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,' A . x F'3i.'q U TI'IE. CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN :aff spa My'Inmlllnnnlummlul1lul1llumu"l.Lt 7. S H ' 'Y .4 V Z,gC' Organized IQ IQ Purpose: To create by leadership, to maintain by persistence, to extend by service Critirs: Bliss Rickards, Leslie Crabbs, Ira Carrithers OFFICERS President - Paul Cummins Secretary - Billy Ellxvood fire-Preridwzt - John Turner Treasurer - Glen Schodde Pulse Reporter - Ed Eaton ROLL CALL Henry Adams Fred Armstrong Robert Auracher Tom Ackles Charles Burton George Baxter Chester Bailey David Bingham Robert Biba Ed Bagley Paul Cummins Donald Curran Guerin Cronkhite lllaurice Cliffer YVilliam Carringer Jasper Calder Robert Clark lllaurice Canfield Charles Curtis Jack Day James Davenport Ed Eaton lllilford Delzell Edward Drew Robert Ellis Bill Ellwood Robert Evans Gaynor Evans John Evans Renald Evans John French Carl Groth Kenneth Gray Jack Greedy VVilliam Henning lVillard Hughes Louis Hahn David Hedges Bob Hoffman Tom Jackson VVestin Jacobson Jerome Kriz Ross Knickerbocker John Koffron Ben Leinbaugh Horace Langfitt Charles Lea Udell Leibsohn Wallace Lyon Emerson lllerriam Kenneth lXIcLeod Richard llfliller Robert Nelson Kenneth Ottsen Arnold Pyle Tom Powell Edward Prentiss Dick Proctor Frank Phelps Ben Padzensky Donald Ross Arthur Redel Bruce Ross VVarren Ross Everett VValton William Rozen Roger Reeves Charles Shepard Ferris Simpson Jack Smythe VVayne Stookey Ed Sickel Jack Stroud Glen Schodde Richard Spacek Robert Snouffer Jack Thompson Carl Thompson John Turner Loren Toogood Jerome Tlusty James Vail Howard Van Wizikle John Vosmek llorris VVeir George VVarner Talton VVorley Ray Wernimont ln the past school year Hi-Y Club has enjoyed a succession of interesting and in- structive meetings. Under the able direction of Leslie Crabbs and Ira Carrithers, Hi-Y has nearly doubled its former membership. In this age of misunderstood youth, Hi-Y offers a medium whereby business men and high school boys may interchange ideas. Page Ninety-t-'wo 'THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN I K x '- 5 Q C li, L 'm X' Q Q.,-2 . VI I' ll 'if ' , 1 'T I' V :asf E, if Q5,w Xl . ? X J V ,M . K .. -fm, U . ' - f . f Qs? , ,bf rg 1 , Lf : '3 .4 -3 :ir , - . , 4.1 A Q -wxg. -A .S e q ,.5w1f.-xisilxff. 6, I .?1FQs?' 5-Qffi? A'?w H Eff 5' .:QY.5"1'1H 'A , x - " " X , ' 'Q' "',,Q.YZ-' Pagp Ninely-thrce Kathryn Holmes Frances Kolrick Winifred Carrithers f. THE. CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN A HI-Y.ETTE -ig: d bg - ' is Qi' HL Critiur: Alice Rogers, llargaret Barnes, Gertrude Hinkhousc, Iva May Quigley, Ruth Thompson, lllrs. Schluter, liflrs. Kelly OFFICER S Prrridrnl - Eliza Hickolc Secretary - Noel Newell l'ivr-President - llarjorie Lortz Treasurer -- Elizabeth Roberts First Cabinel Serond Cabinet Social Chairman - Katherine Clements Illezzzberrhip Chairman - Arlene Severin Publicity - Bernice Reynolds CFalll Publicity Chairman -- .lean Grout Betty Kubias CSpringl Service Chairman -- Betty Jones Program Chairman - Louise Northcott Program Chairman - Alice Leefers Finanre Chairman - Orva Rlitchell Finance Chairman - Dorothy Huckins Ser1'ire CllHifll1H71T Betty Davis ACTIVE NIENIBERS Mary Elizabeth Shaler Elizabeth Blackwood Arlene Childs Libhie Hartl Elizabeth Hansen Marguerite Robbie Gladys Meek Madge Taylor Henrietta Swab Pauline Harken Edwynne Felix Alice Sadilek Martha Rompotl Sonia Krachmer Catherine MacGregor Yirginia Armstronf' Ruth Davidson Pauline Hay Helen Hollenbeck Dorothy Gray Le Etta Hoff Cornelia Anderson Erlna Kirchmar Charlotte Roegensack Freda Emery Mary Bowne Margaret Fee Marian Clark .lean Grout Dorothy Ruge Venita Fenton Mary Hughes Mary Frances Posselt Merrita Hall Dorothy Hill Janice Jacus Alberta Haynes lone Randall Grace Randa Marjorie Rennekamp Evelyn Novak Beatrice Schloss Clara Jacobson Ruth Webster Iris Willman Marjorie Muench Marguerite Hibnes Marian Keller Georgia Lindsey Betty Davis Orva Mitchell Marjorie Lortz Eliza Hickok Bernice Reynolds Phyllis Moorcraft Katherine Baxter Evelyn Knowlton Evalyn Porter Gretchen Schneider Mardelle Miller Dorothy Munger Dorothy Severin Kathryn Longueville Ruth Young Arlene Severin Clarice Wilson Irene Nemec Maxine Benrlorf Evelyn Smith Ruth Boyson Virginia Chandler Alice Leefers Dorothy Pyle Waneta Eastburn Pearl Fluerman Marjorie Pyle Catherine Burkholder Mildred Belle White Mary E. Ramsey Della Taylor Marian Swartzell Elizabeth Hahn Laura Spielman Marjorie Petrovitsky Marian Sturtz Louise Randolph Elizabeth Roberts Viola Carnes Louise Northcott Annabel Ellis Jean Stout Marna Height Geraldine Rosenherger Velma Christle Ernestine Blazek Katherine Olish Anna Kozal Katherine Clements Ruth Williams Elizabeth Waggoner Lorraine Auten Dorothy Dvorak Lois Iosty Margaret Misak Clytia Svoboda Virginia Wertz Elta Norris Mildred Bales Josephine Letovsky Nellie Burgin Loretta Auten Gladys Lillie Rachel Clark Beryl Brookman Agnes Kula Kathleen O'Brien Isabel Jackman Lois McBroom Ruth Kemp Janet Murray Vlasta Telecky Marion Koons Frances Westerlield Vivian Rosenberg Bessie Johnston Lila Palmer Pauline Ralston Anne Diinock Wiltrude Cherry Doris Bryant Carmen Lemon Jane Peterson Eileen Koehler Evelyn Barnum Ruth Hirsh Helen Heefner Esther Johnson Jean Stoneking Marcedus Newman Dora Clymer Page Ninety-four THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN R X in '4 1 -:QQ ,ZX ACTIVE MEMBERS ACTIVE RIIiIXIBIiRS Page Ninety-ff-vp THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN lf -pe f 6 fqounaeei- 1919 Pul pose. To get.. grow. an grve ln Uwe Sp1T'lt gf Qhrlshlem Qomracfesfup 52.6 Roqmti .'xXdI"Q.3.'r'6+. pd'-'ms ,MPI neue.. Tai, 'Kaoew-L5 Yo , ,, . jeff l'.-V515 no-'uvr Revmuldl Howie , Crva. Ivbgcne faihergrze Qlemenls YQAH Yubnis Page Ninety-six QI ATI-ILET1 cs' E13 Persistent labor of mind and limb in a field that is known as sport, In track and gridiron and in gym, on diamond Pgh and Held and court. .V THE CEDAR OF 'TWENTY SEVEN A V' mips L' OUR COACHES YVILLIANI S. KELLY Head Coach Having completed his second year as director of athletics at VVashington High School, Bill Kelly can be said to have filled adequately the extremely large shoes which he inherited from Leo Novak, present coach at WVest Point. The track team champions of the state and national contenders, the basketball teams, state and national contenders, and a mid-west cham- pionship football team are accomplishments for which Coach Kelly is certainly to be congratulated. Aside from these he has shown himself supreme in yet an- other line, that of the leadership of boys. WVe sincere- ly hope and confidently predict a series of continued LEONARD PAULU Bzuineu Blanager Coach Paulu has been a necessary factor in the successes both physical and financial. This nationally renowned track man, acting as assistant coach and business manager, has helped develop some great track men out of scanty material. He has regulated the dwindling accounts in an able manner, and also successes for the years to come. is one of the budget system capable man main factors in turning out the new for the school. Hope is held that this may be connected with us throughout years to COTIIE. 1 '.' -1 I ., 4. LLOYD HARPER, flsxistant Coach Lloyd Harper, former VVashington athlete, re- turned for the second season to help develop the football team. He worked mainly with the line- men, and to him may be given the credit of de- veloping a line that had but ten points scored against it during the season of an imposing schedule. Now attending Coe, Harper is keep- ing up the standards of Vvashington High. ALEX FIDLER, Trainer Our trainer and loyal supporter, Alex Fidler, received, after having worked competently and diligently for a decade of years without compen- sation, a monogram and sweater. This sweater, probably the First and the last of its kind, was given by the Tiger Athletic Council in belief that it was fully earned. We want "Alex" to help lead us to future victories. Page Ninety-eight x 171,11 113135-'r:D4xR -OF- TWENTY SEiVEN 9,4--iii.. THE CAPTAIN S H50 ' liar 1 E ii , I e . in 1 X I , Mrnufn Cuxnuxs Bowan REDEL CAPTAINS OF FOOTBALL At the close of the 1926 football season the team was captainless. They had gone through one of the school's most successful seasons with an alternating captain system, every member of the first eleven being used at some time in this position. No permanent leader was appointed because of the feeling that there were no individual stars, and that it was the cojperation and the teamwork that brought us a championship. MILLER, CAPTAIN OF TRACK Richard Miller, captain of the 1926 track squad. has led his team through a successful sea- son. He ran in the mile and half-mile relays, and starred in the sprints. His loss is being felt during the 1927 season. CUMINIINS, CAPTAIN OF BASKETBALL Captain Paul Cummins, winning his third basketball monogram while at the leader's post, ranks as one of the best hard court players in Iowa. He placed on the All State team of 1926 and also was probably the leading scorer per game in Iowa. BOYER, CAPTAIN OF CAPTAINS Being given the greatest honor that can fall to any student of XVashington High that of Cap- tain of Captains is the reward given to Theron Boyer. He is a monogram man in basketball and track and is a popular leader in the school. Aside from this he is a gentleman from the ground up and well merits his reward. REDEL, CAPTAIN OF TRACK Arthur Redel, captain of our 1927 track team, is priming himself for a great season. He has already won two monograms in track and his third is assured. He runs on the mile and half-mile relays and also is a great 440, :zo or loo yard dash man. Page Ninety-nina vga J, , QW THE CEDAR- OF I-WENIY safari FOCTBALL FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Rau-Thompson, Turner, Cronkhite, VVarner, Day, Calder, Dostal .lliddle Rofu'-Urban, McClung, Maresh, Kriz, Cummins, Groth Bottom Rofw-Shinn, Fitzpatrick, Baker, Vail, Miller The Tigers have pulled through another typical season with a clear claim to the llid-lVest Championship. By defeating the champions of Illinois, South Dakota, and the best in Iowa, this claim was established. This team of IQ26 will long be remem- bered by students of VVashington High School. Smashing elusive backs, a hard charg- ing line of giants, a team of vicious tacklers and perfect blockers all went together to make what is said by some of the well known football critics to be the best in the history of YVashington High. The line was an insurmountable bulwark and had but one touchdown scored around or through it during the season. This was at Council Bluffs and was the result of a series of adverse circumstances. A fast passing attack of Cum- mins to Groth or Baker, coupled with the smashing of Kriz, and the shifty running of Groth and llaresh, baffled all opponents. The main mode of point gathering, how- ever, was the passing attack. By this method four out of five touchdowns were made. Thus the Tigers set up a record that is unique in itself and is rivaled by very few col- leges or universities. That is the completion of sixty-three out of eighty-one attempts at passes. The highlight of the season was the lloline game. hloline, undefeated, untied, unscored on, larger than Cedar Rapids, and having the best team in their history, was defeated thirty-three to nothing. This record was closely seconded by the Sioux Fall's game, where outweighed fifteen pounds to the man, the Tigers captured a twenty to three victory. Page One Hundred ll'IE pCE.D4R QF 'TWENTY SEVEN MOXOGRAIXI MEN XTAIL CA LD ER DAY Smxx BIARESH GROTH Katz CUKINIINS L'R1zAN RIILI-ER CROXKHITE BAKER Frrzmrruek THONIPSON X VN .aiu ER KR1Z GROTH The 19.27 football team will be led by Groth and Kriz, newly appointed captains Both were equally noted for their stellar work. :Xt the completion of next yeal s season each will have three football monograms. Cedar Rapids SUBIM.-XRY OF THE SEASON -vw --- ----- ---- - as Ottumwa ...,. -xiii. ,hfiq 'L '-eff'-ix , My 2 if-5?.Q Cedar Rapids--- -- O Fort 1Iadison--- Cedar Rapids-W -- I4 Council Bluffs-- Cedar Rapids--- - 26 XVest lVaterloo----- Cedar Rapids--- -- 35 Kloline, lllinois----- Cedar Rapids-H -- 20 Sioux Falls, S. Dak.- -- Cedar Rapids--- -- 23 Klason City ------- -- Cedar Rapids-U --- 32 lowa City--------- Tigers ----- 186 Opponents - ALL STATE Cedar Rapids High had the honor this year that it has had many times in the past of placing the greatest number of men on the All State team. picked by .lack North of the Des Moines Register. Kriz was picked as full back, Baker as an end. and Lvrban as center of the first team. Groth as a halfback, and Shinn. tackle, were placed on the third All State team. Day, Cummins, and Vail were placed on the honorable mention list. Coach Kelly stated at the football banquet that if he were to choose a team it would contain every member of the first eleven, not from the individual ability but from the work of the eleven as a whole. Page One Hundrrd and One N l llf l r f f 1 3, 1 Will: W l Q f w in .fg ,f,Z,"l'YI1aiimf'f lil if "f4iillP3" . f'z1' .7 'WW Inq"-4' " i Y, ' X f W ai 'Mil ffl lil fl ' -1 f w i -'- :H Jaffa Ill ul: . alll nrtlilrgl' 11.5519 I f .QL X, HI' lllx mfgggq f, 'lil ll ' ' linnnn-'jwi,'N.!l Ll l.-J' M 'M m61 l4f! II EN lv ll . ll-Iqgll M1 li ki M, Nb. wmgf, up , F W -,-,y,tH- -Hlllllligllll in p 'W -1' H .A ' l llll g Wah: . llllllll l lllll iinhi lm-l if ' it -Q .3 ' 'I Y .P s ' - -,- ...,.. l 'W lllllgll , If E"'Q2fQ5 I ' Y gy -i'lllf1l' il'1,w ml H' ' , 'H ' ' xg.. 31-' N I V- 1 Eftylif, V --Zi , el 1' ' hx l 'lil . ,ill nn? i . . ', '- ., V- 45 y ',n5i.,i,.a HT,-',f'.',.Z1L9v-in ,- Aw IW ,i , Q1 D lm -fgiggF3fj.1nLll,'lfffffJfQ ' V, og ,K F gg A J " Q ,ld 'ff?f'iwW175 mei - : 4, . 7 Qpv'S3x+1i'eFQ f2lj3.l.T,l-QI:'f?31:- -fQirg?g9'fIe'W?1d5:'i12 , My is 'll ff 'i!lf'l'f'l'lil:-1. riff? 5Eii??f - 'f .' V asfiu N- ?4's"?2,fi,'Zv1.' as e , N, if - ,, my ,. Tug, :W fl-,fs-f For training in our present life to pay the strength we borrow Back to the work and daily strife of the city of tomorrow. Appreciative of constructive days to a builder and a leader, Gratefully we give our praise and remembrance in The Cedar. Page Three N A THE. CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Ro-tu-Fitzpatrick, Calder, Baker, Day, Vail, Boyer Bottom Raw-Coach Kelly, Groth, Leibsohn, Cummins Qcaptainj, Kriz, Cronkhite IVhen the present basketball season closed, it was, in spite of the numerous ups and downs, a success. After a disastrous start the Tigers found their stride and won eight out of the fourteen games on the regular playing schedule as well as winning four out of five of the tournament games. The Christmas trip into Indiana, while the squad was still in early season form, ended in three defeats. After falling victim to Ottum- wa, Council Bluffs was ovenvhelmed, but Omaha Tech eked out a two point victory. The rest of the season went smoothly, the team winning six out of the seven remaining games. A team of veterans led by the peerless Captain Cummins rounded into a clever but erratic basketball team. The Tigers were eliminated in the District Tournament by a two point margin gained in the last minute by Illuscatine. Nluscatine later became state champs by a score of 24 to 21. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Cedar Rapids 33 Grant CC. RJ I2 Cedar Rapids 23 Marion 2I DISTRICT TOURNAINIENT Cedar Rapids 46 VVinthrop 20 Cedar Rapids 27 WValker 21 Cedar Rapids I7 lIuscatine IQ Page One Hundred and Tfwo 1112. CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN N Dv E-,Q--LT. Page One Hundred and Thru' 54. jigs." N Ypixi THE CEDAR OF TWENTY seven e TRACK flfsalhl. 4 vigil , y-I iii. I 'L' '-T TRACK SQUAD Tap Ruiz:-Coach Kelly, Redel QCaptain4electJ, Ridgeway, Vesely, Boyer, Miller fCaptainl, Coach Paulu Boiron: Row-Thompson, Christy, Maresh, Knapp, Kosek, Tangeman Coach Kelly's first track team at Xvashington High was a great success. The sea- son was completed with a large majority of the meets entered, recorded as wins. The team entered into many sectional, state, and local meets as well as competing in the national indoor and outdoor meets. The squad developed into a well balanced team of athletes. Redel, llliller, Thomp- son, Kosek, llaresh and De Silva, made a wonderful half-mile and mile relay team. Ifach man of this group was also capable of running the dashes or the quarter. The combination of Tanga-man, Vesely, Ridgeway and Koselc in the two mile relay, could at any time be split to garner points in the half or mile run. To balance these was the star vaulting, high-jumping, and broad jumping trio of Knapp, Christy and Boyer. If Coach Kelly could have developed a hurdler and a weight, discus or javelin man, he would have had an unbeatable team. During the course of the season, after the Drake, Grinnell, and Independence meets, Cedar Rapids placed second to Algona in the Cedar Falls meet. This is the first time that Cedar Rapids has been defeated within Iowa in seven years, and was probably due to an irregularity of the starter in the IOO yard dash. The Tigers did not enter the state meet at Des Bloines. They had previously won from East Des Moiiies, the champions, in two different meets. llonograms were awarded to Captain Illiller, Captain-elect Redel, Boyer, Ridge- way, Yesely, Koselc, Tangeman, Knapp, Thompson, hlaresh, Christy, and De Silva. Page One Hundred and Four -lr-Lin CEDAR-OF -TWENTY SEVEN -is 5. f - :NLM 1926 INDOOR RECORD A February 22, 1926-Iowa Indoor Invitation at Iowa City-IVon meet with 44 points. February 28, I926-- Illinois Relays at Champaign, Illinois-Second in one mile relay. llarch 27, 1926-Northwestern Indoor Illeet at Evanston, Illinois-Third in pole vault. 1926 OUTDOOR RECORD April 23-24, 1926-Drake Relays at Des lIoines -Third in one mile relayg sec- ond in two mile relay. l1Iay 1, 1926 -Grinnell lIeet-IVO11 by 355 points. Klay 8, 1926 - Intersectional lleet at Independence -IVon by 40.7 points. llay 15, 1926-Cedar Falls lleet at Cedar Falls-Placed second to Algona, 38 to 37. May 22, 1926 - Clinton Meet -IVon by 44 points. 1Iay 28, 1926-Iowa City Invitation lIeet at Iowa City-Ivon by 22 points: Ridgeway broke the one-half mile recordg time 2:2.3. FORECAST FOR 1927 The season's outlook for 1927 is fairly bright in the individual lines. Redel. Boyer, and Thompson are veterans 011 the cinder path. Baker and some of last year's as- pirants will fill out the squad. Captain Redel has been driving himself and some of the new men along at a tremendous pace. By the opening of the outdoor season, a formidable team is expected to be whipped into shape. The team of 1927, with hard work will be a success, and we expect them to lay down some records that can be filed in the annals of our school for the year 1927. CROSS COUNTRY The cross-country team of 1926 met with a disastrous semon. They were handi- capped by ineligible men throughout the season, and failed to win a meet. TENNIS Tennis in 1926 was led by Captain Knapp who was closely seconded by Leibsohn. Both of them attended the State meet. Neither one placed in the single, but the pair of them went through to the finals in which they were defeaed. Leibsohn will return for the 1927 semon. Page One Hundred and Five L76 TI-IE CEDAR 0F TWENTY SEVEN 14' 31 6' A1-1 VQQP-, N Q 'Ks X 1 3 I. LB'-g 1 Q giil-F . '- E,fX .,E. X X -41 . f 5 A Q S Page One Hundred and Six fs T Zim F-RQ 33935 XFX.. wfgx f xx X, .NXUSIC 1 mlm 1' W - K Q UZ XD Music, after voices die, like a living thing, Awakens pleasant memory to rise again and sing. P 0 H dd dS WHAT' S WHAT IN THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT From what school are you a graduate? I am a graduate of the lllilwaukee State Nor- mal School and have attended Northwestern Sev- eral summers. How long have you been a voice teacher at IVashington High? This is my first year of teaching at VVashing- ton, having previously taught at IXfIcKinley Junior High School. IVhat influenced your choice of music as a vocation? I was interested in a musical education and better qualified for work in music than any other profession. VVhat goal are the voice classes striving to at- tain? The voice classes are working diligently to prepare themselves for entrance into the Glee Clubs. KIISS RICK.-XRDS Ivhat is your pet peeve? Pupils who sing off pitch. In what school activities do the Glee Clubs participate? The Glee Clubs are always willing and enthusiastic supporters of such activities as school assemblies and outside gatherings. IVhat section of the vocal department is entered in the state music contest this year? The Boys' quartet will compete in the contest. John IXIetcalf has been chosen as a soloist to represent the boys of our high school. The Glee Clubs have received first place in the contest for two successive years, therefore, they will not enter this year. IVhat does L. R. A. KI. after your name stand for? L. R. A. KI. means that I was graduated from the Royal Academy of llIusic of London. In how many phases of instrumental work in Cedar Rapids are you interested? I am director of the IVashington Senior High School Orchestra and Band. Also I have charge of eight Junior High Orchestras, Grant Senior High Orchestra. and the super- vision of fifteen Intermediate Orchestras, and the direction of the Coe Band and Boys' Pioneer Band. Uihat instrumental organizations are en- tered in the state music contest this year? The Orchestra holds state championship, and the Band tied for first place last year. This year the Band is out to take first place, if earnest work and capable musicians are any forecast of future events. NIAJOR Dom-ZEL Under what leaders of note have our or- ganizations had the privilege of playing? Our organizations have twice had the pleasure of playing under the direction of john Philip Sousa. Page One Hundred and Eight ITHE, C1-:DA-5 OF TWENTY SEVEN LQ?