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xo," 'Yxcxiexs so WHS wo f 4 Q 1- G. , LJ. Presenfs I J 5 ReVieWS xxx'-.a of C9 Q ZX 1951 B Ogg S 5, X f-Po ff f V The Reviews of 1951 X. . .- 1 ,L X he Stage Grew fU1' 'ITIS I eviews ef 1951" TI-IE PRODUCERS Borboro GGISI Sylvuo Levln ART WORK EOR COVER AND BOOK Kenney Wood BUSINESS MANAGER EOR TI-IE PRODUCTION Amelno Sampson IN CI-IARGE OE ADVERTISING Joe Lerer Corole Bosknn IN CI-IARGE OF PUBLICITY EOR TI-IE SENIOR STARS EHQ Shopnro Daone EIIuo'rI WRITERS FOR SPORTS STARS Ron Bergnnon Bob LlcIdIe Erwin DuIIer I-IeIge Sdwnnodde PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR TI-IE STARS AI Corlson Bob Pu+mon I-Iorry Rofner Pefer RupperI John Gee KoIIwernne I-Iwong Mr DoI1erIy The Surveyor JUNE I95I VOLUME CLASS IN JOURNALISM re P W GEORGE WASI-IINGTON I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOI. Son Eroncusco CoIlIorn4o XIX PJE Tied bv IIHQ LSB ,. Ive Advfsier The "THEATRE" An origfnd Mode? of George Wcshingfon showing We new Music Room 7' bod of ihe Aqdiforium 1 Sfiwwwww N a Q55 -I .1 Nm woio G i 3 if lffjy A? Q NPT T WT rr K0 VD TD We , ' A Q, FT ggi Foreword George WoshrngTon T-hgh School presenTs The Revrews oT 1951 The sTors you The seniors The supporhng cosT you The rumors ond sophomores os The ocTs oT o ploy unTold so do The hves oT oll oT you WoshrngTonrons Thus presenToTron rs yours never wrll o ploT oT ony TheoTrrcol produchon seem so reol To you os T rs one This rs o record oT oll your odvenTures The good ond The bod you hove experrenced oT George WoshrngTon opploud ond cherish Them Tor never ogorn wr'l They be re enocTed vve The edrTors ond The sToTT oT The T951 Surveyor sincerely hope ThoT you vvsli experxence os rnuch loleosure Tronn Thus book os we hove hod Trom pubhshung :T Tor you T "RTW, ,4 T 'K ...V I 7 T TTTTI ' f 1 !T T , T, l f A v . A rl X , C , T RO J r rf! A ui! T ,A . . J TT tl I' .. . T. TT I T T . . .T T T T rf r A TT T' T . , .T T 2 x yr' ,J GE . . . I . f, V T Q f T4 ' rc T ,D . Jr, T- T - f n 4 Q ,jr 'n 5 . -I RM T -ly . T ' V' Tr . , , . VQT TT TTTTXTT -N rT'T1TfT f T T rl, TQ Tr1' 1g:J T Q if ' he zr,TTTTjT x 1 I 'L Ik 1 'f T T ' T'TT A ,ZTf TTITTT T Q TX T H - f i',T,' Try' Tv ,K il L74 ' T T TT TT ' T TT? TTT!!! - f JT I-'f , , :MW T' . ' i kwi Presenhng The Administration : Ii,- J 5-9eg.f.., ' Qii,'p.flo,f'. L- 4 .. If x . 'J .4 mf' .41 - il ::.?-3, L:-.. - ig' ' A - ' -. h . E F --- A I .1-i ...i Mr E Abercrornbse Mr A Add!es+one Mrs M Aunsworfh Mr Em!! Anderson Mxss !-!e!en Arc!'1er Mr Baron Mrs M Bake! Mr F D Brand! Mrs E Br! arf Mr Jann Burke Mr Carey Mr C Carra!l Mrss L Carson Moss K Co !ey Mrs Cnnshan Miss RIJG C!ark Mr H C!enag!1an Mrs A Co !rns Mrss M Caoae Muss Ca n kwan Muss !rn Mvss Dayrs Mrs C Deenon Mrs M Denny Mrs D ern Mrs Arno Drckson Mr J Do g ass Mass D Forcade Nuss E!wzabeT!'1He!se+!1 Drsrrrb fave Edacafuon Mr Kenner!'1Funn Accosnfani' Mr Thompson Foreman Janufor Mr Anderson Engrneer Mrss Folian Ernploymenf Mrs Basse++ N rse Mr Addlesfone s haf brlngs vlcfory of Kezcr bcskefball pavilion M1ssJ Garcia M s Edxfkw Garrrv Mrs B Gafes Mr Ed Gorham Mrs B Gowan Mr L Hawklnsor' Mrs C Hedfke Mrs L He-rrrck Mr A Hesselberg MnssA!rce Hoppe! MrssE James Nr H Jokwnsan Mr J Keaimg MrssE Ke!loqg Mrs F Kennedy Mr Marlon Knoi! Mr Edgar Lan! Mr F Lapeyrl Mrs Edna Loqan Mr Sa !Mad1ces Mr Wm Magner Mrss Mary Marsha!! Mr F W Marfar Mrss E Morphy Mr Wa!!erOdone MlssA O Leary Mr S Pearson Mr Jann P!'we!an Mnss M Pao!e M Jann Clue-user Mr James Rasella Mxss Ra ner Mr C Reade Mr Jokn Rocky Mr Sabxn M1ssA Sckwarff Mwss Soma Se!1g Miss F Skearer Mrs C Skeenan Miss Sr!bers!ern M s D S n e! M s M Swanson Mr A Tor akson Mr Jann Uhfe Mr E Vander!aan Mr L Vasa Mrs F Waasfaff Mr John We! Mrss Wnne Mr OrnrWr!son Mrs E Wr!!rarnson Mr Hrgn Ware Mass R bye Wood Mr Woodward S Rer!!y Sgr Hagewood Mrs DorrsJa!wnson Mann Orme Mrs Jean Camobe!! Mann Oquce Mrs Nance Crarke Cosnse!rng Mrs Loarse Kasfer Ass? Pruncupa! s office Mrs Lean Siem A++endance Mrs Arne!!a Tregenza Jannress The Faculty-1951 Ll m"'4:t.,n"n X MR O l SCHMAELZLE Prmclpal A Mefsage From The Pmnczlbal MISS ELEANOR PARSONS Head Counse'o THE FAITHFUL STARS There ns an ala saynng In The TheaTrlcal world The show musT go on T-lere aT George Wash1ngTon The sTage rs seT so ThaT our school hTe goes on Tram year To year The show IS never endlng and The sTudenT acTors keep changang IH This conhnuous perTormance whsle The TacuITy remains Talrly consTanT Thus June Though we lose Two v1Tal acTors ID our show They have rendered nnvaluable servmce and boTh wrll be greaTly missed only Tlme can lorldge The gap Thenr leavnng will make IT ns duTTnculT To express our deep apprecuahon of The years oT qu1eT unselhsh work our Two Deans have glven To The school So To Mlss Jackson and To Mr Khngner our assusTanT prunclpals who are rehrung Thfs year our hearTs are Tllled wnTh graTlTucle as we say simply Thank you Tor everyTh1ng and may your TuTure be Tull of sunshvne and conTenTmenT buT Try noT To TorgeT us aT George WashungTon O I SCHMAELZLE X ess f 1 - N M . W ' , ., 'f W ,f r 'T' X A . ' , f ,M W 1 WV' . . . . . , I 0 . I . . . l T - 1 . T , . - 1 1 T 1 , r . . . FAREWELL A few years ago The exercises which we now call Graduaiion were Icnown as Commencemenr. There is a dihference. Graduafion implies one of a series of sleps. Too offen, however, 'rhese sfeps are convenienf places for Iravelers Io slap and resl. Some even fall asleep and larger all furlrher progress. Commencement on 'rhe olher hand, means 'rhe beginning of some new 'raskg a new challenge: a furlher reach. Moy I wish you all cz very auspicious Commence- menf. GEORGE M. KLINONER MR. GEORGE KLINGNER Assisianf Principal Deans Announce Retirement MISS ELEANOR JACKSON Assisfani Principal 'iam FAREWELL I+ is indeed a privilege 'ro have been a parl of Ihis greal school since ils opening day in I936. Twenfy- seven classes, under 'rhe guidance of Iwo dislin- guished Principals and 'rrained by a Facully second Io none, have already been grodualed. The con- Jrinuous accomplishmenls of lhese graduales and ol you, lhe presenl members of Ihe sludenl' body, have caused our school +o develop lo a posilion of real leadership and Io become known 'rhroughoul The land. In Jrhe years ahead I shall prize mosl 'rhe remem- brance of Ihose qualilies 'rhal have made you so oulslanding, and I shall be rejoicing wilh you in each new viclory. ELEANOR M. JACKSON Fall 1950 ALEC BALMY Presideni STELLA HASSON Vice Presidem' DICK KISSICK 2nd Vice Presidenf MARY CARTER Secre+ary LARRY WELLS Treasurer DICK MILLER AI'hIe+ic Manager HARRY KHACHADOURIAN Cusfodian JIM BOVERO YeII Leader Student Body Officers A hard-working group of sludenl body officers, headed by AI Balmy, presidenl, chalked up anoiher successful Ierm for George Washing+on's hislory. AI was heard olien on Ihe broadcasling syslem urging Ihe sludenls over lhe noon lime privileges hump. Doing an excellenl' iob as sludenl body vice presidenl was Siella I-Iasson, who helped plan many dances and rallies. Second Vice Presidem' Dick Kissick was Irequenily seen rushing around doing his share Io make fhe lerm one ol The besl. All records and minuies were eliicienily kepf during 'lhe lerm by Siudeni Body Secrelary Mary Carler. Larry Wells, sludenl body ireasurer, helped ihe school To do il again. George Washing+on was IOOVO in siudenl body card sales for The sevenieenlh siraighi ierm. The fellow allen seen down by lhe Irophy case polishing indusfriously was Harry Khachadourian, cuslodian for Ihe Ierm. Dick Miller, oihlefic manager, did a swell iob in always keeping Washinglon sporis righl oui in froni. Jim Bovero, yell leader, was 'rhe brains behind I'he card 'rricks and yells while Kenny Wood did mosl' of The bouncing for lhe lerm. LARRY WELLS Presideni JOYCE CON DROTT Vice Presiden+ ENNIS MCDANIEL 2nd Vice Presidenf CAROLE BAKER Secre+ary LLOYD KOSTER Treasurer STEVE GAAL Afhlefic Manager CONRAD DONNER Cusfodian ED WATSON Yel. Leader Student Body Officers A very eilicienf group of siudeni body ollicers helped ro provide a wonderful Spring 'rerm for fhe sludenis of George Washingion High School. Presidenl Larry Wells added many new sfunis and ideas +o rhe clever rallies. l-le broughr furrher honors lo Wash- ingion as Boy Governor of California. I-le has conrinuecl Al's work of lasf ierm on 'rhe noon-lime problem and a clean school. Joyce Condroff, a busy vicevpresideni, he'ped To plan some exira special dances, complere wiih wonderful deco- rafions. Quief Ennis McDaniel, second vice-president was always on hand, ready ro help. Secreiary Carole Baker, seen wifh pen in hand, kepf neaf and accurare rninuies. She worked hard on +he May Fesiival Drive. Lloyd Kosier donned a pilh helmel for ihe siudenl body card rally +0 push lhe school on +o a IOOVO sales record for ihe eighieenih consecufive lime. Aihlelic Manager Sieve Gaal was kepr busy wiih pub- licizing +he maior spring sporis. He kepi an inferesfing bul- leiin board of clippings. All ihe 'rrophies were mainiained in sparkling condirion by Conrad Donner, cusiodian. The fellow in The while sweaier keeping up ihe spirii of every game was head Yell Leader, Ed Waison. Spring 1950 fReodIng L.+o R.I I L-11 CLASS OFFICERS LLOYD TUNI K Presidenf JU LIE PEARL Vice Fresidenf BILLIE CHING Secre+ary H-'IO CLASS OFFICERS DON STEELE Presiden+ BEVERLY BANGERT Vice Presiden? PAT MAYO Secreiary L-10 CLASS OFFICERS TONY DEL CASTILLO Presideni PAT QUICK Vice Presidenf ARDATH PERKINS Secre+ary IRe-Jding R. To LI H-12 CLASS OFFICERS KENNEY WOOD Presidenf PAT K NAPTON Vice Presideni ESTH ER YOU NG Secrefary AL SING Treasurer L-I 2 CLASS OFFICERS ERIC ELSESSER Presiden+ CORINNE GIDAL Vice Presidenf BEV WILLIAMS Class Secrefary fhcers I'I-'II CLASS OFFICERS STEVE GAAL Presideni ' F ai 11 BERNICE BENEZRA Vice Presidenf SUE LOBREE Secreiary Reading L. fo R.I H-I2 CLASS OFFICERS DICK KISSICK Presideni DEON NIELSEN Vice Presidenf PAU LA SO RGATZ Secrefary ERIC ELSESSER Treasurer Class fficers Spring , we Q, - ic.. LJ I L-12 cLAss omcens DICK LEVIS Presidenf RUTH ISRAEL Vice Presideni JOYCE RISKIND Secreiary , ., 5 fi t? it 5 'Ig 24 7 if '51 iiiiiii 5' tw ' H-'II CLASS OFFICERS RAY UESPERANCE Presideni JU LIE PEARL Vice Presidenf BILLIE CHING Secrefary J' 'U Uleoding R.1o L.I L-'I'l CLASS OFFICERS JAY BEGUN Presidenf DIANNE BERMAN Vice Presideni EARLENE SMITH Secreiary H-'IO CLASS OFFICERS EARL SMITH Presidenf LEE MERIWETHER Vice PresidenI LILA WERTI-IEIM Secrefcry L-I0 CLASS OFFICERS BRUCE BELDING Presiden+ LULA TAMARAS Vice Presiderd DON NA YOUNG Secreicry FALL-Row I llett to rightl: Beverly Bangert, Bev Williams, Eleanor lee, Jim Bovero, Harry Khachadourian, Alec Balmy, Stella Hasson, Dick Kissick, Dick Miller, Larry Wells, Corinne Gidal, Fay Hirsch, Bernice Benezra, Adele Beltrcme. Row 2: Pat Mayo, Billie Ching, Sue Rucker, Carol Wolf, Liln Sunkowich, Sue Lchree, Jcanrae Zimmerman, Dorothy The Execu Crispen, Barbara Swanson, Pat Quick, Ardath Perkins, Joan Erickson, Roberta Usher, Doris Soghamonian, Pat Knapton. Raw 3: Bud Andress, louis Hirsch, Tony Del Castillo, Allan Evens, Kenney Wood, Lloyd Tunik, Gus Fennemon, Steve Goal, Al Sing, Don Steele. tive Council This year the Executive Cocncil, the legislative body ol' George Washington l-ligh School, compleled a big lab. The newly revised school constitution, which had been under preparation lor over a year, has been approved by the students. Also, early in the Fall ierm, another momentous lask was set belore Them. The Council was faced with the problem ol dealing with oflenders of lunch time privileges. Many meetings were held with Mr. Schmaelzle, the Eagles and the G.S.S. The Council voted io suspend the noon time privileges. l-lence, the sludenls of George Washington were reslricled lo school grounds lor a sharl lime to impress upon them the need for obeying the rules. The Council learned how 'ro govern with a lirm hand and proved itself worthy ol leading the students of George Washington High School. All class olzlicers and a number of specifically elecied represenlatives from each class so as to make o total ot' six, along with all student body officers, make up rhe members ov' the Executive Council. They meet once a month with the student body president presiding and Miss Selig acting as advisor. SPRING-Row 1 lleft to rightl: Carole Baker, Dick Kissick, Deon Niel- sen, Eric Elsesser, Paula Sorgotz, Larry Wells, Carol Saunders, Vickie Sobol, Lila Wertheim, Marilyn Smith, Lula Tamaras, Donna Ycung, Roberta Pinsler. Row 2: Julie Pearl, Lloyd Koster, Corinne Gidal, Evo Grossheide, Ruth Israel, Dick Levis, Joyce kickin, Phyllis Rubin, Evaline Chang, Lee Ann Meriwether, Pat Mayo, Earlene Smith, Diane Berman. Row 3: John Doty, Richard Dahlinger, Bruce Belding, Dave Fennemun, Jay Begun, Steve Gaal, Ennis McDaniel, Kenneth DeWoll. 