George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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George Washington High School - Surveyor Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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,Asif ,'M'?Ts-1. X M, A .-h.NgK:j.w J 'H mx- X t 2 AU., , ga ' Yx N A , 'V ' ' xv l Q 1 V .- 4', ,4'5'1"P': 'K P E EDWTPR N LHVEF FLTURt EDWOR BUQHNHQS MANAGER QENKDR EDITORS SPORTS EDWORS ADVERTHNG MANAGER PHCDTOGRARHERS FCVER H 1 IUZU IQ JK? Voume XVUI Di? THEQNIE srxgpwm , BOBBRE sv R WAFK N E EANQR D FUN Aw Ro m4 BARBARA GENCT C A RE GQTTFR ED AMW lA S1MR5CDN a HARRY PARETCHAN Sormo BGB TRIPR BGB TRIRP ED HENSHAXN ED MAG' AND MARWN KURTZ KENNEY WQOD QHWUTRN W MWC SFrwcfckaVr'a T h S L U If U f fp fx F513 A ' R ME YM . V A ' Swing .HQTE '3 RV NR .V ,...x R ,YL . QAVV F jLv X ft 1 - l Fill' - f , LT if W 4 I Pew 4 L :R L x V l ' ' ' Soriwq - LQ F - nan. F - I Aff 'xffw Clam' 111 Juu1 '11f1l1s111 GEORGE V. fx' V7 X, R VQH RLW RV ,L fm vxflf if i w R. 'Mm .Sa WASIIINGTUN 'H B O K , 's -SLIll0lAl.I'lg fo RUWIUITILQI' you . . . The I95O Surveyor is for you and wrillen by you. ll's your picrure in The rooling seclion or wirh lhe graduales. l+'s your snapshol in The candids page or in The sporrs secrion. You- all of you, and individually, loo-made lhis pasl school year as greal as il was. And Jrhe edirors have lried ro presenl Thar year lo you in words and piclures, iusl as you lived ir. l+'s your scraplooolc of whalr you did. We'll always remember rhe privilege of Jrranscripinq ir for youg we hope only rhar you'll realize as you lurn Jrhe pages Thar good limes never die, and rhal rhis Surveyor may preserve Those memo- ries lor you . . forever. fXdm1I115trat1Un Admlnlstratlon MR O I SCHMAELZLE Prlnclpal All loo offen a faculfy of a school as looked upon as a group of persons fo be held ID esleem solely becau e of +heur frannlng and abulrly George Washnngron however has been forlunale enough ro have one whuch possesses bolh of rhese Jrraurs as well as rhe very necessary elemenl of good sporrsrranshup Everywhere rhe splrll of fruendluness and helpfulness pr valls records of our graduares have proven our leachers do fheur worlc ehfucuenrly and properly Washmgronuans all hall our lndus+r:ous and good nafured 'reachmg sfarl O I SCHMAELZLE MISS ELEANOR JACKSON MR GEORGE M KLINGNER MISS ELEANOR PARSONS Assusranf Pr ncspal Assuslanl Prnncupal Head Counselor I I I . S? I We are doubly proud of our reaching sraff for Irs serious and consciemrious professional arrifudes. The F f Q I. Ax I - , The facult Mr Ed Abercrombre Mr Alan Addleslone Mrs Melanie Aunsworfh Mrss Be++y Alexander Mr Emzl Anderson Mrs Mrldred Bnckel Mlss Cecrle Bohn Mr FranzD Brandf Mrs Evelyn Brrllharf Mr JohnJ Burke Mr Cecnl Carroll Mrss Lucrlle Carson Mass Kathleen Cauley Mass Rrla Clark Mr l-luqh Clenaghan Mrs Allce Collrns Mass Marqaref Coope Mrss Carherme Counrhan Mlss Laurelfe Cullman Mlss Bohn and Mr Gorham cuf up af Facul+y Rally Mrs lrene Davey Mrss Calherrne Dayrs Mrs Cecrlra Deehan Mrs Margarel Denny Mlss Anna May Dickson Mr JohnW Douglass Muss Dorofhea Forcade MnssJuansTa Garcia Mass Edllh Garln Mrs Bernnce C-ales Mr Edw S Gorham Mrs Bxrdeena Gowan Mr Lawrence Hawknnson Mrs Corinne Hedfke Mrs Lenamae Herrrck Mr Abe Hesselberq Mnss Alice Hoppel Mass Efhelur-da James Mrss Elrnor Jess Mass Erma Kelloqq Mr Marlon Knoll Mr Ferdinand Lapeyru Sql ClarenceJ Lee Mrs Edna Logan Mr Saul Madles Mr Wm Maqner Mlss Mary Marshal Sql Ar1hurE Muller Mr F W Morlon Miss Elnzabelh Murphy Mr WalferOdone Mlss Alsce O Leary Mr Seymour Pearson Mr John S Phelan Mrss Marqaref Poole Mr John H ueuser Mr Henry Raphael Mnss Mlldred Rauner Mr James Rasella MrssJosephune Rausch Mr Chad Reade Mr John Rocky Mrs Marqaref Rumer Mrss Arlrne Scharll Mnss Soma Selrq Muss Florence Shearer Mrs Cafherrne Sheehan Mass Edufh Srlbersfern Mrs Dorothy Sundel Mrs Myrrle Swanson Sq? Evererl Turney Mr John C Uhle Mr Eldred Vanderlaan Mr Louls Vasquez Mrs Frances Wa Mr Onnl Wrlscn Mr John Welch Mrs Elsne Wul arrse Mr Hugh Wrre STAFF Mr Thompson Mr Anderson Muss Whrle Mrss Fu ron Mrs Foley Mass Welnslern Mrs Johnson Mrs Clark Mrs Kosfer Mrs Sfean Mr Flnn Mr Wrre helps Mr Morfon make Mrs Swanson leadrng La Senornia Mrss Poole y a quick change fhe Chour El Senor lMr Morfonl I l . i - I I . .-. I. y President Vice-President get s Z Student Body Ufficers Fall '49 George Robinson, student body president, is the quiet type, but with his quietness he had the respect ot the student body as its leader, This was proven during I949 when he rnade a special broadcast-appeal to the students to police themselves at noon betore the Administration was forced to take a hand and treat us like babies. The appeal was heeded. Carol Foster was our vice-president trom a hospital bad. During the summer ot I949 she contracted polio and was unable to actively tultill ner du'ies. But she did plan in writing and in detail all the school dances ahead ot time. Claire Foster, secretary, became acting vice-president. and did an excelent iob carrying out Carols plans. She did a lot on her own, also, to help make dances and rallies a big success during I9-19. Burk Jones, second vicebpresident, proved he could take over in an emergency. He became acting secretary and did a very tine iob taking minutes and keeping the records. Joe Sterne our treasurer. put George Washington High over the top again in student body card sales. We were IOOOQ, within tive days tor the 15th term in a row. Sam Potter did a time iob as custodian. l-te had a lot ot trophies and banners to care tor, as George Washington l-lighis tall sports record was one to envy. Bob Treseler, athletic manager, did a swell iob putting over ticket sales at the games. averaging IOOO tickets per game tor the tootball season, and should be especially commended tor putting over programs at the games, especially the Lincoln-Washington program. Gus l-tassapakis, yell leader, brought two new yells to Washington: "Go Get 'Em Scarlet" and "Eagle Fight Yell." Gus was also the one who put over the halt'-time card tricks at the Lincoln and Lowell tootball games. 7 JOE STERNE SAM POTTER BOB TRESELER GUS HASSAPAKIS Treasurer Custodian Athletic Manager Yell Leader GEORGE ROBINSON CAROL FOSTER BURK JONES 2nd Vice-President Secretary fi.. Q' ' 3 GUS KANELOPOULOS CLAIRE FOSTER BOB HILMOE JOYCE COHEN Presidenf Vice-Presidenl 2nd Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Student Body Ufficers 5priI1q'5U Again This Term, as in The pasT, George WashingTon had a fine hard-working group of sTudenT body oTTicers who did an ekcellenT iob To make The Spring Term a big success. PresidenT Gus Kanelopoulos and his rally commiTTee produced above par rallies all Term. Gus, who plans To aTTend Cal, will be missed around school nexT Term. Claire FosTer, acTing as regular Vice-Presidenl' This Term, did an ouTsTanding iob oT planning dances. Claire also plans To aTTend Cal if she doesn'T go To STanTord. Bob l-lilmoe, 2nd Vice-President did a good iob wifh The Associale Rally cornmiTTee and The planning oT The May FesTival. The records and minuTes were kepT in The usual neaT manner by SecreTary Joyce Cohen who will be seen around S. F. STaTe nexT Term. For The Iblh consecuTive Term George Washingron was IOOOXO in STudenT Body Card sales, Thanks To The fine work ol' Treasurer John Boragno. John, who will be aT U.S.F. nexl Term, also did a greal amounl oT work on The May Fesfival. CusTodian Dick Kissick kepT The Trophies shining brillian+ly all Term, and iT was some iob. Too, wiTh The Track Team bringing in Three or Tour new ones every week. AThleTic Manager George MarTen, who also plans To enTer U.S.F., did a good iob on TickeT sales Tor The Term. His adverTising oT coming sporTs eyenfs was also excepTional. The school spiriT was kepT aT a high level all Term by Yell leader Jim Bovero. Jim had The kids yelling aT The Top of Their lungs in The baskeTball finals when we iusT missed The championship. JOHNNY BORAGNO DICK KISSICK GEORGE MARTEN JIM BOVERO Treasurer Cusfodian A+hleTic Manager Yell Leader HIGH SE URS LUWI SE IUH5 HIGH JU IUHS FaHII949 A f DICK DUNN DINA GILBERT BARBARA SCHNURPFEIL Presldeni Vice Presldenf Secrefary DICK DOWNIE ADELE UNDERDAHL CONNIE SMITH Presudenf Vice Presldenf Secrefary ALEC BALMY TERRY BLOOM RIYO KUNISAWA Freildwif Vnce Preslden? Secrefary , ww 'fl' 9' . I Q I N I at Q I I 3 Eh5sUfHnm3 P CONRAD DONNER LOIS SACCONE JOYCE CONDROTT Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary F NORMAN BOWEN RUTH ISRAEL MARILYN STEIN Pregldenf Vlce Preslden+ Secrefary FAUSTO GALANG CAROL SAUNDERS Presidenf Vice-Presidenf BILLIE CHIN6 Secrefary LUWf IUR5 HIGH SUPHS SUPHS HIGH SE IUHS SE IUHS HIGH UNIUHS Spruu1195U HARRY MATHIS LOUISE FIELDS LILA GOLD Presldenf Vlce Presudenf Secrefary BUD FORBEY SALLY BURGREN MARY LEWIS Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary DICK MILLER JOYCE CONDROTT CAROLE BAKER Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary CM5sUfhumw ,a6"'7? LEO CAPOS ALETHA RIEDEL JO ANN LOW Presudeni Vnce Presuden? Secrefary LLOYD TUNIK MARY GOODE Presldenf Vnce Presndeni MARTIN MALCHOW EARLENE SMITH Presiden+ Vice-Presiden+ BILLIE CHING Secrefary FRANCES COHEN Secreiary LUW UNIUH5 HIGH SUPHS SUPHS 'Q' ANCY DOUGLAS LOUISE FIELDS CHARLOTTE MENEND CAROLINE NAUS NANCY NELSON DEON NIELSEN IRENE NOVIKOFF ANN PARSONS BOBBIE SLOTE K WI H Presidenf, Spring LH-A SAN O C Befh Ingram and Miss Jackson, Sponsor, af ceremony. THEONIE SHEPHARD CONNIE SMITH VIRGINIA WYNE CAROLYN SWENSON ANN STELLING ETHEL STEINBERG JOAN STAUFFER vfg 'Q 441' EXECUHNE Euuncik-Pall Row I Ileff fo righflz Shiih, iNQ'ir Sue Lobree Sofia Abfas Schrmciei Civad DJ'-ne' Hariy Kiiachadowian Caroiu- Na, Maw S9339 Lois Saiiffe Cafoie Baie: Janice Martin Terry Riyo Kunisawa Eyhef Yzwn A' Baimy Adeie U"aef:3" Ri' Biooni Pa' Knaofvn Louise Fieids, Connie Srnifh Jerry Lowen' posonbe-rg Bob Tris-?ev' Jie Sfefne, Dick Downie, 'na iii- ff? Row 2: Vic'Q+ Li'i3s Ding Giibef' Barbara Eve'-y Jreaf body oi dernociafig indlyiduak showd have 3 iegisianvs :V aw-nwakinkg s i George Washinqfon Hiqh Sinooi is no erceofion. Our ieqisiefure iz +he Exeiflye Council, The rnain iuncfion of fhe Execufiye Courci, is fo apbo 'ion fha funds of 'ne sinooi ?o the diifhgren' 31fiyi'iES and orqahizaiions. If aisc Drcocses amendments 'o The schoo Conyifmior passes .ru arvends by-iaws fo Carry our the provisions oi 'he school Ccwituflon, qran's ai awards and honms 3' Tne name oi George Washinqfon Hizh Schooh and does nurfefcus ofher iegisiaiive duh:-s as we is'ed in the schooi CQr'sfiw'ior. This mai Phe Counci' took on Q new 'ob-thai oi beginnfnq The v+,'wfifi'vq and amending fn: zgvfgfsen' GQ-one Wgshlrrcn High Ce-yimfion. A Covsrituficnai ::""rir'ee has been workinq 5' 'hr' sfooffsed changes Whifn shame be Dresenfeo hi fhe sfudenrs ici aoorsya by The Time Wi: SURVEYCR Lomes auf C' byr1ex?'er"'. Membefsnic in fhe Eve-.u"wi Cfifii 5-so known as fha' Sfudenfis Ceungi ionsisfs oi fhe eiedezi isxss chicers oi edch dass sius 3 number oi rebiesenfarnyes as shew make a fOioI oi six from eawx 'suis arc! aii sfudenf b'dy oxsow. Meefings are held abou? onze 5 'r'i:n'h durir-J sfhooi fini'- fud-:"' bod oresidcf' cresioes ard Miss SHN ads as cows Y EXECUHVE Council-Spring Row I Uefi fo righfiz Caroie Baker, Deon Nieisef' Corfnne Gidai Kaneiobouios. Row 2: Johnny Bovaqno, Bob Hiirnoe, Louise Fiefus Joyfe Condren, .Iohn Madden, Fran Sydei, Ciaire Foyer Joyce Jim Boyero, Jo Ann Low, Leo Cabos, Aiefha Riedei, Caroi Freeo Cohen Sfeiia Hassan Pa? Wairers. Sdiiy Bu'q"er', Liia Goid, Gus man Connie Srnifh, Mary Lewis, Ron Rosenberg, Dick Miiiei. 1 .r -7-V w I le'f+ fo rig j w el uw r y L d Bovwo UL when Umer my irswwxw Bak, Va H v Bo L qw -mv w"f-D EBQS5 r Lv a W HQKV5 Row Q V! G 5 Kfswaba L Ar Tr r, rp fm bt 1 LO G Wash O GUS f' VU OU O Deo O 5 YFAV' B VSV IVTT orfaw' 'VGPLNPQ Q 6 8 G 'VI Cd'Q3 We qovu men+aN Q a rv ns ffm PVNDCIDBLS abm 1 n fa a wsc V Q Mr Sf On Gee a D rv ery regwsfry as wc! rv dy "1 e 1 Q. 'N r u 'He C b r' T a m r O ner smoc-rw 5 fO 'C The meef n veryone as we 'mme re wrry d eqafe 15 + e Ona w 0 'rd Q5 We foo 1 M We rems'rX a uf + e or emu crscub sua as ' f f rv Lf N sfifo a bid A ow I e f fo righi aaar ucmda Levin Grefbef Ke e Q ae ue e 1 9 Ughe Varwawg pw -Dv oauer Ro 50 Qmifh Cohen Wefv ora? os er en 0 P- C ae! Sgr bmi W4W1am5 H ow 3 Ka Q Jooulos Corvauqhy Hfuward, Hera r: Spsser S ur Rodqer Lyman Boraqno vevo Po ' r a+ erson C rm r 01:-5 Rf 5 Q ores ufelc. Row Crosbwe MCGIIIIS Koshaba Trebl COT Yuma Baff ' cobs Hounredas Tre ewer r wer L,e:IL Zimrrormar' rece' o ree ow apes Lows g., 1:11 3 ,A, E, ,vp -Q Student Body X COUCHOT, RENEE COVITZ, MARTIN C T E Y I Co-lleoe Req. pres den? Hi-Y Music Sporfs Undecided Req. vice-oresiden' Req. lreasurer Hi-Y: Sporls Soccer learn Cilv College ROSBIE, ROBERT DAHIR, MABEL Senior advisor Dance comrnillee G.A.A, Sporfs Worli DEMITH, HELEN Di PASOUA, ALDO Execu+ive counci Rally comrniflee Sr, advisor: Tri-Y Block W: GAA. GSS.: Sporls, U. C. Basli-:1'ba'l 'earr- DITO, BARBARA DOBSON, TAMARA DONATHAN, CLAIRE DOUGLAS, NANCY DUNN. RICHARD DUNN, STEPHEN Senior advisor G.A.A. Principals cabinef LI I, Ll2 class secy. HI2 class president Clvess club Tri'Y Swimming, Tennis Reg. secrelary Tri-Y Eagles C.S.F. Records Worl: Senior advisor Cilv College Purdue Universily Plwoloqrapny Bowling G-,A.A.: Music, Swimming, Soccer Lux College Travel: College Ccvlece l2 We 1 EATON, BARBARA Tri-Y Records Modeling school , :seq Y, 4. . 