George Washington High School - Post Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1941

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1941 volume:

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We have emerged, from our blackout into the clear light of knowledge, that constitutes democ- racy in action. We stand prepared-with hearts and minds at attention-conscripts on parade ! - ffvrffs wx-1 :wh y .f A - , 11.1 ,.1 .,1,.,:.-. 1 .,,. - ffbfv-11' ' 1 Q S Q ,., 1111.1 4.4. ' KT? 11- . fr 2 IJ , ,11 22 5- 1 17 Ns IP' INT,-1 1.1:--sf? 1 ' as NS 3 2 I , ' 1 5 5111- S2 1 :ff 1 f if V : N 1 2 A Qzifsisi. 1 , l 1 1 535: 21551151 51 1 l 11 - 'A' " -111.1 2-1-1. . :1:, . 1 5555151 :1:s2E3i :1g1g1g55Sz 51515155 2 -,..,.....,,,,,R -11:-as '1 :ErE:?E"' '-'-1:5 WM 11 11'xvv""-'- 1. .. 3, 19 ' 1 1,1g '. 2 ' -gg 11,1.1.1. 1 g 1 Q I 3 11 1 1 1 1 H ----" f f" S 1 l S 3 1 3 W ll I I l l I I I I I ' 5 -1: '-sez? 'asf 1 +- Q ' ies 1 .1 .,.,.,.. 1.1 . 1 1.1.11 . . Q J .1:1a:- ly '-:F-. 'g' '- ggi' 1 :P ' A : , E51 --2 if"rEI -:. "I ZEN- N : ' ' " ' 1 1 2 7 'S-F' .-1 ' .m i 1 - i 521:1 1 1 " QXS11- rg -rv- IQ.. zffs: ' I 11:11 " T, 'Q Q " 5'-: ' ,.., .1 - .'1. .'.5"' -.'-we 1, " -Q51 ' ' 1' " X ,gg -N -ff F-'-xi ' " ,,1-- ' - .. .-: , - ml:-1-:Qc-5:Mm-rf:-.-ze-1-:1 1.1:-Q-.1.1:2:e'. .wx-:-:2E2:E ."rE:-:-.-:-:4-..I. -N-:i"43f . - 'f'i:'I-T3 '---'2iS:2f'2.":2."-f"N?-:2'i'Y:5'ffi"" -- X Eff: 5 xx X WRX .1 X X ' ,,.. , . .M-1.1z1,,,-. 1 . . Q. V- - I-1.51: xx 15,1 ,Q KNQ 1 v 1 1 MX 11 ' 1 . ,Q 1 t ..., ,,.k, . ,IE X M " -"' -"-" I ' 1- . i -' Q ' 1 ' 1 ' ' .A t "Q: ' Q1 3 g- XX Q' 3:"11:'E1'3,. +9Q:::jS11'5". -15-'"I:1:P?Eif'3'-.'Y:ff'1'--?k'?QN'mi1I'XN C' 5- N5 Xb X.: n .. ..,. ,11 km .1.1,.1.3:M1 x 11X .1 . ' "" X AIQQ1 ' 1 ' fi 1.-.CM X' 15 +1 1 NX X 1, Q Smgg1ww.m.1111111 1 4 X 1 h fill .1 N Q M Rss -gk x X: 15, -4 . P X ' ff-xxwx 1x1 , Q, 1 .- 1. 1 111. N is , 1 X X - .1 X X -1 leafy X 1 HY I I A .RAS X 1 1 , 1 ' -.o- . -.XA AX-X . 11iz:S:f221., 'M 1iS11?f:, 5g1gr2f?5E1:5. :Q -fri," - -wk Q: X Mya D9-9If ee '50 W 01? We ,0gU'efUS XZ 1 T ,iff .A ..., -' Q: 1 Er:-:-:earl-ifzwiamz44.4E29x4-vc-ws-'. 1-1'-:-:Ii-s'-S'-ff-. +1-L-:-419' -I1-2525 552542-,155 .-1-:-:-z-:-gqlidi-:-:-:-zluriz'-P1-1-bziizl-2414919515:1-1-1-11-'v '-2155" "1-1 -1-ci'-924115415 :-ze-:-1-:-:,:-urge.1-:-ana-:Baal-1-:e-su12:14-2-:-:Amr541-:4::-:1- zf "f wf'f4s'5h -Q '-cf:---czngggq "1 -'-' " Q ,fffff 5 fag 0694 f'fff6,0Uf'9'f'fffA M4 fo fi? ' eff y qlffw db Dy Ofy fig Ji ij 50 0055: and 9 df We 002' J Owjsbg 5531. di!!! 0055 Whig 03577001 0,05 6 0 W4 by fl7llN Gr ON H ,x,.,f1I LMA ' DEDICATION We Salute! Sergeant Wolff of the United States Armyp Second Lieutenant Shepard of the United States Marines. We Honor! These representatives of two major defense groups the Army and the Marines . . . for their noteworthy achievements in instructing the youth of George Washington High School in the fundamentals and ideals of National Preparedness. We Dedicate! To these GOOD SOLDIERS the SENIOR POST of the year 1941. Senior Class of '41 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Front Row: Mr. H. Glenn Ludlow, Mrs. W. E. Van Talge, Mrs. W. R, Burcham, Mrs H. L. Schuck, Mr. Truman Tucker. Second Row: Mrs. R. R. Katterhenry, Mrs. J. M. Green, Mrs. R. F. Bell, Mrs Charles Tullis. Third Row: Mr. Gingery, Miss Johnson. GEORGE WASHINGTON MEN'S CLUB First Row: Roscoe Cornkle, T. O. Tucker, W. G. Gingery, C. G. Baker, S. W. Hart- sock. Second Row: H. E. Chace, R. R. Cross, A. H. Blank, VVill H. Brown, Leon Weather- man. Third Row: Louie Moller, L. H, Mart-in, M. D., J. B. Mehaffey, Wm. Emirich, Jr., E. T. Gaddy, M. D. Wwij-QS x wg xxlx- XL iw-Q: 97 - Xvwif . ggi - Q x Ov :jfgffsilix Q t,N,Xl A Q XXX -Xi .XS Q, , S:S'??I??T5i x NS- ..X- x X Qxzi F? .X .fwS'5xf. -T.lrXQf?X X5 fix., .L A QNX . RM .5 3 'S L v1ln1 ,pf F14 1? CNW Rl DRESS RADE Charlotte Marie Adams 1508 James Edwin Adalms 1509 John Mike Adams 1510 Paul Edward Akens 1511 Margaret R. Albertson 1512 Robert Preston Alkire 1513 Robert Paul Allen 1514 Bette Geane Anderson 1515 Catherine Marie Angrick 1516 Esther Amelia Angrick 1517 Norman Buster Angrick 1518 Charles E. Appleget 1519 Margie June Applegret 1520 Algerd Joseph Armin 1521 William David Asher 1522 Bessie .lane Atkins 1523 Zora Bacaloff 1524 Martha Myrtle Baker 1525 r Vll'j.l'lIli21 ll. Baker 1526 lflniml LaVonnc Ballard 1527 llornthy li. 1'!z1l'thel 1528 Ruby lillvn liartlott 1529 llubvrt Valvin Hattin 1531! Murgurvt li. 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Lnrntson 16379 Hmsle-y W, Lnwry 1680 Margaret Lucas H581 Ross-mary Paths-rine Lux 1682 I"rzuu'vs Juanita Macy H383 Louis Glenn Muder, Jr. 1684 WV' Rnsv Mzltknvirll H585 Shirle-'.' Mattzil UNH Martina Ute-Ilia Mauser 162-47 Rubs-rl lVIc'f':1fY0rty H388 Raylnmui IT. Mc'C'lur0 1639 ,lnrnew M. INT'-Donald H290 Barbara E. McFadden 1691 John Edward McGuire 1692 Ralph Allie-rt McKay 1603 Raymond E. McKay 1694 Margaret McKeon 1695 Helen Louise McShane 1696 Ruth Ann McWethy 1697 Ellsworth Meadows 1698 Lois Meere 1699 Russell Mellinger 1700 John Menchhofer 1701 Wilma Elizabeth Mergole 1702 Henry J. Nilharcic 1703 Jennie A. Miller 170-1 Cpul Jean Miller 1705 Vfillizixii Alonzo Miller 17l'6 Robert Wil iam M llspaug 1707 H'1.'El1Q1'i11Q J. 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Smith 1774 XVilliam Henry Smith 1775 William Samuel Smith 1776 Doris Louise Smitha 1777 Raymond li. Smoot 1778 Charles Leo Snyder 1779 Rose Solomon 1780 George H. Sortwell 1781 .l um-t Susan Sortwvll 1782 Antonia M. Sparcnlmleli l7X3 llarriut Syvlx-clicl' ITH4 Jnsq-pls .lrilill Sizlllisll 17813 Mau-tha Stunlcy 1787 livtty U-vliv Steele l7H8 Virginia Gladys Steele 1780 .l0l'4l2lll ll. Stcpllmmtf 17290 Rivlmrcl Louis St0l'j,I2ll' l7ill lilizalwtli Stvwvurt 1792 Hamld Elwood Stl-wart 17923 William Stvwurt 1794 ,lx-nu llmiis Stim- V795 lic-tty llc-lc-ri Stom- 17965 VVilliam Allm-11 Strong: 1797 llarry ll. Sullivan 17208 Mzxriv Swozxrimyin ITUQ llzimlml l". Taylor' 1800 John W. Thomas 1802 Vharleyne V. Thompson 1803 Evelyn Vivian Thompson 1804 Fred G. Thompson 1805 Shirley Mae Thompson 1806 Lucille Helen Tompkins 1807 Alma Justina Trusnik 1808 Richard Lee Tucker 1809 Blanvhe Ellen Tullis 1810 Violet Amelia Turner 1811 Laura Jean Updike 1813 llernard Va.nSell 1814 Suzanne VanTalge 1815 Hurry Waggoner 1816 Marjorie Wagoner 1817 Albert E. Walker 1818 lmogene Ward 1820 Lu' erne Warner 1821 llc-i'iia.i1l Watkins 1822 Mai'i.fai'et Mae Weaver H423 Phyllis .lc-an W1-hh H42-1 .losvpli Lewis We-ber 1825 M4-lln'a Wilma Wvovic H4213 Rrrlivfi li. Wvi'lSS H4227 Vharlvs F. West H428 .lainos lii1'hai'rl lYliilc 12429 llc-rln-i't lion White H4510 Roy Whitvfl 18151 Viola Man- Willa-rsmi H1252 Vharlvs J. Williams lfififl Mary .lvanno VVilliains IXIH liclith l'1lc-imra, Willoughby 1835 Millard V. Wills, .liz IXIHS K1-nnvtli Ray Wilson 18258 Richard W. Wilson 1839 B1-tty A nne Winter 1840 Richard Wishmire was WWW 1841 Betty Lou Wittman 1842 Josephine Ellen Wolfe 1843 Sophie Yeran 1844 Barbara A. Yount 1845 Mary Frances Zunk 1846 Joseph Zupan, Jr. 1847 OFFICERS' CLUB First Row: Cadet Capt. Poindexter, Cadet Sponsor Norma Jacka son, Cadet Capt. Rairden, Cadet Sponsor Mabel Mohr, Cadet Major Menchhofer, Cadet Sponsor Mary Lasou, Cadet Capt. Lewis, Cadet Gapt. Curfrran, Cadet Sponsor Rhodna Repcheff, Cadet Capt. Waggon- er, Cadet Sponsor Martha Metcalf. Second Row: Cadet lst Lieut. West, Cadet 1st Lieut. Guire, Cadet lst Lieut. Everett, Cadet 1st Lieut. Reeves, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Lentz, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Hillard, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Singleton, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Cripe, Cadet lst Lieut. Metcalf. COMPANY "A" First Row: Cadet Cpl. Heishman. Cadet Sergt. Hill, Cadet Seryrt. Clayton. Cadet lst Serxzt. Nichols, Cadet lst Lieut. Everett, Cadet Capt. Rairden, Cadet Sponsor Mabel Mohr, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Cripe, Cadet ist Seret. Davidson. Cadet Scrgt. Skiles, Cadet Serpft. Hull, Cadet Cpl, Shroyer. Second Row: Cadet Pvt. Scalf, Cadet Pvt. Watkins. Cadet Pvt. Tudor. Cadet Pvt. Stsewart, Cadet Cpl. Lcdbetter, Cadet Cpl. Chaney, Cadet Pvt. Smith. Cadet Cpl. Combs, Cadet Pvt. Clearwater!-1, Cadet Pvt. Harlan, Cadet Pvt. Hoff. Third Row: Cadet Pvt. Yuunef. Cadet' Pvt. Busch. Cadet Pvt. Hoffman. Cadet Pvt. Northern. Cadet Pvt. Laue. Cadet Pvtz. Grover, Cadet Pvt. Humphrey, Cadet Pvt. Keene. Cadet Pvt. Pylcs. Cadet Pvt. Chapman. Fourth Row: Cadet Pvt. Dial, Cadet Pvt. Weaver. Cadet Pvt. Morgan. Cadet Pvt. Wolfe. Cadet Pvt. Moore. Cadet Pvt. Coleman. Cadet Pvt. Sutherland, Cadet Pvt. Buch- el. Cadet Pvt. Davis. Cadet Pvt. Bain. Fifth Row: Cadet Pvt. McKee. Cadet Pvt. Southworth. Cadet Pvt, Dohrosavlevirh. Cadet Pvt. Morgan, Cadet Pvt. Eakins. COMPANY "B" Sitting: Cadet Pvt. Kikendal. First Row: Cadet Sergzt. Northern. Cadet Serrrt. Leo, Cadet Sergt. Havron. Cadet lst Lieut. Everett, Cadet Capt. Poindexter. Cadet Sponsor Norma Jackson, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Lentm. Cadet lst Serpt. Davidson. Cadet Sergt. Wise, Cadet Sergt. Boyd. Second Row: Cadet Pit. Craney. Cadet Pvt. Fertig. Cadet Cpl. Porter, Cadet Cpl. Miller, Cadet Cpl. Perkins, Cadet Cpl. Dehart. Cadet Cpl. Robbins, Cadet Pvt. Town- send, Cadet Pvt. Bickers. Third Row: Cadet Pvt. Just, Cadet Pvt. Smith. Cadet Pvt. Duffy. Cadet Pvt. Northern. Cadet Pvt. Greenwood, Cadet Pvt, Gillis. Cadet Pvt. Watkins. Fourth Row: Cadet Pvt. Nelson. Cadet Pvt. liarthel. Cadet Pvt. Parish. Cadet Pvt. Figg, Cadet Pvt. Shipman. Cadet Pvt. Cox. Cadet Pvt. Hauser, Cadet Pvt. Hart. Cadet Pvt. Stanley. Fifth Row: Cadet Pvt. Moore. Cadet Pvt. Lee. Cadet Pvt. Kress. Cadet Pvt. Fatout. Cadet Pvt. Smith. Cadet Pvt. Cox. Cadet Pvt. Johnson, Captained by Warren Rairden, Company A practices its motto of Respect, Obedience, Truth, and Courtesy. Robert Everett, a senior, is the compa,ny's First Lieutenant. Ellis Cripe has been oficicially named Second Lieutenant. Sergeants are Donald Clayton, Forest Skiles, Burley Hill, and Max Hull. Cor- porals include Dayton Combs, Duane Ledbetter, Earl Chaney, Maurice Heishman, and Donald Shroyer. Mabel Mohr serves as company sponsor, each week checking the attire, cleanliness, and courtesy of the officers and prixates. With Captain Morris Poindexter drilling the company, and Sponsor Norma Jackson inspecting them each week, Company B maintains a high degree of Respect, Order, and Cleanliness. Dick Lentz serves as Second Lieutenant of the company. Other ofiicers include: First Sergeant Harold Davidsong Sergeants, Will- iam Boyd, Harry Northern, Rich- ard Lce, and Marshall Wiseg and Corporals, Howard Porter, Robert Perkins, Donald Robins, Dalton DeHart, and Louis Miller. lilmul limi t'urt'm:u1 plays Nitp- nlt-mi to Vmnpzmy t'- -lt'iltilllg' tlwm in military mum-uvt-rs. t'lizn'lvs lik-st, se-t-mul tn Vztptuin t'ui't'mzni in vmiiimtiitl, liultls tlit- rank of First l,ic-uta-nunt. Furl Singleton is St-mmtl l,ivutt-nzmt. tttln-r otlim-rs of tlu- Vuinpznly uw: First St'l'j.Q't'lllll, liolu-rt ltzlvisg St'l'jJ,'t'2l.lltS, liuymmitl l:0tltg't'l'S, t'li:u-It-s llugguv, Vlzturls- Lanhzlm, :mel Ilfmztlwl llyzlrtli t'm'poruls, Ru- in-rt Vztuglm, Mnlilrm lit-nnvtt, William li. Smith, t'ltz1i'ln-s Busch- :-ii, :mil llnln-rt t'ull't'y. lllimlnu K1-yn-lim-tl' is tltt- SIHWIISUI' . 