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1 1 ihrw ' .IL .- Y' '- Y '-muff-Jfaaauvri-':,,-fmg'frm 'f " fifri:?5f:i1TEBTEZEL2-.i-:if. Z.:-sm ' I Y Y X 4 .1 ' fx fr A gnu' -fl' 1 ',, 1 ,r Q , X 4 1 1 f , , , - 5 ,, 2 V . :lv 5 n ' 11 I fl Wg FNQQQ '-4 3 ' fs 1 4. A 51'-'54 ' I ' 3, ' P nl! .' fb A ' 1.54 iff' 44 his ' H, Q . 5 ' f 1- Tr, ' 1' J 1 v 1 is sn. ' ' f v 1 v. 1 . 1, I .' -,. o., ., b I 1 ,- .ffl 4 ' V" , , ,- . , , '- xiii' ' L-.HU ' .. " ' 1 Y ' - ,, , 1 ' 4. - ,.' -' .- -4, . -. V, ., . v -. . .vff 1. 4, ,- . . 1 ,' 'K A ' -' 'f' :-L '- 'W 1 "'A'f 'Ff. "-41" ',, , w : f' ' :fl-4 ' 'fs-. . ' fffffp- - ., -X k .' H", -- 3+-EN . ' ' ' g , if-f . 5.1. .- re pf v Q. if fe f' , 'Q fs, M 'x 4 Q if X 2 fr I 'wa' s ,. ,dv in , M A x ' - ,gg 4 Q ey' ,. A eu A A 5 -5 1 M Q .Q 3' 'LQ 4' 4lfii , Q Q!!! , - N ' 355555 Qs' . f ' ' ' ff ,gf ' W 4 Jw ' . 3 Q ' ' ,f -' ' I gxf " X may 4 L 4 ..1' , my M if x I we . 1 f ' .1 I' "Crowds" was The Topic of many dise cussions carried on aT WHS. To prove his poinT, a sTudenT should go To The Toyer before school in The morning, The cenTral sTairway beTween classes, The caTeTeria during any of The lunch shiTTs, or The gym before, during, or aT+er a pep assembly. Opinions aT WHS dif- Ter as To which area should be labeled The "essence oT congesTion." Along wiTh The iolces, gripes, and complainTs, prompTed by our crowded condiTion, came a challenge. This was The challenge To be able To bnasl of gualiTy as well as guanTiTy. A TempTa- Tion Taced by each sTudenT was ThaT of slipping inTo The mass, allowing him- self To become a sTudenT number and noThing else. The challenge presenTecl To The individual sTudenT was The cnal- lenge To parTicipaTe. The Monumenl' is a TribuTe To The crowds: The crowds who answered The challenge. 1 L , ' l CQ Il 1 1-7, Table Of Contents 46 Activities I 96 Seniors Faculty And Curriculum I2 Sports I26 Classes I66 Af' 'E Ji., w 1 2. ,A- '3 Q 31.3 , ...., F9 95 As-f' if-N, if .Sw ll , 2, K fa 2- , qwxx -,.' --sith? -M4440 a 'EH Many Individuals Pass Through Our Crowded Halls 3 M, I' VX. J' 432-:X 459 ns, Sludenls plus leachers plus a build- ing equal a school. Crowds ol people meel, become friends, and parl in lhree years. The school is 'lhe rouline of allending every day from Seplem- ber 'fo June. sillinq in home room, and passing 'ro classes. School is an inler- esl, a club, a sporl, or a friend. School is lun: a drama procluclion, musical comedy, or a pep assembly. Basically lhe school is a personal learning experience lor each sludenl who allendsg whelher from rouline, in- leresl, or lun. image -,. ,-A-1 "' NEW? ,:"1!'bk - Z - 4 N , N 4 . w I 4 1 ,' W mi A q . WJfmwa wide "'-2' " -2, rf' Wirff H -.Y 11. 1: .. 'LL ' 55- "zijn :F wwf y A , ,. ,K 1.'j,1'-QQ-5e:g"1'h -A ,- I ,X gg. gwykg . ffH.3qf,uQMlTg '-5--ILHAQT -f2.f,.'2i-2'.K' ' 9. fn ,D-' --4 mv ' - . A w , ., H r, QQ, Q .' ' .,, ,ff vQ' ?gX"a-V' Pkg" ' 5" "if T ,ge I X2 bl" .3,"?g?lj,'is -532 , 3 'H ' 1.113 A- 725-'.21Z .' ,- e.:5:i -' f 1'11m'ik1'4.Yi'-If 11:1 Q" "' "V ' ff' - , H' 'V Nfkfvf "' 1 Q.. P ff- .. F. 'V I 'I Q fx- 'wh xl 4 ix f X y . I -W LN 5 n 47 6 Tlx -J 'AL . " r" - ' - - 5' ' A iq- -,ff-'ff Ni+ff'F' 4'1 L' :ff G1 '37 if 5 4 'ff ' 'fr-x .N ,..., A x "' Q- , F map., i.- -MTL? Q'm!!,.qyQs,- . vs' "R V H x K i . A xx: Rf 1 ,fit W - . - ,. fi -Viv :Q "1 .M t l ' 1 I .ff In d "1 -' ,h . MN".-.3 F S l ,law , ,aa f iq? M gli x ss l...,,M 1 YQ f. f f K XT' Q Q 'W V A f ,K ku ' l A, W' qw' ,.,, I '11 N . "xx .-xff . . , F hw f-,M I . Z M . 4' ' ' rf" , x 5 n f 1 4 Y ' f We -ll 3, pu..,Z..i,..,.,..,: . dj,-, ' x F 'l tm, Q ' ' ' 1' f.a'wH'.,ruwvznnfs!?Y??f'F'W'f"f?77?9' 3 V' V: "V X' ' :Ianni ig-- 1 L ,pf 5 Q, Q' . -'f' T. .. , . . P A 0 Q M 1 X Q . .rl , ,.., . , ' , ,- , g " - ' g ., ', , . x 4. , 4 I I i x ' g i a s QQ 5 I 1 'ifn.,,A pun-1 Students' Interest Varies Whether It Be as a Spectator or Participant -'H 1541.5 ' fQ.'Z'4f1-ttf? L- X -. - f A 5 Min is Sf- br aw .V '59 ,V f- ,J , K A ,sf . A Q , e . ,re i . f T -If - .' l - :- - f-r p, , ,A , ,,, ,, . . si, ,. Q.,-I -xi . pl 5 2 ,K",:,,, f '- , --unff1'e-.f:.:g?'- rf' . ' 'Q' QT ,, - Yfmii .'. .1n--2" We -"- ' ,. 'S'-1" -f " 5, ""'a. 7 , an - s - 1 2 'v' "cS5""' 5'--i - PEP ASSEMBLIES host the excitement and speculation ot coming sports events. "Red and Blue" days also stimulate school spirit. Here both are combined as Warriors cheer tor a victory. SEAOUINS CREATE and pertorrn their own arrangements in a club designed to promote aquatic arts. The girls devote a great deal ot time in preparing costumes and numbers, such as the rainbow, shown here. CONCERT Cl-tOlR concentrates Washington's outstanding musical ability into a spectacular group. Their programs teature sott blending tones, sharp staccatto, and vibrant harmony. FOOTBALL SEASON brings with it more than the game it selt. lt brings the excitement, the band. the cheerleaders, and the crowds. Tradition is captured here as Washington and Jetterson line up tor the lcickott. Washington High Provides Many Varied Activities In Which Student t l QQ.-wr --4 1 ww w-ap GILBERT AND SULLlVAN'S comedy "Patience" began the musical year at WHS. The lv1en's and women's choirs com- blned ettorts to bring Washington this colartul production. TWO ART students Peni Benz and Peggy l-lardesty admire their works as they prepare a student display. Art courses develop skill in technique, design. and color arrangement. HOMEMAKING OFFERS girls a chance to become more etticient in coolfing. sewing, childcare, and general horne- malcing. Here a sixth hour class eats French toast, bacon, and hot chocolate which they have prepared. I r 1 4 ' . V, uf I' ' af fav' ' 1'. --x . ' :,F7""' nf .ff J, , 4. . V - V ' fd v i 155 . L12 .r ' E -M ' :E Q -I ,I ais- '. RP? .-.7Ei. Q!" A ff' sv' TP ., 'fffvb' Q. 'NQX 151i:F?-l51,4...J5'- 5 933.4 .J x V gt 'N Y - ' ' -' EQ?-'LQ' E 1 f "5 '7 qff x -X1- if ii 4 ,gf JL ,. ,. KJ,- nv, M-, Yr- . ..,- ? RQ,- +L - ' Eff? Saga X -R vii' .X "?' ' pq J 33 X x -I 'w ,,, , X, -dx QT' ' ' - 1 ,., .L ,A Y 1 S Q 1 , V ' JZ f. 3 1 ' V 1 AS' if V 3 N Q htm 4 . Q 5- , -L I Q---X' . -" , ' Q-3, I 1 if - 1 V B R , , 1 -vs 11 rg ,f 5 , rx .ff . . , 'Q , 1 V ' JY' V i f Q 'f :Q ef ' . . I ,, 2 3' txw 'Q 'Q Q -we. , ,gl b if ' fn- ,V . ' 'Lf'-4f2Q11"rf::f1J4: '31-541327 f-f -'fr 'f - WY,-4' ' 4: ff-1-44?-,'z -.1 ., -.-' v, . , 45" ' v Sri 1 Q gf:-?71?W"" X '-ew . 1' FW C+' :wtf- 1153: fx ' 4 1 M53 -4 .,, , 11-,Aa-L ,-19 V ww. i,...-.,, , ' -.F.,.1n FACULTY AND CURRICULUM Our world foday is expanding and becoming more and more complex. So- ciologisfs esfimafe fhaf nearly one- fhird of all people who have lived on fhis planef fhroughouf hisfory are liv- ing foday. Af Washingfon High School, fhe IBM cards used for scheduling and grading were firsf-hand evidence of our fechnological age. The populafion explosion could be readily seen in crowded hallways. To meef fhe challenge of fhe space age, we need a well-rounded and broad curriculum. This curriculum should sfrive nof only fowards accumulafion of facfs or even acquiring specific skills, buf al- so foward The affainmenf of fhe abilify in an individual fo fhink independenfly, clearly and meaningfully. One of fhe greafesf advanfages of a large high school over a small one is fhaf if can offer a more diverse curric- ulum fo ifs sfudenfs. For fhe sfudenf who considers high school one sfep fo- ward furfher learning, Washingfon of- fered such preparafory courses as ad- vanced mafh, physics, English lifera- 'rure and foreign languages. ln fhe same respecf, disfribufive eclucafion, ofher business courses and fhe indusfrial arfs courses prepare fhe sfudenf who plans fo begin an occupafion righf affer high school. Dramafics, creafive wrifing, arf and music allow fhe sfu- denf fo develop and use his creafive abilifies, English Teachers Help Pupils Grasp New Ideas An English sludenl al Washinglon may lalce courses in wriling lechnique, composilion and iournalism. l'le may gain wriling experience by working on school publicalions. For lhose inler- eslecl in lileralure, There are classes where lhey may sludy 'rhe eflecls lhal dillerenl hislorical periods and coun- lries have had on lileralure. Speech, dramalic arls and grammar complele areas ollered in lhe broad language arls curriculum. A lacully ol 23 leachers presenl I4 dillerenl courses lo sludenls. Three and a hall unils ol English are needed lo graduale from Wash- inglon. The required courses ollen open new and inleresling avenues lo slu- denls 'rhal lhey may pursue while slill in high school or laler in college. Q ' E L. . 1 1 f' Q., 1 Mr. Elbin Cleveland B.A. Language Arls Technical Direclor lor Thealer , Q' it T I in AMERICAN LITERATURE classes occasionally go lnlo lhe library lo look lor lree reading laoolcs Calhle l-lanser ' " Jay Hammond Tami Ham and Farl Greene look over reading possnbnlnlues , , - i"i "' - T rfsr- . . ' . . ,sir g Mrs. Jean Hoepner 5 B.A. X English Mr. Donald Hollenbeclr Miss Pamela Jack Mrs. Norma Jensen A B. B.A. B,A. American Literature Language Arts American Literature Senior Class Sponsor Forum Social Committee Sponsor Mr. Arthur Koehler B.A., M.A. English Literature Comp. Rhet. Miss Florence Leiter M.A. Comp. Rhet. English Literature Language Arts English Is Largest Department With 23 Teachers Miss Irma Lowe M.A. Comp. Rhet. American Literature Mrs. Mama Shinn M.A. Librarian Mr. Larry Olson B.A. American Heritage Debate Sponsor Mrs. Sandy Stevens B.A. American Literature Senior English Soph Cheerleading Adviser Mr. Harold Petersen Mrs. Mary Ann Ricker- Mrs. Esther Sharlao B A B A B.A., M.A. American Literature Language Arts American Literature Dramatic Arts Miss Bernice Strunt-ze Mrs. Margaret Waples Mrs. Kathryn Worley B.A. B.A.. M.A. A.B., M.A. Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts American Literature Journalism Surveyor Sponsor Quill and Scroll Sponsor xx MQW W 5 e , Mrs. Marianne Cameron BA. French I and ll gg? J.. f.. 5? ff ff' ff Mr- Paul Dial Mr. Antonio Diaz Miss Marilyn Holmlund Miss Lydia Hrubesh B.S.Ed., MJX. Dr. ot Pedagogia BA. B.A., MA. Spanish IV Spanish ll. Ill. IV Spanish I, ll French ll, Ill. IV Spanish Club French Club AFS Coordinator New Lab Equipment Helps Language Classes Leam Basic Dialogues and Repetition Drills F '55 if-122 5, 1sw..svf.ffsfsi 1 -,gems V we -. Q1 If , -if!-r' .5 1' r'-'.i.gf1.3h.Q im g: -1 '53 A s STUDENTS REPEAT dialogues and drills with the new laboratory equipment fav' X .K I Mr Gxlberf J. Maas Mrs. Virginia McCray B A M A. B.A. G rman l. Il Spanish l, II, Spanish Club Foreign Language courses are a nec- essary parl of any good high school curriculum. This year Washingion of- fered four years of German, French, Lalin, and Spanish. Use of lhe modern iechnique of language leaching and excellence of The language slaff, round our Washing+on's foreign language pro- gram malcing i+ one of The besi in The area. broughi io meer 'lhe needs of expanding foreign language classes. vi ' '- A - -.M Y H .vc iw F -V-X Q Mr. Roberi Mueller Mrs. Louise Wagner Miss Cleda Wellborn M.A. AB., M.A. BS. German II, lll, IV French II, Lalin lll, IV Lalin l, lil German Club USING AUDIO Lingual Meihods, sludenls learn foreign languages by rep eiifion. Here Mrs. McCray 'reaches Spanish siudenls a new dialogue. WHS Pupils Learn Key Social Science Theories "PasT is Prologue." This Tamous sTaTe- menT embodies one oT The basic mo- Tives Tor a sTudy oT hisTory. Through The sTudy oT our hisTory, and oT The men and ideas Tha+ shaped ThaT hisTory, we can gain an awareness oT noT only our heriTage, buT also where we sTand Today, boTh as individuals and as a naTion. Three social sTudies courses are re- quired To graduaTe Trom WashingTon. ln The TenTh grade world hisTory is Tal:- en. Sophomores sTudy man's begin- nings, The early civilizaTion, and loolc aT The developmenT oT individual coun- Tries ThaT make up The modern world, wiTh The emphasis on European coun- Tries. For iuniors a sTudy oT American his- Tory is underTalcen. The developmenT oT our naTion7 poliTically, idealisTically, eco- nomically, and socially is Traced back beTore colonial Times To The America oT Today. American l-leriTage, a unique learning experience which incorporaTes boTh American hisTory and American liTeraTure in a Two-hour course was Tal:- en by Tour classes oT iuniors This year. American governmenT was Taken by seniors Tor a semesTer. GovernmenT is designed To help sTudenTs see clearly The parT They play in Their governmenT, as well as Teaching The TuncTional proc- esses oT our sysTem. This year. The sTudy oT governmenT was given addiTional sTimulaTion by The naTional elecTions. The elecTives oT world geography, American problems, and economics round ouT The social sTudies curriculum aT WashingTon l-ligh School To give a social sTudies program ThaT sTrives To malce The sTudy oT hisTory and govern- menT a meaningTul and exciTing experi- ence, noT iusT a dreary collecTion oT dry TacTs. C T TTS, T A A C ,cc fy-'fi ' w g? , 'QV' x gg. I f f i-r' Mr. Tom CrosTon B.A. B.A., M.A. AssT. Traclc Coach American l-lisTory World l'lisTory Mr. Donald Durey Mr. Eugene Fifielcl Mr. Richard Hulaacelr Mr, William Jacobson M.A. M.A. B.A. American l-lisTory American l-leriTage Gpovernmenl' Mr. William Jacobson Mr. Jaclc Kelly Mr. Darrel Larson Mr. Charles Lingren Mr, Gordon McCallum B.A., lvl,A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A., M.A, American l-lisTory American l-lisTory World l-lisTory World l-lisTory G,-ovemmenf Geoqfapllb' Economics Senior Class Sponsor Teen-Dems Sponsor pm.- fw- 7, K by A diff ,.,y. QQ Q vi A, . W .A Q. .. H si J as b , egg f . ,fs 2 - .zv-iii w- 1---lf .. - W.. .A , , A f x - 'gf , ' 'Aa ii. f f f 18 ,N gs, W A s l sg 1 jm- Q .. Q -, , ' ii 'A,A A saw- Laps ff- 1 ,f as U. , s f s 1 5, hi' A an 5 s 5-maswvaf s .2 R f vvllf ""'lDl- GROUP DISCUSSIONS are a vlfal parf of American His+ory. Before presenfing an idea +0 flweir Class, Nancy Herrlngfon, Sian Miller, Carol Marfinson, Alan Yanaway, John Houqen, and Kafny Nie-Wson discuss fheir assignment Y 'ffig-india? ' 'rr t Y . , it . B .xv Ta V ii Mr. William Partridge B.A. American History Sponsor FTA, TAR Mrs. Patricia Miller B.A. World History Sponsor AFS Mr. Harold Willrinson M.A. American Government Sophomore Football Coach, Varsity Track Mr. Harold Primrose Mr. Orville Rust Mr, Lee Stewart B.A. B.S. B.A. World History American Problems American History Baseball Coach Athletics, Coordinator Assistant Coacln Basketball Seniors Study the Structural Complexities of Government DURING NATIONAL election Cindy Thompson, Connie Krebs, of articles to read tor their weekly newspaper quiz. and Mike Pierrot lnad an extra amount A? ' 'Gb -. , . i' BESIDES EXERClSlNG skill in his field of leaching, a facully member guides his homeroom for lheir Three years a+ Washinglon. l-lomeroom begins each morning al 8:30 for lhe reading of lhe announcemenls, planning of aclivilies, elc., and varies in lenglh. This year Washinglon had eighly-four homerooms, and because of overcrowded condilions, every available place was used lo accommodale lhem. Here Mr. lv'liller's homeroom is shown meeling in lhe converled Sludenl Lounge. l2i4-eWxs'3r2S?:wes.1ifwfN' eiiiew' """ WHS Students Investigate Concepts in Math One year ot mathematics is required at Washington, but nine courses, rang- ing trom retresher arithmetic to acl- vanced math are ottered. Due to the broadness ot the program, it adapts itselt easily to the interests and abilities ot every student. INDIVIDUAL HELP is given to all students seeking it. Mr. McMann advises Mary England with a math problem. new-1419 mamma. ls 'J Za.. 1 1 we 4-..,.............qg X, . PROOFS ARE the maior part ot geometry and require the stdclent to thinlc and reason tor himselt. Sherrie Martlnson receives help with such a proof trom Mr. Jensen. ir? Mr. F. Ed Capesius BA.. MA. Geometry Algebra 3. 4 Trigonometry 7 . U Q x l 3 - sw x R Q i .it Mr, Floyd Coleman Mr. Jack Earlnarl- Mr. Donald Hugh BSU MAA, BA. BA., MA. Geomelry Trlg., Algebra 3, 4 Gcomelry Sophl QIQSS Sp- Arlllnmelic Algebra 3 and 4 -!.,,,N S .N OVERHEAD PROJECTORS are one ol llne mos? valuable leaclwinq aids for llwe rnallv- emallcs deparlmenl. Slnown above ls Mr. l-luqlu wrlllncg equallons used in solving al- gebralc problems. 5 BA. :WD fb! Mr. Jerrie Jensen Mr. Kei+l'1 Larson BA., M.A. B.A. Algebra 3. 4 Algebra l Adv. Mallm Arillwmellc Geornelry Soplw. Class Sponsor Mr. Kellh McMann Geornelry Arillmmellc Mr. Roberl Sasse B.A., M.S. Adv. Malh 'mf Algebra 3, 4 Trig. Mr. Harold Schreiber B.S., MA. Geornelry ,f N-- Trlg, I , .. U, . JAM., , ' , f A . j Miss Shirley Slockberger '. 4, , BA., ms. --. ' A Geornelry sf RI fi '?3?ff2"' .1 4 J . . . :lit - :5fif+ss1-Q 'ff YQ ..- J LTV X, , st., ' im 4 f' ,.L - - 'Siklf- i ' 55 45? V - ., ' rj 'gialffii A V, ,. I W ,f - '7 "Qfq1?3i ff?i+. :f Q Ul f, if ' W X 53, L , I 51- .Qi ,V A ll knit? 9 f' : 1-,gf n A q i I- gk 14 . ,151-,Mg 1 K A In V W ,KLL ff' A ' V ix A fy q I , f Rf. qv- 5 -K . ai I' 3 1 'WE SQ, Z Q s- Vfzaf - fu ' - fiiffw .nv- y . fy 3 X f , 5 , , xg Y' ly Q V. H ' , Wf el ' - V . Q, 5. his f as ws Mr. A. Dwighl Anderson Mr, Byron Arnold Mr. Vincenl Barlon Mr. Milne Clover B-A-1 MJAN- Bfx., lv1.S. B.S. Bfx. Chem Sludy Biology Physics General Science Cl1BlVfT1Gf1 Science Depf- Sponsor l-lerpelology Club Sponsor AXV Club Dissection ls Valuable Experience in Biology Well-equipped science laboralories al Washingion furnish sludenls an op- porlunily lo explore lhe challenges of science. Becoming aware of lhe world around us is an imporianl obieclive of biology. The course deals wilh ihe evoluiion of living ihings from slruciure of a single cell io complex processes oi a human being. Also slressed is rhe relaiionship and inlerdependence among all living +hings. One class, advanced biology, also iunclioned on an experimenlal ba- sis. Srudenls inleresied in Turlher scien- applied lheir knowledge of malhemal- ics in The physics class. Theirs was a siudy of malier and energy, in which eleclriciiy, wave phenomena, heai, and mechanics are included. The chemislry branch of lhe Wash- ingron science deparimenl involved lhe sludy of lhe properlies of elemenls, molecular slruclure, and chemical anal- ysis. This year, a special iype of chem- islry, chem sludy, emphasized individ- ual inilialive. The science area of WHS's program is well advanced and does an excelleni iob ol preparing a good science background. liiic, engineering, and lechnical worlc BIOLOGY l is a popular course for sophomores. Here Miss Tillipaugh explains fhe procedure she follows lo new sophomores during orienlalion. 'D-. I Miss Diana Delphy B.A. Chem Siudy, Algebra Mr. Roberl Fall Bflx. Biology 4 ,, Gs ' f X x Mr. Charles Gerson B.A. Biology Experiments Help Students Understand Theories 64 -A-if Mr. Roberl James Mr. Howard Rallner Mr. Larry Schenlren Mr. Bob Stevens Miss lola Tillipaugln B.S., M.A. BS. BMX. BA. B.A,, lvl.S. Chem Sludy Physics Biology, Advanced Biology Biology Biology l, Advanced Junior Class Adviser Assistant Sophomore Biology 5. i9 5- 4 il rw as in 2 141 1 --J l Ki Mr. Roberl A. Young BA. Biology Miss Linda Young BJX., MJX. Physical Science, Arilhmelic Foolball, Assislanl Varsily Wrestling 'fa STUDENTS MADE molecular models using ielly beans and loolhpicks as a proiect in biology. These were hung from the ceiling in room I47. were " ,.-v-rf' RETURNING TO flue famlliar lwalls llwis year 'ro malce his debul 'reaching biology was Mr. Slevens, a l959 Washinglon qraduale. l-le was aclive in his high school years, being an oulslamdlng member of Jrlwe foolball Team, an all-slale wr-esller, a member of Lellermerfs Club. and on +l1e Monumenl' sporls slalff. rt' -' vs.:-.. .,,,.,.,-'I .mx ra if Qi a l s ii A 'rm Mrs. Mariorie Allender Miss Shirley Bollhoefer MF- Kennelh Freeman Mr. David Jensen Mrs. RuTh Kelleher B.A., M.A. B.A.. iVl.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. ELA.. M.A. Typing. SecreTarial PracTiCe Senior STenography, Typing Bookkeeping. Personal D.E., VocaTional Typing Shorlhand, NoTehand. Sponsor FBLA Sponsor FBLA, Coordinaior Typifiq. Bl-lSif1f2SS l-aw DECA Club Typing Office Edugai-ion Sponsor FBLA DeparTmenT Chairman Sponsor FBLA Notehand and Typing Are Valuable Aids for College While Office Education Offers New Training for Business Career Business eclucaTion classes learn prac- Tical applicaTion OT skills Tor Their per- sonal use or Tor work in a business ca- reer aTTer graduaTion. Courses are oT- Tered in Typing, shlorThand, bookkeep- ing, business law. clerical pracTice, sales- manship and senior sTenography. Dis- TribuTive EclucaTion and OTTice Educa- Tion are Taken concurrenTly. providing on-The-iob occupaTional Training. Each sTudenT parTicipaTing in The DisTribuTive EducaTion program is employed in a disTribuTive occupaTional Training sTa- Tion Tor a minimum oi TiTTeen hours per week during The school year. STudenTs planning college work Tind classes in personal Typing ancl noTehancl especial- ly helpTul Tor wriTing Term papers and oTher composiTions and Tor Taking lec- Ture noTes quickly. Business EducaTion Teachers sponsor acTiviTies designed To TurTher encourage sTudenTs inTeresTed in a business career. FuTure Business Leaders oTi America and DisTribuTive EducaTion are Two of The mosT popular clubs aT WashingTon. Through The many and varied courses oTTered in business educaTion, sTuclenTs gain experience and pracTice in skills which will be useTul To Them as They pursue careers in business. PERSONAL TYPING sTudenTs develop speed and accuracv under The inslrucTion oi Miss Svoboda. Q buh, 'K' l rfekff' i i '14 " Q 1 o ai a-m..,,.- i n l if : N ' SM li i A fx 'VJ ,..k4 M V, K l -i 'V fx Mr. Donald Lynch BA.. M,A. Bookkeeping, Business Law Monurnenl' Business Manager Mr. Lyle Nafvig BA. Dislribufive Educafion, Salesmanslwip Sponsor DECA Miss Angela Svoboda B.S.C.. M.S. Sl1orl'l1ancl, Nolelnancl, Typing I, Personal Typing Sponsor FBLA in Mr. Ddnalcl Warren BA. Personal Typing, Clerical Pracrice Monumenr Adviser REPEATING AN exercise during clerical problem lo be cerlain of ihe figures. 3, is NW ' . x praclice, Jill Griffiflw surveys a Homemaking Prepares, Students for the Future Looking at Washington's home eco- nomics tacilities gives an indication ot the modern program ottered. Unlike ten years ago, today's home economics student learns more than simply cook- ing and sewing. She-or he-is taught a variety ot skills in preparation tor home management. There were six vocational homemak- ing courses available this year, includ- Miss Mildred Hutchins Bfx. Vocational l-lomemaking Miss Mary Patrick B.S. Home Economics Junior Adviser ing one course exclusively tor boys. In this course boys learned such things as consumer buying, money management and even outdoor cooking. There were tour courses tor girls only, where home- making, with emphasis on etticiency, was taught. Successtul tamily living was the goal ot the one course opened to both boys and girls. The goal ot all homemaking courses is selt-improve- ment. Modern equipment and the variety ot courses otters the student at Wash- ington excellent opportunities in this tield. The vocational homemaking pro- gram serves the school in still another way in that it helps to round out Wash- ington's broad curriculum. BEFORE A laboratory, Miss Patrick demonstrates how to make biscuits. ..-"" as 95 23,1 1 3 Miss Julia Crew BA. Art Seminar, Ceramics Camera Club 'Q' ' I" '- f t .- ' 4 F. .' -as i :gr liz x' of ' ix ... I "iss ,. lt If Mrs. Diane Johnson B.A. Basic Art Miss Erma Oberg B.F.A, Art Design and Cratt, Art History, Advanced Art Art Club Students' Creative Ability Appears in WHS Art IA BASIC ART students learn the tundamentals ot painting. Susie Bearbower works on the problem ot shading. Many tields ot art were open to Washington students with a creative mind. Courses were also open to the student with interest in art history. Washington ottered a course in ba- sic art where students could develop their interests and potentials. There were courses in advanced art tor stu- dents who wished to specialize. They could develop special interests in ce- ramics, painting, sculpture, and other tields. Art history and appreciation gave students a background in the contributions ot artists to society. ONE OF the most advanced and difficult skills ot ceramics is "throwing" on the wheel. Linda Brewer begins to bring her piece up. Twenfy-fwo elecfive courses are of- fered af Washingfon in fhe indusfrial arfs deparfmenf. Five feachers lead VVHS sludenfs fo greafer proficiency in fhe manual arls. The courses fhey feach range from infroducfory draw- ing fo archifecfural drawing ll: from infroduclory drawing fo aufomofive mechanics: from lolueprinf reading fo e'ecfronics lll. Confrary fo popular opinion, fhe ln- dusfrial Arfs deparfmenf is nof exclu- sively for sfudenfs who plan fo fermie nafe fheir formal educafion upon grad- ualion from WHS. Pofenfial engineers, archifecfs, and responsible leaders in indusfry were provided an opporfunily fo explore areas connecled wifh fheir desired vocafions. For fhose who will be on fheir own direcfly affer graduafion. 'rhe indusfrial arfs deparfmenf gives inval- uable fraining in drafling, elecfronics, melalworlc, woodworlc, and aufomofive , mechanics. ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS sludenls musl adhere fo slricf safely measures for 'their own profecfion. A safefy mask. gloves, and apron shield lhis sfudenf's body from flying sparks. Pupils Acquire Mechanical Skills for the Future Mr. Wayne Basler Mr. Larry Bradshaw Mr. William J. Hcldren Mr. M. E. Warner Mr. Lloyd Wilson B.S. BA. MA. B.A., M.S. BA., M.A. Machine Shop Elecfronics, Draffing Aufo Mechanics Draffing Head Indusfrial Arfs Sponsor Rifle Club Assisfanf Foofball Deparfmenl, and Baslcefball Woodworking Tennis Coach STUDENTS MUST complefe one year ol aufo mechanics before lhey can worlc on fhe body of a car. " .sms 1 , 4 i we JW . 'K 1 , .. sg by i AX li --.. . . I I my PHYSICAL FITNESS plays an imporlanl role in lhe life of a 'reacher as well as lhal of a siudenl. Unlilce sludenls, leachers have organized physical educalioh classes. This year Mr. Capesius received his exercise by pedalinq lo and from school. i ...- JV:-Wi MK' Wm. Music Becomes Art in WHS Music Department Mr. Paul Anfhony B.S,M., M.M.Ecl, ,Girls' Choir, Men's Choir, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus Music Horizons. Voice Producfion Mr. Richard du Bois B.M., M.M., Ph.D. Concerf Choir, Girls' Chorus, Music Horizon, Voice Produclion Mr. John Duclrwall Mr. Howard Ellscn M.M. B.M., MA. Orchesfra l, ll Band I. ll Washingfon's music deparfmenf is as varied as are fhe sfudenfs parficipafinq in if. A wide range of elecfive courses are offered which may personally ben- efif each individual. VIOLAS, TROMBONES and basses concen- frafe on fhe perfecfion of a difficulf passage Washingfonians could choose fo par- ficipafe in a performing group or fo sfudy music in fhe classroom. The choirs, bands, and orchesfras offered an opporfunify fo perform many fypes of music. Music appreciafion and hori- zon classes developed fhe sfuclenf's per cepfion of musical concepfs. i ,uf K BEFORE PERFORMANCE of "Pafience" M Anlhony gives lasf minufe insfrucfions f girls' choir. in orchestra rehearsal. PRACTICE SESSIONS direcfed by Mr, Ellson are held every morning af seven fhirfy during fha foofball season. Mr. Garland Lamb Mfk, Driver Education 1' ,L 4,1 4 1 Q ,af 3 Classroom Instruction, Driver Training Cars, and Safety Films Stress Good Driving Habits and Automobile Care Four driver's education teachers pro- duce sate as well as courteous drivers tor Cedar Rapids. Driver's education is ottered to stu- dents in an attempt to develop and improve sate driving habits, while at the same time teaching the basic me- chanics ot driving the automobile. Teaching techniques include simu- lated classroom autofnobiles that are used with training tilms and actual driv- ing experience in the department's tour cars. Q . ll.,."'f,".,"I f Fl1'."f! ."1'+-fr f Mr. Wally Sheets MA. Driver Education BACK-SEAT drivers in driver education ottan see this view while Football and waiting for their turn to drive. Basketball Coach Mr. Jim Miller BIAH MAS. STUDENTS RESPOND as Mr. Lamb questions them on the Drive, Educafgo procedures tor making lett-hand turns. Football and Varsity Basketball ,ey L ' Z im, c ., 25. Mr. William Rainbow B.A. Driver Education Head Football and Golt Coach BEFORE GOING on the road, Mr. Lamb helps Linda Peter- son in a drivo-trainer car lAt Rightl. L ..,s.. Mrs. Carolyn Broclrway Miss Becky Fisher B.A. B.A. Swimming Physical Educalion WHS Girls Enjoy Archery and Soccer in Autumn Aulhorilies have slaled during re- cenl monlhs lhal American youlh as a group are nol only llabbier and weaker lhan lheir predecessors bul are gel- ling more so all lhe lime. To counleracl lhis, lhe Physical Edu- calion deparlmenl al Washinglon pro- vides a program lhal helps sludenls become physically lil and also inlro- duces lhem lo sporls and recrealional aclivilies which lhey can enioy as adulls. Girls parlicipaled in such varied ac- livilies as archery, lumbling, goll, len- nis, and lirsl aid. Boys' Physical Educa- lion classes lake parl in such aclivilies as wreslling, combalives, and gymnas- lics, besides lhe major learn sporls ol sollball, baslcelball, volleyball, and louch loolball. Bolh boys' and girls' Physical Educalion classes slressed cal- islhenics. This helps prepare lhem lor lhe physical lilness lesls given lwice each year. l-lonored by lhe physical educalion deparlmenl is lhe ancienl Greek max- im, " a slrong mind in a slrong body." ,Rx Miss Florence Schornhorsl Mrs. Rosalind Taylor B.A., Mfx. B.A. Physical Educalion Pep Club', Varsily Cheerleaders Sp. Soph. Cheerleaders PllY5lC5l Edumllon QURlNG A round ol archery lhese gunior girls lry lo improve lheir score by hil ling lhe bullseye 4'wf , vw ff- .. ,-',jf 'wi-ff. '-' '11 V-rf"2LtHrif"?f,"f Mr. William L. Barnard Mr. Harold Krizan Mr. Clarlc McCleary Mr. Dave Rosenberg B.S., MA. B.S., P.T,, M.A, BA. BA, Physical Education Boys' Swimming Physical Education Physigal Educaigon lnlramurals Swimming Coach Head Basketball Coach Fall Track' Wresiling Spring Traclc Washington Boys Participate in Vigor- ous Activity During Physical Education YY ,ca ' W .fa.,, . .K , -nv If , . fn. .. -' ,,, 11. . an L"',"',- INTENT ON making a goal, John l-lunl lalces lhe ball down the field during a physical education soccer game Counselors Help Students With Career Plans Miss 'Betty Burianelc Mr. Mervin Cronbaugh Mr. Jack Garry Mr. Calvin Hershner M I G' J N k BA., MA. BA., Ms. BA.. msd. MA. Aly, Bisllgrajsd. M Mr. Donald Wegner Miss lrma Thomsen BA., M.Ed. R.N., B.S., MA. Counselors, an integral part ot Wash- ington's school system, ihave served many purposes. They had charge ot stu- dents' development tronn orientation until the day they graduate. One ot the tunctions ot the coun- selors was to arrange programs, job placement record-lceeping, career in- tormation, and to counsel. Students shouldn't expect to receive a ready-made solution tor their prob- lems trom the counselors. The counsel- ors help students to solve their prob- lems themselves. The counselors were always available to answer any inquiries students made. TRYING TO decide what college to attend, Jananne Ferring and Peggy Hardesty find the large selection ot college cataloqs in the counselors' office very helpful. hoolisyorcmll me fllilafly Slilficrfli he K V A l iSvl0.llaweCl,cxnd Some f Iihlil ' ICON if ,,.- , X s ' sa 'V f , 3 1' 5 4 ?' Mrs. Helen Buller AA., B.S., MA. Reading Consullanl Direclor Reading and Sludy Slcills Cenier Reading Skills Are Perfected at WHS ln lhe lime il lakes mosl sludenls lo read lhis senlence, sludenls prolicienl in speed reading will have alrnosl lin- ished lhe arlicle. A class in reading slcills is offered al Washinglon l-ligh School for siuclenls who wish lo read lasler and wilh a grealer undersland' ing. Sludenls lalce lhis nine-week course during ei'l'her a daily sludy hall or on an every-olher-day basis for a semes- ler. A series ol lirned readings and suggeslions Toward beller reading hab- i'ls are given. Greal improvernenls may be noliced as lhe course progresses. Sludenls lalcing This class do so for Their own personal beneiil' and salislac- lion, since no creclil is given. The value of reading skills may be employed lhroughoul high school and The years lo follow. DURHXIG STUDY halls, sludenls improve lheir reading speed and eliiciency by lalcing reading and sludy slcills, Mrs. Novel: Clerk Mrs. Ridenour Attendance clerk R Fl'-imx Mrs. Hamilton Switchboard operator Efficient Office Workers Cope With Close Conditions of Crowded School Mrs. Blealrly Counselor Secretary An organization the size ot Wash- ington couldn't tunction etticiently with- out a secretarial staff. This past year, Washington has had tive ladies who handled the clerical aspects ot school lite. They managed the attendance rec- ords, were secretary to the principals. counselors, and worked the switchboard. The corps ot workers in the ottice was certainly ot vital importance to the welfare ot Washington. RN .X Mrs. Coleman Principals secretary Mrs. Bennet Bookkeeping Mrs. Cunningham Cleric 'Y i 'Q - , lei? ' ' X f 'Y- M' ' N -smr i, -" s"e,,21.'1iafisf2fe.f41 iw'-1 ' K - 1 ' 'if'5'i'iL wr fifri " 2 -, 1 fr M i A ., r V A ' vw ' M N .. of .Q M' "wmv i ' f " qs , W, - , ,I fi ga 's :?fs411gi25bE5 i i, iz ' 2 -2 22 X1 c W -T 5 IVR ,J 4 hh I ,Lw"'w -MW'M,,. . A 9 'ea HP 5 W ,,.oP" xx 5 Ti Q, lv vm Z! FACULTY MEMBERS find a welcome break from a busy schedule of classes in Hne Faculiy Lounge. Some char, some sip coffee, orlners correci papers. Mrs. Burler and Miss Sfrun ize discuss reading habirs during Hweir free second hour. 43 Team of Three Principals Keep WHS Running Smoothly and Efficiently Mr. C, A. Paulson+M.A,, Assislanl Principal ,mv if , Adminislralion dulies in a sclnool of 2,300 sludenls wiili a lacully oi lO7 leacliers, counselors and librarians is no small job. Al Waslwinqlon, Mr. Roloerl Filzsim- mons, our execulive principal, is in charge ol line operalions ol llie school. l-le is aided by lwo assislanlsg Mr. Clarence Paulson, in clwarge ol Currie! ulum and finance, and Mr. Donald Slwupe, head of siudenl discipline and sponsor ol Forum. Tlirougli llne ellorls of llnese llwree men Wasliinglon is lcepl running smoollnly and elficienlly. .i """""" if Q Mr. Donald Sl1upe-B.A,, MA., Assislanl Principal Mr. Roberl Fifzsimmons-BA., MA.. M.Ed., Princ pal - as , . ...V f -wzm.. Mp, -,.. ww.,,--mga. umr.s,f..,A.ffw, ,- , . V .1 , ,. Q-fx w--V' 'Lf-se'f1,Lif5:ffw,:fm,'+ -fp -azz' ,r rf' 2 ' . , ,f" " -'Z-"v 5 fx: 5- ., 1 NS ,gg v.-M1 vis' W 4.1--. -K k 31. 1.3. .wwf f .Q .5,gwAw?e,::M,5v7,1-4,,f,- -,v L .1 .4 ,555 g, Qffygg, M ., 1, -V 5. --.wg fe'-wx.. vw, ., f- A I f -.I -Iv, 5: A M, 1 b A 7 ' - , ' ' aff' x Y 'f I A 'E-L -q , F ..-4 - 1 wx - f - ,KM an LY! i '55, . . 