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each as one, separate, unique, yet each like a snowflake that falls from the heavens, -our only chance of survival is uniting on the ground WE WWW ' ' vaamwguan .s 1973 Heritage George Washington High Denver, Colorado and although we stand alone we're not abandoned. our ambitions and dreams stand with us, to hold us . . . and if they crumble, well, there's tomorrow, and a lot of inspirations yet to be tasted. , K -I ,N WMM, I V "' mf A 151 .. '36 , ,,z, fl K ' ' - W 5 We f yi gg .VL ,y A - My fr! 35, v 1 there's patience, and change like the sky from dawn, to twilight. gag if-vaeisga V 'I 1 em E X if 15. v A! if h M K5 Jr' ' , ., t 'K , -' I 1' ' '11 Fri! and there are patterns yet to form, places yet to see, and people yet to meet Af either gently like the mists of clouds in sunshine, or violently, like the claps and roars of rain. -yet meetings all the same. ar i if'.asf1?iwfszwff'al4 , , ,YM nfl lg- we A. ,, , W .,i., - ,,., , W5-,mnT55'ggPg5g1,gfgfH37,4gf 4 and there is life to come, and freedom to see, and beginnings to touch with moments to be fu! ii si 1, ef ourselves with our hopes and visions of forever . . . ef:faW1 1 . ,wr M 9 E ve , rm. 5371111 An A tyll, , 1 'V' ' .L X 'r7'jgIh' da: " 'QQ H . -mein ::LAsL...,.. Wowm. MW--Ld: 1 ourselves as we separate and move on together. -chris Iares 9 TABLE OF CONTENTS I' Activities-page 12 0 Achievements-page 70 Sports-page 80 T. W f if Royalty-page 114 Faculty-page 122 Student Bodies page 'I42 W 4 s 1 A C T I V , I . 1' . I 9 E s I wif. 1 ,Fr 1 H W, im A, m y A ,,,, ,. , . ,. . 4. WC' M Q 5 w f J' 1 Sharon and Peter S' . ,Q V, ,H ie, We V .A ,Q J, 0 960' fi 515790. ff iz, A-ts, New Q if "You never know where you stand until you fall, and you never know where to go until you're too far away. It's my feeling that people, especially high school students, don't know what they really want until it's too late to obtain it. I hope that some- day school, at the senior high level, will be a place not only to gain scholastic and carnal knowledge, but also a place in which students can become aware of themselves and others, and ac- quiesce to the philosophy of "live and let live." Peter Dach Qilgtrfific-f 5 f' i 1- ff ' Qs ei , ,345 ., I Nh!! I lies? .,,.......a-no-1 Head Girl and Head Boy "Happy are we met, Happy have we been, Happy may we part, And happy meet againl" "As I look back on the three years I have spent at GW, I see the many changes that have come over me simply because of the people I have met. I find that I am more sensitive to the feelings of others. When I weep for or with someone, I feel a kindred spirit. I truly love life and all it has to offer. I don't want to be outstanding, I just want to be me. Everyone I have met has become a part of me and I of them. We all need someone who will not only hear, but will listen, understand, and perhaps shed a tear. Getting involved with someone eIse's life brings one closer to one's self and the things that make life worth living. I know that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes. Being humble gives one faith to be- lieve, courage to try, and strength to go on." -Sharon Fishburn Jury: Back Row, From Left to Right: Sue Stenmark, Lisa Grandel, Joni Mathias, Rob Davidson, Debbie Dingman. Front Row: Naomi Kaplan, Candace Lauten, Joel Diner, Stacy Senter, Sue Slavec, Jan Davidson. Plaintiffs: Chris Lares, Jim Bailey, Ely Brand, Audrey Kolpan, Kari Frank. Defendants: Sheera Birnbaum, Beverly Wesley, Kip Cheroutes, Bill Heiss, Dave Friedland. Recorder: Jay Finesilver. Witness: Miss Taul. Judge's Bench, From Left to Right: Sharon Fishburn, Peter Dach, Steve O'Neal. From Left to Right: Sharon Fishburn, Peter Dach, Steve O'Neal, H , , n I , i Jay Finesilver, Miss Taul. The 73rd District Court is now in session, Head Boy Peter Dach and Head Girl Sharon Fishburn pre- siding. Bailiff, please bring in the defendants, the George Washington Student Council, alias the 'GW Twenty-eight.' " "Members of the Student Council, you have been charged with the responsibility of bringing together 2,750 students, eliminating their apathy, creating communications links among students, faculty, and administrators: and in short, instituting humanism within the framework of education." "How do you answer to the charges against you?" "We tried." "Let the Student Body be the judge of your suc- cess." From Left to Right: Debbie Dingman, Sue Slavec, Jan Davidson. f E JMX w S... :XX X115 l- l l N lt if ,X X..AX., is Janice Monday and Kay Atkinson, .' . W5 Thesplcms Produce Tim if '-q sis i x iii f After much practicing, rehearsing, and drilling, the GW Thes- Top to Bottom: Mary Reeves, Secretary, Terri Dunhill, Vice Pres- pian Society has Corne of age' The society perforrned A ldefltf Bev Befrlefflan, Pfesldentf Pablo, Tl'eaSUI'9f'. GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, THE MIRACLE WORKER, MY THREE ANGELS, MARY, MARY, MY FAIR LADY, and THE LION IN WINTER this year. The group of performers, en- tertainers, and actors of the society, headed by Mrs. Nancy Priest, had raised its dramatic membership to nearly 125 members during the past year. The stageworthy society, which gathered to ham about on the first Tuesday of every month, not only present- ed its theatrical productions at our own dramatic school but also staged its productions at other area schools and clubs. Thus, the Thespians throughout the year provided GW with many produc- tions-musicals, comedies, and dramas. Kay Atkinson and Jim Gaskie. Marci Rothenberg and Bob Wellman. ' t Jim Mogan, Paul Mast, Mark Wells, and Marci Rothenberg Ken . . . . , . t Leyda, Mary Livingston, Brian Eichenberger, Lisa Rose, Rob Rueler, and Julie Downing. Lisa Rose and Rob Rueler. ,4 A My Fair Lady! llgiifiiesaariiliiill eirffflfffiggsggggis Q 'f-1 :55 2 AV ' - els? fy r f' P fri -:Y-4 lf K 7 li X l 'J r" 1 . 'VW ,dvr 7 . fp, 'I ' , 'XV' l .L if llll l i t '1 lg 2- V Q ' ,,'--+C ,' I ' my 'ld' 4r ng li 7 Al ml 'WWW ,rf lilly iff, ll. ifK'1 1 ii X f x?-Us x 'I KL MQW f i rv I ,, cf , f' l f ace Eliza Doolittle .... Henry Higgens . . . Colonel Pickering . . Mrs. Pierce ..... Freddy Hill - -- Mrs. Hill ----- Mrs. Higgens - - - Director ------ Vocal Director . . . Choreographer . . . Orchestra Conductor- cl' ff 'D Z- 4,' X' , Q Bill Barstnar jgwq A, Mrs. Priest, Jan Monday . THE CAST . Debbie Nordstrom . Michelle Mahaffey . . . Bruce Godsman .. . . .Rob Reuler - - Karen Morris - - Mark Warner . - - - - Debbie Davis - - - - - Jan Monday - Mrs. Nancy Priest Miss Maxine Westfall Mrs. Pauline Holmes - Mr. Richard Culver Bruce Godsman, Debbie Nordstrom -lm , K A ,X . , ,, 1 qw. je! ga 1 S if we i i . 5 s P . . ' i A P V ,. Rob Reuler, Michelle Mahaffey, Bruce Godsman fasmw, Debbie Nordstrom This year's ALL-SCHOOL SHOW, MY FAIR LADY, took the combined talents ofthe drama, music, home eco- nomics, physical education, art, and busi- ness departments at GW. Over 200 stu- dents and teachers worked their hardest for over four months at everything from ticket selling and scenery painting to sing ing and dancing. As opening night grew closer, the hours of rehearsal for cast and crew seemed endless. Then came the show-a smashing success, worthwhile endeavor and a memory forever. Patriot Players Kent Leyda Jim Morgan, Paul Mast, Mark Wells, NIBVCV Rothenberg M M 'rlfrro of 2"" savage vvasn n g auditorium 51.00 0 Nou 168:17 . , I I , gg E ' ' ooooooo o ' ' . K . 0 : 0 6X - f tl : fH A M I RACL E Q Tim Morris ,fwi 5? f Nine months brought four great shows to the stage of GW this year. First up to bat was Brian Eichelberger who led the rest of the cast to a flying success in the musical comedy YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN. The next miraculous show was MIRACLE WORKER, whose super success required an extra performance to please all GW theatre-goers. This time Jan Monday and Kay Atkinson stole the spotlight as the leading ladies. Christmas time at Washington filled the stage with three angelic actors in convict clothes. The show was lVlY THREE ANGELS. By spring the thespians were on stage again, this time with LION IN WIN- TER as the dramatic climax to the year's performances. Members of Concert Choir are: R. Ammerman, C. Ammon, J. Anderson, K. Atkinson, M. Auerbach, N. Baginskv, Ft. Ballard, B. Barstnar. L. Bav- lor, A. Burton, P. Burres, L. Butler, S. Brenman, B. Bryant, T. Carbaugh, D. Claassen, J. Clear, T. Clein, R. Cohen, K. Comer, D. Coxson, C. Cun- ningham, D. Davis, P. Davis, D. Dow, T. Dupuch, L. Eady, B. Eichenberger, M. Fuller, D. Garnett, B. Glau, C. Gustofson, L. Halpin, T. Hammond G. Haugen, A. Heller, K. Hollond, G. Holland, H. Holmes, J. Johnson, J. Johnson,T. Jonas, L. Joy, G. Kipper, P. Kirkegaard, M. Knight, L. Knott, C. Laasen, C. Lauten, S. Leger, G. Lewellan, W. Liggins, M. Livingston, M. Mahaffy, J. Maulstby, C. McAffee, C. McConnell, J. McDowell, C. McNeil, N. Miller, S. Monroe, C. Morrison, C. Murphy, J. Naster, S. Nedella, D. Nordstrom, S. Norris, E. Papadeus, D. Pastor, L. Personius, K. Peterson, R. Pike, Ft. Price, Ft. Reddish, D. Schwartz, N. Sharply, S. Shelev, W. Simmions, D. Smith, M. Smith, S. Smith, L. Stalls, T. Stear, W. Stefan, S. Storts, S. Sun, K. Taylor, L. Tietz, J. Thulson, L. Todd, J. Townley, M. Traudt, M. Vessa, T. Wallace, M, Warner, J. Watars, B. Wellman, K. White, K. Whitington, C. Williams, M. Wolpa, K. Wright, D. Yarbrough. Sing Along with "Mu" Thirty-nine sopranos were hitting the high notes, with thirty altos helping with harmony, followed by nine tenors and twenty-five basses, the audience smiled as far as one could see. One hundred and four Concert Choir members caught the applause with a proud looking director, Miss Westfall. The choir gave many such great performances, and they were enjoyed by all. iivflnev X. .2 5 M ff i K' 1 Q' iw ii : .... Z f - Q i " as Randi Cohen Left to Fiightg Debbie Davis, Sheri Smith Left to Right: Pam Davis, Leonard Teitz, Michelle Traudt, Kathy Comer Maclrigals "A madrigal is a little amorous poem containing some delicate and tender thought. Because of their vitality and freshness, these madrigals have never ceased to charm." This encyclopedia definition is a good description of our own Madrigal singers and their sound. Singing mostly Renaissance music, Washington's Madri- gals gave over seventy-five performances this year. Directed by Miss Westfall and accompanied by Holly Holmes, the sixteen singers sang for every service club in the city, the statehouse conference on youth, numerous schools, church- es, and clubs, and performed over twenty times in Larimer Square during the holidays. Throughout the year, our Madrigals never ceased to charm. , From Left to Flight: Tina Jonas, Bill Barstnar, Laffv Halpin and Debbie Nordstrom deliver Candygrams. From Left to Right, Top Flow: M. Mahaffey, L. Halpin, D. Nordstrom, D. Claassen, G . Kippur, L. Butler, B. Eichenberger, T. Carbaugh, D. Smith. Bottom Row: R. Pike, M. Wolpa, M. Warner, B. Barstnar, K, Wright, T. Jonas, H . Holmes. Miss Westfall. From Left to Right, Top Row: Diane Claassen, Larry Halpin, Robin Pike, Brian Eichenberger, Michelle Mahaffey, Larry Butler, Karen Peterson, Gary Kippur, Holly Holmes. Bottom Row: Kathy Wright, Dennis Smith, Tina Jonas, Bill Barstnar, Mindy Wolpa, Tom Carbaugh, Debbie Nord- strom, Mark Warner. fwwwwffwwwwwswwsy, swwwww. I WW www.l.MW, From Left to Right, Top Row: Luann Baylor, Becky Bryant, Bob Wellman, Jeanine Anderson, Pam Kirkegaard, Larry Knott, Shryl Smith, Sue Brenman, Debie Davis, Gary Lewallan, Kay Atkinson, Marci Auerbach. Bottom Row: Audrdery Heller, Tom Clein, Cidi Murphy, Tom Stear, Mu chelle Traudt, Scott Morris, Holly Holmes, Chuck Morison, Janet Clear, Dave Corson. Choralaires The Sound of Music With a Happy Note lntroducing a Sharp group with a wayout pitch in sound: the GW Choralaires. This elite group se- lected from Concert Choir harmonized un- der the direction of Miss Maxine Westfall. They had the rhythm and vibrations it took to bring a happy note to church groups, ban- quets and junior high schools for whom they performed throughout the year. The Choralaires Pre- sented song and dance in "chord-ination" with the harmonics of well known musical, folk and show tunes. With this variety of perform- ance the Choralaires put an end to the Sound of Silence. N From Left to Right: Pam Davis,Tom Higgins, Dean Garyet Cyndi Bemel, Photo-format Editor " Heritage sg' Q w ,M ,Ip ,K ,Q -r if ss", r"f'l Q ' '-'mx - 'sf is V 5 .' e1g'?'