1 nl t Ultllllllly t'. Vztptatin ll:u'i'y xv2lt.L'1.1ttltt'l' com- nmmls Unnpzuly lt. Mc-i'lv SI:-tvulf, lfirst l.i1-utt-mint, is ss-vmul in com- mzmcl. Sistm-r Murthzn, Ms-tcznlt rt'l'Yt'S IIS Vlllllllillly SlltDllStDl'. Utlwi' ullivvrs of tlw cmnpzuiy irivltulvz l'li'st Nfmfvzliit llurlwrt ttlivm-rg St'l''ZllltS, Louis Millvi :tml .lanws 'l'lmxtrmg t'm-pmuls, ,ltilm Wliitv, l'ill1,.1't'llt' Walls, :mtl .lnvlt t':unpln-ll. 4 i r X Ct DM PAN Y "C" Sitting: tml'-t Pvt. .-Kugt-ll. First Huw: t'arivt Ss-rgt. limligvlw, Vault-t S4-rut. Hugin-, t'udvt lst SQ-rgt. lmvis, t':u.lvt lwt Limit. Wm-st, Pudvt t'npt. Vurfnmn. t'aslt't Spunsur Rhodnzt R.-prhvtf. Czutlet limi Situtlu-lull, t':ultt Svrut. lmllhunm, t'zulet Serizt. llyxnl. Sf-1-und Row: Oxide-t t'pl. Smith, Curb-t t'pI. Vzunzhn. t'ndet t'pl. llost-hvn. Ciuivt St-rut. tiurrisun, lladvt Master St-rut. Havrun, Undo! t'pI. Combs, Cadet t'pl. Bennett, Vault-t t'lyl. t'utl'e-y. Thirwl ltnw: t'ud4-t Pvt. Vlanrnizuz, t'auh-t Pvt. Nolan, t':ulvt Pvt. Vlvvlwlitrt, Vinlvt Pvt. lislunlzul, tizuitft Pvt. linnigzttn. t':uit't. Pvt. lilwhunan. t':uie't t'pl. Todd. t':uie't Pvt. 0livt'l', fulivl Pvt. Nil-hills. Fourth Huw: t'urtt-t Pvt, Swvuringin. Faris-t Pvt, Svhrf-ilwr, l':uh1t Pvt, Puh't'll, la- tlvt Pvt, Adams. tfiuiot Pvt. linlwr, t':xdt't Pvt. Mart'-ntlt, fntivt Pvt. Mille-l', Fado-t Pvt. lfldwurslw, Facia-t Pvt. May. Fifth Huw: fzuivt Pvt. lNilli:lms. t':idvt Pvt. Stzuiish, t':ult't Pvt. Mean, t':nit-t Pvt. Qtmntz. Undvt Pvt. W'il:4un, Vault-t, Pvt, tluurtm-y. Vinh-t Pvt. Randulph, t'mtt't Pvt. llrad- shavv, t'nriPt Pvt. Hulltwk. Sixth Row: Vault-t l'vt. Krutuslnt, Fznit-t l'vt. Joins, Vault-t lst St-r1,:t. lhwidsvm. t':nIe't lst Sr-rizt, Ulixvr, t':ulvt Pvt. Kiiiruitt. COMPANY "D" Sitting: t':ld0t Pvt, Iivll. First ll-iw: t':ntt-t St-rift. Hnvl-un, t':ult't lwt Scrgt. Olivt-r. t'ude.-t t'apt. t'url'nunn, t':uln-I lst Lie-ut. llvevcs, t':uivt Vapt. Wztgziqum-r, tfudt-t Sponsor Martha Mvtrulti, Vault-t lst Limit, M4-t":llt'. t':td4't Ist liivtit. Wtst. Undvt Se-rgt. Rodgtrvs. St-4-mid Row: t':ulxt S1-mt. Mill:-r, l':ltlt-t t'pl. Vzimplvvll. Padvt t'pl. White, Vinh-t lst Sn-rut, llavitlsnn, t':ult-t Malin-V' NIA-ni'hhnt'cl', t':ult't Svrizt. Thnvtun. l':ult-t l'pl. W'alls. Vande-t St-rut. Imilt-y. Thirtl llmvg t'ndt't Pvt, Jnynt-r, Furla-t Pvt, Artnstrnmq, Uzlfivt Pvt. liivimzstun, t'utlf.'-t Pvt. Pvatt, t'ntln-t Pvt. Hzullt-y, t':nlvt Pvt, King. t':uivt Pvt. Hvndorsun, Fiuivt' Pvt, Mtv Qui:-f-m-y, Fourth Row: t'nut't Pvt, Hmvulwl, t':ulvt Pvt. Musk r, t':ult-t Pvt. Sturmt. t':ltl0t Pvt. Ilurnt-ll, t':uivt Pvt. .lurflznlr t':ul4t Pvt. Hudson, Vault-t, Pvt. t':tsn1il'v, Vault-t Pvt. Mnhmwv GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM First Row: Jean Gatlin, Betty Fletemeyer, J-eanne Karnes, Jean Linn, Helen Phillips, Virginia Wright, Genevieve Wood, Anna Gerbeck, Joan Spaulding, Blanche Tullis, June Garrett, Shirley Mattal. Second Row: Miss Loehr, Kathryn Hastings, Pauline Broderick, Al- ma Gates, Helen Katterhenry, Helen Agnew, Virginia Noe. GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row: Jean Gatlin, Virginia Wright, Margie Garringer, Blanche Tullis, Jean Linn, Helen Phillips, Joan Spaulding, Jeanne Karnes. Second Row: Miss Mable Loehr, Jeanne Winters, Margaret Brock, Betty Fletemeyer, Genevieve Wood, Shirley Mattal, Anna Gerbeck, Helen Katterhenry, Mary Logue, Jerry Crosley. After a season of strenuous training, these valiant soldierettes bravely marched onto the field of battle to meet the oncoming foe, Shortridge. This small army of hard fighting volunteers used many strategic maneuvers to out- wit the resisting force. Both de- fensive and offensive units, form- ed of Washington's Continental Coeds, fought hard hand-to-hand battles with warriorettes from Shortridge. Ending their season with a mor- al victory, the Coeds stored away their equipment and began pre- paring for training in other phases of their "health defense." Another phase in the Continent- al Coed's "health defense move- ment" is training in aerial accur- acv and combat. The aviatrix squadron were given basic ground training before being allowed to take to the air. After their ground work, they were taught aerial fundamentals, and were permitted to start work- ing towards their "wings" Several of the trainees put in many hours of "solo flight" before the aerial combat with the "flyers" from the Indiana State School for the Deaf. Although the local cadets fought a fast battle, the Silent Hoosiers bested our Coeds during the en- suing "dog fight." Coach llenry Rogiu-'s 1940 pig- skin toteis played eight ball grannies, winning three, losing' three, and tying two. Although they failed to win the city title, the Continentals captur- ed the South Central Conference football clizunplonship. Several of the boys received berths on the All-City teams, and liill Keers was nominated to the All-State eleven. Danny Roth, quarterback, eup- tained the 19.10 a5ry.51'egation There have been teams in VVash- ington history which have bwasted more enviable recorls, but this year's squad showed the tiqhtinf spirit and the will to win, which is the characteristic of all Washing- ton athletic teams. "Lady Luck" snulabed Washing:- ton's 1940-41 net snipcrs, but des- pite all the had breaks, the Con- tinentals set Greencastle back on their heels to the tune of a 34-25 shellaeltingr. This was the only vic- tory of the entire campaign for the Jonesboys, hut it was a well- earned one. ln the elty tourney, the Contin- entals succumbed to Tech, and Sin-edway's Sparkplugs eliminated the Joneshoys in the local section- al. "l'arlie" Veterehetl' led the team and deserves all the credit which can be bestowed upon him. Several heartbreakers were lost by Coach Rowland Jones' charges. Cravvfordsville nosed out the Con- tinentals in the last 20 seconds of play, and Franklin came from behind in the last quarter to rob the Jonesluoys ot' another victory. 31 Fl H YTBA LL Hack Row: R. linigght, mer., C. Hell, Ii. Esarey, I. Huttz, ll. Gt-urge. R. Stultz, R. Healey, T. Hayes, R. Flum, M. Bennett, D. Hartley, M. Harrison. Fourth Row: Ass't. Coach C. lVIeNerney, C. Wagrgoner, li. Tacliitt, VV. Crisp, C. Landrey, F. Kinney, D. Maris, W. Greenwood, M. Hut- ton, L. Sehotts, L, Seottcn, W. Rolingr, Ass't. Coanh F. Luzar. Third Row: Coach H. B. Bogue, C. Cole, P. Paino, VV, Smoek, E. Harris, J. Piekard, F. Williams, C, Petranoff, L. Condon, J. Haboush, J, Neraston, B. Jones, R. Gingery. Seexnd Row: T. Colbext, ll. Schaetlel, R. Alkiie, XY. Ke:-rs, E. Lowry, H. Rrown, R. Kiefer, C. Shull, H. Rickenbaek, U. Roth, Capt., R. lltillspaugh. Front Raw: W. Hunting, R. Russ-ell, E. Rogers, L. White, C. Staf- ford, H. Hazlewood, R. Leonard, R. Reed, F. llyles, J. Rauer, E. Stone- house. BA Sli ETBA LL Fourth Row: Coach R. H. Jones, Don Robbins, nigr., NYalter VVer- ner, iIH2fl'., Don Maris, Robert Flum, mg'r., Roger Knight, mgr., C. J. Julian, ass't coach. Third Row: Waller O'Brien, Harry Miller, Don Hartley, Robert L. Jones, Everett Tackitt, Lowell Scotten, Carl Roberts Jr., Walter O'BriLn. Second Row: Richard Gingery, Gerald DeWitt, Don King, Lester Retry, Robert Alkire, Everett Rogers, Robert P. Miller. Front Row: John Brent, Don Cauble, Jack Montgromery, Harold Fulton, Carl Peterchetl', Kersey Iisarey. TRACK Fourth Row: H. Norton, J. Strangeff, J. Bertram, K. Norman, R. Nye, O. Ferguson, L, Harvey, A. Frodge, L. Pacala, R. Leslie, C. Vidito, E. Jones, E. Fertig. Third Row: Mr. C. J. Julian, coach, M. Harrison, R, Marendt, J. Brower, L. Posey, L. Scotten, R. Flum, I. Buttz, V. Kitcoff, C. McNerney, ass't. coach. Second Row: R. McKay, back. R. Gingery, E. Harris, ton, R. Irwin, Hutton, L, Berry, R. Miller, C. Williams, Kress. Mr. H. B. Bogue, asst. coach, Mr. Sullivan, W. Smith, R. Jones, H. Ricken- Petranoff, W. Smock, D. King, J. Neras- Front Row: B. Skaggs, J. Jacobs, N. Dunn, F. Hoagland, F. Hoop, R. Vinard, W. Croan, D. Hillard, R. McMillan, R. Browning. MINOR SPORTS Back Row: Richard Lentz, Robert Clegg, Coach L. H. Good, tennis. Fourth Row: Don Hartley, Robert Rhodes, Bobby Joe Turner, Mich- ael Daly, George Craven, Coach Dean Smith, softball. Third Row: Everett Rogers, Carl Roberts Jr., John Brent, Don Burkett, Gilbert Ilue, Earl Wells. Second Row: Robert Marendt, Harry Miller, I.loy.l Posey, VVm. Smith, Harry Sullivan, Coach C. J. Julian, cross country. First Row: Harold Fulton, Calvin Stafford, Ross Hubbard, Ca1'l Petercheff, Norman West, Eugene Stonehouse, Coach Frank Luzar, golf. A supposedly weak tarack team turned out to be a champion as Washington's 1941 track squad found victory in five of six meets. Led by their stellar captain, Har- old Rickenback, the Continentals bowled over Southport, Franklin, Manual, and Howe in dual meets. Ben Davis and Warren Central fell before the Continental on- slaught in a triangular meet. The only mar on the Julianman's record was an STVZ to 2919 shell- acking by Wiley fTerre Hautel. Washington finished fourth in the city meet. as Don King be-sted Techls Lowish in an exciting 440 yard dash, in :53.7 seconds. The Continentals also finished sixth in a field of 21 teams. CROSS FOUNTRY W'ashington's 1940 cross coun- try aggregation experienced one of its most unsuccessful seasons, losing all of its scheduled meets. However, the record is not as black as it may at first appear, as many of the meets were close. Harry Sullivan, captain, Bill Smith, Ray McKay, Ralph McKay, Harry Miller, Chester Posey, and Lloyd Posey formed the team. The Continental harriers fell be- fore Manual, Ben Davis, Howe, Southport, Warren Central, and Tech. In the state cross-country meet, Harry Sullivan won a medal for placing tcnth in a field of runners. 