George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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f 3 rr-,w-.fp K ,J -W Y' ff V, . 4' ,htgg I I . M 5 QQ? aww f ' 'Z -1 . , ,QQ , ' 9 . K Q " '11 f uf ru ff fi aff? -iff 357: 232 if .- 154 . I , ,, ARS '!m""'::' 135' 7 '- 'x.'EEE1f7f? Q .U fs' 'E + ' ' V Sli , :Ma 5 1 3 f . L1 1-1 ' ai f M,M,gs -mwwww ww, .M r"i f Eff W 5 - iz' ,ip Q I V ' Q ,z i , 4- . ! -1 W L., 1,33 ' 1 V A 5 ici 3 t -2 9 E mm Q12 .. gif: ,.., A ' :gaf::,5.f,. saw v--., , X -. 1033311 R Q in ' h ' ?A2r'V siix Q Q 'Q 4:29 ixfqgiw 'ii fig- mligigam i - ,vudf f 1 i I "Of all unc for a man 'JW' ,HV I Y . 1 'C' kai in 'sk W 741 V M J V -p.:x?5,V 6 1 l,,,v"""' I- .fb-"4 ...- I f, .. eh- ,. . '- f, 21' . 4 '2 X 1""' r tif J " Z! 3 ff - r fum 44" 3-4 f ff" !57sf, A .Mai r"5'3 V in" Pl' iff? 27" .f 4 -""'B -14 iii 1 aff' - mv-""', 1 w f 1 ,mfg 4-fj' J VF!! :elif E 5 mr 1? 'fri -f "A ll -1r'l """"' ll Winn Q 3 , - -" r I ,,,-ff' inn 3 Q ia 5 fe f- I, ef-""..' qui - , , f r 3 Z Q ,,,,.--av !""""0 ' 2 AF, Q,-v"'.I f , r M -M -W 1- e--- e ,.,. r FE UE rig 3 2 '31 fe ns 'F' ,,,,,,.f...-s egg sa 'mira 'r w ll "'f -mr an K 3 TY!-',, ,-1-el-we 'ui Ek. WH Q7 ,,,,. a t M E ,- agg 'fn 'll "' A ,,J... xi-wJ-' ' a' E""'4'-A " 1 - : e. 'A ' I "" "' "A , r .:s'.' f' 4' A " A Q - , - , - ram-seswe mm V he-V M ' f . - - v - - 1.,',e,:...,- 5 ':,"p"'.'ee1,'?': - 4 Q v W es- -QM Q :J ,1f11E4-'QQZ7-,Qff,Qi3iI':,, 1':g1.:f:.j."'?1"i1i'7'egf 5 4' -iii -fl 1' -' fl,-Tl ' -:L.1-1 :iL'?Ji':f'Qg:fT .gff:31?:17::.,' :jf -i ,ziig 'Lf .-Tg,pg::i 'ff ,fijf . - - - -- gf- -,,,:5ii35f f1 iqeLf T,.,3g,,?:.,-T.W,-i. QQLTJL1-Wgl:"ff,rggg4,,g4,j:gi'1ff,j,gjgjf,gf,Q4j, .. - - .-...,x'5., ,,., ,,.,..,.., ,,,,1 ,,,,,..,:,j,:,-'milf -f --.- - ----, V- ,.v,,,.,, - .,A, ..,..,,.. W- -,,. '51-in-:e.'. 1: -:'f " ,f,41QTflfT..':1.f'QT..'.l1.1Q.j""g?f'5 ..V . 1-1 gig1,5ji ii "ig:i53:1'.Z,11,,4z:,1,'j'r s -W--re 5 2 " A -' - -' -'--'-4. - V:ZiZ.'g'gg:',:ig'e"rf"1"r-'-fm-QYLTATfii,1T'i'jf1f:"''--swf-N--it -'--- V--e 4:52-u...l.,.' 'Wi - Inoolcunbviunam.-fggn,-.3 ""' """""1 ,T.ee1,:-, LL!-:.. 1,--Y Z A '5-f lliil ries the first and greatest is conquer himseIf."- Plato WWWM VW' Mwwfmfff WWWQWH Milf M' ' IW df XX 539 f X-., waxxx f Q JV QM Q -X 5 gym gy A yawn Vf E3 ,U D Rigs , MWMQWQM? lmwMW My ffjfibfwfdbfgjlvii I my 5995, 'fp dv WQN ' Pgfjwr 7 fkff fmpvaw 'V WM !lh!"1 A FZNQW fV'yp 'J 0 Q97 Jdffiff MQ if 2 b 'J L EE iifjx fl ,Fff X , X 5 Qx kwwigggbxxg 5 af A x Q m Q?MMQkw'WN My Qvwflw JO KW ,L My - ww , :WM YN. ' . ' K ' X , , , L7, k , KJ 2,1 X RB I f SBR X0 R Nm The Surveyor JUNE 1955 VOLUME xxm EDITOR Dee Noodimon ASSOCIATE EDITORS ' RuTh Frc1nken,Jec1nne Grohom, Coroi STeinhoTeI, Bobbie VoiI SENIOR EDITORS Jo Ann Lewis, Coroiino Lewis, Louise von EmsTer SPORTS STAFF Bob RoberTson,Chc1rIie Anderson, Gory HoIT, Ken MoTT. Jerry McMohon, John Pcinoges, Dove SmiTh, Jim Sochor, UIysses Duncon, MorshoII Losky, Bob ETTord COVER Pom Hovner BUSINESS MANAGER Angie MuscoT SALES STAFF Myrno Honig, Heien Benrhen, Coroi Heicksen SENIOR SALES Morgo MocDoweII ADVERTISING MANAGERS Lynne De Roy, Sue Fronkiin ADVERTISING STAFF Noncy Cosker, Nino Lipney, MorTho Lindenboum, Dennis PiTTs, Terry Chovez COPY WRITERS So1IIy RyTc1nd, Sheilo Dooiin, Teonne de Polievoy, Degnno Pheion, Sholene WhiTe Bobbie MueII I er. Benciy BursTein, Joon Horrison, Dove HemsTreeT PHOTOGRAPHERS Tok Sugoyg, STeve Young, Richord Bionchi, Doug Dickson, Louis Rinoidi PUBLISHED BY THE JOURNALISM CLASS H. E. Wire, Advisor GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA FOREWORD From down Till dusk is cerToinIy Tyloicol oT our Teen-oge IiTe: so iT is The Theme oT The T955 Surveyor. Progressing Through The book one Tinds every doy scenes recolled in The coreer oT o George Wc1shingTon High School sTudenT. We hope our besT eTTorTs in bringing you remembronces oT your schooI Term will bring IosTing ond pIeosonT memories. THE EDITOR AND STAFF. . av -. ,xy ,Qv,, ' 3- x ' X f ,foe lk 1 -f fi'TN l '76 ,. 'A J.Y' -, fm Q We x l 5' 1 v ,ff X M f f Q Y fff i W ff tx As x sw, gg 4 'E 7 s , 'Q wh 5-,gws - gf" fii 1 1 3 ff X Q X Y CQ f f 0 s , x 'qq,,,.,. Q fn., NW. Edifor of 1955 Surveyor, Dee Noocllrnan, shows Mr. Schmaelzle fhe plans 'For ihis yearbook. Principals Message Whor is a vicrory7 Some would say il is accomplish- menl over compelirion, while olhers would slale Jrhal viclrory 's winning recognilion in The complelion ol self goals cr srandards. Forrunalely, we usually lhinlf of vice rory as somelhing lhal is good and worlhwhile. There could ce a perlormance or a performer lhal is evil yel viclorious. We conclude Tha? il is imporlanlr lo have vicfory rhajr is glorious. The mollo over our sladium brings oul clearly The one viclory we al George Washinglon should aH'ain and Jrhe one Thar would be glorious. Conquering sell is a conslanf palrlle and requires clelerminalion, persisl- ence, and lailhlul diligence We lrusl you graduales, os you leave us, have been laughl The viclory Through rhe conrrol ol sell, Cooperalion, unsellishness and good-will will resull if you have learned lhalr imporlanl lesson. O. l. SCHMAELZLE, Principal Head Counselors Message Each responsibilily which you gradualing seniors have successfully mel during your pasl Jrhree years has formed a linlc in a chain which has slrenglhened your characler and prepared you for lulure service. As you have learned lo conquer yourself you have beller prepared yourself lo serve your lam- ily, your fellow sludenls and your com- munily. Wheiher you go on lo college or To work, may Jrhe besl be yours in all Thar you do. E. PARSONS ,mf I 1 y 'W! M M M4 Boys, Assistant CongraTuIaTions, graduaTes oT The January class ana oT The June class oT I955I Three years ago you enrolled aT George Was'hingTon High School. You came Trom many schools and Trom many neighborhoods. You were Thrilled To come To a new school and you were awed by The size oT iT. As The monThs passed you became a parT oT The busy IiTe sTream ThaT passed in and ouT oT your school. You made many Triends, you wenT To many games and dances, you parTicipaTed in school acTivi- Ties, and you aTTended ThirTy or more classes in prep- araTion Tor your TuTure. Now you are saying goodbye Principal To all These experiences. I am sure you will never TorgeT your Three years aT The Big School on The I-Iill. Wherever you go and whaTever you do you will Tind opporTuniTies. Are you prepared To Talce advanTage oT Them? NoThing is so TrusTraTing as To Tind an apparenT place Tor yourseIT in The scheme oT Things and Then realize ThaT you are unprepared Tor iT. My message Today is Tor you To conTinue To prepare Tor beTTer Things Tomorrow. My besT wishes To you all Tor a brighT and happy TuTure. J. A. PERINO Girls, Assistant Principal af Wan ' -HN . W, . . ' H ,asses A ., my f off N. LeT me live In my house by The side of The road, IT's here The race of men ga by- They ore good, They ure bad, They ore weak, They are sfrong, Wise, foolish-so om I1 Q Then, why should I siT in The scorner's seuT, ,. Fzhurl The cvnic's ban? e me my house by The side of The road And be a friend To man. -Som Walier Voss ThaT is The way I wish The girls in our school mighT come To Thinlc aT my oTTice- a place To bring your problems, your suc- cesses, your Tailures wiTh assurance oT Tind- ing undersTanding, Tair dealing and Triend- ship. IT is always a source oT regreT on The parT oT a dean ThaT she is able To Icnow so Tew sTudenTs well. IT is my wish ThaT The girls oT George WashingTon mighT noT iusT pass by buT mighT linger, and ThaT They mighT come To Think oT The dean's oTIice as a "house by The side oT The road" where The door is always open and a Triend may be Tound whenever needed. MYRA R. GREEN Mrs. M. Ainsworlh Mr. Maurice Argenl Mrs. Marguerire Briggs GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Eacult List SPRING 1955 Mr. Arnold Jacobson Mrs. Florence Kennedy Mrs. Edna Logan O. l. Schmaelzle . . - l . prmdpol J. A. Perino . . Assislanl Principal, Dean ol Boys MISS MWC Green . Assislanl Principal, Dean ol Girls Miss Eleanor Parsons ,... I-leod QOUHSGIOF ENGLISH DEPT. BUSINESS EDUCATION Mrs. Corinne I-ledlke Miss Kalhleen Cauley Mr. Edwin Knapron Miss Rila Clark Miss Elizabelh Murphy Mrs, Alice COIIQQS Miss Regina Murphy Mrs. Alice Eilerlrsen Mrs. Cecilia Deehan Mrs. Anna Dickson Mr. John Edmond Mr. Donald Ewing M r. Joseph Rassella Mr. Mr. John Roake Onni Wilson Miss Edirh Garin Mr. Hugh Wire Mr. Bruce Hannah Mr. John Wood SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Alan Addlesrane Miss Grace Mahoney Miss Laurelrre Cullinan Miss Alice O'Leary Mrs. Margarer Denny Mr. Francis Schwab Mr. Elgin Heinz Mr. Allan Torlakson Mr. Clarence Leal SCIENCE Mr. John Burke Mr, Ed Gorham Mr. Cecil Carroll Mr. Marshall Hughes Mr. Hugh Clenaghan Mr. Merlron Jones Mr. Gene Doherly Mr. John Rocky Mr. Allan Fibish Mrs. Frances Wagslall MATH Mr. Ray Brack Mr. Hoadley Johnson Miss Lucille Carson Mrs. Pearl Morgenslern Mr. Lawrence Hawkinson Mr. Eldred Vanderlaan Mr. Kennelh Irwin LANGUAGE Miss Helen Archer Miss Agnes Liakos Mr. Roberl Braunreiler Miss Margarer Coope Miss Calherine Counihan Miss Alice I-loppel Miss Miss Miss Mildred Rauner Arline Scharll Emmelina Walker Mrs. Bernice Gales Miss Elizabelh I-lelselh Mrs. Calherine Sheehan Mrs. Dorolhy Sundel PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Evelyn Brillharr Miss Dorolhea Forcade Mr. Saul Madles Miss Rulh Oakes Mr. Waller Odone Mr. Sidney Phelan ROTC- Mr. Chad Reade Miss Florence Shearer Mr. Louis Vasquez Mr. Bruce Wirlh Mrs. Frances Zinns Sgr. I-licks Sgr. Quiney ART - MUSIC - HOMEMAKING Mr. Franz Brandi Mr. Slanley Feldman Miss Erma Kellogg Miss Mary Lapilsky Miss Mary Marshall Mrs. Myrlle Swanson Mr. John Welch GOALS -INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Ed Abercrombie Mr. Emil Anderson M r. Alex Alhanasopoulos Mr. Ferdinand Lapeyri Mr. Adolph Lubamersky Mr. William Magner Mr, Walker Scanlan Mr. Warren Smilh Mr. John Uhle AMERICANIZATION Miss Vesla Whiie LIBRARIANS Mr. David Le Claire M iss Ba rbara Schieck f I Q 1 Q f nf :,., A, i X 4 BOB GASSIN ANN O'BRIEN Presideni Vice-PresidenT BOB GRANT ANNE PERRY 2nd Vice-Presidenf SecreTclry Student Bod Qfficers, P31154 Bob Gossin wos one oT The hordesT working STudenT Body Presidenjrs ever, ond deserved The Cummings Cup Tor ouTsTonding service. Andy 0'Brien's Irish chorm inTecTed The whole school when she served os Veep. She puT on wonderTul donces ond sTorTed oi donce closs so everyone could leorn To mombol Bob GronT had on exTrc1 iob To worry obouT olong wiTh 'his 2nd Vice-Presidenl' duTies. As Rolly Choirmon he produced some sensoTionol shows. Anne Perry wroTe enough noTes ond minuTes To Till 0 Tew librories, buT even wiTh so much worl4 our secreTory monoged To help everyone ond smile oT Troubles. JERRY LEVlTIN TONY JONES Treasurer AThleTic Manager N xr 1 9 V f , , '. If , 1. ' IW W' J.,-.1 , W " X I .- 1' X 1, ' ' ' 5,2 V I W .. fc.- 2 in me iw i 4 X A ff I A M , w :A i . V Q ' v-JU ' we Jerry l.eviTin wenT down in WoshinQTon's hisfory os The TirsT Treosurer To molce lOOC7O in Two days on The STudenT Body cord soles. Guy Von Doren olwoys seemed covered wiTh mimeo- groph inlf or Trophy polish. When l-lorry Grilley Toolc over Tor o period l"lorry goT even inlcier buT did o greoT iobl Tony Jones sold loTs oT TiclceTs ond wos never seen wiThouT 'his smile. Rich Millilfon become l-leod Yell Leoder by opooinT- menT. lr-le worlced lilce crozy ond led our rooTers To Two vicTories: The beTTer rooTing secTion oT The Bell gome ond The besT rooTers in The ciTy oT The PogeonTl RICH MILLIKAN Yell Leader GUY VAN DOREN CusTodian BOB PHALEN PAM HAVNER Pfesidefll' Vice-Presideni' ,,,. W wi: " JW fff ,ff ,C -I ,Z KEN MOTT 2nd Vice-Presidenf PORTIA GOLDKIND SecreTary Student Body Ullicers, Spring 754 Bob Phalen execuTed his duTies as PresidenT wiTh a spiriT and deTerminaTion ThaT The whole sTudenT body TelT. l-le achieved The impossible and did a wonderTul iobl Pam Havner had all The charm and abiliTy oT pasT veeps, and To This she added an originaliTy and TalenT Tor decoraTion ThaT made her dances doubly exciTing. Ken MOTT lcepT sTudenT governmenT running srnooThly and helped molce The May FesTival such a big success. PorTia Goldlcind was one aT The liveliesT secreTaries we've ever had. "Porky" worlced hard buT always man- aged To keep everyone laughing. FREDDIE HICKS Cusfodian JULES ROUTBORT Treasurer Treasurer Jules RouTborT barely missed brealcing The sTudenT body card drive record oT Two days, and did a Tabulous iob oT organizing The May FesTival. Freddie l-liclcs always seemed To be doing The dirTy, hard iobs besides his duTies as cusTodian. Kirby GriTTin lcepT up The inTeresT in Spring Sporlrs and worked hard To give good broadcasTs and sell TickeTs. Phillip Chang was a small yell leader, buT The spiriT he l4epT up in The rooTers was Trernendous. KIRBY GRIFFIN AThleTic Manager Pl'lll.l.lP CHANG Yell Leader ,,.. , . x i .,.,.: ,,f- ,W 5 ' M If 4- . 1 mm , - I S Q-if 5, 'W -- A X X S ' M +R fi ' 'I ,,f , v -:B R f S C W f f , ,, t I A fy 5, fy' ,W f A bf WK' , .ir - .-..,, ii .-- S 'M Ii: S ,,,., g ':: A-:xi .. I :-l In K N , A , A A I RX -S , , A x. u ,V W5 L' - . I S , f 'T iw , A f Q " t ,I 5 AA ,. N638 - X, 75 I f ,S ,,vf 2,13-Q. ,QL X x ,. N ,,, A L-I I CLASS OFFICERS A GORDON NIO, Presidenl Q1 1. A 1 A JUDY KOOAN, vICeAPfQQIdeRI 35? " ' , wk, TANAKO HAGIWARA, Secrelmy ' ' ffl? OLLIE ROBERTS, Exei. COuncIl V fa' A A I ALLAN FISHBIEN, Exec. Councll RAE HIKIDO, Exec. Council H-IO CLASS OFFICERS KEN MINCUS, Presidenl ILA KOSHLAND, Vice-Pre-Sldenf IRENE WOO, Seoelory GUS PETROPOULUS, EXEC. COIJVI, ANDRA FRANCISCO, E,-QC. COLIN NANCY LEONARD, E"9C CCIIQFI L-IO CLASS OFFICERS MORRIS BOBROW, FrE"d6'f SANDY POTTER, Vice-Preslclenl GAIL WICKSTROM, SPECVQIOFV NANCY COSKER, E191 CC'-'VIII DIANE KRYTZER, E195 COL nfl' FRANK NELSON, EIQI. Cc , ' l J N K-ah 4 mu i fu I NV "' - f fm S My I K I : ' I ' N... ' A f Q3 QL I A SW w . xx 1' an R SX H-I2 CLASS OFFICERS JOHN LEIPSIC, Prezidenl ANNE GORMAN, Vice-PreSiden+ TOY YEIE, Secrelory DANISE BLUE, Treomrer DON MIDDLEBROOK, EDEC. CGLIIR I LILLIAN YEE, E190 CO,nCIl L-I2 CLASS OFFICERS TED GURICH, Prezldenl LOUISE VON IEMSTER, we-Prez. CAROL ANN SIMPSON, Seffewf, DAVID ZIMMERMAN, wearer LAURA LEONG, Efec, Cznzll PORTIA GOLDKIND, Effez. Cam I-I-II CLASS OFFICERS ELLIOT WARSHAUER, :'?i'iIf:" LORETTA DITO, VITO-E'Ei'dE" DINA JACOBSON, fSEf'E""J'.' MARTIN WEINER, -l-'E1'i,"3' LYNNE KALMAN, E-Ei CC ." BARBARA BOWMAN, Evei L gs GK A SX I YYQJ X I 1 55. .-SY .A .in . S X X C X I .S S I H-I 2 CLASS OFFICERS TONY Jones, Praises. MAIICIA BECKMAN, vgE.a,5, VIRGINIA IEE, swqgf, JAMES I-IoNI, Tfggsfe, DAVE ZIMMERMAN, Efgg, Q5-I-D HARRY GRILLEY, EIECA C545 L-I2 CLASS OFFICERS FRED BARDEN, Efedqef' BARBARA BOWMAN, 'Wie-5'-ef INGRID LEVIN, Seve' WARNER LEE, Tfezi ROMIKO ONUMA, Efet. C23 STANLEY GALANT, Efei. C25 I-I-II CLASS OFFICERS KEITH Fowusn, Pfeiff- JOANNE IMAI, 'fee-iff GUIN LUCAS, Sec A NICK TAPOLOS,T'e:1, TANAKO I-IAGIWARA, EI. Ci: DICK JONES, Efei. C:.'. if W V, If W f X 'Wy , X 'W , gi 4 ,,, .f f , f '-A' H Sw 'T I, is 13 ,mi Q I H I AV , f' 5 ' .1 1, ' ,I . , ,y' ' I 'lff 7 f .4 W, , , 4 1 , ,,,, , , , ,A 'A '4 .Ji Z , I I , f I X' f 1: A Mn' , 3 ,... 4 n W , ' f I .. ff I I f A 5 J -4 I I 4 if CIass Officers Spring 755 All J 2 - 2 A f I M 1 " If' I, w, X ,I X if W 4 F- f in .144 .yy fm, A X Mf f gl l W fl My , li ' 9 7, f ,, W -W, ff, rv- 4 .,,. A-144 f f 2 4 ,. WJ' Z If mwmwg- f ,v I 41 ,,r- , , A2 QA df W A7 X I 1 , , X X X f IW M75 fe wwf MIM. 6 ' A ,,, , lf, W, .H fc 'Z 937, v ,Q x f' f L-I I CLASS OFFICERS SUZIE KOBUCHI, F3ff23ICIeIII IRENE WOO, Vice-Pfesidenf DIANE MANN, S"3"fI'9'I'OI'Af DAVID FROMM, Execu+ive Council FRED PARKER, Erecuhive CCLIICII ALAIN TRAIG, Execufive Co.n:II I'I-IO CLASS OFFICERS GUS HONTALES, Preskienf JEAN THOMPSON, Vice-PresIcIerII CAROL CLINGAMEN, SECVE-I'OrI,' SANDY POTTER, Exec. Cond NANCY COSKER, Exec. ComcII GAIL WICKSTROM, EXEC, COJVICII L-IO CLASS OFFICERS ROY HORNSBY, I3f95Ider'I' LA VERNE LEON, Vice-preside-n' EDDIE WEINER, E192 Co.w:II DIXIE CAPPARROS, S9Cre"CJfy MIRAKO OHASHI, Elec. COJPCI CYNTHIA JOE, Exec. Co',IfIcII The Girls' Service So- f ii 'Ri . X Q i f A 'i kill' -: ,,, ' X, XA 9, S ,, Q. 4 W 1 I I gi -ew M 'f ff W , E W X ,K 1 p I dw , 41, RW ii W if fe Z2 so-M ,,:,-:iff BECKMAN EISEN GOLDSTEIN HAVNER LAMBERT O'BRIEN VAIL I 'ie 1 . , ., -,af Nas! 1 , X vf X sv A N' 3 1 RA gen, ,, A f 'TBP I ' ' .JU f f , I Wi W Q f , 'i . A cf 'P-is err T i xfx' ' . X , ,cc , sms we X' Z ,pw I J!! 0 f W, A Af ph 3 Q f V f we , se 7 30. .A , V 5 W A ii J X! 7 , 'Lf' , ww' ' a ,fm , ' ' 7 My Q 2 V ,- W., .Ly ,lv N Lip'-mgg 3 -- ,,,, V, ., H J, iw. Wi, if ' 1 if , ff 1 M. z .A , , VVVV 3 . --M-,.,,k f H. W 1' . , ' 4 ' ' 'fe . 'Q 3 ' 'ww ' 'ZW -: BLUE CAMPBELL ENG FINNOCHIO GORMAN GRAHAM E-TEICKSON !KENOUE LEE LEWIS PERRY SHASKIN VCN EMSTER VOSS COUTU RE FUKAM I GREENBERG KELLER MCCLELLAND SIMPSON YEE , W if ' W ii if bl 4 .6 ff ' '41 " 1 V ' . -f ': 41" i 5 ,Mn A A - qw' f 7, , 1' A er r- ,,,, fr? vi , , VZ fb . aff ' --1 hi? f Ali? fx RQ Q -,A 3 A X K N QA N W3 gi' DITO FULTON HAGIWARA KOENEMAN MORIGUCHI STEINHAFEL YEE .gm -we W V .. 5 A S' " i S me Y N . If y A Qu ...AA 'U' to P if ,-'A,' l .,: .' 'GX xxx. X Q oooLiN GOLDSMITH HARRISON JEONG NATHAN THOMPSON GARDNER Girls, Service Society cieTy is one oT George WoshingTon's oldesT or- gonizoTions. The members hove done much To moin- Toin The high sTondords oT The school. By sponsoring ond promoTing The Ten PoinT Code, o code oT eThics, The service socieTy hos groduolly mode The enTire sTudenT body owore oT iTs responsibiliTies. The girls ore elecTed inTo The orgonizoTion on The basis QT service, scholorship, ciT- izenship ond recommen- doTions oT Teochers. The G.S.S. is on doTy ond serv- ing oT o lorge number oT school TUncTions during The school yeor. The odvisor is Miss Green. Eagle Society The Eogle SocieTy wos olso orgonized when The school opened in TQ36. Two Types oT members compose This service so- cieTy. ElecTed boy oTTicers oT The school ore ouTo- moTic members. ln oddi- Tion, T2 oTher members ore elecTed Trom The sTu- denT body. The orgonizo- Tion serves The school in mony vvoys by moinToining order oT ocTiviTies, sporTs ocTiviTies ond rollies ond in ony oTher woy desired bv Teochers or The odmin- isTroTion. Mr. Perino is The sponsor. TEKAWA we JS f 1 'M ,N K. ..., , 6 0 I' 7, 1 ...ff f, CQ? 1 1 1 , f, f. ,, ' ' 1 'Z f Q 1 11 1 W 1 ,. LW W , I W 2 I 1 , I Q 41, f 7 7 " - " 15? Q, ., , x WIEESM w .. .,1,s-f...:-::zz::.:g5. 1 , , X E 1-'f ' , X I gs Q . , . 'V .W N X f I N1 0 f , pg - -L , ,-, .,f A,-W 'f 11 as Q F 1 1 fr 46 -0? ,414 W 4 4 X W N SN 5 N N X Y NX gf I 4 N fm N YI N 1 ff 1 in ,gf Q Z 1 ez N fx 1 S A! fx f 1 ,Q f SW N W ' WWA 1 Wx If S 167 1 42 4 W R f 1 f -1Q' E 1 N Q J MW? .' V N 1 A, ' f X" A ff H? ,f Y , -VLA? 1 I . I gy 1 I X 7 Za 1 ' Of xp I V M. 11 W 9 ' , .. 0 'I 1 1 4 W 9 I 1 ,, V1 7.1 41 c MW f. jf F X2 M ' 451: .11 1 ww 1' M52 f ' " W ' S Q v' 1, 4 ,A I , 1 , Q I 3 6 ' , V 3 ' , ' 'ff ' 9' I W" 1, I - vw f' f 1' X 1' f f. . f I 'I' 1 M f' I I ., ' ' 755W ' f' z , - 31 M" ' I I S 1 g A if I S G- W ALLEN ANDERSON BARDEN BARRAS BOBRO D'ANGELO oAss1N I-IILDEBRAND LEE MICHELS PANAGAKIS DEDINA GRANT I-IOM LEIPSIC MIDDLEBROOK PI-IALEN EFFORD GREENBERG HONTALAS LEVITIN MILLIKAN ROBINSON ERICKSON GRIFFIN HORNSBY LIMNEOS MINEHART ROUTBORT FISHBEIN GRILLEY HORNSBY LITVIN MINKUS SCHELLENBERG I 3 an X , XV , '1 ,,,. I hw ..ff' 11, f A ww 4, I ' 1 Nui? 4 ,WV ,, l 1 If 'I - .. Uv.: W1 ,.1,' L , ff, CARR FOWLER GURICI-I JONES MARATSOS MO SMITH xx .., 1,15 61 I " 1 iff AW if f W W 9 I 115- , If y ,Z 'S f X E 1 if as 91 'ff xy 2 K . .11 n A 1 1 " . . K .5 , nw I3 I f CI-IANG FRIEDMAN HICKS JONES MERRIOUNS MOTT SOCHOR X Qi! -if f 4 lcv? W A I I 3 L 1" . 1 , g uw .I ff-.1 xc we W Us 1 Q 1 ' X 1. TRAIG VAN DOREN WEINER WATERFIELD WITTE WHITE S sw ff 64. 'WM? u .l'' ff x f , xx ' fi , xiii N E ff HN . M , Scarlet and Gra A rolher new service sociely ol George Wozhinglon is lhe Scorlel ond Groy. These boys ond girls od os holl monilors ond lfeep close super- vision on ony sludenl who needs lo he in lhe hollwoys. They olso help lo lzeep unoulhorized personc our ol lhe buildinq. ln oddilion, The members Serve ol leos ond dinners when needed. Mr. Poclfy is lhe sponzor. .i ' 'ts wig? i ' X , , 52- im "L i'xXC'E.X V 1 31.5 lr " 1 5?.f'i 'V f 1 7 f I H 1,23 NM, mi! Q fill he mm Q .N .E as 1 ' .. 2 25' .M . V " X' lf V f f P' Q, Y W N 11. ? . X z? . f Sw, ii' if .ffl 2 :M f ir fz.SJ'.H.JZ'. X 2 A I 1' I X 7 K X X 1 Q X X I X , 5 1 , X , N , xx If ty! HZJ4 f X5 I xx N ' M of 'N Da f I7 R QW W' W7 f 4 i ' cj l 2 g ' Agf BINGO COLEMAN IKENOUE KELLER PHELAN f - ' X .W M1034 M: ,Q rw fg13:,,:-ge. Z . Q I' I 7 2' I 7 f A 'M fffw' I , W f A Z 4 2 1 5525? Z ,ew I il f f , L -. . 1 K EW ..,. fy A . L N . ff. - ,gf f 2 f f lf , . Ja 7 ...-ee' W' ., Yr ,f ff fir L ff 1 M f new ,L H, V , " ll V M lb. .1 in ,... ' X L we if , . ' , KN .ajax 3 Q 1 X 5 K . fr' . x 1 , N. we' ' H Qwfggirf "" , . ' X - ' I A L E' N 4 'L X Q 9 , gawk my R ' ' LL Y Rm 5 - fs :ggi K' 3 Q A 7 i LEQFQL'-ii R ix X. . WMWJ , .- .x gxefwz' X f NRS 2 , 1: - :Q . e - mv . , il., . .,,, L ., V X SWL ,... x :Q Q Q .iz -5 ',,55Sg.xEkwQ R . .Q X L. X. e Ng x X 1' N i 4 Pre.-. 4-N. -if sf ,E , Sig.. A E: Q 1: K X ,Q ,Q .QQ was N X -s, U ,V in ,. re 'Qs V ., fig x V in CODY HOM KERWIN ROGERS CHUSID HILDEBRAND KOPPE WONG CHARRIER FUKAMI LOZOVOY YEE CARVALLO FUJIMOTO MCROWE YEE ANDREWS BREGER DE POLJEVOY MUELLER ZUCCHI X 11 ' Lk W' : L i", -ef rr "- I Z4 - "' "' 4 w"x.Z5f? 0' T -w in 1- ' 'f sf? 'W JL.. f Sv I . ,-,- .7 f 4 M f 4 Q , 1 -.nb Ie " H A VL M ag 4- 4 4, ,fs fr 9 , , hi W .W 3, aww w , 'W , rw J a r f X W K 1 -, f , V My ar -L 'W' ,elif wi 'J' V E ,Yan Q A W4 ,, 1 6 3 ,. 1 1 , , 4 A, -L 3 4- .td K.. Row 1 fleff to righfl: Diane Kryfzer, Laura Leong Por'ria Gololkind Laui'e von Ernsier N L F A V I if , , -Q- J , -, 'ancy eonard, Ricln Millikan, Bob 'JU-Uni -'W O EVEN. Anne Perry, Jerry Levirin, Bob Grant Carol Ann Simpson, Tony Janes. Row 2: Gail Vxficksfrorn, Sandy pfriiif Nancy Cozker, Lfnne Kalman, Barbara Bowrnan, Irene Vfao, lla Kozl-iland, Andi Francisco, Lillian Yee, Judy Kogan, Ollie Mae Robert, Rae Hivido, Guy Van Daren, Dave Zimmerman, Row 3: Toy Kim Yee, Tanaka Hagiwara, Gus Perrop- Gulai, Frank Nelson, Dan Micldlebroak, Dina Jacobson, Lorefro Diro, Gordon Mo. E . C .1 T'e'e " ff U 1':i'.'J'4fE Leaf V efev ae"zC'a"i f2f'e 2' Veie afez 'g:r,z"Q 5 :Croc :.'C2' 're Lai:- o'ca"za"z "e ae"',"3'f ff Cezfce f!G"i"'i" i"' 'J cf- cw ' fc Use" f fC""' 'of' ara"'ra 1 .. - 4, , ,s 5 . 