?,'U A ' fe,4!i7,iQ: if k 'A' , 'arf ,. D' ix 'ivy C ffiiifn. Pr Q W' ly 1-9 siwifvf' 59 , also -iz: I ' il if ,,'1 , ,qi,t.,fQ sh' we C i was w'Ff,"'i 'ii , , lu., - ' uit' W9"'--"i4'. - Pi From Left to Right: Leslie Gibbons, Cyndi Bemel, Chris Lares, Janis Co-Editorvjanis BSHEY Bailey. Co-Editor, Chris Lares, and Randi Rothman h'h .wmv Cristi Davis and Leslie Gibbons 28 Harryfcige! For every activity there was a season, and a purpose for every time before the deadline. A time to be bored, and a time to rush. A time to plan, and a time to tear up that which was planned. A time to yell, and a time to hear. A time to breakdown, and a time to hold temper within. A time to smile, and a time to swear. A time for copy, a time for layouts. A time for Janis, a time for Chris. A time for Cyndi,a time for Brett. A time for Leslie, and a time for Harry Grill. A time to love,a time to fear. A time of disappointment, and a time of pride. From left to right top to bottom Pam Davis Cristl Davis Debbie Scott, Tom Higgins, Sponsor Mr Grill Dean Garyet Kim Nevins Debbie Goodman Luann Baylor Flandi Rothman, and David Rand' Rmhman Chris Lares and Debbie Goodman From Left to Right: Doris Whitt, Gail Harrison, and Sandy Cynthia Williams Marko. The new 1973 SURVEYOR was the high school paper with more human interest. SU RVEYOR'S new masthead of black letters on a white background gave this year's model that new look unexpected in a moderately priced paper. There was more satisfaction too, because the 1973 SU R- VEYOR combined the new "Sensuous Teacher" article with its ever-popular editorials. SU RV EYOR. Well written. Well put together. And interesting, because it's the news that the students made. Listening better . . .writing better. That's the SURVEYOR. Spirit of the 70's. Sandy Marko Steve Flansburg and Mrs. Mclntosh. Editor-in-Chief, Dan Diamond. .3 Swett 21292, V' Q' Editor-In-Chief Sponsor ..... Editorial Editor. . . . . . Feature Editor. News Editor . . Sports Editor . Photo Editor . Business Editor Writers ...... Scott Gelman, Karen Gotier, G Marko, Ken Miller, Ryan Mulla Price, Charles Rastle, Elizabeth Steve Gelmara Dan Diamond Dan Diamond Mrs. Carolyn Mclntosh Mike Ross Steve Gelman Bessie Hadley John Franks Paul Anderson Helen Pierce Steve Flansburg all Harrison, Sandy ney, Hal Ozcan, Stuart Rastle, Mark Schwartz, Cynthia Smith, Christopher Suzuki, Tracy Wallace, Doris e "' Whitt, cymhiawmiams. sumrgv Dan :" :" Diamond 9 " g... T Bond-Aids School Spirit With the help of the new, shining, smiling face of Mr. Richard Culver and his quality skills as an out- standing director, the GW Concert Band came through loud and clear this year. They were noted for their excellent displays of school spirit at the football games by performing entertaining half-time shows and songs that enabled the fans to rock the stands and even caused GEORGI ES GIRLS to become foot- loose and carefree. The band really helped put away the rumor that students no longer show an interest in their school. Steve O'Neal ed Waite and Larry Pote Mr. Culver generates spirit at a football game. .5 fa. f ., ,- . R 'W' We 3 " l . ,,,. . y 5? James Steinberg Mark Rubin Katrina Alcola Judy Atkinson Band Members Letha Johnson Roger Johnson Jeff Barash-ASB, CWB Cvnthia -10095 Debra Brandwein Bruce Cody Rebecca Cortes Craig Cunningham JoAnne Daniel Robert Davis Thomas Dembeck Marc Epstein-CWB Marilyn Facer Jean Fitch Brian Flax-CWB Steven Freedheim- CWB Tim Gibbons Edward Green Mark Katz Gregory Kaufman Karl Kharas Steven Kraft Michael Krashin Jan Lavender Charles Lehman Gayle Lehman Scott McG rew-CWB Neil Miller-CWB Riki Morikawa David Nelson Steven Olshansky Stephen O'Neal Beth Pearson James Greenfield-ASB, Jeff Pearson CWB Desiree Guy Dianne Hanna Sharon Henderson Houston Bill John Hupp Gregory Jackson ASB-All State Band CWB-Citywide Band get ylgt ytyl ,V!5lTQF,5t, C, l,s.,,,.l.,M ,.., Thomas Politzer Larry Pote Andrea Raizen-ASB, CWB Mike Rease Randi Rosen Mark Rubin William Selmser Julie Smith William Smith Paul Sorey James Steinberg-ASB CWB Dawn Stenlund James Sweed Rick Swisher Bruce Taylor Deborah Tenslv Regina Theisen-CWB Peter Tholson Dewayne Wagoner Theodore Waite JoAnn Walsh Donald Walter Nathan Weisbart Cheryl Whitney Marilyn Whitney Dwight Williams Mark Witmer John Woodward James Worley Steve O'NeaI, Jeff Pearson, Jim Greenfield, Neil Miller, Mark Dillon i Joel Berenbeim, Wendy Gordon, Jeff Pearson Todd Stear, Willard Ainsworth, David Zietlin Q3 Nat Weisbart Jazz Band Jazz'n it up this year, the GW Jazz Band played their hearts out. Under the conduction of Mr. Culver, the group brought many honors to Washing- ton. They participated in "The Battle of the Bands" at the City Auditori- um against South, Nlanual, North, and West. . . attended the Englewood Jazz Festival the first week in Nlay, and presented an assembly to Washing- ton and Hill Jr. High. The City-Wide Jazz Band went to Las Vegas the end of Nlay to the University of Nevada to perform with the largest high school band in that city, and was also seen on N.E.T. Television. Their beat and whaling sound brought harmonious vibrations to many. Brett Hamer scott McGraw Steve 0.NeaI Jeff Pearson From Left to Flight: Scott McGrew, Steve O'Neal, Joel Berenbeim, Jeff Pearson, ' ' Neil Miller B E wx-mam T? Jimmy Steinberg Jeff Barash Mr. LaForte and Mr. Culver Orchestra r Along Following the baton of lVlr. Richard Culver, the symphonic orchestra finished a very eventful year. Competing with orchestras from all over the state, on the basis of submitted tapes, the orchestra's outstanding playing won them a trip to Colorado Springs to play a concert for the Colorado Music Educators Associa- tion. Mr. Jack LaForte joined lVlr. Culver and the orchestra second semester and together they helped make the All School Show a success. Many members ofthe orchestra also monopolized seats in the ' All City and All State Orchestras, sup- porting the fact that the George Washing- ton Concert Orchestra was among the two best orchestras in the state. --W ws-ag, g 1' Violin players concentrate on a difficult section of their music. Mr. La Forte and lVlr. Culver The orchestra practices as interested visitors look on. Dave Brenman and Jim Greenfield Linda Grimes Steve Freedheim Brian Flax Cheryl Whitney, Leslie Brettell and Jeff Barash, Orchestra members include: Glynnis Ashley, Jeff Barash, Joel Berenbeim, Lois Berg CASO and ACOl, Dave Brenman, Leslie Brettell, Melinda Campbell, Cindy Cass, Madelyn Clarke, Annette Damerau IASO and ACOl, Cristi Davis, Penny Eisen, Jack Elliott, Marilyn Pacer, Brian Flax iACOl, Mark Flaxman, Mike Fox, Carol Frank, Steve Freedheim, Jim Greenfield, Linda Grimes lACOl, Brett Hamer, Larry Hilf, Houston Hill, Linda Johnston, Lori McClelland, Neil Miller, Karen Morris, Mary Peacock iACOl, Michelle Peacock, Beth Pearson, Jeff Pearson, Lisa Radetsky iACOl, Andrea Flaizen, Randi Rosen, Lesley Stall lACOl, Todd Stear lACOl, Jim Steinberg, Jim Sweed, Jim Townley, Marianna Vertenstein lASO and ACOl, Stacie Walton, Victor Whong, Karen Wheeler, Cheryl Whit- ney, Marilyn Whitney,Ted Waite, Doug Yetter iACOl. WMZW' im? MW Ai' l , Q 41 all Leslie Sargeant and Nancy Baginski. Flag In the beginning, there were eleven girls and the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let them have flags," and they had flags. On the second day the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let these girls have green uniforms and saddle shoes," and they did. On the third day the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let them practice with their flags until they become very talented. The girls practiced with their flags and became very talent ed. And he saw that they were good. On the fourth day the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let this team perform." So the girls were ready to perform and the Jolly Green Giant said, "Are you ready, Mr. Music?" and he said, "Yes," but he wasn't. The girls performed anyway, without music, and the Jolly Green Giant saw that they were good. Grace Voogt, captain. . -... .. i ,jiiligijgfifw - Rise Ammerman and Diane Garnett Q, .Q , K K Barb O'Donnell and Cathy Burg . l r gt, 5, rf' owl Q... Mary Lou Smith and Diana Frelund. Team On the fifth day the Jolly Green Giant said, "We cannot rely on Mr. Music: so let the band play for these girls." The band practiced songs and got ready to play for the team: and on the sixth day the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let them perform together." So they did: only this time not only did the Jolly Green Giant see that they were good, but everyone else did, too. On the seventh day, the Jolly Green Giant said, "Let these girls be called the George Washington Flag Team," and they were so named. And in the end, there was the spirit. Bonnie Denholm and Claudia Kramlich. Donna Stromstad They had the spirit. . . in their number, they were eight. . . They had the spirit. . . in their actions, like pep assemblies. . . They had the spirit . . . and imagination, coach appreciation . . . They had the spirit . . . in their feet, and they walked . . . They had the spirit. . . in their knees, and they bent them . . . They had the spirit.. .in their hips, and they moved . . . They had the spirit. . . in their backs like cardiacs . .. They had the spirit . . . in their hair, they couldn't comb it. . . They had the spirit. . .in their ears, they couldn't hear . . . They had the spirit. . . in their eyes, they couldn't see . . . They had the spirit. . .in their lockers, pints. . .and pints... And they said, ugh ah, ugh ah... Debbie Day, Head Cheerleader Cindy Biffel Pam White Lanie Maes Sheryl Stubblefield Cheerleaders Barbee Lu nde Iris Ramos 1 Left to Right: Selena Glenn, Jean Price, Cathy Smith, Cheerleader Lanie Maes, Nancy Wikler, Sherri Davenport, Nor- ma Sheel, Collette Snellgrove, Judy Alexander, Terri Priddy. l l ? Michelle Mason Yuko Ely Te,-ri prgddy Sherri Davenport Eleven pert, pretty Pom-Pom girls were a new part of the peppy, peerless performers on the Patriots' playground this year. Pleasing the public, they pompously paraded in pleasant patterns, giving panicky Patriot fans some piece of mind. Under the direction of their pensive sponsor Mrs. Lucas, and their persuasive captain, Nancy Wikler, the Pom Poms proved their extra push for school spirit was a patriotic performance of per severance and perfection. 'W . Q w, . K, L 5 Left to Flight: Jean Price, Norma Sheel, Collette Snellgrove. Captain, Nangy Wikler WOW 'mem W,, ., V H rz.. V M Left to Right: Selena Glenn, Judy Alexander, Cathy Smith. MAX fi r Y XX-x . X5 X ge Spirit Unlimited lt's a sunny but cool afternoon. A girl, dressed in a green skirt and white blouse, sits in the first row of the stadium seats among a crowd of similarly dressed girls, a Coke in one hand, and her green and white shaker in the other. Eagerly, her eyes follow the movement of the two teams-her team's also wearing green and white-as they prepare for the final play. Suddenly, following the example of the cheerleaders, she hypnotically chants some words to help her team score. The ball is snapped. She jumps up, spills her Coke, and lets out a scream. On the field, one of the young men on her team is carrying the football and running madly toward the goal posts. In the stands, the girl is jumping madly on the bleachers, waving her shaker. The gun fires, her team wins, and she sighs. And that's the way it is, any fall Saturday after- noon-a GW Pep Club girl helping her team win. seem' W5 ie K. Mrs. Lucas From Left to Right, Bottom Row: Debbie Lewis, Julie Conger, Katheryn Koller, Toni Grandi, Julie Dufford, Delores Philips, Brenda Willis, Donna Drose, Marilyn Cowell. Second Row: Glenda Richey, Cindy Elbeck, Monique Holland, Kym Mann, Nancy Garcia, Donna Chambers, Pam Houston. Third Row: Karen Watanuki, Debra Mack, Lynetta Lowe, Julie Drose, Mary Ellen Weiland, Cindy Herrington, Julie Johnson, Joy Conger, Fourth Row: Cherie Jackson, Valerie Kennedy, Darlene Powell, Darlene Groves, Carmen Gleen, Katie Keys, Paula Rand, Melanie Spurlin, Sue Miller. Fifth Row: Joyce Stewart, Karen Rowe, Pauline Reid, Janet Garcia, Kathy Graves, Cindy Steck, Karen Whitmore. Sixth Row: Deidre McGee, Sharon Watanuki, Carrie Shimizu, Jeri Priddy. Top Row: Patty Gerhardt, Kim Wilson, Toni Reimers, Debbie Jones, Barb Luke, Sherry Van Hooker, Leigh Peterson, Debbie Wood, Leslie Gerarden, Claudia Huttner. c... nr ,,. ,, 'M' 4. K 44 Pam Davis JoAnn Goldsmith With eight willing and determined girls, led by their sponsor, Nlrs. Bershof, how can a community go wrong? These eight girls, the Keywanettes, devoted their spare time to charity projects and serving the underprivileged people in any way they could. One of their main proj- ects included decorating a ward at Fitz- simmons Hospital during the holiday season, a heartwarming gesture which the injured and sick men will always remem- ber in years to come. Together the Key- wanettes and their sponsor attained their goal of bettering the community. Charlene Flieder From Left to Right, Front Row: JoAnn Goldsmith, Shelly Bruck, Charlene Flieder, Carol Walford, Second Row: Pam Davis, Chris DeWaal. Karen Crater, Debbie Bobb. Z .ag 5 X 531 My 2 we ,1 ,B Karen Crater .. , -,,. , 'Fr' ,,,, ' l ...J- Kip Cheroutes From left to right, Bottom Flow: Dick Heider, Gary Hoffman, Kip Cheroutes, Mike Edwards, Kenny Levin, Sheldon Berkowitz, Larry Karakitsios. Middle Flow: Dan Burnett, Mitch Francis, Peter Paton, Mike Cormier, Larry Berman, Chuck Lacerte.Top Row: Tim Upham, John Bissell, Rick East D" ., H" Wfiip.- , sa L7 'L , A W-M rrwwmm Aw, , ,V W-W Yu ' 545,46i"li'572'i Team Captain, Mike Cormier Dick Helder, Jay Finesilver Gary Hoffman She was the meanest ball they ever saw, and when frustration got them down, ' they'd sock'er. When Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays bored them, they'd sock'er. With Mr. Jordan as a sponsor they'd sock'er. When they needed a good laugh and a smile, they'd sock'er. And even when it snowed, they'd sock'er. Without an official coach, they'd sock'er. And even if they lost, they'd sock'er and sock'er, sweet SOCCGY. Soc k'er! Alex Chiu, Dan Burnett, Mitch Francis Tim Upham From Left to Right, Bottom Row: Leonard Teitz, Tim Upham, Chuck Lacerte, John Bissell, Larry Berman, Rob Davidson, Brett Hamer, Drew Smith, Mike Cormier. Middle Row: Kenny Levin, Mike Felling, Bruce Taylor, Greg Warneke, Peter Paton, Bill Franks, Rick East, Gary Hoffman, Dan Bur- nett, Mitch Francis, Mike Edwards, Shel Berkowitz, Dick Heider, Top Row: Gary Nichols, Kip Cheroutes, Chris Dern, Myles Guber, Larry Karakitsios, Jay Finesilver, Alex Chiu, Steve Reimers, Rick Gale, Ron Alterman, Dave Coxson, Hal Oxan, Scott Garel, Jack Virtue. Drew Smith, Kenny Levin I 3 A' A H ww ,I s me L -P f z1',Q35ifi 'Wifi """"mmw mnnlii Bill Franks 1 as 1 2 Peter Stapp, John Franks 1 -0 in -P-if - -: 'l'i'Y7'?i3r " M as ty ttf '-if " V K . """"c"n'W---MM K-s'kK? N ' , , -'K '. 1 np - J Q il ., css ' 5' ' , , ' Q ',.. ' - ' fs ' ' + 5 ' ..f -4 .... p ri K ' . "lifts :..S ""'A 1 is X it f ,X J., yt - N ,, . J- -it ,A . 2, . Lac rosse F 'E' ff' -t was Q l V 1 Q ,er M 1 .t. T. . The Lacrosse Club faced a tough schedule 'B X s .F , ,f this year against Denver Country Day, Colorado gsfirgkgggg. , yyry 'PPV'-F M great skill coming from long hours of tedious ' P 71 'f if 7 7 ,ggi as -fi ,offs . . 1. .Q " ., - .ul--.:'1. . Q-yes-Q ,fy 'nw ' "S V -'VG' ' Qt- P practice. Led by fancy cradlers like Peter Stapp, ., Q95 Pjji 1QQf.j,'-gg! wM""""Q 1 Q t, is ef. John Franks and Scott Garel, the team per- 3- 'iE b 'fi ,Z g' 1 f formed admirably to the satisfaction of Coach ,rx f P y f' A NJ' 'P .rg . - ' 4 v N A A' N t, vs, ' tri "v,1,,. TP' , ' , ,f - P - U, 4 Kevin Kennellv. ,s,,..+ . Q A . -F s Jeff Theander 113 Scott Garel, H8 Joe Pepper Left to Right, Top Flow: Scott Garel, Craig Weatherman, Dan Shepardsen, Terry Leyden, Harlen Feder, Dave Nelson, John Franks, Steve Reimerg, Gerry Cotton, Larry Hilf, Joe Pepper, Ed Poremba: Bottom Row: Jim Manley, Jeff Theander, John Reed, Joe Sheehan, Doug Thompson, Ed Brown, Avery Koch, Peter Stapp, Bill Franks, Peter Paton, Rob Davidson, Keith Haagenson. -f1t.if""'M i l x 1, M tcfwwif J 1M Vg wi? HW P QV 1 ' xy, i ,Q if 0 n 'W' f I ,, ,MW 'WG Y ,aff A sWv : Milf' I .if I ,fwjwfw V: I ,W I 3 ' M ' ' V, 1 W, ,wlwmfy ' ' ' w ' M, I f, , ,ff ,gfpmfefiff M , ilwfabiwfyfiifw mffwm' y ,J J A E, M if Y Skiers Plow the Slopes y if ay y , V 1 V Q- W .. f 4- 5' , V . l-NLQQQE l , r f J K Q ' ll to X M I .2 wif I ll A Q25 1, R ,fling L ,v - Wi," s A. V ll ,V ,Q J 1 X , , A 'N - C I I "George's Skiers," alias the George Washington Ski Club became well known for their consistency and talent. Their consistency came from the fact that they ventured forth into the tamed wilderness of many Colorado ski resorts almost every week with one or two bus loads of skiers. Their talent came from the more advanced participants who were known for "Wedeling the liftlines, Stepping-in on the Bowls and Moguling around the Royal Cristies." Throughout the year, the Ski Club has provided the ways and means for beginners and pros alike to parallel their way to happiness. From Left to Flight: Jamie Gardenswartz, John Matthesen, Pam Davis and Pam Gorden. lhf,X V S' ii Q vi S Y xg Y Bobby Berg WM..