George Washington High School - Post Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1949

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1949 volume:

CEODCE WASHINGTON MICH SCHOOL JUNE IOZIO INDIANADOLIO INDVXNA TI-IE FACULTY ! Q CI Q -I Sn Lxyg? J C3106 V725 Gi Wai? 0 1 These able administrators have led the school throughout the year. They are Mr. Justin Mar- shall, vice-principalg Mr. A. K. Jones, vice-principalg Mr. Walter G. Gingery, principalg Miss Myrtle Johnson, dean of girlsg Mr. Audie Watkins, dean of boys. 3 Faculty Mrs. Grace Barker, Mrs. Hester Bock, Mr. William H. Bock, Mr. Henry Bogue, Mr. Ferd Brumblay, Mr. Ross T. Campbell, Mr. Paul Car- michael, and Mrs. Barbara Charles. Mr. Ross Cox, Miss Alberta Denk, Miss Vir- ginia Eckel, Mr. Edward Emery, Miss Frances Failing, Mrs. Thelma Ford, Mrs. Gladys Freundt, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hatfield. Miss Elizabeth Hester, Mrs. Ethel Hightower, . , , 4 " V zgf,:j:s.:5,:i.- I ,: ' z .,L J, 3, "' ' f il. . ,. ' w 75:E:35'i25:1 f "3f ' 'I ' ff , , ' 'U . V v" 11"5:,15,.-' 'J 3- 13, ' aw-. ' 4 I vA-,, QE, an -' ' 'ts- 2 " 5 ' , Q, lr , :ggi -ffl V - aff 2 4 " 'ff 2 ' " 3.12525 Elia ' 4?T57 '3.Zff:'i??5 , ,,.,. . . ' .. ,Q ,Q 1 , 1 ,f 2.2?f',, , 2, ..:f""" ' J-24 ' :. -i :V V' ' V- 1 V , , J' 'v'-'f'V- fb-W 'f-KT!-J." "."i9' al ' -'K f' 54 -9 - -V11-..--:Vw H ..4f,ai'Z., .-W.-V:...:.:.:,:.: 2 - 'f" 3 ,i n ' f J - ' ' ' ', V .ye "ff'W25-'f??ZQ'6f2-'QI7Fff4i41Q:ffcZ IL.,-'Ej?'1Zg'QZ212 ...., . -' 2, . 'V'f::23:I1s.1-ziII"i"'ijij'-2, " f: . zu ,M . : '- 5:2 V 'I H 3-42 " E5?5rif LEM? fs A 1 f 1 f .i,,1i'- " 'rf , ., ':V2.V2fi1'..- ' - -- ff-1 fair -'-:,f.f,.' 1 " ,. t 'v- ' '- ,wwf Jia -' 4 I 4 ' 4 , 4 Q . 1 MC I ,M 4, Q 1 I Mrs. Barbara Hine, Mr. Dave Hine, Mrs. Dorothy Hobson, Miss Corlie Jackson, Mrs. Geraldine John- son, and Mr. Cloyd Julian. Mr. Burton Knight, Miss Mary E. Laatz, Mr. Frank Luzar, Miss Gertrude Lindley, Miss Mabel Loehr, Mr. Lloyd Mann, Miss Mary McBride, and Mr. Russell McClurg. Miss Evelyn McConnell, Mr. Charles Money, Mr. Wilbur Morgan, and Miss Elizabeth Myers. " .? 1 ...f-,.,.V,, 1 .mr ' 1 ' .. 4 -,f ,' , v " '-15'-1" 5,','- ' ' i:1,-tv.-3' V- '.::f:gi::::,.,:'.-: .5ci"'9 R 2 2117.2 , ..-. Q , rs., ' z13I11,,i:i'f45aE1f?,,,, . ,f a . ,..,. -il X., ,-.2511-Y ""' ::".f11iE"j.Z' :2-.V f fz"f3'r' f f 'fat t .p ,.. ' flue ez- -2f:2':':"1'I:I1'I12-:a 1'-1.1221-' :qi ',,Vlf2F V ffa. 1.2, 1-ers 1' , .gg-.s'1.."' V? 12.25-f .':V:f2'1-1. f.??I1g?itg. " f"E:,. 4,515-'f ' E: J: 56:47 ,, .,.g:-' gg, .-Ei, 'HCM ' , 35'3f",1f:y 'rj 2 ,4 -5' ' k 22:1-1.4 . HG.-:vzff ' " " V V -i-'-' K iw-.4-' : Ama -- , . Y -V: -1:.-...g.:g.:g..g m2z5.:e:,, .V.f:- , V. -V aww ' ':4:::?1'f.,, , g,,.,, ,Efi'.-A j, ,. , v sg.z5:,g,:..,s,- r?Q:::'lE-155355535 n H ' 1222- .1 .5 . -'-' ,, . - ,z :V 'r -2' " . -- -, , , 2. f , 'ii' 1' 2 .gf fl .. -ei f. Y 1: -' ..-' , 2: V.:V. kV 035 303554 -I:'f"1?'I: -4" "'?21 '1- -4:gV:'::. 1 - ,5 . Qi-E, , .,,,,.U Eff. 4. 1, . in 9, fa! V ' " 'I . 2 . - V fa- f f, . ,:.. ,255 f Q. ' ... p,+53siii9s5:gf+fV'rj',:z55' L," ' ' ,. V- ' V .521 -ng zz g .,,.L. V ' V ' viz:-ez'xm:-e'f.x 'V . V-1 , x: ' , :ELT-1 " . , ff A ' " df ' 2 kr, ' 'f ," 'BAE 'EE' " 5 -it . 552537 5- 5233- X Mgr... f .,,f,f'4:...V-V... ,V i "-:v- V 2- ' fojffc-: :Q ,Ig- ., V V ,g , , can .V -1-:V'-2115" .1 , 1 iw- -,, V:f:V..:1: '- V. -vs- ' eV- 'mf-w'123 :fs ' .2 -1-1 Iv ' .-1-V , -J.-.V:, , wwf, - f .gt-,Q ,. - . -H 3 5MV5e:5:eEz::Z:::I:-., H ' M: V9 Vf-g , '- 522E2E5:2Z5'5is"EeE.2E::I. ::.415.:3.z:.- t4"":':'x':5ii55 :'zi2:. . -, 3 A I X M f V . - E ' K Miss Agnes Meehan, Mr. Ocal Muterspaugh, Miss Orrell Negus, Mr. J. C. Nelson, Mr. O. W. Nicely, Miss Lillian Niemann, Miss Jean Ober, and Mr. James Otto. Sgt. Benjamin Paris, Miss Marjorie Reinhart, Mr. Harvey Racquet, Mr. Leo Rosasco, Miss Louise Ross, Mrs. Mildred Ross, Mr. Louis Rutan, and Mr. John Seeburger. Mrs. Elise Segall, Miss Eunice Seybold, Miss Samuella Shearer, Mr. Robert Shepard, Miss Mar- garet Simonds,iLMr."lAmos Slaton, Miss Elizabeth Marie Smith, and Mr. Allan Stacy. Mr. Jewell Stingley, Mr. Estil Van Dorn, Miss Helen Wallick, Mr. Ursa Walker, Mr. R. J. Wea- ver, Mrs. Betty Werthman, Mr. John Williams, Miss La Von Whitmire, Miss Jean Wood, Mr. G. L. Woodruff, and Mrs. Bess Wright. Faculty members who do not appear in the pictures are: Miss Hilda Bartelt, Miss Margaret Consodine, Miss Sue Guthridge, Miss Vivian Ely, Mr. Rowland Jones, Mrs. Marie Wilcox, Mrs. Iva Head, Mrs. Anne Burge, Mr. Victor Graves, Miss Gretchen Mueller, Mrs. Shirley Frank, Mrs. Eliz- abeth Randolph, William Kimberlin, and Sgt. R. C. Roberts. Faculty Main and Attendance Offices The women who make the wheels go around! Left to right are Mrs. Lucille Rybolt, Mrs. Aileen Dickman, Miss Margaret Hannan, and Miss Mary Curtiss. And the wheels continue to go around and around . . . Social Service Oiiice Next stop for our '!,9er is the Social Service office where he finds seven school social workers, busily going about their duties. These ladies are Miss Leila Brown, Mrs. Lena Jordan, Mrs. Meda Lorton, Miss Arlene Parker, Miss Emily Walker, Miss Dorothy Zwink, and Mrs. Mary Jane Wimsett. Miss Zwink is acting assis- tant director of the Social Service Department:- Miss Brown, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Lorton, Miss Parker, and Miss Walker are Home Visitors. They help children who are having difficulty in school to make satisfactory adjustments. Mrs. Wimsett is the secretary for the ofiice. She takes care of all the stenographic Work which includes the dictation and filing. The Social Service Department makes avail- able to each child in elementary and secondary grades case work service to help him make use of his school experiences to the maximum of his ability. This service supplements that of other scheolwpersonnei 'and is carried on in very close cooperation with them. TI-IE SENIOR CLASS J, .L t'Will the class please come to order!" So began The officers are: fright to lefty Don Van each morning for the class of '49, From the begin- Hook, presidentg Don Leppert, vice-presidentg ning of September to June, Senior Roll Call was Donna Barrett, secretaryg Dick Adkins, treasurerg buzzing With activity. Lowell Thomas, sergeant-at-arms. 9f Minnie Acton Always around Richard G. Adkins Money mad Adkins Melvin Allender Gimme a hoss Kathryn Anderson Maybe it will be Smith Robert Anderson Quiet but sweet Mary Louise Archer Got a bow Wilma L. Arnett Third finger, left hand Norma R. Ayers He'll be home someday Howard Babcock Washington's Costello Harry D. Badger Another 'LBones" Donna Barrett She has a Lep-pert Carl Barnes Heart Breaker Ferrell Baxter Water boy Rheba Beard The Voice Robert Blevins "Steady Blevins" Norma Bobbett Goldy Locks Magdalene Bosiak I. U., Here I come! Fae Bridges Good Joe Betty Ann Brown Dark Eyes Mary Ann Browning Mysterious Miss Martha Bunch Ivory Tickler Betty Calvert A Melody Francine Camden Surveyor Ed Mary Canner Make mine short Frances Cayley Short and sweet Ruth Coffey Engaging Lady Carolyn J. Cole Warm personality Maynard Cox A .Our friend Maynard Frances Crisp Always fresh Richard Crittenden Every school has one Mae Louise Cunningham Little but mighty Thomas Deakin Hee-Haw Dorothy Deason Topsy Betty Detherage The voice