'Lew fi , --, 4'4unfv an-W I . he ty? - 'lil Qi.. A Qi A A Qiigi ni A Newcomers fo Washingfon High School may be frighfened. confused, or awed by chaofic halls and fhe crowds of sfudenfs hurrying on fheir way. Yef before long each bewildered soul finds a place for himself. No longer iusf a number, he finds individualify, chal- lenge, and relaxafion fhrough fhe clubs and organizafions of WHS. Sfudenfs mofives for ioining cerfain acfivifies vary. A sfudenf may wish fo receive pleasure by giving if, as in vocal or insfrumenfal groups or dra- mafic producfions. He may wanf fo help himself plan for his life affer graduafion fhrough fhe organizafions for fhe nurses, feachers, or business leaders of fhe fufure. He may desire fo give a parf of himself fo Washing- fon as a member of Forum, fhe year- boolc or newspaper sfaffs. Or he may nof choose fhe group af all, fhe group may choose him because of an ouf- sfanding falenf or afhlefic performance. Each organizafion has a purpose and each member wifhin fhe group, his own incenfives for belonging. Through his acfivifies fhe sfuclenf af Washingfon learns fo live wifh ofhers and wifh himself. He becomes fhe fal- lower of foday and fhe leader of fo- morrow. '65's Reduced Membership Provided Greater Efficiency in Forum Activities FORUM'S PRESIDENT, Bob Parry ad- iusts the lettering in the showcase given as a gitt trorn the Class ot '64. Forum, Washington's student govern- ment, underwent a change tor the I964-65 school year, Because ot Wash- ington's ever increasing student popu- lation it was deemed necessary to re- duce the number ot representatives to the council. Under the new plan 295 ot each class is elected to the council and thus eliminating a representative torm each homeroom. Each year Forum, Washington's sounding board, continues proiects it considers to be worthwhile to both the school and the community, as well as instigating new programs. Among Forum's proiects were the annual Homecoming events, the Birthday Ball and a Christmas tood drive tor the Salvation Army. MIKE KOURY, Forum vice-president, leads the executive committee in a discussion ot plans tor the Fall Ball. The members are: Bob Severson, Bill Armstrong, Kathy Nassitt, Mike Koury, Rick Jenkins, Bob Parry, Gretchen Crary, Dana Bell, and Susie Sommers. Row I: Kathy Nassitt, Nan Hirleman, Rick Jenkins, Jane Cherry, Mariike Vandermeer, Dana Bell, Janelle Votroubek, Ann Hamilton, Patty Smith, George Reed, Tina Greenberg, Paul l-laglund. Row 2: Jague Thaler, Steve Vardernan, Gretchen Crary, Juli Eichorn, Mel Thomell, Doug Barr, Joan Flailman, Susan Sommers, Bonnie Bickel, Jan Steele, Rex Risser, Nancy Cook, Robin Sage. Row 3: George Robb, Carol Thede, Rob Kolar, Marc Hanson, Mike Koury, Bill Armstrong, John O'Meara Jim Vernon, Ken Krizan, Debby Schmidt, Larry Kuyendall, Alec Turrini, Robert Parry. Row 4: Mr. Shupe, Ed James, Bob Severson, Pete Solar, Carl Noe, Sam Senti, Tom Buresh, Steve llten, Fred Hahn, John Mc- Manus, Joe Thaler, Karl t-laglund, Bob King, Clay Fulkerson. Forum Sponsored Senior Poll, Student Directory and Mock Presidential Elections DID MOST FOR WASHINGTON: Gretchen Crary and Mike Koury. chosen tor this category ot the Senior Poll, dressed as Martha and George Washington tor the annual Birthday Ball. ,i-of, W BUDGET COMMITTEE is responsible tor all ticket sales and money tor Forum proiects. Selling tickets to the Birthday Ball are Carl Noe, Tom Buresh, Ed James, Bob Severson chrm., and Rex Risser. FORUM SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE members Jan Steele, Sam the new press box. Fred Hahn is the chairman and directs the choice ot Senti, Ken Krizan, Karl Hagiund, Fred Hahn, Nan Hirler-nan, John Mc- the SPORTSMAN OF THE WEEK, a recognition proiect originated this Manus, John O'Meara, Juli Eichhorn and Joe Thaier pose after inspecting year tor winter sports. 49 Forum Foster Child Committee Directed if Student Support of a Foster Child xg, "" A w w ' iiut 'Tifffiii '3g11:"' e A s J 1 1 a X , i ' X f 1 Q , l E if x we 'ii 3X uw SECRETARY S ASSISTANTS Juli Eiclw- horn and Jane Cherry run Forum minutes on the ottic machine. DECORATIONS tor the Birthday Ball lake torm behind the Little Theatre in the willing hands ot Forum's social committee. Committee members include Doug Barr, Milne Koury and Dana Bell lCo-Chairmenl, Nancy Cook, Martha Walters. Bonnie Bickle, and Tina Greonbert. oft the e ditto FOSTER CHILD committee members, .lim Vernon, Susie Sornmers chrm, George Reed and Jaque Thaler discuss the possibility ot adopting another child. it er ar gs ,e S Z , 5'5" ., . I V x ei., BEST PERSONAUTY: Jane Cherrxfs telephone conversa- tion draws a curious look from co-winner Fred l-l ahn. 1-N. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Kalhy Nassiff sfarfs down ihe road To success in The Merchanis Banlc vauli' while Karl Hoglund holds The door open. Homecoming Ceremonies and Dance Success Due to the Efforts of Forum BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: Kafhy Gorsuch ioins Bob Parry in a sluni of quesiionable humor. X 5 4 DECORATING THE GOAL POSTS in Kingsion siadium for The Homecoming game are Bob Tally and Bill Armsirong, Forum publicily chairman. MOST TALENTED: Holding up her end is Cindy Thompson, while Mike Walhan resfs. 5I AFS Students Well-Received at Annual Forum AFS Mixer 1, 'K Y' 3' I- , biz ,. f -2, F xx, NL ? F if Ss .3 ,5 WORKING on lhe AFS assembly are Forum Assembly Commillee members Larry Kucyendall, Sieve lllen, Alec Turrini and chairman, Kalhy Nassil. BEST ALL-AROUND: Bolo King holds lhe ladder while Dana Bell puls lhe finishing louches on Birlhday Ball decoralions in lhe gym. MOST ATTRACTIVE: Nancy Coolc and Rex Smilh were for This caleqory of lhe Senior Poll sponsored This year by Forum. chosen MOST ATHLETIC: Senior cheerleader, Jolene Slaslcal, and Pele Kohl dis- cuss a newspaper arlicle aboul Pele's All-American honors ' RESHBHQQTQ ag 5 Q 21 55? 5333 ww Eff??i'6 'wg 4393 nmi8?R Ni 3 HZ, fz. L is , 3 mink? J if muav li awww Q mu!! f 82328 'S xmcfg HAQMKUQ .3 Hiwfc assi Il. Mai! .5 smlisoa zz sm4 ESa ai. wth! W, """""""f-Mm-,,,?.,- ...,A H Rv'-ww,.,w,,EQ,, kk 'Sh-mf, K 53 Washington Homecoming '64: 1 "LET'S GO, boys!" Our feam is off again TWO HELPERS for The coronaiion, Paula Skaff and David Haglund, waif af lwalfiime wifh Forum presideni' Bob Parry. Y STUDENT TALENT sfeges a successful hoofenanny foHow?ng pre-game pep rally. SHARON HEPKER conveys The conqrafulafions of Hue courf fo The new queen. ' ml 1 i Spirit, Excitement, Anticipation l l hgh rival lowa Cily. l MALE SUPERVISION and female labor supply decorations for the gym. This year's theme was "Autumn Abstract" DANA REIGNS over the I964 Homecoming Dance. l l r l A ogg M' ainf 6' it 'iii 1g"""-w-.,.,g My A A o t "'1ii Q? .mmm --W Hi W -A A - I V N--- ix , Washington Senior High School Has Much of Which to Be Proud Wax ew se. QE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION spon- sors special courses during 'rhe summer for high abiliiy science and rnalh sludenis. This pasl summer Bob Naiberl, Carl Noe, Richard Maihes, Ron Brown and Jess Fauchier ioolc such diversified courses as geology, chemis- iry, asironorny and lhermodynarnics ai cola leges all over ihe nalion. Bob King, noi pic- iured, also pariicipaied. BOY'S STATE was a rewarding week for pariicipanls Karl Haglurid, Sieve lllen and Milne Koury. When asked whai ihey did, "Wellll- we played iooiball every ai'rernoon." The boys also gained valuable experience in leadership and governrneni. ivllflllil' SCl-lOLARSl-ilP l:lNAl.lSTS Barb Cox, Karl l-laglund, Richard ivlaihes, Tony Tschopp, Carl Noe and Penny Binqer iind ihal worlcinq hard for years can be profiiable when ii comes lime ior college scholarship iesis. Adastra Members Excel in Areas of Service, Leadership and Character ' il fi fr X , 5 f .5 1 T , Row l: Penelope Binger, Linda OTT, Judy McClure, Molly lylaclcen. Row 2: Susan Olrnsled, David Downing, Karl l-laglund, Michael Koury. Row 3: Mr. Hugh, Richard MaThes, Carl Noe. Fred Hahn. Fefe Johnson. NoT picTured, John Skar. FRED T-lAl-lN, vice president Karl l-laglund, presidenT: David Downing. To be a member oT AolasTra, WashingTon's branch oT The NaTional l-lonor SocieTy of Secondary Schools, was one oT The greaTesT honors Tor a WashinqTon sTudenT. To be admiTTed, a ranking in The upper I5 per cenT OT The junior class or The upper 20 per cenT oT The senior class was necessary, and sTudenTs were also required To ex- cel in The areas OT Service. Leadership and CharacTer. PLANNING FOR The inducTion c-T new members was The bigqesf Task mem Treasurer: and Linda OTT. secreTary: discuss AdasTra's TuTure. bers oT AdasTra aTTaclced This year. Fred Hahn presided aT The meeTing To discuss The ceremony. High Ranking Journalism Students Chosen for Quill and Scroll Honors Front Row: Mary Lee Morrison, Susan Kane, Suzanne Wycott, Rosemary Lorigan. Row Two: Gretchen Crary, Joan l-lailman, Murray Kent, Ann Lillios. Through the industrious application ot their journalistic talents as well as a high level ot all-around academic achievement, the members ot the Washington chapter ot Quill and Scroll help to raise the level ot scholastic iournalism. Rifle Club Provides a Practice and Much Enjoyment for Rifle Enthusiasts Ritle Club otters boys interested in ritles and marlcsmanship an opportunity to practice under proper supervision as they learn the tundamentals ot gun care and satety. Mr. Basler supervises the ritle range, co-ordinates the club activities, and otters instruction to those desiring it. The ritle club members prac- tice their slcills at the specially designed range in the school basement. vi is pw I TAKING ADVANTAGE of a chance to is Rifle Club member Don Albaugh. Club members use a ritle range set up under the hallway in front ot the gyms. Row I: Herman Motts, Robert Flood, Stephen Hough, Dick Panlcey, Bill Kirlcpatriclc, Phil Means, Don Albaugh, Dave Peddycourt, Bill Kindig. Baclc Row: Mr. Basler, Randy Lyon, Bob l-larvol, Ron Seebach, Walt Loulcota, Mike Fry. Tom Wilcox. Row 2: Surveyor Recognized for National Newspaper Week Program LOOKING OVER pasl issues, Sieve Seyler, Larry Bower, Ann Lillios, and Phil Haddy clveclc llwe sporls page for ideas and correclions. I FILING AND FINDING can be one of llwe liardesr laslcs in pulling oul a news- paper as Suzanne Frye and Barb Piersall, business slall. have discovered. JOAN HAILMAN, Surveyor Edilor, posls preliminary deadline for llwe Cominq issue. SURVEYOR ADVERTISING slall, Jim Delzell, Franlc Varyaris, Bill Poyneer, Siu Siegel and Phil l-laddy can usually be found ai llie office plwone lining up business. Aim of Hardworking Surveyor Staff - a Paper Which Exemplifies MUCH TIME is spent al llrie prinler's sliop. especially al deadline lime. Assislanl' edilor. Sue Kane, and Surveyor sponsor, Mrs. Worley, lwelp lhe prinfer sei' Type. Row l: Suzanne Frye, Grelclierr Crary, Suzanne Wycoll, Luanne Keller, Marslna Ellior, Nancy Von Vollenburq, Linda Bainbridge, Susan Kane, Pally Mulvany. Row 2: Ann Lillies, Sluarf Siegel. Alec Turrini, Mike Koury, Barb Piersall, Phil l-laddy, Murray Keni, Joan Hailrnan, Sue Barlon. Row 3: Mrs. Worley, Carol Tlnecle, Barb Cox, Sam Balrlre, Jim Delzell, Bill Wilson, Bill Poyneer, Dave Von Yeasl, Kim Rowley. i l i The Best Journalistic Principles f ii 4 so we .4 s u 6 fd' THlS YEAR a new procedure for dislribuling Surveyors was adoplecl. Each homeroom had a represenlaiive lo pick up lhe papers in lhe morning and deliver lhem lo lhe sfuderils. FEATURES AND NEWS sialls work hard lo Find iniereslinq, new lacls for every issue. Suzanne Wycoif, Dede Spicer, Grelchen Crary, Mike Koury, and Murray Kenl cooporale in a diligeni search. l l E i l 1 1' E W -fl SURVEYOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Sue Barlon and Kim Rowley discuss lhe use ol a new camera A flurry of papers, a babble of voices, and lypewriler keys sailing along is lhe lypical hurried sound oi lhe Sur- veyor oliice an hour before deadline lime. The hard workinq slall under edi- lor Joan Hallman, puls oul lhe Wash- inqlon newspaper bi-weekly. The aim ol lhe Surveyor slaif is lo give Wash- inglonians a paper which is 'railored For lheir lasles and exemplifies lhe besl journalislic principles. ln recognilion ol conduclinq an oulslanding Nalional Newspaper Week Program lhe Sur- veyor received lhe Quill and Scroll Na- lional Award Cerlilicale lor lhe year lc-N33-64. Student Life Is Innovation This Year in the Expanded '65 This year several changes have been made in the organization ot the MONUMENT. Une ot these changes is the addition ot a layout editor and another is the method ot MONUMENT sales. Previously they had been sold through homeroom but this year stu- dents were given envelopes in which to put their money leither in a lump sum or in installmentsl. They could drop their envelopes in striped buckets that were placed around the school. Eight statts were in charge ot making the '65 MONUMENT. The editor was Rose- mary Lorigang sponsor, Mr. Warreng and business manager, Mr. Lynch. ART STAFF members Kathy Sandstrom and Carol Chamberlain were responsi- ble tor this year's cover design. They look on while typist, Hedy Kruidenier finishes a letter. Not pictured is art statt member Peni Benz. CHECKING FOR TECHNICAL errors are Dennis McMurry, Laura Johnson, Marilyn Erickson, Sherri Rowden, Kate McMartin and John Hougen members ot the Writing statt. All large copy blocks are the responsibility ot this statt, headed by John Hougen. CLASSES AND SENIORS staff members fulfill a fundamental need ot the yearbook: to make sure everyone is included, Seniors statt members alphabetize names tor the Senior index while the Classeshstatt checks homeroom pictures tor proper identitication. Included are Nancy Badger. Mary Lou Rice, Carol Middleton and Sue Trumpe. Not pictured: Susie Fitton. EDITOR, ROSEMARY LORIGAN tiles ok'd copy in her box. She was responsible not only tor copy, but tor every other phase ot the yearbook composition. .. --e -J i I t t. rl .shag , .. is' Monument Features Section COVERING ALL SPORTS in the school year with pictures and statistics was the iob ot Sports statt members Bill Lindenburgh and Mike Moen. Together they plan tinal page layouts and content. The Monument captures and pre- serves the many phases ot school lite at Washington. There are records ot all school activities, both the curricular and extracurricular aspects. Each year the Monument has a theme to correlate activities throughout the year. This year the theme is "Crowds". Last year the Monument won two awards trom the National School Year- boolc Association. NSYA awarded Washington's Monument a certiticate ot Merit tor "A" worlc. The NSPA rated the Monument as First Class. BROAD COVERAGE ot all subiccts oftored at Wl-iS was pro- vided by Curriculum statt Sharon Heplcer, Cindy Rapaport, Peggy l-lardesty, chairman and Joanne Rice. 'J 5 Q an . m y N ff t LAYOUT EDITOR was a new position this year filled Mr. Warren conters with her on tinal page arrangernenis she has drawn by Jananne Ferring L .1 v -T ' f an J' , 1. ,ve A . fab. lg- Hx it ,- -'iff .F K T' T rv 'V 4 A 5. R Q, ,,. . 25 r ms 1' rt' THIS YEAR a now innovation was an expanded Features section depicting student lite in each area covered by the yearbook. Shown here are Diane Rapaport, Mary Lee Morrison, editor, Carol Martinson and Mary Ann Sellers. 4. Monument Sales Gut of Home Rooms Promote Orders, Are More Efficient ,.-,,-my PHOTOGRAPHY requires many lwours ol work and a great deal of skill. Nick Silkebakken and Rick Lee clweck cameras and film before leaving on an assignment. section, Activities, Reviewing work done so lar are Liz Picklorcl, I3 N.. V MONUMENT STAFF held iis annual summer workshop in Augusl, This year Mr. Clark, a Taylor Publishing Company represenlalive. was here lo inslrucl +he slahf in his coh'ipany's policy on ari' worlc, priniing and deadlines. Mericlee I-leines' idea of "crowds" won lhe nominaiion for +he Theme of Jrhe I965 Monumenf. Foreign Students Give Washington a Good Cross-Section of World .QW li. AIec Turrini, Washington's AFS stu- dent trom Italy, denies the tact that American "Italian" tood is truly Italian. I-Ie is living with the James Vauqhn's. I-Ie has no American brother his own age: has a brother and a sister, each in college. Alec comes trom Castenaso, Italy, a spot about seventy miles trom the sea. I-Iis tather is a "town's sec- retar". This iob is comparable to an American mayor, but he is an ap- pointed otticial, rather than elected. I-Ie has a brother, Andrea, tourteen years old. "People are triendly and in- terested," says Alec ot Americans. Magdelena lhornell, or "Mel", who lives in Sodervidinge, Sweden, is not the only member ot her tamily away trom home. Her brother is in Greece, and one ot her three sisters is in Fin- land. Mel attended a school titteen miles trom her home. She rented a room and went home on weelc-ends. Ot Swedish teenagers, Mel says that tor many, iazz is a main interest. Swedish youth gain selt-reliance at an earlier age. We as Americans have a stronger tamily teeling. Mel lives with the Peter I-Iaugs. She has three sisters and a brother. When she returns home she will tinish high school and perhaps be- come a teacher or psychologist. PLAYING TI-IE PIANO is one ot AIeC's ta- vorite pastimes. ART APPEALS to both Karen and Mel. They survey a piece ot sculpture at home. Cultures and Learn the American Customs, Traditions, and Way of Life American pasiime for Molly and lviaryke "American food l like beller lhan Dulch food", says Maryke Van der lvieer, AES sludenl from Wassenaar lhe Nelherlands. She is also impressed by lhe palrioiism of Americans. She is living wilh lvlr. and lvlrs. Daniel D. lvlacken and lheir daughler, Molly. Ailer relurning home, lvlaryke would like lo siudy medicine. l-ler family in ihe Nelherlands consisis of her parenls, lwo brolhers and a sisier. l-ler school is a lyceum which she allends six years. ll has approximaiely seven hundred slu- denls, considered big in l-lolland. She lakes sixleen subiecls each week. lvlaryke finds Washinglon's exlracurricu- lar aclivilies an inleresling ieaiure ol American schools. MAKING PIZZA is a messy. buf an enioyable ii V , . . i i . ., .V . . W 'X Q FA I Y Washinglon is lucky lhis year 'ro have siudenis from iour counlries around lhe world. Norlhern, middle, and soulhern Europe, and Africa are each repre- senled in lhe halls of Wl-lS. ln addi- lion, John Skar, from Washinglon, lraveled lo Norway, lo spend a year under lhe lnlernalional Chrislian Youlh Exchange program. There he allends a "gymnasium", similar lo our high school. Classes are held six days a week, inslead ol live, as in America. bul sludenls allend only from 9:00 A.M. unlil 2:30 P.M. John has lwo "brolhers", nineleen and lwenly-seven years old. Senl lo Washinglon by her govern- menl lo lake business courses is Elhel Kasse, from Kampala, lhe capilal of Uganda. She is living wilh lhe lamily of Slale Senaior John Ely. She has a sisler, lviarlha, and a brolher, Na- lhaniel, "Tanny". This is Eihel's second year ai Wl-lS. She spenl' lasl year wilh lviariha Moss and her family. Living near lhe eguaior, Elhel finds lhe lowa winlers and summers noi very likable. The wealher in Uganda is spring-like. She has lhree sislers. She has allended boih a co-ed and an all-girl school: says she prefers ihe girls school. When she relurns home, Eihel will probably work for The govemmenl as a secrelary. TYPING REQLHRES praclice and dexlerily. Mariha walches as Elhel periecls her key work. gh so - FQ.: TEAMS composed of club members compeled In conlesls on Bible knowledge. Here, conlesl parlicipanls al Franklin wall for llwe quesllon. More Religion in School and Daily Life Was Purpose of YFC To lnjecl' more religion inlo dally life and school life was llwe purpose of llwe Youllw for Cllrisl Club. Y.F.C. offered llle sludenls many aclivllies and an op- YOUTH FOR CHRIST members donaled cookies and cupcakes lor a bake porllmlly lo Cllscuss lpllelln Own rellqlous sale in +l1e foyer aller sclnool. ideas willw ollwers. Advisor of llle club was Mr. James and presldenl was l-larold Madlom. Bl-WEEKLY MEETlNGS are held al YFC lneadquarlers downlown. Club pr esidenl, Harold lvladlom lislens as club advlser, Rodney Lovely oulllnes lulure plans lo oll1er officers, Peggy Slolba, vice presldenl in charge ol pr oqramg and Carol Wrlglwl, vlce presldenl ln Clwarqe of rnanagernenl. WQTWW ,, I.....? " 5----', f 1i:u' . I T 5 , 2 L - 5 A i ' T ' Q 2 ' 1 , E r A 'f i ' 2 ' f 5 5 i 1 i 1- A 2 .L . Q Q -C s z .4 - Row I: Suzanne Gray, Susan Kimble, Becky Lentz, Mary William, Jewell Albert Row 35 Mf- JGVTISS. Rick SlOGl'M l'l5VOlCl M5dlOVYi. Micheal Ffy. Miller, Marie Grishaver, Betty Wright, Pat l-lall, Virginia Striclcler. Tom MCGOWGV1. TOU1 England. RON l.inll9nbGCl1, Jim Allen, Howard Row 2: Peggy Stolba, Sue Finlcenbinder, Lynette Boynton, Jim Stewart, GVSGVI- David Taff- Evelyn Hart, Ann Boyles, Carol Wright, Nancy l-lungertord, Jim Subscription to Youth Magazine Was Presented to the Library by YFC YOUTH MAGAZINE subscription was presented to the library by YFC. Club Presi- dent, Harold Madlom, discusses the presentation with Mrs. Schinn and School club adviser, Mr. James. To iniect more religion into daily lite and school lite was the goal ot Washing- ton's Youth For Christ Club. Each Wed- nesday morning the group held a meet- ing consisting ot either programs by members ot the group, special spealcers, or tilms. As tund raising projects the group held its annual bake sales. About once a month members ot Youth For Christ Club attended a youth rally. These rallies provided a place tor groups trom ditterent schools, many xi trom outside Cedar Rapids, to come together and share ideas. The many activities ot the Washington YFC club were co-ordinated by its adviser Mr. James, and its president, Harold Mal- ll COYT1 . L. 2 Library Workers Gam Excellent Training for Future Library Work Library workers of Washinglon mighi apily be named our unsung heroes. This group ol devoled sluclenls re- linquish lheir slucly hcvlls lo assisl Mrs. Shinn wiih her library clulies. Their re- sponsibililies range from checking our books To shelving magazines and books. From lheir eiiorls They gain excellenl lraining for iuiure library work. Fronf Row: Lynne Gorup, Donna Ovinglon, lvlarlha Diaz, Linda lvla- hany, Terry Skall, Sandi Schaffer, Cheryl Peeples. Row Two: Marla McCray. Linda Goldie, Ellen Paler- srnilh, Virnelle lvlclviickle, Pam Cornwall, Becky Shields, Joyce El- rod. Back Row: Francie Smilh, Carol Wehby, Mary Lou Nusse, Jo Ellyn Pyle, Pal Rusley, Calhy Sulhers. Linda Penningion, Janel McMinn. OFFICE WORKERS perform many imporfanjr func- Hons. One of Jrhem is ro coiled arlrendance cards from fhe homeroom Teachers every morning. The aflrendance cards are rhen raken back +o The office 'ro be alphabefized and made info a iisr. Here, Ellen Pefersmirh is checking Jrhe Usf. CHECK Our 'aalmzs , zyriw Q , iii 1? ' -:pvc J" A, f 1 W, :SAV-2 fi 1 5? . , 4, , A M' gg, 5251 if 1 jvfz- S K . .M w Q-:gpg ff V 55??Q25?i31Ef1! ., ,lv , 'egg' v. 2, 4 rf gm, fm. ' ,L . fj pry.: Wait- Gif- .5 I f W frafiwf f, .Qi T' .. A -Q 'S 111421 5 " X gg, 'F' , X Hospitality Club Served Washington in Many Activities Through the School Year One ot Washington's most necessary clubs was that ot the Hospitality Club. New members were admitted to this large and very active club on a se- lective basis. Money was raised this year through the sale ot Washington boolc covers and stickers. "' iii in Q1 ar vs: 5 : of vf Hospitality club served Washington in many ways throughout the school year. Their duties included ushering at school programs, directing parents at open house and students at orientation, and punching ticlcets at swim meets. President John Olson, and adviser Mr. Schreiber, helped to coordinate the group's activities. MR. SCHREIBER DISCUSSES Com- ing plans and organizational prob- lems with the central committee. Row l: Pat Zimmerman, Kathy Jones, Mary Hannon, Jananne Ferring. Pat Murray, Dave Casey, Connie Boyer, Terry Katz, Robert Staclc, Linda Peterson, Rhe Ellen Rogers, Mary Lee Morrison, Diane Rapaport, Sheri Rowclen, Pat Shepherd. Row 2: Carol Wright, Cindy Crumrine, Pat Mayne, Marie Grunwald, Pam Diclcey, Steve Stieger, Rita Huey, Kay Bedient, Sue Fitton, Kathy Sandstrom, Linda Scott, Maurine Stone- bralcer, Mayree l-lanzel, Marsha Kaiser, Carol Chamberlain. Row 3: Ann Rheinschmidt, Connie Shipp, Jon James, Charlene Slcripslry, Milne Moen, John Stamy, Bryan Gunderson, David Chalupslry, Steve Shipp. Peggy Nevins, Dennis MacMurray, Steve Schrader, Peggy l-lardesty, Mary Knott, Marsha Elliot. Back Row: Mr. Schreiber, Jay Hammond, John Olson, Dave Bothwell, Denny Brovfn, Richard Mathes, Peter John- son, Vern Slcripslcy, David Erlacher, Robert Naibert, Keith Faidley, John l-leritord, E. Lee Hogan, Mike Koury, Don Teeple. II ,J- ?g , ,.,. 4 ,, k, L: xiwxrr K ., ,V, X X . K Lk 48 . I f V' IG ' liriif- A if . Afv? '- ' , ,I fftr , ' ' 3' 41.4 ,' 'H K'.,'QVS 4. . ,llhvxi ' 'Aw , 15 ' NEW HOSPITALITY members receive basic insirucfions as They become ac- quainied wifh oiher cIub members af an AuqusI picnic. HOSPY PRESIDENT, John Olson, and vice president Vern Skripsicy, consul? a Iisf of members. JANANNE PERKINS. Setreidry. QIVGS meme RITA HUEY, a hardworking Hospifalify member, coIIecIs Iickefs and hands ou? programs bers Iheir assiqnrnenfs for a coming produciion. ai "Inherii The Wind." DECA Program ls Unique Experience in Practical Education 'iff 1 ., .. A 4- . E . rv O I y Swv' ARRANGEMENT OF DISPLAY cases in riwe DE room was par? oi riie iraininq required in The ciassroom. Paisy Homire seis up an original exhibii of a curreni ciofiiing siyle. X DECA SPONSORED employee, Barb Sfernberg, reviews sales records wifh Mr, Jed Kooscr, manager of Youriker's. DECA OFHCERS-Mr. Naiviq adviser: Frcnf row: Marva Herman, Fran- cie Smith, Barb Norman. Baci: row: Mary Sirna, Slweiia Clwafas and Marcia Hardenbrooic. 74 ' li '?'?if"i t if E . fi l Front Row: Bonnie McCrea, Shirley Sperry, Sharon Mislcimen, Judy l-lunt, Barbara Sternberg, Jo Cady, Kathy Lagerquist, Ruth Green, Marcia l-lardenbrook, Mary Sima, Linda McDaniel. Row Two: Christy Slcow, Sheila Chiatos, Dave Cutierrez, Arlinda Thoren, Sharon Pettlon, Diane l-lalver, Frances Smith, Barbara Norman, Judy Zilca, Patty l-lomire, Kathy Keller. Row Three: Mr. Jensen, Arlene Elliot, Christine Dennis, Social Functions, Contest Participatio LEARNlNG STOCK control procedures at Sears are Scott Mavis, Sandy Paulalc, and Dorothy Wagner. .,.. --5. Q ,,....,,.,a,. Sharon Sexton, Kay Woods, Arbelia l-lolmes, Steve Calvert, Bob Duna- hugh, Nancy Salter, Marva l-lerman, Sandra Pawlolc, Pamela Peckham, Kevin Blair. Baclc Row: Mr. Nalvig, John Hanson, Larry Gourley, Jim Ashley, Lee l-logan. Stan Aldrich, Daryl Stechon, Phil Shimcrda, Bill Mulholland, Tom Kell, Larry Stone, Scott Mavis, Steve Krcutzer. n Reflect Energetic Nature of Club --wi 'Sf so The Distributive Education Clubs ot America lDECAl chapter at Washing- ton is a supplement tor D.E. students. Since members don't have time to par- ticipate in many extracurricular activi- ties, this provides a chance tor social development. DECA's many social tunc- tions and participation in state contests retlect the energetic nature ot this group. -pail' R xXf,, hu. KlLLlAN'S ADVERTISING manager, Mrs. Franklin, explains retail advertising to em- ployee, Lee Hogan, and Sharon Petland, an employee ot J. Ambro Advertising Co. Style Show, Winter Dance, Trip to Des Moines, Highlight DECA Year The Distributive Education program at Washington is a rather unique exe M -L perience in pragmatic education. The program combines a two hour study course each day and a work experience in one ot the many participating Cedar Rapids businesses. Through actual par- ticipation in the tield ot retailing, the basis tor tuture careers is tound. --M lm.. Some ot the highlights this year tor DECA members were a style show, a i L t winter dance, mixers with Jetterson D. E. students, the annual employer- employee banquet and a trip to the 'Tw i state DECA convention in Des Moines. ' i With the money they received trom such activities as candy sales, DECA helped support a needy tamily at Christmas, as well as paying their way to the state convention, where state otticers were elected and various con- tests held. KATHY KELLER and tviarva Herman are shown learn- ing techniques in buying by Kiliian's saleswornan, Mrs. Lois lvlvers. ARMSTRONGS PERSONNEL director, Charles Gardner, gives prospective em! ployees Barb Norman and Arbelia Holmes a tour ot the store departments. FBLA OFFICERS-Mr. Jenson adviser: Front Row: Nancy Salter. secre- tary, Lee Hogan, President, Judy Zilca, historian. Baclr Row: Jim Ashley, parliamentarian, Barbara Sternberg, treasurer, Larry Stone, Vice-presi- dent. Merchandizing, Advertising: Essentials Learned in D.E. Program 5 af me E A i xx L his g...... e s,'s K we f gg, Q 'Em 4"-N -S 1 .'.., ARNOLDS MANAGER, Mr. Goldberg, poinls ou? llve lealures of a lur collar lo D, E. sludenls, Clnrlslie Slcow, Judy l-lunl, Dlane l-lalver and Bonnie McCrae. TROPHIES ARE AWARDED al llve Nallonal Leadership Conference which MANY STUDENTS aflended llwe dcleqale assembly ln DSS lVlOlf19S ldSl Waslilnglon allends eacl1 year. December and elecled slale officers. - '? wma li 5 I e , 5 "" FBLA: New Strength for National Business World Front Row: Suszanne Gorup, Donna Seibert, Carol Hall, Pat Pat Kuhse, Lois Noggle, Linda Sruchen, Sandi Grunder, Linda Sue Hahn, Jannell Mayes, Marcia Eckert, Pat Zimmerman, Pam ton. Row Two: Mrs. Kelleher, Barb Justice, Rhea Ellen Rogers, Pat Diane Pankey, Pat Barnett, Linda Reinier, Cathy Harlan, Sandy Carol Maudsley, Paula Chamberlain, Marsha Axmear, Lois Anita Adams. Row Three: Miss Bollhoeter, Pat Rouner, Sherry A WINTER tashion show and a good grooming talk were presented by Corrine Shaver tor FBLA members. Peflfifli Debbie Fink, Deanna Hulshizer, Barbara Vanderpol, Mary Stewart, Mollie, Janet McGrew, Teresa Ross, Carol Hinds, Linda Price, Pat Mayne, Pilken- Dixie Floyd, Barbara Cypra, Linda Dudrey. Back Row: Mr. Freeman, BOYl65i Susan Malone, Mary Atkinson, Dorothy Williams, Gwen Heath, Evelyn Sweet, Hart, Pat Carrigg, Barb Shatzer, Torn Trotsky, Vic Alexander, Steve ROW9ll. Benedict, Evelyn Kun, Chris Shogren, Linda Pennington, Darlene Eves, David, Allyson Beaty. FBLA sponsored an IBM workshop tor business teachers and a Business Entrance Test Examination Center. The largest program ot the year was a panel discussion which involved impor- tant business leaders trom the commun- ity. Their topic ot discussion was "What is Expected ot a Beginning Ottice Worker." 5 s J w U- X , t , . wily ' ' P-. . ' 9 A ei' LINDA THOMAS, Cindy Holmes, Mary Saville and Evelyn Hart prepare tood packages as part ot a FBLA proiect tor a needy tamily. Charitable Projects Main Facet of FBLA Edeavors Service, Education and progress are the goals ot FBLA. To be eligible tor membership in this organization, a stu- dent must be scheduled to receive at least one credit in a business course by the end ot the year. To tultill the Service goal, FBLA gave a party tor the children at the Center tor the Men- tally Retarded, contributed tood, candy, and clothing to a needy tamily at Christmas, sponsored a picnic tor the children at the children's home, and sent the proceeds ot a balce sale to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Fund. FBLA OFFICERS: Donna Narganq, Treasurer, Hedy Kruidenier, Secretary, Susie Arnold, Vice- president: and Cindy Holmes, President. Front Row: Kathleen Mitchell, Joan Zenzen. Mary Saville, Linda Thomas, Cheri Burrichter, Ethel Kasse, Diana Williarns, Ann Johnson, Evclyn Trecek. Row Two: Mary Heclc, Betty Wright, Mary Paulson, Cindy Malone, Linda Baych, Joan Floyd, Susie Arnold, Nancy Pteifer, Beclcy Shields, Jodee Douda, Ruth Pettlon. Row Three: Miss Svoboda, Janet Franlnlin, Sue Hoett, Meridy Nollsch, Debbie Brewer, Janet Churchill, Viclcy Ellingson, Sandy Steinlce, Donna Narganq, Lynda Morrison, Cindy Holmes, Dianna Merryman, Linda Fugate, Hedy Kruidendier. Back Row: Mrs. Allender, Cathy Rhea, Janet Shields, Gayle Hanna, Barb Matus, Jane Baldwin, Pam Willis, Chris Long, Lee Hogan, Peggy Nevins, Pat Rusley, Mary Matias, Geneva Stephens, Vickie Scott, Julie Heusrnan. FBLA Promotes Service, Education and Progress as Guideposts for Success 'll-IOSEN MR. and Miss FBLA are club members Peggy Nevins and Lee Hogan. MENTALLY RETARDED cenler was The sire of an FBLA pariy for refarded children. Cindy Holmes, presidenl of FBLA, lecl lhe group in planning and carrying our The proiecls for lhe year. Vice- presidenl Susie Arnold, Secrelary l-leoly Kruidenier, and Treasurer Donna Nar- gang rounded our The execulive com- mifiee. Miss Svoboda, Mrs. Allender, Miss Bollhoefer, Mrs. Kelleher. and Mr. Free- man served as sponsors for lhe organi- Zalion. DANCING WAS one aclivily Thoroughly enjoyed by par- licipanls in ihe FBLA pariy af lhe Menrally Refarded Cenfer. QQQX gps flzf 45" 1. 9 i fi ,V f ff c OFFICE EDUCATION provides a chance for sfu- denfs fo gain "on fhe iobu fraining in office skilis. Sfudenfs fake courses perfaining fo office work af school and spend parf of fne day puffing fheir learn- ing info pracficea Working af iowa Nafionai iviufual insurance is Ann Johnson, a senior af Washingfon. ing c L M.. ,ff Maintenance and Service Are the By-Words of Washington A-V Club A-V MEMBER Randy Knell replaces a liglil bulb in a movie ieclor, a fnaclwine vilal lo many Waslminglon classes. Fronl Row: Frank Lackner, Lonnie Franks, Gary Fliclcinqer, K Barlon, Dave Nicholson, Dave Ripma, Randy Knell. 5 ' l i , pro- en Fliclcinger. Row Two: Mr. 4 3 9 SCHOOL BUILDING map slwows localion of all audio-visual equipmenl, Cne ol ine groups al Waslwinglon whose services are mosl oflen in de- mand is llwe Audio-Visual Club. lr is llwe responsibilily of llwe AV boys lo see llwal ine sclwool's arsenal of proieclors, films, record players, lape recorders, and ollwer audio-visual equipmenl are in llwe proper place al llwe proper lime and in good working order. For llwis reason, someone is on call in llwe AV ollice across from llwe audilorium every luour ol flue day. AV club also provides valuable leclw- nical services for sclmool plays, assem- blies, dances, and oilfier funclions. lvlr. Barlon is lliis year's facully sponsor. D I f K A '-Q 2. ,, AUDIO VISUAL CLUB performs much-overlooked fasks for Washinqron. AH acriviries involving sound, liqnfs, or firms are alrfended +0 by one or more members. Frank Lackner +es+s a fape recorder in ine A. V. office. Art Club sponsored a wide variety ot activities tor tlie artistically minded student. Selling Washington stationery and holding an auction ot worlcs created loy members ot the club raised tunds tor tlte organization. One ot tlne year's highlights was a trip to the Des Moines Art Center. Adviser Miss Oloerg and president John Warrington led artists in meetings devoted to everything trom tinger painting to making iewelry. Brenda Smiley, Marsha Kaiser, and Rita Huey were the other otticers. K if ,Q KX X? 3 5 ti 34 PAPER SCULPTURED TREE was tl'ie subiect ot an art l proiect by Kathy Gorsuclw. Talented Washington Students Experiment .Q .,.. , , H SCHOOL ART GALLERY is used to dis la ori inal works ot stud t p y q en s. Stephanie Slwuqart, Jean Taylor and Betty Hodgson are shown. we if JEWELRY MAKING is one ot tlie many tacets ot art open to club members Stephanie Slwugart is slnown cutting out ring. 5 yyam-L in Jewelry Making, Paper Sculpture and Pai Fronl' Row: Bonnie Berlrand, Marsl'ia Kaiser, Kalllie Gorsuclw, Belly Woollollc, Slierri Grillen, Brenda Smiley, Janelle Volroubek, Row Two: Viclcy Sroul, LuAnn Keller. Rila Huey, Barbara Nixon, Maribeln Balmer, Sleplwanie Slwuqarl, Penny Slewarl. Back Row: Miss Oberg, Slwaral Paukerr, Belly Hodgson, John Warringlon, Jirn Rawson, Peggy Meyer, Susan Monlliie, Jean Taylor. JEWELRY DISPLAYS are arranged by Arl Club members Bonnie Bev-'rrand and Belly Woollollc. swf" A yi y M - -s.. ART CLUB OFFCERS: Marslra Kaiser Treasurer: .lolwn Warringe ron, Presidenl: and Brenda Smiley, Vice-presidenl. -.17 ETA OFFICERS and Adviser: Penny Binge? secretary Barb Burr, Treasurer, Mary Wilson vice-president, Mary Nirnmer, presideni' and Mr. Pariridge, sponscr. Future Teachers of America is de- signed To acquaint students with lhe many aspecis of leaching ll is open lo all iuniors and seniors who are con- sidering 'reaching as a career. F.T.A. has many and varied activities. These include: bake sales, speakers, films, and a tea for lrhe teachers. This year's presi- denl' was Mary Nimmer. Fronl' Row: Penny Biriger, Judy Murphy, Vicki l-lollan, Lisa Van N osirand, Jo Ellen Falcon, Lucinda Gray, Cherie Peeples, Pal Shepherd, Row Two: Pat Rouner, Liz Delay, Linda Richardson, Penny Siewart, Vicki Stout, Coulelle Takach, Kale Argow, Greer Larson, Debbie Row Three: Ann Hamilton, Mary Nimmer, Diane Lulher, Carol FTA Designed to Acquaint Students With Many Aspects of Teaching f' firms ii as WASHINGTON TEACHER Mrs. Stevens, gives ETA members a talk on her experiences in student teaching. Linda Mahany, Carla Kane, Kalhy Darrow, Mary Willirn, Belsy Allen, Sheryl Trinka, Nancy Hungerford. Back Row: Mr. Partridge, Pam Corn- wall, Linda Scott, Lois Greenleaf, Laurene Franks, Margaret Graham, Lonny Franks, Barb Burr, Jackie Vaughn, Marcia Youngquist, Jeanne Zalesky, Joanne Rice. Taylor. Wright, Speaking in Public Builds Skill and Confidence in Forensics Members Fronl' Row: Bonnie Padzenslcy, Mary l-lannon, Rhea Rogers, Jewell Miller, Mary Willia, Kale McMarlin, Cindy Carlson. Row Two: Elain Prilchard, Jeannie Myers, Diane Lulher, Pal Basseli, Carolyn Ward, Kay Kirlcparriclr, Billie Thorsen, Kalhy Milligan, Sue TenBrinlc. Row Three: Ken Walker, John l-louqen, .Dick Risden, Pele Soler, Tad Lipslny, Rich Wendorf, Don Miller, Conn Thomas. Baclr Row: Mrs. Eslby, Lisa Drake, Joe Thaler, Rob Fawcell, Bruce Thiher, Jerry Alchinson, Ron Brown, Kirn Rowley, Milce Koury. 