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THE SURVEYCDR JUN mm MMM! THE SURVEYQR JUNE, 1947 Volume XV Editor-in-chief . . . .Lila Blumenthal Art Editor . . . . . Jeanne Marsh Business Manager . . . Carol Seibold Advertising Manager .... Jack Barren Photographers . . . . Alan Bonapart Alan Kay Alfred Regan Cover . . . . Jack Arnold Published loy the Class in Journalism George Washington High School San Francisco, California FOREWORD The S U R V E Y O R sfaff in fhis-fhe l0fh Anni- versary Edifion-has affempfed fo porfray, as every yearbook should, fhe evenfs-scholasfic, social, and afhlefic-which have been carried on during fhe school year. Buf an anniversary edifion, especially when if marks George Washingfon High School's firsf big milesfone, should have a greafer significance. This S U R V E Y 0 R will be, Parf I, a hisfory book, buf an enjoyable one because YOU have played a vifal parf in making fhaf hisfory. A currenf, up-fo-dafe issue of a favorife publica- fion-fhose words could be used fo describe Parf II of fhe S U R V E Y O R . Here you will find familiar faces, you will recognize evenfs-games, dances, rallies-fhaf have occurred from Sepfember, I946, fo June, I947, Washingfon's "besf yef" year. Parf lll, a prophecy, is nof difficulf fo predicf, for our "Hillfop High" has a brighf ouflook, a promising fufure. Our backyard proiecf will evenfually be com- plefed. And as sfudenfs, perhaps fen years hence, are splashing in "fhe pool," fhey will fhink of more improvemenfs needed. Washingfon will never sfand sfill! Neifher will ifs alumni. Ninefeen Fiffy-Seven will find members of fhe senior class--why, see for yourself-furn fo page I03 land don'f fake fhis sec- fion TOO seriouslyll Thus, we bring you George Washingfon High School, Pasf, Presenf, and Fufure. We hope you like if. CONTENTS BOOK ONE 0 The Pasi' Ten Years in Review BOOK TWO Aclminisfralion Gracluafes, Fall '46 Gracluafes, Spring '47 Spor+s Acfivifies Washing'ron Regishies Clubs and Organizafions Candids BOOK THREE 0 Ten Years Hence-Class Prophecy Dedicafion This is 'rhe Jrenlh anniversary of George Washinglon High School, and so if seemed appropriale 'rhal we who worked on 'rhe iournal should choose a pasl, presenl, and lulure lheme for 'rhis June, l947, edilion. For len years lhe archifeclural charm of George Wash- inglon High School has added grace and beauly lo lhe Rich- mond Dislricl and 'rhe cily of San Francisco. The school is slill young, buf i'rs policies and leadership have already been eslab- lished, and ils fradilions are conslanlly growing. ll's sludenls and graduales are oulslanding, and lulure Washinglonians will always keep alive lhal "figh+ on, you Eagles" spiri'r of good sporlsmanship. ln accordance wilh lhe foregoing facls, we hereby dedi- care 'rhis SU RVEYOR lo everyone, pasl, presenl, and lulure, who has had or will have a share in 'rhe honor and glory of George Washinglon l-ligh School. THE PAST TEN YEARS IN REVIEW From Rock Quarry To Shining Glory Air Phofo of Washingfon High School - 1936 shows Shops and Academic Unif. THE BACKGROUND OF GEORGE WASHINGTON "The foresighf of San Francisco pioneers is reflecfed in fhe fofal invesfmenf for a secfion of fhe George Washingfon High School sife, as far back as I86I, when I50 x 240 feef was sef aside for school purposes under fhe provisions of fhe oufside lands acf. Ouf of fhis nucleus fhe remainder of fhe sife was purchased by fhe Board of Educafion in l925." The above paragraph, an excerpf from a program of fhe Ground Brealzing Exercises which fool: place November 4, I934, af 3lsf Ave- nue and Anza Sfreef, shows fhaf our school was considered, planned for, baclr in 'fhe days when fhe Richmond disfricf was sand dunes, when George Washingfon High School was a roclr quarry. l86l-cable cars lor fheir forerunnersl were pulled by horses, gold sfrilces were common occurrences, clipper ships sailed fhe Pacific, and San Fran- ciscans of fhaf day had fhe vision fo provide for schools. and especially for one parficular school, locafed af whaf is now 32nd Avenue and Anza Sfreef. Sevenfy-five years lafer, in I936, financed parfly by a bond issue, parfly by fhe Federal Governmenf, Washingfon High School was erecfed af a cosf of approximafely S2,000,000. To relieve congesfion in San Francisco's seven senior high schools was fhe main purpose of fhe new school. Alfhough our presenf enroll- menf is only I,740, if was originally planned fha? Washingfon would provide facilifies for 3,000 pupils. agwaaca Soufhwesi Wing - March 18, 1935 THE FOUNDING OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. A comparafively small arficle appeared in fhe news- papers of fhis cify on Augusf 24, I936, proclaiming fhe opening of George Washingfon High School. Alfhough a parf of fhe five-million dollar educa- fional plan fo build schools from I930 fo I940, Washingfon was permiffed fo sfand idle for fhe firsf six monfhs of I936 because of a furnifure shorfage. GENERAL PLANS, ARCHITECTURE, SCULPTURE. The general plans for Washingfon called for a main academic unif, shops, an audiforium, boys' and girls' gymnasiums, foofball field, oufdoor fennis and baslcef- ball courfs, a music conservafory, a baseball field, a running fraclr and a swimming pool. Timofhy L. Pflueger, archifecf of George Wash- ingfon High School, died almosf fen years fo fhe day fha? Washingfon celebrafed ifs fenfh anniver- sary. Mr, Pflueger was world-famous in his field, having worlred on fhe San Francisco-Oalrland Bay Bridge, and many of fhe buildings of fhe Golden Gafe lnfernafional Exposifion of I939. Union Square Garage was designed by Mr. Pflueger in l942g Alamo and Jefferson grammar schools, and Roosevelf Junior High School were complefed by him before I930. His lafer proiecfs were George Washingfon, Ihen Lincoln High School, and fhe science building and gymnasium af San Francisco Junior College. Mr. Beniamino Bufano was originally hired fo do fhe frieze locafed on fhe wall of fhe foofball sfa- dium, buf fhe worlr was finished by Sargenf Johnson. The ideas of bofh arfisfs are incorporafed in fhe worlr. Pouring filsf floor slab-Norfhwesf Wing-March 18, 1935 MURALS. Over I,30O square feef of murals, scenes de- picfing phases in fhe life of George Washingfon, cover fhe walls of fhe lobby. Vicfor Arnauloff, painfer of fhese murals, did much research before sfarfing fhe worlr fo gef fhe color and feeling of George Washingfon and fhe days in which he lived. The murals are done in whaf fhe arfisfs call earfh colors, which are made from oxides. For insfance, green is made from chrome, red from iron, and blaclr from coal. The base of murals is lime, a very ancienf mefhod of mural worlr. George Harris and Gorden Langdon were fhe arfisfs who assisfed Mr. Arnaufofl. Since murals have fo be painfed on a wel surface, Mr. Arnaufoff had fo follow righf behind fhe plaslerers, and a scene, once begun, had fo be com- plefed fhaf same day, in order fhaf fhe walls did nof dry. Carpenfers and plasferers worked all around fhe building, while Mr. Arnautoff was high above on a scaffold. He suffered from drafts in all directions, for doors had not yet been built. The artist was so rushed for time that he had to improvise as he was painting. Covering about nine feet of wall a day, he sometimes worked from ten to twelve hours a day to finish a given section. The murals took ten months to complete: ironically, the school was not opened until a full year later. FIRST YEAR AT WASHINGTON. George Washington High was the pride and ioy of the students and faculty when it opened: everyone admired the magnificent view and the handsome build- ing, and the faculty and students were filled with enthusiasm in spite of the fact that they were sadly lacking in facilities. These pioneers realized that the responsibility for Washingfon's coming through the first year lay on their shoulders. Only they remembered all the difficulties that had to be overcome: but we, today, know that they emerged with flying colors. The enrollment of the school in its first year consisted of the new low tens and students who had transferred from other schools. These students had to stand up or sit on the floor because of the lack of chairs and desks: the gym classes met in different class- rooms, and the library was completely empty, save for one set of encyclopedias. These handicaps seemed minor, however, as compared to the terrible noise caused by the construction of the new gymnasium.This construction work, accompanied by the noise, lasted for two years. Despite these difficulties, at the end of the term there were 57 students on the honor roll. Southwest Wing, first floor under construction April 4, 1935 The first student government at Washington was organized in the fall of I936 with David Cunningham, president: Lois Samuels, vice-president: Jane Mayer, secretary: Howard Nielsen, treas- urer: Richard Cohn, custodian: and Gordon Mailloux, head yell leader. The spring I937 officers were: Hal Mendelson, president: Betty Hill, vice-president, Nancy Glaser, secretary: Richard de Graf, treasurer: Phillip Waxman, custodian, and Robert Kahn, head yell leader. The first social event of the term was the lnaugural Ball, held on October 30, l936, in the school library. The lack of a gym did not stop the students from having social affairs. The rallies were held outside on the courts. The first indoor rally was at Pre- sidio Junior High School. At the first indoor rally held at Wash- ington in I940 in the newly built auditorium, the speakers had to stand on chairs. The platform had not yet been completed. The first commencement took place at Commerce High School on December I6, I937. Miss Kirwin had charge of the first graduating class consisting of I48 students. Five students com- pleted their required course six months earlier, in June, but since there were so few eligible for the Spring '37 class, the gradua- tion exercises were not held. These students came back in Decem- ber to graduate with the Fall '37 class. There were three girls and two boys in the first official gradu- ating class: Mariorie Astredo, who had entered the school at its opening: Lois Samuel, Washington's first vice-president and one of the originators of the Girls' Service Society: Frank Hultman, Tod Saylor, and Eleanor Worken. is A S A Looking west across Southwest Wing. Forms for woll ond second story in place April 4, 1935. During the Fall '37 term the Senior Advisory Board was estab- lished, and the Senior-Soph Reception, which is now so popular, was first held in the school library. Because of financial difficul- ties and lack of space, a party was given at the Balboa Theater. Between the showing of films an amateur hour was presented. with talented students from Washington participating. On November 23. I937, the Senior Luncheon was held in the school's cafeteria. December ll, was the date of the Senior Dance, now known as the Farewell Dance. This class owed much of its success to Miss Kirwin, who was unanimously chosen to be in charge of all future senior classes. Many of the teachers on the first faculty are still with us today. The following is a list of the original faculty: Mrs. Melanie Ains- worth, Mr. Donald Atherton, Miss Rose Avina, Mr. William Baker, Mr. Rufus Balaam, Mrs. Birchlyn Bannister, Mr. Eugene Barker, Mr. Bruce Bartholomew, Mrs. Mildred Bickel, Miss Bernice Bilafer. Miss Elsie Bowman, Mr. John Burke, Mr. Cecil Carroll, Miss Kath- leen Cauley, Mr. Paul Chapman, Mrs. Lillian Clayton, Mrs. Alice Collins, Miss Jane Cook, Miss Margaret Coope, Miss Catherine Counihan, Mr. Dennis Crowley, Miss Laurette Cullinan, Miss Catherine Davis, Mrs. Margaret Denny, Mr. John Douglass, Mr. Arthur Fagan, Sgt. Feliciano, Miss Dorothea Forcade, Mr. Thomas Gates, Mrs. Birdeena Gowan, Miss Phylis Haley, Mr. Rex Harris, Miss Margaret Heaton, Mrs. Lenamae Herrick, Miss Eleanor Jack- son, Miss Ethelinda James, Mr. Sylvester Kelly, Miss Marie Kir- win, Mr. Marion Knott, Mr. Lloyd Leith, Miss Mabel Lockhart, Mrs. Edna Logan, Mr. Harry Longaker, Miss Rachael Markley, Miss Doris McMillan, Mr. Willard Morton, Miss Catherine New- port, Miss Marian Ohleyer, Miss Eleanor Parsons, Mr. Seymour Pearson, Mrs. Margaret Poole, Mr. Henry Raphael, Miss Mildred Rauner, Miss Josephine Rausch, Miss Dorothy Reynolds, Mr.James Ripley, Mr. John Roberts, Mr. Marcel Rotchy, Miss Arline Scharff, Miss Florence Shearer, Miss Edith Silberstein, Mrs. Myrtle Swan- son, Mr. Arthur Taylor, Miss Haidee Tobriner, Mrs. Jewell Tor- raeri, Mr. John Uhte, Mr. Eldred Vanderlaan, Miss Frances Vasila- Main Unit finished December 3, 1935 Main Academic Urril showing Courf Yard. Now Veterans' Courf, December 3, 1935. . los, Mr. Joseph Verducci, Miss Marie Weller, Miss Elsie William- son, Mrs. Alice Wilson, Miss Gerla Woodruff. Firsl Adminislralion: Mr. Ernesl J. Cummings, Miss Edilh Pence, Mr. William A. Wieland. TRADITIONS. Allhough len years is nol a long period in which lo build lradilions, Washinglon High School has managed lo eslablish many: some have survived lhe lesls of lime, olhers have faded, and slill more are yel lo be made .... The Dead Indian, meeling place for lhe whole sludenl body. was lhe sleeping guardian of lhe Washinglon lobby back in I937: and in I957 sludenls slill will parl wilh a reminder lo friends--"Meel you under lhe Dead lndian." How lhis mural depicling a proslrale Indian lnobody is posiiive he is deadll of George Washinglon's day became lhe Grand Cenlral Slalion of lhe school is nol known. Bul lhe D.l.-as il is abbrevialed in lhe heclic, rushed days of I947-has come lo symbolize lhe enlire lobby: any school day al 3:l0 aImos+ every Washinglon sludenl can be found "Under lhe Dead Indian." Tillie Mieseles, one of Washinglon's lirsl sludenls, wrole lhe school hymn in l937: bul il was lhis year, I947, lhal lhe new ending was added by Mr. Knoll, making lhal hymn more impres- sive, powerful, and complele. "Hail, Washinglon, Hail!" Mary Trussell, in I936, wrole "Fighl On You Eagles," and lhe song was presenled lo lhe school for lhe firsl lime over lhe radio, sung by Mr. KnoH's regislry. Mr. Lloyd Leilh, former physical educalion leacher here, and now al Mission High School, laughl lhe "lricIcs of lhe lrade" lo lhe firsl yell leaders who, in lurn, passed on lheir knowledge and pep lo lhose who followed lhem. "Red, While and Blue, Boys, forever, will be up lhere for all lo see." Those words could fil lhe "Fighl On You Eagles" song: and red, while and blue were almosl our school colors. By elec- lion, and a close one il was, scarlel and gray were officially adopled in I93b. Gymnasium under consfruciion, March 19, 1939. Many presenl Washinglonians were in on lhe beginning of some lradilions. The firsl family dinner in Fall, l945 was in lhe cafeleria. Parenls spenl an enioyable evening-so enioyable in facl lhal nexl year saw a repelilion of lhe evenl. And once re- pealed, evenls are well on lheir way loward becoming lradilions. May Feslivals, lhere have been lhree so far, are yearly occur- rences IF earned by lhe sludenls. ln l945 lhe May Feslival proi- ecl was oblaining blood donors: keeping absences and lardies down lo a minimum has been lhe melhod of earning lhe day of fun, surprises, a rally, and a dance, lhis year and lasl. Sporl nighls are recenl addilions lo exlracurricular aclivilies -Fridays al 7:30 in bolh gyms for volleyball, badminlon, ping pong, and even checkers. Anolher Friday-nighl evenl. loo new as yel lo be called a lradilion-is lhe folk-dancing class. The Spring Concerl, when lhe real lalenl of George Washing- lon High School is displayed, was firsl slarled in l94I lo raise money for choir robes. Classical music and folk songs are played and sung by lhe orcheslra, girls choral, mixed chorus, and soloisls. The Chrislmas season is observed wilh lhree lradilions: a beau- lifully decoraled lree slands in lhe lobby, carolers in choir robes slroll lhrough lhe halls imparling lhe Chrislmas spiril lo all who hear, and a Chrislmas pageanl depicls evenls in lhe life of Chrisl. Heads bow in reverence. For whom? The high seniors, of course! The high senior class and ils lradilions are always lhe pride of George Washinglon. The imposing lisl of senior lradilions is headed by Senior Day. On lhis day a rally is presenled lo lhe sludenl body by members Alhlefic Field, March 14, 1939. of lhe senior class. The scripl, wrillen enlirely by seniors, has a serious, hislorical lheme. All day lhe halls are filled wilh color- ful, coslume-clad seniors. Olher lradilions exclusive lo lhis class are lhe Senior Banquel, held in a holel banquel room: lhe Senior Breakfasl which is given in lhe school cafeleria: church services before lhe breakfasl: and lhe Senior Prom, usually presenled in lhe Gold Room of lhe Fair- monl Holel. The lasl aclivilies in which lhe seniors parlicipale before gradu- alion are lhe Farewell Dance and lhe So-Long Rally. The dance is a sludenl body sponsored affair dedicaled lo lhe gradualing class. In lhe rally lhe seniors are afforded a lasl opporlunily lo enlerlain lhe olher sludenls, and lo say "so long." FIRST ADMINISTRATION. Mr. Ernesl J. Cummings was lhe lirsl principal al George Washinglon, having come here in I936 from Galileo. He allended privale school and lhen gradualed from Slanford. He laughl al Lowell for a lime and lhen wenl lo Galileo where he laughl Lalin and Greek: he was also principal of lhe nighl school. Mr. Cummings served as Washinglon's prin- cipal unlil January, I945, when he wenl lo lhe 'Board of Educa- lion as Depuly Superinlendenl of Secondary Schools. Miss Edifh Pence came lo Washinglon in I936 as dean of girls. She is a graduale of Lowell and lhe Universily of California, has I0 'Iaughf af Lowell, Polyfechnic, and af Galileo as head of fhe language deparfmenf and, prior Io coming fo Washingion, she was af San Francisco Junior College. Affer leaving Washingfon she served as Direcfor of Curriculum and fhen wenf fo Girls' High in l942 as principal. She has fraveled widely and was a delegafe fo fhe Lima Conference. Mr. William A. Weiland was Washing'fon's firs'I dean of boys. He alfended Oakland High School and 'Ihen graduafed from fhe Universify of California. He served as a capfain in World War I and sfayed in Europe fo help sei up fhe Educalion Program for fhe army. Upon his refurn fo fhe Unifed Sfafes he wenf +o Mis- sion High as a Ieacher: he came fo Washingfon as vice-principal when if opened in I936. Mr. Weiland died in I944 as fhe resulf of an iniury obfained from 'Fighfing a foresl fire. STUDENT GOVERNMENT. As in any well-organized govern- menf, George Washingfon High School has ils wriHen laws vesfed in a consfifuIion.The complefed consfifufion was adopfed in l94I. Under fhis consfilufion, fhe sfudenf body offices of presidenl, vice-presidenf, secrelary, freasurer, cusfodian. afhlefic manager, and yell leader were creafed. Recenfly esfablished, fhe oliiice of second vice-presidenf was recorded in Ihe consfifufional amend- menfs. To run for any of fhese offices, a sfudenf is required fo submif a pefifion Io 'Ihe principal for approval af Ieasf five school days before fhe primary elecfions. The pefifion musf be signed Auditorium and Gym, complefed Ocfober 21, 1940 by af Ieasi fwenfy-five sfudenfs and five faculiy members. Af fhe direcf primary elecfion fhe candi- dafe who receives fhe maiorify of vofes will be declared elecied. lf, however, no candidafe receives , a maiorify, fhe Iwo candidafes receiving fhe greafesf number of vofes will run again af a general elecfion. The PrincipaI's Cabinef, an advisory board Io fhe principal, and The Sfudenf Council, fhe Iegislafive branch of fhe school, were also creafed. The Sfudenf Council consisfs of fhe elecfed officers of fhe sfuclenl body, all elecfed class officers, plus necessary repre- senfafives fo malre Ihe foial represeniafion six for each class. The qualificafions for candidacy are based on gen- eral conducf and scholarship. A passing grade is required in all subiecfs, and lhe cilizenship marks musf be safisfacfory or beHer af +he fime Ihe pefifion is filed. Any unsafisfacfory marlrs will disqualify 'Ihe candidafe. An elecfed officer nof Ireeping up Ihe aforemenfionecl requiremenfs during his ferm of oflice will have fo forfeif his posilion. AII sfudenf body officers and delegafes fo fhe Sfudenf Council serve for one ferm. The consfifufion may be amended by proposal and fwo-fhirds vofe of lhe Sfudenl Council, and fhe ma- iorify vofe of fhe members of 'Ihe George Washing- 'ron High School. WAR EFFORT, SERVICEMEN, PTA. George Wash- ingfon High School sfudenfs, as one of fheir firsf confribufions Io fhe war efforf, boughf a bomber. Afhlefic Field, Ocfober 21, 1940 Ofher acfiviiies, while nof so momenfous, were carried on faifhfully and successfully by Ihose who were "foo young fo fight" Washing- fonians procured blood donors for 'Ihe Red Cross Isome