1. ,,.,.,- ,aa .a J,..J l-lfgr fires 're EIGTXAIE faire' 'Q fff eq :G"fe 'nfffai Cfa ffrcf' 'f 'fe 'afre ai Tre ifcaerr :zaf- crzm NDC' 'farez of Cc 'C'ei. WU 'Cf' 15 C f' f'ef2 fffi' axee' 'fe ztaef' aaa! l' 'Q ivfnczea ff C az: cxfefz zae" Leaf z:'Ce': T We Zi , ' f f . .,, T ef , , CFU eeciec marine" 'Gm Tom' CCN' ie EXEC' 'E Tr 2 afcura T: efeiaea wer of -fe Pre' gen QT rkre . , .4. s. r Q .V 't G J , - a Czfi H5613 'C' Le? ee Te' if 3 TE ew Sze" Leaf, ara 'Q azfzea Cf MI: l-lee' frcner fhe TC U 22,1272 22.152 CT TTE' QDVCC. sci-A+! iczfizfb Ccufci, :GC7,',1L+: C. NC,-,jerful lfcrrm Tke Efeeffe fart' ka: rfraff 7r'r,zf'ar' axe: ffaernciraic zwaerrgzferrrrnerd Row I ilefi io righfiz Nancy Cosker, Diane Mann, Suzie Kobuckui, Freddie Hicks, ink Levin, Ken MOH, Bob Pkialen, Porkio Gold- in es Rouiborf Pam Hovner, Ro Hornsb Eddi Weiner, Dixie Ca orros, Row 2: Tanaka Ha iwara, Fred Parker, Irene , u . Y Yr f 1 n q Woo, Alain Traig, Nick Topolos, Guin Lucas, Tony Jones, Marcia Beckman, Dove Zimmerman, Ginger Lee, Louise von Emsrer Harry Grilley, La Verne Leon. Row 3: Dave Fromm, Kirby Grirfin, Gail Wicksfrom, Sandy Paffer, Jean Thompson, Carol Klingaman, Mirako Obasini, Rumicko Onuma, James Hon. 4 l gf! Z1 'IL . Ln 472 .-4...-...... rs Row 1 llefl Io rightl: Graham, O'Neill, Cowden, PluHe, KisTler, Glover, Snow, De Graff, Flefcher, Oppenheimer, Golds+ein Abencl, LamberT, Gardner, Bunger, Coleman, Woo, Shoolman, Gowman, HorTman, Chu, Janover. Row 2: Berman, Kipnis .lesTer, Chulr, Jue, Olcubo, Fukuda, Moriguchi, Schwariz, Barsocchini, Anderson, Mueller, Filrsclahl, Finocchio, LoveTT, Marcos Samson, Serage, Vail, Osborne, Marcovi+ch, l-loll. Row 3: Doner, Thoma, Carlsen, Kane, Fladborg, Zlolrovich, Humphreys, Ng Parker, Diehl, Lee, BaTTaT, Topolos, Fowler, Turner, Morrison, Sfwmizu, Groza, CasTillo, Jones, Jones, Rogers. Washington Cabinet Any guesTions or problems which mighT conTronT The sTudenTs OT George WashingTon l-ligh School are Talfen up aT each meeTing oT The VVashingTon CabineT. The CabineT is an advisory board composed oT one member as a delegaTe Trom each regisTry. These various delegaTes meeT wiTh The principal every Tuesday morning aT 8 a.m. in Room M23 To discuss and Try To iron ouT any diTTiculTies which mighT arise. These problems are Then oTTen senT To The execuTive council To be solved. The represenTaTives Then bring up These problems ai Their respecTive regisTries. Each represenTaTive Then re- porTs The resulTs oT his respecTive discussions aT The nexT cabineT meeTing where measures are Taken To solve These problems, This year There were a number oT very imporTanT maTTers To be considered and The cabineT has done a splendid iob in helping To Tind The soluTions. Row 'l lleft to righll: Cowden, Herron, Brownlee, Tomlinson, Campbell, Abers, Blumberg, Cordellos, Pinsler, Heiclxsen, BaTT Levy, Greeney, Gee, PIu++e, SilTon, Sefzer, Gee, Shapiro, Takeda. Row 2: Vail, Farrel, Mueller, Thrall, Fromm, Babb, Golcl- sTein, Keelen, Kogan, Osborne, Sprague, LanTerman, Greenberg, RyTand, Wiclrman, Jue, Yee, McLean, Unger. Row 3: Behring Shelbourne, Cohen, Cohn, STaudT, SchwarTz, Diehl, Grilzfen, Hiclcs, RouTborT, Golcllrind, CarTer, Phalen, MOTT, Mizis, Hoffman Freeman. Y . M-?'l"'j .-.,..., em.-. . c,.c ....c,.....-.-m.,s--v-w--me--f-w--------- s QT ,, TE Mf .Alf A Ki , f I.- , ' If A' 1 ,' 1."' s'x, ' 6, , ,,, I' 1: X ' v K C .1 ' fm Pali Class T-Tisror The groduoTing closs oT Poll T954 will long be remembered here oT George WoshingTon l-ligh School. This closs wos smoll in number, os mosT Poll grod- uc1Ting closses ore, buT iT mode up Tor iTs smollness in number by iTs mony Tine conTribuTions To our high school. As low lO's, ciTTerlec1rning whoT wos where in This big school, They quiclcly seTTled down To business. Their TirsT proiecT wos beouTiTying The school by plonTing shrubbery. This proiecT wos ci 'huge success, which wos o greoT inspirc1Tion To These "liTTle sophomores." As high lO's They dreomed oT pc1inTing The gool posTs in our TooTboll sTodium. Finolly, os low ll's, This dreom come True. Eoch semesTer The high T l closs proiecT is To send copies oT The Eogle To ex-WoshingTonions in The ormed Torces oversecns. lXloTurolly, This proved To be onoT'her mosT successTul proiecT. .J Junior Dcxy Tools more Thon o yeoris plonning. Finolly, we oll goT To see Dovey Jones' Loclcer, cn iunior doy show ThoT proved To be well worTh Their c long hours oT worlc ond much used energy. The nexT nighT They V were ollowed To TesT Their obiliTy K "" ' ef W W oT sponsoring o donce-A Nous HCC' Niglyl-' This' like 1-he Show' Bob Gossin shakes The hand of The new presi- wos enjoyed by oll. Then come denff Bob Phalen' Their Junior Prom, AuTumn Noc- Turne. Everybody showed up loolcing Their besT ond oT course, o wonderTul Time wos had by ell. AT losT come Their high senior Term. This closs wos The TirsT To presenT o senior doy wiTh o spliT-rolly. ATTer cuTTing The show down To The moximum lengrh, we were Tinczlly oble To see Their Senior Doy show. This wos colled Color lncorporoTed ond wos Tollowed The nexT nighT by ColorTul Copers, Their Senior Doy Donce. All Too soon iT wos Jonuory, which meonT one oT The mosT memoroble nighTs during Their olmosT compleTed Three yeors here , OT WoshingTon. Yes, iT wos Time Tor Their Senior Prom, Till Then. An ouT- sTonding TeoTure oT This nighT wos The summerTime whiTe which wos worn by olmosT oll oT The boys. CommencemenT exercises were held in our own oucliTorium here oT George WoshingTon l-ligh School on The evening oT Jonuory 27, T955 i i None oT These proiecTs, nor ocTiviTies, would hove been onywhere near Dame Blue and Bob Gcssin happily accem successTul wiThouT Mr. Allen Torlolcson, The hord worlring sponsor oT This closs The Cummings Cup. oT Poll l954. l-lis guidonce wos involuoble. , .QT 9 QM Rich Millilxon leads his class in The school hymn cT The Senior High Seniors enioy Their losT meeTing TogeTher before grud- BrecihTasT. uuTion f 'ARTERBERRY ROBE b H , RT Foolbo.l, Boslcei- G 'lmcli Sliorrons, records, College. AZOV, DAVID Prin. Cob., Roclio Club, Foofbelll l:lYlnQ. Slroling, Weighl-liir. 'UQ' CITY -College. BACKER, ROBERTA Red Cross Rep., Jr. Doy, PeC's, Swimming, Tennis, Bodmin- Ton, Work. BAKER, RICHARD Reg. Pres., Leller- men, Orcheslro, Troclc, Bowling, Col. BATES, DARLENE Red Cross Rep., Col- lege. BAUCHOU, EDWARD Red Cross Rep., Eagle Solesmon, I-lonling, Fishing, Troining Dogs, lnduslriol Arrs Teocher. BAUMAN, RICHARD MYF Veep, Cors, Swimming, Cily ond Col. BENHAM, AURELIE GAA Riclirig, Soil- WQ- R6GCliriQ, SFCC, Worl. BERTOLANI, BOB Donce Comm., Jr. Doy, lr, Prom. Comm., Reg. Pres., Reg. Treos., Sr. Doy, Mosquers, Crosoders, Fhologrophy, Slcoling, Teoching, Mor- rioge. BINGO, KENJI Reg. Treos., Sporis, Fishing, Bowling, Cogswell Poly. BLUE, DANISE l'Ill Ex, COi,in,, l'll2 Treos., Ifogle Fd., Rolly Comm. Jr., Sr. Doy, GSS, CSF, Mosgrers VP, Prin. Cob., GAA, Donce Comm., Tri-Y, GAA, Mills College. BREITFELD, ROBERT Reg. Pre-S., CSF. UC. BRONSTEIN, LEROY Rrin. Cob., Sr. Doy Arr Comm., Mosgoers, AZA, Dromo, Boslcelboll, Foolboll, CCSF ond UC. CARVALHO, cLAuD Reg. VP, Req. Treos., Clels, Scorler ond Grey, Piono, Cello, Bowling, Foolboll, SF Slore. CASSELL, BARBARA l.l2 EY. Conn., Co- ord. Bd.. Reg. Sec., Jr., Sr. Doy, Blozl W, GAA, Arr, Ice-slfoling, Morin J.C. CHAN, DAVID Sober Club, l-lor Rods, Cusfoms ond Sporl Core, Bovfinq, Service. CHAN, DONALD Swimming Teorri, Col- lege. CHAN, HENRY Sloge Crew, I-lol Rods, Sporls, l-flunling, Fishing, O'Connell. CHEU, JEANETTE Bloclc W, GAA, lfogle STUFF, Creoriye Wriling S'roFl, Swim' ming, Bowling, College. CHIN, MARGARET Doncing, l-lorselzocl Riding, Worlc. CHOY, RAYMOND Cougars, Airplone Models, Gos Engines, Bowling, Tennis. Boslferboll, Cogswell Poly College. I CHUNG, CALVIN SMBC, Sporls, Music, Foolboll Teom, Boslelboll, CCSP. CHUNG, WALTER Cougors, Troclf, Bowl- ing, Boslcelboll, College. CHUSID, HAROLD Reg. Pres., Req. VP, Jr. Doy, Scorlel 84 Groy, Pres., CSF, Col. coNRicH, ROBERT Core, U.C. COSTELLO, FRANCES I.l2 VSSD- Ref?- Veep, Adv. Mixed Choir, Singing, Donging, Sporls, College. couTuRE, JOAN Reg- SGC. 33 Tffiosri Choirmon Block W, GSS l-lislorion, Veep Scorlel 81 GroVi lf- Devi SF Doll' Doncing, Volleyboll, Slole. coveu, JIM Scorler :L Gi-Ov, Fwoflwll- College. 1-.3 ,ses ,N f , . Z 42 . f f Q ! 4.0! f ' 1 f i f i s rx f I 2 Gai:-irff. w:::s:,.. 7 ? f r-,pw f ' is 1 . I f 1 f 3, f ,W 1 me X fz . nib N. l sw I 4 C Q A vw X , Q ff IN ff. fy af f Z " . .4 f . . 'W s s X 4 9 f If 7 s I-11 me V' "5 R Z W , .ag C Y f, 1 N. 1 QV f I x? ff f A-v fl , M. ' 'f A .... , fi. 1 My X f Al' ,ati Sh sw s X ' IE' is ff , Y f Rs X XX: ' h X X Q X w ws i .W 052' W ' f f g , '5 'fi ea 'WH fum mimi W-wrap , f 5 wmv? , f ff , W' A 'vyfi - Mags 1 -, '29 'ri X . . F, N... 4 ,wi C . 1 Z i ff , ...,.,.,. 22 4? ' if wfn-a,w 4' f' ,f -s " ' gqifigf, ff- , . f-L I V X I ' Ns ya! A fl! ? .1 if S i A if 4 , ,g s ,i gy s Mm 9 I YV T N f so 5 ,i s,.. -- fm , 1 -is f ff' J- , C f ,S w M W X, 4 Qc fbi- lg: - IQ Qi. N J J-ASH , 4 X 0 buzz .A 'Q . ' J v, 'IN A 'E S S' is 5 J wr f., ,Q M no TT , saws-.. , 6'9" j ,Aww T X I 1 f 25:5 QQ, A A A fic f Z . AS f me N 1 M . Z3 . ' , 'Tl 4 , A A I' .., if ,, I ag. A 47:4 Z? rl ms, W W A J ' J Ni ' , 54' fog, I ...,.,. ,.,4 , ., A M, , , ,A , ,Q nn 'W ' , ll .W J 'V A A ., .... 5 ee.: - ' , A . "' 5 -W.. 3' ' l -fy ' , S. ' A' 'WN i f Aj., . M Af li fbi . f asian. V ' ' Q" A ii .. 'J -1.2733 X , ,Wx .21 ..l 'N 1 S Wk f - 1 if ' I -fl i ' ' A 3.1 ' fi 'f if A , l , ,f.,v K Y ,Z 1,1 , -- 1 419 J 'OI' ' if if W - ' 1 f VM ,V 'K A A .. X 6, , 7 ,ml wwf A s . ' -f' 1, 'V fi, 5' 4 . . , N! ,xg of ,V - , S Q .. f i' eff? f" .yi WI-g,-sg? V Z S ' . 3 'H' 'ff Z' 2 ' ff 5. .Arz- . A5 , -wwf' 5 . f ' f My S if f - I 2 A W ia? 1 3 M7 CRAWFORD, RICHARD Music. School Bend Xi Orclnesire, Dance Bend, Bese- ball, Work. CROPPER, GAIL SSPC, DODGE' Commillee, Ari, l-lair Siylisf. CUPPLES, CHARLOTTE REQ. SGC. 31 Veep, SSPC, GAA, Block W, CSP, Sporls, Cars, Kniiiing, Ice Skeling, Siale. D'ANGEl.O, SAL Reg. Pres. 81 Sec., Lel- lermen, Eegle, Music, Beskelleell, SFCC. DAVIS, JAMES Reg. Trees., Jr., Sr. Dov, Jr. Adv., Cleis, Bowling, DeMo- lev, Music, Foolbell, Soccer, Slele. DAVIS, SYLVIA Reg. Veep, Mesguers, BBG, Pieno, Dancing, Reading, Swim- ming, Roller Slweling, Work X1 Business Sclnool. DELMAN, DENNY Reg. Pres., Sec.. Trees., Prin. Cab., Sober Club, Mosque Xi Gavel, l'larsemon5l1ip,Avieiion, CCSP. DOLORES, NINA Ping-pong, Baseball, Teleplvone Job. DONG, MILTON Woodworking, Bese- bell, Weiglii-lifiing, Pooibell, Work. DUBENKO, PETER Reg. Trees., Cogawell Polv College. DUDUM, ROCKY SOl'GrIs, l'loI Rods, Cusloms, Soorl Cors, Besebell. DURAN, ENRIQUE NRA OT D9- signing Houses end Cors, Drawing Besebell, Foolbell, I-lendbell. Cilv. ENG, MARY Red Cross Rep., Rely Comm., Ex. Dance Comm., Jr., Sr. Dev, Sr. Adv., Tickei Br Bidseller, SSPC, CSP, GSS, Dence Dec., Arr, Swimming. Col- lege. FERRARI, ALDA Reg. Sec., GAA, Cook- ing, Sewing, Beskeibell, Business School, llalv. FRANKLIN, GEORGIA Reg. Trees., Ten- nis, Bedminlon, GAA, Block W, Music, Ci'rv. FRIEDMAN, HERBERT Reg. RFGS., Lel- iermen, Eagles, CSP, Beskelbell, Bese- bell, Goli, Cel. FRIGILLANA, LAWRENCE Ice Skoiinq, Leilermen, Model Airplenes, Soccer, Treck, Drellsmen, Nevv. FUJII, CHICO Sporls, Music, Basker- bell, Swimming, Cilv. FULTON, HELMI Reg. Veep 8: Sec., Prin. Cab., Red Cross, GSS, Scerlef 81 Grav, Floral Arls, SSPC, Bedminlon, Sl: Slale. FURNESS, RICHARD Cleiis I-Ii-Y, Selling. Bowling, Cal el Devis. GASSIN, ROBERT Pies., 2nd VP, SB Cuslodien, LII Class Pres., Ex. Coun., Prin. Cob., Rellv Comm., Eegles, MOVOF, YOUll'1 Dov, Rogues, Bowling, JV Poolbell Teem, Work, UC, GAYLORD, HARLENE Co-ord. Bd., Prin. CO5-i Jr- DGV Scripl, Coslumes, Ed. Creelive Wriling Meg, Denqe Cgmmu Rlillv Comm., SSPC, GAA, Eegle Sfeicf, BBG, Arl, Skaling, Ai-Iigf, GEE, DOUGLAS Beskeiball, SFCC Busi- ness Meier. GEE, EDWARD Ciiv College. FEE, STANLEY Concerl Records, Pislw- WQ' DUVWVIQ Sliow, Tennis, Bosebell. Armv, College. GERSTEL, ANNE Dencing, Skqi-inq, Bowling, Beeulv Scliool, Work. 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X . be 'Ku- I x. ,ear .. -..- , . bllu ry I f ff Q' .I f l ir .- i el, " l f E I - f me me C .ff ...-A T' LEE, HARRY Piin, Cab., Jr. Xi Sr, Dal. YMCA, Sparls and Arr, Arl School. LEE, LEONARA Jr. md Sf. Dov, Gf-P, Swimming, Bowling, Reading, Ca- ege. LEE, PAUL Callecling Money, Fzdba , Baslcelball. LEE, RICHARD YMCA, Eleclranicz, Eccl- ball and Swimming, Caswell College. LEE, TONY Reg, Treas., Sparls, Arcbi- Ieclure, College. LEIPSIC, JOHN l.l2 8 I-'ll2 Pres., Efei. Caun., Reg. Pres., Ca-ard. Bd., Pallief, Jr. and Sr. Day. Eagles, Masque and Gayel, I-lunling, Fislning, Trail Team, College. LEONG, BENNY Reg. Sec., Prln, Cab., Sr. Day Coal, Cameron I-Iagise, Saber Club, Bowling, Cily College. LEONG, WINIFRED Pray Jazz Rexfdf, Baskelball, Callege, LINDENBAUM, MARTHA DOHC? CCWM GAA, Rainbaw Girls, Mssic, lie Sin'- ing, Badminton, Ticler Seller, SF S':'e. LOOBER, ROSEMARIE Red Crili It and Sr. Day, Dance Comm., C:-:ri Bd., Masgiiers Term Play, BBG, D31- ing, Tliealri-:al Makeup, Swifnrrinig Br Bowling, Worlf, Nigkl Scliaa. LOUIE, MERLE Baslfelball, Cily Ct lege. LUI, PAUL Capigars, Trac? Team, Ct'- lege. MADROSEN, JOHN Reg. Pres. :'d Treas., Jr. and Sr. Day, Clefs, C grrbi: Club, Saber Club, I-lnnling and Fiib- ing, Baseball Team, RiTle Teen' UC, Engineering. MAIBAUM, WALTER Reg. Frei. :Ci Cab., Cleis, Saber Cl,b, M.s'i 3' Sludenl Band Leader, Pemba' E54- ing, Slale. MANAHAN, FRANCES Reg. Sei, 3'd Treas., Dance Comm., Dan-Qirg. Rec- ords, Waler and Snow Slling, Bezfy College. MARKUS, RUTH Eagle Reb., Dat' P Swimming, Badminlan, Vol e-mba Warlc. McCONAUGHY, ROBIN Reg. RFE-S.. Veep, Treas., Jr. and Sr, Day Cliair- man Sr. Brealnlasl, waler sliirg su-,"'4 ming, SEYA, Tri-Y, College. MEDLOCK, JANIATA Reg. Vees Sei., Prin. Cab., Sr. Day, Y-Teen, Baslefbai, Volleyball, Roller Slraling, CCSE MEYER, MARILYN Tennis, Roller Slal- ing, Sr, Day, Bid Seller, GAA, .lib's Dauiglwleri, B.sine-ss Col ege. MIDDLEBROOK, DON Ex. C312 l-Ili. Ex. Dance Comm., Sr. Adyiscr, Bizad- casling Slafl, Eagles, Baskelba l, Base- ball, Clels, DeIVlOlOy, Wfarl lC.3l'eqe in Falll. MILLIKAN, RICHARD SB Treas., blend Yell Leadlr, I-lll Pres., Eagles, Ra x' Camm,, Ev. Dance Comm., Reg, Pres., Ragves, Track Football, CCSP, MILLS, DONALD Reg. Pres.. Cars, Eagl- ball, Baslelball, Warl. MITCHELL, CARL Baseball, Trail, EDDI- ball, Salons, Ml. Anlelope Vallex .lr. College. MURPHY, JOHN Eoolball, Cameing Trips, College. NEEDHAM, DWIGHT ,la21, Baslesbuli Marine Cai-pg NESS, SHIRLEY l3aCI"'in'Tn Wiirlc. NEUNIILLER, GAY Dance Comm. GAA Siofls, Riding, leg Slglmqx Dm, NG, FAY BOSLGIIDG, lzlyinq, Egq Q5 Cfillpmn I NG, HENRY B: :fe :O NQNESMIRIEN, DA LLA. 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CC 532. ,F " ' A X ' SHIMIZU, JOHN E71 CUE, Q! 7 IIC ' 'fwfr I f 11 52752 Cv Cz' ece -'fziu SHIRID, SIDNEY Leuef 2. V315 'eff E'JI'6'II'JI Fzwb, ,'f"f""' ,E,,,,7 W' FTE- , ' f i' ' , f SINGER, GEORGE ESRC Deg f-, Bag. R-.1 ' A feic' fc' age. 7 V. ' "T I SMITH, LAWRENCE EGQIES GTO, I I -V ' ' , zv, , ,, P Yu P' -u-G. ' STERN, CAROLE Eff, Cab, GAA gnu 4, ., A gt . A ,O 'N I 'G+ 7 Gray, B'O:If W, Pcifbw, 589 ,I 44 E+ 4 I J "W I A if I E"9?'9 PEUCIIRQV ow fn-T f S 2 . T-7 A 775 ,, If V . " Sa ,., 'BQ :. X EPQ- g . . Fl-.. - ,r """. . is C 0 lk I N' as 'S C 3 ' s I 'X if I A C. A X X XXX X. HN A M ' X X 1 f I X 1 .F fx -Q X X ,, I C S .,r5,, L if-5 9 I W. .-fi 'XR ,ff Ss. xii. S-wwf' . qv 'W' Ev -I "" I C I wx Q ,RA -C I if X. 1' A X X X M he 'fav QF' sf' IW x I -vw 3, l wg I X '15 av few -J C 4. vw' if S 1 Y C 9 lf x - CC 1 W- ,x C X .Q X Q x NS! NN Q ' ' 5,-if '-...J 4? L X Q 'Vi - I' : I C-'W E 1 an Q X ,. X, ,A . SC? X I 1 Ali , , 2' Q I -in I .44 a s I V W? I I S 1 .J - t ' 15. 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L 'L C Tom Bcirras, e'e-dec' Sen'or King s'rands wifii Dixie fapparos, Sopn Queen. i ii rv'D fe- V' L... V' 1 "-XY'-' J-, J: - 5 9-D D r- emo o' AM, 3 3'e 'n r 275 3' 're ICS? csc orezeheg foe-rr3r3:ie osr C'9Ci':3E' 3' Wa:r"3e i S . T. . , i f. 7 M- Q. .-.Lp , - - if e 3 2. my Q ee-. ea 3 e Q, ee , ., A -M -M-, -Mm 91,3 i -' Q ug .ze , .1 ., 7 D-. e3 -O .I'1.,VT'N Ni i - .. - J I I -P ' ,- re fc, c3e oe- -r :re 3. ,err ce T er frie pea? oi frweir yeors ccrne 3: Jwe i4 1955, c' George r Hen Sclwcei cz They were nan:e3 -ref 3iCiI"T'CS with 3 annie if"EF'i 'S EE"f1 'VQVVW CF awe ff ff iii! Direc+or Bob Granr wiih Assis+an+s Siephanie Koppe and High Senior Class OFFicers see +i'1e'r c'ass Joan Harrison pull Senior Day iogefiwer. 'fi1"OUQi'1 'YO 9VGdUGi'C"'- as W 'fi sfl sw 1 l A - X. f , A - A .lffmfu , . . , S . 4 1 ,, , S' . . . 'T ' 'I f - ' ' ,... E .fy G' 1' ' " " 'T' ... . . J lf s,Q.:.' 35? 45 E '- ' ' A.. . ,QL f I -Gr: -- M ,1 I - -- T A., 5' ' . X C ,f ,ff ' X " wr ' Xx,x 551' f 3 " T J- T 32 - pw h . -A ,. ..,, , I .qo.,,-x, . 4 . . . , 4. .. . t . .. A .. 1 . .,,L .Sy V' .,.. A T .. A f f A . .4 R- J. - Q aw' new .few 1 .1- . 1- . , ,X ' .. My-3l,., M, Egyif-rw . -.'X , f SEN? ' T1-f'Q,4., - "",.':A ' . . 3 l A A l r mtl rl , r, W . Q 1 N ' X, V ' TY ' 3 , ik ' - Q I if I ' iw., . 3 g ff. 1 1 .NAI ' X f I .P 'P rfw g A Q. 2 5 - 'Af - . l ii L- 1 ' egbevf if I ' -Q 7, V +R N. 'u n - .-: -.,- .- X 4 , ' GMM' K . , I 1: ,I . vnlvl Q J I! . . ,A A ft .V Aga. vi . ,,,A, 2 if . 5' I nr ' -S, f . gg 'ne ,gl rr 4 I J... . . . T I . T A ' on Z e I r' .Y 7 t Ixil I ',.,,.. 17- K AARDAL, JANET Egg e Salesman lie Slcallng, Drawlng, Baskelball, S.S.P.C. Dance Comm., C.C.S,E. ABBEY, LEONA Sledy l'-lall Sei. Llnlfi GAA., Dance Camrn.. Biaclr W. BGS- lelball, Sparls, C.C.S.E. ABEND, MARILYN Prln. G.fN.A. Block W, Sr. Advisor. B.B,Cv. Dante Comm., Jr. 81 Sr. Day, S. E. S+a+e. ABRAMS, NADINE Sr. Aclvlscr Darc- ing, Plng Pang, College. ACHESON, TOM Saber Club. PEZYLQ- raplwy, Eislwlng, Roilraad. ADELSON, HARRIUET B.B.G., Refarclz, Arl, Ping Pong, Warl. AGEE, SANDRA Reg. Pres. Vee: Prin. Cab., Dance Comm.. Pep San Jose Slale. ALLEN, JIM Reg. Weep. Prir. Cab. Eaglez. Spokes, Cars, Trail Cfitl Counfry, C.C,S.E. ALPHIN, CAROLYN Pffn. DD,-,C Cvmm., G.A.A., Tenniz. C.C.S E. ANDERSON, BARBARA Req. TVEDS.. El- clelranz. Prln. Cab., Bcwlng. C: lege. ANDERSON, CHARLES Siar el 51 Gray. Reg. Pres.. Veep. Prln. Cab., Eag ei. Eagle Slafl. Traclf. Baslelbal' C.C,S.E. ANDERSON, RONALD Eagle Rea.. Reg. Treas, Traians, B.T.W.C.C.. Lerfermen, Traclc, Crass Caunfry., Drlving C.C.S.E. ANDREWS, ERNEST S 81 G, C.C.S.E. ANDRIAN, PAT Reg. Veep. Sec.. Prln. Cab.. S 81 G. G.A.A., Dance Cfmm.. Jr. 81 Sr. Day, Callecring Reczrds. C,C.S.F. ANGELONIDES, IRENE GJAMA., S S.P.C., Reg. Treas. Dance Comm., Cl: ecllng Records, College. ARIKAWA, JANE REQ. HOSTGSS Pr'n. Cab., Linlxs. Mclslc. Boslelba" B ire? College. ASTRAHANTSEFF, HELEN REQ, VGSD, GJNA., Dance Comm., Fidellars. SF. Slaie, AUSTIN, ARTRENA REQ. Prfn, Dance Comm.. Clwanels, Clnarmelfes, Black W. Roller 84 lce Slannq S. F, Slafe. BABB, JAMES Reg. Pres., Prln. Cab.. Dcznce Comm.. Sr. Advisor. lr. Dov, Tlclwel Seller. Rogues, Swimming. Ler. lermen. Service. College. BACCI, MARIAN Reg. VSGD, '3.A.A., Skiing. Swimming, C.C.S.E. BACH, SANDRA Jnbilelles. Bomllng, C.C,S.F. BAGWELL, ALEX Red Crass R5-Q, S Sf G, lVl.Y.E. Pres., Piano, Organ. Voice, Soccer, S. F. Slale. BARRAS, THOMAS Reg. Pres. Eagles, C.S,E., Sr. Aclvigor. Lellermen, Spgrfgl 3oslrelball, Baseball Teams. Cal, BARRETT, SALLY Prin. Cab., Red Cram Rep., Chair, Sr, Advlsar, C.w.3Cl,i,,qI Science Club. Music. Cel, T BARSOCCHINI, JANE Fideliens. Bllicl W, C3.A.A., C.C.S.F. BECKMAN, MARCIA L-II SGC., l'l-l2 V999 Song Leader. Y Collndl Slpqq REQ- V999 TVSOS.. Sec., Reys. G.A.A., G.S.S., S. E. Slole. BEHRING, LOUISE Prim. Cob.. GAA., Ex. Dance Comm.. Blocl W. Donglelggl l-larseI1waclc.Tabe Cabllrn, BELLAND, JIM MOTarcyc'e Rgginql Wclrl. T BERELSON, DON ici- P' F15-Q- CCI. BUCKNER, ROBERT Essen: , F::': C.C.S.F. ,. ,275 BERKSON, HAROLD 159, 193, 3, V Bosebcuf N'VgfL. ,If , 'P 7' BEVERLY, .lumm ANNE GA A.. 5 211' 5 f VV! REQ- SEC, Tfece., Syce C:'f". Jr. XI gr. Dey, :gs-C, S, FA Q5-gem, 525321 'ow GT N'-5E:. BIKAKIS, ELEANOTR Rec Cfzzs Pee., G,A.fX.. B :ik VV, Q5-95 C5-'N V -I-Vile, ,fg'SJh Se ef. S.-ffwifg CCSP. ga . V f' BONALDI, DINO :eg zfez. Sczef , -f Cub. Pfcfc AF Fefe. Y 3' 6 I' BORKENGAGEN, IRENE G,A.f+,, ve X eybo' Ezslewcf Ncfez, NVUD, BORNEMANN, GAYLE LEG. Recap, Q S'c"ce W Tc" :': I'-',e',. 'LQ -gif BRADY, BROOKNER Fe': 'Q Q BRAY, WINNIE Reg. Se:.. Refs. I ' Cefvfw., jf. CC, Ofegc' S'o4e. " Q' if ' BREGER, BARBARA PJ2 CCW. SEC.. S S4 I ' V Ad.. lf. Dey. S if G CSF. '2,A.f', 'I' R4 4 5.5, ' '3 2 CCCCEIFQ, Bcjr 'N Cg, 53 'j BROWN, ANTHONY Reeve: Pee-:Q 4' 'I 'R " fem, Pc--'ng Q' In BUNGER, SUSANNE Sf". Cac. S.. ming I-Icfeebctf S. F. S'c'e, BURK, MARCELL Peg. Trecz. CCI'CC TECWI, Ped Cfess. S. F. S'c'e. BURL, RONALD Pecvde T'c:? r- bo7ITef:ffs. CAIN, DOROTHY :Z C FZ?" Tern e. Cf: ece. CAMPBELL, LAURA Sffg Leccef seq. . , ,F ,rr Pres.. Pnf. Cac. Sf, A01 .cf Jeff I G.A.P.. Exec? IN. Dc':e CTN' I'- czrnue GSS. C: ege. CAMPUSANO, MICHAEL EC'i SEC" M.,s'c, Trac? Tecff C.C.S.F. CAPELL, BARBARA Peg. F"e:. S Fidefcrs fvf SCIIVQ CCSP. CARD, ANN G.f'X.f. Sefffc Bei? Bcdmvcf C.C,S.F. CARLSON, CHARLES S.'l'f"'T:"J T Pcsslmws. Core, VVUL. CARNAHAN, JAN Reg. Ffei. Tfec Rog,es, Le++ermen, SffI'ff'I'q Tesfm C.C.S.F. CARR, ROLAND Peq. Pres, Tfecs. Lee fefmen Pres. Tfczlf Tecrrx C.C.S,F. CASEY, JO ANN Peg. I-Izreit. S .V.' ,"'- rmng Pena BcsLe'bcI. CASEY, WILL Fcc'boNI Teoff. VJUL. CASSIMUS, NICK Peg. Pres., PCC? Fishing Pemba! S. F. S"o+e. CASTILLO, BARBARA Req. VeeD Sec Red Cross, Prlr. Cab.. Dance Ctfffe GAA., Scorfs. S. F. Srofe. CASTRO, ANN Peg. Pres., Sec. Pr'-e. Cob., Seng Leodef. Fide'icm5. FCC? LJCL. Co Iege, A I an Q f 123' ' Ai W, 4-'41 . J' 1 nr 1 . vf 1' f W saw ' ff A I ' .01 - : f ,L w g.- -13? 'nf' -.Q 3 I g. , 1 i if , 'z . , 6 'I 4-,Y Aux . 4 1' 1:1 I ax FPS' mf Y, f 13 I+. lv 3 l my W , -'wx R 4- sm ' , .g -X V . 3 'I as ,? I' z A 1 Y , -5. NW. ,S fda 'vs g rs 4, we . ,Q ' , . "N 1 ' 5' . Q I fl ll I ' Sf f' f if si l Vik ,if if 'Q . .xfzw A S ies Z' eggs: If 1, 5 'ff 5. - ' f N, I "': C ' 1 i , , "ik 42' '52 Q fw, WW 2 N ,gary 6- , , ju' vid fr- f-,bivgl i ' L' T137 l if 1 fx , J X -WM A X vwwiir X I x -- if N fk S Q 45 ' 4 , P f yfff X A X C f S ' 'ff' " f W of R l ff W . ,z .rm Q. 'S An ,,, ZS M . sx R i ., , ' lm, my S 'Q as s R if , 5 2 .wig X ec ,J , C A f My .,,,,,, V. f, f f- ,yr-' --was R . .. gy X S M! :fa--1, -. ' ,Jig f Q.. X 3, x QA ! fs ,. 8 f 1 'yawn' X ' AN 'N f. Q , XXX tv , . . iz . . X x fw . .,.. ,N,....