-:SLN Top Rofw-Hazel Cook, Alice Hanson, Gladys Stary, jane Ludy, Ruth Coon, Mildred VVhite, Marion Swartzell Botlam Rofu:-Mary Ramsey, Elizabeth Roberts, Louise Randolph, VVinifred Smith SPRING ATTRACTIONS In order that Cedar Rapids may not be accused of monopolizing music laurels, Cedar Rapids will compete in the spring music festival at Iowa City in those divisions only in which they did not receive first place last year. Cedar Rapids took first place last year not only in Orchestra but in the Boys' Glee Club, the Girls' Glee Club, the Girls' Quartet, and the llIixed Chorus. Our Band also tied with the North Des lX'Ioines High School for first place in the band division. This year, according to llliss Alice Inskeep, music supervisor, the competition will include the band and solo numbers. Roy Holtz will represent wind instrument players of VVashington High, and John lletcalf will enter as the boys' vocal soloist. The musical organizations of VVashington High appeared on a program for the Northeastern Iowa Teachers' meeting held in Cedar Rapids, lllarch 31 and April I at the lilajestic Theater. The picture at the top of this page shows that the Girls' Glee Club is studying In- dian music in connection with other compositions. At this meeting the girls sang Indian selections by Thurlow Lieurance and Charles TVakefield Cadman. The Boys' Glee Club is working on various types of music under the capable direction of lliss Rickards. The Orchestra and Band are working on contest music in order to develop an ap- preciation of the kind of music required in such a contest. As a civic asset the Band and Orchestra as well as the Boys' and Girls, Glee Clubs have given great pleasure every time they have appeared, whether they have been at an assembly, a luncheon club, or have lead a parade for a boosting campaign. Page One Hundred and Nine I ECN TI-IE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 3.43-fp-3 ,I ORCHESTRA PIANO: Velma Christle. FIRST XVIOLINZ Lester Baldwin, Charles Bezdecny, Leo Christle, Grace Cook, Elizabeth Hansen, Elmo Holland, Herbert Levin, Gladys llleek, Norton llliller, hlar- garet lllisak, Gernodonelle Smith, Pearl Tiep, Charles Vyskocil. SECOND VIOLIN: Elizabeth De VVitt, john Frederickson. BASS VIOL: hlabel Graepler, Catherine lN'Ialoney. OBOE: Vlasta Vondracek. FLL'TE: Vivian Clark, Grace Zezula. CLARINET: hlary Ainslie, Beryl Brookman, Ben Kuba, Pauline lllalone, Richard Schultz, Leo Trachta. TRORIBONEZ Logan lXIcFarland, Otto Slapnicka, VVarren Ross. TUBA: Tom Hepner, Bruce Ross. DRUBISI Dawson Grim, Charles Whipple. XEIOLAZ Paul Berlin. CELLO: Edwin Bagley, llary Bailey, VVinifred Beeman, llildred Hall, Lillian Havlik, DeVere Patterson, Alan Rickardson, Cecil Jackman, Mildred lllikolasko, janet llurray, Amelia Pavtovsky, Winifred Plumb, Elizabeth Swett, Adolph Topinka. BASSOON: VVm. Hepner, Tom Jackson. CORNET: VVallace Boyson, Stuart Dingman, Tom Pirnie, Everett VValton. HORN: Bob Snouffer. BARITONE: Roy Holtz. HONORARY MUSIC SOCIETY A VVashington high school music society has been recently Organized for persons in- terested in instrumental music. The society is called the Honorary Mlisic Society. To be eligible for membership students must attain a certain scholarship mark as well as have music ability. The society will meet once a month and critics will be Miss Ger- trude Hinkhouse and lllajor Doetzel. fContinued on next pagej Page One Hundred and Ten 'rl-rr: CEDAR oF-TWENTY-sl-:WEN C BAND CLARINETS: Beryl Brookman, Viola Hajny, Rudolph Hrbeck, Harold Jensa, Le- roy Kling, james Knox, Ben Koulea, Harold Letner, James Linsley, Pauline lllalone, Phryliss llloorcroft, Lawrence Rief, Richard Schultz, ,lean Stoneking, Dean Toof, Leo Trachta. P1ccoLo: Vivian Clarke. FLUTE! Grace Zezula. OBOE: Vlasta Vondracek. BASSOON: Tom Jackson. SAXOPHOXE: Ronald Halets, Edward Kraech, lllilo llitvalslcy. CORNETS: lllary Bowne, Russel Boyson, Jack Deamer, Stuart Dingman, Helen Hajny, Carlos Kampmeir, Frances Kolarick, Leverne lllorningstar, Robert Noon, Thomas Pirnie, Carl Shade, Anna Vondracek, Everett VValton. HORN: Bob Long, Gladys Bleek, Robert Snouffer, Eugene VVymore. BARITONE: XVilliam Grff, Roy Holtz. STRING BASS: Catherine Maloney. TROMBONE: Logan lNIcFarland, Robert lllilota, Hobart llIcBride, Vivian Rosen- berg, VVarren Ross, Gordon Shores, Otto Slapnicka. BASS: Robert Benedict, Tom Hepner, Bruce Ross. DRUBISZ Lester Baldwin, Dawson Grim, Jerome Tlusty, Charles VVhipple. Bruce Ross was elected president of the society, Velma Christle, vice-president, Gladys Bleek, secretaryg and Paul Berlin, sergeant-at-arms. Various committees were also appointed. The charter members of the society are: Charles Vyskocil, llilo lllitvalsky, Paul Berlin, Bruce Ross, Velma Christle, Gladys llleek, Vlasta Vondracelc, Roy Holtz, Ben Kouba, Ronald Holets, Alan Richardson, Lillian Havlik, Lester Baldwin, Eugenie Schoen, Catherine llaloney, Amelia Pavlovslcy, Blabel Graepler, Elmo Holland, Jack Deamer, Dawson Grim, and Pauline lllalone. Page One Hundred and Eleven ef, A RBA A 5,q-1+- ,. 21113-f!KO X 3-861-vqvib-ab ' K- ' f .: The school looks out across the square From out its gray stone face VVith many staring eyes. She sees her children strive and dare, Grow old, and then give place To others of her sons that rise. -l rap? lg!! -mi lily +51"l4f!ll!liM 7 lf,Jyl H 4 Q 'il 'li"flf mi" ' Q V l ilalli :,. ,ft--f ls limi! y nl' M 1 m y nl ll 255 5? f. illlllllllllf' 1 lil'..,, 'U " x Page Four GIRLS' GLEE CLUB up Row-G. Stairy. A. Leefers. B. Davis, L. Ihmluph, K. Smith. Il, Young, A. Jones, G. Clark, W. Stewart, A. Childs, M. Couk. V. Leslmvsky Third Row-II. Mukrejs. D. T.iylur. W. Smith, E. Iivilserts, M. Auidmecli. M. Kelly. M. Mc'M:iins, F. Sebern, D. Goodyear, M. L. Zlmuek, .L Elhs, M. B. White. M, E. Gurdon econd Row- -K. Clvments, R. Bairlli. II. Couk, M. il:-geniaxn. Miss Rickurds-if director, J. Ludy, M. Swzirtzell, R. Coon, M. E. Ramsey First Rows ll. Webster, M. Tllunuis. I. Workman. H. Couvll. A. HQIHSPII BOYS' GLEE CLUB Top Row- I.. Svfxerai, X. Smulvkuif, W. Stmikey, .l. Turner, T. Svlvvrn, N. Urlizin, R. llntfmun. M. Weir Second Rowglr. Iluhrii-l, .L Hzimmuml, A. Pyle. .l. Fair, W. Row-n, I'. Cummins. C. llzlltun, K. McLeod, E. Merriam First Row ---J, Krihruu, H. Ihr-elle, I-I. Prrnliw, Mirs ICickzu'de,- l1iI'0l'llbI', II. llcilfhill, B. Russ. J. Bowman Page Om' Ilundrfd and T41.L'6'I'l'E Lf- Lf' E! -file I ART Time is short, the minutes He soon obtained its goal. eting, life has Art is long, its life repeating, brightens and revives the soul. P gc Om' Hundrfd and Tllirtren il? 'rms CEDAR or TWENTY SEVEN JA-:pi ART Miss Toohy, "the high-priestess of 4oo," attended the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. She supplemented her American vocational training by a year in Florence, Italy, under the personal su- pervision of William Chase. Composition, interior decoration, and illustration are some of the courses over Which she holds full sway. The Pulse and The Cedar are indebted for the Work and time which the art students and Miss Toohy have so gladly ex- pended 1n order that these publications might be successful. 400 Page One Hundred and Fourteen A Pay . 11' ,X yy iz H , W1 ,ff S' I 4' N "JP M , f . X 1 , 1 X -J wwf: ff x ,1,1g?N, , Q."rI1,, 5 qu ,V x ' N- -r sd . Y X , fr, 0 n xxx i f r 5 ' T5 9 . Q . 'Q Y V ,,,A,,,, N ..-sseu, C EDAR C I-I E S T Here We have tossed the little things, to bring your smiles and tears, As taken out each softly sings the memory of three years. e One Hundred and Fifteen 46 1 R' if Dk x .5 Xxx! ,l N31 JIT' HQ! 1 THE CEDAR OF TWENTY ssyni . ,l .f A , 3.554 ff f fa, V" f, r .Xl" ,, 1 1 f 1 ,- .f ,aw f Eiga asf? 3 8501! ',.q.,, - ,,, Q V" YYYNFII Page One Hundred and Sixteen 'rl-IE CEIILAR OF TWENTY SELEN up CEDAR RAPIDS On the woody, sprawling hills beside the river bank it grows - The Cedar tree, the emblem of our city. It is sturdy and gnarledg its roots, ugly and half revealed, Have reached beyond the rocks to the rich soil for nourishment. So, along the swift river the town has grown, beautiful in its strength Spreading itself beside the banks, grasping as the tree grasps, Seeking food from the fertile soil and the rapid water. Taking its name from these characteristic surroundings - Cedar Rapids, young, strong, straggling, unbeautiful - Builder of schools, displayer of towering buildings, Lover of modest homes, of well-kept lawns, of green parks, Home of sturdy toilers, encourager of music and artg City of smoke stacks, of factories, of a forest of convex grain mills VVhich send their products over half the world, City of busy down-town district, of trolleys, motors, peopleg Of white bridges spanning the river, of stark, new buildings, Of banks, stores, theaters, pool halls, offices, warehouses. Quietly in the center of this VVash-ington High School stands, Gray-walled by the railroad tracks, and the smoke-stained houses. So is our school a part of the community, a part of the people, Endeared to them because they once have trod its worn halls - Echoes of their voices and laughter still remain Though they have gone out to tear down and build. As the school is a part of the city, so is the "Cedar" a part of the school Draining the cup of student originality, showing their achievements, Portraying their faces, their individual activities. Here are the future men and women who in their turn YVill toil and love, tear down and build - Cedar Rapids. Page One Hundred and Seventeen 'eff e- s .6 is ' gow- :'+,Cl, J Q THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 42? x Nw! WT. PEOPLE :J A, A a.f,gyj 3713: 4' 'iL'Sf5ff'vff3S3"5 Page One Hundred and Eighteen an , N1 You Here? Us : ,- -5, Ni as l li ,A A Name Basis of Fame Occupation Ambition Turner, John Vail, Jimmy Vnsmek. John Wemimont. Ted Wheeler. Dot Whitamore. Marie Witwer. Skeezix Worley, Taltnn Williams. Chester Young, Kermit Young. Needham The Rest of Us His dancing .lnrslnll llis cartoons .lack Hay ller pep Snappy harness N0 girls Ha! lla! lla! Ticklishness His "Hella" Skill in tire drill likes Making friends foe College Going up tu Cue Draaing Finding him Talking wagging his Imhhed tail Working Kidding the girls None Singing Autographing hlne slips Tu meet the right girl To sing Tu be goud looking To he a husband To keep him Growing To play skippy To he six feet tall To he a nmiie hern To he a Physics l'rnf. To wasli 'em good! Tn graduate Page One Hundred and Tfwenty-one 'mn CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN -jJffi-fp.-S LOREN TOOGOOD Oddly bedight A lengthy wight Sat down at Sunday table. YVith fork in hand He straight began To eat as he was able. His coming there XVith unkempt hair His folks to ask did tempt: "Supposing you The whole day thru XVent shamelessly unkempt?" YVithout reply He fixed his eye Upon the well-earned praise, XVhen he should stand In all the land Unbrushed for the most days. For sixty hours He braved all powers, And touched not comb unto it. Oh, Toogood, we Can scarcely see How managed you to do it. But then at length Foiled was his strength By circumstance, good reader. Though heart did ache, 'Twas combed to take His picture for The Cedar. And now we should To bold Toogood Give praise and our concurrence, That we declare For unkempt hair His record for endurance. THE CLASSIC HOUR There's a languid glaze on the student's eye, At three o'clock in the seventh hour, As the clock jerks the minutes slowly by. Eliza yawns at Dido's cry, As she approaches the funeral hour There's a languid glaze on the student's eye. Tom Powell attempts to catch a fly, Is censured by Miss Schmermund's glower As the clock jerks the minutes slowly by. VVestin heaves a gusty sigh, As Marion puts on stuff like Hour There's a languid glaze on the student's eye. Harold makes the pages noisily Hy, And stalls for time, and hopes for power As the clock jerks the minutes slowly by. VVhen john makes a desperate alibi, Some of us laugh and some look sour, There's a languid glaze on the student's eye, As the clock jerks the minutes slowly by. IF VVIT VVER NEEDED - Across the Parks, Hallman knew Jamey Peterson and William: Kelly were looking For dyce. This was a crime. "I will get my Otto," quoth he, "and Illeyers, Hfilson and I will be Bolwne for town to capture these wretchesf' As they started Madame Cnrnlu' fwho believes in lar Ger fllfigfl ran up to join the group for such business was the kind to Soutter. "VVe must hurry," called Mr. Hallman, "For although I can still hear the White Cork crow Heisey, De Noon will soon be here." So they Rudd lsound- ing their Horn as they passed the Hink housel till they came in sight of the Doughty wretches. The culprits were sternly lead back to school with the aid of certain Millers and Thanners of the city. judges Pufuuell and Travis passed on the case and the boys were sentenced to three hours in the library-where they got what they wanted. Page One Hundred and Tfwenty-tfwo THE CEDAR OF TWENTN SEVEN Raisin Peach fr, X run 6' oosebefw fix Elderbmg .F L- N -V 2 ' '- fa V' Yi' ,F if g i f mi O One Hund d ly I I I THE CEDAR '23 OF19Z7 K2-3 The Seventeenth Chapter in the Written History of Washington High School, Compiled toy the Seniors with the ,fqssistance of the funiors .g x fgjx 1 X I ' jf Q fgQ,, w SV4"2g, R ff ,JZCQQ ZQ 5.f,ffrQ fM.' , 'Cf 1 1' Zf ' 5' 'YR ' I JK N f :- X f , A X VOLUME XVII MCMXXVII WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Page Ft-ve N1 THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN DATES WE KEPT September 7-The beginning of everything-a normal, one-shift system, Home room periods at 8:15, our careers as students under the guidance of a new prin- cipal, llr. Hallman. September 24-The Tigers open the season with a victory over Ottumwa, score 33 to O. October I8 -The Lieurance program of Indian music gives VVashington students a real thrill. October 21 - The Seniors organize, with Dick llliller as class president. October 25-.A Pulse assembly is, held in the auditorium. Ted Wernimont is featured as an animated bottle of school spirit. November I2 - An assembly demonstration teaches us a lot of things we didn't know, and shatters a lot of our pet illusions about electricity. December 6-All lVashington High pupils enjoy a first assembly at the Strand Theater. lllrs. lXIcCabe entertains us by a series of songs and "pieces" delivered in childish falsetto. ' December 8 - Dudley Crafts VVatson convinces us that there is something of the artis- tic in each of us. Our home room black boards contain a new crop of cartoons. January I2-Cercle Francais adopts a constitution and elects oflicers. A decidedly French atmosphere and an interest in all things French grows apace. A special assembly is held in the auditorium. Nlr. Hallman opens the program with a brief history of and a tribute to the well-known national honorary societies. lyliss Schmermund gives the induction service for eleven new members of Sophrosyneg Katherine Clements welcomes them into the organization. February 2 -ln general assembly at the Strand twenty-seven of our number, active in the field of journalism, are formally initiated into Quill and Scroll, National Honorary Society for High School Journalists, and a chapter of this society be- comes actiye in VVashington High School. February 22 - This date marks the first banking day under the new budget system of saving for student activities tickets next fall, campaign for which will open in September. In a patriotic assembly Dr. Gage, President of Coe College, ad- dressed our general assembly on "Abraham Lincoln." llarch 16, 23. 30-Three speakers, able representatives of their special fields of ser- vice, address each vocational group of pupils on successive Wednesdays. Ninety- five men and women, representing twenty-seven professions helped us in these vocational conferences to gain much practical knowledge of the Held in which our own future work may lie. llarch 28 - "The 4.o0," Art Club of VVashington High School, present a vivid pro- gram of living pictures. April 2 - Seniors give play, "The Tailor Blade Klan," to a capacity house - a success financially and artistically! Page One Hundred and Twenty-fozlr THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 5.1-l+.C,, Lg i YESTERDAYS Graduation has come and gone. lVIost of us have settled down to the cold reality of a work-a-day world. High school days have become remote and dim like some pleas- ant, half-remembered dream. We smile ruefully at expanding waistlines and increas- ing chins, for the stealthy years have robbed us of youth. Things we once deemed all- important are forgotteng onoe familiar faces are confused. But little unimportant ghosts have a surprising habit of coming back to haunt us, poignant memories of by-gone days. Slickers-Lines of them, advancing in the grey rain to a grey building. Be- draggled ones, bright new yellow ones, red ones and green ones, walking in noisy groups or chummy couples. Here and there a solemn one, walking alone. Assemblies - Breathless scrambling for seats. Bliss Fordyce in her black apron earnestly giving advice. The thrill of the loyalty song. Football-Anxious moments. Blue grey uniforms marching around a Held of mud. Kriz without a helmet. Ted Werniniorit shouting hoarsely through a megaphone. The Trophy Case-Qbject of budding students' dreams. Rows of loving cups burnished and proud. Pictures of heroes of former days. VVinter-An army of goloshes and red noses. Heavy boots clumping in the silence of the library. Study Hall -Clambering for blue slips. Rattling of gum wrappers. Mr. Reynolds calling for order. Serious faces bent over lessons. Dis- missal-Eager eyes gazing clockward. llfiobs pouring from class-rooms. Banging of lockers. Silence. Joe sweeping the empty halls. Spring- Lazy days. Crowds at Horak's. Shrieking sweaters. llialted milks. Romance. Laughter. '33 VVHAT IF- Ernest Moehl was Ernest Mink Carmen Black was Carmen Pink Loren Toogood was Loren Threebad Frank Baker was Frank Plumber Ed. fajPrentiss was Ed. Machinist Kermit Young was Kermit Old Mildred VVhite was Mildred Dirty John French was john Chinese Ross Knickerbocker was Ross Long Pants Jack Day was jack Night Ferris Simpson was Ferris Wisegirl Thelma Cherry was Thelma Tomato VVinifred Plumfbj was Wlinifred Peach Miss Blackford was Miss Red Lincoln Hall VValtzer was Hall Fox Trotter Louise Northeott was Louise South Bed Alberta Haynes was Alberta Maxwell Miss Otto was Miss VVagon Gordon Shores was Gordon Banks Clara Miller was Clara Butterhy jean Stoneking was jean Rockprince Dorothy WVheeler was Dorothy Shover Virginia Taylor was Virginia Mender Guy Shinn was Guy Thigh Page One Hundred and Tfweniy-fare I THE 'CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Page One Hundred and Twenty-s x TI-IE QEDAR-OF 'LI'-WENTN' SEVEN 5,Qv-Ani., SAMUEL PEPYS AT WASHINGTON Illonday Three times as long as any other day of the week and twice as busy! Bank day tomorrow. Did think how noble 'twould be if Congress should authorize the minting of thirty cent pieces. Tuesday After the depression of lNIonday, did note that school is back under way again, espe- cially realizing the fact when walking down the hall just before the fifth hour, hear- ing above the general twitter phrases and sentences sounding something like this: "I thought I deserved more than P, but she said -." "I looked everyplace for it." "Yes, at Danceland last night -.U "I studied two hours on it and when I recited - " "At the library then at 3 :3O." "Have you seen the Strand? "No, But the Iiiajestic - ." " -and the Palace and Isis -." "VVhat did she say after that ?" "You should have seen him make that basket I" "Just look at that locker!" "And then the tenth problem ?" "Has the first bell rung ?" Important matter now under consideration. Did see a smart pair of dancing pumps in one of the shoe stores, and was minded to get them, being much distraught as to means. H Wednesday Did rise early as befitting a schoolday. Time passed rapidly and I did have to make a hasty dash to the street car at the last moment, finding two high school students at the carline, and we did concern ourselves with discussing the number of vacations to be expected between now and June, being engrossing and a very fit substitute for that old standby, the VVeather. To my locker wh-ere I found a pretty wench, who dares to tempt fortune and girls by hanging a mirror inside her locker, storming about the destructive habits of those who use her locker as a Hprimping parlor." Did feebly assist her as she made hasty at- tempt to straighten and count her books and papers which had been tossed aside by some patroness of her mirror, and ascended to Home Room. Reached there before second bell rang, but our haste was unnecessary for one member of our otherwise per- fect room was tardy. VVhen he finally arrived, he did receive such an inhospitable greeting from all sides that he surely must have wished he was at home sick in bed, for then scant sympathy, for we were working for one hundred per cent attendance, might be given him. His entrance was greeted by exasperated whispers, undoubtedly echoed mentally by the teacher, "VVell! VVhy did you go to your locker when you knew it was almost time for the bell to ring ?" Classes did proceed as usual this morning and finally at II 245 after five minutes pre- paredness on our part were dismissed by bell, After dinner returned early to school, and did find a gallant crowd of youths near my locker which is a very popular place-since my neighbor installed her mirror. Fully fifteen minutes were spent in preparation for the arduous tasks of the afternoon before the group dispersed at the ringing of the Hrst bell. Hearing its first notes, rushed to our classrooms secure in the knowledge that being early would not mean beginning work any earlier. Page One Hundred and Tfwenly-seven Q THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN BVorked as hard as could be at my lessons until evening when some of my friends came in. BVe sat in the library and did talk of the virtues of our parents. I did speak of the especial ones of my father and of my need of a pair of pumps, and did hear Dad rattling the newspaper in the living-room. Thursday Did carefully polish my shoes today where Dad could see me, and did further re- mark about their dilapidated condition, and he did give me money for a new pair of shoes, which I expended on dancing pumps with an eye to future merrymaking. Did invite fair wench for Friday night and was refused, for she rightly judged I had been spending time during the week asking more desirable persons and being turned down. School went well today but after dinner felt rather sick. Decided that should have eaten just butterscotch pie, ice cream and a candy bar, not adding meat and potatoes which disagree invariably. Friday To the school library today the seventh hour and learned that the BLUE PENCIL was to be distributed, wherefore library must be dismissed five minutes early Friday. Did decide that happens every week, and did determine to go to th-e library next Fri- day seventh hour and, good fortune continuing, every Friday. Do not pretend to be a scientific mathematician or anything like that, but can make obvious deductions. Have learned that a BLUE PENCIL can be read in a walk of three blocks and a live minute wait for the street carg at which rate a PULSE could be read in approximately a five mile walk. Following such intricate calculations, do firmly believe that a Cedar would accompany one well on his walk through life. HOVV MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HEARD THESE? Bliss Toohy: "That's so decorative!" Bliss I-Iibbard: "Quit moving those chairs." Blr. Kelly: "Listen, people, I want to take a vacation just as well as you do." Bliss Boyack: 'AWhy don't you study ?" Bliss Otto: "Very good, all right." Bliss Thanner: "You,re supposed to be grave and reverend seniorsf' Bliss VVhite: 'AGet the idea P" Bliss VVitwer: "Skeezix, get down I" Blr. Fredricks: 'AAttention!" Bliss Schmermund: "Read with imaginationg use your intellectual curiosity." Bliss Blackford: "lVIercy on us! You folks, listen." Bliss De Noon: "VVhere is your made up work ?" Bliss Blatousekz "Dick, will you please stop talking. Bliss VVilson: "How many times does this make this semester ?" Blr. Bowne: "All right there, let's have it quiet." Ivan Bleyerz "I'm not at liberty to say right now." "I'll give you 5 per cent if vou find me sarcastic." Bliss Larson: "If so, well and good." Bliss Rogers: "Have I forgotten anything ?" Blr. Bliller: H-lust two at a time." I Blr. Bowne: "Now, I don't see anything in that remark to provoke such hilarious aughterf' pl! Page One Hundred and Tfwenty-eight THE CEDAR OF-LTWENTY SEVEN 9' . !. UNEXCUSED A DissEcTED TR1oLET Scene - Attendance Office. Time - 8:16 A.llI. Characters - Speak for themselves. fentering doorj "I had to take a bundle, And I missed the first street car." Cfrom deskj "VVhat's your name ?" Clzopefullyl "Philip Rundall, I had to take a bundle, -" fsternlyl "Now see here, Philip Rundall, You could have got an earlier car!" fdoggezlly, lezrvingj HI HAD to take a bundle, And I missed the first street car." XVHY'S VVHY IN VVASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SKEEZIX I. VVhy, Skeezix, did you ever come to VVashington High? I have a drag here. 2. VVhat is your ambition? To bite the young janitor. 3. VVhat was your first impression of IVashington High? Too many feet running nowhere. 4. VVhat does this High School most need? Bigger and better noon hours. 5. Do you care for Shakespeare? Not so bad for naps. 6. VVhat is your opinion of literature classes in general. Fed up on them. 7. VVhat is your favorite song? "Show me the way to go home.' 8. VVhat is your pet peeve? The long brooms of the janitors, and their dirty work. 9 Page One Hundred and Tfwenty-nine -33, 415. -.'