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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1958 volume:

YJQWHY POST GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - v0L. 29 -2- I I M 2 25 Md- gx ,ks mlm Qaggi Q ,, Q ....,,, 5 X 4 4 Us ,sw 2 w'w, Q , wg as 5 X ashzn ion on 1' e G0 packed m buses and jalopies Going, going, gone all the time according to our parents and teachers, pupils are con- stantly in a rush. We take time out of our schedule to talk with friends in the halls or via the telephone. Often the friendliness at Washington is shown by the Way students fill their cars with friends or gather in cheerful The Line Up-Pupils with cars aren't so fortunate as it may seem to the bus riders. Every night a long line of cars wait to get on busy Washington Street. ...4- groups throughout the school. All Aboard-Students who do not have cars ride crowded buses. Strolling-Time between classes gives Don Smith a chance to Walk Carole Wigginton to her class. . . . tying np phone lines, and just talking Telephone Time-Parents usually set a time limit little time to arrange a date. Janet Renner finally re for teenagers on the phoneg therefore, Jim Leach has ceived the call she was waiting for. Stare-Steppers-Linda Hefner, B e c k y Grimes, and Scotty McAtee stare at the camera as they descend to a first floor class. ...5- . . . working cmd cmmming after school As much a part of our lives as classes, after-school clubs, and sports practice, are the activities that fill our hours after We close our locker doors and leave school for the day. It is during these hours that We try to cram in all the activities that keep Washington students really on the go. A great many of us hold jobs, some even have their class schedules arranged so they can leave school early and go to Work. It's the Working students who find it hardest to com- plete homework assignments on time. But completed they must be Whether you do home- Work during the commercials of your favor- ite T V programs, or Whether you Work and have to finish your assignments While y ou r I classmates are having pleasant dreams. It's Not All Fun-With a comfortable position on the floor and a book, Judy Puckett prepares for the next day's classes. If The Shoe Fits-Don Vidito and many other stu- Your Change, Sir-Eloise Laird and Mickey dents work to earn money for college. Sanders help in checking out a store patron. -5- l Put-Em-Up-Sandra Brown, who Works in the Add-Em-Up-Dorothy Norris Works in the cafe bookstore during her spare time, is selling a book to teria during' her lunch hour adding up the students one of the students. lunch bills. . . . keeping busy during the clay -.T -1- -- . usi- i 1- T -1 .1- - 4 N - - ., -3 ,1- Look-Em-Up-These girls are Working on an assignment in the library during their study period. ..7... shin on ihe GO -mf! ww 221 x 2, :bw N , , wg? . 'fy if 55 x X My M' .-:sisl .sip 5 ---' wz x .Q H 'wgxxggfgw ,,- A- N .Q QM V . 5 M Q K QQ ,li 'Wifi ,fa - M 'Ni ,hx :C fi ,R S, Ss ,NN v fashion me WML No matter Where they go or how they go, today's teenagers always seem to have fun. Fun just goes with the teenager. Whether it's a hayride With the gang followed by a sizzling hot dog cooked over an open fire or a trip to a favorite drive-in, it's fun to be with friends. Coke Please-A stop at one of the favorite drive in spots means fun for Kathy Becker. Surprises Inside !-Spanish and Latin students enjoy the annual ' breaking of the Christmas pinata. Hot Dog!-Dave Wiggam and Marsha Blankenship enjoy them- selves at a Weinie roast. Senior Shindig-A senior re- cord dance was one of the high- lights of the school year. l ,WH Y 'MVN 'NW-5N G I t We-5' 'Wm' ' getting the mostfrom our classes Y i 3 XE?-' They Tell a Lot !-Joe Dunnigan, freshman, finds that report cards reveal much. It's a Small World-Sandra Adams, Melvin Slink- er, Ralph Bowers, and Tessa Trusty study the globe in a world history class. Brains at Work-James Coffman, Carolyn Dayes, Ronnie Mann, Sandra Ayres, and Larry Hunt exper- iment in a chemistry class. 011 the Spot!-Tina Parker, junior, recites in an English class. ..10- and preparing for college . . . Of course, the main reason for school is classes even though emphasis is sometimes placed or misplaced on other aspects. It is the classes that make the school first or second rate academically. Washington tries to keep its standards high, but this would be impossible Without the help of everyone. The students and faculty Work harmoniously to keep Washington in the first rate category. Teachers give students advice in preparing for college or Whatever occupation they may choose to enter after graduation. The students in turn serve the school by ushering, running errands, and working in the clinic and book- store. Which one?-Janet Stevens and Judy Kernohan discuss college plans with Mrs. Ester R. Dengler, - representative from Evanston Hospital. 102 ??--Diane Coghill, one of the several girls Mystery Man!-Mrs. Baldwin explains that who help Mrs. Brownewell, our nurse, may be the school attendance is important to grades and future reason for Ronnie Emery's high temperature. employment opportunities. ...111 ..X.,,. .x.. N,,Q, WZVG mf Q Q 3 5 3 5 is Q ,WM - NN , V X A. 4. , , ,fi iw ,, ,A V, me A. Q f N ,. Q ' ' 'Q as Nbr of Q oe? gmv- 1 so W 'Q f ming ri,l3,p,Sjqewffj1k',i Q ' ,MM ,amy X ,j ' ff , Mg is . . . sporting flashy new Zuma' uniforms Loyalty and Tension-The colors are presented, earn an early Victory. Tension shows on the faces the crowd sings the National Anthem. The b oys of coaches, Dave Hine and Jerry Oliver. fx , .. - .. .. , A, fy n ll ' - - - 5 H . N I 4 .. 4' 4 - s 'y 'P J f' I 5 N 1 4, i lo' ' s 4' , X X'sk I 1 jf If 5 vs' 1 y 3 ' 1 , S 0 5 W9 Lx 1 s r 'i or Clear the field- The cheer leaders lead the team out for another grid- iron victory. . . . building school spirit Who can define school spirit? If a student body has it, all know itg if not, they know that too. Ask Continentals if there is school spirit at Washington High School. They will answer "Sure, this is our school!" What makes up school spirit? Our band marching down a football field, our scholars striving to bring honors to our school, our athletes uniting the school in victoryhthis is school spirit. We have seen the evidence of school spir- it all around us. "We're from Washington and no one could be prouderf' l 0 W w In ll .Something New-Yauncey Alkire proudly wears one of the new band uniforms. Band Boys-Members of the Continental Dance Band are left to right: J. Maners, D. Hood, F. Dininger, J. Allen, R. Vincent, J. Hedges, E. Henderson, D. Williamson, and R. Hoschouer. Continental Bandstand-A typical Johnnie and Connie couple enjoy the music of the Dance Band at a school hop. if ie X, R 2 S I X t Ymx ,ll -1 l1- 1- -1 washington on the go.. to classes Burning the midnight oil to pass exams, trying to finish last night's homework during roll call, and striving to make the honor roll sets the pace of our academic life. We take pages of notes in class and find We can translate only half of those notes when final exam time comes. We give up coke dates on school nights to spend the evening at the library searching for material on space or a phase of English literature. Using hundreds of pencils and reams of paper, We strive for a diploma and prepare for the future. i'Look Out"-"Look out" is the usual comment as students go through the crowded halls to and from classes. - L21 yy! Distinguished Grammarians-Members of the English faculty are row 1: Lloyd B. Mann, Mrs. Elaine Miliotes, Mrs. Florence Smith, Mrs. Evelyn Paul, Miss Jean Wood, headg Miss Mary McBride, Mrs. Margaret McWilliams, and Joesph Dutton, row 2: Clemmont Vontress, Mrs. Laura Lyons, Miss Leunice Horne, Mrs. Barbara Jean Hine, Miss Eu- nice Seybold, Mrs. Betty Werthman, Miss Marjorie Reinhart, and Leo Rosasco. These 17 teachers form the largest single faculty group. . . . tackling speech, classes, and themes Head of the Class-Beverly Sichting diagrams a sentence for her English V class. To many pupils English is more than doing daily drills. Winning the poetry contest or Writing the best essay is the goal of many pupils. After six semesters of required English, We may elect advanced English. Great Works of present and past English Writers are read and studied in advance classes. Another sen- ior course is advanced composition-especially important to college bound seniors. Juniors may vary their English electives with speech and journalism. After six semesters We know that plural subjects deserve plural verbs, the four types of sentences necessary for good compositions, and the masters of the English language. Young people realize that learning and understanding o u r language is important. Learning by reading the great masters pieces is beneficial and enjoyable. ...16- 8 -1- 8 I 16 -These math students are busy Working on their daily assignments. . . . solving intricate mathemaiic problems Although every student is required to take one year of general math or algebra, some students take advantage of the ad- vance courses offered by the math department. These students may be majoring in math to prepare for college or to prepare for future 2 x 2 I 4--Jack Reynolds, Bill Bennett, Gary Hesser, and John Arvin, seniors, find using the slide rule in college algebra makes math easier. These boys are majoring in mathematics in order to prepare themselves for college. jobs. Scholarships are often given on the basis of the amount of math takeng therefore, it is important to include math in every program. There are increasing numbers of students interested in geometry, algebra, and trigonom- etry. 9EI9Mc2-The faculty members of the math department are row 1: Miss Lillian Neimann, Mrs. Viola Ramsey, Miss Vivian Ely, head, Mrs. Grace Barker, and Mrs. Marie Shaiferg row 2: Bill Spring- er, O. W. Nicely, Rowland Jones, and Robert Badgley. -.17-. United VVe Stand-Members of the history faculty ar: Row 1: Mrs. Corlie Walker, Donald Fasig, and Mrs. Anne Burge, department head. Row 2: Amos Slaton, Pershing Meyers, Carl Zenor, and Richard Hedges. Those not pictured are Russell McConnell and Audie Watkins. In our history and social stud- ies classes We are taught the past, in order to understand current events more fully. Seniors learn how far the government should interfere with business, and by what methods We, the future busi- ness men and Women, can seek to improve its conditions. We learn to grow and think, readying ourselves for life in the great American Way. . . . digging into history-then and now F Ticker Tape Tycoons-Ralph Wilham, Marilyn downs of the market. All students in the Economic Parker, and Emma Yates, students in a problems Problems classes kept charts such as these and bought class, are shown here checking the recent ups and and sold imaginary stocks on an unpredictable market. -13- When in Rome-Joelynn Adams, Ray Fuller, and Time Flies-This calendar in the Spanish room Wayne Slater study a Latin story intently as they try has the days and months printed in Spanish. to translate it into good English sentences. They are in Changing the date are Sherain Poindexter and an advance Virgil Class. Darleeh Weif- . . . striving to master foreign tongues Conjugating Experts-Language teachers are Mrs. Mildred Corie, Mrs. Hester Bock, and Mrs. Fimie Richie. -19- Washington s t u d e n t s realize how important for- eign languages are. There- fore they not only attend classes in other tongues but join together to forrn our Spanish and L a t i n c l u b s . Learning another language is helpful in knowing that tongue and also in knowing our own E n gl i s h language, since many of our words are de- derivatives of foreign tongues. Boom!!-Steve Marsh, a student of chemistry, Searchin??-Nancy Cummings seeks additional infor- performs a glowing experiment. He is testing mation from her biology teacher, Miss Mabel Loehr. Pupils the reaction of certain metals in gases. in biology learn about bacteria and other phases of nature. Possessing one of the largest and most out- standing science libraries in Indiana, Wash- ington is able to give students additional help in the field of science, beyond that obtained from a text book. By adding another year of required science Work for graduation, the school is encouraging and guiding students toward taking advantage of the opportunities to study advanced science courses in our Well equiped laboratories. Our modern facilities and able teachers promote and inspire tomorroW's scientists. . . . exploring fascinating science jields Fine Specimens-Members of the science department are Row 1: Mrs. Elizabeth Crid- er, James Otto, head, Miss Mabel Loehr. Row: 2 J. C. Nelson, Franklin Burnett, Frank Tardy, Donald Kram- er, Allan Stacy. Not pictured is Mrs. Mildred Ross. 120-. The art department offers varied and interesting courses designed to suit the taste of every student. This year was a gold key year for the students in the art department. Fifteen o f the students were awarded gold keys in com- petition Which included students throughout the central part of the state. The upper halls are always decorated with the Work of the art department. Very Modern Art-Jimmy Myers, Regina Lums- don, and Kenny Wright Work on avery complex piece of modern art. . . . employing our own Hold It-Mamie Holder puts some finishing touches on a portrait of Sharon'King. Posing for these pictures means fun. creative abilities -21 Thumbs Up-Miss Evelyn McConnell, Mr. Carl Jensen, and Mr. E. J. Manetta are the art department teachers. 