+ M . AY X , X, X X CHAN, KONG Pliilaleiy, Reading, Baz- kelball, Fooiball, C.C.S.F. CHAN, THOMAS Reg. Treas,, Flying Eagles, Baslcelball, Navy. CHAN, TIM Reg. Pres., Cars, Weiglni- liifing, Navy. CHANG, VIOLA Reg. Treas., Y.W.C.A.. Red Cross, Jr. Day, Records, Bodmin. Ton, College. CHARRIER, DEAN Sr. Advisor, S Bi G. Baslcelball, Cal. CHAVEZ, TERRY Reg. Veep, Sec., Red Cross, Jr. 31 Sr. Day, Rally Comm., Dance Comm., School Mascot Swim- ming, U.C.l..A. CHEW, JO ANN Reg, Sec., Treas., Jr. Day, C.S.F., Science Club, Piano, Mu- sic, Cal. CHEW, ROSE Reg. l-lasrees, Jr. Day. GAA., Y Club, Records, Bowling. Nursing. CHING, MAYBELLE Reg. Veep TreGS., Sec., Dance Comm., C:.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Dancing, Bowling, S. F. Slaie. CHOY, JUNE Eagle Rep., Bloclr W. G.A.A., Dancing, Bowling, S, F, Slralre, CLEVELAND, MARY ANN R9yS, Dance Comm., Cf-.A.A., Bowling, S, E. Slale. CODY, BILL S. Xi G., Rcg.ies, Svfm- ming, College. COLEMAN, JOAN Prim. Cab., Bi G.. Rally Comm., C5.A.A., Block W, Dance Comm., Jr. gf Sr. Day, Dancing, Cal. COLLINS, WALTER Band, Bowling, I-lo? Rod Club. CONNELL, DENNIS Rrin, Cab., Saians, Foolboll, Swimming, College. CONTINI, BRUNO l.D.G., Music, SOC- cer Team, Baskelball, Skiing, Univ. Bocconi. COOPER, ELVIE Bu ls, Golf Track Team, Navy. COOPER, STEPHEN Iceiiermen, A.Z.A.. Fishing, Varsily Foolball, Cal, coRDELLos, HARRY Pm. Cob., Band, Camera Club, Plmolograplny, Work. CROOM, ROSALIND Red Cross, Danc- ing, Swimming, Clwarmelles-Clwanel, L.A.C.C. CRUSE, HELEN Job's Dauglwiers, I-loner Queen, Badminion, Marriage, DAVIDSON, DORIT Reg. Veep, Sec.. Dance Comm., Fidelians, BBG., Work. DAVIS, RONALD Rrin. Cab, Sxyimming, Dance Comm., .l.A., CCSP. DEDINA, STEVE Reg. Pres., Treas., Sr. Advisor, Y.M.C.Px., Eagles, Term Play, Masauers, Track, Cal. DE HES, TILLY Reg. Sec., Red Cragg Cbrm, Sr. Advisor, GJNA., C,S,l3,, JA., Eagle Slali, Reed Cole-ge. DE POLJEVOY, JEANNE Reg. Rfei.. Tre-as., Prim. Cab.. Reys, C.S.F., S 81 G, CFA A., Eagle 81 Swyexor Slang, Jr, 8, Sr. Day, Cal. DE ROY, LYNNE Reg. Sec., Jr. Si Sr. Day, GAA. Sec., Rally Comm., Reys, Eagle 3 Surveyor Siail, Brogdggg Slalli, Cal, DE WITT, LILLIAN Phologroplwy, Swim. ming C.C.S.F. DOMACHIN, NELLA Eze.:-5 C3-1'-qu Sufi Sfole, Dozlsn, STEVE T-ed, C.C,S,F, DRYDEN, CANDY pei Cfzzi S':":1 h . .. EASLEY, CHARNETT E:2?e?b:". C.C.S.F. A FISCHER, ARTHUR Deg. Pei.. E::?e'- ' - .,.,. P . ., n :CJ""': S,g": R'd"g, Vxfgdl DUN'CAN, ULYSSES CCf""ef:'-I - Trac: Tig-1, CAC-SVP. EFFORD, BOB Ecg ez, Reg,-ee, I-ACE Q-WS, Sfvf"f"7'g, S. F. Seufe. EHRENPFORT, STAN Ccrgx Sggri- Fggi be I, C.C.S.F. EISEN, ROSALIE Ped C'ISI, S.S.F.C., CSF. GSS., P: 1 C:'f"., Cf A., 5 Ci? Iff, S:'e':e C .5 Cc. ELLIOTT, CAROLYN Deg. :rem Ve-., D-, :,-: H ,,-, , '- w:,e . e . -3 . g, EJ. C: ege, ERSKINE, LANE Deg. I-Ieii Fr", Cab.. Szbfe fi N.C.S,A., V!"-'eg 3.5 Sze:-Vg Ezseiz C:"ege. ESCALLE, ANTHONY Peg. Weec, P X: 5:2 S::iefTe:'e. FEARING, ISABEL peg. T-'e':S.. G.A.fN. S.S.:.C. ,f-fi S-'C Cc" D223 1. C FEIGA, RALPH Deg. lee: E':.e E. 1 CV: Estfeest T'ZI' TECNE CCS.: 5: Ftrs: CCSP. FIKSDAHL, INGRID p"'. DZ'Z. OW we fFf ' 2-L-7 'ugh CQ: Sf"'g. S. 'fwifg Ami' 'e:'.'e Cfew. Pg' . FLETCHER, GALE Peg. Se pr". Cie. Pe,: E:3""":', L. F. FLINT, MARY :ste Cie". 5:"b FONG, HENRY :eg Tfec.. 5:2-e E'!e:""':'ef C: ege. FONG, .IENNIE I'-'2 Ci"" " """ Sei., Peg. S-e:. 'X-ees, E Sc '3.fN.f1. Eder 'N E:3"' Vffcfl FRAGONIENI, ED KA'Q5, Z"f Fei' hz '. PM Perce. FRANCHI, MARIETTA E':'ie Ciffm., J Cc, Ede 4c':. CCSP. FRANKEN, RUTH Peg. Frei.. G.F.f'.. Sf, Aer., Z:'c'e 2: Eat? Vxf. E222 Z S.'we,'t' 5-255 Cc. ege. FRANKLIN, SUZANNE peg. Pee. Sei. Serie C:f"',. lf. Say. Feyi G.fN.F. EE? V! ECC e 325. Cc. FRIEDENBERAG, JEANETTE P3151 Pectfzg FUJIMOTO, NANETTE Peq. Sei., I-Ieii X ' eze G.fL.P., Veec, Bez? V! Ckfm, S Azfzer, S Z1 G. LCECE Czrfm.. LF92 CCLZ'C'fC U. FUKAMI, MIRIAM Peg. Pfez. 5.5.29 Ef. Erie Crew., CSF, 9.3.5. S L G G.A.f-, Tef": C: ece. FULLER, MARY Peg. Ffei., Sei., pe1 Cftiz G.AfK. QA. CSF. ffef C .5 Hex de. GARDNER, MERRILL Q-i.'. Veg, P'e1. pf". CDO. Dlfie Ciffei J". Day, GAA. CSF., Begl V! S' Pxmflgcf Ci. ,-V. I T' 3 1 A I A vi J ,-, I' f 2 f 5 1 54 A ,J 1 . I f f 4 ep- v. W al I ,.-,. fr ve 2 ri In L- ei.: v ,A gig, -L , I I ff if ,, ,f ., f 'H T V 533.1 . ' '31-Vflf' gg g :V 4: -ff AL .,,,w if "TD" .1-x 'Di .14 ,Z 3 2. -f 1' 1675. I I P3 -8 I' rf 1h M! I- . ,L X if if . X N C X if N X R i if . 4 -stir. ,gg X N "" wk' X R ' V Q " I ' V Ms. wk.- ui, .. 'VSANX X ' K . I V :A E 'W ' 5 ., WW LZ. , 'Ns..,.,.,qP ' .. I, A 1' -X w ,. E I , s ' ' .fxeggx .. . ' 'v S X Q 'X Aw. . E l fm M 'X f . XE .1 ..,. .A ...fgi-f' gi -. '. , 41 i A Q ali , .,.,, Q A X A 'Qc . . 5 'J 1 1 1 gf S gf" q 3, . ' ,X 2' 1- .. wifi:-1""iyZ' 'bf Q' ' 2 f- 'J 2 5 , C Nj -4. -25,5 'I' ,Q rfvgfr ,f ind' C35 I A ,F x g X ...ei .X .gg Q 5 ff i . Y x If x X 5 4-,. .f .fi X Y' X if W Q' R L il .. X QQ? in X. V 1 N X Q QA Q' . 'QC ,5 S X. XX .ww .. 'UW' af: .. ,C GARNOT, HILAIRE G.A.A.. l-ze Slalrg, Worlc. GARRICK, WILLIAM Red Cross, Royal Kniglils, Sporfs, E.T.W.C.C. Eoolbdl Team, C.C.S.E. GARTON, JANICE AV, S. E. Slale. GASTON, JUNE Reg, Sei., S.S.p.C. lvlggqnerg, Dance Comm., Maiarelle, Volleyball, College. GATsos, THEQNI Reg. Veeo, S,-,Em ming, Tennis, C.C.S.E. GENGRAS, HOWARD SDCVIS GEORGE, MARY Sporls, Records Swim- ming, Worl. GERSON, JACQUELINE Req. Elczlesz Veep, Red Cross, EIA., GJXA. SE. Stare. GILBERT, LOUISE Eidelians, S.S.F,C. GAA., Arl, Cal. Sclmol CW Eine Fvli. GILDEA, BRUCE Clnem. C .l3 S 3 G Boslerbcll, Col ege. GIN, VALERIE Reg. Tieas. G.A.A. Jr. Day, Bock W, Bgrwling Cc ege. GIOVANNONI, DON Dixieland Pei- ords, Enolbal, Baslfelba l, S. F. S'C1+e. GLEDHILI., BRUCE E-. COJU, A552 YE Leader, Reg. Pres. Ve-ep, lfeys, Le'- lermen, ,lu 3 Sr. Day, Dance Cfmm. Swimming, College. GOLDKIND, PORTIA EXEC. CO,n., Sec.. Req, Veep Sec., Eagle Sales Prin. Cab., C3.A.A., Boil W, Date Comm., lncanmis, Cal. GOLDSBERRY, JANE REQ. Eff?-S. p"'. Cob., Dance Comm., GJKA., B acl. NN' Masariers, Donalelos, Bow ng, CC-- lege. GOLDSTEIN, INGRID EX. Cor. l-l-ll Sec., Reg. Treas., Pres., CSAA. GS S. lncannrzs, B.B.G.. Sparls, S. E. Smale. GOLDSTEIN, MARY Reg. SGC., Prim. Cala., IDG., G.A,A., Black W, Cate Cemm., S.S,P.C., Tennis, Cal. GOTFRID, PHIL Reg. Pres., Treas., Arl, A.Z.A.. Eaalball, C.C.S,F. GOUNARIS, JIM Sporls, Eoofloal. C.C.S.E. GRAHAM, JEANNE Sr. Advisor, Reg. Pres, Erin. Cab., Jr. S1 Sr. Day, Ra y Comm., GJ-X.A., GSS., Dance Camm., Veep Masquers, College. GRANT, ROBERT Sled. Body Ind V-P S Cusl., Edilor "Eagle," Eagles. Co-Grd. Bd., Rally Comm., Exec. Lmn., Pi-Iv. Cob., Spls. Ed. Eag'e, Surveyor, Reg. Pres., .lr Dav, Dir. Sr. Dax, Ragms Mrfsig, Cel. GREENBERG, GERALDINE BBG., Reg. Sec., Dance Comm., S.S.l3'.C, G.,+'x.A., Song Leader, Block NV, lxledelifwg, Woi'l. GREENEY, JERRIE Erin. Cab., GJAMA.. fvlasq-ers, Dame Comm., Swimming, CC5.E. GRIFFITH, NADINE REQ. Sei., Erin. C-als., Dance Cnmm., ETA., Blogl VV, GJNA., Elanalebrs, liclgl SQIIQV, S. E. Slcile. GRILLEY, HARRY Ex. Corin., Temp. Curs- ladian Reg. Pres.. Veeo, Sr. Adwiwor, CC'Ord. Beard, Eaalxs Sec., Jr. S Sf, Day, Rally Comm., S. E. Sfale. GROLITZER, PAUL A.Z.A., Baxxlinq Sailirg, C.C.S.F. R GROSCH, HELEN l'l-nrses, Swimminq, Pala Rancliing. i GURICH, TED l-l-ll Tie-OS., L-lf Elie, Eaaf'-S, Dance C0nim,, I-Cprg, BLM il. HAIGHT, HELEN EEF., Lk ,N 5-iii-E -:"- EV,AvA- -:E A 3 V fc: 9 HALL, QUEEN 359, ggi, - 'O' I, 1-P- C'333 ' 'er GAP. E11 I . L uf '17 ff: E:ifE':: S. 5, Sgt W I HALL, ROBERT 1-zz I' - 53 E""""? C2 .,-, . HALL, WILLIAM If 55.95 gg 1 E- .. - , - 3 3 11' La- I-5,55 E '.-If I "- f "55' 'i " Tiinqfrigig A HAMEL, PAT E E L " Y 'ia '-1 EQ.:-E 2:3 f 795- . HANsoN, MEL :Eg 'W ' ' A :LOST 'Q I" I-A -04 f 9: -- E , :":: I'--'::':- 5 , QQ, Y HARDEMAN, SHARON 1 ie fin' 'J 1 ' I A '4 'l JI -:'i'g ::.-.'-Q iff' , .. , I v J IQIARMONI GENE 3' I 3 'Z I ff' ' -.: -. ::sE:: , V E 31 - 1 ff I ,E I Q55 I .. J if I HARRISON, JOAN :Eg :Q ' ' ' -- :-'- '-f- 'Z Q 'Q 'I A L I .-,-. , J.-. ,, , 3 :ef 35.5 'E"': .. 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' 4- ,f Q a 4 !7 L 'Q :QF 1 HOLDEN, HERB C-E11 -' tl HOLISARILJ, BIlSLIS::2' , . C1 ' C,C,S.F. W v - 5 A A Q ,X HOM, JAMES H- 1 fezz. 'E' ' I' 4 rw- " Pr". Celt. EJ: E: S if G, ' ' .A V v 'I - Q:'ie f:"" fc. , ,I ' M6 'CF' I HoosIER, LA UNA if WV- ' . .41 EAW- ..,. I- EJ, ff ,z I I .fffw ' I' ' 1 If . E .3 42 HOSMER, RICHARD :Eg F f 55: -93" I'Y'T"Q Q' Co. HOUSER, JANET Deg. Rei E 55, ff' G.F.P. lit- -. .. "'- P A . ,- f -,. ---,. ' A AE E., . ' 4' , ,. 4f"'f ,Sf .1'. -1-'I VJ -T Y ' . If I 'W . 9 A r, --vi-E Q FQ,-Q 'W Q INI,'E'EQ E3'::. 1 - " x, 'Q A - ,M HOWARD, QUINCY Fxlcff f -I.' . V . . .JL 'i - N1- Af' f-ff Eg'-E. Y' 'I . fu X1 42 ' I A '75 ' 'E 4K A44 ffxziisf E' . Ll A f 'wa i xr X QW SCX ff i C W, xv. ,M . "90- ,, W' 'gm X av L f we V 2 ss 45' J 4 i .Wi x ,i ,I .Iggy ,. 5 .sw --V, ig' Allahu-.., s ,Qs My 7 A ff ' .37 2. .. z .,-. 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Da, Reys, Dance Comm,, GAA, Eage Slali, Bowling, College. JANOW, ROGER Lelferman, Trilzunet Swimming Team, Cily College, JEUNG, FLORENCE Ma5iC, S-wimmfng. JEUNG, LOUISE G.A.A., Blocl' NN. Sei. Sludy l-lall, Bowling, C.C.S.F. JOHNSON, BEVERLY Reg. Prez.. Veet. Treas., Sec., Revs. S 21 G, Piano, Ore- gon Siale College. JOHNSON, DAVE Camera C ,E Rn,- lograplwy, S. F. Slale. JOHNSON, LYDIA Singing, Plant, Ea:- kelball, Music Teaclier. JOHNSON, PRESTON Weifside CE"E'. l-larseback Riding, Foolloal C.C SF. JONES, TONY Allv'eIiC Mgr, EA Council, l-Ill? Pres., Keys, C.S.l:., PC65- ball Team, Eagles, Skiing, College. JOY, FORD Eagle Rep., Lellerraon, Kniglrils. Skiing, Foafball, Baskefboll Team, Caperlino J. C. JUDD, JOANNE G.A,Px,, Swimming, Y.W.C.A,, Work. JUNG, KATHERINE Real Cross, C5.A.A. Block W, Baskelball, Bowling. KAILIN, JUDY Reg. Veep, Prin. Cob. Donalelos, Dance Comm., Eagle Sioill BBC5., Ticker Seller, Swimming, C.C.S.l: KAPLAN, JACK Eleclronics, Now. KATSUNO, TARU Music, Radio Cor- slruclion, Skaling, Swimming, Cole-ge. KELLER, JACKIE Fidelians, Dancing, C.C.S.F. KERWIN, PAMELA Red Cross S Sf G Swimming, Work. KINLEY, JANET Floral Arls Clgls, Bad- minlon, Baslelball, S.S.P.C., C5.A.A. C.C.S.F. KIRALY, Juoim C.s.F., GAA., Block VV, Volleyball, Eadminlon, Cal, KIRICHENKO, TANIARA Prin. COD, Sr DOY, Dslnie Comm,, Business College KIRK, ANDREW Radio Club, C.C.S,l:, KLEINSORG, PATRICIA RFQ. SCC., Rrin Cab., S.S.R.C., G.A.A.. Dance Comm. Back NV, Ra er Skalinq, Si-,ifimmyqq Secrelaria Vfcrk. R CHANDLER, LOREN ROTC Diil Team l-Iunling, Fislning, Foolball, Coojl- Gaarcl. Colleae. KOKOTOS, ARTEMIS Ari, Ceremics, Jr, DOY. Tennis. Bednninron, Work. KOLM, DAVID Soerlfg, C'C-S'FA KOLOBOFF, JOHN Clvess Cicb, Cel. KOPPE, STEPHANIE Trees., Mesquers, Bloclc W, Dgrge Cgmmll S 8, G, Prin. Cob., Jr. Zr Sr. Dey, Term Fleys, S. F. S+e+e. KOSTELING, ROBERTA Rieno, Swim- ming, Business College. KOUMELIS, MICHAEL Jewisn Cenfer, Swimming, S. F. Siere. KUHN, CARL Reg. Trees., Ex. Dence Comm., C.S.F., Science Clcb, Chemis- +ry, Beslcefbeli, Col. LAI, JACK Cerrocning, Drewing, Bes- lce+bell, Swimming, Foorbell, C.C.S.F. LAND, FRANCES l.D.G., BOCl"f1iniOr7, Reed College. LANDGREBE, JACK Reg. Pres.. Science C gb, C.S.F.. Clwernisiry, Col, LASKY, MARSHALL Reg. Sec., Science Club, Plwoicg. Cub, Tennis, Swerrlw- mcre. LEE, DEAN Reg. Veeo, Trees., Sec., Se- ber Club, Bowling, Swimming, Beslcef- be l, Air Force. LEE, JANICE Prin, Cob., Reg. Veep, Jr. 81 Sr. Dey, Block W, GAA., Red Cross. Orcl1esl're,S.S.R.C., Horizon Club, Ten- nis, Swimming, S+. Mery's College. LEE, JUNE Prin. Cob., G.A.A., Jr. Dey, Dencing, Skeiing, C.C,S.F. LEE, LINDA Eogle Rep., GAA., Bloclc W, Adv. Orcliesire, Music, Dencing, Beslcerboll, Volleylsell, Tennis, Worlc. LEE, MAE G.A.A., Bowling, Bedminion, College. LEE, MELVIN Asslf. Yel. Leeder, Reg. Pres., Veep, Beslfeibei Teem, College. LEE, ROZELLE Reg. Veep, Red Cross, GAA., Singing, Dencing, Beslcefloell, S. F, Sfere. LEE, SHELTON Cers, Beslfefboll, Me- clienic. LEE, VIRGINIA L-IO Br I-I-I2 Sec., EY. Council, Ex. Dence Comm., S.S.P.C.. G,S.S., Bock W, Jr. Dey, Bowling, Cel. LEEPER, BOB Spolfes, Besebell Teem, S. F. Srele. LEO, FRANCES Red Cross Rep., Reg. Sec., Trees., G.A.A., Tennis, Skefing, C.C.S.F. LEONG, ARNOLD Reg. Trees., Bend, Foefbell, Beslcefbefl, College. LEONG, JOHN Felcon, Swimming Teem, C.C.S.F, LEONG, LAURA Ex. Council, Block W, Reg. Veep, Sec., Relly Comm., G.A.A.. Koslweris, Jr. Dey, Music, Dencing, SF. Srefe. LEONG, ROBERT Eegle Rep., Beslrel- befl Teem, College. LEVEY, FRAN Ex. Council, Reg, Sec., Jr. Dey, Fidelicns, Journelism, Bowling, Slciing, Cel. LEVITIN, JERRY SB. Trees., l.-ll Pres., Ex. Co,nciI, Reg. Veep, Eegles. S 81 G. Rogues, Beslrefbell Teem, College. . ff ' .JS .sn L 1 -4, efi- f -ff i f , 'fi Q , ., I ly 9 -75 Q rv! da . N ' ' I . is -, i' 4, 'Q i is 5,4 -1 , 4' ' . 4. mf QL. df It C A. Q4 . 1- " ' i .f I T-vu... 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N X 9 Q I . , i .feff Qi . 0 i '- 'fS ,,ws. i c i gym. f f . fm wr VUE- ' 1 ,f sank ' co aw , I ,ESM N 'D wueggglv i s 3 vx 5 .- 'i.w'!63' wH'N.s,x f . ki . I , ry A .W .. M3311 ., X . , S fx 1 ' " ' L - ff- M . ' 2 ' .f LEW, NORMAN Reg. Treas., Baslreibg l Team, Track Team, S. F. Slale. LEW, PETER Reg. Treas., Church Club, Baslcelball, Foofball, C.C.S.F. LEW, RICHARD Model Airplanes, Bas- lcelball, Bowling, C.C.S.F. LEWIS, CAROLINA Reg. Sec., Veer?- Dance Comm., Jr. 81 Sr. Day, Sr. Ed. of Surveyor, S.S.P.C. Sec., G.A.A.. Block W, Floral Arfs Club, SPa'fiV'9' Volleyball, lnconnus, Worlr. LEWIS, JOANNE G.A.A. Pres. 84 Sec.. Sec. oi GSS., Reg. Sec., Pres., Prin. Cab., Chrmn. Sr. Advisors. S.S.P.C. Pres., Eagle 8: Surveyor Slaicfs, Block W, F.T.A., Masquers, Dance Comm.. Sr, Day, lnconnus, SF. Slaie. LEWIS, RALPH Reg. Treas., l.eH'erman, Piano, Baslrelball Team, Fooiball, Box- ing, College. LIM, CAROLYN Bowling, Baslceiball. C.C.S.F. LINDENBERG, ANNETTE Block W, Reg. Sec., Prin. Cab.. Masque:-s, G.A.A.. S.S.P.C., Dance Comm., Tickel Sel'er. Tennis, Cal. LOMBARDI, RICHARD Siucly l-lclll Chm.. Sporlsmen, Baslceiball, C.C.S.F. LOUGHRAN, MARYANNE Coin Collecl- ing, Fidelians, Tennis, College. LOUIE, ELAINE Block W, G.A.A., Ari. Baseball, Baslreiball. LOUIE, STEVEN Cougars Club, Siamps, Baslcelball, C.C.S.F. LOVETT, JOAN Reg. Pres., Veep, Prin. Cab., Jr. Day, F.T.A., Chanels, Singing. Baslcelball, College. LOW, VICTOR Music, Baslcelball, S. F. Sfale. LOYO, REGGIE Reg. Veep: Traclc 31 Soccer Teams, Worlc. LOZOVOY, MARGARET Reg. Sec., S 81 G, C5.A.A., C.S.F., Dance Comm., Reys. Block W, Bowling, College. LucieN, MICHELE GAA., veI1eybei!, Lone Mouniain College. LUM, ALBERT Archery, Swimming, C.C.S.F. LUNARDI, PAUL Foolball. COTS, Work. LYNCH, LAWRENCE Reg. Veep, Pres., Sec., Salans, Foolball Team, Baseball Team, Fishing, Shamroclns, Worl. MA, LOUIS Chess Club, Baslelbam, C.C.S.F. MacDONALD, BYRON Music, Bard, College. MACKIE, ELMO Royal Knighls, Ari, Baslelball, Golf, Air Farce. MAHNKEN, RICHARD Music, Phaloa- fepiiy, rwiimii, segieiisoii, swung, Swimming, CCSP, MAR, DOROTHY Reg. Treas., lr. Day. Bloiil VV, G.fX.Px., C.S.F., Baclminion, C.C.S.F. MATHIOS, MARIE F'i'in, Cab., Bloclc W, Reg. Veep, Sec., Danige Cijrmmu Clfmqfx Maids of Alhens, Swimming, C,C,S,F, MATSUOKA, HELEN Reg. yeep, Treo, Sr. Advisor, C-MNA., M.Y.F., Y.F.C,, Bloclc W, S.S.P.C., Dance Comm., Ticlel Seller, Badminlon, Basleiball, C.C,S.F, MATSUNO, KINYA Baslelball Team, C.C.S.F. MAYERHOFER, LILA ,'.'e e.e's, V"- ' 'g. C.C.S.F. MECLELLAND, JANICE Peg SEZ., 'Y' T.. Ffee., S.S.P.C. Pez., B523 NV, P.: -rf 21 nf- ,DSM T655 Lixrezjafe-' Siva, CCI. 2 McDONOUGH, GARY Sr, f'1'i.f':: -xv -4 -:ff . A ff , Ne? 5 res, Fccibci. Cef. , McDOWELL, MAROO Reg. Free. uf ' ? .4 . Sei.. Trees., Pin. COO., E:e'e 3 S- .e,:r STe':, FT: Pres C .O SS.: C 5 'Q.A.A, B213 I.'!, I'::",2, ET. 2e':e T "iw-. fr CTW". POT, C:"".,'Ve'. 5.5" J r'1'g, Ccfege. . J-W Ag. . . McGUIRE, JIM Ce's, Eeyeie . "" I R 0 Tail 'T ' McMAHON, JERRY Let-awe-. ,A T "' -A? , J Seeeme' Eege 33:02 F Q7 T "" be I Teerw, Seffie, , , Q".'RPf4ER5,?'fI.'f.RO'ki'ff?T 'Z I fii' I ' ' O- Eg, Te Q, rx- ce fe --: Q ef' Cciege. '- ' 1 MCROWE, ART :eg :'es. Sd Pefsi' Stevie C .i:. S 3 G 5:5 Jie' T " Ce'. f Y MELLGREN, JEANNETTE See. :Cf 'TEC A f I J E ST-w7"'Tv'Irg, IJ::3e,. ' ' ,A-A 1' K MELMON, GARY Ef. CQ.-52 E.. 3:-1 ... - 5, , ff "" -5, Cyvw., Reg. Pres. PTE. Cub.. C.S.F 5 S Peg. Trees., Smmrvifg, GOT Teer' ' -.J A Q - C: ege. gg ' 'Q' , MENCOFF, CAROL GAA., BBG JT . N :ef S.S,P.C. Ce':e C:rnr'., PT' ee .. 'f' f' "ee, COT. MERTENS, PAUL Peg. Pres. Le'Te"'e' Pggqez, Sctcer 'AL -UWT Team, Beze- Izei Teere, Pe'e?rO5p-ers. 1, MlcHELs, SPENCER Deg. mf, Yeas. ' ' 4 Trees. Re ,C:"fv. CSF. P'-es. Be'd . jg ,fi , ., I ' 21 O':Tee'fe Eeg es, lf. Dey Dire-zfcr, V ' " A, 4132 if ' Q VY Q Ee:ife'se' SffTfr'f:I'g Cewege. 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V655 ei A EW NX Q AI I Tfezi 3"-. feb 3: Cie". E13 4 "IL 51 . f"' .. f 1- GAA. Eff w. 55.22. " ' f 'T If I eie, CH". Sei. Eewei: ,, S. F E'e'e 6 MOROSI, DON Peg. Tree:., Sei. Bei- 1 1e':3 feiese Tee", V"qs, I-'ee it A, ,Y . E "ei 'fi ece 1 " T ' f" 5 it ' .E MORRILL, RAYMOND ':':"'e :TV ' I2 A B33.e'n3: AV Fate. W' ' ' - MUELLER, BARBARA Peg Prez. PTP. ff' -1' 4' 'xx -5 feb Z:':e Ccfffw. if ZSHDJVS5 4' T, , A. 4, ii- G Pen GA A. B319 VV, Eegxe Z1 I X v 19 64' TT S,rfe,:' STOLIE, Cd, ' 'i " ' 'V T . . I 5' I -. ,537 . 1 ,V 4. f Q K .xxx . -i 4 I' K S ' I . 'ii .. .I TIER! MA? rl-'y , L . . is X. , Nw-ff 25' 3 f L " ss ' Y -t RW. .ffsi YE fi . 'r 'VV' , X fr, s. 1 '51 . . ws., .far PKK " K 7 1 In -WWW . ' T . . , A 4 , , fm 7 . X .W Xa f R f Q . sew, f gf N me X , I ,tg F 1 A . QRS' S 5? .- 1 , r . -fJ4....w..f'f iw' . by 1'- M- 5525 A ,, ,4 -' A if new Jeux! 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NUTTAI., JOSEPH Bowling, Ptnllrll.. O'CONNOR, ALBERT Berlreley' in OCT- lond Symphony, Baslelbail, F::'b:l Science, S. P. Slale. OGAWA, PETER Reg. Treas. Lemer rnen, Swimming Team, Trade ScP:c. OLINGER, VIRGINIA Reg. Sec., Date Comm., S.S.P.C., Bowling, S. F. Sra'e. OLIVER, DIANE Reg. Pres., Prim, Cab.. Jr. 81 Sr. Day, Donole-'os, Boclc NV, G.A.A., Dance Comm., Bow'ing S. F. Sfale. ONG, FRANCES Sec. of Slccl, l-la', GAA., Bowling, C.C.S.F. oR, AIMEE GAA., Block W, LSE. S.S.P.C., Sewing. Bowling, C.C.S.F. ORTEGA, MARGARET Jr. Day, S.S.P.c. lce Slialing, C.C.S.E. OSBOURN, SHIRLEY Rairlbow, G'.A.A., Ice Slcaling, Tennis, Swimming. Vv'ofl. OZAKI, NANCY Reg. Veep, Prir. Cab., Linles, Block W, Dance Comm., Sewing, Bowling, Zweegman Sclvool. PANDER, EDWARD Sobel' Maze qoers, Faolball, College. PARKS, MARY ETTA G.A.A,. S.S.P.C., Blocli W, Dance Comm., Ari, C.C.S.F. PEEKE, VAN Celli, Poinli-Q Baslelball, CCSP. PEIZER, DAVID EDGE RSD., Leila-:'r'r'ie'i, CSF., S Sf G, Science, Cliess Club, Baseball, Cai, PENOLI, AILEEN Reg. Sec., GAA., Jr. 81 Sr. Day, BBG., Dance COVTWW Blecl W, Bowling, C.C.S.P. PERIEEE, BORIS Amie, Semi. Trail S, F. Slale College. PETERSEN, HENRY Reg. Sec., Rrme Cars, Baseball Team, Marines. I PHALEN, sos 5.5. Pres., LAIO 31 H-ii Class Pres., Reg. Pres., Masqoerg, B055 Slale, Sd. Advisor, Eagles, S Si G S.S.P.C., Rally 81 Ex. Dance Comm., Co Bd., Jr. Sf Sr. Day, Baslelbal' Mqf, Rogues, Arl, C.C SF, I i PHALEN, BILL Reg. Treas., Spokes, B3WIII7Q' FCOILPCII. Chess, Air Farce. PHELAN, DEANNA S 3 G.A.A. Sf. vevir Src: Temis S.-.fimming Pkce T3Q'ODIWy, C.C.S.F. PAT RQQ, Prey, SQQH Dgngg P- Csmm., Red Crass Rec., GAA., Jr. 31 SV DOY, ICS Skaerg BQ.-,Ting Muff riage, PONITKOFF, GEORGE Leffermen, Ten- nis Baskerza ,. POQUIS, ROBERT Reg. Pres., TreaS., Prin. Cab., Farba I, Cawege. POTTER, CHARLES Cness CIQTJ, Air' Firce. PRICE, DON Reg. Pres. Eag'e Rea., Treas., Kings Dance Comm., Base-ba I, GCT. C.C.S.F. PRITIKIN, ROSE Ped C355 Rea.. Jr. S1 Sf. Day, G.A.A, B.B.G. Darce Csmm., S.S.P.C.. A", Biffing S. E. S'a?e. PUN, RAYMOND peeing Swimmirg, Reading, Ecwing, Bwards Cry, QUEJADA, RICHARD RaIy Camm., Jr. E1 Sr. Da-,', Dance Comm, S.S.P.C.. i 4 . I Pres. Ce fs, Reg. Pres., Cncir, Eag e F1 Sfveyc' Sraff, PTvci:g'a:ki,f, Ckecrecg- r3sIny. RANDALL, WYNON BCGIK COIISCIIFQ, Baskefbai Cify Ca ege. RAVEN, RICHARD BJSEDGII Tecm, Ciiyf Cauege. REINHERTZ, PAUL Raivy Ccmm.. 'De- l.f',:ay Scrcvs Cars Fisn, Swimrwfg Team Ca. REY, ED BaskeI'baII Wcrk. REZOS, MARSHALL O ymoic Cub, Fish- ing, Frenck Cqb I-Tkirg, Swimming, Re-::rcIE, C.C.S.I:. ROAN, CLARA MAE Se.-Jifg C9"C1mICS, BaaebaII, Easkefba I, B-5i'-ess Cakege. ROBBINS, RICHARD Nariafc' 5-36. Trac. Fis? Ajcs, Balsebai, Soir Tie Layer. . ROBERTSON, JOHNN'IE1'Trcia's, G58 San lose S+a+e. ROBINSON, BEVERLY Eitr- ba I, Air Force. ROMO, JOSEPH Pres. Saber CIQLD, Hik- ing, C.A.P., I-Izgnfirg, RiTie Team, Air Farce, CcT'ege. ROTH, JACKIE Peg, Sec., Jr. Day, S 21 G, S.S.P.C., EagIe 31 Sgrveyor Srags. Ticke+ 8 Dance Bid Seiier, Aff, Swim- ming, S. E. Sfczie. ROTHBLATT, BARBARA Reg. Veep. Triel-Ii-Y, B.B.G., Dancing, Swimming, Work. ROUTBORT, JULES S. B. Treas., Reg. Pres. 81 Treas., Jr, Day, Soccer Team, Lerfermen Veep, Track Team, MIT. or i Ca . ROVEGNO, LEONARD Baske+baII, Work. RUDSER, DEBORA Red Crass Rep., GAA., Arr, Nursing. RUSS, JEANETTE Sr. Day, Sr.-Saph. Re- cep+ion, G.A.A., S. F. Sfafe, SACCHI, DOREEN Reg. Sec., GAA., Dance Comm., S,S.P.C. May Fest PTA Dinner, Car Ticker SeIIer, Swimming, Work. SAHAGIAN, VICKIE G.A.A. I'II5'I., Red Cross Rep., GAA., BIock W, FUI. Rei, RaIIy Comm., S.S.P.C., Fashion, Mas- quers, Pce+ry, Drama, San Jose Sfafe. I, ,Q ' I .wc .. ' .-3. .1 1 , . .V W, , , gui'- - , 'M -if ' i '-. ,, 5 4.3 Y . .1' V I is .,. A Ti .I 'S JPG f . PLE L it A I af T . Q T Ii ,Ii . -2-iraqi.. 2 .-ff , R '- f , '3 ,f e My f i , T- U W ' V f f, X , . , N6 I I ' -I A , 1 . , 1 f A f -, X ..-.., , , 'fa -ig - We f . - . 29542 ' 2 ' 33 I A if g 1 WV if., X .5 .64 , f 3' , , ,. . W A HMS- I 'r I. F' I - I -- -.- 1 . '9zf, , , 9 V. ' W- 5 , I, , 1' 1, ,Q gl . A . . , , ,af . li : ,f 1, avg N-?vv-,Ivn-i- TT- A7.QA-Ni I '- ,rs , 1 .' 4 V I ' I , A- .g,, '.,"l ' -JI ' .,.. - V 25 1. Q 1, hx .... i:ii - I i . 7, 1, 4 Q ,f vt? if .Z , . ' or 2545. If ,f il . I .. -Q, i nn 4. 'X fi EN 1 . v 43 'V A x f ini ff. Q -A .f W W My .-.QC-5:1 i -A I .k.x 4? g,.X.,.-1.1.2 ., I gf . Z I i J .:.:.. ' s ,f .. ,. W., .SRE 5 i . :xr , 5 r ,af I 'WN . 6, A I ifsyfw ' 4 . ' 5 . 11' M ,N . . 1-V., , . f ' g , , ., , if . f.,- is . .es r ' TTL : A :Ev ,f .. y F" it 'JA I , . 1 l . 2 ' "W Q' 232,51- I-'L -.-.. .. . 