.. . qi A 35.5 '. .6 will! ,-5 - li-35. N N-EN1 'rl-In CEDAR 'OF TWENTY SEVEN .1 .4-pr! J THE EAVESDRGPPER The Blue Pencil Columnist lVe'll wager thc-re'll be less fun made of the family album when the Cedar comes out. lt might not be hard to get Bliss VVit- werls goat - but just try to get her dog. Absence doesn't seem to make Bliss lVilson's heart grow fonder. VVhat this country really needs is longer and stronger apron strings for mothers. The question "to be or not to be" seems lately to be answered in the nega- tive by too many students. THE STRONGER SEX They lean against the lockersg They hang about the doorsg They are the traffic blockersg They are the awful bores. THE VVEAKER SEX They utter giggling simpersg They pat their frizzly curlsg They are the tiresome primpersg They are the darling girls. Some one suggests a bakers' confer- ence-perhaps to accommodate the. school loafers. They are so very strict and prim, lVith all their short bobbed hair so trim, Although a few have longer tresses They vary much the same in dresses. Some are short and some are long. But as to style, theylre never wrong. As you can guess from what you see, These persons are the faculty. Enthusiastic journalist: "Do you have a BLUE PENCIL, Miss Rickards ?" Miss Rickards: "No, but I have a red one you may use." The reward of the thrifty seems to be a little red button-let's see more of 'em next week. Correct this sentence: "Bliss Wil- son, l'm late again and it's absolutely my own fault." If some of us would exert ourselves just half as much to get our lessons as we do to get out of them, what a bril- liant bunch we'd be. Some girls have read all of llflilton and Chaucer-others are good dancers. If you think our paper tiresome, If you find us bores, just remember-all the knockers Are l1Ot found on doors. NEXT! Une teacher having been married, and the engagements of three others recently announced, VVashingt-on high school is rapidly becoming a matrimonial bureau. It has been suggested that wedding bells be hung in the school belfry which has been used for naught but a pigeon apart- ment. Another change might be endowing llliss VVilson with power not only to give out admittance slips ,to pupils, but to issue marriage licenses to faculty mem- bers. Page One Hundred and Thirty Tl-113 CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ,iggiwg 1 L VA " 11105 xf1Lwg'if:g -7 J, ,iw llgjfi: I, I I ' 736 1- BX PM I v 4,-f:q1. Wr ' ' X' f . "L" ' ' .. -.-3 s-'fb ,Q - .Q V Q HLA?-IHQF W X 1 , . 1 ,, . Y 'V-1. 4 I A v lv 4 X .. , 1 I - .l,.vQ551,g:i,f1 f Ki .gf Ely? , f AX 1 7 V YM i i f A4 u 'f ,SM , 1. ,I If , 947 QQ 4 Af 'A ' f .S 1 ' I . 'i ffqww ' 1 ' ' ,Q fg YQ' ,i'?? q ,'Q . ,P ffm, VXI' ' ' - P 'QL n ff 4d5'f'11?if' i ' h 1 . fl ' 'V . gf1winv,,ff' ', f" 'A Mff A ,,fy . wweff- X 1 ' ' m1. , . ffw:f? .- , 1 W A ',m-1 2.',i ,wry k . A, W ff4j'g,?fi11j ' T ,IH ,Q ,Z lin N Jivigx. "45? falf f-L' 3?4qW 4Evb afb?EW A " l 5 . fi" V ' ii? W J - C' ki 4.Q' ,. if Q x .1 .'Qs i4,'7g . 1- , 9 Q .1 ., 1 r.. mn , , Q - 2 1 is -,aff 1 wi , " ' - 'Ji Mill ' 'H'+ ' f' 4?1,wrQrPV?wvx5GM ' 1- X, with :VIR V. V "Tn , . . , ' " 1. : -. 1. 4. ,V- ' A 1- . L A X u ' . ,f - X If . if W7 qv-. ' " --1 :J , wr- L ' 52 X- D , . Yin 3 , .- ,nv : I 3 x ,It ' N .Zi 0.1 ' 4 di. .tx ' . x 'tm ? . f fl 4 K f ug P 4 E' Qin!!! , , .1 ,f P 1 ,HV Tj. ' V . H. -1 92.1 I 'HM . V - ' K uv - 1: ' I E' . ,. 'p M . '4 -' ' W - W , 1 is AS ' nik ' U QW A -:i ff-55 "1 -I 'T LE .Q i- 'f- ga- ag, - ' .. V ,-1 ' '1'gy,. Q " -,f- ag 'r. . ' , ' fr "S T V 2 355 41, 'Iwi' . ,L ,, H - il , , . .3 gfh- - . Mfv .E Q .mxpaKQHJ 1 Wk -if , . -Q 3 '12- ' ,52y1, .gr , ff fx fi- ' " VS- R, ie M 3' - " ' ' .' ' ,' W fi, 't' '-V' -l-v ' 3 - ,. , Y ,-V " f -' ' A Mi t A7'v!'UA rf .. . . , is , .,, , . "1 -. . . V 'f-M k4,,fS,,. .,-,- ,5--A J, , -. a emup i W -1. I' . . . 1' Tfflffr X, P3 U' A 5 0 "-"fl " if -1.3, -fff ' J' I -Wi'-'f1. 1 '- g -' - ' 'aim 1, ' '."' '- , - N6 .i',x4L:A.3q.1hT,-i ,wx .jr ' , . F ' k'Rl11k-Blum . -.4-'a .--, , A U, 'mm v - ' '--- - 'fY,..v-1'-..x , if-ff ' ' ' - if-U1 'N - 'V .fl li UULLMH.. . :Aus -A9933 Page One' Hundred and Thirly-one THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 4432- A if ' xg A 7. Qfigigxj .:l-- , 'Q-. ,lflfpz EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Trying to catch a running board after school. Tuning in on a Faculty station. Running up a score on banking day. Trying to get a squint at one square inch of nose in a locker mirror. Borrowing thumb-tacks from a bulletin board. Visiting lXIiss Rogers to repair the raiment. llaking up tardiness. Kidding lNIiss VVilson. Looking at the catalogue of a college beyond your means. Spending cold cash on hot dogs. Catching a street-car home and back at noon. Chewing gum in class. Trying to make friends with Skeezix. lVriting term reports. Changing tires. Losing and hunting pens, pencils, etc. Studying "College Humor." '33 "THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP" The Pilot- illr. Hallman. Chains - Blue Slips. Half Portions - The Sophomores. Poor Richard's Almanac- Dick lXfIiller's notebook. The Sheik - Paul Cummins. The Age of Innocence - Virginia Taylor. The Forbidden Trail -To the Drug Store. Shavings - llarvin Kuba. Daddy Long Legs - Loren Toogood. Old Fashioned Girl - lllarcedes Newman. Barren Ground - The Hunkers. Seventeen - The Juniors. Innocents Abroad - Beatrice Boyle, Harold Soper. Fish Stories-Excuses for tardiness. Portrait of a lNfIan with Red Hair- Bob Griflin. Brass - Cedar subscription agents. Professor, How Could You?- lllary Eleanor Gordon. One Increasing Purpose-The budget. Certain People of Importance-The Seniors. Hounds of Spring-Otto Rajtora, Jefferson Stone. Temperamental People - lX'Iiss Fordyce. The Saint of the Speedway - John Vosmck. The Perennial Bachelor- Frank Baker. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn - Bill Ellwood, Bud Carringer. So Big - Ted VVernimont. Strictly Business - Bliss VVilson. Page One Hundred and Thirty-lfwo lun cnq-an or-' TWENTY SEVEN gif? ei e seq-:+,C,, ALAS! There is a boy who drives a Ford, His name is Charley Leag And every morn at eight o'clock He drives to school. Oh, gee! One morn as he was driving down He spied a pretty girl, IVho walked with leisure down the streetp Her hair had many a curl. "Dear Betty, will you ride with me ?" He asked in friendly manner. But with a scornful look she said, "Not in that old 'tin-canner'.l' Poor Charley Lea was very hurt By Betty Proctor's answer, For she stepped in john Turner's Dodge As dainty as a dancer. b ftp IJ MOTHER GOOSE IN IVASHINGTON Little Bliss Proctor Stands by her locker Once there was lXIr. Hallman Ivho ran a big schoolg He had so many pupils He had no time to fool. He kept them all happy, Contented and glad. He praised when deserving, And punished when bad. lliss IVitwer had a little dogg Its hair was black and white. And every time that -loe appeared That dog would start a fight. Completion tests we have to take, Oh yes! you bet we do. If all the rest were of that type IVe'ed take the course anew. Another type is true and false IVherein we often guess, But just as surely as we do All of our noes are yes. Page Om' Hundred and Thirty-three Fiddling her time away. Along came I. lleyer, And stood there quite nigh her, And frightened lIiss Proctor away. EDXY.-XRD DREW There was a boy in our school. And he was wondrous wiseg He always carefully crossed his And dotted all his i's. UP TO DATE "-lust underline the words that' Is all that they require But if you mix your first choice It makes you out a liar. Of all the jokes I ever heard This one's sure the best. Simple recall's not simple at all It's worse than all the rest. t's, s right ' 2'-.-, .. FW S? pi- v-5 1 ' fi A i i. Ti1i1e ,:'4N LQ ,f v,, 'iixx Lf.. 3 - ,px gf' A4 ,, .- ARTHUR DEAMER A -ff: ligaqliqfrf :Q ff N-" Sllf7l'fiIlfI'l1l1I71f of Public Schools of Cedar Rapids Page Six , THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN X E, N ,siliyxsa ,,J:fi-sn! K CEDAR BY-PRODUCTS Charles curtis paulinE harken gertruDe reed b b Catherine smith lorEn 'toogood jack strouD o g,Ates mary rAmsey d f ' e na deRb5 helen Couch joHn evans Imogene easterly virginia Parrott fred armStrong reimer Rohde arnold Pyle im0gene ginn Lorenda Peet frank balcEr ferris Simpson '23 CLASSIFIED lllary Eleanor GorDon Harold Halfhlll Jim Vail Betty Pr0ctor lX'IaRy Kehoe ClarenCe James llarion SwartzEll Ch-arles Shepard james Sigmund joHn Vosmek har0ld Kruse bill Rozen roberT noon Paul cummins jAmes knox arNold pyle Ted wernimont wayne Stookey DO YOU REMEMBER VVAY BACK VVHEN - VVe were through school at I :3O? You skipped a class and got by? The Alpha Rho and Kappa Phi held their debates? You got an excused slip? Imogene Easterly came to school on time? Loren Toogood was a little shrimp? There was no Skeezix? VVe had two assemblies a week? We got good grades in English? It was easier to get home permits? Periods were only forty minutes long? VVe could read periodicals in the li- brary? VVe didn't receive Hunk letters? Bliss Fordyce gave you your Hi-st bawling out? Page One Hundred and Thirty-four -kwkb0 Q' AX 4 Vestigia nulla reirorsum IN the classical Latin-"no steps backwardng in the vernac a ular of high school and college-"hold 'emnl 5 To progress in business or in private life is to look upon 2 life as a marvelous adventure. We folks here enjoy meeting you folks of Washington Hi in the adventure of human contact. E Perhaps we can he of help to you-and you can he a help 9 to us. Let's give one another a trial. Graduation Apparel Gifts F or Graduates iii? jj, I A 6.7 6'edarRqpia'.s 0. 'OivQ One Hundrfd and Thirly-fifve il1+0+-ow0-4vQ-O-OwO-0vOu0v0-r4-C-l-0--0wC-QwiwlwC--o-n--Iw0f- lv-l--lMQ--0--0-0-0-0-Cf-l-0-'O-0+-U-0-'I-bbwowl-vi--I-I-0-0-so 5 .ap-Q-....g.m-014 s 5 5 5 5 Q a Q i 5 a Q I The mind as well as the body depends greatly for its development on 2 a proper food. JJ' It is our business to see that this is supplied daily. , Blix IVilliams: "Is there anyone in the class who was not troubled with the last sentence 7' Bruce Ross: "I wasn't troubled any by it." Miss IVilliams: "Very well, you may translate itf' Bruce Ross: "I didn't get that farf' O Bob Auraeher: "Are you sure your folks know I am going to have a date with you ?" Alberta Haynes: "They ought to. I argued with them for nearly an hour." ,-,,0i...,.. llarion Swartzell: "The photographers never do nie justieef' Ted Sebern: "You want mercy, not justice, dear." uxe-a-o-fo-c--o-c-o--o-l-- --l--on0-0--0--o--c--0--0-s--s--s--0--s--0--0--m,g.....g........g........g........g..... MAKE YOUR HEADQUARTERS At CHICK DINNY'S ROBERDEE HANION C GA TORE Fountain Billiards Luncheonette WE GET ALL SPORT NEWS Baseball Ticker Service 312 ind Avenue 5 Cedar Rapids -'- Iowa i ,!..,.....,..,..,.....,..,.....,.....,..,..,........ ' .,..,..,..,..,........!. Pugf Ona Hundrzfd and Thfrly-six 'X' l 4........,........,.....,..,........,.,.........,..,........... .. ...........,...,....,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . ................,..... ...........l. 4 2 1 9, on First Ave. I 1 I ' - on First Ave. E RELIABLE DRY uooo I YOU'LL LIKE T O SHOP HERE We're a friendly store, our merchandise is of the highest character and our 5 prices are always moderate ' You will usually End the largest showing of Coats and Frocks in the City here Priced from S10.00, 316.50 to 324.75 9 9 mln-n-0--a--n--c..m-g--u-0--Q--anQ--0--a-ew--s--o--of-s--u-os-9--o--a--of-s--0-m g..5-......g..Q.................g..g..g..9.....g..g.....g........g....................!. llIary Elizabeth Shaler: "Do you see that man over there? I xvouldn't speak to him if I met him on the street." Imogene Ginn: "lVhy not ?" lllary Elizabeth Shaler: "I clon't know himfl i Q?.. lVestin Jacobson: "Have you ever seen an Ash ear?" Rlorris lVeis: "You mean Z1 Nash, don't you ?" lVestin Jacobson: "No, Ash. A second-hand Cole." . O, Clifford Hawkins: "Don't you think my mustache is becoming?" Frances Armstrong: "lt may be coming, but I donlt see itf, Q Q0 5 Opposite Cedar Rapids High School ! 2 :ra- ' ll!!! 'crldhank You" Isol11"'s:1yi11g"' lwmiism- it lrCm:m11t's polmlni' il' its exprvssimi l't'l'2lllN un lQ'X1'P01'lUlll'0 of plczlsure NYC invite you now to introduce yourself to the 1 FINEST t g SERVICE AVAILABLE : l +.g..g..g 9 --n--0--9--e--0--1--0--0--o--Q..g..g..,.....q........g..g. ..,,..,,,,,,x, Page One Ilumlrrd and'n1 '."Q'0C0ONC-O-'IND'-QvOwln0IunQovl:GiniHDMI-vivllvlvlvlMOOOCNQWl"l4'lNl"Ov'l"Q"O"lNl"."l"l"l'0l"Ovl'+ 9 5 a 2 JOH B. TURNER N 5 2 l F l D' g unera lreotors g 5 Q C E D A R R A P I D S z Q0fW.i'.''C-."."U".".l'."."Q-'I"."I"C""'.".""'."''O'PQMQWINQNQWO''.'4.'4"'I'f'."f"'0."'0.l'l".0l".Pl".".".4'.".".".'i David Hedges: "How do you suppose a fellow with two wooden legs can walk ?" Renold Evans: "He probably just manages to lumber along." .t,0.1 Bob Biba: "How do you spell phthisis ?" Bob Hoffman: "just as I d-n please!" :ln-0-o-0-M-Q-0-o-Q-0--0-0-0-0-0-4-0-0-one-0--c-0--0--one-0--0--0-c--a-u-onn-ou...9--o-0-9'O--0--0--0-nw0--own-o-01-owl-0--0--0--0-0-Iwo-ul: ualify Gifs for NEXT TO Eastman Koalaks and Supplies STRAND x . THEATRE ' Y Frames and Framing , Q ' Amateur Finishing. Copying and Enlarging. Commercial Photog- ' 5 raphy. Family Groups. Flashlight of Parties. Anytime. Anywhere. Q BALDRIDGE CAMERA and GIFT SHOP 318 Third Ave PHONE 2306 CEDAR RAPJDS, IOWA 1Iiss Schichtl: "l call about a ten page theme a composition." Emmy llerriamz "I call that an imposition." .0,, Sophomore: "VVhere's the aquarium? I want to see the High School seal." ?q.g..g..9-.g..g..g.....Q-9.-Q-4-Qwlwv-If-Q-0+-Q-40.-g.4wg..g-.9-0.,.N.n.n..-9...-...Q-C-Q.. qwiu D-Of-I-+0-.5..g-.9-l-lug..g.....g-Q.-0..QnO..g,.g.....g.,xg H v3EPENDAg3LE ..... ..... ..... .... ................. ..... ................ ........ HALL-EKFELT, inc. ! 2 . ., . . ? 2 C'rmIzf if rI0.v1rcrZ 216-218 Third Avenue 2 :Ivo-0-0-o-s-of-o-o-0--snows-9-Quo-0-0'-a-0--Q-of-Q-m-o-0--0--v-0-0-.vm-.Q-.Q..5........g.....g..p.....9..g........g..g..g.....g..g..g........g..p..g..g.4: Page Om' Hundred and Thirty-eight Iowa Railway a SL Light Corporation LIGHT PGWER WD0 If PWM E!6CfTl2'Ibl , ' exam-0-o-0--0-o--o-fo-Q-o-4--o-c--o--0--o-o s--Q-o-o-c-o--m-o--no--one-1U--0-1-1--1--Q-0--v-0-0--0-I--n--m g..g..g..g g.....g..........,!. . . Q ' Street car service is more than a mere 5 business---it is an institution The CEDAR RAPIDS sf MARION ' CITY RAILWAY I Renders convenient transportation service g to all parts of the city :xs-o-o--s-o--o--o-o-- --o--u--u--u--0--u -0--Q--0--0--o-so--Q--Q--a--o--a--u--Q-q..g..g..9.................g..g... ....,..g..g.....g...... .g........z, Guy YV.: "Father, XYOLIICIDIY you be glad if I saved you a dollar ?', Father: "Certainly, Illy souf' Guy YV.: "lVell, I saved it all right. You said it I brought a good report card you would give me a dollarg well I didn't.', .!.,...,..,..,..,.........................................................,.,..,..,..,..,,..........,..............,..............,..,..,......Q....,.....,..,. ..........,1: CARL ON'S CIGAR 321-323 Second Avenue East Where Friends Meet g Phone 6336 Illr. llillerz "Ed, how many ribs have you ?" Ed. Eaton: "HIL llliller, I'm too ticklish to Count them." T.-0..T... I ovene Easterly: "He was driven to his gravef' m g Everett Rall: "Sure he was. D1d you expect him to walk ?" Ggfts for the Graduate MEMORY BOOKS SCHOOL DAY RECORD BOOKS LOOSE LEAF BOOKS STATIONERY FOUNTAIN PENS EYERSHARP PENCILS HOLDEN-KAHLER CO 110 South Third street PHONE 57 Page One Hundred and Forty .+4M4ng4ag,g.gqngqqap.pQ4qny++4vm-0qa4a4uq-4apQwpwwwpmq-r4whQwO Q 'UI' CCN GRATULATICN S To The CLASS OF 1927 QQEQ After school days, when you will start facing the responsibilities of life inore squarely, the need of some safe and sound protection and saying will be apparent Mother and Father, who have inade so inany sacri- fices for you, should be relieved so far as is possible from additional burdens. Protect tliein, yourself. and your future with one of our Modern Life IllSlll'2lllC9 Contracts. THE OLD LINE CEDAR RAPIDS LIFE INSURANCE CO. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Lt! Li! r1a-o-o-o-o-+o-o-c-of-o-fo-o-'of+o-o-o-o-o-o-o--o-owo--ovens--o'4-one-one-ovens--0--0-0--v4-o-4-o--owe-muon:-ouonowo--snows-o-o-4 mln One Hundred and Foriy-one' wowO-ow0vowowowo-o-4-cwo-u-a4-1-+4.4wqwc-cwc-cno-o-o-4wcvow0-ulo i 5 ra uaizon dis. G cl ' G' f lVatchcs - Diaintmtls - Rings - Etc. ' XYQ are again furnishing the Class Rings and Pins for the 1927 Class 5 SIEBKE 6 TAYLOR QUALITY JEWELERS 215 South Third Street 0:4-0-9-4-Q-Q-Q-4-0-Q-0-0-4-9-4-4-4-0-Q-q-.Q-9-4-Q-Q-4--Q.-1.-Q--9+-Q-Q-Q.4-.Qng-Q-Q-anQ-4-4-0--Q-5-4-.Q--0-4-sq-.pq-Q-.9-.9-9-3-Qf-goxn IXIONEY AND BANKING David Bingham: "lt is my principle never to kiss a girl." Pretty Flapper: "You can't expect any interest from me thenf' .-.10-?. slim Vail: "That guy's a blamed hypocritefl Delly L.: "lVhat makes you say that, ,Ii1n?'y .lim Vail: "See him go into that Rlath Examination with a grin on his face." i-..0 Hob Auracher: "That undercrust to that chicken pie you brouffht me was awful . b tough." lVaiter: "There xvasn't any undercrust: it was served on a paper platef' +100100.BQUIWIWIBCMOGO'O''.""'l'4.".NONOPCWQMIWIH.NONQ'-C'ff'I'CDOW'Pe.'D'""'f"I""'.0.WU'ffH.'UO"U'P'N.''Ol'f"."."."."l".".".".".'+ 9 3 A For Graduation Time! Smart New Frocks--- The last festive week of school makes unusual demands in so far as 5 clothing' is emieernerl-and with Summer parties just ahead. the new collection of cleverly tlesigneml mlresses put in stock especially for High Sclmol misses is well worth your inspection. Popularly priced in almost every case V , Q ,f ? ' . ' 9 Q V - x A 2 A ' Q 2 Q ? 6 +'O0vOv-l"O"C"O"OHI"O"I"U'O4O-ON'Ml"."l".4'l"l'4l"."."l"l"O"l"O"lNDMINC'0le'INOHONIO'I'll""'l"l"."I"l"O"O"l"O"C0'l"I"U"I"."lNl'0xC Page One Hundred and Forty-tfwo olownnq4n-4-on-p-onowouowowcn-Q-Q4-q4n4ao4nrwu-4nun-ounou-of4-4-s-o-u-o-1-o-s-o-o-4-o-of-o-o-o-o-s-q-a.,l, : Q I 5 Q . 2 5 x I x GENUINE 5 x o x 9 3 f Q Q ? o I P 2 9 I r 9 , 5 x 9 6 AD MA?- OAT FLAKES , HAS THIS TRADE MARK - Delieiously Illff9l'9llf. it has not ' been sueeessfully imitated. - tireless cooked at the mill for 12 . hours. 9 - it cooks perfeetly in exaetly 3 6 minutes. ' -insist on the genuine. there is no satisf:u'to1'y substitute. 6 I Made in Cedar Rapids by THREE MINUTE GEHEALS GUMPANY 2 'F a 5 : ala-o-l-o-c-o-o--o-o-o-o-.q--one-Q-Q..0-4-q-.o..g.-q..g..g..g..p.g..g..q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g.......g..q....,..g..g..,.....q.....g..g.g..g......g.g..g..q..lq Page Oni' Hl1m1'red and Forty-Illrrz' Page Seven ff 'Q lf' ,fx J -M ff fail , W WJQ 4lI1.35,'?X , f'f I 'ff-I l1I,,-N 1. Qrder of' Books Page CLASSES - - II ACTIVITIES - - 45 ATHLETICS - - Q7 MUSIC - - - IO7 ART ------ I I3 THE CEDAR CHEST - IIS OQJ fb 2I........g..g..g..g.-Q wl-s -Q-o..g..n-4..0-.gun-Q1-5.-0--0.4.,g..g..g.....g..g..g-4.-o.-g.-0+-o--l.- unuuq --Q nqwn -of-Q-0-Q-0--of-0-0--on-suns o any-any--Q-nga WIXSTEAD DRUG CO. n Headquarters for KODAKS and KODAK SUPPLIES . We will be glad to show our complete line g-.q..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..p.g..q-urn Clifford Hawkins: "I hear that owing to the shortage of leather, they are making footwear out of skins of all kindsf, Bill Rosen: "All kinds? VVhat about banana skins ?,' Clifford Hawkins: "Oh, they make slippers out of them." Q4-D-0-0-1-4--ono--o-o-o-o-fn-v-04-o--0-I-0--0--9--0--0--0-0-0--Q--0-0--Q-l--m -0--0--U--4--Uno--0-4--a--s--u--a--0--Q--0--0--l--0--0-0-0--l-0--ow? N SCHOE EXCLUSVE ' - F URRIER ' Established at Cedar Rapids in 1894 210 THIRD AVENUE CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA :Is-0-0-ov-0-0-fo--Q--0-o--0-Q--0-m-0-on-ov-0'-m-D--c--0--U--i--0--0--Q-0-0--0-0 0-Q-0--o--a-0--0--I--0--I--m-l--0--0--Q--1--o--g-.0wo.-o--a-o-v-n-+o--0-rx: The editors may write until their lingers are sore, but someone's sure to say, "Aw, l've heard that beforef, ..,.0iT Henry Adams: "How did you hurt your eye ?" Frank Baker: "Oh, a lid fell on it." .14.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..,..g..g........g..g. ..g..g..,..,..g.. ...g no.-o.....!4 ! 9 Q READ - The timing cbagette ani: Republican FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL I SPORTS AND NEWS ! 9 6 9 +.,..g..,........,.....g.... .n..q.....g............... --c--s--u-44 Page One Hundrrd and Forty-four 911-Ov-I-Q-0-Q-Of-0-0-0-0-0--Ont-0-CM-4w0Mw0aNnvkwodw0-4MM-wmn0n-0ul4-0-vw-0-v+4MdNv0Nw94MMv0waw94Il - x Qyality Shoes Tell The Story You Will Final Them At . - IAMES A. SNYDER'S .!..,..,..,.......,,.,.....,..,..,.....,..,..,..,..,........o-o.......-...,,,,,,.,,..,,.,.....,...-..-.-.-.---o-f-.-u-....-0"""-...................,..1. lyliss Bergstresser: "VVhen did Congress First meet P" Jasper Calder: "The second Tuesday of February." Bliss Bergstresser: "Goodl you have everything right but the month and the week." if'CH'lil.'llHC'C'-O-'l'f"l"."."I".""'."."Q"l"l"l"U"."l"O'"".0.".'GQNONIWONON0000C0CNlNC"l"O"OW.".'."Q".'4'Nl"."lHC"l'Q""+ Quality' -:- Service - :- Value LIBERTY JVIONUMENT Co. 6205 3rd Avenue west PHONE 59 WILL ALWAYS sELL THE BEST 44.3.Qng.4ng..g..g..g..g..g-Q.4-Q-A-m-0-9-.Qf-5..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..q..g........g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.,l. Stranger at high school to Glenn Schodde: "I want to see the editor of your paper." Glenn Schodde: "VVhat editor? XVe got all kinds of editors around this place. Like the llexican army, we're all generals and no privatesf, .10l. Bliss Cock: "VVhat do you know about Fielding ?" Jack Smyth: "Nothing much. I was always the pitcher on the team whenever I played." 114-u--0--owe .-5..g..g.....g..g.....g..............g...... g.,g...........g.+ 2 e e PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FGREVER I Iiii,.iiii..iii-iiiiiwim Here you will find exactly what you have in mind at a price you care to pay Official Photographer ,QT Cedar LASSWELL sTUD1o 213 ist Avenue PHONE 1344 Qu-u-of-9-mffo-n--v-0--o--o-0-0-on0-nn--o--ono--Q-0-4--o--o--s--0--o-...Q-Q.-g.....g........g. ..g. ,.q.4.4.4........g.....g-o-.o-m-.g..g.....,.....,.,!. Page One Hundred and Forty-jifve 4pnp-ngmymqau-0--0--0--0-0-+0--0--I-0-vl-0-0--O-0-O-'O--C-vi--O-O-N-Ov-I--I--I--I--0--O-0--0--I-0-mv-Ofvivi-O--I--0-U10 6 STAR SOFT WATER LAUNDRY YOUNG'S FAMILY and DRY CLEANING WORKS WASH SERVICE PHONE 486 PHONE 661 For clean conscientious work on dry cleaning, family wash, and laundry work call 436 01' 661 9 9 5 9 5 6 4.....,........,..,..,..,.......................,..,....................... ........ .....,.. ,..,.....,..... ........ ...........q. Virginia Taylor: "Ughl Look at that manls unkempt beard. He must be al- most a wild man." Jimmie Vail: "just about. You see, he's an old-fashioned gentleman, and he al- ways surrenders his turn in the barber Chair to waiting ladies." .T.0 . Bob Griffin: "You seniors aren't what you used to be." Guerin Cronkhite: "How's that ?" Bob Griffin: "You were juniors last year, weren't you ?" hx!-0+-O-0-vo-4-'Q--Q-.O-0-4-.g.-0-+l..I-.Qu I-O-l -.g.v0.-Q-fl-+0440-vu.-0..l Hlwn --0--g--Qu5--5--Q--gugf-5--5--m-0-0--Q--0--9 Q--Q--Q-31 H MORGAN BROS. V U ilillilliirade Harley Davidson M otorcycles 1,YJl1'Z!25fS 210 south Fifth street PHONE 213 ,i.....A. ..... Bliss Hinkhouse in history class just after she had described the battle of Hastings: "Now what is the next important date ?" "XVirh La Verne VVednesday afternoonf' answered the student who had just waked up on the back seat." -A--0- lllr. Gerwig in Restaurant: "lVaiter, have you any spare ribs ?" lVaiter: "No, none to spare." illr. Gerwig: "lVell, how is your tongue ?" vp....Q-oo-0-0-g..g..g.....g.. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..... .....g..g..............g.....g..g.. ..g........ ..g.... ........p14 KEMBLE FLORAL CO., lNC. "Guaranteed Flowersv . 3115 THIRD AVENVE PHONE 265 :lov-one-Q-Q-onwc--o--c-0--o-o--o--o--o --a-c--o--o--o--e--n-- ..g..g..g..g.....:4 Page One Hundred and Forty-.fix 0-s-0-Q-o-Q-4-g-g-.q..g..g.-q.4.g.g.g.g..g..g..g-4........g. XVIIQII School-mates 1300011107119111-lll2lt9S - e ONES ER LlLUBEll'll?1ATI il wx z Fumitu ve And lcx13's J - XVill furnish the New Home +444+4MaMn40-v0M +v44444aww0444e4+c4aNuwMMwaMMw044M II! Dick Proctor was late at school, and as a reason he said there was a wedding at hi home. lliss lVilson:i "That's nice. XVho gave the bride away?" Dick Proctor: Ulvell, I could haveg but l kept my mouth shut." .Tigil John Crawford: "Lend me one dollar, old man, and l'll be eyerlastingly indebted to you." E. llloehlz "Yes, that's what l am afraid of." --0-4-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-vo llYIlfglI6S A. Rfllffii' un, 1111 Diunmnrls JEWELER Brf1c'tlf'1'.s 9 327 Second Avenue, Cedar Rapids, Iowa olonawo-04-ra-A-we-ran-ewan-on-0-ks-4-od john Turner: "Say, jack, you want to keep your eyes open today." Jack Day: "lVhy?" John Turner: "Because people think you are foolish it you go around with them closed." ..lQ Coach to Jerome Kriz who was getting out for football: "lVhat experience haxe you had before ?" Jerome Kriz: "lVell, this summer l was hit by two autos and a truck." 'P -Ow0-0-0-0-0-0f-0-o-0-0--Q-+0'-0-0-4'-9-s-0v-o-9-0-9-lw0 GAS? The 1ll0ll01'l1 fuel for fm-I'o1'y. sliop. and hoine Cedar Rapids Gas Co. A lvnitm-tl Light l'1'o1w1'ty l 9 a 9 i'.".".".-."O"."."O".'4""'Q".".".".""'f-O"l 'i ll ,i Page One' Hundred and Forty-Jrwfn l V, l -0-0-0-4 Phone 393 4 4ah444M-wwdww-vw0M+04M '4vl-0-0-0-0-Owl-0-O-O-O-0-0-0-O-O-4-0-4w0N0w0wOw000v0v0vOw0-0wQ --r-0-l-0-0-v4uo-0noaQv0-o-ouv4-o-4-0-4-0-l-0v0wl-0-owo-0wl-nwl --040+wvC-hw-0-v4-0-0-0-0-0-0w0-v-QwQ-anQ.q-v4-4-0-4-o-0wO-0w0 -if '-o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o--a--on-so-nsnows-af-c-0-0-0-0-0-10-0--0-m-Q-swans.-0.-Q-4-4-Q-on-Q-fu--g-.Ig 6 5 I I HUTCHINSONXS Ice Cream and Slzerbeis 5 For Sale by Lending Dealers Everywhere 0 .g..g..g..g..g..g.4..q.....q..q..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..Q.....q..g.....g..9..pq-,-Qugug.4.4..gng..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g ..g..g..g..g..g..g.,!4 llotherz "XVhat is this drawing supposed to be, Ted ?" Ted Sebern: "A train, motherf' llother: "But there are no coaches." Ted Sebern: 'tOh, the locomotive draws them." i...0-.1- Ray XVernimont knocking on Ted's bedroom door yelling: "Eight o'clock, eight o'clock!" Ted YVernimont: "Did you? Then better call a doctor." i...0i... lliss Boyack in typewriting class: "This class reminds me of a Ford. lt makes more noise than speed." .g.....,.................,...........,........,..,...........,........... ...,................,..................,.............,...,..,..,.....,.,x. CED R RAPIDS BUSINESS COLLEGE Courses that lead di1'vt-tly to business eiiiployiuent and U1P1Nl1'lU1lllf' No lost motion - no loss of time - no wasted effort - no impractical and uiiiuteresting Study S no unnecessary expense. Best of arlvaiitziges :luring the Summer , Catalog Sent on request 4 Q 5 e .5-Q--g..g..g..g ..g..g..g..g..g..g. pq... --g..g..g..g..g.pXq 'X' I Page One Hundred and Forty-eight nilvi-'OwOvONONOwC"C'-Dwi-'!"0'4-'lhifflffi-flvflffi-1O"O"O"lMIMO'-Ovfivflvvi-IFOHO-CNIH!Hl'I"CHI"O-l0OMO"O-O-O-O'0O44"lNlvO'OMO-Owihiff J. Il. WVX DIER FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE, LUNoMo'ron AND INVALID CAR Phone 484 soo First Avenue CEDAR RAPIDS, 1owA 4..,.....,.....,,.,..,....,,...........,.,,..,.....,..,..,.....,..,.4........,..,.....,........,........,..............,....,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.......,,........,.....,..,..!. HIGH SCHOOL DEFINITIONS TEXTI3OOKSiTh6 only proof that a teacher has of showing that he knows what he is talking about. .ASSIGNBIEXTS-A method of kidding used by the instructors. The jokes, how- ever, are usually so deep that the class does not get them. DATES -A very delectable fruit. Be careful not to confuse them with prunes, of similar size and shape, but having a very bitter taste. DIANCING- Synonym for wrestling. Standing room only, 51.50 per couple. "P" - lleans perfect, and is the highest grade given at this high school. However, it is commonly misunderstood by the faculty, who claims that it means "punk." .?TQ Georgeanna Reid CII p.m.D : "Do you know why you are like an old fire-cracker, Paul ?" Paul Cummins: "No, tell me." Georgeanna Reid: "It's about time you went offfy O Guy Shinn: "All that girl thinks of is clothesfy Dick Hlillerz "From all appearance I should say she was practically thoughtless." ,!...........g..g.....9no..ona-o--0-s--o-0--a-c-o--one-0-0--a-a-c--o--c-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-0-n-on-0'-0-o--s-0--a--m-0-0-o-ous--Q-s--0--s--s-u--Q-o-vv:Xu FOR GRADUATION UNE UF OTR 1000 VALVES PER VENT PLVS GUARANTEED A LIFETIME LEGACY AND JOY 1 X lg F GEO. IZ. LUDY . , BEN LUDY - DIAMONDS SVITI-I 301 3IERl"IIAN'ITS NA'r1oNAL BANK BVILDING Upstairs where Quality is high and Prices are low g Q Q 9 ! rpm.-Q--0-4-o-5--m-o--o-o-0--o-o-o-o-o-0-o-o--o-o-o-0-0-m-o-o-o--one-0--c-vw-c--u-0-o--0-0-c-s-a-.0-.0-0.4-a-g...........g..g..g..g..g..g..!. Page One Hundred and Forty-nine' r '0."l'Q'4-OMCNINCIQNPOONQ"."l"."."l"I"l"lNINOWOWOHQWONCUIWI''lN."."."l""'."."."INI0!"j"l' 22 "-' Z . f 9561" I ' 'wif' A E wma.u:ae':X .mygsef h Sp 1 Tuul: L QW ' U E E ie 1 s 2 ,Z K . 1 ' tg.. E a! . . ix E .E 'g g ,C fi 9 . E ? A., 1. -- . - - ....... -I - 5 0 X 25 K El . Q 1 W a 2 f N ' 2 , ' E W , 5 Ns ' 1 -.f 'ui Vol "' i Q 4' 1 W lo, 1 ' Q! 7 ' f ' "N ins: af-AY S- .- S 0 0 5 ', . 'i Y' N . , 4 7' 3 V rm, C fam M : . :J qrgfgfg I W V' ui 25 1' L 4 4' -'f "' --1 if-rl ' 2 2 'M s is ' il 5 ii - " 5 2 :Q ll HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS today demand clothes with a higher degree of individuality and character than in years past-clothes must be tailored to precision, and the patterns, styles and colors must show taste and elegance- it is just such 2 Q i. ii 9 clothes for lhe student ---young man or woman--- that Denecke's has provided in arresting and widely diversified assortments. Prices are an added feature which makes it a pleasure ' in choosing here-savings are certainl For 41 Years Deneckefs Has Been Supplying Fashions for Graduating W ashinglonians 2 6 55 ,Q 1 . 2 fe 5!256?f6Qi 9 62 f at 2 e ei 2 2 Q 1 ' : a ee 2 021-CHO'Oni'QW'"O"O'4-I-vl--0-C-vi-vi-'I-1IMin!--Owiviwlnivif-I-'lf-O--lv-lvflwl O O . . .,.......................,........,..,.....,..,..!. Page One Hundred and Fifty .............g.4.....q..q.-Q-m-Q-s--0-0--u-0-0--o--o-c-o-o-n-Q--o-'Q-4--0-o-o--4-0-m-o-c--s--o-0-0-Q-c-0we-awswo-0--owe-one-fo-e-0-.0-0--0-axe 5' Dry Goods, Quter Apparel, Millinery, Furnish- ings and Shoes for the Entire Family Oil-O-'I-0-0-4--O--N-0'-0-+C-0-C-l-4--0--0--0+-0--0--0-0-Q-+I-I-O--vl-0--twine--cvowiuvi--Ou0-0--C-l-0f-Q-0-l--l-0--0-0-0-0-l-l-l-l-l-l-0-O-hI1 Iohn Vosmek: "XVhat's the best way to teach a girl to swim ?" Guy Shinn: "That's easy. First put your arm around her waist, then take her left hand -" john Vosmelc: t'But this girl is my sister." Guy Shinn: "Aw - push her off the pier." .l01,.. llargaret Larimer: "XVhat do you consider rnanls greatest fault?" Betty Davis: "Being so scarce." .lp-.1 llr. ltliller absent-mindedly, hearing .lane Ludy's golashes flapping: "Bly gracious The chickens are loose." axe-0-o-o-Q-of-o--m-Q-o-o-0--o-0--0-o-o-o-o--o--o-'o+-o--o-n--n--o-o-0-Q-vo-4+-o-o-o--o-o-ov-0--s-o--Q-o-4-4-qng..g........q.....q........,,..........!. A Select Showing of Clothing and Furnish- ings for the High School Graduate if jyndimle Qzflzifgg Q I ole-o-o-Q'-o-9-fo-4-v-Q-Q-ofau--0--u--a..q..q--q..o-.q-.0-,q-q-q-...Q..4..g..g..g.....g-g..g...-g...-.......,..g.g..,.,.,...,........,,.,..,..,.,,,. Page 0716 Hundred and Fifty-one -i- l0I'fI"I"I'lI'I'-I'IUINIHIUINIQWNIWINIWI''I0I"I"I"I"I"I"I"INI4'I".0I'PINIWINI'lI"I"I"I"INI"INI4'ININI00I0INIl'I"I'+ . p.is1.sp..-..-pez..-i..v .sit ns- 41 q . S - A1315:35:315E5252355255355EgE5E5SgE5E5E5E: In asking for the Genuine Orange blos- 5 0 gf:2:5:5:2:1"'1'5'1:2:f:5:2:f:2:2:Q:Q:Q:f:: Q v fggfgigfgig' "f11:E555Eg5gEgEgEg5:, som be sure that you see the trade mark . ' 1312522231521 iiiffiiiiiz-:. 'IEIEIEIEISIEIEIQ . . . . - 0 fgE5:3:5:5:5:5:5:? 5:5:5:5:5:3:: '-2:5:5:5:3:2:5:, as per cuts, which insures you in obtain- . ' fSs2s?s2s2s25SaEzSs2s2 5525555221 ' 2zSs2sisisEs:. . . . ' . - ' :Iz5:215:14-I:2:5:3:5:3:5::: Saga' .1 :2:5:2:3:5:3:, ing best quality and erattsmanship. Glad- . ' zifizif' "3:f:f:Q:f: v ' 'f:f:f:Q:Q' a ' - E5E5Ej .:. '2EgE5E3EgE5: .., gi QEQEQEQEQE ly show you our mee selection in white o ' 215131 '1E2E1E1:-.Goa "E1E1E1E2E2E'i Q' . :2E2E2E2E5E . . . . . ' , .... ..,. ..... .. ll l plt 4,:3:,: 'ilziifilijii' :1:I:2:1:2'. g:g1:rE2ErE2:' go i or in irit rum a inum. s n ':5:g:5:, 'g13:-1-:-.R 3:3:5:5:::5:5:5:::3:g:g:g:5: L' , Q :3:i:7:3 ' if3fiEif-. 1:5:527:3:7:3:3:5:5:5:5:3" , . ':z:s:s:a:1- 2:s:z:. 1s:s:z:2a2s2sSefs2sSsE1' ' 'f5S5E5E3E5E2:- 5E5E5E3E5E5E5E5E1E2' I 0 - 2:1:z:s:s:s:s: : . 1-z:s:s:z:s:z:e:s:2:1 B . We 1- C - 0 SEQ:2:5121211:5zfzf:f:2:5:f:Q:E:2:Q:Q:Q:Q:1 C y O. . ' W Established 1900 2 9 Nei.-iiomfseti 4L.LdL41k!ii-.'.4cQJ , E Orange Blossom, Diamond Solitaire and Diamond Wedding Ring ,Im...Q.4..g..g..g..g.Q..g........g..g..g..q-.4..o..q..g.....g..g..g..g..g........g..g..g.....g g ...g..g..g.....g........g.....g......... g g g g g g.g........g..g.,lQ Guy Shiun: "Have you seen the new balloon tires. pn Georgeanna Reid: "VVho ever heard of a balloon needing tires ?" ..l.0 . Dorothy Huckins: "Oh, Ed, did you see the Statue of Liberty in New York ?" Ed Prentiss: "The Statue of Liberty? Oh, you mean the body holding up the ice cream cone l" -l0. Kermit Young: "Do you make life size enlargements of photos? H Photographer: "Yes, sir, it's our specialty." Kermit Young: "VVell, do this one tor me. It's a snapshot of a whale." .ga-0-0-o-o-o-Q--9-4.....g..g.....g..g..q.....g.....g..9.4..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g. g .g.4.4..g..g..gng.....g..g..9.....g..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..........,!f Q a ' There was a. Young Man who went to XVashington High four years. E : He liked Football and the Closing Bell. He did Not like Examinations 1 : or Dolling Vp. NVhen the Other Fellows looked sporty, he was a. sight. I 1 Then one day he met The Girl. He had seen girls before, but not The : 1 Girl. She giggled. shook Her Curly Loeks at him, and disappeared into I I a. Mere Classroom. He was not the Same afterwards. He followed Her I I like a Dog. But every time She saw him, She giggled and shook Her I I Curly Loc-ks. I I f'I'd like a Smile, hut Not a giggle," he said one day, Meekly. Then I 2 She laughed Hard. t'You look So Funny," She said, and giggled some I I more. 2 I He looked at his Clothesg they were Awful. He Ran to A1'111SiI'O11g,S I : and got a. Gay, Colorful, Sporty New Suit and all the FiXin's from their I - Special High Sehool Section. His Parents and the Fellows thanked : : goodness when they saw him. : : Now he looks like a Regular College Fellow, and has Dates with The : 3 Girl. Eel-I'0IvIMIv'I"I"I"II'I"I I I I I"I"I"I"I"I"I"I"I I I I lI"I"I"I"I"I"I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I"I"I'i Page One Hundred and Fifty-tfwo 1 4 i A i l l i . . i . 1 1 i 1 0-I-Dwi--I-l--I-0-0-+I-4--I-0-0-0'-0-0-lv-O44-0-'O-fl-+0-if-0--0-fl--O-I--I-0-0-0won0-fc-I-Q-I-lvi--Iwi--Oniwbwiv-0000!-fiwiwtwl-U--0-Q EET "CHI IE" 1 The man with the smile Let Him Do Your Tire Work C. R. CHTVERTON TIRE CO. -o-o-o-own.-o--o-o-.0-on--o-o--o-o--o-w-a..a..g..g.-g..Q-.-...,..g.....g.....g.4..g.4........g..5..g..g.................g.....,.. .g........ THE MOTORIST He raced across the crossing as fast as he could fly, And then he calmly stopped his car to watch the train go by. Some day he will not beat the train. and then he'll watch on high, 01' possibly from down below, some other speed boob try. ,.,,.0,, Beggar: "Ah, Illfllillll, l wasn't always blind !" Bliss Rogers: "No, yesterday you were deaf and dumb!" ..,0.u...a llotherz "Remember now, don't sit in a draft between dances." Alberta Haynes: "Don't worry mother, nothing less than a Packard will do in ..5-Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q..g.....g..g..g..g..g.....g-g..g..g..g.,...g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g,.g..g..g..g..g VAN PELT, Inc. 316 SECGND AVENUE ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW-N Where young men's Clothing and Haberdashery are featured exclusively Suits 328.50 to 38.50 Always the newest and best at money savings prices DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED O ,P.,..............,...................................,.......................,..,........,.....,..,..,..,..,..,...........,.................,..............,..,. ..,.., ,P Pagz' One Hundred and Fifty-llirff' aff SA.. w nk N ,gjixl P lg-A' ms 'J , -141 .cle Lee JJ IQD1' seez flaw! Vmvie arohne ha Qlely Q71 Milner Lmma Erclyre P 1 La c.VPbflY113-TOUSCIK full v na ez QILCL Pudfi dale Qlrce Vooers I7X1JKe3yno1 Ellzabcih Cock Helen SVJEGZJ Il'QIT'l1I8.ETT1m'L f731'fzR'ckaLds Jem Tnohv K lemenT1neL1Uo MORRIS SANFORD COMPA "1owa,s Greatest ,fBook Store" ofa-o-o-o-o-0-o--Q-Q-Q.-Q-0--o-o-o-o-c--Q-0--0--o-o-0-Q-o-m-1'-0-m-o-c-cwe-u-4--0--0-0--0-0-0-0-4--n--0--v-one-4-a-c-0--o-0-0--0-4--0-0-o!o IHS Travis QHat huntingl : "l'1n afraid these rooms are too dark." Agent: "But, mv dear madame -" 1Iiss Travis: "You see, I wouldn't mind it so much, but I want them for light housekeeping." .lqpl Lives of seniors all remind us, IVe should strive to do our best, And departing leave behind us Notebooks that will help the rest. lTQ-.-.E "It is hard work that brings success." "I know that, but it brings it to the man you're working for." -If-I-O-0-0--0--l"0-0-'C-O--C-0--C-4-+0--Q-1.-0--Q-0--0-0-0-0--0-4-I--C-0-Q-0-O-0--0-0-0--0--0-0-'U 5 MERCI-IANTS' BARBERS Service and Economy 3 NEXT TO PALACE THEATRE is -vo o-01-l-+c-o-o'-o--a-0an-l-0--0--0-l--Q-o-0-0-0--0-vin .Q-4-4-4-Q --0-inQ-0-Q.-0-A-0-v-0--I-4--I--9-in0-l-0-0--01-0-0--I-I--l--Owlwl'-lvl-In Ray 1Iurdock: "I bet I can look into your eyes without laugh-ing, longer than you can look in mine." D Bud Carringer: "IVhy Couldn't you? Think how much funnier your face is than mine." .,.-Ogl 3Iad. Hatton: "lim no foolf, Dick lNIiller: "VVell, you're pretty near one." llad. Hatton: "That's so, guess I'd better move over to the other side of the room." ..,.O.l... The best jokes are not printed in newspapers. They walk around on two legs. g..Q..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. 4........,,.,..,..,..,..........,..................,.....,.. ..,..,.....,..,.., ,..... 4. B ILEY BOOT HOP 220 :: SOUTH :: SECOND :: STREET .I.....q..g..g..g..g..g..g..,.. -5-Q.-Q--our-0-u--0-l+-lw0e-0wl-0--0-0-1-on0--M-I--l--I--0-v-an0-0-0-0-'lvI--5-0--0-0-0-fc-41-If-0--lwlwlf-lf-l--DMM S 2 P i -X3 Page One Hundred and Fifty-four o!o-o+f0-+0-o0--0-4-+v-l-m--0-ft-Own'Q--0'-0-fw-of-I--C-C-0-0--Q-Q-4--9-0-0--Q-u--Q-Q-lf-I--0-0--Q-0-I-Q-Q-0--0-0--0'-0-0--:nano-0--0-0-0-so--0-fo-if G 9 9 9 5 9 - --- ---i--lL': ,25iq-in , . . L -1-9 , ' "'e The Artists Choice X The EMERSON-I-IILTBRUNER MUSIC CO- g Exclusive Representatives 9 9 Q 5 5 viviwi-Owiwifvlwl'-0-'C"O"O"O"O"O"O"Ovl0O"O-'O"O"O"C"O"C"lNONINONCHC'-Clvl-vOwOMCMbwlwlv-O-Of-Iv-O-vi-U"O"O"O''lNO'1O"ONO"l"O"O"O'Ull 'X- YVhen examination time comes around: If at first you don't succeed, don't succumb. 1143...- Riikez "Did yez make Callahan apologize fer what he said about yez ?" Pat: "Yesg he said he was sorry he said so little." l-Q-1. He who laughs last probably had it explained to him. REALTORS Established 1887 I DIG-0-0--0-0-0-of--0--0-s-c-0--0-0--O-I-1Ov!-N-0-O-0-ls-0-0-0--0--0-0-0-I-0-0-4-0+-D-0-D-0.4-Ov!-fi--9--U--0-0-0+-Q-0--if-U--I--0-0--0-0-'lui-U14 Bliss Boyack: "Tom, why do you spell bank with a big B ?" Tom Powell: "lily father says a bank is no good unless it has a large capital." ,l0l. llliss VVitwer: "VVh0 was Homer ?" Chas. Lea: "The guy Babe Ruth made famous." .g..,........,.....,..,..,..,,.,..,..,..,..,.................,...........,.....,........,........,..,..,..,...........,........,.,,..,..,..,..,..,........,..........,............!. 5 i Super Quality-W Developing - Printing - Engraving Is as near as our store to you All prints on Yelox assuring you the best possible print from each negative KODAKS - PHOTOGRAPHS - FRAMES 5 Now Located at 220 3rd Avenue 5 Opposite Montrose Hotel lilvivvi-vi-0 'OCl""."O"O"O'.''."."."O"O'l."."O"O"l"l''Q'O"l"l'4O"l"l"l"l"C'CHO"""N."O"."O"l"l"CHI"IMO"."l"."U""'.0."O"O"l".".'i Page One Hundred and Fifty-five QCIEIM PC A NET iVVZE3W,9SS I '!l'I"'f Yl' ART STUDIGS FOR ADVERTISERS COMMERCIAL DHOTOGRARHERS DHCDTO EN GI-YAVERS COL0132 DLATE MAKERS Cfsftu . g. 419 S econd Aw en LE PHONE 838 ue E ' DA RILUNDS.l0VWA L R - .-0 . E - ' , E E1 JI r- - 46' -by " R 1. N . 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To our parents. To each other. Financial condition. To our "steady." To our creditors. To our parents. l1Vhy we don't subscribe to the Cedar. Notebooks. Their originality. YVhat happened to them? VVhere we were last night. To teachers. To each other. That we positively never do. ,x........,.....g..g.....g..,...........,.....,..q........g.....g..g..p-.q.-a-0--o-o-m-o-o--o-o-o--o--o--m-0-o--o-o-0-o--c--0--o-o-o--o-Q-own--of-o-one--o-4 ole g FINE .ART PRINTERS .4ggvDgggg3ooKB1NDERs 1 College and Hign School Annuals of the liiglzesl qualily of workmanship Q 2 Eslimales Cheeffully Furnished Q ii.-. THE TORCH PRESS -.- Cedar Rapids, Iowa ! 5 1 9 44.9-4-.g..5-....g.. ..g..g..g..g..q..g..q..g..g.Q.....g..g..g..q..g..g..9.4..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..p..... .....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g.....g..g..g Page One Hundrrd 1znd.Fifly-srfvnz 7 l q.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q..g..q..3..g..g..g..g.....g..g..q..g.. .. ..g..g..g..g.-g..g ng- ng g..g..g..g..g..g-.p.g. --o-0-o-wo.-o-o-O-o-O-o-o-o-ons-o-o--o-c-one-o-O--quQ-Q--o--owe--o-mw-4--Q-w-c--e-o-o-o--0-O-o--on-o--a-mln C012 COUIFGF Offers 2 i GRADUATES FROM HIGH SCHOOL Four Years, Training f Aifording ? LIBERAL EDUCATION, BASIC STUDY For MEDICINE, L.-XXV, ENGINEERING, DENTISTRY, MINISTRY, 9 And VOCATIONAL PREPARATION For BIFSIC, DRAMATICS, JOURNALISM, COACHING, COMMERCE AND FINANCE, HOME ECONOMICS Applications for Admission Should Be Made Now, Transcripts of i Credits TO Be Filed After Graduation. IVrite Or ,phone the Student Secretary 's Office for Application Blanks. -i- Pagz' One Hundred and Fifty-aight .-" ll 'I , ,N K, ...U-., . 1 . , ' f""---.M I 'gpm ::.t5Q':4-N,,N"n. I ' flu. -gx outs Qhzw .. ,Z . -, 1 ,I . u S nj 4 iw Hai, igqgu.. jst E 'il 3 A V 'K V I .,,,u'T,,..f 1' -.I Q Ivy- V! nk. A1 Iiyffg J 1 4' , Iii mv' x. , 3 -" -pa f- 4' 5" , -, M- ,N'NQ j? " fx! -- Fe, ...q...,, .itX,J1iq55.3 1x .S J - ff'-fiiefaf ' X NS- . S ,Q D r X uf , ' V 1 . .u"""- , by --C5 jixiqx-1-'af N ,' ' 'H-,,,,,,,,,,'e. ,Intl Z, : W, L L-1,.M ' - 1 -.f-r:':1 Lx.-J : g E : :. : " nu nn ' 1: 2 -' 1 2 5 E 3 E E 5 E E E 5 p E g .. - - - - L v- E : 2 5 : a Aa. E 2 E 5 , . E V5 : : ,QF I . Page One Hundrfd and Fifty-nine I A 1 5ENioR,s of I f V H' Af IXMWM. 0 u cv I "Nfl" M ' V1rgnnM1 , fI2aay'lOY4 'IW FW'Lpfd7 Ewwaliidqg It-frm' IV? CT'-4:,.N gneb:gIn 'F , Ill! dl' "uh 'lil Q 'QSLEIZ org,a1dej.1'f1 MXN SAL JM Ji" Vrx' 'lin xlfgtlilm " M, M ,fl umqwulbsohnx 1- f MI fm s MN tf clfxvid bingghimni helbn QMOMTER, W i H BFM9 QGTQEJBX .. tom 1-Smwem -Qf111d FTan 45 ' HI, 'L Xp' TQUTY 5Gy4W,. elm lfzouznlzp M w w 1 1 Sag Qoodb Q rv POHdd d -4 L 1.w, F, av. ' . 12 I , NV- .I W v . 1aAC?'..Qf , f' f I4 1. S . 1 , , ri-. ,r, .U F he L 2 , . 1'1- M- 1 J f-s 1 ,Y T01 ,,,. g..g., ,, Ag. 25- ' .J - 1 A X.. fd' M w' .,1r,f, 5 1' C" L. 5: ' .dfwuqj ,J -IH -.1 JG, bij? 1 --, -, ,. , 4 .,. ,f - 1 , . w-en" ,1if,,r,. IWW -T., "' - .- ,, '5-'?5"' f 'Q L , . J f ,, ' ,Af-fr--, ' 'T :lf .'-.-. bf ' ri ' I Y 2 ' ..-'Cl 2 ' ' A ' ps f' H ' ' 5,7 X Q ,A 'rw . ff 1, . . . K "lr . . .v,, ' F I 3 f-" '-' I 2 ' I,-1 1 ' ?gA v..i"" J ..1.', 1- 5' , . . .rw 4 , , , 2 7 .Y ,4- ' ' 0- ' -fix' U. . , Y Y .W 1- V- . , ,, V Q., , .".a3f-' ' , Y .- I I ff-Tw Q pf: v 'G' V rw. Alfil 5 s- K., A-'MF'-,f"fat f' TY , ia. '- ' 5 - ' . ,.., .X F :fs f f 'UA Y .x -j, . y i ,J -,.' ,ov QA 5 V V 'E'-ry T' Ziiiliiiif-. V 'Hg"547.iV 1 5 v., .-f ., .,.,., . .,.-11'-1.5, J, 1 .g. A 'Lf J -AQ ,.' '- .,.-.,,-fvl r V ,MEAN !.3!Xf"' f, X' W. I.. f, Q Q..1.' 3 -4 -,: rf: . nl, aii. -i . vw 2 A 4 . 4 1 v-. w e .MVN .N ix ns K ,we 'J X -159' Si '?95gg4LQ3k1efe 35,0- HTH Lf: ,+zf- !"?'1 'viii 1 91,1 -,, "EQ - qu- 'X '- , 5 . 2, ., '-,K -wr, '.A , ."1c, ' fgff . ,,,. 'A . ,JJ J H yn, J, -:.,fr,G,4', B.: E 41' V . In '-55 ' gig' 'Y-: rf' gv 'lfiffh My ,,gg..' , , . . - V -Q ' ' 7 b I N" '- 'Q' 5- X 'S' 1 :aj V 1 V V A, l 1 Y :N , J . Y , .r 3 f ,un '- 'K ' ' 31, ' ' , " Ie Q ,I , Ir I l ! . 3 f i 5 1 I 'I I 1 1 T A L25 A. 1 . 'E' ' .4 .W , , 1 .-L . ,f . 'I 1 J' J A s x 'i 'ggi' '. V 5 . "'. . Q :is A -' Y -' A1 3 .fftgf Ti 'I Ji xy., 1 A 6 Ff,A1,'e' , , 1, 4' 12 , , .. ,I 'I 'Q- Q F'x'4'fg ' 3 ,- - , if f f.. Jiffy. 1 Af -.. a-:Kay JZ.-ww ' Q- . 5. 'hi -, , 4 .S--J'-nl Nui ,'- gf -. ,dn THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN -' -,gs-QQ . r Y adn, , 1- fi ' 5 I iw K4 ., " , f ' A7 1, I fs A l. . f N I ' 1 -' s E 9- fi T F N I . N I ' 5 X Q H' 1 " A . ' n' ' I 1, 1 AW M , J--4-1--1: Lain -1 .17 f4:l' HANSSI1 EV31lx'l.E'xfSr5' flilm 5,S,Lx- .aiu x'TC"'T'i"L:'. Q:g1.1r: . 3 Hobari1Ric1aerlElem16tXrsH.son'P?ariecicPar11eummd 'fidohn wemg Qeif.:.faa ff:f i.f5'fffQ.i 1-Li :J ,.- ' ' ' 1 . ' !mv'-v'.a 1' 's-ff: "2" 'X 'sun Grace De Noon Lucius Neu Eqyzzcli f"larU'1a Sigsell . .u.v,,.w .-.W ..,.. ,,.. .,.- Qazmmam same Qombs Quite omg Q. Q. Bows MdI3N?1!'EE,?O?JgE3 515555, ' LU11LEtEl'6OTI Emma Larson Leofugwem Efmsseldlmka -Mc. :V,.1i-ez A. A, -. L .em 5 K Page Ninn 1 xx ff F7053 f r-J If 1, s 4 1- c -4 '1 no 'Y an 'H ' v .L s I s 'V'- 4 -I F'-Q 5 W7 ' H, Q' '11 I , -W. . JI' 'f yy. . I, V 4. 1 I . ,IJ H .I-5 1 vmx' ' C 'fi I wr, '. P"Nv'N15x' ' , 44 N4 1 . 5. ' ,il ax v'., Q 't'fil'a ' WAT M"-f 'min I'1r.1,41.. P. r " :5 MH . , - 1 Q I . .. 1 ' r 5 ii, pf- ,4 K . L, P u-' ff: . K'-Z1i5.,7 Halt :-34. g' n 'lbs' w ' 1 . ','13k-, 'W' Y lifrv' v N -4 'S xi A 'gq'7ij.,I ' 4 N' "1 L ,'1 h g , . 'ig' "1 '- " rl-5 . , Hi-fl' 'v 'P V . -fm., , I U' 1' 4 uh '1 v " 'ws -5 -1- Q f-ti 9' . r ' , - -, w a . L ,X , . A v ws -il .. 5 I' ' li' .. .nf v,,,g-g P' -, ..". 1 -A-.9 ag. UH' ME 4, I J -lzz-w'.,:'. Jillian T.. I 1 f-ti 9' . r ' , - -, w a . L ,X , . A v ws -il .. 5 I' ' li' .. .nf v,,,g-g P' -, ..". 1 -A-.9 ag. UH' ME 4, I J -lzz-w'.,:'. Jillian T.. I 1 ' 1 fb H11 1- 'M 1 I I i X . 'XXX' 1 " fl 1X1X X 2,,3,,,. H "" "" " """ 111 X Z. 1' 111' m I ?'1Xf!'V" I 3' XX mmm X J' 'IXZL' f' " U 1 ll 'ln 1 -1 5. X X " 1 1' ' 1 L' I 111 1 11' Il'l1 1,,1- 1III1UI 'U "'lm""'XFXXXT'XX1" """ Xffi X' I X I" 1 1 I HERE U ' Xl'1 ' X J ' ' " ' 1 111 ' 17 1 ' X WHICH un, RL Run K X . X X L 1. " ff, ,. 'WW '1V1 ' 1 1 IW 1 " XX X I X ' 11 111 X f1'rL'!'1 ,111 '11 - 1 1 f 1 X 11 'WV 1- 11' '1 H' '1 1 - ', 1 wa, N' " .M ' X X 13' ' FY" ' XX ie qmXXXw,1 XX XWX,M 1 N' J' ' 2' "1 Tm X ' I1 ""'1g1 1' ' E nan F4 I LJ 1 I X TI-IE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 1 XNQSXX1 X 5' X1 fXnfAK ,tax -'I K ,I xk-1 :L+ pe X g-, . ' 1"'1.X 51N ' ""' 1 ' Qs XFN " wg A 1, , 1 X EWMWWJXJ W1 11 4a1X-WTBVW HTIPY' 1. W1 X X Xf X X . X ,Q 1, X 1X . X.. f XX 1X1X X .-11 , ., - 1 .L X V Q 1- 'ifgifif Ti if f'l"5f,?-gJ"" 'f 1'1 . , V , X:, X X: X' 1 1 'g 11 X. Xl.Q.,-1 X' XX lv . L gif ,. 1, 1 - 1 1 X a - MX? ' X , X -' ' n111"' -ARE 0 R cms :s or nivfxno' ,, , AN9 'rms BV 1 , X 15 X -xx Q 14-.,XT SN .. 