11? Wm Ugg! GQ Clean Up Crew-Tommy Sesslar, Judy Halloran, Sheila Siepman, and Beverly Sichting clean up their utensils after a lesson in foods class. Tommy is one of the many boys enrolled in home economics. . . . perfecting culinmgf and serving arts I Home economic courses pre- pare the girls and boys of Wash- ington for their future jobs as homemakers. Even the boys real- ize the importance of knowing how to boil water. Related cours- es inform students about prob- lems and responsibilities t h a t they will face as adults and par- ents. Dish It Out-Home Economics teachers are Mrs. Joan Law, Miss Gertrude Lindley, Miss Orrell Negus, Mrs. Thelma Brownewell, Mrs. Dorothy Luther, Miss Margaret Simonds, Miss Rose King, and Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph. -22.. Mechanical Minded-Members of the industrial arts faculty are Row 1: Ursa Walker, head, Walter Mendel, Charles Fusco, Michael Barrett, and Ben Sand- Many students take industrial arts cours- es to prepare themselves for Work after grad- uation. Some students like to Work with their hands and make things, for others, it's a hobby. Still more students feel it is a Welcome change after studying books. ersg Row 2: John Seeburger, Roger Weaver, Stewart Joyce, Victor Graves, Ross Cox, Leon Hunt, and Paul W. Hayes. The courses offered in our outstanding industrial arts department are auto shop, car- pentry, cylinder press, drafting, electric shop, linotype, machine shop, mechanical drawing, and Wood shop. Many boys continue their training after graduation. . . . learning to execute practical crafts Cunning Carpenters-Coffee tables are the Drilling for Oil-Precision is what counts to J. Cannon, D. projects of A. Abshier, B. I-Ioman, and B. Dodd, and M. Colman as they Work industriously in machine Stinnett in carpentry class. shop class. .-231 Continental Voices-Members of the Colonial Chorus are row 1: C. Lee, M. Henning, C. Copsy, E. Laird, J. Bright, S. Gilbert, J. Mount, N. Hildenbrand, F.. Reynolds, L. Williams, C. Harris, G. Clarkson, H. Suddeth, A. Foster, row 2: S. May, E. Yates, S. Brown, J. Garrett, J. Robinson, D. Lang, D. Luzar, B. Rhodes, S. Flora, N. Hancock, S. Kern, K. Becker, M. Cook, A. Worrell, C. Payton, row 3: F. Opp, B. Coble, G. Hesser, R. Haase, R. Myers, R. Short, R. Privett, D. Bowman, L. Griffith, R. Schmidt, L. Warren, E. Creech, D. McAtee, J. Mayo, row 4: R. McPherson, S. Marsh, M. Tracy, J. Orange, D. Wilson, D. Gammon, J. Hale, B. Barr, G. Denton, J. Thompson, R. Hoschouer. . . . blending our musical talents for harmony Music At Its Best-Members of the Concert Orch- estra directed by Samuel W. Siurua, are, D. Phillips, L. Price, M. Cupp, P. Waltz, A. Morris, P. Hussung, D. Osting, S. Obergfell, D. Graves, J. Mount, A. - 24- 1 Dreher, M. Fishburn, M. Frye, I. Roseberry, S. Phil- lips, S. Durham, F. Fowler, S. Rigsby, R. Robbins, D. Williamson, S. James, D. Sorrells, A. Hicks, J. Flint, J. Whitis. Marching Continentals-Members of the band in- clude row 1: B. Smotherman, B. Jackson, P. Neill, C Blackwell, K. Bowman, C. Lee, J. Burton, T. Radclife E. Funk, D. Oliver, S. Vaseloffg row 2: D. Donovan, G. Phillips, R. Hoschouer, T. James, E. Henderson, A. Stone, Y. Alkire, B. Williamson, T. Owens, row 3 Mr. Funk, L. McPhail, M. Spurgeon, S. Leak, B Sloan, A. Foster, J. Sturgis, P. Capps, R. Holcomb, Music plays an important part in the lives of Washington stu- dents. A variety of vocal and in- stumental classes are offered to those interested in music. Washington's top preforming groups are the Concert Band, Orchestra, Colonial Chorus, and Continentalaires. Each year the Concert B an d and Orchestra presents a concert. The Colonial Chorus and the Continentalaires perform at convocations, grade schools, and at special programs. Music, Music, Music- Music faculty members are Charles Hamilton, Mrs. Edna Long, Ray Funk, Miss Ruth Amos, and Samuel Siurua. Music Highlights-M em- bers of the Girl's Ensemble are M. Parker, D. Oldham, D. Kirby, V. Gibbons, B. Wig- gam, M. Thompson, S. Gil- bert, P. Reagan, L. Williams, and J. Pedigo. F. Caldwell, J. Stott, W. Sterrettg row 4: J. Allen, G. Green, S. Durham, L. Cook, K. Drake, K. Baldwin, R. Johnson, H. VanWinkle, M. Swango, E. Samper, P. Lambert, A. Doll, row 5: E. Hodge, J. Manners, F. Dininger, O. Livingston, J. White, D. Jackson, M. Green, E. White, E. Cox, S. Kelly, D. Hood, row 6: A. Kern, J. Hedges, L. Bridge, C. Weaver, R. Vincent,F. Davis, L. Harding, J. Adams, A. Roberts, T. Anderson -25.- Dizzy Fingers-In the business classes at Wash- ington High many students are preparing for their life after graduation. in machine calculation classes the girls learn to operate the business machines and to apply themselves in offices Where they Will Work. Molding Tomorr0w's Businessmen-Mrs. Gladys Freundt, Miss Susanne Keck, Miss Mary Laatz, Mrs. Samuella Sands, William Mahan, Robert Kress, and Paul Carmichael, head, are the teachers who are mem- bers of our business faculty. working toward careers in business s Busy Minds-Sandra Sutton and Brenda Creek are preparing for jobs after graduation. In their junior business class they learn to understand the financial side of business. They learn the details later on in Bookkeeping. -.261 1-'.:- lit W 'J J-HEL - ,..f4- ... ,. -- X 5 ,- me ig .. The superior business education depart- ment at Washington High School prepares both boys and girls for jobs in the business World. Many times students are offered jobs in West side business oiiices even before they have graduated. Courses in machine calcula- tion, bookkeeping, typing, 'and stenography give the girls excellent training for such jobs as secretaries, Hle clerks, bookkeepers, and clerk typists. Typing is invaluable to students who are planning to go to college. Salesman- ship, business law, advanced business, ofiice practice, and junior business round out the courses offered. You're H e a v y!- Kay Ritchie, gym as- sistant, helps Barbara Vandergriff as she acts as a base for Mary Rice. Malnutrition -Gary Licho is pointing out in health c l a s s the internal parts of the body. . . . doing calisthenics and useful skills l Look Before You Leap-Joe Olmstead and Anita Axe are giving first aid to Jerry Phillips. Learning calisthenics, gymnastics, and anatomy is not as bad as it sounds, for these are the every day studies of gym, health, and safety students. In safety, We learn to give first aid and the fundamentals of operating a car. Health classes give us a better under- standing of the human body, and in gym we learn to keep in good condition by exercising. Gym also gives us a chance to discover our abilities in sports. l Pep and Energy-Members of the Physical Educa- tion Department include Mrs. Rosemary Lennox, Mrs. Janet Cabel, Miss Rosemary Whitehead, Mrs. Elizabeth Hatfield, row 2: Dave Hine, Frank Luzar, John Wil- liams, Henry Bogue, and Joe Tofil. Not pictured are Jerry Oliver and C. J. Julian. ny? ..9.. Sure Shots-Members of the rifle team practic- ing on the range are Douglas Ford, Larry Bull- ington, Larry Worman, Charles Drury, Jerry Hugh- ett, Paul Short, and Larry Brooks. . . training to safeguard our freedom Our R. O. T. C. cadets boast that they have the corps commander of all the city high school units, Lt. Col. John Alexander, and the best sharpshooter in the Fifth Army Dis- trict, Major Paul Short. One of the loveliest dances, the Military Ball, is sponsored annually by the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This year's event was noted for its lavish decorations of silver and blue. Our soldiers-to-be learn courtesy, neat- ness, and respect for authority as well as mil- itary tactics and organization. Those cadets who are interested may participate on the rifie team, drill team, or color guard. The cadets prepare each spring for the formal Federal Inspection which is witnessed by the student body. -28 Belles of the Ball-Mr. Walter crowns Georgia Clarkson, queen of the Military Ball. The members of her court were Lorelei Williams and Sandra Brown. Big Decisions-Directors of our R. O. T. C. units are S. F. C. William T. Farmer and MfSgt. Dan C. Yercich. Inspection Experts-Elected by the cadets as sponsors are Lt. Col. Georgia Clarkson, Capt. Diane Luzar, Capt. Sandra Brown, and Capt. Lorelei Will- iarns. R.O.T.C. are row 1: Mai Paul Short, lst Lt. Charles Jarnes Brunt, 2nd Lt. Kenneth McCreary, Lt. Drury, 2nd Lt. Robert Vaughn, 2nd Lt. Tom Purvis, John Alexander, 2nd Lt. Larry Brooks, and lst Lt. 2nd Lt. Joe Olrnstead, 2nd Lt. Larry Rosselot. Row 2: Frank Opp. -29- Busy Beavers-Working on this year's Post are Arnot, J. Gaddis, S. McLaughlin, N. Hildenbrand, L. Row 1: S. Smith, A. Harrison, S. Elmore, S. Keith- Lee, B. Bennett, Eleven joined the staff in January ley, D. Strange, J. Smith, L. Combs, D. Cook, J. bringing the total to 25. . . . capturing the yeclfs events in print Honorary Journalists-Members of Quill Kz Scroll Top Brass-Looking at the dummy for the '58 are Row 1: N. Curtis, J. Carter, G. Edwards, N. Hil- Post are the business manager, Sandra Elmoreg and denbrand, K. Pence, J. Smith, Row 2: L. Combs, J. co-editors, Kay Pence and Judy Kay Smith. Work- Smith, R. Ruble, G, Hudson, S. Smith, R. William. ing together, they lead the yearbook staif. -30-. News Writers-Busy planning The Surveyor are M. Moneymaker, B. Barr, G. Hudson, S. Flint, E. White, J. Gaddis, S. Nesbit, J. Cherry, R. Wilham, P Regan, R. Ruble, S. Keithley, G. Edwards, N. Curtis L . . . meeting deadlines 'ml Willingness to Work, ambition, and a talent for creating, make up the qualities of a good publication staff. The opportunities vary for people who work on The Surveyor and Post staffs from art and photography to writing and editing news. This year for the first time the Post contains advertising. To make the advertising section more interesting, student pictures were added. Each student on the Post staff has a cer- tain j ob to do. The Surveyor brings you the latest news on sports, pupils, teachers, and fads. The editor of The Surveyor can verify that it is a hard job to manage a paper, but it has its rewards. By working on the Post or The Surveyor a journalist can obtain membership in the Quill and Scroll, the National Honor Society for high school journalist. Big Wheels-Jill Carter fcenterj, editor-in-chief of The Surveyor, confers with Rita Ruble fleftj, as- sistant editor and Nancy Curtis, business manager. ...3 1... . Travelers I-Delegates Who represented Washing- Janet Smith, and JoAnn Cherryg Row 2: Judy Smith, ton at I. U. and Franklin are row 1: Jill Carter, Kay Pence, Nancy Curtis, Rita Ruble, Sharon Keithley, Sharon Nesbit, Grace Edwards, Nancy Hildenbrand, Sharon Smith, and Glenda Hudson. . . . circulating continental news all over On Your Mark Get Set-The News-Bureau staff Smith, Kay Pence, Jill Carter, Grace Edwards, and which writes for the local newspapers are Judy Kay Rita Ruble. 132... Set'em Up-Steve Myers hands Raymond Sorrell copy from the journalism staff to be cast into lines of type. Lock'em In-David Street puts in the last of the type before another page will be locked in place in the form. . . . going to press with timely scoops This is truly a yearbook for you by you. Not only have the students of George Wash- ington High School gathered the memories contained in this book, but also they have edited and refined the stories told here and snapped some of the pictures to bring these memories closer. When the copy is sent to the printer, it is sent to your classmates, perhaps you yourself, for the print shop is just down the stairs. Boys who are training for a Vocation set all the type, proof their work for errors, put the pages together, and run those pages off, help- ing to create these lasting memories for you. You now hold in your hands a collection of memories, created by you, captured for you by your '58 Post staff of Writers and printers. Roll'em Off-Don Bess looks as Bill Green "runs off" the yearbook on the cylinder press in room 79. .-33... 1 Q 2 :iz xx-,J F N, H Xu vfvf XoOO6,xOOOO', washington on the go. . . to activities Enjoying our friendship with our teach- ers and fellow students, taking field trips, and devoting time from our crowded schedules to attend clubs makes our extracurricular act- ivities an important part of our busy lives. If our interest goes deeper than the text- books, We become members of the many school sponsored clubs. We travel throughout Ind- iana participating in speech tournaments and viewing historical sights. We spend hours in jeans decorating for dancesg and later in our very best attire, We dance under crepe paper skies. Yes, as Washington students We are on the go, broadening our knowledge and inter- est through extracurricular activities. Dancing Dolls-Students look forward to participating in The Junior Vaudwille. Honor Students-Members of the Honor Society and Nancy Chapman, row 2: Lillian Niemann, spon- are row 1: Janet Smith, Kay Pence, Jill Carter, sor, Priscilla Thomas, Rita Ruble, Bruce Barr, John Nancy Stillwell, Judy Kay Smith, Georgia Clarkson, Alexander, Sandy Brown, and Kathy Becker. . . . winning top scholastieal achievements Top Notch Teens--Delegate for Boys' State was John Alexander. John was Washington's represent- ative to the United Nations. Georgia Clarkson went to Girls' State. Jill Carter went to Girls' State and she also won the D. A. R. Award. Sandra Brown was alternate to United Nations. Of the many different organizations, two stand out as the most honored by Washington students and teachers. The students elected to the Honor Society and Student Council are those who have become eligible through their scholastic accomplishments and contributions to school activities and functions. Student C o u n c il representatives from each roll room sponsor dances, clean-up cam- paigns, and pom pon sales. Profits made from these events are used to buy gifts for the school. Honor Society and Student Council members work hard to make other pupils see the necessity of good grades, school spirit, and good citizenship. -36- Student Council-Members of the Student Coun- cil are row 1: A. Foster, H. Suddeth, P. Hoyt, S. Millspaugh, D. Armour, J. Smith, M. Blankenship, L. Worrell, S. Leak, J. Mount, L. Martin, J. Cummings, J. Cooper, M. Thompson, K. Ritchie, S. Prichard, row 2: B. Keller, V. England, N. Kira, A. Brumley, J. Pedigo, B. Grimes, E. Clark, E. Reynolds, T. Walters, B. Sichting, S. Stephens, N. Stone, B. Jackson, K. Bowman, S. Keithley, E. Funk, J. McClain, M. Har- rington, Miss Horne, sponsor, row 3: S. Kitterman J. Arvin, J. Alexander, L. Combs, L. Glaze, L. Me- genhardt, L. Griffith, K. Doll, S. Coffman, M. Bartlett J. Saylor, H. White, L. Hefner, S. Brown, D. Luzar J. Potts, E. Yates, L. Williams, L. Swarts, D. Oliver G. Clarkson. The Student Council has one representa- tive from each roll room. . . . governing ourselves democratically Intra-City Council-Members of the Intra-City Student Council Officers-Officers of the Stu- Council are Larry Combs, Sandra Brown, Steve Kit- dent Council are President, John Alexander, Vice- terman, and John Alexander. These students meet President, Helen Suddethg Secretary, Georgia Clark- With representatives from the student councils of song Treasurer, Dick Sesslarg and Sgt.