Rhodna Dimitrof The eyes have it Robert Dugar American Gov. Whiz Lois J. Edwards The height of beauty Louise Edwards Which one has the Toni? Anna May Ellis Love went whizzing by Patsy Faudree Is he really 6 ft. 2? Mary Ferguson Speak up, Mary Mary Fiddler Her relation Shirley Ann Figg Attractive Lass Kathryn Fisher King Fisher Theodore Floreancig Summertime Nora Ford Economics student Mona Lee Francis Up in the air about Don Dorothy M, Franklin Friendly Jo nj' f',?rVv I f, X 72, 23 ,WA ,f f f 4 ff , 4 af 4 at ,fl f f 3 g if VV' A Q aff - s JS sv' fi: 4 Robert Freitzsche Twinkle Toes Harold Fritz Modern Einstein Joyce Frodge Silence is Golden Deenie Geloff Strong silent type Mary Helen Gish Chief Gish Villiam Goodpasture Got any gum, Bill Wanalee Gordon Y Pres. of Y-Teens Louise Gosc Sweet as honey Qamucl Graham Just another cracker Harold Green Dig me, O'Dell James Green Smoo Ggbhardt Richard Green Dickie Bird Verna Joan Gribble A help in foods Thelma Grifiith Ask my big brother Naomi Gunn Stick to your Gunns Richard Haase Always in a hurry Patricia Hamm Haney Child Jean Harrell ls it Gaughan Y. illiam Harris His jokes-Whew! Marilyn Hasseld Quiz kid Alma Hawkins From Hawkins to Hawkins Glen Hawkins Have a Hielart Kathryn Hendrickson "Stew's" her meal David Hicks Rhythm Rockers Robert Hicks From the country, boy? Leo Hill He'll be a Rich-man Florence Hill Has her ups and downs Barbara Hoffmeyer Silver Tongue Mary Holzlider R.O.T.C. Heart Dorothy Honea Reads a lot Bernice Hopper Bashful Mary Howe Slim Dorothy Houchens Shorty Richard G. Hoyt Tiny Mo Harriet Hubbard Goes to her cupboard Barbara Huber A pleasant smile Donald Irwin A witty guy Betty Johnson A sweet girl Shirley Johnson A canary Barbara Jones Twinkle Toes Rosemary Jones At last Norma Kemp A Miss Ober fan Fred Keers Pig-skin hero John Lahne Little John Naomi Land Dimples Herman Lawyer Them Thar Eyes Violet Leak Sweet Violet Wayne Lee Whose car? Donald Leppert Triple Threat Jean Leverenz Little Mauler Margie Linville A girl-An airplane Elaine Litchfield Mermaid Bill Litzelman It's my ping pong ball James M. Loftus Just a monster at heart Eugene Love Nothing in a name Richard Luckett Richard The Lion-Hearted Robert Mangus What a Man-Gus Rose Ann Marsh A mellow marsh Walter Mason Herky for short Edmond Maxey Yearbook helper William McCurdy Speed Demon Betty Mclntire Winnie, the intellectual Norma McKinney "Fickle Fanny" Paul Miller Just a bug Ralph Miller Talks as he drives Richard E. Miller Call your shots E. Richard Miller Big Rich Roman Miller Always Roman William J. Miller Last of the Millers Elvin Money Sweet Violet again Patricia Montgomery Her heart is taken James Morgan Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae Maye Morgan She's begaged Lou Anna Mundy Giggle box Jo Neidlinger The walk Rebecca Newlin Do-Re-Me-Fa-So-La-Te- Don Donna Nichols Never in a hurry Albert Otto Albert the Great Leonard Overton Brush Head Patricia Padgett Art student Marjorie Patrick A bit of I1'ish blarney Joe Patterson Printer's ink Joanne M. Payne Nothing in 9, Richard Pedigo Plastic whiz Charles Peterson A Hi-Jack Betty Phelps 113.1116 May Queen Attendant Dale Powell Powell, the pal Doris Mae Power Just a little power plant Robert L. Pruden A dash man Lowell Pryor Sinatra's successor Charles Riley I-Ie'll answer to Fletch Glen Roberts Peg of my heart Russell Ruby He's a jewel Alice M. Russell Alice in Wonderland Linda Sarbinoff Trademark: Bangs Patsy Sawyers She's a twin Q, 4, gs'-. 'QA z- N, -, A s . 5121, . M5 .-T 1 Q 4 .7 U, fp, 53 5 M2 , .- ' 6 ti ee.: Q- .. 1 X ' . f.l':v I ' A I if? 1 jf XZ? , f Qi ,ff 0 A ,M f 4 rw I Q ff' if ja , J 4 J 1+ ' 4 7ifV ' gf X 1 W ff 1 . My 1: fam 56, 4 ,vQgzg4gg,.QQ f ,',i,4'jEf ' L- '112l:2:5Szi5E55Z:'fi?? 91. ?i'Ee'5f: Q IM. . fgaf.,f:1.2a-23::::.s':,s'z::::f,1.-:. L Q, --,,,.,,,.,,.., . 4 " 'Q 5949, Q We gi l X 0 .. ff' gf r ' of PI:-.:-.:v:':-""' "iii 'IW .-51 f ff 1 1, 4 ' f yf 1 , , , 'mg If fe? x V vip, fa f, ' A f-1352, , ' E , -. ,.13,f, V: -,-.' 1 5 L ,1 f ''"5"4':f':5iE55E5Z5'l'.I.:651--. X f V. .fwfiliw 7' 3? 5EQE?:,f,, ,Q - , .. .f .,j:,1j,,:,:::g,1fh, , gszizfx 4' fi:s1'f,Mg.L:- ' I ' , ' gage 1' ff?" " ' ' fi-I :-zaa4wZv4.wzz-2 22-s:f:: ' 4. 3, fg f . w av , SQ he 'lv G .4 " 1-as -ff1:- -. .... mad ..... . ? f. A :'f?'Zi:' 5-. 5, ' . . c v. ...V 7 K! Y Ta ' Q . 1 4 4' Q 9' 'Eff 5 .. , M as fig? fi' as , ,V . 4' fgflfff, , QM, -P 2593 Donna Scalf In Honor Society Dolores Seaborg Ipana smile Gilbert Sellers Gable can't last Patsy Sheets In the school band Barbara Shawver A dream Walking Marjorie Shotts Thinking of you, Margie Donna Skyles Skyis the limit Eldridge Siddons Bright eyes Chester Smith Mad scientist David Smith A Smith brother Doreen Smith Forgetful Jack Smith Smiles while he sings Janet Smith Hair Style Jean Smith Last of the Smiths Albert Soots Janet Soots him Walter Soots He pitches fbaseballl John Slnock Many friends Mary Jane Spiehler Turns toward the West Phillip Springer Ollinville Angler Mary Lou Staab 'Tm Wild About Harry" Carol Stillabower Red's her favorite color Phyllis Stovall Brain storm Homer Tharp Class sleeper George Theofanis A Jumpin' Bean Lowell Thomas Just can't say Dorothy Tingle A little Bell Mary Tasich A twin Kathleene A. Treadway Likes burr hair cuts Bill Tucker Professor king Ruby J. Uhl A jewel Donald Van Hook Mr. President Charles D. Vaughn Physics star Betty Voege Is my face red? Charlotte Walsh Works for the gov-ner Helen West Not east, but west Don Westerfield A handsome lad Tom Wheeler Gone back to Lawrence Pat Whitmore R.O.T.C. Sponsor Lee Williams A jolly guy Pat Williamson Perfection Sue Wilson A cute trick Joan Woehler Laughing eyes Mary Zgonc A - Ardentsstudent ff - A -fm 'A 3" N is x N is Ns. Q sm x N Wikis SX QNAV as X 5 ll sxib X QQ Vx 0 .V 41' I gary, ly' ?Lf:.7"7"'?3 ,, 5 ' il ' ,. V ,,1J', W. 1 ,,-2sl,:.T' ,,,.g:gv ' 41. A, -,.,,4,.- ..,.,., .Q .: .V -. Q:p,',:.,,-.f-.:v., ' 1. 6 ' f 1. . 'M-, , 4.-gay! , i -5 .-jf: I A954 ' , Zfxgf , aff? Qgz Q zsy ....::: k, , 4, - 'i' 72.E1E.E'E.EZE3Z'2"'Z5" ' V , S., c J' f' ' ::'E:?5fI af , 1 9 422, A 'sis a Q ff.: 1 5' , , -1 9 ' Q lj , . wr 4 4 7 f 42' I 2 W Jean Appleget Well'llll1 Celia Boone How's Daniel? Norma Bussell Norma and Her Bussell Jo Carter Which shall it be? Charlotte Caskey Does my hair look O.K.? Delores Cline The Walk Katie Dossc-:E Got a donut? Luis Duncan J nly Pandy Ronald Eggers Good Egg-ers Clifford Elmore Has so many cars Jean Enlow Enlow spirts David Hightshoe Intellectual type Kenneth Hutton Football star in the lot Phyllis Jones She curls her own hair Patricia Lahr Quiet but witty Katie Lambert K-K-K-Katy Sue Land A star in ping pong Marilyn May Why boys join R. O. T.C. David McCarty Everybody's friend Mary Jane Mitchell Clinic helper Helen Mohr Old Man River Nancy Myott Mid-Year Grad Lima Olsen -and Johnson William Pollom Good Friend Bill Delores Quinn Interested in girl sports Rachel Ratcliff A girl of many talents Barbara Sallia Sweet and lovely Carl Schaffer Life time guarantee Dorothy Shumate She is serenaded Jack Stabler Jack is quick William Steinway He's got a car Barbara Trammell Haag's Helper James Vaughn January Grad Evelyn Vudis Full of life Rosemary Whitehead 2nd base G. E. D.'S Joseph Barbour John B. Chevalier Milton Lee Cobb Nick Csire Joe Dugan QReg. grad.j Charles Mills Herschell Schooley Ronald Seaborg Robert Woods fReg. grad.j Other G. E. D.'s are: Conway Alburtis Dallas E. Barnes Edward Benick George T. Davis Frank Dezz David Dill James Dugan Charles Fouts John B. Gonzalez Paul Gottfried Eddie E. Gorrell 1 f ' -'n" . 