0 'P -' il SAMPLE, AUDREY SlCll6. SANKEY, BERNARD A.Z.A., if'Jl'Sl'l'Y Foolball, College. SAROYEN, RICHARD Reg. Pl'65,. MOZ- quers, Trip X, Cal. SCHAEFER, JOHN W.l-LA., DOQS. Golf, Riding, Cal, Business Admin. SCHEIDLING, EVA Prin. Cab. Peg. Sec., Dress Design., Slomps, 'l'enniS. Europe. SCHNEIDER, LARRY Clness, Science 21 Clwem. Clubs, Lile Mem. C.S.l:., Arcli- ery, Swimming, C.C.S.F. scHuLzE, JOAN Reg. Sec., C.S.F., Ex. Dance Comm., S.S.P.C., Sr. 81 Jr. Adv. Rep., G.A.A., Jr. Day, Arr, S. F. Share. SCOTT, TOM Spolres, Noyy. SEID, MELYVN Solver Clulin, Model Air- planes, Swimming, Arcliery, Cai. SERPA, BOB Plwolograplny, Fczrball. Worlr. SEYLAR, JAMES Core, Foolbol Golf, U.S,M.C. SFAELES, ANGELINE Reg. Veep 2- Sec.. l-losless, Block W, GAA., Swernifg. Marriage. SHASKAN, ISABEI. J.R.C., Prif. COl3.. Masquers, Sr. Adv., S.S.P.C,, CSF.. GSS., Music, Ari, Drama, Gill, Sii- ing, College. SHELBOURNE, JAMES Reg. Veep, Red Cross, Treos., Royal Kniglwls, Golden Harp, Airplanes, Arr, Track, Basker- lnall, Swimming, College. SHERMOEN, STEVE Reg. Pres. 3: Treos., Lellermen, Boys' Club, Cars Golf Team, College. SHIOTA, PHIL Reg. Ve-ep 31 ire-as., Lellermen, Traclc Team. SHIPLEY, JAMES Drill -l-eorri, Cl'lGClKS, Car Racing, Worlc. SIBLEY, BROOKS Prin. Cab., Fslwing, C.C.S.F, SILVA, PAUL Reg. Pres., Veep. Treas., Saber Club, Slamps, Faolbafl, Mi,i- fary. SIMPSON, CAROL ANN l.-l2 SEC., Reg. Pres, 31 Sec., Red Cross, Prin, Cab., Dance Comm., G-.A.A., GSS., Block W, lce Slcaling, Baslcelball, Morin J. C. SIMSON, BOB Reg, Pres., Mill Mang- lers, Cars, Tracl-r Team, Naval Ayialor. SLOSBERG, ROBERT Sporls, Baile-rboll, Baseball, Swimming, College. SMITH, LYNETTE Clossical Muff, Bol- lel, Baller Dancer. SMITH, SANDEE Prin. COB., B.B.G., GAA., Dance Comm., FTA.: l.D.G., Library, Eagle Sales, SF. Slale Teaclwer. SMITH, WARREN Posznmc, Cars Swim ming, Worlc. SOMMER, GAIL Reg. Pres., Sec. G.A.A Bd., Tennis. Bowling, S, F, Sfqfg, sPlKEs, ETTA MAXINE Reg. See, Mu sic, Clnarmelles, Piano, Baslielball, CO1 lege. STAGG, JANET Jr. Red Crogg, CSF F i i F F. Slale. STAHL, ROBERT Seker C .b, FY 'fd Hfrlng, F:CTI3af C5 egg, STAMER, ESTELLE Reg. Trees. Biz- w, DGUCG CC'n'n., S.S.P.C., Jeff: Basie?- oa' Se' CcJ'e e I L. I Q . STARR, DOREEN REQ. Veec, G.A.A.. Tennis, Cafe-crrng, Reccrdf, Bi.-ffrg. C.C.S.F. STEINHAFEL, CAROL Reg. Treas. 51 Pres., S.S.P,C., G.fX.A,, EJQQI W, RQ ',r Carnrn., GSS., Er. Dance Ccenfm, ln- Qcnnus. Eagxe 81 Sxveyor Sfax, Re::rd C: 'ecficrx San Meg: Srare. STEINWEDEL, KARIN KnIHIng, Te"Ii Siaring, C.C.S.I:. STERNBERGER, MARIE Red CFCES RED., B.B.G., G.A.A, Dance Ccfnrn., Jr. Day. BCT-Ming, C.C.S.I:. SULLIVAN, JERRY DCFZS Ccrnm., KIFQS Pres., Bowrirg, Badefbcll, Cars, Trac? Team, Work. SZRUT, JUDY Reg. Sec. 3 Tre-as., B'ccI VV, GAA., B.B.G., Dance Comm., Te:- '4s, Dancirg, Ccf TACKLIND, LOUISE Piaeuars, fc, Ccrnrn. S. F. S'a'e. TAKEDA, KYOKO I-I-IO Sec., Reg. Pres.. Set., Treas., Eag'e Safes, Pr7n, Cab., 'E.A.A., Bfcck W, Dance Ccrnrn., M.sFc, Quran Adiv., Reaarg, Cal. TAKESHITA, VIC Reg. Pres. 8: Trecs.. I.e?4errnen, Poo X1 CJaseIcaJ Reccrde, Crass Cauniry Traci, Cc ege. TAPIA, GALE Fcc'baI Traclf Tearrr, C.C.S.F. TASHIRO, LUCILLE Reg. Sec., G.fN.A., Bhd: W, M.sic, Sparrz, Ccfege. TEETER, PATRICIA Red Crass Rep., Jr. Day, May Fest G.A.A., Dance Czrnrn., Drarnance C.C.S.P. TEKAWA, ROY Eages, F:a+I:a', Lef- fermen, Cclege. TERRAMORSE, FRANK Reg. Veep. Treas., Eage Rep., FccrbaJJ CCS: Cggnrry, Ccmege. TERRIO, BRIAN Hiring P'sJ"'g, Le?- 'err-nen, Cdfege. TERRY, ADELAIDE CCCIPQ SNf'v,"I'g F19 Cerlr. TESTO, JERRY Reg. Pres OrcI'e:+ra Saber Cbb. S'crnr:s, Baseba' Cc 'ege. THOMPSON, GALVIN B. JS, BOOIE' T. Wash., Trailf, BasIe+IJaJJ Sa' Jose. THOMPSON, CARO! 3.A,f'r. Prei. CC- Ord. Bd.. Reg. Veep, BJQQI W, G5 S. Incanngs, SF. Shure. THOMA, DORIS I-I-JO Veep, Dance Carnrn., PrIn. Cab., Co-ard. Bd., Reg. Pres., Ve-ep, Sec., Fdeiians, Bad W. 'EAA I-Iisr., S.S.P.C., Jr. Day, Bcvfing. Warlr. Tom, LILY CSF., rmgzc, COR TOM, ROSS Flying Eag'es, NO Bash?- i3g'J, Navy Air. TSANG, PAT CSF, GAA, Dance Ccrnrn., Cdlege. TURBIN, ELEANOR BCCL W, G.A.fN. FIA., S. F. Srore. UTTER, JAMES Cars, BasIe'baJ. WcrI, C.C.S.F. VAIL, BOBBIE Reg. Pres., Veep Prin. Cab., FideJians, S,rve-yor Srarf, Jr. Day 8 Dance, Sr. Adv., GSS., C.C.S.F. g -gfareyw, ,6, a., 5 I I 2 ,5 A .ieig .VV f - 2 ' Zi was FU -I f Q 'X V - 6. Alb ,- 75- N0-' 43 'fn ,J lu. ,gal , 5' S, a if as 'fi . 'Q 0- W , ,- 'gf .rg 6455 I V. 4, 'A I 'Q ' J .mf ,Q 5, I , U' .Q-, ' I I J 3 1 ,T .NJ A I ar fd J-f I . , I Q rg r 5. JF .J N1 af . - .Jr fi ,:: 'sf' - Ja -" ' ' '17 , e'III ' I - 6, V ,K , I S117 'shit ' 'L I . . 'fl' "' 11 .5 H ' 1. .ffiif , 1 Q - N9 -' . 'T15 -3 1 ,, A if. his A lg 'ff 5, Q4 .. . gf "' , ....:- 3 " ',, I I ,r I S 'I 'V 'Vs . ,W , ra-S 'JM of r lv ' Q- rr , ' N . 4-:sf-r Y,. fb A .fu 3 . 0-V' ' . S N.-5 fgsa . ., .. , ss NX 5 if 2 wwe . NW' H: C Q -:Ns 'HR 935, fggg- Q . 'f , . x Ll if is ,' li , 'X x s C ,N , 1 - ' , ' T . i fi"-wma 'M . - Surf X 3 X '. . 1 " 3 ii NTI, A .QP- owe Qyff .-. if I .2 ,Ns-xg, S71 , ...wg if Nw f' 5 E ew , - ' N. 1 I l . I I , , :-s. i i I Q I -454 -vs . -ll . l l J: ' S tl Y c W 7 M -Else .'MX, x . ,fi I I .c,??.s ' 1, ' I j gqs? N J S .- msg. 'fi?.gf,,m-,,.Lf'1 ' I I 5 s .Hw. sm we em ' ' if . , . f 4 f. 0 65 if f x N 1 ! if ',.,,, 5..x ..:.,r w ., ts' S ,M 122: -'-- .," "" s q. L l N . Wh S135 mf ..,. W... U' ...W ,. f x . X' X Q M I NJ SQ ' Pee WTEEX ,D , ,It in 5 X . " ,Q -M .. ,,.,.,. ...f . ., Q s.,,'g. ,,,?e.g,g,, an ' ' . - f , TW, . , ff '- 'veg 1. Q, . ,5:,,g. , 1, 1 f fa... .ws M4 N A x 5, ,uw ', ...N gg.: , . 'S ,Exe of Qs- T , . .N 1-,,... 1, N .... 5 sf' , I' 1 .xv ...M A 1 Z.-5 '. . ' D , ,X ...ww sy K s 5 , is N., ' ' Z.. Q QQQE I js. ,gg . C - fic' ,N ' it '. ,saga in gli? , . Sk A' V T ' s s - S... X g ' -Q ,. S X .. . VITALIS, FRANCES Red Crois RGD., GAA., Dance Comm., Piano, C.C.S,F. VON BERGEN, VIONE REQ. SGC., VQED, Prin. Cab., Fidelians, Taurisl Club. S.S.P.C., G.A.A., Dance Comm., lce Skaling, C.C.S.F. VON EMSTER, LOUISE EXEC. COUVI., l.-I2 Veep, Pres. G,S.S., C.S.F., Rally Comm., Broadcasl Slall, Exec, Dance Comm., Jr. 8: Sr. Day. Block W, Girls' Slale. Pomona. WAGNER, GARY Drama, Pcguef. Wriling, S. F. Slale. WARSHAUER, ELLIOT I.-IO 81 I-I-ll Pres., Co-ord. Bd., Reg. Pres., Eagle: Goll, Slamford. WASHINGTON, CLAYTE Clnafmell'-ES. Dancing, Volleyball, Work, C.C,S.F. WEAVER, DIANE Red Cross Rep., Jr, Day, May Fesl., Dec. Comm., GAJX., Sr. Breakiasl, Tickef Seller, Badminte, S. F. Slole. WEBER, JOSEPH College. WEINER, MARTIN L-IO Exec. Co.n. l-l-ll Treas., Eagles, Reg. Pres., Ju Day, A.Z.fx., Baskelball, Cal. WEINTRAUB, ALICE S.F.Y,fN., F.T.A., Block W, Dance Comm., CSF., Mens, U.C. WHITE, EDWARD Reg. Pres., Treas., Veep, Kings Men, Fisliing, Tropical Fish, Unlimiled Baskelbol Team, C: - lege. WHITE, MARVA Reg. Veep, Red Croge Rep., Clwormelles, Sewing, Baskelbo ., Cooking, Business College. WHITE, SHALENE Jr. Day, May FeSL., Red Cross Rep., Dec. Comm., Dono- lelos, Eagle X1 Surveyor Slall, GAA., Block W, C.S.F., Tennis, Cal. WHITEHEAD, IRENE Reg. Treas., Dance Comm., G.fX.A., Bowling, C.C.S.F. WICKSTROM, DONNA RAE GAA., Arr, Singing, Ice Skaling, C.C.S.F. WILLIAMS, FRED Lellermen, Eagles, Guilar, Foolball, U. S. Army. WILTON, ED Reg. Veep, Treas., Eagle Rep., Lellermen, Track, Baskelbalg Progressive Jazz, C.C.S.F. WISE, BRAD Reg. Treas., Bond, Dance Comm., Swimming, Horseback Riding, C.C.S.F. WITTE, BERT Fl-IO Class Pres., Reg. Pres., S.B. Alhl. Mgr., Rogues, Model R.R.'s, Sporl' Cars, Track Team, Leller- men, C.C.S.F. WONG, BERNICE Reg. Sec., GAA., Block W, Jr. Day, S.S.P.C., Knilling, Bowling, College. WONG, CLIFFORD Track Team, U.C.L.A. woNG, EDWIN Flying, 509195, Cgllg-gl' Marbles, Foolball, Boskelbqll, Ngvgl Air, C.C.S.F. WONG, GREGORY Reg. Treas., Eagle Rep., Sporls, Track 3O's Team, Pharm- acisl. WONG, JERRY Falcons, Foolboll, Col- lege. WONG, MARIE Reg. Treas., G.A.A., Block W, S 81 G, Floral Arls, Sporls and Music. WONG, BOB Baseball, Foolbafl, Bag. kelball, C.C.S.F. WONG, RUSSELL FOOIIJQII, BC1Skel'L'JOll, Idalno Slale College. WONG, THOMAS Cars, Foolball, C.C.S.F. YJOODWORTH, ROSEMARY fr. Ez, :Uris Crff, Bggjwfrgf. T nip- en: N355 WRANY, NICK S:::er, Wgfl, YAGI, .IAN Lenefmen. F0533 ,X E35 -vc JV P3303 , Cc'Iege. YAMADA, MlNoRu 5.5 PC. 552' -,C 'gy CZA YEE GEORGE BJQIETOGI, Swifvrffz 1 :CF H YEE, HARVEY PWIUQ Eggxegx 'IYI-5p'1J Fl, Yee, :Os Bosvelon , Co., JOHN Sine' C ,b, Trcpfca' FE' Fzrbz AWN.. Yee JUDITH 35.96. GAA., Sung Ciwf. E'e3'g"'g, S.4,I'fM'fg, C3-5. ': 3. F. S'3'e. YEE, VIOLET Peg. Sei., Tfeaz. Eugf Sze.. REQ Cfcas Rep. G.A.A. Jf 'wr CZZMHQV DQr1j,fwg1C5If3-ge, YOUNG, LORETTA 9130. Veep, SSDI 3, G.A.F-I., Bfo:I W, Bcubefba 'g C.C.S.F, YOUNG, NANCY Pei Cross Pe: . C: -age. ZAZZI, MELVA Z3'fE' C:'1-m,Sl3'3' ' Q C.C.S,F. ZEILER, BEN CCGSE C .b Z Team, C3 ZEVAS, JOHN ?, Dry-fs, C0 ez ' + rf :ECCY'dS, Bcsbexbo , Fozrbol, A ,- I'f"E. ZIMMERMAN, DAVID I-I-I2 En Cir ,ECW A,Z.F,, ,A ,+cr1':bI e Dec er. ZUCCHI, JOSEPH Reg, Pres. Baseba- . - . C Z1 "15T6'3'TW, Cafe .,CC'fS CCSP I. -, 3603. If lf - "" ' rece. Peg. Prez. 5 Trees., Tu: I V ZYDONIS, JAMES Te E'Q'ClCI'I I-III C ,b, ,CC "S, C.C.S.F. KRUG, NORMAN R-eg. Veep, Jr, 3 S ff"",, Bcsebo , Fodbop, Coliege. C- CAMERA DODGERS CLEGG, DIANA COATS, MARY COLEMAN, CHARLES FONG, RAY GREEN, WILLA HUEBNER, CHARLES HUTTON, JOYCE LEMONS, HENRY MILLER, SAMUEL MITCHELL, ROMAINE MORIWAKI, PARKER MURPHY, ERIC OLSON, LAUREL -vicyixgsxxlvymm ' YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT VOSS, KIM VETERANS AMICK, ROBERT BAR, SAUL STURGIS, NEIL V. in ,- I F- " at I E Ish, , .S II A T A A35 gg A Qi. ,TQ l .1 , ,. A A I -rf- ,,, fri .J ..,u I A. mf 5 " 1? V I 'QA 1 ,fn f , Z ' ld , ,,,,,, ..., 1 .A M ,, 2 " TR - ff 240,11 1 AV ' W f f iii E I -2 I I ' 1 V . 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Row 4: Wong, Chan, Enrichi, Seeberger, Diclcson, Alexander, Silverman, Shelbourne, Hoifman, Chew, Lee Slewarl, Ganderf, Johnson, Aiiel. The Low Senior Class The High junior Class Row 1 iright to Iefllz Manlurolif, Morgan, Spinner, Thon, Nuilall, Wilson, Chervin, Tigges, Waile, Schmid, Wiclrman, Bar Roberls, Garrell, Carr. Row 2: Slinlxey, Miller, Myers, Drohlich, PreweH', Harlman, Muscal, Kogan, Shinn, Honelr, Olivares Voss, Ando, Morishila, Monderer. Row 3: Toranfino, Devincenzi, Sullivan, Krulchlroff, Balfai, Nisbelf, Rosenlhal, Scharf, Aguirre Ferris, Vehon, Broil, Harlley, Ruffin, Kwong. Row 4: Poole, Horensiein, Mizis, Green, Silverman, Lee, Gee, Garcia, Allina Waferiielcl, Sanders, Mierbach, Chinn, Wong. Row 5: Ross, Jones, Miller, Gonzalez, Griffin, Schellenberg, Kobayashi, Nichols Fukushima, On, Lum, Fong, Louie, Tong. Row 6: Loo, Mo, Mihan, Maraisos, Smifh, Feldman, l-lorn, PeHy, Salvo, Fails, Wiley PrusoFf, Merriouns, Silberman. i - i w i i '5'in.gA.asf' L ' . 'Z '. 1 . . 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Row 4: Chu, Cligord, Trosf, Moulon, Chan, Lock, Yee, Lee, Or+ega, Voels, Cooper, l-lardeman, Moses, Grozco, Fosler. Row 5: Fong, Choy, Chin, Wong, Nakagawa, Chu, Granucci, Franklin, Warman, Hixson, Ahrens, Burns, Caslle, Kern, Jones, Collins. Row 6: Jewell, Pfohl, Chew, Lee, Quan, Sheldon, Smifh, Bell, Chew, Dimi+rios, Jacob, Sohigian, Robinson, Johnson. ,Mis 6 " fir g ,, .gif 1 S I 3 . 1 , J 5 gy 1 x V ,:R+-:fi--ff,. 1-nfl,-1-,dz5,q,f"i1b Us 'A' if .. in ' 1 C. fr or .AJ J i , 7 ,K , . ' 1 - 1 fl 1 ,An V x 1 I V I ill? V --'-"-"""-' ' " "' 7' W Y ini I Q ii "Yi -r R! , 9 P - W -I ji? , 9' Row l lrighl lo lefll: Prifh cl C cl G b fi , We , .W fi H ..f,.1 v L x 5 r is-r C GI' . OW en, er er, Washburn, Berk, Paslel, Birnbaum, Slern, Kurfzberg, Oglove, Gordon ParmeH, Trauner, Hagedorn. Row 2: Wishard, Wong, Wong, Carras Kamlrin Bailey Bauer Ginsberg Fujimo+o Georgeade' Gillaspy, Eggerf, Topolos. Row 3: Sixius, Oppenheimer, Zieger, Manshilcolif, Byrum, Ball, Kirio, Keelen,'Paul, Jaquysh, Schwarlz Eberilsch, Busse, Sobichevslxy. Row 4: Ehrhorn, Cernescu, de Leon, De Gabain, d'Aquin, Colclough, Noda, Fuiisada, Yoshiharo N I H - ' ' eson, ermoso, Morse, Jensen, Row 5. Wong, Lee, Abrahams, lmal, Unger, Eisenberg, Lucas, Mann, Edler, Rosenbaur-1 Paull, Parro'H', Giannini, Panges. Row 6: Sarlini, Schwarlz, Kanelro, Sufo, Roberfson, Dresow, Schmidf, Hinlze, Spanos, Slavf' Schellenberg, Erickson, Fishbein, Dollilc. The High Junior Class The Low unior Class Row 1 lright to Iefll: Econcmon, Johnson, Reese, Gadles, Logasa, Meyer, Marlin, Leong, Kobuchi, Hirai, Galan+, Levy, Sharp. Row 2: Owen, Smilh, Koshland, Francisco, Kane, Waller, Fladborg, Minnich, Sanchez, Allread, Savin, Shea, Felsch, Gross, Cebreiros. Row 3: Andre, Leavifl, Grelco, Treece, Velichinslcy, Karmine, Benihen, Mann, Lousfalof, Taffon, Nelson, Johnsfon. Row 4: Edwards, Hall, Hadley, Leol, Thompson, Buchdrulcer, Livingslon, Lash, La Rocca, Louie, Larsen, Ford, Capulli. Row 5: Forks, Hall, Wong, Fields, Washingfon, Michael, Bradley, Felipe, Soohodolsliy, Karsledl, Kidd, Heeren, Giano, Berfolani. Row 6: Eagle, King, Chan, Sorensen, Wardo, Hing, Barr, Evans, Page, Allcins, Orognen, Laurifzen, Wifzel, Diehi, Plaio, Lee While. r. 7x WWW i A 4 .1-..1 N , , M i N g ,B H ,L -, r, .,.:, N, be j B, E 70' ' -f " .e, - sfeggiielgifvyg l'- -B r' Hi -I Wy 74 R, -W 'WW gg-1 e L x' 3 4 ',2j?13 ii. A2 g A 'lr W 2U Row 1 lrighf to Ieffl: D'Andre, Boyd, Ni+z, Kardos, Wyner, Hoogasian, Lanrerrnan, Sprague, Karigan, Forresler, Fanucchi Smellczer, Cervilli, McClellan, Wenzler, Hofr'neis+er. Row 2: Chang, Bowen, Fousekis, Hom, Tom, Choy, Wong, Cumagun, Yee Ng. Chu, Go, Davis, Chans, Choia. Row 3: SuHs, Wicksfrom, Blumenfhal, Holacher, Horeks, Gray, Cunningham, Boehm, Lee Wong, Seidman, Lim, Williams, Anderson, Price. Row 4: Yu, Yun, McVane, Miyar'no+o. Wong, Fukuda, Ekusa. Ikeda, Mafsui, Friedman, Jensen, Rinoldi, Hicks, Brown, Landon, Young. Row 5: Porfer, Jones, Helron, Dickey, Wolff, Bronson, Hanre++y Corrier, Dehn, Safdie, Lawrence, Mi+chell, Gillespie, Scarborough, Mi+roFF, Loew. The High lunior Class The Low unior Class Row 'I lrighf to Ieftl: Schaefer, Palenf, Kunz, Bershao, Geredes, Pelersen, Beckman, Chin, Wells, Woo, Honig, Granum, Lorenzen Farrell, Goodman, Sermeno. Row 2: McGowan, Ben+on, Baxler, Gasser, Osborne, Leonard, Pinsler, Rauschkolb, Forno, Nichols Mainas, Mafhios, Crisci, Thom, Shoolman. Row 3: Mirza, Ripley, Aigellinger, Niehaus, Minen, Thomas, Warner, Willmo+ McMurray, Malinousky, Bourdieu, Ginsberg, Bur+rnan, Bushnell, Angel. Row 4: Jones, Pinkney, Miller, Torres. Goerlz, Moriguchi Janes, Smi+h, Hammond, Collins, Douglas, Donefl, Wilson, Vance, Hcslings, Yee. Row 5: Berfolina, Lee, Wong, Holland, Arkos Torgoir+sky, Dong, Lew, Deo, Hong, Nai+o, Lee, Wong, Wong, Lim. Row 6: Fulfon, Fromm, Segall, Parker, Minkus, Keller I r Traig, Sheppard, Anderson, Yuelif, Wong, Colahan, Tyeskey, Hel+on, Roberrson, Shapiro, Plamondon. 4 .,.., ,,,, . .M I - H W r rc ' , M y ,M V , , W ,,,y . y., II W ,, I V y I VV Y , . , "if " f' i .4 e L ,J 5 5 ' i ,' w w' ff- " ' .fr f . 1' 3 1,1 -- r 4 f -- 4: r ' , ' 1-fr ' . f , --r we . f f . if 1 . f sr f f , fi -y t'S+,i'19 W- ,,,,,W,,,.4 ., f , ,,7W,,.s,, , , ' - 5 1 " 1' 2, 1.1" 'Rf' 1' ",, Q 4- I ff Cf" H ,WI ,M ,r,,.,,,',,55 My I 'L I I nfl ii , vi , .. . . , H 1 ,T Lf ,AA ' 1 NYT-V. , .. yu I W' -f I QUE, I 4 , .1 ,gy 1 .I , .Q A FQ, i 4 .4 We ,D , tu , .imfwf . , , 4, ,I . 1. 5' ,f ' ,- I V , f , ,v i ! . -3 " if 'if " 'fly' N . f 'Q 1 9 ef fr V W . L.. - 1: .L , C ff j' W I 7-r -- ak H ,, N W,,es,,e,W,e,,. eg ,,,,, W M, .f2eM,s ,,W g .,qw W- . V - ,g If V, 4 4 iff! V . ,. J jx.. ,, , 2 s , , ff- .. " we J , X AM 4 -, .M J., 7 r ,J A Q X u, , ,I 1 .. 1 ,Eg -V P N ,V I , I . 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Row 3: Wilson, Johnson, CoHon, Smilh, Rounds, Lancasfer, Bell, Bowman, Craw- ford, Raven, Russell, Bell, Brown, Williams, Mason. Row 4: Scoff, Carr, Allen, Sample, Smifh, Crool, Brownlee, Berman, Snow Benneir, O'Donnell, Mundine, Hollins. Row 5: Allen, Pofler, Zwyer, Mooney, Levy, Rouse, Tsugifa, lwaisubo, Blumberg, Yee Chu, La1'his,Jue, Nakao, Reynolds. Row 6: Segal, Bosserf, ShiFFer+, Wiskolchill, Chinn, Wong, Hee, Ng, Chan, Nishimura, Mark Ikeda, Eguchi, Yuen, Eng, Bingo. Row 7: Vanzibr, Walker, Golden, Okamura, Wong, Gross, Dobel, BricheHo, Lowe, Wong Hall, Young, Maisuda, Fuiimolo. Row 8: Marx, Conklin, Cay+on, Thompson, Rorfridge, Hom, Gee, Fung, Glover, DeMandel Chew, Wong, Richards. Row 9: Ofenheim, Cabezas, Vasquez, S:hwarfz. Row 1 fright to Iefll: Busbee, Herron, Terry, Hall, Tom, Albedi, Chulkolif, Samson, Jesfer, Anderson, Busufril, Ellioff, Pels, Check Thrall, Serzer, Slaier, Rebizzo, King, Sencial, Thompson. Row 2: Guosco, Gelberman, Silverman, Rosberg, La Boide, Burfman Lemmon, Louie, Lancasrer, Bell, Anderson, Charles, Esposilo, Schneider, Evans, Malcomb, Marcos, Keinan, Young, Powell. Row 3: Bloom, Hersch, Trabucce, Hodge, Zimmer, Leihovilch, Jones, Lee, Ravinsky, Thomsen, Speizer, Wheeler, Finnegan, McGaughy, Haines, Moyer, Johnson, Maiheson, Bagwell, Jackson. Row 4: Wellin, Toy, Lufr, Solomon, La Pedis, Cosker, TroHer, Ma, Mar, Shargin, Dinils, Adair, Sheidlinger, Quan, Andrews, Hong, McClinlock, Piafoussy, Boyd. Row 5: Nunan, Honfalas, Slarer Bobrow, Chow, Wong, Friedrick, Mann, Hasrings, Pero, Wilensky, Yee, Pun, Lee, Lee, Hexfer, Zlokovich, Blackwell, Crossfeld Agnese. , .oc , .. .. .. , , .. . . , " . ,Q . rw H ' "s Ss-S W' "" i' :Q wx' Q A W xiwi - 'ii' . ,. 5' l s 1 A : -W S f s B, ' : ' " - ' fe . .'. s Q 'J .,..,, ,X , ' 0 B - fs . . :: .T f A "' f' K I-' ,Q ' ' " -- 'Z 5 'Q ., gf' "Q M . .. f... A i . 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We if v 1 ., . 1 1 -ye .,,,'f: , 'f if -' .1 Q- 1 s - yi, 4,4 i , Z '- qi ' i'5 -- mir' " l .4 if' ie?" 32" 'YJ 5: U" . A 235' uf if, 5' ' riigilfi J' l, in 147 1 ze! re Row 1 lright to Ieftl: LeFier+, MassenkoFF. Douglas, Chan, Davis, Soosio, Mosios, Melodio. Car+er, Miller, Gernperle, Mersereou Gi++el'fohn, Nichols, Harrison, Hoch, Koonfz, Evergeilis, Piconi, Gleoson. Row 2: Miller, Jansen, Vasquez, Pfohl, Reed, Talor Burenin, Moorehead, Bosquel, Mcsuclo, Black, l'lorwi+z, Carlson, Simon, Woo, Pascual. Sillirnan, Janover. Row 3: Kasper, Oakley, Zumpano, Schwarz, Decker, Kilarr, Thai, Hurd, Prafher, Bapcrros. Blum, Jolson, Schwariz, l-luberman, Louslau, Tom linson, Price. Row 4: Hirsclz, Gee, Doerner, Gruber, Wong, lwai, Gold, l-lolleran, Aubrey, Pashoion, Teranishi, Wesfpheling Wfnnick, Murphy, Groh. Suhler, Nelson. Row 5: Coslro, Balakian, Ferrari, Bruckman, Burrowes, Leong, Quong, Gee, Lee, Weiser Jernigan, Mills, Ware, Lee, McClenon, Lewis, Nisby. Row 6: Troy, Golcls+ein, Duke, Bennell, Terry, Colon, Allen, Shori, Buck Colligan, Cooney, Hagemann. The High Sophomore Class Row 1 lright io leftl: Wickslrom, Kipnis, Serfos, Arkos, De Lucchi, Puech, Bradley. Meyer, Plu++e, Miller, Cooney. Geroge, Bacigalupi, Miniirae, Olsen. Row 2: Slahl, Slenson, Powell, Grirclfifhs. Irvine, Gonzalez, Landon, Danielsen, Kisiler, Janow, Riedel Tc++on, Lommalzsch, Klingaman, Lynch, Fong. Row 3: Fisher, Plonsky. Kerr, Uaine, Landon, Colyer, Chincholle. Peilerson, Gee Pfeiffer, Kryfzer, Cope, Berkson, Keihl, Pasclerin, Chin. Row 4: Garden, Wilson, Verdonk, Boson, Yokola, Brungorcl, McLean, Miller, Wurz, Lee, Singer, Peery, Perry, Sieward, Schlichiing, Carlsen, Freeman. Row 5: Lewycky, Mcleod,Mc1rchak, Mandelman Wong, Leek, Sul, Yee, Young, Yee, Jung, Edwards, Moriensen, Mohr, Youngblood. Row 6: Oycma, Ono, Arikawa, Uyemura Kimball, Goldberg, Flalow, Flelcher, Gclurn, Lenn, Beiz, Lee, Bragg, Barlield. Newlon, Sheeper. Row 7: Morgan, Olson, Topic Marder, Nooh, Miller, Morris, Goldsirorn, Horringlon, Abauneo, Jung, Voels, Tompbius, Jacobson, Churchill, Lum, Yee. .,r,. f 'uf ' .13 1 Q3 iv ? We-gf' - Q.. -F? A .2 4? I A Af .," ' ' 9 el f f F .!' :FLY V 5 H rv F. ff, 4 I 'Q sit, L r f Er, if 1 . X ,i .Q Q. , , , . f " M ffm. - R M- s -X ,pig Qi - Mu-QW f wmwiwm M. , , M, W, W, fy lx mv w we 1 f- -s ' sw 5. Qsfnmvrl HQIFKKLQ-X " f -1. f I " ,, ' , I ".,.,,,,,,,,i Q..." ,,,.,,,,, MQ .W 'W ' ' Row 1 lright to leftl: Rahl, Simonsohn, Wabraushelc, Bauman, Larson, Glew, Campbell, McGrew, Waxman, Pancosf, Washer, 5W0f'f1lDUf9. Weiner. l'l0l'f1SlDY. Norris, Phillips, Theis, Olson, FrisellO,Col'1n.Row 2: Fisher, Mohorovich, Wada, Si'r, Ng, McNeil Downey, Slaudl, Hicks, Torres, Leong, Quon, Chung, Chang, Lowe, Tye, Sferling, Brierley, Teuch. Row 3: Mallhews, Park Lindauer, LoShay, Kramer, Cordy, Owen, Ossin, Schmid, Harrison, McElearney, Singer, Harband, Lee, Levene, Konlrafli, Hall Reid, Rodriguez. Row 4: Daslralalxis, Weinshenlr, Murray, Miyamolo, Wesf, Caslelli, Abers, Hiniz, Schulze, Fong, Lum, Mac- donald, Lee, Hornsby, Raro, Gurich, Wiech, Middlebroolf. The Low Sophomore Class Row 1 Irighl to Ieftl: Fong, Chun, Chan, Jue, Koupas, Toscana, Tibayan, Lee, Gilmore, Gong, Wilson, Reullinger, Eduson, Wong Perez, Palencia, Preslon, Lassallefle, Jaffe. Row 2: Ohashi, Tong, Zamaflia, Herliner, Boone, Zlolkin, Torin, Hedger, Welser Wrighl, Davis, Jones, Ramey, Takeda, Pinlcney, Gelchell, Dons, Schwarlz, Spencer. Row 3: Tom, Joe, Reagh, Hall, Lindquisfi Premaclc, Raasch, Molinari, Vesf, Owens, Fleischman, Sass, Singer, Joe, Craddocli, Malsuno, Malsuura, Ono, Naganuma. Row 4: Chun, Summerfield, Ross, Caparras, Leon, Chrisloffersen, Calalcan, Fadborg, McWilliams, Fasfer, Tyeslrey, Spikes, Bouie, John- son, Gibbs, Mesla, Chang, Lee, Karvaolca, Dunn. Xl si ' " f aw-1 - 'f1"1' ......, 'K ' ' '-.. ,,.. - , "ve" ' ' . . M. .. "V I L if G 7 ' K 2 F ei 40, 1 . ' .f f'-fp f -' W, V ,Rst M is 4.11.9 0 wg if ? , I Q4 x X K x M, . ,, X 1 . 4 -Na fix L 7? 0 x ,.,. , ,nga-m-M4-vumkonmndl , W Q- 0 'SG 5 pk . , .3 Q at Q 3' ' l 4 , . Q I W ' F 6 2 X Q 1'- Q Q SPRING JUIIIUR DFW A- 'H 'F' " ' 'Q P tw P9 1 ' xg ,A- V ixyv It . , Wm x ,Q 5' -I Q55 'G 'A"' Egfvwf K in , 1, I . - -S ., . vs-.i.,.., , A Av Q X xx 2 u- V gg,-In -4 A? L S M3 xN 5' -- ., SPURTS '-nk NN .K I-N 'TM-5 i-5, ' 4 x K i. f S+., I 1 1 Q75 ' W: . ,I M A AN X , Nw -V ,, f Y s -Q + f Q 7-if Na ' f Q ,A -+ f A I Egg ,,, ' N -a ' fa Z , ' jf w ,, 7 A If ' , 4 'Q-044.5 ' .ia . 1 ! X4 l A! V 'Kai fig, wk!! 'II BOB ARTERBERRY, I-Ib JIM SOCI-IOR, Gb CORD JOY, E DENNY CONNELL4 Pb BILL GARRICK, I-Ib RNANDO MONTALVO BILL WOLITARSKY C TAK OKAZAKI, I-Ib JACK WALL T IIIIII II I I II I II II I I I I II III 4, , 'QM Z f 1,1 5:i-15.4.7 ,wx ::...I, . ,, ...., A , 'T hr- , IVV if gf ' fif ' f' f- ""' 1-4 WA J M? L f . I I "I' ,I ,,,z yn N -rv, ,m y ,5g,.gA UH . V ff 'N -, ' - -J 15 fm , . N, A Y A 1 QM X ak lf! L X , I sax I w, ' M., A A , 'fl Qs rN'a':,v,q, - - ' 'f old PM X 5, 9 4' 'Nl Tr 4 X xx V Iv AAC Qgwf A Q XXI' f xl 92 '4 s ' fgviyf Y Qfffw N gm gf ww I V W X, gg MX I X I- If ffm f N 4 4 MA IW I If f Z L Y , 1. ww .I f Z I I' Q yy vw., I .I Xu.. , Q :. -I Iv "Q:-54N Ii L, L.. B A f Na 1 ff f I Ii W A M H I 'W 5 - V, H '. , .f QAM f L if V , , f ,L W mi . ' . W 1 .: W X 42 .,,. X 1 :Z ..,, f W? " 4 IHlllllllllllllllllIIIHHHH Q 3 ' ' Ag 5 1. 5 5 'Q 5 Q y 0 M H . .N ,S wif' f H Q W 15:3 4 I A 1 ' af' 1. M' K Q 5 L Q YZ f. i M u .Q X MQ' r f fx - ..i.l. 