'S'-' Q Li FALL-Row I lleft to rightl: Mah tlirschman, Shirley Spinner, Eliza- beth Bliss, Marilyn Smith, Carol Marten, Paula Scrgatz, Gene Lysick, Martha Flott, Ruby Dunham, Marilyn Restad, Ed Shalt, Kenney Wood, Al Bolmy, Stella Hosson, Jim Bovero, Harry Khachadourlan, Wesley Robinson, Felicia Lantieri. Row 2: Joyce Riskin, Charlene Smith, Maxine Wcng, Sue Chazalet, Don McGillis, Maggie Koshaba, Mary Goode, Gloria Abras, Diane RE i ,. Pat Klein, Barbara Swanson, Katherine Eli, Lawscn, Louise Painter, Marylin Futerman, Barbara Minchin, Roberta Usher, Pat Goldsbe:ry, Janis Green, Myrna Goldstein, Barbara Jacobs. Row 3: Fay Lew, Ennis McDaniel, Tony Del Castillo, David Abel, Franklin Battat, Dick Miller, David Var- shawsky, Richard Tandowsky, John Finnell, Steven Jacobs, Johnny Haro, Gus Fenneman, Steve Goal, Larry Wells. The Principal's Cabinet The Principals Cabinet is an original and successtul plan at Washington, It grew out ot the Girls Conterence Group, which was a meeting ot one girl representative tram each registry once a week. lt proved so satistactory that Mr. Schmaelzle adopted it tor the who'e school. The Principal's Cabinet is made up ot one member ot each registry, and meets every Tuesday at 8 a.rn. It has no administrative powers and can make no policies: but it is here that the opinions at the student body and the taculty are brought together. Usually the morning betore the meeting each cabinet member asks his or her registry what their teelings are on certain rnattersf it is then his duty to bring the opinions ot the students to light at the meeting, As a result the teelings at the entire student body are known, l-tere also the adminis- trotion'S policies and viewpoints are explained and taken back to the registries. Each rnernber at the Principal's Cabinet should be conernended tar the tine work he does in repre- senting the United Stedenrs ot George Washington. SPRING-Row I llett to rightl: Charlene Shonfeld, Barbara Redlord, Jayne Dito, Bobbie Siegel, Lesley Blake, Elizabeth Bliss, Jean Naganuma, Carole Baker, Jacqueline thompson, Lila Wenegrat, Phyllis Rubin, Alice White, Joan Vodden, Barbara Minchin, Janis Green, Shirley Canata, Carol Martin, Nancy Thomas, Evelyn Wysinger. Row 2: Patricia Mikkelsen, Kathy Wessels, Myrna Goldstein, Larry Wells, Steve Gaal, Joe Miralles, Ernesto McDougal, Jay Begun, Irene Otterbein, Robert Pinsler, Donna Young, Joell Yuna, Frances Donathan, Ruby Dunham, Earlene Smith, Lloyd Koster, Kathy Wilson, Diane Vineys, Monica Maxfield. Row 3: Jan Sewall, Arlene Cohn, Pat Blake, Harris Nussbaum, Gary Green, Franklin Battat, Harry Battat, John Doty, Richard Dahlinger, Nick Kafkos, Don McGilIis, Chris Maganaris, Mary Tuohey. if - Wren 3' 4,1 xx A Presenhng The SENIORS , M.............W...! N kywi MM A wmwu ,.,4......,. - 'gr ,, S 25 I1 DI!! :nun A Xgq K ,fy sa :QQ end' M W, , L W A i -QQ W 55" '4 K pq nu 'WLXQ-1' ww' Q15 -4 Q fi s i DAMOZONIO, DONALD-Cam- era Club: Pl1ofograplWIFOOllDGll mgr. C.C.S.F. DARLING, RICHARD-L-I2 Secv.Z l-lfl2 Treos.: Baseball: Track Team: C.C.S.l:. de CURTONI, CONNIE-L-ll V.P.: Dance, Ralfv comm.: Tri- Hi-Y: C5.S.S.: Sr. Advisor: C.O.R. DELUCCHI, GLORIA-Sr. Advisor: Dance Comm.: S. F, Slate, DER, HOWARDal'li-Y: Baskel ball, Track, Soccer leams: Cal- lege. ENGELBRECHT, GLADYS -M Reg. Secy.: Dance Comm.: Sr, Ad- visor: Tri-Hi-Y: Work. ERSEPKE, ARTHUR-Foolball. Baskefball reams: C.C.S.F. FINEMAN, DONALD-Baseball, Football: Navy. FLOTT, MARTHA-Prin. Cob.: G.A.A,: Block W: Sr. Advisor: Work. FONG, WYMAN-Arr: Radio? C.C.S.F. FORBEY, LUTHER-L-I2 Pres.: Eagles: Baseball, Foolball: C.C.S.F. FRIEDMAN, FRED-Foolball, Bas- kelball: C.C.S.F. GOLDMAN, HALH-Sr. Advisor? Dance Comm.: College. GOODRICK, PATRICIA-l.-IO Secy.: Prin. Cab.: Dance Comm.: Sr. Advisor: Marriage. GORDON, CLIFF-I-li-Y: Faalball leam: C.O.P. HALLIDAY, BETTY-Sr. Advisor' Dance Comm.: C.C.S.F. HAMILTON, RUTH - G.A.A.T Business College. HARE, ROBERT-l-li-Y: Baskef- laall, Track Teams: College. HASSON, STELLA-S.B. V.-P.: Sr. Advisor: Exec. Colncil: GSS.: G.A.A.: Block W: C.S.F.7 Cal. HILMOE, ROBERT-S.B. 2d V.-P5 l-li-Y Pres.: Trock learn: S.F. Slale. HOOGASIAN, ANITA - Reg Secy.: Dance Comm.: S.M.J.C. College. JACKSON, DAVID- Reg. Treas. Proieclors club: Com'l Arlisl. JEONG, EMILY - Sr. Advisor G.A.A.: Business Scliool. HUNT, PHYLLIS- Roller Skalingi a t 3 A h -41:2 if 5 f'I fg HELEN QULIANO Senior Music Commlifee is ., ., 5 ff Ps, 01 1 'T JOE, RAYMONDHI-Ii-Y: BasebaII Fao+baII reams: Asfo Mech. JORDON, CHESTER-I-Ii-Y: Bas- ke+baII7 C.C.S.F. KAWAMORITA, HANNAH-ArI OFIiCe worker. KING, DUNBAR- I-Ii-Y: Basket baII, BasebaIIq Trade ScI'rooI. KLEIN, HERMAN-Reg. Pres. Treasg Dance Cornrnx CCSP. KNAPTON, PAT-I-I-I2 V.-P.: Ex Cosncn: Dance Ccrnrnr Sr. Ad: visor: G.A.A.: G.S,S,f C.S,F.' CoIIege. KOHN, JOAN- Reg. Treas.: Sr. Advisor' G.f'X.A.' CCSP. KRAMER, REGINA-Sr. AdvIsar BIocIc W' GJNA.: C.C.S.E. KUDO, GENE-C.C.S.F. LACEY, QUENTIN-RaIIy Ccmrn.: I-II-Y: Fcorbaf Track fearns: Summer Sfack. LACHMANN, RENEE-Red Crass: Dance Carrrng Sr, Advisor Nsrse. LACOSTA, MANUEL - Dance Carnrny I-II-Y: Base-baII, BasIce+- baII Teams' M-arIn lf. LANE, BARBARA-Sr. Adhsar G.A.A.: Ca'Iege. LEE, GORDON-Track, BasebaII7 CoIIege. LEVY, HERBHBasLefba,I: CcIIege. LEWIS, MARY-L-I2 Secy.: Dance Comm.: Sr. Advisor' G.A.A.: CSF.: G.S,S,' Cc Iege. LEWIS, THELMA-GAA.: Work. LIBAN, HAROLDEBQWIWQ CL.I'.'Jf Army. LORENZEN, ELEANORE-Sr. Ad- vlsor' G.A.A.' Bock W7 C.C.S.E. LUM, BESSIE-Sr. Advlscrf G.A.A,g Undecided. LUSCOMBE, NANCYgE1.CC.F1II' Sf. Adviser' Beck W Pres.: GAA.: Cc Iege, LYNCH, CHARLOTTE-M-sIc' NVorIr, MGCKENZIE, GORDON-Reg. Pres.: Sr. Aavfscr' C.C.S.I:. MAGNER, WILLIAM - Track 'earn' SE. S'a'e. MCCHESNEY, ALAN--Reg. Pres.7 Sr. Advisor: Hi-Y: Fooiball learn: Undecided. McINTOSH, WALTER--Unde- cided. MCKELVEY, JOHN-Reg. Pres.: Sr. Advisor: Red Cross: Swim- ming, Soccer reams: Farmer. MILLER, ROBERT-Sr. Advisor: HLYQ Track feom: U.C. al Davis. MITCHELL, ALBERT-Hi-Y: Foo?- ball feam: Music, Arr: Sfudy Music. MONTELEONE. DON -Sr. Ad- visor: I-li-Y: C.C.S.F. MOUNTANOS, PATRICIA- G.A.A.: Music: Swimming: Dress- making Sclwool. NEWMAN, STANLEY -- Track: Baseball feam: Undecided. NISSAN, EDWARD-Phoiogrd plwy: Soccer: Swimming: U.C. ai Davis. NG, LUCILLE-G.A.A.: Block WC C.S.F.' Mcisic: Swimming: S.F. Siaie. O'BRlEN, BEVERLY-Universiiy of Nevada. O'BRIEN, PATRICIA-Dancing: Work. OCHOA, DONNA-Drama: Un- decided. PARRINO, CORINNE-Horses. Work. PASTEL, JEANNE-G.A.A.: Arr School. PEARL, PHYLLIS-G.A.A.: Swim- ming: SF. Srafe. PHELPS, VAUGHN-Sr. Advisor Horses: Sraniord. PODA, GENEVIEVE - Skofingz Work. POLLACK, JANET-Dancing: Work. POLLACK, .IUNE-Ari: Dancing: Work. PON, WESLEY-Reg. V.-P.: Sr. Adviser' Baskeiball: College. QUIJANO, HELEN -- Dance Comm.: G.S.S.t C5.A.A.: Block W: Tri-l'IifY: Sr, Advisor: U. of Plwilipoires. QUIJANO, PETER-Reg, Pres., Trees.: Hi-Y: U. of Philippines. QUOCK, HANLOY-Baske+boll: Swifrimirg' College. RADKE, LOTTIE-Dance Comm. SJ. Slave. RAYNER, WILLIAM - Traveling salesman. ROBINSON, WHITNEY- Arr: Football: Work. ROSENBLATT, CAROL - Reg. V.-P.: G.A,A.: College. fm 45 A "lx WOLK, SHIRLEY-Ex. Council: Sr, Advisor: Block W: G.A.A. Pres.: Dance Comm.: SF. Srale. WONG, FRANK-Sr. Advisor Sporls: College. WONG, HARRY-Sr, Advisor: Baseball: Trade Sclnool. WONG, WINSTON-Sporls: Ani- mals: Driving: College. WOOD, KENNEY+Yell leader: H-l2 Pres: Eagles: Ex. Council: Prin, Cab.: Eagle, Surveyor sfarlg J.V. Foorloall: Hi-Y: Rally, Dance Comms.: Academy of Ari. YOUNG, ESTHER - Sr. Advisor: H-l2 Secy.: Ex. Coon.: Reg. V.-P.: Prin. Cab.: CSF.: G.S.S.: Cal. YOUNG, LOUISE-Sr. Advisor: G.A.A.: Nurse. MORTON BARR CARSTEN HARVEY HOWARD KRUEGER GENE LQRUE ,... g RICHARD DARLING MARY LEWIS Senior Day Plans Graduation Program Spring Graduates Q Vere r a n s MICHAEL ADAN JAY CHALKER DONALD CRAIG 5- fl im? : C ..,,., L 1 46 1 'mfg' ,fm ..Ls. Query... 1 Mo STANFORD LYMAN Director Senior Day -no 1:39 ABRAMS, STEVE-Sr. Advisor: Sfage Crew: Pnoiography: Bas- keiboif- Cai. ADAMS. DON-Ex, Coon.: Sr. Ad- visor: Prin. Cab.: C.S.F.: Main Ciub: l2O-130 Baskeibafl Teams: Oxford. ADAN, JUDY-Jr. Day Coke Comm.: G.A.A.: Tri-Hi-Y: Work. ALBO, BARBARA-Red Cross: Jr. Day Comm.: Dance Comm.: Sr. Comm.: Piona: C5.A.A.: Work. ALDERSON, DOLORES-C5.A.A.7 Sr. Advisor: Swimming: Work. ALPERT, MYRNA-Sr.Comm.: Red Cross: Dance Comm.: C.S.F.: Tri- Hi-Y: Drama Cfub: F.T.A.: SF. Srafe. ANDERSON, MAUREEN-Bcwi- ing: Swimming: Work. ANDERSON, BARBARA-Reg. Secy.: G.A.A.: Piano: Bowiing: SF, Sfo+e. ANDREASEN, PEGGY-Tri-Hi-YI Eag1e Sraffg Bowling: SJ. Sfafe. ANDRESS, BEVERLY-Reg. Secy.7 Eagfe: Sarvevor: Tri-Hi-Y: Ce- ramics: SF. Sfore. ARNOLD, CARLYN-Rciifv Com'n.i Doncing: Misic: Srage Career. ASLANIAN, NANCY-Red Crass! Dance Comm.: Drawing: C.C.S.F. BAACK, JUNE-Reg. Secy.: Sr. Ad- visor: Tri-Hi-Y: Skafing: CoUege. BAKER, CAROLE-SB. Secy.: Heli Secy.: Ex. Covn.: Ex. Dance Comm.: Raiiy Comm.: Prin.Cc1b.: O.A.A.: Bfock W: CSF.: OSS.: E.T.A.' Coliege. BARADA, JOAN-P.T.A. Rep.: G.A.A.: Ice Skafing: Marriage. BARR, JEAN-F.B.L.A,: Y-Teens? Tennis' Riding: C.C.S.F, BARRETT, LAVERNE-F.B.L.A.: Records: Rofier Skafingg Work. BATTAT, FRANKLIN- Prin. Cob.: Eogiest Cnmn. Sr. Advisors' Pres. C.S.F.: Saber Club: Boseboll Team' Coi. BEAR, ELIZABETH-Sr, Advisor: O.A,A.' Dance Comm.: Jr. Dov: Red Crass: OSS.: Block W: SF. Coiiege for Women, BELL, EDWARD-Smge Crew, Broadcosr. BELL, FLORA DEAN-B'ock W: O.A.A.' Sr. Advisor: SF. Sioio. BEMIS, PEGGY-Donco Comm.: Rrin. Cob.: Hiking: Coi. BERDALIS, STEPHANIE-C.S.F.: O.A,A.: UNESCO' D.A.R.: Biock W: Dance Comm.: Col. BERMAN, ROBERTHPros. A.Z.A.: Singing' Focrbaii: Coiiego BEZZONE, El.lNOR-Sr. Advisor? Tri-Hi-Y: G.A.A.I Block W' F.B.L.A.: Work. BINDON, JACKIE'-Jr. Day: Tri- Hi-Y: GAA.: Block W: M-siC: Army Nurse. BOURDIEU, CLAUDETTE-Bowl ing: Work. BOVERO, JAMES-Yell Leader: Reg. Pres.: Hi-Y: Eagles: Mesic: C.O.P. BOWERS, ELLEN-Secy. Drafria Club: Ari Work: Ari Scliool. BRIDGES, LILA-Prin. Cab.: Rally Comm.: Block W' Dance Comm: G.A,A,: Volleyball: Work. BROWN, EDDIE MAE-Jr. Day: Music: Baskelball: College. BURBANK, BEVERLY-Prin. Calm? Dance Comm.: Rainbow: Ari Scliool. BYRNE, TOM-Prin. Cab.: Saber Club: R.O.T.C.T Model Airplanes: Foolball: College. CACCIA, GERALDlNE-Sr, Ad- visor: Reg, Secy.: Block W: G.A.A.: Bodminion: Nursing. CALLAN, DELORES-Red Crrssi Friends: Work. CAMPBELL, JIM--l-li-Y: Cars: Foolball: Navy. CANALI, GABE+MusiC: Roller Skaiing: Navy. CAPOS, ALICE-Reg, Secyq Vol, leyball: Dancing: Work. CARL, MARIE-LOUISE-F.R.C. Rep.: Cl1mn.Jr. Red Cross Coon- cil: Skiing: Swimming: College. CARLSON, KENN-Track learn: Undecided. CARVALHO, SYLVIA-Dance Comm.: Reg. VP.: Broaclcaslp Prin. Cala.: Block W: G.A.A.: C.S.F.: Piano: Tennis: College. CASTEEL, JOSEPH-Basketball: Work, CAVA, RONALD---Jr., Sr. Advisor: Air Corps. CHAN, HUBERTACliinese Slu- denls Club: College, CHAN, WlLLlAMgBoys' Club: Bi'- iards' Boske'l3all: Travel, CHAN, WALTER qrfopawf Fislw' Fencing: College. CHANG, PRISCILLA-Sr. Re-o.: G.S,S.' Pb. Comm.: C5.A.A.: CSC.: Sr. Advisor' Tri-l-li-Y: Block W: Slanford. CHERK, DARTMOND+Sr. Comm.- Clfinese Cl.b: Track ieo'n: Cal. CHIN, BERNICE'-G,A.A.' Eick W2 College. CHIN, ELINOR-GAA.: Clrfwgso Cl.b: Bowling' Riding: Ccllege CHOW, GALEN4Reg. Pres' Sr Advisor? C.S.F.: College. CLAWSON,FREDADance Comm. Masaiers: Living: J.V, Fcvkzall Track reams' Uriv. of Ufan. DUHR, BARBARA-Reg, VP.: G.A.A.: Block W: College. du JARDIN, MERLE - I-II-Y: I-Icrses: Air Farce, DUNN, CHARLES-Clness' Soccer: Armed Service, DUNNINGS, JAMES-Sporfs: Football- Track' College. EGGLETON, GEORGE-HI-YI Cars: Foalball: Army. ELI, KATHERINE-Prfrx Cab.: Red Cross: Dance Comm.: G.A.A.: Trlrl-li-Y: Bowlingj College. ELKINGTON, GEORGE-De-Mc, 'ay' Cars' Baseball: Nayy. ELLIOTT, CELIA-C.S,F.: G.A.A.: Bloclc W: Music: College, ELLIOTT, DIANE-Reg. VP.: Secy. Frm Cab.: Dance Commx Eagle Slap: Surveyor Slall: Tri-I-lf-Y: G.A.A.: Blocl: W' Cal. ELSESSER, ERIC-L-I2 Pres.: H-I2 Tre-as.: Eagles' CSF.: Broadcasl- ing: Dance Comm.: HI-Y' Soccer, Cross Cawnlry leams: Slanlord. EMERY, .IO ANN-Dance Comm.: TrlYI-II-Y: Bloclc W' Dancing' CGI- lege. EMMART, DIANNA-Red Cross: Eagle Sfallr G.A,A.: Wrivmg: Bowling: C,C.S.F, ENG, EVELYN-Sr, AdyIsor G.A,A.: Bloclc W: S.F, Slale. EVANS, ALLANiEx. Council: Class Treasx Hi-Y: Baslerball: Svdrn- mingf Slanlord. EVERT, HELENfPlano' Volleyball: C.C,S.F. FAHY, NORMA-Braille: Roller Slallng: Marriage. FAZZI, JOHN-Red Cross' Sr. Ad- visor: ProIeclors Cl.b: Myslc' Soccer: CoIIege. FELDMAN, LOIS-Reg. Secyx Dance Comm.: Bowling, Dancing' Marin J.C. Wcrlc. FELT, RACQUELLE-Reg. VP., Secyx THYHI-Y: Sr. Advisor' C.S,l:.: G.A.A.: Undedded, FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY-Sr. C:rnr'n.' G,A,A,' Vclleyball: FIU-GERALD, WALTER-Boslcei ball' Worlc. FONG, JAMESgUrde:IcIed. FONG, SHERMAN - Baskelbaflt College, FONG, WILLIAM-Wafclw Fool- balIq Tennis: Baslcelbal :College - 1 c',x ...:, Q in 1-2 c wg? Allis ff ,mc . I : : ,I 1 25215: -43' .g GENE LYSICK Senoor Commuflee we ., ,QI 3: K "' 1-1 - , s., be ' 'I 8" W ZQW ' 'sinf- If ":: " is ,., nga. w ' in -Qi' 'i,.f:.E:: " I ...... . G22 Q2 Q:--. -22.1, :- " 'c ' , . L I.. 4,1 .4 4 f 1 9 . 3- R S f 1 W S , ..--- 3 g by , -if 1' 'W I, 4 1, . fx feng .- W,,w .A f"",'f 63' 1' GORMAN, FRANCES-F.B.l..A.: C3.A.A.: Y-Teens: Swim.: C.C.S.E. GRANT, RICHARD-Hi-Y: Music: C.C.S.F. GRANUCCI, JOSEPHINE-Eagle Rep.: C3.A.A.: Bowling: Bus. Col. GRAY, DOLORES-G.A.A.:Trcivel. GREENE, BARBARA-Tennis? SF. Slafe. GROSSHEIDE, EVA-Ex. Council: Tri-Hi-Y: Music: Volleyball: Ten- nis: Higlw School in Berlin. GUIDI, LORRAINE-Reg. Secy.: C5.S.S.: G.A.A.: Sr. Advisor: Tickel' Seller: Jr. Dov: Block W' F.B.l..A.: Work. HAEDRICH, RODNEY-Basket ball: Foolboll: Work. HAINES, JOHN-Reg. Pres.. Treas.: Foolball: C.C.S.F. HAMAI, JUNJI-Saber Club: Model Slwips: Foofboll: College. HAMEL, GLENDA - Singing: Sporls: Work. HAMMOND, BETTYE-Swimming: Bowling: College. HARDY, SHERBURNE - M .sic College. HARVEY, JEROME-Saber Club: Radio Club: College, HAYMOND, ELOUISE-Reg.V.P.: Tri-l-li-Y: Block W: C5.A.A.: Mu- sic: Cal. HEART, CHARLES-Reg. Treos. Hi-Y: Track feom: C.C.S.F. HEISE, NORMAN-Dance, Rally Comms.: Sfage Manager: Hi-Y: Eagles: College. HELMKE, FRED - Reg. Pres., Treas.: Prin. Cab.: Sr. Advisor' Boys' Slale: Track leorn: Slonl'd. HERALD, AUDREY-Prin. Cob.: Sr. Advisor: Bowling: College. HIRD, ROSEMARY-Reg, VP.: G.A.A.: Undecided. HO, WILFRED-Sr. Advisor: Track Team: College. HOLLISTER, MYRON-Dance Comm.: Eagles: C.S.F.: Sr. Ad- visor: Foolball, Tennis, Track leoms: College. HOLTZEN,ARLOA-G.A.A.:Sing- ing: Volleyball: Bowling: Work. HOWARD, PATRICIA-Prim. Cab.: Lux College. HUGHES, ETHEL- G.A.A.g Tri- Hi-Y: Skaling: Work. HUIE, DONALD-Arl: Ar? Sclwoof. HUM, ALBERT- Sr, Advisor Sporfs: Col. HWANG, KATHERINE-Camero Club: Pliolograpluy: College. ZW .gsm MQ I UM.. .K W .Q Wm r V, RW, . . I QE: 3 W H r 3 P ma r , .,.. S1 1-'mu 'if J x v , X . , 4 ir ,K : 3 ...aa ..... . il, .j J - 'ws 5 I 1 r' , f f so 5 ,, A 7 1 Aci gcf Jim 'VY . 2.1.A:E,W , , if J : Q 5232 , f I . Q, W . 9, , J iffy-.,, If ff ,R Q? 'Q 11 INCH, CLARALEE- Irr-Ilrfr' Vu 'LAYDQIIZ Bc1drrr1r"r"VVi'v. IRVINE, WILLIAM -Sr. Advfsor Reg. Trees.: Scbe' C ,b' Foo. bor': CGI. IRWIN, CARL-I-ILY' BQSIQIDOII Swrrrmrwg' Crcss Ci "ry +ca"'r Track' CQIIQQQ. JAFFE, EILEEN 7 Red Crass G.A.A,: BQWIMWQ7 CJ. JENSEN, EVA-If Sflflpgf Smfrr mrwg: Meoicor AfJs'c"+, JEONG, WOON - Sfzfgrorsw C.C.S.F. JOHNSON, ANNETTE-Rf,-Q, VP 55-4,5 PrrbII1fr', C " " .' Trl FII Y C" agar. JONES, ALBERT-fp-3. Vw.: PGH Cob: Provo' Ifuy' U'f1Q.rCJf3d JONES, JIM-R-Ag, pwsf H'-Y Ff1Cfb11II,Iro:I 'euwi Cc. JONES, WYLIE----Sf, !4'.fJVISiZF' Bas IrefI:noII' Cc Iege. JUNG, MARY-QSC: Tern 5 Bodfrrnfcn- Cc Iegef. KAMBUR, JAMESSEcge Src? I-4?-Y' Foo'bcI' Ifsecrced. KATO, LUISA-G.AA.' BQWIMQ7 Dordrgt B sirese CC ego, KAYE, LESTER-Sf. AGv'ISC" Sci- Qer 'eorv' Prrfcrf' KEITH, SANDRA- Qfcrfro' Aff' Ice Skofingi VC erbc :Work KENNEY, DOLORESAQQQ. sm.: I'r'I'Ir Y' GAA' Uflzrcmrfrl' Work. KERMOIAN, RALPH-Sf. Adviser: Tickef SeIIertBrcod::1s'rrg' Reg. pres.: EogIesg I-II-Y' Scbe' CI b? C'.I'Qg10. KISSICK, RICHARD-C.srcd!arw? 2:1 V.P.' H-I2 P'-es: EogIest Hr-Y: BOSQIJOIIA C: age. KLINGENFUSS, FRANK---Swrrw ring: Armed Service. KNOPS, JOMAR-Tri-I-4?