'f . 35322 WW' is-M Frank Hahn James I. Hayes Gorden Phillip Jared Adolph Jonta Joseph Knight William Lindsey Charles R. Lockhart Fred Medenwald William Miller Donald M. Montague Robert E. Montgomery Fred T. Morgan ly Julius C. Pfieher James D. Pirtle Donald Purtee William O. Smithers Howard Smothers Clifford A. Sprinkle Paul Suirner Robert G. Stowe Chester Todor Edward Trauner John Turner Clarles Wallace THE UNDERCLASSMEN J., nfs .. ,, A A Ny-ek!!! v xxx X, X? 20 These three students represent the senior nodle, freshmang Dorothy Nicoloff, sophomore classes of years to come. They are: Eddie Ker- and Paul Harding, junior. 2179 Leroy Abraham, Carol Abshier, Nancy Abshier, Barbara Adams, Don Adams, Tom Agee. Rossetta Eggers, Don Aichin- ger, Beverly Albright, John Alley, Harold Allison, Harry Altmeyer. Janet Anderson, Louise Ander- son, Pat Anderson, Geraldine An- thony, Mary Appleget, Leona Archer. Roza Arnaudoff, Donald Arthur, David Ashby, Janett Atherton, Trellis Atkins, Rosemary Atkin- son. Inez Avery, Kenneth Ayers, Joan Baggs, Norma Bailey, Shir- ley Bailey, Richard Baldwin. Betty Ballard, Juanita Ban, Shirley Barker, Delores Barnes, James Barnes, Joan Barnes. Jo Ann Barnes, Charlotte Barr, Maureen Barry, Bruce Bartlett, Jack Bartley, Carol Batch. Beverly Batts, Bob Beasley, Don Beasley, Ronald Beasley, Richard Becker, Charles Bell. Jim Bell, Florence Benedict, Mary Benell, Verba Benell, George Benge, Ilene Benge. B 1 1 Q 0' EQZW 03: L ,-- 1 -vw-0 ,.2,7q535j:,555,,: ET, i . mr W 4 5 if 3,4 e , , 2 . 1 'v- fa. a. mf "esf2 . - I 7 , . '-'ff--1: aged 1 ,Q .N ,Q if W 0422? 4 'wi 1:0044 'YQ W. ,Q , M .0454 If " 1364, 1 1 b 'figs 1 if , se ifyww' M' 55555355552 3i:fE'E:E'7l2 Q-'iii 1 2 Z , .Y W Hs if , .Mr 4 1 4 L ty Z' , rf 63, I , +4 .dw 1 ff 4, --NM- :ff . 9 ,fjzk v W if. ef 9 12. T"""' ,Z - 441452 w Q Y' A , f -' , , :.- ,, , , 5, , , -www, 2, M., , , , - . . an Qfigg ft f, Wag f, 6, . MY 4 is -v " QA '. 11435.-'11.Z-,-I-55:-N-. .-:5'5,-I55:- - ---ww, ,cv W., . , .,,:, ,:.:g5.:3,5, ,4,,,., N. , , , ,,....,., ,...:, 3 ,,,.,. .V.. 5 , 1 M es, 35 ,W as Q w.,54,i fi k t: in i ff. , ,J 1 , .--.- . i'?:1.4:1.4:f?f F: 1 Z my A35 W! + -fm mi , mf. Q' 'wwf "' 2 - ,R+ M tv ., 4, 6- i N 'aw az wa ,5"' -4 , ff! aw 4 ,gf Z ,,. v W, X ,Y J va ,pf X K 2 X ., N, , , W , a-aff ' ,aw 3:55, I . ' ' ,-55:75 V9 ,..-v s f N, , ,,, V , ,. , M. , 1' t , , it 'L5:vf2 :vfwvv " 'SEQ 1 . . 5, +31 iifffffe Lv- :2:1:fGafea:-sm - 'it' . - " 2 - vw: it " ' .4 , vxjij ' , jjfokba .fr .jryi fy f 5525 - -- . ' 3247 '5-1'?'15- S 21211 .: 'i-Lie' . .152 . ,I - - am f - 'rf-12-:rzrgrzfrr , .-.,q.,q:.: ,ffy 1, :Q - :fi-, - +-+-je--.-a ffvfv f, V ..,,,,V , ,V,.,. , E, , . ,zlbz : :lz 5 Y 5, gf , ,, , f 2, 5 'f : 5 ei'-Jfi ei ' ss. - A 523' ,Q ,T .,.. ,. . 1 as-fu. by ,,,,,f 1, 55 . '- f V 4 A , A'. V, , if i f 59" 3 A t if f V ,' 5 ,V ' ' I .: '-."1f: - f iw 44,15 f ' sw Joan Benjamin, Bernard Ben- nett, Patty Bentley, Riley Ber- tram, Levine Binishoff, Ruth Birch. Sue Bish, Pat Bishop, David Blackburn, Robert Blake, Sue Blank, Mary Boling. Gloria Bolting, Phyllis Boone, Robert Boone, Helen Borgman, Barbara Bowden, Gene Boyd. Patty Bradford, Jim Bradley, Charlene Bradshaw, Margaret Bradshaw, Willie Bratton, Fran- cis Breeden. Max Breedlove, Jean Brodie, Betty Brooks, Norma Brooks, Ken- ny Brooks, Erman Brower. Loyd Brown, Gloria Brown, Nina Brown, Patrick Brown, Charles Bruer, Charles Bruning. Wanda Bruning, Bill Burket, Frank Burkhard, Richard Buck- rope, Ruth Bunch, Samuel Burge. Howard Burnell, William Bur- nette, Jack Burns, Virginia Bur- rows, Diane Busenburg, Charles Butler. Joe Butterworth, Thelma Buttz, Paul Byens, Ernie Byens, Charles Byrant, Pat Callahan. Robert Calvert, Bill Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Martha Camp- bell, Esther Canalas, Nadine Capps. Sue Caudle, Margaret Carnagua, Robert Carnagua, Norma Caroth- ers, Bonnie Carver, Elise Cart. Elizabeth Carter, Barbara Car- ,ter, Neal Carter, Mable Jo Carter, Patty Carter, Voila Carter. Betty Coslett, Joan Chance, Hel- ena Chandler, Nancy Channes, Leo Champion, Ann Chappell. Lorraine Childers, Bill Church- ill, Clayton Clark, Dick Clark, Kathleen Clark, Joyce Clifton. Betty Clifton, Bill' Cloud, Paul- ine Cloud, Donald Cmehil, Joe Cmehil, George Coats. Jack Coffey, Don Collins, Peggy Collins, Katherine Collins, Patric- ia Colglazier, Carol Coleman. Elnore Combs, Carolyn Comer, Pat Commiskey, Clifton Compton, Loretta Compton, Rebecca Com- stock. Gilda Connell, Betty Jo Conley, Betty Conrad, Albert Cooper, Nor- ma Cooper, Juanita Cooper. 'V . - 2,45 if L.: ,F -55, sg, 1, I WN Qs 1' H n Eli' 5 12, u Y? ' . +. 1 -4:-"-zz:-215.1 fu . , ,M . vm... 1 Joyce Copeland, Don Korby, Jack Portwood, Lois Coy, Don Coz- art, Barbara Craig. Carl Cramer, Jean Cribelar, Phyllis Crockett, Tom Crampton, Marilyn Crook, George Cross. Jenny Lou Cross, Jim Crum, Jim Cubert, Roberta Cubert, Charles Cullum, LeRoy Cunningham. Doris Curl, David Curtiss, Mar- tha Curtiss, Robert Curry, Herman Coovert, John Collinsworth. Norma Dady, Charles Dall, Betty Lou Darnell, Vera Dattroff, Alice Davis, Donathew Davis. James Davis, Marian Davis, Richard Davis, Jerry Davidson, Don Dawson, Betty Lou Dawning. Marilyn Dayhoff, Fern Deick, Rowena Deitz, Jack Demoss, Don- na Denney, Elery Dellinger. Jo Dillinger, Jim Dethridge, Sondra Deuburn, Julcann Deuburn, Janet Dickerson, Barbara Dick- meyer. Toni Dill, Melvin Doan, Sophie Domi, Velma Dooley, Ruth Ann Dortch, Carol Douglas. Denzil Luther, Alice Drake, Olga Dreflack, Fred Drennan, James Duant, Ted Duke. Joan Duncan, Sue Duncan, Bill Dunlap, Virginia Dunn, Rex Dur- rett, W. Dittemore. Eugene Eadins, Carolyn Earls, Bob Ebaugli, Don Edwards, Helen Edwards, Mary Lou Edwards. Robert Elder, Wanda Elsey, Marvin Emrich, Betty Engle, Douglas Eubank, Bill Euglan. William Euliss, Joan Eusley, Yvonne Everretts, Raymond Ever- ling, James Ezell, Jo Fall. Lee Faulkner, Agatha Fields, Jackie Fields, Patty Fields, Car- ole Figg, Robert Figg. Donald Finch, Delores Fink, Ginny Fitzimors, Nellie Fitzimors, Bill Fisher, Marvin Fisher. Phyllis Fisher, Gene Fish, Glyneoloa Fishbeon, Nora Ford, Clarence Foster, Jimmy Foster. Jimmy Sue Fox, Joann Fox, Doris Foxworthy, Vera Foxworthy, Wilma Fugate, Shirley Fulton. '. 1,5 . 