'F 5 H , 5 H' if P ",,: 2 a B Q ' , Q A 5. 1 E I.. . , x . vw- N NJ J CARL MWCHEU., G , W ,,,, V Row MCPHERSQNA 5 A ' Q JOHN PANAGAKIS, Gb yi 5 f CLAY WILUAMS, Pb 'T A' ace QUAYLE, 5 AA J ROY TEKAWA Q A rom GANS. c . MARCELL BURK, T ' EARL SANDERS G 4 uf '5 V .2 I T 1 N5 I AA., , A gg H ' ' ' L. . 'Gif' . if v- ...ou .-R v - ON THE LINE 1 NDIANS BITE THE DUST? fw--...,,,,,v NW I wi? I W 'E 1 g LET'S GO, EAGLES' STARTING LINEUP FOR LINCOLN GAME T954 Most Valuable Football er Award was given to ARTERBERRY, Bob was also 'ded the Al Catimon Trophy eing the outstanding athlete e Iall senior class. ,. Ili '29-A ff-5 ,Hep .I , n 3 J 'tag-A: , Q or E BELL GAM CARL MITCHELL, co-captain ofthe T954 Eagles' fourth place squad was voted a unanmious choice for All-City guard. His great de- fensive ploy won him this award. . , , ' f I ,1 -M Z ,Z G s 4? VARSITY FOOTBALL Pageant WashingIon'Balboa or .. . Regular Season Washin ton-Sarred Heart g Washington-Balboa .. . Washington-Galileo , .. .. .. Washington-Lincoln . . WashingtonASaint Ignatius Washington-Mission ,.,,.. . Washington-Poly I ., .. . Washington-Lowell ,. , . Semi-Finals Washington-Lincoln , I .. JUNIOR VARSITY Washington-Balboa ., I, Washington-Galileo , . ., Washington-Lincoln .... Washington-Saint Ignatius Washington-Mission ., .. Washington-Polyr . Washington-Lowell ,. Washington-Sacred Heart 6-I8 I9-I2 I2-6 28-7 0-I8 I9-20 7-0 0-6 7-0 0-I3 I9-I2 25-0 20-6 '6-28 6-I9 6-0 I3-I2 37-6 as g gl ,QA " I L i il y Y - . gm 1 -In . i ' :M . , ' t 53. --Tiijlxs .gs - . 4 - s L ' il X' , K, V A no-5 .' .- A I - , ' Q-N., . A 1 - , w .ff ' rj V . . A M ...W ' Q li 1 as r . 75 'r ET .. ....,, tr si V x . ,LM t I A . g I I W L i ... ..,....b.,..x. -7. -v A I . K JJ Qi IJ ,T V , , YI r im es. . f 4 -3. ., - . isle A ij:-kd,-1 1: Y Y ,A Li 4 I - s v. y i 41 . ii! d 3- - is' i Ni 1 'r 1' . i i- 5 'Ili ' - - in i I' i 1 J- ' ' Sh i"' 'R'-1 1 1- i ' 12: ' - ' n I 5 5-?-L, gf 'Y l , , .Q 5 f f li! , l 'r 'H 5 r if ' , Q' 'L ' -f '. -L Ll tl " ' ' ' - Q 4 x i ' s 'F V P. 1' E ', 1 rf' f7"'fQgf.ff1..- 5 . . , if . f an . ers L fs- C s A . - s , K sp ew ss' f '? giiifis ' 'i ". ' . - or 'i .sf 4. fr ' 5 , ' ' . .1-.eff ' D ,, K -. 1 I ' - , 4 35 .. . ,AL is ,fir . , if . Q s a s -i e., .-s g: ,s.1Qe ., ,5f . 1-J fAg:?eE.Q's'f- f.:i.zgfiQ5':-gfs.K3' s 4 - L- - Saws 2.0 :-. .- .'..j.1. ef ,-. mf - 1 's 'L' 5+ -, I 9.31 !'ezge.Hfq: .gg L. X . are mf, 131. 32.5 3- -- ss 'L .yeyf-. -fg--'fe . . I T Eng .sr . C .V ' Ss., s-as-'Si-:ff f""sff?'f's"?'1'T' ififif' fgrQ'm .?m,q! ..1:.mrf,g'a1gl,:f-.s ess, fr- . ss-,lg.,'1fs' fs 'xmfs' epssgferhgssfisegi. . sr fu --1 f-' ' , .- ,, .xf',.si-. 3 . wee ,-..f--1 M- f - f- . 91' , 11' K 1' '- -fmsfflxfs ',,-.i ",.5"'- if 'j', f si. ' ' V9 , ugh" 'Y' air .."g,-,. iss Tiff ef ' 5f5f?fa3-fA:f,z""'.-,115 4 '. ,J 1 ----P - ee-:gifs-"2-' 55, sbsfifiufseg. ef:.."'.r 1.is1,g.'rr'- Row 'I lleff fo rightl: Ered Crimes, Bev Robinson, Al Fishbein, Will Casey, Larry Lynch, Mcrcell Burk, Tony Jones, Fernando Monlalvo, Ford Joy, Roy Tekawa, Don Bari. Row 2: Ron McPherson, .lim Sochor, Carl Mifchell, Barry Mierbach, Bob Arlen'- berry, Fred Borden, Mike Sidwell, Jerry McMahon, Jerry Knops, Gaynell McPherson, Bob Johnson. Row 3: Earl Sanders, Jack Wall, Tom Gans, .lohn Panagakis, Bob Quayle, Denny Connell, Ron Burl, Bill Garrick, Clay Williams, Dick Sauder, Takashi Okazaki. Row 4: Manuel Funes, Morley Noveshen, Sid Shired. nlimited Football Wi-r VVasnira'o' CiCh5'J for 'ne sei ar is S'6-EECEC' preaictiors 'Pings aiaslf appear 'oo brigrs :sr 'se Eagles. ln Tlne Af'-A Eoo'ba Pageari 'he Eag es were ae- :ea'ed by a hghly rased Balboa elefed For Mspnersos 'allied flne ofly score Tor 'he Eag es. In 'rhe'r fire? game ol fne regular seasas 'ne Eages pulled an upse' ofer Sacred l-lear'. Cuarseroacf Joh' Panagakis threw -l-5 wro rouchaown passes so ends Eord Joy and Por Mblzhersor. The orher score was G auiclr fkrough 'he m'dale by iuloas? Desry Co"el. The game ball was awarded TG John Paragarrs. In rlne seoord garrie 'le Eagles wefe PSCW V59- dogs ro Balboa. Washingron pulled rreir EECC'C QCEET by bearing The Bucs. The diriererbe in This garfe was The sharp passing and vicious soclling ol l32 lb. guar- +erbaiEl?iJImrny Sochor who was awarded she game ball. The louchdowns were scored by Bob fLr'e'bef'y and Derny Cornell. When rhe Galileo aame rolled aroma W9?ii'E'9V u was Tinally piclred as The Tayorise. l' shlf QSC? 'TE scorers were Tom McDonald, Denny Cannell Ford Jw' and Jonr Ponagalis. Bhl Garriclf llsled all 'he efffg poinrs. Carl Mirchell was given she QCWWE bell. is 'fe Bei Game wr' r Lisooin '- was Close for 'be 'rs' -rree auarfers. of Lincolrls pass aeierse was 'oo sms' Tor Washirgson. The Eagles were hela score ess. Tse refs week she Eagles were aeieafea by one oo ri fl sngie S. l. converson made 'he a ference. Scoring for Wash'rg'on were bil GO'ViCk, Sld Shiredi asa John Paraaaris. Phe' losing fwo ssraighs, Washfngsonls p'ayo1: hopes were aulse dim. Bur rhe Eagles pulled arorher upsef by aeseasisg Mission. Eord Jay scored, and Bob fhrler- berry was awarded The game ball. CD' Polyls visif 'o The Washingio' Mud Bowl, ihey were almosr upse' by The Eagles. Borh reams wen? scoreless unfii 'he iass rwo minures. Then Poly scored ara 'he game erded. Sid Shired go' sl-e game ball. Washirgror was vicsarious over Lowen s iheir final game ara made fhe playorqs. Eord Joy sal ied for 're Eagles. Blli Wolisarsliy was awarded 're game ball. lr rhe semi-finals, Washirgron playea Lisbon, and was again deleared, fhus ending 'he mos' zsbessfu' season in years. . Q! Wi .,,,sp95' we f - J ' vw f I. .. 2. K lf A ,f.,vfV 5' , + U A wr , f X- J . - ' f 'N T . . J , W Q PX f' s k .4 4 x 1 fl, sl .sf , N X X N t gg 3 , s X Q Q a sv , f,.. ,fy :sg i - X. .. H ff Q--Q r,s , J X, or - J , p i ... s fs e ey ,I it N, , A . is I iii, - X F ., 1 V jghmss L gsm if 1 V , V I W Z Q I or of so J J J L f + J - is L . f 2+ z Q " J , , x ' 'W J r 'Q f X 5, s:: " ,sff,, " S, L if fi 'fm ,V x W ' r I s ' , F ..,: gy. Ax . ' ,X ff . I r , - - ., J r 'J - J J a Q QR N Q f - s i ' 'lr 'EH fir r X ' ., ' , - - ' Q f Q' :f f 4 ' f 'WW 1470 ,X in rc x 1 A, Z, gl f x f f , ex , L s f Q, , -. . fli ng , U, 1 . f f, Q 'g , ww, ,fd S is J ,s f W. ir 'J ' ff ' s Q WI , i -1 - , . cs ffxss c ki ss N, 5 ,gf . f Q A pq, i ry 1 M4 ms , ch, , s , , , X I .- Z I -V X in fi Q 1 ,N 'Q f , ,.,, 1 Y i U H ,X V 4 I It if , V N ., R Q I , T,,,,S xi K, . yi, s iw, i .x 1,523 ,vi li K, is Q. X x ix , . ,B ,V . QV , es- ,cs sm: ,l s Ui in x , . I , X .Z A N I I ,' J., A - sys, sr, ,L Y V .Ke sh: , i ,pw . y 1 . , V I V , 5 K , ses -r,- . ' '- ' 'H ,. , fr , . rf ,V , L ' Q, A,,A Q ,KKQ :,,.,5j'.' 3 V, QL! N L I H y , K xi X , 9' lf' f - r 1 A .' , ' rf" Q f J y 1 f J 1: use f- 5 L , -as L 3, ' r 1 gg sg-pfheswtfxw, r3'.Qggsv,fN 0fv,,fsf,7'S,,4gf,s 'V fs rfivl' 74333 'ff alfa, 'A-W1 . Row 'I llefi fo righil: Merrill Goerlz, Cornel Ross, George Slelos, Roger Hearne, Leigh Miller, Dick Alkins, Tony Fails, Bill Masuda, Ozzie McGee, Don Boone, Don Block. Row 2: AI Bousquel, George Heren, Larry Murphy, George Pogoiell, David Noah, Jim Vegas, Al Jefferson, Eddie Thomas, AI Benlon, Frank Oakle , .lerr Wolll. Row 3: Don Pfohl Al Ea le, Bob v 1 1 p Y Y . I Q Sorensen, Leroy Shields, Larry King, Jim McMullan, Bill Callaghan, Guy Simerson, Gus l-lonlalas, Marion Page, Hal Tyesky, Rich McGralh, Dick Jones, Dick Dehn. unior Football For lhe pasl several years lhe George Washinglon Junior Varsily loolball leam has been a lop leam. This year's squad was no exceplion. They wound up lhe sea- son in a lhree-way lie lor second place. The Eaglels slarled lhe season oll wilh successive wins over Balboa, Galileo and Lincoln. The viclories were nol speclacular, bul neverlheless lhey were wins. The game wilh Balboa was a well played and hard loughl conlesl wilh lhe Eagles coming oul on lop. Washinglon had no clillicully wilh lhe Lions. Galileo had barely assembled a leam. The Lincoln game was a revenge conlesl. Il you re- member lhe Varsily game you'll know why, The Eaglels gol lheir revenge, The J.V.'s mel deleal when lhey played Sl. lgnalius. They losl again lo Mission, bul lhen came on slrong lo beal Poly, Lowell, and Sacred l-learl. During lhe season lhe mosl oulslanding players were Jellerson, McGee Wolle, Simmerson and Page. SOPHOMORE TEAM The Sophomore Team was iusl organized lasl year. lls purpose is lo give sophomore boys a chance lo play who havenll lhe abilily lo make lhe Junior Varsily. The leam, under lhe driving supervision ol Mr. Luberf mersky, was very successlul, winning all lheir games. Allhough lhe cily may provide a league lor lhe Eafilels, lhey did nol 'havescheduled games, conseguenlly lhey had lo lind lheir own opponenls. The coaches are planning lo move Bousciuel, Carlson, and Reidel lo lhe more experienced Junior Varsily sciuad nexl year, EASTER - EASTER! TTOMS UP K VP . Q. "', .',, f 'ijgug Youu NEVER GET IT E I ff? A E , J- Q ff? 'SEQ ' Wm if Milf? J .Sw am aff .wfwfi UP up AND AWAY 'Y 1 l6' HERE COMES TINY ,,, 1-r 'gif 3?'f3g'fTfi5?5?' E-3 1' ,,f'g2'. , jitgnrl' 3 'Clk vm, ,-,L! -,Y F 2112239 L. cr, 2112.3 E fi gf, ALI? 'THE wAYJg:x3.-.Ai 4, N ff?-H52 EMP?-Ffvliv-.e'. 'r"'3- I ' f ,. ' ,. +2 1' ,f+51T"QfEi , 1. as - 'F rags, V 1 " +O'5.f":E , I 5.1 H4 , 1. 2,11 :--' yin ', '..1,q - 1. X ' , 5gz?,,1. 3 5rQf'f??f -.. lzigznk k . fl 1: 51 in f I 'L E f 'T',.:,4'5A A 1 . 35 , 'QS 1 5 I :'-Q7 - ' fd - A ,gk ig 58537235 W fi" 'U 1 '-155'-fl E eff E E , '- 2 FLYIN HIGH f E '2 5 " . 1 ff . Hr. 'I p""l V -1 Q ,. V HQCOMPLETE -U Y' ,rs Aa-as 355825- 4954 YM 0 'W anod- N 405' J.: X f W x f W Q, 4 A 1 X! f X Iyxxw Y W f , ,W ,,,, ,, .,.,,m,,5mWm::.,X.. KA---,7.f , I 5 f f' lf-",f 5 f f' ,f !,' u yM, QM ff 1 . -rvr nf' 'gi 4 ff A ' .- ,.,,., N W,- ...,--f . 1 M..- - xiii 1 1 N .ffd Y W 1 Q5 in if . N, i if 5 Ti' M f ,, N HWWQ. MX, ' V , ,f ' URWAN f.Ms'1'A , m by f- , ,f 1, mm Msmsm f wr A1 f 4 - - , V Q wi, V- '- 15 if E, row' emma A fjlfjiv-W g ff ,ff Lf Rum ozurwczewmcz ' X , Y' WM mE'1"' 7g""? ' ' If LARPY FRIGILLANA Q' 5 if jf f nom PERIEFP 5 F ff ff scorn Hmnsasow f"f 1,13 Q ,f lf' mes ROUTBORT ,S AA , faq. K ' ff hx, '11 ze ' ff , ff f M X ' If f' X, 1 f I X 1 QL' 014:-I 5 1,cqa. - 3 sn- 31" if Qs 'tr gas. F10-AFD FOZHGC Pt-.LL PETRENYO 'J "JE ECVSP' LARRY SMH'-i BCE PAPAPI- BOB SJ-VM -" EGEW EPUNO C 'N' ' i-'EN MOCJREHEAD 1 wa w- 'fzf Qs 'A N. xx! X fs. X X Z1 1 'fm , , ' 'xi A X, ' ' ,J 'K '1' v L fi - 2 Xxx XX Vx 5 1 ' , x K Mx Afff- 1 CE EF ,ex X-.N X 1 ff" ' xx AX xx x 'x I , X ., . A A XX X A F X X I U X C !Nv X 'xx x X X 'X xx X xx - ' 1 New--ss-..3..,T M, Q W' 1' . V Row 1 lleft to rightl: Ralph Giannini, Tom EgerT, Morris Mendelman, Larry Frigillana, Paul MerTens, Bob Papara, Bryon Saasfa, Tony Escalle, Coach Odone. Row 2: John Boehm, ScaTTy Henderson, Paul PeTrenlco, Serge Burenin, Jules RouTborT, Larry SrniTh, Richard Robinson, STeve Erickson, Norman Smilanslry, Nick Trayan. Row 3: Ed Juarequi, Jack Jacobs, Rudy Dzuraczenicz, George DaTlilr, Bob Slavin, STeve SuTo, Vladimir Sobichevslcy, Kennefh Moorhead, PeTer Kimball, Jiro Misawa, Bruno ConTini. Soccer Season Soccer, The sporT ThaT is ThoughT by some sTudenTs as iusT someThing To waTch and iolre abouT early in The morning, has become Tor The TirsT Time since l949 a Tallced abouT game. Why? Because WashingTon Turned ouT The TirsT championship Team in Tive years. This years soccer Team also Turned ouT Two All-CiTy players in The persons oT Paul lVlerTens and Bruno ConTini. Mer- Tens brolce The all Time scoring record, and CanTini was an erchange sTudenT Tram lTaly. The TirsT Team, consisTing oT cenTer Torward, Paul lV'lerTens7 leTT insicle, Bob Paparag righT inside, Boris PerieTT3 leTT wing, Ed EgerT3 righT wing, Larry Erigillana: cenTer holT, Jules l?ouTborTq leTT halTbacl4, Larry SmiTh7 righr halTbacl, Serge Bureninq leTT Tullbaclc, Richard Robinson: righT Tullbacl, Paul lDeTrenlcop and goal lieeper, Bruno ConTini, worl ed af. a closely lniT uniT all season. The Eagles opened The season by Trouncing Lowell. The ne'T game was aaainsT Poly. The Eagles played Thi- one To a Tie. Me:'Tens and Papara scored The Two goals. The Eagles neiT meT The deTending champions Trom Mission l-ligh. This game a-1 a close one as only one goal was scored. Luclily, iT was scored by The Eagles in The la3.T Two rninuTes oT play. Lmegrlr was The ne-:T in line To Tall To deTeaT. SainT lonariui never had a chance. The Eagles walloped The Co". FriTher vicTory was scored by The Eagles over The Ba cad Team. Scoring The cloals were PerieTT, EgerT ard Tjacara. The Eaoles ended The regular season wiTh e .-fn A .ef a rnediocire Galileo Team. llei- be The qemi.Tinal'i. ln The Tir'f.T game, The E35 ej 'fe' ,T -mel oril daain The lndians losT. Eans held --if l' .Urn ,-Fe' Vlfa h'naT'in dropped The TirsT game iff- ,mer rio lvliizion by a wide margin. BuT a biT oT sTraTegy in The second game paid oTT and aTTer Larry Erigillana scored our TirsT goal To Tie up The game, Paul lvlerTens booTed in a second poinT TC clinch The game and The CiTy crown. All-City F XXX .. .. -XX s ess Qc, X MERTENS CQNTINI Paul MerTens, voTed WashingTon's MosT Valuable Soccer Player oT The Tear, has had a loT oT experience as a soccer player. This experience helped him To Scare 22 goals during season play and Ta be vQTQd +0 llye TirsT sTrina Alleclly soccer Team. lT is noT oTTen ThaT a high school has The pleasure al receiving a Toreign exchange sTudenT who will ga ouT Tor a sporT. This Term Bruno ConTini, Tram lTaly, noT only Tried ouT Tor soccer, buT played well enough To be reg- ognized as All-CiTy goal keeper. B THATS USING YOUR HEAD! 'affix . -v-v.m.ur WM' "' "1J""" ' 1. ' O M G.. HM' lub' ,- 1 COM GW. G,W G.W GW. G.W SOCCER SEASON G.W GNN. GNN OW. G.W Mafsewig W ,QM M, flff V Y fy M , , MWZYJLQQLQ ' I I: W Balboa 'M Goliko . ,V Lowell A gf? Mission W ' Mission ffffw'2im,,'ff2iff': Hr:ADS UP' I Y 15- 1 J 1 3 V F y 1 2 1 L ' i 1 I V ,, 'K A -'-'Cx .,.3n. 1-1 , -4 if 1 ..-.., El asv--at iam- .lt -4. X NX XR Y f f lj! I !.K.I-if ,ff X fb 'P' ,lf ',r' 1- , ...Yr 1 , f , - -g 1 'Q , l , I.-' 'f x - ,A f v Y Y...y xy, . Q - I: Yx v ,f X ,K ' R, . S , "4- ---2 1 xx 1 Y Y , V, V . . ,' 'N ' 1" W. 1' I K fy ' . I I . ' ' 1 1 y ' 1 F 1 ,' Y. J. V-.4 ..' " ' Q 'Y K 'fffi'-EELS -:XE WJSCF: ff-gg. :LQQNLC f'-.SEVEY 3.12712 Quai 1: AHF 'E 3-Ap, ,-Y, JQQUY MANY CLEO CCE-1iEgD j 1 iiifl4?fQ33'f if 'ff If T :pf , es. .ms T' --'?' 'W ers Ak fi Q li 'Al Row 'I lIefT Io rightlz Cleo Cofield, Milre Prusoff, Jerry Mann, BrewsTer RoberTson, Franlr Norman, Ed WhiTe, Ford Joy. Row 2: Hal Tyeslcy, Marion Page, Tom Barras, Harvey Merriouns, HilTon Boolrer, Sian Rosenberg, Charlie Anderson. Unlimited Basketball This year's Eagle varsiTy basl4eTloall Team Tinished in sevenTh place, even Though They had a Tairly successiful season. BeTore The season sTarTed They beaT ST. Mary's and Capuchino. BoTh These Teams Tinished TirsT in Their respecTive leagues. ln regular league play They beaT ST. lgnaTius, who Tinished TirsT in The AAA and Then wenT on To be The vicTors oT The TournamenT oT Champions. The Eagles gained valuable experience and will un- doubTedly be very sTrong nexT year. WiTh Jerry Mann. Z 6? , f ' :WZ ' few ' T ED WHITE Ea Whi'e, Eagle ace, was vcrTed All-CiTy Torward Tor l9EB. Thig gurgranaina prep basTeTboll player was sixTh gggici: scorer orrdibecause aT hi: abiliTy on borh oTTense gfj dljepfg he received The MosT Valuable Player Fffara for bail-'e'ball. Milne PrusoTT, Cleo CoeTield, and l-Tarvey Merriouns bacls Tor a whole year, and STan Rosenberg Tor a hahf year, They musT be raTed as one oT The besT in The league. The only TirsT Team player To graduaTe is Ed WhiTe. The Eagles opened The season wiTh a record brealq- ing perTormance againsT John Gfonnell. The Eagles cracked The AAA league record Tor The mosT poinTs in a game. During The game Mr. Phelan cleared The bench, Thus allowing everyone To play. In Their second game The Eagles were deTeaTed by a very sTrong Mission Team. The rebounding oT Leroy Thomas and The second halT shooTing oT Mission was Too much Tor WashingTon. Ed WhiTe, STan Rosenberg, and Bob ArTerberry each scored seven poinTs. The nexT game was The Angelo MaesTri BeneTiT Game againsT Lincoln. The Eagles held The highly TouTed Mus- Tangs To a sTandoTT in The TirsT halT, buT PTleuger's six sTraighT poinTs in The second halT were Too much Tor The Eagles. ln The Balboa game The Eagles led The whole game and won wiTh ease. Ed WhiTe was again high poinT man wilh l2 poinTs. The Eagles were deTiniTe underdogs againsl ST. lgnaTius. BuT Ed WhiTe, Top deTensive man, held sharpshooTer Lafour, who had been averaging 21 poinTs a game, To a mere Tour poinTs. The winning poinTs were scored by lalarvey Merriouns in The lasT seconds. ATTer Their surprising showing againsT S. l., Washing- Ton almosT pulled Their second upseT in a row. BuT Lowell riciT Tive TasT poinTs in The lasT Two minuTes To send The Eagles To deTeaT. ln The lasT game oT The season WashingTon was de- TeaTed by Sacred l-learT. This was no ordinary deTeaT, Tor iT Took Two overTime periods beTore The Eagles would go down. fx .1 13035 Basketball 979729 Vf3S"'3'3"5 'ECE 35' 163'-Ef"J"S'Z"E D C wif' 'V5' 'JQUI' "'S N631 -'9 E33 EE 35' '3-' A' '939 ' - 3' EECEC' 3 3. 3-' :CNE 333f s"3'3 " "9 3 3.-33: """9 -3 CEC- ",I.f:"Q: C93 lf'-,le 33,1 -'c. :CZ .:. '5'5"' 3 C'C'Z9 53' "9 33.-3: :'3"3'3'5"3 " "9.f 9 f' 9 f-.:-- ' -.L ,-,mu 'sf . rdf.-F 5-4, 33- fs-- 7 ' -99 - we-J ---'- -..3 . ':. -3 3 -'J 3 : 3- 3' C212 "V ' r- ul . . l . . I ,, ' I-'E' "'C-QA "9. 3 3' ' fu' "9 :'3"3 :'5' 3 "9. "f9'9 '-5"'3 3 59353'. D'93' S242 -"3 .-133 ' 3'9 3' "9 395' 'E'l"E- '9 '33 9.9' 3333'93. "9 '9' "3' "9 'SCN M329 "9 "35' "3" "9 "'3'9'A'J "9, '33. -"' f33'3' X9 .f lVl'f3'E':9C 3'3 V"'.3 .'."3'5-': .-.9'9 3'3'395 '3' F -f",, Vfg-eff-9 3 .fag "5 E22-'Z SITE' IZ' -ri13,:'lf'S:f"l'-'fjffifjrfl 3'3 '9 3 ff3.5 5""' M' u 5 :asf-L9 -9 31- -..- f-f-'r--- .,--f ,-,-Af.,-ev P'f-.-- ,F .f-- '- 3 'U' --- -J - 5- ff., .33 . 7 3:33, .wa 1- 3 --... C' 3-'5'3'3 '3 '933-'39'. " ' T'9 'Eff 339'93 "9 5935:' 333"5' .-.93f .3" Q f"'-,33 ',- ' . ' ' E . 3 3- 9, 9 23221 Q3 '93 3' 93'. 933 C'2 -f -M M . .--- --,A J., .- ' ,-3-3 CMH.- 9- ' 3-5 .-35 , 3 99.1 fro' 3,'1f 33 5. 3,93 39 Qsnsij-, 3-3, ,,--3 -p M-,-. 3-3 5- 3-. 3. 3 33- 3. '9 593:'3 33"9 CQCVE' f."5:'3' N32 35 ECE.. CE KINYA MATSUNO. JIM SOCHOR, KELLY WATERFIELD "9" " 1' '3' CUE' 3 3,3"9' "9 E33 EE 3, 63 3--.3, 3 K: . . . .. .. - , - . - ' 9 - ,'9 -3395 C3 '93 "9'33,'3' 335'3'3.'33ff"3 -Q ff' 333 ', F33 '5' P31 vwg Neff "9 '3f3"95, C 9 9- , . .. ' . - I - 3 A AML- -:nf 3- ,., NN, M -,: 3 - -A-, VJ-, 3-4 X,-fc-, HW-, --A, -33 L33 ,C-L,-:,.',- 'J' T ',-- AHL, 99- -9 ' 199 I- 9-: 9, : 9 -9 939 - I 9- : A - 3- 9 -if , 9 9,--99 9 9 : 99 R 9 9 - -M ,,,.,- ,, Y, M ,f -- A ,MHZ -- ,:--M ps "'9 39'3'9 3 1,-'33' '93 333 C315 "9 '3"3'5 3 -' -J' f ' " 7 f ' J " ' 5" 5 ' " . . ' ' l'9 :33 EE i3"9 "'3-3' ff" '3'3 33. '3 3' f.'3' -,,-,, 3- fn., 3 A 3 - ' V' ' ' ' " 1- ,-9 -,f 9-. -Q-'-f ,- -,F ,-f-'r--- - ,- , . ,. . . 9 : 2 -9' "9 99 1' T5 :3395 '33 3'-932. "'9 ff" .IC 93 " '3 3 239, -3 -34 -se 4-5 -ss 53:53 333 -3 33:63- , : M-,-. WA-,-L- me 3-03. L- -Q ,ffm , 9 , - .. '91 -' -99 -- ' J 9 - -1 J I 99- 4 9-1 - 9-9 5- -9-E, fic jf 553999 9 ff-3-9-,ff -H1 -- fx: f 'rr' . . 1 f- . -'J' 9' ff - - U- --' ' -9- - X422 ':' - '33 ' "9 :33 EE N339 3 3333 5'3ff '3 3. CCN? ,Ci 315, 3 -fe NZ' 24-35 E33 93 23,36 3.33, CC".'2 3' 1"Z'Z."'ElEfC".Z"l"Z -'f"C. '933"'5 Z,--f ' ' T'9 E33 9: 35' "9" '9f' 33"9 '33"5' fi lC'3"-E "9 '9-' CCW? f-'31 '3' "' f'C"Z"'f'.S 79 :33 95 ' "9 3'3 39:3'3:. X' lfIi'1ECCFC E33 9 "9 3 333 3'- '-""C6'J '3 3' 93' .1 933 3, -3f.'9 TCW? 333' '3 '79 " 'GNC' '93' . 3- EC "9 33"9 3-' 3' "9 "'9. "9'93" 3' '3' ' "9 2-93 "9 35' 3-3"9' "9 'N3 'EZNE 35' "9" 5933'3 33"9 " 3 '3.'f'3 3 :"Z'2 -3ff9 '93". "3'3'93 CC,"E. lW"' '9' 1333'35 'E"'J"A"" 3'3 "9 l'9 l2f'5 C206 "3" SE"'Z " "9 35' 59C3'35 '3 393' 5:3'9 '-QC 3 '3- NCI 33"" "93 3-"'Q 3 5i'3"3 9 '3' E3 S12 3'39'3 315.5-Q3"9 3:"Q1"93f.f3:'3':33'93 33 , "9 -3.-f9 32.52 E'iCCEC '3 "9 '3- "3 1-5 3 '49 3 Q23 " "9 ICE-'Z "A'3'Ei'1 gl!-E "9 E33 EE 3 "'1593 "9 L-'I'E'1' 3'3 33 " K. i3'- "9 5933'3 3'9. 933 "3' "Sf '9r9' f9 "3,'5'93. 73' .935 "9 33'n9. Row 1 lleff ic rightlz Errol Hall, .lim Soclwor, Kinya Ma+suno, Bob Hammond, Kelly Waferfleld, Torn Eggerlq Dennis Cooney. Row 2: Johannes Van HOF, Mille Pauli, Dlclr Wong, l'li'oslniFulrusl'1In'wa, Bob Hesse, Don Brill, George Gecrgeocles, Clnarles Douglas. . 5 ' irq 1 jf fir -D 94 L , , -,H .,1w.. 1 9 3, ', 44 Q7 of 9 ' Q 9.-9 -4' 3, '?' 4, 5. 9' , ""' Ag , - AH of M '-5" A 5 'X - , " - .X f X 41 ,X ,f 1 l l Z 1 ' f We 1-,hi ', JF i " ' M -,cw Z' . 1 4? 1 f 2. , . ,Q . J , w . 4 ,J l . 5 g P. " 1 .fx .1 ,4 X X., S W fel 5-Q-53, -. .c .. .i1,,,Q- .1 T E T iii 1 if 55 S. f , , , 'TZ :Xi - 3 y . , f Q. Q. . , , .4 sewgtgs ef s r . N T W 2 T39 'li-TZQQRG . I 1-T .. wx- vm XSQYTZJI S TT X 3 if ,, ' LW Q. . ,. 