-at-Arms, Leon other high schools. Grifhth. -37- Hail Caesar!-Latin Club members are row 1 A. Morris, B. Kemp, V. Miller, D. Kany, T. Felice B. Carroll, R. Norris, J. Tackwell, M. Mayfield, Di Norris, J. Clester, D. Heald, C. Smock, L. Ewoldt M. Herron, D. Dayes, J. Pyatt, R. Cordova, L. Martin, M. Winchester, D. Cribelar, A. Roberts, C. Eads, S Durham, B. Miller, W. Brame, and J. Quinn: row 2: J. Slater, S. Heritier, R. Mahaffey, B. Grimes, J. Greg- ory, M. Blankenship, L. Bainaka, K. Becker, M. White- moss, L. Worrell, D. Smith, R. Fuller, N. Johnson, D Osting, P. Mahan, D. Lindsay, M. Pemberton, M Smotherman, D. Smith, P. Dowden, P. Merritt, L Spurgeon, K. Collins, B. Keller, K. Turner, E. Sam- per, B. Becker, and D. Smithg row 3: D. Horner, Mrs. Bock, J. Hamm, B. Brown, B. Smith, L. McPhail, M. Cox, J. Basey, J. Mitchell, V. Gano, S. Coffman, P. Turner, S. Fleser, B. Kirby, J. Link, S. Edwards, S. Brown, P. Capps, N. Watson, M. Martin, S. Baugh, P. Wallace, P. Bryant, S. Brown, S. Thomas, D. Mil- ler, J. Kernohan, Mrs. Cory, and L. Carmichael: row 4: W. Bucklew, E. Hale, H. White, J. Collins, R. Lynch, D. Hood, T. Crosley, E. Suddith, T. Artis, S. Kelly, J. Loviscek, R. Leeper, P. Allen, D. Shepherd, D. Hazelwood, J. Willoughby, D. Jackson, B. Cook, R. Adkins, M. Green, D. Lawson, J. Stevens, N. Smith, B. Smotherman, J. Hedges, and T. Willoughby. . . . being curious about ancient tinzes X I W if Joao "i'1 W W Meditators-Members of the Bible Club are row 1: N. Frye, V. Dooley, M. Thompson, C. Bowman, S. Maddox, M. Cupp, V. Miller, and M. Jones, row 2: M. Kelly, B. Kelly, M. Spurgeon, P. Butler, M. Ham- monds, M. Cupp, N. Selch, and Mrs. McWilliams, sponsor. After a long day of classes, many stu- dents relax in clubs of their own special inter- ests. For students interested in Latin, science, history, and the Bible these four clubs are suited to their tastes. The overflowing Latin Club sponsors a Roman banquet each spring. During this fes- tive occasion, the members try to unfold the days of the old Roman Empire. The J unto Club, sponsored by the social studies department, Visits many of Indiana's historical sights. The aim is to win the special award that is offered to one history club each year for doing the most toward the better- ment of their community. The Science Club is of interest to many scientifically-minded students. The members are urged to enter into contests that are spon- sored by Westinghouse and other such organ- izations. Taking time out from school routines to meditate upon the Bible is a source of pleasure and relaxation to the members of the Bible Club. This club helps in maintaining high standards in our school. Scientists of Tomorrow-Members of the Science Club are row 1: J. Young, P. Wantland, D. Barry, E. Reynolds, N. Kira, L. McPhail, C. Howard, L. Worrell, K. Collins, and P. Coleman, row 2: Mrs. Elizabeth Crider, L. McPhail, B. Kirby, D. Jones, R. Wade, E. Kaufman, J. Leeper, L. Worman, R. Aue, D. Hood, P. Legg, and E. Hughues. . . . taking time for test tubes and statues Historians All-Members of the Junto Club are J. Gregory, K. Becker, L. McPhail, L. Swarts, D. row 1: M. Sanders, C. Theobald, S. Vaseloff, B. Cor- dova, G. Clarkson, J. Smith, and B. Kemp, row 2: K. Reagon, B. Ewing, S. Jent, N. Roberts, M. Berry, J. Lester, J. Carter, and K. Jinesg row 3: B. Grimes, Lindsey, K. Ruble, S. Gilbert, B. Becker, and T. Bow- man, row 4: Mr. Carl Zenor, T. Walters, B. Brown, D. Oliver, L. Hefner, B. Thomas, B. Butler, B. Bar- rett, N. Hancock, S. Brown, and P. Reagan. -39- How Now Brown Cow!-Members of the Dra- matics Club are row 1: Mrs. Evelyn Paul, sponsor, C. Wiggington, S. Siepman, J. Tackwell, M. Blankenship, D. Phillips, D. Dayes, R. Cordova, D. Kaney, and N. Ward, row 2: R. Eyster, P. Utley, C. Dayes, K. Pence, C. Euliss, J. Johnson, E. Yates, K. Faulkner, P. Thomas, D. Heald, J. Link, B. Sichting, and J. Price, row 3: N. Kira, S. McLaughlin, J. Borger, R. Gates, D. Bess, H. Van Winkle, H. Faulkner, R. Mann, D. McAtee, E. Grimes, S. Poindexter, and D. Gaulden. U. N. Wizard-J im Thompson won a trip to New York and to the United Nations by writing and deliv- ering a speech on the U. N. for a contest sponsored by the Odd Fellows Lodge. Steps Leading To Success-Members of the Na- tional Thespians, honorary dramatic society, include K. Pence, H. Faulkner, D. Heald, R. Thomas, J. Bor- ger, R. Gates, and R. Eyster. Argumentators-Debate Club members are row 1: M. Stricker, A. Benishoff, P. Coleman, J. Smith, J. Dunnigan, S. Durham, and P. Orebaughg row 2: P. Thomas, N. Chapman, S. Flint, A. Baird, C. Howard, S. Elmore, K. Becker, B. Grimes, M. Baird, and G. Edwards, row 3: Mr. Fasig, sponsor, W. Reid, S. Ayers, H. White, E. Leet, B. Thomas, L. Hefner, D. Luzar, E. Mason, and B. McEwan, row 4: T. Wat- son, L. Combs, J. Alexander, F. Heinzman, B. Nich- olson, J. Thompson, C. Drury, R. Thomas, and R. Ellis. -40- . . . dmmcztizing our mlenls far and near Our varsity debaters can say With pride that they have been city and county champs for two consecutive years. Under the direc- tion of Donald Fasig, the club visits many schools during the year participating in Various events. Debate and Dramatic Club members take part in extemp, original oratory, declama- tions, and debate contests. Hard Work and many after school hours account for the skill achieved by the students in the events. For pupils with dramatic ability or for those who just enjoy acting, the Dramatic Club is sponsored by Mrs. Evelyn Paul. Plays are presented for the entertainment of the school. Academy Award Potentials-Becky C o r d o v a serves Darlene Heald and Ronnie Mann in the Dra- matic Club's Christmas play entitled, "Christmas is a Sandy Ayers, and Priscilla Thomas, varsity debaters gather information to support their statements. Racket." Mrs. Evelyn Paul, sponsor, helped the stu- dents to produce the play, which was based on the commercialization of that sacred holiday. 141- 1 l 3 l l l Over the Horizon-Members of the Horizon Club are H. Ewing, B. Smith, T. Walters, T. Weiser, J. Herring, L. Cox, and M. Stricker. Big Sisters-Leaders in the Washingtonians a r e Sue Prichard, president, Judith Halloran, vice-presi- dentg JoAnn Cherry, searetaryg and Sandy Elmore, treasurer. The Washingtonians are responsible fo r the semiannual Big Sister party. . , . serving our school and community Serving You-Officers of the Junior Red Cross are Mary Winchester, Margaret Herron, Karen Doll, Sandy Fleser, Darlene Heald and Nancy Ward. Four of these girls are representatives to the Indianapolis Red Cross chapter. Prospective Teachers-Row 1: Jill Carter, Sher- ry Leak, Cynthia Howard, Jeannine Southwizk, Mar- jorie Powell, and Justine Voilsg row 2: Mrs. Flor- ence Smith, Patricia Reagan, Tony Weiser, Mary Andrews, Suzanne Obergfell, and Peggy Cavet. 42 - . . . capering in continental style Out of this World-A main attraction of the Ca- pers this year featured Justin Marshall, David Hine, Mrs. Elizabeth Hatfield, and Jerry Oliver, in a faculty skit, "The Perils of Satellite Sue". This spring on an April evening, every loyal Continental left this planet and soared into outer space for the time of his life. The annual Continental Capers, keeping up W i t h the space age, carried out the theme, "Out of This World". Washington added two of its students to the list of inter-planet celebrities as a Space King and Queen were elected. The Caper's Vaudeville was the best show yet, rocking the whole school to the beat of "Tequila", "Book of Love", and other rock and roll favorites. An added attraction this year was the group of side shows sponsored by the clubs and by members of the faculty. The help of the parents and other mem- bers of the community, which always make our school functions a success, proved once again that school -spirit isn't limited to stu- dents. The Continental Capers this year was an "Out of this world" success! Fishin'-Barbara Champ receives her prize while Judy C 0 l l um and S an d y Handak still try to win theirs. This game was one of many in the Capers game room. Making ends Meet-C. J. Julian confers with Ebert White, Calvin Wantland, Mrs. Stanley Arvin, and Mrs. Thurman Radcliie. These parents helped to make school functions a success. ...43- Royalty at Home-Our Homecoming Queen sits with her Crowning Moment-Our Homecoming court. They are Joyce Mount, Kay Ritchie, Sue Prichard, queeng Queen, Sue Prichard is being crowned at Helen Suddeth, and Shirley Vaseloff. our Homecoming game. electing popular guys and gals Gridiron Crown-Dave Sanders is placing a foot- ball helmet on our Jamboree queen, Diane Luzar. .. 44 - Electing kings and queens, Continentals eagerly anticipate r o yal campaigns where friends and sometimes they themselves win prized positions as kings and queens. The Jam- boree queen reigns at our gridmen's first showing in the City Jamboree. The Homecom- ing queen is crowned before hundreds of stu- dents and alumni on our football field the night of the annual football Homecoming Game. In annual tradition a boy and a girl are elected as Johnnie and Connie Continental as part of the Post subscription drive. The spring season brings the election of a queen and a court to reign at our track meets. The popu- larity contest in which both a popular boy and girl are elected is a feature of the Continen- tal Capers. The election of a May Queen and court to reign at the Strawberry Festival cli- maxes another school year. Each year the students crown the kings and queens of their own choice by popular vote. The big moment comes after much tension and anxiety on the part of the students and the candi- dates. The big moment is climaxed with squeals of happiness and screams of excitement. These are the captured memories that linger long after the experience is in the past. And The Royalty Reignied-Joyce Bright reigned as May Queen and her court. consisted of Kathy Becker, Helen Suddeth Jo Ann Cherry, Jill Carter, Susan Wampler, and Sandra Brown . . . reigning at school events And T h e Typical Contin- entals-Dave Sanders and Ven- nettia Eddy topped the popular- ity polls for Johnnie and Connie Continental. And The Pops Topped- Fred Hunt an d Susan Wampler were crowned Popularity King and Queen at the Continental Capers. And The Queen Was Crowned-Bill B e n n e t t crowns the Track Queen, Joyce Bright, while Kay Ritchie, L i n d a Martin, Joyce Mount, and Becky Grimes watched. 145- Grand Finale-The grand finale indicates th e of act II heave a sigh of relief as the director signals end of another Vaudeville act. All of the cast members for them to go on the stage for a rousing climax. . . . hamming it up in our junior production Friendship-Elaine Funk, Marilyn Gettin' Ready-Actors await their turn-no stage Harrington, and Sandra Fleser croon fright here as entertainers prepare to face the flood- a song of friendship. lights. -46- Junior Class members, who are Well on their Way to becoming upperclassmen, planned and sponsored the Junior Vaudeville and the Junior Prom. The vaudeville included a comedy skit, a musical interpretation o f teen-agers, an d a hillbilly scene full of laughter and music. The co-operation of the entire school was neces- sary in making the show a success. Prom theme, "My Blue Heaven", created the atmosphere f o r t h e dancing juniors a s they twirled t h e floor to t h e music of Nick Craig. This year's class sponsors were Mr. Guy Mahan, Mr. Robert Badgely, and Mrs. Joan Law. . . . living it up Junior Royalty-Candidates for king and queen 105, and Kay Ritchie row 2 Steve Kitterman, Don of the Junior Rose Prom are row 1: Marilyn Har- Bess, Fred Belser Gary Headley and Nick Tsakrios rington, Joyce Mount, Janice Burton, Shirley Vase- The prom this year was on April Z6 3 sw .. X wg, b, 9? A MW-L EEE E , K Q wk? ,,.:,: ' ,A Q: 2952 my F is Q . 5 Q QS 71 2? if Q I, , ,-wr ---' if . : ' 1' rw .,.z:::. nf xx .. if , if ,S X34 f egg x Q R X Q3 YN M if , 3000000 Q W mg Ugg ..ll.ll. ' lxik A 8 - - .....i. -l ..