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n 0 9 I U Q 3 i Q I . ' 59. 'A 5 . f a' I 0 I - ,-.F J . n J9, Q Q 4 1 . O f . o U lu' 1 1 lflilik'-'V O AR "J rp . ,sv-nTv4f'.,fL -k NXAJ li' Ll-1 ,Of X Lflv '11 l dur," A P0 1969 Volume 41 George Washington lligh School - 2215 West Washington - Indianapolis, Indiana CONTINENTAL TIMES IN '69 Continental Times In '69 beckon forth lingering memories of the past year. The last minute slam of a locker door and the desperate race to class prove some Continental times exigent. The sweetest melody to a Continental's ears are those four little words "Now for tonights assign- ment." But what Continental lets curriculum stand in the Way of extra-curriculum? After all, most of these activities are only offered seven days ia week! Yes, 1969 is the year for dirty lockers, athletics, homework, crowded hallways, and very tired teach- ers. All pattern themselves into the little schedule of this years hurry-scurry. 1969 PO T ATHLETICS 12 ACADEMICS 40 ACTIVITIES 54 ALBUM 72 INDEX 125 I. l A TIME OF TRIAL is expressed in the Dramatic production THE CRUCIBLE. Helen Kira, Cathy Vaughn, Bill Turner, and Roger Weaver received lead roles. Miss Colleen Stanley rlirectr-rl the play. 4 Continental time in '69 was marked by the ap- pearance of snow, the Indianapolis Symphony Or- chestra, and outstanding student effort. George Washington High School was number one not only athletically but academically. Student effort was shown by the National Thes- pian Society in their production of the Crucible. Many hours were spent by the stage crew, actors, and actresses while rehearsing for this production. More talent was shown by the Indianapolis Sympho- ny Orchestra, as they performed before the student body. In '69 Louie Day, one member of the State Bas- ketball Championship Team was known for his chant "Get On Your Feet." The cheerblock, sponsored by Mrs. Kennedy, helped produce spirit at pep-sessions and at all the games. They also sold booster badges and shakers to raise the money for Mr. Green's sweater. T I I l l l a I I 5 NOT ALL WORKQ Continentals indulge in a little snowball the girls to defend themselves, escapade on school time. Boys will be boys so it's only up to O O I En thuslasm key to Contmental tlmes 4 I' ?fAi2n,,1Mf3 5 if l l I l l THE INDIANAPOLIS SYMPHONY presenmd selections aid elementary students. Theis annual visit is something to Et from last years Music Memory C1 ntest ior lwtlm 'gh school look forward to, l' 5 I I ln 4 x9 FRESHMAN soon catch on to the everyday routine of Cont- inental Life. THE SPIRIT OF '66 pays the '69 Football Team a little visit before the big game. Spirit of Champs in '65 and '66 hovers E... SPIRITED LAUGH-IN puts Continentals in right mood for Tourney Time. Throughout the year "69" Continental happen- ings' included a variety of extra-curricular activities. During spirit week the reproduction of the TV series "Laugh-In" was performed before the student body. Also, Continentals expressed their loyalty by wear- ing schools colors and booster badges. These events helped recapture the spirit of "65". Action took place in the most appreciated per- iod, lunch, when boys got together and spoke of the state basketball tourney. As they ate a hearty mealg games, grades, cars, and girls was a part of their conversation. During class break, it is not unusual to see a boy anticipating the arrival of his girl at his locker. Breaks were used to return books, as a last tive- minute study for a test or just to relax and talk with a friend or teacher. Walking through the halls of G.W.H.S., stu- dents saw teachers and friends. The chatter of greeting was often heard. About George Washing- ton High School one can easily find work, play and participation in all students. Gloves, coats, boots and hats were worn by Continentals during the winter season of the year. But even though the weather outdoors wasn't what was ordered, pupils walked to school in the snowy months of October through January. i 'X xx ws 4 ,, 'cg ' 5 , I lf? S H .. , gy M . ' I 19,1 WMI ' ' 4 ELEMENTARY STUDENTS wait in line to attend Indianap- THERE IS ENOUGH FOOD on those trays to feed an army! olis Symphony Concert. Senior boys have the biggest appetite. over students in '69 'F M ,,o, M4 l if THE SPIRIT OF TOURNEY TIME winds its way through the halls between classes. 7 QU f'. A TH E 1969 HOMECOMING QUEEN, Connie Higgins and her court, Bonnie Selby, Cindy Warren, Brenda Hicks, and Doris SENIORS Jim Arnold and Steve Downing represented George Washington High School at the Southern Leadership Confer- ence in Wisconsin. These two were chosen to represent Wash- ington as outstanding athletes. 8 Garland. Her Majesty presided at all of the Homecoming fes- tivities. '69 a year for jubilation, Continentals spent '69 in many moods. Some were jubilant because they brought forth the ful- fillment of many dreams, others were serious be- cause they brought an end to many hours of hard work. Some Continentals worked many hours reading magazines and scripts to prepare themselves f or the coming plays and debate meets. The debators spent mos t of their Saturdays competing against other schools. Other students spent many of their nights here at school practicing for the plays they presented this year, "THE MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOTX' and "THE CRUCIBLEJ' Three students had the privilege of attending this year's Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp. This camp was held in the state of Wisconsin. Each year one to three outstanding athletes are chosen to attend and represent their school. From our school Jim Arnold, Louie Day, and Steve Downing were chosen. Homecoming, 1969 was an exciting evening for Connie Higgins and the football team. Connie was crowned queen and the football team scored a vic- tory over Ben Davis, 34-6. The George Washington School ROTC had an ex- citing year for they took the City Rifle Champion- ship with a record of 10-0. The cadets learned the prone position of how to hold and fire a rifle. , vm PHONE SGT. TOMSON explains the use of a riile to Beginning R.O.T.C. Students. David Palmer deminstrates proper position. fulfillment, effort SENIORS TOM LAND AND WINIFRED SEMINICK at- tended the Debate Workshop at I. U. in Bloomington during the summer. They are two of Washington's top debators. ri' if Washington's Rifle Team was Number 1 in the City. DAIN SAMPLES, Senior, prepares himself for one of the roles in theWashington production of "MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOT". He is an outstanding actor in the field of Dra- ma. 9 iw. "DOUBLE, DOUBLE toil and troubleg Fire burn, and cald- Relf do their best to satisfy the gastronomic needs of the stu- ron bubble." The cafeteria staff under the direction of Mrs. dent body. Active atmosphere calls for laughter, f , f' ' X lxfl I. "'4'h'n- I 1 J. MACHINE CALCULATION students learn the skills of work- ing rapidly and efficiently, It will later prepare them for the constantly rising field of Automation. 10 GLENDA HALL, an assistant for George Washington High School's library, is kept busy checking books out for Contin- ental bookworms, Her job requires courtesy and patience. Active was the best way to describe the atmos- phere at George Washington High School. Laughter, costumes, and a pie in the face were the ways G. W. H. S. fans showed their spirit during basketball sea- son. the Laugh-In, pep-session sponsored by Mrs. Pock, held the interest of every student. The comedy it produced was shared and enjoyed throughout the gymnasium. The Laugh-In's purpose was to set the team and student body in good spirits, and as a re- sult it ended a success. Students showed much interest when help was needed. Library assistants proved their concern by seeing that the books were checked in and out prop- erly and replaced back on the correct shelves. They also aided those persons who needed advice on re- search material. Another task they performed was collecting money for late books. Machine Calculation was one of the business courses offered that helped the pupils "add" to their education. Students are given problems which must be solved on the machines in a certain length of time. This class is the only one which prepares us for the modern world of machines. The cooks did a splendid job of preparing and serving lunch. They offered us a wide variety of de- serts, salads, meats, and vegetables. Many hours were used in preparing a efficient menu that was de- sired by teachers and students. ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS before the State Tourney was the Continental "Laugh-In." Ginny Robertson, David Stevens, Darcella Williams, and Carey Woodward made up the cast. costumes, a pie in the face . Ao, WHAT A WAY to round up a Senior year! Carl Pack gets his just reward for display- ing such a name. Ahhhh-Defeat, Ahhhh-Defeat as a very discouraged and rejected Pack leaves. L. A JN 1969 Athletics '4 'Q 2.-.9 . . 4r1"f7"m+1f "1" .,:-,'V:'9 use Jim Jones leads Walter Nelson and John Bopp in a practice juunt around the school grounds. Reserve CC: Ron Ellis, Mike Freije, Dave Seih, '.V'1.lter Nel- son, Bill Sarvich and Harold Rogers. VARSITY RECORD 5 First Places 2 Seconds Tech 18 Washington 53 Ben Davis 68 Washington 22 Howe 35 Washington 30 Anderson 33 Attucks 73 North Central 19 L. Central 52 Washington 60 City Meet-Fourth Sectional-Seventh 14 The Continental Varsity harriers under a new coach John J arosinski picked up another winning sea- son. Even though the team was lacking in experi- ence it did manage to place 4th in the City Meet. Mr. J arosinski was quoted as saying "This city meet was the best team effort of the year." The harriers were lead by two seniors, Terry Kimble and Jim Jones. Jim and Terry brought home 14th and 20th place respectively in the city meet. The harriers also placed 7th in the sectional and again were lead by Jones who placed 2nd, Jim Jones lead the team with the fastest 2-mile run of the season. He was clocked in 10:15, making him among the best in the school's history. The reserve thinlies respectably place fifth in the city meet. They were lead by three Sophmores: Earl Fortune, Ronnie Ellis and Mike Freije, The Continental Freshman cross country team brought home a share of the city laurals in "68". Jay Sparks, James French, and Dennis Vance lead the frosh chicken chasers across the finish line. RESERVE RECORD 4 First Places 3 Seconds Tech 19 Washington 43 Ben Davis 73 Northwest 32 Washington 42 Arlington 54 Washington 17 Howe 44 Anderson 25 Washington 38 Attucks 72 N. Central 15 L. Central 60 Washington 65 City Meet-Fifth l I , vi! ' aim Freshman CC: Jay Sparks, James French, Denny Vance, Ron Fuller, Bobby Weathers, and Ronny Marsh. West, Benny Nichols, Randy Thomas, Q21 Ray Murray, David Freshmen cop City Championship Varsity CC: James Jones, Terry Kimble, Jim Catania, Earl Malanoski, Larry Attikisson, and Micheal Musiek. Fortune, Robert Ross, Tom Roberson, David Parrott, Richard 15 I B 7fs'1gS,s,,.Q9w-n'77.1-o,4Q4 1 new gc 22 'li 3 .- 379' Q T611-'G A-B4 "'6S'i55t Ja.AvSl 1 , - 4- Qt r N-1 4e?97fb7 gy' nf J I MEMBERS OF THE GREAT Continental fo tball team, Ruben Timmons, Steve Ofhcer, Dave Eller, Steve Fulkerson, once rated as number one are: Coach Shires, John Coffman, Mark Collins, Chuck Dulla, Jim Clevenger, Monte Woods, Kevin Massey, James Clements, James Vaughn, Don Daugh- James Nash, Harvey Galbreath, Sam Kent, Emanuel Wright, erty, Bill Thomas, Ed Judkins, Gary Fish, Bill Troutman, Ath. Director Russell McConnell. Row 4: Coach Webb, Arnold Rex Gaddis, C. J. Julian. Row 2: Coach Springer, Don Phil- Love, Sam McSwine, Tony Burchett, Steve Stanfield, Jerry lips, Bill Beard, Louis Day, Dan Derringer, George McGinnis, Thompson, Dennis Mervar, Percy Harris, Tom Fox, George Dennis Sanders, Willie Scott, Mike Dunlap, Reggie Williams, Russell, Mike Hart, Eddie Love, Dave Brodhacker, John Sims, Jimmy Green, Myron Newland, Doug Semenick, Coach Eng- Earl Edwards, Terrance Reid. land. Row 3: Coach Rosenberger, Kelvin Hart, Kenneth Hall, I EIUSIV "Number 1" slips from Washington's varsity football team put toge- ther another winning season with a record of 9 wins and only one defeat. The Continentals W e r e among the top ten teams in the state all year. Even though there were a lot of individual stars, the Springermen Worked as a team. The senior players on this squad have been in- strumental in leading th e football team to a record of 26 Wins, 3 losses and one tie durirg the last three years. In 1966 they were State Champions: 1967 co- City Champs, ranked +91 for a time in '69 These past three seasons have been t h e finest football years in the school's history. During the Continental thrust for another un- difeated season, they outscored their opponents 327 to 103. They reached the 50 point plateau twice, de- feating Attucks 51-6 and Southport 53-12. The only blemish on t h i s year's record was to a fired up Ca- thedral football team. The Purple and White had the leading scorer in the state this season, Louie Day with 176 p o i n t s. The MVP on the team was Reggie Williams. Reg al- so got the Bl u e Star trophy for outstanding plays. The tackling trophy went to Jim Green, an all-state linebacker. MVP REG WILLIAMS grinds out five yards. 16 THE FIGHTING CONTINENTALS break and come to scrimmage the Rockets of Broad Ripple. grasp of Continental gridders BILL BEARD fades to pass behind a wall of Continental blockers. Columbus Manual Attucks Southport Scecina VARSITY FOOT Opponent Washington 21 35 7 39 6 51 12 53 I2 20 ALL-STATE LINEBACKER Don Phillips rushes the begin- ning-to-worry Columbus passer. BALL RECORD Opponent Washington Broad Ripple 7 14 Ben Davis 6 34 Northwest 6 34 Howe 6 41 Cathedral 20 7 17 rf, ef DENNIS SANDERS turns on the speed and blazes around a Manual defender. A MOCK BEN DAVIS Giant is part of a highly modified Black Mass preceding Washington's Homecoming match. Continentals Rip Ben Davis, Southport IT WAS COLD the night Washington played Cathedral. Inside and Out. -lv- I N 9 1, I I . 7-0 .I 5'-riff 18 ...--nf' i . I '82 -Q. lm 7K l ,, f- 1:4 L5 il fire .im .. .N - 5, M ,., ,d W., g, .Alun 'i gt ,,w.g'm , iw. il. I 4 'WMM ummm H54 111541 20 l2 1214 MEMBERS OF THE FRESHMAN football team are, Row 1: Michael Gladfelter, Jay Clevenger, Melvin Barnett, John Wharton, Paul Donald, James Harrington, Thomas Harring- ton, Thomas Jones, Lynn Attkisson, Danny Riffey, Michael Fox, Row 2: Joseph Brodhacker, William Jenkins, Barry ,S ig BRVCE SMITH gets smeared by three Manual Players af- ter a substantial gain. 20 MSIHNUS ,Q I wasmumm West, Dennis Helton, Larry Martin, Lonnie Grimes, Bruce Smith, Michael Mason, Ronald Barlow, David Judkins, John Davis, Charles Byers. Row 3: Coach Webb, Paul Hutton, Eric Pullins, William Rasedell, Steven Jeffers, Alvin Martin, Floyd Carrie, David Baird, Jeffrey Mosier, Gary Beeler. Frosh romp over Howe The 1968 version of the frosh football team should turn out to be a big asset to Coach Spring- er's gridders in the next few years. Even though the Freshmen had four different coaches, it did manage to turn in a good season. Coach Green, Coach Webb, and Coach Walton filled in for John Williams who became ill. The Freshmen completed their season with 3 wins and 4 losses and 2 ties. The frosh season was highlighted when the freshmen romped through the Howe Hornets de- fense to score 34 points. In this game Bruce Smith reached pay dirt 3 times while Bill Rasdall, and William Jenkins each scored once. The final score was Washington 32, Howe 13. Varsity hopefuls are: Bruce Smith, Bill Ras- dall, Steve J effers, Jay Clevenger, Barry West, Floyd Carry and William Jenkins. THE RESERVE footballers were able to defeat the Manual Redskins with this touchdown sweep of right end. Manual Attucks Southport Scecina RESERVE FOOTBALL Broad Ripple Ben Davis Northwest Howe Cathedral Record : 5 wins, 4 losses Reserves Smash Northwest 33-0 OPPONENT WASHINGTON 12 14 0 41 14 13 6 12 15 14 7 33 0 33 21 7 6 0 X vvsfmumz 2 X ,- 0 wsmnmt 0, mu mu RESERVE FOOTBALL: Row 1: Mike Hart, Steve Officer, Eddie Love, Ruben Timmons, Sam Kent, Emanual Wright, Percy Harris, Mark Collins. Row 2: Terrence Reid, Jim Nash, Jerry Thompson, Tony Burchett, Steve Stanfield, Dave Eller, FRESHMAN FOOTBALL was HMG TON George Russell, Kelvin Hart, Tom Fox. Row 3: Coach V. Wal- ton, Steve Fulkerson, Dennis Mervar, Ken Hull, Sammie Mc- Swine, Ed Boswell, Harvey Galbreath, Johnny Sims, Earl Edwards, Coach England, OPPONENT WASHINGTON OPPONENT WASHINGTON Manual 6 27 Kennedy 19 7 Attacks 0 0 Northwest 13 13 Cardinal Ritter 7 0 Howe 13 32 Scecina 6 19 Cathedral 21 0 Broad Ripple 14 7 Record: 3 wins, 4 losses, 2 ties 21 Cheerleaders generate sound In the four years of being a member of the Con- tinental family one of the greatest honors is being chosen a cheerleader. The cheerleaders were chosen for a numebr of qualifications: academic standing, ability to jump, appearance, and ability to yell. The Varsity Cheerleaders are Luelda Trieb, Connie Hig- gins, Debbie Woods, Diane Elam, Betty Coop, Cindy Warren, Denise Byrdsong. - I l,I'El,DA TRIEB, Debbie Woods, Betty Coop, and Diane Elzim. whoop it up during a football game. BACKING UP THE VARSITY cheerleaders are Becky Weiss, Darlene Cross, Nina Tut- tle, Mary Ezman, Aletha Chandler, and Becky Trout. 22 Golfers swing in rebuilding year This year's golf team stands at three wins and nine losses at press time. The Continentals are suf- fering through another rebuilding year. With four juniors and only two seniors the Continentals have captured victories against Attucks, Wood, and Manual. During these victories Steve Collins lead the Linksmen with an average of forty-one strokes for nine holes. In the city tournment the golfers made a good showing but still didn't make it into the championship round. JUNIOR GREGG SIMS blasts a chip shot to the flag. M , Q ...W Msn' : . A... .NM 1. I MEMBERS OF THE GOLF team are Frank Luzar, Coach, Gregg Sims, Jim Brydon, Steve Collins, Lanny Rue, Gary Pryor, and Terry Ray. l . F.. 'Y ffl .re A- rf- Q'f' fk 3 . ' 1 . TQ-ya RICK BURCH clears the bar in a 13' 6" vault. The Washington track team might not be as tuif as the ones in the past but it's giving all kinds of trouble to other major powerhouses. The team is lead by "Super" Don Phillips, Dave Hawkins and Rick Burch. The most outstanding Track Star is Don Phil- lips who is defending State Champ. Don, who has put the shot a record 64'1" in the Sectional, be- lieves he can reach 65' before the season ends. Don also brought honor to Washington by being among the top ten in the U.S. Rick Burch and Dave Hawk- ins, both city Champs, have brought many laurels to Washington. Dave has the best low hurdle time in the school's history with a record run of seconds. The 880 relay had also done a good job. Pacing the team are seniors Dave Hawkins and Louie Day, and sophomores Ruben Timmons and Steve Officer- 19.2 pace Cindermen "Super Stars" , , . . "af,-If , .A , Q i 7 719 'ln an 1 31' 4 . ...K ' X 'KXXXKX' DAVE HAWKINS takes the first hurdle in the City track mcct. 24 if pin ,, A " gg. MINOR INJURIES are the order of the day for track coach 3 Harold Orman and dashman Louie Day. I l V. in . WORKING ON THEIR BATON passing technique are relay team members Steve Of- ficer, Louie Day, Ruben Timmons, and Dave Hawkins. to outstanding season Le, ff V "VJ e A l "' in " i ., STATE CHAMPION Don Phillips shows the form which en- abled him to smash all existing schoolboy shotput records. "THE HAWK" set the school low hurdle record with a time of 19.2 seconds. 