sfudenfs do- nafed blood fhemselvesig fhey learned firsf aid and home nursing: Ihey collecfed clofhes, food, and fin cans, 'Ihey boughf war sfamps and bonds, and sold Ihem 'Io olhersg Washingfon sfudenfs graduafed and wen? info fhe armed forces: fhe girls became nurses: and when Ihe war ended, fhey did noi' cease fheir eliforfs fo help siriclren people in all paris of Ihe world. Fiffy-five servicemen who af some fime had aifended George Wash- ingfon High School were Irilled in World War Il. On all fhe war fronfs, in all branches of fhe service, Washingionians, I,700 of 'Ihem fo be exacf, foughf for fheir counfry. And fiffy-five, in losing fhe personal side of fhaf lighf, helped assure fhe real cause-and gave fheir lives for fhe freedom of fhe people of fhe Unifed Sfales of America. The Parenf-Teachers Associafion, esfablished in I93b wifh Mrs. Carl Hallford as fhe firsf presidenf, has supporfed many proiecfs of fhe sfudenfs of George Washingfon lin facf, fhaf swimming pool is sfill on iheir "as ye+ unaccompIished" Iisfl. The principal obiecfive of fhe PTA is fo promofe undersfanding among parenfs, feachers, and sfudenfs. SPORTS HISTORY IN REVIEW FOOTBALL. Wi+h fhe opening of our new school came Washing- fon's firsf foofball feam, and under fhe direcfion of Coach Joe Verducci, if esfablished fhe besi record of any of our feams fhus far. The Eagle Eleven, affer opening ihe season wifh fheir firsi foofball win againsi Lowell wen+ on fo boasf a record of 4 wins, and I loss. I Mural, leff side of entrance Mr. Ernesl J. Cummings, firsl Principal al George Washinglon Inexperience plagued lhe leam of I937, and Coach Verducci wisely lurned lhumbs down on enlering lhe A.A.A. for anolher year. Playing games wilh bolh oul ol lown and cily leams, lhe Eagles linished oul lhe season wilh a 4 wins and 4 losses record. Malring ils enhance inlo lhe Academic Alhlelic Associalion lell, George Washinglon High School proved lo be lhe grealesl lirsl-year leam lo enler lhis league by coming lhrough lo finish in second place. Behind lhe leadership ol lheir new coach, Red Scheflin, lhe Washinglon gridders, in lhe season ol I938, smashed lheir way lo 5 viclories againsl 3 deleals. All five viclo- ries came aller losing lheir lirsl lwo games of lhe season. Coached by Mr. Saul Madles, lhe Eagles waded lhrough a luclcless I939 season wilh 7 losses and 3 viclories and I lie. Wilh a lighl, lasl baclclield, Coach Red SchelIin's Eagle grid- ders ended a mediocre I940 season wilh a record ol 2 wins, 4 losses, and 2 lies lo linish in 7lh place. ll was inleresling lo nole lhal Washinglon had 3 Chinese on ils lirsl slring. A hard-lighling I94I season leam coached by Saul Madles managed lo salvage only I viclory and I lie in 8 games. An unu- sual occurrence resulled in lhis season, however, when Washing- lon, in one ol lhe longesl marches made by any leam, loughl ils way 99lf2 yards from ils own goal line wilhoul giving up lhe ball, only lo miss lhe louch-down when lhe gun ended lhe game. The leam of Fall I942 was iusl loo inexperienced, and losl all bul ils lasl game wilh Sacred Hearl. Coach Hugh Hunler's leam ol I943 won bul one game, bul showed promise ol linishing higher nexl season. A good Fall I944 leam gave Washinglon one ol ils besl sea- sons in lour years by winning 2, losing 4, and lieing I. Clancy Ylurriaga broughl credil lo his coach, Mr. Hunler, and school by easily malring lhe all-cily leam. Mr. William A. Weiland, firsl Dean of Boys The Eagle gridders ol Fall I945 finished in sixlh place lo end a heclic season wilh bul 2 viclories. Coached by Mill Axl, lhe leam was a lhreal lo every leam il mel. BASKETBALL. Washinglon has always been lcnown lor ils bas- lrelball leams. Our lirsl cage coach was Lloyd Leilh. We enlered lhe A.A.A. league al lhe laller parl ol lhe season in I937, and played 2 games, winning one. Playing lheir lirsl lull season in I938, lhe Eagles won every game bul lheir lille lill wilh Lowell and finished in undispuled second place. Again in I939 under Coach Leilh lhe leam placed lhird. The leam ol I940 led by lhe greal Mushy Silver roared lhrough an undelealed season lo win lhe championship. This was Wash- inglon's besl leam. Again in I94I, led by Marv Miller lhis lime, lhe Eagle Cagers broughl home lheir second crown in succession. winning 8 oul ol 9 games. Miss Edith Pence, lirsl Dean of Girls The leam ol I942 won 6 and losl 3 lo cinch a lirsl division berlh. The leam ol I943 placed lourlh, winning 5 oul ol 6 games. In lhe season ol I944, lhe Washinglon Cagers managed only 3 viclories in 8 games. Led by Coach Bill Bussenius, our leam of I945 wound up in second place aller winning lhe lirsl J. C. lournamenl. Winning only 2 games all season, our leam of I946 lell much lo be desired and finished deep in lhe second division. BASEBALL. Enlering A.A.A. baseball compelilion lor lhe lirsl lime in I939, Coach Sylvesler Kelly's ball leam ended lheir inilial season in lasl place. ln I940, lhe leam under Coach Kelly, ended in lasl place. I94I broughl a new baseball coach lo Washinglon, and il was under lhis coach lhal Washinglon was lo see many greal ball leams developed. Mr. Hugh Hunler's lirsl leam did nol linish in lhe lirsl division, bul developed under his leaching. On lhe leam ol l942 were such oulslanding slars as Jim Dully, Mike Keropian, Felix Ordique- handi Zane Kaplan, AI Ganum. This leam linished in sixlh place. ln I943 lhe leam had a lair season winning 3 and losing 6. Zane Kaplan, lhe leam's pilcher, made lhe All-Cily leam. Then came Washinglon's greal leam ol I944. Under Coach Hugh Hunler lhe boys made a real bid lor lhe crown lo linish in second place. Washinglon's grealesl pilcher, Jim Zavillra, lhe lireball hurler, was probably our mosl valuable man, allhough Zane Kaplan and AI Ganum also won All-Cily honors. Wilh mosl ol lhe slars ol lhe previous year gradualing, lhe leam ol l945 won 4 viclories againsl 6 deleals. Bob Rosenberg, lhe slugging oullielder, made lhe All-Cily leam, and Washing- lon's pilcher, Erwin Keller, was crowned lhe leagues' slrilreoul king. In I946, under lhe coaching ol Saul Madles, Washinglon came wilh a rush in lhe laller parl ol lhe season lo linish in lourlh place. Earle Claylon, lhe pilcher, and Al Glazbroolr, second baseman, were lhe oulslanding players on lhe leam. fConlinued on Page 612 I2 BUCK TWG ADMINISTRATION PrincipaI's Message Gree+ings: George Washing'ron High School is now 'Ien years old. A +en year period is no+ a Iong +ime, ye+ if represenfs a+ Ieas'r Ihree generafions of s+u- denI's who have passed Ihrough Ihe por+aIs of 'rhe schooI. The pioneering days are fhe hardesi' be- cause plans, fradifions, and a background mus+ be buiII'. Truly, we who are here now, and Ihose who are 'Io come, are deeply indeb+ed 'Io 'Ihose who developed Ihis school over fhese Iirsf 'Ien years. Like a person, a school possesses personalify, charac+er, and feelings. These fraifs are a con+ri- bu+ion from fhe members of Ihe schooI and are compounded of all +ha+ have ever belonged +o if. We hope +ha+ Ihis schooI may aIways have a friendly, in'I'imaI'e, helpful personaIi+yg a Ioyal, courageous, uncompromising characferg and sym- pa+he+ic, responsive feelings. This book is Ihe effor+ of a group represenI'ing fhe school Io express Io i+s former and presen'I members some of Ihese charac+eris+ics. Wirh if go Ihe gree+ings, good wishes, and friendliness of +he school. o. I. sci-IMAELZLE THE FAMILY This anniversary finds us proud and happy 'ro be a par'r of George Washing- +on High School, 'For +he promise of fhose early days has been fulfilled in a rich and rewarding way. The passing of a milesione brings mem- ories, and +he memories foday are chief- ly of splendid sludenl' body groups, of rhose adminisrrafors who laid so faulf- lessly +he foundalions of our school, and of a faculiy unequalled anywhere for un- firing effor+ and spirif of devofion. Because of +hese fhings Washingfon has no'r only come +0 full sfafure among ihe schools of The na+ion, buf she is be- ginning +o assume a leading role. The promise for +he fufure is greail ELEANOR M. JACKSON Ten years ago, when George Washingfon firsf opened i+s doors, my regislry group was parf of lhe firsf grad- uafing class, A+ +ha+ iime, +here was considerable discus- sion as fo fhe name for a yearbool: and among fhe many submiHed was +he rifle SURVEYOR suggesfed by Mar- ian Meyer from fhaf firsf regisfry of mine. Marian chose +ha+ +i+le because she fell fhaf since George Washingion was a surveyor in his youfh, so ihe yearboolr of George Washingfon High School should be fhe surveyor of +he school life of 'lhe preceding years. Now +ha+ we have reached ihe firsi milesfone in our hisfory, we can loolc back wifh pride on fhe records each bool: has surveyed - records in a+hle+ics, cifizenship, and scholarship - records ihaf show Washingfon has con+ribu'red much. We should all s+rive +hen fo confinue fo build so fhai each bool: may have as much fo survey as The books already published.-Miss Parsons. I5 , G as 1 , 4- ii : WW gg, :K Q. Y 1 1 if M ' , ., L.. This year ihe SURVEYOR celebraies an an- niversary. H is well fo pause al' iniervals fo review +he pasi, 'fo faire sfoclr of +he present and +o plan for +he fuiure. Thus we profil by our misialres and properly evaluafe our achievemenls. A school, lille an individual, builds Hs own characier. The in1'egri+y of iis alumni, fhe courfesy and seriousness of purpose of Hs sfudenl' body, fhe abili+y and devolion of ils 'Faculfy - fhese are lhe ingredienls which malxe up 'I'he characfer of any school. Of +hese, +he mos? imporfanf is fhe sfudeni body, ifs aHi+udes, ifs concepf of values, Hs conduci in and ou? of school. Do +he graduaies +alre +heir places in ihe world wifh credil and honor fo bofh ihem- selves and fheir school? Do fhey demonsfraie solid, if no? superior fraining in bofh scholar- ship and charac+er7 Are 'fhe sfudenfs upholding fhe scholarship slandards sef by ihe alumni? Are +hey alerf io 'lhe besf fradilions of fhe school? Does iheir conducl in school, on fhe sfreei, and on 'the a+hle+ic field reflecl credif upon lheir homes and fheir school? These are fl-ie yardsiiclrs by which +o meas- ure a good school. How do we meei fhe s+andard7-Mr. Klingner. STUDENT BODY Fall 46 LAWRENCE LASH. President' NATALIE BLUM, Vice-Presidenf DON LOWART. Second Vice-Presiclenf PHYLLIS THIEBAUT Secrefary JACK HARE, Treasurer GEORGE HUTCHINSON Cusfodian JIM PHILLIPS. Aflrlefic Manager BUD BLUMENFELD Yell Leader CFFICERS Sprmg'47 DICK LEWIS. Presidenf BEBE BOCAR. Vice-Presidenf JIM PHILLIPS, Second Vice-Presidenf BETTY CICERONE. Secrefary BOB LA VI N E. Treasurer DAN CHAPMAN. Cuslodian BRUCE DIETZ, Afhlefic Manager MAX GUTIERREZ, Yell Leader CLASS Fall HIGH SENIOR CLASS JOH N HONTALAS. Presidenf ROBERTA PARSONS. Vice-Presidenf LAEL WYATT. Secrefary LOW SENIOR CLASS BOB LA VINE, Presidenf CAROL STELLING. Vice-Presidenf EVELYN TILLES. Secrefary HIGH JUNIOR CLASS DICK ROE. Fresidenf JANIS KULBERG. Vice-Plesidenf MARGARET RUTTER, Secrefary LOW JUNIOR CLASS DAVE ROSENKRANTZ, Presideni TANIA PENSKY. Vice-Presidenf ANN BOHIGIAN. SOCIGIUIY HIGH SOPHOMORE CLASS JIM HONTALAS. Presidenf CHARLES CAITO, Vice-Presidenf DOLO RES MOONEY, Secrefary LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS KENNETH CONRAGAN, Presidenf TANIA SHILLING, Vice-Presidenf PAT BRIDGES, Secrefary OFFICERS S p rm g HIGH SENIOR CLASS RICHARD THULIN. Fresidenf JOAN RUCKER. Vice-Presidenf JOAN KING, Secreiary LOW SENIOR CLASS DICK ROE. Presidenf JEWELL WEBBER, Vice-Presidenf CAROLINE HAFLEY, Secreiary HIGH JUNIOR CLASS ROLAND BIANCHI. Presidenf ANN BOHIGIAN. Vice-Plesidenf ROSEMARIE SEAMAN. SECIOIGIY LOW JUNIOR CLASS SHIRLEY STOCKTON. Presidenf DORIS SORAVI LLA, Vice-Presideni DONNA MOORE, Secrefary HIGH SOPHOMORE CLASS KENNETH CONRAGAN, Presidenf PAT BRIDGES. Vice-Plesidenf ELEANOR GOODE, Secrefary LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS ALBERT BAABA, Presicfenf VIOLET LITRAS, Vice-President' YVONNE MILKOVICH. Secreiary T I .Fab an-nw PRlNClPAL'S CABINET PRINCIPAL'S CABINET Row I. Kafhie Reinherfz, Carole Nyman, Juanila L'Esperance, Elizabelh Simson, Belfy Johnson, Janice Binder, Nalalie Blum, Jane Hamilfon, Marie Arens, Eleanor Goode, Palricia Bridges. Row 2. Lawrence Lash, Bill Blair, Elisabefh Rich, Joan Young, O. l. Schmaelzle, Mariorie Zimef, Clara Saccone, Elaine Klein, Beverly Menend, Vivian Daily, Gerfrude Bosch. Row 3. John Honfalas, Nalhan Rofh, Don Engelfried, Hollis Locke, Geil Parker, Charles Caifo, Jack Dielx, Walfer Gordon, Bob Hyman, Bill Bagof. Row 4. Don Krow, Jim King, Jack Grossman, Dick Hare, Bill Young, Ken Conragan. PRINCIPAL'S CABINET, SPRING-Row I. Kalhie Reinherfz, Barbara Augusline, Ethel Slein- berg, Joan Young, Clara Saccone, Vivian Daily, Mary Sklivas, Joanne Lipscomb, Belly Suss- man, Norma Hosp, Row 2. Tony Barbera, Albert Baaba, George Robinson, Kenneth Knanishu, Gene Baker, Bob Hyman, George Young, Jerry Olmsfead. Row 3. Kenneih Miller, Dan Chap- man, Bob Maynard, Gunlher Bier. n The Principal's Cabinef is an orig- inal and successful plan al' Wash- ingfon. ll' grew oul' of lhe Girls' Conference Group, which was a meefing of one girl represenlalive from each regislry. The group was formed by Miss Eleanor Jackson, Dean of Girls, and Sfudenl' Body Vice-Presidenl' Ellen Heieck in I944. lf proved so safisfacfory fhal' Mr. Schmaelzle and Peler Zelalich, Presidenf of lhe Sfudenf Body, adopfed if for fhe enfire school as fhe Principal's Cabinef. 4 The Cabinef is made up of one member of each regislry, usually fhe presidenl, and meefs every Tuesday al' 8 a.m. ll has no admin- isfrafive powers and can make no policies: buf if is here fhaf fhe opin- ions of 'l'he sfudenl body and fhe faculfy are broughl' fogefher. The regisfry represenlafive asks l'he opinions of his classmafes on school affairs, and if is his dufy fo bring fhese opinions fo lighl' al' fhe Cabinef meefings. As a resulf, lhe feelings of fhe enfire sfudenf body are known. Here also, l'he admin- isl'ra'l'ion's policies and viewpoinfs are explained and 'laken back fo fhe regisfries. The Principal's Cabinel' accom- plishes fhe following: ll' clears up misundersfandingsg il' expresses sfu- denl' opinion, if sends fhe adminis- l'ra+ion's policies back fo lhe regis- fry. Any conclusions or new ideas resulfing from fhe discussions are passed on fo fhe execulive council, sfudenf body officers, principal, or faculfy. """'r""--we.. .. K When our firsr principal, Mr. Ernes+ J. Cummings, le'f'I' George Wash- ing+on High School in I945, fhe faculiy decided ihaf ihey wanfed fo do somefhing +o commemorafe his services. They decided on +he "Cummings Cup," one 'ro be given io +he oufsfanding girl, and one fo fhe ouisfanding boy of each gradualing class. The award is based on cifizenship, scholarship, and service fo fhe school. To choose lhe winners, any member of lhe 'faculfy or 'rhe senior class may submit The names of +he Two sfudenfs he feels are The mos? worihy. Mr. Schmaelzle lhen malues ihe final decision. The winner's name is engraved on fhe cup, and he is allowed +o keep if 'For fhree days. H' is fhen pu+ in Washing+on's frophy case unlil ii' is falten ou'I' and polished for nexl' +erm's winner. The previous winners have been: Barbara McGee and Don Meighan, Fall '45: Jacqueline Cohen and Jack Kalman, Spring '46, Nafalie Blum and Lawrence Lash, Fall '46. GRADUATES FALL '46 ws-..... W W 15, x N . M we 4 , .1 f ai 14 b k Wi GEORGE FURNESS ROBERT GARBARINO MEL GARTENBERG PAT GILLESPIE JACK GOLDBER6 WILLIAM GOLDBERG DOROTHY GOLDSMITH STANLEY GOLDSMITH ELOYD GRIER ALBERT GUREWITZ JANE HAMILTON JOHN HAMMARSTROM MARIAN HAMMER JACK HARE CORINNE HARRINGTON FLOYD HARRIS PATRICIA HARRIS JACK HERRGUTH MARVIA HILBUN BEVERLY HILLGROVE PHILIP HOLLENBECK PATRICIA HOLMES JOHN HONTALAS MARIAN ILLERS FRANK ISRAEL VERONICA IVANOFF ANNA MARIE JAHN ODETTE JOANNES "wif " PM L ' . .Eff ' W 5 ' . + KV, Q A if X ,4 21 R H' .Q Ti 5. A T ,dwfg Y 15 ,ZH K ' ff div .lf Y A52 M, ' 1 K 1? ' Q , , 4. x xx M. z Q 1 Q.. rgrw, , . iljyziw , :mga - Wi' K Nsix .Q xigidmi f f ' -, s 4 ,, A f':fs' .. X, s Qiiiiggpi. T ,V SL. Wk 'SYM - x 1 . if, awk sf E L' f X ,.., , A Q .-fzazw, 9 fsliiffn , 'f Q 'Si v f 4, g N ' gs. WM A Q 9, 6 7 ' ' ag QM, ,Q . Eiga . ROBERTA PARSONS ANITA PATTON RICHARD PEARL ROBERT PEARSON RAYMOND PETERSON YVONNE PIOUET ANNIE PLAAT OLEG POPKOFF JEROME PRAGER DOUGLAS REINHARDT MILTON RHINE JERROLD ROSENBERG BARBARA ROSS RONALD SADICK CLARENCE SANTEE EARL SAROYAN WILLIAM SAUCEDA MARJORIE SAUL VICTOR SAWDON CHARLES SCHERMERHORN ERHARD SCH UNEMANN LAURA SHEA WILLIAM SIEBERT ROBERT SIEKER ALBERT SILVA ERNEST SIMON PRISCILLA SMALL RICHARD SPARGO CAMERA DODGERS OBERT BUEHRE CARLTON COLOMBAT ALFRED GARIBALDI KENNETH SHAFF BARBARA SPECTOR WILLIAM STADTFELD JACK STEIN ROBERT STEIN NORMAN STUMES HERBERT SUENAGA LOIS TENNEY KEITH THOMSON JOAN TIMMER MARY TOSCH MARIA WALKER DEMONA WARD WILLIAM WILSON EDMUND WONG WILFRED WONG LAEL WYATT CONSTANCE WYNE HISAKO YAMAMOTO GORDON YATES 1 TOR QI w Q :mg S www Yi 5, ' be f S- f xfimmga Y if in W. ,, W., .X I ' l 7 Q !k,zH"Sis3wi.,W I is, I, Q .O 3 of' K K K XQ . i"'M-M , X N ' 511, xfsj iw Q ew, W 7 v . like rw, I-we 3 I. Y we --i -.-X ' 'za s MOST POPULAR HIGH SENIOR STUDENTS The Iwo s1'uden+s shown above were seleded by Ihe high seniors as Ihe mos+ popular boy and girl in fheir class. Nancy Uhler was chosen from iweniy con+es'Ian+s by 'Ihe Senior-Soph Dance Commiriee Io reign as Senior Queen. The honor also gave her 'rhis place in 'Ihe SURVEYOR as +he mosi' popular HI2 girl. Presiclenf of 'rhe Girls' A+hle+ic Associafion, and a member of +he Girls' Service Socieiy, Nancy is well liked by all who lcnow her for her sincere person- aliry. Dick Lewis was chosen from all +he senior boys by a popular voie held in Ihe HI2 regisiries. As srudeni body president member of Ihe swim- ming ieam, and 'Ihe Eagle Sociery, Dick has been very ac+ive during Ihe pasi year. GRADUATES SPRING '47 ee TQ 5' . 'Xp F , if - Y ,if 1 Q 3 Fx ,, 4 as km. .gm L ig 'I -- -3-5 R A: Q K Z is M. 5 , my-5 Q wg :.. ,QE Q 6 at . lim' . , x , . A -1. . 7 eq , - 2 ' '5 5 M 5 , 4 Y , Sf Q s ,Q .L ' Www' ,Q 'fri f 1-ffl' ' 23. v K 1.1. 1 1- .W K K K SE Q 1 , . ,N , P- ' 2 gfslf , wiv- -1 2 -:ff ,Vg ,K ,i-: - Q 3 -v,--I .sew ,Q 1 ai ? ,, ,,,.,,A Ek ,ij V . M A 453, A , 5, 2-1 M ,WM S -we . fkgfgkm Q ,A , sN.5g.g, ,.-gf, f , - 3:5 -frm. X af,-,. V' A ., , .,., ffl 5' .'S"',: ., AC F QZZY' 4- ' b A " A wg? L ix, 2 ' - Zfl, , . 4 K l f ,X 2 1 Q Q k , 5: ei , :Sf . ' . 5 fn, ' , 5 ff TY- ri Mil Mf g ' ' 'F is . W , Q it Q' - 5 iv 5 gg!! ' '.' w - 4 h Y, me. gg, ld I-if ,W ., K xgkiiva ,v if- 2 f5?:: Am.. L, , Ad, 8 'S f :uk 7"" t A if QW ff 2 N my , Wfifi' 1 1 N '39 Q. .-.,,,,1u: V . ML , RL . QEQ 4 ' ' 'mu , ga ,. ,W , Q, Qi? 1 1.6 ex S 5 im ' . L5 .f-P+ , s,'k'?. ' " x r , N ' LL.L 'E V ,grgjgww .k,, I X X .. xi H - ff in J: ' 'Q at K. Hi' ' vw" . Til , 4 I - A W , 1 - M L-fa ci ll L R x Q Y ., f - 1,3 K 2 ,:'- 'msg' 7' l aw ,: 1: '--,' f -, Q. iw "Z' 'Y lu: , A Ns F , Y A NA, X , . . :ff M H' 'Z if 5' ,la - , A' Q F 1 W.. 5 SQ , ff 1' T A fm 1 A ,- W A., 'P- si ' E x.,L,g f ' .f.- x - " llsi A '33 W 'K W xg, X A 'mf' sa, 3 In VE' I Q x , uv 32 ' 5 .-Q we iw 'fw,,X F5 if 4 f ds' x 1 ...x : ' S Q xr 'I 'R 5 . V 4 is tg. 1 wg .. , lf- - gat: 5 39. , i W, , r - ' ,.:i,.5u,p f 5, I 4, " 431' 1, f iw ,A 4,711 ,, :L ,. f . .Aw i f 1" Q g wi Q 336 SQ F z ,xii 3: H1141 , 1 f ' 4 4 , 1- ,K . 1. f , ag. fee- 31747744 7,5 - A gs.: 'U i I Q '6 , --0 ,W 5, Q, 2 , : X , 1? ' "iq, .3 Sw- 3 my S 4 ix 3 1 e e, g 1,. . .- X ' W 5 L23 if M Ms . Q , ,,., . ,, A 33' f 1,-a3,.,. fsfffzff f f .V af 1 f i A . V M w 'CK f .aff - 1 pw 5 qg:f1m,,g4 X. 1 ww. 1 +f,4,1.,M . QMJ5-ggz , L Y T ' x ' 2 ami? Q GL 268 ,iff 1,553 , . 7, ., 4 fx: in 1 aww wwf ,X ii. V... , s 7 W F 5225 . ' 4 W A . . 5? :V NL N' X 1 . f BY X if 5 .pg fam. i 2 if KQV? W WSJ x hs, xv J L xv a SX .X 3, 2- 21: ff ,.,w EMA - W M? Ae 4 A 9 ' F M QS A 1 ,' 3 . 5 I 1. is '- fggg. 4 74:1 , ,N ,L J . 1 1l 3 f ?' . 4 Jw. 2. 7 K , - z 4- f L Q V-ff' -rw., X J 52, , az gm A 'o K f QS Q ' ' Q-- , ml pg, 8 1 ,ff ,Q if C I 4 f is W3 5'- v LQ , ,,. . ., K ,Q . f as fig gl 'f fzfi .. , X 5 YL E Q A ay K. L, 1- 1 .iff A ' ,ii 3 ..,,.. . V, " ' X W' .f . . - 'W ,Q f 5 . xi ,W f .1 15 212.553 S 1 saw f-lg. '- V .74 ,fifiem 7 ...Sis -A n Wim 1, ' .:' - f , 1 - , ' Q , , 6 ,Q Qi 2, 2 3 gi 1 M W ,l eg 335 355, KL 2 Q M ,L ' K V,,. l K k,., I . .Q w x ' ..,., ' sh .fswksu , gs if 1 4 .ff 2 vw, QW 'li 5 f .Fe mf r H' X s f, Q. mi ' , if L+, iv ik w X 5 h A X x g A ffwwx ,VE Au i 5 Q N A ,I 4 A- ,gf , .ap A if A ,. 1:5 ' f F1 F m 'W gy X X. n , ,Nu X . . M Z' Zi Nw 4 1 54, 'QI Nha fi EW ,fy 3: ' F 'Q ww' W 3 5: Q fi K X I N +1 mg . K, ' ff --J X 1 Ar g. ,iw Q w f t I Q S -5, ZHWFQ fx ,,-, " 1 ,,.. .. mi: 3 r .W fgwmr M db Q Q . i KM 1 an iw' xi. Wir E 1 W cz 4 in-f W , aw W? 1 se .V 3, 9155? L km Y X-I mf QQ , Zi f 4 iff A. , 5 1 h , Vg, wil Q, 'df z "" 1 W W V ' ' ' W ,, : Y 1 1 v Q - 1 1' ' , ak... . . z ' J' - , ,. i m' gy ' -'E """ - ,I X V 3iE"'?E"' 'L -W cf A W Q k" it V - W .. , 'X V A 2, 'f Q F9 4 . . ,. -F . ,, ' A 1 A , , X , .f..