5 ,af t kg FONG, EDWARD Movies Plwoloqraplw Baslrelloall Plwofoqraolwy sclwel -I , EIB, MILT Sporfs Marriage FORD, DOROTHY Hi-Y Wgrk EVANS, FRANK FELDMAN, MELVIN Hi-Y College , 7 57521 ,gsL5,, X FORDE, MARILYN Req. vice-president G.A,A. Tri-Y Cirv Colleqe Camera Club Radio sfaff Phofoqraplny Track Team U.C. FELL, DONALD FOLEY, ROBERT Waslwinglon Flying Senior advisor club: Privale Flying Ar? Swimming learn, Worlr Baseball College FORKGEN PAUL FORSTER FRED FOSTER CAROL Swirnminq Sporfs Vice-pres' en Go on wirh music Wrrl sludefil body Tenn: Swirnnn nf: c 'e e JOFFE, SAUNDRA Tri-YA 6.A.A. C.S.F. Senior advisor Ceramics Sporls: U. C. KING, ROBERT Eagles Senior advisor l-li-Y Foolball, Traclc Teams Ciry Colleqe 1 JOHNSON, MARY JONES, ROBERT JONES, TAD JORDAN, BARBARA KAPLAN, MERVYN Senior advisor Principals cabinet Fooiball TriYY HI I presideni Music club Req. secy, and ireas, Cify College Dance comrnilfee Req. lreasurer C: AA. Swimming GAA. Eagles: Execulive Plioloqraplw S. F. Slale Swimming, Tennis Council: Music: SDOFVSI College City College Sporls: U. S. F. .omg Q , gg- Q V V! X . " -1--. ,. li X KLEIN, RUTH KU RTOVICH, JEANNE LACOSTE, JEAN LARKEY, JOHN LATAL, GERALD C5,A.A, Senior advisor Baslcelball, Track Model planes Senior advisor Tri'Y Tri-Y teams Colleqe Plioloqrapliy Tennis Cily Colleqe Work Sporis Cily College College 1 LAWTON, MARY LEACH, JOAN LEVINSON, JACK LEVY, LOU LIAKOS, AGNES LICHTMAN, LI I, LI2 Execulive G.A.A, Baslrelball, Golf reams Baseball HI I secrelary ADRIENNE Council Senior advisor Undecided Colleqe Execurive Council Req. lreasurer G.A.A.: TriAY Sports Vice-presidenl G.S.S. S.A.A.: Block W Senior advisor Ciry College GAA.: Tri-Y French club Sporrs: Cify Colleae LITRAS, VIOLET LIO class vice-pres, HI? class rreasurer Tri-Y: G.A.A. Swimming City College LOO, DONALD LOWENTHAL, Sooris GERHARD Baslrelball l-ll2 Exec. Council Ciry College Eagles: Senior advisor Head of b casllq sys. Dance band: College Sports: U. C. MCCOMAS, DARRELL MADRIERES, JEAN l-li,Y HiAY Undecided Foorball team Undecided Sporfsq College MAHANY, RUTH Execufive Counci GJNA.: Block W G.S,S. Tri-Y U, C. MAHONEY, ROBERT Drama Baseball Undecided MILLER, CAROLYN Req. president Sporrs Work 1? NEKLUDOV, NATALIE G.A.A. Ballef, swimming Work is A sf 9 -Q, ur PARETCHAN, HARRY I-ix.Y Eagle, Surveyor Vex Reg. presidenf Sporis San Jose Slaie MASLOFF, NADINE MASSING, RICHARD G.A.A. Sporrs Colleoe MIMBS, MARY Block W Records Sporrs Cify College Eagles I-li-Y Fooiball, Soccer reams U. C. v ,W 'f 'iir J, MOALEN, GRACE Senior advisor C-.A.A. Tri-Y Records Ciry College MERILLION, RALPH Track Ie-am .W F o o I b a I I W o r lic 1 K6 E I I .-pg Ii MORGAN, RICHARD H i - Y Soccer, Fooiball fe a m s C iiy C c I I e o e I. , 4? ', -if ag, NELSON, KATHLEEN NELSON, PATRICIA NOVIKOFF, IRENE Tri-Y Sporis Work Drama Club Dance comrnirree Sporis Nurses training Execuiive Council Tri-Y: Senior advise G.S.S.: GAA. Ice Silarinq Swimming U.C. ?"f , :sr , 2 E ' I 5 . J, MERRITT, WILLIAM Principal s fabine' Sporis Records Cily Colleqe M , MORTON, BECKY Senior advisor G.A.A. Surveyor, Eagie srags Drawing Wrilingz College ' "' Q ' I zz 2 .351 .f I j 'Q ' . . I x QA O'CONNELL, GEORGE Animals Work . A ' S QQXJU if-' ian iiiifi ff? MILKOVICH, YVONNE LIC-I-I IO class secv. Senior advisor Tri-Y Swimming Sar Jose Siare NAUS, CAROLINE C.S.F. Principals cabinet Tri-Y: Y Teens Block W: Folk Dance Cfub: U.C. I.- 1 PALEVAC, RICHARD Req, freas. and pres. Hi-Y Music Foolball +eam S. F. Srafe PEIZER, RAOUL PELSINGER, RONALD PICKERING, BARBARA POLONSKY, LEONARD PROCISE, CHARLOTTE C.S.F. Senior advisor G,A.A. Execulive Council Req, vigerpi-adder' Science C ul: Principal s cabinei Senior adviscf C.S.F. Req, sgqrrgrgrc Music C.S.F. Dancinfz Fooiball, Traclc reerrs G,A A, Swimmins 'eam Swimming learn Bowling U. C. Senior advisor U.C. U.C. Worlc Music:Marriaq -..-0 if-3 "Q RADKE, TOM I-li-Y Eoolball learn U, C. RUSLENDER, IRENE Senior advisor Ar? Club Bowling Undecided Q ,, sis is 3' .ragg- SCHNAL, RICHARD Co-Chairman I-'III class proiecf Saber Club Sporrs College REYNOLDS, HENRY ROBINSON, GEORGE Baslrerball Iearn College Exec, Council: Eagles LI2 class president S+uden+ body pres. Req. pres.Z Science Club: Sports' Univ. . f " if E . -.. 5 RYAN, HOWARD Reg. pres. and freas. Dance commiflee I-li-Y: Prin. Cab. Swimming learn Agriculfural school ,p 2 's rea SCHNEIDER, SANFORD Principals cabir-ef Music Sporls College an A ,ts X r Adi. ,,,, I ' 'I "': is i sf. I? .J ' L J SHEPHARD, THEONIE SHIBATA, KEIJI Surveyor, Eagle slails 6.S.S.f Tri-Y Cliairrnan Girls Senirg advisors: GAA. Tennis: Sraniorol Senior advisor Eoolball learn Ciry College SAMUEL, TED Hi-Y Sports Foolball Ieam Cify College ROBINSON, THOMAS RODNEY, LEONARD ROUMBANIS,TERRY Eagles Senior advisor Req. presidenr: I-li-Y Baslrelball ream Ciry College 'il . Ji fx SAROYAN, ARLENE Tri-Y Sporls Nursing school ,X SCHNURPFEIL. BARBARA I-I I 2 class secrelary Tri-Y Undecided SHUI, BILL Eoorbal! Wcrlr SCHOENHOLZ, ERNEST Principal's cabinel Bowling, Golf learns Music College 2- ff' f -Jr ,T ' LIL' 5 1 Q. f. SMITH, DOUGLAS Senior advisor I-IIAY Football learn College Reg. pres. and rreas. l-li-Y: Masque 81 Gavel: Sporls Baseball, Traclr learns Ciry College r ,Q- I IN i l' SAUCEDO, GUS Ari Sfamp collecfing Foofball College r'f'Q SCHUMAN, PHYLLIS Dancing Animals Sporfs Arr School Tm SMITH, ROBERT Hi-Y Baseball learn Ciry College Tri-Y Slralirg Sewing Wcrlr SAYLOR, STANLEY Senior advisor Dance cornmirree University SEUTTER, IRENE Senior advisor Tri4Y Dance cornrnillee Swimming San Jose Sfale SOMMER, JUDITH Principalls canine G.A.A.' Bloclr W C.S.F.' Y Teens Records Sporrsi Worlr SPENCER, MERL STEINBERG, ETHEL STEVENS, BILL SULLIVAN, RAY Music Block W pregidenf C-radualion clnairrnan Senior advisor Sporfs Senior advisor Senior advisor l'li-Y College Tri-Y Scierce club Foc'ball, Soccer Teams G.S.S.g GAA. Baskelball Cifv College U. C. Collage TAYLOR, JEAN TOMPKINS, LOUISE TSINTELIS, HELEN TUNIK, IRA Singing Music Senior advisor Lll i'ass vice-pres. Sporfs Dancing Dancinq I-li-Y Work Undecided Sporrs Foc'oall Track 'earns Work Col eqe if 1 r, 'fa' -'r J . ' 5 I WELSH, JACK WERTHEIMER, STEFFI WESTERGARD, ALAN WILLER, MARGIE Cars Swimming, Tennis Cars Costxrxe designing Sporfs GAA. Sporfs Bow ing Work Office work An apprenficesliip Arr career WYNE, VIRGINIA ZIMMERLIN, ARMAND GRENLAND, METCALF, WILLIAM LI2 vice-presiden' French, Camera clubs LORRAINE Senior advisor G.A.A. presidenf Rifle feam Trl-Y Sporfs Tri-Y Swimming Arr Cify College San Jose Srare Undecided Music Work f if I TALLEY, RUBY Baskefbail learn Sporfs City College TAUSSIG, MELVIN Music Sporrs S. F. Srare WALASCHEK, BETTY WALSH, FRANK G.A.A.' Block W Tri-Y Senior adviioi Sporls Nurses lrainina 22-FI -dl WILLS, LEONORA G.A,A. Tri-Y Dance cornmirree Senior advisor Sporrs City College Senior advisor Hi-Y Track, Foofball feams S F. Slafe J, . i-" 2, WOOD, ROBERT Sports Undecided Spring 'SU Class ABRAS, SONIA ACHTERBERG, ADAMS. LOUISE G.A.A. FLORENCE G.A.A. Work H I 2 Sleering Comm. Ari Principals Cabinef G.A.A.. Block W Assislanl Rally Comm. College Denial School '2- AKIN, RALPH Hi-Y Football leam C.C.S.F. A fi . ANDERSON, JANE ARCHIBALD. ATTEBERY, EWING ATTEBERY, GAY LIZ SYudenl'Council Senior Advisor G.A.A., Block W Dance Commillee Trifl-li-Y, U. C. DOROTHY Sludenf Council Principal's Cabinel Senior Advisor G.A.A., S. F. Slale BAGIRIAN, KNARICK Sporls, Movies Tennis, Baclrninlon lce skaling College Af' BENSON,VIR6INIA Sporls, Reading Soilball, Volleyball Work ,- BALIN, SYDNEY Horseback riding Piano playing C.C.S.F. l-li-Y l-lunlinql Fislninq Foolball, Baseball Work BAQUIE, SYLVIA l-l IO Vice-President Reg. Vice-Presideni Execulive Council G.A.A., G.S.S. U. C. Band, Dance Comm. Principals Cabinel Senior Advisor Ca pf. G.A.A., 6.5.5. S, F. Slale 3' ix BAUER, RONALD Ari, Woodcarving Track leam College BERGHAMMER, BISKIND,HELEN WILMA Swimming Bowling, Tennis Work Tri-Hi-Y Senior Advisor Minialure Golf Slanlord BLOOM, ANN Execulive Council LII Secrelary G.A.A., Block W Bowling, Volleyball Lux College ALVAREZ, CLARITA lce Skaling Work C 3' ,as .bg 11'-iv 2 ,f i ATTWOOD, DAVID Reg. Treasurer Swimming, Foolball U. C. 2 Ex BECK, MARY Principals Cabinet Senior Advisor Reg. Sec., G.A.A. Red Cross French Club Nursing 1: 5? '35 -,' Vx BLUMENTHAL, RALPH Principals Cabinel' Radio Bvcasflg cl1'm'n Hi-Y, Masque gr Gave Foolball feam San Jose Siale ANDERSON. GORDON Football learn Work W G 312. nil . fif- Ya, Y, 7 A 8 f O BACON, ROBERT Baskelball, Foolball Marin Jr. College ai BENAS, ELAINE H I2 Sleering Commirfee Eagle Slafi Dance Comm. C-.A.A., C.C.S.F. v fr- 1' BOGAS ROY Eagles, C.S.F. Pres. Chess, Science Clubs S+udy Music if DURHAM, ROSA Principals Cabinef Block We, G.A A. Sewinq Baslcelball S. F. S?a'e -d , 1' '27 - , I It I 3 1 Q s DU RYEA, ROBERT DYMOND, CAROLINE EDWARDS, JOANNE FAGlN,RICHARD FANZONE, MICHAEL Swirnminq Roller Slcafinq GJKA, A.Z.A. Req, Presiclenf S. F. Slafe Work Refords Pnoroqrapliy Senior Advisor, I-Ii-Y SkMm,Swimfwir.1 Baglerbal' Eaqfes, Baskerball, Wrrk Draflsmar 5 Sclnoo Track learns Marin J. FARBER, SHIRLEY Tri-I-li-Y Readinfi Tennis C,C.S.F. . FOSTER, CLAIRE Swderil Body Sm -,,, Vice-President Pririipal s Cfabirifff Senior Advi50r GS S. Tri-I-Ii-Y Bb' I W S'ar'5crd !""'u- . ,qv K GAN, PAUL H12 Treasure Seriicr Advisor I-xi-Y U. C. FARLEY, ANNA Dancinq Tennis Business COlICl'1L' 1- V- W .,.. - it -I' ia' I A , " FRAIDENBERG, IDA Gr.A.A. Marriaae GEE, CYNTHIA G,A.A. ECW ing Tennis Q F R645 FEARING, EDWARD FEILER, JAMES FEINBERG, RONALD FIELDS, LOUISE printipalxs Cabini-' Senior Adviser Proiecfion Club U, C. If 55 'H 1 , -iz, eliliz: ' S' FREEDMAN,CAROL l-lI2Execu1ivcfCmir Conf. Se-nifirAovi'f Dance Corvirviiif f-.- f5.S.S.. G.A.A. Trill-li-Y CC'lIfgl I-Ii-Y Golf Bcxincz, Ba:-Qbal Baslcefballwarn Wcrlr Colleue I-ll2 Vice-Presiden? Execurive Council Tri-HLY, Blcfl W G.A.A. 6.5.3. U. C. V M 'IQ 4'3- X9 is FRENCH, LAURA FRIGAULT, JULIA GALLI, RITA Senicrfxdvisoi Tri-I-II-Y Records 6.A.A,, BlockW JobsDau':l'Yf.-ra Bcw'5nc Ridinu I-lcrses C.C.S.F S5'JPse Slew- Sava Barbawflf ' GELLER, CHARLOTTE GIANNOTTI, OLGA GOLD, LILA GOLDSTEIN, Bowlinq Req. Vice Pfoiider' LI I, H I2 Secretary CHARLOTTE Baseball Ter-vis Tri-I-Ii-Y Rec Crass Re-0 WcrIc Wcrlc G.A.A. Bfflf W Darcinc S. F. S'a'e Tennis C.C.S.F, ads' GOLDSTEIN, HELEN GOMMERINGER SONG, KATHERINE Plwolograplvy RICHARD Records, Sfamps Badminfon C. C. S. F. Baseball Bowling Work Marriage L ss. V V,1:?' o,,' 49 , I . ' r. f ,K R H if Q .Q A .ar I S . ,X -." 7 GRANDELL, SHELLEY GREEN, MARGARET GRETHEL. JANET G.A.A., Black W Work Senior Advisor Tri-Hi-Y Bowling, Swimming S. F. Stale Q ,-2' ,, x 195' W - e-1 Q .4. . , I A .pw H, HAGOSIANNIUNE HALL, JACQUELINE Senior Advisor Capn Dance, Assoc. Rally Comm., Tri-I-Ii-Y G.A.A., Block W Secy. GSS.. Sfanford Drama Records Tennis Model Tri-I-Ii-Y, G.A.A. Tennis U. C. I . ' F t "fu A HAMMING, GEORGIE C.S.F., G,A.A. Y-Teens Painling, Badminlon Colleqe GOODSTEIN, RUTH GORDON, ANN GOTTSHALL, G-.A,A., C,S,F. Principals Cabinel RONALD Senior Advisor G.A.A. PI"'Q'D0'iG U, C. Tennis Colleoe U. C. kitxgqfink .. , - .rs F as 'Riff at - 3 5 512 ' K, is . GUILFOYLE, CONNIE GUTIERREZ, ESTELLA GUTTKE, PATRICIA LII Vice-Presidenl Senior Advisor Principal s Cabirel Senior Advisor Tri-I-Ii-Y, G.A.A. Reg. Pres., Secy. G.A,A,. Tri-I-Ii-Y Painling, Tennis Gr.A,A., Block W Vice-Pres. Block W U. C. Swimming San Jcse SIa+e .69 HANDLER, LOUIS HARRINGTON, Sporls MARY ELLEN Baseball, Foolloall Triel-Ii-Y C.C.S.I:. Knilfing Ice Skaring Nurse Work 'Z :QV , 0215 g"C:x5zQ rx..- - L - 5... an O C-1 T "' 1 En S- 11 .. ,V HARRIS, DOUGLAS ,aw HAWICINS. HARRIET HAWKINSON, FRANK HAVENS, JEANETTE HAYASHI, KAZUO HIRSCH, DAVID HIRSCH, ROBERT Senior Advisor Hi-Y Tri-I-Ii-Y Foolball, Baseball Baskelball Ieam Senior Advisor G"A'A"BlPCl' W DVGWIIICJ Sewing Work U. C. Eagle Sporls Ed. G.S.S., Tri-Hi-Y Swimming Ieam Tennis Quill and'ScrolI Dance, Rally Comm. College Work Baseball S. F. Sfefe Undecided HOLLAND, OSCAR HOLMES, PETE HOMAN, JOHN HOMEWOOD, HOOD, BRUCE Bowling, Tennis YMCA. Opfimist Club Cars CHARLENE Req. Pres., Sql.-Arms C.C.S.F. Sporls, Music Baskelball learn Yfleens Senior Advisor Capf. Track, Soccer Teams S. F. Srale Cooking Eagles, Hi-Y C,C,S,F, Nursing School Foolball. Baskelball. Track reams College HUDSON, CAROL Reg. Secrerary Senior Advisor Assoc. Rally, Dance Comm. G.A.A.. Tri-Hi-Y S. F. Slale il '53 IMPERIAL. HENRY INKMAN, JILL ISHIDA, HIDEMARO JACOBS, DONNA JOHNSON, CHARLES Olympic Club Records Sporls Dancing Plnofograplwy Commercial Ar' Bowling Foofball, Track, Tennis Baskefball Track, Baseball Work Baskelball learns Work C.C.S.l:. C.C,S,F. College JONES, BURK P Stud, Body 2nd V.- Eagles Swimming U, C, KANELOPOULOS, GUS KARDELL, ROBERT KASHIWAGI, KAU FMAN, JULIAN KEDDIE, JEAN Slud. Body 2nd V.eP. Eagles FRANCES Eagle Slall Capl., Sr. Advisors LII Pres.. Sr,Advisor Baskefball 'ream Records. Slamps Sfamps. Cars Reg, Presidenf Cl1airman,Hi-Y U. C. Baseball Tennis Assoc. Rally, Dance Masque and Gavel Work Travel Comm. Tri-I-li-Y, 6.A.A. Broadcasling Staff College Cl1airman,Colleqe Q KING, ARDEN KING, CHARLES KLOOS, MARY ANN KLUNG, HENRY KNOWLES, CLARA Tri-Hi-Y Silver Blades Club G.A.A., Block W Reg. Treasurer Skafing Dancing Ice Skaling C.S.F., Senior Advisor Saber Club Tennis Tenhii Undecided Tri-Hi-Y Senior Advisor Work Medical Secrerary Music, Bowling U, C, U. C. KEITH, ROGER YMCA Model Planes Foofball Undecided KOUPAS, ARTHUR Hi-Y Baskefball Foolball C.C.S.F. RYDEN, RICHARD SANGIACOMO, SAPLING, WALTER SAVAGE, SUE Senior Advisor JOSEPH Swimming Ieam Reg. Treasurer Hi-Y Hi-Y C.C.S.F. Senior Advisor I-Iunfing,Fisl1ing Foofball G.A.A. Tennis 'ream San Jose Slafe Volleybdll U, C, College SCANDRETT, SCHILLACI. RICHARD Music Foofball U. C. CONNIE Tri-Hi-Y Worlr SCHLOSS, DARYL SCHULTZ, MELVIN SCH RAM. FRED Senior Advisor Senior Advisor Senior Advisor I-li-Y Records Principal's Cabiner Sporfs Baslreiball Cars, Boaling Baseball Armed Service Foofball C C.S.F. U. of Nevada ,var E . SEVILLA, JOSE SHAW, DELORES SHEPARD, LOUIS Ceramics G.A.A,, Block W Sporrs Baslrefball Bowling Baslcefball Tl'1ea+rical worlr Travel College SILVERMAN. SILVERMAN, SIMON, BOB LEONARD SHELDON Baslrefball feam Movie Proiecfors Plworo Club U.S,F, Baseball, Foofball Music Manager Tennis feam Worlr S. F. Sfafe SCOTT, VIRGINIA SELIGMAN, HOWARD SEROTA, ADELE Music Siamps Wrifing, Aciing U. C. Baslcefball, Traclr Baslefball reams Acfing U. C. SHERIFF, PAUL SHERIFF, STAN SHURK, JENS I-ll I Pres., Eagle, Sfud. Body Afln. Mgr. Reg. Pres., V.