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qolvxg 3FfX 7. Sibwf-warp 1 f' H. m ' . n K'-fs YK'-If Lffffu XWN5 "f6f-Vfxpravx ' ' 'EI Xkgk 6A:Q.fv-1 "1!X4L:ZbL'L M 1 X'-0' "C VFW Q--if 4-uMVwwuMwu.?'jx?xm.u,3 EFVBS' Limwxgivxxiv Ywwwe Muni A Lwbln -LL-GLM' 02- 1411? -MfugS2f1wd: f-W f-we mm- ,. ,,. L'-"M" wwg fe vw MQ ff-1 M N NYM' VVW1SQ-x - lqmwwcuki 5 COA Milk. 065 C..C1NyQy21f U-006. lA3.,'1kwFr1,-usb 0' J' I. Knew '-fbw wfi Xwv.f1S 's:XSu1c2 , ' IQ-'YVlvQ'S0fwNY'k3' S-LqNx,'u' MvuuJL+,.,g "'Jk"fe OMS- ,E L1 Vins 5x Q Mfg' "V"Y"'x xfzpv, Lffru JHSM C15 H1 guna QQ. X 'UW' ' "WW vidfun-nk " .-ff-ff-':: :s'-in . www +0 M4100 ' " ,-Q . Q J S I it 'Mum sun., kwa f 'nf' mu. "' muff "" 'Q-Nz -Q.-uhd c.'4'g4VN55x?l'I'l-J'. 7,42 Q-U"-tlrwi Pl' d'4n'w,.v. cprqau, 4,,M,,,, w-Q qi '-'dxf ar. w we JL-..r Erwvoq, ann.. ' W I. MB, M My -E G i l - v-U .fliwxi Hu. ' I W-w-fikuz. . l U I xc I I - 'T f fL1Ac.L,Lf' A Kiki!-if f'.7f'ff"f1 Cf Q4 . ld-0-lu .X-QLUIX, JL? 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' ?' ggi Y Qu' O 3' - ' ' 0519 ECW' 'xoji' Q gag V ' F gg, Q X-YA C 5 050 W, Vg cr 0' Vg A l XJ ef 95 19 y ,buf fifth., 'W-7' fn 4 W .J .1 32 ll E w C74 4 df 5 E, m,q 9U?20QbiQ M A H9925 .Hui 220,73 2 Hy Q ian Q09 T V40 Mo rx, N 9 ' ffm. :awww QNTWY 4-JR 113,05 'O Q96 janv! . , V JY Q GQ jrfkf' A3266 kfox 3 r J I' :Y ff mall " F. "ii 1 n . A h W F11 L TJ-i'J"5 """E Siz Qzzz A , 1, mill. pagtriot 1974 george washington senior high school 152.2 tennis club road charleston, west virginia volume x Q George Washington's Administra- tion Worked "right down the Wire" to ready the newly-installed labs, commons and Q.S.A. for the open- ing of school. The changes surprised everyone except the sophomores, who were not acquainted with G. W. 's program last year. Though some S111- dents liked the innovations, others angrily demanded answers: Why.can't We stand on the balcony? How come We can't play basketball in the gym on our free time? Where am I going to park? Ignoring the adminis1ration's rules against loafing, these girls take a few minutes to relax in the hall. 1 . Why isn't there a place to sit and talk with your friends, just to goof A around? No candy outside the commons?!! l'm gonna starve! What happened to senior homeroom in the little theatre? L . Empty parking spaces fill quickly before 7:30 AM in the morning. Eager to resume her conversation, Suzanne Pentz awaits Late sleepers must precariously park on Tennis Club Road. Mr. Douglass' exit from the Q. S.A. 2 Cooperative effort between both student body presi- dent, Phil Oblinger, 'and Mr. Callahan allows many of G. W. 's problems to be solved. V 1 l X x it ""-11 W . I Lv Open campus and free time enable Todd Alderson, Flip Wilson and jim . DeVere to enjoy school on "The Hill". I " "'l " ' ' ' 7714 ' "' 1 ' 1 ' I y. fi ui- Q I s'.s..M Striving forperfection, Billwhisnand adds detail to his charcoal ' ' "" ' ' A sketch of a fall landscape. The star-bright beams accentuate the brilliance of the bands performance. The changes at school did not dim their exellence on-field. 3 ' tx! xl w I ' Banner Ready. The last seconds tick by in- With great pride, Coach Edwards proves to defeated South Charleston that it the S. C. game as. Coach Edwards awaits his takes more than foul language to beat the mighty Patriot team. turn on the turf. ' Close-scoring football games, homework, parties and rousing pep assemblies unified classes. just as "The Hill" adjusted to its new life style, Washington, D. C. exploded. 7, W "It's 10:5O? ! ! I just missed a mod of shorthand!" exclairns Sally Timzrns. L 'f.f:-eww?-3 - V ,-3,5 vg -Q:-fv -.-Q: im ., .'...':K:w-35: ,-T? . ' "n v "'f'i': ,1.g V Q' 47:52 "Ann-T "-j ijt-:r'.f. jqif asf - ., A ':.' 'H fE.,g'Tgf - ,a:-1 11lE'11'1u.3:-593:15 B'5,'5Uig3-"riiffwfl?-'f1fQT:Y-.-':-52 'ET-E03 ' ' f fue. f1:f'lC.1Ff .FTw..'r."12- Efff ug ff 4f,-. ,.:y"- ia-32.5-5k,.,1s:,m'.E.w,' k '-.brifyi kgiblfalr. '58, .f .1 . .- V 5, -QQ, 13121. 215---Lrg. ff . --- fu A-:--fx ' .' -1:-1 f '-if -. - N - A -4 . :gf . .. f, L .. ,gg -Av -.g.,,,',y -'sw .A A2151 'fam'-' '1:f'3'w'f':Hi1-'1.5-'.'.,.:Q'Y-f,ars"7'f"5'ieM fff? : J2f1.,3ir " ' . . ,- .- -- -ifepfff..-ffffl 1. ,. ,, . ,4,...,H .. .,,,.,. . . ,, .., . .M ,, f. .nd , ,. . ., f . SYN -. 4.H.f ,- ..,-1:-.1-..-.:a uf .44 J- -' - '. A.:-' 1,..,H,-- .t ,4,.-,, -hwy . Q Fm. H-.' -'rs .aw J, 'I xl ,A -Him..-wf. VL- 4 ,, v 'J-mu ny.-Q,-V 5f325:ZQ-'ff "Q ' ff? '1"fEJc.Qi'.'f ff5:'.?ff.' 12 -l QT -1f5f:f.Vil.E,ff-J 't1:'i'1f.'?4:.i,Y'?E'is. QQQKSSJ. F335 f- ' ' -V 'i,"-f9'5i1.5?Q.,f3.W 'f?1w3hE:- VST: 2555 7 - .- 1 I.. :' - ev A.: ' ...Ziff ,iv x K-fn. wif" -199 N' J , ,,fS17'.k ef.fe1af . ,pb Q ' -'Q if Walhalla. H -U., n1:.,,,,.,., J, ....,. .yM.v,,.:1... A- PAA... Q V Iv., A H 1, .-pg, . 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T L'-'z "?',wq 7:'?,.'!.:wK!.',T5 'V xr NGK, '-1.2 gli.-.gg51,x',-.1-Af' ,fl A? N-1kMg.:,, 'M - ' ' 3 , f . 'w".fffvJ-'- f':5.v-2-.-wa :-1-an ijfi. 2' 22.551-vw-a1'.f::: - ' ax ,- g,.,fa: . . ., . .. ,LUN X 3 4.--V Q, : -J ,.. 1 .iggm " ' ' . ,S ' ' -4 -' 'fifkex .- T Ari' , ,ru 1. by 'xfnfgf ' '. .QE-5-wi. if Af , ' 'i..,'- . -.11--!'-59 ,, :gf :-H., - - :if f 1' ,.z'- ', .. :Lids A , . ': iii'-15,-U, N ' 'lf-" '-. 7? E55-1 . . N Tf- i Zfa-.'c.f2.',' .I .nv hr.:-EZ: . , U-,Af ---af.-K ,-- - , - 5,--A,g,g,,,, . -4:-3 . . .3f,f' :..'.I,1- 7 ' x..5ga.n 5, gm. - 1' ,-I. 1. , 1' 'Q -. ig.. L' . f.- 1, Q--1 1. A , fr-,-1 V -1-W :M -. , ., - - .,, .. w - ' -X p my 1 fff ' 1- fig? 3.:?".1' 5.31 .llffz ' 5-v , Y - ' '- 11.-wt, 1 .1" -lw-1. A " Sax '.-.-ev - . -'J W -. . rf' .. w ' . , 'Eg V '- .-f-f 'QH17 .-:F-H i fu iz. 'yfhr ff r ,-. .,' Ya.-Y' ' , x ,Mrk ,.1.--' , f - ff. - 'qv .' ,wx qw- - 1. X A ' - . H" - ,. , X u C 'f -5 P 5' we ,. .m , . Q4 'nf v ' in GF: 2.1. ,I . .W 3 .-YY ' ny.. Q V,,:-Q-. ,:y1g.7 ,iii QTY? ' 'TA ,ij . A, - ge J.. U: . ref .. " my N .pam 1 ig min. K .ww Q 1 , . 5... ax? 'L 'A 2 91 A f V . 1 M as 1 V K I , ,-c w ' ll x 4 .U i ,Ji 1 7 each day you are on your own to . . . . . relax . . . pass or fail an exam . . . . venture beyond the required . . . ask a friend for help . . . prepare homework . . . make a seminar productive . . . experience life .....--f if WC " :nb ar ? tu WA- ' 1 I Q g 4' M 'WV wif A mf UU A--we "A M rw M' ,, y. ,. f' ' ,.,w:'fN' V W, ,Rf O' 1. Xl Mi saw... penn Hang.:-wx-Q! V awww 1 Q Wd 'I' V Sophomore counselor, Miss Hiserman, is always willing to help The newest way to recycle adding machine paper is modeled a student adjust to the confusing six-day cycle. by Jane Bailes. 5 2 . 'r Y ' J K A 11 wwf: 1, Q: J 1. 6 F 'r f 1 8 X 19 1. " w xv .sg 'wiv R 1 mp, - Supporting the team during an away game, G.W, 's spirited fans cheer the Patriots onto beat Nitro. K Having finally found a place to socialize, Frank Estes and Nancy Robertson discuss Friday nights game. table of contents freedom service stamina discipline guidance leadership anticipation support rf' , il E ll 3 Evidence of Patriot spirit is left by the cheerleaders who decorate the football team's dressing room before each game. 10 42. 76 102. 116 138 170 206 9 " fff ., . J r -ffm , , .1 , 7' 'W g , V ,VL .A .2 bi ' ".,,v. 'UV' , N "QQ gl, ,IM 1. ng-Q E N ,ill 'Q' up -me 'vz ,mu .vi paw!" 3 zfgfhf ,E :ff I- x Cdinical though true, the-HQuieEiStudy Aiea affords-Aoniy enough 'Concentration for Sherri Huffman to read hexjcomic book. X fff ' ,, f ! N ww 'Wm 1 , ul - 1 L , x jlo o I 5 Poo1sl1arkQZPa1glette Pickens, ,-afmsoto pool-:ef B.,CO1'I1ei"'ShCf' as W F V w W ' 2 . any -. as A 1 , ' , u ' " E , 'n -'-. 5-'w 11,53 . . I V ' 4' milf, 1 r , f . ' ,- " ., ., ',-ff ' ,, U- ,,4,,.f -. . 1 W ,A ,,,, .w'::,,, -V Q. EA, Z W ..,,4gQ,,,g5,. ,Q E. ffl fa "za ' ' Q-JL.- -'g4',LZif'f vu- . -. ,il-2'A,,1-'?-HQ r . - 11 ,L .,,-,,,,,. , , Ai. , , , W- NN, :,,A 3. , , . .. 5 -, , .:,. ,.... ,..... -f . . ill? An enterprising junior, Nelson Jones, spent part of his summer " . . . then all of a sudden my toe was gone!" exclaims Nel- organizing the Sternwheel Regatta. son Woodard recalling his adventures at the beach. - as mx A LW W' u 5 Ii' w 1. ml Students who attended classes in France this summer are: Elizabeth Rippetoe, Betsy Garner, Chip Berry, Mary Anne Dial and Martha Herscher. Smiling at the thought of a refreshing shower, Marion Singleton returns from a backpacking trip . Freedom! 1 3 structural changes Library--The purpose of the library has been changed, making it now exclusively a reference center. Students are encouraged to use the new labs or Q.S.A. for their other homework. Quiet Study Area--The sight of rafter races, socializing, and many fond memories for upperclassmen has been reconstructed and is now known as the Q. S.A. Com- mons Area--The old shop classroom now provides students with an opportunity to relax and enjoy the recreation of ping pong and pool. Vending machines add to the appeal of the room. Murals painted by the Art Club decorate the walls of the new Commons. Unlike most students, Karen Margolis is lucky to find the encyclopedia she needs is not missing. 'ill r ru gf All 5, .- A, A gpm , i- X' 4 , 'W " U5..,,rr,-,. Engrossed in research for History AP, John Fitzpatrick utilizes the Libra.ry's facilities. Freedom! 14 'K' 'aa Pi? A . Senior girls express their dismay at the caging in of the old commons. Chancing his reputation at ping pong, Coach Edwards enjoys the new commons. Wandering among a sea of faces, Mike Duvall searches Ann Bennett smiles at the Commons Area frolic while Brooksie Han- for an empty chair. cock is absorbed in her own thoughts. Freedom! 15 new fangled ' lockers and labs A new concept has been introduced at G. W. E, this year to aid students with their classes. Labs ff! for every subject area are equipped with full- time aides, qualified teachers, ready to answer questions and solve problems. Educational tapes, additional textbooks, puzzles, and computers motivate students to exceed classroom work. Going along With the newfangled labs are .... Learning packets draw jon Cook and Tom Heywood into the ' 13-be - -- GI' r " 9 1' Xl-'lil ' N.. x Taking advantage of an empty lab, Patty Smith improves Two language students finish their assignment. her typing skills. r' '1-,LW ,vlv W, '71 fc gi cf - - -41 1 " "LLM if '- - --- .X - Great Books doesn't seem so hard for Rank Dawson after talking it over with Mrs. Fisher, English lab aid Freedom! 16 f x was ff Stuck in the "dungeon" for the second year in a row, Dana Connell gropes to find .a missing paper in the light of the exit sign. Smaller senior homerooms did not solve the communications problem for Ted Ghiz and Bill Haynes. 5 E 1 M 1 Forced to conform to the changes, Chuck Car- penter once again lockers on the third floor. LJ-ai - ,. , .H 4 wr K J.. I Sophomores passively dwell where senior con- fusion once reigned. . . . new arrangements concerning homerooms and lockers. Senior homeroom had been elimi- nated, as well as lockers on the first floor for seniors. Instead, many seniors found themselves in the homerooms that they had been in the year before, and some kept the same lockers. This brought outbursts from many seniors, as they felt that traditional privileges were being disre- garded just as their time had come to enjoy them. Juniors were dissapointed when they found their lockers were in the dungeon again instead of on the third floor. Freedom 1 7 crepe paper celebrations The Weekend of Nov. 2 was designated Homecoming 1973 at G. W. A Thursday morning presentation by the Modern Dance Club brought students together for the first of the scheduled activities. Work on the floats Thursday night halted long enough to attend the bonfire. ln years past, the floats have been burned during the bon- fire, but due to a mix-up With the parade permit, the bonfire preceded the parade. The music of "Black Light" added a special touch to the evening as did the many firecrackers which were planted in the fire. Friday morning in homeroom, all students voted to select the Homecoming Queen. There were many mysterious requests made for per- mission to leave the building early, as students rushed to finish the floats. After an afternoon Pep Assembly- -entertainment courtesy of Bob Hartman and Sophomore girls--the parade ruled out. It was a longer parade than usual Q6 floatsj, and it created much commotion in downtown Charleston. The Homecoming game against Herbert Hoover was played Friday evening. Although the Patriots were defeated, the game was full of excitement. The halftime presentation of Queen Dana Davis and her court added a touch of sparkle to the evening. . . ,v , The headless Statue of Liberty, clothed by band mem bers, willbe used in later parades. -451 The Senior class snowball could literally crush the Huskies White washed. Valerie Brisky doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after Casey Baldwin fills the frame with paper flowers. with her new racing stripe. Freedom 18 Vx f W, 1 rgfv ,fl -.,., , Stuffing the junior's float is a full time job for Mary Beth Mal- Sketches of the football squad by Cindy Tribble are secured in com who housed the "S. S. Patriot" in her garage. the sophomore hall by Cindy Thomkins. "'sw,,u F 0 'ol fa if Waiting for their cue, teeny boppers Ellen Sprenger, Becky Holden, and Kim Richardson "Elvis" Bob Hartman sends the girls laugh at the other skits in the homecoming assembly. screaming. Freedom 1 9 Saturday developed into another busy day as many seniors arose early to take the SAT exam- ination. Members of the Student Council Worked in the afternoon preparing for the evening dance, which was held at the Heart of Town Motel. Bal- loons and streamers graced the downstairs ball- room as students and teachers danced to the music of "Black Light". Thus ended the memorable Weekend of Homecoming 1973. l The junior's float predicts a smashing victory for the Patriots. Recycli from one beer lover to another the G.W. Pride float. Parading down Bridge Rd. the Patriots honk their way to town. Fre e dom 20 f ig Q1 if gp , Q it 4. Q ., ,, if T H ll 11 J re 3 ' x x I I N . ,jx I -I ,X , -r ,X 1 iw! 2 QM ,1 ., 14 K "lunnu:11 -- .I l 'ff' 'ii 1 . '-. 6-fr I S' 'gg .bl . . H.. .X 1 Z " 45-32? Z.. ....,f v vt V . 1- 'SU' S D 'rr ':1.:x1:::a:..!f2'g.:. , r X .. I , . , 1.2.1 .6':......:. '33 "' gm vu 2 vase-Wu... W.-nv ' "" . ,-:,...,-naar' .nw 5.- Tv. QVOOOQ ka -.1 ,, ... .... T?-E:.v'5m'5' :m"'v7:""'-41-' i. ......I::gg+ 'Kp ,, Nunn ' f! 060 'Ng'- H ff , Ngzrzizz.. g-351 .1 - .. " .lf . .. . : .: :f:' """: 'Lx JI uzzm-vm!! ",Qu.- 'L . ,.-m, 'H--vw. ..,,-w- xv - ......:::::, : X -nun..--u. - . X ws .-f.-0.22 X Q X.. ,W --fm. .QR- F25 'EEST -33" ?'.. 7 " P. ,aj V 5 1 1' Hgl 4 ,QE I vi: Qu' xl' ,, . ,, . r V. 4 Inglull 5555- 2'- 'li'Fllli' if 4 4 .1 . 5 1 Q" 'Rel Flag corps girls carry "The Big Fresh Flavor" onto Nitro's field. I fi 'QW faixdfiglf- . l .X if F sir s--We f J r J f H I ' Ar r - X if S. .17 ,.n,.f. ' , - -, C . ' .pff . 31. I L: 23" . 'im 5.41 ...." x.'5.m22 e we 'Mamie Q ,Q Plff ' Freedom 22 Cheerleaders and band members "snake" across the field after the Patriot's win over Nitro. As halftime approaches, the sounds of Dixie and Boogie eminate from Schmader's lively Pep Band. band enlivens patriot pride Representing the school in the Veteran's Day Parade and Christmas Parade in Charleston, the band marched to a patriotic medley including "You're aGrand Old Flag" and "This is My Coun- try". The band also presented this medley for halftime shows during football season. Other halftime shows included the music "Carry the Big Fresh Flavor" and "You'Ve Said it All. "When the football team won, the band lead the cheer- leaders and crowd in the Victory march on the field. Reaching for the top, majorette Michelle Florence, exemplifies the spirit of a number one band. .Jl HU ,PEP BAA, Bursting lungs fill the G. W. gym with modern rhythms. The G.W. band takes time out for a Christmas parade downtown. Freedom 23 - Y ..,.....-..r--i-w-.U-4-5-:un-A mmuvgv- Z I V " 'inn-e Y With true Patriot pride, the G.W. band parades down Broadway. eating countless hamburgers on the way to and from New ork, Chuck Smith and jim Mitchell declare themselves the Kings." patriot band performs for macy's thanksgiving day parade An exhilerating parade, a frightening perform- ance, for eight million people watching T. V. , partieS, tours, fancy restaurants, dirty hotel rooms, shopping, and watching the crazy people in New York were all a part of the band's trip to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Selected from four hundred other bands in the nation to play for the parade, the band spent hours practicing in preparation. NBC and CBS networks covered the G. W. Band as they marched down Broadway. In front of Macy's Department Store, the band displayed their talent with a pa- triotic medley. Having performed on Thursday morning the band members were able to relax the rest of the trip. They spent Friday and Saturday touring Chinatown and the Bowry of New York City, the statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Center, and the United Nations Building. Each evening the band members ate out before attending musicals, such as "Pippin", the Rockettes Christmas Show, and "Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope. " After months of anticipation the trip seemed very short but it was one that no band member could forget. Freedom 25 'J-ll Set for action, GAA members temporarily hold off the teacher's onslaught of volleys. 41, Santa's elves jingle their bells, spreading holiday cheer. Freedom 26 aw, .. 1 Pi' Given an opportunity for revenge, Miss Frame recruits unwilling students for Bobby Nuckles' experiment. special assemblies supply diversion Wispy "snowflakes" flurrying around the gym created a perfect Christmas atmosphere during the special holiday assembly. Assemblies this year ranged from entertain- ment given by the Modern Dance Club to a GAA volleyball match to a mystery man who demon- strated ESP to group assemblies for discussing new policies. The Modern Dance Club presented a realistic view of the temptations and evils of a young boy while growing up, with dances per- formed to popular songs, such as 'The Morning After. " Bright costumes against the dark gym produced an effective scene. Blank envelopes were passed out to the audience during a Key Club assembly and students wrote anything on them. Mr. Nuckles then recited the contents of each prior to their opening, to the amazement of all. He left us with a moral lesson explaining that his tricks had been fake and that one should not believe everything he sees! The Girls Ath- letic Association organized a volleyball game against the administration and coaches. The ad- mission, one can of food or one toy, was col- lected and given to the Salvation Army for Christ- mas. The GAA members, coached by Mr. Rus- sell Anderson, were defeated in three straight games. A special Christmas assembly was held the last day before the holidays. Familiar carols mixed with new melodies were presented by the chorus and scenes from the productions of THE ICE MAIDEN and THE MAGIC TOY SHOP were presented bythe Modern Dance Club. Concluding the program were members of the flag corps posed as Santa's elves performing a special rou- tine and of course, the entrance of Santa him- self, throwing candy canes to the crowd. As the QSA was remodeled, a special assembly result- ed for the purpose of explaining its rules and uses. Class assemblies were held throughout the year to discuss ideas for raising funds or special projects to be begun within each class. I I l X. I SPELLBOUND. The audience watches Bobby Nuckles' every move to detect a trick. Freedom 27 Q Attention is given to class selections by Kathy Robe:-tx and Mrs. W.H. Cook at an Advisory Council meeting. students are a part of planning, tutoring and supervising The Washington Community Education Cen- ter Advisory Council bears the responsibility for the smooth function of the WCEC programs. The Council is composed of interested members of the community, including eight G.W. stu- dents. They are: Mike Ward, Steve Cook, Chuck Carpenter, Lynn Gumowski, Mary Beth Mal- colm, Gary Connell, Brad Pittman, and Kathy Roberts. Among the activities for monthly meet- ings are adopting new policies for the WCEC, and the recommendation of classes to be of- fered. The activities endorsed by the council are varied, and range from Saturday afternoon movies to classes in Judo. Several students visit surrounding elementary schools in conjunction with the WCEC, to tutor those Who need help. The school building is utilized in the evening, Monday through Thursday, for WCEC classes. This new dimension to the community also helps reduce the night crime and vandalism rate at G.W. 28 Freedom Ideas flow freely from the creative mind of Advisory Council member Mike Ward. RNA' " 'L ,L 1: -I V-H V- -- -:rv -"' . Checking her schedule toplan for her next tutoring ses- Members of the Advisory Council study a statistical analysis of class sion is Martha McC1augherty. popularity. W' ' . Eagerly awaiting this week's movie, boys and girls purchase their tickets from Lia. Guidice and Mr. Bartges. -Q ,, Q. ' 'FQ' ,. '. i F ' A Q 45 ,.u- 'ii - -"'Y93J 'fli- Freedom 29 versatile performers A small group ofG. W. singers, da.ncers, and actors presented a Fall Musical program in conjunction with the Fine Arts Depart - ment. The first part of the program consis- ted of a Melodrama, "No, No A Million Times No". The acting ability of the G.W. students shone through as they portrayed the picturesque scene complete with mous- tached villain, tempting villainess, sweet country maiden, and brave hero. The aud- ience became involved in the plot as they booed the villain and cheered the hero and the happy ending. The second part of the show found the same group presenting a revue in song and dance entitled "Yesterday and Today". The numbers presented started with the 1900's and continued to the present. Dance styles included tap, ballet, and jazz. Selections from George Ml, a song popularized by El- vis Presley Ccomplete with screaming teeny boppersl, "Aquarius", and selctions from a contemporary musical NOW! were includ- ed in the program. The QSA and Cafeteria areas were very effectively set in coffee-house fashion with Oh N H S th rd th t 1 l st ch ming like your pa 's small rabies and checked fabiecioths, mms Wmdmli le at em 3 W1 OP me u P forming G. W. for a few hours into a small "off Broadway" theater. "I'm a bold, bad man!" She ll try that modest look pretty soon that gal will have Freedom 30 "Sweet dainty maids are we !' -1 N 1 "VVhat ever took you so long! Think of all that time we've wasted. " fl Y ,A ' u 1 74,1 ...- U " 1 . FT , . - 1 . 4. , -r f . 5 K xx -1. . a 1? The classiest guys that ever pitched pennies at G.W. Freedom 31 s, A F. x ,. Y ju'-L A roaring crowd sends the team on to triumph over Charleston Catholic. Precision jumps and acrobatic agility make Patriot fans proud of their che erle ad ers. M THE PHNIKQPHN NEWS' Amy pn iv '-. N -.., if Q Sf' M ""'5r:---- -.Q- x,-A "'-L Freedom 32 "f"., Co-captains, Bill Williams and Phil Oblinger, express their confidence in the students before the DuPont game. If Coach Edwards can rouse 1100 students, he can certainly spur one football team to victory. spirit EW-li, f ' . 1' 'Ns I 1 1 I I 5 . 2 57 SRDM High School 5 I 1 K Q 1 .'4' f 'I ,.,'A I Against the background of white boots, the major-ettes perform to the melody of "Proud Mary SE? ,isfif 11 ,w 51 K 1. +4 'M "We are fired up!" Freedom!33 Ei A-1: Qs-ki-5 , ' .j.- ,... ,, ,Ig-. W' . TW Q45-iff I The spell of the Ice Maiden captures the young man. 341 Freedom Dolls of every description Qeven doggie-dollsj inhabit the toyshop. christmas dolls liberated "The Fantastic Toyshop" and "The Ice Maiden" Were se- lected for the Modern Dance Club's Christmas production this year, which came only a week after the Fall musicl. "The Fantastic Toyshop" centers around a pair of love- stricken can-can dolls QMichel1e Florence and Gary Hemstockj They are bought by different families, and the dolls in the shop come alive to prevent the lover's separation. The shop- keeper, Gary Connell, and his assistant, Lucy Coyle, come to the shop one morning with the prospective buyers only to dis- cover that the lover dolls have disappeared. When the custo- mers react violently, the dolls come to life once again and chase the humans out of the shop. "The Ice Maiden" is the story of a baby boy who was res- cued from a storm by the kiss of the Ice Maiden fBonnie Wald- erj. As he grows up he is unaware of his debt to her. She dis- guises herself as a gypsy and tells his fortune, and her identity remains hidden. I-le prepares to marry a beautiful young girl, Jennifer Kirkland, and as she comes down the aisle he discov- ers that hidden beneath the veil is the Ice Maiden. She places a spell on him, and they flee together. Spain is represented in the toy shop. The shop- keeper begins the painful separation of the dolls. 