- -A , X " . 11" A 39 an :ws egg Q sun swan win BERNHARD BLUMENFELD CHENOWETH CLEVELAND CONRAGAN DUNCAN GOLDBERG, J. GOLDBERG, W. HARE, J. HARE, R. HONTALAS, HONTALAS HUTCHINSON JAMES LA VINE LASH JAMES JOHN LOWART PHILLIPS REINHARDT ROSENKRANTZ LEWIS LOVE SIMON STADTFELD The Eagle Socieiy was organized on Ociober I3, I93b, as a service sociefy. The firs-I' presideni was David Le Baron, and Ihe organiza'I'ion's sponsor was Mr. Lloyd Leifh. This group was acfive unfil I94I when if was disbanded, as ii' was becoming a clique. Affer weeks of consulfafion wifh fhe faculfy Ihe Eagle Sociefy was reorganized on March 23, I942, wifh Mr. George Klingner, Dean of Boys, as i'rs sponsor, and Bill Rose as 'Ihe new presideni. The Socieiy is composed of +wo +ypes of members: +he ex-officio members lgrade presidenis, boy sfudenf body officers, chairman of +he boys' senior advisors, 'Ihe presi- den'r of Ihe California Scholarship Federafion, and one broadcasfing represeniaiivel, and 'rhe elecfed members l+welve boys elecfed by Ihe ex-oiificio membersl. EAGLE SOCIETY FALL '46 1 if I 4 BAABA BERNHARD BIANCHI CHAPMAN CON RAGAN DIETZ DUNN FLANTZMAN GITSCHEL GUNN GUTIERREZ HUTCHINSOF LA VINE LEWIS LOVE LOWART MILLS MIRCH PHILLIPS PLAA ROE ROTH SCHWARTZ THULIN The purpose of Ihe Eagle Socieiy, as ouflined in Ihe Consiifuiion, is "To mainfain s+ric+ order a+ school sponsored ac+ivi+ies, +o lceep order in 'Ihe school premises, and Io be a'I' fhe service of I'he faculiy a+ all limes. H is Iheir sacred duly +o proieci +he banner and colors of +he school, and school properiy a+ all +imes as dearly as +heir lives." The presideni' of Ihe Eagles during fhe 'Fall 'l'erm, I946, was Bill S+ad+'feld. Bruce Bern- hard was vice-presideni, and Bob Duncan, secreiary. The spring, I947, officers are: presidenf, George Hufchinson: vice-presidenf, Dick Love, and secrefary, Don Lowarf. EAGLE SOCIETY PRING '47 IPOSTOLIDES BAUMBERGER BINDER cIBLUM GILLESPIE HAFLEY IAMILTON HUNTER MEYER NASH NAUMANN NEWTON IORELL NYE PARSONS PLAAT ROSS RUCKER MALL THIEBAUT UHLER WYATT YOUNG ' In 'rhe ien years since iis founding by Miss Ediih Pence, Washing'Ion's firsf Dean of Girls, I'he Girls' Service Socieiy has done much +o keep high fhe sfandards of 'Ihe girls in Washingion. II' was Ihis group +ha+ creafed Ihe Girls' Code, which 'rhis year became fhe code of Ihe eniire sfudenf body. The G.S.S. sI'ands ready a+ any +ime 'ro serve in any capacify, anywhere. Some of 'rhe duiies dele- gaied +0 +he girls include ihe following: -'l. To assisi fhe Eagles in mainfaining good conduci ai' all sfudeni' gaiherings. To operaie 'rhe elevafor before and afier school, and beiween periods. To keep I'he dressing rooms clean and orderly during Ihe lunch periods. To supervise Ihe girls' lunch room. To aci as guides for visifors or as hosfesses on special occasions. To usher ai' imporianf school funcfions, such as The ierm play, and commencement GIRLS' SERVICE SOCIETY FALL '46 ' . 4 an 1 fi? APOSTOLIDES BELDON BLAKE BLUMENTHAL BOCAR COHEN CROMBIE GOODY HAFLEY HUNTER LOUGHLIN MELIKIAN NASH NAUMANN NORELL NYE ROGERS RUCKER SHAW THIEBAUT UHLER WEBBER YOUNG ZIMET The G.S.S. is an elecfive organizafion. Candidafes are proposed by all feachers and by fhe members of fhe group. ln order fo qualify for membership one musf have a high qualify of cifizenship, a safisfacfory scholarship record, and a record of performance of meriforious service in promofing fhe general welfare of fhe school. A lisf of fhese services musf accompany fhe candida+e's name. A fwo-fhirds vofe of fhe acfive members is necessary for elecfion. Because fhe Con- sfifufion sfafes fhaf fhere may be only fwenfy-five members af any one fime, and because of fhe re- quiremenf for much service, mosf of fhe members are seniors. The G.S.S. plays a greaf parf in fhe life of Wash- ingfon in fhaf if symbolizes self-governmenf. ln every way fhe 6.5.5. has lived up fo ifs purpose, as is sfafed in fhe Consfifufionz "To perform whenever asked, any funcfion fo pro- mofe fhe honor and morale of George Washingfon High School, and fo falce fhe inifiafive in such affairs in George Washingfon High School as fhe adminis- frafors shall deem beneficial fo fhe schooI." GIRLS' SERVICE SOCIETY 43 SPRING '47 ww . 5,155 Nh FV Q 'T I if lx .. rg? lf!" Coaches Row I, Mr. Marshall, Sgr. Henry, Mr, Madfes, Row 2. Mr. Fagin, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Odone Row I. Mrs. Vriacnik, Miss Shearer, Miss CHO. Row Z. Miss Forcade, Mrs. Denny. wp Flaw X all at ,am OLIVEIRA MIRCH STADTFELD HONTALAS OLMSTEAD BRINCKMANN GITSCHEL LOWART DILG STUMES R. BROWN HARRISON GUNN MATSON J. SMITH BARBERA CATIMON KOCH 46 .OR Row I. Dilg, Mirch, Koch, Brnnckmann, Thompson, Gunn, Ginsburg. Row 2. Oliveira, Sladlfeld, Mellon, Olmslead. Seriously weakened belore lhe V season was well under way, lhe Washinglon Eagles had lo over- come lhe loss ol six lirsl-slring men, including Mellon, Malson, and Gilschel lhrough iniuries. Here's how +his bil ol hislory looks in review. JIMMY COFFIS Washinglon, 12-Sacred Hearl 6. Wilh lheir new coach, Jimmy Collis, al lhe helm, lhe Eagles overcame a lavored Sacred Hearl eleven in lheir firsl league game. The Eagles were obviously superior in all deparl- menls and had il prelly much lheir own way lhrough- oul lhe game. Ollie Malson, Nale Oliveira, and Ken Mirch slarred lor lhe Eagles. Washinglon, 13-Balboa, 22. The Washing+on eleven now look on a heavier and more experienced Balboa squad al Balboa Sladium wilhoul lhe services ol Ollie Malson, who ioined Aubrey Mellon on lhe injury lisl. The Eagles lumped lo a quick lead when Eddie Gilschel recovered lhe opening kickoff behind Bal- boa's goal lor a score. Our nexl score came on a pass from Lowarl lo Love aller a suslained drive lrom our 30. Lowarl's passing was sensalional as was lhe line play ol Ken Mirch, Maurry Koch and Eddie Gilschel. Vo rsily Football Team Washinglon, 13-Sl. lgnulius. 25. Soon af+er losing Eddie Gilschel, lell guard, in a praclice scrim- mage afler lhe Balboa game, lhe Eagles enlered lhe S. l. game, a willing, bul woefully weak leam because ol lack ol experience and sulficienl reserves. Even wilh lhis lremendous advanlage lhe WiIdca+s were behind in lhe lhird quarler on lhe slrenglh ol lhe line play of Dick Love and Ken Mirch, However, lack of a good pass delense senl lhe Eagles lo deleal as lhree successive passes wenl lor louchdowns. Washinglon, 0-Alameda, 21. Sfill weak on olfense because ol an iniury-riddled backlield, bul possessing a rough aggressive line lhe Eagles four- neyed lo Emeryville ball park lor a nighl game wilh lhe Alameda Hornels, Co-Champions ol lheir league. Washinglon spenl mosl of lhe lirsl hall in Hornel lerrilory, bul was linally overcome as passes senl lhe Eagles lo anolher deleal. Ken Mirch, Nale Oliveira, Maurry Koch, Jack Har- rison, and Neill Gunn all played exceplional loolball lor lhe Eagles. Wdshinglon, 0-Lowell, 7. Slrenglhened by lhe relurn of lullback Aubrey Mellon and halfback Ollie Malson, bolh oul wilh broken ankles, lhe Eagles held lhe favored Lowell eleven lo a scoreless lie unlil mid- way inlo lhe lourlh quarler, when a reserve Lowell guard picked up 'fullback Charlie Ryan's lumble and Row I, Lee Overholl, AI O'Brien, Frank Brown, Jim Springer, Larry Ross, Robert Knighf, Marfin Cole. Row 2. Dimilrias Conslanfine, John Hillebrandf, Berf Johnsfon, John Burkhead, Dick Herrlin, Bob Green, AI Lee, Coach: Saul Madfes. .Iunior Varsity complefely oufran fhe exhausfed Eagle backfield. Ollie Maison gof off on fhe besf run of fhe day, when, wifh perfecf blocking, he wenf 50 yards before being pushed ouf of bounds on fhe four yard line. The Eagles played fheir hardesf, roughesf, and mosf aggressive ballgame of 'rhe year. Washingfon, 7-Galileo, 19. The Eagles were ferrific fhe firsf half, playing in Lion ferrifory fhe enfire firsf and second quarfers. Soon affer fhe Eagles had scored fhe inifial fouchdown, on MeIfon's 20-yard scamper and Ma+son's plunge, Vince Moreci, Lion fullback, skirfed righl' end for 80 yards and fhe firsf Galileo score. Abouf 'lhree minufes lafer Paul Flore fook a reverse from Scarrffi and wenl' 40 yards for anofher Lion score. The Lions scored again and wenf on fo win 'lheir only game of fhe year by I2 poinfs. Wushingfon, 6-Commerce, 18. The second placed Commerce Bulldogs came fo Washingfon Sfadium expecfing an easy vicfory over a hardluck Washingfon feam. As if furned ouf fhey were ouf- gained, ouf-rushed and complefely oufplayed unfil several passes paid 'off handsomely for fhem. The score was 6 fo 6 wifh four minufes fo play when an Eagle punf was blocked and Commerce recovered on ifs own 3-yard line. A minufe Iafer fhe Bulldogs had broken fhe fie and 'rhe score was I2 fo 6. A Com- merce pass from Henderson fo Orfiz fallied again and fhe game ended I8 fo 6. Washingfon, 13-Lincoln, 25. Wifh a very unimpressive record of one win and six defeafs fhe Eagles enfered fhis confesf a decided underdog. Alfhough rallying in fhe fhird quarfer for I3 poinfs fo fie 'lhe score, 'rhe Musfangs proved fheir superi- ori'l'y by again forging ahead for I2 addifional poinfs. In all honesfy if musf be said fhaf fhe Eagles were complefely oufplayed for fhe firsf fime fhis season, by a huge and very fasf Musfang Line. Even in defeaf, Mirch, Mafson, Koch, Oliveira, Love, Dilg, Melfon, Thompson, Gunn, Brinckmann, and Sfadffeld were all playing fheir hearfs ouf. JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsify foofball feam ended a very suc- cessful season wifh a surprising 32 fo 0 win over Poly- fechnic. Affer losing fheir firsf fwo games fo Lick Wilmer- ding 7 fo 0, and California School for fhe Deaf and Dumb 20 fo 0, fhe Baby Eagles seemed fo improve wifh every game, and won fheir Iasf fhree, beafing Mission I8 fo 0, Sainl' Ignafius I5 fo O and finally from Poly 32 fo 0. Many of fhe J. V.'s were oulsfanding and will be varsify maferial nexf year. wus' ,. -5' KAFFEN LOWART SPRINGER DROCCO DILG BERRY BLUMENFELD KEROPIAN HARE BILL SUTTON MORIMOTO ROHRS VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I. Milf Kaffen, John Dilg, Leo Suflon, Theron Berry, Don Lowarf. Row 2. Bill Gollnsky, Bill Sullon, Dick Hare, Paul Maurice. Varsity Basketball Team Under fhe hard work of Coach Bob Marshall, fhe Varsify sfarfed fhe season wifh high hopes of a championship, buf in fhe final games wifhouf fhe services of Theron Berry and Leo Suffon fhe feam slumped. All-Cify Bill Suffon was fhe oufsfanding player of fhe season for Washingfon. Don Lowarf, Milf Kaffen, John Dilg, and Dick Hare played excel- lenf ball fhroughouf fhe season. Paul Maurice, Dick Meyers, Doc Golinsky, and John Shepard also saw much acfion. Washingfon, 26-Commerce, 39. This was a fairly even game unfil Commerce pulled ahead by six poinfs in fhe fhird period. The Suffons, in an affempf fo gel' fhe Eagles back in fhe ball game, fook long shofs, buf fo no avail. Bill Suffon and Don Lowarf shared scoring honors wifh 8 poinfs each. Washingfon, 23 - Mission, 14. Washingfon showed a reversal of form in limifing fhe sfrong Mission quinfef fo fwo field goals per half. The Suf- fon fwins scored I7 poinfs befween fhem. Washingfon, 28-Lincoln, 26. Geffing off +o an early lead fhe Eagles upsef fhe heavily favored Musfangs. Bill Suffon had a field day, scoring I5 poinfs, as fhe Eagles held off a lasf quarfer rally. Washingfon, 'IB-Galileo, I5. The oufcome of fhis game was never in doubf as fhe Eagles led all fhe way. Bill Suffon led fhe Washingfon scoring affack wifh 6 poinfs. Washingfon, 19-Sf. Ignafius, 25. The Eagles gof off fo a slow sfarf which probably cosf fhem fhe game. Our fhird period rally fell shorf as fhe Wild- caf's fighf defense sfaved off our vicfory bid. Leo Suffon was high wifh 7 poinfs while Bill collecfed 6. Washingfon, 35-Polyfechnic, 39. Washingfon losf a close confesf fo fhe pofenfial champs. John Dilg's and Milf Kaffen's accurafe shoofing helped fo fie fhe score wifh buf four minufes leff in fhe game. Poly's sfar, Dave Marcelli, fhen rallied his feam info a win. Dilg and Kaflen, playing fheir besf games of season, scored l0 and II poinfs respecfively. Leo Suffon scored 8 poinfs. Washingfon, 28 - Sacred Hearf, 29. Bob Loran's free fhrow in fhe final seconds of fhe game downed a fighfing Eagle feam. Washingfon frailed fhe major parf of fhe game buf fied if up lafe in fhe fourfh period on Don Lowarf's free fhrow. Washingfon, 20-Lowell, 33. Minus Theron Berry and Leo Suffon fhe Washingfon five losf fo a Lowell feam sparked by "Hunchy" Ward Healy. Don Lowarf was high poinf man wifh 7 poinfs, while Dick Hare made 5. Washingfon, 18-Balboa, 22. Washingfon blew an 8 fo 0 'Hrsf quarfer lead and losf fhe final game. ow , ran orimoo arie rocc R I F k M 1 Ch l D o, Bob Keropian, Bud Blumenfeld, William Wong. R 2 A Th H ll F k B Fred Rohrs, George Suzdaleff, James Spri g ow . r ur iman, ran rown, T1 ef. 130 Pound Basketball Team The fhirfies had a highly successful season under fhe coaching of Mr. Bob Marshall, winning seven ouf of nine games played. High hopes for a champion- ship feam prevailed unfil fhe nexf-fo-lasf game of fhe season. Our only losses were an upsef by Lincoln and a defeaf by a sfrong Lowell squad. Bob Keropian's oufsfanding play gave him a berfh on fhe firsf sfring All-Cify lighfweighfs, while Bud Blumenfeld and Jim Springer placed on fhe second feam. Washingfon, 28-Commerce. 18. In fhis first game fhe 30's showed excellenf feam work. Classy plays and a good defensive game helped beat a sfrong Commerce feam. Jim Springer was high poinf man wifh 8 poinfs while Bob Keropian was nexf wifh 6. Washingfon, 24-Mission, 22. This was +he closesf game of fhe season for fhe 30's. Affer Mission muffed fheir chance fo win fhe game on a foul shof if wenf info an overfime. Fred Rohrs, second sfring guard, broke up fhe game by fipping in fhe winning poinfs. Washingfon, 32-Galileo, 19. As +he game progressed, Coach Marshall's boys builf up a con- vincing lead, which Galileo could never overcome. Guard Bud Blumenfeld sfarred, hiffing wifh almosf every shof fo lead fhe scoring wifh I2 poinfs. Washingfon, 26-Lincoln, 28. Washingfon's lighfweighfs led all fhe way buf dropped a close decision fo fhe fall Musfangs, and marred fheir perfecf record. Bob Keropian led fhe scoring wifh 9 poinfs. Washingfon, 29-Sf. Ignaiius, 19. Bob Kero- pian sparked fhe 30's fo a win over fhe pre-season favorifes by scoring ll poinfs. "Sizzling" George Suzdaleff also played an oufsfanding game. Affer fhis game fhere were high hopes for a championship. Washingfon, 45-Polyfechnic. 23. The classy Washingfon 30's rolled over Poly as Bob Keropian wenf wild, scoring I7 poinfs. The enfire squad saw acfion wifh fhe second and fhird sfring holding fheir own againsf fhe hapless Parrofs. Bud Blumenfeld scored 8 poinfs while Jim Springer neffed 7. Wushingfon, 37-Sacred Hearf, 15. This was a massacre from sfarf fo finish. Jim Springer played an excellenf game, scoring I I poinfs. George Suzda- leff, wifh 7 poinfs, and Ron Meyer, wifh 5, bofh played good games. Washingfon. 17-Lowell. 23. This was a hard loss for Washingfon fo fake as fhe fifle was af sfake. The score af fhe end of fhe firsf quarfer was Ken Flower 8, Washingfon 7. Washingfon puf up a sfub- born fighf, wifh Bob Keropian sinking 7 poinfs and Jim Springer 6. Washingfon, 40-Balboa, 29. The Washingfon lighfweighfs romped over Balboa, ending fhe season wifh one of fheir besf performances. The Eagles' fighl' defense befuddled fhe Buccaneers. Bob Keropian's feamwork and accurafe shoofing, coupled wifh Jim Springer's 9 poinfs, played a large parf in sinking fhe Pirafes. George Suzdaleff 'rallied 7 poinfs on long shofs. Ofher sfandoufs were Blumenfeld, Drocco, Meyer, Brown, Rohrs, Wong, and Morimofo. Basketball-12O's cmd 11O's 120 BASKETBALL Row I. William Corneio, Russel Bigelow, Vance Lerner, Joe Mendez, William Chin. Row 2. Mr. R. O. Marshall Paul Jang, Teddy Yim, Eugene Sosnick, Joseph Yuen, Clarence Chen. 'I10 BASKETBALL Row I. Bill Sargis, Charlie Andrews, Bill Wong, Don Weldon, William Poon, Tom Fassell, Irv Weinlrub. WASHINGTON BASEBALL TEAM Row I, Peler Piceffi, Larry Ross, Ron Kasabian, Bill Bigelow, Earle Claylon. Row 2. Merv Swifi, Al Glazbrook, David Rosenkranfz, Ben Marlrall, Len James, Bob Friedman. Row 3. Ernie Oppenheimer, Bob Mayer, Arr Duffy, George Granera, Bob Keropian, Ray Sferling, Joe Dulik, Bruce Haragus, Saul Madfes, Coach, Baseball The I947 infer-school baseball season opened for Washingfon wifh Sf. lgnafius winning 4 fo 0. The Eagles foughf hard fo win fhe opening game buf could nof sfop fhe hard hiffing Wildcafs from Sf. lgnafius. Affer pracficing for fwo more days fhe Eagles mel' Galileo af fhe Clubhouse. Somehow luck wasn'+ wifh fhe Eagles af fhaf game for fhe Galileo Lions roared on fo an 8 fo 5 vicfory over Washing- fon. On Tuesday, April I5, fhe Eagles mef Com- merce af "Big Rec." We looked fo Earle Clayfon fo give Washingfon ifs firsf vicfory of fhe season and he didn'+ disappoinf us, despife his being relieved by Ron Kasabian in fhe llfh inning wifh fwo oufs, when Commerce fhreafened fo pull fhe game ouf of fhe fire. This exfra inning baffle came fo a climax when fhe Eagles showered fhe Commerce hurler wifh fhree runs in fhe 'lop half of fhe I lfh inning. The final counf found fhe Eagles on 'rop 7 fo 6. Washingfon showed fhey were due fo creafe a Figh+ for a firsf-division posf in fhe league, when fhey defeafed opponenfs in early pracfice games. Included in fhe lisf of pracfice game vicfories were Sf. Pefers and Jefferson. The Eagles opened fhe season wifh five early game vicfories, before going down fo a Junior College nine. Earle Clayfon, pifcher, looked like a sfar, alfhough fhe feam losf a hearf- breaker fo fhe Junior College. Ofher oufsfanding players include: David Rosenkranfz, heavy sluggerg Merv Swiff, candidafe for all-cify shorfsfop: and Arf Duffy, anofher hurler. Larry Ross, AI Glazbrook, and Leonard James looked good af all fimes. A surprising fhing abouf fhis year's feam was fhe facf fhaf fhe besf hiffers were fhe pifchers. The Washingfon feam was well-grounded in fhe funda- menfals, and quick fo fake advanfage of fhe ofher clubs' misfakes. The Junior Varsify greafly aided fhe regulars by furnishing good compefifion fhroughouf fhe season. These boys will fake places on nexf year's feam. Some of fhe leading Junior Varsify players are: Arlen Bel- lah, who led fhe feam wifh an average of abouf .600g Bob Smifh, 3rd base: and Pefe Piceffi, oufsfanding pifcher. Trclck and Tennis swf Row I. John Weir, Francisco Torres, Irwin Weinlraub. Row 2. James Reynolds, Roberl' Coulure, Lager, Sfeven Gin, Dave Armslrong, Henry Washington. Row 3. Teddy Yim, Meyers, James Hunl, Richard Jackson, Alberl Calian, Clifford Smilh, Andy 4. Ed Michaels, Jerry Unider, Dick Chester, Bob King, Ken Conragan, Frank Bill Gillelfe, Sfan Emil Russell, Fred Gambardella. Row Walsh, Dominic Gofelli, Gary Thorlon, Keifh Jones. Row 5. Marlin Covifz, Aubrey Mellon, Dick Love, Ollie Malson, Dick Hare, Bill Wrighlson, Bruce Bernhard, John Young. Row 6. Coach Hanson. Row I. Ralph Fong, Gene Gee, Bill Hayes, Gene Maxwell, John Ullman, Gerard Thayer. Row 2. Bob Maynard, Dan Woodruff, Don Krow, Harvey Cranow, Gene Coler, Bill Abend, Gregory Moiseef, Floyd Parks. Anolher frack season ended lasl' May ai George Washing- fon when fhe Eagles placed second in l'he All-Ciiy Meef. Ouislanding men on lhe 'leam 'rhis year are Ollie Maison, IOO and 220 yard dash, Bruce Bern- hard, shol' puig and Bob Kerop- ian, broad jump. Olhers who worked hard and deserve a lol' of credil' are Emil Russell and Sian Lager, 440: Francisco Tor- res, IOO yard dash, John Weir, lhe mile, Ted Yim and Andy Gambardella, broad iumpg Fred Meyers, 220, Ed Michael ancl Arl' Gordon, hurdles: and War- ren Pierce, high iump. Mr. Fred Hanson coached lhe I947 George Washinglon lrack leam. This year's fennis 'leam was coached by Sgr. Henry. The firsl' march of lhe season was wiih Polyfechnic, and Washing- ion won six maiches lo one. Relurning from lasl year's 'ream are Bud Blumenfeld, Bill Hayes, Fred Rosenlhal, Charlie Drocco, and Floyd Parks. Tennis compelilion fhis year consisied of a round-robin and an individual and doubles cham- pionship. Bud Blumenfeld, Bill Hayes, Charlie Drocco, Fred Rosenfhal, and Byron George represenied Washinglon in 'lhe singles. Ralph Fong, Gene Gee, Ger- ard Thayer, and Floyd Parks made up lhe doubles leams for league compeliiion. 