'DelJa're, plays, inlerprelive reading, and individual speaking evenls were parlicipaled in by members ol The Forensics Club. The Washinglon spealc- ers and clelaalers appeared in 'rhe Mississippi Valley Conference Meel where John l'lougen won lhe Oral ln- 'rerprelalion division. The Coe lnvila- lional was one of lhe briqhl spols for lhe deloalers as lhe negalive leam of Ron Brown and Joe Thaler won Three oul of four debales. Forensics also all lended The Dislricl, Slale and Jefferson Speech Tournamenls. laik 191 DEMONSTRATING THAT praclice makes periecl, Milne Koury polishes' up his performance for The slale speech conlesl. DEBATOR RON BROWN proves a poinl while Kale Mc- Marlin, Kim Rowley and Joe Thaler prepare lheir arqumenls. F.N.A. Volunteer Services to Hospitals and School Health Office Future Nurses ot America is an or- ganization open to both boys and girls interested in a medical protession. lt's purpose is to acquaint students with jobs available in the tield ot medicine and other closely related tields. F.N.A. has a wide variety ot pro- grams including, Christmas caroling at l-lallmar, an .annual Vale-ntine's Party at the Center tor the Mentally Re- tarded, and several speakers. Their president this year was .Terri l-lathaway and Miss Thomsen, our school nurse was adviser. 'ikix . iw CANDY STRIPERS' duty is to assist nurses in " il local hospitals. F.N.A. members Pam Krug and Bonnie Minkle assist G patient In G wheelchair- PNA. OFFICERS: Sheryl scsiian, rem Harms-, p'esfden', chem Hill l.uAnn semen- enman, and club adviser. Miss Thompson. Front Row: Patty Zimmerman, Joan Rogers, Karen Wagner, Diane Totten, Jan Secor, Cheri Hill, Elizabeth Stolba, Joan Hunter, Bonita Minlcel, Linda Pugh. Row Two: Terri l-lathaway, Marsha Axrnear, Sharon Hepker, Kris Petersmith, Cathy Harlan, Faye l-liser, Carol McGregor, Stacia Boots, Cindy Crurnrine, Pat Murray, Barbara Vanderpol, Sheryl Scallon. Baci: Row: Miss Thompson, Lynne Given, Parn Krug, Liann Melamphy, Marsha Johnson, Pegqie Meyer, Pat Carrigg, Barb Mc- Gregor, Christel Glaubitz, Sharon Schwandt, Sharon Mason, Linda Jan Eggert, Jean Cates, Pam Cerny. Row Three: Karen Culver, Sarena Schoenernan. Hinlcle, Kris Bowman, Jan Moran, Carol McMasters, Luanne Schoeneman, Valentine's Party at Mentally Retarded Center Huge Success TERl HATHAWAY directs activities al Valenline's parly given by mentally relardecl center, DANCING IS a popular enlerlainmenl lor sludenls al rnenlally larded center. W ,sv ,T Wil. .1,,l.:,l, W. S 7 --.MN-,,., PNA at local PLAYING GAMES are lwo Clwilclren enlerlained by club mem- bers at recent parly. re- . CLUB MEMBER Cathy Harlan lallns animaledly with a parly participant. "l2': W W4 Opportunity for Students to Become Culturally Oriented by Spanish Club i' r A. Diaz and Mrs. McCray and president i, .ff . it ' SPANlSl-l CLUB OFFICERS: Front Row: Liz Delay, Lisa Van Noswand, Martha Diaz, Baclc Row: Carol Webby, Luanne Scboeneman, Susie Sornmers. eve- A , . L , Q I-1 NT 1 X X ' ANNUAL SPANISH dinner menu is planned by Donna Ovingion, Cliris l-lall, and Connie Meyer. MONEY-MAKING PROJECTS included a mixer aller the Clinton baslcelball game Shown lwere are Marllm Diaz, PLANNlNG SPANlSH CLUB nieeiinqs are club ad- ...,.... i - I Q Alllk r - Q . -Q 1 t i 5 : V S 2 ' Q . V 3 i lf. x V. , , J Fronl' Row: Susie l-loyi, Jane Shupe, Jane Cherry, Jan Odell, Mary Ann Sellers, Debbie Taylor, Ann l-larnilfon, Jane Slepp, Ann Aulcerrnan, Donna Ovinglon, Lisa Van Nosirand, Nancy Foresier. Row Two: Mr. Diaz, Marlha Diaz, Linda Dudrey, Nancy l-lungerlord, Sheryl Trinlca, Cindy Crumrine. Carol Walghl, Connie Shover, Sue Kane, Pam Gabriel, Greer Larson, Spanish Club is one ol lhe clubs sponsored by The Washinglon Foreign Language Deparlmenr. ll presenls an adclilional opporlunily lor sludenls who are currenlly raking, or who have ralcen, Spanish, lo become familiar wilh var- ious phases ol: Spanish cullure. Meelings, held Twice a monlh, were devoled lo planning such aclivilies as a balce sale and a Spanish dinner. To- gelher wilh The Fulure Teachers and Fulure Nurses, lhey sponsored a mixer aller lhe baslcelball yiclory over Clin- lon. Dana Bell, Liz Delay. Back Row: Mrs. McCray, Connie Meyer, Chris Hall, Sharon Glass, Luanne Schoneman, Sue Scammers, Sue Schwiliers, Grelhchen Vanderrnuelen, Nancy Noyer, Chris Klirna, Carol Wehby, Marlha Diaz presided over The or' ganizalion. Assisling her in The planning and running of Spanish Club were Lisa Van Nosrrand, vice presidenlg Debbie Taylor, secreraryi and Liz Delay, lreas- urer. Mr. T. Diaz and Mrs. McCray were The co-advisers. 9 4 'H .i Q A . Y 5 . - l'rf' "itz i'-' - if Q' ' .5 'f,. ' I ..,....,,....T.,.,. f 1 l l Grelchen Vanderrnuelen, and Connie CLUB MEMBER Susie Sommers sells WHS sludenls Sandy McGrew and Dale Kaul liclcels 'ro lhe Meyer pulling up posters lor The Spanish Club Mixer. event Celebrate Holidays Sludenls lhal have compleled lheir lirsl year ol French are welcomed lo Le Cercle Francaise. This year's presi- denl, Sally Troxel, has emphasized lhe sludy ol French cusloms and cullure. i965 saw lhe beginning ol an an- .84 PLANNING FOR Mardi Gras are club ollicers. Fronl' Row: Nancy Gallager, sec- relary, Sally Troxell, presidenl, and Molly Maclcen, vice-presidenl. Baclc Row: Donna Buens and Jerry Hulberl, musicians, and Cindy Allman, lreasurer. Members of Le Cercle Francais in French Manner nual lradilion lor French Club-The Feasl ol lhe Kings or La lele des Rois lo be held each January 6. A- king and queen were crowned and lhen enler- l lained by lhe group. l SALLY TROXEL crowns Richard Malhes and Julie Vane during lhe Feasl ol lhe Kings as Sieve McLelland applauds. L Fronl Row: Bev Shepherd, Calhy Nassil, Nancy Slanley, Penny Binqer, Sandy McGrew, Sandy Grunder, Dianne Rapoprl, Mariilce Van Der Meer, Julie Vane, Cindy Smilh, Ardis Silliclc, Jean Gales, Cary Chrislen- son, Kale McMarlin, Jan Scholl, Carolyn Pallen, Jean Koza, Molly Macken, Palsy Shepherd, Sandy Highlower. Row Two: Julie Van Orsdel. Jody Myers, l-leidi DeMarris, Pam Cerny, lvlarlha Ely, Suzanne Wycoll, Marian-ne Mills, Mary Lee Morrison, Grelhchen Crary, Sally Troxel, Ann Lillios, Francie Cook, Kalhy Marfin, Sharon l-leplaer, Lynn Wrighl, Terri Williams, Jack Caldwell, Pam Olney, Sandee Nelson, Pam Slarr. Row Three: Janel l-lulberl, Nancy Kvach, Luanne Keller, Sue Green- wood, Leslie Tschopp, Linda McLeod, Margarel Arnold, Brandi McCabe. Kalhy King, Kim Williams, Linda Angell, Cheryl Ames, Jean Ohllson, Donna Burns, lvlaurine Slonbralcer, Roberla l-lunl, Diane Lulher, Carol Chamberlain, Sally Novak. Baclc Row: Miss l-lrubesh, Kalhy Blalcer, Con- nie Shipp, Debbie Schmidl, Ann Rheinschmidl, Barb Piersall, Alan Doo- lillle, Richard Malhes, Barbara Cox, Lois Kovanda, Bruce Thiher, Sieve McCelland, Calhy Shields. Margarel Graham, Mary Knoll, Michele Johnson, Charlene Slcripslcy, Cindy Ollrnan, Laurene Franks, Slan Sever- son, Jerry Hulberl. 31 33 4, 3 In 3 '-'ruling i --links... 33333333 HALL POSTERS are a famihar s!q3w3 fo a3I sfudemfs, bm few reafize T336 fob involved In making and puffing i3wem up, espe:3aI3y when ladders are un- avaE3ab3e. Here, Bob 3a33ey 43553535 Debbie Tay3or c3wa3rman of We Pep C3ub pub3ic33y comm33+ee. Rottenburg Chamberwind Ensemble High Point of German-French Club Mixer Fronl Row: Paul Albee, Presideni, Nick Silkebaaken, Richard Levesque, Glenn Johnson. Back Row: Jim Kaullman, Lonnie Franks, Sec.-Trees.: Jim McConnell, Sluarl Lehr, Jon .21 B ll 1 James. in school dark room are camera club members Jim Kauffman, Jim McConnell, and Paul Albee. NNASHINGTONS BACK FIELD was lbe scene of a lranlic German Club soccer game. LEARNWG PRlNTlNG lechniques 94 Learning aboul German cullure was accomplished in varied ways al Ger- man Club. Besides regular meelings lhere were such acliviiies as soccer games, a caroling parly, and lormafion of 'rhe 'llollenburg Chamber Wind En- semble" which performed al lhe Ger- man Club-French Club Mixer, Thirleen induslrious camera bugs headed by Paul Albee, presidenl, compose Washinglon's camera club. Much ol lhe boys' work is carried our on an independenl basis which provided excellenl lraining lor posilions as slall pholographers on lhe Monumenl' or Surveyor. Fronf Row: Pam Nash, Rick Jenkins, Sieve Vardeman, Mayree Hanzel, Rosemary Sailer, Marcia Youngquisl, Elaine Prilchard, Marilyn Erickson. Row Two: Judy McClure, John Becker, Barbara Burr. Slephanie Moore, John l-lunl, Lynne Moore, John Waples, Cheryl Jensen. Back Row: Mr, Mueller, Del Bucknell, Pele Johnson, Sieve Warner, Jim Barneil, Marly Slrasburger, Ron Brown, Carl Noe, Elizabefh Deke. Q X fa., , ,Ik -,isa Q mm ' wwzwz - 1 1 K ws-Q 9 65 111, rf l r -A 7 ""' , rgsraafararnz. -'-h W as W 51,5562-K 'ar 5v'x rr s Q F r ... 3 f '1 A 4 Q Q Navi 5? Y af f, x R A in 5 Q we . r , J- ' 'Q 5 ' we L' yi 1, -me J, ' "aQv"L 9 , Q S? if Aqfvi, fre' 5944 1' ,, . 513325, vflff, 45" ' ' s A! :fx SI' M .gr V lNl-lERl'l' THE WIND l-le lhal lroulolelh hrs own house shall rnherrl rhe wlnd and lhe fool shall be servanl 'lo The wise In hearl ln one of Washrnqlon s mosl successful produclrons, Bob Krng plays lhe hery Drummond modeled aller lhe famous exponenl ol luberalrsm Clarence Darrow Allhough lhe man he defends ns found guully he wrns a real vrclory lor rnlelleclual Freedom rn lhe mind , sf E H 4 DURING AN AIR-RAID DRILL in New York CiTy a Midieval ExpeTiTionary Force Trom Grand Fenwick capTured ProTessor KokinTz, his Q-bomb, and his proTecTors. Now The U.S., represenTed by Carl Noe wishes To sue Tor peace. Tor The prisoners, and Tor The Q-bomb. Under direcTion oT Mr. PeTerson, WashingTon began iTs dramaTic season wiTh "The Mouse ThaT Roareol" Trom The book by Leonard Wibberly, also called The Mouse ThaT Roarecl. STu- denTs audiTioned Tor Two days Tor The play wiTh a casT oT 33. -- -4 fi The main characTers are Tully Bas- comb, played by Rick Thompson, Queen Glorianna, porTrayed by Sue Novak. ProTessor KokinTz by Bruce Lei- pold, CounT MounTioy by Kim Rowley, and his opponenT, Mr. BenTner by Rich- ard Roehlk. RICK THOMPSON and Sue Novak play The medieval leads as Queen Gloriana and Tully Bascob. The seTTing was raTher unusual, in- sTeaol oT closing The curTain beTore each change oT seT, The spoTlighT moved To anoTher area oT The sTage where The scene had been previously arranged. The "Mouse ThaT Roaredn is one oT The mosT popular high school plays. CARL NOE, Bob Parry, John Blair, Ed Nuss and Shane Williams lisTen inTenTly To Bruce Leipold as he explains The poTency of The Q-bomb. E K l-IORNBECK orTra ed b Carl Noe reveals his cynical philosophy To Cindy - - P Y Y Thompson as Rachel Brown and Bruce Leiplod Full House Three N Huge Success of "I Early February was The Time and The l.iTTle TheaTer The siTe oT "lnheriT The Wind". Bob King as Drummond and Danny Wray as lviaTThew Harrison Brady lecl a casT oT over TiTTy members. This play porTrayed The TuTile eTTorTs oT early liberals To inTecT Their way or Thinking inTo a smugly conservaTive souThern hamleT. as BerT CaTes. ights Shows nherit the Wind BOB KING begins To shake Danny Wray's TaiTh In The Rock of Ages by ,sTaTing TacTs Trom The Age oT Rocks. JOHN BLAIR as Reverend Brown leads The revival meeTirig To pray for The success of MaTThew Harrison Brady in his Tamed "Monkey Trial." Sandbox Production Brings Theater of the Absurd to Washington AT THE DEATH ot Grandmother, played by Cindy Thompson, Mommy and Daddy. portrayed by Riclc Roehllc and Mary Hannon happily watch as she dies. THE YOUNG MAN, as the tigure ot death, pore trayed by Terry Smvthe, gives grandmother the kiss ot death. Edward Albee has established him- selt as one ot the major playwrights on the contemporary stage. His one act play "The Sandbox" was prepared by a group ot Washington Students. They captured top honors with it at the district speech tournament. Written in the style ot the "Theatre ot the Absurd", +he characters are called Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, the Musician, and the Young Man. These characters were played by Mary Han- non, Richard Roehllc, Cindy Thompson, Phil Nichols, and Terry Smythe. Jaclc Caldwell was director. This play demonstrates the author's teeling that triteness is a very real part ot many peoples' lives in the twentieth century. CYNTHIA CARLSON, Tom ST. Clair. Jan MeTsale and PeTe Johnson are reading "Aria de Capo " a one acT play, which wenT To The STaTe Speech ConTesT. Winning The STaTe Speech ConTesT climaxed The preparaTion of "Aria de Capo" by The WashingTon Senior l-liqh School drama de-parTmenT. This conTemporary piece was wriTTen by Edna ST. VincenT Millay. For The conTesT, our casT pr'esenTed The play in "read-a-play" Tashion. No acTing was involved. The parTicipanTs in an indi- vidual scene sTand Trom The row oT chairs Tor The casT and read Their parTs Trom a scripT. This Type OT presenTa- Tion requires The special slcill oT being able To inTerpreT The meaning oT The prinTed word wiThouT The use oT sce- nery or acTions. Aria de Capo Wins First Prize at State Speech Contest CINDY'Tl-TOMPSON and Mary Hannon apply Their malceeup beTore The performance oT "Sandbox" ARTA DE CAPOU dwells on The irnporTance of love, and is read by CynThia Carlson and Tom ST. Clair. Annual Christmas Concert and All City Music Festival THE Mf'XlDENS Sue Arnold Liz Stolba and Patsy Shepard, Follow Btnthorne Stan Miter, wherever he goes, Washington's Girl's Choir conducted by Mr. Anthony, practices every other day to rehearse tor pertormances in programs such as the Christmas Con- cert, their own spring program, and the All City Vocal Festival. Their members are chosen by audition and their atticers are: Linda Ott, Susie Patriclc, Rosemary Sailor, Pat Shepherd. High Points of Choirs' Year ima f CHUCK PATRlCK, Mile Fousi and Linda Slipson are listening to the cry ot love sick rnaiden, Barb Harper. Front Row: Bev Shepherd, Linda Slipson, Jean Koza, Susan Patrick, Jane Shupe, Bonnie Padzenslcy, Sandi Schatter, Mr. Anthony, Sheryl Scollon, Betty Sue Ridge, Elizabeth Stolba, Becky Logan, Carol Hall, Lynn Rice, Pat Shepherd, Sandy Hightower. Row Two: Deanna Hul- shizer, Lucinda Gray, Marsha Axmear, Lynette Boynton, Chris Bowman, Mary Nimmer, Mayree Hanzel, Jean Lighthart, Linda Marie Ott, Susie Arnold, Linda Buchannan, Carol Grigq, Joan Shater, Kay Collins, Martha Ely. Row Three: Barb Cypra, Donna Burns, Bev Burger, Barb Kacena, Luanne Keller, Rosemary Sailer, Peggy Giboney, Luann Schoeneman, Linda Schoeneman, Jo Ann Fullcerson, Teri Ross, Mary Ellen Washler, Janet Hulbert, Susan Whitehead, Jackie Vaughn, Dana Bell. Baclr Row: Joanne Rice, Kay Bedient, Jean Bundren, Chris Shogren, Shirley l-latt, Stephanie Moore, Ann Rheinschmidt, Cheryl Adams, Mar- garet Graham, Carol Martinson, Lynn Moore, Kristin Juhl, Susan Heuer Cathy Michalicelc, Carol Wickersham, Sue l'linl4hOuse. xii. Fron+ Row: Warren Weslern, Terry Hull, Jim Clark, James Kauffman, Godsey, Dave Green, Dave Perch, Dick Fillon, Sian Miller. Back Row: Larry Horak, David Downing, Mike Fousi, Dave Wagner, Roberi Posiel, Bob Pafek, Sieve Fuller, Roberi' Morley, Ernie Kosek, Jim Bausch, Mike Roger Duncan, Paul l-iaglund, Mr. Anihony. Row Two: Dick Parsons, Scoll Taylor, Mark Weimer, Meriy Sirasburger, Wayne Bryanr, Don Lee, Brown, Doug Willey, Carl Hobbs, Mike Knighl, Sieve Harris, Ken Charlie Pafrick. Men's and Girl's Choirs Joined Forces for Production of"Patience" Those handsome young men wilh rhe snappy blue blazers and resonani' voices make up The Men's Choir. Among This year's performances were r fhose for The Mason's Children's Chrisl- mas Parly, "PaTience", lhe All Ciiy Music Pesiival and caroling. DICK BARRY as ihe Maior, Jane Shupe and Peggy Giboney as maidens and Jim Kaufman as fhe Duke and Sieve Harris as 'rhe Colonel are singing abou? who will marry who. SUE ARNOLD and Liz Sfolba are Iovefsick maidens drawing raffle iickeis from Soliciier Marly Sirasbcrger fo see who is lo marry Bunfhorne. Studio '65 ls Theme of Concert Choir's Variety Show "MuDaCo" "Siudio 65" was ihe scene of much A combinalion of showmanship and Appearing in lhis possible successor acfiviiy on The Washinglon srage, Feb- virluosily accenled MuDaCo. The ve- io Ed Sullivan were such acls as "Girl ruary 25, 26, 27. MuDaCo, Washing- hicle for Jrhe show was The rehearsal of My Dreams", a comedy skelch, a 1'on's annual bonanza of 'Talent was es- and performance of a ficrional Jrele- Junior Girls Chorus Line and a Dixie- pecially bounliful This year. vision show. lancl Group. , X, wg. ' ,Q "THE BOLSHEVIKSH Bonnie Bickel, Becky Logan, Toni Kaiz and Kale Kanealy praclice for MuDaCo number. MUDACO TRY-OUT SESSION finds Pal Bassef calm in The knowledge of doing her besl. JUNIOR GlRl.S, Sue Schwifrers, Sheryl Trinka, Tammy Ham, Pam Cerny, Joan Shafer, Nancy Nicholson, Debby Schmidi, Sharon Glass, Julie Vane, Karen Houg, Jean Lighfkearl, Sandy Mulvany, Nancy Eoresler, Diane Berlrand, Sue Zazza, and Paula Cameron, do i920 Charlesion acl. I Q Eli H f' i .. , 1 4' U..- g ,, I wh 'Tw ,,L, , ,,..,: aww? ' , II I Qi 1' 7 " 'f 1 ' " K V '.!fAYf52f5H Li N fff"QP,- .iifffwi , " 4 I E E 4 gi W. 2, -f--wmv' ' 'fi if 5 L X 4, 'Y"""' 5 E Students With Outstanding Vocal Ability Are Able to Join Concert Washington's Concert Choir per- torms music ot the tinest quality. Their aim is pertection. Students are chosen tor Concert Choir on an audition basis, and one ot the most important qualiti- cations is the desire to worlc hard and long. Mr. DuBois is the director ot the Choir. Concert Choir gives numerous con- certs and- programs each year. This year they gave Christmas concerts tor Washington student body, the l.ion's Club, the Kiwanis Club, and Methwiclc Manner. They also participated in the All City Vocal Festival, sponsored MuDaCo, and an operetta, Last sum- mer, the highlight was a trip to the New York World's Fair. LAST WARM UP is talien advantage ot by John Blair, Jim Baugh, John Mclaughlin, and Jaclc Caldwell betore going on stage. 4Wt in ' .1 .."K 'f C"'U"'1 , lliiE"!2 0 . , , . t-5.!'S31l- KUKYGZ -' -4 ,, All IVR " YIQZFQEFE 1' I 1-lui f ix"' 46' I, Zim.. rg, Y, , fl FW fi lfzvfsi 'T if i N .' '5 'D,...l.2 K.--.,-J l l Row l: Sandy Hamilton, Katherine Pimenott, Karen Stratenmyer, Joanne Jensen, Tyanne Hodge, Kathy Jones, Nancy Nicholson. Row 2: Barb Hunter, Sylvia Kinlcead, Karen Haug, Stephanie Johnson, Betty Wool- Justice, Debbie Vernon, Pam Fletcher, Marie Grunewald, Marcia Zinc. tolls, Holly Fleiser, Charlene Slcripsy, Viclcey King, Cynthia Oltrnan, Gail Cathy Suthers, Sharon Shwandt, Sue Collins, Cathy Shields, Gretchen Hanna, Nancy Von Voltenburg, Nancy DeWees, Sally Troxell, Carol Van Der Meullen, Jane Baldwin, Pat Bassett, Mary Lou Rice, Mary Choir Headed by Dr. DuBois TIE S' IEIFZI Flilihi IEEE!!! MUSE? VRIBTR DR. DUBOIS leads Concerr Choir 'rhrough many dilfereni iypes of music which was heard in iheir Chrisimas show "Gloria." Pre-conceri Draciice will malce for a smoolh performance. 1:1 fi ' '. , ', - K 1W' '9f COLORFUL CONCERT Cl-lOlR robes are shown oil by Jamie Halpin and Karl Haglund while gaihering song boolcs. r-lannon, Julie Vane, Pam Cerney, Paula Cameron. Norma Brown. Row 3: Sieve Siieger, John McLaughlin, Jim Baugh, Richard Sfrauss, Larry Pinckney, Vernon Slcripsky, Jim Logan, Craig Broclcman, Carl Engsirom, Sieve Cram. Gene Siephens, Bill Lagle, Bruce Leipold, Jack Caldwell, Doug Berry, Kraig Keisier. Row 4: Jirn Gray, Jaclc Gilberi, Joe Hunier, Ken Krizan, John l'lunl, Ron Jackson, Jamey Halpin, Tim Wallcer, Jerry Aichinson, John Blair, Ray Spicer, George Hopkins, Ed Semrud, Karl Haglund, Dwayne Olver, Kim Johnson. Mike l-lupier, Georgc Jaques. Opera Comes to Washington in Menotti's "The Medium" as f- "'- - I . -V -. . ..,g,.....- f . -e.m-... K.. 3 A "MEDIUM" CAST MEMBERS, Karen Sfrafemeyer, Sfeve Sfiegei, Tyanne Hodge, Charlene Slcripslcy, Craig Kiesfner, and Mary Hannon discuss sfage placemenf and singing cues during an early rehearsal. '-.4 I f 1, ...A y K . fi'7 - M'g"e.1 CONCERT CHOIR DIRECTOR, Dr. DuBois, demonsfrafes fhe proper posifion for a scene in The Medium feafuring Tyanne Hodge, as The daughfer, and Mary Hannon, as fhe medium. Opera made ifs firsf enfrance upon fhe Washingfon High School sfage in fhe spring of '65. Dr. DuBois chose Gion Carlo MenoH'i's The Medium fo infroduce opera fo many WHS sfudenfs. As if is quife shorf and requires only a small casf, Trial by Jury wriffen by Gilberf and Sullivan was performed on fhe same program. Madam Flora lin The Mediuml, porfrayed by Mary Hannon, conducfs seances for people who wish fo spealc fo fheir dead relafives and friends. She is ably assisfed in convincing cusfomers fhaf spirifs are presenf by her daughfer, Moni- ca, played by Tyanne Hodge, and a deaf-mule waif named Toby, played by Sfeve Sfieger. Karen Sfrafemeyer, Charlene Slcripslcy, and Craig Kiesfner are cusfomers of Madame Flora. Trial by Jury was casf wifh fhe enfire Con- cerf Choir. This opereffa is a farce upon fhe fradifional English iury sysfem. A young lady sues her former fiance for a breech of promise because he decided nof fo marry her. The courf decides in her favor, and fhe unhappy man is forced info marriage. "Trial By Jury" Casts Entire Concert Choir Membership Q6 GATHERED AROUND lhe music room piano are Medium casl members Craig Kieslner, Sieve Slieger, Tyanne Hodge, Charlene Slcripslcy, Karen Slralemeyer and Mary Hannon. Many rehearsals and role evalualions comprise The preparalion needed for a good musical performance. Band Adds Spirit and Gleaming brass, rhe linkle of belle lyres, lhe lrickling sound of woodwinds, ihe crisp blare of rrumpels, and The bass drum's muliled roar are some of rhe images and sounds connecred wilh rhe Washinglon Marching Band in lhe fall. The clod feel from many early morning praclices culminale in colorful halllime presenralions. Enthusiasm to Many of Washington s School marching band, Concerr Band and lhe pep band also oiler a rich musical ex- perience. This year lhe Concerl Band performed al ils annual spring concerl as well as underlakinga concerl Jrour and appearance al The Easlern Iowa Band Feslival. Wilh Jrhe Orcheslra, lhe Band was hosl lo bolh rhe All-Cily and Srale lnslrumenlal Conlesls. Besides lhe pageanlry and vigor of BAND KNEELS in respecl during lhe Nalional Anlhern al Kingslon Sradium during one of many loolball games. Fronl Row: Carla Kane, Cryslal Nodurll, Sarah Eberl, Cynlhia Ollman, Brenda Smiley. Row Two: Lynda Sedenka, Karl Kelley, Barb Buchannan, Barb Harper, Cheryl Hall, Sreve Warner, Kay Kirkpalrick, Janel' Churchill, Jean Koza, Row Three: Sieve Vardeman, Sue Leckinglon, Dennis Mclvlurray, Tom England, Roger Wainrighl, Kathy Joyces, Dave Chalupsky, Billy Long, Gary Flickinger, Mary Packard, Sandy l-lelh, f W Mary Barber, Lexie Eddings, Ken Flickinger, Wayne Debban, Connie Walson, Sue Finkenbinder. Row Four: Jane Mead, Rhea Ellen Rogers, Bill Lagle, Slave Powell, Rachel Hayerkar-np, Chuck Kacere, Kalhy Ray, Dennis All, John Leelers, John Packwood, Rob Fawceil, John Srnilh, Sleve Delviarrais, Dave Harris, Doug Everell, Mike l-lolveck, Craig Garnanl, Ron Olson, Gary Wainwrighl, Mike Barry, Joanne Hunler, Concerts and Sports Events 'G 0 7:30 FINDS BAND practicing on Washinqton's tield in the early morning dew led by the Band teacher Mr. Ellson. MAJORETTE Donna Narganq and Jan Secore lead the band onto the tootball tield tor halt-time entertainment. Randy Schrnah, Vic Alexander. Row Five: Richard Hull, Nikki Coonrod, Par Carrigg, Paula Chamberlain, John Binder, John Peek, Mike Foust, Pamm Krug, Nellora Ray, Barb Franklin, Doug Wilson, Sarah Long, Kathy Munger, Dick Runner, Brian Peckham, Bob Ostrom, Linda John- son, Steve Sturnbo, Patty Leeters, Rod Dunnick, Pam Starr, Melvin Krewson, Bill Packwood, Ed Ebert, John Graham, Ken Godsey. Row Six: Barb Justice, Sharon Stanley, Jan Secor, Julie Heusrnan, Donna Nargang. Back Row: Nancy Garret, Fay l-liser, Pat Tenney, Brenda Brockman, Ilene Joyce, Kay Neuenswander, t-teidi DeMarris, Mary Ellen Haines, Marlene Omar, Sarah Drexler, Belinda Brockman, Sherry Tincher, Kathy Kellison, Vicki Snider, Ruth Mitchell. Mr. Duckwall Leads Orchestra Through Another Year of Harmony Washingfon High School Symphony Orchesfra is made up of over one hundred musicians led by Mr. John Duclcwall. Mr. Duclcwall was named Or- chesfra chairman for fhe High School All Sfafe Music Fesfival held af Des Moines in November. One weelc lafer. he conducfed fhe Washingfon Orches- l'ra in ifs annual Cafe Musicale. This concerf confinued The orchesfra fra- difion by filling fhe cafeferia for fwo performances. For fhe firsf fime fhis year. fhe orchesfra had a soloisfs cons cerf. Oufsfanding sfudenfs performed solos wifh orchesfrial accompanimenf. The spring concerf provided anofher opporfunify fo perform. Their concerf maferial ranged from fhe lighf-hearfed variefy fo serious classical liferafure. CELLO: Nancy DeWees, Sfeve Sfeiger, Kathy King, Bill Millen, Don Mahuran, Kafhy Jo Myers. TROMBONES: John l-lougen, Dave Casey, Ron Brown, Carl Engsfrom, Larry Pinclcney, Jim Sfripe, John Schusfer, John Hofchlciss. Bill Haunsberger. FRENCH HORN: Jean Taylor, MR. DUCKWALL leads orchesfra members fhrough rigorous roufines during class hour. Differenf fempos of music are sfudied for variefy which are used during such concerts as "Cafe Musicale." Karl Haglund, Paul Haglund, Sandra Sfephen, Bill Scharnberg, Bob Peal. TRUMPETS: Larry Hodgin, Sian Miller, Jeff Swineharf, Allen Doolifile, Bruce Grady. BASSOON: Tad Lipslcy, Kenf Cumblad, Dick Fryrear. OBOE: Bill Dallas, John Hunfs, Lynn Moore, Doug MacKay. ,fre- and Hard Work I in ELAINE PRITCI-IARD, Ann Richardson, and Judy Thomas spend 'time praclicing wisely before Chrisimas show "Gloria", which was a main school cvenl during The Chrislmas holiday. PERCUSSIONI VGI IVICCFUPHI Jim DOOIIIIIS. Bob P5fl'Y.I'I9f1fY IXIGIIIGUSOU- Kacena. Rosemary Sailer, Pal Slcar, Terry I-Iaihaway, Tim Daniels, Harold HARP: Maurine Sionebralcer. CLARINET: Barb Burr, Nan I-Iirleman. Madlom, Mary England, Judy Peiersen, Ardis Sillick, Gail I-Iaincs, Janice Dave Livinqsion, Phil Thompson, Russell Henry, Mary Ann Swenson. Hanlon, Teri Roggl Sharon Soudery Lani Dungfonl Judy Balqar, VIOLIN: Andy Duclcwall, Nancy Rosenbaum, Marie Grunewald, Barb MR. ANTHONY lnelps siiuale girls on l'l1e risers so llwey will be prepared for opening niqlwl, "A Ceremony of Carols" Sung by the Girls f 1 y r A 1 YM Nl'lll.E MR, ANTHONY plays lbe piano Dr. Dubois leads Girls Chorus in some high noles of perleclion. Fronl Row: Suzanne Gray, Nancy Jones, Susan Cassady, Julie Van Orsdol, Carol Wriglwl, Cheri Hill, Diane Beary, Kris Pelersrnillw, Dreanne Furry, Marilyn Myers, Nancy Elder, Linda Dudrey, Sandy Maluclmnik, Karen Rouse, Barb l-larper, Susan Woods, Kalliy Bealy, Sliaron Arnold, Carmen Clark, Debbie Richards, Calhy Sleinke, Kallwy Milclmell, Carol Harman, Kallny Bliss. Row Two: Marla Bools, Linda l-loover, Jan Melsale, Ann Campbell, Connie Sloul, Rogelle Sclwwarz, Meridy Nollscli, Judi McManus, Carol Chamberlain, Pam Breckner, Debbie Crowllier, Barb Berndl, Kallwy Andrlik, Mary Heck, Jan Rankin, Barb l-larlan, Darlene Chorus ls One Highlight of the Annual Christmas Concert One ot the highlights ot the year tor the Girls' Chorus was the presenta- tion ot Benjamin Britten's "A Cere- mony ot Carols" at the annual Christ- mas concert. "The Ceremony" had never been performed at Washington betore. An emblem was added to the navy- blue shitt lthe unitorm ot the Girls' Cho- rusl this year. The emblem, in the shape ot a lyre, was added to the unitorms because the girls telt that they needed a symbol to malce them distinctive trom the other tour choral groups. The three classes ot girls chorus were led by presidents, Bonnie Lewers, Bar- bara l-larper, and Kris Petersmith. ANXIOUS GIRLS CHORUS awaits tor cue tor Christmas "Gloria" while in the Little Theater. Eves, Francie Smith, Kathy Darrow, Karen Brown, Margaret Moore, Myrna Bressler, Pat Barnett, Linda Mahariy. Baclr Row: Jane McFadden, Hillary Garner, Marilyn Maloy, Kate Boxwell, Fran Van Milligan, Patty Jelcerle, Bonny Lwers, Linda Sturbaum, Sherri Tincher, Janit Sagers. Diana Saluri, Linda Tschopp, Barb llten, Vicki Pochobraclslcy, Kathy King, Liz Montgomery, Wendy Phillips, Shirley Gibson, Mary Wright, Barb Joy, Debby Strong, Deana Chamberlain, Leslie Tschopp, Pam Dickey, Jody Myers. Froni Row: Yvonne Akers, Toni Kafz, Chris Edmund, Karen Nosi, Luana Row Two: Sue Shepherd, Sharon Griffin, Connie Walson, Carol Knoll, Schamel. Lynda McMillan, Sue Novak, Donna Herman, Verna Wallon, Bonnie Bickel, Nancy Freeman, Belinda Brockrnan, Linda Freeman, Par Linda Scoir, Barb Gardner, Roberla Hunl, Linda Hoopes, Jean Weslern, Carrigg, Debi Wilson, Barb Maius, Mary Knorr, Margarei' Arnold, Judy Becky Leniz, Nancy Berry, Lisa VanNos+rand, Barb Blegen, Mr. Anihony. Maius, Janei Osborne, Lynn Denny, Pam Currenl, Cafhy Brandon. Row Bass, Alto, Tenor and Soprano Notes Are Perfected During Practices of MR. ANTHONY feels praciice is a musi for a perfeci lone. MANY DIFFERENT Songbooks are used during The year lo add variefy and knowledge of differenf music forms. L ' in l' Three: Tom Esfby, Bob Parker, Sluarl Seigel, Dave Mclnfyre, Fred Humphrey, Sfuarr Lehr, Phil Thompson, Bill Wells, Ken Baslian, Ralph Walsik, Pal Maudsley, Bob French, John Collins, Duncan Calveri, John Broulliard. Gary Mulholland, Mark Cornish, Ron Murphy. Mr. Anthony's Mixed Chorus. For Washinglon Sludenls lhal enioy singing, Mixed Chorus mighl be lhe music course They have been searching for. The Chorus is noi' a selecl group, bul is open lo all who wish lo work ro! ward voice improvemenl. H includes The sludy of basic harmonics. Three limes a year lhe chorus par- 'licipales in vocal presenlalions: lhe Chrislmas Concerr, The Spring Music Feslival wilh Jefferson, and The Wash- inglon Spring Concerl, Members of lhe Mixed Chorus Tell Thar Their lime had been well spenl in class. Though lhere had been much hard work involved, lhe enioymenr was nor lo be overlooked. 'f GATHERING in a circle, sludenis are able lo hear beHer lhe 'rones and harmony of fellow singers. 'AW BACK STAGE opening nighl 'lhe boys of Mixed Chorus nervously awail opening curlain. ' ' 1 E I 2 K A H I A A rg I iii -E 5-I f . 1 z . 1, Front Row: Earl Williams, Jim Moore, Bill Anderson, Albert Dwayne Williams, George Jacks, Al l-laedt, John Waples, Dave way, Jesse Fauchier, Pete Pudzuvelis, Doug Freeman, Rick Carter, Watts, Tom Madson, Mark Miller, Bob Stack. Row Two: Bill Ross, Appelby, Dave Bothwell, Bob King, Terry Thompson, Tom Owens, Martin, Don Childers, Bob Tally, Guy Williams, Jim Lockwood, Carr. Brock- Doug Dave Terry Dave Galbraith, Dave LaFontaine, Ken Krizan, Ed Knapp, Doug Joslin, Dick Melichar. Row Three: Jack Murray, Terry Smthe, Pete Kohl, Tim Doonan, Tom Peterson, Jett Smith, Cecil Coombs, Gene Kendall, Greg Sieh, Pete Tellenson, Rick Moses, Jim Carrithers, Jim Van Dine, Bill Everett, Don Barry, Terry Lane, Rex Smith, Lar Larson. Back Row: Mr. Rust, Dale Ferch, Ed Nelson, Keith Blornberg, Chuck Kilma, Vern Skripsky, Joe McGillicuddy, Steve Schwandt, John Dvorak, Dennis Cald- well, Steve llten, Keith Faidley, Fred l-lahn, Altred Carr, Bob l-lampton, Marty Strasburger, Jamey l-lalpin, Rott Wultsberg, Al Weaver, John McManus. Varsity Letter Winners in All Sports Join Forces in Letterman's Club Varsity letter winners in all sports join torces to torm the Lettermen's Club. The rnaior service carried out by this organization is selling tickets and punching activity tickets at athletic events. Mr. Rust, Director ot Athletics, serves as adviser and Fred l-lahn is president. Rex Smith, Tim Doonan, and Rick Moses round out the list ot otti- cers tor Lettermen's Club. Lie ' KV Y if' LETTERMEN OFFICERS Tim Doonan, Rex Smith and Fred Hahn meet with adviser, Mr. Rust, to work on assignments tor tuture basketball games. ONE OF THE LETTERMENS tunctions is to sell and punch tickets at athletic events. Here, Pete Pudzuvelis punches Mike Wathan's basketball tickets. 45? k V-.WMV ,,.wW,,,,,4 in :Oi ' A GRA Gives Cpportunity to Use Washington Recreation Facilities For girls who wish to take tull ad- vantage ot the many recreation tacili- ties at Washington, C5.R.A., the Girls' Recreation Association, ottered excel- lent opportunities. Activities such as volleyloall, basketball, swimming, tram- poline, and even ping-pong were on the agenda. intramural competition in the torm ot tournaments within the club was popular with the girls. Advisor ot the club was Miss Fisher and president MANY GIRLS talce advantage ot the school pool tacilities open to members. Meetings were scheduled tor Monday evenings on a bi-weekly basis, COMMITTEE HEADS representing all sports and otticers torm the Executive Committee, Current and long-range plans tor the school year were the subiect ot trequent meetings. Front Row: Lis Piclctord, Diane O'Leary, Jane Cherry. Row 2: Sandy Stevens, Pat Murray, Nancy Harrington, Baclc Row: Dana Bell, Ann Kanealy, Lynn l-lirleman, Joan Hailrnan, Susie Fitton. ff, - .xr was Dana Bell. CLUB MEMBER reaches tor a high ball in the GRA volleyball tournament. i l rf ' 2 I mire,- "-xt' WAITING FOR THE OFFICIALS sign Io begin are GRA members pariicipaiing in a basIceIbaII game during a piayday held af Jefferson High School. Many Girls Participated in City GRA Play Day at Jefferson IMPROVING THEIR SKILL ai ping pong are GRA members Carol Wickersham and Judy Mariin. III. MISS FISHER, ciub adviser, looks on while presi- dent Dana Bell posts ine names of high-scorers in The GRA basiceibali Iournameni. 