-Y' Swim- r"'rrg'BCwIInQ3MCC19I. KOEPKE, CAROL-VCI f:yI1o'f- Tcmnrsp COIIQQE. KOSEWIC, DON-F.B.L.A.: FCC?- boII' ICQ skorrngq WUI, KOSS, DONALD-Dyce Ccmrrx M,.sFc Jr. Dey' FL:':c" Basie'- bcIIf Work, KOSTER, LLOYD-SB, Two.: Pauly Duma CA"r"z.' IJZYY- EGQIQS' STOQC CW-W' Svfrrwrfnq w-r3f'ri Cffrilgef KUNZ, JOANNAf?eg. Sec, Iffecsx Red Criss' Sr. Czrfwu- G.A.A.: RPI er SKc"'g' WUI. KURENDA, BEATRICE'-M sr" G.A.A.' Skorlfwgz' Uff-iced. KWONG, PEGGY-A CSP' Cccrif' G.A.A,' Ierrrriy C' LAI, BENSON-Cr'feie C' Is- FEW' Bose-boI" CoIIege. L LAMPROS, MILTON-Reg. Pres? Dance Cornnn.: I-Ii-Y' Boskf-'IJQII FOOIBQII 'eornsi C.C,S.F. LAPEDIS, EDWINfDor'ce Ccfnrfu' Hi-Y: Bovding: C.C,S.F, LARKINS, PATRICIA-Movies VoIIeyboII: C.C.S.F. Lo ROCCA, CATI'IERlNEfi?ed Cross: Music: BowIing: Wcric. LATAL, Esri-iERefC.s.P.: cfm- veiiwboiif c.c.s.F. LAZZARI, CONSTANCE-G.A.A.- Cooking: Swimming: Wtrk. LEE, EDWIN-BoscboII: Football: CoIIege. LEE, ELEANOR-Ex. Co.,r'.' Dance Comm.: GAA.: Tennis: N. rsing' CoIiege. LEE, ELLIOTT-Reg. Treosf IIO T20 BosIfefboII iecznnsi CoIIege. LEE, ESTHER-Reg. V.P,, Secyx Red Cross: Sr. Comm: TriYI-ii-Y: Corneroi C.S.F.: G.A,fx.' GSS.: BIocIcW:Co1. LEE, HENRY-Seccef, BoseboI': Undecided. LEE, LIN-Bcv.Iir'g: Tiodc +eci'n' C.C.S.F. LEGASA, ALFRED- Reg, Tieos.: Dance Ccrnrn: Soccer ieonw: COI- Icge. LEIPSIC, CAROL-AH: Beyer. LEISTER, RAY-Reg. Pres.: Jr., Sr. Advisor: I-Ii-Y: Eogaes: Bosebcv ieorn: C.C.S.F. LEMBECK, SHIRLEY-Reg. VP.: Dance Comm.: G.A,A.: Tri-I-iivY: VoIIeyboII: CGI, LeVECK, MARGE-Jr. Dey: Tri- Hi-Y: G.A.A.: Ceramics: SF. Sfofe. LEVIN, SYLVIAfTrI-I-Ii-Y: C.S.F.: UNESCO: Sr, Adviser: G.A,A,: BIQCI W: CuiII ond Snail: Sgr- veyor Edifor: Swniord. LEW, CHARLES-BosIce+b:zII: Bose- IDQII: Foc?bcxII:TrocI1: Coiege. LILES, BARBARA-Cersfviis' VC'- feyboIII C.C.S.F. LIPSON, MYRA-CSF.: C1.A,A.: BIock W: Swiwming: CQI, LIVINGSTON, VERAfQ0g. Sify.: Brncdcczsfing' C.S.F.: Czech: C3'. LOBREE, SUZANNE-Ex, Ccp':iI- Reg. Secy.: Rainy Ccnnwi.: GSS.: Tri-I-Ii-Y: C5.A.A.7 C.S.I:.T CGI. LOPATO, KATHERINE-Tri-I-ii-Y? Swimwiing: Tennis: C,C.S.F. DIANNE ELLIOTT CIericaI Work , Nw' LOUIE, JESSIE-Volleyball, Work. LOUIE, VIVIAN-Chinese Smdenf Club: GAA.: Tennis: College. LUCIA, SHIRLEY- Donce Cornmx Tri-I-Ii-Y: G.A,A.: Work, LUI, STEPHEN-Model Airplanes: Baslcelbollg Track: C,C.S,F. LUM, CALVIN-Sr. Advlgorj BOS- kelball learn: College, LUMMIS, DIANATSV., Sciip' Cornmsf G.A.A.7 C.S.F.' Masque and Gave-'Z Masqeerst College. LUM, SHERMAN-Cord slonf: Sr. Advisor' l-li-Y: Saber Cpb' C.S.F.: Cal. LUNARDI, AL-Sr, Adwisor: Work. LYMAN, STANFORD-Reg. Pies.: Sf. Comm.: Prin. Cab.: Jr., Sf. Day Direclori C.S.F,: Col. LYMAN, SYLVIAiPrin. Cab: Sr. Advisor, Tri-Hi-Y: G.Fk.A.: Col. LYSICK, EUGENIA- Prin. Cab: Reg. Secvx C5.A,A.g Block W7 Work, MccRITCHIE, MARY - C5.S.S.' Dance Comm: S". Advisor: G.A.A.' Block W: College. MADDEN, JOHN - Ex, Council: Rally, Dance Convns.: C.S.F.g College. MAGANARIS, CHRIS-Reg. Pres.: Sr. Rep., Golf, Tennis Teams, C.C.S.F. MAGLAND, EDWARD-Drama Club: S.F.Y.A.7 Plnolograplwyq Pasadena Playhouse. MAOKI, BLANCA-G.A.A.g Swim- ming: Work, MARKS, GENE-I-Ii-Y: Baskefballt Work. MARTIN, JANICE-Ex. Coon.: Reg, Pres.: CSAA.: Block W7 GSS.: Cal, MASIC, VLASTA-Prim. Cob.: C.S.F. Coaclwq P.T,A.' Dance Comm.: Cal. MATHEWS, F. SCOTT-Camera Club? Pl'olograpI1y:Co'lege. MAZUROSKY, RUDY - Foolbalf Baskelballg Undecided. MCCARON, PAT-Eagle Slall: Tri- I-Ii-Y: Modeling: SJ, Sfale. McCONAUGHY, JOANNE- Prim, Cab.: Dance, Rowy Comms., C5.A.A.' Bfock Wg College. MCCORMICK, PALMEDA-Pro gram Seller, Tri-I-li-Yg Denlal Nurse. MCLEAN, PRISCILLA-Masquers Swimming: Aclingg College McLEMORE, OLIVER-J.V. Fool'- ball, Boslcelboll leams: C.C.S.F. MELNIKOV. NlNA-Volleyball: Worlc. MEN DELSON, DIAN E-Red Cross: Bowling: Worlc. MERSHON, JEANNETTE-Dance Comm.: G.A.A.: Sr. Advisor: C.S.F. Coocli: Work. ' METZ, DENNY-Reg.Treas.: Hi-Y: .l.V. Fooiball leom: Morin J.C. MEYER, MILTON-Baslcelboll: Trock: C.C.S.F. MEYER, URSULA-Reg. V.P.i P.T.A. Comm.: Prin. Cob.: Ari: College. MILLER, BEVERLY-Rolly, Dance Comms.: C5.A.A.: G.S.S.: Trif l-li-Y: Morin J.C. MILLER, RICHARDQ H-ll Pres.: S.B. Aflnlelic Mgr., Pres. Eagles: Rally Comm.: Hi-Y: Sr. Advisor: Corlelon College. MINCHIN, BARBARA-Prin. Cob.: CEAA.: Donce Comm.: TriAHi-Y: Marin J.C. MITCHELL, VIRGINIA-Reg. V.P.Z Bowling: Worli. MIZUHARA, YOSUKE-Music, Foolball: Boslcelboll: M.l.T. MOLTENI, DON-Reg. V.P.: Hi-Y: Sroge Crew: Bc1seball:S.F.Slol'e. MORPHOPOULOUS, HERCULES -Reg. Secy.: C.C.S.F. MORRIS, ROY- Cars: Soccer learn: C.C.S.F. MOSK, FAY-H-ll Secy.: Red Cross: Tri-Hi-Y: Denial School. MOSS, COLEMAN - Reg. Pres.I l-li4Y: Foofboll. Traclc, Cross Coonlry ieorns: College, MOUNTAIN, BARBARA-Tri-HL Hi-Y: Tennis: Bowling: Medical Secy. NADLER, MARILYN-Reg. V.P.I Tri-l-li-Y: Swimming: Bus. Coll. NICOLAI, NORMA- Red Cross Rep.: Work. NIELSEN. B. DEON-l-l-I2 V.P.I Ex. Coon.: Donce, Rally Comms.: C.S,F.Z C5.S.S.7 G.A.A.: Brigham Young University. NISSEN, RICHARD-Golf, Soccer leoms: Undecided. NORTHCUTT, ROBERT-Hi-Y:Allf Cily Swim leam: U.S.C. NUNEMANN, TED-Slampsi Fool- bollg Armed Forces. NUZUM, SUE--Re-g.Treos.: Dance Comm.: Tri-l-li-Y: GAA.: Col- lege. NYQUIST, NADINE-C.C.S.F. OKAWA, MARY-GAA.: C.S.F. Cooclig Music: Bowling: Col. 5' ma' -af F , I . 'awk '22 .2 S za Y 4-fm., ri WAQ. ..--if -. N, AK' -0' guru h,x,,.. fan gg, 2 I I' 1 43 I T HQ 'uiafifs I' v Yi . X4 JI If :L "v 'L as s 4 , :::2::.- I.: - Eff I' if 2 Hg. A rw II3 If I ig ig I I +V fi 13' f' 11 , - 45" S 5 ,- 5 -4 5 I1 ' , .fr f.,:. - 5 X ':,, s- " -sl' O'ROURKE, GLENNETTE- 'S-. A INN' CSF.: G.A.A.3 L5 CQ ORTON, BETTE -- GAW. F'-fa I?ig.V,", IIPGLT C3.S.S.' 'SA E 7- WA TILHI-Yg CCSP. OSTEYEE, DAVID A Peg. TMUHLY-Iv Ffwcw C .JH , ,. . C. C. C: My 'saws' CGI. OTTERBEIN, IRENE--Rfgz. CTJ'i'? Rcjs Cf"'M4.' Cf T' -I-'Wg SE. S'G'-3. PATTON,DAVID-fSnf1, CSF.: HEY- MQW C' r' C,. PAYNE, I'IELEN!I2cfrf Cf G.A.P.t SIcc"rg7 C.C.S,E. PAYTON, REBERTHA - f CC"".7 CEJKA.: Bea '. Si PEDONEMARJORIE-F2-1-d C Dar-:fe C:"m'u7 G.fN.A.' G. F.T.A,: SE. S'o'e. L- A P VP .A S 5.5 PHELAN, CAROLYN ---GAA M S-Cf Recfrdsq VI!c'fIf. PIATYSHIN, JENNY -A fa- Ccfvvrw ' GAA.: M1'5I:'B s' Cf Lego. PIHL, CLAIRE ANN--Sr. S"-P Cargo Cf"rws,:Tri-I-If-Y'?.A BIf:L W7 N ran. PILAYO, JOHANNA--SM" -' ST-f'j:'orI'fIf. PITEL, SYLVIAW GAA.: BI I E.I.A.' Sv,f'vwImq7 SE, SU' PLESSAS, DEMETRA - fin CIW' G.A.A.y Bmhqg Vx PODESTA, ROBERT -Cc' ' E Ivo I' Turin Sdvf-I. PORTER, JAMES'-R-gg. VY' C F'f'Cf1 :Ar"Iy. POTTER, SAM Y-SB. C " 'I DOWN RQIII' Cf"Ims.7 R- R HIIY: Saber C' b' CfV"1f-. PREPOUSES, PAULINE-fi' C NW.: G.A.A.' BIf' I IN. PRESS, CLARENCE---PN: C II? Y- Buf,f1bnII, Fr HIY1 Pvn.B13'f-LVJI. PRICE, KEITH -Rf-qu. P "-N. T-I B Egg?-5' E"1:If1'ITf1I :"f Iww' Y' '52 LI. PRICE, RICHARD- - If' Y' E' E' "ri T V1 'fIxt1:'I IJ PRITIKIN, SHIRLEY -Q-fi. Sf FTXA- C7.A.A: B1-. Iii' S"J1h. PULLEM, MARILYN S'.YA1i.4 I: VJXA' E Cf ff':f-. QUAN, EVELYN--SQ," C- V 1' VJ -L, QUIGLEY, PATRICIA - 'G C ""V'.' 5"I VJ: C.f'.A,.' L1-ry. IQ QUOCK, MARY-C-A."-A W" E.5.L.A.' E C RASI-IFAL, SYLVIA-H 9-1. V. S-i-i. ' 'f,A.A.' BIND Vu C Sr REED, ARTI-IURvR5d C'ff' F "1 Silif-' C E27 Sfff-' .Iv C E' .A VV, 1 . PTS ,IC c ,f- Lv Q C Tr P. RENO, KENT-EcugIes: Sr. ACI- visor: I-I1-Y:Trock, Cross CourrIry Ieoms: COIIege. RIGHETTI, CLIFFORDfReg. VP.: I-II-Y: BoseboII Ieom: C.C.S.F. ROBINSON, LUTHER-I-IomIIIon Teen Cenfer: BoskerboII: Work. ROBINSON, ROBERTA-Dance Comm.: Tri-Hi-Y: GAA.: Tennis: C.C.S.F. ROBINSON, WESLEY-Prim. Cob.: Chess, Proiedors Clubs: Unde- aided. ROEMELT, SVEN-Reg. Sery.. Treos.: Bwsmess CIUID: Work, ROGERS, ROBERT-Prin. Cob.: Eagles: CSF.: MoIIw, Projecrors. Sober Clubs: Tennis, Rifle Teams: Srorrford. ROGERS, ROBERTA-Reg. Trees.: Secy.: Tri-I-Ii-Y: G,A.A.: SwIm- ming: Work. ROMERO, GLORIA-Poinking: Skcning: Arf SckrooI. ROSE, MARCIA4PrIn. Cob.: Reg. Pres.: Swimrmrrg: DenIoI Nurse, ROSENBLATT, ROCHELLE- Reg. Trees.: Red Cross: BIock Wg Work, ROSSO, LOUIS--Reg. Pres., VP.. Trees.: EOQIQS: HAY: BoseI3oIIg S.F. SIoIe. ROTH, .IOHN G.-fReg. Treos. PrIn, Cob.: Sfoge Crew: Soccer feom: Army. ROVENS, DAVE-Musk: BosIefA beII: FOOIIJOII: CoIIege, SACCONE, LOIS-L-II V.P.: Ex. Cosncil' Dome. RoIIy Comms.: TriYHi-Y: Morin IC. SAHARIN, ALEXwMoIInemofICs Science: Scccer: Work. SALIH, JOAN-Red Cross: G.fX.A.' Music: Commercial Ari Sckmrf. SAMUELS, LIONELfEogIe Roo.: I-IIAY: Trcck Ieom: Piano: FOO'- boII' S.F. S?oIe. SANKOWICH, LILA-I.-IO VP.: Er. COQFCII' Dance Comm.: Prin. Cob.: GSS. Pres.:G.A.A.: Cof. SCHAEFER, WILLIAM 4 Reg. Trees.: Sr. Advisor: Hi-Y: Dance Comm.: Trock, Bdske+boII reams: Pharmacy. SCHMODDE, I-IELGE-EogIes' UNESCO: I-IIYY: Track Ieonn: Free Univ. of BerIIn, Germany, SCHULTE, RICHARDwSwImmIng Boske+boII: Work. SCHUMANN, ROSEMARIE'-Ro? Ierskofing: Work. SCHWARZ, ALBERTA-Reg. VP.: EogIe Ren.: G.A.A.: Rldmg. er K 211 .gggd . - 1 W 4.-Us --. . gf., K . WLC Q. If Q Y E Y' Z ! di SQUYER, SHIRLEY-Reg. Pres.. Treos.: Prin. Colo.: Jr. Aclnieve- menl: Work, STAUB, JOYCEgDonce Comm: G.A.A.: Block W: Sr. Advisor: Dromo Club: Eogle: Col, STEELE, THEO-Ari: Redding: Porsons' Sclnool of Design. STEFFENSON, JANET-Dance Comm.: Tri-Hi-Y: G.A.A.: Work. STERNEJOSEPH-Closs Pres.:S.B. Treos.: Music: Baseball leom: College. STOCKTON, GEORGE--Hi-Y: Sloge Crew: Boskelboll: Fool- bolli C.C.S.F. STRAHINJA, JOAN - Red Cross' G.A.A.: Tennis: Work, STUDT, LESLIE-Reg. Secy.: Treos.: Sr. Advisor: Tri-l-li,Y: G.A,A.: Block W: C.S.l3.: Reed College. SUTTER, JOAN-Tri-l-li-Y: G.A.A.I Swimming, Morrioge. SYDEL, FRANCES-Dance Comm: Tickel Seller: C.C.S.P. SZAKAL, DELORES-Triel-li-Y: Tennis: Bodminlon: Son Mofeo J.C. TANDOWSKY, RICHARD-Reg. Pres.: Prin. Cob.: A.Z.A.: Sr. Ad- visor: Col. TAUB, WILLIAM - Boskefboll leom: College. TAYLOR, JEANETTE-Block W Pres.: G.A.A.: Donce Comm.: College. TAYLOR, WILLIAM-Sr. Advisor l'-li-Y: Boseboll feomi College. THOMPSON, DONALD PHILIP- l-li-Y: Foolboll, Track le-cms: College. TILLMAN, MARY JANE-Dance Comms G.A.A.: Swimming: C.C.S,F, TOMPKINS, BARBARA-Sr, Dov' G.A.A.: Block W:Tri-l-li-Y:Swim- ming: Work. TOM, WlLBERTASwimming leom: College. TONG, STANTON - Boskefboi' Work. TORGERSON, MARGE - Skiing: Business College: Work. TORTORICH, FRANCES-Peo Cross: G.A.A.: Block W: Work, TOY, ANNA-Clwinese Sluden' Club: Tennis: College, TOY, HELEN-Clninese Sfuderf Club: Bowling: Undecided. TRIMBLE, VIRGINIA-Tri-I-li-Y Skiing: Tennis: S.F. Slofe. TRUCHON, SHARON-Dance Cord Slunl Comms.: Ticket Sei er College. TSUCHITANI, SACHI-Arl, Bos kelboll: Work. TSUJISAKA, JOANNE-Vollev bollg Bowling: Bosiness College WONG,WlLLIAM-YMCA: Fee'- boll, Track feomsq Worlce WOOLF, ROBERT-Prim. Cob: Sr: Advisor: Col. WYSINGER, EVELYN-Prim. Ccb: G.A.A.Z CCSP. YOUNG, OSLA-Sr. Adxdsorq Ten. mis feom: Work. YOUNG, YEE--C.S.F.: 120 Tvock Team? C.C.S.F. YUEN, DOROTHY-C.C,S.F. ZEBLEY, MARILYN ETH-Hi-Y' Swimming: College. LEVINE, ZITA-Sr. Advisor: BWQCL W: G.A.A,: Dome Comm: Prim Cob: Red Cross' Col. DRACOPOULOS, JAMES-Red Cross: Prim. Cob.: Dance Comm: Phofogrcphyi Slcofingy Dodof. -16 wi ww feniar Autographs JJWQ. . ' f 4 sv' 5 3 Pa if 'Q g :L F ,ga was f , 14 Ag 9 ., A 1 I J if ,,.,."' Q53 f. Q ily 'S' ' S' Q 4' A we A :X v Q 5 f' .ga-rc. QA M r' LC-3'-53 'z'3 fmiy .L 'm' 'lazy' fx fi 1' - 955121 V ' 'E n PNB dnaeiwif 'N 1, vfiiwef' fb ip vi. M K ,sn 5 .f, 31.5 M he Low Senior Class 1: il uuuuai 51 95 inthe MQ, ,,,, -----',,, 1 ' r ' f 7' i' ""'m' TM' Row I fright to leftlz Howie Ruben, Harry Khachadcurian, Erwin Schwartz, George Morrison, John Brock, Ken Glazbrook, Fred Weiss, Leo Capos, Joe Miralles, Dave Hanak, Michael Vuiovich, Dave Moss, Al Hood, Phyllis Rubin, Fay Hirsch, Adele Beltrame, Dianne Smith, Zoe Hassapakis. Row 2: Pete Wiesick, Marc David, Melvin Cohen, Judie Lowenberg, Nancy Strowbridge, Kathy Wilson, Bobbie Siegel, llev Axelrod, Carole Goldstein, Marilyn Stein, Barbara Geddes, Moriorie Connelly, Elaine Klang, Becky Taylor, Elaine Steinberg, Goldie Green. Row 3: Loretta Storni, Robert Shaw, Jim McGuinness, Larry Fordyce, Joyce Chaty, Joan Perry, Joyce Riskin, Barbara Harris, Halfin Florine, Helen Rummelsburg, Joan Maaske, Peggy Low, Ethel Young, Jennie Louie, Elenor Chong. Row 4: Sidney Marchcisin, Gary Kirsten, Herb Konkoff, James McLeod, Arthur Chandler, Hedi Lowell, Lisa Weisz, Frances Donathan, Nancy Austin, Carol Pult, Ruby Dunham, Marlene Mc- .L iifl Keany, Dorothy Wickman, Marlene Rogers, Lois Morgan, Elena Solvo. Row 5: Gus Fenneman, Norm Bowen, Ron Blake, Diane Mitchell, Charlene Smith, Ruth Israel, Sally Newgrosh, Lynn Knox, Sue Shipman, Barbara Klung, Louise Henriques, Mary Soflilos, Marie Romo, Miriam Garfield, Mildred Ruten, Row 6: Filbert Fong, Wing Chung, David Stolinsky, Lorraine Freitas, Joan Schnurpleil, Peggy Layman, Myrna Koblick, Carol Leach, Evelyn Bauer, Pat Matelli, Marilyn Morse, Carol Ely, Bernice Benezra, Jackie Entrup, Ruth Doull, Row 7: Sandra Gottshall, Phyllis Robinson, Steve Goal, Cliff Simmani, Dick Lomerdin, Marvin Hyman, Ran Bankson, Ed Heilman, Dick levis, Art Werner, George Roberts, Norm Tompkins, Bob Cody, Row 8: Ennis McDaniel, George Porter, liob Luolhati, Don McGillis, Horace Spikes, Dave Massing, Jim Phelan, Jim McGowan. H3 The High Iunior Class 4-e 'NL . N. . e V U sv g, 'rr' Row 'I lright to Ieftl: Corinne West, Josephine Ganem, Kathy Sullivan, Thais Lonius, Joan Humphreys, Bev Allan, Gay Agee, Bette Hilke, Dralee Roberts, Daisy Vurte, Sandra Smith, Virginia McKelvey, Julie Pearl, Pat Perry, Peggi Lee O'Neill, Lynn Bovard, Doris Bosco. Row 2: Relda Backman, Pearl Zimmerman, Jan Sommer, Veronica Tebnelf, Ruth Ullman, Matelle Gordon, Joan Alexander, Ellen Lewis, Mari- lyn Restad, JoAnne Riley, Sue Dunn, Joyce Leonard, Jui Warnock, Shizu Watanabe, Aina Dahlberg. Row 3: Joy Dawson, Peggy Dill, Maxine Green, Ina Sears, Sadie Yamashita, Shigelco Shiozalci, Billie Ching, Audray Lewin, Phyllis Chatard, Enes Bin, Bob Ash, Don Eassa, Marty Kauser, James Bryson. Row 4: Helene Aeberhard, Lorraine Holdsworth, Myrna Bryant, Hester Chin, Elsie Ng, Georgette Magner, Nor- -he ,Q-4. a "' s ,Pg .va 2 3 5 ,- mund Wong, Millard Banks, Raymond Harris, Tam Crume, Larry Larivee, Carling Pecson, Ernest Leopold, James Keele. Row 5: Bob Wong, Andy Gillespie, Wiley Yee, Weymarr Lew, Edward Jeung, Johnny Muiagi, Johnny Hara, Stanley Stewart, Art Bartel, Ray L'Esperance, Constantine Liuzunie, Richard Myers, Jim Fernando. Row 6: Kenneth De Wolf, Lloyd Tunik, Sanford Weinberg, Marvin lover, Jirn Haugarrrd, Bill Frigault, Paul Papathakis, Vivian Allenden, Norma Kleebauer, Arlene Cohen, ldell Rosenthal, Bonnita Johnson. Row 7: George Topham, Ronald Rosenberg, Franklin Wong, Mike Gordon, Jim Hagan, Richard Risso, Armit Tilgrrer, Ernest Batt, Sonya Laswiclc, Georgia Marinos, Pat Favilla, Richard Mnloul. 