George Washington High School - Post Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1950

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George Washington High School - Post Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1950 volume:

an I K 'ww . T.. -Q-'xv V ..q,,, , VV, .- --'Y Q V. ,--.V V... V 2- ' -'.q,' - . V.. V.:,.,,,,.4-fix' ' .QQ .V -TJ.. Qu!-Q -1- XF .-Qi .A.. .-.W .QM . V e,,,m5Q:Q ,Jn- ' .VV 7'-jVV.Q 1 :ii Q V Q----,.QV VVQQQ V- Q-IVVJQ-' 'Q--' ' . W ...aff-f' wi ' M' i3.,,,...V,-- ' .,.V--V---' V .Q Q.Q .Q ,Q -wh .Q ,.,QQ QQ ' .,Q,. V- . VQQQQ 3...-'QQ Q V-,..-,,,..V,........-,,,.- -'QQ -QQ '.VQQ Q Z.. hy- f 4 ':- VJ "Q ' -. .. QQQLQQM Q V. . Q Vw Q, Q 4-.Q .V " ' . 4-wiQu'V 'qi " ' 4-+f"E'QjV Q5 6""u-:'Q,iVQ,VQ Q in Q ' bi' " --.LQV-V-7' f f V . V, ' .QQ V' . V MV" -,-.-IQQQV: Nu- V 1... Q Q Q ..,Qi-VQQQQV QV-. ,Q ., - . 'FMF .. " ' . . Q - V Q Q--QQQQQ,f..,V..V , ' V. -- V " " ' .--"' ff ' 'VI' - ' ., .V ' - VQ. .r V.rQ ,,,A Q-1 Q -Q ., Q M .. QQ - fQ'i'Qu"-iw. ." if-ig - Q T., J 1' ' .V Q. 'eip 1.-'Q 1 -, -, '. '-V."-' Q Q .. . ' . -',V rf.--.3-V Q --QV-Q.'T"' " '-1a"'QrQQ' Qf..'QVQ Q -' Q ' ' I,--"j"f-:f:T3'f5ftVg -Vyyy. . -fa - fy' .Q--Q..1e:" ,- QV- - ,H -V ' -'Vx-wr'-Vp. 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"Where will I go to college?" "I d0n't know what vocation to choose!" "My program is a mess." "I know I have more contiicts that anyone!" These and many other problems and questions may be answered merely by talking to one of our able administrators. Their patience and understanding have helped us through many a diflicult program. Always ready with a kind word and smile, they have been every pupil's friends in need. Counseling with Mr. Walter Gingery, principal, are Kenneth Ayres, Sue Blank, and Albert Cooper. two Miss Myrtle Johnson, dean of girls, discuss- es problems with Bar- bara Van Hook, Sara McCottery, Alice Mc- Adams, and Norma Gibson. Mr. Audie Watkins, dean of boys, gives ad- vise to Frank Fleser. Counseling with Mr. Justin Marshall and Mr. A. K. Jones, vice- principals, are Shirley Haines, Wayne Stan- lield, and Jim Mar- shall. three wwmmg' We re The Semor ,lass of 1950 We are the Senior Class, and our high school years are coming to an end. In the future, our most important memories will be of this last year. When September roll- ed around, we took our places in senior roll call. Vlfhen the basketball season began, we gave after game dances to help finance the mid-winter dance, the Washington Birthday Ball. Now, we proudly continue to wear our class colors of blue, brown, and yellow, and look forward to Class Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. We appreciate the advice of our sponsors who helped us plan and revise our program schedules. We also appreciate the wholehearted support which they gave to the Various activities planned by us throughout the year. Senioi sponsois are Cleft to rlghtj Mrs. Geraldine Johnson, Mr. Ferd Brumblay, Miss Agnes Meehan Miss Elizabeth Myers, Mrs Anne Burge. four Class Ujfcers lrffcx 'Hx L ' S if if-.N 4 3 ,'-AV I f-- .X 'fllf Nbhp- Q l '11 ss,-:Q - '31 U Hi l Q 'i The aud still echoes with the sound of a gavel and our president's voice saying, "Will the class please come to order?" Elected as oflicers of the Senior Class, were: Albert Cooper, presidentg Larry Lord, vice-pres- identg Joan Hart, secretaryg Jim Seamon, treasurerg and Boris Lalioff, sergeant-at-arms. Soon after our entrance into senior roll call, com- mittees were formed, and they in turn planned many of the year's activities. A ball commemorating the birthday of Washington is a new activity begun by the 1950 Senior Class. five NANUY ABSHIER DONALD ADAMS ROSEMARY ATTKISSON A KENNETH AYRES KM ef as Q Q' . ..,, , D Q... 4- V' -1 - fy, '- V fs aw' . -5-115525: , fg:g 551155 , RUHERT I!!-IASIMY JAMES BELL VERNUN H. HHR.'l'RAPv1 LHYINA ISINMSHOFF . PHYLLIS BOONE i ,.,...., . . , , BEVERLY ALBRIGHT WILMA ALDRIDGE WILLIAM ALLISON JOAN BARNES ZYIAUREEN BARRY JACKSON BARTLEY ROBERT BELL ROBERT BERRY RILEY R, HERTRAM PATRICIA BISHOP SUE BLANK RICl'iAYfIJ BUNESTEEL lix !Jl1IlA'Il'l!!RUWX XK'lLl.lA XI BRHWN .IUHX lllilklik R NI.l'H ICRVER i'H.XRl.l'lS HRIKNING S MMIII, IQYRKQK I' RANK IIVKKH KRD ,1UHIfIPlIlil 'I"l'HRWUR'I'H 3l,SRf2.XKl'IT VX3ll'Bl'Il.l, N XIHNIHI !"Xl'l'S H,XIU5.X H1 l'XN'll'1H Xl'ilil,KJ1HlXR'I'I-LK , 5' BETT'1' 4 LIFTUN I'-'tl'l.lNI-I l'l.0l'D YIUIA V XRTHR my 'H' ff if , 5 ,-: Q I RIFHARD l'0Ll.INS !'ll.'4Il'I QQYVI' LEU l'H.XYll'1ON DORA Ijili VQMJNCE AIJSERT' I'0Ul'l'2K ' DONALD COZART ELMER CROOK ' JAMB4 CUBERT LEROY CUNNINGHAM - MARTHA CVRTISS SGVQII MARIAN F. DAVIS MARJORlI'1 UE-ILK ELAINE IJPIMOS ' JACK DEMOSR OIJGA IBREFLAK : .... ZW ---5 WV- W Q , 4 ' 5 ,f Tl-Ill DUKE l'AROi.Y?f2 PIARIJIS DON L. EDWARIIS :f5.l : :z-E: -V dsx? .i.,5E - . ...A x '-1 5:52212 'wig ' eil 3:25 . -... ..f A' ,,5:v5:':""'i:i'Ea5EQ' .ziL'i::: i 3 l'HARI,I'l."i FENDER BARBARA HELIIS i'AKtH,E FIGG THOMAS Ei.I.MORl'I Bl'I'l'l'Y l'ZNfiLl'I RIFHARU FIGG WIIJJAM FISHER I-'RANli FLbEEll PEGGY FQSTER WILLIAM F'RIE'l'ZACHE RUBERT GEIGER NORMJX GIBSUN eight SIQIRLEY HAIXHS WILLIAM HAINFZS Q5 I'AI'Llf,XRllINii MARY li. HARRIS if -SE: :EEQ MA 2. .2 .":- f ' - - Q JU.. KLE.XNOR HAZEI,W00ll V ,. 1 ,, ' -- V : JOSEPH INII HUFF QM , if 2-:K 5 4, ,.... viz 2.369 4 S 2 XKIIAM SITE HEAHY GERALDINE HAMM 3: ,. J 7 l'I1ZAliI. HART INPXXA HIBISA RD JOAN HOLIJBRMAN HELEN HUGGINS HARRY JACK HILDA JENKINS JEAN JENT nine H013 HAMUNTRH MARILYN HANGER JUAN KLXRT NIARANICI. HART LURILX INR HIDFIR GLORIA HOISSON A 525 ., .::., , NORYEA HFGHHS DEWEY HUMES KATIER DIXIE LEE KEITH aivbz IV' ' KI IRERT KENDA LI IXINA KI'll'I'HLHY WILLIAM KELLEY MARY KELLY PATRICIA KELLEY .IIGXN KPIIINIJIUIII NAS IDU KING BETTY LOU KINNISY ETHFZL KNIGHT .IIQRRY KOPI' INN KURHY LOVINIAI KR.XMI'IR JAMISS lAFOLI,E'l"I'l'I IIICYIQIKIXX' LAIINE BORIS IALIOFF NOKMA IAMIII-jR'I' MARY JANE LANMAN KOIIICRT LASLEY PEGGY LEAVH SHIRIIEY LEAMUN RICHARD LEE ANNABELL LEONARD BARBARA LIEIMASTIQIIS .IACQUELINE UNDER WILMA IINDSEYA ten VY ""' . '. IJLA LITTRELL JO ANN LITTLEJOHN JAMES LOFTUR LARRY LORD BETTY LUKINS M.-XBLE MACHA DONALD MANERS Rlf'HARlY MANN JAMES MARSH JANIES MARSHALL WILLADEAN MARTIN PERRY MASFHINO LARRY MAS'l'ERSON CHARLES MCALLISTER PAT MCCAMMERUN PAUL CLELLAND DWIGHT MC KINNEY JOAN MC KINNEY PATSY MC QUEEN ALBERT MEADUWS JUDITH BIEIDY UPANLEY MILLER eleven JUAN MNRAS 5i.XR.iHRlPI 3IURhOl'K TUMMY NAVE KA KEN NEI S1352 SHIKLE Y HW N I ' M IIPZLKN NK!-i0l,Ili-'F ROSE NIGHTLINGER RA Y ORHBAITGH iQl1WARI2U'KII,KY WAYNF1ljRFkl:'2lZX CHA 111.164 UVEID-IAN WALTER OVERTON JEAN OW BNSISY DAVID PAA!" -1' JOHN IXXRKER ALIQTE l'ALMlKl!-I KENNE'I'll FARMER iDA MAE PAT'l'ERSON .JAISIES PEIIIRY RIPHARII Pl-!II,I,!I'5 RQSALYN PORTEN twelve sgpw Mixes , A b A A zx ,V :.: 32, , ,,., 2531 x ggi " 122. ..,. ..,. V - , :xg , sk 2 ffw Ziyi 0 . MHLX 1X RXNI-TY f "f"::s:.,... .. ' Y ,FSR ax Y 'fx 'W 8 W xi. .,,,,.,:.,., fx, .f f . LUIS .NNN IIUHIH hX pf . 