25 L 4 'Na THE HEART of thc long distance rider, Clyde King, Senior, practices for the '09 Continental '500'. Washington's version of the 'Little 500' had a new attraction this year, the "Mini", The girls were able to join the boys in racing this year. The only exception-the girls rode Q mile while the boys rode 25 miles. The 500 is becoming an annual event sponsored by the Senior Class with all profits goin g to the scholarship fund. Mr. James Gothard sponsors the race. To start the evening off, the girls had the first two heats of their race and then the boys race was held. After completion, the girls finished the final heat of their race. A dance was held afterwards in the parking lot with a disc jockey playing records. Also new this year was the q u e e n and king. These were Senior girls and boys elected by the stu- dent body. The Continental 500 is managed by a six mem- ber Steering Committee. These students are Pat Vaughn, Alfredia Henry, Cindy Warren, Bill Beard, Myron Newland, and Roger Weaver, all Seniors. Continental "SOO" adds " ini" 5 Q .. . ' , ,L A JIM CATANIA, Senior, watches the stop watch for members of his tr-am. Zfi SENIORS Bill Beard, Myron Newland, and Greg Fowler dis- cuss the machinacal work of their bicycle, .J- --ww-......... ' H ' 4 4 X . , .A. 9' . JANET BARRETT, Sophomore, and Elaine Fout, Senior, MAKING A QUICK EXCHANGE of riders are team mem- take time out from practice for this years Gi1'ls Mini Race. bers Judy Phillips lon bikej, Meredith Deakin, Trudy Hicks Kathy Deakin, and Wanda Cox. to 1969 festivel of speed BEING A WINNER has a few advantages over the other riders, one being a "victory kiss." James Gothard, sponsor, looks on. 27 L. A THE NO. 1 BASKETBALL TEAM, with a record of 31-0 are: Row 1: Manager Jim Winters, Abner Nibbs, Kenneth Carter, Louis Day, Harvey Galbreath, Wayne Pack, and Manager Continentals capture second State Championship in five years VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD C31-01 WASHINGTON OPPONENT Hammond 102 57 Shortridge 82 77 Northwest 91 48 E. C. Washington 84 71 Lawrence Central 101 52 Warren Central 90 45 Cathedral 109 64 Southport B7 74 Gerstmeyer 93 48 Manual 104 58 Speedway 90 57 Scecina' 102 72 Tech' 90 57 Cathedral' 97 66 Shortridle' 90 68 Columbus 80 66 Wood 86 38 Broad Ripple 96 42 28 Paul Donald. Row 2: Coach William Green, Jim Arnold, Ken- neth Parks, George McGinnis, Steven Downing and Asst. Coach Basil Sfreddo. STEVE DOWNING battles an Attucks player for a rebound. McGinnis looks for a chance to pick up a loose ball. WASHINGTON OPPONENT Howe 97 41 Ben Davis 106 67 Tech 71 47 Arlington 92 53 Techr' 73 42 Broad Ripplew 105 57 Crispus Attucksw 90 64 Shortridge"""' 46 38 Warren Centralim' 87 41 Silver Creek"""t S5 64 Jac-Cen-Del""""" 95 55 Marion""""" 61 50 Gary Tolleston""""' 79 76 " City Tournament "' Sectional "' Regional 'H' Semi-Final 0' State 7 RESERVE BASKETBALL RECORD YVASHINGTON OPPONENT llaumuoud 46 22 Shurtridgs' SU 29 Northwest 34 33 I-I. t'. RVIISIIUIKIIIII 49 SH l.. Ccnirul 56 26 WY. Central lil 30 l'ntht-drnl -IS 34 Southport 46 45 GPl'S1lD0!'l'l' 40 -I2 Manual 45 -IH Speedw up 33 39 Srecina 36 38 futhvdrul 66 42 Howe 51 60 Columbus 44 51 NV0od 39 30 Broad Ripple tforfeitr 2 0 Howe 49 47 Ben Davis 28 30 Tech 45 44 Arlingion 42 3x - City Tounney I,Ol'IE DAY is the eager spectator as McGinnis hauls down il rebound. Y U ,f NWN 3 in I 0,64 GEORGE MCGINNIS taps the ball back up for 2 in a Tour- ney rout of Wagren Central. DAY PUTS A MOVE on Warren Centra1's Terry Woodburn ilk i2 'li 1 qui' BACKING UP the Varsity B'Ballers are, Row 1: Dick Kays, A1 Glaze, Tom Skaggs, Calvin Emerson, Dick McAllister, John McDaniel, Paul Donald. Row 2: James Riley, Monterrio U 'iljhiw' Holder, James Harris, James Trotter, Jeff Chandler, Steve Stanfield, Coach Sfreddo. Reserves cop fourteen victories 31-0 and no more to go was the cry the ranged the halls of Washington High School after the State Final game with Gary Tolleston. The Continentals started the season off by show- ing they were to be the next State Champs with a 102-57 victory over Hammond. The mighty giants had seven games that they scored over 100. 101-52 Lawrence Central, 109-65 Cathedral, 102-72 Scecina, 106-67 Ben Davis, and 105-57 Broad Ripple. Steve Downing said they would have a record of no losses before basketball season started. Sher- man Lester and Isaac Robinson were asked what they thought of the Washington defeat over Attucks. Lester said, "George and Steve are good players and they just set out to win and they did. George and Steve have too much power, said Robinson. Yes, 31-0 and no more to go will be a tune that will be remembered by all of the Varsity players and all of Washington High. What will the juniors and sophomores on the Varsity team have to work for? "To Repeat", said Steve Stanfield. TOM SKAGGS fights a Lawrence Central player for the ball in a reserve game. Steve Stanfield tris to help. 31 h A "SPIDER" PACK guards a Gary Tolleston rebounder in the heated State Championship game. McGINNIS CWHO ELSEJ goes up for 2 more in the Tourney Hnale. STEVE DOWNING is caught in a series of moves against Tolleston. The 6'9" Continen- tal rebounder brought down over 1000 caroms during his high school career. , 112 KEN CARTER gander dances for a rebound against Broad Ripple. JIM ARNOLD turns on the steam and heads off Marion's Dan Gunn before he can become a threat. ictorious team Whoops up second title THE VICTORIOUS CONTINENTALS gather around for that satisfying post game photo. DAX! 4 zo QNX. ,e , Qt ,UW t. , ' Z -Vg , V , - "'e Kf- -RNs , I t,,'t I ,VVV 'IQ AVE. V. iff. -ig ' I Q 1 2: P 'af' Qfxf X, 'fr if MCGINNIS? DOWNING? Members of the Freshman Bas- Clevenger. Row 2: Coach Walton, John Gladson, Ed Rasdell, ketball team are: Row l: Norman McKenzie, Ray Murray, Steve Jeffers, John Montgomery, Henry Bruce, and Charles Mike Smiley, Bruce Smith, Sam Woodford, Tom Harper, Jay Trotter. E JAMES RILEY AND LOUIE DAY get their gold champion- ship rings from TV announcer Tom Carnegie. Freshman Baskethall ill-Gb VVashin5zton Opponent Broad Ripple 45 32 Nor! hwesl I3 33 Vathcdral Ill 49 killer 50 36 Npeedu ay 37 38 Manual 28 25 Allllfkw 47 -H4 l.alin School 80 36 Src-rina 3-1 25 K'n'hedr1ll 41 59 Vlfnud SN 28 Marshall 53 20 Shortriflze 49 24 ll0H'P 50 42 T1-rh 45 47 Vharlrnnd 55 22 Arlington 37 28 3-4 Frosh reach semi-finals of City Tourney The H68-69" Frosh Basketball Team isn't promising a McGinnis or Downing but it does hope to help out in varsity competition in the next few years. With a record of 11 wins and 6 losses the Little Purple helped to keep up the winning ways at Washington. There were many highlights in the Freshman season, including reaching the Semi-Final of the City Tournment. They also romped past Latin School 81 to 37, making this one of the best offens- ive games for any frosh high school team. Leading scorers for the "69" season were Steve Jeffers, Norris Williams and Bill Rasdall. The rebounding chores were handled by 6'5" James Harris. l rapplers cop Regional runner-up honors 52-0, MEMBERS OF THE REGIONAL runners-up varsity wrest- ling team are, Row 1: Steve Lynch, Don Mayberry, Breazeale Norris, Roy Proctor, Clemart Featherston, Larry Atkisson, I i Wrestling Record Tech 33 20 Scecina 22 30 1 Shortridge 31 19 Cathedral 25 19 3 Mooresville 40 16 l City 2nd place i Broad Ripple 38 6 l Howe 35 11 4 I sl? X . 171 4? x 1 153,53 Mike Dunlap, Ed Williams, Row 2: Russ McConnell, Willie Scott, Rick Burch, William Hill, Jerry Thompson, Ed Bos well, Phillip Leslie, and Coach Shires. 8-Way Manual Arlington Wood Speedway Northwest Sectional Regional 2nd place 31 16 37 34 24 2nd place 2nd place 11 27 11 16 19 .fiom f' ,ff gf PV ivy.. ,N .,,. ip, y V -s-, X LARRY ATKISSON starts up on his opponent, makes a move, takes him down, and pins him. l , . l RESERVE WRESTLERS are, Row 1: Steve Lynch, Jim Nicholson, Bob Thomas, Terry Pippens, Ken Hull, Rick Rose, Dennis Bardash, Mike Gladfelter, and Eddie Williams. Row ROY I'ROC"l'0R is in the prof-css of reversing his position. fill 2: Coach Gerald England, Dennis Helton, Dennis Weeden, John Sims, Dennis Mervar, Ernest Otis, Sam Kent, Lynn At- kisson, and Eddie Love. XX,,:+ RICKY BURCH works down to the last minute trying to make a pin. The Continental matmen had a very success- ful season with a record of 10 Wins and 2 losses. The matmen were recognized for runners-up spot in the 8-way held at Washington. The Continentals gave special honor to Don- ald Mayberry, Larry Attkinson, Phillip Leslie, and Rickey Burch who were the 4 sectional champs. Placing second in the regionals, the continen- tals finished with their best team record in history for regional competition. After only 8 games completed before press time the Washington High Sch ool baseball team has carved out a record of 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. The Continentals got off to a slow start. They were beat- en by Arlington 12-O. But the Varsity baseballers are just coming around and if the pitching does as well as it has done for the first half of the season, the Continentals may pick up its first sectional crown. The highlight of the season was Junior right- hander Tom Strong's no-hitter against a tough Ken- nedy team. Tom's pitching record stands at 3 wins- 0 losses. The Continental baseballers exploded for 11 runs against a talented Speedway team. The leading hitter is Chuck Dulla who is batting a cool .435. Pressuring Dulla for this honor are Mike Stout, Reggie Williams, and Ron Renner. Rounding Y out the Varsity starting line-up are Juniors Dick Kays, Harvey Galbreath, and Tom Strongg Seniors Jim Green, Bennie Thompson, and James Jones. THIS YEAR'S HEAD COACH of Sfreddo. Baseballers go for big season e Diamondmen Basil AWAITING THEIR CHANCE to show their talents are Jim Jones, Coach Sfreddo, George Givens, Bill Patrick, Robert Whitfield, and Tom Komlance. 37 1 s-'s -1-4 -' J,-,.1-145. :tv fn... , RV . . ,, V WW., . . . 1' JUNIOR HARVEY GALBREATH gets ready to bat against JIM GREEN, Senior, three year veteran shows his skill by Kennedy High School. catching a throw to first, TOM STRONG winds up for a pitch in his no-hitter game against Kennedy while Ron Renner covers third base. 38 Columbus Kokomo Arlington Ben Davis Cathedral fCalled Shortridge Northwest Scecina Kennedy Speedway om Strong pltches no hltter Q BENNY THOMPSON takes a mlghty cut at the ball He IS also another of the leadmg hitters for the Contmenals 'T K I 111 4 W Ak X. K I 1 'J Academics we Q'- .r -vs KV' "Oo moo. looli at that!" "What is it?" lt's a fish silly!" "l don't want to touch it." "Awe go ahead. they don't bite. theyire dead!" "Are you sure '?" "Yeah," This is a little piece of conversa'ion picked up from the Biology Department. Most Biology studetits have to face the problem of touching' that grotesque' piece of creature laying' on the tray. It's enough to make any Sophomore loose his appetite, and that's not good. In Health and Safety, pupils are taught the parts of the body. They learn how to take better care of themselves. The course includes lessons on drink- ing, smoking, manners, and body structure. THE STALK. Life sciences provide SAM KENT delves into the mystery of the perch. Good luck with hearts, gizzards, livers, and intestines, Sam. Now put it all back in. 42 S .1 'I ' . Kgs ' - 1. 24' ' ' I. ull av. , e "i w 's if V ". .i K W V 3 , 5 X , r I. 1 In-" , Ya 4 r P, . At., ,v.. wr Q. 0, .v 1 4 3 ' . W . ' f THE STRIKE. INGESTION. insight into physical structure " x , V V, 9 K "1 . W Y i ,ff em W I A e 1 , fx 'Y HEALTH AND SAFETY teacher John Hudson points out a few pertinent items on a mannikian. ind? A"-5 if' 43 A BOYS P.E. class engages in a game of flag football. SHADES OF JULIE ANDREWS! "Climb Every Mountain" -rope. But not everyone unless you don't mind an interested audience. A sound mind in a healthy body Boys and girls strive for physical fitness in phys- ical education. The first semester of girls physical education requires the girls to achieve physical skills in soccer, kickball, and rhymics. Apparatus Work in- cludes parallel bars, springboard, balance beams, stall bars, horse and mats. The second semester re- quires girls to strengthen skills in softball far throw, 50 yard dash, lady's long jump, high jump, volley- ball, and basketball. The boys build strong bones and muscles by physical exercise. Exercises they take to strengthen their muscles include track Sz field events and the use of apparatus. By accomplishing these feats, the boys and girls prepare themselves for better physi- cal fitness. 44 .1.,f?'fA:f ,Q . . fa 1' fg,,' 2'-' ' "9l'z.,. 'PRA ' MRS. VIRGINIA KASSLER demonstrates the proper motion of the lower extremity in soccer to her girls P.E. class. The Craft Art pupils have learned to create an idea from basic ideas and have made different ideas grow into an image. These images have been design- ed in rugs, relief, smooth pictures, and sculpture. Art has fallen prey to the technological revolu- tion. It is more complex, more demanding. Partly for that reason, the George Washington High School Art Department has instituted a course in photogra- phy. The class enables pupils to learn the fundamen- tals of good picture taking. Last semester the art class did an experimental problem which grew out of reading ALICE IN WONDERLAND. First the pupils read the book, and next talked about the book to see it as more than a child's story. Pupils found very mature writ- ing. After discussing, the pupils chose a particular section which they found interesting or meaningful. Pupils used this information to produce an art pro- duct. New art techniques were used to create some- thing new. Art lights up life in '69 AV jp ui. ' fqugg. FLOATS have a decidedly esthetic appeal. They also require considerable artistic effort. ROOM 144 won the Christmas door decoration with a dis- play which lighted up. MARY ANN HUTCHINS molds a glob of modeling clay. 45 ROBERT ROSS sits at the keyboard of his linotype machine pounding out a message to the school. Washington printers get recognition IAWRENCE SHIRLEY works on a lesson in a Printing II c-lass 143 The George Washington High School print shop is one of the few shops in the Midwest which prints the school year book itself. The boys dili- gently worked overtime to get the 1969 POST out on time. The equipment they use includes linotype machines and presses. This year George Washington School faculty members Mr. Barrett and Mr. Mendel were given meritorious teacher awards by the Indiana Indus- trial Education Association. r w l I The h i g h l i g h t of the Washington High School R. O. T. C. Unit is the Military Ball. This year it was held on February 22, in the boy's gym. The team members who purchased a ticket to the ball cast their vote for one of the six sponsors. Beth Cook was crowned this year's Military Ball Queen. R. O. T. C. inspection was held on May 15 on our football field. The staff and whole battalion were inspected. A w a rd s were given to the team members for their military knowledge and their appearance. They had a Knock-out Drill where they test the boys skill with riHes. The R- O. T. C. unit participated in the Little 500. The Color Guard brought out the flags before football games. Every morning a member of the R. O. T. C. Company raises the American Flag for our school. This is considered a honor among the members. CADET 2ND LT. George Mott, Washington's top rifieman demonstrates the standing position on the firing range. Continentals elect appropriate activity z Inav' DURING FOOTBALL games, fans stand at attention for the presentation of the Colors. Such ceremony is the responsibility of the Color Guard, 48 W.-ami .sw 1 ,ata .,,, , . 7 so e:'t,fUV X THE FINISHED PRODUCT. A beautiful hand made garment. Clothing teachers put emphasis on consumer education. When buying material or cloth, pupils are taught what is a good buy. The pupils are taught color lines and design. In Clothing I, pupils s t u d y fabric. The study of fabric is continued through Clothing IV. Every pupil has been taught good grooming. Clothing classes were visited by Sears and Roebuck, McCory Department Stores, and Central Beauty Col- lege. The Sears representative was helpful in getting the classes to think about fashion and style. In Clothing IV, pupils made dresses with jac- kets. They work with blends and wool materials. They are required to make three garments, including a childs' garment. They assemble coats and dresses with sleves, In Clothing II they are required to make two garments. Some pupils make an entire wardrobe. Pupils especially like to make slacks, shorts, and other casual clothes. Pupils who have taken Clothing may choose Clothing as a career. One can be a teacher, demon- station, tester, dressmaker, and alterater. Some pu- pils take Clothing just for the credit. Pupils take I through IV because they like to sew. They get plea- sure from a finished product. A 'ew- IN THIS SERIES of photos we can trace the developement of a garment. The pattern is traced and cut. Then comes the machine work. Hand work furnishes the final touch. 49 FLORA HENDERN AND SAM HATTEN ham it up for the The-spians Initiates. The new thespians include, Row 1: Randy Hilton, Helen Kira, Debbie Watz. Row 2: Gerald Williams, Mike lliaddaux, and Morris Todd. BECKY PERSONETT prepares for a speech tourney by bon- ing up on current events, IN A SPEECH CLASS, Donna Moore and Carla Riggs crank up for a debate. The loyal opposition waits for a chance to rebutt. 50 English electives offer opportunities for growth The English Department at Washington offers several electives. Budding Burtons can opt for the Tliespians organization. If journalism is more your speed ,the staffs of the Surveyor and Post are just your thing. Or Debate. Or Speech competition. In 1969, Flora Hendren, an "s" English pupil, r V Q X X was judged the top speaker in her section of the Na- fp Q tional Forensic League's State Tournament. Flora 1 VVVV my rendered a dramatic interpretation of Porgy and Bess for her blue ribbon. She then went on to re- ' A ig, present Washington in the national NFL tourney. e SURVEYOR staff members work on a Spirit Week display. Rosie Sanders and Greg Fowler put final touches on a poster. ,J .L---U 'HW POST staffers put the picture and the words together for the et Hall, Donna and Debbie Kelly, and Patty Waiiiscott other- 41st edition of the yearbook. Jim Winters, Kathy Deakin, wise occupy themselves. Marilyn Kerr, and Doris Garland select photos while Margar- 51 NIR, FREDERICK HADLEY attacks the problems of Eng- lfsh at close range, UNIX Nlllll Il Kllilllll KCQ III-BULK "-IIYQYII x ECONOMICS teacher Dwight Pierce helps Bill Sarvich with an item concerning the great American consumer. Class Work of supreme importance MATH DEPARTMENT HEAD Robert Badgley helps a stu- dent with those intriguing fractions. 52 Classroom work is the heart of any educational institution. The Washington High School graduate need have no qualm about his formal school prepara- tion. The extensive variety of programs offered to Continentals is suitable equipage for college or ca- reer. The Wise student takes full advantage of the opportunities at Washington. The academically talented, the hard workers are eligible for an exclusive organization ,the National Honor Society. The Honor Society is substantive re- cognition of those who have been successful academi- cally. To them and to all who have assiduously ap- plied themselves to the task of education. The POST wishes to extend heartiest Congratulations. THE ACADEMIC ELITE, the National Honor Society. Diana Wilhelm. Row 3: Roger Weaver, Tom Land, Greg Row 1: Pat Vaughn, Kathy Alexander, Edgar Tipton, Maur- Fowler, Larry White, Jim Chaffin, Mike Hunt, Bob Nobles, ine Martin. Row 2: Carla Day, Nancy Persinger, Brenda and Everett Kunzelrnan. Farmer, Winnie Semenick, Darcella William, David Garr, 53 1 5 f Continental Activities Reigning over the Awards Day ceremonies and the Senior Prom were May Queen Nancy Persinger and courtg Brenda Farmer, Carla Day, Pat Vaughn, Benita Adams, Darcella Williams, and Betty Wilkes. THE STUDENT BODY was honored to have Mayor Lugar speak at a special convo- cation about the difficulty with high schoolers throughout the city. Mayor Lugar speaks at convo 3 "gif 3? IN AN INFORMAL atmosphere, Mayor Richard Lugar meets with the schoo1's club presidents to discuss city problems. 57 fa. E543 -- fm- bc, ' QTL" I sk., 1, 'kit ,kit nf A, .. ,if 5. A Q. jr . --1 f. J ',p it ' 'q'-wx' ' f -,.,..,,, - , . --5' 2, . , E - ' sivigfi-if '. -.1 -li J 4 ' 'V . C I wfi-mg I y If' 5-1.11. x -, - :mx 3-1, .Ttw.4'.3y Y, .i f J, X . ' l 'W 4 . 'ln-Q' n.-Mew-f'. . 