0 -J.f' The lovely bride-to- be dances for the village peasants. Nimble skaters on a forest pond. Freedom! 35 kick, dribble, and run As the season for studies reopened in the fall so did the season for intramural sports. The Washington Community Education Center introduced flag football which failed to excite much enthusiasm. Only four male teams par- ticipated. Jerry Miles, coordinator of the in- tramural program did a fine job recruiting leagues for basketball. Seventeen boy teams and three girl teams played Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Spring intramural sports included track and volleyball. Although there was a 352. 00 entry fee plus the cost of a uni- form, intramurals proved to be fun for the students who played and refereed games. An extra pair of legs never hurt any pass receiver. Too bad they're not playing tackle! Mike Hicks could plow though everyone. Wary of pursuers, Steve Marcus digs in for speed 361 Freedom .-of -.--in W' ,Mu 4 'gre ' ' . ,,,V, IM X. N, k ', Q x Y '- Y -f1'b'l0. ' K-Mart specials, donned by jon Cook, attest to the "OFF" 's unmistakable personality. ,,s,g.,. . , ...., ,' 1 s -1' ?-5325. L 4 -, o J V h ggi . Q 'AB f , A .,:,.,, , Hua ' mn L X 'Q 1' a 9 ,- K 5: iv, ,,, , ,.,- . I mi.. Nr.. no mfg .t,,,.d , ... I -5- ,,,kX, w. 9 s :Q . 7- ,Ay ff' :nl-0" B ear in' down court, Tom Heywood p ass es the b all b efore his opponent c an intercede. -1 nik I Towering above other intramural players, Mike Wehrle grabs one of many rebounds. Freedom! 37 I 'Jw Singing their way to the All-State Chorus concert as representatives of G. W. are from left to right: Susan Williams, Tom Connelly, Mike Hodges and Jenni- fer Kirkland. 381 Freedom Members of All-County Band include: David Campbell, Peter Har- mon, Jim Rodgers, Mary Mundy, and Ka- ren Ashmus. 1' Mary Mundy was the only Patriot selected for both All-State Band and All-State Orchestra. Beth Mor- rison was chosen for the NCET award. .iq Members of All-County Chorus include: FIRST ROW: David Steighan, Chuck Kiner, Tom Webster, Tom Cormelly, jeff Courter, Mike Hodges, Jeff Powers, Drew Cicarello, jay Hodges. SECOND ROW: Debbie Eye, Cheryl Perkins, Debbie Williams, Ann Bid- dle, Jennifer Kirkland, Christy Lowe, Kay Lockard, Ann Douglas, Susan Williams, and Cheryl jividen. G. W. 's representatives at Boy's State were Monty Warner, Phil Oblinger, and Glen Goldfarb. initiative recognized All-State and All-County Chorus and Band: selected after performances of solos and re- quired exercises. The National Council of English Teachers Award: selected after submitting an autobiog- raphy, Written work, and an impromptu theme test. Veterans of Foreign Wars: David Mohler was awarded third place for oratorical abilities. Boy's State: selected by G. W. 's faculty. Dur- ing leadership elections Phil Oblinger was elect- ed secretary of state. National Merit Scholar Semifinalists: se- lected on basis of PSATXNMSQT scores. National Merit Scholar Semifinalists include: FIRST ROW: Susie Mason, Jesse Getliffe, Ann Biddle, Linda Gaston and Mary Mundy. SECOND ROW: Tom Heywood, jerry Will, john F itzpatrick, and Ric Asbeck. F reedomf 39 ll ll mame hits charleston stage i Moon girls encircle lady astronomer Vera Charles. "We thinkyou're just sensational, Maru Mame's wide circle of admirers includes the jitterbug set. Following the example of Vera, Agnes Gooch experiences momentarily the glit- ter of New York. 401 Freedom The G.W. Fine Arts Department selected MAME to be presented as the 1974 Spring Mu- sical. The show was directed by Tom Murphy, musically directed by John Van Camp, and choreographed and produced by Nina Denton. A large number of students became in- volved in the show, many of whom had never been interested in theatrical productions be- fore. The play deals with young Patrick Dennis, Chris Woodruff, and the life that is presented to him when he becomes orphaned and travels to New York to live with his Auntie Mame, jennifer Kirkland. Patrick and his nanny Gooch, Barbara Blair, expect to find a passive elder aunt awaiting their arrival, but instead they find the center of New York's whirlwind so- cial life. Mame Dennis reveals new horizons to her nephew with the help of her friend, Vera Charles, an aging stage star, Ito, her Japan- ese servant and her many, many other ac- quaintances. Patrick travels through life with his auntie, sometimes confused and bewil- dered by her lifestyle, and as the show ends Mame takes her grand-nephew Peter, Pat- rick's son, under her wing and begins to show him how to live. A great deal of talent was visible in the show which included gymnasts, dancers, actors, sing- ers, and a student-based pit orchestra. g - 'i'Qf?n 5: ' 5' r v.'f . 1 W ' V .fd . 1 an lgliglwifi I l Q HITS", I '09 F 'ilk Aft' Us l Membexs of the "Mame" cast offer a toast to opening night Mame presents her pregnant secretary Agnes to the "high society" of Connecticut. Fre edomf41 f7- 5' rr 2.4 !'1' '?3,--' V I m .vu - 1 495' 21125755-'l ' .1 fb 147 f"...?' 3 A" ' .,.- h M.- ,Xa , fer 1 , QUEEN cv. Q 4.5. .rf .,, X ,L a 'I 7' B ,j ml fq as ,.... Luf -. , ' ij A M xk W ,slfh Stopping by the Math Lab before a Student Council meeting, Sarah Hartman attacks a heavy load of homework on her free time. Treas. Tom Heywood, left, smiles as he leaves the libraryg while Secr. Glenn Goldfarb, above, views matters more seriously. W Ulks ,.!fl Firm in her view, Gail Marshall shakes her head when monitors are suggested for the QSA. Ted Jackson prepares to coat a cornered victim with left-over tree flocking. Mffvfi s 'I' IX .f 'i 12 . - f M sl an 1, , ,X ffl- , 'U if .K - Pausing for a moment to reflect on the preceding discussion, Phil Ob- linger contemplates both sides of the issue at hand. ----6 5'--s k ,ff , mf 1 I J J". , " - X. . 5' A' , ' ' ' . if H X . Q - V . -. R .an, ' 1. .-- Cheers from friends in the stands prove dis- Charlie Loeb explains the latest Student Council proposal as other members lis- tracting for student body president, Phil ten patiently. Oblinger. 441 Service X X Representing the two sides of the conflict over Senior Skip Day, Gail Marshall and David Thomas argue with teachers Mrs. Kidd, Mrs. Thomp- son, and Mr. Bowles. Mr. Bowles takes not of Brad Vogelbach's opinion at an Administrative Board Meeting where changes involving the Quiet Study Area were discussed. students seek administrative posts Composed of ten student representatives, ten teachers, Mr. Douglas and Mr. Callahan, the Administrative Board met every Monday. Dele- gates attempted to regulate school policy and improve studentffacultyf administration relation- ships. David Thomas served as chairman While Gail Marshall recorded and posted the minutes to inform the student body of current news. The Student Council Worked hard this year to provide the student body with many services. Rep- resentatives prepared and sold student direc- tories, painted trash barrels, and installed ben- ches in the smoking area. Delegates set up the rules and policies for the QSA. Homecoming activities including a bonfire, parade, selection of queen, and a dance were sponsored by the Student Council. 1 Each board member weighs the pros and cons of changing to an "E" schedule during daylight savings time. Service 145 3.1 After the scheduling Jargon is learned, operations run more smoothly under the direction of Mr. Randy Bowles. 4 -fi xx 1 ' r- ' . pf 73 y - I - . 4 ...J Team captain, Alan Berg, UIBS to recruit even the Having starved herself for two weeks prior to the banquet, Susie Mason hotographers finishes OH a Efth bowl of salad. Instead of secretaries, G. W. 's counselors use the services of the Scheduling Team. Schedule corrections, necessary because of classes taken in summer school or computer mistakes, are completed during the summer. New students' schedules are arranged by the team mem bers. Added or dropped classes at the semester change and the scheduling of new students in the spring are ac- complished With the help ofthe Scheduling Team . A "thank you" banquet was held in the fall for the members and administrators at the Sterling Restaurant. mix-up straightened out ? r., g1.- -X I Ahaid to handle the eerie-looking lobster which she has ordered, Sally Tirnms Linda Gaston and Ann Flowers smile with ap- gets assistance from Hayes Theiling. proval at the tasty, food served at this special banquet. A , ,, aa! ,- e ..,,.,:.,.. . h 'ru-r-ini. ,,. 2' A ' Q . ' 3 -15, . ,A It wax ,' fl 41 . K 7 ' 1 -- . .L-A- 1' . 'ail 3 . . 'W W yggk X'-W il K Althmlgh buSY COITCCHUS Student Schedules, the scheduling team volunteers have fun amid mounds of paperwork. Servicef47 th1S yearbook 15 brought to you by Carol Westerfeld, Edltor m Chief, refuses to include Fmdmg herslef surrounded by pages and pages of the yearbook, Lay a center fold of Coach Do All in the yearbook. out Ed1tor Melrnda Wood plows through the volume of paperwork Copy Echtor, Sus1e Mason searches for a suitable phrase Typmg consumes a lot of Barbara Bla1r's tune For a change, photographers Chuck Frostick, Jim Steed, and Joe Beattie exchange places and allow themselves to be photographed. 'ii Kathy Long and Nancy Joseph discover that recording the Senior Activity Sheets Choosing a picture with the best composi- can be quite a task. tion is important Laura Phair realizes. julie Merricks, Mary Beth Malcolm, and Ann Flowers work diligently toward a deadline. Old yearboolcs are essential to Ann Parkin and Robin Scherr, for they provide art-work ideas for the advertisement section. To catch any mistakes, Rosemary Cooper and Sandy Bokenlcamp study the notebook. As Jane Ray marks a picture to fit her lay-out, Gail Marshall steadies the cropper. Servicef49 The editor- ship is a pressing job for Karen Farrisg even a thick Thesaurus doesn't help at times. . ' A f' Z' , N, , 3 5, ' 1 1 i a fy. , 5 -A 4- - V ,.,:. " ' My , .....,. ,....-.. ms I '-- , QF, 4y ' l -v " as. . "' f Every ad is carefully snipped by Frances Rubin and Joyce Thomas and sal- vaged for the next printing. 50fService Sports editor, Jeff Thomas, enlists the aid of photo- graphers joe Beattie and Chuck Frostick to finish the football spread. news, reviews and poems Subscribing Reveillier readers found little trouble keeping in step with the pace-setting at- mosphere at George Washington. Published semi monthly, until February, the paper provided students with complete coverage of school ac- tivities and several community functions. 1 u - 'Lux , "R-Xagf'-.- A 'E-1: 1 fr' Ann Magnuson's .' ' Q! ri -'K x f ' fx . -1 - . f , -- iw' r K Involvement in school activities makes it easier for Ann Biddle to compose Startling editorials are a sign of articles, Patty Ferrell observes. discerning mind. IV-' f' . .,,".' "T V: P' - D 1 . 5, U1-1 ' ' 5571? " swim S- Artwork by Sharon Apperson, reporting by Jill Steveking and Joyce Aldridge, and typing by Lia Giudice are vital facets of newspaper production. 1' Servicef51 4. nn Not many members are anxious to volunteer their able bodies for recycling paper on a Saturday. auf,-4 B Treasurer Rob Christman, tries to remember where he spent the last twenty dollars of dues. "keys" unlock doors to service The Key Club, helps not only the school but the community as well. Key Clubbers assisted the Citizen's Council for Recycling Paper, drove senior Citizen's to the dress rehearsal of "Ca- baret" and worked at the Haunted House spon- sored by Sunrise. In October the Key Club pre- sented an assembly on ESP with Bobby Nuckles. The main community project of the Keyettes this year Was brightening the lives of the resi- dents of the House of Mercy. Shrubs and flowers were planted, a prayer meeting was held, Christ- mas decorations Were made and put in their rooms. Magazines and toys were collected for the Welfare Department. Some of the checking stations in the Charleston Distance Run were manned by members. Fund raising projects pro- vided money for the House of Mercy and those who Went to the Keyette Convention at Pipestem in April. his lk!! john Andrews reveals a magnificent plan to end school in March as humored David Haney listens. :Uv ."' 4 Key Clubbers, sprawled out on the counters and stools, mix laughter with business. Service!52 il ug-rl 36 Club members differ in enthusiasm for collecting magazines and toys for the Welfare Department . Advised by Lennie Pratt, Cathy Bokenlcamp pauses to decide where to put the glitter on a Xmas decoration. ."""l"I!'- ,fvfj , .f W W 5 ' rqqgvi-7 I -- 4 . 14" I .. Amid bits of felt and cups of paste, Lucy Biddle andjessie Get- liEe cut figures for a mobile. ...pai-.-.A,.fY:.q3,.-, .'-2, .lf :s,.wf,- , - 1 W1 --my-X-ref' , , 4 - 11-ggf-,aw z- gf:..q,3:71 "?'Auf'WE15?P " '24?f"'I '25 5'-in-L . A Lfa.::r,':Zrg2v'f1e.i,,:mgfe'-ag -'.1,,, lf fqjlca ' p.irZf,,-f.?f'1'i-'-"12:,T:":-skim .F '-31" " " ---'- , '-M4 , ""'-' --' -new-f' 'Y -'M' "" nag,-3-pqqae 1-of-" Y r-faew"4"Yf"'f ,la At the end of a Keyette meeting, Patty Ferrell tries to sell some Avon products to Susan Woomer. if - .BV ,iris-1.-Qin. .p Er -.1,..,v - To insure a per- 1 f 'Z fect copy, Ann Biddle carefully cuts out the intricate horns of a reindeer. Servicef53 " i r W: - ,. V... - V.. 1, v v ,. ,V 1 V, . Vim 5 Band members tune up their instrumenis before concert rehearsal. what has 216 legs and goes boom-boom? Brilliantly dressed in burgandy and White, the G. W. band presented colorful halftime shows at football games. The pep band roused the crowd at basketball games. Several band members earned All-County and All-State positions. A trip to New York to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade highlighted the year for the band. Drum major Chuck Carpenter can't with- hold his laughter when he hears that Linda Englebreth might try out for next year's drum major. 54!Se1'vice Percussionists gather to decide who will play which instruments during orchestra rehearsals. C' Perfect tuning is required for the clarinet players to enter into a melody as the band plays on. 'V' .. X y P- x LX4.. 3 .. , V, ,,3,,.l f r t, f l 'M ff' . 1. ' pi I! 1 0 .i ,ff Marching hurriedly after the G. W. -Ni11'o game, Ric Asbeck and David On her hee time, Ann Flowers records a Mills Swing their tubas in time- student's practice time for "Mr. C. ". On a warm afternoon members of the band , led by Chuck Carpenter, practice on the baseball field. 46- 'Q ilu E 5 , 7 " was "N I vc' L ff'..' C 1-1-75 Fw., C ' 1 f-A ,qs C jp tg. M fri , 'diet C r ,hahah By rnlxs, band members are drilled during an after school practice. Servicel55 Mary jo Hudson twirled in the Macy's Thanks- giving Day Parade and at football halitimes. Kay Helm if 'U white boots and a Paula Trumbo lnterspersed throughout the band, the drill team mem - bers add a majestic flare to the football halftime shows. Majorettes, stepping high to modern tunes, rallied Patriot spirit from the crowd. Pa- rades, performances for sev- eral pep assemblies and bas- ketball halftime appearances allowed the majorettes and drill team to present the routines they developed during long hours of practice. Anna Tassen Drill Team Members include: Lisa K1-amz, jane Haynes, Diane Slaughter, jenny Hunter, Susan Hemelrick, Kathy Moore, Julie Wood, .Sharon Leroy, Sherri Huffman, Peggy Lipscomb, Kathy Karmen, Cindy Mills, Lee Green, Laura Stone, Cheryl Wood, Val orie Bell, Cindy Giuinoe, jo Ellen Estep, Pixie Morgan, Wendy Bohn, Maxie Copen, Marie Ann Dial. Service! 56 Karen Tate, Head touch of lace M1che11e Florence Sandy Bokenkamp jill Duncan Robin Conley N ,yn --,, Mary Ann Dial Fa .- X 4--1.3...1 f 4 . -Nansgg--.4 Maxie Copen, Head Servicef57 aides and junior civitans devoted to helping others Filling their schedule with parties during the first semester, junior Civitan members were able to cheer up many youngsters. Toys were distributed during a Halloween party, giv- en in cooperation with the Charleston Civitans. A Christmas party was provided for retarded children by all Charleston junior Civitans. The second semester was also filled with hours of work in helping the community. As sponsor of the club, Doug Walters persuaded the members to organize a flea market in the spring in order to raise money for the WCEC. The house of an elderly couple was "spring- cleaned" by Junior Civitan during a project to help the aged. Chip Berry served faithfully this year as Mrs. Martin's Library Aide. Volunteering to work at the beginning of the year, Chip per- forms his duties on a day-to-day basis. From shelving and checking out books to helping with new shipments, he gives his assistance intasks that would otherwise be too numerous for Mrs. Martin alone. Classes supplemented with movies, films, and tapes are aided by the Audio Visual Club. Members are instructed in the use and opera- tion of the equipment, and also play a part in maintenance and repairs. Cindy Dunlap, Julianne Montgomery, and Patty Holden make preparations for a Halloween party. ,ff i With his usual charm, Mr. Walters easily pelsuades Junior Civitan members to participate in the organization of a flea-market 58fService 'a L ., ,xr A - iigf ,,, -:iw 'K wr 255' f- ' val Adjusting the camera, Frances Rubin prepares to take films of a Rarely seen relaxing from his duties as Library Aide, class production. 5 Switching on the set, Don Wooldridge records a tape for a class in the ampitheater. Chip Berry escapes his busy routine for a moment Jim Parsons controls the switches during a play-back for aWorld Cultures IC-I. Servicef59 Frustrated at the turn of events, Bemaxd Connelly descends upon the playing board in a mad frenzy. Playing in a tournament, Tom Connelly takes nota- tion of the moves for the records . ' A I Z ,,,-v- Y, es Xi rs fin Quietly considering all the his strategy carefully. possibilities, Tom Heywood plans it Concentration is the key to successful chess-playing, Mike "How didl ever get into this mess?" questions Eric Creagh. Hicks discovers . Service J 60' 3 fi N5-r , The courteous manner and pleasant voice of Debbie Abt give callers a good impression of G.W. --,-at-f':::a-1: 'fP':'UF1--'.1,TT..1' wffat-flf . ' SGT?-:sry M -.3 , igygtg.,-,-3. .X 4.251 . "4 ' -- 9 v 'f 3 . rag I N .J 0 , , V 1.35 5 ,9.,-'LF L, J If 1 . jr ,--3 AK. ' ., .. nl' 4 . K' f Oiice aide, Pat Gillispie, must wait on Mrs. Hammel before she delivers the absence lists. i Delivering messages and locating students keeps Donna Child- ress occupied during free time. volunteers assist secretaries mini-battlefield pit mind against mind Students interested in a future career con- cerning office skills gave their assistance sev- eral mods each Week as Office Aides. They helped in the school office learning efficiency While furthering their own Work experience. Although the Chess Team did not begin their season until late February, they practiced throughout the year at the Charleston Chess Club. Under the direction of Bernard Connelly, the team strove to uphold their position of State Champions. ' 19.7 5 ' '- 4-hair im ' - gi . ' fl Q 1 l l r. AN it Q' ' lr-7.5 r' V' ! 1- . 45 -1 P' " 14 -4- Y1- Y Taking Office Practice as a class enables Kathy Butterworth and Jan Raines to be of better assistance in the office on their free time. Servicef61 -. glimpse of far-away f f 5 'REB' 'Jw .- X 44- , 1 . "-1. Xx.s i' ii iii. vale. ,an A friendly debate is argued by Latin Club members over the food to be served at the Laiiu Club Banquet. Finally, members agree that they would rather "come, see, and conquer" with their stomachs filled of American food in- stead of Latin goulash. lands Saturnalia marked the high point for Latin Club festivities. This ancient observance com- parable to Christmas holidays today, was cele brated with a feast of authentic Roman food. An autumn banquet was held in October to in- troduce Latin students to classic culture. The International Club, open to all foreign language students, held meetings one Tuesday each month. Meetings centered around the pre- sentation of a foreign country. Those attend- ing were entertained by speakers from various nations and afterwards feasted on native dishes , laws: YH I ir Wikis fi'-M l. As money passes to secretary Jessie Getliffe, Charlie Loeb can't resist to take some for himself. 62fService An interest in foreign people and places draws these girls to the International Club meeting. "il" Reaching for a sampling of Spanish food, Allen Bexg en- joys gathering with other membexs of the club. Mrs. Harmon's description of German pubs appeals to Keith Walder and Dan Prudich, as she speaks at the International Club. Service!63 - - - k The 1973-74 Pep Club has been the most ac- patflot Splflt eeps tive pep organization at G. W. in years. With 11. paper donated from the Sponsor's Club, mem- bers made signs for every game. To raise mon- the ro lng ey for paint, official "Hill" patches were de- signed and sold. The Pep Club also presented skits for the student body at assemblies. The Bowling Club practices every Tuesday after school at Boulevard Recreation Bowling Lanes. Bowlers were defeated by Charleston High in january, 7-5. The Bowling Club is managed by treasurer Chip Berry, and is sponsored by Mrs. Carol Folden. .. . - Y Y 7' Y' 5- " 1'1p!a'.-1335"-'fL"5iift' - 3 - - bfi-v?j,?2H4',utLEf!4.,',ggn4,7 , X. . . f .w he X L fe iflfig liil rztww COME if 11' , Q f ' ,. , .gif -' -- " flu- ,Y .4 ,val-l , V, I,-. '11-f F of- 1 , 'ul?ug5.:M,V . X' ',.1 .- 4 --lvb --5 ' ' ,- H -- X. ,gg--we . J K Patriot Pep Pill, Keith Marsh tapes up signs before a game. Putting the finishing touches on a welcome sign, John Skaff, Co-president prepares for the Parkersburg game. so wily- ees- 1-1 -Zfziiil 2-af -rj .4 . V .t'J'5-If w 3' Y 1 N m V 1- 1. :K 'wh -'iff-N ' W X t an fiiix Catchy slogans are sprayed onto banners by Ellen Nuzum and Flabbergasted by such long spirit signs, I-Iartman WOnde1'S h0W Regina Sweeney. she will ever post them up by herself. S ervice f 64 '3 Watching in anxiety, Tina Stevens hopes her partner, Linda Stewart, will out- score the guys. -. x, Ik , f. N lf. 7 ..,,,.1..lLn" ,X K . giunn--1-H l + ll 'C X -nv Releasing the ball, Dart Meadows 1:'ies to make Anxious to score against his opponents, Bryan Lessely prepares to roll the ball a perfect strike. dOW11 the lane. if Don Wooldridge plans to outmaneuver David Smith, while Bob Foster and Randy Wilhoit total the scores. S ervice 165 if - ,dar T 'L r U - 1 A ,-nam-A..-. ..-4--- ' 11-1--an-n ---Y, ,..4 . - x f ' , f fr -L..-1 ....s.:1 -V.. --5' ,W-'Y Y af - I. ' ' X' ml groups admit selected students Members of the Girls' Athletic Association en- courage interest in athletic endeavors at G.W. A vol- leyball game between members and the faculty was held to raise money and collect cans for the Salvation Army. A gymnastic clinic enabled the girls to sharpen their skills on gym equipment. The G-.A.A. assisted in a track meet held for children from Overbrook school in the spring. The members of the Thespian Society are chosen according to their experience in some aspect of dra- ma. All members of this honorary club participate in musical and dramatic productions at G.W. and through- out the community. The National Honor Society, an honorary club which selects its members according to academic standing, leadership, service, and character is to be dissolved after this year. Various members of the faculty and student body felt. that any system of choosing members was totally unfair. In its place next year will possibly be an Honor List, and qualification is based solely on academic achievements. Q.-, '1 ..,A sd' rl A N1 g , Ann Nelson spots Nancy Joseph as she leans into an arabesque during a ff H "" X-,s Ll G. A. A. clinic. .!,- it , l- ,,f, ' I -,Wi , . 9 ' T! A , ' l 3 'v-LS: w . -EA-3 A I . . ,T T'-QQ, ' 1 l 49" , ' ' - Trina W11mOd1 pauses pre- Y, K H i , fb In 5 cariously before diving into a forward dismount. 66!Service Surprising everyone, Kim Anderson decides to go under the bar instead of over it. I i F 'Sl Q Wet' Cheryl Jividen listens to Thespian At a gathering of Thespian members, Lee Green looks dubiously at a "Marne" script. business. National Honor Society Members include: First Row: Carol Westerfeld, Ann Flowers, Linda Gaston, Melinda Wood, Jennifer Kirk- land, Alesia Hudson and Jan Raines. Second Row: Beth Morrison, Doug Proops, Melissa Wood, Phil Oblinger, Susie Mason, Tom Heywood, Mary Mundy, Sally Timrns, Jessie Getliffe and Ann Biddle. Servicel67 Nearly every day of the week it's practice, practice, practice for dedicated chorus members. Warm-up exercises stretch the vocal chords for fuller tones in Female Vocal Techniques. 