1 1 Bev Shepherd, Mary Hannon, Sue Shepherd, Pam Dickey, Ann Kanealy, Cindy Olfman, Linda Angell, Sabra Dunham, Jannane Ferring, Par Procier, Sue Barfon, Connie Downing, Judy Marfin Cheryl Hall Mariha Marrin Sherry Smiih Jean Koz S B , , , , a, uzanne erg, Sue Schwiffers, Carol Wickersham, Linda Sedenka, Berry Woolfolk Sandy Nelson Gre'chen Crary and Mar Lee Morris C Jr K , , . y on. en er: ay Nuenswander, presideni, Debbie Schmidt, vice-president Judy Redenbaugh, secreiary. International Aquatic Art Festival Highlights Seaquins' Year Pf- if., GORILLA WARFARE was one ot the subjects covered in "Re- tlections", the '65 Seaquins aquatic show. lncluded in the group were Sandy Nelson, Martha Martin, Ann Kanealy, Kav Nuens- wander. Cindy Oltman, Jean Koza. Seaquins, Washington's aquatic arts club, had the honor ot hosting the ln- ternational Aquatic Arts Festival this year. The Festival toolc place during Easter vacation and lasted about a weelc. Participants came trom all over the United States, Canada, England, and Germany. The Festival consisted ot work and practice sessions, iudginq ot acts, and public pertormances. The Seaquins entered the competition with acts trom their show which was given in Marchf THREE MEMBERS ot a sequence depicting politics, Debbie Brown Sue Schwitters and Linda Sedenlca, pose betore entering the pool during one ot the many aiter school practices. OLYMPlCS was the theme ot a team number using I5 qirls. Pictured here are: Front Row: Cheryl Hall, Linda Angell, Judy Martin, Kay Nuenswander Connie Downing, Mary Lee Morrison. Baclr Row: Suzanne Berg, Sue Barton, Judy Reclenbaugh, Pam Diclcey, Chris l-tall, Sherry Smith, Bev Shepherd f c A 4- f ...wo 1 1 t 'Q Promoting School Spirit Was the Main Goal of Washington Pep Club '+, uit X. PEP CLUB executive committee planned long range club proiects. Members, made up ot otticers and committee heads, are Front Row: Dana Bell, Ann Hamilton, Debbie Taylor. Back Row: Betty Wooltollc, Mary Lou Rice, Connie Krebbs, Debbie Schmidt. SCHOOL PEP ASSEMBLIES are the responsibility of Pep Club Assembly committee members Jo Fullcerson, Joan l-lailrnan, Margaret Arnold, and Mary Lou Rice. Promoting school spirit was the main goal ot the Pep Club. With adviser, Miss Scornhorst, and president, Ann l-lamilton, the club worked toward its' goal by learning the songs and cheers, selling booster buttons, making posters, selling programs at the tootball games, and sponsoring buses to the out ot town games. Pep Club was Washington's largest club with over a hundred mem- bers, and it was one ot the most in- tluential in creating enthusiasm tor school activities. ' u--...4 l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, Jan Steele, Jodyn Stasllal and Deanne Miller, discuss Corning basketball game betore a club sponsored pep bus leaves tram the arcade. A, nf ANN HAMILTON, Pep CIub president. leads one oIII'1e cIub's bl-weekly meetings in The cafeferra Membershup of over a hundred made Pep CIub scI'1ooI's Iarqesf organizafion. Pep Club Projects Include Booster Buttons, Pep Buses Posters ,. s Q lf, M, 'Y gg.,- BIG. BRIGHT SIGNS are Ilwe main endeavor of Pep CIub's PubIIcIIy commntee, Members mee? every week in the arf rooms Io make signs for commg afhlefic evenis, Sw' ' ANNUAL PEP CLUB dinner held in lhe school cafeleria drew large number of girls and was lhe lirsl social Pep Club evenl' ol lhe year. V' ya, N, Cheerleaders Give an Additional lmpetus to Pep Club Enthusiasm WASl-HNGTON STUDENTS exchanged aclivily liclcels and money lor 'liclcels lo The Washinglondellerson game al boolhs slalled by Pep Club members. WAYS AND MEANS commillee members Joan Schaeffer, Mary Lou Rice and Paula Cameron examine shalcers sold by lheir commillee as a club proiecl. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS, imporlanl members ol Pep Club, praclice a cheer lhey will presenl 'ro club members al a lulure meelinq. K1 'ff xv 'I wif N M Q A Li WA N1 l-ligh school musl prepare ils gradu- ales Tor The liTelong challenge oT com- pelilion. A schools academic program helps The sludenl lo meel The inlellec- lual challenge. Bul There is anolher way in which almosl all The aspecls compelilion may be Tell in a concen- 'rraled and very real way. This is Through a schools afhlefic program. Sporls are more Than iusl games Jrhal encourage Jrhe developmenl of slrong bodies and a high degree ol: physical and menlal coordinalion. Parlicipalion in a sporl is a lesson +ha+ cannol be learned Trom a lexlboolc. bul musl be condilioned Through par- licipalion. Forlunalely, Though, win- ning or losing a Toolloall game or a lraclc meer or a Tennis march is nol a do-or-die silualion. If H were il would lose i+s purpose. Good sporlsmanship and The abilily To accepl defeal grace! Tully, is parf of The responsibilify The alhlefe musl' assume. Our schools alhlelic program lied The school Togefher. Ov-er one-Third of The male populalion wenl oul Tor some Type of sporf. Each individual gave his all To The school, The school Then had a responsibilify in ils aclions To The en- lire communily. Thus all shared some responsiloilily in The alhlelic program. and all received somelhing from if, eilher direclly as a parlicipanl' or in- direclly as a specfalor-supporler. fQ 'N I Warriors Complete a 4-3-I Season for Fifth Rank in Conference Assl. Coach Mr: William "Bud" Rainbow Head Coach Mr. William Holdren Mr. James Miller Mr. Wally Sheels Assi. Coach Assl, Coach Row l: Jim Lockwood, Dale Perch, John Reid, Dan Voellz, John Mc- Manus, Pele Kohl, Mike Reed, EI Nelson, Bob Hamplon, Keiih Blom- berg, John Dvorak. Row 2: Ed Knapp, Jim Carriihers, Duane Williams. Bob King, Dave Galbrailh, Rick Moses, Pele Telenson, Bill Ross, Bill Evereii, Al Carr, Jim VanDine. Row 3: Al Weaver, Chuck Klirna, Mike Moses, Sieve Frank, Pele Pudzuvellis, Ray Spicer, Torn Madson, l.aVern Bools, Dennis Caldwell, Craig Brandon, Roll Wulfsberg. Row 4: Sieve Slile, Gary Skogr-nan, George Jaques, Rusly Swyers, Sleve Cram, Jim l-lulchinson, Vladimir Alrnasov, Vern Skripsky, Sieve Fuller, Sleve Glanlz, John Newmeisier. Row 5: Gene Kendel, Mgr., Tom Pelerson, Mgr., Joe Hunier, Gene l-lamillon, Bill Millen, Emmel Gilmore, Mike Freuchle, Sieve Daubenmier, Jerry Aichison, Mark Slalen, Mgr., Bob Collogan, Mgr. ii 4 Q we s 4' K F . ig' ' Elias m.1f4w.L-AZ! ' .vp Q mn'-QQ.: K K he emu., PETE KOHL drags a would-be defender info flne end zone for a fouchdown. PICTURED LEFT: fop, Quarferbaclc Keifh Blombergg boffom, Cenfer Bob King 's g PICTURED ABOVE: End Jolnn Dvorak PICTURED LEFT: I-Ialfback Al Carr Varsify Record ' WI-IS Opponenf 32 Moline 45 CIin+on I6 Iowa Cify 33 Davenporf Cenfral 28 Waferloo Wesf O Jefferson I5 Rock Island I3 Dubuque 48 Easf Moline Team Sfafisfics Tofal offense: 2885 yards Passing: 59l yards Rushing: 2294 yards Final MVC sfanding: Fiffli Offensive sfanding in flne MVC: Firsf Defensive sfanding in fhe MVC: Second Passes affempfed: 98 Passes complefed: 47 Leading scorer: Fefe Kohl-I06 pfs. Score 27 O I9 7 I9 I4 21 I3 6 Warrior Gridiron Attack Led by Two All-Staters The WHS foofbail fearn fhis season compiled a 4-3-I season's record. The Warrior offense led by All-Sfafers Pefe Kohl, haifbacic, and John Mcivianus, end, compiefed fhe season wifh fhe number one rafing in fhe Mississippi Valley Conference. The defensive sguad finished fhe season wifh a rafing of second in fhe conference. The basis of fhe Washingfon offense fhis season was fhe ground game. The passing affack was led by Keifh Biomberg and Jim Lockwood, on fhe passing end, and John Mcivianus and Dave Gailbrafh on fhe receiving end. End Kem-, Faidley Tackle Dale Ferch A 5, nr in Q, T , End Dave Gaiibraifh Tacicie Boi: Hampfon All Mvci AH cfiy ROCK ISLAND defense fighfens affer a Washingfon gain. COACH BUD Rainbow hoids a sideline conifersafion wifh Jim Lockwood INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Leading Scorers Pele Kohl-99 pls. . Milce Reid-48 pls. if v John Dvorak-I8 pls. . R A I Emmell Gilmore-I 8 pls. Leading Rushe-fs Allempls I Pele Kohl-l022 yds, I27 Mike Reid-796 yds. 93 f. Emmell Gilmore-IS9 yds. 23 gi John Dvorak-l52 yds. 30 Q Leading Passers Ajrlempls-Complelions " I Keilh Blomberg-23l yds. 5l-30 I . K K Pele Kohl-I36 yds. IZ- 4 ' K iiii Jim Lockwood-97 yds. 23- 7 I-lallbaclc Pele Kohl Quarlerbaclc Tom Madsen-6' yds' I2- 6 All American, All MVC Jim Lockwood AlIS+a1e,AIlCi1y Pete Kohl Led Washington Scoring With 99 Points I-IALFBACIC PETE Kohl had good blocking as he moved oul' on an end run. End John McManus A PILEUP al' fhe Clinfon game resulled from a quarlerloaclc sneak. All Slale, All MVC All Cily lg 1 E X I Q. . Z , pl si. I Na K v , A Kingston Stadium Was Center of WHS Football Action Tackle Ed Nelson AN END ZONE punt releases Washington from danger of Rock lsland defense. A SUCCESSFUL run by Mike Reed is brought to a finish by Iowa Cily defense. CATCH. AND TACKLE, end Jolwn McManus is brouglwl' to ground afler a Gllafd Pele Pl-ldZdV9IiS Fllllbafili Mike Raed successful calclm All MVC, All Cily s. X Vqi: A . Rl 1 Washington Offense Number One in Conferences Defense Number Two Guard John Reid Cenfer Dan Vgeli-1 Guard Duane Williams All Cify SX CHEERLEADER CAROL JONES helped her feam fo vicfory in fhe fiqhf againsf Easf Moline. WARRIOR BACK begins a plunge fhrough fhe line. DEFENDERS CLOSED in on John Dvorak as he afiempied an encl run. .I .V ,W IV is E,i..WiL HA . DEFENSIVE LINEBACKER Keifh Blomberg moves IH fo plug a hole and make a successful fackle on a chargmg Jefferson back Bfomberg 'HIB5 To sfem Hue hde during Hue Warriors I4O loss Sophomores Run Up 3-4-I Record Against Tough Opponents 'Rih- Mr. Tom Crosfon Assf. Coach ""-an 'VW- ff--... Mr. Roberi Sfevens Asst Coach Mr. Harold Wilkinson Head Coach Sophomore Regard Sophomore Record Conf. WHS Opponenl Score Final siaiidiiig in +he WHS Opponenl Score I4 Moline I4 lggfif 39 Regis 0 7 Clinlon I4 7 Jefferson 25 I4 Iowa Cify O O Rock lSl6f1Cl I8 26 Davenporr Cenlral 28 27 Dubuque O Row I: Kris Philips, Brian Pecham, Jim Lewis. Mark Shepard, Rob Fawcell, Greg Slager, Tom Hubbard, Wes Dunnich, Ralph Wasilc, Larry Barnell, Andy Simms, Tim Trainer, Joe Anderson. Row 2: Greg Becker. Dan lller, Dah Huflen, Jim Allen, Sieve Scheib, Rich Echlsfen, Sieve Pulnam, Greg Wingfield, Lee Olcerland, Bill Cain, Dennis Peliselc, Ed Johnson, Sieve Secora. Row 3: Jay Eddings, Bill Scharnberg, Lewis Kinlceacl, Doug Everii, Gary Baughman, Bill Baldwin, Sieve Slumbo, Sieve Reed, Dennis Svoboda, Miles Bene:-Na+ Tom McGowan, :B 14 53 'L-9, Fronl Row: Tim Doonan, Rolf Wullsberg, Tom Heck, Sam Senli, Sleve lllen, Joe McGillicudcly, Terry Lane, Jirn Carrilliers. Row 2: Jolwn Park, Mike Seyfer, Marc Arends, Mike Gipson, Hai Smilh, Gary Nelolicky, Clnuck Cozad, Al Haedl. Row 3: Vern Skripsky, Sieve Frank, Dennis Caldwell, Gary Skogman, Randy Meeks, George Robb, Keillw Blornberq, A Basketball Team Combines Skill, ASST, COACH Wm. Holdren and Head Coach Clark McCleary. 4'k ?ZZ3E'9M viii,-ffsz: 1 om. uAT,'le..3- i3Ef5T 32 g Tom Madson, Rich Hull-Manager. Lasl Row: Roger Akers-Manager, Clark McCleary-Coach, Mark Weimer, Mark Tielz, Jim VanDine, Brian Williams, Bob Hercllicka, Bill Holdren-Assislanl Coach, Gene Ken- dell-Manager. Endurance and Quick Minds. Season's Record WHS Opponenl' Score 48 Wesl Walerloo 5l 97 Marion 86 46 Wesl 44 60 Dubuque 38 6l lowa Cily 4l 63 Jefferson 53 69 Rock island 94 45 Clinlon 53 63 Moline 69 85 Dubuque 70 39 Rock lsland 80 70 Cenlral 80 ei iowa ciiy 72 48 Jefferson 46 56 Easl Moline 87 57 Wesl 74 78 Clinlon 67 60 Moline 90 Warriors Complete a Season of Ups and Downs With an 8 IO Record STEVE ILTEN receives a pass as he brings clown The ball WashingTon's baslceTloall Team ended The l965 season wiTh a much improved Team Than lasT year. Compiling an over- all record oT eighT wins and Ten losses They Tinished in sixTh place in The MVC wiTh seven wins and nine losses. Coach McCleary saw Tour reTurning sTarTers Trorn lasT year's Team, including guards Terry Lane and Tim Doonan, cenTer STeve llTen and Torward Sam SenTi. STarTing The season The Warriors losT To WesT WaTerloo in a close game. The Warriors Then won Tive games in a row, including Tour againsT conference corn- peTiTors. A loss To a Tough Rock lsland Team ended The win sTrealc. ATTer This loss The Warriors had a mosTly up and down season. For The TirsT Time in Tour years The Warrior Team was able To deTeaT cross Town rival JeTTerson Twice in The same season by scores oT 63-53 and 48-46. The lasT game wiTh JeTTerson was won on a Tip-in by Sam SenTi in The lasT Two seconds oT play. WiTh more heighT coming up Tor nexT year along wiTh more experience Trom The iuniors The WashingTon baslceTloall Team will look Torward To a more successTul season. T ess I H Forward Jim CarriThers Guard Tim Doonan CENTER JUMP and STeve llTen Tips The ball Toward TeamrnaTe Sam SenTu 1-wal'-qui l School Pep Song Lyrics Proved True Twice With the Words Y 99 ' . . . Come on You Yo-Yos, the J-Hawks Are Dead X Q--7-Q ---- if x REFEREE INDICATES a fwo shof foul as bteve llfen sefs for a shof. Center Sieve lH'en GUARD ROLF WULFSBURG makes good iwo of his iwenfye SUGQESTIONS for me Sgcond haif 5 D i 2 ix five poimxs againsf Dubuque. given 'fo Hue squad by Coach Mccleary Warriors Were Host to Nine Home Games Throughout the I964-I965 Basketball Season 'o F ' ,,.4-f 44 d by T y Lane against JOE McGlLLlCUDY goes up tor a push shot. SUCCESSFUL LAY-UP is me e . err Marion. GUARD TIM DOONAN passes to Steve llten against Rock lsland. f H K A ,.,--W" Oun l SAM SENTI moves between Rock Island men tor a re- b d Warriors Trampled the Indians With a Flnal Score of 97 86 HALF-TIME ralk is gfven by Coach McCleary as Ho evafuafes ine War STEVE ILTEN baffles under baske? agalnsr Iowa Cary Wren scored 20 pomis rior's efforis. as The Warrlors had a 6l 4I vucfory 'Fw PICTURED LEFT: Forward Joe McGiHicudy TERRY LANE moves in againsf Marion for a 51101. PlCTURED BELOW, left Forward Sam Senfi AH CIW Piciurcd below: Guard Rolf Wulfsburg .QB 'W-' V 0 .. ,n r ,, f 0 , Q f , mg' fm WC' f f -' Qs ff' 'K' f fflafff I J H, Q, 9 A , 3 Q fr 'A M ev' z gun'-PU! Soph Basketball Squad Proves Promising for the Coming Years ' Season's Record WHS Opponenl Score 48 Wesl Walerloo 46 63 Marion 43 52 Davenporl Wesl 5l 44 Dubuque 3l 49 lowa Ciiy 52 4l Jefferson 45 60 Rock lsland 53 40 Olinlon 47 44 Moline 5l 60 Dubuque 44 42 Rock lsland 60 62 Davenporl Cenlral 46 58 Iowa Cily 56 49 Jefferson 55 62 Easr Moline 51 56 Davenporl Wesl 6l 42 Clinlon 56 29 Moline 73 HAROLD PRIMROSE, Assi. Coach and Wally Shears, Coach. Firsl Row: Slave Hill, Sam Tyrdilc, Greg Wingfield, John Smilh, Rudy Jim l-lamer, Bill Rogers, Bob Walker Back Row' Coach Slweels Tom Simms, Tim Traynor. Row 2: Doug Johnson, Gary Sreiger, Wes Dunniclc, Eicher, Larry Buck, Terry Rexroal, Jirn.Lemme, Coach Primrose. I ,ew wi rwx 1523? in fini... his XM NW HOMEROCM INTRAMURALS give everyone who ws mlreresfed an compeflng In afmefmcs a chance To perhcnpafe IH G wrde varnejry of sporfs Girls, as well as boys may fake parlr Trophres are qrven each year fo fhe homeroom wulrlw me moslr pomlrs an Wrestling Squad Racked Up a Winning Season of 8-3 Season's Record WHS Opponenl' Score 43 Marion 3 I2 Jefferson 30 32 Easl Moline 5 24 Rock lsland I8 2l Wesl l9 26 Moline l7 I6 Jefferson 25 22 Clinion I7 V ill 31 Dubuque I4 2 28 lowa Cily I2 8 Cenlral 29 Jefferson Quaclrangular Third Place ASST. COACHES Floyd Coleman, Bob Sleveris, and Head Coach David Rosenberg rellecl' 'lhe leam's success. Fronl' Row: Dennis Benning, Ray Gillrap, Tari Dailey, Jack Rusk, Torn Larry Baner, Torn Whilsell, Brian Peckham, Ralph Wasik, Sieve Philips, Srniih, Kurl' Slolba, Sieve Seyfer, Don Shilders, John Newrneisier, Ed Charles Kacere, Greg Slager. Row 4: Kevin Techan, Gary O'Rear, Nelson, Bill Everell. Row 2: Bruce Anderson, Lawrence Bryanl, Dave Sieve Wrighi, Dave Boolh, Jon Red, Sieve Englehardl, Tom Cook, Grunwell, Jeii Fly, Dave Perch, Dick MeLichar, Tim Cook, Marshall Larry Scholerman, John Reid, Mark Shephard, Sieve Fuller, Bob Hamp- Nicklsen, Bill Ross, Dan l-luilon, Gary Baughman, Mike Moses. Row 3: lon. Back Row: Lynn Ruihelord, Sieve Cook, Joe Luense, Torn Lanlier, Doug McKay, Tom Wilcox, Craig Larson, Chris Philips, Gary Clendining, Dan Daniels. Washington Sends Daily, Kohl and Nelson to State Meet Pictured right: Ray Giltrap 95 lbs. Pictured below, right: Tari Daily, lO3 lbs. and I I2 lbs. District Champion third lO3 State Pictured below: Dennis Benning, lO3 lbs ,C REFEREE GETS DONVN on his knees as a Washington wrestler opponent. The Washington Warrior wrestling team com- pleted another successtul season, and tinished the year with a 9-3 record in dual meet competition. In addition to their dual meets the squad participated in the Jetterson quadrangular, where they tinished third, the district meet, where they had two cham- pions and one runner-up, and in the State meet where they had one champion and one third place tinisher. Pete Kohl was the Warrior's state champion by virtue ot a decisive 6-I victory. Tari Daily obtained the Warriors third place by pulling out a close 4-3 victory in the consolation round. Because ot these two victories the wrestlers ended up in ninth place in the State meet. In addition to their placings in State and district the grapplers compiled a 8-3 record in the Missis- sippi Valley Conterence which brought them a third place tinish. There are good prospects tor the team next sea- son. This is due to 'a large number ot returning, ex- perienced men trom this year's squad and numerous city champions moving up trom the Junior I'Iigh program. pins L. ' new WASHINGTON WRESTLER Jack Rusk completes a reverse during the meet with Jetterson. .33 - Pete Kohl Takes State at ISO With Teri Daily Taking Third at I03 w-'yd WASHINGTON MATMAN successfully drives an opponent to earth. CONCERN AND FRUSTRATION are part ot the side- line activities ot the wrestling squad and coaches during a meet. DURING A BREAK in the match, Coach Rosenberg gives Dennis' Benning tips tor improving his performance. WARRIOR HEAVYWEIGHT Milne Moses battles to bring his opponent to the rnat in a meet with Iowa City. PIN HIM! The sounds of Jrhe cheerleaders and The crowd encourage fhe wresflers To puf Forfh a liHle more effort Pejre Kohl sfrugcjes wilrh a Davenpor+ Wesf grappler 'ro gain more poinfs for Washingion. .. 3,11 .fb . gm wwf' Washington Post a Big 32 to 5 Victory Over East Moline Tom Smilh l27 lbs. Jaclc Ruslc IZO lbs. W ,s WARRlOR WRESTLER is in llwc process of escaping a light- ing opponent. GRAPPLER KURT STOLBA lights as his opponent attempts to escape a hold. Kurl' Slolba IZ7, l33 lbs. Sleva Seyfer l38 lbs. ,WWW DRIVING TOWARD a pin, a wrcsller cxorls all his energy. MJWW,,,,,.s.a.... Warriors Finish the Season Third in the Valley Conference Don Childers l45 lbs. .ig- John Newmiesler l54 ll3S, X, - -"W" 1 Ed Nelson l65 Ilog, Dislrlcl Runner-Up PRIOR TO A CONTEST, lhe squad loosens up lo prevenl inlurles during lhe cornpellllon. Pele Kohl IBO lbs. Dlslricl Champion Slale Champion Milne Moses l-leavyweiqhl Wash Swimmers Repeat as State Champions Two Consecutive Years First Row: Bob Collogan, Mgr., Rex Risser, Mgr. Row 2: Ricl: Carter, Dave Brock- way, Doug Watts, Al Cameron. Row 3: George McClain, Terry Thompson, Mick Christensen, Scott Brown. Row 4: Bruce Grady, Jack Murray. Guy Williams. Ken Krizan. Row 5: Jamie Halpin, Greg Sieh, Jett Smith, Tom Owens, Row 6: Skip Keehn, Mgr., Fred Hahn, AI Carr, Marty Strausburger. Season's Record WHS Opponent Score 66 Moline 29 bl Clinton 34 D. M. Roosevelt 68 Davenport 27 West Jetterson 60 Rock Island 35 60 Muscatine 34 Jetterson 85 Central I3 77 Ottumwa I9 75 Muscatine 20 48 Clinton 47 Rock Island Relays Second Place Clinton Relays First Place Conterence First Place District First Place State First Place State Records 200 yd. Medley Relay IFred Hahn, Tom Owens Teed Welch, AI Carri I 242.4 IOO yd. Butterfly fJamie Halpint 53.6 200 yd. Freestyle Relay IKen Krizan, Al Carr Jamie Halpin, Marty Strauslourgerl I :30.4 All-American Times 200 yd., Medley Relay IFred Hahn, Tom Owens, Teed Welch. Al Carrl I 242.4 IOO yd. Butterfly lJamie I-Ialpinl 53.6 200 yd. Freestyle Relay Kim Krizan, Al Carr. Jamie Halpin, Marty Strauslourgeri l:3O:4 All-American Individuals and Relay Teams Led Wash Swimmers Al Cameron lndividual Medley Warriors repeal as conference, dis- lricl, and slale champions. The swim leam lecl by l'wo All-American relay leams and All-American individualisl Jamie l-lalpin won by seven poinls over arch rival Clinlon. Mr. Harold Krizan Head Coach e ff Al Carr Medley Relay Freeslyle Relay Slale Champion All-American Aller an undelealed dual meel sea- son, lhe squad eclced oul' a close vic- lory over Roclc Island in Conference followed by successive one, lwo, and seven poinl' viclories over Clinlon on WARRIOR DIVER4 Terry Thompson, lorms a silhouelle in The pool windows as he goes inlo a fuck during lhe 77-I9 viclory over Ollomwa. WARRIOR SWllvlMER, Ken Krizan, makes a successful slarl in The Warrior's 75-20 viclory over Muscaline. lhree successive weekends. Coach l-larold Krizan has high hopes lor nexl year wilh a squad made up of relurning Juniors and boys moving up from lhe Junior l-ligh program. Mrs. Rose Taylor Diving Coach Coach Krizan's Psychological Approach to Swimming Pays Off Riclr Carler ZOO yd. Free-Slale Champion 400 yd. Free Jamie Halpin IOO yd. Fly-Slale Champion All-American Freeslyle Relay-Slaie Champion All-American Tom Owens Medley Relay-Slale Champion All-American IOO yd. Breaslsfrolce .f'f'q'w JUDGES BEND over The pool io check 'rurns during lhe 400 yd. lreeslyle in lhe 66-29 viclory over Moline. Medley R Slale Champion All American IOO yd Baclusirolre 6 CONCENTRATION, MEDITATIONQ Warrior swimmers Teed Welch Ken Krizan 50 d Pre and Jamie Halpin resl on lhe blocks and consider lheir upcoming Freesf Ie Rela L'S+a+e race in The IOO yd. bulierfly during The meer wilh Davenpoff Chamgion Axflbioxmefc Cenlral. an - of ' 'Q rat... -1' 'yvggg' -- , .. . Q C M ! .o i f'g.,,w , . L b .. l 1 -fy .... , - a Q,"-gg i 3 4........l".Zg cs. y ,, , .,x,L,, ., gl. .,,. ,V . ,Lg , , . We. mfg.. Championship Team Honored by Congressman Culver at Pep Rally Greg Sieh 50 yd. Free, lOO yd. Free Teed Welch Medley Relay-Slale Champion All-American MW? Jeff Smllh 200 yd. Marly Sfrauslaurger Jaclr Murray Free, 400 yd. Free IOO yd. Free, Free Relay- IOO yd. Breaslslrolce Slale Champion-All-American SWIMMERS MOVE down The pool during lhe bullerlly leg of lhe Individual medley againsl Jefferson. Q A -45' SOUND of The gun and lhe swlrnmers leave 'their mark during The Washlnglon meer with Moline. 'F' . A-3 Junior Varsity Schedule Expanded to Ten Swim Meets During the Year The Washingfon l-ligh School Junior Varsify con. plefed fheir second season under fhe direcfion of Coach Wm. Quimby. Wifh a schedule expanded lo fen meefs, fhe feam wenf undefeafed unfil fhey losf fheir final confesf fo Clinfon. ln addifion fo fhe Junior Varsify confesfs, fhe Sophomore members of fhe squad ioined wifh fhe Varsify for wins in a meef wifh Moline and in 'lhe Clinfon Relays and for a second place finish in fhe Rock lsland Relays. Season's Record WHS Opponenf Score 54 SCI l-ligh 40 50 Clinfon 45 5l Tipfon 4l 64 Jefferson 3l 50 Cify High 45 66 Muscafine 25 62 Jefferson 32 70 Offumwa l4 70 Muscafine- 32 4l V2 Clinfon 53lf2 Mr. Wm. Quinby Junior Varsify Coach l54 Firsl Row: Bob Oslrom. John Klopp, John Bush, Chuck Seepe, Don Wriqhf. Row 2: Al Smifh, Mike Sandy, Ed Johnson, Doug Barr, Larry Laufher. Row 3: John McLaughlin, Rick Scherling, Sfeve Murphy, Dale Wood. Row 4: Don Luefiohan, Bill Bergman. Jim Sfripe, Dennis Beaman, Tom Lackner. Row 5: Ernie Kosek, Ken Weaver, Bob Bear, Dave Boyce, Jay Barnes. Row 6: Tom Anderson, Sfeve Pufnam, Don Swifzer, John O'Meara, Mike Moen. Back Row: Tom Safely, Mgr., Mark Fisher, Mgr., Sfeve Warner, James Herman, "nv PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH +0 swimming as well as afhlehc skili is emphasized by Coach Hal Krizan, who has seen ihree WHS. Slralre Champion- ships in five years. Tom Owens, and Al Carr, Jrwo members who aided The feam in Hs vicfory Jrhis year, lisfen in eameslr as Mr. Krizan ialks +o Jrhem. Y' Y' YV X 74. L l'1.. ' I Golfers, Worked Hard to Match Warriors' I964 Scores. l965 Schedule Dale Opponenl Dale Opponenl April IO Iowa Cily Invilalional May Regis April I7 Walerloo Quadrangu May La Salle lar May Des Moines Roosevell April 20 Regis May IO Slalion Seclional April 22 Jellerson May I2 Iowa Cily D ' April 24 Iowa Schools Conler- May I5 Washinglon Invllalional ence Invilalional May I7 Slale Dislricl April 27 Iowa Cily May ZI Jellerson April 29 Muscaline May 24 Slale May I Conference I964 Record Place Opponenl 2nd Iowa Cily Invilalional Isl Walerloo Quadrangular Isl Independence 2ncI Jellerson Zhd Iowa Schools Invilalional 'Zncl Iowa Cily Isl Muscaline 2nd Conference 2nd Regis Place Opponenl 3rd Slale Dislricl 2nd Iowa Cily 2nd Washinglon Invilalional Isl Regis Isl Jellerson Slale Meel: no enlranls Mr. Wm. "B I-lead ud" Rainbow Coach WASHINGTON GOLF TEAM member Jim Lockwood praclices driving lhe ball oul ol lhe rouq preparalion lor compclilio PICTURED Iell lo righl: Jim Lockwood, Ray Gillrap, Doug Freeman, Ron Olson, Dennis Oelschlaeger oe Thaler, Don Barry, I-Ial Smilh, Mary Hielz, Dave LaI:onlaine. 4 A I I A L L. A iii' I T, Q I K .s,., , , In A ep Q , A , ,'.' ' f I 2 ,Q , ia if: ,L ., :wig ul 1 4 ' f . - ,, jr l .lie . ,N Q. .. , rg ,ara 1 . , i Q ix. ,I as 3 Track Stars, John Dvoralf Sets New Records in Both Low and High Hurdles Resulfs-I964 Season I- 'f 3 The brighl spol of lhe i964 lraclc March 30 4l-ll SI-ale Indoor . I 'X squad was lhe presence ol several April 2 5l'h Conference 5' , good sophomores. Many ol lhese I Indoor I A f If li soph's were used in varsily compelilion QPVII I4 ISI' WBSIW--la. CIIY I3 lg? and wilh a year ol experience and ma- Ioril I8 5lh Bobcal Relays I 0 I .I II Id . CI I AIDFII ZI Znd Wash. I un y s ou I give a goo accounl o QuadranguIaI. lhemselves in Ihe l965 season. Eighl May I 4+h J-l-lawk Relays lellermen were presenl lo slarl 'rhe sea- MGY I2 3rd Dislricl' rneel ' son. Disappoinlmenl came when pole May I5 4+h Dubuque vaullers, Kohl and Barrigar, were side- lnvilahonal . . . . May I6 7,III VaIIey lined lor IHILIFISS. Cohlrerence John Dvoralc spollighled an olher- May 23 5+h Slale meel 2, wise average lraclc season. Dvoralc cli- Sghedule...I965 Season maxed a successful year by winning Dam Opponemh I I Zlalj-I, Coglehrence, IandIIDrqlce, high March 20 Drake Indoor SHS I ur es an I e slale ow urd es. March 27 S'l'a'I'9 IHCIOOI' Des Moines V. PICTURED LEFT TALKING over learn slralegy Apfgi I Confefeoce fooooo 'ooo on ssis3,.2:f 5,in5i2?o IQSSJVOSZI Aprll 3 Dubuque Iowa Cily Durevl April I0 Cornell Relays Dubuque V If April I3 Iowa Cily Ml. Vernon - ff --or """ April I7 Bobcal Relays Washinglon Aprll 20 Wash. Quad Marshalllown April 23 Dralce Relays Washinglon April 30 J-Hawlc Relays Des Moines May 3 Slale Dislricl Jefferson May I4 Dubuque Washinglon lnvilalional Dubuque May I8 Jefferson JSHGFSOH ' May 22 Slale Meel May 25 Jefferson Washinglon May 29 Conference Washinqlon Oulcloor 1 PICTURED FAR RIGHT: Slale hurdles Cham- pion John Dvorak demonslrales his winning lorm during pre-season praclice. Piclured near righl: Relurning Seniors Fronl' row: Dave Gal- brailh, Bob Talley, Tom Safely. Back row: Joe Lipscomb, Bill Anderson, Balor Goods, AI Carr. Fronl row: Balor Goode, Milne Gipson, Lars Larson, Jim Moore, Doug Joslin, Jim Van Dine, Craig Brandon, Terry Marlin, Earl Williams, Jess Fauchier, Mike Reed, Mark Miller. Row 2: Joe Lipscomb, Bob Hampion, Bob Severson, Dennis Collins, Dick Cundberg, Tom Safely. Bill Anderson, Bob Talley, Burl Sealls, Dave Arviszu, Slove Daubenmier, Dennis Beaman. Row 3: Al Carr, Dick Simmons. Sieve Phillips, Sleve Englehardl, Terry Rexroel, Tony Tschopp, Maurice Derriclc. Wally Lalce, Sleve Weber, Bob Oslrorn, Tom Smilh, Greg Wingfield. Row 4: Ron Wenger, Craig Bagenslos. M I Bel Ili And Nash, Terr Sm lhe, Mark Reinerlson, Jim Lewis, Charles Lingo, Jeff Swineharl, Kenl Cumblad, Rudy Simms, Tom Buresh. Row 5: ony re , y y y Bob Flood, Richard Malhes, Tom Owens, John O'Meara, Sieve Mclnlosh, Dave Erlaclcer, Sleve Schwandl, John Holchluss, Brian Pecham, Russ Collins. Wes Dunniclc, Lewis Kinlcead. I57 Undefeated in '64, Tennis Squad Has High Hopes for '65 I964 Record WHS Opponenl Score WHS OPPOVIQUI Score 1965 Schedule 7 Moline 0 7 Clinfon 0 7 Easf Moline O 7 Ceniral 0 Dal? Opponenf 7 Dubuque O 7 WeS+ 0 April 3 Marshallfow 5 Rock Island 2 7 Jefferson 0 April IO Eiasgr Moline 5 Iowa Cify 2 Waferloo Quaclrangular April I5 Djgggue 5 Jefferson 2 Firsf Place A .I I7 I C+ 6 Clinfon I MVC Conference pm OW? ll y 7 Dubuque 0 Firsf Place . ROC ls and , April 22 Jefferson 4 Iowa Olly 3 April 27 Regis May I Waferloo Quaclrangular May 6 Iowa Cify May 8 Disfricf May I3 Clinfon May I5 Wesf Cenfral May 20 Jefferson May 22 Sfafe I964 broughf fhe Warriors a disfricf runner-up vicfory, George Robb was runner-up in fhe singles while Rolf Wulfsberg and Jim Carrifhers were V i Y .. ,. . runner-up in fhe doubles compefifion. The Warriors scores ran high lasf sea- son, when fhey also won Conference iw X VA UIQ championship. This gave Coach Wilson high hopes for more '65 vicfories. Mr. Lloyd Wilson J' C 'fh G Rbb im arri ers gorge Q Head Coach li fs., IW IK, I 4 John Waples Mark Weimer Rolf Wulfsberg fN -WA mvwww W V-ifw.. Q43 xr4'?X"'K ' wi .N.:,W:, ,- V is L' N " .. Fifi K ' L 1 I . Iyilizi. -' . .4 , W5 . 'L f' Q, ,I . .fm-.sf umwg, - ,- f P r' .1 f " TI . 15 I ur X, , if we X 4 mf' kg ,wg , 41 , , ' ,, .vguk ,Q-., .W 13365215 I A Qiyiiwfiu-1 M me , ,V x A ! 1 I i . 1- , Q r v , r w W w A E SW! , SCHEDULES, MONEY, referees, coaches, equip- menr, weerlwer, buses, meals, Hckefs, are some of Jrhe problems afhlefic direcfor OrvFUe RUST musf cope wifh. Afrer many years as a coach of foorbalf, bas- keH::aH, and freak he is now The admirmisframr of Washing+on's arhleric program. hum r' Washington Cross Country Squad Completes Another Winning Season l964 Season's Record L Dual Meets Won-5 Lost-2 Triangular Meels Won--l Third Place-l Mile Race Stale-Ninth MVC-Eighth Cross Country Race Slate-Eleventh MVC-Fifth Sophomore Half Mile Fif+h-MVC Sophomore Cross Country I Y, l Seventh-MVC 4 UNDEFEATED VARSlTY harrier Earl Williams be- gins to sprint during the final leg of a mile race. PICTURED RIGHT: Mr. David Rosenberg' Head Coach. CROSS COUNTRY, lefl to right, Fronl Row: Lars Larson, Jim Moore, Bill Anderson, Bob Talley, Ray Gillrap, Earl Williams, Marla Miller. Middle Row: Richard Malhes, Jess Fauchier, Dick Sundberg, Bill Armstrong, Byron Gray, Andy Nash, Richard Simmons. Baclc Row: Bob Flood, John l-lolchlciss, Craig Bagenslos, Terry Rexroal, Steve Englehardl, Sid Wolf, Tom Safely. ii l N i FALL TRACK ns dnvrded Info Two half-seasons. The firslr half The boys run on rhe frack. The second half They run over fer rain. Mr. Rosenberg checks rhe work-our hmes of Dave Close and an unidemkified member of Jrhe squad. Coach Primrose Looks Forward to His First Season at Washington Baseball Schedule-l9b5 Aprll Jefferson Preelice April Keysfone Here April Van l-lorne Here April Linn-Mar Here April Marion There ' April Cer-Jr,-ak There April Wesf There April Regis There April Norway There April Moline There April Easf Moline There April Jefferson Here Aprll Williamsburg Here April Rack Island Here April Cenfral Here April I-inn.Mar There April Sfafe Secfional April Sfafe Secfional April Easf Waferloo Here MBV Wesf Waferloo Here MBV Sfafe Secfional MBV Sfafe Secfional MBV Slafe Secfional MGV Sfafe Secfional MBV Sfafe Secfional May Norway Here MBV Easf Moline Here MBV Sub-Sfafe MBV Regis Here MBV Sub-Sfafe MBV Jefferson There Coach Harold Primrose Assislanf Coach Tom Crosfon This year will sfarf a new sea- son for Coach l-larold Primrose. Being his firsf year af Washingfon he will find fhaf fhere are eighf refurning leffermen from lasf year's squad. These will include fwo of lasf year's pifchers in Sam Senfi, and Rex Smifh, who did mosf of fhe work on lasf year's sfaff. Along wifh fhese fwo pifchers will be refurning leffermen in fhe infield as well as in fhe ouffield. Wifh fhese eighf leffermen Coach Prim- rose will look forward fo a mosf successful season. Resulfs--I964 Washingfon 6 Norway 2 Washingfon Wesf Davenporf 2 Washingfon Cenfral Davenporf 5 Washingfon Williamsburg 3 Washingfon Easf Moline 8 Washingfon Moline 7 Washingfon Jefferson lb Washingfon Marion I Washingfon Moline 7 Washingfon Rock lsland i Washingfon Wesf Waferloo l0 Washingron Easf Waferloo 2 Washingfon Cenfral Cify I Washingfon Regis 8 Washingfon Linn Mar l Washingfon Norway 6 Washingfon Cenrral Davenporf 3 Washingfon Rock island 7 Washingfon Regis 5 Washingfon Jefferson 3 Firs+ Row: Joe McGillicuddy, John Reid. Al Carr, Bill Armsirong. Dick Melechar, Dennis Bishop. Sam Senfi. Rex Smifh, Dale Ferch, Tom Shennahan. Row 2: Tom Madson, LaVerne Boofs, Darrell Lindsay, Marc Arends, Milne Seyfer, Dennis Caldwell, Sieve Frank, Al Haedf, Milne Hupfer, Dave Close. Row 3: Sfeve Seyfer. Sfeve Calverf, Dave Aherns. Craig Larson, Bob Peel, Rus? Swyers. Gary Slcogman. Bob l-lerdliclca Tim Zuber, Bob Sfasfny. Sieve Powell. Las! Row: Coach Crosfon, Brian Kelley, Cecil Coombs, John McLaughling, Coach Primrose. H , x , Wi"3"'..11f-X. " :L 2 , ' Q 2 ' , 5 WM ' , 1"J'w 'K as www 1 mb 1 My .,f A .Ea gy 'X '15 1, :ia j Wm , ,L 4? Ami ini Wi Zhi? Crowds! Classes! Al' Washinglon lhese 'rwo were synonymous, or were lhey? Each class was a parl of The crowd, yel' each class was ouislanding from lhe crowd in ils own special way. Sophomores were lhoughl of as lhe newcomers. Each year an ambiiious group of Them converged on Washing- lon and for Jrhe lirsl few days lhe crowds seemed a lillle larger and Jrhe halls a lillle more congesled. Bul be- ing a sophomore meanl much more 'ihan lhis. ll meanl finding new infer- esls and accepiing new responsibililies. Thai iirsl year ai Washinglon was a memorable one indeed. Juniors were The middle-men of lhe school. Lilce ihe sophomores, 'rhey were slill finding new inleresls and accepling new responsibililies, and. lilce ihe sen- iors, 'rhey were lalcing a larger parl in school leadership. This class gave much To Washinglon in 'rwo years, scholasli- cally and aihlelically, and slill has more lo give. Oul of Jrhis class nexl year will come The leaders of lhe school, and from all indicalions, lhey will be ener- gelic ones. The sophomore and iunior classes 'io- gelher formed 'rhe Underclassmen, a group which did a remarkable iob of combining guanlily wilh qualify. ll was a slrong group and il possessed lhe iniliaiive lo carry on lhe lradilion of W.l-l.S. Washinglon is lruly in good hands for lhe coming year. T! f 'ff izflbfifff , ,wg K ? 14 rf , -33, ii s su-i...,Mx. 5- gdihxar sg E . ,jr .