-Pres, I-li-Y Pres. Senior Advisor Treasurer Senior Advisor Eagles, I-li-Y Dance Commifree College Fooiball 'ream Principals Cabinef S+. Mary's lce I-Ioclcey, Slriing College SIMPSON, JO ANN Senior Advisor Tri-Hi-Y Dance Commilree Ice Skaling U. of Oregon SKIFF, MARJORIE Senior Advisor G.A.A., Bloclc W Tri-Hi-Y Bowling S. F. Sfare SKOBLIN, MARINA Travel THORNLEY, BARBARA TOM, DANIEL TOM, HENRY TORRES, CARMEN TRACY, RICHARD TREBILCOT, JOAN REQ. TVSGSUFGV Swimming feam Plwolograpliy Coin collecling Singing Princioal s Cabinel G.A.A. College Basketball Undecided Marine Corps Tri-I-li-Y Music, Knifling Swimming S. F. Sfale CC.S.F. Swimming Nurses Trainin 1 TRESELER, ROBERT TRIPP, ROBERT TRUMAN, RAMON TSANG, DONALD TURNELL, BARBARA TURNER, JOE Slud. Body Arli. Mgr. Eagle. Surveyor slaiis Senior Advisor Capi. Aslronomy Reg. Secrefary Roller Ska+ing: Principals Cabinef Senior Advisor Dance, Rally Comm. Slanford Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. Baseball Eagles, I-li-Y S, F, Youlki Assoc, U. S, F. Undecided Work U. S. F, U. C. UDALOFF, VICTOR UNDERDAHL, ADELE UYEMURA, MARY VALLE, ROBERT VAN HORN, RICHARD VANNI, OLINTO Hi-Y LIZ Vice-Presidenl Plwofograpliy I-li-Y Phofograplwy Swimming learn Cars Tri-I-Ii-Y, 6.A.A. Baskelball Aufo Mechanics Track, Foofball 'leams Work Foofball Ieam Bowling Work Soccer leam S. F. Sia+e College C.C.S.F. Cogswell College 1 -4-nd' . exif .5 VANGELATOS. VOULA VOGEL. RAYMOND VUJOVICH, WILL WALLACE, MARIANN WASSERMAN, JOYCE WAXMAN, ELAINE Tri-I-li-Y, G.A.A. Cars, Horses I-li-Y Roller skafing Red Cross Rep. Principai s Cabire' Bowling Foolball, Track Wri'ing Volleyball Gi.A.A., C,S.F. Tri-Hi-Y Work Baseball learns Baskefball Work Swimming Dance Commilfee COll9QG College Beauly Sclwool G.A.A., Block W U. C, Qs'- r-'- .-..-...aah ..m...., 'mam ,. Wim-W, -U fl is. 'M J' 'Xe J' 'f:,N if Ti 1-Q , ,lip ' The Law Senior Class Row I fright to Ieftl: Wood, Laney, Barr, Jackson, Balmy, Rosenthal, Sydel, Schroder, Lewis, Bloom, Shane. Row 2: Knapton, Walters, de Curloni, Hassan, Burgren, Hare Rosenhlatt, Mountanos, Crikos, Lane, Schwartz, Schuchardl. Row 3: Carter, Hilmoe, Hocgasian, Gold, Baker, Larhman, Delucrhi, Goodrich, Bauchou, Pastel, Poda. Row 4 Wagner, Kohn, Halliday, Engelbrerht, Kramer, Kozlolf, Meln'lrov, Walk, Orhca, Ouijano Weinstein, Segall. Row 5: Stevenson, Amson, Soghomonran, Flatt, Lusrombe, Cleve land, lum, Young, Jecng, Young, Row 6: Mclielvey, Reynolds, Boegman, Carlson Soules, Shank, Mitchell, Washington, Sing. Row 7: Fong, Yip, Goldman, Liban, Schoene Craig, Toy, Der, Chong, Joe, Wcng. Row 8: Daniozonio, Tover, Varshawsky, Ruben feld, Tornek, Cahn, Bronstein, Magner, Wong. Row 9: lllers, Klein, Darling, Phelps 2 l 4 i , li E QM A ink ,Q 4 ,giggle .,.. .,g3'..,5lgss,j:i5i - i ,..'-ff-'rs .- .i- a g. ,, . , I ,.-,.. E , V P,-,,,,,,,, , , , ,.s,...,......., .. 415.52552 ' i s r- S gn if-We-on N . n A Er WJ,,g , B, ,jc in -,W ,,,,,,, ,...,.,. wwe ...s............ W A fy ------- ----'v www iffiiblffi QF if it ,,1:x,w WWW, 1 M af L rggwf 1-.P ,ff -s, er -..,,, ,fd . . :r V' 2+:i:,.. if ,,, 'V ' ,ey ,if i 0 1 if N ft A of-,t,,Z, " sf 2 'ie l 3 N I7 'N -I ,A i g A W g Y A The High Junior Class Row l lright to Iettl: Mountain, Quigley, Garcia, Williams, Plessas, Kenney, Mitchell, Wenegrat, Mendelson, Sivak, Music, Pearl, Howard, Kurenda, Mcfonaughy, Pedone, Lysick. Row 2: Rogers, Garrity, Alba, Phelan, Spreen, llaymond, Ward, Andress, Andreasen, l.a Pat, Mosk, Bourdieu, Goethke, Vale, 0'Rourke, Geist, Shapiro, Nuzum, Mcfaron. Row 3: Evert, Livingston, Gilbert, Weiner, Singer, Mershcn, Squyer, Szakal, Meyer, Wilkenson, Pullem, Borado, Anderson, Holtzen, Fahy. Row 4 Rcmeno, Inch, Koepke, Lunimes, Guidi, Freeman, Whitton, Gildea, Wells, Nielsen Orton, Emery, Bindon, Hughes. Row 5: Emmart, Bridges, D'ck, Larkins, Hibburd Wagner, Hollister, Nissan, Berman, Freeman, Schaeffer, Potter, Anez, Fitzgerald Row 6: Burbank, Smith, Zebley, Johnson, Kaye, Elsesser, Kermoian, Kissirk, Wells Morlcn, Ketchel, Roth. Row 7: Cruz, Abrams, Byrne, Dunn, Collaco, Robinson, Dinitx David, Grant, Wolters, Koster, Heise, Osteyee, Mclemare. Row 8: Wong, Lui, Chan Sccgin, Reed, llorvey, Helmke, Mizuharu, Morphopoulos, Spinrad, Eggletcn, lloemelt Warren. Row 9: Shem, Hammond, Toy Fuiikowa, Chang, Chin, Legasa, LoPedis, Mohr Maoki, Kato, Tushiro, Row l0: Cherk, lyman, Silberman, Bovero, duJard'n, Faiardo Stewart, Lampros, Archibald, Smiarcwski, Owens, Frfmmersdorl, Marks. Row ll, Tcm, Magland, Staub, Goldsberry, Taylor, Alpert, Friedman, Stump, Ehlers 5-597 l Q-suit! K--ul 'S s wus. A ' ,ff rf' me all , we, as , , , A f Z S - 2'A , I V in -Q-'ir -- Vesta 3 - W- fs., 2 The High Junior Elf-153 Row 1 lright to Ieftl: Jaffe, Sluvin, leipsic, Singer, Meyer, Sydel, Dolphin, Funge Knops, Nadler, Feldman, Robinson, Otterbfin, Trimble. Row 2: Heicksen, lsaacs la Rocca, Elliott, Vodden, Strahinia, Martin, Elliott, Berdolis, Saccone, Traubo, Schwarz, Shilling, Rovens. Row 3: Dcher, Day, Seibert, Geist, Andress, Cchn, Car volho, Sankowich, Gidal, Miller, Candrott, Levin, Bemis. Row 4: Price, Clawson Schwarzhort, Cohn, Delezene, Bear, Coccia, Tcmpkins, Scribner, McCormick, Pilayo Kwong, Shimizu. Row 5: Mathews, Quiiano, Velardi, Rogers, Duhr, Dila, Gronucti Danskanen, Torgerson, Prepouses, lee, Okawo, Woods. Row 6: Aslonion, Latol, Adan Pritlrin, Dalh, Studt, Herd, Piolyshin, Rosso, Sterne, Scott, Rebich, Woolf, Fazzi. Row 7: Patton Evens, Hnmai, Koss, Wuerch, Moss, Locke, Reno, Wagner, Herald Lembeck, Arnold, Wilson. Row 8: Davis, Carlson, Cooper, Leister, Heort, lunardi Jones, Kunz, Futerman, Cottrell, Stockton, Molteni. Row 9: Nissen, Morris, Roberts Holleran, Phillips, Baker, Nicoloi, White, Mocllilchie, Minchin, Keith, Barrett, Schumann Row 10: Wanq, Baoclc, Bezzone, Donohue, Rashlal, Gorman, Hoag, Seiler, Birenbaum Tondowslcy, Adams, Miller, Hum, Wong. Row ll: Vale, Leveclc, Madden, Fineman McCoron, Andreosen, Truchon, Der, Fong, Chow, Wong, Lum, Lum, Young, Row 12 Archibald, Stewart, Nuzum, Shapiro, lampros, Faiardo, Davis, Lipsett, Blackwell Taulman, Jung, Chin, Wong, Shaw. Hi? C :Fi ' H1 qui an MK' The Low Junior Class Row I fright to Ieftl: Beltrame, Belasco, Merzurio, Hirsch, lsrael, Robinson Hassapakis, Smith, Ewing, Gollshall, Benezra, Doull, Robinson, Chaty, Cohen, Harris Row 2: Bingham, Layman, Farber, Mitchell, Riedel, Rubin, Schnurpleil, Freitas Geddes, Riskin, Glendenning, McGuinness, Shaw. Row 3: Soffilos, Maaske, Taylor Garfield, Koblick, Silen, Pitel, Levine, Harrison, Dulberg, Gruber, Lopalo, Rama. low 4: Henriques, Austin, Shipman, Mitchell, Pull, Rosenfeld, Axelrod, Siegel Strawbridge, Lowenberg, Morrison, Ruten, Leach. Row 5: Slivka, York, Low, Fong Chung, Ng, Rumrnelsburg, Dunham, Simpson, Wickmon, Rogers, Kokotos, Donathan Raw 6: Alyea, Sue, Miyamoto, Chandler, McDaniel, lualhali, Kankoli, Lamerdin .L A9 Ruben, Glazbrook, Schwartz, Glew, Khachadourian. Row 7: Low, Louie, Chan, McNeil, Catiman, Beecham, Archibald, Crispen, Llama, Brock, Pappas, Kaepke, Fordyce low 8: Low, Young, Wang, Chong, Mcfool, Mnssing, Hennen, Raillan, Phelan, Mcleod Greendorfer, Cohen, Blumenlhol, Rosenthal. Row 9: Lerer, McGillis, Green, Ely, Smith Stouffer, lobree, Stein, Salvo, Klung, Mclleany, Greene. Row 10: Starni, Mitchell Vuiovirh, Goal, Miralles, Baxter, Papathakis, Knax, Bauer, Matelli, Kupperberg Connelly, Mulfhliven, Blonder. Row ll: Cody, Del Castillo, Goldstein, low, Copos Werner, Levis, Svrhus, Blake, Hood, Weiss, Fennemon, Frey, Yampkins, 1 Furman coun- 'Nerf' -s....,r bg, . B ':- - - Y S gg . sgspgyfgg, 'VM Y . .sf 3 E J"' Tho High Sophomore Class low I lright to lettl: Della4Maggiora, Valencia, Malotsky, Hilke, Moore, Schmitt, West, Stickel, Fladborg, Koshaba, Martinotti, Tonius, Agee, Bruschera, Bockman, Slaughter, Row 2: McKelvey, Weed, Seaman, Miller,lloldsworth, Hill, Weinstein, DiFranco, Saunders, Merritt, Cunningham, Sears, Wynne, Wihtio, Smith, Zietzke, Row 3: Bell Marin, Faria, Paterson, Washer, Baskin, Mihelfch, Campos, Ganem, Robay, Dutil Dunn, Schorch, Gee, Lum. low 4: Spiegelman, Sewall, Gomes, Combs, Thompson Pennington, Zlosshetto, Schussman, Dinneen, Ralhyins, Franklin, Lynn. Row 5: Rosen berg, Schneider, Babcock, Keist, Webster, Keys, 0'NeilI, Rolfe, Vourlis, Rudeen Parker, Blake, Schonteld, De Vinney. Row 6: Craig, Kelly, Nofield, Emanuelson llonkins, Wessely, Sing, Quan, Leong, Gori, Lamme, Caselli, Putnam, Sylvia. Row 7 Finnell, Bergman, Fitz, Smiley, Khan, Haggerty, lambon, Herald, Keppard, Gillespie, Schlocker. Row 8: Woodruff, Ball, Lence, Williamson, liddle, Johnson, Fox, Leopold, Newman, Strauss, Lew, Greenbnch. low 9: Sheffield, Goldstein, Smith, Haugaard, Meardy, Niccolls, Ligda, Schillaci, Schnol, l.'Esperanse, Weiss, Winetrub, Tunik. Row 10: Conover, Sioiotos, Zinns Mardegian, Mayersohn, Kleebauer, Hastings, Hobbs, Fischer, Wrestinsen, Schively, Krasow, Rosenberg. Row ll: Mutquzaki, Wong, Wong, Chan, lair, Divilla, Devincenzi, Cecchin, Pearl, Painter, Rosenberg, Steinart, Perez. Row I2: Vamoti, Yoon, Wong, Lum, Gee, Young, Shioroki, Kirkpatrick, Scott, Murphy, Robb, Harlan, While, Evans, Banks. nl-la? vw War C -iBfQVi QJT? """"" a n.....,..... A --ll .. . .,.. qw .. 3 'E+ rf' 'x,I.,,,,,...s' rf' fr Q J if. - p ' ' -'A ' -JAH' -N The High Snphumorellass Row I lrighl to leftl: Varte, Roberts, Goode, Dulinsky, Perry, Henning, Bovard Davis, Loyd, Levy, Kauser, Lopresto, Denny. Row 2: Dawson, Langsum, Keller, Carlen Lauer, Gibson, lfbrus, Zimmerman, Hopkinson, Sullivan, lmogawu, Kuwuguchi, Magner Ong, Watanabe, Newell. Row 3: Lewis, Alexander, Hosford, Hull, Bader, De Fries Orlol, Ullman, Chazulet, Gordon, Reslad, Chutord, Riley. Row 4: MrDaniel, Green Hoslett, Yuma, Gunn, Livernois, Nutter, Kyle, Gregory, Chapman, Aeberhurd, Lewin Andrews, Williams, Cummings. Row 5: Gherman, Manrhester, Martens, Loswitk, Usher, Kuhn, Ciorrlie, Erickson, Vaughan, Ehrenthol, Eossu, Jacobs, Row 6: Felzner, Zlotkin Huggins, Stephens, Favilla, Glozier, Bosco, Rosenthal, Cohen, Bin, Duhlberg, Deun , Row 7: Haywood, Baker, Crume, Viotti, Scmmer, Mavinas, Rucker, De Wolf, Opdyke Bryson, Hara, Lum, Kamalmnn. Row 8: Daily, Lowe, Silgner, Frignull, Golung, Tover Barrel, Tover, Mar, Wong, Fernando, Row 95 Lou, Pong, Gang, Wong, Woo, Ng, Chin , Beard, Aherton, Batt, Myers, Lyle. Row 10: On, Chino, 0n, lair, Hettrick Blanchord, Weinberg, Chinn, Jeung, Prinre, Ryst, Bula, Sandys. Row ll: A, Wong S. Chan, G. Wong. Germenis, L. Rovens, Ward, P. Chan, lsreul, Moya, Trunner. r 553 .W s 5 W3 i s 7 1 il '? .."Q' ri -1- The Law Sap Row 1 fright to Ieftlz Gold, Borden, Campello, Puglisi, Wegele, Clarkson, Former Hubert, Williams, Hurmon, Jchnson, Williams, Fallek, Noveshen. Row 2: Lelly Sucmela, Robbins, Mausco, Pereira, lenkerrh, Klein, Torrey, Torrey, Larsen, Sturgis Chisfmos, Du Fresne. Row 3: Chrisman, Lehmann, Anclik, Machol, Reese, Spagne Brookfield, Carlson, Carr, Caro, Potter, Binello. Row 4: Norris, Simone, Long, McCon kie, Lawson, Ray, Utter, Nugent, Reynolds, Korens, Meller, Miller, Thor, Cervelli, Chan Row 5: Greenberg, Church, Gossin, Smith, Hird, Bongert, Altman, Lara, Zazzi, Ellis Faubaun, Broderick, Winness, Kimler, Walker. Row 6: Moriwaki, Wolff, Baker, B. Baker, Gersh, Mohany, Saylor, Mayo, Herrguth, Berman, Cohen, Vineys, Cecil, Zimmerman Rucker. Row 7: Sagan, Lissauer, Feihelman, Polonsky, Angel, Choy, Chan, Weiman Golden, Weiman, Wolf, Sfaelos, Ortega, Ross, Traedson. Row 8: Gee, Ruppert, Battat Ju, ,IA I I f sauna-nonwaurunaarvnlws x-A--M V ' :ummm ge.. News W we ,f "Wt.,,,,,',.J" ,581 1 if 1-1 lsr J . 1 -rv, if zp. ro,-1:1 ...f-.n--w hamare Class Green, Kafkas, Wong, Pun, Lee, Fong, Loo, Wong, Mock. Row 9: Fenneman, Crosbie Grimes, McNaught, Holsomb, Tolman, Kinter, Woods, Uyeda, Mitsuda, Quan, Gee, Yee Menefee. Row 10: Nicholes, Torley, Ward, Kaplans, Rohrs, Figone, Steele, Grobovitz Hirsch, Diener, Burke, Begun, Lebovitz. Row 11: Preovolos, Hountalas, Dopcior, Cohen Erler, Gayle, Carlevaris, Lampros, Lenihan, Sivachenko, Kushner, Rabledo, Chu, Choy Row 12: Hustic, Roieff, Angel, Watson, Gietz, Kroff, Ratner, Polk, Mitrhell, Tanoka Masamor, De Lurhi, Coero, Gates. Row 13: Wertheimer, Bibel, Dahlmann, Fremacks Caniglia, Murray, Lee, Hall, Freeman, Ganley, Candau, Cicerone, Drumm, Huff, Bush Row 14: Jeung, Johnson, Meyer, Sharp, Walter, Baylor, Leen, Jaquysh, Lew, Gold berg, Arietta, Perry, Hallie, Tom, Hess. -Ctvfv' ad 'E 1 I 1 mf ,.. Y if 3 52, M fi Y W an ,J I -rf, uns 1, kv--1 MN 4 , E? il Y x s SpUrt5 5? Row I Ilefl Io Righflx Shibaia, Pxiiebery, Press. Benezra. Mor- Baaba, Tunilc Coach Madies. Row 3: Lannoros, Schmirz, Durnings. gan, King, Brcsio, Brophy, Swannnan, Palevac, Sullivan, Ah Nin, Wong, Ashby. E. Ivlirch, Payne, Blufnerwhal F. Mircln, paris, Brown. Row 2: Coach Reade, Sweeney, Chambers. Gordon, Mirch- McCool, Sharif! Smiih I-lood, ell, Walsh, Joe Radlce, Shanlc, Anderson, Ivlallicoie, Van Horn WASHINGTON vs, MISSION Washingion Mission Yards gained rushing l73 Yards losl rushing .44 Yards gained passing . 94 Yards los? passing 0 Passes attempted .. , 9 Passes complefed . .. . 5 Passes iniercepfed by. . I Firsl downs rushing ..,, . 6 Firsl downs passing A A , Z Firsl downs penallies .. 0 Yards los? on penalfies, . 85 Fumbles . 6 Ball los? on fumbles . 2 l89 59 I0 0 ll I 2 5 0 I 55 3 3 WASHINGTON vs. ST. IGNATIUS Yards gained rushing Yards losl rushing.. .. Yards gained passing Passes alfempfed . Passes complefed , Passes inlercepled by Firsl downs rushing . Firsl downs passing ,. Firsi downs penalfies Yards losl on penalfies Fumbles . . . Ball los? on fumbles , WASHINGTON Yards gained rushing . Yards los? rushing ..,. .. Yards gained passing.. Yards losl passing .. .. .. Passes aflempled .,....,., Passes compleied , ,.,... . Passes iniercepled by ,.,. Firsi downs rushing .... Firsl downs passing... Yards losl on penalfies. Fumbles .. ,,.,.. Ball losl on fumbles... Sf. Washingron Ignatius I66 I36 40 .. .23 .8 I 0 5 I .. 0 .45 3 I vs. LOWELL Washinglon ,.I44 . Z! . 40 . I3 . 3 , 4 .. 6 . 