- i """ " washington on the go.. to sports Spending hours perfecting our athletic skill, screaming at the top of our lungs when we win, and sometimes bursting into tears after defeat, we look forward to a switch in sports with the change of seasons. Our football players start in August pre- paring for the gridirong and before the last "make that point" is heard, the hardwood feels the bounce of the basketball. Wrestlers struggle hard to lose or gain an extra pound. Track and cross country teams say they run at least a mile a day. When the weather warms up, the baseball players warm up. Spring and fall finds the linkmen on the golf course. Now Hear This-Halftime i s pep-up and rest time for the fighting gfridfmen. NYM wgv ,rmmw 'sms . . . winning ways have our gridvnen Mighty Continentals-The varsity and reserve players as shown are row 1: B. Milatovich, C. Hed- ges, B. Keller, D. Sanders, B. Green, L. Griffith, J. Arvin, P. Saunders, W. Brown, B. Jones, F. Opp, H. Earls, T. Hensley, D. Wilson, D. Abbott, row 2: re- serve coach, Bill Springer, managers, M. Johnson, S. Shonk, and D. Steele, J. Dill, D. Henry, H. Stock- hoH, B. Stinnett, B. Coffey, K. Linville, C. Bindham- er, J. Stovall, C. Prince, R. Miles, M. Snyder, N. Washington started its season by down- ing Broad Ripple in the Jamboree. In the first regular game of the year, Joe Tofil's gridmen stopped highly rated Manual. The mighty Continentals stayed in the top three on the city standings by defeating Shortridge. Sacred Heart was the next team to fall to the victorious Tofilmen. In probably the best game of the season, the "never-say- die" Washington team upset Scecina, picked to be first in the city. Nearing the halfway mark of the foot- ball season, Washington rode in first place position in the city standings until losing to a strong Broad Ripple team before Homecoming fans. Following the Ripple defeat, Washing- ton came back strong against Ben Davis. Tech was the second and last team to defeat the Tofilmen. The year ended in a blaze of glory as Dave Sanders led the Continentals to a Vic- tory over Howe, cinching himself a position on the All-City team. I Purichia, L. Carmichael, row 3: J. Slater, K. Couch B. Wainscott, B. Smith, L. Glaze, J. Livingston, B Snowberger, L. Compton, B. Fultz, C. Opp, L. Mc- Clellan, E. Grimes, R. Opp, L. Harding, asst. coach Jerry Oliver, row 4: J. Palmer, C. Comer, W. Be- liles, F. Heinzmann, S. Peterson, D. Brunner, M. Bak- er, B. Vlasity, G. McKenzie, B. Cook, B. West, J. Stew- art, L. Short, B. Smith, D. Dodson, L. Megenhardt C. Meador, R. Fuller, and varsity coach, Joe Tofil. VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD JAMBOREE Washington 7 Broad Ripple 0 Washington Opponent 12 Manual 0 14 Shortridge 6 31 Sacred Heart 12 7 Scecina 6 7 Broad Ripple 26 53 Ben Davis 14 13 Tech 21 35 Howe 7 6-2-0 RESERVES 13 Manual 6 O Shortridge 12 0 Broad Ripple 0 20 Ben Davis 0 0 Cathedral 7 6 Howe 6 7 Tech 19 2-3-2 ..51- 1 Go, Go, Go,-Members of the Cross-Country team are row 1: P. Hendricks, P. McCoun, T. Frost, L. Davis, J. Kidwell, R. Long, K. Drake, T. Miller, F. Strong, T. Caldwell, J. Loviscek, and R. Leeperg row 2: Coach Amos Slaton, M. Hessel, E. Leet, D. Harmon, D. Wright, J. Talbert, C. Koon, M. McGinn, T. Artis, W. Calbert, E. Eads, W. Bennett, D. Miller, and R. Caldwell. . . . pounding the cinders for recognition Throughout the '57 Cross-Country sea- son, junior Bob Caldwell paced the runners in their meets. The varsity harriers won two dual meets and lost three. I n t h e triangular meets they placed first in one, second in two, and third in two. Washington finished ninth i n t h e Howe invitational and seventh in the city meet. The team finished eleventh in the Shortridge invi- tational and ninth in the Sectionals. Edward Eads, senior, an d Dave Miller, sophomore, along with Bob Caldwell brought many awards to our school. Helping the team members improve throughout the season was coach Amos Slaton. And Away We Go- Ed Eads and Bob Cald- well are getting in shape for a coming meet. -52+ Washington's wrestling team, under the training of John Williams, finished their '57- '58 season with an impressive 11 and 5 record. The matmen, in their first six meets, de- feated Manual, Cathedral, and Deaf School while losing to Tech, Shortridge, and Broad Ripple. In the city meet held at Manual, the Continentals placed fourth. The grapplers lost only two meets in the remaining season's matches as they defeated Bloomington, Brazil, Wood, Howe, Southport, Decatur Central, Attucks, and West Lafay- ette. In the Sectional meets the Continentals grabbed sixth place. Frank Opp and Bob Milatovich advanced through the regionals and on to the state where Frank took the championship in the 154 lb. class. Bob gained third place in the 165 lb. class. State Champs-Frank Opp, on the right, became the state champ in the 154 lb. class, and Bob Milato- vich, on the left, placed 3rd statewide in the 165 lb class. . . . grappling for state wreslling honors William's Wonders-The mus- cle men of the wrestling team, are row 1: R. Opp, F. Opp, C. Opp, R. White, O. Livingston, B. McCullough, R. J o h n s o n, G. Stephanoif, B. Milatovich, J. Eyster, G. Tyler, and M. Baker, row 2: J. Quinn, W. Reed, J. Lawson, B. Wainscott, C. Jenk- ins, S. Couch, B. Benson, W. Baird, and J. Stovall, row 3: Coach, John Williams, B. Thom- as, J. Fulbright, J. Billhymer, L. Young, B. Goodwin, D. Cook, Asst. Coach, Bill Springer, and Student Mgr., L. Mitchell. 53- Senior Hinesmen- Coach Dave Hine is shown here with the five senior members of the Varsity basket- ball team. They are James Brunt, Howard Earls, Bernie Keller, Charles Hedges, and Dave Sanders. Up In The Air- Bernie Keller, start- ing forward for the Continentals, takes a rebound during pre-game Warm-up exercises. Continental Hoopmen- The members of the 57-58 varsity basketball team are row 1: J. Arnot, stu- dent manager, E. Wil- liams, C. Prince, D. Sand- ders, E. Stennis, C. Hedg- es, and D. Donavong row 2: Rowland Jones, athletic di- rector, B. Keller, H. Earls, J. Brunt, D. Thomas, R. Gaters, and Coach Dave Hine. Sputnik-Running after the ball is Ed Williams, varsity basketball player. Let's Go-Charles Prince is preparing to go in- to the game While Coach Dave Hine is giving him some encouraging words. . . . dribbling and shooting for victories Up And In-Charles Prince, junior guard, is shown blocking an attempted shot by an opposing player. Giving some of the best teams in the state real hardwood battles, the Continental hoopmen thrilled fans with a 59-57 victory over Tech and lost to highly ranked teams by close margins. Howard Earls, center, kept the Continentals in every game with his tip- ping and rebounding power. Second highest scorer, Bernie Keller, and Chuck Hedges were the starting guards. Other seniors who saw a lot of action were Dave Sanders and James Brunt. Underclass netmen gave a promising preview of things to come next year. Ed Williams, a junior lad and regular starter, captured the fans' hearts with his jump shots and aggressive determination. Wil- liams, highest scorer on the C 0 n t i n e n t a l team, Will return next year as will two soph- omores, Roy Gaters and Earlie Stennis. Other players who will spark next season's team are Dave Donavon, Charles Prince, Jack Brickler, Dave Thomas, and Mark Blane. Get That Tip-"I've got it" is what both Howard Earls and Earlie Stennis say as they jump for a loose ball. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Washington Opponent 61 Howe 50 64 Lawrence Central 52 56 Warren Central 53 64 Cathedral 76 44 City Tourney Tech 63 62 Crawfordsville 74 59 Tech 57 64 Wood 60 65 Franklin 55 50 Manual 56 58 Sacred Heart 47 48 Broad Ripple 64 49 Speedway 58 55 Attucks 75 38 Southport 67 55 Ben Davis 56 41 Shortridge 50 71 Decatur Central 73 Sectional Washington 54 Manual 61 Record 7-12 -55- Hopeful Hoopmen-Reserve basketball members are row 1: J. Howe, W. Beliles, L. Meganhardt, B. Elnowberger, J. Livingston, and L. Glaze, row 2: Coach Jerry Oliver, B. Leeper, P. AleXander, J. Gear- ries, T. Dawson, D. Miller, and T. Lorton. It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's a Basket-Welton Beliles soars past his man to score two more points for the reserve team. Playing on the reserve team conditions boys for future action on the varsity team. , . . guarding our opponents in order to win Senior Dribblers-Members of the champion Intra-Mural team are Don Mason, Gary Hesser, Leon Griffith, Bill Jones, Roy Crawford, Bill Green, and Eddie Eads. ,- 56 ,., During the basketball season, boys have a chance to compete in Senior Intramural. Playing on Thursday nights, junior and sen- ior boys match their skill against opposing teams. Six teams that make up the roster are Bruins, Guns, Stars, Lakers, Ozarks, and Com- ets. Under the guidance of Mr. Amos Slaton, three games are played each Thursday night. Coach Jerry Oliver's hustling reserves completed an impressive season with a record of 7 wins and 11 loses. Pacing this year's team was Welton Beliles, Jim Livingston, and Dave Miller. These boys will be varsity hopefuls for Coach Dave Hine next year. Coach Oliver looks for some more outstanding players from the freshman team to help fill the gap left by the boys who will move into varsity positions. Washington's cindermen had outstanding moments at the Tech meet. Among the boys who made them were Frank Opp who ran the 440 in just 53.6 which is j u s t .9 seconds off our school record. Bill Byrd ran the low h u r- dle in 22.1, a n d Bernie Keller, Bill Bennett, Carl Opp, and Frank Opp, our relay team, fin- ished in 3:40.1. At the Howe meet other stirring moments came forth when Bill Green pole vaulted 10,9" and Washington's r e l a y team ran the mile relay in 3239.2 Continentals were victorious over Colum- bus 61-50 and overshadowed Cathedral 66-51. This was Washington on the go. Up ,ll Over-Bill Green, senior cinderman, pole vaulted 10' 9" at the track meet held at Howe. . . . setting the pace for cz winning team A On Your Mark !-Members of the track team are row 1: Coach Amos Slaton, R. Gaters, B. Bennett, C. Opp, B. Caldwell, B. Coop, B. Byrd, E. Eads, F. Opp, B. Keller, and D. Miller, row 2: J. Maners, B. Mil- atovich, L. Griffith, N. Purichia, B. Calbert, D. Wil- son, D. Abbott, D. Herring, L. Phillips, W. McWil- son, R. Aue, Asst. Coach Johnny Williams, row 3: D. Lindsey, B. Wainscott, S. Callaway, W. Slaters, J. Brickler, F. Caldwell, R. Gammon, J. Gray, J. Bill- hymer, F. Stockwell, D. Harmon, D. Cook, and T. Artis, row 4: D. Jones, D. Donavan, L. Compton, D. Wright, S. McPherson, R. Dodson, R. Tyler, J. Liv-- ingston, G. Bledsoe, and E. Leet. These boys make up the reserve and varsity squads. -57- BlFd1eS Of A Feather Members of the golf McClennon, Coach Dave Hine, M. Swango, D. Aich- team aie row 1 G Bushong T Mulrine and R inger, and P. Foxworthy. The boys play most of their Lewis iow 2 M Pop heif E Ewoldt S Brlght G matches at South Grove. teemg off czgamst capable opponents Golf is the sport which begins and ends the school year. The team is teeing off long after the 58' Post is in the h a n d s of class- mates. So far this year, however, the golf t e a m is undefeated. Shortridge, defending city-county champions, bowed to the mighty Continentals as did Tech and Howe, in a four way meet. The Continental golfers went on to become t h e 1958 city-county champions with David Stegemoller setting the pace with a siz- zling 78. Members of the golf team not pic- tured are William Becker, Dave Bowman, Bob Foxworthy, Jerry Hughett, Frank Ivancic, and David Stegemoller. Moundmen-row 1: F. Dininger, manager, B. Lee- per, L. McClellan, R. Capps, T. Cloud, E. Purdue, D. Hoifag row 2: J. Reynolds, D. Sanders, G. Hesser, P. Saunders, W. Brown, C. Prince, N. Tsakriosg row 3: T. Lochkovic, M. Snyder, H. Mitchell, J. Leach, J. James, R. Mann, F. Belser, M. Baker, L. Glaze, J. Howe, and Coach Frank Luzar. Not pictured are C. Hedges and Asst. Coach Joe Tofil. . . . striking out opposing diamondmen Starting off this year's twenty-one game schedule, t h e varsity baseball t e a m looked impressive with wins over Kokomo and Ben Davis, last year's county champs. Many out- standing players are on the team this year with six returning lettermen. The six are Jack Reynolds, Pete Saunders, Charles Hedges, Dave Sanders, Gary Hesser, and Wendell Brown. So far this s e a s on Jack Reynolds, starting pitcher, held opposing teams to low scores. Against Tech and Ben Davis Jack pitched two-hit games and gave the opposi- tion a lot of trouble. The Washington nine, under the coaching of Frank Luzar, hopes to place first in the 1958 city championship race. Meanwhile on the other diamond, under the guidance of Joe Tofil, the reserve base- ball team has found some outstanding play- ers for next year's varsity team. With such players as Marion Baker, Bob Leeper, and David Gilbert the little purple are looking forward to another Winning season. Here's How-Coach Frank Luzar shows his sen- ior moundmen a few tricks to use when throwing a baseball. Left to right are Coach Frank Luzar, Jack Reynolds, Dave Sanders, Gary Hesser, Wendel Brown, and Pete Saunders. 159.