68fService singers strive for perfectio Comprised of seventy brilliant Voices, the George Washington Chorus is larger and stronger than ever before. They produced a costumed Halloween musical this fall. Chosen from among the chorus as the best vocalists in school are the G. W. Singers. The twenty member group displayed its talent with a Preview All-County Concert, Christmas show T and small performances in the community. The G.W. Singers, as Ann Biddle well knows, often iravel to other schools and churches for their appearances. Accompanist, Jennifer Kirkland keeps chorus' voices on tune while following Mr. Van Camp's directions for volume. Bellowing out those deep, low notes are Rog Greene, Leslie York, Mike Hodges, and Benny Ware . Service! 69 The cast of "Mama" Swings to the tune of "It's Today." toe, tap and modern styles of dancing perfected by dancers Performances of Various dances were given throughout the year by the talented troupe, the Modern Dance Club Beginning before the school session opened, the officers of Modern Dance organized bake sales in order to earn money for the shows. Much time was required of the club members for rehearsal as Well as for making their own costumes in performing such shows as "Yesterday and Today", "The Ice Maiden", "The Fantastic Toyshop", and "Mame". Some mem- bers participated in me Symphony Brunch and served as hostesses of the Symphony Ball, and the W. Va. State Ballet Festival. 70fService Thinking of last night's production, Bonnie Walder laughs good-naturedly. Appearing to deliver a dramatic plea to the audience, Barbara Blair rehearses her role in "Mame". ,JZ 'i f Q- A ,J V, 2' I X W- K Ms., Q S e.,A -A A "-'fx X " 'WSI n fl i 3, IU: ,. ,. I rf I -1 41 ' 'A I sf: , ,-4 .'. . 1.1 li -rl . I ":.Ys I.: sr' -' za- - nfl U. 'u fc -,.- ' , Q l 1 'l,2L7'f' X iv ,232 ' .Q '82 L X- A " of. O' I .1 .- 'F an 'S I' 4' :rr "- x g ff n-12 .1 of ,f 'ff 'Fr K Q 4 X 4 : A A -.wr gk ' if. if s F ' if I Q. J iv Ia., -. . ,. 'I ll ,. , .-"ff i ' - 'IJ , P s q A I'-Mfr! I A I r - .. , , - .4 - I . . in f r ,P F' 'V if s.' Q .' 'Q' V .1'- .' li , . "" ," , w' , ' . 'V .4 .is Q i - . 1, ,Qu '54 , q i .-N , z , -Q. N -R .V 5 I- ,I ,,,:iw1:A!j f' .' . f'-ff-fr b 1 'Dui ,M H,V'ki-AQESYKX ' Min. l xg. min .FJ - W Y-just 2 J if - . E, . - cu' ' JL. Lis fg.....fQ As Ann Biddle leaves rehearsal she is stopped by one last request for a prop. V1 N 52? il 3 9- ba, X ,J ,.., .47 I . 'a A L As graceful as, prima donnas, Modern Dance members relax while they listen to Miss Denton's comments. Servicef71 Jim Bloom changes the lens on the enlarger in order to allow Giving a negative his full scrutiny, Bengt Carlioth checks each more creativity in the production of prints. frame for good composition. Hurrying to the photography lab, Jim Bohn stops at his locker to pick up an undeveloped roll of film. 72!Service With deft fingers, Sam Hamrick loads film into the enlarger. artistic ability utilized A desire to learn about the art World is common among Art Club members. Working diligently, they provided an exibit of paintings for the QSA along with entering their Work in several shows. Decorating the first floor halls with colorful murals was their major pro- ject for the year. The members of the Photo Club Worked persistently this year to cap- ture all organized school activities and candid situations in pictures. With Mr. Luzader's guidance, the club also fur- nished photographs for the PATRIOT and "Reveillier. " Although cash prizes were awarded, pictures of comet Ko- houtek did not develop Well due to the cloudy weather on club- sponsored outings. ' A ..,.- - ' . ug- it-w , ,g.:aISl'Q---.7 - Listening intently to the ideas presented, art students seem anxious to begin painting the murals on first floor. u-Sk, A .M-9:01 ,w ul.: ,,,', - "dip wp g 1 . . , 4 'f?t',3s?fsffsff -mf' -se 4 we , ' 1 . - .p - .u 5 , A ,' jx X1 of K tv' ..t ,V -jx "Q,-'JL gfarx I E if ,,H',,,, W 'rx 4 1, H es 3 li, 1 My . 1 I -1 ,,,ff2ii'n ' -' - ,1""t,,,s'iLT .W-'-3 :fi .-,1-1.-' ' . -- NW., -A !,4l'l-...,?T ,' 31.1 :Q I - , t H4-' in - - -Y Q , ,ff Y' ' "NL: .1 " v1EzaFa3'i5ii.-like L. E Yi an . 1 T aff:-fb ,J - 'Tm I' 'Wg 'X fix. if , .N . I 1, ' - - in A , , 'A-A ., " L J V, - LQ ,-"we F.: , sw' L iivz' 'Hit A-5' Lg,-'in fl W .'1' V 'ff Ac.,,5-qi,153i.ffg.', -W , ' -Wjv , A X .ii ,. A tie- f W at 7 t - is w 1, ' ' ' '. '. ,J ., if W fi- -vi., F"g-.4 'T ini, 7' at es. - - I: ,L-3.24 'f . ' 1.1, :Q Gifted artist, JeffLaBarre, has graced the Gym with a ten foot paint- ing of G.W. 's mascot--the Patriot. The prospect of a field trip to Architect Henry E1den's house pleases members of the Art Club. Service!73 .Z N fi 12 r. 1 W. V V . - 1 LDA A table full of plastic plants, fabric scraps, candles, and trimming will To save time, Leslie Wyley tears into aBe1:ty Crocker soon become X-mas decorations in the hands of Handicraft club members. Cake mix - '- :QA an-"4 -i w H s. X -i ' far, 1, FBLA officers Patti Smith, Jan Raines, and Linda Goodall discpss future club plans with Patty Parsons and Sarita Webb . 7418 ervice 1 v5'f7"1':: ' ' , ' r ' 'ww' ' .AJ"Y ' H 1 Cathy Childress mixes a frosting for a freshly baked cake. Displaying their cooking ability, Pam Watson and Susan Woomer, , members of FI-IA, sell their Christmas goodies. 'mi' i 'i 53133. lzeqx :1.,,q'. l Getting down to business, Eleanor and Jessie Getliffe set forth to cre- ate a masterpiece. ' Emcperimenting for the first time with homemade lolli- pops, Lucy Biddle and a friend remove the final product from the "frig". home and business worlds explored Future Business Leaders of America sponsored a fashion show including a pro- gram by Fashion Two-Twenty Amnedie Wigs, Mrs. Jenkinson--fashion coordina- tor of the Diamond, and Mrs. Ward- -a speaker from the State House. Candles and banks were sold to raise money to make Christmas baskets for needy families, and to entertain residents of local nursing homes. The Future I-Iomemakers of America Club is an organization primarily for girls interested in developing domestic skills. Homemakers made and sold candy, and homemade Christmas gifts. Heart-shaped cakes were baked for St. Valentine's Day. Servicef75 I Willf gm 1i ,A :W fa F 8."'-sn., B Scott Wilcher scowls at the world after an unlucky break -- for his collar bone and his football season. V if 36 QQ I '-QP' A Huw I X 3- I i Glenn Goldfarb, Phil Oblinger, Perry Debord, Bruce GTESPISIHLQ 5555331 1 my .1 . QM 3'-4 , f-..,,.wp, I . .N a I I v 1 .., I I 1 t s I 1 f ,. ' 1 ' -1, Illl K1 P . -, ,- , I Z- ' "" 1 Q ' r . g ,Ima :N .4 E, A st , ,, , ,Z N., T I in L" ,.,.,M1, ..,-::.u rm .Y V V .I - ,nf -n W , YY 5--, g A -W' 1 N A ,X ' Q - 1' ' V, ..::-',,fl'g15 '-ww , . ff . 5 N ir Q --- vu- , f-. ,, , h .-.-'g,,,.,5,N"'-- -4 f-Alf' ' 'u ....,.-K N- . - ' ' N N, P' H1 lag H 1 4 w- lm'-,.-.. -. , .. 2'L - 7" 'L' 'r ' 'gig "T ' 1 ' L - 7 s 5- 7.14, V 1 M: Y -,'l,,M- ' ., ... v 1 Y -' iw"".i"'ffiP,g ,. ,Mm 'inf ,Jr-"Fi, . 1 ,X ,E ,, -1, 1 . , 71--Y , N -- ,, ,Q V ,V , ,,-, 11151, VY, P my-v:f-M N- W-gf-ff-ju-I :X , ,533 . "- ,-V3 .gm-r '---aw! "'- 5.5 ."'1g., .,, If 11' "H . 1 I-" ' . U ' - , , "'-- V1 FY-.,ui7. ,. M 1' " 'fl' ' ' .. fr- wy '1' , N. Um.. ,.. "l.,,,, .J . 41-- . H. - gf i-W1 mb. ,kia--Zag, . v , 13.5 M V. ni .J . f af va l. 4.51 g5?"'- HL, L 12" ' E.. mnsm-M .,'::l:n,.f":J', -. in NA yi.: 1 'nam 1 . ' - '- -, K-I FL' 1 "" .f,.fr' ' 1. , - . n E-Tiff-2, -1314 1-'N KI x X 3 n ' ' A I., -5-v,,,.-. -H, YA an ,,,,...51.,j..j - A ..--,pX,.-.---C4141 ,, -,ru M ,,,,,hY3,,, . "' "S ,IA F55 '5'-fl: ' - M- 'fn Un, ' , J W ,N E1 W 5 L-L 1 N Q W H' V1 'I"f , ..-l J egg F 4 I! 1 football: experience key to success The Patriot football team, although facing a rough schedule, bounded to a 6-4 Winning record fthe second best in the school's historyj, losing only to opponents Class AAA State Champions East Bank, Herbert Hoover, Charleston, and Du- Pont. At leastthree years ofplayingball together enabled the varsity squad toperform like V a finely- tuned Burgundy Machine. For instance, in five years of play, quarterback Bill Williams and center Phil Oblinger have fumbled the "pill" only twice. More teamwork was displayed by Bill Williams and Perry DeBord who represented GW on the KVC team for being the finest passing- receiving combination in the Valley. Another veteran on the team, was outstanding senior Jamie Adkins--the "Monster Man" in the "52- Patriot" defensive line. Option plays demand quick reactions from Bill Williams so that intended passes can be turned into runs 78 I Stamina I , Q ' W. -V ' V he .. Players are: Front Row: David Rhoade, Tony Means, James Branch, Ronald Martin, Rick Weidman, Bill Bradberry, Eddie Wright, Coach Devol, and Coach Aldridge. Second Row: jim Richardson, Jeff Ray, Bill Leishman, Jim DeVere, Ted Wil- liams, Scott Wilcher, Frank Estes, Chuck Mooney, Phil Oblinger, Bill Williams, Nick Sticklen, Perry DeBord, Monty Warner, Bruce Gresham, Jamie Adkins, and john Graff. Third Row: Coach Edwards, Scott Hudnall, jack Totten, Terry Pennington, Bob Orders, Bill Caldwell, Tom Ryan, Bill Lacey, Kevin Zamelia, David Hawkins, Joe Hobbs, Don Miller, ,Steve Cook, Scott Gladwell, Keith Walder, and Mike Davis. Fourth Row: Coach Folden, Kent Woodruff, Tim Krisher, Robert Logston, Ford Francis, Mark Shanklin, Tim Wilcox, Scott Long, G.E. Guinther, Allan Mendeloff, Richard Carnes, Jim Graff, David Smith, Kim Woodruff, and Coach Mullins. Running alone towards the 30-yard line, Perry DeBord prepares to catch the "pill". pponent Sissonville ..... Charleston .......... South Charleston .... . East Bank ............ Point Pleasant ..... Dunbar ........... Dupont ..... N1tIO ................... . G.W. UH.0-19 .H.26-24 .n.14-26 .HH3-O an 30-44 HU.7-16 .H.37-22 .U.14-21 Herbert Hoover .... .... 4 2-22 Stonewall .......... .H.30-34 Stamina! 79 Proving its effectiveness, C-W's offensive line moves in on the opponent's Surging forth, David Hawkins builds momentum defense to "hold" 'em back. " to outrun his pursuers. Even with the numerous defensive players, Dunbar fails to block a Patriot touchdown. Stamina 80 The Bulldog fails in making much rushing yardage against "Monster Man", jamie Adkins. Amid the rain and mud, Patriot Don Miller manages to tackle a tough Pioneer. The Patriot offense added a new dimension to its 'tactics this season. The superb passing game was complimented by an awesome running attack which doubled GW's scoring threat. Fleet- foofed Bruce Gresham and Scott Wilcher rushed for a total or 1, O44 yards for the Patriots. GW's air attack compiled nine touchdown passes to lead the Conference. Much praise for the fine display of passing can be credited to the front offensive line, especially Phil Oblinger and Tom Ryan, who successfully contained the opponents' defense. In each of the four defeats, the winning team was decided in the last minutes of the fourth, quarter. The victories against South Charleston and Stonewall jackson proved to be the most sensational wins for the Patriots. Fired up over S. C. 's display of graffitti on G. W. 's campus, the Patriots rallied to a 26-14 win over the Black Eagles. Underdogs against highly rated Stone- wall, the Patriots reversed predictions by beating S. I. 34-30. This year'svarsity was, in the Words of Coach Edwards, "The greatest team G. W. 's ever had. " Phil Oblinger leads the Patriot herd back to the line of scrimmage. Stamina 81 NARROW ESCAPE. As team mates tackle S. C. , Rushing to the sidelines to block for a teammate are Jamie Adkins and Bruce Gresham slips through. Scott Wilcher. Stamina! 82 Disimacted by another player Perry DeBord misses out on Phil Ob1in.ger's recount combat with a 300 pound defensive linesman as Monty Warner listens in. Fists high, Coach Larry Mullins signals the team to use all the Patriot power they can muster. The smile of victory breaks over Coach Aldridge's face for the mighty Patriots defeated Stonewall, 34-30. Coach Edwards waves co-captain Bill Williams in from the field for a conference during time-out. patriots were excited about the 6-4 season. "Teamwork is a combination of many factors. The most important are desire, togetherness and the Willingness to Work towards a common goal. This year the team Was, first of all, a group of seniors, many of Whom had played together for three years. Everyone got a chance to play and contribute which in turn made for a funyear. The biggest asset was the fact that the Whole team Wanted to play. They were Willing to put forth an effort not only during the season but before it started. The team was unselfish, close-knit, well disciplined and a good group of young men to coach. " Steve Edwards Stamina!83' meet held at: g.w.placed S. Charleston l S. Charleston 3 S. Charleston 3 S. Charleston 2 Sissonville 6 Hurricane 2 St. Albans 6 Stonewall jackson 3 Kanawha Valley Con- ference Championships 3 Region 3 Meet at S. C. 3 S0 HS 11015 to tire, Jim Fink maintains 3 At the beginning of the race elbow room is steady pace. scarce even for state qualifier, Charlie Loeb. Competitive drive keeps Floyd Harper one David Hoffman, and Richard Henderson take advantage of the unusually warm step ahead. autumn weather to get in shape. Stamina 84 MEMBERS OF TI-IE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ARE: FRONT ROW: Richie Harper, Charlie Loeb, Dave Hoffman, Jim Fink, and Coach Ernie DeVoll. SECOND ROW: Kanard Smith, Dan Prudich, Uphill is the hardest part of the course but Richard Hender- son takes it all in stride. Brad Vogekbach, Richard Henderson, and Dan Moriarity. cross country makes third place in the regionals Running several hours through intense cold, rain, and heat, paid off for the cross country team as they placed third in the regionals. Ev- ery day after school the team could be seen run- ning along the streets here on "the Hill". Their vigorous training showed as they ranked no lower than sixth in any meet. Charlie Loeb, captain of the squad, had an outstanding season. This en- titled him to go to the state meet in Morgantown. 85 Stamina B fl 717144 ,..... il' -. I. Scanning the forecourt, Bruce Gresham searches for a teammate who has broken free. mix and match season players shuffled for winning combination Basketball became a game of checkers as players were moved on and off court to find a Winning combination. The latest addition to the starting line, junior Monte Monk, gave the "Hill" an excellent ball handler. Joining Monk in the backcourt was Senior Bruce Gresham. Their bullet-like passes penetrated the lane or swept to the corners Where team mates took the ball to the hoop. With Monte at guard, Bill Wil- liams returned to forward, his position since his sophomore year. Bill always scored in dou- ble figures making the top ten list of scorers in the K.V. C. He became the highest scorer in Patriot history with 1250 points . . . "2 BU -is it ?gTmuTS i 44 , ,. . JY B ' f . I E4 D I . ? .3 l t Gs Captain Bill Williams manipulates the defender, which enables him Moving without the ball, asldemonstrated by jeff Cook, to drive towards the basket. requires a sense of anticipation. Staminal86 4- x, , 1 .1 ' Q K .4 ' IU? y , X WR 8.1 W" M 52 L L.-.f ,ix .- ' Q xg Y X' TRIUT TRIB TRIDT 8 iii' 40 PIAYERS ARE: RIGHT TO LEFT: Monte Monk, jeff Pickering, Jeff Cook, Rex Watters, Don Whalen, Gaines Wehrle, Steve Rever- comb, Monty Warner, David Mohler, Bill Williams, Flip Wilson, David Hawkins, and Bruce Gresham. Gaines Wehrle makes use of his vocal chords as well as his basketball talents to take the rebound. opponent Stonewall ...... Charleston High . . . U I U 1 I C O I Dunbar ....... Charleston Catholic . East Bank ...... Nitro ........ Dunbar ...... South Charleston . . Huntington East . . Logan........ Charleston Catholic . Parkersburg South . . Stonewall ..... DuPont ....... Charleston High . . East Bank ..... Nitro South Charleston . . StuAlba.nSauoon i i g.w. 65-67 63-60 57-86 70-63 63 -64 66-62 69-87 48 -68 68-74 64-68 64- 57 50- 71 54-60 80-75 62 -69 85-71 72 -98 62-81 51-61 78 -81 Staminaf87 ,.... . -. .. X1. 2,---.ian--1 I .f F, ,,. , sl. - g., 5 5: . H Q is n . , mg I 'Ss-eff, 'R f- M ,.. ' -2 vi! vlllly 'ITRIDT 2 D WTRIUTS 55, fr up -- gsxl. .1 88 I Stamina -n 2 J, .. -f , fs aa' A W ,minor ' 22? Q ii va. .sw J Yu N I-'v' An impeneirable 3-2 defense keep the Bulldogs from driving in for an easy shot. E5 ' if X Z' n so N Q Elf z .Je Early starter, Steve Revercomb, fires a pass inside the Stonewall defense. Flip Wilson reaches for the rim as a lone arm tries to stop him from his goal. -'V X 6 X,-js' I r ,YQXUT P91 D i 1'-4 1' .41 Guard, MOHW MODIC, C2113 Ollf PIHY Dumber One to Ready to guard against an offensive move in the Chas. break T-he scoring Streak of Pafkembufg 301-ltlh Cath. game, David Mohler moves into position. L rl' Sheer determination forces Don Whalen to keep a hand on the ball and keep the Patriots in the game. Staminaf89 . . . passing Clyde Childers who had scored l, 126. An- other high scorer, junior jeff Cook, grabbed rebounds and drove in the key yvith quickness and agility. I-Ie was a great one-on-one player and thus a threat on man-to- man defense. Another outstanding player was Sophomore Gaines Wehrle. Adjusting quickly to the vigors of high school ball, Wehrle faced an old foe, Walter Easley in the season's first game against Stonewall. Gaines pulled down 11 rebounds signaling the start of an excellent year for the 6'7" center. The depth of the GW bench contri- buted greatly to the Patriot's 14 - 6 season. Substitutes Flip Wilson, Steve Revercomb, Don Whalen and jei Pick- ering were continually in and out of the line -up. The oth- er reserves were always ready to help out and often wrapped up a game. A new innovation for the Patriots was the use of num- bered cards which signalled a particular play. They proved especially useful in games Where the stands were packed and the coaches' voices could not be heard over the cheering crowd. Loud fans were the subject of a lot of criticism this year. The South Charleston coach blamed the Eagle's loss on the Hill on the croWd's supposed in- timidation of the referees. Also, sportswriter Shorty Hardman suggested that the school take a lesson in good manners. Despite the opinion of outsiders, the Patriots still came to support their team. Whirling past the Lo- gan Wildcats, Bill Williams pumps one in from the inside. The ine art of drib- . bling is displayed .1-.14 ' by David Hawkins .ff --'-' as he keeps his - -4 eyes on the action down court and not on the ball. '!m"--f1-,- .f . . F' ---Jin..-. Stamina! 90 - --if -1 --Q 5 A ul I ai? X, T, K K 1 J V i li " Q 4' fx, iff' Yi ' . 4 X 1 Q ' 1 , we l ' yr?" A A . lbw..-""q f , 5' . Aj' ,f li . W QI "ff, Q L E , - , I V l N C A T D MOD., , Q' M 1- N .uvif -gl l - 5 p f " ' iicillj gj -'L With a frantic Eagle on his back, Jeff Pick- ering strains to control the ball. Although the coaches may give the team a rough time both player and coach regard each other with high respect. 'ny . ,cw 0 XZZUUN L .pFHfN57'0N Us Explosive spirit, pent-up all day, is unleashed before winning the South Charleston game. "Here at GW, our student body is like a team-- it gets up for a big game, with or Without pep as- semblies. Yet its tough to get all psyched up at 9:00 in the morning. Sometimes you can over do pep assemblies--save them for the big games. When the student body is ready, this rubs off on the team Most all coaches believe that 8027, of the make-up of the game is being psyched up to play and the other 202, is ability. When you have great school spirit like GW has, this is Worth 10 points on your home floor. l think this is Why We have been so good on the "Hill". To have a good basketball team you must Win 902 of your home games. I don't like to see our students abuse the other team with un- kind Words and signs. Other than this, I think We have the best student body for a team followingand cheering in the state of W. Va. All the coaches and teams in the Kanawha Valley Conference Wish that their student bodies had the spirit that GW has. " - -Coach Aldridge Q. as 1 o i- 2: egg' I M N l .-, .l H-Y I. S4 K Jeff Cook uses an un- derhand shot to foil the intimidating defense. Stamina f 9 1 determination strengthens grapplers It was a rebuilding year for the George Wash- ington Wrestling team. lnexperience played a great part in this year's 2 - 10 record. Out of twenty-two grapplers only 3 had ever wrestled previously. Coach Moore had a big plus this sea son--his "Super Sophs". For most wrestlers it takes a year to learn all the moves but thev picked up the maneuvers in a short time. Kan- nard Smith really lived up to his super status as he went to the State Tournament in the 119- pound weight class. Other representatives to the State match were Bob Kesock and Bill Cald- well. Bob was a newcomer to GW but certainly not to wrestling. The team's dedication and self discipline helped to place a contender in every weight class in the quarterfinal round of the tournament. This vear's wrestlers were a close ly-Knit group, bolstering each other throughout the season. 53,3 :"'??'E5'.. N ,- , ..,,- . few" 1 ,,.. w. . 21 ' ' - Q ' - " 1 iff1.:,-., . 1-fp,-M493 ,f'-1L?',!A- 'aa' 1-115' 1 " i r'.'?'f'1: . V" '31 'B' '-'1 raft T . , 57 1.1 1- 3:11 a f' I fg, vigil. ' D v w'f3,,'3i, .41 jfvtff 5' FLQ,-lf:J'.s f -' if r. : .'Q.Lr.5'w3ff"g.'ffl.' i la ,, 4. J... Choosing the bottom position in the second period, Kannani Smith plans his revelsal. 'ii Lfhtimz Q, ,,'v- -1' fzagirl 1 L-I ,i:,:,: --r " - "nj: - "H " ,Q'?"l":'-'L .L . w HJ? i 1 -'. -4- ,..1r'T' f. ' +3..'.'3a .- 11 O Q ' .4:Pl"F"' I Q , , ,UL 1 al , ,-Pi "THE THRILL OF VICTORY AND THE AGONY OF DEFEAT." joe McKivengin's opponent bears the pain as long as possible before being pinned. 921 Stamina .m OB p 'ax ,U WRESTLERS ARE: FRONT ROW: John Thalheimer, Steve Gruver, John Hobbs, Rob Baker, Tyler Aberle, Kannard Smith, Steve Taylor, Chuck Carpenter, David Dudley, john Poffenbargerl SECOND ROW: Kevin Twohig, joe Hobbs Jeff Courter Glenn Gold- farb, John Meek, Bob Kesock, Bill Caldwell, Joe McKivergin and Coach Moore. , , oppo nent g.w. Charleston . . . . 20 - 41 Kevin Twohig conidently strides to take his posiuon on the mat. DIl1'Jba1'...... St. Albans CTriJ . South Charleston . Nitro fTriJ .... DuPont . . . Milton . . . Hoover ..... Milton fQuadD . Stonewall. . . 0 no 3rd place . ..43-ll 3rd place . 31 - 23 . 37 - 18 . . 37 - 15 . . .4th place . . 42 - 9 Stamina I 9 3 ? fb cs Q V 1 "?'Tf'-7145 .--s,.' + . e ex W , .',,gL'gvffvmwv-' ,fs f , , , , . . . -- Q , 'T ' ' fjfffw- ? 52111 Q. ,f-Q " -l . L0Oking his Opponent Over, Joe Hobbs IIIOVGS in Maneuvering for position, David Dudley attempts a reversal. for a takedown. Stamina! 94 While his opponent tries to stop his nose-bleed, Chuck Carpenter uses the time for advice from Coach Moore. ,B 24 ,., 1 With one arm in the air as a symbol of victory, Joe McKiver- gin extends the other to console a defeated Panther. iii- Cr "N Receiving a last minute lesson from another's struggle, four grappleis tensely await their turn at the mat. ' 1 .-..L '51 ,fn , "1 fi- fufv 5 'QL Q33-fzfs' ,- ,Q . , g , I . l 4, ,1aK,iw.J 4, ff .lg 4 , tsfifgf ' -4., H " A g W i 1 ' r4"S...f' , .J ' X '-I I A x 'Km N ,V ,. .FQ s ' 1" ' ' 'N N -- 1 , -can - 1 V " ' ' ' G. W. wrestlexs warm up as the managers finish taping the mats together. Ag 'X - f-f""z'Wmm'-H-:raw F r Foiling his opponent's attempt to escape, Glenn Goldfarb wraps his arms around the tiring defender. Stamina! 95 B-team member Tommy Metten gets ready to de- fend his blackboard against anyone who challenges the score. .L SK A 'I Sprawling to avoid giving up a take-down Tyler Aberle presses a "Gen- U era1" with all his might. 46 i b-nd w V .Wd ,,,,g,..l- L . 1 Q-rw. W L" x'f3"w5nZ'y'g- , i ' H ' 5 f-ffvhss-w..'I' 'N Bill Caldwell confidently grasps his adversary's hand to psych him out before the match. 