1111 Q X '-1' 1 fw X X M . ,, 51? f - ' 1 I- 1 . 11"W1 f 2 'tiifbiff' -, 'V 21: 1 ' 1 X ,' 1 l , fr 'WH LE soon s1'u 'rS HORHE 5 ' 1 f XTE V 'f ' 1 EX!-412213 HAVE PORILD -- THLXR FUN 1 -w is .- 1 1 X 113 'FP ' J' ' E' m 'rms owl FLIGHT 'ni' k , f, ff' f 'EX on FANCY .SCARED 1 f 1 f- B' ,' --'-N PE 1 .s1'oRv, ao ' 'i x 'i , Y on vuvvj X X IA YV 5.f1'XVXXi.XX,, Tiif, " I X XIX! xiii' Q-5' X X 'V-N """Xlf1x - 1, 1 X X x1 1I.-- f - XXQX-, E X! w1um,.,w..-. J X1 X 1'11X 6 A' XX X XT XX , X1Wj1.,X1,XX X XX X X' M y ,1 ' 'MX 1,111 1 1 - T 1 11 '1 ' ' 11" -.-..1...1.....,L I X1 X X X X,X,,-"::"'7X1an.: MANV HAVE 1 1 1 1jX if- ,ax X 'JX iff? ' S X 111 X 1 1X asm no mv sconraog X 1 ' -1fX- 1 XX11 XXXXSXU.. I' XXXXXX. --51111 11' 1 .1 X X 1 '- msma scH:N11FIr 'X 1' il ' N' ' " 11 Y -X , X1 X X 1 -- wana BEGUNQ 1 XM , X ' ph., H... mg- '111""' ' l?!gQl1!'1. 31 1 1 1 1 :HX 1 1'11111""'g' Y If s X11- -1- K 1 5 'X 111-1 L111K 11 .111 1' '5 1 1 'Q' " '1 F Q ' " f1-1? . T 'ef1XfQ4'! 1XXug:.Er2'2hrTr:rgS IXELR? N-X -,iXX'1Xm iL-: L E I f" E R 1 " f '1' ' 1 ? l"t?Ti3? i - 1 ' ,. 1 iq-S X ,R 1111 1 2 1 i ' "V ff 'W' -- f--f-,-.., . f 'X ? ,. ,L ' , X 111' XXXy.Xf X ffm, X :H VXX 5. ,,,,,,,, X,,,, ,,,, X , ,,,,,,X,,,X,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,X ,,,,,,,,u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1' ' 11111111 .11111 1u1111Ilu11' ' ' -W" ffl' V' ' 12' A M 1 1111 '11 ,Jjb mm - W4 w'1fS1,' 1,4 X WX ? --I 1 1" 'f4. X Page Ten X . 1 1 K l 1 i I W l as BZ C L A 5 s E S The comrades of the present years, so closely linked today, Now near to us in joys and fears, to morrow PgEl far away. 1 f M A . . -A ,pin-, r., ' 1 M' -HW.-u 4 5.'g'y1..q - . --Mm 53 -,3'.,r ,,,.,, inxii K., JA.- ,, Q mi. N 94- -. TI-IE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 1 lf spa THE SENIOR CLASS Q if President- Richard M. Miller Secretary - Louise James Vice-P1'esia'ent - Bruce ROSS Treasurer - Milo Mitvalsky ADVISERS MISS CocK MISS ROGERS Miss WITWER MISS BLACKFORD MISS SWEM MR. MILLER lllotfo: As cedars striving to attain the heights Colors: Green and White Flower: Pink Rose The Senior Class of ,27 is the first organized class in Washington High for some years. Consequently many new customs have had to be established. The class has adopted the cap and gown for com- mencement, and has selected a senior ring which is to be used for at least three years. A mixer, an informal party, and a banquet have been given during the year by the class, the mixer including the entire school, while the two parties were for graduating seniors. The an- nual play was successfully acted and managed by the Senior Class. Page Twelve THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN A xx. - Q :ua , GRADUATES CHARLOTTE AHLGREN Roosevelt Junior High, Hi-Y-Ette, Girls Booster Club. "Charlie" HENRY ADAMS 'lHank" McKinley Junior High, Alpha Rho, Hi-Y. 'Aide' ' DIVIGHT B. ALDERMAN McKinley Junior High, Representative Pupil 24, Academian '24, Zetagathian '26, Y. CORNELIA ANDERSON McKinley Junior High, HivY-Ette '25, '26, '27, Alpha Beta Chi '25, '26, '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '25, Sigma Pi Alpha '26, '27, Patricians '25, '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '26, '27, Sophrosyne '27. ' KA ' VY Connie BOB ACRACHER McKinley Junior High, Auademian, Alpha Rho, Vice Counsel '25, T. A. C. Hi-Y, Football '24, '25, Captain '25, Basketball '23, '24, '25. MARGARET AVEDOVECH 'lMargie" West High, Minneapolis, Minn., Cecilians, Eroclelphian, Pulse Reporter '26, Sophrosyne, Gamma Alpha Alpha, Nu Sigma Kappa. ROBERT ACLD Polk Junior High School, Nu Sigma Kappa. MILDRED BALES "Midge" McKinley Junior High, Alpha Beta Chi '26, '27, Sigma Phi Alpha '26, '27, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '24, '25, All Star Volley Ball Team '2-1. THELMA CATHERINE BAIN "P. N." Mcliinley Junior High, Hi-Y-Ette '24, '25, Nu Sigma Kappa '25, '26, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, '26, -100, Treasurer '26, '27. FREDERICK ARMSTRONG "Fred" McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y Club '25, '26, '27, Phi Sigma Psi '26, '27, Pulse Reporter. Page Thirifrn gf -E5 .. 5 E15 'j 5 A ,NM THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 'Ivo 3553, MILDRED 1. BAHNKS "Gene" McKinley Junior High School. THOMAS BAILEY "Tom" Polk Junior High School, Football '26, '24 RUTH LOUISE BARTH McKinley Junior High School, Accie'A. S. A. Debate '26, A Cecilian, Pulse '27, Eroclelphian, Hi-Y-Ette. FRANK BAKER, -IR. "Speed" Norfolk High School, Nebraska, Huron High School, South Dakota, Alpha Rho, Hi-Y, Phi Sigma Psi, Tiger Athletic Council, Football '26, Basketball '26, '27, Track 326, '27, All State End '26, Mid-West Champions Football '26, KATHERINE BENDER McKinley Junior High School, Hi-Y-Ette. ROBERT BROXVN "Bob" High School, Madison, Wisconsin, Marion High School, Marion, Iowa, Phi Sigma Psi, Senior Class Play '21 IXIARGARET BERRY Marion High School. H I! Peggy XVILLIARI BROIVN "Bill" Kappa Phi Tau, Football '25. ADELAIDE IRENE BOXA McKinley Junior High School '2-1. LEO BOXA "Lee" McKinley Junior High School '24, Zetagathian. ' 1 I Page Fourteen THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN IIARGARET BRAAIINIER "Peggy" Roosevelt Junior High '23, Nu Sigma Kappa '25, '26, B. G. A. '25, '26, DAVID BINGHAIXI "Dave" McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y '26, '27, Pulse Editor-inrchief '26, Annual Board '27, Patricians '26, '27, Senior Play '27, Quill and Scroll, Secretary and Treasurer '27, RL'TH BCRCHARD Mvliinley Junior High '24, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, '26, Hi-Y- Etfc '27, Alpha Beta Chi '25, Vice-President '26, '27, Ero- clclphian '26, '27, Girls Council, President '26, '27, 400 '27. ALBERT TH ERON BOYER Roosevelt Junior High '24, Acadcmian, Kappa Phi Tau, Hi-X., Tiger Athletic Council, Secretary '26, '27, Captain of Captains '26, '27, Baskctliall '26, '27, All-State Center '26, Football '25, '26, Track '2-l. '25, '26, '27, National Indoor Champions '25, State Indoor Champions '24, '25, '26, Staxc Outdoor Champions '24, '25, FRANCIS BERESH "Frank" M- Kinley Junior High '2-l. CATHERINE BCRKHOLDER "Kate," "BllI'lQ"' fllrliinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Etta '24, '25, '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '25, '26, '27, Treas- urcf '25, Girls' Council '24, '25, Alpha Beta Chi '24, '25, '26, '27, Secretary '25, President '26, Erodelphian '26, '27, Pres- ident '27, Senior Play '27, FREDA CARLSON "Beans" Mcliinlcy Junior High '23, B. G. A. Vice-President '26. CHARLES YV. BURTON "Bud" McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y. YIOLA CHADIAIA Ely High School, JASPER CALDER "slap," "jazz" Franklin Junior High, Alpha Rho '26, '27, YiccfWarilcn '26, Yicc-Council '27, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, Acadcmian Society '25, Tigcr Athletic Council, Football, Mid-West Champion, Basketball, Annual Board. Pagf' Fiflcfn sw- I ,,. 51 i C '55 A .A if w 'N THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN RUDOLPH CEPPLE "Rudy" McKinley Junior High School '2-L VELMA CHRISTLE "Christle" Erodelphian, Gamma Alpha Alpha, Nu Sigma Kappa, Better Gregg Artists, Cecilian Accompanist '25, Orchestra Accom- panist '25, '25, '27, Hi-Y-Ette. KATHERINE CLEMENTS "Katie" Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Cccilians, Treasurer '27, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Erodelphian, Pulse staff, Sophrosyne, President '27, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Y-Ette, Treasurer '25, '26, Cabinet '26, '2T. ROBERT CHERRY "Bob" McKinley Junior High School, Hi-Y. EDVVARD COHN McKinley Junior High School '24. DORA ALICE CLYIXIER "Pickles" McKinley Junior High School '24, Hi-Y-Ette. HOVVARD THOHIAS COIE Grant High. HAZEL COOK "Cookie" McKinley Junior High School, Cecilians, VicevPresident '27, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Girls' Advisory Council '26, Senior Ex- ecutive Council, Eroclelphian, Secretary, '26, Gamma Alpha Alpha. PACL STEDMAN CUMIXIINS McKinley Junior High School, Alpha Rho, Sergeant-at-Arms '25, Glee Club '25, '26, Tiger Athletic Council, Treasurer '25, Vice-President '26, President '27, Football '24, '25, '26, Acaclemian '24, Track '25, Basketball '25, '26, '2T. MAXINE ELLIOTT COOK "Max" Franklin Junior High School '25, Ceciliansg Gamma Alpha Alpha, President '27, Alpha Beta Chi, Vice-President '27. Page Sixteen THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN THELIXIA JEAN CHERRY Benjamin .Franklin '23, Hi-Y-Ette '2-1. JACK DAY clen lb, H15 20, 2b, 27, T. A. C. 26, '27, '26, Brwkctbell '25, '26, '27, VVILHIA CHEHAK Roosevelt Junior High. THOMAS DOHERTY Roosevelt Junior High '24, LEONTINE DAVEN PORT Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Sigma Pi Alpha, EDXVARD EATON "Cherie' '15 "'7 lV'ii Franklin Junior High, A. D. 5. '25, Alpha Rho 'L , - , . Football '25 "lVillie' "Tom' "Etl' McKinley Junior High '24, Acaclemian '24, '25, Yiee-Presirlcnt '25, Acaclemian and Alpha Sigma Alpha Debate '25, Alphi Rho '25, '26, '27, Vice-Warden '27, Boys' Glee Cluh '23 '26, '27, Secretary '26, President '27, Slate Chnmpiune '26 National Champions '25, Boys Quartet '26, Hi-X' '24, '26 '27, Pulse Reporter '27. ARLENE CHILDS "jackie," flask' Mcliinley Junior High School, Hi-Y-Ettc '26, '27, Ce cilians '26, '27, Erurlelphiuns '26, '27, XVILLIAKI ELLYVOOD "Rill' Alpha Rho '26, '27, Acaclemian '24, Seerelary "'-1' Hi Y "'1 '26, '27, Secretary '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '26, Illuliinley Junior High, Senior Play. ROBISRTA CRESSEY Lost Nation High School '24, '25, RUTH ELEANOR COON lllcliinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Elte '24, '25, '26, '27, Em delphian '26, '27, State Champion Girls' Glee Club '26, Stain Champion Mixed Chorus '26, Ceeilian '25, '26, '27, 'l'rensurei .06 Page Seventeen T1-1E CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN -as Y' ELIZABETH NAN DAVIS "Betty" Franklin Junior High '24, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, '26, Secre- tary '25, President '26, Erodelphian '26, '27, Treasurer '26, Hi-Y-Ette Cabinet '26, '27. PAUL ENGLE McKinley Junior High, Co-editor Pulse '27, Quill and Scroll, President '27. EDNA IXIARIE DERBY "Babe," "Toots" McKinley Junior High '24, Sigma Pi Alpha '25, '26, '27, Teller '26, Better Gregg Artists '25, '26, '27, Vice-President '26, President '27, GAYNOR EVANS East Waterloo '24, '25, Hi-Y '26, '27, Track '27. MARTHA DUSEK McKinley Junior High '24, Nu Sigma Kappa, Pulse Reporter '26. BERTHA ANNABELLE ELLIS "Annie" Polk Junior High, Sigma Pi Alpha '24, '25, '26, '27, Hi-Y-Ette '23, '24, '25, '26, '27, Girls' Booster Club '24 '25 '26' Cecilians '27, -1-1-1 INIARTHA DOBROUSKY Van Buren Junior High, Better Gregg Artists. JOHN EVANS "Chick" McKinley Junior High '24, Zetagathian '25, '26, '27, Vice- President, Nu Sigma Kappa '25, '25, '27, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, Pulse Staff '26, '27, Quill and Scroll '27. IMOGENE EASTERLY Franklin Junior High, Gamma Alpha Alpha, Secretary and Treasurer '24, Alpha Sigma Alpha '24, '25. JOHN FRENCH McKinley Junior High, Acaflemian Debating Society, Hi-Y, Alpha Rho, Senior Play. Page Eighleen THE CEDAR-OF TWENTY- SEVEN EDVVYNNE FELIX Muscatine High School '25g Hi-Y-Etteg Sigma Pi Alpha. GEORGE H. GANTZER Nu Sigma Kappa '25, '27, HELEN FUMEI II McKinley Junior High 'ZZ-lp Erodelphiang Hi-YAEM ROBERT GATES Franklin Junior High '22-15 Editor-in-Chief "The Ceda DOROTHY GEPHART Burlington High. DAVVSON ESTES GRIM tlKidH tlBObvy r," -v-v Roosevelt Junior High '2-lg Orchestra and Band '24, 'R5 "TG ,97 4. . LENORE BIADELINE GORDON Girls' Advisory Council '25g Hi-Y-Ette '25, 'EGQ Erodel hiang P t Pulse Repor er 'Z2T. KENNETH GRAY Roosevelt Junior High 'IZ-lg Zetagathiang Band and Y-74 H15 H16 ..,..,... ALICE LEROY HART Orchestra KALCEH Franklin Junior High '2-lg Better Gregg Artistsg Qlgnia P1 Alpha. SABI A. GIOVANNAZZI Polk Junior High. Page Nineteen S A J 4 ' 'THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN N HDS 1 'Y 3 1 pu! cwsijie Ll Ak A, fklebsgitqki HAROLD HALFHILL "Happy" Roosevelt Junior High, Boys' Glee Club '25, '26, '27, Secre- tory '26, Vice-President '26, President '27, Mid-West Cham- pions '25, Banrl '24, '25, Kappa Phi Tau '26, '27, Sergeant at Arms '2li. IMOGENE GINN "Imo" Gliclrlen High School '26, Erorlelphian '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '27, Hi-Y-Ette '26. RONALD RAMSEY HOLETS "Ronnie" ' Fairfax High '25. 'i'i.g2?'m'?QxNO1'?gtvIl1?JN Roosevelt High, Alpha Beta Chi, Hi-Y-Ette '24, -5, Cecilians State Contest Winners '26, Erodelphians. 'Q MARGARET HAGEMAN McKinley High, Eroflelphian '27, Cecilians '25, '26, Vice-Pres- irlent '26, President '27, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, Hi-Y-Ette '24, Gamma Alpha Alpha '27, Senior Play '27. RUTH KATHRYN HAHN Benjamin Franklin, B. G. A. IXIABEL GRAEPLER McKinley High '25, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, Sigma Pi Alpha '25, Patricians '26, '27, Secretary '27, National High School Orchestra, Orchestra '25, '26, '27, State Championship '26, ELMO HOLLAND Roosevelt High, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27, French Club, Business Manager "The Cedar." MARGARET GRUNEVVALD "Marge" Roosevelt High '24, Gamma Alpha Alpha '24, '25, '26, '27, Volley Ball Team '25, Track Meet '25, Baseball Team '26, 400 '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '27. EDISON HERB Davenport High. Page Twenty THEEEDAR or TWENTY SEVEN .A zrf' f A if 'ig F145 1 iikgfiq ALICE IXIARIETTA HANSON Roosevelt Junior High School '24, Cecilians '26, '27. XVESLEY HOLECEK McKinley Junior High. ELIZABETH HANSEN "Remy" Benjamin Franklin Junior High School '24, Orchestra '25, . '26, '27, Mirl-West Champions, Sigma Pi Alpha '26, '27, Hi-Y' ' Ette '25, '26, '27. ROY HOLTZ Q McKinley Junior High School '24, Nu Sigma Kappa, Pros- iclcnt '26, Zctagzithian '27, Sophrosyne -i. i 5 i i LEE HUSTON "General" McKinley Junior High School, 400. IXIARGARET HALL i'lhI.?ll'g" McKinley Junior High School '24, Nu Sigma Kappa. , 1 MARGEERITE HIBNES "Hibnes" McKinley Junior High School, Sigma Pi Alpha, Hi-Y'Ette, Alpha Beta Chi, Nu Sigma Kappa. CECIL JACKMAN McKinley Junior High School '24, Orchestra '25, '26, '24 Band '26, '27, Hi-Y. PAULINE HARKEN "Sparky" McKinley Junior High School '24, Sigma Phi Alpha '26, '27 Erodelphian, HIAY-Ette '25, '26, '27. ANN HAYNER McKinley Junior High School '24, Sophrosyne, Sigma Pi Alpha, President, Alpha Beta Chi, President '26, Better Grugg Ariists, President '27, Hi-Y-Ette, Girls' Advisory Council. Page Twenty-one 'ff' ...., -1 rw '-A if-lux-' ,Q , 1 w I I l lf' swf, ,. M by-,. .V H r , Yfw 1 4 I x 1 1 rw. a 114. wif" 4 1' x --"H , , r ?f4v?'f1' Q n" v- ,if-3 45 ul -" H.,1,., 4 K rufiv . 'N "ax V. "I 'rl-IE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN V ,M..:,. ' xgzjx J, a ,. i. ,, I ' I 1 -i I I A 1 1 l I ELIZA MERRILL HICKOK "Roby" McKinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Ette '25, President '26, '27, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, Secretary '26, Girls' Advisory Coun- eil '26, '27, Erodelphian '26, '27, Pulse Staff '26, '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '25, Quill and Scroll '27, Senior Play. XVESTIN JACOBSON Franklin Junior High '24, Zetagathian, Hi-Y, Blue Pencil, Senior Play. "VVinston" LILLIAN HOFFMAN McKinley Junior High '24, Erodelphian Alpha Alpha '24, '25, '26, '27, Hi-Y-Ette '24, '25, '26, '27. HLi1!Y '26, '27 , Gamma CHESTER L. JONES Roosevelt Junior High '2-4. nchetn MARIAN HUTTON Davenport High School, The Four Hundred, Le Cercle Fran' caes, Hi-Y-Ette. "IN'Iary Ann" IXIILO JORDAN McKinley Junior High '24, Senior Play. HERBERT KRATZE McKinley Junior High, Band '24, '25, Orchestra '23, Extra- Curricular Student Committee, Business Manager Senior Play, City Volley-ball Champs '25, '26, Blue Pencil '26, LOUISE JAINIES "Jimmie" Franklin Junior High '24, Erodelphian '26, President '27, Alpha Sigma Alpha '25, Sophrosyne '26, '27, Girls' Advisory Council '25, '26, Vice'President, Quill and Scroll '27, Pulse Staff '25, '26, Patricians '25, '26, '27, President, Aedile, Senior Class, Secretary, Alpha Beta Chi '26, '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '24, '25, '26, '27, Le Cercle Francaes '27, Hi-Y- Ette '24, '25, '26, '27. CHARLES R. LEA "Chuck" Los Angeles High School '24, Alpha Rho, Hi-Y. RUTH IONE HOVVARD Franklin Junior High '24, Sigma Pi Alpha, Treasurer '26, President '27, Patricians, Pulse Staff '26, Quill and Scroll, "Cedar" Board, Sophrosyne. Page Tfwnrty-lfwo L l THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ,af Er A "I - 1 1 I f ji .12 , RUTH ELIZABETH KUBIAS "Betty" , Kappa '26, '27, Sigma Pi Alpha Q '26, '27, Publicity Chairman '27, Roosevelt High, Nu Sigma '25, '26, '27, Hi-Y-Ette '25, Christmas Cantata '27. HAROLD KRUSE McKinley High, Alpha Rho '26, Hi-Y '26, '27, Track '26, '27. MARION KELLER McKinley High '2-l, Sigma Alpha Beta Chi, Hi-Y-Ette. "lIary Ann" Pi Alpha, Nu Sigma Kappa, THOMAS A. MACGREGOR Garson High, Manitoba, Canada, East Side High, Madison, Wisconsin. CLARA MAE JESINA "Jessie" Roosevelt High '23, Hi-Y-Ette '23, '24, Orchestra, State Champions '23, '24, '25, '26, Erodclphian '26, '27, JARMILLA JAMBOR '-Jam" McKinley Iligh '2-1, B. Ci. A. CHARLES LUTZ Classon Junior High, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Cross Coun- try '26. ARLENE JONES Roosevelt High '24, Cecilians '25, '26, '27, Pulse Stati' Rc- portcr '27, State Champion Quartet, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus '26, Accompanist Boys' Quartet '26, Erodelphian '26, '27, Gamma Alpha Alpha '25, '26, '27, Pulse Staff '27. LDELL LEIBSOHN "3Iurphy" McKinley High: Shattuck Military Academy '24, '25, Basket- ligill '26, '27, Tennis '26. Captain '27, Track '27, Kappa Phi Tau, Treasurer '26, Hi-Y, T. A. C., Advertising Blanaucr An- nual, Pulse Statf '26. '27. FLORENCE ,IORGENSON McKinley Junior High. Page Tufrity-ihref 5 fl -viii- an H X . N ' 12,'Q 'STH ill. iss L I Q-jf A , we - 'frm 333. RICHARD M. MILLER mian-Alpha Sigma Alpha Debate, Kappa Senior Class President '27. BERNICE E. LEEGE Franklin Junior High School, Sigma Pi A Francais. VIRGINIA LADAGE Sophrosyne '26, '27, TED IXIARESH T. A. C., Kappa Phi Tau, Acarleniiang ETHELYN M. LINDSEY VLASTA LISKOVSKY Franklin Junior High School, Cecilians ERNEST MICHEL Franklin Junior High School. MOLLIE KORNITZKY CLAIR MILLER McKinley Junior High, Football '23, THE. CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Hoicia' McKinley Junior High School, Academian, President, Acade- Phi Tau, Vice-Prcs- idcnt: T. A. C,, Track '25, '28, Captain '26, Football '26, lphag Pulse Reporter '26, The 400, Vice President '27, The Pulse '26, Le Cercle Waterloo West High School '23, '24, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, Hi-Y, All American Yaudcville '26, Football '25, '26, Track '26. iq- iq North English High School '23, '24, Fioya -a, -6. UDiCkll '27, Better Gregg Artists '26, '27, Secretary, Treasurer '27. "Ernie" "IUonnie" Nu Sigma Kappa, President '25, Treasurer '26, Pulse Re- porter '27, Sigma Phi Alpha, Sophrosyne, Vice-President, Pulse Exchange Editor '26, '27, Quill and Scroll '27, Hi-Y- Ette, Le Cercle Francais, Vice-President '27. ,IQSEPHINE B. LETOVSKY McKinley Junior High, Hi-YAEtte '25, '26, '2 Cross Council Representative '25, '26, '27. LIJOCH 7, Junior Red "Irish" '24. Page Tfwenty-fo ur THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN WQA 23211 C MARY LOUISE LADAGE West High School. Waterloo, Iowag Sigma Pi Alpha '2-1, '20 Hi-Y-Ette 25. '26, '2T3 Le Cercle Francais '2T, RIILO BIITYALSKY "Mike," "Mit" McKinley Junior High School '24g Zetagathian: Hi-Y, Phi Sigma Psi: "Gracie": Senior Class Treasurer: Band, Cr--ss Country '24. '23, Scninr Play '2T. KATHRYX LOXGEEYILLE McKinley Junior Hizh School '24: Hi-Y-Ette 25. '2ll. '2T2 Sigma Phi Alpha '26, '2T3 Palricians '20, '2T: Senior Play 'xi GEY XVRIGHT Benjamin Franklin Junior High School. "Theseus" RIARJORIE MARIE LORTZ Mcliinlc-y Junior High School: Gamma Alpha Alpha: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Hi-Y-Eire Service Chairman '2l5. Yice-Presiflcnt .,.,- "1Iargc" HELEN E. LOXVE ,Xnamosa High School '23, Polk Junior High School '23: Hi-Y-Elie: Sigma Pi Alpha: Alpha Beta Chi. C.-XTI-IERIXE IS.-XBELL MACGREGQR "Cassie" Garson High. fllaniioha, Canarla '24, '2S, 'Znjg East Sale High, Madison. Wis.: Hi'Y-Eire '26, '2- BEX PADZENSKEY "Curly" McKinley Junior High School '2-L: Hi-Y. JOHN NICOL Benjamin Franklin Junior High, CATHERINE KIALONEY "Kate" Franklin Junior High School '25, Sigma Pi Alpha '25, '26, Treasurer '2Tg Orchestra '25, '26, '2Tg National High School Orchestra '26, Band '26, '27 Page Ttuenly-fi-N A THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 555756 A ' iff f.. - yzzfgx 2. 23?--'Q-S EVERETT RALL Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Kappa Phi Tau '25, '26, '27, Academian, Treasurer '25, Accie-A. S. A, Debate '25, Senior Play '27. GLADYS IXIEEK "Blushes" Roosevelt Junior High, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Erodelphian, Nu Sigma Kappa, Treasurer '26, President '27, Hi-Y-Ette, Gam- ma Alpha Alpha, Orchestra, Secretary '27, Band, Senior Play '27. LOUISE MEKOTA "Lou" Immaculate Conception, Hi-Y-Ette '26, '27, Sigma Pi Alpha '27. THOIIAS B. PCVVELL, JR. "Tommy" Franklin Junior High '24, Kappa Phi Tau '25, '26, '27, Sec- retary '26, President '27, Debate '27, Accie '24, 25, Phi Sigma Psi '26, '27, Patrician '26, '27, Censor '26, Pro Con- sul '27, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, Cross Country '25, '26, Captain '26, Track '26, '27, Pulse Staff '26, '27, "The Cedar" '27. FLORENCE II. QUAAS Dunbar High School, Dunbar, Wisconsin. MARY ALICE MCFARLAND Ames High '24, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, Gamma Alpha Alpha '25, '26, '27, Patrician '26, '27, Girls' Advisory Council '26, So- phrosyne Secretary '27, Le Cercle Francais '27, Erodelphian, Secretary '27. JANE LUDY McKinley Junior High, Cecilians '26, President '26, Accie- A. S. A. Debate '25, Erodelphian, President '25, Patricians, Hi-Y-Ette, Girls' Council. ARNOLD PYLE Phi Sigma Psi, Pulse Reporter '25, Boys' Glee, Four Hun- rlrecl, Pulse Reporter Staff '25, '26, '27. H EDXVARD PRENTISS "Ed" ' Mc-Kinley Junior High, Alpho Rho, Historian '25, Scribe '26, '27, Phi Sigma Psi, President '25, Hi-Y, Glee Club, Pulse Staff, Alpha Rho-Kappa Phi Tau Debate '26, Senior Play '27. ELIXIA MEAD Benjamin Franklin High '24, Eroilelphian. Page Tfwenty-.fix THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN V xlx I 1 1 1 I l 1 l ' A' ART REDEL "Redd" Marshalltown High '23, Franklin Junior High '24, Alpha Rho, Vice Council '27, Academian '25, Tiger Athletic Council '24, '25, '26, '27, Treasurer '27, Football '24, '25, '26, Bas' kctball '24, '25, '26, '27, Track '24, '25, '26, '27, Captain '27, National Outdoor Champions '24, National Indoor Cham- pions '225, '26, State Outdoor Champions '25, HiAY. ORVA MITCHELL "Mitchell" McKinley Junior High, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer '26, Erodelphian '27' Hi Y Ette Cabinet '27' Sigma Phi Alpha' - v ' ' - 1 s A I v Girls' Booster Club, Girls' Advisory Council '27. HENRY ROSELLE "Rosie" Boys' Glee Club '26, '27. PHYLLIS M. MOORCROFT "Phyl" McKinley Junior High '24, Gamma Alpha Alpha '24, Volley Ball Team '25, Band, Hi-Y-Ette. LORRAINE MUELLER Franklin Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Ette, Sigma Pi Alpha, Trcas- urer '26, Le Cercle Francais, Nu Sigma Kappa GLADYS MEYER "Glad" McKinley Junior High, Sophrosyne, Sigma Pi Alpha, Patri- clans. AGNES RUTH MORRIS "Pal" Franklin Junior High '24, Sigma Pi Alpha, Secretary '26, Bet- ter Gregg Artists, Secretary and Treasurer '26. REIMER HALLIS ROHDE McKinley Junior High, Pulse Staff '26, '27, JANE MOORE "Curly" Gamma Alpha Alpha, Pulse Reporter '24, Girls' Doubles Tun- nis Champions '24, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Erodelphian, Girls' Advisory Council Secretary-Treasurer, Annual Board, Pulse Staff, Quill and Scroll, Patricians, Consul '27, Le Ccrcle Francais, Senior Play '27. JOHN E. REID McKinley Junior High, Zetagathian. Page T1u'enry'.refvf'n -7-.52 EF: A .. , as s 35.4-7+-CQ. "" ' "'f'C""" 7' ' ""1 'f' ' ' ,U 'X v i ,. THE. CEDAR OF ATWENTY SEVEN A 2,2 1 i I i l I l 7 -Q- A ii, ,4K'Q:. NG ." 