4,. During half-time of the Homecoming game, Senior Class President. Edgar Tipton, crowned Connie Higgins Queen. Connie crowned Homecoming Queen Court members are Bonny Selby, Cindy XY2ll'l'PI1, Vonnis- Higgins, Queen, Brenda Hicks, and Doris Garland, Her escort, Larry White, is all smiles. Homecoming was another great success for Continentals this year. Half-time of the Washing- ton-Ben Davis game saw the band playing two spe- cial numbers entitled "Sing-Sing-Sing" and "Alex- anders' Ragtime Band," while the majorettes pre- sented a jazz routine. Since this was a special game for the band, the majorettes made navy blue and white short outfits for themselves. While everyones' attention was on th e band, there were a few students putting last minute touches on their floats for the half-time parade. This was the first year floats were included in home- coming festivities. The floats were sponsored by the Student Council, the Junior Class, and K-T-Dids. Each of the Queen candidates were introduced and escorted to the football field by members of the Senior Class. Connie Higgins was Queen. Doris Gar- land, Bonnie Selby, and Cindy Warren, Seniors, and Brenda Hicks, Junior, w ere members of Connie's court. To start the year off Student Council roll room representatives, voice of the school, built a float for the homecoming game and sold pom-pons. During the Christmas Season, they sponsored the annual door decoration contest. This year roll room 144 won the contest. The door was decorated with a reindeer which had "Christmas tree" antlers. To help promote spirit during th e basketball tourney, the representatives again sponsored a door decoration contest. This time the doors were to be decorated with the theme "basketball" in mind. Representing each Roll Room at the Student Council Meet- ings are Row 1: Wanda Kunzelman, Linda Curbeaux, Cathy Vauglm, Nikki Sanders, Susie Scotten, Diane Kinley, Diana Elam, Virginia Robertson, Rose Sanders, Nancy Hiner, Fred Martin, Becky Trout, Donna Tate, Peggy Blevins, Kathy Todd, Virginia Morgan, Mary Harding, Susan Chambers, Louise Robb, Row 2: Lavan Lockhart, Vicky Gilbert, Debbie Jones, Debbie Furgerson, David McQuery, BeckyWeiss, Ruth Bear, Danala Thomas, Sandra Cannar, Douglas Odom, Bonny Selby, B1'enda Frame, Darcella Williams, Debbie Watz, Mary Frazer, Patsy Neal, Jean Combs, Linda Burk. Row 3: Cathy Coats, Neal Koons, Mike Isenhowcr, Bill Daugherty, David Zigler, Danny Boyd, Ken Cax, Greg Fowler, Roger Weaver, Bill Beard, Robert Miller, Dave Lowery, Jackie Wells, Ray Hart, Edgar Tipton, Everett Kunzelman. CONSISTING OF ALL SENIOR GIRLS, the WASHING- TONIANS members are Row 1: Cathy Todd, Charlotte Lewis, Marilyn Gribbs, Sue Glassing, Shari Carr, Kathy Riley, Nan- cy Persinger, Luelda Trieb, Cindy Warren, Darcella Williams, Rosie Sanders, Virginia Robertson, Debbie Woods, Betty Coop, Benita Adams, Brenda Farmer, Cheryl Fiscus, Linda Hensley, Sherry Reynolds, Bonnie Selby, Cindy Higgins, Judy Hicks, Val Kimble, Patty Roberts, Kathy Fruits, Sarah Jor- dan, Alfredia Henry, Row 2: Beverly Kadel, Frances McCol- lum, Marsha Abbot, Judy Latta, Wanda Cox, Linda Hightow- er, Darlene Neely, Diane Wilhelm, Shirley Crane, Faye Tolar, Bobbie Haase, Elaine Fout, Maurine Martin, Mary Jane Hurst, Nancy Hiner, Becky Daugherty, Susie Craft, Linda 1969 year for activity Student Council Officers and Advisory Board are Row :l Edgar Tipton-Vice President, Tom Hyde, and Roger Weaver. Q 2fl,l:, Guyse, Darlene England, Roberta McDamon. Row 3: Carol Miller, Debbie Farkus, Janice Hilterbrand, Wilma Bryant, Debbie Mosier, Theresa Mann, Susan Tate, Pamela Shepherd, Winnie Semenick, Mona Hoover, Linda Everheart, Patty Vaughn, Rhonda Creed, Brenda Graves, Sue Abels, Linda Fulmer, Jane Wilson, Barbara Huntley, Elner Norris. Row 4: Benita Davis, Donna Williams, Zoe Koch, Beckie Jacobs, Marie Smith, Mariyn Kerr, Pam Livingston, Judy Lindsey, Sharon Jones, Peggy McElfresh, Karen Powell, Sally Ratlitf, Jane Williams, Sandy Conner, Donna Worland, Brenda San- ders, Wanda Smith, Shirley Hantzis, Marilyn Freije, Patty Wainscott, Wanda Burns, Liz Cross. Row 2: Nancy Persinger-President, Darcella Williams-Secre- tary, David Lowery, Brenda Farmer-Treasurer. Y i INTERACT members serving the community this year were, Row l: Dave Hawkins, Don Daugherty, Greg Fowler, David Stevens, Ken Cox. Row 2: Larry White, Tom Land, Chuck Fregie, Mike Hunt, Jim Chaffin. Row 3: Roger Weaver, Jim Green, Joe Starling, Bill Beard, Dan Derringer. gf ""' C7 THOSE REPRESENTING WASHINGTON in the Intra-City Student Council are Roger Weaver, Nancy Persinger, and David Lowery. Continentals excel in activities, Surveyor MEETING THE QUALIFICATIONS to become members of the Presidents' Physical Fitness Program are Row 1: Aletha Chancller, and Darlene C ro s Row 2: Patricia Highbaugh, Betty Finney, Karen Goff, Sarah Chandler, and Mary Davis. 530 Interact is an organization based on services to others. Rotary is the sponsor of Interact. Each year the club has international and local projects. In 1969, Interact sent school supplies to teachers and students in Ethiopia. There are also fund rai- sing and community service projects. Washington retained their charter for the second year. Intra-City Student Council consists of three or four members from each public school. They meet together six or seven times each year to dis- cuss school problems, projects, activities, and other school actions. Intra-City Student Council shows students that they can also have an interest in other school's activities. The President's Award is given to young peo- ple in excellent physical condition. To obtain this award, these young people have to take certain tests. Sit-ups, broad jumps, push-ups, and block racing are included in these fitness tests. This year Washington was honored to have five girls receive this award from the President. The girls stated that it was indeed an honor to receive such an award. OVERSEEING the work of the 1969 POST Staff is Editor Marilyn Kerr, Sweating for the greater glory and honor of GWHS are Doris Garland, Connie Knapp, Patty Wainscott, Charles Coe, Cathy Austin, Wanda Cox, Kathy Deakin, Glen- da Williams, Margaret Hall. rates 'All American' Writing stories for a newspaper or deciding how to compose a yearbook to suit the entire stu- dent body can be harder than it looks. Members of the POST Staff found how hard it is to get the yearbook ready for press. After th e pictures have been selected, they are cropped and sent to the engraver fo r printing. Once a page is completed with pictures, copy must be written to correspond with the pictures. At this point, the book is completed only from the standpoint of the yearbook staff. It is then sent to the print shop here at school for printing. After the printing is completed, the book is sent to be bound. The only t ask left for the staff members then is the distribution of the yearbook which doesn't take long. The SURVEYOR Staff knows what it is like to meet deadlines. Instead of one large deadline, t h e staff members must meet a deadline every two weeks. In the National Scholastic Press Association, the SUREYOR was awarded an All American Rat- mg. During th e year, members of both staffs at- tended press conferences to see how other schools prepare their newspapers and yearbooks. The con- ferences also showed Ways in which to improve the contents of the paper and books. . nib.- HELPING THE SURVEYOR to receive an All American Rat- ing are Row 1: Betty Coop, Rose Sanders, Ken Cox-Editor, Sue Glassing, Alfredia Henry. Row 2: Don Dougherty, Jim Elliott, Rex Gaddis, Corliss Radford, Linda Beetem, Zoe Koch, Bob Miller, and Charles Coe. 61 BAND Drum Major-Roger VVeaver. Row 1: Judy Phillips, Putty White, Shirley Crane, Cathy Vaughn, Beverly Kadel, Sharon ltiorgan, Meredith Deakin, Carol Vulk, Doris Garland, Carol Waggoner, Wanda Smith, Teresa Glover. Row 2: Lar- ry Heckman, Dave Burke, Mike Burke, Lanny Rue, Paul Koons, Robbie Wenz. Row 3: Chalotte Lewis, Lola Hunt, Vi- vian Poole, Linda Willniington, Clarence Lewis, Deborah Hansforcl, Mike Patterson, Lodeane Wininger, Debbie Peev- ler, Edna Smith, Nikki Sanders, Pauline Hattiex, Linda Ever- hart, Thersa Anslinger, Penny Artman, Linda Miller, Shenel- la Thomas, Mike Hunt, Jody Arbuckle, Terence Reid, Mr. Ray Funk-Director. Row 4: Wayne McKay, Harold Dorney, Benny Swopes, Dan Burke, Robert Mason, Harold Rogers, Larry Lish, Reggie Northern, Ron Lewis, Dan Honey, Robert Stevenson, Paul Rollings, Mark Weaver, Cindy Hicks, Mike Nicholson, James Riley, Elsie Lynn Evans, David Garner. Band marches in ndianapolis 500' Parade MAJORETTES. Row 1: Cathy Vaughn, Patty White, Shirley Crane, Beverly Kadel, Sharon Morgan, Judy Phillips. Row 2: 62 Meredith Deakin, Carol Vulk, Doris Garland, Roger Weaver, Carol Waggoner, Wanda Smith, Theresa Glover. ,mf-" DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS. Row 1: Terry Marwood, Byron Fred Clay. Row 2: Gary Phillips, Al Smiley, David Pride, Bill G. Ray, Michael Shanklin, Otis Riggins, Ronald Covington, Turner, Everett Kunzelman. MOUNT VERNON STRINGS. Row 1: Patti Newlain, Becky Personett, Donna Harper, Bob Nobles, Sue Tribulake, Rhonda Golder. Row 2: John Alford, Kaye Thomas, Ruth Baird, Priscilla Hayes. ORCHESTRA. Row 1: Patti Newlin, Wanda Woodson, Kathy Deakin. Row 2: Rhonda Morris, Cindi Arbuckle, Janet L. Schaffer, Betty Finney, Cheryl Adams, Edna Smith, Nikki Sanders, Debbie Peevler, Nancy Morgan, Bob Nobles, Donna Harper, Becky Personett, Cheryl Myrick. Row 3: Sharon Rouse, Bendetta Coner, Charlatte Tyler, Ronald Cosbey, Sa- rah Jordan, Gary Norman, Shawn Walters, Charlotte Lewis, Linda Wilmington, Linda Miller, Debra Atwater, Tamara Hodges, Candy Watten, Cathy Austin, Wanda Kunzelman, Marilyn Frieji, Ruth Baird. Row 4: Larry Heckman, Teresa Glover, Clarence Lewis, Harold Dorney, Ron Lewis, Harold Rogers, Robert Mason, David Garver, Elsie Lynne Evans, Jody Arbuckle, Charles Coe, Renee Featherston, Kaye Tho- mas. Row 5: Gary Summett, John Alford, Rhonda Golder, Priscilla Hayes, Pat Embry. 'i'1l'YQ45"N":-S?uy .P Members of the Girls Concert Club include, Row 1: Marlene Jurey, Melody Frazier, Sara Jordan, Deborah Peevlerg Row Knaflich, Sharon Jurey, Carol Waggoner, Cheri Manco, Peg- 3: Debra Hewitt, Mary Shreve, Rita Simpson, Sharon Rouse, gy, Blevins, Rose Sanders, Jennell Bade, Avanelle Cole, Kitty Phyllis Cook, Elsielynne, Evans, Mary Jane Hurst, Connie Goff, Row 2: Angie Moore, Theresa Glover, Deborah Starks, Coslett, Roberta McDamon, Sonda Coleman, and Vickie Gil- Pamela Compton, Meredith Deakin, Norma Benson, Karen brech. Boys Concert Club, Row 1: Bruce Smith, Ron Barnett, Leo- L. Berkowitz, Henry Bruce, Michael White, John McDaniel: nard Ray, John Wharton, Raymond Rush, Joseph Mink, John Row 3: Sam Hatten, Danny Polson, Richard Palmer, Ronald Miller, Gary Long, Marvin Carter, Row 2: Mark Cunninghan, Cole, Jack Stower, Ivan Baird, John Hudson, Charles Tidd, Steve Brown, Robert Stevenson, Barry West, Dallas Miller, Lynn Roberts, Rodney Williams, Gary Burke. Choralettes members are, Row 1: Virginia Robertson, Debbie Woods, Donna Tate, Peg- gy Blevins, Paula Homburg, Helen Chenault, Janet Schaffer. Row 2: Donna Pugh, Cher- yl Fiscus, Luelda Trieb, Karen VanHook, Cindy Warren, Mary Jane Hurst, Debbie Shaw, and Diane Shines. 64 fix CONTINENTALAIRES members are Row 1: Elaine F o ut, Pam Sheperd, Dornziller Rainey, Cathy Vaughn, Beverly Younger, Becky Trout, Helen Kira, Sue Tribulak, Cathy Hall, Continentals blanket the town with the sound of music .,. -Q Joy Shaw. Row 2: Danny Derringer, Jim Ahlemeyer, J i m Chaffin, Jackie Wells, Joe Whitlow, Dave Lowery, Bill Fra- zer, Mike Jared, Carey Woodward. The top vocal group, the Continentalaires, have sung at Broadway Methodist Church and Stouffers Inn. The Brownsburg High School Senior Class invited the Continentalaires to sing for their Senior Dinner. Colonial Chorus, better know as Snow Carol- ers, made their annual all day tour to the grade schools, downtown banks, and the Moument Cir- cle during Christmas. Colonial Chorus also sang for Baccalaureate. The Music Department was the sponsor of the Community Christmas Program and the all-school Easter Convocation. COLONIAL CHORUS members include Row 1: Ron Barnett, William Patrick, Mary Holloway, Helen Kira, Leanna Uhls, Becky Trout, Donna Tate, Diane E 1 am, Beverly Kadel, Ka- thy Todd, Rhonda Golder, Sam Williams, Jackie Wells, Mor- ris Todd. Row 2: Leonard Troutman, Gerold Williams, Dave Lowery, Nikki Sanders, Ro s e Sanders, Wanda Cox, Sue Adams, Brenda Smith, Pan Sheperd, Paula Young, Sarah J ordon, Vicky Gilbert, Danny Boyd, Mike Jared, M ark Col- lins, R a y Hart. Row 3: James Wilson, Thomas Short, Steve Brown, Charles Coe, Ray Washington, Kathy Deakin, Alfre- dia Henry, Pat Vaughn, M ary Shreve, Vickie Harris, Bar- bara Huntly, Larry Swanson, John McDaniel, B i ll Frazier, Wayne McKay. Row 4: Don Devine, John Morris, Ronnie Renner, Becky Beaumont, Valarie Smith, B renda Hicks, Thresa Anslinger, Lolita Gwens, Jessie Martin, Dan Derrin- ger, Carey Woodward, Kenny Williamson, David Long. 65 BYSINESS CIUB-Row l: Kathy Deakin, Penny Kifer, Mar- ie Coleman, Linda Doss, Kathy Shaw, Margaret Hall, LuAnn Winters, Judy Thompson, Row 2: Rosonda Artist, Vicky Gil- bert. Cheryl Fiseus, Debra G1'ider, Cathy Harlow, Kathleen Clubs hear a IRI? LATIN CLUB-Row 1: Sherry Fillmore, Sliaron Wise, Tam Mcliannis, Debbie Lollar, Bonny Sturgis, Olivia Goodwin, Re- na Carson, Randy Spears, Row 2: Bob Thomas, Shawn Weas- ner, Linda Curbearx, John Miller, Janelle Weaver. Row 3: Mil- ton Goodwin, Nelda Conner, Linda Beetem, Cathy Coats, Lora Lewis, Brenda Miller, Terry Orner, Stuart Shepp, Theresa Mann: Row 4: Jackie Wells, Roger Weaver, Bill McClure, Ron Lewis, Jerry Lish, Ken Cox, Ray Murray. SCIENCE CLUB-Row l: Bonny Sturgis, Becky Trout, Deb- big- Lollar, Debra Kelly, Jeanie Heishman, Paula Homburg, Mary Shreve, Ruth Baird, Renee Featherston, Ronda Golder, Stew n Peay, Milton Goodwin, Terrence Reid, Maurine Martin. Row 2: Bob Thomas, Billy Frazer, Sue Tribulak, Tony Vester, Elaine Fout, Janet Barrett, Cheryl Fiscxis, Donna Kelly, Pam ixICxTll'1YllS, Theresa Mann, Kathy Belton, Karen Van Hook, Charles Vos-, Mike White, Juamita Gehlhausen, Joy Shaw, 9 Turner, Patty Bonta, Marsha Anderson, Marilyn Leslie, Row 3: Catherin Simmons, Elizabeth Wilson, Linda Grupe, Pat Downing, Alice Montgomery, Mary Lewis, Connie Knapp, Wanda Cox, Shirley Crane, Debra Ferguson. distin uished speakers This year the Business Club took a field trip to Indiana National Bank downtown. The I.B.M. department sponsored a tour of the massive com- puters. The members were able to see the various machines working. One that was of interest was the Sorter. It sorts the I.B.M. cards at a rate of 1,500 per minute. The Future Nurses' Club toured such places as Methodist Hospital, Larue Carter Hospital, and Indiana University Medical Center. The Cerebral Palsy Research Center was of main interest at the Medical Center. The members were honored to have the Director of Nursing from Methodist Hos- pital speak to them about the qualifications for nursing. An investigation was also made in the held of Army Nursing. A guest speaker from Haiti was welcomed at one of the French Club's meetings. Sherry Fillmore. Row 3: Cathy Vaughn, Shirley Crane, Cathy Hall, Deloris Hayes, Debbie Shaw, Penny Kiefer, Becky Per- sonett, Vicky Gilbert, Beverly Eidsen, Robbie Hesse, Tom Land, Winnie Semenick, Everett Kunzelman, Sandra Hohlweg, Joan Barrett, Frances Miller, Row 4: Linda Beetem, Steve Brown, Danny Boyd, Don Lowery, Dan Derringer, Bob Leslie, Floyd Skaggs, Larry White, Mike Marlete, Alice Montgomery, Diane Wilhelm, Brenda Farmer. . 6' , W . 'H , ,y tits! I fi ii P4 it 3 ' g ,, FRENCH CLUB...Row 1: Helen Kira, Becky Trout, Bev Younger, Diane Kenley, Diane Elam, Debra Woods, Nancy Persinger, Charles Coe, Michael White, Renee Featherston, Lolita Given, Sam Williams, Nikki Sanders, Wanda Sheeyz, Cathy Vaughn, Steve Duke, Mrs. Overman-Sponsor, ROW 2: Sandra Melliner, Linda Russell, Connie Higgins, Karen Dock- ery, Vickie Ferrell, Marite Talbergs, David McCreary, Bever- ly Eidson, Elaine Fout, Brenda Farmer, Maurine Martin, Debra Starling, Karen Blanton, Janet Bernhard, Rhonda The Science Club members have taken trips to Cincinatti Zoo, Butler University Observatory, and the Museum of Science and Arts Building located at Chicago. At Butler University the members were able to see the Clock Room, the telescope, and the planetarium. Junto Club members were the host on May 3 for the Junior Historical Society of Indiana. A high ranking State Official spoke at this convention. LeAnn Uhls and Debbie Hewitt, Junto Club members, worked at the Childrens Museum on Sat- urday mornings. Members of the Latin Club started the year off with the election of club ofiicers. This election was held in the style of a Roman Election. Each of the students wore white robes and spoke Latin w h en they were campaigning for office. JUNTO CLUB...Row 1: Mary Shreve, Connie Higgins, Becky Trout, Phyllis White, Greg Fowler, David Stevens, Kenny Cox, Ginny Robertson, Debbie Woods, Betty Coop, Lou Trieb, Rosie Sanders, Diane Elam, Susie Scotten, Dar- cella Williams, Nikki Sanders, Cathy Todd, Janelle Weaver: Row 2: Rhonda Golder, Alice Montgomery, Pat Downing Mary Holloway, Debbie Lollar, Nina Tuttle, Gail Settle, E- laine Fout, Donna Pugh, Becky Beaumont, Ruth Baird, Lin- da Guyse, Ruth Freije, Cheryl Fiscus, Maurine Martin, There- 7 Golderg Row 3: Cheryl Myrick, Deb'a Parrish, Jeanie Heish- man, Mickey Finn, Karen Goff, Rosalyn Hart, Sharon Rouse, Goriesa Wi'klifT, Larry Pryor, John Sims, Larry Lish, Jody Arbuckle, Linda Miller, Juanita Gehlhousen, Joy Shaw, Steven Peay, David Fuller: Row 4: Steven Hendricks, Kathy Acco- mondo, Meredith Deakin, Paula Homburg, Allen Faucett, Danny Riffey, Bill Welcher, Barry West, Greg Fowler, Mike Hunt, Jim Chafiin, Diane Wilhelm, Cindy Arbuckle, Sandra Hohlweg, Brenda Jenkins, Sam Hatten, Ken Williamson. FUTURE NURSES CLUB-Row 1: Emma Bryant, Janis, Helterbrand, Rita Blair, Rena Carson, Patricia Galbirth, R0w 2: Susan Jones, Cindy Curbeaux, April Emmerson, Lorna Hen- dricksong Row 3: Wilma Bryant, Marsha Raisor, Debra Car- son, Penny Mills. sa Mann, Kathy Fruits, Cheryl Stevens, Bonnie Selbey, Nan- cy Persinger: Row 3: Lvonne Lockhart, Rosemarie Zeluff, Brenda Miller, Margaret Steelman, Pam Livingston, Brenda Farmer, David Robbfns, Ray Hart, Renee Featherston, Mike White, Jim Chaffin, Winnie Semenick, Diane Wilhelm, Patty White, Tim Mayhew, Row 4: Brenda Hicks, Janet Bernhard, Linda Beetem, Leanna Uhls, Debbie Hewitt, Cindy Warren, Karen Van Hook, Tom Land, Don Lowery, Dan Derringer, Larry White, Everett Kunzelman, Mike Marlett, Steve Brown, Ron Lewis, Jackie Wells, Danny Boyd, Roger Winegar. HEIPING T0 BRING WASHINGTON athletic laurals are, Row 1: Gary Lish, Don Dougherty, Ed Judkins, Leonard Troutman, Larry Attkisson, David Parrott, Earl Fortune, .Iohn Rolienson, Don Maybary, Clemart Featherston. Row 2: Jim Green, Doug Seminick, Bill Thomas, Myron Newland, Bennie Thompson, Ron Knox, Ray Hart, Louie Day, Phillip Leslie, Reggie Williams, Row 3: Mr. England-Sponsor, Jim Vaughn, Monty Woods, Bill Beard, Dan Derringer, Jim Ar- nold, Steve Downing, George McGinnis, Don Phillips, Harvey Galbreath, Chuck Dulla. Red Cross members include, ROW 1: Julie Sempsrott, Janelle Weaver, Aleta Reed, Liz Cross, Olivia Goodwin, Patricia Highbaugh, Mariessu Miller, Pat Embry-President, Vicky Gilbert, Kathy Acsomandes, Margaret Steelman, Kathy Fruits-Secretary Treasurer, Susan Adams. Row 2: Marie Sanders-Vice President, Phyllis Lee, Rose Hall, Dianne Smith, Kathy Buckley, Terri Nichold, Susan Eggers, Mildred Guyse, Vivian Poole, Edna Smith, Penny Kiefer, Debbie Lollar, Bob- oie Haase, Sharon Jurey, Peggy Hohn. Row 3: Cindy Hicks, Carol Miller, Linda Beetem, Terry Menear, LaDeane Wini- ger, Elsielynne Evans, Anita Cook, JoAnn Price, Arlene Col- enran, Rosalyn Hart, Annette Artis, Kaye Thomas, Diana Baire. Row 4: Nancy Morgan, Donna Kay Smith, Elsie Way- man, Gwen Tyson, Josephine Avant, Paul Miller, Adam Sell- ers, Danny Derringer, JoAnne Lyles, DeLores Hays, Darlene Cross, John Alford-Sgt.-of-Arms. Assisting with the teaching of the gym classes are the Girls Gym Assistants, Row 1: Sally Miller, Mona Starrett, Mary Davis, Shirley Tyson, Sandy Liles. Row 2: Karen Goff, Bev Kadel, Elonor Norris, Carla Radford, and Liz Cross. Taking time out from their many activities are the members of the National Forensic League, Row 1: Linda Herring, Connie Higgins, Debbie Woods, Vi1'ginia Robertson, Nikki Sanders, Eddie Tipton, Richard Burkhart, Ronda Golder, Cathy Todd, Janet Schaffer, Darcella Williams. Row 2: Jack- ie Wells, Carla Straaford, Alfredia Henry, Becky Personett, Beverly Younger, Jim Chafiin, Diana Whilem, Elaine Fout. Row 3: Darla Richardson, Wennie Seminick, Shirley Crane, Cathy Vaughn, Don Lowery, Sam Williams. Row 4: Bob Stillwell, Larry White, Tom Land, Everett Kunzelman. The Lettermen's Club supported the basket- ball team this year by selling large "soc-it-to-'em" signs to be used for decorating cars. They also sold All-Star tickets. The National Forensic League consists of all students that participate in Speech or Debate. Each person must accumulate 10 points to become a member. These points are given for attending speech meets and debates. For their Valentine Party, the members of Red Cross went to the Childrens' Guardian Home to have a party with the orphan children living at the home. Assisting with the boys gym classes are Row 1: Larry Mintz, Larry Bunten, David Hawkins, Sam Williams, Bill Turner, William Carter. Row 2: Ben Blane, Larry Spall, Tom Land, Bob Latta, Jerry Rector, Larry Attkisson, and Tom Gibson. 'Ja'-alan-f. . l HELPING TEACHERS with projectors and films and taking the responsibility to see that all films are returned on time are the audio-visual assistants: Bob Catania, Gary Burk, An- dy Armstrong, Henry Pierce, John Alford, and Jeanette Dun- lap. rganizations complete busy year AIDING the many departments throughout the school are, Row 1: Judy Phillips, Pat Embry, Betty Coop, Nancy Per- singer, Benita Adams. Row 2: Yvone Lockhart, John Alford, Robert Montgomery, Roger Weaver, Marilyn Kerr, Mike Mar- lett. NURSES ASSISTANTS are always willing to help those in need. Row 1: Liz Cross, Marcie Martin, Pat Embry, Rosie Sanders, Sharon Smith, Judy Taylor, Mary Millener, Margar- et Steelman. Row 2: Brenda Isler, Belinda Gayle Jenkins, Flora Hendem, Yvonne Lockhart, Rhonda Creed, Frances Duncan, Judy Lindsey, Sharon Jones, Ruth Dillow, Pat Young, Linda Smith, and Melody Fraizer. SEEING THAT EACH BOOK is properly checked in and out of the library are, Row 1: Elizabeth Cross, Linda Hicks, Deb- 1'a Atwater, Alfredia Hen1'y, Anna Bell, Patty Edwards. Row 2: Vicki Ferrell, Sharon Simmons, Kathy Belton, Glenda Hall, Honey Palmer, Juanita Gehlhausen, Helen Flint. SEEING THAT EACH STUDENT has enough supplies for class were the Bookstore Assistants. Row 1: Connie Higgins, Yvonne Puckett, Diane Kenley, Carol Waggener, Nikki San- ders, Cathy Todd. Row 2: Diane Elam, Joy Tweed, Shirley Crane, Patty White, Tony Vester. Row 3: Alan Glaze, Joe Whitloe, Bill Beard, Jim Arnold, Don Phillips, Myron New- land. 69 LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE FIELD OF TEACHING are members of Future Teachers of America. Row 1: Alfredia Henry, Charlotte Lewis, Pat Newlin, Virginia Robertson, Kar- en Blanton, Bonnie Selby, Marlene Knafilish, LeAnn Wilson. Row 2: Marilyn Frejie, Linda Guise, Ruth Fregre, Vivian Poole, Kathy Smith, Sharon Gray. Row 3: Shirley Crane, Cin- dy Hicks, Donna Harper, Jackie Wells, and Steve Peay. THOSE ATTENDING GIRLS' STATE AND BOYS' STATE during the summer were: Winnie Semenick, Nancy Persinger, Mike Hunt, Roger Weaver, and Edgar Tipton, WORKING to improve their Spanish vocabulary are members of the academically select advanced Spanish class. Sandy Liles, Sue Tribulak, Mrs. Eiwvin, Tom Hyde, and Don Lowery. 