961 Stamina V , A L I 4"x A I Us ,.lW - ul? Q . If ' ' . . ' -.v i I , .iz uf i r at r 1 sf if ff. X 1 '-' 1 - 4 r f, - -QE' '-' U 'glut H ,nf-f,..f--" ' -.fp------' "M"-'mf' X " ' '- f ' M- ' i Y' H M 9 ' Using a "chicken wing" hold, Bob Kessock prepares to apply leverage and flip his man over. - . QN V V -run., r . After his adversary stands up, Rob Baker tries to bring him back down. ' Q With an intimi- dating scowl, Glenn Goldfarb notes his ri- va1's movements so as not to be caught off- guard. ,gg it 'ffm Coach Moore strikes his customary pose as he takes mental notes on one of his matman's performance. An elated bench voices its ap- proval of a team-mate's fine match with a standing ova- tion. "Any boy who goes out for wrestling must have self-discipline. If he loses any Weight at all he must maintain that weight through the season. A wrestler must be able to think. Everyone knows the same moves but one has to know when to use them. Wres- tling is 952, mental preparations and SZ knowing the moves. A wrestler must be in top condition. About consists of three two-minute periods, during which time, one uses an unbelievable amount of physical energy. Wrestlers must do calisthenics, running and drills associated to wrestling moves. There is a great deal of unity among the Wrestlers. Wres- tling is a team sport, but the match is made up of individual bouts, so when you make a mistake every- one knows who it was. The strain is greater on an individual than in a team sport. The Wrestlers re- spect each other, because no matter how many times you beat an individual, he is capable of beating you anytime. Everybody on the team pulls for every- body else. " --Coach Moore Staminaf 97 Warming up in training Jack Totten hurls the ball while Jamie Adkins awaits a pass. practice precedes warm days Even before the Winter snows melt, various spring teams begin months of training. The baseball team, minus the basketball players who wish to try out for next year, has been Working out after school With Mr. Marstellar, a student teacher. Some of the members of the track team, both boys and girls, have been staying in shape during the Winter months by using the track at G.W. Many tennis and golf players practice all year long at private and city clubs. All the participants in the spring sports await the coming of the warmer months and the new season of competition that accompanies it. 981 Stamina if -:SU-1.4. V , ,il ""' 'f ' . -' .--"- . ,r . ,. I , ., I Releasing the ball with all his might, Doug Pickering follows through for good form. Aiming carefully Robert Wyatt hopes to achieve accuracy in Preparing for baseball season Larry Wills loosens his pitching skills. up with a few tosses. I I W , ax.. . . 4-1" . ' ' ,' . U. K . .' , u , - f LP: v ff' fe wr: ., - !,'gTl..' 1 V ' yi - .- 1 e.: n , , ,' fs' " ' 4 ' '- - lf.. 4' 5 A lone runner jogs around the Brad Tucker smiles as he tries his trickiest throw on a track amidst a sea of baseball team mate. players. Stamina! 99 53 Zyl The burgundy and White spirit machine performs snappy routines. 4 L in ,, ' -Q i' The homecoming parade wou1dn't be complete Without cheerleaders atop a convertible. 1001 Stamina Patriot mascot, Terri Workman gasps as a G. W, player is tackled nearby. spirit rousers . never miss a game New cheers and gymnastics were learned at Muskingham College in Ohio this summer. Cap- tain Dana Davis directed practice for the squad throughout summer and the school year for two or three hours a day. The athletes' lockers and the dressing room were decorated with money earned by selling stationery and spirit chains. Winn-5.3 Cheerleaders urge the team "straight to the top" of the KVC. Koolaide was also served to the football players during the hot fall season. Dana Davis, Leigh Siverstein, Sharon Trembly, Margaret I-Iundley, Suzanne Pentz, and alternates Ellen Nuzum and Andrea Quenon along with mascot Terri Work- man, cheered at all the games and pep assem- blies. To rally spirit for the Charleston High game, the cheerleaders exchanged places with the majorettes. 1411 1: fan! VW X N. X 'N- X, N. Standing upright is unusual for Dana Davis since back flips and aerials are her specialty. :lr Hu. . T V. up llnnY 'CS' -whil- Taken literally at times, the cheer, "F-I-G-H-T" echos in the gym, Stamina! 101 W W ' H wr .WW W W W , xg X, N YL V SY' ' 'Q 5 C a I w. W X ,xl . .Lp , ' N V J N W X ' :G W W W 4 ' Q . 1 " i, F WWI- r.-. ' 59" S A W P 1,13 0 Qi Sw " W W +2 in , - 1 x W W W, zu, ' . sz g ,. WW A- :-f""5 P-nf, i , X f,.y, 1 f QF. in W 5 , l ,- WW Y WWW: K HK WQEWQWW w. A, 1 , J I. -aikg K H .eg ' W I ' 5 I 7, :Q-VL. F J tg: ,- -f f . . 1 - I f QL ' -eg T. 3 14 r 3 1 W ' T".'.7 - 1' 5- in fr "U W 5 A " ' 4-A "nfs 'wi . -4 .7-'F ,, ' W , In J -4215+ ,ff W ' .FY "W -ix 'F , ni? ni' W , ' Jig! -41 1 P X " if P-'J Q: ,af 2 L 1-"' W 1 -. , B 1 UW-'l'Qf.9:5511-'gxlgffll- if1,.el'3131-4.5elf.-Gif . . " f f ff""' f W ' 3 W Wt 11s:ffi111L::2'f, E , W W W W Q A S, W W WWW , ,W W W 5 W if ,W s 'W 1 N W Y W W X 12 WW ' A W :WW W W X W 1 Q g an 121 I W 1 i N 1 3 , W ' ,. K , W W Wlfig, 'I HWW WWQf'W':j9QG. rg-51.55.-I,qWQ,WW1yWWm-J egg, 4' W W 9. fif1W,Wf'12- egW,:W:7 WW gf .W WQSIW f Y ., .... VT., ., A 4 W L Y in -7, ,Win Z ,L ,, , , ,,4,,, ,,,,, , .V W Y X W W, 2 Q x 3 EXW, ii W -. .. A-..' ' ' X, ny, f. .+. --,fl w fm "H fb w 'NV J 'Y ff New nv XX ,,, ,, It .P 1 . VA J 1 il' , ,M X X X X . 'N V 'g?,,if'm-,, ,am , 154 "'gw"'x' 2 If:-.' -, 'fi Q11 ' A X X XX wif! XX - ff- .L . -if-Qffi .. f t ,N 4 ' . , 'gr 1 , 1 ' X XX -9 --IQ MA 4. ,' f"'g. " H ml 1 -2, 1' L-V 04, ff 5551 XXX'-Ig ' ' X X, X 'ln .1fQl,,Ef:x, Q fr i ff., : - , , vp --5. .Xi ,gy -' . . ,-.g, "JW 3' ffvzh ' i in fiw' ,. 4 - A,,1,, .1 gl .g'?.x'2'TQK-V ' ii.,-11-,F 1' .J.m',::?fvKV,'- "" ' 'wjaff 1? ,B g...,f,11q:-'A' , .W 5 - N N - . X MX, ,.X,,,u, ' N' -- Y 1 '- - 1-mia"-M5 -u '. r ' .-pq.. Y w -, -. .v my ,- '1,w:.- IV.-I, , , iw' uw" .gn-gm uw-Q 'f '2 w- ug-xp i , Xf'gjJ,Jb'- grg'ff:,.?1 4 'Q,W' H Law L .' 'tgrffg L- 1' ' C U., i'!f.'Yg'rM' ': j""'l? :2 ' f' ' ' digg- XXX,.-XXXvX3.,'XXXXi.'t1.fFQXi, . , . '- vf"'1X :tw , .-'K ' 3 ' '- X J .. HXn,1Q'L E,'5fJ'1'- .!:-'-X , ' ' q ' - X , Q ' Y, ml n ' V f K. X in ri n p X '52 1 fa ' .X Q mn " Milf .- by ,dm RELAX and BE CREATM. such is the amhosphereiof the an room as Bill 111 Leishman and Debi Eye sketch and listen to 'rock music. L Iii I P Discip1inel104 VVhi1e surveying her English 11Y class, Miss Slatei-'s gaze changes from inquiry to laughter to embarassment. X 1' Y N 3 ' K U 14' ., 1 , A 1 1 ' if ., Q f, . -1 . A u ' 1 , wg., - J 141 .3 lf-5 'KTM Q 7 5. -N-1 A - The only way to finish lengthy assignments is to keep those pencils moving. U rr 1 igrs Q f 17 ' ,'-Av' -5 Q 'A ' X ' 'R 'Rf H1 A -Q . -, s - 5' ' fthe pf? sv.4e M5 .iii ' Original interpretations fs'-Q. 'sf -X of a magazine picture in I ii hell'-' AndY Pickens de' Z2 2321? 1 ci ve10P his own StY1e. EZ'.5q 'R"!"7 ."' Y I iv' ,ae -""' in-1 5 W' ,fff:?ifQ5'i-'3'1 5.9-1 ' Q' 1 2 i- r1.1-1 i -. 1-tw" -'Q. '-', Q C ' -'t'? 1 t y M . fi, ,, ."i?',3'ifT2'a-flfiwzitjF.e2ff1'mfwTi5'f , . A , i . in i 'iffji-,iff iff- Q. Q,- li' ff -,-. .5915 'A,4 . ' l ' "v' ' - s - -" f , 'Fr . "nf 'ilflffl- 'W -' Tf..5iii.if5:1.,. Jew?-a.z,,'.',1,. ukiiifsf 'b i iisniftvizv ' Tn. -".f,'lif'.E 531. - Su Experimenting with girl-boy classes this year, the phys. ed. department initiated new b-ball rules to ensure fair play. discussion, lecture, research Students are presented with new material through lectures. Teachers are assisted in their presentation with quest speakers and visual aids which include the use of slides, movies, and the overhead projector. Quest is a time for research and quiet study. Many resources are available for reading as- signments in English and experiments in Sci- ence. Seminar provides an opening for inquiry and self-expression. A better understanding between students and teachers arise from in-depth dis- cussion. Discipline! 105 in A Miss Hayslett can already taste the dish Rosemary Cooper has offered to bring to the English Honor's spaghetti dinner. Rick Butler grabs a bite to eat before his Creative Writing class starts. 1 06 !Guidance '-'ws'-sg-g..-....., , 3 15 if 1 t s 5 Y' ..g , n 1 . X - Q Journalism students Gene Bain and Teresa Manning revise their copy under Miss Frame's supervision. reading, writing and speaking Journalism, Creative Writing and Latin are only a small example of classes that are offered in the English and Foreign Language Departments at George Washington. Speech classes, dedicat- ed to oral rather than Written work, present plays, skits, and demonstration speeches. Myth- ology and French III--IV are making their first appearances this year. Amity Aides, Christi Ruiz from Chile and Odile Vialatte from Paris, France are available every day throughout the school year to help language students. The fine points of French are taken down by Mrs. Marb1e's faithful students. a iw i 1 l l f A Q I Q wr v ...- ' 3 y - ' .A . I I x 'ff W - 1 .Jr T1 ww, '!,5,-'H -mn Unable to find the humor in a Spanish joke, Colleen Hall fi- gures it's about time to memorize some vocabulary. ,. Lum- A Q ', ""', v' : .. a j-5.1 ,K A3 F- ,Pb A i -14 ,.a.,,,. la J 'Fam' V 4, .N , V-.- -ri 1-. XL,--I 1 ""' xgluij l Homework becomes a grade in Mrs. Folden's grade book while Tom Steindler fills in a few answers. Waiting to speak with Mis. Sullivan, Alan Mendeloff and Odile wonder what is distracting their professeur. Discipline! 107 abstract numbers and physical phenomena Math Analysis, a new course in the Math De- partment, bridges the gap getween Pre-Calculus Conce Fundamentalsj and Calculus. Consumer Math provides a more thorough math background for business students. The Science Department did not offer any new courses this year but they experimented with learning packets, a new approach to study. Both departments co-ordinate their curriculum plans so that students will be able to work mathemat- ical problems which arise in science class. -vt-...W Aware of a wandering mind, Miss Denton questions an Algebra "4 II student about the y 4 x graph. ,-. Behind the teacher's back, Reed Miller expresses his opinion of making tree decorations in Geometry. 'X USE! The major downfall of Math Analysis is a lack of ' student p arti cip ation. Discipline! 108 ms A x' fi iw M 5' H -5 f ., QA "4 JN B , With one attempt crumpled bes1de hlm, Kmnard Smlth hopes this copy w11l come out perfectly L end of class, stuclenrb turn 1n thelr work to student Industnous typists, improvlng at thelr own rate, seem not to hear the Mrs Ed1th Peters chck, chck of other machmes ,, 1 Q...-all y A , .54 HH' ,. ,4m.fQ-yr-jxfff -fu 9'W?"" R li! Instrumental sectionals help the trombonists learn to stay in tune with each other. excellence in expression The Fine Arts Department gives special attention to each individual's ability. Studio Art enables advanced art stu- dents to create on their own. A new facet in chorus, Male and Female Vocal Techniques, centers on improvement and development of the voice. The same idea is used in Band, except instruments replace vocal chords. All band mem- bers are scheduled into sectionals where students playing . like instruments perfect melodies. The Practical Arts department features Home Econom- ics, Family Living, Boys Chef, Recreation Education, and Mechanical Drawing. These classes enable students to be- come self-sufficient now, as well as in the future. A new concept in gym classes is Rec. Ed. There is a choice of co-ed activities each nine weeks. Seniors have the option of continuing or dropping this course after first semester. ia- ' . 'at' f-ily I, wr," A - ' 3, Feeling at home in the art room jackson Morton Near the end of a tiring rehearsal the chorus improves on a piece at the last uses the wheel during free time. minute for a concert. Discipline! 1 1 2 v RWYR-qi. , F K tr" I x sh 'G " uikiif' t- N r X k V 'R S Seamstress, Denise Dolan, saves herself trouble later on by trim- ming excess pattern margins. p A , " ity Exact measurements insure a successful dish, Mrs. Stogden and her chefs realize. -f-"- --.,.--4"i""" -. -1 Agfa ,'t':,'s'r'5'i"J+f-I l , . , K 4 Andy Osbourne and Todd Alderson concoct a delicious dish??? ,.- V, um, ,...'- M., H"--v A -L ' .,--.,. -cw -Q., -- f" una-- ,, Boys AND girls compete in Rec Ed basketball Qwhich can be hi- larious at timesy. www!-aan, V Y . E51 ' :X -1' Lf' I p , " A' -chu-.-.. ,551 , ,f . Every pattern piece for Doris King's dress is folded with care. Discipline! 1 1 3 I L U f Testing T. V. tubes can be a shocking experience discovers Glenn Goldfarb. preparation for the world of work Carver Technical School adds a practical dimension to classes offered at George Washing- ton. Seven percent of the students attend Carver in the morning and then return around lunch time English, World Cultures, Rec. Ed. and other subjects required for graduation are scheduled in for afternoon classes. Some of the different courses available are Dental Assisting, Cosme- tology, Commercial Foods, Electronics and Building Construction. Carver is designed for the career-minded student. Many have acquired skills which they use in part-time and summer jobs. Discipline 1 14 fu :gm . , . ,, , Q . ,. ' 1 cgi 5 ' s S - ,W . - J It , The steady hand of Pat Bays applies the last coat of polish for a professional manicuring job. , 4 - --Y Qram--,q.g:.n5gw --,... v--V A Learning to repair cars he may some day dent is Danny McCor mick of Auto Body Repair. M N-5- ,rr , F - - -T I ,-,lx- fa-- V F f --..,x. 1 A , -'..n..,...- 1 ...... Applying the final coat of varnish to his project is jim MaCalis1:er. With pick and mirror, Cindy Pennington braces Kathy Smith while Linda Priestly approaches with air hose. Discipline 1 15 fr? ff , '7- in .A 3 . 3. ,ff wer! 'S A' 7 r ri Q F 1 1 sw' -- , f s ss I : , ki , I IQ? ' s ,Mg Z2 ? G E X' H ' s- 4' ' .4 . A I At' i u B . 1 1.1 ir ' R f ., 1 1 V. H " 1 Q ' 4 out ACT results, Miss Hiserman shows as much interest the scores as the seniors. V , administration leads stu- dents toward self-direction with new policies. A chief administrator Mr. Gene Douglas faces problems because G. W. 's schedule is so unusual. One of these problems is the in- creased amount of dirt in G.W. due to excess student movement as compared to that of a traditional school. This year to furthur stress student self-direction, Mr. Douglas instigated the moving of the Commons downstairs, and the construction of the QSA. He is responsible for the addition of labs for independent work, and has turned the library over to research only. Mr. Paul Callahan exclaims that he would never trade a modular-system high school for the traditional type now that he has been at G. W. ! Mr. Callahan's job is to insure the regular attendance of classes by the students. He is also accountable for disciplining students and ordering text books and equipment for the school. The accounts of G.W. are kept by the school's secretary, Mrs. janet Lessley. New to G.W. this year Mrs. Lessley also has the momentous task of managing the oEice, helping the counselors, and of being secretary to Mr. Douglas. Phone calls, transcripts, andtyping are handled by Mrs. Susan Means, clerk. She is always on hand to answer students' questions. The attendance clerk is Mrs. Rita Hammel. Not only does Mrs. Hammel make the daily attendance report, but she phones the homes of absent students to determine the reason for their absence, and supervises the "sign-in" sheet. ' 118 I Guidance Mr. D. Gene Douglas l Mr. Paul Callahan i i T-'M H Mr. Callahan surveys the halls seeking out trouble- makers. K 1 l .,-vb .u 1 ' fn -u " ' .slug I ,L KK Mr. Douglas confers with Mrs. Lee on the bell schedule for the day. Mrs. Janice Lessley Mrs. Susan Means Mrs. Rita Hammel '78 liifal Q 0 Ge Having become sophomore counselor, Miss Virginia Hiserman will follow the class of '7 6. She, like the other counselors, will work with the same students for three consecutive years. Miss Hiserman is also responsible for college night, sophomore orientation, external testing, and post graduate transcripts. December 3, 1973 marked the birth of Bran- don Kingsley Walters, first child of Mrs. Barba- ra Walters who is junior counselor at G.W. Be- cause of this event, Mrs. Walters missed a month and a hal of school. Her responsibilities this year encompass job recommendations for students, the work experience program, the junior rating forms and transfer and drop -out reports. Senior Counselor for '73-'74 is Mr. Randall Bowles, he has found that there is an increased amotuit of paperwork connected with his position due to the handling of college transcripts. Other responsibilities include credit checks for seniors and serving as counselor to the Carver students. Puls... X 8' K 'N jr pr 1 H v Miss Virginia I-Iiserman - Mrs. Barbara Walters Mr. Randall Bowles fig s I F 1 - Collecting her thoughts, Miss I-Iiserman Always w1111ng to discuss a problem, Mr. Bowles also finds time to share a smile with glfggfii g3,E1g3FpSa05OEhomOre under' Pam Pauley C re ' Guidancefl 1 9 Qc Reading is the common hobby among the Eng- lish teachers. Mrs. Chlotield Ball also enjoys travel and music . . .Water skiing, hiking, and tennis are Mrs. Pamela Grose's pastimes . . . Miss Cathy Frame enjoys music, especially guit- ar and piano . . . Spending all her free time with her family is Mrs. Kaye justice . . .Handicrafts are Mrs. Gail Feazelle's hobby. She especially enjoys crocheting . . . Miss Deborah Hayslott's summer activities included swimming, travel, and graduate school classes . Mrs. Laura Tabbara enjoys growing "green stuff" in her home, and keeps her soul in har- mony by jogging . . . Camping and riding her motorcycle are two of Mrs. Nellie Wood's fav- orite activities . . . Ms.iEva Knapp says that she hjbernates with a book whenever she gets the chance . . .The poet of the English Depart ment is Mr. Bill Dillon, who also enjoys fish- ing . . . Mrs. Diane Slater likes to cook, and bicycling and painting are her hobbies. is IFUIIZIE u va., 1? ff --... ' V 4 y a lc gn- "See, I told you that kid could write. " Mr. Dillon exclaims Pamela Grose flips through an English paperback searching as Miss Frame glances approvingly over the paper. for cartoons. 5-"-E english teachers guide students through intricate mazes of literature 4 A cup of coffee helps Miss Knapp make it through a Monday morning Seminar discussion. Guid ance 1 1 20 Exasperated with unresponsive Miss Deborah Hayslett Mrs. Gail Feazelle Miss Cathy Frame A 1. :if 1. ' H A +14 -H- 6 I - ' 'f' ' ff E 231361 ig 125.11--Q ." ,, r, 1 ., -. N. , , , .-. K ,. . ., H 4 I 'Q 1 1 24? 5 ' ,N V I 15 V Q' ffrirrvil--,QQQQLA --gf - 5 :fx "pig, X ' of J- so I + X ,xx 'E justice checks her watch, and disappointedly discovers that she has another mod to go.- Mrs. Kaye Justice Mrs . Laura Tabbara Mrs. Nellie Wood Miss Eva. Knapp Guidance! 121 tau Somewhat irked, Miss jones listens as a student asks another inrrelevant question. 1 22!Guidance Mrs. Lilian Cooper Mrs. Kay Marble Mrs. Mary Sullivan Miss Lu jones Mrs. Carol Folden Mrs. Cheryl Smith Discussing a possible study-vacation trip to Paris, Mrs. Marble asks for a hand count of those interested. .WY Mrs. Peter Smith Qformer G.W. math teacher, and her husband greet Mrs. Sullivan between classes. 1. rxfrrs... - , rr' Le professeur, magistra, profesora Mrs. Kay Marble reports that she is glad to be back at G.W. , Where she taught three years ago. She plans to travel and study -in France with students for the summer of 1974 . . . Mrs. Mary Sullivan also enjoys travel and spent last summer in Europe . . . Often seen in the new language lab, Mrs. Lillian Cooper many times helps students With their assignments . . . An avid interest in mythology and archeology inspired Lu jones to teach these subjects along with Latin this year . . . Proficient in secretarial skill, Mrs. Carol Folden Works as a Kelly Girl besides teaching Span- ish . . . At home, Mrs. Cheryl Smith is occupied with her small child but she finds time to read a good book now and then. Anxious to research French history, Mrs. Cooper reaches for a book. Spanish teacher, Mrs. Carol Folden, tries to organize a cluttered N0f 27916 to I'eSiSf 2 diSCU35i01'1 of SpaniSh Cuisine, Mrs. desk. Smith talks with a student. Guidance!123 .4 wtf' By the silence of her students, Mrs. George knows that her test is a Problems more pressing than Pre-Calculus occupy Miss challenge. Denton's mind as production time draws near. ,O f - Q 1,7 . 3 F ix.-' Li'-.,f" K E' 55 H ' Q1 3 3.15 QA ? . 7373: rin- l it-vii. Z , Q2 .,f5: Y! milf , " t , - fs 1 5' .- if ' , L':,4.v.,l? E-,fling cu 53'-4 , . if f in Rig .I c , "4- A X 7, 01 Lfvv vi? - F an-er. gn. if ' 13.1 .IQ v. It'sabad" ' " h Mr sm w en . Hundley grimaces as he explains Dart Meadows test grade. Guidance! 124 Y., i ji: ' if al- , ,... A ily, ' ' gd . if. ' :- ,. ,, , . 4 .. Let's see, .05 into 5.2 is . . . uh, what does this paper say?" Mrs. Christine Michael Mrs. Kaye George math teachers explain another foreign language. The liberal attitude and the responsiveness of the students are two things Christine Micheal likes best about G. W. As a new math teacher, having moved here from Massachusetts, Mrs. Micheal believes G.W. 's system is better suited for English or Social Studies than Math. She would rather instruct the student daily to instill the principles of math. Today's students are a little more aware of current events than those of past yearsg they have a Wider range of experi- ence, reflects Mrs. George. Mrs. George is convinced that the Math Department at G.W. is excellent. As proof she offers that G.W. has placed first in the American High School Math Exam for the past three years. Nina Lu Denton thinks the divisions at G.W. Cseminar, quest, and lecturej add interest to math because there is not as much repetition of material as in a traditional high school. Sponsor of the Modern Dance Club, Miss Denton is also an active choreographer for the Light Opera Guild of Charleston and is responsible forthe musicals, plays, and shows present- ed to the G.W. student body each year. "Do not take life too seriously: you will never get out of it alive, " was written on a card held by Ron I-Iundley's "proph- et" and may Well be his own philosophy. Mr. I-Iundley tries to make his math classes fun and interesting by using occasional games, making mistakes deliberately for his students to catch, and by encouraging class participation. Mr. I-Iundley, who moonlights as a classroom instructor at Capitol Driving School this year, believes his major responsibility to the students of G. W. is to help them to develop their ability to reason. 125!Guidance .-v"""' 1 l is 1 02 ,, R' ii'-K ,' A Relaxing between classes, Miss Carey engages a student to finish her physiology hand out. the science team opens the doors to different worlds. Besides teaching his science courses at school, Mr. Bill Luzader taught astronomy and other courses at Sunrise and help- ' ed the stage band . . . Mrs. Rose Kurtz traveled this summer, camping and mineral collecting in the Rocky Mountains . . . Beachcombing was Mr. Larry Mullins summer activity, he also t 't 'i""' enjoyed swimming and horseback riding . . . Mr. Harold Moore coaches the wrestling team and sponsors the senior class . . . r Swimming, fishing and sewing are Mrs. janet Gardener's pas- times . . . Miss Johanna Holm skydives and improves her skill A new face in the Biologlf dePaftment is in archery on her free time . . . This summer Miss Marsha Carey attended VPI and completed course work for her doc- torate . . . Mr . Mullins . 1"' hill!" " 3 Aj A Lf' Newton's First Law, basic to the understanding of physics, is An evil grin spreads across Mrs. Kurtz's face while compiling explained by Mr. Luzader. 21 BSCS examination. Guidancef 1 26 It 'FTP Ni .:g,.5., 7'1l1'f- .. 45' ? - , ,. lfiffg- ' ,G .. :LQ i , T23 ... Qui' 5-MJ' l -n 153 .., Mr. Harold Moore Mrs. Rose Kurtz Miss Marsha Carey Mr. Larry Mullins 1' l 3 1,222 3 X l ,fig fir-.5 "Wy 'Kg 553 ' '- . " A42 ' ' 'aw s ' ' " J A ' " , Mrs. janet Gardner Ls,g.wfa22' A 1 Mr. Bill Luzader w , . : . Q if ' Vg ' 0 , M1ss Johanna Holm ,Q .... ,-422522243 z-sa-:pw .:::::?fa:g :f.-::gg:::::... .,""YSiE:::gg5E .s"ssse::z? .- "'-'- .::g:f55fEfi'ggZ' 553: 22315 s'F7g."f ' A, rr vxiij- 4 'gijig 4 . . ,,., , ga.: f 1. -3 . .V 2 sf. dw? figaiz- " -' ' iff A 13' ,, ."'F".,' wi 1 L' "ff 5 ' ' - f lfi' 2, :fx-' f ' " mv 4.-J? P if , fi- A '- ' M 1. 1 Ea.. ., ...W -. ' .412 .-'E':f:'T1?" r . "T,-, " . .nas 'W V 1.93 'I' ff" fr.: I 5 5'.'5g1f 3,-., X Testing for oxygen, Mrs. Gardner prepares to ignite the gas in T I gli the test tube. - 3 'eafff ' ff 'N r?L"f7p:. x .....1- if P jim, - 5 wi-E-T' 'f lgy,-g,-. " , 1 55559 , 'agfil-. .N 7 4 ' , k 'fzf-..1f. 4 Waiting for his biology class, Mr. Moore plans the discussion for seminar. Guidance!127 Mrs. Priscilla I-Iaden Mr. George Price Mrs. Bette Kidd Mr. Doug Walters Mrs. Peggy Sias Mr. joe Bartges , ! f I Y -... ,....1 ' 1 -35 ,ff e I - ln Y-I X., Discussing the results of a weekend anthropology outing are Mike I-Iofto, Mr. Walters, and Matt johnson. 