3331? "' 7 . vy, 2 V, U,'1LIAS'I' SKNIINIVIX IREN I-I REJKO SHIRLECN RY xX l'!iYl.I,l"4 ri!H1Ri'lLH3IlIb lil Hi R!'IYNflLl IS EA RL R H 'K I'Z'f"fri MVZELI. RIDDLE RUIA XID fl! 'HRUl'lI!l'lR RUX .SLU b41fU'l"l'HN , wr Q , -9 4' ' f ,515-22-:L 2 .-'-zfiiiifiiiiiiiiif'255: 4 ..,. , X!!,Hl'lN Sll.Xl4'IflCR ICI 'ICISXE NH -RFFHH JAMES Sl"I.'XH.k X " "' S., I'llYLlJr4 ANN SHAW 'IH LLIS XYYI-1 SHAW GORDON Sfilfllll lHl.l,Y SHORT iii-IRAIJI SXIITH Rlllil'1R'lx SMITH IMOGENE SMITHER WA YN!! SPRUWL WAYNE STA NFIELD MARGARET STANSBURY RUHERT STOCK thirteen ROBERT STUCKTON V RliT'I"h' SLTONQQBLQAKQ-jg WILLIAM STONHKING VERA STOYANOVICH NORMAN S'I'l'JLH'l' HAY SI7UUl'l'Pl GICNPI 'l'Hl1'NU'SON t Rlflli' THOMPSON !'iE0RG!13 TOTTUN Nl AKJORI E TEiAMN1l'IlJ JAMES TRAYLOR LUIS 'I'lf'f"!'HRUW KENNY VAN AR54DALl, BEVERLY XIXN KLEAYE ISARHARX VAUGH iNl!1Eli'l' YliA'f'i'H JOAN VIA DORIS WALLACE DONALD WAl.L?biAN PAIYIA WEARE H EA RL W HAMA YY HITL fourteen muses' WICMAM IRIS WILSUN GERRY WINQYHESTER PATRICIA WINGERT HD WlN'I'ERS2 ' LBROX VQOOD WILLIAM Y0l'CK BIERYY, Zlft'KER The main event of the sen- ior-sponsored ball which was held in February was the election of a "George and Martha". The two seniors chosen to reign were Albert Cooper and Barbara Vargo. -.,,,.-' . n i't' 3, V-Q, Fe it L i Q E 2 , 57 new e n ns -, -, .. .. ff fifteen 5 E E REMEMBER WHEN Jerry Hamm was elect- ed Junior Prom Queen? Harry Warren and Bill Kel- ley played in the Junior Vaudeville? Mary Ann Gul- ley and Bill Short played in the Sadie Hawkins act? This year's activities are represented by other scenes about the school. Mr. Ross Campbell meas- ures Gerald Smith and Perry Maschino for caps and gowns. Finis Jent works at a lathe in one of the shops. Phyllis Strouse, Elnora Combs, and Re- becca Comstock enjoy lunch in the cafeteriag Sue Blank and Tommy Walls prepare for the Junior Red Cross campaign. sixteen Senior girls selling pencils ure: Iris Wilfozi Mary Kay Norman, and Shirley Newnum. Aileen Shaffer, Irene Rejko and Barbara Vargo are still smiling at the end of a day of Flashback picture taking. Joan Petit shoots at the basket while Donna Devney waits her turn. Ruth Ann Dortch presents a characterization in speech class. Josephine Hoff, Dun Whitmore, James Hell, Ted Duke, and Paula W'eare gather ab a locker. The Senior Class Odicers smile at us from the front steps: Joan Hart, Boonie Cooper, Jim Seaman, Boris Lalioff, Larry Lord. Com- mittee chairmen for the Senior Class are: Barbara Vargo, Judy Meloy, Marjorie Trammell, Jackie Williamson, Maranel Hart, and Roland Schroeder. S6V6Ilt68Il The Boosters Mirror, mirror, on the wall Freshmen heard your service call... Yes, and now as seniors we realize just how much better citizens we are because weuanswered that call. We, at Washington, are very fortunate to have so many varied activities. No matter where a student's interest lies, he is sure to find at least one club in which he may actively participate. Through these clubs, a student can be- come better-know by his classmates, and, at the same time, develop his personality by working with other people. He gains poise and experience. One of the largest clubs at Washington High School is the Booster Club. This group plans pep sessions, sports banquets, and maintains an organized cheering section at spo1'ts events. President of the Booster Club is Joan Hart. Other off- icers are: Maranel Hart, senior representativeg Donna Patterson, junior representative, Sue Cauble, sophmore representative, and Beverly Fisher, freshman representa- tive. eighteen atimzal onor Society Student ouncil The S.udent Council is a representative stud- ent group which strives to improve the material conditions of the school and to further good re- lations with other high schools of the city. Office- ers of the Student Council are: Kenny Ayres, president, Paul Harding, vice-presidentg Eddie Kernodle. secretary, James Abraham, treasurer, Clvde Lee. sgt.-at-arms. Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon leadership, scholarship, and service. Officers are: Bill Fisher, president, Shirley Haines, vice-president, Beverly Albright, secre- tary, Don Cozart, treasurer. Other members shown are: Marjorie Trammell, Elaine Demos, Shirley Newnum, Sue Blank, Dessie Goode, Bet- ty Engle, Wayne Stanfield, Maranel Hlart, Pa- tricia Bishop, Richard Becker, Paul Harding. Members not in the picture are: Nan Lou King, Rose Nightlinger, Josephine Hoff, Peggy Leach, Wilma Lindsey, Marjorie Murdock, Norma Lam- bert, Beverly Lahne, Kenneth Ayres, Mary Jane liavman, Robert Beasley, Phyllis Boone. Loyd Brown, Nadine Capps, Martha Curtiss, Richard Figg, Robert Hamontre, Donna Hibbard, Lila Lit- trell, Willadean Martin, Elizabeth Moore, Marga- ret Stansbury, Lois Tutterow, Barbara Vargo, Jacqueline Williamson, Jean Brodie, Esther Can- alas, Carolyn Comer, Loretta Compton, Phyllis Crockett, Mary Jane Hoffman, Phyllis Hobensack, Carol Johnson, Bill Porter, Norma Riley, Beverly Spradley, Doris Stevenson, Thomas Walls, and Mildred Walsh. nineteen twenty W ashingtonicms The Washingtonian Club officers are: Sue Blank, presidentg Shirley Newum, vice-presidentg Judy Me- loy, secretaryg and Barbara Var- go, treasurer, The club sponsor is Miss Myrtle Johnson. The Wash- ingtonian Club is composed of sen- ior girls. These girls plan the par- ties which welcome the freshmen girls to our school. Hz - Y The Hi-Y Club sponsor is Mr. Jewell Stingley. The of'Hcers are: Frank Fleser, presidentg Dan Whitmore, vice-presidentg Finis Jent, secretaryg Rex Durrett, trcasurerg Charles Fender, ser- geant at-armsg and Bill Kern, chaplain. Other members are: Bill Ha1'rell, Eddie Kernodle, Bob Ray, and Kenneth Ayres. Latin Club The Latin Club president is Beverly Spradleyg Shirley New- num is vice-presidentg Tommy Walls, secretaryg Herschel North- ern, treasurer. The Latin Club sponsors are Mr. William Bock, Mrs. Iva Head, and Mrs. Hester Bock. These pupils study the cus- toms of ancient Rome. They also enlarge their vocabularies by the study of English words which come from Latin words. History Library The history library with its many clippings and reference books provides much reference ma- terial for students. Don Moore, Finis Jent, and Roberta Cubert are talking to Miss Marjorie Rein- hart about some research for his- tory. Visual A ids Clifton Compton assists Mr. Al- lan R. Stacy winding film. Other assistants not shown are: Gordon Shedd, Don Coffman, Don Quantz, McZell Riddle, Loyd Brown, and Jack DeMoss. Jr. Rea' Cross Dorothy Nicoloff is p1'esident of the Junior Red Cross, Doris Ste- venson, vice-presidentg Jean Bro- die, secretaryg and Leroy Phelps, treasurer. Miss Evelyn McConnell is the sponsor. One of the major activities of the Junior Red Cross this year was the presentation of a musical revue, "Down By the Station," at Billings Hospital. twenty-one Advanced Art Class Below we find pictured the advanced art class. This was the class which made the etchings for our book this year. Bill Crutchfield, an art major