- With a "W"-Members Of the Letterman's Club are row 1: J. Stovall, B. Jones, J. Dean, C. Jenkins, J. Arnot, R. Lewis, and B. McCullough, row 2: D. Campbell, G. Bushong, N. Tsakrios, B. Coop, M. Swango, J. Arvin, J. Reynolds, G. Stephanoff, C. l l Givens, and C. Saunders, row 3: Bill Springer, spon- sor, B. Caldwell, G. Hesser, C. Opp, B. Green, B. Keller, B. Bennett, J. Brunt, B. Brown, C. Hedges, Opp, N. Purichia, and B. Milatovich. Members of our Letterman's Club represent our outstanding athletes. . . . setting continental standards Going Western-Lettermen, T. Mulrine, B. Mc- Cullough, B. Green, and B. Bennett help at a bas- ketball game by roping off the playing Hoor. The Letterman's Club, sponsored by Mr. William Springer, strives to serve in every way possible. Holding the ropes at the bas- ketball games, raising money for the Polio Drive, and helping when called upon to do so are just a few of the activities that the let- termen perform. When our cheerleaders won the Kiwanis trophy for excellent yell leading, the Letter- man's Club bought pins for the cheerleaders as a token of t h e athletes' appreciation f 0 r their fine work. To qualify for admittance to this select group, a boy must have won a varsity letter and his conduct m u s t uphold t h e honor o f wearing that letter. ..60... . . . jumping forjoy In noisy, crowded gyms or on chilly foot- ball fields, our cheerleaders spark our enthusi- asm and guide us as we urge our athletes to victory. Cheerleaders are chosen in May after try- outs. They are judged not only on their ability to perform, but also by their appearance and personality. For weeks before tryouts, hope- fuls practice daily. For the ones selected, prac- tice continues throughout the year. The cheerleaders were honored at the annual sports banquet and received their awards on May day. For the second time in three years, our yell leaders won the coveted Kiwanis award. Another One-Helen Suddeth, Joyce Mount, and Emma Yates add spirit to the Continental cheering Section, High, Higher, Highest-On the bleachers instead of in their usual places in front of the team are Helen Suddeth, Kay Ritchie, Linda Martin, Joyce Mount, Marilyn Harrington, Emma Yates, and David Bowman, Washington cheerleaders. At the top-Emma Yates really soars skyward. azmzng for reserve posztzons Fighting Freshmen-M e m - bers of the team are row 1: J. Gasper, D. Hazelwood, R. Finch, L. Bridges, R. Slater, K. Cory, D. Gilbert, Coach Johnny Will- iamsg row 2: Coach Henry Bogue, F. Johnson, D. Jones, K. Turbin, R. Wolums, L. Roberts, J. Lynch, L. Morton, D. Law- son, M. Green, row 3: T. Ben- son, B. Gibson, T. Chastain, S. Jones, C. Harris, B. Becker, R. Philips, R. Williamson, G. Mc- Coun, and student manager R. Mitchell. Future Champs-Members of the freshman basketball team for the 1957-58 season are row 1: Kenneth Drake, Porter Hu- litt, Victor Combs, David Lee Jones, James Loviscek, Ken- neth Cory, Ronald Slater. Not pictured is coach Russell Mc- Connell. Pace S e t t c r s--row 1: R. White, J. Quinn, R. Davidson, row 2: G. Goodwin, D. Hinton, R. Townly, V. Combs, D. Den- nett, J. Hendricks, row 3: Mr. Bogue, T. Benson, R. Bruley. R. Young, R. Williamson, L. Frank- lin, C. Phillips, J. Schwartz: row 4: R. Cook, W. Bucklew, M. Arnett, J. Loviscek, K. Cory, K. Turpin, S. Jones, and F. Johnson. . . . extending gym classes after school Topsy Turvey-Watching Dorothy Phillips, Eliz- abeth Cox Qbasej, Shirley Schneider ftopj, and Du- ane Dayes perform are Pansy Wallace, Dolly Wal- ker, Saundra Brown, Janet Key, LaVern Brunt, Donna The Continental Girls' Athletic Associa- tion provides athletic activities for Washing- ton girls after school. During the fall season, C. G. A. A. mem- bers devote their energy toward the popular sports of soccer, volleyball, and basketball, while the activities of the winter and spring seasons consist of tumbling, basketball, soft- ball, and track. Through their membership, Continental girls find enjoyment not only by participating in sports, but also by establishing friend- ships with other girls who are interested in the active life of sports, too. Moran, Rita Wehr, Carol Bowman, Judy Harper, Anita Morris, and Judy Stretchberry. These girls prove athletics aren't confined to the stronger sex as they perfect tumbling skills. Washington girls also have the opportun- ity to earn a block letter. Ten points are award- ed to the members of th e association who have achieved perfect attendance records at the end of each six weeks. A set of numer- als with the year of graduation is awarded to the girl who has accumulated 150 points. A letter is given when one achieves 250 points, and for 350 points a C. G. A. A. plaque is awarded. The oflicers of the C. G. A. A. include Dorothy Phillips, president, Liz Cox, secre- tary, Donna Moran, treasurer, and Alice Foster, publicity chairman. -63.- hmm y LQ MM l J :XA l NO gag w 2 + -, .11-n -glzs -1 -11- washington on the go... and here we are Meeting and becoming acquainted with countless students, e s t a b li s h in g lasting friendships, and climaxing our high school careers by repeating words of good luck to our fellow g r a d u a t e s contributes to the memorable highlights o f every Washington student's high school career. Each year We say good-by to old friends and begin to greet our new friends. We have said "hello" to the freshmen and welcomed them to the school. We have also been privileged to welcome new teachers to the faculty. These are the people who make up the population of our world at Washington. Setting Pretty-Art students learn to paint portraits of their friends. Comparing Notes-Cloyd J. Julian and Justin D. Marshall our Vice-principals, confer with H. H. Wal- ter, our principal. 5 Combining Experience-Mrs. Nellie Baldwin, social worker, discusses school problems with Audie Watkins and Miss Leunice Horne, the deans. . . . managing school functions ejiciently Washingtonis principal, Mr. H. H. Walter, and the Vice-principals, Cloyd J. Julian and Justin D. Marshall, are the men who help maintain and improve Washington's high standards. Audie Watkins, dean of boys, Miss Leu- nice Horne, dean of girls, Mrs. Nellie Baldwin, the school social Worker, are concerned with the problems of the pupils as they guide Wash- ington's students. Aiding the Bosses-Washington's office staff includes Miss Margaret Hannan, Mrs. Doris Downey, Mrs. Connie Baldwin, Mrs. Pollie Payne, Mrs. Wilma J. Crippen, Miss Mary K. ' Mitchell, Mrs. Evelyn Farmer, Mrs. Betty Wilson, and Mrs. Aileen Dick- X man. ...66.. Quiet Please!-Mrs. Hine, senior sponsor, dis- cusses important business with the senior class dur- ing roll call. Passing the final exams, trying for that sober distin- guished pose while Mr. Loudermilk did his best to make us laugh, looking im- pressive to under- classmen as we walked into Senior Roll Call, and knowing about and giving opinions about everything, we, as seniors, are ready to take our places in the adult world. Preparations for graduation began in the fall with the election of senior otlicers and appointment of committees. Com- mencement gowns and invitations arrived as the time grew near. Our tired feet carried us from employment oflice to employment office, as we looked to the future. . . . reaching the final goal of graduation Senior Steersman-Senior officers plan ahead for Dave Sanders, sgt.-at-armsg Gary Hesser, vice-pres- class events. Officers are Sandra Brown, secretaryg identg and Helen Suddeth, treasurer. Their names ap- Scottie McAtee, sgt.-at-armsg Leon Griiith, presidentg peared on regulation voting machines. .-671 xk:SFQ,.f,f ,ck 7, v. ,k ,f ialsff, ', Senior Supremes-Seniors practicing government proce- Will it Clash?-Phyllis Stotts and dures are C. Hunt, S. May, J. Smith, M. Spuzich, J. Vaughn, T. Nancy Warzl are making their choice for Hensley, R. Riley, R. Seals, and E. Creech. senior colors. . . . . planning for commencement activities Eeny Meeny- Bruce Barr se- lects his favorite candidate. Important Decision-Three members of the commencement committee are making their choice of announcements. Gowns for Grads-John Arvin, Judy Kay Smith, Scottie McAtee, and Russell Thomas View com- mencement robes. Seniors DARRYL ABBOTT-V a r s i t y Football, Varsity Track, L'etterman. ALLEN ABSHIER-Reserve T r a c k, Freshman Track. LARRY ALBERTSON-Colonial Chorus, Concert Band. JOHN ALEXANDER-Student Council, president, R. O. T. C. Lt. Colonel, United Nations Dele- gate, Boys' State Delegate, Debate Club, president. JOE ARNOT-Sports editor, '58 Postg Quill and Scroll, Letterman, Student Manager, Capers- Vaudeville. JOHN ARVIN-Honor Society, All City Football Squad, honorable mentiong Lettermen's Club, treasurer, Junior Class, Sgt.-at-Arms, Stu- dent Council Representative. SANDRA AYERS-City-County Champion De- bate Squad, Debate Club, vice-president, Washingtonians, Student Council Represent- ative, Junior Vaudeville. MARTHA BACHER-Washingtonians, Junior Vaudeville. CARL BACON--Freshman Basketball. DAVID BAILEY-Science and Math Major. GLORIA BAKEMEYER--Junior Vaudeville, Con- tinental Capers. BRUCE BARR-National Honor Society, presidentg Latin Club, Vice-presidentg Junior Vaudeville, Junior Town Meeting, Quill and Scroll. YVONNE BARRICK--Washingtonians, J u n i o r Vaudeville. BOB BATES-Johnny Continental Candidate, trans- ferred from Cathedral High School. JACK BAUGH-History Major. KATHY BECKER-Junior Prom Queen Attendant, Junto Club, president, Honor Society, Wash- ingtonians, Latin Club. WILLIAM BENNETT-Track, C r o s s C o u n t r y, Yearbook Staff, Intramural Champ, Student Council Representative. LOIS BERGMAN-C. G. A. A., Red Cross Repre- sentative, Washingtonians. PAT BOSTICK-Junior Vaudeville, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Curtain'tainers, Washingtonians. ANGIE BOWMAN-Junior Vaudeville, Washing- tonians. JOYCE BRIGHT-Junior Prom Queen Attendant. Track Queen, Colonial Chorus, secretary, Junior Vaudeville, Washingtonians, May Queen. Seniors JUDY BROOKS-Colonial Chorus, Junior Vaude- Ville, Continental Capers, Washingtonians. LARRY BROOKS-R. O. T. C. 2nd Lt., Rifie Team. SANDRA BROWN-Junior Class, secretary, Sen- ior Class, secretary, R. O. T. C. sponsor, Jun- ior Prom Queen Candidate, Alternate U. N. Delegate, Military Ball Queen Candidate. WENDELL BROWN-Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Letterman. JAMES BRUNT-Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, R. O. T. C. Captain, Letterman. JUDY BURNS-Washingtonians, Latin Club, Y- Teens, Cub Reporters. WILLIAM BYRD-V a r s i t y Track, Letterman's Club, president. WILLIAM CALBERT-Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try, Wrestling, Letterman. J EROD CANNON-Junior Vaudeville. PATRICIA CAPPS-Concert Band, Latin Club, Pep Block, Washingtonians. LARRY CARMICHAEL-Varsity Football, Latin Club, treasurer, Boys' Concert Club, pres- ident. PATRICIA CAROTHERS-Washingtonians. KATIE CARSON-Washingtonians. JILL CARTER-The Surveyor, editor, D. A. R. Good Citizen, Girls' State Representative, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, May Queen Court. GLORIA CASE-Washingtonians. LINDA CHANDLER-Junior Vaudeville, Washing- tonians. MOLLY CHAPMAN-Washingtonians. NANCY CHAPMAN-Honor Society, Debate Club. SHERRY CHAPMAN-Science Club, Poetry Contest, Cadet Teacher. DAVID CHASTAIN-Junior Vaudeville. JO ANN CHERRY-Clean Up Queen, Junior- Vaude- Ville, Student Council, Continental C a p e r s , Washingtonians, secretary, May QueenlCourt. Seniors VIVIAN CHILDS-Junior Vaudeville, Continental Capers, Junior Red Cross Representative, Washingtonians, Horizon Club, secretary. GEORGIA CLARKSON-R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Colo- nial Chorus, Junto Club, treasurer, Honor So- ciety, secretary, Junior Class, vice-president. JUDY CLESTER-Gym Assistant, Latin Club. WILLIAM COBLE-Colonial Chorus, Science Club, Debate Club. JAMES COFFMAN-Honor Society. DIANE COGHILL-Junior Vaudeville, Continental Capers, Washingtonians. CAROLYN COLLINS-H o n 0 r S o c i e t y , Junior Vaudeville, Student Council Representative, Washingtonians. LARRY COMBS-Inter-City C 0 u n c i l , vice-presi- dent, Quill Kz Scroll, Student Council Repre- sentative. MARILYN COOK-Colonial Chorus, Student Coun- cil Representative. EARL CREECH-Colonial Chorus, Honor Society, Student Council Representative. WILLIAM CROSE-Industrial Arts Major. NANCY CURTIS-Quill 8x Scroll, Surveyor, busi- ness manager, Student Council Representative, Washingtonians, Junior Red Cross Represent- ative. CAROYL'N DAYES-H o n o r Society, Dramatics Club, Girls? Concert Club, S c i e n c e Club, Washingtonians, Popularity Contest, top five. GENE DENTON-Science Major. WALTER DININGER-Industrial Arts Major. DOUGLAS DOSS-History and Industrial Arts Major. PATSY DOWDEN-Latin Club, Junior Vaudeville, Student Council, Washingtonians, Junior Red Cross Representative. CHARLES DRURY-Debate Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, Rifle Team, Student Council, Reserve Football. JEANETTE DUMCOFF-Washingtonians, Science Club, Colonial Chorus, Continentalaires, Jun- ior Red Cross Representative. EDWARD EADS-Cross Country, captain, Intra- mural Basketball Team, Varsity Track, Let- terman. HOWARD EARLS-Varsity Basketball, honorary captain, Varsity Football, Letterman. Seniors VENNETTIA EDDY-Connie Continental, Wash- ingtonians, Junior Red Cross Representative, Junior Vaudeville, Continental Capers. PAT ELLISON-Washingtonians, Y-Teens. SANDRA ELMORE-Honor Society, Washington- ians, treasurer, '58 Post, business mana- ger, Debate Club, Student Council. ADA EMERY-Washingtonians, Gi rl s ' Concert Club. TOM FEDERSPILL-Junior Red Cross Represent- ative, Junior Vaudeville. RICHARD FLETCHER-Attended school in Roach- dale, Indiana. Freshman and Reserve Basket- ball, Freshman and Reserve Track. SHARON FLORA-Colonial Chorus, Washington- ians. ROBERT FLOREANCIG-M aj o r e d in Industrial Arts and History. FRED FOSTER-Jewelry Award, second place. DEANNA FULFORD-Washingtonians. DANNY GAMMON-Colonial Chorus, Junior Vaude- ville, Continental Capers. CAROLYN GANT-Washingtonians, Junior Vaude- ville, Concert Orchestra, Concert Club. JUDY GARRETT-C. G. A. A., Junior Vaudeville, Washingtonians, Colonial Chorus, Honor So- ciety. RICHARD D. GATES-Science Club, Stage Crew. CHARLES GOAD-Attended school in Texas. Junior Conservation Club, F. F. A., Outdoor Sports- man Award. LOUNELL GODSEY-Attended school in Missouri. Basketball, Glee Club, F. H. A., Class Report- er, Sports Writer. LOVELL GODSEY-Attended school in Missouri. Basketball, Glee Club, F. H. A., secretary, Junior Class Queen. PHYLLIS GOLL-Honor Society, C. G. A. A., pres- identg Concert Club, Junior Vaudeville, Cadet Teacher, Latin Club, Pep Block. I-IAZEL GRAVES-Blue Ribbon and Gold Key Awards in Art Contest. ELOISE GREEN-Washingtoriians. BILL GREEN-All City Football Team, Student Council Representative, Intramural Champs, Art Award Winner. Seniors JUDY GREGORY-Student Council, Latin Club, Washingtonians, Junto Club. LEON GRIFFITH-Varsity Football, Senior Class, president, All-City Football Team, honorable . mention, Intramural Champs, Colonial Chorus. JUDITH HALLORAN-Washingtonians, vice-pres- identg Latin Club, Junior Vaudeville, Contin- ental Capers. ANN HARGIS-Washingtonians, Red Cross. CAROLE HARRISON-Washingtonians, Music Mem- ory Contestant. DORIS HARVEY-Washingtonians, Junior Vaude- ville, C. G. A. A., Continental Capers. LA DONNA HAVERSTICK-Washingtonians, Jun- ior Vaudeville, Girls' Concert Club. NANCY HAWKINS-Majored in History and Busi- ness Eduaction. DARLENE HEALD-Student Council, Dramatics Club, president, Junior Red Cross, secretary, Junior Vaudeville, Washingtonians. . CHARLES HEDGES-Junior Prom King Candidate, Varsity Football, Student Council, Letter- men's Club, Varsity Basketball. MARTHA HENNING-Colonial Chorus, Student Council, Cub Reporters, Junior Vaudeville, Washingtonians. WILLIE HENSLEY-Varsity Football, Baseball, Wrestling. GARY HESSER-Junior Prom King, Senior Class, vice-presidentg Varsity Baseball, Student Council, Sgt.