1 28 fGuidance Lui Frowning, Mr. Price wonders why students have to ask such involved questions. Hi,-7, ll --- 75' .a!""' Discussing the lesson plans of next week, Mrs. Lee and Mr. Bartges scan several World Cultures text books. the social studies team "" introduces other cultures h-0 Seen by many at the pool, Mrs. Priscilla Ha- den enjoys swimming and reading. This summer she read a book each day. As for Mrs. Bette Kidd her free days were ones of leisure, as when she went fishing on the Greenbrier River. Mr. Doug Walters did not have such a relaxing summer. I-Iis job as Project Manager of the Washington Community Education Center keeps him busy twelve months of the year. Mr. Joe Bartges was the summer school principle at C.W. Another teacher remaining at school over the vacation Was Mr. George Price, who taught Social Studies classes. Mrs. Faber recently toured England and Scotland. Broadening her education, Mrs. Peggy Sias attended Social Studies Curriculum Workshops and devoted time toward her graduate studies. Interrupted in her explanation of the Stamp Act, Mrs. Faber looks inquisitively for the source of distraction. Guidance! 129 'Q.iF1'ffw fn .af I ,z-1 ' ' I , Q4-'.fl - e v ,, DH. ' ,X ax,-ga, 'yr-SL' -.511 ,inf b ,few .-vw,-. -:-5, Q . . I - , A . 'il L1-51151 I S.. 14 . iw? wi. uw A' 1 A' 'IRII ....4'-vi .'-asf'-:-1:7-f4K3la.' Sun... 1 A mound of typed pages accumulates daily on Mrs. Preston's As typewriters begin to hum, Mrs. Phillips checks desk . attend ence . H V -..v.-.. - -W -. ,mn -. . .af .f,5e,1gfg5, -, yr 'ill' 1' G - . hm .nag - L.: U if , -.-W-v ,V ,r1" r Mrs. Lane advises her student teacher on how to conduct the next quest. 1301 Guidance Q .4 r- 4 . .... J 1r,1. S.- s ' 4 f P' -s-- .-is business skills improve through teacher's guidance When asked about her hobbies, Mrs. Judy golfg however, she spent her summer poodle- Thompson replied jokingly "Teaching!" At home, grooming! i her two boys, agSS four and Six, keep her busy Mrs. Marguerite Phillips remarked amidst with their frolic. the bustle of a busy day, that she was looking Mrs. Pat Preston also enjoys playingwith forward to her retirement--the date undecided. her five YG-211' Old, but a1011g with the "usual junk" She and her husband have bought a home in Dun- she takes pleasure in swimming and bicycling. nellon, Florida on the Withlacoochee River. Mrs. Shirley Lane likes to swim and play W1-vu wi U"ys 4' ,ff .! -2 ,ar Q Pausing from her work, Mrs. Thompson welcomes a latecomer with a cheery smile. Mrs. Judy Thompson " Mrs. Marguerite Phillips Mrs. Shirley Lane AAI., YV p 1 l A. i A li y X is, Guidance! 1 31 Guidance X1 32 .X 211, 47- Mrs. Mullins oEers constructive criticism of Charles Perdue's creation. t ' at Frustrated by the c1arinet's poor intonation Mr. Clendenin leaves his chair to listen for the person causing the problem i V' K Mr. john VanCamp M Mrs. Sharon Mullins Directing the voices of his choir, Mr. VanCamp becomes absorbed enthusiastically. educators share aesthetic values Music does not consume all of Mr. james Clendenin's school hours, for he is often seen playing pool in the commons area. His summer was highlighted by attending classes at Marshall University and awaiting the birth of his second daughter, Nichole, born in the fall. Mr. John Van Camp's family also has grown with the addition of a new baby girl, Amy Rachelle. Teaching is a year round job for Mr. Van Camp. He conducts private lessons, music clinics, and workshops. Mrs. Sharon Mullins spent her summer travelling, operating her art gallery, "The Arterie", and making pottery. Guidance! 1 33 .I,,. - l .A vm Mixed gym classes keep Coach Edwards on his Gym teacher, Pam Chandler, escapes to the teachers lounge after a morning toes. of classes. . Y 5' I 3 "9"-1. Guidance!'l34 6 A E "Basketball Fred" scans his rec ed class for hidden talent. Mrs. Pamela Chandler Mr. Ernie Devol Mrs. Eleanor Stogden frm' practical arts instructors attempt to improve student competence Mr. Ernie Devol ran around town this summer, literally. I-le could have been seen jogging in dif- ferent parts of the city, and in the Charleston Distance Run . . . Travel to New England was one of Mrs. Eleanor Stogden's summer activities. She also enjoys sewing and sailing . . . Besides working at Mcjunkin Corporation this summer, Mr. Fred Aldridge helpedtrain football players during summer practices . . . Apart from her interest in swimming, Mrs. Pamela Chandler loves horses. She recent- ly attended a horsemanship school . . . Mr. Folden's teaching is his hobby but he spends time with Woodworking and sports at home too . . . Sewing, swimming and playing tennis are Mrs. Kay Brown's hobbies . . . On his free time, Mr. Steve Edwards enjoys boating, water skiing and televized sports. 11" Reading assigmnents are chosen for Home Ec students by Mrs. Brown. Guidance X 135 services aid in improving gw's facilities x NW -Q 1 11" 3 na Nurse, Mrs. Pleska glances at a student's records. Filling the machines in the commons area several times each day gets boring for Mrs. Wanda Rogers. - if Q' fi -. A - fm sf' . Q F Y.i- QL- Y I :K r i1', it t K S 'TN f' .Yi ii ' 1' .R l R 1 . , F . .L .1 I ' :JI 1. xf 5 7 ' . 4 X I The Custodians include: Ralph Holdrin, Ralph Cummings, John Fulks, Robert Adkins, Ralph Miller, Charlie Hager and Mrs. I-lager. Guidance! 136 4 : ga 'Wu IH A u Q 4 , 7 'L qi it V4 Q , 1- ' 7 ::iEni1i1e5,,' The Cooks are: Eva Parsons, Mary German, Helen Pauline, Grace Terry, Nina Barb, and Elsie Wanless. "Nr-, ,, 1 6' indicates which sources the library has. Adjusting the picmre, Jim Hudson prepares the equipment for a Great Books lecture. Helping Kim Thomas with Western Civ. research Mrs. Martin Guidance! 137 y , as v , i I I i, ,I I i 1 , we :U Y 5 , HW 1 4 V .ull " , . W, 9 - cm. 1 V eg, - . . SENIOR RESERVE: Parking places were set aside for upgerclass men as a senior priviledge this year. ,-- 1... . 'K 'ff,w '. ' I rw lvg. ' .. IL? ,D xlA Class-treasurer, Lynn Mendeloff, tries to make enbkwmeet when m totaling money collected for toboggans. L- class prepares for the festivities Adams, Jane Adkins, jamie Alderson, Mary Beth 'CSP Alderson, Todd Aldridge, Joyce Almquist, Kristen Alford, Terry Anderson, Kim Apperson, Sharon Leadership! 140 Senior class president Jay Arceneaux helps complete the float in the late hours of the night. Andrews, john Arceneaux, jay Asbeck, Ric Ashrnus, Karen Bailes, jane Baldwin, Kasey Ballard, Steve Barker, Blane Leadership! 141 Barringer, Susan Bays, Diane Bays, Pat Beanland, Nancy Beavers, Becky Belcher, Teresa Bell, David Bell, Valorie Bennet, Ann Berg, Alan Biddle, Ann Bishop, Peggy 142lLEADERSHIP Rereading DaVid's letter brings a hidden Smile of affection to Paula Schoolcraft's face. soon to be free Blair, Barbara Bleidt, Brenda Bloom, Jim Bokenkamp, Cathy Bokenkamp, Sandy Boyle, Greg Bradshaw, Rhoda Bragg, Valerie Branch, Kim LEADERSHIP! 143 Brisky, Valerie Brown, Andrea Buffington, Carol Burka, Betsy Burns, Robert Butler, Rick Butterworth, jim Cantley, Mary Leadershipf144 , I 4 it ' ' V ,1'AU': 3 , 'o - xi A , . f 'X 52 5m V' Q ' B B B - ff .fjglz -. 1265. , College hunting is a laborious past time for jim Copen- haver as his pile of choices grows high. l seniors plan ahead Lost in thought, Gayle Wetzle stares past the herd of sophomores entering the gym. Carlioth, Bengt Carpenter, Chuck Chapman, Sue Chandler, Diana Childress, Rosa Clark, David Clark, Steve Clawson, Terry Leadership 145 Clifford, Cathy Collins, Mitch Conley, Robin Connell, Gary Connelly, Bernard Cook, jay Cook, Jon Copen, Maxie Leadership 146 plans for future start cooking So as not to waste precious natural gas in Chemistry lab Cathy Bokencamp heats "Jiffy-Pop" to treat the class. ' -gtg. , ll x C , . .-. r . 1, Ty u 4 'E "-gd lc 6' 1. ix Q4 ,,, in Copenhaver, jim Coyle, Lucy Craddock, Roy Cunningham, Charles Diagostino, Cindy Davis, Dana Dawson, Rank Debord, Perry DeVere, jim Dial, Mary Ann Dillon, Kay Dodds, Stacey Leadership 147 Driskell, Steve Dudley, David Duncan, Jill Duncan, Mark Duncan, Robin Dundas, Sharon Dupont, Flip Eaddy, Mary Beth Leadership 148 I J ' U 1 I, IQ 'I ? 1. U JI Y OP , ' Af - . ,Z . , 5' 'vi , 53 X I-.- , L. l Recounting tales of her traffic violations, Hayes Theiling causes Kim Thomas to stare in disbelief. 4, If ill , fig 'rlli illil class of 74 has served its time! Elkins, Carter Englebreth, Nancy Estep, Ioellen Evans, Pam Faber, David l I Fields, Debbie Fitzpatrick, john Florence, Michelle Flowers, Ann Frazier, Barbara Gardener, Bill Leadership 149 Garland, Dan Garner, Betsy Garver, Dale Gaston, Linda George, Robert George, Vince Getliffe, Jessie Ghiz, Ted Gill, Margie Leadersh1p 150 Cold weather and music provide a good excuse for swinging to the sound of Schmader's pep-band at the Nitro game. good times to remember 1 ui f Gillispie, Marvin Giltinan, John Glenn, Timothy Goldfarb, Glenn Goodall, Linda Gould, Rick Graf, john Graham, Griff Graham, Paula Graley, Marsha Green, Lee Green, Rodger Leadership 151 Gresham, Bruce Gunnoe, Cindy Hall, Colleen "perhaps we never saw them before and they may never cross our life's path again. But the influence of their calm mellow natures is a liberation poured upon our discontent and we feel its healing touch as the ocean feels the mountain stream freshening its brine." -Helen Keller You can't argue with a Swedish graduate, Doug Proops finds out as exchange student Bengt Carlioth sets him straight on Calculus Yi Hammock, Beth Hancock, Brooksie Haney, David Hartman, Ann Hartman, Sarah Haynes, Bill Leadership 152 Heywood, Tom Hicks, Mike Hodges, Mike Hodgson, Denise Hoffman, David Hofto, Mike Holestine, Frankie Houser, Linda Hudson, Alecia Hudson, Myrna Huffman, Shirley Leadership jackson, Ted janney, Lynne johnson, Matt Keightley, Dave Kelley, Kathy Kidd, joan Kirkland, jennifer Kortz, Debbie Lambert, Denise Lesher, Brian Lickert, Bill Lockard, Kay Leadership 154 y .ff-sf 155-. rf- cl 1 Q5 I 71"-51 j. n :ga : ll: wify , 4, 'a",- ffl N. :MMI '11, ':4 :!"'- Yivvi' ' 5:3 :aura hours of study- worthwhile? Unemotional and intense, Jim Pecsock has learned not to let difficult French Tests disturb him. Lockard, Susan Loflin, Luanne Long, Diana Long, Kathy Lore, Denise Lowe, Christy Lucas, Susan Lude, Jeannie Leadership 155 different life styles evolve Marcus, Steve Marker, Allen Marsh, Keith Marshall, Gail Martin, Diana Martin, Sandy Mason, Susie McCabe, Maggie McCormick, Danny Leadership 156 Startled by the photogr apher, Lynne janney jumps back to avoid the candid camera in Business Law. McCoy, Terry McCutchen, Diana McMi11ion, Fred off' ' 4 -' ' ' , ,, X . . l' hhh X. msn, V , f se all VX n ,fu J . Ji --..Q 1 ' "',-1? K :Zi-.ffm V 4- D A switch from the monotonous pace of the school week, Pep Pills start partying early in the day after a hike to the top of Bald Mountain. McNamara, Erin McTarnaghan, Chris Mendeloff, Lynn Leadership 157 Merricks, julie Midkiff, Rick Mills, Cindy Mills, David Mitchell, jim Mooney, Chuck Moore, Kathy Mo ore, Lucy Leadersh1p 158 seniors try 02' practical approaches ' in - ,iff A. :SEI . 2 a f ,LA , f ,Q 4 t Q , N . 1- -. -ga 'K 5 rig ' 1 Q 'i' - 1. .LSL is I 1 Hopefully lessons in family living will benefit these stu dents after they leave. Learning the practical skills of auto mechanics will bene- fit Stanley Wilson when he graduates. I A L 2.353 , K. . .f,4,55e'f M3 f Y Q 4335, ' Ui . A 4 , ,V 5 4 ,. , 5 '-lg we C11 Moore, Sonny Morrison, Beth Morton, jackson Morton, Will Mull, Steve Mundy, Debbie Mundy, Mary Murray, Rob Leadership 159 Nunn, Greg Oblinger, Phil Olson, Robert Osbourn, janet Osmond, Shirley Osman, Vicki Palmer, Sarah Parkin, Ann Leadership 1 60 ime grows more precio Senior research papers require many hours of dedicated study from Susan Williams. 1 1 h K ' 1 In no time at all, seniors will find themselves descending these stairs for the last time. Parlagreco, Terry Parsons, Jim Parsons, Pam Parsons, Robin Pauley, Cathy Pauley, Eddie Pauley, Kathryn Peacock, Geoff Pearcy, David Penhale, Mernie Leadership 161 seniors face unexpected problems Pickens, Donna Pickering, Doug Poleway, Chip Porter, Jennifer Powell, Edmund Pratt, Lenny Proops, Doug Quenon, Bruce Raines, jan Leadexshipll 62 "I don't believe I missed the test!" Revercomb, Steve Rohr, joan Ryan, Cindy Ryan, Sheila Schmader, Steve Schmelzenbach, Mindy Schoolcraft, Paula Schulz, Terri Sears, Kate Selbe, Helen Leadership! 1 63 a kaleidoscope of characters Silverstein, Leigh Skaff, John Smith, Anita Smith, Chuck Smith, Gary 164 I Le adership Sharp, Doug Silverstein, Jim N 7 i Enacting a scene from "Romeo and Ju1iet"? You never can tell what Paula Graham or Billy Lickert will do in the QSA. Smith, Jim Smith, julia Smith, Kathy Smith, Patti Smith, Paul Snead, Larry Songer, Cheryl Steindler, Tom Stephens, Tina Sticklen, Nick Sweeney, Regina Sydeustricker, jo Leadership 165 working together Tate, Karen Theiling, Hayes Thomas, David Thomas, Joyce Thomas, Kim Thomas, Sandy Thomas, Susan Tiller, Paul Timms, Sally Leadership! 166 While Lee Green fashions another paper flower for the float, Regina Sweeney and Kim Branch take time off to watch "The Dating Game." ' J 5: 'if Totten, Dale Trembly, Sharon Tucker, Brad Vanhoose, Susan Velasquez, Christy Walder, Bonnie Waldron, Judith Walters, Tina Ware, Benny Warner, Monty Wehrle, Mike Westerfeld, Carol Leadership I 1 67 Wetzel, Gayle Whisner, Linda White, janet Wilcher, Scott Will, jerry Williams, Bill Williams, Debbie Williams, Janet Williams, Susan Williams, Ted Wilmoth, Trena Wilson, Mike Leadership 168 a moment of unity Wood, Barry Wood, Melinda Wood, Melissa Wood, Sandy Woodard, Nelson Woifkman, Terri Wright, Teresa York, Leslie In memory of Young, Scott Leadership X1 69 W. ..?'9 J' Q fly? . 1 ,' 1 , , . . wc -, .Q 1 nk " 1 N il, in f-Qfffl' , 'I . 5- Mf:,' 1""5'7f A-'ff' l. fy . in an Q 'A1 .','.v V 1- . , lf , f 50 Peggy L1pscomb glances over h callmg go dl! sa ' va, s ul Qian! ll' -i 'Q I er shoulder at a h1E1'1d'S I x .4 ,n i. . 1. 6 , ' ., . .' ' Q -vw "ll n , . A ' , -Pio," I .'- W. ,- -5.- V, A ' . ' rl 9. . .At 1. .1 - - A if ' f -."'A" if 'Jk"""e v ' f .15 4 v vs.. 's' b' ' I xl 'fax g ,I . , 1 ' ,QNU ,"l.s- r -. 'i "':,,.'.. ' gr.. , - , .. -- . i Y 1 4. . . A ,. I v' - W. ,,.- . un K ,, Q, . P Iv., MJ X, V 1.3 A.,-tp' xl 'I 1 V-ui ."JA 8 ,ll .r ' 1 A , f , . ., . 1. Q Adkins, Rodger Alessandrini, jay Amspoker, Charley Bannister , Rebeckah Bartholow, Brad Beattie, joe Becker , Peter Berg, jeff Bernstein, joe Berry, Chip Anticipation I 172 the waves pound softly on the shore endlessly. neverceasing. my soul is as restless as the sea constantly searching for the real me. -mike ward class of '75 "Someday I'11 know how to use this thing." Chuck Frostick pro- mises himself . ,r in ,A v Biddle, Lucy Bird, Scott Bird, Stephanie Bish, Bridget Boggess, Larry Bohn, Wendy Branham, jeff Breedlove, Bryan Brislql, Pam Brisky, Pat Brotherton, Stacey Buckland, David Butterworth, Kathy C abell, Jamie C al dwell, Bill C alvin, Deborah C ampb ell , D avid C antley, Robert Wk ,lv ,,,.,---"" Vx , ,4 I h ,, ,. Qs, A I 5 . if if -, gf' A S ,fl ax 'w 'M ', - ' L Having finished lunch, Susie Leake, Susan I-Iimelrick, Becky Mason and Andy McCorkle relax before going to class. Anticipation X 1 73 Y it's a hard life! w 'N iu,f A n ..,-4 I ii -' .qv ,4r'9'- ' il ,p Late night rehearsals for the December musical leave Julie Wood and jane Haynes exhausted for the day. Cartier, Andrea Carvill, Patty Cassell, Kathy Casto, Tom Chambers, Vic Chapman, Nick Childress, Cathy Childress, Donna Childress, Karen Christman, Rob Clark, Ioella Cohen, Brad Coleman, Charles Connell, Dana Cook, jeff Cook, Steve Courter, jeff Creagh, Erik Anti cipationl 1 74 'inns an - -S "L--.,, Entranced by a discussion on hypnotism, Brad Cohen lets his mind drift. -. D'Agostino, Jamie Davis, Mike Davison, Robert Deakin, Paul Dean, james Dean, Tom DeBord, Connie Deutsch, Jerry Dieth, Charles Duncan, Sonja Dunlap, Brenda Dunlap, Cindy Dtmlap, David Duvall, Mike Edwards, David Esau, Brian Evans, Paige Eye, Debbie -:., wa l Y --L uurr- :asf There's nothing more exhilarating first thlng in the morning than translating French for jim Miuidy. Anticipation X 1 75 ,,,,.--1' classes supply needed credits Ferr ell, Patty Fink e, jam es Fitzp atrick, Mary Fost er, S carl ett Frostick, Chuck Fri edb erg, How ard Gardner, Margaret Gettliffe, Eleanor Gillispie, Pat Gillispie, Rosemary Gladwell, Scott Goff, jean 5' : i-1' ., jfflj-::x ui z f'r'4T'-' '- .... Q r a .4 rrr . fa '-'1 -4 2 . 1' - I -,311 v-'.':lT-i3".f'HA !"4'V' S ' , 'z .i- -52'-5:.,'3.'-gfws.-2 -I , , ,,lf' .1Lf.-2.2 -j'36rJ " fi.-5 "-f4"IE".j'L ,, , "Thank goodness you don't have to habla espaiiol all the time in here!" junior Pat Brisky exclaims. 1 76!Anticip ation ex S.S. Lab recordings just don't measure up to the albums joe McKivergin listens to at home. ' V lr' ' ':' . , n, " " -. s ' A ' N 4 - 4 ' ' l -5' ,.- ' -- 4 , -4 --1.7 , " '- Q-11-V 1-1-Nr' " 1 ' Q , 1 .- 131 5 A- f A DIMM ' Note-taking is a solemn occasion for Jeanette Nunley especially when the speaker talks a mile- a-minute. -A '11 Z2 Graley, Dwight Greenlee, David Gregg, Susie Griffith, jan Gruver, Steve Gunnoe, Pam Hall, Conne Hall, Mark Hamilton, Chris Hamilton, Sam Hansford, David Harless, Kay Harper, Richard Harrison, Melinda Hartman, Robert Harvey, Jackie Haynes, Jane Hawkins, David Helm, Kay I-Iencsher, Martha Hill, Chuck Anticip ation f 1 77 Hill, Diane Himelrick, Susan Hitchcock, Bonnie Hobbs, joe Hogue, Anna May Holden, Becky Holmes, julie Hood, Mike Huffman, jerry Huffman, Sherri Hundl ey, Marg ar et jackson, Dabney jackson, Jim Jenkinson, IoBeth jividen, Cheryl Johnson, Angela Jolliffa, Paula jones, Todd Joseph, Nancy justice, Mark Anticipation. I 178 juniors express inner thoughts i 5545 A1 M' ga-ww,-ai .'.-.' Is the president of the junior class, Howard Friedberg, gaining a misplaced sense of power?! ! ! ! ! ww- 1 1 wr- ' ,, , - A w C' '-L 1'-9 .. , , f 1 , , 5 -5- Q! -rf-1-Q.'11 -, 1 7,1 - 1,,3,l ,a 1: l...,, W 213 1 1 1 11 . -1 1 Iwi 1 1 1 "" ia, JA 1 fi-11: -'Q -, , 'fl-1 1' K fl IT ' 5545 il 1- Lf ip, QQ I 9 K , .1, .74 , . F f' new Q1 ' ' ff-ff? -311 1 H-.iff 5111j-J 1 I g ,- 4"1'f 1.31. 1. 1 , - Q ,, 1- , J ,fggo J- 1' --1i1If'1' 1 A 1 ,T11112':z-"'::'::i+L Wifi . , 11' ' .12 ir. 14 ,' .4 .1- ,Y ,jj ., -5-,lj 2:17 -. 'Q E' , YJU , X wet-.L.!4',1'1 ' 11 S2315 ' 1 1 '1 11 Q ' '5f1,'.3,,1fLf,--,,,- .' 1 , I .1 ---,1,-, - 1.n'-5.51. 13 , 1 F -.7 'gina'-L" ' 4:12-' H." a,j Y z 1 2 ' ' . ' gg,1'-Y gigs: ' 5 - 4- - -'figiuaw' '1 1 +11 J 541-.M - -.- ' 'F ' . ' 11' . ' I ' U ' '. '1 f' ' --1111151 ,11 -. .- 5112 4. Q," -Q -, .' '-'mlm' mi 4 94'-: . , ,L 111-1 . ,M .- - . 1. f ., ., 1. -y, 1 ..,,... 1+' 1-115551-1'1s-1!:Qri A --11 ' 1 VIL: 4142! ,A tu- 4 .WS xg: Ai, J, ,. A 1? 1-531 '11L1'15 if ,W"f4Ch',fJ1f1f'L'H:ff' I-'WL 7 Til 'b H H' y. 'A-""LY1-7--'BLA' ':.,- J :"?'b' . 1,..-gl .--5-1 F' 'ETL'-11371 uf" Y 1 4-1 -1-,,, 513511, ,, ru.- , 1- ,K 1.11 -- 11:1 L" 13 ' 1 1 '-'f 1, . 1 ,,.:' -1 z-..11 19511 7x L- 1,1:'. 1' ' N fi ,T ar f- , 1 -4.1! -. ,.-- 1, 141- ,,.f. r 1 f .1 L1 ,gf -Y ' .. 5 ,1 ,. Wx!! lg' ' V . In meg. J 1- .Q 11 ,. , 121 1 5.-'-. .21-v1 W 11 .1 .su , , pf 1 151. .' ,, 1' 1 Qlfvfi' 5' f' eg ' J Q V F 1'Zfi111"2-F1417 U " f -1 ' 1 " 'LF' L 1' 1 -51 - 11 "'1'L'a I I ...,,151hrg.:l-3111 1-1- A f 7 U X .1115 N V -1, 1j,' 5 jk I .' ' Auhi Tim Q7 ' - Ti ' Y, - vi " U wth 15' V - l VI' " 1' V '. li 1- '-'i.""1.1Q1!'4"t?r, 'N "f 1 . fb: . 1 ,.:.,: 31 ,1-.3j,..f-LQ-iii . '1 ,Q AQ? 1 1 ' M F J - .N v-1' ' ' ,1 A21-'-'K U - "" - ,- 4? 1 1 , ' 4 V' ' 'L - 1 V. " '. ,M1 , , A .. -, i1i1i11e1 1, A 'H fi--pea Conferring on the answer to a question from theWo1'1d Cultures lab sheet are Suna Senman, Steven Smith and Larry Richardson. Anticipation! 179 x., -ls 3 ew'-' Anxious to answer, Mark Musser raises his slide ruler for recognition. Keadle, Mary Beth Kerns, Ed ' Kessler, Susan King, Doris LaBarre, jeff Lacy, Bill Lanier, Mary Lawrence, Bryan LeRoy, Sharon Lessley, john Lucas, jeff Mace, Danny Macklay, Sam Maki, Joanne Malcolm, Mary Beth Malone, Renee Manning, Teresa Margolis, Karen Marshall, Cheri Mason, Becky Mathews, Frank McCal1ister, james McClaugher1:y, Martha McClure, Nancy Anticipation! 180 x '-1" x fi' ff r li? f 1' if ' 17" in , W1-., NX 'EW' Roll call draws Debbie Wi1dt's attention from the world of Buddha to the present . 1-if 'CTV lo ,f if life revolves around knowledge ms W .N ' lfi. , v. +1 - , 3- , l gf , .4 ,EL J 1 , ll . E 1 J F E f' Q '- H' ' 'X ,rv l r Vg- J, I' - ' - ,ilu ' A gy .35 W I QW -1 M of ": E'-fyffr ' ff 13 gk N " I Q fl' Y' 1,-,' 3' 5' .T J, f ' x I4 .I L ' U 4 A - .mf ,. Q . ik . K' J- . 5 L . LENQEAAY it A tricky essay question puzzles Steve Basham while needed time ticks away. McCorl-cle, Andy McCormick, jeff McCutchen, Kathy McDanial, john McD,avid, Shelby Mclntyre, jim McLaughlin, Chris McNeill, Anita Meadows, Dart Means, Doug Meikle, Rodney Melton, john Miller, Don Miller, Reid Mohler, David Morgan, Pixie Moses, Donald Mundy, Jim Anticip ation! 181 Musser, Mark Neale, Carol Nelson, Ann Nolan, David Nunley, Jeanette Nuzum, Ellen O'De1l, Greg Orders, Bob Osborne, Carolyn Parsons, Pattie Paul, Tony Pauley, Charlene Pennington, Lynn Pennington, Randy Pentz, Suzanne Rippetoe, Elizabeth Roberts, Anita Perdue, Charles most people wear a mask under which they hide their feelings of hate, envy, and prejudice. their life is a stage upon which they act the role of a friend.-Mike Ward Anticipation j'182 As a member of the "Early Times, " David Hansford adds some music to the home- coming parade. ,,,., , . V, r Y-Y nf - --,-hp. ,V-N., 4, , 'lang w1srz3,:,.gf- 1, -: a1y,,- 'we 1 -.-.1 .V .- - .:-r.- ' 1--'.-,ff . uw - '. U 7 :-:fkrrjlig ..r .. - . Sl .LILQEE13-xg., .qg5'7.,t, , ,N 75 l " ff1QE"i'vkr- V ' Wu '- 'UJQFQDQT '! iff A ' "+' wfg .- .- "qv fl, 5' , Emi, "' ' . -,-.. , .,,., va- fb, ng ...gum- ' ' in S all :spa-t .. A. 3 is , f , 1 'Y G t dp Yvwlgr B ab , , H 1 X ' , . i 7, It's a long stretch but Mary Fitzpatrick manages to secure the Junior banner for homecoming. Peters, Karl Peterson, Mary Ann Phair, Laura Pickering, jeff Poffenbarger, john Price, Nancy Prudich, Daniel Rabel, Evelyn Ramsey, Debbie Ratcliff, jim Ratcliff, Joyce Ray, Jane Ray, Jeff Rees, Bo Richardson, Jim Richardson, Larry Richmond, jay Rohr, Jay Anticip ation I 1 83 . ' -,f '51 . 1 'i l L. A S As substitute counselor, Mrs. Haden utilizes her background of mother and teacher when advising Sharon Ball. ,,,..,,.---vw" , Conducting? Caroline Conner makes good use of a misplaced music stand. 'T Anticipation I 1 84 ,J ,. ,nf 1 i 'JVM 7-' '1'- ' ,. , , - 1- '4f'fz':v"w1kvf-.'42v1-+-.c.:1" . V t: r ' 1,,'w5A'3he7s7'!t-,, ' Pursued by a tall opponent Parke Wolfe dribbles ball down court. i 5' ' Y 1 J S, ,A a V1 5 Q X 'N- A 5 .1 .L 1' outside activities broaden horizons in Aftt Lf Sprite as Santa's elf, Stacy Brotherton prances down Capital Street in a Christmas parade. Rubin, Bill Rubin, Frances Runyan, Greg Ryan, Tom Scherr, Robin Senman, Suna Shaffer, Kathy Sherwood, Topper Sines, Barbara Steed, Jim Taylor, Phillip Totten, jack Tribbie, M.K. Slaughter, Diane Smith, Galen Smith, Rory Smith, Scott Spencer, Alma Starcher, Karen Starcher, james Stark, jeff Lou Stewart, Robin Thomas, Jeff Thor, Karen Trumbo, Paula Truslow, Kathy Turley, David Anticip ation! 185 Turley, Lisa Twohig, Kevin Vandall, Cindy Vanderwilt, Bill Vanl-Iorne, Susan Via, joe Vogelback, Brad Walder, Keith Walker, Brad Walthall, Bette Walton, julie Ward, Mike Watson, Pam Waters, Rex Webb, Sarita Weber, Beverly Whalen, Don Whitlock, Dwight Anticip ation I 1 86 MIA' L - Dictionary definitions sometimes make less sense to Pam Watson than the word itself learning reveals self expression I . ,M Pouring SO4 into a graduated cylinder for his experiment is the mad-scientist, David Mohl er. Whitlock, Tim Wildt, Debbie Wilhoit, Randy Williams, Denise Williams, Sharon Wilson, Craig Winowhich, David Withrow, Curtis Wolfe, Park Wood, Julie Wooldridge, Donald Woomer, Susan Wray, Lynn Wyatt, Robert Wylli e, Leslie Zamiel a, Kevin Anticip ation! 1 87 it takes along time to find out who you are but the answer is worth the Search -a1'1OI1yITlOl1S- One thing Patti Holden learns from Biology is the art of note taking. I 1 ,- Alone. Sometimes the noisy, congested rooms are too much for David Callender. Abshire, Helen Abt, Rich Adkins, Eugene Agarwal, Belu Allen, Laura Anderson, Lori Ashworth, Vivian Aspley, Clark Atkinson, Tammy Atkisson, Paul Baire, Sherry Baker, Robby Bell, Lila Bell, Mary Anne Bettinger, Bobby Blair, Julie Blaisdell, Pam Blake, james Anticipation! 