- Rocky Mountain High Repelling, knotting, and climbing-what in the world do these terms have to do with GW? Quite a bit if you happened to be a member of GW's Mountain Club. Despite the fact that the club was grounded by school regulations during much of the year, spirits and hopes were maintained at a constant high point. Led by their sponsors, Mr. William Stuber and Mr. Richard Rasmusson, the forty members of the group learned not only to have trust in others but also to have confidence in themselves. From Left to Fiight, Bottom Row: Dan Burnett, Myles Guber, Naomi Kaplan, Ron Alter man, Mark Warner, Jan Dirksen, Julie Naster, Chris DePuy, Rick Dow. Top Row: Alex Chieu, Jim Bredar, Kip Cheroutes, Mary Gibbons, Margie Leicht. Speech Club Bubbles on Not only is the Speech Club the most active club at GW, but it is also more active than similar organizations at other schools. Participation in speech is a diverse and creative experience. ilt also looks good on your college recordll One can compete in any of several events in- cluding poetic, dramatic, and humorous interpretation, original and interpretory oration, extemporaneous speak- ing and debate. This year to raise money, the Speech Club sold Macaloy Cleaner and sponsored a tempting spaghetti dinner. Aside from competition and money raising, the Speech Club is also a valuable social outlet. Rallies, breakfasts, after-parties and out-of-town meets offer a foundation for friendships of classmates and other stu- dents state-wide. Janice Monday, Recording Secretary: Sherry Hahn, and Cindy Murphy fwwriw Trophies galorel Larry Weiner, President, and Steve Fendrich And more trophies! Phil Munishor, Scott Gelman, and Craig Steele Mrs. S. Geimer, Sponsorg Steve Fendrich, and Novice Coach Kathy Pulley Larry Weiner, President 1 1 1 Q S l Ps. From Left to Right, Front Row: Carole Johnson, Kathy Jensen, Joy Conger, Margree Walker, Kym Mann, Laura Cohn, Julie Naster, Luann Ebert, Lesley Holtz, Susanna Sun, Lisa Perlmutter, Susan Redd. Second Row: Marlyse Naulls, Leslie Timble, Ken Nayler, Mike Fox, Doug Yetter, Larry Wielgot, Kathy Keener. Teclcher, Teacher! EPIC-Educational Participation in the Community-was a program of students, by students, for students. ln the EPIC program, about thirty-five students voluntarily tu- tored pupils at various elementary and junior high schools. The tutors each worked at least two hours a week, keeping a journal of their experiences as tutors. Developed a few years ago by GW students, EPIC was sponsored this year by 1 the GW Social Worker, Mr. Douglas Jenner. ln explaining " 'D J the usefulness of EPIC, Mr. Jenner said, "lt's important for high school students to have an opportunity to realize how important they are to other people who need them.f' Their journals testify that many GW "teachers" in EPIC were not only able to give of themselves but also to gain a sense of responsibility to others. Marlyse Naulls A .fi-sf IE' 'P , 3 r , QQ, -f 1-ff. .N -- - , QE eye t 3 jifjsa Q " hm K at A get C George Towers Over State From Left to Flight: Sheldon Katz, Bob Wellman, Mike Schwartz and Mr. Buel Robinson. GW's reputation held strong for three years in a row in the annual bridge building contest. George's engineers-to-be not only bridged troubled waters but showed their superiority over the thirty-seven high schools that participated in the contest, sponsored by the State Highway Department. The structures were built by the three-man winning team consisting of Bob Wellman, Mike Schwartz and Sheldon Katz. When all the bridges came tumbling down, George's withstood-to win the state championship. g V ,.WA.,,,, , in llam- 2 ii 'it S N"lAl lv' 3 55 ix Latin Lovers From Left to Right: Top Row: Mike Cormier, Curt Petty, Brian Levine. Bottom Row: burn, Dave Zuckerman, Ron Milzer, Rhett Dacus, Sharon Fish- Meeting weekly, the Junior Classical League enjoyed one of its most prosperous years to date. Acquiring large assets through donut sales iand clever manipulation of club funds . by retaining a crafty corporate lawyer in the person of Censor Rhett Dacusl, the league sent a few hardy volunteers to the ' state convention and to Latin Day at C.U. League members also managed to answer such provocative questions as, "How many arches does the Colosseum have?" and, "Why did the Etruscans use blue paint?" in their annual trivia bowl. Under the inspiring direction of "Ouintus" Elmer Albery and President Curt Petty, JCL undertook projects such as a Saturnalia, the construction of a catapult, and a year end pic- nic. As the members have said to one another on more than one occasion, "Dabit deus hisquoque finem." From Left to Right: Standing: Ann Witmer, Craig Onodera, Bernita Quick. Seated: Brian Levine' Mr' Alberry Debbie Werber, Al Bernstein, Janice Higgins, Scott Kalevik. fl' v? rf From Left to Right: Sherry Hahn, Steve Olshansky, Mary Peacock, Ann Leonard, Ann Habas, Jack Elliot. Curt Petty, President, and Rhett Dacus, Censer. FBLA From Left to Right, Front Row: Mrs, Jean Gaines, Mary Kay Schmitz Kathy McGuire Doug Sams Sheri Siek Sharon Katchen Top Row: Ann Dillon, Barb Kelly, Mari Palmer, Vicki Clayburn Joyce Davis Laurie Howard Neddra Johnson Deborah McWhinney Jill Burke, Desire Yarbrough, Lorie Grazier, Robin Gher, Ann Grant Karen Gotier Deborah Harvey Janice Johnson Sandra Hicks Carol Watson,JoAnne Ortiz, Patricia Faltermeier, Rosalie Ortiz Sharon Martin Sheril Nedella Sheri Siek Karen Gotier 5' Sl X 0 EI S The varied activities of over thirty business students indicated that the GW Future Business Leaders of America Club would be in existence for a third year. Serving to build the qualities of leadership and good business attitudes, the FBLA dealt in such enterprises as the selling of candy and candles. ln the spring, the FBLA 'participated in statewide competition testing various business skills. With Mrs. Gaines as their top executive, the FBLA continued this year to inspire the future leaders of the business world. V Left to Right: Randi Coulthard, Randi Rothman, Jeff Flax, Mrs. Donnelly, Spero Falliers, Brian Lampert. Pre-Med ls Cl Smooth Qperotion Left: Mrs. Donnelly, Sponsor Leadership-leadership Enthusiasm-enthusiasm i Participation-participation Successful?-Successful! munity room every second and fourth Monday to plan the coming operations for the Pre-Med Club. Among the procedures were tours through the Denver Medical Center, medical seminars, and, most im portantly, a successful cancer drive. The year ended with satisfying results. What a prescription for involvement. A thirty-member team headed by Mrs. Donnelly met in the com- Around the World in 15 Ways 1 yn? all J? 1 -ICA 4 ,ff HJ' 1. v ak ls r , ,, sk 32' ?"sff all l. ,. From Left to Right, Bottom Row: Richard Wilkinson, Australia: Marganith Ullman, lsraelg Hal Ozcan, Turkey. Second Row: Oili Rintala Finland: Bertha Ann Yattie, Navajo Indian: Ylu Chun Wong, Hong Kong: Juan Jose Simon, Uruguay. Top Row: Kyungun Oh, Korea, Chong Un Pyen Korea: Kam Sun Pyen, Korea. es-si, k . .ix 'Y ss ,ff - Elizabeth Kizito, Uganda. From Left to Right: Nlarganith Ullman, Juan Simon, Richard Wilkinson, Oili Rintala. From Left to Right: Sammy, Mimi Lili Pun. Kneeling: Tony Pun. All are from Hong Kong. From Left to Right: Bertha Ann Yattie, Marganith Ullman, Hal Ozcan. They came from all over the world: from the Orient to Aus- tralia, across the waters to South America and then to Africa, a short trip to the Mediterranean, a flight over to Europe and to Finland, to the United States, making one more stop at a Navajo lndian reservation, and finally to GW. Fifteen new GW students have come to Denver-all for dif- ferent reasons. Several have come to live, while others are here only for a short period of time. The major reason for coming was merely to experience the life style of a different country. Their year began with a party given for them by the Na- tional Honor Society. Throughout the year, they showed their Patriotism by attendance at football games, working on the SU RVEYOR staff, and playing in the band, learning about our country and teaching us about theirs. Anne Vollhaber and Julie Downing Honorary Cadets -+o t Honorary? You bet ithey're a select groupl. Special? You bet ithey're so special, they need a 3.0 grade point averagel. Involved? You bet lthey're the school hostessesl. Helpful? You bet lthey assist the administrationl. Competitive? You bet lthey've got Drill and Rifle teamsl. Fun-loving? You bet ithey hold group breakfasts and partiesl. Say, who are these honorary, special, involved, helpful, competitive, fun-loving people? Honorary Cadets? You bet! From Left to Right, Front: Sue Slavec, Diane Tasset. First Row: Diane Claassen, Julie Downing, Susanna Sun, Kathleen Sun, Anne Vollhaber, Kathleen Pulley. Second Row: Casey Sphall, Valerie Wright, Valerie Blystone, Vicki Cox, Carol Abbott, Cari Kramlick. Major Spencer Terry lwagoshi ROTC "Attention!" cries the commanding officer to the line of cadets, who at this'order jump into rigid stances. The officers carefully inspect each cadet to make certain that he has upheld his responsibilities of courtesy and respect as a ROTC cadet. This year a new program has beeninitiated to include ninth graders at Hill and Place Junior High Schools in the GW ROTC battalion. Under the direction of Major Otto Spencer and the instruction of Col. William Ramsey and Sgt. M. J. Taylor, the cadets of ROTC- Reserve Officers Training Corp-learn various army tactics and practice drilling and marching in forma- tion. In addition to competing in Drill and Rifle teams, the cadets also help the school at its social functions by ushering and parking cars. This high school ROTC experience also helps many cadets enter college. ii Brian Searcy and Ebaristo Aguilar James Manley and Lynn Henshaw N We V W.. Distributive Education Clubs of America D-is for Determination of fifty willing students in room 201, first and second hour. E-is for Experience in the job world. C-is for Co-operation between students and their sponsor, Mrs. Johnson. A-is for Achievement of learning the ways of buying and selling goods to consumers. All this together is DECA, a club to teach students the trades of the job world. Left to Right: Lynn Hoskins, Mrs. Johnson Vocational Industrial Clubs of America The Vocational lndustrial Club of America lVlCAl is not only a club of George Washington, but also a club that has spread clear across the United States. This organization provides the way for high school students nation wide to learn a practical trade and receive school credit. This club is not all work, however, the group took class excursions out to breakfast every other week and held a fund raising keger. For experience, credit and money, VICA can't be beat! From Left to Right: James Rogers, Chris Cole, Flay Corsey, Tom Moore, Carlos Conger, Gary Skidmore, David Best, Stan Garel, Greg Dedrickson, Doug Bower, Ken Marzetta, Dale Pepper, Steve Rose, Mike Papish,and Royce Gupton. llfll' Diane Kholos Home Economics Cccupcitions A GW student walks down the hall of a nursing home-pushing a wheelchair. Another student sits inside a restaurant-learning the ropes of the trade. Yet another is bent over a book-helping a young child read. All of these students have something in common: they're senior participants in the Home Economics Occupations program. Sponsored by Mrs. Diane Zielke, the twenty members of the group were required to hold part-time jobs in home economics and health related fields for which they received school credit. In addition to working at their jobs, the members had a related class in which they learned skills for the world of work, participated in a youth program, and held an annual employer appreciation banquet. ,Umm Diane James and Sandra Coates Sandra Coates, Secretaryg Debra Allen, President: Diane James, Treasurer. Missin Mary Bruce, Vice President. gis 2 K 1 is Q ,wt az, W ' f, A 'W ' 2 5 f ,,, 4 f 4 lf"-. l W, -Q Kathi Stoker, Jennifer Horndon X xi 3 Y Lv 7 kt X 0. In..-' . X . ff Q-N x 3"N " n v 4 1 " ,, 1 ee-8,42 H 'i ES Ks. 5 sf- A iv l . ,af 1, , -xx , L 5' fw- g j L3 'M' A A-J if vi.-K 1 Left to Flight: Lynda Chambers, Dianne Clay, Mrs. Blagg HERO With thirteen anxious girls and a little help from Mrs. Blagg Home Eco- nomics Related Occupations got off to a great start this year. This group did many things besides home care. For instance, they helped with the youth care program at Four Season Day Care Center and helped with the elderly at several nursing homes. These activities and their enthusiasm proved that George's "Susies" aren't only homemakers. Iris Remos Geanette Kuykendoll, Luanne Price, Lisa Nickum 4 I x K 1 if 4 M hun V- 'V-45' .X 'Q is . as -. ! M fr rs 9 fn s. ?l ,, . Q. 1 I f' 1 Q X 1 X 1 r 5 6 A , C h i 9 V e , 'T' Q 9 1 1 I1 1, 4, S 1 r r 1 4 1 S I N 1 W W sf -J 'Gi 1 ,gs 'il 15 , fi, W Q if . 1 ff ,Q . ,,...,,,m , Www? V, q My M? if l Q K-QMS 1 l believe that man's purpose is to learn to understand and to love tha? universe in which he is placed. Every human life, however short or humble, has, and shall always, contribute in some way to the furtherance of this dream. It is our duty to accept the gifts that the past has given usg and to protect and improve them for manki,nd,bThat is OUR Future. v "No girls, you're wrong. You're wrong. First of all, Gary Cooper is taller than l am." ' s ' V e L ' Y ' . Groucho Marx No man is a machine, a wire on the shelf . . . each is a thwart to his own compliment, and his death replenishes the jest . . . lt is time to judge a man by his belligerence, not his intelligence, for the evil race is drawing to an ingracious close. wmv? ARTS A-is Ely Brand lBM V U BM V WE ALL BM' FOR IBM "HARLIE Barry Saver Q There comes a time in our life when we do something or we refrain from doing something. lt is at this time that we find out who we really are. This is what we have been all our life and what we always will be. Anonymous am lr X 51 I A -1 . an our sugar? no, L ' hcney please. 