'xt- The High Iunior Class --i T Row l lright to Ieftl: Phyllis Weinstein, Pat Campos, Virginia DiFranco, Carol Saunders, Sylvia Merritt, Rita Vaughan, Joan Erickson, Pat Cunningham, Marie Kuhn, Helen Langsam, Joan Fladborg, Alice Marin, Maggie Koshaba, Gayle Malof- sky, Shirley Rathiens, Aina Dalrlberg. Row 2: Ruth Webster, Norma Kyle, Lois Hunt, Josephine Babcock, Carol Rosenberg, Roberta Usher, Joy Seidkin, Bertha Schussman, Marjorie Dineen, Marian Wilson, Adel Stickel, Audrey Carlen, Gloria Abras, Karan Keller, Bobbie Gibson, Mary Goode, Dona Kirkpatrick. Row 3: Phyllis Hopkinson, Minnie Young, Milda Larche, Laverne Dutil, Pat Horton, Elouise White, lackie Thompson, Lisbeth Wessely, Eleanor Hoyme, Bev Cummings, Myrna Wil- liams, Bev Andress, Al Denny, Dave Gori, Helen Gee, Ida Lum. Row 4: Doris Devincenzi, Elaine Cecchin, Carol Huggins, Sue Chazalet, Barbara Rolfe, Martha Chatman, Rosie Evans, Diane Zinns, Louise Painter, Jan Sewall, Carol Schmitt, Connie Valencia, Gail Spiegelman, Dolores Bruschera, Jane Combs, Betty Seaman, Audrey Pennington. Row 5: Marilyn Higuera, Jim Tevis, John Briggs, Ed Sheffield, Karlette Vourlis, Cathie Stephens, Dorothy Rudeen, Estelle Smith, Lois Wynne, Dcnna .L S v QSEL., 1 Rutherford, Lorraine Gomes, Dena Smith, Martha Gregory, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Jan Franklin, Jean Weiman, Vickie Ketteringham. Row 6: James On, Sherman Chan, Franklin Wong, Bob Putman, Frank Sylvia, Albert Wong, Weyland Lum, Dick Hett- nick, Eric Johnson, Richard Fox, Joe Schillen, Fausto Galang, Carole Baskin, Charlene Shonleld, Nancy Toland, Shirlee Washer, Pat Rabay. Row 7: Bob Herald, Bob Hubenette, Mas Yamota, Vincent Sing, Som Landau, Ralph Notield, Mike Smith, Martin Strauss, Richard Israel, Leonard Lew, Alex Hindman, Bob Schnal, Pat Blake, Judy Steele, Jackie Moore, Pot Ong. Row 8: Larry Conover, Heiji Matsuzaki, Tom Ward, Mel Krasow, Harvey Tover, Martin Roth, Marvin Tover, Sanford Weinberg, Alvin Winetrub, John Schively, Lou Rucker, Robert Daher, Jim Prince, Ron Rosenberg, Ron Bergman, Gregory Vidal. Row 9: Maicyce Garrett, Larry Pellegrini, Ray L'Esperance, Al Folchi, Tom Siacatos, Pete Germenis, Don Mclluade, Bob Niccolls, Dan Fischer, Gary Martin, Rich Faria, Bob Liddle, Curtis Bowser, Bert Komalman, D. B. Farber, Bob McChesney. The Low unior Class , O. gs UWWYN is Q-H Row I lrlght to leftl: Diane Berman, Margaret Israel, Marlene Hoffman, Carole Clarkson, Marcia Farmer, Arlene Golden, Shirley Fallek, Esther Noveshen, Jean Sahel, Carol Wolf, Bobbie Campello, Pat Klein, Dennis Johnson, Don DeVere, Bob Craig, John Lamme. Row 2: Pat Chan, Martha Pun, Meryle Caro, Cynthia Carr, Don Murray, Nick Kafkas, Jim Bates, Peter Wertheimer, Allan Casper, Jay Begun, Mike Diener, Ted Dahlmann, Hanley Lee, Bob Bowen. Row 3: Don Wallich, Terrye Scgan, Selma Polonsky, Frances Hansen, Lorraine Winter, Sarita Ferreira, LoVerne Moresco, Dorothy Lissauer, lean Baker, David Hirsch, Steve Machol, Ken Hacke, Bill Grimes, Katherine Quan. Row 4: Danny Hountalas, Al Benton, Wilbert Eli, Ed Watson, Charles Smoclc, Al Carlson, Fay Lew, lose Angel, lr., Gilbert Gates, .loe Goldberg, Eiko Mitsudo, lane Moriwaki, Elberta Choy. Row 5: Bob Figcne, Gil Ward, Pete Lampras, Claudia Gassin, Donna DuFresne, Maurine Gersh, Barbara Borden, Barbara Gold, Mary Ann Broderick, Ruth Salih, Lorraine Winness, Suzanne Lilly, Catherine Nickolaou, Barbara King, Evaline Chang, Dawn Andersen. Row 6: John Cundau, Dave Fenneman, Barbara Mahony, Shorty Smith, Diane Lawson, Rilha . ll .1 Maller, Sandy Herrguth, Kathy Utter, Bobbie Miller, Pat Mayo, Nancy Norris, Carole Korins, Carol Klynoldsys, Phyliss Nuzentstien, Marlene Ray, Arlene Simone, Carolyn Reynolds. Row 7: Pete Petersen, Noel Dietz, Eleanor Hubert, Cynthia Wile liams, Ann Cecil, Diane Vineys, .loanrae Zimmerman, Francis Cohen, Arlene Weiman, Ardith Weiman, Elaine Sfaelos, Virginia Pass, Marilyn Kinter, Louise Woods, Eleanor Butte. Row 8: Russ Williams, Steven Kraft, Herm Erler, Bobs Baker, Beverly Bongert, Barbara Cervelli, Diane Bevello, Sue Rucker, Beverly Torrey, Sue Suomela, Mary Tuohey, lan Saylor, .lan Sturges, Margie Jones, Virginia Christmas, Susan Wang. Row 9: Hans Meyer, Jay Walter, Carlos Fonseca, George Grabovetz, Pom Ryland, Tony Devincenzi, Denis Deluchi, Ken Leboritz, Tom Tanaka, Dave Boswell, Mitchell Kushner, Fred Morrill, Walter Rolf, Spurgeon Holloway. Row 10: Paul Perry, Preoroles Constinopoles, Pele Kaplanison, Don Silva, Howie Torly, Joseph Lee, Willie Hall, Robert Geeter, Robert Briggs, Constantine Koltzolf, Sidney Polk, Ron Skoll. ails? The High Sophomore Class 3. Q30 I' 0 i,-g i S-. , .. - - ff- fur " Row I fright to Ieftl: Frank Taussig, Roy Eickele, Norman Nielsen, Fred M. Wolff, Pat Smith, Jerry Morrell, Bud Andress, Phil Goal, Ardath Perkins, Vickie Sobol, Marilyn Popiul, Maureen Mullan, Donna Kirkhoven, Monica Morris, Joyce Beckman, Nancy Lumberg, Elaine Paul. Row 2: Pete Henson, Bob Hahn, Dick Marcy, Bob Matulac, Harris Nussbaum, Pat Watson, Robert Hirano, Douglas Paton, Ray Maclntyre, Ernest Wong, Wallace Tsang, Wilton Wong, Lucille Eberle, Donna G. Goodman. Row 3: Barbara Cocks, Yvonne Nouguier, Verna Rathe, Ira Jessie, Richard Klein, Harry Chuck, Shelby Warren, Jeri McDonald, Diane Bartelme, Barbara Swanson, Gail Weingarten, Loretta Chituni, Elsie Eason, Nancy Thomas, Sandra Grubstick, Ruth Ellen Freshley. Row 4: Lois Halcenberg, Carol Martin, Gloria Hawley, Marion Goldfinger, Grace Buzzell, Bonne Baltsen, Mob Hirschman, Christine Stedman, Nola Munn, Diane Terry, Sandy Toff, Sandy Podiarsky, Gayle Bernstein, Diana Powell, Gloria Hachey, Monya Andry. Row 5: Sylvian Louie, Helen Kong, Carolyn Chinn, Donna Wong, Philip Shalitt, Ed Stillman, Paul Hanes, William Miller, Nancy Gilstrap, Sheryl Cohn, Carol Sinton, Lisa Singer, Lesley Blake, Ear- bara Jacobs, Dorothy Crispen, Darlene Messina, Judy Rosenblatt, Patti Edwards. Row 6: Ronni Hillman, Nich Soffilas, Shirley Ching, Carolyn King, Sylvia Ung, Carol Thompson, Nick Wilson, Stephen Reuben, Monio Pilpel, Ed Spriggs, Gabriel lik .SL W .Qin Barras, Fred Saccone, Irwin Dempster, Jackie Quigley, Alice Sevilla, Helen Cham- bliss, Donna Trimmer. Row 7: Kathy Wessells, Dolly Dearing, Nancy lnouye, Naomi Fujimoto, Evelyn King, David Browne, Ralph Castro, Bob Julian, William Tong, George Wills, Phil Rubin, Tony Del Castilla, Bob Golf, Larry Beldon, G. Butler, Carl Morley, George Bearse, Row B: Rebecca Poquis, Lois Shaw, Bert Gamberg, Rudy Hoffman, Eddie Safdie, Karnig Simonian, Archie Sterling, Gloster Manion, Phil Wishard, Keith Morrell, Jack Palmer, Ron Hurwitt, Ronald Gott, James Power, Pete Klein. Row 9: Magdalene Georgi, Dorthy Belluomini, Carol Demartini, Johnny Bresler, Tom Thieben, Ron Pursley, James SooHoo, Richard Crapper, Eugene Louie, Carl Holmes, Ross Pelton, Charles Cacharelis, Frank Varni, Larry Nissim, John Ellison, Richard Bush. Row T0: Hedy Hyde, Marcia Savin, Albeth Filtzer, Darlene O'Connor, Myron Lapidus, Arthur Swetman, Klaus Kalzki, Joseph Sheedy, Claude Stevens, Mike Tarhanoif, Ronald Bollz, Al Blumenthal, Louie Phillips, Frank Batlin, Mos Yanase, Arthur Gaynes, De Von Byrd. Row ll: Maureen Martin, Charlene Mencoff, Rochelle Eisenberg, Ellen Fish, Eleanore Haefflin, Marion Lambert, Max- ine Wang, Beatrice Thomson, Denise Sunday, Bettie Hagen, Eunice Allison, Charles Pierce, George Koualenko, Richard Lloyd, Alexander Gianora, Dan Benjamin, Alvin Wolf. The High Sophmore Class ' A H 5 v .J Q 4 1" ' N 4-1 .i 11 1 '1 so' if J r r H an Row I lright to Ieftl: Josephine Celia, Ed Shatf, Marie Cruse, Robert Jakob, Mathew Wasserman, Al Gallardo, Jim Murod, Lila Wertheim, Lee Meriwether, Jackie Overstreet, Joan Winder, Lorraine Yohannan, Vera Vukovich, Mary Yrozabol, Margie 0'Leary. Row 2: Margie Ayers, Val Rosenkrontz, Helen Gibson, Pat Vander Sterre, Joyce Blumenthal, Pat Schulze, Carole Mott, Sylvia Morse, Margie Hrapoff, Barbara Chin, Betty Wong, Esther Ong, Minnie Louie Chizuko Muiozaki, Chuck Edmonston, Margaret Henderson, Sonia Binder. Row 3: Mary Whittier, Florence Zanardi, Dona Windeler, Naomi Taylor, Eloisa Buena, Shirley Swartz, Bunny Church, Myrna Goldstein, Glenda Barlel, Nancy Goldman, Rochelle Steinberg, Nancy Parsons, Shirley Lipian, Elizabeth Bliss, Sinianrie Moiseff, Christine Colley. Row 4: Monica Moxfield, Juanita Nichols, Millie Reuben, Eleanor Jackson, Shirley Spinner, Helen Ermann, Debby Zaichin, June Schrall, Judy Papo, Marilyn Smith, Sandra Mattos, Janice Berzin, Barbara Valenzuela, Jean lmhaus, Dorothy Sutcliffe. Row 5: Arla Rothfuss, Lora Cleary, Corinna Poletika, Alice Palmer, Shirley Landman, George ltakonitz, Lucuis Lee, Ronnie Hillman, Frank Cerrato, George Ninomiya, Paul Thomas, Charles Tonnlund, Dob Weisert. Row 6: Julian Harvey, Pat Quick, Roberta Berthier, Shirley Canola, Chuck Duncan, Frank Speizer, George Courreges, Roy ,M ..,, . .w,,..Mwaure ...M mr cr.. Carrcll, Betty Gucker, Fran Barnes, Janis Green, Gustav Jock, David Holcomb, Warren Regan. Row 7: Sondra Workman, Connie Panagakis, Lou Perez, Mike Robinson, Ronald Shewbridge, Bob Smelhurst, Rich Rovegno, Jchn Dccmi, Bob Chrisman, Chris Vicerro, Jim Taylor, Earl Smith, Henry Malter, Tam Akers, George Harris, Jerry Brown, Row 8: Karen Wilbur, Kathleen Lusk, Elaine lleones, Pat Dewey, Barbara Celoni, Felicia Lantieri, Melvin Morrell, Richard Tom, Betty Loy, Mariorie Wong, Shirley Chang, Sally Ng, Cora Lee, Moy Leong. Row 9: Mike Care, Jim Brog, Donald Totten, James Bargioni, Helen Hemphill, Ann Archer, Ramona Farr, Seana Morgan, Bernyce Herzberg, Gerald Lodewig, Enrico Ccrpuz, Bob Arago, Andrew Lee, Stanley Woo, Hamer Gee, William Ong, Otto Rodriguez, Row IO: Anthony Nala, Joe Graham, Norm Katzer, Walt Stone, Chuck Kleebauer, Dan Lenihan, Allred Redwyne, Ernest Salomon, Jack Amick, Gene Larson, Warner Anderson, Willie Jouregui, Sanford Gorfinkel, David Feldstein. Pow ll: Gerry Finley, Diane Sartini, Dianne Harris, Betty Dawson, Tata Parr, Walter Gess, John Roach, Eric Spiekerman, Peter Wolf, Fred Williams, George Williams, Dennis Lonterman, George Kovalenko, Gary Jones, Louis Hirsch, Princeton Lyman, alle? The Low Sophomore Class QM .,,, mwwmk ,.e.e-,M, ,Z ,im 2 Row T fright to leftl: Charleen Cardoza, Pat Southerd, Lillian Chirman, Nancy Clawson, Barbara Freeman, Joan Knanislru, Shirley Peeler, Joan Mock, Lula Tamaras, Hilda Machol, Shirley Blake, Ann Phillips, Elaine Schwartz, Shirley Sims, Pat Hilke, Shirley Franks, Janet Berry. Row 2: Sheldon Feldner, Stanley Miller, Lamarr Edwards, Elaine Darby, Donna Young, Diane Singer, Carroll Dillon, Barbara Honig, Judy Kress, Carole Firchow, Arlene Glew, Milly Kalsh, Charlotte Hamrol, Pat Mikkelsen. Row 3: Betty Leong, Sharlene Low, Ruby Wong, Walt Sander, John Doty, Richard Dahlinger, Bruce Belding, Lloyd Griffith, Judy Loorya, Jeanne Mars, Cara Poy, Dorothy Hastings, Carolyn Tummins, Phyllis Lee, Thelma Cuneo, Geraldine Salvo, Barbara Ariani. Row 4: Kay Griffin, June Saunier, Pat Connors, Bob Barnard, George Photopculcs, Ed Toby, Dawn Thornton, Kathy Mcfool, Lorraine Fernquest, Marcine Johnson, Iris Rhaades, Roberta Folkman, Ruth Emas, Rita Zydonis, Diana Dang, Shirley Lee. Row 5: Jerry Rosenberg, Harvey Backing, Martin Rosenthal, Bud Weniger, Wallace Papke, Don Rattler, Isaac McArthur, 5 , 3 Q1 -I n Charles Chatman, Mary Maratsos, Nancy Rosser, Beverly Allen, Jayne Dito, Barbara Redford, Joell Yuna, Audrey Minchin. Row 6: Eugene Tom, Natsuo Tanaka, L. Hummel, Sam Citron, Bill Middleton, Tom Conrad, Harold Kopp, Bob Hurt, Dave Curtis, Donald Blaine, Roberta Pinsler, Naomi Spring, Marilyn Slater, Bev Mayo, Sue Chamberlin, Rose Geanacos. Row 7: Pete Andersen, Larry Winter, Ron Tauber, Ed Weinberg, Milton Galant, Peter Milkelsen Bill Eckstein, Gerald Costanzo, George Lauer, Mabel Nishitani, Dolly Tsuiisalra, Jean Naganuma. Row 8: Joe Tsuyuki, David Whang, Le Roy Richards, Edward Sanchez, Donald Loesch, John Scheeline, Bruce Sprague, Fred Williams, Alan Fell, David Hanes Miyama, Lloyd John Stahlton, Helen Akashi, Braas, Francis Despotalcis, Ed Vasia Zaharin, William Recca, Howard Schuman. Row 9: Peter Angelonides, Stan Church, Ray Diller, Leonard Robertson, Ken Williams, Jimmie Bradley, Andre Etcheverry, Irwin Hammer, Larry Schultze, Don Milbach, Erwin Hesselberg, Howard Lawrence, Reynold Wong. ails? ii fig' I SPORTS Presenting . . . 'H' ' ,Q V- . az. ,V 4 Y l - ,T W , WW if f Per-Lex' f XXVOOCQ 1 K . Illini .Vt Mg I ,Fi 'H 4 , , , . MTI. ,ir nt ,e-ef Q 'I Q ' V- , 1.,Ja5L,Q ix W . , . r 7 1 4 A , f.,g 1,,, . .hh Q t , K ,K . 1 , X ' 'fa iz in gf 1 -,iq ,xg wijjjff. ig x A sgm , , FA 'yt' u , . , . , V, , it I 1 , M ., WX 'W' - -W V'a,fK,,: W ,ww V , ,W4 , mf-mm.. 5 4' .. sf D , f H in gmq' A . +45 'va Q nxxbf' 'Q ,' ' , I f ' If 43, an A4 J asm? Vim .1 Row I leTT To rIghT Varshawsky Williams Snlberman Gordon I.ualhaTl AhNrn MCGIIIIS Shank Chambers Bax Ter McDaniel Row 2 Ransom Nlccolls Joe McCool Muller Thompson H Moss Dunnlngs Jones D Moss BJHYSIIY our underdog Eagle eleven ouTplayed and ouTToughT The Bears buf Mlsslon manaqed To squeeze ouT a 7 To O vrcTory H McCooI along wuTh Reggre Wulluams Bob Shank and MIT Larnpros played good ball Tor The Eagles All ClTy Three of our boys made recognlhon on The All Clfy Teams Jrm Dunmngs made Tlrsi sTrrng All Cnfy Bob Shank and Vern AhNln made honorable menhon F I-lollusTer Lacey Row 3 Lampros Cooper Wong MaTsu Zak: MlTchelI De WolT Press Conover PapaThakns Sar kon Tover Row 4 AssT Coach Saul MadTes AssT Coach AnThony Sherman Brown Head Coach Chad Reade ootball e nex oul o Tug b o on The C ID Tram Balboa 25 To I3 Lana runs by Jlm Dunmngs and Wrllre Wong occounTed Tar The Eagle Tallres STandouTs were Wlllne Wong Jrm Dunmngs Ennls M Daniel and Bob Shank In The Thlrd game aT The season our club played The deTend Ing champions Poy CompleTely sfoppnng The Poly ground aT Tack The ParroTs Turned To The our whlch wasnT expecTed and aT us I9 To O Jlm Dunmngs ripped Throagh The Poly all The Tnme buT The Eagles couldn T qunTe push IT over The nexT Tussle was our Tradlhonal VlcTory Bell game wuTh The Lnncoln MusTangs IT was a mp and Tuck baTTle nn The TnrsT Two perlods Then Lrncoln scored Two successrve saTeTues and wenT on To wrn I6 To O Bob Shank Hal McCool Jim Dunmngs and Enms McDaniel played good ball Tor The Eagles ln our TITTh game OT The season The WashrngTon oTTense Trnally Tound lTseIT as :T rolled To Three Touchdowns agaunsT sTubborn Lowell The score was I9 To I4 and The sTandouTs were Jlm Dunmngs who scored The TursT Two Touchdawns Hal McCool Wulhe Wong and MIIT Lampros Sacred HearT was our nexT Toe buT This game was washed ouT and never replayed In Their IasT AAA game oT The season The Eagles won a Thrnlllng 2I To I9 vlcTory over Galuleo We had Trouble sToppnng Asensuo and r-larrls and rnovfng around The blockung oT Pavlch IT was agarn Jam Dunmngs and Wrllue Wong who sparked The Eagle oTTense a d Bob Shank and Ennns McDanleI who ex celled on deTense while Vern Chambers Three successive can versions were The dlT'l:erence In The wan Closing ouT The season was The newly InauguraTed VarsnTy Sensors aaannsT The SI Team The SI Team was The wunner by a 26 To IO counT The Eagle Bowl rs The name OT This game and IT IS hoped IT will become an annual evenT ,M , iW 6 s. js. M A , M Z gg M My I . -,..,,e1 inqllglvsil his I .'v Hrs'rs .s. - 1 I I . A I Opening up The I95O season againsT The mIghTy Mission Bear, In Th T T'ng, ur ' hTIng and To k IT If . . K . . or . ' - . . . . . ., . . . C . . . . , . 