and art assistant, created the line etching of the front of our school building which appears on page one. Mr. James Komuro, exclzange art 'teacher from Hawaii, was the teacher of this class. Several of the members of this class are art majors. Each spring the senior art majors exhibit their Work in the upper corridors. First row, left to rightg Marjorie Trammel, Mr. Kormu- ro, Shirley Haines, Shirle Fulton, Kenneth Ayres, Marco Tosich. Second row, Mitzi Goodman, Marian Davis, Riley Bertram, Bill Crutchfield, Doris Stevenson. Third row, Bill Stoneking, Marilyn Simmons, Phil Riffey. Standing, Clark Browne. twenty-two Dmmatics Each year in December as the Christmas season begins, faculty and Students alike begin looking forward to the Chirstmas play. This is a project of the speech classes under the direction of Mrs. Bess Wright, director of productions. Among the projects of the speech classes are plays commemorating special events and oratorical contests. Speech students always participate in the annual Poetry Reading Con- test which is held each spring under the auspices of the English Depart- ment. On this page are pictured scenes from productions given this year. Patricia Bishop and Beverly Albright are shown in a scene from a play. Patricia Bishop, Beverly Albright, Robert Stock, Paul Harding, and Ann Leonard were cast in a radio play given in the fall. Several members of the Christmas play cast were Ruth Dortch, Robert Stock, Patricia Bishop, Ronald Knarr, William Haines, Beverly Albright, and Judith Meloy. Ein Q AMA., We - . Panel Discussion Participating in a panel dis- cussion in historv class are: Jae Butterworth, Bill Short, Mike Purichia, Jackie Williamson, Ag- nes Totton, Sara Hilton, Aileen Shaffer, Lavina Binishoff, Shir- ley Stevens, and Barbara Vargo. Miss Jean Ober is the teacher. C. G. A. A. Oflicers of the C.G.A.A, are: Barbara Vargo, president, Lois Coy, vice-president, Ilene Benge, secretary. Sharol Goddard is manager of basketball, and Don- na Tuggle is manager of volley ball. C.G.A.A. provides girls with an opportunity to enjoy team games such as baseball, basket- ball, and volley ball. Mrs. Vir- ginia Kassler and Miss Eileen Macartney are sponsors, Leltermen Row 1: B. Kelley, A. Cooper, F. Fleser, R. Schroeder, G. Smith, F. Jent, B. Bell, B. Hamontre. Row 2: H. Warren, E. Brower, H. Hawkins, R. Collins, J. Hodson, B. Lalioff, D. Papp, L. Lord, R. Border. Row 3: D. Hinsley, E. O'Riley, E. Lowery, R. Bernhardt, D. Cozart, B. Kern, P. Machino, J. Lee. Row 4: J. Butterworth, B. Short, B. Dittemore, S. Tillery, B. Hicks. twenty-four Horizon Club Horizon Club ofiicers are: Sue Cau- ble, president, and Pat Turpin, secre- tary. Other members are: Mary Ap- pleget, Zella Wyne, Beverly Lee, Don- na Tuggle, Pat Weare, Cynthia Knapp, Marjorie Whitmore, and Don- na Frodge. The sponsor is Miss Regina Sharkitt. Physiology Shown at work in their physiology class are: Viola Carter, Kenneth Van Arsdall, Sara Hilton, and Hilda Jenk- ins. Home Economzcs Washington High keeps pace with the modern equipment. Hanging out cloihos and washing in the laundro- mat are: Cynthia Knapp, Juanita Rob- inson, Donna Tuggle, Shirley Long, Darlene Hendren, Perdita Mackey, and Betty Lou Downing. K uder Test The Kudei' Test is taken by pupils to help determine their vocational in- terests. Miss Vivian Ely is shown giving the test to James Bell, Pat Kelly, and Riley Bertram. twenty-six Urchestm Rosemary Attkisson, James Neal, Viola Carter, Pat Berry, Charlotte Hufstetler, John Robertson, and Ro- bert Stock. The orchestra-ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Malvin Bama' Lois Griffin, Bob Duddy, Stan Gosc, Gilbert Porter, Ray Everling, Don Moore, Henry Grifhth, Viola Carter, Clyde Lee, Helena Chandler, Wilma Heady, Carl Williams, Jim Hutch- ings, Jo Bange, Dale West, Robert Hicks, Richard Becker, Jerry Ker- kof, Rita LeGault, Betty Lou Dar- nell, Marvin Fisher, Ed Winters, Charles Ball, Tom Ferguson, Bill Euliss, Richard Rush, Bob Ebaugh, Billy Conley, Max Steelman, Wil- liam Cannon, Bill Kern, Kenneth Hickman, Charles Bruning, Bill Mattox, Don Arthur, Ronald Scot- tcn, Charles Reinbold, Ronald Can- non. Mr. Louis Rutan is director. Colonial Chorus Row 1, fleft to rightj: Betty Po- land, Martha Curtiss, Joan Webb, Darlene Sweitzer, Sylvia Hum- phreys, Lois Tutterow, Phyllis Boone. Row 2: Carole Figg, Lila Littrell, Phyllis Shackleford, Jackie Williamson Beverly Spradley, Shir- ley Newnum, Marilyn Hanger, Mar- anell Hart, Wilma Lindsey. Row 3: Wayne Ormsby, Bob Hightower, Don Adams, Charles McCallister, Bill Kern, Dwight McKenney, Don Maners, Russell White, Rex Durrett, and Mr. Edward Emery. Walker. Print Shop Harold Heicken sets type in the print shop which is presided over by Mr. Ocal Muterspaugh. The yearbook, the Sur- veyor, dance programs, and all of our school forms are printed in these class- GS. Electric Shop Need a radio fixed? The boys in the electric shop know how it is done. Ex- ploring the intricacies of electricity are: Don Quantz, Paul Byers, and Willard Noel. Mr. R. J. Weaver is the teacher. Cylinder Press Working at the cylinder press are: James Bray, Gerald Lindsay, Harry Jack, Robert Humble. These boys, under the direction of Mr. Robert LeMaster, learn the art of being press men. twenty-seven I N 4. -we Wailea' Qgyxa. xv.: ,, my M , -Wagga. Parade Day The R.O.T.C. unit is shown above practicing for the November ll, Armistice Day Parade, in which it won a first place streamer. The officers, who are shown below, are: Row l, lst. Lt. Alice Lawson, Capt. Iris Wilson, Capt. Marjorie Whit- more, Lt. Col. Charlene Bradshaw, Cant. Mary Lalioif, 2nd. Lt. Mary Lou Shannessy, 2nd. Lt. Donna Patterson. Row 2, Lt. Col. McZell Riddle, lst. Lt. Gordon Shedd, lst. Lt. John Parker, Capt. Paul McClelland, Capt. Frank Fleser, 2nd, Lt. Samuel Burge, lst. Lt. Robert Hamontre. Row 3, Capt. Lester Menchoffer, lst. Lt. Robert Veatch, Major Harry Jack, Lt. Col. Dewey Humes, lst. Lt. Paul Watz, lst. Lt. Don Parrott, 2nd, Lt. Lawrence Shirley. twenty-eight R O T nits Are Marching The R. O. T. C. cadets have had a big year. Headed by two new in- structors, Sgt. Dalton L. King and Sgt. Leland R. Anderson, the cadets with the newly-organized girls unit have taken over many responsibilities around the school. The boys guard the parking lot during basketball games and P.-T. A. meetings, and the girls help with registration and collections at P.