2 .60 4 .2 30 IB 7 2 2 0 I 0 45 5 I Lowell 50 34 I I2 25 8 2 2 3 I 20 I I WASHINGTON vs. GALILEO WASHINGTON vs. SACRED HEART Washingfon Galileo Sagred Yards gained rushing WBSIIUIQYOI1 Head Yards lost rushing Yards gained rushing 227 42 Yards gained passing... Yards los? rushing 53 6 Passes aflempied.. ,. Yards gained passing 65 90 Passes completed ,,,. Yards losl passing 5 0 Passes inlercepied by.. Passes aHempIed . I7 24 Firsi downs rushing .. Passes compleled .. , . 7 6 Firsl downs passing .. . Passes inlercepfed by. 5 I Firsl downs penallies Firsf downs rushing . I0 I Yards losl on penallies Firsl downs passing . 3 I Fumbles . . . Yards los? on penallies . 35 5 Ball losl on fumbles Fumbles .. . ., 4 2 Ball losl on fumbles . 2 2 WASHINGTON vs. COMMERCE Yards gained rushing. Yards losf rushing .. Yards gained passing Passes aflempled , Passes compleled Firsi downs rushing Firsl downs penalfies . Firsl downs passing . . Yards losf on penalfies, Fumbles .... .... . . .. Ball los? on fumbles ....... .. WASHINGTON vs. LINCOLN Washinglon Lincoln Yards gained rushing ..,. H202 Yards los? rushing ,,.. .. I2 Yards gained passing .. .47 Yards losl passing ......... , 0 Passes affempled ,......,... . I0 Passes compleled .. ..... , 2 Passes infercepfed by .. 2 First downs rushing 6 Firsr downs passes I Yards losl' on penalfies 70 Fumbles ., .,..... . 0 Ball losf on fumbles 3 Semi-Finals WASHINGTON vs. POLYTECHNIC Washington Firsf downs .... .. . ll Firsi downs rushing .... .. 8 Firsl downs passing .. ,, 3 First downs penaliies .. 0 Nel yards rushing. ,... .,l49 Yards losl ..... ....,, . ..,.. 38 Nef Yards passing .,.. . ., .. 74 Passes alfempfed. ....,.. ,. I8 Passes compleled .. .. 6 Passes inlercepled by. 3 Fumbles .... ..... . ,..... . . 4 Ball Iosf on fumbles.. . 3 Yards los? penalfies.. . 25 90 8 I56 I I8 Il 3 4 5 25 0 I Poly 9 8 3 I 305 I9 90 9 4 3 3 3 75 4 I s Q5 fi letrf'-rg All City M e n ILef+ +0 Rightl: Pal lvlircli Sfan Slierill Vernon Chambers Morgan Benezra Lee Payne A S-A. W1 Washinqfon I9 . . Mission 6 Waslwinqfon 28 Galileo 7 Waslwinglon 5 . Sacred I-Iear+ O Washingfon 6 . Sainf lgnafius 20 Waslwinglon I4 . Lincoln 27 Waslminglon I4 . Lowell O Waslwinglon I4 . Commerce I3 Wasliinglon 7 . . Poly 68 Row I lLef+ 'I'o Rigl'1+l: Benezra, Gordon, Milclwell, Slianlc, Sheriff, P. Mircln, Radke Row 2: Payne, Edward N, ,V M.. ,- I y 6 5, E. Mirch, Slwibala !I"lf.Vl"'f ,.... u P51 ,ISI If Q'5:5iiis" GENE ASHBY GORDON ANDERSON EUGENE MITCHELL Two losses were foo much for our boys, so 'rhey pul a quick sfop fo if in lhe Lowell game. Being our oldesr rival, fhey were our Io bear us aI all cosls. Despile a sluggish lirsl half, Ihe Eagles roared back in Ihe fhird quarfer affer slerling defensive work by Pal Mirch and Ralph Blumenfhal pu? rhe Indians in fhe hole. Lee Payne raced around righf end 'lor I2 yards and fhe firsf fouchdown: Jim Dunnings wenf over for Ihe second score. and Vern Chambers kicked bo+h exlra poinfs Io make Ihe final score a I4-0 Eagle win. Our las? game of' Ihe season was wifh Ihe Commerce Bulldogs. If we could win Ihis game we would make Ihe cify playvoffs. A+ fhe beginning of fhe game fhe Eagles were behind by seven poinls, unfil Payne sho? one of his special. never-miss passes fo Shibafa for a Iouchdown +ha+ fied Ihe score. Early in Ihe second quarfer if was Payne again Io McPherson for 20 yards and anofher score. Again Chambers came in 'Io kick fhe ex+ra poinf +ha+ had a greal deal To do wifh The game. The slands were sileni. The ball was snapped. The kick . . . GOOD! The score, I4-7. Then Commerce scored Hs second 'rouchdown on a pass infer- cepfion. If Ihey should make ihe extra point if would mean a lie and possibly keep us ouf of the cify play-offs. Bu? because of fhe great defensive play on Ihe parf of All-Cify Cenfcr Sian Sheriff, ihe alfempfed conversion was blocked. Final score of Ihis crucial game: I4-I3. The season's end found Ihe Eagles in Ihird place and scheduled fo meer Poly, cify champion for fhree sfraighf years. Our greafesf drubbing came in Ihis garn-e when we los? 68-7. Evidenfly if was no? one of our belfer days, bur +he game was noi as bad as 'rhe score would indicafe. Poly wenf on 'lo win fhe ciry cham- pionship for Ihe fourfh consecufive year. I? was remarkable fhaf a Ieam expecfed 'Io land in 'rhe cellar of 'rhe league should rafe so high. Credif goes nalurally Io Mr. Reade, fhe coach, The Ieam as a whole and Io 'Ihe following boys: Sian Sheriff, firsl sfring All-Cify cenfer: Pai Mirch, Ihird sfring All-Cify Iacklet Tom Sweeney, 'rhird place in Ihe cify kicking confesr: Bill Edwards, Lee Payne and Morgan Benezra, who received All. Cify honorable menlion. WILL WONG LIONEL BROWN IRA TUNIK BOB SHANK GEORGE FREY TOM SWEENEY KEIJI SHIBATA LEE PAYNE fs rvlgegfg M- '- -is-gogh, Row I lleff fo righflz Maganaris, Schieule, Rosenburg, Cafimon. Tover, Clawsen, Miller, Ramson, Lacey, Moss, McDaniels, Frim- mersdorf, Shibala, Shilling. Row 2: Spinrad, Jones, Cooper. Massing, Osfeyee. Niccalls, Banis, Wuerch, Rucker, Conover. Junhu Var Sfarfing ouf wifh fhe largesf squad in San Francisco, lhe George N'Vashingfon High School Junior Varsify Foofballers upheld fheir end of Washingfon's mosf successful afhlefic year by ending 'rhe season in fhird place. ln fhe opening game of fhe season fhe J.V.'s baffled Mission's Bear Cubs fo a 0-0 slandslill. Led by Capfain Cliff Gordon fhe line sfopped fhe bigger Cubs fairly effecfively. Buf by fhe same foken if musf be admiffed fhey sfopped us. Dick Miller looked good in fhe defensive backfield, exhibifing some nice running. Buf somefhing special fo see was fhe Ron Rosenberg fo Kip Lacey feam, Passing-receiving, passing-receiving-like clock workl Also in fhere pifching were backs Floyd Auslin and Bob Lualhali and linernen Ennis McDaniel and Don McGillis. The season was on and fhe foofball sfars were sef. Buf new sfars and surprises were yef fo come. Our iunior boys bounced Galileds youngsfers, I4-6, in fhe nexf game affer Mission. Oufsfanding backfield men included Reginald Williams, Floyd Ausfin and Dick Miller. Buckling fhe line were, as usual, Don McGillis, Ennis McDaniel, Bob Nicoles and Lee Baxfer. If was our furn lo gel bounced in fhe Sacred Hearf game, IB-7. Buf wilh fhe same fypical deferminafion of Washingfons feams. and fhe same fine backs and linemen, we came back fo frounce Sf. lgnafius 20-IZ. - ef sox scoae - gf , 1, 4 E Junior i L Va Washingfon 0 Mission 0 Washingfon I4 GaIi'eo 6 Washingfon 7 K! 3 rsity .4-' fr' l S McKenzie, MacLan1ore. Row 3: O'Neil, McGillis, Block, Baxfer Walfers, DeWolf, Silberman, Small, Moss, Papafhakis, Lualhafi, Johnson, Williams, Harf, Tunik, McChesney, Coach Vasquez. Assf. Coach Sherman. t Football Then, in spife cf Miller, Ausfin, Williams, McGillis, McDaniel, losf a hardifoughf, biffer sfruggle fo our fradifional rival, Lincoln, I2-7. Nicoles. Baxfer and Tover, we Every man on fhe fearri played in fhe Lowell game as we over- whelmingly upsef fhe Indians, Dick Miller, who scored fhree who blocked a couple of kicks. 30-7. Especially oufsfanding were fouchdowns. and Larry Cannover. Now fhe J.V.'s were really rolling! saw our young foofballers keep on Fullback Charlie Johnson, sfarfing his firsf game, scored fhreo fouchdowns, Dick Miller, oufsfanding 'rallied one fouchdown, and Willie The lasf game of fhe season rolling pasf Commerce, 27-7. on bofh offense and defense, Cooper ran over for fhe P-A-T ipoinf affer fouchdownl. Larry Tover blocked lwo kicks while Ennis McDaniel was credifed wifh a safefy. And fhus the J.V.'s ended a successful season in fhird place. wifh four wins, fwo losses and one fre. Too many fimes iunior varsify foofball players gef liffle or no credif. They musf always bow fo fhe mighf and glory of fhe var- sify. Buf if should be remembered fhaf fhe J.V.'s of foday are fhe varsify of fomorrow and fhose boys gel' ouf on fhe field and play fheir hearfs ouf, This year's Washingfon J.V. squad was proof of fhafl vv S Sacfeo Hear' l8 Washingfon 20 rm , Sf, lqnafius I2 Washingfon 7 Q Lincoln 12 Washington 30 Lowell 7 Washingfon 27 Corcrrerce 7 K i. -Ml, ,...L-. BOX SCORE Socce r Washington 6 Lincoln , l Washington 6 Lowell l Washington 0 Galileo 0 Washington 2 Mission O Washington '2 Commerce O Washington 2 Poly 2 Washington 7 Balboa O Washington , I Commerce O Washington , 2 Galileo , H I Row I Ileft to righfl: Zelaya, Frigault, Lopresto, Anez, Molina, Ginannini, Palerson. Yee, Elsesser, Cunningham. Row 2: Dunn, Cone, Crosbie, Holmes, Roth, Maniocalco, Hernandez, G-lazbrools. Brock Lee, Legasa. Row 3: Coach Odone, Nissen, Raymond Ray, Burton Cohr, Valle, Robinson, Coliaco, Gael, Fischer, Hoag, Morett. Soccer Champs For the second year in succession Washington soccer men brought championship honors to the hilltop under the tutelage ol Coach X'VaIter Odone.The Eagles, led by All-City men Armando Molina. Ken Hoag and Pete l-Iolmes, annexed the crown in cham- pionship playotts by deteating Galileo 2-l. The Washington leam's cornbinalion ot speed, ability ro score and detensive acuteness are borne out in the seasons statistics, which showed the Eagles scoring 28 times to the opponents combined record of 5 goals. Scorers in the 1949 season were Manuel Anez and Armando Molina who led the league Sam Benoun Mike Giannini l3l, and Gerry Roth The experienced Eagle varsity was paced by Pete Holmes, last- est halfbaclc in the city, Armando Molina and Manuel Anez, brile lien? scorers, and Milne Gviannini named Outstanding played for I949 and winner ot the coaches' award. A maior tactor in the repeat ascent to the championship was the remarkable detensive play of the Eagles, especially on the part ot Goalie Ken Hoag, who a lowed only three goals to be scored against him all season. Ir :ve ot the nine league games the Eagles' opponents were held to a shut-out. With only five bloclr award winners leaving because ot gradua- tion, the I95O season will lind Il returning lettermen detending their two-year possession ot the city championship. Included in this strong group are three All-Ci'y players, Molina, Hoag and Anez. X' ax, ,wg 1 rw was -s GLYDEN MAYFIELD MANNY LaCOSTA ALDO DEPASOUA BOB HARE arsit Basketball Team THREE OUT OF FOUR TITLES! Thai is ihe record ol George Washingion rliqlis I949-l95O baskelball season. Thai made if The orealesl baskeibali year in lhe school's hislory and a lribule lo Coach Sid Phelan, Our IIO's and l30's were undefeated and look fheir division lifes' lho l20s lied ior Their division lille. And whal s more, cui Varsily lied for lirsf place in regular season play losing in rhe play-oils. Thahs a record 'ro REALLY be proud oll Ir The iirsl game againsi Galileo. rhe Varsily losi a hearl- breaker, 29-27. Close all lhe way, a sho? by Bob Dunn, which would have been The gameis only equalizer, rolled ohr lhe baskelis ri'n. I-liah scorers were Bob Simon, wilh 9 and Glyden lvlayiield wilh 6, Making 3400 oi iis shots Washinglon downed Sr, lgnaiius 37-24. The boys buill lheir score up in fhe lirsl hall with Herbie Smilh swishinq a 20-iooler ar lhe slarf. Along wilh Smilhs S poinrs, rop scorers were Bob Simon, I8 ard Mayfield, 6. Sparkecl by Aldo "Sooky" DiPasqua and his I2 poinis in lhe rhird guarler Washinglon overcame a hail-lime delici? and overcame Mission 4l-38. Dilpasqua, Simon wilh 7, Mayfield wilh I4 and Hare wirh 3 all helped lhe Varsily make an amazing SIOQ, of ils cage swishers, Taking Poly ol: lhe Linbealen lisi Washinglon rrounced lhe Parrols 34-29. Dunn, slaving his 'hrs' game lhis season, lallied 8 Simon go? I2 and Mayfield 4. Playing a hard game we los? lo Balboa by fha 51059 Same of 29-27. loo coin?-makers ircluded Mayleld 9, Dunn 6, Simon, 5 Dipasqua 5, and Smilh, 2. BOB KARDELL BOB SIMQN Back in the win column, Washinglon eased past Sacred Heari 34-22. DiPasqua and Mayfield combined To lally 4 points in lhe las? 'Iwo minules lo bring Washinglon from behind io win. Bob Simon high wilh IB rallies, blocked shols and confrolled ll"5 ba-ikboards. ln one ol lhe seasons mosf lhrilling conlesls, Washinglor squeezed pasl Lowell 4l-40. Bob Dunns 35 iool lally in lhe las' I5 seconds made the siore 39-40, lhen came La Cosla s bucke' in rhe lasl I4 seconds lo save lhe day lor lhe Varsily. The game saw iive oulside shols by Washinglon, 2 by La Cosla and one each by Kaidell, Dunn and Mayiield. Againsl fradilional rival Lincoln lhe boys pulled lhrough again 35-33, sparked by Bob Dunns uncanny liirsl-half oulside shoolinm and his I3 poinls. The Team was louled on four limes in lhe las' mir-me and 30 seconds. La Cosla and I-lare made 'he rwo free lhrows each, and wilh The rhree-minule rule helping, our leann wenl on io win. ln +lne lasl ieguiar season game, Washington look Commerce cu' of lhe play-oils, 39-30. Wish Simon pacing ail ihe way, lhe boys were inspired. La Cosla was high wiih I4 poinfsg I-lerb Smith tallied for 9. Simon, wilh 92 poinls, fied wilh I-lenry Mock oi Commerce for regular season Varsily scoring honors. We iinished the season in a 'hree-way Tie ior iirsl place wifh Lincoln and S+. lgnalius. Again playing Galileo in lhe play-olis, lhe boys ioughl a hard buf losing balile, bowing fo lhe Lions 40-24. Top scorers were Sirnon, 5, Kardell, 5. Smilh, 5, La Cosla, 4, Mayiield,3 and Hare, 2, HERB SMITH BOB DUNN MILT LAMPROS JIM MOYA CARL STEWART ELBURT HOMAN 13U's Basketball Champs UNDEFEATED! Thal's The besl word lor describing our l3O's. They played clean, hard baskefball. Somelimes lhe going was rough: somelimes lhey barely won, Bul the facl remains lhey al- ways DID win, and lhal makes Them champs-Through and lhroughl From The beginning, wi'rh lheir lirsr win over Galileos l3O'S 46-33, il was evidenl lhal "'rhe Washinglon I-ligh l3O's were The learn lo bealf as lhe Cl-lRONlCLE's Darrel Wilson pu? il, This game saw speedy. dependable Elburf l-loman in lhere lor IO poinis. Nexl in line. poinl-wise, were John Boragno wilh 9, and Carl Slewarl wilh 8 Nexl week saw our boys roll cver Sr, lgnalius, 35-25. Especially hal that day was Jim Moya who lhrew lhe ball in the cage lor I2 poinls: John Boragno was nexl wilh II: and dead-eye Cari Slewarl dropped in Through lor 9 pcinls. The game wilh Mission was nol quile such a pushover. Bu' should we worry? Nol wilh cenler Milf Lampros in for I4 rallies and Quard John Boragno good lor 8. We slid pasl The Bears 30-28. We managed TO pull away and win lrorn Poly, 28-26. l-loman, Moya and Boragno added some free lhrows lo break a 2I-2l lie and Srewarls 4 and Lampros' 9 all helped fo make fhe Parrofs bow, We were back in slyle again lor the Balboa game, rrouncing fhe Bucs 39-Ib. Top scorers included Slewarl, 9, Lampros, 8, Moya 7, Boragno, 6, and Al Winelrub, 6. slill going slrong in lhis game were Slewarf wilh 9 poinls, and Moya and Lampros wilh i' each. The game againsl Lowell was a lillle closer fhan fhe lasf lew, No one worried, fhough. Washingron came lhrough, 36-33. Cari Slewarl, wilh I6, Lampros wilh 9 and Boragno wilh 5, were lop poinl-makers. Againsl our lradilional rival, Lincoln, the boys handed lhe Links a special presenl, 32-22. This lime if was J. Boragnos lurn lor scoring honors, wilh I3. Pushing lhe ball Through lhe buckel' also were I-loman wilh 6, Moya wilh 6, and Slewarl wilh 2. For The lasl regular season conlesr, we ran across a rough leam from Commerce, Bul wiili Boragno in Tor II rallies, Lampros lor 9 l-lomar for 6, Moya lor 3 and Sfewarl lor 2, we sailed pas? the Bulldoqs,30-2I. The semi-finals saw The I3Os again oppose Lowell, Both reams louqhl desperalely wirh lhe conlesl in doubf almosl lo 'rhe lina' gun. Bur when il did go orl, lhe score was 23-2I, in favor ol Washington. Our boys loughl hard and deserved lhe win. Leading lhe scoring were Slewarl, 8, Moya, 6 Lampros, 5, and l-loman, 4, ln the linals. our boys loughl anolher hard and close ballle linally downing Sacred l-learl 3l-29. Breaking a 27-27 lie in rhe las? 