3 fxfxf-vi ffv lv Q? 3, X, xi, tl, ij-J ERE IN THE ARMY Now WM A fffwjw A., .uf ..... I E 4 Q 53 Six? Q9 X x w Eh K ,1 .,... ,..... : 53 , i 4 ,.-. " ', .. , ' 4 . a N xx ws BOMB BITS FROM THE CENTER SPREAD PICTURES BY MYRON PoARcH AND MR. STACY Row I: Mr. Dale Williams, Miss. Eunice Seybold, Miss Margaret Quinzoni, Miss Isabel Drummond, Miss Frances Moder, Mr. Dean Smith, Mr. Victor Graves, Mr. Ferd Brumblay, Miss Amy Keene, Mr. Justin Marshall, Mr. Harvey Raquet. Row II: Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph, Miss Priscilla Brown, Miss Mary McBride, Principal W. G. Gingery, Sergeant G. W. Wolff, Mrs. Elizabeth Hatfield, Mr. Estil Van Dorn and Mrs. Mildred Ross, Mr. Edward Emery, Miss Mary June Keene. Row III: Mr. James Otto, Miss Margaret Simonds, Miss Vivian Ely, Mrs. Virgin- ia Guybon and Mrs. Grace Barker flowery, Miss Orrell Negus, Miss Marjorie Walls. Mrs. Dorothy Hobson and Miss Mary Laatz flowery, Mr. Rowland Jones and Miss Mabel Loehr flowery, Mr. Ursa Walker, Miss Agnes Meehan, Mr. Ross Campbell and Mr. Lowell Good flowery, Miss Gretchen Mueller. Row IV: Mr. Kelvin Masson, Miss Barbara Jean Sullivan and Mr. E. B. Har- grave flowery, Mr. Russell McClurg and Mr. Lloyd Mann flowery, Miss Velma Schaaf, Mr. Azthur Sims, Miss Emma Lou Thornbrough, Mr. Harold Harding, Miss Margaret Hannan, Miss. Helen Wallick, Miss Elizabeth Myers, Mr. J. C. Nelson, Miss Marjorie Reinhart and Miss Elizabeth Hester flowery, Mr. Allan Stacy, Mr. Ira Melvin. Row V: Mr. ,Glenn Ludlow, Mr. Cloyd Julian, Mr. Howard Hanscom, Mrs. Geral- dine Johnson, Mrs. Anne Burge, Miss Mary Cammack, Miss Gladys Ewbank, Mrs. Bess Wright, Miss Lillian Niemann, Mr. William Otto, Miss Samuella Shearer, Miss Jean Wood, Mrs. Hester Bock, Mrs. Geraldine McCammack. Row VI: Miss Etta Scherf, Miss Doris Boettjer and Mrs. Marie Wilcox flowery, Miss Myrtle Johnson and Miss Louise Ross flower lefty, Miss Elizabeth Marie Smith and M'ss Loydlovella Cook flowery, Mr. Audie Watkins, Miss La Von Whitmire, Mr. Arthur Shumaker, Mrs. EJ-ith Young, Mr. Frank Luzar, and Mr. Ocal Muterspaugh flowery, Mr. Paul Carmichael and Mrs. Carolyn O'Neal flowery, Mr. O. W. Nicely, Mr. Leo Rosasco fmiddley, and Mrs. Mary Rich flowery, Lieutenant R. M. French and Mrs. Ethel Hightower flowery, Mrs. Margaret McWilliams. Row VII: Mr. William Summerville, Mrs. Iva Head, Mr. Charles Money, Miss Frances Failing, Mr. Burton Knight, Miss Shirley Harvey and Mr. Henry Bogue flow- ery, Lieut. Colonel Lorenzo Macy, Mr. J. W. Schell, Mr. Chester McNerney, Mr. Will- iam Bock, Mrs. Florence Graham, Mr. R. J. Weaver. BPD FQ BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Mr. Emery, Marvin Parker, Ralph Leonard, Archie Rinehart, Eddie Downing, Robert Flum, Betty Burcham. Second Row: Ora Arnold, Basil White, Roland Littrell, Carroll Hicks, Robert Earthel, Merle Metcalf, Kenneth Casmire. Third Row: Marvin Brlnson, Joe Abell, Robert Browning, Joe Brower, Harold Crist, Paul Mazar. CONCERT CLASS First Row: Lois Meece, Jo Ann Reed, Violet Hooper, Carolyn Buck- rop, La Verne Warner, Martha Metcalf, Anna Foreman. Second Row: Sam Roach, Shirley Thompzon, Nellie Chadwell, Betty Ling, Millicent Plowman, Bill Boyd. Third Row: Thomas Paino, Ray Smoot, George Sortwell, Gilbert Rue, Louis Mader. Fourth Row: Elwin Gulley, Elward D: Hoff, Bill Deakin, Basil Yl'h'tc. The Boys' Glee Club was organ- ized to further the interest in good music among' boys. This troop, stationed at NVash- ingfton High, is called upon fre- quently to participate in various programs in and about school. This company of boys is cap- tained by senior officer, Mr. Ed- ward Emery. The Concert Class, under the command of Miss Etta Scherf, sings at various churches, for women's organizations, and in other city schools. Although this is a class, it is conducted as a club in that it has a president, Margaret Albertson. Every year the class sings car- ols throughout the city at Christ- mas time, marching from the Mar- rott Hotel and tramping to the WIRE broadcasting station. Dress- ed in white, the students make a pretty picture strolling through the snowclad city at that season. Prepare for action! For action is the key-note among: members of the Concert Band. When these heralds from the world of music, attired in dashing blue and gold uniforms, put their instruments through their paces, it is the audience who sit at atten- tion. As the former commander, Mr. Robert Shepard, a member of the National Guard Reserve Corps,has been called for active service, the Band's daily musical drills are now marshaled by Captain Howard llanscom. Meet the top sergeants of the music world! 'l'he cadets of rhythm are issued orders and direct- ed hy Major Kelvin Masson, and twenty-nine answer to roll call. .lust as the National Defense Proggrani was organized with a purpose, so was the Concert Or- chestra: its purpose being: to give those who have had two or more semesters playing' experience an opportunity to play fine music alone' with some of' the best musi- eians in the school. There is no cause for A. W. 0. l.. in this organization, for mem- bers ol' the orchestra frequently go oil' together on furloughs to make community and school ap- pearances. ..,aa.fS 1 Q Y f CONCERT BAND First Row: George Nicoloif, Donald Duncan, Bill Edwards, Ray Mc- Clure, Dean Benge, Eleanor Williams, Bill Smock, Jean -Linn, 'Betty' Jo Stone, Rozella Paino. f ' ,f . Second Row: Jo Ann Murray, Paul Prall, Frank Kinney, Vera June Payne, Jean Stine, Richard Cummins, Kenneth Hicks, Clyde Edwards, Maxine Thayer, Leo McCoy, Leon Pacala, Virgil Fox, Juanita Foreman, Raymond Williams, Robert Gentry. Third Row: John Bodimer, Robert Weiss, Billy Bell, Don Todd, Dwight Henderson. Fourth Row: Carl Nelson, James Williams. Standing: Mr. Howard Hanscom, director, Rosemary Reddell, Wayne Warman. CONCERT ORCHESTRA First Row: Beulah Harris, George Julius, Mildred Wood, Jerry Crosley, Fred Fisher, Marion Everett, Donald White, LaVonne Hardy, Wanda Arnold, Joseph Hadler, Reginald Smith, Louis Mader. Second Row: Bob Greenlee, Ray Mclure, Donald Duncan, Bill Ed- wards, Rozello Paino, Sylvia Cliburn, Barbara, Phegley, Betty Jo Lyles, Coy Crank, Harvey Gates. ' Third Row: Rosemary Reddell, Kenneth Williams, Dick Small, Billy Bell, Dean Benge, Bill Smock, James Lynch, Mr. Masson. DE BA TE First Row: Kathleen Smith, Bettijane Schenk, Victoria Chace, Naomi Lasley, Annabelle Simmons. Second Row: Jean Shelburne, Mr. Shumaker, Ray McClure, Toney Flack, Iva Jean Phelps. Third Row: Betty Patt-mann, Richard Blackwell, Warren Rairden, Virginia Kronoshek. GIRLS' G LEE CLUB First Row: Patricia Long, Donas Jones, Josephine Haboush, Wanda Arnold, Marian Everett, Gesine Walker. Second Row: Betty Perkins, Annabell Deakin, Janice Edwards, Edith Neal, Geraldine Burris, Frances Power. Third Row: Betty Overdeer, Mildred Deweese, Sylvia Naumsek, June Smoot, Lucille Dobbs, Christine Rodgers. The battle is on! Called to arms by Mr. Shumaker and Captain Bettijane Schenk' the first clash in the war of opinions makes head- lines. The trifold purpose of this club is to teach debating technique, to stimulate serious thought, and to de' elop a spirit of "give and take" in true team order. Having won the Sectional Championship of the Indiana State Debating League, they will receive bronze medals and awards upon Awards Day. Each year furlough is granted privates in order that they may at- tend the annual Christmas party. Following graduation comes the picnic when veterans meet to re- count old victories. The Girls' Glee Club of George Washington High School is under the command of Major Etta Scherf. The captain of the devision is Syl- via Naumsek. As the draftees carry out their plans with military precision, there is seldom-if ever-any sabotage in either the soprano or alto sec- tions. The club is called to attention every day at 1:00 p. m. during school time. It is not an extra- curricular subject. The division is called for formal inspection on the average of three times a semester. live-1'v vt-ar in May thc- llramat it. q',,,-ps ot' Washington High S1-hool pr:-st-nts tht- S1-nior Vlass I'lay as a rlinuax to t,l11-ye-ai"s work. This ye-ar tha- S1-niors pri-sf-nt4-fl tln- play "Sz-ve-n Sistt-rs." This play d4-als with tht-lil'v ot' lVlrs.tiy- urkovirs and hc-r st-vt-n dauightl-rs, and with tht- motln-r's dc-signs to marry ll1t'I1l otl'. 