55 f Y Qi x ,,g,,,,g , .,' idfli' as Joan Fultz, Dorothy Funkhouser, Cieatha Furguson, Kathleen Franklin, Robert Freeman, Donna Frodge. Gloria Frye, Charlott Gaddis, Pat Jines, Charles Gading, Mary Gallion, Phillis Gulliver. Gene Galogher, John Garland, Deroy Graham, Shirley Garl, Don- na Garsnett, David Garrison. Jackie Gaston, James Gearries, Bob Gentry, Norma Gibson, Caro- lyn Giles, Mary Alice Gill. Kenneth Gladson, Imogene Glem, Nancy Goddard, Sharol Goddard, Dessie Goode, Richard Goode. Mitzie Goodman, Shobe Gould, Lonna Jean Gosc, Stanley Gosc, Bob Graves, Beverley Gray. John Gray, Joyce Gray, Richard Gray, Rosemary Gray, Bob Greene, Charles Green. Bob Greeson, Otis Gregory, Bob Grey, Gloria Grey, Juanita Grib- bon, Charlene Griffin. Lois Griffin, Thomas Gill, Marita Grisam, Vernon Griver, Dorine Groomer, Jean Grow. Mary Ann Gulley, Betty Hall, Geraldine Hamm, Marilyn Hanger, Virginia Harper, Jim Harris. Mary Harris, Wilma Harris, Joan Hart, Pearl Hart, Sue Hart- ly, Barbara Hawkins. Wilma Heady, Alvona Heidere- relch, Alicia Hendrix, Darlene Hendren, Shirley Henning, Lor- raine Hider. Delores Hightshoe, Beverley Hilderbrand, Elizabeth Hill, Ther- esa Hiner, Phyllis Hobensack, Gloria Hobson. Norma Hodges, Betty Honey, Nada Houser, Roberta Houston, Connie Houses, Helen Hotsinpiller. Gene Hoyt, Claire Huggins, Donna Hughes, Norma Hughes, Glenda Hutchinson, Donna Hutton. Richard Imel, Pat Inabnit, Vic- tor Ingalls, Norman Irrgang, Cela Jackson, Hilda Jenkins. Walter Jenning, Finis Jent, Jean Jent, Joe Jent, Helen Jent, Violet Jester. Carol Johnson, Louise Johnson, Morris Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Howard Jones, John Jones. Nelson Jones, Norman Jones, James Jordon, Florence Kazacoff, Joyce Katia, Randolph Keen. Dixie Keith, Dona Keithley, Betty Kehar, Bill Kelly, Mary Kelly, Pat Kelly. Colleen Keltner, Darlene Kepner, Jerry Kerkhof, Bill Kern, Betty Kernodle. Eddie Kernodle. Jean Kernodle, Beverly Kill, Patty Kitts, John Kirkham, Nan Lou King, Ray King. Robert Kinnaman, Betty Kin- ney, Betty Kinslow, John Kivett, Evelyn Knapp, Cynthia Knapp. Ronald Knarr, Bill Kniech, Ethel Knight, Patty Knight, Sara Knight, Charles Krise. Patricia Korn, Louise Kramer, Boo Kirkpatrick, Virginia Kre- theotis, Jim LaFollette, Beverly Lanne. Shirley Lanman, Florence Lakin, Boris Lalioff, Mary Lalioi, Char- les Lamar, Norma Lambert. Lowell Lambert, David Land, Mary Jane Lanman, Larry Law- alin, Alyce Lawson, Betty Larison. Don Larison, Shirley Leamon, Clyde Lee, Rosetta Lee, Grace Lefter, Robert Lee. Rita Legault, Allan Legg, Rosa- lie Leopard, Annabelle Leonard, Joan Leslie, Norman Leverenz. Bobbie Levi, Don Lewis, Don Lickliter, Molly Slinker, John Lightfoot, Jackie Linder. Mary Linder, Pat Linder, Gerald Lindsey, Wilma Lindsey, Bill Lin- ville, Dick Linville. Donna Limp, Joan Littlejohn, Lila Littrell, Everett Lodge, James Loftus, Ruth Loftus. Wanda Loftus, Martha Logue, Shirley Long, Earl Lorenz, Rob- er'a Lott. Junior Lowe. Betty Lukins, Jim Lucas, Rich- ard Lyke, James Lynch, Norma Lyons, Mable Macha. Perclita Machey, Ruby Madden, Henry Madley, Robert Mahan, Richard Malone, Adrienne Madal- back. Dick Mann, Nancy Mann, Jim Marshall, Barbara Marx, Don Martin, Doris Martin. Floreen Martin, Norma Martin, Willidean Martin, Charles Mar- vel, Everrett Maschino, Marshall Mason. Larry Masterson, George Mat- thews, La Vonne Mathews, Pat Matthias, Jimmy Mathis, William Mattox. Norma Maul, Sylvia Maur, Mary Maunger, Lois May, Morris May, Wanda Mayfield. Charles McAllister, Robert Mc- Callie, Donald McCam1ner0n, Pat McCammeron, Sara McCottery, Arthur McDaniel. Gwen McDougal, Ray McDougal, Roy McDougal, Alice McElfresh, Harline McElfresh, Jark McEl- fresh. Joan McGill, Monica McHenry, Juanita McKay, Dwight McKinney, Harold McKinney, Joan McKinney. Dick McLain, Doris McNew, Barbara McNabb, Ruth McNabb, Patsy McQueen, Pat McVicker. Jerry Meadors, Dorothy Meden- weld, Gilbert Meece, William Mel- bert, Lester Menchoffer, Mryna Menges. Delores Meleon, Esther Merwin, Jack Miller, Janet Mills, Stanley Miller, Betty Millinger. Everett Mitchell, Elizabeth Moore, Barbara Moore, Jim Moore, Lottie Moore, Paul Morgan. Barbara Mooney, Bob Mohr, Robert Mohr, Joan Moran, Bar- bara Moreland, Elmer Morton. Dorothy Morris, Martha Mundy, Marjorie Murdock, Norman Mur- phy, Roberta Murray, Robert Mur- ray. Catherine Myers, Charles Myers, Thelma Napier, Tommy Nave, James Neal, Doris Nei. Karen Nelson, William Nelson, Barbara Neville, Katherine Nev- ille, Shirley Newnum, Richard Ni- black. Dorothy Nickoloi, Billy Nichols, Donna Nichols, Rose Nightlinger, Dana Nokes, Mary Kay Norman. Frank Nolton, Hershel Nor- thern, Dorothy Norris, Raymond Offratt, Mary O'Hare, Dorothy O'Neal. John O'Neill, Betty Orebaugh, Wayne Ormsby, Betty Otto, Charles Overman, Walter Overton. Leona Page, Jim Paino, Alice Palmer, Walter Para, Joe Parham, Gene Parker. John Parker, Joan Parks, Ken- ny Parmer, Maxie Parrish, Don- ald Parrott, Donna Patterson. Ida Mae Patterson, Donald Pence, Dolores Pendley, June Pendley, Wilma Perkerson, Dick Perry. James Perry, Treasel Perry, Le- roy Phelps, Dorothy Phillips, Vio- la Phillips, Pat Pierport. Jean Plummer, Jewel Plythe, Betty Poland, Jackie Polley, Nor- ma Poole, Bill Porter. Gilbert Porter, Rosie Porten, Keith Powell, William Powell, Jo- anne Powers, Perry Price. Betty Pridemore, William Plan- ger, Loretta Purkerson, Nula Pur- ichia, Doris Quillman, Donald Quantz. Myra Rabb, Sally Raines, Es- ther Ralston, Kathryn Raney, Ros- ie Ratliff, Shirley Rawlings. ' Jim Reading, Thomas Reddy Peggy Rager, Kay Ridenoun Chuck Reinbold, Irene Rejko. Don Repass, Lilburn Richards, Phyllis Richmond, Earl Ricketts, McZell Riddle, Tom Rielly. - Norma Riley, Phil Riffey, Dixie Rike, Elizabeth Roberts, Glenn Roberts, Juanita Robinson. Norman Rocco, Virginia Rod- man, Freddie Rooney, Suzanne Ross, Ann Roth, Donald Rover. John Ruby, Evelyn Rule, Miri- am Rule, Marvin Rumple, Pat Turpin, Richard Ruwe. Ralph Rush, Glenn Russell, William Russell, Shirley Ryan, Mary Sanders, Frances Sauer. Robert Sawyer, Jack Sawyer, Gary Schneider, Roland Schroeder, Jack Scoggan, James Scott. Louise Scott, Margeruetta Scott, Vechel Scott, Leonard Scotten, Ronald Scotton, Donald Sears. Francine Sears, Patty Sue Scott, Vernon Sebree, Bill Selzer, Char- lie Serie, Gus Semenick. Wiley Senteney, Phyllis Shack- elford, Eugene Shaffer, LaVon Shaffer, Margaret Stansbury, Mary Lou Shannessy. Jean Sharp, Glenn Shaw, Phyllis Shaw, Phyllis Shaw, Joyce Sheare, Alva Shelburn. Karol Shell, Ida Shelton, Gloria Shires, Lawerence Shirley, Patty Sheeks, Bill Short. Louise Short, Tom Short, Fran- ces Shotts, Gwen Shotts, Bob Shoulders. Donna Shumate, Albert Sigmund, Lillie Simmons, Marilyn Simmons, Clifford Simpson, Daniel Simpson. Ernest Simpson, Mary Ellen Singleton, James Skaggs, Jerry Sheeks, Floyd Skyles, Jim Stevens. Winston Shaun, Lexie Smother- man, Imogene Smithers, Billy Smith, Carson Smith, Donald Smith. Gerald Smith, Julia Smith,Lillie Smith, Mary Kay Smith, Myra Smith, Robert Smith. Virginia Smith, Betty Smock, Della Smock, Ray Smoot, Rosie Snyder,Lois Sommerville. Lewis Sommerville, Earl Soots, James Soots, Melvin Soots, Mil- dred Soots, Wilma Springman. Irene Spry, Joyce Sprowl, Wayne Sprowl, John Stabler, Lorena Stab- ler, Fred Staggs. Billy Siaford, Wayne Stanfield, Joan Sianley, Jimmie Strange, Patricia Stegemoller, Shirley Stev- ens, R Sue Stevens, Doris Stevenson, Bob Stock, Bob Stockton, Sandra Stockton, Lovella Stogsdill. Patty Stone, Shirley Stone, Betty Stonebraker, Elizabeth Skonebraker, Bill Stoneking, Vera Stoyanovich. Carl Strange, Phyllis Strouse, Norman Stuart, Jerry Sublett, Alice Suddith, Dick Suddith, Irwin Suddith, Joan Suddith, Ray Suddith, Neil Sullivan, Tom Sullivan, Ann Swallers. Eugene Swindler, Don Switzer, Juanita Sylvia, Barbara Tate, Pat Tate, Betty Taylor. Marjorie Taylor, Martha Taylor, Marvin Terrel, Donna T6ViS, Phillip Thomas, Cliff Thomason. Gene Thompson, James Thomp- son, Orville Thompson, Paul Thompson, Ruby Thompson, Ruby Thompson. Robert Thompson, Wesley Thompson, Sid Tillery, Paul Toler, Jerry Tolson, Agnes Totton. 