-T. A. meetings. We are also sure that many freshmen were thankful for the girls in uniform who helped them on their first day of school. The boys' rifle team consisting of Laurence Shirley, Keith Powell, Harry Jack, Paul McClelland, John Lightfoot, William Hoagland, Jerry Kerkhoff, Paul Bishop, Larry Lawalin, and David Hodge, topped a good year by placing first among city teams in the Randolph Hearst Trophy Match. The greatest change in the R. O. T. C. this year has been the addi- tion of a girls' unit. The girls form one company of the battalion with Capt. Iris Wilson as commanding oflicer assisted by 1st Lieutenant Alyce Lawson. Although none of the girls had had previous training, they came through with Hying colors in the Armistice Day Parade and helped win the iirst place streamer on our flag. The R. O. T. C. is proud of its year, and the nchool is proud of its unit. The R. O. T. C. helps prepare the student to be a good citizen and helps to develop the qualities of leadership. twenty-nine Seated fleft to rightj are: Kenny Ayres, Jeanne Jent, Harry Warren, Jim Moore Richard Clark, Elizabeth Hill, Pat McCammeron, Shirley Wilhoite, Jackie Williamson Sue Blank, Georgina Weare, and Judy Meloy. Standing are: Agnes Totton, Bill Por ter, David Curtis, Roland Schroeder, Charlene Bradshaw, and Sophie Domi. Surveyor Staff The Surveyor during the spring McCamn1eron has mesters. Through staffs this year have been paced by Bill Porter, editor-in-chief semester, and James Moore, editor, during the fall term. Pat acted as assistant editor and business manager for both se- all the pressure of constantly meeting deadlines, Mrs. Betty Werthman has presided over the classes as sponsor. Staff members for the first semester were: James Moore, editor-in-chief, Pat McCammeron, associate editor and business manager, Bill Porter, page 1 editorg Mary Jane Lanman, page 2 editor, Sue Blank, page 3 editor, Harry Warren, page 4 editor, Charlene Bradshaw, copy editor, Agnes Totton, exchange editor, Sophie Domi, Elizabeth Hill, Jeanne Jent, Judy Meloy, Gloria Shires, Georgina Weare, Shirley Wilhoite, Jackie Williamson, reporters, Richard Clark, David Curtiss, Roland Schroeder, Kenny Ayres, sports reporters. Changes in staff positions for the second semester included: Bill Porter, ed- itor-in-chiefg Judy Meloy, page 2 editor, Jeanne Jent, exchange editorg and the addition of Jimmeye Sue Fox, Lois Ann Robison, Paula Weare, Roberta Cubert, reporters. Staff members act as correspondents for the Indianapolis newspapers. The girls report the regular news and the boys the sports news. The correspondents are: Charlene Bradshaw and Kenny Ayres, Indianapolis Star: Jackie Williamson and Harry Warren, Indianapolis News, Sue Blank and Bill Porter', Indianapolis 'Timesg Elizabeth Hill was correspondent for the community papers. thirty Yearbook Staf The Flashback is the product of a year's endeavor by the Journalism Y class. These seniors have had a busy year. ln September they made a dummy showing the layout of the book. They listed the pictures they wished to include and made arrangements for the taking of these pictures. A schedule was set up for the tak- ing of individual senior pictures and underclassmen pictures. Subscription cam- paigns were conducted and senior fee-s collected. Pictures were mounted and sent to the engraverg proofs began coming back and the book began to take form. The first copy went to the printer during March. 'At this writing the staff is busy cut- ting, pasting, writing, typing, and proof reading, attempting to keep Mr. Ocal Mu- terspaugh's print shop boys supplied with an even flow of material. Elaine Demos has served as editor-in-chief of The Flashback, and Rose Night- linger has served as business manager. Other staif members, each of whom has been a departmental editor are: Kenneth Ayres, Joan Hart, Josephine Hoff, Nan Lou King, Helen Nickoloff, Mary Kay Norman, Rosalyn Porten, Irene Rejko, Phyl- lis Shackleford, Aileen Shaffer, Barbara Vargo, Meryl Zucker. At the beginning of the second semester Iris Wilson and Alice Palmer became staff members. Mrs. Betty Werthman was faculty sponsor. Sitting are: Rose Nightlinger, Elaine Demos, Rosie Porten, Mrs Werthman Nan Lou King, Irene Rejko, Phyllis Shackleford, and Kenny Ayres. Standing are Josephine Hoff, Barbara Vargo, Joan Hart, Aileen Shaffer, Mary Kay Norman and Helen Nickoloff. thirty-one ar 'L J X .v X l C' l Nea ' r ' Q- I X .v'V' as v SPCR TS With the return of thirteen letter winners from last year's successful season Coach Henry Bogue looked forward to the 1949 football season. He might have been disappointed in the outcome, but he has molded a great team for next year. The thirteen 2-year letterman are: top row, Jim Hodson, Ed O'Riley, Mike Purichia, Don Co- --I zartg Second row: Larry Lord, Frank Fleser, Bill Short, Boris Lalioff, Perry Mashino. Bottom row: Capt. Roland Schroeder, Geroge Totton, Billy Kelly, Al Cooper. Cheerleaders are: Bill Harrell, Norman Jones, Margie Whitmore, Tommy Walls, Barbara Carter, Shirley Fulton, Dorothy Nicoloff, and Betty Poland. 'S' . W V . 5 DOWN . A 1,11 4-:.::-. ' 1 V ..., - , as E thirty-two thi rtv three arsity Football Varsity football team members shown a- bove are, first ra-w, left to right: E. O'Riley D. Cozart, B. Short, L. Lord, F. Fleser, R. Schroeder, J. Hodson, Second row, Coach Bogue, B. Kelly, A. Cooper, G. Totton, P. Harding, B. Lalioff, D. Whitmore, M. Purichia. Third row, H. Northern, E. Ltw- ery, J. Marshall, S. Tillery, B. Cfok, S. Mil- ler, P. Mashino, B. Beasley. Fourth row: R. Durrett, D. Hensley, E. Kernoflle, J. Lee, B. Birnoman, J. Burke, J. Peterchef. The Continental grid team had a tough s:hcdu'c fir ,453 but managed to beat highly- rrtid Gorstem-:yer of Terre Haule, Broad Ripple, Howe, and tied the defending champs, icon. Washington ended the season with 3 fair recoil of :E wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties. Thirteen boys were returning lettermen from last year. Kneeling left to right are: E. O'Riley, L. Lord, P. Machino, B. Kelly, F. Fleser, M. Purichia. Standing, Coach Bogue, J. Hodson, Din Cozart, B. Short, G. Tatton, R. Schroeder, A. Cooper, B. Lalioff. thirty-fo ur Reserve Team The 1950 reserve football team had a fair season record as they compiled a total of four wins and four losses. Coach Henry Bogue will have some of these boys to build a varsity around next year. First row, left to right: R. Boone, D. Repass, J. Scoggan, B. Wittman, R. Ray, B. Hicks, C. Harper. Second row: E. White, K. Gladson, C. Bruer, D. Linville, B. Smith, D. Smith, L. Scotten, and Coach Frank Luzar. Third row: F. Staggs, N. Cook, B. Mat- tox, J. Meadors, R. Beasley, B. Powell, C. Lee. Wash. 7 Wash. 0 Wash. 6 Wash. 14 28 Wash. 7 Wash. 7 Wash. 13 Haute Wash. 14 Wash. 20 Varsity Freshmen Cathedral 7 Wash. Manual 0 Manual 12 Wash. Southport 7 West Lafayette 21 Wash. Cathedral 7 Wiley, Terre Haute Wash. Howe 13 Wash. Broad Ripple Broad Ripple 6 Wash. shom-idge 27 Shortridge 14 Gerstemeyer, Terre 12 Howe 6 Tech 20 Wash. Tech 0 thirty-five 0 Wash Wash Wash Wash Wash Wash. 6 Wash Wash Reserve Warren Centra 0 Southport 12 Cathedral 7 Broad Ripple Ben Davis 12 Shortridge 7 Tech 21 Howe 0 vgggi..