'l'ln- black slim-vp ol' thc- family, ltlitziv, with thi- In-lp of l,i4-ut4-n- ant llorkoy, plays tht- part of llan amusing 4-omt-dy, providing: laugh- Vnpid in disguiss-. This tm-1' from TN'1.1'llllllllj1' to play is an 1-nd. Major Hr-ss Wright was in rharge- ot' tht- vntirt- production, ln vt-ars past some- sz-niors have prf-ft-rre-d to gin- thrf-1-om--an-t plays insts-ad ol' one- thrf-4--act play. I.:-ading thc- paradc-Y tht- R.O.'l' V, Hand "swings" into lint-. t apt aint-d by .lack L4-wis, this airigrc-ifation ot' innsim-ally-minde-d military nie-n, providt-s thc- rhythm rx w to which tht- rm-manning' R.0. l.t units mart-li in tina-. Tln-ron Guin- sl-rw-s as First l.n-utt-nant ot tht- liand, w' ith lk-l- IIIILI' Hillard, S4-cond l,i1-utr-nant third in 4-onnna nd. Rc-znainini: otllrt-rs ol' tha- Band art-: S4-rm-ants, lloln-rt Huck:-l, ll 0- lu-rt G4-ntry, .lark ltusst-ll, Sam R1 varh. lit-ll. t'orporals .lohn R4-4-sm-,Ilar xx1lSlllllL1't.0ll I 1 v 1 old liryant, .lol-n llodmn-r, Roland T.lttl't'l, l'iarl l,igon, and Varlos lltfll 9c'hool's lf, 0 l.t. lland is 1-ons' ltlt'l'l'Kl ont- ot tln- lm-st in tht- mtv having he-1-n rhosc-n 1 to plwv tt tht- t'1tv tr'u-lt 1 nn-1-t tlns vi-ar. 4 PLA Y l'R0llllClNG l.t-t't to right: ltolwrt llarris, Wilma M1-rirolo, Norma Jackson, liouis Nladvr, Ann MCXV1-thy, Mary Lascu, Laura Updike-, Elf-anor Lornston, Thomas Paino, Dorothy Ellis, tfarrol Trotter, Suzannt- Van Talgv, Rc-gina Nichols, William Asha-r. R. 0. T. C. HAND First Row: ltoht-rt Buckt-l,t7advt 2nd Lit-ut. Ut'llll3l' Hillard, Cadet lst. liit-ut. '1'h-cron Guire, Cade-t Capt. .lack Lewis, Cadet Sponor Mary Lascu, .lack Russvll, Hob Gm-ntry, Sam Roavh. Second Row: Billy Soririus, Roland Littn-ll, Harold Bryant, John lit-4-sv, Varlos Bi-ll, John Bodimcr, Earl l.ig'on, David Stephenson. Third Row: Bob Nolan, Roh Nyland, Rohm-rt Heintz, Jim Hardingy Rohm-rt thx-g'ory, Charlc-s Wag'gone1', Ray Mct'lurt-, Dwight Henderson. Fourth Row: Bud l,it4-hfic-ld, Andy Martin, Tod Schuck, Robert .lone-s, llonald Waltz, Carroll I-licks, Frank Hass:-ld. l"il't,h Row: Sorguant Wollll, Cad:-t Major John yl0llChl10f0vl', Jack Kirk, Marshall Brown, Alan Fisclu-r, IN-nzil Kinard, Captain E-nie-ry. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Donald Cauble, president, Ray McClure, Mary Lascu, Joe Zupan. Second Row: Regina Nichols, Ralph Leonard, Enid Ballard, La- xerne VVarner. SENIOR POST STA FF First Row: Mr. Stacy, Wilma Mergole, Marjorie Wagoner, Mabel Mohr, editor-in-chief, M1'. Muterspaugh. Second Row: Phyllis Beyer, Julia Ann Blank, Shirley Mattal, Shir- ley Ann Newton, Leon VValker. Third Row: Mr. Harding, Miss Laatz, Anna Jolly, copy editor, Vir- ginia Steele, Mr. Carmichael. Fourth Row: Miss Smith, M1'. Mann. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Every year the Senior Class se- lects those individuals from its group which it believes will best represent and lead it throughout the year. The Senior Class of '41 elected Donald Cauble as its president. Mrs. Johnson, of the Science De- partment, is Senior Class sponsor. Senior Roll Call sponsors are Miss Meehan, Mr. Brumblay, Miss Thornbrough, and M1'. Walker. The Class of '41 chose navy blue and gold as the class colors. A senior party was celebrated in December which proved to bc a great success. All in all, the Senior Class of '41 has completed a successful and happy year! SENIOR POST STA FF "Prepardness" is the theme used by the Senior Post staff of 1941 in the planning of this book. In keeping with all the rush and bustle of the nation in defense measures, the Post staff has seized upon the military theme of "Pre- pardness' as reflecting the liberty- loving' American spirit of guard- ing' our sacred ideals against any threat of force or corruption from the outside. Editor-in-chief of the Senior Post is Mabel Mohr. Mr. Lloyd B. Mann serves as sponsor of the annual. Robert Varvil, a junior, designed the cover of this year's Post, and Bob Petranoff submitted informal shots of student actixities around school. Mr. Allan Stacy and Myron Poarch photographed the faculty for the center spread of the book. Faculty members of the Post are Miss Smith, Chairman of the Publications Committee, Miss Failing, Miss Laatz, Mr. Carmi- chael, Mr. Muterspaugh, Mr. Harding, Mr. Mann. 4 With I'Iditor-in-chief' Sadie Kre- theotis leading the fray, the Sur- veyor stall' produces its resume of school happenings on a lui-monthly schedule. The Surveyor stall' have done much to improve the quality of this year's issues. In the fall se- mester, under the editorship of Norma Jackson, pictures and cuts were used extensively for the first time in several years. Throughout the year the Sureeyfor has been brightened lmy these pictorial, journalistic aids. Mr. Lloyd IZ. Mann sponsors the group. The Student Council ot' Wash- ington lligh School has completed a year ot' major accomplishments, initiated by a rip-bang election early in November. With three parties in the run- ning, Student, Progressive, and Continental, leading the fray, en- thusiasm ran high. The Continen- tal Party emerged the victor. Ilowever, after the election a united spirit prevailed. The Student Counc-il's Good NVill Committee succeeded in re-estab- lishing athletic relations with Shortridge. The registration of bicycles and automobiles, improve- ment of sidewalks and roads used liy pupils, an active participation in eonvoeations, and a greater dc- gree of tratlie safety about school were the gratifying results of the work undertaken lay the Student Council this year. Iloliert Millspaugh, a Continen- tal, was elected president. Mr. Ilarvey Itaquet is sponsor of the organization. SURVEYOR STAFF First Row: Jeanne Ilatlilf, Imogene Ward, feature editor, Sadie Kretheotis, editor, Bob Clegg, Jr., sports editor, Martha Ann Irwin, assistant editor. Second Row: Janet Sortwell, George Sortwell, Mr. Mann, sponsor, Carl Nelson, Jean Linn. STUDENT ASSOCIATION First Row: Harry Sullivan, Betty Gaddis, Mabel Mohr, Mr. Raquet. Second How: Charlie Petranoff, Dan Roth, Betty Litchfield, SAFETY COMMITTEE First Row: John Menchhofer, Virginia Noe, Mary Lascu, Doroi Ellis, Blanche Tullis, William S. Smith, chairman. The Safety Committee handles the problem of safety to and from school. Members of this committee are cooperating with the Safety Committee of the Parent-Teacher Association. A movement is under way tc rouse the community to a reali tion of the need for sidewalk c struction along streets that being used by students on tl way to and from school. INTERSCHOOL GOOD VVILI. COMMITTEE First Row: Harry Sullivan, Charles Petranoff, chairman, Sa Kretheotis, Mabel Mohr, Donald Cauble, Robert Drees. This group acts as our diploma.t- ic corps to other schools, The committee has as its job the promoting of friendly rivalry in athletics and in all other inter- school activities. The suppression of malici acts by way of educating the s dent body to the cost of p sportsmanship, is the committ1 chief project. BIJILIJINGS AND GROUNDS K'OMMl'I'TEE First Row: Everett Tackett, Blanche Tullis, Bettijane Schenk. The work of this committee is the improvement and care of the buidings, lawn, athletic fields, and those streets and alleys bordering our school property. The immediate task is impro ment of Shefheld Street imme ately east of Washington H School and the alley just west our school. REGISTRATION OF BICYCLES AND AFTOMOBILES COMMITTEE Robert Marendt, Peggy McIntyre, Harold Taylor, Betty Gadc Ilan Roth. This committee is making a card index file for the registration of autos and bicycles used by stud- ents and teachers in their trans- portation to and from school. A double file is being operated, one, containing the names of driv- ers and passengersg the other con- taining license numbers, or sei numbers in case of' bicycles. The purpose is to discour: theft, defacement, or pilfering z to bc able to notify owners in c of fiat tires, lights left burni and the like. CONVOCATION COMMITTEE Betty Litchfield, chairman, Betty Gaddis, Bob Clegg, Rhodna R1 cheif This committee's function is to cooperate with the Teacher's Con- vocation Committee in arranging for student convocations. Committee members arrai scheduling of speaking and otl talent for such occasions. 5' A . v , BOOSTERS First Row: Barbara King, Virginia Kidd, Don Robbins, Betty Litch- field, Bob Mears, Rhodna Repcheff, Howard Porter, Doris Smitha, Mr. James Otto. Second Row: Helen Porter, Norma Whisenand, Jacquelyn Dunn, Betty West, Margaret Ann Phillips, Mary Stark, Lorene Whited, Alma Cripe, Norma Messmer, Melbra Weevie. Third Row: Maralyn Yount, Marian Gideon, Helen Louise Negley, Julia Ann Manring, Carrol Cunningham, Laverne Warner, Genevieve Wood, Bose Lushoff, Betty Gaddis, Betty Murray. BUSINESS BUILDERS First Row: Miss Ewbank, Norma Poffenberger, Esther Morgan, Bob Lisby, Helen McShan1e, Walter Flack, Sophie Kretheotis, Barbara McFadden. Second Row: Betty Perkins, Esther Jeffries, Rose Lushoff, Sadie Kretheotis, Betty Myers, Marian Gideon, Barbara King, Francis Phil- lips. Third Row: Lucille Johantgen, Dorothy Ellis, Louis Eastridgc, Beulah Nelson, Barbara Gene Lucas, Roy Phillips, Anna Jolly, Willetta Mitchell. They are loyal! They teach good sportsmanship! They are the root- ers of G. W. H. S.-the Boosters! This organization, though small, is responsible for the ripping- rousing pep sessions given in the last few years. Under the leader- ship of Sergeant Betty Lee Litch- field and with the splendid cooper- ation of the sponsors, Miss Mabel Loehr and Mr. James Otto, the troop has done excellent work. Special pep sessions are plan- ned for the City Tourney, the Sectional, and the South Central Track Meet. The yell leaders are privates in the Boosters' Club. The Business Builders' Club is one of the more recently organized clubs of Washington. Ca.ptained by Miss Gladys Ew- bank, the club was created with the ultimate 'taim" of furthering the interest of business students in professional enterprise and pro- viding for themameans of coming into actual contact with persons who have already entered the world of business. In addition to sponsorship of activities of educational value, the club schedules for its members a highly entertaining program throughout the year. The president of the Business Builders is Miss Helen McShane. The goal of the Campfire Girls is to prepare a way to become happy, useful women. Company Commander is Mr. W. B. Johnson, Principal of School No. 50. The girls spend their summers at Camp Delight. Through the win- ter months, their time is occupied with handicrafts. The Campfire Girls' parties are famous among groups of' high school age. The eaptain of the division is l'eg'g.5y Melntire. The Vhild Attendant's Organ- ization is the newest regiment in Washingrton, having' been