'Qi 5 T? T' fs' T et? Row 1 lleff fo rightl: Harvey Yee, Donald Doon, Vidorino Cumagun, Ben ViTalis. Row 2: Ralph Feiga, PeTer Hollins, Coach Phelan, Ross Tom, Conway Chan. The WashingTon llO's baslceTball Team reTained Their championship Torm by winning The TiTle Tor The sevenTh sTraighT year. They wenT undeTeaTed Through The enTire season. WiTh All-CiTy Jesse Hollins leading The scoring ThroughouT The league, The Team had liTTle Trouble. The Eagles opened The season wiTh a win over a Tough Lowell Team. The llO's Then beaT Poly, Mission, and Sacred HearT. The S. l. game was The hardesT maTch Tor The Team. WiTh Hollins' 2l poinTs and Feigo's good Tloor game The Team came ouT on Top. NexT To meeT deTeaT was Lincoln. Balboa was an easy vicTim as The Team conTinued undeTeaTed, High poinT man was Doon. The Eagles closed ouT a greaT season wiTh a win over Galileo. Lightweight Basketball The l2O's ended a very successTul season in second place wiTh seven wins and one deTeaT. The lone deTeaT came aT The hands oT The championship Poly Team. Guard l-lerb Eriedman made The TirsT sTring All-CiTy Team. The Eagles opened Their season wiT'h a win over Low- ell. lT was a Team eTTorT wiTh every man coming Through wiTh a good periformance. ln The nexT game Poly won a hard ToughT conTesT. ATTer The Poly deTeaT The l2O's came on sTrong To beaT Mission. Low and Friedman sparlced The game. The l2O's had very liTTle Trouble wiTh Sacred l-learT. The Eagles ran over ST. lgnaTius wiTh Low leading The scoring. NexT To be dumped was Lincoln. The l2O's de- TeaTed Balboa easily wiTh Eriedmanis T2 poinTs. The Eagles closed The season as They ran wild over Galileo. Row 1 lleff fo righllz Leon Mack, RoberT Cleveland, Herb Friedman, William House, Chuck Dresow. Row 2: Darby Anderson, Harry Chew, Chris WiTzel, Don Herman, Vicfor Low, George MonTgomery, .laclx Rhodes. ,Wi 'aff , . f , 4 6-ff 9 ' fi , - f Q ,Q 1 idx f C! I A f T' if f 5 , X A K yi f w , Z T ff V , , ,3 W ff .91 .. .. iv -L f f T if fi 'L-.. ' ' 1 1431 fi ., '25,- ps h , 1 ,, , fy-f,, .f, rx, ,, f 2 , -- had --V -,W f ' rw Mi! a.,f in C7 Row 1 llefl io righll: EllioT Warshauer, Dave KruTchlroTT, Elden Davis. Row 2: Charles Dresow, Rich Schwarfz, Len Slafer, Bob Hesse, George Elefanl. Row 3: Gordon Gruber, Ev HinTze, Milre Prusolzf, Diclc Jones, Larry Barr, Ron Nunan, Coach WirTh. Golf Cross Countr The Eagle GolT Teom we-nT inTo The nprirify e liil iiiii-n In The reewler GQUSOVT V0UUd'V0l3iVW TTT? E399 CTS? wiTh 27 wins. ln refiulor geoion ploy They riioi.e'l They COUNTY TGOVW did WOT TOTE T00 W'?ll- BW in iii? ATLCTTV were going Tor The TiTle ogoin by winning The Tir'.T Tlwrei? Mew The TGOVY1 COVWB TTWFOUCSTTW T-:il ing 'l'7'1T'V'j phiiirii. Che moTcheG. The Teom beoT Lowell by The elim mfnfijn wil on The surprises oT The meeT was sophomore Bob l-Tom' 4-3. They Then downed S. l. ond Poly, 7-3 onigl 9 O, mond, who qoye indicoTion5 oT becominn on 'D,T.'O'Afl' The Team is experTly coached by Mr. WirrTh. The Ton infi TTOCT C-Tor Tor The Eogles. Bob placed Third. Top oloyer-5 in The A,fX.f'X. were Chozen To ploy UVICTTTTHT During The league meeTa The Teom made Poor The STonTorcl lirosh. VVowhinoTon had Three men bloyinfi, ings by losing To Sl., Lowell, Poly, ond Bolboo, They Due To ioreez deofilline, The 'Surveyor woi unoble To re' dial monoge To beoT Galileo ani Mimion, The Lrgpln porT The comble-Te zeoson. meeT waz roined ouT. Row 'I lleft To righll: Vic TalreshiTa, Merrill Goerlz, Dave Feldman, Leon Jones, Ulesier Kounlz, Alvie Sheppard, Mike Torres Row 2: Fred Gonzales, Ulysses Duncan, Bob Hammond, Myron Zimmerman, James Thomas, Ron Anderson, Bob WrighT. , , 3 F V! VZ, , cg' V ,Q Y T Li T .sw ' 5 .., wer' V T V n2Nfff 'W T" iiwvf . T ' -:TTT i ,.,fwT'lWff'fQ .iv-viii 45? if TT ' - me N51 - at T T T ' ' 4 fa' iff Q WN s ,Q L ff , V f if 1 A. mln T53 ' ig 1 is Q? ' ri . 4. L y 35' f fl' gig. ,jk iisgtlgfow 'I X' ,, , V 4vT?T'l' T . 4 .-5 ' 1- Q 4-- 51 i1 M "f ,' -1. iv-vi , U. 1 - -6 gc 1 - v -Y ' . N- u i , .. - I , - 6, - . , , ' li' S 4.6, 6 . V - i 9 -V j i .' ky f . ' 1 , i , 'l 5 f YF'- .- ' " - I, K Q' -. .. fu -ui -w e -- .- i 5- -a ' A - f " 'fi 1-3 S?-5"i f 4 T la s 2 , .T . C3 ' 12, fr N - is ' C , r u-- , ..- , , 6 , , was , Q . 65 by x A , L 66, T A 6 , - w - l ,l ' ' : ,. - 6 1 gig- 6 ,.. r vf , rr L, 'V' 6 1 ."i'Q-2 QI -- gt we 1 Neg? . f 6 T-3 v " W ' -- '1 -as ' ' .Bibs-ew Q I .' ' 6 i 4 6,4 ,, , .. A LOW llef'.f0.'i9l1fl2 CCW. McPherson, Goeriz, Allen, Rou+bor+, Sl-ielbourne, MacDonald, Wolifarsky, Simson, Wil-le. Row 2: ohrwnh. WIHDICll. GOV?-lon. Terramorse, Borden, Casey, Anderson, Merriouns, Morosi, Page, McGee, Johnson. Row 3: Nelson. De n- lelllefsonr S0"d9fS. McPherson, Duncan, Safdie. Robinson, Mierbach, Robinson, Tekawa, Ross, Pelrenlco Cunnin horn. . "9 W35Ti'2'5' TEC i'l3'5"f' 5'3"93 3: "L 3935" T55 :Z-"F WEE' 5' 'oe 5e'J55' fro' :55"5' 3 -vez? " 3 'f.f5-so " :zz '5 E5 353. Efe' "5,5h "ef 5 i'f'.'5si5' 'eom w"h 'he 'fo'z"f 25""5 5-' ff '53 3l '5 G3,"E llfflD"5'2f,' ij "'5 C'-gif H'-f -ff-EL J f-jfxno 72 -Fc. - -f- 'fy - -fi l2C': 366: -A 2 - 5 - -.. s,., - , , , 5 ,, --5 'QQMR-A -'M - -A if 'zz 6,6 - 6 ,A 66 N- , , , , , ,. f' 1. f.-,.' ' " 'Y " ' "6 ' ' ", '. L':5' N55 "e 'nee' 5- -he fegfg- -- -fe JC-5-.X 57:33 Lf.-O V6 j6,G,666,, H.-6-6 f.-6616-4 ,,, , ,-rj ' y- - - -, -,, H- - 1- --f - --- - - J 66,6 ,WA M, ,,,.6,s,- M ,,--,6: -,6 ,-6-66- . ,, - 5 6 f -o. - 5-5. - 5 5. 5 a sa-- -f 454: 'Cr 'C ::.,:.f -ff-5 f- - f- 3 ff-gg f-L r 'T' , Ph 1 y I- oo -1-1 . .oo --.,- 4 -..,...o., .i - 7 i - - -ff - '. .i . . , 2'e ' re ,J-fo. oosr ure' C55 Co' ecfeg ,--5 ,L.JE'2 5,153-Cf-Cffm N-rg yr--fry,--LL-f-Z A ' ,, F , F '. f ' fy , .' '. ' ,' "e 'ose '5 sec' 5-' L.'c5'z',"e 5--me 5- 5032, 1' 'ne Jw E3 free- -fe mfg - , -ern rf-wr -pfcqf-sf ,, I ' FP -e ,,,,, ff, 6 ,6 J ' 7 fm' , 7 Ve 'eafz Vfozl- 'gin 53 L 'cc ' so e 2 5 J, e, e,,5o cy o z:5'e 3' :Jo '5 5, T Y F V lifts c'ef:'e5 cf C 255'e 2' 7? '5 79 zebra Qofn T95 57 iQ'3'e5 T55' 3093 Cf " 39 "5 3.590- T'5'Yos' 6"" 'IT A-"3 e:5'- ,Rfb zfeofs 'fe C' SC "Wen CT "e eeczcd Tne VV'::o': Carre :"C"l be- fefycl 1, -,6 '22 5,666 -66 ECC 6-6 335, 6660-63 f no 'Q 3, T o 5oe cc f' Lee" 'nz 1132359 'n5:'Zy '5f"': 5-ere' 5,' 5' e'5r' "'2'z '5 ff' 62 '55 '5 9 759955 CTC' ' "5 U25 '9'f 3' E39 95 CS' - ' -f I , ' , ' P- -i -6 AY- 4 - , ' i fe 'ef' 'fee' fftzz 553 fe' hecf f'of5'ea P5 K. VM 3557- fre l3O 2 ' -MUSC 74 C -7 S'5D3'C 'G' "E - , i. i i . i . lei' "E 'fee' sf 6 'ffc-35" m5"5" of 55 1 '5 57 72131 ' EF V-'3 95 9-2 5 "'f"'5 " 'J 5933"-Y IGF? Ef5:?5":'e"-e"."'2517 fee' .5 'f 'ne rxf fa fl "V "5 Cv '5CC'3- T"i '25 E ' C-'CGC 'FS Vff CCTS, f':'5f'e5 'f 'he 'ff 5'5 ZZC. The C'.Zff5':-l 'Bla ezz 59 '5 9- ofefffhefrec 'fe "gf f f5'e': F'C"3': for of -2:21 f f- The fri", " 'rec 5-' 'he EECE2' ff"n 'J ceo' fc- fcff. Votes of ft -C'E'E7"J C517 'W5 Q. c '57 ore' L50-e 5, 3 s:5'e 5' 7:9 3 '5 2313. The l3O's Zee 5-5 Vfey M5 ze' sez' "mee " 'fe 662 'EO ofa '2C'3 'Va'-eo -':eo'e'. Tfe 'ECE "5fce5 'he lf- lfi-f'J. CCEL iff? 5": :'5' sf 49'E" 'e55e:"fe ':'5"5 7' '5 24 75' 'ne '2f'3 ez s,'r15""5"55'lC" -Lg ,C,,,., ,.-. , ,.,,,,6,-. -,6 D,-.H-,6,,:-5 L-'-.L ' .-of -ff,-Lf. -+6 44-6, 4' -- 27 -C.,,:1-lf, Q-, ,loo -- .. J - -1 J-fu-J .- .JJ . . Row 'I Cleft to righrl: Jones, Rhodes, Maclr Torres, Kennedy, Boehm, Takeshifa, Vi+alis, Cooney, Fulcishima, Grimm, Numan, Wilson, , Sheppard, Earle, Moore, Randle, Bunron, Wil+on, Parro++, Monfgomery, Fields, Thomas, Carr, Lee. Row 2: Counh, Bobrow, Cooper, Miller, Feldman, Hornsby, Wiley, Short Wong, Fishbein, A+l:ins, Cas+le, Gidal. Row 3: Mclffilliams, Thompson, Wong, Lifvin, Silversfein, Hall, Fllewellen, Mafsuno, Mizis, Cooper, Mo, Hildebrand, Dzuraczcwicz, Hamilfon, Johnson, Zim- merman, S+enson, Cumagun, Ausfin, Temple. 6 -ff 5 ,Q 6 My if 'Q Q i f 4 my fi iyfx 'U' 'rl - vt lc fl ' -3 , T Wa r- Y oi - . I QA J! ,KN wav.. 135 5:6 f 'X 1 xg Y 5- I , 4 V - Ay 2 , M - 6 657.06661 - f I I gb - -t is ki 51 1 i ,4 V y SAA A - 1 1 -ll 4,5561 6 ,s'5,-..: 1, , IV ? 6 7 I 7 ,r , ,L - V f 5 6- -ef "nf f if - ' 'wx' r: 6- L Yllx Y , H ' , . ---. 4 I ,Leif , K D tr .N .W I Q. M .L ,e,i,4' , eyggwpfg J, 6 rf ' I I E 6 , I 6.16- ,Ile f - - ' , we ,- sb ' ' , Les.-L knflige 5 , 'Y'- , Xi .1 , ,fs5v5x:1W'+:: Y, ffm. f--1:2 , y. , ,,',...-" V 1 I R Y 15.25. Q f, I ,Rpm Q22 E ,X Nm , x fm ff W X v W X Q, fat? X f f SX 4 f f 3' N W X f Mfmbswfqdyy "1 ' ' f RON ANDERSON JIM ALLEN ROLAND CARR Tennis, alThough one oT The minor spring sporTs, is very imporTanT aT Was'hingTon. The Tennis Team works under The supervision oT Mr. Reade and plays aT Gol- den GaTe Tennis CourTs. This year we have an excep- Tionally sTrong Team, The besT WashingTon has ever had. There are 26 men ouT Tor The Team, an even beTTer TurnouT Than Lowell, Tor iT has long been The cusTom Tor anyone who wanTs To play Tennis To go To Lowell: now iT looks as Though The sTaTus quo has been upseT. AlThough iT was necessary To go To press beTore The end oT The season, The resulTs are preTTy well predicTed. AT The Time oT This wriTing The Eagles had won Their TirsT Tour maTches wiTh only one remaining againsT Balboa, a weak Team, beTore They were To play Lowell. The VIC TAKESHITA LLOYD HILDEBRAND Gutstanding Trackmen Press Time allowed us To bring you only The Tinal resulTs oT The All-CiTy Track MeeT. The VarsiTy ended up lower Than whaT was expecTed as They came in Third behind Poly and S. l. The Lighr- weighTs Took The CiTy Championships Tor The sevenTh sTraighT year. 4 GAYNELL McPHERSON OZZIE McGEE TCHHIS Season Eagles had a beTTer Than even chance To prevail againsT Lowell. The Team is marked by one ouTsTanding personaliTy, George PoniTkoTT, who has The makings oT a greaT Tennis player. George is number one in The ciTy and will prob- ably conTinue To improve aTTer leaving high school. LighT, TasT and Toxy on The courTs, he makes iT a pleas- ure Tor anyone To wa+ch him. 7 WashingTon Poly O WashingTon 7 Galileo O WashingTon 5 Lincoln 2 WashingTon 7 ST. IgnaTius O WashingTon 7 Balboa WashingTon O 47? Lowell 37? Row 'I lleff fo righflz Johannes Van Hoff, Wills-TT Ware, Roger Fung, Al Gee, John Harrison, Ted Geredes, Phil Chang, Yee, Alain Traig, Don Brill, John Segall. Row 2: Dick Bowen, Tom Fousekis, George PoniTkoff, Fred GoTTschalk, Ed Hue, Jack Klefzman, Ron Wenzler, Gene Harmon, Joe Zucchi, Mike Rosenbaum, PeTe Buck, GaryTh Jones, Coach Reade. FUR , Mike ', jf? fe 24 ,Zi ',, Row 'I llefrf io rightl: Ken MOH, Jim Sochor, .lerry Marlin, Bob Leeper, Bob Slavin, Daryl Hadley, Fernando Monlralvo, Larry Lynch, Tak Okazaki. Row 2: Bob Herberir, Richard Raven, Sieve Erickson, Nick Scharf, Hank Pelersen, AI Bousquelr, .lohn Lan- zavecchia, Don Morosi, Paul Merlens, Coach Madfes. Baseball The Sprirg '55 varsmy' baseball ream go? ol? ro a good srarm by aowfng Lowell lor 'he second srraighr year. The game was a hard roughv canress wirh rhe Lowell lnafars givirg rhe Eagles a good scare in rhe lasr inning when rhey s-arrea a rally orly ra be our our leaving rhe bases foaaea. The second game ro be olayea was wfvh Sacrea l-learr. The ream was really counrng on lioclfrg 4 . . 1 . 1 rhe league leaders bu? rhey arsappo rrea 'ff rh a 'ass. li was a close game all rhe way ursil rhe 575-li 'rrfro when Sacred l-lead scored Irs orly 'ua earred rurs an . . , , . , 5. a rrzpe by 're S. l-l. cerrer e-aer. The Eagles wenr Zora me rrfra garre 35 're I-X.A.A. league ae+erminea ra overpower she Uncaln Mgsrargs and rhass iusr whar rhey aid. Tlre Eagles hoo a :ve run ' ' 4' 4' I L I f'f: . L, ,. l-'W lf- -4 l inf-rw Qeaa unnl me :asa urn 41.6. 1..cor srarrea a ra- g rally, which They ra lied sever runs. The Eagles -hen laugh? back harder ihan ever ana scored Four more runs which proved ro be rao much lor The Lfnls. The lourmh game was wirh a srrong Balboa ream which held The Eagles scoreless. Daryl l-laaley pilched one ol' his beslr games allowing only rhree hirs bu? wallc- ing six men. The ream made four very cosrly errors which Balboa rock advanrage ol ro score rheir runs. The Eagles, who had been previously playing pracrically errorless ball, had lheir bad day. lr -he 57?-h game The Eag es were again hea score- less rhfs rirne by rhe Golyea L'or's. The game was a lasr 7rn7ng ahriler 'n whfch Galileo scarea nhefr runs. Rich Rover pirched a no-himer iar s'x 7rrfrgs of she sevenrh proved laral when rhe Eagles gb 7r hor warer wirh a coqole ci errors, wals ard 21?-s. The rex? game or che scheauie was wi'rt Si lgrarfus. This was one ol 'lre oesa games or rhe season in which 'he Eagles aimasr uoser che high Wiidcars. The ream +oo? aavarrage or ar S. l. error wrh rwo our in fire :rss inrfrg ro scare a wr whch was +l-S legd Up+EI 'he lourrh rrirg. lr 'he dough, rne Wpacars scared 'hefr arly mrs on an erro 'wo walrs ard a couple oi sfngles. The Eagles TCLQE7 bac? wfrh ar:-lner run bar f. . .1 . -fs' -1- ng- -'Q 1,-n - L, EC ., oo F., y .i F- Waslfnarof Waslrirgran l A -. nf.-A-- us.. ODI. Lawelf 2 Sacred l-learr 5 Waslrffgro' 9 Lircalri 7 Wasrirgror S Baboa 5 Washfrgror G Gailea 4 Wasl-Tngror 2 Sr. lgnarius 3' Washfrgror 2 Poly 4 Wash7rg'ar 8 Mission ll? ak x uk sz ' Due ro press mime on The yearbook copy, we were nal able lo bring you rhe highlighls ol rhe remaining games. .ev ww., ,ive D ' . -T 1 2, si if: s .5 1' T Wm 1 X, T by , is . T T y N 4 ' f, 7 T '12, vi , N .f,' 5 . ' ' , is 2 . s ' A , f 2 A gs, -,gawk ,, .,.,. '- Q " A A-Mu" VARSITY-Row 'I lleft fo righll: Bronson, Lim, Joy, Williams, Gledhill, Carnahan, MaraTsos, Lombardi, Connell, LommaTzsch. Row 2: Giannini, Janow, Gross, Gurich, BraTT, Polloclc, Ecller, McGraTh, Eagle, Duke, ReinherTz, Murphy, Coach Odone. Swimming This year, The Eagle Swimming Team held up To iTs posT years' record. The Team did well in Their pracTice meeTs ouT-oT-Town. The varsiTy won IO ouT oT lo, The l3O's l3 ouT oT lb, and The l2O's won 7 and losT 9. The meeTs ThaT The Eagles losT were close, even Though The Team wasn'T aT Tull sTrengTh aT any oT Them. The Eagles opened The regular season aT Fleisch- haclcer's meeTing a wealc Mission Team. The Bears won only one TirsT place. The Eagles splashed To a vicTory, 62 To 9 in The varsiTy, 52 To 3 in The l3O's and 52 To l in The l2O's. The nexT meeT againsT Lincoln was a diTTerenT sTory. Lincoln had The sTrongesT Team in The ciTy. lT was a hard meeT and The Eagles losT The varsiTy 23 To 52. We came back sTrong in The l3O's and l2O's, winning 44 To l2 and 45 To l2, respecTively. The Third league meeT was againsT 5. l. The Eagles swam hard and edged The CaTs 40 To 35. The l3O's and l2O's came Through again winning 47 To 9 and 45 To l2, respecTively. The nexT meeT againsT Balboa was The lasT meeT beTore The Surveyor wenT To press. The Eagles won easily in all divisions. The varsiTy won 62 To l2, The l3O's 52 To 2 and The l2O's 50 To 4. Mr. Qdone, The Eagle swimming coach, had hopes Tor The l3O's and l2O's winning Their TiTles, as They have proved To be The besT Trom The beginning oT The season. The l3O's Tour-man lOO-yd. TreesTyle relay Team lLim- neos, Lupo, Fong, SmiThl, came close To The NorThern CallTornia record. The Surveyor wenT To press be-Tore all oT The league rneeTs were over, buT The varsiTy should Talce second or Third in The All-CiTy meeT. l20'S and 'I30'S TEAMS-Row l lleff to righll: Kuhlilz, Schliclding, Schwarz, Doarner, Grafelman, Diehl, Kobayashi, Limneos, Babb, WiTzel, Lupo, King, Carlsen, Mersereau. Row 2: Chan, Fong, Ng, Fong, Leong, Websiler, Lock, Jorgenson, Borlran, Burns, Thorne, Melander, Jacobson, Dobel, McNeil, Smifh, Lim, Wolff, Carlson, Singer, Henrich, Sievens, HanreHy, Giannini. ' L W f' 4 - . rss . f -4 4 . p .ii , M fs.. r i 4 X 4 Y Q :M 5, 4 guy? +2 . T ' s 4 TTT , ' f . .4 sf .4 A . S Q Y ' ' Q , QT' . Sv, jfow '- is fs' fff J X ' K , i-sl i ' ' 12. ' T , L ... i i .T T , ss 1 A. A A on il Z T" Ls., as T V T T--i- P H, TLA' may N ,, U, ss , ,, A V x y , H, . ..,. . .......,... , A k ff! WX I PLATE COMIN' UP ,f ff X , 5 ,,, l uv 1 f ff j Z 1 , 4 4-V Z 52 'J-ffm' K W! ff f If If ,, , j "V,:2 1 'Ufff' "'-"W 4 41- , QW' z J .-. f' yi , A ' .1 y 'W J ' J" KAW ,W W yn - V - ,I Q., LA I W T 1 E W HIGH AND OU S D V Q HURDLERS CHOICE if .. ,M i pf' A155453 QW .MY . Af f. 4, ...Q 2:5 '1f-J w .N ., UP AND OVER fr. ff l. , . f -f ,4 I , 1 4 fiflizff 'ff ' 2, 235' ,' af, , ,MM I, 1 , , IWW V I 1, Vi- JMA A 3 . A I I 'SN X .x.. ii 5 if f ,......... ,N-.m,,,,, ,v 'W lv ,aio K 3 Row 1 llefl' to rightl: Smokey Babb, Bob Schellenberg, Fred Gonzales, Dave Smilh, Lionel Hornsby, Ted Geredes, Dick Bowen, Guy Van Doren, Jules Roulborl, Berl WiH'e, Jack Klelzman, Merrill Goerlz, Ray Owens, Clay Williams, Roland Carr, Jerry Mann, Ron Anderson. Row 2: Chris Wilzel, George Ponillcorf, Viclor Talxeshila, Phil Shiola, Dave Peizer, Roger Janow, Joel Lilvin, Tom Varley, Carl Milchell, Roy Telcawo, LeRoy Williams, Sal D'Angelo. Row 3: Lauren Parroll, Don Ball, Bob Quayle, Jan Yagi, Harvey Merriouns, John Panagalxis, Myron Zimmerman, Dave Feldman, Lloyd Hildebrand, Richard Balmer, Ron Limneos, Bill Wolilarslcy, Jim Sochor, Richard Robinson. s, Letterman SOC1Cfy sa ,1.' 'N W ln order lo be eligible lor lhe Lellermen Sociely a O boy musl have gained a cerlain number ol poinls in Q qrn lraclc, swimming, or Cross Counlry, or musl have played , Q A f' hall lhe lime in loolboll, baslcelloall, and soccer. The -2- I! Lellermen supporl many school aclivifies and are in BERT Wing charge ol selling liclpels lo lhe games. RQI-AND CARR Fall '54 Spring '55 Row 1 lright to Ieffl: Marcell Burk, Sfephen Cooper, Viclor Talxeshila, Bob Slavin, Jules Roulborl, Serge Burenin, Fred Williams, Jerry Mann, Richard Allrins, Berl' Wille, Jan Carnahan, Jan Yagi. Row 2: Jonalhon Edwarck, Edward Egerl, Elder: Davis, Chris Wilzel, Dove Peizer, Jaclr Klelzman, Roger Janow, Ray Owens, Jerry MacMahon, Jim Sochor, Rich Robinson, Paul Pelrenlxo. Row 3: Harvey Merriouns, Bryan Saasla, Sieve Sulo, Jim Shelbourne, Sleve Ericlxson, Paul Merlens, Ford Joy, Lloyd Hildebrand, Bill Wolilarslry, Bruce Gledhill, Ron Anderson, Roland Carr, Merrill Goerlz. . , X N . 'TZ ask ig 3. 4g,,f'5 ,, , wlw U 0'5eHmef,C'ff3'f5q lv -In fi:- Row 'I lleft fo rightl: Leona Abbey, Nannel-le Fuiimofo, Anila Wong, Belly Miyama, Ginger Lee, Dorofhy Miller, Porlia Goldkind, Carol Heicksen, Louise von Emsler, Rulh Franken, Jo Lewis, Carol Sleinhalel, Arlrena Auslin, Queen l-lall, Joan Coleman, Juanda Rodgers. Row 2: Linda Lee, June Choy, Kiyoko Takeda, Nancy Moriguchi, Carol Thompson, Nancy Ozaki, Marie Malhios, Slephanie Koppe, Jeanne De Polievoy, Bobby Mueller, Marilyn Abend, AnneHe Lindenberg, Lynne De Roy, Sue Franklin, Joan Coulure. Row 3: Pal' Kleinsorg, Bobbie Vail, Mary Goldslein, Geri Greenberg, Carolina Lewis, Harriel Nalrhari, Jeanne Graham, Carol Ann Simpson, Janice Lee, Barbara Breger, Rosalie Eisen, Barbara Cassell, Juanira Medlock, Kalhy Koeneman. GIIJS BJUCJQ- V l JQCICL V 1: A , " '. . f '..i' : 1 prism 2 a""'A ,WV , lie requ iennenf, OT rnerroeesn p ,n me Jr., ulocf W SOCiEE"',! ircluoe Ocrive Dorricipafion in lour lermz ' CI G,fN.fw.' achievefner? Ol all awards. Ora sorisfacfory ' V ' f' c"'zenslnAp. T , V f . . , , , ine 52: eo-fi 'urcmarz iwcive me sporsorirg Ol Oi Jo Lewis icy-rrign-E EWEQ on we LBCTETFJGBS gms-ff OFC CAROL THOMPSON pC,ir'54 -znef 'Q 3- moz' iJ.flfX, oc' vqres. gprgng-55 Row 'l lrighf to Ieffl: Goldkind, Levin, l-lirschberg, Sreinhalel, Leong, Kleinsorg, Lindenberg, Malhios, McDowell, Woon, Kwong, Onuma, Szruf, Breger, Gee, Fujimolo, Abbey, Koppe, Lui, Mar. Row 2: Abend, Mencoff, Silfon, Keller, Moriguchi, Behring, von Ems+er, De Roy, Franklin, Goldsberry, Oliver, Weinlraub, lkenoue, Beverly, Held, Kiraly, Lee, Miyama, Shelbourne. Row 3: Bikakis, Cilron, Jacobson, Lamber'r, Greenberg, Lee, Auslin, Franken, Bray, Lee, Choy, Gin, Jeung, Mar, Greenberg, Heicksen, Fong, Fong, Caslillo, Young, Simpson, Takeda. Row 4: Penoli, Bach, Fukami, Buley, lkeda, Thoma, Vail, Finocchio, Salli, de Pol- ievoy, While, Eisen, Nalhan, Mueller, Weaver, Lewis, Gee, Lewis, Wong, Sahagian, Or, Thompson, Ozaki. fi 2 l W NYC. x xr, 'T TVN FE ,sv if ,As gcsiep A' 'N squash-w , . .,,, , . 44' ., Row 1 lleft to rightl: Barbara Seidman, NanneTTe FuiimoTo, Rae Hilcido, Tanalco l-lagiwara, .lo Lewis, Nancy Ozalri. Row 2: Malxilro Fulcuda, Leona Abbey, Carolyn Keller, Linda Lee, Margie llcenoue, Joan CouTure, Laura Campbell. The Girls, Athletic Association The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion had a very successTul year led by PresidenTs Jo Lewis lTalll and Carol Thomp- son lspringl. Mrs. BrillharT was The sponsor. The mem- bership Tor The l954 Tall semesTer was nearly 600 and The sign up Tor spring was over 700, The largesT in WashingTon's GAA hisTory. The GAA is one oT WashingTon's largesT organiza- Tions and iT is sTill increasing. This spring anoTher secTion oT Tennis had To be added To accommodaTe The de- mand. There were ll sporT secTions This Term: bowling, volleyball, Tennis, swimming, badminTon, baslceTball, and ice skaTing. Awards are given on a basis aT aTTendance and parTicipaTion. They are given To girls wiT'h no more Than Three absences aT The compleTion oT The Term oT GAA. The TirsT award ThaT may be won is a numeral' The second is a chevron: Then a circle is awardecit The ToUrTh award is The Block which enTiTles The holder To membership in The Bloclc socieTy3 a sTar is The TiTTh awardy and aTTer six Terms OT GAA membef- ship The girl is awarded a beauTiTul gold Successhil playdays wiTh nearly all oTher San Fran- cisco high schools and even The UniversiTy aT CaliTornia, rallies, and a Teeling aT "parTicipaTing" all have come abouT Through The eTTorTs oT hard worling oTTicers ana acTive members. CompeTiTion is always high and in ani, spor'L', There will always be sophomores, iuniors, and seniors playing TogeTher, The GAA is an exTrernelv successTul organizaTion which provides Tun and eniox- menT Tor all girls who are inTeresTed in sporTs. Row I lleft To righrl: Gail Wiclcsirom, Carolyn Smiih, Carol Thompson, lrene Woo, Malrilxo Fulrucla. Row 2: Rae Hikido, Bar- bara Seiclman, Carolina Lewis. v L V 4X ' X X.. Qs sv? . A, 'N IANA T i sfiksifsis T 5 rs Q v . ' . tifli 5: glrtwa lc Ti 'MT 141 UV fggfi " if 7 A A E Row T fright to leftl: Mohorovich, Moses Monderer, Campbell, Glew, DeRosans, Stringer Goodman, Lorenzen, Sawyer, Woo, Coleman Hoogasian, Devincenzi, Lipney, Speizer, Kar mine, Franken, llocdlman, Benthen, Honig Jackson, Rounds. Row 2: Hollander, Mor- rison, Mohr, Lowe, Chu, Pera, Wilonsky Tobelman, Lee, Ching, Leong, Colclough Shelbourne, 0'Heill, Warner, Francisco, Mc Murray, Willmot, Granum, Thom, Greendorfer, Tom, Smith, Anderson. Row 3: Dryden Burtman, Buttman, Kistler, Lynch, Crawford On, Lock, Yee, Jones, Edwards, Trabucco, Leibovitch, Chan, Koshland, Forno, Mathias Wheeler, Loustau, Matheson, Elrusa, Ikeda Ycshihara, Sample, Pinknet, Swift, William: Engelbrichl, Lathls, Row 8: Chun, Elliott Lambert, Jacobson, Ruten, Greenberg, Mat Juda, Okubo, Kobuchi, Fulimoto, Ando, Fu,i moto, Morishita, Jue, W lscn, Werfer, Fearing Ortega, Wiclcstrcm, Marcos, Keenan. Row 9 Lucien, Garrett, Hoosier, Garrett, Hexter Brungard, Miller, McLean, Potter, Thompson Klingaman, Sudlow, Manning, Yamogishi, Jue Olivares, Enfield, Caufield, Riedel, Kemp Row TO: Arkos, Brownlee, Rarnsy, Jones Huberman, Grassfeld, Boson, Zimmer, Hodge, Jaquysh, Whitehead, Mortensen, Sachs, Lee Lee, Rebizza, Reutlinger, Griffiths, Levin. Mainaz, Holleran, Cerri, Pafhoian, Chulkoff, Maion, Simpson. Row 4: McLaren, Bilrakis, Lee, Wong, Fong, Louie, Weintraub, Juillard, Osberne, Leonard, Loustalot, Crisci, Austin Miles, Lui, Mar, Kwong, Or, Woon, Woo, Tom, Fcng, Castillo. Row 5: Christofferser, Fong, Mcfiaughy, Finnegan, Haito, Leong, Lim, Bus- bee, Herron, Terry, McClintock, Marsh, Gaines McClenon, Roberts, Ouinn, Zieger, Lee, Held, Boone, Raw 6: Gilmore, Leon, Aubrey, Harms, Tomlinson, Bloom, Kipnis, Meyer, Logasa, Snow, Blumberg, Or, Gin, Jeung, Mar, Carr, Sample, Breger, Parks, Fiksdahl Sencial, Row 7: Krytzer, Moriguchi, Mann, Gerbe: Thrall, Check, Fratini, Cooper, Sixtu: T 954 - GAA Members -755 Row 'l fright to leftl: Pastel, Berk, Chan Wong, Wong, Thomsen, Spinner, Morgan, Man turoff, Corras, Hartley, deLeon, DeGabain Gross, Voits, Ehrhorn, Mathias, McDowell Franklin, De Roy, Koppe, Lewis. Row 2 Seidman, King, Plansky, Ofenheim, Schwartz Fong, Gee, Borkengagen, Kamkiiz, Slinkey Mclelland, Buley, Wong, Trotter, Pfeiffer, Andrews, Tong, Marcavitch, Oppenheimer, Levy, Wiskotchill, Sahagian. Row 3 Schmid, Rusfeldt, Wickman, Chew, Kramer Sterling, Brierley, McGreu, Wabraushek, Rey nolds, Dito, Finocchio, Premack, Bowman Wiclrstrom, Malinovsky, Bourdieu, Owen, Pi coni, Adair. Row 4: Hartman, Kogan Shlnn, Szrut, Hirschberg, Anderson, Vos: Lindenberg, Mencoff, Siltcn, Gardner, Satti Trost, Tigger, Chervin, Sternhafel, Ikeda Scheidlinger, Porter. Row 5: Mann, Cosker, Friedrich, Schwartz, Slernberger, Penoli, Each Croom, Alphin, Flint, Dong, Lew, Dea, Yee, Wong, Wong, Ginsberg, Eisenberg, Haine: Garnot, White, Pollock. Row 6: Eng, Bingo Teranishi, Young, Wong, Matsuoka, Abbey Fuiimoto, Bunger, Levy, Setzer, Slater, Price Takeda, West, Castelli, Abers, Lee, Chinn Hg, llishimura, Dinits, Hamel. Row 7: Lee Bosch, Horeis, Prewett, Wright, Calahan Molinari, Clark, Jennings, Doolin, Anderson Bossert, Shiffert, Farrell, Lee, Hall, Wong Pun, Lowe, Yee, Hee, Wyner, Keelen, Hoo gasian. Row 8: Rudser, Gotsos,Za1zi, Baley Eberitsch, Jones, Gandert, Sprague, Kaugan Guasco, Roth. I QS 6: rr ,, W vm . ,Ili 5" 521 22 , if 1 'FQ' 3 L ' L- ..