'Vw DEPARTING for the school where their cadet teaching will be done are, Row 1: Pat Vaughn, Virginia Robertson, Charlot Lewis. Row 2: Diane Crane, and Marilyn Frejie, Several George Washington High School Cadet Teachers decided that it was harder when on the other side of the desk than it appeared. These teachers had to adjust themselves to think like a teacher for two periods each day. They helped the students read, write, and solve arithmetic problems. The Future Teachers of America members at- tended the high school regional Convention on Ca- reers and Special Education. This was held on March 19 at Lawrence Central High School. On March 29 the members participated in the Indiana Future Teachers of America State Convention held at John Marshall High School. Later in the season a repre- sentative from the State Department of Public In- struction spoke to them. Four students were able to attend Girls' State and Boys' State which was held at Indiana Univer- sity. This is for high school juniors who will be sen- iors the following semester. The American Legion sponsors this convention. Students are nominated for various offices. After the nominations, mock elec- tions are held to elect these ofhcers. From this more is learned about State and Local Government. Honors Abroad Program offers an opportunity to study outside the United States to junior French and Spanish students. In December all applicants from the state take the initial test at I.U. After much additional screening, the final choice is based on individual interviews, partially in the second lang- uage. Thirty students from each state are chosen for French and Spanish. The Indiana Classical Con- ference is sponsoring tifteen who will study in Italy this summer. P 'rr 5 lv J- l . Q, ,pills TAKING TIME OUT from Little t500' practice are Jimmy Beard, Bill Beard, and Greg Fowler. arm Weather means DURING THE SUMMER Darcella Williams attended the Purdue Drama Workshop. In the spring play, The Crucible, Darcella was the leading actress. Work ATTENDING SUMMER MUSIC WORKSHOPS throughout the state were: Nikki Sanders, Meredith Deakin, Rhonda Gol- der, Becky Personett, Winnie Semenick, John Alford, Patti Newlin, and Judy Phillips. 71 X .il'i? REPRESENTING WASHINGTON with a City Champion- ship and a number two State rating are members of the R.O. T.C. Rifle Team. Row 1: Kathy Deakin-Sponsor, John Coff- This years Bullseyes shot their way to a 10-0 re- cord in competition with other schools. To make the rifle team requires night after night of practice. The George Washington High School marksmen are the first in the City and Hold the Championship for the second consecutive year. The Washington High School Drill Team brings still more honor to the school. These cadets drill nights after school and compete with other drill teams. T h e y represent their school at parades and they s h i n e at Federal inspection. Sponsors for the drill team accompany them from meet t o meet throughout the City. The R.O.T.C. Sponsors add the feminine touch I I V , RATED SECOND in the drill meets are members of the R.O. T.C. Drill Team: Rodney Williams, Tony Carson, Jon John- son, Bill Welcher, Bob Maxwell, and Leslie Miller. 72 man, George Mott, Dzintars Zuicens, Gary Pryor. Row 2: Ha- rold Bryant, David Palmer, Roger Richee, Craig Silver, Rick Clark, and Jackson Burrus. to the R.O.T.C. classes and Military Ball. To become a sponsor, the girl must be a Junior and in the upper third of the class. She then remains a sponsor during her Senior year. Each Friday, the sponsors inspect the classes looking for neatness, personal appearance, shined brass, and military knowledge. Each of the Sponsors have a special duty be- sides inspecting classes. Kathy Deakin-Rifle T e a m Sponsor, Beverly Younger-Drill Team Sponsor, and Rhonda Golder-Color Guard, a r e Juniors, while Se- niors Nancy Persinger, Beth C o o k, and Doris Gar- land are members of the Staff. HELPING TO ADD the little Uextraf' touch to the R.O.T.C. classes, the Military Ball, and the different activities are the R.O.T.C. Sponsors, H!Maj, Nancy Persinger-Battalion Spon- sor, Hflst Lt. Doris Garland, Hflst Lt. Beth Cook, H!2nd Lt. Kathy Deakin, Hf2nd Lt. Beverly Younger, and H!2nd Lt. Rhonda Golder. THOSE WHO WORK so hard to present the plays through- out the school year are members of the National Thespians, Row 1: Becky Trout, Bev Younger, Brenda Farmer, Pam Shepherd, Don Lowery, Greg Fowler, Virginia Robertson, Sam Williams, Darcella Williams, Cathy Vaughn, Elaine Fout, Thespians present ad Woman and Crucible THE SUMMER LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, Group I, was attended by: Greg Fowler, Brenda Farmer, and Dave Lowery. Dave Lowery, Cathy Todd. Row 2: Jackie Wells, Debbie Starks, Mary Jane Hurst, Bob Stillwell, Mike Marlett, Rose Sanders, Jim Chaffin, Kathy Deakin, Cindi Arbuckle, Joy Shaw, Diane Wilhelm. Row 3: Linda Herring, John Oxford, Dan Derringer, and Joe Whitlow. Under the direction of Miss Colleen Stanley, the George Washington High School Thespian Society produced the plays Mad Woman of Chaillot in the fall and the Crucible in the spring. The society, organized to honor students in dramatics, put long hours of practice into the plays. By working on a production, points are earned and then accumulated for entry in the society. Those chosen to become members of the Thespian Society received a star which can be attached to his member- ship pin. THOSE ATTENDING Group II of the Summer Leadership Conference were: Doris Garland, Bill Beard, Becky Daugher- ty, and Everett Kunzelman, 73 MIKE MARLETT. "Goodie Robertson," and Kenny Williams debate the Jots 81 Tittles ul' l,Lll'lt21ll theology. .11 F' W DARCELLA VVILLIAMS fleftj and Roger Weaver, leads in the spring play "THE CRl'CIBl.E", reherse a scene with Helen Kira. T-1 l ,Q 5 A ,gj g y,, g,U,4' y l -'-', av - , . lf: 1 l ' ' ms V, ' , ' wwf--'.+2 1 ' nil ff fp. '-P -.-232 vm .. 2: Miss Colleen Stanley and Thespians Troupe 1302 undertook two ambitious productions in the 1968-1969 theater season. In November The Mad Women of Chaillot pounded the boards of the Wash- ington High Schools stage. Pam Shepherd was the intimitable Mad Woman. Other members of the pro- duction were: Ray Hart, Greg Fowler, Bob Stillwell, Dain Samples, Cindy Warren, and Darcella Williams. In March all the witches in the school were chilled when The Crucible was presented. Principle characters in the production were: Cathy Todd, Vir- ginia Robertson, Dain Samples, Roger Weaver, Greg Fowler, Darcella Williams, Rosie Sanders, Flora Hendern, Bob Stillwell, Tom Hyde, Kenny Williams, Mike Marlett and Helen Kira. VIRGINIA ROBERTSON surreptitiously counts t present at "THE CRUCIBLEJ' Madwoman, Crucible 1969 Productions he crowd MANAGER Sam Hatten and lightman Charles Coe ROSE SANDERS and Flora Hendern repose in "jail" until the lighting arrangement for the first scene. their cue. T5 P W i U I Q U I w 1 1 4 w 1 P I h T6 1969 Continentals Faculty and staff Work to instill pride 3 , , ,, I - V . , I O ,,, 0' c . o 0'-1 I V - - - . -r 1 'U f"0 Q -"1 'O . Q0- 5 1' 1. ,, ,-.4 . . . 2 'ty """'-'-lar ---if Xygf So'i , ' -4 4 ue, '. ,.-'- . Lrx Q . HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. Our bookstore manager, Marion Kuszmaul, is kept busy at Tourney time. ..- Af Of -LL.. SNIILIC YOl'R ON CANIJIII CAMERA. Thomas Rosenber- gr-1'. vim- principal, pauses brim-fly from his work to give the camera a smile. T94 Over half of the faculty of Washington High School is involved in assisting students with extra- curricular activities. They sponsor the clubs, music groups, cheerleaders, cheerblock, "Little 500", athle- tics, and the Senior and Junior Class activities. Education is never complete even for faculty members. Many are enrolled at State Universities and Colleges for evening or Saturday classes. The classes teachers take in these sessions often result in the addition of courses to our already varied cur- riculum. This year, three new classes have been offered: Photography, Occupational Home Economics, and Stage Craft. Continentals have good reason to be proud of their hard working faculty. THAT'S A GOOD ONE. Principal, Mr. Cloyd Julian and Science teacher, William Baldwin relax over a well earned coffee break. ' ':- ,I ff VVILL I EVER BE GLAD VVHEN THIS YEAR IS OVER. Leon Hunt, vice principal, and Nellie LaMar, secretary, look- ing over finances. Faculty MR. DON D. ADAMS-English. MRS. RUTH ARNEY-Home Economics. MR. ROBERT BADGLEY-Head of Mathematics Department, Mathematics. MR. WILLIAM BALDWIN-Science Club Sponsor, Science. MR. MICHAEL BARRETT-Industrial Arts, SURVEYOR, POST. MR. JOSEPH BENDA-Junior Class Sponsor, Mathematics. MRS. JULIA BIRGE-Junior Class Sponsor, Social Studies. MRS. DARLENE BLANFORD-Business. MISS DiANN BLAZIC-English. Spanish. MR. JASON BOWERS-Art. MR. JOHN BRADLEY-FTA Sponsor, Counselor, Social Stu- dies. MR. DAVID BRAY-Industrial Arts. MR. PAUL CARMICHAEL-Head of Business Department, Business. MR. VERNES COLLINS-Counselor. MR. DONALD COUNTS-Mathematics. MR. LARRY COX-Art. MRS. MARY DAVIS-Home Economics. MISS ELVA DEER-Social Studies, International Relations. MRS. HELEN DeHAVEN--Home Economics. MISS ALLIE DRAGO0-Assistant Debate Coach, Speech Coach, National Forensic League, English. MISS LINDA ENGEL-Elementary School Teacher, Music. MRS. HESTER ERWIN-Head of Language Department, Span- ish. MR. RAY FUNK-Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Pep Band, Elementary School Teacher. MR. TIMOTHY GILES-Science. MR. WAYNE P. GIRDLEY-Mathematics. MR. DOBERT GOLER-Industrial Arts. THEY WILL NEVER GROW UP! English teachers: Betty Werthman, Maxine Adkins, and Steve Yerich, watch a puppet show presented by an English Is class after school. 1 .Mx X A ' -cr it i I an - -ll? , Q K .f-'f' 3 ' ' --" it " hx .Il L e f .J . u Q.. Manx ls 1, -Q -' 1. r i Q,.f" ' AA.. ff' ' . .Z 3.4 .5 A W ,K 43. X f 5 , ::' ii .-4" . ' " is -, iw gl 0.1, or V Q . 1 A .WX fl V 'Q N . '75-:W -.-. If " mfs H tm f dw ,", 4 SM S" ' A if 'wfi W ga,-0' -an av'-"'c"y ---"" ,www wr' nm vv .f Q if ,,,, fjliv V- - . V X . , 'M Faculty MR. JAMES GOTHARD-Continental "500" Sponsor, Senior Homeroom Sponsor, Social Studies. MR. WVILLIAM GREEN-Head Basketball coach, Assistant Foot- ball Coach, Physical Education. MR. JOSEPH GREENE-Work Training Consultant. MR. ROBERT GROSSKREUTZ-Mathematics. MR. ROBERT GURCHIEK-Science. MR. ALAN HAMILTON-Science. MR. CHARLES HAMILTON-Music, Head of Audio Visual Aids Dept. MR. CHARLES HAWTHORNE-Science. MR. ORA G. HIGI-IT-Social Studies, Psychology. MRS. MIRIAM HUBER-Mathematics. MR. JOHN HUDSON-Health 8z Safety, Intramural Basketball Sponsor, Assistant Basketball Coach. MR. JOHN JAROSINSKI-Science, Head Cross Country Coach, Assistant Track Coach. MR. CARL JENSEN-Craft Art I, Jewelry, Humanities, Pho- tography. MR. STEWART JOYCE-Industrial Arts. MR. ROLLIN JUMP-Industrial Arts. MRS. VIRGINIA KASSLER-Health 8x Safety I, Physical Edu- cation. MRS. KATHLEEN KENNEDY-Physical Science. MR. WILLIAM S. KETROW-Science. MR. DAVID KNOTT-Director of Publications, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Joumalism, English. MISS MARGO KOLECKI-Science. MRS. MARY KRAMER-Science, Student Council. MRS. CATHERINE LAMB-Home Economics, Family Living. MISS GERTRUDE LINDLEY-Head of Home Economics, Senior Homeroom Sponsor. MR. KENNETH LONG-Industrial Arts. SO FAR YOU GOT IT RIGHT. Math teacher, Robert Grosskreutz helps a student with his Geometry. h i Faculty 1 MISS JANET LOVELL-Majorette Sponsor, Business. W MRS. DOROTHY LUTHER--Home Economics, Family Living. 1 MR. FRANK LUZAR-Head of Physical Education, Varsity Golf Coach. ' MRS. BETTY MALONEY-Counselor, English, Red Cross Spon- sor. MR. LLOYD BOLTON MANN-English. MISS EVELYN McCONNELL-Head of Art Department. MR. RUSSELL McCONNELL-Athletic Director, Social Studies. MRS. RUTH McLEISI-I--Business Club Sponsor, Business, Music. MR. WALTER MENDEL-Industrial Arts, Printing. MISS MARY K. MITCHELL-Registrar. MRS. SHARON MONROE-Business. i MRS. JACKIE MORRIS-Business, Junior Class Sponsor. l l l l MR. DAVID MUSE-DECA Sponsor, Business. MR. HAROLD ORMAN-Mathematics, Varsity Track Coach. MR. JAMES H. OTTO-Head of Science, Senior Homeroom Sponsor. , MRS. SUSAN OVERMAN-French. I I N L MISS THELMA L. PARKS-World History, Latin, Derivatives. - MR. DWIGHT PIERCE-Social Studies. I MR. GEORGE E. P1ERsoN-counselor. E MRS. NELLIE PITTMAN-Business. V I 4 E 1 MRS. JEANETTE POCK-Business, Counselor, Advisor for I ROTC Sponsors, Cheerleader Sponsor, Director of Student R Activities. MRS. MARY RARDON-Home Economics. MISS MARJORIE REINHART-Librarian. MRS. SHELIA REYNOLDS-English. 4 I I I 1 1 i CHECKMATE! Math teachers, Gerald Wyman and Donald Count spend their between class breaks play- R ing chess. l I I I l 1 l h R 1... if Pin 4-av' V "ff" 17 . I-Wg. KN Q. 3 . - ' 127' you fi, , was-.3259 ug 1, '.! yr. .W 'M !-!.'-- Q, I 5-' 'P' get 4 ? Q- ,,.anns' 0U0"Ub AV . AM., win 4 sv' 'J ,Bi 'YW S "1" .- my . '1f"' Q , ,- . . 13, is Jai 4 ' f av A -1 Q3 is if 52 U "f 'Q A, A , . 1 'V' X ' 7x'?" fin' as-"P favs f 4 ff A li I r E4 'lv i f , yd V. . Z IM . , if V t. ' iwwo' Q.. C., A ..,, ' 5' S "v V 6, Y fin , fd: J J' V11 15 -rf-av . 2 , ' Q ag , 'Q' l tk f , V., A .. 81 73 1 ,,: l 9 iii t ' Q 'Pin ur- '-9' ,H I had 4, - ff .. f -1 51, 5 ani C?"- if w r Xkv' ".4, Q, q v ,S- vc-'av X Faculty MRS. ALICE ROBINSON-Book Club Sponsor, English. MR. I-IERSI-ITL ROSS-Physics, Science. MRS. MILDRED ROSS-Science Librarian. MRS. SARA SAGRAVES-Senior Homeroom Sponsor, Typing, General Business, Machine Calculations. MR. BERNARD SAUTER-Science. MRS. DEANNA SCHREIBER-Physical Education, Cheerblock Sponsor. MR. JOHN SEEBURGER-Head' of Industrial Arts Department. MR. BASIL SFREDDO-Varsity Baseball Coach, Assistant Bas- ketball Coach, Driver Training. MRS. MARIE SCHAFFER-Mathematics. MR. RICHARD SHARP-Varsity Debate Coach, Assistant Speech Coach, English. MR. NORMAN SHIRES-Assistant Dean of Students, Varsity Wrestling Coach, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Physi- cal Education. MR. AMOS SLATON-Social Studies. MR. HERBERTW. SMITH-Industrial Arts. MR. PERCY SNYDER--Industrial Arts. MR. ROBERT SPRINGER-Varsity Football Coach, Counselor, Orientation. MR. DAVID STANESA-Science. MISS COLLEEN STANLEY-National Thespian Society Spon- sor, Director of Productions, Dramatics, English. MRS. JANE STONE-English. MR. GEORGE STUCKEY-Journalism, English, POST Advisor. MR. WILLIAM STUMP-Music. MR. JOHN TALLEY-Social Studies. MR. RONALD THOMAS-Social Studies. MRS. LOUISE TIMCHAK-Science. F!SGT. JACK THOMPSON-ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Ritle Team, ROTC. MR. VASCO L. WALTON-Driver training, Health 8x Safety, Physical Education. MR. WALLACE WEBB-Freshman Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Biology. MRS. BETTY WERTHMAN-Head of English Department, Na- tional Honor Society Sponsor, English. MISS ROSEMARY WHITEHEAD-Cadet Teaching, 8A Coordin- ator. MR. ROBERT WILLIAMS-Industrial Arts. MRS. CARYL L. WILHOITE-Social Studies, Junior Class Sponsor. MR. JERALD WYMAN-National Honor Society Sponsor, Mathematics. MR. STEVE S. YERICH-English. Faculty sg' "' rw r l Q" . V 'gin 4' --si MR. CARL ZENOR-Head of Social Studies Dept. i 'Q' .- ' ' Mus. NELLIE BALDWIN-Social service. Q , MISS MARGARET HANNAN-Secretary. Q 4 MRS. LORENE HARVEY-Clerk. , 1 .5 l .. i ,A Q .L 9 A, i. 1 yqt G K 5 - M -'D MRS. FLORINA HENDRICKS-Office Clerk. V V - MRS. MARION KUSZMAUL-Bookstore Manager. Y, MRS. VIOLA SANDERS-Adult Library Assistant. . 1 ' .i A If , Q43 "if 'of MR. CHARLES BROWN-ICT Coordinator, Placement f f , f ' ,iv Qs ui- 5 A ,Z A VI I V Q Y , N A .,.. Q 1 A MRS. LAURA C. LYONS-English, Humanities, Dean of Girls. 5 if MR. AUDIE WATKINS-Dean of Students. Q, zzl I. Y D SENIOR EXECS. Row 1: Virginia Robertson, Darcella Wil- lizims, Nancy Persinger, Row 2: Ed Tipton, Tom Land, Roger Wezivcr, Larry White, Don Lowery. 84 Seniors Wind-up successful year Excitement, laughter ,and fun was the kind of life led by the Seniors of "69". The year started out with elections. Seniors worked on signs, badges, and platforms to help their party win. During Christmas a collection for soldiers in Vietnam was taken. Also the Senior doors were de- corated with "Lolly Pop Trees", styrofoam tree shapes decorated with lolly pops, to boost spirit. As an added attraction, four Senior girls handed out lolly pops to the student body for several days. "Wheel Excitement" was the next event. The annual "Little 500" presented a lot of excitement and fun for everyone. After the race everyone at- tended the "Little 500" dance to celebrate the vic- tory. All profits were given to the Senior scholarship fund. The ones to be honored for this great success are the Steering Committee: Cindy Warren, Patty Vaughn, Alfredia Henry, Bill Beard, Roger Weaver, and Myron Newland. 1 l i l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Row 1: Edgar Tipton, Darcella Williams, Nancy Persinger. Row 2: Tom Land, Myron New- land, Jim Green. Seniors MARSI-IA ABBOTT-Washingtonians, Junior Revue, Cheerblock, Girls Concert Club, Singout '66, Girls Ensemble. DOROTHY S. ABLES-Washingtonians. BENITA KAY ADAMS-Washingtonians, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Junto Club, Senior Class Social Committee. Reserve Cheerblock, English Department Assistant, Candidate for Treasurer, of Senior Class, May Queen Court. PAMELA ADAMS-Washingtonians, Junior Achievement, Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Singout '66, Cadet Teaching. JAMES RICHARD AHLEMEYER-Continental 500, Junior Revue, Band, Boys Concert Club, Continentalaires. KATHY M. ALEXANDER-Washingtonians, Continental 500 Committee, National Honor Society, Junior Achievement. CRAIG ANTHONY I. C. T., V. I. C. A. ANDREW ARMSTRONG-Continental 500, Junior Revoe, Singout '66, Audio-Visual Assistant. JAMES ANTHONY ARNOLD-Chess Club, Continental 500, Lettermans Club, Junto Club, Tennis Team, Track, Cross Country, Fellowship of Christian Athletics, Bookstore Assistant, Freshman Baseball, Freshman, Reserve, and Varsity Basketball, Senior Class President Candidate, Junior Prom King Candidate. ANNETTE ARTIS-Night School Graduate. ROSSETTA ARTIS-Washingtonians, Cheerblock. LARRY ALLEN ATTKISSON-Lettermans Club, Varsity Wrestling, Cross Country, Manager Freshman Baseball. -no E7 I. Ny Hx 'IX -anon ff Q . 559: 46' .. X34 EVN? in iswmf W V, ,, 44' CATHY AUSTIN-Washingtonians, POST Statf, Orchestra, Singout '66, Continental Symphony. TONI AUSTIN-January Granuate. CAROLYN ELLEN BABER-Night School Graduate. MARILYN MAY BABER-January Graduate. BELINDA MAE BAILEY--Washingtonians, Red Cross, Cheerblock. JONATHAN BAKER-Night School Graduate. KAREN SUE BANDY-Beauty School at Wood. JOHN ALLEN BARNETT-English Major. JIMMIE BEARD--Lettermans Club, Junior Achievement, NVrestling Track, Band, Freshman Football. 85 YVILMA KAY BRYANT-January Graduate. CHARLES EMIL BRYDON-C!Sgt. R. O. T. C., Chess Club, I. C. T., i V. I. C. A. RICKY BURCH-Lettermans Club, Wrestling, Track, Band, Freshman Football. DANIEL VEE BURKE-National Honor Society, National Forensic Lea- gue, Band, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Contin- ental Symphony. RICHARD LEE BURKHART-Debate, National Forensic League, Intra- murel Basketball. WANDA MAE BURNS-Red Cross. .lI.'I.IL'S A. BUTLER-Intramurel Basketball, Physical Education Assist- ant, Varsity Basketball. MARGARET BYER-Night School Graduate. DENISE BYRDSONG-Washingtonians, Student Council, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Y-Teens, Continental Symphony, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, Jamboree Queen, Homecoming Queen, Track Queen Court. 