'rwo minufes, Boragno wen? lor a lay-up and Lampros came lhrough wifh a lip-in, lo make our l3O's Cily Champions in their division and lhe only undelealed learn in eifher lhe 13045 or rhe Varsily divsions. Lampros, I4, Slewarl, 5, Boragno, 5, Moya, 2 slrong The l3Os overran Sacred l-learl 3l-IB. Also WINETRUB JOHN BORAGNO and Winelrub l were lhe Scorers, MIKE FANZONE AL HOOD Row I lLeH fo Righfl: Manny La Costa, Aldo Di Pasqua. Glyden Mayfield, Herb Smiih, Lloyd Landau, Ennis McDaniel, Sian Siewari, Row 2: Bob Simon, Keiih Price Bob Hare Dave Hirsch, Bob Kardell, Ron Feinberg, Coach Phelan. BOX SCORE 1 Washington G lil 5 EO Washington Sf. lgnafius Washingfon Mission Washingfon Polytechnic Washington Balboa ,. Washingfon Sacred Hea Washingfon Lowell Washingion Lincoln Washingfon Commerce Washingfon Lo ll we Washinglon Sacred H ea rl rf emit BaskmhaH Team BOX SCORE VarsHy Washingion Galileo Washingfon Sf. Iqnafics Washinqlon Mission Washingfon Polylechnic Washingfon Balboa Washingfon Sacred Hear, Washingion Lowell Washington Lincoln Washinglon Co "-'- ercf Play Washingfon Golilifc All City Basketball Players Nine Washingionians made ine iour All-Ciiy baskeiball 'reams ihis year. Jumping Jaclci' Bob Simon, who lied wilh l-lenry Moclc oi Commerce for regular season scoring honors wiih 92 poinls, was voied a forward on The Vrsl-siring varsily All-Cily feam. Glyden Mayfield was named a forward on 'rhe second-siring varsiry leam. Carl Siewari 'roolc iirsi place in ihe balloiing as a guard on The iirs+-slring I30 s Team: John Boragno, guard, was iirsl in voiing for lhe second-siring l3O's leam, while Jim Moya, place in lhe vohng for ihe lhird siring I3O s leam Sian S'ewar+ and forward, was lhird in balloling for 'rhe same leam. Milf Lampros, ceni n, 'rsi . . . i . , 1 . y Q . made The iirsl-s+ring IIOs All-Ciiy ream, while Gus l-lassapalcis made - urs -s ring l2O's baslceiball All4Ci+y ieam. Play-offs: 30's 13U Pound Team -offs Row I llefi' 'io righfl: Al Vfinefrub, Mike Fanzone, Ron Syihus, Henry Reynolds, Frank Sonoda Howard Dea. Ron Rosenberg. Row 2: Coach Phelan, Carl Siewart Mil+ Lampros, Jim Moya John Boragno, Elburl l-lornan, Wesley Pon, Al l-lood. Coach Tierney. 46 33 35 25 30 28 28 26 3? I6 3l I8 36 33 32 22 30 . Zl 23 2I . ll ., 29 BOX SCORE I 2 O ' s Washingfon . , 32 I5 WasI'ungTon , 30 I7 WasI'1ingTon 25 22 WashingTon , , I7 Sacred hIearT I8 Wesl'ungTon ,. 39 , 20 WashingTon 37 ZI Washingfon ,, 2I . I3 Washingion , 30 JT IgnaTuus . I8 Washington . 27 9 Row I Ileff To righflz Willie Murray. AIberT Wong, I-lidemaro Ishida, James On, Calvin Lum, Hanloy Quoclr. Row 2: Leroy Morris, Don Silva, Don Adams, WinsTon Wong, El3ioTT Lee, Derald Sed Lightweight Champs The end oT The I949 lighTweighT basIceTbaII season Tound WashingTon IIO's wearing The champions crown Tor The sec- ond consecuTive year. ATTer pyramiding a sTring oT I7 wins and no losses in a season which included 8 pracTice games and 9 A.A.A, League conTesTs, Coach Sid Phelan's brilIianT liTTle squad Tound Themselves aT The end oT a perTecT season. In each oT Their nine league encounTers The champs deTaTed Their opponenTs by nine or more poinTs. Sparlced byggading scorers STan STewarT Ioo poinTsI, ancKF poinTsI, and defensive aces Andy Leefl-Iorace Spilres and I-Ierb Wong, They piled up a devasTaTing ToTaI of 300 poinTs in The nine league games To Their opponenTs' I4O. A coaches' poll aT The seasons end Tound The EagleT's STan STewarT WashingTon I2O's basIreTbaIIers also cornp,eTed Their mosr successiul season in years by punching ouT I8 vicTories in I9 games,ATTer hoisTing a sTring oT IO impressive pracTice game vicTories 'he IZO EaqleTs wenT on To bounce 8 of Their 9 league Toes and bcw out of The I949 season wiTIn co-posses' sion QT The championship. Wirh leading scorers Gus Hassa- palcis I82 poinTsI and Don Silva I63 poinTsI carrying The burden OI scoring and The sTaiwarT rebounding oT Don Adams and Leroy Morris, The EagIeTs proved To be Too much Tor 8 opponenls. Only an I8AI7 upseT loss To Sacred I-Iearr prevenTed The EagleT 20's Tron-I gaining an undispuTed cham- pionship, In addiTion To scoring sTars I-Iassapalcis, who was an all-cify choice, and Silva, The WashingTon squad Tound iTseIT wiTh The besT passing guard combinaTion in The league being voTed Frariciscos ouTsTanding IIO basIreTbaII sTar, wiTh. ranlrlin Worgigeiving 2nd place norninaTion,V in I-Iidernaro Ishida and EllioTT Lee. Row I Ilefl' To righTI: Weyland Lum , Sfan STewarT, Will Ng, PeTe Germanis, VincenT Sing. Row 2: NaThan Tom, Jaclcson orace Spilres, I-Ierberf Wong, Norman Sui, GranT Wong. BOX SCORE lIO's Washingfon Lincoln . Washingfon , Mission , Washingfon , Poly .. Washingfon Sacred I-IearT Washinglon ,, ,. Galileo . WashingTon ,, Balboa Washingfon Commerce Washington ST, IgnaTius , , WashingTon , II Varsity Team Row I ileff to righti: Mctie vey itvtgrl, Vanni, lllers Werner Byrnes Hawkinson, Norfhcut' Cobet L. Tover Koster DeWct Sandys Coach Odone. Row 2: Soules M. Tover Schulte, Levitin H. Tover Stevne Rebich, Baird Saolihg Hirsch Putr GVTT. Swimming Teams SPLASH! SPLASH! And through the water go the members ot George Washington High s swim- ming teams. Under the coaching ot Mr. Odone the teams have traveled tar and wide to practice meets. The dual meets are iust beginning as we go to press. Outstanding Varsity swimmers include: tree style, Robert Northcutt and Lloyd Kostert back stroke, Ed Illers and Frank Hawkinsonq breast stroke, Olinto Vanni. Other Varsity paddlers are Dick Byrnes, Jerry Caselli, Andre Cobet, Ken Dewolt, Dave Hirsch, Lloyd Levitan, Robert Putnam, George Rebich, Gerry Roth, Richard Sandy, Walt Sapling, Tong, Harvey Tover, Marvin Tover, Larry Tover and Art Werner. On the lightweight side we have treestylers Wil- ber Tom, Pete Peterson, George Roberts arro Roo- ert Wong: back stroke Daniel Tom, Weyland Lurn tng Stanley Stewart? breast stroke, Steve Gaal are Richard Cottrell: diving, Johnny Boragno and Davio Massing. Other lightweights include Jose Angel, Ben Catimon, Ken Glazbrook, Dave Gori, Eric Johnson Steve Krott, George Morrison, Hanloy Quock, Louis Rucker, Frank Sylvia and Ed Watson. Manager tor the swimming teams is John Mc- Dick Schulte. Eugene Soules, Joseph Sterne, Stanton Kelvey. Lightweight Team Row I ilett to rightl: Peter Peterson George Roberts S'e-ve Gaal Frank Sylvia Stan S'ewait Robert Wong, Louis Rucker, Steve Krott. Row 2: John Mclieivey, Mgr., Dave Gcri rFLGlazbrook. Richard Cottrell, John Boragno, Ed Watson, Eric Johnson Dave Massing, Coach Od? .- A J 0 " A 1 xl' GOH Team R w I lefl lo righll: Mie c nal L Esoerance Walsor- Row 2: Deuzra Tennis This year Waahinglons lennis learn is enlered in an A.A.A. league ol nine learns, The lwo doubles leams are composed ol Ben Richards and Myron Hollisler, John Lew and Osla Young. Singles players include Shelly Silverman, Sam Lipman, Charley l-learl, Chris Maganaris and Bob Rogers. The learn is coached by Mr. Reade and Mrs. Kosler. Tennis is becoming more and more popular as a league sporl each year, As a learn and individually, Wash- inglon is doing guile well in lennis. As lhe Surveyor wenl lo press, we were in second place. Tennh Team Row I llefl lo righll: l'lOllist-Ar Rfnards Dahlrvian Silfermarx. Row 2: Lew Younu r-wear' Cys " Rixilln, Golf Under lhe coaching ol Mr. l-lawlcinson, Washing- lonls goll learn is doing well in anolher sporl which is lasl becoming popular in league compelilion. The learn, :composed ol Ken Hoag, Ron Feinberg, Chris Magandris, Bob Schnal, Mel l-lall, Richard Nissen, Al Deuchar, Dell Mielich. Ray Llbsperance, Chuclc Swanman, and Ed Walson, praclices rnosl any aller- noon during lhe season, when lhere are no meels. al Lincoln Park. The boys are sincere aboul lheir ganne, and somelimes lhev slay unlil aller 7:00 pm. lo linish a malch. All league games are played al Harding Parlc. we UW' QF' no 36 Sl R s I T 5 .-.--Q .. . . -Q " r -Q I , . Te- A 1 I Q -. -1 in A .SW f W ,. , ,. - ., w-v VARSITY. Row I IIefT To righflz Coach Vasquez, Maqner, ShelTon, Anderson, Lacey, Tunilr, Fox, B. Hood, Mull:een, Row 2: Wuerch, A. Hood, Caveney, Brown, Ransom, Dunn, McDaniel, Chambers. Bauer, Van Horn. Jones. Row 3: Landau, Perry, LualhaTi, Canover, MCC-illis, Mirch, Moss, Holmes Kardell, Mr. Magner. Il-Cit Triple Crnwn Winners May 6, I95O, will go down as a very ir'nporTanT and hearT- warming daTe Tor WashingTonians To remember, For on ThaT evenTTul day The rnighTy Tracl:men oT George WashingTon High School made a clean sweep aT The All-Ciry Tracl: and Field A.A.A. championship rneeT aT Kezar 5Tadium. The Eagles ree peaTed Their l3O's and l2Os TiTles, and The varsiTy Tool: The crown Trom Lowell, who held iT Tor The pasT Tour years, in a very sweeT vicTcry. Scores were-l2O's: 20 To Lincolns l7lf2, Missions and Comrnerce's I7 each: I3O's: 40 To Polyls 2llf2. Lowells l7g VarsiTy: 44 To Lowells 4Ilf2, Balboas 22lf2. The day oT The meeT sTarTed ouT dismally Tor The Eagles. The papers had raTed Lowell Tavori'es, and perhaps righTly, because we were besieged wiTh bad lucl: in The semi-Tinal r'r1eeT Trials. ln The varsiTy Lionel Brown Tailed To qualiTy Tor The 220 and was raTed as a pcor choice in The IOO: in The l3O's WalT MiTchell Tailed To qualiTy Tor The IOO because he suddenly pulled a muscle during The relay Trials. lMiTchell gamely ToughT on in disTress so The Team would quaIiTy, and To honor This The Team had him accepT The Trophy when The meeT was wor1.l In The I2O's division Mission had a good day in The semi-Tinals and was raTed To beaT our I2O's. BuT iT was a day QT upseTs and of Eaole inspiralion ard we wenT on To Triumph in all Three dfvisions, The VarsiTy surnrnaryz Vern Chambers 'ool: The T20 high hurdles ir :l58. while Cole Moss Tool: a surprising and much- needed second, Ron Bauer Turned The mile in 4:3l.4. Lionel Brown made a miraculous romebacl: in Tal:ing The IOO in :lO.3 as Al Jgneg Tool: a TourTh' Bob LualhaTi Tool: 5 Third in The 440. Vern Chambers Carre bacl: Tor nis second win cT The 'neeT. Taking The ISO low hurdles In :2O.6, while Cole Moss placed again wiTh a TourTh in The BBO. Brown, Larry Wells, Lualha'i and Bauer builT up such a subsTanTial lead in The relay ThaT Lowellls Carlson and George cauldnT caTch up, and Chambers and Jones Tinished .ip as WashingTon Tool: The evenT by IO yards ir a TasT 2320.5 ln Tield ever'Ts, Roger Mullreen Tool: second in The discuss Dicl: Miller. up Trom The l3Os Tor The Cify meeT, iurnpeo a Tar ZI TeeT 8',fg inches Tor a second in The broad jurnp. The l3O's summary: Bob Hilmoe, To no one's surprise and everyones delighT, Tool: The 440 in :53.I, as Elsesser 'ook a TourTh in This evenT. Mil:e Fanzone Tool: a Third in The IZO low hurdles and Sl:ip Rogovoy came in second in The 220, Kem Reno, also a ore-evenT choice, won The 880 in 2206.8 as Gordon Lee TContinued on page 699 LIGHTWEIGHTS. Row I lIefT To righTl: LesTer, Lee, Svihus, LopresTo, FrigaulT, Murray, Bowser. BarTell, Chung, D. Miller, Rogovoy, Reno, Coach Vasquez, Row 2: Tilqner, Ishida, Briggs, MiTchell Morris, Der, Seligrnan, L. Lee, Toy, Fong, Cherk, Elsesser, Preovelus, Mr. Magner. Row 3: HounTalas Harris, Balrer, Greenbaclr, Sivachenl:o, Fanzone, Moss. Fuller, Young, Wagner, Banl:, Hibbard, Rosen- berg. I-lilmoe, Manager Silverman. W fb if 'U 349 1' s ssiiiu I in V qw 'L F , V 2 ac, it . ,M K ,.. 