- Z -Q . N .A W aw N , Q! K 3 . f S X K ' 2 is V X X 2 W W, M H W W fi-gg f , ,V ,Q .x 'ff A E .M 5, I QCA, . A 4 M' ,- 4 Y A ' If dv L I r I Nu "PWM .Q v PM , -V . ly! ' A an sw Q, ' ' I 3 4. .Q I I .' ' f - " 'Q 1 A , f , FC SCH00l HCTIUITIES , v , ' X Q' iTaTT Talaing a Breafher TTS , f W lla 5 qv- E 1 r fl-1, -fy fi-ig! Irina rfzifi me mils Trrszsrrgizea we Looks Lilce Folding Papers ls Fun QuieT Please. Genius Burns! The Eagle Eall ediTor, Danise Blue, and Spring ediTor, Bob GranT, along wiTh The sTudenT "news- hawlcsu and The wonderTul direcTion aT Mr. Wire, Tried Their hardesT To bring To you 4 , , fig fymae, lfvrig x I If . DANISE BLUE f Foil Editor every Two weels a school newspaper ThaT you would enjoy. The EAGLE is managed al- mosT The same way as a ciTy newspaper, excepT ThaT iT doesn'I Ngo To press" aT WashingTon. Worlc on each issue acTu- ally sTarTs long beTore The paper "comes ouT." EirsT The page ediTors geT Their ideas assembled, The page layouTs are made, and Then The ac- Tual Tun land worlrl begins. PicTurec are Taken Tor some oT The pages, arTicles and TeaT- ure siories are assigned and Then The EAGLE begins To sos GRANT - ,g spring Ediior 'Ts .W-Hx sv , 4 . 'T 5 W' X N A xii s Tale shape. This year an add- ed TeaTure was inTroduced in The way oT The Sophomore. Junior, and Senior columns. TT seems, Though, ThaT Room 228 is always Tilled wiTh Tun and exciTemenT, buT The hard worl and planning which The sTaTT needs To puT inTo each issue oT The paper always manages To geT done. This year's very successTul subscripTion drive and The combined eTTorTs oT The Two Journalism classes made if possible To bring To you a new-'paper ThaT we hoped vouid enjoy reading. The Surveycnr WP75e scffe- 25 'He 73w":Y- 511 swde-"5 cfe C,sf5y war?- Q C' 4+6ECgCCgV'9WgQC1Q-'5f'A me re? ofe L""LC?-'C TFe'f , , , 'E'G3f 7CQ6'T'E" 'Z QFCZJC-3 U , , re,-f Ord XWQ',f"jS-"Af, Sgfg-X,fgf DEE . Q I , f ' NOODLMAN ,' I A EdHor WHL N -y . fm A -, - Q e ye-,roof oc V -M gf,'-- mf ' J 51" Q 1 Cf-, 1 efxy ,Q FQ CN 59"'9E'e' br 'Fe crrgg' ::e:"' rf3?e "3 cocecfrce - ,. e.F, " ' ' C'U PSHE WC" . f . . nf-H-f. A O, -- ,- W ,-.- ,,-W ,- .,, 'J U ,. J, . 3 .1 ,- , , ,. f- f-Lf.:-f - ,- f P- , ,-.,. ,f 'E ENCCJ' C f-ANN, xfi, nn- 4- ,Vg , J- 1. , .af-4:J, F 3,1 ec ,: 3' efew' mcse. Y ,. X . fe f 2' ze' :fs 5135" CC-lj! Cf- rar: f-3:5 C- f-gr-C 2 ,za cfs C cfcuf zo-:fs fcfe 'fe f scxfez -cfev :Hyun ,.,,-g,:, an -- Q , . 5 . , - Q -0 ,- A ,D ff ,fn Pu, N- -A uf, ra N-- ,,. .,ff e : Y - N 1 1 , , - - . Spf seg fi 5 ofe :rose-. A . , . czfer ,s zezgfed' :eme- -l ', . f, L ' Fw g new cw msec ,Q se copecwg +5 QV, Mary Hours g J . - ,. go-f,, rm' we gc f 5 "TOf mg 'ff-wfgw' p:wf'ff"L-ff' wr-uv! ,,- ,VJ my, J ,Ju fn w w L I UE' DVOLCJ .Z CH' CVO VEXS' f 1 C"C6T. Thf VQCVIS S,we-fi' wie :f'o'fc'ed by EdFof Dee Nczdlmor Cfvj rfode Q92- . , X I wk 1 I A jQN5 QQ! 'Fe P'3'O lffff C! 'U E . . ,. f 1 J L Lf 'i'J"Off- T'-CVUET OFC he E U' , , , Mefwsers WPC recmf waved Uffcffcly Fcfd, WFH 'ge , FDC? TPTOL F wff be enjoyed ,. , v , y x Cf "5 E"'4"E EWCJGUT Oflflj. x hm: 15'-fm cz Glue Polr, Somebo y. ry ' K ' vf' L, x r ' V A x V . -f i-T hi nn in-I ij H 'r -SW, ,?w+,,,,,,,. .J Ffa? V V xl - if ' gf, 1,21 . f. L , ,Q 5 X I 94, "iw RUH1 Gnd Her S rfs Harem ,QL r A wr' "wif 'Phe Y !sfheWoyl+is . '55 ECWQV and Mys+er?cg1s.4m+Es+ Scenes from lhe Fall Term Play, "The l.cxl'e Chrislopher Bean" Mrs. Dickson ond her cosl, lleff +0 righll. Row l- Jeonne Grohom, Mary Anderson, Mrs. Dickson, Kim Voss, Slephonie Koppe. Row 2-Bob Ehlord, Keilh Fowler, Bob Berloloni, Sleve Dedino, Bob Pholen M-ww: we 'cf ' A gf ln lhe Foll lerm ol l954, lhe Mosquers piesenfed o ccmecly b, S'O'E, l-'ff-ZVCJ enlilled "The Lole Chrislopher Been." This ploy cleols wirh lhe Dfih e": Z5 3 fmcl lown lomily which suddenly ditcovers lhcl o gieol orl colleclicln is in lher Cjsfe ". Oul of lhe kindness ol his heorl, Dr. l-loqgell hod lolfen in o ML-efi. cf fic' Chrislopher Beon, ond cored lor him unlil his deolh. Chris lell nofhing E! oeble on: seyerol poinlinqs. Some lime loler, lhe poinllnqs become voluoble ond 'he fowl, greedily begins 'lo seorch lor lhern. The convosei. had been used For cfzcses s,:h os roofing The chicken house ond plugging leols in the ol+ic. Fcr z:"'e rezsz' 'he poinlings connol be found, so Dr. l-loggell cenlefs his orrenhcn ,o:' Alzb., 'he household mold, who possesses o porlroil ol herself poinled by Chris be-:ouse she wos kind lo him. l-loggell lries eyerylhing lo gel lhe porlroir from yheeding to oullighl lhreoleninq by lelling her lhol eye-rylhiriq in lhe house be ongs lo him. Abbl. lhouqh, refuses lo give il up, ond Mrs. l-loggell reyeols lhol she hod b."ed lhe olher conyoses becouse "They were clullering up lhe place." When o" seems is' Abby odmils lhol she hod Token lhe poinlinqs ell lhe benliie .ghd leps 'hem bf she shocks lhem by oddinq lhol she had morried Chin. Been, ond llWElEif'G 'he cdinfings legally belond lo her. r s s 3 smmwm - 3 S S LJ S rin Term Pla ,. . C o -ui 1 ,,,s,,4 ' L V1 A s S+uden+ di'ec1:': and scenes from H-ie . i Sprzng Term Pray 'A Kiss for Cindereiaf' CAST Rowi ilef? 'ro rignii: Isabel Snaskin, Carol Hcgopian Doro+iny Gasser Virginia Jones, Nancy Leonard, Edi+H Finnegan. Row 2: Marcia Beckman, Morley Novesinen, Keiiln Fowler, Penny Prircnard, Jeanne Granam, Suzeiie Jennings. Row 3: Jane Goldsbefry, Eddie Panda, Bob Plnaien Joan Harrison Gary Wagner, EH7c+ Wasnauer, Louise Tackiand l l "" bk. - L serie 2 S er, we ,wr we . 7 Z. 1 2' rf T fp J f 5 ' -10" Row 'I lleft to righllz Lee, Gancleri, Kinley, Cl'1an,Trabucco, Aubrey, Creek, De Gabain, Menslwikoff, Berk, Ball, Block, Zimmer. Row 2: Jones, Price, Beverly, Whife, Cain, Piper, Spikes, Quinn, Shelbourne, Manfurolif, Buff, Mrs. Swanson. Row 3: Swilf, Jeung, Wickslrom, De Graff, Keil1l, Pels, TroTler, Granucci, Hagiwara, Piconi, Pariridge, Allread, Ellsworfh. Choral Groups Two well-known organizaTions here aT George Wash- ingTon Thar really deserve a loT oT crediT are The girls' choir and The advanced mixed choir, boTh oT which are under The very capable direcTion oT Mrs. MyrTle Swan- son. BoTh oT These groups puT in a greaT deal oT hard worli all during The year. Among The many ouTsTanding perTormances oT The girls' choir was singing in The ChrisTmas rally, aT The nighT program in The Tall Term sponsored by The P.T.A., The January graduaTion, several oT The spring Term rallies, The Spring ConcerT in April, and The P.l,A, Con- cerT, also in April. The mixed choir, also a very busy group, added Ti many oT our rallies and assemblies during The pasr year. Their many perTormances included singing in one oT The TooTball rallies, The ChrisTmas lableau in which Tne mem- bers sang ll beauTiTul ChrisTmas Carols, The graduoTion in January, The STaTe Music l:esTival aT San Jose, The April Spring ConcerT, The P.l.A, Spring Concerr in Apr'l, a sTudenT body rally, and The .lune graduaTion. From This long and impressive lisT, iT is obvious ThaT These Two organiazTions and Mrs. Swanson are deserving oT much crediT Tor Their conTribuTions To George Wash- inaToh. xxxmr- , rr -i P' Row I llefl to rightl: Wishard, Bowman, Bacci, Golclsberry, Smifh, BagwXeJl,rBloQm, Wong, l"lum, Chew, Winness, W'ashingTon Holland, von Emsier, Small, Davies, Reid, Weaver, Belwring, Hogapian., Flehther. Row 2: Peizer, Miller, Mineharf, Telrawa LoveTT, French, FlinT, Ikeda, Barrei, Lee, Gafsos, Erickson, Spinner, ifullrie, CarTer, Perry, Johnson,4.Green, Tigges. Row 3- i Simmons, Queiada, Bagwell, Morosi, Van Doren, Lewis, Marriouns,'yWl5liTarsky, Forsekis, Brillklfgklllund, ScoTT, Allen, Allen, XJ . Murphy, Gledlwill, Keller, Granf. x ik,RA,J,f .-..-,--Q ,V , L'T'T'l'T' "' , , TT-Q fltfi, .XXX D , fy c ,Q Ai arms mykb S fwfpf .FQ 'Z' 0: Ju., w 'I ll-eff to righfb: C'cw4ord, Mc'w?gcf'1e'y. Row 2: De Gus: Mczwel, Fiscie- Maccwdj L :eg S"'+' Le P '-::e'sor- Vfiffe Thfeben Alexander, Wise Siivfymczn Liegfw. Row 3pMc7b::w"1 Ve Ynchirsry, Mczsseereq House eS"'c:' Vfebe- Dcffs Pe+ropou os House, S+oHL Cofdeibs A':'e. Row 4: Merse Cel 'es Yue? M:-:J G-:::ef J s "'l2.s:"c G':fcePofE Coker Mn 'v'fe?:F Boc'eFe'd, Teemas. Band and Qrchestra DE .w EC w'I Ileff to righH:E'1'L"C'r!P:"6f L:1r'e'rr':r Luca: Pw'e f'f0'g Caves Fu'I"c+: Peey Zege' Cecy L Ps B ff Row 2: Befe'y, Lee Zffv-ner,Yuen,Lcgc::c1 Ha! Tesfo GGLGFY Nwceds Jwg Ha rule' f-f--Q1 -5 -. Ea eu Row 3: Mcphersor Gffcfn VfEEsV"'UV' S"I'H Ke M':He'S Smfe Vfeber Heg in Ofc- 2N-u . Ccrrccei Ycufgh and Mr, Ne CH. e in ' 4 '19 ffc"g Rui: 1+ TV' M"SG'K" I ..1- ,1 Y ,,- Q r , , f ,eg yi' W AK W, 0 .,.- , 7' .QV ',,.x,f,4J fl ,.. 5 f A :-Vx 5 f 4 ' YS' f C X49 1 Q ,, O' ' , 1 . Q 4 n Lt, L 74 K 1 'W ji JW! I Z 5 f it 4 an ng, , 0 . ' A 2: lllil P S ' Aff, f ' ' ,ff f, Nr V I ' V f .UV 4 W nf ,J , Q V f , 65 Q Q If f MX W ,f ,Av WA, 6 J! f f 4 f I dr X 9 Q -fx -V -Vi , if W f W! ,ff Q52 f gf, f f A f ff X! A M6 , X X W Z '4 ff Z 7 X W f K I X! X 2 :Fx ie Ev ,dr .J 7 5 ' X X X E 1 ,ff Z f Q f 7' 4 f 5 gf X , W O' 5 4 'S XY 1 ... L 1 V V Z W: ,, f, ww '44 , 0 -. 1 f ' ,,,, , ,Ak 5 Q LW X X , A " W , . f 1 Q ' f 1,5 ,,J af .,, W , , - 1 ,Y A we 1 M 1 f, , gy, 1 .,:fl 'QT' ,Q 'fi n X W , Nw my wav I, ff f Lv . ,ja , W 4' 5 f , ' iff! ,? W X --ff L f .1 -1 , .I,., fu ,far mi?Z?g4 -- iv ' 2- 1.- ACHESON DELMAN HOFFMAN LUTZE ROMO TESTO wr wmv f , Hnb. few' Z ww' I An- X VY L, ,, A N if if' ff C' ,W - ... 1. 3 f ,y V, 4 w p' fi K Ati, . .. - :Q v-iw -ww ,Q-... X? f -I 0 X! fx. fu 97,45 jfif 5 ' ,, Q , fe! I f ,V 4 5,4 J, x if '- -'f ' , ff, 'E X v,,- Uh fa,-4 X ds, J MWZQL , 1523! X ALLEN DURAN HOLLAND LEONG SEEBERGER - ALICFJTE ff,f,. BATTAT ERSKINE HOSMER MADROSAN SEID YEE BONALDI GARDNER JOE MAIBAUM SILVA ROTC fficcirs CHAN GROSS LEE MANN STAHL Q--av CHEW HICKS LEE ROGOWAY TAILLIFER ' ., 27' f -4. '1 -H.. ' Row'I flefifo righfiz 0120. SHp'2f H2n':+r2-2+ Tfcl G22 E":22f H2wc'd HYCIS Lufz-2, G'::S LCGJCE B229 Src' F':2's:' 557'E'mG' DYCY72 Scl'wc:'z. Row 2: Bwwfw, G?'?2sp'e Chanda' M Ve' 'ffes+ai1211?Pg Luc: T:':'2 fu P-2'2'::' S::':: N:"' Owens Yun, Decie- Londo' MTV2' Nebb Garner G'2kc CEWIESLFE. Reserve Qfficcirs Training Corps f' ' . 1- . ,- I' 2'2 ff22f 2"2' 12": 1'2"22 ' ,2:'2"22' "2 "' 2' 2' 522' 2 2i"2', ' .2'2', :2'. '22':2 '2 22" NC' '22 ' -'V' 2' "2 L-"2' 2' -,':22' --f'2 '22 .. '2f2' 2.2'2 "2'2 2' "2"'2 '22" z2"'2 :2'22 2'2 'C'1"Ef2'C 2 222 '2'2':. 12,2 "2' "2 1202.2 -22 .2' 522 2'2 "2' "2 rf F,-,f 2 'T --, --' , 5,--A ', -- ,--' -,, """"' ' ' ' ' 'l"'-1" 'L ' im" "7 2 2- -22 22 '2 il 2 2' 22' 22 2 2 2 J - -1- - -2 22 'f 2"-2 flZ,"Z-f 22. 52'222. ff21"'2'2' 22' 2 ef? fn' l',,- ,'-,, -,, , l,, -, ,.- ,.,' -, ,, - - f- - -'5 L- 5 - 1 5 CT' - 17 - '222'2 '1:22' 2' 2 2 52722 .'f'2:' '2':' ' 2' - ' ' 2 f ' ' :,.--- ,, ,. , N ,, .-1' ,',. 21-'2'2 "2 2'2 2' "2 '2 '2"' "2 Ff.2'2i 2'2 -2'2: .2. 22 - 2 X" L. .L - Q222'2":" CE'E"'Z', 1-w2: '22 52' "2 2222': f.', '. CffL"',' f2:'2" f' """' 2'2 '-' "'2' Z:-CE" 62062 2--f2'21 "'2-2'2-' "2 '2"'. 7223221553 Q25' '1222'22 "2 :2"2 " ""2' ' """' '2f 2f.' 2'2 52 '52 "2'f"2':'C 221' 2222' 221' 12,22 261' Q 2- :2'222 f-122 '2 " " "2 "," '2, "2 2"2"2:' '2:': '22' 2'2 221' 22":2', 2'2 ,2:2:' 32"2 .-12: 225' 2 2 CAIE' ""' "2 2' 22" 22" '2'2:2 2. -' f- . - ,- . A ' f - , ,,,,,,,,, ,- -,, ,,--, ,, -,, -,L ,, ,,. -L,,, ,-,, ,M ,,-,,,,L,, . -,L ,M ,LN ,,, -,L ---V 2, 22- ,,2,,, -2.,:,. ,--.----2, -2 ,,2--2 -'2 fi 52"kfi 22, 32122 ,',C1"Q '2f' ZVQ :2'- 'T 3'- '73 3' "'5TfL"' 'U 3 "T '? '733' 'Ti' :Z"'C'ff: "' "2 ',C.'f. 52"" '2'. C' "2' 22. "2 2 55" ' ' 5 35" "7 '? '33 55' if" f'f' 2ff"2' ff" -22" ,'22' "2 22' "'2 2' -'. 322 2111 "M "5 "5 3 3 ""' F' ""' ' 'M' "2'ffL2 2- ','f4f,L- 2-Lf f.-2'-V" "'22' '2 "2" Q ,,-, 2,.- --,,. ,.,, 2,,- F ',, ,.,, -- ,, ,,,,..-- ""' ' ' ' " " ff" ' ' .12 21. -'..1 2-1.4- ,,.,- --.,- -- 12' "E :'ff"2 2' wil NEC' 'Q 2A 'Z' " 75' ':'f'l'j-f 2-32 Z' .. n Q Aj ff: 'Ev ':,'.E jZfe'f-':'j'f:-- 222 122' " "2 '2'222. vet, we :-.,-, -, ' ' ' --2 --- -:W -23- :,4,. Q, : ,,,,, f,',1 ,: - 2 '31, -A q--7 J -'ff ,L 3- 3-- F 1, Row 1 H251 to rigI1if:Gcl?UgH2' JCQ2 Sfufg-EGM Fiorcff Ard !'.'f2r Ffzhe' P:CLTC'Cl E:ff2+ Mann H2s"'2r 121:22 Ye-2 I-'2'r ffinorz, PhiP'ip:,Jor1-2: Jung Sc1zn.Row 2: Ng Brady L22 G:22::' Klv Lzzczdc l.22fv RWQWQI Tye Eder H7':c"' Maron Thefz, Chow, Hirzch, Leaf? Chew. 515- K--av Compan B J . Sealed llefl la righll: Reed, Cracldoclr, Yee, Lee, Chan, Soohoclolslxy, Escalle, Hoffman, Tesla, Slahl, Freeman, Leong, Lee Douglas, O'Connor, Slone. Standing: Perry, Treoclgold, Panasenlco,Zall1in, Hagedorn, Lee, Guinlini, Goldslrom, Regos, Colon Lum, Hill, Wong. Company C 553 EM PY!! Row I llefl to righll: Shiply, Buckner, Taylor, Chang, Garcia, Peizer, Silberman, Lee, Len, Bennell, Allen, Valienle, Seeberger, Johnson, Anclrews, Koloboll, Pun, Dunn, While, Buclile. Row 2: Lew, Chow, Angus, Wong, Passol, Jones, Quan, Vinlon, Levene Wong, Pills, Fong, Holden, Lee, Chin, Fong, Scheuplein, Fesl. Compan D ll y 15,5 QW, ' if ep S5- Row 1 llefl lo righll: Marquardl, Milchell, Chincholle, Gee, Gregory, Koonlz, Rfchard. Row 2: Nisbell, Hiclxs, Woods, Schmicll Slrong, Levfn, Ache-son, Lee, Gardner, Chung, Chew, Mills, Huebner, Yoshiolra, Harvey, Joe, Allina, Chan, Aced. Row 3: Arconil Perf-nell, Olson, Daskclakis, Lucien, Johnson, Jewell, McDonough, Brady, Chang, Frisella, Lowe, Leong, Klimenlro, Trauner, Mqqlgi , W 7.1 1 ,-ffm X 'MW ffwwa ff K" ' X A W "- 0 , , vfyff L' fr-ff A i I xi, I ,A,, ili, 5 wwfm E M-Q .M f ,0,,, 4 1 , 'V V Agwf, 3 -, , l 4 4 K 1 0' 5 4 E E h f 1 ff nl I 5 Z ai E Activities and Qrganizations AT George WoshingTon The ocTi'viTies ond orgonizo- Tions ore one oT The mosT imporTonT TeoTures oT The sTudenT body progrom. WiThouT o doubT iT is The sTu- denTs' ocTive porTicipoTion in These ocTiviTies which con- TribuTes To The school's excellenT repuToTion ond Thigh Teeling oT school spiriT. Some oT The school's hord-working orgonizoTions include The ScorleT ond Groy whose herd worlc wos reworded wiTh o picnic ond ouTing, The GAA. which hos become so populor wiTh WoshingTon girls ThoT onoTher secTion had To be opened Tor The Spring Term, The Rolly CommiTTee which hos gone Moll-ouT" To puT on The TrodiTionolly greoT follies, The Generol Donce CommiTTee which reolly ouTdid Themselves wiTh Their successTul ond well-oTTended donces, ond oT course The S.S.P.C. which is responsible Tor The donce decoroTions, holl posTers ond sToige scenery. Then, Too, no reporT on school ocTiviTies would be compleTe wiThouT menTioning The hord working brood- T ffs -,, Q . cosTing sToTl which sees To iT ThoT every sTudenT geTs in on school news ond evenTs, The gome TiclceT ond dence bid sellers who energeTicolly see ThoT school evenTs ore olwoys well-oTTended, ond The dromo closs which somehow rnonoges every Term To puT on o Term ploy ThoT is bigger ond beTTer Thorn The lost. Also going sTrong ore The vorious oTTer-school clubs: The IDG which oTTended on UniTed NoTions comference c1T The UniversiTy oT ColiTornio compus This spring, The CSF. whose high ideols lceep up The schools high scholosTic sTonding, The Science Club-mony oT whose members porTicipoTe in The Boy Arecfs Annuol Science Foir, ond The Jr. Red Cross whose service proiecTs ore on onnuol success. WiThouT cz doubT iT is These ocTiviTies ond orgcznizo- Tions ond The sTudenT's inTeresTed porTicipoTion in Them! whch keeps This school oT The Top in spiriT, evenTs, ono occomplishmenTs. Coordinating Board Spring Row 1 lrighf lo leffl: Morris Bobrow, John Keller, Lorraine Pinsler, Jo Ann Karavas. Row 2: Doris Thoma, Don Brill, Dan Solo- mon, lean Wade, Gail Groza. ...- Coordinating Board - Fall Row 'I lleft io righll: Larry Silverslein Carol Klingaman, Keilh Fowler, Bob Gran! Lorraine Pinsler. Row 2: .loel Litvin, Mer- rill Gardner, Fred Gonzalez, Barbara Cassell. r N fy ' ll:-'il 'vial t""f M ,W er 3 L rg, Ts? iii wi' We s Rally Coniniittce Fall Row 'l lleft lo righfl: Lane Erskine, .leanne Graham, Rosalie Eisen, John Keller, Bob Grant, Mary Eng, Lynne De Roy, Hurry Havner, Martha Goldsmirh, .lan McClelland Bob Fhalen, Vicki Sahagian. Grilley, Jim Maratsos. Row 2: Paul Reun- herlz, Rich Millikan, Gary Greenberg, Pam I Rallv Commrrrce Sprmg Row T lleft to rightl: Bob Pholen, Parn Havner, Louise von Emster, Laura Leong, lngfld Levin, Jeanne Graham, Joan Coleman, Rosalie Eisen, Bob Grant. Row 2: Carol Steinhafel, Mel Hanson, Rich Oueiada, Rae Hikido, Helen Matsuoka, Sheila Doolin, Penny Pritchard, Karen Voss. Row 3: Kirby Griffin, Freddie Hicks, Lynne De Roy, Jules Routbort, Ken Mott, Portia Goldkind, Senior Advisors Pall Row T Cleft to rightlzjim Allen, Court- ney Minehart, Ted Gurlch, Paul Silva, Lane Erskine, Spencer Michels, Steve Dedina, Bar- bara Breger, Larry Schneider, Rosalie Eisen, Dorothy Miller, Nadine Abrams. Row 25 Dean Charrier, Lloyd Hildebrand, Ruth Franken, Bill Wolitarsky, Phil Shiota, Mel Hanson, Byron MacDonald, Dave Peizer, Jeanne Graham, Mary Eng llannette Fuii- moto, Laura Campbell, Sally Barrett. Row 3: Jo Lewis, lsabel Shaskan, Joan Harrison, Art McRowe, James Babb. Serrror Aclvrsors Sprmg Row 'I lieft to rightl: Darlene Johnson, Helen Hirschberg, Sandra Greenberg, Bobbie Vail, Lynne De Roy, Ruth Franken, Ink Levin, Sally Lambert, Celeste Finocchio, Alice Wein- fraub. Row 2: Stan Galant, Tom Alexander, Robert Seeberger, Thorston Heinrich, Don Brill, Melton Chew, Carolyn Keller, Evelyn Stern, Carol Buley, CSE Row T ileff to rightl: Mary Anderson, Yvonne Mar, Barbara Breger, Larry Schnei- der, Carol Steinhafel, Spencer Michels, Har- riet Nathan, Mary Fuller, Judith Evans, Gale Snow, Marsha Levy, Shirley Chu, Merrill Hirsch, Garden Freeman, Fred Berman, Rosa- lie Eisen, Joan Lee, Gary Melmon, Louise Von Emster. Row 2: Fred Parker, Andi Francisco, John Segall, Dave Peizer, Ingrid Levin, Celestine Pinocchio, Sandra Greenberg, Merrill Gardner, Treasure Myers, Pat Zieger, Kathy Koenemann, Catherine Nanning, Mar- sha Lowe, Carol Schmid, Sally Ryland, Pris- cella Wong, Tanaka Hagiwara, Nancy Jue, Suzu Matsuda, Jeanne de Polievoy, John Chew. Row 3: Jack Landgrebe, Rosalie Vleiser, Esther Schwartz, Joanne Brungard, Joann Yokota, Mabel Hirai, David Trauner, Serge Burenin, Morris Bobrow, Dan Thal, Bill Edler, Joe Zucchi, Bill Lawrence, Janice Lee, Valerie Ng, Steve Dedina, Bernard Le Pedis, Tony Jones, David Hemstreet, Peter White. C S P Coaches Row T lleft to rightl: Fuller, Brungard, Yokota, Ikeda, Trotter, O'Neill, von Emster, Greenberg, Levin, Honig, Nathan, Mueller, Anderson, Doolin, Mar, Chu, Chulkoff, Lee, Fung. Row 2: Garden, Berman, Snow, Michels, Hirai, Ng, Chew, Buley, Pinocchio, Pinsler, Pera, Fukami, Jue, Fukuda, lkenoue, Kiraly, Matsuda, Fuiimoto, Schmid, Osborne. Row 3: Zieger, Ellis, Marcos, Lingscheid, Lim, Wong, Landgrebe, Schneider, Konkoff, Segall, Bobrow, Land, lwatsubo, Thrall, Evans, Young, Stern. Row 4: Gills, Winnick, lAurphy, Mitroff, Dickey, Lawrence, Ware, Jones, Chow, Green, Thal, Dresoni, Mizes, Anderson, White, 3 is ,Q 'ii 1' gy," gf - , ..s Y! Q ff To - g '24 - 1 C? ,L ,, fv- ,-,t , ,, 3 os 'W A 'ff' A 9, fl 1 ,N ff ' ' 55 7' 15 A CT 'f ' 'i Q if 'fi fi. - 'f'i"""E , -- ,. w e i -, G. so L- as if FY ff' A J s I-4 I 1 - - Y ' " 'W 5, , t,':3fv,J,,.w. , , A W , e S 4 'V iwll Sky V V I llgn .Len va, li .. , T - ' le 1 V I , WA: V645 VW "JW" Broacleesrmg Staff . -10' Sprir D Row T lleft to rightl: 6alY Waflflflf Roger Flatow, Louise von Emster, l.Yf'fl'? U9 Roy, Jerry Gleason, Arthur Wang- Row 2: Dan Thal, Cleve McVane, Bill Holland, Stuart Mitchell, Tony marie, Kirby Griffin- Broacleasring Staff Fall Row T lleft to rightl: Keith Fowler, Louise von Emster, Kim Voss, Gait' Gwen' berg, Don Middlebrook. Row 2: Arthur Wang, Tony Escalle, Stuart Mitchell, Irving Egnocro, Bill Holland, Tony J0n2S. Chess Club Row T lleft to rightl: Morris Mandelman, Larry Schneider, Dave Peizer, Herbert Holden. Row 2: Howard Cohn, Thomas Richards, Judy Evans, Ben Zeller, Gayle BOYDEFTIUHH, Richard Harcourt, Stage, Scenery and Posrer Club Row 'l lleff to rightl: Johnetle Bagwell, Joanne Price, Diana Jolson, Judy Haines, Rosalie Eisen, Pat Sixtus, Isabel Shaskan, Jan McClelland, Barbara Riedel, Carole lngrarn, Rosalie Hartley, Bev de Leon, Suzie Kobuchi, Ricki Onuma, Pat Oyama. Row 2: Margo McDowell, Janice Satti, Annette Lin- denberg, Jo Lewis, Carol Sleinhafel, June Gaston, Pat Zieger, Shirley Chu, Ginger Lee, Evelyn Trosl, Carol Schmid, Joanne Weiser, Barbara Kleinsorg, Darolyn Caufield, Jackie Roth, Penny Pritchard, Row 3: Joann Yokola, Nancy Cosker, Esther Schwartz, Joanne Brungard, Nan McLean, David Terry, Richard Colen, Muriel Friedrich, Arlyn Mann, Rose Prilikin, Sandy Bach, Jo Ann Karavos, Carol Mencoff, Marlene Honek, Francine Sachs. Ticker and Program Sellers Row T lleft to rightl: Antonio Addad, Alice Hoogasian, Candy Dryden, Karen Voss, Janice lwatsuho, Estelle Blumberg, Harriet Cohn, Nancy Leonard, Carol Slater, Marlene Honelc, Francine Sachs, Carol Steinhafel, Margo McDowell, Jackie Roth, Makilco Fulcuda, Bobbie Kukula, Marty Lindenbaum, Andy Gerslel, Gail Wickstronr. Row 2: Nina Olivares, Evelyn Trost, Nancy Wickman, Janet Stagg, Gail Evind, Gail Groza, Fran McMurray, Carol Sprague, Ronnie Linrneos, James Babb, Lynne De Roy, John Keller, Celestine Finoc- chio, Loretta Dito, Joann Kqrqvggl Ding Jacobson, Sally Lambert, Barbara Seidman, Marlene Pastel, Linda Setzer. Row 3: Sharon Abrahams, Cynthia Ginsberg, Donna Eisenberg, Benay Burstein, Bev Bauer, Tanaka Hagiwara, Sally Rytand, Darolyn Caufield, Steve Shermoen, Lloyd Hildebrand, George Olsen, Jo Anne Lodato, Pauline Meyer, Chris Terry, Joy Jester, Jeanna Hexter, Sue Frank- lin, Winnie Bray. Future Tceqlqefg ol America ROW 'I lleft to rightl: Joan Shelbourne, JHGLJ Loven' CUJOJ BUJQY, Rosalie Weiser, Rae Mabel Hirai, Jo Lewis, Row 2: Andrew Winnick, lrene Woo, Peggy HUVDPDVGYS. Julie Lingscheid, Kathy Koene- mflnn, Carol Thompson, Nadine Griffith, Diane Weaver. Hikido, Diane Jolson, Masquers Row 'I lleff to rightl: lsabel Shaskan, Dorothy Gasser, Leilani Cowden, Louise Tack- Iind, Vicki Sahagian, Nancy Leonard, Jo Lewis, Taggy Keelin, Stephanie Koppe, Jeanne Graham, Carol Slater, Virginia Jones, Bev Ginsberg, Nobuko Ikeda. Row 2: Elliot Warshauer, Joel Litvin, Bob Noveshen, Rich Saroyan, Morley Noveshen, Gary Wagner, Guy Van Daren, Mary Anderson, Ed Ponder, Judy Aitel, Penny Pritchard, Suzetle Jennings, Donia Thomson, Edith Finnegan. Dance Bid Sellers Row l lleft to rightl: Jeanette Bellwo- mine, Marsha Levy, Jean Thompson, Lloyd Hildebrand, Jim Babb, Carol Slater, John Keller, Margo McDowell, Jackie Roth, Antonio Addad, Gail Wickstrom, Row 21 lla Kosh- land, Andi Francisco, Carrie Doner, Sheila Glover, Joanne Brungard, Linda Setzer, Fran McMurray, Guin Lucas, Tanaka Hagiwara, Nina Olivares, Jo Ann Karavac, Sally Lam- bert, Sandra Greenberg, Library Scarf Row 'l llefl' to righllz Candy Dryden, Oueen Hall, Isabel Fearing, Dina Jacobson, Loretta Dito, Judy Szrut, Crislel Karmine, Gayle Hanson, Shirley Hastings, Judy Ouick. Row 2: Marva Dusheck, Jack Klitzman, Pal Sixtus, Mervyn Diehl, Leonard Slater, Joann Fong, Eva Jeong, Alva Jeung, Penny Pritch- ard, Rose Noble. Row 3: Mike Lomw matzsch, Bill Kunz, Anthony Brown, Ralph Robinson, John Murphy, Fred Hee. Masque and Gavel Row 'l lleff to rightlz Gail Snow, Barbara Breger, Rosalie Eisen, lrene Woo, Gayle Borne- mann, Jeanne Graham, Spencer Michels, Lane Erskine, Row 2: Frances Land, Fred Hicks, Rose Kurtzberg, Jeff Feder, Bob Michels, Allen Mark, Joanna Price. t I 'W ' 3 fs ram: 'in' an W' ' Hn vm V., . , W -, V 'SBE rv' E M mas. X VW ' i W fffwr Renee' E Q., J-6 '96 Q f 'J If if ees, Y v 1 I Z I J 1? - . , i 3.5 as , , YF' e we ff, , 1 ri.: J , 0 1 ' X A in 1 , cv ,I limi, A r - V' f ii j l lunn l ,, 2 .