86 Y Seniors WILLIAM EARL BEARD-Continental 500, Continental 500 Steering Committee, National Honor Society, Student Council, Lettermens Club, .Iunto Club, Interact, I. U. Leadership Institute, Intramurel Basketball, Bookstore Assistant, Reserve Baseball, Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball. VICKY LYNN BLACKBURN-English Major. WILLIAM BLADES-English Major. PHYLLIS ANN BOLES-Washingtonians, Junior Achievement, Cheer- block. JAMES DALE BOLING-English Major. BRENDA LOIS BRANSON-Washingtonians, Student Council, Colonial Chorus. x STEVE BRINSLEY-National Honor Society. STEVE CARL BROWN-National Honor Society, .Iunto Club, Junior Achievement, Interact, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Latin Club, Intramurel Basketball, Science Club, Reserve Baseball. TERRY DARLENE BROWN-Washingtonians, Student Council, Junior Achievement, National Forensic League, Cheerblock, Y-Teens. TOM BROWN-C,Sg't. R. 0. T. C., Intramurel Basketball. IRVIN BRYANT-Red Cross, Cheerblock, Wrestling, Track. WILLIE BRYANT-Night School Graduate. Seniors SHARI CARR Night School Graduate. CONNIE JO CARSON Red Cross. JAMES ANTHONY CARTER-Student Council, Latin Club, I. C. T., V I C A Reserve Football. RANNY CARTER English Major. STEVEN CARTER Red Cross, Continental 500, Junior Achievement, Tennis Team Reserve Basketball. AMANDA SUE CASTEL-Night School Graduate. JAMES RICHARD CATANIA-Continental 500, Junior Achievement, Cross Country JAMES CHAFFIN President French Club, President National Honor Society Interact National Forsenic League, Freshman Track, Boys Concert Club Contmentalaires, Intramurel Basketball, Youth Looks at Literature Everclse In Knowledge, Junior Class President, I. U. Honors Abroad N E. D. T. Award, N. C. T. E. Award, French Camp Michigan State Drama. SHARON CHAPMAN Washingtonians, Certificate of Merit Art Award at L S Ayres JAMES ALLEN CLEMENS-January Graduate. CHARLES RICHARD CLOUD-Continental 500, Student Council, Art Department Assistant JACKIE COLEMAN English Major. all gi MARIE ESTER COLEMAN-D. E., Business Club. JOHN COMPTON-English Major. STEPHEN CONLIN-English Major. SANDRA CONNER-January Graduate. BETH ANN COOK-Washingtonians, National Honor Society, D. E., R. O. T. C. Sponsor H!Cpt., Military Ball Queen. MARGIE JEAN COOK--January Graduate. BETTY JEAN COOP-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Student Council, Junto Club, SURVEYOR Staff, Cheerblock, Business Club, Teen Star Reporter, Penny's Fashion Board, Reserve 8x Varsity Cheerleader, Business Assistant, Junior Prom Queen Court. SHIRLEY CORNETT-Washingtonians, Gym Assistant. KENNETH T. COX-Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Ed- itor SURVEYOR, Sports Editor, Interact, Senior Class Social Com- mittee, Latin Workshop, Journalism Workshop, Book Club, Latin Club, Intramurel Basketball, Quill 8: Scroll, Teen Star Reporter, Science Club, Freshman 8: Reserve Baseball, Freshman Basketball. 87 u r" '1 -IX 'J' f f' . , - - 1 fe XN g g, ' . r 6 if ' 5 , la Q. N. 315 1' ,gg - -.T-L5 "' of Q. . 0 DONALD E. DEVINE-Continental 500, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Science Club. LOREN ARTHUR DeWEESE-January Graduate. GARY DOBBINS-Continental 500, Student Council, Cross Country, In- tramurel Basketball, I. C. T. BLANE STEVEN DODSON-Wrestling. DONALD RAY DOUGHERTY-Continental 500, Letterman Club, Junto Club, SURVEYOR Staff, Interact, Wrestling, Fashion Board, Reserve K Varsity Baseball, Freshman, Reserve and Varsity Football. STEVEN DOWVNING-Lettermen, Fellowship of Christian Athletics, Fresh- man Football, Freshman 8: Varsity Basketball, Scholarship Winner, R. 0. T. C. FRANCES KAY DUNCAN-Washingtonians, Nurses Assistant. MICHAEL DL'Nl.AP-Entzlish Major. WILLIAM CARL EASTON-Continental 500, I. C. T., V. I. C. A.. 88 - Seniors WANDA SUE COX-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council, POST Staff, Cheerblock, President 8: Vice President Business Club, Girls Concert Club, Colonial Chrous. SUSANNE CRAFT-Washingtonians, Girls Concert Club. SHIRLEY DIANE CRANE--Washingtonians, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Revue, POST Stalf, National Forensic League, Cheer- block, Band, President 8: Vice President Business Club, Cadet Teaching. Majorette, Science Club, Bookstore Assistant. RHONDA LOU CREED-Washingtonians, Junto Club, Girls Concert Club, Nurses Assistant. ELIZABETH ANN CROSS-January Graduate. PHILIP DARRELL CURRY-Junior Achievement. DANNY RAE DANIEL-English Major. REBECCA DAUGHERTY-Washingtonians, I. U. Leadership Institution. BONITA G. DAVIS-January Graduate. LINDA KAY DAVIS-Washingtonians, Cheerblock. DOROTHY CARLA DAY-Washingtonians, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Orchestra, Singout '66, Continental Symphony, Mount Vernon Strings, May Queen Court. DANNY DALE DERRINGER-Red Cross, Continental 500, French Club, Student Council, Lettermen Club, Jun'o Club, Junior Revue, Inter- act, Track, Thespians, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Contin- entalaires, Intramurel Basketball. Science Club, Freshman 8x Varsity Football, Freshman 8a Reserve Basketball, Scholarship to Ball State University. i Anal: 'Y ah 'V' 'ar-rv 'uv' -Q Seniors LINDA FRANCES EBERHARD-Junior Achievement, Library Assistant. BARBARA ANN EDWARDS-January Graduate. DONLD EDWARDS-Night School Graduate. DEBORA KAREN ELLER-January Graduate. PATRICIA MYRLINE EMBRY-Orchestra, Nurses Assistant, Singout '66. SHELIA EMBRY-Washingtonians, Student Council, I. C. T., V. I. C. A. BELINDA DARLENE ENGLAND-Night School Graduate. LOIS CAROL ENGLERT-English Major. LINDA KAY EVERHART-Washingtonians, Band, Singout '66, Contin- ental Symphony. DEBORA KAY FARKUS-January Graduate. BRENDA ANN FARMER-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, Secretary 8: Vice President French Club, Secretary National Honor Society, Treasurer Student Council, Alternate Girls State, Junior Re- vue, National Forensic League, Student Council Workshop, Thespians, Youth Looks at Literature, Exercise In Knowledge, Fashion Board, Alternate, Secretary Science Club, Scholarship Winner, May Queen Court. PATRICK THOMAS FARRELL-Bowling League, Science Department Assistant. CLEMART FEATI-IERSTON-Wrestling. CHERYL JOY FISCUS-Washingtonians, Junto Club, Junior Revue, Sec- retary-Treasurere Business Club, Future Teachers, Singout '66, Girls' Ensemble, Science Club. WILLIAM DAVID FLEEI-IEARTY-January Graduate. HELEN KAY FLINT-January Graduate. MICHAEL E. FOREMAN-POST Sz SURVEYOR Staff Printer, Bowling League, Freshman Basketball. ELAINE KAY FOUT-Washingtonians, Red Cross, French Club. Junto Club, Junior Revue, Secretary-Treasurer National Forensic League, Cheerblock, Secretary Thespians, Girls Concert Club, Future Teachers, Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Singout '66, Youth Looks at Litera- ture, Science Club, Language Department Assistant, French Summer Camp, National Thespian Society, National Convention at I. U. GREGORY DAN FOWLER-Vice President Red Cross, Continental 500 Winner, French Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Jun- to Club, Junior Revue, SURVEYOR Staff, Interact, National Student Council Convention, Track, Vice President Thespians, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Intramurel Basketball, Exercise in Knowledge, Science Club, Freshman Footbal, Junior Class Vice President. ROBERT WAYNE FRAZER-French Cluh, POST 8: SURVEYOR Staff Printer, Interact, Bowling League. CHARLES FREIJE-Continental 500, Interact, D. E. 89 -,.-up w Aa, '.,. - W I r, ,1 'l 'Uh ,.,,, ' 11 i 'fb AA, J J ' v I I if ,, A93 5 5' 1 , l'1",,, Y LLOYD PHILLIP GRAVES-English Major RICHARD CARL GRAVES-Continental 500 ROSEANN ELAINE GREEN-Cheerblock DEBORAH JEAN GRIDER-English Major JOHN HICKS GRIFFIN-Student Council, Orchestra, Track, Band, Sing- out '66, Intramurel Basketball, Continental Symphony. JOHNNIE LOU GRIFFIN-Washingtonians, Y-Teens. STEVE GRIFFITH-R. O. T. C.. Continental 500, ICT. ROBERT JON GRINER-January Graduate ALI-'REDA GRUBBS-Washlngtonianl, Y-TGGIIIQ 90 Seniors MARILYN ANNE FREIJE-Washingtonians, Junto Club, Orchestra, Fu- ture Teachers, Singout '66, Cadet Teaching, Continental Symphony. THOMAS FREIJE-Continental 500, French Club, Junior Achievement. KATHY ARLENE FRUITS-Red Cross, Junto Club, Junior Achievement. LINDA FULMER-English Major ROBERT GALLAGHER-D. E. DORIS DEAN GARLAND-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, French Club, Student Council, Junior Achievement, POST Staff, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Student Leadership Institution at I. U., Band, Business Club, Future Teachers, Singout '66, Y-Teens, ICT, VICA, Continental Symphony, Fashion Board, Majorette, Science Club, Gym Assistant, Junior Class Executive Committee, Candidate Military Ball Queen, Homecoming Queen Court, R. 0. T. C. Sponsor H!Cpt. DAVID GARR-Continental.500, National Honor Society, POST Staff 8: SURVEYOR Staff Printer, Track, Intramurel Basketball, Freshman Football, Freshman 8: Reserve Basketball. BILLIE ANN GILL-Student Council, Washingtonians, Girls Concert Club. GEORGE EDWIN GIVENS-Wrestling, Band, Intramurel Basketball, Freshman Football. SUE GLASSING-Washingtonians, Student Council, Junior Revue, SUR- VEYOR Staff, Cheerblock, Quill 8: Scroll. GLORIA GOODWIN-Night School Graduate BRENDA FAYE GRAVES-Washingtonians, ICT. 5, "9" .1 H 1' fm . Seniors MARCIA GUESS-January Graduate LINDA GUYSE--Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Cheerblock, Business Club, Future Teach- ers, Y-Teens. ROBERTA JEAN HAASE-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Senior Class Social Committee, Cheerblock, Sing- out '66, SHIRLEY ANN HANTZIS-Washingtonians, Student Council. GLORIA HARRIS--Washingtonians, Y-Teens. JERRY RAY HART-National Honor Society, Bowling League, Library Assistant. CAROLYN SUE HATZELL-English Major. VEERLAND DAVID HAWKINS-Cll Lt. R. 0. T. C., Student Council. Lettermen, Junior Acnievement, Interact, Dramatics Workshops, Track, Cross Country, Gym Assistant, Freshmen Football, Junior Class Sargeant-at-Arms. STEVEN VICTOR HAYWOOD-Red Cross, Vice President Junior Achievement, Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Gym Assistant, Re- serve 8z Varsity Basketball. JANICE HELTERBRAND-January Graduate. PATTY JANE I-IENDRICKSON-January Graduate. ALFREDIA LAPPIERRE HENRY-Washingtonians, Continental 500 Steering Committee, Editor Page 3 SURVEYOR, Senior Class Social Committee, National Forensic League, Speech Team, I. U. Journal- ism Workshop, Business Club, Future Teachers, Colonial Chorus, Quill 8.: Scroll, Teen Star Reporter, Library Assistant, Junior Class Executive Committee, Student Council. '-...A of sf' iv.--1 l ax S, -nf""' ' .- LINDA D. HENSLEY-Washingtonians, Girls Concert Club, Singout '66, Library Assistant. JULIA LYNN HICKS-English Major. TRUDY ANN HICKS-Washingtonians, Continental 500. CYNTHIA HIGGINS-Washingtonians, Gym Assistant. STEVE LEWIS HIGHBAUGH-Lettermen, Track, Cross Country, Intra- murel Basketball, D. E., Freshman 8.1 Reserve Basketball. LINDA KAY HIGI-ITOWER-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Cheerblock, Future Nurses. NANCY L. HINER-Washingtonians. Continental 500, Student Council, Cheerblock, Bowling League, Nurses Assistant, Beauty School at Wood. CHARLES HOLDEN-Night School Graduate. MARY LOUISE I-IOLLOWAY-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Cheerblock, Girls Concert Club, Singout '66, Y-Teens, Colonial Chorus. 91 'VK' 1 'O 'Q' X. if fgw ff? '. 'mv ,Q .-v DWIGHT NELSON JONES-Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus. ETHEL LEE JONES-January Graduate. JAMES MATTHEW JONES-R. 0. T. C. CXP. F. C., Continental 500 Lettermen, Vllreslling, Track. Cross Country, Bowling League. Intra- murel Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Freshman Football. PHILLIP JONES-Red Cross. Freshman Track, lntramurel Basketball, Reserve Baseball. Freshman Football. SHARON KAY JONES-Washingtonians, Nurses Assistant. SARAH LEE JORDAN-Washingtonians, Junior Achievement, Orchestra, Girls Concert Club. Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Y-Teens, Continen- tal Symphony. I-IDII-I .ll'DKINS-Lettermcns Club, lntramurel Basketball, Varsity Foot- ball. DIANE JIYPITI-ZR-January Graduate. BICVI-IRl.Y ANN KADEI,-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Junior Revue, Band, Colonial Chorus. Majorettc. Gym Assistant. 92 Seniors MONA HOOVER-January Graduate. MICHAEL D. HUNT-French Club, National Honor Society. Junto Club, Boys State. Interact, Band, lntramurel Basketball, Exercise in Knowledge, Continental Symphony. BARBARA J. I-IUNTLEY-Washingtonians, Student Council, Cheerblock, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66. MARY JANE HURST-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, Jun- ior Revue. National Forensic League, Cheerblock, Thespians, Girls Concert Club. Singout '66, Girls Ensemble. THOMAS P. HYDE-National Honor Society, Student Council, Debate, Interact, National Forensic League, Continentalaires, Exercise in Knowledge. BRENDA JEAN ISLER-English Major. BECKIE J. JACOBS-Washinglonians, Continental 500, French Club, Student Council, Science Club. MICHAEL WAYNE JARED-Junior Revue, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Bowling League. BELINDA GAYLE JENKINS-Junior Achievement, Girls Concert Club, Nurses Assistant. KENNETH LEE JENKINS-January Graduate. BRUCE EDWARD JOHNSON-lntramurel Basketball, Varsity Football. DONALD EUGENE JONES-I C T. QB 54 -1' Seniors MICHAEL KELLER-Chess Club, Continental 500, Freshman Wrestling. MARILYN KERR-Washingtonians, Editor of POST, Art Department Assistant, Quill 5 Scroll. NORMAN KIRK-Bowling League. CONNIE SUE KNAPP-Washingtonians, POST Stalf, Business Club. RONALD KNOX-Student Council, Lettermens Club, Tennis Team, Wrestling, Intramurel Basktball. AVA ZOE KOCH-Washingtonians, SURVEYOR Statf, Teen Star and Teen Scene Reporter, News Bureau Chief, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club. PAUL S. KOONS-Band, I. U. Artists Conference. EVERETT WILLIAM KUNZELMAN--Chess Club, Continental 500, French Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Junto Club, Boys State Altemate, Debate, Interact, National Forensic League, Debate Workshop, Student Leadership Workshop, Speech, Drum 8: Bugle Corps, Exercise in Knowledge, Science Club. THOMAS PAUL LAND-Continental 500, National Honor Society, Junto Club, Boys State Alternate, Debate, Interact, National Forensic Lea- gue, Orchestra, Debate Workshop, Speech, Singout '66, Latin Club, Intramurel Basketball, Continental Symphony, Mount Vemon Strings, Science Club, Reserve Baseball, Junior 8: Senior Class Executive Com- mittees, Vice President Senior Class. MIKE GLENN LANKER-English Major. JUDY MARLENE LATTA-Nurses Assistant. WILLIAM EARL LAWSON-Intramurel Basketball. GH ROBERT L. LESLIE-Student Council, Junto Club, Debate, Interact, Sen- ior Class Social Committee, Latin Club, Science Club, Science Depart- ment Assistant. CHARLOTTE LEWIS-Washingtonians, Orchestra, Band, Future Teach- ers, Cadet Teachers. RHONDA HELENE LEWIS-January Graduate. RICHARD ROLAND LEWIS- I.C.T., V.I.C.A. DEBORAH LIDDLE- January Graduate. JUDY ANN LINDSEY-Night School Graduate. GARY A. LISH-Continental 500, Lettermens Club, Intramurel Basket- ball, Varsity Football. PAMELA LIVINGSTON-January Graduate. BETTY JO LOCKHART-January Graduate. 93 FRANCIS McCOLLUM-Latin Club. ROBERTA McDAMON-Junior Achievement, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Summer Workshop at I. U., Girls Concert Club, Continentalaires, Singout '66, Continental Symphony, Mount Veron Strings. MARGARET McELFRESH-January Graduate. GEORGE McGlNNIS--Lettermens Club, Fellowship of Christian Athle- tics, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. CLAIRE McGlLL-Red Cross. ROBERT McGLOTHLIN-Continental 500, Cross Country, Bowling League. I.C.T., V.l.C.A., Intramurel Basketball. WAYNE ELLIS McKAY-Red Cross, French Club, Junior Achievement, Interact, Band, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Golf, Continental Symphony, Science. GREG MEIRING-C!Pvt. R.0.T.C., Continental 500, Bowling League, Intramurel Basketball, I.C.T. MARGARET E. MELSON-Washingtonians, D.E. 94 Seniors MARY KATHERINE LOGUE--January Graduate. DAVID ANDREW LONG--Red Cross, Student Council, Boys Concert Club, Colonial Chorus. JACKIE ERVIN LOTT-D.E. STEVEN J. LOVELL-Band, D. E. DON LOWERY-National Honor Society, Student Council, Junto Club, Debate. Interact, National Forensic League, Thespians, Boys' Concert Club, Science Club, Senior Class Executive Committee, Honors Abroad to Mexico. DAVID WESTLY LYLES-January Graduate. SANDRA JEAN LYLES-January Graduate. RICHARD SAMUEL MALANOSKI-January Graduate. TI-IERESA DORENE MANN-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Acheivement, Latin Club, Science Club, Science Depart- ment Assistant. JAMES MICHAEL MARLETT-Chess Club, National Honor Society, Jun- to Club, Interact, Senior Class Constitutional Revision Commit,- tee, Thespians, Boys Concert Club, Latin Club, Exercise in Knowl- edge, Science Club, Science Department Assistant. MAURINE MARTIN-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, French Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Senior Class Ribbon Committee, Senior Class Constitution Committee, Science Club. WANDA JUNE MAY-Student Council. Seniors TONY MELSON-Washingtonians, D.E. RANDY SCOTT MILES-Student Council, Wrestling. CAROL JANE MILLER-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Junior Achieve- ment, Debate. GARY EUGENE MILLER--Night School Graduate. ROBERT DAVID MILLER-Chess Club, Student Council, Junior Achieve- ment, SURVEYOR Staff, Teen Star Reporter, Inner-City Youth Council. LARRY MINTZ-Intramurel Basketball, Junior Achievement, Gym As- sistant, Continental 500. BARBARA ANN MITCHELL-Cheerblock. SHARON LEIGH MORGAN-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Student Coun- cil, Orchestra, Band, Majorette. DEBORAH KAY MOSIER-Washingtonians, Junior Achievement. GEORGE DWIGHT MURFF-January Graduate. BRADLEY MARRAY-Wrestling, Band. MICHAEL MUSICK-Track, Cross Country. 'uv DALE RICHARD MYERS-C!Cpt.-R.0.T.C. DARLENE KAY NEELY-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, I.C.T., Nurses Assistant, Library Assistant. MYRON DARREL NEWLAND-Continental 500, Continental 500 Steer- ing Committee, Vice President Lettermens Club, Interact, Intramurel Basketball, Bookstore Assistant, Freshman, Reserve Sz Varsity Foot- ball, Junior Class Sargent-at-Arms, Senior Class Sargent-at-Arms, Junior Prom King. ROBERT ALLEN NOBLES-National Honor Society, Student Council, Junior Revue, POST 8x SURVEYOR Stalf Printer, Orchestra, Sing- out '66, Continental Symphony, Mount Vernon Strings. JOSEPH O'DANIEL-English Major. RUTH O'DANIEL-Department Assistant. ERNEST OTIS-English Major. CARL PACK-Intramurel Basketball. DAVID EUGENE PALMER-C!Cpt.-R.0.T.C., Rille Team, Drill Team. 95 ll ,,.nt 1 X., 1 . DENNIS PORTER-English Major. JANET SUE PRITCHETT-D.E. DORNZILLER RAINEY-Continentalaires, Y-Teens, I.C.T., V.I.C.A. DORIS RAMSEY-Washingtonians, Girls Concert Club, Singout '66. SALLY RATLIFF-January Graduate. BYRON GENE RAY-English Major. JERRY LESTER RECTOR-Continental 500, Wrestling. RONNIE GASTIN RENNER-Boys Concert Club, President Colonial Chorus, Intramurel Basketball, Reserve 8: Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball. SHERRY REYNOLDS-Washlngtonians. 96 Seniors DAVID ALLEN PARROTT-Major-R.0.T.C., Student Council, Letter- men Club, Track, Cross Country. RICHARD CHARLES PEARSON-Senior Class Social Committee, Cross Country, Boys Concert Club, Bowling League, Junior Class Execu- tive Committee. LORETTA PEERMAN-January Graduate. SHARON PENICK-English Major. NANCY JO PERSINGER-French Club, May Queen, National Honor So- ciety, Student Council President, Junto Club, Girls State, Fashion Board at L.S. Ayres, Intra-City Student Council, Social Studies De- partment Assistant, Junior Class Secretary, Military Ball Queen, R.O.T.C.