1-xrf Af :sqm-3 X ts r. ,-- .. -We ,1 ak., ' DON ROSS "Shriek" Benjamin Franklin '24, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, DOROTHY OXLEY "Dot" Mcliinley Junior High. THEODORE SEBERN "Ted" Glee Club '26, '27, State Champions '26, Zetagathian '26, Treasurer '26, Presiclent '27, Quill and Scroll '27, Art Editor of Annual '27, Pulse Art Editor '26, '27, Senior Play '27. FAITH NEXVELL Roosevelt Junior High '23, Alpha Sigma Alpha '24, '25, Ero- , tlelphian '26. "Faithie" GLEN SCHODDE McKinley Junior High, Alpha Sigma Psi, Yicc-President '25, President '26, "Miss Civiliza- tion", Hi-Y, Treasurer '26. Rho Steward '26, '27, Phi MARCEDES E. NEVVMAN ixreriiniey Junior 1-ugh '24, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, '27, MILDRED B. XVHITE McKinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Ette '24, '25, '26, '27, Cel cilians '25, '26, '27, District Music Contest '26, State Music Contest '26. "TYIa1'Clie" Sigma Alpha '24, '25, Treasurer '25, Alpha Gamma Alpha '24, '25, President '25, Erotlclphian '26, '27, Vice-President '27, Four Hundred '27. MARGARET LARIMER McKinley Junior High '24, Alpha '26, Le Cercle Francais VIRGINIA TAYLOR Benjamin Franklin Junior High '24, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treas- urer '25, Vice4Presiclent '26, Erorlelphian '26, Vice-President '27, Annual Board '27, RUTH VVEBSTER Roosevelt Junior High '24, Cecilians, District and State Con- tests, Hi-Y-Ette, Patricians, Gamma Alpha Alpha, Orchestra '25, Pulse Local Editor '26, Quill and Scroll '27. Page Tfwenty-eight THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN VIRGINIA E. PARROTT Waverly High, Waverly, Iowa. '-Poli,-" CHARLES SHEPARD McKinley High School: Boys' Glee Club '25, '26, '27, . u Sigma Kappa '2l5: Hi'Y '26, '27, Pulse Stahl '26, '27, Qui and Scroll '27, Hi-Y Quartettc '26, if , CLARIBETH PROCTOR "Betty" Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Secretary '2-I, Yice-President '25, Eroclelphian, GUY XV. SHINN Mcliinley Junior High School, Kappa Phi Tau, Sergvaiit-at Arms '25, Secretary '26, Vice-President '27, Football '25, '25, '27, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, Glee Club, Senior Play '27, Tiger Athletic Council '25, '26, '27, EMMA CATHERINE PNOYSKY "Bob" Franklin Junior High School, Better Gregg Artists '2li. MARTHA MAY POHORSKY "Marte" McKinley Junior High School, Gamma Alpha Alpha, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Hi-Y-Etta, Tennis Doubles '25, EYALYN PORTER Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sophrosyne, Acaclcmian and Alpha Sigma Alpha De-liatc '241g Hi-Y-Etta, Nu Sigma Kappa, Orchestra '25, FERRIS SIMPSON Mcliinlcy Junior High School, Alpha Rho '26, '27, Phi Sigma PSi '25, '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '2lI, Hi-Y '2li, 'L7, Senior Play '27, "Si1np" JAMES HARVEY SMYTHE Woodrow Wilson Junior High School '24, "slim" MARY ELIZABETH RAMSEY Anamosa High School '24, Cecilians '2Ii, Secretary '27, Fro- clclphian: Sophrosync, Alpha Beta Chi '25, '26, '27, Hi'Y- Etta '25, '26, '27, Sigma Pi Alpha '26, '27, Annual Buaril, Page Twenty-nine zif' I 51 li E- 95125: ..,"f1'55 ' lf 4931 f FV' :sim Q--' y . 'rl-lr: ci-:DAR or TWEN1-Y SEVEN , .flsipa 1 'NN-1 J 3 BERNICE REYNOLDS Sigma Alpha '24, '25, Pulse Reporter '26, '27, Erodelphian '26, '27. XVAYNE STOOKEY Glee Club, Vice-President '25, Phi Sigma Business Staff '26, DOROTHY ROBINSON Roosevelt Junior High '24, HifY-Ette ' FREDERICK THOMPSON Cedar Falls High School, Sophrosyne. GERTRUDE REID McKinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Ette, N ma Pi Alpha. LEONA MAY ROBOVSKY BETTY BEEMS McKinley Junior High, Excelsior Springs Sigma Pi Alpha '25, Erodelphian '27. GEORGANNA REID JACK SMYTHE MARGUERITE ROBBIE Beta Chi, Treasurer '26, Secretary '27, Francais, Sigma Pi Alpha, Vice-President '27. llspudll McKinley Junior High '24, Orchestra '23, '24, '25, Alpha '25, Gamma Alpha Alpha '24, '25, Warder '24, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, '27, Cabinet McKinley Junior High, Zetagathian, President '25, Boys' Psi, "Gracie", Pulse 25, '2e. "Fritz" "Shorty" u Sigma Kappa, Sig- uLee!! McKinley Junior High '24, Better Gregg Artists '26, High '26, Hi-Y-we '25, Alpha Beta Chi, President '25, "To The Ladies" '25, McKinley Junior High '24, Erodelphian '26, '27, Franklin Junior High '24, Kappa Phi Tau '25, '26, '27, Pulse Reporter '27, Academian, Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, "Marge" West Seattle High, Seattle, Wash. '25, Erodelphian, Alpha Hi-Y-Ette, Le Cercle '26, Pulse Reporter Page Thirty THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Pvnx Eff u., ,t ,Q-4, , VIVA ROVVRAY "Veve" McKinley Junior High, Sigma Pi Alpha '25, Sophrosyne '27. JOHN TURNER Academian '24, '25, President '25, Alpha Rho '25, '26, '2l Consul '27, Hi-Y '24, '25, '26, '27, Vice-President '26, '2l Glee Club '26, '27. RUTH IIAXINE SHANNON "Kim" McKinley Junior High '24. JEROME TLUSTY ffjmy' McKinley Junior High, Zetagathian '25, '26, '27, Pulse Re- Y porter '26, Secretary '27, Quill and Scroll '27, Pulse Staff '26, '27, Hi-Y '27, Band '25, '26, '27, Orchestra '25, '26, '27, State Champions '26, DOROTHY MARIE SQUIRE "Dot" McKinley Junior High '27, Better Gregg Artists, Pulse Re- porter '26, LOIS SEELYE McKinley Junior High, Alpha Beta Chi, Sigma Pi Alpha. ELKIA SLABY Iowa City High '23. LOREN TOOGOOD "Shorty" McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y '25, '26, '2l HELEN JUNE SHOIILER Alpha Sigma Alpha '24, '25, Hi-Y-Ette '24, '25, '26, '27 Four Hundred '27, Le Cercle Francais '27, Erodelphian '27 Annual Board. KARL T. THOMPSON "Tommy" Franklin Junior High School, Tiger Athletic Council, HivY, Football '25, '26, Basketball '25, '26, Track '26. Page Thirty-one 5 i C 'ff' ...., -1 rw '-A if-lux-' ,Q , 1 w I I l lf' swf, ,. M by-,. .V H r , Yfw 1 4 I x 1 1 rw. a 114. wif" 4 1' x --"H , , r ?f4v?'f1' Q n" v- ,if-3 45 ul -" H.,1,., 4 K rufiv . 'N "ax V. "I THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN XJA 1 1 U- 1 x B ai i 15.22 an 7 at 4" .ml aim- 1 4 f--S .E -.---.,... FAYE A. STEVVART New hall Consolidated School. MARY ELIZABETH SHALER Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Le Cercle Francais '27, Hi- Y-Elte '25, '26, '27, Sigma Pi Alpha '26, '27. -IAMES C. VAIL "jim" Roosevelt Junior High, Acaclemians, Sergeant-at-Arms '25, Kappa Phi Tau '25, '26, '27, Vice-Presiclent '25, President '26, Tiger Athletic Council '26, '27, Phi Sigma Psi '26, '27, Football '26, '27, Mifl-West Champions '26, Basketball '25, '26, '27. XVILMA STEVVART "Billie" Newhall Consnliclatecl School, Sigma Pi Alpha, Cecilians. JQHN VOSBIEK "Smack" McKinley Junior High, Kappa Phi Tau '25, '26, '27, Corre- sponding Secretary '26, Ararlemians '24, '25, Hi-Y, Senior Play '27, Football '25, KIARY STOOKEY McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '2lig Sigma Pi Alpha '26, '27, Alpha Beta Chi '26, '27, HENRY VYSKOCIL Meliinley Junior High, Orchestra '25, '26, National High School Orchestra '2li. IRIXIA SLAPNICKA "Slap" Benjamin Franklin Junior High. 5 HENRIIQTTE RI. SXVAB "Henry" ' Roosevelt Junior High, Hi'Y-Ettc. ' EDVVIN JOHN VAVRA "Ed" Ely Junior High, Alpha Rho '26, '27, Football, Track. Pnye Thirly-tfwo T5-E CEDAR or TWENTY SEVEN DELLA TAYLOR lilcliinley Junior High '24, Cccilians '26, '27, Hi-Y-Etta '24, '25, '26, '27. KIARION SVVARTZFLL McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, '27, Sigma Pi Alpha '25, '26, '27, President '26, Tennis '25, Alpha Sigma Alpha '26, Erodelphian '27, Cecilians '26, '27, Secretary '26, State Champion Girls' Glee Club '26, Annual Board '27. MORRIS VVEIR "Bob" McKinley Junior High School, Academians '25, Hi-Y '26, '27, Alpha Rho '26, '27, Football '26, Boys' Glee Club '26, '27, Track '27. LUCILLE TAYLOR "Lou" Golden High, St. Louis, Missouri, Sigma Pi Alpha, Hi-Y-Ette, Erodelphian. THELMA TELLIN "Bert" Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Better Gregg Artists '25 '26, '27, Pulse Reporter '27. TED VVERNIMONT Franklin Junior High, Kappa Phi Tau, Hi-Y, Pulse Statt '26, '27, "The Four Hundred," President '26, '27, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27, State Champs '24, '25, '26, '27, Cheer Leader '26, '27, Senior Play '27. RICHARD HALL XVALSER Polk Junior High '23. JEANETTE THOKIPSON "Tommy" McKinley Junior High, Sophrosyne, Sigma Pi Alpha, Patri- eians, Pro-Consul '26, Le Cercle Francais, President '27, Ero- delphian. VLASTA TELECKY "Pat" McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y-Ettc, Sigma Pi Alpha. EVELYN TROYAK "EW" McKinley Junior High, Nu Sigma Kappa '25, '26, '27, Vice- President '27. ' Page Thirty-three 1,3631 5-AQ xc .1 ,iw THE CEDAR or TWEN1-Y SEVEN FQ: e.. .. 1 -if . RUTH YOUNG phians, Cecilians, Senior Play '2T. RIARIE YVHITARIORE McKinley Junior High '24, Hi-Y-Ette Alpha '25, '26, Girls' Advisory Council Chi '25, '26, '27, Treasurer '2'T. VLASTA V. VONDRACEK Roosevelt Junior High '24, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27. NEEDHAINI YOUNG Roosevelt Junior High '24, Academian '26, '27, Boys' Glee Club '25, '26, '27 dent '26, Boys' Quartet '26, Hi-Y '2-1 Chorus '25, ALICE WETZEL DOROTHY VVHEELER ELEANOR XVILSON Better Gregg Artists. Scroll. CAROLINE VRBA Roosevelt Junior High '2-1. '94 . v 1 Springfield High School, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, '27, Erodelphians '26, '27, Treasurer '27, Four Hundred. Center Junction '25, Hi-Y-Ette, Sigma Pi Alpha, Erodel- "Barney" 25, Sigma Phi - 1 '25, '26, Alpha Beta NPat!! '25, '26, '27, Band HBar!! '24, Zetagathian '25, Treasurer '25, Presi- '25, '26, '27, Mixed Sigma Pi Alpha '24, Fioya '24, '25, '26, '27, HDOtH Benjamin Franklin '25, Hi-Y-Ette '25, '26, Sigma Pi Alpha, KERINIIT YOUNG "Brigham" Centerville High School '23, '24, Pulse Stall' '26, Quill and McKinley Junior High '24, Better Gregg Artists. CHESTER INIERLE VVILLIAKIS "Chet" Page Thirty-four RALPH MOORCROFT 'THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ..:,,f, , NES ln - A .iefllf ESTHER LILLIAN BIUKIFCRD "lNIumf" McKinley Junior High '24, Alpha Beta Chi '25, '26, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '26, '27, Senior Play '27. BRUCE IIORTON ROSS Roosevelt Junior High '24, Zetagathian '25, '26, '27, '27, Orchestra '25, '26, '27, Pres. '27, Band '25, 5 Hi'Y '25, '26, 'L7, Boys' Glee Club '25, '26, '27, '27, Nu Sigma Kappa '26, '27, Washington High '26, '27, Vice-President of Senior Class '26, '27, MAXINE PAAR McKinley Junior High '24, Patricians, Treasurer Hi-Y-Ette, Erodelphian, Sigma Pi Alpha Tennis T '26, High School Singles '26. NIARJORIE IXIUENCH McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y-Ette, Secretary '25, Beta Chi, Pulse Reporter '27, Nu Sigma Kappa' Alpha, Erodelphian, Patricians. 1 ALBERTA STRAUBINGER "Bert" Polk Junior High. Eagle Grove High School, Eagle Grove, Iowa, '25, '26. HAROLD SOPER "Harry" McKinley Junior High. TALTON XVORLEY McKinley Junior High, Hi-Y. '26, Alpha . .ff ' 'K I , "Crip" Pres. '26, 7 '26, Zi, Secretary Quartette "Mack" '25. '269 0Ul"l'l3l1lQl'li 1A3Iarj!Y Sigma Pi ERNEST RE-ISA "Ernie" Van Buren Junior High. FERN VVASHBURN Roosevelt Junior High, Better Gregg Artists. LULL' YVALKER "Lon" McKinley Junior High. JOHN BOXVMAN ".lohnie" McKinley Junior High, Boys' Glee Club, Academ- ians, Phi Sigma Psi, Kappa Phi Tau, HiAY. Page Thirty-fu' 5254 433.154 J-fi-w K T ,N THE QE-DAR-OF TWENTY SEVEN Q-.E ALMA MATER How should we answer thee, lNIother of Men, If thou shouldst bid us halt our onward race And say, "Here, in this old learning place Cf graying stone, thy fathers labored, when, Young in their pride of prairie, field, and glen, They lived in fear of God, yet dared to face The wilderness, and carve there-in their place. And now I ask, 'What will you do as men?' ' ! Oh, chide us not! Since you well know the pain, The bitter anguish to assail our lives, To sear our natural souls as whetted knives, Uh, do not call our present joy a stain! We've studied, played, and sorrowed side by side, VVe came here young and are, as yet, unfledged, But now one height is gained, one struggle ledged, And we go out upon Life's highway wide. VVho will reach his goal, we cannot tell, For some may prove less valiant in the strife, But each of us, to prove his worth in life, Nlust press forever onward, must strive well. So may we be to those we leave behind. True leaders to rich goals forever higher, Our standards pure and true, our souls afire VVith one ideal - the service of mankind. Page Thirty-J THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN THE SEN IORS Boyle, Beatrice Childs, Arlene Clark, Rachel Clymer, Dora Emery, Freda Hahn, Elizabeth Hajny, Viola Hall, lN'Iargaret Hart, Alice Hatch, Kathryn Heald, Mary jones, Elma Kelly, Marie Kornitzy, Mollie Kubias, Ruth Armstrong, Fred Auld, Robert Bain, Harold Baker, Frank Bennett, Charles Black, Carmen Borschell, Ardelle Boyer, Theron Brown, Robert Bures, Charles Burke, James Chadima, Elmer Cohn, Joseph Coie, Howard Page Thirty-.vmwn t2-B GIRLS Laucamp, Muriel Malone, Pauline Maloney, Catherine Maxson, Helen Morrison, Florence Moore, Nellie Netolicky, Olive Newell, Noel Newman, Barbara Newman, Mercedes Petrovitsky, Marjorie Plumb, XVinifred Pnovsky, Emma Randolph, Louise Reasby, Georgia 12-B BOYS Cronkhite, Guerin Davenport, James Day, jack Deamer, jack Dunlop, Clyde Eaton, Edward Glackin, Kenneth Grifhn, Bob Halton, Charles Holecek, XVesley Lea, Charles LeClere, Donnell Lyon, XVallace McLeod, Kenneth Severin, Arlene Smith, Ivadene Smith, XVinifred Spielman, Laura Stastny, Viola Telecky, Vlasta Thomas, Mary Trumbull, Alberta XValker, Louise VValker, Lulu B. VVatterson, Louise YVestenhaver, Bernice YVilliams, Ruth VVilson, Eleanor YVymer, Arlene Morrison, Holbrook Palmer, John Pospishil, Elmer Redel, Arthur Rogers, Everette Rundall, Philip Severa. Leo Slapnicka, Otto Soper, Harold Turner, john Vavra, Edwin Voight, Donald YValton, Everette XVright, Guy igeuvr :il-Q -A ,wi ff THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN F' ' 5 7 xsfi'-xAul x ' '1' : V il? wp-S -' K E I 5 1 3 r V , ' I n I u .s I I I Pg Tl ly git EIHLHDP-3. OF IWENTY SEYEN '-g I EQ -1315 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ...... .... G eorge VVarner Vire-Presidmt .... ..... C arl Groth Secretary ..... ..... L ouis Hahn Treasurer -,- ---Kathryn Hatch ADVISERS Mlss HIBBARD, Chairman MR. RICKERT Mlss Orro Miss HINKHOLTSE Miss BERGSTRESSER Miss LARSON Miss HEISEY Mrss M. XVILLIAMS Miss PARKS Miss XVI-IALEY lllotto: There are no elevators in the structure of success. bi l Aim: To promote friendship among the members of the Junior Class The Junior Class was organized early in the fall term. At its first meeting the class voted to give aid to the Senior Class in preparing "The Cedar." In order to carry out this policy the junior home rooms elected members for the "Cedar" staff, who served as assistant editors. At a later meeting of the Class it was decided to sponsor the next Blixer on February 4th. A program was given consisting of vocal selections, read- ings, and instrumental musicg this was followed by dancing. Page Thirty-nine JUNIORS f x.,-'s.3,m1.h? ge, . 0 I J-vm , Albaugh, Marjorie Athey, Thelma Barta, Clara Beading, Elizabeth Beam, Gabrielle Bentley, Grace Berkla, Bernice Berry, Elinore Berry, Marjorie Bowers, Ruth Buseman, Luella Cach, Mary Campbell, Elaine Campbell, Mary Carlson, Dorothy Carns, Viola Charter. Bernice Clark, Gwen Allen, Raymond Anderson, George Bagley, Edwin Berlin, Paul Burgess, .Iesse Burkholdn-r, Marvin Caldwell, Ernest Carringer, William Carith:-rs, Lawrence Cliffer, Maurice C. Curtis, Charles Dermody, Mack Dotson. Freeman Coffman, Helen Corwin, Janice Cowan, Mary Dasher, Constance Davis, Jane De Witt, Elizabeth Dobson, Pauline Dytert, Lucille Eldridge, Ruth Foster, Elizabeth Fry, Lorena Gilger, Claudine Goodyear, Dorothy Hall, Mildred Hatch, Rachel Hatton, Madeline Havlik, Lillian Howell, Janette Dougherty, Chester Drew, Edward Dunn, Winton Eaton, Fred Gorman, Robert Groth, Carl Hahn, Louis Hammond, Albert llartl, Leonard Hawkins, Clifforrl Hedges, Robert Hinsley, Louis Hughes, Willard 1 I-A GIRLS Hruska, Mary Jenkins, Katherine Kehoe, Mary Kerchmer, Edna Kirk, Betty Kling, Viola Kortlang, Roma Krachmer, Sonia Kups, Libbie Law, Gladys Leefers, Alice Mantz, Eunice Matson, Ruth McMaines, Margaret Michalicek, Maude Mitvalsky, Leona Morris, Margaret Murfree, Louise I I-A BOYS Hunter, Ralph Jackson, Arthur Jackson, Thomas Jambar, Vaclav Knickerbocker, Ross Kouba, Ben Kuba, Marvin Langtitt, Horace Linsley, James Leuven, Harold Mitvalsky, Edward Moehl, Ernest Morningstar, Laverne Myers, Phyllis Neal, Alice Nechville, Olga Mae Nissen, Mary Northcott, Louise Paulson, Maurita Peterson, Marie Pyle, Dorothy Quass, Doris Rompotl, Martha Ruffman, Shirley Rhoarles, Mae Sadilek, Alice Schindler, Evelyn Sebern, Frances Shields, Sheryl Shors, Kathryn Smith, Kathryn Murdock, Raymond Myers, Richard Nelson, Robert Ottsen, Kenneth Peterson, Williams Rajtora, Otto Randolph, Max Ridgeway, Lloyd Scheible, Paul Serna, Avelino Smith, Kermit Smyth, Delbert Smulekoff, Norman Snyder, Doris Sodoma, Agnes Stary, Gladys Stoneking, Jean Sturtz, Marion Sutherland, Rozelle Svec, Grace Swett, Elizabeth Taylor, Madge Thompson, Elizabeth Walker, Irma Watson, Elizabeth Wilcox, Margaret Woods, Irene Wright, Dorothy Workman, Idelle Snouffer, Robert Stroud, Jack Stuff, Raymond Sutherland, John Thompson, Jack Van Winkle, Howard Vinall, Dick Vomacka, William Vondracek, Godfrey Wamsley, Harry Warner, George Watson, Howard Page Forty JUNIORS 4 Ahlgren, Bernice Anderson, Eleanor Armstrong, Frances Beeman, Winifred Bendorf. Frances Burgin, Nellie Chamberlain, Frances Chandler, Virginia Clark, Vivian Currell, Aileen Dostal, Elsie Drvota, Mary Alden, Darrell Anderson, Ronald Ashby, Maurice Bailey, Chester Barnes, Bruce Baxter, George Beatty, Richard Biba, Bob Biskup, Angelo Blahnik, Romauld Boyson, Russell Cushman. Harold Davis, Murphy Dawson, James Deitz, Bennie Delzell, Milford Durin, Jack Edwards, Gaylord Page Forty-one Fisher, Helen Flack, Frances Fowler, Maxine Frink, Pauline Grout, Jean Hajny, Helen Hartl, Libbie Hawks, Trevolyn Haynes, Alberta Hill. Dorothy Holi, Le Etta Huckins, Dorothy Ellis, Bob Emerson, Gerald Evans, Bob Evans, Renald Fair, Jack Farr, Charles Fitzpatrick, Louis Frederick, Joseph Frederickson, Earl Griswold, Gordon Hahn, Max Harmston. Glen Hasek. Y. O. Hedges, David Henning, William Hepner, Tom Hillock, Robert Hladky, Joseph 1 1-B GIRLS Huston, Helen Kellogg, Melba Knowlton, Evelyn Kolda, Louise Lemon, Helen Lillie, Gladys March, Vera McBroom, Helen Mikolasko, Mildred Miller, Hazel Miller, Helen Miller, Mardelle 1 I-B BOYS Hockaday, John Hoffman, Bob Hurd. Traverse Johnson, Millard Johnson, Gordon Kasner, Melvin Killian. Gerald Kinsinger, Richard Kodron, John Kriz, Stanley Kriz, Jerome Lanstrum, George Leinbaueh. Ben Lewis, Eric Long, Robert Lynxwiler, Thomas McCrcecly, Everette Merriam, Emerson Miller, La Verne Mokrejs, Helen Moore, Ruey Nelson, Marguerite Peet, Lorenda Peterson, Jane Peterson. Winifred Piper, Zola Pitts, Dorothy Pohorsky, Anna Pyle, Marjorie Roth, Rosemary Miller, Ben Miller, Urban Myers, Raymond Xaso, Tony Nc-ti, Robert Nemec, George Newman. Roy Powell. Charles Rietl, Harold Ross. Warren Rozen, William Santiago, Adberto Schuyler, Donald Shadle, John Shomler, Clyde Shores. Gordon Siamis. Tom Sickel, Edward Schoen, Elsie Schoen. Eugenie Smith, Evelyn Smith, Gerned Onalee Snyder, Adeline Solomon, Margaret Sout, Jean Stanley, Pauline Storey, Gwendolyn Thompson, Isabella Winston. Elizabeth Zbanek, Mary Louise Smith, Carl Smith, Forde Sovern. Charles Swanson, Eugene Tellin, Harold Titlany, Carl Toot, Dean Topinka, Adolph Tmlack, Robert Yyskocil, Charles Walrath, Leo West, William Whipple, Charles Wright, Ronald Young. Tom Zooli, Donald 1 . 1 X ,., u gf ,I I 12?ufif3 Q- 1' . ...,. II. II .Q I 1' gif ' Jfa1p'gf.'::i 4 1 1 -Tii -'. +1 . 4 in 4. ,I .. . '- 14'- .II I Q iii. . 0 . A "f3"i'1 s- :isa ESQ 2 fit! 1 ,T '11 ' I ' ' 1 gtk 1 I , 1 uf 1 . , ' 5 5.1 . 1 , f 1 1 04:7 ET.. . H 'jeff .., at x ' ' ' av In W 1' , ' , 3. 1 ,P z, .MI .1 I 4' IIIQJI.-IIIAIQ1 QI.- -14 1 4 . 1: 111 5 1- 1 I 1 4-9. . , I ,Q .I ., I ,sr 12:9 1 a 4 1 14' , f. L',I,1-1 L., .pn-.5 -I I . I xi! 1' "' lg -IAIIII LI1 ...Iii f II' ,. II? . ,, I 5 . 21,5 I 1 'Jlifl -1 1" 'z 21.91 11. Jfpfxai f iw A f ' 1 I'Q1 Ir 6995 1613133 ,QIIIJI . I, :I'.. LI 1 III . .1 ., III' 1 w.,'I4If-I .I ?3Q,'!IIII4 'I -IIII I,I,II IIIIT' I .N .. .5 - gs IQ 1 II 11. ,Ia f If Y J' N 3.'lv.fee1: M 1 'S v 41 X ,RIM , . get I A 41,1-. ' 1. ,I ' ...- f'-' 1 1 ' ' II If Ip, 5 -' 1 , 4. 3-31. . .. . . 1 . . riav. 4 A-ff A". . .1 -I A1'1'f 1' '7. .- ' .1-'.' 1,"s . - "" 1 ' mlm-' '1".-ff. -YQY1--el'-4 15 - L3 1-'1 -' 1 1 .1.',Y4+f1,w31'-nl'-1, .12 -, - Iam.-. .1 . x , 'qfb-yggtg I' .,. I.. V, . 1' ,., s. ',f,1.- ,gm - ..m, , ,I 1- I I., .QII1 A.:-LII , . Mp as . h:.I,I1'f1Iy . ., I, ,. . ' I. 4 1 " -' w. fr, 551- : ' '.-' 'p:'.?1,i' 'ffm'- .I I. uw f 5.5, . W - 1 - .. , -f . . . - .,. ,I."Ifr 1 ,. -I III.. I .Iii II 1. ' 1 .- -11: . f1.'1.ggg?'s',,, 7211 . 1 Ill-0-V11 ' -. W 1,, 5f,f:'fv- ' 1 1.-1. . , 4., , 5 " . .. 1 .JV-L1 , :I,-.. -A 91 . I:"..39 " ' 1:1 ', L 1 -, , 41 .52 .1 - ' -I. 1 -fm 5.1.1. 1 I I.,1I,v 1 ' K 1 V .' 1 , .4 ' . 4. . I -. ' ? QQ' 1'-Qui' f 1' 'l:qf.'!?Q.1:vxfiiFI11. "" wg .-1,1 . 1 , -im' ,., ' 1' 1 If I .J -1- ' ME: ,jg 3' 'NJN . . - 1, 1,3 fI.., 3 I- '.s.ll.. , , 1 .,. 1 .1 , 1 IT IQ, YI 'I 'xv 1 ' m 'fini-1 '-r-'f 4 I: I ,. . fr-X - 1 Q, I- .Ri .---IL' . . I-ZZKII' . . 1 - 4 . 5. ..' '3. ' 41. ny. J.. .gl , W We I UIQ: 3 212 ' 1' Q .,', . , , 2. ,I,I.,!gI,'I,1'lifg-,m-I9--. Iv, ,. . .. . .,.. -11" 'Jw' .., .,, ,. 1. ay '.-' .1 sag III I .Ivy I'.' 1- If I 'gui I ' 4 , A . . . -. . 4 RI, I ,?i.gyIyiI. I 1 U' f ' ,w- 1 :, - -4 - fc-gf .1 ff FH-wwf 1 I., .1 II.2 II1' .1 If 1.Ig3,41IIIII1, II II I .1 9 1- 'M.- bf: 1 I J, " nw fi-igyv ?I'.I!I'f!3IfJ1lg'1f45I:.A-I- 4. 7' ' c" v - P' i-V .-1 !-, L . - Q"A1"i.f , 1, - j . .V 1- vi., .,1, T , Q .1 III I U '1 1 .II I, 1 .IK A 1 1 wi -' Y . . "Vt, . 1. L - .In In 1 2, 1- ' l vi . . .. L ,Q ,- ,. -. Ui -'mm ' 'i -. -I .I f.74,.j. '1 2 -,f2fI .- + . 1 wa. - . ,-I hgh 1 4f'gI11.1. P1 f 1,.a1ff' 1 , .,. . A III, II 1 1. ' I si, ' .. . II I. .I I . I . tu- ' . 11.2-' .. , rI,I..., .4 .143 1 1 'M fx' LU! te' 'H'- .f. '4-, W' , ,-, . 4 .. Oil ry., "' ff 6:6 -2,"Kg -ff.-srffs' -1 wg ,. .11.:. 1 - .,'.i." r I- +I'I . - , .1 '2- .1 I, if . J II I,Y I., w - -.-. . .1 1.1.1 -1 1,1-.. .I .. v' K ur! ' 11 I L 1 I 1, .I-,' , I .I I' , .1 IJ. 4 !g,, U .I- ' 1 ' R ' 1 .Q 1 .'f1 4 -v' ' "II-f I HLIJI 'A v I 1.11 . a,isIQ.h:l I,.- I 1, I,I . I II ,Iwx . ,b ... ,,,I1I ,I .nQ.,rIf. ' i an 3 ' n. , .Q 1 a ' ful H' I , rf rv 5 f ' '1l'i'- 'I' ' ' f'.r13!f- 1. , ... IfII.1f32f.. - YK-quo. ' I .-,I.-s .- L'.rg.4 '?f5fi,'-.T-4'?-'bfixia' " ' , 1 MJ wig V , 111. THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 'wi , ,' itz- A D lfyisff jJ.'i 5-45.3 SOPI-ICMORES 'T'Tf' . i. , - ' , . .,.,- .HLA ,, ,t,.. 