54 The Washinglon swimming 'leam opened lheir season againsl Tamalpais by losing wilh a score of 42 +o I5. However, lhe Iighlweighls looked very im- pressive in lying Tamalpais 24 lo 24. Roberl' Ryan and Arlhur Swarlz were our poinl'-gellers for lhe varsily, while Dick Lewis, Clarence Chan, and Morrie Green, all relurning 'from Iasl year's leam, and Harvey Chin placed for our lhirlies. In lhe I20-pound division an excellenl-looking breaslslroker was Bill Corneio who, wilh How- ard Ryan and David Goodrich, led our leam. In 'lhe l30-pound division Clarence Chan, Dick Lewis, and Morrie Green, wilh lhe help of such slalwarfs as Frank Deering, Osborne Grimes, and Harvey Chin, worked 'lo place our leam high in lhe A.A.A. meels. Pacing +he varsily were such oulslanding swimmers as David Barnelf, Don Engelfried, Rodney Williams, Roberl Ryan, Arlhur Swarlz, Edward Clark and Har- old Menzies. The I946 Soccer 'leam was coached by Mr. Waller Odone. Commerce, I-Washinglon, I. This being lhe firsl' game 'For lhe Eagles lhey were looking for a win. Lloyd Faulkner scored 'l'he Eagle's goal bul' lhe Bulldogs rallied and lied lhe score. Lincoln, I - Washinglon, 0. The Eagles fried hard 'lo beal our cross-lown rivals, bul' Lin- coln proved +oo much 'For us. Polylechnic, 0-Washinglon, 6. The Eagles made il' a field day againsl lhe Parrols. Balboa, I-Washinglon, I. Washingfon scored 'Firsl' when Ernie Oppenheimer pul lhe ball pasl' l'he Balboa goalie. Balboa gol' lheir goal on a penally kick. Mission, 5 - Washinglon, 0. The Bears, one of lhe mosl' pow- erful +eams in Ihe league, over- powered lhe Eagles in lhis game. Lowell, I - Washinglon 2. Glazbrook won 'rhe game by kicking a corner goal in lhe 'Iinal minules of lhe game. Samuel Gompers, I-Wash- ingfon, 2. The Eagles played one of 'lheir finesl' games. Galileo, 2 - Washinglon, I. 55 Swimming and Soccer Row l. Bill Corneio, Dean Freeman, Osborne Grimes, Allen Wegner, Harvey Chin, Gene Engle, George Yokoi, Lee Janover, David Goodrich, Morris Green, Roberl Browne, John McKelvey, Rodney Edwards, Leonard Chaban. Row 2, Dick Lewis, Waison Fearing, Douglas Blair, Bill Blair, Rodney Williams, Roberf Morrison, Wesley Lillie, Arfhur Swarlz, Don En lefried, Harold Menzies, Roberl Ryan, Frank Deerin , John 9 9 Calverl, Peler Belcher, Alan Dienslag, Michel Escalle, Allan Kay, Mr. Hall. Row I. Al Glazbrook, Jacob Arnauloff, Frank Torres, Bill Paflerson, Ernie Oppenheimer, Ron Kasabian. Row 2. Dick Roe, Ken Rosenberg, Al Smilh, Ralph Jacobsen, Mill Frankel, Len Rosenblalf. Row 3. Mr. Odone, Bill Bernslein, Erhard Schunemann, Jim Dunn, Len James, Bob Friedland, Dan Synder, Bill Young, Len Chabin. gy Wi X G. A. A. GIRLS' BLOCK W - A, Row I. Nafalie Blum, Jacqueline du Jardin, Carol Hunrer, Cecelia Rando, Janice Binder, Shirley Newlon, Barbara Baumberger, Helen Blake, Lael Wyafl, Corinne Harrinqion, Barbara Brooker. Row 2. Joan Maior, Persis Thau, Belly Engelbrechl, Mariorie Goody, Marcae Keefe, Pai Taylor, Gerry Sfevens, Barbara Specfor, Joan Rucker. Row 3. Nancy Uhler, Hilda Schmidt, Jackie Pulf, Pal Kilkeary, Jeanne Shaw, Barbara Naumann, Lila Blumenlhal. PAT GILLESPIE NANCY UHLER BARBARA BAUMBERGER PAT KILKEARY Pres GAA F '46 Pres, GAA S '47 Pres. Block "W", F '46 Pres. Block "W", S '47 The Girls' Alhlelic Associalion was formed in l936 under lhe sponsorship of Miss Florence Shearer. A+ lhe beginning of each lerm a G.A.A. rally is held +o in+roduce lhe difierenl' sporls which are offered l'o 'lhe girls. Under lhe presidenl and her officers, lhe rally launches lhe drive for membership llhis +erm's goal of 500 was aflainedl. Al' lhe end of each lerm fhere is an awards rally or banquel' when new officers are infroduced and awards are presenled lo fhose girls who have earned lhem. The highesl' G.A.A. award is lhe gold pin. From oul' of l'he pages of Washing+on's G.A.A. hisiory have emerged such champions as Ann Cur'l'is, fhe Uhl Sisfers, ancl Palricia Sinclair. Ann Curlis is raled as 'rhe besl' 'Free s'lyle swimmer in lhe nalion. Among her many honors is l'l1e Sullivan Award, in which she ranked fiflh among fhe eighl finesl afhlefes in lhe world. 57 The Uhl Sislers, Helen and Nancy, are champions of ihe ice slcaiing world, and Helen has held +he Women's Figure Slraling 'lifle since I944. Palricia Sinclair, who has brolcen all breasfsirolxe records, began her career when she won lhe Amaleur Alhlefic Union freesfyle handicap al lhe age of len. Since lhen she has won over 80 medals and lrophies. The Block "W" Sociely, sponsored by Mrs. Mar- garel' Denny, is composed of 'lhose girls who have been members of lhe Girls' Al'hle+ic Associa'l'ion for al' leasl four l'erms. Under lhe leadership of Presidenl Pal' Killceary, fhe Bloclc "W" Sociely sponsors Sporl' Nighfs, where leachers and sludenls galher 'logefher on Friday nighls +o play and have fun. Some of lhe o'lher aclivi- lies of lhe Block "W" are fhe sponsoring of in'l'er- school playdays, lhe annual inilialion and supper al' Sigmund Slern Grove, and ushering af all girls' assemblies. ADVANCED SWIMMING Row I. Doreen Palm, Doris Kern, Rulh Ann Rosenberg, Caroline Linn, Rulh Mingsl, Marilyn Goodman, Eleanor Loewenfhal, Gloria Tallman, Inge Braun, Arlene Goldrod. Row 2. Ellriede Fricke, Barbara Kruse, Caroline Dewees, Joyce Kocher, Hazel Hansen, Jackie Towne, Helen Gunderf son, Lillian Deshaies, Virginia Wells, Olga Davidoff. Row 3. Belly Bower, Florence Miraglia. BEGINNING SWIMMING ' Row I. Persis Thau, Belly Maxwell, Keiko Kalo, Pal lchioka, Rose Enomolo, Carol Weingarlen, Jackie Kinqslone, Kazumi Takahashi, Selsuko Asano. Row Z. Elaine Blumberg, Vilma Rovelli, Barbara Kinney, Joy Cross, Arden Fae Duncan, Mariko Mochizuki, Yukiii Hirano. AFTER SCHOOL TENNIS Row I. Kalhie Reinherlz, Faye Krasow, Juanila L'Esperance, Nina Taranlino, Shirley Muzio, Harriefl Friedling, Lillian Schafer, Carolyn Walaschek, Maysie Coslello, Vereen Dudley. Row 2. Ernesline Ferreira, Joan Rucker, Belly Oieda, Beverley Barsamian, Elisabelh Balin, Eslher Mork, Reva Feldman, Eleanor Goode, Carolyn Haf- ley, Jewell Webber, Irene Lerner, Joyce Abrams. Row 3. LaVerne Robinson, Marilyn Backman, Joann Furman, Vance Kill- ingsworlh, Margarel Robbins, Annie Plaal, Judilh Goldberg, Jeanne Mason, Barbara Bross, Janice Walson, Palricia Bridges. 58 SIXTH PERIOD TENNIS Row l. Belly Johnson, Dolores Engel- hardf, Arlene Goldrod, Helen Barco- vich, Irene Abboll, Geraldine Meyer, Donna Moore, Louise Lindsay. Row 2. Pal lchioka, Elizabelh Scherm- erhorn, Margary Lilly, Mariko Mochi- zuki, Kei Kalo, Rulh Hippely, Roberla Paslel, Mary Lee, Isabel Dasleel. ADVANCED RIDING Row l. Pal O'Connor, Caroline Linn, Lilian Dimpll, Nancy Welch, Jean Wildberg, Arlene Goldrod. Row 2. Juliana Bauer, Elhel Korel, Lorayne Ausled, Sally Maurer, Phyllis Thiebaul. BEGINNING RIDING Row I. Barbara Roloff, Virginia Crom- bie, Margaret Barshall, Cafherine Vaughn, Joyce Kocher, Madeleine Aurade, Kay Sandy, Gwynne Nichols, Shirley Reinisch, Joanne Fifzrnier. Row 2. Bernice Ersepke, Nancy Welch, Neva Lee Cornish, Phyllis Bannalyne, Pafricia Harris, Eslher Cory, Mariorie Chrislofferson, Tish Moyer, Susan Miley, Marvia Hilbun. 59 BASKETBALL Row I. Diane Schram, Joan Doyle, Els Yamamoto, Belly Morelli, June Fish, Dale Jean Lang, Kay Marson, Tania Pensky, Shirley Helmke, Elhel Korel. Row 2. Rogene Hollzen, Marilyn Faclor, Ardis McLean, Margie Tarlin, Jhan Harlzell, Pal Davis, Cecelia Rando, Barbara Doherly, Lila Blumenlhal. Row 3. Joan McLean, Kalhryn Marcy, Mary Alice McMurray. BASKETBALL Row I. Beverly Monlgomery, Grela Gorlln, Evelyn Barber, Ann England, Ivy Chan, Dorolhy Provosl, Jeanne Shaw, Una Allumbaugh, Marlene Olson. Row 2. Nancy Welch, Neva Lee Cornish, Phyllis Thiebaul, Beverley Nalder, Marcae Keefe, Pal' Taylor, Barbara Jean Meyer, Enid Ng, Eliza- belh Horlon. Row 3. Bebe Bocar, Doris Soravilla, Barbara Naumann, Salsuki Mochida, Sue Tabuchi, Naomi Takahashi, Marilyn McLain, Beverly Davis, Ayako Miyazaki. Row 4. Amy Lum, Nadine Nalder, Barbara Marlin, Mariorie Goody, Deo Ikeda, Aiko Yamamofo. SIXTH PERIOD BOWLING Row I. Persis Thau, Dianne Rowe, Slephanie Goldsmilh, Carolyn Pinsler, Diane Garfinkel, Maxine Smilh, Shirley Messina, Connie Toff, Emily Ganem, Yvonne Levesque, Joan Bard, Paula Jackson, Marqarel Ruller. Row 2. Sandra Marks, Mary Lou Rice, Lorayne Ausled, Helen Sloker, Merri- lyn Keeley, Shirley Newlon, Belle Doscher, Rulh Murray, Corinne Har- ringlon, Barbara Ralhy, Demona Ward, Belly Maxwell. Row 3. Bobbie Anclress, Jacquie Lane, Beverly Bromley, Helen Chung, Suzuko Yamasalri, Mary Mikami, Odelle Joannes, Joan Maior. 60 AFTER-SCHOOL BOWLING Row I. Phyllis Donner, Hilda Schmidl, Carol Slelling, Eileen Kane, Joan Levy, Jackie Pull, Nancy Uhler, Pal Gilkeson, Kenlucky Chamberlin, Jo Jensen, Gina Longo, Barbara Baumberger, Joyce Holbrook. Row 2. Joanne Lipscomb, Janel Nye, Pal Kilkeary, Vera Villz, Mary Ann Susko, Jacyln Doane, Clare Rohrs, Sally Maurer, Beverly Froehlich, Belly Engelbrechl, Dorofhy Rogers, Peggie McNamee, Becky Chuck, Helen Tong. Row 3. Gloria Browne, Harriell Wedde, Eleanor Websler, Margarel Taylor, Evelyn Hinch, Janel Perkins, Beverly Jahn, Jeanne Klingman, Barbara Brooker, Ligia Viales, Joyce Wasserman, Rose Yim, Pal Henry. Row 4. Marilyn Wood, Belly Sussman, Conslance Allen, lrma Knell, Nadine Hadley, Elaine Graf, Carol Simon, Lorraine Malnick, Joan Young, Mar- iorie Zimel, Carmen Carlos, Jean Oslrander, Gloria Beasley. fConlinued from Page 122 TRACK. The very firsl Track and Field season afler lhe opening of our school found Washinglon enlering a slrong leam in lhe A.A.A. league. This l937 leam had a fair season. The cindermen of l938 proved lo be of excellenl maferial. Bill Finck and Lee Reggel were oulslanding. ln I939 Coach Schel'lin's lrackslers in lhe lhird A.A.A. meel in Kezar Sfadium placed highly. ln i940 a well-balanced squad wound up lheir season in fiflh place. Placing sixlh, lhe inexperienced l94l squad was held lo only one place in lhe annual A.A.A. frack meel. Again, on lhe leam of l942, Fred Venker look lhe only poinls for lhe Eagle cindermen in high jumping. ln I943 Washinglon's lrack leam didn'l enler A.A.A. compelilion, bul under lhe lulelage of Coach Bill Bussenius lhe leam came back slronger lhan ever in I944 lo fake fourlh place in lhe All-Cily meel. In l945 lhe leam was again coached by Bill Bussenius and lhey had a good season, finishing in fiflh place. Bob Keropian's record-breaking broad-iump in his firsl year highlighled lhis season's evenfs. The nexl year, I946, coached by Jim Co'Flis, lhe leam placed seven men in lhe All-Cily meel and look fourlh place. Bob Keropian and Charlie Hardin bolh look firsls in lhis meel. SWIMMING. Washinglon enlered a swimming leam in fhe firsl A.A.A. league afler lhe opening of our school. Our firsl swim- ming coach, under whose guidance lhe leam remained for 7 seasons, was Mr. Leilh. The swimming leams of Washinglon have always been a credil lo our school, buf lhe oulslanding squads in our alhlelic hisfory were lhose of I94-2, I943 and I944. These leams look 3rd place 3 years in a row. The oulsfanding swimmers for Washinglon down lhrough lhe years have been Bob Kahn. Phil Ehelrik, Glen Berry, Bill Harris, Arl and Marf Greenbaum, and Bob and Dick Pickens. BASKETBALL l30's. Nof enlirely overshadowed by lhe bigger boys of baskelball, lhe Washingfon I30-lb. cagers have broughl a greal deal of fame lo Hilllop. Always a credil lo lheir school, the I30-lb. leam has also served as a sfepping slone lo varsily com- pelilion. ln lheir second season afler a mediocre enlrance lhe year previous, under Coach Leilh, lhe preliminary boys won 6 oul of 8 games and clinched second place. This leam of l'-738 was a credil lo our school. ln I939, lhe l30's finished in lhe firsl division faking second place in league slandings. Afler losing lheir firsl lwo games of lhe Spring l940 season, lhe 30's lashed back lo secure second place in lhe league. Again in l94I, for lhe fourfh conseculive year our leam look second place honors. One of our besl l30-lb. feams ever lo play under lhe Scarlef and Grey banner, rose fo lhe very lop of lhe league lo lie for lhe crown wilh Poly. Ross Guidice and Harry Myers, bolh All-Cily men, spearheaded lhis greal leam's efforls in l942. ln I943, an inexperienced squad secured only 3 viclories in 9 slarls. Scoring lheir second 30's championship in lhree years, and sporfing an unblemished record, lhe leam of I944 proved lo be our besl lighlweighl leam ever. Marly Schneider, Pele Gersfel, Howie Polls, Joe Maniscalco and Frank Farone were bul a few members of lhis leam. Wilh mosl of lhe slars gradualing, lhe l30-lb. leam of l945 wenl lhrough an unviclorious season. John Giosso was lhe leam's oulslanding player. Allhough lhe leam of I946 was nol one of our besl, if did have fhe league's leading scorer in Bob Keropian. Keropian loomed as a real prospecl for I947. SOCCER. Allhough Soccer is considered a minor sporl in Prep Afhlelic circles, lhis rugged game is one of lhe mosl gruelling of lhem all. Washinglon, ever since lhe opening of our school, has always fielded a leam worfhy of supporling lhe honor of lhe school lhey represenl. During I939, l940, l94l, and l942, our Soccer leam, under lhe coaching of Mr. Hugh Hunfer, enjoyed greaf success. TENNIS. Washinglon's Tennis Team, like lhe Soccer Team, has been in exislence ever since lhe very lirsl season afler lhe opening of our school. Among lhe oulslanding lennis slars devel- oped here on lhe hill are fellows like Don Lowen- bein and Ed Jacobson. Washingfon in ils IO years of exislence. has been known as a school lhal lurns oul a lype of leam lhal always "finishes way up lhere." George Washinglon Library on Ociober, 1936 bl 'He 2 bi Q s R. O. T. C. . R.O.T.C. STAFF Row I. William Esser, Lawrence Lash, Sergeanl' Henry, Alan Bonaparf, Richard Cowden. Row 2. William OsTrander, Jack Herold, AnThony Sherman, George Wahl. The George WashingTon High School R.O.T.C. BaTTalion has had an evenTTul year. Under The insTruc- Tion oT MfSgT. Charles E. Henry, MfSgT. James Pullin, and lsTfSgT. Harry Baron, The George Wash- ingTon BaTTalion has become The leading R.O.T.C. uniT in San Francisco, and is The proud possessor oT The CommandanT's Cup. The CommandanT's Cup is given by The 6Th Army To The uniT which has shown The greaTesT amounT oT improvemenT during The year. Because of iTs ouT- sTanding record, The George WashingTon BaTTalion was called upon To represenT The San Francisco R.O.T.C. uniTs aT The Lincoln's BirThday CelebraTion, in The ST. PaTriclr's Day Parade, and aT The observ- ance oT The l00Th anniversary of The Tounding oT The Presidio. The cadeT colonel lasT Term was sTudenT body presiclenT, Lawrence Lash. This Term's colonel is Bill 63 Dunn. His Two assisTanTs are LieuTenanT Sherman and LieuTenanT BonaparT. HighlighTing The year was The annual inspecTion by represenTaTives of The 6Th Army. The inspecTion Tool: an enTire day and included a review. According To The inspecTing officer, The George WashingTon BaTTalion ranlcs high among The oTher R.O.T.C. uniTs in The 6Th Army and is The highesT in San Francisco. The Rifle Team has done ouTsTanding worlx. lT won The 6Th Army rifle maTches, scoring I00 poinTs ahead oT The closesT compeTiTion. The Team also Tool: TirsT place in San Francisco in The HearsT Rifle MaTch. Company D oT The FirsT PlaToon won The highesT number oT poinTs in baTTalion compeTiTion. Winner Tor The seniors in close order drill compeTiTions was Douglas ReinhardT. AnThony Sherman was The iunior class winner. The vicTors were awarded medals and ribbons. Znd Lf. ASNARD 2nd Lf. BONAPART 2nd Lf. COWDEN Capf. CLEVELAND 1sf Lf. DUNN 1sf Lf. ESSER 1sf Lf. 1sf. Lf. GITSCHEL 1sf Lf. KING 1sf Lf. KLINE HUTCHINSON 1sf Lf. LA VINE 1sf Lf. LEGENDRE 1sf Lf. MILLS Col. LASH Capf. SADICK 1sf Lf. SANTEE Capf. SAWDON Capf. REINHARDT 1sf Lf. SMITH Fall Officers 1sf Lf. ASNARD 1sf Lf. BONAPART 1sf Lf. COWDEN Col. DUNN Capi. ESSER Capf. GITSCHEL Capf. Capf. KLINE Znd Lf. KROW Capf. LA VINE HUTCHINSON Capf. MILLS Capf. LEGENDRE Capf. SMITH Spring Officers R.O.T.C. BAND Row I. Alan Jones, Warren Skero, Sian Kane, Dave Arrillaga, Gabriel Plaa, Fred Durell, Ronald Russo, Gene Sosnick, Ernesl Runnels, Bill Owen, Chesler Marlin. Row 2. Michael McClelland, Roberl Slesmck, Wallace Poon, Wally Gilmore, Bill Klinger, Sian Tornek, Nick Anfonis, Curlis Meier, William Reeves, Hollis Locke, Jon Sullon. Row 3. Dale Yasle, Richard Thulin, Waller Sfafford, Russ Presling, Dick Keegan, Leo lsaeff, Don Huslon, Bill Green, Bill Bagel, Don Raisner. SABER CLUB Row I. Jim Kline, Douglas Reinhardf, Ron Sadick, Grover Cleveland, Vic Sawdon, Jim King, Row 2. Nick Leqendre, Bill Dunn, Roberl Mills, Bob LaVine, Roberl Asnard, George Hulchinson. Row 3. Alan Bonaparl, Eugene Smilh, Lawrence Lash, Richard Cowden, William Esser. RIFLE TEAM Row I, William Esser, Alex Ulan, Tony Sherman, Richard Cowden. Row 2. Don Huslon, Gene Coler, Bob Leib, Dan Woodruff. 66 Companies gqnn-magma---n runnnulynsunu inn-nnlgl"""F"'f -vale? I COMPANY A Row I. Liberf Myers, Millon Mosk, Larry Mafral, Clarence Sanlee, William Esser, Grover Cleveland, Jim Kline, Frank Israel, Ray Tobias, Ronald Weber, Mike Hughes. Row 2. Howard Leever, John Siacolos, Bob Grenland, Jack Wenzler, Ted Samuel, Vaughn Janssen, Daniel Conlan, Joseph Borden, Floyd Parks, Roberl Payne, Ronald Brown. Row 3. Clyde Sielling, Richard Emard, Chesler Marlin, Herman Goldman, Bob Skavlan, Arlen Bellah, Row 4. Stefan Moses, Anlhony Sherman. ,.,5 J: ' gf:..,.:,:,5.e. W V g E r L . ' is Y 5 i ff 7- we COMPANY B Row l. Milford Tong, Dan Snyder, Ausfin While, James King, Douglas Reinhardl, Lawrence Lash, Bill Dunn, Bob LaVine, Ken Broadhead, Harold Sutton, Jerry Caslagnelfo. Row 2. Claude Dillmore, John DeBoll, Roberl Caparell, Dick Hansen, John Gardenal, Alfred Roberlson, Joe Sharp, Bernard Sinlon, Norlon Melnick, Byron Teel, Michael Trubowilsch, Jordan Murad. Row 3. Bryce Sander, Harry DeWolf, Kennefh Lewefzow, Frank Leoneffi, Chesler Lee, Wayne Bowker, Bob Tellefsen, Val Cherechukin, William Abend, Waller King. Row 4. George Wahl, Darryll Slroud. ,QI ?"""' si , s I 2 s y COMPANY C Row I. Roberl Morrison, Alex Ulan, William Hayes, George Hufchinson, Roberl Mills, Victor Sawdon, Eugene I A d Alan Bona arf George Furness Rendall Webber Row Z. David Howell, Jack Herold, Slanley Smilh, Rober snar , p , , . Jaslow Aaron Hirsch, Roberl Horn, Bruce Gilberl, Bill Blair, Waller Malfhes, Bruce Harris, Ronald Zimmerman, k R 3 Geor e Malson Fred Durell Paul Belsch Allen Barney Roberf Maynard, Kay Havenor, Don Woebc e. ow . g , , , , Charles Giggel, Pefer Jackson, Richard Svihus, Alfred Regan, Cecil Weinlraub, Robert Woodruff. Row 4. Arden Rahe, k Barren, Dan Woodruff, William Oslrander, Clemmle Malhis, James Reynolds. "'F'H'F'!9P"""""" xlnnuigxulc Jac COMPANY D Row I Alan Kay, Donald Krow, Roberl Leib, AI Gurewifz, Nick Legendre, Ronald Sadick, Richard Cowden, Lucien G b ' l Yoldi, Warren Zenlner, Bill Friede, Peler Varcados, Richardo Galang. Row 2. Gene Coler, John Baranow, a rue Barlle Ralph Boyd James Wrighf, Norman Eber, Bill Roberfs, Irving Kipnis, Raliegh Lillie, Kennelh Morlon ' T Cha man Riese Row 3, Charles McDaniel, Edward Israel, Jimmy Simon, Ronald Lienau, Cecil Brabson, Edwin ong, p ammii PW TERM PLAY The lerm play, a semi- annual lradilion al' Wash- inglon, is presenled by lhe drama class under lhe direclion of Miss Helen Archer, dramalics leacher. The proceeds from lhe Spring play are deposiled in 'lhe Sludenl Body 'fund and lhen alloH'ed for slage and drama expenses. The Fall play proceeds are used lo finance, in parl, lhe Sen- ior Prom of bolh lerms. "The Cal' and lhe Ca- nary" was presenled on November 2l, I946 in lhe school audilorium before an enlhusiaslic audience of l500. The heroine, Anna- belle, was porlrayed by Mariory Saul, and Jack Lip- ian appeared as Paul Jones, lhe hero. Helen Valenline played Mamy Pleasan+gBev- erly Fried, Susan, Lawrence Lash, Mr. Crosby, Frank MISS HELEN ARCHER Raye, Harry, and Colleen O'Toole, Cicily. The casl was compleled by "Doc+or" Waller Mallhis, Andy Van- gelo'l'os and Don Warfo. The Spring produclion, Thorfon Wilder's Pulilzer Prize play, "Our Town," was presenled on May 23, I947. The casl' included Barbara Marlin, Reba Feld- man, Gabriel Plaa, Persis Thau, Jack Barren, Dave Devencenzi, Helen Valen- line, Jack Lipian, Bonnie Kelly, Joan Wallach, Frank Raye, and Bob Schwarlz. 