'WW' 2 'irsw' , A. If ui, I 1. .,fg,Q5Z?f.x xx , . .V,, . A aw 2- gif. YI, .,.j,,,, ,L .Wfi3:- an -. X, ' .95 . -f ., . K if f 2. w -i ':.z:E5Ef3 'taxa :Jew -21:1 5 ' ' . f xo" ' ' f'. 1 'W 'lgl is f, .4 44" 1 5 5 , EE.,-Aj., 'W' 51.3 ' M . - ' gf :ff -. ..Q as ,wif W, . 'gf R 5 . .. 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Q" ' Q"5Ef'f ,.g..4 vy ' 1 ' , .,. ,km V 1. . af, , 2 f l ,, ,. 0 3 1 xx. -.a .. 3 , , , ? f --a v? . 6 -Egfr Ji iw .4 A , K 1 'Wi , W 'rbi f'1': -w i F' 1 - g - '. . .rf H'-Lzf" 'sf:., -192262511 - ' A ,., 7 4 'aes M f ,Y ' W9 91 " 6' Egg , 55? 5 4, .. l.,,,..., J' f 'X A3 1. 14 , ,I 2, ,MWA , lfagf, ,. ffs f - .. gsfg .- - " V if if . ..,. - 1 J' ' ' Z -. -'ei , " - i,., W... .r 3-:QQ--. 330- , V -w -f:s:as:..:. W 'WK' .- ' ?"": Z :ww 1 .r . af' 1 if 2, Eff' f rf s: . -. .-Y ': .. ',.....,. -5-.j:.:a . ,V V - , v m i -4:31295 ' '- . :N -'1 ' V- awpwsfv z, .1 3 ef' ,f H , M 1 - f fp . qi, 4 " -in.-w 1 --I-I-1---...g-,.,,2Q3a2? P9 - we .gf A N . :...:,sf.1.62-iz.5.,f.:,:,af,:.:3:.I.-lain: ' C . ' .- ' We ' W. f .P E 9 e - . ,Q gang wx ,agjgkz .- - -eygggq. 6 . V ., Y S 'S f V 'Tl' -1 Y .:fais',2g1f:-as I -:,2- ' GM .59 . fa ::- ' ' . . 4,,egfaga.4,e..g,,,Q41,:5g:g:g:5:gg:,:g-.-:-:':: 2-1' H i" V. :lk I ' 55" 3 ' ' ' V " f:.... 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Lois Tutterow, Shirley Tutterow, William Underwood Jr., Joanne Ungles, Norma Ungles, Allan Van Blaricum. Beverly Van Cleave, Carol Van Devander, Nancy Van Dunk, Ruth Vanmeter, Donald Volheim, Bar- bara Vargo. Beverly Vargo Dorothy Vaughn, Bob Veatch, Joan Veech, Joan Via, Charles Wagner. Pat Walsh, Paul Watz, Shirley Waltz, Wanda Walton, Mildred Walsh, Tommy Walls. Don Wallman, Charles Wallace, Doris Wallace, Alma Wall, Tom Walker, Charlene Ward. Joann Ward, Robert Ward, Har- ry Warren, Jeannie Wasson, Charles Waterbury. Carol Watson, Geraldine Wat- son, Georginia Weare, Paula Weare, Richard Weasner, Joan Webb. Pat Wehr, Dale West, Dwain West, Beverly Westerfleld, Jackil Westerfield, Aldon White. Mary White, Russell White, Wilma White, Delores Whitley, Geraldine Whitley, Dan Whit- more. Marjorie Whitmore, Claua Whit- ney, Nancy Wiggam, Richard Wig- gam, Shirley Wilhoite, Ronnie Willey. Bill Williams, Carl Williams, Carolyn Williams, Douglas Wil- liams, Jack Williams, Kay Wil- liams. Marilyn Sue Williams, Norma Williamson, Marijane Willingham, Keith Willoughby, Marilyn Willi- son, Bob Wilson. Catherine Wilson, Jus Wilson, Lonnie Wilson, Mary Wilson, Bill W'lson, Geraldine Winchester. Paul Windish, Bill Wing, Pat Wingert, Tom Winings, Bob Wiser, LaDonna Wise. Pauline Wise, Bob Wittman, Mary Woodall, Leroy Wood, Shir- ley Woodward, Awanda Wasllen. Benny Wright, Donald Wright, Pat Wright, Jimmy Wyckod, Zella Wyne, Norma Yoder. Bill Youck, James Youcm, Emer- son Young, Alvin Zeunik, Dorthea Ziske, Meryl Zucker, Doris Zuinn. FFF' fry Mary Burton, Nancy Cham- ness, Betty Creasy, Tony Fey. George Garland, Alberta Giles. Eleanor Hazlewood, Sara Hil- ton, Donna Hibbard, Joe Jent, Ed- die Kernodle, Mary Jane Lamnan. Elmer Lowery, Ralph Nichols, Wayne Ormbsy, Barbara Padgett Jim Peterchei, Bob Ray. Rosie Snyder, Don Tipmore, Wanda Walton, Jackie Williamson, Marijane Willingham, Goldie Woodall, Steve Yerich. Jimmie Abraham, Martha Alex- ander, Danny Anderson, Sue An- derson, Lois Annes, Joan Atherton. Fred Archer, Earnest Barnes, Carolyn Beasley, Richard Bee, Ilene Benge, Margaret Blackwell. Anita Bloomenstock, Herbert Bobbett, Meredith Bom gardner, Jimmy Borshoff, Roy Bullock, David Burnell. Phillip Burke, Ronald Cannon, Emma Lou Chandler, Janet Clifton, Barbara Cloud, Richard Cobb. Jack Coffey, Carolyn Collins, Frances Connell, Glenna Cox, Paul Christoff, Buddy Davis. Virginia Davis, Thelma DeFord, Marjorie Delk, Dorthy Dickmeyer, Anne Dosseif, Welbun Dunn. Donnie Eastman, Ronnie' Erl- wards, Barbara Elsey, Alva Ezell, Tom Ferguson, Beverly Fischer. Shirley Ford, Shirley Ann Fra- ley, Dwight Freeman, Eileen Free- man, Helen Galliver, Shirley Goodman. Mary Gebauer, Allan Germaine, Mary Gibbons, Arleen Gray, Eu- gene Gray, Earl Greathouse. il Henry Griffin, Lois Halpin Beverly Hamill, Alice Havercamp, Betty Hawkins, Patty Hawkins. Carla Hendricks, Millie Hensley Carolyn Hickman, Chester Howard, June Honea, Kenneth Hurst. Beverly Innis, Lewis Johnson 1 Morris Johnson, Thomas Kaptain, Betty Kelly, Judith Kidd. Ann Kinnard, James Knarr Richard Landrigan, Janet Leak, Robert Lechner, Delbert Lee. Barbara Leesinan, Virginia Lemons, Helen Lewis, Oliver Lo- gue, Tommy Lurch, Betty Lynch. Charles Maddox, Betty Mahan, Charlene Markhan, Edward May, Shelah McCurdy, Jean McKinney. , Sally Michud, Betty Lou Miller, Garnet Miller, John Mohr, Peggy Mulry, Patty Murphy, Edward Murray, Doris Neff, Charles Nell, Doris Neville, Marion Underwood, Betty Nichols. Willard Noel, Marguerite Over- man, Jerry Owens, Lila Pleasant, Carolyn Perry, John Petty. Marleen Rail, Marilyn Randolph, Eugene Rankin, Raymond Reeves, Shirley Riggan, Jean Roach. Richard Rush, Beverly Selzer, Frank Shuiiiitt, Joe Simpson, Lou- ise Simpson, Pat Skiff. Colleen Smith, Nancy Smith, Wanda Smith, Sherea Spivey, Mary Lou Strader, Rose Stowich. Ed Swails, Rosemary Taylor, Marvin Terrell, Marlene Thomas, Gene Thompson, Joe Thompson. Alice Townsend, Phyllis Tru- ex, Lola Underwood, Dorothy Vaughn, Peggy Vibbert, Gary Wada. Joan Wagner, Mildred Wagner, Connie Ward, Chester West, Earl Whitley, Marilyn Williams, Marilyn Willison, Ruthie Wil- son, Sannie Yates, Jackie Youch. Mary Sowders, Harold Robb, Beverly Englert. 43 TI-IE ACTIVITIES J' x'- A :rl -75 ' I 'uni x' 1 ig I3 I 'atv 'Q ! .lQ,sQ1:g 44 Not all time at school is spent with books. ing bulletin board announcements of school activ- There are many pleasant diversions in the form ities are: Roberta Cube-rt, Charlene Guffin, Elmer of clubs and other activities. Pictured here. view- Lowery, and David Curtis. ,V Q ,A 47 Library Bookstore C15 nic The library a quiet place to study. There are three libraries in the school. They include the sci- ence library, the history library, and the main li- brary, which is pictured above. Mrs. Thelma Ford is head of the main library, Miss Marjorie Rein- hart has charge of the history library, and Mrs. Mildred Ross is the science librarian. The assist- ants pictured above by the desk are Faye Lam- bert, Myra Raab, and Alice Palmer. Miss Beverly Farquar, bookstore clerk, helps to keep the 'wars well supplied. Waiting to make purchases are Don Van Hook, Mary Helen Gish, and Agnes Totton. The clinic serves as a first aid station for in- jured "workers". Mrs. Shirley Frank is in charge of the clinic. The clinic assistants pictured stand- ing are: tleft to rightj M. Tasich, C. Stillabower, R. Dimitroff, L. Edwards, K. Anderson, J. Apple- get, B. Trammell, W. Arnett, J. Neidlinger, M. Acton, N. Abshier, and fseatedl L. Gosc, and Mrs. Frank. e Chemistry Biology Crash! Bang! Oh, that smell. What is it? It's those Frankenstein genuises at it again. Midst test tubes, Bunsen burners, beakers, flasks, and all sorts of bottles this group meets each day and ex- periments under the direction of Mr. Allan Stacy. Pictured here are Bob Bruning, Gerald Smith, Boris