organ- ized in the fall of 1940. In com- mand is Miss Hester, the sponsor, and llarhara Mclfadden, president. The purpose of' the club is to give training' in the care of child- ren. The girls learn to make toys and to entertain children hy tel- ling.: stories to them. Club mem- lrers learn to take necessary pre- cautions in the best interest of their charges. The principal ob- jeeti'e of' every girl member is to find work in the field of child eare. CAMPFIRE GIRLS First How: Margaret Ann Phillips, l'eg'gy Mclntirc, Anita Flack, Lurene Whited, lletty Neiwkirk. Second Row: Rosemary Browne, Laura Belle Haun, Norma Ann Messmer, Leota Spencer, Mary Jane Loper, Fae Stillabowe. Third Row: Betty Overdeer, Charlotte Windiseh, Rose Lockwood, Maralyn Yount, Nancy Meloy. F. A. 0. First, Ilow: Anna Sims, treasurer, Eulah Nelson, vice president, Barbara McFadden, president, Miss Hester, Dorothy McMann, serge- ant-at-arms. Second How: Iilnora Shotten, lCluLinor Lewis, Virginia Lee, Lois Mitchell, Ilenie Gohin. Third Row: Betty Biekers, Elsie McCormick, Elizabeth Nelson, lletty Fisher. CIVIC QUEST First Row: Mabel Mohr, Dorothy Goslin, Victoria Chace, Jack Lewis, Miss Harvey. Second Row: Jean Shelburne, Olyne West, Mar'an lVattleWorth, Beverly Ann Farquer, Peggy Mclntyre, Roberta West, Rozella Paino, Annabelle Simmons. Third Row: Anita Flack, Betty Gilliam, Pearl Rice, Rosalind Martin, Eugenia Schoen, Julia Ann Manring, Maxine Thayer, Helen Negley. Fourth Row: Don Cauble, Gerald DeWitt, Evelyn Goepper, Eva Clarkson, Virginia Lentz, Marian Ellaby, Robert Drees, Tedd Bodimer. C. G. A. A. Fil st Row: Jeanne Karnes, Blanche Tullis, Virginia Wright, Jeanne Viiinters, Martha Stanley, Anna Gerbeck, Shirley Mattal, Jaan Linn, Mary Moore, Shirley Ann Newton. Second Row: Garnett Henson, Phyllis VVard, Betty Gilliam, Audrey Williams, Betty Fletemeyer, Marjory Garringer, Helen Phillips, Jean Gatlin, Marilyn J. Unversaw, Kathryn Harris, Geraldine Burris, Anita Read. Third Row: Miss Boettjeqr, Kathryn Hastings, Helen Katterhenry, Anita Flack, Marilyn Wertz, Genevieve Wood, Joan Spaulding, Margaret Wilson, Carroll Busard, Rosemary Miskowiec, Ruth Neville, Mrs. Hat- Held. CIVIC QUEST One of the oldest clubs in VVash- ington, the Civic Quest is still one of thc better known organizations Club president is Victoria Chace and the organization is sponsorec by Miss Shirley Harvey. The purpose is to build charac- ter, to instill the spirit of cooper- ation with a group, to foster goof sportmanship, and to encourage interest in civic affairs. The programs which the Civic Quest carry out prove to be of in- terest to all members. The clul has speakers, goes on trips, pre- sents movies, and at least once dur- ing the year sponsors a convoca- tion, There is also time-out for othei things done for service and fun such as the annual Thanksgiving Basket project, an elaborate initi- ation, carried out in the spring oi the year, and the June picnic. C. G. A. A. The Continental Girls' Athletic Association is called to order thr- first Tuesday of the month by Anna Gerbeck, president. Miss Loehr. Miss Boettjer, and Mrs. Hatfield are sponsors for the association. Every meeting features some- thing different in the line of events, such as tracks meets iboth indoor and out! and the annual health contest, which was won this year by Anita Read. In the fall a skat- ing pa.rty is held at Hawthorne House, and a party is given at Christmas. To encourage character, sports- manship, cooperation, and team- work are some of the aims of the club. Intramural games are stress- ed in the va.rious sports, but one interscholastic game is played dur- ing each season. This company is interested in the French lanpruage and the hab- its of the French people. Exery fall of the year, it is the tradition of the French club mem- bers to sell their colorful handi- work, prior to football games and other school activities, in order to refill a depleted treasury. This year the sale of purple and white yarn dolls and chrys- anthemums made of crepe paper furnished the company with the necessary means to carry on fu- ture assemblies. A yuletide party was celebrated before taking 4'leave" for homes and firm-sides at the beginning of the Christmas holidays. .lean Shelburne, president of this year's l"rench Club, was ably assisted by the co-sponsors, Miss Margaret Quinzoni and Mr. Ar- thur Shumaker. To understand the German lan- guage and develop a broader un- derstandini,5 of G4 rmany is one of the purposes of the German Club. liven though it is the plan of the club to disband at the end of the year, the club is still an active or- ganization. Heading the club is the president, Gerald Remves. The sponsor is Miss Niemann. The program carried out by the club eonsistsol' work and play.The members read plays and stories in German. They also take "time- out" for parties at Christmas and at the end of the school year. lf? FRENCH CLUB First Row: Phyllis Webb, Betty Burcham, Helen Rejko, Dorothy Goslin, Jaan Shelburne, Naomi Lasley, Jean Gatlin, Dorothy Kersey. Second Row: Rita Lontbardi, Dorothy Matkovich, Julia Ann Blank, Mamie liosiak, June McGlone, Ann Humble, Helen Horn, Suzanne Van rllllljllt, Ann McXVethy, .lean Hunt. Third Row: Rosemary Reddell, Sylvia Cliburn, Alfred Gates, Vir- gfiiia Garnier, Virginia Crace, Sadie Kretheotis, Jeanne Winters, Betti- ,iane Schenk, Miss Quinzoni, Mr. Shuiraker. GERMAN CLUB First Row: Miss Niemann, Gerald Reeves, Sophie Yeran, Virginia Lentz, Morley Read. Second Row: Lucille Johantgen, Rosemary Robertson, Hilaria Mer- gole. Louise Gorrell, Dozrothy Gattiker, Herman Shipman. Third Row: Kenneth Hicks, Robert Boles, John Edwards, Joe E. Ilrower, J r., Irvin Allee. GIRLS' DANCE BAND Row One: Betty Carroll, Patty Wiatt, Juanita Foreman, Jean Linn, Virginia Wright. Row Two: Bessie Power, Edith Asbury, Mildred Phillips, Betty Long, Shirley Mattal, Jean Hart. Row Th1'ee: Eleanor VVilliams, Betty Hoyt, Mary Moo1'e, Trilla Cox, Miss Cook. GIRL RESERVES First Row: Margaret McKeon, Sadie Kretheotis, Rosie Lushoff, Sophie Kretheotis, Mrs. Rich. Second Row: Alice Carter, Marry Dreiiak, Peggy Weaver, Norma Jackson, Rhodna Repcheff. Third Row: Helen Sims. Dorothy Swickard, Marilyn Hartley, Fflor- ence Wilson. S-w-ing it! Meet Washington' pets, the Swingerettes! The sound of dancing feet i music to the ears of these melo dious maids. To play for the schoc dances was there inspiration, an to play for more school dances i their aspiration. This all-girl dance band was cre ated for the purpose of furthering the interest in music among th girls. Sponsored and directed b Miss Lloydlovella Cook,the organ ization provides its members wit' a means of acquiring playing ex perience in an actual dance banc Service with the Swingerettes prc vides an entertaining extra-curri cular activity. Atten-shun! Having been sum moned for inspection by Ros4 Lushoff, the Girl Reserve captain by Miss Bonne, a visiting ofiicer and by Mrs. Rich, senior officer oi the local unit, they march for ward, organized for service. Aim of this battalion is to make f1'iends, have fun, and give aid tc organizations of charity. The girls sew for the Needle work Guild. They present a play each year in the camp theater charging an admission price in or- der to raise money to carry or their work. The Girl Reserves are junior members of the Y. W. C. A., and they sponsor dances and suppers at the Y. W. C. A. lil,-an speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living make a good draftce. So Whenever Uncle Sam decides that hc needs the Hi- Y hoys from Washington, thcy'll he prepared for his service. Company conferences are held alternately at thc Central Y. M. KT. A. and the Hawthorne Annex on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p. m., at which time privates discuss Company Mancuvcrs. Maurice Harrison is the Cap- tain of this division, and the Company Commander is Mr. James Otto. Sponsored hy Miss Iloss and un- der the command of the president Paul I'aino, the Indianalduh me -ts 1-very other Thursday. Up for inspection at each meet- ing' there is an interesting speak- er, followed hy an entertaining program wh'ch is presented by talented students. The purpose ol' this cluh, which is a im-inher ol' the .Iuninr Ilis- torical Society of Indiana, is to zi- rousm- spirit and love for our state in thx- minds ol' people. The So- cimly held zi spring convention, April I-1, at Technical High School, at which time thc Indiana Vinh presented a program. HI-Y CLUB First Row: John Pickard, Hill Greenwald, Maurice Harrison, Dean Be-nge, Mr. James Otto. Second Row: Bill Skaggs, Hob Harris, Willis Crran, Liwell Scotten, Roh Ma-New. INDIANA HISTORY CLUB First Row: Laura Updike, Dorothy Ellis, Miss Ross, Paul Paino, president, Mary Jane Leach, vice president, Nancy Meloy, secretary, Barbara Mclfadden. Second Row: Rosalind Martin, Edward Hennigar, Betty Myers, Betty .lane Schenk, Sylvia Clihurn, Thomas Paino, Rozella Paino. Tliirrl Row: Mildred llcVVeesc, Morley Head, Wianeta Young. , LATIN CLUB First Row: Barbara King, Barbara Lucas, Harold Taylor, Phyllis Webb, Helen Katterhenry, Bob Clegg, Barbara Yount, Leo White, VVar- ren Rairden, Kathryn Hastings, Eleanor Lornston, John McGuire. Second Row: Harriet Burns, Ann Mueller, Lois Bramblett, Ann McWethy, Bettijane Schenk, Annabelle Simmons, Nancy Meloy, Norma Messmer, Peggy Mclntyre, Evelyn Goepper, Betty Overdeer, Leota Spencer. Third Row: Barbara Phegley, Pearl Rice, Beulah Johnson, Julia Ann Manring, Helen Louise Negley, Florence Newlin, Martha Metcalf, Jo Ann Reed, Marshall Brown, Mary Stark. Fourth Row: Mrs. Bock, Carrol Cunningham, Antonin Sparenblek, Delores Owens, Eulah Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Orval Haatf, Richard Jordan, Mrs. Head. MINUTE MEN First Row: Harry Waggoner, Leo White, Harold Taylor, secretary, Gerald DeWitt, president, Harry Sullivan, treasurer. Second Row: Robert Lisby, Marshall Hudson, Paul Paino, Warren Rairden, Mr. YVilliam Bock. Third Row: Robert Drees, Richard Lentz, Ted Bodimer, Donald