-I-I!Maj. ETHEL PERSON-Junior Achievement, Future Teachers, Cheerblock, Li- brary Assistant, Singout '66. DONALD RAY PHILLIPSQLettermen, Junto Club, Future Teachers, In- tramurel Basketball, Freshman 8: Varsity Baseball, Freshman 8 Var- sity Football, Freshman, Reserve 8z Varsity Basketball, State Shot- Put Champion. GWEN DORIS PHILLIPS-English Major. JUDY KAY PHILLIPS-Band, Colonial Chorus, Head Majorette, Band Assistant, Majorette Workshop. RODNEY ALLEN PICKETT-English Major. DENNIS PIKE-January Graduate. TONY PIPPIN-English Major. Seniors GERALD RICHARDSON-January Graduate. GERALD LEE RICHEY-Continental 500, Intramurel Basketball, D.E. KATHY S. RILEY-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Girls Tennis Team, Cheerblock. VICKIE LEE RINEHART-Washingtonians, Cheerblock, Science Club. RHONDA BABBETTE RIVERS--Colonial Chorus. GARY NELSON ROARK-English Major. PATRICIA ANN ROBERTS-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Girls Ten- nis Team. VIRGINIA A. ROBERTSON-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council. Junto Club, Junior Revue, Girls Tennis Team, Debate, Na- tional Forensic League, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Thespians, Future Teachers, Colonial Chorus, Girls Ensemble, Cadet Teacher, Senior Class Executive Committee, Thespians National Conference at I.U., Junior Prom Queen Court. EMMA ROBINSON-English Major. JESSIE J. ROGERS-English Major. LANNY ALAN RUE-Red Cross, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Orchestra, Band, Bowling League, Golf, Inframural Basketball, Continental Symphony, Gym Assistant. KARL RUSSELL-Night School Graduate. lf""' il' 'Q' STEVE ALLEN RYAN-Night School Graduate. DAIN SAMPLES-Interact, Thespians, Exercise in Knowledge. BRENDA PAULINE SANDERS-Washingtonians, Cheerblock. DENNIS CIARK SANDERS-Lettermen, Wrestling, Track, Football. ROSE ANN SANDERS-Thespians, Colonial Chorus, Girls Concert Club Continental 500, Washingtonians, Girls Tennis Team, Singout '66. WILLIE SCOTT-English Major. BONNIE GAY SELBY-Washingtonians, Red C ross, Student Council Junto Club, Girls Tennis Team, Girls Concert Club, Future Teachers Singout '66, Homecoming Queen Court. KEITH RAY SELBY-Intramural Basketball, Reserve Baseball. WINIFRED SEMINICK-Washingtonians, Girls State, Debate, National Forensic League, Orchestra, Singout '66, Science Club, Mount Vernon Strings, Symphony, National Honor Society. n 1 97 SVILLIAM F. SMITH-Bowling' League. I-'RED SPARKS-Red Cross. Student Council, POST 8z SURVEYOR Staff, Sta'T Photographer. Audio-Visual Assistant. WILLIAM JOESPH STARLING-Continental 500, Junto Club, Interact, Intramurel Basketball, Rules K Regulations Committee. MONA K. STARRETT-Night School Graduate. ROBERT LLOYD STILLVVELL-Cadet Teaching, Continental Symphony, Science Club. Band, Thespians, National Forensic League, Junior Re- vue, Continental 500, Red Cross. CHARLENE SWEAZEY-Washingtonians, Student Council. Cheerblock, Bowlinfz League. THOMAS HAROLD TAI-'T-January Graduate. SVSAN TATF,-Washingtonians. Cheerblock, Continental 500. RODGER TAYLOR-French Club, Senior Class Social Committee, Science Club. 98 Seniors DARLENE SHARKEY-English Major. PAMELA JEAN SHEPHERD-Washingtonians, Student Council, Junior Revue. Clerk of National Thespians. Co-President of Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Singout '66. PAUL DAVID SHEPHERD-R. 0. T. C. Battalion Commander C!Lt. Col., Rifle Team, Drill Team, Student Council, Science Club, Science Department Assistant. JAMES SCOTT SI-IRADER-January Graduate. SHARON SIMMIONS-January Graduate. BRENDA EARLENE SMITH-Library Assistant, Washingtonians. BRENDA KAY SMITH--Washingtonians, J u n io r Achievement, Cheer- block, Girls Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Y-Teens, D.E. f' I DANNY SMITH-English Major. ' ,j"' A. LINDA LEE SMITH--Nurses Assistant. MARIE SMITH-Washingtonians, Cheerblock. ROBERT LLOYD SMITH-Drill Team, Bowling League. WANDA P. SMITH-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Cheerblock, Band, I.C.T., Majorette. Seniors ROBERT THARP-Rifle Team, Drill Team, R.O.T.C. C!2LT. KAYE THOMAS-Red Cross, Junior Achievement. Cheerblock, Orchestra, Continentalaires, Singout '66, Continental Symphony, Mount Vernon Strings. SILVONIA LEVETTA THOMAS-Junior Achievement, Business Club, I.C.T., V.l.C.A. WILLIAM JOESPH THOMAS-Continental 500, Lettermens Club, Varsity Football. DEBORAH THOMPSON--Washingtonians, POST Staff, Cheerblock, Li- brary Assistant. JERRY THOMPSON-English Major. DONALD R. TIDD-Intramurel Basketball, Gym Assistant, Reserve Foot- ball, Art Award Winner. EDGAR NATHANIEL TIPTON-National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Boys State, Debate, Interact, National Forensic League, Band, Boys Concert Club, Continental Symphony, Executive Committees, Senior Class President, Student Council Vice-President, N.M.U. De- bate Workshop. CATHERINE ANN TODD-Washingtonians, Student Council, Continen- tal 500, Junto Club, Senior Class Ribbon Committee, National Forensic League, Thespians, Colonial Chrous, Bookstore Assistant. FAY J. TOLAR--Washingtonians, Red Cross, French Club, Student Coun- cil, Junto Club, Cheerblock Bowling League, Cadet Teaching. LUELDA RUTH TRIEB-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Band, Pep Band, Business Club, Girls Ensemble, Continental Symphony, Varsity 8a Re- serve Cheerleader, Junior Class Executive Committee. CHARLOTTE TURNER-January Graduate. DONNA S. TURNER-Night School Graduate. WILLIAM TURNER-Wrestling, Thespians, Band, Drum 8: Bugle Corp, Physi'al Educa'ion Assistant. SHIRLEY ANN TVSON-Washingtonians, Cheerblork, Gym Assistant. MARK ALLEN CNVERSAW-Reserve 8: Freshman Football. JAMES VAUGH-Leitermens Club, Track, Bowling League, lntramurel Basketball, Fre'hman, Reserve, 8: Varsity, Football. PATRICIA JANE VAUGH-Washingtonians, Continental 500 S'eering Committee, National Honor Society, Junto Club, Future Teachers, Colonial Chrous, Latin Club, Cadet Teaching, D.A.R. Award, Senior Class Secretary, May Queen Court. DEBRA JUNE VILES-January Graduate. GEORGE VINCET WAGGONER-English Major. PATRICIA WAINSCOTT-Washingtinians, POST Staff, Physical Educa- tion Assistant. 99 'IS V"-' f i EDDII-I VVILLIAMS-English Major. IGLENDA XVILLIAMS-Washingtonions, POST Siaff. IANE ANN IVILLIAMS-Night School Graduate. DONALD LEE VVILLIS-t'on.inental 500, Na.ional Honor S1xcie.y. RONALD LI-Ili NYILLIS-Locker Boy for I Year. Till-IRl'IS-X ANN YVIl.LOK'GHBY-I-Inizlish Major. I-ILIZAlil'ITH ANN VVILSON-XVashingtonians. Junior Achievement, l'osT StaT. Business Club. Howling League. Library Assistant. JAMES I-IDVVARD WILSON-Colonial Chorus, Boys Contert Club. JANE ANN XVILSON-XVashin5z.onians, Cheerblock. too Seniors TERRY ANN WARE-Band, Mxijorette. CYNTHIA L. WARRI-IN-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, Continental 500 Steering Committee. Student Council, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Girls Tennis Team, Senior Class Social Commit- tee, Cheerblock, Bowling League, Girls Ensemble, Varsity 8: Reserve Cheerleader, Junior Prom Queen, Homecoming Court, Track Queen Candidate. RODGER ALLEN WEAVER-Continental 500, Continental 500 Steering Committee, National Honor Society Vice-President, Student Council Advisor, Junto Club, Boys Slate, Interact Vice-President, Senior Class Social Committee, Orchestra, Drum Major Camp, Thespians, First- Class Drum Major, President of Latin Club, Continental Symphony, Intra-City Student Council, Executive Committee for Senior Class, Science Department Assistant. JACKIE ARNOLD WELLS-Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club, Junior Achievement, Junior Revue, Interact, Band, National Forensic League, Thespians, Future Teachers, Colonial Chorus-Sgt. at Arms, Singout '66, Continentalaires, Latin Club, Student Music Direc- tor, District 8 State Solo Contest lst. Place Winner . LARRY GAYLE WHITE-Continental 500, National Honor Society, Junto Club Vive-President, Debate, President of Interact, National Forensic League President, I.U. Debate 67-68, Bowling League, Intramurel Basketball, Vice-President Science Club. Executive Committee, Con- stitution Revision Committee Chairman. ROBERT WHITFIELD-Track, Intramurel Basketball, Freshman 8: Re- serve Basketball. x JOESPH L. WHITLOW-Red Cross, Continental 500, Junto Club, Junior Revue, Thespians, Colonial Chrous, Continentalaires, Singout '66, La- tin Club, Bookstore Assistant, Library Assistant. GARY WAYNE WHITNEY-Wrestling, Freshman Football. MARTHA DIANE WILHELM-Washingtonians, Red Cross, Continental 500, French Club, Junto Club, National Forensic League, Thespians, Cadet Teaching, Science Club. BETTY WILKES-Washingtonians, May Queen Court. DARCELLA WILLIAMS-Washingtonians, Continental 500, F re n c h Club, National Honor Society, Student Council-Secretary, Junto Club. Junior Revue, National Forensic League-Treasurer, Thespians, Girls Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Junior Class Treasurer. Senior Class Treasurcr, May Queen Court, Drama Workshop at Mich- igan S'a'e Sz Purdue, Thespians Conference at Cincinnati. DONNA WILLIAMS-Washingtonians, Cheerblock, Library Assistant. i Seniors JERRY LEE IVIMBLEDUFF-CfPfc. R. O. T. C., Drill Team, Wrestling. SHARON WIMBLEDUFF-January Graduate. VERNAL WINTERS-John Herron Art Award Scholarship. DEBORAH ANNE WOLFE-January Graduate. DEBORAH RAY WOODS-Washingtonians, Continental 500, Student Council, Junto Club Secretary-Treasurer, Debate, Cheerblock, Senior Class Social Committee, National Forensic League, Girls Concert Club, Colonial Chorus, Singout '66, Girls Ensemble, Varsity Cheer- leader, Library Assistant, Junior Class Executive Committee, Jamboree Queen Court, Homecoming Queen Court, Track Queen Court. ALBERT CAREY WOODWARD-Continental 500, Junior Achievement, Junior Revue, Senior Class Social Committee, Thespians, Boys Con- cert Club, Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Bowling League, ln- tramural Basketball, Reserve and Freshman Basketball. DONNA MARIE WORLAND--VVashingtonians. JUNIE ARTHUR YATES-Band. PATRICIA ANN YOUNG-Washingtonians, Nurses Assistant. JAMES GREEN: Varsity Football. Interact, Varsity Baseball, Letterman, Senior Class Sergeant at Arms. DAVID STEVENS: Junto Club, Interact, Laugh-In. TEARS OF JOY were shed by Beth Cook While being crowned Military Ball Queen. After four years it seemed impossible that at long last the Class of 1969 had achieved the nearly mythical repute of 'tSenior." Seniors found them- selves a little disappointed, for their new found sta- tus meant they Were just a little older and that it Was their last chance to run for Student Council. E V e n t s such as Commencement, Turnabout Day, Senior Dress-Up Day, and the magical "Young- er Than Spring Time" Senior Prom caused seniors to feel a tinge of regret that the year has ended. The most important part of the year for Cont- inental seniors came in June. Caps and gown gradu- ates attended Baccalaureate and Commencement as a result of four years of hard work. As the school year closes, the challenge goes on. To some seniors it will mean college. To others it will be the beginning of a career, or marriage, or t h e armed forces. For all, it will be the commencement of a different life. The search begins. 'ffU"ll"?W Many eyes upon Class of 1970 The eyes of the community are upon the Junior class of George Washington High School. It is their responsibilities to live up to the ideals established by preceeding Senior classes. To help support the ideas involving activities. they have sold wrapping paper during the Christmas season, and booster badges and shakers during the basketball season. The Turkey Trot, Where volun- teers showed their talent on stage, was a real suc- cess. The proceeds from projects such as this have been put to work to sponsor the Junior Prom. "Three Coins In A Fountain" was the theme for this years Junior Prom. A romantic atmosphere was brought about by a lovely garden scene. How- ever, the high light of the evening was the crowning of the king and queen. The lucky candidates chosen were David Lowery and Brenda Hicks. THE .ll'Nl0R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE for '69 were, Row I: Rosemarie Zeluff, Linda Herring, Becky Trout, Donna Pugh, David Lowery. Row 2: Jim Elliott, Brenda Hicks, Tony Yr-ster, Ray Hart, Mike Stout. Row 3: Phillip Leslie, Karen X'anHook, Brenda Miller, Patty White, Roger Winegar. 104 'FX- HARD WORKING Junior Class Officers of '70 elected as President Sam Williams, Janet Bernhard-Secretary, Becky Weiss-Vice-President, Beverly Younger-Treasurer, and Dave Robins-Sgt. at Arms. 'Mlm W' 'nfl v -we """1m 5, 8 V 1 Y 1 -Q 'H iv.. h Wm FC kb F' 5 i ,E 955 ' 1 .,4. Q .-Aff' ,, ,gf X it - 1 'x "ia 5. 1 Sm 'I , QEZLMHA .1 -.ulghl I A ix , 106 Juniors Row 1: Kathy Accomando, Susan Adams, Wil- liam Addair, Kenneth Albertson, John Alford, Nathaniel Anderson, Cindl Arbuckle, Jody Ar- buckle. Row 2: Debbie Arterburn, John Arthur, Rosonda Artist, Barbara Austin Marjorie Babcock, Jen- nell Bade, Brenda Bailey, Pam Bailey. Row 3: Ivan Baird, Ruth Baird, Larry Baire, Patricia Ball, Denny Bardash, Betty Barnes, Earlene Barrett, Janet Barrett. Row 4: Joan Barrett, Becky Beaumont, Linda Beetem, Anne Bell, Kathy Belton, Norma Ben- son, Janet Bernard, Phyllis Bigham. Row 5: Kenneth Blackburn, Rita Blair, Linda Blakey, Benjamin Blane, Karen Blanton, Beverly Bledsoe, Peggy Blevins, Marvin Bowman. Row 6: Richard Bowman, Shirley Boyce, Danny Boyd, Dennis Bracken, Rhonda Branson, Joe Brewington, Rodney Britten, Lawrence Brookins. Row 7: Daniel Brooks, Byron Brown, Walter Brown, James Brydon, David Bullook, Phyllis Bundy, Larry Buntin, Talbert Burden. Row 8: Garry Burke, Linda Burke, Kristina Burnell, Kieth Butler, Connie Byers, Vickie Byers, Len Calhoon, Mike Campbell. Row 9: James Canerday, Deborah Carson, Bill Caeter, Booker Carter, Tim Cashion, Betty Cham- bers, Susie Chambers, Jeff Chandler. Row 10: Jerrie Chandler, John Chandler, Sharon Chandler, Patty Chastain, Case Clark, Dennis Clark, Jim Clevenger, Cathy Coats. 11: Charles Coe, Erma Cofer, John Cott- Row man, Mary Ann Cogswell, Ronald Cole, Val Cole, Carolyn Coleman, Mark Collins. Row Cook, 12: Phyllis Colvin, Melissa Combs, Anita Phyllis Cook, Mitchell Cope. Bendetta Conn, Nelda Conner, Danny Corbin. Row 13: Robert Cosby, Donald Covington, Gil- bert Covington, Geraldine Crumpton, Earlene Crutcher, Pam Cubel, Linda Curbeaux, Mary Davis. Juniors Row 1: Kathy Deakin, Walter Diaz, Ruth Dillow, Denice Dooms, Harold Domey, Charles Doss, Phillip Doss, Patricia Downing. Row 2: Chuck Dulla, Jeanette Dunlap, Jerry Dunn, Steve Durham, James Earl, Joseph Earl, Patricia Edwards, Calvin Eller. Row 3: Jimmy Elliott, James Embry, Robert Everhart, Tony Ezman, Michael Fain, Charlene Faulkner, Theresa Ferguson, Sherry Fillmore. Row 4: Betty Finney, Gary Fishburn, Darlene Floyd, Gail Foran, Terri Ford, Barbara Forrest, Danny Forthotfer, Thomas Fox. Row 5: Carol Frame, William Frazer, Melody Frazer, Bobby Frost, Danny Fuell, Steven Fulk- erson, Harvey Galbreath, David Garner. Row 6: Steve Garner, Donna Garrison, Joyce Gearries, Aurther Gee, Juanita Gehlhausen, Es- tel Gibson, Terry Gibbs, Tom Gibson. Row 7: Vicky Gilbert, Lolita Givens, Debbie Glass, Jeannetta Glaze, Debbie Godsey, Rhonda Golder, Olivia Goodwin, John Gott. Row 8: Walter Graves, Debbie Grider, Steve Griggs, Ellen Grooms, James Gruzinsky, Donald Gunderson, Essie Hall, Glenda Hall. Row 9: Linda Hall, Margaret Hall, Richard Hal- terman, Jim Hampton, Ronald Hancock, Mary Harding, Franklin Hardy, Cathy Harlow. Row 10: Russell Harper, Vickie Harris, Kelvin Hart, Ray Hart, Ronnie Hart, Barbara Hat- field, Bob Henderson, Steven Hendricks. Row 11: Mike Henson, Linda Herring, Debra Hewitt, Brenda Hicks, Cynthia Hicks, Linda Hicks, Kathy Highbaugh, Patricia Highbaugh. Row 12: Roger Hightower, Randy Hilton, Denise Hodges, Tamara Hodges, Mel Hoffman, Sandra Hohlweg, Monterrio Holder, Clarence Holloway. Row 13: Tommy Holmes, Sharon Hood, Bob Homaday, Gertrude Hoskins, Sherry Howard, Dorris Howser, Juanita Hudson, Lola Hunt. .g ll A L ,r V 5- 7 5 I :' 9, , y ,H ff' 'ey I 'M I , as f. 'Y if at 44.7 Y f fr, ,, 'Y mn' 'Ts - is X' 4, f . .5 es Q, 1' 3 : f . 4 X ..::ZJ'ii-.. ,S ' . 1623, I W'l'2" Q ..,' t YW, e sp., X 'i ' J' s 107 Juniors Row I: Donald Iluchin on. Dion lsenhnwer, Kftfvn C- JHINCS. Rob' Jarrett, Brenda Jenkins, Tom Jennison. Charles Johnson, Elizabeth John- son. Row 2: Sharia Johnson, Vera Johnson. William Johnson, Deborah Jones, Na han Jones, Rich- ard Kays, Donna Kelly, Rodney Kendall. Row 3: Alice Kennebrew, Penny Kiefer, Val- arie Kimble, Debbie King, Pat King, Helen Kira, Kathy Kirkham, Ka.hy Klinger. How 4: Ernie 'lnox, Thomas Ko' fanc, Neal Koons, Wanda Kunzelman, Robert Lotta, Phil- lip Leslie, Lora Lewis, Nina Lewis. Row 5: Ron Lewis, Brenda Linthecome, Yvonne Lrc':har', Debbie Lollar, Gene Louden, Allen Dsnnis Lovell. David Lowery, Steve Lynch. Row 6: Jo Ann Lyles, Tom Mahaney. Debbie Mzilanoski. Gary Manvel, Fred Mar in, Henry Martin, Marcie Martin, Markie Martin. Row 7: Clark May, Dave McCauify, Joseph Mc- Duffy, Michael McGary, D a r r e l l McGowan, Marilyn McKinney, Pamela McMannis, Peggy M ears. Row N: Graig Mel'on, Pa'ricia Mel'on, Terry Menear. Dennis Mcrvar, Johny Miles, Brenda Miller, Frances Miller, Leslie Miller. 'iow 9: Linda MiI'er, Roy Miller, Sully Miller, Marv Millinir. Darlene Mitchell, Mar"ui'a Mit- chell, S even Mifchell, Wil'iam Mi'chell. Row lil: Alice Montgomery, Linda Mon'gomery, Brenda Moore, Donna Moore, Wavne Moore. Barbara Morgan, Marlon Moss, George Mott. Row ll: Frank Myers, Glenda Nailling. Jim Nash, Arlene Nelson, Walter Nelson, Patti New- lin, Linda Nichols, Mary Nichols. Row 12: Breazeale Worthen Norris, Terry Nor- wood, Herman Oglesby, Julia Organ, Terry 0r- ner, John Overstreet, Rita Page, Honey Pal- .., .EIR Row 13: Richard Palmer, Charlie Parker, Bob Parsley, Jackie Parsons, William Pa'riek, Deh- orah Peacock, Glenda Pettigrew, Rebecca Pe'ty. Juniors Row l: Gary Phillips, Judy Phillips, H e n r y Pierce, Ronald Pinkard, Elizabeth Pittan. Electa Porter, Beverly Pouncle, David Powell. Row 2: Robert Price, Frances Pritchell, Ronald Pruitt, Gary Pryor, Donna Pugh, Corliss Rad- ford, Gary Rainey, Roger Richee. Row 3: Harold Ridener, Sharon Ridenour, Otis Riggins, Louise Robb, David Robbins, Carolyn Roberts, Stella Robertson, Harold Rogers. Row 4: Glennis Rose, Kathy Rose, Robert Rose, Robert Ross, Odell Rowland, George Russell, Marie Sanders, William Sarvich. Row 5: Janet Schatler, Stuart ScheDD, Susan Scotten, Vicki Sedam, Joy Shaw, Tom Sheeks, Richard Shepherd, Diane Shines. Row 6: James Shook, Gerry Shoulders, Carol Shreve, D a n n y Shreve, Mary Shreve, Sharon Sides, John Silcox, Graig Silver. Row 7: Freida Simpson, Gregg Sims, J. C. Slaven, Wade Small, Cherie Smith, Georgiana Smith, James Smith, Roselyn Smith. Row 8: Sharon Smith, Terry Smith, William Smith, Lanny Spall, Daniel Lee Sparks, Dor- thea Sparks, Carol Spears Joe Spears. Row 9: Harry Sperring, Kenneth Spicer, Mar- garet Steelman, Wanda Stephenson, Cheryl Stevens, Kenney Stinson, Mike Stout, Robert Stovall. Row 10: Nancy Stowers, Terry Strain, Tom Strong, Mike Sullivan, Larry Swanson, Carl Swopes, Jim Taft, Angela Taylor. Row 11: Dale Taylor, Karlene Taylor, J u d y Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Phillip Taylor, Stephanie Taylor, William Taylor, Robert Tharp. Row 12: Sharon Tharp, Danella Thomas, George Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Ernie Thompson, Josephine Thompson, Michelle Tomlinson. Derek Tracy. Row 13: Sue Tribulak, Becky Trout, B e t t y Troutman, James Turner, Linda Turner, Karen D. Tyson, Karen Tyson, Leanna L'hls. QQ . 5 . A ? s. ,iffy 2. iff in 6' ""' ' ,J .,. , t J 'T' W Mini., A H Q 5 'O' Q 1 L .E x ,4 1 A . 1 -n ,. ip VN ' ,,, 4 L :ml ,iff Bi n. 92 El PX 5 ,A 7 f 5 N . 4 K1 ' u ,-.:1.X..,.. , , ,. ., . 11", ff fl' -' . xi- 1, 1 rv Z 1 ff ' L.. 1 '-4 , A V A 5.- ., NP! H ' , I ',. 109 Juniors Run I: Tony Yesier, Julie Van Devnnder. Karen Yun Hook. Cathy Vaughn, Robert Walden. Ger- aldine Wnllnre. Dianne Waltz. Debbie Watson. Row 2: Dehhie VYntz, Janelle VVeaver. Dennis Weeflen. Rocky Weiss. Carol WeIling.on. Robert Wezu. I-'red Williams. Gerald Williams. Row Il: Judy lVilliams, Joseph Williams, Rcnie lVilliams, Sam lVilliams, Ed Williamson. Rick Windisrh. Roger W'inegar. Palm White. Row 4: Patty White. Joyce WVhitlock. Patricia Woods. l-Imanvel VVright, Joan Wrighf. Rachael Wright. Ron York. Paula Young. Row 5: Beverly Younger, Rosemarie Zeluff. David Zihler. Dziniars Zuicens. Chris Rich. 110 rd .sl ' , G J 1 .mv xx" QX-X L " Q -it , ...L .m H t w l l , cfm -Q. '-A L.- v 9 16' 9 M .- ug, R - 1 Q Xu larval' 1 KAI I fb- N av- is E K N , 4. 1 SOPHOMORE, Joan Barrett, takes a practice spin in prepara- tion for the '69 Mini. Sophomores take a giant step into the future. Sophomores get involved in school activities. They participate in both academic and athletic events. The scholastic activities include taking biology and geometry. They experience the "thrill" of dis- secting creatures and proving theorems. For the athletically inclined, football, basket- ball, Wrestling, track, golf, and tennis are offered. Students may join the cheerblock. These boost- ers cheer our team to victory. Some girls are fortu- nate enough to be either a Varsity or Reserve cheer- leader. During pep sessions and convocations, t h e cheerleaders arouse school spirit. A variety of excitement awaits Sophomores in the years to come. 4 Sophomores take a giant step DAVE BURKE adds to the spirit of the 1969 school year with stizks and skin. TOM HOLMES checks the innards of internal combustion en- gine despite assistance, 111 H Y 'vf R is r r 1 'S Q r"'X A . -rggfiv-v 2' .Ex , .L v , , 3-3 Rh' Vssiin. ' V A fee NV: ,. ,xi ty. A 't l ll N Y V . , l A 4.53212-., A ff A ,...... X 4 ,WI 8 NX 4. 2 , W , 2.1,-, " 5' " i 1 3 ,-.'