Lalioff, Bob Pruden, Charles Vaughn, Jim Green, Beverly Albright, Mary Holzlider, Deenie Geloff, and Donna Tevis. This group with their inquisitive minds are determining the increase in the weight of iron when it is heated in the air. Room 208 is the chem- istry lab. Midst frogs, fish, and pigs coated with for- maldehyde, these microbe hunters meet each day in the biology classrooms or in the science library in 201 to continue their study of living things. Seated from left to right are: Gloria Brown, Eliza- beth Carter, Delores Finchum, Mary Lou Edwards, Donna Skyles, Harry Irick, Elizabeth Hill, Juanita Cooper, Jack Portwood, Arlan Lickliter, and Shir- ley Long. The class pictured above is one of Miss Hester's fall semester classes which met in room 209. Yearbook Makers Early in the fall, work was started on The 49er. Senor and underclassmen pictures were taken. The engraving of pictures began in December, and the final pictures were ready for the engraver in March. Printing on the yearbook began during 1h's month also. The staff, first semester, were: Cleft to rightl Mary Helen Gfsh, editor-in-chiefg Norma McKin- ney, piclure editorg Donna Barrett, art staff c3- ordinatorg Jean Leverenz, senior co-ordinatorg Naomi Land, activity eclitorg and Agnes Totton, unalerclassmen editor. These girls were "gold diggers" on The .wer for they collected the Senior fees, and sold sub- scriptions to the underclassmen. The first four girls have spent the whole year working on this book. Mary Helen led the staff over the rough spots until there was a clear road ahead. Norma spent a whole year sorting the un- derclassmen pictures and putting them in alpha- betical order. The cover design and the administration panel were drawn by Donna who Worked diligently With pcncil and eraser. Jean, who finished her job ear- ly, assisted Norma with underclassmen pictures. Francine Camden, a second semester addition to the staff, served as copy editor. Guiding' the destiny of the staff the first semester was Mrs. Ruth Brinkmann. Mrs. Betty Werthman vffs sponsor second semester. Surveyor Staff Every afternoon in room 251 "the presses be- gin to roll", when one of the busiest classes in school meets. This is the Journalism class which is known to most students as the Surveyor Staff. With the five "W's" impressed deeply upon their minds, this crew faithfully gathered their news. Pictured above is the staff of the first semester: Cleft to rightl : Helena Chandler, exchange editor, Francine Camden, editor-in-chief, Pat McCam- merson, feature editor, Joan Hart, assistant busi- ness managerg Don Leppert, business manager, Mary Ann Gulley, assistant exchange editor, Tom Wheeler, assistant copy desk editor, George Theo- fanis, co-sports editor, Elaine Demos, assistant news editor, Marquita Rhine, reporterg Carolyn Comer, copy desk editor. Seated at the table: Jim Moore, news editor, Melvin Allender, co-sports editor, Eva Quick, librarian, seated at the typewriters: Mary Lou Staab, assistant editorial editor, Kathy Treadway, assistant feature editor, Loretta Compton, assist- ant librarian. The second semester staff consisted of Elaine Demos, editor-in-chief, page 1 editor, James Moore, page 2 editor, Mary Ann Gulley, page 3 editor, Pat McCammerong page 4 editor, George Theofanisg copy editor, Melvin Allender, busi- ness manager, Joan Hart, photographer, Paul Morgan, exchange editor, Nancy Abshier, librar- ian, Eva Quick, reporters, Jean Leverenz, Pat Kitts, Linda Sarbinoif, Shirley Atchison, sports reporters: Gib Sellers, Rolland Schroeder, and Harry Warren. , MM , Lg WM' 5 ,ya- Music Mr. Robert Shepard, Mr. Louis Rutan, Mr. Edward Emery, and Miss Alberta Denk keep the musical notes rolling at Washington. There are many music groups in our school. These include the Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club, Advanced Choir, Concert Band, the Orches- tra, and the Colonial Chorus. During the Christmas season the halls were filled with beautiful music furnished by the Snow Carolers, who are members of the Colonial Chorus. Mr. Emery has charge of this group. ' Mr. Rutan directs the band. This group usual- ly plays for all the home football games, and they also march with the R. O. T. C. for the annual in- spection. Miss Denk leads the orchestrag and they, too, furnish the school with many hours of musical entertainment. The two Glee Clubs and Freshman Girls' Chorus supply music for any special occa- sions. Mr. Emery also directs thes-e vocal groups. And so, "Merrily, we roll along, roll along---" Printshop The print shop is always a place of busy workers. They are constantly on the go either getting the Sufrrveyor ready to meet the publica- ticn date, or printing programs and forms need- ed for the student body. These boys also do a splendid job each year of printing the year book. Some of the other shop classes in which the boys can prepare for a job after school are elec- tric shop, metal shop, and wood shop. These classesphelp the boys gain vocational training while being of service to the school. as ig Home Economics With pins in mouth and scissors in hand, these girls start their day. Ready to take a piece of cloth and turn it into a beautiful garment which will show the results of their work- manship, these girls satisfy a desire to create. In sewing and cooking they are aided by the teachers who direct their skills in a guiding way. When these girls graduate, they will really ap- preciate how lucky they a1'e to have had this training. ? Art Staff These students drew the figures and designs which appear in this book. Magdalene Bosiak de- signed the title page. Kenny Ayres designed the "little people" which appear on the division pages. Janet Smith's autograph hunters appear on the last page of The '49er. Rosemary Whitehead's girl represents the girls' sports. The person who thought of this wonderful idea of calling the book The 'wer was Norma Ayers. Other members of the Art Staff are: Riley Ber- tram, Mary Jane Spiehler, Bill Stoneking, Marco Tasich, Marilyn Simmons, Marjorie Trammel, Ra- chel Ratcliff, and Donna Barrett. Last and certainly important, is the person who directs the art work on the yearbook, Miss LaVon Whitmire. Her untiring efforts are apprec- iated by the staff. Dramatics Now we find our 'l,.9er roaming through the halls again. He has made his way to room 104. . . Wait! What was that horrible scream! Now some- one's laughing. What's happening here? Let's go in. Oh, how awful! That poor girl must be in miseryg look, she's crying! Oh, my goodness! We should have known. It's Mrs. Bess Wright's Speech Class rehearsing a play. This class has provided the school with much entertainment during the year. On George Washington's birthday the Speech Class gave a skit honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In December they presented a parody, "The Visit From St. Nick," in choral verse. In March, Shirley Waltz, a member of Mrs. Wright's English III Class presented a number of "Civic Pride" speeches. Bill Haines, a member of the Speech Class, entered the American Legion Oratorial Contest. His speech was entitled, 'tOur Constitution, Ours to Defend and Protect". And with these good things in mind we take our '4.9e'r on down the long halls. . . Boosters "Come on team, fight!" This