1 RON BAUER LIONEL BROWN VERN CHAMBERS COLEMAN MOSS AL JONES EFUSSEUUH tr Teani Ulm CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK. Row I Ilett to rightlz Bauer Reno, Elsesser, Leister, Scott, Lee, Cayeney. Row 2: Bozages, Anderson Hibbard, B, Miller. Moss, Quiiano, lrnperial. fContinued from page 681 tool: a third. Bob Miller came up trom sixth place in the trials to take the broad lump at 20 teet 4 inches. Ron Rosenberg got away a good toss ot 5I teet 8 inches in taking the shot put as Kaplanis tool: a third. With Bob Miller and Milne Fanzone start- ing, and Skip Rogovoy coming trorn behind to pass the Poly man and Bob I-lilmoe carrying it as anchor many the l3O's re'ay team won in I:36.6. The l2O's summary: Harry Toy toolc the I2O low hurdles ir- :I4.7, as Lin Lee took tourth in this event. t-lidemaro Ishida tool: the broad lump with a I9 teet blfg inch iump, The relay team lPrevelos, Murray, Toy and Morrisj tool: a third place. J. C. Morris established the only record in the entire meet as he took the high jump at 5 teet IOIXIQ inches. Washington's Eagles not only won most ot the indiyidua medals and walked ott with all three team championship trophies but also became the first winner ot a new cup inaugurated this year. It is presented to the school with the most total team points at the City Meet, Washington had IO4 total points tc the nearest competitor, Lowellis, 65 Doints, Much credit and praise are due all the team members. whether they won or not, or whether they qualitied tor the City Meet or not-all ot them helped the team to tinal victory. Special praise and thanks trom the student body is due to Coach Lou Vasquez and assistant, Mr. Bill Magner, tor building this years triumphant track team, Washington had the only organized rooting section at the Meet laround 350 Washing- 'oniansl and the rooters deserve credit tor helping to cheer the team on to victory. It was a great day tor the team and the rooters lano the whole schooll and it became one ot the greatest days in athletics ir' the history ot George Washington I-tioh. BOB HILMOE DICK MILLER KENT RENO . 'W' sd:- oo. -0 iq-gs JAMES MORRIS rr 13231 O HARRY TOY F f'k A ' ' 1' . W + , i . - lr 1 ' , 1 f , mf - Elia - 1 , A my WA , ng Q51 fi QI!-117 'UBL Q L- r "' 1 r A 5 'X !"4f'T' x If K ' i la xi ' 5 -' til ' 'L '- " - . , Jew? . V 1 ,Q 3 f ' '-. W N.- v i . " . . -' x -" - V ' f Rx. ' . L r ' ' .. , . . - r as , y gfw -. 4 . :a is, I -P . V , si - A, g 'ff ' - s - -. ,..-J s ' , ' ' - , '- O ' .. ,N i ' , . as V L, ' " , .,,. , - sv - -. , ' - ' Q8 ,, 1 ,. , ' ff' 7 is - - il: .ff Qli- 5 l lf? "T i " il- " U Q . . ,. , .4 r sa ,s 5 ...Ffa A ' S low I llefl to rightl: Joe, Righelli, Press, Carlson, Maaslre, Smith, lamerdin, Varshawslry, Karnalman, Eli, lee, Farber, Schillaci, Rossa, Hirsch, lence, Penirinn, Porlerlield, Cooper, Yee, Wong. Row 2: La Costa, Grcboveil, Mackenzie, Taylor, Phelan, Cnniglia, Lovell. Kisxirlr, Leisler, Ersepke, Williamson, Raphael, Shank, Surlron, Milchell. low 3: ln Washinqrons cpeninq baseball game oi BOX SCORE Top hilfers were Press, Riqhelli and Milchell. fhe season the Eagles los? lo Balboa, 6-I. The WASHINGTON Waghinqfon finally lgund Cul Whaf if Wag lnlleld Spaflfled Wlill llllee fluids double Pl'5Y5' Balboa -vv'-,--,----.-. 'A,V-V l ilce lo win, lalring Lowell, 2-0. Raphael pilched Commerce downed fha Eaqlegl 5.1. in me WASHINGTON a beautiful game wallrinq no one and allowico nexl confesl, which was noi decided uhlil lhe ""'e'ee' """ O lily 3 hils. linal inning. cameo Aqainsl Sacred l-learl, Washinqlon Tool: a We losr a shui-out to Galileo, B-0. Press WASHINGTON shellaclrinq, I2-I. Raphael pitched: Carlson was Dilched lhis one. Pvlylerhnir --.'--,- ------ l he leading hiiier. L - WASHINGTON . , enny Sarlron priched and allowed nc earned Mxsion ln lhe llnal dual meer game, ihe Eaqies losl I .,,.......,,,.., -,..., runs as we losl a louqh one 'lo Poly, 3-0. WASHINGTON a hard louqhl' one lo Sl. lqnalius, S-2. Myron Wilh a 5-3 lead in lhe liiih, Washington losl Lincoln ,,............,..., .,,., R aphael pitched and Raymond Joe hil three fhe liqhlesl qame ol lhe season lo Mission, 6-5. WASNINGTUN lor three, Q ' ' L II ,...,,.., , , , , Pfched by Myron Raphaelnleadinq hrllers were wogenmmon Two ol our players finished in The firsl 'en Bob Carlson and Gene Mmcllell' ballers ol fhe lea ue and bolh Mann LaCos+a - I y - A A Sacred Heart Q Y ln a lerrilic len-inning pilchrnq ballle, Sar- WASHINGTON and Roberl Carlson sland an excellenl chance Von losi anoiher close one lo Lincoln 5-4. Sl. Ignatius to wif All-Cily honors. pl if ' ,..1 r .E 492 ITS Sunni -nmg lr Q , A f SEQ 'aa . 1..A ' iff ' g ,,, ,f., i '93 eigx 0 15, f-ff,, V63 - .ff Qffu gwq, KP? WN? 0 JA 'Q 'fha '40 ":"W"4bcq' ef ax 45, iillgxg wif ,Q 3v Fone! il in sf. Fall Black W Row 1 lleft to rightl: Vivian Lichtman, Betty Waluscheck, Mary Ann Kloos, Cauto, Mary Mimbs, Lila Gold, Carolyn Swenson, Connie Smith, Bobbie Slote, Claire Connie Guillavle, Elaine Waxman, Adrianne llreidenbach, Edith Matzen, Ethel Gottfried, .lune llagosian, Diana Winter, Bev White, Marionn Kurenda, Pat Steinberg, Marie Hountalas, Joy Cohen, Laura French, Helen Demith, .lean Laclergue, Guttke, Adele Underdahl, Nancy Nelson, Irene Novikoff, Row 3: Bess Raftopoulos, Agnes Liakos, Barbara Pickering, Ruth Mahany, Caroline Naus, Row 2: Palsy Louise Fields, Claire Foster. Black W and IH. A. A. Uffirzers -of f f f ' pn J 1, "" ' fi . 5 k 55.1 ' 5 .. 2 wit' A VlR6lNlA WYNE Fall President G.A.A, ETHEL STEINBERG Fall President Block W Spring Row I lleft to righll: Adele Underdahl, Pear! Morphopaulas, Mary Ann Kurenda, Claire Foster, Georgie Humming, June Hagosian, Charlotte Menend, Connie Guilfoyle, Joyce Cohen, Bobbie Slate, Rosa Durham, Riyo Kunisawa, Ann Bloom, Anita ll.oune, Edyln Rosenrhal, Raw 2: Mary Ann Kloos, Jeanne De Mars, Margie Skill, louise s r CHARLO iTE MENEND Spring President RIYO KUNlSAWA Spring President G.A.A. Bloclr W Black W Fields, Adrianne Breidenbach, Diana W'nter, Carolyn Swenson, Connie Smith, Shirley Walk, Harriet Hawkins, Bev White, Florence Achlerberg, Jane Anderson, Elaine Waxm:n, Ruth Rox P G1rls Athletic Assocra I1 lSIX'l'l'l PERIODl Row l llett to nghtl Mendelson Rogers Grdal Moflat Felt Andress MrCoron Taylor Zebley Phil Studt Wyne lrtras Huck Dohrr Gutierrez Patterson Barla Nelson Nuttall Row 2 LeVeck Goeihke Knops Lrtvrn Emmart llrrdqes Knox Belosro Bell Gbson DeMors Skill Grandell Kloos Mardrgran llenning Rakovrtz Lopresto Wolloze Row 3 Ouiono Emery Hpert Nous Demrth Shephard Jordan Chettero Cohen Lawton Leach U1 Mallery Bauer Gregory Smith Seans Aeberhard Bnnard Combs Row 4 Woebske Rosenthal Kokotas Ruten Longsom Lotkwood Mamas Bourgeois Lore Lou lmagawa Alatos Mitchell Layman Pult Solfrlos de Funlok Nutter Row 5 Lipson Lyman Nyquist Wllrams Quigley Mountain Coffin doller Crrsu Wtller Gottfried Procrse Nekludov Werthcrmef ltakos How kns rost r Matzen Brerdenboch Swenson IBEFORE AND AFTER SCHO0Ll Row I lright to leltl: Lys'ck, Rubin Zukermon, Raftopaulos, Slate, Winter, Freedman, Wh'te, Lorlergue, French, Cooper, Hnmming, Rainey, Plessos, Kenney, Copos, Danskanin. Row Z: Pedone, Strahlnia, Berdalis, Elliott, Chettero Cohen, Lichtman, Cairns, llagosian, Smith, Le, Doggett Walaschek, Jlle Guide, Holtzen, Prepcuses, Duhr, Granucci, Row 3: l-losk, Schwarz, Mcfaron, McConoughy, Underdahl, Knapton, Parsons Hosson, Bloom, Schroder, Koshaba, Abras, Hobbs, M ore, Kirkpatrirk, Hilke, Usher Crikas, Pullem, Anderson. Row 4: Whitton, White, Macllitchie, Golds be r , Allen Carvalho, Levin, Orton Bezzone, Baack, Volenria, Hopkinson Zimmerman, 0'Rourke, Bingham, Blake, Seaman, Attebery, Flatt, Kunisawo w 5: Wenegrot, Pearl, S' n, Lev'ne, Condrott, Lumm's, Phelon, o, Georgeodes, Tonius, Humphreys, Angel, Mololsky, Harrison, Rathliens, Hastings Stephens, Lou, Lum. Row 6: Gordon, Kobliclr, Pitel, Stein, Ste'nberg, Hender- son, Mahoney, Hountalas, Dunham, Campos, Weisz, Lowell, Wessely, Hankins Cecfhin, Bcskin, Pearl, Sewal! Ching, Lum. Row 7: Miller, Sonkowich, Meyer Weiner, Stauh, Klang, Chong, Le., Pennington, Andrews, Williams, Ulman Chazalet, Franklin, Kleebouer, Glozier Nielsen, Caccfn, Boker, Elliott, Row 8 Pa'n er, Sarccne, Hoymond, Kr mer, Restad, Newell, Riley, Erirkscn, ung Dineen, Schus.mon Seidkin Slosberg Berghommer, Simpson, Wickmon, Mes sina, Wallace, Yee, Chin. Row 9: Fuvilla, Dwillo, Abrahams, Huggins, erry Zinns, Dulinsky, Stauffer, Achterburg, Couto, Rosenthal, Cohen, Rolfe, Vaurlis ' on, '. h, H sworth, W ng Ong. Row IO: ll'n, Cha ard, ' ei Kurenda, Grethel, Keddie, Szokal, Minchin, Riskin, Weiman, Sommer, Devin cenzi, Bosco, Sorgatz, Okawo, Lee, Kawogurhi. Row 'll: Vaughan, Sounders Di Franco, Kuhn, lurchis, Dutil, Livernois, Tompkins, Johnson, McCormick Scribner, Miller, Kyle, Gunn, Dunn, Johnson, Webster, Keist, Schorsh, Bsrord TQ at 1 qv- c 'VW' ew Spring G. A. Members :la ul rr- ii -i is gf e g-in 'WVR Z' ll' - low I lrlghi lo Iehl Washer Suvolu Gilbert Shane Connelly Tom long Boker Gurruty Mcfororu Shupuro Suegel Sluuller Row 2 Dumele Lynch Slosberg Vodden Bader Lopolo Roma Wolf Tuoluey Walonnbe Mngner Lar sen Row 3 Evans Whule Hubert Wulluomx Con Caro Zazzu Thor Bunello Berman Cohen nu Frnnko Muhdny Row 4 Young Wong Kolo Muolru 1I'S E e Fal C ers were Presud n Vurounua Wyne Vuce Presudenr Ruyo Kunusawa Se reTary Isabel Lee H ouuaru Joan STauT'Ter Sono Leader Bevery Wulluarn and Assus anT Song Leaders Rmh Doul and BeTTy Wullrrns e rnrollmer' n The F GAA w nexT To The aroes v r r wu urus arTucuoaTuu' soo p C rvn The c ooos an VCUD rnanao rs were enms Mofu Bo ue Arderson Tennrs Tue , Joy e ndroTT owuu C arre GOT ue Bow ung a Ter school Adele Underdahl BadmunTon BeTTe OrTon Swurru munq RoberTa Rogers Volleyball 6 Theonue Sheohard Volleyoall aTTer school Aluce Capos Rrdunq Laura French T e GAA Assembly held on January IO I95O was T he nsTaIIaTuon oT oTT cers or The Sprun I95O Term a d Tor presenTaTuon oT awards M Klunqr-er awarded The Blok s gurl vho had c'nrnpueTe our Terrrs CT worlr M Schrrwaelzle awarded The S ars o Those who had parTuc paTed un GAA Tor Tuve Terms and Muss Jaclxscn awarded The purs s w o a au u v worlce or ux Terms A o qrnra Vlfyne The PresudenT oT GAA presenTed Muss Jaclcson wuTh a gold pun Tor sux Terms oT servuoe To GAA EnTerTaun rruonT was provuoed by Barbara RcITe Mary Ann Dolphun and Januce MarTun WashungTon had badrnurTo'T playdays wuh Presudo and y College Our gurls won The ma1orTy o The rnaTc e The Block W unuTuaTuon To new members was held n T e curls qymnas urr aT The be nr-mg oT The Spruruo Term New r'ner'TDe s were r:uT rhrouqh sTanTs boTn U uqoe and humorous Refre hfvTenTs were served aT erwards GAA has o own To a To al oT 549 mernbers Thus Spruno The arqesT uT has ever Deen Ohucers Thus Term are PresudenT Ruyo Kunusawa Vuce PresuoenT Joan STaurTer SecreTary Bev erly Nulluarns I-IusToruan JeaneTTe Taylor Sono Leader Pearl Mo phopoulos AssusTanT So G Leaders Mary Ann Kurer-da and Irene OTTerbeur1 The sporTs oroorarn and fnanaoers Thu errn were Baslce V5 GOUIQ Wl'W"T I' EI' C ef' b Naodal eng C Srhneuder Uulberg Ellus Fourboum Gersh Soylor Tolmon Kunter Woods Row 5 Vluruness Broderurlr Gold Huguero Marun Troedxon Cezul Zummeumun Row 6 llobuns Wolff Sugon Polonsky Angel Feubelmun Moruwuku Banqerl Sm th Borden Hurd Compello Pon Rucker Walker Puglusu Assuiuuiuatuugun ar ru urn a nan C Vole a arrueT Hawlruns ce aTuno eon uerseh BadrnunTP Nancy Luscorrube Ruduro Laura Pre ch Fbruary I6 h GAA hd Th Tu T c up ea cry wag Te ca erua wT uxo Kunu av and Anr STeIIurq ur- charoe a uraTorT rTu upaTed n a badrruurv Iayoay Wu Balboa early un The Term and won Tour ouT oT The x rnaTchr sc eduled The Tollowuno rvs scored hus vucfcry arIoTTe Menend Vuroun a Benso Charlda L u sTor- Dau y Rarney Lee MrTcheII and Joan STauT'Ter Lowell and WashunoTon had a vruleyball playday rn whuch euqhT en oT our gurls parTur: paTed Ruyo Kunusawa and RuThue T oJqh WashungTon wow only h IT oT The mes I' They L ayed Muss Poole and Tye Q rs from WashunoTon a o Q wuT Q rr oTner huoh school T e Q y and Trorn r arby Towr spenT one SaTurday Trcm 9 a rn To 4 prn GT he Unuyers Iu ornua Q schc sporTs day CharoTTe Woeoclre PaTsy Como Mary Ann Kloos Jear Lac erque are Joan STauTTer w re our reoresenTaTuyes who saw The WAA exhubuTuons nc ro Tennus basIreTbaII mo ern ancunq uery and uaTuc e e r also wen swummuno un The aTTerr'oon WashunqTon was hoT To uncolo on May I aT play ay On May 2nd and 4Th a bowlung olayday was held wuTh Pcy and a badrnunTor' excharuoe playday was held wlTh Presuduc on May 3 I-Iarru T I-Iawlcuns wa n charoe CT The GAA CandudaTe y red May I Th ro The curls czyrnnasu rn ole Balmer was harqe of The banqueT whuch uq IuqhTs The GAA a TuyuTres duruno The Sprunc Term The GAA board planned a poT Iuclc dunner Tor May 3Is' guven aT The horne OT Deon Nuel en Thus was The gegord Tume anyTI-ung Irlre Th s had been held and uT was a IoT QT' Tu e GAA cone su aT The May FesT vau Thus year was va o T e ruro To s Runos were Thrown aT The n G cown Tace GPO huTe eechar- o u e brou., T Tre O AA vCr'T wunrer ., ,, T "W r Q H 'T' T ' A T f.W.Q-.QM ' ' ' l : y y I . y I I .I I 1 I yy, I .1 I 1, ri .V L- I i .I A V. I I l u r G ' I ' T ll I I I ' ' Th I uw? GAA. ,TTEQ 1 'le ur ' j ' una lb JT M lc 'e swf' Bov.'I'.a, PT u4 fs ,T ye : . - , 4 ,N . ,- T C X I H - - : I Sk ' il D X N' lv, . ' Ns Is? " 4, - 7 J , I ' ' ,sg 7 ' ' r 'T ' 'Q N ' ' Ca, On e , Tue . . . a e 'rs She' T- If Th 4 Y , E all y 4 l at W u , iTs hisT . IT held in h TeT ' Th R' 'S -H if I-as e e beeu 'Ih SI3 fp" p u" ' g in The . r's ' ' 'AA r ' I 1 I 1 V w V I W sr' Da C u Ton Q " ,r ., T , 4' ' d fu . N le . f . , Ki AQ T ' I bb' ' 7 ' I 3'I' C h , ' gi' ' T' ' Tor us: Co ' B 'rg 16' I ' TTr' dy I' l T Ch W - "5 ny NEG' W -S, 'I. : ' . 7 ' - ' , ' I . T - lu V T u I ' 9 ' ' ' , ' ' ' Ice SIcaTlnq, Irene NovIhoTT. Rax were The Team caoTaTns. The girls had IoTs of Tun al- h . . . u 1 , or IW ' u G qa in whlfgu " i ' ,T T ' g n 'I ' - ' , r, ' , Q ' I ll ' X , ' rl ' h AIN W " To ' s J ' I d T 1 ' . r. Trop ' 'x s in h TT . ue s 'WM ' ,' ' 1 a+Ca'rTrafahT4l1"au , 'If To girl h h d T 'ThT II, d T s' , I5 , Vire ' , ' , u I . ' ' ' ' ' ' e ' ' . . T. " ' ' , " 4 4 , '- puT on "' In Te Tux, ', , d 'I 4 .' d ' , r'TI ' aq ' ball T, Th gl Is 1 ' ' , '+ ' T . s L' a d f. Cn . ' ' T I , IT f. ' 'I ' M ,T . . ., . Y , i h A K I Y ! Qi W, , A N 4 ,' f W Y I H u , 'e ' s I ' Q . , . ' 5 s f T . Rall , ' I 7 I, u J' ' V 'u , . . . ir T ' ' 1, Car in C ' h' r-- A Q I h - ll. F y 2 . . . L 4 y 4 T . ' ' ' ' ' Th . . . e s'orT , ' I ' u' I 7 A - ' 4 'S ' u I f- a uIaTTor'u T l'u 'uJ 5. ' 4 cse I75'I I6 SYI T B , ' I S I Tu E .13 Reb Ta R 2 s' S051 n a Lig fw Y ,l, - T r'z s eh by fi 'T era Tfoshaba' Tu."b'Iu1q, Nor PHI 7:57 Bow - 'u G. . .:Irs .'