188 Blakenship, Kim Boardman, Donnetta Boehm, Lea Ann Bohn, Jim Boyce, Ruth Bradbmy, William Bradley, Mindy Bradshaw, Susie Brewster, Kerri Brogan, Tim Brown, Anderson Bumpus, Debby Burkey, David Burns, Becky Call, Barbara Callender, David Cardwell, David Carman, Kathe Taking care to position the letter correctly, Laura Stone finishes taping. Carns, Rick Carr, Patricia Carte, Allen C arter, Debbie C arter, Kathy C aruthers, Je anette Cash, Ronnie Chapman, Anita Chenoweth, Nancy ' Anticipation X189 Childress, Robin Ciccarello, Drew Clark, Billy Claude Colette Clendeiiin, Kathy Colby, Jane Coleman, Beth Comer, Dan Connelly, Tom Conner, Caroline Conyers, Cindy Copen, Aggie Corey, John Cox, Vicky Craddock, Marie Daniels, Lindy Davis, Leonard Davison, Bill Deakin, Anne Debaets, Laurie DeBord, Barbara De1Grande, Kare Dent, Vicki Dietrich, Carol Anticipation A190 I1 Dineen, Bridget Dolin, Denise Domitrovich, Lisa Doss, Becky Douglas, Ann Duncan, Debbi Dunlap, Bob Dunlap, Rhonda Dunleavy, Shawna Eb erbaugh, Robbie Echols, Karen Edelman, Sarah TT B ' , ' , .'Ar ' "if,-fffiiii' .u'13'ggg3' ' I eifw,-ra.:-114 B fr-ri adopt new study habits ab:-"it li LL ' Copying a friend's homework assignment is absorbing work for A table cluttered with books indicates a big project ahead for jay Hodges. Becky Gray. Edwards, David Eidell, Julie Ellison, April Elmore, Sherry Elwick, Sue Englebreth, Linda Anticipation! 191 spirit of '76 shines through Estep, Tammy Evans, Kathy Fannin, Cathy Farley, Bonnie Farley, David Fast, Eddie Faulkner, Mike Feagans, Neal Field, Harold Fink, Alisa Florence, Greg Francis, Ford Fraser, Sheryl G arner, Rob ert G eorg e, Anit a G err ard, Mary Gilbert, C arol Gillispi e, Brend Ant1c1p ation ,f'1 92 S. Ennis, Robin Eskew, Marlene Eskew, Violet f i' AT' ,Q-' 5 L:'l 4 A i 9 , f ,Q 3 CST . ,I Engraving tombstones for Hoover Huskies are Rachael Wolfond and Sandy Markey ,--EQ ' 'Q' ': r 'Ml' .1 4 ,, ' I ,, 1 ' 1 I . . Q f- ,n 1 ' I 'V .- 4 "1 , A 4- ' 5- . -- rs' s -. . 1 - -' . , A .,, H - ar ax .M W 1' M . ' I' D '.' -'wan-ni F ' , ' ' ' - :.- ' ' "gpm-at .' . ' 4' .- ' A ' 'V "1--r .-J, ' . ,--wfpl,-upfrfsf-' ' '. f - A 1 A- Tricia Penhale discovers life not to be so bad at high school as she once imagined. Gillispie, Gary Gladwell, janean Goff, Diane Goodall, Debbie Goodwin, Tori Gould, Scott Graff, jim Graley, Ken Gray, Becky Green, jaye Gribshaw, Andrea Griffith, Gary Grishaber, Terrie Grossman, David Guinther, G. E. Guxnowski, Lynn Haden, Tim Hall, Cindy Hall, Karen Hammock, Greg Haney, Susan Hansford, Cathy Hardman, Ben Harkreader, David Anti cipation! 1 93 Harmon, Peter Harmon, Richard Harris, Grey Harris, julie Harrison, Dwana Hartman, jane Hatfield, Shawn Hayes, Bill Hayne, Dan Henning, Drew Hess, Kathy Heywood, julie Higgins, Krystyna Hildebrand, Paula Hill, David Hill, Denise Hobbs, john Hodges, jay Holbrook, Tim Holden, Patty Holstein, Rosie I-Iolstine, Charles Holstine, Patricia Holtsclaw, Charles 1 94 f Anticip ation free time is definately "an experience" Digging into a locker for some hidden delight is jay Wildt you--7 1 Planning to go home in two mods, Nancy Chenowith offers Kathy Roberts a ride. Houser, Wayne Hudnall, Scott Hudson, Beverly Hudson, Dora Hudson, Jerry Hudson, Leonard Hudson, Sharon Huffman, Dale Hunt, David Hunter, jenny Isaacs, Greg jackson, Kathy janney, Terrie Jarvis, Charles Jarvis, Debbie jay, Andi Johnson, Beth johnson, Kemp Anticip ation! 195 mixed reactions to new surroundings Johnson, Mary Jones, Bill Jumper, Jimmy Kennedy, Cindy Kettering, Donna Kidd, Charles Krantz, Leisa Kreps, Bill Krisher, Tim Kiner, Chuck King, Vickie Lambdin, Scott Latimer, Ann Law, Debbie Knight, Amy Kortz, Tom Lawerence, Vicci Layton, Richard Leaseburg, Tami Anticipation I 1 96 Making herself comfortable, Laura Prescot almost slips under the lab table. K - V A ,..1-n 1 .S X GV L sz? . . ' ' HV! ' .. ,, , 7.4- Q Lee, Karen Lefevre, Mark Lessley, Brian Lewis, Marci Lilly , Judd Lipscomb , Peggy Loflin, Brett Logston, Robert Long, Scott Lovenstien, Kimberly Lowe, Robert Loy, Terry Lude, Connie Lynch, Harry Macklay, Dawn Major , Kim Anticipation! 1 97 I i Marcus, Susan Marlgey, Sandy Martin, Ron Masinter, Stefanie McCormick, Vicki McDerment, Sandy McTa1-naghan, Debbie Means, Cliff Means, Tina Means, Tony Means, Tony Means, Tony Meadows, Gloria Mendeloff, Alan Midkiff, Mark Miller, Carolyn Miller, Cheri Monk, Mike Montgomery, Julianne Mooney, Terra Moore, Karen Morgan, Tom Moriarty, Dan Morton, julia 1 98 fAnticip ation U- ,v..-f.-,M 1 . 1 ix Comparing schedules, Mary Ger- rard and Billy Clark decide where to go next. -J Q-ff 9331?-I f -u al :'.',-,wr v- -" 2, -1: fu responsibilities . a step to maturity if,.'f"'--".J5-', ::e1g,,-,pl 1 by ' -. -'cf fa- iwl.. las' f.. -fa , , .....L?---4 1 17174 ,L rmn, F H 1 V 1 Behind this docile disguise lies the vivacious VP of the sophomore class--Barbie Silverberg. Moses, Don Moss, julie Mullins, Sandy Neely, Craig Nicholas, Irene O'Donnell, Kathy Olsom, Belinda Olson, Rick Orcutt, Kim Parsons, Anita Parsons, Mary Parton, Kathy Patt erson, Todd Paul ey, Cheryl Paul ey, I im Paul ey, jimmy Paul ey, Mark Paul ey, Robin Payne, Drew Penhale, Tricia Penn, Rocky Perkins, Cheryl Peterson, jon Pickens, Andy Anticip ation! 199 transition made easier for new patriots Pittman, Brad Poppelsdorf, Nina Portales, Edgar Power, jeff Prescott, Laura Priestley, Lisa Ramsey, Ronald Rhoades, David Richardson, Kim Richmond, Joy Riley, Rhonda Roberts, Jeannie Anticipation! 200 Lab work during unscheduled mods replaces study halls of past years for Lea Ann Boehm and Cathy Karmen. Anita George, Terri Grishaber and Marion Singleton sit passively so that someone else will answer Mrs. Faber's question. Quiet labs enable Robbie Eberbagh to really study. Rob erts, Kathy Rob erts, Lynn Rob erts on, Nancy Rodgers, jamie Rog ers, jim Ross, C andy Rutherford, Billy Salyers, Terri Sargeant, Dinah Schiff, Tali Schneider, jane Schoolcraft, Mary Anne Kim Richardson tempts Lynn Roberts to quit working. Schultz, Greg Sears, Burn Sears, Dennis Shaffer, Betsy Shanklin, Mark Sharp, Diane Pitchford, Tom Sharp, Ramona Sheets, Wendy Sheppard, Gary Shrewsbury, Cathy Silverberg, Barbie Anticip ation! 201 blank minds and busy hands Q .4 . ' "" f""e.-:Y 5?-" -A Having finished one leaf print, Cindy Conyers begins another. 202 I Anticipation 353 7' P. I 'I i lhfftsf af" , 11" . - ,- - 7 fr 7K'b-ig,-' 5 ' A if 1. Shifty eyes like these will give any seminar an uneasy atmosphere. 2 f aakgq' 31" 1- When Charles Holestine can't recall Revolutionary War dates, Drew Payne refers to his notes. Singleton, Marion Slicer, Susan Smith, Carmen Smlth, Dav1d Smrth, Debb1e Srmth, Ga1l Smlth, Kannard Smlth, Mark Snaman, Don Smder, Llsa Snodgrass, jeff Songer, Charhe Spradllng , Cmdy Stark, Brlan St1tt, MISSY Stone, Laura Summers, Greg Szabo, Helen Taylor, EPIC Taylor, Woody Thomas, Ben Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Steve Thomas, Susan Tobler, Sonja Tompkms, Cmdy Treen, Tun Trlbble, C1nd1 Tucker, Greg Tyler, Darla Tyler, Debb1e Tyree, Kathy Underwood, Jody Vanhoose, Brad Walker, Mellnda Antlclpatlonl 203 Stieghan, David sophomores have bright hopes for the future Wallace, Elizabeth Wehrle, Gaines Weidman, Rick Welch, Richard Westerfeld, Karen Wilcox, Tim Williams, Laura Wilson, David Wilson, Diana Wilson, Lisa Winship, Mark Withrow, Chuck Wolford, Racha Wood, Cheri Woodruff, Kent Wright, Eddie Anticipation X 204 el 513 Shuffling papers, Erie Taylor prepares to leave the QSA so that Scott Long can slumber in peace. y -""". ,- V n ..-fy-amen 3 , A, gf 'F gg itxilffjts . A , N - Mr. Di11on's classes are something out of the ordinary, as these students know. g "We've got the whole school on our side! " shouts enthusiastic sophomores. V I 'IN , 371 'f' '7+, 'I' :Z 1 i 1 X ff X X ,X l V:-5 L' ff i?M N N'-X ' X . 5 'L :'2QE'zf-5 1,319-'1 0 Q3 I INSTRUCTIONS ow THE Wi min MATH OF A PATFNOT vvuv by bww brcuqhl to the atiention of the ?OP7'm0'9 ii 'I I v M of OUV my qw iw newly drrwei mawbam i .IJ r M. H www :hae naw wi get film 95113550 "' W """l 1 .- ..J irg lgyhques ani yrs:-Amgen SH Uwe '-'P?f" f'm"1"" 1 ' V t','.'.QM' 1, 5,,-.ww W-n wr the pamou :ws-wwf. 5, ff.: HiRB1ERw'lHQfcvsR5 ,4 .4 Q p, gr M15 , K' P 5' 5: ' 'cr' ,-:E nr, Mined 315 Wwrvllvn H-as LNIOUSN : 75:34 'f'txri:4?h,riIxerr-are wfug. thnx gq1fcm,'iv1i:,2n:4ku'.,', 2 3-,A vvacll 1-vm Mc' umm. To fpwyi ,N cw Vg-ui Own GW ' ' ' 'ginger 'km-1 me Q walk Gffbnqi mio ibn ifani fiorra gi' ?"'1'f "Wi 'kWf'i3 T135 Qrfsrrupts-.i,'.inL.:uur-ed L5'I"2:rvv.-1 jiri?-:Mes 5 in 1Y""?:"1iL"Vff1'2V5l11-I t.'.1'x..,' i'v.1.v5 :K the 1 , 5'- fini T"' SED'-'f': rm mn g,,.,N,,i -,.' 1 N. fume M- K- 5:13 ,.f,,mA.1,K, -uw, vmwn Us J Yi 4- . ...W ie. 'in , N-x,5',a51l.,mU it by, ""f.',"", 'M W' 'T"Hf"irm tm Tris av-..1 img I-wp 9- "W -r"1'2 Kiwi-Je: -r.,,,nQw ,, . - .. ,R 5.1,-4, .-.N ,Q ,, rw- J I' .ivulw-12 J:,Jx..,., ,, ' - '4 ff-:nu-gs,:j 1 1rx2'a'-.-.,.- ..- V: "Z fu., , .- Qi, ,' "1'Pr'f-+,,F-.fy ' "' Q' ' -'f 'vig 1 . ' .4 - V. . . . .... '- --' :, .-. -. M14 .. A 52 H 1' 'fi '. :1 H ..1: 'u - ,N Nw?-.rl-lntfl,E1-.,.!,.:,! .,: .K :wir 1 x . if .U N- A HH AV' Miguel -f mqzgx ,,v,LEQhw H wiUwv4.fTWwWv+M:w ' ' 1' ' 2 - "n UW... J. JF1""A'4"'1 7- ' .x 3 ,gh H.. Z 'Tun '-,Y L, In Y ml z-Q " ' " ':f"xz-f.- ,. ,: .N ' in is" N' Ummm -1: ii "4 'TK 'Per fmzgm N 1. A , , L'5"3"'51::'r FY-A?J'? 'M1'Ae.Yl:rvraTLu It 'r"'m'6'b 1'-- ,- N.. ' --ffm -.-f uw.. -' 3 'fu 11 a Q-G , b 1' ""2,'?'-evwyg-, ,, -- -n--,nr 'ff gf,-,-q,y.,,' .J lfme. ,Y-. r,,.x. MN I xfvfgvc: :rwff,L,,g,, , - 1, N--0 ,IM ,1 .H 3 inrhf, ld ml Q Wx .uJ11wxLR,l ,QW my 1 .. in , 5.:.m-,LL ,E ,' 'wr ra :p,,,m,nL3' Lrrn-mu A mm M 55 ww Q11-f rvrm,,,?, n,L.f, .4 W5 -'mmf -NL M :UGG Jjwlgwzr Simesoy , " ' ' ffl Nr og. Jfvn . r -, 1 - . km ayxwewa - . , ,C Di: vi . - A , 1 'torus ,vurlzgg in? , I :ry,4n my merqnu an gm , "mfr Huong- ' 'fire ' f.- , -Yum, - Enmpf Ulm Or- H 1 ,,-, -bw Ln, may 'v'-' Uh-my wry 1-UPG Lim Q., .rms 'CK -5 v . Q ' lmaw um.. ' W1 Pmfh, ,Wm JHNTM1 uufhg A N - nnh 5.-, "3 "me M. Q ixjqr..-Q 012 y -: nq gmtiu L, . fy Q .um fq uyrfj -'fin ci -M. Crgxxemwa, we -. 1, ' - - - fz.::f N., "U 1-.fl x""1e-. 'M-'Mfn1ay, 2- .,,,, mga! Luju, . :pf-nd 1, ., lvula-. M 'u"":1e NNN ar' WN wr? nu5u""j Bangs mum F5523 1 CF he V, .' wmv, J 'HOP-mm 'wz,w.L 'Tim . LQ- xl 'fdeq . L u , .,,, J , lg vmrimbmm - ,Seeuv as r my ' fn.: Fl, :uf 141, 'fm' . Primal, In wiki., .Nr-Aiashq ',5:l'qfL.:n may K 1 . 'TN ' - X EASE 'Vwnm -Yitff: '31 .LN .. .' WW Vmlo- Surg . e' "" 3 3 '19 fl, J fe- i L 2f5,zH,:'gn ,. , fi. ' fQ,,g!,':,, gl v I-:QQQQLLML -at --v York, Sue Zimmerman, Debbie Anti cip ation! 205 4119 1? 15,- 4-f,,.aa,,n '-1' :ur -I 'iw' J... H. .9 Q:- 1 'A- ,, ,,,..5E5--+ ,gf -us 1. . If X, I '1iW1'R!fi,Rg54'We W' , " "V" N :' f -. 4 ' W" ' , ' w " ' nn ,. ,L ,, ,. ' .w 1 ,. .ln ,,.n A1 X, K., w , ' V 1. Q w ,, 2' , ,,,. :L V aff' M- ' I K.,- -'Lx x .wav :, M .... ,1 A " ,zgl ,, , 1 W - ,Z w ,U iff w V 5 Support! 208 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Arceneaux, Jr. Fred Barkus Alton M. Bennett Andrew L. Blair Bradbury, Jr. Williard L. Brown James W. Caldwell Glenn A. Carte, Sr. John R. Carte Jean B. Chenoweth Donald Cohen E.B. del Grande Donald Deutsch Philip DuPont Donald C. Englebreth Osbra L. Eye J.T. Fitzpatrick Paul M. Friedberg Fred Frostick Robert W. Garner James A. Garver Raymond George Theodore H. Ghiz Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldfarb Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Graff Richard R. Gresham John Gunnoe Charles Haden, Il Betty and Paul Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Haynes, Sr. Donald I. Heywood Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Himelrick, Sr. Harry B. Janney Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leishman Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Lessley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Long patrons Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph McClure T.C. McLaughlin John Marshall William David Mason M.I. Mendeloff, Jr. Mrs. Robert Merricks Mrs. William E. Mohler Governor and Mrs. Arch A. Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Steed Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Morgan J. Daniel Moriarity John C. Morton Clyde A. Pentz Bob Plott Stanley A. Poleway John L. Ray J. Paul Rohr Carl J. Roncaglione Robert D. Schmelzenbach H.S. Shapero Edward L. Sherwood Philp J. Silverstein Charles F. Stark David M. Steindler Kenneth P. Sydenstricker, Jr Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs James D. Thomas .Paul Trumbo, Sr. . Tom Walder . Wellington E. Walker .George B. Warner . Leon R. Waters . N. Bond Weber . Russell S. Wehrle . Frederick H.D. Weidman Jr .Claud N. Wilcher Mr. and Mrs. James L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James V. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wood -n Dear Students, I am extending an invitation to you to consider West Virginia Wesleyan College as you prepare to further your education following graduation. Wesleyan College is special. Our academic standards, our cultural and athletic pro- grams, our excitement about our own lives and oppor- tunities-all of these bind us together at Wesleyan as we work together to maintain our traditions and understanding to- ward the future. For those of you considering college, you are welcome at .-.J -my Wesleyan. John D. Rockefeller IV 'M v "MOORE'S BOOKSTORE President Charleston's supply center for students and teachers business people photographers For further information, write: All on the Street level Admissions mce across from the Library West Virginia Wesleyan College Buckhammr W' Va' 26201 THE s. SPENCER Mooae COMPANY 5 p 1 3 -V S- x ' ks 5 .1.ll i5 'li'i " is' W Q l My 3 A-i-tar. -N if 5 JA ' .-fffj, it vr5r1 +? ff w . ' " , 1 7 'jilkff : - , . I .t.. , lg . . :1 E Art! 1 Happy reminder. r W X Sgt Life ahead offers many uncertainties. kj K But throughout the years one constant - . remains. Your Balfour class ring. lt will K. - H ,f f' never fail as a happy reminder of the golden .lm I 'b f years you shared with your classmates. -- . . -f ' ' Wear it with pleasure. 'Y , " ., , A '5 5 C. J. RICHARDSON, JR. representing JEWELRY S FINEST CRAFTSMEN ' .,'- i' .JI ' -'1 n f-. .. , . -- .- X-Z.. Y.. : -'gr ' f.. " '- if f , r 4 - .1 - ,,i---" Iii IIIII 0 902 Quarrier Phone 346-5131 346-0773 Open Monday and Friday until 9:00 p.m. Other Evenings By Appointment Quarrier at Dickinson St. AND DRESS SHOPPE CHAR LESTON ' W VA 817 Quorrier ST. f7e0f,7QijfQr anof Go., gnc. yprwssfbnaf .gnferzbr Qbeszynzlrzy anof Qecorafzhy Weszknlmf anof Gommerczkzf 3622 .QIIGCGOPAA 7706 6.5 .... 925-1186 Headquarfers For School Shoes 930622 er is ESTABLISHED I 892 228 Capi'I'oI S'I'ree'I' CI'1arIesI'on, W. Va. ,ei M II EIIIIIIII Ma I 'II I II THE NATIONAL BANK DF CDNIIVIER CINE COIVIIVIERCE SQUARE CHARLESTON, VVEST VIRGINIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION .. I ,. - Q 4-" .WIC .' .' " 'v,'l'f'. . ' .-I I-'1:" ' ' A 3 Ig..-451,-1 -' -1.5, -3gE,::5.g:-:ff-' :-.'- Er? ef ,.f,z2521f:f::'fa---an -1 ' - ff5f:.f.?E' i' 5+ If cf'--X 3' ' 1. ' .. 1w"'w 1 V VM 'Tim it I r It I I I I -f 'H Q' 1'-1 ' - f5 : .11 '12-:QV ' . ., 5 fi Q 1- ' xg. t 3 ' leg 1. Z 47-42, v ' P. I . 1" ' 9' fi' ' - . . .V 'E' H .5 Q -..:, -1411, , V ' W .13-1.31, ., : , , -, in Qt!-x Eli. , .em as -A ' Lcgpmi PAINT s. COLOR co ILL Owner ROD DETAMORE Mgr CUSTOM PAINT COLOR MIXED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS WE CA'R'RY A COMPLETE LINE OF PAINTS 81 PAINTERS' EQUIPMENT 0 PAINT 0 LADDERS 0 BRUSHES I DROP CLOTHS WE RENT RUG SHAMPOOERS 5000 WALLPAPER PATTERNS Valar - Wall Tex - Schumocl1er's - Sterling - Scnlias Town Gi Country - American Colonial Fabrics To Mulch Wall Murals - Birge New Butane Wallpaper Steamer Call 346-7856 OR 344-1840 MASURY IS GOOD PAINT "FINE COLOR SINCE 1836" 1265 OAKHU RST DR 6-Matt 1003 Bridge Road, South Hills, Charleston, W. Va. 25314 the h.t. hall co., inc. everything for the budding artist or engineer" 112 hale st. 343-5671 Come to the newjuniortique where fashion is unique Junior Clothes pants pappagallo shoes coats jeans dresses 214 capitol street basham's home decor and custom sewing service CUsTQM'5:f':5TGL": seconds . . . hours . . . yea rs E' is. .. - congratulations Sen iors GUfl'l'll?.lE' MORRIS - Cvf-YMDBELIJ COMPANY-' GOLDFARB ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO 106 Vlrgmla St. E. Where black lights and study lamps are al y 'n stock. compliments of T l phone 344-2366 346-7016 Residence c?ca'coIq Asn-:Mons oPtlcAL bottling co., mc. Co., INC. Paul A. Burdette Medical Arts Bldg. charleston, WN- Manager charlesfon, w. va. The big bonk thot cores obout little things The Charleston Notionol Bonk Charleston Notionol Plozo 348-441 l Service Comes First With Us . . . PAT'S TV SERVICE AND SALES Authorized RCA Dealers Phone 925-9087 306-B 41st Street, S.E. Kanawha City empire federal savings 8. V C loan The Sfyle Sfore for Men and Young Men IO8 IIO Capl+ol S+ Charlesfon Charge Accounrs Welcome CLOTHES I'a1"r s'mR me 1013 A. BRIDGE ROAD CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25314 TELEPHONE C3041 345-1038 Garden 84 Paint Supplies SOUTH HILLS HARDWARE 1010 Bridge Rd. Charleston, W.Va 346-6941 BUILDING A BETTER CHARLESTON FOR THE NEW GRADUATES H. B. AGSTEN AND SONS CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 342-8148 'L Qxw ILLNIIWZ, 'br ef 5 E I. 53 'ff A mmf. u A ,Au 0 Over 50 Yrs. of Continuous Service finIey's pharmacy professional bldg. 1034 quarrier charleston, west virginia 342-7753-343-9437 Bummsa MnN's Hmcun, Rzwoncurs, Hmm S'n'1.1Nc Scum Arm FACIAL Tnnnumrs, Mamcxmmc 1, ROFFLER SCULPTURE CUT -' : I STYLIST-RCXIER HOLT il' ' 5' Glharleatnn Muna? In 4 ij' CHOLIDAY INN No. 2D FREE PARKING STYLISTS By Appointment Walk-ins on 1 Gxmay Basis EBCK BELLER Telephund 343-1692 DIE. McCUTCHEON 344-4092 EH- 100 GEORGE B. WARNER Jusiite of I'I1e Peace Louden Disirici - III CHARLESTON BEAUTY ACADEMY 346-9603 7I uf, Fife S+. RAI 1507 charleston national plaza I charleston, west va. 25329 I C3043 342 UNKIN URPORATIO MAGIC DRY CLEANERS 310 41st St. 925-7148 Cleaning and Pressing TV. Stamps Ladies and Gentlemen's Alterations Pick up and Delivery Service Serves American Industry I6 forty-two-o-four mac oorldc avenue, south out :ig -A, xliiii emi? 11' fir ' fi ear an fi " ,U .' -FN'-Wa?5'.r .4 v- .I up -:gi -,e R9 Q, fee' ELI fig! -'s Li' W 'J' fa' l I-5, 61 '3' il' ii' E'5 515 MANS: I if 114 gig A bridge road american 1004 bridge road charleston, w.v. ACTION PERSONNEL compliments of PERSONN EL CONSU LTANTS Suite 506 Embleton Bldg. 343 482i royal crown bottling co. charleston-logan-beckley school of dnstlnctlon the college who cares for information call 343 8933 beauty is our business why not make it yours! capital city beauty college joe holland chevrolet inc. 210 mac corkle avenue south charleston, w.v. 25303 phone 744-3464 BUD WILLIAMS PETE LEMASTERS JIM CONNER .EF I BILL WILLIAMS F 'OR M S, IN . 09" 'T ...Q-11' V ' "" "Mm v .... ' n,,, :::::.:f.+ "ffl 4 ' -5- 5 M fl 'W ' iii QI 3 6 ..,,.I 19,4-E' I g g -5 U., Q, ea. ,Q I g ,-I. III, Us ga. , LLLLL If Ig: .I I .xii J., , Xff R - " I--mf. 'S H'--4 Ifgigijif 9 1 ' EE , ,- I EE I ff fiQff f K I 11 lg Q fgpf E gi- , gg 55g. Q J, LLL. "ln muh! FOR THE AREAS MOST COMPLETE BUSINESS FORMS SERVICE. SYSTEMS - SNAP-A-PART - CONTINUOUS I2O0 Airpori' Road, Charlesfon, W. Va. 25332 I304I 343-566I MacFADDEN IGNITION COMPANY, INC. 108 Broad Street The CITY NATIONAL BANK of Charleston in Kanawha City Complete Banking Service If -K. Wlister Donutf w A GREAT PLACE TO EAT P4 A GREAT PLACE TO WORK f I g lnriu ell T 3 neil gl, if 7 SINCE. 1884 Traditionally . .. fine quality and brand names for home and family lee and dickinson street, charleston 3 ' 0 save 30W to 60'Mi on famous brand shoes Q . -61 'I 'E 'ff '1"' PM I F' completeinsuranceservice f SILVERSTEIN AGENCY ruffner payne agency, inc bob hawkins-read carney kanawha banking 8. trust bldg. INSURANCE COUNSELORS 5I0 Capi+oI S+. P.O. Box 27I CI'1arIes'I'on, Wes+ Virginia 2532 I EFI I PLUMBING-HEATING SUPPLIES III Virginicl ST. E. RAINES LINCOLN MERCURY YOUNG BROTHERS' RESTAURANTS Charleston-ST. Albans-Huntington h h S gimme BUGS all In Sporting Goods There ls Only One I on quarrierf charleston S 2 K h h ThS Where Friends Meet 04T irt Fi h 9 h '9 00 BRYANT'S colonial exxon SUPER 1400 bridge road 342-1251 MARKET 884 Oakwood Rd. 0323 ELLIS SUPERMARKET 9I5 Bridge Road Charles+on, W. Va. 253l4 Qygryjgy gf H415 343-1113 Oakwood Pho rmacy, Inc CFORMERLY LYNCH PHARMACY! aaa oAKwooD RD FREE PARKING FREE RX DELIVERY "SERVING COMMUNITY HEALTH" , I 343-4151 or 343-4152 Bob s Exxon Brldge Road kanawha valley bank has customer hours not banker's hours Q MAIN OFFICE You can bank from 8:30-3:00 p.m. in the MAIN LOBBY fand 5-7 p.m. MON. 81 FRI. eveningj 8:30-12 Noon SATURDAY DRIVE-IN HOURS: 8:30-7 p.m. MON. 81: FRI. 8:30-6 p.m. TUES., WED., THURS. 8:30-12 Noon SATURDAY Where Capitol crosses Lee Chadeston, West Wrginia 25326 Member FDIC Telephone 348-7000 good Iuck g.w. from 1973-1974 student council J W MILLER ASSOCIATES COAL POWER CORPORATION Mmmg Engmee S Q 0 . . . r suns soo - was Qummlen BUILDING Charleston, W. Vo. CHARLESTON WEST VIRGINIA 25301 bcs business computer service providing payroll, inventory, billing and other computing services for progressive W.V. businesses if you are technically inclined in mathematics science language music see robert payne after college for a potential career in the profession of data processing 1027 Va. St. E. Tel. 343-9471 TMI PERFECT PLACE FOR FAM1 LY SHOPPING: 771545 1.5 0 flick? N502 jfdld W v 43:-R 2 VJ.-w-'A' .. N , X -, g . Comphments of SOUTHERN CHEMICAL CO CARBON FUEL COMPANY Salutes Graduating Seniors of George Washington CONGRATULATIONS! You'll earn-594,339.00 PLUS "' more in your lifetime because you have completed four year ofhigh school at George Washington Youill earn-S2l0,868.00 PLUS 4' in addition during your lifetime ifyou can complete four years of college-more ifyou complete more college. Write the college of your choice or the National Education Association, 1201 Sixteenth Street, Washington, D. C. 20036 requesting information on scholarships and student aid. After completing all the education you can possibly get, for employment contact the Carbon Fuel Company. Source for figures: U. S. Department ofCommerce, Bureau ofthe Census, Annual Mean Income LIFETIME INCOME, AND EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT OF MEN IN THE UNITED STATES, FOR SELECTED YEARS, 1956 to l968."' Current Population Reports, Consumer Income, Series P-60, No. 74. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1970.81 p. hungry patriots "fill 'em up,' at shoney's S OI16 07"6lI61"5 ,md Haynef Paving Company Charles'l'on, Wesi' Virginia GEORGE WASHINGTON SPONSORS CLUB We Support Our School! ff! Ilqll: I ff , VV. ., s'e'W:,,V'l1lts:.fl.llIPHE:'i1i W '3-1'frnf,:lEm2"4.QiW-u .REQ QQ 'F' W W E'S"!g'y, Qi if A 's.q""'P'S:m"' egg--,C,,:fb:l.,Wg 'WWE bf! '19 gayygwm Rx ,, xg nm ,gil-sl,-Zh 1,5-az ba a mliisfk lm V' 'lui A Jffy Rubin ik lil, KTM -mul m -nun:-s :ex 1 1-Vt,m--. L Ll mmwraiqljam GW PRIDE In WHAT SORT OF MAN READS THE PRIDE? A man whols plcky, that's who' A man who knows what he wants and scratches for It A man wlth hrs nose to the grmdstone and hrs finger on the pulse of reallty A man who knows what a good thlng IS when he finds lt That's why he dcvours the PRIDE, the man's newspaper w1th the nltty grltty on school, sports and excrtmg places to go and see Don't let llfe bug you' READ the PRIDE It's the answer If XEX X I I I I X si I ' "' 1- xnxx! Q 1- 1 I . , , V Q Q .Q Q Q ... Q,.Q-..- ,X .Q . ,Mr fp '-- -, 'r . V wg.. A . -I Q - ' , ' Q " ' g:Q ' :4 Q ' Q " ' Q. -4 5, QQ,, Q ' J I Q f u . .V - -. - . ES21' ' df '. ,' P,-Z' -A' - .Dfr ." ' i -5 ' K"':7" . -Til. , I ' ' ' .. e"' -V . :J ing? H . Q Q, Q Q, Q. Q I Q .Q ,Qu I. V Q Q , -..N . QQ Y . Q .QQ 1. . , .,,Q . - V' .rf V - 1 --s -','- -ws HV., ian ' - ' 1--'Y V t .4 . t Wad, Hb- .4 - V-Q V, - 3 - ' .t. Q Q ., - . A f H' ,AQ - - Q A f. Q -f M .4 Qy, L' .- Q ' Q ,. ' V J gr - -. 4 3'-'3., .V 434 umm" 'J .--m"".! 1' if . .K . " 1 -- -H ' -Q. '-"tv 1' ran' L -2' ' A ' 'f" , ' .V 1- N. . I . I xxx ' - , "wi :, -. ,.-' V ' wif! V Q. ni A -is rt' ' "Yr Q. Q ,Q Q V . . ml , ' I ' I XM - ' , 'ab' " . ' 'N..l"Q I I V. 4 ' if Q ' ', .1 - , T N ' I I n f.Q """9 - 'x' 'Sails VT' A ' , E- "T" L. 'JE ' M .V -' - P Qui ' Q Q Q.: QI' 1' T 'TE' tl Af. Q -Q u - -. ff 4'Q"fV -'Q .A Qfy' U" 1 .V V- H: .. ,. ' 1 ,Q Q ' QQ .Q Q - - -' gl V W- Q- - 'f-- V 1. Q ,Q ' v QQ '--' -' .'l'7QQf- V "Mali, ' K V .11--'lc . - ' f.b1ZMr4w.f'vf'--V2'f- - - 'f-Ai" M 'W f l "5 1 If M M' " ' . . " :"f7V2-'in '1 -f c " --5 - - "- -"' .