is just one of the many cheers that may be heard at the sport events frcm the Booster section. This club also plans pep sessions which get everyone in the proper spirit to win a championship game. From this club come our cheerleaders who put a great deal of time into the perfection of our cheers. Mrs. Hine, Miss Lindley, and Mr. Otto are the sponsors. Business Builders These students are interested in the different commercial subjects at our school. They meet each we-ek with Mrs. Freundt to plan Ways which will stimulate their interest even more in this vast field. Com- merical subjects give many a boy or girl the training necessary for that first job. Latin Club These club members enjoy learn- ing more about the language of the Romans and the customs of their time. To them, as to any of us who know ihe derivation of many English words, Latin is not a dead language. Mrs. Bock and Mrs. Head are the sponsors of the Latin Club. ' Y-Teens This club is under the sponsorship of the Y. W. C. A. Its aim is to pro- vide an opportunity for the girls to get experience in any branch of activ- ities in which they may have an in- terest. The Y-Teens encourage inter- est in different vocations, a variety of recreations, personal health, and religious activities. Wanalee Gordon is presidentg Mrs. Charles is spon- sor. Civic Quest Under the leadership of Miss My- ers these students endeavor to learn more about how our system of gov- ernment is administered. They take an active interest in the laws pass- ed by our state and national legisla- tures. Members not only enjoy them- selves, but learn to appreciate the true meaning of being an American. Washingtonians All girls look foward to becoming members of the Washingtonian Club throughout their freshman, sopho- mo1'e, and junior years. Only girls of the Senior Class may have the honor of being a member of this organization. These girls plan parties which welcome the freshman girls to our school, and try to help these freshman get adjusted to high school. Miss Myrtle Johnson is spon- sor. Student Council Our Student Association is a recently organized group repre- senting the entire student body. Each roll room has an elected rep- resentative who attends all Stu- dent Association meetings and re- ports to the home room the busi- ness of the meeting. Glen Hawk- ins is president of the group. Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Barker are fac- ulty sponsors. Lettermen's Club Anyone want a strong right arm? This is the club where you will find one. Only boys who have obtained a major letter in a part- icular sport may become a mem- ber of this highly regarded club. Members of the club include: M. Allender, J. Lahne, G. Sellers, J. Hodson, D. Paap, G. Theofanis, B. Lalioff, L. Thomas, C. Barnes, D. Powell, R. Adkins, F. Keers, J. Smith, and D. Leppert. Dave Hine is sponsor. Spanish Club "Bucnas dias!" This phrase is familiar to all members of the Spanish club. This club has speak- ers at their meetings to discuss the customs of South America. They also have parties. Mr, and Mrs. Bock help these students to create an interest in Spanish speaking countries. R. O. T. C. The R.O.T.C. units are headed by Sgt. lfc Benjamin Paris, com- mandant, and Sgt. Richard G. Roberts, assistant. The objective 'of this course is to build better citizens. The R.O.T.C., in addition to the mili- tary subjects, sponsors the annual Military Ball and Picnic. Also this year for the first time, the mili- tary department is sponsoring two scholarships. The R.O.T.C. sponsors and cadet ofiticers pictured below are: Major Patricia Whitmore, Captain Betty Voege, Captain Charlene Brad- shaw. iSecond rowj Captain Paul R. Miller, Major Dewey Humes, lst Lieut. Donald E. Irwin. 1Third rowj Captain James W. Green, 2nd Lieut. Harry B. Jack, lst Lieut. Robert C. Veatch, lst Lieut. McZell M. Riddle. , . J , QW 1 4 f g f W THE SPCDRTS Gow fy. xx JL I A 4 Mme-amiga. fmm Washington High School students are loyal George Theofanis, co-captains of the basketball supporters of their basketball, football, baseball, teamg Carl Barnes, football captaing Bill McCur- and track teams. dy, trackg and Don Leppert, the only returning Pictured here are Richard Crittenden and letterman on the baseball team. 39 The Football Season The 1948 football team, captained by a running guard, Carl Barnes, won 2 games while dropping S. Barnes was injured during a practice session last year when he broke his leg running into a bench. Due to this injury he played only defense because of his slowness as a running guard. There were other injuries to hamper the Con- tinental's record last year: Richard Adkins broke his leg in the second game of the year and was out for the season, Joe Patterson dislocated his shoulder in early season and was out for the rest of the campaign, Fred Keers was injured with a slight brain concussion during the Short- rldge game, Frank Fleser recieved a leg injury during the South Bend Central game, and Jack Smith also recieved a leg injury and was kept out for the major part of the season. The senior backfield men during most of the season were Don Leppert, at left-half, Gilbert Sel- lers, right-half, Dale Powell, fullback, and Glen Hawkins, at blocking back. The senior line men, or, as some say, "unsung heroes," were Jack Smith, endg John Lahne, tac- kle, Fred Keers, guard, and Charles Scalf, at center, on the right side were Lowell Thomas at endg Charles Peterson, tackleg and Capt. Barnes and Joe Toscano, guards. The juniors of the team command a great deal of respect for their chances for next year's team. Junior backfield men were Mike Purichia, left halfg Ed O'Riley at right halfg "Butch" Lali- off, at fulbackg and Larry Lord and Bill Kelly, blocking- backs. Junior line men were: Don Cozart, Jim Hodson, at endsg Bob Hicks and Bill Short, tacklesg and Capt.-elect Roland Schroeder and Per- ry Maschino, the guards. The "B" team, coached by Frank Luzar, went all the way for the third straight year for a "B" team championship. The team played all the season, until the last game, without being scored on, then a boy from Tech went through tackle and guard for a 65 yard run to have the honor of being the first Washington B team opponent to taste pay dirt. The Freshman team won 2 and lost 4 games. The team is coached by capable John Williams. lmost, But ot uite Shown in the foreground is Homer Hawkins CNOQ 865, Continental's right halfback, trying 561 l hard to get a pass thrown just out of his reach by Don Leppert, the left half, in the Shortridge game. The Blue Devils went on to overwhelm the the Westside 26-0. Other Continentals in photo are Dale Powell, fwith patch on facej, and Charles Scalf, ffacing cameraj. 