69 DRAMA TERM PLAY - FALL :- Row I. Georgie Garrison, Joan Wallach, Maria Wilson-Walker, Calherine Vaughn, Marge Saul, Beverly Friede, Reva Feldman, Margarel Taylor. Row Z. Walfer Malfhes, Jack Barren, Beverly Davis, Don Warlo, Frank Raye, Colleen O'Toole, Barbara Marlin, Ann Pool, Helen Valentine. Row 3. Grace Zeibak, Bill Wilson, Jack Lipian. TERM PLAY CAST - SPRING Row I. Catherine Vaughn, Bonnie Kelly, Barbara Gifford, Janice Sfern, Renee Couchol, Marqaref Rufler, Persis Thau, Row 2. Reva Feldman, Joan Wallach, Jackie Du Jardin, Marilyn Ross, Diane Roos, Sanford Schneider. Row 3. Gabriel Plaa, Helen Valenline, Lucy Kafkas, Edylh Triger, Barbara MacKniqhf, David Devincenzi, Glen Hayward. Row 4, Bruce Campbell, Frank Raye, Jack Barren. SCPHDOL SURVEYOR STAFF Row I. Kathy Reinhertz, Marilyn Marcus, Carmen Ramon, Helene Heide, Jeanne Marsh, Carol Seibold, Patricia Wilson, Elisabeth Rich. Row 2. O'Brien Elliott, Joseph Borden, Jack Barren, Ruth Ann Rosenberg, Setsuko Asano, Amy Lum, Lila Blumenthal. Row 3. William Bernstein, Robert Cutler, Gary Thornton, Mr, Wire, Edward Michael, David Cohen, Aubrey Melton. Lila Blumenthal Jack Barren Carol Seibold Jeanne Marsh Editor-in-Chief Advertising Manager Business Manager Arf Editor THESURVEYOR As you look through this year's SURVEYOR, ques- tions ot its background probe your mind. "How did it get its name? When was it tirst published? What was the tirst SURVEYOR like?" The tirst SURVEYOR was published in December, l937. Considering it was the pioneer ot our books, one would be amazed at its contents. The SUR- VEYOR ot '37 pushes present-day iournalism stu- dents to greater heights. According to the '37 SURVEYOR, the name was attached because the book was a survey ot the stu- dent lite at George Washington. Quoting from the '37 edition, "lt is significant that this book is called the SURVEYOR, tor the surveyor is one who marks the boundaries and secures the tirst vision ot the greatness that is ahead. So this book heralds the tu- ture ot George Washington High School and drives the stakes ot unforgettable traditions." The theme ot the tirst SURVEYOR was the first graduating class. lt was dedicated to Superintendent Joseph P. Nourse. Since this time our yearbook has used some interesting themes, one ot the best being the i939 Golden Gate International Exposition. This year's SURVEYOR, commemorating the tirst ten years ot George Washington High School, was edited and published by the class in Journalism. It is the hope ot the members ot the class that you have tound it informative, amusing, and, above all, a lite- time keepsake. 70 PUBLICATIONS EAGLE STAFF Row I. Claire Gofffried, Marilyn Facfor, Arlhur Duffy, Dave Armsfrong, Phil Plansky, Jerry Unider, Inge Braun, Gloria Tallman, Jackie Lassers, Pal' Paulsen. Row Z. Jackie Chavez, Dick Shearer, Bob Skavlan, Elaine Blumberg, Bob Keropian, Bill Thompson, Igor Sazevich, Dick Allen, Shirley Moskowirz. Row 3. Marcel Derruau, Chapman Riese, Sandra Marks, Theonie Shepherd, Becky Morton, Alan Diensfag. Girada Barde Pal Fosfer Phil Plansky Edifor Feafure Edirol Sporfs Edifor THE EAGLE The EAGLE is lhe school newspaper which is pub- lished every lhree weeks by a sl'aFF of sludenfs under Ihe supervision of Miss Elizabefh Murphy. The paper informs s'I'udenIs of Ihe academic, a'I'hIel'ic, and social evenfs a+ Washinglon. A counseling edilion, a Senior Will, a regular Roving Repor'I'er column, are some of 'Ihe oufsfanding feafures of fhe paper. The EAGLE is 'Iinanced by subscriplions, adverlising, and sludenl' body funds. The firsl' edilion was issued on November I9, I936. I+ conlained messages from I'he Iwo vice principals, and news of debafes, fraffic squads, school colors, new yells and officers. Since l'hen lhe EAGLE has increased from a five column paper Io a six column, and has added many fealures, Ihe "EagIe's NesI"' be- ing lhe mosf well known. Bur 'For The enlire len years lhe EAGLE'S policy has remained l'he same: "All lhe news of all fhe school." 7I The fall EAGLE s+aFF was composed of Co-edifors, Jeanne Marsh and Rodi Barde: assislanl' edilors, Richard Allan and Pal Foslerg sporl' edilor, Arr DuITy: arl edilor, Ardis McLean: business edilor, Marylou Rice: adverlising manager, Carol Seiboldq circulalion manager, Barbara Andress: and exchange edilors, Alan Jones and Carol Freeman. The Spring slalif was headed by Rodi Barde as Edifor-in-Chief assisled by Richard Allan, managing ediforg Pal Fosler, fealure edifor and Dave Arm- sfrong, assisfanl' edilor. Boys' sporls was edifed by Phil Plansky, and girls' spor'l's by Marilyn Faclor. The business sl'aFF consisled of adverlising manager, Glo- ria Tallmang business manager, Inge Braun, and cir- culalion manager, Claire Golffried. Max Gulierrez was sl'aFF arlisl. Jacquie Lassers and Pal' Paulson were Ihe exchange edilors. MUSIC ORCHESTRA Row l. Warren Bowden, Jane Hamillon, Hall Bevinglon, Janel Hicks, Charles Barlok, Kalhryn Marcy, Richard Harringlon, Blossom Wickslrom, Sandy Falconer, Joan Timmer. Row 2. Bill Green, Carlos Carvaial, Barbara Blair, Alan Jones, Belly Johnson, Nalhan Oliveira, Shirley Helmke, George Jobe, Doris Kern, Jerry Prager. Row 3. Don Huslon, Reba Veal, Monle Glaser, Caroline Linn, Slan Kane, Dick Keegan, Lois Tenney, Jon Sullon, Lois Arfslen, George Alelievich. One of lhe mosl imporlanl' fealures al our rallies is lhe band. ll also plays al foolball and baslcelball games, and for R.O.T.C. parades. Always under slu- denl supervision, lhe band has had as ils leader lhis lerm Sfan Kane. The number of members in lhe band varies from lhirly fo forly-five. Al some fulure dale lhey all hope lo have uniforms. Any person can be- come a member of lhe band by signing up for if, and if is helpful buf nol necessary lo possess a lillle musical lalenl. One of lhe chief dufies of lhe orchesfra is lo play for lhe Spring Concerl, a yearly musical evenl occur- ing every April. Under lhe direclion of Mr. Knoll, il also plays al lhe principal's assembly, gradualion, and all olher assemblies. One may be in lhe orcheslra even lhough he does nol lake oulside music lessons. The advanced mixed choir is made up of boys and girls who have previously laken vocal music, and have oblained lhe approval of Miss Swanson. Good lenors are always in demand, and-sfrange, buf lrue-fhe boys in lhe choir oulnumber lhe girls. The choir is a cappella llhe members sing wilhoul accompani- menll, and specializes in religious and folk songs of all nalions. Al lhe Spring Concerl, assemblies, grad- ualions, and May Feslivals lhe advanced mixed choir can be heard. The girls choral, also under lhe direclion of Miss Swanson, is anolher advanced group of singers lhal performs al many of lhe school assemblies. 72 ,W MUSIC GIRLS' CHORAL Row I. Marie Brainerd, Rogene Hollzen, Slephanie Goldsmilh, Joan Goldman, Madeleine Aurade, Enid Ng, Kleo Aposlolides, Helga Van den Berg, Theresa Leyra. Row 2. Rosalie Kearney, Gloria Zakarian, Bernila Kenchelian, Muriel Gardner, Anna Kanaway, Juliana Bauer, June Saner, Joan Mayne. Row 3, Mary Ann Topper, Diane Kisller, Barbara Burke, Beverly Barsamian, Dorolhy Harl, Dolores Dill, Rosalie Resch, Muriel Townsend. Row 4. Corinne La Blue, Diane Bean, Elsulio Yamamolo, Evelyn Hinsch, Dorolhy Currin, Carol Hunler, Mary Zikos, Helen Blake, Gloria Boyer, .4 1 1 MIXED CHOIR Row l. Bebe Bocar, Persis Thau, Mary Alice McMurray, Shirley Reinisch, Julie Benoun, Caroline I-lerfield, Marion Peeler, Ramona Gardiner, Lorraine Claylon, Nancy Welch, Belly Shaffer, Virginia Crombie, Lorella Thorne, Hilda Goldsmilh. Row 2, Mrs, Swanson, Mignon Schussel, Belly Lobree, Elizabelh Simson, Gwen Tucker, Helen Roller, Marie Arens, Lorella Beckman, Helen Gunderson, Joan Glendening, Colleen O'TooIe, Palricia Denny, Druscilla Wlnsell, Marilyn Waxman, Celesle Manley. Row 3. Leonard Armslrong, Arden Rake, Waller Mallhes, Arl Duffy, Jerry Olmslead, Dave Devincenzi, Neill Gunn, Kirk Conragan, Bernard Sinlon, Slanford Seaman, Marlin Cole, Gilberl Naumann, John Bullon, Tony Barbera, Phil Plansky. I Q I REC-ISTRIES 'I The regislries of George Washinglon High School play a very imporlanl parl in our school governmenl. Officers are elecled by popular vole. The presidenl allends lhe Principal's Cabinel, reporls lo lhe class inlormalion he has learned al lhe meeling, and pre- sides when lhe regislry holds eleclions. The vice- presidenl presides during lhe absence of lhe presi- denl. The secrelary lakes noles when lhe class holds meelings. The lreasurer lakes charge ol all financial business in lhe regislry, such as lhe sale ol sludenl body cards, banking, and charilable colleclions.There is also an Eagle represenlalive who collecls money lor lhe Eagle subscriplions. The purpose of having regislries is lo give lhe sludenls lime lo lake care of class and sludenl body business, and lo be kepl informed ol coming evenls. lEdilor's Nole-Some regislry numbers are dillerenl lhis lerm from lhose used lasl lerm.l GRADUATES FALL '46 REGISTRY 329 Row I. Aldo Casanova, David Arrillaga, Peler Kerreos, Mill Kaslner, Slephen Norris, Nalhan Oliveira, Frank Israel, Richard Millzovich. Row 2. Edmund Wong, Shiro Suenaga, Jack Goldberg, Earl Saroyan, James King, Roberl Pearson, Ronald Sadfck, Alberl Silva. Row 3. George Furness, Jerrold Rosen- berg, Leonard Nalov, Gordon Yales. REGISTRY 329 Row I. Humber? Aslredo, Roberl Galb- arino, Richard Spargo, Denny Regan, Richard Pearl. Row 2. William Sauceda, Melford Garlenberg, Raymond Pelerson. 74 Rim REGISTRY 203 Row I. Conslance Wyne, Rulh Murray, Marian lllers, Maxine Feldslein, Jean Cunningham, Esfher Cory, Laura Shea. Row 2. Kafhleen Asano, Anifa Pallon, Sal Brown, Shirley Newlon, Palricia Harris, Mary Tosch. Row 3. Gloria Norguiera, Corinne Harringlon, Jean OsIrander, Mariorie Chrisfofferson, Demona Ward, Joan Timmer. REGISTRY 2'I5 Row I. Alan Jones, Millun Rhine, Eloyd Grier, Bill Wilson, John Honlalas, Floyd Harris, Roberl Duncan, Douglas Rein- hardl. Row 2. Grover Cleveland, William Goldberg, Alberl Gurewllz, Erhard Schunemann, Jack Herrgulh, Bruce Frey, William Sladffeld, Richard Kee- gan, Roberf Sieker. Row 3. Viclor Sawdon, Lawrence Lash, Peler Kerreos, William Klinger, Robert Buehre. REGISTRY 226 Row I. Maria Wilson-Walker, Julia Agusfinovich, Roberla Cohn, Jane Hamillon, Norma Fisse, Virginia Lewis, Anna Lekas. Row 2. Beverly Hillgrove, Anna Marie Jahn, Gerda Blumenlhal, Joanne Kurel, Marian Hammer, Jacqueline Kemp. 75 X5 ,WW f 'V Y jf mm 7 r HIGH SENIORS x REGISTRY 'I28 Row l. Karyl Friedhofer, Helen Valen- line, Marcae Keefe, Bebe Bocar, Ger- lrude Bosch, Kay Gerdel, Carol Free- man, Hilda Goldsmilh, Nadadine Gil- man, Lorraine Claylon. Row 2. Rosalie Kearney, Shirley Al- brecht, Doris Kern, Mariorie Goody, Barbara Brooker, Dolores Pablo, Carol Hunler, Dolores Kyle, June Goggin, Lila Blumenthal. Row 3. James Milchell, Kennelh Kna- nishu, Charles Drocco, Larry Mallal, Roberl La Vine, Richard Gronberg, Richard Love, Gerry Griffin, Roberl Mills. REGISTRY 'I29 Row I. Hanako Ono, Lorella Gee, Phyllis Thiebaul, Belly Maxwell, Sle- phanie Goldsmilh, Charlofle Mayer, Dianne Rowe, Palricia Pickering, Bar- bara Naumann, Cornelia Norell. Row 2. Reba Veal, Ann Thomas, Valerie Podesfa, Loren Yearsley, Zeldene Ber- ger, Eleanor Loewenlhal, Arlene Yales, Barbara Marlin, Helen Blake. Row 3, William Bagol, Werner Ein- sladler, Bennell Duskin, Daniel Con- lan, Roberl Baker, Gerald Lundgren, David Devincenzi, Richard Chesler, Jack Kirkwood, Jack Barren. REGISTRY 'I40 Row I. Lila Friedman, Belly Mailis, Vivian Daily, Sally Hon, Dorolhy France, Theresa Hall, Joan Levy, Ei- leen Kane, Irma Knell, Beverly Jahn. Row 2. Nick Malve, Lucien Zenlner, David Cohen, Eleanor Harding, Mary Ann Bailiff, Marie Bernadou, Barbara Ryan, John Bullon, Millon Mosk. Row 3. Earl Rolling, Irving Marble- slone, Roberl Woodruff, Jerry Unider, Roberl Skavlan. 76 REGISTRY 211 Row l. Fusa Uchilcura, Selsuko Asano, Ramona Gardiner, Nancy Welch, Ra- chael Warshavsky, Carole Weingarlen, Elsuko Doiguchi, Mary Slrlivas, Edylhe Triger, Joan Rucker. Row 2. Byron George, Reginald Ehlers, Palricia Smilh, Gloria Zalmarian, Carol Seibold, Carol Slelling, Charlolle Jacques, Robert Friedland, Nicholas Legendre. ' Row 3. Ronald Meyer, Roberl Keropian, Richard Doyle, Clyde Slelling, Pafrick Clifford, Bruce Gilbert, Bruce Diefz, Donald Campbell. Row. 4. William Dunn, Willam Esser. REGISTRY 212 Row I. Persis Thau, Eileen Lerer, Ma- rian Oieda, Ann Pool, Alice Rogers, Marilyn Goodman, Gloria Tallman, Janel Nye. Row 2. Roberl Brown, Richard Thulin, John Zilzelsberger, Hal Musin, Richard Sherer, Ray Pollack. REGISTRY 215 Row I. Shirley Reinisch, Bonnie Fluill, Beverly Barsamian, Barbara Devincenzi, Artemis Angel, Yvonne Levesque, Gi- rada Barde, Refa Joakimson, Helen Koshaba, Pafricia Leasure. Row 2. George Hulchinson, James Kline, Elizabefh Simson, Verna Buzo- lich, Joan Maier, Jeanne Klingman, June Brown, Frank Morimoro, Melvin Knight Row 3. Maurice Tarrou, Nicholas Pre- pouses, Roberl Tomlinson, Fred Rohrs, Alexander Shipunoff. 77 '11 l 3 ' A J c .,,., REGISTRY 311 Row l. May Hamasaki, Joyce Lofy, Lilian Dimpfl, Vena Sievens, Rulh Ca- hill, Pairicia O'Conner, Neva Lee Cor- nish, Bernice Ersepke, Renelfe Abra- ham, Rosalie Gralnick. Row 2. Joan King, Jeanne Marsh, Au- drey Beldon, Adele Rysl, Rena Salvoni, Barbara McKnigh'l', Barbara Hobbs, Geraldine Busseau, Beverly Froehlich, Marian Brown. Row 3. George Naganuma, Eugene Smiih, Richard Lewis, Naihan Roih, Harold Menzies, Don Mildon, Irvin Weisser, John Swan, Dale Yasie. REGISTRY 324 Row I. Naomi Takahashi, Emiko Ha- rano, Josephine Recca, Saisuki Mo- chida, Beriik Melikian, Nancy Uhler, Sueko Tabuchi, Mary Rand, Shirley Munroe. Row 2. Gladys Welch, Eleanor Web- sler, Helen Savy, Janel Weslerfeld, Hilda Schmidl, Jacqueline Pull, Lillian Schafer, Geraldine Stevens, June Ry- land. Row 3. Fred lsely, Neill Gunn, Roberf Friedman, Marfin Greenbaum, Bruce Bernhard, Don Mildon, Irving Krueger, Roberf Hack, William Hayes. REGISTRY 332 Row I. Rosalie Scoii, Anna Sarganis, Connie Navarro, Jane Yim, Cecelia Rando, Anna Kanaway, Irene Pappas, Mariko Mochizuki, Doris Smilh, Pairi- cia Rouse. Row 2. Roberi Ryan, Don Ayers, Leo lsaeif, Barbara Hyman, Norma Helle, Marie Arens, June Welsh, Anfhony Barbera, Frank Muscal, Maurice Flanh- rnan. Row 3. Eugene Sasai, Eric Giischel, Ar- thur Duffy. 78 REGISTRY 333 Row l. Belly Cicerone, Jacqueline du Jardin, Palricia Edwards, Nancy Lough- lin, Marion Gevirlz, Belly Engelbrechl, Lorraine Boolh, Leone Helfrich, Evelyn Tilles, Beclry Benoun. Row 2, Dolores Slark, Mary Lipscomb, Harriell Friedling, Sylvia Silverman, Barbara Allen, Eleanor Held, Rulh Hildebrand, Gloria Browne, Palricia Kilkeary. Row 3. Richard Herning, Donald Low- arl, Donald Woebcke, Jack Grossman, Ralph Jacobson, William Sargis, David Howell, Slanley Kane, Donald Huslon. Row 4. Harvey Cranow. REGISTRY 'I06 Row I. Dolores Enqelhardl, Caroline Dewees, Helene Heide, Calherine Hed- den, Beverly Gliebe, Rulh Hippely, Lorayne Ausled, Vera Glynn, Dorolhy Harl. Row 2. Bill Friede, Ben Markall, Roberl Silliman, Carolyn Block, Barbara Bross, Roberl Haggell, Irving Wasserman, Bob Culler. Row 3. Charles Giggel, Bob Schmilx, Roberl Morrison, Bud Blumenfeld, Rino DiPasqua. REGISTRY 213 Row I. Mary Alice McMurray, Jewell Webber, Elaine Milchell, Arlene Gold- rod, Belly Baerson, Nancy Bohall, Emma Vallve, Janel Perkins. Row 2. James Sharpe, Marylyn Rasmus- sen, Ernie Malhews, Joan Young, Yale Lyman, Arden Fae Duncan, Roberl Tellefsen. Row 3. Wall Ossenberg, Charles Slan- ley, Bob Schwarlz. 79 LOW SENIORS REGISTRY 236 Row I. June Spelleman, Marilyn Wax- man, Carmen Ramon, Mariorie Zimel, Marilyn Schlocker, Ninfa Selva, Muriel Townsend, Palricia Wilson, Belly Lo- bree. Row 2. Marcel Derruau, Henry Con- serva, Kirk Conragan, Ed lsrael, Bryan Godfrey, Glenn Caro, Gene Sleers. Row 3. Alan Bonaparl, John Dilg, Roberl Ehlers, Irving Kipnis, Bill Degenhardl, Howard Leever. REGISTRY 301 Row I. Margarel Ruller, Paula Jack- son, Jacqueline Kingslone, Charlolle Shapiro, Elisabelh Rich. Row 2. Elena Popovich, Belly Shaffer, Bill Bernslein, Joan McLean, Dorolhy McMiIlian, Barbara Kinney. REGISTRY 313 Row l, David Cosenza, Joan Corlin, Janice Slern, Lois Arfslen, Barbara Andress, Morrie Green, Nell Cody, Shirley Tralhen, Ella Vallve. Row 2. Jerry Crumpler, Richard Cow- den, Leonard James, Cecil Czachow, Melvin Shafer, Pele Krenkel, Ed Mi- chael. 80 .-aaa-an REGISTRY 323 Row I. Alfrieda Maisin, Elfriede Fricke, Barbara Kruse, Dolores Leach, Roberla Honn, Mary Kardell, Carolyn Hafley, Belfy Johnson. Row 2. Claude Dillmore, Wally Gila more, Ari Ford, Jack Harrison, Vicfor Ginsburg, Roberl Asnard, Richard Groger, Bill Wrighlson, Sian Locke. ii ai :Ek . .f':e.., ... s -..W .M N REGISTRY 227 Row I. Helen Chung, Lucille Cohen, Jean Maisel, Lois Wendroff, Caroline Linn, Eva Rulh Lee, Jennie Lee, Lily Wong. Row 2. Boris Mikhalkin, Max Slein, Jos- eph Sharp, Igor Sazevich, Don Warlo, Al Deckelbaum, Harry Robinson. Row 3. John Shepherd, Al Smith, Ken Rosenberg. ..-.W-. HIGH .IUNIORS REGISTRY 'I05 Row I. Clara Saccone, Janice Chavez, Carmen Kondos, Carolyn Walaschek, Shirley Messina, Joyce Pelmear, Bar- bara Thompson, Row 2. Michael Deane, Fred Mallhez, George Williams, Gene Gee, Merion Spear, Harold Frenzel, Jack Arnold. Row 3. Gerald Rappoporf, Alberi Siine, John Quinley, Lloyd Neilson, Bob Kur- rovich, Richard Svihus, Peler Jackson. 8 I W -W-Av rw W we MQW maWeeN'ii1fr'3wwwMQ REGISTRY 'I07 Row l. Mary Mikami, Olga Davidoff, Rulh Ann Rosenberg, Grela Gorlin, Mary Franklin, Doris Saunders, Lillian Deshaies, Joan Williams, Madeline Theodorelos. Row 2. Ralph Dunn, Barllell Keenan, Warren Barrle, Dick Hare, Lloyd San- kowich, Roberl Pelerson, Ernesl Fricke. Row 3. Don Mildon, John Baranow, Bill Wuerch. REGISTRY 115 Rcw I. Rogene Hollzen, Evelyn Hinsch, Eyona Schrader, Ayako Miyazaki, Elaine Graf, Joan Bard, Nadine Hadley, Virginia Cofler, Barbara Meyer. Row 2. Harvey Kaplow, Rulhe Bergson, Marilyn Peterson, Jackie Chavez, Juli- ana Bauer, Nancee Uyeda, Yukiii Hirano, Rose Enomolo, Jack Lipian. Row 3. Al Schlesinger, Alfred Cafimon, William Thompson, Gene Engle, Sher- man Leland, John Miedema, Harold Sullon. REGISTRY 122 Row I, Barbara Woolley, Maxine Smilh, Emily Ganem, Caroline Zipf, Giesela Frenzel, Donna Nyberg, Ricka Lee Herzsfein, Diane Garfinkel, Ernee Soll, Joan Cheshire. Row 2. Roland Bianchi, George Alelie- vich, Waller Gordon, Roberl Rudee, Jerry Krueger, John Siacofos, Wayne Bowker, Gabriel Yoldi. Row 3. Arlen Bellah, Jim Parnell. 82 REGISTRY 141 Row l. Lorraine Malnicli, Doris Sher- man, Beverly Boge, Dolores Richardson, Hermoine Fosfer, Rosemarie Seaman, Merrilyn Keeley, Jhan Harlzell, Joy France, Janef Masfers, Beverly Nalder. Row 2. Gregory Moiseeff, Avro Aaron, Lawrence Ross, Robert Leib, Dan Woodruff, Don Hodson, Monle Glaser, Vance Lerner. Row 3. Waller Perry, Harold Muhs, Anthony Sherman, Ray Tobias, Joseph Borden. REGISTRY 201 Row I. Shirley Newell, Margary Lilly, Helen Slolxer, Ivy Chan, June Fish, Inge Braun, Carolyn Pinsler, Virginia Crombie, Anlica Saroyan. Row 2. Kenneih Hagemoun, Mariin Cole, Lavonne Cox, Dorofhy Belden, Shirley Finnigan, Christine Morpho- poulos, Thomas Norman, John Gar- denal. Row 3. Liber? Myers, Joe Yuen, Marvin Bogdonov, Bill Flickles, Richard Lind- quisl, Robert Lee, Roberr Logan, Harvey Malofsky, Roberi Tomax. REGISTRY 209 Row I. Beverly Meneno, Irene Lerner, Florence Winsion, Doroihy Provosl, Jeanne Kirkpalrick, Beverly Bromley, Margie Tarlin, Jackie Draper, Irma Ballew, Helen Russell. Row 2. Marion Peeler, Kleo Aposlolides, Liqia Viales, Bev McMahan, Alex Ulan, Irv Rabin, Jacob Arnauioff, Richard Brodhead, Donald Mills. Row 3. George Solomon, Roberl Har- lick, Fred Meyer, Frank Deering, Gene Baker. 83 I 1 anal . igsiiili - up an 'V vs... REGISTRY 219 Row l. Verna Carlsen, Pal Davis, Joy Spillman, Palricia de Lofy, Ann Enq- land, Anna Louie, Beverly Molfeni. Row 2, Arl Michael, Leland Smilh, William Wagner, Wesley Liflle, Ernesl Au. REGISTRY 235 Row l. Delores Troup, Joan Doyle, Gloria Cutler, Nancy Thole, Helen Bercovich, Barbara Raphael, Mary Zikos, Lois Schwarh, Diane Schram. Row 2. Leonard Chaban, Fee Leong, Raleigh Lillie, Roberl Maynard, Bob Grenland, Louise Jepperson, Ardis McLean, Jacquie Lassers. Row 3, Alberl Caflan, Gary Thornlon, Donald Krow, Stan Sher, Merv Leib, Slephen Yuen, Slefan Moses, Alberf Mizuhara. REGISTRY 238 Row l. Rulh Franz, Carol Simon, Muriel Gardner, Virginia While, Jacqueline Hawkins, Geri Moskowilz, Ann Bohig- ian, Susanne Weiss, Aiko Yamamolo. Row 2. Paul Mohr, Pierre Marelsin, Pele Ledee, Roberla Jackson, Joyce Sikes, Bernifa Khenchelian, Dick Myers, Jimmy Simon, Roberf Mullin. Row 3. James Jan, Richard Paferson, Tom Kiyofa, Ar? Smilh, Dan Snyder, Michael McClelland, Raemond Sam- mons, Jerome Aronson, Bob Bullon, Andy Zorbas. 84 REGISTRY 307 Row l, Milfon Kaflen, Ann Angelos, Barbara Doherry, Marie Douis, Relda Aidelberg, Cecile Aeberhard, Con- slance Tuff, Colleen O'Tcole, Joey Allamirano. Row 2. Roberf Flamme, Harry Weidner, Waller Stafford, Kennelh Hansen, George Mainis, Keilh Jones, Jack Lucey, Don Engelfried, Ed Neel. REGISTRY 325 Row I.Marlha Anderson, Belle Doscher, Marilyn Ross, Jacquie Lane, Vivian Parrino, Maria Georgeades, Elsuko Mochizuki, Dolores Wilson, Teia Tama- ras, Pa? Fosler. Row 2. George Karafsis, Leslie Bandar, Gilbert Naumann, George Wahl, Cecil Weinlraub, Gerry Neuhaus. REGISTRY 327 Row I. Shirley Cliff, Beverly Bouio, Lucy Kafkas, Kay Marson, Tania Pensky, Jocelyn Lighler, Vilma Rovelli. Row 2, Louis Berger, Sefsuko Tanaka, Elsie Chin, Joan Sears, Evelyn Barber, Marilyn Facfor, Peler Lai. Row 3. Don Tipfon, William Wong, Don Heiman, Maurice Edelsfein, Tom McCIin1ic, Warren Fierce, George Canellos. 