41.1 . -4 we YZ, ,, W., .. ,., , -..,....,-,. ii.. I .. ,,., -. -. --v-'A ' ,,,, , a,,..t-s,M, Anderle, Leona Auten, Lorraine Auten, Loretta Armstrong, Virginia Baxter, Katherine Bendorf, Maxine Blackwood, Elizabeth Blahnik, Josephine Blazek, Ernestine Boyson, Ruth Bowman, Vara Bowne, Mary Brown, Elinore Bucklin, Velma Capron, Louise Carlson, Esther Clark, Marian Cole, Velma Cook, Grace Cramer, Sarola Davidson, Ruth Dobry, Emma DIJUUhQftj',ih12tTLf8fQt Dvorak, Dorothy Dodge, Dolores Eastburn, Wanita Fenton, Venita Fieseler, Bozena Flierman, Pearl Frink, Marjorie Goodyear, Ava Gray, Dorothy Grubhotier, Mary Hankins, Onalee Havlik, Evelyn Hay, Pauline Heefner, Helen Height, Marna Hendrickson, Fern Hess, Dorothy Hollenheck, Helen Holmes, Kathryn Howard, Esther Huehes, Mary Iosty, Lois Isaacs, Zenota Io-A GIRLS Jacus, Janice Johnson, Esther Jones, Betty Jones, Gladys Jorgensen, Bessie Kennedy, Nadine Kloubec, Lenore Koering, Dora Kolarik, Frances Kozal. Anna Kriz, Agnes Kula, Agnes Kushner, Ruth Lewis, Eula Lindsey. Georgia Lutes, Margaret Marlero, Catherina Mahannah, Irene Mathcs, Florence McLeod, Martha McManes, Vivean Miles, Dorothy Milligan, Bernice Misak, Margaret Munger, Dorothy Neal, Minnie Nemec, Irene Norris, Elta Novak, Evelyn Olish, Katherine Pennington, Beatrice Porter, Mary Posselt, Mary Powell, Phyllis Pratt, Maxine Quass, Millie Raker, Helen Ranrla, Grace Rumble, Pearl Sadilek, Laura Schneider, Gretchen Siechert, Katherine Severin, Dorothy Sharpe, Hazel Smith, Ann Smith, Sylvia Stastny, Jeanette Stillman, Edna Stone, Marvel Svododa, Clytie Totten, Thelma Tranberry, Margaret Trumbull, Barbara RandalI,Margaret Ione Veverka, Valentine Reid, Lily Jean Ward, Marjorie Rennikamp, Marjorie Wertz, Virginia Roggensack, Charlotte Wright, La Verle Romine, Maxine Rompotl, Frances Rosenberger, Geraldine Huge, Dorothy Yuza, Helen Zezula, Grace Page Forty-lfwo -THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN SOPI-IOMORES E gk-:'+,Ci Bailey, Clyde Bartolme. Bernardo Bervid, Joseph Bezdecny, Charles Binko. John Bode. William Britton. Howard Canfield. Morris Chapman, Robert Chubb. Sheldon Clark. Edgar Cohn, Sam Cowden. Everett Curran. Donald Curtis. Walter Davis. Charles Diehl, Charles Page Forty-three' Dingman. Stuart Douglas. William Easterly, George Emerson, Harlen Fahl. Ralph Feddcrson Harold Few. Forest Fitch. Frank Frick, John Fussell. La Verne Gabriel. Donald Giblin. Leslie Greedy. Jack Hahn, Dick Hankins. Clifford Hirsh, Jacob Horak, Lumir io-A BOYS Hunter, Robert James, Clarence Jeffrey. Edmund Karkosh, Milo Keatin. Lloyd Keigh, llillard Kent. Kenneth Kling, LeRoy Kolar, Harold Kuba. George Kubias, Charles Kubosa. llilo Latta, Roy Lehman, Glen Martin. Robert BlcComas, Gordon llclsh. Leonard Metcalf, John Minehart, Dale Miller. Norton Nichols, Nevin Panek, Wencil Patterson, De Vere Patton. Jack Phillips, Gerald Proctor. Dick Puckett, Be-rtrum Reeve. Roger Richardson. Alan Rick. Paul Scichcrt. William Smith. Albert Spacck. Richard Spillman. Raymond Stearns. John Stewart. Robert Stillions. William Stenson. Robert Swanson. Nlelvin Tinkham, Marvin Trachta, Leo Trumbull. John Yan Cleave. Nathan Ylcko, Joseph Yrbicky. Frank Wicken. Russell Witousck. Fred Yates, Melvin 'fi i S-Qs? THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ,QJJF-fp-A Ainslie. Mary Anderson. Sophie Bailey. Mary Barnum. Evelyn Benish, Marian Biskup. Verna Boyd. Phyllis Brookman, Beryl Bryant, Doris E. Buser. Yiyian Byers. Katherine Carey. Elizabeth Carrithers. Winifred Ceppl. Helen Chandler, Elizabeth Cherry, Wiltrude Christie. Lucille Darling. Ruth Deacon. Inez Deeds. Florence De Lano. Lossie Abrams, Ernest Abrams, Morris Albert, Richard Anderson, Robert Anderson, Byron Angell. Owen Bain, Wendall Bain, Wayne Bain, Willard Baldwin, Thurman Banks. John Bennett, John Blomquist, Richard Bogie, Charles Boyson, Wallace Byers, Harry Cejka, Charles Chamberlin, Park Christle, Leo Clark, James Clark, Robert Coie, Clarence Cozart, Clarence Crawford, George Dimock. Anna Dougherty, Evelyn Ellis, Dorothy Ellis. Opal Farnham. Ruth Eileen Farr, Cora Fee, Margaret Goyer. Amelia Griflin, Harriet Hall, Merrette Hageman, Virginia Hasek, Alma Henry, Ruth Heinbaugh, Marie Hicks. Jeanette Hirsh, Ruth Hollingsworth. Betty Hooper, Marguerite Hovorka, Eleanor Hunter, Gladys Hutchison, Adelin Crawford, John Crew, Joe Currell, Robert Cuyler, Charles Davidson, Gordon Davis, Morgan Diehl, Wallace Doupnik, Adolph Duncan, Edgar Dusek, Frank Ford, Arnold Frederickson, John Fuller, William Gates, Horace Giblin, Orvil Giovanazzi, Maurice Graff, William Hall, Ernest Harrison, Wilber Hayek, Richard Hepner, William Hibbs, Alva Hibbs, Arthur Hibbs, Ashby ro-B GIRLS Jackman, Isabel Jacobsen, Clara Johnston, Bessie Johnson, Nadine Kanealy, Charlotte Kastanek, Ruby Katsoff, Minnie Kemp, Ruth Kern, Ethel Knapp, Laura Koehler, Eileen Konecny, Marguerite Koons, Marian Kouba, Libbie Leidigh, Marie Lemon, Carmen Lesinger, Virginia McBroom, Lois McCloud, Evelyn McNulty, Marie Messner, Lois Io-B BOYS Holcomb, Raymond Janda, Joe Kampmeier, Carlos Kehne, Dade Kehne, Robert Keith, Elmer Kimes, Lester Knapp, Paul Knox, James Kun, Carl Lansing, William Lary, Robert Levin, Herbert Lowry, Frederick Market, Russell McFarlin, Logan McGuire, Donald Mertins, Ralph Miller, Marion Miller, Sam Moehl, John Moore, Ronald Morrisonhlrvin Nissen, Paul Morgan, Ruth Morrison, Erma Murray, Janet Muma, Maurine Nicol, Edith 0'Brien, Kathleen Ogburn, Helen Palmer, Lila Peterson, Iowa Phillips, Maxine Pohorsky, Martha Poyer, Mable Procksa, Frances Quass, Ruby Ralston, Pauline Remington, Irene Rhatigan, Florence Rosenberg, Vivian Ross, June Rubek, Grace Rush, Mildred Noon, Robert Norman, Frederick Overly, Haymond Perkins, Richard Phelps, Frank Phytrausky, Albert Piper, Jack Pirnie, Thomas Powell, Jack Raker, William Reif, Lawrence Reilly, Thomas Rolinson, Everet Roman, Ernest Ronipot, William Rowley, Howard Rundquist, Douglas Schultz, James Schultz, Richard Siegel, Sanford Sigmund, James Sikora, Otto Simon, Charles Smith, Charles Sanders, Lottie Shors, Regina Slauson, Virginia Smith, Dorothy Stoner, Beth Sundberg, Margaret Sweikert, Gladys Thompson, Helen Tiep, Pearl Torrence, Faye Tomasek, Ann Tvrdik, Bessie Urich, Lucile Vondracek, Anna Mae Westerlield, Frances Whitsel, Bernice Wilantt, Pauline Wilson, Clarice Wymer, Corinne Young, Helen Smith, Earl Allen Smith, Paul Smulekolf, Herbert Sova, Rudolph Spivak, Meyer Splichal, Edward Stone, Jefferson Taylor, Harlen Toft, Roy Turner, Oran Valentine, William Veltman, Bruce Wagner, Kenneth Waldron, Frank Ward, Harold Wickham, D. D. Wilson, Dean Winn, Eugene Young, Gregory Zilla, Emil Zika, Robert Page Forty-four 1- A . A, K, 'I x N V N 5 'W ll- ll '.:::a. M E, , A N ACTIVITIES With persistent application in our study these three years, We have had our recreation in the company of peers. P g Forty-fifve ,TW , , ...qu mir Tl-IE CEDAR STAFF li ' 1 L ' t ' my vi- .L - Standing-R. Hoffman, J. Moore, R. Howard, M. Nissen, T. Sebern, D. Hedges Seated-V. Taylor, J. Calder, R. Gates-Editor-in-Chief, D. Bingham, H. Shomler L -If -V Slnnding- Moehl, T. Powell, U. Leihsohn, M. Ramsey, K. Smith, J. Stroud, L. Randolph Swain!-M. Swartzell, li. Holland-Business Manager, A. Leefers PageForty-.fix ,TI1E-cE13AR- Oli TWENTY si-:yen PF: A ia i lil arg,-Q A 4 ' wi-l A -ls sq-Jil, THE BLUE PENCIL '23 ITS STAFF POSITIONS Editor-in-Chief Sport Editor Editorial VVriter Feature VVriter Reporter Columnist Business Manager ITS PERSONNEL IN 1927 David Bingham Robert Brown Ruth Burchard Catherine Burkholder Katherine Clements Imogene Easterly Annabelle Ellis VVilliam Ellwood Paul Engle Gaynor Evans Mary Gordon Edison Herb Eliza Hickok XVestin Jacobson Roland Kampmeier Herbert Kratze Udell Leibsohn Jane Ludy Marjorie lNIuench Tom Powell Reimer Rohde Lois Seelye Marie VVhitamore The class in journalism of YVashington High School has for seven years edited a pub- lication known as the BLUE PENCIL. Each week two pupils voluntarily undertake the editorsbip. They appoint their staff of editorial and feature writers, reporters, and business assistants. The members of the class not on the staff act as free-lance reporters. Until lllarch I, 1927, the BLUE PENCIL was a thing of brown paper, paste, and dog- eared copy. But since that time it has ceased to be merely the practice organ of the class in Journalism, for it is now a live publication with a circulation of over 500 copies. The class hour on Tuesdays is the deadline for copy except bulletins, VVednesday the editors-in-chief read from the dummy for the benefit of the class. VVednesday after- noon that dummy is in the hands of the commercial department, where it is stenciled and mimeographed. Friday, through the cooperation of the PULSE staff, the BLUE PENCIL is sold at two cents a copy. As Journalism is an elective subject and the members of the claw are, for the most part, considering taking up newspaper work as a profession, they are seriously inter- ested in the class work. Recognizing the worth of the practice in writing and the re- sponsibility of issuing a paper, they undertake the tasks involved in a spirit of real work- manship stimulated by a sincere desire to publish a school paper of value and interest to their fellow-pupils. Page Forty-Jewen THE PULSE STAFF Standing-K. Clements, E. Hickok, J. Moore, C. Dasher, M. Kornitzkey, R. Eldridge, A. Leefers Sealed-M. Kehoe, K. Smith, V. Kling. L. Northcott-Co-editor, H. Couch hh' ,A ?-- gs' I Standing-T. VVernimont, E. Moehl, R. Rohde, T. Sebern, A. Pyle, C. Shepard, J. Deamer, C. Curtis Snaied- E. Prentiss, J. Tlusty, j. Evans, P. Engle- Co-editor, W. Rozen M. Cliffer, T. Powell Page Forty-eight -THE CEDAR OF TWENTY' SEVEN I f.4.i . .C U 9 4' .C.i-I A X T l I i The PULSE was established by Jeffrey Hrbek in 1900. Since then the size has been doubled, as has the staff. For twenty-seven years the PULSE has throbbed out the beat of events and achievements at WVashington High School. Each year the number of literary magazines published by high schools decreases, practically all being replaced by newspapers. The PULSE yet remains as one of the few high school magazines in Iowa. That the PULSE is one of the leading magazines in the United States is shown by the fact that it was one of the two magazines to receive Honorable Mention in Class A of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, in which between +00 and 500 magazines were entered. The PULSE was also spoken of highly at the Quill and Scroll conven- tion held at Iowa City, in October, 1926. The staff this year was nearly doubled, an associate editor being added for each position. Hallowe'en characterized the first num- ber. The second issue was called the YVinter number. In the third issue, Iowa, corn, prairie, and mid-west atmosphere were portrayed. It was called the Prairie number, and carried out the idea from cover to editorials. A feature was an article, "Stretches of Song" by .lay G. Sigmund, local poet. This issue elicited much favorable com- ment. The fourth number was called the Humor issue. Plans are being laid to make the last number carry out a Highway idea. The next few years will probably see the abolishing of the PULSE as a magazine and the establishing of a newspaper in its stead. An occasional issue will perhaps encourage literary aspirations of stu- dents but the PULSE as we now know it will be only a memory. Page Forly-rzinr .zgiif sf, ,.Q2.liYi .i"-Llkit 'A aa i s W .-AV' . ,Ja Sag:-1?.C,, 'rms CEDAR or TWEN1-Y seven A QUILL AND SCROLL EQUILI 5 u?..,,, NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS Fozmded 1927 Purpose: To instill in students the ideal of scholarship, to ad- vance the standards of the profession of journalism by developing better journalists and by inculcating a higher code of ethics, to pro- mote exact and dispassionate thinking, clear and forceful writing. Bloffo: Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Crilir - Iva May Quigley OFFICERS President - Paul Engle P7l.FE-P7'65l.L116l2f H- Ruth Howard Secretary-Treasurer-David Bingham Pulse Reporter -Theodore Sebern ROLL CALL David Bingham Katherine Clements llflaurice Cliffer Helen Couch Charles Curtis Constance Dasher Jack Deamer Ruth Eldridge Paul Engle john Evans Eliza Hickok Ruth Howard Roland Kampmeier Nlary Kehoe Viola Kling lllollic Kornitzky Alice Leefers Jane Moore Louise Northcott Tom Powell Ed Prentiss Theodore Sebern Charles Shepard Jerome Tlusty Ruth VVebster Kermit Young Quill and Scroll society was founded at the University of Iowa, April Io, 1926, as a non-secret honorary high school society. It was organized with the end in view of recognizing and rewarding ability and achievement in writing and other phases of journalistic work in the high school. The Washington High School chapter, having just been established, has accomplished little, but plans are underway for the spring term. Page Fifty -THE-CEBAR-OF jx-WENTY SEVEN P51 Sq 'M QU1LL 52110 LL - A FCTJIEPEP Page Fifty-one 'J 53.79, f . V M: v , "ff y ,rv . v 39. ,. 1-' .' 'F ,. 3. .Q ' i.. :Vi-, 1-4i,'LA'2.2 LN. . ' , . " WI " . ,. , . ., 7,1 fe' 1 .,,-I-., H. ' MQ- - ' 'J' .ff 4,3 T.,-15-' X -x J.-bw, -L ., IJ' , qi- W- ,JL 1 L -. Wilma- ,ia ' A I nb... : ,V , .,,,. . ' . ,.,wN c- A 7f,"'.1'f3 --uf -1 1,4 .j,.,.-y,f.g M ., 55 '..,Y..y.g.,- ,1 - .1 . Q ,, "Qu -Af'.,,!.'f .ft -,,,"K."'1,':f' , , .QI-1 ',."W3Y-. ff A' 3 cg .Q : . F ,.+: "1 V l'1fgW.l' 4-: - ' 'jaQ'1ff":V. ,I .. .4 . ti V 7 3-, "'71 .:L,5',5w'-' , :' ,,.:- , . 4 fx 1' -W1 " 45, N- 1 ' '- ' , , 5.5.-.1 .--R. , Nw . . V4 ' . ., 1 X. 'J '- 123 1 . . fy? , A-. ,L 'ri' W .-1' ' ii . . .I A . fg: fy 5,-K -f . f . 53. F. : ' , , . ,V v KA . -1-Vg x , : f' 13' f f , 1' 1 L,-f 4 A ki ME' :D ' ' -Q .V T. arf, . , , ,. E351 sv ,,.s g . ,-.-,,., ,1 g.'. ANL. I .' '.. 1" -', 'jlfi 1 sl. 'S ghrfa' 'U . - 1 K .Ki ..v 'f .rl 1' 'fr 5,- . x HW," iiaifff A TTT T ,EQ 35514 Q-3:1-fi-rp THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVQNI N XN1 A SOPI-IROSYN E CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY Grganized in IQZI Chartered in 1922 Purpose: To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop char- acter. C7'l-flifj - Elizabeth Cock, Marie Schmermund OFFICERS President - Katherine Clements Vice-Pre.tia'e1zt - Mollie Kornitzky Secretary and Treasurer- Mary Alice lVlcFarland ROLL CALL Jeanette Thompson lllary Alice ll'IcFarland Gladys llleyer Ann Hayner Virginia Ladage Louise James Katherine Clements Klollie Kornitzky Ru-th Howard lllary E. Ramsey Evelyn Porter Viva Rowray Cornelia Anderson Jane llloore Roy Holtz Frederick Thompson lllargaret Avedovech Arthur Collins Edna Derby Robert Gates Mabel Graepler Louise lllekota llflary Elizabeth Shaler Needham Young Members of Sophrosyne Society are admitted in three groups: the Hrst at the end of the IIA semester, the second in the middle of the 12B semester, and the third in the middle of the 12A semester, the three making a total of IO? of the class. The second group of the class of IQ27 was formally initiated at an assembly held in january in the High School auditorium. The national ritual was followed, members of the Hrst group and Miss Marie Schmermund, of the faculty committee, participating in the ceremony. Page Fifty-ffwo fi THE CEDAR OF TWENTY' SEVEN - ' -' 5 W 4 ,, 1 1 I' Pagf Fifly-Ihre -f 'Y' 1: I 'rl-in CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN .L3-4--fp-2 PATRICIAN . fl fl ,D J L..,-iD Founded IQ25 Purpose: To promote a fuller appreciation of Roman life and literature. Critics - Blanche Hunter, Eva M. Byerly SENATE Fall Semesler Spring Semester Consul - Jane Moore Consul - Jane Moore Pro Consul - Jeanette Thompson Pro Consul - Tom Powell jedile - Mabel Graepler Aedile - Mabel Graepler Quaesfor - Noel Newell Quaeslor - Amelia Pavlovsky Praeior - Louise James Pruetor- Eunice Mantz Censor - Tom Powell Censor - Katherine Longeville Srriba - Elizabeth Roberts Scriba - Mary Kehoe ROLL CALL . Cornelia Anderson Ruth Barth Elinore Berry David Bingham Ruthann Bryner Katherine Clements Ruth Eldridge Freda Emery lllabel Graepler Janette Howell Ruth Howard Louise James llary Kehoe Edna Krechmar Jane Ludy llary A. llIcFarland Katherine Longeville Eunice Maiutz Jane lloore lllarjorie Kluench Noel Newell llaxine Paar lllaurita Paulson Amelia Pavlovsky Marjorie Petrovitsky Tom Powell Elizabeth Roberts Irma Slapnicka Katherine Smith Kermit Smith Rozelle Sutherland Jeannette Thompson Ruth VVebster Helen lXIcBroom Eugenia Schoen Ruey Moore Patricians is a society of Cicero and Virgil students. In bi-Week- ly meetings, the programs have presented to members a View of Ro- man life and customs in the time of Cicero and Virgil, by means of talks on Roman dress, holidays, food, and public life. At one meet- ing a Latin cross word puzzle was Workedg at another, Latin riddles were solved. Page Fifty-four 'rl-112 CPDAR OF TWENTY sEyEN Y' 5.4-if Page Fifty-fi-ve Tl-'IE QED-,gi-Ry OF-TYEENIY SEVEN W it LE CERCLE FRANCAIS .10 1 Q ,Q Fouzulezl 1927 Objer11'w.' To furnish an introduction to a deeper understanding of the character and achievements of France as shown in its history literature, art, institutions, and customs, and to offer an opportunity to use the language. 7 Colors: Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge Flofwer: Fleur de lys CI'l'fI'f'.Y.' Florence B. XVilliams, Gertrude James OFFICERS Le Pr6sz'a'u1zt - Jeannette Thompson Le Ivlift'-IJl'L55l.dt"llf Ti Nlollie Kornitzky Le Serrt5faz're - Elinore Berry Le Reporter - Jane Peterson ROLL CALL ,-lrfiw ,Tlvflzliwxx Edwin Bagley Elinore Berry Helen Couch Freda Emery Claudine Gilger Yvilliam Henning Elmo Holland Dorothy Huckins Mfarian Hutton Gerald Killian blollie Kornitzl-:y Klargaret Larimer Bernice Leege llary Alice 1IcFarland lfunice Klantz Ruth Eleanor Klatson llargaret llorris lllarguerite Nelson Noel Newell -lane Peterson Louise Randolph Betty Roberts TVarren Ross lllary Elizabeth Shaler Elsie Shoen Anne Smith Eugenia Shoen Jeannette Thompson Dean Toot llargaret Tvilcox .J.txorif1h' Jlinibirsz Katherine Clements Kathryn Hatch Louise James Klary Ladage -lane Ludy Virginia Ladage Lorraine llueller Jane Kloore llarguerite Robbie Helen Shomler Le Cercle Francais has striven for a French atmosphere. French is spoken until the meeting is called to order. The study of phases of French civilization has brought out many traits of the French which the society would adopt as ideals. French games and songs have been enjoyed. The most recent venture is the organization of an orchestra which adds much spirit to the singing of the Marseil- laise. Page Fifty-.fix 'THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN N A an .R .fy 2 'H f 'TCS SJQ-f 'Q Q, 'S "1 '-u52'Q'?fQ5'1f 'ii . my , H . 1, 54-e 1:- Pagr Fi-fly-.vm-rn X THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 34" pe A NU SIGMA KAPPA N N i A',, ., Founded in 1 Q25 Purpose: To promote a greater interest in and appreciation of nature and modern science. Flofzeer: Vlild Rose Symbol: The Cardinal Critic: lylr. Rickert OFFICERS F1111 Senzester Spring Senzester President - Roy Holtz President - Gladys Bleek I'ire-President - Shirley Ruffman l'ire-President - Evelyn Troyak S trf' Tt'fl17'j'- llargaret Hall Sefrrtnry - VVinifred Plumb Treasurer - Gladys Bleek Treasurer -- Elizabeth Hahn Pulse Reporter - llartha Dusek Pulse Reporter -- lllollie Kornitzky ROLL CALL Cornelia Anderson Robert Auld llargaret Avedovech Paul Berlin Russell Boyson Catherine Burkholder Viola Carns joseph Cohn lllartha Dusek George Gantzer llflargaret Grunewald Elizabeth Hahn lllargaret Hall Charles Halton Roy Holtz Sonia Krachmer llollie Kornitzky Ruth Kubias llarion Keller Gladys llleek Lorraine lllueller Esther llumford lllarjorie llluench Alice Neal Barbara Newman John Palmer VVinifred Plumb Evelyn Porter Shirley Ruffman Bruce Ross Arlene Severin Richard Spacek Evelyn Troyak Vlasta Vondracek Nu Sigma Kappa has given an opportunity to its members to study nature and the out-of-doors, under a supervisor. A few meetings have been given over to trips to manufacturing plantsg at other times current events on scientific subjects have been featured. Page Fifty-eight 'THE CEP-AR OF TWENTY SEVEN 9: 5 nw- 5155 9" . 1' . "-w-- - - - ' Page Fifty-nine T1-1E CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ' ' i 'L' GREGG ARTISTS -iinzz To promote friendship, to develop literary habits, and to prepare for life in the business world. Float-er: Sweet Pea Colors: Green and YVhite Critirs: Marjorie YVilliams, Nell Boyaek, Vera Chamberlain OFFICERS Fa!! Senzestrr Spring Senzestrr Prrriflmt - Edna Derby P7'f'.Yi!l,FIIf - Arlene Severin lvirr-President - Frieda Carlson 7'irr-Prrsiflezzt - Alberta Trumbull SFt'Tt'frI1'j' mul TftjC.YllI'lll' - Ruth llorris Srrretnry and Treasurer-Vlasta Liskovsky Pulse Rrfvorfv1'- Dorothy Squires Pulte Reporter- Thelma Tellin ROLL CALL Elaine Campbell Bernice Charter Velma Christle Edna Derby Ruth Hahn Alice Hart Ann Hayner Ruth Klorris Olga Neehville Emma Pnovsky Arlene Severin Dorothy Squires Alberta Trumbull Irma XValker Eleanor llvilson Thelma Tellin Ylasta Liskovsky Helen Hajny Helen Fisher Ann Pohorsky lllary Thomas The B. G. Afs have lived up to their name, Better Gregg Artists. They have subscribed for the Gregg Writer magazine, which they have used efliciently. Their programs have been varied: music, de- bating, typing, and reading shorthand. Page Sixty lun CEDA-B OF TWENTX' SEVEN but . ii-1 '4!"'3 ' U? A !wQf , C Pagr Sixty-one 'J 53.79, f . V M: v , "ff y ,rv . v 39. ,. 1-' .' 'F ,. 3. .Q ' i.. :Vi-, 1-4i,'LA'2.2 LN. . ' , . " WI " . ,. , . ., 7,1 fe' 1 .,,-I-., H. ' MQ- - ' 'J' .ff 4,3 T.,-15-' X -x J.-bw, -L ., IJ' , qi- W- ,JL 1 L -. Wilma- ,ia ' A I nb... : ,V , .,,,. . ' . ,.,wN c- A 7f,"'.1'f3 --uf -1 1,4 .j,.,.-y,f.g M ., 55 '..,Y..y.g.,- ,1 - .1 . Q ,, "Qu -Af'.,,!.'f .ft -,,,"K."'1,':f' , , .QI-1 ',."W3Y-. ff A' 3 cg .Q : . F ,.+: "1 V l'1fgW.l' 4-: - ' 'jaQ'1ff":V. ,I .. .4 . ti V 7 3-, "'71 .:L,5',5w'-' , :' ,,.:- , . 4 fx 1' -W1 " 45, N- 1 ' '- ' , , 5.5.-.1 .--R. , Nw . . V4 ' . ., 1 X. 'J '- 123 1 . . fy? , A-. ,L 'ri' W .-1' ' ii . . .I A . fg: fy 5,-K -f . f . 53. F. : ' , , . ,V v KA . -1-Vg x , : f' 13' f f , 1' 1 L,-f 4 A ki ME' :D ' ' -Q .V T. arf, . , , ,. E351 sv ,,.s g . ,-.-,,., ,1 g.'. ANL. I .' '.. 1" -', 'jlfi 1 sl. 'S ghrfa' 'U . - 1 K .Ki ..v 'f .rl 1' 'fr 5,- . x HW," .- I.-fi.-I ,K , cu THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ALPHA RHO Organized 1896 I-lim: To inculcate the spirit of those who, loyal to their Alma Mater, are Hlled with the spirit of all for one and one for all. Flofwer: Red Carnation Colors: Crimson and Black Critic: I. I. lxfleyer OFFICERS Fall Semester Sprilzg Senzester Consul - Paul Cummins Consul -John Turner Vice-Consul - Arthur Redel Vice-Consul - Jasper Calder Scribe - Edward Prentiss Scribe - Edward Prentiss Stefan-ard - Glen Schodde Sfefwara' - Glen Schodde HI'5l07'l.dH - John French Hz'sto1'ia1z - Robert Griflin Ifarden - jack Day lVara'en - John French ROLL CALL Henry Adams Bob Auracher lVIarvin Burkhalter Frank Baker Bud Carrixiger Paul Cummins Guerin Cronkhite Jasper Calder Jack Day Edward Drew Clyde Dunlop Bill Ellwood Ed Eaton Renald Evans John French Carl Groth Bob Griilin Joe Hladky Lewis Hahn Harold Kruse Charles Lea Eric Lewis Ray lllyers Emerson lllerriam Bob Nelson A Ed Prentiss Art Redel Glenn Schodde Ferris Simpson Clyde Shomler john Turner Jack Thompson Ed Vavra lllorris XVeir Charles Urban Ross Knickerbocker Bob Biba Bob Gorman Clarence James Clifford Hawkins Forde Smith Bob Hoffman Bob Ellis David Hedges Tom Jackson Bill Rozen ATHLETICS, DEBATING, FELLOWSHIP Approximately ninety per cent of the members of the Society have participated in some form of athletics. During the spring semester organized literary programs were presented at fellowships. A de- bating team, consisting of John Turner, William Rozen, Glen Schodde, and Renald Evans, alternate, was selected by an elimina- tion contest. Fellowships and social events were held during the school year. Page Sixty-two PgS lyth -TH-E CIQLJAE QF IWENTY SEVEN - THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN . . .v aa A'-' ERCDELPHIAN ZPCIZIII IQ IS 411.11121 To inspire love of good literature and friendship among senior girls. 