- w , -',N,,i Sophomores Row 1: Linda Abels, James Acree, Cheryl Adams, Harry Adams, Johnny Adams, Anthony Addair, Michael Alderson, Arnold Alexander. Row 2: Donna Allen, Leslie Allen, Bill Allsop, Clitford Anderson, Larry Anderson, Marsha An- derson, Marsha Anderson, Shirley Anderson. Row 3: Vickie Anderson, Theresa Anslinger, Collette Antrim, Annette Arnold, Pamela Art- man, Debra Atwater, Josephine Auant, Geral- dine Austin. Row 4: Lelia Austin, Chester Bacher, Rayann Backus, Rick Bailey, Diana Baire, Wade Bandy, Brend Barker, Rose Barker. - Row 5: Ro n Barnett, Victor Basso, Rhonda Bayles, Dennis Beach, Kenneth Beashey, Gary Beauehamd, Jerry Berry, Roy Berry. Row 6: Herbert Bertram, Phil Bonn, Patricia Bonta, John BODD, Rita Burders, Frances Bord- wine, Edward Boswell, Eric Bowman. Row 7: Johnetta Bradberry, Jennetta Brindley, Nancy Brinkley, David Brodhacker, J i m my Brown, Jimmy L. Brown, Vendetta Brown, Gary Bryant. Row 8: Aaron Bullock, Maurice Burch, Tony Burchett, David Burke, Mike Burke, Ronnie Burkhart, Randall Byrd, Sandra Cannon. Row 9: Minnie Cardwell, James Carlin, Robert Carpenter, Anthony Carson, Rena Carson, Nor- vin Carter, Robert Catania, Jerrie Chandler. Row 10: Helen Chenault, Steven Chinn, Rick Clark, Marilyn Cofer, Avaneile Cole, Larry Cole, Linda Coleman, Sanda Coleman. Row 11: Dennis Collins, Richard Collins, Vir- ginia Coeson, Larry Compton, Pam Compton, Antionette Cook, Beverly Cook, Darlene Cooper. Row 12: Isrom Copley, Imagene Cooley, Janice Cgrnett, Connie Coslett, Ronald Covington, Jesse Cox, Lorena Crawford, Danny Cromer. Row 13: Darlene Cross, Lola Crouch, Mark Cun- ningham, Cindy Curbeaux, Wayne Curry, Rick Dalton, Deborah Daniels, Kathy Dandy. Sophomores Row 1: Carl Daugherty, George D8VidS0l'l. Mar- tin Davis, Olivia Davis, Meredith Deakin, Mike Dobbins, Karen Dockery. Row 2: Kenny Doss, Debbie Dotts. Bill Dougher- ty, Lourcreta Drake, David Dunbar, Richard Dunnuck, Earl Edwards, Estell Edwards. Row 3: Rufus Edwards, Diana Elam, Dave Eller. Ronald Ellis, Kathy Elson, Vicki Elson, Bill Em- bry, Calvin Emerson. Row 4: Debra England, Frona Englert, Elsie- lynne Evans, Mary Exman, Larry Farris, Renee Featherston, Debbie Ferguson, Richard Ferguson. Row 5: Vickie Ferrell, Michael Filer, Karen Fish, Ronald Fleehearty, Joe Fleming, Terrance Floyd, George Foncannon, Earl Fortune, Row 6: Mary Frazer, Mike Frazer, Mike Freijie, Rubie Frost, Danny Furrer, Patricia Galbreath, Debby Gallant, Dean Garrett, David Gentry. Row 7: Vicki Gilbrech, Larry Gill, Alan Glaze, Thomas Glaze, Teresa Glover, Sherrill Godsey, Karen Goff, Kitty Goff. Row 8: Wendy Lea Goodwin, Anthony Graves, Mike Gray, Rick Greathouse, Dave Grey, Con- stance Grifiin, Susan Griggs, Shirley Gunderson. Row 9: Cathy Hall, Rose Hall, Joe Hampton, Joe Hampton, Gerard Hardy, Donna Harper, James Harris, Larry Harris. Row 10: Percy Harris, Sandra Harrmann, Mike Hart, Rosalyn Hart, Mary Hartsalla, Sam Hat- ten, Drescilla Hayes, Deloris Hays. Row ll: James Hayton, Julie Hayton, Larry Heckman, Delores Heigl, Jeanie Heishman, Jer- ry Helton, David Herring, Rolfe Hesse. Row 12: Michael Hicks, Bonnie Higgins, Connie Higgins, Debra Hightower, David Hildebrand, Robert HiU, Regina Holding, Terry Holman. Row 13: Paula Homburg, Shirley Hoskins, Larry Houston, Johnathan Hudson, Ken Hull, Raymond Hull, Mary Ann Hutchins, Thelma Hutchins. i l ub- " 4. 'E.'L"f X, 5 3 , ,-' 1 ' F . , T .Aii .V ,, g 5 I 'YW' J Rs 6, xi A f D ug Q -5. , .. N X 5x . ft A -vw? , 3 1 113 'l to . N4 --1. '- Q K -s 5 MQ ' ' . ,,.. ' s W I- 5 ff-nc , . . 1. N Hz I I 0 . 4. -6 v- , ...,: Q ,,.: b at ' IA 'E X 1. G' I ,J- Sophomores Row 1: Dora Hutchinson, Charles Hutton, Mike lsenhower, Emmie Ivy, Paralee Jackson, Peggy Jared, Vernon Jenkins, Janet Jones. Row 2: John Jones, Nancy Jones. Reginald Jones, Susan Jones, Tevis Jones, John Johnson, Linda Johnson, Linda Johnson. Row 3: Sharon Johnson, Walter Johnson, Karen Jurey, Sharon Jurey, Kathleen Kahl, Nick Ka- randas, Harold Keen, Steve Keetor. Row 4: Debra Kelly, Sandi Kemp, Gerald Ken- dall, Diane Kenley, Samuel Kent, Carlotta Kes- ler. Beverly Keys, Edward Kidd. Row 5: Cassandra Kimble, Liva King, Mike Ken- ney, Marlene Knatlich. Vicky Knight, Sheila Knox, Thomas Kraning, Patty Krebs. Row 6: Pamela Lamb, Deborah Ann Law, Phyl- lis Lee, Darlene Leigh, James Leslie, Nina Les- ter, Sharon Lester, Channella Lewis. Row 7: Mary Lewis, David Livingston, Harold Lloyd, William Long, Sandra Lott, Arnold Love, Eddie Love, Mike Maddux. Row 8: Michael Mahone, Cheri Manco, Kathy Marion, David Martin, Jessie Martin, Robert Martin, Robert Mason, Fred Massey. Row 9: Bob Maxwell, Lynn May, Timothy May- hen, Dennis McAllister, Sharon McCarrell, Dave McCauley, Lawson McClendon, Bill McClure. Row 10: Brenda McCombs, Davida McCreary, John McDaniel, Diane McDutfy, Dorothy McDuf- fy, Don McGothlin, Robert McMurtrey, Sammie McSwine. Row ll: Margaret Meador, Mike Medley, Percy Miles, Stephen Miles. Mark Miller, Barbara Mil- um, Beverly Minix, Mike Minton. Row 12: Jerry Mitchell, Fred Moneymaker, Ro- bert Montgomery, Angie Moore, Dennis Moore, Marc Moore, Marshall Moore, Janice Morgan. Row 13: Virginia Morgan, Bruce Morris, John Morris, Shirley Morris, Michael Morton, Mike Munn, Arnold Murray. Cathy Murray. Sophomores Row 1: Patricia Murrell, Virgil Napier, Patsy Neal, John Neely, Walter Nelson, Richard New- ton. Norma Nichols, Patricia Nichols. Row 2: Michael Nickleson, Charles Nix, Reggie Northern, Stephen Otlicer, Harriet Oglesby, Di- anna Osby, Raymond Owens, Phil Parks. Row 3: Debbie Parrish, Mike Patterson, Steven Pearcy, Gwendolyn Peete, Deborah Peevler, Pam- ela Perdue, Becky Personett, Brenda Pettigrer. Row 4: Patsy Phillips, Peggy Picket, Rose Mary Pickett, Terry Pippens, Loatha Pitcock, Danny Polson, Vivian Poole, Rickey Posey. Row 5: Rickey Powell, Danny Presley, David Pride, Shirley Pringle, Joyce Pruitt, Yvonne Pucket, Dale Rainvitte, Deborah Ray. Row 6: Terry Ray, Charles Redman, Terrence Reid, Doris Rice, Darla Richardson, Winona Richardson, JoAnn Richey, John Riddle. Row 7: Brady Riggs, James Riley, Steve Riley, Cathy Rivers, Deanna Roark, Cathy Robbins, Tom Roberson, David Robinson. Row 8: Mary Robinson, Evelyn Rodgers, Gloria Rogers, Jewelline Rogers, Mary Ross, Sharon Rouse, Marcia Rush, Tommy Rush. Row 9: Rozena Rustin, Nikki Sanders, Shirley Sanders, Yvonne Samplers, Gerald Sarver, Pam- ela Schabel, Penny Schoreck, Steve Schroder. Row 10: Robert Schuck, Roser Scott, Daniel See- ton, David Seib. Gail Settle, Ray Sevier, Derald Shambaugh, Deborah Shaw. Row 11: Garland Shaw, Naomi Shuts, Wanda Sheetz, David Shockley, Wanda Shockley, Tho- mas Short, Manie Silverman, Wendy Simmons. Row 12: Rita Simpson, John Sims, Floyd Skaggs, Tom Skaggs, Claude Skates, Estel Lynn Skinner, Kathy Skorjanc, Dilardo Smartt. Row 3: Jacqueline Smiley, Rickey Smiley, Carl Smit? Deborah Smith, Dwight Smith, Edna S'-it' Janice Smith, Jimmy Smith. ve? X 1 X ' -nil ,D ., 0 ,, if M ..,,f A I L Nl, is-Us , .. I VG sv 1 .N I Q , , , w,j ea GY' . ,,,,., QSM - vw .52 ,rv paw., K fx E? .Q S . .4 LA f vnu LQ X ' r s.. .,- in 'I 1 ,T 3 ai 's ,sf fb X- at .1 Sophomores Row l: Portia Smith, Molly Sowell, Daniel Sparks. Shirley Sparks, Deryl Springfield, James Srotter, Steve Stantield, Dominic Stein. Row 2: Rick Stephenson, Patricia Stevenson, George Stewart, Gerald Stewart, Linda Stewart, Dianna Stinson, Vickie Stoughton, Sally Sublett. Row 3: Paula Sutton, Mary Swoped, Ben Swopes, David Talbott, Mike TaDD. Velta Tarpley, Donna Tate, James Taylor. Row 4: Robert Taylor, Teresa Taylor, Carolyn Tharp, Bob Thomas, Christina Thomas, Judy Thompson, Rodger Thompson, Charles Tidd. Row 5: Rubben Timmons, Elzoria Tinker, Morris Todd, Larry Trieb, Kathleen Turner, Sandy Tur- ner, Sharon Turner, Nina Tuttle. Row 6: Joy Tweed, Mike Van Arsdale, Tim Viles, Carol Vulk, Carol Waggoner, Loretta Walker, Randall Walker, Rosie Walker. Row 7: Larry Wallen, Jerry Waller, Philip Wal- ter, Derek Walton, Cathy Ward, Charles War- ner, Stephen Warner, Kenneth Washington. Row 8: Roy Washington, Dee Roy Waters, Mich- ael Wayman, Stephanie Weatherby, Elizabeth Weathers, Denise Weir, Bill Welcher, Arnold Wells. Row 9: Johnny Wells, Marianne Wells, Beverly White, Michael White, Leanna Whitis, Frances Whohrey, Pattie Wiley, Deanna Wilkinson. Row 10: Roberta Williams, Rodney Williams, Sharon Williams, Kenny Williamson, Sheldon Williamson, Pam Willoughby, John Wilson, James Winters. Row ll: Sharon Wise, James Woodford, Monte Woods. Wanda Woodson. Row 12: Kenny Workman, Linda Workman, Su- sie Worland, Dan Wrennieh. Row 13: Barbara Younger, Richard Zimmer, William Hill, Abner Nihbs. FRESHMEN sometimes feel like the system is just burying them. Stevie Duke offers some graphic illustrations. Like some sand in your locker Steve? Freshmen face bewildering lst year Freshmen have many perplexing experiences at the start of their year. They are identified for the first few days by the bang of a lunch tray, a forgot- ten locker combination, a towering stack of books, or being late for a class. George Washington High School offers fresh- men a class called Orientation. In Orientation fresh- men learn about the library facilities and the school traditions. Also Orientation gives freshmen an op- portunity to increase their reading ability. In read- ing lab, freshmen strive to improve their speed, com- prehension, and vocabularly. In some English classes the teachers try to get the interest of their students. This year one of Mrs. Robinson's English Is classes put on a puppet show. Several faculty members and administrators were part of the audience. They were vastly impressed by the originality and creativeness of this freshmen English class. But in three years these freshmen will look back at these incidents. As upper classmen they will look at the incoming freshmen and remember their bewildering freshmen year. ef? MRS. ALICE ROBINSON'S English Is class tried to enliven their day to day routine by producing a puppet show. The class members wrote the script, built set and "char- acters", and performed. 117 1. ,N ril..1i w G . " x V A if Q 55 4v 5 F313 7162, Sf' 4 oo, Q '96 R ..,.. 1 , f. , I Q .f Q ,lub . .i - f f I. V ,V ig A .Q L , 1 ' ' S- -P.-+ in A 4' -x t , ' iff, -,yi P -1, I , 1 ' V h. " X . 1ST Pa Lg' i i 5 H - K E vl' V y A , Wi J , '4- X-Sff -7 V. , e X ii, I x 9 .A -1 , ' 7 -W .,,.,' , I ,. if Q L n .X y 1 g I as ' 'f ' .. -- L- A Qi! GP w" ' . . - o l H 'Q X V , W ' zvzzzzz' f - rg.. V s.. 5- 'Y - s, L - cr ' ' L Vi' S' ' X no f E we - we :vt , B 'a V X bm! 4 Din! 1l8 Freshmen Row 1: Eunice Abner, Jo Abney, Richel Abney, Darlene Acree, Charles Adams, Judy Albertson, Vicki Alderson, Arthiee Allen. Row 2: Marsha Allen, Sharon Allen, Katrenna Anderson, Michael Anderson, Albert Arnold, Dona Arthur, Emma Arthis, Loynn Attkisson. Row 3: Benny Ault, John Bacher, Laura Bade, David Baird, Jenny Baldwin, Cecelia Ballard, Teresa Ballard, Ronald Barlow. Row 4: David Barnes, Peggy Barnes, Barbara Barnett, Fredia Barnett, Melvin Barnett, John Barnett, Gary Beeler, Ella Bell. Row 5: Tanya Bell, Patricia Benyon, Larry Berk- awitz, Brenda Bernard, Sandra Berry, Susan Bingham, Steve Blades, Brenda Blair. Row 6: Vickie Bonta, Becky Borders, Robert Bos- well, Maryna Bowie, Vicki Bracken, Keith Brack- ett, Rosalie Bradley, Dwight Brentz. Row 7: Carolyn Brinsley, Gwendolyn Britten, Joe Brodhacker, Ralph Brooks, Carolyn Brown, Jan- ice Brown, Janice Brown, Mary Brown. Row 8: Henry Bruce, Jimmy Brundage, Emma Bryant, J i m m y Buchanan, Kathleen Buckley, Sharon Burch, Gloria Burke, Anthony Bush. Row 9: Denise Bussey, Paulette Butler, Charles Byer, Rick Byers, Tanya Byrd, Deborah Callen, Leesa Carr, Doris Carter. Row 10: Kay Carter, Loretta Carter, Jerry Cham- bers, Larry Chambers, Aletta Chandler, Joyce Chandler, Robin Chastain, Robert Chatman. Row 11: Shelia Chatman, Jack Childs, Ronnie Clark, Paul Clay, Patsy Clemens, Jay Clevenger, Mary Coats, Connie Cole. Row 12: Linda Cole, Sandra Cole, Shirlene Cole, Arlene Coleman, Ladonna Coleman, Linda Coles, William Collett, Brenda Collins. Row 13: Brenda Cook, Carolyn Comelius, Robert E. Cosby, Tom Coslett, Faye Couch, Sidney Cov- ington, Delmer Cox, Lorie Cox. Freshmen Row 1: Joan Cromer, Terre Lynn Cubel, Tim Cunningham, Cathey Curry, Eula Dancy, Susan Davidson, Connie Davis, Howard Davis. Row 2: John Davis, Rodney Davis, Barbara Day, John E. Day, Kenny Day, Gary Decker, Henry Deems, Debbie Denson. Row 3: Donnie Depew, Gloria Diaz, Bill Dille- bay, Billie Dillow, Daniel Disney, Ruby Dobyne, Karla Dockery, Paul Donald. Row 4: Clyde Dorney. Linda Doss, Lena Dotson, Walt Dowell, Patricia Downing, Bill Downtown, Darlene Driskell, Steven Duke. Row 5: Constance Dunlop, Larry Dunnuck, Ro- bert Eaker, Terry Eakle, Leslie Earls, Carol Eb- erhard, Harry Eberhard, Lorraine Ector. Row 6: Dan Edds, Lorna Edison, Toni Edmond, Brenda Edwards, Randy Edwards, Susan Eg- gers, Beverly L. Edison, Patricia Ellis. Row 7: April Emerson, Jerry Eskridge, Judy Everhart, Jackie Farmer, Allen Faucett, Rita Fer- guson, Emma Fields, George Fields. Row 8: Mary Fields, Raymond Finch, Mickey Finn, Charlene Flake, Bud Fleming, Johnny Flowers, Nancy Folse, Debbie Foreman. Row 9: Vera Forrest, Robert Fortune, Michael Fox, Karen Franklin, Samuel Frazer, Ruth Fre- ije, James French, David Fuller. Row 10: Roger Fulmer, Janet Fultz, Kathy Fu- qua, Terri Gaddie, Steve Garl, Byron Garmon, Anna Ruth Garrett, Trijena Gee. Row 11: Barbara Gibbs, Ray Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Brenda Gilbert, Kathy Gill, John Glad- son, Mike Gladfeiter, Sharon Glascoe. Row 12: Sally Glassing, Karen Goddard, Gloria Goodloe, Milton Goodwin, Cynthia Gorman, Wayne Grace, Nick Grady, Mary Graves. Row 13: Anthony Gray, Sherry Gray, Bobby Green, Hubert Green, Debbie Gregory, Louise Gribben, Karen Grimes, Lonnie Grimes. ww' 5 i vs' A 'NME v t, 4-,', 2' - 5 .uf , ,,, M ig v ff- A 2- A 4 'lit Ig 1 fi A b ., 43 'Q Zi se,-Y ms, All W qv, ff ,tw if 5 L ,Sv ,, A 5? xl in-vi, - gf 'A' ' .140 fri z . -... .:,'.,.. fl .,5?,... Q. 'S s f ' sr 1. .Q ,W Q 0 1-., ,M 1, , ,,,. 'Kr ' Vg 3 L A 2 Em 0 'el Run 119 QQ Y' r ? 5.3.71 'Siu' ' A xt t At --.Qi l 5-4 hp I N lugs. 5 X viii-I . E Q ' 3. L. sv X, rw C, 1' at . 1 .K - e . K, 43" A K Q uf J , , lm -53 . i Vv I 'M A . .4 L ,B If W :1 .5 is '- : -Y 1 A J C1 Q X Yi 3 7 jb' '-., ,. 7F A ' xt C 'C I 5,5 X . s W - ax . "X K I 4 . . , X. , l A r C in 1 W1 1 .-X I i A - 1 at ' i ..-N A: vi C 1 x UN., I . 1-X 120 K ' .Q 515 , 'lv' -. ...T jig Freshmen Row l: Tim Gross, Marcia Grubbs, Mildred Guyse, Stanley Hadnott, Peggy Hahn, David Hale, Donna Haley, Gerald Hamilton. Row 2: Shirley Hamilton, Joseph Hampton, Dor- othea Handlon, Jetfry Hanes, Debra Hansford, Nathan Hardin, Gary William Hardman, Derek Hardy. Bow 3: Russell Hargrave, Earlene Harmon, Tom- my Harper, Jimmie Harrington, Boyd James Harris, Kerry Harris, Maurice Harris, Virginia Harris. Row -4: Brenda Harrison, David Hart, Kenneth Hart, Donna Hartsock, Byron Hatcher, B i l l y Hatfield, Kay Barbara Hatter, Pauline Hattiex. Row 5: Jerry Hawkins, Michael Hayes, Richard Hayes, Russell Heckman, Dennis Helton, Rodney Helton, David Hendrickson, Carolyn Henry. Row 6: Debra J. Hewitt, Patrick Heyob, Diane Higgins, John Hillenburg, Daniel Hiner, Gary Hines, Irena Hobbs, Nathan Lee Hogan. Row 7: Garrett Hogue, Carmen Holder, Carol Holman, Tony Holtgrave, Bill Hood, Kathy Hood, Rob Hopkins, Betty Hornaday. Row 8: Mike Hubner, Claretta Hudson, Cassan- dra Hughes, Jack Hughett, Theodore Hughley, Clifford Hulse, Brenda Hunt, Travis Hunter. Row 9: Jerry Hurt, Yvonne Hutchins, Paul Hut- ton, Jennifer Hyden, Leon James Ingram, Annie Ivy, Linda Jackson, Robert Jackson. Row 10: Thomas Jacobs, Burnetta James, Terry Jared, Steven Jeffers, Bill Jenkins, Christine Jennison, Brenda Jensen, Kenneth Jessup. Row 11: Deborah Jethroe, Carol Johnson, Debora Johnson, Earl Johnson, Glen Johnson, Lois John- son, Rita Johnson, Ronnie Johnson. Row 12: Ruby Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Steve Johnson, Sylvia Johnson, Duane Jones, Jake Jones, Kenneth Jones, Mauriceline Jones. Row 13: Melissa Jones, Shelia Jones, Stevan Jones, Thomas Jones, Beverly Joseph, Dave Jud- kins, Mary Ann Kellar, Robert Kellar. Freshmen Row 1: Robert Kilgore, Jo Ann Killion, Kathleen King, Dan Knapp. Donald Knight, James Lang- ford, Teura Lawrence, James Lawson. Row 2: Marie Lawson, Robert Lawson, Jack Lee, Rolinda Lee, Bruce Leigh, Marilyn Leslie, Clar- ence Lewis, Glenn Lewis. Row 3: Patricia Lewis, Cynthia Liddle, Debbie Lile, Jerry Lish, Larry Lish, Mary Locke, Gary Long, Odis Long. Row 4: Barbara Jean Lott, Dorothy Love, like Lumpkin, Dale Luther, Barbara Lynn, Valerie Macy, Vickie Macy, Vicky Mann. Row 5: Angela Marbley, Kathy Marion, Angela Marsh, Ronnie Marsh, Richard Marshall, Bever- ly Marth, Alvin Martin, John Martin. Row 6: Larry Martin, Phillip Martin, Danny Mason, Kevin Massey, Wesley Marie Mathews, Tommy Mayberry, Cathy McCauley, Kenny Mc- Collum. Row 7: Cindy McGlothlin, Brenda Mclntosh, Norman McKenzie, Charles McKinney, James McKnight, Ruby McVey, Danny Meador, Paul Melton. Row 8: Dallas Miller, John Ulla Miller, Mar- iessa Miller, Nancy Mier, Paul Miller, Vicki Mil- ler, Sandra Milliner, Denny Mills. Row 9: Joseph Mink, Geraldine Minton, Dianne Mitchell, Johnnie Mitchell, John Montgomery, Larry Montgomery, Marsha Montgomery, Eliza- beth Moore. Row 10: Theresa Moore, William Moore, Nan- cy Morgan, Theresa Morgan, John Morris, Mar- uica Morris, Rhonda Morris, Theresa Morris. Row 11: Vicky Morris, Patricia Morrow, Ray Morton, Jeff Mosier, Michael Moson, Theresa Mott, Patricia Mowery, Joe Mullins. Row 12: Badonna Murphy, Barbara Murphy, Joe Murphy, Raymond Murphy, Arthur Murrel, Larry Muse, Leroy Muse, Mike Myers. uf.. H, 4 1 gg c ' 'gh I W wzffx. 2, PU' '1 'Il' i , X , .,,. C. in we I X I Qaflfdll fr. in am, X 1 ,gli 2. Nw'- if Q my S Q, .., Me .. an K fs ,fy ., -. A 4. . 5 'E so L ' P 1Qe A A. +8 2 A "" 1 F L g N' ' l . we in ' m. , l . girl ' 'el i 'C X- X ' X is . 3 ,I :S x ' x E ff . , In ff , ' ay 1 - all 2 X' 4 4 I I ,4 ' it 5 if he , 3 1 5' . fl vs- My sh t 0 ,V X f NL: 1. I I V Xgl' . . X x 51 'VJ 'x, ME 63 flu 1- A . in 'vw-1' . I 4. ,Q A -34' X VNIIQ, ,ll ii' x ts, LN -5 'i . ' 'S x3,.'. ff' A 7- 1 an ., H-, Freshmen Row 1: Cheryl Myrick, Benny Nichols, Bill Nigh- 018. Carl Dee Nichols, Terri Nichols, James Nicholson, James Noble, Barbara Norman, Row 2: Colesta Offutt, Wallace Oglesbyv Patricia Olirier, Debbie Owen, Sylvia Owens, Riclgv Page, Richard Parker, Georgia Parks. Row 3: Joe Parris, Joe Patchon, Dorothy Pat- rick, Roger Patterson, Theodore Patterson, Char- lene Pence, Paula Marie Perkins, Ahhya Person. Row 4: Rhonda Peterson, Debbie Petty, Jerolyn Phillips, Bonnie Pickett, Vicki Pickett, Linda Pierce, John Pierson, Earl Piper. x Row 5: Deborah Pipkin, Steven Poay, Betty Pol- lard, Earlene Pope, Elreana Porter, Edna Post- on, Roy Potter, Peggy Presley. Row 6: Melvin Preston, Jim Price, Jo Ann Price, Doug Prichard, Carol Pride, Dudley Proc- tor, Peggy Pruitt, Larry Pryor. Row 7: Eric Pullins, Flossie Purnell, Jeanell Purnell, Kenny Qualls, Cinton Rainey, Marsha Raisor, Bobby Ramsey, William Rasdall. Row 8: Karla Ray, Leonard Ray, Paul Ray, Revicca Ray, Timothy Ray, Aleta Reed, Charles Reed, Joe Reed. Row 9: James Richardson, Karen Rickett, Har- lin Ricketts, Gary Riddick, Huze Sherman Rid- dle, Mike Ridener, Danny Rilfey, Michael Rig- gins. Row 10: Karla Riggs, Teresa Roach, Lynn Rob- erts, Kevin Rogers, Paul Rollings, Paula Roper, Conway Rose, Marsha Ross. Row 11: Jimmy Routin, William Royers, Debra Rundell, Raymond Rush, Linda Russell, Bon Samples, Kathy Sanders, Theresa Sanford. Row 12: Kim Sanders, Carmela Scharhte, Dennis Schaffer, Sandra Schmidt, Nancy Schneider, Kar- en Schoreck, Sandy Schuetz, Janet Scott. Row 132 Betty Seans. Donny Sebam, Danny Se- hang, Paul Sebree, Debbie Sedam, Juile Semps- rott, Janice Shannon, Cindy Sharrett. Freshmen Row 1: Kathy Shaw, Charles Shearer. Jenny Sheets, Terry Shepard, Donald Shepherd, Jac- queline Shepherd, Lawrence Shirley, Richard Shores. Row 2: Bonie Sidwell, Catherine Simmons, Lin- da Skaggs, Anthony Smith, Bruce Smith, Dar- ryl Smith, Dianne Smith, Donald Smith. Row 3: Donna Kay Smith, Eddie Smith, Ernest Smith, Glenn Smith, Joe Smith, Joyce Smith, L'Tanya Smith, Oliver Lee Smith, Row 4: Patty Smith, Richard J. Smith, Steve Smith, Thomas Smith, Robert Sovell, J a y Sparks, Thomas Sparks, Tomepie Spearman. Row 5: Beverly Spears, Randy Spears, Vickie Spencer, Dwayne Springfield, Theresa Stanley, Bobby Starks, Debbie Starling, Denora Statzer. Row 6: Cherlye Steelman, Donald Stephenson, Harlen Sterrett, Betty Stevens, Robert Steven- son, Peggy Stinson, Emmett Stowers, Dorothy Stremloe. Row 7: Debra Stringer, Joe Strong, Lawrence Strong, Bonita Sturgis, Gary Summitt, Judy Sutton, Marite Talbergs, Ann Taylor. Row 8: Shirley Taylor, Joan Terault, Linda Tharp, Jerry Thomas, Teresa Thomas, Debbie Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Joe Thurman. Row 9: Rhona Thurman, Kathy Tibbs, Stephanie Tibbs, Damon Tingle, Reginald Tipton, Harvest Trammel, Karen Trent, Charles Trotter. Row 10: Nelson Troutman, Clint Tucher, Shelia Turpin, Charlotte Tyler, Gwendolyn Tyson, Wil- lie Tyson, Denny Vance, Dave Vaughn. Row 11: Hallice Viers, Barbara Voelkel, Dave Wade, Vickie Waggoner, Diana Walker, Larry Waller, David Walters, Shawn Walters. Row 12: Iran Walton, Candace Watkins, Danny Watkins, Claudia Watson, Jim Watterson, Mary Ann Ward, Cindy Ware, Ronnette Warren. Row 13: Elise Wayman, Rose Weasner, Robert Weathers, Mark Weaver, Juanita Webb, Earl Weddle, Raymond Weiss, Barry West. , . Ay. Q ' ef . . N, a : iixl A t 'tin i I 5 xii' Q 1 K i 'ef ,Qi-gt if-A . .. A e A 4 4. .. a T .wif-F 2 -Q ef. La "ilk , . ,, Li' Q' M rf , -1 . . A 4 ,QQ W , I ,W K T' 61 if -fy .:., is ,Q V N A . -on A H , p ifif J - S G .5 w, , SN 1 -4. K' ' 7 Q , .. v. et,-J x 4 ull sw ::? , ., 'J L .. Z., ',, . 