-. Rf? "'L",'v""-.'1W --. rv! V 4' WP' 4-" 'bs' ir xx? K , ra is .4-we APPROPRIATE ro The advenr of ihelr high school career 'rhe sophomores held Their firsr elecrion-Jrhar of class officers-in rhe fali of rhe year, The officers are: BoHom Row: Tom Buresh, Treasurer: Par Smirh, Secrerary. Top Ed Nassif Leads Sophs Through First Year at Washington We as r Y ff r -na' 6' 5 INTER-CLASS RIVALRY is forgorlen on Friday nighls. To cheer The Warriors on lo viclory ar a game requires everyone'5 parricipaiion. Borh Sopho- mores and iuniors unire in Their efforrs To spur The learn ro win. Mr. Hugh 242 Fronl Row: Bruce Anderson, Lorna Bak- enhus, Michele Babish, Carol Babenslos, Donna Adair, Paulefie Ballard, Yvonne Alcer, Terry Ackerman. Row Two: Sharon Arnold, Maribelh Baker, Gerald Adams, Curlis Annell, John Aslr, Bob Ball, Slacia Baird, Karhy Allcinson, Kalhy Andrlilc. Back Row: Mr. Hugh, Susan Anlhony. Craig Bagensros, Bill Baldwin, Tom Ama- long, James Allen, Charles Baldwin, Don AlBauch, Joe Anderson, Richard Ander- son. Mr. Ca pesius 244 Fronl' Row: Sharon Ballew, Diane Beary, Judirh Barnes, Barbara Bernol, Karherine Beshears, Debby Bell, Jane? Balsler, Nan- cy Bellram, Rosalie Beenlcen. Row Two: Jay Barnes, David Beadle, Larry Bean Greg Berclces, Barbara Benneil, Milce Barry, Paul-Bennerr, Douglas Barr, Edward Barlz, Larry Barnes. Back Row: Mr. Cape- sius, Lawrence Bauer, Gary Baughman, David Bender, Cliff Balchelder, Ken Bas- lian, Miles Benedicl, Larry Barnefl, Franl Bellon, Bill Barber. Thanksgiving Vacation Gave Sophs a Desired Rest Mr. Coleman 245 Fron+ Row: Kaihleen Bliss, Kaihy Bradley, Peggy Bisek, Jerry Blair, Caiherine Brandon, John Beusch, Lynne Bex, Conslance Branham, Judy Boalbey, Linda Bounds. Row Two: Anne Boyles, Marla Boofs, Calherine Boxwell, David Boolh, Belinda Brockman, Sieven Brighl, Wil- liam Bogue, Slacia Bools, Bonnie Bickel, Myrna Bressler. Back Row: Mr. Coleman, Barbara Boesenberg, Eola ,Kay Bracha, Darrell Bower, Roberl Black, William Blakeslee, Sandra Blood, Jonalhan Borne, Jim Boleyn. Mr. Schreiber 245 Fronl' Row: Larry Bryanl, Susan Cassaday, Cynlhia Brown, Linda Campbell, Linefle Bur- gess, Linda Brurnwell, Linda Burgess. Row Two: Gregory Burlon, Karen Brown, Pam By- ers, Dick Carnal, Cindy Carlson, David Bu! walda, Lynnda Carler, Frances Bryanl, Ann Campbell. Back Row: Mr. Schreiber, Brenda Broclcman, Paul Busse, Bob Carroll, Larry Buck, Dave Burr, Tom Buresh, Tim Canfield, Allyn Caspers, Bill Cain. Mrs. Worley 225 Fronl Row: Jerry Coppess, Shirley Coberly, Margarel Cones, Brenda Coffee, Rosemary Coales, Joycia Collins, Nikki Coonrod, Jan Churchill, Carmen Clark, Row Two: Jacque Cook, Lurefa Coberly, Al Chrisrophersen, Al- loerl Churchill, Russell Collins, Carl Clang, Harold Clarke, Virginia Collins, Cafhy Col- berf. Back Row: Mrs. Worley, Marcia Clark- son, Diana Chamberlain, Ken Cook, Alan Chapman, Bruce Clemens, Fred Chaves, Slev- en Cook, Dennis Chaffee. Eager Sophomore Cheerleaders Boost Team Spirit "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT," say sophomore cheerleaders Lynn Reed- er, Pai' Smilh, Lynnda Carler, Judy McManus, Janie McNamera, and 5 Tina Greenberg. Mrs. Hoepner 234 Fronl Row: Bob Dolson, Nancy Eller, Jim Dun- lap, Torn Dodd, Herb Dirclcs, Palii Donaqhy. Chris Edmund, Evelyn Ehrenberg. Row Two: Tom Eicher, Diane Downing, Belly Donisfhorpe, Milce Duggan, Paula Drahos, Juli Eichorn, Jim Ealy, Marie Dochierrnan, Sarah Drexler, Jan Egqerl. Back Row: Mrs. l-loepner, Randy Dud- rey, Dennis Dochferrnan, Dave Duras, Wes Dunniclc, Rich Eqglesron, Bob Dolash, Jim Doolillle, Larry Edwards. Miss Brunner 228 Fronl Row: Cynihia Cornish, Glennis Cox. Kaihy Dielz, Krislie Dielz, Heidi DeMarrais, Sheryl Cross, Shirley Dauber, Susan DeMos5. Bill Dallas, Gary Davis. Row Two: Kaihy Dar- row, Pam Dalziel, Dennis Crarn, Jim De Wald, Maurice Derrick, David Darling, Jim Cox, Pam Currenl, Debbie Crowlher, Bob Davis. Back Row: Miss Brunner, Sieve' Criger, Virginia Denmead, Wayne Debban, Lisa Dalce, Kenl Cumblad, Tim Davis, Milre Daley, David Cur- liss, Dan Daniels. , .ig Sophomores Look Forward to the Coming Year Mrs. Allender 236 Fronf Row: Karhy Gearer, Connie Grapes, Su- san Furler, Sheryl Glaus, Dixie Glass, Nancy Garrelr, Barbara Fruecl-Hre, Pamela Gill, Vick- ie Goodson. Row Two: Karen Goldie, Pamela Gaulke, Dreanna Furry, Shirley Gibson, Kris- lie Glass, Linda Gardner, Jean Gales, Bar- bara Frisby, Norma Gales. Back Row: Mrs. Allender, Craig Gilliall, Chrisiel Glaubilz, Larry Gardner, Roberl French, Craig Gar- nanl, Clayion Fulkerson, Richard Garberson Mike Fry, Nancy Freeman, Susan Glanrz. Mr. Clover 235 Froni Row: Marlha Fay, Linda Filzpalrick, Linda Farr, Pam Frazier, Cynrhia Feiereisen, Barb Frankling, Colleen Freeman, Jo Ellen Falcon, Mary Falco, Mabel Franks. Row Two: Mary England, Sieve Feder, Kennelh Flickin- qer, Tom Eslby, Linda Folken, Chuck Falka, Molly Erdrnan, Nalhaniel Ely, Francis Everell, Dave Erb. Back Row: Mr. Clover, Keilh Fer- guson, Dale Frank, Doug Evererl, Mark Fisch- er, Sieve Engelhardi, Roberr Fawcell, Jim Ewbank, John Filch, Larry Fauchier. Mr. Raffner 240 Fronf Row: lda Hanlon, Laura Hamilron, Paul Haglund, Linda Hasek, Bill Hanlon. Flo Green- berg, Greg Hamilion, Tina Greenberg, Carol Harman. Row Two: Brenda Harris, Frances Green, Vern Greear, Jane Greenwald. Sue Hamplon, Mark Hafhaway, Shari Griffin, Con- nie Haskell, Barb Harlan. Back Row: Mr. Rall- ner, Jeff Harper. Jim Hamblin, Dave Gregory, Jim Hamer, Pam Hansen, Craig Harkness, Marc Hanson, Dan Hamplon. Marching Band Is a Favorite Activity for Many Sophomores ADDlNG A SPLASH of color to the football field are the school flags carried by the soph- omore girls in band. Their participation in each home game added to Washington's school spirit. Miss Stoclcberger 247 Front Row: Margaret Huelsman, Connie lvie, Brenda Johnson, Sherri Homire, Ronald Hoover, Crystal Hopkinson, Kenneth Hoover, David Hulshizer, Katherine lngels, Row Two: Jean Horton, Patricia Ires land, Constance Hoyle, Stephen Hough, John Hotchkiss, Daniel llten, Tina Jamieson, Fred Humphrey, Patricia Jekerle, Cinda fJohnson. Baci! Row: Miss Stoclcberger, Gerry Howell, David Janish, Thomas Hubbard, Douglas Horn, Philip Hornsey, Daniel Hutton, Edwin James, David Jayne, Barbara llten. Mr. Sa sse 249 Front Row: Nan Hirleman, Kristine Heppe, Janet Heitz, Glen Higgins, Sal- ly Herrington, Vicki Hollan, Delores Her- man, Diane Heck. Row Two: Linda Ho- grabe, Teri Helberg. Joyce Hollingsa worth, Donna Herman, Donn Holsinger, Diane Hembera, Faye Hiser, Sarena Hickle, Karen Hines, Baci: Row: Mr. Sasse, Dennis Hite, Bettye Hogson, Steve Hill, Michael Holveclc, Jack High, Susan Hever, Sandra Heth, Norman Hedgcoth. w I , "4 !73 Swimming Class ls a New Experience for Sophs Miss Delphey 233 Fronl' Row: A. Jones, Pal Karr, Greg Karrick, lllene Joyce, Kalhy Kellisan, Len Kamberling, David Jones, Linda Johnson, Toni Kalz, Den- nis Kell. Row Two: Craig Kadlec, Elaine Jones, Douglas Johnson, Keilh Johnson, Glenn John- son, Barbara Joy, Charles Karr, Bruce Jordan, Kale Kanealy, Phil Johnson. Back Row: Miss Delphey, George Karan, Don Kadera, Mike Kasparek, Alan Kennedy, Jeff Keener, Vic Johnson, Michele Johnson, James Kauffman, Edward Johnson. Miss Crew 24l Fronl Row: Belinda Liscomb, Sandra Lilly, Diane Lolfs, Efhel Levy, Sue Leekinqlon, Becky Lenlz, Sharon Leach, Becky Logan, Linda Lef- ler. Row Two: Larry Laulher, Pally Leefers, Sluarl Lehr, Roberl' Levy, Wall Loukola, Jon Lodeslein, Pal Lemon, Pele Larson, James Leidigh. Back Row: Terry Lee, John Long, Ron Linkenback, Charles Lingo, Darwin Lewis, Jim Lemme, Jim Lewis, Mrs. Johnson 237 Fronl' Row: Lee Kralz, John Klapp, Kalhy Koehler, Krislen Klima, Carol Knall, Mary Klein, Slacy Kuber, Terry Kopel. Row Two: Tom Lanlier, Lowell Lain, Sieve Klekar, Bob Kolar, Ron King, Tom Lackner, Bob King, Kalhy King, Dan Konen. Back Row: Mrs. John- son, Bill Kindig, Bill Kirkpalrick, Gary Koep- pel, Lewis Kinkead, Melvin Krewson, David Lahman, Bill Langlan, Randy Kuehl. i WHAT A CHANGE! BeTore The Tome sounds There is peace and quieT Th The haTTs. THEN . . . THE RUSH Is on, STudenTs A TONE sounds again, and a TasT sTrag push Their way Through The crowds To T QTEV T5 Seen TWVVYTVWQ T0 his CT555- reach Their nexT class. The Thronq be- gins To subside. New Teachers New Students New Surroundings Mr. Larson 248 Fronf Row: Doug MacKay, Larry Marlin, Joe McElroy, Marla McCroy, Jane McFadden, Val Mc:Crum, Dennis Mahan, Melxia Nain. Row Two: Judy Malus, Marlha Marlin, Daine Lufher, Nancy Mack, Lea Malamphy, Sherry Mariinson, Pal McClure, Marilyn Maloy, Lin- da Mahany, Carol McGregor. Back Row: Mr. Larson, Judy Mahnlce, Don Luelliohan, Don Mahuran, Elmer McCloskey, Randy Lyon. Tom McGowan, Jim McConnell, Mike Maas, Tom Malvaag. Mr. Holdren I04 Fronl' Row: Ellen Melheim, Carol McNabb, Lynda McMillan, Ann Mersh. Slarr McKay, Pafricia Means, Lynn McNully. Row Two: Jane McNamera, Ann Miller, Bonnie Mc- Leod, Kalhy Milligan, Andrea Means, Calhy Michalicelc. Colleen Merrill, Judi McManus, Jane Mead. Back Row: Mr. l-loldren, Norman Miller, Francis McMann, Arlo Merrill, Rob- erf Meyer, John McGrew, Don Miller, David Mclnlyre, Sieve Melsha. Miss Young I04 Froni Row: Liz Monlgomery, David Murnrn, Henry Naihanson, Jani Moses, Cliff Monigom- ery, John Meyers, Sysan Monihie. Carolyn Neff. Row Two: Jody Myers, Sandy Nelson, Ron Murphy, Kafhy Munger, Jeanelle Moran Marilyn Myers, Dennis Molumby, Karen Mosl, Jerry Morris. Back Row: Bill Moon, Ruih Milchell, Ed Nassif, Par Nassif, Bob Moore, Cindy Nagle, Dean Morfon, Jim Murphy. Class of '67 Began Its First Great Year at WHS Mr. Primrose llO Front Row: Margaret Pena, Anita Pennington. Virginia Paxton, Chris Phillips, Patricia Proc- tor, Roger Pteiter, Teri Penninqpn, Candy Pierce. Row Two: Marilynn Perry Robert Pos- tel, Richard Pankey, Sharal Pavkert, Darrell Potter, Randy Papakee, Robert Parker, Rich- ard Pierce. Back Row: Mr. Primrose, Dennis Pelsek, Rudy Papakee, Brian Peckham, Fred Peters, Ric Pike, Bill Packwood, Wendy Phil- lips, David Peddycoart. Mr. Warner I06 Front Row: Nancy Neverrnan, Marlene Omar. Darlene Ostrorn Linda Nemec, Susan Novak, Debbie Nye, Chris Nodurtt, Stephanie Olson, Janice Oliphani, Vera Northrop. Row Two: Paul Morris, Barbara Nurre, Jean Ohlsson. Garry O'Rear, Lee Okerlund, Mike O'Brien, Janet Osborne, Mike Odell Cherrie Novak. Row Three: Mr, Warner, Sue O'Conner, Bob Ostrorn, Bev Norman, Steve Oxenreider, Dave Olve, Torn Nelson, Larry O'Brine, Dennis Ne- tolicky, Marshall Nicklson. SCHOOL HAS come again and all the new sophomores participate in the traditional orientation day, in the auditorium they listen to Mr. Schupe tell them about school policies. First Few Weeks Are Perplexing for Class of '67 Mrs. Sharbo I I0 Fronl Row: Linda Pugh, Roberr Reeve. Doro- rhy Rannmelsberq, Julie Reqenniller, Debbie Richards, Karen Rouse, Gloria Richards, Lach Ross, Lynn Reeder. Second Row: Nellara Ray, Claudia Roberls, Penny Renlschler, Jerry Ra' bik, Sleye Reece. John Quinlan, Sue Ream, Jan Rankin, Mary Jo Rogers, Back Row: Mark Reinerlson, Dale Repp, Roberl Riedel, Dennis Roberison, Terry Rexroal, David Riprna Sieve Pulnam, Bill Rogers, Larry Rabik. Mr. Cleveland l I0 Fronl' Row: Deb Saub, Sheila Rusk, Pal Ryan, Barb Saller, Luana Scharnel, Margol Sears, Winilred Schroeder. Joan Scralch. Second Row: Michael Sandy, Thomas Scolli Sleve Sacora, Janil Sagers, Sieve Scheib, Julia Schulle, Richard Schuberl, Chuck Seapy, Pats ricia Scoll. Back Row: Mr. Cleveland, Diana Saluri, Douglas Schumacher, William Scharn- berg, Richard Schover, Kim Rowley, Richard Runner, Susan Scoll, Linda Rouse. Mr. Nalvig 20 Fronf Row: Nancy Shelelbine, Sue Shanna- han, Marlin Srnilh, Cynlhia Srnilh, Elizabelh Shipley, Ardis Sillick, Jane Shupe, Elizabelh Seiberl, John Secor. Second Row: Kaye Shel- don, Connie Shoyer, Raymond Shorl, Alan Srnilh, Donald Sievers, Wayne Sexlon, Fredric Sloan, Micheal Sheneberqer, Terry Shurlz, Dennis Smilh. Back Row: Mr. Nalvig, Gregory Slaqer, Kerrnil Sikir, Rudy Simms, Mark L. Shepard, John Smilh, Richard Sielkin, Donn Slile, Mark T. Shepard, William Sealon. 4 Qfrgwwwfww Wm.-,-.QM Sophs Unaccustomed to Eight Wave Lunch Shifts Mr. Sheeis 20 Fronl Row: Nancy Slanley, Judilh Solem, Caiherine Slcinlce, Palricia Smilh, Sharon Souder, Karon Souder, Sharon Slandley, Lynda Slephenson, Mary Slarny. Row Two: Shelly Srniih, Marcia Slack, David Slolclasa, Margo Sfewarl, David Sl. John, Carrol Spoerry, Pam- ela Starr, Scorl Slauliacher. Back Row: Mr. Sheeis, Curiis Sniiher, Nancie Srnilh, Timo- 'lhy Smith, Peler Solar, Siephen Spicer, Gary Siieger, John Snarskis, Eric Sparrgrove. .1 5 Mr. Lamb 49 Fronf Row: Virginia Siriclcler, Diane Thoren, Kevin Techau, Shirley Tiaden, Deborah Talcach. Beclcie Swilzer, Carol Suils, Rhonda Thoren. Donna Thorpe. Row Two: Connie Sfoui, Mary Anne Swenson, Sieve Slurnlso, Par Tenney, Marlin Siramel, Rick Thompson, Jim Siripe. Charyl Tirlbach, Jean Suddulh, Jaque Thaler. Back Row: Mr. Lamb, Daniel Tomlinson, Scofl' Telford, Jeff Swineharl, Wayne Tabor, Dennis Svoboda, Gary Tichy, Sherry Tincher, Debbie Sirong, Sue TenBrinlc. DUE TO crowded condirions, ihe sophomores have acquired iheir own lunchroorn, sludy hall IO4. an Schedules Miss Hrubesh l29 From' Row: John VanPelr Billy Walker Diane Tofien, Verna Walton, Gerry Wandlinq, Jan- elle Voiroubelc, Sieve Vardeman, Julie Van Orsdol, Carol Waddle, Judy Vanclersee. Vicki Walder, Row Two: Miss l-lruloesh, Mary Wash- ler, Jana Van Dine, Tim Traynor, Carolyn Ward, Frances Van Milligan, Sieve Wallon, Leslie Tschopp, Mary Vesey, Fred Vrba. Row Three: Milne Turner, Bob Wallcer, Dick Valen- rine, Sam Tvrdilr, Ralph Wasik, Gary Wain- wriqhr, Sieve Warner, Dave Valenla, Jeli Van Cleve, Linda Tschopp. Mr. Gerson I 39 Fronl Row: Roberl Weil, Linda Waflers, Jane Whilinq Janice Whire Sieve Wniiesell, Torn Wilcox, Belinda Wasson John Weaver, Sherri Wilcox, Betty Walson, Row Two: Jean Wesl- ern, Fileen Websler, Linda Wicke Carol Wiclcersham, Sandra While, Connie Weiri Jim Whilinq, Slephanie Wenlqsrrom, Charles Wen- ger, Greg Williams, Back Row: Mr. Gerson, Kim Williams John Werninq Ron Wenger, Maurice Webber, Alan Wilson, Sieve Whil- ing, Bill Weels Ken Weaver, Howard Willard, Richard Willia. Mr. Freeman 2l8 Fronl Row: Rurh Zahn, Berh Wrfghr, Diana Woods, Cynrhia Woods, Julie Worlrnan, Kar- ilyn Winfrey, Penny Woods, Rebecca Woods, Anna Wright Row Two: Doug Wilson Sie- phen Zmoos Raqiena Woods, Dianna Yales. John Wogen. Sidney Wolf, Susan Woods Ken Wirrh, Srephen Wrighl, Baclr Row: Mr. Free- man, Forresr Zimplernan, Sleve Wiseharr, Richard Wray, Thomas Yanacels, Greg Wing- field, Roger Wiseman, Marla Wilson, Sieve Wilson Debra Wilson. Thaler, Treasurer: Dan Wray Scrapbook Instigated by New Junior Officers Mr. Bradshaw IO3 Fronr Row: Teri Adsil, Marsha Axmear, Belsy Allen, Susie Arnold, Joyce Ary, Nancy Afkin- son, Ann Aukerman, Kale Argow. Shannon Ashby, Roger Akers. Row Two: Donna Merck, Susi Archison, Cheryl Adams, Paul Abney, Eric Ash, Dave Appleby, Alexander Almazov, Dave Aryizu, Linda Angell. Back Row: Mr. Bradshaw, Ralph Aien. Richard Amsden, Gary Adams, Vic Alexander, Torn Anderson, Sleve Anderle, Marc Arends. Vladimir Alrnazoy. MlXER IS rhe subiecr discussed by John O'Meara, Julie Vane, Joe Thaler, and Dan Wray al a iunior class oiiicer meefing. Mr. Basler I05 Froni Row: Linda Bailey, Parly Bayles, Pal Barnefr, Nancy Beers, Kalhy Beaiy, Linda Baych, Judy Balcar, Vicki Belrz. Row Two: Leslie Becker, Lorene Bailey. John Becker, Den- nis Beaman, Mary Barber, Jim Baugh, Pai' Basseli, Sue Barlon, Back Row: Mr. Basler, Jim Bell, Ron Baburek, Marianne Basrian, Jim Bausch, Don Barry, Sieve Barnerf, Sieve Baker, Jerry Bean. Hobbies Are Important to Many WHS Students Mr. Larson IOS Front Row: Barb Blegen, Pat Bird, Bob Ber- zinski, Craig Bowman, Linda Boyer, Kandra Blair, Nancy Berry, Dennis Benning. Row Two: Connie Boyer, Cheryl Boal, Norman Boleyn, Ernest Bena, Laverne Boots, Bill Beshears, Mika Boyles, Peni Benz, John Binder, Dee Bertrand. Back Row: Mr, D. W. Larson, Dick Berry, Steve Breckner, Dave Boyce, Dennis Borne, Gary Besta, Keitb Blomberg, Tom Bowker, Monty Bertelli, Craig Brandon. Mr. Jacobson I I2 Front Row: Paula Cameron, Pat Campbell, Linda Buchanan, Bev Burger, Dennis Butter- tield, Norma Brown, Linda Brewer, Cindy Carlson. Row Two: Cheri Brunson, Barb Bu- chanan, John Callender, Dave Brockway, Dun- can Calvert, Joe Bridgeman, John Burianek, Jean Bundren. Back Row: Mr. Jacobson, Ron Bressler, Janelle Brousard, Sally Burger, Den- nis Caldwell, Dave Butler, Del Bucknell, Scott Brown. Miss Patrick I I3 Front Row: Cary Christensen, Bob Cook, Jan- et Churchill, Jim Clark, Pam Cerny, Paula Chamberlain, Peggy Convey. Row Two: Gary Clendening, Mark Cornish, Susan Collings, Dennis Collins, Terye Corwin, Frances Cook, Carol Chamberlain. Back Row: Miss Patrick, Stan Coberly, Hawley Clark, Ken Cburchill, Larry Churchill, David Close, Bob Collogan, John Collins. Musical, Scholastic Talent in Class '66 Mr. Mueller l I7 Fronl' Row: Jodee Douda, Linda Cruse, Linda Davidson, Barbara Cypra, Melody Dominik, Teri Dailey, Nora Dieberq, Becky Davis, Row Two: Sherry David, Slweri Davis, Tirn Daniels, Lynn Denny, lvlilie Donglny, Lynn Deck, Bob Davis, Parn Diclcey. Baclr Row: Mr. Mueller, Kenl Deyarman, Allen Doolillle, Sleve Cram, Terry Crawlord, Andy Derqo, Sleve Dauben- mier, Richard Curlis, Bill Couillard. Mrs. Wagner ll9 Fronl' Row: Kallwleen Dunplwy, Roger Duncan, Viclcie Ellingson, Lani Dunslon, Carol Fergu- son, Fred Felclaverd, Marilyn Erickson. Royce Eclnelberqer. Row Two: Pele Engledow, Mar- ilyn Everell, Joan Edwards, Dave Ferclw, Milne Feller, Ed Eberl, Sabre Dunlwarn, Marslwa El- lion. Baclr Row: Mrs. Wagner, Sieve Driscoll, Jeff Erwin, Diclc Dral'1os,Tom England, Bill Ev- erell, Larry Emmons, Torn Evans, Andy Falco. COMPOSER, MUSICIAN, and vocalisl, Susie Arnold enlerlains her classmales. Susie, whose hobby is music, has made several records of lier own songs. Mr. Miller IOO Front Row: Alelha Fielder, Dixie Floyd, John Fly, Debbie Fink, Holly Fleisher, Robert Flood Nanci Forster. Row Two: Mike Foust, Dick Fillon, Jeff Flint, Bernie Freidl, Ted Foltz, Doug Francik Ron Fresh. Back Row: Mr. Miller, Gary Flickinger, Lonnie Franks, Steve Frank, Mike Fruechte Steve Fuller John Fussell, Rick Fryrear. Class of '66 Ranks High in the Homecoming Float Competition Mr. DuBois l24 Front Row: Joyce Glahn, Pal George, Hillary Garner, Barb Gardner, Carol Greenlee, Sheila Gorsh Pam Gabriel, Ray Gillrap, Mary Giron, Suzanne Gorup. Row Two: Pal? Gassrnann, Lois Greenleaf Emmett Gilmore, Marsha Griggs, Robert Glick, Bob Gales. Andrea Giessernan, Farl Greene Sharon Glass, Peggy Giboney. Back Row: Ken Godsey, John Graham, Bruce Grady, Gary Gilberlson Frank Glubha, Bill Goodale, Carl Gaulke, Steve Glantz, Tom Gaston. DETERMINED THAT her homeroom float is going to make a good showing, Barb Kinsey puts on the lasl minute touches that only a girl knows how to do. Barb's lloal didri'l win but she and her homeroom had lun making il anyway. I86 ""f, Jrs. Look Forward to Choosing 66's Queen Candidates Miss Currie l27 Frcnl Row: Tamrnara Harslnrnan, Russell Henry, Linda Heriz, Lynne Hirleman, Joanne Hill, Clneri Hill, Karen Hegwood, Nancy Herring- ron, Mary Heck, Marie Harison. Row Two: Miss Currie, Karen Hang. Deborah Higln, Gary Hiiclicock, Dale Hedgecoilx, Rachel Haver- carnp, Evelyn Harf, Meridee Heins, Slnirley Hail, Back Row: Joanne Hepker, Ronald Hayes, Mark Her- brandson, James Herman, Roberi Herdlicka, Tlwornas Heck, Roberi Hendrickson, Larry Heller. Sieve Heiirnan, Glen Harvey. Miss Holmlund I24 From' Row: Sandra Harnlfon, Jan- ice Hanlon Marie Grislnaber, Mary Ann Hardy, Gail Haines, Kay Harri- ilron Sandy Gronder, Clneryl Hall, Par Hall. Row Two: Coilnie Han- ser, Cliarlofre Harris Jolrn Hand, Jay Hammond, Gayle Hanna, Gary Hansen, Barbara Harper. Back Row: Miss Holmlund. Bryan Gunderson, Larry Harnplon, Perer Grim, Janey Halpin Frank Hanson, Greig Grirnrn, Rick Harnbln, Dave Harris. Miss Wellborn l28 Fronl' Row: Bob lngels, Terry Hull, Deanna Hulsluizer, Nancy Hunger- ford, Linda Hoopes, Doug Hollings- worfli, Margarei Hunier, Sue Hoyi, Row Two: Dick Hoover, Larry Ho- rak, Don Humphrey, Jon James, J'm Hoke, Rira Huey, Jolwn Humphrey, Scnary Hubacek, Tyanne Hodge. Back Row: Jolnn Hoogen, Jon Hop, Ron Hoyle, Don Janisln, Bill Hula lord, Bob Hrbol, Jon Hudson, Jim Huiclninson, Larry Hodgin, Richard Hull. Heritage Students Plan Trip to Washington, D.C. Mrs. Cameron I 30 Front Row: Richard Jenkins, Laura Johnson, Karen Jones, Kathleen Joyce, Marcia Kaiser, Viclci Kellogg, Susan Jess, Nancy Jones. Row Two: Mrs. Cameron, Stephanie Johnson, Don Kilts, Al Kilts, Karl Kelley. Kristin Juhl, Eu- gene Kanellis, Kraig Keister, Dave Justice, Karla Kane. Back Row: Dan Kennedy, Al Kilts, Charles Kacere. John Keehn, Gene Kendall, Robert Juen, Larry Kennedy, Dan Koplan, Doug Joslin. Mr. Durey I33 Front Row: Rhonda Knox, Barbara Kinsey, Sharon Kleinlr, Jerry Kicts, Michael Kramer, Nancy Kvach, Susan Kimball, Jean Kota. Row Two: Pamm Krug, Kathy Kruclcenberg Steve King, Linda King, Steve Koons, Mary Knott, Larry Kuylcendall. Baclc Row: Mr. Durey, Andrew Kustes, Mike Knight, Ernest Koselc, Randolph Knell, Merlyn Kluth, Ken- neth Krizan, Kenneth Klegseth, Tom Klug. IT'S GOT to closel The tirst day ot Easter vacation at 6:00 A.M. Shirley Hatt frantically stutts her suitcase, aware that the Heritage group bound tor Washington, DC., is due to leave in a halt hour. H W., ff ,W 'L J' .M F fy 1 'uk -nun get Quo Homework Assignments Prove a Challen e for Juniors r Q' 8 ww, IT MAY be clear lo lileraiure leacliers buf Mike Moen iust can'1 find any lnidden meaning in Huck Finn. This seems ro be a problem conlronfinq al- mosl all iuniors in liferaiure class. Mr. Arnold I34 Fronl' Row: Karen Lewis, Greer Larson, Carol Levy, Craig Larson, Linda Lindsey, Bonnie Lewers, Roy Lee, Saraln Long, Larry Lander, Vivian Lallimer. Row Two: Jean Liglnilnari, Ann Lillios Roberl Lelnman, Darrell Lindsay, Riclnard Leresque, Waller Lake, Bill Lagle, Alexander Lippisclw, Susan Lindley. Back Row: Mr. Arnold, Jolnn Leelers, Ann Lage, Mary Lee, Donald Lee. Jim Langer, David Livinqs sion, David Laloniaine, Clnrisline Long, Rob- er'r Lessrnan. Mr. Sclnenken I 35 Froni Row: Marqarer Mayne, Sandy McGrew, Janell Mayes, Susan Malone, Kalliy Marlin, Cindy Malone, Marqarei Mclzalridge, Bev- erly McCarnrnon, Larry Marks, Ricliard Mc- Gee. Row Two: Mary Kay Malias, Jol1n Mac- Kay, Mariorie Luber, Barbara Mafus, Pai Mc- Alisier, Carol Marlinson, Judy Marlin, Riclns ard McGrailn, Tom Madsen. Riia McDonouql'1. Back Row: Mr, Sclnenken, Joe Luense, George McClain, Jack Maclnacek, Joe McGillicuddy, Mike McEnany, Tom Maclnen, Bob Marslm Sieve McClelland. Rusly McCune. Mr. Sfevens I 38 Fron+ Row: Phil Means, Kale McMariin, Sandi Meyer, Mark Miller, Dianna Merryman, Connie Meyer, Janeife Meisale. Deanne Miller. Second Row: Jewell Miller, Jane? McMinn, John McLaughlin, Carol Middlefon, Jerry Miller, Sian Miller, Linda McLeod, Fred McNul'ry. Back Row: Mr. Sievens, Ken? Meyer, Don Meicali, Leon McOuis+on, Richard Meier, Randy Meeks, Bill Millen, David McKee, Sieve Mclnfosh, Peggy Meyer. Mr. Kelly I47 Fronf Row: Bonnie Mikel, Pam Nash, Sandy Mulvany, Caihy Neuman, Gary Mulhollen, Marqarei' Moore, Don Nak- ieboren, Kaihy Mifchell. Row Two: Lynne Moore, Linda Mischek, Jim Moore, Tim Meyers,'Si'eve Murphy, Marianne Mills, Sfephanie Moore, Anne Munizza. Back Row: Mr. Kelly, Jack Murray, Roberf Morley, Dennis Neverman, Rance Mey- ers, Mike Moses, Terry Moore, Dick Moore, Mike Moen. Mr. Fifield I43 Fronf Row: Nancy Nicholson, Bonnie Padzensky, Sue Norfhrup, Kafhy Nielson, Meridee Nollsch, Pam Olney, Jan Nis- sen, Lois Nogqle, Mary Packard, Judy Norwood, Row Two: Maria Orlich, Cece- lia O'Rear, Duane Omar, Nancy Noyer, Bill Nosf, Mary Lou Nurre, Carol Niles, Dick Norrhrup, Janice Oaks. Back Row: Mr. Fiiield, Ed Overly, Ron Olson, John Newmeisrer, Dave Nicholson, Wes Nied- erriier, Jessie Nickes, Dennis Oelschlaeg- er, Sieve Ovel, John O'Meara. Weekend Football Reserves Study s Tension HERITAGE STUDENTS find a welcome di- version lrom lheir sludies on a Sunday aller- noon. Mr. l-lubacelc's classes play Mr. OIson's classes in a game of flag foolball al Franklin field. Mrs. Miller I44 Fronf Row: Pam Pillcenlon, Pal Perlcins, Rulh Pelrlon, Terry Payne, Dawn Pollon, Diana Pose. Cindy Phillips. Row Two: Sleve Powell, Jim Peclcosh, Don Phillion, lvlarlr Parlrer, Sieve Phillips. Grelchen Paulsen, Ellen Pelersmilh, John Peek. Baclc Row: Vickie Pochobradslcy, Bob Peal, Charles Palriclc. Terry Peselc. John Parlc, Jim Piersall, Bob Palalc, Wayne Palriclc. Dick Parsons. Mrs. Riclrer l45 Froni Row: Belly Ridge, Cindy Rapoporl, Lin- da Reiner, Rex Risser, George Reed, Linda Price, Karen Reed, Margarelle Ray. Row Two: Linda Richardson. Diana Ream, Rulh Richardson. George Robb, Allen Reelz, Ann Rheinschmidl, Garlh Powers, Kalhy Rhea, Geraldine Ray. Row Three: Mrs. Riclcer. David Reed, Rob Robinson. John Reid, Craig Ram- bo, Milne Reed, Jim Rawson, Lynn Rice, Bar- bara Richardson. Mr. Willcenson I46 Fronl Row: Joan Rogers, Sandra Schaffer, Norma Rose, Dan Schroeder, William Sandry. Donald Rupe, Janel Scholl, Sheri Rowden. Row Two: Teresa Ross, Kalhleen Sandsfrom, Deborah Schmidi, Richard Scherlinq, Sieve Schrader, Karen Schupbach, Jaclcie Sawyer, Robin Sage. Back Row: Mr. Willcinson, William Ross, John Schusler, Penny Schuclcerl, Randy Schmali, Marlc Salern, Pal Rusley, Sieve Schmidf, Tom Ryder. Heritage Classes Compete Mr. Sfewarl I47 Row One: Janei' Srnilh, Linda Slipson, Susan Slenzel, Roberl Slack, Joan Siary, Tom Smifh, Judy Solheim, Sieve Smolhers, Row Two: San- dra Sleinlce, Jane? Sleele, John Siamy, Henry Slahr, Pai' Slcar, Rick Snilker, Stuart Sieqel, Florence Siclcles, Brenda Smiley. Row Three: Mr. Slewarl, Jeffery Smilh, Harold Slcripsky, Tom Sievers, Phil Sparrgrove, Ray Spicer, Sieve Slile, Vernon Slrripslcy, Iver Sondrol, Gary Slcogman. 2 I 1 T 5 il 2- -al V fs- px i l Mr. Parlridge I42 Fronl Row: Beverly Sheperd, Rogelle Schwarlz, Janel Secor, Peg Shannahan, Linda Scoil, Diane Seqrilf, Sandi Shaw, Sue Shope. Row Two: Joan Shafer, Ed Shorf, Marcia Sever, Vicki Scoll, Sieven Shipp, Chris Shogren, Sianley Severson, Sue Shepherd. Back Row: Mr. Pariridqe, Sfephen Seyler, Ronald See- bach, Burl Seals, Edward Semrud, Michael Seyler, Sue Schwiliers, Donald Shipley, Barb Shalzer. - ,f . -12 5 - ,S ,E 19, in Homerooms Participated Actively in Intramurals Mr. Hubacek I48 Front Row: Linda Strait, Jo Swearingen, Lin- da Struchen, Connie Strandberg, Peggy Stol- ba, Penny Stewart, Judy Stepp, Karen Strate- meyer, Sandra Stephen. Row Two: Nancy Swanson. Vicki Stout, Geneva Stephens, Rich- ard Strauss, Don Switzer, David Tatt, Stanley Swenson, Steve Stolba, Mary Ann Stewart, Maurine Stonebraker. Back Row: Mr. Hubacek, Steve Streed, Ray Sweyers, Dave Tackenberg, Rick Stevens, Marty Strasburger, Rick Svo- boda, Paul Stone, Susan Stransky. Mrs. McCray ll8 Front Row: Stephani Vail, Mickey Tilley, Julie Vane, Susan Trumpe. Shreyl Trinka, Sally Thies- sen, Steve Tellier, Cathy Titel. Row Two: Karen Tampir, Jean Taylor, Richard Tillman, Mark Tietz, Tom Trachta, Pam Vandersnick, Anna Tucker, Barbara Vanderpol. Back Row: Phil Thompson, Jim Van Dine, Dave Vyskocil, Dave Vogel, Mike Taylor, Joe Thaler, Doug Trachta, Bob Voeltz. Mr. Olson 232 Front Row: Linda Wagner Diana Williams, Susan Whitehead, Clayton Wheeler, Earl Wil- liams, Warren Western, Sue Wiegand, Doro- thy Williams. Row Two: David Wagner, Ken Walker, Harvey Wehde, Don Walser, John Waples, Doug Willey, Tom Whitesell, Judy Weeter. Back Row: Mr. Olson, Brian Williams, Rich Wendort, John Warrington. Mark Weim- er, Tim Walker, Steve Weber, Roy Whiteman, Juniors Express Interest in Chem. Study Labs ,gtg i S, 3? it l w law, OBSERVAUON CAN be ot the utmost importance in a chemistry experiment, as in the boiling ot the solution with which Bev Shepherd ancl Larry l-lodgen are experimenting, ' ' . -3 , f .. .. - 2-L5 Mr. Maas I I8 Front Row: Marilyn Wolte, Joan Zenzen, San- dy Wisehart, Marcia Youngquist, Carol Wright, Sandy Wilson. Joyce Zenzen. Row Two: Sue Zazzar John Williams, Tim Zuber, Dan Wray, Larry Zaman, Don Wright, Steve Yates, Marcia Zinlc. Back Row: Mr. Maas, Ellen Zarnelce, Carl Winchell, John Yanecelc, Alan Yanaway, Tom Yoclc, Jack Winter. Pam Willis. A Qi A Am i A AE 43 A F4 svnl"""'f ' Commencemenl, Senior Weelc, lhe Prom, lhese are all memories lhal seniors will lake wilh lhem on lheir way lhrouqh lile. There are many more: lhe day lhey enlered Washing- lon as "lowly sophomores," 'lhe nexl year when lhey came baclc as "rising juniors," and ol course, lhe day lhey enlered as Hmiqhly seniorsul Each year lhe seniors lalce over lo direcl and lead lhe school in lhe besl possible way. They musl use lheir ex- periences, by showing underclassmen lhe way lo malce lhe mosl ol lheir years al Washinglon. During lhe senior year lhe sludenl musl malce very irnporlanl decisions. He musl decide on whal direclion his lile will lalce. Some will choose iobs, olhers will conlinue lheir educa- lion, and still olhers will ioin lhe armed services, ll won'l' be long belore seniors will close lhe doors ol Washinqlon, shul- linq lhem on lhree years ol lun and work. There will be no more scurryinq lhrouqh lhe halls, no more rushinq up lhe cenler slairway and no more running across lhe arcade in chilly wealher. ll is lime now lo open lhe door lo new horizons, remembering always lhe wonderful years al Washinqlon. ll is lime lo loolc lo lhe lulure bul always lalcinq along lhe besl ol lhe pasl. 'ii' - RHHTHSSSE' 93' Y' Th. ff . b. 1 T fs .R X S J -T A L ni I l .FEA . ' Q "AT THE TOP oT The school" are The Tour senior class oTTicers From leTT To righT Jane Che T . : rry. r-easurerg PeTer Johnson, presiclenT Sharon l-leplcer, secreTary: and Karl l-lagluncl, vice-presiclenT. These Tour sTuclenTs and The senior council, composed oT one represenT- ahve Trom each homeroom, are The communicaTion media beTween The TaculTy and The sTudenTs Tor The planning of senior acTivi- Ties. " i ,K U, V ,, ,.. .. H f '-114.37 "TW!w!?!5E'Q1EEf3.Sx.'1:.,ai2We,! sa-scifi' 15 - s'S.nW:LN2:!Jm:f31kF'f Tfwwbfflshu Amia Adams Sandra Adam f -K. Franlc Aiels wg... N. Paul Albee Senior Officers Lead Class Through Thrilling Year David Alliclr Dennis All Cheryl Ames Alden Anderson lvan Anderson Judy Anderson Larry Anderson Siephen Anderson William Anderson John Andrle William Angell William Armsirong James Albert Gary Alberlus Stanley Aldrich James Allen Miss Dana Bell and Her Court of Eight Lovely Senior Girls G-rel Sharon Heplcer I I i l Chen Crary Nancy Cook Eigh+ lovely girls allended Miss Dana Bell during Washing- lon's Homecoming weelc-end. The queen and her courl reigned over ihe game againsl Iowa Cily and lhe dance. for which lhe Bill Davis iazz combo played. Linda Bainbridge r5TYrIL""'5.7v.'Ed Zeigned 0ver the Homecoming Festivities - Football Game and Dance l Kris Pelcrsmllll l J Clwerry Bonnie Berlrand Michael Plerrol Competition Proved Keen on Merit Scholarship Tests Margaret Arnolc James Astiley Gerard Atchison Mary Atkinson Nancy Badger Linda Bainbridge Elena Baird Edith Balmer Sam Baklce Jane Baldwin Albert Barnes James Barnett Dennis Barr Dixie Barr Scott Barry Susan Bearbower Becky Beasley Allyson Beaty Ellen Becker Karon Beckman Kay Bedienl Douglas Beed Cindra Beighle Cyn+hia Bell Bob Parry Was Elected Forum President for I965 Dana Bell Sieve Benedici Suzanne Berg Ronald Berry Bonnie Berlrand Penny Binger Dennis Bishop John Blair Kevin Blair Kaihleen Blalcer William Block Scoif Blume David Bolhwell James Bousquef James Bowdish Thomas Bowler A College Choice Depends on First-Hand Observation Kris Bowman Lynnclle Boynlon Roberl Bradley Conslanco Brady Debra Brewer Gary Brldgeforcl Craig Broclcman John Broulllercl Debra Brown Dennis Brown W -me -A-1f""?a Ron Brown Paul Bulwmann Kennollw Burger Maryann Burger James Burk Donna Burns Barbara Burr Cheryl Burrrclwler Jo Cady Rolaerl' Cam . ,gy 15525. 55 x1g:lgxxqyw, . X Nm x Y Q 1 mu NSN N: ' At ' ' Ea L ' M 4 , QM an i ' v ' I 4 2 ,, Wig Q f -f W- - wus:-nf RQ XXX A QW' Girls' Gym Classes Encourage Grace and Agil Palricia Carrigg James Carrilhors Linda Carler Richard Carler David Casey Roberl Cecil Diane Ceyner Jack Chaffee David Clwalupslmy Jeff Chapel Jane Cliery Reber? Clwiafos WY Emily Caldbeclc Jaclc Caldwell Sieve Calverl Alan Cameron qty! if Plwilip Campbell William C arna lnan Alberl Carr Alfred Carr BALANCE BEAM +es+s fhe equullbrrum of Suzanne Berg. Senror glrls physlcal educahon classes spenf fwo weeks In gym D working on frampoline and apparafus. Wa 'tv V is nf -gr 'muh as ,, 'fx N3 vin .3 Q rr' 325 rw .if aff? i ,QM my x if B9 dw siiena chaafos Don Childers Michael ciifisfensen cheryl church Senior Boys Follow Tradition Richard Ciemnoczolowslzi James Claasen Carol Clemens Leslie Clyde f Y 1, n.'f'Qsf . I ifgggfg vi g,-ff 4 grit? A ,A Ramona Clyde Sandra Collins Janis Convey Linda Cook Nancy Cook Tom Cool: Penny Cooling Cecil Coombs Pamela Cornwall Barbara Cox Charles Cozad Bob Cralf by Hosting a Christmas Dance Held at Elks Club Steve Demarral Janel Denrnead Clnrls Dennis Mary DeSousa Karen DeWald Nancy DeWees Marlha Diaz Karen Dllls John T. Doonan Vicki Dorman Connle Downing David Downlng Mudaco Derived Much Talent From Class '65 Andy Duclrwall Llnda Dudrey Roberl Dunahugh Thomas Dunn Rodney Dunmclx Wnlluarn Durrow Ann Dvorak John Dvorak 457' Thomas Dwyer Sharon Eby Marcia Eclrerl Lexie Eddings Joseph Ehrenberger Gary Ehrlce Arlene Elliofl' Rolaerl' Ellioll John ENB Joyce Elrod Martha Ely Lyman Emery 4, MU-DA-CO! Music, dancing, comedy-Washfngfon' Klein work on a dance roufine. 1f511Q K s annuai all-school I.. s s ' LVM' variefy show. Cafhie Nassif and da. fff. Q, 4, .5 i 'ffii' . . Q d J ,,.. ' Wig? I Y A Q 5 an m3gQ Q , .B 1 , gm ' 3 YW V 3 'f 1. ,K R Q, 4 Q A 5 'x v '-r- xx Q , 1 w ,Q A ,M , :ft 17 . ' 1522 5? 2 . Y A r. W 1'qJ W nfs- Mi lf 49125 jagzgijy WPA?-' WEL. Nw -g. azM1x1 Diane Emmons William England Carl Engsfrorn David Erlaclwer Linda Faas Kelfh Faidley Jesse Fauclnier Mike Feiler Forelgn Exchange Two Victories Over Jeff Prove Glorious End to Senior Year Linda Freese Suzanne Frye Linda Fuqale Jo Anne Fullcerson 'Q.""7' Russell Galnes David Galbraillw Nancy Gallagher Rosemary Gann Cheryl Gardner Konnie George Jack Gilberl' James Ginriclm Ed Ginlerl Doug Gibson Mike Gipson Tracy Glass Ken Glaus Linda Goldie Kallwy Gorsuch Lynelle Gorup Larry Gourley Margaret Graham James Gray Lucinda Gray Suzanne Gray David Green Howard Green Ruth Green Civic Participation Stems From Senior Government Sue Greenwood Jill Griffith Carol Grigg Lee Grover Marie Grunewald David Gruwell Karen Guse David Gutierrez Philip l-laddy Rhonda Haddy Allan Haedl Karl l-laglund W 5i YOUTH-IN-GOVERNMENT Day is provided sfudenfs from rhe Cedar Rapids schools wifh fhe chance of holding ciry governmenial posis. Three Washinqfon seniors, Pefer Johnson, Bob Parry, and Mike Koury, iook parf. Peie falks wifh Roberr Gardiner, Jrhe Cedar Rapids Parks Commissioner. i Z'552i,.i32, , H21 ,H , - Fred Hahn Susan Hahn Joan Hallman Maryhelen Haines Seniors Struggle With Last-Minute Touches on Term Papers 'full' 's, Ann Hamilton Elaine Hamillon Gene l-larnillon George l'-lamplon Judy Hanna Mary Hannon Rodger Hansen John Hanson Mayree l-lanzel James Harapol Marcia Hardenbrool: Peggy l-lardesly if-. Carol Hall Chrislina Hall Michael Hall Diane Halver ,z fx S 4 .7 Calhy Harlan Sleve Harrrs Marsha Haskell Georglanna Halchelle Lnncla Hawks Terry l-lalhavlay Gwen Healh Davucl Healon Mighty Seniors Yell Loudest at Pep Assemblles Sleven Hendrrfl Sharon Hepker EK! John Herlford Marva Herman hy-A-r Julie Heusman Sandy Hlghlower Sharon Hill Carol Hlncls Se' 'tif' Sue Hinkhouse Sleve Hfermslad George Hodge Willlam Hodgson Susan Hoefs Lee Hogan Arbelia Holmes Cindy Holmes Palsy Homire Linda Hoover George Hopkins Linda Hoyle Language Lab Aids Pronunciation and Accent nel Hulberl' Jerry Hulberf Cu riis Hungerford Jolin Hun? Judy Hun? Roberi' Huni' Roberla Hunl' Joanne Hunler Joe Hunler Evereffe Hunfingfon Milne Hupfer Bill Huslon ',u ,v' f '- 1 A y 1 1 .-" , ,N . ,,,.,. 1 1 ,,.+,e ' 'fzdifl " ggnif .4 'Lf-.v'.f'2E'f .. N, l.H,,:.,Y,f .H 5 .-'n,ff,f 'LWQQQ lg...-5 .- 0. AUDIO LINGUAL lab es used by all sludemls IU Hue foreign language currnculum Mr Mueller ns sefhng channel number flve for llslenmg comprehension for lwns fourllw Senior Gift Committee Uses Income From Ann Johnson Greg Johnson Janet Johnson Kim Johnson Marcia Johnson Peter Johnson Barbara Jones Deanne Jones Kathryn Jones Susan Jones Connie Jordan Janet Joy Sieve lllen Ronald Jackson Lynn Jameson Charles Jamieson George Jaques David Jenlcinson Cheryl Jensen Nancy Jensen Mixers to Purchase Class of 65 Gift for WHS Barbara Juslice Barbara Kacena Alan Kacere Susan Kane Ann Kanealy Ethel Kasse Dale Kaul Marilyn Keenan W.