- arsity Basketball The 1950 varsity basketball squad are, front row, left to rightg Dave Paap, mgr., Elmer Low- ery, Vernan Bertram, Bob Border, Jim Lee, Sid Tillery, and Harry Warren, mgr. Second row: Eldie Kernozlle, Bill Haines, BObDlftQ1T101'C, Dave Curtis, Pete Caulk, Roland Schroeder, and Coach Dave Hfnc. During the Scctiona's, Ralph Cingo cf Beech Grove gets away a shot over Dave Curtis' head 1535 as Sid Tillery watches. Pete Caulk and Roy Mi'Doug'al follow Kenny Wood of Howe fin wliiteb under the basket at Tcch's 4-way tourney. The Cintinentals inaugurated the '49 anl'5J season wiih two defeats at the hands of Sout' - port and Howe, and then Caine back with 3 straight wins over Decatur Cenlral, Lawrence Central and Cathedral. Then came defeats by Howe, Tech, Crawfordsville, and Franklin while Washington was salvaging a win from Ben Davis. The Ccntinentals then downed Warren Central, Sacred Heart, Manual, and Speedway while mixing in defeats by Noblesville, Broad Ripple, Short- ridge and Wiley. Washington went into the sectionals with a record of 8 wins and 10 defeats, and came out with a win over Beech Grove and a defeat at the hands of Tech. thirty-six Wash. 27 17 18 22 23 19 15 29 12 17 27 21 21 23 28 FRESH MEN Howe 28 Broad Ripple 33 Cris. Attucks 17 Shortridge 30 Cathedral 26 Manual 23 Speedway 21 Ben Davis 32 Southport 31 Broad Ripple 21 Shortridge 25 Howe 13 Tech 15 Warren Central 24 Beech Grove 11 Reserve Team The 1950 reserve basketball team are: front row, left to right: Bill Springer, Arlan Lickliter, Don Lickliter, Dwain West, and Bill Howe. Back row: Coach Amos Slaton, Bill Mattox, Charles Har- per, Nelson Jones, Jim Sheets, Harry Federspill, and Mike Barrett. Rcland Schroeder f44j seis for an casy shot at the basket during the Beech Grove game in the seciionals. Wash. 21 30 43 24 29 30 28 36 26 26 27 26 26 28 36 33 37 26 36 RESERVE Southport 22 Howe 28 Decatur Cent. 25 Lawrence Cent. 22 Cathedral 13 Broad Ripple 2.5 Howe 27 Ben Davis 27 Tech 37 Crawfordsville 28 Franklin 17 Sacred Heart 21 Noblesville 24 Manual 15 Broad Ripple 32 Warren Cent. 20 Speedway 18 Shortridge 17 Wiley, T. Haute 27 thirty-seven VARSITY Wash. 28 Southport 54 27 Howe 39 38 Decatur Cent. 33 28 Lawrence Cent. 26 37 Cathedral 34 30 4-way Tr., Howe 47 33 Ben Davis 30 40 Tech 51 44 Crawfordsville 46 31 Franklin 41 49 Sacred Heart 47 32 Noblesville 34 60 Manual 55 34 Broad Ripple 51 48 Warren Cent. 41 46 Speedway 38 36 Shortridge 52 42 Wiley, T. Haute 45 Sectionals 67 Beech Grove 50 30 Tech 48 Varsity Traci: Team Varsity track team, front row, left to right: Coach Julian, M. Tasich, R. Pe1', B. Hicks, B. Lalioff, Capt. L. Lord, R. Bert- ram, J. Butterworth, B. Kern, D. Hensley, Asst. Coach Slaton. Second row: J. Owensby, B. Bernhart, E. Lowery, F. Jent, S. Tillery, C. Cullom, J. Meyers, P. Byrkit, P. Riffey, C. Rance. 1950 Schedule This is the 1950 track schedule: Apr. 4 Tech Apr. 5 Pike Apr. 11 B. Davis, S'port Apr. 14 War1'en Apr. 18 Shortridge Apr. 21 Indpls. Relays Apr. 25 Wiley Apr. 28 City Meet May 2 Bloomington May 5 B. R. Invitational May 9 Lawrence May 12 Sectionals May 2'J Regional May 27 State Going over the highs for Washington are left to right, Harry Federspill, Don Repass, and Ed Kernodle. Third row: C. Lee, P. Burke, B. Harrell, G. Lindsey, J. Burke, T. Walker, J. Peterchef, B. Cook, R. Weasner, R. Clark. 1i'our.h row: J. Abraham Mgr., D. McLain, D. Repass, J. Scoggan, E. Kernodle, D. Boone, C. Bruer, H. Federspill, Mgrs. Wiggam and Papp. thirty-eight Varsity Baseball Team Here is the 1950 baseball squad. Front row, left Second row, Bill Powell, Bill Smith, Lon Dal- ton, Bill Cook, Jim Sheets, Bill Springer, Coach to right: Don Lickliter, Harry Warren, Bill Howe, Frank Luzar. Third row, Arlaii Lickliter, Jerry Bob Bell, Jim Lee, Roy McDougal, Bud Smith, Errnan Brower, and Bob Carnagua. This is the 1950 baseball schedule. Apr. 3 Decatur Cent. Apr. 6 Shortridge Apr. 13 Shortridge Apr. 17 Howe Apr. 20 Shelbyville Apr. 24 Cathedral Apr. 27 Attucks May 1 Wiley May 4 Ben Davis May 8 Manual May 11 Cathedral May 15 Southport Tourney-May 17, 18, Field May 22 Attucks May 25 Ripple June 1 Sltortridge 19, 20 at Victory Meadors, Bob Bobbett, B'll Hedg is, Gary Schneid- ed, Charles Haiper, and Bill Mat ox. Gerald Smith, left fielder, takes a practice slide into home plate, but is caught by a throw to Don Leppert. thirty-nine l record foi the 40 Cios Countu were' ross Country Team gl, 1131... 4, Wash' 13, IJaW1'ek1lCSv-lll Wash. 18 Warren 21, Wash. 19, Wiley 365 Xl ash . . , . Mgmbets of the Cross Couniry team arc, Row 21, Columbus 40g Wash. 27, Broad Ripple 28g I L ,, ,l ' Wi: Drk ilichalu, Bob Bern'1:1rdt, Joe l'!.tSl1. 15, Shortridge 40g Wash. 28, Howe 27 T-- : Y 4' ly .lihll O'C.'el15lJy, Arlail LfClIlitC", Jim Hlash, 28, Tech 27, In Cross, Country the lowest Vl'ylio'l'. Foxx 2, Mr. Julian, Leroy Phillips, YVil- tene Wins. The team also finished third in the liaui Byrlcit, VVilliam Allison, Phil Burke, Rich- s eliouals, third in the ciiy, and eighth in the ard VVeasuer, Howard Hawkins, Mr. Slzroii. Date. olf Team Golf team members are: left 'co right, standing, N. Stewart, C. Cullom, J. Ruby, M. May, H. Madley, D. Bray' kneeling, J. Borshoff, G. Thomas, Capt. J. B ar' 'ex' .L . I Here is this years gof schedule: Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May 15 Tech 81 Howe 20 Howe 22 Tech, Lawrence 8: B. R. 24 Shortrifge 8: B. R. 25 At Wiley 2 Shortridge 8 B. R. 4 Attucks 6 Hagerstown 11 City Meet 20 Sccticnals 27 State forty Dave coach vas-sifg baselrall and My Name IS coach 'I' e I, foofs.:ffbf,g'2Z,'l, HIIJ rd ep-ye bnegay John 1-'VWI 113013. I if : "- .:.:: - ., :,:,. H 2 My rum! I5 coach f'f"Pr8 - Beane arm My 598 :Sff0 L, varsi Ffffjg. 77.55, :Zu I' . frank Luzfr ,Q MQ Wifi!! f'S' my name. I Rowland fancy, I dm 'fig A 3!'4f97tl'C da'rec'foh me 'C I M mime yClo?,:l ' .Tu fan 1 Amos Slafow is my name. I Coach reserve baskeibnil and hack- forty-one Front row, left to right: N. Jones, S. Fulton, T. Walls, B. Carter, B. Harrell, D. Nickoloif. Second row, M. A. Gill, W. Springman, M. Carr, E. Ker- nodle, J. Brodie, D. Frodge, P. Weare, J. William- son, S. Stockton, J. Lee, A. Lawson, C. Knapp, S. Cauble. Third row, G. Comer, J. Elliott, B. Ditt- emore, I. Rejko, E. Lowery, M. Hart, C. Guffin, A. Lickliter, E. Demos, B. Haines, M. J. Hoffman, D. Tuggle. Fourth row, S. Henning, P. Caulk, B Spradley, B. Engle, S. Newnum, R. Schroeder, S. Tillery, G. McDougall, D. Patterson, B. Vvargo, D. Curtis, S. Grimes. Fifth row, V. Bertram, M. Mur- dock, I. Wilson, S. Hartley, C. Comer, Coach D. Hine, S. Blank, C. Hickman, Z. Wyne, J. Hart, R. Border. Sports' Summary The sport scene at Washington during the '49 '50 season was just fair. The teams under the di- rection of such capable coaches as Henry Bogue, Frank Luzar, Cloyd Julian, Dave Hine, Amos Sla- ton, and John Williams, had the following records. Mr. Bogue's football team had an over-all re- cord of 3 wins, 4 defeats, and 2 ties. Although this was a mediocre record, two boys placed on the Indianapolis Sim' and Indianapolis News all-city teams. These boys were Mike Purichia and Bill Cook. Mr. Hine's basketball team had a record of 9 and 11. Bob Border was the leading scorer. Bor- der made the second team for the all-city quintet. Mr. Hine has seven returning lettermen