-at-Armsg Junior Class, Sgt.-at- Arms. ANNA I. HICKS-Washingtonians, Concert Orch- estra. WILLIAM HILL-Continentalaires, Colonial Chorus, Varsity Basketball. JUAN ITA HORN-Washingtonians, Red Cross Rep- resentative. DAVID HUGHES-Math Major. CAROLYN HUNT-C.G.A.A., Washingtonians. FRED HUNT-Caper's Popularity Contest Winner. LARRY HUNT-Student Council Representative. SUE HUNT-Washingtonians, J unto Club, Pep Block. Seniors J ONELL HUNTSMAN-Student Council, C o ntin- ental Capers, Washingtonians, Red Cross Rep- resentative, C. G. A. A. BEATRICE JEWELL-Washingtonians, Girls' Con- cert Club. BERNARD KELLER-Student Council, treasurer, Junior Class, president, Junior Prom King Candidate, Varsity Football, Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Track. MAX KELLY-History Major. WILBURN KELLY-Majored in Industrial Arts. SAUNDRA KERN-Colonial Chorus, Continental- aires, Concert Orchestra. KALMAN KING-Varsity Football, Letterman. ROBERT KNAPP-Intramural Basketball, Lino- typer of Surveyor. IRENE KONRAD-C. G. A. A., Washingtonians. CAROLYN LEE-Honor Society, Majorette, Colo- nial Chorus, Washingtonians, Junior Vaude- ville. LINDA LEE-Connie Continental Candidate, Wash- ingtonians, Junior and Senior Class Execu- tive Comrnittee, Junior Vaudeville, Cadet Teacher. FRANCIS LENGEL-Attended Sacred Heart where he was an honor student. JOHN MANN-Math Major. STEVEN MARSH-Colonial Chorus, Hi-Y, Boys' Concert Club. DON MASON-Intramural Basketball Champs. PHYLLIS MARTIN-Washingtonians, Girls' Glee Club. SHARON MAY-Colonial Chorus, Washingtonians. MARIANNE MAYFIELD-Latin Club, Honor So- ciety, Washingtonians. DONALD McATEE-Senior Class, Sgt.-at-Arms, Varsity Track, Student Council, Colonial Chorus. KENNY McCALLISTER-History and Industrial Arts Major. JUDY McCLAIN-Student Council, Washingtonians. Seniors KENNETH McCREARY-Sound Crew, Rifle Team, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM McCULLOUGH-Wrestling, co-captain, Letterman. MAXINE McGUFFEY-Pep Block, Girls' Glee Club. SHARON MCLAUGHLIN-Student Council, Junior Vaudeville, Delegate to the Model United Nations, Washingtonians, Junior Red Cross Representative. PATTY McPEEK-Vaudeville, Continental Capers, Student Council. LEN ORA McPHAIL-Science Club, Washingtonians, Y-Teens, Bible Club, Cub Reporters. LINDA McPHAIL-Honor Society, Concert Band and Concert Orchestra, Science Club, Latin Club, Junto Club, Bible Club. RONNIE. MCPHERSON-Colonial Chorus. DOROTHY MEDICH-Honor Society, Junior Red Cross Representative, Girls' Concert Club, Washingtonians. NANCY MIDKIFF-Majored in Spanish and Music. ROBERT MILATOVICH-Wrestling Team, co-cap- tain, Varsity Football, State Wrestling Meet, 3rd place, Varsity Track, Letterman. VERNA MILLER-Bible Club, vice president, Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club. CAROL ANN MITCHELL-Washingtonians, Pep Block. CAROLYN MITCHELL-Washingtonians, J unto Club, Y-Teens, Cub Reporters. MARY LOU MONEYMAKER-Washingtonians, Surveyor Staff. GEORGE MOORE-Majored in History. ROSALIE MORGAN-Washingtonians. TOM MULRINE-Varsity Golf Team, Boys' Concert Club, Letterman, Wrestling Team. NANADEAN NAPIER-Washingtonians. MARILYN NEWNUM-Washingtonians, S t u d e n t Council, Girls' Concert Club. WILLIAM NICHOLSON-Latin,Club, 'Science Club, Debate Club, outstanding Third' Year R. o. T. C. Cadet. Seniors J OANNE NOE-Washingtonians. GARY OLSEN-History Major. FRANK OPP-State Champion Wrestler, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Colonial Chorus, Jun- ior Vaudeville. JOHN ORANGE-Colonial Chorus, Junior Vaude- ville, Varsity Football. JOHN OTTO-Math and History Major. JANET PARKER-Washingtonians, Student Coun- cil. MARILYN PARKER.-Junior Vaudeville, Dramatics Club, Washingtonians, C. G. A. A., Junior Red Cross Representative. CAROLE PAYTON-Junior Vaudeville, Colonial Chorus, secrtary and treasurer, Continental- aires. KAY PENCE-Honor Society, '58 Post, co-editor, Thespians, Quill Sz Scroll. DOROTHY PHILLIPS-C. G. A. A., president and treasurerg Orchestra, Washingtonians. MIKE PICKETT-History and Science Major. SHERAIN POINDEXTER-Dramatics Club, Wash- ingtonians, Pep Block. MARJORIE POWELL-F. T. A., vice-president, Washingtonians, Junior Red Cross Represen- tative. Honor Society, Cadet Teacher. JUDY PRICE-Washingtonians, Dramatics Club, Thespians. SUE PRICHARD-Junior Vaudeville, Washington- ians, presidentg Student Council, Homecoming Queen. JUNE ANN PROCTOR-Washingtonians. TOM PURVIS-R. O. T. C. lst Lt., Drill Team, Outstanding Non-Commissioned Officer. JUDY REDNOUR-Washingtorlians, Pep Block. MARJORIE REGER-Washingtonians, Junior Red Cross Representative, Pep Block. J ACK REYNOLDS-Varsity Baseball, Student Council, Letterman. SALLY RHUDE--Washingtonians. Seniors JOYCE RICHEY-Orchestra, Washingtonians. LOUIS RIDELY-History Major. DON RILEY-Major in Math and Industrial Arts. RON RILEY-Junto Club, Scholastic Art Award, Hoosier Handy Craft. JANICE ROBINSON-Colonial Chorus. KAREN ROLLINGS-Science Club, Junior Red Cross Representative. KAREN RUBLE-Washingtonians, Junto Club. RITA RUBLE-SURVEYOR, assistant editor, Honor Society, Student Council, Quill 8z Scroll, Washingtonians DAVE SANDERS-Johnnie Continental, All City Football Team for two years, Senior Class, Sgt.-at-Arms, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Letterman. CHARLES SAUNDERS-Varsity Baseball, Letter- men's Club, vice-president, Varsity Eootball. BEVERLY SCHEID-Junior Red Cross Represent- ative, Washingtonians, Pep Block. RONDAL SEALS-Freshman basketball. DARRELL SEBREE-Sound Crew. RICHARD SESSLAR-Student Council, treasurer, SURVEYOR Staf, Junior Vaudeville. PAUL SHORT-Riiie Team, Captain, Indiana State RiHe Champ, Fifth Army Winner of Hurst Trophy Match. CAROLE SIMPSON-Major in History and Home Economics. MARCIA SIMS-Continental Capers. BEVERLY SKROBISZ-Spanish Club, Continental Capers, Washingtonians. DON SMITH-Latin Club. JEANETTA SMITH-Honor Society, Library As- sistant. JUDY KAY SMITH-Honor Society, '58 Post, Co- Editorg Quill Sz Scroll, C.G.A.A., secretary. Seniors MARVIN SMITH-Industrial Arts Major. JEANNINE SOUTHWICK-F. T. A., C. G. A. A., Colonial Chorus, Junior Vaudeville, Cadet Teacher. M A R I L Y N SPILLMAN-Washingtonians, Pep Block. MARY SPRATT-C. G. A. A. MARY LOU SPUZICH-Girls' Concert Club, Con- tinental Capers, Junior Vaudeville, Washing- tonians. . WILLIAM STALLSWORTH-RiHe Team, R. O. T. C. GEORGE STANGER-Major in Business Education. RANDALL STATON-Freshman Golf. EDWARD STEINHAUER-Industrial Arts Major. WILLIAM STERRETT-Band. NANCY STILLWELL-Honor Society, Latin Club, Red Cross Representative, Student Council, Girls' Ensemble. ' PHYLLIS STOTTS-Washingtonians, Junto Club, Junior Red Cross, Girls' Glee Club. BEATRICE STRAYHORN-Washingtonians, Junior Vaudeville, Girls' Glee Club. ' GERALD STROUGH-Intramural Basketball, Golf. CAROLINE STROUSE-Washingtonians. HELEN SUDDETH-Student Council, vice-presi- dent, Varsity Cheerleader, Senior and Junior Class, treasurer, Homecoming Queen Attend- ant, Colonial Chorus. . LEE SUDDETH-Latin Club. ' JAMES SUSONG-Intramural Basketball. BOB SWISHER-Print shop crew for the Post. MARY TALBERT-Washingtonians. PAUL TAYLOR-Math and Industrial Arts Major. Seniors PRISCILLA TERRY-Washingtonians, Y-Teens. DALE THOMAS-Majored in History and Math- ematics. PRISCILLA THOMAS-Girls' State Alternate, De- bate Club, president, Honor Society, Drama- tics Club, secretary: Thespians, Am. Legion Oratorical Contest Winner. RUSSELL THOMAS-Honor Society, Debate Club. JAMES THOMPSON-Colonial Chorus, R. O. T. C. Captain, Winner of a trip to the United Nat- ions. MARCIA THOMPSON-Honor Society, Washing- tonians, Student Council, Junior Red Cross Representative, Bible Club. NORA THOMPSON-F. T. A., Cadet Teacher. RALPH THOMPSON-January Graduate, History Honor Major, Boys' Concert Club. BILL TOLAR-Latin Club, Baseball. - JUDY TUCKER-C. G. A. A., Continental Capers. PATRICIA UTLEY-Girls' Concert Club, Drama- tics Club, Junior Vaudeville, Washingtonians, Student Council. HAROLD VAN WINKLE-Dramatics Club, treasur- er, Concert Band, lst Lt, Junior Vaudeville, Pep Band. JOHN VAUGHN-Junior Vaudeville, Continental Capers. MORENE VAUGHN-Pep Block, Washingtonians ROBERT VAUGHN-Latin Club, R. O. T. C. lst Lt., Outstanding Second Year Cadet. JUSTINE VOILS-Junior Red Cross, secretary 3 Stu- dent Council, Washingtonians, Cadet Teacher. SUSAN WAMPLER-Honor S o c i e t y , Popularity Contest Winner, Cadet Teacher, F. T. A., Y- Teens, Washingtonians, May Queen Court. NANCY WARD-Junior Red Cross, president, Stu- dent Council, Dramatics Club, Junior Vaude- ville, Washingtonians. LILLIE MAY WATZ-Junior Prom Queen, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, Honor So- ciety, Student Council, Washingtonians. ROBERT WHITE-History Major. NORMA WHITIS-Washingtonians CLASS DAY EMMA YATES-Chr. PAT CAROTHERS KAY PENCE BILL COBLE JOYCE BRIGHT CHUCK HEDGES BILL JONES BRUCE BARR SANDRA AYERS RIBBON LINDA LEE-Chr. JUDY GREGORY-Chr. PRISCILLA THOMAS JUDY MQCLAIN LILLIE WATZ ANDREA WORRELL NANCY CHAPMAN DIANE COGHILL Seniors RALPH WILHAM-Junior Prom King Candidate, Johnnie Continental Candidate, THE SUR- VEYOR, Sports Editor, Quill and Scroll, Stu- dent Council. DAVID WILLIAMSON-Marching Band, vice pres- ident, Dance Band, Pep Band, Junior Vaude- ville, Continental Capers. JAMES WILLOUGHBY-Reserve Baseball, Boys' Concert Club. DON WILSON-Football, Track, Lettermen's Club, Colonial Chorus, Junior Vaudeville, Conti- nentalaires. LARRY WILSON-Cylinder Press. FAY WOOLUMS-F. T. A., Honor Society. LARRY WORMAN-R. O. T. C. Ride Team, Science Club, president, Freshman Football, Reserve Track. ANDREA WORRELL-Colonial C h o r u s, Conti- nentalaires, Cadet Teacher, Honor Society, F.T.A., secretary. EMMA YATES-Varsity Cheerleader, Dramatics Club, vice presidentg Student Council, Con- tinentalaires. Senior Class Committees SOCIAL KATHY BECKER-Chr. GEORGIA CLARKSON CAROLYN LEE JILL CARTER ....'i.-Li-. VENETTIA EDDY , -l-if JACK REYNOLDS . BERNIE KELLER '-ill---' BILL GREEN ---l- ' BOB MILATOVICH '-'Z' KALMAN KING RALPH WILHAM COMMENCEMENT JOHN ARVIN-Chr. RUSSELL THOMAS JUDY KAY SMITH RITA RUBLE LARRY COMBS SHERRY CHAPMAN WENDELL BROWN Juniors Receiving class rings is a big event in the Junior year. Pick- ing out theirs are Becky Wig- gam, Nellie Collingsworth, and Janette Taylor. Rows 1-4: J. Adams, R. Adkins. P. Alexander, G. Allee, J. Allen, F. Anderson, N. Apple, A. Arm- strong M. Artis, H. Ashley, S. Austin, L. Avery, A. Axe, J. Bach, M. Bacher, J. Bachman, M. Baird G. Bakemeyer, J. Baker, R. Baker, C. Billhimer, J. Barnaby, D. Barrett, M. Bartlett, J. Barry, D. Barton J. Bechtel, J. Beck, H. Bee, B. Beers, F. Belser, G. Belton, C. Berger, G. Bertram, D. Bess R. Biggs, J. Billhymer, B. Bind- hamer, D. Bland, M. Blane, C. Blake, H. Bohr, P. Bolin, J. Bor- ger D. Bower, D. Bowman, B. Bow- man, K. Bowman, D. Breedlove, R. Brennan, J. B rickler, S. Bright, S. Briley C. Brooks, A. Brumle-y, C. Buis, J. Burnell, J. Burton, M. Bush, P. Butler, R. Caldwell, D. Camp- bell J. Carlisle, D. Carr, H. Carroll, R. Catt, D. Carver, B. Chase, C. Chestnut, J. Cloyd, B. Coffey E. Coffman, J. Collins, C. Copsy, M. Cunningham, N. Collings- worth, D. Cook, B. Coop, J. Coo- per, I. Correll D. Cox, M. Cross, J. Cullom, J. Cummings, M. Cupp, C. Davis, C. Day, J. Dobbins, G. Descans .A K-.,:z-. -rw... X .- ire 5 ...., . sf ii-Q. ,ff M .1 N -, ' .4 X xg J? ..:. fs , ., WW ' ' 1 .,,, . Jafkil Y 5 . 65 r Q is M ,,.. 1 -w w '4 'M"""t'3.f'-.., l si 4 i Q 'EJ' VVVEE E AAAA All ,--- vi E JMD? mf e Aww . ',-ff. 'L' A ,ls " A kms ,,.-.' 4 if 'Nj A -7' viii :" f n J J ii WA: l , J? , Viv, ' ' H... ti x.- .. w N .2 . :EEE-A 1 .., . . .....,....,, .,,, , 5 Q " -sf ' H -. wx! E M .. , 'avg W V Wg. 4. 4 ,C . . N . is . ,s W '97 Lg.. . nr ..,. . Q Y. :.,. .,-, J M 1 I 7 ? is Qbxmxj . arf Q Q 53. M i ..,-.. ff : - wif V G Q M-x - .,,. , , X .sw E , A Aalq sa M? QM P Q -RIII if? .,,,,,, .wferr -.---.: urn as..Hf, hyy-J fQ H si. fr: zaa W "w. MFI ..,. . 1 - 81 .