5 QQ 2 ' if The measdre of a man is not his GPA. - 4 ' ." 1. . w 9 . Nm 3 know. Larry Weiner "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"-that is all Ye know on earth, and all Ye need to John Keats Janet Nasner 1 -'Kava M. fn vs wr wav Ha, 'wg- ? wx 12 :M N: Y? ,mm , , 552, YE ay M ,X ' ,W ,fy .. ,555 ,LYfQf4st.s,5?l. f W-fisms ' ' - m . 452, . H :zz.,,..,,,f..Q,,.,i ,ii gl 7 K 7- .44 - .f f, ff 31. . :W ,IQQT1-Q'Q,V,, A my 1 fq. 1 ,-zaffzaiff 5 .gag gag, M.. zdww, YQW as .. 524 5.35 . p.- : 535' 955535512 , , , V' ' .W-Q ,sm ,'1 f .,:,..' S,ifL',' . , ,fix -2,51 ,5 ,:.., ff- Q J 1 arf' Fw 'i ff :. -.t.:'9 5x.'...L , f ,Q -- i,4...,Q-,..5,V..,.. -iii ,? g,5..,55,.,.. hr. . . , .. ..1...,,x yi, f- . , i 'YQ ' ,Q ,,-. ., g ' ' ' ' ,. ,,,: . .V ,..,, ,V .,.., . .. ,. 151 ,E.f,,,:: .,. . I K ir K A K Vx SEG: ., K L W hw' 2 kk 2,-iiiifv' gl, ,. s K j -, 7. .iyag 1- 52. , E ,. . pi 'iff' .. . . . , .,, .. A+: -ffsgsxsxgfflisi ..-,,, f' "Rf . 1. ,,., .. . - W, , k - , -- 1 -f - -.V K -- 1- 2-ff af , . , , A i 2 , " . 1 'K K 'JA' L , 39 19999 f' M ' " "fi li 'Y K iffy-rfyygigg.M,f,-f+q.w-as ssh ' f gifmgsifx L 7,2 ' , , .. . . .. WE5? .,,- . A , , . ? T. ,..., X 25,5'.ifi,i . , ,,f1.1.2.s ' I V. M"' ,..,, .. A . ,- fr . , 'i 'J ' wi' ,. .x,:g7v.ff.g,- .aww ,,3...k., P ,.. mn., ,, ggzgfggf ,1 ,uw -....f g..f ,,,, - .W ,. 1 . ., R ,, . ,. - ff Y' . ,F we ,,E1Mf24,:.5.':, .,. 2,. , ., . , . " ' fu . , ,Q-'.,5,,,.gg., ,-,....e,,- fe?g5-,142hffqsg, -Q. sa-,W f, "ui,,,' f-gf W:-is - ,535 gg, V . V17 lm-z.-ie' 3,5 K W, ie: 2' .MEX Sv: , 1 - ,fu w k , . 'L V, - , I .H , ., f"" V A Q, , .. ., , ., , . , . . , , .. . . U 'iffy 5 ,. ,, , . ,, . ,, V I ,, Q Y 2' , ' .. - . : J 4 H ,, ,, G V W4 I , Wi, ,, .. vE,,5':f?w 'EAW wk-gf .vw ,., ,. .e, -- 7 vu, :H I w . -5' 'i .' U 7l?J"kWi,7 ,"1'm5I'7 '. 9 Y f'. f ., 5751 ' f -Q 1 If Q-'vw W f: .1' h ' 5 ,, 1-. ff -f , ,f,.,,,,,,,,,,af ng ' 1- 4 ,Q-ig.. J L, , ,- .. . - - , 2. - :xii---.M f- :U 1 'Eifff' , f i,g,,.gf: SLE..-,TE . . . ., , . .57 A K I K .,,k,V,k.i ,,.,,.. g,.V -.s,,,,,,,,,,,,gif,,A,3g.V,..525l.,i?,i: , ., M x Y sifwse 1 rf 1 or .'f 2iy.. f ,ff rf-rx., . A , r fx, : ef - L, L' " R s M ,iii -31 ,wx D 5' of -XT, 'Ez V J , ' , L, L M , A 1 , ff K j tem ,- I W ff M 1 ' ii . if ,,f"MffP" f , , QQ , n f 'fx .MAN n ":, ' ' 7 ' M 5, ,wx,., I fd 'V 3 W' 5 i 3 r ff we - .if ,eff if .w..,.. .,,. ..., I :I V 1 , WM, ,5 ' 'ZGM L ..,al3' ,,-'. -Vff xi! A we ,, . ,-.. ,i -f.,, ,7 .if-, if hw . - , . - V, V, ff ,M .. ,ef My ,. if . ,J-ff" g5.y' if , r iofiejcmmcff Sch-ev? we iiii 95599955 ,ff YMISCK5 YWSUQ' ,II I all ,, 5, -7, 1, 3 There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we cali life when a person takes his whole uni- verse for a vast practical joke. Herman Melville Debbie Scott i D Horioroble ,, , i Menhon Ivy Bess r ' Debbie Day Dan Diamond Peter Downing ' Sandy Krikos Lisa Meliman ' ' Debbie Nordstrom Kyungun0h , V Maureen 0'Meara , Cheryl Whitney V x 1 4 1 i an , I r J 5 Q I I I A X A ,J I a 3 4 ! 1 ! 1 1 1 X 1 1 Big George Takes Third Straight City Championship Ending their regular season play with a record of 9-2-0, the George Washington Patriot football team took the city cham- pionship for the third consecutive year. Ernie Wells was number one in the city in rushing and total offense, and Jim Reid earned the number two position in punt- -L' ing. The Pats ended up third in the city in offense and defense. Holding their n opponents to 105 yards per game, the i Pats only allowed 7 more yards per game than their city record set in 1966. Their if well-balanced offense averaged 250 yards per game. It looks like the Pats did it again. 9 Q 82 lawns PM ,V W, K , , w ww 'M ,,i,fM- 4, H wwf f 3, A ' ,V f x ' A , ai ul "' A, v no r A 1 nn" 14 4? Curt Goodman Brad Bernstein, Benny Hoffman . . ,wie r " if . - as '24 YW' . A 0125 my WM 'ww Dave Maxwell, Mark Miketa, Ed Poremba W 4 I , nl . ? H, 'ff 5 ,w in .1 ff Ernie Wells Benny Hoffman r 1,., Q' we ,.,. + A is 2- mfg' or . 3 ff, 5 .kk. w gunner N: -NF' A M in T S T , ': S i gfmufflm X . ::.,., , i.,, X Q..,: , , -.., W Q we be B , .. E Q, Q 5 N Ls!'W""" as Big George Sfuns Wasson, C d Trips Pouclre Nancy Wikler, and Lanie Maes John Price and John Franks Big George topped its city championship win by dethroning Wasson in a decisive 16-14 vic- tory. With 1:10 left in the game and GW be- hind 14-13, Curt Goodman kicked a 45-yard field goal. The following week, the old GW- Poudre rivalry was renewed. GW walked over them, 21-7. However, all things must pass and Arvada West, the eventual state championship team, beat GW 21-14 in the semi-finals. ' l Coach Gregg Browning Turns in His Cleats f Ciagvgne ,sails ,Q Tackling? What can be said about a man who coached twelve years of Patriot football teams to six city championships and one tie, six second places and one third place, and whose over all record is 108 wins, 24 losses and 5 ties? One can only wonder why he is retiring. The 1972 Patriot Football team dedicates this page to retiring football coach, Gregg Browningl From Left to Right, Front Row: N. Hansen, C. Goodman, E. Stewart, C. Gallant, R. Cambray, G. Shibao, Miketa. Top Row: K. Colley. Coach Carlson, R. Mullaney, D. Godbold, L. Hilf, T. Leyden, R. Howell, R. Cochran, D. Maxwell, E. Woody, S. Price, Coach Weimer. 2900 lbs. of Junior Varsity September to November, five days a week . . . that's how often they had to practice if they wanted to make the Varsity Team next year. Ten thousand callistherlics ...that's how many they had to do to be able to beat South and Kennedy. And if they wanted to have a good season they needed coaches like Weimer and Carlson, players like guards Mark Nliketa and Gerald Shibao and flanker Curtis Goodman. They had to have good sports like Stewart Price, the quarterback who was out for the season with a knee injury. This team had what it took to make this a great season for themselves. It was not an entirely victorious one, but they were all glad to be members of the G.W. Junior Varsity Football Team. , . .ss i V l W Gem: Q Mike Hardy, Fred Lowe Stewa,-t price Kris Colley, Don Godbold, Larry Courtney ii V, . ,L Nasa. .s We Pod Squad All ripe, all strong, all equally good, just like peas in a pod. All ready, all anxious and eager to win. Their fearless and con- fident leader, Coach Marquez, put the team together and made them all tough-especially in the games against Jefferson and Lincoln. With goals of unity, good sportsmanship and victory, their city standing was an impressive 7 and 1 win-loss record which placed the team second. All enthusiastic, all proud, all equally fine, just like a George Washington team. Bob Brown and Bob Arends Michael Watson and David Nelson Left to Flight, Bottom Row: D. Shibao, B. Brown, W. DePuy, J. Perlmutter, T. Iwagosh, D. Newton, K. Powell, G. McCloud, P. McGill, M. Ash ley, M. Watson. Second Row: P. Carter, G. Momii, V. Salazar, R. Cooke, L. Helfrich, M. Oursler, D. Black, J. Day, S. Dora, H. Chiu, B. Lentz M. Hill, C. Davis. Top Row: Assistant Coaches Peay and Cady, J. Johnson, J. Ploeger, C. Weatherman, C. Johnson, C. Neugebauer, M. Chambers B. Arends, C. Smith, D. Nelson, K. Nayhew, Cook, Hutchison, R. Jones, Coach Marquez. a at .223 H. Al. af , V N w l r P Matt Sommerville Mr. Rasmussen, Mark Sampson Dave Benight Patriots Net City John Bershof A , kg., Craig Silverman G W Golf Is From Left to Right, Bottom Row: Kory White, Jeff Manley, Pat Lee, Doug Liller, Greg Tate, Top ROW! Craig Silverman, Sam Gelfand, Bill Gelfand, Russ Greenberg, Jacob Gillmore, Coach Bob Friend. Not Pictured: John Carpenter, Mark Johnson, Robert Lyons, Tom Mclagan, and Andy Stone. SCHOOL GW JF K South TJ East Lincoln North Manual West Greg Tate and Craig Silverman Golf Standings WON LOST 54 10 48 16 47 17 37 27 33 31 24 40 23 41 12 51 9 54 Jeff Manley PCT .844 .750 .734 .578 .516 .375 .359 .188 .141 Way Above Pa r George Washington has always upheld a tradi- tion of athletic excellence. The Golf Team in coor- dination with Coach Bob Friend performed ad- mirably within the framework of this tradition. Dedication, attitude, and a desire to win were the qualities that pulled the team through stren- uous matches, placing them first in the city. It was players such as Kory White who shot an average of 75, and Jeff Manley who shot a 77, that teed the team off to a good start, with the others putting close behind. This combination of quality, willpower, and exceptional players formed another unbeatable GW team. Jeff Manley and Kory White -lin--1 -S Doug Liller Coach Bob Friend , ,,V.-fsfiwd-. M hl Rclcqueteers .:. as ,.a,, 1. Q Nil Tennis, the sport for the quick thinkers, the alert, the agile. Ability is put to the ultimate test under the strain of an individual match. Eager for con- test, fearful of foes, tension pitches your mode. Muscles are strengthened, so skilled in movement they dare not quiver in the chilled morning air. Eyes, so -- We a.s.,,,.1..sasa-rwffwi - ss keen they dare not squint against the glare of the sun off white concrete. Twang . . . the ball rebounds from your racket, reverberating through your tightly strung nerves . . . the confidence from practice takes hold . . . then exhilaration of victory, exhaustion of defeat, and handshakes from the team. we Nancy Wikler 'e-X---.a r ' Left to Right, Bottom Row: Nancy Wikler, Carrie Lerew, Rise Freedman, Mary Ann Hines, Debbie Bart- . iir- . , lett, Kathy Pulley. Back Row: Melanie Reich, Katie Knickrehm, Cheryl Hammond,Sara Bowes, Janie Goebel, Donna Drose,Julie Dufford, Julia Drose, Mary Ellen Weiland. Carrie Lerew Left to Right, Bottom Row: Carrie Lerew, Mary Ann Hines, Nancy Wikler, Top Row: Rise Freedman, Melanie Reich, Debbie Bartlett Kathy Pulley . ' ' kk, ..s-.N I 'r Girls Swim Team Mllvf Cathy Ferguson After watching her girls swim team practice for one month, one and one half hours a day, Mrs. Sawyer expressed extreme hopefulness for this years swim team. With returning juniors and se- niors, such as Debbie Heber, Jody Roup, Pat Quinn, Cathy Ferguson, Barb O'Donnell and others others, the team felt that they were ready to splash their way to victory in the four spring meets to be held. Makes a Big Splash! Cross Left to Righty Bottom Row: Rex Clark, Bruce King, Bill Lichtenwaltd, Ed Timmins, Jeff Genster. Top Row: Jim Thulson, Jerry Malloy, Steve Kaufman, John Moore, Cary Jones, Coach DeMott In ' V "" ":. Coach D eM ott Aching muscles and tired legs are typical of a Cross Country runner after a hard day's workout. For two weeks before school and every day during 1 the season, the team practiced, trying to make JJ ' GW's Cross Country team the best. Performing up gt, to the best of their ability, these harriers finished fifth in the city Cross Country meet. 4' 'A " 1 :yi , , 0 , 1+ . M ",. ' ff ' "' if Q I 0 . "if-Y 1' ff' .ein , , -, 1- 4? 'W' G' - . 5 6 Y Hi' P M ww . "' W 1 - I fi , V ffii 1- , 9, " V f ,, i . l ", " ' 5 J lf? ' 4 ' ,Y 1' f , , ,, Y ,.,, K Wt?" ,ff iii!" i 'f" g N f,, ., e f -- ff H ' Z ' W .i jml ig w n wigh ,,.,,, .. A '--- ,I ,,,,W,,,,,,,,5i ,. yy ,,.. ..,, A Mmm W-1-W mwfvjlggqvwzl, mi lr " V ,Ax g i,,.,, V wg 1' vw-wwvmwl f i ,... "' WWW 'W "M V- ,, ,' V V Mxmgfm , wi" My "ww . ef- ,,.. 1 ' J '- Jamie? i l-- eg gd? ggi, ,, it if 4 Cary Jones Center: Ed Timmins Country Left to Right: Steve Kaufman, Jerry Malloy From Left to Right: Coach Weimar, Brad Bernstein, Mike Richardson, Alan Bodaness, Ken Martin, Dave Price, Greg King, Dennis Davis, Larry Walter, Eric Ashley. Teamwork, lots of practice, and the right attitude combine to make a winning team. Washington's varsity basketball team had plenty ofthe first two, but, as Coach Bill Weimar puts it, "they don't take losing as hard as they used to." Luckily, this year's team didn't have many chances to suffer through a loss. Led by high scorer Larry Walter, with support from starters Eric Ashley, Greg King, Mike Richardson, and Brad Bern- stein, the Patriots became early contend- ers for the city title, playing tough against the league's perennial winners, East and Manual, and succeeded in their quest for the City title, Coach Weimar, Mr. Peterson Wifi Mike Richardson, Larry Walter Dribblers Jump to Lead 8t Score Eric Ashley, Larry Walter if-,,,,.wv-""' , 5 EN ,W bl' Greg King Brad Bernstein E Y 1 X RS, ,err to ,eer ,J rrre g N From Left to Right: Top Row: Coach Weimar, Larry Walter, Brad Bernstein, Mike Richardson, Alan Bodaness, Mike Martin. Bottom Row: Dennis Davis, Dave Price, Eric Ashley, Greg King, Eric Ashley Dave Coxson. Not Shown, Terry Marioneaux, Curtis Goodman, Craig Silverman, T. Scott. 5 3 8 1 A--"K-AN ..,,.. , . n get Ryan Mullaney The sound of basketballs smacking against gym floors, the sight of bodies in constant motion, beads of sweat running down the players' backs. This is all Dart of Junior Varsity Basketball. All that's missing is the enthusiastic support of the crowd. And even in its absence the team retains its winning spirit. This, along with talent, competent coaches and tricky teamsters Dennis Davis and Curtis Good- man gave the team a successful season. High "Hoops" y DWF' Curtis Goodman Eric Woody, Ryan Mullaney Garv Hafdiman ,V ef--ffm? Coach Carlson for Future Pats Queue Number 33- Keith Gordon ff? r 34 Number 41 -David Scott Number 11-Brian Vaughn From Left to Right, Bottom Row: Tom Maloney, Perry McGill, Roy Fullwood, Greg Tate, Brian Vaughn, Gary Smith. Top Row: Keith Gordon, Mitch Chambers, Nlatt Oursler, David Scott, Jim Day, Bruce DeGree. ix' Q gi' K X-s ... 5, h ... Q Coach Vaughn's sophomore basketball team carried the green and white colors proudly. Early season triumphs included second place in the Brighton tournament, and although hampered by a lack of height, the sophomores were rated as "above average" by Coach Vaughn. i ' V - k rerre as - so e 1 s N Q ,,,,. ,st J , H' . :1 .W . Z f-.f , af- fx? The efforts of Coach Dave Arnold plus Patriots Mike Jost, Stan McKinster, Fred Freis and Drew Smith tumbled together to make the George Wash ington Wrestling team. Practicing take-downs, reversals, and pins throughout the winter season added the needed points in the ring during the eight meets this year. Q. vim-wffwtfs S , .is .ses A 'V J Fred Freis Wrestling Left to Right: Conrad Smith, Drew Smith, Mike Jost, Steve Finesilver, Assistant Coach Coleman, Stan McKinster. WMM Mike Jost Drew Smith, Mike Jost 4-ug 100 ,ow-v"""" ,sf Q Stan McKinster Drew Smith 2. Q ' xl I Steve Finesilver Drew Smith Although the team's record was two wins and six losses, Mike Jost and Stan lVlcKinster were still able to represent George Washington in state competition. Mike proudly walked away with the State Championship, receiving hearty congratulations from his team-mates. EF. K G., ' N N 101 in ily Q, ,y .V ,xg 5 5 i mr- K 1 if V vi - N I A Q K ,f 1 ' 'G , 1' . , ' J A , . if If 4 'f I t ,,:3.1 Q ggi gi, Q Amy ,Al . 