4 T be . ' ' 'N . ' line A M-.zzuw , an A mi , an an M W 'W 'W' fini, Q... Row I lleft to rightt: Pete Lampros, Dave Fenneman, Phil Goal, Bob Arago, Ron Blake, Sam Caniglia, Nort Chambliss, Lou Rucker, Bob Liddle, Tom Siacotos, Gil Ward, Gene Larson, Rudy Hoffman, Jack Baker, Paul Ligdu, Ken Lebovitz. Row 2: Frank Thcmpscn, Bill Frigault, Al Opdyke, Howard Torly, Dun Hountalas, Dave Reese, Erwin Schwartz, Jchn Schively, leo Lowe, Run Rosenberg, Alpheas unior Varsi Mission Gcme.+The Eaglets dropped their tirst game ot the season to Mission by score ot l9f2. The two points were the result ot a satety. J. C. Morris was outstanding, Balboa Game.-Sam Caniglia led the Eaglets against Balboa as they dropped a I3-7 tilt. Morris and Tor- BOX SCORE Benton, Wes Smiarowski, Charles KeatIng, Willie Roan, Lou Vasquez. Row 3: Marvin Premuck, Noel Dietz, Richard Petersen, Wilbert Eli, Ben Catimon, Ed Shef- field, John Briggs, James Morris, Val Daniels, Curtis Bowser, Raymond Harris, Ted Preovolos, Mike Gordon, .toe Givens. ty Football Givens, Liddle, l-lontalas Sicotis, Daniels, Gordon, and Ward were outstanding linemen. Our backtield, led by Larson, Morris, Roberts. Ald- rich, Caniglia, Massing, and Briggs, was also ettectiye against Lincoln. OPP- Wash- Lowell Game.wAgain the Eaglets 'ey ployed WSH Mifiivn T9 2 were dropped into the unvictorious ' B Ib ....... I3 7 , i -5 y 5, Poly Gomefwgoo ire Eocilets .tif ..... ....... 1 3 7 gfljiimjf, ipig-i,,.j3O,tOg,el,Eg,,,1,ff dropped another, this time to Poly, lincoln -gnn 7 2, + b 156 W,1h HL i3-7. Caniglia scored tor the Eaglets. Lowegl --------AA,A,g Allgglb 1 3 6 on D V O Score O U' ' l .W Benny Catimon's 86 yard run was the sawed Hem, ------,,,,,--- 14 21 VUWWQ Oi J- C- MOVW5 Und lite time play ot the game. Gene Larson showed promise as a quarterback. Lincoln Game.-Deciding they were tired ot losing, the Eaglets came back to knock Ott the Mustangs, 2l-7. Torley, Chambliss, Blake, Peterson, Benton. mf' ' ,W-.Agn play ot the line, the team was never out ot the contest. Socred Heart.-In the last game ot the season, Morris, Roberts and Caniglia led the Eaglet attack while detecting Sacred l-leart 2744. W"H-qty :L H K B "'LaQ 5 unite' Row 1 lleft to righll: Nissen, Elsesser, Glazbrook, Roth, Avez, Courh Hoag, Cohn, Weitheimer, Kirsten, Kaye, Wolf, Row 2: Yee, Gaul, Brock, Lee, Morrison, Markovich, Legusu, McKeIvey, Meyer, Fischer, Hull, Lengiel, Fazzi, Collaco, Gorlinkle, Dunn, Morris, Courageous. The Soccer Team George WashingTon l-ligh's spiriTed soccer Team ended Their l95O season wiTh a Two won, Tour losT, one Tied record. WashingTon sTarTed The season oTT wiTh a bang-up win over a Tough Commerce squad, 2-l. Manual Anez and Alex Saharin scored Tor The Eagles. In Their second encounTer The Eagles held all a sTrong Poly squad unTil The lasT Two minuTes of play. WashingTon losT This one To Poly l'O. WashingTon's "booTers" Then Tore The Lincoln Team aparT wiTh a 3-O win. Manual Anez scored Two and PeTer Commerre .. Poly ., lincoln . Lowell .. .. Balboa .. Mission Galileo . WolT scored one Tor WashingTon scoring honors. Swinging inTo The lasT halT oT The season The Eagles were Tied in a scoreless game lO-Ol by Balboa. IT was an up-The-Tield down-The-Tield game. WashingTon now needed wins in boTh aT Their nexT games To geT inTo The playoTTs. In whaT was considered Their mosT im- porTanT game oi The season a hard TighTing Eagle Team wenT down To deTeaT l-O aT The hands of a sTronger Galileo Team. BoTh Teams played a good game and boTh were handi- capped by a very sloppy, muddy Tield In Their lasT game The Eagles dropped a close one To Mission 2-l. PeTe NVOIT scored our onl goal . Y ' Honorable menTron on The All-CiTy Team wenT To ai is ,mv Emmy EQ'L i'L A fx ,Q My was Egg, ww, MANUEL ANEZ 1 FRED COHN i'? wWQ W' 2 W T , v,,,V4,gf4g, ,ez . , W f 3 M, E KENNETH HOAC3 L in ALEX SAHARIN Q Z W ,E gf? E!tE4Ni.!a ilhlhhdli NME , W , 5 , 555- Q Q 5 4 L .B , E af SANFORD GAREINKLEQ WILEY YEE Q--, - .:.:.f- 2 , A ,. . , ,..:...g, La... .. ,,.1 -M A I gawk X ,W .,1,-f:f3g- A rf H if gms! ,,, na.. A-ns. W f fad QT as '25 Mvmifzk. wma M A Q, 122- 42: :., -, V 1 f 5 "N by Ei 5, il 5 4 4 A Q Q A-f""' 5 W, if GARY KIRSTEN DANIEL FISCHER i 'WI-TON MEYER 4, Q '54 my D gv""" mg fg af YN 0 Wm 9 Ill ,Q 'fi - sg, 1, f. . I t' .N 5. 4 on H , 4-41. ini nl f' 41 Sf gief ggi 3 130 All C1+y Don Sllvc Scores The Vars1ty Basketball Season Varslty Box Score Balboa Commerce Gahleo Mnnon Sacred Heart Pay hncdn loweH SI Ignahus PP 40 Wash BALBOA The Eagles won The openung game of fhe season by beahng lhe BUGS 2318 Thls game was an all learn e1Clorl COMMERCE In lhe Commerce game 'the Eagles loughl down lo +l'1e wwe bu' dropped lhe game 221030 Rosenberg was oulslandmg GALILEO Washlnglon polled The brggesl opsef ol lhe season when Carl Sle-war' hu a 40 looler lo d leaf Ganleo 27 lo 25 offer lhree overlunwes Hood also played good MISSION The Bears clawed lhe Eagles In Thus game 4127 Hare ana Hood played wel SACRED HEART The Eagles had no lroable wnnnung lhus one They downed S I-I 37 26 Th1 was slrncl y a learn ellcrf POLY Agam lhe Eagles were downed lhls lnrne by Poly 4l 24 Hare and Lampros played good ball LINCOLN Naslungfon dvdnl lose llnxs one unlul offer lwa OVGVIIVVISS 4l 40 Paul Perry was oalslandlrg LOWELL Washlng on dropped anolher close or 3l 30 I-lood and Sfewarf agaun led The Eagle aflack SAINT IGNATIUS S I lroanced lhe Eagles for lhe Rnchrnond DISIFICI Charnplon sh1p 40 26 Rosenberg ond Larnpros slarred for lhe Eagles U o . . h . . f 1 I8 23 lu 30 22 . . . ' ..,....,.......,........ 25 27 .Q 'T 1 ' ' ' ' ' .......,......,....... 41 27 I ' ' y I ' I H 26 37 " ' ' ' ' 1 ...,..............,,.....,,. 41 24 ' ' --,V.--'-,----A'--'--- .ix . D I -. T . , ' . 1 31 so V 1 . ' .....,...,..,... 26 .- ' + le, 4 . ' iii? 3? A s -iii .ll VARSITY-Raw I lleft to righll: Coach Phelan, Slewarl, Perry, Lampros, Hood, Price, Hare, Taub. Row 2: Winelrub, Rosenberg, Price, Fox, Munion, Rolhfuss, Weiss, Farber. The 130 Pound Team Season Wosningfon's l30s sloried owl ine seoson by oyerwiielrning ine Bolboo Bucs 39-22. "Abby" Silyo buclceied I7 poinls. Commerce suprised live Eagles 33 lo 29. Siiyo Fong ond Morris played good boil For ibe Eogle-ls. Galileo was wlnioped by ibn 3O's. 32-24. Menoioe, Posney Mwrroy, Koplonis-oil iuloyed excefleni boil. Wosbingloii iben lrcincod Mission 44-30. Sooriced by Pooney on defense ine Eoglels Conirolled ine gorne from siori io iinisii. Wiili Noi Pooncy ond Don Silyo leoding line defeoied Sacred l-leori 4l-49. I30'S-Row I lleft to rightl: Pauncy, Poly was liclced 39-27. Silyo collecied I5 opp. wash. poinis ond Murray lO poirils. Bqlbgq ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 2 39 Oni lrodiiionol riyol, Lincoln, perished Cgmmerge ,,,,, ,.,,,, 3 3 29 30-25, Mi rroy and Koplonis nil for 9 eocb. Gfnqeo --""" """ 2 4 32 Nexi, we bonded LOW6ll o crushing de- Mmwn """""--' "'--- 3 0 44 leaf, 36-l4. Koplonis scored ll poinls. Sacred Hear! ..,.. .,.,,, 4 I 49 h , Pow Z7 39 Soinl lgnolims llien beoi as 35-34 for Cor Limoln U 25 30 second lossyoi live seoson. Silyo ond Miirroy Lowell -.------Yw- H 36 follecied li ond IO eocb. 59- l9I10fiUS ...,... ...VV. 3 5 34 ln live semi-linols ine Eagles boo' ine PDYY -.-----,...---., .Y.... 3 1 32 Porrois 32-3l. Noi Pooncy bil lor I6 io Sf- l9I10liUS .Y..... ...... 3 2 22 poce line scorers. woy ine 30's Willi o bolfei' bolonced leom Soinl lgnoiius look live ciiom- pionslnip by o 32-22 score. Silva ond Morroy mode 6 poinis eocb. Silva, Morris, Murray, Fong, Lum, Angel. Row Z: Prah, Lenihan, Kaplarris, Menefee, Williams, Lew. --W ,Ma-Y Qi Q15 r 5, I R 'SH Q jf g K we AV, -in if ' -w "tKlNif 5 rbgfjy .,f9XxmFI'0+ fs it ' sunt rua. it Qi, . X K ms' .f- . - -, -Mitwf, 's Xglry' 7, QVQ5 'lffr f 5' 1 ei its.Wf1 CA: wr- - Y 0ie'wHf"6i 5' 'N "lf V' 5 fl 'dr ff CNN!!! .. . i ,t,.r.M.,,,, - , fr "ff, f '--1. .. aw 0 am, 1,1 'Q 94, Qu L A Q K gm' i 4-gg: 4' . . .. wg fri! I Q. ,. 1. W. -N rn me " wt' ' tpg 'hs VARSITY-Row I lleft io' rightj: DeWolf, Werner, Northcutt, Gaul, S. Koster, MtGinnis, Warner, Rucker. Row 2: Tover, M. Sandys, Desputukis, Cnarh Odone, lebovitz lMgr,l, Scribner, Putnam. Tover. The Swimming Season Two out of the three Px.A.A. swimming trophies swim out free slyle races, and have broken seven could well end up ai George Washington as the Sur- records. VSYOV Wefll' +0 PVSSS- SO for in the Pfccllce meeli Tom, Glazbrook, Stewart, Angel, Peterson and W05hlnQlOn 5WlmmeVS liflve been bllmlng UP lille Pools- Lawrence have broken records for the 3O's. The learn Seventeen school records have been broken byihe stands an excellenr chance for the championship. rankmen. The Eagle varsity have broken four, the 3O's However! OU, 20's lqove Hqe 595+ Ci-tgnqe for fine have sei seven, while The 20's have smashed six. rifle. Q-,ony Lum' and Wong hgve brglqen geverql Washing+on's defending champion varsity will have records apiece. trouble from Lowell. Norlhcuir, Lawrence and Wong LIGHTWEIGHT-Row 1 left to rightl: Williams, Petersen, Lum, Angel, Gaul, P. Dietz, Simon, Meyer, Robinson, Glazbrook, Tom, Lawrence. Row 2: Hesselberg, Tanaka, Smethurst, Stewart, Massing, Cottrell, Lebuvitz tMgr.1, Delucchi, Coach Odone, Chan, Wong, Curtis, Wolf, Shewbridge, Wong, R. Sylvia. Wlinnft . , , , . '45, . A .W . .. . . 1 g, '35 VARSITY-Row I lleft to rightl: Coach Reade, Miller, Jones, Reno, Samuals, Roberts, Hood, Luulhoti, Fox, Carlson, Chandler, Baxter, Conover. Row 1: Coach Vasquez, Phelan, Nicolson, Roemelt, Tilgner, Erler, Lowe, Morris, Schmodde, Freeman, Byrnes, Thompson, Nichols. Row 3: Ransom, Thcmas, McDaniels, Wells, Kaplunis, Wong, Jones, Small, Moss, Saccone, Benton, Perry, Helmke, Hollister. The Track Season ln an extremely successtul season lseven victories, one lossl the Eagle traclc team exceeded all pre-season expectations regarding its quality. A victorious start was made against the Commerce Bulldogs, whom we downed in all three divisions lay scores ot 77-36, 6l-l6 and 30-28. The outstanding events were the quarter mile, which Lualhati won, and Moss' victory over hurdle tavorite Whitalcer in the lows. The next team we dropped was Mission. Scores ot 75-37, 60-I6 and 3l-27 lcept us tar ahead ot the Bears. The individual achievements ot miler Reno and sprinter Morris in this meet deserve special mention. As all top pertormers ot our squad prepared tor an out-ot-town meet, the battle against Galileo was LIGHTWEIGHTS-Row 1 tleft to rightl: Daniels, Murry, Myama, Papke, Sivachenko, Lanteman, Robertson. Row 2: Dawson, Mathis, Elsesser, Lew, Rubin, Sue, Kirsten, Sheedy, Chung. Row 3: Wolfe, Fong, Ng, Ha, Pittman. rather colorless. We deteated the Lions 68-40, 67-l0 and 58-l. A strong Buccaneer team tried hard but in vain ta stay with us and tinally succumbed 60-52. Al Carlson's nfile time and Lualhatis turlong proved the highlights ot this tilt. The only deteat ot the season the Eagles tool was against Poly in the crucial traclc battle ot the season. The score ot 56-57 indicates how tight the squeeze was. Our 30's, however, won 57-l9, while the 20's lost, 28-3l. Winning six out ot eight running events. the Eagles were not strong enough in the tield events, though Tilgner got a third in the pole vault, Wong a second in the shot put. lfontinued on page 7Ol Bowser, Edwards, Wagner, Caurrages, Smack, Carrol, Aragu, Cohn, Akashi, Smith, F. Wong, A. Wong, Mackie, Yeung, Mitchell, Sing, Cherk, Gaynes, Chuck, laravie, Lee, Burtel, ri Yi""'T 2332 - AL JONES J. C. MORRIS ERIC ELSESSER COLEMAN MOSS BOB LUALHATI Q E iCon'in.ea :rom page 692 Our superiorily againsi Lincoln was evidenl. The Iinal score was 98-IS. Oufslanding kv man was I-Iood, who won bolh hurdle eyenls and placed Ihird in Ihe discus Throw. vu l fb For The iirsf lime in Ihe hislory of Washinglon-Lowell dual meels, Ihe Eagle varsiiy rr- deleoled Iheir rivals, 6745. The lighlweighls won 49-I8 and 44-I4. Dick Fox bagged bolh sprinfs and Dennis Lanlerrnan showed his abilily as 30's hall-rniler. Winding up 'rhe season successfully, we ran over S.l. 8I-32, 6IfI7, and 54-5. As rhis copy goes Io Press, Washinglon has a good chance To repeal lasf years All-Cily Triumph. DICK MILLER The Cross Country Team HS.. 