next year. For the spring sports, Mr. Luzar's baseball team had some good prospects like Robert QAceJ Bell, Jim Lee, Bill Howe, Bud Smith, and Big Bill Cook. The track squad has a host of juniors and sophomores under Mr. Julian. Larry Lord is the captain of the team. The golf team is headed by Jack Bartley, and coached by Dave H'ine. The cross country team, captained by Joe Butterworth had a fine record coming in third in the city, third in the sectional, and eighth in the state. The reserve basketball team, coached by Mr. Slalon won the four-way tourney at Tech. Bill Springer, a freshman, led the attack for the sea- son. The reserve football team, under Mr. Luzar had a fair record. Outstanding players were Char- les Harper, Bob Hicks, and Bill Smith. The freshman basketball team had an aver- age season getting in winning stride at the finish. Phil Peterson was high scorer. Mr. John Williams was the coach. The freshman football team had a fair season also. forty-two Pyramid Shown in the pyramid are Al- vona Heidenreich, Gwen McDou- gall, Francis Sauer, Pearl Hart, Lillie Smith, Barbara Carter, Beverly Butler, Joyce Grey, Jean lYooldrid,f5e. Badminton One of the many sports which may be participated in during the regular class period or dur- ing intramurals sponsored by C. G. A. A. is badminton, Girls in action are, left to right, Shirley Burges, Sue Kern, Margaret Stansfield, and Joyce Grey. Re- fereeing the game is Donna Hib- bard. forty-three Vault Barbara Carter and Phyllis Strouse assistant Roberta Cubert over the horse. This vault is one of many aims which each gym class attempts to accomplish. Some of their other aims include work on the rings, ladders, tumb- ling, tap dancing, folk dancing, creative dancing, and exercises. forty-four Faculty English First row, left to right: Mrs, Ethel Hightower, Miss Mary McBride, Miss Myrtle Johnson. Second row: Mrs. Mar- garet McWilliams, Mrs. Dorothy Hobson. Third row: Mrs. Betty Werthman, Miss Elizabeth Marie Smith lHeadj, Miss Jean H. Wood, Mr. Leo Rosasco. Fourth row: Miss Barbara Gene Lucas, Mrs. Bess Wright, Mr. Robert Shepard, Miss Sue Guthridge. Fifth row: Mr. Lloyd Mann, Miss Eunice Seybold, Mrs. Thel- ma Ford, Mr. William Kimberlin. Mathematics First row, left to right: Mr. Jewel Stingley, Miss Lillian Niemann, Mrs. Grace Barker, Miss Vivian Elyirlcadl, Mrs. Marie Wilcox, Mr. Ross Campbell. Second row: Mr. Rowland Jones, Mr. O. W. Nicely. Language Mrs. Hester Bock, Mr. William Bock fHeadJ, Mrs. Iva Head. Social Studies Miss Jean Ober, Miss Marjorie Rein- hart, Mrs. Anne Burge, Mr. XVilliam Kimberlin, Mr. Joseph Jones iHcadJ. Miss Elizabeth Myers, Miss Corlie Jack- son, Mr. Audie VVatkins. Mr. Anms Sla- tru. Faculty Science First row, left to right: Mrs. Mildred Ross, Mr. J. C. Nelson, Mrs. Geraldine R. Johnson, Mr. Allan R. Stacy, Seccnil row: Mr. Estil B. Van Dorn, Miss. Eliz- abeth Hester, Mr. James H. Otto fHeadJ. Commercial First row, left to right: Mr, Paul L. C3.1'l'HlCll3.9l, Miss Agnes E. Meehan, Mr. Russell McClurg CHeadJ, Miss Mary E. Laatz, Second row, standing: Mrs. Glad- ys Freundt, Mrs. Saniuella S. Sands. Art First row, left to right: Mr. Fred Bruniblay, Mr. James Kzmuro, Miss Evelyn E. McConnell, Miss LaVon Whit- niire. Industrial Arts Seated: Mr. G. L. Woodruff, Mr. Vic- tor Graves, Mr. Robert LeMaster, Mr. Ursa Walker, M1'. Ross Cox, Mr. John Seeburger, Mr. Ocal Muterspaugh. Standing: Mr. R. J. Weaver, Mr. Burton Knight QHeadJ. forty-five forty-six Faculty Home Economics First row, left to right: Miss Orrell Negus, Miss Helen Wallick, Miss Gret- clien Mueller fHeadJ, Miss Margaret Simonds. Second Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph, Miss Regina Slrarkitt, Miss Gertrude Lindley. M aszc Standing: Mr. Robert B. Shepard, Mr. Louis Rutan, Mr. Malvin Walker, Mr. Edward Emery. Seated: Mrs. M. J. Estes. Physical Education First Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Hatfield, Mrs. Virginia Kassler, Miss Mabel Loehr, Miss Eileen L. Macartney. Second Row: Mr. David Hine, Mr. John Williams, Mr. Cloyd J. Julian QHeadj, Mr. Henry Bogue, Mr. Frank Luzar. Military Training Sgt. Dalton L. King and Sgt. Leland R. Anderson. STA FF Jfices Left to right: Miss Margaret Han- nan, secretaryg Mrs. Aileen Dickman, bookkeeperg Miss Mary Curtiss, clerkg Miss Beverly Farquer, clerkg and Miss Sue Smith, attendance clerk. Social Service Seated: Mrs. Nellie Baldwin, Mrs. Meda Lortong standing: Mrs. Mary Jane Wimsett, M1's. Lena Jordan, Miss Margaret Casey, and Miss Mar- garet Ramsey. Custodicms Left to right: Mr. Virgil Hunt, headg Mrs. Marie Power, matrong and Mr. Allen Evans, janitor. There are eighteen members on the main- tenance staff. forty-seven umm' Class and Underclassmen As we flash back to one year ago, we can vividly remember the various activities in which we as jun- iors participated. We'll have to admit that this year's class has done a fine job. The Vaudeville and the Junior Prom are among the numerous activities plan- ned by the class. The officers of this year's junior class are: Finis Jent, presidentg Carol Johnson, vice- presidentg Jim Abraham, secretaryg LaVonne Mat- thews, treasurerg Bill Cook and Hershell Northern, sergeants-at-arms. The elective committee was com- posed of Elizabeth Hill, Arlan Lickliter, Donna Patter- son, Jackie Polley, Beverly Vargo, and Harry Warren. This year's sponsors are Mrs. Thelma Ford and Mr. G. L. Woodruff. Officers of the Junior Class are: left to right, Hershell Northern, and Bill Cook, sergeants- at-armsg Finis Jent, presidentg Carol John- son, vice - presidentg Jim Abraham, secre- taryg and LaVonne Matthews, treasurer. forty-eight Jim Abraham, Patricia Alban, Lil- lian Alexoff, Larry Amick, Janet Anderson, Leona Archer, John Arvin Inez Avery, Shirley Bailey, Betty Ballard, Mike Barrett, Carol Batch, Rose Marie Bears, John Beasley Richard Becker, Bob Bernhardt, Sue Bish, Robert Border, Charlene Bradshaw, Jean Brodie, Phyllis Brown Clark Browne, Wanda Bruning, Phil Burke, Mary Burton, Bev- erly Butler, William Burkit, Char- les Gading Robert Calvert, Esther Canalas, William Cannon, Bob Carnagua. Charles Cullom, Anne Chappell, Roy Clemons Joyce Clifton, Bill Cloud, Carol Coleman, Patricia Colglazier, Carolyn Comer, Loretta Compton, Rebecca Comstock Betty Jo Conley, Lois Coy, Phyllis Crockett, William Crutchfield, John Owensby, Dave Curtis, Betty Lou Darnell Marilyn Dayhoff, Virgil Denison, Barbara Dickmeyer, Bob Ditte- more, Ruth Ann Dortch, Lowell Doty, Patricia Durman Rosetta Eggers, James Ezell, Gene Fish, Marvin Fisher, Virginia Fitz- simmons, Jack Flack, Jimmye Su: Fox forty-nine ,lf P '23 fifty Tom Freije, Wilma Jean Fugate, Marvin Fulk, Shirle Fulton, Don- na Garsnett, Jacqueline Gaston, Bob Gentry Mary Alice Gill, Loren Gish, Shar- ol Goddard, Phyllis Golliver, Joyce Gray, Bob Greene, Bob Greeson Gloria Grey, Vernon Griner, Dor- ino Groomer, Jean Grow, Charlene Guffin, Dick Hamilton, Bob Hard- Wick Bill Harrell, Bob Harris, Wilma Harris, Pete