-J Thomas Kell Luanne Keller Kalhy Keller Brian Kelley Murray Kenl Cynlhia Kindig Roberl' L. King Sylvia Kinlcead Kay Kirkpalrlck Thomas Klein Charles Kllma Gary Knapp Seniors Have Many Choices Throughout the Year S+eve Kopef Michael Koury Lois Kovanda Corrine Krebs Richard Kvach Francis Lackner Kenneih Ladage Kafhleen Lagerquisf Lars Larson Richard Lee Bruce Leipold Beri' Leonard Sieve Kreufzer Hedy Kruidenier Parricia Kuhse Evelyn Kun Chrysial Landon Terry Lane Suzanne Lanfier Mike Langfon 'fig ,QP 'itil Seniors Active in Their Last Year of Homeroom Intramurals MDW' Marqarei Maclcen Harold Madlom Terry Marlin Sharon Mason Richard Maihes Carol Maudsley Scoil Mavis Palricia Mayne Q, L 'ff' Jack Lewis William Lindberg Viclorla Llnl James Lockwood James Logan Charlene Long William Long Rosemary Lorlgan Reber? Lubben David Luense Shari Lyons Linda Mabie Wir.: Tim Mcfbxclwran Jerry McAndrews Edward McAfee Vicki McBurney Jonarlnan McCabe Judith McCWure Jeanne McConneH Bonnie McCrea fu" Seniors Look to Armed Forces for Future Careers 14" 1 45? "s.... lm., l 'Nh 'llq"'7' My Barbara McCune Linda McDaniel Mklnael McGra?h Barbara McGregor Linda McKIm Rose McLaud James McLaughlin John McManus Caroi Mcrviasfer Virr'-saw MCMYCHQ Danna McMurray Loren McCuerry Q 's Bruce Mclavish Richard Melichar Richard Menning Riclc Merkel Rosemary Merrill Sleve Milrulas Donald Miller Virnella Miner Senior C-iirl's Dance Was Held at CR Country Club l Sharon Mislumen Carolyn Moes Daniel Monlague Mike Morgan Dorolhy Morley Mary Lee Morrison Riclc Moses Anne Mossman Milne Mullen Palricia Mulvany Judy Murphy Palriclc Murphy Q ' ff ' 11. S X K, fa ' v U ,L sw f .vgfgy ' :Q fwfr: ,-'-. 90 S A gi rw, 1 sf s SK ml 'ami S-f it ' :Q w J Eff 4vA If 'EA 532 v 'Q .g . . E A. 9 1 ' 1' 4.. K' . qw ff, mxgw AWHwg' 1 L -f .xsipgg fs, 1, , -fnggy, 'wemvvi' K-7Y WWA x'kk 3' 'EiQQ?mk gag QQigwmL X1 S Q., ,f ff,-,f.:.,,Av,VW?gg- Cub - vfaxfg' i cTmbo whkh Tension -4- Cramming : Hectlc Week of Finals Calherine Nassif Michael Neely Clarann Nelson Edward Nelson Gary Nefoliclcy Kay Neuenswander Duane Neverman Peggy Nevins Terry Newman Philip Nichols Joseph Nicholson Mary Nimmer Jane Murray Vaughn Musil Jeannie Myers John Myers Nts! 451' Allen Nading Rolnerl Naiberl' Donna Nargang Andrew Nash di? QS' new M. Kls Semester Break Was Hailed as "Terrific" by All Jan Odell Diane O'Leary Paul Olmsieacl Susan Olmsied Barb Nixon Carl Noe Barbara Norman Bucl Norris Sally Novak Craig Nunn Edward Nuss Terry O'Connell Pefer Olney Jolnn Olson Cynlhia Ollmann Dwayne Olver Linda OH Donna Ovingfon Tom Owens John Packwoocl Nancy Palmer Dlann Pankey Nancy Parker Roberf Parker Roberl Parry Susan Palrick Carolyn Pallon Sandra Pawlak fel! wtf ill? Seniors Perfect Skills in Vocational Education we-" Nmap-w Janelle Pelers John Pelersmilh Kris Pelersmillm Linda Pelerson P965 039 '55, Larry Payn Lydia Pearson Pamela Peckham Daniel Peclen Orlando Peclraza Cheryl Peeples Mike Pence Linda Penningfon N, T1- Mg-gif 1 1 Aga' Tom Pelerson Sharon Pelllon Nancy Pleifer Tanna Phillippe Banquet, Prom, Commencement and Senior Week Claimed the Gary Popellca Frank Porler Tana Pose Davila Powell f' 1' ,vi Elizabeth Piclclord Michael Pierroi Barbara Fiersall Kalharine Pirnenolf Bill Poyneer Gary Preslon G. Elaine Prilchard Pefer Pudzuveiis Jo Ellyn Pyle Diane Rapoporl Kalhryn Ray Gregg Raymond Climax of a Fabulous High School Career Lynn Rice Mary Lou Rice Sieve Rice Joel Rogers Rhea Ellen Rogers W Sie-ferr Rorik John Rose Jon Read Judy Redenbaugh ciiafiaiie Reed Larry Rem Gloria Richards Judifh Richards Annelle Richardson Gary Richardson Roger Riggins Richard Risdon Richard Roehllc Palricia Roll Excitement Builds Through Lengthy Preparation Nancy Rosenbaum Patricia Rouner Lols Rowell Patricia Runner Jack Rusl: Tom Salley Rosemary Saller Ronald Salome Nancy Salter Rosemary Salurl Michael Sandberg Susan Sasse Mary Saville Jorla Schlesselman Larry Schoelerman Linda Schoeneman LuAnn Schoeneman John Schultz Vern Schulzman Torn Sl. Clair ' p ww- any f if H NH' Y - za 1,57 Sl if 4 H Us 2:2722 -. 'm.w:'A I .Evifff-ww -i , ,fwf-'fxzr-W ., Fr 1 V, Q V 4.1 ggqqi? - f J Q V 1-we ,,f MW -if-rw K W, iv ,, iw? Ifiie .1 ,Nj "Q.fg,fSWi'ff L w"f1w , '?f5'1'f"Lf'.?,l ,Fiffi "5 'T' " ' A K ' ,Qxxwx SENIOR PROM rerminafes flnree fulfilled years of liigli sclwool. Making rlme evening even more excirinq for Diane Rapoporr is clwance of wearing a new dress. if nwffw' L 'N Q flue ull ln.. H Fflm.. a J J l l Sieve Schwandt John Schweppe Sheryl Scollon Lynda Sedenlca Ronnie Sees Donna Seibert Allen Seller Sam Sent: Cultural Expression Demonstrated in Ceramics Robert Severson Sharon Sexton Thomas Shannahan Patricia Shepard Cathy Shields Rel: ecca Shields Philip Shimerda Connie Shipp Patricia Shopher Greg Sieh Mary Sima Richard Simmons SMH . , CERAMIC POTTERY-an Individual expression of 'rhe mind fhe creafor, Ru+h Thomas pu+s +l'1e final fouches on her vase. Teresa Slcafl John Slcar Chrisfy Slcow Charlene Slcripslcy Dan Slile l-lal Smifh Lyle Smilh Rex Smifh Intramurals Provide Healthy Inter-Class Rivalry Richard Smilh Frances Smifh Sharon Smilh Terry smyfhe James Solem Susan Sommers Shirley Sperry Melvin Slanelc Marcia Slarlc Diane Slarry Joelyn Slaskal Roberl Slaslny Class of '65 Added Much to Drama and Musicals Steve Sreiger Richard Sfoddard Elizabelh Slolba Kurl Slolba Larry Slone James Sloolney Sieve Slramel Ari Slralemeyer Linda Slurbaum Carol Sturges Larry Slusalr Richard Sundberg Daryl Sleclwon Paul Sfembler Arflwur Sleplwens Gene Sleplwens Barbara Slernberg Llnda Slevenson William Slevenson John Slewarl' Cathy Sulhers Sandra Sweet Bill Swim Bonnie SwE5zer Coulefte Taka-:h John Talley Deborah Taylor Don Teeple The Victory Bell Proves an Asset to School Spirit Janet Tefer Pele Telenson Bob Teply Carol Thede Bruce Thiher Conn Thomas Judy Thomas Linda Thomas Magdelena Thomell Cynthia Thompson Martha Thompson Terry Thompson 'Vi 1 3 S ,lk g'!,f , f .I v j, -ww. 0 ,c',,,,.V,., in J A Y I K 'ilvvh , """" ' 3" 237 , Le 41 f K , . 193 Z ,A - . --..-.,. --.Q ' V v' f x 3. ,W t Z 1 +'-w-aan-i- . fhannmmli- 1 I f .-.Q-.r WM- if fy . f .,.- 3 .wa f., w- , ..1f. . ww , . Q,- ,, , EGWQLFQQWMXSPY4 Tim Thompson Victoria Thompson Arlinda Thoren Ralph Thoren Janie Tierman Evelyn Trecelc Tom Troslcy Sally Troxell aku..-f' W Class of '65 Largest Ever to Graduate From Wash Wh 'Carr' Marylxe Vander Meer Grefchen Vander Mevlen Parlicia Van Gorp Lisa Van Nosfrand Tony Tschopp Sharon Turlunglon Alec Turrim Dennis Udell Sandra Urban Roberl Ure Salana Ulechf Douglas Valley Carolyn Vlclorlne Danny Voellz Douglas Vogel Charlene Volalc 3 Kellh Van Nole Franlc Varvarls Jaclrle Vaughn Sleve Vlclc Baccalaureate Encourages One to Define His Future Nancy Von Vollenburg Dave Von Veasl' Dorollny Wagner Karen Wagner Roger Walnwrlghl' Palricia Walle Milne Wallnan Beverly Wallclns Douglas Walls Carol Webby Teed Welch Marilyn Wenger Severances - Future Accomplishments - Graduation Forest Wennermarlc David Wessale Barbara While Nancy Whitehead Harold Wilson Sheila Wilson William Wilson Maureen Wolf Kay Woods Belly Woolfolk Tom Worlman Dave Worthen .Qs 'ak' i -fe- WX. , 'Ei-I" Marcia Wiclce Laura Wignall Mary Willia Duane Williams Guy Williams Pam Williams Shane Williams Teresa Williams S' l P Charles Pisarilc Seniors Partake in Varied Forms of Recreation Belly Wrighl ff, 7 lj- Q Lynn Wrighl Mary Wrighl fs- Rolf Wulfsberg V' ' Ns. '- W' ' Firvxy ' Suzanne Wycoli Ken Yardley Jayne Yock Jeanne Zalesky 'am f- 'EP K fs , fir i ' 3 ,. y M, .ADL "T.P.lNG" was in vogue This year. A resuli' of one of The sen- ior girls' escapades was The papering of Ed Nuss's house. William Brouillard Wayne Bryanl' Richard Callas Dennis Chapman Jo Chavez James Chrisriansen Fred Clarkson Kerry Dills Sieve Dolash Edward Duffy Sharon Ferguson Linda Freeman Milce Gassman Baylor Good Michael l-lardesly Thomas Jepson Charles Johnson Paul Jones Joseph Kelly Kris Kinlcead Edward Knapp Richard Koanig Peler Kohl Seniors Nor Picfure d Terry Krized Sharon Zier James Zilca Judy Zilca Palricia Zimmerman Raymond LeGrand Joe Lipsccmlo George Lucas Shirley Manwiller Marlin McEowe Connie McGee Janer McGrew William Mulholl n and James Norihrup Thomas Pocholarads Marc Pufman Chryslal Radcliffe Mary Roberlson Donald Rouser William Schindler Joyce Siegal Niclc Sillcoloalclren Rulh Thomas Judy Vos John Waalk Marilyn Wrighi' kv Adams, Anifa FBLA 2, 3: Girls Choir I Adams, Sandy GRA I, 2, 3: Girls Choir I, 2: Pep Club' I, 2 Aiels, Frank Rifle Club 2, 3 Albee, Paul A-V Club 2, 3: Camera Club 3: Wires 3 Alberf, James YFC 3: Unifed Nafions 3 Alberfus, Gary Aldrich, Sfanley DECA 3: YFC I, 2 Allen, James German Club I, 2: YFC I, 2, 3: Unifed Nafions I Allick, David French Club I, 2 Alf, Dennis Band I, 2, 3 Ames, Cheryl French Club I, 2, 3: GRA 2: Pep Club I. 2, 3 Anderson, Alden Baseball Mgr. I, 2 Anderson, Ivan Anderson, Judy Forum I: GRA I, 2, 3: German Club 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Anderson, Larry Wresfling I Anderson, Sfephen Track I Anderson, William Cross Counfry I, 2, 3: LeHerman's Club 2, 3: Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3 Anderle, John Angell, William Track I Armsfrong, William Baseball I, 2, 3: Cross Counfry I, 2, 3: Forum I, 2, 3 Arnold, Margaref Fulure Nurses I, 2: French Club 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: YFC 2, 3: Unifed Nafions 3 Ashley, James DECA 3 Afchison, Gerald Concerl' Choir 2: Foofball 3: For- ensics Club 3: Thespians 3: Track 3 Afkinson, Mary FBLA I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2. 3: Girls Choir I Badger, Nancy Mixed Cho- rus I: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2 Bainbridge, Linda Forum I: French Club I, 2, 3: I-Iome- coming queen aifenclanf 3: Pep Club I, 2: Surveyor 2,3 Senior Index Baird, Elena GRA I: Pep Club I, 2 Baker, Edifh Mixed Chorus I, 2 Bakke, Sam Forum I, Men's Choir I, 2: Surveyor 2, 3: Tennis I Baldwin, Jane Concerf Choir 3: FBLA 2, 3: Girl's Choir I, 2: Spanish Club 2 Barnes, Alberf Barneff, James Baseball I, 2, 3: Fooiball I Barr, Dennis Barr, Dixie Barry, Scoff Mixed Chorus I Bearbower, Susie Arr Club I: Fuiure Nurses I: GRA I, 2: Girls Choir 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Beasley, Becky GRA I: Mix- ed Chorus 2: Pep Club I: Surveyor 2 Beafy, Allyson FBLA 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Becker, Ellen Band I, 2, 3: Fufure nurses 2, 3 Beckman, Karon FBLA 3: Pep Club I Bedienf, Kay Fufure nurses I, 2, 32 GRA I, 2, 37 Girlls Choir I, 2, 3: GirI's Chorus I: I-Iospifalify I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Beighle, Cindra GRA I, 2, 3: Girlls Choir 3: Pep Club I: Spanish Club I, 2: YFC I Bell, Cindy Arf Club I: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Bell, Dana Forum I, 2, 3: GRA I, 21 3: GirI's Choir 3: GirI's Chorus I: I'Iome- coming queen 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3 Benedicf, S'I'eve FBLA 37 Swim Team I Berg, Suzanne GRA I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 3: Seaquins I, 2, 3 Berry, Ronald Rifle Club 2 Berirand, Bonnie Ar+ Club 3: Homecoming queen aifend- dam' 3: Pep Club 3 Beed, Douglas Binger, Penny Adasfra 3: Fu- fure nurses I: FTA 2, 3: French Club I, 2, 3 Bishop, Dennis Baseball I, 2, 3: Wresfling I, 2 Blair, John Concerl' Choir 3: French Club I: Men's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I: Quill 81 Scroll 2: Drama Club I, 3: Wires I, 2, 3 Blair, Kevin DECA 3 Blaker, Kafhleen French Club 3' Pe Club 2: Sur- I, 2. . p veyor 2 Block, Bill Forum I: Orches- lrall, 2: Swim Team I, 2 Blume, Sco+'I Bofhwell, David A-V Club I: Foofball I: LefIerman's Club I, 2, 3: Track I: Wresiling I, 2, 3 Bousquef, James Band I Bowdish, James Bowler, Thomas Track I: Wresiling I, 2 Bowman, Kay Fufure nurses 2, 3: French Club I: GRA 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: GirI's Chorus I: Pep Club I Boynfon, Lynnel-Ie GRA I, 2, 3: GirI's Choir 3: GirI's Cho- rus I: Mixed Chorus 2: YFC 2, 3 Bradley, Roberf Brady, Connie GirI's Chorus I, 2, 3 Brewer, Debbie Ari Club I: FBLA 3: Pep Club 3 Bridgeford, Gary Brockman, Craig Concerf Choir 2, 3: Foofball I, 2: Mixed Chorus I: Swim Team 2, 3: Track I Brouillard, John Mixed Cho- rus 3 Brouillard, Bill Brown, Debra Concerf Choir 3: French Club I: GRA I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Seaquins 3 Brown, Dennis I-Iospifalify 3 Brown, Ron Baskefball I: Forum I: Forensics I, 2, 3: German Club 2, 3: Orches- fra I, 2, 3: Tennis I, 2, 3 Bryanf, Wayne Men's Club 3: Wresfling 2 Buhmann, Paul Burger, Mary Burger, Kennefh Burk, James Baseball I: Bas- kefball I Burns, Donna French Club I, 2, 3: Girlls Choir 2, 3 Burr, Barbara FTA 2, 3: Fo- rum 2: GRA I: German man Club I, 2, 3: Orchesfra I, 2, 3 Burrich'I'er, Cheryl FBLA 2, 3: GRA I: Mixed Chorus I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Cady, Jo DECA 3: FBLA 2 Cain, Roberf Caldbeck, Emily Band I: FBLA 2 I Caldwell, Jack Concerf Choir I, 2, 3: French Club 3: Thes- plans I, 2, 3 Callas, Richard Calverl, Sfeve Baseball 2, 3: DECA 3: Foofball 3 Cameron, Alan A-V Club 2, 3: Forum I: French Club I, 2: Le+ferman's Club 3: Rifle Club I: Swim Club I, 2, 3 Campbell, Philip Baseball I, 2, 3: Rifle Club I Carnahan, William Carr, Alberl' Baskefball I: Foofball I, 2, 3: Track I, 3 Carr, Alfred Baseball I, 2, 3: Baskefball I: Leiferman's Club 3: Swim Team 3 Carrigg, Pafricia Band 2, 3: FBLA 3: Fuiure Nurses 3: GRA 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Pep Club 3 Carri'I'hers, James Baskefball I, 2, 3: Fooiball I, 2, 3: Fo- rum I, 2: Tennis I, 2, 3: Lef- +erman's Club 2, 3 Carfer, Linda FBLA 2: GRA I, 2 Carfer, Richard Leifermans Club 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3 Casey, David I'Iospil'aIiIy 2, 3: Monumenl' 2: Orchesira I, 2, 3 Cecil, Roberf Wresfling 3 Ceynar, Diane Chaffee, Jack Chalupsky, David Band I, 2, 3: I-Iospifalify 2, 3 Chapel, Jeff Chapman, Dennis Chavez, Jo Pep Club I Cherry, Jane Cheerleader I, 2: Forum I, 2. 3: Class Offi- cer 3: GRA I, 2, 3: I-Iome- coming affendanf 3: Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Chiafos, Roberf 247 Chiafos, Sheila DECA 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Girls Choir I Childers, Don Cross counlry I, 2, 3: Foolball I: Leller- man's Club 3: Track 3: Wreslling I, 2, 3 Chrisfensen, Michael Swim Team 2, 3 Chrisliansen, James Church, Cheryl GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Ciemnoczolowski, Richard Claasen, James Swim Team Clarkson, Fred Clemens, Carol Fulure nurses 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Clyde, Leslie Clyde, Ramona Collins, Kay GRA 3: Girls Choir 3 Convey, Jan Pep Club I Cook, Linda GRA 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Cook, Nancy Cheerleader I, 2, 3: Forum I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Homecoming Allendanl' 3 Cook, Tom Baseball 3: Fool- ball I: Swim Team I: Wres- fling 3 Cooling, Penny FBLA 2: GRA I: Pep Club I Coombs, Cecil Baseball I, 2, 3: Lellerman's Club 3 Cornwall, Pam FTA 3: Forum 2: GRA I: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Cox, Barbara, French Club 2, 3: Surveyor 3 Cozad, Charles Baseball I, 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry 3: Spanish Club 3 Craff, Roberl' Wreslling I Crary, Grefchen Class Olli- cer I, 2: Forum 3: French Club I, 2, 3: Homecoming queen allendanl 3: Orches- lra I: Pep Club I, 2: Quill 81 Scroll 2, 3: Seaquins 2, 3: Surveyor 2, 3 Crumrine, Cindy F u I u r e nurses 3: I-Iospilalily 3: Pep 'flub I, 2: Spanish Club 3 Culver, Karen Fulure nurses I, 2, 3 Curry, Calhy GRA I, 2, 3: GirI's -Choir I Davis, Beverly GRA 2 248 Senior Index DeLay, Elizabelh FTA 3: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3 Delzell, James Baskelball I: Surveyor 3 DeMarrais, Sleve Band I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 3: Foolball I: Wreslling I, 2 Denmead, Janel F u I u r e nurses 2: GRA I: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Pep Club I Dennis, Chris DECA 3: GRA 2: Pep Club I DeSousa, Mary FBLA 2: Mixed Chorus I DeWald, Karen Fulure nurses I: Forum 2: GRA I DeWees, Nancy Concerl Choir 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Diaz, Marlha FTA I: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Dills, Karen GRA I: Pep Club I Dills, Kerry Swim Team I, 2 Dolash, Slephen YFC I, 2 Doonan, Tim Baseball I: Bas- kelball I, 2, 3: Forum I: Lel- Ierman's Club 2, 3 Dornam, Viki Forum I, 2: GRA I: Girls Choir I Downing, Connie Forum I: GRA 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Seaquins I, 2, 3 Downing, David Adaslra 2, 3: A-V Club 2: Men's Choir 3: Rifle Club 2 Duckwall, Andy Cross Coun- Iry 2: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Track 3 Dudrey, Linda FBLA 3: GirI's Choir 3: Spanish Club 3 Duffy, Edward Dunahugh, Roberf DECA 3: Mixed Chorus I Dunn, Thomas Track 2 Dunnick, Rodney Band I, 2, 3 Durow, Bill German Club 3: Surveyor I, 2, 3 Dvorak, Ann Fulure nurses I: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Dvorak, John-Baskelball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: Leller- man's Club 2, 3: Track I 2, 3 Dwyer, Thomas Eby, Sharon Arl Club I Eckerl, Marcia FBLA 2, 3 Eddings, Lexie Band 3 Ehrenberger, Joseph Ehrke, Gary Surveyor I Ellio'H', Arlene DECA 3 EIIioH, Roberl' Forum I: Swim Team I Ellis, John Elrod, Joyce Forum 2: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Ely, Marlha Forum 2: French Club 3: GRA I: Girls Choir 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Thespians I, 2, 3 Emery, Lyman Emmons, Diane FBLA 2: GRA 3: Pep Club I England, Bill Engslrom, Carl Concerl Choir 3: Cross Counlry I: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Erlacher, David Foolball I, 2: I-Iospilaliry I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3 Faas, Lynda GRA 2 Faidley, Keilh Foo+baII I, 2, 3: Forum 2: I-Iospilalily 2, 3: LeIIerman's Club 2, 3 Farmer, Ka+hy Pep Club 2: Surveyor 3 Fauchier, Jess Cross Coun- Iry 3: Foolball I: Rille Club 2: Track I, 2,3 Feiler, Mike Track 2 Ferch, Dale Baseball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: LeII'erman's Club 2, 3 Ferguson, Janel Band I, 2, 3: GRA I Ferguson, Sharon Band I, 2, 3: Fulure nurses I, 2: GirI's Choir I, 2, 3 Ferring, Jananne Girl's Cho- rus I: Iflospiralily 2, 3: MonumenI'2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Seaquins 2, 3 Filip, Susan Forum I: GRA I: Pep Club I: Seaquins I Finkenbinder, Susan Band I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Drama I, 2, 3: Pep Club I: YFC I, 2 3 Flelcher, Pam Concerl Choir 2, 3: GRA I: Pep Club I Folken, Donna FBLA 2, 3: Pep Club I Fong, David Swim Team I, 2 Franklin, Janef FBLA 2, 3: GRA 2: Pep .Club I, 2 Franklin, John Franks, Laurene FTA 2, 3: French Club 3 Freeman, Douglas Foolball I: Le'rIernnan's Club 2, 3 Freeman, Linda Mixed Cho- rus 3: Thespians 3 Freese, Linda Frye, Suzanne Surveyor 2, 3: YFC I Fugale, Linda Arl Club 2: FBLA I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Fulkerson, Jo Forum I, 2: GRA I, 3: GirI's Choir 3: Girl's Chorus I: Mixed Cho- rus 2: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Gaines, Russell Galbrai+h, David A-V Club I: Baskelball 2: Foolball I, 2, 3: Le++erman's Club 3: Track I, 3 Gallagher, Nancy F r e n ch Club 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I: Span- ish Club 2 Gann, Rosemary Gardner, Cheryl Gassman, Mike George, Konnie GRA I: Pep Club I Gilberl, Jack Concerl Choir 3: Men's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I Gingrich, James Ginlerl, Ed Track I Gipson, Doug Gipson, Mike Band I, 2: Bas- kelball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2: Forensics I, 2: Leller- man's Club I, 2, 3: Monu- menl 2: Track I, 2 Glass, Tracy Forum I: GRA I: Orcheslra I: Pep Club I, 2 Glaus, Ken Goldie, Linda GRA I: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Goode, Baylor Track I, 2, 3: Wreslling 3 Gorsuch, KaI'l1y Arl Club 3: Forum 2: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Gorup, Lynnefle Band I, 2: FBLA 2: GRA I Gourley, Larry Cross Coun- Iry 3: DECA Foolball 3: Wreslling I, 2, 3 Graham, Margarel' ,Fufure Nurses 2: FTA 3: French Club 3: GirI's Choir 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2 Gray, James Concerf Choir 2, 3: Cross Counfry I, 2, 3: Forum 2: Lefferman's Club I, 2: Men's Choir I: Track 2: Wresfling I, 2 Gray, Lucinda FTA 3: GirI's Choir I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Spanish Club 2 Gray, Suzanne Mixed Cho- rus 2: YFC I, 2,3 Green, David Men's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I Green, Howard YFC I, 2, 3 Green, Rufh DECA 3: GRA I Greenwood, Sue FTA 2: French Club 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Griffifh, Jill GRA I.: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Grigg, Carol GRA I: GirI's Choir: Mixed Chorus I Grover, Lee Cross Counfry I: German Club I: Swim Team I, 2: Track I Grunewald, Marie Concerf Choir 3: GirI's Choir 2: Hos- pifalify 2, 3: Mixed Cho- rus I: Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Gruwell, Dave Wresfling I. 2, 3 Guse, Karen GRA I, 2, 3: Unifed Nafions I, 3 Gurierrez, Dave Band I. 2: OECA 3 Haddy, Phil' Surveyor 2, 3 Haddy, Rhonda Orchesfra I: Pep Club I Haedf, AI Baseball I, 2, 3: Baskefball I, 2, 3 Haglund, Karl Adasfra 2: Class Officer 3: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Cross Counfry I: Forum I, 2, 3: Forensics I, 2: Men's Choir I: Or- chesfra I, 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3 Hahn, Fred Adasfra 2: Class Officer 2: Forum 3: Leffer- man's Club I, 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3 Hahn, Susan FBLA 3 Hailman, Joan Forum I, 2, 3: French Club I: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Quill 84 Scroll 2, 3: Surveyor I, 2, 3 Haines, Maryhelen Band 2, 3: Orchesfra I Halbasch, Cris Senior Index Hall, Carol FBLA 2, 3: GirI's Choir 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I Hall, Chrisfine GirI's Chorus I: Pep Club I: Seaquins I, 2, 3: Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Hall, Michael Baseball 2, 3: Track 2 Halver, Diane DECA 3: FBLA 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I Hamilfon, Ann FTA 3: Fo- rum I, 2. 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I. 2, 3: Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Hamilion, Elaine French Club I Hamilfon, Gene Fooiball I. 2, 3 Hamp+on, Bob Foofball I, 2. 3: LeI'lerrnan's Club 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: Wresfling 3 Hanna, Judy FBLA 2: GirI's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Hannon, Mary C o n c e rf Choir 2, 3: Forensics 3: GirI's Choir I: I-Iospifalify 3: Seaquins 3: Thespians I Hansen, Roger Wresfling I Hanson, John DECA 3: Wreslling I Hanzel, Mayree GirI's Choir I, 2, 3: Hospilaliry 2, 3: Pep Club I: Thespians I Harapo+, James Hardenbrook, Marcia DECA 3: GRA I: German Club 2: GirI's Choir 2 Hardesfy, Peggy Hospiialify 2, 3: Monumenf 2, 3: Or- chesfra I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Hardesry, Michael Harlan, CaI'hy FBLA 3: Fu- fure Nurses 3: Pep Club 2, 3 Harris, S'Ieve Band 2, 3: Men's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Track 2, 3 Haskell, Marsha FBLA 2: Pep Club I Ha+cheH'e, Georgianna Hafhaway, Terri F u f u r e Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA 3: Or- chesfra I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Heafh, Gwen FBLA 2, 3: GRA 3: Pep Club I Hea+on, David Forum I, 2 Hendryx, Sfeve Hepker, Sharon Band I: Class Officer 3: Fufure Nurses 3: Forum I: French Club 3: GRA 3: Homecom- ing queen affendanf 3: Monumenl' 3: Pep Club 3 Heriford, John Hospifalify I, 2, 3 Herman, Marva DECA 3: FBLA 2 Heusman, Julie Band I, 2, 3: FBLA 2, 3: GirI's Choir I Highfower, Sandy FTA 2: French Club 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Monumenf 2: Pep Club I, 2 Hill, Sheri Hinds, Carol FBLA 3 Hinkhouse, Sue GirI's Choir 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I Hiermsfad, Sfeve Wires I, 2 Hodge, George FBLA 2 Hodgson, William Hoeff, Sue FBLA 3 Hogan, Lee DECA 3: FBLA 2, 3: Forensics I, 2: Swim Team I Holmes, Arbelia DECA 3: Fuiure Nurses I: Pep Club I, 3 Holmes, Cindy FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I Pafsy DECA 3: FBLA 2: GRA 2 Homire, Hoofman, Ted Mixed Cho- rus I: Wresfling 2 Hoover, Linda Mixed Chorus 3: Pep Club I Hopkins, George Concerr Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I Hoyle, Linda FBLA 2: Or- chesfra I, 2 Hoyle, Jane'I' French 3: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Russian Club 2 Hulberf, Jerry French Club 2, 3: Russian Club I HuleI', Anifa Band I, 2: FBLA 2: Forensics 2: GirI's Choir I, 2 Hulshizer, James Hungerford, Cur'I'is Band I: Bas-kefball I Hun+, John Concerf Choir 2, 3: Foofball I, 2: Forum I, 2: German Club 3: Men's Choir I: Orchesfra I, 3: Wresfling I Hun'I', Judy DECA 3 Hun+, Roberf Track I Hunf, Roberfa Cfass Officer I: Fufure Nurses I: French Club 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Hunfer, Joanne Band I, 2, 3: Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: Fu- fure Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA I: Surveyor I Hunfer, Joe Band I, 2: Con- cerf Choir 2, 3: Foofball 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Track 2, 3: Wresfling I Hunfinglon, EvereI"I'e Tennis I Hupfer, Mike Baseball I, 2, 3: Conceri Choir 2, 3: Foof- ball I: Men's Choir I Hus'I'on, Bill IlI'en, S+eve Baskefball I, 2, 3: Forum 3: LefIerman's Club 2, 3 Jackson, Ron Concerf Choir I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry 2, 3: Foofball I: German Club I: Track I, 2, 3: Wresfling 2 Jameson, Lynn Jamieson, Charles Jaques, George C o n c e rf Choir 2, 3: Foofball I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Rifle Club 2, 3: Track I, 2: Wresfling I, 2, 3 Jenkinson, David Foofball I, 2 Jensen, Cheryl German Club I, 2, 3: GirI's Choir I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Jensen, Nancy Mixed Cho- rus I: Pep Club I Jepson, Thomas Johnson, Ann FBLA 2, 3: GRA I Johnson, Charles Johnson, Greg Johnson, Jane'I- Band I, 2: FBLA 2: GRA I Johnson, Kim Concerf Choir 3: Men's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I: Track I Johnson, Marcia Fufure Nurses 2, 3: GRA I: Or- chesfra I, 2, 3: Pep Club 2 Johnson, Pefer Adasfra 2, 3: Class Officer 3: Forensics 2: German Club I, 2, 3: Hos- pifalify 3: Orchesfra I, 2, 3 Jones, Barbara C o n c e rf Choir 2, 3: GRA I: Mixed Chorus I Jones, Deanne GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2: Spanish Club 2, 3 249 Jones, Kalhryn Conceri Choir 2, 3: Forum I: GRA I, 2: I-Iospilalily 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2 Jones, Paul Jones, Susan FBLA 2, 3: Girl's Choir 2: Mixed Cho- rus I: Pep Club I Jordan, Connie FBLA 2: Mixed Chorus I Joy, Janel' GRA I, 2, 3: Girl's Choir 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Spanish Club I Juslice, Barbara Band I, 2, 3: Concerl Choir 2, 3: FBLA 2, 3: GRA 2: YFC I Kacena, Barbara Girl's Choir 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Pep Club 2 Kacere, Alan Foolball I: Fo- rum 2 Kane, Susan GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Surveyor 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 3 Kanealy, Ann GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 3: Seaquins 3 Kassee, Efhel FBLA 2, 3 Kaul, Dale A-V Club I, 2: Swim Team I, 2 Keenan, Marilyn Mixed Cho- rus 2 Kell, Thomas DECA 3 Keller, Luanne Ari Club 3: French Club I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Girl's Choir 2, 3: Girl's Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Quill 84 Scroll 2, 3: Russian Club I: Surveyor 2, 3 Keller, Kalhy DECA 3: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Kelley, Brian Baseball 2, 3 Kelly, Joseph Kenf, Murray Mixed Chorus I, 2: Surveyor 2, 3 Kindig, Cynlhia King Bob Class Officer 2: Foolball I, 2, 3: Forum 2, 3: Forensics I: Leller- man's Club 2, 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Track 2, 3 Kinkead, Kris Kinkead, Sylvia C o n c e rl Choir 3: Forum I: Forensics 2: GRA I: Girl's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club Kirkpafrick, Kay Band I, 2. 3: Forum I: Forensics 2, 3: German Club I: Qrcheslra 250 Senior Index I: Russian Club I: Thespians I, 2, 3: Uniled Nalions 3 Klein, Thomas Klima, Charles Foolball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2 Knapp, Edward Foolball 3: LeIlerman's Club 3: Wres- lling 3 Knapp, Gary Koenig, Richard Kohl, Pele Foolball I, 2, 3: Le'rIerman's Club I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2, 3 Kope+, Sfeve Koury, Michael Adaslra 2, 3: Forum 2, 3: Forensics 2, 3: Flospilalily 3: Surveyor 3: Drama Club 3 Kovanda, Lois French Club I, 2.3: Pep Club 2, 3 Krebs, Connie GRA I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club I, 2 Kreulzer, Sieve C o n c e r I Choir I, 2: DECA 3: FBLA 2 Krizek, Terry Rifle Club I Kruidnier, Hedy FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Kuhse, Pal' FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2, 3 - Kun, Evelyn FBLA 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3 Kvach, Richard Lackner, Francis A-V Club I, 2, 3: Forum I: Thespians I Ladage, Kenne+l1 Lagerquis'I', Kafhleen DECA 3: FBLA 2 Landon, Chrys+aI Fulure Nurses 2: GRA I: Russian Club 2: Spanish Club I, 2 Leech, Nancy Lane, Terry Baseball I: Bas- kelball I, 2, 3: Forum I, 2: LeIIerman's Club 2, 3 Lanfier, Suzanne Band I, 2: FBLA 2: GRA 2 Langlon, Mike Cross Coun- Iry 2: Foolball I: Track I, 2 Larson, Lars Cross CounIry 3: Track 2, 3 Lee, Rick Monumenl 2, 3: Qrcheslra I, 2, 3 LeGrand, Raymond Leipold, Bruce Concerl Choir 3: Men's Choir I, 2: Thes- pians 3 Leonard, Ber'I Lewis, Jack Baskelball 2 Lindberg, William Band I, 2: Monumenl 3: Qrcheslra 3 Linl, Vicloria FBLA 2: Fulure Nurses I: Forum 2 Lipscomb, Joe Baseball 2: Foolball 3: Wreslling 3 Lockwood, James Foolball I, 2, 3: LelIerman's Club 2, 3: Goll Team I, 2, 3 Logan, James Concerl Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Track I, 2 Long, Charlene FBLA 2 Long, William Band I, 2, 3 Lorigan, Rosemary GRA I, 2: Monumenl 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Quill and Scroll 3 Lubben, Roberl Baskelball 2: Forum 2: Mixed Chorus I Lucas, George Luense, David Lyons, Shari FBLA 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I, 2 Mabie, Linda FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Girl's Choir I Macken, Molly French Club I, 2, 3: erm I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Unilecl Nalions 3 Madlom, Harold FBLA 2: Qrcheslra I, 2, 3: YFC I, 2, 3 Manwiller, Shirley FBLA 2: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I Marlin, Terry Foolball I: Track I, 2, 3 Mason, Sharon Fulure Nurses 3: Girl's Clvoir I: Pep Club I Malhes, Richard Adaslra 2, 3: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2, 3: Flos- pilalily 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3 'Maudsley, Carol FBLA I, 2: Girl's Choir I, 2: Pep Club I Mavis, ScoH' Baskelball I: DECA 3: LeIIerman's Club I, 2, 3: Orchesira I: Swim Team I: Tennis 2 Mayne, Palricia FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2: I-lospilalily 3: Pep Club I, 2 McAchran, Tim McAndrews, Jerry Baseball 2: Forum I, 2 McAfee, Edward Foolball I: Track I McBurney, Vicki GRA I: Pep Club I McCabe, Jonalhan Camera Club I: French Club 3 McClure, Judi'I'h Adaslra 2, 3: German Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Drama Club 3 McConnell, Jeanne GRA I, 2: Spanish Club I: Drama Club 3 McCrea, Bonnie DECA 3: Girl's Choir I McCune, Barbara FBLA 3 McDaniel, Linda DECA 3: FBLA 2: GRA I: Pep Club I McEowen, Marlin Track 2 McGee, Connie McGra+h, Micael McGregor, Barbara Fulure Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I McGrew, Janel FBLA 3 McKim, Linda GRA I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2 McLaud, Rose Girl's Choir I McLaughlin, James McManus, John Baskelball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: Forum I, 2, 3: LeI'Ierman's Club 2, 3: Track I, 2 McMasIer, Carol F u I u r e Nurses 2, 3: Forum I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 McMickIe, VirneI+e GRA 2: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 3 McMurray, Dennis Band I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2: Flos- piialily 3: Monumenl 3 McQuerry, Loren McTavish, Bruce Melichar, Richard Baseball I, I 2, 3: Cross counlry 2, 3: Wresiling I, 2, 3 Menning, Richard C r o s s counlry I: Track I Merkel, Rick Merril'I', Rosemary Mikulas, Sieve Miller, Donald Miner, Verne'Ha GRA 2: Pep Club 2 Miskimen, Sharon DECA GRA I: GirI's Choir 2: YFC 2 Moes, Carolyn FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 3: GirI's Chorus 2. 3: Pep Club 2 Monrague, Daniel Morgan, Mike Morley, Dorolhy GRA 3: Pep Club 2, 3 Morris, Douglas Morrison, Mary Lee Forum I, 2: French Club I, 2, 3: Flos- pilalily 2, 3: Monumenl 2, 3: Pep Club I, 3: Seaquins 2, 3: GirI's Chorus I: Quill and Scroll 3 Moses, Rick Band I: Baseball I, 2, 3: Fooiball I, 2, 3: LeIlerman's Club I, 2, 3 Mossman, Anne GRA I: GirI's Chorus I: Pep Club I Mulholland, Bill DECA 3 Mullen, Michael Mulvany, Pairicia GRA I, 2, 3: GirI's Chorus: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Surveyor 2, 3 Murphy, Judy FTA 3: Sur- veyor 3 Murphy, Pa'I'rick Murray, Pafricia Fulu re Nurses 2, 3: GRA 2, 3: I-Iospilalily 3: Pep Club I Musil, 'Vaughn Myers, Jeannie Myers, John Nading, Allen Naiberf, Roberl' G e r m a n Club I: I-lospiialiiy 2, 3 Nargang, Donna Band I, 2, 3: FBLA 2, 3 Nash, Andrew Cross Coun- Iry I: Wreslling Nassif, Caiherine Cheerlead- er I: Class officer I: Forum I, 2, 3: Forensics I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Orcheslra I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Thespians I, 2, 3 Nelson, Clarann F u + u r e Nurses 2, 3: GRA I, 3: Pep Club I, 2 Nelson, Ed Foolball I, 2, 3: LeIlerman's Club I, 2, 3: Track I, 2: Wresiling I, 2, 3 Nelolicky, Gary Baseball I: Baskelball I, 2. 