- To 'he ' 54 Urqanlzatlons andAl3t1v1t1Es .if , 1' M J, .P ,,-.ka I I l I I The Reserve Uffieers'Treir1i1rq Corps. The ROTC course is an eleciive subieci Tor which all regularly enrolled male siudenrs who are over Toureen years of age, physically Tir, and cirizens oi The United Srares, are eligible. The obiecfives of The course are: To iay fhe Toundarion Tor inreliigeni ciiizenshiln by reaching The principles oi leadership, respecf Toi conniruied aurhorirv, and habirs of precision order liness, fouriesy. and correclrness oi posiure and deparrmenrq io give rhe siudenf basic milirary rrain- ing which will beneiir him and be of value io The service. if and when he becomes a member rhereoi. As a general rule each weelcs insrrucrion consisfs of lwo hours of 'rheorerical insrruclion, 'rwo hours drill. and one open hour. ln addirion ro reguiar program oi insfruciion rwo 'r j gm "'-1 riile Teams are formed io compere in William R. T-learsr and Narional marches. There are +hree clubs: The Saber Club, an Honor club and a Narional Junior Rifle Club. All cadeis are eligible lo become members. Each Term The Corps visirs l-lamilron Field Air Base and spends a weelc end a+ Forf Berry, These rrios are volunrary and nor a par? of regular irsrrucf lion. During Jrhis year lhe following awards and fro' phes have been won by The George Washingion Bariaiion: Qlsl Division, besr drilled unir in Bay Area: Reznic Trophy, barialion mosr proiicienr in iheoreiical sub- iecls ih cily compeliriong Besi bairalion in Firsr Reg' imenf: l-lonor school. i R. O. T. C. Staff and Color Guard Row I ilefi fo righijz Henry Kiurg Capi. Wm, W, Cobb, Ca' sren Harney, Roger Kairh Fioyo Handy Ton' Byrre M 5.12 C. Q. Lee, M, Sgr. A. E. Miller. Row 2: A.Capobianco, Bob Duryea. Rich- ard Qfhnwi Rifle Team Row I ileff io righfiz Fred Davf Morron Barr, Jerry Scogin, Dom:- 'as Harris, Roger Keirh Hem v Ku: Cais'er Harvey, Richar: S'ri'i'i S'aney Seibeir, Armaro' Zimmer in. Row 2: George Bush Edse DeLong John McArd1e Arnrnofv i'lun', Arihur Rees if Ffedenberi Sven R:er'rcel' M S31 5. fin Torrey Y-,.. ,fe ,K g .6 . T 4L4 , E, if V, .-:f:?FL, ,Lt lit' 5.x , aw f .M .w-MM M' R Q , ni' tl 1 if 'b E- gf. 3 ..y. . f .xii h 1 'qi 15 5 Q M. .gGf, ,ff 0. - .f, . Q V 1:-,sh T , - .Y. X gay. . -,,' J 1' V ". 1X.,.'-f ' -A' mail m'M'4sf Qfv""'wm' W ' an ' 4 J FN.-'PN pQ, Q1:n , W X A . I , f 1 X, Al xiii. Q ,-'F .X gi XA A v.-og S 'f . ', .- - Hes 'p "' +'g?:"'f""gN,,,-Nr-i . " fi -' 'Y R , 4 V x - N 9 ,fl 5 1 ,E 1 I - eigffa vs asf +5 gig-H3 ,,.: 'ef':g1Ji'.g3y '. 'ggxg fvfw fj affix , fx f. ,, , 4, 4-Jaw f, x V- y 45,02 0,3 . .ah ,., V A RW f lgggixwy , M ' y A , :f f v Ly k :7s',':a, . paw A , , ,A W f ' NewswHHng Chss Row I ileff io righfi: J- an Kim' 'rar' Cigwg Ckiiiitii! JLMIVY' SDHOV Zulerrnan, JCQ Lever, Martia Gai' :i'y, Caroie Baskin, Liia Weneqrai TrzniLopieJ1s Cmoiyn Sivair, Maii a'1 Waiidiz- Bevrgiy Andrews Bib Liadw. Row 2: Bib Trips Pvi'a Broun" Kiwis BJ my Down i airbs Wii Vuiwifii Jitinnny B'- mzro Bill Siiitiiuiil Ed Maqiarid i-iw'-in Goidwoin, Miriam Bab Miriiyn iiflui-'11, ld C3 dwrfi gli Publishers of The EAGLE Tm- Eaigie, +V- ,imoi Qasvr is piibiam-d iabmi' Ovary imc fwvim during fide Scbodi iorin Lhirinw 'Lie iali iw- lsuiis are sdieduied Dil ':3'baii ard ban fads are scio ir' SO ierih 'efbaii ganna-5. Subs "Q aid 5 3 'erm and Xfif 'LH' CriO'iQn Silver' zigins 'ae os iQ uusokernenf , ign stud'-r' body Over BOO exwaws Qooieb 39 The Ea: e aw Sen' QL' 'O Liioii siicais and 'rierids aii over 'be United Suaios JPG Canada, ,GU NEG Swv-Jiai pubim ir: aiiom Di -X mb ifav ou? by ine Eaqie ard 'ne-rnbors ,w bee n Q' Mic :ass 'Q ine'p ofsrnofe 3023 wiii wT'n ur 5 ir' reaard, 'o :iea uc arcblems rioiabbi' i, 5' ' Q- gi oubiisr-inn Mai' iw- 'nernbe-rs C 'i Hi Edifarww-Chief S may Zuicerrnarig f'Xss:,iaw Eovor Ciaire Foyer: News Edifors Anim Bioune Joe Leror' Feature Ediiors, Margia Qairiix Pai' SCi'LYOdHYf Sporis Edifoi Bgb L-iiiypb' Sporfs Vfrifars, Myies Crockard .ii-'rw Jaghzf J arne: Karnburi News-Brie-is Ecvgr Cave Cunninvam' Advevisirq Ma'a:e's Harm Darerfnan Jxiiiav Kawmari- Bwiaf:-bb Mafaw' Tfri L Nslvvy Bureau Egfr SNORA CLAIRE Bob Tiippg Pinafoarapiier, Ed Herisivaw' Cirfu 1 rim Manager Elaine Be-nas. Curing Hia- s:aii': ierin The Eaqe ,grim 'eq 5' ediroriai :amoffqn or Lveniie deiaou-mix wifes' price and 'ive srobiern 55 fifii nraiudie. An i"iiQVNSiV9 cikre bww.: ' ir a'M',' iOL,' s.Ds:ribei,. Tre wpiinq rad nionibei: were-: Efliii Xv-' n Cini-3' Sandy Zukeiniang Mariiqinq Edifwr Li 1 Wifnuaiafi Assoziaw EC1i'CY, Ciaire Fw'--i News Editors: JFS Lever Wii' Vu'avi:i': Edina ria Beard: Gfber' Simcr' Mariiyn Higuvra Ae' Bainif E:a'i.'Q Edi':is: Marcia Qarriw VJ' S Magid: SOS", Ediwi Bxib i-iir1:f'Spr.i'. Wi7'e'1: Sic' Sh-ei"5 John Boiagro Bii Slini url iani Lcoresfo Bob Tiioo' Business Mana Jar, Toni Loprevcf As5is'anT, Heian Groidsmiv- AJvoMi5img Sian: Caroie Baskin, Carr? Sivak Cie-Q Cui'nin5i'i1rv3 Ciriu aiion Siam: Maiiar' WLa'ia:e Pa' Onz' ExcLia'3e Edi+:r:r Brw Ar-- drcws, Miiianv Bib' Alrnni Edi'c' Lani, Eiadsj Piicfcras' -i E3 Maqaird' NH.-,, BL, -Lu. Bob Tiizb ia NewswHHng Class-Spring Row I Uef? fo righflz Lois Syde Terry Biicni Edfyn Rcsenrriai, Joe Lani Joiirmr, Boraqvc Sarrux 7Lker"i1r L' a Wenegra' Ciairi- Etsici Wi' Vdovicn Bob Tripp A Ba my Pa' Scinroder Card' Babkir Cixingiirwe Sivacif, Marci, Cglliliiy. Row 2: Sian Sheriii, Mar a'n 'WaiiaLLi Tsni Lapresw Bub Hirscr Rennie Bergrnar' Juliav Kaaflrran Luke Eieids, Ea Mag and Mirian Garfieid Hu'-er 35 DS'r:i'W B-,veiiy Ar'di9.'- Muir 'N Hizueu Early in llwe lerrn work begins on llwe Surveyor. Hardly before flue srall lwas gollen fo know eaclm ollwer l'l'ie edilor nas lner Ideas lor llwe yearbook laid oul. From rlaen or various posilions are asf nigned lo 'flue sludenls. Business manaqer, plwolo edilor, senior edilor, sporls edilor and adyerrising nianaqer are among llwe posiriong as- signed. Surveyor Staff THEONCE SHEPHARU 5th Period Journalism Class Row I llefi io righllz Marcia Gar- riw Barbara Slole Eleanor de' Furlak, Bob Tripp, Amelia Simp- son Claw! Goblriod, Barbara ra -M ll is rlie iob ol lliese people lo allend 'o llwe lwundreds ol 'rlwings llwal lwave lo be done lo make your book a good one. Eacn person on ine slall has a iob 'ro do vlnal musl be done well and on lime. Al- llwouqlw i+ somelimes seems 'rlwal every- fning musr be done ar once llwe slall Qdiror and slalrl usually overcomes all dillicullies in spile ol everyrlwing and 'flue Surveyor appears correcl and on lime, ug if Fall Dramalics 5ll'i Period Row I llelt lo righll: l l fr Mafcne Gidea S'a Fi ' ne" Vere l.ivin:js'c fic- Ncnie Trebilcor pero Row 2: Cory Flaife Be'as Dia a L Ncrma Fahy JoAnne Funixe Jackie Moore l-le ef Zol- kin Beuy Willrinsc,n. Row 3: Guen- 'ev Scnumacher Jirri Ccmac J'e Si vi a Rcnny Berorrai The lilrh period drama class is a class ol lundamenlals where plays and The technique of acling are sludied, while the sixth period, the more advanced class. presenls the rerm play. ll is a lradilion al' Washington lo pre- sent a comedy play during rhe Fall term. On January I3 the advanced drama class and Mrs. Diclcson, lhe inslruclor, carried out fhis lradition with 'I Re- member Mama," by John Van Druren, adapted from Kalhryn Forbes' book, "Mama's Banlc Account." 'I Remember Mama' was a +wo-acl' play ol +he sturdy. simple life ol a Nor- CAST Diana Winter . . . Katrin Elizabeth Wilkinson . Mama James Barton . . Papo Connie De Curtoni . Dagmar Myrna Koblick . . Christine Ken Eichhorn . . Mr. Hyde Kip Lacey .... Nels Sonia litvin . . Aunt Trina Diane Bauchou . Aunt Sigrid Donna Dchoo . . Aunt Jenny Ken Boyd . . . Uncle Chris Jean Meyer . . . Jessie Bob Mahoney . Mr. Thorkelson Bruce Campbell . Dr. Johnson Daisy lalny . . lst Nurse Marlene Rogers . Scrubwoman Estelle Kupperherg 2nd Nurse David Varshawsky Soda Clerk Pat Bingham . . Madeline Sandra Zulrerman . Dorothy Charlotte Goldstein Florence Dana Mooreheod Guenter Schumacher . Bellboy wegian family in San Francisco during +l'ie early l900's. Mama, wilh her lfeen insighr to erralic, unpredictable Uncle Chris, and 'rhe wriling craze ol her daughler Kalrin, held lhe robusl family logefher. Mama s cleverness and lhe lamily life in the Old World almosphere provided a very enioyable evening for those l2OO people who braved the slormy evening 'ro allend. Borh drama classes collaboraled to presenr +he Chrislmas Tableau in Dee cember. Fall Dramalics 6th Period Row I lleft to rightlr Ccrfe G6 Curdcri Diane Bauchcu Sardy Zulcerman Rabi- Alrirv Dave Var' snavvsky. Clnarowe Goldslein Pa' ev Andreas. Row 2: Dana Brerneke Myrna Kcblick Pal Bincliarn Ser-ya Lilvin Be"y Wlllffnsfr lfcnna C'hoa Ken De' Y - , W.. . , 7-, This +errn's May Feslival Drive goal was io sell IZOO ficlceis lo 'rhe 'rerrn play. Washinglonians did il io ihe iune oi over I4OO lickels and earned a special consideraiion-a comedy play in ihe Spring ierm. l'Dear Bruiusf ihe play by J. M. Barrie, given on Friday, March 24, by Mrs. Dickson and ihe advanced drama class, was a ianlasy based on a quoia- lion from 'Julius Caesar." A group oi people, when given a chance lo relive iheir lives, nnalce ihe same mislalces all over again. Their weaknesses oi charac- Spdng Dramalics 6H1PeHod Row I ileff lo righll: Milf Larn- oros Bruce Hood Avila Dame-le E'i:abe'h Wilkinson, Eugenia Zda- Suik Sonya Liivin Daisy Rainey Sara Dagqeff, Jean Meyer, Mar- 'ene Gildea G-uenler Schu- 'nachen Row 2: Sylvia Valenzuela Jeanne Gold, Pa'+ Funqe, Char- lolie Goldsfein, Ron Tornelc, Ken- neih Denfici, Norma Fahy, Joe Sevilla Donna Ochoa, Elaine Benas Ralph Ke-Hnoian - -.,.-V . -, Wu,-.1 ,V Casloi Spring Term Donna Ochoa . Alice Dearlh Joan Maaske . Joanna Trout Belly Wilkinson . Mrs. Coade Elaine Benas . Mable Purdie Nickle Zdasnik Lady Caroline laney Ralph Kermoian . . Maley Joe Sevilla .... lab Herb levy . . Mr. Conde Ken Dentici . . Mr. Purdie Melvin Arrighi . Will Dearlh Pall Funge . . . Margaret Spring Dramalics 5th Period Row I llefi io righil: Harry 93' ner, Jean Balrer Adele Serve Le'a Weqee Carole Clarkscc Donna Du Fvesce Marlon Ba-'Q Row 2: Fay Hirsch Carolyn Ar- l 'old Joy l-li' Ann Ceci Da"-1 Bevnan A: ere Gilmer' E- Biofilciield l-laiofi Giifiim Ter were illusiraled in a highly inieresl- ing fashion. Lending iheir Talenls io Washingion for ihe lasi lime were Ken Deniici, Sonia Liivin, and Elaine Benas. During ihe ierm 'rhe iiffh period class busied ihernselves wilh ihe usual iunda- menials of aciing while lhe sixih period advanced class did a series oi one acl plays and many individual readings, giv- ing ihem valuable experience. Sorne oi These plays were presenied in various six+h period English classes. - "--Q. ,. Girls Choral Row l llefl lo righxfl: Mai 3 fgi VYA' fI4"x Q ll kj inn! vase' 'fr' r Ps' if 'so :':ri'r, Afhibio 53' G' Ja' i- lvlaf'7'a S. fa 3' F' ia l-4' 'Q r Q WH 51 Row 2: l.i,,X'f 7:3 cies :'f"- Gfa"'-1. L.' L,-'?3 if -isf--3 VM' if-is L f Q1-Vinrf, Siebel :.fs'i Ei-' C1 'rss Brcara A l.':e'La"-,V cn Masq. sash, Row 3:N'HvinBf,n'1 "X' Y as L ' Y Sv-fr-'s " W'i1a Mei " Cifrrf 5, fi, qv- wr" nf" Grin: L"'VV.'rr' George Washingrars Choral Sociely. incluoing members of lhe Girls Cho- ra' apo 'ilne Choir, draws fo a close i+s worlc for rhe years 1949-l95O, unoer rhe leaoerShlD and direclion ol Mrs. Myrlle P. Swansor. For the Fall lerrn 'rhe choir presenled a program ar Presidio Junior l-liqh. caroled in +he halls, parrici- pared in +he Chrisfrnas Taoa leau, Gradualion exercises. and sang for the +eachers luncheon, and made a nigh? Mixed Chora Row I llefl io righfl: N: N ,tn Lafe G-ioson Lew Davies Uraeroah Cana' 5-lercers' S"":' 'Nl'e-43' Gjlf?-' Ai re: Matias Coxrdiher, Row Mrs, S'--arser Was Me-ani SM"'- lNav"a" 31-2 is L"'az Mia cc: 'fhaihaooariar Faroe Davis Trffan Klee: Lcfxwsca Bccfgeds Elicfr, Row 3: Jai: Brennere Maaslre F-.fflzri la SM"' Pieve' Warren M:l.e:f1 S'n:,: 'fenneiin We s 'ifs v- i 5 appearance al Lerlermar l-lospilal. The Spring re-rm includeo rhe Pan-American assern' bly, wifh rhe Girls Chora singing rwo numbers, a conf cerl a+ Cify College 'r which several dihleren' schools were represenled ir choral groups, 'rhe annaai Spring Fesrival, Girls Cho' ral parlicipafing, lhe PTA. nighl concert an appear' ance al Lowell l-ligh Schoo and Gracluahon exercisei lor lhe Spring, l95O gras- ualion, As the George Washington l-ligh School student body tiles into the audito- rium, they are greeted , by the cheertul notes ot the school band. Due to a greatly in' creased enrollment, 45 to 65, the band has been able to play tor almost all assemblies, rallies and athletic games. They also marched at Kezar Sta- dium tor the semi-tinal football games. Washingtonians will really be proud to lrnow that our ROTC Band received an award tor the most outstanding group in the St. Pat' riclcs Day parade. 'We also hope to have new band uni- torms tor next year, Band Row I lleft Io rightl: Koss, Kurtz, Cham bers, Scundrett, Mrlemore, Gherman, Hau gourd, Cohen, Goldberg, Arietto, De Burle, Ruppert, faniglia, Carlson, Cirerone, Fitz, lemon, Glasser. Row Z: Kanelopoulos, Kav- irh, Sanguinetti, Gee, Locke, Erler, Truman Danes, Finnell, Fordyre, Attebery, Butt Cooper, Glew, Baylor, Ravens, Krasow, Roan Wong, Ryst. Row 3: Johnson, Jacobs, Green back, Bull, Diamond, Lee, Cherlr, Pedone, Mitchell, Shem, flawson, Emanuelson, Kelly, Lualhuti, Drumm, Gaul, Terry, Meyers. Orchestra low I lleft to rightl: Adams, Schively, Gillette, Restad, Pthl, Mzfonaughy, Sorgatz, lambs, Liban, Morphopoulox, Magnet, Godo- rhian, lymnn, lipson, Thornley, Donohue. low 2: Ouijuno, Schluegel, Danas, Mclntosh, Sterne, Pedone, Silverman, Scott, Zeman, Miller, Fitz, Husiapakis, Levy, Rovens, Wal- lcce. Row 3: Washington, Konelopoulos, Mitchell, Wocdrutt, Taulman, dulardin, Taux- sig, Arnaudo, lualhali, Gaul, Terry, Brown Covitz, Yee. stated Mr. Herbert Welch, director. Ei E5 M' WF? ff a ,TMS Q, The sweet strains ot violins and the insistant rumble ot the kettle drums announce George Washingtons school orchestra, which has had an outstanding season this year and has been received very well on many occasions, according to Mr. Her- bert Welch, director, A welcome event each year at Washing. ton is the Spring Con- cert in which the orchestra and choir combine talents to ot- ter the student body a musical program. The orchestra played at both graduations, the term plays, and ac- companied the Junior and Senior assemblies. ,, Y t 18 f QQ' J 4. C lx I 1 4 1 rf' ,fffgfel l..,.a,,,W,aQ kv, , A ,Q ,af , w,.U.i,M I NH I :Q Eg-In A- T A A New :I D ff, .t rj 5 . Q m ,, -M ,W if 6,5 A - -. X - A , ' f.