Caulk, James Harri- son, Ida Hart, Sue Hartly Barbara Hawkins, Howard Haw- kins, Alicia Hendrix, Donald Hen- sley, Kenneth Hickman, Robert Hicks, Beverly Hildebrand Elizabeth Hill, Phyllis Hobensack, David Hodge, Jane Hoffman, Ra- mona Holland, Don Holzlider, Na- da Houser Chester Howa1'd, Shirley Howard, Sylvia Humphries, Victor Ingalls, Norman Irrgang, Lave1'ne Jarrett, Finis Jent Carol Johnson, Dorothy Johnston, Norman Jones, Colleen Keltner, William Kern, Betty Kerncdle, Ronald Knarr Ina Mae Kreitlein, Betty Larison, Alyce Lawson, Bill Kriech, Jim Lee, Arlan Lickliter, John Light- foot Donna Limp, Ruth Loftus, Shirley Long, Elmer Lowery, Gwen Mc- Dougal, Roy McDougal, Jack Mc- Elfresh Monica McHenry, Betly McKin- ney, Harlod McKinney, Barbara McNabb, Patricia McVicker, Per- dita Mackey, Joe Macy Richard Malone, Doris Marlin, LaVonne Matthews, Patricia Mat- thias, Gilbert Meece, Lester Men- chhofer, Kenneth Miller Don Moore, Hershel Murphy, Nor- man Murphy, Rosie Ratliff, Char- les Myers, Jim Neal, Katherine Neville Ralph Nichols, Charles Ha1'rison, Hershel Northern, Leonard Oll- man, John O'Neill, Betty Orebaugh, Betty Otto William Underwood, Barbara Pad- gett, Donald Parrott, Donna Pat- terson, Delores Pendly, Richard Perry, Joann Pettit Barbara Polaski, Jackie Polley, NCQ1113. Poole, Bill Porter, Gilbert Porter, Wilma Pruitt, Donald Quantz Carroll Rance, Kathryn Raney, Catherine Myers, Bob Ray, Ralph Reed, Phyllis Richmond, Sam Rielly Phil Riffey, Norma Riley, John Ruby, Nettie Sawyers, Granvillej Schaedel Jr., Gary Schneider,i Lfuise Scott fifty-one lifty-two Vernon Sebree, Billy Selzer, Lavon Shaffer, Mary Lou Shannessy, Geraldine Sheets, Lawrence Shir- ley, Frances Shotts Albert Sigmund, Julia Smith, Mary Smith, Rosie Snyder, James Soots, Shirla Spivey, Beverly Spradley Wilma Springman, Jean Stanley, Max Steelman, Deinetrica Step- hanoff, Don Stergar, Doris Steven- son, Robert Stock Patty Stone, Bob Stringer, Phyl- lis Strouse, Neil Sullivan, Juan- ita Sylvia, Marco Tasich, Barbara Tate Betty Taylor, Marvin Terrell, Donna Tevis, Phillip Thomas, Robert Thompson, Wesley Thomp- son, Sidney Tillery Jack Tolson, Franklin Nolton, Norma Gene Ungles, Beverly Var- go, Dorothy Vaughn, Tommy Walls, Mickey Walsh Harry Warren, Jeanie Wasson, Charles Waterbury, Carol Watson, Paul Watz, Joan Webb, Bill Web- ster Dwain West, Beverly Westerfield, Russell White, Effie Mae Wiles, Bill Williams, Marijane Willing- Wham, Gerry Winchester l l I Paul Windish, Bob Whittman, Shirley Woodward, Donald Wright, Patricia Wright, Jimmy Wyckoff, Steve Yerich Charles Young, John Zorman Harold Allison, Louise Anderson, Florence Andrews, Jack Andrews, Mary Appleget, Roza Arnaudoff, Don Arthur Mary Atanasoff, Norma Bailey, Ralph Baker, Charles Ball, Charles Ballard, Shirley Barker, Delores Barnes Leroy Barnes, Barbara Barron, Ronald Beasley, Charles Bell, Mary Benell, George Benge, Ilene Benge Pat Bently, Patty Berry, Paul Bishop, David Blackburn, Rober' Blake, Jewel Blythe, Catherine Bock Gloria Boling, Mary Boling, Bob Boone, Helen Borgmann, William Borneman, Charlotte Bornstein, Patty Bradford Shirley Bradford, Willie Bratton, James Bray, Frances Breeden, Kenneth Brooks, Nina Brown, Patricia Brown Charles Bruer, Sherry Buchanan, John Burke, William Burnette, Virginia Burrows, Dianne Busen- burg, Charles Butler I .ad f, ,f fifty-three fifty-four llliam Byers, Gloria Byrkit, Er- st Byrnes, Bill Campbell, Mar- 1 Campbell, Elois Cannon, Mar- ret Carnagua vrma Carothers, Maxine Carr, ,t Carter, Fred Deick, Carl .tt, Sue Cauble, Nancy Cham- s an Chance, Dick Clark, John ark, Kathleen Clark, Richard 1 rk, George Coats, Richard bb rth Elnola Combs Clifton npton, Betty Conrad, Norman ck Coleman, John Collings- 1 T ' ' ok, Carole Coonce da Couell Shirley Cox Mai Ciag, Thomas Ciampton, 'rman Coovert, Joyce Copeland, 'Y . i . irilyn Crook len Crooke, Jack Crowe, Jim um, Roberta Cubert, Norma dy, Gregory Dale, Dorothea vis mes Davis, Mary Ann Davis, :hard Davis, Fern Deich, Bon- e Carver, Joe Dellinger, Donna vney net Dickerson, Ralph Doane, p . . Z Y .- h1e Domi, Velma Dooley, Cai Douglass, Fred Drennan, Jim art Downing Eugene Eadens bara Eaton, Bob Ebaugh, Don ard m Duncan, Rex Durrett, Betty u ' ' , ' , I. , w Mary Lou Edwards, Chester Elder, Marvin Emrich, Barbara Jo Ann Ensley, Marcia Esch, Douglas Eubank, Elizabeth Everhart William Euliss, Fredrick Falcon- bury, Joe Fall, Harry Feders- pill, Leatha Ferguson, Agatha Fields, Glyneola Fishburn Phyliss Fisher, Nellie Fitzsim- mons, Robert Freeman, Marino Floreancig, Donna Frodge, Doris Foxworthy, James Gearries Caroline Giles, Kenneth Gladson, Imogene Glenn, Richard Goode, Lorna Jean Gosh, Stan Gosh, Deroy Graham Earl Greathouse, Charles Green, Lois Griffin, Donald Haase, Bob Harding, Charles Harper, Richard Harper Billie Hfarris, Tom Harris, Rus- sell Hartman, Connie Havens Kenneth Heiss, Harold Heicken Alvona Heidenreich 7 7 Darlene Hendren, Raymond Hen- drick, Tommy Herring, Fred Hi- bernik, Bob Hightower, Bob Hil- ton, Bill Hoagland Norma Hodges, Jerry Hodges Rosemary Hoffmeyer, Dick Horney Roberta Houston, Willard Howard Bill Howe Claire Huggens, Donna Hughes Sarah Hughey, Jim Hutchings Glenda Hutchison, Richard lmel Celia May Jackson i 1 9 7 1 1 fifty-five fifty-six Helen Jent, Hazell Johnson, How- ard Jones, John Jones, Morris Johnson, Nelson Jones, James Jordan Margie Keaton, William Kashman, Joyce Katra, Randolph Keen, Hazel Keller, Darlene Kepner, Jerry Kerkhof Eddie Kernodle, Betty Kinslow, Bob Kirkpatrick, John Kivett, Cynthia Knapp, Evelyn Knapp, Cliarles Knight Patty Knight, Pat Korn, Carl Kramer, Jean Kramer, Virginia Kretheotis, Florence Lakin, Mary Lalioff Ernestine Lampert, Shirley Lan- nian, Don Larison, Larry Lawalin, David Lawrence, Clyde Lee, Grace Lefter Allan Legg, Rita Legault, Rosa- lie Leopard, Joan Leslie, Norman Lxverenz, Don Lickliter, Mary Linder Pat Linder, Gerald Lindsey, Bill Linville, Dick Linville, Everett Loqlge, Wanda Loftus, Earl Lorenz Roberta Lott, Denzil Luther, Patty Jo Lutz, Norma Lyons, Nancy Mann, Don McCammeron, James McCombs Sara McCottery, Arthur McDaniel, Joan McGill, Juanita McKay, Dick McLain, Ruth McNabb, Henry Madley l R L Marita Grisam, Norma Martin, Charles Marvel, Barbara Marx, William Mattox, Everett Maschi- no, Lois May Morris May, Harlene McElfresh, Jerry Meaders, Myrna Menges, Ja- net Mills, Delores Milum, Mar- guerite Mitchell Robert Mohr, John Moran, Lottie Moore, Barbara Moreland, Elmer Morton, Ben Mounger, Mary Moun- ger Robert Murray, Roberta Murray, Doris Neff, William Nelson, Bar- bara Neville, Bill Nichols, Dorothy O'Neal Jean Cribelar, Leona Page, Donald Pence, Walter Para, Nadine Park- er, June Penley, Treasel Perry Jimmy Petercheff, Leroy Phelps, Dorothy Phillips, Lercy Phillips, Viola Phillips, Charles Peirson, Jean Plummer Betty Poland, Vera Potorff, Bill Powell, Keith Powell, William Pranger, Perry Price, Betty Pride' more Nula Purichia, Virginia Rodman, Esther Ralston, Chuck Reinbold, Don