85 LCJW JUNIORS 5 -- REGISTRY 231 Row I. Louise Lindsay, Sandra Marks, Joan Wilkinson, Ann Less, Celesle Man- ley, Beverly Monlgomery, Ruth Mingsf, Peqgie McNamee, Helen Landau. Row 2. Curiis Meier, Bob Knighr, Eugene Long, Dee Mooney, Emily Mc- Rowe, Fred Kroln, Maury Koblick, Morris Levy. Row 3. Charles Michels, George Maze, Bob Maccari, Fred Minkin, Roy Krzanich, Hollis Locke. REGISTRY 237 Row I. Suluko Yamasaki, Margene La Blue, Virginia Walers, Parricia Denny, Drusilla Winserl. Row 2. Roberr Wolters, Jack Yanoff Chris Vogialzis. REGISTRY 312 Row l. Janis Lindenau, Shirley Slack- fon, Louise Sfelling, Gloria Boyer, Miriam Schriebman, Doris Soravilla, Phyllis Souder, Marilyn Chance, Calh- erine Cary, Nancy Sherrill. Row 2. Edward Walsh, Raymond Slerl- inq, Warren Skero, Roberl Sue, Al Jernakoff, Don Smilh, Palricia Ryan. Row 3. Francisco Torres, Howard Slark, Russell Shah. 86 REGISTRY 314 Row l. Lorraine Riviello,Joan Richman, Donna Moore, Elinor Robinson, Mabel Penningfon, Verna Parks, Janel Polos. Row 2. William Ostrander, Thompson Neill, Henry Segrove, Roberta Paslel, Dorofhy Rogers, Bill Owen, Gary New- lon, Chapman Riese. REGISTRY 336 Row I. Lilian Bauer, Beverly Cassidy, Irene Feves, Joy Blaine, Johanna Car- son, Joan Crisci, Ardilh Asp, Corinne Abramson, Jeannelle Anderson, Shirley Fox. Row 2. Charles Caifo, John Munroe, Lloyd Chase, Russell Bigelow, Julia Benoun, Gerry Caro, Conslance Allen, Roberla Colman, Roberf Broune, Ron Blessing. Row 3. Peler Belcher, Leonard Arm- strong, William Abend, Gene Coler, John Calverf, Roberf Caparell, Bernard Blumenfhal, Jim Consianline, Donald Bacci, Tom Cody. REGISTRY 338 Row I. Vicki George, Beverly Friede, Pauline Fairhursl, Phyllis Donner, Joan Ferris, Rulh Faulk, Haiel Foley, Mari- lyn Drude, Beverly Fine, Mirna Frankel. Row 2. Slephan Gassman, Dan Kawa- morila, Ken Foley, Frank Brown, Wal- son Fearing, Rodney Edwards, Arlhur Swarfz, Michel Escalle, Tom Fassell. 87 Q- ...- P , ...., is A, . . ..,,,,5 'ii 3. REGISTRY SH4 Row l. Peggy Hall, Joyce Holbrook, Dorolhy Green, Jean Hagen, Marion Green, Birdie Goldman, Elaine Klein, Willa Jones. Row 2. Roberl Horn, Aaron Hirsch, Max Gulierrez, Bruce Herriges, Ed Khachadourian, Jim Honfalas, Ronald Kasabian, Richard Kelly, Dick Rogers. REGISTRY T03 Row l. Joan Wallach, Margarel Taylor, Calherine Vaughn, Nina Taranlino, Alene Vanderveen, Jacquelyn Taylor, Juanila L'Esperance, Norma Vasquez, Helen Vidich, Fern Spencer. Row 2. Slan Smifh, Gerard Thayer, Michael Tribowilsch, Belly Sussman, Mariorie Trevers, Vera Vilfz, Mary Ann Susko, Berlha Snyder, Harold Slein Gene Sosnick. Row 3. Harvard Lyman, Richard Slam- polis, Frank Marialegui, Sfan Tornek, Roberl Thues, Richard Warfield, Tom Van Voasf, Jesse Levy, Bill Smith, Marvin Sleinberg. REGISTRY 139 Row I. Grace Wisnom, Palricia Bridges, Joann Furman, Georgie Garrison, Pal Gilkeson, Agnes Gardenal, Marlene Gold, Louise Gee, Beverly Enfrup, Eleanor Goode. Row 2. Bob Freis, Bill Corneio, Barbara Gifford, June Granera, lnge Fried, Sally Flinn, Judilh Goldberg, Rulh Gorewilz, Lowell Lindle, Richardo Galang. Row 3. Frank Frizzell, Ralph Boyd, Carlos Carvaial, David Fisk, Herman Goldman, Jerry Casfagnello, Bob Gily- eaf, Pierre Gaslon, Dominic Golelli. 88 REGISTRY 205 Row I. Vivian McCollum, Palricia Moyer, Susan Miley, Eslher Mark, Belly Morelli, Florence Miraglia, Sharon Meyer, Marilyn McLain, Carole Nyrnan, Belly Oieda. Row 2. Joan Mayne, Geraldine Meyer, Nadine Nalder, Pepila Navarro, Berna Mendell, Gwynne Nichols, Tish Moyer, Clemence Mendoza. Row 3. Ar? Norwiil, Ernesl Michels, Joe Oaks, Milfon Melzian, Ray McDon- ald, Kennelh Morlon, Charles McDan- iel, Jordan Murad. REGISTRY 208 Row I. Lola Endresen, Ernesline Fer- reira, Anna Devincenzi, Jerylee Drake, Louise de Lolly, Reva Feldman, Su- sanna Brown, Pal Henry, Shirley Ersk- ine, Rulh Deshaies. Row 2. Jerry Fallon, James Friday, Jim Dunning, Helen Dubacher, Sigrid Ellison, Norman Eber, Don Dougal, Robert Devore, Roberl Feiler, Nick Anlonis. Row 3. Norlon Feldslein, Fred Durell, Jack Dielz, Harry DeWolf, Waller Delucchi. REGISTRY 222 Row I. Audrey Sheldon, Marlene Rolh, Hope Meyerson, Tania Shilling, Frances Seburn, Norma Smifh, Mary Scholz, Anne Harley, Gloria Sevilla. Row Z. Jack Moriquchi, Cecil Ruiz, Gilberl' Schmilz, Dan Sevilla, Kay Sandys, Louise Saroyan, Roberf Sles- nick, Bruce Sanford, Ernesl Runnells, Clifford Smilh. Row 3. Slanley Ross, Bob Smilh, Ed Shiman, Donald Savage, Ted Samuel, Berlinel Semeria. 89 REGISTRY 223 Row I. Joanne Lipscomb, Joan Loh- meyer, Shirley Liff, Shirley Muzio, Al- berfa Lucia, Virginia Green, Mary Lee, Joan Lindner, Paula Slern, Pearl Gross- mark. Row 2, Leon Viking, Aurlhur Maguire, Sally Maurer, Kathryn Lopeman, Bar- bara Lucas, Diane Coker, June Anfi- nolfi, Roberf Stokes, Bob Flanagan, Bob Slevenson. Row 3. Dick Levy, Kennelh Leweizow, Kay Low, Gene Maxwell, Don Man- chesfer, Ray Soufhwell, Ronald Lienau. Row 4. Kendrick Malfhews, Frank Leo- neiii, George Malson, Roland Marlin, Bill Johnson. REGISTRY 225 Row I. Elhel Zlolkin, Sonia Weiner, Marlene Wyler, Vereen Dudley, Eleanor Wylie, Anne Yearsley, Els Yamamolo, Connie Marucco, Virginia Wells, Wini- Ired Wrighlson. Row Z. Ronald Zimmerman, Weymund Wong, Ronald Weber, Delores Weni- ger, Jacqueline Nederland, Joyce Was- serman, Janice Wafson, Gene Burnell, John Lord, Rendall Webber. Row 3. James Wright, Allen Wegner, Jack Wenzler, David Broun, Ronnie Woodhill, Bill Young, John Young. REGISTRY 230 Row I. Jeanne Mason, Janet Hicks, Shirley Ho, Deanie Heryford, Warwick Griffin, Jeaneffe Greenberg, Belly Jo Herberlson. Row 2. Allen Guen, Mike Hughes, Kay Havenor, Joe Mendez, Irwin Herlihy, Bob Hyman, Osborne Grimes. 90 REGISTRY 303 Row l, Shirley Barry, Barbara Barnharl, Evelyn Bonder, Beverly Davis, Margarel Barshell, Elaine Blumberq, Marilyn Backman, Harrie? Abrahams, Elisabeth Balin, Irene Abboll. Row 2. Henry Bienenleld, Bob Bailey, Margie Bergsef, Donna Bone, Belly Bower, Joyce Abrams, Janice Davidson, Jaclyn Doane, John Bowman, Charles Andrews. Row 3. Roberl Baylor, Allen Barney, Paul Belsch, Claude Beal. REGISTRY 310 Row I. Mamie Jackson, Elhel Korel, Faye Krasow, Bonnie Kelly, Dorolhy James, Dale Jean Lang, Joyce Kocher, Norma Hosp, Frances Shields, Jo Jen- sen. Row 2. Slanley Jaslow, Roberl Lacam- paqne, Mike Kelly, Ed Jack, Vance Killinqsworlh, Diane Kisller, Madeline Aurade, Al Lee, Jack Kronfield, Alan Kay. Row 3. Peler Jacobs, Lee Janover, Vaughn Janssen, Richard Jackson, Harry Kennedy, Dick Wahler, Que Jow, Har- vey Lai, Paul Jang. REGISTRY 315 Row I. Carmen Carlos, Belly Cowles, Audrey Cooper, Marlha Collins, Helen Calhoun, Row 2, Ken Conragan, Frank Cook, Cecil Brabson, Bob Coulure. Row 3. Don Fluilr, Robert Bull, Jim Churchill, Edward Clark. 9l LOW SGPHOMORES if S .3 REGISTRY G 30 Row I. Connie Pashnecoff, Clare Rohrs, Kafhie Reinherlz, Doreen Palm, Mar- garel Robbins, Gloria Peck, Leone Osleyee, Barbara Roloff. Row 2. Bill Roberfs, Russ Presling, Dale Randall, Connie Papalias, Mary Lou Paulsen, LaVerne Robinson, Bill Paler- son, Paul Pels, Frank Raye. Row 3. George Yokoi, Allen Rosena baum, Wallace Poon. REGISTRY 'I05 Row I. Barbara Schnurpleil, Claire Gollfried, Edna Hamberger, Agnes Leakos, Mary Mimbs. Row 2. Bruce Campbell, Bob Mahoney, Richard Dunn, Ray Sullivan, Byron Teel, Merv Kaplan, Jack Welsh. Row 3. Tom Robinson, Deidrich Cord- sen, John Arnaudo, Melvin Feldman, Ronald Lamberl, Billy Welch. REGISTRY 138 Row I. Tania Urusoff, Bernice Gimov, Joanne Cheflero, Molly Shapiro, Shir- ley Johnson, Francoise Gwarlney, Becky Morlon, Pal Nelson, Diane O'Brie, Belly Jean Dickow. Row 2. Gary Schmitz, Jean Madrieres, Barbara Boscacci, Carol Fosler, Mary Lawlon, Claire Donalham, Mary John- son, Ronald Cole, Edward Henshaw. Row 3. Dale Parks, Douglas Blair, Mar- lin Covih. 92 REGISTRY 203 Row I, Diane Peralla, Erroy Capos, Violel Lifras, Marian Meller, Barbara Augusline, Helen Demilh, Norma Bonnemason, Rulh Klein. Row 2. Dominick Giannini, Frank Evans, Ronald Pelsinger, Howard Ryan, Don- ald Nicol, Armand Zimmerlin. Row 3. Gerhard Lowenlhal, Gunther Bier. REGISTRY 213 Row I. Judilh Sommer, Marie Houn- Ialas, Ocie Maison, Louise Tompkins, Margie Willer, Diane Roos, Joan Leach, Sally Benoun, Adrienne Lichlman, Barbara Ealon. Row 2. Richard Messing, Phillip Mc- Daniel, Bill Slevens, Robert Germenis, Alfredo Copobianco, Roberl King, Leonard Polonsky, Leonard Rodney. Row 3. Cecil Haighr, Robert Foley, Allon Green. REGISTRY 226 Row I. Virginia Hardy, Dorolhy Ford, Lorraine Bush, Irene Ruslender, Barbara Rundle, Elizabelh Ingram, Irene Novi- koff, Yvonne Milkovich, Irene Seuffer. Row 2. Doris Taylor, Alberl Baaba, Ed Wiegner, John McKeIvey, Salvador Salamanca, Melvin Feldman, Dave Ferranle, Frank Walsh, Anily Alyea. Row 3. Michael Giannini, Paul Rich- ardson, William Melcalf. 93 REGISTRY 306 Row l. Leonora Wills, Zina Karas, Barbara Pickering, Elhel Sieinberg, Nancy Douglas, Belly Walaschek, Phyllis Searle, Ruth Mahany. Row 2. Ronald Burman, Sanford Schnei- der, Lou Levy, Don Lekich, Toma Sugi- oka, Bill Shui, Angelo Baldocchi, Rich- ard Morgan. Row 3. Ernesl Fannin, Gordon Andersen, George Robinson, Michael Churkin, Gilbert Hum, Vic Henshaw, George Frey. i vi -, REGISTRY 329 Row I. Mabel Dahir, Jean Taylor, Patricia Chew, Dina Gildbourd, Phyllis Schuman, Myrna Taylor, Renee Couchof, Arlene Saroyan, Theonie Shephard, Mary Barla. Row 2. Gus Hassapakis, Paul Forkgen, Roberf Millard, Ronald Fouche, Alan Weslergard, Aldo DiPasqua, George O'Connell, lra Tunik, Fred Forsfer, Mor? Cahen. Row 3. Remo lmbimbo, Jack Morrison, Anafole Balmy, Alberl Brown, Jack Larkey, Tom Radke, Ray Johnsen. Q "' l, Z4 3 2 . l.UhGl'l E-.1 in ' ' , V"' QBEFORE LUNCH, If' , 2525" 1., H Q IS 2- . 1 ' . . ei 'A si' H I ,, -al! iii Sli 1 gi i--n I -In ...-I A vi X U 1 A in ' ' X ,-. fel 22' A-lx ' xg ml A'-L Q . fe. THROUGH 1, .iz ,,B,, B 5. THE N 'Q S. -AQ 62 X A 41? S an . Q . if f Y --i S f ff! l e 313' 93 vi' ra Qt 94 R-ffv" -:'.1'.-""'K . i I N 96 MUSIC CLUB Row I. Lilian Bauer, Margarel Barshell, Mary Ann Susko, Madeleine Aurade, Lorraine Claylon, Shirley Newlon, Shirley Newell, Elixabelh Simson. Row 2, Dale Randall, June Goggin, Joan Doyle, Tish Moyer, Joan Mayne, Diane Kisller, Fred Romagnolo. STAGE AND PUBLIC ADDRESS Row I. Edward Benedelli, Bud Aslredo, Roberl Garbarino, Roberl Lee, Douglas Reinhardf, Edmund Wong, Jerry Lundgren. Row 2, Kay Havenor, Bob Caparell, Nick Mafve, Eloyd Grier, Mr. Lapeyri, Jack Stein, Roberl Slein, Dale Yasle. CAMERA CLUB Row l. Aaron Hirsch, Edward Israel, Alan Bonaparf, Arden Fae Duncan, Charlofle Jacobson, Bill Blair, Bill Friede, Herman Goldman. Row 2. Claude Dillmore, William Abend, George Maison, Slanley Jas- low, Hugh E. Wire, Richard Harring- lon, Bruce Harris, Tom Kiyola, Alan Kay. 97 .ry GIRLS' SENIOR ADVISORS Row I. Phyllis Thiebaut, Evelyn Kletz- man, Barbara Naumann, Norma Fisse, Connie Wyne, Barbara Ross, Nancy Uhler, Natalie Blum, Shirley Moses, Barbara Spector, Laura Shea. Row 2. Julia Agustinovich, Beverly Baroff, Virginia Knapton, Veronica lvanoff, Eleanor Jackson, Joann Mihol- ovich, Odelle Joannes, Harriett Fried- ling, Janice Binder, Roberta Cohn, Ruth Murray. Row 3. Priscilla Small, Lael Wyatt, Joan Timmer, Jacqueline Kemp, Shirley Newton, Sharel Cohen, Roberta Par- sons, Barbara Jean Meyer,Joan Rucker. GIRLS' SENIOR ADVISORS Part II Row l. Esther Cory, Jeane Cunningham, Mary Tosch, Marie Wilson-Walker, Patricia Harris, Joanne Fitzmier, Phyllis Bannatyne, Jane Hamilton, Beverly Conradi. Row 2. Hisako Yamamoto, Gloria Beas- ley, Marian Hammer, Corinne Harring- ton, Barbara Alden, Barbara Baum- berger, Anna Marie Jahn, Jean Os- trander, Nancy Loughlin. Row 3. Beverly Hillgrove, Demona Ward, Gloria Norguiera, Charlotte Jacques, Marvia Hilbun, Pat Gillespie, Mariorie Christotferson, Janet Nye. BOYS' SENIOR ADVISORS Row l. Dick Herning, David Cohen, Lu- cien Zentner, Milton Mosk, Don Lowart, Douglas Reinhardt, Victor Sawdon, Grover Cleveland, Ernest Simon, Bob LaVine, Bruce Dietz, Eddy Gitschel. Row 2. Jack Goldberg, Earl Rolling, Don Huston, Stan Kane, Richard Thulin, Harold Menzies, Erhard Schunemann, George Klingner, Bill Stadlfeld, Mel- ford Gartenberg, Irving Krueger, Nick Prepouses, Bill Bagot. Row3.Werner Einstadter, Dave Howell, Aleck George, Pat Clifford, Fred lsely, Ken Broadhead, Richard Love, Joe Du- lik, Bob Friedland, Dave Devincenzi. Row 4. Reginald Ehlers, Bill Dunn, George Furness, James King, Gordon Yates, Dick Lewis, Jack Grossman, Bob Duncan, Jack Hare, Bill Wilson, Ronald Sadick, Steve Norris, John Hontalas, Lawrence Lash, Don Brinckmann, Don Campbell. 98 CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Row I. Carol Hunter, Mariorie Goody, Shirley Helmke, Kay Marson, Tania Penslry, Carolyn Hafley, Hilda Schmidt, Lael Wyatt, Barbara Alden. Row 2. Barbara Barnharl, Donna Moore, Barbara Bross, Marian Steineke, Max Gutierrez, Carlos Carvaial, Ruth Mingst, Helen Landau, Barbara Jean Meyer. Row 3. Harvard Lyman, Jack Lipian, Walter Matthes, Jack Kronfield, Bill Fleckles, Jimmy Simon, Cecil Brabson. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Part II Row I. Gilbert Naumann, Virginia Crombie, Greta Gorlin, Ardis McLean, Ann England, Louise Lindsay, Barbara Naumann, Natalie Blum, Kathie Rein- hertz, Enid Ng. Row 2. Gabreil Plaa, Pat lchiolla, Rose Enomota, Marilyn Factor, Reva Feld- man, Margaret Barshell, Helen Blake, Beverly Menend, Margary Lilly, George Solomon. Row 3, Ernest Friclce, Pat Henry, Bill Dunn, Bob Schwartz, Elizabeth Balin, William Abend, Merrilyn Keeley, Elena Popovich, Mariorie limet, Dick Roe. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION COACHES Row I. Beverly Froehlich, Rose Eno- moto, Judith Sterne, Greta Gorlin, Ardis McLean, Marilyn Factor, Mer- rilyn Keeley, Margary Lilly, Virginia Crombie, Kathie Reinhertz, Sue Ta- buchi. Row 2. Barbara Bross, Carolyn Hafley, Helen Landau, Elaine Klein, Joan Drew, Marian Steineke, Peqgie Mc- Namee, Hilda Schmidt, Gina Longo, Shirley Trathen, Jean Maisel, Ardith Asp. Row 3. Gabreil Plaa, Isaac Israel, Larry Matial, Leland Smith, Bill Dunn, Dick Hare, George Solomon, Jack Lipian, William Abend, Walter Matthes. 99 MOTION PICTURE PROJECTORS Row I. Gene Maxwell, Bruce Harris, Edward Israel, David Fisk. Row 2. Richard Harringlon, Stanley Jaslow, Howard Leever, Fred Esser. LATIN CLUB Row I, Elisabefh Rich, Phyllis Donner, Judifh Slerne, Caroline Linn, Kay Marson, Hazel Hansen. Row Z. Palricia Wilson, Peggie McNamee, Janet Perkins, Mariorie Goody, Carolyn Hafley. Row 3. Roberl Ehlers, Ray Niksarian, Lloyd Chase, Robert Wolters, Charles Cailo, Melvin Shafer, Yale Lyman. AMERICAN JUNIOR RED CROSS Row I. Mary Alice McMurray, Judifh Sierne, Sharel Cohen, Joan Lippman, Joan Rucker. Row 2. Barbara Bross, Barbara Andress, Belly Shaffer. IOO CREATIVE ARTS CLUB Row l. Barbara Barnharf, Alice Rogers Ann Pool, Susanne Norlon,June Ryland Row 2. Lilian Bauer, Joan Lippman Barbara Hyman, Dale Randall. CHESS CLUB Row I. Joyce Wasserman, Gloria Beas- ley, Mamie Jackson, Helen Calhoun. Row 2. Marilyn Faclor, Cecil Brabson, Bill Friede. FLORAL ARTS Row l. Becky Benoun, Lilian Dimpfl, Ramona Cornell. Row Z. Ruth Hildebrand, Berge Me- likian, Coral Hargens, Arden Fae Dun- can. I0l RALLY COMMITTEE Row l. Jane Hamilfon, Maria Wilson- Walker, Carol Freeman, Marge Saul, Phyllis Thiebauf, Janice Binder, Belly Shaffer, Nalalie Blum. Row 2. John Dilq, Bob Duncan, Law- rence Lash, Grover Cleveland. DANCE COMMITTEE Row l. Janice Binder, Marge Saul, Barbara Ross, Jacqueline Kemp, Nara- Iie Blum, Shirley Newfon, Roberla Parsons, Geraldine Busseau, Phyllis Thiebauf. Row 2. Beffy Jo Herberfson, Bob Keropian, Lawrence Lash, Bob Duncan, Grover Cleveland, Priscilla Small. MASQUE AND GAVEL Row I. Ronald Zimmerman, Grela Gorlin, Peggie McNamee, Phyllis Don- ner, Mariorie Goody, Janice Binder, David Fisk. Row 2. Bob Skavlan, Millon Mask, Andy Vanqelafos, Bill Friede, Harvey Malofsky, Alan Bonaparl. l02 GK T IQEE Past and Future Name Clubs - Officers Prophecy AGUSTINOVICH, JULIA ALDEN, BARBARA ARRILLIGA, DAVE ASANO, KATHLEEN ASTREDO, HUMBERT BANNATYNE, PHYLLIS BAROFF, BEVERLY BAUMBERISER. BARBARA BEASLEY, GLORIA BENEDETTI, EDWARD BINDER, JANICE BLUM, NATALIE BLUMENTHAL, GERDA BORGFELDT. KENNETH BRINCKMANN, DONALD BUEHRE, ROBERT CASANOVA, ALDO CHRISTOFFERSON, MARJORIE CLEVELAND, GROVER COHN. ROBERTA COLOMBAT. CARLTON CONRADI, BEVERLY CORY, ESTHER CUNDIFF, PAUL CUNNINGHAM, JEAN DAHL, CHARLES DUNCAN, BOB FELDSTEIN, MAXINE FITZMIER, JOANNE FREY, BRUCE FURNESS, GEORGE GARBARINO, ROBERT GARIBALDI, ALFRED GARTENBERE, MELFORD GILLESPIE, PATRICIA GOLDBERG, JACK GOLDBERG, WILLIAM GOLDMAN, DOROTHY GOLDSMITH, STANLEY GRIER, ELOYD GUREWITZ, ALBERT HAMILTON, JANE HAMMARSTROM, JOHN HAMMER, MARIAN HARE, JACK HARRINGTON, CORINNE HARRIS, FLOYD HARRIS. PATRICIA HERRGUTH, JACK HILBUN. MARVIA IIILLGROVE, BEVERLY HOLLENBECK. PHILIP HOLMES, PATRICIA None GAA. CSF, svn. adv. None N one Stage rruw Pan-Anivrivan Clnh, GAA, svn. adv. Nonv GAA pres., Block "ll"', svn. adv. Sen. adv., GAA Stage Crew GAA, svn. adv., Pan-American Cluh, Masque 8 Gavel, Block "W" Sec. of lllll, II11, GAA, CSF, GSS, svn. adv., nrin. cali., rally mmm., danvc comm., vicv-pros. of Student Body Sen. adv. None Svn. adv., Ili-Y Nnnv USF GAA, svn. adv. l'rvs. adv., Svn. N unc Svn. llll, Halivr Cluh, danvv A rally vmnm., svn. Eagle Society adv. adv., Fluml Arts Ulnli GAA, Svn. adv. Nonv Nunn Mntiun Picture Prujvcturs Club N-n. adv., rally comm., dance comin. Svn. adv. GAA, svn. aflv. Nnnv NIIIIU Stain- crm-iv Noni' Svn. adv. 1'rvs. tif GAA, svn, adv. 130 liaskvtliall, Eagle Sorivty Eagle Society, svn. adv., ltlll Basket Nunv Noni' None lllll virv-prvs., radin lwnaflvasti-'I' None Svn. mn. adv., GSS, rally vmnm., nrin. v-di v'ii'v-ni-i-s dt lllll llll , adv. Ll! prvs., trvzls, dt' Stndvnt ltmly, Eaglln- Suvii-ty lllnvlt "ll"', Cainvra Fliill, lluniv Janis, svn. adv. Nllllt' Vim-- Noni- prvs. of L12 class, GAA, svn. adv GAA, svn. adv. Noni' Ntrlll' Ninn' Enjoying home life. Mrs. Bruce Frey. Singing radio commercials. llahlando el espanol muy bien. Sitting in the Crow's Nest. Ooctoring horses. Feeding the seals at the zoo. Admiring her sport trophies. Strolling through art galleries. Working on the stage crew at RKO Studios. Snipping petunias. Still as sweet and intelligent as ever. Having tea and crumpets at Iour o'clock. Still trying to get his car fixed. I Coaching football for Harvard. Teaching his wife how to pronounce his name. Getting enough courage to live up to his name. Will be a second Lillian Russell. Will be the 43rd president of the United States. "ln the shade of the old apple tree." Trying to get his tickets to go East. Instead of embroidering for her hope chest she'II be knitting tiny booties. Wondering what to do. Waiting for his discharge to come through. Still trying to see how many she can get. Well-known Sea Scout master. Will he married to Maria and have another ski lumper in the family. Milking cows on the farm. Laughing at her picture in this book. Taking care of his red headed twins. ln the middle of his harem of bees. Showing off his marine medals to anyone who will take a look. Still selling Eagles tdoor to doori. Playing piano for corned beef and cabbage at 0'Toole's. Gym teacher at Washington. Leaving college one step ahead of his brother. William Shakespeare ll. Will be ten years older. Robin llood's playmate. Crowding Joe Di Maggio. will he an "unbearable" attorney. Keeping up her good record. Wondering if he shouIdn't cut his name down to the first three letters. Still realizing how useful her name is. Putting light bulbs in street lamp posts, without a ladder, of course!! "ParIez vous-ing French ma petite." Still showing off his green sweater. Selling toothpaste-a la Bob Hope. Still shovelinu-tditches of coursel!!?J Knocking 'em dead on Market street. Setting new hair styles for future Washingtonian girls. Finally accomplishing the game of Pedro, after playing it for years. We can't begin to tell you. Name HONTALAS, JOHN ILLERS, MARIAN ISRAEL, FRANK IVANOFF, VERONICA JAHN, ANNA MARIE JOANNES, ODETTE JONES, ALAN KASTNER, MILT KEEGAN, RICHARD KEMP, JACOUELINE KERREOS, PETE KING, EVERETT KING, JAMES KLETZMAN. -EVELYN KLI NGER, WILLIAM KNAPTON, VIRGINIA KOCH, MAURICE KURET, JOANNE LASH, LAWRENCE LEKAS, ANNA LEWIS, VIRGINIA. MEYER, BARBARA MIHOLOVICH, JOANN MILKOVICH, RICHARD MINENNA, VERNON MOSES, SHIRLEY MULKEEN, ELEANOR MURRAY, RUTH NATOV, LEONARD NEWTON, SHIRLEY NORGUIERA, GLORIA NORRIS, STEPHEN OLIVEIRA, NATE OSTRANDER, JEAN PARSONS, ROBERTA PATTON, ANITA PEARL, RICHARD PEARSON, ROBERT PETERSON, RAY l PIOUET, YVONNE PLAAT, ANNIE POPKOFF, OLEG PRAGER, JEROME REINHARDT, DOUGLAS RHINE, MILTON ROSENBERG, JERRDLD ROSS, BARBARA SADICK, RONALD SANTEE, CLARENCE SAROYAN, EARL SAUCEDA, WILLIAM SAUL, MARJORIE SAWDON, VICTOR SCHERMERHORN, CHARLES SCHUNEMANN, ERHARD SHAFF, KENNETH SHEA, LAURA SIEBERT. WILLIAM SIEKER, ROBERT SILVA, ALBERT SIMON, ERNEST SMALL, PRISCILLA SPARGO. RICHARD SPECTOR, BARBARA STADTFELD, WILLIAM STEIN. JACK STEBI, ROBERT STUMES, NORMAN SUENAGA. SHIRO TENNEY, LOIS THOMSON, KEITH TIMMER, JOAN TOSCH, MARY WALKER, MARIA WARD, DEMONA WILSON, BILL WONG, EDMUND WONG. WILFRED WYATT, LAEL Clubs - Officers II12 pres., Eagle Society Sen. adv. Ticket seller Sen. adv. None Sen. adv. Nolte Ili-Y Dance band leader Dance comm., sen. adv. None Stage crew H12 treas., nrin. cab., Saber Club, ROTC officer, sen. adv. None Rally comm., sen. adv., Chess Club Composers Club, Music Club Sen. adv. None Sen. adv. Eagle Society, pres. of L10, Illll, Lll, Student Body treas., Student Body pres. Sen. adv. Sen. adv. Jams, llome Arts, GSS, GAA, sen. adv. Sen. adv. Nolte None Sen. adv. None None Pan-American League GAA, Block "W", GSS, sen. adv. GAA, Sen. adv. Sen, Adv. Ili-Y GAA, sen, adv. H12 vice-pres., GAA, Block "W", dance comm., Home Arts Club I'-u -American Club, GSS . , . 