDE BAL DO-NUT SHOPPE Rich-Flowing Ice Cream - Creamy Slwalies - Templuous Snaclis Large Variely of Do-Nuls - Special Rales for Clubs Look for Ilwe Red Slor - Win Ilwe Balrer's Dozen 3416 BALBOA STREET BAyview I-3585 SERVE-RITE MARKET Fresh Fruifs, Vegefables, Meals 0 Wines, Liquors, Groceri s 3643 BALBOA STREET SKyline I-2646 FREE DELIVERY WALTER FRANKLIN, Prop. Service and Qualify NABORHOOD PHARMACY YOUR REXALL STORE Prescripfion Specialisfs 3300 Balboa Sf., Corner 34'l'h Ave. SKyline 1-1520 PoRTRAlrs IN 'rl-ns suRvEYoR By J. H. DOHERTY FISHER STUDIO o 140 Geary Sfreel, Room 303. San Francisco Phone SU'I"I'er 1-1542 Mr. Van Worrner is shown above discussing wiII'1 Nancy Coslrer, Surveyor adverlising manager, some of Ihe malerials on display VAN WORMER 81 RODRIGUES. INC. Jewelry Manufaclurers CLASS RINGS - TROPHIES - MEDALS ' CLUB PINS SENIOR GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL NAME CARDS CLUB LAVALIERS 126 POST STREET EXbrook 2-5886 BALBOA'S 5 81 10c STORE The Slore TI1aI' Has "EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES" 3615 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO GEARY 14I'h MEDICAL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Open Til 11 P. M. 5001 GEARY ST., SAN FRANCISCO CALIF., Phone BAyview I-4636 BOWLING AT ITS BEST Meel Your Fellow Sludenls al LINCOLN BOWL I-3939 319-6TH AVENUE SKyIine THORNTON'S JEWELRY Ford J. Thornlon WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING WATCHES ELECTRICALLY TIMED 3519 BALBOA ST. near 37I'l1 Ave. SKyline 2-44698 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATING SENIORS I FROM YOUR B A L F O U R Student Body Officers, I Spring '56 "Known wherever 'lhere are Schools EEEQDBLED SULQE IIAOOHRIEIE SIIQXVE and Colleges" CLASS RINGS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS ' TROPHIES DANCE PROGRAMS L. G. Ballour Co. 233 POST STREET SU'I"Ier I-3522 THE BOOKCASE GIFT SHOP SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS ' STATIONERY ' GIFTS 3608 Balboa S'I'reel' BAyview I-8649 GOOD LUCK...FROM THE IIGEMSH7 Joanne, Nancy, Shirley, Phyllis, Diczne, Muriel, Marsha, Maryanne, Barbara, ES+I'ier, Pal, Pauline, Judy, Arlyn, Joyce, Monnie, Tanya, Judy Tre AMIES To 'ne REKS efero 'neir Bee' Wienez and Co jfox o"c Q T1 'I-e GRFDIJFTIIIG SENIORS. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES, SENIORS FROM THE HSPARKSH Darlene Enfield, Tanalco Hagiwaro, Belly Mann, Valerie Manning, Debby Marcovilclri, Borbara Ma+I'ieson, Dianne Miller, Nina Olivares, Sally Ry+and, Carol Schmid, Marilyn Sclioolrnan, Lauro Thom, Evelyn Trosl, Jean Wade, Jaclcie Waile, Nancy Wiclcman BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS FROM THE HIGH JUNIOR CLASS BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS FROM THE TAWUNAS Congrorulorionz and Beer ol Luclf ro ine GRADUATING SENIQRS Irorn The I-IIGI-I SENIQR OFFICERS: Kirby Gririir, Zeolouz Wiely, Joonre Irnoi, Kelly Worerlield, Roe I-Iikido, ond Judy Kogon. BEST WISHES ALWAYS FAMILY PHARMACY To THE coMPLErs DRUG Seizvics SPRING CLASS or I956 Frzom ri-is GEARY AT 23RD AVE, BA I-3437 Eclnoes TRI-HI-Y BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES From L. BENTHEN. JEWELERS 2050 FILLMORE STREET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS FROM THE LOW SENIORS AND THEIR OFFICERS JERRY ANDERSON, ANDI FRANCISCO, ISABEL LIM DIANE MANN, HARRIET GOODMAN AND LIONEL HORNSBY .Z ' X A A c-4 ' ig ,- R 1 , + f l 'id ..,.- .4 as fs ' 3 iw' l s You'II Have fo Make a Choice PreHy Soon . lI"ill you settle for any old job, or are you setting your sights on tl career in business? If y011're l0Ukil1g for sonletlaizlg more 1114111 just ll weekly pay ebeck, laere ure ll few tips to help you jimi it: I. Pick Cl good company . . . Metropolitan Life enjoys an outstanding national reputation. Here you can broaden yourself both culturally and socially. 2. Choose a iob wi'I'h CI 'fu'l'ure . . . Metropolitan Life follows a policy of advancement from Within. You may start in a general clerical capacity depending on your ability and training for such positions as: General Clerk, Key Punch Operator, Typist, or Beginning Stenographer. Starting salary is 55215 per month. 3. Look for pleasanf working condifions . . . Metropolitan Lifes building is modern and well kept. Attractive lunchroom and lounge--a comfortable place to relax after an appetizing meal as guest of the Company. 5-day, 40-hour week all year round with liberal vacation schedule. Athletic and other recreational groups. 4. Insisi' on securify . . . Metropolitan Life provides Life, Sickness, Accident, Hospital and Surgical, Medical Expense Insurance and Pensions. A well- equipped medical service helps you stay physically fit. Employment is steady in good times and bad. You ARE Somebody When You Work af METROPOLITAN! For full i11frn'11111tio11 come In the P6'i'Xfll1llf.'l Dirisioiz, 1Ilo11dt1y tbrougb Friday, any time between 8:30 11.111, and 5:00 lfI.IlI. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 765 California Sfreel' .... San Francisco 20, Calif. eip , xx, 9 F Q99 'Kms 0 0 x N 02,9 nib., n .19 'D 400600 A X 100+ 9 Q Q29 gb 4 r 9 99 9 e Xwfx 0 91" X Qv 00 999 X,e-W6 NW Xlfqkxwm x Q0 Q ww xl X x 955 kv0 449 X C f X 'im X u 3, , if 1 wh ,, 'Ugg 5 ' F y, ' J fz 'Zigi wig if 1 my 1 k 59 ,f 'ff 7. I If xzf IA LN xl iipt I 4 , , 1 QV' 0 dee, QQS 63 Y' ag 40" W 6, 96 :Kwai as V969 Q, 6 X wo 'Sf' Q0 ,L X QP' Q-W' 909 '29 wx Q-455,95 40 iv 5 f 5 iq gfg l M 'lex QW ' Q6 Xgxxmm ji 1 , L 1--133 ff Q V535 1 'a xx,-5+ 9 X 8 'Q +0 Q 49 4 X 6 Sfxc,9g? X PN' Q5V6ir8:V ssQ'ff,Q'X e ASS- D g0 cf XY:y,OVA .X 6, 'NGA 9 O QP! xc WX X ow up F Q9 an 6590 ge Q de, 4399 YPQGRXQV X QR sew xx QQSJYB 0" up 6 Q6 wb 95 69 X X X 0

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