Repass, Kaye Ridenour, Dixie Rike Ellen Robbins, Richard Robbins, Elizabeth Roberts, Juanita Robin- son, John Robison, Shirley Roll- ings, Donald Rover fifty-seven fifty-eight Ralph Rush, Francis Sauer, Clif- ford Sawyers, James Scott, Leo- nard Scotten, Francine Sears, Ro- bert Shawver Jerry Sheeks, Jim Sheets, Ida Shelton, Karol Shell, Joyce Shearl, Gloria Shires, Gwendolyn Shotts Winston Shrum, Donna Shumate, Danny Sumpson, Jack Simpson, Mary Ellen Singleton, Floyd Skil- es, Bill Smith Carson Smith, Dcn Smith, Doro- thy Smith, Lillie Smith, Myra Smith, Betty Smock, Della Smock Lexie Smotherman, Lois Sommer- ville, Earl Soots, Mary Sowders, Joyce Sprowl, Charles Stackhouse, Fred Staggs Patricia Stegemoller, Jim Stevens, Betty Stout, Jimmie Strange, Fran- cis Stringer, Alice Suddifh, Ann Swallers Darlene Sweitzer, Walter Swink, Don Switzer, Patricia Tate, Mar- tha Taylor, Joann Thompson, Gill Thomas Orville Thompson, Jerry Tolson, Ginger Tasich, Kenneth Tram- mell, Donna Tuggle, Shirley Tut- erow, Patricia Turpin JC-anne Ungles, Allen Van Blari- cum, Joan Veatch, Charles Wag- ner, Thomas Walker, Charles Wal- lace, Richard W alters Wanda Walton, Shirley Jo Waltz, Charlene Ward, Edward Ward, Howard Warren, Georgina Weare Richard Weasner Billy Weiser, Dale West, Jacqueline Westerfield, Marion Wheeler, Mar- jorie Whitmore, Eldon White, Ger- aldine Whitley Clara Whitney, Harry Whitaker, Richard Wiggam, Shirley Wilhoite, Carl Williams, Carolyn Williams, Douglas Williams Earl Williams, Marilyn Willisoli, Marilyn Sue Williams, Norma Williamson, Lonnie Wilson, Blll Wing, Tom Winings Benny Wright, Mary Woodall, Anna Wooldridge, William Woold- ridge, Awanda Woollen, Zella Wyne, Norma Yoder Sue Abshier, Wilburn Adams, Jud-- ith Adkins, Juanita Allison, Mary Ann Altmeyer, Betty Jo Anderson, Clarence Anderson Dannie Anderson, Dixie Anderson, Sammy Anderson, Suellen Ander- son, Ronnie Andrews, Thad And- rews, Lois Annes Fred Archer, John Archer, Elsie Wallace, Barbara Ashby, Joan Ath- erton, Kenneth Aubbey, Donna A- very fifty-nine lilty Andy Bagosy, Barbara Bailey, Betty Baker, Joan Baker, Marvin Baker, Patricia Baker, Dora Jean Barker Barbara Barnard, Kenneth Barnes, Carolyn Beasley, Rosemary Beas- ley, Richard Bee, Margaret Belt, Susanne Beverlein Barbara Bilbrey, Donna Bindham- er, Harvey Blackburn, Bill Bloom- er, Anita Bloomenstcck, Mary Bloomfield, Herbert Bobbett Joe Bogue, Meredith Bemgardner, James Bonta, Jim Borshoff, Danny Bramkamp, Peggy Brandenburg, Barbara Breedlove Shirley Brinker, Carolyn Brock, Phyllis Brooks, James Brown, Reba Bruton, Robert Buck, Joan Budack Roy Bullock, Shirley Burgess, David Burnell, Jack Burnell, Alvin Burton, Robert Burton, James Bush Deloris Byasee, Betty Canada, Ro- nald Cannon, Shirley Carlisle, Bet- tie Carr, Patty Carroll, James Caudell t Virginia Cavender, Annetta Chand- ler, Shirley Childers, Bob Clay, Janet Clifton, Barbara Cloud, Jack Coffey Don Coffman, Shirley Duffer, Car- olyn Collins, Billy Conley, Neil Conner, Jean Conolty, Dorothy Cook Jack Cooper, Norma Cooper, Mar- garet Cox, Ann Cozart, Pat Crai, Geneva Crawford, Delores Crock- ett Lucille Choist, Richard Culbertson, Mary Jane Curl, Russell Curtiss, Lon Dalton, Jimmy Darrah, Jerry Davidson Effie Davis, George Davis, Virginia Davis, Bonnie Day, Thelma De Ford, Charles Deitz, Martine Dev- eney Dorothy Dickmeyer, Tommy Dobbs, Lois Dodd, Kay Dooley, Keith Dooley, Ronald Dorsett, An- nie Dosseff Inez Downs, Margaret Duckworth, Bob Duddy, Wilbur Dunn, Joe Dug- gan, Hollis Duke, Virginia Eckert Clifford Edwards, Juanita Ed- wards, Patty Edwards, Paul Ed- wards, Clyde Elliott, Joan Elliott, Earl Ellis Barbara Elmore, Beverly Englert, Monna Elkins, Bruce Esque, Don- ald Esamann, Don Froelick, Helen Evans Bill Eyster, Emogene Ezell, Ivan Farrell, Mary Jo Fears, Ruth Feest, Tom Ferguson, Thomas Figg Benita Finnell, Beverly Fischer, Charles Fishburn, Kenneth Fish- burn, Richard Fleser, Richard Ford, Shirley Ford sixty-two Susan Foreman, Philip Fowler, Barbara Lee Fox, Jerrye Ann Fox, Catherine Frantz, Dwight Free- man, Eileen Freeman Roberta Fulk, Mary Gallion, Louise Gamble, Vonda Gamble, Joyce Gas- ser, Robert Gatlin, Mary Gebauer Billy Gentry, Nick George, Mary Frances Gibbons, Helen Golliver, Shirley Goodman, Frank Gott, Jim- mie Graves Arlene Gray, Clarice Green. 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Connie Ward, James Ware, Mari- lyn Warner, Patrica Washington, Donald Watson, Glenna Weiss, Charles West Patsy Wethington, Dan Wheeler, Earl Whitley, Grace Wilkins, Donna Wilkinson, Marilyn Will- iarns, Melvin Williams Bill Wilson, Margaret Wise, Jac- queline Wordworth, Ella Wren, John Wright, Kenneth Wycoff, Robert Yantis Don Yarnell. 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John Robertson, Edward Roell, Carl Robinson, Kay Rugenstein, Norma Rurgett Stella Russell, Janet Savage, Dor- othy Schmid, Ronald Schultz, Anna Shelburn, Shirley Stiff, Alvin Skaggs Mary Frances Skaggs, David Sky- les, Nancy Shupperd, Frances Sla- gle, Dorothy Smith, Phyllis Smith, Jamer Snapp Richard Sparks, Glenna Spencer, Richard Stamm, Donald Stewart, Edgar Stevenson, Barbara Stinson, Shirley Strouse Kenneth Swails, VVilma Thompson, Norma Towe, Kenneth Underwood, Russell Waltz, Don Walsh, David VVarren Chet Watkins, Joyce Webb, Phyl- lis West, Kay Wilson, Jack Win- gert, Fred Workman, Clarence Welch Larry Westerfield, Lloyd Wiggins, George Willingham, Dorothea Zike Freshman: Allen Asbury, Don Calvert, Jimmy Eubanks, Bar- bara Fancher, Beverly Innis, Gene Kelley, Sidney Voltz Charles Flack, Ray Everling, Soph- omores: Pat Bently, Donald Fall- en, Juanita Viers, Avis McCut- chan, Mildred Richardson Don Repass, Bill Russell,Juniors: Charles Watts, Delores Fink, Alice McAdams, Esther Merwin, Mary Kay Norman Shirley Fraley, Alice Suddith, Ray Suddith, Agnes Totton :'i? ' " ' ff 4 ,,, U, -.1,. , v,:.. iil ,.,,,:,. - A . .. tl gg 5 -- .,,- . .:,- -. V. ,W V M ,ff " 5, , ,E . -l,, gi ,,,.. , F lll 'vblzz r :,.:'r Q ..,. .,,.. xr .,,r ,,l, I .vw Wi Q x , ,, . ..,..:.,,.,.,.1.,.,,.,.:, .,., .3,W,,, f ' - SL. : ' ,, X?-as l . Ez, I ,..,...,.,..........,...,,, :.,., I s' jg ':2::-,- . .:,-:11:.,. W Y Q it E if Q qw.. se - -:::- .::-,. , , ::' X 53 Q, , yyyy ,,, rg 177 0-P165 sixty-nine You Must Have Been . . . ? Here are some pictures of our seniors Ctaken a. few years ago.J See if you can identify them. 'smo 'PVSIAI UAQQVH 119ClIV '9 'LDFUUS 44991, QOH '9 'do'-IS 'EH UAUOCL, Wd 'V 'KBHILO U-IOFUUIG, PEI 'S 319200 Hzizogn uoq 'Z 'Iau1u1e.lIL HsBuBg,, QIBJBIAI 'I :mol qqxnod 'HBH ,,ueaqAIIaf,, lnaof '9 'gxoqg Hsdoqg :I1o,I,, mg 'g 'xapuag n.1aduxng,, sapmqg '17 'Auad Upagu sawef 'g 'sa.xAV uoxpog Auuqof-,, Auuag I 'g '1.mH HepaaA,, Iaumew 'I :mo.rp.1gqIL'1ue.x9, -.tag UA:Isue1J,.1ag,, AQIIH pue Maxam agu.1aA,, uou.1aA '9 'p.wuoafI Haguuvn auaqeuuv 'Q 21:-agqsqv ufiqqeu -.1aqV,, AoueN '17 gaspxdlng 'g 'sddeg HAIIgfI,, augp 'UN 'Z 'UIWUH '6V, PU? 09. 941196 Pu? 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