'id , , X X 'fa' gi t M V,..,, ,V5:, , ,2.:VA Q ,,.,,: ,VZ -fQ-- I V,,V,. , I L "ff ' 1 ., 1 , 5 V' " ' ' W! ,. f? v 3 W A r i Z7 K, Akih A , I MJ get . k Q W tf..j.QiW'f 5- , . R Ak L T I ' 1 ' far, L s -, I -552: sg ,,, m Q' N S t like s if- P - 5 Q f .X if is . :,. s 1 gt J' Q- " af if .i -W--at ' 'wif' - b' ' K usnrffiv K 1 5 Q, .X ' 45 K giearmlsarfjxs, ' Q J 'K 1 R1 7 V , C sh, '32 W x"-fx Y'-an It l 3 ,X . ,X 1 5' rs M., P 1 ka sg In 5 has nigga K gi 's ' is 2 2 5 X t. Q A x F s A X , V -5 t z 3 S nag kfq w-we Q, Q V X ' 'V .K i ,t ,Q it """ - X Q gs Q ra 2 if 5 'af 1" 5 1 4 in 'M J"iW'm,Nx , 1 C 3 Li t is ,, .s E viifmvmww, f ,M my C 4925 ii i ff' 3 9' M , , , , is , C ess,2 .' ag ,, I .f.'f ,Q Z Batting against tough competition pitched by North, South, ' gigk , ,s and Kennedy, the Varsity Baseball team hit Patriot fans with i , P a striking performance this season. Basing their exhibition on nm ,,f. fi, W J ,, fe H i I2 ' W W. fe -4 ef ., V ffy ,sw ., ts ew W vi :gf 'rrr e ' W, .4-sr ' 'H Qfft-' V' 'Mk ,M View-r-M , - i-W' M W., MW- ,. M s W W rw ri ll .tri the skills of Coach Paul Vaughn, Pitcher Jim Reid, Catcher Steve Maes, and Basemen Shell Cook, John Price, and Brad Bernstein, the Baseballers caught a high standing in the Denver Prep League play-offs. A l s 10 4 Washington's wondrous winners batted better battles this year. Perfect pitches, propelled by Coach Conroy's collection of juniors, jetted past the plate. Steady performances by prime players like Bob Burg, Ben Hoffman, Curtis Goodman, Craig Silverman, Mark Fine, and more made our hopes high- for having a tremendous team of senior sluggers next year. 1 gb K ag 5' f if , x ,ws lf if sf 2 X Q "JV" Baseball Team 1 -ww 2 wp 2 K W . ,, .4 Q4 Shorfsfops Opposition ,a a a 5 ,W ' David Shibao N --we-ar, :-:,- .1 x :fy ' '?3""R' 3 'hw aiaa Qiaa- g X li ,aaa Y, i M ' L 3 355 0 we L1 2 j wp W :V W W ,- fm 1 if fl' i , inf W 3 , ., 'lf ,"i 2 3 fe , Wi? Matt Slater Gymnastics Concentrating on strength, endurance, and form, GW gymnasts leaped through many com- petitive meets throughout the spring season. Their routines were rounded off with various degrees of difficulty which were perfected by long hours of practice. This year's all star gym- nasts, such as Kevin Clawson, Mike Jost, and Warren Niederhut, were coached to success by Ben Coleman. From Left to Right, Top Flow: Kevin Clawson, John Bissell, Matt Slater. Front Row: Warren Niederhut, Scott Kalevick, Tom Higgens. Warren Niederhut K' E g ,x W.m.A,M,.M,,.,,,.u.,.,..u,,s, .,,, ..,,, ,,M.T,,..,t,..f.,.,v,.,l,, Wa .,,. ,l,Vf W. ...wM,.,,W.,M,,WA,f . , .V ' ' W.M..,,,,, f WML .. Z., ll,, W was 2 5 1, ff, Q 745 at :W if J, 52 5 fm-M-W-awww. , -1 Y W.. .Q 3 "G f, sh A. 1 J brig ' , -,., 5 ,- ,,,W.,, 4 ., 4..: fy 1. 5 .a , i ' Q . at 15-AE, ' fa 'Z Q fait? . W . 15554 .W ii'G'f5:1- f ,,,.. f 2 1 , - L , msec' 'f f ' K ' '21 I Q Vvgu , 1,1t, , ,H i ,il M H at if 2- Q 'Q ii-ive fy V ,L 1, f V , if as A, K L,-753155 ' ff' S , ff , 2, A i l z, ,L .Ss 1 , . 'WE ' PET :L V' We z if 5 ,,,y,,, human an-as lil is 2 x , f 3 R an 2 23 3 l 5 4 ' we ,S in 3 11 2' 2 M . 3 Q H , 1, ff' 4, fee' V. Q , N ,rr ,, 'ii Warren Niederhut John Bissell ,Mi-' . 4, rf l me 4' 5 ig, if 4 1,A -1 f r V,,, , f Y , A f lixiqmik ' ' fe' f ff Af ,f Q VV A ,, QL, s 2 5 Matt Slater Coach Ben Coleman . lgf' mf' f- 2 1 T. 00000 W 0 00000 PAIN. What is pain? Pain is the realization that you're coming in 6th . . . out of 6 people. Pain is run- ning the quarter mile and being a half mile behind. Pain is stubbing your toe on the starting block. PRIDE. What is pride? Pride is the green and white. Pride is being part of Coach DeMott's team Pride is breaking-the tape. Thank you team, for making us proud. A Ed Timmons W W M Q3 1 QL, k . ' . .5 ' mfgkqmf sun I QW K S , ,.Af. X -X X :mi 1. ., ig, 'gf is-2' - 'E: ,view fi '5':'T::" " W- ,,,w.1Q: Q W M K av Q! X W K Q xfvs f If-1 1 m M enny McCIehdon Y ,L , Q 1 ' R . E N N V Av ., YW N,L. , 533' f ii as 7 Lg 2 , f W X Rf S, 9Q3-?MgkQ M, mfwmki ff? 5 W M.. ,Q 4 - A by-.-yin M Mike Nelson The Other Fish in the Sea g f0f. Chuck Lacerte The swim team, led by Coach Gurian, finished a very successful year. The team practiced every day for one month, followed by three months of meets against other schools in the Denver Prep League and other Colorado high schools. All Americans Bob Sundell and Eric Rindahl and outstanding swimmers Gerry Cotton, Rob Davidson, John Fitzgerald, Bruce Rindahl and many others helped the GW tankers become recog- nized as one of the best teams in the state by winning the State Championship. SL ez . l Gerry Cotton Bob Sundell .tt 'R A 'WAV ' Jeff 55 Strain From Left to Right, Front Row: S. Solomon, B. Berg, R. Davidson, M. Cormier,C. Jones, J. Barrett, C. Lacerte. Top Fiow: G. Hahn, G. Cotton, J. Hjort, J. Fitzge Eric Fiindahl rald, E. Rindahl, B. Sundell, S. Kalevik, S. O'NeaI, M. Edwards, L. Halpin. Swimmers ta ke their marks for backstroke competition 3. Q 'fs xiii 725555 as - if Girls' Gymnastics From Left to Flight, Bottom Row: Wendy Levy, Laurel Sommers, Sandy Parker, Cheryl Frelund,Jan Lavender Kathy Herodes Suzanne Victor, Carrie Lerew, Marta Bible. Middle Flow: .Debbie Nacht, Janice Higgins, Carol Herodes Jodie Floup Tracie Hill brand. Top Row: Judy Higgins, Mary Peacock, Sonya Flaxman, Susan Leger, Ann Witmer. To some people, blisters, callouses, and very sore bodies don't seem appealing. But to a GW gymnast they're just part of the routine. They took all this punishment in stride by keeping their minds on the goal of being CoIorado's best. By spinning on the uneven parallel bars Carol Herodes placed first in City. Carrie Lerew tumbled her way to city champion on Intermediate Floor, and Marta Bible placed fourth on Advanced Floor. The gymnasts of '73 proved they could chalk up many victories. Marta Bible ,-W, WM WM ,-e-"""' ffrf 1 WWW. .. r, ., ,. a r , 112 Carrie Lerew U' wav, , Hal' l 5, 1, 1 ' VN . , .aft With a running start, fourteen Washington girls tracked down many miles this season. These girls practiced after school three days a week under the supervision of their coach, Mrs. Wilson. Their efforts and teamwork were rewarded at a ban- quet given at the end of the year. Their swiftness and speed brought them through the spring season with a feeling of ac- complishment. Members of the Girls Track Team Melinda Cambell DeDe Eady Vicki Garth, Desire Guy, Diane Jonas, Debbie Lewis, Tina Marshall, Dorothy Peters, R o Y cl I K 1- Y 4 x 115 Homecoming Loud music, soft lights, a parade of royalty beneath a tent of stars. A ring of laughter, a stance of time, a circus of memories left in the mind. October twenty-eighth Homecoming 1972. Sophomore Princess, Julie Conger X mm WMNW A 2 ,fs - - ' ESQ ? Mmnmt Homecoming Queen, Debbie Day Junior Princess, 'rem Praddy Portraits bv Jafav Yuko Ely and Michelle Mason From Left to Flight: Sandy Harr, Marilyn Cowell, Karen Watanuski, Jeri Priddy. ' Pam White, Paula Rand, Terri Priddy I candv Biffle Pam Houston l- 'lg 11 V l F" ff fi' --'Qi . of l fl . 11 may I Mgt , From Left to Right: Debbie Day, Donna Stromstad, Collette Snell- grove, Cheri McHenry What I am I must become. What I see I must try to find. What I hear I must play music to N sf , .U -diff 'N 'QYQMMSRQ X Wx Q Q 3 ' lx ,. 'T ' I IJ I l fd, A" 'r H f . 'I 'Q W L,. Q ' """ K II ' Xia' I a X I , , V . 5, - ' . I A K tt Q , .-, six Q ,t k AL . ., A ,VM , ...,,, f .au ga, - . ' "-:. .. - K N i . H '-"I I gm fh I I h What l touch I must leave alone And turn then to all reflections of myself In trees and sacred things That nature gives to me. Never shall I leave the places that I Ioveg Never shall they go from my heart .....,.. W 'HWJQW ww, 5 ef' AY' W . ,A ,. lfv ,W V H, ,... ,. I - :H S' " ' -f" ,J L- illy ' 2 M If ag XP' 5 mi I 5.3 .M 1 l -Y ' L ' " ,M I ff' ,. f H' I -' ., f M 'W My ' , , , V Wrry R , H 1 -M 3 af W , f fl A, ,4 ,, 5 V - 1 I " a K .,.. N l 0 ',ffi'f .V I ' Y M y ' V- U ' ' 421' , : 4 T'3'3n,1 ,, Y M I N . Aff? f , fig, A M be X we e 'vvv - fy u- 2 ' H - ,357 '1,,,gv x f. f 'lffilifvg ww, 2.55 .13 U , V L f i H- 4Jf'173?,2 A' a a 1 'v 6 , eg! a A a h e a.vv if he A W , f a 1 h W v f 1, ,. ' V ' . H, 5 ' a A , ac,..,,,,5 J Even though my eyes Are somewhere else. if Wim? f K W M 2233 1fF4wFa'55if3"""" W I my E , we jg, 3 rw,-W WH ,gy Q :few 1 4 ff H fwjseg if 12' A' We " '3e7f'f'f'5f9"?"iw g?g9? P595 ,Aw if giw 1, W ,wf V' 52 W fwaf ew w 0 f OW ,, V Magee f'gjzgjgm1 we W Q +3 Ev f AQ WK gm! W Aw. mm, A 414 W .bv Q We fs fa 1 fr A eff H Ax if 1 W 'W 1 K f 'WL M Q? f " '11 W Wig? , QW 1 ,sys 5' gg 'F vw wif? Z? ,Q I M :K w 4: fa sri ff ' ,M gwgze af me 'I -Nh in 5, M ,, 1 Q 49 .1 + like 'mx W, ,vfwg 1,1 I i f L - -yi". VK , M, LQMQRLA . 'Q My is . Q. , J , 'f 1, ' X I , ,, I , ff , , ' ' X :fa f . 1 N' V , ' , 52 5 N e ' W v a -V vw, .H 4265-9 wfhlfge,5,'q'AAf"'wsfQ 5, " "ff Qfy2,'vf'y2,,5fum 4 -fa ' gf A li . -,f:5:r,:1'g,,a'f'fa-1 mai' 'f If ':1'f2?we:'!Tf 4 wwf, 2 ' 4 f f L1 f .e,3?5 3gg1,9e5f2wf Qi ,Q ' AJ' 'Af , '. -g., , 7 M ,::fi:f'4f'a,.:z,f m?,yfd'w' ' , A3 JW 1 '?" :I V i? '. " , 'Q Q 5 ff I V "f7,3?'L34u' wx! ,,k,, V1 f fm A v ffiv ' f W L' 1la"L'Q 'K W W A 3 fd, fum, ff? ,f ey, U,-'zy,:,,n.,, , ,f ag . , , f .- ,, fn. .4 55, f U A J , fa ' ,y iff " M:'ff'3,2f?1Q U , , yr " , V . V f' 4 p Me2f?'x4Y,x,, f wit-sf .: ,Q 'N ,,w,,f4,, , f 2 . W' - - Q, .9 ,fm ,., .W -M rw ,U ' R 4, ,f 2 W. - - W, f P Q "-' W ' W ' , W1 5: ' VIA 'Q :iii :Q I QL ' ' ':'4 f " .:- ,,, ,.,,ff""f H' ' , WU ff' . Q, ,fre 'f , , 7 ,-, 'M' 4 iw? Q A ,- '- , 'L K W A v , if ,,,, -1. .J VM r 'wr +A kgf , V .I fe w.-Q,,,g 4 , 4 f V 1 A V Q ,fy - y TMA. 4732 K A 5. K K , ' J 1, ffjgr , 4 ff , jf' Vw QW' if e 'h A A i L h J l A 5 wi, figyr ygfy img' L im' Qui? A 11 ,5 G . '- .V rg. A A211 X -wi A 'f x fy' 7 F c u I 1' Y x xx- x. K-in ADMINISTRATION ns, Principal Left to Right, Bottom Row: Armand DeSaverio, Betty Donnelly, Marjorie Stevenson, Doris Vinyard, William Parsons, Douglas Jenner, Michael Peterson, Charles Burton. 2 From Left to Right, Top Row: Mr. Jack LaForte, Mrs. Frances Fox, Mr. Arthur Conroy, Mr. Robert Jacobson, Mr James Moore. Kneeling: Mr. Frank Dewitt, Miss Rachel Taul. Mrs. Elizabeth Pixley, Mr. Elwyn Ashford. Special From Left to Flight: Thelma Riggin, Virginia Smetana, Thelma Moore. LIBRARIANS And From Left to Right: Betty DeKoevend, Margaret Emanuel, Marjorie DiProfio, Ethel Paulson, Virginia Ehrenkrook, Coleda Nearing. CLERKS From Left to Right: Becky Hagan, Caroline Beck, Marilyn Raymond, Shirley Hallet, Marjorie Hook, Marilyn Katsimitas, Phoebe Lawrence, Zena St. John, Dorothy Severinsen. Z EWKKTYY From Left to Right, Top Row: James Williams, Ruth Johntry, Yvonne Dugue, Rose Berg, Louis Parker. Bottom Row: Jack Bullock, William Schroeder Robert Brannberg, Tom Adams, Robert Friend. Counselors From Left to Right: Arlene Bershof, Mark Zamantakis, Jean Hashman: Seated: Tia Canada Business Education Left to Right Lillian Felker English Left to Right: Elizabeth Flottmann, Joseph Villareal, Nancy Priest. Left to Right: Gregg Browning, Evert Blomberg, Martha Shea, Gerald Hedges, Judith Felthaus, Suzanne Geimer, Mary Freiberger, Minnie Perry, George Schwartz, Susan Henry. Dorothy Roberts, Gerald Protextor, Carolyn Mclntosh, Harry Grill, Ida Uchill, Dud- ley Enos. Standing: Helen Jordan and Diane Zielkeg Seated: Jennelle Blagg and Bernadine Deutsch Home Economics Industrial Arts Training for the Future Above from Left to Right: Dennis Kos, Howard Sala, Sidney Schomay, Merrill Adams, Stanley Schultz, Gail Demott, Wesley Johnson. Foreign Language Betty Kirbens Olive McDermott and Elmer Albery Olga Riffe and Margaret Bailey Y .- N, . X.... M, .. WWA Doris Morten and Ralph Boyer ww ,- 'K si A L ,zzg A ' Y rx -V 'N' Q A A ,..... I 'ff-5 'I fy L ww! P' M Elizabeth Fioyce and Gerard Sachs .W Mathematics , . .K dwg .. f Q -h-' ,. l Above Left to Right: Victor Peters, Dorthy Morrison, Paul Vaughn, John Daly, Gilbert Johnson: Bottom Row: Edwin Randall, Vaughn Aandall. Below: John Clark, Irwin Hoffman, James Lamson. Left to Right: Richard Culver, Maxine Westfall M ' c Left to Flight: Benjamin Coleman, William Peay, Carle Stearns. Left to Right: Sarah Sawyer, Miss Fulkerson, Mrs. Lucas, Pauline Holmes. 2 l 1 7 Colonel Ramsey Major Spencer and Sergeant Taylor. . -,R 'TQ Science Left to Right: Ted Tsmura, Howard Williamson, Thomas Marquez, Edwin Randall, William Bollacker Helen Moenke, J. Lamson, Brenton Prichard, Buel Robinson. Left to Right, Bottom Row: Gwendolyn Scott, William Spurlin, Richard Rasmusson, Richargdor n, Art Wilson, Rhomas Bisceglia. Top Row: Lawrence Smith, Jarrell McCracken, Glenn Hettler, Fred Schneider, William We' ' r. l I f ,lf ,ff rf!!! I Social Sluclifei Left to Right: Donald Carlson, Charles Walker, William Walker, Robert Graebar, William Stuber. Not Pictured: Gerald Johnson, Michael Mahonchak. Work Oriented Above From Left to Right: Jean Gaines, Donald Forster, Sharon Johnson, Diane Zielke 4 S 1 I' 1 u cl Q e n I' o d , i i n 9 S 1 1 5 ii 14 ,M- Seniors .4 W AW My Q If YW A :., 1,,' , 1 -f1, ,:. , ,4,, 7 A Wm lTwwiri'f:::gI11LL1Lf ' 4'f' V , 'Q S Q .