'NWT Q57 if Eric Elsesser, Gordon lee, AI Carlson, Vernon Chambers, Kent Reno, Viz Freeman, Helge Schmodde, Arthur Reade. Washinglons cross counlry Ie-am bid for Ihe ished 25Ih Io round oul Ihe Washinglon rosier. Cllcmplonslllp losl SSOSOVI' We Shvred llle lllle Wllll This rneel was inauguraled in I948. In The inilial P0lY- run Washinglon Iinished Ihird. ln I949 we finished Fairbanks of Poly finished Iirsl, and he was lol- second. Now in I95O we hir Ihe lop. We con'I show lowed by Gordon Lee, Kenl Reno and Coleman much more irnprovernenl, bul surely Coach Vasquez Moss, all ol Washingfon. Eric Elsesser finished l7+h won'+ mind if we finish in Ihe some posilion in I95l. while Carison Iinished 2O+h. I-lelge Schnnodde lin- as-9 TSQEQW. nr I V Q -.4 if Xi . ai 'iff-'X' g X v 1 'x ' i X 1 , af My Vw." 3 . L 1. ' ,,.,, S 1 M V, 5 -5Vf?':33'ji1?f? Q 5'-M, The Girls' Athletic Association The C5.A.A., the largest organized club in Wash- ington, had very successtul terms both in the Spring and the Fall. Many play-days and activities were enjoyed by an ever-increasing membership ot approxi- mately tive hundred girls per term. The otticers tor the Fall term were Shirley Wollf president' Joyce Condrott vice-president' Carol Hug- gins secretary' Pat Stautter historian: Paula Sorgatz song leader' and Pat Goldsberry and Mary Tuowey assistant sono leaders Miss Shearer is the sponsor o this group SPORTS OFFERED The sports ottered were riding Lorraine Guida manager badminton Marilyn Restad manager sixth period volleyball Pat Walters manager volleybal Corinne Grdal manage swimming Barbara Rolte manager bowling Jeanette Taylor manager sixth period bowling Beverly Andrews manaaer sottball lda Law manager dancing l-lelen Quigano man ager and basketball Helen Langsan manager The horsebaclc riders ended their season with a trnal ride and a dinner The other spor s had many play days on their schedule while the GA A ot cers had a potluclc dinner to trnlsh up the term During the term a candidates and an awards rally were held with l-l len Qunano and lfeon Nielsen chairmen respectively BLOCK W The Bloclc W headed by President Nan y Luscombe did o good ,ob in handling sport nigh s The other ottrcers were Bette Orton vice pres aent Mary Mac Ritchie secretary Mrs Brrllhart rs the sponsor G A A NEW MEMBERS Row 'l llett to rlghtl Fran Sydel Mary Goode Beverly Allen Nancy Rosser Beatrice Kurenda Jean Naganuma Dcnna Young Judy Kress Joan Kuunishu Marilyn Poplul Putrlcla Mlklrelsen Ca ole Baskin Roberta Folkman Jchanna Pllayo Raw 2 Roberta Robins n Evelyn Wyslnger Eileen Cohen Claralee Inch Helen Akashl Elaine Darby Arlene Glew Roberta Berthrer Ruth Emns Felrua luntren Barbara Celonr Margie 0 Leay Thelma The otticers ot the G.A.A. tor the Spring term were Bette Orton, president: Pat Stautter, viceepresidentg Carol Leach, secretary: Nancy Austin, historian: Mari- lyn Restad, song leader: and Jackie Quigley and Mary Tuohey, assistant song leaders. SPRING SPORTS The sports enjoyed oy the girls this term were bas- lcetball Minnie Louie manager' swimming Bonnie Balston manager sixth period baslcetball Bernice Chin manager sixth period bowling Char ene Smith manager volleyball Martha Chatman manager badminton Sue Ruclcer manager riding Lorraine Gund: manager ice slcatlng Lynn Bovard manager modern dancrna Priscilla Chang manager and bowl ing Sue Lobree manager Many play days vere exchanged with other schools Lincoln Girls l-ligh Pre ldlo Junior l-hgh San Fran cisco State College Mission Lowell Poly City College and Roosevelt Junior l-lrgh A special treat was en toyed by several GAA rcembers in the torm ot a day s outing at the University ot Calrtornra A candidates rally was held May l7 with Mary Macliltchre as chairman HI JINX The niohlight ot the term was the l-lilbrlly l-l Jinx held May 23 with Charlene Smith in charge Awards were presented at this time and the entertainment and tood were enloyed by all attending The ottlcers ot the Spring Bloclc W were Jeanette Taylor president Mary MacRitchre vice pres dent and Amelia Simpson secretary They were guests ot Lincoln Block L at a volleyball and sottball play day Cuneo Jayne Drto Diane Terry Phyllis Lee Hilda Mackof Martine Johnson Lorraine Fernqulst Carole Mott Row 3 Alnu Dahlherg Helene Alberhard Inna M Kelvey G rra Ab as Bernseln ce E Palmer or P McCaron h Doull Lillian Khrrman Geraldne Salvo Milly alsh Rcberta Prnsler M llle Reuben Betty Gucker l l I I 1 t l I , l , - -N . . . E . i J . I r , ' ' . ' I I i l I ' . ' I T i - I I '1 . . I ri . . 1 1 - J. . Z 7 - . 7 ' , . S , - , . U , . t t . I 1 I . . J . . . tl i . . ' + - . X . X . . C . . . , I . . . it v - . . S .. . I I . D W - . . . . Q u r l- , X . - 4 . . L . , ' c , , ' ' . I . . . . L , ' . . . . D I . . . t ' 1 . . . I . . - l I ' A , . , . . . ' - , ' , ' ' , " ' , r ' , Virg' ' c , Io' r , Gall t ' , Ali . , M y Marcia Savin, Shirley Blake, Shirley Franks, Beatrire Thomson, Ann Williams, Maratsos, Lula Tomaras, Carolyn Tummins, Barbara Honig, Carole Goldstein, , ' . : ' 2 , ' , at , Rui , ' ' ' , 5 , ' K , i . i i. ' , , ' . i ' , - X A W , . . ........ ........ ,Nf- 15 Q3 571. 'U BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL Row I fright to lefti: Dahlberg, Moiseeff, Quigley, Williams, Vaurlis, Lane, Caro, Wolf, Steinberg, Gilstrap, Wolk, Emmart, Klein, Du Fresne, Ouiiano, Bindon, Piatyshin, Wenegrat, Warren, Riskin, Harris, Green. Row 2: Sears, Spinner, Yrazabal, Ardry, Lambert, King, Ching, Panagakis, Fujimota, Kawaguchi Miyazaki, lnouye, Koshaba, Moore, Bezzone, Baack, Prepouses, Holtzen, Paul. Row 3: Cocks, Hemphile, Mattos, Calley, Binder, Woods, Kinter, Thomas, Scbal, Smith, Gersh, Bangert, Mahany, Landman, Chituni, Hirschman, Lantieri, Belluomini, Baltsen, Dewey. Row 4: Albo, Smith, Schroll, Martin, Phil, Mal- lery, Austin, Rubin, Lowell, Weisz, Berdalis, Pedane, Orton, Bear, Wong, Yohannan, Vukovich, Elliott, Eng, Chan, Lipson. Row 5: Georgi, 0'Neill, Marreil, Collaco, Campos, Dawson, Schussman, Riley, Newell, Keist, Whitton, Restad, Seidkin, Dinnen, Franklin, Sewall, Sommer, Zinns, Blake, Kleebauer, Langsam, Payne. Row 6: larchin, Perkins, Huggins, Dwilla, Devinrenzi, Chazalet, Lobree, Stein, Blake, Singer, Rathiens, Barnes, Gucker, Henderon Morris, Saunders, Erickson, Weinstein, Watson, Ratherine, Layman. Row 7 Ullman, Levine, Cecchin, Wells, Williamson, Horton, Levin, Lee, Sorgatz, Fuii kawa, Okawa, Schulze, Swanson, Gibson, VanderSterne, New .,w.-.1- Nl' Meow ,,'- . Ayers, Quick, Fish, Workman, Freshley, Meriwether, Overslreet. Row 8: Pearl, Weingarten, Paga- ieft, Missina, Goldfinger, Canata, Nelson, Zazzi, White, Hubert, Beckman Chou, Ung, Wong, Lee, Johnson, Tompkins, Lewin, Romo, Simpson. Row 9 Jaffe, Gilbert, Weiner, Livingston, Poquis, Freeman, Guidi, Thor, Keys, Webster Johnson, Demartini, liuzzell, Smith, Papo, Knops, Sankowich, Gidal, Chinn, Loy Chicos, Wickman. Raw 10: Ruten, Zimmerman, Chin, Dila, Granucci, Cam pello, Rucker, Wertheim, Sutcliffe, Tuohey, Taylor, Mackitchie, Borden, Golds berry, Stauh, White, Scribner, Windeler, Green, Steinberg, Usher. Fall-Girls' Sports Members SIXTH PERIOD Row 1 fright to lefti: Constantino, Kiskhoven, Grubstick, Kurenda, Lum, Ching, Lum, Garrity, Rogers, 0'Rourke, Donathan, Wenegrat, Pearl, Nielsen, Ouijano, Cummings, Williams, Andrews, Pennington. Row 2: Gibson, Sullivan, Kirkpatrick, Varte, Roberts, Ganem, Goode, Lysick, Martin, Siegel, Morse, Hrapoff, Mountnnos, Pitel, Robbins, Green, Combs, Henning, Bin, Chatard, Stephens. Row 3: Studt, Carvalho, King, Ermann, Bosco, Di Franco, Cunning- 'QU QPR ' ham, Merritt, Rosenthal, Sydel, Thompson, Payton, Hopkinson, Rolfe, Seaman, Schneider, Lewis. Row 4: Quigley, Dawson, Harris, Lipian, Holcenberg, Fallek Noveshen, Kokotos, Loyd, Davis, Gregory, Kato, Maoki, Williams, Pastel, Chan Row 5: Mullon, Finley, Sortini, Staufter, Saylor, Cervelli, B'nelIo, Simone, Norris, Jeong, Chung, Ng, Wong, Chin, Louie, Strahinia. 1 in" . ' qi-.-.. -una-.- ,r-puma 4 .ral i 'H ,Q " iff! ' :ess , ""-WW' , , , , ,MEM 6 rv'.,, .,g n ff, ,Q .A f ' I -. , is Ji 8.4124 'W1?'?"'1 - -or mi-se Q... 1 Block W Fall Row 'I lleft to rightl: Barbara Duhr, Sylvia Carvalho, Joyce Condrott, Dianna Emmart, Edlyn Rosenthal, Mariorie Pedone, Paula Sargatz, Lila Wenegrat, Martha Flott, Shirley Walk, Helen Quiiano, Regina Kramer, Gene Lysick, Alice White, Jeanette Taylor, Joyce Staub, Pat Goldsberry. Row 2: Pat Ouigley, Sally Scribner, Barbara Tompkins, Lucille Ng, Marjorie Chan, Flora Dean Bell, Bernice Chin, Mary Duack, Annie Wong, Frances Tortorich, Pauline Prepouses, Elinor Bezzone, Lily Wang, Celia Ann Elliott. Row 3: Josephine Granusci, Joanne Tsuiisalto, Alice Shimizu, Deon Nielsen, Stephanie Ber- dalis, Lila Sankowich, Elouise Haymond, Esther Lee, Priscilla Chong, Leslie Studt, Bette Orton, Sylvia Levin, Janice Martin, Claire Ann Pihl, Barbara Dito. SHIRLEY WOLK 4""9' BETTE ORTON President President G.A.A. G.A.A. Fall Spring NANCY LUSCOMBE JEANETTE TAYLOR President President Block W Bloch W Fall Spring Bloclc W Spring Row l llelt to rightl: Stephanie Berdalis, Zito Levine, Virginia Mallory, Celia Ann Eliott, Geraldine Caccia, Lila Wenegrat, Syl- via Pitel, Mariorie Pedone, Lorraine Guidi, Joanne McCanaughy, Phyliss Rubin, Alice White, Mary MacRitchie. Row 2: Sylvia Levin, Carole Baker, Nancy Austin, Carole Pult, Leslie Studt, Myra Lipson, Claire Dcnae hue, Ruby Dunham, Dorothy Wickman, Frances Donovan, Adele Beltrame, Marilyn Stein, Evelyn Bauer, Lila Sankowich. Row 3: Bette Orton, Betty Bear, Paula Sargatz, Janice Martin, Claralee Inch, Sylvia Carva'ho, Pat Duigly, Sally Scribner, Jenettee Taylor, Sue Lobree, Pat Stauffer, Charlene Smith, Joanna Wells, Corinne Gidal, Pat Goldsberry. 5Z'i'i'C'r Us QS? 7- 00' 3 s 1 I I -D , ww, s, . we gy 'g4f1?V3M .Q N fwf Q , M Q vm: ix 4 ' if , . Fi My yy . 5 A gg -,,...-, if , 'L .... . .V 3 . E' 5? tg Ms 3 J: , iv 2 5 an , ' fm as r QM I W . W , s., fy' 56, A sq 1 , A Q Q' Eggr' 513 ati? M ff 3 1 f 5 ' .9 u A Qlffwdhfi 2 2 Q. A Y E 5 , . mmg 6 OYQGPQ X pKXO 06 P-C. HE 'KX Qi x5 Ji'-,I Wyenry R. O. T. C. Gfficers Top row lleft to rightj: Mai. Samuel Potter, Cai. Sven Roemelt, Cal. Lionel Brown, U. Jerry Sccggin. Row 2: Capt. Thcmas Byrne, Capt. Franklin Battat. Row 3: Capt. Robert Rogers, LI. Sherman Lum. Row 4: Li. Ralph Kermaian, LV. Thomas Warren. Row 5: Lf. Richard Myer, Li. Arihur Reed, Li. William Irvine, U. Eugene Lee, LT. Stanley Seiberf. Company A Row I Ileff fo rigI1+I: Sgt J..-gi I'-Iomai. Capt Ro'iaId Abend. Row 2: Pic. Irvin Dempster Sgt Nick Wiison, Pvt David Browne, Sic. Anfany I-Icnt Pvt George Loser, Pvt Rodney Hedgepefh, Pvt I-Iarry Lucas, CpI. David Sfolinaky, Pvt DonaId French, Pic. Arthur Sweiman, Pvt WiIIiam Meyer, Pvt James Emery, Pic. Roberi ConnoIIy, Pic. Jerry Brown, Sgt Aiex Laharin, Is? Lt Sherman L. rn. Row 3: Sic. Nemecio Criiz, Cpl, Wihiofn MiIIei, Ynd Lt Richard Myers, Sic. Robert Schnai, Pvt Horner Lee, Pic. Geraid Ladewig, PIC. Aiex Dean, Pvt AIIan Seid, Pvt John NPWLWVU. Pvt Brie Sprog- 0, Sgr. Thomas Akers, CpI, Gcsfave Jack CpI. I-Ienry Maiier, Sir, Richard Keppard. Company B Row I Ilefi' fo righfl: Sgr, Jerry Harvey, lst Lt WiIIiarn Bowan, lst Lt Raiph Kerrnoian, 2nd L+, Arfh, r Reed. Row 2: Sic. Giiberf D Lyie, Pic. John Winseft Pvt, Vic- TOV ZUIIO, Pic. Pa.I Hanes, Pvt KIaLs Kofezski, Pv'. David Hanes, Pvt Jahr Konings, PFQ, Josiah B,man, Sgi Martin Karger Sgt CPGVIBS IPQVGWI CDI' GUN Gfeefi. PVI- PEIGV Mikkeison Pvt Richard Korens, Pvt Harvey Backman, Cpi. James Porter Sic. Rober' Schar, Row 3: SQ" COVIIPQ P95505 CDI- EdQGF LSIWITWOH, CDI. ROy Eickeie, Pic. Vv'iIIiorn Rag-an Ptc, Dennis Bark, Pic. PhiIip Lhaiift Pic, Prar-Ir TO'55IP9 CCI- NCWIOVW NIGISQVN Sgt Pa,:I Schwarzbcr' Pic. AIIe' Chew, Pic, Fred WCILI Pig, Ph2:Iip Chgn' Company Row I Ileff +o rigI1+I: Pic. David Fe'::I5Iein, Pvt Robert Bernard, S'c. Gigrdon Hoey, Pic. S'f2ohe' Re - , be' Pic. John Larnme 2n:.I Lt Wi'Iicrn Irvine Ist Lt TI'CfnOS Warren, Co'. David HcIco'nb, Capt. Thomas Byrne, Ist Lt Eugene Lee, 2rd Lt Stoney Seiberf, Is' Sgt David Friedenbarg Sic, Wesiey Robinson Sgt Roy' I-IoIIie. Row 2: Pvt Richard McGory, Pvt David Kine, Sic, Edward Jefg Pic. RoraId Fung Stc, AIIar' Leong, Sgt Benton Lam Ptc. WiIIiam Weyman, Pic. Vasia Zaharin, Pic. Richard Kohn Pic. AIIen Hirnrnan, Pvt John I-Ieil, Pvt S+anIey MiIIer, Pic. Mcnio PiIoeI, Sgt Sidney Po'Ic, Pic. Myron Lapidas, Pic. Victor Raielf. The Reserve Officers' Training Corps A greal many umforseen changes have Taken place in 'rhe R.O.T.C. deparlmenf in lhe pasf year. The army recalled Sergeanls Lee, Turney, and Jackson back fo fhe former commissioned slalusi Sgr. Miller was lransierred To Lowell High School. Mr. Wood- ward, Sgl. Reilly, and Sgr. Hagewaod came fo Wash- ingfon fo Till in The vacancies. The R.O.T.C. uni? parficipaled in such civic func- lions as 'rhe Columbus and S+. Pa'rrick's day parades. The unil won a 'rrophy as lhe mosf oulslanding mili- lary marching unif in 'rhe S+. Pa+rick's day parade. The drill Team also won high honors al The public schools week program, held af Union Square. 'ISIS' ...- ...- in-a E 'i The George Washingion varsily rifle leam made a line showing a+ lhe William Randolph l-learsl rifle lournamenl' and +he Sixfh Army inlerscholasfic marches, finishing in ififkh place in bolh evenls. Over sixfy-five R.O.T.C. cadels, who are members of fhe Miliiary Nalional Rifle Associafion feam, se+ anolher record for lhe San Francisco high schools by winning over one hundred and +wen+yfeigh+ awards and medals. The final acfivily for lhe year, which was 'rhe Federal lnspeclion on May ll, broughl To a close anofher very successful academic year oi 'rhe George Washingron l2.0.T.C. unii. The Color Guard Leff io righf: Pic. Raberl Binder Sic. William Shelfon, Pic. William l-luil Pic, Carl Thompson, 5 l4 l . Rifle Team Leff +o righh lsr Ll, Eugene Lee, 2nd Lf. Sranley Seiberf, Sic. An- iony l-lunl, Sgr. Nick Wilson, Col Sven Roemell, Sic. Ralph Casfra ls? L+. Norman Bowan, ls+ Lf Jerry Scogin. Paw ' 5-J V' Z 56 Q 3 3 A Z 57" 8 AX 33 68 '33 23 an-1.1 Xi?