3 Senior Index Neuenswander, Kay Band I, 2, 3: FBLA 2: GRA I: Sea- quins I, 2, 3 Neverman, Duane Track I, 2, 3 Nevins, Peggy FBLA 2, 3: I-lospilalily I, 2, 3 Newman, Terry Tennis I Nichols, Phil Rille Club 2 Nicholson, Joseph Nimmer, Mary FTA 2, 3: Forensics 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I: Spanish Club 2 Nixon, Barbara Ari Club 3: Pep Club I, 2: Thespians 3 Noe, Carl Adaslra 2, 3: Camera Club I: Cross Counlry I: Forum 3: Ger- man Club 2: Thespians I, 2, 3 Norman, Barbara DECA 3: FBLA 2: Pep Club I Norris, Bud Rifle Club I Neely, Mike Noyfhrup, James Wresiling' Novak, Sally French Club I, 3: Girl's Chorus I, 2: Pep Club I, 2 Nunn, Craig Track I, 2, 3 Nuss, Edward Thespians 2, 3: Track I, 2 O'ConneII, Terry Odell, Jan FTA 3: French Club I: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3 O'Leary, Diane GRA I, 2, 3 Olmslead, Paul LeHerman's Club 3: Track I, 2, 3 Olmsfed, Susan Adaslra 2, 3: Orchesira I, 2: Spanish Club 2 Olney, Pe'I'er Olson, John Baseball I: l-Ios- pilalily 2, 3 Olfmann, Cynlhia Band I, 2, 3: Concerl Choir 2, 3: Forensics 2: French Club 3: GRA I, 2, 3: GirI's Choir I: Seaquins 3 Olver, Dwayne C o n c e r I Choir I, 2, 3 OH, Linda Adaslra 2, 3: Girl's Choir I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Ovinglon, Donna Forum I: GRA I, 3: Pep Club I: Spanish Club 3 Owens, Tom Camera Club I: LeiI'erman's Club 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3: Track 3 Packwood, John Band I, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 3 Palmer, Nancy Forum I, 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I Pankey, Diann FBLA 2, 3: Fulure Nurses I: GRA 3 Parker, Nancy Parker, Roberl Baseball I: Baskelball I: Men's Choir I, 2: Swim Team 2, 3 Parry, Roberl' Baseball I: I-o- rum 2, 3: Orchesira 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3: Thespians I: 2, 3 Parrick, Susan Ar+ Club I, 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Pa'H'on, Carolyn French Club 3 Pawlak, Sandra Band I, 2: DECA 3 Payn, Larry Pearson, Lydia FBLA 2, 3: GRA I: Girl's Choir 3 Peckham, Pamela DECA 3: FBLA 2: GRA I Peden, Daniel Wresiling I, 2, 3 Pedraza, Orlando Peeples, Cheryl FTA 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Club I Pence, Mike Penningion, Linda FBLA 2, 3 Pelers, JaneHe GRA I. 2: Pep Club I, 2 Pefersmilh, John Pelersmifh, Krissy Fulure Nurses 3: GRA I, 3: GirI's Choir 3: Homecoming queen allendani 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Peferson, Linda Forum I, 2: I-lospiialiiy 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Monumenl' 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Peferson, Thomas Baseball I, 2, 3: Foolball 3: Leller- man's Club 3 PeH'lon, Sharon Ari Club I, 2: DECA 3: GRA I, 2: Monumenl 2: Pep Club I, 2: YFC I Pfeifer, Nancy FBLA 3: Fu- Iure Nurses 3: Forum 2: Mixed Chorus I, 2: Pep Club I: Surveyor 2 Phillippe, Tanna Mixed Cho- rus 2: YFC I, 2 Pickford, Liz French Club I, 2: GRA I, 3: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Pierrof, Mike GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir I: Homecom- ing queen allendanl 3: Pep Club I Piersall, Barbara French Club 3: Pep Club I, 2: Surveyor 2, 3 Pimenoff, Ka'I'harine Concerl' Choir 3: GRA 2 Pisarik, Chuch Pochobradsky, Tom Popelka, Gary Porfer, Frank Pose, Tana Powell, DeAnn Poyneer, Bill Foolball I: Sur- veyor 2, 3: Wreslling I Preslon, Gary Prilchard, Elaine Forensics I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: German Club I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Pudzuvelis, Peier Baseball I: Foolball I, 2, 3 Pulnam, Marc Wresiling I Pyle, Jo Ellyn FTA 3: Forum I, 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I: Spanish Club 3: YFC 3 Radcliffe, Cryslel Rapopor+, Diane Forum I: French Club I, 2, 3: Flos- pilalily I, 2, 3: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2,3 3 Ray, Kalhryn Band I, 2, 3: GirI's Choir 2 Raymond, Gregg Read, Jon Cross Counlry 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2, 3 Redenbaugh, Judy Forum 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 3: Seaquins I, 2, 3 Reed, CharloH'e GRA I: Seaquinsl Reeve, Larry Mixed Chorus I: Orcheslra I, 2 Rice, Joanne FTA 2, 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2 25I Rice, Lynne Girl's Choir 2, 3 Rice, Mary Lou Concerl Choir 3: Fulure Nurses I. 2: French Club I: GRA I, 2: GirI's, Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I: Monumenl 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Rice, Sieve Richards, Gloria Richards, Judifh Richardson, AnneHe GRA I, 2: German Club I, 2: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Richa'rdson, Gary Riggins, Roger Risdon, Richard Robinson, Mary Roehlk, Richard Forum I: Thespians 3 Roff, Palricia Rogers, Joel Baskelball I: Spanish Club l, 2 Rogers, Rhae Ellen Band 2, 3: FBLA 3: I-Iospilaliiy 3 Ronk, Sfeven Foolball 2 Rose, John Foolball I: Rifle Club I: Track I, 3: Wres- Iling 2 Rosenbaum, Nancy Forum I: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Rouner, Pafricia FBLA 2, 3: FTA .2, 3: Pep Club I, 2 Rouser, Don Foolball I, 2 Rouser, Lois FBLA 3: Pep Club I: YFC 2 Rowell, Lois FBLA 3: Pep Club I: YFC 2 Runner, Palricia Band I: Fo- rum 2: GRA I: Mixed Cho- rus I: Monumeni 3: Thes- pians 3 Rusk, Jack I-oofball I: Wres- Iling I, 2, 3 Safley, Tom Cross Couniry 3: Swim Team 3: Track I, 2, 3 Sailer, Rosemary German Club 2, 3: Girl's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Or- cheslra I, 2, 3 Salome, Ronald Salfer, Nancy DECA 3: FBLA 2: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I Saluri, Rosemary FBLA 3: GRA 2 Sandberg, Michael Baseball 2: Baskelball I 252 Senior Index Sasse, Susan GRA I, 2, 3: Uniled Nalions I, 3 Saville, Mary FBLA 2, 3 Schlesselman, Joria Schindler, William Schoelerman, Larry Wres- Iling 2, 3 Schoeneman, Linda Fuiure Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA I: GirI's Choir 3: Mixed Cho- rus 2: Pep Club I: Spanish Club I Schoeneman, Luann Fufure Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA 23 Girl's Choir 3: Mixed Cho. FUS 2: Pep Club I: Spanish Club 3 Schullz, John Schuliman, Verne Baseball I S+. Clair, Tom Thespians 3 Schwandl, Sieve Foolball I, 2, 3: Lellerman's Club 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3 Schweppe, John Baseball I, 2: Baskelball I, 2: Spanish Club I: Tennis I Scollon, Sheryl Ari Club 2: Fulure Nurses I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2 Sedenka, Lynda Arl Club 3: Band I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I: Sea- quins I, 2, 3 Sees, Ronnie Swim Team I Seiberl, Donna FBLA 2, 3: GRA 2 Seiler, Allen Wreslling I Sen'I'i, Sam Baseball I, 2, 3: Baskeiball I, 2, 3: Forum 3: Le'l'rerrnan's Club 2, 3 Severson, Roberl C r o s s Counlry 2: Foolball I? F0- rum I, 2, 3: Track I Sexion, Sharon DECA 3: YFC I, 2 Shannahan, Thomas Baseball I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry 3 Shea, Mike Baseball I, 2, 3: LeIIerman's Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club I: Swim Team 2, 3 Shepherd, Pal FTA 3: French Club 2, 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir 2, 3: I-Ios- pilalily 2, 3: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2. 3: Quill 8: Scroll 2 Shields, Ca'I'hy C o n c e rl Choir 3: French Club 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir 2: Orcheslra I, 2, 3 Shields, Rebecca FBLA 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I Shimerda, Philip-A-V Club I: DECA 3 Shipp, Connie French Club 2, 3: GRA I, 3: I-Iospiialiiy 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Uniled Na- Iions 3 Shopher, Palricia FTA I, 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: YFC 3 Siegel, Joyce Band I: GRA I: Pep Club I Sieh, Greg French Club I: LeIIerman's Club I, 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3: Tennis I,2,3 Silkebakken, Nick Baseball I: Camera Club 2, 3: Monu- menl 3 Sima, Mary DECA 3: FBLA 2: GirI's Chorus I, 2 Simmons, Richard C r o s s counlry 3: Track 2, 3 Skaff, Teresa FBLA 2: GRA I: Pep Club I, 2 Skow, Chrisfy DECA 3: FBLA 2: GRA I, 23 GirI'S Choir 2 Skripsky, Charlene Band I: Concerl Choir 2, 3: French Club 3: GRA 2: GirI's Cho- rus I: I-Iospilaliiy 2, 3: Or- cheslra 2, 3: Thespians I Slife, Dan Rifle Club I: Swim Team I Smilh, Hal Baskelball 2, 3: Foolball I Smilh, Lyle Smilh, Rex Baseball I, 2, 3: Fooiball I, 2, 3: Swim Team I Smifh, Richard Smiih, Sharri GRA I, 3: Seaquins I, 2,3 Smilh, S. Frances DECA 3: Fuiure Nurses 3: French Club I: GRA I: Monumenl 3: Pep Club I, 2 Smylhe, Terry Band I, 3: Cross Counlry 2: Foolball 3: Track 2, 3: Wresiling 2, 3 Snyder, Gary Rifle Club I Sommers, Susan Forum I, 2, 3: GRA I, 2: GirI's Choir I:'Mixed Chorus 2: Span- ish Club 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3 Sperry, Shirley GRA I, 2 Sianek, Mel S'I'ark, Marcia Mixed Chorus I: Drama Club 3 Slarry, Diane GRA I: GirI's Choir I: Pep Club I Sfaskal, Joelyn Cheerleader I, 2, 3: Forum 2: GRA I. 2: GirI's Choir 2: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Slaslny, Roberl Baseball 2, 3 Slechcon, Daryl Baskelball 2: DECA 3 Sleger, Don Sfembler, Paul Dramaiics 2, 3 Slephens, Arlhur Slephens, Gene C o n c e rl Choir 3: Men's Choir 2: Mixed Chorus I Slernberg, Barbara DECA 3: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I Slevenson, Linda Girl's Choir I Slevenson, William S'I'ewar+, James Sfewarl, John Spanish Club I: Track 2 Slieger, Sieve Concerl Choir 3: Forum 2: I-Iospiialiiy 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Orches- Ira I, 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2 Sioddard, Richard Sfolba, Elizabelh F u I u r e Nurses 2, 3: GirI's Choir 3: Mixed Chorus 2 Sfolba, Kurl' Wresiling I, 2, 3 Slone, Larry DECA 3: Swim Team I Slookey, James Slramel, Sleve Swim Team 2 Slrafemeyer, Ari' Concerl Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Wires I Slurbaum, Linda Pep Club I: GirI's Chorus 3 S'l'urges, Carol Forum I: GirI's Choir I, 2 Slusak, Larry Rifle Club I Sundberg, Dick Cross coun- lry 3: Swim Team I: Track 2, 3 Sufhers, Cafhy C o n c e rl Choir 2, 3: GRA I, 2: Girl's Chorus I: Drama Club 3: Pep Club I, 2 Sweef, Sandra FBLA 2, 3: GRA I, 2 Swim, Bill Rifle Club I Swifzer, Bonnie DECA 2: FBLA 2: GRA 2,3 Takach, CouIeH'e FTA 3: GRA 3: GirI's Chorus I Talley, Bob Cross counfry I, 2, 3: Lefferman's Club 3: Track I, 2, 3 Taylor, Debbie FTA 3: Fo- rum I: GRA I, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3 Teeple, Don Arf Club 3: French Club I: Golf I: Or- chesfra I: Rifle Club I: Swim Team I, 2: Wires I Tefer, Janef GRA I, 3: Pep Club 3 Telenson, Pefe Arf Club 3: Foofball I, 2, 3: Forum 2: Lefferman's Club 3: Rifle Club I: Wresfling I, 2: Wires I Teply, Bob Thede, Carol Class Officer 2: Forum I, 3: Pep Club 3: Surveyor 3 Thiher, Bruce French Club 3: Men's Choir I: Mixed Cho- rus 2: Monumenf 2: Unifed Nafions 2, 3 Thomas, Conn Cross counfry I: Track I Thomas, Judy Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2 Thomas, Linda FBLA 2. 3 Thomas, Rufh Thomell, Magdelena Forum 3: French Club 3 Thompson, Cynfhia Forensics 3: Mixed Chorus I: Pep Club I, 2: Thespians 3 Thompson, Marfha Orchesfra I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Span- ish Club 3 Thompson, Terry German Club 3: Lefferman's Club 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3 Thompson, Tim A-V Club I, 2: Cross counfry I: FTA I: Track I Thompson, Vicforia Pep Club I, 2 Thoren, Arlinda DECA 3: GRA 2 Senior Index Thoren, Ralph Tiernan, Janie Trecek, Evelyn FBLA 2, 3: GRA 2: Pep Club I: YFC I Trosky, Tom FBLA 3: Ger- man Club 3 Troxell, Sally Concerf Choir 3: French Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I: Seaquins I Tschopp, Tony Foofball I: Track I, 2, 3 Turkingfon, Sharon GRA 2: FBLA 3: Pep Club 2, 3 Turrini, Alec Basliefball 3: Forum 3: Surveyor 3: Ten- nis 3 Udell, Dennis Urban, Sandra Ure, Roberf A-V Club I, 2, 3: Thespians I Ufechf, Sallie Arf Club I: GRA I Valley, Doug Swim Team 2, 3 Van Der Meer, Mariike Fo- rum 3: French Club 3: GRA 3: Pep'Club 3: Unifed Na- fions 3 Vander Meulen, Grefchen Concerf Choir 3: Forum 2: GirI's Choir 2: Girl's Cho- rus I: Spanish Club 2, 3 Van Gorp, Paf FTA 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2 Van Nosfrand, Lisa FTA 3: Forum I, 2: GRA I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Spanish Club I. 2, 3 Van Nofe, Keifh Track 3: Wresfling 3 Varvaris, Frank Surveyor 2, 3 Vaughn, Jackie FTA 3: GRA I, 2, 3: Girl's Choir 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I Vick, Sfeve Vicforine, Carolyn F u I' u r e Nurses I: GRA I, 2: Pep Club 3 VoeI'I'z, Danny Baseball I: Baskefball I: Foofball I, 2, 3:-Lefferman's Club 2, 3: Track 2: Wresfling 2 Vodel, Douglas Volak, Charlene Forensics Ig, GRA 2: Pep Club 2 VonVoI+enburg, Nancy Con- cerl' Choir 3: Forum I, 2: French Club I: GRA I: GirI's Choir 2: Pep Club I, 2: Russian Club I: Surveyor 3 Von Yeasl, Dave A-V Club I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2: Forum I, 2: Swim Team I: Surveyor 2, 3: Wresfling 3 Vos, Judy GRA 2 Waalk, John Baseball I:Con- cerf Choir 2: Foofball I: French Club 2: Lefferman's Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Track I: Wresfling I Wagner, Dorofhy DECA 3: GirI's Choir I Wagner, Karen Fufure Nurses I, 2, 3 Wainwrighf, Roger Band I, 2, 3 Waife, Pafricia Wafhan, Mike Wafkins, Beverly Wa'Hs, Douglas Leffermans Club 2, 3: Orchesfra I: Swim Team I, 2, 3: Tennis I, 2 Wehby, Carol GRA 2: Pep Club I: Spanish Club 3 Welch, Teed Forum 2: Ger- man Club I, 2, 3: Leffer- man's Club I, 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3 Wenger, Marilyn German Club 2, 3: GirI's Chorus I Wennermark, Forres'I' Wres- fling I, 2 Wessale, David I-Iospifalify 2, 3: Men's Choir I, 2 Whi'I'e, Barbara Whifehead, Nancy FBLA 2: French Club I: GRA I: GirI's Choir I: Pep Club I, 2 Whifeman, Wayne A-V Club 2, 3: Foofball 2 Wicke, Marcia GirI's Choir I: Pep Club I, 3 Wignall, Laura Fufure Nurses 2: GRA 2: Mixed Chorus I Willia, Mary FTA 2, 3: For- ensics 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 27 YFC 2, 3 Williams, Duane Foofball I, 2, 3: Lefferman's Club 2, 3: Track I, 2 Williams, Guy Lefferman's Club 2, 3: Swim Team I, 2, 3 Williams, Pam Williams, Shane Forum 2: Thespians 2, 3: Wires I Williams, Terri French Club 3: Thespians 3 Wilson, Harold Wilson, Sheila Mixed Chorus I Wilson, William Surveyor 3 Wolf, Maureen French Club I: Pep Club I, 2, 3 Woods, Kay DECA 3 Woolfolk, Be'I'Iy Arf Club 3: Cheerleader I: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Forum I: GRA I, 2, 3: GirI's Choir I: Pep Club I, 2, 3: Seaquins 2, 3 Worfhen, David Baseball I, 2, 3: Thespians 3 Worfman, Tom Foofball I, 2: Wresfling I, 2 Wrigh'I', Beffy FBLA 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: YFC 2, 3 Wrighf, Lynn French Club I. 2, 3: GRA I: Pep Club I, 2 Wrighf, Marilyn Wrighf, Mary Pep Club I Wulfsberg, Rolf Baskefball I, 2, 3: Foofball 2, 3: French Club I: Lefferman's Club 3: Tennis I, 2, 3 Wyckoff, Suzanne French Club 3: GRA I, 2: Monu- menf 2: Pep Club I, 2: Sur- veyor 3: Thespians 3 Yardly, Ken Yock, Jayne Fufure Nurses I: Surveyor I, 2 Zalesky, Jeanne FTA 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I Zier, Sharon GRA I, 2 Zika, James Zika, Judy Arf Club I: DECA 3: GRA I, 2: Pep Club I, 2: YFC. I Zimmerman, Pafricia FBLA 3: Fufure Nurses 3: Hospi- I'aIi'Iy 3 253 Abney, P A aul 183 Ackerman, Terry 169 Adair, Donna 169 Adams, Anita 199, 78 Adams, Cheryl 183, 64 Adams, Gary 183 Adams, Gerald 169 Adams, Sandra 199 Adsit, Te Ahrends, ri 183 Dave 183 Aiels, Frank 199 Akers, Foger 136, 183 Akers, Yvonne ,169 Albaugh, Don 169, 58 Albee, Paul 199, 94 Albert, James 199, 69 Albertus, Gary 199 Aldrich, H. Stanley 199, 75 Allen, Elizabeth 183, B6 Allen, James 169, 135 Allen, ,James 199, 69 Alexander, Vic 78, IB3 Allick, David 199 Almazov, Alexander 183 Almazov, Vladmir 128, 183 Alt, Dennis 199 Amalong, Tom 169 Ames, Cheryl 199, 92 Amsden, Richard 183 Anderson, Alden 199 Anderson, Brian Anderson, Bruce 169, 144 Anderson, Donna 183 Anderson lvan 199 Blair, Kandra 184 Andrle, J Anaersanj Judy ze, 199 Anderson, Joseph 169, 135 Anderson, Larry 199 Anderson, Pete 183 Anderson, Richard 169 Anderson, Stephen 199 Anderson Thomas 183 155 Anderson: William 116, 162, 199 ohn 199 Andrle, Steve 183 Angell, Linaaflz, 183, 120, 121 Angell, William 199 Ankney, Gary 183 Annette, Curtis 169 Andrlik, Kathleen 112, 169 Anthony, Susan 169 Arends, Mark 136, 183 Argow, Nancy 86, 183 Armstrong, William 48, 51, 162, Arnold, Susie 183, lB5, 79 Arnold, Margaret 202, 92, 122 Arnold, Sharon 112, 169 Arvizu, Dave 183 Ary, Joyce 183 Ash, Eric 183 Ashby, Shannon 183 Ashley, James 75, 76, 202 Ask, John 169 1 DEX Baburek, Ron 183 Badger, Nancy 62, 202 Bagenstos, Carol 169 Bagenstos, Craig 162, 169 Bailey, Linda IB3 Bailey, Lorene 183 Bainbridge, Linda 60, 200, 202 Baird, Elena 202 Baker, Edith 202 Baird, Stacia 169 Bakenhus, Lorna 169 Baker, Maribeth 85, 169 Baker, Steve 183 Beltram, Jody 183 Beltram, Nancy 169 Beltz, Vicki 183 Benam, Ernest 184 Benedict, Miles 135 Benedict, Steve 78, 203 Bender, David 169 Bennett, Barbara 169 Bennett, Paul 169 Benning, Dennis 144, 145, 146, 184 Benders, Nancie IB4 Benz, Penelope 184 Berckes, Gregory 169 Brunson, Cheryl 184 Brunwel Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, l, Linda 170 Frances 170 Larry 101, 144, 170 Wayne 246 Buchanan, Barbara 108, 184 Bakke, Balcar, Sam 60, 202 Judy 64, 110, 1B3 Baldwin, Charles 169 Baldwin, Jane 79, 104, 202 Baldwin, William 135, 169 Ball, Robert 169 Ballard Paulette 169 Ballew,'sll.sfafl les Balster, Barber, Barber, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Baner, Barnes, Barnes, Barnett Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barr, D Barr, D Barr, D Janet 169 Mary 108, 183 William 169 Albert 202 Jay 155 Judith 169 Larry 144 Larry 169 William 169 James 94, 202 Larry 135, 169 Pat 78, 113, 183 Steve 183 ennis 202 ixie 202 ouglas 48, 50, 155, 168, 169 Berg, Suzanne 120, 121, 203, 207 Bergman, William 155, 170 Berndt, Barbara 112, 170 Berry, Dick 184 Berry, Douglas 104, 184 Berry, Nancy 114, 184 Berry, Ronald 103 Bertelli, Monty 184 Bonnie as, 201, 203 Bertrand, Bertrand, Diane 102, 184 Berzinski, Robert 184 Beshears, Katherine 169 Beshears Besta G' William 184 ar 184 . Y Beusch, John 170 Bex, Lynne 170 Bickel, 48, 50, 102, 114, 170 Binder, John 109, 184 Binger, Penny 56, 57, 86, 92, 203 Binger, Virginia 170 Bird, Pat 184 Bisek, Peggy 170 Bishop, Dennis 203 Barry, Don 116, 156, 183 Barry, Mike 100, 169 Barr Scott 202 Blair, Gerry 170 Black, Robert 170 Blair, John 98, 99, 104, 105, 203 Buchanan, Dan 184 Buchanan, Linda 100, 184 Buck, Larry 142, 170 Bucknell, Delbert 94, 184 Buhmann, Paul 204 Bundren Jean 100 IB4 Yi Barton, Sue 60, 61, 120, 121, 183 Bartz, Edward 169 Bassett, Pat B7, 102, 104, 183 Bastian, Kenneth 115, 169 Bastian, Marianne 183 Batchelder, Cliff 16" Bauer, Lawrence 169 Baugh, Jim 104, 183 Baughman, Gary 135, 144, 169 Bausch, Jim 101, 183 Baych, Linda 79, 183 Bayles, Patty 183 Beadle, David 169 Beaman, Dennis 155, 183 Bean, Jerry 183 Bean, Larry 169 Bear, Bob 155, 103 Bearbower, Susan 33, 202 Beasley, Becky 202 Beaty, Allyson 78, 202 Beaty, Diane 112, 169 Beaty, Kathy 112, 183 Becker, Ellen 202 Becker, Gregory 135 Becker, John 94, 183 Blair, Kevin 75, 203 Blakeslee, Bill 170 Blaker, Kathleen 92, Blegan, Barbara 114, Bliss, Kathy 112, 170 Block, William 203 Blomberg, Keith 116, 128, 129, 134 184 Blood, Sandi 170 203 184 Buresh, Burger, tam -ls, 49:'168, l70 Beverly 100, IB4 Burger, Kenneth 204 Burger, Maryann 204 Burgenf Sally IB4 Burgess, Linda 170 Burgess, Linette 170 Burianek, John 184 Burk, James 204 Blume, Scott 203 Boal, Cheryl IB4 Boalbey, Judy 170 Boesen Bogue bery, Barbara 170 Murray 170 Boleyn., James 170 Boleyn, Norman 184 Booth, David 144, 170 Boots, Keith 184 Boots, LaVerne 128 Boots, Marla 112, 170 Boots, Stacia 88, 170 Borne, Dennis 184 Borne, Jon 170 Burns, Donna 92, 100, 204 Burr, Barbara 26, 86, 94, 110, 204 Burr, David 170 Burr, Francis IB4 Burrichter, Cheryl 79, 204 Burton, Greg 170 Bush, John 10, 155 Busse, Paul 170 Butler, David 184 Butterfield, Dennis 184 Butterfield, Ruth 170 Buwalda, David 170 Byers, Pamela 170 Atchison, Gerard 87, 10 Atchison, Aten, Ra Susan 183 lp 183 Atkinson, Kathleen 169 Atkinson, Mary 202, 7B Atkinson, Nancy 183 Augustine, Ann 91, 183 Aukerman, Ann Axmear, Marsha 78, 88, 183 B Babish, Michele 169 4, 128, 202 Bothwell, David 72, 116, 203 Bounds, Linda 170 Bousquet, James 203 Bowdish, James 203 Bower, Darrell 59, 170 Bowker, Thomas 184 C Cady, Jo 75, 204 Cain, Robert 204 Cain, William 135, 170 Bowma Boxwel Boyce, Boyer, Boyer, Boyles, Boyles, Boyles, Boynto Bowler, Thomas 203 Bowman, Craig 184 n, Kay Kristin 88, 100, 204 1, Catherine 113, 170 David 155, 184 Constance 72, 184 Linda 184 Anne 69, 170 Mike 184 Pat 78 n', Lynnett 69, 100, 204 Caldbeck, Emily 206 Caldwell, Dennis 116, 128, 136, 1B4 Caldwell, .lack 92, 104, 206 Callas, Richard 246 Callender, John 184 Calvert, Duncan 184 Calvert, Steve 75, 206 Campbell, Ann 112, 170 Campbell, Linda 170 ' Campbell, Richard 170 Bracha, Eula Kay 170 Bradley, Kathy 170 Bradley, Robert 204 Brady, Constance 204 Bragg, Connie 184 Brandon, Cathy 114, 170 Brandon, Charles 128, 184 Branham, Constance 170 Breckner, Pam 112, 170 Breckner, Steve 184 Bressler, Myrna 113, 170 Campbell, Patricia Jean 184 Campbell, Philip 206 Cameron, Alan 150, 151, 206 Cameron, Paula Sue 102, 104, 124, 184 Canfield, Tim 170 Carbee, Judy 184 Carlson, Cindy 87, 184 Carlson, Cyndy 170 Carnahan, William 206 Carnal, Dick 170 Carr, Albert 116, 128, 129, 206 Becker, Leslie 183 Beckman, Karon 202 Bedient, Uraina 72, 100, 203 Beed, Douglas 203 Beenken, Rosalie 169 Beers, Nancy 183 Begalske, Larry 183 Beighle, Cindra 203 Bell, Cynthia 203 Bell, Dana ls, so, 52, sa, ss, 91 118 ll9, 122, 203 Bell, Deborah 169 Bell, Jim Darwin 183 Bellon, Howard 169 Bressle Brewer -l r, Ronald Lee IB4 Brewer, Debra 79, 204 Linda Lee 33, 184 Bridgetord, Gary 204 Bridgmon, Joseph 184 Bright, Steven 170 Brockman Belinda 109 , 170 . , 114 Brockman, Brenda 109 Brockman, Craig 104, 204 Brockway, David 116, 150, 184 Brouila rd, John 115, 204 Brouillard, William 246 Brousa Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, , , Brown, Brown Brown Brown rd, Janelle 184 Cynthia 170 Debra 121, 204 Dennis 72, 204 Karen 111, 170 Norma Frances 104, 184 Ron 56, B7, 94, 110, 204 Scott 101, 150, 184 Shelia 170 Carr, Alfred 116, 150, 151, 153,206 Carrigg, Patricia 78, 88, 109, 114, 206 Carrithers, James 116, 128, 136, 137, 158 206 Carroll, Robert 170 Carter, Linda 170, 171 Carter, Linda 125, 206 Carter, Richard 116, 150, 151, 206 Casey, J. David 72, 206 Caspers, Alan 170 Cassady, Susan 112, 170 Cecil, Robert 206 Ceika, Arthur Cerny, Pamela 88, 92, 102, 104, 184 Ceyner, Diane 206 Chaffee, Dennis 170 Chaffee, Jack 206 Chalupsky, David 72, 108, 206 Chamberlain, Carol 62, 92, 112, 72, 184 Chamberlain, Diana 113, 170 Chamberlain, Paula 78, 109, 184 Brundidge, Sandra 170 Chapel, Jeff 206 Chapman, Alan 170 Chapman, Dennis 246 Chavez, Frederick 170 Chavez, Jo 246 Cherry, Jane 48, 50, 91, 118 206 Chesmore, Belly 184 Chesmore, Mike 170 Chiafos, Robert 206 Chialos, Shelia 75, 208 Childers, Don 116, 149, 208 Chrislensen, Cary 92, 184 Chrislensen, Michael 150, 208 Chrisliansen, James 246 Chrislopherson, Alberl 170 Church, Cheryl 208 Churchi1l,Janei 108, 170 ciwreiiiii, Janei 77, los, 184 Churchill, Ken 184 Churchill, Larry 184 Churchill, Alberi 170 Ciemnoczolowski, Richard 208 Claasen, James 208 Clang, Carl 170 Clark, Carmen 112, .170 Clark, Harold 170 Clark, Hawley 184 Clark, Jim 101, 184 Clarkson, Fred 246 Clarkson, Marcia 170 Clemens, Bruce I70 Clemens, Carol 208 Clendening, Gary 144, 184 Close, David 160, 184 Clyde, Leslie 208 Clyde, Ramona 208 Clymer, Harley 170 Coales, Rosemary 170 Coberly, Lureia 170 Coberly, Shirley 170 Coberly, Sian 184 Coffee, Brenda 170 Colbert, Calhy 170 128 Cole, Howard 184 Collings, Susan 184 Collins, John 184 Collins, Joycia 170 Collins, Russell Dennis 184 Collins, Russell Collins, Sandra 104, 208 Collins, Virginia 170 Collogan, Roberl 128, 150, 184 Cones, Bill 184 Cones, Howard I70 Cones, Margaref 170 Convey, Janis 208 Convey, Peg 184 Cook, Bob 184 Cook, Frances 92, 184 Cook, Jacque 170 Cook, Kennelh 170 Cook, Linda 208 Cook, Nancy 48, 50, 52, 125, Cook, Sleven 144, 170 Cook, Tim 170 Cook Tom 144 208 Cooling, Penny 208 Coombs, Cecil 116, 208 Coonrod, Nikki 109, 170 Coppess, Jerry 170 Coppess, Shirley 184 Cornish, Cynthia 171 Cornish, Mark 184 Cornwall, Pamela 86, 208 Corum, Don 184 Corwin, Terry 184 Couillard, William 184 Box, Barbara 56, 60, 92, 208 Cox, Glennis 171 Cox, J Cozad, ames 171 Charles 136, 208 Cralf, Bob 208 Cram, Dennis 171 Cram, Sleve 105, 128, 184 Crary, Grelchen 48, 49, 58, 121, 200, 209 Crawford,,Terry 184 Criger, Sieve 171 Cross, Sheryl 171 Crowlher, Debby 112, 171 Crumrine, Cynlhia 72, 88, 91, Cruse, Linda 184 Culver, Karen 88, 209 Cumblad, Kenl l7l Currenl, Pamela 171 Curry, Kalhy 209 Curlis, David 171 Curlis, Richard 184 Cypra, Barbara 78, 100, 184 D Dailey, Tari 185, 144, 145 Dake, Lisa 87, 94, 171 Daley, Mike 171 Dallas, Bill 110, 171 Dalziel Pam 171 Daniels, Edward 144, 171 Daniels, Timolhy 115, 185 Darling, David 171 Darling, Linda 171 , 198, 201, 200, 208 eo, ei, 92 209 DEX Darrow, Kalhy 86, 113, 171 Daubenmier, Sleven 128, 185 Dauber, Shirley l7l David, Sherry 78, 185 Davidson, Gary 171 Davidson, Linda 185 Davis, Beverly 209 Davis, Bob 171 Davis, Rebecca 185 Davis, Roberi 185 Davis, Sheri 185 Davis, Tim 171 Debben, Alan 171 Deck, Lynn 185 DeLay, Elizabelh 86, 91, 209 Delzell, James 59, 60, 209 Demarrais, Sieve 108, 209 Demarrais, Heidi 92, 109, 171 DeMoss, Susan 171 Denmead, Janel 209 Denmead, Virginia 171 Dennis, Chris 75, 209 Denny, Lynn 114, 185 Dergo, Andy 185 Derrick, Maurice 171 DeSousa Mar 209 Dwyer, Thomas 210 E Ealy, James 171 Eberi, Ed 109, 185 Eby, Sharon 210 Echelberger, Royce 185 Echerf, Marcia 78, 210 Echlslen, Rich 135 Eddings, Jay 135 Eddings, Lexie 108, 210 Edmund, Mary Edmund, Chris 114 Edwards, Joan 185 Edwars, Larry Eggleslon, Ricky Eggerl, Jan 88 Ehrenber er Evel n Feller, Mike 185 Ferch, Dale 101, 116, 128, 130,212 Ferch, Dave 144, 185 Ferguson, Carol 185 Ferguson, Jane? 212 Ferguson, Keilh 172 Ferguson, Sharon 246 Ferring, Jananne 40, 63, 72, 73, 120 223 Fielder, Alelha 186 Fiiield, Jim 186 Filip, Susan 212 Fink, Debbie 78, 186 Finkenbinder, Susan 69, 108, 212 Fisher, Mark 155, 172 Filch, John 172 Filspalrick, Linda 172 Fillon, Barbara 72, 118, 186 Filion, Richard 101, 186 Fleisher, Holly 104, 186 Elelcher, Pam 104, 212 Flickinger, Gary 82, 186 Flickenger, Kennelh 108, 172 Flinf, Jeffery 186 Flood, Roberi 58, 162, 186 Fly, John 144, 186 Floyd, Dixie 78, 186 Floyd, Joan 79, 186 Folken, Donna 212 Folken, Lynda 172 Folfz, Ted 186 Fong, David 212 Foresler, Nancy 91, 102, 186 Fousi, Michael 100, 101, 109, 186 Francik, Doug 186 Frank, Dale 172 Frank, Sieve 128, 136, 186 Franklin, Barbara 109, 172 Franklin, Janel 79, 212 Franklin, Mike 212 Franks, Laurene 86, 92, 212 Franks, Lonnie 82, 86, 94, 186 Franks, Mabel 172 9 . Y Ehrenberger, Joseph 210 Ehrke, Gary 210 ' Eicher, Thomas 142 Eichborn, Juliane 48, 49, 50 Eisenbach, Harry 185 Freel, Nanci 172 Freeman, Colleen 172 Freeman, Dougl Freeman, Linda as us, 156,212 114, 24s Freeman, Nancy 114, 172 Freese, Linda 2 French, Robert Fresh, Ron 186 Freuchle, Mike Freyrag, Frank Freylag, Frank Friedle, Bernie Frisby, Barbara is ns, I72 172 186 186 172 . Y Deward, James l7l DeWa1d, Karen 209 DeWees, Joe 171 DeWees, Nancy 104, 110, 209 DeYarman, Kent 185 Diaz, Marlha 90, 91, 209 Dickey, Pameka 72, 113, 120, 121, 185 Dieberg, Norma 185 Dielz, Kalhy 171 Dieiz, Krislie 171 Dills, Karen 209 Dills, Kerry 246 Dircks, Herbert 171 Dochlerrnann, Dennis 171 Dochfermann, Marie 171 Dodd, William 171 Dolash, Sieve 246 Dominik, Melody 185 Donaghy, Mike Roddy 185 Donaghy, Palfi 171 Donislhorpe, Belly 171 Doolilfle, Allen 92, iio, iss Doolillle, James 110, 171 Doonan, Tim 116, 136, 137, 139, 209 Dorman, Viki 209 Dorsey, Herberf 185 Dolson, Roberl 171 Doly, Harold Douda, Jodee 79, 185 Downing, Connie 120, 121, 209 Downing, David 57, 101, 209 Drahos, Paula l7l Drexler Sarah 109 1 . , 15,171 Duckwall, Andy 110,210 Dudrey, Linda 78, 91, 112, 210 Dudrey, Randy 171 Duffy, Edward 246 Duggan, Mike 171 Dunahugh, Roberl' 75, 210 Duncan, Roger 101 Dunham, Sabra 64, 120, 185 Dunlap, James 171 Dunn, Thomas 210 Dunick, Rodney 109, 210 Dunnick, Wesley 135, 142, 171 Dunphy, Kalhy 185 Dunslon, Lani 110, 185 Duros, David 171 Durrow, William 210 Drahos, Richard 185 Driscoll, Sieve 185 Duncan, Roger 185 Dvorak, Ann 210 Dvorak, John 116, 128, 129, 133, 210 Dvorak, Rick 171 Elder, Nancy 112 Ellen, Nancy Ellingson, Vicky 79, 185 Ellioll, Arlene 75, 210 Elliolf, Marsha 60, 72, 185 Ellioli, Pairicia Ellioll, Roberf 210 Ellis, John 210 Elrod, Joyce 210 Ely, Martha 67, 92, 100, 210 Ely, Tanny Emery, Lyman 210 Emmons, Diane 212 Emmons, Larry 185 Emmons, Sfeven England, Mary 24, 110 England, Tom 69 ,108, 185 Engledow, Pele 185 Ehglehardi, Slephen 144, 162 Engslrom, Carl 105, 110, 212 Enfringer, John Erb, David Erdman, Molly Erickson, David 185 Erickson, Marilyn 62, 94, 185 Erlacher, David 72, 212 Erwin, Jeff 185 Esiby, Tom 115 Evans, Tom 185 Everell, Bill 116, 128, 144, 185 Everelr, Doug 108, 135 Everell, Francis Evereff, Marilyn 185 Eves, Darlene 78, 113, 185 Ewbank, Jim F Fass, Linda 212 Fsiaiy, Keith 72, us, 130, 212 Falco, Andy 185 Falco, Mary 172 Falcon, Joellen 86, 172 Farmer, Kalhy Farr, Linda I72 Fafka, Charles 172 Fauchier, Jesse 56, 116, 160, 212 Fauchier, Larry 172 Fawcell, Roberi 87, 108, 135, 172 Fay, Marlha I72 Feder, Sleven 172 Feiereisen, Cynlhis 172 Famer, Mir? 212 Feldaverd, Fred 185 Fruechle, Barbara 172 Fruechle, Mike 186 Fry, John 172 Fry, Mike 69 Frye, Suzanne 59, 60, 212 Fryrear, Richard 110, 186 Frazier, Pam 172 Fugsie, Linda 79, 2'ia Fulkerson, Clayfon 48, 172 Fulkerson, Jo 100, 122,213 Fuller, Sieve 101, 128, 144, 186 Furler, Susan 172 Furry, Dreanna 112, 172 Fussell, Jon 186 G Gabriel, Pamela 186, 91 Gaines, Russell 213 Galbrailh, David 116, 128, 130, 213 Gallagher, Nancy 92, 113 Gann, Rosemary 213 Garberson, Richard I72 Gardner, Barbara 114, 186 Gardner, Cheryl 213 Gardner, Larry 172 Gardner, Linda Garnant, Craig Garner, Hillary Garrett, Nancy Gassman, Mike 246 Gassman, Patricia 186 Gaston,,Tom 186 Gates, Jean Ann 88, 92, 172 Gates, Norma Jean 172 Gates, Robert 186 Gaulke, Carl 1.86 Gaulke, Pamela 172 Geaterm, Katherine 172 George, Konnie 213 George, Patricia 186 Giboney, Peggy 100, 186 Gubsib, Shirley 113, I72 Giessman, Andrea 186 Gilbert, Jack 104, 213 Gilbertson, Gary 186 Gilliatt, Craig 172 Gilmore, Emmet 128 Gilmore, Steve 186 Giltrap, Ray 156, 144, 145, 162, Gingrich, James 213 Gintert, Ed 213 Gipson, Doug 213 172 los, 172 113, 186 109, 172 Gipson, Mike 136, 213 Giron, Mary 186 Given, Lynne 88, 172 Glahn, Joyce 186 Glantz, Steve 128, 186 Glantz, Susan 172 Glass, Dixie 172 Glass, Kristie 172 Glass, Sharon 91, 102, 186 Glass, Tracy 213 Glaubitz, Christel 88, 172 Glaus, Ken 213 Glaus, Ron 186 Glaus, Sheryle 172 Glick, Bob 186 Glubka, Franklin 186 Godsey, Ken 101, 109, 186 Goldie, Linda 213 Goldie, Kanen 172 Goodale, William 186 Goode, Baylor 246 Goodson, Vickie 172 Gorsh, Shiela 186 Gorsuch, Kathy 51, 84, 85, 213 Gorup, Lynette 213 Gorup, Suzanne 186, 78 Gourley, Larry 75, 214 Grady, Bruce 110, 150, 186 Graham, John 109, 186 Graham, Margaret 86, Grapes, Connie 172 Gray, Byron 172, 162 92, 100 Gray, James 104, Gra Lucinda 86 214 loo, 214 112 Yi l Gray, Suzanne 69, Greear, Vern 172 Green, David 101, 214 , 214 186 214 I DEX Grim, Peter 187 Grimm, Greig 187 Grishaber, Marie 69, 187 Groenwald, Jane 172 Grover, Lee 214 Grunder, Sandra 78, 92, 187 Harman, Carol 112, 172 Harper, Barbara 110, 108, 112, 187 Harper, Jeff 172 Harrington, Nancy 118 Harrington, William 187 Harris, Brenda 172 Grunewald, Marie 72, 104, 115,214 Grunwell, David 144, 214 Gunderson, Bryan 72, 187 Guse, Karen 214 Gutierrez, David 214 H Harris, Harris, Harris Charlotte 187 David 108, 187 Steve 101, 217 Harshman, Tamara 187 Hart, Evelyn 69, 78, 187 Hartson, Marie 187 Harvey, Glen 187 Hasek, Linda 172 Haskell, Connie 172 Hsaay, Phillip 59, so, 214 Haddy, Rhonda 214 Haedt, Allan 116, 136, 214 Haglund, Karl 49, 49, 51, ss, 57, los, 110, 198, 214 Haglund, Paul 48, 101, 110, 172 Hahn, Fred 49, so, 57, lla, 150, 152, 21s Hahn, Susan 78, 216 Hailman, Joan 48, 58, 59, 60, 118, 122, 216 Haines, Gail 110, 187 Haines, Maryhelen 109, 216 Hakesm, John Halbasch, Chris 209 Hall, Carol 18, 100, 216 Hall, Cheryl 108, 120, 121, 187 Hall, Chrostine 91, 121,216 Hall, Michael 216 Hall, Patricia 69, 187 A Halpin, Jamey 105, 104, 116, 150, 152, 187 Halver, Diane 75, 77, 216 Ham, Tami 14, 102, 187 Hamblin, Jim 172 Hamblin, Rick 187 Hamer, Jim 142, 172 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Ann as, 91, 48, lzz, 123,216 Elaine 216 Gene 128, 215 Greg 172 Hamilton, Kay 187 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hammond Hampton, Hampton, Laura 172 Sandra 104, 187 Jay 14, 72, 187 Dan 172 George 216 Hampton, Larry 187 Hampton, Hampton, Bob 116, 128, 130, 144 Susan 172 Hand, John 187 Hanlon, Hamlon, Hanlon, J Hanna, G B111 172 lda Mae 172 anne 110, la7 ayle 79, 104, la7 Hanna, Jud 216 Hannon, v Mary 72, 87, 104, 120, zle Haskell, Marsha 217 Hatchette, Georgianna 217 Hathaway, Mark 172 Hathaway, Terri 88, 89, 115, 217 Hall, Shirley 110, isa, 187 Haug, Karen 66, 104, 187 Haunsberger, Bill 110, 173 Haverkamp, Rachel 187 Hawthorn, Bonite 173 Hayes, Ronald 187 Heath, Gwen 78,217 Heaton, David 217 Heck, Diane 173 Heck, Mary 79, 112, 187 Heck, Thomas 136, 187 Hedgecoth, Norman 173 Hedgecoth, Dale 187 Hettletinger, Larry 173 Hegwood, Karen 187 Heins, Meridee 65, 187 Heiman, Steven 187 Heitz, Janet 173 Helberg, Teri 173 Heller, Larry 187 Heller, Ted 173 Hembera, Diane 173 Hendred, Ramona 173 Hendrickson, Robert 187 Hendryx, Steve 217 Henry, Russell 110, 187 Hepker, Joanne 187 Hepker, Sharon 59, 63, 88, 92, 1 217 Heppe, Kristine 173 Herbrandson, Mark 187 Herdlicka, Robert 136, 187 Heriford, John 72, 217 Herman, Delores 173 Herman, Donna 114, 173 Herman, James 155, 187 Herman, Marva 74, 75, 217 Herrington, Nancy 21, 187 Herrington, Sally 173 Hertz, Linda 187 Heth, Sandra 108, 173 Heuer, Susan 100, 173 Heusman, Julie 79, 109, 217 Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Gary 187 Mia 172 Pam 172 Hickle, Serena 173 Higgins, Glen 173 High, Deborah 187 Green, Frances I72 Green, Howard Green, Ruth 75, 214 Greenberg, Flo 172 Greenberg, Tina 50, 48, Greene, Farl 14, 186 GreenLeat, Lois 86, 186 Greenlee, Carol 186 69, 214 125, Greenwood, Sue 92, 214 Gregory, Dave 172 Griftin, Sharon 85, 172, 114 Griffith, Jill 31, 214 Grigg, Carol 100, 214 Griggs, Marsha 187 171, 172 High, Jack 173 Hightower, Sandy 92, 100, 217 Hill, Cheri 88, 112, 187 Hill, Joanne 187 Hill, Sharon 217 Hill, Sfece 142, 173 Hinds, Carol 78, 217 Hines, Karen 173 Hinkhouse, Sue 100, 217 Hinkle, Sarena 88 Hirleman, Lynne 118, 187 Hirleman, Nan 48, 49, 115, 173 Hiser, Faye 88, 109, 173 Hitchcock, Gary 187 Hite, Dennis 173 Hiermstad, Steve 217 Hobbs, Carl 101, 173 Hodge, Mary 187 Hodge, Tyanne 104, 187 Hodgin, Larry 110, 187, 195 Hodgson, Bettye 84, 85, 173 Hodgson, William 217 Hoeft, Susan 79, 218 Hogan, Lee 72, 75, 76, 79, 218 Hograbe, Linda 173 Hoke, Jim 187 Hollan, Vicke 86, 173 Hollingsworth Doug 187 Hollingsworth, Joyce 173 Holmes, Arbelia 75, 76, 228 Holmes, Cindy 78, 79, 2,18 Holsinger, Donn 173 Holveck, Michael 108, 173 Hansen, Roger 216 Hanser, Cathie 14, 187 Hanson, Franklin 187 Hanson, John 75,216 Hanson, Marc 48, 172 Hanzel, Mayree 72, 94, 100, 216 Harapot, James 216 Hardenbrook, Marcia 74, 75, 216 Homire, Sherri 173 Homsey, Philip 173 Hoopes, Linda 114, 187 Hootrnan, Ted 'Hoover, Dick 187 Hoover, Kenneth 173 Hoover, Linda 112, 218 Hoover, Richard 173 Hardesty, Peggy 40, 72, 63, 216 Hardesty, Michael 246 Hardy, Mary Ann 187 Harkness, Craig 172 Harlan, Barbara 112, 172 Harlan, Cathy 78, 88, 89, 217' Hop, Jon 187 Hopkins, George 105, 218 Hopkinson, Crystal 173 Horak, Larry 101, 187 Horn, Douglas 173 98, zoo, Horton, Jean 173 Hotchkiss, John 110, 162, 173 Houck, Linda 187 Houg, Karen 102 Haugen, John 21, 62, 87, 187 Hough, Stephen 58, 173 Howell, Gerry 173 Hoyle, Constance 173 Hoyle, Linda 218 Hoyle, Ron 187 Hoyt, Susie 91, 187 Hrvol, Robert 187 Hubacek, Schary 187 Hubbard, Barbara 187 Hubbard, Thomas 135, 173 Hudson, Jon 187 Huelsman, Margaret 173 Huey, Rita 72, 73, 85, 187 Hufford, Bill 187 Hulbert, Janet 92, 100, 218 Hulbert, Jerry 92, 218 Huler, Anita Hull, Terry 101, 187 Hull, Richard 109, 136, 187 Hulshizer, David 173 Hulshizer, Deanna 78, 100, Hulshizer, James Humble, Sheryl 173 Humphrey, Fred 115, 173 Humphrey, John 187 Hungerford, Curtis 218 Hungerford, Nancy 69, 86, Hunt, John 39, 72, 104, 110, Hunt, Judy 77, 215 187 91 187 218 Hunt, R Hunt, R Hunter, obert 218 , oberta 92, 114, 218 Joanne 88, 104, 108, 218 Hunter, Joe 104, 128, 218 Hunter, Ma Hutchcrott, Hutchinson Hutchinson Huntington., rgaret 187 Gerry 187 Jim 128 Merrill James 187 Everette 218 Hupter, Mike 105, 218 Huston, Bill 218 Hutton, Daniel 135, 144, 173 Hutton, James 173 1 llten, Barbara 113, 173 llten, Steve 48, 52, 56, 116, 139, 140 lngels, Bob 187 lngels, Katherine 173 Ireland, Patricia 173 lvie, Connie 173 J Jackson, Ronald 104, 220 James, Edwin 48, 49, 173 James, Jon 72, 94, 187 Jameson, Lynn 220 Jamieson, Charles 220 Jamieson, Tina 173 Janish, David 173 136 137 Janish, Don 187 Janson, Carol 188 Jaques, George 105, 116, 128, 220 Jayne, David 173 Jekerle, Patricia 113, 173 Jenkins, Richard 48, 94, 188 Jenkinson, David 220 Jensen, Carol 104 Jensen, Cheryl 94, 16, 220 Jensen, Nancy 220 Jepson, Thomas 246 Jess, Susan 188 Johnson, Ann 79. 