-or ,gg 332 --' :S , Vg ' H 'f as E335 ri Q z f V x f if L C sw ,gg w- . - wlgg sm-sage 'W fx tio., 'H 3 E ss ,E is 6,1-fs Carol Abbott: Honorary Cadets, EPIC Janelle Allias Nancy Alterman: National Honor Society, Tennis Team, All-City SGWD Rise Ammermas Anna Anderson Glenda Anderson Jeanine Anderson: Concert Choir, Choralaires, Pep Club Randall Anderson Todd Anderson: Football, Baseball Nancy Appel Sima Archenhold: National Honor Society Elizabeth Aregart Richard Armstrong Terri Armstrong: HERO, CRA student, BSAC, DECA June Arnold Kay Atkinson: Drama Marci Auerbach: Concert Choir, Choralaires, All-City Choir, EPIC All-School Show, Ombudsman Valerie Badger: Red Cross, Pre-med ' ls. 1 , Yi- Nancy Baginski: Pep Club, Flag Team, Concert Choir, Junior Escort, Honor Club Nothing is more wondrous than a human being when he begins to discover himself. E I 1, ' , Janis Bailey: HERITAGE 5 - Co-Editor in Chief, S8lH , J Q I I . Top Ten, EPIC, Honor Club, RHP I A A' A Y Nancy Baird tg Teffv Bake' , Jeffery Barash Bill Bal-rsnar Ivy Bass Matt Beattie Brenda Bechter Cyndi Bemel: HERITAGE Photo-Format Editor, S8lH Top Ten, All-City SGWD, National Honor Society, Ten- nis Team Sen iors-145 Marta Bible John Bissell Charles Black Meiody Blitt Madelyn Clark Vicki Clayburn, PBX operator, FBLA Club Office,Ecluca- tion-work related JanetsClearg Concert Choir, Choralaires - . M Shelly Bruck: Pep Club, DECA, Keywanettes Catherine Burg: Pep Club, Flagteam Nlargaret Burress Amy Burrows Kimberly Calvert Paula Cantrell Thomas Carbaugh Wanda Cargill John Carpenter: Student Council, Golf Team, Base- ball, Outdoor Club Bruce Chambers Donna Chambers . Myra Chandler: Swimming, Patriot Porposes, National d Honor Society ' , C Kip Cheroutes: A Nice Guy William Christensen i Peter Chromy , Donna Cioem Rachel Claassent: Concert Choir, Madrigals, All-City Choir, Honorary Cadets, National Honor Society: Captain, All-School Show, Rifle team: Major Jill Clancy Lee Clark i Rex Clark: Wrestling, Cross Countrv C it C K1 'he Vg . . "if . , , V, i, i, SS no Cftii 2 ' ma, ...VH Virginia Cleln Becky Cortes Sandy Coates d M 4 Seniors 147 Sen iors-1 48 Chris Cochran Mariann Cole Joy Congerg BSA, HEO, Pep Club, EPIC, Junior Princess, NAACP Youth President Debbie Connole Elizabeth Cook X ss W .:-s.,,s1.,, .. .f.- ut- is is -it s,.-, sal . A - - A css I . 2. sf Q' L K 5 QL rss ws K X s s -, -2 - .,, X. as i, It . ' X ' 1 .t s.,,..a s Xt . lm . K N . l i .. . ..i:ii,.,,si.,,,.,- : .:i., , 1 .,.. at . .., ,..' ..,, .., ., :fu . Q - N- J ' ns ir sii ,Shell cook t f t Joyce Cooke fp Z it Christy Coomer L Cynthia Corbin s t, j 1 J i ,fl s it , , . Q, Michael Cormier: Swim Team, Soccer Club, Latin Club x , . ass 1. X Randi Coulthardg Speech Club, NFS, Key Club, Pre-Med treasurer, Bowling Club lpres- , im identl, Boys' State, Merit's A ig ' tl X 'Fl Who's Who, Ski Club, HEO Mi, Craig Cowell: Football, Ski i " ' J Club f Kristi Craig: National Honor X Society, Junior Escort, Art i Club, Honor Club . -K lt J 1.5: -- sas, fs m: ss at .- at mas- ,sw Don't look away from the world Give yourself to it Ursula Craney James Cuellar Shel Cwengel Peter Dachg Head Boy Rhett Dacusg Junior Classical League ltreasurerl, National Honor Society, Intramural Football, National Merit Commendation, HSPT Dave Damerau Jan Davidson Christi Davis: Heritage, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, National Honor Society, Honor Club, Junior Escort Debbie Davis Pam Davis, HERITAGE, Key- wanettes, Concert Choir. RHP, Debbie Day, Student Council, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Na- tional Honor Society Tom Dembeck Bonnie Denholmg Flagteam, GirI's Swim Team, National Honor Society, Junior Es- cort, JCL Christopher DePuy Mark DePuy: Football if f f ft uv 5 3 l J e 5 l 441392 W M V V f I ,,.,..,, 21 ,VAA X . ,f , , Q, 5 2 3 3 irww L, f .fy 4, 4 ik Q . , ZEN Y My 4 , I A Chris DeWaal Pep Club, Key- Dan Diamond S8tH Top Ten, Sophomore Basketball, RSV, Junior Class President, Boys' State Surveyor lEditor, 1972-3l PTA Mayor's Youth Development Task Force Merit s Who s Who Mark Dillon Concert Band, Martin Diner Curtis Dishmon Kenneth Dismon Laurie Disler David Dow: Speech Club Pre-lVled Club Mountaineer ing Club, Tennis Team Principal's Advisory Board H ERITAGE Peter Downing Beverly Dublin Trellany DuPuch Louraette Eady Mary Egan Neal Elinoff Jack Elliott Peter Elzi Terry Elzi Rich Epcarp RSV Karate Club, Thesplan Club lPresl dentl, Bowling Club All School Show Marc Epstein Spero Falliers Patricia Faltermeier Laurie Farber Seniors Rick Feldman Janice Fiest Jay Finesilverg Soccer, Nation al Honor Society Treasurer, All School Secretary, Com- puter Math, All City Stu- dent Council, Intramural Football, DRS Student Ath- letic Advisory Board Sharon Fishburng National Merit Commendation, Out- ward Bound, Head Girl, AFS Exchange Student, Tomorrow's Leaders, Hob- bledehoy Report, United Methodist Youth Seminar Gina Fistell Charlene Flieder Frederick Flook Pam Fortner: Ski Club Kathy Foster Robert Fowler Mitch Francis, Soccer John Franks:SURVEYOFl Sports Editor, Lacrosse Club, Ski Club, S8iH Top Ten, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football Diana Frelundg Flag Team, National Honor Society, Pep Club Joel Frumess Brad Fryar Michelle Fuller: GirI's Track Concert Choir, Pep Club Rick Galeg Soccer, Ski Club Rosann Gale Dean Gallant Jamie Gardenswartz: RHP Stanley Garel Diane Garnett, Concert Choir, All-City Choir, Choralaires, AllSchooI Show, Pep Club, Flag Team Vicki Garth: Girl's Track, Karate Club, Pep Club, DECA, Outward Bound Dean Garyetp HERITAGE, National Honor Society, Junior Escort, ASU Year- book Seminar Ann Gates Ellen Gee Sam Gelfandp Varsity Golf, Bowling, Ski Club Steve Gelman Larry Germain Robin Gherg FBLA, Green Peppers Leslie Gibbons, HERITAGE, Swim Team, Junior Escort, Girl's State, National Honor Society, S8iH Top 10 Earnest Gillespie Hilry Gilmore Bobby Glau Rick Goebel William Goldblatt Jo Ann Goldsmith, Pep Club, Kiwanis Sam Golstein Bonnie Good Bill Good: Ski Club, Swim Team Manager, Pre-Med Debbie Goodman, EPIC, Na- tional Honor Society, Ju- nior Escort, Gary Goralnik Pam Gordeng Ski Club, Drama T, Club Secretary, Thespians, EPIC, RHP Mary Goss Ken Gotier Sharon Gottesfeld: Ski Club, Drama Club, Tennis Team, Outward Bound, RHP Ann Grant Lorie Grazierp FBLA Secretary Peri Greensteinp RHP, EPIC, National Honor Society Darla Grisinger Bill Grueskin Steven Gully Desiree Guy: Girl 's Track, Marching Band, Karate Club Seniors-151 M-4-N I am trying to discover who I am so that I might know what I must do to achieve what I can become . . . Michaei Higgins Tom Higgins: Gymnastics, HERITAGE Jeff Hindlemann: Swim Team FISV, Bowling Team, Golf Team, Track Team, DECA Mary Anne Hines Jeff Hiort Tina Jonas: Concert Choir, Madrigals, AIIS-chool Show, Student Council, PTSA, National Honor Society, All- City Choir Cary Jones: Track Maribeth Jones Naomi Kaplan: RHP, Orches tra, RSV, Swim Team, Ski Club, Student Council, EPIC, Girl's Soccer, Basket- ball, Principal's Advisory Board, National Honor Soci- ety Scheduling Committee, Outdoor Club, Outward Bound Sue Kaplan Sharon Katchen Karen Kattau George Katz Sheldon Katz: Junior Escort National Honor Society, Bowling Club, Model Tower Competition Robyn Katson Stephen Kaufman Lenny Kay Michele Kazman Katherine Keener Keith Kelley Do not reject what you do not understand: for with understanding there may be acceptance Audrey Kleinman: EPIC Larry Klimper Kathy Knowles Linda Knudsen Avery Koch: Soccer, Lacrosse Seniors-154 Patrick Kelley Barb Kelly: Swim Team, FBLA Jeff Kemp Karen Kennedy Mike Kern Doug Kerr Arie Kimel Cindy Klausner: EPIC, All- School Show, CONTEMPO- RARY Art Award -are Rae d 1 is gs 1 S SES X K '12-fill tg , X. w si Q W1 M.. Stk t .- X S ,ff -, -.3 -.Q - V g. ggi' -ff'-""5v X , Z 'X t 2 Ji, 3, L , ga? lxl X it 9 :. , :yi 'en MU: t testi A 1, mv l at .mfg . - E -1 ffl fr 13. fi Ls S ,:,'L t s' P W fftkj i f ,..'F:. N X ,K is if r xx 451 Qzx ,, t ll is -, ,-t.W.:, Doug Kornfeld Roni Kramish Claudia Kramlich: Flag Team, Pep Club, Swim Team Michael Krashin Vicki Krick Sandra Krikos: Soccer, EPIC , National Honor Society, Foreign Exchange Student Committee, Tutoring Com- mittee, Junior Escort Diann Krosky Vincent Kumagai Judy Kuntze: Pep Club, Ad- vanced Choir, FBLA Charles Lacartep Swimming, Soccer Brian Larnpert: Golf Team 1, Junior Escort, National Honor Society, Pre-Nled Club 2, Secretary 3 Chris Lares: HERITAGE lCo-Editor in Chiefi, Senior Class Treasurer, Pep Club Publicity Officer, S 81 H Top Ten, RHP Diane Larson Lennie Laselle Coryl Lassen Margaret Lattany Bill Lawson Deborah Lawson Nicki Lesser Kenny Levin, Ski Club, Soccer Club, Saturday Club A Susan Licht DECA entered Scholastic Art Contest Wanda Liggins Pep Club 1,2, Everyone in the world can do something better than anyone else even if it s only read- F Seniors Craig Lindenme Conme Lockhar Leslie Londer Jan Low: Natio Society, Junior David Lind Y ' r I Barbee Shirley Judith Felicia Steve Maes Michelle Mahaffey Shelia Malloy James Manley Kym Mann: Nationa Society, Honor Clul Tutor, Pep Club Vic Junior Escort Terrance Marioneaux Greg Marquez Sharon Martin John Mattheson: Na Honor Society, Jun oort, Foreign Stude Soccer Greg Mayeda John Mayer Doug McClain Robert McCord Steven McCuIlar Greg McGrath y Kathy McGuire Cherie McHenry: Pep Club, BSA, Homecoming Queen Attendant Lynn McMicheaI Mark McMunn Marjory McNichoIs , l 1 It's great to be great, but it's greater to be human -156 Stephen Mease Lisa Mellman Gary Mendelsberg Mark Mendelsberg David Merritt Vicky Mesa Debbie Mewhinney: Th Club, FBLA, Pep Club Black Student Alliance Melvin Miller Kathy Milton Flon Milzer: Junior Classi l League, National Honor Soci- BW James Mogan Robert Molloy Susan Moore Marty Morris: National Honor Society, Tutoring, Bowling, Ski Club Duane Moulton Christy Mourning Marianne Mullaney Philip Munishor: Heitler Oratoriwl Award Winner 2, Speech Club 1,2,3. National Forensic League 2,3 Evelyn Murray: Advanced Choir, All School Show-10 Jeff Myers Tim Nash Janet Naster: National Honor Society, Concert Choir, Girls' Soccer, Mountain Club Marlyse Nauiis: National Merit Commendation, Na- tional Achievement Black Scholarship Winner, Pep Club, EPIC Sheril Nedella David Nelson espian Donna Miller: Pep Club, Seniors-1 57 Let HIMVQWIQOLWCUMV Z have wisdomnseeke it We C m r inthe buttercup f C C . ' bflhf3QQll1Ch' l . ' ' i Q 0ffedclav4 C - -SieveNleholsf f C Lisamiekume C we r , Susan Nielson . L' 'A ' fl ' ' C Deidre Noel: Black Students C V 'Alliande' I ' l V C 'Debbie Nordstorme , H L ' Sue Norman Barb 0'Donnell , Kyungun Oh ' Pam Oldfield ' Steve O'Neal: Concert Band, JazzlBand, All-City Concert Band, Junior Class Treasurer, L All-School Treasurer, Swim , Team, Boys! State,All- School Show, Campus Life me .... Q Adil Ozkan, C, . Mari Palmer: ' FBLA, Pep Club Q Eric'Papadeas 1 Wendy Parker Karen Parsona . , 'Q K Jim Peros Dorothy Peters: Track and Field Captain, Advanced Choir Karen Peterson, Choralaires, Madrigals, Girls Gymnastics Team, Hello Dolly Chorus, National Honor Society Curt Petty: Junior Classical League, President Junior Classical League, National Honor Society, Intramural Football Raymond Phelps Helen Pierce Marc Pierce Robin Pike Stacy Pike Steve Plegge Marla Pulitzer Thomas Polrtzer Sharon Ponder H Club 1, John Price Debbie Priddy Peter Pryor Kathy Pullyg Legislative Chair- man Students For Balarat, Honorary Cadets Speech Club, National I-lonor Soci- ety, Junior Escort, Tennis Team, Soccer Team, Hostess of Phoenix Bernita Quick, Pep Club, Ju- nior Classical League, Pom Pom Have you ever listened to the snow fall? C Seniors-1 ,,,.., 6,1 ,.:., , :.L .3 A gt X, Xwffsi "' we Q is 8 f X S1 X. i i f ii? S ii Seni ors-1 60 as-1 :l .1 -- '93 fxrw'.3Qg!i"?V"5?5?5Ym I. :1,.' :lg 'ff 22-13'ig37?5 'T 1: : . " f ,ff - if ff - ,X , 5 , tl 4, 2 ,Vg ,, , , "-L J Lm- ,fe X X --.. . " ' Rick Rutherford - - K ,fi?7'??E?Mi?F?i5 - X. , -N -1 - If bww , . f N. . - .:.. . W , W at it it 'S 1093 it E S-Q 'F E i ,X 2 ,at .- 1 .,.,,H- -- ,ref ,tv . el, ii ' HW :si 2 5 if ,R Q, ,J I a C., ...:: ,. t " fx. ? 2, M rx. it N ' x - , l Ronny Rottman Steve Ruby Deborah Rudy Deldenese Russell Ken Saliman: National Honor Society, Ski Club Doug Sams: FBLA President, Junior Escort, National Honor Societv t 3359 1 , , . ,,, ... .,,. su' i F A Q 1 , 3 . 1 ix X X Y asc ia x 1 in -P5 ., .,.,, Kevin Quinn Patricia Quinn: Girls Swim Team, Soccer, Flagteam Manager Andrea Raizen: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, All-City Band, National Honor Society, Show Orches- tra, All-State Ba nd Charles Rastle Richard Reddish Melanie Reich Jim Reid: Football, Baseball Janet Reid Patti Rhodes Christy Rice Cyndi Rich Eric Rindahl: Captain Swim Team, Soccer Club Bart Rivkin Roscoe Roberts Michael Robinson Cheryl Rogers Marvin Rogers James Rose Jeff Rosenberg Anita Rosenfeld Michel Ross Randy Rottman ' X if 15 ai :gg 1 fi 1 ., ' " .Em an .1 . , P5 Mt -png xi if Kathy Samuels Leslie Sargeant: Pep Club, Swim Team, Patriot Por- poises, Flag Team Pat Savage l , if Wi M J Barry Saver ' I 'T V Q1 , Robert Schepemaker M ' it S lll , me Ga'YSC"e' it i T 46 an V. 7, , iefw, 1 , 41' we ' MK ,.. , s, One must not tie a ship to a single anchor, nor life to a single hope. Y-we-' . V Q3 ., xsfis ,et he , if he V W, a it Qi ,W ,fs ,J s, Jeff Schier Mary Kay Schmitz Mark Schor George Schrupp Mike Schuett: National Honor Society, Pre-Med Club, Drama Club Mark Schwartz Michael Kent Schwartz, Na- tional Honor Society, Ju- nior Escort, Tennis, Bridge Building, Bowling Team Dave Scott Deboral Scott, EPIC, National Honor Society, Girl's State, Junior Escort, H EFlITAGE Jeanella Scott Jim Sebesta Sheryl Sick Glen Simerson Juan Simon Toni Simpson Richard Sinkiewicz Matthew Slater: Gymnastics, Ausengers Sue Slavecg Ltn. Col., Honor- ary Cadets, Student Council, Rifle Team, Track Karen Slosky Chris Smilanic Seniors-161 Bill Smith David Smith Kathy Smith Marylou Smith Michael Smith Sheri Smith Collette Snellgrove: Pep Club, Pom Pom Girl, Homecoming Queen Attendant Steve Snyder Marla Spivak Richard Stager Seniors-1 62 Lori Steck Walter Stefen: Concert Choir Advanced Choir Donald Stein James Robert Steinberg: Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band, Denver Citywide Concert Band, All School Show Sue Stenmark Bruce Stoeber Susan Stoeber Andy Stone Marci Strear Donna Stromstad: National Honor Club, Cheerl der, Pep Club Lisa Stalls Peter Stapp Football Adrienne Stark Speech Club Timothy Starzl Melissa Stearns Steve Stecher Karen Taylor Patrick Thibault Gregg Thompson John Thompson Joseph Thompson: ROTC, Drill Team James Roy Thulson. Cross County, Concert Choir, Choralaires Sili- Sheryl Stubblefield: Track, BSA, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Drama Club Jim Stuckenschneider June Summers Susanna Sung Concert Choir, Choralaires, Honorary Ca- dets, Rifle Team, Junior Es- cort, Tutoring, National Honor Society, All-City Choir James Sweed Mark Swenson Barbara Swing Toni Tacha Dia na Tasset Denise Taylor Keva Tillman ' Ed Timmins: Track Team, Cross County, Speech, Na- tional Honor Society, Na- tional Forensic League, Boys' State,'Boy's Nation Ellen Toon: Pep Club, Girls' Track, Patriot Porpoises . Vice-Pres., Junior Escort, National Honor Society Dan Tousley Donna Troyer Marcia Trylkog Student Coun- cil, "Star Spangled Girl" Drama Flonna Tuteur Carol Ugolini Merrie Vasil Chris Ventrelloz Ski Club Seniors-163 A .gfmy AVK, W, ,,,, LLMMM-,A,MW,,,:Uf,,A.v,,m,,WV wzfw, ww, , ..-.. ri- S9-fa M' xh- S nuff Q08 :f . 8 J X , ff' gy.. 