-'inn Q I Row I lleff io righfl: Myrha Acert, Par Perry, Dol Gal s y oyce S cub Barbara Swansor Eflo Shaoiro G'enne"e ORC rlre, Marilyn Ps lam Elan Pa Joan Winder Pal Sw +h Row Milne Robirsan Car l-lclrnes Mani' Ka ser, Pe'er Wesicx Jaclci rs ree' Lee e e er Frarlr Ta, ssa Gabe Candi Tsai 'Warren Wa" Mclr'osh, Fall Drama Cn November lo and l7, 1950, Washirglon- ians saw lhe perlornwance ol Moss l-larl and George S. Kaufmane riolous comedy, "You Conf lake lf Wifh You." Fealuring Ed Mag' land, Belly Willcinsen, Ed Shall, Ron Perry. Donna Ochoal Jean Balmer, Carolyn Arnold. Don Eassa, Ralph Kermoian, and Priscilla McLean, lhis highly successful presenlalion was 'rhe lirsl in Washing+on's hislory 'ro run Two consecufive nighls. The procluclion was under lhe supervision of Mrs. Anna May Diclcson, school drama coach, and leafured members ol bolh lhe advanced and beginning drama classes. The accompanying piclures show some ol lhe side-splilling scenes from 'rhis hilarious produclion. Row I lleff 'lo righfl: Jean Baker Ea Scan Marie' a a Don Ea a Arlene G bert e a Wege e Danna Ochoo, Sandra Ke-ill' Diafo Lxnrnis Darn D Fresne Fr a lawson ow 2 len Bowers l-larclcl Grillifh, Ron Perry Carey' Arrold, Norrna a oo a ls Diane Berma Bob ar' goros Willie Cohn l-larry Ralner. I Li 'vu'- DRAMA KADVANCEDJ. Row 1 llefl lo righll: Joan Slrahinia, Pal Coldsberry, Joyce Slanrb, Glen' nelle O'Ro4rl:e, Marilyn Pslfem, Pall Enge, Lrrcille Ebere, Elaine Pal Ed Maglard, Lee Meri- welher. Row 2: Myrna Alperl, Ered Clav-sen, Gabe Candi, Pele Wiesiclc, Diane Berman, Ann Cecil, Jeannie Baker, Jackie Oyervreel, Jaan Winder, Marly Kaeser. Spring Drama lnauguraling lheir posilian as Washinglon's lirsl drama club, lhe newly larmed Masquers lpresidenl, Priscilla McLeanl an April 20, l95l, presenled a "Shakespeare Eesliyalu in honor ol William Shalcespeares birlhday. This "EesA livalu lealured lhe comedy, Twelllh Nighl, with Pall Eunge, Ed Magland, Dianna Lummis. Ed Shall, Dianne Berman, Dan Eassa, Peler Wiesick and Marlin Kauser in lhe maior parls, and a series ol speeches by lamous Shakese pearian heroines given by Belly Willcensen, Jean Balcer, Ann Cecil, Lee Meriwelher, and Marilyn Pullem. The Masquers slale as lheir goal, lo "Raise drama lo a new posilion al Washinglen lhrough lhe presenlalion ol quali+y performances and lhe sponsorship ol 'rhealrical acliviliesf' DRAMA QBEGINNINGI. Row 1 Hell lo righll: Terrye Sagart, Mariiyn Reslad, Jearre Moss, Joe" Y,na, Elizabefh Biss. Bobbie Siegel, Jclie Pearl, Arlene Weimar, Ardbh Weiman. Row 2: Barbara Geddes, Dick Levis Gary Green. Vw ,jf Row 1 llefi fo righfli Rolfe Niegs-n Ffa-'on Mczffe Gipy' Wolsie Noelle Fuel M3"ir', W Lfcff,-ff Swin, Seornor. Row 2: l-i:'Zif, Gcii'i, 5, Gidsbe-fry Gffin Lew Sifhf,-i ' li-'axihooe '-inf Covis Kroplc' Alot Cpnnbs Wiiflc. Row 3: Wcf'e1, Cofoii lim Ehren' "Yao M Lived Eosso, Girdc' Keirnign VVe 5 Kissfl Lomcfos, CN' E' ie'T The Choral Groups Cne il lhe 'noi' cherished one pfoodesf Nod'- foni l'efe ol George Woshinglon is hhe onwo Spring Concert ir which lhe choir, oirecled by My'-lle Swenson ond fhe orcheslro. oirecleo of Mr, l-lefperl Welch, combine Their 'rolenls To pfesenl o prillionf perlorrnonce ol clossicol music every April. This yeons presenlolion wos one ol lhe besl perlornwonces ol lhis onnuol evenl. Boi ol! lhrough lhe yeor lhe Music Deporlrnenl hos odded beooly ond pleosure lo lhe follies, 'rhe Term ploys, The PonAAnnei'icon ossemby ond :inoll-, 'fo vhe groduohon. Agoin fhie yeor the choir ono orcheglro pen lefmed ol lhe Norlhern Colilornio Meefc Feslivoi ' ' :oge rn JO '1 ho, F r p'E ROW I llefl lo Vlghlli BCFQSVT l'li'd :age Weir- G M Sears Cor: Chong Gino' l'lo"1el. Row Z Limin Wynr+'- Mo olslcy Lynch Abrcr Kwhopc Mere' J. Srfi'h E, Sfvi+I1,Whi'lnf Dowwf' Chews llih- Wisnh. Row 3: M rphy, N,Zi rn Nndlf-" S,l"n"' Vglenqio, Bjfden Wf,llc Z'rnrnerv'or', Cf C:1'v'pps,Q'iSi,ir' E, Srni'h, -7 o 3 'V 'G' ,Q 1 Q0 5' 1009 Row 'I lleft lo rlghil Terry Myers Wong Regan Goldberg Cohen Gibson, Mitchell, Mclnlosh, Ball, Cooney, Koss. Row 3: Moon, Nola, Sprekerman Erler Haugaard Gherman Carlson Baylor Bovera De Burle Tucker,Mi1ahara,Beniamin,Pursley,Fordyce,FinneIl,Spenrer,Cherk,Shem. IC-or-Tir erl from page BM Band and Orchestra in Berlceley and They also gave a Tine nighl cancerT Tor The George WashinaTon P.l.A. AnoTher greaT honor was besTowed on The choir when They sang on a coasT-To-CoasT broadCasT over KNBC Tor The lNlaTional SaTeTy Council on June 9. One oT Their TinesT perTornfances was The ioyTal groundebrealcing ceremony Tor The new Music De- parTmenT here aT George WashingTon, in which The band and choir porTicipaTed. Carolina in The halls aT ChrisTrnas Tinne To bring The True ChrisTmas spiriT, and The hear?-sTirring ChrisTrnas Tableau are only a Tew ol The many evenTs presenTed To The sTadenT body daring The year. Parsons, Sorgalz, Jacobs. Row 3: McDaniel, Harris, Bernharl, Winding, dulardin, McMahon, Carroll, Saccone, Stillman, Murry, Salomon, Sheedy, Lew. 'f -- ,,f-v i The School newspaper, The Eagle, is oiblished approxi- rnalely each iwa weelcs ai lhe lerm by lhe Joiirnolisrn classes. Sebscriplion Cards are sold each lerrn for SO cenls, This revenee plis adveriising and help irorn fhe skdenl body, srpporis The paper. Over lOO exchange copies are senr io schools lhrowghoiii rhe Unired Siales. The members oi ihe iall slail were: Ediior, Pal Schroder, As- soriaie Ediior, Marcia Garriiyg Managing Ediior, Ed Magland, News Bureau, Terry Bloorn: News The Eagle PAT SCH RODER Edilor, Fall MARCIA GARRITY Edilor, Spring bdilors: Joe Lerer, Edlyn Rosenlhalq Bear Pcliior, Rochelle Slein- Corole Basking Circilalion Man- ager, Miriam Gariield. Members oF ihe Spring siaii were: Edilor, Marcia Garriiy: Associate Editor, Ed Meglcnd: Managing Ediior, Doroihy Wiclc- rnan: News Ediiors: Joe Lerer, Carole Basking Fealere Ediiors: Lila Wenegrai, Miriam Gar- iield, Sparis Edilors: Bob Liddle, Ron Bergrnan, Circalaiion. Di- anna ErnrnerrgProrno1ion,Shirley Spreent Adveriising, Marcia Savin, Glenda Barlelg News Bri- reaui, Bev Miller: Business Man- ager, Diane Ellioi, Librarian, Sylvia Morse: Chief Proolreader, Joyce Sraobp Exchange, Gail Weingarienp News Siaif: Poberl bevgt Fealiire Ediiors: Lila Wenegrar, Lois Sydelg Feolore Wiiii-i's: Diare Merfiiria, Dianna Ernrnerit Edilorial Slail: A Jakob, Rochelle Sieinbeig, Sadie Yarnashi'a, Marion Larnberf, Narcy Parsons: Pealure Slab: Pali Fringe, Peggy Andreasen Balrny, l.yn l-lxogria: Spoils Edilor, Larry Tover: Sporlg Siari: Rf-n Bi-rg'nan, Ed faldwell, Bob Liddlog Girls' Soorls, Beverly VVi'lia:n'-7 B xinr-we Manager, Ran Abc-rd, Adveilising Manager, -,W if yn--N. Marilyn Higriera: Page Two Slali: Pai McCarori, Margie Diller. am ii I l-lraoollg Sporfg Slailg l-lelge Schrnodde, Arlhiir Braalrs, Erwin Eagle Stall Row 'I Uefi io rightl: Joyre Staub, Peggy Andreasen, Pat Mcfaron, Shirley Spreen, Pat? Funge, Lila Wenegral, Martin Garrity, Bev Miller, Diane Ellioll, Rochelle Steinberg ,Carole Baskin, Joe lever, Diane Emmert, Miriam Garfield, Sadie Yamashila, Mariie Hrupoff. Row 2: Bob Liddle, Sylvia Morse, Marria Savin, Glenda Barlel, Nancy Parsons, Earlene Smilh, Dorothy Wirkman, Barbara Harris, Marjorie 0'Leary, Gail Wein- garlen, Karen Wilbur, Martine lchnson, Nanry Aslanian, Row 3: Bob Jakob, Ron Rosen- berg, Helge Srhmodde, Howie Ruben, Milt Lampros, Dirk Wagner, Ron Bergman, Mel- vin Cchen, Ed Magland. 'I he Surveyor Staff Pass Jrhe glue Drd OJ gel +he copy7 Walch ouf for lhal' pnclure Hrs for lhe Surveyor' All lhese lhnngs may be heard whfle lhe Jour nalusm class as really humming Thus Surveyor Thal' you are enloynng now was already nn The Idea slage lasl summer BARBARA GEIST Once basic Ideas were lormulaled plans were slcelched and everyone asslgned duhes As prclure Edlfors Barbara Gels? and Sylvia Levin pashng up a candid page for lhe yearboolc Adverhsmg Sfaff Ad sollcllors Joe Lerer ancl Carole Baslun year ,pw were lalcen layouls were mode endless busuness delalls were 'ralcen care ol arlworlf slarled sporls coverage slored away and needed ad verhsung secured Everyone havung a speclluc duly was busy Finally an May The Sur SYLVIA LEWN veyor was rushed lo press wnfh all delauls lalcen care of we hope and broughl 'ro you as a permanenl' record of The school year Sporls Wrlfers Sporls Edlfors Bob Llddle and Ron Bergman loolc over slorles wllh asslsfanls Helge Schmodde Ari' Broolns and Erwin Dal er Sales Sfaff headed by Amelia Sampson wllh her assls+anls hard al work on wrlhng recelpls for ihe yearboolr I 1 , I. .. . Y Y V . '. . r X' if l , A . . H ' I- . - . . . . . 3- . - . . 2- . . - . . . 4- - . D ' ' Pasle in cd Proofs which help +0 Cove' llle Cosl of Publlslllng Marilyn Higuera, Marlam Lamberi' and Nancy Parsons, are 2 XG ll ff QQ, of , If XL My - 'il rfqx 4 N 9 X J ,Ax 'V , s t T9 CLUBS f ge. Q' ,-r no me WWA , A1 WA,N M ., ,as . ..g:g:e:, fs IT' 1' f few-e . . , J' Sheri ,...... ww, Girls' Senior Advisors-Fall Row I lleft to rightl: Pihl, Martin Slavin, Livingston, Funge, de Curtani, Bear Caccia, Atwenson, Mershon, Olterbein, Sue Ng, Bloom, Rosenblatt, Schroder, Berdalis, Lyman, Lachman, Delucchi, Sorgatz, Pedone, Singer, Flatt, Soghomonion, Pastel. Row 2: Whitney, Baker, Segall, Nielsen, Weinstein, Walters, Wang, Bell, Kramer, Vodden, Bez- zone, Baack, Williams, Emery, Quiiano Condrott, Levin, Sankowich, Meyer, Felt Saccone, Miller, Gidal, Kenney, Plessas, Alderson, Row 3: Spreen, Staub, Wells, McConaughy, Carter, Knapton, Burgren, Has- son, Chu, Chan, Young, Halliday, Haymond, Engelbrecht, Sydel, Lewis, Rosenthal, Hamil- ton, Bauchou, Baker, Orton, Chang, Mac- Ritchie, Taylor, Futerman, Studt, Luscombe, Guidi, Amson, Wolk, Alpert. Girls' Senior Advisors-Spring Row I lleft to rightl: Barbara Klung, Marilyn Stein lCapt.l, Charlene Smith lCapt.l, Carol Leach, Marlene Rogers, Phyllis Rubin lCapt.l, Nancy Austin lCapl.l, Ruth Doull, Sandra Gottshall, Phyllis Robinson, Fay Hirsch, Ruth lsrael lCapl.l, Virginia Mal- lery lCapt.l, Adele Beltrame lCapt.l Row 2: Louise llenriques, Marlene McKeany, Gene- vieve Lui, Lesa Weisz, Amelia Simpson, Ruby Dunham, Zita Levine, Carole Pull lCapt.l, Frances Donathan, Evelyn Bauer, Susan Ship- man, Barbara Harris, Joyce Riskin, Joyce Chaty, Diane Mitchell, Carole Goldstein. Boys' Senior Aclvisors-Fall Row I lleft to rightl: Evans, Wells, Schaefer, Freeman, Osleyee, Walters, Soules, Miller, Mathews, Jackson, Battat, Sing, Ker- moian, Koster, Wood, Elsesser, Darling, Forbey, Schuchardt, Jones, Lacey, Schoen, Donner, Reno. Row 2: Tover, H. Wong, Toy, Shem, Cherk, L. Wong, Abrams, Phelps, Ouiiano, Rogers, Spinrad, Tandowsky, La Pedis, Carlson, Mclemore, David, Seiler, Birenbaum, Woolf, Rubenfeld, Madden, Scott, Legasa. Row 3: Sarkon, Levy, W. Wong, Helmke, Byrne, Cahn, Lyman, Chambe.s, Miller, Rosso, Kissick, Kaye, Goldman, Balmy, McKelvey, Chan, Patton, Silberman. Boys' Senior Advisors-Spring Row I lleft to rightl: Ralph Kermoian, Leland David, Albert Hum, Lloyd Wong, Shelton Shue, Franklin Battat lchaitmanl, Leo Capos lCapt.l, Vic Freeman lCapt.l, Gene Collaca, Dick Miller. Row 2: David Stalin- sky, 'lam Byrne lCapt.l, Albert Jones, Harry Khachadourian, Dick Mclntosh, John Madden lCapt.l, Fred Helmke lCapt.l, Sven Roemelt, Wylie Jones lCapt.l, Bill Irvine. Row 3: Scott Mathews, Herb Konkoff, Gary Kirsten, Richard landowsky, Ronald Abend lCapt,l, Pete Scott, Don Adams, Al Evans, Myron Hollister lCapt,l C. S. F. Row I lleh to righll: Rosenthal, Wang, Kwong, Usher, Lyman, Carvalho, Zimmerman, Lobree, Rubin, Green, Nielsen, Olrawa, Ku- waguchi, Newell, Ullman, Elliott, Holcen- berg, Lipian. Row 2: Segall, Lipson, Lee, Levin, Berdalis, Sargolz, Sanlrowich, Laniieri, Celoni, Simpson, Chan, Sue, Quick, Perkins, Crispen, lnourge, Loy, Colley, Lumberg. Row 3: Rogers, Fox, Schuchardl, Abil, Akers, Ballot, Kirsten, Konkolf, Hara, Baitai, Patton, Jacobs, Meyers, W. Wong, Gaul, Sing. C. S. F. Coaches Row l lleh to rightl: Lily Wang, Deon Nielsen, Roberta Usher, Sylvia Carvalho, laanroe Zimmerman, Sue Lobree, Phyllis Rubin, ldell Rosenthal, Barbara Newell, Ruth Ullman, Celia Ann Elliott. Row 2: Esther Lalal, Peggy Kwong, Sylvia Levin, Stephanie Berdalis, Paulo Sorgolz, Lila Sankowirlr, Lisbelh Wessely, Joy Dawson, Lorraine Guidi, Virginia Di Franco, Norma Kyle. Row 3: Bob Srhuchardi, lane Pat- lon, Steven Jacobs, Ted Dahlmann, Franklin Battal, Harry Ballot. Rally Committee Fall Row I lleft to rightl: Alec Balmy, Connie de Curtoni, Gloria Abras, Maggie Koshaha, Lois Sacrone, Bev Miller, Jackie Enlrup, Kenney Wood, Larry Wells. Row 2: Jim Bovero, Bill Shilling, Kip Lacey, Bud Andress, Harry Khachadourion, Dick Miller, Dick Kis- sick, Eddie Bell. Rally Committee Spring Row I lleft to righll: Lee Ann Meri- wether, Lloyd Koster, Lila Sankowich, Bev Miller, Joyce Condrott, Carole Baker, Ed Magland. Row 2: Ennis McDaniel, Ron Perry, Norm Heise, Sieve Goal, Fay Hirsch, Sue Lobree, .lohn Madden, Harry Rainer, Miss Selig, sponsor. Executive Dance Committee Row I lleft to rightl: Bobbie Rolfe, Mary Tuohey, Harry Baiiat, Evelyn Bauer. Row 2: John Madden, Bev Miller, Ron Weiss, Gus Fennemun, Pat Quick, Phil Euler. rmws 4 eng --lr tc' me-ev-J .T- -.... .........i 4-3! t can .1 v--.. s Dance Committee FaH Row 'I lleft to rlghtl: Zinns, Dwilla, Sewall, Fish, Dianne Mardigian, Mayersohn, Perry, Leach, Layman, Miller, Saccone, Bas- kin, Capos, Rubin, Koshaba, Shapiro, Elliott, Sorgatz, McConaughy, Martin, Guidi, Dolphin, Sobol, Perkins, King, Smith, Georgi. Row 2: Sommes, Vourlis, Painter, Weinstein, Cunl ningham, Kuhn, Di Franco, Erirkson, Vaughan, Merritt, Koster, Sankowich, Nuzum, Straw- bridge, Stauffer, Smith, Tunik, Madden, Srott, Meriwether, Lampros, Whitton, lem- beck, Smith, Wertheim, Nielsen. Row 3: Prepouses, Norris, Simone, Wolf, Langsam, Zimmerman, Ruten, Staub, Goldsberry, Campos, Dawson, Gaethke, Meyer, Birenbaum, Lam' pros, Stewart, Balmy, La Costa, Rolfe, Ger- menis, Crispen, Savy, Hassan, Archibald, MrKelvey, Roth, Bowen. Dance Committee FaH Raw I lleft to rightl: Peggie Hobbs, Gloria Abras, Roberta Blasingame, Mariorie Pedone, Val Masir, Terry Bloom, Patricia Schroder, Claire Ann Pihl, Jeanette Taylor, Georgette Magner, Pat Walters, Stella Has- san, Connie de Curtoni, Pat Knaptorr, Roxie Felt, Helen Ouiiano, Rochelle Steinberg, Nancy Gilstrap, Kenney Wocd. Row 2: Carol Saunders, Gayle Bernstein, Barbara Celoni, Felicia Lantieri, Gladys Engelbrerht, Betty Holliday, Barbara Cervelli, Helen Ermann, Margie Hrapoff, Pat Favilla, Bev Williams, Pat Quigley, Zita Levine, Carol Pult, Renee Wolff, Shirley Slaughter. Dance Committee Spnng Row I lleft ta rightl: DuFresne, Wolf, Rurker, Williams, Andrews, Heart, Cahn, Collaco, Legasa, Elliott, Weingarten, Over- street, Meriwether, Swanson, Piatychin, Pay- ton, Payne, Wilson, Lembeck, Smith, Whit- ton, Seaman, Mallery, Leach. Row 2: Abras, Langsam, Wolff, Naganuma, Staub, Maratsos, Dito, Chituni, Landman, Freeman, Berdalis, Bortel, Morrell, Smith, Sarrone, McCaron, Kress Glew, Albo, Aslanian, Papa, Smith, Usher, Layman, Bauer, Tamaras, Row 3: Wells, Nielsen, Shonfeld, Geish, Baker, Ban- gert, Smith, Pitel, Israel, Klein, Emas, Lantieri, Celoni, Dillon, Honig, Martin, Hemphill, llerzberg, Darby, Sewall, Painter, Pearl, Rosser. Row 4: Stohlton, Kafkas, Freeman, Zinns, Cohn, Baker, Savin, Mattas, Barnes, Fenneman, Weiss, Weinberg, MrGil- lis, Madden lrhairmanl. Dance Committee Spnng Row I lleft to rightl: Halrenberg, Nad- ler, Steffenson, Sydel, Slater, Pinsler, Mer- ritt, Saunders, Erirlrson, Stephens, Vaurlis, Rubin, Pihl, McDaniel, Koster, Meyer, Mc- Carcn, Spreen, Johnson, Baskin, Valenria, Koshaba. Row 2: Deurhar, Masir, Martin, 0'Leary, Vulrovirh, Yahannan, Guidi, Golds- berry, Taylor, Levine, Morse, Lee, Heire, Felt, Gaal, Restad, Seidkin, Newell, Young. Row 3: Evans, Tuohey, Battat, Donathan, Pult, Austin, Riskin, Shipman, Ermann, Af- pert, Berstein, Smith, Lee, Huggins, Rolfe, Dunham, Marin, West, Perkins, Singer, Sturgis, Sobol. Row 4: Favin, Schaefer, Dahlberg, Capos, Hesselberg, Khirman, Ber- thier, Fish, Mahany, Dahlinger, Doty, Pny, Moss, Hrapoff, Kalsh, Popiul. QW 'Wh 2 W WHS' . A ' -,efffffwgki AW, 5.5, -L 95 x I 7 ,wi f ' , i D Q . X JW My If gig, 153 FA 1 . if . Q.. . ,gg -iz? rf. . S 4' , Q ,.,,,g.:sf-, if H X S4 Lg M- Q. 54" AV f .QQ S023-' ..r,i"'1E':r:fN g A -- A K1 . . .5 ,, gawk N Q. V -my R' O-'I' ...,. , , ....pfP'f"'Q A lS'.wm-'N 3335 ssl" W A, . V . M - my .....,.. ,,.,, Y, I --v A - ' " -.Q MQ-. CN 1 wi 1, 'fzgam Q 'Y' 19 04- WS! Q, 911' .1 45 E , , , , :en 35 25" 6' 2 Q+A' ' Q2 A . - 4, 54: " " if 5 .J is- if 5 ' HY V Z! fk G5 ,Q ff '54 9 fw- GE 'E gs G -1 631,52 Q X ' ' F - K,,f'."' Q5 il, if :M ' fl -' f , 5 t V y ' Y GQ iff' i "', Q "fax .r Y ' 1 x - if if-fx K tt. ik vm 24 ' L l ' ' Xndii fQ 5 'EW ,N ,fn "TT-iffy." We' XM . 