110110: There's always room at the top of the ladder. Ffoacerz Sweet Pea Colors: Lavender and Rose Critics: Ina Hibbard, Aletha Parks OFFICERS F1111 Senzesfcr Spring SFIllt'Sf?7' Prrrizlrzzt - Louise james Prrrident - Catherine Burkholder I IFF-Pl'l'XidFIll' - llargaret Larimer Vice-P1'e.vi11e11t - Virginia Taylor SF1'1'Pfr1I',1' - H8261 COOk SFl'l'FflZ7':ll - lNIary Alice McFa1'land T1'f'1zs111'er - Betty Davis Trerzszzrer- Dorothy VVheeler Pzzlxc Rt'f50l'l'F1'1 llargaret Ayedovech Pulse Reporler- Lenore Gordon ROLL CALL lIargaret Ayedovech Ruth Barth Betty Beems Ruth Burchard Catherine Burl-:holder Arlene Childs Velma Chrisrle Katherine Clements Hazel Cook Ruth Coon Betty Davis Helen Fumetti Imogene Ginn Hlary E. Gordon Lenore Gordon llargaret Hageman Pauline Harkin Eliza Hickok Lillian Hoffman Louise James Clara Jessina Arlene jones lllargaret Larimer Helen Lee Jane Ludy Klary Alice 1IcFarland Elma lllead Gladys Bleek Orya llitchell Jane 1Ioo1'e lXIarjorie lhiench Faith Newell llaxine Paar Betty Proctor lXIary Elizabeth Ramsey Georgianna Reid Bernice Reynolds Klarguerite Robbie Helen Shomler lIarion Swartzell Virginia Taylor Lucille Taylor Jeannette Thompson Dorothy VVheeler Ruth VVilliams Ruth Young The Erodelphian society has offered many girls opportunities for self-expression along musical, literary, and dramatic lines. There have been plays, piano and vocal solos, and talks on lives of Women authors. Among the social activities have been sisterships, and dances in which all participated. Page Sixty-four THE cnngxn OF TFWENTY SEVQEN sq:-fr. E: P ge Sixty-ffm' THE CEDAR oe TWENTY SEVEN Qi nf ,Q ii ii KAPPA PHI TAU X..lJ fegiq:nf1snf.3c,xerior,gfgg-f' ,af ES' Founded 1910 Aim: Literary advancement, debating, and fellowship. Flofwer: Yellow 'lonquil Colors: Orange and Blue Critic: O. Gerwig OFFICERS FnllSen1ester Spring Semester President - James Vail President - Thomas Powell l'iee-Presirlent - Richard Millel' l'ire-President - Guy Shinn RFt'0l'1flII!1 Seeretary - Thomas Powell Recording Secretary - Ralph Hunter Treasurer- Udell Leibsohn Treasurer-John Koffron Corresjwonding Serretary - John Vosmek Corresjnonzling Secretary-Horace Langfitt Sergezznt-zz!-flrzns - Harold Halfhill Sergeant-nf-flrms - Jerome Kriz Pulse Rejworier- Ralph Hunter Pulse Reporter-Jack Smythe ROLL CALL llflaurice Ashbey Ronald Anderson Williaiii Bode John Bowman Theron Boyer YVilliani Brown lllurphy Davis John Dostal Jack Durin Bob Evans jack Fair Louis Fitzpatrick Robert Haymond Ralph Hunter john Koffron Jerome Kriz Horace Langfitt Udell Leibsohn VVallace Lyon Theodore lllaresh Richard llfliller ' Tony Naso Gerald Phillips Thomas Powell Everett Rall Garretson Seeley Guy Shinn Jack Smythe Jack Stroud John Trumbull James Vail Howard Van VVinkle John Vosmelc George VVarner Ray VVernimont Bi-weekly literary meetings of Kappa Phi Tau have consisted of some topic of timely interest, debates between members, discussions of parliamentary law, or talks by men interested in debating or suc- cessful in business. Fellowships have allowed the society and its alumni opportunities to exchange views and have a good time. A wiener roast, a picnic, and dances have been the social functions. Page Sixty-six -TITIE. CEIERI OF TWENTY SEVEN 1 w n Ak . ' Wi . rllx Ent-51 'I ' fswmn gf,H'F"-'f"Af-'hsilrwf-+1ffgfgAgp: Y g 'vmxw . f V . f "T 1. Q-'t?f , - W,..f: ffM:'A . 1 -fffff' ' A. ..A., 1" 7 ' - :ff ,. "1 ff' 'f"w::5 -fihfv f- ' 1 4. - 1 .. Q. ' - R Q1 , . , f f, ' , 'gz- f . , A we P -gr b , f 1-if-2 z ' 1 5 Hifi , ' .A Q , pp gy, V-.ul .954 . . V 5,.,Vi,r f".Q.5 .ix , ,g '3'1,f1P--iv - , ,, 1 ' -Q5f"w'2- - - .1 gag.. , ,E Q15 .E ,, R Q ' ,, , , 4 1' f v- , Yv X. X , - L 1 'I ' V , - U L . Mill, - , .-,, N F Vg!" tl' ,W , F553 2 ri . A 1 f 'A my-. 'w ' ' V - J N ' 'ii .1 V- 1 , 7-I ' 'Q 'Syl' ' 2:52 A ' ' ' , be D - - 'Y f' Q ' -,x ..r,., 1' A .V , , K , h K A ' -'f gg- -T' I ' ' . H' S . .f".j ' ' fa- - ff 'f.j,,' 5 if ' f 1' xx k ' I 1 ,. 'iz' 1 Y X we . V ,V h X 1, I Q f 5 . ' 'JA LV. H ,. f Q , 4 f A . 4 . X Q . J , X g1. , 4' f Q g Al ' i cn X ' A, 'N ' f . - - 599 , 1 1 " f- 55' Q, Qi ' f i a Q 4:54 ' ' ' ' ' 'A , ,Q 1 1 E5 'Q .Q .. ,. Page Sixty-.veiwn xl 41'-" -3 T1-In CEDAR OF TWENI'-Y sizv-pri ZETAGATI-IIAN Foznmlrzl in 1919 -rlzmz To promote interest in literature, parliamentary law, and to encourage fellowship in Vllashington High School. t Flofwer: Pink Rose Colors: Purple and White Critic: A. G. Bowne OFFICERS Fall Senzester Spring Senzester Prrsidezzt - Bruce Ross President - Theodore Sebern l'ir'r-Pwxidezzt - John Evans l'irr-President - Eugene Swanson Secretary - John Palmer Serretary - Jerome Tlusty Tft'IISll7't'fi Theodore Sebern Trmmrer- Kenneth ll'IcLeod Sergcrznt-af-ilrzzzr - Lloyd Ridgeway Sergeant-nt-nlrms - Kenneth Glackin Pulse Reporter-Jeronie Tlusty Pulse Reporter-YVestin Jacobson ROLL CALL Raymond Allen Freeman Dotson Chester Bailey Paul Engle Leo Baxa John Evans James Davenport Kenneth Gray Jack Deamei' Kenneth Glaclcin Roy Holtz VVestin Jacobson Donnell Le Clere Kenneth llIcLeod Everett lNIcCreedy llilo llitvalsky Kenneth Ottsen Bert Puckett John Palmer John Reid Harold Reid Lloyd Ridgeway Bruce Ross Theodore Sebern VVayne Stookey Gene Swanson lllelvin Swanson Otto Slapnicka Raymond Stuff Jerome Tlusty Needham Young Tom Young The programs of the Zetagathian Society have aimed to present some phase of literary work. The meetings had been conducted un- der strict parliamentary procedure, thus giving training in that sub- ject. Une of the most noteworthy events of this year was the Christ- mas dinner and party given for twenty-five little boys from needy families of the city. Several fellowships have further carried out the society's worthy aim. Page Sixty-eight THE-CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 5. '-1-, CM 'o I 13351 47 fq - A ' . . 3 if 5 " ,Hi 13 ,Lg ,f , 'kvgig f' ' r . - 'u'wg"'4'--,..': T if -, 'ffl' Jz' ' , ',, M ,, W ', -1- 'ig 'Q '12 S- f , V .I , ., 1 'E P .' 2 vii.--f' ' A - f ': H 1 1- , 2 ' ,.q,M,gF,.,. 1 I it at , .rt l V . ,. A, Q it A a , , - . A lk :L,,,1 I .1 , . .,.:"-fx , -- -M . -. Q in 3: '. -' x - ' ' ' ' ' I -2' .2 f'j4,u,fg:g' " ' '- 4 A -A ' A .1 ' ,ri-.-is.,-:....1 .w,- V I W A1 ,... ...,A. ... . . ,iv ::iLt....,..T..., 1 . , - T.. A . .fm --4,-,.M "'-' ' ,, ,S Q-TA". ' , -. :-if .,. V -S N Zz. -5 D 7 . ' L-.QA .el-1: g-::r,:-. 1 ,- ,-.3gf,Qg':fi t , 1 mi ' I 1 . gg, 5- ' , A ,4 - Q fx-,i g ' , ' 3 A E19 I 1 , .I W -I -ff f L, Y " ,ff . iii ': ,EE "YA .Q g -. ' 2 E' 25 1 F:-5 D 3 L N 1 -, , La ,,: ,755 - ff ff ,M f "Q 'E 4: ' 53Af?'E'EF.l 53 - , E 5. 5 ,. qi-::-A EE t ill' Q V Ag H! ' ,gli ?. - 1114 as xr :ill 5 "M" WT' f 5 H-'B . ' 2' K ' ' X ,Lf 9' 'AW' r ' f w- 1 y N ,I , WE- 1 by Q .4 . . 2 . 4" -0 ' 3 - ' V ffl. fy l b ff Bzwfm 5 !i!!IYNX,HlEKLZ 31'FE - :aa ,gi aqui MMQM- :aw Zirfll 11!1'3i2V I 'sw ' VJ: ff ng, 1,15 .L 'W' f f 2-fm V25 QQ fl :F T' i . ,f Q f1lsQ ' ' li' 'G ' Lf 's - iii. 71" I -w . f' - -, '-'4 . 1 ' K Q51 V M f L V f f 7 M - if 4 'Q --h s 5, , ,. g,w':E N K Y. f ' ' F H-fvil . .1 R:-'WH f l,i"SQg1w'u 1 , A X N Q, ' uf-'aj-5-N 55:35, 5.1 - ' A K fc - 15'-ff i :T f ,- ifzfzvwk xl It . Oh rr - 65 I - f' Y " V V - 1 -A 1 ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' 3YY'fh'3y lfgg' 57' :gx . . .V ' - if?-L A 911 Pgijaaa Page Sixty-nine' ya X N 'rms CEDAR or TWEN1-Y SEVEN elf-ya ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Founderl 1907 Jim: To encourage debating among the girls and to further the social and moral Welfare of its members. Illottoz Achieve Something Always. Flower: Red Rose Colors: Blue and Black Critics: Sadie Combs, Chaminade Blackford OFFICERS Fall Semester Spring Semester President - Elizabeth Roberts President - lllary Elizabeth Kehoe l'ire-President - llary Thomas l'ice-President - Frances Chamberlain Secretary-Louise Northcott Secrelrzry-Alice Leefers Treasurer - lllary Nissen Treasurer - lllargaret YVilcox Ifarden - Kathryn Hatch Wfzzrden - lldadge Taylor Pulse Reporter- Klary E. Kehoe Pulse Reporter- Gwen Storey ROLL CALL Ruth Boyson Frances Chamberlain Virginia Chandler Helen Coffman Aeline Currell jane Davis Jean Grout Kathryn Hatch Rachel Hatch lladeline Hatton Alberta Haynes Dorothy Huckins Lois Iosty lllary E. Kehoe Viola Kling Alice Leefers Ruth E. lllatson Phyllis Nleyers Helen Nlokrejs Ruey llloore Dorothy lllunger Barbara Newman Mary Nissen Louise Northcott lllaurita Paulson Zola Piper Evalyn Porter lllary Frances Posselt Louise Randolph Elizabeth Roberts Rosemary Roth -lane Seely Ann Smith Kathryn Smith Gwen Storey Gladys Starry lllarion Sturtz llladge Taylor llary Thomas lllargaret VVilcox The Abigail Stone Abbott Society was organized about twenty years ago by Miss Abbie S. Abbott with a purpose to encourage de- bating, which has ever been its aim. The society annually debates with the Academian Society. This is one of the biggest events of the year, and both societies turn out in body to attend it. Besides debat- ing the society develops the feeling of sportsmanship and comrade- ship, and arouses an interest in the debatable topics of the day. Page Seventy VVe'rc the Alpha Sigma Alpha, And we're steadfast, firm and true, And we're always up and coming YVhen there's anything to do. Page Seivcnly-0 ne lVe have formed the bonds of friendship And when near or far we stray, XVe'll be loyal to the SUIIIIHOIXS Of the A E A. L1-IE Ci-':DAR OF TWENTY SEVEN 5.4-JLYQQ, P i I ,af NL'- p t . 2 , A 4 ',Lv 'I -T : !,. L . H2 , 3 .- E u AJ" -E N z .Ef 1.-w - -4' ffln, 'I lk? .,' M my ,.'-I-H!! in I' 3-si' .fu 1 . .-.1 M a ! , . - .-at-. HA- 1 5 , -F' , W jk. mmfiaan N.,- V , - - , , " r- V- H " - 'x 'gal -Q . " ,. 52 ,Aw . Z.. , ,... . -9 "if"-1-5? "' ni ' gg, 7291 ' N uff- --,-'fur W' L' '. r.-'A vu fx I. , ' . ' -I' , --41? f'-xisfxlf-' jfff .gi.1,.3:y5,f1s 'Y-fi . ., ,N ,G "ff , -",,."' 'f 55,1 T kE"',-.-5.16 -- 1.1 ' -'jg .. V '-f ,v-,,-.1'. 3: Y Q - if K, . ii JF--' L K THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ACADEMIAN Founded 1898 Purpose: Improvement of members in the art of speech, debate and parliamentary usages. Colors: Purple and Old Gold Flower: White Carnation Critic: Ist Semester, Mr. Risteeng znd Semester, Mr. Miller OFFICERS Fall Sfmesler President - Robert Hoffman f'ire-President - Robert Ellis Sf'l'l'I'fI17'.1' - Charles Kubias yll't'lI.l'llI't'I' -- David Hedges Sergmzii-rzt-,irnzs - Tony Naso Pulse Reporter - Tom Jackson Spring Semester President - Jack Greedy l'irc-President - Dick Proctor Serretnry - Robert Clark Trezzszlrer -- Eugene VVinn Sergeant-at-,lrms - lllorris Canfield Pulse Report - Robert Stewart ROLL CALL jack Greedy Dick Proctor Robert Clark Eugene VVinn Robert Stewart Harlan Taylor John Crawford lllorris Canfield Richard Perkins Edmund Jeffrey Gregory Young Edward Duncan Tom Pirnie Frank Phelps llarvin Tinkham George Crawford James Clark James Sigmund lllillard Bain lllorgan Davis, Everet Rollison James Knox At the regular Academian business meetings, all business is con- ducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, thereby improving members in parliamentary uses. At the present, plans are under Way for the debate of the year, the challenge for which will come from the A. S. A. The society has supplemented its regular Work with fellowships and dances. Page Srfuenfy-tfwo -THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN I 1 Rl.. :xg-'gk HT' . Elf-5? X- Z . 48 PgS yl 2,91 wrt- Tru: CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN CECILIANS Organized in 1921 Jloffo: Music Washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Flofwer: VVhite Rose Colors: Green and White Director: Ruth Rickards Accompanisl: Margaret Avedovech OFFICERS FallSe11zesier Spring Semester President-.lane Ludy President- Nlargaret Hageman I'ire-Prerizlent - lllargaret Hageman Vice-President - Hazel Cook Secretary - lllarion Swartzell Secretary - llary Ramsey Treasurer - Ruth Coon Treasurer - Katherine Clements Pulse Reporier-Arlene Jones Pulse Reporter- Ruth Barth ROLL CALL SOPRANOS Ruth Barth lllargaret Hageman Mary Ramsey Mary Eleanor Gordon Ruth VVebster Kathryn Smith Louise Randolph Gladys Stary Alice Leefers Annabelle Ellis Dorothy Goodyear llarie Kelly Ruth Young SECOND SOPRANOS Arlene Childs Helen Couch Alice Hanson Elizabeth Roberts llarian Swartzell Della Taylor Mary Thomas llildred VVhite Adelle VVorlcman Betty Davis Gwendolyn Clark llargaret lllcllains Helen lliokrejs ALTOS Catherine Clements Hazel Cook Ruth Coon Jane Ludy VVinnifred Smith Klaxine Cook Vlasta Liskovsky Frances Severn VVilma Stuart Mary Louise Zbanek Besides numerous appearances at assemblies the Cecilians have presented programs at the following: The Killian Tea Room at a P. E. O. luncheon, the Vesper service of the Girls' Reserves held at the First Presbyterian church, St. Paul's Epworth League Convention, the Moravian Candle service at the People's church, and the Parent- Teachers Association meeting held in Washington auditorium. Sis- terships are held every two Weeks. Page Sefuenly-four THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN :ATE 5 5:5 F3 g Seventy-fifve TI-IE. CEDAR OF TWEN1-Y SEVEN BOYS' GLEE CLUB ll Purpose: To develop musical ability, musical appreciation, and to promote a high standard of fellowships among its members. Jlolto: Look up not down, look forward not back, look out not in, lend a hand. Float-er: lVhite Carnation Colors: Lavender and Ivory Director: Ruth Rickards dccompanist: Margaret Avedovech OFFICERS F1111 Senzfrtvr Spring Semester President - Ed Eaton Presizlmzt - Harold Halfhill l"irv-Prexidmt - lliayne Stookey I'ire-Presidrrzt - Ed Prentiss Sc'rrf'I111'y - Harold Halfhill Secretary - Bruce ROSS Trvzzxzzrfz' - Ed Prentiss Trrfrzszzrffz' - Henry Roselle Puln' Rd'f70l'fl'l'i -lohn Bowman P11150 Reporter- Kenneth llIcLeod ROLL CALL First Trnorr - Harold Halthill, Bruce Ross, VVayne Stookey, Arnold Pyle, Donald Gabriel. Sfrond Toners-Urban llliller, Paul Cummins. Jack Fair, Bob Griffin, Charles Halton, Albert Hammond, Clifford Hawkins. Fir-,vt Bfzmgc-Needhaiii Young, Henry Roselle, Norman Smulekoff, Ed Prentiss, john 'l'urner, Emerson illerriam, Robert Hoffman. Srroml Hnsxes-Ted Sebern, Kenneth lXIcLeod, Leo Severa, VVilliam Rozen. Although the Boys' Cvlee Club has not made many outside engage- ments this year, it has responded loyally to many calls from the school body for participation in assemblies. Four members were chosen to make up a XVashington High School Quartette which has been well received everywhere it has sung. They are Harold Halfhill, john Metcalf, Bruce Ross and Charles Shepard, with Needham Young as alternate. Page Seventy-.fix - Pi, A iix ' 5 Q- T C ' lif-STV 'J l C.. 1 A THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Sliii-ff: 'Jff -p A C' A TI-IE 400 ax Wo I sl f x Founded 1927 Flofwer: Violet Critics: jean Toohy, Rachel Witwer OFFICERS P7'65l.l1'8IlfT Ted Wernimont Vire-Presia'enr - Bernice Leege Secreiary - Gwen Clark Treasurer - Thelma Baine Pulse Reporter- Ted Sebern ROLL CALL Ted YVernimont Bernice Leege Thelma Baine Margaret VVileox llaurita Paulson Lorenda Peet Ted Sebern VVinifred Beeman lllargaret Grunewald Robert Hunter Arnold Pyle Ruth llatson Harold Cushman Charles Lea David Bingham Gwen Storey lllargaret Larimer Ruth Burchard Helen Shomler Gwen Clark Elizabeth Beading Dorothy lVheeler jean Grout Virginia Ladage LaVerle Wright Helen Couch The club has met bi-Weekly, and after the business meeting, mem- bers have Worked on special things such as applied Work, sketching, poster work, dyeing, and batik. A public meeting was held in the auditorium, March 28g living pictures, art talks, cartoon drawings were the features of the entertainment, with musical numbers to bal- ance the program. Page Sefventy-eight ill-'IE-QEZDAR Of TWENTY SEVEN A E+ if Pngr Severity-:zine Tm: ci-:DAR OF TWENTY seven ALPHA BETA CHI Founded in 1917 Purpose: To promote interest and culture in dramatics. Bloiloz 'lEsse Quam Videre" Colors: Purple and Yellow Flowers: Violets and Jonquils Critic: Bernice VVhite OFFICERS Fall Semester Spring Semester President - Catherine Burkholder President - Ann Hayner l'ire-President - Ruth Burchard l'iee-President - lllaxine Cook Serretnry - Louise Northcott Secretary - lllarguerite Robbie Treasurer - lllarguerite Robbie Treasurer - lllarie Whitaniore Pulse Reporter - Viola Carns Pulse Reporter- Marjorie Muench ROLL CALL Cornelia Anderson llildred Bales Betty Beems Ruth Burchard Catherine Burkholder Viola Carns llflaxine Cook Helen Couch lllary E. Gordon Ann Hayner lllarguerite Hibnes Louise James lllarion Keller Blarguerite Robbie Ruth Kushner Helen Lowe llflarjorie llluench Esther Nlumford Noel Newell Louise Northcott lllary E. Ramsey Lois Seelye Arlene Severin lvadene Smith lllary Stookey lllarie VVhitamore Minor plays and sketches at regular meetings have been the dra- matic endeavor of Alpha Beta Chi this year. Sisterships and parties have been the social activities. Page Eighty 'THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN I A iftiffg ti ' ' 'Qi-5445? E51 H- , H 5-4 74 ?4 H X X P4 74 Page Eighty-one Page One fl-fl' 'fo 1 As Cedars striving to attain the heights -- Senior Class lllotto Glory of Semite, glory of kings, Carnal glory of Babylon, Glory of Homer, glory of Greeks, Glory of marble of Parthenong Glory of temple, glory of Jew, Glory of Cedars of Lebanon. wWhat now is the glory of Semite, the glory of kingsg The glory of power, of wealth, of lust, of greed? Gone, gone now the royal glory, the pomp Of kings, the Chaldee eonquerors, their power. The same stars shine that gleamed so long ago On Babylong the same sun burns, but what ls Babylon? A city of dust and dreams, Of memory of a warning on a wall. VVhat now is the glory of Greeks, of Parthenon, Doric glory of Athens, glory divine Of Attic Athena? Vvhat now the Grecian glory? A memory that lives in marble men, And frieze of Phidias. ln remnants of dead Pagan gods, a shattered temple, broken marble, And a tale of a race whose life was a lllarathon. VVhat now the glory of jew, of temple of gold And brass, and Cedar wood from Lebanon. The temple lives in tale alone. the gold And brass are buried in an ancient grave, The altar worshippers are clay, the wood ls the dust that stings the eye of shepherds now That graze their Hooks on Babylon. Of all The glories of all time the humble glory Of Cedar trees yet lives, deathless. Cedars on the mount of Lebanon or in Our prairie of Iowa are the glories Of the world, infinitely incarnate. Cedars on the heights, the peak of aspiration. Strive to touch the leaves of immortality! 31- -all-.-4 THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Jif.f,.s L' Pi-11 SIGMA PSI 5 xg,-' NS Purpose: To promote better appreciation of better plays. llloitor "Esse Quam Videre" Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum Colors: Dark Blue and Gold Critic: Miss Margaret Doughty OFFICERS Fall Semester Spring Semester President - Glenn Schodde President - Ferris Simpson l'iee-President - YVilliam Rozen Vire-President - Renald Evans Serrefnry - Ferris Simpson Secretary - Joseph Hladky Trerzsurer - lllaurice Cliffer Treasurer - Ernest lllloehl Pulse Reporter - Arnold Pyle Pulse Reporter -- Fred Armstrong Sergeant-at-fl rms - Clyde Shomler Sergeant-izt-flriizs - Donald Curran ROLL CALL Fred Armstrong Ronald Anderson Frank Baker Robert Brown lllaurice Cliffer Paul Cummins Donald Curran Renald Evans Robert Grilhn Joseph Hladky Milo Mitvalsky Ernest llloehl Tom Powell Ed Prentiss Arnold Pyle VVilliam Rozen Glenn Schodde Clyde Shomler Ferris Simpson VVayne Stookey During the fall semester the Phi Sigma Psi's gave an evening pro- duction of two one act plays, "Gracie," by Bess Springer and "Miss Civilization," by Richard Harding Davis, in the Washington High auditorium. Page Eighty-tfwa THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN ' AT, gQf '7-,CN ' f gl E1-WWis ' U'l ll'ih - un si ml an- uf fa-a 4 i1'fI Wim ,f " 1' i wi Y--ir MJ I 1 k!.",'y Gov, , Bk Page Eighty-tlzref' jg, THE CEDAR ori IWENTY SEVEN J , A ,t'6i:, - ,n ,,- F' ix. .W , -.-sb, THE SENIOR PLAY r ' I Left to right: Dawson Grimm, john French, WVestin Jacobsen, David Bingham, Ferris Simpson, Edward Prentiss, Katherine Longueville Under the direction of liliss Ina Hibbard the seniors presented "A Tailor-lilade Klan" to a large and enthusiastic audience at Benjamin Franklin, April 2. The play chosen this year was par- ticularly adaptable for high school players as it employed a large cast. The theme concerns the ambitions and ultimate accomplish- ments of a tailor's employee, John Paul Bart, ably played by Ed- ward Prentiss. Through his own self-confidence and cleverness he manages to make a place for himself in society, only to be exposed by a former acquaintance. He returns to the tailor shop, but his wealthy employer refuses to be influenced by outraged society's MISS HIBBARD verdict and restores him to the important position he has held. , Mn f 1 Standing, left to right: Ted VVernimont, Billy Ellwood, Edward Prentiss, Everett Rall, Esther Mumford, Henry Adams, Ruth Coon, Gladys Meek, Richard Miller Sealed, left to right: Ruth Young, Ruth Barth, jane Moore, Robert Brown, Margaret Hageman, Eliza Hickok .-lbsfnl: Catherine Burkholder, Milo Mitvalsky Page Eighty-four LI'-HE-QEDAR-QF -'IS-WENTY SEYEN Y' LQ:-5+ P g Eighty-five ,aviff ,W THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN Sgiiiiz 'Qi-CLIE TIGER ATHLETIC COUNCIL 'q ui ' "ll ' Founded in 1922 Purpose: To maintain the highest standards and to foster athletic interests in the VVashington High School of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Colors: Orange and Black Flower: Tiger Lily Critics: Coach Kelly, Assistant Coach Paulu OFFICERS Fa!! Senzfster Spring Semester Prrsident - Guy Shinn President - Paul Cummins five-Prexizlmit - Paul Cummins I'ice-President - Lloyd Ridgeway Serrotzzry - Lloyd Ridgeway Scrremry - Theron Boyer Trmszzrcr - Art Redel Treasurer - George Wariier FOOTBALL Cummins '25, '26 Day '25, '26 Groth '25, '26 Kriz '25, '26 VVarner '26 lllaresh '26 Urban '25, '26 Shinn '25, '26 Cronkhite '26 Fitzpatrick '26 Thompson, K. '26 Calder '26 llliller '26 Auracher '24, '25 Brown '25 Vail '26 Baker '26 BASKETBALL Day '25 Vail '25 Cummins '25 BOYCI' '25 Groth '25 TRACK Redel '25, '26 Boyer '25, '26 Ridgeway '26 Th0IT1PSOH '26 llliller '25, '26 TENNIS Udell Leibsohn '26 The Tiger Athletic Council is an honorary organization composed of men Who have earned monograms. The club meets bi-Weekly for a dinner at which the activities of the athletic department are discussed. Page Eighty-:ix -THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN E, 1-5-QLC ,',, - II' 'anff X M 7' ip - ' -iii x S xx Page Eighty-.vewen a N f h jti THE. CEDAR OF TWENTY SENEN P g E'ghty- 'glzt THE CEDAR OF TWENTY SEVEN iazgr ' - I ' ggi' 5. ws. N gif l PgEgly THE C1-:DAR -OF-TVVEN'lSE-R-IEILL ,z SIGMA PI ALPHA la 14775 i i J I' Founded 1925 Purparet To unite all girls of VVashington High School interested in physical education in the broad- est sense, and to promote democra- tic good fellowship, healthful social activities, highest ideals of sports- manship, clean minds, healthy bod- ies, and wholesome enjoyment of life. Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Colors: Lavender and Yellow Critir: Miss Zika Programs of Sigma Pi Alpha have displayed musical, literary, and debating ability of its mem- bers. A picnic supper and two parties have been the social events. Hikes and the annual tennis tourn- ament are planned for the spring. Qi Page Ninety

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George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Monument Yearbook (Cedar Rapids, IA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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