- Juniors M. DeWitt, D. Donovan, A. Dowdell, M. Dowdell, S. Ed- wards, F. Downton, B. Drury, J. Duncan, P. Duncan H. Embry, C. Earls, B. Eaton, C. Eckles, D. Edwards, G. Ed- wards, G. Edwards, V. England, E. Ervin S. Ewoldt, C. Fairchild, S. Fair- ringer, R. Faulkner, J. Feder- spill, T. Felice, J. Finch, T. Findell, S. Fleser J. Flowers, B. Franklin, J. Franklin, D. Ford, A. Foster, A. Foster, J. Fountain, R. Ful- ler, B. Fultz E. Funk, P. Foxworthy, J. Gaddis, R. Garner, D. Gaulden, S. Gilbert, S. Glass, M. Glaze, J. Goger J. Gooch, R. Goodin, R. Good- win, D. Graves, G. Gray, V. Green, P. Greene, C. Grey, E. Grimes P. Guifin, C. Hale, J. Hale, K. Halloran, J. Hamilton M. Ham- monds, M. Hamrnonds, N. Han- cock, W. Hardy D. Harrell, M. Harrington, A. Harrison, C. Harris, N. Harvey, B. Hayden, M. Haywood, R. Hazelwood, G. Headley L. Hendrick, B. Hensow, D. Herring, M. Herron, P. Hess, N. Hildenbrand, F. Himes, E. Hodge, L. Hodges M. Holder, T. Hornaday, D. Howard, J. Howe, P. Hoyt, E. Hudson, D. Hurnes, P. Hussung, D. Irnel J. Ison, C. Jackson, G. Jackson, J. James, C. Jenkins, C. Jines, S. Johnson, C. Johnson, K. John- son W. Johnson, J. Jones, R. Jones. R. Jugg, N. Kaiser, K. Kam- povsky, M. Kaufman, S. Keith- ley, B. Kelly C. Kent, K. Kenyon, E. Kerr, S. Kidwell, S. King, B. Kirby, D. Kirby, S. Kitterman,L. Koch Juniors D. Kurrasch, D. Lang, R Lahne, E. Laird, S. Larison, G. Lash. E. Lay, J. Leach, J. Leeper T. Lefter, J. Lester, S. Lewis, C. Lightle, J. Link, K. Linville, J. Lowery, J. Lucas, J. Lump- kins D. Luzar, J. Madden, J. Ma- haney, J. Maners, R. Mann, M. Massey, G. McClenon, J. Mc- Clintock, H. McElfresh M. McGinn, R. McKim, V. Mc- Nabb, M. McNaughton, M. Meeks, C. Miles, R. Miles, D. Miller, G. Miller G. Miller, H. Mitchell, J. Mont- gomery, N. Moore, R. Moore, D. Moran, B. Morrison, B. Mos- iman, J. Mount R. Myers, L. Myrich, D. Ne- eley, M. Neff, B. Nelson, S. Nesbit, P. Nicholson, L. Noe, D. Norris B. Oldham, D. Oliver, J. Oli- ver, J. Olmstead, C. Opp, R. Osborn, R. Overstreet, T. Owens, F. Palmer K. Parker, T. Parker, W. Pat- terson, J. Perry, T. Phelps, L. Phillips, S. Phillips, C. Polley, M. Popcheff L. Porter, R. Potts, P. Powell, C. Prince, C. Pritchett, L. Proc- tor, N. Purichia, J. Pyatt T. RadcliHe R. Rainwater, B. Rapelje, S. Rayner, P. Reagan, J. Reed, G. Reid, J. Renner, E. Reynolds, B. Rhodes, D. Richardson, S. Rigsby, M. Rike, C. Rippy. K. Ritchie, D. Roberts, M. Robey, D. Rol- lings, S. Rollings P. Rollman, L. Rosselot, S. Rumple, C. Rush, S. Rush, N. Rusher, M. Russell, E. Samper, M. Sanders J. Saylor, C. Schenk, C. Schmid, J. Schneider, B. Schwartz, W. Sheehan, R. Shepherd, S. Shin- gleton, B. Sichting Juniors S. Siepman, M. Simmons, M. Skinner, J. Slater, W. Slater, B. Sloan, B. Smith, B. Smith, D. Smith J. Smith, J. Smith, S. Smith, S. Smith, T. Smith, B. Smoth- erman, S. Snodgrass, M. Sny- der, L. Sommerville. J. Sowers, B. Spencer, G. Spink, J. Sprowl, L. Spurgeon, M. Stamm, B. Steckler, D. Stege- moller, G. Stephanoff T. Sterns, T. Stevens, B. Stin- nett, C. Stinson, H. Stockhoff, A. Stone, D. Stovall, J. Stovall, B. Strader D. Strange, D. Street, R. Stroup, M. Swango, J. Taylor, D. Tate, R. Tate, C. Theobald, D. Thomas J. Thomas, J. Timmons, S. Tin- sley, S. Tolbert, N. Tsakrios, P. Turner, S. VanBlaricum, B. VanCleave, C. Van Meter S. Vaseloif, R. Vaughn, B. Vin- son, N. Wade, R. Wade, L. Wadsworth, D. Wagner, J. Wal- ker, S. Waltz E. Wand, P. Wantland, T. Wal- ters, L. Warren, G. Weaver, J. Webber, B. Weekly, B. West, P. West Rows 9-13: L. Westerfield, L. Wheatcraft, E. White, J. White, C. Wigginton, E. Williams, K. Williams, L. Williams, R. Will- iams, L. Wilder, R. Wilson, M. Winchester, B. Winkler, L. Wor- rell, R. Wright The back stage confusion is part of the excitement of being in the Junior Vaudville. Sophomores At 2:30 the rush hour begins. These students seem anixious to get home, to work, or to the drug store. Rows 1-4: S. Abner, D. Aichin- ger, D. Alexander, J. Alexander, Y. Alkire, S. Anacker, J. Allen- der, M. Andrews, T. Anderson, L. Anderson, M. Anderson, N. Archer D. Armour, J. Arnold, M. Ar- nold, T. Artis, J. Bacher, E. Bailey, L. Bainaka, M. Baird, R. Baird J. Baird, W. Bakemeyer, D. Baker, M. Baker, K. Baldwin, M. Ballard, M. Barrett, D. Barry, W. Bartz D. Baugh, S. Beasley, J. Beaty, L. Beckham, W. Beliles, R. Bell, P. Bemis, L. Bennett, P. Bilyeu W. Bish op, C. Blackmon, C. Blackwell, C. Blane, M. Blank- enship, G. Bledsoe, S. Borui, J. Bolinger, L. Bollinger J. Botzum, D. Boucher, R. Bow- ers, P. Bowman, R. Bracey, T. Brake, M. Bramblit, G. Bran- ham, P. Branson T. Bray, W. Brooks, S. Brown, S. Brown, G. Brundage, J. Brun- ing, D. Brunner, L. Brunt, L. Bullington 0. Burgess, E. Burgett, J. Bur- gett, M. Burke, J. Burrus, S. Butler, M. Byard, R. Byrd, G. Caldwell B. Calhoun, C. Calvert, S. Call- away, E. Cambridge, C. Camp- bell, J. Campbell, J. Campbell, R. Capps, C. Carnahan E. Carothers, B. Carroll, B. Carter, F. Carter, C. Cassell, P. Cavett, B. Champ, T. Cribelar, C. Christy Sophomores E. Clark, J. Clements, B. Cloud, S. Coffman, D. Cole, S. Cole, M. Coleman, R. Coleman, C. Comer L. Compton, B. Cook, C. Corder, R. Cordova, S. Cottongim, K. Couch, S. Couch, E. Cox, B. Cozine P. Craig, R. Craig, C. Crippen, T. Crosley, N. Cummings, S. Curd, D. Darnell, L. Davis, R. Davis L. Deam, G. Deering, R. Den- son, C. Dickerson, J. Dill, D. Dodd, J. Dodd, R. Dodson, A. Doll K. Doll, V. Dooley, L. Douglas, V. Dugan, C. Dulla, W. Duncan, S. Durham, C. Eads, V. Easton J. Eckel, L. Eisele, R. Ellis, S. Everhart, R. Emery, J. Everton, B. Ewing, H. Ewing, L. Ewoldt C. Farley, J. Farley, J. Farley, P. Farley, M. Faulkner, R. Felice, S. Flint, J. Floyd, P. Floyd F. Fowler, K. Fowler, C. Froedge, J. Fulbright, P. Gab- hart, T. Gaerte, R. Gammon, L. Garrett, R. Gaters J. Gearries, D. Gentry, V. Gib- bons, O. Gibson, L. Glaze, M. Godsey, J. Goff, E. Goodwin, S. Goodwin Rows 10-13: T. Gootee, C. Gra- ham, L. Graves, S. Graves, M. Green, L. Gregory, W. Grider, J. Griiiin, B. Grimes, R. Gun- ning, R. Haase, E. Hale, P. Haley, Y. Hatton, L. Harding, D. Harmon Ralph "Buckshot" O'Brian, a former Washington basketball star who went on to gain fur- ther recognition in the field of sports, returned to speak at one of our convocations. Sophomores W. Harper, D. Harrison, J. Hayslett, C. Hazelrigg, J. Hedges, IJ. Hefner, F. Heinz- mann, S. Hendren, D. Henry S. Henthorn, S. Heritier, J. Herring, M. Hessel, C. Hick- man, D. Hoffa, R. Holcomb, J. Holt, W. Honea K. Hornaday, R. Hoschouer, C. Houchins, N. House, C. Howard, R. Howell, P. Huif, E. Hughes, G. Hughes J. Hughett, E. Imhausen, B. Jackson, D. Jackson, T. Jame-s, M. Jaynes, K. Jines, B. Jones, D. Jones D. Jones, J. Jones, M. Jones, M. Johnson, L. Jugg, C. Keene, R. Keeton, B. Keller, K. Kelley B. Kelly, G. Kelly, M. Kelly, S. Kelly, L. Kemper, L. Kem- per, J. Key, L. Kinley, P. Ken- nedy N. Kira, C. Koon, G. Koontz, D. Kord, J. Lahne, P. Lam- bert. R. Lathrop, B. LaVelle, K. Lawson J. Leerkamp, W. Leet, P. Legg, C. Lehman, S. Leonard, J. Lepper, S. Leverett, V. Lewis, G. Licho D. Lindsey, J. Lettre-ll, J. Liv- ingston, C. Lloyd, T. Lochkor- ic, J. Logue, W. Lorton, B. Mad- den, R. Maiden M. Manning, G. Marcum, J. Marcum, F. Markich, L. Martin, L. Martin, J. Mayo, L. McAllis- ter, J. McCain C. McCamInon, J. McCammon, R. McGinn, G. McKenzie, S. McKim, L. McClellan, J. Mc- Cullough, L. McCury, B. Mc- Ewan P. McPeek, B. McPherson, J. M c Q uinn, S. McPherson, L. Meador, L. Megenhardt, R. Melbert, P. Merritt, I. Merri- Weather K. Miller, D. Mitchell, R. Mi- kels, D. Miller, D. Miller, H. Miller, R. Milton, S. Millspaugh, J. Miles i'A" ' W J . i t . . . ,. J .,,,:,, 5 Vlzi W nr e .J .. .. S . . . 1 ' ...:g .3-. "':':f Q ..,. ' " ' F5 zt. G. ' ' Q IZI "i. n ... A if ' f ...,... , 5, 'ff' 1- 1 ' , .,... ,Z ,.,. .. , A V A A A, ...,. AA A AAA A A A AA , A AA A A Q, . A , .Q i ag: r J 'A gi ...Q is , A : :,, A . :lt ., ---- , ..,. I: .,.,,, ,. ,AAP ' Aer: .2 , , X ,...... Q . . o 'V . , W ...,.,.. : 2 : X - , C ..,.,,,, iff :.. -' i1:s.,, U .,..,..:,i ' lx I A .'I, AAA A A. :. K . . rrr r .trr if' A at r ' S r a J AA ,, 1-ss Q A 4:4 A 2 W A . A K .,-- A 5 - A25 AA A35 :zlt 5 nf .:-:-v L , X .. , K , Aga.. W rv., i 2.5. ff, ff . Wk ,gf gi ,A A A ml A , , g,,A .,,.,. asf: , ... "::' , W r--1:2:-:-- M --.. i 1: .... 1 .'-' ' ...,. . ' --ie I "",",.. -' .,.. ..,. .,. ,A Q ' ..... A K A ,A ,.,z A ".'i -"V .A., 4 .5 if lllz , lt 11- s e ':::i + X . 'li' ""': ' lzl i" ' J 9 "' . we ' ,Q .,. '-WH. zir. ...iii zztq isis , W ""' if A lll z A i zzu t ' A ,. se Q ...... Y J. . . -. ,. Vllul A ' ' ::'f 5 ' X if Ah it ""'l" J .S AA A .gi ' H ' pr Q ,J ...',. . .... , 2 . .5 1 7 W ' ,,. -,, , .' H , A V A ..,.-:,. A M , J ' ' M .., ' Q, s ' ' 4' .QE 1 f il or p --+-e 1 . . "" "S "":' 'zzl' 'lzll K zzzz it :" li? 2 .,.,, Aj it "'l::: az- AAAA N A E A X. AA A ,-,l AAA X ,,,. , A ,x,B:52, At A A M A Q wi -,.. 'Q f-.-: 11-22 A 4 ts, Q ...... ' " l e . s as a .J . .A A : , J .,t.,, -. .,,..... ,... Q .4 AA -..A-A A AHA A iff . ':""A""" fi '1"" 1 ff.: A ' "'- ,Q A A 'A rsa rrz ...,... a f a J o r . 1 is ....,3 1. 'Q "---.-.. ":' ll .- lx ..,.,., 9 t in is PM , :rr .. P ::i"' it .... ., P A . ..,, V , ' , ':':: Q lzl' f "-' A. A ' '-sv -I m .. :" , :nlin - fi? A' A ,,,, A, ."' ,. ' , K, :"--:':' Ii' 4 M, ff, + -35: . J ,..W'l ...Q.,f. ?f ' ' 'rr. - 'S l U fi 1:'1 1 A A .,... Ai , iff. V J- K 3 ' i . I 1 l like ':::- ami Ni 1 AAA ,:I ....,, ,. ff -, 3 , A Ag!! .. aim SAA , A ":.,.:.. 5'-A - fi-.l ' ,' -:-f .. . - N vlvl 5 ...F A 1,4 A J, -.,.: s Ai A 0 me ,ss .-. ax, ,W Si. 'A -I as 733 . "J J ,E I A' , -4 -ef " :AA A mfr. .-- a in ik? it 'ii .1'i .sw 1 G A , - f f , K Wa ff ' S .M J, - Qi i 5A N llil K' 2'i' 3 . . 1 2 A ,zlzl 2 if ,A AA, , A, V N J ' wer t p . 187- Sophomores S. Minton, R. Moneymaker, L. Mohr, H. Morgan, S. Morris, J. Mosiman, S. Myers, L. Myers, B. Napoleon B. Nave, M. Neff, P. Neill, T. Newkirk, J. Newman, C. Nich- ols, D. Nix, D. Norman, S. Obergfell F. Dininger, D. Oldham, G. Opp, M. Oversteeet, J. Palmer, C. Payton, P. Pearsey, B. Peay, M. Percifield E. Perdue, K. Pershing, C. Peters, S. Peterson, G. Petty, J. Phelps, B. Phillips, G. Phil- lips, R. Phillips S. Phillips, D. Pickard, S. Pierz, S. Pittser, M. Popcheff, J. Potts, R. P r a n g e r, S. Prichard, R. Privett D. Puckett, J. Rains, J. Rain- ville, R. Ramsey, P. Rather, K. Reagan, D. Reddish, S. Rednour, W. Reid J. Reinbold, B. Reese, C. Rich- ardson, P. Ringler, G. Roach, R. Robbins, A. Roberts, B. Roberts, B. Robinson P. Rogers, L. Ross, L. Ruble, P. Sale, J. Sallee, A. Samuels, N. Sanders, K. Schaier, S. Sch- neider R. Schuch, M. Scott, P. Scott, L. Sears, M. Simpson, J. Sims, K. Sims, T. Sison, V. Sisson Rows 10-13: J. Shaw, R. Shaw, S. Shaw, R. Shelton, S. Shirley, A. Shockley, W. Shockley, P. Short, R. Short, G. Skaggs, B. Skorjanc, B. Slavens, S. Small, J. Smart, M. Smiley, C. Smith Half-time finds gridmien in the lockerroom talking over the last play and planning the first of the second half. Sophomores C. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith M. Smith, N. Smith, R. Smith F. Smithers, B. Snowberger, S. Southwick R. Sorrell, D. Sorrels, D. Spall, M. Spurgeon, J. Squire, C Stamm, R. Stamm, S. Stamm, B. Starlin D. Steele, E. Stennis, S. Steph- ens, K. Stepp, J. Stevens, B. Stinson, N. Stone, J. Stone- house, J. Strange M. Stricker, G. Stewart, R. Stewart, J. Sturgis, M. Suddith, A. Sumner, D. Surber, L. Swarts, D. Swails J. Talbert, M. Test, B. Thomas, F. Thomas, M. Thompson, J. Thurston, B. Tibbs, R. Tibbs, D. Tolar 'W3ShiHg't0H,S night of fun is the annual Continental capers where everyone tries his s-kill at one of the many booths. Rows 6-9: D. Totton, D. Track- well, M. Tracy, J. Troutman, L. Turner, B. Tyler, E. Tyler, H. Uhls, J. Vaden, V. Vandagriff, R. Vandegriff, E. Vandergriff R. Varvel, W. Vaughn, M. Vaughter, J. Vester, R. Vlasaty, S. VonBurg, B. Wager, B. Wainscott, J. Walden D. Walker, S. Waller, N. Wat- son, T. Watson, C. Weaver, R. Weddell, R. Wehr, T. Weiser, D. Weston H. White, M. White, V. White, J. Whitis, B. Whitney, H. Whit- ney, B. Wiggam, P. Wilhelm, T. Willoughby M. Wilson, W. Wilson, W. Wise- man, D. Wright, I. Wright, N. Wright, S. Wright, N. Yarnell, G. Young 7 Freshmen Working in the book store, Mrs. Wilma Crippen helps fresh- men, Beverly and Randy White, as they buy the many, many books freshmen must have. Rows 1-5: P. Abshier, S. Adams, E. Ailes, J. Alderson, V. Alex- ander, P. Allen, R. Amor, P. Anderson, N. Anderson, R. An- derson, R. Anderson, D. Arnett, M. Arnett, S. Artis, B. Averitt G. Ayres, P. Bain, R. Bake- meyer, B. Baker, M. Barnes, E. Barry, J. Basey, C. Batchellor, D. Batkin C. Baugh, B. Baugh, R. Baugh- man, M. Bagget, D. Bayt, B. Bean, T. Beaumont, W. Becker, B. Becktel T. Benson, B. Bertram, V. Bey- erlein, D. Biggs, C. Billhimer, J. Bilyeu, J. Bindhamer, A. Binish- off, R. Black T. Blair, R. Blakley, R. Bodish, D. Bohall, P. Bohn, R. Borchers, S. Boring, P. Bostick, M. Bot- zum B. Bowers, C. Bowman, S. Bow- man, B. Bracken, B. Branden- burg, R. Brandenburg, W. Brame, M. Branham, M. Branson B. Breedlove, L. Bridges, R. Briley, J. Briner, B. Brown, B. Brown, N. Brundage, S. Brown, S. Baugh P. Bryant, W. Bucklew, B. Bundy, P. Burdine, J. Burke, L. Burkhart, B. Burks, B. Bur- nell, W. Bush B. Butler, F. Caldwell, C. Cald- well, M. Campbell, C. Carnine, E. Carr, J. Carroll, E. Carson, J. Cassidy Freshmen C. Cates, C. Catt, V. Catt, J. Cecil, E. Chambers, D. Chance, G. Chapman, J. Charles, T. Chas- tain H. Cheshier, B. Clark, D. Clark, J. Clark, K. Clark, S. Clarke, D. Cloe, S. Cloud, R. Cole L. Coleman, P. Coleman, C. Col- lett, J. Collins, J. Collins, K. Collins, J. Collingsworth, P. Col- vin, P. Combs V. Combs, B. Cook, L. Cook, R. Cook, L. Coomes, B. Copsy, H. Corbett, K. Corey, W. Cork W. Cornett, K. Cox, M. Cox, B. Cozine, R. Craig, C. Crawley, J. Cravens, D. Cribelar, B. Crick L. Calver, S. Cunningham, M. Cupp, S. Curtis, V. Darrell, R. Davenport, L. Davis, D. David- son, R. Davidson D. Dayes, R. Denny, W. Denton, G. Dickens, E. Dixon, K. Dob- bins, C. Dodd, C. Dodd, S. Dodd C. Dodson, V. Dodson, J. Doll, N. Donovan, D. Dooley, V. Dotts, M. Doty, H. Dove, H. Downton K. Drake, M. Drecher, R. Duff, B. Dugar, R. Duke, J. Dulla, J. Dunigan, P. Dunn, E. Edwards J. Eller, C. Ellis, J. Embry, C. Culiss, E. Everage, P. Ewing, J. Fears, R. Federspill, J. Fergu- son K. Field, R. Finch, M. Fish- burn, J. Fletcher, M. Flinn, J. Flint, J. Floyd, M. Floyd, M. Fortune R. Foxworthy, J. Franklin, L. Franklin, R. Frederick, J. Free- man, T. Frost, N. Frye, V. Ful- bright, C. Gaalema V. Gano, L. Gardner, R. Gar- net, J. Gasper, W. Gedig, D. Gilbert, J. Gill, B. Gipson, R. Glass Q- . 'AA' xi ,..,, " t if , V. ,VJ VV " . J-:-V: ,,:V.gV ix... -V ffm, Q, K x VV V 1 sf-' . 2- V 2 ' f - Q :2a2ai'Z.',2. ..,, V, ' X , ,. ' ' v iw ' W 4 ' ::::EE:f'.., 5 , I. , V.-7 , IE52fp411e5::,.::E:l' E 'w gi, 9, . , l:l:j'v . , I-' ,gg ,'-.:::: I. . . f V :.::':::::- ' T ..-i :, ,,... .42 ..,jj-msgs-' ,. W .... 5 : .f 4 , f, .L y r" f ,Q , --If p ' f ' " -.---- f ,, -' .. W ' xii :W , sw. fl! . 3 .. . 2 ' t is - 2. i " , 23 " Q N i ff- 'ii Q. N ,5 g ill" 4'ffi55. '- .. iii' f ., if f:AQ3Z,.,f5f: ian: . '5 F i 2 31. .xii-i x xa 4 ' " . Q ..., V . V A f f "i , ,5': - 5 .- W' ji? f ,, .Q f i 1 : H 5 ' 42, ' , .gf 5 4. -.fry fix ,,,.,, . .,,. 5 . . C -. fl J ., W - 5 , V . f ' ' 5 fy.. Q ' . - X. agagagam., V .g.:' . s.,'-5, ,, . . , 4 ..555gz..