Cauble, vice president, Joe W'eber. The Latin Club is captained by Mrs. Iva Head, Mrs. Hester Bock and Mr. Glenn Ludlow. The company assembles once a month, and a party is held at Christmas time. This year a dance was given by the division, "The Saturnaliaf' A1 this affair a queen and king were chosen to reign at the dance. Barbara Yount is acting presi- dent of the company. This group strives to keep its privates inte- rested in Latin, one of the basim languages of modern tongues. Prepared for action and willing to serve! Thus stand the members of this veteran club of Washing- ton High. This division, which is sponsored by Mr. Bock, is one oi the few clubs still in existence that was organized at the very be- ginning of the school's history. Under command of the presi dent, Gerald DeWitt, business meetings are held regularly, when interesting discussions of curreni school and world affairs are car- ried on by the club members. In addition to afding candy sales this battalion upholds its origina noble aim of fostering high stand ards of school spirit by sponsoring convocations and various social act tvities. Thr- National Honor Son-ivty of th-orgo Washington High Sc-hool is vaptainvcl hy Phyllis Wvhh. This organization is madv up of nn-mlwrs nf tho .lunior and Sonior rlassm-s who havc- attainvcl high srholastir standing. Othvr its-ms 1-onsiclm-rc-cl arm- vhzii':u-ts-r', svrvirv, and lr-axle-rship. Mrs. McWilliams svrvvs as spon- sor of' thc- organization and is in rharge- of' that ss-mi-annual 1-lm-tions to tha- sorivty. The- National llonor Society is proud of its mr-mliz-rshipantl of its alumnav, many of' whom havv a- rhit-vi-cl rc-cognition and honor in univc-rsitivs and 1-ollvgvs of' thc-ir rhoirv. With Raymond Mt-Clure as the prvsiding oflirf-r, tho l'varv Soric-ty, sponsorm-tl by Mr. Shu- makvr, invvts for roll call vvvry othvr Tum-sclay. Thi- purposv of tht-clulr is to try to dt-va-lop and maintain thv spirit of praro m'onst'iousnvss among thx- pupils of Gvorgm- Washington High Srhool. Spa-ak: rs from thc- Social Studia-s llc-partrnc-nt and from outsidu us- ually atlclrvss tho club mm-mln-rs at tht-ir mm-tings. Club me-mlmvrs make a stufly ot' varying 1-ulturvs in or- clc-r to flc-vc-lop a sympatht-tic as W1-ll as inte-lligc-nt umlvrz-ztancling' of rlitfc-rm-nt r'acc-s,m-11-vcls,anmlcus- toms. Two partirs art- give-n e-arh yt-a.r, a Christmas party and a rlraftoz- party, at whit-li timt- 4-ach mvmlwr rlrzrfts onf- gut-st. I l I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Fir:-t lion : Norma Volt: r. Hitt' l'ork'l1s. llonaltl Canlilv. Suzanne Van Talgu I hvllis VV1-lili. Mrs. MvVVilliams. Millir nt f'lown1an. Vivtoria Fha 'Q-. Ray M.'t'l.-rv ily' l.itrhlit-lil. Mary Shoslwlic-X. Martha Stanley. Sm-roinl Row: Harrivt Spi'u-hvr. Mayinv l.arnlwrt'. Doris Smitha, Antonia Sparvn- lvlmlt. Annalwllv Simmons, Malwl Mohr. Norma Jarlvon. Batty Slvtlv, l'anlinu tiarrvtt Inna' 1Iari'vtl. lfllvanor Lornston. Ann Mm-VVQ-thy. Opal .lc-an Miller. Thirtl llow: Marilyn Hartlty, Sophie' Krmtheotis. Sadie Kretheotis. Naomi l.asle-5' Anna tlzrlvcvk. Martha Vlaig. .Ilan K'l1ni1-nts, llcrtha Calvert, Ilorothy Gattikrr. l.a- urnu VVarnLr. Anna Jolly. Norma l'otl'vnlm--rger. Hvlvn Mt'Shann-. l"ourth Row: Alluvrt VVallwr. Marin' l'i1rre. liarliara MrFaslclfn. livulah N1-lson. Mil tlrvzl N4-lsnn, l'Inlah NL-lron, Elizali th Nelson. Marian Fllaluy. Doris Ernst. Halen Rus stil. lit-tti,ianv Schrlnlt. Virginia Flu-lv. Roy Phillips. lifth Row: Paul l'aino. Mary l.asvu. Harvlcl Taylor, ltarlxara Yunnt. Mantle Min -. Shirlmy Ann Nunton. Matty llnrrhain. Dulorrs llial. Nanry Mzloy. ticraltl liw,-us Jo' Stanivli. Jtitllllt' VVin1srs. Virginia Wright' Vharlns l'z-tranoff. PEACE SOCIETY Fir-t Row: Annalwllc Sfmmwns. Kathlmen Smith. llvttijane Srhsnk. Ray Mvtvnrf rgin'a I.m-ntz. Naomi Laslvy. .lean Shelburne. Su-oml Row: Mr. Shumalwr. Norma Smith. Dorothy Fox, Norma Mvssmrr. lflvolxri tiomppvr, Margarvt Phillips. Vit-toria Charm-. l.aVvna Riser. Third Row: Hxlward Hvnnigar. .lnlia Allen. Luis liramhlx-tt. Mary lhuiak, .lnlii . ,., . . . I. -Xnn Manring. Tfl'l'.I1ll'ti Vanhtlf. An ta l'l:.m'lt. Virginia lxrniosht k. Warn' n lxa rtlvti. RADIO CLUB First Row: John Hanlon, Bob Petranoff David VVallace. Second Row: E. B. VanDorn, My1'on Poarch. SCIENCE CLUB First Row: Mr. James Otto, Eunice Wood, Doris Smitha, Frank Eastwood, Viola Wilkerson, Mr. VanDorn. Second Row: Frank Hasseld, Melbra Weevie, Helen Eastwood, Carl Singleton, Mary Stark, Lois Taylor. Third Row: Paul Stacy, Myron Poacfi, Jack Lewis, John White, Eleanor Lornston. The Radio Club, sponsored by Mr. VanDorn,is called to attentior each Monday by Captain Myror Poarch. As the manifest aim of this reg- iment is to increase the knowledge of radio enthusiasts, the greatei part of club-meeting time is spen' in studying radio theory, becoming acquainted with technical terms and in building actual radio equip ment. Fall inl and be a Witness to the past and future performances oi this organization. Not only have members of thi club built and assembled some very interesting radio equipment, bu they have, upon occasion, renderet first aid to defective stage light ing' equipment. The Science Club members plar many events which stimulate ar increase in membership. In the fall of every year sc!- ence convention is held at selcctec schools. Science Club corps mem bers attend this convention. At thi convention an outstanding' boj and girl are selected from group of promising young scientist: from schools all over the state. Excursion parties are marshal led through various buildings an4 factories whose work is of inter est to the club. A spring hike annually made to study the su roundings of man. Mr. James Otto and Mr. V2 Dorn are co-sponsors of theo gzanization. Doris Smitha is pres ident. About face! Observe the Ushers of Washington High!-the back- bone of our orderly systeni! Under the supervision ol' Miss Myrtle Johnson, dean of pgirls, these noble reserves have render- ed worth-while services during' the past year. Seldom is an usher A.W. O. L. l'roin his postg he is always at at- tention, ready and willing' to pre- form his duty. Not only do these Usentries of our eorridors" keep a wary eye on the look-out for "between-class loeker breakers," but they are of- ten ealled upon to deliver messages for their superior oflieers. They take it rheerfully in their stride, as a part of their duty, to answer the raw freslinian reeruit's signal of' distress and to lend a helping hand to direet hini to his quarters. 'l'he monient a stranger enters the building. he is eourteously greeted and quickly put at ease by one of these capable pruides. In sumniarizing, it is not sur- prising to find that the characteris- ties one finds in a ggirod soldier are the saine as those found in the Ushers ol' Washington High. s-- -q-.Q-up USHER CLUB First Row: Mildred Phillips, lloberta West, Margaret Wood, Wil'- etta Mitchell, Maxine Mitchiell, Helen Sims, llose Solomon, Alberta tlraeter, Marilyn Wertz, Kathryn Harris. Second Row: Aileen Groseelose, Laura Hell Haun, .Ioan Atim, AW- nabell Deakin, lleulah Harris. Helen Rejko, Mary Jane Leach. Betty Dil- lon, lletty Hines, 'l'hird Row: Edith Asbury, Betty Lyles, Barbara Phegley, t'al Nelson, Bernard Van Sell, Harold Taylor, Margaret Patton, Virginia Whitaker, Dorothy Gattiker. USHER CLUB First Row: Betty Litehtield, Geno Siraeusa, Doris Jean Faulk, Nan! ey Meloy, Betty Jane Schenk, Varolyn Huekrop, Evelyn Badgley, Betty l"lets ineyer, Blanche Tullis, Norii a Jackson, Miss Johnson. Second Row: Viigrinia Richmond, Robert Hider, Julia Ami Manringr, Murl Hershberg,rer, Peggy Mi'Inty1'e, Toni Edwards, Maude Mingus. ilelen Alexander, lioseniary Lukins, Sliirly Walker, Hillious Turner. Tlrrd ltiiw: Wilbur Lzinnan, Roy Phillips, Virginia Kidd, Charles Hogrue, Ray llodg'ers, Ethel Mae Leonard, Helen Negley. H.tty Dorsey l elty Iiurray, Virginia lironosliek, Lillie Gentry, Lois liraniblett, WASHINGTONIANS First Row: Mary Lascu, Norma Jackson, Blanche Tullis, Mary Moore, Regina Nichols, Dorothy Goslin, Doris Smitha, Julia Ann Blank, Yvonne Siwmpson, Josephin-e Wolfe, Miss Johnson. Second Row: Maude Mingus, Margaret Beasley, Donna Petit, Jen- nie Miller, Alma Trusnik, Esther Jeffries, Geneva Skaggs, Mary Hazel- wood, Nell Beck, Peggy Weaver, Eileen Fink. Third Row: Opaljean Miller, Anna Geirbeck, Ruth Dougherty, Bar- bara McFadden, Delores Owens, Marian Denman, Mary Alicfe Dermitt, Mary Sheets, Anna Jolly, Norma Poffenberger, Helen McSh.ane. WASHINGTONIANS First Row: Laverne Warner, Betty Litchfield, Mabel Mohr, Mar- garet Albertson, Shirley Dunn, Wilma Lee, Shirley Mattal, Jean Gat- lin, Betty Jane Schenk, Ba-rbara Yount. Second: Margie Rees, Helen Sims, Eleanor Lornston, Sophie Yer- an, Ann McWethy, Msary Logue, Evelyn Thompson, Antonia Sparen- blek, Millicent Plowman, Helen Haboush, Marceil Holcomb. Third Row: Marilyn Hartley, Betty Burcham, Phyllis Webb, Vio- la Wilkerson, Melbra Weevie, Esther Morgan, Doris Ernst, Dorothy Gattiker, Suzanne Van Talge, Shirley Thompson, Esther Killough. lVashingtonians is a senior girls' club under the leadership of Miss Johnson, dean of girls. This organ- ization has done fine work for the school in the past years. Every semester members of this group plan a party for all incom- ing freshman girls and act as their big sisters. In the fall of every year it is customary for this organization to sponsor a. parasol parade. Prizes are awarded for neatness, artistic ability, and for originality. To dis- play these renovated umbrellas, the girls march in formation on the football field between halves of one of the games. During the Yuletide season, the Washingtonians encourage the dressing of dolls for invalid child- ren at the Riley Hospital. Many cheers of delight arise from the young patients upon re- ceiving the dolls. This activity is not limited to senior girls, for any- one may enter in the contest. Prizes are awarded for neatness originality, and for artistic merit. A climax to a host of activities is the Mother's Day Tea. This