4 1 E ,- Basketball Team lst row: G. Sellers, L. Overton, W. Dittemore, G. Theofanis, R. Crittenden, J. Smith, S. Tillery, T fr' A 2nd row: Mr. Amos Slaton, B-team coachg F. Fleser, E. Lowery, R. Schroeder, H. Badger, J. Lee, B. Gray, Coach Dave Hine. 3rd row: J. Wycoff, J. Seamen, R. McDougal, V. Bertram, B. Haines, D. Curtis, L. Masterson, R. Clemmons, C. Rance, L. Woods. L The Bucket Boys The basketball team maintained for Washing- ton a top spot in inter-scholastic basketball. The Continentals won 8 and lost 12. In December, the "Big Five" took the City Tourney, defeating Tech for the championship. The quintet was defeated by Tech, 42-40, in the first game of the Sectionals. The Speedway game was considered the best played because of Theofanis' oifensive, Crittenden's rebounding, W. Dittemore's defensive, and Smith's fighting spirit in defeating the County Champs. Theofanis was high point man with a total of 259 points for the season and an average of 12.6 points a game, and he was also chosen forthe All- Sectional Basketball Team. Crittenden, Theiofanis, W. Dittemore, Smith, Sellers, Badger, and Overton are graduating, and the returning Lettermen for next year are Lowery, Schroeder, Tillery, B. Dittemore, and Border. Coach Dave Hine, an alumnus of Washington High School, is in his first year of coaching the cagers. We congratulate Coach Hine and wish him luck in future years. Meanwhile the B-Team coached by Mr. Amos Slaton, did well with a record of 13 victories and 6 defeats. Chief point-getter in the basketball campaign was Larry Masterson, with a total of 97 points. John Williams' freshman squad ended their season with 6 wins and 9 losses. 63" . 431. ,, Q ' 095 ,, ' , , fi figs 5 x kms am. " f ,N ,' . . Bama ,. A . " l ,i ...- .ye,.:fq. .1 .' ' ' ' . ,f , ,, :'fif'1.4'z:6'ff'1Z -'-' no S , .- , . .. y f .. , "mgyf V . ....... f ff , - f', ly , --4.-t-::::g:,535- "'- Wi-Z'-'i f M42 is-'arm -5-"13'55f5:5:53"'"IV-A . - V A f, :4 Q ,t.-mf, .. ,,.,:-,,W, ,f- -' g.vf'v'1' ,,- '11 - -1 " ff xvfzz- jr: "" .1 F."M',f4:.' 1.1 1.12 1.- 9" f ' QWW fy . .Rxvfif "-.z:5:1:3-asf:-5.2:-' '1!1ff:f1.iPf?'f'tZ7?iI ,I4-j-' ,'-'I.-'f',", ,--' ff, 1-"1 If,".Q,,Z'fJ-'Legg511213-,.fQf',2ff'EZ'2fg'f'f'fgJ'-Ef'gif',"'jQj.,'Uv.:,3' ,' , ., . W, ,. ,..,, ,A ,f5',.,4.,.., ,f-.fM1.,,',if,41.,f 4,9,14-vga-wgcf-f-1-' f-A-' gf,,.',c-5 f 1 ' , 2,1 I- Cross Country lFront to backj Howly Hawkins, Capt. Bill McCur1ly, Ralph Nichols, P Bernhardl, Joe Butterworth toy McDougal, Bob , and Bill Allyson. This cross country tcam i Coach Julian ever produced. The state and won the marjority of their meets. Capt. B. i . 1ll McCu1dy, only senior, was num Bob Bernhardt, number two dJ s one of the best y qualified for the ber one man, , an oe Butterworth, Captain-elect, was number three. 'I 64 , , .. ,Z , , , , , a am, QM V of -1, ' wxwffg-, ' A A , f . ' , K y ..,, 1 44 4 N.. 742 Track Team lst row: Boris Lalioff, Bob Reuter, Bill Nie mann, Jack Hensley, Ca t. B ' p ob Stewart, Jim Mc- Carroll, Gene Roberts, Dudley Dunn, Jim Hodson 2nd row: Mgr. Dave Paap, Maurice Wilhoite Cl - -nt ' ' iavles Titttei Don C l l l A . , arise, Stanley Benge, Dennis Jent, Bernard Brown, LaSalle Fleming, Kenney VanArsdall, Bill Cook, Bill McCurdy. 3rd row: Coach Curly Julian, Mgr. Bob Lincks, Leroy Wood. Bob Hicks, Marco Tasich, John Keene, Harry Badger, Perry Maschino, Joe Patterson, Bob Bernhardt, Roland Schroeder, Jack Smith, Bill Allyson, Mgr. Andy Smith, Assistant Coach Amos Slaton. This is the first time W h- as ingtfn ever won a City Track Crown. Bill Nie- mann is " ' ' ' ' shown in this picture broad Jumping. Baseball! Once more as spring comes a young man"s fancy turns to baseball. Washington lost all their lettermen but one. Chris Theo- fanis, one of last year's stars, will con- tinue his career in college. Last season, Chris' one-hand stab saved the game against Ben Davis 2-1. The best game of the year was at Victory Field when we played Broad Ripple. Dennis Jent signed a contract with the New York Yankees. Wilhoite got an extension on his contract with the Dodgers to go to college. We came in second for the City Championship. Now for this year's team. Coach Luzar says the team will only be as good as the catcher. Don Leppert, the only returning letterman, is playing this position, and the coach says he has the makings of a fine catcher. Bob Bell will pitch. He had some experience last year. As this book goes to press, everyone is eagerly awaiting the beginning of the baseball season. Baseball identification: lst row: D. Jent, B. Lehr, C. Theofanis, M. Wilhoite, H. Soots, M. Cham- bers, J. Dimitroff, J. Hart, P. Frame, B. Trinkle, 2nd row: Assistant Coach R. Jones, E. Brower, R. Bell, W. Dittmore, D. Leppert, J. Lee, G. Theofanis, D. Edwards, mgr., and Coach Frank Luzar. Don Leppert stands ready and waiting for the pitcher to pitch the ball. Winfield Dittemore is ready to catch it, too. Winfield was a relief catcher. This is Leppert's third year to play ball under Frank Luzar. Winfield played last year. There are 18 boys working hard and hoping to be one of the starting 9. 'YS C. G. A. A. The Continental girls went out for sports in a big way this last school year. As a result, the C. G. A. A. had a larger than average membership. There were enough girls interested to organize an intramural "round-robin" basketball tournament. The six teams and their captians were: "Howe," Barbara Vargog "Tech," Rosemary Whiteheadg "Shortridge," Lois Coyg "Manual," Joan Gribbleg "Broad Ripple," Elizabeth Moore, and, "South- port," Patricia Bishop. Only one team, "Howe," was able to survive the rugged tourney withouta defeat. At the close of the basketball season, lst and 2nd teams were chosen to compete as a curtain raiser to the annual Senior vs. The World game. These 16 elite "femme hoopsters" put on quite a show, and proved their proficiency at the sport by piling up a 36-26 score, in favor of the lst team. After the "Hoosier Madness" had worn off, the girls turned to volleyball and baseball in which sports they again proved themselves cap- able and had a swell time doing it. Girls' Sports "Now, your next aim is to do two forward rolls on the mat. After you can do this, go to the balance beams and practice another aim I" Where have those words been spoken? Why, in the girls' gym classes, of course, and probably Miss Eckel, Mrs. Segall, or Miss Loehr have uttered them. Aims in these gym classes are parallel to the work assigned in other subjects. A set of aims, which usually includes work on me mats, ladders, horses, rings, balance beams, exercises, rhythmics and the sport then in season is made up for each class by the teachers every six weeks. After sufficient time is allowed for the learn- ing of these aims, pupils are graded on them. This is done on a point basis, five points being the per- fect mark. As you can see, this system is fair to the student for the aims grades, plus some other re- quired work, produce a clear picture as to the grade a girl deserves on her report card. ,M A iw gash 'X 2 155 iff: those dear days together 6.9 In dear old R ,ji 'Z 'Nviwf WW A81-,K I Washington UTQGRAPHS gg fa- .w ACKNOWLEDGMENTS George Washington High School Print Shop Indianapolis Engraving Company, and Mr. Bob Wells, Indianapolis Times Indianapolis News, Mr. A. R. Stacy Harry I. Killion Ka Sons, William H. Block Company 72 1'-M M ' www "f N, -qquwv 'X f'4,n , fflaL7,M.j'egm ,I , . V '-"Y-X, ' "1 -1. 4 B ' 1 1 ' 1 A Vg 4' ' . Q. Nu? -v 41, , ,Vi . Wg ,. ' ,M 'J 'W' I f- gf ' 1 - A H, . yi :ls AA ,111 xv! ' 'S I xxx ali .' , lx 1 ' ' Y 1 A , . 4 xv fs.: ' ' 'f'4xv! 4 QQ ' -' 7. .4 ' - A 'Lx , 'I' qw 1-J' r F s , 1 I ,n,,1 1 U X 1 N , , XIAL, 1 M J. N'! l' I I 1 U l'.j."'fk,z , s ' W I .,,,,,, " ,. x h. N HW. yv., 1 .. M' 'U 0111-1131 P l.- '. . 'ga

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