-- .- 1 fy A -V V ,. 1 ' .' "" . vf-1 viii-ffl-' ' ' , Q, :QQ V ,QQ Q . A ,,.. , .Q . .' . Mft? , h ' Agwlrsgu J.-A .g.,,...,,,, In - Q .V .., aigf. Q Qv yx 'X Q ' ' Vs.-MV ' I ' Qymef-'j 1 -. -- " , - V . Q Vit.. , I. f , Q 1 V Q . EI Q I . I , I 1 ' . 'fha' ' ' ' 1 . : 5 ' ,K Qs- -V ' ..',... - l ' 1 A 1' ' V Q f . V ' 5- V 52,7 1 V V , VV- V . ' VV Yi index Aberle, Tyler Wrestling, 93 Abshire, Helen 188 Abt, Debbie Art Club, FBLA, "MAME", Ed: Business 61 Abt, Richard Art Club, 188 Adams, jane Football 2, Volleyball 1, Track 1, Pep Club 4, Y-Teens 1, 140 Adkins, Eugene 188 Adkins, Jamie Varsity: Football 4, Baseball 3, Basketball 15 Basketball 3, 79,81,82 Adkins, Rodger Track, 172 Agarwal, Belu 188 Alderson, Mary Beth 140 L Alderson, Todd Basketball 3, Foot- ball 2, Softball 1, 3, 113, 140 Aldridge, Joyce Reveillier 2 fass't editorj, Chorus 2,51, 140 Aldridge, Mr. Fred 79,223,134 Alessandrini, jay 172 Alford, Terry 140 Allen, Laura 188 Almquist, Krist Basketball 2, Vol- leyball 2, Softball 2, Honor Roll 2, Pep Club, AFS Club, Chorus 2, Band 228 i .-- 2 A 2, Ed: College Prep. , 140, 169 Amspoker, Charley 172 Anderson, Kim Track 2, Band, G.A.A., "MAME" orchestra, 66,140 Anderson, Lori Band, 188 Andrews, john Key Club 3, Senior Class Vice Pres. , Ed: General, 52, 140 Apperson, Sharon National jr. Honor Society, Reveillier 3, Keyettes 2, Art Club 4, Ed: College Prep., 51, 141 Arceneaux, jay Key Club 2, Ad- ministrative Board 1, Senior Class Pres. , Parents Advisory Council 1, Ed: College Prep. 141 Asbeck, Ric National Merit Semi- Finalist, 39,55, 141 Ashmus, Karen Volleyball 1, Kick- ball 1, All-County Band 1, National Jr. Honor Society 1, Band 4, "MAME" orchestra, Ed: College Prep. , 38, 141 Ashworth, Vivian Band, 188 Aspley, Clark Band, 188 Atkinson, Tammy 188 Atkisson, Paul 188 Bailes, Jane Chorus 4, Football 1, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, FBLA 3 141 Bain, Gene 106 Baire, Sherry 188 Baker, Robie Wrestling 1,93,97,188 Baldwin, Kasey Football 1, Basket- ball 1, Y-Teens 1, Pep Club 4 Treas., Chorus 1, Drama Club 1, "Funny Gir1", jr. Civitans 1, Homecoming Comm. 3, Patriot 2, Homeroom Rep. 1 , Hospitality Comm. 1, Ed: College Prep. 18, 141 Ball, Mrs. chloriel 105 Ball, Sharon 184 Ballard, Steve 141 Bannister, Rebekah GAA, 172 Barker, Blane 141 Barringer, Susan Football 4, Kick- ball 1, Softball 1, Nat. jr. Honor So- ciety 1, Homecoming Comm. 3, Stu- dent Council 4 Ed: College Prep. 142 Bartges, Mr. joe 29, 128, 129 Bartholow, Brad 172 Basham, Steve Band 181 Bays, Diane M. 142 Bays, Pat Newspaper 1, Band 2, Head Majorette 1, Carver 114,142 Beanland , Nancy "Mame" 142 Beattie, Joe Newspaper, Patriot, 48, 50, 172 Beavers, Becky 142 Becker, Peter 172 Belcher, Theresa Tennis 1, Nat. jr. Honor Society 1, Drama Club 1, Key- ettes 2, Newspaper 1, Chorus 2, Band 3, Majorette 1, Ed: College Prep. 142 Bell, David 142 Bell, Lila 188 Bell, Mary Anne 188 Bell, Valorie Tennis 1, Volleyball 1, jr. Honor Society 1, Pep Club 4, Drill ,Team 1 Ed: College Prep. 56, 142 Bermett, Ann Volleyball 2, Football 1, Spanish Club 2, Art Club 2, Guitar Club 1, Prom Comm. 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, 15, 142 Berg, Alan Commended National Merit Scholar, Art Club 1, Key Club 2, Scheduling Team 2 fcaptain 11, In- ternational Club 2, Latin Club 2, Chess Club 1, "Funny Girl", Stage Crew 1,46, 63, 140, 142 Berg, jeff 172 Bernstein, joe 172 Berry, Chip Library Aide , 13, 59, 172 Bettinger, Bobby Football, 188 Biddle, Ann Honor Society 3, Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalist, National French Contest Winner, National Thes- pian Society 2 fV.P. Q, French Club 2, Chorus 2, International Club 1, Modern Dance 2 QV.P.j, Vocalaires 2, Keyettes 2, Drama Club 1, Newspaper 3, Patriot 1, Stage Crew 3, "Legends", "Nut- cracker Suite", "Ice Maiden", "Toy Shop", "Mame" Production Manager 39,51, 53,67,68,71, 142 Biddle, Lucy Newspaper, Fl-lA, Handicrafts, Keyettes, 53,75,173 Bird, Scott 173 Bird, Stephanie 173 Bish, Bridget 173 Bishop, Peggy 142 Blair, Barbara Nat. jr. Honor So- ciety 1, jr. Civitan Club 2, I-Iopitality Comm. 1, Patriot 2, Thespian Club 1, Modern Dance Club 2, Drama Club 1, Pep Club 4, Homecoming Comm. 4, Prom Comm. 1, Handicrafts Club, Guitar Club 1, Football 2, Chorus 1, "MAME" Ed: Coll. Prep 21,48,71,143 Blair, julie 188 Blaisdell, Pam 188 Blake, james 188 Blankenship, Kim 189 Bleidt, Brenda Track 1, Football 1, Span.ish Club 1 Ed: College Prep 143 Bloom, Jim Chess Club, I.T.U. 1, A.V. 1, Photography Club 3, Reveil- lier 2, Patriot 2. Boardman, Donnetta 189 Boehm, Lea Ann 189,200 Boggess, Larry 173 Boggs, Joyce Football 1, Ed: Coll. Prep Bohn, Jim Band 72, 110, 189 Bokencamp, Cathy Keyettes 2, Band 3, Stage Crew 1, Football 1, "Funny Girl" Ed: College Prep 53, 143, 146 Bokenkamp, Sandy Majorette 2, Band 4, Keyettes 2, Patriot 1, French Club 1, Prom Comm. 1, Football 1, 49,57,1-43 Bowles, Mr. Randall 45,46,119 Boyce , Ruth 189 Boyle, Greg Soccer 1, Softball 1, Basketball 2, "Funny Girl" Ed: Coll. Prep 143 Bradbury, Bill Football 79, 189 Bradley, Mindy 189 Bradshaw, Rhoda Carver 143 Bradshaw, Susie 189 Bragg, Valerie Volleyball 1, Basket- ball 1, Modern Dance 1, Pep Club 1, Prom Comm. 1, Washington Comm. Ed. Tutor 2, Chorus 1 Branch, james 79 Branch, Kim 143, 166 Branham, jeff 173 Breedlove, Bryan 173 Brewster, Kerri 189 Brisky, Pam 173 Brisky, Pat 173, 176 Briskys Valerie Pep Club 4, Ir. Civitan 3, Drama Club 1, Nat, jr. Honor Society 1, Nat. Merit Scholar Commended, Prom Comm 1, Home- coming Comm. 4, Basketball 1, Foot- ball 2 Ed: College Prep 18, 144 Bmgan, Tim 189 Brotherton, Stacey 173, 185 Brown, Anderson Band 189 Brown, Andrea Track 2, Pep Club 2, Modern Dance Club 1, Drill Team 1, Prom Comm. 1, Football 2, Volleyball 4 Ed: College Prep. 144 Brown, Mrs. Kay 135 Brown, Pat FBLA Buckland, David 173 Buffington, Carol Patriot 1, Ir. Class Sec.-Treas. 1, Prom Comm. 1, Home- coming Comm. 3, Pep Club 2, W. C. E. C. Advisory Board 1, Drama Club 1, W.C.E.C, Tutor 1, Football 1, Bas- ketball 1, Volleyball 1 Ed: Coll. Prep 11 , 144 Bumpus, Debby Chorus 189 Burgy, john Football, Basketball Burka, Betsy Spanish Club 1, Prom Comm. 1, Office Aide 1 Ed: College Prep. 14-4 Burkey, David 189 Burns, Becky Chorus 189 Burns, Robert 144 Butler, Rick Thespian Soc. 1, Mod- ern Dance Club 1, Vocalaires 1, "The Boy Friend", "Funny Girl" Ed: Coll. Prep 106, 144 Butterworth, jim Carver 144 Butterworth, Kathy FBLA 61, 173 Cabell, Jamie 173 Cain, John Caldwell, Bill Key Club, Track, Football, Wrestling, 79, 93, 96, 173 Call, Barbara 189 Callahan, Mr. Paul 118 Callender, David 188, 189 Calvin, Deborah, Chorus 173 Campbell, David Band 5, 38, 173 Campbell, Dayton Chess Club 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, Softball 1 Cantley, Mary 144 Cantley, Robert 173 Cardwell, David 189 Carey, Miss Marsha 126, 127 Carlioth, Bengt Photog. Club 1, Football 1, Ed: College Prep 12,72, 110, 145, 152 Carmon, Kathe 189 Carnes, Rick Football 79, 189 Carpenter, Chuck Varsity: Wrestling 1, Band 4 Drum Major 2, Key Club 3, Latin Club 1, WCEC Advisory Council 2, National Merit Scholar Commended, Rotary Student of the Month Ed: Col- lege Prep. 17, 54, 55,93,94, 145 Carr, Patricia 189 Carte, Allen Football 189 Carte, William Ed: Gen. Ed. Carter, Andrea 174 Carter, Debbie 189 Carter, Kathy 189 Caruthers, Jeanette 189 Carvill, Patty 174 Cash, Ronnie Chorus 189 Cassell, Kathy 174 Casto, Tom 174 Chambers, Vic 174 Chandler, Diana 145 229 Chandler, Mrs. Pam 134,135 Chapman, Anita 189 Chapman, Nick 174 Chapman, Sue 145 Cgisnoweth, Nancy Pep Club 189, Childress, Cathy Chorus 75, 174 Childress, Donna FBLA-Treas. 61, 174 Childress, Karen 174 Childress, Robin Band 190 Childress, Rosa Chorus 2, Fl-LA 2, Keyettes 2, "Mama" Ed: College Prep. 145 Childress, Sharon Chorus Christman, Rob Key Club 52, 174 Ciccarello, Drew Chorus, Thespian Soc. 39, 190 Clark, Billy 190 Clark, Davis 145 Clark, joella 174 Clark, john "B" Basketball Clark, Steve 145 Claude, Colette 190 Clawson, Terry Wrestling 1, Intra- murals 3, 145 Clendenin, Mr. james 132 Clendenin, Kathy 190 Clifford, Cathy 146 Cohen, Brad Key Club 174 Colby, Jane Modern Dance Club 190 Coleman, Beth Rose Chorus 190 Coleman, Charles 174 Collins, Mitch Basketball 3, 146 Comer, Dan 190 Conley, Robin Band 2, French Club 1, Majorette 1, Pep Club 2, Prom Comm 1, Pepettes 2, Drill Team 1, Bible Club 1, Cheerleader 1, Drama Club 1, Chorus 1, Science Club 1, Stu- dent Council 1, Newspaper 1, Volley- ball 2 Ed: Coll. Prep. 57, 146 Connell, Dana Key Club, jr. Class 230 VP, Admin. Board 17,174 Connell, Gary Modern Dance 2, Pep Pills 3, Prom Comm. 1, Stage Crew 2, Ring Comm. 1, WCEC Adv. Board 2, "Mame", Football 2, Basketball 2,146 Connelly, Bernard Chess Club 3,60, 140, 146 Connelly, Tom Chorus, Chess Club 38 , 39, 60, 190 Conner, Caroline 184, 190 Conyers, Cindy Chorus 190, 202 Cook, Jay Varsity: Golf 2, Band 3, Pep Club 3, Football 2, Ed: College Prep. 146 Cook, jeff Varsity: Basketball, Key Club 86,87,91, 174 Cook, jon Varsity: Basketball 1, Track 2, Admin. Board 1, Key Club 1, Student Council 1, Dialogue Among Youth 1, French Scholastic Achieve- ment Award, Basketball 3 Football 3 Ed: College Prep. 16, 37,146 Cook, Steve Varsity: Football, Stu- dent Council, Homecoming Comm, , Prom Comm. 174 Cooper, Mrs.Lillian 122, 123 Cooper, Rosemary Patriot, 49,106 Copen, Aggie Band, Student Coun- cil 190 Copen, Maxie Drill Corps, Pep Club 3, Pepettes 2,56,57, 146 Copenhaver, jim Pep Pills 2, Bas- ketball 2, Elem. B-ball Coach 1, 144, 147 Corey, john 190 Courter, Jeff Track, Chorus, Wres- tling 39,93, 174 Cowen, Karen Art Club 1, Ed: Col- lege Prep. Cox, Vicky Band 190 Coyle, Lucy Pep Club 3, Home- coming Comm. 1 Ed: College Prep! 147 Craddock, Marie 190 Craddock, Roy 147 Creagh, Eric Chess Club 60, 174 Cunningham, Charles 147 D'Agostino, Cindy Tennis, Basket- ball Ed: Bus. Ed. 147 D'Agostino, jamie 175 Daniels, Lindy 190 Davis, Dana Varsity: Track, Student Council 1, Jr. Civitans 1, Cheerleader 3, Pep Club 4, Football 3, Volleyball 1, "Mame", Homecoming Queen 1974 Ed: College Prep. 21, 101, 147 Davis, Len Band 190 Davis, Mike Football 79, 175 Davison, Bill 190 Davison, Robert 175 Dawson, Rank Nat. Honor Society 2, Cross-Country 3, Wrestling 3, AV Aides 2, Broadcasters Club 2, Ed: Col- lege Prep. 16, 147 Deakin, Anne 190 Deakin, Paul 175 Dean, jim 175 Dean, Tom 175 Debaets, Laurie 190 DeBord, Barbara 190 DeBord, Connie FBLA, Chorus, 175 DeBord, Perry Varsity: Football 3, "B" Basketball 2, KVC End Ed: College Prep. 76,79,82, 147 Del Grande, Karen 190 Dent, Vicki 190 Denton, Nina Lu 108, 124 Deutsch, jerry Key Club 175 DeVere, jim Varsity: Baseball 3, Cross-Country 2, Track 2, Football 13 Basketball 3, Football 2 Ed: College Prep. 3,11,78, 147 Devol, Mr. Ernie 79,85,135 Dial, Mary Anne Band 2, Drill Team 2, Modern Dance 3, Co-Head-Drill Team, "Marne" Ed: College Prep. 13, 56, 57, 147 Dieth, Charles 175 Dietrich, Carol 190 Dillon, Mr. Bill 120 Dillon, Kay Thespians 1, Band 1, Modern Dance Club 3, Pep Club 3, Prom Comm, 1, Student Council 1, Charleston Youth Council 3, jr. Civitan 1, "Night Before Christmas", "The Boyfriend", "600 Miless Off Broadway", "Nutcracker", "Ice Maiden", "Yester- day and Today", "FunnyGirl", "Mame" Symphony Ball, Civic Chorus, "Fan- tastic Toyshop" 147 Dineen, Bridget 191 Dineen, Mike Wrestling Dodds, Stacey 147 Dolin, Denise Chorus 113,191 Domitrovich, Lisa 191 Doss, Becky 191 Douglas, Ann Chorus 191 Douglas, Mr. Gene 2, 118 Driskill, Steven 148 Dudley, David Varsity: Wrestling 2, Ed: College Prep 93,94, 148 Duncan, Debbi 191 Duncan, jill Varsity: Tennis, Band 2, Majorette 1, Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Drill Team 1, Ed: College Prep. 57, 148 2 Duncan, Mark Tennis, Basketball 1, Football 1, Ed: Coll. Prep 148 Duncan, Robin 145 Duncan, Sonja Band 175 Dundas, Sharon Scheduling Team 1, Chorus 1, Band 1, Basketball 1 Ed: Col- lege Prep. 148 Dunlap, Bob 191 Dunlap, Brenda 175 Dunlap, Cindy 58, 175 Dunlap, David 175 Dunlap, Rhonda 191 Dunlap, Rose Chorus Dlmleavy, Shawna 191 Dupont, Philip Varsity: Baseball 3: Basketball 3, Ed: College Prep. 148 Duvall, Mike 15, 175 Eady, Mary Beth Basketball 2, Foot- ball 1, Ed: College Prep. 148 Eberbaugh, Robbie 191,201 Echols, Karen 191 Edelman, Sarah 191 Edwards, David 175, 191 Edwards, Coach Steve 4, 15, 33,79, 83, 134 Eidell, julie 191 Elkins, Carter Key Club 3, Prom Comm. 1, Basketball 3, Ed. College Prep. 149 Ellison, April 191 Elmore, Sherry Band 191 Elswick, Linda Ed: General Elswick, Sue 191 Englebreth, Linda Band 191 Englebreth, Nancy Band 3, Keyettes 1, Pep Club 3, Prom Comm. 1, Re- veillier 1, Football 3, 149 Ennis, Mascal Office Aid Ennis, Robin Chorus 192 Esau, Brian 175 Eskew, Marlene 192 Eskew, Violet 192 Estep, joEllen Band 2, Drill Team 1, Volleyball 1,56, 149 Estep, Tammy 192 Estes, Frank Varsity: Baseball 3, Football 3, Basketball 25 Prom Comm. 1, "MAME", Ed: CollegePrep. 9,79 Evans, Kathy Band, 192 Evans, Paige 175 Evans, Pam Latin Club 2, Pep Club 2, Football 2, Basketball 2, Ed: College Prep. 110, 149 Eye, Debbie Chorus, 39, 103,-175 Faber, David Football 1, KeyClub 1, Latin Club 2, Scheduling Team 1, Ed: College Prep. 149 Faber, Mrs. Debbie 129 Fannin, Cathy 192 Farley, Bonnie Office Aide, 192 Farley, David 192 Farris, Karen Track 1, Administra- tive Board 1, Newspaper fEditorj 2, Ed: College Prep, 50 Fast, Eddie 192 Faulkner, Mike 192 Feagans, Neal 192 Feazelle, Mrs. Gail 121 Ferrel, Patty Band, Newspaper 51, 53, 176 Field, Benny Band, 192 Fields, Debbie Chorus 1, Ed: College Prep. 149 Fink, Alisa Band, 192 Finke, jim Chess club, 85, 176 Fisher, Mrs. Patricia 16 Fitzpatrick, john Chess Club 2, Foot- ball 1. Modern Dance 2, Prom. Comm. 1, Stage Crew 2, Scheduling Team 1, National Merit Semi-Finalist, "MAME", Ed: College Prep, 14, 39, 149 Fitzpatrick, Mary 176, 183 Florence, Greg 192 Florence, Michelle Band 2, Major- ette 1, Modern Dance 3, Drill Team 1, Volleyball 1, "MAME", 23,57,149 Flowers, Ann National Honor Society 1, Band 3, Yearbook 2, Prom, Comm. 1, Scheduling Team 1, Keyettes 2,Ed: College Prep. 47,49, 55,67, 149 Folden, Mrs. Carol 122,123,107 Folden, Mr. James 79 Foster, Bob 65 Foster, Scarlett Yearbook, 176 Frame, Miss Cathy 26, 106, 120, 121 Francis, Ford B-Team Football, 79 , 192 Fraser, Sheryl 192 Frazier, Barbara 149 Friedberg, Howard junior Class Pres., Key Club, Pep Club, 176, 179 Frostick, Chuck Newspaper and Yearbook Photographer, 48, 50, 172, 176 Gardner, Bill Tennis 149 Gardner, Mrs. janet 127 Gardner, Meg G.A.A., 176 Garland, Dan eral 150 Int1'a,mu.ra1s, Ed: Gen- Garner, Betsy Club 3, Prom. Comm. 1, junior Civi.. tan 2, Ed: College Prep. 13, 150 French Club 2, Pep Garner, Robert Key Club, 192 231 Garver, Dale Track 1, Prom Comm. 1, Stage Crew 2, "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 150 Gaston, Linda Nat. Thespian 3, Nat. Honor Society 2, Singers and Vo- calaires 1, Modern Dance 2, Prom Comm. 1, Scheduling Team 2, "600 Miles Off Broadway", "The Boyfriedn, "Maine" Ed: College Prep. 39,47,67, 150 Gates, Robert Bowling Club 1, Car- ver 2 George, Anita 192,200 George, Mrs. Kaye 124, 125 George, Vic Student Council George, Vince Basketball 3, Foot- ball 1, Softball 1 Student Council Pre- sident--Jr. High 1, Drama Club 1., Pep Pills 1, Pep Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 150 Gerrard, Mary 192 Getliffe, Eleanor 75, 176 Getliffe, Jessie Nat. Honor Society 2, Keyettes 2, F.H.A. 1, Latin Club 4, French Club 2, Handicrafts 1, Ed: Coll. Prep. 39,53,62,67,75,150 Ghiz, Ted Tennis Team Mgr. 1, Key Club 2, French Club 1, Drama Club 1, Newspaper Staff 1, All County Chorus 1, Basketball 1, Volleyball 1 Ed: Col- lege Prep. 17, 150 Gilbert, Carol 192 Gill, Margie Basketball 2, Football 2, Junior Civitans 3, Guitar Club 2, Pep Club 3 Ed: College Prep. 21, 150 Gillispie, Brenda 192 Gillispie, Gary 193 Gillispie, Marvin 151 Gillispie, Pat FBLA 61,176 Gillispie, Rosemary 176 Giudice, Lia Revillier 29,51 Gladwell, jenean 193 Gladwell, Scott Football 79, 176 Glenn, Timothy 151 Goff, Diane Band 193 Goff, jean 176 Goff, Randy Chorus Goldfarb, Glenn Basketball 2, Var- sity: Soccer 1, Football 2, Wrestling 2, 232 Track 2, Boys State 1, Boys County 1, Nat. Jr, Honor Society 1, Student Coun- cil Sec. 1, Student Council VP-jr. High 1, Latin Club 2, Administrative Board 1 Ed: College Prep. 38,44,76, 85,93,95,97, 151 Goodall, Debbie 193 Goodall, Linda 74, 151 Goodwin, Tori 193 Gould, Richard Varsity: Tennis 35 Volleyball, Football, Basketball, All- County Chorus, Sr. Homeroom Rep. Ed: College Prep. 151 Gould, Scott 193 Graff, jim Varsity: Football 79, 193 Graff, John Varsity: Football Ed: College Prep. 79, 151 Graham, Griff Track, 151 Graham, Paula Varsity: Track 1, Cheerleader 1, jr. Civitan 1, Youth Council 1, G.A.A, 2, Drama Club 1, Volleyball 2, Basketball 1, Football 1, Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Modern Dance Club 3 Ed: Coll. Prep. 151, 164 Graley, Dwight 177 Graley, Ken 193 Graley, Marsha FBLA 1, FFA, Car- ver, Pep Club 1, Library Club 1, Ed: General Bus. 151 Gray, Becky Band 191,193 Green, jaye Chorus, Thespian So- ciety 193 Green, Lee Latin Club 2, Pep Club 1, Youth in Gov., Prom Comm. 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, Drill Team 1, Thespians 1 Ed: College Prep. 56,67, 151 , 166 Green, Roger Chorus 69, 151 Greenlee, David 177 Gregg, Susie 177 Gresham, Bruce Varsity: Football 4, Basketball 4, Track 4, Rotary Student 1, Ed: College Prep. 76,79,82,86,87, 152 Gribschaw, Andrea 193 Griffith, Gary 193 Griffith, jan 177 Grishaber, Terrie 193,200 Grose, Mrs. Pamela 120 Grossman, David 193 Gruver, Steve Varsity: Wrestling, Key Club 93, 177 Guinther, G. E. Football 79, 193 Gumowski, Lynn Student Council 193 Gunnoe, Cindy Flag Crop 2, Spanish Club 1, Bowling Club 1, Track 1, Vol- leyball 1, 56, 152 Gunnoe, Pam 177 Haden, Chuck Wrestling Haden, Mrs. Priscilla 128, 184 Haden, Tim "B" Basketball 193 Hall, Cindy Chorus 193 Hall, Colleen Basketball 3, Football 3, Volleyball 3, Pep Club 3, Ed: Col- lege Prep, 107, 152 Hall, Connie 177 Hall, Karen 193 Hall, Mark 177 Hamilton, Chris Pep Club, Key Club 177 Hamilton, S am 177 Hammel, Mrs. Rita 118 Hammock, Beth Keyettes 2 Ed: Col- lege Prep. 152 Hammock, Greg 193 Hamrick, Sam 72 Hancock, Brooksie 15, 152 Haney, David Basketball 1, Base- ball 1, Rotary Student, Key Club 3 President, T. V. and Radio Club 1 Ed: College Prep. 52, 152 Haney, Susan 193 Hansford, Cathy 193 Hansford , David Band , Yearbook 177, 182 Hardman, Ben Bk-ball Manager 193 Harkins, Fred Basketball 1 Harkreader, David 193 Harless, Kay 177 Harmon, Peter Band 38, 194 Harmon, Richard Band 194 Harper, Randy Basketball 1 Car- ver 2 Harper, Ritchie Track, C.C. 177 Harris, Grey 194 Harris, julie 194 Harrison, Dwana 194 Harrison, Melinda FBLA 177 Hartman, Ann Football 3, Pep Club, Cheerleader 1, Track 1, Ed: College Prep. 152 Hartman, Bob 19, 177 Hartman, jane 64, 194 Hartman, Sarah Honor Society 2, jr. Honor Society 1, Jr. Civitan 2, Student Council 2, Advis. Board 2, Tennis Man. 1, Drama Club 1, Art Club 3, Ftumy Girl", Art Award, Ed: College Prep. 43, 152 Harvey, jackie Jr, Class Sec.-Treas., Student Council, Patriot 70,177 Hatfield, Shawn 194 Hawkins, David varsity: Bk-ball, Football79,8O,87,9O,177 Hayes, Bill 194 Hayne, Dan 194 Haynes, Bill Varsity: Bk-ball 1, Football 1, Cross Country 2, Basketball 3, Football 1, Softball 2, French Club 1, Pep Club 3, Ed: College Prep. 17, 152 Haynes, Jane Modern Dance Club 56 , 174, 177 Hayslett, Miss Debbie 106, 121 Helm, Kay 56, 177 Henderson, Richard C.C. 85 Henning, Drew 194 Herscher, Martha 13, 177 Hess, Kathy 194 Heywood, julie Pep Club, Admin. Board 194 He ood Tom Honor Socie 2 Naiiwjr. Honor Society 1, Nat.tKflefit Semi-Finalist, Student Council Treas. 1, Basketball 4, Football 2 Softball 2, Volleyball 2, Varsity: Track 2, Cross Country 2, TV Club 1, Key Club V, P. 3, Chess Club 4 Ed: Coll. Prep 16,37, 39,44,6O,67, 153 Hicks, Mike 36,60,153 Higgins, Krystyna 194 Higgins, Mark Wrestling Hildebrand, Paula Chorus 194 Hill, Chuck Chorus 177 Hill, David 194, 197 Hill, Denise 194 Hill, Diane . '178 Hill, Karen FBLA Himelrick, Susan Modern Dance Club 56, 173, 178 Hiserman, Miss Virginia 8,117,119 Hitchcock, Bonnie Chorus 178 Hobbs, joe Football, Wrestling 93, 94, 178 Hobbs, john Wrestling 93, 194 Hodges, jay Chorus 39, 191, 194 Hodges, Mike Chorus 4 Pres. , Vocal- aires 3 Pres. , All-State Chorus 1, All- County Chorus 4, Stage Crew 1, Chess Club 2, "Mame", Football 1, Basket- ball 1 Ed: College Prep 38, 39,69, 153 Hoffman, David 153 Hofto, Mike 128, 153 Hogue, Anna May 178 Holbrook, Tim 194 Holden, Becky 19, 178 Holden, Patty 58, 188, 194 Holestine, Charles 194,202 Holestine, Frankie 153 Holm, Miss Johanna 127 Holmes, julie 178 Holstein, Rosalena 194 Holstine, Patricia 194 Holtsclaw, Charles 194 Hood, Mike Band 178 Houser, Linda 153 Houser, Wayne Football 195 Hudnall, Scott 79, 195 Key Club, Football Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Alecia 67, 153 - Beverly Chorus 195 Dora 195 jerry 195 Leonard 195 Mary jo Maj Myrna 153 Sharon 195 Huffman, Dale 195 Huffman, jerry 178 Huffman, Sherri Modern Dance Club 10, 56, 17 8 orette 56 Huffman, Shirley 153 Hundley, Margaret GAA, Patriot Cheerleader 178 Hundley, Mr. Ron Hunt, David 195 124 Hunter, Jenny Modern Dance Club 56 , 195 Huzzey, Kent Band, C.C. Isaacs, Greg 195 Jackson, Dabney 178 jackson, jim 178 Jackson, Kathy 195 jackson, Ted Basketball 4, Key Club 3, Homecoming Comm. 3, VP- Student Council Ed: College Prep. 44, 154 Jackson, Tom Student Council, Key Club Janney, Lynne 154, 156 Janney, Terrie 195 Jarvis , Charles 195 Jarvis, Debbie 195 jenkinson, jo Beth GAA 178 jividen, Cheryl Chorus, Treas.