83, 220 Linda 86, Il3, I76 Johnson Brenda I74 Johnson Charles 246 Johnson Cinda I74 Johnson Douglas I42, I74 Johnson Edward I35, I55, I74 Johnson Glenn 94, I74 Johnson 220 Johnson Janel 220 Johnson Keifh I74 Johnson Kim IOS, 220 Johnson Laura 62, I88 Johnson, Linda IO9, I74 Johnson, Marcia 88, 220 Johnson, Michele 92, I74 Johnson Peler 57, 72, 94, I98, 215 24I I DEX Johnso n, Phillip I74 Johnson, Reggie Johnson, Slepnanie IO4, IBB M Maas, Mike I76 Mabie, Linda 78, 224 Machaced, John I90 Machen, Tom I90 Mack, Nancy I76 Mackay, Mackay, Macken, Madlom, Madson, Mahan, Mahany, Mahnke, Doug 110, I44, I76 John I90 Margarel 52, 67, 92, 224 Harold 68.69, IIO, 224 Tom II6, l28, l36, I90 Dennis I l0, I76 Judy I76 Johnson, Viclor I74 Jones, Anira I74 Jones, Barbara 220 Jones, Carol l25, I33, I88 Jones, David I74 Jones, Deanne 220 Jones, Elaine ll5, I74 Jones, John I74 Jones, Karen I88 Jones, Kaihryn 72, I04, 220 Jones, Nancy lI2, I88 Jones, Paul 246 Jones Susan 220 Kirkpalrick, William 58, I74 Klap , John I74 P ISI595elI1. KENNY I88 Mariinson, Sherry 24, IIO, I90 Jordan, Roberl I74 Jordon, Connie 220 Joslin, II6, I88 Joy, Barbara II3, I74 Klein, Mary I74 Klein, Sharon I88 Klein, Thomas 22l, 2ll Klurh, Lee Kambe Joy, Janel 220 Joyce, Joyce, Illene I74 Kafhleen IOB, I09, I88 Juhl, Krisiin l00, I88 Juon, Roberl I88 Klekar, Sieve I74 Klima, Charles I28, ll6, 22I Klima, Krislen 9l, I74 Klopp, John l55 Klug, Tom I88 Merlyn I88 Langer, Jim I90 Langion, Mike 222 Langlon, William I74 Larson, Craig I44, I90 Larson, Greer 86, 9l, I90 Larson, Lars II6, I62, 222 Larson, Peler I74 Lallirner, Vivian I90 Laulher, Larry I55, I74 Leach, Nancy Leach, Sharon I74 Leckinglon, Susan IGB Maloy, Marilyn Il3 Mahuran, Don I76 Main, Melva I76 Malamphy, Lea I76 Malone, Cindy 79, I90 Malone, Susan 78, I90 Maluchnid, Sandy ll2 Malveg, Tom I76 Manson, Theron I90 Manwiller, Shirley 246 Marsh, Roberr I90 Marlin, rlha I20, l2I, I76 Ma Marlin Judy II9, l2O, l2I, I90 Kalhy 92, I90 Marlin, Larry I76 Marlin, Terry II6, 224 Marlinson, Carol 2l, 63, I90 Marlin? Maihes, Malias, Malias, Mason, S Richard 56, 57, 72, 92, Mary Kay 79, I90 Ron I90 Maius, Barbara 79, II4, I90 Malus, Judy ll4, I76 Maudsley, Carol 78, lI5, 224 Mavis, Scoir 75, 224 Maxiield, Mike I76 haron 88, 224 Juslice, Barbara 78, I04, I09, 22l Juslice, David I88 K Kacena, Barbara IOO, II5, 22I Kacere, Alan 22I Kacere, Charles IOB, I44, I88 Kadera, Ronald I74 Kadlec, Craig I74 Kaiser, Marsha 72, 85, I88 rling, Leonard I74 Knapp, Edward II6, l28, 246 Knapp, Gary 22l Knell, Randy B2, I88 Knighl, Michael lOl, lB8 Knoir, Carol II4, I74 Knoll, Mary 72, 92, I88 Knox, Rhonda I88 Koehler, Kafhleen I74 Koenig, Richard 246 Kogen, Helen I74 Kolhilg Pele 52, II6, I28, 129, l3l, 147 Lee , Donald 101, 190 Lee, Mary I90 Lee, Roy I90 Lee, Richard 64, 222 Lee Terr I74 1 Y iers, John IOB, I90 Kane, Carla 86, IO9, I88 Kane, Susan 58, 60, 9l, 22l Kanealy, Ann IIB, l20, l2I, 22l Kanealy, Katherine IO2, I74 Kanellis, Eugene I88 Kaplan, Daniel IBB Kralz, Kaplan, David I88 Karam, Gerorge I74 Kar, Charles I74 Karsick, Greg I74 Kasparick, Michael I74 Kasse, Efhel 67, 79, 22l Kolar, Roberl 48, I74 Konen, Daniel I74 Koons, Steve I88 Kopel, Sieve 222 Kopel, Terry I74 Kosek, Ernie l0l, I55, I88 Koury, Michael 49, 50, 56, 57, 61, B7 72, 2l5, 222, 48, 60 Kovanda, Lois 92, 222 Kola, Jean 92, I00, I08, l20, I2I, I88 Kramer, Michael I88 Lee I74 Kalz, Toni 72, IO2, II4, I74 Kauffman, James 94, I0l, I74 Kaul, Dale 22I Keehn, John l50, I88 Keenan, Marilyn 22I Keever, Jeffery I74 Keisler, Kraig IOS, I88 Kell, Dennis I74 Kell, Thomas 75, 22I Keller, Kalhy 75, 76, 22I Keller, Luanne 60, 85, 92, l00, 221, 227 Keller, Mary Kelly, Brion 22l Kelley, Karl I08, I88 Kellison, Kalhryn IU9, I74 Kelly, Brian Kelly, Joseph 246 Kendall, Gene II6, I28, I36 Kindall, Wilfred Eugene I88 Kennedy, Alan I74 Kennedy, Dan I88 Kennedy, Larry I88 Kraizer, Terry I88 Kraus, Wally, I74 Krebs, Corrine 22, l22, 222 Kreurer, Kurt I74 Kreurzer, Sleve 75, 222 Krewson, Melvin IO9, I74 Krizan, Kennelh 48, 49, IO4, II6, I50, I5I, l52, I88 Krizek, Terry 246 Kuba, Sracey I74 Krukenberg, Mary Kalhy I88, I25 Kruger, Dean I74 Krugg, Pam 88, l09, IBB Kruidenier, Hedy 79, 222 Kubik, Kennelh I88 Kuehl, Randy I74 Kuhse, Pafricia 78, 222 Kun, Evelyn 78, 222 Kusles, Andrew I88 Kulz, Terry I88 Kuykendall, Larry 48, 52, I88 Kvach, Nancy 92, I88 Leeiers, Palricia IO9, I74 Lefler, Linda I74 LeGrand, James I74 LeGrand, Raymond 246 Lehman, Roberl' I90 Lehr, Sruarl 94, IIS, I74 Leidigh, James I74 Leipold, Bruce 97, 98, l05, 222 Lemne, James I42, I74 Lemon, Pal I74 Lenlz, Becky 69, II4, I74 Leonard, Berf 222 Lessrnan, Robert I90 Levesque, Richard 94, I90 Levy, Carol I90 Levy, Elhel I74 Levy, Roberl I74 Lewers, Bonila Il3, I90 Lewis, Darwin I74 Lewis, Jack 224 Lewis, James I35, I74 Lewis, Karen I90 Libscornb, Belinda I74 Lillios, Ann 59, 60, 58, 92, I90 Lilly, Jean I74 Lindberg, William 63, 224 Lindley, Susan I90 Lindsay, Darrell I90 Lindsey, Linda I90 Lingo, Charles I74 Linkenback, Ronald 69, I74 Linf, Vicioria 224 Lippisch, Alexander I90 Lipscomb, Joe 246 Lipsky, Abboll' 87, IIO, I74 Livingslon, David IIO, I90 Lockweed, James II6, I28, l3O, I3l, l56, 224 Lodeslein, Jon I74 Logan, James l04, 224 Mayes, Janelle 78, I90 Mayne, Margarel 72, I90 Mayne, Palricia 78, 224 MCAChran, Tim 225 MCAlisler, Pal I90 McAndrews, Jerry 225 McAfee, Edward 225 McBurney, Vicki 225 McCabe, Brandi 92 McCabe, Jonalhan 225 McCammon, Beverly I90 McClain, George I90, l50 McClelland, Sieve 92, I90 McCloskey, Elmer I76 McClure, Jidilh 57, 94, I6, 225 McClure, Pal I76 McConnell, Jeanne 225 McConnell, Jim 94, I76 McCray, Marie I76 McCrea, Bonnie 75, 77, 225 McCrum, Val Paul IIO, I76 McCune, Barbara 225 McCune, Marlan I90 McDaniel, Linda 75, 225 Kenl, Murray 60, 6I, 58, 2Zl Keoppel, Gary I74 Kiecksee, Paul I88 Kills, Al I88 Kills, Donald I88 Kills, Jerry I88 Kindig, Bill 58, I74 Kindi C nfhia 22l Kvach, Richard L Lackner, Fancis Bl, 82, 222 Laclcner, Thomas I55, I74 Lou , 9. v Kmq, Kalhryn 92, 110, Il3, 174 King, Linda King, Roberl 52, 40, 95, 99, II6 120 129, 221 King Roberl' I74 King, Ronald I74 King, Sieve IBB Kang, vicki 64, 104, I88 Kinkea Kinkea Kinkea d, Kris 246 a, Lewis 135, 174 d, Sylvia I04, 22I Kinsey, Barbara l86, I88 Kirkpa lrick, Kay 87, I08, 221 Ladage, Kennelh 222 Laioniaine, David II6, I90, I56 Lage, Ann I90 Lagerquisl, Kaihleen 75, 222 Lagle, Bill I08, 105, I90 Lahman, David I74 Lahman, John I90 Lain, Lowell I74 Lake, Waller I90 Lander, Larry I90 Landon, Chryslal 222 Lane, Terry II6, l36, l38, I39, l40, 222 Lanfier, Suzanne 222 Lanlier. Tom I44, I74 Logan, Rebecca l00, IO2, I74 Long, Carlene 224 Long, Chrisline 79, I90 Long, John I74 Long, Sarah I09, I90 Long, William I08, 224 Lorigan, Rosemary 58, 62, 224 Lolls, Dianan I74 kofa, Walter 58, I74 Lubben, Roberl' 224 Luber, Mariorie I90 Lucas, George 246 Luchinski, Sharon I76 Luense, David 224 Luense, Joe I44, I90 Lueliiohan, Don I55, I76 Lurher, Diane 86, 87, 92, I76 Lyon, Randy 58, I76 Lyons, Shari 224 McDonald, Linda I76 McDonald, Riia I90 McElroy, Joe I76 McEnany, Mike I90 McEowen, Marlin 246 McFadden, Jane ll3, I76 Mcl-iairidge, Margarel I90 McGee, Connie 246 McGee, Richard I90 l62, 224 McGillicuddy, Joe II6, 1319, 139, 140, 190 McGowan, Tom 69, I35, I76 McGralh, Michael 225 McGralh, Richard I90 McGregor, Barbara 88, 225 McGregor, Carol 88, I76 McGrew, Janet 78, 246 McGraw, John Daniel I76 Mc6rew, Sandra 64, 92, l90 Mclntosh, Stephen l9l Mclntyre, David ll5, l76 McVay, Starr Dianne I76 McKnee, David l9l McKim, Linda 225 McLaud, Fredrick l7l Mills, Marianne 92, l9l Miner, Vernetta 226 Mlnkal, aa, l9l Mischek, Linda l9l Miskimen, Sharon 75, 226 Mitchell, Kathleen 79, II2, l9l Mitchell, Ruth l09, I76 Moehlmann, Stephen I76 Moen, Michael 63, 72, l55, l90, McLaud, Rose 225 McLaughlin, James 225 McLauqhlin, John 104, I55, l9l McLeod, Bonnie Jo I76 McLeod, omda 92, l9l McMann, Francis I76 McManus, John 48, 49, l28, 131, 132, 225 McManus, Judith Anne ll2, ll6, l25, l7l, I76 Mclvlarlin, Kate 62, 87, 92, l9l McMaster, Carol 88, 225 McMickle, Virnette 225 McMillan, Lynda Sue ll4, I76 McMinn, Janet l9l McMurray, Dennis 62, 72, lO8, 225 McNabb, Carol I76 McNamara, Jane l25, l7l, I76 Moershel, David l76 Moes, Carolyn 226 Molumby, Dennis l76 Monta Montg que, Daniel 226 omery, Clifford I76 Mongomery, Elizabeth ll3, I76 Month Moon, Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore, Moore Moore Morne Moran ie, Susan 85, l76 William l76 , Alicia 94, l9l, l0l , James ll6, l62, l9l , Margaret II3, l9l Richard l9l Robert I76 , Stephanie l9l , Terry l9l , Jeannette B8, I76 Patrick Papakee, Rudy I77 Mennin McNulty, Fred l9l McNulty, Laraye l9l McNulty, Lynn l76 McQue rry, Doris l9l McOuerry, Loren 225 McQuiston, Leon l9l McTavish, Bruce 226 Mead, Jane l08, I76 Means, Andrea L. I76 Means, Patricia I76 Means, Phil 58, l9l Meeks, Randy I36, l9l Meier, Kathy Anne l76 Meier, Richard l9l Melamphy, Liann 88 Melheim, Ellen Jo l76 Melichar, Richard ll6, I44, 226 Meloy, Marilyn I76 Melsha, Steven I76 Dick 226 Moravec, Joe l9l Morgan, John l9l Morgan, Mike 226 Morley, Dorlhy 226 Morley, Robert l0l, l9l Morris, Douglas Morris, Jerry l76 Morrison, Mary Lee 58, 63, l2l, 226 Morrison, Lynda 79, l9l Morton, Arthur l76 Moses, Jani I76 Moses, Michael I28. I44, I46, I Moses, Rick ll6, l28, 226 Mossman, Anne 226 Most, Karen l76, II4 Mulholland, Bill 75, 246 Mulholland, Gary ll5, l9l Mullen, Michael 226 Q. Merkal, Gary I76 Merkal, Larry l76 Merlel, Rick 226 Merlel, Sharilyn l9l Merril, Arlo l76 Merrit, Colleen I76 Merrit, Rosemary 226 Merryman, Diane 79, l9l Mersch, Ann I76 Messner, Judy l9l Melcalt, Donald l9l Melsale, Janelle II2, l9l Meyer, Connie 90, 9l, l9l Meyer, Kent l9l Meyer, Margaret 85, 88, l9l Meyer, Robert l76 Meyer, Sandra l9l Michalicelg, Cathy I76 Muvany, Patricia 60, 226 Mulva Mumm, ny, Sandra l02, l9l David I76 Munger, Kathryn l09, I76 Munizza, Anne l9l Murphy, Jim I76 Murphy, Judy 86, 226 Murray, John 116, ISO, 154, l9l Murray, Musil, Pat 72, 88, Il8 Vaughn 228 Murray, Jane Murphy, Patrick 226 Murphy, Ron ll5, I76 Murphy, Steve l55, l9l Murray, Jane 228 Myers, John 228 Myers, Jeannie B7 ot. s W ,awp l9l 72, 92, 49, 191 DEX Nagle, Cynthia I76 Naibert, Robert 72, 56, 22B Narga-ng, Donna 79, 109, 228 Nash, Andrew l62, 228 Nash, Pamela 92, l9l Nassit, Catherine 5l, 52, 48, 92, Nassif, Edward l68, l76 Nassif, Patricia I76 211, 228 Nathanson, Henry ll0, I76 Neal, Jacqueline I76 Neely, Mike 228 Neff, Carolyn l76 Nelson, Clarann 228 Nelson, Ed ll6, l2B, l32, l44, I49, 228 Nelson, ROITI I77 Nelson, Sandra 92, l20, l2l, I77 Nernec, Linda Sue l77 Netolicky, Dennis I77 Netolicky, Gary I36, 228 Nuenswander, Kay ZZB, IO9, l2l, l20 Neuman, Kathy l9l Neverman, Dennis l9l Neverman, Duane 228 Nevel-man, Nancy I77 Nevins, Peggy 72, 79, 228 Newman, Terry 228 Newmeister, John I44, l49, l28, l9l Nichols, Phil 228 Nicholson, Dave 82, l9l Nicholson, Josheph 228 Nicklson, Marshall l44, l77 Nicholson, Nancy l02, l04, l9l Nickes, Jessie l9l l20, Niederriter, Barry l9l Nielson, Kathleen 2l, l9l Niles, Carol l9l Nimmer, Mary 86, l00, 228 Nissen, Janice l9l Nixon, Barbara 85, 229 Nodurt, Crystle l08, I77 Noe, Carl 48, 49, 57, 56, 94, 96, 97, 229 Noggle, Louis 78, l9l Nollsch, Meridelh 79, ll2, l9l Norman, Barbara 75, 76, 74, 229 Norman, Beverly Jean l77 Norris, Bud 229 Norris, Paul I77 Northrup, Dick l9l Northrup, James 246 Northrup, Susan l9l Northrup, Vera l77 Norwood, Judy l9l Nost, William l9l Sally 92, 229 Novak, Novak, Sheri l77 Novak, susan 98, 114, 177 Noyer, Nancy 9l, l9l Nunn, Craig 229 Nurre, Barbara I77 Nurre, Mary Lou l9l Nuss, Edward 911, 229 Nye, Deborah I77 O Oaks, Janice l9l Mlaalelan, Carol 62, 64, 191 Mikulas, Steve 226 Millen, William IIO, I28, l9l Miller, Anne I76 Miller, Deanne 122, I25, I35, l9l Miller, Donald 87, 226 Miller, Donald I76 Miller, Jerome l9l Miller, Jewell 69, 87, l9l Miller, Stan 2l, lO0, lOl, IIO, l9l Miller, Mark II6, 162, l9l Miller, Norman I76 Miller, Steve l9l Milligan, Kathleen 87, I76 Myers, Jody 92, II3 Myers, John I76 Myers, Kathy IIO, I76 Myers, Marilyn II2, l76 Myers, Rance l9l Myers, Robert l9l Myers, Tim l9l N Naaktgeboren, Don l9l Nading, Allen 228 O'Brien, Michael l77 O'Brirle, Robert l77 O'Connell, Terry 229 O'Connor, Marilyn I77 O'Connor, Tom l9l Odell, Jan 91, 229 Odell, Leroy 177 O'Donnell, John l9l Oelschlaeger, Dennis l56, l9l Ohllson, Jean 92, l77 Okerlund, Lee l35, l77 O'Leary, Diane 48, 229 OliDl75flt, Janice ll0, I77 Oliver, David l77 Olmstead, Paul 229 Olsen, Stephanie I77 Olmsted, Susan 57, 229 Pamela 92, l9l Olney, Olney, Peler 229 Olson,,John 72, 73, 229 Olson Ron l08, l56, l9l Olver, Omar, Duane l9l Marlene IO9, l77 Robert l9l Dwayne l05, 229 Omar, Omar, O'Meara, John 48, 49, l55, l82, O'Rear, Cecelia l9l O'Read, Garry l44, I77 Orlich, Maria l9l Osborne, Janet ll4, I77 Ostrom, Darlene l77 Oslrom, Robert l09, l55, l77 Ott, Linda 57, IOO, 229 Oltmann, cynlltla 92, l04, l08, 120, IZI, 229 les, 191 Ovel, Steven l9l Overly, Edward l9l Ovinqton, Donna 90, 9l, 229 Owens, Tom II6, lso, 152, 153, Oxenn eider, Stephen l77 P Packard, Mary l08, l9l Packwood, John l08, 229 Packwood, William l09, l77 Padzen Palmer sky, Bonita 87, loo, l9l , Nancy 230 Pankey, Dick 58 Pankey, Dianne 78, 230 Pankup, Richard I77 Papakee, Randy l77 Park, John I36, l92 Parker, Mark l92 Parker, Nancy 230 Parker, Robert 230 Parker, Robert ll5, l77 Parry, Robert 48, 5l, 54, 98, ll0, Parsons, Debby ll7 Parsons, Dick l0l, l92 Patek, Bob lOl, 192 Patrick, Charles l00, l0l, l92 Patrick, Susan l00, 230 Patrick, Wayne l92 Patton, Carolyn 92, 230 Paukert, Sharal 85, I77 Paulsen Gretchen l92 Paulson Mary 79, l92 Pawlak, Sandra 75, 230 Paxton, Virginia l77 Payn, Larry 230 Payne, Terry l92 Peal, Bob ll0, l92 Pearson, Linda I77 Pearson, Lydia 230 229 Peckham, Brian IO9, I44, l55, I77 Peckham, Pamela 75, 230 Peckosh, Jim l92 Peddycourl David 58, I77 Peden, Daniel 230 Pedraza, Orlando 230 Peek, John l09, l92 Peeples, Cheryl 86, 230 Pelisek, Dennis l35, l77 Pena, Margaret I77 Pence, Mike 230 Pence, Nancy I77 Pennington, Anita I77 Pennington, Lincla 78, 230 Pennington, Terry I77 Perkins, Pat 78, l92 Perrin, Dave I77 Perry, Marilyn I77 Pesek, Terry l92 Peters, Fred l77 Peters, Janette 230 Petersmith, Ellen 7I, I92 Petersmith, John 230 Petersmith, Kris 88, ll2, 20l, 230 Petersen, Judy IIO, I77 Peterson, Linda 37, 64, 72, 230 Peterson, Tom II6, l28, 232 Peltlon, Ruth 79, l92 Peltlon, Sharon 75, 232 Pfeifer, Nancy 79, 232 Pfeitier, Roger I77 Phillion, Don l92 Phillippe, Tanna 232 Phillips, Chris l35, l44, I77 Phillips, Cynthia l92 Phillips, Steve l44, I92 Phillips, Wendy ll3, I77 Picktord, Elizabeth 64, ll8, 232 Pierce, Candace I77 Pierce, Richard I77 Pierrol, Michael 22, 20l, 232 Piersall, Barbara 59, 60, 92, 232 Piersall, James 192 Pike, Van 177 Pilkenlon, Pam 78, 192 Pimenoff, Kafharine 104, 232 Pinckney, Larry 104, 110, 177 Plsarik, Chuch 246 Pochobradsky, Tom 246 Pochobradsky, Vicki 113, 192 Polron, Dawn 192 Popelka, Gary 232 Porler, Frank 232 Pose, Diane 192 Pose, Tana 232 Posfel, Roberl' 101, 177 Pofier, Darrell I77 Powell, Devila 232 Powell, Sieven 108, 192 Powers, Garlh Lesfer 192 Poyneer, Bill 59, 60, 232 Presfon. Gary 232 Price, Linda 78, 192 Prilchard, Elain 87, 94, 110 Prifchard, Gladys 232 Proclor, Palricia 120, 177 Pudzuvelis, Perer 116, 128, 131, 232 Pugh, Linda 88, 178 Putman, Marc 246 Pufnam, Sieve 135, 155, 177 Pyle, Jo Ellyn 232 Quinlan, Richard 178 R Rabik, Jerry 178 Rabik, Larry 178 Radcliffe, Cryslal 246 Ralslon, Randolph W. 192 Rambo, Craig Edward 192 Rammelsberg, Dorolhy 178 Rankin, Janice 112, 178 Rapoporf, Cynfhia 63, 192 Rapopori, Diane 63, 72, 92, 232, 235 Rauch, Dana 178 Rawson, James Lee 85, 192 Ray, Geraldine 192 Ray, Kalhryn 108, 232 Ray, Margarelfe 192 Ray, Nellors 178, 109 Raymond, Gregg 232 Ream, Diana Lynn 192 1 DEX Shover, Connie 91, 178 Shugarl, Stephanie B. 84, 85, 193 Shupe, Jane 91, 100, 178 Shurlz, Terry 178 Sickles, Glorence 193 Sielken, Richard 178 Siegel, Joyce 246 Siegel, S1'uar1 59, 60, 115, 193 Sieh, Greg 116, 150, 154, 236 Sievers, Donald 178 Sievers, Tom 193 Sikir, Kermil' 178 Silkebakken, Nick 64, 94, 246 Rolf, Palricia 233 Schroeder, Daniel 193 Si111ck,Ard1s '12, 110, 178 Sirna, Mary 74, 75,236 Simmons, Richard 162, 236 Simms, Rudolph 178 Simms, Andy 135, 142 Skaff, Teresa 238 Skar, John 57, 238 Skar, Pal 110, 193 Skogman, Gary 128, 136, 193 Skow, Chrisly 75, 77, 238 Skripsky, Charlene 72, 92, 104, 238 Skripsky, Harold 193 Skripsky, Vernon 72, 73, 104, 116, 12 193 Slager, Gregory 135, 144, 178 Slaler, Chrisline 178 Slaughier, Paulella 178 Slife, Dan 238 Rogers, Joan 88, 193 Rogers, Joel 233 Rogers, Mary Jo 178 Rogers, Rhe Ellen 72, 78, 87, 108, 233 Rogers, William 142, 178 Ronk, Sleven 233 Rose, Connie Rose, John 233 Rose, Norma 193 Rosenbaum, Nancy 110, 234 Schuckerl, Penny 193 Schuller, Dennis 178 Schulle, Julia 178 Schullz, John 234 Schumacher, Doug 178 Schupbach, Karen 193 Schusfer, John 110, 193 Schulzman, Vern 234 Schwandr, Sharon 88, 193 Schwarlz, Roqefle Lee 112, 193 Reed Ream, Susan 178 Rede nbaugh, Judy 120, 121,233 Reece, Sleven 178 Reed David 192 Reed: George Francis 45, so, 192 Reed, Gloria 178 Reed, Karen 192 Reed, Michael James 128, 133, 192 er, Lynn 125, 171, 178 Ross, Lachlan 178 Ross, Teresa 78, 100, 110, 193 Ross, William 116, 128, 144, 193 Rouner, Pairicia 78, 86, 234 Rouse, Karen 112, 178 Rouse, Linda 178 Rouser, Don 246 Rowell, Lois 234 Rowden, Sheri 62, 72, 193 Rowell, Lois 78 Rowley, Kimberly 50, 61, 87, 178 Runner, Pafricia 64, 234 Runner, Richard 109, 178 Rupe, Donald 193 Rusk, Jack 144, 145, 148, 234 Rusk, Sheila 178 Rusley, Palricia 79, 193 Ruiherford, Lynn 144, 193 Ryan, Pal 178 Ryder, Thomas 193 S Schwandr, Sieve 116, 236 Schwe e John 235 PP 1 Schwillers, Susan Rac 91, 102, 120, 121, 193 Schollon, Sheryl 100, 236 Scoli, Ann Vicioria 193 Scolf, Linda 72, 86, 114 Sco11, Pamela 1713 Scoll, Pafricia 178 Scoll, Sue 178 Scofl, Tom 178 Scrafch, Joan 178 Scoil, Vickie 79 Scwandr, Sharon 104 Seals, Burl 193 Reed, Sleve 138 Reerz, Allan 192 Reefz, Paul 178 Reeve, Larry 26, 233 Reeve, Roberl 178 Refahange, Tom 192 Regenniller, Julia 110, 178 Reinerison, Mark 178 Renlschler, Penny 178 Repp, Dale 178 Rexroar, Terry 142, 162. 178 Rhea, Calherine Ann 77, 192 Rheinschmidl, Ann 92, 192 Reid, John Malcolm 128, 133, 144, 192 Reiner, Kay Linda 78, 192 Rheinschrnidf, Ann 72, 100 Rice, Joanne 63, 86 ,100, 233 Secora, Safley, Sieve 178 Tom 155, 162, 234 Sage, Robin 48, 193 Sagers, Sailer, Janil' 113, 178 Rosemary 94, 100, 110, 234 Salome, Ronald 234 Saller, Saller, Barbara 178 70, 75, 234 Seapy, Charles 155, 178 Sears, Margot 178 Sealon, William 178 Secor, Jane? Louise 88, 109, 193 Secor, John 135, 178 Sedinka, Lynda 108, 120, 121,236 Seebach, Ronald Jay 58, 193 Sees, Ronnie 236 Segriff, Diane Lynelie 193 Seiberr, Donna 78, 236 Seiber, Elizabeih 178 Seiler, Allen 231, 236 Sellers, 63, 91, 193 Senli Sam 48 49 36 137 139 140 236 Sever, Marcia L. 193 Severson, Roberl 48, 49, 236 Severson, Slanley 92, 193 Rice Rice Rice, Rice, Lynne 100, 192 Lynne 233 Mary Lou 62, 104, 122, 124, 233 Sieve 233 Richards, Deborah 112, 178 Richards, Gloria 233 Richards. Judilh 233 Richards, Pamela Sue 192 Richardson, Annelle 110, 233 Richardson, Barbara 192 Richardson, Gary 233 Richardson, Linda 64, 86, 192 Richardson, Rulh 192 Rid e Bell 100 192 Saluri, Dianna 178 Saluri, Rosemary 113, 234 Sanberg, Michael 234 Sandry, William 193 Sandsfrom, Kaihleen 62, 72, 193 Sandy, Mike 155, 178 Sasse, Susan 234 Saiern, Mark 128, 193 Saub, Deborah 178 Saville, Mary 78, 79, 234 Sawyer, Jacqueline 193 Scallon, Sheryl 88 Schaeffer, Joan 124 Schaffer, Sandra 100, 193 Schamel, Luana 114, 178 Scharnberg, William 110, 135, 178 Scheeiz, Ronnis 193 Scheib, 135, 178 Schelino, Richard 155, 193 Schlesselman, Joria 234 Schindler, William 246 Schmaf, Randy 108, 193 Sexlon, Sharon 75, 236 Sexlon, Wayne 178 Seyier, Michael George 136, 193 Seyfer, Slephen 59, 138, 144, 193 Shafer, Joan Pafricia 100, 102, 193 Shannahan, Margaret 193 Shannah Shannha an, Pairicia 178 n, Thomas 236 Shalzer, Barbara Jean 78, 193 Shaw, Sandi 193 Shea, Mike Shears. John 178 Shefelbine, Nancy 178 Sheldon, Kaye 178 Sheneberger, Michael 178 Shepard 195 , aevariy 92, 100, 120, 121, 193, Shepard, Mark L. 135, 144, 178 Shepard, Mark T. 178 Sheperd Sheperd , Psiriera 64, 72, 92, mo, 236 , sua 114, 120, 193 Spicher, Deanna 193 . Y . Riedzal, Roberl 178 Riggins, Roger 233 Ripma, David 82, 178 Risdon, Richard 87, 233 Risser, Rex 48, 49, 150, 192 Robb, George 48, 136, 158, 192 Roberls, Claudia 178 Roberlson, Dennis 178 Roberlson, Dennis 178 Schmidr, Dave 178 Schmid 193 1, Deborah 48, 92, 102, 120, 222 Schmidl, Sleven 193 Schmidi, Virginia 187 Schoelerman, Larry 144, 234 Schoen eman, Linda 88, 100, 234 Schoeneman, Lu Ann 88, 90, 91, 100, 234 Scholl, James 193 Scholl, Sid 188 Robinson, Harrie? 110, 178 Robinson, Mary 246 Robinson, Robert C. 192 Roehlik, Richard 233 Schoner, Richard 178 Schoon, Larry 193 Scholl, Janel 92, 193 Schrader, Sreven 72, 193 Shielders, Don 144 Shields, Caihy 92, 104, 236 Shields, Jane1Ei1ene 79, 193 Shields. Rebecca 79, 236 Shimercla, Philip 75, 236 Shipley, Donald 193 Shipp, Connis 72, 92, 236 Shipp, Sleven Jay 72, 193 Shogren, Chrisline 78, 100, 193 Shope, Susan Doris 193 Shoper, Palricia 236 Shorl, Edward 193 Shorl, Raymond 178 Slile, Donn 178 Slipson, Linda 100, 193 Sloan, Fredric 69, 178 Smiley, Brenda 85, 108, 193 smifh, Alan 155, 17a Smilh, Cynlhia 92, 178 Smiih, Dennis 178 Smiih, Frances 74, 75, 113, 238 Smiih, John 108, 178 smiih, Hal 136, 156, 238 Smirh, Janel' 193 Sm11h,Jel1ery116, 150,154,193 Smilh, Lyle 238 Smith, John 142 Smilh, Marlinc 178 Smilh, Milford 178 Smifh, Nancie 178 smiih, Palricia 43, 125, isa, 171, 1 smifh, Rex 52, 116, 238 Smilh, Richard 238 Smilh, Sharon 120, 121, 238 Smith, Shelly 180 Smifh, Smilh, Smolhe Timoihy 180 Tom 144, 148, 193 rs, Sieve 193 Smylhe, Terry 116, 238 Snarskis, John 180 Snider, Vicki 109, 180 Snifher, Curlis 180 Sniiker, Ricardo 193 Snodg rass, Kaye 193 Snyder, Gary Solar, Peier 48, 87, 180 Solem, James 238 Solem, Judilh 180 Solheim, Judy 193 Sommers, Susan 48, 50, 90, 91, 238 Sondrol, lver 193 Souder, Karen 180 Souder, Sharon 110, 180 Sparrgrove, Eric Sparrgrove, Phil 193 Sperry, Shirley 75, 238 Spicer, Dede 61 Spicer, Sleven 180 Spicer, Ray 105, 128, 193 8 80 Spoerry, Carrol 180 Slack, Marcia 180 Slack, Rober172, 116, 193 Slahr, Henry 193 Stamy, Stamy, John 72, 193 Mary 180 Stanley, Nancy 92, IBO I DEX Sundberg, Richard 162,239 Suthers, Cathy 104, 240 Svoboda, Dennis 138, 180 Trosky, Tom 78, 242 Trotter, Troxell, Ruby 194' sany 14, 92, 104, 242 Weber, Steve 194 Webster, .Eileen 181 Weeter, Judy 194 V Stanley, Sharon 109 Stanek, Melvin 238 Stark, Marcia 238 Starr, Pamela 92, 109, 180 Starry, Diane 238 Stary, Joan 193 Staskel, Joelyn 52, 122, 125, 238 Stastny, Robert 238 Stauttacher, Scott IBO St. Clair, Tom 234 Stechon, Daryl 75, 239 Steele, Janet 48, 49, 122, 125, 193 Steger, Don Steinke, Catherine 112, 180 Steinke, Sandra 79, 193 Stembler, Paul 239 Stenzel, Susan 193 Stephen, Sandra 110, 193 Stephens, Arthur 239 Stephens, Gene 105, 239 Stephens, Geneva 79, 193 Svoboda, Righard 194 Swanson, N Swearingen, ancy 194 Jo 194 Sweet, Sandra 78, 240 Swenson, Stanley 194 Swim, Bill 240 Swinehart, Jeff 114, 180 Switzer, Beckie 180 Switzer, Bonnie 240 Switzer, Donavan 155, 194 Swyers, Ray 128, 194 T Tabor, Wayne 180 Tackenberg, Bill 194 Tatt, David Taka ch, Co 69, 194 ulette 86, 240 Ta kach, Debbie 180 Stevens, Sandy 118 Stephenson, Lynda 180 Stepp, Judith 91, 193 Sternberq, Barbara 74, 75, 75, 239 Stevens, Richard 193 Stevens Stevens Stewart Stewart Stewart on, Linda 239 on, William 239 , James 69 , John 239 Margo 180 Stewart: Mary Ann 78, 193 Stewart Stewart , Penny 85, 86 Ruby 193 Steiger, steve 110, 239 St. Joh n, David Lee IBO Stieqer, Gary 142, 180 Steiger, Steve 72, 104 Stoddard, Richard 239 Stoklasa, David 180 Stolba, Elizabeth 88, 100, 239 Stolba Kurt 144 148 239 Stolba: Peggy 651, s8,' 194 Stolba, Steve 194 Stone, Larr 75 76,239 Y 1 Stone, Paul 194 Stonebraker, Maurine 92, 72, 110, 194 Stookey, James 239 Stout, Connie 113, 180 Stout, Vicki 85, 86, 194 Strait, Linda 194 Talley, John 51, 93, 116, 162,240 Tampir, Karen 194 Taylor, Deborah 86, 91, 93, 122, 240 Taylor, Jean 84, 85, 110, 194 Taylor, Mike 101, 194 Techau, Kevin 144, 180 Teeple, Don 72, 240 Teter, Janet 240 Telenson, Pete 116, 128, 240 Telford, Scott 180 Tellier, Stephen 194 TenBrink, Sue 87, IBO Tenney, Pat 109, 180 Teply, Bob 240 Tiaden, Shirley 180 Thaler, Jacqueline 48, 50, 180 Thaler, Joe 48, 49, 87, 182, 183, 194 Thede, Carol 48, 60, 240 Thiessen, Sally 194 Thiher, Bruce 87, 92, 240 Thomas, Conn 87, 240 Thomas, Judy 110, 240 Thomas, Linda 78, 79, 240 Thomas, Ruth 237, 246 Thomell, Magdelena 48, 66, 240 Thompson, Cynthia 22, 51, 240 Thompson, Martha 240 Thompson, Monica 180 Thompson, Phil 110, 115, 194 Thompson, Richard 98, 180 Trumpe, Susan 62, 194 Tschopp, Leslie 92, II3 Tschopp, Linda 113, 181 Tschopp, Tony 56, 242 Tucker, Anna 194 Turkington, Sharon 242 Turner, Mike 181 Turrini, Alec 48, 52, 60, 66, 242 Tvrdik, Sam 142, 181 U Udell, Dennis 242 Urban, Sandra 242 Ure, Robert 242 Utecht, Salana 242 Vail, Stephanie 194 Valenta, David 181 Valentine, Richard 181 Valley, Douglas 242 VanC1eve, Geoffrey 181 VanCrsdol, Julie 181 Van Der Meer, Mariike 48, 67, 92, 242 Vander Mculcn, Gretchen 90, 91, 104,242 Vanderpol, Barbara 78, 88, 194 Vandersee, Judy 181 Vandersnick, Pamela 194 VanDine, Jane 181 VanDine, James 116, 128, 136, 194 Vane, Julie 92, 94, 102, 104, 182, 183 Wehby, Carol 90, 91, 243 Wehde, Harvey 194 Weimer, Mark 101, 136, 158, 194 Weir, Connie 181 Welch, Teed 154, 152, 243 Wells, William 115, 181 Wendorf, Richard 87, 194 Wenger, Charles 131 Van Gorp, Patricia 242 VanMilligan, Fances 113, 181 Van Nos Van Not 1rar1a,L1saas,9o,91, 114,242 e, Keith 243 Van Orsdel, Julie 92, 112 Stramel, Martin IBO Stramel, Steve 205, 239 Strandberg, Connie 194 Stransky, Susan 194 Strasburger, Marty 94, 101, 116, 150, 154, 194 Stratemeyer, Art 239 Stratemayer, Karen 104, 194 Stratton, Kathy Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thoren, Arl Terry 116, 150, 151, 240 Tim 242 Victoria 242 inda 75, 242 Thoren, Diane IBO Thoren, Ralph 242 Thoren, Rhonda 180 Thorpe, Do nna 180 Thorsen, Billie 87, 180 Van Pelt, John 181 Vardeman, Steve 48, 94, 108, 181 Varvaris, Frank 59, 243 Vaughn, Jackie 86, 100, 243 Vernon, Debbie 104 Vernon, Jim 48, 58, 194 Vesey, Mary 181 Vick, Steve 243 Victorine, Carolyn 243 Voeltz, Bob 194 Voeltz, Danny 128, 133,243 Vogel, David 194 Vogel, Douglas 243 Volak, Charlene 243 Von Voltenburg, Vancy 60, 204, 243 Von Yeast, Dave 60, 243 Vos, Judy Votroubek, Janelle 48, 85, 181 Vrba, Fred 181 Vyskocil, David 194 W Waalk, John 246 Waddle, Carol 181 Wenger, Wenger, Marilyn 243 Rondell 181 Wenkstern, Stephanie 181 Wennermark, Forrest 244 Werning, John 181 Wessale, David 244 Western, Jean 181, 114 Western, Wheeler, Warren 101, 194 Clayton 194 White, Andra 181 White, Ann 194 White Barbara 244 whnel J whne, s anice 181 andra 181 Whitehead, Nancy 244 Whitehead, Susan 100, 194 Whiteman, Wayne Whiteman, Roy 194 Whiting, James 181 Whiting, Jane 181 Whiting, Steven 181 Whitesell, Tom I44, 194 Wicke, Linda Kay 181 Wiclce, Marcia 244 Wickersham, Carol 100, 119, 120 181 Wicklund, Shirley 64, 194 Wieland, Sue 194 Wignall, Laura 244 Wilcox, Sherri Lee 181 Wilcox, Thomas 58, I44, 181 Willard, Howard 181 'i, Q. Strauss, Richard 104. 194 Streed, Steve 194 Stusak, Strickle Stripe, Strong, r, Virginia 69, 180 James 110, 155, IBO Jean II3, 180 Struchen, Linda 78, 194 Struchen, Linda 194 Struve, Stumbo Sturbau Doris 180 ,'Stephen 109, 135, 180 m, Linda 113, 239 Sturges, Carol 239 Larry 239 Sudduth, Jean 180 Suits, Carol Ann 180 Tichy, Gary 180 Tiernan, Janie 242 Tietz, Mark 136, 156, 194 Tillbach, Cheryl 180 Tilley, Michael 194 Tincher, Sharon 109, 113, 180 Titel, Catherine 194 Tomlinson, Daniel 180 Totten, Diane 88, 181 Trachta, Doug 194 Trachta, Thomas 194 Traynor, Timothy 135, 142, 181 Trecek, Evelyn 79, 242 Trinka, Sheryl 86, 91, 102, 194 Waggener, Richard 194 Wagner, David 101, 194 Wagner, Dorothy 243 Wagner, Karen 88, 243 Wagner Linda 194 Wainwright, Gary ioa, 181 Wainnwright, Roger 108, 243 Waite, Patricia 243 Walder, Vicke 181 Walker, Billy 181 Walker, Ken 87, 194 Walker, Tim 104, 194 Walker, Robert 12, 181 Walser, Don 194 Walsik, Ralph 115 Walters, Martha 50, 125, 135, 194 Walton, Steve 181 Walton, Verna 114, 131 Wandling, Gerry 181 Waples, John 94, 116, 158, 194 Ward, Carolyn 87, 181 Warner, Steve 94, 108, 155, 181 Warrington, John 85, 194 Washler, Mary Ellen 100, 181 wssik, Ralph 135, 144, 181 Wasson, Wathan, Belinda 181 Mike 51, 116,243 Watkins, Beverly 243 Watson, Watson, Betty 181 Connie 108, 114, 194 Watters, Linda 181 Watts, Douglas 116, 150, 243 Weaver, Wear, J Al 128, 194, 116 ohn 181 Wever, Kenneth 155, 181 Webber, Maurice 181 Willey, Doug 101, 194 Willia, Mary 87, 244 Willia, Neil 181 William, Mary 69, 86 Williams, Brian 136, I94 Williams, Diana 79, 194 Williams, Dorothy 78, 194 Williams, Duane 116, 128, 133,244 Wilhams, Earl 116, 162, 194 Williams, Gregory 181 Williams, Guy 116, 150, 244 W1l11ams, John 195 Williams Kimberly 92, 181 wiiiiamsf Pam 244 Williams, Shane 98,244 Williams, Teresa 92, 244 Willis, Pamela 79, 195 Willson, Sandra 195 Wilson, Alan 181 Wilson, Debra 114, 181 Wilson, Doug 109, 181 Wilson, Harold 244 Wilson, Mark 181 Wilson, Mary B6 Wilson, Sheila 244 Wilson, Steve 181 Wilson, Teresa 181 Wilson, William 60, 244 Winchell, Carl 195 Winfrey, Karilyn 181 Winqfleld. Gregory 135, 142, 181 Winter, Jack 195 Wirth, Kenneth 181 Wisehart, Sandra 195 Wisehart, Steve IBI Wiseman, Roger 181 Wogen, Wolt, M Joohn 181 aureen 244 Wolf, Sidney 162, 181 Wolfe, Marilyn 195 Womachka, Paul 195 Wood, Cynlhia 181 Wood, Dale 155, 181 Wood, Susan 195 Woodford, Ann 181 Woods, Woods, Woods, Woods, Woods Woods: Diana 181 Kay 75, 244 Penny 181 Ra iena 181 Regecca 181 Susan 112, 181 Woollolk, Belly 85, 104, 120, 122, 244 Worlhen, David 244 Worfmann, Julia 181 Worlman, Tom 244 Wray, Dan Arthur 182, 183, 195 Wray, Richard 181 Wrighl, Anna 181 Wrighl wfighrl Wrighl Wrighf , Carol 60, 69, 72, 86, 112, 195 Wrighl, Wrighl Wrighl Wrighl' aeih ian Belly sv, 79, 246 Belly 69, 79, 246 Lynn 92, 246 Marilynn 246 Mary 113, 246 Slephen 144, 181 Wuggazer, Roberl Wulisberg, Rolf 116, 128, 136, 138, 158. 159, 246 Wyckoff, Suianne 58, 60, 61, 92, 246 Y Yanacek, John 195 Yanacek, Thomas 181 Yanaway, Alan 21, 195 Yardly, Ken 246 Yales, Diana 181 Yales, John 195 Yock, Jayne 246 Yock, Tom 195 Youngquisf, Marcia 86, 94, 195 Z Zahn, Rulh 181 Zalesky, Jeanne 86, 246 Zarneke, Ellen 195 Zazza, Susan 102, 195 I DEX Zeman, G. Larry 195 Zenzen, Joan 77, 195 Zenzen, Joyce 125, 195 Zier, Sharon 246 Zika, James 246 Zika, Judy 75. 76. 245 'gn in-au, 3,51 Zimmerman, Pafricia 78, 72, 88. 245 Zimoleman, Forresl' 181 Zink, Marcia 104, 195 Zmoos, Slephen 181 Zuber, Tim FACULTY INDEX Allender, Mariorie Mrs. 30. 79 Anderson, Dwight Mr. 27 Anlhony, Paul Mr. 36, 100, 101 Arnold. Brian Mr. 27 Barnard, William Mr. 39 Barlon, Vincenl Mr. 27, 82 Basler, Wayne Mr. 34, 58 Bollhoefer, Shirley MISS 36. 78 Bradshaw, Larry Mr. 34 Braynard, Leslie Mrs. 14 Brockway, Carolyn Mrs. 38 Brunner, Mariorie Miss 14 Burianek, Belly Miss 40 Buhller, Helen Mrs. 41, 43 Cameron, Marianne Mrs. 18 Capesius, Frank Mr. 24, 35 Chehak, Lorene Mrs. I4 Cleveland, Elbin Mr. 14 Clover, Michael Mr. 27 Crew, Julie Miss 33 Croslon, T. Mr. 20, 135 Cronbaugh, Mervin Mr. 40 Currie, Nancy Miss I4 Delphy, Diane Miss 27 Dial, Paul Mr. 18 Diaz, Tony Dr. 18, 90, 91 Doornick, Emma Miss 112, 1,24 Du Bois, Richard Mr. 36, 105, 112 110 Duckwall, John Mr. 36, Durey, Don Mr. 20 Earharl, Alfred Mr. 25 Ellison, Howard Mr. 36 Eslby, Mariorie Mrs. 14, 17, 87 Falf, Robert Mr. 27 Fifield, Eugene Mr. 20 Fisher, Becky Miss 38, 119 Filzsimmons, R. O. Mr. 44, 45 Freeman, Kennelh Mr. 30, 78 Garry, John Mr. 40 Gerson, Charles Mr. 27 Gore, Janel' Mrs. 14 Hershner, Galvin Mr, 40 Hoepner, Pai Mrs. 14 Holdren, Wiaaiam Mr. 34, I2 1-lollenbeck, Don Mr. I5 1-lolmlund, Marilyn Miss 18 1-Irubesh, Lydia Miss 18, 92 Hubaceck, Richard Mr. 20 Hugh, Don Mr. 25, 57 Hutchins, Mildred Miss 32 Jack, Pam Miss 15 Jacobson, Bill Mr, 20 Jacobson, William Mr. 20 James, Roberl Mr. 28, 68, 69 Jensen, Dave Mr. 30, 76 Jensen, Jerrie Mr, 24, 25, 75 Jensen, Norma Mrs. I5 Johnson, Diane Mrs. 33 Kelleher, Rulh Mrs. 30, 78 Kelly, John Mr. 20 Koehler, Arthur Mr. 15 8,13 6 Krizan, Harold Mr, 39, 151, 153, 165 Lamb, Garland Mr. 37 Larson, Darrel Mr, 20 Larson, Keilh Mr, 25 Leifer, Florence Miss I5 Lingren, Charles Mr. 20 Lowe, Irma Mrs, 15 Lynch, Don Mr. 31 Maas, Gilberl Mr. 19 McGallum, Gordon Mr. 20 McCleary, Clark Mr. 39, 136, McCray, Virginia Mrs. 19, 90 McMann, Keilh Mr. 24, 25 Miller, James Mr. 23, 37, 128 Miller, Pal Mrs. 22 Mueller, Roberl' Mr. I9 Nalvig, Lyle Mr. 31, 75 Novak, George Mr. 40 Oberg, Erma Miss 33, 85 Olson, Larry Mr. 15 Parlridge, William Mr. 22, 86 Palrick, Mary Miss 32 Paulson, Clarence Mr. 44 Peierson, 1-Iorold Mr. 15 Primrose, Harold Mr. 22, 142 Quimby, Wm. 155 138 140 91 Rainbow, William Mr. 37, 128, 130, 156 Rallner, Harold Mr, 28 Ricker, Mary Mrs. 15 Rosenberg, Dave Mr. 39, 144, 160, 162 Rusl, Orville Mr. 22, 116, 163 Sasse, Roberl Mr. 25 Schenken, Larry Mr. 28 Schornhorsl, Florence Miss 38, 122, 123 Schreiber, Horold Mr. 25, 72 Sharbo, Eslher Mrs. 15 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wish lo express our sincere lhanks lo lhe following people who conlribuled lo lhe 1965 Monumenl: George 1-lenry-Pholog ra phy Cindy Bell-Epilogue poem Lisle Ramsey Sludio-Facully Pholographs Sheels, Wally Mr. 37, 128, 142 Shinn, Marna Mrs. 15,69 Shupe, D. Mr. 44, 48 Slevens, Bob Mr. 20, 29, 86, 135, 144 Sfevens, Sandy Mrs. I5 Slewarl, Leland Mr. 22 Slockberger, Shirley Miss 25 Slrunlze, Bernyce Miss 43, I5 Svabgda, Angela Miss 30, 31,79 Taylor, Rose Mrs. 38, 151 Thomsen, Irma Miss Nurse 40 Tillapaughm, lola Miss 27,28 Thompson, Miss Wagner, Louise Mrs. 19 Waples, Margarel Mrs. 15 Warner, Marion Mr. 34 Warren, Don Mr. 31 Wegner, Don Mr. 40 We1lborn,Cleda Miss 19 Wilkenson, Harold Mr. 22, 135 Wilson, Lloyd Mr. 34, 158 Worley, Kaihryn Mrs. 15, 60 Young, Linda Miss 28 Young, Roberl Mr. 28 ACTIVITIES INDEX Adaslra 57 American Field Service 66 Ari Club 84 Audio-Visual 82 Awards 56 Band 108 Baseball 164 Basketball Soph. 140 Baskelball Varsily 136 Camera Club 94 Cheerleaders 125 Concerf Choir 104 Cross Couniry 162 DECA 74 FBLA 78 FNA 89 FTA 86 Foolball Soph. 134 Foolball Varsily 128 Forensics B7 Forum 48 French Club 92 German Club 94 Girls' Choir 100 Girls' Chorus 112 Golf 156 Homecoming 54 Homecoming Ailendanls 200 Homecoming Queen 53 Hospifalily Club 72 Inlramurals 143 Le11erman's Club 116 Library Workers 70 Men's Choir 101 Mixed Chorus 114 Monurnenr 62 Musical Produciion 106 Office Workers 70 I Orcheslra 110 Pep Club 122 Plays 96 Rifle Club 58 Quill and Scroll 58 Seaquins 120 Spanish 90 Surveyor 59 Swimming 150 Tennis 158 Track 160 Wreslling 144 YFC 68 " U " ' mw- if: afa- :fm fr, X. 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Suggestions in the George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) collection:

George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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