tea pays tribute to the greatest friend a girl may ever have, her mother. The Washingtonians have com- pleted a successful year under the leadership of Regina Nichols, pres- ident. Seated together at the dinner tab They're able to cook, and that's fable. Once more the fire bell soun alarm, But a morning stroll can do harm. That's Old Glory, and up she go She has this lad up on his toes. We've got the ball, see us go. They're coming after it, see i whoa. . .l "Hold it this way, boys," s Henry Bogue, "And you'll be an all-Amerie rogue." "You by the window," Miss Shi calls, "Sing for me, and forget the hall There they are at teacher's me ing, Not the time for personal greetii What? Again? VVe've got the ba VVe're for you, boy, Washingi alll She's proud of her cake, as we c see, And there it is, as good as can Up and over, goes this spry lz Seen from here his form isn't b, There they are in a "blow" s sion, All prepared for their music l son. Heave high, and there she goes And she has Bud up on his toe Take a look at that slide trombo Careful, Dorsey, or he'll make 5 moan. That little miss thinks it's pre bad, And when it's all over, she'll glad. There's Leo White, hurt so bac' Bandage him? We'll do it gladl He's planing wood, the shavii fly. No better way to train the eye "Do not go," whispers fair Did Fic-kle Aeneas leaves to mz heigh-ho. Pretty parasols are they As :1 fly would see them on displ 4? F DOK AT THE SARGEN 'X N N519 yj , ,f 4 ff f Q7 XT? 444 ,7 09 f, fx Af ff fi' M 7 1 ,Z K0 , NEW TAT00. , , -4A . ZH ' X I Q ' ' f' 27:ff5wy' 'gl,g 'ff 22555591 , F, X ' ,asisisiiii Q Q., jg fy A f ff , ' ffsfs5sfi',' -a 5.555252555555555 ' W ' 5sfs:.ff?:::1:f X4 . 'wwa 7 ,. ., f 5 555552Sz s5fs5ss555552Ss?sfsf52sgsgsgs555522Sassszfs5555555552525fsffff2525sis5s5f1SrErS12:5:sfs5sfI fjmffy f .v ,, 1 A' I 5 zf M : , 413 ' QWW Z X ' f ..... W f .. - 1 "" 9 ' f aw Zf E E i -,.,,, X 35 ,-M14 7' f'E:I,.j-:3g::::-.5 E:f:f:ZgIgl5K.,.... ::3g:::f:f:::g.3 ' K I 1 ' , ' ' ,... 5.3:-::::5:3:::f:j:f15:223:5::::g:g:f:f:5:f:f:3:1'?"-'' O Fi N .,.,.,., L' . - I W X5 I -... - , f I , ' xl v,l ..,, .. jam '-'4 A A B OX FR OM I'-10 ,V 'Y44Y'., ' ,f' A 'YF' W fm van L U an JUL, L. NJ 3 S r 1 ' 1 S c J I I 1 W4 'ff:5:g,:,,. f A 1 i iff' ii 5Ei525555E555555:5g:::,,, ff W V. "" 1 ,-.. ' ff Z ::33:: ' A. f ff A ,. M ' -:IfffIf: , , 'QQ ffffffffffzlgz 15.-fg:,gg.A, w , I , V , A ...z-g:::f:5:f3:,:,:-I: 'f,,, 4f 1,557 Z" .' - I A X2 I: . Q yd 2252, 'I -. 55fE51E:a: .-.. 5 w"l5E.'-: :1f:. 55- .V ff -. W 221 -.'-:fi y ' ' ..,, I r 31153 ,f A . i f I My is- , "AQ .,,A. A , -4 gi 2, q . ,,,. A M25 M ,f 5554! 1 9 - ' "" f1:155:::.., '''I-:rfffii-555255552?55:5::.:.. "" 1-2154. "f1:r55:'f"1 f'F-525S:E::-:.. '':fiis5S3555555E555:535555:Z:IZ':'11215555Ef2-:. V xi ,f Q -55551: x 0 .-,'--v 3 I ' 3. ff,-W3 I vig? -: A -'.. I A .,... ? ,',V, .,:... .... ,:....:. . 33, 3 , in .: E " 1 "' 5 V ,OK IN ' t. G ..,::::::.:A-u ,L gffry lg IVVQ , rf I 1 .I sh .,,f f OR , f f M A , ', ,Q . 3 if-ii 85 'Www H rn: P , L'N ,VH 3 1 GZ, gi kxklkh fndrfch bwpe Kai 3 - A ' :51:,5,,.4 Jgggfz, 'XA-ii. ' 'Y -4---- T.: .,..X. jo-M,,, f X f ,.,, P fisx ':9s:,. X-F x' AW W i51f1fAf 1f: . I WWJV L . C- a-1. ' ' r-1 ' """" -'A- Hi , 01, LLM! 55555555255555gf.g:5A5555555:g,,4 ht 70,4 Z4 .X ,X N ' ' N' ..,. , fcfdf ,.,. "" I H ,.,. w '+f:55::, ..,A 3 4,::g.,5::55::5:5g:1 :g:55::g::.5j:l'f:., ' iq ' "'- : 25g55::5-::2::r- ' -:2::,:..,, U 4 ,,,,,,, 1 -.ix Q W X , i fx xxx gl- -.-g.::::E::: .-,. : ..g . A X Aqfffiiiggigw.. ,.1':::::L-aww. W ITH QNE THE .--? DRA ,c-T IT WAS. . .MURDER l Henry Wesley, better known as "Hank", sat listlessly on the edge of his cot, mus- ing at the ily crawling up the dull gray wall. Somewhere near, the chapel clock tolled out the hour, 9:30. Just thirty minutes more, and. . . The thump of marching feet grew louder as two long columns approached and shuffled past his door. Others, like him- self, no longer men, just numbers. . . Yes, three months he had been a number. He had said those figures over and over again until he no longer had to look, . . .no, . ..he knew it by heart. . .3746. . .That was- all he was to anyone! Just. . .3746. He'd always been a good boy. He'd always said nothing could lead him astray. He remembered well his first day 'at school, how, from the very first moment he had seen her, he had felt a tickling sensation around his heart. Of course, he did1n't understand many things then. He remembered how proud his mother had been on his graduation from grade school. Then she began to take in washings. He never knew until his senior year at Middletown High that it had been so that he could continue school. Poor Moth- er had worked so hard, and this was the way he was repaying her. Even with his younger brother to look ,after her, she needed him so, now that she was bedridden. . . six months :it was . . . but now. .. And Sue. . .but he might as wiell put her out of his mind. Sue Bradshaw, whom he had hoped to marry, had turned against him, too. But that had been before this had happened. He hoped she didn't know about it. It would be better that way. But then, she could have read it in the papersg how horrible it must have been to read it! He began to wonder what her thoughts could have been when she first learned that he had. . ., but there he was thinking of this drastic thing about to happen. He must get it out of his mind: These last few minutes must be peacefull. . . Sue had eloped with a sweeper salesman from the city, Ned Scuppernong. She didn't believe him when he told her she was marrying a dude... She had slapped his face when he said Ned was bald headed and wore a tofupe. She had begun to sus- pect, though, the night they had the taify pull, and taffy had stuck in his teeth. Sue had had to hide him in the sewing room until he scraped them clean. She didn't know that everyone there knew what had happened. Later they had eloped. Sue was too embarrassed to marry Ned in public.. . He had wanted to marry Sue so, ...but it was better for her, perhaps, the way it was. She'd never have had her little white bungalow, with the rose garden, and the winding drive if she'd stuck by him. Suddenly he heard the padded sound of foot steps in the distance. He suddenly realized he couldn't have much time left, for the old chapel clock was tolling out the hour, 10:00. The sou-nd of the old clock sent a feeling of warmth through him. He had learned to listen for the sound of the old clock at all hours of the day. It was company to him, but this was to be the last time he would hear its old familiar gong. Just as the last gong sounded, the door opened and a hard looking, disciplined man in a uniform entered. Hank jumped up and stood at attention, waiting for the verdict. The uniformed 'man rea.d the order: "Fall in outside and form ranks at the station." WHO STARTED THIS DRAFT, ANYWAY ? 4 WITH TIME TO WRITE TWO LETTERS TELL A STORY Today, and to all parts of the country, messages are flying to thousands of homes from United States Defense camps at which are stationed our American youth-Iearn- ing the principles of Armed Defense. Somewhere in America June, 1941 Dear Mom, Life in camp isn't so bad after all. It has been a lot of fun so far. I've met some interesting fellows, and we get along swell. I've got to tell you about them. First, there's Bob Green who is a regular guy. He's one of the cleanest and most honest fellows I've ever met. . .I like him a lot. . .Though he only lives down at Edge- wood, I probably would never have met him but for the draft. The life of the camp is Elizah Gooch, from Kentucky. He never before wore a pair of shoes after April nor again until December, until he came to camp...and they have a hard time making him wear them now. . .The gang keep kidding him by saying that they have to be made especially for him. But he doesn't mind. . .To him, "Hit's a swell life." Well, there's Sam Hines, just out of college. He was crazy to get married at first but his girl likes him so well in a uniform, he wonders why he didn.'t join up soon- er. Dick Rhone, who got married to avoid the draft, is here with the rest of us... plus a family of in-laws that are always coming to visit. They're driving him crazy. "Slippy" is the type of fellow that you wouldn't trust with your back turned. . .means well, though. "Goggs" is always ready to fight...with his glasses on. "Bo" is the shortest man in camp. They're all a lot of fun. How are things at home?. ..Has Joe been taking care of the house the way I told him to? See you soon. Well, goodbye, Mom...I'll write again Sunday...Take care of yourself Love, Phil It's just an ordinary letter from a son to his mother...simple and matter of fact. But do you stop to wonder how many mothers upon reading their sons' letters recall days when they were reading very different letters from their husbands abroad? Phil's mothe-r does. She keeps the letters from both of her men near her. And when she received this lettetr of Phil J unior's, she paused to reread it and it with this one of 1918. Somewhere in France June, 1918 Dear Jane, I'll be leaving soon for the Front. . .and after that there'll be no telling when I'll be able to write you again. Life here """'L"". It makes me """""""'sometimes """"""" to look about me and see the wholesale destruction of buildings that took centuries to build. . .and the morale of the people """"""" after this war is over. I'll be thankful when I can come home again to you and Phil, Jr. Right now I am stationed at ""'it"'i'. If you should chance getting a letter through to me, you can write there. I might get it. All the fellows I came across with seem to be rather "down-in-the-mouth", to quote old Sam, a fellow I came across with. They don't think this is any fun. . .They all want to be at home with their families. . .but we have to make the best of it for such buddies as young Phil. This will probably be the last siege of the war. . .I really believe it won't last much longer. . .then we can be together again. Right now I am working in the """"""' with """""""f' and """"'if"' dangerous. Old Sam is going to take this letter through for me. . .he had a family of his own once, too. I'll write you as soon as I get back from the Front. Tell Phil Jr. I said "Hello", Take care of yourself. . . Love, Phil Two different letters. . .two different lives. . .and two different endings: Phil Jr. came home! 1508 1509 1510 1511 1512 1513 1514 1515 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521 1522 1523 1524 U U SERIM. MMS!! o.Nms Churrl ORUER 'mania """""' ""1f-mf ' """'lx.:.:r' -----a:,1s------- -------- 1. Annum CPNNTB """"l'u7n""'F?