1.4 5-A 1' f-f a n ta ' S t 4 5 F In ,A Q Qll: 5 Z A v A - vw- V A I J.. NV . A Xu ,M A xi i' Q' ' 'vvz : l V 'lvi J: , 12", ff, , 3 in if ' - Q J ...-,.f y- V f AX. V ' - 1:1 'V' ..,, X , -f N 4 E H .ty all in 'N ., h yup : , Q zzgl. f ' In A I , V lgulf N ':"1 ' ist' S Z ,, e gm I . R' ' . ..r ' -sg asyzy J t a s .. ' - 1 V X ,Qi ' a i illeiivriffi X ,,.,, . xl G V -of T "1. W s::' 4 vt .V S V V --" 5 5' - A ' . e J ki! . , Q. ,Ar R 1 -95557 , , - Q I. .2 7 : V . sn. , ea J ' , , 1, e s in J as it R H 1. ix' .,,.r iz, V .,fff 5, - ' ,g ff se A. xx A. X g N x : B o XY t:s" f he e +1 as E a of AA r., ta, R: was ""' Q 'fr ' 4 B Sty X. " S", .2 H M Q A , XX . .....,...,.,. . X K.. 1 . .., .,., g be -,,l E lzll 'I W 3 - .- .. in ll-LJ v fl if . y:i.r.1 hail X424 4. Wi 123 s -'Z Q' -tg -l XY' v A ..mL...j. -44 A. A ' 1 'W Freshmen Q I s- 5. 5 " x ,V Row 1: Ronnie West. Bill Wethington, John . K 5 . Wharton. Joe Wheat, Wayne Wifiing, Gloria W X H M M V White. .lim White, Kenny While. gf Row 2: Phyllis White, Gariesa Wickliif, Charles " """ 3 Williams, Charlolt Williams, Lovis Williams, 7 1 . x A Norris Williams, Michael Williams, Linda Wil- mb , L X L A , minglon. 1 -.11 5 I l sg. A X , Row 3: Danny Wilson, Robert Winegar, Ladeane N ' fy X . Wininger, Luann Winters, Benton Wombles, Dor- k J N , J ' ' l othy Woodcock, Sam Woodford, Karen Workman. Aim sg. ,, gf. fc- - ' if Row 4: Sharon Workman. Cheryl Wright, Donna 'X ,Q 1 f Wright, Mohris Wright, Nancy Young, Juelene Ziko, Linda Ziko, Steven Zimmer. .. I-. 124 WHAT IT IS is a giraffe. During a recent zoo trip, a Continental disregarded the "No Feeding" sign. After a short conversation ,the freshman bid his new found friend adieu. The Post Staff has approximately the same sentiment, .A- Administration ...... 74, 75 Art Department ........ 43 Audio-Visual Assistants . .67 -B- Band ..... .......... 4 , 60 Baseball Reserve .. -.-- 37 Varsity .... ---- 3 6 Basketball Freshman . . . .... . .32 Reserve ............ 28,29 Varsity ............ 26,27 Bookstore Assistants .... 67 Boys' Concert Club ...... 64 Boys' Gym Assistants .... 66 Boys' State ............. 68 Business Department .... 64 Business Club .......... 64 -C- Cadet Teaching .... .... 6 8 Cafeteria Personel ..... 10 Cheerblock ....... . . .4 Cheerleaders Reserve ... .. . .22 Varsity .............. 22 Colonial Chorus ......... 63 Continental Chorlettes .... 62 Continental 500 ..... .....69 Continental 500 C o m m i t- t 84 89 . ..... ...... Continental Symphony ...61 Continentalaires ......... 63 -A- Adams, Donald Adkins, Maxine Arney, Ruth ...... .-B... Badgley, Robert Baldwin, Nellie . .. Baldwin, William Barrett, Michael Benda, Joseph .... Birge, Julia ...... Blanford, Darlene Blazic, DiAnn ..... Bowers, Jason . . . Bradley, John .... Bray, David ...... Brown, Charles ..... -C- Carmichael, Paul Collins, Vernes .... Counts, Donald .... Cox, Larry ...... .-D- Davis, Mary . .. Deer, Elva ....... DeHaven, Helen . . . ....79 ....79 ....79 ......52,79 ......83 .....78,79 ....79 ....79 .......79 ....79 ....79 ....79 ....79 .....83 ........79 ......79 ...79, 81 ....79 ....49,79 ....79 ....79 Dragoo, Allie .......... 79 ..E.. England, Gerald .. Engel, Linda . . . Erwin, Hester .. . -F.. Funk, Ray . .. .16,21,36, - 68 .. . . . . .79 . . . . .70, 79 . .. .79 ACTIVITY INDEX Cross Country ........ 21,23 .D- D.A.R. Winner .......... 58 Debate Workshop ........ 9 Department Assistants . . .67 Dramatics .............. 48 Dramatics Workshop .... 69 Drum and Bugle Corps .. .61 -E- English Department . .48, 50 -F.. Faculty .............. 76,79 Fellowship of Christian A th- letes ................ 8 Football Freshman . . .... 18 Reserve . . ..... 18 Varsity ...... .... 1 6, 17 French Club ............ 65 Freshman Class .... 117,124 Future Nurses Club ..... 65 Future Teachers of Ameri- ca .................. 68 -G- Girls' Ensemble ......... 62 Girls' Gym Assistants .... 66 Girls' State ............ 68 Golf ................... 24 -H- Home Economics Depart- ment ............... 47 Home Coming ... .. .8, 56 -1- Indianapolis Symphony Or- chestra .............. 5 Industrial Arts' D e p a r t- ment ............ 44, 45 Interact Club ............ 58 Intra-City S t u d e n t Coun- cil 58 ..............-.. .J- Journalism ........... 48, 59 Junior Class ...... Junior Class Oflicers Junior Prom ...... Junto Club ....... -L- Laugh-In ........ Latin Club ....... Letterman Club . . . Liberty Belles .... Library Assistants ..M... .100, 110 ....104 .....104 . .... 64 ....66 . .... 66 . .... 62 ......67 Majorettes ........... 59, 60 Mathematics Department .50 May Queen .......... 35,52 May Queen Court ....... 35 Mount Vernon Strings ...61 Music Workshop .. -N- ......69 National Forensic League .66 National Honor Society ..51 Nurses' Assistants -0- Oflice Personel FACULTY INDEX -G- Giles, Timothy . . . . . . .79 Girdley, Wayne . . ...... 79 Goler, Robert ........ 47, 79 Gothard, James ...... 27, 80 Green, William . .4, 12, 28, 33 76, 80 Greene, Joseph .......... 80 Grosskreutz, Robert ..... 80 Gurchiek, Robert ........ 80 -H- Hadley, Frederic . . . . . . .52 Hamilton, Alan ..... .... 8 0 Hamilton, Charles ....... 80 Hannan, Margaret ....... 83 Harvey, Lorene .......... 83 Hawthorne, Charles Hendricks, Florina ....... 83 . . . . . .80 Hight, Ora G. ...... .... 8 0 Huber, Miriam L. ........ 80 Hudson, John .... ' .... 43, 80 Hunt, Leon .......... 78, 103 .-J-. Jarosinski, John F. . . .15, 80 Jensen, Carl ..... .... 8 0 Joyce, Stewart . .. . . . . .80 Julian, Cloyd . . . .... 16, 78 Jump, Rollin .. ..... . . . .80 -K- Kassler, Virginia ..... 44, 80 Kennedy, Kathleen ...... 80 Ketrow, William .... .... 8 0 Knott, David . . . . . . .80 Kolecki, Margo .. ......51 ....78 ....80 Kramer, Mary .......... 80 Kuszmaul, Marion -L-. . . . .78,83 Lamb, Catherine . . . . . . .80 LaMar, Nellie ...... .... 7 8 Lindley, Gertrude . . . . . . .80 Long, Kenneth . . . Lovell, Janet . .. Ludlow, Shelia . . . ....80 ....81 ....81 Luther, Dorothy .... .... 8 1 Luzar, Frank .... .... 8 1 Lyons, Laura . . . . . . . . .83 -M-. Maloney, Betty . . . . . . .81 Mann, Lloyd ............ 81 McConnell, Evelyn ...... 81 McConnell, Russell .16, 35, 81 McLeish, Ruth Mendel, Walter Mitchell, Mary Monroe, Sharon .. Morris, Jackie Muse, David ..... -0- Orman, Harold Otto, James ..... Overman, Susan -P- Parks, Thelma . . . Pierce, Dwight Pierson, George .. Pittman, Nelle Pock, Jeannette ...- ......81 . .... 81 ....81 ....81 ....81 ....81 . . .24,81 .....81 . .... 81 .....81 ...52,81 .....81 ....81 . .... 81 -P- Physical Education Depart- ment ............ 42, 58 Post ................. 49,59 -R- Red Cross .............. 66 ROTC ............. 9, 46, 70 ROTC Sponsors ......... 70 -S- Science Club ............ 64 Science Department . .40, 41, 50 Senior Class .......... 81,99 Senior Class Excutive Com- mittee .............. 82 Senior Class Officers ..... 82 Social Studies Depart- ment ............... 50 Sophomore Class . . .101, 116 Spring Play .......... 72, 73 Student Council ......... 57 Summer Leadership Confer- ence 18z2 ............ 71 SURVEYOR ......... 49, 59 Symphony Orchestra .... 61 .T- Tennis ................. 25 Thespians .............. 48 Track ...... 14, 15, 21, 22, 23 -W. Washingtonians ......... 57 Wrestling ...... .... 3 3, 34 -R- Rardon, Mary ........... 81 Reinhart, Marjorie ...... 81 Relf, Kathleen ..... .... 8 1 Reynolds, Shelia ........ 81 Robinson, Alice ......... 82 Rosenberger, Thomas J. .16, 78 Ross, Herschel .......... 82 Ross, Mildred .... .... 8 2 -S- Sagraves, Sara . . . . . . .82 Sanders, Viola . . . . . . .83 Sauter, Bernard .... .... 8 2 Schreiber, Deanna ....... 82 Seeburger, John ......... 82 Sfreddo, Basil .... 4,12,28,31, 33,37,76,82 Shaffer, Marie .......... 82 Sharp, Richard .......... 82 Shires, Joseph ..... 16,35,82 Slaton, Amos . . ..... 82 Smith, Herbert . . . . . .82 Snyder, Percy ........... 82 Springer, Robert .... 3,16,82 Stanesa, David .......... 82 Stanley, Colleen . . . . .82 Stone, Jane .... .... 8 2 Stuckey, George . . . . . .82 Stump, William . . . . .82 125 Daniels, Danny Rae .... 16,88 Jones ...T- Talley, John ............ 82 Thomas, Ronald ......... 82 Thompson, F!Sgt, Jack ..9, 72,82 -A- Abbott, Marsha ....... 59,85 Ables, Dorothy ....... 59,85 . .56,59, 69,85 Adams, Pamela ......... 85 Ahelemeyer, James Richard 7,64,85 Alexander, Kathy M. ..53, 85 Anthony, Graig .......... 85 Armstrong, Andrew . . .69,85 Arnold James A. . .3,8,28,29, 33,68,69,85 Artis, Annette .......... 85 Artis, Rosetta ........... 85 Attkisson, Larry Allen ..15, Adams, Benita Kay 35,68,85 Austin, Cathy ...... 61,63,85 Austin, Toni ............ 85 -B- Baber, Carolyn Ellen . .45, 85 Baber, Marilyn May . .. . .85 Bailey, Belinda Mae ..... 85 Baker, Jonathon ........ 85 Bandy, Karen Sue ...... 85 Barnett, John Allen ..... 85 Beard, Jimmie ........ 71,85 Beard, William Earl ..16,59, 60,67,68,69,73,84,86 Blackburn, Vickie Lynn. . .86 Blades, William ......... 86 Boles, Phyllis ........... 86 Boling, James Dale ...... 86 Branson, Brenda Lois .... 86 Brinsley, Steve .......... 86 Brown, Steve Carl . .64,65,66, 67,86 Brown, Terry Darlene ...86 Brown, Tom .... ........ 8 6 Bryant, Irvin ..... .... 8 6 Bryant, Willie .......... 86 Bryant, Wilma Kay ...59,86 Brydon, Charles Emil ..7,86 Burch, Rickey .... ...... 8 6 Burke, Daniel Vee .... 62,86 Burkhart, Richard Lee . .68, 86 Burns, Wanda Mae .... 59,86 Butler, Julius ........... 86 Byer, Margaret ......... 86 Byrdsong, Denise ..22, 63, 86 -C- Carr, Shari .......... 59, 87 Carson, Connie Jo ........ 87 Carter, James Anthony . .87 Carter, Kenneth ..12, 28, 33 Carter, Ranny ........... 87 Carter, Steven .......... 87 Castle, Amanda Sue ..... 87 Catania, James Richard. 15,87 Chafiin, Jim ..60,64,67,68,73, 126 FACULTY INDEX Timchak, Louise ...... . . .82 -W- Walton, Vasco ..... 33,34,82 Webb, Wallace ..... 16,20,82 Werthman, Betty ..... 79,82 Whitehead, Rosemary .... 82 Wilhoite, Caryl .......... 82 Williams, John .......... 82 Williams, Robert ........ 82 Wyman, Jerald ....... 81,82 SENIOR INDEX 87 Chapman, Sharon Kay ...87 Clemens, James Allen ..53, 60,64,6'7,68,73,87 Cloud, Charles Richard ..87 Coleman, Jackie ......... 87 Coleman, Marie Esther . .66, 67,87 Compton, John .... .... 8 7 Conlin, Stephen ......... 87 Conner, Sandra Kay ..59,87 Cook, Beth Ann . . .72,87,103 Cook, Margie Jean ...... 87 Coop, Betty Jean ..22,59,61, 69,87 Cornett, Shirley ......... 87 Cox, Kenneth T. . .6,59,60,61, 66,67,87 Cox, Wanda Sue ..59,61,65, 66,88 Craft, Suanne ......... 59,88 Crane, Shirley . .4, 59, 62, 66, 68, 69, 70, 88 Creed, Rhonda Lou .59,69,88 Cross, Elizabeth Ann .59,68, 69,88 Curry, Phillip Darrel .35,40, 88 -D- Daugherty, Rebecca L. ..59, 73,88 Davis, Bonita G. ...... 59,88 Davis, Linda Kay ........ 88 Day, Dorothy Carla ..53, 56, 88 Day, Louis ..4,12,16,28,30,33, 34,68,76 Derringer, Danny Dale ..16, 60,64,66,67,68,73,88 Devine, Donald E. .... 64,88 Deweese, Loren Arthur ..88 Dobbins, Gary Louis ..... 88 Dodson, Blane Steven .... 88 Dougherty, Donald Ray ..16, 60,61,67,68,88 Downing, Steven ..3,8,16,28, 29,32,33,68,88 Duncan, Frances Kay .... 88 Dunlop, Michael ...... 35,88 -E- Easton, William Carl .... 88 Eberhard, Linda Frances .89 Edwards, Barbara Ann ...89 Edwards, Donald ........ 89 Ellen, Debora Karen ..... 89 Embry, Patricia .57,63,68, 69,89 Embry, Shelia ........... 89 England, Belinda Darlene... 59,89 Englert, Lois Carol ...... 89 Everhart, Linda Ray ..59,62, 89 -F- Farkus, Debora Kay ..59,89 Farmer, Brenda Ann .... 53, 56,59,66,67,73,89 Farrell, Patrick Thomas .89 Featherston, Clemart ...35, 36,68,89 Fiscus, Cheryl Joy .59,64,66, 89 Fleehearty, William David.89 Flint, Helen Kay ...... -69,89 Foreman, Michael E. .... 89 Fout, Elaine Gay ..59,64,66, 67,68,73.89 Fowler, Gregory Dan ..11,51, 53,59,60,67,73,89 Frazer, Robert Wayne .47,89 Charles ....... 60,89 Freije, Freije, Marilyn Ann . .59,63, 70,90 Freije, Thomas .......... 90 Fruits, Kathy Arlene . .59,67, 68,90 Fulmer, Linda ........ 59,90 ...G- Gallagher, Robert ....... 90 Garland, Doris Dean ..8, 51, 58,59,61,62,72,73,90 Garr, David .......... 53,90 Gill, Billie Ann .......... 90 Givens, George Edain .... 90 Glassing, Sue J. .... 59,61,90 Goodwin, Gloria ........ 90 Graves, Brenda Faye ..59,90 Graves, Lloyd Phillips . . .90 Graves, Richard Carl .... 90 Green, James . . .16,60,68,84, 101 Green, Roseann Elaine ...90 Grinder, Deborah Jean ..90 Griffin, John Hicks ...... 90 Griffin, Johnnie Lou ..... 90 Griffin, Steve ............ 90 Griner, Robert Jon ...... 90 Grubbs, Alfredia ........ 90 Guess, Marcia ........... 91 Guyse, Linda ..59,65,67,70,91 -H- Haase, Roberta Jean ..59,91 Hantzis, Shirley Ann ..59,91 Harris, Gloria .......... 91 Hart, Jerry Ray ..65,68,91 Hatzell, Carolyn Sue .... 91 Hawkins, Veerland David.60, 68,91 Hayward, Steven Victor ..91 Helterbrand, Janice ...59,91 Hendern, Flora ..... .... 5 0 Wyre, Arthill .... .... 8 2 -Y- Yerich, Steve ......... 79,82 -Z- Zenor, Carl .... . . . . .83 Hendrickson, Patty Jane .91 Henry, Lappierre Alfredia 59, 61, 65, 68, 69, 70, 84, 91 Hensley, Linda D. .... 59,91 Hicks, Julia Lynn ..... 59,91 Hicks, Trudy Ann ....... 91 Higgins, Cynthia ..... 59,91 Highbaugh, Steve Lewis -91 Hightower, Linda Kay .59,91 Hiner, Nancy L. ...... 59,91 Holdren, Charles ........ 91 Holloway, Mary Louise ..4, 65, 67, 91 Hoover, Mona ........ 59,92 Hunt, Michael D. ..53,60,62, 70,92 Huntley, Barbara J. . .59,65, 92 Hurst, Mary Jane . .59,64,73, 92 Hyde, Thomas P. ..4, 43, 70, 59, 92 ...1- Isler, Brenda Jean ...... 92 ..J.... Jacobs, Beckie J. ...... 59,92 Jared, Michael Wayne .64,92 Jenkins, Belinda Gayle ..92 Jenkins, Kennth Lee .... 92 Johnson, Bruce Edward . .92 Jones Jones, Donald Eugene .... 92 Dwight Nelson .... 92 Jones, Ethel Lee ........ 92 Jones James Matthew ..14, 15,92 Jones Phillip ........... 92 Sharon Kay .59,69,92 Jordan, Sarah Lee . .59,63,64, 65,92 Judkins, Eddie ..... 16,68,92 Jupiter, Diane .... ...... 9 2 -K... Kadel, Beverly Ann ...4,59 62,65,68,92 Kellar, Michael ......... 93 Kerr, Marilyn ..51,59,61,69, 93 Kirk, Norman ........... 93 Knapp, Connie Sue .61,66,93, Kimble, Valerie ....... 59,65 Knox, Ronald ......... 69,93 Koch, Ava Zoe ..... 59,61,93 Koons, Paul Albert ...... 93 Kunzelman, Everett William 53,59,63,66,67,68,93 -L-- Land, Thomas Paul .... 9,53, 57,58,60,66,67,68,84 Lanken, Glenn Mike ..... 93 Latta, Judy ............ 93 Lawson, William Earl ...93 95 May, Wanda June ....... 94 Leslie, Robert L. .. .57,66,93 Charlotte .. .59,62,63, 70, 93 Lewis, Ronda Helene ..... 93 Lewis, Richard Roland ...93 Liddle, Deborah ......... 93 Lindsey, Judy Ann .... 59, 93 Lish, Gary A. ..... 16, 68, 93 Livingston, Pamela . . .59, 93 Lockhart, Betty Jo ...... 93 Logue, Mary Katherine ..94 Long, David Andrew ..64,94 Lott, Jackie Ervin ....... 94 Lovell, Steven Jay ...... 94 Lowery, Don . .66, 67, 68, 70, 73, 94 Lyles, David Westly ..... 94 Lyles, Sandra Jean.68, 70,94 Malanaski, Richard Sammuel Lewis, 15, 94 Mann, Therese Dorene . .59, 66, 67, 94 Marlett, James, M. . .67, 69, 73, 74, 94 Martin, Maurine . .53, 59, 66, 67, 94 SENIOR INDEX -0- O'Daniel, Joseph ........ 95 O'Daniel, Ruth .... .....95 Otis, Ernest ...... ..... 9 5 -p... Pack, Carl .............. 1 1 Pack, Wayne . . 28, 32, 33, 95 Palmer, David Eugene .9, 70, Sanders, Rose Ann 51,59, 61, 64, 65, 67, 69, 73, 75,97 Scott, Willie ...... 16, 35, 97 Selby, Bonnie Gay 8, 58, 59, 67, 70,97 Selby, Keith Ray ........ 97 Seminick, Douglas .16, 17, 68 Seminick, Winifred .9, 53, 66, Parks, Kenneth ...... 28, 33 Parrott, David Allen . .15, 68, 96 Pearson, Richard Charles .96 Peerman, Loretta ........ 96 Penick, Sharon .......... 96 Persinger, Nancy Jo . .53, 54, 56, 59, 60, 67, 69, 70, 72, 84, 96 Person, Ethel ........... 96 Phillips, Donald Ray . .16, 68, 69, 96 Phillips, Gwen Doris .... 96 67, 70, 71, 97 Sharkey, Darlene ........ 98 Sheperd, Pamela J. ..59, 65, 73,98 Sheperd Paul David ..... 98 Sheader, James Scott .... 98 Simmons, Sharon ..... 69,98 Smith, Brenda Earlene ..98 Smith, Brenda Kay ...65, 98 Smith Danny .......... 98 Smith, Linda Lee ........ 98 Smith, Marie ,........ 59,98 Smith, Robert Lloyd ..... 98 Smith, Wanda P, ..59, 62, 98 Smith, Williams F. ...... 98 Phillips, Judy Kay . .4, 62, 69, 70,96 Pickett, Rodney Allen .... 96 Pike, Dennis ............ 96 Pippin, Tony ........... 96 Mayberry, Donald .... 35, 68 McDamon, Roberta . .59,64, 94 McElfresh, Peggy .... 59, 94 McGinnis, George . .3, 11, 16, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 68, 94 McGill, Claire Marie .... 94 McGlothlin, Robert McKay, Wayne Ellis . .62, 65, 94 Meiring, Greg .......... 94 Melson, Margaret E. .... 94 Melson, Toni E. ......... 95 Miles, Randy Scott ...... 95 Miller, Carol Jane ...59, 95 Miller, Gary Eugene ..... 95 Miller, Robert David . .61, 95 Mintz, Larry ............ 95 Mitchell, Barbara Ann ..95 Morgan, Sharon Leigh .62, 95 Mosier, Debbie Kay ..59, 95 Murff, George Dwight .... 95 Murray, Bradley ........ 95 ......94 -Y- Musick, Mike .......... Myers, Dale Richard -N- Neely, Darlene Kay ..59 95 95 95 Newland, Myron Darrel ..7, 16, 68, 69, 84, 95 Nobles, Robert Allen .53, 63, 95 Porter, Dennis .......... 96 Pritchett, Janet Sue ..... 96 Proctor, Ray ......... 36,53 -R- Rainey, Darnziller .... 64,96 Ramsey, Doris .......... 96 Ratliff, Sally Jo. ...... 59, 96 Ray, Byron Gene ........ 96 Rector, Jerry Lester .... 96 Renner, Ronnie Gastin .64, 96 Reynolds, Sherry .... 59,96 Richardson, Gerald . .47, 97 Richey, Gerald Lee ...... 97 Riley, Kathy S. ...... 59,97 Rinehart, Vickie Lee ..... 97 Rivers, Ronda Babbette ..97 Roark, Gary Nelson ...... 97 Roberts, Patricia Ann .59, 97 Robertson, Virginia A, 59, 64, 68, 70, 73, 74, 75, 84, 97 Robinson, Emma ........ 97 Rogers, Jessie J, ........ 97 Rue, Lanny Allen ....... 97 Russell, Karl ............ 97 Ryan, Steve Allen ...... 97 -S- Samples, Daine ........ 9, 97 Sanders, Brenda Pauline .59, 97 Sanders, Dennis Clark .... 97 .6, 11, Sparks, Fred ............ 98 Starling, William Joseph .60, 98 Starrett, Mona K. ....... 98 Stevens, David . 11, 60, 67, 101 Stillwell, Robert Lloyd ..62, 68, 73, 98 Sweazy, Charlene ........ 98 -T- Taft, Thomas Harold .... 98 Tate, Susan ......... 59,98 Taylor, Roger .......... 98 Tharp, Robert .......... 99 Thomas, Kaye .... 63, 68, 99 Thomas, Silvonia Levetta .99 Thomas, William Joseph ..6, 16, 68, 99 Thompson, Benny ..... 68,99 Thompson, Deborah ..66, 99 Thompson, Jerry ..... 35, 99 Tidd, Donald R. ......... 99 Tipton, Edgar Nathaniel .53, 58, 59, 68, 70, 84, 99 Todd, Catherine Ann .59,65, 67, 69, 73,99 Tolar, Fay J. ........ 59,99 Trieb, Luelda Ruth ..59,64, 67, 22,99 Turner, Charlotte ........ 99 Turner, Donna S. ........ 99 Turner, William . . .4, 63, 68, 99 Tyson, Shirley Ann ..... 99 -U. -V.. Vaughn, James .16,68, 70,99 Vaughn, Patricia Jane . . .53, 56, 59, 65, 84, 99 Viles, Debra Jane .......99 -W- Waggoner, George Vincent 99 Wainscott, Patricia ..51,59, 61,99 Ware, Terry Ann ....... 100 Warren, Cynthia L. . .4, 6, 8, 22, 58, 59, 64, 67, 76, 84 100 Weaver, Roger Allen ..2, 4, 53, 59, 60, 62, 66, 69, 70, 74, 84, 100 .65, 66, Wells, Jackie Arnold 67, 68, 70, 73, 99, 100 White, Larry Gayle 60, 84, 66, 68, 99, 100 Whitifield, Robert ....... 100 Whitlow, Joseph L. . .64, 69, 73, 100 Whitney, Gary Wayne . . .100 Wilhelm, Martha Diane . .53, 59, 66, 67, 68, 73,100 Wilkes, Betty ....... 56, 100 Williams, Darcella .6,11,53, 56, 59, 67, 68, 71, 73, 74, 84, 100 . .53, 58, Williams Donna .... 59, 100 Williams Eddie ........ 100 Williams, Glenda Marie ..61, 100 Williams, Reginald . .16, 17, 68, 100 Williams, Jane Ann ..59, 100 Willis, Donald Lee ...... 100 Willis, Ronald Lee ...... 100 Willoughby, T h e r e s a Ann 100 Wilson, Elizabeth Ann . .66, 100 Wilson, Ester .......... 100 Wilson, James Edward ..64, 100 Wilson, Jane Ann . . .59, 100 Wimbleduff, Jerry Lee . .101 Wimbleduff, Sharon .... 101 Winters, Vernal ........ 101 Unversaw, Mark Allen ..99 Wolfe, Deborah Ann .... 101 Woods, Deborah Ray ..4, 22, 59, 64, 67, 68, 76,101 Woodward, Albert Carey . .6, 11, 64, 101 Yates, Junie Arthur .... 101 Young, Patricia . .... 69,101 127 1969 POST Staff Cathy Austin Debra Kelly Nancy Stowers Wanda Cox, Asst. Editor Donna Kelly Deborah Thompson Shirley Crane Marilyn Kerr, Editor Glenda Williams Kathy Deakin, Asst. Editor Connie Knapp Elizabeth Wils0n Doris Garland Kathy Rose Jameswinters Margaret Hall Fred Sparks-Photographer ,-4 nu. PRINTING . . . George Washington High! School Print Shop PICTURE ENGRAVINGS ..... Mr. Chuck Muller, Ropkey Engraving Co., Indianapolis SENIOR PICTURES AND GROUP SHOTS . . . Tobias Studios Indianapolis SPORTS PICTURES . Mr. Don Blake, UPI News Service UNDERCLASS PICTURES . . School Pictures Inc., Indianapolis COVER . . Mr. Jack Bundy, The S. K. Smith Co., Chicago, Ill. BINDING . .... Agency Bindery, Indianapolis 1 ' ' N , Q 1-i FN VFWQ 2+-5' do INDIANAPOLIS-MARION COUNTY offers you: MAGAZINES PAMPHLETS BOOKS MAPS PICTURES RECORDS FRAMED ART PROGRAMS FILMS VIDEOTAPES FOR ADULTS MUSIC AUDIOCASSETTES AND CHILDREN Other borrowers will agpreciate the prompt retum of this book. A CHARGE IS MADE FOR OVERDUE MATERIALS K "' v , f 6 . ' v .-n

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