- , ., , Q , - 1 f .. ' " gg QQ, ' . 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' ' gi., X' V kk V Vu , - ,Ty V 4 ways V V Vi Q . , ..., V ,,,, E VV Q VV V V 1 ' V V , WZ , f AV3. '.E.f..f.. . aw ..,, , as-.. '. V ,'..:., VV ,V V 'ii on r ,.,. Q' 'Elf 2 f .... fi - ix .T .,, ..- Vvi f ' - , "-"" ' ff V . . . . . fm r , E 'J :-' e .,V V f . -.:. 2 ., X ' .-V-. . .,,, Y ' i ' - ":::':: ::"' . ai- . V i' I r , P 2 J -. 'VJV . ' ....., i ' f .., :-iii P . -91- eww., K l K' fi 'W x . ' M 3 ' Freshmen Juniors aided the Washing- tonians in making the Big Sis- ter-Little Sister party a success. Here Eunice Reynolds serves re- freshments to Sharon Keithley, Joyce Burnell, Linda Israel, and Linda Chandler. D. Goode, J. Goodlet, N. Goode, G. Goodwin, L. Gosnell, M. Gra- cie, S. Graves, G. Green, M. Green J. Greogory, P. Gregory, A. Griffin, S. Griffith, R. Grimes, B. Haleman, C. Halfaker, L. Half- aker, J. Hamm S. Handak, L. Harmon, P. Har- mon, H. Harmish, J. Harper, C. Harris, B. Harrison, L. Harvey, C. Hatcher A. Hawks, D. Haynes, J. Hazel, D. Hazelwood, W. Heidenreich, P. Hendricks, E. Henderson, L. Henderson, P. Hendren N. Hendren, L. Henry, M. Hen- ry, J. Herring, G. Hicks, P. Hig- grins, B. Hightower, K. Hilde- brand, D. Hill P. Hill, R. Hill, S. Hillman, J. Hilton, M. Himes, P. Hinman, D. Hinton, J. Hodges, S. Hodges D. Holbrook, D. Hood, D. Horn- er, N. Hoskins, J. House, L. Howard, E. Hughes, P. Hulitt, S. Humphrey B. Hunnicutt, K. Hylton, L. Ison, L. Israel, F. Ivancic, J. Jackson, R. Jackson, F. Jack- son, S. James B. Jaquess, F. Jaynes, R. Jeffer- son, G. Jeifras, S. Jent, G. Jew- ell, B. Jones, C. Jones, D. Jones Freshmen E. Jones, L. Jones, M. Jones,N. Jones, S. Jones, S. Jones, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, F. John- son J. Johnson, N. J o hn s on , R. Joltnson, J. Johnston, B. Joseph, D. K an y , V., Kaufaman, T. Keck, R. Keefer R. Kelley, B. Kemp, N. Kent, E. Kenyon, D. Kern, J. Kern- ohan, J. Kidwell, R. King, L. Kininmonth R. Kininmonth, R. Kiphart. C. Kirby, S. Klingler, J. Knapp, L. Knight, T. Knight, T. Kop- mann, D. Kugelman W. Land, M. Larison, E. La- Velle, K. Lawalin, D. Lawson, S. Lay, R. Leach, S. Leak, J. Ledford R. Leeper, H. Leeper, D. Lewis, J. Lewis, J. Lewis, R. Lewis, J. Lewzader, G. Ligon, L. Lin- Ville S. Linville, C. Lippens, A. Liv- ingston, O. Livingston, S. Log- an, R. Long, F. Love, J. Lovis- cek, B. Lowery M. Lowery, R. Lumsdom. G. Luttrell, I. Barnett, S. Maddox, R. Mahaffe, P. Mahan, D. Ma- haney, S. Mance R. Maples, S. Marsh, J. Martin, K. Martin, M. Martin, R. Martin, J. Mascoe, M. Masner, L. Mason B. Matthews, D. Mayfield, D. Mazzie, P. McCoun, A. Mc- Cullough, D. McCullough, W. McCraw, P. McDonald, C. Mc- Gowen J. McLaughlin, N. McNabb, L. McPherson, R. McQuinn, D. Meadows, R. Medaris, P. Med- jesky, J. Miles, B. Miller D. Miller, J. Miller, R. Miller, R. Miller, T. Miller, J. Mitch- ell, J. Mitchell, R. Mitchell, J. Montgomery S. Montgomery, C. Moore, D. Moore, J. Moore, T. Morrell, A. Morris, R. Morris, L. Morton, W. Moss x sf. 9553 V N . 0 ...., . X i: '35 W .ff ,v . 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Li S . t W , , , .fi 'W X I if VID V " 'E S . if , . . , -Q B N , A af ., ,. Q M si ff ' " M ::55i5,5i55.5.:... Q 2 . 2 -.,,,,,j:.s..::..,.. , S lr , Q .. 1 ,, I rr"' . , ...,.' 2- ' 35 - up E5 k ,ag , X Q W . I g' MW ,gk .r fl ., 1-Cf " ' . 1 ' A ,Z 3 ,iv I f m 1 ' ,jg . .Q fix... I, L-2. 3.1: 1 ..:,,.- W , r .-f. " ,EY Q ' 2 N Kgs' . Z ..-.-' ' . 1. . . so f 5 """ ' , - W, e f ' .,.,., ,P '-'-- . M1 J.. is 'N ., J "Q .,.,., ,jfi li :fQ:3: ' A ':' 2Z.EE:'1:1: ,,.-Q :gf 3-R -A ' f ... v ...Si or -V , ' " J' K K ..., , M ' n qs ' f ,,,, ., . ,,,, 5 J N , . 1 f, . is . 1 sw- 1 4 ,355 e g , A ,,,, e - "w Q ' .N .ffa , ...rv-'. N i 5 Q K in ' is X ,,.,,,, . J I -' --'- ' IHL.-A , A J e il Q 0 ...S ....., V - -- . ,. . , ':. . . 2 -'r' In 1 'H-if V. B "ir ' I -4 u , 5 t "If-+5 fIf... , ... B . ex R I' if- ' :: 1 n " il Sw A -"-.1":"-'-11 S A ' .- o , - ' Q f .a?1f.:.Q. sis.:-.s .:.., 3' 2' A :a5:aEiE5 'i - ':if'f: e ' 'T' I ' X: , gig, 1.- .4:E5Z5::E5E5E2v4. -- ,I "' ' '-5:555g2-j,-,M H . , A A , S' , ' ,ly -..,'5 .25 ,Q Q 5 . . 4 1. - ..,. - 3 , . 6 5,3 .-..f i::'2: ,A '15 , A , Wife" """ . E.: ' f , . iii' A . Nissan . " fr . Q R 1 " " 4' if A A - ., .... A V' u ii . N ....- - , rf , 1 - 5 '-" ' Q . ' of ,,,, fi ai , ,. . ., , ., . , ,.. W . .S W . ' A 'F 5Zl:2g..,':E5. -1' 5. 5 ffraasaaasams- 2 Y Q ,, n , .si ,fn ,amos .- fry: - Y o I7 ' , f o . -1 ..,,, l x V, , Q V . ..,. , ' , -- 2 ---- ag. . ,. A . f ' oi Q f f ' 7 X . """ . ' ' .... . ----- e , r Qs , . " e 1 ...93.- as fix, . M. .s . .fx fi' -ii xi, F reshmen C. Mundy, M. Muse, J. Myers, J. Nave, P. Nesbit, D. New- land, A. Nix, E. Nixon, R Nor- ris D. Nungester, P. Orebaugh, D. Osting, D. Overman, J. Over- street, P. Pace, C. Parker, P. Parker, D. Paschal M. Peterson, G. Pemberton, M. Pemberton, N. Phelps, R. Phil- lips, R. Phillips, W. Poland, M. Pollard, S. Pool Welcome-Miss Horne greets the freshman girls at the an- nual Big and Little Sister Party. This event is sponsored by the Washingtonians. Rows 6-7 : C. Potter, J. Powell, L. Price, V. Pritchard, P. Prit- chett, L. Proctor, J. Puckett, E. Qualls, J. Quinn, E. Quinnett, W. Radford, P. Ratcliff B. Reddy, C. Renfro, W. Ren- ner, B. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, K. Reynolds, M. Rice, B. Ridge, J. Rigsby D. Roberts., D. Roberts, J. Rob- erts, N. R o b ert s, S. Roberts, W. Roberts, D. Robertson, J. Robinson, R. Rogers I. Roseberry, N. Rothman, P. Rothwell, E. Rubin, J. Rush, D. Russell, R. Russell, V. Rus- sell, V. Russell R. Samples, J. Sampson, G. Sanford, R. Schaffer, S. Schaf- fer, J. Schubert, J. Schwartz, N. Selch, T. Sesslar N. Shedd, N. Shelton, D. Shep- herd, S. Shew, D. Shoulders-, B. Simons, K. Sights, A. Siders, B. Simpson S. Skinner, R. Slater, M. Slinker, B. Smith, D. Smith, D. Smith, D. Smith, J. Smith, J. Smith Freshmen U. Smith, C. Smock, M. Smo- therman, R. Spear, R. Spica, M. Spink, C. Spivey, S. Spingen T. Starky A. Steentegen, D. Stephens, R. Thompson, D. Stewart, L. Ste- wart, W. Stinson, J. Stalt, J. Strelshberry, F. Strong G. Stutz, L. Summers, J. Sum- ner, J. Sumner, J. Summitt, S. Sutton, P. Swafford, J. Tack- well, M. Taylor V. Taylor, B. Terhune, P. Terry, M. Theobald, E. Thomas, J. Thomas, S. Thomas, J. Thomp- son, D. Thornbrough M. Tibbs, S. Tibbs, C. Tolbert, S. Tolar, B. Townley, H. Town- send, G. Truex, T. Trusty, K. Tucker F. Turner, F. Turpin, A. Under- wood, R. Underwood, S. Vance, B. Van Demar, B. Vandergriif, L. Varvel, D. Vaseloff C. Vaughn, T. Vester, R. Vin- cent, H. Voght, E. Walker, S. Walker, S. Walker, P. Wallace, P. Waltz ' C. Washburn, M. Washburn, L. Washington, D. Weaver, L. Wehr, D. Weir, C. Wells, W. Wells, J. Westmoreland S. Wheeler, H. Whitmer, B. White, D. White, M. White- moss, R. Wilham, J. Willet, B. Williams J. Williams, K. Williams, J. Willoughby, J. Wilson, L. Wise- man, R. Wiseman, W. Wolfe, B. Wood, C. Wood Rows 11-13: R. Woolums, J. Wright, K. Wright, R. Wycolf, T. Wyland, J. Young, R. Young, V. Zellmer, H. Zigler An unidentified usher fwe know but we wouldn't tellj is caught sleeping on the job. 7 if 4 RN Q fm 4 nfs if .: - f l Y L. U f-:'W i washington on the go. . . to our merchants Trying to buy a product without advertis- ing is like reaching for something with closed eyes. Continental families and friends, for the first time, can turn to the pages of the '58 Post for helpful shopping hints. In the past the business leaders have been real partners in making each school function a success. This year these same business leaders have become a part of the '58 Post through their advertis- ments, taking advantage of the opportunity to reach Washington's buying population. That's Where Our Money Goes- Pictufrrd are just a few of the items that drain a, teenagefs purse. 66 99 Night and Day .... CHET' is the place After the game Stop at CHET'S TRY THEIR FAMOUS 0 STEAKBURGERS 0 TENDERLOINS 0 FRENCH FRIED ONIONS O FRENCH FRIES O SHAKES-MALTS Phone Your Order In . . . It VVill be Ready WA 5-3792 SMOOTH SAILING Kerkhof's Evinrude Boat8c Motors 3601 West 16 th Street Kerkhofls is headquarters for all marine equipment. Ralph Wilham, Richard S sslar, and J ll Carte ECONOMY MINDED Sablosky's Department Store 2125 West Washington Street Me 6-9261 Wise buyers shop at Sablosky's, the friendly neighborhood store. Nancy Hancock and Sandra Flese SIPPIN' SODA Allison's Walgreen's Drug Store 1921 West Washington St. Me 7-4644 Our fountain and prescription service is known all over town. Peggy Bostick, V enettia Eddy Josephine Baker, Carol Earls I Marsha-JW'h t d Janet Stevens 7' x She's HAPPY Ruble Flowers 1453 S. Reisner M e 2-6351 You would be happy too, if someone gave you flowers from RUBLES. Carolyn Dayes ESTABLISHED 1902 Royster and Askin's Mortuary 2310 W. Washington 1 ME 7-8633 ANOTHER SA TISFIED CUSTOMER 1 Wadsworth Regal l Store 3431 W. Michigan ME 7-0479 The food and the service are the best in the West. Betty Sm h Linda Wads th Alumni Who go to Ronnie and Nicky Ueffrasl Macy saved enough, on their furniture at Berliers to pur- chase this new television set. E 1' 9 Furniture Company er S 2124 West Washington Point With Pride at By buying their furniture at Berliers Sonny and Mary Kaye CMo0reJ Nickels were able to save enough to get a refrig- erator. Savings and Style Saving on their furniture at Berliers made it possible for Terry and Donna CSmithJ Dobbs to buy an automatic washer and dryer. waz Zmfm Don't Do lt Yourself ! MSZW Drugs 2128 W. Washington ME 7-8934 Serving you by promptly and accurately filling your perscriptions. Steve Marsh STEP On In . Ellvvanger Electric 2538 W. 10th Street ME 6-1911 And buy the finest elec- trical appliances made. Dorothy Medich, Micky Sanders BLOOMYV BEST Bloom's Florists 3433 W. 16th Street Me 6-5556 Flowers from B L 0 0 MS speak a language all their own. Jerry Barnaby, Jim Saylor, Sandra Edwards OUR QUEENS GO. . GO. . GO. . FOR DAIRY QUEEN Cook's Dairy Queen 135 W. Washington Or Westerfield Dairy Queen 2425 W. Morris You'll Love The Cone With The Curl On Top! Chun' Hedges, zane uzar, ave Sanders WHA T'S COOKYV? Laughner's Cafeteria y 2038 W. Morris Me. 7-0682 For special occasions or just a night out treat your parents to a real meal at LAUGHNER'S. ALWAYS GOOD COOKING AT LAUGHNER'S WHAT HIT ME? R.F. Lindeman Agency 3604 W. 16th street Me 1-9449 You don't have to worry if you're insured at Lindeman's. Sharon Smith, Jo A t SOMETHING EXTRA Kiefer Floral Co. 2901 W. 16th Street Me 7-1531 With over 50 years of experi- ence, Kiefer's give you that something extra With every Hower. Janet Smith, Kathy Becker, Mr. Kiefer THE Y'RE OFF T0 . . . Ind'pls Engraving Co. 611 N. Park Avenue Me 5-5461 Where your pictures are made into fine engravings. JudyKyS th KyP READY TO GO . . . AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE White's Service Station 1228 W. Washington Me 7 0092 You get faster and speedier service be- cause of our two- Way radio system. h' Mr. White, John White REAL HORSEPOWER Bud Gates Lafayette Motors 1639 Lafayette Road Me 5 7321 It makes horse sense to buy that car at Bud Gates. Sharon McLaughlin, Bill Bennett SEE BUD GATES . . . EGR YGUR NEXT NEW OR USED CAR About My Pop . 'tYou know, my pop took the senior pictures in this book...and most of the activity pictures... and all of the club pictures. . .We must have him take our Wedding pictures. . .He's so good. Michele Richardson, Paul Loudermilk Loudermilk Studios SUPER SERVICE . Complete Car Service Auto Accessories W. l. Super Service 2001 West Morris St. Home Appliances Tires and Batteries Immediate Service Budget Terms Rush E. Brentfnger Me 7-1378 l HERE 'S H 0 W Drink In Bottles Here's how to enjoy yourself Q with the Pause that Refreshes. 2 Linda Hefner, Diane Stovall, T David Cook, Jean Potts, Bruce Barr, Rita Ruble, ana' Sharon Keithley A E E Quality ana' Courtesy Ram sey's Department Store 'l 2137 West Morris ME 7-8228 2 2 The folks at Ramsey's 3 believe there is no substitute for quality. 5 Z .1 Vaughn England, Phyllis Rollman, 3 Janice Burton, and Jack Montgomery George W. Usher Mortuary 2313 West Washington Street Finest possible t . . . at lowest service. . . . . 5 possible cost. Ambulance Me 2-9352 Service 1 SHE,D LIKE THAT! NICHOLS For Diamonds Watches Elgin Hamilton Watch Repair 916 State Life Bldg. ME 2-3800 Sandra Flesser, Eddy Eads BOUND TO BE BEST H 8: H Bookbinding Co. 630 N. College ME 8 - 3529 Nancy Hildenbrand, Harold B Nancy Curtis NOSE FOR NEWS George Washington High School Print Shop "Your yearbook and newspaper, composed and printed by your classmates." Few schools can make that statement. Lonnie McClellan sprays the i special Valentine iss and away we go Planning and producing the Post to cap- ture the highlights and memorable events of 1958 required the time and energy of many people. Helpful hints and guidance from sum- mer journalism institutes at Indiana Univer- sity and Florida State aided the staff in plan- ning a dummy. Underclassmen had their pictures snap- ped by National School Studios while seniors visited the studios of Earl Loudermilk. Mr. Loudermilk also took many of the activity pictures in the book. Many of the informal pictures were taken by Larry Combs, student into the adult world photographer. Indianapolis Engraving Com- pany made our 110 zinc cuts. Boys in the print shop combined the pic- tures and copy into the seven signatures of the Post. Through the supervision of the print- shop teachers, Mr. Walter Mendel and Mr. Michael Barrett, and journalism advisor, Miss Mary Benedict, the Post was completed. The final touch was added by H 8: H Bookbinding Company. Students, particularly departing seniors, can turn the pages to recapture the memories of high school. 109 -- V 1 nf: 1 autographs autographs

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