's f sg -f x .J If-.. x 3 xbvf Cynthia Adam 'Th David Adams Jean Adler Tina Alcola .iii 'ii ,.2, 1 la? f S. 3.1 3 ig", 4 I . if ji-3' Av ". A ik- , L '0l!f""'lS" is ,. -. we . N., i iw, f , A Q X " 4 Yltww K 6' i 3 e -'E A 4 ii' X A 53,2 K J . Axis : sn 8 13, V wait? Q i A f :-. iii , W - fe ,5m?3i,3af' EQ wwf? ef' wb? 'Gig m .522 fx X wx as K i M Q fi' if , , 4' 1 S m 9 n 1 1 4 9 1 W' ' si -sk ,Q .165 iff A f i 0 1 3-2 U xy ,- M 23 we K A+- s , . , - 1.f,f79!f' 5354 X, -i r, - , Qin , .f . ,.lm5,.EE 5 I it , 550 l , , , l , A ' , , 5 f . li J if., A - A 53,7 f Ja, 3 . W was K , 5,5 wg, ee - tif, ,J fiffwiyv V ' 'F 5.225 1 K. ,WAV 1 as if ., . if .. , M., M fi.. as W , 9' Sie item ag K 2 , 5 Judy Alexander Ron Alterman Christy Ammon e 5 wiki V 1 . e x if ? 325525 i - fe ,ar f .' .z i 1, woo . Y - ' ' h Hee. 4- 4 ,U 0 .. mv' ANI' ,uw N 1 .-X 'wx l ,us 4 an if . 'C 9 S ,A 2. if 'GM K -4 -- 'Q -fm- swf . an Debra Battu Jennifer Baxley Luann Baylor Jerry Beal Bill Beard Cliff Beck Cathy Becker gs. ' if m g, -' .J iii? - . e ' af . , X ,,.:,Q, .--. -a s V f' , Q A eff fe, , , . , we We X -Nifty ' Q. E. 213,1- - f wif W I X ,- " X 'RK' x 'in April Bell Renita Bennett James Benny Joel Berenbeim Laurie Biegen Clifton Blackmon Robert Blackwell Wendy Blakemore Deborah Bobb Steve Bollig Stuyvesant Bonner Claudia Bosooe Dana Anderson T. C. Antonelli Nan St. Arnault George Avgeris Resford Ballard Susan Ballinger Carnel Barnes Pat Bean Juniors-167 f 317411 5' Ti Mary Couch Victoria Cox David Coxson Sharon Crabb Karen Crater Laurel Cohn Melissa Cole Kris Colley Betty Collins Carol Coren Gerald Cotton Jesse Curry Patricia Daniels Celeste Delange Mary Dixon Tanya Drayton Winifred Creighton Maureen Curtin Sharon Davenport Thomas Dewar Caroiyn Crouter C1159 Richard " H ' Cunningham Dachman f Joanne Daniel Rob Davidson Eddie Davis Joel Diner Debra Dingman V V C ,Juniors-169 Vernon Dreher Paul Dubois Nena Dye Julie Dyer Doug Easton Gary Eggleston 'FW 4 .':...x35x:-ite: V. 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I 5 We . xx , l Q is ' Z eeeee ,t . if X E ,f'f?Y'- .- X QYW it , .Q Ruth Eichelberger Brian Eichenberger Penny Eisen Cynthia Elbeck Colleen Elliott View fist s l il, i -. i . r 5: -35 -Q- Eul, fgiag t . ,.-- tw in ' iw a i K in Q Yuhko Ely Barb Epstein Connie Ervin Kristin Everhart Greg Ewers Deborah Farias Mark Fine Beth Finesilver Steve Finesilver Lynette Fishburn John Fitzgerald Z 231239 ff- 'ti f E . 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OLYMPICS F Q Q5 'x ,gl qs, ,. w ,wr X 'QQ FXIT 'Z f S5- xx Ll ssg I 'Y O Junlors Late Arrivals-202 Jody Gehlhausan Debra Jackson Pam Kirkegaard Lloyd Nattles Sue Norman Debra Allen Deb Bartlet Becky Cortes Joe Dog Karan Slosky Bob Sundall Cheryl Whitney Wilma Wolf Debbie Bobb Charlotte Boat Lucretia Colarr Arthur Colay Kirk Backhold 1 Chris Crespin Jaan Fitch Norita Gaines Mary Vassa Sabrina Jackson Barbara Lanb Tricia Lauthol .lim Makowski Paul Mast Lathe Johnson ' c Sophomores Tom McKinney Jeff Miller Denise Moseley Lamone Noles Nancy Williams Bertha Yazzie Julie Zannon Lisa Zerobnick AH Chauncey Davis Ken Ervin Lance Frazier Julie Friedman Kathy Graves Dan Heckley Paul Hilgeman Roger Johnson Casey Shpell Terry Smith Rick Toray Jan Stuckenschneider Marvin Walker Debbie Alexander Diana Bellamy Pat Billup Betsy Cassidy Amy Crews Late Arrivals-203 Late Arrivals-204 fu: y i P1 ' :w:fe 5l5 S' i: , eslrnd Valerie Kung ,," Jan Lavender t WW , Q 'fe Debbie Lewis , Q ma, , -gz '- Susan Lochrie V . -V g My Wendy Maroney 'L ' ' . 7, 1 ? ti I few., 'I A we Y, Eg. ...A Q., ,.,. 1- 7. sw' - -- J , .M A A V 1 an Y 1 .uf ,fwaganf fgi':-12,3 if A , NL , 3,4 Q, ., ,gk ,,., . ,, gig ff. 1 Z if X, 'wills i .. 4 ,,,,f,,1 ,f in 'xr gg f, rfq ,Qi K M ' v Eg X fa 95 6 5' 5 ? 'vb I fl! i ff Karen Neimer Margaret O'Donnell Mark Oleson Jami Perichi Vanessa Reeman Harold Reid My willmia Richardson 4 121 :': Af: A ff kw a N 4? V' A M I f N 'V if ,,,f,, . ,E .Vi- 1 i 1 Ss? 1 Stanley Sheffield f A Lesley Stall ., ,, r, V, ,L ,Qi we Dawn Stenlund ie? 2",W'?' 5 is V ' si - ggi ans . im, ' giwflsiiiixik' f . nga- uf, of e Q 1 , -gk v - wr'- Q . 2, ef Cindy Summers Harley Swanson Sarah Wilson Bob Wolf Lori Zoelk - W - e is' an if 1- I -as - , an . wg., is . ,sl sfrk- 1- , , if 3' I wry' Who' Y 'mf . 2 2 .. ,.,. , V 7 - W. ""l """ """ "W" ' 'I """ """l """ -" "W" -"" """ -""l' " ' "W ' ' ' 7' " H ' """' ' W ' 1' ' md Benny and Steve and Curtis and Freddy and Bobby and Jeff and Ed and Donny and Hansel and Gretle and Meri nda and Ellen and Corby and Theodore and Marvin and Belinda and Tina and Diane and Debbie and Mindy and M mon and Garfunkel and Jana and Claire and Kevin and Shirley and Cindy and Marci and Alfred and Harell and Phj id Daryl and June and Shelly and Brenda and Henry and Drucie and Dudley and Buel and Ted and Susie and Jose z id Dicky and Rass and Vaughn and Erwin and William and Elmer and Ralph and Joan and Maxine and Mark and A ilbert and Jarrell and Margaret and Rose and Arlene and Robert and Gene and Francis and Armand and Raymond 1d Coleda and Caroline and Dorothy and Galen and Thelma and Martha and Jack and Yvonne andNancy and Jams id Harriet and Benjamin and Judith and Stanley and Collette and Gail and Elizabeth and Ida and Lillian and Gwen: Jzanne and Edward and Sadie and what about Naomi? . . and Dennis and Olive' and Marcella and Thelma and Joyce id Sidney and, Roland and Georgia and Bernadine and Merrill and Otto and Roy and Rogers and Dale and Evans an hucky and Doris and Marjorie and Hazle and Betty and Bill and Martha and George and Frick and Frack and Polly id Doug and Pete and Brad and John and Mark and Dick and Craig and Jim and Debbie and Donna and Barbee and indy and Pam and Lanie and Sheryl and Michelle and Yuko and Terri and Sherri and Norma and Collette and Nanc id Selena and Cathy and Jean and Leslie and Nancy and Grace Rise and Diane and Barb and Marylou and Diana an id Claudia and Brian and Stacey and Marika and Chrysanthy and Nick and Bruce and Sonya and Paul and Jill and C znny and Deloise and Devra and Ann and Marcia and Tim and Vernon and Tanya and Phillip and Tony and Yvette id Lane and Marselete and Chad and Kent and d llargie and Kristi and Katie and Betsy and Ruthie id Jonnelle and Gidget and Gadget and Jiminy mm and Dick and Jane and Sally and Puff and Spc et and Bernie and Dwight and Joy and Maxann and Bernita and lvlarlyse and Marvin and Sylvia and Janet and Jamie id Teri and Lisa and Robyn and Sue and Sue and Lisa and Robin and Cyndi and Karen and Ronna and Joanne and 1eldon and Mitch and Rick and Billy and Kenny and Neil and Jimmy and David and June and Val and Christy and eggy and Pam and Peri and Sharon and Gayle and Darla and Larilee and Anne and Janet and Barbara and Roni and ebbie and Merrie and Andy and Jackie and Sue and Kim and Lynn and George and John and Dick and Peter and K id John and Sue and Todd and Peggy and Mitch and Joel and Wendy and Jim and Stacey and Teri and Scott and R iliet and Jenny and Ollie and Greg and Joe and Kip and Matt and Snoopy and Woodstock and Batman and Robin' 2 id Dan and John and Mike and Steve and Bessie and Paul and Helen and Scott and Karen and Gail and Sandy and l yan and Hal and Stuart and Charles and Elizabeth and Mark and Cynthia and Christopher and Tracy and Humphre id Fred and Wilma and Desi and Liza and Pixie and Dixieland Bambam and Pebbles and Batman and Robin and Go orticia and Nora and Marjorie and Diane and Barbee and Janet and Jeff and John and Paul and Ringo and John ani 1d Hurdy and Gurdy and Linus and Lucy and Yogi and Booboo and Rough arfd Ready and Archie and Edith and S an and Richard and Pat and Julie and Tricia and Angela and Gary and Lee and Gary and Ely and Linda and Barry a Jsanna and Larry and Janet and Willard and Kip and Bonnie and Leslie and Cherrie and Tina and Ron and Greg anc 1d Ed and Perry and Mason and Clark and Kent and Pig and Pen and Peppermint and Patty and Gigantor and Peter 1d Steve and Jay and Kip and Naomi and Jan and Chris and Sue and Jackie and Sue and Ely and Joni and Joel and ob and Janet and Lisa and Candace and Stacey and Debra and Jim and Dave and Kari and Sheera and Bill and Aud 'ly and Rachael and Humpty and Dumpty and Alan and Shell and Lenny and Julie and Chiquita and Alfonso and E hett and Curt and Ron and Brian and Kirk and Walter and Bob and Eric and Duane and Karen and Mark and Lauri' id Pam and Joel and Goober and Sandy and Kathy and Ely and Dave and Linda and Naomi and Dean and Tonto ar ver and Happy and Grumpy and Sleepy and Goofy and Dumpy and Micky and Minnie and Eva and Zsa Zsa and Di emetrius and Crystalla and Ed and Larry and Kathy and Ely and Phil and Jo Ann and Valerie and Jim and Pete anc ark and Antony and Lois and Jennifer and Kathleen and Horace and Lennie and Nolan and Lawrence and Haroldjg idflicofette 3Tld'Al'l'dTEW'8f'T1L Miizmnz?anid1VlaTtiWaril lVErdi and Vivion and Russell and Victor and Raymond and id Warren and Kenneth and Cary and Jeff and Darrell and Bobbisue and April and Renita and Lucile and Andre ani ld Alberta and Charlotte and James and Julia and Tamara and Ronny and Randy and Doug and Gary and Jon and ld David and Neal and Orvell and Wilber and Ari and Jackie and Cheech and Chong and Alice and Cooper and Erne elissa and Joyce and Cheryl and Beth and Andrea and Jeff and Doug and Lois and Houston and Marianna and Cris1 nnette and Lesley and Jim and Paul and Mark and Marcy and Tim and Kent and Val and Bob and Lisa and Mary ar id Rich and Jill and Bruce and Robin and Dancer and Prancer and Donner and Blitzen and Comet and Cupid and C osmic and Roudolph and Edie and Fredrick and Tom and Jerry and Tom and Huck and Ben and Hoss and Little Je 1d John and Albert and Opie and Lara and Over and Out and Mable and Flo and Connie and Roni and Mortimer ar lerlin and Angie and Sylvia and Russ and Rod and Costa and Gigi and Pierre and Michaelangelo and Rogerland Ran 1d Eb and Homer and Ari and Jaque and Ulysseys and Morton and Englebert and Sam and Humphrey and Marie ar llga and Rose and Anna and Sally and Peter and Art and Hurd and Bird and John and Wayne and Othello and Furd 1d Berf and Freta and Rita and Macbeth and Simon and Lolita and Milton and Berle and Blaine and Glenn and Sha ethro and Lulu and Fifi and Virginia and Lola' and Bertha and Zelda and "J" and "M" and Francine and' Ginger anc 3.1 A W M, QM., -. -X .X , v Q g. -, wh-xp Mk? 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Prixley 126' clculty Index L.,'lBlforjtQngFrichork,l 139 NCIf1CYf'Ez: Qliestiq 1 31 Pauline L. Holmes 137 Marjorie R. Hook 127 Robert L. Jacobson 126 Douglas Jenner 125 Gerclld,5Johnson 13+ i say 65, 138 7 .Q Z 135, 139 Z Q flkxsmusson 89, 140 1.13 1 mend 127 fi f' 11, ,,,,, f W' W3 ,,,1,11 ,. EUEWC. Ro inson 139 Elizabeth L, Rottmann 131 Elizabeth G. Royce 134 Gerard F. Sachs 134 Howard H. Sarah M. 93, 137 Gilbert Fred Sidney D. Doris M., Morten 134 Cqleolq Y.'VNea'ring 127 , Robert1Oursler 130 1 " wig -- Louis A."Parker 128 V ' V Ethel Paulson 127 - Q 5?-A 'f 5 wa 4:mfi2peqy1s7,3a1i l y, Minnie Piirrvf 5131 Y vzciof E. Pefers'1fs5 . 1 , Lx, , ' H, 1, - ff, ,ffm Michael PetersQn196, r'1'- K ,,, , , , ' if f ,,,,, ,,,f 35 4 ,VH I '1 1, " 'A 13" if V 4' "t" HL 1 z 2 ' ,H Ziff 1 2 wx Qrbfz 21- -71:11. . ' ffamvff . inf. 5. f fe 1 1 X f QS. 8, ki X , 1 tie Y 5335 Q M 5 Mm V QV V ,, ,L .. , , , K XM? wg Sw W 5 SWS . A , lx . ,ess f 1 ' N ist? Elf' -.Exif .. aw? , 1 gui- Lg ,V W , K --'--. .'i.,. f, ,u..1..,. L A. w. Wilson 140 Mark Zamantakis iv, V Diane Zielke , img 1,,wwv,. . . ,i 1 Q KA W4 fd NX? Y is ' Q . A 1 -rom' - 7' , .Q 1- 1- wm L X , fm ' 1 Janelle M. 145 Allen, Carolyn S. 182 Allen, Debra G. 68, 202 Allen, Ronald R. 182 Almquist, Cathy K. 182 Altman, Ala Alterman, Alterman, Ammon, Ande Anderson Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anton, Antonelli Appel, Arch Arden Arehart, Arends, Barnett, Myron P. Barr, Caleb Ill Barrett, Johnny B. 11 1 Barrocas, Samuel Barrows, Wayne D. 182 Barstnar, William 20, 24 26 145 Biffle Cynthia L 40 117 Barthel, Paul S. Bilker Marc A 183 Bartlett, Debera A. 92, 145 202 Bxllups Patricia A 203 Barton, Bobbisue Binstock Tern J 183 Barton, Erin J. Birkle David G Barton, Therese L. Birnbaum Sheera L 16 Basefsky, Beth J. 182 Bissell John E 46 47 1 Basefsky, Mitchell B. 107 146 Baskerville, David B. 182 Black Charles G 146 Bass, Anna J. 182 Black Dexter R 87 183 Bass, lvy L. 145 Blackmon Clifton D 167 Batle, Emma J. Blackwell Robert D 167 Battu, Debra L. 167 Blackwell Virginia G 183 Bautsch, Sue M. 182 Blake Walter E 183 Baxley, Jennifer C. 167 Blakemore Wendy 167 Bayes, Christopher G. Blalock William J Bayes, Michael P. Bland Marcus H Baylor, Luetta A. 24, 27 29 167 Blanton Leslie N 183 eal, Jerry L. 167 Blehm Wayne D Ricky A. Bliska Christian B Cathey S. Bliska Mary M Patricia A. 167 Blitt Melody A 146 William R. 167 C. 67 YS n -ww 4 . -MQW 4 1 f mf if Burton, Anne 24 Bush, Steven 1 -"V' 1 Clancy, Jill C. 49, 147 Carolyn E. :' , Clark, , .. me 1 3 Butler, Curtis W. ' Butler, Lawrence 24, 26 Butler, Robert D. 168 Byrd, Gwendolyn A. Byrd, Michael A. Caldwell, Sherrylelrte Calvert, Kimberly A. 147 Calvert, Terry J. Cambray, Roger A. 86 Campbell, Douglas H. 18 3 Campbell, Melinda M. 37, 113, 183 Campbell, Michael G. 18 Cannady, Pansy E. 183 3 , Lee W. 72, 147 - , ar ,Marsha L. 184 . r , Marshall E. 11 Clark H v , Patricia B. , Rex G. 94, 147 . Ruby , ,-V,lV rke, Beniamin Madelyn J. 37, 147 son, Janet M. 184 wson, Kevin H. 106, 168 H Diane C. 69, 168 J 3 -l"' 2 yburn Vicki L 58, 147 1 l yton, Monica 184 11 ear, Janet L. 24, 27, 147 Cantrell, Paula L. 147 Thomas P. 24 27 168 2' ' ' ' l k a k Cl rk dgl rk V ' 4515.71 1 7 li l 1 1 4' 5 1 Coomer, ,Qhristy 'BQ' Cooke, Robert J. Daniels Cooper, Anthony Cooper, Douglas Cooper Edward Cooper Cooper, Cooper Copley Daniels Glenn E 185 l 1 1 .. ii , ll. L 185 W.. a ...ic Capps, Michael L, , lein, Virginia.M.'f147 ,.,, , V Cortes Rebecca R. 33, 202 if 5 Carbaugh, Thomas W. 24, 26, 1471 Laurel J. 184' Cortes Sherri L 185 C i Cargill,,,Wc1nda-iS.14-718 lg f Clement, 5arry:iE. Cossiam Robert W. CGf1berQ11?9'41114M. fr ' Clemefnfsnblane.51. Colfer, Kedfy L 1 - , ' iril i.oi Colton Gerald 'ii' " ' 1 i'. 1 6 ,,.. is l.i14 ',o' .,... --i' iy' Karen L' 194 E it 1 'ieoii , Steve c. 184 .l Bemcfd A- iitt 'li C9191 J' 16 . 1 1 David A- 'Ci?iiferzi1Puv111D.1B7 ...- 1 mJU11e B1 it 5 Lauren L. , 1 U59 L- ... 1 1 iii 375 1 ,l i ,h'f Randi L. 24ili12'515li1i1ksB M ,, M- 169 Conf' Sffmev A- 'Qi .1.' C0 e1'l',ElifB5f 1 Colb Q 1 -1 f .. 1... --,.. fa. ...- g -,.. gg .fy iss'CtQmbers,1i . 1'11 .1.. 