-"':nfigiTAnF1izi""0'F3vT5""''gEiaT1Fn"-"'I3'i'7Fvi1"' lfl'-lfvw-ll 'Mos -M Vins s.Pn.n4e or Glam 4.Coum-nv or ' ,nu-, --.U-U ,,,-,-,,,,,,,,, -Cu --U--an - Currzlnsmr 425223-iT'mn"T:'6 Mim"52W"T?6"" 's?7u?u"iI'E3.T-717' """""""' Z Nm: or ransom was vm. ALS-IAVI .anew veal unklss a.Ru.umumr or YNAT PIR!!! "'1G1I-ICI-T.I"""1RIGf"""TvIL12?""""'l11T5'' """"""' 1 Annu or new rnsuv """".7J-?JQ112'2iQjF 'Bl' Tull'-T-Gif" ' 'FTJST ""'?6J-57? ""'EFEi-i1"" l4Enn.ovu.s Nun 11. Incl of lfinavrtlnf' -..--...-....i...-- ...1.....--i-- ----.---- -..-.. nu-mg gn gnmg"'fZ'-CfGfrZi'w4"'if""?f2LZT"""c2SllETf"""'cIIZf5"" lhrflm Tum I Han Vzsumzv Above Anwns Ann Tum Tun Au hun, REGISTRATION CARD . 0.5. . --.. .... ..-..---.-- ,-,,., ,,, i S hm I fun, ""'7"" fnmnnuu suuvuno ' y . . Q 5 A CALL NUMBERS Dress Rehearsal Meet John Doe Roll along, little Johnny Wheels of Destiny" In a brown study Way up there Easy does it We Three" Strawberry Blonde Up-swept style Here's a "Buster" for you You'll like him, too! "Hear Those Bells" Haughville's Lil' Abner Last Call for Asher Oh! Those eyes! That Balkan influence 1525 1526 1527 1528 1529 1530 1531 1532 1533 1535 1536 1537 1538 1539 1540 1541 1542 H tc O, Brenda. . ." What is it, Cobina?" Ice Cream ma.jor Calling Dr. Kildare Like a gem We're all "Battin"' for him Typing by the hour With Courtney to court me We've come a long' way Bowls 'em over Our curly top A call to arms "Well, my friend, Dewitt!" That school girl complexion Bill Boyd rides again It's a cinch Good, bad, or indifferent ? ? 1543 1544 1545 1546 1547 1548 1549 1550 1551 1552 1553 1554 1555 1556 1557 1558 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563 1564 1565 1566 1567 1568 1569 1570 1571 1572 1573 1574 1575 1576 1577 1578 1579 1580 1581 1582 1583 1584 1585 1586 1587 1588 1589 1590 1591 1592 1593 1594 1595 CALL NUMBERS Bright spot of the B's A little girl with a voice She can cook, too Majors in noise Vitamin "I" She's awfully nice Sacramento Sweetheart Cheese it, kid! Me and my Plymouth Tea Date? People's choice-our Prexy For Pat's sake Cedar hope chest? Our good citizen "Absence makes the heart..." Rides the Rails Teachers' stand-in On the quiet side We'll be seeing you Equestrienne - Pigskin peddler Shh! Well, imagine that! Uncle Ezra Sweet Ad-e-line! Lights! Camera! Action! A tall giggle! Let's sing again Not as the name Something about a soldier See-Saw' Marjorie Dagey A Harley Davidson enthusiast Blonde and intellectual Natural Outdoor man Up in the air over dames Just the same Domestically inclined "I agree with Drees" Smart as a tack He "Dials" for static Hobby-horses "Petticoat Fever" "Baby Ruth" Mis'placed eyebrow "If, at first.. ." Illinois, here I come! Paris creation Printer's devil "Want to shazre my parasol?" "I object!" The Reverend "Say, Ferd told me-" He's a trump-eter 1596 1597 1598 1599 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1608 1609 1610 1611 1612 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1620 1621 1622 1623 1624 1625 1626 1627 1628 1629 1630 1631 1632 1633 1634 1635 1636 1637 1638 1639 1640 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 u U U H Twins can't fool her! Confirmed optimist I need a Raft There's just one blonde Dancing Pete! I C O. B...O! G! "I'm here today!" "Skater's Waltz" Ho-Hum! Just another day! In Clover -now ' "May I ask. . . ?" An old fashioned girl Our petite athlete Say it with flowers Yes, your honor!" Tall, blonde, and athletic Business girl makes good Gone, but not forgotten "I miss him so..." June in January Bert's coming over Y. M. C. A. Merman He snares 'em. . .drumsl Eyes of the East Little but mighty Silent and sensible How'll I do my hair? Declamation. . . explanation! Home cooking Give me time! "Well, in my home town. . ." So "rare" She Keers for him "Heichen through" Want an introduction? Gr-r-reen Eyes! "Ah, wimmin !" Our Irwin Can coast now My band's good!" Take a. letter Hold that line! Teed up Antioch for me Washington Merry-go-round Let it be said- "The Great Profile" . 9 I m from Missouri Coiny" Just a little skate Five foot two-" -We should know! Knit-wit 1649 1650 1651 1652 1653 1654 1655 1656 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661 1662 1663 1664 1665 1666 1667 1668 1669 1670 1671 1672 1673 1674 1675 1676 1677 1678 1679 1680 1681 1682 1683 1684 1685 1686 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 1692 l693 'GW4 1695 1696 1697 1698 1699 1700 1701 U li CALL NUMBERS Station D-R-A-M-A Kazacoff-but musical! Got any money?" Changing of the guard Rah! Rah! Ray! Ray! Pitter-Pat N Choppy Proof's in the printing Surveyor's brain-trust Peachy You bet I am Just an "X-Ray" Pardon while I pose! John Law in person Biff-O Life of theiparty Washington a.nd'Lee One of many Civic Quest Enthusiast Stand-patter in friendship Carolina Crooner Leader of the band Class Cut-up Star of the West Kentucky Belle Washington's Morgenthau Vivacious and Vivid Pass the buck Gem of Section M Via. U. S. mail Clinic attache' Tow-headed' hero Bells! Bells! Bellslf, No soap! ' Model brunette A Violin-the "Bee" and Benny Ten Pins" for your thoughts A Buckeye after June Let's dance Irish "I" Everybody's friend I spikka da Spanish Babs gabs Torch of Appollo Looks like Raymond Looks like Ralph Girl with blue-green 'eyes "Delightful" is the word Vivian Leigh eyes "A Girl, A Guy, and A Gob" Music. . .it's wonderful Balcony, to the right" Boots! Boots! Our Major! 1702 1703 1704 1705 1706 1707 1708 1709 1710 1711 1712 1713 1714 1715 1716 1717 1718 1719 1720 1721 1722 1723 1724 1725 1726 1727 1728 1729 1730 1731 1732 1733 1734 1735 1736 1737 1738 1739 1740 1741 1742 1743 1744 1745 1746 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752 1753 1754 As Washington all-around girl He's tops Jennie with the light brown hair Glamorous! K. P.'s delight Big Business Smilum Milum "You be the Judge" How do you feel today? Militant Mascot of Company "A" No connection Major "Art" An eye to fashion Brow beater Gabs with Babs Versatile Miss Lady about school Nikoll liner Star-bound Professor Happiness "Smilin Through" He knows the answer Come and order a coke Orange blossoms A Dentyne smile Esther" if she cares for me? After June no "Payne" Lightning Speed Mr. Smith went to Washington My echo, my-, and me Sweet and talented Shy lass Crossed Sabers Still water- Ankles away Army has its good moods Sew long, Dorothy My car! My car! Interstate diploma Get thee behind me--books! Strurnming along 'On Blades of Steel" Gentleman and scholar Peek-a-boo dimples A little rough Shot-put accelerator Yipee! What's wrong with a leopard? Actions speak louder- Peoria V playboy Three-stripe man Kinks by Rue ffoh, Wally !" 1755 1756 1757 1758 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 l768 1769 1770 1771 1772 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777 1778 1779 1780 1781 1782 1783 1784 1786 1787 1788 1789 1790 1791 1792 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797 1798 1799 1800 N CALL NUMBERS The Daisy won't tell Commercial Law-OOH! Plays football, too Debate coach's prayer Candid camera crazy Latin from Manhattan Much photographed Fish fancier Let's bowl awhile Pepper Nell Where shall I dock? Washington intelligentsia! "Gotta a new hair cut!" "I vant to be an ak-tress." Shorty likes to bowl Double or nothing Have you seen Shirley? Artistically inclined Call him Reggie 1t's all in the letter What? Another one? To make a short story long Twice spelling champ Windy Flash bulb fiend Up around the Bend Hold that Pitch Black-haired Susan Skating Pro We all like her Model stamp collector An eye to health True Blue I've modeled for years!" Roll, Jordan, Roll! Kegling Kid Even tempered red-head The Worry Wart We look alike Watch out, Gracie Third finger, left hand "The Green Goon Jive" Vote for him No, she didn't! May I wear your pin a minute? 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 1818 1820 1821 1822 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1833 1834 1835 1836 1838 1839 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844 1845 1846 1847 Jack be nimble Up in the clouds Waltz with me Whom shall I date tonight? A Nightingale Sings a la Mae Ball fan He found it--The Lost Chord Lettermmen's Delight Nosegay refiections H U uHi, Uppy!! Dutch The Gibson Girl No A. W. O. L. for the Cap'n Dresden likeness Through his paces Cathedral likes a red-head Do-re-mi-fa-soooo Tall, blond, and- "I want to be a Venus." No third term Sporty Joe Beau-Weevie , Makes the notes fly West is best Millionaire's apprentice Prince of a chap Tinkers in radio Wait till June Sweet William Mary and Eugene Just tell me your troubles Totes the bucket Just can't be Crisp curly crop I'll see "Hugh" soon Make a wish Willowy and winsome "Whatcha Know, Jo ?" One of the gang A kick in those eyelashes Inside the law Masculinely modish Ts-45 Ammv wANTf....YOU EINILII T' IXICDXAI ffelklfmu ,A v A . 5-f... 4 A7 J- Y, x- wg' UTQJQA ,A 1:74 ' KX .4 'GK , .. Ny. wx I 1.4 , W. .I- ,,,. .,, 'ma .1 --L I' 7.7 far 2 . 2 if .fr , ffy ,L ,. 2,-, A . 5 A ..' . A ' F 4 v f 'HN . vga ' f A. A I V. ' . '-1" , ' ' fa 5--fy '31 'H 14f.l."'A ' fi?" 'R-4 4.1. T19 , 4,-,1,v,,',.,w .. M., 5 I N? ,. ' W I -ij," f gn lj N , as ' if .5 .2 W- ii' . In R ' .1 1 -W Iwfg '22, , up 1 . 'lim-P T' 1. MJ . ..,5v,.. ' 1 A-Wa . .. 151. , .WWI , .QQ ' H'-x . . " , L " .1 ,fig ff Y' T1 ' 1 W' ' -. ,. ,.g ,-.N . lbzffw. Hfif , +4-if f..."i NUC. 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