- Q L rf .5 '4STS.xgf' w 4 7.5, 5. 5 9 I - I . A. fQ-X ,X , I if 45, , . 5, 1- E - 4 cv A5 M: Ni. Y F' . f -9, " -. f Q f 11, 1 Y , .. rl: rg, , 51 , ,f :L , A x ' Y 9 H. I ' 54. 9 gn ,,, S 5 ff' gg' Q' :N 2' . A A - S, k I W? 'O' LV F , " wiv? ' ,V 6, - 1 - P 1 , ' ." -' - I A Xu - W-6 '---Q ,L-, V pn -...Q V W A.. , ig:-1 . v w k , at -KB bs 1-1 an up vt K Ig. ,,'r- 5.9 0 y.s1., .,..,, ! ., cm, s .9-p-1 .--.. is ,xvyq 77 ww 5 Q :N ' 'H N F"4"x1f 53+ H G 3 as ,qi ++., vi ' I ,, 'H HO' " V. "1 ' - A .fn ff, 8 . gg, x .W ov , 4 Q. V Yf- f my , ,-,5'p2 fA'f' ,r-':'7'W.Q.g.'3X1Q , A w in., 4 MQ 3-XL if-X' iff-fn' I, Q, 6 .1 Q M 'ax 'Ex' :V g . gf? J 2f-fn. div x- " , 5: -, A 1 3 . . ,vw 5 4 1, Qu - W' . I f V , Ji ,f 5, .. 4 x, Q., IW, -. - ,- , S xc 1 . -.w - E4 as Rm , 1 f E ig, - " R X 4. " AQ 3 2: we I' Y 1 ' x , ' ' 'S iyfki 5-'Q I A ' . ' , f M ' mf' 7 m b w N ' - V . gf ex fi' 4 'S 6 . , I X, A 'H-4 . . 1,1 us- .' nf I4 In ' - ', , Y WA. , a jixt ir ix' , . 1 ii wi f. 1 'mi .0 f Q ' as Dance Committee Row I lleft to rightl: Sydel, Capos, Mc- Counaghy, Bridges, Sangiacamo, Brosio, Breid- enbarh, Cohen, de Fresni, Gaethke, Schroder, Shapiro, Sarcone, Baskin, Yuna, Franklin, Usher, Weinstein, Kurenda, Morphopoulos. Row 2: Miralles, Chaty, Pihl, Dunham, Cohen, Burman, Lachmon, Delucchi, Rolfe, Funge, Bloom, Carter, G. Abras, S. Abras, Tompkins, Johnson, White, Miller, Gidal. Row 3: Williams, Andrews, Rosenthal, Whit- ton, Elliot, Baker, Quigley, Williams, Scrib- ner, Wolk, Roth, Reudein, Woods, Hassan, de Curtoni, Knapton, Burgren, Felt, Glazier, Sewall, Favilla. Raw 4: Scott, Freeman, LaPedis, Legasa, Walker, Pedone, Bovero, Levine, Rosenberg. Dance Committee Row I lleft to rightl: Marlin, Pearl. Hastings, Kleebauer, Robinson, Beltrame, Rubin, Foster, Chaquini, Israel, Goldman, lanes, Sanliowirh, Walters, Slote, Treseler. Huggins, Hemming, Ely, Truchon. Row 2: Vodden, Bingham, Zukerman, Keddie, Herr riques, Koblick, Simpson, Freedman, Harrinq- ton, Grethel, Cairns, Hagasion, Felton, Smith, Menend, Hawkins, Andress, Anderson, Guil- foyle, Nuzum, Waxman. Row 3: Lewis, Winters, Swenson, Rosenfeld, Austin, Pult, Studt, Emery, Quiiano, Albert, Taylor, Leach, Stautler, Goldsberry, Dolphin. Row 4: Sor- gatz, Madden, Condrott, Carvalho, Truman, MacDonald, Vuiovich, Kanelopoulos. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs Amis Row I Heh to rightl: Connie Smith, Bar- bara Pelton, June Hagosion, Claire Foster, Louise Fields, Charlotte Menend, Connie Guile foyle, Elaine Waxman, loy Cohen, Harriet Hawkins, Edith Matzen. Row 2: Isabel Lee, Carolyn Swenson, Adele Underdahl, Ann Stelv ling, Bobbie Slate, Helen Biskind, Lila Gold, Adrianne Hriedenbach, Nina Crisci, Aledo Mialocq, Arden King. AphrodHens Row 1 lleft to rightl: Marie Kuhn, Pa' Cunningham, Roberta Usher, loan Erickson Rita Vaughan, Carol Saunders, Phyllis Ween stein, Carol Keist. Row 2: Virginia diFranto, Sylvia Merritt, Milda Larche, Joy Dawson Pat Campos, Dorothy Yuna, Sue Dunn, La Verne Dulil, Nancy Livernois. s'1"'f'T"'TfW"n" 7 ""f""' se R, Demas Row 1 Hell to rightl: Zoe Hossopakis, Linda Ewing, Barbara Siegel, Sandra Smith, Adele Beltrome, Pat Bingham, Carol Pult, Sue lobree, Charlene Smith, Dianne Smith, Jean Robinson, Carole Goldstein. low 2: Phyllix Robinson, Ruth Doull, Foy Hirsch, Elaine Steinberg, Carol Ely, Bernice Benezra, Jackie Entrup, Ruth lsreol, Sheila Cohen, Marilyn Stein, Barbara Harrix. Fideas Row I lleft to rightl: Maurine Gersh, Renee Wolf, Earlene Smith, Donna Du Fresne, Nanry Norris, Arline Simone, Barbara Com- pello, Patricia Mayo, Barbara Mahoney. Row Z: Beverly Bongert, Barbara Boker, Francis Cohen, Selma Polansky, Mary Lou Tuohey, Myra Mrfonkie, Janice Saylor, Nonette Long, Marlene Rae, Diane Lawson. Jaedas Row 1 lleft to rightl: .lulie Pearl, Audrey Hastings, Norma Kleebauer, Sonya loswirk, Jean Weiman, Jan Sommer, Pol Blake, Jan Sewall, louise Painter, Elaine Cerrhin, Doris Devinrenzi. Row 2: Dianne Mordigion, Gin- ger Mayerrahn, Diane Zinns, Sue Chozolet, Nonry Toland, Carol Huggins, Arlene fohen, Jan Franklin, Marilyn Higuera, Sally .la Dwillo, Doris Bosco. Javehns Rowl llefl to righll: Mike Vuiovrrh, Ped Weisi, Ron Blake, Ron Svihus, Art Werner, Aft Kotzer, Toni Frey, Mr. Wire, Row 2: Larry Conover, Steve Goal, Joe Miralles, Dcre llanok, Dove Moss, Poul Popothokis, Dirk leviz, lee Baxter, George Roberts. 5 ,F'? "f-4"f"5 . N Q gf, 4 fd'-Z L , CZ fm - ' - , ,A tfjgkfhsf , if V 'Q z g , 11 Rgllaiif' , .ar M. 4 9 55 2 .1 K- f Q M, cuff? Y ,. jf 2 y 35 -F .,. Qwf-,i Q- .M 6 A , -21. 'ln' f 4 5 ur A11593- , yy. 5 K , f 23:3 ' r as C. ga f' fav:-2. sm. Q H 3 . Y ' .5 ,ff gfi .1 1. Q-gg 'ii 1 4, if I u G :W A A ' if ,, A if - H 4 , ' I W ,I ., ., I ,. , M . wi A A , Reinas Row 'l llefr Io righil: Regina Kramer, Siella Hasson, Pai Knoplon, Pal Waliers, Sally Burgren, lois Sydel, Edlyn Rosenihol, Joan Kohn, Gladys Engelbrerhr, Row 2: Terry Bloom, Ann Bloom, Aniia Broune, Mary laricr, l.lary lewis, Diane Baurhau, Renee lachrnan, Berry Halliday. Reys Row I Ueff to righil: .lomar llnups, Irene Otlerbein, Fay Mosk, Elauise Haymond, Al- berta Srhwarz, Shirley Spreen, Ann Trauba, Pol Mrfaron, lois Sacrone, Silvia Valen- guela, Sue Nuzum, Midge Molfal. Row 2: Roberta Rogers, Bev Miller, lilo Sankowich, Roberto Robinson, Corinne Gidal, Willie Cohn, Marcia Garrily, Marcia Rose, Marge leVeck, Dolores Kenny, Sylvia Levin. Rogues Row I Cleft to rightl: Eugene Mitchell, leon la Cosle, Bob Germenis, Vern Ahnin, Ira Tunik, Dirk Morgan, Fedor Albinana, .lim Feiler. Row 2: Dino Danos, Arthur Koupas, Chuck Swanman, Martin foviiz, Clarence Press, Lennie Maniscalro, Bruce Hood, Bill Frigault, low 3: Morgan Benezra, Dirk Palevar, George Frey, Slan Simarowski, len Polonsky, Frank Evans. THans Row I lleh to righilz Ed Minh, Mourire Brosio, Will Vujovirh, Hal Mrfool, Johnny Boragno, Ed Marcy, Ray Sullivan, Ralph Blumenthal, Tom Radke, Bob Ireseler, Gus Manelopoulos, Bob Hilmoe. Row 2: Sian Sherill, Don McGillis, George Morten, Bob Shank, Frank Walsh, Gene Marks, Mike Fon- zone, Paul Sheriff, Dirk Downie, Dirk Miller, Pai Mirch, Bernie Pluck, 0' ,gp " y -15 41 sal PD 9 f?jQ,7.4?g,f, ,,., If N . v. W ' 11 'K 5 5 LQJ5 M- ul' 714:26 N .: i f lf Q Q . ,, I ,il 4. gg Q fx 1 Q ,ai ,M Q MN MSB? R fe' 5 ' f fffivg if ' ' - --J," , 1. :L 125. S A X K A X. Q' .J ba, rx , qs. M W, .. wx W A, www A 'W ,E Wg . My V W .Rf fi! 3 W? , f is Sfdnwallw. UK, ' Jodalp Jnmdom, jfzolic jomqhf vis. Ink urn 1-x 'On StageAmerlca' Was Big Success Tp, ..rh nf.- .n .9 . X -f.,, A --. r 'i ww' scr Daw Directors Cfwbsen sf B' H' iq " ay , Rd., 755 i The Z' I s V - v , f9'n-11,1 I For Y 4 'M W K 1 ii' x Q, 'K O ii: W3 K ' 've 0 ai 0 .1 1 4 is Q? W ' If 3' ' 'K r lnl " . -g... U A , 5 ssh.. I W 5 'XX N, 5 m J 23: -H Sf W ,Q ,-. fi A. 15? Advertising Sootion The cooperation of the following merchants and friends helped to make this Year Book possible Sponsors Mr and Mrs A R Wolters Mr and Mrs John H Malllcote i Balboa Laundromat 445 Balboa Kings Smoke Shop 5842 Geary Blvd lledllcks has a 7m Gift for every Girl Graduate Y 05011555 I7 ll allll 7 , 77 77 7 7 7 7 , 77 ,,,,s 7 77 77 77 .77 7 Q . . I . Come to Redlicks tor your gift 1 . . . o miniature Lone Cedor ' 5 Chest ! You'll love this treosure ' ' ' hest to hold y p cious, personol keepsokes. Foil 9" Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Saylor G wade, and 4" sigh in fwwfcl l red cedar. And ' hos o lock - ond ke !Come to Redliclcs tor yours today! ll mission 77 -Ill V' K 1 ' ' LLI I- u.: SPARTANS T TANS PHALANX ATHEN ANS KN GHTS JAVEl NS Erw n Schwortz Sher ff Puu Ken De Wo f Don Monte eone TIE G cD M TTS E TZBI' Ko rt t A den Pres OWUI' T050 UUT C6 4. 4- +- Ll! K CJ "U an 0 n. or Q u P OUT Un t ff ger WI'0l1C8 lo cretury Se T00 L egro GS TU M Joe CUSUYQI' Tr George Morr son Ed Morcy Lum Ph ff Gordon C Brown Lone Pupnthok s Puu Sgt -at-Arms T856 BT J Robert Luo hut GTI Bow OTTTIUIT I' STO H ooper ok Rona d B Q. U .C LJ MEMBERS GRADUAT NG 0V8 S 9 ATHEN ANS L11 D ck Burns Don Bo Joe Sung ocomo T TANS t T19 OW ff f John B W V K Ston Sher ff b Trese er Ed Maur ce Bros o One Fonz ke M Put M rc orcy Ed GENTS oppe os S q. I+- .Q D-I TISOTI J G7 Q VGTI Su 1, 4- n. ,- Q in VKNGS GENTS SAXONS Tom Sweene Kssck Dck Pres dent Juan Qu uno ck ruce Lo de m 0 x. Q' 0 U 5 U UNO Peter J m Bovero rf Hen Char es etary Cl' sk D ck Cottre Mer e du lord n Lou s Rosso USUYEI' fre y Le stef Sgt.-utrArms H stor un Q. 5 .C NJ 1 1 -1. t TTS O 1 -li -ln- Q. LD 1 L 1 1 , 1 1 U7 1 1 1 1 v1 1 1 1 1.- 1 1 U o 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5:5 1 - 1 ,, 1 1 4 5"'S. 1 '-5 1 1 151-S 1,1 1 1 Ego 1 1 in e1 . 1 1 1 - .: :N 1 1-D16 ,Q 1 320:-: .131 vt.-C, 1 .: N I-" 1:1 1 1 1-c1! 3 , O 'gg E 9:1 -Ex N . 1 1 1 T 1 1 K- 1 11-1 1:-Q 1 E.- sang 8.21 2324: 1 1 1 16 5 1 - I- 14315 CD? u. 5:3 L.l.l 1 1::1:: ac . 1 1 , 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 Ln 1 ' bs O-5" 1 G : I0 1 -2 "UW-3 :i 3 'E 2 1 Q UP .-U Z , 1 1 5,2 -o .xg -:-E2 1 1 1 ' Q - 05' 4 Egzia. 1 1"1 1 1 of Q " 5.215 gba 1 .-1 1.- - 2- i E 2-1 2:-ng 1 1 an -. 1 4 1- 1 cm, ooo 1 1 1 4' 1 1 Q 1 n:a:1 n.mnoD I-1 1- 11-172 P -Us '-1 : 1 ml 1 U 'g 1 EM 1' 2 ? 1 2 E 1 1 1 21- ....-- E ccgc 'E 22 '95 15305 - u 1 -5, 3-- cb. 1 T- E Az :ZS 1 L :a E 511-5 1 cs c o-- oo po: 1 1 1 1 2 D. 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CompIeIe Ga menI Serv ce Back on a Deal' 2650 Balboa S+ Cor 28+h A e Phone BA I 0922 I Compl men+s of NEW 81 USED CARS 5 301 funn' pa ALL MAKES ALL MODELS 3528 BALBOA STR EET CARDS GIFTS Compl men'Is of AVENUE BUILDERS 3422 BALBOA SK 22868 AI Ia I P p I I939 TO 950 790 Van Ness Ave TUxedo 5 6267 F Top uaiy Moferial A ' For The Boffom o oes! ry ,A A - - C , . B , B yview -3 I ,A-Q' I 'J 1- Q- Q -' 1,4 ' .KJV 'g.""s ' s T' o SIIIIICYIQ IIIIQ II 1'- I-Q,XI'lIIi'I' GRA ' AE AT QEAP1 AND .HSE C' ' -if . - E 21'-A P BQ Dux . , . Ine -5 I I , I , . ' I ' ' r ' I . 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RADIO co nj 5aI5 GEARY BLVD SAN FRANCISCO Ky I C BALFOUR CO We Repaar All Makes 233 POST STREET Su.H,er 1 3522 AUTHORIZED DEALER RCA ADMIRAL MOTOROLA PACKARD BELL PROFESSIONAL SECRETARIAL SCHOOL THE BURGER HOUSE s21 MARKET STREET DOI-olds 27799 5740 GSUFY Sffeef SK 2 0519 COMPLETE COMMERCIAL COURSES g I1 FREE DEMONSTRATION LESSON ON STENOGRAPH FOUNTAIN SERVICE d CH GIANT HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS ALBERT W WALASCHEK 555' WISHES FROM OI POST STREET ROOM sos D QI z os pm Rd 55,155 Wafch and Jewelry Repairing Pearl Resfrlngmg SAVE 25f E g g Wedd ng R B W S e 27fh and Geary San Francisco PRICE S Hand Fmlshed Shoes For Men Drshnchvely Sfyled Foofwear 9 TIP TOP CATERERS WEDDINGS AND RECEPTIONS RENTALS CI-IINA SILVER GLASSWARE 7I8 Merkel' Sfreei' San Francisco CAKES FOR ALL OCCASKJNS 29TI1 Ax enue nd Balboa EVergreen 6 9938 0 Il T ll I ll II ' T-T'i'TTf T S FEE Q .+L , . ' ' S Iine 2-IIBI an 2. Q , Slenograph, SI'1OFTI'I5I"Id, Bookkeeping, Business En Iis , Typing I ' Mau ' Ii slrom I , Ou as -66 X 5, -" ' on on n a emen+ Ring- i ing- ir+I'1s+one Ring Pearls- aIcI1bancI - OII1 r Jewelry ' I , C , Cpongrafufafionri goof! 051,612 fo My QQCJMHEQJ M at J Httasctt co., tnc. 342 5th Street SUtter 1-5393 Cover for this Book lg The ARDES COMPANY 355 EIGHTH STREET KLondike 2-0140 San Francisco SUPER-FINISHED, EMBOSSED BOOK COVERS IMITATION LEATHER PRODUCTS Adele, Alec and Joyce being shown rings ai VAN WORMER 81 RODRIGUES. INC. JEWELRY MANUFACTURERS A CLASS RINGS ' TROPHIES - MEDALS ' CLUB PINS PERSONAL NAME CARDS sENtoR oRADuATtoN ANNouNcEMENTs +126 PosT srnen Exams. z-sssa :HOME Dfluqias 2-EC-48 PHONE DOLJQWGS 2-3048 PHQNE DOUQXGS 2-3048 r-ICDNE Douglas 2A3f: Aa PHONE Dcnuqrag 2-3048 PHQNE D0UQ1aS 2-3o4a THE LADDER TO SUCCESS HAS MANY RUNGS YOUR GRADUATION IS A STEP UP THE LADDER , CONGRATULATIONS! 'I ,A I 77010 CIIl.5l.l!l'I' CKIPCAI U yfl' YI 30,7 :I , V II II's a business career, I we would be happy A ' 'T ' I Io discuss WIII1 you I ' If +I1e opporfunifies In I' II1eIIeICI OI Life Insuren e f Vsfus aI'I'I'1e ' metropolitan llfe Insurance to 600 STOCKTON STREET San F anc sco Cal fo n a PISANI IJIIINTINII Ii PIIHLISHINII EU C I 57 7UU Montgomery Bldg San IIVHHCISEU Eahf SUIIQI I 4772 I I I I I 0 r I , I r I ll 77 rea om of ine ninfing - , . 22225 Imurw DM sw fllvmyv H1911 XIIIIIIPI All Its smart to have a career In fashion In Calltorma the commg style center of the world Complete ourses days evenings and Saturday mornings 'ij PATTERN MAKING DRAPING PATTERN DRAFTING SKETCHING V X-f U30 gl SEWING MODELING e QLD' 'I 'I 'Iwu TAILORING HISTORY f COSTUME AUMMJ LNE o coLoR o FABRICS C Ll7c5'Z ' LIL I fbi: ELL-jf KEARNY STREET AT MAIDEN LANE DO gl 28059 SAN FRANCISCO 8 WfutUqraph5 Ligijgl as ff! M ILM div:-ffw QQNWNX , f"7J,2.z, 44 W " 7 P,-2' sf s fig, ' fg A-2 4 .C lff' 12 M , Wulf' T""s, , A K L "Inv 1. -1 V 1? j ' .' , E ,' N I ,- 'D A 6 'f 'I 'J - .4 ' ' 'Jn L H, 'Js . 1' 4 fl,fa ,AWA E'I . ,I ' , Q, vii : , . . . . . ' 1 . :Vai v, ' c C, TX I' I -' I .f I J '- , , I - . 1311-T-Q, o 0 "DX -f.""""'l's1'I- 0 0 hw' QU, 17-I ' A "L Y.. ' ' 0 X .- fre-sg4g..1J::1Q'j",, ,ww . I , :- .x... 7 fx ' y . . - , ,L 5 LZ, - f 1 z vo 0 5 1 .5 1, 1, fins. 47 u as - I I It JV I ',f 5' , 4. 5 ' I fl . I - ,," -J ff ' f ' 7 'I I 7 ' I r I N I rv . 1 0 ' cv O' I UW s ' J' , x -'f-'I . X K4 I - I7 Il I I J I A U A , V - f Y ,, Auluqraphs -it,-of' fu JH4' wa: 4-uk Jwpwwbfazw Q,f"'V"9 I A ,J 1' X " . ' I I I .7 - Z 1, f' 1 f ' t 'I X, , ' ,Jf Q4-f fxfvl X- ,A K fi L f v A' IAIJXIJ K ' XJ I ll Q X XIVVL gif l 6 ' he I - 1 1' ' -M X Q ,XX xf K, Ks. ,NV NN fy-- X Y fl Q. 2 A xii Y J 5 ,D Ii It A X!"Q.' X gl Ykl' ' y xgxx I ' 9 , XE NE -1 src 1 Clk? IM' lp jun A ,z' D I . . V Z ' . ,Q Oi 1 ,gli Y i' if fi C, il L: L' N.-fl yv

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