- Thespian Society 39,67, 178 Johnson, Angela 178 johnson, Beth 195 johnson, Kemp 195 233 johnson, Mary Chorus 196 Johnson, Matt Golf Team 3, Bas- ketball 3 Ed: College Prep. 128, 154 Jolliffe, Paula 178 jones, Bill 196 jones, Miss Lu 102,122 Jones, Nelson 13, 109 Jones, Todd Track acgsgeph, Nancy GAA, Patriot 49,66, Jumper, jimmy 196 Justice, Kaye 116, 121 Justice, Mark 178 Karmen, Kathy 56,200 Keadle, Mary Beth Pep Club 180 Keightley, David 154 Kelley, Kathy 154 Kennedy, Cindy 196 Kerns, Ed 180 Kessler, Susan 180 Kessock, Bob Wrestling 93,96 Kettering, Donna 196 Kidd, Mrs. Bette 45, 128 Kidd, Charles 196 Kidd, joan 154 Kiner, Chuck Chorus 39, 196 King, Doris 113, 180 King, Vickie 196 Kirkland, jennifer M. Nat. Honor Society, Nat. Jr. Honor Society, Thespian Society 3, Nat. Merit Com- mended, All-County Chorus 4, Latin Club 1, Drama Club 1, All-State Chor- us 2, Prom Comm, 1, GW Singers Ac- compianist 4, "Giselle", "The Boy- friend", "600 Miles Off Broadway", "The Nutcracker", "Legends", "Funny Girl", "Ice Maiden", "Dames at Sea", "Yesterday and Today", "The Reveil- lier Assembly" 3, "Mame" Ed: College Prep. 38, 39,67,69, 154 Knapp, Miss Eva 120, 121 Knight, Amy Band 196 Kortz, Debbie Keyettes 3, Home- 234 coming Comm. 2, WCEC Tutor 2, Pep Club 3, Jr. Civitan 1 Ed: College Prep. 154 Kortz, Tom 196 Kran11, Leisa 56, 196 Kreps, Bill 196 Krisher, Tim "B" Team Football 79, 196 Kuriz, Mrs. Rose 126,127 LaBarre, jeff Reveillier, Key Club 180 Lacy, Bill Football 79, 180 Lambdin, Scott 197 Lambert, Denise 154 Lane, Mrs. Shirley 130,131 Lanier, Mary 180 Latimer, Ann Chorus 196 Law, Debbie Band 196 Lawrence, Bryan 180 Lawrence, Vicci 196 Layne, Debbie Art Club 109 Layton, Richard 196 Leaseburg, Tami 196 Lee, Karen 197 Lee, Mrs. Pat 118,129 Lefevre, Mark Key Club 197 Leishman, Bill 79 , 103 LeRoy, Sharon 56, 180 Leshern, Brian 154 Lessley, Mrs. 116 , 118 Lessley, Bryan 65, 197 Lessley, john 180 Lewis, Marci 197 Lickert, Bill 154, 165 Lilly, Judd Band 197 Lipscomb Peggy Modern Dance Club 56, 1171, 197 Lockard, Kay Football 1, Volleyball 1, Basketball 1, Softball 1, Kickball 1, GAA 1, Y-teens 1, Vocalaires 2, Pep Club 2, All-County Chorus 2 Ed: Col- lege Prep. 39, 154 Lockard, Susan Kickball 1, Basket- ball 1, Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Foot- ball 1, Y-teens 1, Chorus, Drama Club 1, Vica-Carver, Ed: Business Ed. 155 Loeb, Charlie Student Council Re- veillier, Track, Cross-Country, Key Club 44,62 Loma, Bree 197 Loflin, LuAnne Volleyball 2, Foot- ball 2, Basketball 1, Softball 1, Kick- ball 1, Pep Club 3, Drama Club 1, French Club 2, Chorus 1, Homeroom Rep. 1, Ed: College Prep. 155 Logston, Robert Football 79, 197 Long, Diana Volleyball 3, Basketball 2, Softball 1, Pep Club 4, Keyettes 1, Chorus 2, Y-teens 1, Science Club 2, All-County Chorus 2, French Club 1 Ed: College Prep. 155 Long, Kathy jr. Civitan 3-VP, Schedul- ing Team 1, Drama Club 1, Pep Club 4-Sec.Treas. , Student Council 1,Home- room Rep. 1, Y-teens 1, Yearbook 2, French Club 3, "Funny Girl", Prom Comm, 1, Ed: College Prep. 49, 155 Long, Scott "B" Team Football 79, 197,204 Lore, Denise 155 Lovenstein, Kimberly 197 Lowe, Christy Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Basketball 1, Kickball 1, Vocalaires 2, Y-teens 1, Pep Club 1, All-County Chorus 2, Chorus 2 Ed: College Prep. 39, 155 Lowe, Robert 197 Loy, Terry 197 Lucas, jeff 180 Lucas, Susan Volleyball 2, Basket- ball 1, Football 2, Office Aid 1, Prom. Comm. 1 Drama Club 1 Ed: College Prep. 155 Lude, Connie 197 Luzader, Mr. Bill 109,126, 127 Lynch, Cindy 111 Lynch, Harry 191 McCabe, Maggie Ed: Business 156 McCallister, jim 115, 180 McClaugherty, Martha Pep Club 29, 180 McClure, Nancy Student Council 180 McCorkle, Andy 173, 181 McCormick, Danny Basketball 1 Ed: Carver 114,156 McCormick, jeff 181 McCoy, Terry 157 McCutchen, Diana 157 McCutchen, Kathy 181 McDaniel, john 181 McDavid, Shelby Drill Corps, 181 McElwee, Charles Ed: College Prep. Mclntyre, jim Chess Team 181 McKivergin, Joe Wrestling Team, 92,93,95, 176 McLaughlin, Chris Art Club 181 McMillon, Freddie 157 McNamara, Erin Art Club, Modern Dance Club, "The Ice Maiden", Ed: College Prep. 157 McNeil, Anita 181 McTarnaghan, Chris Basketball 1, Soccer 1, Basketball 1, Tennis 1, Hon- or Roll 2, Spanish Club 1 Treas. , Drama Club, Glee Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 157 Mace, Danny 180 Macklay, Dawn "MAME", 197 Macklay, Sam Band, 180 Magnuson, Ann Volleyball 1, Na- tional Honor Society 1, Drama Club 1, Chanticleer 1, Reveillier 2, "Dames at Sea", "No, No, Million Times No", Ed: College Prep. 51 Major, Kim 197 Maki, JoAnne GAA 180 Malcolm, Mary Beth Pep Club, Stu- dent Council, "PATROIT", 42, 19, 180,49 Malone, Renne 180 Manning, Teresa 106, 180 Marble, Mrs. Kay 122,107 Marcus, Steve 36, 156 Marcus, Susie 190, 198 Margolis, Karen 14, 180 Marker, Allen Ed: Carver 156 Markey, Sandy 192, 198 Marsh, Keith Basketball 1, Football 1, Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Pep Club 1, "MAME", 156, 64 Marshall, Cheri 180 Marshall, Gail Student Council, 4, Pep Club 3, National jr. Honor Society 1, National Honor Society 1, junior Civitan 2, Administrative Board Sec. 1, "PATROlT" 2 Underclass Editor, Hos- pitality Comm. 1, "Funny Girl", "No, No, Million Times No", "Yesterday and Today", "MAME", Teen Board-Em- bees, Ed: College Prep. 49,45,-44, 156 Martin, Diana Band 3, All-State Band 1, All-County Band 3,156 Martin, Mrs. Helen 137 Martin, Helen Student Council, Foot- ball, 79, 198 Martin, Sandy 156 Masinter, Stefanie 198 Mason, Becky GAA, FHA, Keyettes, 173,180 Mason, Susie Volleyball 2, Basket- ball 2, Football 2, Track 3, Honor So- ciety 2, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Drama Club 1, Yearbook 2 fCopy Edi- torj, GAA 2 QCo-Presj, Latin Club 2, Scheduling Team 2, Pep Club 2, Ed: College Prep. 39,46,67, 156 Mathews, Frank 180 Meadows, Dart Chess Team, 65, 181 Meadows, Gloria Chorus Means, Doug 181 Means, jeffK. Ed: Carver Means, Joann fMcCormicl-cj Ed: Carver Means, Mrs. Susan 116,118 Means, Tony 79 Meek, john Wrestling Team, 93 Meikle, Rodney 181 Melton, john Track, 181 Mendeloff, Alan Key Club, Student Council, Football, 79,107 Mendeloff, Lynn Football 3, Volley- ball 2, Basketball 1, Track Team 1. GAA 1, Junior Civitan 1, Latin Club 1, Drama Club 1, Thespians 1 Sec.-Tres. Modern Dance 2, "MAME", Pep Club 2, Charleston Youth Council 1, Prom Comm. , Sec.-Tres. Senior Class Ed: College Prep. 139, 157 Merricks, julie Track 2 Manager 1, National Jr. Honor Society 1, GAA 1, Keyettes 2, Pep Club 4, "PATROIT" 2, Handicrafts Club 1, Bridge Club 1, Drama Club 1, Stage Crew 1, Schedul- ing Team 2, Latin Club 1, State Senate Page 1, Ed: College Prep. 49,158 Metten, Tom Wrestling Team 96 Michael, Mrs. Christine 125 Midkiff, Rick 158 Miller, Carolyn Band Miller, Cheri Drill Corps Miller, Don Track Team, Football 79 , 8 1 , 18 1 Miller, Philip Basketball 3 Volley- ball 2, Ed: College Prep. Miller, Reid 108, 181 Miller, Steve Band Mills, Cindy Volleyball 1, Kick- ball 1, Spanish Club 1, Bowling Club 1, Art Club 1, Pep Club 1, Flag Corps 2, 158,56 Mills David Band 4, Pep band 1, 55,158 Mitchell, Jim 25, 158 Mohler, David Track Team, Bas- ketball, Key Club 89, 181, 187,87 Monk, Mike Basketball "B" Monk, Monte Basketball 89,87 Montgomery, Julianne Chorus, Thes- pians, 58 Mooney, Chuck Var: Football 3, Track 3, Ed: College Prep. 79, 158 Mooney, Terra Chorus Moore, Mr, Harold 127,93 ,97 Moore, Kathy Keyettes 2, FHA 1, Pep Club 3, Chorus 1, Drill Team 1, 158,56 Moore, Lucy Football 1, Basketball 1, French Club 1, Pep Club 1, "PAT- RIOT" Ed: College Prep. 158 Moore, Rodger Ed: Carver Moore, Sonny 159 235 Morgan, Pixie Drill Corps 56, 181 Morgan, Tom Band Igfgoriarty, Dan Cross Country Team National Merit Com- Morrison, Beth mended Student, National Honor So- ciety, Pep Club 3, Art Club 2, French Club 2, Junior Civitan 3 Sec, Pres., Drama Club 1, "Funny Girl" Ed: Col- lege Prep. 159, 38,67 Morton, Jackson Art Club 3, Na- tional Thespian Society 2, "The Boy- friend", "Dames at Sea", Homeroom Repr,, Ed: College Prep. 112, 159 Morton, Will Ed: College Prep. 159 Moses, Don 199 Moses, Donald 181 Moss, Julie 199 Mull, Steve Volleyball 1,159 Mullins, Mr. Larry 79,83, 126, 127 Mullins, Sandy 199 Mullins, Mrs, Sharon 132,133 Mundy, Debby Ed: General, 159 Mundy, Jim Track 175, 181 Mundy, Mary Basketball 3, Football 2, National Honor Society 2, National Jr. Honor Society 1, Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist, All-County Band 3, All-County Orchestra 4, All-State Or- chestra 2, Scheduling Team 2, Band 4, Pep Band 3, Orchestra 1, Newspaper 1, Student Council 2, Latin Club 3, Out- standing Math 8 Latin Student 1 , "MAME' , Ed: College Prep. 38, 39,67, 159 Murray, Bob 159 Musser, Mark Key Club, 180, 182 Neale, Carol Drill Corps, Pep Club 182 Neely, Craig Student Council 199 Nelson, Ann GAA 66, 182 Nicholas, Irene 199 Nolan, David 182 Nunley, Jeanette 177, 182 Nunn, Greg 160 'Nuzum, Ellen Thespians 64, 182 Oblinger, Phil Varsity Football 4 Captain 2, Track 2, Wrestling 3, Stu- 236 dent Body'Pres. 2, Key Club 2, Student Council Delegate 1, Pep Club 2, Na- tional junior Honor Society 1, National Honor Society 2, Principal's Advisory Council 1, Boy's County 3, Boy's State Sec. 1, Rotary Student of the Month 1, William J. Mahoney Award, KVC Hon- orable Mention 4, All-State Honorable Mention 3, "MAME" 3,32,39,44,67, 76,79,81,82,160 O'Dell Greg 182 O'Donnell, Kathy 199 Olson, Belinda 199 Olson, Rick 199 Olson, Robert 160 Osborne, Andy 113 Osborne, Carolyn FBLA 182 Osborne, Janet Football 1, Volley- ball 1, GAA 2Pres., FSA 1, "PA- TRIOT", FBLA 1, Pep Club 1, Ed:Busi- ness 160 Orcutt, Kim 199 Orders, Bob Track, Football, Key Club, 79, 182 Osmond, Shirley 160 Osman, Vicki 160 Palmer, Sarah 160 Pa.rkin, Ann Basketball 2, All Coun- ty Chorus 1, Keyettes 2 Pres. French Club 1 "PATRIOT" 1, Ed: College Prep. 4f2,49, 160 Parlegreco, Terry 161 Parsons, Anita 199 Parsons, jim 59,161 Parsons, Mary 199 Parsons, Pam 161 Parsons, Pattie FBLA, 74,182 Parsons, Robin FBLA Pres., 161 Parton, Kathy Band 199 Patterson, Todd 199 Paul, Tony 182 Pauley, Cathy 161 Pauley, Charlene 182 Pauley, Cheryl 199 Pauley, Eddie 161 Pauley, jim 199 Pauley, Jimmy 199 Pauley, Katheryn 161 Pauley, Mark 199 Pauley, Pamela 119 Pauley, Robin 199 Payne, Drew Key Club 199 Peacock, Geof "MAME" 161 Pearcy, David 161 Pecsok, jim 155 Penhale, Mernie Football 1, Basket- ball 1, Varsity Track 1, GAA, Pep Club Ed: College Prep, 161 Penhale Tricia 193, 199 Penn, Rocky 199 Pennington, Cindy Kickball 1, Vol- leyball 1, Softball 1, All County Chor- us 1, National junior Honor Society 1, Library Club 1, Spanish Club 1, VICA 1, Ed: Carver 115,162 Pennington, Happy Band 162 Pennington, Lynn 182 Pennington, Randy 182 Pennington, Terry Football 79 Pentz, Suzanne 2, 182 Perdue, Charles, 132, 182 Perkins, Cheryl Chorus, GW Singers, Band 37, 199 Peters, Karl 183 Peterson, jon Band 199 Peterson, Mary Ann GAA, Pep Club 183 Phair, Laura Student Council, "PA- TR1oT" 49, 183 Phillips, Mrs. Margueite 130, 131 Pickens, Andy Band 104,199 Pickens, Donna 162 Pickens, Paulette 10 Pickering, Doug 162 Pickering, jeff Varsity Basketball, 87, 90, 183 Pitchford, Torn 201 Pittman, Brad Student Council, Football, 200 Poffenbarger, john Wrestling 93, 183 Poleway, Chip Varsity Football 1, Intra.: Basketball 2, Football 2, Soft- ball 1, Volleyball 1, Latin Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 162 Poppelsdorf, Nina 200 Portales, Edgar 200 Porter, jennifer "MAME" 162 Powell, Edmund 162 Egger, Jeff Chorus, Thespians 39, Pratt, Carrie Pep Club Pratt, Lenny Art Club, Keyettes Modern Dance, Handicrafts, "MAME" Ed: College Prep. 53, 140,162 Prescott, Laura 196, 200 Preston, Mrs. Pat 130 Price, Mr. George 128 Price, Nancy 183 Priestley, Linda 115 Priestley, Lisa 200 Proops, Doug Varsity Tennis 1, Intra: Football 1, Basketball 1, Volley- ball 1, National Honor Society 2, Latin Club 1, V. Pres. , Key Club 1, Sched- uling Team 1, Ed: College Prep. 67, 152, 162 Prudich, Dan Cross Country 63,85, 183 Quenon, Andrea Cheerleader Quenon, Bruce 21, 162 Rabel Catherine Ed: College Prep. Rabel, Evelyn 183 Rabel, Hubert Ed: General Raines, jan National Honor Society 2, Pep Club 1, Y-Teens 1, Art Club 2 Sec. Pres., jr., Civitans 1, FBLA 1 Pres., International Club 1, Office Aide Ed: College Prep. 61,67,74, 162 Ramsey, Debbie Band 183 Ramsey, Ronald 200 Ramin, Jim 183 Ratcliffe, Joyce FBLA, Office Aide 183 Ray, jane Pep Club, "PATRIOT" 49, 183 Ray, jeff Football 79, 183 Rees, Bo 183 Revercomb, Steve Varsity Basket- ball 2, Intra. Football 2, Softball 2, Key Club 1, jr. Civitan 2 Treas. , Scheduling Team 1, Sr. Homeroom Rep., Student Council 4, Latin Club 2, "MAME" 79,87,88, 163 Rhoades, David Football 79 , 20, 200 Richardson, Jim 183 Richardson, Kim Pep Club 19,200, 201 Richardson, Larry 179, 183 Richmond, Jay 183 Richmond, joy 200 Riley, Rhonda 200 lfgippetoe, Elizabeth Pep Club, 13, Roberts, Anita Chorus 182 Roberts, Jeannie Chorus 200 Roberts, Kathy 28 , 195, 201 Roberts, Lynn Student Council 201 Roberts, Randy Band Roberts, Sissy Varsity: Track, Tennis: Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Stu- dent Council 2, Vice Pres. of Class 2, GAA, "PATRIOT" 1, Pep Club 2, Drama Club 1 Robertson, Nancy Pep Club 9,201 Rodgers, jamie 201 Rodgers,Jim Band 38,201 Rohr, Jay 183 Rohr, joan FHA 1, Keyettes 2, Ed: College Prep. 163 Roncaglione, Tommie Sue Volleyball 2, Football 2, Pep Club, GAA, FBLA, Ed: College Prep. Ross, Candy Band 201 Rubin, Bill 185 Rubin, Frances Newspaper, 50, 59 , 185 Ruiz, Miss Christina 12 Runyan, Greg 185 Rutherford, Billy 201 Ryan, Cindy 163 Ryan, Sheila Volleyball 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, Scheduling Team 1, Pep Club, Stage Crew, Ed: College Prep 163 Ryan, Tom Football, 79,185 Salyers, Terri Chorus 201 Sargeant, Dinah 201 Scherr, Robin "PATRIOT" 49, 185 Schiff, Tali 201 Schmader, Steve Administrative Board 1, Drama Club 1, Key Club, 1, Newspaper 1, Band 4, Pep Band 3, Stage Band 2, Brass Choir 1, "MAME", Pit Orchestra 2, Ed: College Prep., 24, 163 Schneider, Jane Chorus 201 Schoolcraft, Mary Anne 201 Schoolcraft, Paula 143, 163 Schultz, Greg Band 201 Schulz, Terri 163 Sears, Burn 201 Sears, Dennis 201 Sears, Kate Jr. Honor Society 1, Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Keyettes 1, Student Council 1, Chorus, GW Singers, Reveillier Assembly Ed: Col- lege Prep 163 Selbe, Helen Volleyball 1, 163 Senman, Suna 179, 185 ShaEer, Betsy 201 Shaffer, Kathy Art Club, 185 Shanklin, Mark Football 79,201 sharp, Diane Band 201 Sharp, Doug Ed: General 164 Sharp, Romona 201 Sheets, Wendy 201 Sheppard, Gary 201 Sherwood, Topper Key Club, Wres- tling Team, 185 Shrewsbury, Cathy 201 Sias, Mrs. Peggy 128 237 Sieveking, jill 51 Silverberg, Barbie Pep Club, Soph. Class Pres., 199,201 Silverstein, Leigh Volleyball 1, Cheerleader 2, Thespians 1, Pep Club 4, Modern Dance 1, Homecoming Comm. 3, Prom Comm. 1, "TOMMY", "GISELLE", "THE NUTCRACK.ER", "YESTERDAY and TODAY", "SURVI- VAL OF ST. JOAN", "LIZZIE BORDEN", "THE FIR.EBIRD", "MAME" 164 Silverstein, jim Football 3 , Basketball 3, Softball 3, Key Club 3, French Club 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, Ed: College Prep. 164 Sines, Barbara 185 Singleton, Marion 13,200,203 Skaff, john Football 3, Basketball 3, Softball 3, Volleyball 1, Pep Club 3 Pres. , "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 64, 164 Slater, Mrs. Diane 104 Slaughter, Diane Drill Corps 56, 185 Slicer, Susan 203 Smith, Anita Intramurals 1, Ed: College Prep. 164 Smith, Carmon 203 U Smith, Mrs. Cheryl 122,123 Smith, Chuck Manager: Football 1, Basketball 3, Baseball 2: Basketball 2, Football 3, Softball 2, Pep Pills 3, Band 4, Latin Club 2, "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 25, 164 Smith, David Football 65,79,203 Smith, Debbie 203 Smith, Gail 203 Smith, Galen 185 Smith, Gary 164 Smith, jimmy Varsity Soccer 1, Chess Club 3, Science Club 1, Stage Crew 1, Pep Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 165 Smith, Julie Volleyball 2, Ed: Col- lege Prep. '165 Smith, Kannard Varsity: Cross Country, Wrestling: 85, 92, 93, 1 1 1 , 203 Smi1:h, Kathy Art Club 1, Drama Club 1,- Band 4, Pep Band 3, Keyettes 2, Stage Crew 3, "MAME" Ed: College Prep. 165 238 Smith, Kathy 115 smith, Mark 203 Smith, Patti FBLA V. Pres. 1, Ed: Business 16,74, 165 Football 1, FSA 1, Smith, Paul 165 Smith, Rory 185 Smith, Steve 179 Smith, Scott Basketball Manager 185 Snaman, Don 203 Snead, Connie Chorus Snead, Larry 165 Snider, Lisa 203 Snodgrass, Jeff 203 Songer, Charlie 203 Songer, Cheryl 165 Spencer, Alma Lou 185 Spradling, Cindy 203 Sprenger, Ellen Pep Club 19 Squirts, Nlarth Squirts, Martha Volleyball 1, Ed: Business Stanley, Rickey Varsity: Football 1, Track 15 Intra. Basketball 4, Ed: Carver Starcher, James 185 Starcher, Karen 185 Stark, Brian 203 Stark, Jeff 185 Steed, jim Newspaper, "PATRIOT", 48,185 Steindler, Tom Varsity: Football 3, Basketball 1, Golf 45 Football 1, Bas- ketball 3, Pep Club 3, Ed: College Prep 21 , 155, 165 Stephens, Tina Volleyball 1, Bas- ketball 1, Softball 1, GAA 1, Bowling 2, Pep Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 65, 165 Stewart, Linda 65 Stewart, Robin 185 Sticklen, Nick Track: Basketball 1, Softball 1, WCEC Basketball Coach. Prom Comm. 1, Pep Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 79,165 Varsity: Football 4, Stieghan, David Chorus, GW Singers, Band 39,203 Stitt, Missy 203 Stogden, Mrs. Eleanor 113,135 Stone, Laura Drill Corps 56 , 189,203 Sullivan, Mrs. Mary 107,122 Summers, Gregory 203 Sweeney, Regina Volleyball 3, Football 3, Basketball 1, Softball 1, Varsity Track , Pep Club 4 Pres. , Stage Crew 1, Drama Club 1, Prom Comm., Chorus 1 Y-Teens 1, Ed: College Prep. 54, 165,166 Sydenstricker, Rea Jo lntra. 2, Pep Club 4, Youth Council 1, Drama Club 1, Honor Roll 1, "MAME", "FUN- NY GIRL", 165 Szabo, Helen 203 Tabbara, Mrs. Laura 121 Tassen, Anna Majorette, 56 Tate, Karen Football 1, Band 3, Majorette fl-Ieadj 2, Pep Club 4, Ed: College Prep, 21,57, 166 Taylor, Cyd Volleyball 1, FTA 2, Yearbook QOrganizations Ed.j 2, Eco- logy Club 1, Ed: College Prep. Taylor, Eric 203,204 Taylor, Laura Deca Club, Ed: Carver Taylor, Phillip 185 Taylor, Steve Wrestling, 93 Taylor, Woody 203 Thalheimer, jon Key Club, 93 Wrestling , B and , Thaxton, Robert Basketball Manager Theiling, Hayes Club 1, Latin Club 3 President, Pep Club 1, Scheduling Team 1, Float Comm. 2, Prom Comm. 1 Ed: College Prep. 47, 148 , 166 Volleyball 1 , Drama Thomas , Ben 203 Thomas, David Golf Team 3, Foot- ball 1, Intramural Basketball 3, Intra- mural Football 1, Varsity Basketball QCapitol Page Schoolj 1, Basketball Manager 1, National Jr. Honor Society 1, Rotary Student of the month, Page- House of Representatives 112, Latin Club 2 Treasurer, Administrative Board Chairman 1, Student Council 3 Rep., Pep Pills 3, Pep Club 1, Key Club 3, Chess Club 3, Jr. Achievement 2 Ed: College Prep, 45,166 Thomas, Jeff 50, 185 Thomas, Joyce Band 3, Scheduling Team 1, French Club 3, Revellier 2 Business and Advertising Manager, Na- tional Honor Society 2, National Jr. Honor Society 1 Ed: College Prep. 50, 142, 166 Thomas, Kathy 203 Thomas, Kim Tennis 3, G.A.A. 1, Ed: College Prep. 137, 148, 166 Thomas, Sandy Drama Club 1, Pep Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 166 Thomas, Steve 203 Thomas, Susan Football 2, Volley- rn ball 1, Basketball 1, Pep Club 3, Dra Club 1, French Club 3, Jr. Ach. 2, Ed: College Prep, 166 Thompson, Judy 45, 131 Thompson, , Mike Thor, Karen 185 Tiller, Paul 166 Timms, Sally 4,47,67, 166 Tobler, Sonja 203 Tompkins, Cindy 19,203 Totten, Dale Ed: Carver 2, 167 Totten, Jack Football 77, 185 Totten, Raymond Football 1 Ed: Carver Treen, Tim 203 Trembly, Sharon Girls' Track 4, Football 1, Cheerleading 2, Nat. Jr. Honor Society 1, Newspaper 1 Pep Club 2, Sponsor's Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 167 Tribble, M.K. Band 185 Tribble, Cindy 19,203 Triplett, Greg Football 4, Basket- ball 4, Softball 3, Ed: College Prep. Trumbo, Paula Majorette 56, 185 Truslow, Kathy G.A.A. 185 Tucker, Brad Varsity Baseball 3, Football 1, Basketball 1, Wrestling 1 Ed: College Prep. 21, 167 Tucker, Greg 203 Turley, David 185 Turley, Lisa FBLA 186 2. Twohig, Kevin Wrestling 93, 186 X Tyler, Darla 203 Tyler, Debbie 203 Tyree, Kathy 203 Underwood, Jody 203 VanCamp, Mr. John 69, 133 Vandall, Cindy GAA, Band 186 Vanderwilt, Bill 186 Vanhoose, Brad 203 Vanhoose, Susan Football 2, Ma- jorettes 1, Track 1, Band 3, DrillTeam 2, Ed: General Van Horne, Susan 186 Velasquez, Chrisuj Modern Dance 2, Latin Club 1, Thespian Club 1, Hos- pitality Club 1, Sponsers Club 1, Pep Club 2, Homecoming Comm. 1, Prom Comm. 1, Ed: College Prep. 163, 167 Via, Joe 186 Vialotte, Odile 12, 107 Vogelbach, Brad 45,85, 186 Walder, Bonnie Football 1, Cheer- leader 1, Sponsers Club 1, French Club 1, Modern Dance 3, Secretary, Thespians 2, Pep Club 3, Drill Team 1, Hos- pitality 1, "The NightBefore Christmas", "Tommy", "Giselle", "The Nutcracker", "Funny Girl", "600 Miles Off Broad- way", "Ice Maiden", "Survival of Saint Joan", "Yesterday and Today", "Chil- dren's Concert", "The Fantastic Toy Shop", "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 167, 70 Walder, Keith Track, Football 63, 79, 186 Waldron, Judy Tennis Team 1, Stu- dent Council 1, Drama Club 1, Ed: General 167 Walker, Brad 186 Walker, Melinda 203 Walker, Mitzi GAA Walker, Tom Band Wallace, Elizabeth 204 Walters, Mrs. Barbara 119 Walters, Mr. Doug 58,128 Walters, Tina 167 Walthall, Bette 186 Walton, Julie FBLA 186 Ward, Mike Track Team, Student Council, Key Club, 28, 186 Ware, Benny Varsity: Football Bas- ketball 1, Track 13 Football 1, Ed: College Prep 69,167 Warner, Monty Varsity: Football 3, Basketball 4, Track 4, Cross Country 25 Student Council 3 , National Junior Honor Society 1, Boys State 1, Key Club 2, William Randolph I-lerse Recognition, "MAME", 39,79,82,87, 169 Waters , Rex Basketball, Band, 87, 186 Watson, Dan 75,186 Webb, Sarita FBLA, 74,186 Weber, Beverly 186 glgebster, Tom GW Singer, Chorus, Wehrle, Gaines Key Club, Soph. Class Pres. , Varsity Basketball 87, 197, 204 Wehrle, Mike Football 4, Basketball 4, Volleyball 1, Softball 2, Key Club 1, Chess Club 1, Ed: College Prep. 37, 167 Weidman, Rick Key Club, Student Council, B-Team Football, 79,204 Welch, Richard 204 Westerfeld, Carol Football 1, Na- tional I-lonor Society 1, Keyettes 3, Pep Club 1, Yearbook fEditorJ 2,Drama Club 1, Scheduling Team 2, Prom Comm. 1, Homecoming Comm. 2, Morning Announcements 1, Y-Teens 1, Marching Band 1, Science Club V. Pres. 1, Dialoge Among Youth Repr. 1, Winner of Elks Youth Leadership Con- test, Ed: College Prep. 48,67, 167 Westerfeld, Karen Band, "MAME" orchestra, 204 Wetzel, Gayle 145, 168 Whalen, Don Varsity Basketball 87, 89, 186 whisnand, Bill 3 Whisner, Linda Basketball 1, Volley- liall 1, Pep Club 3, Ed: College Prep. 68 White, David Band White, Janet Basketball 2, Volley- ball 1, Pep Club 3,168 Whitlock, Dwight 186 239 Whitlock, Jeff Basketball 1, Ed: Carver Whitlock, rim 187 Wilcher, Scot Varsity: Football 3, Basketball 3, Track 43 Intra. Football 1, Basketball 1, Softball2, Nationaljr. Honor Society, Boys' County, KeyClub 3, Student Council, Ed: College Prep. 76,79,82., 168 Wilcox, Tim B-Team Basketball 8 Football, 79, 204 wndt, Debbie 180,187 Wildt, Jay 194 wnhoit, Randy 65,187 Wiley, Mike Track 2, Basketball Manager 1, Volleyball 1, Radio-T. V. 1, Ed: College Prep. Will, jerry Volleyball 2, Softball 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, Key Club 1, Chess 3, Science Club fPres,j 2, Ed: College Prep. 39, 168 Williams, Bill Varsity: Basketball 4, Football 4, Baseball 1, Track 2, Golf 13 National jr. Honor Society, Honorable Mention All-State Basketball 2, 2nd All-KVC 2, All-KVC Football 1, 2nd Team 1, Pep Club, Ed: College Prep. 32,76,78,79,83,86,87,90,168 Williams, Debbie Kickball 1,G.A.A. 1, All-County Chorus 2, Ed: General 39, 168 Williams, Denise Keyettes, 187 Williams, janet jr. Civitan 2, Mod- ern Dance 2, Drama Club 1, Pep Club 2, 168 Williams, Laura 204 Williams, Linda Chorus Williams, Sharon 187 Williams, Susan Football 3, Volley- ball 1, All-County Chorus 3, All-State Chorus 1, Modern Dance 3, Keyettes 2, Chorus 4, Pep Club 2, 38, 39, 160, 168 Williams, Ted Varsity: Football 4, Baseball 3, Softball, Special Honor Mention All-City Football, Honor Men- tion All-Southern Football, "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 79, 168 Wilmoth, Trena Volleyball 1, Bas- ketball 1, Football 1, Track 1, G,A,A, 1, Pep Club 2,66, 168 Wilson, Craig 187 Wilson, David 204 Wilson, Dianna 204 240 Wilson, Flip Varsity: Basketball 4, Football 25 Football 2, Softball 2, Na- tional Jr. Honor Society Qsec.j 1, Boys' County 1, Student Council 1, Pep Pills 2, "MAME", Ed: College Prep, 3, 21,87,88,168 Wilson, Lisa 204 Wilson, Stanley Ed: Carver, 159 Winefordner, Dennis Varsity: Bas- ketball, Track: Basketball, Football, Key Club, 102, 169 Winowich, David 187 Winship, Mark 204 Withrow, Chuck 204 Withrow, Curtis 187 Wolfe, Parke 184, 187 Wolford, Rachel 192,204 Wood, Barry Football, Band 1, Ed: College Prep. 169 Wood, Cheri 56, 204 Wood, Julie Modern Dance, 56, 174, 187 Wood, Melinda Football 1, Track 1, National Jr. Honor Society, National Honor Society 2, junior Class V. Pres., Yearbook fLay-out Editorj 2, Pep Club 2, Latin Club 3, Drama Club 1, "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 48,67, 169 Wood, Melissa Drama Club 1, Latin Club 3, National junior Honor Society, Bridge Club 1, Handicrafts 1, Track 1, Prom Comm. 1, Newspaper 1, Na- tional Honor Society 2, State Senate Page, Junior Class Pres. , Pep Club 3, Scheduling Team 2, WCEC Tutor, "MAME", Ed: College Prep. 67, 169 Wood, Mrs. Nellie 121 Wood, Sandy Basketball, FBLA, FSA, Band 3, Chorus 1,169 Woodard, Nelson Softball 3, Foot- ball 3, Basketball 3, Key Club, Ed: College Prep. 13, 169 Woodruff, Kent B-Team Football, 79 , 204 Woodruff , Kim B-Team Football, 9 , 79 Woodrui, Robert Wrestling 2, Ten- nis 2, Key Club 2, Ed: College Prep. Woolridge, Don AV Club, 59,65, 187 Ygcgomer, Susan Pep Club, 53,75, Workman, Scott Sophomore Class Secr-Tre as . Workman, Terri Homeroom Repr Patriot Mascot, Ed: College Prep. 21, 100, 169 'I Wray, Lynn 187 giforight, Eddie B-Team Football, 79, Wright, Teresa 169 Wyatt, Robert 187 Wyllie, Leslie 74, 187 York, Leslie Chorus 4, Ed: Carver 68, 169 York, Sue 205 Young, Scott 169 gamiela, Kevin Varsity Football 79, 87 Zimmerman, Debbie 205 944. MQ laqzlx I Wfilixf Fw ,M,g'1-Z:-Qi.-b'vv:g n 'bday'-qw ?7?. Q if'm,, F-1-Q2""'?'?"' '7fQZ,Q3'7TQ Wffflwimm 77" 5-Z,-1-4 Wg Wm . , JO-AQQEQ XJR mvwof fi-Q .mlglfg Qffiwff OJ , Qui W N F , , 7 , fl vii, L,0l M395 Midi good V 'YJ' D mv JW yd. ACT" 2 1 gbffdwgw M50 Wy? if WQ0 Q9 'X UvVQ"W0pUUq1wJ ' , V Nwwfixwpygg W' ff 4,,f!fiflJ6.,,s,jLOjw?.,,1LUfQ90Q W, aMwJHmM Qzgwbi Af0:JcOJnwAvj,vfJ5Uo1JSDO,yL9Q4yL WQHNQA fVLe,U,Q,Qg9J-my 501 fYi,i'f5W if QQ,g.f'Mw'X MMWMQQSM 47 , 0 . l awWdKQ,Jxh!LfQ,0MQ4iQfuLbt-3 - 4 Qlwwwmmdvkwdwd, K x 0.. ,. ! 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Suggestions in the George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) collection:

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 154

1974, pg 154

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 93

1974, pg 93

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 80

1974, pg 80

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 83

1974, pg 83

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 124

1974, pg 124

George Washington High School - Patriot Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 110

1974, pg 110

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