1 GAA, sen. adv. None None None Sen. adv. 'l'ri-Y, Masque X: Gavel, GAA Chess Club None Eagle Society School band None GAA, Block "ll"', dance comm., sen, adv., GSS. Sen. Adv. Camera and Saber Clubs, motion picture operator. None None Radio Conun. Saber Club, sen, adv. None Sen. adv. Dance comm. Sen. adv. None None None Pres. of CSF, Eagle Society Pres. of GSS, Sen. adv., radio announcer, Masque dc Gavel, GAA. Engineers' Club L12, sec.. GAA, Block "ll"', sen. adv. Head yell leader, pres. of Eagle Society. None None None None None None Sen. adv. , GAA. None Rally comm., sen. adv., prin. cab. Sen. adv., French Club, GAA None Stage crew, radio tech. None Vice-pres. of H11, sec. of L12, sen. adv., CSF. GSS, Block "IV", Prophecy Renting bicycles at the beach. Reminiscing about her days at George Washington. Still begging Miss Kirwin to let him on the senior list. Huggin' and a' chaIkin'. Some day he'II come along. Playing the accordion at weddings in North Beach. Ushering at the Curran. Being another Errol Flynn. Finally has his own band, after ten years of trying. Sittin' and rockin'. On the road to becoming another John D. Rockefeller. Sawing Wood. King James. Wishing she were back home. Leading the Salvation Army Band. Miss America of 1957. Still seeing stardust with Gloria. Singing light opera at the Curran. Manager of the Alexandria. Taking the place of the lady on top ol the fun-house at the beach. Sitting on the boss's knee. Coming back to Washington to haunt the kids as a teacher. who knows? Mowing the front lawn for his cute little wife. Happily MARRIED to Bev. Golly Moses! ! l Still deciding her future? '! 7 We wonderl Parking cars in Union Square. Divorcing her hfth. Still wondering why she was skipped when the prophecies were written. To Mexico on his boat. Looking for a iob. ln business for herself. Well on the way to a good career. With two tied to her apron strings. Swabhing decks. Being a wolf to make up for his shyness during school daze. Just contented on a farm - huh Ray! Wondering if she should have taken the rows so young. Admiring her home with Jack. Successful dentist. lloplng his first name will get him far lin the musicians' world, of coursel. Repairing radios. Will be looking into your eyes! wptometrist, of coursei. Still buying and selling cars. Trying to do all the Dean's work at college. Constantly leaving the keys in the car iso he doesn't have to waste ill! Ulsl. Flying high tin a helicopterl. Filling prescriptions in a neighborhood drug store. Waiting back stage for Joe Louis. Admlring her name in lights on Broadway. Collecting tolls on Golden Gate Bridge. Directing street trallic. M.D. tmedical doctor, or-is it mechanical drawer??'!J. Showing off his clothes at University. Only woman basketball star. Oh no, not that, BlII!l!?'! Entering In pie eating contests. Tuning pianos. Another Einstein. Fllibustering in the Senate. Applying all those lessons he learned in cooking. Future glamour glrllll?'!1 Still keeping the girls happy thy commuting week-endsl. Selling Fuller brushes. Selling vacuum cleaners. Operating a motorcycle service-unless Nlckies got him. Running for Mayor of Los Angeles. Blowing up the lah at J. C. Married to an Eskimo. Still Joan Timmer. will be a professional sun-bother. Mrs. Robert Duncan. Social welfare worker. Shaving - at last! Owning a radio repair shop. Partner with Eddie. Radio commentator. None Name WYN E, CONSTANCE YAMAMOTO, HISAKO YATES, ABRAHAM. RENETTE ALBRECHT, SHIRLEY ALLEN. BARBARA ANGEL, ARTEMIS ARENS. MARIE Clubs - Officers GAA, sen. adv. None Sen. adv. GAA, Mike Masrurers Tri-Y None Sen. ldv., Tri-Y ASAND. SETSU KO ASNARD, ROBERT BAERSON. BETTY BAGOT, WILLIAM BAILIFF, MARY ANN BAKER, ROBERT BARBERA, ANTHONY BARDE, GIRADA BARREN, JACK BARSAMIAN, BEVERLY BELDON, AUOREY BENOUN, BECKY BERNADOU, MARIE BERNHARD, BRUCE BERRY, THERON BLAKE. HELEN BLOOM, NATALIE BLUMENTHAL. LILA BOCAR, BEBE BOOTH, LORRAINE BOSCH, GERTRUDE BOURGEOUS, ERNEST BROADHEAD, KENNETH GAA, son. adv. None GAA Dance baud, sr-u. adv. None None Football team Eagle Co-Editor, Editor-in-Chi:-l', sen. adv., GAA Surveyor Adv, Mgr., Masque A Gavel GAA, Block W, sen. adv. GSS Floral Arts Club None H11 class pres., Eagles, basketball learns Prophecy Un her way to Reno. Banging away at a typewriter. Always last. Drawing cartoons of her husband. Holding down the patients in the dentlst's chair. Decorating the covers of Vogue, Glamour, and True Confessions. Disappointed that she didn't live up to her name. Keeping her friends in stitches. Giving her children pointers on how to get A's in Spanish. Pulling out the gray hairs resulting from being on the Senior Day committee 'way back in '47. Taking swimming honors throughout the world. Replacing Tommy Dorsey. Will have knocked 'em dead at Stanford. llave black hair. Taking over for Perry, Frankie, Dick, and Bing. Editing the New York Times. Selling advertising for Foster and Kleiser. Piano tuner. Singing with Gerry Samuels' band. Designing the clothes for America's ten best-dressed women. Holding the women's tennis championship. sen. adv., Ili-Y, track K 130 and varsity basketball tearns GAA, Block W, sen. adv., GSS GA A Still Ioating in Mexico and taking senioritas riding in TNE car. Still taking 'em all over the court. A professor-ess at U. O. Playing the piccolo in the band concerts at Golden Gate Park every Sunday. Surveyor editor. GSS, Tri-Y, GAA, Block W, sen. adv., Quill 8: Scroll Star reporter for the San Jose Mercury-Herald. Student body vice-pres., ll11 vice-pres., GSS, GAA, Tri-Y BROOKER, BARBARA BROWN, BERNICE BROWN, JUNE BROWN, MARION BROWN, ROBERT BROWNE, GLORIA BUSSEAU, GERALDINE BUTTON, JOHN BUZOLICH, VERNA CAHILL, RUTH CAMPBELL, DONALD CANNON, JAMES CHAPMAN, DAN CHAVEZ, GEORGE CHESTER, RICHARD CICERONE, BETTY CLAYTON, LORRAINE CLIFFORD, PATRICK COHEN, DAVID COHEN, SHAREL CONLAN, DANIEL CONNER. MARY CORNISH, NEVA LEE CRANOW, HARVEY CRITTENENDEN, WILLIAM DAILY, VIVIAN DEGENHARDT, WILLIAM DEMPSEY, JACK DEVINCENZI, BARBARA DEVINCENZI, DAVID DIETZ, BRUCE DIMPFL, LILIAN DOIGUCHI, ETSUKO DOYLE, RICHARD DROCCO, CHARLES DUFFY, ARTHUR DU JARDIN, JACQUELINE DULIK, JOSEPH DUNN, WILLIAM DUSKIN, BENNETT EDWARDS, PATRICIA EHLERS, REGINALD EISERT, HAROLD GAA GAA, Tri-Y, Caruera Club, CSF, l'rincirial's Cabinet None Sen. adv. 'l'vi-Y, GAA, CSF None None None Varsity football team Library staff, GAA Dance corrunittee None Sen. adv. None N one one Custodian of Student Body, Eagle Society, sen. adv., I'rincipal's Cabinet, finance conun,, football teanr Assistant yell-leader' Ili-Y, track team Sec. of L-11, sec. ut' student body, Tri-Y Music Club Sen. adv. Sen. adv. GTS, GAA, vice-pres. of .lr. Ili-rl Cross Coun., sen. arv. Stage crow Exec, court., l.-10, ll-ll, soc. of l'an-American Club, GAA, ltr-d Cross, ticket seller Trl-Y, dance ronun., llv-ll Cross, nriu. cab. None None 'l'ri-Y, GAA, sen. adv. None Sen. adv. Sen. adv., GAA, 'Fri-Y Sr-u. adv. Student Body athletic mgr., Eagle Society, dance cnrnni,, rally comm., finance rornni., sen. adv. GAA, yell leader, sen. adv., Floral Arts Club, Creative Arts Club Nouv- Noun' 0u 110, 120, 130 basketball teams lin Eagle and Surveyor Staff, baseball team L-10, L-11, exec. coun., Block "XY", GAA, Tri-Y lli-Y, 110 basketball, varsity baseball Student Conn., sen. adv., Eagles, Saber Club None GAA Track team None Will marry a Mr. Gun and be known as "Bebe Gun". Still working at Metropolitan Lite. Still happily married to her mortician. Laughing at people who try to pronounce his name. Top Seroeant in the Army. Member of the Ray White Basketball Team. Sharpening pencils for her mechanical-drawing husband. Working hard on the comptometer. Still buddies with Pat Smith. Still stacking B-B's. Head librarian at the chiIdren's room of the Main Library. llonor student at modeling school in L. A. Another James Thurber. Store detective at I. Magnin's. Married to her bartender in Seattle. Will have been retired since he was 21. Teaching judo at the Walt Babtiste Studio. Admiral in the Naval Reserve. Selling popcorn and peanuts at Kezar Stadium. Gust couldn't stay away from the football gamesli Shooting it out with Dick Tracy. A psychiatrist. Will still be seeing through people as an X-Ray Technician. Stlill saying he'll give his red car a new paint job in a different co or. Teacher at St. Ignatius. Will be talking a little faster. fMayhe?J Still be getting blonder. Leading two on at the same time. A famous lawyer. Another Jerry Geisler. Substituting for Red Skelton's "Clem Kadidilhopper". President of the Crittenden Foundationl Giving lessons in harp playing to her oflspring. Starring in his new television show "The Laugh". Owner of the roller skating "rink up the river". Still goin' steady with Stan and Phil. Star on Broadway. Mr. Fagins' successor as head of the Athletic Dept. Entertaining at Russian River. Living in Monterey because the weather there suits her better. Seeing the world via the Merchant Marine, Thinks he's getting better looking every year. Chronicle Sports Editor. Married to a Millionaire. A beach-comber. Appearing regularly on "Information PIease". While pursuing his favorite sport of hunting, he caught a woman! Secretary at Mildon, lnc. Holder of the national championship for speed skating. Mystery man-no name in the oltice tlles. Penniless after framing all her "A" report cards. Name Clubs - Officers Prophecy EINSTADTER, WERNER O'BRIEN, ELLIOTT EMERSON, MARY ENGELBRECHT. BETTY ERSEPKE, BERNICE ESSER, FRED ESSER, WILLIAM FARRELL. BILL FLANTZMAN, MAURICE FLUITT, BONNIE FRANCE. DOROTHY FRIEDHOFER, KARYL FRIEDLAND, BOB FRIEDLING, HARRIET FRIEDMAN, LILA FRIEDMAN, ROBERT FROEHLICH, BEVERLY GARDINER, RAMONA GEE. LORETTA GEORGE. ALECK GEORGE, BYRON GERDEL, KAY GEVIRTZ, MARION GILBERT. BRUCE GILMAN. NADADINE GITSCHEL, EDMOND GITSCHEL, ERIC GLAZBROOK, ALEX GLYNN. VERA GOLDROD, ARLENE GOLDSMITH, HILDA GOLDSMITH. STEPHANIE GOODMAN, MARILYN GOODY. MARJORIE GRALNICK, ROSALIE GREENBAUM, MARTIN GREGOIRE. CHERIE GRONBERG, RICHARD GROSSMAN, JACK GUEDET, BARBARA GUNDERSON, HELEN GUNN, NEILL HACK, ROBERT HAHN, MARY LOU HALL. THERESA HAMASAKI, MAY HARANO. EMICO HARDING. ELEANOR HAYES, WILLIAM HELD, ELEANOR HELLE, NORMA HELMS, PATRICIA IIENSHAW, JOHN HERNING, RICHARD HETTRICH, LEONE HILDEBRAND, RUTH HOBBS. BARBARA HON. SALLY HONN. ROBERTA HOWELL. DAVID HUDGENS. ALAN HUNTER, CAROL HUSTON, DON HUTCHINSONr GEORGE HYMAN, BARBARA ISAEFF, LEO ISELY. FRED JACIIUES. CHARLOTTE JAHN. BEVERLY JOAKIMSON, RETA JUNG, EDMOND KANAWAY, ANNA KANE, EILEEN KANE, STANLEY KEARNEY, ROSALIE KEEFE, MARCAE KERN. DORIS KEROPIAN. ROBERT KILKEARY. PATRICIA KING. JOAN KIRKWOOD, JACK KNANISHU. KENNETH KLEISER, ANNIE KLINE, JAMES KLINGMAN, JEANNE KNELL, IRMA KNIGHT. MELVIN KOSHABA, HELEN KRUEGER. IRVING KUMANO. KIMIO KYLE. DOLORES LA VINE, ROBERT LEASURE. PATRICIA LEE. EDWARD LEGENDRE, NICHOLAS LERER, EILEEN LEVESOUE, YVONNE LEVY. JOAN LEWIS, RICHARD LIPPMAN, JOAN LIPSCOMB, MARY Track None None GAA, Tri-Y Motio Saber None Eagle Rally None None None CSF, GAA, ftlillll Block "II" ', 'l'ri-Y n Picture I'rojector's Club Club, Rifle team Society, rally comin., ticket seller comm., S0ll. adv. sen, adv., French Club. Pan-American Club, Block "W" Sen. adv., GAA Sen. adv., baseball team GAA, CSF 'l'ri-Y None None None Lltl vice-pres., GAA, Camera Club, Tri-Y, Red Cross ticket seller None H12 treas., sen. adv. None Eagle Society, sen. adv., rifle, football teams None Baseball team GAA None 'l'1'i-Y GAA GAA, sen. adv. GSS, Tri-Y, GAA, CSF, Masque 8: Gavel, Candidate Club, sen. adv. None None GAA, sen. adv. None L12 reg. pres.. nrin. cab., sen. adv. None GAA. sen. adv., Music Club Eagle Society, reg. pres.. chairman of sen. adv. Sen. adv., Ili-Y Camera Club Sen. adv., Tri-Y, GAA None Y-Teens, GAA GAA Sen. adv., tennis team GAA, sen. adv. None Sen. Adv. None Sen. adv., prin. cab. None Floral Arts Club Tri-Y, sen, adv. None None Sen. adv. Chess Club GSS, GAA, Block "W", pres. of sen. adv.. CSF Rifle team L10 pres., custodian of Student Body. Projector's Club, Saber Club, Ititle team Creative Arts Club None Sen. adv. GAA 'l'ri-Y, GAA GAA None Sen. adv., GAA L10, llll sec., Tri-Y, Latin Club, GAA, sen. adv. None Nune GAA, Block "W" GAA, Y-Teens Yell leader, dance comm., rally comm., All-City Basketball, All-City Track GAA, pres. of Block "W", sen. adv. Sec. of Ill2, Tri-Y .I.V. football None CSF, Music Club Saber Club, Camera Club Tri4Y GAA. Sen. adv. Track team GAA, .lams Sen. adv. None Tri-Y, GAA, Still. adv., Lll, L12 class pres., Society, Saber Club None None Saber Club, sen. adv. None GAA Block "XV" Student Body treus., Eagle GAA, Block "W", sen. adv. Student Body pres., Eagle Society, iii-Y, sen. adv. Red Cross, Creative Arts Club None Learned a magic of making himself disappear, and has not been heard of since. Finally learning that the name of his alma mater IS not spelled "Warshington". Teaching her children that "Biloxi" drawl. Still giggling. A costume designer of world renown. Up in the air after graduating from llying school. Taking the place of Digby 0'DeII, the friendly undertaker. A "little corporal" in the U. S. Army. Still trying to get his cartoons printed in the SURVEYOR. Doinll fine. Major Barbara the second of the Salvation Army. Another one of those record hounds. Operating a laundry at Yosemite. In retirement after having been Reg treasurer three times. Part owner of Fairfax. Giving the kids at Rossi Playground pointers on baseball techniques. Posing for Murine with those big blue eyes. Still doing stretching exercises. Collecting souvenirs from points ol interest all over the world. A beach comber in Alaska tthat's what he saysll. General of the armed forces. Photographer's model-when she's not playing poker. Secretary to the boss. Dreaming about his wealthy days as high senior treasurer. Manager for "All-American Stumes". Jobbing hub caps for his Ford. Post-graduate at Samuel Gompers. Playing second base for the San Francisco Seals. Tumbling for Barnum and Bailey. Ten years older. Serving a term in jail for collecting menus. Buried alive under all her snapshots. Powers model-in a red suit. Trying to avoid stenographer's spread. Playing for Detroit Tigers in place of Hank Greenberg. Startling the outside world with her white glasses. Owning a cabinet shop. Professional drummer and ping pong player. ln the hospital-as a nurse! Will have a man ln every port of Europe. Married-we hope. A millionaire playboy-thanks to "Rasta la Vista". Laboratory technician at the Mayo Clinic. Living in a little white house in Davis. Living happily in Hawaii. Stulling nickels in the jukebox at her father's creamery. Business executive. Finally graduating from Cal. Running your corner drugstore. Trimming windows at Maison Mendesolle. If we knew, we'd tell you! Still trying to pass his engineering exams at U. C. Bouncer at "Coffee Dan's". Burning all the home-permanent factories. Paperlng her room with her picture collection. Another Jones in the phone book. Just traveling. Drawing illustrations for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Staying in solitary confinement for disturbintl the peace. Designing dream houses. Stlll trying to talk louder. Departed to Germany to play "that" music. A congressman. Opening a printing corporation to publish her book of poems. Professional chautfer. A wrestler. Having her hands full with housework. Wearing red-she heard it attracts members of the opposite sex. Model housekeeper of 1957. Owning a chain of restaurants. Raising All-American football players. Founder of the Kane "Keep 'Em Guessing" School. Giving his medical patients relapses by playing that hot clarinet. A hairdresser at Charles of the Ritz. Still having people lisp when they say her name. Looking at her memory book of George Washington High. Running an enchilada stand at the beach. Replacing Miss Forcade. Polishing her white bucks. Owning a service station. Settling down to a nice guiet life. Playing in the New York Philharmonic. Un the Shamrock Ice Hockey Team. Taking dictation from the Mayor. A cute little housewife. A junior at Chico State. At work-just loving it. Midget auto racer. Operating a "ham" station with assistance from Al. Happily married to a certain basketball player. Raking in money for the U. S. Government. Graduating from Munson's. Designing bigger, better, and faster airplanes. Calling himself "Saint Nicholas" and climbing down chimneys during the Christmas season. Driving I 1947 Willys! Posing for "Have more beautiful and longer hair" ads. Selling cokes at a soda fountain. 1957: a good man, as he was ten years before. Still organizing clubs. An Arthur Murray dance instructor. Name LOBREE, BETTY LOEWENTHAL, ELEANOR LOTY. JOYCE LOUGHLIN. NANCY LOVE, RICHARD LOWART, DONALD LUNRGREN. GERALD LYMAN, YALE MAILIS, BETTY MAJOR. JOAN MARBLESTONE, IRVING MARCY. KATHRYN MARSH. JEANNE MARTIN. BARBARA MATTAL, LARRY MATVE. NICK MAXWELL. ELIZABETH MAYER. CHARLOTTE MCKNIGHT. BARBARA MELIKIAN. BERJIK MELTON. AUBREY MENZIES, HAROLD MEYER. RONALD MILDON, DON MILLER, KENNETH MILLS. ROBERT MINUDRI. VICTORIA MITCHELL. JAMES MOCHIDA. SATSUKI MOCHIZUKI, MARIKO MOONEY, DOROTHY MORIMOTO, FRANCIS MOSK. MILTON MOSTELLER, BYRON MUNROE, SHIRLEY MUSCAT. FRANK NAGANUMA, GEORGE NASH. JOY NAUMANN. BARBARA NAVARRO. CONNIE NILES. RONALD NORELI.. CORNELIA NYE. JANET O'CONNOR. PAT OJEDA, MARIAH ONO. HANAKO OPPENHEIMER, ERNEST PABLO. DOLORES PADILLA. YOLANDA PAPAJOHN. JANE PAPPAS, IRENE PICKERING, PAT PODESTA, VALERIE POLLACK, RAYMOND POOL, ANN PREPOUSES, NICHOLAS PULT. JACIIUELINE RAISNER, DONALD RAND. MARY RANDO. CECELIA RAPATTONI, JOHN RECCA. JOSEPHINE REINISCH, SHIRLEY ROBINSON, RICHARD ROGERS, ALICE ROHRS. FRED ROLLER, HELEN ROLLING. EARL ROSENBLATT. LEONARD ROTH, NATHAN ' ROUSE, PATRICIA ROWE, DIANNE RUCKER, JOAN RYAN. ROBERT RYLAND. JUNE RYST, ADELE SALVONI. RENA SARGANIS, ANNA SARGIS, WILLIAM SATO, KEN SAVY, HELEN SCHAFER, LILLIAN SCHMIDT, HILDA SCOTT, ROSALIE SEIBOLD, CAROL SHAW. JEANNE SHERER. RICHARD SHIPUNOFF. ALEXANDER SILVERMAN. SYLVIA SIMSON, ELIZABETH SKAULAN, ROBERT SKLIVAS, MARY SLOBODY, PAUL SMITH, DORIS SMITH. EUGENE SMITH, PAT SNEE, PATRICIA SNODGRASS. JUNE SOMMER, BEATRICE STARK, DOLORES Clubs - Officers GAA Sun. adv. 