3 ' Q 'P 'Q f,,,1-YJ, - W km 5 I v if ". a. 162. ' , .,f' : pw . .AQ 5? , rho ,mf Future Business Leaders Row 1 lleft to rightlz Walt Fitz-Gerald, Elinor liezzone, Betty Gucker, Donna Kirk- hoven, Mary Yrazabal, lna Sears, Vic Free- man, Lorraine Guidi, Gayle Bernstein, Bev Williams, Angalina Garria, Lorraine Yohan- nan, Jean Barr, Frances Gorman, Eiko Mit- suda, Bev Robbins, Helene Aeberhard. Row 2: Katherine Meyer, Bev Andrews, Amelia Simpson, Shigeko Shiazaki, Dorothy lma- gawa, Naomi Fuiimoto, Elina Salvo, Barbara Klung, Shirley Landman, Loretla Chiluni, Lula Tamaras, Geraldine Salvo, Hallie Doug- las, Johanna Pilayo, Shirley Violti, Helen Payne, Carol Saunders. Row 3: Robert Daher, Richard Daher, Donald Kasewir, Ed! ward Weinberg, Melvin Cohen, Ralph Castro. Hi-Y and 'fri-Hi-Y Clubs Aphrodilens Row l lleft to righll: Jay Dawson, Joan Erickson, Rita Vaughan, Sylvia Merritt, Vir- ginia Di Franto, Marie Kuhn, Betty Seaman. Row 2: Pat Campos, Milda Larche, Carol Saunders, Carol Rosenberg, Josephine Bab- rorb, Carol Keist, Asa Kaaz Row 'l llef! to rightlz Phyllis Rubin, Bar- bara Geddes, Diane Mitrhell, louise Robb. Row 2: Elaine Klang, Joyce Riskin, Joan Perry, Aletha Riedel. Camanae Row 1 lleft to rightl: Joan Vodden, Bar- bara Tompkins, Polly McCormick, Dolores Szakal, Jan Whitton, Alice White, Bree Min- chin, Angelina Garcia, Bev Williams. Row 2: Pat Quigley, Sally Scribner, Diane Elliott, Claire Ann Pihl, Shirley Lembeck, Joan Sutter, Jeanne Smith. Hecates Row I llett to righttz Pat Klein, Made- leine Riese, Mary Laisen, Janice Sturgis, Diane Binello, Jeannie Baker. Row 2: Bev Torrey, La Verne Moresco, Dorothy Lissauer, Andree Puglisi, Diane Tolman, Ann Cecil. Jaedas Row I lleft to rightl: Audrey Hastings, Cathie Stephens, Pat Favilla, Nancy Toland, Sonya loswick, Pat Perry, Jan Franklin, Jan Sewall, Lyn Higuera, louise Painter. Row 2: Dianne Mardigian, Doris Bosco, Sue Chaz- alet, Jean Weiman, Elaine Cecchin, Julie Pearl, Doris Devincenzi, Sally Jo Dwilla, Jan Sommer, Diane Zinns, Carol Huggins. Merrimacs Row I lleft to rightl: Bette Orton, Myrna Alpert, Jo Ann Emery, Jackie Bindon, Clara- lee Inch. Row 2: Carole Baker, Leslie Studt, Myra Lipson, Claire Donohue, June Bauck, Elinor Bezzone, Esther Lee, Priscilla Chong. Oppiclamus Row I tleft to rightl: Gloria Abros, Kathy Sullivan, Daisy Varte, Oralee Roberts, Maggie Koshaba, Virginia McKelvey, Jackie Moore, Lee Chavez, Bobbie Gibson, Pearl Zimmer- man, Helen Langsam. Row 2: Josephine Ganem, Mary Goode, Mari Scott, Dano Kirk- patrick, Audrey Carlen, Kathy Murphy, Bette Hilke, Adel Stickel, Gayle Malofsky, Corinne West. Row 3: Peggy Hobbs, Jaan Hum- phreys, Gay Agee, Alice Marin, Natalee Bell, Reldie Backman, Nadine Martinotti, Thais Tanius, Joan Fladborg, Phyllis Hopkinson, Reys Row I tlett to rightl: Marcia Garrity, Lois Saccone, Lila Sankawich, Dede Kenney, Corinne Gidal, Jomar Knops, Diane Ward, Roberta Robinson, Irene Otterbein, Bev Miller, Shirley Spreen. Row 2: Marge Lee Veclc, Elouise Haymand, Carol Gaethke, Roxie Felt, Fay Mask, Joyce Condrott, Etta Shapiro, Sue Nuzum, Bev Andress, Willie Cohn, Peggy Andreasen, Pat McCaron, Sylvia Levin. Corinthians Row 1 lleh to rightl: Harris Nussbaum, Frank Varni, Charles Duncan, Frank Speizer, Rirhard Klein, Louis Perez. Row 2: Louie Phillips, Gabriel Banas, Charles Cacharelis, Fred Fisher. Pharoahs Row I lleft to rightl: Vir Freeman, Al Evans, Helge Srhmodde. Row 2: Bill Schae- fer, Alan Deurhar, Bah Ash, Jerry Caulli. Absent members: Don Eassa, Ed LaPedis, Ken Haag, Sam Potter, Larry Kaufman, Dave Patton, Dave Gari, Saxons Row l lleft to rightl: Dick Kissick, Jae Gallwilz, John Wolters, Ray Leister, Joe Schillau, Lloyd Koster. Row 2: Lou Rosso, George Stockton, Dick Grant, Bob Davis, Ralph Kermoian. Spartans Row I lleft to rightl: Howie Ruben, Ron Rosenberg, Erwin Schwartz, Harry Ferris, Row Z: Jordan Glew, Leo Lowe, Henry Lue, Ken Glazbrook, Jahn Brock. THans Row 'I tleft to rightl: Myron Hollister, Hal Mcfool, Peter Kaplanis, Dick Miller, Gene Marks, Chad Reade. Row 2: Kent Rena, Lee Baxter, Kip Lacey, Ted Prevolis, Don McGillis. I S , .Kg W : K K0 f .pf L 1 4 , Q'f"""lJ '- geifxf 441, sri , :wg 52" af - es- ,.-,fggrf 1 1 527 . 'ffv , ,ff M l 424,155 'f 35. v if , cl'2fe1'ti.rz'ng Section ff- , Wfwhf, ,limi F , , A wHAT EVER You WW 1 GOTYFII K f-RX, IN. CONGRATULATIONS To fhe Graduafing Class from HERS C H 'S One of San Francisco's Iargesf and fines+ neighborhood shopping cenlers 1951 SUMMER FASHIONS for MEN, WOMEN, GIRLS, BOYS, CHILDREN 56I6 I-6726 Arf Barfel, .lulie Pearl and Ray L'Esperance being shown Sporls Shirls a+ I'lerscI'1's 74 FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE FOR YOUR GRADUATION PARTIES AND ALL OTHER FESTIVE OCCASIONS. "Flowers for all Occasions" ITIS THE 6040 Geary Blvd. 0 San Francisco 2I Phone SKyIine 2-2480 , For 21 Flavors of Delicious Ice Creams and Sherbefs We Deliver af Moderale Prices TRY OUR EASY-TO-SERVE HALF-GALLON . . . PRESCR"'T'ON5 CORNER 1o+h AVENUE AT CLEMENT STREET Open Til H P. M. I Slqyline 1-8148 SOOI GEARY STREET SAN FRANCISCO' CALIF' AII of Our Qualily Producls Are Manufaclured Daily Phone BAyview I-4638 on fhe Premises MINCI-IIN s PHARMACY B A L FQ U R PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Known wherever fhere are Schools and Colleges C F MINCHIN Ph G sooo BALBOA ST AT 31TI-I AVE Cl-A55 RINGS hone SKyIIne 1 1828 San Franclsco GRADUA-I-'ON ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS TROPHIES Pxzbunm, 'Wleai THE STAMP OF QUALITY ICK SUPER MARKET GRAND CENTRAL MARKET 350 71h A 24 C If DANCE PROGRAMS MANOR MARKET SUNSET SUPER MARKET 2550 O I 9 S+ WALT S SEND THEIR BEST I- G B a I I O u r O WALTER S CREAMERY POST STREET SU'Her13522 Aulhenhc Cosfumes of All Types PORTRAITS IN THIS SURVEYOR from GOLDSTEIN 81 CO 'l H D O H E Y Markei' S'l'reeI' GAr'lieId 1 5150 FISHER STUDIO Boa KING KINGS SPORTING GOODS M yW s y I 4557 TENNIS SHOP SKI RENTAL 6300 GEARY BLVD 27+h A SAN FRANCISCO Phone 177 POST STREET Compllmenk of SUHer Sulie 809 1542 SanFrancIsco 3422 BALBOA SK 2 2358 AI B I P p I I ' ff O 17 . 1 -,. .. ,E,EE f, , , 1 . I O, I - ve. 35 u i ornia cecn Ave. 2425 rvln . . 1 I 233 ' 8TH 81 BALBOA Fovorife lce Cream 6 Sandwiches By I Y O ' ' 989 ' Q a e erve You? SK line - . Corner venue .1 ' ex rusue os, ro rie o GIRLS... Graduate o a Telephone cll. r 1 L ull X 1 4 u x ll lim ms lmsm I II x u ulx u x tlwc rc ns ms xx 1 ll I lf :fum urn mm IS a III lffrr fl 21 L fl PI xi 1 I ox IXII Rl r Q.-5 The PACIFIC TELEPHONE and Telegraph Company HODT lll0ll" CCVGI' ICI' ll"'5 BOOIQ ws-no SAYS scorcl-:MEN ARE TIGHT? I' SCOTTYS DRIVE IN e A LOT FOR A LITTLE ARDES COMPANY GEARY BLVD AT 3lST 355 EIGHTH STREET KLondlke 2 0140 P R I C E S San Francisco SUPER FINISHED EMBOSSED BOOK COVERS IMITATION LEATHER PRODUCTS Hand Flnlshed Shoes For Men Dlsfmchvely Styled Footwear Q 7l8 Movrkei' Slreel' San Francisco X711 'll like worlqing flu' tlle ICI 'I one CUIIIIJLIIIN. ICLI ' Lflter vc: 4. l11l11cl1occIx ui Xljllllg xo lcn I I guml .joins in zhis vital L'UlllllllllllL'llllK ' .' css. t 'llllcguocl IL'II1mslxIlzoI' In'I'pllm1cI1cuIvIQ.Illcll'lm 'llc Ill Illclr unrlg-guml pany riglxt Hum IIIL' slam xllilu 'Ju lC1ll'Il-UIJIJUIAIKIIIIIX'I0 1 'z ICC in IIIICTCSIIIIQJ4 wmrl-L . .. I are mmm ull lllc ' Q1 J 'l y 'ff .fl of f -ff I- J gif' f I' 1 vflk. Many' cvf.ymll'flu'xnu1' SCIIUHIIIILIICS 1lI'C llc-rs. funn 'i am I all ' uve IllCLl4.lYllllI1l5.LL'S UI-LCICIJIIUIIL'UNTILffl' ww. jk Pl A 1 Q-X57 ul . 1 ll"l"ICliZ Hu xl-iw Mux'1m.cm1-ilu' sw .1 l I !7l' T I h ll 11 ' . 1 7 I , . . ' I THE DGNUT BOWL TenI'I'1 Avenue cmd Geary Boulevard of the HAROLD M ENZIES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH SALES COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE C 5 Q S n C 5 a EARY BOULEVARD 4TH TO 5TH AVES SKyI 'I 5681 FREE PROMPT DELIVERY E n g r a V e r S THE GEARY DRUG CO I8fh A N y I 4548 y I 4539 LANDTAQQRQAND 36 EIIus sr DO 22272 5138 GEARY BOULEVARD BET 15TH 81 'I6TH AVES xy: 1 7239 PISANI PRINTING Sc PUBLISHING CO 6l'CCLf0IJ M IHC llllflllg 700 MOHtgOH1CfV Bldg San Franusco, Cahf SU I 4772 COmpIimen+s of . , M. . Baskin, Prop. I Prescripfion Specialisfs I nd Geary Boulevard, San F nc's C l'f. I . Phones: SK Iine - - SK Iine - I ' - S F ' I8 C I'f. V 46 7 77 j 1 0 s . . T J . Q-0N"",' 4-'Q ,QQQQQ-QQQOQQQQQ I I I I I I I I SHA LY.. -, ,,g,,6,,0 I I LANDERS and NEWELL COMPLETE INTERTYPE LUDLOW HAND COMPOSITION MAKEUP LOCKUP TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN A13 'I40 SECOND ST SAN FRANCISCO 5 DOugIas 2 3048 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 0 I I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I I REPRODUCTION ' REVERSE ' TAK-BAK PROOFS I I I I I I , ,--,,,,-,-,--,-,,,,, .LAX -,- - -- - , - ,, The George Washington Parent-Teachers' Association Tfiialiea flue GRADUATING CLASSES OF 19501951 3 g:if0ofL D R U E H L D R U G C O COMMUNITY Cleaners and Dyers rnsscmrnou nnuocisrs so is a MARIE Ames O LOUIS WEIMAN Ph G Clfy wade Pickup and Delivery Service DYEING ALTERING 800 CLEMENT STREET CORNER 9TH AVE Phone BAyvlew 1 2521 PHONE e I SAN FRANCISCO COLISEUM STORE FOR MEN 3315 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO Y O U N G E R S E T Feffvffng 145 GRANT Ave Yukon 5 ioao McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR FORMALS FULL LENGTH AND BALLERINA PENDLETON SHIRTS PEGGED DENIMS 740 CLEMENT STREET FOR PROM AND GRADUATION QKQQ 0 mo le! of the lnstory room ome wszt the Wlls Fargo H :story Room Mementoes of C,al1forn1a s Gold Rush Days on dlsplay daxly durmg bankmg hours 50 Montgomery St Wells Fargo 8: UNION TRUST C0 Le UC D an , wners , . . . BAyvi w -3919 ' . 1 I-iii" -, C 'V4,.5f.' , A . .. "1 ' Y- 'N' I, f . ' of 515, , fi it I 'ox - f , . . , f 1- 'S """ - I R. J. BIAGINI, Proprielor J. VARSI CO. "The Flower Shop Beaul'iful" GEARY BLVD. AT 19TH AVE. -5436 EVergreen 6-9699 BAyview 1 WALTER MAY FINE FOOTWEAR 5527 Geary Boulevard ED. TIGGES. JEWELER DIAMONDS - WATCHES - CLOCKS - SILVERWARE Convenienl' Credif Terms EXPERT SWISS AND AMERICAN WATCH REPAIRING I 5847 GEARY BLVD., NEAR 23RD AVE., SAN FRANCISCO PHONE BAyview 1-0804 I HAL KENNEDY'S I 3444 BALBOA sr.. NEAR 36TH AVE. I Phone BAyview 1-8530 Slephanie, Janice, Diane, Belle and Sylvia are enioying hamburgers-in-fhe-baslcef, milk shakes and slrawberry shorlcalce, speciallies of . . . - STERN'S COFFEE HOUS 101 POWELL STREET HDRSETRADER I I FD Never Turns His Back on a Deal ll I I ll All ve Go t Em! NEW 8. USED CARS I 1939-1951 ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS - ALL TYPES 790 Van Ness Avenue TUxedo 5-6267 BALBOA'Si 5 81 10c STORE The Slore Thal' Has "EVERYTHING" 3615 BALBOA STREET SAN FRANCISCO Phone SKyline l-1520 NABORHOOD PHARMACY YOUR REXALL STORE Prescripfion Specialisfs WALTER FRANKLIN, Proprielor 3300 Balboa S'l'reel', Corner 34l'h Avenue J 81 D CLEANERS ALTERATIONS 81 REPAIRS 0 LAUNDRY SERVICE Call and Deliver 2539 BALBOA ST. - SAN FRANCISCO - Phone SKyIine 2-2950 "When You Say MILK-Say MARIN DELL" 1675 Howard S+ree+ HEmIock I-4433 San Francisco, California 6 f f ,.-Q-QI P' -5 f 5' 0 vrciqnalrflm nm CHOOSINC L yob IN Ill e 1 s me A elite lt plys to loole m oy er before you mllee up your mmel But onee you see xslut you yget mth 1 yob tt the Metropolxtm you yxont hue my trouble eleelelmg yy here you yy tnt to yyorle Anel here s XX NI XOL1 II sttrt rrieht otf mth 1 ieootl stllry mel SlflSII.LfOl'y yxorleers get three fuses the hrst yexr PQFIOLIIL ruses therelfter Its steqely employment yyrth plent ot ehmees tor mount to hetter jolws lt hrygher ly COME IN TODAY Get your lob now before the rush starts Well be glad to answer all your questions Come to the Per sonnel DIVISION Monday through Friday any time from 8 30 AM lo 5 P M Xoull enyoy yyorlelnte tor the Met ro wo ltm You ll hnd lot t people your own u e just the Iemd you yymt for trlends Youll prob ably yom them on m tthletle term reerettroml 1 roups TI ere IS mn rttrutly e lunehroom mtl louniee IILIIIIICS for ey ery el ry use To 1II ot thlt ulel Ilte sleleness mtl ITOSPIIII msurmte Nom totql up tll your lwenehts Do you see yyhy so mmy members of the elrss ot 51 ue loolemg Ioryy 1rd to 1 wood yob mth the Metropolltmf Why dont you loin them? METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 600 Stockton Street San Francisco 20, Calrf To help your school book please menllon this advertrsement I A ' , 5 I f -z , e .2 s " .. . ,, '.Zf I U C . 4 ' E S l 1- S. , , , - 1' f ep ' ff I Iv ? I 0 o N Q g.'5.' e-ly' 'loo:- ' ' ' ' r " A A- I rf 2 ZA QQ' ' 'Q I I.: l ll O v , 2. V ' ' v Y EC: 2' k- Y . , . . , 1 , ,V Il ' V -I A I Y gr? - V or in one of the many' social or y A Y V Y b jk -1 . 5 1 1 3 r I ' I l ' L " jg z ', 1 fi .1 ' ' ' KY' L 'L ' 5. k , K 1' LQ4' ' 'Kg -I 4' L V r'j' I ,AU Y . 1 N A In Q , V. .2 j . 5 k y S l, A , ' :L 'Y PL ,l u - . . ' Y R0llER SKATE AMERICA S FASTEST GROWING SPORT SKIITELIIND ut the BEACH BANK MARKET MEAT FISH and POULTRY 609 Clemenf Phone SKyllne 2 0315 24 Years Richmond s Dlshnchve Florlsfs PINELLI S FLOWERLAND PHONES SK 16397 SK I4144 714 CLEMENT STREET FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SLb DkK an VAN WORMER 81 RODRIGUES INC JeweIry Manufaciurers CLASS RINGS TROPHIES MEDALS CLUB PINS SENIOR GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL NAME CARDS 126 POST STREET EXbrook 2 5886 gfdfu CLELOHJ Cl g,,1C,m fo I e racfuafea M 8 J IIIIISIIII C0 In 342 5th Street SUIIer I 5393 OITIIQAIHBHEJ 0 JOHNSON BERNSTEIN and BOND SIMPSON S y 19109 CONFECTIONERS RESTAURANT BAKERY CATERING 950 Clemenf Sfreei' San Franclsco DOLORES PRESS PRINTING 3384 SIXTEENTH STREET SAN FRANCISC Telephone UNcIerhlII I 3667 I on K nfl 00 MC , L,O I I P 7 Z - 1 - I, cl I C - I 1 I ..,,,,,, , ,, ,, ,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , SK line - I ' , I I ue o ree, ic issick, Lila Scnhowich being shown n ouncemen+s of , . 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Suggestions in the George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) collection:

George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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