-15: -,Lugz I V ,' V . A I fl La -I A pw' h 'A f . get, ww N A,,QWq ff I 4 ' ' f r ' ,U it ' - T ,,,. ' gc J! l i ' Study Hall Officers Row 1 lleft to rightl: Carol Held, Sandy Clark, Jan Owen, lla Koshland, Bob Slavin, Stan Galant, Row 2: Paul Silva, Gene Har- mon, Mary Goldstein, Carolyn Keller, FYCITICQS Land, Dick Lombardi, Don Jewell. uiiiot Recl Cross Row I lleft to rightl: Gale Galant, Nancy McGowan, Marcella Hee, Carolyn Smith, Virginia Jones, Morley Noveshen, llene Berk, lla Koshland, Jan Owen, Carolyn Sawyer, Row 2: Nina Lipney, Jean Johnson, fhryeho Tiuchitani, Brian Carter, Ellen Beard, Gloria Mountanos, Eleanor Bikakis, Nina Oli- vares, Dorothy La Bonde, Gloria Cabezas Row 3: Bruce Gee, Charles Latcum, Janev Young, Geneva Warner, Doris Kwong, Frank Norman, Bob Shellenberg, Executive Dance Committee S t'uO P 1 U Row 'I lleft to rightl: Carol Seinhalel, Louise Behring, Margo McDowell, Pam Havner, Louise von Emster, Jan McClelland. Row 2: Morris Bobrow, July Kogan, Thor Heinrich, Edna Silton, Ralph Battat, Diane Krytzer, Courlney Minehart, Marion Rauschkolb, Executive Dance Committee Fall Row 1 lleft to rightl: Mary Eng, Suzie Kobuchi, Sally Lambert, Row 2: Ken Mott, Freddie Hicks, Sue Hartman, Lloyd Hilde- brand, lutetnatioual Discussion Club Row 'I lleft to rightl: Thomas Richards, Janey Young, Joanna Price, Frances Lund, Rosalie Eisen, Spencer Michels. Rgw 21 Sheila Doolin, Gail Groza, Judy Evans, Nlary Goldstein, Gayle Bornemann. Science Club Row 'l lleft to rightl: Mary Fuller, Larry Schneider, .lack Londgrebe, Alexander Kli- rnenko. Row 2: Art McRowe, Bruce Gildeo, Carl Kuhn, Dave Peizer, Lyn Cape Stage. Seenerv and Sound Crews Row 'I lleft to rigl1tl:lim Gardner, Rich Weinstein, Carl Mitchel, Henry Tlmons, Jerry Smeltzer, Mike Raumelis, Arthur Wang. Row 2: .ludy Aitel, Warren Oglove, Lennie Dickey, Reggrs Poscual, Mr, Argent, Stuart Mitchell, Carole Ingram, Irving lgnocio, Tony Escolle, Robert Schooly. Blue Angels Row 'l lleft to rightl: Walt Collins, Don Botz, Gordon Haedric, John Hamilton, Rod Feldesman. Row 2: Les Bottomley, Paul Rahrs, Chuck Cikelhofl, Ron Hunan, Ralph Ward, Bill Watkins lolcers Row 'I lleft to rightl: Bill Rothtwell, Rcger Jonaw, Rick Nelson, Orlando Tatton, Lee Jchnstcn, Row 2: Ray Frimmundoy, Ken De Martini, Bill Wallace, Georgie Stefas, Mr. Edmond, Mike Lommatzsch, Larry Murphy, Marty Dunn. Absent: Hick Tipoff. Stamp Club Row 1 lleff to rightl: Randel Chow, Gary Swartzburg, Elias Jacob, Bruce Masios, Philip Gold, Robin de Mandel, Alister MacCIoud, Kong Chan, .lan Jansen. Row 2: Mr. Brock, Stephanie Bloom, Richard Harcourt, Charlotte Engelbrecht, Thomas Richards, Gordon Free- man, Steven Louie, Bert Iwai. 'www A - m-14? R is SJ, 9,1 'IC . X N vie f X .X XQMY' -' ,+. 2 A in 7. 5 ag, ' E Av -X, . . N 1 f 'iff f ,W Af x ,V Akllr W 'gif we . ff , 1, ,A f 'ig ,' ,, ,Qi 5 .-vw: i df V ' N H AQ - 3 'vw ' ,I I X Lei V 1 ' wrv S INCONNUS 0 xJ4'- NXM," 3 ,VW If 211 V CHIIDI V J 5 KINGS qgl 5 5 45 5 RFYQ f Y COUNCIL N r -3 TE X 4 fl' F24 :rf -4 X, V' rx" ' i f 5 9 P fi I -1 Eye 4. ff 4 1 r 1 L Row I lleft to rightl: Marilyn Boffomley, Babble Morrison, Fred Williams, .lonn Keller Srnckrzr Babb, Jeanne Graham, Carol Sprague, Lynne Karlgan, Tanaio Haglwara. Row 2: ST-eve Cfagg, Gary Wagner, .lan Carnahan, Cour+ney Minelwarfr, John Zevas, lrfzne Lanferrncn, Frank Nornfcn, Jim Sochor, COrolTl'1ornpson. Row 3: Jim Allen, Torn Allen, Guy Van Daren, Bruce Gledlwill, 25:5 Ruslender, Ford Joy, Darlene Enfeld, Dorolyn Caufielcl, KlNGS ESI V' 9 rl 'rr . ' ,gQfKg'SPARKS F5 W fx f l ff? pp , -if ' f 1, ,Q A ' 'f 2 '39 r a 39 '3 Y - , J 'fc I - uw 3 -fr F 1 4,3 um.,- UW Z- , ff , f' " .VA ' "-V 2. 4"r?"' QE r' REBELS l - Q ,, ,, , t t r 47545 r V E!! ARMETTES- IZLWAN .. xx ' 1 R 42 1'-.5 was ' 1-,N , .,., Q ef 'ew 5 W V Z? L H 1 x x if :N fy if , X .,,s.,:.. ff W, x f M Row 1 fright fo leftl: Weaver, While, Francisco, Koshland, Voasquez, Beard, Tarane tino, Rcberts, Rusfeldt, Agee, Bray, Noodlf man: Row 2: Wilensky, Morrissey, Mal,nav- in , ' if X A X fl , . . .,5::,,- f U ' f .c ' -W Q f B , Zee r fl fa fy! f f f of M X t l f 7 X 1 W yr . W , M... sky, Pinsler, Honig, Lewis, Leong, Lewis, Enfield, Trost, Seidman. Row 3: Koerne- mann, Couture, Winness, Mann, Iliarmine, K' W I do Osborne, Mathias, Thompson, Tratter, Mencoff. Row 4: Havner, Ashby, McClelland, Unger, Bauer, Burstein, Ginsberg, Vail. Fall Dance Committees Row 'I fright to leftl: Schulze, Olinger Cleveland, Lozovoy, Woo, McDowell, Hooga sian, Eisex, Alphin, Castillo, Flint, Cuse, Croal, Noodlman, Agee, Bray. Row 2 Penoli, Bach, Hirschberg, Hiroi, Yee, Diehl Chavez, Beckman, Jacobs, Heickson, Galds berry, Griffith, Jchnson, Cayton, Caufield Carler, Silliman. Row 3: Rebizzo, Trabucco, J'nes, lhfmw, Shelbourne, Hikfda, Fuiimoto Glver, Slater, Potter, Price, Waite, Marca- vilch, Ellis. Row 4: Lindenberg, Greenberg Rulen, Salti, Smeltzer, Zlokovich, Leibovitch Mortensen, Asinoff, Abend, McMurray, Will mat, Gerber, Wickman, Levfn, Mars. Row 5 Them, Galant, Abrahams, Shapiro, Lucas lfabuchi, Buley, Oveema, Ingram, Riedel Fulisada, Miyamoto, lmai, Ncda, Steahan Row 6: Schmid, Olivares, Haber, Muscat lfcgan, Harfman, Hildebrand, Gledhill, Ku renda, Greendcrler, Groza, Hagiwara, Ryland, Smith, Blumherg, McLaren. Row 7: Benthen Cresci, Mann, Gaston, Ching, Ng, Pastel Silion, Berk, Honek, Szrut, Cohen, Gardner, Chu, Matsuda, Oyama. Row B: Leonard Schwartz, Cosker, Mann, Friedrich, Karavos Anderson, Everquettis, Meyer, Verdonk, MIn nich, Pera, Moyer, Jolson, Bowman, Crawford Lynch. Row 9: Feller, Mclean, Yckcla Brungard, Piconi, Fachs, Setzer, Roth, Chervin, Beaell, Chatzank, Clark, Anderson, Krytzer, Oppenheimer, Syher, Fanover, Arkos, A. V WN 5 'LS All l -.........,f Row 'I lleft to rightl: Satti, Bottomley, Morrison, Hirsch, Moses, Manderer, Kormine, Leonard, von Ernster, Sixtus, Karavos, Doolin, Schmid, Groza, Myers, Honig, Benthen, Berk, Devincenzi, Riedel. Row 2: lngram, Mc Dowell, Miller, Samson, Roth, Goldsberry, Oliver, Kappe, Havner, Behring, Goldstein Pinsler, Slater, Lecng, Osborne, While, Loren zen, Sawyer, Vasquez, Cobezas, Shapiro Raw 3: Piconi, Mooney, Levy, Francisco Malinovsky, Kane, Ginsberg, McMurray, Will- mot, Gueioda, Hanson, Colon, Terry, Olivares, Weaver, Eisen, Moriguchi, Thompson, de Pol- ievoy, Lewis, Griffith, Buley. Row 4: Elliott, Sartine, Crisci, Segall, Koshland, Fromm, Keller. Spring Dance Committees Row 'l lrighl' to leftl: Boone, Zlotkin, Cordy, Moses, Monderer, Morrison, Pero Welensky, Kistler, Burtman, Dryden, Buttman Bickakis, Austin, Simpson, Castillo, Thom Greendorfer, Fuiimoto, Abbey, Mathias, Mc Dowell, Sternberger, Penoli, Boch, Hirschberg Prernack, Szrut. Row 2: Gardner, Dito, Men coff, Silton, Ruten, Greenberg, Matsuda, Fuji moto, Chu, Juillord, Weintraub, She-lbourne Mathias, Granum, Lorenzen, Sawyer, Flint Alphin, Satti, Levin, Sachs, Michels, Keller, Mann, Gandert. Row 3: Filrsdahl, Aubrey Harms, Lee, Hanson, Slinkey, Mortensen, Mc Leon, Yokota, Pottor, Klingaman, Thompson Farrell, Wheeler, Engelbrecht, Lathis, Oppen heimer, Marcovitch, Trost, Feder, Kurtzberg Segall, Fromm, Row 4: Janover, Pastel Seidman, Jacobson, Lambert, Nishimura, Hg Ikeda, Hirai, Schwartz, Brungard, Miller Havner, Voss, Clark, Ekuso, Yoshihara, Young Fuiisado, Whitehead, Wyner, Keelen, Rus- lender, Smith, Row 5: Sillfman, Herron, Mohr, Setzer, Shinn, Ncda, Row Price, Woo, eatt, Wilson, Gelberrnan, Guasco, Sharp, Friedrick, Mann, Hartman, Kogan, Cosker, Hicks, Fukuda, Kobuchi, Sno 6. Colcn, Terry, Eng, Bingo, Rebizzo, Levy, Crisci, Rauschkolb, Loustalot, Chulkoft, Eisenberg, Lee, Sartini, Gat- w, Hirsch, Piconi, Mooney, Levy. sos, Zazzi, Wickman, Enfield, Canfield. fa 5 4- MW, H ,.,., ,V ,WN ,.., 4 , , , V , ,. , ,, ,, , V Z Q V g V Y y E, Q, V2 it 5, f ai ' ff ee r or 'ar , 515 if '91 f. er r", , wt j H ' " f-.F 1 I " 1- f, , f ' f - A , r V ' ef ' , f ,e ef, r g V , A we 1. - A - re. ..t .-.te ' -s Q V- f I ,,. N r ' ' r ., lm , I ' 4, V. I 7, f ,,, ff V ff In Q f ' I A 5 ' W -f 5 ,- iiyziz 1 f' 1 , 4 , ff ' J A 1' :Wg- 4 ,J ,,,,,""ff.,2 ff A " gf 7 ' 'V A 'Q ld ' 9 WS U f- "" "ff, ' , Z ' ' , , if 2 as ' rf t '- ' f Ze , , "' -Q 4 ,. J V ' f , f 5- - on W- . , M S, , , ,ei . . t ,V V' ,V LA! , . ff Ugg? , Zire " 1 'S 63,1 ' L. M' ' 6 , 9. e 'iyo 6 If i 1 g-, me ytvr B ,MW i f .7 V' ' ' L 'f a L ' "el 'Wit " ' i f i 'ff " V , as gf, , i e , l' i 'Z Q Q , f A H ? f . 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Vg,f,f,A,F,,f ?,,fxiQ,j5e.ea,'Cl, F7 VX! g VLLAYMU, V ,QLCACJQ I A , 4'fCfer2'L.'4f' if ffftznwcfm-,,c,,, X !gfA'XZ'C4l'T , H HfC,5,,,,JGeoIge-ffdfbwosfcf 114175, X45 An'tl'I ny F, inlosa There s u one and only ,C A no I-MA feejw M AML Q T in refreshment, too ,ffif S n JL E? gy X ' Sf ' , ,xk7ff ggtyigg, ,f.g,5F AJTI-1C, QF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BV I-IE CocA.CoI.A BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA Fooo siiopwf, I AND DELICATESSEN ffffee FINE FOOD AND DELICACIES Courteous Service 634 CLEMENT STREET ' BAyview l-4686 Congratulations to the Senior Class S P R EC K E LS FRENCH CUSTARD ICE CREAM l7l7 Mission, Corner ot l3+l'1 Street Underhill l-6200 0 SPRECKELS RUSSELL DAIRY CO. i San Francisco, California W yd A I jp mf, My , fa-Iuvfjfk I B 144 C ,WACA MPL I A I7,,5?,+AffQf! WOO , N A "f1HfCR'7fLMM I ' Lf, Wyigvz OLQBW9 0 N V E R S E ggAlflCL 7 j0Lg!0If' ATIQILETQJVC 5 QTWEARX j J , ,I A J 7 If , I gf QA IR If Af SIAM I fig, PWPIIIP A CIA AI if if IIJ BGL! V X R J'C.RWjf' RESDCM Vpyixcf X R IWW, I ' ' If PM 'LOAN RXIJLXDLMK AR MNQWVWJIV fm' ry I ff JW XIPA' QW PAQ! ERIcA's No.1 BASKETBALL SHOERAQJQLP by SPECIFIED BY MORE COACHES, WORN BY MORE PLAYERS, THAN QA? R! RW ANY OTHER SHOES EXPRESSLYIIII OE FOR BASKETBALL PLAY 1 ww Mfg gm f I Y 4.53 L MOM O'?Rf"wfffM'tg5 Af fl ff CONVERSE RUBBER COM IV! M Z! WCM AQXVSAN FRANCISCO CHICACO Sw NEW YORK I7 MN WW! PMC WW37 MMV' 4' 1' ' - OAQVEQSQPMWW R63 cf jfyl ,I ' A R J7 f ' - V , 'I 4 . I 1 'L , - 7, M702 gwfiffiifmqf PM , ff FM Awf .f R I KW? A V I 'lf ' 'fx - 1 T If ' 7 - - - I 1 1 f - . . A-. . , - - L. 2.4 w jf .f x- x Ji! I --L, 4 rf . 1- ,-, Aff' . 1 MINCHINS PHARMACY Cdvpr for IIMS BOOIQ ' J, JL A A, A! , PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY QI If. If E H- - A .. 'SD 'N 4' ITEM' 1- .BJ K V LTV! I 0 1 .4 I Y' Iyfzpflrifuf 'VALID' 4 .' -N V' 4 K I " I,ll X 1521" If yff yr O. W. MILLER, PII. O. .r I ,,' LI J fyu MI." ' ' 3600 BALBOA ST. AT 37TI-I AVE. I .VL e Phone SKyIine I-1828 San Francisco LEARN P. B. X. RECEPTIONIST 355 STREET Klondike 2'014o Qualify in iusi' 2 TO 5 weeks for posiiions of inferesf onCI good poy 5 ,, rn, San Francisco which Offer you exceile-ni' Opporfuniiies for cdvoncemenf in business QL'L"' ' 'yaffrff 1 T, concerns of all Iypes. , ' J . ..- . igxrrpvkvxlfvg ...ii I ,KI-A ,430 .D-,-,II .F l , ' fx' mi, i I, 4 :JL-Xfulcfk L I 5,715 DAY 8: EVENING CLASS 0 ENTER ANY TIME VL"T1 ,B , , 5 L+ LLM Tlfjfqg, .hQHQ'gIJJJQ."- 'J' 'T' L Esfablished Free Placemenl Service sUPER.EINIsI-IEDWOSSED BOOK COVERS , , , ,M,TAT,ONimli,. PRODUCTS Riley s Switchboard School y 988 MARKET, LOEW'S WARFIELD BLDG., PR 5-4861 , W!! 1 I CONTRACTING AND JOBBING 9 WATER HEATERS ' QQMPI-IMENT5 QF BOSCUS PLUMBING. INC. I PLUMBING-HEATING THE DONUT BOWL 33' ELEMENT Sg6P,fERSQ:N'2'QNfL2gfmQ SKY'i"e "om TENTH AVENUE AND GEARY BOULEVARD BOWLING AT ITS BEST QUALITY OFFICE MACHINES Meel Your Fellow Sfudenls of NEW PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 201, DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS 319 - 61'h Avenue SKyIine 1-3939 419 - Morkei' S+ree+ EXbrook 2-1254 CLAUDE'S BEAUTY SALON H A L K E N N E D Y ' S Open Monday and SOI'UrCIOy Evenings 3444 BALBOA ST., NEAR 36TH AVE. EVergreen 6-9574 335 Clemeni' S'I'ree1' Phone BAyView 1-8530 Home of 38 Delicious Flavors and Sparkling Colors J. CO. F W FROSTY Bossv L0 ERS "THE FLOWER SHOP BEAUTIFUL" CONES 1Oc-15C-20C DIPPED FREE , 1 GEARY BLVD., AT I9+I1 AVENUE 3443 Balboa Slrreel- SKyline 2-0170 R. J. Bacgina, Proprie+or BA 1-5436 - EV 6-9699 521-"V" 79.571 I OA C -Q " ' ' . X ' +A, ,iff-'x.v,1,1,,, M ,J-ft! 5,0-'Ana M Fx' 'lnkd x74-at H fl M , . -rl, sill Qt' op if ie L 5 ' 1 'A tl r t l lk . J y Lf x Y. H X 'BJ - ft lt lvllx ll ,fra L K Xxlilf 'V' w cnnmz Joss nfs t l AJ tor boy and girl graduates at l ' BN X metric mmiom ' tu t s M ml S rex lots ot advantages in telephone work Y R J I ' Here are CI few: R X t 0 Good starting pay while you learn. Frequent I N raises, too. 'S-I i ' - be Interesting, important work you'cl enioy. i X 0 Meet old friends, make new ones. Sf r 0 Opportunity to advance. X xl X Let us tell you about telephone jobs now available Z l X Call at our employment offices ff, 'N u Sun Fruntisto: 445 Bush Street or 140 New Montgomery Street fl s K Xi Oakland: T521 Franklin Street I l Z Z V F X X w 7 Tb f Qt PACIFIC Inspiron: ,, ' ' t fvg P - t 7' . 1 N Qi, SG pNC55 Q 7 wg ' 331 NL t To X if , 5 , fe x 1 . J' X QI! ,ll K -ll X ' U Z i J Q f X- Q K 1 J a Q X l ' I-CD 5 a , f 3 in 5 lu ge e f Q N-3 cfa XX, W J Y 70 K s. r fl JN Wm kv s r 1 Y J Je 51' ..- A . Liu gli 1 , , I, , e U . wg " A-, ffz: I' ff-We P! ff-'11 f'4"4'lf"' ff'2i2"ff-,ar-:-LJ+f"" f7'f"9'7' ,W l f exif 1 , L5 95 ff .I 2 ':'fs5- ' rj , fy I V CL 4 I . A f ...,' - I N A , 1 ,-..' .-.-: ff ei L L Con fin en fa ..'A, cllearlquar The Florsheim Shoe Shops 756 MARKET STREET ' 680 MARKET STREET SAN FRANCISCO E55 I f fem CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK TO THE HIGH SENIOR CLASS SPRING T955 COMPLIMENTS OF HIGH SENIOR OFFICERS Besf Wishes fo fhe High Seniors from THE CFISCFIDE PRESS FOR YOUR GRADUATION PARTIES AND ALL OTHER FESTIVE OCCASIONS, IT'S THE KING KOLD ICE CREAM BOWL For 25 Flavors of Delicious Ice Creams and Slwerbels of Modercle Prices TRY OUR EASY-TO-SERVE HALF-GALLON Winner T5 Sfafe Fair Awards CORNER T0l'l1 AVENUE AND CLEMENT STREET All of Our Qualify Producls Are Mcanufoclurecl Daily on lhe Premises WALTER FRANKLIN, Prop. Service and Qualify NABORHOOD PHARMACY Youiz REXALL sToRE Prescripfion Specialisfs 3300 Balboa S+., Corner 34fh Ave. SKyIine 1-T 520 BALBOA'S 5 81 T0c STORE The Slore Thai Has "EVERYTHING" 3615 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO BALFOUR "Known wherever fhere are Schools and Colleges" CLASS RINGS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS ' TROPHIES DANCE PROGRAMS X! ff If I If 1 I X 'UQ ff! fl 1 1 I T I .1 :yy f ' X 54 .J ' K T , f Q V Af ff ,, I ' lf. X. I ,XL U 2 Z xl' -fr, ,fl Li G. Ba llour Co. T273 MISSION STREET KL 2-T066 I 233 Posr STREET su++er 1-3522 I . L, ' 4 I f , I ff ,V fIJ f xt' L53 I 'J' ,, I f I IA I I I 'I I 1,1 I lx, V , N - I It I, , W QC , I fl I' f ' fn! 'IT I fix - 1 I yy XIZ, IM. Lf? f A f I JI U Lil I X T Iv Z jf lj f L fill Ajvnil Cline-L fP?RIIVRKAITS,INKI'l4IS4SUBXfx0R iff, ff' ZIA4 I ,K A ,Of lftic I ,L .J ,Tal L J aff I , I If' ,- ,-I JE Vlllf!fI ffvfil I I 'C KM I I ,fb I II If By L if f J fa LW J. H. DOHERTY FISHER STUDIO N QT' UXPQXA Effal dv C1..4J, cj C CE-R 2 Lag J I 6 Of! L SLU-crrvf L' 1 I L C1947 'fIfI'iCfff,6 I-f'i""1 XXQST I TT D SUPFM' M741 'WMA I ZQT3' AffjGjQTyIPLIMENTS I SJ of the Q Golden Gate Engravers I LX I IDIPIL O I IVIQII 0 , I I. LP ' RT WML X QQMU . M I If D MI I . A A LAURA P I ff? I . I I I I 'LL If Phoneyd 177 PosT STREET 369 ,EIIIS Sf, 6-1 85 S ffebf I sui+eao.9 ,W iq QS' R h- v J 1 1-E4? WW. San FrancIsco N LTA ff .8 jk T A .XXX . xex Q PRICES Sfyle Shoes for Young Men I IVIDUALLY DIFFERENT FYI S ARTEST SHOES IN TOWN ,I I I I I8 M RIIIET STEREE EARNY 8: GRANT AVE. R II! IIVIx?NT ' , kj If f J' U I x L XI R FT XXDOLORES PRESS ' wif PRINTING III JOSEPH E. RAE 33841 SIXTEENTH STREET SAN FRANCISCO TeIepI1one UNderI1iII I-3667 E D T I G G E S JEWELER DIAMONDS P WATCHES ' CLOCKS ' SILVERWARE Convenienf CrecIiI Terms-Experf Swiss 8: American WcI'rcI'I Repairing 5847 GEARY BOULEVARD NEAR 23rd AVENUE PHONE BAyview 'I-0804 SAN FRANCISCO. CALIF. - ' HO0T IIIOII!! TXQIVHO SA?S SCOTCHMEN ARE TIGHT? I yr T ,XL D QI IRC LSL I fy A IXSTOOTTY'S DRIVE IN "A LOT FOR A LITTLE" GEARY BOULEVARD AT 3IST GEARY 'I4I'h MEDICAL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Open Til I1 P. M. 5001 GEARY ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., Phone BAyview I-4638 HEINE'S HARDWARE STORE H. N. FIoIow I-IOUSEWARE HARDWARE 3. PLUMBING SUPPLIES GENERAL REPAIRING - FULLER PAINTS 3614 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO 21 SKyIine 'I-8828 VX EXW ,MV '72 ,ff W if , I7 62 QJ V KV 'X U 7 V f Y V 'Y-Q A- fg " i ' ,ix VV O ,-DMX! AA' V 41.1 L, I' , X2 fu L ,v V 4' .Q it el ,iw W was E -W5 W 0.50 ly 5:5 ,is ., ., , is a .Q if fs A ,,-, . fl ' -A 1,:i1:EQE2EQ1?,-Qfijzilll-13,:MU ' 'ff DQL , xl A75 nj 5 --'- 'lv' 1, AQ E f E .E l id n Af,- :2'1:-' 1-1 -'-1-i zicizg-, '-"' 1? ful, UJIV OJJ L' . ,." gk f , ,Vtyv O I will i a. Q? K '- - I - Q , Q " ei E -9 'aff' 4 . ap -7 - f 12:7'5' f' .-131' X' ' 'rf ' W rr r -- s may s ' 'b f ' I , '23 1122, -512121231-.fmfQ.', f f ,. 1 . 1 E3EQEIfQ325i3i5l3lQiQfi2QEl3lf5lQi 512"""" ,fs 7 V I X - if F 7 lx K AY .flax lllb 2 237. I .,... I. R XX- , , W so 1 ae r J 1 V fs 'A Rx I ' i- Q 6- ll 1 I ,llf I f F N g Tx I X .I This IIS the day youve waited for and youve spent 12 long years preparing 'X ,Ak Pe 'I ,tj i, 1 for Dont throw it all away on a "dead-end" job. Look for a career instead ,l Q 5 'V f - of jyst a pay cheek. Q C v f I X f 1 1 I 3 I if f 0 . . , , Xi 7 , y tffqu w0n'f have tg Iqok fqr! At hffetropolitan Life youll be engaged in ki' X , D ' I ' ' I r X' interesting work from the moment 'ou arrive. After hours 'ou can oin 'our Q 1 ew A I I J I h I friends in many different interesting social and recreational groups. Learn N about this com lefe 'ob o ortunitv by callin at our Em lo 'ment Bureau - I PP . I S P I , x before graduation, Ask us about: s ,Q X Q ' Good starting salaries 0 Liberal vacation arrangements lx as ' Regular 'nffeflses 0 Appetizing meals as guest A 0 Steady advancement of the Company mx o Fiveqjayl 40-h0U,- week ' Fun in social, athletic and l recreational groups 0 Life, Sickness and Hospital Insurance 0 Ideal working conditions IT CAN ALL BE YOURS! For full information, come to the Personnel Division, Monday through Friday, any time between 8:50 AM. and 5:00 PM. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPAN im! 765 california sire-ef san Francisco zo, Cdlif. A 7 MV f M we g,17j'0i!':3!LjjfV77f2'i'l 7 ' ff! lffl ' I 1 1 , rf li7f1fliZi'vfJ,v,i9 4..l1 I In X-X f'- 5 Y I 4 V. L I ,lil :A I ,I IJ ' I I' A I' I I. ' 1 1 I .If If I, I I 1, If gl , I, , ., , I C NGA RAT UCL AT I 0 N 5 I!! p J, TL W I I U ,JU I I I I ' I AN , I' I I 'M ,IL I ,Q I I I g rgfvfh X I If ' -ff 1 K I U!! I ILM! I J IQ. LIwv1Iw -I I 'Mmm III-ww' S I V ' Yi I IIAISENIGRSI f l Sf' vAN women 8. RODRIGUES, mc. JJ' g A . I Jewelry Mcmufaciurers I 'Frcpm Cl Friend S, X , W , ,I I 4' I I W I 2, , .Lf I L W I ' X ,I gf' I I CLASS RINGS ' TROPI-IIES - MEDALS ' CLUB PINS ,fy If I S QILSENIOR GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS IL. I . IX I ' f 'IL 7 II, r'I X J , I U' PERSONAL NAME CARDS 1, ,U r III I I I J , 1 I I x, K I MI? I ' ff 1, fl' I , I I I u , 7 'yza Posr STREET Exbrook 2-5886 MM MW . . . MV jf JW '. ,V jffwf . 9 'sw wa M W WM j4' Qfbjfwdfxjfjffgl j If M 4 65135 PM ,M fflgmf 5, e ,Q W1gWjif' W Zffzfq A KA ' 4,?fffMM1 PM .wfyf " W J, , 3. , CWM, Jkjjij if ff r . ,4fJ7jQMl lil S7 W Mf,, jk if ' ' Q ,,4,,mLQvZrbN yf 3 rf! 'Mums' dy Q96 www yi, W .iw Y 1 wx w WW as ff 'D w f W M fmpff Q . ,Uv 'CV x QUQMSL WJVL ' ,, KS wwf T JM rvfi wwf? A , NQAVN46, ' wflNX"ofv- LMS Lf?'5'Wxfw may y V x, I RN-'V .41-"VN px ,xv X' ' tw U' WY 1' "'Xfigw , . 6 'Ji fx QMWLJIH W6 ' My , F' 'Ta 5 ,W 1 -L... 2' , , ,r . ,,,.,' ' 'slfi 1 W xxx Ill I6-Q H as Q 33, -fl I 4 qs rw X 'v' . . i- ' 4-lo il E I will fl 51. , .-- ' i' ,Illl 2 1 f z Y I " s 9' - - A fmife!: e!!E! . 1--- ' - - - I' '- www' sl MII! Ill an sn N Q' Q' ,E I .I I l l I l I! III ll ll ' HH! f "' 'F' 'S ' 'Ili --- '- ' - fl sus! En! 'Il ' ' IIS gg- ' :USB ICQ, 1 LB! ei' A., . XXX W: ,Qu 4-I 2'1r :sa !! HSA !5 .al li I ?'l ll 412 1 c I . EW' .4 - sl 1 , is , 3 , ill! " .J "' an. , ""' 1 Q 5' ' ' Fil' 5 ,' " g I ll I FZ. li' I I I h '! F.-4 ' sua A ual: Q! iii! iili all If QQ ' ssl! .ull I .-f IK" ' sf ' Mn- -S -an-ng gl! ur' ,. nun an n ' ' -' ull! U A-un - If 1 - A gg! 4, mil :ll l i UI nl!! :SCCA S 3 y Y '1 If -is

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