'l'ri-Y, GAA GAA, GSS, dance 1-iuuui. lli-Y, Eagle Suriv-ty, football tvanis Sr-in vita--nrt-s., ldairlv Suvivty, sun. ruby, basketball football tearns Stage cr:-w lli-Y, CSF, ext-it cunn., class vir'r--pri-s. Tri-Y, svn. adv., GAA GAA, Blur-k "ll"' None Sr-n. adv., Frerrvb Club, Illusir Club Eagle Cn-editor, prin. cab., 'l'ri-Y, sun. adv., dznivr' r'unin1., Surveyor Art Editor None Sen, adv., radio staff Nunc GAA Sen. adv. 1.11, H11 vice-pres., Tri-Y, sen. adv., darrvv vunun. GSS, Floral Arts Club Varsity football, baseball tvams Sen. adv. liitl basketball team Basketball team Prin. cab., 130 baslu-tball tr-ani Eagle Society None None GAA GAA Nom' lfill basketball team lknnd and stamp vumm., svn. adv. Nona GAA None Nunv lllli class sec., GSS, GAA, sr-n. adv. GAA, Block "IV", GSS, son. adv. Son. adv., Camera Club None GSS, st-n. adv. Sec. of GAA, historian of G.AA, nrt-s. of GSS, Block "XV" GAA, sen. adv. GAA None Baseball and sru'r'ur teams Nunu None Nonr- Sen. adv. N one N une Soccor learn Creative Arts Club Sen. adv. GAA, lllnek "W", fSec'.l, sen, adv. H10 class pres., Eagle Society None Class vice-pres., GAA None GAA None Chess Club Creative Arts Club, GSS 130 basketball team GAA, sen. adv. None Soccer leant Eagle Society, lli-Y, sen. adv., football tram None GAA L12 class council, lll2 class vice-pri-s., Rod Cross, GAA, GSS, Block HW" Sen. adv. GAA, Creative Arts Club None None Nnne Sen. adv., nrin. cab. None None Block "W", sen. adv., GAA, program comm. GAA, Block "W", sen. adv. Sen. adv., GAA H12 student couu., Tri-Y, sou. adv., Eagle Adv. Mngr., Surveyor Bus. Mngr. Sec. of GAA, GSS, Block "W", GAA None None GAA Sen. adv.. GAA, Music Club Masque H Gavel, radio comm. Prin. cab., sen. adv. None GAA, sen. adv. Saber Club, Hi-Y None None None None None Prophecy A Phi Beta Kappa at Cal. Still collecting records. A miniature dental assistant. Lying in the sun-the energetic type you know. Playing basketball for the Globe Trotters. Filibustering in the Senate because of his fluent speech. Stage manager of the Opera House. Professor of law at llarvard. Modeling for the "you too can have a beautiful smile" ads. President for the Society for the prevention of cruelty to men. Outliving his nickname "Marblehead" bestowed by Miss Klrwln llen-medic at the Mayo Clinic. Still struggling to get her B.A. degree from Stanford. Kicking up her heels in a Broadway musical. Announcing for the early morning soap-operas. Picture of him in every rogues' gallery in the country. A mermaid teaching little flshies how to swim. Will still look like Hedy Lamarr with her hair-do. Star of the radio program "The Whlstler". Still running hack and forth between S.F. and Fresno. Playing football for the 49'ers. Will still be driving the Chryslers he sells. Professional basketball player. llappily married to his secretary. Teaching young athletes how to play better basketball. Dividing his time between Bernice and mechanical drawing. Telling the girls from "Pres" all the dlrt about Washingtor An expert KP in the Army. Giving lectures on "How to catch a man". Still pumping away at the old church organ. Still breaking hearts right and left. Famous rare-coin collector. Prominent businessman ln Los Angeles. Drawing cartoons at Walt Dlsney's tand this one's truell. Still clowning around. Technician at Union Sguare Garage. Looking for a crossword puzzle good enough to stump him. Head nurse at Mount Zion llospital. Still wearing her life-membership CSF pin. Still eating banana splits, caramel sundaes, and chocolate candy! Still a gentleman. Skating with the Ice Follies. Succeeded Miss Jackson and is now helping other GSS presidents. Is now in Europe, studying art. Replaced Schaparelli in the designing fleld. Made headlines when she blew up the chem. lab land herselfll. Made the major leagues in baseball. Fulfllled her dream of traveling when she married a traveling salesman. Will he happily married to a Guatemalan and Ilvlng in Latin America. Modeling fur coats in the summer and bathing sults ln the winter. Doing something sensible. lShe asked for itll. Happily married. Stenograllher and married to her boss. Still nursing his "big toe" after having played on the GW lllgl soccer team. The all-nlght disc jockey for station KJBS. Professor of Greek at USF. Teaching little kiddies their ABC's. Running a prosperous hardware business. Giving exhibitions at "SkateIand." A dancing and singing star on Broadway. Wearing a loud plaid jacket. Owning an antique shop. A bareback rider in the circus. Sitting on the floor in room 128. Smashing atoms and writing chemistry books. Will draft the plans for the new Lowell. Will be manufacturing "roller" skates. Will still be rolling. Will have earned the title of "Crockpot inventor" for his numerous gadgets. Giving out free houses for parties. Will be secretary of some large flrm. Will be teaching her children the easy way to learn Spanish. Director at the Library of Congress. Will have put his Olympic Club practice to use and be swlmmlng the Golden Gate. Wlll be drawing cartoons for Walt Disney company. Head model at the National Dollar Store. Starring in the Ice Follies. Teaching little chlldren to dance. Owner of a grocery store. A big Importer. Still driving the neighbors nuts with her accordion. Bacterlologlst. Trying to decide on either Cal or State twoman's privilege to change her mindj. Winning all the cups at Tanforan. Still as lovely as ever lguess who wrote thIs?b. Givlnll advice to a future GAA secretary. Opening a museum containing all the souvenirs he has collected. Leading "Alexander's Ragtime Band". ' Remembering her days as a "patient" in home-nursing class. Recording for RCA Victor. Outstanding actor on "Portia Faces Life". Mascot at the llre statlon. Manufacturing motorcycles. Will be lost without Irma Knell. Living down his role as Saint Patrick. Stlll buddies with Marian Brown. Married-anything to change her name! A model for "Grin and Bear lt". Psychiatrist. Celebrating her 10th anniversary. Name STELLING, CAROL STELLING, CLYDE STEVENS. ANN STEVENS, GERRY STEVENS, VENA STEWART, WILLIAM STROUD, DARRYLL SWAN, JOHN TABUCHI, SUEKO TAKAHASHI. NAOMI TALLMAN, GLORIA TARROU, MAURICE TAYLOR, PATRICIA THAU, PERSIS THIEBAUT, PHYLLIS THOMAS, ANN THULIN, RICHARD TILLE5. EVELYN TOMLINSON , ROBERT TONG, EDWARD TRIGER, EDYTHE TUCKER. GWEN UCHIKURA, FUSA UHLER, NANCY UNIDER, JERRY VALENTINE, HELEN VEAL, REBA WARSHAVSKY, RACHAEL WEBSTER, ELEANOR WEDDE, HARRIET WEINGARTEN, CAROLE WEISSER. IRVING WELCH, GLADYS WELCH. NANCY WELSH. BETTY WESTERFELD. JANET WHEELER, .IERRID WOEBCKE, DONALD WONG, WILLIAM WOODRUFF. ROBERT YASTE, DALE YATES. ARLENE YEARSLEY, LOREN YIM, JANE ZAKARIAN, GLORIA ZENTNER, LUCIEN ZITZELSBERGER, JOHN Clubs - Officers L12 vic'v-mos., GAA, svn. :ldv Nom- GAA GAA Janus, GAA lturmtlmll tvmn None Sum-i' lm':zm GAA GAA GAA Nune- GAA, Block "W" Son. adv., Block "W", GAA Student Body sec., H12 sllulvnt colin., GSS, irons. svn. adv., Block "W", GAA, Eagle Editor-in-I'l1ief, CSF, Quill S: Scroll, dance Ki rally comm. None L12 stud:-nt cnun., 1l12 class pri-s., Eagle Society, USF, Band, nrin. rail. L12 class sec., GAA None Sen. mlv. llvrl Cross, GAA Sf-n. adv. None GAA pres., vice-pres. GSS, Tri-Y Track teaun, Eagle Stall Y-'l'ce-ns Y-Tel-iis GAA Prophecy Practically applying her home-economics lessons. Owner of "Honest Clyde's Used-Car Lot". Engaged. Calming fevered brows at Children's Hospital. Interior decorator. Referee of the Lowell-Washington football game. Architect for the 103-story building ercted in San Francisco. President of "My Name is a Poem Club". Breaking the world's speed record in typing. Is celebrating 'cuz she finally hit ive feet. Trying to forget "Caldonia" and the Eagle ads. Seeing the world in his bell bottom trousers. I5 the first and only female player for the Seals. "Persis and ber Magic Violin" now have a place of their own in the radio world. Knocking otl a novel in her spare time as a housewife. Shortstop on a softball team. Replacing Robert Sproul as president of U. C. will have replaced Jo Stafford. Still building model airplanes fNo, not his second childhood--just a hobbyll. Owning a big business of his own. New working as a lab technician at the U. C. Hospital. A secretary. will have taken over the operations of the NB Dept. Store. ltlork "W", svn. adv., GAA, Mike Music-rs, svn. zulv., rollin aunminmm-r Sen, nilv. , GAA GAA, sen. adv. 110 lmskeilmll tmini GAA 'Picket seller, Tri-Y, llllllft' cmmn,, svn. avlv. GAA ll10, L11, L12 stmlvnl onlin., GAA, svn. zulv. None None Sen. adv., 130 baskctlmll lomn, truck team None Stage crew, stage elvctriciaui, soccer lr-am GAA S1-n, zulv. Nom' GA A None Football, track tennis Going steady with the Pres. of the United States. Haunting the various editorial rooms of the city. Another Agnes Moorehead of the stage and screen. Will be managing famous actress, Helen Valentine. A mathematical whiz at U.C. Will take Kate 5mith's place on the radio. Block-printing the wedding and engagement announcements of her Washington buddies. Still playing cupid for her friends. Still iigging-Lowell style. Typing personal letters on her boss's time. Bootlegger in H202. Her slogan-"U-2 can have blond hair". Starting a nursery school with her six kids as enrollees. Posing for shampoo ads. Part-owner of a theater with .lim Mitchell. Thinking of the time he was the only boy in a shorthand class of 40 girls. Coaching a basketball team at the playground. Mr. Anthony's substitute. Captain and chief-electrician of his own yacht. P.E. teacher at Washington. "Waterboy" for the S.F.J.C. football team. Happily married, with nine kids. Professor of Judo at U. C. Famous collector of classical records-including versions of "Open the Door, Richard". Finally broke down and bought himself a pair of glasses. THE GEARY DRUG CO. M. N. BASKIN, Propriefor PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS l8TH AVENUE 8: GEARY BLVD. Phone SKyIine 4539 San Francisco, Calif. Compliments of ZAGK RADIO SUPPLY 00. Phone: MA. 1426 1426 Market' St. COM PLIMENTS OF THE DONUT BOWL ron-I Avenue Ano oeanv ocvo. COMPLIMENTS OF EM BLEATRQSIENT C0 1251 MARKET STREET San Francisco. Calif. SPOTLESS CLEANERS 5809 GEARY BLVD. SKyIine 3037 CALL AND DELIVERY SERVICE All Work Guaranfeed I2 to 24 Hour Service 3 to 4 Day Regular Service SENIOR CLASS l08 Bea Gay Dog . . an x'D K 2,3 7 "If I , WP I X Nfl 1 I' or 9 A P f I 3 'QP--v,..,, IN AUTHENTIC COSTUMES From GOLDSTEIN 81 CO. MARKET STREET O GAr'ieId COLISEUM SHOE STORE 642 CLEMENT STREET Phone BAyview 3983 San Francisco BaIboa's 5 8110: Sfore The Sfore Thaf Has "EVERYTHING" 3615 Balboa Sf. San Francisco FAMILY MARKET The Besf in Meais, Poulfry, Fruifs and Vegefables GROCERIES 5841 GEARY ST. NEAR 23RD AVENUE MINCHIN'S PHARMACY Prescripfion Pharmacy C. F. MINCHIN, PH. 81 G. 3600 Balboa SI. a'l' 37I'h Ave. Phone SKyIine I82B San Francisco skyline 4557 KINGS SPORTING GOODS 6300 GEARY BLVD.. COR. 27TH AVE. SAN FRANCISCO. CALIF. TENNIS RACKETS Resfrung, Repaired and Renfed SKyIine I520 Service and Qualify NABORHOOD PHARMACY Prescripfion Specialisfs WALTER FRANKLIN, Propriefor 3300 BALBOA ST. AT 34TH AVE. HALCO LIGHT COMPANY "From Facfory fo You" LIGHTING FIXTURES LEONARD M. COLVIN PHONE EX. 0664 734 MISSION ST. N O T T Y ' S SCHOOL SUPPLIES ICE CREAM AND CANDY 2037 Balboa SI. EVergreen 9832 Refreshing pause IOITIED UNDII AUIMOIIIY Ol YN! COCA-COLA COMPANY IV The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. San Francisco, Calif. "The Trend Is Toward The Trained" HEALD'S BUSINESS COLLEGE VAN Ness G+ Posr STREET - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA OAKLAND 0 SAN JOSE 0 SACRAMENTO Wien pkuw For a Job after Graduation fhink of fhe TELEPHONE COMPANY I-lere's a business Tha? offers many oppor- Tunifies To ambifious young women .... . . . lnferesfing, sfeady work af good pay. .. . . . A chance To advance in a company wiflw which you'H be proud fo be associafed. Come in and falk H' over any week day from 9 A.M. fo 4 P.M. '56 ,Wo x I' 44 l40 New Mon+gomery S+ree'r gk mi' 'E or 2272 Mission S1'ree+ 2-7-if " Q 1' rqlruons l-Its. THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY .q-, -... Picfured here are Lorraine Boolh, Joyce Lofy, Belly Lou Shepherd and Dorofhy France. GRADUATES WHAT NOW? Congra+uIa'fions and besl wishes fo you for every success in fhe fufurel If a career in business is your choice, The Mehopolilan Life Insurance Company has many advanfages lo offer you. Why noi' ask any of 'rhese four of your George Washing+on High associales, shown al' work in our organiza+ion, of lheir experi- ences as employees? Office hours are 8:30 'Io 5:00, Monday lhrough Friday. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 600 STOCKTON STREET SAN FRANCISCO 20, CALIFORNIA 37TH 81 BALBOA MARKET LEO BELLUOMINI Choice Qualify Meals SKyIine 7300 f-FS 5: Y j I 360I BALBOA ST. SAN FRANCISCO T H E B O O K C A S E Under New Managemenl' CIRCULATING LIBRARY GIFTS-STATIONERY-TOYS SHREVE TREAT 5 EACRET SCHOOL SUPPLIES "Greefing Cards for all Occasions" 3608 Balboa S'l'. Phone BAyview 8649 RETAIL HOUSE OF FLOWERS "Flowers for all Occasions" CORSAGES A SPECIALTY 6040 Geary near 25lh Avenue BAyview 7940 Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere WE DELIVER P EVergreen 40I9 WARNOCKIS PHARMACY BLUE PIRD SHOPPE Prescripfion Druggisfs Juvenile and Women's WEARING APPAREL 4056 BALBOA STREET AT 42ND AVE. 3604 BALBOA ST. BAyview 67II San Francisco WALTER KAHN Phone BAyview 0922 GOLDEN GATE CLEANERS "The Finesf in Complefe Garmenf Service" ONE DAY COMPLETE SERVICE 2650 Balboa Sl., cor. 28lh Ave. San Francisco pany Tha+'s Dick looking inienlly al a record album, while Dave and Barbara are making eyes a+ each olher over a Perry Como Album in Western Radio and Record Shop 3619 BALBOA STREET near 37TH AVENUE Kardon PRINTING CO., INC. PRINTERS ENGRAVERS BOOKBINDERS 329 Minno Sfreef Phone SAN FRANCISCO GArield 2320 SKyline 9 I 09 SIMPSON'S CONFECTIONERS 0 RESTAURANT BAKERY 0 CATERING 950 CLEMENT STREET San Francisco DCLORES PRESS Prinfing JOSEPHF.RAE Telephone UNderhill 3667 3384 SIXTEENTH ST. SAN FRANCISCO A454 r ,f - - 2 R .Q 5 -'e A 7' 'LTL N ai f f " ., A . rm fig r -v elf: ...rx " ' : lf . ' -351 ff -, X V , - ' I 57 lf ' ,U- Sutter's Mill . . . wherejames Marshall found the gold Hakes that started the greatugold- rush" to California. Visit the Wells Fargo Historical Collection, Market and Montgomery Streets. Wells Fargo Bank s. umon rnusr co. SAN FRANCISCO - 20 Extabli.vlJed1852 Member F.D.I.C. N O , FOR DISTINCTIVE , f Q. CORSAGES AND FLOWERS R I I fb X H"s Always f f ' f f , 90dedmdQ Q 224 Granl Avenue and in lhe Fairmonl Holel X fi f S fha X C0TT9N I Phone: SUIl'er 6200 veuow 1.1 Z 'Hiro I5-I Z f X ' W Q ' 9- V CP' of 0 P0 Nl 237' mnunoabsks PROMPTLY FILLED PURTRNTS 'N THIS "5URVEY0R" "When You Say Milk - Say BY MARIN DELL" 1675 HOWARD STREET J' H 9 D O R T Y San Francisco, Calif. FISHER STUDIO soo CLEMENT sr. con. 9TH Ave. I Louis WEIMAN. Ph. es. - DRUEHL DRUG CO. Exclusive REVLON'S ULTRA VIOLET LIPSTICK AND NAIL POLISH o 4 Phone BAyview 3919 San Franclsc 177 POST STREET sLEcTmcAL Hnnwns AND ,hone sum 80, PLUMBING SUPPLIES SU'l"l'er 1542 San Francisco Heine's Hardware Sfore H. N. FLATOW General Repairing SKyline 8828 3614 Balboa Sl. "II"s The BesI"' Spreckels French Cusfard Ice Cream "GOLD MEDAL WlNNER" SPRECKELS RUSSELL DAIRY CO.. LI'd. Blh 8: Bryanl Slreels W.O.W Complimenfs of Woodmen of l'he World Legal Reserve Life Insurance 785 Maricel' SI. SUH'er i070 San Francisco, Calif. Comple-I-e Aul'o Mainlenance LOBECK 81 HOFFER 33rd Ave. and Balboa Slreel' Phone: EVergreen 9818 a Coliseum S'I'ore For Men Feafuring Washinglon Hi Signel' Bells 52.95 FOR BELT AND BUCKLE 740 Clemenl' S+. GUS MOELLER 81 SONS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE RENTING. COLLECTIONS AND LOANS EST. 1908 BAyview 7373 O 6260 Geary Blvd. al' 27111 Avenue BALBOA PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. WHOLESALE - RETAIL PAINTS - VARNISHES-ENAMELS - WALLPAPER 3444 Balboa S'l'reel' near 36l'h Ave. - BAyview 9371 COMPLIMENTS OF J A C K B A R R E N 667 - 40+h Ave. slcyline sae-1 COMPLIMENTS OF GALLENKAMPS COMPLIMENTS OF C-ILLON LUMBER skyline asus GEARY BLVD. al 4+h AVE. YOUNGER-SET Apparel for fhe Mlss and Youfhful Woman Telephone YUkon 6-1080 145 GRANT AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO 8 Jim Shanhy, fnmpanq, INTERTYPE ' LUDLOW ' HAND COMPOSITION LAYOUT ' MAKEUP ' LOCKUP TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN REPRODUCTIONS D0ugIus 3048 140 Second Street Sun Francisco 5 GEARY GIFT SHOP Giffs 0 Jewelry CHARMS ..... 50c TO ..... 53.00 MRS. MARIA KELLEY 5815 Geary Boulevard I SKyline 8580 FAMILY PHARMACY Drug and Founfain Service Ice Cream, Ginger Ale on Ice, Sandwiches We Serve Golden Slafe Ice Cream Geary Sfreef af Twenfy-Third Ave. - BAyview 3437 Good Luck fo fhe Graduafes MAURICE BORDEN COLISEUM MEAT MARKET 719 Clemenl' Sfreef O SKyline 6744 Phones: SKyline 6397 - 4144 I 714 Clemenl' Slreel PINELLIS FLOWERLAND Flowers For All Occasions ..a.,. There's Jean and Carol bifing inlo deli- cious cream puffs while lheir lhoughls are also on lhe lempling cakes, pies, and bread in GRETCHIN'S BAKERY 521 Clemenl' Sfreel near 6'l'h Avenue Phone SKyline 4442 THE MEMBERS OF REGISTRY 231 wish lo exlend fhanks and congralulaiions lo MR. UHTE for his 'line iob as manager of lhe Clean-Up Proiecl REGISTRY I28 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS Beverly Enlrop James Hunl' Bob Knighl' Mauri Koblich Roy Kryanich Helen Landau George Lee Ann Less Morris Levy Louise Lindsay Hollis Loclre Bob Maccari Celesle Manley Zoe McCallen Peggie McNamee Emily McGrow Sandra Marks Mila Malleson Waller Malhes George Maze Curlis Meier Charles Michels Rulh Mingsl Fred Minlrind Beverly Monlgomery Bill Sullon Nancy Welsh Richard Tolh Barbara Wilson Joan Wilkinson Shirley Albrechf Lila Blumenlhal Bebe Bocar Gerlrude Bosch Barbara Brooker Bernice Brown Lorraine Claylon Mary Conner William Degenhardl Charles Drocco Karyl Friedholer Kay Gerdel Nadacline Gilman Vera Glynn Hilda Goldsmilh Mariorie Goody Richard Gronberg Carol Hunler Rosalie Kearney Marcae Keele Doris Kern Kennelh Knanishu Dolores Kyle Roberf La Vine Belly Lobree Richard Love Larry Mallal Roberl Mills James Milchell Dolores Pablo Richard Robinson Helen Valenline REGISTRY 313 CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATING HIGH SENIORS Mrs. Brown-Teacher Chuck Sfanley Wall' Ossenberg Milfon Frankel Ernie Mafhews Elaine MiI'chell Idelle Zelver Marylyn Rassmussen Jimmy Springer Joan Young Earle Clayfen Naomi Shibafa Janei Perkins Joan Corlin Jerry Crumpler Bob Schwarh Bob Tellefsen Cecil Czachow Arden Fae Duncan Joy Cross Nancy Bohall Emma Vallve May Takuwa Kazuko lmada Jewell Webber Mary Alice McMurray Elizabefh Schmerhorn Hazel Hansen Andy Gambardella Dave Cosenza Dick Roe Dick Cowden Harold Raphael Pai lchioka Charlo'He Jacobson Sophie Chibidakis Nell Cody PRlCE'S MEN'S DISTINCTIVELY STYLED FOOTWEAR 718 Markei' S'I'ree'I' SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA Besl' Wishes fo fhe CLASS OF JUNE 1947 from REGISTRY 237 CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS Mrs. Dorofhy Belclon Marvin Boyd Marfin Cole Virginia Crombie Shirley Finnegan June Fish Bill Fleckles John Gardenal Kenne+h Hagemann Jo-Ann Hansen Chesler Lee Roberf Lee Gene Gee Margary Lilly Roberl Logan REGISTRY 20I M enzel O -Teacher Harvey Malofsky Alan Miller Chris+ine Morphopoulos Liberi Myers Shirley Newell Thomas Norman Jim Phillips Carolyn Pinsler Janice RaiH Anfica Saroyan Roberl' Toma Joseph Yuen Helen Sioker Michael Deane Larry Shosiak DEDICATED TO MISS BY MEMBERS OF Jackie Gamble Masashi Hirai MiI'suo Onizuka Leone Osleyee Gillie Overholf Alva Owyang Doreen Palm Roberf Palmer Connie Papalias Joe Para Dolores Parhomenko Geil Parker Connie Pashnecolii Bill Paierson Pai Paulsen Wallace Poon SHEARER G-30 Russ Presiing Gilberf Quong Dale Randall Frank Raye Kaihie Reinherh James Reynolds MargareI Robbins Bill RoberIs la Verne Robinson Clare Rohrs Barbara Roloff Allen Rosenbaum Joyce Spoonis George Yukoi Jean Varley Barbara Ross UNDER THE STARS IN THE RQSE-BCWL ai' LARKSPUR EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 'TIL 1:00 A.M. FIREWORKS See The Greaf Firefall Thru fhe Redwoods PAUL LAW e nirispecfiizcn ESTRA Greyhound Busses Direci' io Bowl Sponsored by 'ihe Larkspur Fire Depf. Free Parking Wifh Bonded Affendanfs A L 9 Confinuous Operafion Since 1910 R. 39 Roc 5, Q T s BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS REGISTRY 333 M RS. WAGSTAFF-Teacher Marion Gevirfz Jack Grossman Slan Kane Don Huslon Dave Howell Pal Edwards Gloria Browne Belly Englebrechl Bill Sargio Leone Hellrick Lorraine Boollw Dee Slark Rullw Hildebrand Don Woebeke Pal Kilkeary Byron Mosfeller Harry Cranow Evelyn Tilles Dick Herning Eleanor Held Becky Benoun Ed Jung Don Lowarl' Belly Cicerone Nancy Laughlin Sylvia Silverman o B E S T W I S H E S TO Theron Berry Bob Hack Jack Grossman Dick Lewis FROM Lloyd Sankowich .lolwn Dilg Bud Blumenfeld George Mainis Frank Brown Wall Chenowellw Marly Cole Bob Culler Morry Green G eorge Suzdeleff John Hillebranclf Jack Lucey Paul Maurice Al O'Brien Gilly Overlmlf Bob Pelerson Ken Rallo Jim Springer Bill Sullon Rick and Jaclc are being shown 'rhe fine seleciion of school rings and pins by Warren Willard, Washingfon Gracluafe of I940, in Ihe beaufiful display room of VAN WORMER 81 RODRIGUES. INC. 126 Posi Sireei Phone EXbrook 5886 AL CUTLER I Real Esfafe lnvesfmenfs I 5332 GEARY BLVD. BAyview 3012 R. J. BIAGINI Propriefor J. VARSI CO. 0 GEARY BLVD. BA. 5436 AT 19TH AVE. EV. 9699 29TH AND BALBOA STREET . we 5Pe,i,,i,e in mrs or l.ocAL HISTORY SCHOOL LUNCHES - ALL TYPES or SANDWICHES 1893 MILK SHAKES ' SPAGHETTI 81 CHILI THE RICHMOND BANNER CANDY ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAMBURGERS Esiablished Your Disfricf Newspaper Q We Prini' "THE EAGLE" 191 1 GREETINGS Nofary Public Service al' Banner Office From Hle Beaufiful MARINTOWN GUUNTRY CLUB 1936 FAIRFAX George Washingion High School Opens Q ' HARQLD MENZIES MOTOR co. CHRYSLER.. PLYMOUTH 1 SALES f Complefe Aufomoiive Se G ry Boulevard af Fourfh Ave. SKyline 5 681 BENJAMIN P. KEYS CCMPANY f BOOKBINDERS 1 Q 246 lsf. Sfreef EXbrook 2871 l20

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