1 ' 1-. iiolei is 3 1 l lflgmbwfm' ,Q 148, 202 1 ...1 A it F1 R119 L 1 f 47 ll James 1. ., Sl 1 1 llgge X' eoois g g, 147 oligomer, , l we 25 A Dewar, Thomas B. i..,i is 1s.i Cupp, Bef., J, newbie, David A '.s1 "-. ".s .1 1- ... ..,. 184 . Cvfrv.Af19919 P1 u llii llii 1 1 lol 1 C1-"VY:-39559 Jr- 169 91111112 301 31' 149 47, . , Cunln,,,,Mcwreen D. 169 Dicclcce3iMza:y1.'Ez' , 87, . 2111 if .gil Cwengel, Sheldon l. 148 M Diccicco, Ralph L. H1 1 11i1 fl.. 1' ze 541011: 9ele'A' i"1'1'6' 17" 1"1." Dichfer, Kcren I gist 2flDel:ira Tii' 2 'Zi jg, Dachman, Richard J. 169 Dilger, Michael R. 105711148 D111eY1 M9111 S- ,Lili 1845 , ,.,, Dahlgren, Judith' A. 185 ,,, Dillon, Aan E. 58 ' Gia, fimsffs f,.- iir,g1r'.gi'i21'xMiss E wits, -11.12 :f:ggi,.fgi2i5s.,fi1e.gig ,: 1,.,,,sg,1-1, -1 f. f. - , 114511 Kfffgsfl C91'1?9EQf1!1i2i'1AC?1l15f911Q 1' "DG111'1'1Cm, Jun E- 1 D"l0'1'J"meS D- 1 ..-- Q , 1 J' 147 fi 1 Dqllman' Jamey 1 M' 147 11 . si.. l'E:r1zqbetiz?ig' 1248 1 Dcmemul Amana M' liii, I 169 1 L1 1 Daiiiafaa, aavia me D129 Gian 611.49 A 'MF Isis- ,pw 1- or 'QL . j I .0 ,..1, 111' 1557? 'ff' ,, . ffzif D- 241 261 b f Q 1..,1.D9,mw99dfN9n1fY A- 1. P9919 'Z' .1 1 Mains '1Daihielj'Jaaaaa11K. 33, 159 i,1, Dingmgnn, Debra J. ig, 17, 169 G- 184 T199-'iv M-184 D9f11e19fD9f1'19 F. 169 Dififsefiflilcn B. 5,, , .,,, , ' .-'11' 1 1".,, . ,.. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1 .,n., 1 ,191 1. X 11. . . , 1 1 1 aa 11, Q95 .....,.... 2' .1- a-.w1.1111f11 . 11 if - N51 .i iw' .ma i fy. .. 1 .f 11' , . f,gi.1afai,1.-fiaii 'lii ...1, L . 1,,1 1"lll M 1 A 1 .lil f1" 1 ' 15" A 1 5 ,,", ' as . 1 Francis, Frank, Frank Franks, Franks, Frelund Frelund French rey Frost f Gilmore, Terry G. Gilmore, Vickie L. .W G Glenn 4 1 Glenn, Godbold, Godsman, Bruce Goe, Dale G. 1 Goebel Goebel Goldblatt lau, Robert O. 24, 15 S51 s VictoriaL 187 Bonnie M 151 od MarkS 187 o William A. 151 oo TerryL odrng Vanessa odman Debbie L. 29 151 odman Curtis S. 82 83, 84, 8 98 71 ralnrk Gary 73, 151 orclen Pamela S. 50, 151, 171 rdon James J. ordon Leland K. 99, 188 ordon Marla S. ordon Wendy J. 34 Mary Gregory, Greinetz Grisinger, Darla 151 Grogan, Debby A Groshong, Julie M Groshong, Patricia Gross, Sophie A, 188 Grossberg, Felix Grosso Lisa T. 171 Groves, Darlene M. 44, 171 , V. i Gruber "Catherine E Grueskin W-illi.am1'S.i' 125-1 A Grunkemeier John C. Guber, Myles S. 47, 51 Gude Eunice M. 188 Gudmundson Lori Ann 188 Gugenheim, Michael R. Gugenheim, Stephen M. Gulley, Steven E Gunthardt, Henry R. 188 Gupton, Royce L Gurule Sharon G Gustafson ClarreA 24 71 Dean Holland Monique 44 Holland RhodaL Holley Gloria Hollis LamarrC 189 Holmes Gary B 189 Holmes Lynda S 24 Holmes Ron K 172 Holtz Andri C 172 Holtz LesleyW 55 Holtz StaceyJ 2 1 8 A 171 37 47 152 Holy Elk Face Debra Homersham Marilyn Honor Joni J 189 Honour Eric A Hooker Sherry G 44 Hopko JayW 172 Horrell Terry L 172 Horton, Stephanie L. Hoskins, Lynn I. 66 Houstan Yolanda A 172 .. ,.,, . F I Larry D. 46, 47 Mark D. 33, 190 eldon H 56 154 Terri L. 190 it . Edye A. 173 Sharon M. 58, 154 Karen J. 154 94. .1414 3. - sei., Q, , e ,.,, - . Q... 1' ...Nt f. Jones Jones Jones, Jones Jones 154 Keinon, Cindy E. 1903 Judith Www Lorna Christian R. Keys, Kathering,R.,sA4 'r1" H ' ys, Theodore,'P.f iff. ' aras, Karl C. 33, 190 Khalos, Diane S. 68 Kiernan, Barbara J. Kiken, Gregg A. 190 Kimel, Yehuda A. 154 King, Bruce L. 94 King, Grace E. King, Gregory E. 96,97 King, Keith B. King, Sheila L. King, Valerie S. 23, 204 King, William A. Kinsall, James F. Kippur, Gary 24, 26, 173 Kirkegaard, Pamela S. 27, 2 Kirksey, Bernard Kirtley, Donald W. 190 Kitamura, Howard W. 190 Kiwitt, Steven Kizito, Elizabeth Namus 61 Klatil, Robert L. Klausner, Cynthia L. 154 Klausner, Jacqueline 17 Kleiner, Lawrence H. Kleinman, Audrey P. 154 Klimper, Allen L. Klimper, Larry J. 154 Kline, Evan J. 190 Kline, Robert A. 190 Knickrehrn, Katie E. 92, 190 Knight, Mary A. 24 Knott, Lawrence A. 24, 27 Korn Kor Fi, ..l. 5' 557, Mitchell A171 91 Thomas L. Kumagai, Vincent V. 155 Kuntze, Judy K. 155 Kupetz, Debra L. 191 Kupetz, Marilyn S. 173 Kurz, Camille K. 173 Kutner, Philip H. Kuykendoll, Tina M. 69 Kuykendoll, Geanette Labadie, Cindy J. 191 Lacerte, Charles W. 46, 47, 110 1 1 1 , 155 Lacerte, Thomas J. Lake, Mark L. Lamb, Barbara J. 202 Lamb, Julia A. 191 Lambatos, Barbara A. 173 Lamkin, Cheryl L. Larnpert, Brian J. 59, 155 Lampert, Lee A. 173 Lanole, Carrie D. 173 Landry, David W.i19i Lane, Betsy 173 Lange, Joseph F. Lange, Ralph H. Langley, Michael L. , . . A irfi fiiftfwi, Mi.. , W. ai! Ja 2 2 Tiiefiiis? .SR kr .sw . it' .. .ww . Q Langford, Herbert . Q Lankerd, Lyn M. ..,Lg,ges,,,Christine 16, 28, . ,,.. 55 ,, . 'J -1-"i1 felaiigsins, Constance F. -I if" .12 ..f. Dom' B- 191 4 .i.., iiii iiii 4 6 .... . ....... .J ...H iil 'Else ,g,.,, ,,,.. ,...w....,., , ss..if..1..-1... we .,,,..--3.2 - ,.,..,.5wg3:.. w.++-so ...Je - 1. - A .. f..---,iffgfrw-A w f Ir wg . Q .Nw ...J A sf: - - r jzwir , ,eg,,yif.t fmqggif- ,Lg 5iM . J . ,... . ' W. ... A Q , -J ,. W is it ea ew . fy "Q-were l , .WL . ' Thar-i53iEV:'f-'sf-re'?1al3 51 'xictbtzk I.-tv? ...Hs-effir' +P "Tiff ' H 'N' " - if 2 .L .... Q -.L .. . . ' fm it .. . A 4 W.. any fr- ,. . - -wee.: ... . Lo Lustig A Lustig Ja Lustman Lutz Barr Lutz Judi Ro a hleen M 174 ef W Felicia A 156 UQ 2 Markman Karen Marko Sandra L 30 174 Marlin Crysta1L 192 Marlin Marsha A 174 Maroney Wendy L 204 Marquez GregoryM 5 z Ste hen M dr f 'Wm' just if 3 I n enn Mason ic e e D 42 117 Massington StanIeyJ Must Paul E. 19 22 .23 2 Mathews Carol S. Mathias Carrie Mathias Joan K. 16 17 4 Matsumoto Paula Y. 75 Matthesen John 50 156 Mattingly Sandra A. Mattson John C. 175 Mattson Lynn M. 192 Maultsby Janet S. 24 Mauries Deborah L. TQ ? r A "'Q1W.WW su: ' .ftlff 14M3:MZM" , . 3 3 W' " 1 s' , Miller, Karen ,1,4 J. 193 Miller,'KathIeen R. 193 Miller, Kenneth M. 193 Miller, Morilee 193 Miller, Melvin D. 157 Miller, Nancy P., Miller, Neil B. 23, 33, 34, 35, Miller, Shellie M.. 193 . wi, fo . 221- -if-a mb . :.,,,,- .6 , he 1 ' ' 'K 1 W 1 M113 'W 'AMF ef ' lem J ,nie 1 -H Kc if ll t fume M, 5,3 eww ,f 25 .Y 2 Q Mourning, DianegM. 176 Mourning, ThomQs E. Matynihan, Willidm D. Mu?ller, MichellQ L. 176 Mu laney, Marialime 157 MulQaney,,Ryan 86, 98 Mullins, Harold . Munifhor, Philip253, 157 Miller, Sheree MUf9QlfQYd, Phigp N- 176 Miller, Susan M.y14, 175 MUrPl'2y,fCY0Tl'1iE5- 24, 27, 52 Miller, Terri E. 1715 17651 ' Milligan, PamelaQD. MUfPl"l', Eileen Mii1mm,,scon.J.g.i.9a ...,, Mufphllls Richcfcg- Melfmekmhy 152 MUfffiYiEvelvhn .57 Milzer, Harvey MUSC? Mic 9, l- Milzer, Ronald Myatj Mary E. Miner, Lucinda get MYSLSS, Snitch E'-193 M' I P l 9 Yqlsf Ofof Y V' M2222 sflen Myers, Jeffrey 1 157 Minor, Barbara MYWSI John A' Minor, Brenda, A, 2 Myers, Margare?L. 193 Minor, Carman ,ef gggyfri NXYETS, Vicks L. Minor, Sylvester Q 1 if Nf1ChT, DebOl'C1l'l E. 1 12, i:-. Minteer, Sheryl li' Naeve, Bobby A. 193 Mitchell, George Z ' Sail, Raymond M. Mitchell, Jeffrey L, g Me aiman, faren L. 193 Mitchell, Nicky E. Z ' "V 1 5 , lmf-WI, CI'-Wie 5- 193 Mitchell, Steven JE g o S ll all 2 A an, Mike L. A Mitchell, Valerie LZg1935' 55 ,w as Chris A. Miyasishima, Joyc A la 1 if mOThY J-282.71557 Mogan, James E. ,Q 5, 1 1 R. 4, , 157 Megan, steven H. 9 . Y j . 51, 55 Momof, Linda J. 1 gl NU J. ' , Moller, Martha J. 5 ' A K MOHOYI Peter .,,.. , . Molloy, Robert P. 176 Momii, George D. 87, Nevle. 5C0Tf P- Monahan, Thomas S. 1 Monday, Janice R. 18, 20, 52 Monroe, Shelby L. 24 Mooney, Michael T. Moore, Barney , COrlwD:M1c75 Moore, Deborah K. Moore, John M. 74, 175 Moore, Laurine Moore, Lera D. 175 Moore, Ricky S. Moore, Susan L. 157 Moore, Tommy R. 67, 175 Morein,.Jay W. Judy,,L. 175 M Morein, Morgan, Jim 22, 23 7"l7l6rgan, Shirley W. 193 Morikawa, Riki Y. 33, 193 Charles R. 24, 27, 82, ,Nedella, Sherll A. 24-58, 1'-57 Nedella, Steven A. ' Needham, David -W. 193 Neely, Debra L. Neely, William D. Neill ,"r Debora K. Neimer, Connie 204 Nelson, 157 Nelson, Nelson, David L. 33, 48, 82, 8 David M. 193 Scott A. 82, 158 Nelson, Michael B. 109, 193 Nelson, Terry J. 193 Nemirow, Ronald H. 193 Nettles, Arlene F. 176 Nettles, Lloyd T. 202 2,3 U. 60 ' ' ' 1- I N .I ' 111 3' f 75,121 QW 135 4 Af " ff A2 fe V 1 MmWWwwsmf1w1n.f .5 ,,,,.1f .,,,,..5ff11....f.1, . 1 1 1- uQ.i1,4e:'f7ffge. Q .1 , 1 . Q.. .. .,,,, . .. . 3.111 it f. 1, . . ,f in ...tis . 1 X gy- . ts 1 .ngfgzf . 'ffl A, Q ' 1 Poisson,'Julia M. A Poladsky, Dennis J. Politzer, Marla,S. 159 .tl-j',Rarnos, Iris T. 41 Ramlibj caillsq K. Polifzer, Thomas, 159 Sharon 1959 . f' 2' Rand, Paula Rand QA1.:-Tamil: Doris Robert C. L46Z'l Debra Poole, 1471. 159 78, 159 87 David 44, 177 L Randall, Tony R. Randalson, Stanley M. Rastle, Charles M. 160 Rasfle, Elizabeth E. 177 60 195 Rupert , A bel L. D. "-l' 7 -f" tlenese E. 160 Rhonda L. 195 ' herford Richard H. 160 Ryan Stephen R. Ryan William C. Ryans Kim 195 lf 1 5 1 1 ' U SU, 1 1 1 1 1 Jw., Q .M is Rzeszut, Diane J. Sack, Eugene E. Safley, Lynn E. 195 Sakamoto, Wesley Salazar, Victor R. 87, 195 Salerno, John ., Salerno, Richard A. Saliman, Edward L. 195 Saliman, Kenneth H. 160 Saliman, Sheldon H. 196 Sampson, Heather B. 'W "-Sampson, Mark H. jJ,Vms,VDou las W 11. .EG 9 - fW.SamMgl, Sandra L. A Albert L. Salitiuewiiiggebra S. 88, 89 58, 160 178 178 Sain ,ISI Ka i.:- 1 . 191 " SGHCHW. Cin . We , y a ncheif ,pond li Q Santos, Elaine 196 Sapp, Dav1g.W Sergeant, Leslie L. sa, 93, 161 1. 4 - f Wg 2 AW 7 wing. if lk fy rf Q? 1 W. ' ,rcy, Brian C. 64 Wayne R. 196 sta, James 161 ,':A Q n, Kenneth R. Jr. A Susan R. Se D. s 1,,J 11111-im J.33, 178 S1 L grietta L. 196 s .,.,,. LA.16,17,178 1'1 178 Shaf if susan, 1 96 Shaft 'Sherryle g 196 Sha,5gnb e.r, Susan F. 196 E. 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Sloane, Kathy A. 197 , Smilanic, Christie L. 161 Smirin, Smith, A. 197 Cynthia A David 216 irrr 1 9..,:Qf,w. . . . ' N. 167 Rebecca A 178 Timothy W. 162 M 24, 27, 1 Leonard J. Melissa L. 162 Rodney K. Stecher, Steven R. 162 Steck, Cynthia P. 44, 197 Lori A. 162 ' Craig E. 53, 178 Jozsef W. 24, 162 W. 162 Jimmy R. 33, 35, 37, Joseph C. , Susan D. 197 Judith E. 197 Dawn D. 33, 204 Suzanne 16, 17, 162 Kathleen S. 197 S I -2 iii Gladys Daniel J. Tasset, 62 Tate, Gregory A. Tate, Penny D. Taulbee, 3 , Wilmer, 200 O 2 4 202 200 J. 200 24, 26, 165 84 92 6 Wales W. Jr. 200 A. 44, 200 R. 165 harloffe A Wilson Danme R Wilson Debra K Wilson Denise V Wilson EvelynJ Zbar, 200 Wilson Kimberly Wilson Lauren B A Wilson NormaJ iso Lisa iz. Wilson Patsy D Zevin, Josegh . IQ. V-,. Wilson Sara 200 204- i , 165 Wilson Wanda A -'ff icli Art 'pr L. ,,,. V Wmber Kenneth D. 200 2 ,,V in,j9Baggqlf34 Winder Douglas 5351165 I 55155,-,ek Windley Clarissa? K. 165 I .. 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C37 .James Milmoe-Cover Photograph 'D V . 255 PHOTOGRAPHS if Q if 3 Bo Glenn Abrams-op. 118-122, 222-225 Q ' Q Q Reid Abrams 1 V N D D E I Mike Bervey WEL! gg Denver Post-picture on page 54 by John Beard .2 - ' QQ Wendy Gordon ' Q3 9 X5 Blaine Harrington ia 448 4 Mike Manila 9 gg Q iff? Q Bill Meriweather 94? , ZEN Eb Dave Meritt 09 ., yu! W Russ Olson-Jafay Photographs my y Q Jon Oxman Q! iz' Robert Prouty 1a 9935343 Bruce Shepard-Jafay Photographs G ' Sgt. Otto Spencer 4 Q Camera County i , 1 1 Xxx Photo Hobby Lab 5. ,lx Junior Birdman 51 y QQ , QQ With Special Thanks To . .. C+! QQ 956 Janis and Brett from Chris '57 Q5 9 M Chris and Brett from Janis Q Q , . 9 Chris and Janis f B 1 ' 1 Q Judge Sherman rlgrnlesiiieef' if 2 Gi-gp, ivlr. vviniom Parsons 166.13 G11 fr-Q Mr. Michael Peterson , la Q, Mrs. Emanual A ,Q QE? Mrs.-Nearing i l Q? Mr. William Parsons Q X Q5 Mr Peacock 53 6 X V ?Q Kathy Pulley 0 Q I , Ouazzar and the Cosmics land their parentsl Q21 Q20 Mrs. Ruth Spillers - l Q Q . Q, ,ig Q Miss Rachel Taul Q i Ray Wallace-art work X if Ray Whitt-art work L15 L , F4 . A 0 Q J Q - if M 7 6 Ziyi 9 ,X 6 Q9 . Q 6 b ee A Q Q90 Q 1 ,Bm SQ' i , I V' P-. - ' .lf l 2 J Q Air ' -f :G A J 'f nl 6 li i? W A X g. - r , Q Q, 0 -f P N, QQ va 19X 55,64 W 39 Pav V5 We eva f i ogg o ogg-gfgo f aa . ' ot "w. ,f P is V3 'QU' 'P9rPf9'9 49131 +-JP? 065 JQ, 6943923-Q 63 GQ 3-QQ: Q-Qjyg be 'o vu 219 W Gif, :Z-fr '6-'N-53:88. 'KX-Q 'Q 3 lf' 1 ix? 4321 A 4,45 XWJ lg, si: "' I no 4 .,rBR1'1:A.GB SQUARE RR. co. CO EDITORS IN CHIEF Janis Bailey Chris Lares HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Brett Hamer I PHOTO-FORMAT Cyndi Bemel PHOTO LIASON ' Leslie Gibbionsi , y IlE I STAFF I , T.c. Anfanem I ' iii Linda Hare Luann Baylor I I , I Tom Higgins . P"Yl" 95' , Ihvmds McKinney I Christi Davis ' I Kim Nevins +Pcm Davis- lii iee I Linda Repasky' Heal! Gqrryef , Randi Rothman Debbie Goodman Debbie Scot, It ! I PHOTOGRAPHERS Joel Berenbelm Steve Lewis if 'eii .lohnlershof for + If Chris'NevilIe David I iytye JQY Pwlmvfter K we nv! lf' - Q ft 2 Scott Garel I I Drew Smith Jkaywwatlace allay Wh1tt I I SPONSQRII . I y I y Harry Grill y :ag -- l , , . E4 JI I l l 222 I am the eagle, I live in high country In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers But time is still turning they soon will be dry G l I E A yA7 iisiwslzizl I Q N W, ' 'il--.,, I ,..x I Q , so 1 X' ' q ' i I l A wf", 1 My 5 . ,J .1 X I Q we 4-,F I x Q W I 5 I :ki N .Yr . , ,lj is w - 1 V gi ff' ' kwa-f A .xy isp, f J Qigiki, :si f 5 ,1v",.b"' fe ., sg 4 K xfia . f , --- '- rj- s1?Eg-S158 sase 2 sf ,M A mein ,Q UN, H . gfisf :F I . .. irl' . A ,ff if L V ' I , A ' V 'x l M25?,1if5v3Q35'121f,,'wigs? 2. Q- ' Jfffiyf, . -, , f. ' -w e- W 'ii'ffW2'i2vJ-zf1?9?i'ft 2,'.iW'i'i1 .l 'weifgfsfk' Q . M f f , I z And all those who see me and all who believe in me Share in the freedom I feel when I fly 'SLAL ff K5 3? g . Q i 1 it AS ., I-F le l l e nl,l A " I 4' S -sl. , Q 5 A x Y ,Q 5 S ' - ML ix f Q 2 ' X i if X? QS X S X X 2' gk., , Mi 5. X lx ' wr f lgx Q I K, Q S x',.f " .. un' ...ig ,, ' R ,g il :Ilia 22 Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops Sail over the canyons and up to the stars, 1 224 , ,,1, ,,l.. 21 ,ii . .X , , I +P wi 551, wg 155 W mn. X . And reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all that we can be, and not what we are. i 'W 225 w Riff' " lr! -1-1-fund! s i .S fy 'K x :Q fe W .Q wx. Q ei . r Time it was, And what a time it.was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of oonfidenoesf fs! .. A 1: may fam- gg w. few 11- if it if Q iv " 9 Q ' 'if' ft: ? si.. fd 5' KP! 2 Q,-W5 'ffl gjdkf.. I , Ye .725 J Ft K 7'nf 15 6 'ily WZ. .ab Q .Mgw 55 ga as Mi, . N , 55. var .Y 1 Longag0...itmustbe... I have a photograph. Preserve your memories: f They're all that's left you. N N m

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